26th Jan, 2020

Discussion Thread

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Thank Goddess for a poetic Pisces Moon tonight with Venus in Pisces and the Grammy Awards tonight.

The Arts bless us.

Thanks Nancy, I was re-reading your most recent posts this morning, and all reassured me that astrology is key in understanding the meaning behind meaningless events such as having a US President who is completely mad.

In your October 4th “President Gone Rogue” you compared Trump’s reign to “a continuous 9/11 since it began”. It nagged me to get out my chart for 9/11.

What to my wondering eyes should appear was Trump’s natal Chiron (+ Juno) at 14+ Libra, conjunct the ascendant of the 9/11 chart (14+ Libra) and the 9/11 chart’s Mercury (14+ Libra), as well as the US natal chart’s Saturn (14+ Libra), and Putin’s natal Sun at 13 Libra 55.

All of that squares (challenges) the US natal Sun (becoming conscious) at 13 Cancer 19, and it all started on September 11, 2001, 18 years ago.

But about 18 months before 9/11, there was a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction that started a cycle that will end 11 months from now, on 12/21/20. The chart for that cycle that began on May 28, 2000, had Mars at 17+ Gemini, the same degree that Uranus is in Trump’s birth chart.

Uranus (revolution) was square (challenging) the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (symbol for societies) on May 28, 2000, promising upheaval for all societies over the following 20 years this cycle would last, and for the USA it came in the form of 9/11 and Donald Trump.

So, there is an astrological link between the 9/11 chart and Donald Trump’s chart and the US chart and it is 14+ Libra.

There are also links between the US natal chart and Trump’s natal chart and the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart that suggest Trump’s influence, at least in it’s present form (Jupiter-Saturn chart’s Mars in Gemini conjunct Trump Uranus), will be over on December 21, 2020.

One of the links is the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart’s Pallas (planning and strategy) at 18+ Leo conjuncts the 9/11 chart’s Venus (values) at 18+ Leo.

Knowing this helps me to see Trump (and 9/11) as experiences designed to make me (and all of us) more conscious of what’s weak and/or broken in our systems; things that can be fixed and made better than before, when we were largely unconscious of these weaknesses. It is astrology that brings reason to apparent insanity, once again.

Saw on CNN that last night/this weekend there were 3 or 4 shootings at bars, restaurants, parties, in IL, NC, SC, a private plane crash into a house in Lake City, FL that killed the pilot and, now –

the copter crash in LA that took 5 lives, among them Kobe Bryant (who had just congratulated LeBron this weekend on becoming the 3rd highest scorer ever) –

I feel very sad about this.

I went to astro.com and saw that mars is squaring neptune and sat & pluto are still conjunct but, otherwise, am at a loss.

Kobe Bryant dies in his helicopter in LA with four others on board. He was 41

Checked his chart and see that transiting uranus just crossed cusp of his IC 2-degrees Taurus.


Sharon K

We must have been on the same wavelength,

Lord, imagine the grief we will see on The Grammy Awards. So very unfortunate.

Wonder if transiting Uranus trining his 0-degree Virgo sun could also have been an influence – even with a normally “auspicious” trine, when it comes to Uranus, its anyone’s guess.

By the way, that US Saturn (+ Trump’s Chiron/Juno, the 9/11 chart ascendant, the 9/11 chart Mercury & Putin’s Sun) at 14+ Libra forms a grand trine with this past Friday’s Aquarius New Moon chart’s Mercury (13+ Aquarius) and the US Constitution chart’s Chiron at 13+ Gemini (which conjuncts the 9/11 chart’s Saturn at 14+ Gemini).

I’m thinking that Adam Schiff’s natal Moon (emotion) at 12+ Gemini (+ the US natal chart’s descendant) that conjuncts the US Constitution’s Chiron, reflects the energy of this grand trine. One small step for the US Constitution, One giant leap for mankind.

Kobe was far from perfect, and I would still trade him for that worthless sack of flesh, DJT, in an instant.

Will – I just remembered that you used to live in CA….maybe LA? I guess you feel a connection. He seems like he was such a good, balanced, healthy person and, even more heartbreakingly, his 13 y.o. daughter was on the plane with her teammate & her parent. There will be mourning for Kobe for a long time– as he was not only extraordinary in athletics and intelligence but you can see what a good soul he was…a rare human being (that is what I get from the coverage).

I heard a Science of Mind pastor deliver an interesting sermon at a center for spiritual living this morning. He invoked Harry Potter, as he spoke about how we are all mystics. He said most all people drawn to SOM philosophy were raised by “muggles”. True of astrologers as well I think.

SharonK, what came to me when I heard what Kobe had been doing since he retired from the Lakers, was that he is one of those celebrated souls who would cross over, like Elijah Cummings because they can do more for us from the other side. This was something
Kim Carey predicted not long ago.

Very sad about Kobe Bryant, and his daughter. LA is suffering right now, especially his fans and teammates, but all of the NBA as well.
But in other news, some positive developments for Andrew Yang. Four qualifying polls were released in a 10-hour time period this weekend, so he will be in the Feb. 7 debate. The new moon on 1/24 was conjunct his natal moon, and I was looking up Pholus and Nessus just to try to understand them better and realized Pholus just started transiting his Ascendant and will be doing so until June. Hopefully that’s good (maybe someone can tell me).

Barb can tell you! She has predicted significant things happening for Yang — whoo hoo! I would like to see that.

Yes, Banks, that makes sense. And the yes, Chiro – It’s hard to watch the coverage on him as there was something so beautiful about him and I can sense everyone’s pain, especially his family’s, and to lose a daughter, too. I was just reading that he was raised in Italy, spoke fluent Italian and spoke Spanish as well, and was keyed into the future with China somehow — someone who lived on a universal level.


Yes, I spent 36 years in Los Angeles; I was an admirer of Kobe for his athletic ability. He was an extraordinary performer. He brought great good cheer to Los Angeles fans.

Although I’ve been in Chicago for the last 6.5 years, I am beginning to create a blue-print in my imagination bout returning there within the next few years.

Brighter hours ahead for all of us, God willing.

Kobe went to high school near where I lived in Lower Merion, a suburb of Phila. We weren’t too happy when he went to Los Angeles. It sure worked out well for him.

Definitely, Will. Bright hours, clear weather, brilliant blue skies, crisp fresh air…From your mouth to God’s ears, as the saying goes. God speed and good luck with your blueprint!

Thanks for the memories, Banks and Will. I read that Kobe got drafted by the Lakers right out of high school. That does not happen too often.

Have you guys noticed a shift in the energy already with some of the planets now in Aquarius? Today I really noticed it.

Wonder if Bolton did the leak to push his appearing in the Senate?


I think the Bolton leak is going to change the perception on this case, even if it doesn’t move the Senate to allow him to testify (who can come up with some argument about why it’s not allowed). It will be interesting to see if Chief Justice Roberts gets involved in this.

I think he will Sharon, mostly because of the New Moon that was conjunct his natal Pholus on Friday, but also other things in his chart discussed on the last thread.

There is also the US Juno Return that opposed the US natal Chiron a few days ago; this is definitely a Chiron moment in our history. Justice Roberts’ natal Venus also trines the US natal Chiron.

A Must See:
Alan Dershowitz Argues for Trump in Hell

Check out the latest YouTube SNL cold open.
Alan Dershowitz, Mitch McConnell, J.Epstein in Hell. Kate McKinnon plays the Devil. Jon Lovitz plays Dershowitz.

Absolutely High-Larious! The humor reflects what I think is the majority opinion about our R. senators behavior, i.e. how history will remember them.

Sorry: I can’t post the youtube address with this device.

Thank you, Eliseo. Does that SOM center offer audio links to talks?

I just happened to catch “Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me!” today. Olivia Nuzzi, political reporter for New York Magazine, was the “Not My Job” guest.

Her discussion with host Peter Sagal was hysterical! Her description of the “decaying” Rudy Giuliani is not to be missed!

I’ve only been there twice, but I believe the minister mentioned that. So, yes, as far as I know. The church is the Center for Spiritual Living, Olympia, WA. They have a website.

“The more positive key phrase for Eris is the Spiritual Warrior, one who is devoted to upsetting corrupt systems that support inequality.”


From Lorna Bevan:

2020 is not going to let up in intensity – there is no more recovery time between evolutionary stair
From the first days of the year until the very last ones, each month adds to the critically important
planetary cycles that will define the next decade and far beyond.
What was the Then….and what is the Now?
The Then is the political, patriarchal, controlling corporate Capricorn, driven by Pluto and Saturn ..… the
Now is the emerging social, progressive and humanitarian Aquarius, animated by the lighthouse of
Jupiter and Saturn.
During 2020, as Saturn and Jupiter move from Capricorn to Aquarius, a completely new zeitgeist, trajectory
and direction of travel will begin to emerge.
The long Saturn/Pluto Evidence Trail tells its own story: out of control human made climate events wildfires, floods, hurricanes, melting of the poles along with destruction of forests; the collapse of old bipartisan political systems – the Trump impeachment and Russian Government resignation; the rise of
dictators; the power, influence and size of Royalty de-stabilised; the growing refugee crisis.
The coming Aquarian Zeitgeist will be a very different way of being. There’ll be a foretaste of it in only 7
weeks, when from March 23rd to July 2nd, Saturn Lord of Time and Karma enters futurist Uranian – ruled
Aquarius for the first time in 29 years. The shift from Yin dense, concrete, earthy Capricorn to Yang
intelligent, creative Air is a harbinger of new beginnings, upending structures and opening to innovation
Make “That was Then, this is Now“ your Mantra for 2020.
• 3 Jupiter/Pluto Conjunctions 24° Capricorn
• Pluto/Chariklo Conjunction 24° Capricorn
• 3 Pluto/Eris Squares 23° Capricorn/Aries
• Saturn/Eris Square 23° Capricorn/Aries
• 3 Jupiter Eris squares 23° Capricorn/Aries
• Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction aka the Great Chronocation 00° Aquarius
• 5 (!) wild card Eclipses + 5 (!) Super Moons


Marjorie Orr:


Thanks ja, for your last 3 comments/links, appreciate that very much.

Happy Birthday Justice Roberts!

This former high-level CIA officer believes Trump is a Russian agent.


Here is his bio:

”Rolf Mowatt-Larssen is senior fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. He served over three years as the Director of Intelligence and Counterintelligence at the U.S. Department of Energy. Prior to that position, he served for 23 years as a CIA intelligence officer in various domestic and international posts, including Chief of the Europe Division in the Directorate of Operations, Chief of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Department, Counterterrorist Center, and Deputy Associate Director of Central Intelligence for Military Support. Prior to his career in intelligence, Mr. Mowatt-Larssen served as an officer in the U.S. Army. He is a graduate of the United States Military Academy, West Point, NY. He is a recipient of the CIA Director’s Award, the George W. Bush Award for Excellence in Counterterrorism, the Secretary of Energy’s Exceptional Service Medal, the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal, Secretary of Defense Civilian Distinguished Service Medal, and the National Intelligence Superior Performance Medal, among others.”

Thank you barbk!

Here is Elisabeth Grace:

“Meanwhile, at last night’s Grammys, it was a “fashion fantasia,” as it should be with Venus aligned with Neptune in Pisces. Billie Eilish garnered the most awards — barely one month after her 18th birthday. Wow! Glancing quickly at her horoscope we see that Jupiter activated her Sagittarius Sun, Venus and Midheaven (career status) last year, suggesting expansion, reward and recognition. Her Mercury at 4 Capricorn was eclipsed on the Winter Solstice, suggesting that 2020 will likely bring accelerated change in matters of home and relationship, including relationship to the public. It is fascinating to see transiting Neptune on her Pisces Ascendant in 2020. The upside of this pattern would be creative successes, glamour and being seen as a visionary or ideal.”


EE: Trump as a Russian agent.
If we only had the proof, would our R senators vote to convict?

In July 2016, before the election Paul Krugman wrote an OP-ed about Donald Trump, The Siberian Candidate.

Thanks for re-enforcing that about Yang, Barb.

Serendipitously, it was fitting and a bit humorous to read in hareinthemoon link a few posts above that when the planets enter Aquarius, we are going into a stable “yang” air sign period! Further re-enforcement of Andrew Yang being significant to our future transformation and healing.

You are Good Sharon! Thanks for catching that: serendipity (there are no coincidences in astrology)

The man must be in orbit above our heads, what with all those new cycles having begun conjunct his Sun, in addition to his own Solar Return. Hope these next 11 months ground (earthy Capricorn) the REAL stable genius, Mr. Yang.

Sharon K & barbK,
A. Yang has a better grasp of the future, its problems, perils and opportunities than ALL of the other Dem candidates put together. Unlike ALL the other Dems, and most especially ALL of the R’s, he is not prone to dogmatic ideological idolatry. I’m pretty impressed with his clarity of vision. I just don’t see how he could possibly become the Dem nominee during this election cycle.

Also wondered about his name. Yang as opposed to yin? Yang meaning masculine polarity and energy?

I just had a thought –
Not sure if it has already been presented here, I wonder if Bolton is the Whistle blower?

Ja, you know Bolton can’t make money unless he can sell his book that is supposed to come out in March. As a former Federal employee he has to have White House approval on the manuscript, which he gave to them in December. Not a peep so far from them. But…if he testifies about it in court, which is public, no approval is needed! He’s said he won’t testify in front of the House, but will he spew in the Senate?? If so, money, money money. If not, nothing!

My husband came back from his silent retreat in Gold Bar and told me it was mainly a review of the book by Steven Hassan that convinced him. It’s call The Cult of Trump:A Leading Cult Expert Explains How the President Uses Mind Control. He read the summary in The Atlantic magazine (I find that zine too right leaning for my taste.) Here’s a different link about it.


I hear a lot of people saying Bolton’s just trying to make money on his book. Take it from the author among you, with big contracts like the one he got, most if not all the money came from his advance, reported to be $2 million.

He’d get a chunk when he signed the contract, when the publisher accepted his book proposal — a few chapters and an outline — and a chunk on publication, maybe the last of it 6 months after publication.

With big money advances, authors usually don’t get more in royalties, which only kick in after the book sells enough copies to earn out the advance. The actual book sales usually don’t amount to more than the big advance.

He may have bonuses in his contract if he makes certain bestseller lists or sells more than X copies of the book, but even that isn’t going to be much compared to the advance.

He could be working to soothe his ego, wanting his book to sell as well or better than others or wanting everybody talking about him or wanting interviews with him.

He or his publisher could know he’ll face a huge backlash withholding that info until the book’s publication, when Trump’s trial is already over. (I think that’s what this is.)

FWIW – Latest from Intuitiview Kim.
uplifting energy

But Teresa, you’re not a federal employee. It isn’t against the law for you to write about where you used to work and whoever you worked with in this way. You don’t have to have some former boss’s approval of what you wrote because of national security concerns. Until the White House lawyers read and approve, nothing of his will ever be printed. [Until Bolton is sworn in and has to talk about his time in the government publicly during trial he won’t be free from the law requirements.] Evil goons like him want to make mountains of money, an advance would never be enough.

The Utter Ridiculousness of the U.S. Senate
The world’s greatest deliberative body? Really?

“This is today’s Senate. It is distinguished neither by its deliberation nor by its legislative accomplishments; its members are, with a few notable exceptions, the most ordinary sort of political minds. Yet it is insistent on its prerogatives, constantly reminding people of its status, and with members outraged by the relatively gentle statement of realities that are plain for anyone to see. It is composed of the sort of people who stage a show trial out of fear of the political consequences of doing otherwise, make mockeries of their own oaths, yet expect the maintenance of the pretense that they are gravely deliberating—and wax indignant at any frank description of their conduct. They wish, in short, to be ridiculous without being ridiculed.”


You are right about how big book deals are done. Nonetheless, he has most likely delivered the product by now and was probably penning it when he was hopping mad with Trump for giving him the heave-ho.

ja – re: Bolton as the whistleblower; anything is possible, right?

Jill G,
Many Thanks to you & your husband. I’ll check out the link soon.

what was with Netanyahu at trumps press event – he looked like the cat that ate the canary. I wonder what he’s been promised?

@FrankFigliuzzi1 breaks down why having John Bolton testify is “scaring” Republicans: “The only way you can refute Bolton is putting Trump on the stand. Let him explain what was going on.”


Israeli leader Netanyahu charged with corruption

Israel’s attorney-general has officially indicted prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu after the embattled prime minister dropped a last-ditch attempt to secure immunity from prosecution in three corruption cases.

The dramatic development comes as Mr Netanyahu is in Washington for the launch of Donald Trump’s long-awaited Middle East peace plan, which according to leaks in the Israeli media is expected to be the most pro-Israeli American peace proposal yet.

The decision to file the indictment against the premier paves the way for a trial to continue, right before Israel is due to go to elections on 2 March.


More on Bolton


“CIA chief ‘behind Soleimani’s assassination’ killed in downed plane in Afghanistan

Russian intelligence sources have claimed that Michael D’Andrea, head of CIA operations in Iran and who orchestrated the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, was killed in a US spy plane downed yesterday in Ghazni, Afghanistan.

The plane with US Air Force markings reportedly served as the CIA’s mobile command for D’Andrea, who earnt several nicknames including: Ayatollah Mike, the Dark Prince, and the Undertaker. He is one of the most prominent CIA figures in the region, appointed head of the agency’s Iran Mission Centre in 2017. Under his leadership, the agency was perceived to take a more “aggressive stance toward Iran”.

The Taliban claimed to have shot down the plane but have yet to provide evidence, whilst the US has denied the claim but has acknowledged the loss of a Bombardier E-11A plane in central Afghanistan. Graphic images online have already circulated purportedly showing some of the charred remains of those on board.

Afghan authorities initially claimed the plane was a state-owned airline, but this was denied by the company, Ariana. Helicopters have been brought down before by the Taliban, but they are not believed to have the capabilities required to bring down a high-flying aircraft.”


Kim Carey did predict that we would find out who Anonymous is and it would be a recognizable name. She has a new Intuitiview video out. Very interesting vision of Schiff, info on Kobe and more.

Trump refuses to invite Democrats who helped pass trade deal to his bill signing

Trump is snubbing a bunch of Democrats who helped get the trade agreement passed — including Nancy Pelosi.

Donald Trump plans to host a bill signing ceremony on Wednesday for the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement, the renegotiated North American free trade agreement, which passed earlier in January.

However, despite the fact that many House Democrats — including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — were essential to passing the deal, they will not be at the bill signing ceremony, because Trump refused to invite them, Politico reported.

So Trump will take a victory lap on the trade agreement — but not alongside Democratic lawmakers who worked on provisions for the bill that helped it soar to passage.

“It’s a little petty of him,” Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) told Politico. “Actually, there were more Democrats who voted in favor than Republicans in the House side.”

Read more: https://americanindependent.com/donald-trump-usmca-trade-deal-democrats-nancy-pelosi-white-house-signing/de deal to his bill signing

Banks; What did she have to say about Kobe?

Listening to Trump unveil the “deal of the century” right now (he finished and Netanyahu is now talking; it is no coincidence that he was indicted this day) and although it makes many promises to help the Palestinians, it favors Israel — largely by saying that Jerusalem will remain undivided and will belong to Israel. In my opinion, that kills it. All I can say is Oy Vey — this will probably lead to a new Intifada.

Angellight, she said, as she predicted previously, that he was one of the prominent Americans who would cross over because they could do more good from the other side. (Similar to Elijah Cummings).

Kobe had recently started teaching children through sports that you can manifest your dreams. That’s why it’s so important to stay positive on this blog because you can manifest your nightmares too. Energy follows thought…..always.

As posted on Democratic Underground, here is a Fox News article that details the basics of the plan. I most have missed something as it appears the new Palestinian state would have a capital in East Jerusalem. The news reported that Palestine leaders had already rejected the plan previously – however, maybe it is something they can work with or use as a starting point for negotiations though (I am not so optimistic).


must, not most, and strike the “though” as it’s redundant.

Andrew Yang is on C-Span right now. What a relief from Impeachment Trial.

angelight, link to Kim Carey’s latest is posted upthread, but here it is again


The Fear Factor; Saturn symbolizes fear (among other things) and Pluto symbolizes power, so a Saturn-Pluto conjunction can symbolize, among other things, fear of power. In general, this conjunction can symbolize what we all experience to a certain degree, but especially, right now, Repub Senators are fearful of Trump’s power to destroy them in re-election.

On the other hand, Trump’s natal Saturn conjunct US Mercury, is opposite transiting Saturn and Pluto, and he is the most fearful person in the country.

At this moment the trans. Moon is at 22+ Pisces, opposite the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo. In the Uranus-Pluto conjunction (#2 of 3) which the now transiting Neptune in Pisces opposes, Saturn was at 22+ Pisces and conjunct Mercury at 22+ Pisces, and Pallas (strategist) at 21+ Pisces and Chiron at 23+ Pisces.

Together, transiting Moon (right now at 3:33 PM EST), along with transiting Neptune opposite the Uranus-Pluto conjunction on April 4, 1966 is activating that energy.

I’m saying, the 1960’s Uranus-Pluto cycle is providing root power to the impeachment trial.

Oy vey, Sharon K. Yes certainly so. This is worse than anything. How can you make a peace plan if you leave one of the parties out of the talks? And you give one party all they ask for, ‘give’ because US weapons will be there to help. The plan sounds lovely, two state. Yes. Palestina, you may have some land too, you may have the part of the desert that we don’t want. You may have your capital yes, but not where you want it, not in the middle, no of course not because that’s where Israel wants it.
My dear God. It’s a coup.

Kiwi, the cat that ate the canary looks pleased because he knows he wasn’t supposed to get that canary. So does Netanyahu.

Hmm…my first post may not have been totally accurate, Margriet, but I then posted an article from Fox afterward that just spelled out the nuts and bolts of it and it was a little more favorable than I thought (because Trump was sounding so obsequious towards Israel), so it may not be quite as bad and the Palestinians didn’t participate and in fact rejected it months back. However, the article does say they get twice as much land (actually Gaza is supposed to be a nice area) and they do get a capital in E. Jerusalem and probably a good amount of money & support. I’m sure a lot is left out but we should at least find an accurate version to critique. At any rate, it won’t fly.

“At any rate, it won’t fly,” no it will probably not help in establishing peace.
“the Palestinians didn’t participate and in fact rejected it months back”, after Trump had cut off aid and had moved the embassy to Jerusalem and and and.
Let’s just hope Trump gets removed and Netany won’t get elected. Both of them impeached/indicted, almost dead but acting as if all is ‘perfect’.

What I meant to ask was, what are Netanyahu’s stars for the next elections? Will he finally fail?

The R senators are afraid of Trump, how either he or his cult followers might punish them. He’s afraid of them, for the trial gives them the power to remove him. They are two cobras staring at one another.

The odd irony is the backwards interpretation
of the electorate possessed by the R senators. They fear they will be primaried, vilified, bad mouthed by “fearless leader” and ultimately lose their seats, punished by Trump cultists in the voting booth. The reality is, if they acquit the orange mafia don, November (even with Russian interference) is likely to he an overwhelming bloodbath for them, for orange man and the party. The Senate will flip, and they’ll lose their precious seats anyway.

Such is the spell in the blindness of fear. Big doses of fear are surely part of the potion, the toxic “kool-aid” Trump cultists are imbibing in such heavy quantities. Robbed of their middle class status, drunk on their fear of a minority white future, aghast at their loss of economic power and stability, dreading what misfortune may be hiding in the cards they they cannot see, they are
befuddled in the mesmeric powers of the orange sorcerer.

Queasy in their contemplation of a present world in which they are uncomfortable, and do not understand, they balm themselves in misplaced mythological vision of a future world that never was and cannot possibly ever be. It is their and consequentially our existential nightmare.

not sure what to make of amanpour’s interview with Jared because I dont understand details of the finer points, but he came across to me as having quite an inner arrogance.
Is it a game change move or just more smoke and mirrors?


Kiwi, thanks for the link.

Banks: Yes, energy follows thought.

Currently off topic, but I love Marjorie’s last sentence in her bolton article, which were a result of earlier nasty comments on her blog …..

” If you’re feeling enraged, aggravated or overly excited, please take several deep breaths and go for a nature walk.”

10 min ago: mcconnell does not have the votes to block witnesses

Well said Eliseo, the outer planets give us the pattern we will be following and the kind of energy that will move us toward the goal. In this case, fear is a prime motivator.

In the Uranus-Pluto chart I referenced above, Mars (anger, etc.) was at 20+ Aries, the same degree as the US natal Chiron, Pelosi’s South Node, Yang’s natal Chiron and who knows what else.

That Mars in the Uranus-Pluto conjunction chart was at the apex of a Yod it completed with the sextile of that chart’s Neptune (21+ Scorpio) and the US Neptune (22+ Virgo).

It is (was) that Mars (conjunct US Chiron, etc.) that would HAVE TO SHIFT in order to relieve the discomfort of its position (apex of Yod).

Now that Uranus-Pluto cycle chart is being activated by transiting Neptune opposite them. Also, earlier today the transiting Moon activated that chart’s Saturn/Mercury/Pallas/Chiron, as well as the US natal Neptune.

The transiting Moon and Neptune brings to life the Mars & Saturn in the Uranus/Pluto conjunction chart, which in turn activates the US Chiron and US Neptune (which are quincunx each other) which in turn activates members of the US government and many of us innocent bystanders, like you and me and many others here at SLN.

And this is just one of several cycles contributing to the kinds of energies being activated throughout the world, all toward moving mass consciousness forward and upward. It’s for a good cause.

I hope that they don’t cave, kiwi, as there is a lot of time to work on them. On the other hand, if they do allow witnesses, Trump says he’ll block Bolton from testifying? I’m assuming he can do that and Roberts could overrule that? I’m sure none of the Republicans want that to happen and, frankly, I do not trust Roberts to do the right thing. And then there is the consideration of the secret Catholic organizations behind all this pulling the strings (?)

In Kim Carey’s previous video last week she said some surprise info would come out during the trial and she saw two male witnesses. Her track record is not bad at all.

Sharon K, what secret Catholic organizations? Pulling whose strings? Did I miss something?

Sharon Katz, If Chief Justice Roberts stands silently by, I will assume that he is as corrupt as I feared that he was.

This might elucidate.


William Barr Is Neck-Deep in Extremist Catholic Institutions

“he was on the board of directors of the DC-based Catholic Information Center, led by the ultraright and secretive group Opus Dei.”

Seems to me practically all of T’s advisors are ET’s of some kind, i.e. fundamentalist, and evangelical End Timers, plus extreme, radical Roman Catholics.

Well, Catholic society was probably a mischaracterization. I’m thinking along the lines of the Dominionists, and then the Federalists (which is not religious but , the Skull and Bones Society, etc.

It’s hard to say, ja….maybe it’s that Aquarius desire, I’ve sometimes noticed, to not get over involved in messy stuff? I do think he has a preferred side to be on though. Just the fact that he supported Citizens United….closing his eyes to the realistic consequences of such a position!

Sharon, It’s widely understood that Trump can no longer claim executive privilege in blocking Bolton from testifying since Trump issued a statement yesterday asserting that Bolton is lying.

and along with signing on to Citizens United, don’t forget Chief Justice Roberts has allowed a gutting of the Voting Rights Act and has pretended to be helpless in the face of gerrymandering.

BarbK & All other knowledgeable astrologers

Each president from Theodore Roosevelt to present has assumed slightly more power than his predecessor. That process began
September 14, 1901, 119 years ago.

I expect the pendulum is about to begin to swing in the opposite direction . Our purportedly coequal 3 branch government is obviously out of balance.

Is there an astrological cycle which lasts either 119 or 238 years?

Born and educated in Catholic schools for many years,
I have been incanting a variety of passages from the Roman Catholic Rite of Exorcism to strengthen my resolve and remind myself of the very real presence of human evil. This is the one I used today under a picture of Cesar Disgustus:

Do you renounce Satan? Hearken, therefore, and tremble in fear, Satan, you enemy of the faith, you foe of the human race, you begetter of death, you robber of life, you corrupter of justice, you root of all evil and vice; seducer of men, betrayer of the nations, instigator of envy, font of avarice, fermenter of discord, author of pain and sorrow. Why, then, do you stand and resist, knowing as you must that Christ the Lord brings your plans to nothing? Fear Him, who in Isaac was offered in sacrifice, in Joseph sold into bondage, slain as the paschal lamb, crucified as man, yet triumphed over the powers of hell. Begone, then, in the name of the Father, + and of the Son, + and of the Holy + Spirit.

Puts a spring in my step. Maybe it will for you too. Posting on Senatorial Websites is therapeutic as well.

Seems to me practically all of T’s advisors are ET’s of some kind, i.e. fundamentalist, and evangelical End Timers, plus extreme, radical Roman Catholics.

AG William Barr, “was on the board of directors of the DC-based Catholic Information Center, led by the ultraright and secretive group Opus Dei.”
William Barr Is Neck-Deep in Extremist Catholic Institutions

Pompeo is purportedly a fundamentalist and we know Pence is a Dominionist. If Trump is removed, and we have a president Pence, we’ll not be out of the woods yet.

Eliseo, a quick look at the planets on September 14, 1901, shows Uranus at 13 Sagittarius 06, not far from the US natal chart ascendant at 12 Sagittarius 21.

Transiting Neptune that day at 1 Cancer 22 was very close to US natal Venus (values) at 3 Cancer 06, which was opposite trans. Jupiter at 3 Capricorn 34.

Pluto that day at 18 Gemini 41, was not far from US natal Mars at 21 Gemini 22, which was square the transiting Sun at 21 Virgo 09 (conjunct US natal Neptune at 22 Virgo 25). Trans. Pluto at 17 Gemini 33 retrograde (conjunct Trump’s Uranus although he wasn’t born yet) would oppose trans. Uranus 3 months later in December, 1901.

It paints a picture of a country going through growing pains with outer planets influencing its self image (ascendant), its unsureness (Neptune) of its vitality (Mars), and its values (Venus).

No doubt we (the USA) are going through a major transformation with the coming Pluto Return, but we have been working up to that for at least 119 years apparently.

The New Moon in Aquarius last weekend combined with Saturn’s opposition to US Mercury brought encouraging news in the form of Bolton’s book. This new information heartened the more progressive part of the American people.

One year from now, in mid-February 2021, the next New Moon in Aquarius will take place a few weeks after the Inauguration and just after Pluto has completed its third and final pass in its own opposition to US Mercury and Trump’s Venus-Saturn conjunction. More vital and encouraging information concerning him should come out at that time.

Meanwhile, the Pluto station in April and the Saturn station in October, both at 25 Capricorn, should also bring important and detrimental revelations concerning the President.

Bolton is a Sun in Scorpio with a Leo Ascendant with Mercury also in Scorpio in a tight square with Pluto. He is now in a Mars return. An intense and vengeful player who enjoys the limelight. His sensitive Cancer Moon was battered by Saturn and Pluto when he was advising Trump, so he probably found that experience bitterly frustrating.

Interesting tidbit: he was Romney’s foreign policy advisor during the 2012 election. And Romney is said to be leading the charge for witnesses.

I think Bolton wants to be the giant-slayer who becomes Secretary of State under President Romney.

I’ve had a “feeling” about Romney for quite some time. If Bolton testifies, he greatly increases the probability Trump will go down very soon. President Pence would likely NOT be the preferred nominee for R’s, in part because he too was involved in the “drug deal”. Romney would be the probable nominee, and likely win.

September 14, 1901 – Teddy Roosevelt Oath


“Roosevelt arrived at North Creek just before dawn on Saturday, September 14, 1901. It was then he learned that William McKinley had died a few hours earlier at 2:15 am. …

“Ansley Wilcox was waiting for Roosevelt at the train station in Buffalo when he arrived at 1:30 pm,…”

The Buffalo Courier of September 15, 1901 recorded in detail what happened next:

“There was a moment of extreme quietness. It was now 3:31 o’clock. Secretary Root, advancing a step forward, began to speak. His voice was low and not clearly audible. Evidently his emotions were deeply touched. Tears were in his eyes. “Mr. Vice-President, I […]” commenced Secretary Root, but his voice broke and for fully a minute he could not utter another word. His Cabinet confreres were all affected. Tears came into their eyes. It was a touching scene at this moment and about every head was bowed as there welled up in the hearts of these devoted men the memory of the beloved man whose life had been offered as a sacrifice on the alter of his country. Tears trickled down the cheeks of Secretary Root. The Vice-President’s eyes were moist and he clutched nervously at the lapel of his frock coat….

Taking a step toward Secretary Root the Vice-President said, in a voice that wavered at first, but grew stronger with each succeeding word: “I will take the oath at once in accord with the request of you members of the Cabinet, and in this hour of our deep and terrible bereavement I wish to state that it shall be my aim to continue absolutely unbroken the policy of President McKinley for the peace, the prosperity and the honor of our beloved country.” …Judge John Hazel read the oath and Col. Roosevelt repeated it after him: ” I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States…. And thus I swear.”


Correct link to image because of typo – pm instead of am for time of oath.


I used 3:33 pm because of this passage “… “Mr. Vice-President, I […]” commenced Secretary Root, but his voice broke and for fully a minute he could not utter another word. His Cabinet confreres were all affected. Tears came into their eyes.” But it could have been even a minute or several minutes later.

Fascinating Bob; that would explain the trans. Sun (conjunct US natal Neptune) square US natal Mars, and the trans. Uranus conjunct the US natal chart’s ascendant, and all the rest. Thank you very much.

Eliseo, recently I have been researching Pholus and Nessus. 119 years is close to Nessus’ orbit around the sun: Nessus finishes one orbit around the Sun in 122.4 years, an eccentricity of 0.52 and an inclination to the ecliptic of 15.6 degrees. At perihelion (closest approach to the Sun), it moves closer to the Sun than Uranus, while at aphelion (farthest approach to the Sun) it goes even farther than Neptune.

Perhaps that makes sense in the context you’ve described.

Ralfee Finn:

The question of “how do I participate in a world that’s gone mad?” is one we all have to face every day.


Thank You Chiro
Thank You BarbK,
In the US Sibly chart wouldn’t the sun represent the presidency?

With Virginia’s final ratification, fight over Equal Rights Amendment advances


Bill Barr Doesn’t Get to Decide What’s in the Constitution


Let this be the year of women. Make Congress add the ERA to the Constitution under threat of being voted out. Keep the House of Representatives in a Democratic majority. Move the Senate to a Democratic majority also. Elect a Democrat to the presidency so he or she can sign the bills you pass into law.


To: Eliseo, Chiro, Bob and anyone interested in Eliseo’s theory of growing US Presidential power:

Chiro, good catch re: the Nessus cycle, thank you.

Transiting Nessus was at 14+ Pisces retrograde on Sept. 14, 1901. Transiting Nessus right now is at 9+ Pisces and US natal Nessus is at 10+ Pisces. Nessus is a symbol of abuse of power. As a centaur, its purpose is to raise awareness.

Some more detail of the astrology on Sept. 14, 1901:

*The Great Attractor (a gravitational pull nearly impossible to resist) was at 12+ Sagittarius and conjunct the US natal chart’s ascendant at 12+ Sagittarius (the GA is now at 14+ Sagittarius)

*Eris (causes discord) and Ceto (seeing monsters) both at 22+ Pisces opposed the Sun (consciousness) at 21-22 Virgo and the US natal Neptune (faith and/or delusion) at 22+ Virgo

*Nessus at 14+ Pisces was trine the North Node (path forward) at 14+ Scorpio and the US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer, a grand trine

*Amycus (shift in energy) and Chaos (chaos) at 5+ Aquarius were trine Huya (Rainmaker, healing of past lives) at 5+ Gemini and Mercury (thinking) at 5+ Libra, a grand trine

Bottom line: On September 14, 1901, the US was very, very vulnerable to power abuse due to the loss of the President and internal fears of uncertain outcomes. It was a time of jarring change and instability, but also a time of growth and healing.

The chart I use for the presidency is George Washington’s inaugural chart. The following is from a site that is now defunct.

— In i_predict@yahoogroups.com, JohnTWB <blazingstar1776@… wrote:

Hi Gonzo, Bob & EdK,


Astrologer Ralph Kraum 's rectified time = 1:04:30 p.m. LMT +4:56:04

Ascendant = 02-Vi-30

Source: ASTROLOGICAL AMERICANA by Ralph Kraum & Ernest Grant, American Federation of Astrologers, Research Bulletin No. 3, Tempe, AZ, 1949, p. 37.

Kraum & Grant consider this the KEYSTONE CHART OF SOVEREIGNTY: ??There are many who believe that this is the true chart of the United States as a nation for it is the first federal exercise of sovereignty” . . . . €œThis Federal Government assumed jurisdiction with the inauguration of George Washington. Those astrologers advocating this chart liken the Declaration of Independence chart unto the prenatal epoch chart of a human being.” P. 38


As reported by: [1] Washington 's secretary, Tobias Lear; [2] U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania, William Maclay; and [3] a citizen eye-witness €œR.R.”. From these sources we know that GW 's oath was sworn at or soon after €œ1:00 p.m.” (which is LAT) = about 12:56:55 p.m. LMT +4:56:04.

[Note: Sun culminating (Solar Fire v5.1) = 11:56:55 LMT +4:56:04]


Date: April 30, 1789

Congress ' Scheduled Time: shortly after 12:00 p.m. LAT

Oath taken (after more than 1 hour 's delay): 13:04:30 LMTÂ

Place: Federal Hall, at Broad & Wall Streets, New York City


Source (excerpted below):

1789: THE WASHINGTON INAUGURATION: with the 1889 Program of (centennial) Ceremonies. Papers by Mrs. Martha J. Lamb (White and Allen: N.Y., 1889). From the €œMagazine of American History” of December, 1888, February 1889, March 1889:

€œThe six days between Washington 's arrival and his inauguration were devoted (by Congress) to the perfection of arrangements for the imposing ceremonies of his inauguration.” P. 18

€œOn the 29th of April, 1789, the joint (House & Senate) committee of arrangements reported their scheme for the conduct of the ceremonies on the 30th, which proving satisfactory, a few copies were printed on foolscap sheets for the convenience of those participating. One of these has been preserved and is now the property of the New York Historical Society, through whose courtesy it is given verbatim to our readers as an illustration of the significance with which details were regarded at that period” p. 19

SCHEDULED: €œThat the members of both houses (of Congress) assemble in their respective Chambers precisely at twelve o 'clock; and that the representatives preceded by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and attended by their clerk, and other officers, proceed (upstairs) to the Senate Chamber, there to be received by the Vice President and the senators rising. . . That the committees attend the President from his residence to the Senate Chamber, and that he be there received by the Vice-President, the senators and representatives rising, and by the Vice-President conducted to his chair. . . . That the President shall proceed to the (2nd floor exterior balcony overlooking the intersection of Broad & Wall Streets) gallery to take the Oath of Office required by the Constitution. . . . Both houses having resolved to accompany the President after he shall have taken the Oath (and delivered his inaugural address to Congress), to St. Paul 's Chapel, to hear divine service, to be performed by the chaplain of Congress. . . . That after divine service shall be performed, the President be received at the door of the Chapel, by the Committees, and by them attended in carriages to his residence.” p. 20.



€œWith a discharge of artillery at sunrise from old Fort George near Bowling Green began the ceremonies of the day. . . . The military procession left the presidential mansion at half-past twelve o 'clock and proceeded to Federal Hall via Queen Street (now Pearl Street), Great Dock Street, and Broad Street. . . . When the military, which amounted to not more than five hundred men, arrived within two hundred yards of Federal Hall, at one o 'clock, they were drawn up on each side, and Washington and the assistants and the gentlemen especially invited passed through the lines and proceeded to the Senate Chamber of the Federal State House.”

Source: THE CENTURY ILLUSTRATED MONTHLY MAGAZINE, Washington 's Inauguration €“ Centennial Number, April 1889, p. 826, which relies on Tobias Lear 's extensive account.


Source: Journal of William Maclay, United States Senator from Pennsylvania , 1789-1791. CHAPTER I. ON TITLES AND CEREMONIES.

Here excerpted, an eye-witness account by a U.S. Senate, as below, tellingly provided by the diary of William Maclay, radical Jeffersonian U.S. Senator from the State of Pennsylvania. Senator Maclay saw it all, and then wrote it down for posterity:

[As already noted: Congress was scheduled to convene a joint session in the Senate Chamber, with the House members to join the Senators by 12:00 noon LAT]

MACLAY: €œRepeated accounts came that the Speaker of the House and representatives were at the door. Confusion ensued; the Senate members left their seats. . . . The Speaker was introduced, followed by the representatives. Here we sat an hour and ten minutes before the President arrived–this delay was owing to Lee, Izard, and Dalton, who had stayed with us while the Speaker came in, instead of going to attend the President.”Â

€œThe President advanced between the Senate and Representatives, bowing to each. He was placed in the chair by the Vice-President; the Senate with their president on the right, the Speaker and the Representatives on his left. The Vice-President rose and addressed a short sentence to him. . . . And the President was conducted out of the middle window into the gallery, and the oath was administered by the Chancellor [note: Robert R. Livingston, Chancellor of New York State, and fellow Mason to the President.] Notice that the business done was communicated to the crowd by proclamation, etc., who gave three cheers, and repeated it on the President's bowing to them.” Unquote.



The time of the oath-taking moment was reported by a citizen eye-witness. Reported in the Federal Gazette of Philadelphia, on May 8, 1789, was the account by a writer, signing himself R. R., who wrote on May 1 from New York City to his wife in Philadelphia, that R.R. €œ. . . was just in time to see the inauguration of the President-General, which affecting solemnity was performed yesterday at one o 'clock in the front gallery of the State House, in view of thousands of admiring spectators. . . .”

Source (above): Charles Warren, ODD BYWAYS IN AMERICAN HISTORY (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1942) p. 95, which cites HISTORICAL MAGAZINE, III (1859), p. 184

Best wishes,


The chart for Washington’s inauguration:


Pre-publication review is supposed to be a check that no classified security information is revealed in a book.

Seems like Bolton’s book would have gone to the NSA or State Department for review, and I checked the NSA. They have a written policy on how those are handled.

But stories about Bolton’s book say it went to the White House for review, and Bolton’s lawyer released a letter to the White House presenting the manuscript and nothing a 30-day timeline to review the manuscript.

The White House probably should have turned it over to the NSA or State for review, but this is the Trump White House. I can see it falling through the cracks.

Or, as someone in the media speculated, someone in the White House seeing what was in it, freaking out, knowing Trump would seriously freak out, and not knowing what to do or how to bring up the issue with Trump.

I can imagine the manuscript never leaving the White House or Trump’s inner circle, whoever’s left there.

But it sounds like official policy is for a thirty-day review period. Bolton’s lawyer’s letter says we know it’s thirty days, but if you finish sooner, that would be great, because all of this is time-sensitive.

I can imagine Trump trying to get an injunction against the release of the book to the Senate or to anyone else. Don’t think he’d get far with that.

So, we’ll see. In the digital age, a book can be formatted for ebook release in about twenty minutes. I have the software and do it for my own books.

The Amazon listing for Bolton’s book is live. They’re taking pre-orders now. You can upload your final manuscript to Amazon, reset the release date and hit the publish it button. Amazon will process the info and send the ebook out to people who pre-ordered it usually in about six hours. I’ve done that, too. It’s a few clicks of buttons on a computer.

So if Trump gives the publisher and Bolton trouble, they could get that book in people’s hands within hours.

It’s not ideal, because you want the print edition to come out simultaneously, and it takes time to print and ship those book. Plus you want time to promote the book and get preorders for the print edition from stores.

You want to time the release for the best chance of making bestseller lists, which means most releases happen on Tuesday, so you get six or seven days worth of sales to count within the same week in hopes of making those lists.

But if the publisher wanted to push the book out because it felt like the timing couldn’t be better than now or it worried about an injunction being granted, the publisher could get it out in hours.


They think they have the votes to block witnesses. Frankly this is what I expect to happen.

A comment from NYT’s:

“The problem with being a Republican politician, staffer or appointee – aside from having to lie for a living from morning until night – is that eventually the rainbow of lies that constitutes the GOP daily disinformation program will inevitably be exposed as the pack of lies that they in fact are.

John Bolton is many things I don’t like, but one thing he’s not is a pathological liar.

There are many people willing to lie, deceive and dissemble for Donald Trump – Sean Hannity, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Mike Pompeo, Kellyanne Conway, Lindsay Graham, Devin Nunes, William Barr, Mike Pence – but not everyone is willing to sell their soul for nation’s #1 grifter.

John Bolton is a bellicose neo-con war hawk conservative, but he’s not a liar….and he probably doesn’t have a high tolerance for liars….and he probably has some respect for the United States Constitution, unlike Trump’s Republican flock of blindly loyal sheep.

It will be nice to hear Mr. Bolton tell the American people about the Ukrainian ‘drug deal’ that Donald and the Rudy Giuliani, Secretary of the Trump Deep State, cooked up in Kiev.

Truth will out.” Eventually.


I don’t recall a more bizarre period than what we are living through now. Were it not for the impeachment trial, we’d be focused on the Brexit and the Iowa caucus.

What is so heavily crazy to me is that the R’s could have just about everything they want politically with president Pence, AND have the patina of respectability by removing the scoundrel in the oval office.

I was at one time a criminal investigator. I’ve testified in court a zillion or more times. From my. experience, the R,’s are making the most legally absurd, insane, ridiculous arguments I’ve ever heard.


Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) is planning to force a vote tomorrow which will require Roberts to take a position, although he can still be overruled by a simple majority.

Bernies numbers have surged in Iowa this week. Nothing against bernie, but a nagging thought in the back of my mind is – I wonder if rethugs are skewing the dem voting polls intentionally to mess with everyone?

Now is not the time to kowtow to negative thinking. We are seeing the yuck that transiting Pluto has been digging up; yuck that has had multiple decades to spread and become part of the norm. This is what soldiers fight in wars; that which doesn’t let go of power without blood and gore. Don’t let the bastards get to you. We are the heroes of history!

The US Constitution chart’s Chiron is participating in a grand trine, as is the US natal chart Saturn with the Aquarius New Moon chart’s Mercury; sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

The Aquarius New Moon Mars conjuncts the Great Attractor which is an overwhelmingly seductive source of energy. However, that Mars is quincunx the same chart’s Vesta (focus, investment) that sextiles the US natal Sun (consciousness), which also is quincunx the Mars in the New Moon chart. That my friends is a 3 point Yod (Mars, Vesta, Sun), and Yods make for necessary adjustments in stalemates.

It will take time, maybe decades to unravel all the changes going on right now, but this chaos is the stuff new horizons are created from.

Next month there is a Full Moon in Leo that trines the US natal Chiron in Aries (+ Pelosi’s South Node, + Yang’s Chiron) and this Full Moon opposes the same chart’s Sun in Aquarius that conjuncts the US progressed Mercury (new thinking). New stuff will change the picture we are looking at now.

Because Chiron “bridges” one side of a gorge to another side, and because there is much Chiron activity in the air, there is a lot of gorge crossing taking place. This is a necessary part of this country’s evolution, and somebody has to do it, and we are here now.

I’ve heard reports the R’s ARE doing all they can to promote Bernie, as they believe he is the most beatable Dem.

A few minutes ago former R. Congressman from Florida, (now an Independent) David Jolly on MSNBC called on Bolton to conduct a press conference tomorrow, Thursday the 30th, BEFORE the Friday vote on whether to have witnesses and evidence. DJ said this is what Bolton should do if he is an honorable man and real patriot.

Friday! Friday! Friday the 31st!
If there are no witnesses, the R’s plan to vote to acquit this Friday.

If they do, it will be the most infamous date in the history of the United States senate since Representative Preston Brooks of South Carolina caned Senator Charles Sumner in the well of the senate, May 22, 1856.

The beating almost killed Sumner, contributed heavily to the nation’s polarization over the issue of slavery, and essentially had the opposite result from what Representative Brooks intended.

Simarily, the senators who assassinated Julius Caesar also achieved the opposite result from which they intended.

An AI algorithm detected the coronavirus outbreak a week before the CDC


“Six days before the CDC’s Jan. 6 alert of a flulike outbreak in China, and nine days before the World Health Organization’s Jan. 9 notice, an artificial intelligence-powered platform had already detected and sent warning of the coronavirus outbreak, Wired reports.

BlueDot, a global health monitoring platform based in Canada, reportedly notified its clients of the outbreak on Dec. 31.”

Link to Cansolar (Tropical rendition of the Sun’s entry into Sidereal Cancer) located to Wuhan, China – ground zero of the virus outbreak. the Sun/Venus midpoint is on the Asc opposite Pluto on the Desc


Kiwi & Eliseo, I agree with you. At risk of upsetting Bernie supporters, I am going to ask this question again – as I have many times in the past.

What compelled a no-name senator from Vermont to decide to run for President of the U.S.? Who (outiside of VT) and even heard of him? While very popular in VT, I don’t believe he was on the national radar.

There is no debate on Russia’s stance on Sanders. They supported him:

Washington Post
April 12, 2019
Inside the Russian effort to target Sanders supporters — and help elect Trump

“While much attention has focused on the question of whether the Trump campaign encouraged or conspired with Russia, the effort to target Sanders supporters has been a lesser-noted part of the story. Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, in a case filed last year against 13 Russians accused of interfering in the U.S. presidential campaign, said workers at a St. Petersburg facility called the Internet Research Agency were instructed to write social media posts in opposition to Clinton but ‘to support Bernie Sanders and then-candidate Donald Trump.'”

I was shocked to see the news that Sanders had rocketed to the top of the polls. And suspicious.

I fear more than ever that our elections are worthless.

“Donald Trump’s Year of Reckoning?

“It appears that overall, if Trump thinks he is having difficulties now, the next two years could see the transit of Saturn bring the full weight of the law to bear – with Plutonic ruthlessness; he has been involved in continuous litigation virtually from the time he took office – part of his personality revels in it, but the game is shifting to another level now. As an “apprentice” in the world of politics, he may very well hear that phrase for which he was so fond of delivering – “you’re fired”! Commenting upon this Saturn-Pluto opposition to Trump’s Venus-Saturn, another astrologer says,”

January Newsletter, Phillip Lindsay, Esotericastrologer.

Noticed Black Moon Lilith is at the Aries Point today. It’ll be interesting to see if and how that energy may manifest.


I remember reading somewhere (DU I think) that every time there was a vote to condemn Russia, Bernie either voted against or was absent, and at least once it seemed a pretty obvious attempt to dodge the vote. I, too, think there’s something fishy there. But I don’t know what.

If Trump gets away with this current line of reasoning, it appears the republicans don’t believe we will ever have a Democratic president again because they would have far too much power. Or then again, maybe they aren’t thinking past today.

Let’s be straight about Bernie.
Bernie IS NOT pro Russia!
He IS NOT some kind of communist.
He says he is a Democratic Socialist, but he is really a European style Social Democrat. They are not the same.

But Republicans ARE doing all they can to promote Bernie, as they believe he is the most beatable Dem in November.


Re: 12:58PM post

This squares much better with who Bernie Sanders is.

Frank, the woman who accused Trump of raping her in the ’90s is asking for a DNA sample as she still has the clothing she wore! That may classify as a black moon Lilith event.


I feel that, baring some strange occurrence, we’ll have to reconcile ourselves to the fact that witnesses will not be called and there will be an acquittal by tomorrow…..not thinking negative, just being realistic but I hope I’m wrong of course!

Thank you for making that clear, Eliseo.

I agree “Republicans ARE doing all they can to promote Bernie, as they believe he is the most beatable Dem in November.”

However, it is my feeling that they do that at their own peril.

I live in Canada. I follow US politics as closely and accurately as the internet allows. I married a man who came to my home city for R&R from Viet Nam. I lived a number of years in the US and my 2 children are Americans living in Canada. My grandparents are Norwegian…Oslo mainly. I read a book called Viking Economics by George Lakey… and a few others in that vein. My mother is my most admired person I have ever personally known in my life. Her mother, upon settling in Canada, supported Nellie McClung and women received the vote in Alberta in 1916.
Bernie’s politics uses the Nordic Model. For a couple of decades now, the Nordic countries are known for having the happiest people worldwide. These countries have the truest democracies and truly the greatest equality.
Sadly, the system in the US has been increasingly corrupted, resulting in the lack of education, and the lack of basic living standards needed for all citizens to make informed choices….to my shock and surprise. THIS information, about the lack of equality and democracy in America, came to my attention increasingly so in the last decade. My confusion is – when did it actually start to be so pronounced….. or was it always there and hidden? The Democratic Socialist Party is a misnomer. It in actuality should be called the Social Democratic Party. In Norway people make sure that people are taken care of in the most basic of ways that allow them to live in dignity. Then, after the basics of life are taken care of, the Norwegians say they are a capitalist country. Now many people are coming to understand the issues with pure capitalism….. Thomas Piketty, the French economist describes this in his book Capital in the Twenty-First Century. We in North America, because of our current lack of education for all, and because the system has let down a substantial portion of the citizenry so that poor self esteem has obliterated curiosity and critical thinking skills……
Yes, we might not be ready for Bernie Sanders. God knows we need true democracy and equality. God knows when we are going to get it right…….For in 2024 and beyond, we may get it more right. The fly in the ointment back in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s was, as good as the Constitution is, was slavery.
Sadly again, as Norway brings in Muslim men to their country, they have seen the need to educate these men to respect women. They now have mandatory classes for these men to understand equality of the genders and the need to respect women. These classes are failing. So now Norway diverts these refugees and immigrants to two other countries that will take them in order to protect Norwegian women especially from rape and violence from these men.
I am very interested in what Saturn and Jupiter, and ultimately Pluto in AQUARIUS will bring. I enjoy this blog immensely. Thank you.

Make no mistake about this: we are watching a coup in real time. –

We have one realistic chance to reverse it and that is the election in November. Between this Friday—when all indications are that Trump will be acquitted—and next November, it is likely that several BILLION dollars will be spent to flood the nation’s consciousness with pro-Trump and anti-anyone else propaganda. Anyone who opposes Trump—and some who just don’t support him “enough”—will risk being smeared, investigated, prosecuted, fired—or worse.

And, if the coup is not reversed in November, democracy in America will have perished. Oh, there will be the pretense of a democracy for a while; until “election” outcomes are so rigidly fixed that everyone agrees they’re unnecessary. Since opposition to the Trumps will be akin to treason and blind unquestioning worship of all governmental authority will be rewarded, the septic tank sludge that comprises “the base” will be elevated to positions of power throughout all levels of goverment—federal, state and local. Eager young fascist sycophants will preside over our courts and our “legislature” will be filled by ideologues of mind-numbing ignorance; racism, misogyny and homophobia will be “givens”.

Democratic Underground https://democraticunderground.com/100212928317

Bravo Eliseo, will, Elizabeth! How absurd to think Bernie Sanders is a pawn of Russia!

Sharon, brilliant example of Black Moon Lilith; bravo to you too!

However, you ARE “thinking negative” about the calling of witnesses possibility. Allow for that “strange occurrence” before succumbing to the lost-cause-blues. It just might work to our advantage; whichever way the Senate votes.

IMHO, if Bolton and/or other witnesses testify the probability of Trump’s conviction is substantially higher. If they don’t he will likely be acquitted Friday.

Lev Parnas has stated Sen. Lindsay Graham was “in the loop” i.e. involved. I personally suspect Moscow Mitch was “in the loop” as well. Who knows what other senators might have been involved? The motivation to acquit is surely deep, wide, and intense.

My main concern at this point is what the orange sorcerer might do if acquitted. The legal theory Mr. Dershowitz is proposing essentially gives any US president dictatorial powers. An acquittal could be interpreted as a senatorial endorsement of dictatorship.

Mr.T might well interpret his acquittal as carte blanch to do all sorts of nefarious mischief. Would he have Joe & Hunter Biden arrested? Would he declare prominent Democrats as traitors? Have them arrested? Declare California (as an example) a rogue state in rebellion against the government? Have certain blue states occupied by federal troops so as to suppress their votes? The possibilities are mind numbing.

Sassy, I dont think there is anything suspicious about Bernie running. I agree wholeheartedly with many of his positions, developed over many years, probably due to awareness of how social systems in the UK especially (where his brother lives).
I just dont think most in the USA fully understand his concepts yet because of the brainwashing that ‘capitalism’ (unspoken vulture kind) is the only thing that counts.

Eliseo, Barb, I think that many of the Republicans, especially those with dirty consciences, want to make it all go away. Then there are the others who just don’t care enough (which includes that first group) about what Trump did; it’s just not that big of a deal to them. Of course, I would love to be wrong and have enough senators vote to hear witnesses, or at least have Roberts rule for witnesses. Roberts might just get mad enough at Rand Paul outing the (suspected) whistle-blower via Twitter in a very sneaky way after Roberts refused to read his question out loud, with other Republicans questioning Roberts refusal to read the questions (such as Joni Ernst).

How to put this simply; Adam Schiff will probably experience a breakthrough in a couple of weeks. This will be due to the Leo Full Moon that opposes the Sun at 20+ Aquarius that conjuncts the progressed US Mercury (what we know now as opposed to 1776), which also conjuncts Uranus in the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart. It will be electrifying.

In that conjunction chart (2000) Jupiter and Saturn in Taurus were square Uranus in Aquarius, indicating that the period between 2000 and 2020 would have a lot of shock and rebellion within societies all over the world. That cycle has 11 months left to complete its mission.

At the time of the upcoming Leo Full Moon, trans. Jupiter will be in orb of a conjunction to Schiff’s natal Saturn, exacting it a couple of days later. That transiting Jupiter in Cap will also trine that same FM chart’s Vesta (what is focused on) in Taurus which trines Schiff’s North Node (path forward) in Virgo.

It is one thing to have trans. Jupiter conjunct one’s natal Saturn; that’s a good thing. It’s altogether another thing to have one’s natal Saturn (+ trans Jupiter) in a grand trine with one’s natal North Node and trans. Vesta, while a Full Moon opposes the US prog. Mercury and the Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s Uranus.

Just for good measure, throw in the Full Moon’s Mercury (8+ Pisces) conjunct the US natal Ceres (something nourishing), both square US natal Uranus (8+ Gemini) which is also the place where the Neptune-Pluto cycle started, and you have a helluva lot of active energy surrounding you.

Oh, and that Leo Full Moon will have made a conjunction to Adam Schiff’s natal Uranus at the stroke of Midnight, just a few hours before it becomes fully opposite the transiting Sun, and the US progressed Mercury, and the Uranus that squared the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in 2000.

Mark your calendar for Feb. 9 through 11 and depend on a Leo Full Moon for drama.

Trump Transit

“Another major transit is that of Uranus in Taurus squaring Trump’s progressed midheaven (career, work) in first ray Leo. This has already been occurring for over a year and will continue to the exact square again in April, but then moves into squaring planet of power, Pluto. This kind of transit can create a major upset in the career or dislodge someone from power – think The Tower tarot card! The square of stationary Uranus to Pluto will be exact from June to September April 2021 to the end of that year.”

Phillip Lindsay, Esoteric Astrologer

watching sekulow .. the term, spawn of satan, comes to mind. He certainly has a glib silver tongue. No wonder trump loves him.


Aye. Smarmy, repugnant and shameless come through for me.

What a frightening time. Unless something changes in the next few hours, the Senate will not call witnesses even though 75% of the country wants it. They will acquit before the Super Bowl which will be Trump’s address to the nation as he takes a victory lap on national tv.

To make matters worse, this afternoon, Barr replaced the US Attorney in DC with his stooge. Further eroding our democratic norms.


…and if it is not bad enough, CSPAN is running trumps election rally on CSPAN1 and relegating his impeachment to CSPAN2

Nancy said it this way: “In addition, transiting Uranus will be square to the progressed MC/Saturn conjunction in Trump’s chart from January 11 to February 15. Taken together, these aspects point to lessening popularity, extraordinary upset, and intense frustration.” (Impeachment Looms, Dec. 14th)

BarbK, thanks for beating the drum about no more negativity. There is so much fear and negativity voiced here by so many. It doesn’t help us or the outcome.

Mercury retrograde’s shadow period begins this Sunday 2/2 at about 27-37 Aquarius. So, if the vote is delayed until Monday, could this affect it?

Wanted to share some encouragement..
I haven’t watched yet, just out 2 hours ago.. but the title seems to be just what the Doctor ordered:

Linda G “Breathe everybody Justice will be served soon enough”


Thank you, Elizabeth!

This was her summary blurb for the reading:

“Not feeling it with the Impeachment hearing. As I said before I felt that the Senate will block everything. But as my dream said, if they do this they will pay at the polls. The nation will rise. Nearly 100 million did not vote in 2016. We got a taste of what we can do in 2018. Soon all this will be whole. Bolton will testify before Congress, he will be backed up by many. I saw McConnell lose his seat. Don’t lose faith. Lev is bringing more presents, and Adam Schiff is Atticus (he will go down in history as a man of value).”

They adjourned until 1 ET tomorrow, 1/31, and I think they begin with a debate?

There’s nothing preventing House committees from calling more witnesses and doing more investigation. Bolton’s book is scheduled I think for early March. I can easily see him testifying before the House.

If the senators acquit, thus validating the orange dictatorship, and 45 comes down hard with his retributive vengeance, Americans will rebel. We are a rowdy bunch, not as submissive as our English speaking sisters and brothers, or Asian, African, and European cousins.

I have no doubt that the current Senate would have removed Obama with the same set of facts before them.

But can anyone honestly say that a Democratic Senate would have convicted Obama? I can’t be sure.

All I know is that impeachment trials are inherently political and do not respect judicial standards of fairness. Political trials are always a bad idea.

The unspoken truth is that a Republican Senate thinks it’s a good thing that a Republican President would find a way to cheat to ensure his and their reelection. Would a Democratic Senate behave differently if it were a Democratic President?

The fundamental problem is the Citizens United Supreme Court decision allows the Senate Majority leader to control a super-PAC with a decisive impact on Senate election campaigns. This financial clout and that of the President means all Senate incumbents, particularly in the governing party, are subject to blackmail.

I thank God that in Canada we have no gerry-mandering, no voter suppression, we have strict controls over campaign funding and we have no Electoral College.

For what it’s worth…

Susan Collins says she will vote in favor of witnessess.

I do not mean to sound too over the top with this, but if the Senate acquits Trump tomorrow or Saturday, it feels to me like another coup.

I felt the first one was Bush v Gore when the SCOTUS decided to stop the counting of the ballots and take charge. When we did not riot in the streets at that horrific action, I think the GOP felt emboldened.

Except for the landslides of Obama (yes, they were landslides given his numbers and the massive efforts at suppression from the GOP), the Republican Party has had little taste for the rule of law or democracy. And this Senate action is an amazing show of force that they are not beholden to any of us.

barbk – inre your 5:56 pm post –

All the activity around Shiff, etc… that 2/9 date is approx a week after Trumps scheduled SOU address, which will be filled with bluster and braggadocio, lies and threats… and dog whistles to his cult members (?)

With T all but certain to be acquitted and, given Dersh’s “arguments” about T doing anything he wants, I’m wondering if all the activity could be T trying to arrest or otherwise “get rid” of Shiff – and “the People” finally drawing a line in the sand?

Talk about a Uranus surprise upset – but it would (in T’s puny mind) demonstrate his position as de facto king of America, especially to his deplorables – the Unitary Executive who has no accountability of any kind.

Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war…


“If the senators acquit, thus validating the orange dictatorship, and 45 comes down hard with his retributive vengeance, Americans will rebel. We are a rowdy bunch, not as submissive as our English speaking sisters and brothers, or Asian, African, and European cousins.”

Yeah Baby! If the Rethugs are going to defy all truth and decency, its time to wildly overthrow the enfeebled fossilized assholes.

I watched most of the proceedings today -my blood is boiling!

You know Banks, it’s hard not to express one’s disappointment and fear at this time, and we are fairly safe to do so here. However, fear spreads and that could be bad for the general morale. Now, more than ever, we need courage and we need to build courage. The Republicans don’t have it and their party will soon die because of it.

But our country and our Constitution don’t have to die. Our government has failed its people and it is shocking (trans. Uranus opposite US progressed Saturn), and I believe that’s by design.

Our values (Venus) have fallen to a new low; materialism and status have become prized over character. We, as a People, had to see most (not all) of our leaders expose their feet of clay (on wide screen tv) to learn about values. So now it’s up to us (the People) to change all that, and it won’t happen overnight.

We are to reinvent ourselves (the USA) so that our values (once we – as a whole – realize what they are) determine who we elect to represent us in government. Discernment is key. That is what the Pluto Return is about.

I see the next few years as groping and floundering through the rubble and chaos that Trump symbolizes. Heroes and heroines will rise to the occasion (like Andrew Yang for example) and lots of people who never voted (out of discouragement) will find reasons to do so. Change is coming.

Sharon, thanks for the Mercury Rx reminder.
Elizabeth, thanks for the Linda G heads up.
Eliseo, thanks for reminding us the fight ain’t over.

I think Adam Schiff will lead us out of the present wilderness we are in on (or shortly after) the Feb. Leo Full Moon (see earlier comment).

Not only will transiting Jupiter be conjunct Adam’s Saturn at that time, but it will also oppose the Neptune-Pluto cycle chart’s Moon (16+ Cancer) and it sextiles that chart’s Jupiter at 16+ Pisces (which was opposite Saturn!).

(Neptune and Pluto were conjunct the US Uranus at that time and square US Ceres, where Mercury will be on the Feb. 9 Full Moon chart)

Adam’s natal chart ascendant is 13+ Cancer that conjuncts the US natal Sun. His Moon is on the US natal chart’s descendant at 12+ Gemini. His natal Neptune (6+ Scorpio) is T-square the US natal North and South Nodes. He feels our pain.

slightkc – I shuda refreshed before I wrote that last comment, sorry I didn’t see yours.

Yes, all you said is possible, even likely, but I think Adam Schiff is aware of his affect on Trump and won’t take unnecessary risks. Maybe we should give him a heads up?

Remember, it was the day after Robert Mueller testified to Congress, when Trump decided he’d gotten away with taking Russia’s help to win one election, that he call Zelenskiy and felt like it was okay to ramp up the pressure on Ukraine to help him win another election.

So, what would an even further emboldened Trump do after Senate Republicans make fools of themselves by refusing to even have a real trial and remove Trump from office?

Arresting Schiff sounds crazy enough and includes Trump’s love of revenge. Someone on Twitter suggested he might be even more dismissive of Senators, now that they’ve fallen on their swords for him. I can see that.

What else? Can we think of things as petty and destructive as Trump?

It’s clear now we need a few amendments to our constitution. Neither the electoral college or US Senate are functioning as the Founders intended. We’ll need to reform or get rid of them. Citizens United will need be reversed by amendment, and a number of other electoral reforms.

But I also see how many Canadians want to reform your constitutional processes as well.
I somehow think in the coming decades Canada and the US will eventually be governed more similarly, but I think Canada will need fewer changes than the US.

The reforms begun by the Blair government in the UK will continue as well, especially after the Brexit. It remains to be seen whether Scotland will be independent or not.

I think we’ll soon be rethinking our economic philosophy and practice as well. How might we function with much longer lifespans, and artificial intelligence and robotics eliminating such a large percentage of our jobs?

Our founders who wrote our various constitutions could not have possibly conceived of the coming changes. That role was delegated to such luminaries as H.G Wells, Aldous Huxley, and George Orwell.

I see an essential humanitarianism in English common law. I pray that ethos remains the core of our thinking as we progress through these times.

All its going to take is one David with a smooth stone slung at just the right time and spot and the Philistine will fall.

I too am concerned Trump might order Adam Schiff and everyone else he’s labeled guilty of treason arrested. But I’m also concerned for our journalists and political comedians. I’m especially concerned for Rachel Maddow. There are a lot of angry armed nuts out there.

If acquitted Mr.T will conclude he can do anything to anybody. I doubt he’ll be prepared for the resistance he and the R’s will receive. It may not happen immediately, but if the reds start shooting at the blues, I expect they’ll eventually be getting large doses of their own medicine.

For the last few months I’ve been of the opinion it would not come to this, but I see now it might. I think it will depend on what the national as well as the local yokel R’s conclude they can successfully get away with.

This is not to say anything about what ‘might’ be the result of the Senate debacle, but I thought I would check for a birthdate for the Senate and see what the progressions/transits look like for today.

Firstly, there isn’t an ‘official’ birthday for the Senate, but the Library of Congress and other sources show that the first time that the Senate was fully legally effective was on April 6, 1789 in New York city.

The first Congress opened…”On March 4, 1789, eight conscientious senators overcame difficult late winter travel conditions to reach the nation’s temporary capital in New York City. Eleven states had by then ratified the Constitution. Out of the 22 eligible senators, the Senate needed 12 present to achieve a quorum to conduct business.
…. Two weeks passed before William Paterson ambled over from New Jersey and Richard Bassett arrived from Delaware. This left the Senate two members short of a quorum, as the House of Representatives waited impatiently on the floor below. Finally, on April 6, the necessary twelfth member arrived….. The Senate then turned to its first order of business—certifying the election of George Washington—five weeks after his presidential term had officially begun.”

No specific time is given, but both prior and later meetings began at 11:00am according to the documents on record. So, it is reasonable to say the “real” birth time of the US Senate would have been the start of the first session that could officially conduct business. The meetings of the Senate and the House in the beginning, were conducted in secret and there are only records that give an overview of events available today.

Going with what we have, what does an April 6, 1789 chart for 11:00 am show?

The chart is amazing, imo, when you compare it to the progressions and transits of today, January 30, 2020 – I used 4pm GMT, which gives 11am, New York time. All the aspects below are partile (within 1 degree).

The Midheaven of the chart is at 0 degrees Aries (a critical degree) and natal Uranus is trine in the 1st house of identity, at 0 Leo, while progressed Jupiter sits at 0 Virgo in the 2nd house of wealth and value, on the cusp of the 3rd house of personal legal matters, siblings etc.

The natal Ascendant at 19 Cancer has natal Jupiter conjunct it at 20 Cancer in the 1st house and progressed Ascendant opposes it at 20 Capricorn in the 7th. Venus is transiting the 9th house of judicial matters at 20 Pisces and is trine Jupiter.

Natal Venus at 2 Aries has transiting Chiron conjunct and transiting Uranus semi-sextile (30 degrees) at 2 Taurus.

Natal Moon at 1 Virgo in the 2nd house of personal wealth and value (on the cusp of the 3rd) has progressed Sun in square aspect at 1 Sagittarius in the 5th house of speculation, children etc.

Progressed Moon at 18 Aquarius in the 8th house of death and other people’s money (banking etc.) is conjunct natal Pluto at 18 Aquarius and transiting Mars at 18 Sagittarius is sextile (60) both of them, as well as progressed Pluto at 17 Aquarius (which is at the same degree as natal Saturn, 17 Pisces in the 9th).

Lastly, there is a list of aspects at the 3 levels (natal, progressed, transits), all around the 23 to 24 degree mark.

Natal Mars is at 24 Pisces in the 9th house of legal matters, with natal Juno at 23 LibraRx (why women have such a hard time in the US is no wonder?).

Progressed Neptune is at 24 Libra in the 4th house of home (dissolving relationships?), inconjunct (150) to natal Mars and progressed Mars at 23 Leo is also inconjunct to natal Mars in the 2nd house of personal wealth. This makes the Mars to Mars/Neptune a Yod – a decision has to be made. Neither Mars nor Neptune are likely to make the natal Mars very comfortable, which being in Pisces would prefer the status quo (or perhaps divine intervention!).

The transits are Pluto at 23 Capricorn, Saturn at 24 Cap and at the 4pm time, the Midheaven is sitting between Pluto at Saturn in the 7th house of open enemies and partners (business partners in this case, presumably). Also, transiting Mercury is at 23’45 Aquarius in the 8th house, exactly opposing progressed Mars at 23’58 Leo in the 2nd of money and wealth.

No kidding, that is one whopper of a tri-level chart. Contentious is an understatement. The chart is so busy with partile aspects, it makes your head spin.

The progressed Moon at 18 Aquarius will have its next major aspect in an opposition to progressed Mars at 23/24 Leo, the same degree where that the transits are at now. It takes about 2 months for progressed Moon to move a degree (24-18 = 6)x2 = about 12 months. Inauguration time – right on schedule for Mr. Trump. Let’s hope that Jupiter in Cancer on the Ascendant wins the day (justice for all). Enough already!

Linda Schurman’s feb newsletter is out:

interesting is her reference to ” …..astrological chart of Mad King George. Startlingly, it is nearly a duplicate of the chart of our current president, Donald Trump”

In the US, the rule of law no longer applies. It has been replaced by a new rule: right is whatever the President says.


Nixon famously said it’s not illegal if the President does it. Trump proves him right.The fundamental question of the US Constitution is : is the President above or under the law? We have an answer for our time. Let us hope it is short-lived.

I am confident the Senate will flip in November, but Trump may be reelected. He may name two more Supreme Court Justices and hundreds of other judges before he is finally removed from office in 2022 or 2023 when the Pluto return finally happens. I am not confident either Biden or Sanders can defeat him.

It is said the biggest disappointment of many Germans in 1945 was that Nazism failed. Many Americans will grieve when their would-be American dictator goes down just as many have mourned for generations the result of the Civil War.

I am hoping and praying this all takes place without bloodshed.

“So it begins! Man thrown out of Trump rally for making negative comment to report… tried to assert 1st Amendment Rights… security told him he had none inside the rally! This is our future! We all better hustle & hope November is still an option! After today…”


Just as many in Louisiana mourned the loss of the “Kingfish” Huey P. Long.

Angellight, November will happen. It will appear to be an election but appearances can be deceiving. I fear we have passed the rubicon.

“Removal wasn’t really the point of this impeachment exercise. That’s why Nancy was so strategic in deciding whether or if to impeach. So what was the point? It was to force the entire Senate to choose sides. It was to lash R Senators to Trump’s sinking ship, and to force them to go down, too. Between now and November, every new scandal will remind the public that these R’s had a chance to spare the country all of this. And did not.

So the focus of the battle turns to November. But not just to the Presidential race; to the House and the Senate. This year we do have a chance of winning enough votes in the Senate to oust Mitch McConnell — unless we do something short-sighted like fail to support a Democrat like Joe Manchin or Doug Jones because they aren’t good enough progressives. As far as I’m concerned, anyone with a D by his or her name is good enough, because every one of them will contribute to a Senate majority — which would give us control of every single Senate committee, and every court nomination.”


silcominc: What do you mean exactly. Thanks.

“It’s a sad sad day for the state of democracy around the world.”

“January 31, 2020: Britain withdraws from Europe and America withdraws from the Constitution.”


Eliseo, many in Russia are mourning the loss of Stalin to this day. Many people remain deluded all their lives. That’s just human nature.

Trump’s acquittal and Brexit are happening the same day. Brexit is taking effect today. The two leading nations of the Western world, who were the leading world powers in the last two centuries, have gone mad and pressed the self-destruct button rather than humbly accept limits to their power.

This is Saturn-Pluto square Eris in all its nefarious glory. It is said in Greek mythology that Eris is the goddess of discord. She was the cause of the Trojan War because she made the gods go crazy after being scorned. She created conflict between the goddess of wisdom and good government (Athena) and the goddess of love and beauty (Aphrodite or Venus) in particular.

We may discover in coming years we are also headed for an epic tragedy because of events now taking place.

Still, the story is not told because Trump’s chart will remain under severe pressure all year. He will not escape unscathed. It could mean he will lose the Senate but remain in power through cheating. I truly hope I am wrong. I would however find it fitting he would be in power in 2021-2022 to reap the economic whirlwind Brexit and his own failed policies will bring. Otherwise, his successor will be blamed. Also, I would like to pin the next Inaugural chart on him, because it is not good.

Elizabeth, thanks for the alert to the new Linda G video. There is also a new Kim Carey Intuitiview video. Both are very positive. BarbK, I would think you would like Kim Carey’s messages.

“More Bolton details shake impeachment” Bolton book: Trump requested Ukraine pressure campaign help”


“We may discover in coming years we are also headed for an epic tragedy because of events now taking place.”

I believe Trump tipped a line of dominoes, falling eventually into a WWII size regional war in the middle east. I have little doubt the Mideast nations involved will choose to use tactical nukes. Turkey, Iran. Iraq, Syria, etc. On one level it will be an Islamic civil war, but will likely involve Russia and Israel as well. I sincerely hope I am wrong.

Angellight – what I mean is that the facade of a real election will occur in November but there is a very real chance that a combination of voter suppression and the privately-owned electronic equipment that we use to cast our ballots will be so rigged that the winners will be the losers. I believe this has happened in different races since 2002(when we were handed this electronic equipment) but it might be far more widespread and onerous than ever before since the GOP seems truly emboldened.

01/31/2020 11:58 AM EST
Updated: 01/31/2020 12:29 PM EST
“Trump’s impeachment trial could extend into next week

The Senate impeachment trial for President Donald Trump could drag into next week, even as GOP leaders appear to have the votes needed to prevent additional witnesses and testimony from being offered, according to Republican senators and aides.

Republicans suggest the trial could extend into Wednesday of next week due to scheduling concerns over the Iowa caucuses on Monday and Trump’s State of the Union address on Tuesday.”


The defense hangs its exoneration position on the theory of unitary executive authority and the degree to which it is wielded. Does anyone else wonder if this is a subject the the supreme court might address and clarify so that it is no longer a ‘theory’? And if yes, who might have standing to raise the issue?

silcominc: I have long believed that the “privately-owned electronic equipment that we use to cast our ballots” can be rigged and has been rigged. That is why it is very important that the democratic voters come out in mass, which makes it hard to cheat.

The sorry events of today, in the US and the UK, occur during a Moon in Aries conjunct Eris and square Saturn-Pluto. I shudder to think what the six-month stay of Mars in Aries, beginning in late June, will bring.

The short-term beneficiary of Trump’s acquittal will likely be Bernie Sanders. He appears to be better able to channel the rage many people feel. Biden appears inherently incapable of doing so. While I would be very surprised if Sanders managed to defeat Trump even if it were a fair and honest election, which it won’t be, Bernie could well be the most forceful and effective campaigner against him.

Trump has withstood the first pass of Saturn opposite his Venus-Pluto at 24 Cancer, but there are two more passes to come next fall when he again will be severely tested. What is more, Pluto is coming right behind with a double pass and a station at 25 Capricorn in April. His problems are far from over.

That degree of 25 Cap is also important because the US Constitution Uranus is at 25 Cancer. The radical ideas of the Constitution are genetically at odds with the US plutocracy at 27 Capricorn in the Declaration of Independence US chart.

Pluto will also station at 25 Capricorn in October 2021. The constitutional crisis will play out at least until then.

Senators, the American people are your bosses. You are here to serve them. The majority of them (75%), 3 out of 4, want to have witnesses and documents presented in this trial. Obey the wishes of your bosses or go against them at your peril. They will judge your performance in November. No matter how you vote on their request now your status will not change now, but based on that, it may change come November.

Your vote on this issue may determine your label for eternity.

Andre, I believe there will be a strong backlash against the GOP following the vote on this issue but not strong enough to move the needle for tRump’s followers. I do believe that due to the revelation of facts between now and the Republican convention in late August (7 months) tRump may be dumped by the party.

Is the energy field that surrounds everyone crackling for you?

Thanks Bob, especially intrigued by the late August Trump Dump possibility. Give us more would you?

Banks, I’m unable to find her on Google, do you have a link?

thinking about the shameful opinion of Dershowitz and wondering whats ahead for him – found an older posting by marjorie that labels him ‘soldier of fortune’
Not a good year.

barbk the dumping may come as early as June.

Trying to determine which set of aspects (to inaugural or tRump’s natal or progressed chart) in the coming months denotes the divorce is, I believe, an exercise, in futility but I believe it will occur during one of them.

“(there shall be) weeping and gnashing of teeth”

Barbk, heres the link to Kim’s latest – she posts as intuitiview

Sorry you all that I haven’t figured out how to post the links on my iPad but Linda G has another video out today.

Hi banks, here’s linda’s link

senate members have been interviewing irs whistleblower in relation to trump & pence audit interference ……

Haven’t posted for years but have been following with interest and gratitude. Here’s a possible omen for y’all if you’re into that: “Wuhan coronavirus” = “Warn Ruinous Havoc” –any comments?

Bob, thanks, I understand.
kiwi, thanks for the Kim link
Banks, thanks for the heads up on Linda G

Senate votes no on witnesses. And the beat goes on.

Barb, one small hope is that the acquittal vote rolls over to Monday and is part of the Mercury R shadow period — let’s see. Don’t know what it will mean but hope it means something is revisited.

Also, another promise of more to come from Parnas (what Linda G called his “gifts” — the gift that never stop giving, hopefully!): A 3-page letter from Parnas’s attorney to McConnell ~


Another explanation of what will delay the “endgame” to next week –


Here we go, despite the Senate’s vote not to hear witnesses. i.e Bolton

Msnbc’s reporting: Lev Parnas’/joseph bondi bombshell


The acquittal vote possible as late as Wed, firmly ensconced with Mercury retrograde’s shadow period which begins Sunday. I hope this screws “them” up in some way.

“within” not “with”

Transiting Moon will conjunct transiting Uranus at 2+ Taurus at 1:10 AM EST tomorrow morning, Feb 1, and they will oppose US progressed (in no rush) Saturn at 2+ Scorpio. Moon was void of course in Aries when the Senate vote on witnesses was taken earlier today. Of course!

Does this mean McConnell will have enough votes to safely vote on acquittal of Trump in the wee small hours tomorrow AM, Saturday? I wouldn’t bet against it.

Sharon told us that this Sunday is when the Mercury retrograde shadow period begins and trans. Mercury will be conjunct the US natal Moon (27+ Aquarius) at the start (midnight) of Sunday.

Then Mercury continues to move forward through February to the 16th when it stations rx at 12+ Gemini, the degree of the US natal chart’s descendant (partner), where it remains for 3 more days for a total of 7 days. 12+ Gemini is also the degree of Adam Schiff’s natal Moon.
During that 7 days the Leo Full Moon (that opposes the US progressed Mercury and the Jupiter-Saturn cycle Uranus and the transiting Sun) takes place, and that FM chart’s Jupiter (good luck or much more info) will conjunct Schiff’s natal Saturn (control) in Capricorn, which trines his natal North Node (path forward) in Virgo, which trines the US natal chart Vesta (focus) in Taurus.

That’s the magic of a combined Mercury retrograde with a grand trine and a possible hung jury/Senate. Who knows what might happen? Only the gods and goddesses and they only hint.

Supposedly, McConnell had a vote on closing the record, so if anything comes out detrimental to Trump, they can’t introduce it because the record is closed.

old interview. interesting insight on what its like to depose trump


Yes, that’s right. No new information. Records sealed. BUT the world and the US population and the newspapers and TV will be blaring.

What is sooooooooo sad to me is that this Senate is owned. Perfidious men and women owned by a vituperous, vindictive Orange. God help us!

We can thank the SC for the Citizens United vote that allows the PACs to raise money to defeat any Senators who don’t tow the line and to support those who do.

Romney & Collins voted to call witnesses – everyone else voted along party lines.

good interview re the stable genius (1hr). Sad sad commentary on the reality of where we are . . .

The only Republican Senator who has maintained his honor is Romney. Murkowski and Alexander are laughable. Collins has been too damaged by what’s-his-name’s Supreme Court confirmation, so her vote won’t repair the damage to her reputation.

Sorry Bob, the Republican Party is too compromised to dump Trump. The astrology of a continuing constitutional crisis until 2022 is quite clear.

The best way to reward Romney would be to see him become Senate Minority leader next year. I have no doubt the Senate will flip and I believe McConnell could well lose his seat in Kentucky.

If Trump is reelected and the Senate flips, there will be renewed calls for impeachment. The mid-terms in 2022 may provide the 67 Senate Democrats needed.

The vote to acquit or not will take place on Wednesday at 4pm EST. The chart for that event has Moon in Cancer as it’s ruler within one degree of the 12th house. So the evidence will be hidden from the public (moon) and it will be the GOP self undoing. The moon is also in a tight square with Chiron in the 9th. So there is a wounding of our laws and judiciary. Uranus in is in the 10th house (McConnell) in Aries and mars is in the 5th and Saturn is conjunct the DC. Not sure which planet, sign or house rules the GOP and Democrats.

Thanks, Stephanie.

I think Barb is 100%. We have to just be positive, do the work, and believe that the good people of this country have more common sense than these Republican leaders – who are out to benefit the wealthy at the expense of the average person, and the environment, and that more and more will come to their senses, go to the polls and do the right thing. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

100% right

Lev is singing like a canary


“Supposedly, McConnell had a vote on closing the record, so if anything comes out detrimental to Trump, they can’t introduce it because the record is closed.”

So are we talking about something like”No-Double-Jeopardy” on facts that were never made public?

Will, McConnell might close the senate record, wouldnt make a difference with that crowd anyway. But I’d bet money that the dirt spiggot has been fully opened for public attention and will flow like a firehose for the rest of the year. I guess the bigger question is, is the cult capable of detaching from the pied piper?

Oh good grief. I’m sorry, in my earlier comment about Mercury retrograde I mistakenly said it stationed retrograde at 12+ Gemini when in fact it stations retrograde at 12+ Pisces and squares the US natal descendant and Schiff’s Moon, not conjuncts it.

My bad; I’m on information overload.

However Jupiter in and around the Feb. 9 Full Moon WILL conjunct Schiff’s natal Saturn and the grand trine still stands.

Sunstars, THANK YOU!

Just now caught up with your comment on January 30 and it is edifying. Good to have a different perspective of the morass in our country. Hope to hear from you often.

kiwi, thanks for the link to Kim, finally had time to watch/listen.

Banks, you were right, I DO like her!

I very much appreciate your thoughts as you have penned them here. I suspect everyone else on the blog here feels the same way. Thank You for your insights! I hope to see more of your thoughts expressed here.


I was taught that Saturn usually represents the Dems and Jupiter the Republicans in US political astrology. Hope that helps.

Also, I believe that Uranus is now at around 2 Taurus and not in Aries.

Bill Maher pointed out something that truly resonated with me, the foolishness of “When they go low, we go high”.

It’s a very noble, but extraordinarily naive position, which violates all we’ve learned from the research & work of Lawrence Kohlberg. In Kohlberg’s scale of ethical maturity there are 6 different fairly rigid levels.

Level1 simply can’t understand the more complex reasoning in Level 2, level 2 of level 3, level 3 of 4, etc. We need to pay attention to what we’ve learned in educational and developmental psychology. We humans exist at least at 6 different levels of consciousness!

I’m not suggesting we employ the same dirty tricks the R’s have. But we have need to realize how foolish we look when they talk level 2 and we continue policy talk on level 3 or 4 or 5 or 6. They don’t know what we’re talking about, can’t fathom a word of it, usually think we are crazy, weak, immoral or some combination thereof.

IMHO, we pretty consistently frame issues the way WE like to hear them, (preaching to the choir) rather than the way they will be effective to those who think differently from ourselves. As example check my postings a few months ago on how better to frame the abortion issue.

Lamis – if that doesn’t take the cake! Repubs are gold, and the responsibility and work digging the nation out of the morass of all the Repubs “luck” falls to the Dems.

In fact, pretty much what I’ve seen since I became politically aware as a preteen.

Andre, you said >
“The two leading nations of the Western world, who were the leading world powers in the last two centuries, have gone mad and pressed the self-destruct button rather than humbly accept limits to their power.”

While I agree with the statement, it’s important to remember that the madness was perpetrated on the populace of both countries by many of the same men.

In fact, Steve Bannon has been at the forefront of all the right-wing, neo-fascist electoral wins (both Brexit and gov’t changes) in several countries, including Italy and Nazi incitement in Germany, among others. All the pushing of anti-immigrant sentiment was either spear-headed or aided significantly by him. And his main (stated) reason is pure, unadulterated chaos. Tear down the governments – the institutions, period. And don’t forget, it was GW’s men and the IMF who decimated Greece and left them wide-open for ill influences.

If that’s not pure evil, I don’t know what is… (IMO)

All these Xtianist non-biblical Rapture believers have lived in fear of the “New World Order” for so long, they can’t recognize they and their people ARE that New World Order! And they thought it was going to be the liberals, the hippies, and the Illuminati dominating them!

I’m waiting for one of them to identify the new Corona virus as the Biblical plague of pestilence and disease of Horsemen fame… and name it “Captain Tripps!”

Denise Seigel has another video out. Talks about possibility that he’s protected by black magic ….
wouldnt surprise me.

Mumble…mumble…grumble… . I was out…I was free… then that barbk put the spell on me… .

By: barbk on January 31st, 2020, at 3:26 pm. “Give us more would you?”.


And in the middle of the night, like I was in a trance, I went to the computer to see if I could find a date on which tRump might stick his nasty foot in his nasty mouth to a degree that moves GOP leadership toward pushing him out. June 17 or 18 might be that time.

Slightkc, and in both cases Putin had a hand and benefited.

I would be most interested to know more about the relationship between Bannon and Putin.

Kiwi, it was Bannon who expressed sympathy for the Devil when Trump came into office. Hitler was so self-evidently evil, yet he had millions under his spell. Bertold Brecht, one of the great German playwrights, predicted the Beast would rise again. I think the Devil is more clever this time. He hides under the guise of a showman and a narcissist, all under the influence of Scorpio Russia.


Yes Uranus is in Taurus. I meant to say that the MC is in Aries. In this chart, both Jupiter and Saturn are in Capricorn in the 6th. Saturn within a degree or o of the 7th/DC. Not sure what this would mean if Saturn represents Dems and Jupiter the GOP. Any thoughts?

Bob, you’re too good to me!

If Bernie wins in Iowa and New Hampshire, Biden is toast. The DNC has waived its rules to allow Bloomberg to take part in the next debate.

O’Rourke supports Bloomberg in Texas. Bloomberg could soon emerge as the moderate stop-Bernie candidate.

The election could be a fight between two New York City billionaires.

Elisabeth Grace:

“When Neptune makes a hard aspect to a planet, the effect can be similar to what Dorothy and her traveling companions encountered in the Deadly Poppy Field”


Michael Moore is already trashing Bloomberg. It is as though the Dems insist on eating their own. If we could actually unify behind someone we could win. I sometimes like what M Moore says, but he did support Nader in 2000 and look how that turned out.

Because of the new reporting of the “initial count” and the “final count” and the “delegate count”, Iowa won’t have just one winner this year for the caucuses, which sound like they favor the young, the enthusiastic, and the intense.
Andrew Yang will have so many interesting aspects that night: Transiting Jupiter (14 Cap) opposite his natal Saturn, Pluto (23 cap) transiting just past his Sun, Uranus (2 Taurus) transiting opposite his natal Uranus, Mars (21 Sag) conjunct his point of fortune, and close to his natal Mars(23 Sag). He’s been putting in lots of energy. The yang gang is young, enthusiastic and intense. We’ll see how well he does. At 10 pm we should know. At that point the Moon will be triggering the kite pattern in his chart made up of Neptune/Northnode/ Pluto/Venus/Kronos. All at 9 or 10 degrees air/fire.

The Florida 2000 election screw-up was fed by several different sources. Nader voters get the blame, I think unfairly.

Governor Jeb Bush, Florida Secretary of State Katharine Harris, voter suppression, the Florida state police, and a few thousand Gore supporting Jews who mistakenly voted for Buchanan due to badly designed ballots all played their roles. Not to mention a biased Supreme Court which halted the count. When the count really was finished, (I think by a local newspaper) Gore had the most votes.

After I entered the voting booth, I heard a voice. “The winner loses. The loser wins”. It was in harmony with a vision I had in the early 70’s about the events of the years 2000, 2001, and beyond.

Eliseo, I would love to know your vision for 2020, if you have had one.
There is a fault line between establishment and anti-establishment candidates in this Democratic primary process. Bloomberg is on the establishment side. Sanders on the other. It’s likely an anti-establishment candidate will win the nomination, and I think it’s related both to Chiron and to Eris. Eris at 23 Aries now, stirred up some deep wounds when it was conjunct the US Chiron in 2002 which started the “forever wars,” and the establishment politicians will ultimately pay the price. I wonder if anyone has a chart for the AUMF that was passed by both parties and the vote for the war in Iraq.
Possibly two anti-establishment candidates will fight it out in November. Does the one with the most money win? If so, Trump wins again. And that looks likely anyway astrologically.

The vision took place in 1972 in Houston. It was a very compelling and complex 3 part experience about the “karma puppet”, i.e. George W. Bush. I was instructed to NOT directly confront the KP. I now understand why. It was to save my fire for his spiritual successor. I received no information on 2020 in the 1972 experience.

The next Inaugural chart in January 2021 will have a Mars-Uranus conjunction in Taurus square the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. This is Trump in spades.

A Mars-Saturn square already is a signature aspect of his First Term chart. It signifies great difficulty and frustration but also a mean, negative outlook. It is a signal for brute power.

A Mars-Uranus conjunction in Taurus near his MC conjunct Algol will be much worse and will unleash his worse instincts. The square to a triple conjunction means however he is bound to fail. Unfortunately, the damage to his country and to the world could be quite heavy. He is literally a destructive Beast born to do harm to others.

It is now clear the US Pluto return is all about the out-sized and malignant ego of Donald Trump. It is unrealistic to expect it could take place without him after next November, however much the thought displeases us. This will be resolved after the mid-terms in 2022 with a different majority in the Senate. That is when the Pluto return will finally be over. The President elected in 2024 will come to repair the considerable damage and move forward.

I failed to mention the message re: the ultimate outcome revealed in the third part. Queen Elizabeth II in her royal regalia stood by a table, her hand on a bible. Behind her was a window through which the skyline of New York was adorned with the twin towers. The twin towers (which had not yet been built in 1972) swayed and then fell, just as they did in September of 2001. QEII then said, “Yes, these things shall come to pass, but England shall remain”.

A number of other things had been revealed in part one & two, but by the end of the experience it was clear the huge challenges, trials and tribulations, though painful and tragic, would serve to strengthen and unify the anglosphere, and bring the world to a greater and deeper peace.

Such visions have haunted me most of my life and sporadically continue. They are more a burden than blessing, as usually there is nothing I can do to avert the tragedies nor enhance the triumphs and joyous moments.

Such experiences also haunt me in that they contradict my very academic epistemology. But I feel within a few months I’ll be working out the contradictions, and immersed in my deeper works and writing. I believe I’ll be free by the end of 2020 to publish a number of ideas and essays, and finishing the stories I’ve been researching and planning for so many years.

Andre, I disagree with you about the Inaugural chart showing Trump’s reelection. With mercury, Jupiter,Saturn, and the sun all in Aquarius in the 10th and Pluto conjunct the MC, it screams change, change regime change. Mars and Uranus conjunct in the twelve indicate secret (violent and wacko) enemies and the square from them to sun would seem to indicate that they are working against the new president; maybe Trumps deep state, like all his unqualified, wacko judges. Or his sycophant follower who will try to foment a revolution.

The chart for tRump’s current term is not happy at 2020 election time. It matches other charts I use for him at that time.


whoever gets elected, it will be a poisoned chalice, with serious challenges.

I have a strong feeling that if a Dem wins the presidency in 2020, they will die in office and the VP will be our 21st century FDR.

Conversely, if we have a repeat of 2016 in which Trump wins the electoral college but loses the popular vote, he will again be impeached, the Dem Senate will convict and remove him from office.

In any case, I see whomever is elected in 2020 leaving office after two years. A poison chalice indeed.

Wow Eliseo, I was about to say that re: Sharon’s query last month about a Dem ticket of Biden for President and Warren for VP (if they were to agree to it), now seems to me to bridge a lot of troubled water; but . .

that kind of unsettled me, what you mused about if the 2020 President died in office. What do you attribute that “strong feeling” to? Has that happened before?

Warren’s Mars conjuncts the US natal Uranus (8+ Gemini) and Biden’s Saturn conjuncts US Uranus, and Yang’s South Node conjuncts US Uranus, and transiting Saturn will trine US Uranus 3 times in 2021.

Will: Yes, any info that comes out now about Trump’s guilt cannot be taken up by this Senate Impeachment, but not a new one can. And certainly, there will be public knowledge and judgement. They cannot hide from this mess.

*this clip is long but goes long way to explain who some of the president’s men are. I call him J S uks@ law. His staff is the family; his team is comprised what appear to be freeloaders, & thieves in pig suits . *
Charities steered $65M to Trump lawyer Sekulow and family.” Jay Sekulow, one of Trump’s lead attorneys during the impeachment trial, is being paid for his legal work through a rented $80-a-month mailbox a block away from the White House.
The Pennsylvania Avenue box appears to be the sole physical location of the Constitutional Litigation and Advocacy Group, a for-profit corporation co-owned by Sekulow. The firm has no website and is not listed in national legal directories. The District of Columbia Bar has no record of it, and no attorneys list it as their employer. Sekulow, 63, is registered as chief counsel at the American Center for Law and Justice, a non-profit Christian legal advocacy group. A half dozen lawyers employed by the non-profit ACLJ are named in recent Senate legal briefs as members of Trump’s defense team — including one of Sekulow’s sons. The ACLJ, as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, is barred under IRS rules from engaging in partisan political activities. The Republican National Committee has paid more than $250,000 to Sekulow’s for-profit CLA Group since 2017, when he was first named to Trump’s legal team as special counsel Robert Mueller was leading the Russia investigation, according to campaign disclosures. Charity watchdogs for years have raised concerns about the blurred lines between for-profit businesses tied to Sekulow and the complex web of non-profit entities he and his family control. The Associated Press reviewed 10 years of tax returns for the ACLJ and other charities tied to Sekulow, which are released to the public under federal law. The records from 2008 to 2017, the most recent year available, show that more than $65 million in charitable funds were paid to Sekulow, his wife, his sons, his brother, his sister-in-law, his nephew and corporations they own. Daniel Borochoff, president of the American Institute of Philanthropy, said Sekulow appears to be mixing his defense of Trump with his charitable endeavors. The group has issued a “Donor Alert” about ACLJ on its CharityWatch website. “Charities are not supposed to be taking sides in partisan political activities, such as providing legal services to benefit a politician in an impeachment trial,” Borochoff said. “Regulators should investigate whether or not charitable resources, such as office, labor, equipment, etc., are being wrongly utilized to benefit Sekulow’s for-profit law firm.” Over the 10-year-period examined by AP, the tax returns show nearly $37 million in charitable funds were paid by ACLJ to the CLA Group, the phantom law firm listed on court filings as defending Trump.
Over the 10-year period reviewed by AP, CLA Group and Regency were paid a combined $46 million in charitable funds by ACLJ and CASE. Millions more were paid by the charities for “airtime,” though the recipients of that money were not detailed in the tax records. Federal law forbids charities from excessively benefiting those who have “substantial influence over the organization.” Owens said both the IRS and state attorneys general should investigate. “This is an apparent web of organizations that seem to exist to pay compensation to Sekulow and his family members,” said Owens, who is now in private practice. “That pattern clearly raises questions for those entities that are tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) as to whether they’re operating for a public benefit or the private benefit of Jay Sekulow and his family members.”


My source : politico

Bob, Trump may be unhappy at election time because he has lost the Senate and there are widespread demonstrations against his renewed cheating. He still may cling to power.

Eliseo, as stated above, I believe if Trump is reelected he will be removed in 2023 by the Senate majority coming out of the mid-terms in 2022. So I agree he will not complete his term.

Stephanie, I agree the next President will feel continually under siege. Pluto in the 10th to me signals a would-be dictator who might invoke martial law. The emphasis on Aquarius planets square Mars-Uranus is some kind of popular uprising and civil unrest.

I wouldn’t wish that disastrous chart on anyone. Much better that it would be Trump’s in the long run. Otherwise, a Democratic President will have a near civil war on his hands.

Eliseo, Kim Carey said she saw if Biden won that he wouldn’t serve his full term.. Not that he would die necessarily but his VP would take over. Andrew Yang said he and Biden have talked about running together.
That would be a very nice scenario, IMHO.

The unintended gifts of Donald Trump: a column deeper and more thoughtful than most.


Other noteworthy astrological indicators in the 2021 Inaugural chart is that Mars and Uranus are both in Taurus square all the 10th house planets that are in Aquarius. So the way I interpret this is that the secret enemies attempting to foment violence against the newly elected president are conservative values voters (Taurus) striking out against the progressive direction that the new leader wants to take the country. Aquarius has always represented humanitarian, progressive values. Also, because Mars & Uranus are in the 12 house, I interpret this as this movement trying to return us to the past (12 house) and ultra-conservative values (Taurus) and that with this inauguration, their movement is ending. Also, confirming that Trumpism is dead, is that the moon is at 29 degrees Aries in the 12th and is void of course and rules the fourth house, another house of endings.

The ruler of the chart, Venus, is in CP the 9th house and trines Mercury in in AQ in the 10th. Mercury rules the second house of what this new newly elected government values. That Venus is in the 9th house of justice trine Mercury, I believe indicates that new government will return to the rule of law and our traditional American values, not Trumpian ones. Also, because it is Venus, I predict we ill elect a woman president for the first time in our history. That would certainly go along with the Aquarian theme of this chart.

Stephanie, I am confident in my interpretation as you are in yours. Time will tell.

I cannot conceive of a Pluto return without Trump. The lies will continue until the Neptune semi-return, and the pain will not be resolved until the US Chiron return in the mid-2020s as was the case during Watergate.

Also, Aquarius is not always positive. The square to Mars-Uranus in Taurus might bring suffering to the Aquarian people’s humanitarian values through a base form of malignant capitalism. The afflicted Sun in Aquarius in the 10th may mean this president will bring economic pain to his own voters.

For many reasons, not the least of them being the shift from Capricorn/Saturn energies into Aquarius/Uranus energies as the decade rolls on, the current ultra-conservative regime here in the US and elsewhere in the world will not survive much past 2024 at the latest.

It’s obvious here in the U.S. now that we are in the midst of our Pluto Return, which in Capricorn speaks to a powerful conservative establishment made up of big corporations and the aging and bitter old men behind them, who are doing everything possible to jealously defend and hold onto their power, at any cost and without regard for morality or decency. This includes the Republican Party with its chokehold on the key instruments of power in government, and is perhaps best represented by the complete moral depravity of Mitch McConnell, a soulless whore of a man who has rendered the Senate a brothel for the highest bidder.

With no respect or reverence for the rule of law as tradition, the government falls into total corruption and will very likely collapse in on itself. McConnell has made clear that this is the path that the country will stagger and stumble down, as Trump is allowed to continue to trash the federal system with his ineptitude and his malicious behavior.

The fatal error however of the conservative establishment, of the likes of McConnell, and of his backers in big business and media (e.g. Murdoch, Koch, etc) is that their power will not be sustained once Pluto moves into Aquarius, when it shifts into the hands of the people and higher minded social organizations.

If the ancien regime doesn’t collapse under its own dead and putrid weight by the time Pluto moves into Aquarius for good in 2024, it is going to get one helluva push over the edge into the abyss around that time.

Trump is the ugly face of everything awful about this country. His ignorance, racism, bigotry, sexism and screeching, crass behavior. Two-facedness, lies, and shoddy snake-oil salesmanship.

He should have never been elected to office, yet here he is, and it seems it will take nothing short of a total repudiation of the badly flawed economic and political system that produced him, to finally rid ourselves of him.

BuckeyeShadow, you and many others have spoken of a sea-change after 2024 but what about these next four years?

I personally know many senior Federal career officials who are hanging on by a thread but if trump were to steal another term, even it if were only for two years, it would be the end. I do not see how we come out of it. The Federal Judiciary is nearly gone, two more years of with no leadership on climate. And the list goes on…

Indicators are that trump and his minion are pulling out all to claim victory in 2020. Here is a story of his paying people of color cash to vote for him. He has so distorted all that we cherish.


I think the only assured way to overcome trumpism and dominionism is to kneecap his/their propaganda machine. Any feelings about the feasible ability to kneecap fox and the crusaders? Any way to look at a fox chart forecast?


Pluto transits symbolize a deep death and rebirth process. If the US natal Pluto at 27 Capricorn represents the country’s power base (conservative, wealthy elitists, corporations, banisters, old men, etc.) then somehow that base is in the process of being destroyed at this time, as Pluto returns to that degree, to perhaps be recreated in a new form in due time.

Pluto transits are not smooth and pleasant experiences. They are typically quite messy, intense and dramatic, even violent.

It would seem that events during the next few years will precipitate the collapse of the U.S. power base. It could be an economic crash that decimates their fortunes, or an unwanted and poorly coordinated war that renders the country itself inept, humiliated and powerless on the world stage. In turn, our so-called captains of industry may find themselves shunned from and locked out of global markets.

It could even be that many of these old men—Murdoch, Charles Koch, etc. even Trump, kick the bucket in relative short order. They are all in their 70s and 80s and are not getting any younger despite the pretenses that they are more than capable of continuing to hold the reigns of power in their respective spheres of influence.

Also, there has been a disproportionate amount of old men wielding power in govt and business during the Pluto in Capricorn era. We could certainly anticipate that as this age nears its end, a number of its avatars will die with it, clearing the way for the eccentrics, geniuses, rebels and high minded humanists of the Pluto in Aquarius age to step into power.

Kobe Bryant’s unfortunate death shocked the world, and it could happen to anyone. None of the wealthy and privileged elites are invincible or immune to death. Rupert Murdoch himself nearly died last year after falling and breaking his back. David Koch died last year of prostate cancer. None of their riches or influence could protect them in the end, and it must terrify the others that their mortality is stalking them, inexorably closing the gap between them with every breath they take.

Trump is a clumsy missed step away from what could very well prove to be his own surprising and unexpected fate.

By: Andre on February 2nd, 2020, at 10:10 am.

“Bob, Trump may be unhappy at election time because he has lost the Senate and there are widespread demonstrations against his renewed cheating.”

ME: The following excerpt from years ago explains why I did not elaborate on the coming progressed Moon-Saturn conjunction in his inaugural chart. I decided to go against that axiom in reading his chart for the 13th. I chose to put myself out there. The astrology pegged tRump’s worst day in January (beginning of his trial by the Senate) but not the outcome I desired of his leaving office.

“I have repeatedly stated my position that having only the Sun, Moon, and eight planets to apply to an uncountable number of possible manifestations that there can be no astrological signature for anything, only correspondence noted, and beyond a most likely positive or negative, easy or difficult “prediction” in regards to such correspondences everything after is guesswork.”

Well call me crazy, but I believe the simultaneous US Pluto Return and the US natal Neptune opposition with transiting Neptune is working in concert as an aid to the People, kind of like a 2 steps forward, 1 step back (or sideways) approach.

For example, the first (of 3) exact US Pluto Return, with its trans. Neptune at 22+ Pisces opposite US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo, has a conjunction between Venus and Mars at 19+ Capricorn that trines the US natal Vesta (what is invested in; the ability to focus) at 19+ Taurus. US Vesta trines US Neptune.

So US Vesta in Taurus and US Neptune in Virgo and the Mars-Venus in Capricorn in the Pluto Return on Feb. 20, 2022, create a non-stop grand trine of earth energies. Not emotional (water) energies, not mental (air) energies, but material (earth) energies, like cash. But there’s more.

Transiting Neptune opposite US Neptune turns that grand trine into a . .wait for it . . Kite pattern, putting the focus on US natal Neptune as a center or start point of the dynamic grand trine energy combination. It provides a remarkable opportunity for growth and change.

In fact US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo) is within orb of a trine with US natal Pluto (27+ Capricorn) too. The remarkable fact that these 2 outer planets in the same natal chart are experiencing simultaneous major aspects within their own cycles makes one wonder if there isn’t a method or purpose hidden in the madness of the times. I say of course there is!

I don’t think we are being punished, I think we are evolving and that means growing pains. Not everyone will see it that way and some are not ready to evolve. There are kids in school that feel similarly and they are called dropouts. We each have a choice to see it (the transformation) through or to become dropouts. Don’t let fear keep you from participating in one of the most historical periods of mankind. Lets fix this crap once and for all. Where’s Andrew?

Bob, your last comment above about S/M/8planets & after that, guesswork – well said! I agree 100%. But also, great comments, Andre & all – thanks for the stimulating discussion.

My own sense of this after spending many hours looking and looking over the past 3 years – it’s a crap shoot. It’s possible, imo, to ‘predict’ small segments of time for a limited number of people. That doesn’t take into account the outer limits of possibilities, which are nonetheless possible.

I see Trump possibly (only possibly, not certain) getting in, but hobbled somehow, with possible poor health, loss of both houses, monied interests against him, fundamentalist Christians against him (at least in part), etc., etc. But, it’s also possible he is just frustrated and unhappy because he lost and is dealing with umpteen complexities as a result of his actions far into his old age – although it’s likely his money and some continuing influence will protect him.

His natal chart has that square between the Ascendant/Mars and Midheaven/Algol, with Jupiter in the 2nd money house, trine Uranus in the 10th, partile. Brash, crude, ugly, vs. privileged, media savvy, protected. That’s the way he came in and that’s the way he’ll go out. The military, imo, is going to be key how this plays out – as in any dictatorship (!), whomever the military supports carries the day. We should look more to what goes on in that sphere as well as the media/election stuff. It is even possible that external events, such as natural disasters could play a part. As Bob says, much too much to anticipate rationally. After that, it’s over to the folks who do the intuitive stuff (which is way out of my league).

P.S. to my comment above – I do see the current horrid political and economic “status quo” either outright hanging on, or at least re-establishing itself after the coming tumultuous election and the inauguration in 2021. The inauguration Moon is at a critical degree, 29 Aries 03 (Jan 20, 2021, noon, Washington).

A month later, in February 2021, the Moon will have changed signs to Taurus, but it will still be in the 12th house of institutions, self-undoing and behind the scenes activity. It won’t cross the inauguration Ascendant for about 28 months (at roughly 2 months per progressed degree). Only then might the ‘secrets’ of the political deals being made before the inauguration begin to become public (if then).

But, Jupiter will be in the 10th house at the time of the inauguration and it is the co-ruler of the 9th house of judicial matters. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Supreme Court has something to say about the outcome of the election (again).

Saturn, as in the sign of limits and true power, sits right at the top of the chart in unpredictable Aquarius, which isn’t always charitable, as pointed out by Andre. (Aquarius is the water bearer, but that can also mean an excess – i.e. floods.) Regardless, with Saturn in Capricorn at the Midheaven, he is in charge, so this inauguration is going to be an officially sanctioned, legal affair, whether folks like it or not, even if it doesn’t reflect the will of the majority. Saturn rules both Capricorn on the Midheaven and Aquarius on the 11th of associates – there isn’t going to be a lot of room to maneuver either way.

Also, the inaugural natal Moon in Aries is afflicted, being ruled by Mars and the Sun at the Midheaven is weak, being in its detriment and at 0 degrees in Aquarius. That doesn’t look like a very effective “leader”. Perhaps the new President is going to be somewhat powerless, in spite of his or her position.

As the ruler of the inaugural 4th house of the people, the Moon is in the grip of the 12th house, which house spans 3 signs (Pisces, Aries, Taurus). Once it crosses the inaugural Ascendant at 14 Taurus, there may be some new ‘light’ on the subject. Much remains to be seen…..

Sorry – with the Midheaven in Capricorn and Saturn at 0 Aquarius….

Gad – strike that! The Midheaven in Capricorn and Saturn at 3 Aquarius (the Sun at 0)…sorry!

No, I’ve never had this “feeling” before.
Why do I feel/think it is a serious possibility?

(A) Tecumse’s curse, i.e. the jupiter/Saturn cycle of presidential deaths. It’s happened several times before, although I recall it was in earth signs.

Reagan narrowly missed dying literally by an inch. Had the trajectory of the bullet been a tad different, a funeral would have occurred. But we also now know Reagan was affected with gradual brain death from alzheimer’s in his second term, much sooner than was revealed.

In the 2000 election Al Gore won the popular vote and would have had the electoral college vote as well had not the Supreme Court halted the recount in Florida. A local newspaper continued the count and confirmed he would have won. His life was spared, but someone else became president, and for Mr. Gore it was like a death/rebirth. He got divorced, grew a beard, and began his environmental, climate change quest.

When the Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions were in earth signs, they portended literal death. When in other signs they manifested differently, but with unpleasant experiences nevertheless.

(B) Look at the ages of the front runners. At inauguration in January 2021, Joe Biden will be 78, Bernie Sanders 79, Donald Trump 74, and and Elizabeth Warren 71. Trump is purportedly in poor health, eats mostly junk food and is suspected of adderall abuse.

(C) Whomever becomes president in 2021 will be facing enormous stresses far beyond what is usual for the toughest administrative job on the planet. We may have a president,
but Chaos is likely to be our king. No one expects a smooth transition if Trump loses. Whomever wins, massive demonstrations against the winner are likely. And we might even be experiencing armed resistance.

I don’t think the conjunction in Aquarius, an air sign will absolve us from whatever death/rebirth presidential experience is coming. But it may modify it, as was the case with Reagan or

With Mr. Gore.

Eliseo, fascinating blessing/curse, these visions. I hope you can write about them. and Barbk, does “cash” refer to Yang’s proposal I wonder?
Something about Yang: his natal Pholus is 7 Pi 30, and he felt the need to get his message out about the time his prog Sun got to that position. His prog Pholus is just at 8 Pi 30 at this point, and his prog Sun has just passed that, so I think a lot of his campaign may have a Pholus type of effect, reinforced by Pholus transiting up to and past his Asc. at 4 Cap during the whole primary season. He may start a quiet revolution with his candidacy.

BarbK, I don’t understand your astrological explanations but I believe and support your sentiments 100 percent. We are evolving. Pluto is transformative and that’s where we are now. Keep believing and speaking out. And yes, not everyone is going to ascend in consciousness. Many will have to wait for the next plane.

The imagery that comes to mind for me of the Pluto Return is the Phoenix rising from the ashes to greater heights of consciousness. . .like in Game of Thrones after the Dragon burned everything down and took away the dead Daenerys leaving the various rulers to come to come together to form a new and more humane form of government.

Excellent discussion, everyone. We’ll be up for this.

Beowulfie, your reading is very good.

Barbk, I agree it’s ultimately all to the good. Not only will the US resume its forward progress in 2024, it will move much more than if Trump had never been there. In the short term, it will be worse and sometimes seem irretrievable but the people will rise and make it right.

The best part is that Trump will be the only President ever who will be impeached twice. The second time will work.

NewsScope for February 3, 2020
By Michael O’Reilly

Impeachment Backlash


The thing to remember about Aquarius is its humanitarianism is impersonal – not personal. I (even as an Aquarian) can see that we’re all going to be hit once Trump is gone. It’s going to take real money to reverse his petty and destructive EO’s… as well as try to get a handle on the national debt. And unless we taAquarius is its humanitarianism is impersonal – not personal. I (even as an Aquarian) can see that we’re all going to be hit once Trump is gone. It’s going to take real money to reverse his petty and destructive EO’s… as well as try to get a handle on the national debt. And unless we take both House and Senate with overwhelming majorities, the Repubs will fight the new Prez every bit as much — if not more than — they did Obama, especially if the new Prez is a woman. Remember — for Repubs, deficits only matter when Democrats are in charge! And females are absolute anathema to Repub males… we’re to be seen not heard, and certainly never to have dominion over men or the State!

I fully expect people to take to the streets once this election is decided, no matter who wins. If Repubs win, I think the protests will dwarf by far the yearly Women’s March. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump wins by the EC but not the popular vote again, that several in Congress might not accept, validate, and certify the election results. So far, only Maxine Waters has exercised that strength of her convictions.

If the Democrat wins, not only do I expect every incel, neo-nazi, and “well regulated” (ha!) militia to take to the streets… I’ve seen in my cards they take to the Residential streets — loaded guns in hand and slung across their backs.

Personally, I feel like the natural “fit” for closing out this generational cycle is the election of an elder statesman, to be followed by the election of “young blood” in 2024.

I’m for Warren, but I’ve been looking at the other candidates, too. No matter who, I’m voting blue! But two candidates lost me completely over this weekend.

Yang was talking pardons for Trump and company if he becomes president. “Moving Forward” doesn’t work if there’s no accountability for those who acted above the law in the last election. Bush and Cheney should have been impeached, IMO. Because they weren’t, Obama just continued on with many of the bad military decisions (torture, military tribunals). Letting Trump and his deplorable, hate-filled cabinet skate out of the White House with pardons is a non-starter for me.

And Bloomberg (who I think would be better off putting his millions behind a good candidate already running) today opined that legalizing pot was the absolute most stupidest idea ever. And then he went on to equate it with opiods. Obviously, he sees no reason to update his thinking with science, nor look at crime rates or the effects for chronic pain sufferers. He’s shown he has no idea what “addiction” actually is… or that there’s more than one component to it, nor that there is an “addictive personality type.” He’s totally relying on info supplied by Nixon – who used the drug war as a proxy for a race war.

start, really, until Clinton. And it was specifically meant to be a “Republican Light” democratic model. That’s not what rank and file dems want, and it’s not what most people want if you actually talk policies without putting labels on them.ke both House and Senate with overwhelming majorities, the Repubs will fight the new Prez every bit as much — if not more than — they did Obama, especially if the new Prez is a woman. Remember — for Repubs, deficits only matter when Democrats are in charge! And females are absolute anathema to Repub males… we’re to be seen not heard, and certainly never to have dominion over men or the State!

I fully expect people to take to the streets once this election is decided, no matter who wins. If Repubs win, I think the protests will dwarf by far the yearly Women’s March. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump wins by the EC but not the popular vote again, that several in Congress might not accept, validate, and certify the election results. So far, only Maxine Waters has exercised that strength of her convictions.

If the Democrat wins, not only do I expect every incel, neo-nazi, and “well regulated” (ha!) militia to take to the streets… I’ve seen in my cards they take to the Residential streets — loaded guns in hand and slung across their backs.

Personally, I feel like the natural “fit” for closing out this generational cycle is the election of an elder statesman, to be followed by the election of “young blood” in 2024.

I’m for Warren, but I’ve been looking at the other candidates, too. No matter who, I’m voting blue! But two candidates lost me completely over this weekend.

Yang was talking pardons for Trump and company if he becomes president. “Moving Forward” doesn’t work if there’s no accountability for those who acted above the law in the last election. Bush and Cheney should have been impeached, IMO. Because they weren’t, Obama just continued on with many of the bad military decisions (torture, military tribunals). Letting Trump and his deplorable, hate-filled cabinet skate out of the White House with a pardon in a non-starter for me. Ripping kids away from parents and locking them in cages cannot be condoned or pardoned, IMNSHO.

And Bloomberg (who I think would be better off putting his millions behind a good candidate already running) today opined that legalizing pot was the absolute most stupidest idea ever. And then he went on to equate it with opiods. Obviously, he sees no reason to update his thinking with science, nor look at crime rates or the effects for chronic pain sufferers. He’s shown he has no idea what “addiction” actually is… or that there’s more than one component to it, nor that there is an “addictive personality type.” He’s totally relying on info supplied by Nixon – who used the drug war as a proxy for a race war.

I still feel the only reason Bloomberg got into the race is because he didn’t feel the Neo-Liberal, Third Way (re: Wall Street) Democrats were well positioned, and he’s afraid of losing money to a progressive’s ideals. I personally don’t want another socially liberal/financially conservative Democrat.

Like I said, I’ll vote Blue no matter who… but some will be easier than others.

And let me say — even tho I’m a day late —

I’m wishing everyone here a Happy Imbolg and a Blessed Lady Day! May Brigid walk beside you and keep each of you safe in Her loving care!

I have no idea what or how it happened — but I’ve dangling paragraphs in some places above, and in other places paragraphs are out of order! It kinda reminds me of the time my own PHPBB forum lost it’s marbles and rolled craps in one of the message bases! Databases are known to do weird things from time to time…

Anyway, I hope some of it makes sense… If I could, I’d go back and edit… or at least label each paragraph 1, 2, 3, etc… (gryn)

“I think the only assured way to overcome trumpism and dominionism is to kneecap his/their propaganda machine.”

Shutting down their propaganda machinery would certainly help, but that’s the tip of the iceberg. How to do it legally under the general principles of our Constitution is easier said than done, and frankly the only way I know is to buy out the newspaper, TV network, radio station, etc. Restorling the FCC fairness doctrine might also help.

But that’s only the beginning. The deeper problem is western civilization has come to an existential crisis. We’ve lost our sense of meaning, place, and purpose. The old myths supplied those needs, but the stories no longer make sense to most of us. That’s why fundamentalists cling to them so intensely and tenaciously. They have to, to remain convinced.

A new paradigm is way overdue. Until we get one, fundamentalists and evangelicals will cling to their old one for fear of the abyss, the darkness and lostness, they being hypersensitive, cannot abide. Unfortunately, concomitant with their world view comes an anti-female, anti-scientific bias and practice which translates easily into bad politics.

The problem is deeper within the bowels of Islam. Our existential dilemma has crossed into their culture like a deadly pathogen for which they have no immunity.

Muslims are taught they must take the Koran and Hadith literally. Parable, allegory and metaphor are not legal interpretation. If you are taught about a stairway to heaven but also know 6th or 7th grade science, where’s the stairway. If you understand the basic workings of the solar system, where is heaven?

GW Bush was wrong. They DO NOT hate us because of our freedom! They hate us because our continuing, evolving cultural, technological, and scientific advances force them into cognitive dissonance. Some resolve that cognitive dissonance through violence. Outward physical violence is an expression of, as well as is a great way to distract yourself from the conflict within your own mind and soul.

Even though your paragraphs and sentences are repetitive and out of order, you make supremely good sense. I agree with you 100%!

I love Mr. Yang. I believe he understands the future and its problems better than any other on the stage. But he’s wrong about pardoning these criminals. I really like E. Warren, but the other day she said she would appoint an education secretary only with approval of a transgender teen. I understand her sympathy and empathy, but doesn’t she know how that sounds outside of Massachusetts or Berkeley?

Dems need to stay away from such statements and stick to basics. Trump lied to you. He doesn’t care about you. He won’t really bring back your job. We Dems DO care about you and will do all we can to help you help yourself and prosper.

Marjorie Orr:

‘Nothing more than a deal between con artists trying to escape their legal problems.’ (Netanyahu facing corruption charges ditto Trump.) ‘ The most deranged, farcical tragi-comedy in Middle East history,’

Marjorie Orr:

‘Nothing more than a deal between con artists trying to escape their legal problems.’ (Netanyahu facing corruption charges ditto Trump.) ‘ The most deranged, farcical tragi-comedy in Middle East history,’


Good points, slightkc. Imho, there’s no chance Bloomberg or Yang will be our candidate anyway, but they will be huge assets and maybe VP candidates (I would like to see Amy K in the mix and don’t want to lose EW but, even though I suggested her as VP, I don’t think that will happen).

Just how many U.S. presidents would not know that the Kansas City Chiefs were from KC, MO? The moron congratulated the great state of Kansas on winning the SB!

A good quote I read recently:

“One must think like a hero to behave like a merely decent human being.”

Eliseo, as said above, candidates are spinning tales – an ed secretary who must be approved by a transgender teen, pardoning criminals. Bloomberg has so far been the only one to take on trump. I don’t understand why the others won’t attack the 800-pound orange gorilla.

A small county of 25,000 people in Iowa has voted for the winning presidential candidate since Reagan in 1980. This time, an unscientific straw poll sees six people voting Republican and six voting Democrat, five of whom want Sanders. A thirteenth person, who voted for Trump last time, says he won’t do so again because he is unpresidential, and will consider voting Democrat for the first time depending on the nominee. Sounds like a close election.


A comment from the NYT’s this morning:

American society has become increasingly liberal with minor ups and downs, since the 50s. As the older generation of conservatives die off, and each generation is replaced by one more progressive than the last, Republicans have been watching their base slowly crumble away. At some point during the Bush era, this became striking clear, and in response, the Republican Party has engaged in everything from gerrymandering, to voter suppression, to denying appointments to the Supreme Court, to colluding with foreign governments…anything to stay in power. If they play fair, they can’t win enough elections to continue to hold power at any level of government, and they know it.


“Rush Limbaugh announced today that he was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. Rush has been a warrior for the Conservative movement for over 30 years.”

Keep close in touch with Me and with the Master who surveys your life.
With Us are found the forces of the living Light and Love which you must use.
Keep close to us, and day by day draw on the strength And knowledge which We have and which is also yours.
Let naught disturb the acquiescent calm which keeps you close in touch, Which brings you light and understanding
And keeps you steadfast on the Way.”

Source: by Alice A. Bailey on Christ & the Masters of Wisdom

Well! I for one see the rest of February, all of March, all of April and all of May as Anything-Can-Happen months, and maybe even most of June too.

In March there is a new 2 year cycle between Mars and Jupiter and a new 2 year Mars-Saturn cycle too. That means the influence of the present Mars-Saturn and Mars-Jupiter cycles will be ending, which is no small thing.

This present Mars-Jupiter cycle has Mars-Jupiter at 17+ Scorpio sextile Sun,Pluto, Venus at 16-18 Capricorn forming a Yod with Trump’s Uranus + US progressed Mars + US Constitution Neptune + Putin’s Jupiter at 17+ Libra, and the new one doesn’t.

This present Mars-Saturn cycle started with them at 8+ Capricorn opposite Trump’s Mercury, and a sextile between Jupiter at 22+ Scorpio and Pluto at 21+ Capricorn forming a Yod with Trump’s Sun at 22+ Gemini + US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini, and the new one doesn’t.

In the business this is known as a tease. Stay tuned for what’s in the new Mars-Jupiter and Mars-Saturn cycle charts!

And yes Chiro, it does refer to Yang’s proposal in this instance.

Has anyone got a birthdate or chart for the Islamic Republic of iran?

I am having deja vu to 1972 when Nixon smeared Muskie (and others) to get McGovern as his opponent and then proceeded to destroy him in the general election – only to be removed two years later.

Seems the GOP has been able to destroy Biden and if Bernie were the nominee, that would, as horrible as trump is, guarantee his reelection. The psychopath vs the socialist. I hope I am wrong.

There is an unexplained delay in Iowa results this evening after a mysterious cancellation of the last poll Saturday in Des Moines, which was named the Gold Standard.

Putin is testing his new software and giving us a foretaste of next November.

Delay in Iowa results coming in. I think, from a few things I’ve gleaned, that the tallies are very close and they need to count carefully.

Andre, you may be right. Knowing a great deal about current voting technology, it cannot withstand a government sponsored attack of any sort.

This screw-up in the Iowa Caucus results shows up in the last New Moon chart, when Mercury at 13 Aquarius 53 was square Vesta at 14 Taurus 22.

That New Moon Mercury was not only quincunx the US natal Sun and trine the US natal Saturn, it was in a grand trine with US natal Saturn and US Constitution Chiron.

It was also sextile the New Moon’s Mars and the Great Attractor in Sagittarius that made a Yod with the US Sun.

Mars and the Great Attractor in Sagittarius in the New Moon chart on January 24, formed a Yod with the same chart’s Vesta in Taurus that was sextile the US natal Sun.

In other words, it is complicated, and because of the delay in results, the networks have been forced to give free air time to the Dem candidates. So far, on MSNBC, Klobuchar, Biden and Sanders have had televised speeches and – on tape – Warren waiting in the wings.

Which, IMO, serves a purpose, more so than a panel of talking heads opining over the reasons for the delay. At least the viewers get to see the candidates brief speech whole and not just brief clips.

Somehow I think this is a good thing in disguise more than a bad thing as seen by the networks.

Hello all,

I’m a long-time lurker and appreciate all the commentary here. I do want to point out one underdiscussed and very real issue for Trump: what is almost surely advancing frontotemporal dementia. He is increasingly symptomatic, in addition to all other known factors as his poor health habits and probable adderall abuse. His father had Alzheimer’s, as you know. It’s the elephant in the room that no one really talks about. Speculation to be sure at this point, but imo it’s informed speculation. One of the people who has collected many anecdotes and analysis on this based on personal experience is Tom Joseph–he writes at @tomjchicago on twitter, with a link to a site which outlines his background in this disease. It’s worth a look. I don’t indulge in conspiracy theories so I hope this is received in the spirit it is meant.

Thanks again for the lively discussion.

“Dems need to stay away from such statements and stick to basics. Trump lied to you. He doesn’t care about you. He won’t really bring back your job. We Dems DO care about you and will do all we can to help you help yourself and prosper.”
Well said, Eliseo!

Angellight, me too I was thinking of you all here:
“Rush Limbaugh announced today that he was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer.

Boy oh boy, this is shaping up to what appears to be a deterrent for cable and mainstream news providers (at least the ones on TV) to cherry pick the Dem candidates they will cover in the upcoming months.

The Iowa caucus was to play a big role in winnowing out the field, even though the convention is months away, and now CNN and MSNBC (the ones I watch for politics) have to deal with the whole pack of candidates, rather than just the 3 top finishers in the Iowa race. Tsk tsk cable news boys and girls, you don’t have that right to narrow the field for us voters.

Two more cycles reflect mercurial (communication, voting) problems; The Mercury/Pallas (planning) cycle that started 12/21/18 and the Mercury/Jupiter (big picture) cycle that began 1/2/20. Both last about 2 years.

Mercury and Pallas at 18+ Sagittarius were opposed to Pandora (18+ Gemini) and Trump’s natal Uranus (17+ Gemini) which Neptune (16+ Pisces T-squared.

Mercury and Jupiter at 7+ Cap were conjunct the South Node (what no longer serves and should be released) at 8+ Cap, while Venus in Aquarius at that time trined Pandora (and Trump’s Uranus) in Gemini and trined Juno (and Trump’s Jupiter and US prog Mars and US Constitution Neptune and Putin’s Saturn) in Libra. Hmmm.

I still am thinking this will serve the Dems well, or at lest the country well. It ain’t over ’til its over. Maybe it is a heads up to what interference in the 2020 Election (heavily invested in tech stuff) could look like.

On Election Day Nov. 3, 2020, when Mercury retrograde will square Saturn (and US natal Pluto), and Jupiter and Pluto are conjunct as they trine US natal Neptune (that squares Trump’s Sun). There could be confusion and delays of some kind but there looks to be support to dissolve (Neptune) Trump.

Bill Palmer has another take on significant primaries that seems worth consideration:

Sorry, those 2 Mercury cycles don’t last 2 years but just 1 year or so.


Yes Mercury Rx starts the day in Dixville Notch, and the early morning hours of Washington, DC, but by 11:59 pm in both places it is Direct. A chart I have erected for various times indicates that by 10pm US Mercury is Direct.

I am not sure at what time of election day it goes direct. Perhaps you know.

Please correct me if I am wrong, as I may well be.


Maybe the best thing that will come out of this is that Iowa will no longer be the first state to have primary. It’s crazy the dem candidates spend a yr. there, state goes red for 4 delegates. Why, why, why? And then they have this complicated system. Makes no sense unless I am missing something big?

Emme, Just read Bill Palmer article you posted. He’s right-on. Who the heck decides the order for these primaries? The states, I suppose. A good DNC might help.

Does anyone think Joe Biden looks older and different? His face is red in places that it never was before. He always looked tan before.

I watched the speeches that were given last night (except Buttigieg’s), in lieu of results in Iowa, and all candidates were extremely impressive but Biden seems to have to have kept it concise and simple which worries me.

I read that Iowa had been using a new app to report votes and it had a major coding issue, leading to inconsistencies, so it comes down to “technical difficulties”.

Iowa has an interesting chart with the sun/mars conjunct the t. sun yesterday, maybe bringing it the attention. Also, a uranus return is happening and their 17 Sag moon/18 Sag Jup conjunction was square t. neptune yesterday at 17 Pisces.




Welcome Antapex, It’s always great to have new posters.

Barbk, I agree with you, the Iowa debacle being a good thing.

Here is Elisabeth Grace on the astrology:

Moon is in Gemini as of 6:20 AM ET, after a void lasting exactly one minute. The next couple of days are driven by a need for information and communication, the smarter the better. But what kind of information? At 6:38 AM ET, Mercury — which rules Gemini and how we need to think and communicate — enters Pisces. This is not the most effective placement for a planet that is happier reciting copious and delightful amounts of trivia, backed by lots of words. Mercury is challenged by the Pisces need to gather information intuitively, and as for words, when have you every heard a fish talk?


Interesting reading the comments on Limbaugh’s late stage cancer diagnosis on DU.

There was a time when I would have also cheered for his impending doom as many there are.

Now, I just kinda shrug with mostly indifference, and maybe, just maybe, a very small bit of hope that this sad, dark-hearted individual who in so many ways planted the seeds for Trump’s rise to international infamy, a man whose words have needlessly hurt and tormented so many, will finally come to see the light and error of his ways.

Not holding my breath of course. I have come to believe that some people are just rotten to the core and are beyond redemption. Undoubtedly the world will be a better place when he is gone, but the stench and stain of the iniquities and animosities he has sewn in the minds and hearts of so many will likely linger for many years to come.

“So, Iowa caucus results hit a snafu because of a bug in an app? That Pete Buttigieg’s campaign pays into big time? Called ‘Shadow’? And Pete declares victory before any results are in? And one of his biggest donors is a top funder of the app? Shadow Inc. is launched on Jan 17th last year and Pete announces his candidacy on the 23rd. And the CEO of Shadow worked for Hillary’s campaign. Hmmm…Interesting. And he just ‘comes out of nowhere’? Tinfoil, anyone? I like my Akubra, really. But if we want to get really conspiratorial, I’m waiting to hear that Putin has interfered with the Iowa vote.”

Astrologer, Malvin Artley FB Page

Who wrote the app? Were they paid for it? Did they have a connection to the Iowa Democratic party? Was there a rush to have it ready to use in order to get paid for it’s use?

On to the debacle.

With no time given, just “mid-afternoon”, I used 3 pm, LMT, May 27, 1844, Baltimore, MD. Resulting in telling transits to that chart last night at 9 pm EST.


From a 2004 thread:


“P.S. .. By my lonesome reckoning, each of the two national political parties was born at the time of a national platform adoption at a party nominating convention: the Democrats on May 27, 1844 @ Baltimore, MD, a Monday mid-afternoon, when the nomination of James Polk and the platform adoption included a plank formalizing the party’s name change to the party’s ” stile” as we recognize it today; and the Republicans on July 6, 1854 @ Jackson, Michigan, a Thursday mid-afternoon, at which the national party’s stile was there first adopted as well ….. Just something to consider … (The co-incident Republican party/George Bush birthday of July 6th must amount to something in the cosmic scheme of things).

Thanks Chris, JOHN here”

Working with the Sibly chart I would put the time for the possible Democratic party at 3:30 pm, LMT, on May 27, 1844, in Baltimore.

Banks, I follow several readers, so hope I remember which one. I believe it was Whimsy who said that Biden was so shredded by the Repubs that he is considering leaving the race and supporting another candidate.

Please don’t repost and retweet conspiracy stuff without checking it out. Bots were ready to jump on the app conspiracy and push it last night.

Think about how a caucus works. Hundreds of thousands of people stand up in groups and are counted. They watch as people are counted. Everyone at each caucus hears an announcement of their vote totals before leaving their caucus.

Nothing an app does can hack that. When the results are posted, they include those by each caucus site. If any of those totals are hacked and changed, everyone at that caucus is a witness to what happened.

Mayor Pete claimed a shocking victory because he had people at most or all caucus sites calling in results to his campaign and someone tabulating numbers. Each of the campaigns did. Bernie Sanders released numbers late last night from what he said were about 40% of precincts.

All the candidates had people reporting numbers back to them. They knew within a margin or error where they stood. They went into the night with a target number of voters they hoped to have at each caucus.

It’s not guessing. It’s not a conspiracy.

Teresa, I was not aware of any conspiracy “stuff”. Was honestly wondering what any answers to my questions would produce.

What is this? Don’t ask, don’t tell?


Seth Abramson with a very astute observation on the candidates’ responses from last night

Read all of the reply’s.

Emma, that’s sad if true about Biden. But I think he never should have gotten in….just bask in the glory of being a darn good VP and a good friend of Obama’s.

Bob, it’s not just the caucuses. No satisfactory explanation was given for the cancellation of a much-anticipated poll Saturday night. Apparently, someone complained Buttigieg’s name was left out of a list of candidates over the phone.

Coincidence or dirty tricks?

Angellight! That’s right! Mercury is in his shadow phase! THANK YOU!!!

I was just going to make that comment, barbk. Angellight posted about Shadow, Inc. and Mercury is in it’s shadow phase. On the other hand, I find Mayor Pete to be impeccable but that doesn’t mean his workers are all 100%. I sure hope there was no hanky panky. I don’t find it believable. As far as Biden, I know they were disappointed at some of the results. I guess they would jump on dubious data.

What do you think about the fact that neptune squared the state’s chart’s moon/jup conj. at 17/18 Sag yesterday and there is a Uranus return?

The most disturbing thing about Iowa is that 62% of the results give Sanders the popular vote but he still comes in second in delegates. This is as disgusting as the presidential election of 2016.

What is even worse is that we only got the popular vote results for the first time because Sanders pushed for it after losing narrowly against Hillary in Iowa the last time.

Doesn’t the Iowa Democratic Party believe in the equal rights of voters?

This is how you screw up an election, snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory and lose the confidence of your base.

American democracy is currently a sad thing to watch.


I’m glad you didn’t see it. There were bots and the Trump sons pushing conspiracy stuff last night — that both Buttigieg and Biden had paid money to the company that made the app, that one of Hillary’s former staffers played a role and that we could not trust the results. Typical stuff we should expect from the Republicans and the Russians.

Andre, I just read that only partial results were released thus far. Buttigieg’s lead is not large. Bernie may still win. Although I’m not supporting Bernie to win, there are things I like & admire about him. I’d like it to be Biden or Klobuchar but that won’t happen in Iowa or New Hampshire, I guess.


I think you are Sherlock in disguise Sharon 🙂

Thank you for originally bringing my attention to the Mercury shadow period. For the unfamiliar, the Mercury “shadow” is the space (degrees) that Mercury, after it goes retro,”returns” to. Returns? Did you say election returns?

This means transiting Mercury passed over the US natal Moon + Pallas (27+ and 26+ Aquarius) on Feb 2, then entered it’s Shadow phase at 28+ Aquarius on Feb 3. Mercury continues to move forward until it reaches 12+ Pisces on Feb 15, and stations retrograde.

Then it moves (or so it looks from Earth) over the degrees it covered between Feb 3 and Feb 15, appearing to be going backward. Transiting Mercury will re-address the stuff (the Iowa voting for example) with a new perspective (coming from behind). It is the fact that Mercury will be within spitting distance of the US Moon (US people) and US Pallas (strategy) that is breathtaking to me.

What we are seeing and hearing right now will be much clearer, even different, come March 9-10 when Mercury stations direct, again at 28+ Aquarius.

By the time transiting Mercury reaches 12+ Pisces (where it was when it stationed retrograde) on March 29, our understanding of what happened in Iowa will have changed from today.

For one thing, during that time trans. Saturn will have moved into Aquarius, having been conjunct US natal Pluto the week of Feb 23-28. Let’s all take a deep breath and chill out awhile.

Denise Siegel did a very interesting look at Bernie Sanders and by her method, he looks good on election night. I like her idea of trying to analyze aspects mathematically to determine which charts have the most energy that day. I remain amazed at how many ways there are to look at a chart, and the idea that energy itself may be a better indicator of results that whether the aspects are positive or negative is interesting.


I’m wondering how peeps choose Bernie Sanders over Elizabeth Warren and vice versa. They seem to have such similar agendas & are both fighters. I’d be grateful to get any of your insights.

Biden flopped in Iowa and Sanders supporters have reason to be suspicious.


7 primaries occur on 3/10, Barb but something like 14 occur on 3/3. I wonder how mercury retro will affect those (and the ones on 2/11-NH, 2/22-NV, 2/29-SC).

CaseyM, I’m with you on that Q. Sanders generates passion, Warren generates excitement. Sanders has a dedicated army of young men. He is an old style patriarch that many respond to. He is revolutionary, she is transformational. Warren is androgynous, they say she is wonky. She sees the big picture and has a well thought out plan for everything. They hold their power very differently and people respond differently from those styles. I personally prefer her to him but also appreciate how he changed the Dem Party.


Its like watching Satan masturbate and all of his minions cheering him on. The numbers coming of out his face hole are woven of whole cloth.

Sending forbearance and protection to all members of Congress, Susan Collins and Mitt Romney. I’m sure they wish they were wearing hazmat suits and gas masks.


Pelosi is apoplectic.

I have no idea what are peeps. But here’s how I see Bernie & E. Warren as different.

Firstly, although Bernie claims to be a Democratic Socialist, he is NOT! He is a Social Democrat. The difference philosophically concerns who owns the means of production and how that is applied.

Bernie sees himself as a revolutionary. E. Warren sees herself as a reformer. Bernie is far more wedded to his ideology than Warren. Their approaches are similar but not the same.

E. Warren is more pragmatic in the use of language and in policy application. She claims to be a “capitalist to the core”. Again, she sees herself as a reformer seeking to make the system work better for all. This is concomitant with her extraordinary expertise in finance, banking, family law, and labor law.

IMHO, when you look at the details and nuance, E. Warren’s ideas if implemented will work better than Bernie’s. They also have the virtue of being better framed than Bernie’s. They will I believe, “sell” better than Bernie’s.

E. Warren was decades ago a moderate Republican, but as she gained more knowledge, as she examined more and more social and economic data she changed her mind and heart, evolving into a progressive Dem.

Conversely, Bernie has been remarkably consistent ideologically, and in practice. He is an extremely virtuous soul who throughout his life has shown deep moral courage.

I love them both, but see them as half right and half wrong. When it comes to domestic policy, I wholeheartedly agree with much or most of what they propose. But I see them as absurdly naive when they talk about other issues, nobly intentioned, but woefully wrong.

From my perspective. The R’s are wrong on practically every issue. They get near zero points on their research paper. But in my judgement Dems fail too, garnering slightly over 50 out of a 100. On crime, energy, climate and environment, health policy, foreign and military policy, space and science policy, and artificial intelligence I give both parties a huge red F.

But I give both moderate and progressive Dems an A+ on actually caring about the American people and all who live on earth. In that vein, Bernie and E. Warren are real stand outs. They both get the highest marks in the Dem classroom. I only wish they had as much wisdom as they have compassion and courage.

Andre, are you a citizen of the US?

Sharon, I think Mercury has given us our heads up and, thank to you, we should watch his every aspect, including stops and turns as well as his newest cycles.

Also, I’ve not checked out the Iowa chart yet, but from what you said about Iowa’s Moon-Jupiter being squared by trans. Neptune and as well, a Uranus Return, it is just the start of that state’s woes. Keep your eyes peeled Sherlock!!

Any chance the Iowa Caucuses have hit a snag because there is a big difference in the results between the delegate count and the popular vote count (which was only released for the first time ever in the last election)? Just a thought.

Wikipedia on the Iowa Democratic Party caucus:

“…..Beginning with the 2020 caucus, the IDP will change the way that results are publicly announced. Traditionally, the party has only announced “State Delegate Equivalents”, based on a calculation of likely delegate results after the state caucus is held. For 2020, the IDP will also announce a statewide raw vote count after the first alignment round (including results for all non-viable candidates) and a statewide raw vote count for all viable candidates after the second alignment round.”…….

“…..The 2020 Iowa caucuses occurred on Monday, February 3. The results of the 2020 Iowa caucus have been delayed due to “inconsistencies in the reporting of three sets of results,” according to Mandy McClure, the party’s communications director. “In addition to the tech systems being used to tabulate results, we are also using photos of results and a paper trail to validate that all results match and ensure that we have confidence and accuracy in the numbers we report. This is simply a reporting issue, the app did not go down and this is not a hack or an intrusion. The underlying data and paper trail is sound and will simply take time to further report the results.”

Sharon –
reviewing comments on DU and other blogs and news spots, it seems a LOT of people are confused as to what state the KC Chiefs play for! Heck, we’re just one large metro area, anyway…

Eliseo –
I agree candidates should be careful about how they sound outside the area in which they’re talking. But I’ll forgive a small gaff like that, given that she learns from it… and I think she will.

More important to me is that the candidates stick to bread and butter issues, WHILE preaching about taking out Trump and why.

What really bothers me is quick we are to diss candidates on the blogs. KOS is showing me, again, why I stay away from posting there. Critical thinking (and speaking) will be pounced on as personal. And I can’t understand why no one is connecting the dots between bots and disinformation this time around. 9/10 of what’s written about Bernie is probably done via crib notes from Trump!

I’m afraid our party is going to split into a Progressive party and a Third Way party sooner rather than later. I just hope that doesn’t bite us in the butt again this election.

silcominc –
I think Bloomberg takes on Trump because he’s known him, personally, for years. Knows how to get under his skin, and enjoys doing it. Familiarity breeds contempt? Also being as rich as Bloomberg doesn’t hurt.. Bloom knows how little Trump actually has in liquidity… and Trump knows it.

Also, as far as the GOP is concerned inre: Democrats — we’re all painted with the Socialist brush and “the most liberal in the liberal party.” Every year it’s the same old dried up script… but it seems to work on their people, and all too often on ours, as well.

Antapex –
Welcome to delurking! Took me a long time, too. I’m losing my Mom to plain old dementia, and see so many things similar in thoughts, behaviors, and movements between her and Trump. Mom, tho, knows what’s happening and tries to keep up. I ended up describing Trump’s presidency this way to her, tho. “Mom, do YOU think you could be president of the US just like you are today? Could your mind handle all the intricacies of dimplomacy and sending young people to war? Her reaction SHOULD have been Trump’s when he was proffered the position!

I’m as much concerned, however, with his emotional health problems combined WITH the fronto-temporal dementia. WE are the ones to pay the price for the Reps putting such a damaged individual into office. The “least of us” are the ones who’ll die while this Malignant Narcissist claps with glee.

Anybody have low enough blood pressure that they watched the SOTU tonight? I couldn’t do it. Hubby has Daily Show on right now and it’s doing clips…I can’t even take THAT many lies. Heard they were betting he couldn’t get thru the first 45 seconds without lying. Anyone know if he did or didn’t?

And WHY on MY birthday. Trump on TV lying about the State of the Union is NOT the birthday present *I* asked for! (LOL)

Well, Barb, I think I can attribute my investigative tendency to moon conj Pluto in Leo in the 2nd, opp mercury in Aquarius in the 8th. Funny thing is I’m really not very materialistic. It must be all the Pisces placements.

slightkc! Many Birthday Blessings today & everyday. You are so articulate and your posts are always a treat. I’m sorry about your mom. I lived through it myself with my mother so I can relate. My mother tried hard to keep up, too, and I loved her spunk.

Yes, it is really, really tiresome how liberals are depicted these days, as some unreal bunch of flower children….I just don’t know how to counter it to tell you the truth. Let he who have ears, hear, and who has a heart, feel.

As far as not knowing the Chiefs played in KC, MO, I don’t expect everyone or just anyone to know that but it figures that Trump wouldn’t. No surprise there. And, of course I didn’t watch the SOTU speech, but saw clips of her proffering her hand as he turned away (he may have started turning away already as she extended it), and of her disposing of his speech as soon as he finished by ripping it in half. Simply priceless! Yay, Nancy!

As Nancy points out in her last post, “Moreover, Mercury represents transportation, communication, commerce, shipping, and trade, all of which will be particularly vulnerable when Saturn crosses US Mercury from January 18 to January 24. The Pluto transit to US Mercury also suggests potential struggle and difficulty in these areas from January 25 to February 29 and again from April 26 to June 26…”

In addition to the above, at noon on the Iowa caucus day, Feb. 3, Mercury (the news, counting anything, electronics, etc.) had just changed signs to Pisces, which is the sign of Mercury’s detriment as well as its fall.

The Moon at noon was sitting on the chart Ascendant at 3 Gemini, the sign ruled by Mercury, and just passed an exact square to it.

Furthermore, the Sun, which (at noon) was the ruler of Leo on the 4th house cusp (the people, the land) was smack in the middle of the 10th house of executive power, but it had no major aspects to any other planet, except a separating (weakening) 30 degree semi-sextile to Jupiter (which rules Pisces on the cusp of the 11th of political associates, as well as the 7th of open enemies and partnerships). The Sun was basically void.

Therefore, it would appear the ship of the Iowa State caucuses was somehow rudderless when it all got started. Mercury’s change of signs and debility probably made any computer problems worse than bad.

There’s more: at noon, the Moon had just passed a sextile to Chiron (troubles you can’t fix) and a semi-sextile to Uranus in the 12th of institutions that operate behind closed doors.

So, there’s probably going to be no clear explanation of what happened on February 3rd. The process is just going to muddle along until it’s over and the doubts will linger which is a shame because in the meantime, DT is making hay every way he can.

Happy Birthday, friend! May you have many more pain free, pleasure filled, joyous days and years. I love your intelligence and sensitivity! My prayers are with you and David, your Mom and your many cats.

“I’m afraid our party is going to split into a Progressive party and a Third Way party sooner rather than later. I just hope that doesn’t bite us in the butt again this election.”

It will happen eventually. I just hope it is a few more years in the future after the R’s have gone out of business.

Happy birthday slightKC!

One thing for certain, since the arrival of Trump the Politician, the theatrics – not just from him, but the Public and the Press as well – have been dramatic as well as Orwellian, and not without cause.

I believe it is the contribution of Neptune, one of 3 outer planets that message about global and generational changes on the earth plane. As usual, Neptune is the least bombastic of the three. It is mostly geared to affect us emotionally, rather than in-your-face shock and awe.

While the Pluto (US Pluto Return, Saturn-Pluto conjunction) symbolism provides no escape from our transforming reality, and Uranus catches us off guard with its brazen disrespect of rules and protocol, it is Neptune that provides us a way to escape reality and its rules; a kind of cushioning that can be deadly if we completely succumb to the temptation.

I believe, now, that Neptune is the major card that Trump has played in his scheme to take over power in these United States. Not that he can’t be shocking (Uranus) and brutal (Pluto); but it’s his seductive lies to his base and his ability to entertain them with his “bad boy” remarks, the ones our mothers spanked us for saying, that appeal to his “crowds” that make them love him.

We, the grown ups that don’t find him amusing, are becoming conscious of how many “children” there are in our country passing as adults, and defying the real grown ups. They are still children in many ways and that includes the ones who were denied some things by their parents, or for that matter, were denied parents. They can vote though.

With transiting Neptune now opposing the Uranus-Pluto cycle start point, and sextile the Uranus-Neptune cycle start point, and its many activations of other cycles, and its many aspects of our charts and the charts of cities and states, we must grant our respect to this power over people.

Like Pluto and Uranus, Neptune is a symbol of overwhelming change and Neptune is preparing many of us by the seduction of our common (grownup) sense. Those people seduced by Trump’s lies and crass humor will wake up some day to reality, for reality will have changed while they were napping or sleeping off an overdose.

We can and must keep our heads above the Neptune waters, such as the Iowa caucus brouhaha, as it works its mystical way through our Mores and Folkways, creating a path to evolution.


About Saturn’s ingress into Aquarius…… Mars will conjunct Saturn on that 0 Aq degree the last day of March. It will t square Nancy’s natal Pluto-Saturn degrees (0 Leo-Taurus). Would that indicate Nancy’s ascendancy to power as interim President? This aspect proceeds Mars opposition to the January 10th lunar eclipse during the second half of March, and its subsequent conjunction to the Jan 12th Saturn/Pluto conjunction (in opposition to Trump’s natal Saturn).

* Nancy Pelosi – Speaker of the House

slightKC, Many wonderful things for the special day and the year!

You are brilliant!
In your 12:53 am posting, I think you nailed it!

“dramatic as well as Orwellian”

“Neptune is the major card that Trump has played in his scheme to take over power in these United States”

“We, … are becoming conscious of how many “children” there are in our country passing as adults, and defying the real grown ups.”

“his ability to entertain them with his “bad boy” remarks, the ones our mothers spanked us for”

I think the public was gradually groomed into appreciating such “humor” by our Hollywood TV writers. Beginning in the late 60’s and early 70’s the trend in television sitcoms was to present a main character, usually a charming and loveable child or child like adult who nevertheless got laughs by making rude, often crude and very disrespectful remarks to someone socially above them. In some shows it was a child speaking to an adoptive parent, or an adult speaking to a boss or a spouse. In such writing vebal emotional abuse became both “funny” and acceptable.

I see exactly what you are saying re: the effects of Neptune, Pluto, and Uranus, and I certainly hope you are correct in your assertion “Those people seduced by Trump’s lies and crass humor will wake up some day to reality”.

But i wonder. What planetary configuration might you be seeing in our future which portends such a momentous change of heart and mind? When Trump does horrible, immoral things his followers seem to love him all the more. Its difficult to imagine what might lead them to change.

I found this very comforting after the events of this evening.

From Mountain Astrologer 6-2019

On February 6, 2020, transiting Saturn opposes Trump’s natal Venus for the first of three times. Again, there may be a growing sense of social isolation and feelings of rejection, but it could also involve the spotlight being cast on his finances and real estate holdings, as well as those of his family members.
On February 13, Pluto opposes Trump’s natal Saturn precisely, activating his chart in a major way.


A Democratic tech firm called Shadow created the Iowa caucus app that failed to deliver quick results Monday night.

https://www.huffpost.com/entry/iowa-caucus-app-shadow_n_5e390191c5b687dacc722824?ncid=engmodushpmg00000004 via @HuffPostPol

I’ve led you all astray. Turns out the developers of the failed app did previously work for Clinton. I thought it was just more propaganda.

So I guess the conspiracy theory is that this was Clinton’s revenge on … Nope. Still doesn’t make sense.

Apparently, a few states tried to use apps to report results in 2018 and they didn’t work. They say they tried to warn Iowa it wouldn’t work, but Iowa wouldn’t listen. And didn’t test the app well enough beforehand. And put an app in the hands of a lot of much older people who’ve been volunteering to run the caucuses for decades and aren’t tech savvy. Plus, apparently, there are a lot of areas in rural Iowa without great cell reception, so they wouldn’t have been able to report results anyway.

I think, mostly, Iowa itself showed why caucuses suck and Iowa shouldn’t be first anymore, so we we may end up grateful for this in the coming years.

For those of us who visualize, please link up today with the Angels of truth and justice and see them in the Senate halls and Senate chamber during the momentous decision today on Trump’s guilt or innocence. See them guiding the Senators in making the right decision for democracy and the continued elevation of America.

Thanks Frank & Eliseo for your replies, I appreciate them. As a non American, I don’t get to see all the day to day detail, but as an Aussie (thereby definitely affected by American presidential policies) I am very interested in how ‘peeps’ (people) choose one good candidate over another.

You are very welcome!
You are in Australia? What part? I hope you are in a safe area far away from those terrible fires.

Banks, in answer to your question, I am a Canadian citizen deeply concerned by the state of our planet, and of democracy in the US because of its impact on the world.

Bob, just to support you in your concern, I don’t think it’s a conspiracy to say that Pete B. came out and claimed victory when there was no public knowledge of the results. His campaign paid the company (Shadow) $42k for “digital services” which was more than any other compaign, and he happened to know the results before the public. It’s like insider trading. Is that ok? To question whether it is or not is not a conspiracy theory.
Sharon K both the charts for Iowa turned out to be charts for Des Moines, the city. Maybe you knew that.
BarbK, Pandora/Mercury does seem to fit.
I agree with the general chagrin. Iowa caucuses are a waste of time and money.
Pete B. has Saturn at 22 Libra, and I just wonder what the next square from Pluto at 22 Cap will bring.

Marjorie Orr:


Ralfee Finn:

“Spaghettification… wow… that’s what this is—crushed by gravity. No wonder everyone is so sensitive and attuned to the wobble in the Earth’s axis this week. Even friends who have absolutely no interest in astrology checked in asking WTF was happening in the sky because everyone around them seemed to be going crazy. Spaghettification—also a new word for the power of a Saturn/Pluto conjunction when it is separating, polarization pulling everything apart.”


Eliseo, I appreciate your noting how Hollywood and TV producers, not to mention the advertisers, have gradually lowered their standards (values), aiming at the most immature audience possible. The planetary configurations abound regarding change in values, sometimes subtly in transits but more so in charts of cycles such as the recent Saturn-Pluto conjunction which has Venus (values) conjunct the US natal Moon (US people) in Aquarius.

The very long running Neptune-Pluto cycle, with its partiality to the US chart (they were conjunct the US natal Uranus, aka radical change) has Venus (values) at 27+ Cancer square Uranus (breakthrough) at 27+ Libra which make a T-square with the US natal Pluto (transform) at 27+ Capricorn.

Transiting Saturn (make it real) will conjunct the US Pluto on February 23-24 and there is a New Moon on the 23rd. The chart for that New Moon has Saturn (27+ Cap) trine the chart’s ascendant at 28+ Taurus, when set in Washington DC, symbolizing Saturn (+ US Pluto) in harmony with the awareness (ascendant) of the moment at this New Moon (in Washington DC).

The Midheaven (MC) aka “the outcome” of this New Moon chart is conjunct the US natal South Node at 6+ Aquarius, symbol of what no longer serves growth. Venus in this chart (18+ Aries) is close to US Chiron (20+ Aries) and Venus symbolizes values, while Chiron symbolizes a bridge from one level of consciousness to another.

Transiting Juno (search for equality) in this New Moon chart is retrograde and on her 2nd pass over US natal Juno (the Juno Return, aka a new cycle) at 20+ Libra which is opposite US Chiron and the transiting Venus in Aries. This New Moon addresses internal US conflict.

The Jupiter in this NM chart at 18+ Capricorn is T-square the opposition between the chart’s Venus and Juno, creating a thorny situation regarding issues over values vs. equality. However, Neptune (with its many connections to other cycles now) in this chart at 17+ Pisces is sextile Jupiter in Cap, providing leeway to solve the dilemma.

Jupiter is also trine Vesta (21+ Taurus) in this New Moon chart and Vesta (investment) conjuncts the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle start degree (22+ Taurus), the very chart in which Neptune is at 6+ Aquarius, the same degree of the Feb. 23 NM chart’s MC (outcome), suggesting that all acrimony dissolves in the end.

There is also a sextile between the New Moon chart’s Neptune and Vesta that forms a Yod with Juno who opposes Venus, but we won’t go into that now, except to say that all the energy of the Yod planets is bestowed onto Venus (values).

I’ll look for some charts/events where the message of changing US values is more simply laid out. Thanks for your interest Eliseo.

Do not get your hopes up too high but my charts for tRump for today read that it is not going to be pleasant for him. His natal Saturn is at 115°43′. It is opposed by transit Pluto at 295°34′.

Seeing that caused me to do my own charts (I had not done my own for the year yet) to see what they reflected for 4 pm, CST, this afternoon. Glory be! Confirmation I think!

I do not think strong enough to indicate a guilty vote against him by the Senate. Perhaps a serious health concern? A judgement against his interests in a court? Revelations connecting him to Putin? He doesn’t get his way to have the impeachment disappear?

Good lord willing and the creek don’t rise.

The continuing spread of the Coronavirus could not have come at a worse time in the U.S. with thousands of campaign staffers moving all around the country and interacting with millions of citizens in their travels.

Voting on impeachment articles at 4 p.m. ET today. Romney has announced he is voting to convict on abuse of power but not on obstruction because the Democrats did not exhaust all legal options for securing evidence.

full text: Mitt Romney’s remarks on impeachment vote


Amazing and heartening. I’ve always been of the opinion what Romney oversaw at Bain Capital was immoral and should be illegal. He nevertheless sees himself as a moral man. He took his oath seriously.

His concept of right and wrong are very different from mine, but evidently he is not a hypocrite.

>>His campaign paid the company (Shadow) $42k for “digital services” which was more than any other compaign, and he happened to know the results before the public. It’s like insider trading. Is that ok?>>


In case you didn’t know, Bernie also released numbers the night of the caucus what he believed the caucus results would be, based on knowing the results in about 40% of precincts.

He knew because all the candidates had some numbers. They send people to the caucus sites to speak for them, recruit voters to their side and after the results of individual caucuses are announced, they call their candidate’s headquarters and report the results, where someone tabulates them, so the candidates all know some or most of the results. Buttigieg said he had numbers from 75% of precincts.

This is all normal procedure for campaigns, so please don’t take anything you read on Facebook or Twitter as gospel.

There will even more Russian propaganda all over social media in 2020 than we saw in 2016.

About paying the app makers — imagine how many developers specialize in making apps for campaigns or elections. Probably not a ton. Most campaigns have their own apps to help organize their volunteers, register voters, help voters check to see if their registered, find their polling place. Where will they go to have those apps made? Probably someone with experience in campaigns and election apps. Joe Biden supposedly paid the same company, probably for his own app.

Romney also has his self-interest in mind here, based on some strategy or other, but I still appreciate his courage.

Sharon K, I think Romney is positioning himself as the GOP alternative to trump. In the event trump falls or fails, Romney is ready.

It is a dark day for democracy. I only hope the DNC can grow a spine in the near term or we are toast.

I hadn’t heard his speech and just heard a little of it. He mentioned taking an oath to God to stand up for the truth (something like that). Take that you religious people who are so selective about right and wrong and custom fashion it to the situation and ignore the rest! Maybe his speech spoke to others who have that gnawing doubts inside them about Trump’s brand of Christianity.

Eliseo, thank you. I am away from the current fire zone (I’m in South East Queensland) but they have certainly been devastating for our country. Hopefully we will get more action on climate change, but we have a conservative government who are run by Murdoch & the deniers.

For what it’s worth:

Biden is the ONLY candidate that has a chance of defeating Trump. All the others are pipe dreams.

He’ll win South Carolina and on Super Tuesday Biden is a lock to win Alabama, Arkansas, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah and Texas. Then Mississippi, Missouri and North Dakota.
The campaign is far over. The road to 1,990 delegates is long and Iowa’s 41 is negligible for Biden.


I didn’t expect such synicism here. Give Romney credit for making a very difficult decision. The Bully Brigade is already throwing sticks and stones and they won’t let up. I admire Romney for his integrity, character and, yes, faith in this decision.

Hi Banks, In my 5:46 p.m. comment, I was basically saying what you just said (although there has to be some self-interest involved, too). He was associating telling the truth with his religion and I admire anyone who stands up for truth. He basically showed great courage.

The Senate vote to acquit the President occurred as transiting Saturn opposes the US Constitution Uranus. Saturn is repressing the creative vitality and genius of the Constitution. Saturn will station on that degree in late September.

Saturn will next be conjunct US Pluto at 27 Cap by the end of this month. The historic consolidation of conservative power will then intensify. More ominously, the same conjunction will take place again a few days after the November election. This is yet another indication that Trump will be re-elected.

Only after Jupiter and Saturn enter Aquarius will the pendulum begin to sway the other way.

Saturn goes into Aquarius in March, Jupiter in December. You believe we won’t get any relief from the orange sorcerer and his minions until December?

Eliseo, actually Pluto will be trampling over US Constitution Uranus at 25 Cancer all through 2021, so it is obvious the constitutional crisis will continue to worsen. Then there will of course be the US Pluto return in 2022. This runs its course in 2023.

Ultimate relief will be provided when Chiron completes its US Chiron return at the January 2025 Inauguration.

This is not to say there will be no hopeful signs along the way. Just as the House turned Democratic in 2018, I believe the Senate will follow this fall. But we have to realize a Saturn-Pluto conjunction’s effects lasts years, not months, and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius will not magically make it go away overnight, but it will gradually lessen its impact.

Conservative power is suicide.

There are too many problems that we need to deal with. Climate change, rising sea levels, emerging new pandemics, resource depletion, big tech run amok–and soon to take it to a new level with AI. The list goes on.

Burying our heads into the sand and blindly following “dear idiot leader” might as well be jumping off a cliff. I do believe this will all implode and take down the GOP, and maybe the entire government at this point.

And, at what cost for this nation? And the world? Why are we so eager to double-down on stupid and get behind this awful, awful man, cutting away everything that would restrain him?

Andre, very good point you make about the consolidation of conservative power at the time of the election.

I agree that whatever the outcome, the consolidation of power will take place, as it always does. And whoever is the opposition party will be circling the wagons in earnest, up to and including putting pressure on the electoral college.

However, I don’t think it necessarily means a person can have confidence that Trump will be re-elected. It MAY mean that, but it may also mean he loses. Either way, given the planetary line up, there will be a massive counterattack against the next President, whoever he or she may be. That’s just the recipe for the coming tumultuous times that everyone talks about.

Considering how destabilizing Trump is, by election time it is possible not just Democrats will be up in arms about him getting back in – moderate conservatives could be having a heart attack too.

Alternatively, if a Dem wins the Presidency, it is possible there will be a huge conservative backlash that is equally destabilizing, to push back at a Dem administration.

Not nice either way.

Personally, I don’t think it is possible to predict an outcome. In any situation where the results are likely to be close to 50/50 (and there is no doubt, it’s going to be close), the potential exists for very small influences to turn the election one way or the other. Especially since the voting is an event that only spans a few hours across the country as people actually go to the polls to vote.

A close election is rather like predicting where an electron circling an atomic nucleus will go – there is no known method for it.

When it can all turn on so little, who can say with confidence which way it will go? If it were a case of ‘big’ identifiable, dominating influences and a pattern that is easy to agree on (which is rare to begin with), then sure, you can risk a prediction. World events, or natural events, could still make a major difference before November.

And the laws of chance cannot be ignored. When such a short period of voting (a few days including advance polls), by over 200 million potential voters, is combined with a volatile political populace, an intensely motivated media, and a back and forth, two-party political structure, and when both parties are strong – well – you makes your bets and takes your chances. That’s not a prediction. That’s a bet.

Certainly, somebody is going to claim afterwards that they saw it coming – they always do. But from the perspective of the day before, I think nobody is going to be sure in 2020. And the crazier it gets, the more nobody really knows. Everybody is a genius after the results are in.

On the other hand, it’s scary that when the polls open at midnight, and about 10 minutes later, close at Dixville Notch, New Hampshire on November 3, 2020, the that chart fits it best is – guess who? Donald Trump. 29 Leo on the Ascendant and the rest follows….aaaargh.



Facebook post:

“It was miraculous. It was almost no trick at all, he saw, to turn vice into virtue and slander into truth, impotence into abstinence, arrogance into humility, plunder into philanthropy, thievery into honor, blasphemy into wisdom, brutality into patriotism, and sadism into justice. Anybody could do it; it required no brains at all. It merely required no character.”
? Joseph Heller, Catch 22

“To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.”


I so appreciate your posting of the Mountain Astrologer piece by Grasse. In particular, I appreciate his reverence and humility for admitting that this is astrological conjecture and none of it is for certain; a refreshing contrast to some astrologers who write with overly confident authority.

“In short, while it’s impossible to know specifically what will be happening for Donald Trump over the next couple of years, there’s no question that it will be a roller-coaster ride for him, both professionally and emotionally, and that these highlighted dates will warrant special attention.”

Many Thanks for the Joseph Heller quote!
Extraordinarily appropriate words for our situation.

Beowulfie & Andre,
I can certainly see Republican outrage and consolidation if a Dem wins the presidency, especially if the Dem is Bernie Sanders. They tend to apoplectic fits upon hearing the word socialist. What would be supremely ironic would be if Trump narrowly won the popular vote, but Bernie won the electoral college vote.


“What would be supremely ironic would be if Trump narrowly won the popular vote, but Bernie won the electoral college vote.”

Ha-Ha! Choice!

Now that the impeachment trial is over, I fear for the safety of Senator Romney, Representative Adam Schiff, and Madam Speaker Pelosi. No telling what Trump now believes he can get away with. And if not now, Mr. T might well order some lethal shenanigans in future when the circumstances are more favorable.

We can also choose to not fear for them and send them loving protection and strength. No doubt they will endure a formidable level of grief for daring to be courageous and honest. Theater of the Absurd writ large.

Excellent point. Thanks for the reminder.

“SC GOP plans to push GOP to vote for Sanders to Influence Dem Primary because they view him as the weakest candidate to face Trump. The GOP chair said that supporting Sanders as nominee can help Trump win election.”


After Senate acquittal, Trump tweets video showing him running for president indefinitely


When unscrupulous Republican members of the Senate denied the proof provided to the world by committees of the House they blocked the full implementation of the powerful stellium of the Sun, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn opposing tRump’s natal Saturn.

Among an abundance of negative connections Saturn is associated with loss and Pluto with total destruction. To have natal or progressed Saturn in one’s chart transited by Saturn has most always been seen to accompany notably difficult times in one’s life experience. To have it transited by Pluto has coincided with even more dire circumstances. The combination of the 2 was in effect at King Charles I beheading by Oliver Cromwell’s Parliament. Add the transiting Sun to the opposition in tRump’s chart and it would not be out of order to postulate a grievous loss for him with confident authority; bolstered by his historically low approval ratings throughout his entire pResidency.

The opposition to his natal Saturn by Pluto will repeat on February 13, July 12, and December 20, 2020 in longitude and February 10, July 18, and December 14, 2020 in right ascension but it will not be accompanied by the Sun or Saturn.

Angellight, that was exactly how the DNC felt about Trump.

I don’t know if anyone posted Denise Siegel’s video,
“Bernie Sanders Astrology” .. but I’m hoping maybe it will be of some comfort to those who feel he can’t win.


Jerry, so sorry to be getting back to you this late.

Your observation re: Nancy P’s Saturn-Pluto square and the Saturn-Mars conjunction that will T-square it is awesome; thanks for sharing! Surely it does portend an enormous amount of responsibility, and that Saturn-Mars conjunction in Aquarius will take place in her natal 6th house of service.

Nancy’s solar return chart (March 26) has all the major planets in the bottom half of it, the private part rather than the public part (top half), so it would not be a comfortable responsibility for her to assume at this time, I would imagine.

However (and it’s a big however), her NATAL Neptune (sacrifice) at 23 Virgo conjuncts the MC of her solar return chart (26+ Virgo) and Virgo is about service.

Her natal Mars at 26+ Taurus is in the solar return chart’s 6th house, also about service, and together with the solar return chart’s Jupiter-Mars-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn and her natal Neptune in Virgo she has a grand trine in earth signs going for her starting on her birthday.

Nancy’s natal stellium of Mars-Venus-Uranus (+ Saturn) in Taurus will also be joined by her solar return Venus in Taurus that adds to the grand trine with the solar return stellium in Capricorn and her natal Neptune in Virgo (that conjuncts the US natal Neptune), so there’s that.

By golly, I think you are on to something Jerry! I will do a more in depth (and careful) study of these 2 charts later when I have time. Ever so grateful to you.

Elizabeth: Whomever gets the D nomination, I am all in. We cannot take another 4 years of Trump.

As Godless as it gets’: Viewers disgusted as Trump turns the National Prayer Breakfast into a ‘psychopathic’ campaign speech –


Thank you, Will.

Here is LindaG. from yesterday.


Yes indeedy, Eliseo and Will – wouldn’t that just be ironic! And ‘deja vu, all over again’….

Transiting Neptune at 17+ Pisces is now perfectly square Trump’s natal Uranus at 17+ Gemini and will be for most of February. It is outer planet challenging outer planet for Trump’s psyche. He will “act out” repeatedly has he did yesterday in the House and today at Breakfast. Bit by bit, little by little Trump is being deconstructed before our eyes.

On Super Tuesday, March 3, the Sun at 13+ Pisces trines the US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer and Venus at 28+ Aries (5 deg. from trans. Uranus and a hairbreadth away from US progressed Venus) will square trans. Saturn at 28+ Capricorn ( 1 degree past US natal Pluto). Venus is about values and Saturn is about the status quo while Uranus is about breakthroughs and Pluto is about transformation. It will provide us a glimpse about where we are headed.

The transiting North Node will be conjunct the US natal Jupiter so it sounds like a huge turn-out of voters.

On March 19th the Spring Equinox, when the Sun reaches 00 Aries 00, it will be just hours before the exact Mars-Jupiter conjunction at 22+ Cap, and the start of their 2 year cycle. The transiting nodes will T-square Pelosi’s natal Eris (discord) calling forth Nancy’s vitriolic nature. Trump won’t like that.

Both the Equinox (3/19) and the Mars-Jupiter conjunction (3/20) charts are what’s called Bundle patterns, where all the 10 major planets are squeezed into 1/3rd of the chart. Very focused, uneasily distracted after Super Tuesday (3/3). I believe the Dems might have narrowed down their preferred nominee or nominees by then.

Angellight, I know that is the sentiment of most. I just found it ironic that that is the strategy and that they feel so certain that would be their easiest path to reelection, when the DNC was so sure that Trump was going to be the easiest to beat.

Also I sincerely just wanted to post Denise Siegel’s video for some who I have read expressing concern that Bernie couldn’t win, that it might be reassuring.

Eliseo, “What would be supremely ironic would be if Trump narrowly won the popular vote, but Bernie won the electoral college vote.” – ironic indeed! The universe isn’t adverse to handing out it’s karma with a little wink and a chuckle.. the universe certainly has a sense of humor.

There’s a new Linda G today.

So who saw the Pettysburg speech today. He is a madman yet they will still support him. Anyway, yhis is a long read, but well worth it

Dems don’t have a clue what they’re going up against, not a clue , I am sorry the Dems are not playing their card well at all so far , in terms of candidates, infighting we , a Warren or Sanders ensures Trump getting elected,probably in a landslide, I know this is probably going to annoy some people here. They are going to play the socialist card like there is a note tomorrow and with the fact that the economy is what people like about this president, one of the few things that even though we know he inherited it, they have fallen hook line and sinker in thinking that he is good for the economy, a socialist will not get elected. It is January and already in Florida I am seeing people with the Trump signs on top of the highways, $1 billion is going to be spent

Already you can see from business people and people who hate him the sentiment is that he is probably going to get reelected. Listen to the Bulwark podcast, listen to what the never Trump Republicans are saying, Dems are living in a huge bubble. I highly recommend people also read Rick Wilson‘s book running against the devil, Dems are making irreparable mistakes so far, i hope to God
This is wrong but i doubt it

Both the Mars-Jupiter conjunction on March 20 and the Spring Equinox on March 19, less than 8 hours apart, have the South Node at 4+ Capricorn and the centaur Pholus (creates a small cause that becomes a big event) at 4+ Capricorn.

There was a solar eclipse on December 26, 2019, at 4+ Capricorn which is also where Andrew Yang’s natal chart’s ascendant is.

The March 20 Jupiter-Mars conjunction at 22 Cap 48 conjuncts Andrew’s natal Sun at 22 Cap 38. All he needs is one small cause to turn into a big event 🙂

It strikes me as the right time (Equinox and Mars-Jupiter cycle start) for that December solar eclipse to express itself. Perhaps it will be when Andrew expresses himself too.

I should have added that at the Mars-Jupiter conjunction and the Equinox, transiting Uranus at 4+ Taurus will trine Pholus and the South Node and the December eclipse and Andrew Yang’s ascendant. duh.

Call it a corollary to Occam’s Razor. No matter how good our logic is, if it is built on false or half true assumptions it will be hopelessly flawed.

I’m getting the feeling our assumptions, and I do mean for ALL of us, R & Dem, & Other, may be false. I have a feeling the 2020 election may be one of the more extraordinarily unpredictable in history.

Conventional wisdom says Bernie can’t win as he labels himself a socialist. This too has been my position.

But I have no doubt the R’s will use a broad brush painting ALL and ANY of our Dem candidates as socialist. All but Bernie will vociferously deny the charge, as if socialism was bad, equal to communism, etc. Generally, denials are not as strong as accusations, and when Dems are denying, they are not advocating.

Bernie is the only one who will proudly say, “Yes! I’m a Democratic Socialist!” and proceed to define that on his own terms. He is also the most articulate Dem critic of Trump and his policies. All others equally effective in their criticism of Trump are the TRUE conservatives, the former R’s who’ve left the party.

I’m beginning to wonder if our conventional wisdom is again wrong. I greatly admire the senator from Vermont, though I disagree with him on a number of issues. I nevertheless will vote for whomever becomes the Dem nominee, regardless. But I’m beginning to wonder if Bernie might do a better job of fighting the good fight against Trump than anyone else.

It would be quite a contrast. Idealistic Bernie has more virtue in his left little finger than the entire Congress has put together. His integrity and consistency are unassailable. Perpetually venal Donald is vile, full of bile, liable to burn himself up in the narcissistic flames of his own anger. He sees evil everywhere because he himself is evil. He sees nothing but darkness because he casts his shadow upon all with whom he comes into contact.

Bernie is no saint, no angel, but his sense of justice, his compassion, and his passion for serving the best interests of ALL Americans is pretty obvious for all to see.

Maybe, just maybe the contrast will be so clear as to bring out the most voters and the best within the heart of many in the voting booth. Who knows? Just speculating out loud.

Bernie did really well on the CNN town hall meeting tonight — centered and passionate, and his passion seems to give him an energy that just doesn’t quit, God Bless him.

Now Pete is on, elegant, articulate, smart as always.

At last night’s Biden showed his heart and soul and experience but had trouble speaking at times, went on too long, was not 100% coherent, etc. I wonder if he’ll make it to the end.

Warren again, to me, was a little shrill, or nervous, trying a little too hard (there is something about her that I have a hard time with). Also, she flunked the immigration question. She insisted on creating a path to citizenship for all who come here, while helping their home countries solve the problems that drove them away (gangs was given as an example). It seemed too weak. She had at least one good foreign policy answer though, maybe two.

Yang, Barb, you will be glad to hear, was bouncy, even funny, on it, full of good sociological information and what sounded like good solutions to our problems. To me, the fact that he has no political experience shows a bit but he is so sharp.

They are all on separately and for an hour. Amy Klobuchar and Patrick Duval remain for tonight.

Tomorrow night is a debate, and there will be 2 more: Feb 19 and 25.


OMG!! That was perfect! You have articulated so much of what I feel.

I have been thinking for some time that perhaps there could be no Bernie without a Trump. AS vile and hideous a lesson this has been, as painful a transition as we have chosen to make this as a country in choosing this experience, I have to believe that it will serve a purpose that will in the end be for the greater good of us all. All the suffering this man has caused has to have been for something.

“Bernie is the only one who will proudly say, “Yes! I’m a Democratic Socialist!” and proceed to define that on his own terms. He is also the most articulate Dem critic of Trump and his policies.”
– The thing that most impresses me about Bernie’s political style, is he doesn’t defend himself, he doesn’t run away from an attack, he leans into it, he addresses it straight on. He’s not afraid, he believes in his convictions and he will not be swayed, with a 40 year career of consistency to back that up. He continually wins “honest and trustworthy” in polls. Good Grief even the R’s know how honest he is, Lindsay Graham said, “Bernie Sanders is the most honest person in the senate.”

Everyone heard Trump on the audio recording saying, the only person he didn’t want Hillary to pick as VP was Bernie. As much as I don’t want to credit Trump with anything, he knows and has said, “socialism” will not be easy to beat. He, who is the master of manipulation understands what he would be up against.

From a Jacobin article:

“A lot of people think it’ll be easy to beat,” he’s reported to have said about socialism at a private event recently. “The truth is, it might not be so easy.” Trump has a crystal ball, and, peering into it, he sees that socialism holds a certain appeal in a nation wracked by inequality and disenchanted with business as usual — the same populist mood that he masterfully manipulated in his own presidential bid.”

“Maybe, just maybe the contrast will be so clear as to bring out the most voters and the best within the heart of many in the voting booth.” – exactly.

Please keep musing.. You made my night!

‘Clog the lines’: Internet trolls deliberately disrupted the Iowa caucuses hotline for reporting results

First two paragraphs:
“The phone number to report Iowa caucus results was posted on a fringe internet message board on Monday night along with encouragement to “clog the lines,” an indication that jammed phone lines that left some caucus managers on hold for hours may have in part been due to prank calls.’

“An Iowa Democratic Party official said the influx of calls to the reporting hotline included “supporters of President Trump who called to express their displeasure with the Democratic Party.” The party official’s comments were first reported late Wednesday by Bloomberg News.”

Bernie can’t win without the support of the African American community. He does not have that support right now. Neither does Pete. Elizabeth Warren just stepped on another racial rake in Nevada. Nothing is engraved in stone. We’ll see I guess. The numerous African American people I follow on twitter can’t stand Bernie or Liz Warren. Bernie more than Liz.

Take a look at Cash Peters on you tube. He has it right. He says he can’t predict the future he can only say this might happen if all the energy patterns remain constant. I think he is amazing.
I think he would be a good fit for a lot of people on this forum who have problems with some of the other readers.

I am seeing the 2020 Vernal Equinox as landing on March 21 in the Swiss and the Geocentric ephemeris while other astrologers are stating its on March 19 and others March 20. Perplexing.

Please don’t misunderstand. I’m not supporting ANY of the potential Dem candidates yet. I’m only speculating.

I agree Bernie does not at this time have the Black vote. But neither does Trump. Biden is the only candidate whom I believe can be sure to receive the Black vote. He may or may not get the nomination.

The R’s are already making moves to exponentially amplify the false Hunter & Joe Biden narrative. That crazy narrative has the potential to eventually knock Joe out of the race, or at least hurt him like the false Hillary stories did in 2016. It is apparent the R’s intend to run hard with the “Crooked Joe” narrative even having failed in getting Ukraine to announce an investigation.

Like you said, “we’ll see…”

I’m glad I made your day! You probably deserve many made good days.

I don’t believe the words choice or choosing are the appropriate words to describe our relationship with this experience, but I get where you are coming from.

I recently, (maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago) heard Michael Moore on MSNBC state he believed Bernie is the ONLY Dem who can beat Trump. I have mixed feelings about MM, and at the time thought his position absurd. But he WAS correct in predicting Trump would win. He correctly read the feelings and thoughts of his fellow midwesterners, and of the nation in 2016.

Trump represented change. The folks left behind in our economy got change, but not the kind of change they needed. By election day their numbers will have increased. I see more and more formerly middle class homeless people every day. In my own profession, the numbers of working adjunct professors who live in their cars, as they can’t afford rent or a mortgage; well, their numbers go up every Fall.

As I see it, the only 2 Dems running who represent change, the changes desired and needed by our many dispossessed are Bernie and Elizabeth Warren. I like all the others, but they all seem so “establishment”. IMHO, E. Warren has the better ideas, but Bernie is the better campaigner.

I disagree with about half of their legislative ideas, but passionately agree with the other half. But any Dem at this point would not only be better than Trump, but better than ANY Republican who might run.

Who knows? Maybe if either one were to gain the nomination, they might choose a Black running mate and win!

In any case, the “devil” in me would love to see Trump win the popular vote by a smidge, say 10, or 20,000 votes, but the Dem win the electoral college, especially, ESPECIALLY if it were Bernie. That would knock the Republicans nose so out of joint they’d have to go for plastic surgery. And maybe if we’re lucky, maybe the surgeon would botch up the surgery so badly, they’d never want to show their face in public again!

But I’m just a’funnin’. In reality an event like that might well spark martial law imposed by the orange sorcerer, and a consequent civil war. Better to get an overwhelming, indisputable victory both in the electoral college and the popular vote. I’m just not confident any of our Dems can do that.

Will, astrologically, it is the vernal equinox when the Sun reaches 00 Aries 00 from the perspective of Earth, which is different for each time zone on the planet. Perhaps some folks who don’t use astrology probably just assign a date for it that is the same every year, like, for example, Halloween is always on October 31 in the USA.

In London England, the vernal equinox will be on March 20, at 3:29 AM. In Washington DC, it will be on March 19, 11:49 PM.

In any case trans. Mars and Jupiter – at the time of the vernal equinox on March 19-20 will be conjunct the degree where Saturn and Pluto were conjunct, and where Ceres and Pluto were conjunct, and where the Sun and Pluto were conjunct, and where the Sun and Saturn were conjunct, and where Ceres and Saturn were conjunct, and where Andrew Yang’s Sun was on January 12 and 13. A degree, 22+ Capricorn, that will go down in history as changing the world.

3/ Today we learned $30 million in arms sales to Ukraine is held up because Ukraine might still sell Motor Sich to China. Which seems to suggest Trump didn’t step in with Prince as his proxy until after the Ukraine scandal broke because the China deal let him hold up the weapons.

4/ So there is some evidence to suggest that in addition to the money for Ukraine we know Trump held up, he also held up $30 million in sales Ukraine already paid for. And the House still needs to investigate whether similar military aid shakedowns occurred in both 2017 and 2018.

5/ It’s staggering how much proof of bribery the House presented with respect to Trump holding up military aid to Ukraine. And it’s likewise staggering how much about Trump holding up military aid to Ukraine we still don’t know or understand. The scale of this scandal is massive.


Donny Goes to School – The President Show – Comedy Central

Video: 5 min 23 sec



Why am I under the impression that Western astrology birth-times are always recalculated to align with GMT? This is where my keppy gets soft.

Wow, BarbK, you give me hope for Andrew Yang! I looked at the transits for the debate tonight, and Bernie, Buttigieg, and Yang all have very good transits, and challenging ones (of course). I don’t have a chart for Klobuchar or Steyer. Elizabeth’s and Biden’s don’t look that strong. Biden, with Uranus transiting near his Moon all this time, has amazing staying power.
I hope Yang does well but how he gets that 10% polling he needs for the next debate, I don’t know.
What does it all lead to, though, if Trump wins again in November? In 2024 Bernie, Biden, and probably EW would not run. Maybe this is a time when Yang plants the seed that grows to come to fruition then. Unless there is a big financial downturn in the next couple of months. Then his ideas will look very relevant to everybody, not just the “broke vote”.


Thank you, that is sweet of you to say.

I know you understand what I meant, in terms of collectively as a country in a spiritual sense.

I’m not really a fan of Michael Moore anymore. I feel like his ego has taken over in his celebrity. None the less, I do think he is on the front lines of what has happened to the middle class of this country and as you said he read the tea leaves accurately in 2016.

“The folks left behind in our economy got change, but not the kind of change they needed. By election day their numbers will have increased.”
– homelessness, lack of access to healthcare, lack of education opportunities, lack of affordable housing, skyrocketing living expenses.. this is all unsustainable. and Yes, the numbers are only increasing year by year.

*over the last 30 years, the 1% increased it’s wealth by 2 Trillion dollars while the bottom 50% has lost 900 Billion. That is just completely unsustainable for a society to thrive and survive.

Bernie has said, “Our greatest challenge is the limitation of our own imagination.”

We can only achieve what we believe we can achieve. He has firmly, with conviction planted that flag of what he believes we can achieve.

Yes as fun as it would be to see the outcome of the election be the opposite this time, it’s too dangerous a situation and I know we really don’t want that to happen. But it’s fun to think about ; )

Sorry, I don’t follow you Will. Birth times recalculated?

Chiro, I am impressed with Yang because he is intelligent, as Sharon noted, but also because he isn’t an experienced politician and there’s hope for him. I share my astro findings about Andrew, not because I’m so sure he will be our next president but because he has a chance to be. His birth chart’s remarkable connections to the US natal chart, and its breathtaking connections to the transits continue to wear down my political skepticism.

The astrologer in me says to the skeptic in me, “Can’t you see what’s happening? How much more clarity do you need for heaven’s sake?”

The solar eclipse that was conjunct Andrew’s ascendant at Christmas was also conjunct transiting Jupiter (expand, symbol of good luck).

Eclipses have a delayed effect, we all know that. It will have been less than 3 months from then when the South Node and Pholus (small cause, big effect) in the Aries Equinox chart and the simultaneous Mars (rules Aries)-Jupiter conjunction will conjunct his ascendant at 4+ Capricorn.

In between that December eclipse and the March Equinox/Mars-Jupiter conjunction events, there is Super Tuesday on March 3rd and transiting Quaoar (dances gods into being, associated with evolution, a break with the past), along with Pholus will also be at 4+ Capricorn.

Quaoar and Pholus will be stirring the energy of the Christmas eclipse at 4+ Capricorn and Andrew Yang’s ascendant. These are not huge transits like the major planets make; they are subtle, but I will be watching for a brouhaha (Pholus) possibly having to do with a change in routine or practices (Quaoar) that upsets the old guard Dems. I will look to see if Andrew is behind it.

With our country (and the rest of the world) going through upheavals we look to Uranus and around March 8th transiting Uranus will reach 4 Taurus and remain in that degree for most of the month.

Uranus will trine Andrew Yang’s ascendant 4+ Capricorn and the transiting South Node, Pholus and Quaoar during the Mars-Jupiter conjunction (the start of a 2 year cycle) and the Spring Equinox (a 3 month cycle), all of which leads me to think that Andrew Yang will experience a breakthrough and just maybe dance something special into being.

Eliseo This is what I think. Bernie spent 50 million dollars and has been campaigning forever and came in a close second in Iowa. He said he would bring in more voters when in fact there were less. He does not look well and will not release his medical records.

The AA people I follow blame him for Hillary”s loss they feel he did not drop out soon enough and did not campaign for her as he should have. They are angry that his minions disrupted the convention. They are angry that his minions booed John Lewis
Overall they feel that white people are responsible for Trump because they voted him in. 94% of black people voted for Hillary. They are pissed that white people voted Trump in.

I remember being chastised on this board for suggesting Bernie drop out sooner. I feel the same way the people I follow feel. I will vote for the nominee but if it is BS it will be with a clothespin on my nose. I don’t know if some of the people I follow will vote for Bernie. Again, we will see.

I realize that no group is a monolith and that others may feel differently. I also realize that I gravitate toward groups who share my beliefs. So I guess that I agree with Cash Peters. That is where I am now and we will see how the energies play out as we go along.

Sorry to be Debbie Downer yet again but here goes.

I know that Barack Obama’s win beat expectations. No one thought the country was ready for an AA president, many of us were beyond delighted that he won, and we have now seen the backlash and it’s ugly, ugly, ugly.

Unfortunately, I now see that Trump will be hard to beat UNLESS something unexpected happens. I agree that it can. But we need someone very electable.

There are film clips of Bernie with bona fide socialists that will be brought out. In fact, this just came out: https://www.thedailybeast.com/team-trump-already-planning-on-siccing-victims-of-socialism-and-communism-on-bernie-sanders

I’m sure other things will come out to make Bernie look negative but the socialism/communism thing will be very hard to overcome, imho. Sorry to those who admire Bernie. I also do, in spite of the fact that my Democratic friend called him disheveled, inflexible, and extreme yesterday, and decided that Mike B. was a better match for Trump. I am not sure about any of that at this point.

Obama had Reverend Wright who seemed to be something of a racist but he was not a socialist or communist! They tried to make BO look like a socialist, being that he was a community organizer, as well as a fascist (who would take our guns and make us give all of the government money away) but it failed. I am not sure what will be dug out on Yang if he takes off. I hope there isn’t much.

If anyone saw, “All the President’s Men,” the Republicans are absolute experts on trashing candidates, Republican or Democrat. They tried it with John McCain. They did it with Hillary (who had flaws but was becoming more progressive and had many things going for her).

Anyway, the beat goes on…

“The ‘Never Bernie’ Movement: Americans are seeing a repeat of the UK elections in the Democratic Party primaries, with an ‘anyone but Bernie’ movement, its face being one Pete Buttigieg. It is a story to be watched. And Bernie supporters would do well to take lessons, both from their loss in 2016 (from which they apparently have not learned) and from Corbyn’s loss in the UK. It is the same for the Democratic Party as a whole in the US, but they increasingly appear to be a lost cause in their corporate, establishment wing. Just as was the case with Labour in the UK, the establishment Democrats have lost touch with their voter base. Only Bernie Sanders espouses the values for which the Democrats used to be known – left-leaning, championing the masses and working class, etc. There again, I will be doing a post on the election in the US in the months ahead. From what is emerging, unless Bernie wins the nomination to run against Trump, there is no one in the Democratic pool who could possibly stand against Trump. As is the case in the UK, the battle between labor and capital has been ratcheted up a few notches, and ‘socialism’ is a hot-button issue being pushed by neoliberals across party lines. A real crisis about the economic system in the US and UK is fast emerging, and in the EU as well.

The above article: Never Bernie Movement is by


Sharon K and oxthecat, I agree Bernie is problematic. I will vote for anyone to beat trump, but IMHO, I think Bloomberg is the only candidate who is taking on trump. The others are all talking about policy while the house is on fire. We need someone with balls who can take on trump. So far, Bloomberg is the only one doing it.

Silcominc, re. the comment you make about Bloomberg being the one to take on Trump – when I did a little ‘test’ in the last round of posts, based on Michael O’Reilly’s Neptune Cafe comments (he uses the Scorpio rising US chart), Bloomberg’s chart came up with the strongest aspects as the future leader of the country. It will be most interesting to see if that’s how it pans out with voters. Somebody with common sense and a head for the business of the people (as opposed to himself alone) would certainly be a welcome change! Not saying any of the other Dems couldn’t do it, but Bloomberg was the candidate who ‘scored’ the best using O’Reilly’s method.

Bloomberg is everything Trump says he is, wishes he was and has no way to bully. I think he’s our only hope in taking Trump down and I believe he would beat Trump. I personally like Wang and Kobuchar but Trump plays so dirty, would they have a chance? Mayor Pete, well think of how Trump would rile up his base with a gay opponent.
My prayer is that SCOTUS will give the OK to release Trump’s financial info and we will finally see the phony that he really is. Seeing him without his clothes on won’t be a pretty sight even for most of his base IMHO.

Holy cow, I just realized Andrew Yang’s natal Jupiter (15+ Pisces) is in a sextile with transiting Jupiter (15+ Capricorn). Also, trans. Neptune is conjunct his natal Ceres, both at 17+ Pisces and trans. Pluto is one degree past his natal Sun.

Trans. Mars at 24+ Sagittarius is still conjunct his natal Mars at 23+ Sagittarius too. This is going to be a better debate than the last one and I’m getting my snacks ready right now!

barbk, how does Bloomberg’s aspect look both for the election and in relation to the US chart?

Also, didn’t you or someone on this board talk about Harris and how she had some great aspects? Maybe a Bloomberg Harris ticket?

Yes, I’m getting my snacks ready too. And just remember for all those are talking about Bloomberg, there is a huge backlash against corporate PACs and outside money. I don’t think he’s anymore electable than Bernie. I do think that Pete has gone way farther than I thought he could, but once people realize he’s a corporate consultant, it won’t go so well for him, I don’t think.
He does copy a lot of good ideas from other people, which is smart. And he has a very smooth style. Most black people can see right through it, so he would be stopped in South Carolina no matter what.
I just want to add, in regard to Andrew Yang, the North Node will be on his descendant during most of the primaries.
His journey will be interesting to watch.

Hi Chiro.

Just noticed your supporting message today. Thank you.

2020 Democratic National Convention July 13 through July 16 in Milwaukee, WI.

Andrew Yang natal Sun 22°39′ Capricorn. Transit Jupiter July 16, 2020, 7 pm, CDT, Milwaukee, WI 22°00′ Capricorn.

Here is what Mary Ann from Revealing Light Tarot has to say about Michael Bloomberg.


I am ambivalent toward ALL of our Dem candidates. Half of me feels we are bound to lose if we nominate Bernie. The other half is of the opposite opinion. I feel the same way about Biden. I’m half convinced he is our only chance to win. But my other half feels his leadership is bound to end in another lost election.

I like E. Warren and Mr. Yang the best. But to me, Warren looks frail and Yang is too inexperienced.

Meanwhile, no one can out vulgar, out cheat, or out lie DT. A good friend insists the Resistance will need to be armed, as trump in time will exercise extreme repression.

I am sadder than sadness allows

It’s a great debate, though, tonight. They all are looking great, and are expressing sound ideas well, and disagreeing respectfully. I feel good about our candidates tonight and that includes Biden.


DT and his pitch-fork and torch-carrying disciples are not worthy of you having a single sad moment about their filthy charade and miscarriage of justice; he is still an abomination, a horror and an insult to any decent person who has a modicum of critical thinking capacity. Remember Humpty-Dumpty? The Bully-in Chief is a monstrous jackhole and is evidently going to take an even longer, harder, sharper fall. Even if he does manage to rip off another four years, it is likely to be screaming unholy ride to hell for him and his coward-thugs.

This too shall pass. Its also close to a full moon which often deepens melancholia, weariness and wistfulness.

“Remember that all through history, there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they seem invincible. But in the end, they always fall. Always.”

Mahatma Gandhi

It would be a strange irony if Bloomberg were the nominee and won. When he first ran for Mayor of NYC and won, Giuliani did not want to leave. In the end, Giuliani did leave at the end of his term but his term ended a few months after 9/11 and he floated the idea of staying on to help the city heal. Most seem to feel trump will, even if he loses, not want to leave.

“Most seem to feel trump will, even if he loses, not want to leave.”

Of course not. When he leaves office he’ll face prosecution. I’m sure SDNY is sitting on a mountain of evidence they’ve not yet released. Meanwhile, I’m hoping he will be declared a war criminal asap in the world court, therefore limiting his traveling severely.

Thanks for the encouragement. I have something to send you. I suggest through Nancy we can exchange email addresses.

Eliseo, do you think SDNY (which is under the direction of the AG) is continuing their investigations? I think the reason Lev Parnas is talking is that the SDNY has been told to either slow walk or drop investigations against trump. I think we are seeing that the rot from this criminal goes wide and deep.

Eliseo, I posted from my phone but don’t see it here on my laptop. I wanted to share that all of the candidates participating in tonight’s debate were really fantastic, sharing sold ideas, expressing themselves beautifully and with passion, authenticity and heart, respectful of each others. Bernie had a good night – they all did. I loved it and feel much, much better. Did you watch? I don’t know much about Blumberg and will watch the Mary Ann Revealing Light Tarot post in a few minutes, but I do think someone really good will emerge. It might be a case of having an excellent VP candidate to complement and re-enforce the presidential candidate, as part of a real team. That’s how they appeared tonight, as a team that wanted to be united to show the country what we Democrats could really do for them!

I meant to say Biden had a good night – they all did. In my opinion, Bernie always expresses himself well but Biden was much better tonight than last night. I think the attack on he and his son, and then the Iowa debacle were hard on him and he had to rejuvenate.

I want to add that those who are ready to stop deluding themselves, are tired of winning for the sake of winning and spewing negativity in the process against the “other” may just allow the message of the Democratic candidates to penetrate them. Democrats are basically about values but we aren’t the only ones. Many Republicans have spoken out and even changed parties, and I have a feeling more will.

You might be right about what’s going on at SDNY. I have no inside information. My hope is that as soon as DJT is out of office, SDNY will get back on their horse and ride down that criminal deep into the ground.

I’m very tired right now. Trump’s republican criminal cabal in my view have betrayed the United States Constitution, their oath of office, the American citizenry, humanity and the earth itself.

I’d like to see DJT, all the judges he’s appointed, Moscow Mitch and all their minions, as a minimum, stripped of their American citizenship and exiled to prison on a faraway island. I’d prefer, and it might be more consistent with the requirements of justice; I’d prefer they be dropped from an extreme height into a seething volcano, but permanent exile will do.

Something occurred to me today; although ironically and quite unintentionally, it appear that the Democrats have actually become the authentically-conservative, honor-the-rule-of-law party. The Blues are upholding the integrity and ideals of America. Conversely, the GOP has devolved into a larcenous murder of lying whores who are all but dismantling and degrading the core ideals of decency, fairness and justice upon which this nation was built.

Couple of things — Bloomberg did stop-and-frisk, the notoriously obnoxious program in New York that let cops stop and search anyone for no reason. Surprise, they decided to stop African Americans much more often than other ethnic groups, and AAs have not forgotten that.

Buttigieg spent 3 years as a corporate consultant, but 8 years as an intelligence officer in the US Navy Reserve, including a deployment to Iraq, plus 8 years as mayor.

Portraying him a corporate consultant, implying he’s someone just out for the money or on the side of big business, is, I think, deliberately misleading.

Bernie, I admire, for moving the party to the left, talking about issues in 2016 that seemed out there, which are now much more mainstream in 2020. But he tied with a newbie, small-town Mayor, after running for president in 2016 and having really high name recognition. I think he’s hit his ceiling of support.

Most interesting, totally different theory on the electorate I’ve read recently — by a relatively young, new political scientist — that the whole idea that we have to win over the swing voters to win an election is wrong.

She says there are very few swing voters, and that even people who say they’re swing voters have strong preferences for one party or the other. That the real difference is turn out. Of your own party’s voters.

Here’s her piece in Politico: https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2020/02/06/rachel-bitecofer-profile-election-forecasting-new-theory-108944

The same thought occurred to me in 2016. The 2016 Dem convention seemed more truly conservative, standing for patriotism, conserving our values, etc. The R convention that year was in contrast rejecting the old values in favor of Trumpist bigotry and venality. And there were SO MANY lies repeated at that convention.

For a long time I’ve seen the R’s eventually going out of business, and the Dems splitting into at least two parties. It is possible a new conservative party may also arise. But I think in the long run, maybe by 2030-2050 the notions of conservative and liberal may be pretty irrelevant, or radically redefined.

This was the best (meaning the least boring and contentious) debate so far. Maybe I’m imagining this, but it seemed as if the candidates were prepped on the questions before air time. Nobody needed to pause and think through their answers. I agreed with the Chris Hayes audience, Amy was outstanding tonight.

It was 20 minutes (at least) before Andrew was allowed to comment, and only a few times was he given an opportunity to speak, and never called on when his hand was raised. I understand the moderators were focused on the apparent leaders and were following a script, which is understandable.

Even so, the voters that watched were given some red meat to gnaw on through the New Hampshire primary until the next debate which is Feb. 19th in Las Vegas as I understand it.

Tonight’s (Saturday) Full Moon at 20+ Leo opposes the transiting Sun and the US progressed Mercury and Uranus in the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (which squared the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in 2000) chart, all at 20+ Aquarius.

The Full Moon will trine the US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries. No doubt it will shed light on some national wound in the next 2 weeks, perhaps something that was discussed in the debate, like the opioid crisis or Lt. Col. Vindman’s dismissal.

“In February and March of 2020, Trump will be experiencing the opposition of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto to his Cancerian grouping – a tremendous wollop of energies with more than enough power to disorient anyone. This effect is
especially intense for Trump in late March 2020, when transiting Mars conjoins transiting Jupiter and Pluto in opposition to Trump’s natal Saturn. Anybody who has ever experienced multiple planetary oppositions knows very well what this means. It symbolizes the constellation of significant life issues in a dramatic fashion, inevitably played out in a way certain to capture the attention of the individual whose chart is thus affected. To state this in simple language, this means that in late March of 2020, Donald Trump is set to meet karmic conditions of his own soul’s choosing, conditions which are likely to throw him back hard on himself and make him face the nature of his attitudes and actions. It’s a meeting with the Lord of Karma, Saturn.”

The Starfire Messenger, A Free Weekly Newsletter
From Astrologer Maureen Richmond starsong1208@gmail.com

This vulgar man has squandered our decency


Would someone pls. Look at Amy Klobuchar’s chart? Thank you?

Teresa Hill – thank you for reminding me about the stop and frisk. That was incredibly bad policy and certainly not something I want in our next president. This is definitely making me rethink who I will vote for on Super Tuesday.

Thanks to all for the insight and discussion.

“Remember that all through history, there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they seem invincible. But in the end, they always fall. Always.”
Mahatma Gandhi

He’d be shocked if he could see what’s going on in India nowadays. But thanks for the quote anyway, Will.

Few other countries have been around longer than the US, haven’t they? Are there any other countries we can look at to see how they did the Pluto return?
I can’t believe that a Pluto return for a country could play itself out as the opposite, even a nihilation of what that country was based on. Fascism and dictatorship instead of freedom and independance from outside powers.
The worst is to see so many people going along with DT. Washingtonpost articles don’t open for me because I have no subscription, but Nancy Pelosi is right.

From Elisabeth Grace:

” I wish I’d looked at the chart for the start of the Iowa Caucuses before they happened. I could have told you that it was happening too soon, and was symbolized by that potentially gloopy-minded Mercury in Pisces, which is not the best mascot for an event requiring accurate data. Mercury is on the part of the chart affectionately known as the Portals of Death, and the Midheaven (public status) is conjunct Algol, the fixed star associated with beheadings and other ways of “losing one’s head.” There’s more, but you get the idea.”


This is what some of the journalists from the nyt’s said about Yang’s performance at the debate last night.

Jamelle Bouie (5/10) — Yang, like Sanders, knows how to turn a question to his priorities. But Yang, unlike Sanders, doesn’t have anything to say beyond his pitch for a cash giveaway. And while this appeals to some, it does not wear well when it’s his answer to every single problem and social issue.

Elizabeth Bruenig (5.5/10) — Yang seems like a cool guy, and perhaps like the ideal candidate for a Democratic primary in a parallel universe where capital and labor cooperate with kindly comity. But for now, he represents an odd third way in an emerging intra-party power struggle that really has only two sides.

Jorge Castañeda (6/10) — A single-issue and single-theme candidate.

Michelle Goldberg (5/10) — His smarmy argument against holding Trump accountable for his crimes in office was a turnoff.

Nicole Hemmer (3/10) — He barely registers in the polls, and he barely registered onstage. There’s a reason: Universal basic income isn’t a panacea, and onstage, he rarely has any other ideas.

Liz Mair (6/10) — A breath of fresh air, but he should have studied up on New Hampshire’s libertarian streak. He lost ground because of state-specific quirks he seemed unaware of.

Daniel McCarthy (3/10) — He’s right to distinguish human value from economic value and praise stay-at-home mothers. But he’s running to give a TED Talk, not to become president.

Bret Stephens (?/10) — Hard to take seriously a guy who thinks automation is a serious threat to prosperity, the most economically illiterate idea of the last 500 years.

Mimi Swartz (7/10) — Improving with each debate; no longer has to fight to be taken seriously. A better avatar of the future than Buttigieg.

Will Wilkinson (5/10) — Yang has brought a welcome fresh perspective to the race, but he didn’t have his best night, and at this point he feels like a distraction.

Banks, Amy’s natal North Node (21+ Virgo) conjuncts the US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo) + Bernie’s North Node (22+ Virgo), and on Super Tuesday transiting Jupiter in Cap will trine them. From now until Super Tuesday, transiting Uranus (unexpected) in Taurus will trine her natal Pluto (power) in Virgo.

Her ascendant (6+ Aquarius) conjuncts the US natal chart’s South Node and Pholus (small cause, big effect).

Amy’s birth date is May 25, 1960, 12:56 AM, St. Louis Park, MN

Margriet – you might find this of interest.


CaseyM- here’s some more info on Bloomberg.


Teresa- I agree with you that he will possibly have problems with POC, but there is a chance he can get past it. Mayor Pete has big problems with them too and in his case I am not sure if he can. Just my opinion.

Thanks, Ja, for listing the reactions. I felt it was not the greatest performance for Yang, and that’s saying something. His CNN town hall was terrific on Feb 5, but last night was flat, and the transits don’t really hit exactly the way they need to for a big win on Tuesday. He had an exact Mars return on the 5th. I think Tuesday will just not be that great for him. Other primaries have better transits.
And Barbk, thanks for the Amy Klobuchar chart data.

BarbK, ja, kiwi, Kim Carrey at Intuitiview has a new video out today that sure did lift my spirits. Hope it does for many of you here.

BarbK, thanks for the info on Amy Klobuchar. As much as I like Andrew Yang, I don’t think he’s nearly as qualified as Amy Klobuchar.
Is there some significance in what seems to me a lot of North Nodes around 21 or 22 Virgo ( my own included.) Is it telling us all to let go of our indecisive Piscean energy and become more analytical in separating the wheat from the chaff?

Bloomberg, Boston, Feb 14, 1942. For the election he has a trine from tr Venus to Jupiter forming to exact, also tr Jupiter trine Saturn exact. Saturn trine his Venus and Pluto trine his Saturn are newly separating.

As Saturn is heading to its first of three conjunctions this year with US Pluto at the end of this month, we are beginning to see signs of Trump’s consolidation of power. His problem is he can’t help himself. He always goes to excess. He is the biggest threat to himself and the greatest scandal-generator.

The tr Saturn-US Pluto conjunction will likely unleash a major push-back as it will be followed by Pluto opposite US Mercury and Opposite Trump’s Venus-Saturn in March and April. This could be related to Bolton’s back and could weaken him more than impeachment.

Unfortunately, the year is so packed with major events that tr Saturn will be conjunct US Pluto in August as well as in November right after the election. However, this last pass will again be followed by Pluto opposite his Saturn at the very end of the year.

As for Election Day itself, not only will Mercury be stationing direct, but it will also be squaring Saturn just before its third conjunction to US Pluto, pointing to difficulty in obtaining the results, as Michael Wolfstar states on his Facebook page:


Henri – thank you for the links you posted above. Both were very interesting. Whatever direction it takes, a pluto return tends to change a countries direction. Hopefully tRump is a kick in the pants that points us into a new and more compassionate future.

barbk, what is your source for Amy Klobuchar data? Speculation or documented?

Thank you.

My daughter was born just 1/2 day later.

Thanks ja. Although not so flippant as most of the journalists on the list, I agree with Mimi Swartz that Yang is an avatar of the future. I’m realizing that the way he is reaching the consciousness of the people (and possibly himself) is through his public appearances as a candidate for US president. Never mind the lack of experience, he is getting his message through.

It will take one of the candidates that has developed the required hide of a rhinoceros to become president, that much is clear. At some point, when the time is right, Andrew’s seed ideas will become part of the rejuvenation that Pluto demands.

Andrew Yang has a natal sextile between Pluto (9+ Libra) and his North Node (9+ Sagittarius) + Neptune (10+ Sagittarius). His natal centaur Orius (a sense of what people want) at 9+ Taurus completes a Yod in the apex part which is the part that must adjust to new circumstances.

That will probably be this June when transiting Uranus reaches 9+ Taurus, well before the Dem Convention on July 13, when transiting Jupiter will conjunct Andrew’s natal Sun, at 22+ Capricorn retrograde, empowering the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that began a new 30+ year cycle last month.

Banks, north nodes symbolize a path forward as you know, and in the case of yours and Amy’s and Bernie’s, it points to the US natal Neptune.

Yes, Virgo is about separating wheat and chaff, about clarity of facts and preciseness, but Neptune in Virgo cannot abide the restrictive preciseness that a Sun or Saturn in Virgo might demand. More likely, like the US Neptune, it positively expresses detail through art, including film, and service, and practical forms of compassion, like sending aid to China to fight the coronavirus outbreak.

The South Node in Pisces no longer serves your own growth, although sharing that compassion and sense of no restriction with another is fine, as long as it is not for personal benefit; it is something you have done to death and now you are given a new path to explore.

Bob, Astrodeinst (or astrodatabank) has it. Google astrology, Amy Klobuchar, birth chart and get lots of choices. Astrodeinst is my favorite b/c it lists the planets under the chart, all in one place!

Thanks. I was just on my way to post that I had found it. “BC in hand. Sy Scholfield”.

It appears that her birthplace is just down the block and around the corner from Minneapolis.Safe to use either location for chart work.

Correction for my last post: Bolton’s book

The second conjunction of tr Saturn with US Pluto in mid-August is particularly concerning because it will coincide with the first of 3 squares of Mars to Pluto very near the degree of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January. At the same time, Mars will be conjunct Black Moon Lilith.

The Administration’s dirty tricks and assault on the rule of law should reach unprecedented levels at that time.

I have no doubt the Democrats would win the White House if this were a free and fair election. It is increasingly clear it won’t be.

Perhaps Bloomberg would have the best shot astrologically but I have not yet looked closely at his chart.


The more I watch this race, the more confused I am about what I think will happen, and I’m in South Carolina, so I have to decide soon for our primary.

Didn’t know until a few months ago that the demographic group who votes most reliably and in the highest percentage is black women. (Bravo to them.)

So, I’m really curious who black women like right now. And I wonder if whoever is our presidential candidate picks Stacey Abrams or Kamala Harris as VP will be enough to bring that candidate the AA vote. (I’m good with either woman, assuming we have a male candidate. Would happily take Elizabeth Warren or even Amy, who I see as a middle-of-the-road alternative to Biden.)

When you think about it — it’s a huge amount of power, picking the VP, and it seems like a choice often made by a single person, the candidate, based on who’s from the right swing state and if it’s a senator, has a Democratic governor who will appoint another Democrat to that Senate seat.

Those small factors give us the person who, if our party is successful for the next four or eight years, has the biggest leg up on being our next President.

We should feel good about all our candidates if you look at the choices the Republicans have made to attack them. You know Republicans will always go at what they think makes the best attack or to take what’s perceived as a candidate’s strength and try to take it away from them. (Think John Kerry’s multiple Purple Hearts and likening his war wounds to ones that needed no more than band-aids.)

By that measure, the best attacks they have are:

Joe is sleepy and his son made some money by joining a firm two years after it had corruption problems.

Bernie honeymooned in Russia and is a secret communist.

EW lied about having an Indian ancestor.

Pete … haven’t they even bothered to attack Pete?

Amy is secretly mean and sometimes yells at people. Her niceness is all a cover.

That’s a group with so few skeletons in their closets.


“Hopefully tRump is a kick in the pants that points us into a new and more compassionate future.”


Henri and Teresa,, POC will vote for whomever they think can beat Trump. I would guess that that would be Bloomberg.

“I have no doubt the Democrats would win the White House if this were a free and fair election. It is increasingly clear it won’t be.”

This is becoming clear to many, and the anger is growing. I think this is in part why I’m sporadically hearing from some that we will need an armed resistance when the Trumpist fascists bring down enough hammers upon our democracy.

But I don’t see how that could or would restore our democratic republic. With rare exception, when revolution occurs you end up with thugs running your government. Case in point, the early Russian communists. V. Lenin and company robbed banks and killed innocent people in their quest to obtain monies for their revolution. They were thugs before they took power, and bolder thugs in power. There are too many such examples to mention.

Neither do I believe passive resistance will work against our authoritarian opponents. We are long past the 1960’s and 70’s when at least some of our establishmentarian opponents had enough conscience to actually hear the substance of our protests.

Every day, step by step these vulgar and venal wannabe overlords take away a bit more power and freedom from us. With every judicial appointment, with every executive order, with every gas lighting lie, every illegal detainment, with every bullying sadistic act against families and children, they rob us, they put into question our decency and humanity.

How then, I ask rhetorically, how we might reaffirm and reassert our decency, our humanity, and the freedoms our Founders fought for and won for us so long ago? I have none but the answers others have already advocated. Organize. Organize. Organize. Even knowing the Trump government may well “legally” invalidate our efforts, I know of nothing else, save prayer and centering, we might do. I think it is now time for as many of us as possible to get locally involved. Perhaps the answers to our questions will manifest in our increasing numbers.

Again, I’m merely thinking outloud here.

As far as I can tell Black people are still supporting Biden. The people I follow think that the first two states which are predominately white are not representative of the electorate. They feel that they are being ignored. A lot of chatter everywhere about having a state that is more diverse go first next time.

Yang is not a fav because he thinks that increased buying power via UBI? will reduce racism
Their response is increased buying power won’t keep you from being shot by a racist police officer etc.. Kind of goes along with Bernie’s seemingly similar view about identity politics

A lot of bitterness about Kamala Harris no longer being in the race. Many people feel that Bernie’s folks started the Kamala is a cop meme and they aren’t happy about that. Not Kamala or bust though. They will vote for Biden.

They really don’t like Elizabeth Warren claiming native American heritage. They feel that she took the job from a genuine POC. They also think that she stole Kamala’s plans and did not give her credit. They do not feel that she has adequate civil right credentials.

Steyer did steal Kamala’s list in South Carolina. He did apologize but their is a little bitterness there too.

Bloomberg has the stop and frisk baggage. I think that might be forgiven if it was obvious that he could handily beat trump.

AS far as Bernie goes the chatter is that he should have dropped out sooner. Instead he waited and waited and finally endorsed her and then went home to write a book for a month. When he did do his campaign stops he talked about his book. Overall I would say many of the people I follow are anybody but Bernie

I was not aware of how tied people were to Hillary. I did not know she did undercover civil rights work in the seventies. That gets mentioned a lot. They think Bernie Sanders civil rights claims are weak. I will say Bernie is doing better than expected with the other POC.
And they point to Elizabeth Warren being a Republican when Reagan was talking about Welfare queens.

The biggest thing and the thing that worries me the most is that there is an overall sense of white people made this mess with Trump and now you want us to come clean it up with whatever white savior candidate you come up with. I hope no one is thinking an all white ticket will be a winner because I don’t think it will be.

All of this is subject to change s time goes by an things progress. Hard to say what will havppen when push comes to actual shove. I would also say that I follow people who think like I do. So make allowances for that too!

Nothing like a good dog fight! Watch this with Steve Bannon vs. Bill Maher – worth the 12 minutes for sheer entertainment, if nothing else…


Here is Stephen Colbert interviewing Michael Bloomberg this past Tuesday.


At this moment, the transiting Sun is in a conjunction with the US progressed Mercury in Aquarius, and in opposition to the Full Moon at 20 Leo 00. Transiting Mercury is conjunct the US natal Ceres at 8+ Pisces and both are square the US natal Uranus degree, which is also the start point of the Neptune-Pluto cycle, both at 8+ Gemini, that began in 1891.

This full moon then highlights the US progressed Mercury, the transiting Mercury and the sign Gemini so there is a theme of communication, thinking, information and education embedded in this Leo full moon story, at least for the USA.

This leads me to believe that we could be dealing with Mother Nature (Ceres) and some un-anticipated (weather/earth) phenomenon during the next 2 weeks. Or it might be human needs that grabs our attention, or both.

The Neptune-Pluto conjunction was conjunct US Uranus at 8+ Gemini and was sextile Mars-Chiron at 8+ Leo in 1891, and their sextile formed a Yod to Hybris (hubris) at 8+ Capricorn, which opposes Trump’s natal Mercury (another talk-think symbol) in Cancer. That makes a Boomerang with all the energy going to Trump’s Mercury in Cancer.

(8+ Capricorn is also where the present Mars-Saturn cycle started which is about to end).

These 2 cycles, the short Mars-Saturn one and the never-ending Neptune-Pluto one, have relevance to this Leo Full Moon that holds sway for the next 2 weeks.

In the short one, Nessus (abuse of power) was at 8+ Pisces, where US natal Ceres is and where transiting Mercury also is in this Leo Full Moon right now. That’s a clue. Nessus at that time when the short cycle started (April 2, 2018) was trine the Moon at 9+ Scorpio which trines Trump’s Mercury at 8+ Cancer; a grand trine. I think this had to do with Puerto Rico hurricane relief funds.

The short cycle ends on March 31. That’s another clue. Trump won’t have that powerful grand trine with the People (Moon)and with Nessus (+ US Ceres) anymore after March 31.

In the never-ending cycle with it’s Yod between Neptune-Pluto in Gemini (+ US Uranus) and its Mars-Chiron in Leo and its Hybris in Cap opposite Trump’s Mercury in Cancer, is joined now with the Full Moon chart’s Pallas (strategist) at 8+ Capricorn (+ the short cycle’s start point!). This might be big, really, really big.

All this energy is being activated with the start of the Leo Full Moon. Within the next 2 weeks I think a strategy is being concocted to curtail, if not end Trump’s abuse of power. And there might be bad weather too.

It should be noted that transiting Hades is conjunct Trump’s Mercury at 8+ Cancer.

Henri, thanks a lot for the link to Marjorie Orr’s articles – I read her other one too ( https://star4cast.com/is-trump-a-necessary-evil-to-trigger-the-pluto-return/ ).

Joe Biden: “Col. Vindman got thrown out of the White House today…[Pres. Trump] should have been pinning a medal on Vindman and not on Rush Limbaugh.”

Joe Biden rallied the audience at the #DemocraticDebate. Standing O for hero Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman

William Barr Has Shut Down Six Investigations Into Trump

https://politicususa.com/2020/02/07/barr-trump-investigations.html… via

“It’s coming for whoever the nominee is. Bernie Sanders’ wife was the subject of a criminal probe for several years. If he’s the nominee, you can bet your last dollar Lindsey Graham is going to demand FBI records on it and Barr is going to turn them over.”


Hybris? Don’t know that one.
The Pluto/Eris midpoint is 8 Pi 33 right now. So, it will add to the “bigness” of whatever big thing is happening, and the chaos.
That midpoint conjuncts Andrew Yang’s prog. Sun.

Looking at New Hampshire primary transits, Buttigieg and Tulsi Gabbard seem to benefit. Her date of birth is April 12, 1981. Lots of Aries positions for Tulsi, including Sun at 22 Aries. Buttigieg has Saturn at 22 Libra.


I know Biden’s polling well among African Americans in South Carolina, but despite how small and overwhelmingly white they are, Iowa and New Hampshire shake up the race. I think we do need more diverse early contests, but we don’t have them yet. So, with what we have, I wonder if Biden’s support can hold with him finishing badly in both Iowa and NH.

Just like people of color will be unhappy with an all white ticket, I’ll be unhappy with an all white male ticket, and I think a lot of women will be, too.

Give us Stacy Abrams or Kamala Harris and a one-term Biden. I’d be excited about that.

Ja, thank you for the Bloomberg interview. Colbert concluded it by saying: “If we’re going to have a billionaire President, you seem like a much nicer one.”

Bloomberg says he has no problem apologizing for his mistakes, and that stop-and-frisk was one.

If he were the nominee, Democrats would in effect be saying:”Our billionaire is bigger than yours, also more honest, more progressive and more competent.”

It is likely Biden will soon be out of the race. His lead with black voters in South Carolina appears to be declining sharply. Personally, I don’t think a person who voted for the Iraq war and presided over the Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas debacle should ever have been considered because of his poor judgment. He has been riding on Obama’s coattails, and it is not even clear Obama supports him. I wrote six months ago he would not be the nominee.

After Super Tuesday on March 3, it it likely the race will be between Buttigieg, Sanders and Bloomberg, with Warren, Klobuchar and the others as also-rans. This could lead to a brokered convention. As Bloomberg stated in the interview, the Presidency is not an entry-level position and you should not need training wheels. This argument takes out Mayor Pete. While I love Bernie and his ideas, he appears too vulnerable to Republican dirt-digging, as others here have written.

Which leaves Bloomberg. His chart is powerful, which is what you would expect from a self-made billionaire, which he truly is and Trump is not. He is clearly in favor of gun control and the fight against climate change. He comes across as effective and efficient. His chart has control-freak Pluto in the first house (another Pluto in Leo). His Sun is almost conjunct the US Moon in Aquarius, which is a strong positive indication of success in US politics.

His Cancer Ascendant is opposite the US Pluto, which to me means that, although he is seen as part of the plutocrat class, he does not identify with it. Much like FDR (although FDR was born into it), he can rise above his class and turn against it.

He will be 78 this week, but appears healthier and more vigorous than either Biden or Sanders. I do not think that is a factor in his case.

I have two concerns. His numerology is weak. His life number is 5: soaring heights usually followed by a fall. And the number for his last years is 7, which is usually spiritual and secluded.

He has powerful squares in his chart between Aquarian and Taurus planets, which would seem to fit the Saturn-Uranus square of 2021 and the numerous squares between the same signs in the 2021 Inaugural chart. We all know that chart is difficult. But these squares occur much earlier than in his chart, which has late-degree planets. If he lives through his 80s, he could be a key player even if he is not President.

I believe he would the most powerful and effective challenger to Trump. He would attract many Republican and Independent votes. I also believe he would be a very good President. His choice of VP candidate would be critical.

He could also be, because of Republican cheating and Democratic disunity, the best President the US never had.

To be President during the actual Pluto return in 2022-23 will be fatal to the career of whoever is in the White House. As I have written before, I cannot conceive at this point of a Pluto return without Trump in the White House. He is the incarnation of the worse of US capitalism: a mix of the Uranus-Pluto square, tr Pluto opposition US Sun, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, the Pluto return, the Neptune semi-return and the Chiron return. He is a Golum, the product of the American nightmare, at a unique time in US history. This time is not yet spent.

I fear Bloomberg is the Merrick Garland of presidential politics: the one who should be elevated but won’t be. I truly and sincerely hope I am wrong.

While he will likely be too old to run in 2024, he could still be a major force for positive change.


Re your 12:39PM

Either an amazing direct scriptural hit or a wicked-good cherry picking as a function of confirmation bias.

“Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!” – Dr. Peter Venkman; Ghostbusters

I’ve been using excerpts from the Exorcism Rite of Roman Catholicism in some of my posts because it truly does feel to me like the U.S is in the throes of a full-tilt-boogie Satanic possession. For reals.


Bloomberg must have all kinds of protection; for a 5 lifepath, he has weathered many storms and obviously (at least financially and status-wise) done very, very well. Also, with so many fixed signs in his chart, he’s probably got a good deal of built-in stability.

I agree, Angellight…that would be another thing that would be pulled out of the woodwork and magnified for all it’s worth (in addition to the Commie scare).

I’m not sure what they would do with Biden….is there anything they could get traction on? Or, they could just waste a lot of time and money as they did on Bengazi and Hillary’s emails.

Maybe it can be Biden/Harris or Abrams, Teresa. I’m also still interested in Amy Klobuchar.

The very latest Washington Post article does not paint as dire and dramatic a picture as you do for Biden.

They acknowledge that Steyer has made progress with African Americans in South Carolina, chipping away at Biden’s support. What they don’t say is that he hired Kamala’s SC campaign manager and she brought information from the KH campaign with her He did apologize to Kamala Harris.
Apparently he has made good use of the information. The question is what is he really doing and who is he trying to help. They also get some quotes from people who are worried about Joe. But no one I really know or follow.

Theresa, I get it and I agree.

I follow over 1000 people most of the people I follow are black because those are the voices that interest me the most right now. I don’t know if Biden will make it. No one does right now. We’ll see.

Angellight Graham was on this morning talking about their plans to go after Biden. He is obviously the person they do not want to run against. I don’t think I have ever told you I like what you contribute

The problem is Oxthecat, they WILL go after him, just to make him look bad — they don’t need a good reason – they will manufacture one. At least the Democrats have truth on their side.

My dire picture for Biden (if you were referring to me) comes from my own observation, but I can’t be the only one. I watched Biden at the Tues CNN town hall and, again, at the debate. He did much better at the debate than at the town hall where, even though it’s a more relaxed format, he was meandering and getting lost. A lot of what he said was beautiful and great but it didn’t give you that “I’m in charge” kind of reassurance. At the debate, he was much more focused, so it’s a better format for him, but he seemed angry at times, over-emotional (same at the CNN Town Hall but not angry). I do have to say that his anger worked perfectlly when he had people stand up and applaud Vindman. At other times, it doesn’t. And he talks a lot about what he started, the programs he originated, which is perfectly fine, but his tone is (to me) too personal. His emotions are too exposed. He almost seems like he is on medication, some kind of stimulant (?), or maybe it’s just his scorpio planets. He needs to be cooler and more neutral and not so willing to stop when his time is up. Maybe he can be a one-term president. He certainly has a lot of the ingredients. On the other hand, do people want to vote for a one-term president? All of these things worry me and he was my first choice from the get-go.

Anyway, there is this:


SO- maybe a Klobuchar/Harris or /Abrams ticket would work after all??!!

I’ve repeated ad nauseam the cluster of cycles that began in January conjunct Andrew Yang’s natal Sun, most conspicuous being the Saturn-Pluto cycle that will last 30+ years.

But shorter ones like Sun-Saturn and Sun-Pluto and Ceres-Saturn and Ceres-Pluto and Mercury-Ceres and Mercury-Saturn and Mercury-Pluto also carry the intense Uranus station-direct at 2+ Taurus, very near the US progressed Venus (values) and opposite the US progressed Saturn (structures).

All these cycles are poised to begin a radical transformation of US values that will alter the US structures. If you don’t think so now, it will become apparent in the coming months.

Another cycle that will begin on Yang’s natal Sun degree, 22+ Capricorn, is the Mars-Jupiter cycle that puts them just 2 degrees behind transiting Pluto and one degree ahead of transiting Pallas the Planner on March 20, 2020. Uranus will have moved forward to 4+ Taurus by then and will trine the transiting South Node + Pholus + Yang’s natal ascendant, all at 4+ Capricorn.

That cycle, Mars-Jupiter, will press for a strategy that will break (Uranus) with outworn methods (South Node) and it will cause a brouhaha (Pholus) and Andrew Yang will be front and center.

This Mars-Jupiter cycle starts less than 3 weeks after Super Tuesday, with more than two months left of the primary-caucus season, and more than 3 months until the Dem Convention when trans. retrograde Jupiter will be conjunct Andrew’s natal Sun at 22+ Capricorn again, and the transiting North Node at 28+ Gemini will be about to trine the US natal Moon (US voters).

The old rules are changing and it would be best to not poo-poo any possibilities just yet. A lot will change between now and the July Convention for the apparently aimless Dem party, and won’t that be exciting to observe!

oxthecat: Thank you.


Thank you for that link. I found myself laughing out loud. Right now I’m trying to decide if I should share it or not on facebook.

Sharon I was not talking about you. I can’t argue with your concerns about Joe.

Some news about Joe that is interesting. When they broke down the data in Iowa the voters who swung from Obama to Trump voted in larger numbers for Biden than they did for Sanders. This data suggests he is the person who could beat Trump. You know the Trump team has this data too. I bet this is not a one off. I bet they are seeing this in other states and want Joe gone toute de suite.

Barbk, although Mother Nature and Nurturing go with Ceres, so does the working class and democracy. Here is Solar Fire’s interpretation of that impacts: In mundane terms Ceres has a distinct bearing on the well-being of ordinary people, and research has proven it is one of the most important fundamental symbols of the spirit and practice of democracy.
I wanted to mention that for the New Hampshire Primary I looked at Ceres transiting the candidates charts, and I looked at the transits to Ceres in the candidates charts.
I have a long list, but this is impressive: For Andrew Yang Ceres is transiting conjunct his Moon on Tuesday, and as I think you’ve mentioned Jupiter is sextile his series, and Neptune is exactly conjunct his Ceres.
I looked at all the other candidates and some of them have very active aspects, and I’ll list a couple. Amy Klobuchar’s Sun is at 4 Gemini, and Tuesday night Ceres is at 4 Aquarius. Bernies Sander’s Ceres is being transited almost exactly by Mars. For other candidates the aspects aren’t as exact, and we don’t have the birth time for several candidates, so it’s hard to know about important transits to the Ascendant or MC or Moon. For Joe Biden, he will have good transits to Ceres on Super Tuesday.

Steyer has spent a ton of money in South Carolina. We started getting these huge double-sided, full-color mailers from him months ago. First, they came once a week. Then twice a week. We might be up to three times a week now. Plus, he’s been running TV commercials longer than anyone else.

No idea if it’s getting him any support here.

Cringe-worthy moment — Biden was campaigning tonight, answering a question from a 21-year-old female, and called her a “lying dog-faced pony soldier.”

He was trying to make a joke. She laughed. The audience laughed, and his campaign said he was quoting a line from a movie.

A John Wayne movie from 1952.

He does stuff like this, and I cringe and think .. he doesn’t even understand how out of touch he seems quoting a John Wayne movie from 1952. Especially to a 21-year-old woman.

You can see the video here: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7984593/Joe-Biden-calls-voter-lying-dog-faced-pony-soldier-claims-caucus.html

Will, you brought up Satanic possession. I understand we were both raised Catholics. This is a subject I hesitate to write on, but you have opened the door.

I noticed Trump’s voice became hoarse recently. The first time was at that prayer breakfast last week when he said he did not believe in loving enemies, a prime teaching of Jesus Christ. The second was during his vengeful speech at the White House later the same day.

Stephen Colbert, who is himself a Catholic man of faith, made a joke of it. He said he could hear the demon inside. I am sure it was more than a joke. The hoarse voice is beginning to remind me of Hitler’s.

I thought the Devil was more clever this time because he was hiding behind a narcissist. But his weak point is his pride. In the end, he can’t help showing himself to those who can see.

Also, Trump is attacking prayer, truth and faith. He is projecting evil on others. And his in-house spiritual advisor is calling on abortions of his female opponents.

All great battles are spiritual. And the evangelical South is on the wrong side.


“All great battles are spiritual….”

So true; so very true.

In that vein, I’ve been watching the film “The Two Popes” on Netflix, and loving it. I haven’t quite finished it but what a great film. Highly recommended…

Sorry to hear that Biden did that — not funny at all. He may have the beginnings of dementia or worse.

Chiro, my fellow Ceres admirer, thank you for expanding on the influence of Ceres’ symbolism and how it affects the charts of the Dem candidates in the upcoming primary. No doubt this dwarf planet signals the return of balance between the extreme polarities that society has reached. She is quite powerful in convincing human beings of the practicality of being reasonable; she deprives them of food!!

The basic principal of this goddess is the cycle of life and death and a return to life, as expressed in the plant seed to vegetable production to decay to seed again. We could apply the expression of “what goes around comes around” to Ceres.

Trump has natal Ceres at 13+ Aquarius and will have his “Ceres Return” around March 5-6, right after Super Tuesday; perhaps a return to seed?

NewsScope for February 10, 2020
By Michael O’Reilly

Prelude: Voting Tallies Don’t Add Up


My next stop is 80 so I better get my old quotes in as soon as I can.

“Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories.”

2020 Presidential Primary Calendar


Monday, February 3: Iowa caucuses (both parties)
Tuesday, February 11: New Hampshire
Saturday, February 22: Nevada Democratic caucuses, Nevada Republican Alternative Presidential Preference Poll (of state central committee members)
Saturday, February 29: South Carolina Democratic primary


Tuesday, March 3: Alabama, American Samoa Democratic caucuses, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Democrats Abroad (voting through March 10, 2020), Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia (Democrats only)
Tuesday, March 10: Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota Democratic “firehouse caucus”, North Dakota Republican preference caucuses, Washington
Friday, March 13: Hawaii Republican delegate apportionment
Saturday, March 14: Guam Republican territorial convention, Northern Mariana Islands Democratic caucuses
Sunday, March 15: Kansas Republican conventions (district convention start on March 15, process ends with state convention on Sunday, May 24.), Northern Mariana Islands Republican territorial caucus
Tuesday, March 17: Arizona (Democrats only), Florida, Illinois, Ohio
Wednesday, March 18: American Samoa Republican territorial caucus
Tuesday, March 24: Georgia
Sunday, March 29: Puerto Rico Democratic primary


Wednesday April 1: South Carolina Republican conventions (district conventions start on April 1, process ends with state convention on Saturday, May 2.)
Saturday, April 4: Alaska Democratic party-run primary, Alaska Republican state convention, Hawaii Democratic party-run primary, Louisiana, Virgin Islands Republican territorial caucuses (through Saturday, May 30), Wyoming Democratic caucuses
Tuesday, April 7: Wisconsin
Tuesday, April 28: Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island


Friday, May 1 (-Saturday, May 2): Virginia Republican state convention
Saturday, May 2: Guam Democratic caucuses, Kansas Democratic party-run primary
Tuesday, May 5: Indiana
Saturday, May 9: Arizona Republican state convention, Wyoming Republican state convention
Tuesday, May 12: Nebraska, West Virginia
Tuesday, May 19: Kentucky, Oregon


Tuesday, June 2: Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota, Washington, DC
Saturday, June 6: Virgin Islands Democratic caucuses
Sunday, June 7: Puerto Rico Republican primary

Source for dates:

Has anybody seen Terry McKay? I can’t find her anywhere.

I haven’t seen Richard Nolle, Astropro since December!

The only Democrat who won the nomination for President without majority black support was
Dukakis. I think that was in 1988.

“Meet Attorney General Bill Barr’s daughter Mary Barr Daly.

Barr arranged for his daughter, a lawyer, to get a top job at Treasury working directly with Treasury Sec Steven Mnuchin on the *same day* he became AG.

Her job: Protect Trump’s taxes and provide Biden dirt to GOP.”


Michael Bloomberg Is Donating $10 Million To House Democrats Under Fire From GOP via @forbes


That’s cool about Blumberg.

I am not a supporter of his but am open to him, and appreciate the Aquarius stellum & connection to the U.S. moon (while wondering if he has too many fixed sign placements).

However, I just saw on Dem Underground where someone that someone posted a list of very positive actions he has taken, including apologizing more than once for his stop and frisk program, so I’m sharing them here.

This is Mike Bloomberg
Last edited Mon Feb 10, 2020, 12:35 PM – Edit history (1)

Bloomberg Pitches Program to Boost Black Economic Progress

Bloomberg tax proposal seeks to collect $5T from high-income taxpayers

Bloomberg Seeks to Limit Drug Patent Protection to Reduce Costs

Bloomberg unveils plan to boost housing affordability, tackle homelessness

Bloomberg Proposes $1 Trillion Public Works Plan

Bloomberg donates $4.5M to U.N. climate body after U.S. cuts

Bloomberg gave $500M to clean energy effort

He came out in support of marriage equality in 2005.

Bloomberg statement on Black History month

Bloomberg gave Johns Hopkins $1.8 billion for financial aid

Michael Bloomberg Reiterates Apology for ‘Stop and Frisk’

“Dear mainstream media, just STOP this nonsense! Look, I know y’all need to fill the 24-hour airwaves, but just ONE state has voted. And that was just 170,000 votes. We think. In 1992,
@BillClinton did not win his 1st state until Georgia, the 6th 1 on the calendar. ”


“Whatever happens, despair is not the answer. Even if a majority in a recent poll in New Hampshire said they would rather have all of humanity be destroyed by a giant meteor than have four more years of the current administration.”


ja, re: Liz Grace about Trump:
“His Venus was exactly opposed by Saturn”

I bet that’s about the ads put out by Bloomberg that cut Trump to the quick, like his fake hair and spray on tan!

Yes barbk, there is a link at her site to the gruesome photo.

Sharon k, I also really enjoyed The Two Popes. It was an exceptional film.

Inspiring words from Marie Yaronovitch in an op-ed in the Washington Post:

“These are turbulent times, perhaps the most challenging that I have witnessed. But I still intend to find ways to engage on foreign policy issues and to encourage those who want to take part in the important work of the Foreign Service. Like my parents before me, I remain optimistic about our future. The events of the past year, while deeply disturbing, show that even though our institutions and our fellow citizens are being challenged in ways that few of us ever expected, we will endure, we will persist and we will prevail.”

The latest poll shows that Biden is losing some of his African American support to Bloomberg.

Cash Peters pictures show that if Bloomberg takes a non traditional route he could be successful. His pictures showed that if Bloomberg took a traditional route during the primary that he would lose. He does not see a Dem wining at this time but he also does not see DT staying in office.

What he said a while ago make sense. Bloomberg is not taking a traditional primary route.
Very interesting.


Good paragraph by Yavanovitch; thank you for posting.

Here’s a good post from DU about cool stuff Bloomberg has been doing to jump start our society in the right direction, on his own, because he can. I tried posting the links directly but they must be in moderation. I am now starting to get more interested in him.


Bloomberg DOES have an interesting birth chart Sharon, his Sun at 25+ Aquarius is 2 degrees away from the US natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius, so there’s that.

But, this is what I find intriguing; Bloomberg’s natal Moon at 17+ Aquarius and his natal Ceres at 18+ Aquarius and his natal Mercury at 15+ Aquarius are in a grand trine with Trump’s natal Uranus at 17+ Gemini and Trump’s natal Libra (+ US progressed Mars and the US Constitution Neptune and Putin’s natal Saturn) at 17+ Libra. I’m not sure how to read that, but I do have an idea (call it a feeling) though.

Bloomberg’s natal Venus at 6+ Aquarius conjuncts the US natal South Node and US natal Pholus at 6+ Aquarius, as well as the Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart’s Neptune, also at 6+ Aquarius. This would appeal to voters who yearn for the past.

Then there is Bloomberg’s natal Jupiter at 22+ Taurus that trines the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo and trines the January Saturn-Pluto conjunction and it’s entourage at 22+ Capricorn, and finally, his Jupiter conjuncts the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle start point, also at 22+ Taurus. In a sense he can be seen as the “chosen one” to embody that grand trine energy that is built into the life of the Saturn-Pluto 30+ year cycle for the USA.

Mike Bloomberg’s natal Uranus-Saturn conjunction (21-22 Taurus) will sextile the transiting Neptune at 22+ Pisces that will oppose the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo in the 1st US Pluto Return chart on Feb 20, 2022.

At that time transiting Mars and Venus will be at 19+ Cap and conjunct Mike’s natal Pholus (small cause, big effect) which often symbolizes the release of ancestral baggage. This might also help the US release old baggage since Mike’s Venus conjuncts the US natal Pholus (+ US South Node).

So here’s my feeling; we all have a role to play in this transformative time and Bloomberg’s role might be to get the scoundrel out of the White House for the good of his country and maybe even the good of his soul. The grand trine he shares with Trump (and the US progressed Mars) are two parts of the puzzle that is the US transformation.

Bloomberg’s natal Pallas (strategist) at 0 Aquarius 0 is where the Sun will be on Inauguration Day, as well as the next Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s start degree at the end of this year, after the election. I can see him as “holding space” for one 4-year term as the Dems put together a game plan and the Pubs pick up the pieces of their shattered party. This is especially true if he is seen favorably by people of color, which is what I’m hearing.

Scratch the Bloomberg Jupiter at 22+Taurus (it’s at 11+ Gemini) and insert Uranus-Saturn. Sorry for the error.

I’m basing this mostly on intuition, not astrology. I also see the next president “holding space”, serving either one 4-year term, or quite possibly serving only half that term, possibly even dying in office.

As far as the R’s picking up the pieces of their shattered party”; I see a higher probability they won’t. I feel/think this may soon be the end of the line for the R’s. We haven’t yet seen the worst consequences of Mr.T’s presidency, or the empowering acquittal the R senate gave him.

Mr.T set in motion a number of hidden dominoes which I believe will fall extraordinarily hard, harming millions. He and the R’s who empowered him will forever be blamed for the catastrophe. He will go down in history as the very worst president to have ever served.

Eliseo, I woke up in the middle of the night with the same thought of the hidden harm Trump is in the process of setting in motion.

Bloomberg has been advertising on Black radio non stop for quite awhile. Really smart.

Right now he is meeting with highly skilled tech people.

Eliseo I agree with everything you wrote. It is so sad and was so unnecessary.

gabbard was on hanitty yesterday – she may be alright with the upside down of the Right but maybe not with the backwards part when it comes to spelling her first nam: i slu

No arguments from me Eliseo and ja; I don’t underestimate the war within.

However, those Republican voters will continue to vote I think but under new flags. The Saturn-Pluto cycle will last for several decades, while the effects from the US Pluto Return will go on for generations. Then there are the outer planets Neptune and Uranus which will symbolize further upheaval in this country’s ongoing transformation.

We live in interesting times don’t we?

Eliseo, I agree. I think the Republican Party of 1854 is doomed, and really ought to be put out of its misery, for the good of the country and the future of humanity.

It should be treated like a criminal enterprise—because it truly is—and liquidated.

barbk, I have no doubt that Conservatism will live in here in the US in some form or another. And I think we have to realize the particular threat to our country and the world that it poses in the GOP. That particular instrument of expression and the dark energy stored in it must be dismantled, and the energy of the 1854 chart dispersed, by any means necessary.

This made me laugh and it is a truly great idea. (From Twitter)

Rick Wilson
This is a truly great idea.

I mean, TRULY great.

Hell, it’s only a couple billion and routing Trump from his properties when he defaulted would be a karmic pleasure.

Misplaced Sidekick
I think that Bloomberg should purchase all of Trump’s debts and then call the loans. Take everything

Henri great idea. I think Bloomberg is the only one who can win over Republicans who are not deplorables, but afraid of Socialism. I am amazed at people I know, good people at heart, who do good things in the world. However, they seem to be party over humanity. And, so afraid of the word socialism. These are smart people with working brains. These is why I have come to believe that a Bloomberg/Klobuchar ticket may be the winning ticket to oust Trump and the Republican senate.

Wow Laura Williams! Great idea; Bloomberg and Klobuchar for the progressive Dem party and the death knell for the Pubs with Trump and we all meet in the middle. Sounds logical – even fair; a kind of truce between the left and right wings. Give a little, get a little. By jove, I think you got it!

Transiting Uranus (3+ Taurus) is trine Amy K’s natal Pluto at 3+ Virgo, did somebody already report that?

Bloomberg has Vesta (what we invest in) at 3+ Capricorn and altogether that’s a big fat grand trine in earth (reality) signs. Now if we can just convince Amy . . .


What sort of catastrophes? Economic?

Teresa Hill,
I can give you detail of what I see as probable by email. Info may not be appropriate for the blog. Later today i will notify Nancy it is ok to give you my email address.

Never Trump’ Republicans backing Joe Biden in NH primary, emails show

Embittered “Never Trump” Republicans tied to former Ohio Gov. John Kasich have secretly schemed to assist Joe Biden’s campaign — because they think he’s the only Democrat who can beat the president and help them get “revenge,” The Post has learned.

Emails obtained by The Post show that two top staffers from Kasich’s failed, 2016 primary campaign and Ohio’s former GOP chairman, a Kasich ally, were among those involved in efforts to boost support for the former vice president in last week’s botched Iowa caucus and Tuesday’s New Hampshire prim

https://nypost.com/2020/02/10/never-trump-republicans-backing-joe-biden-in-nh-primary-emails-show/?utm_source=twitter_sitebuttons&utm_medium=site%20buttons&utm_campaign=site%20buttons via @nypost

Here’s mine. It’s the one I use as an author and public in other places, so I don’t mind it being here: teresamhillATbellsouthDOTnet

Laura Willow, I could not agree with you more.


“I think that Bloomberg should purchase all of Trump’s debts and then call the loans. Take everything” Hilariuos!

I’ve been musing that Bloomberg has billions in cash and is probably up to some fun stuff to pull back the curtains on the Lizzard of Id with respect to his Ponzi-scheme house of ill-begotten properties and licenses.

Ooops! Thanks Banks; I might never have caught that I got Laura’s last name wrong. I’m sorry Laura Willow for that sloppy mistake.

‘Prosecutors Quit Roger Stone Case After Justice Dept. Intervenes on Sentencing’

“Stone’s obstruction and stonewalling is why Mueller was not able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt Trump’s conspiracy with Russia to defraud the US and our 2016 elections. He was the lynch pin to it all with his go betweens with Wikileaks and Trump. Without Stone’s obstruction Trump likely would have been indicted by Mueller for conspiracy. This is why this is so huge and also so sad for our country.”


Andrew Yang suspended his campaign just now.

Bet he could buy the loans at cents on the dollar, since they will not be repaid otherwise.

Check out Revealing Light https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rE8I4EcGPY 6 month predictions

Someone once told me that astrology is not predictive. I’m inclined to think that that is true at least when it comes to predictions about Donald Trump and presidential candidates. Now what?


I agree with your praise of Two Popes – extraordinary performances – nuanced and believable -and some intensely debated canonical issues as well. Loved it.

Dear Barb, I thought of you immediately when I read, about an hour ago, that Yang suspended his campaign. I then saw the NYT article which said his campaign did surprisingly well, starting with $3.7 mil and ending up with $30 mil, and here is a quote from his campaign mgr that should help us feel optimistic about him and help you realize that what you are seeing in his stars is valid:

“His plans moving forward were not immediately clear, though senior campaign officials would not rule out a return to politics. “We are just getting started,” Zach Graumann, Mr. Yang’s campaign manager, said Tuesday…Speaking to reporters later that day, Mr. Yang was asked if he would consider running for mayor of New York City. ‘I wouldn’t rule anything out,’ he said.”

I also want to point out my 1:18 p.m. post about Bloomberg yesterday, which must have been stuck in moderation because I couldn’t find it (?) Check out the headlines of the urls – you don’t even have to read them. He is an impressive guy (7 planets in fixed signs, though – a little scary!) and just maybe he’s the dark horse Linda G saw emerging (but she thought that person might have lightish hair). Either way, Bloomberg is going to help! Big time. And so will Yang and the others.

Yes, Will, you captured it, and Ja loved it as well (as she posted above). We need many more films like that in our orbit — to balance out “Joker” etc. Of course, the current Pope Francis has always seemed to be the real thing to me, maybe one of the few (or only), and a true credit to his namesake – and the director and actor (Jonathan Pryce, whom I love) brought his essence out in the film It was touching how he affected his predecessor in such a healing way.

Hi Banks,

You wrote: “….Someone once told me that astrology is not predictive. I’m inclined to think that that is true at least when it comes to predictions about Donald Trump and presidential candidates. Now what?”

A number of Tarot readers and astrologers are pointing to mid to late March for potential dramatic developments. The main astrological factor to consider is the close Mars/Jupiter/Pluto conjunction triggering the Jan 10th, 2020 lunar eclipse degree (March 17 – 21) in opposition to Trump’s natal Saturn.

Before we get there however, the March 9th Full Moon (1:48 pm EST – 19 Virgo) might hold a hint of things to come (will Trump’s financial records be revealed at this time?). The Full Moon will oppose tr. Neptune (18 Pisces) while forming a grand cross to Trump’s nodes/Sun/Moon stellium. The critical aspect I’m looking at is of Mercury stationing direct later that evening at 28 ’13 Aquarius. It will form an opposition to Trump’s ascendant and the August 21st, 2017 solar eclipse degree (28 ’50 Leo)……

New Moon / Total Solar Eclipse in Leo: The Great American Aclipse
by Juliana McCarthy

“……..Traditionally a Solar Eclipse represents the falling of a king if there’s an imbalance of power, and this one falls directly on Donald Trump’s Ascendant and Mars. The Ascendant is the most crucial point in a person’s chart, and Mars represents our direction. Since Donald Trump was born within a few hours of an eclipse, he is more susceptible to their effects. With serious moves toward impeachment after his outrageous response to the Charlottesville attack, and with many leaving their positions at the White House and abandoning their support of Trump, his fall seems to be underway.

Monday’s Solar Eclipse will also oppose the Aquarius Moon in the United States’ chart. The Moon is our heart and emotional body, while Aquarius is the sign of egalitarianism. This means that our heartfelt concern for fellow beings lines up with the deepest drives of the United States. The Moon will take center stage as it blocks the Sun on Monday, bringing this sense of compassion and inclusion to the foreground.”




“……..Traditionally a Solar Eclipse represents the falling of a king if there’s an imbalance of power, and this one falls directly on Donald Trump’s Ascendant and Mars. ”

Oh, but to dream.


Luckily for the country, Donald J Trump has the brains of a warped centipede. He will be the cause of his own undoing. Eventually his Republican base will turn against him. It’s just a matter of time. Why? Case in point…..

Sondland And Vindman Were Planning Exits But Trump Didn’t Want Them To Go Quietly

Feb 10, 2020

The two impeachment witnesses that President Donald Trump fired Friday were quietly planning exits of their own, multiple people tell CNN.

Both Gordon Sondland and Lt. Col. Alex Vindman had seen their standings diminished significantly after they appeared before Congress and under subpoena to discuss the hold on military assistance to Ukraine. Because of that, both had been quietly planning to leave their positions after the impeachment trial wrapped up, three sources tell CNN.

Officials told the President this was likely and advised him to let them just leave on their own so he would spare himself the criticism of firing impeachment witnesses. But Trump didn’t want them to go quietly, according to one person familiar with his thinking.


“It should be treated like a criminal enterprise—because it truly is—and liquidated.”

My “thinking partner” of several decades, who will in a few months retire from his university teaching position, was a R. in the 80’s and saw it coming long ago from within the R. Party. He left it, citing the same concerns as have you. NO ONE condemns the R’s more for their criminality than former R’s!
My TP frequently compares the R party to the mafia and believes the RICO laws should be applied to take them down.

Our modern day “conservatives” are not conservative! They are merely reactionary, authoritarian, greed heads, who are addicted to power and enjoy punishing people.

True conservatives are careful, cautious, and prudent with money. The R’s are definitely not that. They neither conserve or preserve our traditional values, our environment, or anything else.

Liberals tend to be creative and are good at identifying problems. But not all their solutions are good ones. They need healthy minded Conservatives working with them in a legislature to ask, “How much will this cost? How might we pay for it? and Has any other government done this and seen it work out well?”

What is considered conservative or liberal depends greatly on context. If were lucky, we’ll be rid of the R’s within a decade and eventually have psychologically healthy conservatives and liberals compromising, working together, respectfully solving problems. By that time, what “Liberal” and “Conservative” mean will likely be very different from what obtains today.

Thank you Sharon. A practical study of Yang’s chart (which I had not done yet) makes sense about what happened yesterday. His MC (career) at 0+ Scorpio and his natal Uranus at 2+ Scorpio (where the US progressed Saturn is) is opposed by transiting Uranus in Taurus.

His natal Pluto at 9+ Libra trines his Venus at 9+ Aquarius that trines his natal South Node (not the path forward) at 9+ Gemini which conjuncts the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini (as does Biden’s Saturn and Warren’s Mars-Mercury).

Transiting Neptune at 17+ Pisces conjuncts his natal Ceres (17+ Pisces) and natal Jupiter (15+ Pisces).

And then there is the Saturn-Pluto conjunction and about 10 other conjunctions that were and continue to conjunct his natal Sun at 22+ Capricorn.

There is more going on in his life than what meets the public eye. Andrew Yang is being overwhelmed by something or some things that demand his total attention that prevent his run for the presidency at this time. Prayers for the man would not be out of order.

He’s about to be on Morning Joe so we may learn more.

Reading the NYT article that ja linked to gives me stomach ache.
In the past, when one learned about the coming to power of Hitler, one wondered how it was possible people let him to have all that power, how so many sensible people could go along with that.
This is like a total repetition of that. McConnell, Graham, Barr.. they’re American, but they’re like the German politicians in the ’30s. Aren’t they aware of that?
I usually find strength in Buddhism, especially in Thich Nhat Hanh’s tradition. He stayed ‘cool’ throughout the Vietnam war.
He can’t speak anymore but he’s still alive, and I think he’d tell us to water the seeds of positivism, of love and growth instead of watering darkness’s seeds of the rump guy and above named characters. That might be the best way of weakening them and of taking good care of ourselves. If we don’t take care of ourselves we can’t help anyone.
So I breathe to my stomach ache and go back to my own work.
I thank you all and hope Starlight will soon write a new story!

Marjorie Orr:


Here is Ralfee today:

“Never have I welcomed a Mercury Retrograde as much as the one that begins on Sunday, February 16—really. I am eager for it simply because given the ongoing political and cultural upheaval nothing is or ever will be normal again,”



Tonglen indeed. Probably the best defense against darkness and evil.



Feb 11, 2019 Psychic Prophesizes The End Of Trump’s Life

Begins at about 11 minute mark

Buckeye, re the republican party demise – I really think the rot from within started with Nixon’s election, transitioning during Johnson, where the mafia type elements within the dem party switched names to preserve their anonymity. I wonder how the nixon admin chart fits with today? Lincoln’s party for the most part was honorable.
I wish the media would start calling trmp and his ilk, Judas. Sold their souls for silver.

Please consider writing a postcard to
@TheJusticeDept demanding Barr’s resignation.

Barr is licensed to practice law in DC & Virginia.
Please consider filing a complaint w these state bars to:
—Conduct an ethics investigation
—Review his license for disbarment


“If Trump is allowed to turn the Justice Department into a political weapon, no one is safe”


Hey kiwi!
Your history is correct. The systemic rot in the R. Party began with Nixon.

The mafia types in politics were associated with the Teamsters Union. As the Mafioso is unrepentantly racist, they dropped ALL interest in the Dem party when JFK & LBJ opted to support civil rights.

Our journalists will never refer to Trump & his minions as a Judas, or as Judases. Regardless of intention, it would be interpreted as anti-semitic. But for that matter, I don’t think they’ll invoke Benedict Arnold either!

BTW, I think Trump is very Mussolini-like more so than other characters from history.


“Dems on the House Judiciary Cmte have sent a letter to AG Barr saying he has agreed to testify before the Cmte on March 31, saying they will discuss “numerous concerns regarding his leadership of the Department of Justice and the President’s improper influence over the Dept…”


How Obama diagnosed Trumpism way back in 2008

“You go into some of these small towns in Pennsylvania, and like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them. And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not. So it’s not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.” [Obama]


In my previous post I did not intend to link the R.party “dirty tricksters” with the mafia. But I see that my statements might be misinterpreted that way. I was literally changing the subject with each paragraph.

To my knowledge, the R. Party ‘dirty tricksters” are their own thing. They are ends justifies the means types afflicted with highly romantic and dogmatic ideological notions.

Tonglen, yes will. I didn’t know what it was but now I do. Yes.
Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisattva of great compassion, too.

Oh, Jerry, I hope you are right about March. I don’t know how much more of Trump this country can take. Barr and McConnell will have to go down with him??

Not sure what to make of this comment from Frank Bruni @ nyt’s, but thought to share it.

“I like Bernie, but there’s a reason Republicans are blatantly rooting for him to be the nominee. They are ready to unleash video of him cheering on Castro, the Sandinistas, his wedding in Russia, etc., which will freak out millions of voters. Trump can’t wait to position himself as the all-American capitalist against the radical socialist–and it will work.
On the other hand, Amy Klobuchar, with no negatives, a proven record of winning in the crucial Midwest, and who would destroy Trump in a debate, is gathering steam. The Dems always win with moderates (Clinton, Obama), while hard left nominees such as McGovern get slaughtered. Now that “frontrunners” Warren and Biden are on life support, the Dems must nominate Amy or Mayor Pete–or kiss democracy goodbye.”



Totally with you on the distinction between true conservatives, and the crazies that currently inhabit the Republican Party. True conservatives are respectable, and are indeed needed in a healthy democracy, along with moderates, and liberals–really a multitude of voices and perspectives across the spectrum. Even those on the fringes can offer perspective as well, though these should be kept in check by the broader multitude of voices.

Our two-party model is truly detrimental to this, and perhaps it was inevitable that at some point we were going to arrive at a place like this where only the loudest, most extreme voices are heard, drowning out nearly all others.

We are in dire need of reforms that either completely abolish political parties, or otherwise allow for third, fourth, fifth, and sixth parties to form and legitimately compete with the Ds and Rs for representative share. Basically, the system must be reformed as such that no one political party or viewpoint should ever be permitted to have total unchecked dominance at any level of government, ever again.

Interesting and a bit scary. Thank You.

Have you checked the birth & death charts for Nationalist Spain? 1939-1975. I think it might be a helpful comparison with the USA.
It could be we are headed for a period of non-democratic, authoritarian rule, lasting decades. But I lean towards a scenario similar to what Andre postulates, in which American democracy is rejuvenated in 2024 and beyond.

I am in 100% agreement with 100% of what you said!

Margriet & Will,
Avalokitesvara is the bodhisattva of compassion. The Dalai Lama is believed by Tibetan Buddhists to be an emanation of Avalokitesvara, known as Chenresig in Tibet. The Chinese feminized Avalokitesvara into Kwan Yin. But in the West, Avalokitesvara is referred to as the Christ Consciousness, or Christ Spirit. The difference between it and the Buddhic consciousness is the BC ascends, the CC descends.

Barb K. et al: I would be grateful if you could respond to Marjorie Orr’s analysis of Bloomberg’s charts. Link provided by JA(2-12 at 11:12a.m.)

Here is Beth Owl’s Daughter


Ja, Eliseo, this is what I’ve been saying all along about Bernie. I really think we cannot win with Bernie (or Biden or Warren) but there will be a major campaign to paint Bernie as a “Commie” — never mind the fact that he isn’t one — and there will be plenty of ammunition. We also have his wife bankrupting the college she headed in New England. The exception would be an “October” (or before) surprise that so screws Trump, that there will be little alternative. But if he has to exit for some reason, I wonder if they will run Romney? He has new star power now.

Klobuchar is a great candidate and I hope her star rises. I am also interested in Bloomberg. Not sure about Pete as there are too many religious nuts and homophobes who would not consider voting for him but who might otherwise vote for a moderate Dem.

Unfortunately, according to the Marjorie article Ja posted a little up-thread, all the Dem candidates will be encountering oppositional aspects between now and the fall (I think she only goes up to August actually).


As far as Barr, don’t get your hopes up. He is going to go the deadpan owl route and not cooperate or do some Geministic double talk.

Trump seeks to bend the executive branch as part of impeachment vendetta


Time to lurk, take it easy, and wait for all of your predictions so I can learn.

Rachel: “Pointing it out isn’t enough. We have to plan how we are going to survive it.”

Just now. She said, “We are there.”
Asking about how can we protect those who speak out. Interviewing Mary McCord who was with DOJ for a long time RE DOJ intervening in Stone case.
Asking McCord what we can do. “How should we be answering these alarms as a country?”

For those feeling hopeless, read this if you haven’t:

Dan Rather: “They are counting on despair. That’s how they win.”

“There is a tendency to feel the despair well up from within, and not recognize it as a weapon being wielded with precision and purpose from without. They are counting on despair.

The greatest leaders in our history knew that despair is toxic to progress. Washington at Valley Forge. Lincoln at Gettysburg. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Birmingham. But more than the famous names are the countless women and men who have fought back against despair in the service of hope, and progress. I have seen it in foxholes, on picket lines, in classrooms, and in midst of natural disasters. I have seen it in the marches, movements, and moments where people rose up and said our world can be better, and we will do the hard work to make it so.

Despair these days is an understandable feeling. Our world seems in many ways upside down. To fight against the odds, against the powerful, against the morally bankrupt, is exhausting. But just remember, they are counting on despair. Will you let them have it?”


Theresa Hill,
I’ve been posting from my phone, which doesn’t do email very well. Right now I’m fairly I’ll, but will email you as soon as I can get down to the basement where my computer is located.

Prof. Marc, Marjorie’s comment on Bloomberg’s chart was a brief observation only, noting 2 aspects using midpoints (which I seldom use) so she will surely elaborate on it more, if and when he proves to be interesting enough to the voters. I myself wrote some observations (with multiple mistakes, one of which I caught) on Bloomberg’s chart.

I did not catch the mistake of saying his Saturn-Uranus was at 21-22 Taurus though. His Saturn IS at 22+ Taurus but his Uranus is at 26+ Taurus (bad lighting + my poor handwriting are to blame for that one) which is where transiting Sedna (under water) is too and likely close to where Trump’s MC is.

That natal Uranus squares his natal Sun (25+ Aquarius) which is close to US Moon/Pallas (27/26 Aquarius) and opposite Trump’s Mars. All of that (US Moon/Pallas. trans. Sedna, Trump’s MC & Mars) is likely what prompted Bloomberg to jump into the fray.

If he is able to impress voters on the debate stage, make a decent and humble apology for the stop-and-frisk debacle, all that and his $$ could make him the person who can beat Trump at his own game.

From the historical perspective, as seen in the stars, Bloomberg is locked into 2 major ongoing cycles, the Jupiter-Saturn one and the Saturn Pluto one, thanks to his natal Saturn at 22+ Taurus which conjuncts the Jupiter-Saturn start degree and trines the Saturn-Pluto start degree. He could be destiny’s child.

At least for the US, because his Saturn at 22+ Taurus is also trine US Neptune at 22+ Virgo (which squares Trump’s natal Sun at 22+ Gemini which will be his undoing). With all that going for him, a grand trine in earth signs, plus a trine to Andrew Yang’s Sun at 22+ Capricorn (who will possibly be the next NY mayor) he could be our path out of this chaos.

Sharon. K,
Were things normal, were there no cheating, no voter suppression, no dirty tricks, no Russian cyberwar against us, I believe just about any Dem could beat D. Trump. But as Andre has pointed out, the 2020 election will not be normal or fair.

Considering this, I’ve gone back & forth with myself on which Dem is most likely to have a clear win despite the cheating. I see both sides of the argument re: Bernie, Biden, & E. Warren. At times I’ve gone to the Left, and then back to the Right, and Left Right again and again in my thinking.

My favorite is E. Warren, but I have doubts about her electability in the context of a screwball, tampered with, cheated election.

I see the passion and commitment of the Bernie supporters, but I also see how Bernie’s past naive associations could make him seem to the uninformed and misinformed as a communist or as a communist sympathizer. We’re not dealing with an electorate full of political geniuses.

I’m presently inclined to believe a moderate would be preferable. I now think a moderate could garner the most votes. But which one?

As far as Pete B., I agree with you “there are too many religious nuts and homophobes who would not consider voting for him but who might otherwise vote for a moderate Dem.” It will probably be another generation before a Gay person will be electable in the US, and more than that for the rest of the world. How would a Gay president deal diplomatically with nations where the death penalty is standard for Gay people?

Biden is too old IMO to be running, and frankly, I’m profoundly uncomfortable with Bloomberg. So who does that leave? Who knows? I suspect we will see an overwhelming number of events between now and the convention and election day, events which may force us to change our minds about all sorts of things and ideas.

So maybe Klobuchar is our best bet. I like her and voted for her the one year I lived in Minnesota. Time will hopefully tell. I remain uncommitted, and am not entirely convinced there will be a November election. If there is, I will as a moral necessity vote for the Dem against Trump and the criminal R’s.

Eliseo, what do you mean by “the Buddhic consciousness ascends, the Christ Consciousness descends”?
Anyway, as long as we’re compassionate perhaps the difference between the two doesn’t matter.
Compassion helps against despair.

The Billion-Dollar Disinformation Campaign to Reelect the President

The Trump campaign is planning to spend more than $1 billion, and it will be aided by a vast coalition of partisan media, outside political groups, and enterprising freelance operatives. These pro-Trump forces are poised to wage what could be the most extensive disinformation campaign in U.S. history. Whether or not it succeeds in reelecting the president, the wreckage it leaves behind could be irreparable.” It is called the THE DEATH STAR. “The campaign is run from the 14th floor of a gleaming, modern office tower in Rosslyn, Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C. Glass-walled conference rooms look out on the Potomac River. Rows of sleek monitors line the main office space. Unlike the bootstrap operation that first got Trump elected—with its motley band of B-teamers toiling in an unfinished space in Trump Tower—his 2020 enterprise is heavily funded, technologically sophisticated, and staffed with dozens of experienced operatives. One Republican strategist referred to it, admiringly, as “the Death Star.”


Angellight, Ceres on the night of the election is conjunct Trump’s Descendent.
I’m pretty impressed with how Ceres came into play for New Hampshire. Bernie and Amy K probably had the best nights of their lives, and now that Ceres has moved on, it won’t be the same for Amy. Mars is still stuck on Bernie’s Ceres but that won’t last long. As for Andrew Yang, he dropped out because he ran out of money, but he will probably run for NY Mayor or something else high profile, and he’s more popular with the press than he’s ever been.

And I don’t think anyone can beat Trump this time around. And next time, we will have turned the focus on the problems to solve, and not Trump. As AY says, the more we focus on Trump, the more he wins.

Hope Hicks returning to Trump White House as senior adviser

A Trump favorite is making a return after departing for the Fox Corporation.


Hindus, especially those who know their esoteric lore and/or know comparative religion often laughingly say, “Yes, the Buddha goes up, the Christ comes down.” Comparative religion scholars often say the same thing.

What do they mean by that? Different meditational styles, and different spiritual practices produce different results. To the outsider, they may all look the same, as spiritual people appear to behave similarly. But to the spiritual practitioner, the differences seem less subtle.

From the point of view of the subject, the form of enlightenment we call Buddhahood is ATTAINED. The subject, as it were, pulls themselves up by their own spiritual bootstraps. It involves an enormous amount of difficult self-work.

In contrast, the Christ Consciousness or Christ Spirit also involves an enormous amount of self-work, but is experienced as RECEIVED, through a process of kenosis, or self emptying. Rabbi Yeshua of Galilee, the historical Jesus “received” the Holy Spirit at the moment of his baptism. The verb is passive.

Also, (if you are interested) originally the Ruach-Ha-Kodesh (Hebrew) or Rook-Da-Kood-Sha (Aramaic) or Holy Spirit was conceived of as feminine with intimations of maternity. It was the feminine side of the deity, which was later masculinized over time.

We might say the great rabbi was “Christed” at his baptism. This was the view of the early Jewish Christians.

Siddhartha Gautama attained enlightenment, became a Buddha when there was a Uranus-Neptune-Pluto conjunction. Several others experienced various forms of enlightenment under this rare conjunction as well, Socrates, Deutero-Isaiah, Lao Zhu, etc.

Originally, in harmony with Theravadin tradition, the Buddha was said to exemplify wisdom. A few centuries later with the development of the Mahayana tradition at the time of the beginning of the Piscean age, Gautama is linked up with compassion. But compassion is a wise practice. It is not wisdom itself.

In contrast, a number of years ago when I met Tenzin Gyatsho, the Dalai Lama, I could feel his compassion from afar. The closer he came the stronger I felt it. The others in my group felt it as well. It was overwhelming, especially when he was only about two feet away from me.

With tears streaming down my face I suddenly understood the deeper psychospiritual reason why the Roman’s tortured and executed the rabbi. The Roman’s believed compassion was a vice, not a virtue as in our culture. They believed compassion was a weakness, a depraved perversity. Yeshua, represented the precise opposite of their cherished values. They could not comprehend a man who could forgive his executioners in the midst of his tortured dying.

Chiro: Sure hope you are wrong about a Trump win.

From the New Yorker:

“A month from now, almost half of the pledged delegates will have been chosen. This compressed timetable favors a candidate who has four things: a clear message, a lot of money (to pay for staffers and advertising), a national network of supporters, and a diverse set of voters. At this stage, it’s not clear if any of the leading candidates check all of these boxes.”


I did read yesterday, Ja, that there is a strong possibility there will be a brokered Democratic Convention with no one going in with enough pledged votes.

Eliseo, your explanation of the spirituality in our various religions and your personal experience meeting the Dali Lama was beautiful.

I think you wrote above that you were ill? Please take care. To stop whatever bug was in me from taking root in December/January, I purchased something called Wellness Formula (not expensive) and took a handful twice a day (per the instructions). I have a nutritionist from when I lived in Miami. She uses kinesiology and is quite good and she told me to take that not only when sick but at the first sign of anything and to keep it going for a while past thinking I was well. I also stumbled on a really good tea at that time (on sale at my WF for $2.50 a box this week): Celestial Seasonings Citrus Sunrise. It’s delicious, with or without honey and lemon, and provides a good dose of Vitamin C. The other reason I mention all of this is because I’m thinking of using it now and taking a few Wellness Formulas daily to build up my immune system as a precautionary measure.

I’d also like to take this time to give Eliseo a plug. We hired him about a year ago to do some writing and editing for my husband’s website and we were very pleased with the result. Best of all was a slogan he came up with. My husband is a building scientist, specializing in energy and moisture consulting. Eliseo’s slogan was: “Smart Solutions for Dumb Buildings”. We still love it! So – if you have any need for such services, keep him in mind.

As far as Bloomberg, I also had a negative reaction at first but someone who has used their smarts and determination to amass wealth, help get NY City in shape (it’s much improved over the years), is committed to defeating Trump, AND whose natal sun conjuncts the U.S. moon, along with the other aspects noted by Barb, can be formidable. I am open to him but would also welcome Amy Klobuchar. Bloomberg has a dubious history to clean up but I think he might be able to do that and a black running mate could help. As far as his corporate affiliations, he is a very strong individual with 7 fixed planets in his chart (right?) and I think he might be able to find the right balance between regulation and promoting healthy business (?) All of that being said, in spite of my criticisms and worries, I have not given up on Joe.

What if the Dem ticket is Biden for Pres. and Klobuchar for VP? Safe and strong enuf and popular? Could get us through the election 2020 and take us right up to 2024; something to ponder.

Not sure what what your reply to Margriet and me at 8:09pm on 2/12 meant. Maybe I missed something?

I am thinking that Bloomberg might be the D nominee. People want to see someone take the fight to Trump.

Unfortunately, though I like Biden, he looks sick and frail. Does not have the energy to really fight back.

However, we shall see.

Exactly my point Angellight, that’s why I think Klobuchar as VP would be wise.

Anyway, here’s a thought: The USA is about 244 years old now and it takes Huya (a transneptunian object or TNO) about 246 years to circle around the Sun. Right now transiting Huya is at 12+ Sagittarius and conjunct the US natal chart’s ascendant. Huya was named for a Venezuelan rain god, you know, he made it rain when the crops needed rain.

So I figure we, the USA have the power to make it rain right now, figuratively speaking. We can make something (like our democracy for example) stay alive.

When the USA was born Huya was at 16+ Sagittarius and on January 26, 27, 28 transiting Mars was at 16+ Sagittarius, right in the middle of the Trump impeachment trial. Venus and Neptune in Pisces were square Mars and the US natal Huya.

The way I look at it, we (Nancy P and all) made it rain, keeping the US Democracy alive.

So, by the end of 2021, transiting Huya will conjunct the US natal Huya and that means Trump won’t be President anymore and someone else will. Huya will have made the rain fall and thereby saved the crops and all our asses!

Thanks for that long story, Eliseo.
He was explaining what he meant when he said Buddhism was BC and christianity was CC, up and down.
Now I see what you mean. The Buddha attained enlightenment, Jesus received it. BC and CC. Active and passive.

What mostly interests me is what you can do with either/any philosophy. For Buddha, I’m in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh, who says the Kingdom of God is already here. Enlightenment is available for us right now. If we return to our breathing and take care of our suffering we are doing a lot. Of course that isn’t always easy and can be hard work.

Compassion and forgiveness may seem ‘weak’ concepts, but sometimes so hard to achieve!
Having compassion with the enemy…

Ok, one more teaching from my Teacher:
A good carpenter has two strong trained hands. One day he has an accident, he misses the nail and with the hammer his right hand beats the left one instead. Does the left hand then get angry with the right one? Does the right one say, you idiot why didn’t you go out of the way? No, left and right belong together. Right couldn’t do without left and vice versa.

If there is a brokered convention, it’s possible that someone who is not currently running could become the Democratic candidate. At least that’s what happened in 1968, according to something I saw on the news last night. That’s my fantasy right now. All the candidates have problems and are unelectable against Trump and the combined power of the justice department, the red states, and the electoral college.

barbk: I sure hope you are right about Huya, a term I am not familiar with, so you will have to explain.

I was responding to the conversation between you and Margriet re: tonglen and Avalokitesvara

See my further response (February 13th, 2020 
at 10:23 am) to Margriet’s question about the Budda goes up, the Christ comes down. I’ve heard many yogis say this.

The coming billion-dollar disinformation campaign to reelect Trump:

“It doesn’t require an overactive imagination to envision a worst-case scenario: On Election Day, anonymous text messages direct voters to the wrong polling locations, or maybe even circulate rumors of security threats. Deepfakes of the Democratic nominee using racial slurs crop up faster than social-media platforms can remove them. As news outlets scramble to correct the inaccuracies, hordes of Twitter bots respond by smearing and threatening reporters. Meanwhile, the Trump campaign has spent the final days of the race pumping out Facebook ads at such a high rate that no one can keep track of what they’re injecting into the bloodstream.

After the first round of exit polls is released, a mysteriously sourced video surfaces purporting to show undocumented immigrants at the ballot box. Trump begins retweeting rumors of voter fraud and suggests that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers should be dispatched to polling stations. Are illegals stealing the election? reads the Fox News chyron. Are Russians behind false videos? demands MSNBC.

The votes haven’t even been counted yet, and much of the country is ready to throw out the result.”


Matt M. you left out Russia.

Not much on Huya yet Angellight, (discovered on March 10, 2000, at 18+ Libra and trine Uranus at 18+ Aquarius and opposite Eris at 18+ Aries) but basically, it symbolizes what we give of ourselves to others in order to help them (it) achieve something.

I saw that as the House going through the impeachment process, in spite of the price they paid in time and what have you, in order to save the Constitution, to keep it alive and relevant.

Media-overdose trauma has made Russia a repressed memory, I guess 🙂

I heard what DT said about the 4 attorneys in the justice department who resigned. DT characterized then as “criminals who got caught.” The man is astonishingly evil. It gives me a profoundly empty feeling.


I live 45 minutes from Deer Park Monastery, founded in July 2000 by monastic and lay practitioners from the Plum Village Tradition. The monastery is under the direct guidance of Thich Nhat Hanh and his Order of Interbeing in the Vietnamese Zen tradition. It is a wonderful place to spend time.


Here’s more on Bloomberg-

‘Why ‘Stop and Frisk’ Hasn’t Arrested Bloomberg’s Rise’


Barbk, I don’t know how you keep up with all the new additions with your planetary repertoire. Pretty amazing.
I’m kind of stuck on Ceres at the moment. I must have OCD. Anyway, I just found out the time of birth for Pete B. and put it in the chart. Interestingly, his MC is 4 Gemini 49, and Amy Klobuchar’s Sun is 4 Gemini, and both were trined by Ceres during New Hampshire’s primary, so I thought that was interesting. Ceres is now at 5 Aquarius, not 4.

I mentioned that Mars was transiting Bernie’s Ceres during the primary. Now Mars is past that point, and Ceres is exactly opposite his natal Pluto. That’s a lot of pressure and opposition, which Bernie is used to honestly, but I bet his support starts to break down. We’ll see.

Neptune on Ceres didn’t do much for Yang (dreams or illusions perhaps for helping the working class). But Ceres on his Moon made him somewhat famous overnight. He got more attention than ever for his Freedom Dividend because of suspending his campaign. So interesting.

And then Joe Biden…

Hilarious skit on one-upmanship.


I wish I could say that Joe Biden’s transits are looking great at some point, but they’re really looking pretty bad. Ceres is on his Pallas on Super Tuesday, and again maybe that’s plans and strategies for helping the common man, but its not a personal angle, or the Sun, or the MC, so the plans might be great, but is the common man or women on his side? And Chiron is conjuncting his Eris and so is Black Moon Lilith, which seems awful. Saturn is transiting sextile his Sun/Venus, so maybe older folks support him, or conservatives.

I would encourage you all to encourage anyone you know who’s highly skeptical that this election will be fair — to challenge them to help make sure it is fair.

Our elections are run by tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of volunteers. Ordinary citizens who sit at polling places and check people in, check IDs, explain to people how to vote, take them to their ballot, etc. They witness the entire process, so they’ll know if their little corner of it is run fairly.

Tell them to go watch themselves and make sure it is. We may need all those witnesses, and volunteering may stop some of the conspiracy theorists from spouting off afterward.

Chiro, I love that you are fascinated by Ceres’ symbolism and the fact that she’s engaged with so many Dem candidates! My go-to word for Ceres is nurture, although it doesn’t always apply. She’s a fighter too, so it depends on circumstances.

She’s also supportive of women in general and being conjunct Joe’s natal Pallas he might come on strong with the fair(er) sex.

Trans. Chiron and Black Moon Lilith conjunct his natal Eris DOES seem awful! Eris does tend to stir up trouble, with good cause, at least in her opinion, and when joined by trans. Chiron and BML, Joe might come out defending some cause having to do with maligned (Chiron) women (BML) which might be directed to black women voters.

So, if Pete B’s true MC is 4+ Gemini due to his birth time, that would put all his natal planets in the bottom half of his birth chart. Is that right?

Mercury at 17+ Aquarius would be the ruler of his MC which his natal Chiron at 17+ Taurus squares. Does this corrected birth time change his Moon sign?

So many charts to study, so little time for housework. Sigh

Eliseo, thank you for your fascinating discussion of Buddhist and Christian enlightenment.

I would define myself as a Christian mystic who went through phases of Tibetan Buddhism and native spirituality that were profoundly nourishing. I have also read the Koran, the Bhagavad Gita, Lao Tzu and the Old Testament and prayed in mosques and synagogues.

Buddhism has taught me that all binary opposites are ultimately illusions. This would apply, it seems to me, to the Christ-descending and the Buddha- rising opposition.

In Catholicism as I understand it, Jesus Christ is God and always has been. He is one aspect of the Holy Trinity, with the Father and the Holy Spirit, in eternity. By taking a human body, he became a physical manifestation of God. And he ascended after Resurrection. We are called to discover and bring forward the living God and Kingdom of God within us, or Christ consciousness, following his example.

In Buddhism as I understand it, we uncover, through meditation and other practices, the peace of mind and pure spirit within, which spontaneously generate wisdom and compassion. We already have Buddha nature. We may work hard and suffer to reach it, but it is already there and it is its own reward. Buddha is one of a long line of Buddhas, and after his physical death he went to a higher realm where he is still accessible,
either directly or through various deities, which are also ultimately illusions.

Christ, Buddha and the Hindu major gods are all personal aspects of both our higher selves and fundamental reality. To the mystic, however, there comes a point where all personal images and cultural concepts must be left behind. Every religion has non-personal elements such as grace, Providence and the Holy Ghost in Catholicism, the Great Light in Buddhism, and the undefinable Tao, where all oppositions are resolved in the higher mind, which is at once wise,compassionate and loving.

Your Left Hand Right Hand story was wonderful. Thank You!

I emailed you my response re: hidden and further consequences of the Trump presidency.

We have taken similar paths. An atheist at 12, an agnostic at 14, at 15 I had a very profound pantheistic mystical experience. I began my study of comparative religion very shortly after that. If you like, I will email you a copy of a liturgy I wrote for a religious order, copyrighted in 2011.

And no, I’ve never taken any drugs. My several mystical, as well as psychic experiences have been all natural.

ja, how nice for you to live so close to Deer Park! I bet it is a wonderful place to be, just like it is with Plum Village, their monastery in the South of France, and other places. I used to live in France and have been to Plum Village several times. Now I’m in Holland but not too far from their monastery in Germany the EIAB.
“Applied Buddhism” is what Thay (Thich Nhat Hanh) calls it. Apply buddhism to the situation you live in, to your work and daily life.
Thay lived through the Vietnam War and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Martin Luther King. He never won that prize, but that didn’t stop him from working for peace. He believes in the power of communities. He was hoping that a new world order would be governed by communities, not by single individuals like presidents and such. He had a stroke in 2004 at the age of 88 or 89, and survived it, he’s still alive but can’t speak anymore.

Eliseo, the left hand-right hand story is not mine, it’s by Thay.

André, I’ve never heard that the Buddha was one of a long line of Buddhas, but anyway yes, I think he’s still accessible, as are the Buddhas in each of us.

Biden Leads Field In Georgia

A new Landmark Communications poll in Georgia finds Joe Biden leads the Democratic pack with 31%, followed by Bernie Sanders at 14% and Michael Bloomberg with 14%.
All other candidates have less than 5%.

https://politicalwire.com/2020/02/13/biden-leads-field-in-georgia/ via @politicalwire

Republican lawmakers introduce bills to curb protesting in at least 18 states


“And so it starts. They see a blue wave coming so after they try to rig the election they want to be prepared for the inevitable revolution that will follow.”

Margriet, the future Buddha on this Earth has a name: Maitreya.


He currently resides in Heaven, which once again shows that distinctions between descent and ascent are ultimately meaningless. His story reminds me of the Second Coming.

In addition, all bodhisattvas (advanced spiritual beings) are destined to become Buddhas and we are all destined to become bodhisattvas through countless lifetimes, according to Buddhist teachings. In reality, we are all Buddhas in the making because of the diamond nature of our minds, which can be uncovered in a single lifetime.

Tibetan Buddhism even has a specific elderly lama who is much venerated as an advance and partial incarnation of the future Maitreya.

Eliseo, please send me the liturgy mentioned. I believe you have my e-mail. I am honored.

Meanwhile, see this:


It’s about a mystical psychiatrist named Arthur Deikman, who once convinced the entire staff of a psychiatric ward to let themselves be locked inside a padded cell by the patients in a reverse authority experiment.

There is a quote in there that I love:

“Ah well. It takes a long time for things to change, but they do change, slowly. And they change largely thanks to the toil of good people like Deikman. His life reminds me of the closing lines of George Eliot’s Middlemarch, who writes of her provincial heroine, Dorothea:

Her full nature, like that river of which Alexander broke the strength, spent itself in channels which had no great name on the earth. But the effect of her being on those around her was incalculably diffusive: for the growing good of the world is partly dependent on unhistoric acts; and that things are not so ill with you and me as they might have been, is half owing to the number who lived faithfully a hidden life, and rest in unvisited tombs.”

This reminds me of a Sufi saying: “If you can’t be the sun in the sky, be at least a candle on the table.”

I wish now to make a link between some Tibetan teachings, as I imperfectly understand them, and the current state of American politics, which understandably frightens many people all over the world.

I have followed the Kagyu tradition within Tibetan Buddhism. This tradition is not led by the Dalai Lama, although it recognizes him not only as the leader of another branch of that religion but also as the overall leader of Tibetan Buddhism. The Kagyu are led by a figure known as the Karmapa. It is generally seen as the most mystical branch of Tibetan Buddhism.

The Dalai lama’s lineage emphasizes wisdom, compassion and benevolence toward all living beings, what in Western psychology might be called the cultivation and strengthening of positive thinking. I am of course oversimplifying greatly.

The Kagyu tradition has emphasized working on our dark side many centuries before Freud and Jung. One of its main teachings is that obstacles are the path. The greater and deeper are your personal obstacles, the more meat there is to nourish your spiritual progress.

In my humble opinion, this translates to societies and nations as well. Obstacles are the path. The War of Independence, the Civil War and World War II were the obstacles of their time that led to a better world. So is Trump’s harrowing Presidency.

There is no use grieving over a past that wasn’t as good as we make it out to be. We all know there has been a decline in public, civic and political morality in many aspects of American life since the assassination of the Kennedy brothers and the election of Richard Nixon. This decline is now coming to a head as it should.

The turning point is near. It won’t be this year, in my view, but it is coming. This year will bring at once many hopeful signs and more reasons to despair. Choose the positive energy.

Trending on Twitter: #NeverBloomberg

Here are some of the comments:

Not just racist.
Not just sexist.
Not just authoritarian.
Not just classist.
Not just cruel.

Friends with child sex traffickers.

Do you know what would be scarier than having *one* major political party run by racist, misogynistic, authoritarian oligarchs?

Having *both* major political parties run by racist, misogynistic, authoritarian oligarchs!

#NeverBloomberg EVER.

Earlier this year, Democrats lost a state House special election by 79 votes. The campaign was without a manager for the final 3 weeks.

Why? Bloomberg had hired him and sent him to Wisconsin. This is an epidemic: https://theintercept.com/2020/02/13/bloomberg-spending-local-state-campaigns/…

Lot’s more. Did not know he had so much damaging information out there. Do not think all the money in the world will get him elected.

Angellight, one more time, it might be better not to post info with questionable sources or not proven facts. What sense does it make to badmouth the one person who could probably take Trump down when you are just passing along Twitter talk?

Banks: We do not know if that is the one person that can take down Trump. I am just passing along information that might be pertinent or not. It is ignorant to stay in the dark because of fear. I for one want to know if these allegations about Bloomberg are true. And if so, he will not get my vote and with this information coming out, he will never be able to beat Trump.

Banks: Also, the twitter comments did have photos that went with them with Bloomberg with Trump and Ghisella, Epstein’s alleged girlfriend, etc. And also news reports. There is much there to go over.

Angellight- The Intercept article seems to have been taken down and I can’t find it anywhere else, so I have no way to verify it and honestly I find the Intercept questionable. Here is Snopes answer to the Bloomberg/Epstein perhaps connection. The thing is keeping 45 in is untenable, even with everyone’s stuff we don’t like. A second 45 term, gives him more judges, including a SC judge or maybe two. THAT CAN’T HAPPEN. Think it through before you support the idea that 45 is better than ANY Democrat.

Sorry I forgot the Snopes link:


Wondering if you have attended any Deer Park meditations and if you have an impression to share?


Maybe a little bit of caution w destructive tweets about Michael Bloomberg would be a good thing? During these times of “deep-fakes” and all other sorts of social media manipulation, it might be a good idea to consider Henri’s suggestion.

Once again, there is no such thing as a perfect candidate who “is without sin.” We must transcend this “purity-test” which impossible for any one to withstand. Nonetheless, Bloomberg vs. Trump is pretty much a no-brainer. Bloomberg might be a sinner – Trump is Satan incarnate. Big difference. Also, I’m a bit enthusiastic about a real New York billionaire going up against President Fake-Bake. Pardon my schadenfreude.

imo, 2 very interesting, energy helpful, remote viewings from whimsy.
‘the meek shall inherit the earth’ comes to mind ….



Has anyone done any astrology on the Dems lately? It seems as if they may be there worse enemy. As I have said before, IMHO Michael Bloomberg will be the only way the Dems and the us have a chance of knocking out Trump and the Repubs. Why can’t the Dems get past their pride? As we all know it is going to continue to be ugly and dirty and uglier. Yes Bloomberg has a lot to answer for, he, however is investing in trying to add some quality to peoples lives not destroy them.

Tell me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it Trump’s natal Sun in Gemini (symbol of small details) opposite his eclipsed Moon (the symbol of mom) in Sagittarius (symbol of big picture) why he blocks out (mom/nurture) advice about how to handle any and all communication (Gemini)? His emotions (and more) are arrested in the infantile stage of development. He probably never minded his mom and is still the psycho 7 year old he was 66 years ago.

Henri: I do not know where you got the idea that I should

“Think it through before you support the idea that 45 is better than ANY Democrat.”

b/c I do not think that at all.

‘Barr Installs Outside Prosecutor to Review Case Against Michael Flynn, Ex-Trump Adviser
Amid turmoil in the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington, the attorney general has also sent outside prosecutors to review other politically sensitive cases.’

“This is just nuts. I feel like I’m actually living in a Third World country. I don’t recognize my country.

When did the lunacy become an every day affair? Are we beginning to think this behavior and diminishing of our values, processes and our very Constitution is acceptable?

Why aren’t we crying out in anger and resentment? Why aren’t we in the streets demanding the removal of our criminal and traitorous president?

His lying and demanding of others that they lie, isn’t normal. It’s heinous and the longer we allow him to manipulate our people, government and the GOP, the more damage he can do and the more he feels empowered to do anything.

Let’s be clear here, this unintelligent and bullying man is capable of absolutely anything. Think about that and what we all have to lose and then bury your head in the sand again and wait another nine months for the election.”


as a further comment on the excellent posts above on tapping into spiritual energy/belief, thought Id post this link to an older cash peters interview. I found much of it interesting – dont let the interview title be a turn off


The Dems have long been their own worst enemy, often snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. I think of my native Ohio in 2010 when our then Governor Ted Strickland faced a Wall Street-backed candidate in John Kasich.

Strickland could have and should have utterly destroyed Kasich had he relentlessly attacked him on his ties to the economy-crashing Lehman Bros. Strickland chose instead to treat Kasich with kid gloves and play fair. In the end, Strickland lost by 2% points, and Ohio ended up with “Trump-lite” for Governor and ultimately 8 years of regressive policies on everything from transit and education, to fracking and gun control.

Basically, the Republicans have no shame or moral restraint whatsoever, as Trump’s acquittal should have proven to all beyond any shadow of a doubt. They are almost singularly obsessed with power, will stop at nothing to get it, and will do whatever it takes to hold onto it and abuse it while blocking anyone else from getting it. Oh yeah, and they are perversely obsessed with what you are doing in the bedroom with your significant other, and also the elimination of abortion rights as a means to control the sexual freedom of women.

Meanwhile, the Dems seem to lack any any conviction or deep-seated belief in anything on a level that they are willing to fight for. Justice, democracy and the rule of law are revered yet abstract concepts that exist and will endure forever in theory, yet they apparently don’t need to be fiercely defended in reality.

I would have loved to have seen a challenger with a “killer instinct” face Kasich in 2010 or 2014 who would have hit him so hard repeatedly on his corporate shenanigans, he would have cried uncle and folded his campaign in terror while running back to Wall Street.

Hillary made the same mistake Strickland did with Kasich, in how she dealt with Trump in 2016, and we are all paying the price for it.

Trump should have been embarrassed and destroyed as a candidate then, and there’s still absolutely no reason why he can’t be knocked down on his miscolored face now, booted from the White House and then dragged into the courts (kicking and screetching most likely) to face the prosecution, asset seizure and life imprisonment he so richly deserves.

Whatever you think of Bloomberg, he seems to get that this isn’t the time to play nice when we are dealing with a rogue federal executive–I will not call him a President–who is hell-bent on overturning the norms and ideals that make our nation what it is at its best.

It’s going to take that level of conviction in any candidate who faces Trump to take him down. He needs to be soundly beaten, and stop worrying about what his supporters may do when he loses. And if they riot and terrorize the country, bust them and prosecute them too!

Putting the Republican Party in its place, and even vanquishing it forever as a political entity that has become a dangerous threat to the country, is going to require a similar level of conviction among any opposition candidates that so far has gone sorely lacking.

Just bought some inexpensive Mike 2020 bumper stickers & a small yard sign. I’m a bit excited about his candidacy. We need someone who can win. Happy BD, Mike Bloomberg! He is something of a progressive moderate and I’ve heard Dems who do not want Bernie or Biden say they would vote for me.

him, him, him (not me, lol)

Can the US bar association disbar a sitting US attorney general?

Eliseo, it may be a moot point – I dont think there is a legal requirment for the AG to be a lawyer.
But – this is circulating online https://www.change.org/p/district-of-columbia-american-bar-association-disbar-attorney-general-william-p-barr-4abc4f8b-6ff6-46d3-97d4-d540507f65e5

Eliseo, it can be done in theory but it won’t happen. However, I believe it will not end well for him. He is beginning to feel caught between a rock and a hard place (the President and the lawyers in DOJ) while his reputation is shredded. His political career will likely be shorter than he expected.

Andre & Kiwi,
Thank You for your info & educated opinions.

I hope you are right Andre, that Barr’s career may end soon. If he leaves his position relatively soon, my concern would be his replacement might be just as bad or worse.

Democrats, Independents and certain Republicans, for over 3 years now, have been in a quandary over Trump as US President; do we tolerate his deeds and look the other way, or do we fight him through legal/Constitutional means, or do we oust him from office through election(s),ie. new Dem Congress and new President?

Since nobody has ever experienced (during their present incarnation) anything as illegal as what Trump has done during the past 3 years, we struggle to make the right decisions.

We made some progress in electing more Democrats into the House in 2018, and made a valiant effort to constitutionally remove him through Impeachment to little avail. It would appear then that we must think outside the box, and to me that means we must re-think how we pick a candidate to run against Trump this November.

I believe that one of the reasons for the Saturn-Pluto (+ Ceres. etc. etc.) conjunction taking place opposite our country’s natal Mercury has been to teach us to think (Mercury) outside the box, as a nation.

I was a Bernie fan in 2016, because Warren wasn’t ready yet. Hillary won the nomination and I voted for her as any good Democrat would. Now the world has changed but our traditions and habits still have our brains in thrall.

We compare our candidates running to be the Democratic party nominee for the November election as if it is up to which would be the “best president”, but I now realize that that’s the old pre-Saturn-Pluto-opposite-US Mercury thinking.

We are at war, albeit an internal war, and we need a General who is an experienced fighter; forget health care, infra structure and fair paying jobs; even climate change must take a back seat while we fight for what has been lost during the last 3 years, and what has eroded over numerous decades of malpractice in US government leadership.

Pluto is about death followed by rebirth and Saturn is about building firm structures and Mercury is about thinking and making sense out of mayhem.
Different times call for different strategies and if we must (and we must), we need to elect a commanding figure to breakthrough (Uranus) the thinking that brought us to this sorry state of affairs.

Transiting Uranus (3+ Taurus) is now sextile the US natal Venus (symbol of values) at 3+ Cancer, while transiting Chiron (wounding to teach) at 3+ Aries is square US Venus.

I think this transiting team of Chiron and Uranus who’ve maintained their semisextile for over a decade now, might be prodding us (Chiron square US Venus) to think outside the box re: values (Uranus sextile US Venus) as the trans. Saturn-Pluto (+++) cycle(s) begins the dismantling of our mindset (US Mercury).

As March approaches and many states go through the process of choosing a presidential candidate there will be 3 new cycles that start within a 2-week period:

1. Mars-Jupiter on 3/20 at 22+ Capricorn (where Saturn and Pluto were conjunct) and the Sun will be at 0+ Aries, the Spring Equinox.

2. Mars-Saturn on 3/31 at 0+ Aquarius (where the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will take place) and the Moon at 3+ Cancer will conjunct the US natal Venus (values).

3. Jupiter-Pluto on 4/4 at 24+ Capricorn (opposite US Mercury) as the Moon (people) at 26+ Leo will conjunct Trump’s Mars, and Venus at 0+ Gemini will trine Saturn at 0+ Aquarius (+ the Dec. Jupiter-Saturn conjunction and the recent Saturn-Mars conjunction). It will be the 1st of 3 conjunctions between Jupiter and Pluto to get this cycle started.

My feeling is that these 3 new cycles will influence our actions and thoughts regarding Trump and the state of affairs of government and the future. These 3 new cycles are part of a process of reorienting humanity away from traditions and habits and onto a new path of growth. Baby steps if you will.

By the time the Dem Convention takes place in July things will look different than they look now.

This is something that fascinates me:

The US Solar Return chart (birthday chart) this year has Chiron at 9+ Aries opposite Juno at 9+ Libra and in a T-square with the Moon (the US people) at 9+ Capricorn. In the US natal chart Chiron and Juno are opposite one another (20+ Aries-Libra). To me it says we will be addressing those natal issues represented by Chiron (wound) vs. Juno (inequality).

Also, the birthday US Sun will be conjunct transiting Vesta (what we invest in) both at 13+ Cancer. What we focus (Vesta) on for the following year will address what we’ve learned about the advantages of equality during the past year. This will likely affect what happens at the Dem Convention 9 days later.

Very Interesting, Barb! Thank You!

“Different times call for different strategies and if we must (and we must), we need to elect a commanding figure to breakthrough (Uranus) the thinking that brought us to this sorry state of affairs.”

The problem I see, Barb, is that NONE of our Dem candidates appear to have that commanding quality. Furthermore, I don’t see any who are left as the strategist we need. To beat DT & the authoritarian R’s we need someone who is very imaginative, someone who as you suggested is an out of the box thinker.

To my understanding, Andrew Yang is such a person, as is Al Franken. Both are very creative and imaginative, but neither is running.

I like many of E. Warren ‘s ideas. She’s great at teaching, but I don’t see her, or as I said above ANY of ours as having that commander in chief quality.

For the life of me, I am puzzled as to why anyone would think Bloomberg would or could beat Trump. I regard him as the worst and most ridiculous of the bunch. Furthermore, I don’t see a NYC approach to our problems as workable for the rest of the country.

I’m beginning to hope for a brokered convention in which we choose someone else, someone who presently isn’t running. I’m hoping your analysis is correct, that those three cycles you described really do have a good effect on what happens at the Dem Convention

From Deer Park Monastery, brother Phap Ho teaching about dealing with cancer:

From Plum Village, sister Chan Duc teaching about bodhicitta, the spirit of love related to her past as an activist:

A short documentary about meditation and Thich Nhat Hanh’s applied buddhism for education, “Happy teachers can change the world”:

Wall Street donors are telling Biden he should drop out.


‘Bloomberg Is Right About the 2008 Financial Crash
It was brought about by a flawed attempt to use credit markets to broaden access to housing.’

“Community organizers and fair-housing advocates accused him this week of embracing a “myth” that blames minorities for bankers’ misdeeds. But that accusation is unfair. True, Mr. Bloomberg goes easy on bankers: Complex derivatives, swaps, “tranching” and opaque offshore deals play no role in his account. But blaming minorities is the last thing he is doing. He is blaming Congress. Certainly there were many elements that brought on the finance crisis, but Mr. Bloomberg correctly identifies the major one: a flawed attempt to use credit markets to broaden access to housing. Studies bear that out.”


The coming train wreck at the Democratic convention:


Under new rules, it is much harder for any candidate to win the nomination before the convention. A brokered convention has not occurred in either party since 1952.

1991 delegates are needed to win. Over 700 super-delegates get to vote starting in the second round. These are mainly middle-of-the-road Democrats likely to support Bloomberg.

Sanders has warned that if he is leading going in, the failure to give him the nomination would be very divisive for the Democratic party. How many of his supporters would vote for another candidate? How many of another candidate’s supporters would vote for him? How many moderate Republicans or Independents would vote for a self-described socialist?

In the end, it will be Sanders or Bloomberg, which will give us the first Jewish nominee. Who is willing to wager there will be no anti-Semitic speech at the Republican convention? I can hear it now:”While we are staunch friends of Israel, liberal Jewish Democrats are enemies of the American people.”
The problem is that Sanders supporters are unlikely to vote for Bloomberg, and Bloomberg supporters are unlikely to vote for Sanders. The combination of Republican cheating and voter suppression with Democratic disunity will give Trump a second term.
Better to concentrate on flipping the Senate. New and more numerous Democratic Senators will be needed to impeach Trump again and remove him from office after he is re-elected.

Train Wreck Indeed!
We have to think nationally, not so much ideologically, and consider regional culture, including regional bias and prejudices. My adopted home of choice is among like minded easygoing Pacific Northwesterners. But I’m originally from Texas, and I know how Texans and Southerners feel and think.

Personally, I like and admire Bernie. But I’m aware that if Bernie is the nominee, Texas Dems will lose ground locally and in the legislature. A Bernie nomination will inadvertently weaken the Texas Dem party.

Likewise, Southerners and especially Texans don’t like New Yorkers. It’s nothing personal for me, but we need to face the reality of such biases.

Does anyone remember the TV Pace Picante Sauce ads? “Why this here sauce is made in New York City! Get a rope!” It was funny then. But the sentiment, however exaggerated was based in reality. Texans trust New York City folk about as far as they can throw a rattlesnake. And most of them won’t pick up a rattlesnake in the first place.

If we want to wipe out the Democratic party in the American South, a good way to do it would be to run either Bernie the Dem Socialist, or Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City as president. And I’ve not even mentioned Southern anti-semitic prejudice.

I’m betting most all of us on this blog are fine with a minority status candidate, but we need to be aware that not all Americans think or feel as we do, and of the consequences not just locally in our own region, but in other
regions of the country as well.

This coming election may be our last chance to begin the restoration of our democratic republic without violence or some kind of military coup.

I was unaware of your 2:14 PM post when I posted my 3:16 one. We again seem to be in sync.

Apparently, southerners found a New Yorker they did like in DJT. I’m a southerner, too, and if it comes down to either Bernie or Bloomberg, I would be fine with either one.

I may not be like most southerners, but there are things I like about just about all of the Democratic candidates. Any of them would be an improvement over what we have.

I get that we’re living in a Citizens United world, like it or not. And that none of these candidates are perfect. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’re not ever going to find it.

On this blog, I have been wary of mundane astrologers predicting what they want to happen. I’m also wary of those who predict the apocalypse if so-and-so becomes the Democratic nominee, or if this or that happens. I get that your predictions may be based on solid information; still, it amazes me that different astrologers see different things, and are still not sure what’s going to happen.

If it all looks bad right now, is there anything any of us can do to improve things? Or are we just going to throw up our hands and say, wait till 2022 or 2024? If that’s the case, what’s the point?

I hear what you are saying, but DJT although a New Yorker, was a pretty unique candidate. He wasn’t Liberal, nor was he Jewish. He was an overtly racist, white supremacist who questioned Obama’s right to be president, and he cultivated a false image of himself as a successful businessman on television for several years. We might say he was an “honorary confederate.”

I see your point. He’s still a New Yorker. That said, people were willing to overlook the lies, that he inherited his wealth as part of a tax avoidance scheme, and that he’s otherwise as phony as a 3-dollar bill for all the reasons you have so eloquently stated. And that people mistake bluntness for truth and bluster for strength.

Check this!


Yes, it is frustrating. People DO mistake bluntness for truth and bluster for strength.

What is most bizarre to me is how many voted for Mr.T after the videotape in which he said he liked to grab women by the p#+×@%y. The R’s should have immediately forced him to withdraw his candidacy.

At the debate where he was stalking behind Hillary she should have slapped him in the face with extreme force. If we get a female Dem candidate, I’d hope she would decline to debate him on the grounds he is a sexual predator and it’s not safe to be on the same stage with him.

Eliseo, I am not sure I understand your reticence about Bloomberg. He is not my ideal candidate but if he can beat trump, I will support him. He did a decent job running NYC and in some ways, he might be the one to deal with the economic inequality that exists – sort of like Nixon going to China.

“A month from now, almost half of the pledged delegates will have been chosen. This compressed timetable favors a candidate who has four things: a clear message, a lot of money (to pay for staffers and advertising), a national network of supporters, and a diverse set of voters. At this stage, it’s not clear if any of the leading candidates check all of these boxes.”

Ja quoted the New Yorker with those words.

I am amazed they wrote them. What is blinding them to the candidate who has all those things? He’s right there. Bernie stands for Medicare For All and the GND; he’s loaded with donations (from small donors); his supporters are famous for their numbers, energy, and diversity.

If I may be allowed to answer my own question, I think they are blinded by the youthful demand for powerful change.

Food for thought: Anyone who is elected President of the US this year will have an Inauguration chart with a Mars-Uranus conjunction in the 12th house at 6+ Taurus that T-squares the US natal Nodes at 6+ Leo-Aquarius.

The Inauguration chart’s Jupiter at 7+ Aquarius will conjunct the US natal South Node and my first thought was it could or could not symbolize a drastic (shocking) increase in gun violence that forces the Congress to immediately address gun ownership laws.

The Inauguration chart Moon (the masses) at 29+ Aries (a critical degree) will be square the Sun at 0+ Aquarius and that could be the People demanding action on this legislation. Maybe.

Ceres in the Inauguration chart will conjunct Neptune, both at 18+ Pisces, and they will T-square the Inauguration chart’s Nodes, North at 19+ Gemini and South at 19+ Sagittarius, that conjunct Trump’s Nodes at 20+ Gemini (North) and 20+ Sagittarius (South) and they conjunct his Sun at 22+ Gemini and Moon 21+ Sagittarius, while his natal Uranus at 17+ Gemini will also be squared by Ceres and Neptune (18+ Pisces) in the 2021 Inauguration chart.

Pluto at 24+ Capricorn, so very close to the MC of this chart, opposes the US natal Mercury (schools, education) at 24+ Cancer too.

Transiting Vesta (what we invest in) at 21+ Virgo retrograde (conjunct the US natal Neptune [compassion] at 22+ Virgo) in the Inauguration chart’s 5th house of children indicates the possibility of a school shooting, tying into the Inauguration chart’s Mars-Uranus T-square the US Nodes + Inauguration Jupiter theme.

Of course, this is a negative version of the aspects, but there is a more positive view I’m sure, if we just look for it.

I maintain that this period of time (Saturn rules time) is part of a process to bring Humanity up to speed; to become more conscious of what’s at stake and their role in determining what survives and thrives and what must be released for the greater good. Perhaps we, as a whole, are now at the adolescence stage of that process and moving into adulthood; lots of room to grow.

There is nothing I would have enjoyed more in the world then seeing Hillary slap DJT across the face with extreme force.

On another subject, I thoroughly recommend ‘Parasite’ “a brilliant, powerfully revealing social satire.” Oscar winner for best picture and director.

I think the dems need to focus less emphasis on the presidential horserace and more on taking the senate and retaining the house.
In the bigger picture, it is congress that will be the primary tool to undo and rectify all the holes that have been exposed by a corrupt president and his cult supporters. The whole presidential power thing, and party cult culture, needs a do-over.

BarbK, if you look at today’s Linda G video, what you wrote above might be what she saw as the beginning of a Bllomberg presidency. See what you think.

A Mars-Uranus conjunction in the 12th house sounds pretty awful. At our present state of consciousness I don’t think that could manifest in any positive way.

I’m beginning to think you are right. Our focus might be better served by taking the senate and retaining the house.

DJT will have vastly increased presidential power. Even a benevolent president would be sorely tempted and likely to overreach. Congress really needs to reassert its power in our theoretically coequal 3 branch system.

It has bothered me that I havent heard anything on msm about state representative races. Please, if any of you can get the word to rachael, might it be possible to convince her to cover? If advertising/promo opposition to the trumpsters is coming from all districts and states, they will be forced to focus on a whole swarm of bees rather than just a single dem pres. candidate.

The Mars-Uranus conjunction in the next Inaugural chart will also be square the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, which makes it even more explosive and significant.

I wonder if the election’s 12th house is the “secret enemies” which may come from within. Maybe it really is the Russians. (I’m not sure if I’m kidding.)

But right now, a configuration affecting many candidates is what I am wondering about: North Node at 4 Cancer, Phollus at 4 Cap, Chiron and Black Moon Lillith at 4 Aries. Bloomberg and Biden have Eris at 4 Aries. And Mr. Yang (who has started something big by dropping out) has his Asc at 4 Cap and obviously Dsc at 4 Cancer, and both squared by Chiron and BML. Pete B has MC at 4 Gemini, Amy K has Sun at 4 Gemini.
Bernie has Eris at 5 Aries so, he’s next.

Evidently Andrew Yang, by dropping out, has gotten calls from Obama, all the candidates, and all the MSM channels. And today the twitter world’s number one tweet: #StillVotingYang.

The dream of Bernie Sanders as the first Jewish President (but could be Bloomberg).


every dem needs to listen to some “cold blooded mechanics of politics”, from longtime republican strategist, and patriot, rick wilson, in this Jan interview


Looking at the current US Inaugural chart (Jan 20, 2017) the March 31st Mars/Saturn conj. (0 Aq) conjoins the 2017 US Inaugural chart’s Sun in semi-square to tr. Mercury (15 Pisces). As mentioned earlier, this same Mars-Saturn conj. also forms a powerful t square to Nancy Pelosi’s Saturn-Pluto square (0 Leo-Taurus). Will this prove to be the unraveling of the current administration and dramatic change in US leadership?

Looking through the nearly 230 year history of US presidential inaugurations, I can’t find a time when Saturn conjoins the US Inaugural Sun, let alone coinciding with an exact Mars/Saturn conjunction the same day. This seems to be a date with huge karmic implications.

“……The conjunction of transiting Saturn to the natal sun happens every 29 years. … Saturn energy represents limitations, patience, setbacks, delayed gratification, responsibility, and being alone. It is not necessarily alienation, but it can be that, too. It is deprivation, and it is gains through losses.”

Excerpted from Saturn Transit to Natal Sun


kiwi, thanks for your link! yes I read an interview with him, Rick Wilson, on cnn some time ago and found it important, practical and eye-opening too.

by the way, will, yesterday I wrote a long answer about meditation at Deer Park and other Thich Nhat Hanh-monasteries. But I’m afraid it got lost in moderation. I’ll try to do it again today.

Thanks Jerry, that reminded me that Pelosi’s solar return birthday chart (March 26, 2020, 12:36 AM, Washington DC) is one of those rare Bundle formations, where the 10 major planets are squeezed into 1/3 of the chart, indicating a great deal of focus and intensity.

For Pelosi, who will be 80 years old next month, Jupiter at 23+ Capricorn is at one end of the Bundle and Venus at 21+ Taurus is at the other end, forming a trine. Both of these planets are trine the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo.

For Nancy, being a person of deep faith, this year from March 26, 2020 through March 25, 2021, having a grand trine between the US Neptune and her solar return Jupiter and Venus, seems extraordinarily appropriate.

Yes, Saturn at 0+ Aquarius completes a T-square with her natal Saturn-Pluto square and this solar return with its extreme focus (Bundle pattern) will aid her during this challenging year. I doubt it will damage her resolve to save the Constitution and preserve the 3 equally empowered parts of government which seems to be the current president’s ambition to destroy.

I rather expect Nancy to retire by her next birthday when she turns 81. In the meantime, Nancy Pelosi will defy Trump, more so than anyone in the government, until he is removed from the White House, bound and gagged if necessary, and it will be her crowning achievement in the history books.

And a happy solar return to our own Nancy – thank you for being a beacon of light in these challenging times. We owe you gratitude for your astrological wisdom and this refuge from the madness called Starlight News.

here is another video I just watched – promo for a new book on ‘american oligarchs’ kushners and trumps. Very thorough look behind the scenes – scary but well worth watching imo.

Happy Happy Birthday Nancy!!!!!


Happy Birthday! All the Best!

Spring Equinox 2020’s 2nd House Planetary Pairs by Jude Cowell

February 13, 2020: If you’ve watched Revealing Light Tarot’s reading covering the Next 6 Months you’ve noticed Mary Ann’s focus on the month of March which naturally contains Spring Equinox 2020 (March 19 11:49 pm ET), a horoscope that serves for the entire year and marks the moment when the Sun conjuncts the Aries Point of World Events. And if you use the late afternoon US natal chart of July 4, 1776 that I tend most to use, this times the Sun’s entrance into America’s natal 4th house of Domestic Scene and Homeland (with its 4/10 Security implications). The following post is my attempt at an additional consideration of Spring Equinox 2020 (the horoscope set for Washington DC) and the emphasis created by the chart’s 2nd hou$e planetary pairs opposing the corporate 8th hou$e. Obviously, we must keep in mind other matters of the 8th house which include death, transition, the occult, shared resources, taxes, debt and credit, and/or insurance.

Mars as 2nd-house Trigger conjuncts Jupiter, then Pluto, then Saturn

In the Spring Equinox 2020 Horoscope (chart shown) we find a full 2nd house (National Treasury; Values; Earning Ability) suggesting a heavy focus on financial matters, if not economic, budgetary, and/or currency concerns.



barbk, Kim from Intuitview had similar observations on Nancy Pelosi, worth watching if you missed it.

Dear Nancy,

The very best birthday wishes to you.

Yes, we have our own Nancy! Two stellar ladies! Wishing you a Happy Birthday, great health, joy & happiness, success, and fulfillment of your wishes, Nancy!

Jerry, I think you put your finger on it in your last post. I was about to write about the newly-beginning Mars transit in Capricorn when I saw it. Thank you.

This Mars transit is crucial. It will bring home the significance and the implications of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction for good and for ill. The presence of Jupiter, in my view, ensures an ultimately beneficial outcome and some fortunate or hopeful turn of events. However, the constitutional crisis continues. I see Mars as advancing both this crisis and its resolution. It will have a two-sided impact.

As a person with a Sun at 20 Cap, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction has opened the door to major lifelong projects, which should get off the ground during the six-week Mars transit.

There are a bunch of major aspects to consider. As expected, as transiting Saturn reaches its first conjunction with US Pluto over the next 2 to 3 weeks, Trump has consolidated his power and gone overboard. I expect him to pardon Roger Stone as soon as he is sentenced on Thursday. If not, he will reach other new depths of outrage and wrongfulness.

As Rachel Maddow said a few days ago, the breakdown in the rule of law that we feared since the last election is now upon us. This will only get worse until mid-March. The next two passes of transiting Saturn over US Pluto, in mid-August during the Republican Convention and over Election Day, will be even more profoundly disturbing. American democracy in 2020 is truly in peril.

However, as I just said, there will also be positive signs in March and April. Mars is the planet of courage. In Capricorn, we should see more signs of political courage coming from established institutions such as the Department of Justice, or even, dare I say it, the totally discredited US Senate. Also, one or more Democratic candidates will rise above the rest and show uncommon integrity and fighting spirit. Courage will come from other sources as well.The Mars-Jupiter conjunction in sextile to Neptune will provide a clearer, more hopeful vision of the future and some kind of major relief to many. There will be more than a glimpse of optimism, because of the polls or some other factor.

This will occur as Pluto opposes the US Mercury and Trump’s Saturn. Heated debate will rise to new heights as Trump reaches some kind of reckoning, the first of many. Perhaps he will lose a major court case. What is probable is that over the next two weeks he will go too far and provoke a new scandal and a major blow-back that will peak when Mars is conjunct Saturn on March 31st. Jerry mentioned this conjunction will also be conjunct the Inaugural Sun of 2017 and will strongly activate Nancy Pelosi’s chart.There could be serious talk of a second impeachment this year at that time.

Meanwhile, Mars will also be conjunct Pluto. This has darker implications. The breakdown of the US government, that in the long term is needed to rise anew and profoundly transformed, will proceed. Comparisons with the Mafia will be repeated. Fear will spread alongside hope. Do not choose despair.

These dark manifestations will again grow later in the year when Mars in Aries squares Pluto three times. The good news is the year ends well with another passage of Pluto opposite Trump’s Saturn over the New Year. There will be another reckoning then for him.

These Pluto-Saturn oppositions in March-April and December-January will actually be more dangerous for his misrule than were the impeachment proceedings in January. Even if Trump is re-elected, God forbid, he will be greatly weakened. Perhaps his health, or other factor such as a loss in the Supreme Court over his tax filings or a decisive Democratic majority in the Senate, will be clear signs of decline.

More than 1100 ex-Department of Justice officials call for Barr’s resignation.


This is Mars in Capricorn in action as mentioned above. I had not seen this when I wrote it.

This is worse for Barr than disbarment. It means ending his career and his life in shame as a social outcast.

He should be gone this spring, which should be one of the causes for optimism I have mentioned.

Wow, this is a looooooong thread.

At any rate, happy birthday Nancy!


The very best birthday to you! May this year be rich, healthy, happy and hopeful.

Happy Birthday, Nancy. I hope this is a sparkling year for you?

Happy Birthday!
May the coming year bring you much pleasure, prosperity, insight, joy, and serenity.

Andre, what you wrote about the Mars-Pluto conjunction really resonates with me. “The breakdown of the US government, that in the long term is needed to rise anew and profoundly transformed, will proceed.”

The implications in the Washington, DC chart for the Mars-Pluto conjunction on March 20, 2020, can’t be overstated. Mars is a purely personal planet, unlike Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, and yet it is in the thick of all the planets from Jupiter out to Pluto in this chart.

Here is just one pattern in that Mars-Pluto chart the planets make that reflects the courage you speak of:

Mercury at 5+ Pisces will sextile Uranus at 4+ Taurus and they both will quincunx dwarf planet Makemake to make a Yod.

Makemake (at 5+ Libra) will make an adjustment due to his position in the Yod with Mercury (thinking) and Uranus (breakthrough). Makemake in the Mars-Pluto chart will be opposed Chiron at 5+ Aries which will conjunct the Sun at 3+ Aries and this now becomes a Boomerang pattern.

The Sun will be just 2 degrees away from the US natal chart’s IC, the roots of the US natal chart (Home base) at 1+ Aries, and the point where all this Boomerang energy will end up.

Makemake is symbolic of a reverence for nature, as well as COURAGE AND STRENGTH and this will first show up in the US natal chart’s 10th house (what the public sees).

It will then be passed on to the Sun (3+ Aries), symbol of consciousness, in the Mars-Pluto chart and Chiron (wounding that leads to understanding) at 5+ Aries, and as well it will affect the root base (4th house cusp) of the US (us) natal chart.

In doing so it will, in the end, provide courage for the masses to move through the transformation so badly needed. Mars and Pluto will start their next cycle in March 2022, at 27+ Capricorn, the same degree as the US natal Pluto.

Barbk, that March 2022 conjunction will be hugely significant.

Another Saturn-Pluto historic political breakdown: France says the EU and the UK will rip each other apart after Brexit:


On the History Channel right now is Washington. Its executive producer is Doris Kerns Goodwin. Very well done and I learned a lot about how Washington learned from his early mistakes. He fought so hard to make this country the great experiment it was intended to be. We’re a long way from there right now but with faith, optimism and, I suppose the correct planetary alignment we can get it back.

The mini series runs for the next two nights.

Happy. Happy Birthday, Nancy. May your next circle around the sun be everything you want!

Happy Natal Day, Dear Nancy!
May the coming year bring you much love and joy.

NewsScope for February 18, 2020
By Michael O’Reilly

The Democratic Presidential Field Narrows


I enjoyed watching Marie Yovanavitch speaking at georgetown university recently. What a lady!

Excellent astrological insight and practical advice on the Corona Virus

My Astrological Take On The Corona Virus by Steve Judd

Video 12 min 11 sec



“Pompeo prioritized shielding Trump from news he didn’t want to hear, an approach to the job that sometimes subjugated the country’s interests to those of the president. Concerned more about his own standing with the president, Pompeo also refused to provide the CIA workforce with any words of support in the face of Trump’s repeated attacks on it, fearing such encouragement would anger Trump.
Such atmospherics were quickly felt at CIA once Pompeo began in 2017, and continue today despite the succession of his loyal deputy, the more competent and well-qualified Gina Haspel. The first evidence of what it would be like under the new administration came with the White House’s direction to change how the U.S. government referred to the Islamic State. CIA had used the standardization: the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or, ISIL, which was aligned with how the group saw and referred to itself. But, Trump didn’t like that name, associating its use with his predecessor, President Barack Obama, and demanded we call it as he did, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. In a compromise, CIA used the Arabic for Syria, “al-Shams,” to provide the president his preferred “ISIS” acronym. The episode was minor, but revealing of what was to come.”


“Trump Is Gaslighting America Again — Here’s How to Fight It

The president wants the nation to reject their direct experience of reality. ”


Mercury goes retrograde today, and will be retrograde until March 10th, so Nevada, South Carolina, Super Tuesday, and March 10th primaries (Idaho, Washington, ..) will all be affected. I know Nevada has said it won’t be using the same app as Iowa, and has come up with a new one–does that sound like a good plan when Mercury is retrograde??? Counting votes, getting to polling places, having clear readable ballots could all be problematic.
Just to add to the general confusion, a few candidates have planets affected. It’s surprising how many candidates have no Pisces in their charts at all, but lots of candidates have mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sag and Pisces). Mercury goes from 12 Pisces back to 28 Aquarius during this 3-week period. So, looking at people most affected, it would be Tom Steyer (Saturn at 9 Sag), Amy Klobuchar, who has more mutable planets than anybody (Moon 7 Gemini, Desc 6 Pisces), Elizabeth Warren, with Sun/Uranus at 0 Gemini, and maybe Bernie a little bit, with Uranus at 0 Gemini. So, we’ll see if it has any affect all on the candidates. It’s probably more on the voting process itself.

More on Mike:


Here is a list of reputable sites that you can check information on.


South Carolina bought new voting machines and claimed it produces paper ballots, so voters can verify they voted for who they wanted.

But … you vote by one machine, which produces a written ballot showing your votes in writing, which you then put into a second machine that scans your ballot and tabulates votes.

Only thing is, the scanner isn’t recording the written votes you can see on your ballot. It’s counting a bar code printed above your written choices, and you can’t read what the bar code says.

There’s nothing to keep the first machine from printing out a vote for Mickey Mouse, but a bar code with a vote for Donald Duck, and the scanner then recording a vote for Donald Duck.

I knew when reading that SC had gone to paper ballots, it sounded too good to be true.

Bill Barr must resign because he is un-American, says Bush 41’s former Deputy Attorney General.


He also reminded viewers in an interview on MSNBC that two former Attorney-Generals went to jail after Watergate.

More than 2,000 former DOJ officials are now calling for Barr’s resignation. The accelerating and intensifying effects of Mars in Capricorn are already being felt.

If he doesn’t resign, there could be mass resignations at DOJ or he could be impeached. He is scheduled to appear for before the Judiciary Committee of the House on March 31,the day of the Mars-Saturn conjunction on top of Nancy Pelosi’s Saturn-Pluto square. Drama guaranteed.

The accelerating and intensifying effects of Mars in Capricorn are already being felt. It will underline the crisis in the structure of government in various countries.

In Australia, major fires in recent months have brought renewed debate over the effects of climate change in an economy dependent on mining and coal extraction. The prime minister is, like Trump, a climate change denialist. Today, we find out a fireman was sacked because he criticized the government.


In Canada, native groups have paralyzed the railway system in the entire country since last Thursday in protest against a natural gas pipeline being built in British Columbia on the West Coast.
There will soon be food and gas shortages if this continues.

I haven’t looked at Australia’s chart, but Canada’s MC is in mid-Capricorn. Justin Trudeau is once again in deep political trouble. Also, Canada has a Pluto in Taurus-Saturn in Scorpio opposition which will be increasingly activated by Uranus over the next few years.

Some good news today, I hope he doesn’t decide to run for President.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s chief executive and the world’s richest man, said on Monday that he was committing $10 billion to address the climate crisis in a new initiative he called the Bezos Earth Fund.

The effort will fund scientists, activists and nongovernmental organizations, he said in a post on Instagram. Mr. Bezos, who has been pushed by Amazon employees on climate issues, said he expected to start issuing grants this summer.

“Climate change is the biggest threat to our planet,” he wrote. “I want to work alongside others both to amplify known ways and to explore new ways of fighting the devastating impact of climate change on this planet we all share.”


The US solar return Moon seems to substantiate that it will indeed be the US People who will determine Trump’s fate. Will he win another term as US President or will he be removed from office at the end of this term?

The Moon in a US Solar Return (SR) chart symbolizes the US People. The present US SR chart (July 2019-June 2020) had Moon in Leo sextile US natal Mars + Trump’s Sun in Gemini that completed a Yod to US SR chart’s Pluto in Capricorn that opposed the US natal Mercury (+ Trump’s Venus + Saturn) in Cancer, which turned the Yod into a Boomerang.

A Boomerang is a complex astrological pattern where the combined energies of these planets come to rest on the final (Boom) planet which in this case was US Mercury (+ Trump’s Venus/Saturn).

This played out with the new Dems in the House of Reps pushing for an Impeachment of Trump, which they got, and which played out on live TV (US Mercury) for all the US citizens (and much of the rest of the world) to see.

The upcoming NEW US Solar Return (July 4, 2020) chart has the Moon (9+ Capricorn) trine Uranus (9+ Taurus) trine the MC (outcome) at 8+ Virgo.

That MC in the US SR chart forms a T-square with the US natal Uranus (8+ Gemini) and US natal Ceres (8+ Pisces), and US Ceres is where the US SR chart’s IC (roots) is. Several Dem candidates have natal planets or points in these degrees or close to them. Uranus can indicate a surprise or shock or breakthroughs.

I think this means the US People will surprise us with a NEW president in November who will face unexpected (US Uranus) challenges possibly to do with weather and/or upset mothers (US Ceres).

I just got back into town after a four day birthday trip with David. Thank you all for the many birthday wishes!! They are very much appreciated.

BarbK, could the unexpected challenge be another school shooting, God forbid?

Surprised no one has mentioned watching Washington. Be interesting to know where his planets were in late 1770’s

Banks – bite your tongue on the shooting thought. On the washington thought – I was just wondering about those possibilities and references to this age, last night! LOL

Wow, Bryan Williams and several smart peeps are letting tidbits out about John Bolton which illucidate some very grave matters of crime with 45 and company. There is also a growing tsunami amidst DofJ judges and thousands of lawyers who are calling for Barr’s resignation Mighty juicey. Like a collective reaction the final detonation of the hand-grenades that were tossed into the Senate

OMG what did T just do to our republic?!?!? and what is the the Attorney General doing to our judicial system.

Brian Williams, actually.

You really think Trump can be beaten, Barbk? I so hope you’re right, but I don’t see how with the divided field the Dems have right now. Allthough, I guess with Micheal Bloomberg footing the bill, he can match Trump’s war chest, and he said he would donate to whomever the nominee turns out to be.
Perhaps the surprise comes from a cybersecurity threat, or technology, which is also represented by Uranus.

The Presidential bid seems to me to still be wide open, wherein anything can happen. There are so many googles of information and values to still be factored into the calculus – and then of course, the stretch of time between now and November.

Nancy, you’re back! Yay! Hope the trip was a nice break from world reality.

Banks, first, thanks for reminding me of Washington on the History channel last night, although the dreadful scalping scene kept me awake for hours, gag!

Also, the 2021 Inaugural chart alludes to a school shooting (among other possibilities) what with the Mars-Uranus conjunction, etc. (see comment 2/15, 6:38 PM) so it could be in the Solar Return chart too.

It could also be about cyber threats and upset mothers too as Chiro noted. And, in fact I do think Trump can and will be beaten. Just because we mere mortals can’t see it doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

I think that Mars-Uranus conjunction could just as well be some other kind of shooting or violence. Heaven knows the anger against this administration and his minions is rising, and will surely rise further.

I’ve known a goodly number of Left Wing Red Necks in my time. But with most of them, their “bark was louder than their bite.” It wouldn’t take much, what with medicare and social security cuts, something personally catastrophic and/or other Trump directed machinations hurting everyday people for someone to lose their cool and begin shooting at just about anybody aligned with the Orange Nut in the White House.

Conversely, it could be the opposite. It might be some kind of violence against the people coming from orders from on high, or from the Far Right. It would not surprise me were 45 to become so frustrated, paranoid, etc as to order something like that. To believe he would not order the murder of ordinary citizens is profoundly naive.

I hope neither side starts something like that. It could begin a really bad cycle which I feel is increasingly plausible. If something like that goes down, I’m hoping our side does NOT start it. Retaliatory cycles are hard to stop.

BarbK, Hope You are enjoying the rest of Washington as much as I am. I’ve learned a lot. Valley Forge is 15-20 minutes from my home and I often think of how hard it must have been for those brave soldiers, so many of whom fought and died for this Great Experiment.

The reason I thought of school shooting at Innauguration time goes back to something Linda G said in her last video (2/15) about difficulty Bloombetg would have if he is our president. It could be something else.

I found that the History Channel provides a break from MSNBC and I can educate myself. Cable news right now I find to be addictive and toxic.

Mars has entered Capricorn. Why is Mars going over Andrew Yang’s Ascendant during Nevada’s caucus?
He is up to something.
Anyway, Mars plus Pholus at 4 Cap. I have a feeling it will be an interesting caucus, hopefully not because of chaos and mayhem.
But first, the Nevada debate tomorrow, with possibly Michael Bloomberg on the stage–he just qualified. Lots of people saying he is buying the election. Hard to dispute, when the DNC lets him buy himself onto the debate stage.

There is a new Kim Carey video today. I don’t know how to send link from my iPad but you can Google Intuitiview YouTube.
She communicates with Fred Trump, Jr., DT’s brother which is interesting., discusses, Barr, Pelosie, Bernie and Bloomberg. Says the election or primary, have to go back and check will be a surprise. Don’t think it will be Bloomberg but remember he said he would put
His resources behind whomever wins primary.
As always her video is uplifting.


“Lots of people saying he is buying the election. Hard to dispute, when the DNC lets him buy himself onto the debate stage.”

Maybe this is more speculation/resentment than factual? Yes, he is a multi-billionaire and he’s spending a great deal of money on ads (pumping hundreds of millions into the economy) but why shouldn’t he spend his money the way he wants to? He’s going to have to debate and show his political chops at the debates just the same. Although he’s no saint, he did manage to win the NYC mayoral office three times. He’s also donated 8.2 billion dollars to charities for the public good and has pledged to give half of his total fortune to charities as well. I believe he knows how to govern and I believe he deserves his shot.

Beth Owl’s Daughter:

“If you feel demoralized and exhausted, it is best, for the sake of everyone, to withdraw and restore yourself. The point is to have a long-term perspective.”
the Dalai Lama


A national poll from NPR, PBS NewsHour and Marist released on Tuesday showed Mr. Bloomberg with 19 percent support among Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents, putting him in second place behind Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who had 31 percent. That was a substantial surge since the group’s poll in December, when Mr. Bloomberg received only 4 percent support.

The survey was the fourth national qualifying poll since mid-January that showed Mr. Bloomberg with at least 10 percent support, enough to earn him an invitation to the debate stage before the deadline of 11:59 p.m. Eastern time on Tuesday.

Mr. Bloomberg will face off against Mr. Sanders; Senators Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota; former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.; and Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Ind.


White House just released a slew of pardons Trump just made. In the video Kim Carey released about 8 hrs. ago she talked about his pushing to make a number of pardons now and in fact she felt sure that at least one would come out soon. His motivation is he knows it makes people angry. God save us from this man.

I assume that’s you Banks?? Yes; I AM learning a lot from the Washington series . . not so cut and dried as the info in our history books for sure.

And I too find the cable news toxic and pushing opinions as facts way too much, but these ARE the days of miracles and wonder so I watch it anyway.

The amazing 2021 US Inaugural Day chart not only has a Mars-Uranus conjunction, it has a Ceres-Neptune conjunction too. That one exacts on the 21st at 10:12 PM (Washington, DC), and that chart’s ascendant at 1+ Libra conjuncts the US natal chart’s MC (and the Super Galactic Center [SGC] where the black hole M-87 resides).

The SGC is symbolic of healing the relationship one has with one’s self. In this case that would be the USA accepts itself, warts and all, and submits to the healing process. This Neptune-Ceres cycle will be about nurturing and loving the Self, in spite of the self’s (US’s) flaws and failures and shortcomings. Are we ready for that? Hell yes, we’d better be.

The Moon in this Neptune-Ceres conjunction chart, at 15+ Taurus trines Venus at 16+ Taurus, and all the major (10) planets (+ Chiron) will be squeezed in between them; another Bundle pattern, very focused.

It will be over, this cycle between Ceres and Neptune, in May, 2025, one full term for who ever is elected President this November.

Yes, BarbK, ’twas I. I am incorrigible. My mind is always way ahead of my fingers, I’m afraid. I’m so sorry. Maybe I wanna be a BarbK?….

Nah, we all make goofy mistakes Banks, like when I said above that Venus would be at 16+ Taurus when Neptune-Ceres would conjunct, when everybody knows she will be at 16+ Capricorn. You don’t want to be barbk.

Looking at tomorrow night’s debate, I think Sanders is going to come off (very improbably) as a charmer! Yes, folks, listen to this: Juno transits conjunct his Venus, Moon is transiting trine his North Node, and Venus is transiting his Moon! It’s hard to see how you could get “nicer” transits for Bernie. I have to watch just to see what that’s like.
It’s looking much less fun for anyone else. Poor Amy has some painful transits, although Ceres is trine her Moon, which should be very good for her. I hadn’t noticed that Saturn is closing in on Pete’s Sun until just now.
I hope Biden holds his own. I wonder if Bloomberg actually shows up. He would probably do better if he didn’t, but maybe that would seem too cowardly. And he has Jupiter transiting trine his Mars, and Pluto trine his Saturn, so he must feel strong and committed to what he’s doing. I think it’s a terrible thing that he can buy the election, honestly, but apparently he can afford it, and there’s nothing anybody can do to stop it.


““If you feel demoralized and exhausted, it is best, for the sake of everyone, to withdraw and restore yourself. The point is to have a long-term perspective.”
the Dalai Lama”

Thank you for posting; it was the pitch-perfect quote for me today.

Elizabeth Warren should not be counted out and I have to say she has some very strong transits tomorrow:
Jupiter in Cap is opposite her Cancer Venus and trine her Taurus Moon, which should give her confidence and conviction. Pisces Neptune is sextile her Moon, and trine her Venus, so she can create some belief in the ideals she puts forth.
Vulcan and Sun in Pisces are currently trine her Sun/Uranus conjunction in Cancer, and trines make it easy to flow, so the Sun/Uranus energy isn’t too wired.
Ceres is transiting opposite her Pallas, which I hope doesn’t make her caring for others seem too much like a strategy. Maybe it gives her some objectivity.
She has other good transits too, so if she gets a chance to speak she should do well. But Mercury is retrograde trine her Juno. Not sure if that holds her back from seeing her place on the stage as a powerful one.

Barr is considering quitting:


I have written he will be gone by spring. Maybe it will be sooner.

This thing about Bloomberg buying the election is that it’s still a free country– people can vote for whom they want. If they don’t want to be bought, they won’t be bought and, in fact, they can take the money & run. I guess Bloomberg is going to come prepared with some responses to this idea as he will be confronted tomorrow night.

With people like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters, how can you possibly be depressed!? They are such fighters. You have to read this Maxine tweet that calls out Barr for who(m) he is! https://twitter.com/RepMaxineWaters/status/1229894665123631110

The CNN town halls with Bernie, Pete, & Amy tonight are going well. Bernie looked a bit winded towards the end, and like he was having a little shortness of breath, but he is doing great for his age. I do admire him so much. Clear and on track, doesn’t budge from his beliefs. And, he’s gracious and a nice guy. Pete was on his toes, as sharp and emotionally healthy as ever, and Amy is confident and solid. What can I say? We do have great candidates.

Saturn has now reached 27 Capricorn conjunct US Pluto and will remain at that degree until the end of the month. This is a dangerous time.

Andre, as soon as Trump said something nice about Barr (yesterday), that was the writing on the wall. He’ll be gone in days.

I don’t believe that Bloomberg is “buying” the election at all. Buying the election is if he paid money to each of us to vote for him. He is not doing that. He is simply paying for ad time. If he didn’t have good ideas, or ideas that people were interested in, buying ads would get him nowhere. Tom Steyer is doing the same thing with his money, but he is kind of nowhere in this campaign. It is ridiculously expensive to run a campaign and to pay for airtime, and with all the corporate and lobbying money in campaigns, the whole thing is twisted already, so if he can do it with his own money, why not? I like him. I will vote for whoever the Democratic nominee is, but I think he could beat Trump. He has good responses to Trump’s bizarre attacks and behavior.


Right on. I’d take Michael Bloomberg in a heartbeat over son of Satan in a New York second.

Chiro, so grateful that you are keeping an eye on the transiting planets, especially as they affect the Dem candidates charts. Will have things to watch for in this evening’s debate thanks to your perseverance.

I confess that most of my time in astrological study is devoted to the cycles between planets which is like looking at road maps instead of the scenery when traveling across new terrain. I miss a lot of important details that would have been helpful, as well as interesting, along the way.

I know that Vulcanus the Uranian point is at 0+ Leo right now, but I am unaware of a Vulcan in Pisces and am hoping you can tell me more about that. Thanks!

A massive 11 Trump pardons and commutations in one fell swoop. Is that a prelude to a Roger Stone pardon? Will Attorney General William Barr be forced to resign in the face of a public outcry if that were to happen? Just read last week’s headlines……

“Cannot Allow This Miscarriage Of Justice!”: Trump Suggests A Roger Stone Pardon May Be Coming


The Feb 23rd New Moon at 4 ’28 Pisces will oppose Roger Stone’s natal Sun (4 ’18 Virgo) in sextile-trine to tr. Mars (4 ’56 Capricorn) and tr. Uranus (3 ’27 Taurus). Astrologically that sounds like a free “get out of jail card” for Roger Stone. Mars conjoins the December 26th 2019 solar eclipse degree (4 ’06 Capricorn). Lots of power packed into this configuration.

The following day, Mars conjoins the South Node at 5 Capricorn in t square to William Barr’s Nodes (5 Aries-Libra) and Trump’s Neptune (5 Libra) – DECEPTION gone awry? Trump will be arriving in India for a two day visit. Will Trump leave it to Barr’s own devices to try to work this thing out in the public relations arena? Will Trump’s ruse backfire forcing Barr to resign?

Marjorie Orr:


Ralfee Finn:


ja, Ralfee’s remarks on transiting Mars trine transiting Uranus makes me wonder if that is setting the stage for their conjunction and new cycle start on Inauguration Day, January 20th.

Although their trine won’t be exact until early Friday, it will still be influential in tonight’s debate. Uranus is recognized by it’s ability to shock and surprise, while Mars’ calling card is often anger and/or aggression. Could be the debate we will all remember.

I believe transiting Mars is on or near Pete’s Venus-Uranus midpoint now. Transiting Uranus is conjunct Bernie’s natal Nessus and close to Bloomberg’s Nessus, and Warren’s natal Ceres in Virgo is in a grand trine with trans. Mars and Uranus.

With transiting Saturn conjunct the US natal Pluto it could become a fierce debate.

Barbk, Vulcan is an asteroid. Vulcanus is a uranian, or transneptunian point, as you know. I’ll get you an ephemeris and key words, but first an interesting new development:

Today’s Sun is trine Andrew Yang’s MC, and Mars is trine his Uranus, and he just got a job as a contributor for CNN, and will be working the debate. No wonder he’s going to be busy during the caucus on Saturday, when Mars transits his Ascendant.

I really appreciate what I’ve learned reading your road maps, Barbk. You’re amazing.

“Trump commuted the sentence of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, a Democrat, who was impeached and removed from office for corruption before being convicted on 13 counts of soliciting bribes and trying to sell a U.S. Senate seat and sentenced to 14 years in prison. He pardoned Michael Milken, convicted in 1989 of securities fraud and sentenced to a $600 million fine and 22 months in prison. He pardoned David Safavian, a former lobbyist who worked in George W. Bush’s budget office and who spent close to a year in prison in 2009-2010 for obstructing justice and lying for criminal lobbyist Jack Abramoff. He pardoned Bernard Kerik, the corrupt New York former police commissioner, who in 2009 confessed to tax fraud and lying to officials. He also pardoned Edward DeBartolo, Jr., the former owner of the 49ers football team, who was extorted by a former Louisiana governor for a gambling license and paid the money rather than reporting the felony. He was fined $1 million in 1998 and suspended for a year by the NFL.

There are a number of obvious reasons for Trump to pardon or commute the sentences of the people he picked. Jared Kushner and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin were pushing for a pardon of Milken. Milken is worth more than $3 billion, and it is not unreasonable to think that some of those duckies will find their way into Trump’s campaign fund. Trump’s sometime lawyer Rudy Giuliani wanted a pardon for Kerik, while the spokesperson for Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign, Mercedes Schlapp, endorsed Safavian. DeBartolo, whose case was over and cold long ago, has a strong following in Ohio, a region Trump needs to shore up before the 2020 election.”

From FB Page of Heather Cox Richardson

OMG! That is exciting news Chiro . . .I wonder how long that was in the making; Yang working for CNN; thank you so much for sharing and thanks for the Vulcan info too, you fellow asteroid lover you. 🙂

“These high-profile pardons were all of individuals who had committed financial crimes investigated by the FBI. I wrote here on December 27 about how Trump appears to have gone out of his way to purge the FBI of employees with, as national security and intelligence community expert Natasha Bertrand put in August 2018 in The Atlantic, “extensive experience in probing money laundering and organized crime, particularly as they pertain to Russia.” These people include Robert Mueller, James Comey, Bruce Ohr, Andrew McCabe, and Lisa Page.

I wonder if these pardons are designed to discredit the FBI’s financial crimes unit even further, both to set up a pardon for his friend, advisor, and self-proclaimed dirty trickster Roger Stone, and to try to pull the fangs of the upcoming discussion of his own financial records, currently moving toward a crisis.”

FB Page of Heather Cox Richardson

“My former boss Patrick Fitzgerald represented his friend James Comey. He also prosecuted Scooter Libby, Conrad Black, and Rod Blagojevich. All three received pardons or commutations from Trump. That doesn’t seem coincidental.”


A few thoughts for today:

1.The Democratic Party has long been the party of diversity. JFK was the first, and so far the only, Catholic President. Going back further, FDR was handicapped; although it was hidden from public view, the press and the political class knew about it. An Afro-American candidate was elected twice to the White house, and a woman won the popular vote in 2016. This time around, much has been said of the withdrawal of candidates of color, but there still remain two women, two Jewish candidates and a gay man. Only Joe Biden fits the traditional profile of the heterosexual white Protestant male, which is still the norm in the GOP, with the single exception of a female vice-presidential candidate in 2008 (there was a female Democratic VP nominee in 1984). This is a clear sign that the Dems are a party of the future, since diversity will only increase in the general population, while the Republicans are mired in the past. They are so mired in the past that many of them would give up democracy in order to preserve the advantages of racial and economic inequality.

2. There are strong parallels between the Brexit crisis in the UK and the constitutional crisis in the US. Both crises began at roughly the same time. Boris Johnson’s government is every bit as toxic and dissembling as the Trump Maladministration. Johnson was just elected in December for a 5-year term ending in late 2024. Although the charts for the US and the UK are quite different, both have critical placements in Capricorn and Cancer. The US Pluto return makes its crisis more existential. In my view, both countries are likely to emerge from this dark period simultaneously with a change of government in the last months of 2024.

3. Pluto returns mean different things to different countries with different charts. In the case of the UK, it happened at the time of the Suez crisis in 1956, which is considered by many historians a major turning point when the British definitely lost superpower status despite the glory of Churchill in the Second World War. France’s Pluto return coincided exactly with the death of Napoleon. Spain’s Pluto return also saw a decline after many years of its domination of Europe while it plundered the riches of its vast South American empire. What these have in common is downsizing after an extended period of dominance on the world stage. Also considerable introspection
and redefinition as the country sets a new course. In the case of the UK, it may be argued that redefinition is still ongoing more than a half-century after the Pluto return, with Brexit being seen by many as unhealthy and unrealistic nostalgia for a long-lost empire.

4. The case of the United States is nevertheless unique in many ways. Pluto is in the second house in the sign of Capricorn in opposition to the impressive stellium in Cancer in the national chart. This speaks to the US government as being the main pillar of capitalism. The relationship between the banking and financial sector and the political system is undeniably a central element of that chart. Perhaps there will be a severe economic downturn by 2022 when the Pluto return will be at its height. There was such a downturn at the beginning of Pluto’s transit of Capricorn. Or maybe a socialist President will challenge the workings of Wall Street as never before.

5. What is also unique in the US chart is that the Pluto return will be closely followed by a Uranus return. Uranus returns in the past have brought the War of Independence, the Civil War and D-Day on a rising curve of greatness. Does the Pluto return mean that, as was the case with other countries, that era is now closed? And will the Uranus return bring a major conflict, domestic or external but as life-threatening as the others that came before, about America’s new role and identity in the 21st century world of massive and life-threatening climate change? We shall find out in less than 10 years.

“We shall find out in less than 10 years.” Wow! That puts things in perspective, doesn’t it? I think it will be an economic restructuring, and with the Uranus return, a recognition of a completely new economic reality that automation, artificial intelligence, and technology will have forged.

Speaking of forging things, that’s where Vulcan, the God of fire, metalworking, and the forge come in. So forging a personality, force of personality or force of will are part of its meaning.

Like the uranian points, it is a hypothetical asteroid, existing, theoretically, between Mercury and the Sun. Solar Fire calculates its point when I do charts, but I couldn’t find a complete ephemeris, just sources for them. It’s always within 8 degrees 20 minutes of the Sun, but can be in a different sign than the Sun, and can be in aspect to planets differently than the Sun (unless you use really wide orbs). Speaking of this, maybe we’ll see who has the greatest force of personality tonight on the debate stage.

Pete and Amy coming on strong tonight. Trying to bring down Sanders. Elizabeth is after Bloomberg. Biden & Bloomberg have not spoken too much yet.

Biden is doing really well tonight, though, when he does speak (like right now).

Elizabeth is rocking it tonight!
Bloomberg is bleeding.
Except for him they’re all on fire.
Best debate ever

Bloomberg expected to bleed….there is a lot circulating about him and he had to face it head on. I think he did ok. He is now talking about climate change solution and knows his stuff! We’re not going to go to war with China, nor use tariffs that are hurting us. We have to convince them it’s in their best interest too. I think Bloomberg is doing fairly ok for a newby.

And, yes, they are all on fire and it’s great.

I’m a Canadian and I can’t vote in the US, but I watched my first Democratic debate in this presidential cycle, and I want to say it was the best and most spectacular I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a few! The Democratic Party can be proud.

Here’s my less than two cents’ worth:

Mayor Pete and Amy Klobuchar were good and sometimes effective, but they did not convince me they will still be in the race after Super Tuesday. I don’t think they will get much support in the South.

I thought Warren was the strongest performer all night. She probably improved her standing in the race and will fight on.

Bernie also had a very good night. He probably attracted more support as well.

Biden was better than expected and most of all inspired trust. But he didn’t have the commanding presidential performance he needed to stop his decline. Where was that Joe Biden until now? It might be too late, but he may also have given his new campaign some new life.

Bloomberg had an uneven performance. There were very awkward moments, especially when he wouldn’t release an unknown number of women who complained about his workplace sexism from their non-disclosure agreements. As Warren said, this could all come out during the campaign, although against Trump it might not matter. Bloomberg was a lot stronger at other moments (such as “I’m the only one here who started a business”). And Bloomberg, more than any other candidate, probably doesn’t need to win the debates to win the nomination.

I still think it will be a choice between Bloomberg and Bernie at the convention, and the super-delegates will pick Bloomberg, which could tear the Party apart. And Bernie’s young voters won’t turn out for Bloomberg.

I wonder what Americans think when they hear Bernie and others state what is wrong with their country. Do they believe it? It seems antithetic to what always seems to be those that say it is the greatest country on earth. It amazes me how people vote against their own best interest, or don’t bother to vote at all. The whole election process is based on who can amass the most money and it is the most protracted, inefficient, waste of time. If Bernie and his ground up followers cannot win in 2020, and make real permanent change to stop the rampant corruption at every level, then I fear it is the beginning of the end.

“maybe a socialist President will challenge the workings of Wall Street as never before.”

Bernie & E. Warren are both really Social Democrats (not Dem Socialists) but Elizabeth frames herself as a capitalist who wants capitalist accountability. IMHO, E. Warren has the more nuanced, practical, and pragmatic economic and financial policy plans, but I’m in general disagreement with several of her other ideas.

Except for Bloomberg, the others on stage tonight all to greater or lesser degree also lean towards social democratic, FDR style policy, regardless of their self description. All but Bloomberg strongly support unions and are open to a great deal more employee ownership.

Hopefully, it won’t be a severe economic downturn. Hopefully, the new president, whatever they may call themselves, will like that great, green conservationist, Teddy Roosevelt introduce needed wall street and economic reform that will sustain our North American economies for the foreseeable future.

Elizabeth was really strong. And Vulcan and Sun were trining her Uranus and Sun, which supports that–but just tonight. I do think that this will be a brokered convention, where nobody gets a majority of delegates, and negotiating and arm twisting and back room bargains will be made.

I’m not optimistic about the Dems winning the election.

I believe the person who probably gained the most tonight in the debate was E. Warren. We shall see as the vote numbers are calculated.


Have you ever considered getting American citizenship as well? You have a profound passion for the political machinations of the U.S. It might be exciting for you to be able to vote in our elections. I’m fairly certain you can do that after filing the perfunctory paperwork and the passage of some time and tests. Just a thought.

Eliseo, agreed about social democrats. That would be middle-of-the-road here in Canada and almost right-wing in Quebec.

Will, thank you for the invitation. I have a similar passion for Canadian politics and world history, as well as constitutional and international law. I have a sister in Massachusetts who just became an American citizen a couple of years ago. But my home and family are here in Montreal. Burlington, Vermont, where Bernie began his political career as mayor, is about 90 minutes away.

Actually, Andre, Biden is Catholic. Everything else you said is good.

The transiting Jupiter in Capricorn and transiting Neptune in Pisces are trine each other today.

Transiting Jupiter is square Trump’s natal Jupiter in Libra (+ US prog. Mars, US Constitution Neptune, and Putin’s Saturn) while transiting Neptune is square Trump’s Uranus in Gemini. His natal Jupiter trines his natal Uranus and both are challenged today in a rather benign way.

We can expect him to go overboard on tweets in some unexpected way, perhaps feeling a bit threatened by the vigor of the Democrats in debate.

While many of us will get some spiritual uplift from this trine between Neptune and Jupiter, I suspect Trump will not. Most likely he was surprised by the display of the Dems in heated response to debate questions and will retaliate with snide comments about all of them. This will only work to encourage voters (Dems and undecideds) to further support any one of the people on that debate stage I would guess.

Meanwhile today transiting Saturn conjuncts the US natal Pluto and the divine plan to reform the USA continues to move forward in its methodical way. Deep breaths.

“February 19, 2020 (Wednesday)
The big news today in Washington was that Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, the venue that dumped emails from Democratic officials hacked by Russian intelligence before the 2016 election, claims that the Trump administration offered him a pardon if he would say that Russia was not involved in leaking the stolen emails in 2016.
In London, where Assange is fighting extradition to the United States, Assange’s lawyer says that Assange will prove that former California Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher visited Assange when he was holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London in 2017 to make the offer. The White House has categorically denied this story, although Rohrabacher’s visit to Assange, and his subsequent assertion that the Russians had nothing to do with hacking Democrats, is public record. So, too, is Rohrabacher’s meeting with Trump for 45 minutes before he went to see Assange.”

Heather Cox Richardson FB Page

If Bloomberg gets the nomination, Bernie will have to make his followers vote for him. Otherwise it’s the rump who wins. Amen, that’s the spiritual lift for today because of Jupiter sextile Neptune 🙂

IMHO, the conflict within the Dem party is based on two equally true political and demographic facts.
(1) Moderates do not inspire the base. Idealistic FDR/LBJ and beyond, Social Democrats do. We need the energy and enthusiasm of the base to win.

(2) To get Independent and non-Trump Republican votes, we need a moderate at the top of the ticket. The Idealists tend to scare those voters, making it harder for them to vote for the Dem, no matter how disgusted they are with Trump.

I’m not sure these contradictory needs can be resolved.

Eliseo, Bernie is no FDR. I supported Bernie in 16 when I thought the country could go further left.

But today, the house is on fire and we cannot talk about redecorating.

Bernie would IMHO be the ultimate disaster. What his followers love about him is his consistency but that consistency makes it impossible that he will ever get anything done. And his leading the ticket will in all likelihood lead to massive dem losses down ticket.

I do agree that its Bernie and Bloomberg – two old white guys who will arrive at the convention with a lot of delegates and either one of them is the nominee or they will agree on a third candidate – someone that both could embrace.

I agree Bernie is no FDR. I did not mean to imply that. He sees himself in the FDR/LBJ Dem tradition, but I agree he is too ideologically rigid.

FDR was a pragmatist who evolved into a Social Democrat out of necessity. He was willing to try anything to get us out of the Depression. He was not an ideologue.

I also agree Bernie would be a disaster down ticket in many areas. Although I consider the Pacific Northwest my home, I grew up in Texas where I have relatives and longstanding political contacts in the Dem party. The R party already has too much power in Texas, way out of balance with a population that is pretty evenly divided between Ultra-Conservative R’s and Dems, most of whom are moderate. My Dem friends tell me that if Bernie is the nominee, the Texas Dem party might as well go out of business permanently.

At 4:03 AM I stated that transiting Jupiter and Neptune were in a trine today when I should have said they were sextile, and for that I deeply apologize. The rest of that comment stands as is.

The thing I feel that’s not penetrating our consciousness is what the transit of Uranus in Taurus opposite the US progressed Saturn in Scorpio means. The divide in the US voting population can be seen in this opposition; half are entrenched in the old standards (US prog. Saturn in Scorpio) and vehement about it. The other half (trans. Uranus in Taurus) are just as entrenched in their demand for drastic change.

It was just a year ago when transiting Uranus was conjunct the US progressed Venus, the symbol of values, and in the chart of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in 2000, Uranus was conjunct the US progressed Mercury and both squared the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (symbol of societies, particularly their governments).

Mercury is about thinking and Venus is about values, and Uranus is about revolution.

The influence of Uranus on societies is unquestionable, especially in the US. The wisdom of having this influence manifest through the Saturnian practice of voting seems not only safer but most practical in terms of maintaining a semblance of order. At least we can make the revolutionary changes through a process rather than an overthrow of the government. Change is gonna happen whether we like it or not.

If the voting Dems find that Bernie is their choice for the next US President, and if the party chooses to mess with that, it might unleash a brouhaha that could destroy the party, like Trump has destroyed the Pubs.

There is still time to make these necessary changes in our society with a modicum of violence and unrest. I believe that Bernie Sanders is an American and not under the influence of a foreign government, unlike Trump. To protest his agenda, which must go through the scrutiny of Congress (if it still exists) if he were to become President, is like tilting at windmills. Change is happening, one way or another.

Eliseo, personally, I love Warren but worry she is the Adlai Stevenson of the race.

RE: E. Warren.
I agree. I really like her ideas, proposals, and plans as to how to “fix” our economic and financial house. But I’m concerned she might not be electable, as you said, another Adlai Stevenson.

For me personally, it is hard not to despair. We have what I believe will have been the worst president in American history in office. None of our Dem candidates are particularly charismatic. And IMHO they are terribly misguided on about half of their assumptions and ideas as to how to govern. It is just that the R’s are so egregiously, crazily, nutjob worse.

I see both parties as extremely shallow. The R’s maintain an outworn ideology which should have gone into the dustbin of history long ago. Furthermore, close to 100% of their “facts” are factually wrong. In contrast, the Dems do a bit better. I rate them high on compassion, but low on wisdom. About half of their facts actually hold up in evidence, but the other half don’t. They too rely too much on ideological memes, even when in conflict with evidence, and deductions thereof. They cling to those memes because it is easier than doing what Mr. Yang consistently suggested we all do, think harder and deeper.

I have a feeling that if we are lucky enough to elect a Dem president, the VP will in the long run be the more important executive.

Gina, I didn’t know, or forgot, Biden is Catholic. Well, there you have it. All Democratic candidates are diverse. Trump, of course, is a non-believer; he is in the religion of Himself, and it has nothing to do with God.

Trump is a very jealous and zealous god who demands we have no other gods before him.

WA Post reports Roger Stone sentenced to 3 years, 4 months.

If moderate Dems are so concerned about Bernie being the nominee they should vote for their fave moderate. My own fave is Warren.
It occurs to me that whoever we pick will not be able to stand up to the media star. I think the Liar will remain the president that’s why I’m encouraging everyone to please, please send $$ to those Senators in battleground states because no matter what, we must flip the Senate.

Andre and Barbk, the vision of Super Delegates overriding the popular delegates in favor of Bloomberg is definitely in the air. That would split the Dem Party and I have to wonder if we are on the verge of a viable third party that can coalition with another party. I believe that if the Super Dels push in Bloomberg that it’s over for the Dem Party, but if it’s a contentious convention with horse trading popular delegates for cabinet positions and support, that would be acceptable. Still, whomever it is, will have great difficulty going against the media start because their talents lie in governance and not media manipulation. Flipping the Senate is critical, though.

Im feeling rather disheartened after the last debate. Media and candidates are playing the ”normal” game based on a pre-trump era. Hurricane conditions are not the time to launch a mutiny in the ranks; all will go down with the ship.
I wholeheartedly agree with you Frank about supporting state candidates.

Good thoughts, Eliseo.

I do like Warren, and I also feel that she has no hope of beating Trump nationally without the ability to appeal to the broader masses, and in particular, at least some part of the anti-intellectual crowd. She wins New England, the Mid-Atlantic, and the Pacific Coast easily, but likely stumbles badly through the Midwest, and isn’t even on the South’s radar. I could definitely see her in a key cabinet role in a future Democratic administration, however. Perhaps as Secretary of Education, something much needed in the wake of the truly horrible Betsy DeVos.

There’s no obvious stand-out candidate in this current class as there has been during previous successful runs. It’s terrible to even think that Trump could actually win re-election by blundering default, yet I saw this story play out here in Ohio in 2014 when the Dems here whiffed on an almost perfect chance to issue John Kasich his eviction notice for massively overreaching on an anti-union ballot measure just two years before.

The public unions–fire and police–who typically lean Republican here were deeply offended and angry that Kasich would come after them. They never forgave him for it. The Dems could have tapped into that resentment and anger and could have used it along with an energized base to beat Kasich over the head relentlessly with it, sending him packing back to Wall Street in a crushing landslide defeat. And they acted like 2012 might as well have been 1912, choosing a totally clueless dolt for a gubernatorial candidate who got busted for driving 9 months without renewing his license. His campaign was DOA with 4 months remaining until November. Kasich won easily, and immediately became an absentee governor while conducting a long-shot vanity campaign for POTUS.

The Democratic Party as a whole seems almost gifted at stealing defeat out of the jaws of certain victory. With few exceptions, they almost completely lack any conviction or killer instinct. In contrast, the Republicans increasingly have a downright pathological drive to win against the Dems at any cost, yet they lack the interest and capacity to actually govern or respect democratic tradition, easily falling in line like docile sheep behind a wannabe dictator like Trump.

Our two-party system would be a comedy if it truly weren’t the source of so many of our present ills.

May you have many more happy, healthy, prosperous, joyful, and insightful solar returns.


I always appreciate your posts and your wisdom. I typically take the longer view as well, keeping my knowledge of the astrological transits and patterns to come in the back of my mind. And I will admit too that I have really struggled to stay optimistic lately.

I knew we were in for challenging times during this period, but I never imagined we would see a Republican Party so thoroughly compromised, corrupted and completely beholden to Russia, of all things! They have literally sold their souls, and sold out the country, and all for what?

Trump represents a particularly unique kind of bad. He should have been thumped and thwarted on so many occasions, in the past, utterly crushed and broken under the weight of so much stupidity and ill-will that he seems to willfully generate wherever he goes and in whatever he puts his fingers on. Yet, somehow, he seems to ultimately escape accountability in nearly every form, in nearly every instance. I mean, I know Jupiter/Sag behaves like a get-out-of-jail free card for a lot of people that have strong placements of it/them, but come on. Even Jupiter/Sag luck runs out once in a while for those who take it for granted.

He should have never been elected POTUS. Yet he has been, and it may have come at prices so high that none of us can truly afford to pay for the damage that is being done. This fool literally has all eyes on him while our climate and biosphere are degrading around us.

It angers me greatly that we are literally wasting what little precious time we have in which we could be doing something, on this awful, awful man and his shenanigans. He likely won’t even live to see the worst effects of flooding, famine, and dislocation, which are partly his legacy, and also the legacy of a political and economic system so badly in need of reform, yet violently resistant to it. It just seems like a particularly inopportune place we are in to be grappling with such a man and his very corrosive influence on our politics and society, and those who would rather look the other way because they somehow benefit from him being there.

Buckeye, I like your idea of Warren as Sec’y of Education; she could do wonders within that field.

This Sunday’s New Moon (4 Pisces 28) will take place in the 3rd house of grade school education and it will sextile Mars at 4+ Capricorn which will conjunct transiting Quaoar who was said to “dance things into being’.

Actually, Quaoar expresses as a moment or event that comes following a difficult period that brings on an an evolutionary period of healing and growth. New ideas, new paths open and opportunities to start fresh appear.

Mars and Quaoar in this New Moon chart will trine Uranus (unexpected) at 3+ Taurus so perhaps some unanticipated opportunity will come to our attention. Mars and Quaoar in Cap will square transiting Chiron (it’s the old of Chiron semisextile Uranus pattern again) in Aries at this New Moon, sort of nudging us to grab the Uranus option that presents itself.

Meanwhile, the New Moon in Pisces is sextile Uranus in Taurus which is sextile the US Venus (values) in Cancer which trines the New Moon in Pisces. Are we being coaxed to move on from something that’s over (Pisces)?

My guess is yes, move on to the New. The Saturn in this NM chart is conjunct the US natal Pluto, both at 27+ Capricorn, and trans. Pluto opposes US natal Mercury suggesting a timeout from the news sources we rely on.

Then there is transiting North Node (opportunity) which is about to conjunct the US natal Jupiter which conjuncts the US natal Venus that trines the New Moon in Pisces which, by the way trines the US PROGRESSED Saturn in Scorpio. (Yeah, it’s a grand trine!) Maybe there will be a yellow brick road or something equally enticing to follow.

Remember the Friday after this New Moon on Sunday is Leap Year Day (comes every 4 years, just like the US presidential election. An extra day to dance (Quaoar) something into being.

Sharon K,

A most excellent birthday to you! Enjoy!

The new acting Director of National Intelligence is variously described as utterly incompetent, a vain narcissist who can barely handle criticism and a far-right colonial officer. His picture shows the gaze of a Nazi fanatic similar to Stephen Miller. Says one observer, “the guardrails are gone”.


All you wrote — Well said!
Like many on this blog I’m an intellectual, therefore deeply and acutely aware of the intense anti-intellectualism within our culture. I teach college students, and am therefore one of the first guys Nazis, Fascists, Communists, and other authoritarians get rid of when they take over a state.

Too many Americans as Asimov observed, believe that “democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”
In my younger days I experienced physical violence from such people, particularly when I worked in my youth for the civil rights movement. For me this is very personal. The stakes regarding this coming election could not be higher.

Today, the paper ballot arrived in the mail for our WA state primary. I have to choose which Dem to support. I’ve been leaning toward E. Warren. As I said above, I believe she has the best plans for fixing our economic and banking system, but she like Adlai Stevenson is an intellectual in an anti-intellectual culture. Conservative writer George Will said over a year ago he felt she had the best chance to defeat DJTrump. Maybe he’s right. Maybe he’s wrong. It’s a hard decision.

Buckeye, thank you for your kind words. I can tell you are a sensitive person and that this is a painful experience to suffer through. Maybe this is crazy talk, but I think Trump was designed to be the asshole he is, through his life experiences and overall (Leo/Gemini) nature. He was designed to reach a capacity audience (for mass consciousness raising purposes).

It is not a time for gradual awakening; no, it is a high-speed sprint to the finish line. Can’t you hear the crowds screaming “the Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! Trump-the-bad-boy has us all focused on the same thing, him. What is he going to destroy next?

All of us, ordinary citizens, career politicians, past presidents are in the throes of evolution (aka chaos) and it is demanding the best parts of us to focus only on the crisis, not our personal problems, but the Nation and even more so, the Planet Earth. It is one giant leap for mankind we are dealing with, and we are in it together.

Trump won’t last forever, he may have already peaked in his purpose. He has the majority of US citizens on high alert (when has that ever happened except on 9/11?) and survival has become a primary (excuse the pun) purpose in life.

However, he’s not as bad as an H-bomb or 2 landing in Chicago or Ohio. Destructive, yes, wiped off the face of Earth, no. Hang in there buddy, it will get better. Don’t depend on logic alone and let your intuition have some say; trust it.

Happy Birthday Sharon!!! sending wishes for a great year!

Thank you, guys. I had a really nice day and heard from a lot of friends and relatives, some of whom were reminded by my husband that it was my birthday LOL! Very sweet of him (right Eliseo?)!

Is there a chart for the boston tea party? And if yes, how is it resonating today?
It sure feels as if that same strong arming by powerful corporate greed, backed and protected by the king/govt, is playing out again in a modern corporate version.
It seems to me that modern repub ‘teapartiers’ are the antithesis of those origins.

It’s never happened before in Am. history.
Everyone says it can’t and won’t happen. I’m not so sure. The Pentagon & top brass in our military establishment don’t like Trump. Theirs is a culture of honor. They adhere to values antithetical to all of what Trump is about. Considering the most recent news about Russians screwing up our local primary elections, it would not surprise me greatly for some honorable generals and admirals to order and conduct a temporary coup, depose Trump, Pence, Barr, et.al., and insist on overseeing the 2020 election.

They would partially take over the reins of government at least until the election, but require the R’s to choose someone else to run against the Dem candidate. Meanwhile, DJT, his family and those mentioned above would be detained, locked up in the hoosegow, i.e. at an undisclosed location, to be tried later.

The only hitch in the scenario would be the Trumpists rising up against the federal troops. But it would be a way of insuring the integrity of our primaries, and our November election.

Eliseo, they are in reality all scary thoughts. What I meant to imply (having trouble typing these days so often try to summarize) is that repub ‘teapartiers’ etc seem like loyal corporate royalists, and dems like the independent rebels. And wondering if the ‘chart’ is being activated in any way in these times.

Starlighters, what barbk wrote. “Trump won’t last forever.” Precisely – Don could drop like a proverbial fly in the blinking of an eye. Its just a matter courageous collective patience.

Yea though we walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, no harm shall come to us.

Its just a really long, shadow period. We must remember that Western civilization ultimately survived even the almost 1000 abysmal years of the Dark Ages after the fall of Rome. With the warped speed of our world today, it seems unlikely that history will not allow us to languish for anywhere near such a long time before our next Renaissance dawns on the horizon.

Glory be to the Mother/Father Daughter/Son and Holy Spirits, as it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be, world without end.


A few little chickens of the female variety may be coming home to roost for DT.

A disillusioning, scandal prone, transiting Neptune at 17 Pisces in the 7th of partners and spouses is about to T-square his natal Uranus at 17 Gemini in the 10th and his progressed south node at 17 Sag. in the 4th of home. In Pisces, transiting Neptune is in a hidden place in the chart, even when it is in the 7th of open enemies, so the ripples on the surface may be small.

I’m thinking the coming transit Neptune square to his natal south node at 20 Sag. in the 4th in May may reveal more. It does not bode well for his popularity with either the people or his spouse(s) at the end of May, despite transiting Jupiter in Capricorn in the 5th sextile them (which will go retrograde later). Jupiter is excess and Neptune is illusion, but the show will go on.

Neptune is also still inconjunct DT’s natal Jupiter at 17 Libra in the 2nd. It remains in range of his progressed Mercury at 16 Leo in the 12th of secrets. It doesn’t look like a breakthrough, but it’s defeating for a person to have Neptune touching several planets at once.

Transiting Mars at 2 Capricorn in the 5th is not too far behind transiting Jupiter in the 5th of children and investments. Mars in Capricorn (insisting on law and order) will oppose DT’s Mercury (news) at 8 Cancer at the end of February. Perhaps more will come out then (well, that’s not a prediction because with DT there’s always more coming out!).

Transiting Venus at 14 Aries is going through DT’s natal 8th house of debt, banking (and sex) and is opposing his natal June/Chiron now and will oppose his progressed Juno/Chiron conjunction (jealous woman trouble?) in the 2nd house of his personal money when it gets to 19 Aries on Feb. 25th. Mercury will be at 8 Pisces Rx on the 25th in the spousal/partner 7th house.

Perhaps some unhappy ex-lover-news will surface, the 8th house being his partner’s money house, but it could be his first partner, not Melania, when the houses are counted. Also, the progressed Juno/Chiron is on the cusp of the 3rd of the eldest child, so it may mean his eldest (Don Jr.) has something to do with the news.

Transiting Venus at 14 Aries is opposing DT’s natal Juno/Chiron at 14 Libra right now and it will oppose his progressed Venus/Chiron at 19 Libra on the 25th. All that troubled Chiron, plus female energy, seems to say his job (Taurus on the 10th) and his Libra 3rd house people (child, personal lawyers or a sibling possibly?) may affect his home life shortly.

His natal Moon at 21 Sagittarius in the 4th of home is presently, and for a long time, stuck with progressed Uranus (ruler of the 7th of spouses) opposing it from the 10th of career. Considering his career, it appears there is no relief from the pressure at home either. In time, progressed Uranus at 21 Gemini will conjunct his natal Sun at 22 Gemini in the 10th and then really cause an upheaval, but that doesn’t happen until later.

All in good time – patience.

Coincidence, Will, that we both spoke of patience? The world is mysterious – or is it just my late night coffee wearing off? 🙂


The Boston Tea Party took place on the winter night of Thursday, December 16, 1773. According to eyewitness testimonies, the Boston Tea Party occurred between the hours of 7:00 and 10:00 PM and lasted for approximately three hours.

1. Trump was acquitted by the Senate on FEBRUARY 6.
Since then, he’s been on an absolute RAMPAGE.
This thread is a list of what has happened.
2. Trump fired Ambassador to the EU Gordan Sondland, who provided damaging testimony in the impeachment inquiry.
3. Trump fired Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman, who provided damaging testimony in the impeachment inquiry.
4. Trump called on Vindman to be investigated by the Pentagon.
6. Trump ordered the removal of John C. Rood, a Pentagon official who told Congress that he had cleared the release of military aid to Ukraine. (Trump withheld it anyway.)
8. Trump cheered Attorney General Bill Barr when he intervened in the Stone case to withdraw the sentencing recommendation. Four prosecutors on the case resigned in protest.
9. Trump attacked the judge presiding over Stone’s case, Amy Berman Jackson, as biased, falsely accusing her of placing his former campaign manager Paul Manafort in solitary confinement.
10. Trump withdrew the nomination of Jessie Liu, who oversaw the Stone prosecution, to a top Treasury department position.
12. Trump’s Attorney General, William Barr, assigned an outside prosecutor to review the case against Michael Flynn, Trump’s former National Security Adviser who pled guilty to lying to investigators. (Barr is also reviewing other “politically sensitive” cases.)
15. Trump pardoned Bernie Kerik, who served three years in jail for tax fraud. Kerik frequently defends Trump on Fox News.
16. Trump granted clemency to Paul Pogue, who was convicted of tax evasion. Pogue is a major donor to Trump’s campaign and the GOP.
18. Trump commuted the sentence of Judith Negron, who was convicted of a $205 million Medicare fraud scheme and money laundering.
21. Trump ousted the acting director of national intelligence (DNI) because he told Congress that Russia was trying to help Trump win in 2020 and installed a political loyalist with little intelligence experience as the new DNI


Interesting, kiwi and beowulfie! Boston Tea party had a grand trine in Earth, in degrees 20 – 25
Pluto 21 Cap, Uranus 25 Taurus, Saturn conjunct Neptune 25 and 20 Virgo, Sat conjunct Norht Node 26 Virgo.
That trine is definitely activated by the Saturn Pluto conjunction. But today we have no grand trine, maybe that’s what makes it harder to solve this smoothly.

BarbK, love what you wrote above for Buckeye. You and Kim Carey, (Intuitiview) are on the same wavelength about a shift in consciousness. I keep reminding myself about how suddenly and fast the Berlin Wall came down. Trump could very well have a record-setting loss in November. The biggest ever. Everything has to be superlative for him and this could be the one true one.

Awhile ago I wrote that I think Bloomberg was the candidate to beat Trump. I must admit, after seeing him on the Debate stage and listening to him, I want to say I was wrong. What I saw was another nasty, manipulitive,New Yorker. I am a former New Yorker so they are easy to spot. The way the astrology is playing out these days, it would appear the November elections are going to be one for the history books. I find myself being extremely turned off by all the old white men on stage. Even Bernie. I have finally decided to donate to Elizabeth Warren and her campaign.

Laura Willow, I think Elizabeth will be the bridge for the progressive and DNC wings of the Dem party, and will be the nominee. I also think Andrew Yang will be her VP. And I think they’ll come close to winning, but ultimately Trump will win.
Based to some extent on astrology. So I think everyone has read Barbk’s amazing analysis of Yang’s chart, and Jupiter on his Sun during the DNC convention, so it doesn’t seem far-fetched I don’t think to anybody that he could be the dark horse VP pick. Elizabeth’s chart shows gathering strength over the next few months. Pete will have Saturn on his Sun, and will contract his campaign, possibly in part because Bloomberg is stealing his donors. Amy doesn’t have the traction to compete nationally–her base is regional. Bloomberg was just exposed as morally bankrupt. Bernie’s ideas are the future, but his moral purity about M4A makes him seem very rigid, as Elizabeth pointed out. Elizabeth and Yang have a natural affinity if you do a comparison of their charts. For example Her 0 degrees Sun/Uranus in Cancer trines Yang’s 0 degrees MC in Scorpio. He has Sun trine her Moon, and if you do a synastry analysis there are lots of good vibes between them.
Then you look at election night. Trump has the best transits of anybody, but both Yang and Warren have some pretty good transits too.
I think Yang is going to be President in 2024. We’ll really be aware of how right he was about ubi by then.

Caveat: predictions are very unpredictable, as we all know.

Andrew Yang’s transits look better than Elizabeth’s for the Nevada caucus tomorrow. Maybe because he gets to report on it, and everybody else has has to live through the anticipated meltdown.

Trumps aspects were bad in 2016 and he won. They are good this time – perhaps that means he’ll lose. The man seems to be totally bass-ackwards when it comes to some things. Just hoping here. Perhaps Cash Peters is correct. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2quPTWjAlck

I was just watching a woman being interviewed while waiting in line for Trump’s LV rally tonight (I guess). A lotta people were there. They truly think he is the greatest American president who every lived. She & her husband drove to it for 10 hrs from CA. She said her liberal friends on FB call her a racist but have no way to back it up – they are just calling her names as all they have to do is look at her dinner table to see that she isn’t. She likes his policies on immigration and land management (bringing it from DC to the West). She never though the U.S. would be a country of socialism and is dead set against it. Sorry but this is what we are dealing with. These people have blinders on about climate change, are Archie Bunkerish about what makes America great (everyone in line was white) & don’t even know it, and they have completely different news sources than we do and don’t get (or care about) the other half. We have to be careful to not make him a martyr. Things appear very polarized.

If we have Bernie or Elizabeth as our candidates, I don’t think we will not win. I think we have to stop being picky about candidates’ past and look at what they have done since then to help various groups.

Sharon, hope I’m not too late to tell you happy birthday and glad it was a good one! I like what you are saying above; I wonder if the woman you saw even knows what socialism is. She represents the people who are not prepared to move forward with what is happening all over the world.

Personally, I’m following the young people as they are much more able to understand the vibes that dominate the present. The world is changing, figuratively and literally. This is not a bad thing. Trump is just a symbolic figure; a conglomeration of fears and defensiveness and he will soon be a symbol of the past. He has done his job – waking us up; those who are capable of waking up that is.

In its subtle way it is Neptune that is leveling the playing field, IMO. Neptune symbolizes the removal of barriers and transiting Saturn (getting real) has been trine the US progressed Neptune and is now conjunct US natal Pluto (elimination).

Transiting Neptune has been trine the US natal Sun and I believe the US progressed Neptune is now (or soon will be) trine the US progressed Moon in Capricorn; Nancy can tell us if that is correct or not. Barriers are being removed between the rights of the races and the sexes and the religious faiths and even the ages of people, and not everybody is comfortable with that.

The past is over and we need to accept that and move forward.

What is most concerning is the information that Russia is doing to the Dems exactly what they did to the GOP in 2016. Bernie leads, but does he really? A Wisconsin poll shows Trump leading but is he really? This is how it happens – questioning facts, manipulating polls and election results.

So long as we watch it on the evening news and don’t take to the streets (and I am not calling for another walk in the park – but real strikes), they will continue to manipulate us and trump does win and we will appear to be a democracy but we will no longer be that which we once were.

Thank you, Barb. I appreciate your BD wishes 🙂

I think it was Eliseo who said we have to find the balance between social democracy and the free marketplace, etc.

When some people think of socialism, they think of Cuba, Russia, China, where the state is in strict control. They also think of the money they are working hard to earn being given away to those who could work but won’t.

One thing about social democracy is that it could lower the quality of services (for example, the public option or Medicare for all). Hopefully not. A level playing field would be worth some leveling out of quality but, in the long run, we may not have to. On the other hand, in countries like Germany, people CAN still keep private insurance.

In a country like the U.S., people like being rich. They go to medical and law school not only for the enjoyment of the work but to make a lot of money. Would we still get high quality doctors, for a long while anyway, if there was not that incentive?

This is why I resonate with Biden’s ideas the most. Probably Klobuchar’s are similar but I’m not sure.

Bernie and Elizabeth make corporations out to be the big bad wolf and, even though they say their policies would be implemented over time, their delivery is so strong, I don’t think people realize it or trust that fact.

I find Medicare to be a great system. I had private insurance until I turned 65 and am very happy with Medicare. Would it work as well if extended to all or most? Not sure.

I believe that the future will change but we have to get there in steps and people have to see the new policies working. I’m not talking about the woman I saw interviewed or those lining up for the rally. They are already firm in their beliefs that Trump is making the U.S. great. The economy is supposed to be really strong so that supports that idea for many who aren’t suffering under it. However, even these people are capable of changing if they see results.

The ACA was a big change, probably too fast, and a patchwork plan in some way that didn’t work for everyone. In retrospect, some of it was very good.

Of course, we have to re-instate protections against big banks, raise taxes for some and get everyone to pay their taxes (as Bloomberg said he does but Trump probably did not, unless he eventually releases something that’s been falsified), we have to improve education, provide jobs (including green ones) but I would think that Bernie and Elizabeth, who sound like purists, are going to scare a good part of the population who have a very negative association with socialism. We have to approach it in a more palatable way. Forcing something on people will not work.

Astrologically speaking, Warren and Yang may be a good fit; policy-wise, I’m not so sure. They would have to reconcile their differences over Warren 2 per cent wealth tax proposal, which Yang was skeptical of in one of the debates. That said, I think it would be a good ticket, if it were to happen.

Sharon, about that last part, you’re probably right: we’ve had far-reaching, far-right conservative policies shoved down our throats for the past few years, and I don’t think they’ve worked all that well.

Until recently, ACA compelled people to have health insurance. It was actually the most conservative proposal for reforming health care back in 2009, and that was the one that became law. I bought my first ACA plan in 2014, and I liked it a lot. It actually was affordable.

The thing is, we don’t seem to notice the policies that conservatives force on Americans. It only seems to be a problem when Democrats do it.

I think Warren is more pragmatic than Sanders, and would phase in any healthcare proposal. (And it would have to go through Congress anyway). But you’d never know that by the way people lump them together–that is, everybody but the Berniecrats.

more on the dubious character of kash patel

looking for his birth info

I know my posts don’t get aired anymore as I guess I am too direct about what goes on south of the border.

But last night a friend of mine vacationing in Palm Springs said she was shocked at how many people there were Pro-Trump. One lady said to her “you must think we are terrible people down here impeaching our president”… so I guess these people (from the mid-west not California) only tune into fox or are just typical voters fed up with an inherently dysfunctional government system.

I guess what bothers me is Canadians are trying to be progressive, moral, good global citizens and yet because we live next door to a country going in the completely opposite direction, we will also be dragged down with it.

It doesn’t seem to matter who becomes president or who is in power, nothing changes. The corruption, gun mayhem, racism, pollution, lack of banking regulations , manipulative foreign policy, optically based justice system, just keep going on and on and its citizens still thinking they are the greatest country on earth. No shame, no apologies, and therefore no change.

AND, STARS DO NOT PREDICT, THEY GUIDE. Astrology isn’t meant as a predictor of fate. The natal chart is a blueprint of an individual indicating certain traits and developments based on the individual’s choices. And a country’s natal chart is at best, a reflection of very small part of the world’s overall destiny. Transits, progressions indicate opportunities or lack thereof, not what is going to happen.

Gina, the ACA may have been the most conservative hc policy but it was basically pushed through by the Democrats when they had both houses (for 2 yrs). The Republicans propagandized it for all it was worth, yet the Democrats can’t seem to do the same thing to the conservative plans because the conservatives are just that good at appealing to people who have felt overlooked. Why? Because immigrants/poc are moving towards becoming the majority and people don’t like it, especially when a certain percentage came in illegally. We may have been better served doing an infrastructure jobs bill first (as I have posted here before).

Meanwhile, the Russians are helping Bernie because they must think that helping Bernie is helping Trump?


I remember when the Dem presidential race first started that everyone was going to vote for who they thought was most electable, not who they liked?

What is the status of that?

Sharon, an infrastructure bill was actually the first major bill Obama passed; only then, it was called the stimulus, officially, the American Recovery Act, or something like that.

Passing any health care reform bill was hard in 2010, and it’s hard now. It’s always going to be hard when the health insurance lobby sees a threat to its profits. It turns out, these days, they’re not just against M4A: they’re against a public option, too.

I think the trouble with finding the most electable candidate is that Democrats are having trouble figuring out who is electable. Four years ago at this, everybody thought Hillary was going to win. Bernie or Liz may not be electable, but who knows? We can only make an educated guess.

Biden seems safe, and I would be fine with him, but ultimately, it’s going to be up to primary voters to decide. We only have so much control over whether or not people make what turns out to be the right or wrong decision as to who is electable. We can try to refute bad information, but it’s hard to know how people believe it and why. And you’re absolutely right that this is what we’re up against.

“Four years ago at this time…”

Oops, here’s another one:

“…how many people believe it…”

Kim Carey in her last video said that not all of the Bernie Bros. are Bernie supporters. She wasn’t sure if they were Russians or Republicans. Her batting average is very good.

Michael Wolfstar, on his Neptune Cafe FB page, predicts the Democratic Convention will be a disaster and hand the election to Trump. He says the super-delegates will select Bloomberg on the second day when the Sun opposes Pluto even if Bernie has a plurality of regular delegates. According to Politico, Bloomberg is already in deep discussion with super-delegates.

Wolfstar adds that Bloomberg has Eris, the goddess of Discord, conjunct his MC in his natal chart, and that this configuration will be activated on Super-Tuesday, March 3. He also says Bloomberg’s Sun is conjunct the US Moon, which means he understands the needs of the American people, but his Sun is also square heavy planets in Taurus in his chart, which he takes to mean his wealth will always arouse considerable resentment in public opinion.


Sharon K,
I concur with Gina. The trouble is figuring out which Dem might be more electable. I’ve stared at my mail in ballot for quite a while now, and am still undecided. (In Washington state all votes are done by mail in).

Our national politics has been so bizarre and unpredictable. Who knows what will happen between now and election day? That uncertainty is unnerving Dem voters.

If Trump unzipped his human suit, stepped out as an alien bug eyed lizard person, urinated in place, and bit the head off of the nearest reporter, would his followers still vote for him? That’s how Trump feels to me, and I think many of us, and yes, sadly his followers might well vote for him anyway. Trump is just that alien to the American experience, so much so, we are left confused and bewildered with no idea how or who to defeat him.

It feels like his followers are aliens too, way beyond the redneckdom we are accustomed to. It’s like as if they are all pod people from The Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

There, apparently, is one strain of Americans that is VERY conservative — some are mega wealthy, or religious, or just basic, hard-working, mostly white folks who don’t trust anyone who is different (or comes in illegally and works for lower wages — which actually is understandable). For some reason, they resonate with DT or vice vera.

Yes, if Bloomberg takes the nomination away from Bernie and Bloomberg isn’t nominated freely – I can see that hurting the Dems and bringing Trump back in. So, who is electable? Bernie and Elizabeth have a message that could resonate if the C and S words weren’t involved, unfortunately. Amy is pretty good but maybe not quite good enough. Biden is a possibility and maybe a brokered convention will favor him, not sure. He also is not quite strong enough. Buttigieg is like a young, gay JFK and therein lies the rub. I don’t think we are evolved enough. Obama was/is so bright, well-spoken, inspiring – he touched that cord (and connected to the U.S. natal moon) BUT the recession helped push him in. What would do that for Buttigieg. He is so smart and clever, and seems to have a great deal of good health & stamina. He has a lot of experience but he is also a bit cocky (and was a bit petty with Amy the other night about her lapse about the name of the pres of Mexico).

Gina, the difference between the American Recovery Act and what I’m speaking of is, as I understand it, the Recovery Act infused a great deal of money into companies, banks, programs but it did not directly create jobs, like FDR did with the WPA. They may have been temporary but it put a lot of people back to work, gave them momentum, could have transitioned to permanent jobs and green jobs. That seems to me to be a good part of the answer. Work is good for you. It’s good for self-esteem, it’s better than a $1000/mo cash subsidy. I believe that work is really important, at a living wage.

I didn’t mean to say that Pete has a lot of experience. He obviously doesn’t have that much. However, he does maximize whatever experience he does have.

Eliseo, I shared your alien-Trump description with a friend. Hilarious. That’s a good one.

Onzeudderhand, if Dems keep insulting the people who supported him, there’s no way a Democrat will beat him.

Unfortunately, I have been too disheartened to write much lately. But I have started a new thread for you to continue your discussion.


Sorry, y’all. What you all are saying is not helping. Carry on.

You made my day! I’m glad you enjoyed my metaphor.

I also agree with you about not insulting Trump voters. Although they tend to be extremely misinformed, many of their issues and concerns are quite legimitate.

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