3rd Dec, 2019

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I will Christen this extension. Thank you, Nancy!

Thank you, Nancy!

For barbk and Will,

I contacted Lorna and she said I could send her entire report this one time.

5D Report Special Edition 2020 Forecast “The Great Reset”

Lorna Bevan MA MBACP
Hare in the Moon Astrology

w: http://www.hareinthemoonastrology.co.uk
f: Hare in the Moon Astrology on Facebook

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from the above.


So glad you’re back Nancy and glad I checked in one more time; all’s well that ends well.

Thanks ja, I may not get ANY sleep tonight though!!

Re: the “mega conjunction” on January 12 opposite the US natal Mercury, the Press is being overwhelmed already with data that reveals corruption in the US government beyond belief. How about that “call list”! The polls taken almost daily will track the changes in the US masses once the Saturn-Pluto conjunction is exact and that new cycle gets going.

There are 3 points in their conjunction chart that everyone should be aware of.

1. The US progressed Saturn (institutions) at 2+ Scorpio retrograde will be opposed by transiting Uranus (breakthroughs) at 2+ Taurus retrograde when Saturn and Pluto conjoin on Dec. 12. The chart ascendant for this conjunction, when set in Washington DC, is 2+ Taurus and Uranus (shock and awe) will be there. Opposite them, at 2+ Scorpio is the descendant of this chart . . AND the US progressed Saturn (government rules).

I believe this opposition in this chart symbolizes the point in US history where the US government goes through a revolutionary (Uranus) change in almost all its institutions (Saturn). The cycle between Saturn and Pluto is over 30 years long.

2. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart’s Venus (values) at 28+ Aquarius (conjunct US natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius) sextiles the same chart’s Pallas (plans and strategies) at 27+ Sagittarius (conjunct the Galactic Core) and both Venus and Pallas are quincunx the US Constitution chart’s Uranus at 29+ Cancer. This Yod symbolizes the coming (shocking) changes in the US Constitution over the coming 30+ years.

3. The Washington DC based Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart’s Moon at 17+ Leo is at the apex of a Yod with Neptune (dissolution) at 16+ Pisces that sextiles the MC (outcome) at 18+ Capricorn, depicting that the US People (symbolized by the Moon in this DC based chart) will have to go through some difficult adjustments during the 30+ year cycle of Saturn and Pluto.

Of course, other countries will have a different read on this Saturn-Pluto conjunction, but for the US most of its influence appears to be aimed at it’s established values regarding its government institutions, its People and its Constitution.

It is a process, much like surgery, but without it the inherent ideals our founding fathers put their heart and soul into will fail and we can’t have that. It is our turn to redirect (US progressed Saturn opposite transiting Uranus) their dream.

Devon Nunes!

Karma is a bitch@nunes.com




Mille grazie for Lorna Bevan forecast; sensational!

Ha, thank you so much!

That should have been:
Ja, thank you so much!

Right now transiting Saturn is where the MC of the chart for the Saturn-Pluto conjunction will be, when that chart is located in Washington DC. Could today’s Impeachment Inquiry meeting being held by the Judiciary Committee be an indication of the results (symbolized by the MC) of the Saturn-Pluto cycle purpose? Discussing how the US Constitution should be refined? Me thinks so.

At this moment, transiting Sun is at 12+ Sagittarius conjunct the US natal chart’s ascendant (used by Nancy) and the Sun symbolizes consciousness, while the ascendant symbolizes the entity’s (in this case, the United States) window to the world, i.e. how we see the world. Watch and learn.

I don’t know how everyone else feels, but I am deeply frightened by the attitude, content, and dubious quality of the questions and assumptions of the R. members on the Judiciary committee. The disparity does not bode well.

Comment from the times:

Legal axioms:
When the law is on your side, argue the law.
When the facts are on your side, argue the facts.
When neither the law nor the fact are on your side, argue for more time. That’s what Turley did today on behalf of the Republicans who hired him. He argued for more time. Which, in the context of legal disputes, means you simply have no case.


BarbK, is it how we see th world or how we want the world to see us?


Yes, Turly. A soft spoken, always looking earnest and perplexed snake.
Jim Jordan, a screaming hysteric pretending to be a famous litigator.

I did not write the above comment posted at 8:11 PM that has my name on it, which I assume was an accident, however I am assuming it is someone commenting on my comment at 2:34 PM re: the (US natal chart) ascendant,

My answer would be definitely, IF it is my birth char ascendant, it is the lens through which I interpret the world, which shapes me and my attitude, which then affects HOW I am seen.

So I guess you could say it is both after a couple of years or 10; one’s ascendant sign is both how one sees the world and how one is seen . . not necessarily how one WANTS to be seen though. Personally, I have Pisces rising but frankly would often like to be seen as a Virgo or an Aquarian.

By the way, who are you? How were you able to use my name? Thanks for the question but it kind of freaked me out!!

My son-in-law just told us that our daughter is now doing meth. And I believe him. I knew something was up, because she’s been distancing herself from us for six weeks or so — always a bad sign she’s spiraling down.

But this is really freaking me out. She’s done a lot of drugs, but not this or heroine or opioids (not regularly or in any quantity for this one). I’ve never felt like she had a serious addiction. I think she’s self-destructive, likes to experiment and disappear from real life, but not a serious addict the way meth can grab onto people.

She’s been pretty stable for two years. I have no idea what happened, except their neighbors like meth, and she’s made friends and now hangs out there all the time.

Can someone just tell me when you think the low point will be for her? I can hang on and hope things will get better if I know how long I have to do it. 4/8/1992, 3:28 p.m., Hilton Head Is, SC.

I honestly have no idea what to do now, and I’m the one who makes the plan for how we deal with her. My husband’s a good guy, but he sits back and follows my lead with her.

Things got bad the weekend before TG. Her husband got arrested for assault. He said he was trying to drag her out of the meth house, and he and the guy there got into it when she didn’t want to leave.

She called our son on TG day and claimed her husband beats her and steals her phone so she can’t call anyone, and that she didn’t know what to do and was terrified. (Never said a word to us about any of this.) My psychiatrist has told me before that in a manic episode or when off her meds, she can be delusional.

Showed up at our house five days ago with her husband, looking fine, claiming everything was fine, hugging and kissing her husband, no bruises we could see except for his black eye from the night he got arrested.

She’s show a remarkable ability to live through all kinds of destructive crap, but I haven’t been this scared since she did some synthetic marijuana laced with something bad, and for fifteen very long minutes, it looked like she was ODing in front of us.

Eliseo… for the first time in my life, I utter words like this:

The whole republican party should be lined up, given the option of blindfolds, and shot for treason.

For someone who has tried to be helpful to anyone and anything in need and trusting of everyone until proven different, these kinds of thoughts are both disturbing and scary that they could be mine. (shiver)

The conspiracy is global, and I can’t find one republican ready to stand up for the Constitution and our Nation. This to me is speaking not to an impeachment… this is a treasonous coup against the United States. Its goal is to turn the US, Great Britain, and any other country possible, into hard right-wing Authoritarian Oligarchies, under the watchful eye of Generalissimo Putin.

How is it that our Nation’s people’s hair is not on fire?! Is everyone so complacent as to believe it can’t happen here — when it’s happening right in front of their eyes?!!! I’ve never been so disturbed as I’ve been after today’s hearing. And I didn’t even hear all of THIS one!

How about this for pure brazen behavior — Guilani is back in Ukraine! My question is what is he doing there? And more to the point, given what’s going on right now and his role in it, how is he even allowed to travel overseas?

Next question — do we have an extradition treaty with Ukraine?! Could he be shopping for a new place for him, Trump, and Co. to call home? (ha!)

Teresa Hill,

Has your daughter ever expressed a wish to stop using intoxicants? Many people who use meth are self-medicating depression and/or adhd. Unless this is just rash, impulsive/hedonistic/behavior. When was the last time she had a physical by a trained physician? Does she have an underactive thyroid? Probably needs to bottom out, unfortunately – but that’s when transformation can take hold. Light and help to you and your daughter, Teresa. She’s got an imminent exact square from Saturn to her Sun that might bring the jurisprudence system to intervene. Hopefully she and her boyfriend are not living with you at this time.

Peace and strength to you and your daughter.


“Yes, Turly. A soft spoken, always looking earnest and perplexed snake.” True dat!

Can’t figure the guy; at moments he appears to be casting himself as the proverbial “voice of reason.” He is very well-spoken and has pleasant voice and demeanor. What bothered me most was his use of the word “paucity” to describe the “waver-thin” evidence about Swamp Ass’s culpability for bribery and/or criminal behavior; made me want to reach through the flat-screen and wring his velvety-smooth voice box.


She’s been on add meds since high school, on meds for bi polar disorder for about four years. She drinks some, smokes pot, and she’s always been happy to try most any drug, but not stuff like meth or heroine. I’ve never felt like she had serious addiction issues, just self medicating and rebellious.

She saw her gynecologist maybe 8 months ago, but I don’t know about a regular check up.

She’s been mostly stable for two years, same psychiatrist and counselor, same meds. I have no idea what sent her spiraling down.

Teresa Hill,
My prayers are with you, your daughter, your son-in-law, your whole family. It’s clear the situation will take time to resolve into something more healthy and surely involves a great amount of stress and patience. Maybe it’s time to seek professional advice and maybe Intervention?
Light & love filled blessings to you and yours.


Re: Turly

Quintessentially smarmy

Hey slightkc!
I empathize & relate completely. The behavior of the Rs IS pretty shocking, but sadly not surprising. My thinking partner, a former Republican, has long said the R party as a whole needs to be prosecuted under the RICO act. He has long maintained the current R party has morphed into a criminal organization, sharing some attributes with the mafia.

Someone pointed out to me today Trump has never faced trial. He’s always settled, paid the fines and moved on. I think the very best possible scenario would be for Trump to abandon his post, to quietly transfer his wealth to his destination, and just as quietly fly off to his country of choice, some place with no extradition treaty with the USA, AND refuse to return.

That would be so shocking to his constituents, and perhaps dissuade them from their heroic fantasies of him. No violence, but under threat of conviction in the Senate, and/or indictments in the courts to just suddenly leave and refuse to return. Were he to abandon the nation without a word, I think his constituents might spiritually return the favor..

Eliseo, you might be onto something there! I hadn’t thought about it that way, but it could be a way to shake some of the cult members free of the thrall.

Guys… I’m having an insomnia night… and saw something so disturbing on TV, I had to jump on here while it was fresh in my mind.

Was watching TNT.. first commercial break after the start of “Charmed.”

For a split second between the 1st and 2nd commercial, an image flashed on the screen. It was like a line drawing… a baby crawling across the screen… with the words “PREBORN” above it.

To me, it was an attempt (not so well done) at subliminal programming… but I’ve never seen it before now. Has anyone else seen anything like this?

I’m often trying to go to sleep about this time so I usually catch an episode or two of Charmed before I fall asleep (if I do). This is the first time I’ve seen this, tho!

Weird… and even weirder, I just heard a military helicopter go overhead, that’s not usual, either. Okay… who’s got my tinfoil hat! I think it’s gonna be one of those days! (LOL)

Nancy Pelosi is scheduled to make a special announcement on the impeachment investigation at 9 am this morning….

We were looking at the December 5th date earlier. Here’s a brief observation on the aspects that were written:

“….. the astrological aspects indicate the presidents legal standing may not be in a favorable position. The December 5th chart (12 noon Washington DC) has Mars at 10 Scorpio in sesqui-square to Neptune (15 Pisces). Both planets are in harsh aspect to Trump’s natal Pluto (10 Leo).”

Wild speculation of course, but…. will Pelosi announce the indictment of Giuliani? Why on earth is Rudy Giuliani currently in Ukraine of all places? No one seems to know. Is he trying to avoid a possible arrest? Tr. Uranus at 3 Taurus is in square to Giuliani’s natal Mars – 3 Leo.

Admittedly, the idea that Giuliani is facing imminent indictment is open to wild speculation. Pelosi’s announcement could very well be just a routine update on the impeachment status quo. Nevertheless the idea is intriguing…….

Will Rudy Giuliani Be the Next Trump Associate to Be Indicted?

Rolling Stone

Against the backdrop of the impeachment inquiry, federal prosecutors are investigating the president’s personal attorney for a variety of financial crimes.


Trump Is Waging War on America’s Diplomats

A diplomat was fired for just mentioning @BarackObama in a speech!

“And the impeachment inquiry is only making things worse. With new figures and fresh horror stories, Julia Ioffe reports on how the president is politicizing our embassies, alienating our allies, and decimating the ranks of the foreign service.”


Eliseo: I like your scenario and hope it is true.

Moon VOC today so I hope there are no major developments in impeachment today

Republicans argue that Democrats have been trying to impeach Donald Trump since Day One

I would argue that Donald Trump has been trying to impeach himself since Day One.

He was showing his scofflaw tactics even before he was inaugurated. His disregard for the Constitution and the law were on full display for all to see.

When he hired Paul Manafort, red flags went up all over. When he fired James Comey and publicly attacked the FBI and the “deep state”, he was well on his way to impeaching himself. In fact, Nancy Pelosi once stated that Donald Trump would “self-impeach”.

Mr Trump truly believed that Article II permitted him to do whatever he wanted, without any guidelines or rules of law.

Now, the Republicans are accusing the Democrats of wanting to impeach Donald Trump since Day One. It’s all about politics because they lost the election in 2016, they say.

The truth of the matter is that the Republicans controlled the House, Senate, and the White House up to March of this year, when the Democrats took control of the House, after Trump’s government shutdown.

But, that never slowed down Mr Trump. He continued his reckless and lawless ways and now he is going to be impeached.

It’s about time.


“He wanted to ban feeding homeless people. Now he’s about to lead a federal homeless agency – Democratic Underground

A consultant known for urging cities to stop “enabling” homeless people, in part by blocking charities from handing out food, has been tapped to lead the agency that coordinates the federal government’s response to homelessness.

Robert Marbut, who has worked with several cities, including Fresno and several other California cities and counties, would succeed Matthew Doherty as executive director of the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness.

Doherty, an Obama administration appointee, was ousted by the Trump administration last month. On Wednesday, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that Doherty will serve as a new advisor to California, helping the state create a federal advocacy agenda on homelessness. ”

https://democraticunderground.com/10142403700 vi


“How is it that our Nation’s people’s hair is not on fire?! Is everyone so complacent as to believe it can’t happen here — when it’s happening right in front of their eyes?!!!”

I was thinking about this yesterday as I was listening to the hearings and it occurred to me that we political junkies pay extraordinary attention to politics and all that is going on in our nation but for millions and millions of Americans, they have no idea what is even happening. I remember when this process started and it didn’t have a lot of support in the electorate, many pundits were pointing to the Nixon hearings and how by the end of the hearings the support was overwhelming. But, that was in the 1970’s and there was no cable TV or internet or social media and there were only 3 major networks, all carrying the hearings live and there was a much more collective life experience then, everyone engaged together in watching of the hearings and it was the main topic of conversation in households every evening. We now live in a world were i assure you there are millions and millions of people who haven’t listened to one word of any testimony or read anything about what’s happening and are completely oblivious. I am reminded of the phrase, “the opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference” and the fact that so many Americans have checked out, is to me the most dangerous situation of all.

” . . .there are millions and millions of people who haven’t listened to one word of any testimony or read anything about what’s happening and are completely oblivious.”

Elizabeth, this may be a big part of the Saturn-Pluto et al. opposition to US natal Mercury; we have now expanded our selection of viewing material (ruled by Mercury) to the point that people are over stimulated, making many of them numb to what’s going on in the world outside their own cocoon.

It is possible, just possible, that this conjunction between Saturn-Pluto, along with Ceres (Mother Nature), and along with the Sun (consciousness) and others will rivet the attention of US citizens on watching and reading about some act of nature (Ceres); a collective event, shown on many channels at the same time.

Transiting Uranus (shock, unexpected) will be on the ascendant (in-your-face) of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart that’s set in Washington DC, and this Uranus will oppose the US PROGRESSED Saturn (reality, structures, serious stuff) that will conjunct the descendant of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart. For the US, transiting Uranus will make headlines during the reign of the Saturn-Pluto cycle.

Of note is the Moon in this same chart – at the apex of a Yod with the sextile between the chart’s MC (outcome) and Neptune (confusion-water-compassion). This will force Moon to adjust to something difficult.

That Moon will be in the US natal chart’s 8th house of shared resources (like money, nat’l parks, food, protection, etc.) at the time of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12.

I remind you that on 9-11 transiting Pluto was on the US natal chart ascendant opposite transiting Saturn on the US natal chart descendant. This is different, but an opposition from an outer planet in transit to any Saturn (either transit, natal, progressed) in any chart will get attention, especially when on the ascendant-descendant.

This particular opposition between trans. Uranus to US progressed Saturn is on the ascendant-descendant of a chart of the cycle start between Saturn and Pluto when it is set in Washington DC. It won’t be unnoticed.

Thus, US natal Mercury, being opposite the transiting Pluto-Saturn + Ceres + Sun + Mercury will be bombarded with the energy of this massive in-your-face moment in time. Everyone will be watching the same thing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Elisabeth.

What I saw yesterday was terrifying. Even if Trump leaves at this point, it’s going to take something drastic to turn the republican party, and this country around. Too many are brainwashed…

Electoral reform is essential to the survival of this country. The two-party system needs to be busted up, and additional parties must be allowed to compete in order to undermine the power of the GOP.


Thank you for that astrological breakdown, I wish I understood the deep complexities of astrology the way you and others here do. Thank you for all you do here to help us novices get a better understanding and making sense of it all.

“Impeachment should be broadened to include 10 clear obstruction counts included in the Mueller Report and the campaign finance violations on the hush money that Michael Cohen is currently in jail for! It doesn’t get any easier to understand then his co-conspirator is in jail now!”


Here in San Diego,
Duncan Hunter, (R- CA) after years of denial, obfuscation and blaming others, including his own wife, has finally pleaded guilty to felony campaign charges. Though he may face five years in prison, he has no plans to step down from office and yet Darrell Issa, (remember him) made it official he is running in Hunter’s congressional seat.

BarbK, Cest moi. I don’t know how I did that. Obviously, I mistakenly put your name where I should have put mine. So sorry and thanks for the reply.

Re melania’s nonsensical ‘be best’ phrase: It just occurred to me that she is right in sync with her husbands up-is-down modus operandi. Words suitably chosen to vague and comprehended in the eye of the beholder, are actually right in line with the dictator mode – “to get the better of, outdo, surpass”

I read somewhere that rudy’s latest ukraine trip is to do with him putting together a film to push the conspiracy theory. I wonder if filmmaker propagandist bannon is somehow in the mix.

CNN is now saying that Giuliani threatens to release dirt on Biden “very soon” – he has just made a surprise Ukraine trip. I wonder if it has any substance to it. If so, it could unravel Biden’s candidacy.

Bernie leads in California.


And Hillary is considering another run. She says she would beat Trump again.


The Democratic race is becoming seriously screw-ball.

Sharon K,
I’m not in the least worried Mr.G has anything substantive on any of the Bidens. They are making it up as they go. Mr.G will likely be going to jail soon after he returns.

Screwball indeed!
I’m afraid Hillary entering the race would fracture the Dems.

Andre that link about Hillary running is from the NY Post – another one of the murdoch empire propaganda rags. I suspect it is a planted story designed to agitate, based on nothing more than speculation from her being interviewed by howard stern. From recent interviews I have seen she has not indicated the remotest intention to run

I agree, kiwi.

Eliseo, I sure hope not.

Here is a comment I agree with from the nyt’s:

“It’s funny to me that many folks voted for Trump in order to “shake things up,” but they simultaneously believe there will be no consequences or accountability for him acting unpresidential. They seem to think that millions of Americans should not think for themselves about the POTUS’s abuses of power and instead follow Trump like brainless sheep, supporting him regardless of how he acts and what lies and nonsense comes out of his loud mouth. This impeachment is what checks and balances look like when a president truly believes the rules and the law do not apply to him. I fully support an impeachment of this out of control president. It’s not about the 2016 election–which Trump lost by 3 million votes–it’s about making sure that Donald Trump understands he is not above the law.”


Thanks Banks!

I agree too ja, but I don’t think sheep, even brainless sheep would follow Trump. Sheep have instincts.

found an old article in The Hill that explains it? What do you think?

““The idea of Trumpnosis is being able to sow the seeds of persuasion, suggestion and ideas en masse to other people.”

The triggers, according to Barker, a former police detective who’s worked and performed as a hypnotist for more than two decades, are always the same: “It’s always identifying the problem, identifying another problem and then verbalizing the solutions to the point that people need the solutions.”

Barker gives an example of what he means. “If I said to you, ‘It’s a beautiful day outside, isn’t it?’ It’s an undeniable truth. You’re more than likely to say ‘yeah’ because if you say ‘no,’ then I can come back with, ‘What’s wrong with you?’ ”

The London-born hypnotist says since Trump is “not a very good public speaker” compared to seasoned politicians, he falls back on “future pacing” repetitive words and phrases that hypnotize his supporters. Barker lists “when I’m your next president,” “America was once great” and “we need to fight those that are taking our country away from us” among Trump’s go-tos.

“I teach hypnosis, and if you want to learn hypnosis, look at the way Trump’s doing it,” says Barker, author of the book “Selling Hypnotically: The Art of Suggestion.”

“He creates expectations, which is you know what you’re going to get. He gets his audience to visualize, which is part of a hypnotic trance. He gets them to visualize two problems, then he gets them [to] nod their heads three or four times for solutions.

“He does all the things that a hypnotist would do when you’re hypnotizing somebody.”


from another source, a former Clinton adviser says she will run if Biden drops out.


Andre, and here’s another story outlining how opportunistic dick morris is decidedly anti hillary. Cant imagine hes close to the horses mouth in any way shape or form. https://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/10/style/hillary-clinton-dick-morris-national-enquirer-donald-trump.html

To understand Nancy Pelosi’s extraordinary public announcements and her response to the fake journalist today you need to consider her natal Aries Sun at 5+ Aries, ruled by her natal Mars at 25+ Taurus which conjuncts Trump’s MC at 24+ Taurus. It is the slow-to-react to provocation Taurus Mars that lends much dignity to this lady’s demeanor.

Pelosi’s natal Moon in Scorpio, probably between 13 to 19 degrees of Scorpio trines her natal Mercury at 17+ Pisces which trines her natal Chiron at 14+ Cancer. Transiting Mars is nearing her Moon in Scorpio, trans. Neptune is near her natal Mercury and the US natal Sun in Cancer is one degree from her natal Chiron.

There is then a natal grand trine in her birth chart and the US natal Sun is also experiencing the same energy from the transits of Mars and Neptune. Grand trines are powerful patterns and when the planets or points are in water signs the energy is emotionally driven.

She’s on a roll.


Re: Pelosi

“She’s on a roll.”

We can hope

Dick Morris – yeeeck!

Dont mess around with Nancy

BarbK, maybe it’s my Sun on Scorpio that admires Nancy P’s Scorpio Moon but she is my heroine right now. And Kiwi, thanks for that video. I loved it!

There is an economic theory of impeachment. When Nixon went, it was a time of economic shocks, oil embargo, runaway infaltion and the like. The economy was tanking.

The Clinton impeachment was in prosperous times, so it failed. The economy is good right now too, even if some fear a recession some time. This would favor Trump.

It’s the economy, stupid.

There is truth to what you are saying, Andre. I hope the economy does well but there is the possibility that it’s propped up in a way that won’t always work. I’m torn! Don’t want people to suffer — yet I don’t want Trump to get credit!

Bob, your comment on the last thread re: the possibility of Pence taking the Oval office this month made me think about the lunar eclipse and the Uranus station-direct just before the Saturn-Pluto conjunction next month.

Transiting Neptune will be one degree away from a conjunction to Pelosi’s natal Mercury at that time. What if she were to offer a get-out-of-jail card to Trump, out of compassion (Neptune)? Could he just leave a note on the Oval Office saying bye bye Miss American pie?

The eclipsed full moon chart has transiting Jupiter (foreign countries) and transiting South Node (release what no longer works) opposite Trump’s natal Mercury (fast getaway) and transiting North Node (path forward).

This would seem appropriate action for a cornered rat at the time of an eclipsed Moon that opposes the Sun and squares the US natal Chiron (painful situation) opposite the US natal Juno (partner who is seen as less equal and for Trump that could be Pelosi); it is a grand cross dilemma.

Hours later transiting Uranus would station direct and SURPRISE! The rat has left the building!

The next day transiting Saturn and Pluto conjunct and a new 30+ year cycle begins.

Banks, she’s my heroine too.

Further influence of Nancy Pelosi’s role in this drama can be seen in the present cycle between Saturn-Pluto, soon to end on January 12th. You may remember that that cycle began on Nov. 7, 1982, when Saturn and Pluto at 27+ Libra were sextile Neptune (25+ Sagittarius) and the Galactic Core (26+ Sagittarius).

These two conjunctions that were sextile each other formed a Yod to the transiting Chiron at 25+ Taurus which was conjunct Nancy Pelosi’s natal Mars, also at 25+ Taurus.

She was Chair of the California Democratic Party at the time of the 1982 Saturn-Pluto conjunction and it must have influenced her decision to run for the House of Reps – that trans. Chiron conjunct her natal Mars. Her Mars also conjuncts Trump’s MC at 24+ Taurus.

Over the last few years transiting Sedna has been conjunct or near Nancy’s natal Mars, including election day in 2016. Sedna symbolizes the abuse of women by men in power, among other things, and trans. Sedna was conjunct Nancy Pelosi’s natal Mars when Trump was elected.

Unconsciously, in 1982, Pelosi was being urged to take a stand against the dying patriarchal society’s belief that women are inferior to men. Since Trump is a perfect example of this dying culture and because a new culture of equality has now begun, it was destined that Nancy and Donald would symbolize this clash of ideologies. No wonder so many of us love her.

So then, the Saturn-Pluto cycle that began in 1982 is still functioning, what with its Chiron, the healer who teaches through wounding, puts Pelosi’s natal Mars (a natal Mars that conjuncts her natal Venus and natal Uranus) through its paces, a natal Mars that also trines her natal Neptune in healing Virgo (which happens to conjunct the US natal Neptune!), I believe her when she says she prays for the bastard because Neptune symbolizes compassion.

You go girl.

barbk, I don’t think tRump is yet willing to give up. It just isn’t in him to face the consequences for his actions – he will have to be forced to beg for a deal. And I think that will happen. This month and next there are so many strings of dates I wrote about earlier that I am glad I posted about them.

I had never posted Rudy G’s chart anywhere except for the White House or Capitol Building util this evening when I decided to locate it to Kiev (I suspected he was positioning himself to evade possible confinement in the U.S.). The relocation yields an MC of 194°11′ with Sibly Saturn at 194°36′ on it and the West Point at 104°11′ with Sibly Sun at 104°29′ on it. Given the situation I believe I have a correct chart for Rudy – a chart I first speculated years ago for New York.

Another chart from years past is the one I did for Chief Justice John Roberts. Located to the Supreme Court Building It has an MC at 293°25′ . That is within 1 degree of the conjunction Of the transiting Sun, Saturn, and Pluto in January.

Then I find that Linda G also thinks Rudy is over there for the same reason as I do.

Great comments above, folks, but it’ll be a cold day in Stalingrad before Rudi leaves the US to hide out in Russia. Not a chance. He’s over there brokering something else – maybe for himself, but probably more so to cover DT’s butt. Even in his days of discredit (now), Rudi is still remembered as a popular NY mayor in a very tough time (911) and there are plenty of people who remember it. No, Rudi is going to be just fine and undoubtedly there are many people who are in the same boat he is, who will want to protect him (and themselves). Wait for it – you hear it first – Rudi will get some kind of accolade from DT before it’s over – maybe a medal. Crazy days, but I believe that’s how it will go.


We have had a mere 3 impeachments prior to this one in the history of the US. I don’t think that sample size can statistically come anything close to proving a causal relationship between the state of the economy and the outcome of U.S. Presidential Impeachments

I find it interesting, (and about time) that respected journalists are finally getting around to using the word treason in their op-Ed’s and reporting.
Former Republican, Rick Wilson is not the only one. Their numbers are growing. It’s going to be a nasty election.

The Traitors Among Us, by Rick Wilson
published in Rolling Stone.

Sorry. This device won’t let me copy & paste the website.

Link to Eliseo’s post article:


Adam Schiff data:


Schiff, Adam Gender: M
Birthname Adam Bennett Schiff
born on 22 June 1960 at 06:13 (= 06:13 AM )
Place Framingham, Massachusetts, 42n17, 71w25
Timezone EDT h4w (is daylight saving time)
Data source
Quoted BC/BR
Rodden Rating AA
Collector: Craft

Beowulfie due to gentrification and turn over most of the folks in NYC are under the age of 40 and as such have no direct memory of 9/11 or Rudy Giuliani.

Rudy wasn’t fondly remembered by many minorities who were around at that time due to his policies (he was popular in places like staten island). And I don’t even think the Republican party outside of NYC had much regard for him which is why his Presidential bid really crashed and died in 2008 (which was only 7 years after 9/11).

My guess is that his best hope is a pardon from Trump, yet Michael Cohen is waiting for that as well.But I wouldn’t be surprised if he does time (although I couldn’t see him skipping away).

I gather from the following article, there is a vote expected in the U.S. House Judiciary Committee the middle of next week and then it will be submitted for a full House vote the following week? It’s a bit confusing……

Exclusive: U.S. House Panel Could Vote On Trump Impeachment By December 12


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Democratic-led U.S. House Judiciary Committee could vote as early as next Thursday to recommend formal impeachment charges against President Donald Trump for a full vote by the House of Representatives, according to two people knowledgeable about the impeachment process.

The sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the committee’s plan has not yet been formalized, said the panel was expected to move on charges known as articles of impeachment no later than early in the following week.


Anyway, as a refresher, I posted this in Starlightnews November 18th……

“Back in September I posted Evon Davis’s youtube segment entitled “The End of Trump’s Presidency?”. She focuses in on the December 12th Full Moon (19 ’52 Gemini) pointing out that this Full Moon straddles Trump’s Nodes/Sun and Moon axis. December 12th also happens to be the last day Congress convenes before going on its three week winter recess (congress will reconvene in early January). Will Articles of Impeachment be presented to congress for a vote at this time? How will Trump react? It’s a fascinating analysis. Here’s the link……

Video: 19 min 47 sec


Using John Wayne and my own Email address yielded “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

Using Eliseo and my own Email address posted.

Apparently anyone can post anything as long as they use the name of a past poster regardless of having to use their own Email address.

Does not explain why my posts using my own name and Email address yielded “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” on December 1.

Marjorie Orr:

“The heavyweight Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn marks the start of the coming decade. It brings to a climax the slow grind of Pluto through Capricorn since 2008, collapsing old financial and governmental systems. Where the 2010s was a decade of turmoil with the disruptive Uranus square Pluto causing havoc and throwing everything up in the air, now comes the serious business of trying to put new pieces together. Uranus Pluto clears the decks of what no longer works but can be chaotically destructive since it often neglects to think about what comes next. Saturn, the builder, comes along to instill more order and structure, not necessarily with compassion or sentiment, but it will attempt to lay more solid foundations for the future.”


I tried to replicate what banks says happened when she(?) posted using someone else’s name.

I used John Wayne (not a poster to this site) first to see if message would post. Then I tried again using Eliseo’s name (poster to this site) to see if that would go through.

In both cases the email address was mine.

Now the name addy thing is not working. I have a screenshot of this segment.

Bless you Bob for this experiment. Sorry John Wayne isn’t a poster here but finding out we can post anything under a name of a regular or even an infrequent poster – using our own email address – is awkward. I would check in with Nancy to see if she can’t see why your own name – Bob – is being hung up in moderation. Not that we wouldn’t recognize your style!!!

“By: Banks on December 5th, 2019
at 1:38 pm

BarbK, Cest moi. I don’t know how I did that. Obviously, I mistakenly put your name where I should have put mine. So sorry and thanks for the reply.”

Really? At first worked today (was later scrubbed), the did not after I posted test results with an example. Someone with control is watching, showing what is to their advantage.


This is important to all who post and/or read here.

two thought just occurred to me:
Is rudy still desperate for money and is that part of why he went to ukraine? Is he being paid by trump or someone else?
And, trumps lawyer, jay sekulow birthdate june 10 1956 NY, no time, shows he has a juno lillith conjunction at 20+cap. Any thoughts as to what the future holds for this shady character? Is there any penalty for lawyers who aid and abet criminals?

Wil, it’s a theory. I never said it was proven.

That said, I believe many people’s blind loyalty to dictators or authoritarian leaders is economic. Germans loved Hitler’s autobahns and Volkswagens. Mussolini made the trains run on time. Erdogan brought good economic times to Turkey for a while. To people who believe reality is strictly material, all that matters is bread on the table and a bank account. Democracy is optional.

In a recent poll, 43% of Republicans would support a dictatorship. This is what you would expect under a Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. While the economic explanation is not exclusive, I think it plays an important role.

The state of the economy is Trump’s primary asset. It could explain the failure of impeachment and the fanatical support of his base. It could also bring continued electoral success until the anticipated world recession kicks in.

Andre, “To people who believe reality is strictly material, all that matters is bread on the table and a bank account. Democracy is optional.”


From Frank Bruni:

“There’s a lot to this primary that’s more complicated than meets the eye, a lot that explodes assumptions. According to the polling so far, voters aren’t drawn to candidates whose demographic profiles overlap with theirs. Biden’s support from black Democrats in a national Quinnipiac poll late last month was more than eight times what Harris’s or Booker’s was. He and Sanders do exponentially better among Latinos than Julián Castro does. Sanders, not Buttigieg, has the advantage among Democrats under the age of 35. And many gay Democrats have rejected Buttigieg as inadequately progressive and even insufficiently gay.
So if identity group, electability, media bias and personal wealth aren’t the secrets to success, what are? I think we’re learning yet again that there’s no tidy, trusty formula. But broad name recognition among engaged voters — which Biden, Sanders and, to a lesser extent, Warren all had at the outset — is an enormous asset. So are a sales pitch and brand, like Buttigieg’s, that are distinct from any other contender’s.

Finally, there’s political acumen. There’s raw talent. The last Democratic president, Barack Obama, had plenty of it. The next Democratic president will, too.”


Might be a game changer – on Michael Bloomberg’s campaign – both the campaign and the money behind it:


Hi Andre,

“Its the economy, Stupid.”

It came across as if you were all in with that “theory;” emphatic – like is was a slam-dunk.

Sometimes I sense a dominant tone to your rhetoric. Its certainly acceptable as long as you are okay with feedback that might not align with your position.


“Any thoughts as to what the future holds for this shady character? Is there any penalty for lawyers who aid and abet criminals?”

Yes, motor lubricant


Could 45 and Putin’s operatives be revenge-hacking your email?

Will, the phrase, “It’s the economy, stupid” became a catchphrase in Bill Clinton’s era (Wikipedia: …is a phrase coined by James Carville in 1992. It is usually mistakenly rendered as “It’s the economy, stupid.” Carville was a strategist in Bill Clinton’s successful 1992 presidential campaign against incumbent George H. W. Bush.)

The phrase rang a lot of bells at the time politically, probably because it is true that the economy is the fundamental thing that underlies all politics. At least it is pretty much acknowledged as such now by all parties.

The phrase is simple and blunt and has stayed remarkably constant in its meaning – it’s hard to twist it around much (which is the mark of a good slogan). I don’t think anyone can object to it in comparison to the wild and crazy things being said daily these days, to exhaustion. It was emphatic then, and still is.

There’s nothing wrong in that and everyone is entitled to view such things from his or her own perspective. Please let’s not impute ill will where there is none (at least imo).

Sorry – I didn’t mean that last bit as a pun – please take no offense, Will!

NO Will. The mentally disturbed coward is home grown.


Beowulfie; I lived through the “Its the economy, Stupid” campaign. I never liked the slogan myself but it has become an oft-used political jab.

I make all kinds of blunders, Beowulfie – so I am not offended. When one paints with broad, emphatic strokes, it usually catches my eye.

No hard feelings, Andre, truly.


Sorry about your email obstructions; appears as if your posting finally got through.

Only after I posted that I was going to post my screen grabs of the entire segment elsewhere, will.

When I said the perp was home grown I suspected it was Hillary because she knows about those things but after careful consideration I now believe it was Ukraine hoping to extort money from me.

I was struck today by the reports that a million people where out again in Hong Kong. This is also what we need to do, but it hard to always figure it out. I stumbled across this and it seems like a good way to be heard. Hopefully it grows so that there will be somewhere local for everyone to go and be heard.

The December 12 Full Moon, exact just after midnight in DC next Thursday, is complex. There are several patterns made up of transiting planets combined with US planets, 2 of which include the US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer. One is a grand trine with transiting Neptune and transiting Mars.

The other is with transiting Vesta in Taurus (which is sextile US Sun) along with the transiting Pallas in Sagittarius (that is conjunct the Great Attractor
[GA] in Sagittarius), which the sextile of US Sun and trans. Vesta form a Yod with.

With transiting Pallas (strategy) conjunct the GA (what our galaxy is moving towards) she is having to adjust to circumstances in order to avoid extreme discomfort from the pressure coming from trans. Vesta (focus on what is invested in) and US natal Sun (US consciousness).

Transiting Vesta then is (IMO) at this time focused on values (Taurus) and in her sextile to the US Sun, it is going to be the US values specifically, one of which is freedom of speech. The Full Moon is in Gemini a sign that is nothing if not about speech.

Therefore , this Full Moon’s Pallas is “adjusting” her strategy, while also under the influence of the powerfully magnetic GA (which I believe is a drawing towards a higher consciousness for humanity).

Meanwhile, the US Sun is also participating in the grand trine with transiting Neptune (abandon boundary lines) in Pisces (abandon boundary lines) and Mars (a force to reckon with) in Scorpio (mutually shared resources) which I believe is the desire for equality, as in the equal treatment of various ethnic and religious and racial divides.

Possibly this might be referring to the loss of minority group representation in the upcoming Democrat Debates. Much more about the Thursday Full Moon later.

Neptune in Pisces is associated with compassion for the suffering of the masses in times of great inequality. In the Age of Pisces, it brought mass religions with compassion for all mankind and particularly the poor, such as Buddhism, Christianity and Islam.

In the Age of Aquarius, which may or not have begun as far back as the US Declaration of Independence, Neptune in Pisces has so far brought political religion, mainly in the form of socialism. The last time Neptune was in Pisces, in the mid-1800s, Karl Mark published his Communist Manifesto, and countless socialist parties and trade unions were born.

So it’s no surprise socialism has found a voice through Bernie Sanders and major health care reform in US political discourse in recent years. Neptune in Pisces should continue to bring a leftward tilt to US politics, but it is currently slowed by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in more conservative, realistic and practical Capricorn.

In addition, the relation between transiting Neptune in Pisces and Neptune in Virgo in the US chart is complicated. Both are square US Mars in Gemini. Neptune in Virgo, opposed to Pisces, does not have great compassion for the masses, which is why the US is the only Western country without a public health system for all. The US, as we know, is the land of individual freedom and responsibility.

Neptune in Virgo is more about low-key service, healing, medical and lifestyle changes, which of course is what many Americans discuss constantly and export to the world. This tendency was profoundly renewed during the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo during the Sixties and Seventies. Health care is the constant number one issue in electoral campaigns.

Neptune in Virgo square Mars can also bring compassionate service through the military. US miltary power has saved the world from tyranny in Germany, Japan and the Soviet Union three times (the two world wars and the Cold War). The world still needs American security protection from Russia and China.

However, the current Neptune opposition (or semi-return) turns all this on its head. It brings at this time the worst of Neptune to the US, and indirectly to the world because of the weight of the US in world affairs. This is a weakening of the American spirit through widespread lies and deception of the people. There was similar moral uncertainty in the US in the 1840s and 1850s when Neptune was in Pisces. This confusion was only cleared by the Civil War at the time of the Uranus return.

Will history repeat itself? There is of course another Uranus return coming in the second half of the 2020s. In the shorter term, once Neptune has cleared the semi-return, the Left should be stronger for the mid-terms in 2022 and especially the presidential election in 2024 when Pluto will have entered Aquarius. This would be comparable to the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860. As many of you know, I place great hope in whoever will be President in 2024. Maybe it will be Biden’s choice for VP.

After having lived through the last transit of Neptune in Pisces in opposition to US Neptune, Abraham Lincoln famously said: “You can fool some of the people all the time, you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time.” Indeed, after the Neptune semi-return, he brought more faith and inspiration to the US and to the world than ever before, and was only equalled by FDR during the Neptune return.

This is the meaning of our time. There will be renewed faith and hope in America in a few short years, whatever happens in 2020 and, in a longer view, whatever awaits us in the Uranus return. Indeed, the Uranus return should be another opportunity for the US to show compassion through bold action once Neptune enters the sign of Aries in 2025.

Andre, very interesting analysis. I just wish we didn’t have to wait so long for a compassionate US. I’m not getting younger.
Thank you for your insight.


You called it — imminent and with police help. Three calls to the police, and finally, she threatened suicide in writing — so grateful for Facebook messenger — so we could show them a screenshot of the conversation. But she’s finally on a psych hold in a psych hospital and safe.

Thank you. It helped a lot to know it would be fast and see it unfolding with the police.

I walked up to a drug dealer’s house to find her and talk to her. Feeling pretty bad-ass about that, although I’ll admit, I didn’t even have to knock on the door. She saw me coming and walked outside before I got to the door.

Teresa – may God heal your daughter at this holy time of year. Praying for her and your family.

my thoughts are with you and yours Teresa – hugs xxx

NewsScope for December 9, 2019
By Michael O’Reilly

Pete Buttigieg and the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction


A NATO expert criticized Trump on Twitter. So a U.S. ambassador barred him from speaking at a conference.


Teresa Hill: All the best to you and your daughter. May she get the true help she needs.

REPORT: Jared Kushner OK’d Saudis’ arrest of Jamal Khashoggi. Turkey intercepted and listened to the call. Erdogan used info to blackmail Trump over Syrian Troops.


Teresa Hill: You may have reached her just in time according to the transit of Saturn to her natal and progressed charts.

I was only able to offer prayers for you both.

Trump is the natural consequence of our anti-democracy decade

We’re coming to the end of what might be called the anti-democracy decade. It began on 21 January 2010 with the supreme court’s shameful decision in Citizens United vs Federal Election Commission, opening the floodgates to big money in politics with the absurd claim that the first amendment protects corporate speech. It ends with Donald Trump in the White House, filling his administration with corporate shills and inviting foreign powers to interfere in American elections.

Trump is the consequence rather than the cause of the anti-democratic decade. By the 2016 election, the richest 100th of 1% of Americans – 24,949 very wealthy people – accounted for a record-breaking 40% of all campaign contributions.

That same year, corporations flooded the presidential, Senate and House elections with $3.4bn in donations. Labor unions no longer provided any countervailing power, contributing only $213m – one union dollar for every 16 corporate.

Big corporations and the super-wealthy lavished their donations on the Republican party because Republicans promised them a giant tax cut. As Lindsey Graham warned his colleagues, “financial contributions will stop” if the GOP didn’t come through.

The investments paid off big.

The tax cut has contributed to record corporate profits but almost nothing has trickled down. Companies have spent most of their extra cash on stock buybacks and dividends. This has given the stock market a sugar high but left little for average workers.


Teresa Hill,


CNN learns about Lavrov’s meeting tomorrow with 45 from Russian spox, not WH

“President Donald Trump is planning to meet with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Tuesday in Washington, an encounter that is sure to draw significant scrutiny amid several ongoing controversies involving Trump and Russia.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told CNN on Monday that the two plan to meet. The White House has not yet confirmed the meeting to CNN, and the State Department announced in a written statement Sunday that Lavrov will travel to Washington this week for meetings with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to “discuss a broad range of regional and bilateral issues.”


Interesting comments on Marjorie Orr’s site this morning:

1. Marjorie writes that Aquarius is the most over-rated sign by starry-eyed astrologers. She reminds us Aquarius, while often creative and innovative, is also technology-driven and often cold, inflexible and reactionary. It was traditionally ruled by Saturn.

2. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius next December occurs at the same time as Pluto exactly squares a Mars-Eris conjunction. No peace and love there but perhaps greater hope through chaos and major conflict.

3. The next election occurs during a Sun-Uranus opposition and the First President’s chart of 1789 will be heavily impacted by Uranus. For those using Wolfstar’s 8 Scorpio US Ascendant, it is also hit. The result will be a major surprise, good or bad. It may mean Trump steals the election, but I believe his efforts will fail or, at the least, Democrats take back the Senate. There will be hope through the turmoil.

4. The mid-term elections of 2022 will also be heavily disrupted by a major eclipse. The mad Right will not go quietly.

It may not be civil war, but 2020 to 2022 will be heavy and intense. The smoke clears in 2024, but then comes the US Uranus return.

“The impeachment of @realDonaldTrump is unique in the 243-year history of the U.S. experiment & Barry Berke explains why: @HeidiNBC
He abused his power “in the ways the founders feared the most.”

1. Abuse of power: the biggest violation? Serving his interests over the nation’s.
Direct quote from Trump: “I have an Article II and I can do whatever I want.”

2. Betrayal of the nation: of the nation in a way that hurts our national security interests.

3. Corruption. The worst case scenario? Foreign powers corrupting our elections.
These are the ABC’s of impeachment that @NBCNews reported on previously. Trump, according to House Judiciary Democrats and legal experts, has violated ALL 3.

THAT, is unique in U.S. history.”

John Cassidy:
“in our polarized political environment, the economy seems to play less of a role than it used to do in determining voters’ attitudes toward the President and politics in general. This trend was evident during the last Administration, when Obama’s approval ratings remained middling despite a slow but steady recovery from the Great Recession.”


This is curious from the L.A. Times:

“By quitting when she did, Harris avoided embarrassing losses in several early contests and, most important, her home state of California, preserving her status as a leading vice presidential prospect and positioning her as a strong candidate for a place in the Cabinet, such as attorney general, in a Democratic administration.

The freshman U.S. senator also gave herself more than adequate time to politically recover ahead of a 2022 reelection campaign, should she decide to seek a second term.”


Has anyone heard from or been in contact with fierywoman? Its been quite a while since we’ve seen any of her postings here.

What the Full Moon in Gemini provides (multiple avenues of thought and conversation) is supported by the multiple aspects in it’s chart (when set in Washington DC) for 12/12 at 12:12 AM, and it’s auspicious numerical portent (darn it, wish Lorrie were here).

In addition to the US natal Cancer Sun in a grand trine with the FM’s Mars and Neptune (discussed yesterday) and US Sun’s participation in a Yod with FM’s Vesta, Pallas (and the GA), there is another Yod trans. Vesta makes. She sextiles the FM’s Neptune and together they form a Yod to FM’s Juno (partner) that is only 2 degrees from US natal Saturn and Trump’s natal Chiron and his natal Juno, all 3 of them at 14+ Libra. All 3 square US natal Sun.

So, FM’s Vesta is involved with 2 aspect patterns between this Full Moon and the US natal chart, as is FM’s Neptune. This gives us a double emphasis on investment and focus (Vesta), and a double emphasis on illusion and escape (Neptune), and, I believe, a double emphasis on unequal partnerships (Juno) as well.

Another connection between the US natal chart and this Full Moon on Thursday is that when the FM chart is set in Washington, DC, the MC (outcome) at 22+ Gemini and the Full Moon herself at 19+ Gemini surrounds the US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini, which conjuncts Trump’s natal Sun at 22+ Gemini. It leaves little to the imagination what the following 2 weeks (in DC anyway) will be about.?

The FM chart’s ascendant (set in DC) is 23+ Virgo which conjuncts US Neptune at 22+ Virgo, so there’s that too.

To be continued.

Hillary Clinton leads in a poll out today of Democratic voters. Are we headed for a rematch?


BarbK, I love you dearly but I can’t follow the bouncing ball. Could you give me a bottom line, pls?

It’s still bouncing Banks! I can’t whittle it down and that’s why I’m laying it out in bite-size pieces.

However it seems the US (US Sun) is focusing (sextile FM Vesta in Taurus) on the money or other benefits (I need a favor though) which is causing the “Plan” or “Strategy” (FM Pallas + GA) to be adjusted (pushed by FM Vesta + US Sun) while at apex of Yod . . which is also being sucked up (GA) into something bigger than the Plan alone.

For now, the US natal Saturn is “owned” or in “partnership” with Trump, and it squares US Sun (US consciousness). However, the FM Vesta (focus) not only sextiles US Sun, it sextiles FM Neptune and THIS sextile (Vesta-Neptune) is putting the screws to US Saturn at the apex of its Yod, and – this is very important – the FM Neptune is . . don’t forget . . in a grand trine with FM Mars (in Scorpio) and US Sun.

These planets are doing double duty and providing momentum for US Sun (consciousness) vs. US Saturn (US institutions under control pf Trump).

I’ve not mentioned it, but FM Vesta in Taurus opposes FM Mars, part of the grand trine with FM Neptune and US Sun, making it a Kite pattern which motivates Mars and puts Mars as the lead point in the Grand Trine cycle of energy.

Sparks fly, there is anger and there is confusion and deception, but there is also growing consciousness coming from the Grand Trine-turned-Kite and there is intense focus, and IMO there is divine intervention (for example the Great Attractor) associated with this Gemini FM.

There is more to consider like the FM Capricorn Pluto-Venus-Saturn conjunction that trines US Virgo Neptune and the FM chart ascendant, and it becomes a grand trine when you consider the present Saturn-Jupiter cycle (22+ Taurus).

Give me another 40 hours or so and maybe I can be more succinct.

Andre, the right right wing continues to push the ‘Hillary’s running’ meme and one has to wonder why. To wind up their base? The link in your 5.33 post is for the washington times – another right wing favorite fake news rag – started by the notorious cult figure Rev Moon, and is now owned by a subsidiary of his international Unification Movement

When Saturn and Jupiter met at 22+ Taurus in 2000 to start their new cycle, a cycle that will end in December 2020, the Moon (the People) at 3+ Aries was sextile Venus (values) at 3+ Gemini and they formed a Yod to the US progressed Saturn at 3+ Scorpio. Now transiting Uranus opposes the US progressed Saturn.

In Thursday’s Full Moon there are 3 planets in Capricorn; Saturn, Venus, Pluto, that trine the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus that trines the Full Moon chart’s ascendant (+ US Neptune) in Virgo. Timing is everything and Time is ruled by Saturn.

US progressed Saturn in 2000 was at the apex (point) of a Yod with trans. Moon (3+ Aries) that was sextile Venus (3+ Gemini) and this sextile in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart spoke of a unity among the People (Moon) and their Values (Venus) that existed at the time.

But the US progressed Saturn was not comfortable with that unity and was reluctant to adjust to their demands. Now, 19 years later transiting Uranus opposes that US progressed Saturn and I believe transiting Uranus is putting it to the recalcitrant US progressed Saturn that it’s time to change.

Put them all together; the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn chart’s sextile between Moon (the People) and Venus (Values) that forms a Yod to US prog. Saturn that is opposed by trans. Uranus and you have a Boomerang, with Uranus in charge.

I believe this is the meaning (purpose) of transiting Pluto-Venus-Saturn in Capricorn trine the Gemini Full Moon chart’s ascendant (+ US Neptune) in Virgo that completes a grand trine with the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus.

It is creating this powerful flow of energy (grand trine) that supports change in the US institutions (US prog. Saturn) that have resisted change for 19 years now. Transiting Uranus will help make it perfectly clear what needs to change. We should see evidence of this transformation between Thursday’s Gemini Full Moon and the Capricorn solar eclipse on December 26.

Kiwi, you may be right about winding up the GOP base. I know the Washington Times is right-wing, but the poll appears to be legitimate at this point.

I have a bad feeling about tomorrow’s meeting between Lavrov & Trump.


I’m still grateful and hanging on to you telling me I’d turned the corner and life will start getting better.

Thank you for thinking of me and my family. We’ll have a few more days of breathing room when she’s hospitalized, and then, start over. Again.

Teresa Hill,
You’ve been through so much anxiety and suffering. May Blessed healing be yours, your daughter’s and all concerned. May the Divine be with you as you begin anew in this process with your daughter and your family.

By: Teresa Hill on December 5th, 2019, at 1:09 am

“My son-in-law just told us that our daughter is now doing meth. And I believe him. I knew something was up, because she’s been distancing herself from us for six weeks or so — always a bad sign she’s spiraling down.”

Transiting Saturn was conjunct the following points in right ascension on the weekend of November 30 and December 1, just a few days before your post. About 6 weeks earlier transiting Saturn would have been moving to within 3 degrees of those points.

On January 2 transit Saturn will be about 3 degrees beyond those points but remember as far as we know that perhaps means a less intense manifestation of a possible influence. Baby steps.

Laura Hill natal
Uranus 289°30′
Neptune 290°23′

Laura Hill Sec.Prog. Q2 Mean Quotidian
Uranus 289°29′
Neptune 290°20′

You may get some ideas from watching this video (positive feedback) beginning at about the 1:36 mark, going to 1:51, where it is concentrated on”Sara” who had a question about suicide.

Not my thing but I watched the entire video. Whimsy’s original guest Marcia, a licensed therapist, has 2 Masters degrees.


Andre, I read an interesting tidbit somewhere a couple of days ago questioning the validity of current polls based on polling telephone response rates have dropped dramaticly over the past couple of years. Cant remember the exact percentages but it was something like dropping from 60 to 20%. It certainly caught my eye and I remember thinking a big wow on an even greater possibility for public manipulation. Ill see if I can find the source.

Teresa, because Laura has mentioned suicide I must advise you of these dates as they are one large block during a very challenging time she is experiencing followed by dates surrounding what is usually observed as a joyous time by most but because of her situation may be a time of heightened depression and/or anger for her. You might check to see if a watch is suggested for her.

Blessings asked for you and yours.


The challenging dates in the near time.

The aspects to the MC and ASC are dated by the location of Traveler’s Rest. A different location could change the date.

Dec 13 2019 Saturn Conjunct Neptune Transit-Secondary progressed
Dec 13 2019 Saturn Conjunct Neptune Transit-Natal
Dec 14 2019 Mars Opposite Sun Transit-Secondary progressed
Dec 14 2019 Mars Square Saturn Transit-Natal
Dec 15 2019 Saturn Square Sun Transit-Natal
Dec 16 2019 Mars Square Saturn Transit-Secondary progressed
Dec 18 2019 Mars Opposite MC Transit-Natal

Dec 22 2019 Mars Conjunct Pluto Transit-Secondary progressed
Dec 23 2019 Mars Conjunct Pluto Transit-Natal
Dec 26 2019 Mars Square Asc Transit-Natal

Joe Scarborough says AG Barr is trying to “concoct a lie to the American people that might muddy up the waters” over the US Justice Dept. inspector general report.


Firstly, after getting 2 masters in the social sciences, I take ALL research and polls (especially polls) with several grains of salt. Look at the pro-Hillary polls before the race (and, of course, Comey’s input that hurt her at the last minute which I still do not get as I feel he is a good man — maybe a little too much of a goody-goody?).

I feel sure that whether or not the poll is legit (and I believe it certain could be), the Hillary running meme is being furthered by Russia, computer bots, etc.

I have to believe that Hillary has too much good sense to run again. And, I cannot imagine that she has the energy & stamina for yet a 3rd run, unless she truly feels the country needs her, as Bloomberg did, BUT, still — that would be an emotional, maybe spiritual decision, not a feet-on-the ground practical one. I just don’t think there is substance to this.

Teresa, PRAYING for you guys. I think Laura will be ok. I hope she gets the counseling she needs in rehab after the hospital.

My point above is that polls are snapshots and very changeable and so much depends on who is asked (age group), whether cell phones are included as these people, who probably have the most phones, are often left out, and not everyone goes online, etc. Also, people are changeable and we cannot hold them to these choices.

Another example are the exit polls that were very favorable to John Kerry, yet he lost to Bush.

I do agree that there is a gap here. Many Dems I know do not think there is one candidate they can get behind.

SCOTUS will be deciding whether or not to take the Mazar case on Friday December 13th. If they do not then DJT’s taxes may be released.

RBG apparently has a big part in this case as she is in charge of this type? section? of cases on the Supreme Court.

Friday could be interesting.


Thank you so much. Will watch those days closely.


She’s still at the psych hospital. Talked to her social worker today about where she might go when she gets out. Said if she came here, she’d most likely argue with us about something — probably not drinking — and get mad and leave.

I think going to a sober living place would be the best thing for her, but she has to be willing to go and willing to stay. So, if you could, send some sober living vibes our way.

“Here’s the record of how Trump aided and abetted Russia’s attack on the United States.”


Banks, and anyone interested, fearing I won’t have time tomorrow to further examine Thursday’s Full Moon at 19 Gemini 51 – beyond what I’ve already done here, I say now that this FM is about the US Constitution which has a natal Vesta (what we invest in and what is focused on) at 20 Gemini 53.

When the Gemini Full Moon conjuncts the US Constitution Vesta it also lights up the US natal Mars at 21 Gemini 22 which conjuncts the Trump natal Sun at 22 Gemini 55, which conjuncts the Full Moon MC (the outcome) at 22 Gemini 16.

This Full Moon then will have a domino effect on the US Constitution Vesta (just how invested in this document are we?) and then the US natal chart’s Mars (what are we willing to fight for?) which affects Trump’s natal Sun (what he is conscious of) which tells the tale of this Full Moon’s “outcome” (MC of Full Moon chart at 22+ Gemini) on the United States (when FM chart is set in Washington DC).

Full Moons reflect light on a subject (by being opposite the Sun) and this Full Moon opposes the Sun at 19 Sagittarius 51 which will fall in the US natal chart’s 1st house; who we are on the conscious level.

Bottom line; who we are as a country is determined by how much we respect the US Constitution and how willing we are to fight for it’s survival.

The US natal chart Mars conjuncts Trump’s natal Sun while the US progressed Mars conjuncts Trump’s natal Jupiter. Trump then is exposing something about our country’s Mars; something we have chosen to not fully acknowledge. Now we must acknowledge it, sordid as it might be.

Trump’s natal Jupiter (17+ Libra) is where the US PROGRESSED Mars is, and . . . it is where the US Constitution chart’s Neptune is too. Neptune is not about reality but it is about escape from reality. Trump is forcing the US to deal with reality by acknowledging our escape methods and behavior.

This Gemini Full Moon at 19+ Gemini conjuncts US natal Mars 21+ Gemini and it trines the US progressed Mars at 17+ Libra. True to form Gemini Moon is doing two things at one time.

This then is how I see the rest of the “bottom line” of this Full Moon. We will be using our free speech (Gemini) to shine light on what we have escaped acknowledging about ourselves (as a whole); to begin to brace up the Constitution with better understanding (a Jupiter thing).

US Constitution Jupiter (understanding) at 25+ Gemini is square US Constitution Nessus (abuse of power) at 24+ Pisces. The awakening consciousness is a beautiful thing.

Within two hours, Nancy presents Articles of Impeachment and then announces major legislation
USMCA) Left jab and right hook!!

There was a telling moment at the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday morning. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, fresh from the press conference in which she and some colleagues unveiled two articles of impeachment against Donald Trump—for abusing his power and obstructing Congress—was walking briskly down a hallway where Manu Raju, CNN’s senior congressional correspondent, was doing a standup. Raju broke away from his spiel to lob an important question at Pelosi: Why hadn’t the Democrats included an article for obstruction of justice? (The Mueller report detailed ten Trump actions that looked like blatant efforts to obstruct the Russia investigation.) The Speaker didn’t even break her step as she replied, “We are doing the U.S.M.C.A.”


Another important paragraph from the above article;

“She could have scheduled the announcement of an agreement on the trade deal for tomorrow or next week. But, by holding it right after the unveiling of articles of impeachment, she demonstrated that, even as she and her colleagues are trying to drive Trump out of office, they are also focusing on bread-and-butter matters, such as lowering the cost of prescription drugs, guaranteeing paid leave for federal workers, and enshrining labor protections in trade agreements. Her message is that, in order to make progress in these areas, House Democrats are even willing to coöperate with a President whom they are impeaching. The dual announcements got this across in a manner that reassured some centrist members of her caucus.”

Barb, I want to thank you for listing the energies associated with, especially, the specific asteroids and the different combinations. Like Elizabeth stated back on Dec 5, I’m not nearly as knowledgeable about Astrology as so many here; it’s not my first “language” (mine being the Tarot). But “energies” I understand. In your adding this to your analyses, it enables me to much better grasp what you’re pointing out. Thank you!

As a result of the previous meeting between Lavrov & Trump, Israeli Intelligence decided to dramatically reduce sharing information with us, as Trump’s loose tongue had revealed too much to the Russian ambassador. Trump’s conversational chumminess with Lavrov also necessitated a quick removal of our top spy in Moscow, that he might be safe.

And reflective of a plethora of screwball decisions which benefit Russia and harm American interests, it is clear Mr. T is at a minimum a Russian asset if not an active agent and willing servant of the darker forces within the Russian Federation.

While Bush junior was president; (A) while air traffic was shut down after the 911 attack he allowed a 747 jet to travel to several American cities as they picked up the relatives of Osama Bin Laden that they could leave before being questioned by the FBI. Later, when our soldiers had Bin Laden surrounded at Tora Bora in Afghanistan, the order came down from on high to withdraw, effectively letting him go. Explanation: For decades the Carlyle Group, i.e. the Bush family business, did business with the Bin Laden family.

Also while Bush junior was president, our VP outed a CIA agent, and violated the emoluments clause in our Constitution.

So what damage did Mr.T do in today’s meeting with Lavrov? Perhaps we will find out, and hopefully soon.

But I know this. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, lays eggs like a duck, its probably a duck. In this case, the duck is high treason. May God/Goddess help us all.

Hi Oxthecat,

You wrote:

“SCOTUS will be deciding whether or not to take the Mazar case on Friday December 13th. If they do not then DJT’s taxes may be released.

RBG apparently has a big part in this case as she is in charge of this type? section? of cases on the Supreme Court.

Friday could be interesting.”

I’ve been examining that development as well, especially as it coincides with the articles of impeachment purportedly being submitted to congress for a vote sometime next week.

The BIG question remains, how soon will it be released if the Supreme Court decides not to take up the matter? Will it be immediate as is being implied or will there be more deliberation? I can’t figure that one out.

Ruth Ginsburg ordered the one week delay last week. The stay will be valid until 5 p.m. Friday Dec. 13th. The fact that Ginsburg has jurisdiction over the release of these tax documents is worth noting. Looking at Ginsburg’s chart I was astonished to see that she has an exact Uranus-Pluto square (21 Aries-Cancer). The December 13th Mercury (6 Sag) Pluto (21 Capricorn) semi-square will form a t square/ semi-square to her natal Uranus-Pluto square and natal Mars (5 ’41 Virgo) South Node (7 ’00 Virgo) midpoint (6 Virgo).

Here is Ruth Ginsburg’s chart:


Barb – you said: “Trump then is exposing something about our country’s Mars; something we have chosen to not fully acknowledge.”

Since we, the people in general, seem to slide into and out of wars without the knowledge and engagement we should have towards them… I’m wondering if your statement above could have us rethinking our stations around the world.

I think it’s been known for some years we can’t be the world’s military, yet each President seems to make it more so. Restructuring military bases to needs and challenges in today’s world would make sense… as would pulling some back to the U.S. and using those enlargements to help U.S. cities and states economically.

I, for one, would prefer to see the military take back some of these jobs that were “privatized” to make each force less at the whims of the DI. There are too many players who cut too many corners in order to make more money and eke out more contracts year after year after year. This might be one way to start winnowing out the number of fake “minority owned” contract holders who then subcontract out to huge companies like Northrup/Grumman, etc. It’s been a pet peeve of mine since the days I was doing DI contract labor.

It might also be time for us to start truly concentrating on our military men and women and their families. Time to get truly serious about counseling and suicide prevention and intervention. Time to take back base housing from the private industry so they no longer have to deal with cockroaches, bad sewers, and shoddy workmanship.

Time to look at and readjust, where necessary, not only benefits but also salaries. IMNSHO, no military family should be so poorly paid they’re eligible for food stamps or housing assistance — yet that’s where we are today.

Time, also, to give a good, long look at the service members, themselves. How many do we still have in service who are there only because of Bush/Cheney morality waivers? How have they conducted themselves? Are any of them responsible for any of the degradations and war crimes of Iraq, Afghanistan, or Guantanamo? If so, it’s time to muster those people out of the service. Make sure the rest of the Service knows we still uphold the UCMJ and adhere to the International Codes of War.

Trump has hurt the military in so many ways… this is one of the worst, IMO. He has interferred in the adjudication of war criminals and have others questioning their oaths of service. Morale has been going down since he was elected. I won’t say it’s hit rock bottom (that I can see), but it’s definitely heading there. The early retirements of career officers and enlisted seem to be only outnumbered by the number of Republican politicians dropping out of the party, resigning congress, or not running in the next election!

A serious reconsideration of our military (and dare I say the Constitution’s true definition of gun rights) is long overdue.

Yes to rethinking all things military slightkc. We are moving away from the purely masculine nature of “being”, while blending in “feminine” nature so as to leave duality thinking/being in the past.

Holistic is the name of the game of the future, and that means we won’t need to produce more guns and bombs because there will be no more wars.

Thank you for letting me know that the energies of the planets and signs is helpful, I really appreciate that. It helps me to know that the new Saturn-Pluto cycle start in Capricorn is a Cardinal sign associated with action and new beginnings.

Meanwhile, the upcoming transiting Neptune in Pisces that opposes the US natal Neptune in Virgo takes place in mutable signs associated with transition (leaving one way of “being” and entering a new way of “being).

The transit of Uranus (with its unpredictable nature) through Taurus, a fixed sign that suggests recalcitrance as well as stability, will aid and allow the changing times as we approach the US Uranus Return.

These outer planets act as harbingers of a new period – away from war and violence (the Patriarchal era) and duality, and into a period of equality and greater consciousness (the Age of Aquarius). Indeed it will be difficult but what worth striving for isn’t?

Somewhere above here, someone posted about how the Age of Aquarius probably won’t be all roses… something to that effect, anyway.

As a native Aquarian, I agree with this sentiment. While Aquarius is a noted humanitarian, it’s normally done in the mode of “good for all,” with less emphasis on the personal aspects. That is a bit worrisome, at times.

And you can see it reflected in our current technological age. Computers have made life at times fun and exciting; they’ve made work easier. Yet, they’ve also killed several career lines of work. I see AI really coming of age soon into the Age of Aquarius… it really fits right in with the “personality.” With the whole range of jobs being wiped out at that point, lets hope something like UBI becomes law.

Also… although I’m a HUGE backer of MFA, I am concerned about some of the less noble provisions that could find they’re way into its’ law… either early on or thru later administrations. Such as, people “aging out” of certain allowed medical procedures or drugs. We already have that now, in the form of many not being able to pay for their meds… but having it set in law as unobtainable because of age or other reasons… hmmm…

Like I’ve said before, I’ve become more cynical as I’ve aged and it’s not a good look on me at times. This may be one of those times. But if absolute power corrupts absolutely (as we’ve seen endemic in the Repub party), what new havoc could they wreck on us. Much like splitting the atom led to the atomic bomb… every “good” discovery seems to be turned toward evil at some point along the way. (sigh)

Greta Thunberg has been chosen as Time person of the year for 2019!
Cheers for a perfect choice!


Police sent to protect Jewish neighborhoods in New Jersey after deadly gun battle in kosher market


Angellight: I heard about the policeman, but nothing about the shooting in the grocery store. I wonder if I just missed it. It should have been covered widely.

Julie, it was covered yesterday but there was so much going on with articles of impeachment, The IG report and A.G. Barr’s disagreement with it and his interview. A dueling match of words.

Trump campaign guts GOP’s anti-Russia stance on Ukraine By Josh Rogin
July 18, 2016 –

The Trump campaign worked behind the scenes last week to make sure the new Republican platform won’t call for giving weapons to Ukraine to fight Russian and rebel forces, contradicting the view of almost all Republican foreign policy leaders in Washington.


Mueller asked Trump about 2016 RNC platform change regarding Ukraine: Sources – ABC News – (The matter was among the written questions Mueller asked Trump to answer.)

https://abcn.ws/2FJyYuZ via @ABC

Harvey Weinstein arrives to bail hearing using a walker


Trump will have a horrendous year through January 2021 regardless of impeachment.



The Star4cast you shared just put me in the holiday spirit. Thank you.

What if tRump refuses to sit for the impeachment trial.

Take a page from “Absent Malice”. Get somebody reputable like the Flying Nun to leak this story to the media. Say word is tRump said he is making himself president for life. Call him first. If he talks, include his denials which will create the appearance of fairness. If he declines to speak, we can hardly be responsible for errors which he refuses to correct. And If we fail to reach him, at least we’ve tried. We have no knowledge the story is false, therefore we’re absent malice. We’ve been both reasonable and prudent, therefore we’re not negligent. We may say whatever we like about Mr. tRump and he is powerless to do us harm. Democracy is served.

Yesterday’s announcement of the articles of impeachment occurred during a void of course moon. Im very basic in my knowledge of astrology. Would someone who knows something about moon voc please speculate how this may affect impeachment?

Bob, if I remember correctly, you may have predicted an agreement between Trump and Pelosi on Dec 12. You may have said it it would be about him stepping down but I’m wondering if it was the new NAFTA agreement that you were seeing because the timing you cited is perfect?

Bob, it sounds like a good (reasonable and simple) possibility. Personally, I’m now officially in the weeds, what with all the investigations, and the gargantuan cast of characters in this production, as seen from street level.

I will likely view the next few weeks (at least) from the long, distant and high perspective of time. It is history in the making, granted, but I will pass on all the details for now because I have things to do and they require that I remain sane.

The gossip that Joe Biden might agree to be President for one term only, fits in with the astrological view that the real changes won’t begin until after the next election in 2024. With 4 years of healing (with a Dem President who is a Scorpio – and that’s important), it seems like a working plan and makes the choice of who would be the BEST VP worthy of discussing.

Personally, I took a vow to not care which Democrat would lead the ticket for 2020, and it wasn’t a difficult vow to keep either. It’s like caring who rescues you from the bottom of a well or a submerged cave; just get me the hell out of here; PLEASE!

Frank, I don’t rely much on the VOC Moon so can’t help you on that, but there was a very important Mars trine Neptune and a Venus-conjunct-Saturn taking place that’s worth its weight in gold.

This impeachment is a “bit of theater” thing; an important show of revere for the Constitution that won’t displace Trump by itself. Hence Mars trine Neptune (and both trine the US natal Sun), so it’s a motivating factor for something larger than the “announcement” itself.

The Venus conjunct Saturn symbolizes a solemn occasion meant to have lasting impact regarding values, in this case, for the USA. That should be rewarding in and of itself.

Frank, I do not recall thinking of an agreement being possible on that date. Will search my posts for anything I said about that time later but right now I feel brain dead. Witnessed by my movie script post.

barbk, I do not know what the procedure would be if tRump would refused to attend an impeachment trial. That would be in the hands of the Senate but as the Senate convicting him seems a remote possibility at this time I do not anticipate that happening.

Trusting my interpretation of my January charts for him to be correct. Not enough time for an impeachment trial to fit in the charts so I am thinking resignation or physical or emotional breakdown occurring to remove him.


barbk, I do not know what the procedure would be if tRump would refused to attend an impeachment trial. That would be in the hands of the Senate but as the Senate convicting him seems a remote possibility at this time I do not anticipate that happening.

Trusting my interpretation of my January charts for him to be correct. Not enough time for an impeachment trial to fit in the charts so I am thinking resignation or physical or emotional breakdown occurring to remove him.

Found a post By: will on November 7th, 2019, at 2:27 am that I had missed and not answered.

“What kind of a “deal” do you imagine is possible for Speaker Pelosi to cut with 45?”

Answer: A deal (if he were to try – believing he was sure to be convicted) to resign preventing an impeachment trial during election campaigns.


Is it possible that the deal you saw between Trump and Pelosi could be either the NAFTA deal or a deal to keep the government open? I hope this is not the case but given the GOP’s recalcitrant behavior, it doesn’t seem they will ever abandon him, which would be the only reason he would resign.

Well, a resignation or a breakdown works for me Bob. Let’s get on with this show.

On Dec. 22 trans. Mars will exactly sextile trans. Pluto which will put Trump’s Sun in Gemini at the apex of a Yod and puts his Moon in Sagittarius at the Boomerang point, which trans. Pallas the Warrior will conjunct. Does this mean he turns in on himself?

The Christmas solar eclipse will square Trump’s natal Neptune and trans. Neptune will square his natal Uranus as trans. Mars closes in on a square to his natal Mars.

Is it enough I wonder?

Thanks Bob,

I got nothin.’ Like barbk, I can’t get a bead on this. It feels as if there is a deep and malignant criminal undertow afoot in the GOP. It is as if our nation is being held hostage by domestic terrorists.

The War on Truth rages on with no end in sight. Much more suffering for the ignoramuses who continue to support this evil force.

denise seigel has another video out – long (1+hr)


Thank you for Denise Seigel video – she has a groundedness to her combined with a strong intellect; hence, her interpretations and insights smack with credibility.

If tRump was agreeable to the new NAFTA it was probably an attempt to butter Nancy up before approaching her to ask for a deal. In his dreams! The only deal she wants to give him is a jail sentence.

I am wondering if there could be a terrorist attempt at an attack in Colorado or somewhere else along the 294°-295° West longitude line on January 10th. If so there are indicators he could be tied to it (angry supporters of tRump possibly). Denver and NORAD are there.

The eclipse on that day has Saturn and Pluto on the MC there. But the point could be triggered later in the year by a transit to the point.

RE: “This impeachment is a “bit of theater” thing; an important show of revere for the Constitution that won’t displace Trump by itself.”

Yes, I think so as well. The Dems need to be the party to show reverence to the Constitution and our democratic norms to show the contrast with the R’s who are plainly and obviously putting their addiction to power and their party ideology before the needs and security of the nation.

Even if the probable occurs, if we get less than 2/3 of the senate to convict, impeachment will have shored up the Dem base and fomented doubt and disdain toward T’s presidency. Impeachment is a necessary, albeit theatrical step affirming the ethics and implicit morality within the Constitution. Without it Dems would lose faith in the party. With it we empower ourselves to win in 2020.

Thanks for fleshing out the importance of this Impeachment process Eliseo. The US natal Neptune (theater) at 22+ Virgo (service) – which conjuncts Nancy Pelosi’s natal Neptune (23+ Virgo) – is the closest planet to the MC (reputation) in the US natal chart.

It’s what we are famous for. Think Hollywood for Pete’s sake. This is not a bad thing – being famous for drama; it’s who we are. And now the Republicans have gone dramatic and are playing to the Public; the US voters included. High drama being played out for all the world to see. It started with con artist Trump.

Or did it?

In the year 2000 transiting Jupiter and Saturn were conjunct, which started their society-oriented cycle, and a year later the Twin Towers were blown up on live TV. Jupiter and Saturn in 2000 at 22+ Taurus were trine US Neptune at 22+ Virgo.

A month from now transiting Saturn and Pluto will be conjunct at 22+ Capricorn starting a cycle about transforming societal institutions. It too will be trine the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo (and Pelosi’s Neptune too).

So, we have the startup of two major cycles, about 20 years apart, each of them trine one other and each of them trine the US natal Neptune, and each of them associated with something dramatic happening in the USA.

Is it all part of a plan? A message to the audience regarding the society famous for show biz?

Yeah, I think so. We – the USA -may not be the #1 hero on the world stage right now, but the world will be caught up in the drama unfolding here. Watch and learn world. This is how democracy works.

All this Ukraine holding of aid began in 2016 in the change of the GOP party platform!


I apologize for posting the 294° and 295° West longitude. There is no such place. Those numbers refer to the distance from 0° Aries in the eclipse chart the MC of the chart and Saturn and Pluto are at.

The West longitude (from North to South Pole), where those points will be on the MC of any chart, is at about 105° West longitude from 0° at Greenwich. Denver’s longitude.

Angellight – interesting post re ukraine aid and 2016 gop platform – I saw a clip just recently where a reporter asked donny about that – and true to form he claimed ‘no I wasnt involved, I know nothing about that’ Just another one of his lies it would appear.

fwiw – yesterdays post from linda g

Kiwi: Mueller asked Trump about the 2016 RNC platform change regarding Ukraine and, the matter was among the written questions Mueller asked Trump to answer. The change was to make sure the new GOP platform won’t call for giving weapons to Ukraine to fight Russian/rebel forces. This should be made clear in Impeachment Hearings how this whole holding up of aid to Ukraine began in 2016 at the GOP platform.
And, of course Trump knew and ordered per Putin’s request.

https://abcn.ws/2FJyYuZ vi

This from Elizabeth Grace re: impeachment and moon void of course:
Impeachment charges were announced on Tuesday during the Taurus Moon void — exact time was 9:10 AM ET. Nothing of consequence? Just a routine procedure? Traditional astrologers argue that a Taurus Moon is in such a strong position that it can be effective when void. What’s interesting is that the Moon was conjunct P45’s Midheaven (career status) and square to his Leo Mars- Ascendant. The late degree Taurus Moon also activated Mars in the horoscopes of Nancy Pelosi and Moscow Mitch. There is talk of a vote on the impeachment being held in the House today, and if I ran the zoo, I’d wait until the Moon entered Cancer at 6:23 PM ET.

Putin & Trump met in Hamburg.

After the meeting, he grabbed the interpreter’s notes & told the translator to never take about the meeting.

Trump claimed he owned the info.

A judge he appointed just told Trump he’s wrong-the info belongs to our republic.

What’s he hiding?


Full vote to impeach trump will be Wednesday of next week.

Thoughts on this please. It is from CNN so I expect its reliable.

I’ve watched this hearing on and off all day. Republicans keep offering up amendment after amendment that they know are all doomed to fail, so they can keep delaying the inevitable result–and wouldn’t you know it? The moon has now gone into Cancer. It’s no longer void, but they’re still talking.

They are still stalling and I just heard that the vote is now scheduled for the 18th. Is it possible for them to stall indefinitely? I had to turn off the TV today_I could not listen to those bald-faced lies. Such evil and malevolence.

My spidey sense is telling me there is a huge distraction coming up: either delay until they can shut down the government, or invade NK or Iran.

Is anyone else feeling the same way?

Julie Dugan-
Yes my spidey-sense is going off too. But, I think it’s gonna be an explosion of a different type. Something to bring trump down. Read an article today about how Ukraine has gotten nothing out of supporting him… what if they actually decided to release all the information they have about everything, claiming transparency. Something like that would take him down and make him have to get out. Which I think is going to happen.

You may have it Henri.

Volodymyr Zelensky (current president of Ukraine)

January 25, 1978; Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine

In a noon chart Pluto in longitude was at 16°41? Libra. Was squared in longitude by transit Pluto in 2016 and 2017.

Transit Neptune is within 1 degree of conjuncting noon chart progressed Sun in longitude and right ascension.

Progressed Pluto will be squared by transit Saturn in right ascension on December 19th at 201°35?.

Natal Pluto from noon chart at 202°00? in right ascension; will be squared by transit Saturn on this coming December 22nd.

It is currently being squared by transiting Pluto (within 2° – separating) in right ascension and will be within a 3° orb deep into January 2020.

January 4, 2020, transit Pluto at 22° 30′ Capricorn will be opposite progressed noon chart Mars at 22°30′ Cancer.

January 10, 2020, Saturn at 22°30′ Capricorn will be opposite progressed noon chart Mars at 22°30′ Cancer.

I also think that Macron, Merkel and perhaps others (secretly) would be part of the plan.
With the US apparently backing Russia, Ukraine doesn’t have much of a choice. They need a big bold move

NYT and Politico say the impeachment vote session will start tomorrow, Friday, at 10ET

Julie Duggan, Henri, Bob,
I too have had a feeling something truly big and unexpected will be revealed which will dramatically change the Trump impeachment equation. I’ve long felt it might be whatever his tax returns might reveal as to his relationship with Putin and the Russian oligarchs. But your supposition is at least equally as logical and perhaps more likely.

The heart is our most deceptive organ. I hope this really is a matter of intuition and not merely deep wishful thinking on my part and also with everyone else who is picking up on these vibes.

Casey M,

Re: The CNN article you cited “McConnell will move to acquit Trump if he’s impeached, not merely dismiss charges, 2 Republican senators say”

Here is a sobering thought for the Republicans. Presumably it is what the Democrats are banking on during the Senate trial come January…..

How A Senate Trial Could Force Testimony From Bolton, Mulvaney, Others

Video: 3 min 41 sec


Once Bolton testifies, the prevailing thought is – the genie will be out of the bottle.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never kill me!”

I’m assuming that old saying is true, but words will leave a lasting memory for me about this period in history. whenever anyone mentions Donald Trump in the future. By that I mean after he has gone far, far away.

I remember when Michael Cohen said there would be no “peaceful transition” if Trump loses the election but I never dreamed the entire Republican party would word-fight to keep him in the White House.

There may be no ambulances needed in this war of words but the aftermath feeling is painful anyway.

When the vote is scheduled at 10 AM, Dec. 13, Washington DC, 0 degrees Aquarius (where the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction takes place next year) will be on the ascendant, while Moon at 8+ Cancer conjuncts trans. North Node (path forward), which conjuncts Trump Mercury.

However, trans. Pluto and Venus at 21+ Cap are sextile the MC (outcome) at 22+ Scorpio which forms a Yod with Trump’s Sun (22+ Gemini) and US natal Mars (21+ Gemini) at the apex which is forced to “adjust” to an uncomfortable situation.

This throws the onus onto Trump’s Moon (21+ Sagittarius) and – as it happens – the transiting Sun as well, becoming a Boomerang pattern.

Since both trans. Sun and Trump’s Moon are opposite Trump’s Sun, my guess is that his emotions (natal Moon) will be fully on display (transiting Sun conjunct natal Moon) and what a tweet storm that will produce.

Transiting Jupiter (2+ Capricorn) will trine transiting Uranus (2+ Taurus) and transiting Transpluto (2+ Virgo) thus creating a grand trine. Transpluto remember symbolizes the process of becoming whole.

As noted previously, transiting Uranus is now opposite the US PROGRESSED Saturn (2+ Scorpio) which sextiles transiting Transpluto in Virgo and their sextile, when combined with transiting Chiron (healing through wounding) at 1+ Aries – which conjuncts the Aries Point (a world point), produces yet another Yod.

The Aries Point would indicate all countries are involved in this Yod and Chiron indicates a healing process is underway, but adjustments (result of being at the apex of Yod) are demanded for this process.

Getting Trump dethroned is not only necessary for the survival of our nation, it is necessary for the whole world.

It was a helluva Full Moon wouldn’t you say?

“NEW: #MattBevin, just voted out as Kentucky’s
@GOP governor, has gone on what attorneys call a “spree” of pardoning the most horrible people imaginable: a man who beheaded his girlfriend when she broke up with him, a man who raped a 9yr old girl and more.”


“Trump’s Top Targets in the Russia Probe Are Experts in Organized Crime
Some of President Trump’s favorite targets in the Russia probe have spent their careers in the Justice Department and the FBI investigating organized crime and money laundering, particularly as they pertain to Russia.”

Replying to @TomJChicago
This is why Pres/Repubs are slandering these people in the FBI


“Trump had to pay $2 MILLION because he ripped off his own charity! $25 MILLION to students he defrauded. This is who they want us to believe is an anti-corruption crusader? COME ON. GET REAL. BE SERIOUS.” – @RepRaskin lays waste to the Republican defense of Trump


Barbk- the gavel came down on the vote at 10:10 am EST

There seems to be a lot of wisdom here about astrology and election predictions; link from a comment on Marjorie Orr’s blog re: the UK election.


Raye Robertsons latest

Thanks Henri! Today’s Moon conjunct North Node (8+ Cancer) at the time the gavel came down not only conjuncts Trump’s Mercury, it opposes the degree of the Mars-Saturn conjunction on April 2, 2018, which I believe is what seeded the present Impeachment process going on now.

At that time (April 2, 2018) the Moon (People) at 9+ Scorpio was sextile Mars and Saturn (8+ Capricorn) and they formed a Yod to the US natal Uranus (disruption of the status quo) at 8+ Gemini. This is also the degree where the long-running Neptune-Pluto cycle began. Don’t get me started on that!

This Mars-Saturn cycle chart had another sextile between Pluto at 21+ Capricorn (where Pluto is again today conjunct trans. Venus) and Jupiter at 22+ Scorpio and their sextile formed a Yod to the US natal Mars (21+ Gemini) and Trump’s natal Sun (22+ Gemini). Thanks to Trump’s Moon at 21+ Sagittarius, this Yod became a Boomerang, with all the Yod’s energies landing on Trump’s natal Moon (family).

This Mars-Saturn cycle will end on March 31, 2020, when their new cycle (conjunction) begins at 0+ Aquarius. Yeah, the same degree where the Jupiter-Saturn cycle starts in December, 2020.

That 2020 Mars-Saturn cycle’s chart has the Moon (People) conjunct the US natal Venus (3+ Cancer) and a triple conjunction between Jupiter-Pallas-Pluto at 24+ Capricorn that opposes the US Mercury and Trump’s Saturn-Venus in Cancer, so more on that later.

What I’m feeling is that with the old Mars-Saturn cycle ending, so too will the reign of Trump the Terror (and that’s mostly because of the involvement of US Uranus, and of course the Neptune-Pluto cycle.)

“46% of military households now view Russia as an ally, due to Trump’s support of them.

So almost half our military families now support a hostile foreign power that would like nothing more than to see our country destroyed.

If this doesn’t bother you, I don’t know what will.”


I hope this wasn’t already posted;

“The most delightful tweet of P45’s torrent is an insult to Greta Thunberg, who was just named Time magazine’s Person of the Year. If you subscribe to Mountain Astrologer, you would have read about Greta’s horoscope in the Dec/Jan issue, in which the potential for significant pixie-dusted fame in early December was noted (the article was written in early September). What’s delightful about P45’s jealous tweet is how in sync it is with planetary patterns. Not only is the Moon void, but Mars (anger, action, courage) is in harmony with Neptune (fantasy, escape, film). Venus (women, social expression, money, art) is conjunct Pluto, suggesting empowerment and/or emotional extremes in Venusian concerns. So it is no surprise that P45’s response to another tweet congratulating Ms. Thunberg was this:

“So ridiculous. Greta must work on her Anger Management problem, then go to a good old fashioned movie with a friend! Chill Greta, Chill!”


The Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn inclines to political conservatism but affects each country differently. Center-left governments were elected or re-elected this year, although sometimes weakened, in Canada, Spain and the Scandinavian countries. It all depends on each country’s national chart.

Two charts strongly affected are the US and the UK. In the UK, the conjunction takes place opposite the US Moon, meaning the people’s standard of living and social services may be negatively impacted by Brexit.

In the US, the effects are even greater because the conjunction is opposite US Mercury, Saturn will be conjunct US Pluto next year and we are nearing the Pluto return. There will be major historical events beyond the impeachment trial in January. Pluto will be opposing US Mercury all year and will square a Mars-Eris conjunction in December. It will not be a peaceful 2020.

Rest up during the holidays. We will need all the serenity and good cheer we can find.

I don’t mean to sound alarmist but the indications are getting very clear that we are in the midst of a slow-moving bloodless coup that represents the end of American democracy.

With the Supreme Court agreeing to hear arguments in March for Trump’s taxes where every single court in all three cases has supported Congress and in fact, all case law supports Congress as well. If the Court felt that too, then they would have declined to hear the cases and the lower court rulings would hold. But they have chosen to hear these cases which means they will likely support trump in a 5-4 decision.

As MoscowMitch reminds us, we are a nation of laws and playing his long game, he and trump now control the court that decides those laws. In short, we are fucked.


If you have time watch this!


She always calms my angst.

silcominc: I am with you. We are definitely at war with GOP polls who have decided to side with Russia. These are very dark and dangerous times.

silcominc I must enjoy bad news.

tRump’d trial vill be in Chanuary. Zat is ven Chupiter is on mein Moon, zen on to mein Venus in zee spring.

Silicomonic, you might not mean to sound alarmist but you are. You’ve made negative assumptions and what you put out, you attract. Try seeing the glass half full. Again, remember, energy follows thought. It will help all of us.

Biden needs only one term to return the country to normal. He could leave in 2024 with his mission accomplished.


Silcominc, I am optimistic about the Supreme Court’s ruling on Trump’s taxes. It may well have decided that these three cases are too important to leave to lower courts even if it agrees with them, because it wants to send a forceful message for future Presidents as it did in 1974 in US v. Nixon. That decision was about Nixon’s tapes. It was 8-0; the Chief Justice recused himself because he had worked in Nixon’s Justice Department.

Similarly, one commentator on MSNBC said this afternoon that it could well be a 9-0 decision this time around even if two Justices were selected by Trump. This would be in accord with Pluto’s opposition to Trump’s Venus-Saturn conjunction and US Mercury in the spring.

Johnny Cammareri in another “Snap out of it” movie.


Andre, I hope your right. It’s just that this coming at the same time as McConnell telling the world he will follow the white house’s lead.

I first thought that it was a good move as Roberts, as bad as he is, would not destroy the courts under his watch. But if they wanted to send a message, then normally, they would simply decline to take the cases which would allow the lower court rulings to stand. Or if they wanted to make a statement, they would have fast-tracked the case. Now it will be in March with a decision likely in June.

Ja, thanks I will watch the video.

The other thing that is troubling is how stupid and disconnected a large section of America is. It used to be 10 or 20% of the populace did not understand or care to understand how the government works. But now, it seems like its more akin to 40+%.

I find myself reading a lot about the 1930s but the huge difference is that we had FDR. Where is our FDR now?

Silcominc, in 1974 Nixon had incredibly named four of the Supreme Court Justices. Until the end, he hoped the Court would rule in his favor. They did not. I believe a similar result is likely in 2020.

Also, Trump will be the first ever President impeached in his first term. I trust this will have an impact on the election. Nixon’s staunchest defenders were defeated in the mid-terms in 1974, which brought a Democrat landslide.

Democrats are doing their duty, which should hearten their base.

Bob, you make me giggle, Banks, you make me proud to be an American (and human). Andre, you make me feel relieved.

silcominc, I understand your angst and I share it too. Other things about the 1930’s different from the 2010’s is they did not have personal (in home) computers, cell phones, let alone smart phones, TV’s, let alone cable TV. There weren’t a lot of radio stations either. We would all listen to Jack Benny and roll on the floor from laughing.

There was trust in the government because there weren’t as many ways to influence society’s opinions in negative ways. We were naive and, perhaps, gullible and very proud to be US citizens.

There were no integrated schools either; women were expected to stay at home and take care of the kids for the most part, and they never, never would have worn trousers (pants if you are unfamiliar with the word trousers) outside of the home.

Homes would have had one phone and often it was a party line, meaning several homes would share the same line and you weren’t supposed to listen in on your neighbor’s call. There was no air conditioning, anywhere!

As far as I know everyone seemed to love FDR that is true. I personally loved Harry Truman although FDR was President when I was born. It was common and normal to respect any sitting President back then. Would I want to go back to those innocent days and give up Nancy’s blog and meeting people from other countries on the Internet? Would I give up my A/C and microwave oven? Hell no.

It is turbulent now because we are going through a transition where things we rely on are no longer reliable. If you can accept and understand that it will lessen the anxiety of being in the middle of a growth spurt (kinda like our early teens) in humanity. Call it evolution.

I panic when I hear the news about, well almost everything, but then I am also excited to be a witness to these historic events (integration, women’s rights, even the Trump era and others) all of which appeared to some of us as the end of normalcy and certain doom for the American Way.

Fear not, we shall overcome and be better for the experience – I have no doubt of that. Not all fun by any means but someday you’ll look back and it will all make sense.

I appreciate all the kind words. It is true that this is a more advanced time than the ’30s and I do believe that we will, in the end, win. It is just bat shit crazy time right now.

Knowledge and self awareness levels in a population go up and go down. As bad as it seems today, it was worse through much of the 1800’s.

IMHO many today unconsciously prefer to be less knowledgeable than we were a few decades ago in the 20th century so as to avoid cognitive dissonance. Less knowledge enables one to continue with the same old meaning system, i.e. mythological literalism. This is true whether one is “Christian” or Muslim, or any other religion.

I think we will continue to have a fourth to a third of our population embracing some sort of fundamentalist religio/political mythological literalism until we’ve created an alternative paradigm from which we derive an adequate sense of meaning. Such is the existential crisis of our time.

As fas as a new FDR, I strongly suspect Andre is right. We’ll get him/her most likely in the 2024 presidential election.

I hadn’t realized it until just now……. the upcoming January 10, 2020 lunar eclipse at 20 ’00 Cancer opposite Mercury (20 ’06 Capricorn) and in close opposition to the Saturn/Pluto conj (22 Capricorn) has an exact Mars semi-square/ sesqui-square (4 ’59 Sagittarius) attached to it. What a powerful configuration! And as we all know; this Lunar Eclipse/Saturn-Pluto conj will be opposing Trump’s Natal Saturn (23 Cancer) during the Senate impeachment trial which begins in earnest January 7th.

Full Moon Begins Eclipse Season and Astrology Forecast December 8-14

by Leo Knighton Tallarico

The waxing moon reaches climax this week as it becomes a Full Moon in Gemini at 12:12 AM on December 12.

And unofficially, Winter Eclipse Season 2019/2020 is energizing and alive.

That Eclipse Season will be important as a major turning point for our world and personal lives.

There is no more straddling the fence of indecision; no more trying to be in two different worlds at the same time. It is time to choose or at least know one has to choose.

This Eclipse Season will contain many highlights: 2 eclipses; Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn; and Uranus shifting to Direct- out of Retrograde motion.

In the outer world we see a stock market in a big bubble ready to burst this winter; North Korea and China more intent on challenging the USA; Israel and Iran doing serious macho strutting with one another; and a USA impeachment process that is not headed for a peaceful solution.

In January, Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn at 22+ degrees of Capricorn will be closely opposing Trump’s natal Venus/Saturn conjunction in Cancer. His sense of stability and control will be seriously threatened.

His natal Vertex, often a sign of “fated happenings” is at 22+ degrees of Capricorn, exactly conjunct the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on January 12. This is a very difficult aspect for him.

This Saturn/Pluto conjunction is made even more potent as it is closely held inside the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon of Capricorn/Cancer at 20+ degrees of Capricorn on January 10.

Saturn and Pluto together are pretty serious. One (Saturn) is planet of time and gravity, while the other (Pluto) is the Guardian of the Underworld. Together they are ruthless in destroying anything that is hanging around past its natural time of life.

This is a perfect time to eliminate the old ego stories that keep you stuck. In some cases, it will be obvious that the old patterns need to go. Remember that doing the same thing over and over again, looking for changes that will never come, is insanity.

And now Saturn/Pluto can help you to stop looking in the same places anymore for answers. When you are committed to stop, new doors and windows will open, bringing in the fresh air of a new season for our lives.

I know it can feel daunting to enter new lands of possibility, and that the demon we know can be more appealing and less scary than strange situations we have never known.

But once in these new vistas of life, we let go into renewal and greater vitality.

And this week, as we begin to feel the breezes of the Eclipse Season that has its first eclipse on December 25/26, we are making ourselves be present and aware.

That consciousness will allow us to see and feel all the signs and symbols we need now, to keep us aligned and on track.



If, after the impeachment trial starts, evidence of money laundering tied to tRump is revealed by SDNY (which might almost insure a guilty verdict) could he resign hoping to stop the impeachment trial? Of course he would still be involved with a SDNY case. Let history show he resigned but was not impeached and removed from office.

Trying to fit possible events to his most difficult astrology’s time frame. It is a small window beginning on January 2 and ending on January 13 or 16 during which time the most difficult transit to his natal Saturn (opposition), progressed Jupiter (square), and progressed inauguration chart MC (conjunction) all occur on the same day which is during a 7 day stretch of negative aspects for him.

I agree with Bob something will come up during the trial. The astrology of January is much too powerful for a simple acquittal similar to the Clinton impeachment trial in 1998. Fireworks are to be expected.

Silcominc is absolutely right to be outraged by McConnell’s statement about coordinating with Trump. Senators will be swearing a special oath for impeachment that requires them to be impartial like jurors. McConnell has clearly violated that oath already.

I hope Schumer and other Senate Democrats have the guts to ask for McConnell’s recusal. They should also ask the Chief Justice, who will be presiding, to compel the testimony of Bolton, Mulvaney and Pompeo. A simple majority is needed for those decisions. Perhaps a handful of Republicans, who are less partisan and more thoughtful or up for reelection, will join them because in the long run it is in their interest to have a fair trial.

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