14th Dec, 2019

Impeachment Looms

It is like the never-ending sound of fingernails on a chalkboard. That is the discordant feel of the Trump years in America.  While Democrats attempt to stick to the evidence and the facts, the angry and fear-inducing rhetoric coming from their Republican brethren is crafted to confuse and agitate the already crazed base of the Trump Cult.  How far we have fallen. How degraded is a once-proud nation that stood for the Rule of Law and the democratic institutions that we heralded around the globe.  The impeachment trial in the Senate, supposedly judged “impartially” by the 100 Senators currently in office, is shamelessly being organized by the Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, in coordination with the defendant, the president, and his counsel.  The fix is in. Reality and the facts will be barely an inconvenience. Indeed, how far we have fallen. How degraded is a once-proud nation.

We will soon be entering the fourth and, hopefully, final year of the Trump Catastrophe. But, no matter how stressful and difficult the coming months will be for Donald Trump, especially January, February, October and November 2020, as well as January 2021, the warped nature of the dystopian reality he has created makes it impossible to promise victory for the forces of sanity and order over chaos and crazy. It will be the final and most brutal test of our institutions to stand firm against Trump’s attempts to steal the election, through propaganda, misinformation, voter suppression, bogus claims of treachery, and other unimagined shenanigans.  Nonetheless, I will again attempt to read the astrological tea leaves as we enter 2020.

The current stress and tension for the president began with the announcement of the impeachment process in early November. At this point, Trump’s progressed Midheaven moved into a more than year-long conjunction with progressed Saturn (3Leo10). This configuration points to a slowly building contraction of his reputation and his ability to act in his usual undisciplined way in the world over the coming year. It will be triggered intensively by a square from Uranus (unexpected events) from January 11 through February 15 and by Neptune sesquiquadrate from February 3 to March 3, bringing a layer of confusion, dishonesty, and self-deception.

As of December 16, Trump is also moving into another crossing of Pluto quincunx his natal Sun (22Gemini55) through January 17. The final crossing of this transit will be from July 12 to November 13, 2020. This transit brings added tensions and a feeling of struggle for ultimate survival against powerful forces. The current crossing clearly has to do with impeachment, while the last one will cover the final months of the campaign and the election.  The current crossing will also be greatly exacerbated by the transit of Saturn, conjunct transiting Pluto from January 1 through January 15. Thus, during what will most likely be the Senate impeachment trial, Saturn and Pluto will be conjunct with each other and both will be in a quincunx aspect to Trump’s natal Sun, most intensely from January 5 to January 15. There is no question but that this will be an extremely painful and stressful time for him, notwithstanding all the false bravado and attempted deception we will hear.

The month following the Saturn/Pluto conjunction also looks incredibly bruising and oppressive for the president. It is at this time that we find the first crossing of Saturn opposite Trump’s Saturn (23Cancer49) from January 13 to January 20; conjunct the Moon/Mars opposition (24Capricorn05/12) in the Trump/US composite chart from January 16 to January 24; semisquare Neptune (10Pisces16) in the Inaugural chart from January 25 to February 3; opposite Trump’s natal Venus (25Cancer44) from January 29 to February 7; and conjunct the Inaugural MC (26Capricorn13) from February 2 to February 10. In addition, transiting Uranus will be square to the progressed MC/Saturn conjunction in trump’s chart from January 11 to February 15. Taken together, these aspects point to lessening popularity, extraordinary upset, and intense frustration.

April, May, and early June 2020 will bring some amount of resurgence for the president, while significant stress begins to build again from late June 2020 through early January 2021. More details on all of this will come later. Although things look fairly grim for the president around the election, I am not yet willing to predict a loss for him. The signals remain mixed for now.


Thank you Nancy,
I’m happy to read of Trump’s “extraordinary upset and intense frustration”,
that last sentence made me queasy, though.

From the New Yorker:

‘Boris Johnson Wins, and Britain Chooses the Devil It Knows’


Please note the article of impeachment were voted out of committee with an exact Venus/Pluto conjunction, thereby triggering the transit of Pluto quincunx Despicable 45’s Sun.


Do you think Trump will remain in office until the end of his term and be the Republican candidate for president in 2020?

Teresa, I do think he will be around through the election, hopefully not beyond. His little windfall in April and May and early June suggests so. I do think the impeachment will be more problematic than he wishes, but I don’t think it will be enough.

If anyone posting here or even just following along has strong positive aspects around the election, please let me know. I can’t find many who are celebrating which makes me refrain from a prediction.


Do you think not seeing anyone with strong positive aspects at the election might mean that it’s more of a relief to the candidate and the public, all knowing there’s so much work to be done just to try to undo what Trump did?

Because that sounds like a Joe Biden kind of candidate.

Teresa – I don’t think we will have a definitive answer immediately due to the Mercury station square Saturn for the first several days of November. I also wonder if there isn’t so much disorder in the world by then that even a win against Trump isn’t enough to fully dispel our misery. I am further concerned he may do some treacherous things after the election that also cloud the picture (more horrible judges, obscene pardons, etc.). I will keep searching for some kind of pattern.

Starlight & Teresa Hill,
Surely, if Mr. T is NOT convicted he will crow he was “completely exonerated” and be emboldened to do further damage to the nation and the world. If he loses the 2020 election, he might seek revenge in the months before the inauguration of his opponent, or conversely declare the election was rigged against him and claim he actually won another 4 years.

It’s also possible we could be experiencing so much chaos as to legitimately require martial law.

Any or all of the above could explain a lack of jubilation when the man leaves office. We might all metaphorically be standing amidst the rubble as we watch him depart, albeit willingly or in chains.


The schadenfreude I felt reading Impeachment Looms was more than pleasing – there were moments of ecstasy. Then a horrible wave of guilt enveloped me for taking such pleasure in his suffering. Within a very short period of time, the guilt lifted and I was able to completely absolve myself for enjoying his misery to come.

My gravest concern is how SCOTUS will rule on the extent of his executive powers as well maintaining respect and reverence for congress. Even a conservative court would be hard-pressed to give him a green light with no oversight. But then, the times have found us, haven’t they?

I’m wondering if the nation is in the throes of another significant recession and/or war which might account for the lack of jubilation. Pure speculation on my part.

Thank you very much for your exquisite insights and calculations, Nancy.

Thank you Nancy, and very interesting comments by everyone.

It’s amazing to me that with all you predict for him that is not good, that you and so many others feel there is still a chance, and not a slim chance either that he could win again.

Is it his Teflon Don Superpower, like seemingly no other before him,. things don’t seem to stick on this immoral indecent human, (perhaps a reflection of the collective), or is it just a sign of the times (also the collective), that someone like him with all that has transpired could have a decent chance of being reelected?


With all the turmoil going on all over the world, especially in governments and their people, it escapes us that chaos is the stuff from which creation springs.

It is when things are at their worst (rules disregarded, violence, lack of respect, etc.) that what needs to be created becomes most obvious. Without chaos stagnation sets in and we cease to evolve.

There is a theory (or a belief) that we are born into human life for purposes beyond the obvious such as perpetuating humanity for example. Sometimes, like now, it is believed that our purpose is to see where change is most needed and move toward that goal.

Donald Trump egregiously moves toward breaking down the norms of our society and our hard-fought-for institutions, and as obnoxious as he is, he is probably clearing the space for us and future generations to restructure our society and our institutions so they better serve us as a growing society.

Not just anyone could handle the anguish that comes with a period in history like this. Tumult is the norm. How grateful I am for Starlight News and Nancy for providing space and level-headed astrology, where (mostly) like-minded folks can express themselves and exchange thoughts with one another. We learn from each other and sometimes we are jarred by what we learn.

Christmas is 10 days away, and many of us will be spending time with friends and/or family that don’t see eye to eye with us on politics or how government should work. Good luck with that.

If you can contain yourself and hear those people out, you might be able to see where they are coming from, such as fear of others, or financial insecurity. If we can recognize these fears in those who don’t share our beliefs or values there just might be a space for peace and love, if only temporary.

Trump is being worn down and chances are good he won’t be in the running for the presidency in 2020, or if he does he won’t win, or if he wins he won’t survive the term. In any case we are in a period of transformation that is as hard or harder on him than it is on us, but we are learning from it.

I’m relieved I am finally able to read the comments from Nancy’s latest prognosis after an error on the WordPress webpage prevented me.

I am holding onto Bob’s Jan 13, bolt of reality to propel him outta office. He’s been right thus far, but I have long thought 45 is inhuman, an android of some kind. He doesn’t feel like a humanoid but more like a terrestrial being.

Welcome back, everyone…and the best goes on.

The best news is that Christmas (and Chanukah, and Kwanza, and everything else) is coming…

Although this should be an interesting news week — let’s all begin to wind down, relax, take a break, and renew our spirits.

Peace, love & happiness

Sharon – this week prior to Yule and Xmas is not a week of relaxing for me! It’s a time to jack up the speed and get everything finished I’ve yet to complete! Hopefully by the 23rd I can kick back and relax a little… !

We’re doing a modified family gathering this year. I wonder how much Trump has played into this, as the only family not coming is my brother and his… definitely Trumpers. Instead, they’re going to her folks… also Trumpers. My daughter and youngest grandchild will join us on Dec 26, weather permitting… but she’s become a diehard Democrat after breaking with her father for a while.

Eliseo – I like what John Dean is advocating — after the full House votes to impeach Trump, do NOT send it on to the Senate. Instead, count Trump as impeached (which he will be) and continue investigation by the various committees.

As I see it, there’s absolutely nothing to be gained by sending this on to the Senate. The three main Repubs have already violated their oath under impeachment process before even uttering it. They should all be recused but of course they won’t because… Repubs.

Putting a hold on things at “Impeached” will drive Trump nuts. But it could save us all from a circus clown show, or worse, a self-serving Republican sham court process.

Trump’s chart on Election Day is a real mixed bag, unfortunately.

On the positive for him, he has Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all making a trine to his Midheaven, which can suggest career successes. The Moon is in Gemini that day, which jives strongly with his natal Sun/Uranus in Gemini opposition Moon in Sag. It could suggest public support, or even a surprising outcome. And the tr. North Node is about a degree separating from a conjunction with his Sun, which is a powerfully karmic moment for him. There is an lunar eclipse at 23 degrees Sagittarius that is right on his Sun/Moon axis about a month after the elction. The nature of such a transit is Uranian in nature, so it could suggest volatile responses to external events of some sort.

On the negative for him, tr. Saturn in Capricorn will be moving off of its opposition to his Venus in Cancer, which can dent his popularity, or cause economic problems. Mars’s retrograde cycle in late Aries will also be putting pressure on that Venus/Saturn placement in his chart, but it will also be opposing his Jupiter around election time, which suggests that he’s going to be in a fighting, aggressive mood. Mercury stationary direct at 25 Libra will be making a square to his Venus/Saturn, which could suggest harsh communication strategies. tr. Uranus will be squaring his Pluto, which makes this a volatile time for him full of sudden events that test his mettle. Tr. Neptune in Pisces will be moving in to make squares to his natal Sun in Gemini/Moon in Sag opposition beginning in early 2021, running through 2023, which is a low energy, undermined period, with muddled or overly emotional thought patterns. If he’s re-elected, I don’t expect smooth sailing at all in his second term, which has a chart that looks downright autocratic, crisis-ridden and heavy-handed. But that’s for another post.

The big thing that I notice about Trump’s natal chart is that he has a very strongly aspected Jupiter. That gives him the ability to bounce back from problems throughout his life. I suspect that it’s going to be very difficult to dislodge him from office next year. He may go through enormous problems (he was born on a Full Moon after all), but he seems to dodge real consequences each time crisis strikes. Whether he wins or not is going to depend on large part if the Democrats nominate a candidate with a stronger, more compelling chart and transits around election time. Stay tuned…

At this moment I want to Express my gratitude to you for your consistently well thought out astrological insights and for maintaining this website. The coming several weeks and year are bound to be unforgivingly stressful for us all. Your website, speaking for myself, is a needed haven during these extraordinary, emotionally difficult times. ThankYou!


“In 2020 we will have two Solar Eclipses. The first one takes place on the Summer Solstice (June 20) at 0º Cancer. The second one arrives on December 14 at 23º Sagittarius. The Summer Solstice eclipse unfavorably squares Biden’s 10th house Neptune but, perhaps more favorably, conjoins Elizabeth Warren’s Sun-Uranus conjunction. The December eclipse opposes Trump’s 10th house Gemini Sun, which is decidedly unfavorable.”


I agree wholeheartedly.
Deans suggestion I believe is for now the very best course. No sense sending it on to a rigged jury. I’m going to run the idea by my FBI/attorney pal to see what he thinks.

My spiritual mentor, very close friend, and archbishop was secretly an astrologer as well as a political science professor. He died in 2000. I DO WISH he was still around to expound his insights.

Whimsy is concerned that if Biden wins the nomination, he may have a health crisis and not be able to stand for election–a present to Trump. She is much concerned that we nominate someone younger (at least in my interpretation of her words).


““In 2020 we will have two Solar Eclipses. The first one takes place on the Summer Solstice (June 20) at 0º Cancer.”

Grief! That eclipse is conjunct, opposing and squaring all the cardinal points – that’s gonna’ leave a mark!

I’m in shock. I just discovered Australia’s premier astrologer, Ed Tamplin died October 17.

A number of posters here have expressed dismay and discouragement that Trump and his minions will most likely have the upper hand in the Senate trial. On the surface of it, the recent statements by McConell and Lindsey Graham certainly gives one pause for thought. They have declared steadfast support in favor of the president which is at odds with normal procedure.

Key witnesses such as Bolton and Mulvaney, crucial to the outcome of the trial are being pressed by the White House not to appear. The majority of the Senate are voicing their support of the president as well and may not allow key witnesses on the stand. So where are we going with this? An acquittal as many Republicans are suggesting?

Chief Justice John Roberts, the presiding judge overseeing the trial will have sole judicial power in making critical decisions especially the decision whether a witness can appear in the trial or not along with supporting evidentiary documents. Theoretically this decision could be made relatively quickly, but it is expected that Chief Justice Roberts will most likely demur to the general consensus of the Senate.

If I may play devils advocate here for a moment; consider the astrological aspects in play early to mid January. The democrats are expected to conduct the first phase of the trial beginning Jan 7th (for approx one week). The January 10th lunar eclipse (20 ‘Capricorn) will trine/sextile John Roberts natal Saturn (20 Scorpio) in semi-square/ sesqui-square to tr. Mars (5 Sagittarius). Moreover, this eclipse will be in close opposition to the Saturn/Pluto conj (22 Cap.) in opposition to John Roberts natal Jupiter/Uranus conj (23 ’20/ 25 ’11 Cancer). As Nancy astutely pointed out, the Saturn/Pluto conjunction will also quincunx Trump’s natal Sun. See Roberts chart for quick reference:


Notice Roberts natal Jupiter aspect, it precisely mirrors Trump’s Saturn/Venus conj (23 ’48/ 25 ’44 Cancer). Will Roberts rule in favor of the democrats and allow the testimony of Bolton, Mulvaney and two other key witnesses to go through? It would certainly be a watershed moment and a real nail biter to watch.

How John Roberts Might Oversee A Senate Impeachment Trial

Dec 2, 2019

Washington (CNN) As the Democratic-led US House moves toward an impeachment vote on President Donald Trump, attention is turning to the likely Senate trial and how forcefully Chief Justice John Roberts might operate as he presides over the chamber.

Could Roberts influence what evidence emerges at trial and whether former national security adviser John Bolton and other White House officials must testify? Legal and political observers are already mulling how the 17th Chief Justice of the United States might steer whether the 45th President is removed from office.

Under the plain terms of the US Constitution and Senate rules, Roberts could wield a powerful gavel and rule on evidence and witnesses. Senate impeachment canon, dating to 1986, says the presiding officer “may rule on all questions of evidence.” The chief justice’s decision would stand unless overruled by a formal majority vote of the full Senate.



CORRECTION to the: “The January 10th lunar eclipse (20 ‘CANCER)

Maybe it’s the Saturn-Pluto effect but the left is feeling gloomy and fractured. I think we need a ticket we can feel inspired and energized by to bring us together and lead us and the sooner the better. I think we need a dynamic duo! I keep hearing that none of our front runners have the magic to win. Id like to suggest 2 things: one, we try to look at possibilities for a ticket that has some compelling dynamics that include leadership and relationship chemistry. The other suggestion is that we look at the aspects dispassionately without personal preferences and without dismissing anyone for fear of a few hard aspects. From my limited astrology abilities Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren with Corey Booker or Stacy Adams could make an exciting ticket. Comparing their charts, I think Buttigieg and Adams would make a powerful and very exciting ticket sans concerns about his lack of executive leadership experience. Although by themselves no one candidate can unite and energize moderates and progressives, the right team could, and even if Trump is fated to win, the right team could focus on flipping the Senate by campaigning in battleground states. I’m convinced flipping the Senate and keeping the House is even more critical than winning the Presidency but to do this we need our own Dynamic Duo. So my friends, who do you think it could be?

slightkc – I hear ya.

We have a party each year, too, but I’ve managed to cut myself loose from most appointments and carve out more time, so am very happy about it. Good luck in getting your party launched in as stress-free way as possible, and getting the rest you need afterward.

There is a reason the old adage tells us to not discuss religion and politics. We mostly try to avoid it or use a very light touch.

Eliseo, I,too, am sorry to hear about Ed Tamplin’s passing.

As far as a “dynamic duo”, Frank – I sure hope one appears. At this point, I just cannot get excited about Bernie or Elizabeth because, whether my feeling is right or wrong, I don’t think we can win with them.

In these dark times, I hold onto the fact that Trump, for all that he has done, is still but a mortal man; someday, perhaps sooner than later, he will be dead and finally gone for good. No more raging at every slight real or imagined. No more tweets. No more idiotic fodder for our news media to hang on and replay as if the world depended on them doing so.

Nothing more from this awful man but silence. Forever. Just picture it.

And then we will be left to pick up the pieces of what he has wrought upon this country and world, and what his election has exposed about the dark side of America, and the lengths to which the Republicans were willing to go to sell out their own country to maintain power; even getting in bed with the Russians to do so.

This energetically feels like the Pluto Return of the US. And it’s still building. The transit won’t truly be over until the end of 2022 after Pluto makes its third and final pass to its natal position in the US chart. I dread to think it, but the problems that Trump has exposed probably won’t truly begin to be resolved until after that time. Whether or not he remains president, the corruption we are seeing and the total moral bankruptcy of the establishment will undoubtedly continue to play out until that time.

I do fear that he will be acquitted by the thoroughly corrupt Republicans in the Senate, and will be allowed to continue to run rampant over everything and everyone, even more brazenly than ever, for the remainder of this term and for part of a second one. The stature of the US in the world will fall to a low unknown to anyone living today as we continue to alienate our allies and friends.

It won’t be his supporters who re-elect him; it will be a combination of naivety and cynicism that awards him a second term. The naivety of those who believe our electoral process is still fair and not rigged; the cynicism of those who stay home and who believe they can do nothing to stop the corruption of the system by the GOP, the Russians and the elites.

There’s hope on the other side of all of this, sure. And it’s probably going to mean a lot of people who long for that hope to get their hands dirty and fight for it, no matter the cost.

Russia’s State TV Calls Trump Their ‘Age

Russian commentators note, rightly, that “sooner or later, the Democrats will come back into power,” and they’re already joking about offering Trump asylum.

Sometimes a picture doesn’t have to be worth a thousand words. Just a few will do. As Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov returned home from his visit with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office last week, Russian state media was gloating over the spectacle. TV channel Rossiya 1 aired a segment entitled “Puppet Master and ‘Agent’—How to Understand Lavrov’s Meeting With Trump.”

Vesti Nedeli, a Sunday news show on the same network, pointed out that it was Trump, personally, who asked Lavrov to pose standing near as Trump sat at his desk. It’s almost the literal image of a power behind the throne.

SharonK, I’m feeling it’s going to be much more about the synergy of the running mates than one person who will win. I think back to Clinton and the excitement that was generated when she campaigned with Warren. That could have united moderates and progressives. Then she picked Tim Kaine and it was a dull thud. No telling how those few percentages in PA would’ve changed but with him it was too safe and too dull a choice and did nothing to unite our Party. I think looking past any one individual and putting aside our personal preferences and feelings to focus on a team that will unite and inspire the wings of the Democratic Party and then lead us will bear the most results. I think astrology can offer us a good guide.

It’s about time!


I’m puzzled by Moscow Mitch talking like he’s in charge of Trump’s trial. Supposedly, Senators are merely jurors. Jurors don’t make the rules. The judge and the law does.

Don’t know if we have much written procedural law on impeachment. Maybe only precedence. Need to look that stuff up.

Maybe Mitch thinks Roberts will let him determine how the trial goes?


“The Democratic National Committee announced it will hold four debates for its presidential candidates in the first two months of 2020,…”

“The Iowa debate…will be on Jan. 14.”

“The New Hampshire debate will be on Feb. 7…”

“The ninth debate will be on Feb. 19 in Las Vegas…”

“The final early state debate announced will be at The Gaillard Center in Charleston, S.C., on Feb. 25”

Very sorry to read in Eliseo’s post above that Ed Tamplin has passed away. His comments were always well made. Thanks, Eliseo for noting this.

Also, as the impeachment travesty unfolds, I am bewildered by the ‘hopeful’ comments still being made about it. Is anyone really anticipating a “fair” trial? Honestly, I cannot understand it.

As Nancy and others have said, the fix is in. There is no hope of a fair trial or a fair verdict, if it even goes that far (as it could go nowhere). It’s all for show.

The real action is elsewhere, in the effort to support DT at all costs by Mitch McConnell etc. John Roberts may be a well trained, and in many ways an honorable judge, but he is hardly going to go the full distance allowed by the US constitution under the circumstances, being a conservative himself on a largely conservative court.

The Repubs are playing hardball, the only game they can play now. The stakes for them are huge if they win – to run the country with unimpeded power. And equally huge if they lose – to know they will be out of power for a generation. That the fix is in hardly covers it.

I keep wondering why – why the Dems cannot get their act together when it is so plain to see what’s up. The political process in the House and Senate is unfolding as best the Dems can manage (they can handle inquiries just fine), but results are a different matter. The political process is not working in terms of who is running and how, at least not yet.

Perhaps the coming Pluto return means the Dems will be too late at the starting gate with a good runner in the coming election – which possibly means another Senate majority for the Repubs. Then 2 more years of mayhem, until at last the Dems may win both the House and Senate in the following midterms, making DT, finally, a real lame duck President. It fits the astrology anyway.

That a person even has to imagine such a disaster is terrible, shocking, when it is so obvious that it should be wrong. But, the signs are there, and have been from the start. DT has an awesome power to impede justice with all the tools of the Presidency perverted.

Anyone still thinking next year will turn out well is dreaming in technicolor, but the number of realists is growing – at least that is a blessing.

I agree Frank, it’s the synergy produced by the team that could inspire a large portion of the Dems, but it’s tricky. What might seem a great team of 2 to me might not be the 2 that would get the most voters to the polls. Too bad we couldn’t nominate a team of 4 or 5. Hmmm. . . there’s an idea! Maybe the 4 of them could parse out rolls – 1 for Prez, 1 for VP, 1 for Sec’y of State and 1 for Sec’y of Treasury?

How much of this that would be revealed to the Public is debatable but I believe it would be possible to lay out a plan (before election) at least by whomever turned out to be the Presidential candidate or the Prez and VP candidates team.

Any more ideas?

For the realists among you, if you have never read these, here’s a recommendation for 2 gripping books (older, but great) to enjoy over Christmas. They fit the political times and give a taste of the stakes in 2020.

–All the President’s Men, by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein (on Nixon)

–All the King’s Men, by Robert Penn Warren (on hardball politics in general – Stephen King’s choice, here: https://www.newstatesman.com/culture/books/2017/07/new-statesman-guide-best-political-fiction-part-one)

“Trump raises possibility of skipping debates hosted by traditional group

President Trump raised the possibility Monday that he will not participate in debates against the Democratic nominee hosted by the Commission on Presidential Debates, alleging the nonprofit group that traditionally sponsors the events is biased against him.”


“He was never going to debate.
No press conferences.
No honoring subpoenas.
Rigging the Impeachment trial.
Every day vomiting lies.
This is an authoritative WH.
It’s as plain as day.
It’s what the GOP wants.
It we don’t resist in massive numbers, we have lost our Democracy.Period” by @CynthiaWeintra5

It is also very possible that some new revelations and here-to-fore unearthed crimes by 45 et al which will change the whole political landscape. \

We none of us really know what the days/weeks/months ahead might uncover.

Entertain all possibilities and leave room for a wild card to appear.

BarbK, having 4 or even more, I like it a lot!
A slate rather than a ticket, but a team that can inspire, unite us and lead!

I think all our hopes and fears are rightfully magnified now and that if we don’t have a team that can lead us by focusing and channeling all our passion we could very likely start turning on each other or just get depressed and despondent.

Bob, I love Feliz Navidad by Jose Feliciano SO MUCH! Thank you for posting it!

Angellight, if it’s true that “he was never going to debate” then a women Dem nominee or non-combative male Dem nominee would not be exposed to his filthy comments during a face-to-face debate. That would be a game changer would it not?

I don’t think he would pass on all debates though. He loved stalking Hillary around the stage.

I love you will; I love you Frank.

will . . we can be pretty sure something is gonna bring us together, in some measure, when Saturn and Pluto and Ceres et al. join forces in 4 weeks. Like the mother-of-all floods could change the political landscape for example. Way, way too soon to accept a hopeless election result, right?

Frank, it it’s not a team that can inspire or unite us then we’re just biden’ our time I guess.


“Way, way too soon to accept a hopeless election result, right?”

You hit the mark squarely!

From the nyt’s:

“WASHINGTON — Democratic lawmakers representing conservative-leaning districts announced one by one on Monday that they would cast votes this week to impeach President Trump, signaling that a critical bloc of the most politically vulnerable Democrats is pulling together behind the party’s effort to seek his removal from office.”


“It is also very possible that some new revelations and here-to-fore unearthed crimes by 45 et al which will change the whole political landscape.”

That may be the release of the interpreter’s notes from T’s meeting with Putin. You are also surely correct also that we should be prepared for one or more wild cards. Those wild cards might be wilder than we can possibly imagine.

in remembrance of ed tamplin https://www.faainc.org.au/ed-tamplin-in-memoriam/

Here’s a question for you all.

Which online or purchasable CD astrology program is best as a gift for someone who wants to learn the basics of how to do astrology? Also, same question for intermediate and advanced levels?

Denise seigel just posted a new video
(havnt watched it yet)

It’s a great year for tyrants, xenophobes, and white males. Trump, Erdogan, and Xi Jinping. Modi is taking India into chaos by downgrading the citizen rights of 200 million Muslims living in India. Trump and Johnson round out the xenophobia adventure. But it’s white males (I’m one so I’m comfortable saying this) that represent the very worst politics in the world and the most critical time.

The white males brought Trump, Australia’s Morrison, and the UK’s Boris Johnson to power. What a force for nihilism at the most critical juncture in planet’s history.

All the post-impeachment trial astrology for Trump assumes he survives impeachment. Who knows, maybe we will get lucky.

Even if Trump is gone, we still have the Trump deadenders, 25% of the public. They are for anti science, largely racist, and delusional. What a drag on humanity.

Eliseo: I have used an older version of Kepler for years – a great program. I have never even got close to using all the features routinely, but I’ve tried most of them and found they are not very productive. I used Solar Fire for some time, too, which was equally good, but at some point a casual user or beginner (who is not a software nerd) only needs to know one program well.

There are many programs for sale, but they all do the same basic stuff, unless you get into fancy advanced analysis, which most people never do. Any beginner does not need all the features new astrology programs offer.

The speed of getting the charts done and different display modes are the greatest conveniences of astrology software once a person gets into it, but they are no substitute for learning the astrology. It is important to concentrate on learning the concepts first (yes, some memorization is essential).

The various software websites have lots of information to read and the better programs can go all the way from beginner to advanced, so that is really not a consideration. For learners, a first program should be as simple to operate as possible. Why waste time learning all sorts of tricky bells and whistles unless you know what the concepts are? Books and classes do that best.

For a beginner, the essential thing is to read up on the basics, do the memorization (yes, some of it is essential) and, if possible, take classes where you discuss charts. That is the best and easiest way to get the hang of it for a beginner.

At least these days you don’t have to do the math yourself (thank goodness!). If it weren’t for software, I wouldn’t bother now as it is so time consuming to do charts by hand. But, the software is quite useless unless you understand the planets and the aspects, and can use a good ephemeris, regardless of whatever software you use.

Imo, it is impossible to understand a chart without staring at it for quite a while. You could go blind staring at a screen by the time you figure out some charts on computer, so, yes, you need a printer and paper!

An old acquaintance swore she would never put out a significant (to the client) chart unless she could ponder it for a day or two because there are always things you miss on the first go.

Software is great for speed and convenience, but the thinking is still done in peace and quiet, with a coffee and a pile of different colored marker pens to circle the aspects and link the relationships. Also, having a filing system for storing charts in an organized way is useful – you go over some charts so often that it helps to be organized (but don’t ask more about that, because I’m not).

All the decent software types give you a grid with the aspects listed, as well as the chart itself, which is a huge time saver, but you still have to “see” the relationships. There is no shortcut to that for beginners, or experts. Running off an aspect list by itself on computer and ticking off aspects with a cookbook approach is no substitute for understanding the chart as a whole.

It is just too easy to misinterpret things that way, and the ethics of astrology say that you should not tell people stuff you don’t understand or know the reasons for yourself! On the other hand, there’s nothing like astrology to exercise your brain and the software is just one tool.

You know the saying that it takes 10,000 hours to become really good at anything? Well, it applies to astrology, but nobody should be discouraged from trying (because it’s so interesting). Sustained effort and spending time just thinking is what separates good astrologers from the rest, just the same as any other occupation. I’m speaking as an amateur, but it’s worth learning astrology to whatever level you can achieve. The best part is you never get bored!

Fascinating stuff. Tarot reader Revealing Light in her latest video “Impeachment” gave her impressions on tomorrows impending impeachment vote. She feels it will pass. However, because of the disparate differences between Republicans and Democrats on allowing key witnesses to appear at a Senate trial, she feels Congress will “wait a while” before sending the indictment to the Senate. She says there may be compelling evidence tying Trump to Russian laundered money (via Rudy Giuliani’s associate Lev Parnas). The case is still under investigation. Here’s the link:


Looking further afield, the March 20th Spring Equinox has an exact Mars/Jupiter conjunction at 22 ’48 Capricorn. It will conjunct the January 12th 2020 Saturn/Pluto conj (22 ’46 Capricorn) in close opposition to the January 10, 2020 Lunar Eclipse (20 ’00 Capr.). The March 20th Mars/Jupiter conj -Pluto midpoint is at 23 ’48 Capr. in opposition to Trump’s natal Saturn (23 ’44 Cancer),

Typo. The January 10th lunar eclipse is at 20’00 CANCER.

I know it’s a bit early but Im watching a gorgeous sunrise over San Francisco and while my heart is in the right place I want to wish you all a very happy and blessed Yule, or any other holiday you may celebrate in this season. May our communities be blessed with strength and love and may they lend us strength and love when we need it in the times ahead ???

BarbK, clever ??

Nancy, thank you for your insightful analyses and for this amazing community you’ve created! ?

So sorry, I’ve noticed the emojis didn’t take, they were mostly hearts

I see the Mars/Jupiter conjunction that occurs at the Spring Equinox, March 20, 2020, as reinforcement to the cycle between Saturn-Pluto that will begin on January 12th. They both will trine the present cycle of Jupiter and Saturn that took place at 22 Taurus 43 in May 2000 and which will end in December, 2020. These 3 separate cycles will be working simultaneously and in sync through much of 2020.

I see the May 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 22 Taurus 43 as the likely trigger of Trump’s rise to the US Presidency, what with the Mars in this chart at 17+ Gemini (conjunct Trump’s natal Uranus). Also, the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo trines the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle, AND the the 2020 Saturn-Pluto cycle AND the 2020 Mars-Jupiter cycle start points.

The 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle shows the influences on the development of societies and when the chart is set in Washington, DC it has 27+ Aquarius on the Descendant (7th house cusp of partnership) and conjunct the US natal Moon 27+ Aquarius. On the ascendant is 27+ Leo, conjunct Trump’s natal Mars at 26+ Leo.

(There is question as to whether his birth chart ascendant is 29+ Leo or 17+ Leo and I am now inclined to go with the 17+ Leo ascendant since it puts his natal Mars in the 1st house rather than the 12th house of confinement, and because his Uranus would be sextile his ascendant.)

Therefore, when the present cycle of Jupiter-Saturn (about societal development) ends the month following the November 2020 US Election, much of the astrological support of Trump’s natal Mars will disappear.

This leads me to think that he will not be elected President in November, 2020. I suspect transiting Neptune in February (direct by then) squaring Trump’s natal Uranus (and the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn chart’s Mars) again will be the unraveling of the Donald.

Unlike western astrologers, Vedic/ Indian astrologers who publish online tend to not get into the specifics of their findings. It’s primarily predictive guess work without the much needed in-depth analysis. Nevertheless, Gurmeet Singh may be on to something…….

Donald Trump First Term Astrology

December 5, 2019

We are approaching a very difficult solar eclipse at 11 degrees 07 minutes in Sagittarius sign (sidereal astrology) on December 26, 2019. Seven planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Ketu, Sun, Mercury, Moon and Pluto will be together in Sagittarius sign, all under the influence of this solar eclipse. House Democrats may file the articles of Impeachment around this eclipse time. Rahu is transiting natal Jupiter in Gemini sign in United States Vedic Astrology chart this month. Rahu is also transiting natal Mercury in Gemini sign in Donald Trump’s Vedic Astrology chart.

In my opinion, the public support for Donald Trump will collapse in January / February 2020, when the Senate Trial will begin. I repeat again there is 80 percent chance Donald Trump will be convicted in the Senate Trial, and 20 percent chance Trump will survive in the Senate Trial. The Senate Trial will reach a verdict in March 2020. This whole Impeachment and removal from office thing will come to an end by April 1, 2020, as predicted by me 3 years ago.

December 1, 2019

The public testimonies of Marie Yovanovitch, Alexander Vindman, and Gordon Sondland earlier this week and Dr. Fiona Hill and David Holmes this Thursday were very damaging. It seems like House Republicans are not going to break with Trump. There was no substance in the questions asked by House Republicans.

Donald Trump is not out of woods yet, astrologically Trump has a very, very difficult road ahead, until April 1, 2020. Trump will get impeached in the House for sure, as I had predicted in my astrology article 3 years ago and also in my previous updates. There is 80 percent chance that Trump will be convicted in the Senate Trial and 20 percent chance Trump will survive in the Senate Trial. If the GOP Senators do not convict and remove Trump in the Senate Trial, despite the overwhelming evidence of quid pro quo, then they will risk their own positions when they are up for re-election next time.

Donald Trump Presidency’s fate will be decided in the Senate Trial in the month of March 2020 according to his astrology chart. I will publish my astrology predictions for the 2020 Presidential Election on April 1, 2020, stay tuned.



“Those wild cards might be wilder than we can possibly imagine.”

We can hope, Brother; we can hope.

kiwi – thank you for posting the Ed Tamplin memorial. The time of Transition comes soon enough for all of us.


Thank you for the vedic nakshatras piece – it is hopeful.

I’m watching a fetid pustule on the soul of the nation make words come out of his face-hole on live tv.

Mitch McConnell, stop breathing!!!

Trump conservative critics launch PAC to fight reelection



“I see the Mars/Jupiter conjunction that occurs at the Spring Equinox, March 20, 2020, as reinforcement to the cycle between Saturn-Pluto that will begin on January 12th. They both will trine the present cycle of Jupiter and Saturn that took place at 22 Taurus 43 in May 2000 and which will end in December, 2020. These 3 separate cycles will be working simultaneously and in sync through much of 2020.”

So, for Jackson and me, another joyous 0-Aries point solar return. Good times!

Teresa Hill, you said:

“I’m puzzled by Moscow Mitch talking like he’s in charge of Trump’s trial. Supposedly, Senators are merely jurors. Jurors don’t make the rules. The judge and the law does.

Don’t know if we have much written procedural law on impeachment. Maybe only precedence. Need to look that stuff up.

Maybe Mitch thinks Roberts will let him determine how the trial goes?”

Here’s how it seems to work:

As long as he has a solid caucus, Moscow Mitch can do whatever he wants. Roberts duty is to preside over the trial, but all the motions and requests are subject to a vote of the full Senate (including any rulings made by Roberts). A 51% vote (not a 2/3 vote) of the senators can overrule (or support) anything Roberts tries to do.

If we can get enough defectors, Moscow Mitch loses his power.

Elisabeth Grace:

“This isn’t the first time Moscow Mitch has flat-out violated the Constitution. One notable violation happened in 2016, when he refused to hold a confirmation hearing for Merrick Garland, President Obama’s SCOTUS nominee. No one took to the streets in protest, as they are doing in Hong Kong and other parts of the world. And the streets are not filled with protesters in Washington now — except for Sally Field and Jane Fonda, who are trying to save the whole planet. The pithy comments of outraged pundits on social media aren’t going to cut it. Success in 2020 will be had by those who are willing to set goals, plan strategy and use whatever means are available for achievement. Because planetary pile-up in Capricorn.”


I Headed the F.B.I. and C.I.A. There’s a Dire Threat to the Country I Love.

The rule of law is the principle that protects every American from the abuse of monarchs, despots and tyrants.

By William Webster
Mr. Webster is a former federal judge and the former director of both the F.B.I. and the C.I.A.

The privilege of being the only American in our history to serve as the director of both the F.B.I. and the C.I.A. gives me a unique perspective and a responsibility to speak out about a dire threat to the rule of law in the country I love. Order protects liberty, and liberty protects order. Today, the integrity of the institutions that protect our civil order is, tragically, under assault from too many people whose job it should be to protect them.
The rule of law is the bedrock of American democracy, the principle that protects every American from the abuse of monarchs, despots and tyrants. Every American should demand that our leaders put the rule of law above politics.”
(more at link)


The rabid right is attempting a foothold here in NZ too. NZ military just arrested one in their ranks – apparently a member of a body building ‘club’ – “Wargus Christi claims it is a “martial-monastic Christian brotherhood” and mixes Crusades-inspired Christian extremist imagery with modern far-right memes.”
Scary stuff.

It seems to be that one root of Trump support stems from the “unitary executive authority doctrine.” Do any of you have an opinion how that came to be and if any astrological significance can be determined from it? I did hear Barr, a unitary proponent, mention at one time he was ‘protecting the office of the presidency.’
Perhaps it is high time the presidential powers were legally curtailed – I wonder if the supremes agreed to look at the tax case in part to address that topic?

I’m listening to Rick Wilson right now on MSNBC. He represents the “Lincoln Republicans”, who are working to oust Trump, even if they have to elect a Dem. This, IMO is so far the most interesting development of the Trump era within our body politic.

Eliseo, I agree,
‘We Are Republicans, and We Want Trump Defeated
The president and his enablers have replaced conservatism with an empty faith led by a bogus prophet.’

By George T. Conway III, Steve Schmidt, John Weaver and Rick Wilson

“Isaac Asimov’s quote rings truer than ever “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”
While ignorant and corrupt people will brand this as elitism, we need to stand up as the authors of this opinion piece bravely have, and fight the sinister effort by Trump and Trumpism to drag the country towards a virtueless autocracy by holding onto the core values that have held us together for 243 years.”


BarbK: could you please give some information re. your comment re DT’s chart, “There is question as to whether his birth chart ascendant is 29+ Leo or 17+ Leo and I am now inclined to go with the 17+ Leo ascendant..”?

Where does the 17 Leo ascendant come from and who proposes it? Thanks

Article II of the Constitution requires a unitary executive, but political scientists have argued from the time of the beginning of the republic as to how strong or how weak the presidency should be. The “weak” theory prevailed until the 20th century.

Teddy Roosevelt began the process of strengthening the powers of the presidency, and each presidency from that time to present has been more powerful than its predecessor. But there is no doubt TR would object, as would every president from TR through Bush jr., and most political scientists as to how far the process has progressed.

It is obvious Mr.T doesn’t want to be an American president. He wants to be our dictator. Post-Trump we will need constitutional amendments to clarify the limitations of the office.

Meanwhile, our R dominated Senate is preparing to conduct a reverse kangaroo court. I agree with John Dean the House needs to impeach, and postpone sending the indictments to the Senate until the Senate meets certain requirements. No telling what kind of vengeful action Mr. T will visit upon the US & the world if acquitted by the Senate.

ja, I agree with Elisabeth Grace. Words may not be enough. Look at France – there are having nationwide strikes. If we could do that here or just not spend any money for one day or even half a day – the impact would be huge. Our talking about it may be soothing but it is not politically effective.

I see a high probability there will be a plethora of strikes and protests between impeachment and the next election and/or inauguration. I don’t see how we would NOT have such activity under the present and near future celestial influences.

Has anyone examined Stacy Abrams chart? I strongly suspect whomever is elected as VP in 2020, be that person Dem, R, or another party will become our new FDR, elected in 2024 and inaugurated in January 2025.

Kim Carey, Intuitiview, has two new videos out. One on Brexit, Justice Roberts, etc. but the more interesting one is her 2020 predictions. She doesn’t believe Biden would finish his first term. Nothing fatal but enough that he would step aside and the younger woman would step in and then be president for the next two terms and make sweeping changes. Eliseo, this seems to fit in with what you see.

It would be nice if you astrologers could/would look at Amy Koubachar and Stacey Abrams.

Sure Beowulfie, I’d be glad to; it was his mom – here’s the link to the story which I found by Googling Trump, astrology, birth chart. This report is titled “Donald Trump’s Birth Time Mystery”


You might also be interested in the 3rd of 3 conjunctions between Jupiter and Pluto on November 12, 2020 shortly after the election. The chart when set in Washington, DC at 4:23 PM, has them conjunct at 22 Capricorn 51.

The Moon at 18+ Libra will conjunct Venus at 19+ Libra while conjunct the US progressed Mars and the US Constitution’s natal Neptune and Trump’s natal Jupiter and Putin’s natal Saturn at 17+ Libra.

This chart’s Moon-Venus in Libra also trines the chart’s North Node at 20+ Gemini which conjuncts the US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini and Trump’s Sun at 22+ Gemini, while the chart’s Moon-Venus will be square the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.

The Moon-Venus will also conjunct the US natal Juno (partner) at 20+ Libra which opposes US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries.

Meanwhile the Sun in this chart at 20+ Scorpio sextiles Jupiter and Pluto in Cap and together they form a Yod to the chart’s North Node that conjuncts Trump’s Sun in Gemini which will have to adjust to uncomfortable circumstances. Maybe I should just leave it there for now. More later.

Only a corrupt Senate would acquit this corrupt President.

Thank you, BarbK! That is most interesting. I looked for an old version of Solar Fire, but due to a computer change a few years ago, it’s long gone. The article is fascinating and while I’ve read all sorts of stuff on DT, I have not chanced across this before. Glad you mentioned it. It changes some things in the natal chart, with Uranus sextile the Asc and the Moon changing houses etc.– will have to stew on that for a while. Much appreciated!

Pics from Impeachment Eve


Well, BarbK, the transit conjunction could be in the natal 5th or the 6th. That alone is different. Not sure what to make of prog. Mercury vs. prog. Pluto rising, or prog. Moon in the natal 2nd vs. the 1st, when Neptune opposes. Bit of a nail biter either way, but the whole show is that.

Yeah, that’s right! If the 17+ Leo ascendant is right then the conjunctions (Saturn-Pluto, Jupiter-Mars, etc. etc.) will be in the 6th house and impact his health. Thanks Beowulfie.

Thanks Eliseo re your response on article 2 executive wording.
However, since the constitution is silent on political parties, and the current pres derives his strength from party strength, has anyone ever thought to raise the prospect of supreme party loyalty being unconstitutional? Surely that might be one remedy to kneecapping the cult? Or is that a silly question?

You are correct the Constitution is silent on the issue of political parties. It mostly states limitations, what the government cannot do. (Thats why it is the briefest of all written constitutions.) By default, such entities as political parties are regarded as beyond the scope of the Constitution.

Therefore, the only restraint we have is the first of the ten commandments. “Supreme party loyalty” is we might say a form of idolatry. The R’s, most of whom profess to be either Jewish or Christian, appear to have left their deity, their “Supreme Being” in the dustbin of history. “But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.” (Amos 5:24) seems to be an admonition they never heard of.

Their present deity appears to be that “demon” we self-described “moderns” often refer to as addiction. Their process addiction of course is to power, and as we all know, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” (Lord Acton)

Presuming we actually wrest power from these authoritarians, thereby rescuing our republic from their greedy, wannabe fascist hands, the question arises as to what to do with them. In fealty to their addiction they clearly have betrayed the Constitution they swore an oath to uphold and protect, as well as the American people, and the God they purportedly worship.

What SHALL we do with them? Hell if I know, but deportation to a colony on the Sun or Venus might be a good start. I’m just not sure they would learn much from the experience. They are pretty obtuse.

BarbK, it would do it anyway, but at a later time with the 29L chart. Looking at late 2020, the earlier natal chart has the transits at the 6th house earlier too (now assuming one of the times is correct!). Also, Saturn went into the 6th, (Mar/Jun/Dec, just gone), using the 18Cap cusp, but it doesn’t get there until Apr 2020 using the 1Aq cusp. At Nov16 med visit, Saturn was at 16Cap, within 2deg, which is pretty close – the cusp of course is debatable.

Many Thanks for your reply re: the respective merits of various astrology programs. You’ve supplied me with useful information.

@AriMelber, and I am paraphrasing, was saying today on MSNBC, that Trump has really never gone to trial & faced a Judge. That he prefers to settle in court with those who accuse him of wrong doing so as not to have to answer questions or face his accusers. Today is different however, and he is on trial for all to see.

My intuition is telling me that in addition to impeachment we will have a battle royale over a new SCOTUS appointment and that the lines of energy between the 2 issues will converge at about the same time. The pot will boil over.

Ralfee Finn:

“Today—all day long—the Moon in Virgo forms an opposition to Neptune in Pisces, a tense interaction that translates into an atmosphere of hypersensitivity as well as a proclivity towards illusion, delusion, and a sense of psychic instability. This energy can be channeled creatively, but it requires tremendous effort to maintain clear boundaries and stay focused.”


A letter to the editor from nyt’s in response to Trump’s letter to Pelosi. 8700 people recommended it.

“As a former Marine officer who swore an oath to the Constitution and served three combat tours in Vietnam, and later as a contractor served 7 months in Iraq and 12 months in Afghanistan, I applaud the action of the House of Representatives and support them and the public servant who cam forth and testifies to Trump’s illegal actions 100%. This ignorant, Fox News-fueled talk about the “deep state” and “rogue elements in the FBI and CIA is nothing more than Goebbels-type propaganda from the wrong doers. So many lazy minds on the right who apparently don’t understand or embody the concepts of integrity, honor, truthfulness, empathy and just good common sense about what is right and what is wrong. Four government officials of impeccable character and long service testified to the wrong doings of Trump, a man who never misses a chance to stuff his pockets with taxpayer money and who uses the military as a prop for his disconnected ramblings. You Trump supporters ask yourself, “Is this the kind of person I would want my children to emulate? Is this the code of honor that I live by? Has he made the life of struggling Americans, not millionaires, better” If you answer is yes, I feel sorry for you as you have lost your moral compass.”

A little humor, re-tweeted by Rick Wilson:


I must have a post in moderation which is ok. I had posted a link to the moon’s void-of-course times, which should not affect the House’s vote if it takes place in the next few days!

Thanks for both of your comments ja, I especially appreciated Ralfee’s perspective of eclipses.

Jerry or kiwi, can you say how effective this is?

Government Created A Bizarre And Very Bleak Horoscope Chart To Scare Asylum Seekers


Here are the horoscopes in full. NOTE by Bob: I have changed the order of the signs from the article.

ARIES: Criminals will rip you off
If you attempt to illegally travel to Australia by boat, expect people smugglers to take advantage of you. These criminals will take your money and you will be returned to Sri Lanka with nothing.

TAURUS: You will be ashamed of your actions
If you illegally travel to Australia by boat, expect to be returned home where you will face the humiliation of failure in your community. Bad luck will strike you if you try to perform this illegal deed.

GEMINI: You will lose your wife’s jewellery
Bad luck will come your way if you travel illegally to Australia by boat. Expect to lose everything you’ve pawned to pay for this pointless enterprise.

CANCER: Family problems will occur
Luck is not in the cards for you. Do not try to travel illegally to Australia by boat, as you will be stopped and returned. You will lose everything your family owes to debt, and face family problems.

LEO: You will be filled with regret
If you attempt illegal travel to Australia by boat, you will be returned to face legal consequences for your illegal travel. Commit such a crime and expect nothing but bad luck.

VIRGO: You will have legal problems
If you illegally travel to Australia by boat you will be stopped and returned to face the legal consequences. Going through with this illegal act will bring you nothing but bad luck and regret for your actions.

LIBRA: You will flush your money down the drain
Your luck is bad. You cannot illegally travel to Australia by boat as you will be stopped and returned, and all the money you spent getting there will be wasted.

SCORPIO: You will waste your money
If you naively trust people smugglers’ lies and attempt illegal travel to Australia by boat, you will be returned to Sri Lanka and lose everything you put on the line to get there.

SAGITTARIUS: You will be in debt forever
If you illegally travel to Australia by boat you will be returned. Everything you risked to get there will be in vain and you will end up owing everyone.

CAPRICORN: You will put your life at risk
Deciding to risk your life on dangerous seas and unpredictable weather will be in vain. If you travel illegally to Australia, you will be returned to Sri Lanka and encounter a storm of bad luck.

AQUARIUS: You and your family will lose everything
If you risk everything you and your family have built together to pay for an illegal boat voyage to Australia, you will be stopped and returned to Sri Lanka. You will suffer hardship and have nothing but bad luck.

PISCES: You will lose your family’s land
If you travel illegally to Australia by boat you will be returned. The money you got from mortgaging your family’s land will be wasted right before your eyes.

I heard impeachment vote is taking place tonight. Don’t know what time. Void of course moon begins 12:06 a.m. 12/19 – that’s a few minutes after midnight tonight BUT vote should be done by then. Please post if you hear of an approximate time. Things could change, of course.

Liars, Traitors and Those Who Skirt Their Responsibility To Safeguard America’s Democracy Will Never Be Accepted By Our Military.

https://politicususa.com/2019/12/18/trump-military-poll.html… via

Trump Approval Rating Plummets To New Low With The Military


Bob: That is some very sick and twisted stuff re: scary astrology.

Look, Kamala got her mojo back!

“Today the House of Representatives will vote on whether to impeach President Trump. If it votes yes, sometime early in the new year I will take an oath on the Senate floor to uphold the Constitution, review evidence and follow the facts wherever they lead, regardless of party or ideology. Every one of my colleagues will be required to do the same.

As a former prosecutor, I understand the importance of holding powerful people accountable. I know that every trial requires fairness and truth. Having worked my whole life serving the people, I know that any trial that abandons the pursuit of truth cannot be considered fair or just.

But the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, appears more interested in covering up the president’s misconduct than in pursuing truth and fairness. He is already trying to limit the impeachment trial by preventing witnesses from testifying, and he has all but announced a verdict. In doing so, he showed the American people that he has no intention of honoring his oath.”


Bob, Australia currently has a trump-lite prime minister so not surprising someone published that astro stuff. My guess it was done as a tongue-in-cheek jab at the policies of the current govt controversies. Aust has a long history of govt heavy-handedness/racism whether it be toward aboriginals or early convict settlers.

NZ on the other hand is far more measured and even handed regarding today’s immigrant applications and made landmark early equality laws regarding indigenous polynesians.

Barbk, thanks for that article on donnys birthtime! Very interesting. Coincidentally, of late I have been wondering if perhaps someone in his family uses an astrologer, like Nancy Reagan did.

I notice during the hearing that most of the repubs stated ‘reasoning’ redounds to: ‘its all the fault of a dastardly democratic plot because they hate us’

Bob (no reflection on you, personally) – re. that list of ‘interpretations’ for Oz refugees – that is the biggest pile of BS I have ever seen! Totally impossible to make those kinds of ‘predictions’ based on any type of astrology in existence. Inaccurate in the extreme. Disgusting.

BarbK: Further to earlier comments, I took a longer look at the ‘new’ birth time and find it largely says the same things as the later birth time. The old time has Regulus and Mars on the Asc – that configuration is replaced by a ‘new’ Ascendant which is very favorable natally, too. The ‘new’ Asc is in sextile to both 17’ natal Uranus and 17’ natal Jupiter, which are in trine to each other. The new Asc is on the midpoint.

Quite amazing the protection this chart affords DT, just like the other one. Makes you wonder if somebody was doing a bit of cherry picking for the time(s)! That is unlikely, but birth times are notoriously unreliable. In any case, both charts say much the same thing.

While all the transits are crowding the (new) 6th house in the next few weeks at 21/22’ Cap, the progressed Asc is at 16Lib, which is now applying to trine natal Uranus, conjunct natal Jupiter, sextile natal Asc (17Leo) and trine the Desc. Talk about the good offsetting the bad! Also, all along, Mars is still conjunct Regulus, no matter what the Asc is.

There’s no denying that the man was born with a silver spoon. Which leads me to think, even with the ‘new’ earlier time, he’ll see this to the end of his term, at least. Not the best news, but not a change, either. It only means the pressure will undoubtedly be applied in January as expected, but is unlikely to wind up in removal – and the possibilities beyond the election are as open to conjecture as ever.

kiwi, the article linked above says an astrologer was contacted by “Melania and one of the Trump daughters” and the 17+ Leo ascendant chart is the one they used.

It seems logical that Trump would not want astrologers to have his exact time of birth. It’s not that hard to get a fake birth certificate. By and large the planet positions are the same in both charts except for Moon which has a one degree separation only. It is not earth changing.

However, the Moon in the Jan. 12 Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart will be at 17+ Leo, the degree of the “new” Trump chart’s ascendant. That might be a game changer.

That Leo Moon (+ possible Trump asc.) will sextile the same chart’s Juno (19+ Libra) and Trump’s Jupiter (17+ Libra) and US prog. Mars (17+ Libra) and US Constitution Neptune (17+ Libra) and Putin’s Saturn (17+ Libra).

This sextile then forms a Yod to the Saturn-Pluto chart’s Neptune at 16+ Pisces which must make adjustments. Easy enough for Neptune to adjust but this Neptune is square Trump’s natal Uranus at 17+ Gemini and that will be interesting to say the least. I don’t think it can get any crazier!

The Mars/Pluto midpoint when election was called for tRump was at 294°37′.

On January 13, 2020, at 10 am, EST, transiting Sun at 294°42′, transiting Saturn at 294°42′, and transiting Pluto at 294°45′, will all be on it. The destruction of his force majeure?

Beowulfie, knowing the aussie sense of humor, Im pretty sure that aussie astro list would be in the realm of attempted satire because of govt policies

Kiwi, you’re quite right about the great Aussie sense of humor, but there are many susceptible people when it comes to the power of suggestion of astrology. People tend to believe what they ‘want’ to believe. The ongoing nasty political situation in the US (and in many other places in the world) is proof of that. There is plenty enough to fear in day to day reality. No need to feed the beast, even in jest.

8:22 p.m. ET — marks the time that the number needed for Article 1 of Impeachment (abuse of power) was reached. The vote is not over yet.

Article 2 goes next.

tulsie gabbard chose to vote ‘present.’ Truly hedging her bets for future political winds. One word comes to mind – opportunist.

Impeachment chart for 8:22 pm ET – Abuse of Power.
First glance:

12* Leo Rising (Trump’s natal Pluto is at 10* Leo in his 12th).
24* Virgo Moon squares Trump’s Natal Sun (22* Gemini)

Since the impeachment chart rising sign is in same rising sign as Trump’s natal chart (29* Leo rising), the chart closely mirrors Trump’s transits.

Impeachment chart has Uranus at 2* 53′ minutes of Taurus Rx just barely on the 9th house side of Trump’s midheaven.

Eager to see what time Article II is adopted tonight.

Article 1 passed 5:34 PST gavel down
Article 2 passed 5:62PST gavel down

my computer said 2.55pm nz time when the gavel dropped – that would be 1.55am gmt (universal time)

that would be from live computer coverage. time correct unless it was on a feed delay

Gavel down at 8:53 PM, the chart (Washington DC) has 17+ Leo on the ascendant with Sun square Mars. 10+ Taurus on the MC (outcome) squares Trump’s natal Pluto at 10+ Leo.

Sorry, Sun square Moon not Mars.

5:52. Sorry about that.

I used my cell phone for the time.

Was wondering what to watch for — the time the vote total was enough for impeachment? When Nancy announced it and banged the gavel?

CNN time stamp had gavel down on 1st count at 8:34 pm EST.

There may never be a Senate trial. Pelosi is withholding the articles of impeachment until McConnell guarantees a fair process, which won’t happen.

Pelosi will not allow Trump to get an acquittal in the Senate. She will keep impeachment hanging and campaign against a corrupt Senate in the fall.

This could be her masterstroke.

Where’s Bob? Is he having a computer problem?

From the Washington Post at 9.40pm:

“Pelosi does not rule out not sending impeachment articles to Senate
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke to the reporters after the vote and did not rule out not sending the articles to the Senate right away.
“We’ll make a decision as a group as we always have as we go along,” she said, when asked.
Some House Democrats had called on her to delay sending the articles since the Senate Republicans weren’t going to hold a full trial. Pelosi didn’t shut the door on the idea, saying that ”so far, we haven’t seen anything that looks fair to us.”
Asked if she could guarantee the articles will be sent to the Senate “at some point,” Pelosi said that was the Democrats intention, “but we will see what happens over there.”
By Colby Itkowitz and Mike DeBonis

just an fyi re time accuracy: my computer always shows a slight time difference from my cell phone. Online info says it has to do with ‘internet time’ versus various software that various cell phones use. So who knows?

I have the times as follows…

Article 1 Was Gaveled At 8:34:49
Article 2 8:52:20

the beast has been unleashed – red faced and cruel verbal barbs at rally

God Bless America!

Pelosi will not send articles of impeachment to the Senate at least until early January, and not until McConnell commits to a fair process.


heres a brag factoid for him – ha ha ha –
donny got more votes to impeach than bill. “The most impeachment votes ever in the history of the house”

Kudos to Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler, and Steny Hoyer, and to all the Democrats who took the risk of voting for impeachment despite the possibility that they will not be re-elected. Well done! I do not doubt that many of the Rabid Republicans will fight back. They are so full of themselves, cannot fathom losing, and will come up with a strategy to counter Nancy’s move to not send the articles of impeachment to the Senate until there is reason to believe there will be a fair trial. Whatever happens, I am extremely glad that McConnell, Graham, and the rest of the RRs are getting a little dose of their own medicine. First obstructing Obama’s ability to get anything done, and then obstructing Obama’s Supreme Court selection, Merrick Garland, among the myriad of horrible policy decisions they have supported, enumerated so well by the Democrats during the hearings and debate, particularly Steny Hoyer.


Thank you Madam Speaker, every American owes you a debt of gratitude for your leadership, heroism and composure on this very sad day and in these very trying times.

kudos to the professionalism of the entire dem leadership.
But if the truth be told, Im feeling more ‘its waay past time’ more than a sense of sadness. If Im feeling sad at all, its that there are so many dishonest people trying to protect a liar and cheat.


“If I’m feeling sad at all, its that there are so many dishonest people trying to protect a liar and cheat.”

Ain’t it the awful truth! It was nothing short of surreal to see the lying liars lying all day long. Shamelessly immoral.


“Pelosi will not send articles of impeachment to the Senate at least until early January, and not until McConnell commits to a fair process.”

Wonderful twist!

Such a contrast! I saw a video of DJT in 2008 before Obama was elected. The man seemed so much more reasonable. He said Bill Clinton should never have been impeached, but merely censured. But he also said George W. Bush should have been impeached and removed from office for lying us into the Iraq war.

Mr. T has always had some psychological abnormalities, but the difference between then and now is large enough to lead me to tentatively conclude he may have suffered a brain injury, might be involved in some sort of drug abuse or has some sort of neurological disease. I’m beginning to feel sorry for the man. He’s clearly morally retarded and way over his head.

off topic: just watched Jamie Fox interview on Colbert re his new movie

Astrologer Denise Siegel had pointed out some time ago to the ongoing Neptune transit (presently at 16 Pisces) in square to Trump’s natal Uranus (17 Gemini) and simultaneous quincunx to natal Jupiter (17 Libra) as a possible major factor in Trump’s abrupt loss of power. So here’s an interesting added component to consider…. Uranus goes stationary direct at 2 ’39 Taurus on Jan 10th 2020 the same day as the powerful lunar eclipse. This will semi-square Trump’s natal Uranus (17 Gemini) and activate that particular configuration mentioned above. The Uranus station will also square Trump’s progressed Saturn (3 ’03 Leo). Combine that with the eclipse and the Saturn-Pluto conj. triggering his natal Saturn and we have a very explosive situation. Will Nancy Pelosi hold back on sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate just long enough to disclose the incriminating 2016 tax return she allegedly has in her possession (via the tax whistleblower), that will directly implicate Trump to the Russian oligarchs (his laundered money). Just wild speculation mind you. Anything is possible at this stage.

Could be those tax returns. But I’m wondering if it might be the leak of the interpreter’s notes from the conversations between Trump & Putin.


Interesting thought. That never crossed my mind. Would Putin deliberately leak those notes to embarrass Trump or perhaps to weaken him politically?

I agree Jerry, and would add that transiting Uranus in Taurus is opposite the US progressed Saturn in Scorpio too.

All bets are off regarding policy and procedure (Saturn stuff) these days as the outer planets’ influence take over the US society (perhaps the whole world’s social structures).

Transiting Neptune has influenced the US natal Sun, the US progressed Sun and the US progressed Jupiter for the last several years, and transiting Pluto has wreaked havoc on US natal Sun and Saturn and now US Mercury.

What I see is the patient (US) is having surgery (Pluto), the cancer has been exposed, and shock treatment (Uranus) is required to stabilize the patient who has become delusional (Neptune). Now we watch and wait to see if the patient survives; if there is enough will to go through the healing process.

That will be determined by the US Pluto Return, the Saturn-Pluto cycle and Time, and Time is ruled by Saturn. The Saturn-Jupiter 20-year cycle that begins at the end of 2020 coincides with a new US natal Ceres (nurturer) Return which is promising. There is reason to believe the patient will not only survive but thrive.


“Such a contrast! I saw a video of DJT in 2008 before Obama was elected. The man seemed so much more reasonable. He said Bill Clinton should never have been impeached, but merely censured. But he also said George W. Bush should have been impeached and removed from office for lying us into the Iraq war”

Saw the same clip and thought, WTF? He has become drunk and delusional on his own grandiosity and omnipotence. Defies logic.

“The Global Silent Minute

“The world-wide observance of the Silent Minute is coming up this Saturday, December 21st at 9 pm GMT, — 4 pm Eastern Standard. Amidst the challenges we face today, the Global Silent Minute is an opportunity to unite in thought, prayer, and meditation to create the future we imagine. The minute begins with the ringing of bells everywhere, as together we enter into one silent minute, calling on humanity to fulfill its highest potential and greatest destiny: peace on Earth.”


Isn’t Jan. 12, 2020 a big day for the Saturn-Pluto conjunction?

Beth Owl’s Daughter:

“The Solstice on Saturday 21/22 is more charged this year than ever before, as it falls only 5 days before a Solar eclipse on December 26th with the Sun joining a huge star gathering of Quaoar, Jupiter, South Node, Ceres, Saturn, Pluto, and Chariklo in Capricorn.

Stay open and aligned with the New as it presents, by gently releasing past distortions – so that in January 2020 a fresh cosmic wind can blow through the halls of your own mind, heart and experience, shifting you out of past entanglement towards seeding an entirely different future.”


Trump lost Michigan last night with his vile comments on Congressman Dingell. He is a local hero there and Trump’s remarks brought groans and winces at his own rally.

Also, McConnell will lose his Senate majority over his uncompromising attitude on the rules of the Senate trial (or lack of). He doesn’t read that the Senate itself is on trial here. He is already the least popular incumbent in his home state and may himself be defeated. Even a majority of Republican supporters want a fair process.

One fundamental spiritual law is that once evil has run its mysterious course, it begins to self-destruct. We have seen this time and again and we will see it once more in 2020. Great pride comes before a great fall.

Nope; that wasn’t me that asked the question at 11:25 AM. this is the REAL barbk!!

Was that you again Banks? Bob? Mustn’t play games.

You make a good point Andre.

Thanks, Andre, for that. McConnell calls the impeachment “most unfair” and Graham says it’s Constitutional extortion. Karma is a bitch (I hope)! hahaha!

Didn’t think you’d be asking that, Barb!

I know this will go into moderation. I hope people see this tho.

Giuliani’s new theory – the DNC colluded with Putin to get the DNC hacked in order for Hillary to lose so they could impeach Trump. $1mil to Parnas –> $500,000 to Giuliani.

“Would Putin deliberately leak those notes to embarrass Trump or perhaps to weaken him politically?”

No, I think it more likely the interpreter, might turn whistle blower. But perhaps even more likely than the interpreter, whomever is in charge of those notes.

Trump took the notes away from the interpreter. The question is, where are they now? Did Trump have them destroyed? Or might they be filed somewhere where a true patriot might read them and choose to out a puppet president in fealty to Mr. Putin?

” He has become drunk and delusional on his own grandiosity and omnipotence.”

Yep! That’s pretty obvious. He’s always been a racist, white supremacist, with a rich boy’s sense of entitlement. And he appears to be a sociopathic narcissist. But I think there is something else going on with him we’ve not identified.

I worked as a mental health counselor for about 20 years, and two different other professions since that time. It’s been at least two decades since I was doing intake diagnosis, (determining presenting problem) with mental patients, nor have I read, “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.”

Considering your more extensive experience working in the mental health community, have you any notion of what might be afflicting the man? The contrast between now and then in that video was Sooo dramatic, it makes me wonder.

I think in our political fury we’ve missed something. Something, perhaps a drug problem, maybe some sort of organic brain disorder, (his father died of alzheimer’s disease) something is affecting/afflicting the man’s brain.

since Roberts will be under enormous pressure to appear impartial during a senate trial, has anyone looked at what the astro future holds for him in 2020?

By: barbk on December 19th, 2019, at 12:04 pm
“Was that you again Banks? Bob? Mustn’t play games.”

AGAIN barbk!?

I never did that before using anyone’s name with the exception of trying to find out what may have been done when you posted that someone had been able o post under your name and my posts were being messed. I do’t play games with other’s property thank you very much.

Please do not infer that possibility again

ja, as usual, so grateful for the Beth Owl’s report, especially what with the Dem House holding up the impeachment process until JUSTICE is part of the equation. Will have to read again to absorb it all.

It’s okay Bob, I was not serious about you or Banks doing anything on purpose. I miss your astrological views, as do many of us, and am glad at least to know you are still with us. Peace and love.

‘Twas I again, BarbK. I’m not playing games. So sorry. I sent this from work and I’m home now and screaming pled back to see where I posted. I’m very sorry and very careless. Mea Culpa

Ok. I’ll be quiet. I’m using an iPad and if I’m rushing and don’t reread (as above) it selects its own words, I.e., screaming for scrolling and “pled”? I’ll just read from now on.

Poor Banks! And it’s not even a retrograde Mercury; when will it ever end – this Neptunian/Mercurial square that hangs over us all? Bah, humbug.

Christianity Today, the evangelical Christian magazine started by Billy Graham, just came out in favor of removing Trump from office. This is major. It may hasten cracks and begin the demise of the white evangelical Cult of Trump. Quote:”To the many evangelicals who continue to support Mr. Trump in spite of his blackened moral record, we might say this: Remember who you are and whom you serve.”

Trump Should Be Removed From Office

You are welcome barbk. Don’t you love, “in January 2020 a fresh cosmic wind can blow through the halls of your own mind, heart and experience, shifting you out of past entanglement towards seeding an entirely different future.” Can’t wait for that to happen!

I didn’t watch Trump last night, what he said about Congressman Dingell was unconscionable. I’m hoping it was a wake-up call to his base everywhere, not just Michigan.

Wow TJ – thats certainly big! thanks for posting the link. I particularly liked
“To use an old cliché, it’s time to call a spade a spade, to say that no matter how many hands we win in this political poker game, we are playing with a stacked deck of gross immorality and ethical incompetence”

Trump says Congressman Dingell may be in hell.

He’s projecting again.

Comment from a NYT reader:

“Pelosi is a brilliant strategist, one of the smartest pols in DC. I believe this has been her intent all along, to withhold the articles. In doing so she will drive Trump to a mental breakdown and then he can be removed via the 25th amendment. He’s getting close to it already, read: his rally last night in Michigan.”

ja, I think it’s a torrent of wake-up calls coming at Trump’s base and many of those calls will take root.

The series of traditional markers (like solstices and eclipses and stationing planets) of astrology are lined up, along with the numerous planets and other Sun-orbiting bodies in Capricorn, to welcome the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that will begin their 30+ year cycle in a couple of weeks.

It all precedes the US natal Pluto Return, this re-inventing of the United States; a process so powerful that it has to be done incrementally so as to maintain certain fragile instruments, such as the US Constitution and the People’s respect for it.

My guess is this process began in earnest when transiting Uranus and transiting Pluto were square each other and formed a grand cross with the US natal Sun and natal Saturn, part a series of 7 squares from 2012 through 2015, the first squares of their cycle that began in the 60’s in Virgo, opposite where transiting Neptune is right now.

We are now 54 years into that 58 year US transformation process that began in October ’65 (Uranus-Pluto conjunctions) and will be complete in October 2023 (final transiting Pluto conjunct US Pluto).

We the People should be pretty well ready (prepared) for the new US Pluto Return cycle and the US presidential election in 2024. The Trumpsters will have had ample time to adjust and so will we.

Good Lord willin’.

The Democratic candidates are all doing brilliantly in the debate tonight, imo, I am beginning to feel better about this!

I just tuned into the debate. Andrew Yang is hilarious and brilliant. When he said we need more women in government as when men are left to themselves in a male only group, they become morons, I found myself just about rolling on the floor with laughter. The only reason I didn’t is because my bones are too old for that..


Re: Christianity Today piece; Holy S—t. Really!

If this story gets traction, he’s baked!


Whispers from some Belt Wau peeps have it that 45 has been abusing Adderall; this is a throw-back to Hitler and his Reich cohorts using methamphetamine to help them kill and destroy faster and more efficiently. Maybe this is the case. I’ve witnessed a few public moments wherein his voice and mouth go wonky and he mispronounces slurs and distorts words very badly.


Pelosi is indeed shining very brightly and smartly right now.

The magazine founded by the late Reverend Billy Graham that is influential with conservative evangelical Christians in the United States called on Thursday for President Donald Trump to be removed from office.


“If this story gets traction, he’s baked!”

Hopefully you are right. But fundamentalists don’t always agree with evangelicals or with the point of view of theologically evangelical magazines like CT.

Also, I too have heard Mr.T is abusing adderall. Personally, I don’t know very much about the drug. I agree too with you about Madam Pelosi. She really is shining very brightly and smartly right now. I would cry zero tears if she became president.

None of our Dem candidates are perfect. All individually are misguided on one or more issues, but each one is far more intelligent, more knowledgeable, more competent, more ethical and moral, and more generally qualified than Mr. T or anyone the R’s might put forward as a candidate for potus.

Because this was posted later than the timestamp before it may have been missed so I am re-posting it and adding that the Mars/Pluto midpoint when election was called for tRump was at 294°37? opposite his natal Saturn at 115°43′. That seems to be an apt aspect for the way his time in office has unfolded.

On January 13, 2020, at 10 am, EST, transiting Sun at 294°42?, transiting Saturn at 294°42?, and transiting Pluto at 294°45?, will all be on it and opposing his natal Saturn. The destruction of his force majeure?

I’m happy our Dem candidates, unlike the R’s recognize climate change is anthropogenic, and am especially glad some of them want to declare climate change is a national emergency on the first day of their presidency. I am nevertheless consistently disappointed they profoundly underestimate what will be required to effectively confront the problem.

By 2025 we WILL NEED TO BEGIN RELOCATING ENTIRE CITIES. We will need to finish the first of those cities by 2030. Later still we will need to include Washington, DC on that list. We will need to relocate, i.e. build a new capital city.

We need where it is appropriate and possible to build dikes and seawalls. We will have to relocate millions of citizens who live in fire prone areas, especially from the Southwest to other, wetter areas. In some cases entire industries will need to be relocated.

Even were we to go to zero carbon emissions immediately, these measures will be necessary, and some areas of the USA will nevertheless become uninhabitable.

IMHO, only one of the Dem candidates who “debated” tonight appears to have a deep, comprehensive understanding of 21st century economics and/or the latest and best science, technology and climatology. But I do not believe he (Andrew Yang) has much chance of obtaining the Dem nomination for 2020.

Perhaps he, or someone else with his depth of vision and understanding will emerge in 2024 as the new Dem nominee. The enormity of the task before the potus inaugurated in January 2025 will require someone with the depth of knowledge and perception Mr. Yang exemplifies. The crises of that period if handled reasonably well, will insure the president elected in 2024 will go down in history as another FDR. His/her presidency will coincide with the US Pluto return and Uranus return.

Whomever is elected in 2020 will likely be a “restorationist”. But whomever is elected in 2024 will be the architect of a new and better world order in which the USA will gain more power than what has so far obtained at our most recent peak.

Mr. T is General Custer.
The R. Party is the 7th cavalry.
Nancy Pelosi is Crazy Horse.
The Battle of the Little Bighorn
AKA The Battle of the Greasy Grass
& Custer’s Last Stand is coming soon.
But this time, Custer will not be remembered as a hero.

Eliseo, I agree Andrew Yang is refreshing and a radical new vision will be needed in 2024. Also, the climate crisis will be much worse by then and even denialists will be forced to put up or shut up. We will finally be in action mode by then. I believe the Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Pisces of early 2026 will be when that new vision will be brought to earth and implemented.

But we have to get there. A radical new vision will not be adopted without a severe shock to the present system that will shake people out of their complacency and clinging to a past that has outlived its purpose. The Trump Presidency is an infantile and narcissist regression shared by millions of voters into a time that is definitely gone.

The best we can hope for in 2020 is a transitional President who will take us over the hump with empathy and compassion. Although the progressive wing of the Democratic party has the right ideas, they still have not matured enough. The moderate electable wing of the party is the short-term solution, but it may itself turn out to be overwhelmed by the mounting and unprecedented challenges of the next four years.

The political crisis will grow until the Pluto return is over and denial of reality will continue until the Neptune semi-return is over. Both will take place around the same time in 2022-2023. In the meantime, the severe economic downturn brought by the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction square Uranus in 2021 may be just what the doctor ordered to bring the change of consciousness required to bring renewal in 2024.

I don’t know if this means Trump is reelected or not. If he is, I believe he will be thrown out before the end of his term because he will have brought the country to a breaking point. The economy will be his greatest asset until it turns.

Hopefully, a moderate such as Biden or Klobuchar will begin the healing process next November but the country will not be united by a common purpose for four more years. This moderate transitional figure is likely to do only one term because of age or the economic recession.

The Uranus return of 2027-2028 will bring another severe challenge to the security or survival of the US, but by then it should be standing strong behind a great new President.

Correction: the Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Aries of early 2026.

Angelliight, Thank you so much for posting that link! This is a shocking turn of events and I am so curious how this will evolve and effect the Resident’s presidency?!
I am almost certain it was someone in here that posted that something was going to happen to turn the evangelicals against 45. I don’t recall the timeline, but this is quite an amazing turn of events.

Eliseo, I am sure you heard for yourself last night, but Andrew Yang again mentioned, Thorium again while he was talking about nuclear energy. Sadly, it went right over the heads of everyone.

I do however feel that if Bernie were to get the nomination that Andrew Yang would be on his short list for VP.


Thank you. I’m glad someone else is thinking about the need to relocate cities, particularly those along the coasts.

Perhaps due to the urgency of the times, however, I suspect that the contingency will be the repopulating of inland cities in the Rust Belt. Cities like Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Toledo, Akron, Youngstown and others will likely enjoy a resurgence, although perhaps not for any reason they necessarily wanted or anticipated.

It would be beneficial if these places were prepared. Many were built for much larger populations than what currently reside within their areas. Many of them do have the infrastructure, although it is rapidly aging, and in some cases has been downsized to cut costs and match the current, smaller population of residents.

The wake-up calls will come. I think the question is, what will Americans do when they impact in such a way that they cannot be ignored on any and all channels.

The Conservative “revolution” of the past 40+ years has essentially been a pining for a return to hyper-idealized days of old that weren’t necessarily so even then, by elites, Christian fundamentalists, and a certain segment of white American Boomers of the Pluto in Leo generation.

It belies a fear of profound changes looming on the horizon–and many already present and irreversible–the seeds of which took root long ago, even before the supposedly halcyon days of the 1950s which the conservative segment reveres as if it were a golden age, one for which all time and forward movement should have ceased.

What does this say of the true character of such people?

Trump is their avatar, and an extreme caricature of their values. Ego, greed, privilege, and believing oneself to be immune to the vicissitudes of time, space and reality. He represents a world and a hope that is already hopelessly defeated and dead, but which nevertheless rages madly and endlessly against overwhelming change that such an oversized ego cannot bear to admit that it is completely unprepared to grapple with. He and his adherents will lose everything they believe is entitled to them, and it will drive them utterly bonkers.

As a result, I suspect we will see many Conservative types go into full victim mode, even more so than already, raging against liberals and other types they feel are somehow responsible for the ground shifting beneath their feet, despite the fact that these Conservatives did everything possible to undermine, prevent, and even vindictively and sadistically deal damage to the liberals and progressives who sought to take action to stop the worst case climate change scenarios from happening. It’s not in their character to accept the reality of what they are facing and deal with it responsibly.

Those who intend to face and deal with the changes that are happening head on will thus have to also content with a maddened group of Conservative types at the rear that will be detrimental to any such efforts.

It would be excellent were Bernie to take on AY as his vp, but there is a perceived ideological divide between them. Bernie has more virtue in his little finger than the rest of Congress has in their collective body politic. But I think he is much too involved in old paradigm ideological thought to consider AY for his VP. Our economy in the next few years and decades will evolve into something beyond socialism, social democracy, or capitalism. Andrew Yang knows that. Bernie, God bless him, does not.

I like Amy Klobuchar, but she DID SAY she thought (hoped) we might relocate families, but not entire cities. She’s wrong. She’s involved in some wishful thinking contrary to evidence.

Our R politicians are expert at that. They seem to be in fantasyland on practically every single political issue. Our Dem politicians do it also, but on just a few issues.

Alas! We ALL want to believe what we want to believe. We are ALL subject to self-deception about something or other. Madam Pelosi is correct. Our politicians, be they Dem, R, or other need our prayers, not our hate.

We seem to frequently and consistently share extremely similar visions of the future, albeit from different sources of knowing.

I DO WISH the other Dems would pay more attention to Mr. Yang, especially when he talks about thorium. The man is a polymath. The other Dems are not.

I also hope fundamentalist & evangelical “Christians” will be persuaded against Mr. T by editorials such as published in CT. Hopefully, there will be more to follow in other publications.

The notion of relocating populations to the rust belt is a very good one. The Great Lakes will be one of the better places to be as the climate crises unfold. But until the climate stabilizes they will have cold, bitter winters and hot summers. Eventually however, the area will become a weather paradise.

I don’t see how we could afford to relocate cities. How far away would we put a place like Miami? Wouldn’t we just have to keep moving it farther north and farther inland?

The real estate collapse when insurers stop writing policies for houses on or near the coast and banks will no longer lend money for anyone to buy those houses will be crippling to our economy.

We’ll be doing well to be able to pay some relocation costs to families moving farther inland and farther north.

I think people like Yang, Buttigieg, Stacy, Kamala, Booker, Castro, Beto, Klobuchar, as well as Elizabeth and Bernie ARE the architects of the future (as is Obama, and, even Hillary), and will fill important positions as leaders in our government, and in national and global infrastructure, whether or not they are the Pres/VP candidates this time around. I am accepted about all of them and in awe of people like Yang, Buttigieg, Stacy, Beto. And I don’t count out Tom Steyer. He may not have the charisma but he is very well spoken, can get things done and is up there with people like Yang – and maybe even better and more experienced (Yang happens to be exceptionally bright but so is Buttigieg, and Steyer). Even Bloomberg is playing a very helpful role here. He is telling the Dems and everyone else that he is willing to put himself and his money up to make sure Trump doesn’t win re-election – that Trump is THAT bad.

Meant to say “excited” as you might guess from the context! Having company tonight and rushing around!

In order to better understand what is happening to and within the US at this time, one would do well to look at the chart for April 21, 2014, when one of the 7 squares between transiting Uranus and transiting Pluto were part of a grand cross with the US Sun and the US natal Saturn.

Not only that, transiting Jupiter was conjunct the US natal Sun opposite transiting Pluto, while transiting Mars was conjunct US natal Saturn (which conjuncts Trump’s Chiron) and opposite transiting Uranus.

In other words, a cycle between Jupiter and Pluto was at its halfway point, and a cycle between Mars and Uranus was halfway through its cycle, and both cycles, plus the Uranus-Pluto cycle had the US natal Sun-square-Saturn in their crosshairs.

Also at that time transiting Chiron was at 16+ Pisces conjunct Venus at 17+ Pisces, where transiting Neptune is right now.

There is too much about this chart to condense into a comment, but the outer planets always symbolize the kind of change that is overarching and impersonal in nature.

To have a country’s birth chart directly aspected in the way the US birth chart was on that day in April, 2014, is a call to destiny. Would the US crumble under all the pressure to change or would it accept the challenge to transform and become better?

Right now transiting Neptune is activating this Uranus-Pluto cycle in 2 ways:
1. It opposes the conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in Virgo in the 60’s, and
2. It conjuncts the Chiron-Venus in Pisces in the Uranus-Pluto square in April, 2014.

Uranus-Pluto is an ongoing cycle of about 100 years I believe. Right now, one of them, Pluto is conjunct transiting Saturn and the other, Uranus opposes the progressed US Saturn, so the aim seems to point at changes in structure and institutions that are not serving the purposes they are intended to serve. Hence, the US Constitution is being tested.

We are being broken down for a reason that’s bigger than ourselves which is, IMO, to show the way civilization, in the form of a society, must grow so as to move forward in it’s evolutionary destiny.

I guess wed better not hold our breaths for light to shine thru to trump’s god botherers …..

“But in speaking to CNN’s John Berman on “New Day” Friday, Galli, who is leaving the publication in two weeks, said he is not optimistic that his editorial will sway Trump’s support among white evangelicals.

“Oh no,” he told Berman. “I don’t have any imaginations that my editorial is going to shift their views on this matter. The fact of the matter is that Christianity Today is not read by Christians on the far right, by evangelicals on the far right. So, they’re going to be as dismissive of the magazine as President Trump has shown to be.”

Earlier Friday, Trump dismissed Galli’s op-ed, calling the publication a “far left magazine.”

There was never any expectation the op-ed would persuade the majority of evangelicals and/or fundamentalists. If it persuades 10% of them, he is more likely to lose the 2020 election.

Frank Bruni:

“Good debate. The ‘wine cave’ is very serious issue. In America we have become too used to the idea that big donors determine policy decisions. It doesn’t have to be that way, as other countries have shown. And television media and a great deal of print and internet media also bow to their corporate sponsors. Warren is right to say that ultimately it is about fighting corruption. Only if we tackle this issue of campaign finance can America grow together again.”


Michael Moore said on MSNBC tonight that the Senate will flip in November. He correctly predicted Trump’s win in 2016.

Do your worst while you can, McConnell. You’re done.

As far as I understand, the House can hold on to those articles of impeachment indefinitely as the Constitution does not provide a time frame. Theoretically, they could wait until January 2021 after having won back the Senate and submit the articles to a friendlier Senate majority leader. Of course, we might have elected a different president by that time as well.

But I think there is at least a 50% possibility new evidence will surface in the next few weeks which will force 45 to leave town permanently.

Trump is Impeached! Psychic Astrology Reading

Evon Davis examines the eclipses, the Saturn/Pluto conjunction and Trump’s potential undoing….

Video: 32 min 08 sec


Tonight’s Winter Solstice, when the transiting Sun joins transiting Jupiter, Ceres, Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn, transiting Ceres at 13+ Cap will be opposite the US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer and square US natal Saturn (+ Trump’s natal Chiron) at 14+ Libra.

I believe this symbolizes a challenge from Mother Nature to the US to step up its battle against Climate Change Creep. The Winter Solstice chart’s energy will be effective until the Spring Equinox.

Transiting Ceres will be 5 degrees from trans. Saturn, close enough to be considered a conjunction, in the Christmas Solar Eclipse when he, Saturn, squares the US natal Chiron.

As well, Ceres conjuncts Saturn, Mercury, Pluto and Sun in Capricorn, all opposite the Cancer Moon in the Lunar Eclipse chart as well as the chart for trans. Uranus station-direct, both on January 10th.

Then there is her conjunction with transiting Saturn and Pluto, all 3 at 22+ Capricorn, and their conjunction with trans. Sun and Mercury on January 12.

In these 5 astrological events, starting tonight with the Winter Solstice, Ceres will be in a commanding position – surrounded by power – for just over 3 intense weeks. I anticipate she will express this power through world wide weather-related events, including some in the US.

It might also symbolize Nancy Pelosi.

McConnell richly deserves to be defeated, disbarred AND sent to prison for life, and his wife can join him there. He’s even more disgusting than Trump. He seems to represent the epitome of what the Republican Party truly is and has become: completely amoral and shameless, entitled, winner-take-all at any cost; A brazen thief who steals and in broad daylight believing he will never be caught, and in fact is justified (in his own mind) to do so.

If there was a Hell, he would burn there at the lowest levels. I don’t believe in hell in the Christian dogmatic sense, but I do marvel at the karma this wicked fiend is creating for himself.

Saturday, December 21-
At 3:14am venus in aquarius sextiles chiron in aries, linking the lower Heart with the Wounded Healer. this is a lovely aspect for healing in relationships and healing around self worth and self Love. venus helps us spread our wings and fly and chiron helps us heal our broken hearts. use this energy wisely!

mercury cojoins pallas athena at 18’35 sagittarius at 11:48am, aligning the mind and intellect with the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess. the traditional myth of athena has her very intellectual and heady- so a link with mercury can expand but also exacerbate that. communications and information incoming on the political scene could be revealing- particularly with both square to neptune (neptune/pallas was 12/15, mercury/neptune was 12/19- so from this past sunday until today lots of neptunian energy swirling in the political arena). being willing to see what is going behind the scenes and see where manipulation might be happening is super important! focus on capital T Truth versus personal, egoic truth for best results.

the sun moves out of sagittarius and into capricorn at 8:19pm, marking the Solar Gate of Yule and Winter Solstice and a new yearly solar cycle commencing (in the southern hemisphere this is the Solar Gate of Litha and Summer Solstice)! the sun in capricorn is hard working, disciplined, responsible and authoritative. this is the sign of the mountain goat who gets to the top of the mountain no matter how hard the journey is. we have staying power right now and we can focus on what we want to build in our lives. just watch out for the shadow side of the sun in capricorn: being overly austere, rigid, controlling, perfectionist and emotionally repressed.


It is interesting NASA will be returning to the Moon in 2024 after Pluto has moved into Aquarius.

“NASA just released a hype video for its return to the Moon, and it’s actually kinda awesome”

(sorry, I can’t past in the address to the article and video on this device)

Paste, of course. Aarg…..this device.

Here’s a thought; back in the 60’s we had very few sources for mass communication compared to the 2000’s and therefore we made assumptions about “others”. “They” assumed things about “us”, and we “them”. We were naive to say the least.

Now transiting Pluto and transiting Saturn oppose the US natal Mercury (mass communication) and transiting Neptune (confusion) opposes the conjunction between Uranus (new inventions) and Pluto (transformation). We THINK we know more about them now, and they think they know more about us. Duh. Is it true? Is ignorance really bliss?

happy solstice all – may it usher in a true time of cleansing and a bringing of love energies

National Review Senior Editor Calls for Trump’s Removal from Office

Is the wall of republican/conservative denial cracking?
(I think this link will work, but I’m still having trouble with my devices and have limited and only partial access to my computer. )



Re: NR Spanking; we must temper our enthusiasm and remember that this publication is read by intelligent conservatives – not the members of the personality cult of Hatred, Inc.

Nonetheless, this is better than a sharp stick in the eye, yes?


A brilliant Winter Solstice to you as well! Always a mixed blessing for me as it exactly squares my vernal equinox sun – but then its all in a state of flux all of the time, isn’t it?

From Frank Bruni:

‘Give Joe Biden His Due’

” on Thursday night, Biden reasserted the fundamental generosity of spirit that separates him from Trump and is like a tall, cold glass of water to Americans thirsty for decency. “I refuse to accept the notion, as some on this stage do, that we can never, never get to a place where we have cooperation again,” he said, making a pitch for bipartisanship. “If that’s the case, we are dead as a country. We need to be able to reach a consensus. And if anyone has reason to be angry with the Republicans and not want to cooperate, it’s me — the way they’ve attacked me, my son and my family.”

He got fresh reason during the debate, when Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the former White House press secretary, sent out a tweet that ridiculed his stutter. She deleted it — and apologized — after he asked her where her empathy had gone, a question I assumed was rhetorical. It died on the altar of Trump, where too many other Republicans sacrificed their principles, too.

Biden glows in comparison. He almost looks shiny.”


Hey will, my natal Sun isn’t on the Vernal Equinox, still, I have found that whenever a transiting Sun squares it, it has prodded me to accomplish some less-than-exciting chores which – in the end, I was grateful for. The day is still young, and so are you!


Thanks ja; that’s IS what Joe is known for, cooperation; what the US natal chart’s 1+ Libra mid-heaven (that the winter solstice Sun opposes) is famous for. Note that Joe’s natal Neptune is also at 1+ Libra. Thank you for reminding me.

Re: Prodding – yes, thank you, Barbk. Young – can’t say that I still am…..but I a can act like a child in a heart-beat.

will, the grain of sand that makes the pearl 🙂

Will, the blessing of being an Aries – childlike, innocence and joy coupled with a laser-like focus, drive, and honesty (intelligence, humor & enthusiasm).

the rot cleanup start?
Opinion – “Members of Congress should not be allowed to buy and sell stocks, or to serve on corporate boards.”

Sun square sun today, Will. Happy solstice!

This is quite interesting. Turns out there’s a process for transmitting the Articles of Impeachment from the House to the Senate. Who knew?

The rules describe a formal ceremony, where a Senator stands up and requests that representatives from the House be admitted to the chamber to present the Articles to the President Pro Tem of the Senate. That ceremony takes place during a “regular session” of the Senate.

But … the Senate is not scheduled to return to regular session until February 6th. It’s perfectly reasonable for the House to hold on to the paperwork until that date, or even later, depending on when the Senate determines the rules for the trial.

So … that means the SOTU on February 4th is scheduled to happen *before* the Articles have been transmitted, and therefore *before* the “trial” has exonerated Impotus.

Do we think himself will be able to tolerate *not* being exonerated before the SOTU? Unlikely. Therefore, Moscow Mitch will be under tremendous pressure from Impotus to do *something* sooner.

Which means he will have to *ask* for the Articles to be transmitted to the Senate in January. And he is very likely to have to agree to having witnesses, which is what Impotus thinks will clear him, in order to get the House to agree to send the Articles over.

Oh, the schadenfreude!

Does anyone know what the aspects are to Moscow Mitch’s chart in the next few months?

Mitch has his natal moon in 4 deg Taurus square natal pluto in 4 Leo. T. Uranus has retrograded away from these aspects just very slightly but within a few weeks (by Jan 11) will go direct and continue to pressure this aspect of his chart through the end of April. His birth time is unknown so it isn’t apparent what houses are involved but I guess it might not be so difficult to guess. However, it does sound like life will be emotionally jarring and he’ll be nervous in the next 4 months. Uranus is also surprises, sudden change, and truth. (Right now, Nancy’s 0 natal Saturn in 5th house Taurus is being affected by t. Uranus but only a short time longer. She also has natal mercury in 17 Pisces, which is a little worrisome, what with t. Neptune moving forward, now at 16 Pisces.


I want to hire you to write my eulogy! Thank you for the upbeat Ram On.


Ah yes – the grain of sand!

Jackson – yup, same to you – I’ve been thinking about you on our Aries point at this time – its always had a rough edge for me. All the best to you, Jackson.

Nancy Pelosi is quite shrewd.

She also knows McConnell and can play him like a fiddle. The man, thoroughly corrupt and revolting as he is, isn’t terribly complicated.

Eliseo, Concerned about state of your computer. Is it something a good IT can help with? Feel free to contact me privately.

And a wonderful Solstice to All!

I will email you within a few days. Please give Nancy permission to share your email address with me, and I’ll do likewise. Many Thanks for your concern.

Exclusive: John Bolton hits Trump for bluffing on North Korea nukes

This is from Dec.22. I’m wondering what is going on in Bolton’s mind re: Mr. T. If Bolton concurs T is an existential danger to national security, (particularly if NK launches a missile or new weapon on Christmas as promised) will he come forward with testimony or new evidence?


I seem to recall McConnell and other R’s, including Paul Ryan were informed the Russians were actively attempting to subvert and interfere with the 2016 election, but refused to act. Since that time they’ve refused to pass legislation to protect our 2020 election process.

Furthermore, I’m guessing Mr. Mc has probably violated laws we are unaware of for which he could be charged and prosecuted. Senators can to my knowledge be arrested as long as they are not in Congress working or on their way to work. I believe he too, with Mr.T and several other R’s are guilty of treason.

I agree with your assessment of Madam P and hope she plays him right into jail. He too deserves impeachment and far, far worse. As Madam Speaker said, The Founders did not anticipate having a “rogue” (What a polite, genteel word?) president and a “rogue” Senate majority leader simultaneously colluding together on behalf of foreign powers and against the interests of the republic.

I just wanted to note that the upcoming Saturn-Pluto conjunction in all its glory in Capricorn will reinforce the present Neptune-Uranus cycle that started in Capricorn in 1993. Saturn and Pluto were square each other during 1993, Saturn in Aquarius, Pluto in Scorpio.

The thrust of these combined cycles of the 3 outer planets and Saturn appears to a full blown purge of the world’s social systems for an all new approach to living on planet Earth.

The 3 conjunctions between Neptune and Uranus took place at either 18 or 19+ Capricorn, while the single conjunction of Saturn and Pluto will take place at 22+ Capricorn. This 3 to 4 degree seperation between the 2 sets of conjunctions makes them conjunct each other, so Saturn and Pluto have already been activating the 1993 Uranus-Neptune cycle – Pluto for the last 2 years and Saturn for the past year.

Furthermore, Uranus and Neptune (18+ Cap) were sextile Mars (19+ Scorpio) in their 3rd conjunction on October 24, 1993. This formed a Yod to Trump’s natal Uranus at 17+ Gemini, creating a need for Trump to (unconsciously) make adjustments due to the pressure coming from the 1993 Mars sextile the Neptune-Pluto conjunction.

They (Uranus-Neptune) also square the US progressed Mars at 17+ Libra (effectively for over 30 years!) that conjuncts Trump’s natal Jupiter, the US Constitution chart’s Neptune and Putin’s natal Saturn. Ain’t that a whoopin?

Sorry it took me so long to realize this, but it explains a lot.

Very Interesting! But what does this synchronicity explain or portend?

Eliseo, usually a cycle between 2 (or more) planets are considered as an agenda (or a strategy) with a general purpose that unfolds as the two planets move forward and make new aspects to one – another as well as aspecting other planets and other charts. If they happen to aspect other active cycle start points it will influence both cycles agendas or plans.

I don’t recall ever seeing a new cycle conjunct an active cycle like this. Because both cycles take place in Capricorn, the thrust is largely going to be about entrenched societies and their institutions, and, depending on the type of energy associated with each planet in the 1st cycle (Uranus = breakthroughs and Neptune = illusions) the planets in the 2nd cycle (Saturn = structure and Pluto = the process of death-rebirth) will incorporate and expand on the original cycle’s agenda or plan, as seen in the original cycle’s chart.

Generally then, when Saturn and Pluto meet in January, some breakthroughs (Uranus) will have taken place in societies (Capricorn) over the previous 30+ years, as well as some illusions (and deceptions), courtesy of Neptune that will have to be addressed. Think drugs and technology.

As I see it, Saturn and Pluto will act as a needed course correction for what has already taken place under the Uranus-Neptune cycle, as well as other initiatives set out in their chart for January 12, 2020.

For example I would imagine in 1993 there were no alarm bells (at least in the general public) about global warming, but in the Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart Ceres will be in the same degree with them. 5 alarm fire bell ringing.

The 3 outer planets are evolutionary in nature, but Saturn is associated with the material world; the here and now. We must become conscious of the evolution process. Time’s awastin’.

Sharon K, if there is no exact birth time for Moscow Mitch, how can you say his moon is at 4° Taurus?
Oh how I wish he would just dissolve

Great point Margriet.

I think that the charts online for him seem to be using a midnight rising sign, so the moon would be in 4 degrees of Taurus or later. Thus, since it is likely he was born later than midnight, that natal pluto in Leo square would disappear. He does have a mars, Saturn, uranus in the early 20 degrees of Taurus, though, so uranus will be hitting him there later. I just noticed that he does have mars and mercury in early-ish Aquarius, adding another potential square to t. uranus.

Meanwhile, Nancy was born in the same year about a month later, and her n. chart (also a midnight one) has those same late uranus placements in mars, saturn, uranus, and a moon in Scorpio (8 degrees at midnight) to boot, so both will experience effects and both moons will be hit.

(I do all of this at a simplistic level, obviously, but it somewhat works 🙂



Will, please just stick around indefinitely!

The main difference I see between the two charts is that Nancy has an Aries Sun with a trine to Pluto in Leo, and a tight square from Saturn to Pluto. She knows how to use her power, but she uses it carefully. She has learned, either in this life or previously, not to abuse her power.

In contrast, Mitch has an inconjunction from his Pisces Sun to both Neptune and Pluto, the exoteric and esoteric rulers of Pisces, respectively. This says to me that his test in this lifetime is around right use of power–either for personal gain or for the betterment of humanity.

NewsScope for December 23, 2019
By Michael O’Reilly

Economic Crash?


Many Thanks for that explanation. It clarifies.

Possible. That tRump is removed in some manner by mid-January (Bad health or resignation), The following being set out in front of Pence beforehand – Pence is sworn in to follow rule of succession but then forced to resign under real threat of being removed and imprisoned. Nancy Pelosi sworn in.

Go crazy thinking about what could follow.

She could choose a vice president, resign – making that person president. She could install a whole new cabinet. A lot could be done before the 2020 election.

Remember I interpret according to the planet making the aspect, not the aspect.

Transiting Jupiter will be conjunct my natal Moon in January, then natal Venus in Spring, then trine natal Uranus, trine natal Neptune and locality MC, (end of aspects through 2020).

Then opposite natal Pluto, conjunct natal Sun, square natal Jupiter and Saturn, conjunct natal Mercury, and then square natal and progressed Uranus.

Were that to occur I’m sure our far right authoritarians, (maybe 30-35% of our population) would freak out, declare it was a deep state coup, promulgate all sorts of conspiracy theories, and run amok as they rioted and trashed our various communities.

I’m all for getting rid of the criminals at the top, but I’m not sure it can be done while maintaining the peace.

Furthermore, if the Senate won’t convict Trump, I don’t see that they would convict Pence either. I don’t see how he, (Pence) would or could be persuaded to go away unless we had video of him directly and obesiantly accepting money from Putin while submissively declaring his undying loyalty. “Yes, Master. I will, Master. You have my word, Master. “

I think President Pelosi is a pipe dream, and that it would also be a mistake — would enrage the right even more than getting rid of Trump.

But realistically, this is going to be a deal-making process. The deal that gets Trump to resign will certainly have to do with how he’s treated after resignation. It will involve what Pence agrees to do with Trump once he becomes President and probably who Pence will nominate as VP.

Because Pence gets to nominate a VP. Must be confirmed by a simple majority vote of House and Senate.

So Pence, Trump, Nancy and McConnell, at the very least, will be negotiating what happens to get Trump to resign and who will become VP. It’ll be the deal-making of the century.

I know I’ve read that being impeached means Trump can’t be pardoned, but I still think it’ll be some kind of deal to agree not to prosecute to get him out of office. That will be more important to those involved than seeing him prosecuted.

This coming June and July have 3 eclipses in a synodic month – June 5, June 21, and July 5; like June and July before and during the battle of Bull Run. All 3 have strong ties to the Sibly chart.

From Elisabeth Grace:

“It’s not surprising that House Speaker Pelosi is delaying sending the articles of impeachment over to the Senate, 1) because Speaker Pelosi is smart; and 2) pressure in P45’s horoscope reflecting that level of stress is more evident starting in February, than rightthisminute. Speaker Pelosi did invite P45 to deliver his State of the Union address on the evening of February 4th, and patterns in his horoscope that day include transiting Mars in Sagittarius, conjoining his toxic South Node-Moon and opposing his Gemini Sun. Translation: the need for strong assertion and/or aggression, similar to patterns last experienced around the Autumnal Equinox and the first week of May 2019, but with the added stress of transiting Saturn and Pluto on his natal Saturn (authority/structure/ambition).


Beth Owl’s Daughter:

“An annular Solar Eclipse occurs early Thursday at 4 degrees and 07 minutes of Capricorn. Its effects can be felt up to six months after the actual date of the eclipse.

In the Saturn-ruled sign of Capricorn, public life, career, reputation, achievement, and accountability are in sharp focus.

This eclipse is about new beginnings regarding all of these matters.”


Teresa Hill,
I understand the necessity of persuading (if possible) the potus to leave office, but I don’t think he is rational enough to make a deal. Furthermore, a deal too favorable to Mr. T might demoralize the Dem base.

As far as negotiations, I believe it will be necessary to eventually put on trial and/or conduct a truth inquiry as was done in S. Africa. If we let these guys go (potus, BP, the cabinet, various R. leaders) we will have more of the same sort of behaviors again sooner than we would like.

I’m now of the opinion Moscow Mitch is underestimating the strategic abilities and plans of Madam Speaker Pelosi. She’s playing 3 (at least) dimensional chess. He’s playing checkers on the same board, but I don’t think he realizes it.

I don’t think it is realistic that Madam Speaker might become president, but whatever happens will be interesting. I have more faith in her political abilities and instincts than those of Mr. McConnell, despite his reputation.

Theresa Hill,

“I think President Pelosi is a pipe dream, and that it would also be a mistake — would enrage the right even more than getting rid of Trump.”

Why would you even care about enraging the rabid right? Aren’t they always enraged and hateful? Isn’t that pretty much their wheel house?

I actually think NP would make a formidable president if given the shot. Sometimes we need “pipe dreams” for inspiration and hope.


I think at certain point we’re going to have to crack some ignorant stubborn evil skulls – for the highest good of all concerned.

Christianity Today has managed another anti-Trump editorial and I have to say that it is very well done.


“I actually think NP would make a formidable president if given the shot.”

I agree entirely. I think it unlikely to occur, but would cry no tears if it did.

“I think at certain point we’re going to have to crack some ignorant stubborn evil skulls – for the highest good of all concerned.”

You are most likely correct about that. I also believe letting our highest officials go “Scot free” as did Nixon would set a very bad precedent, encouraging more bad behavior at our highest levels of government.

I’m back home now in WA state, but I have many progressive friends and relatives in deep red Texas. I spoke at length with one of my former Texas students today who calls me frequently to discuss events. We were both feeling that it is only a matter of time before some red faced fool cracks under the growing political tension and starts shooting Lefties.

I like NP’s toughness. I think as president, she, like Lincoln would do whatever it takes to put down any insurrection or rebellion that the union might be preserved. Even were we to now suddenly and successfully remove Mr. T, VP-Pence, Mr. McConnell, and other such criminals from office, we would still have to deal with their followers for a good long time. It will take at least a generation to undo the damage to our government and reputation and hopefully guide our authoritarian, and/or fundamentalist, and/or evangelical brethren away from mythological literalism, to wiser ways of feeling and thinking.


Thank you for your well-informed feedback. Trust you are settling back into the Pacific Northwest Today it looks and feels very much like Seattle in Chicago.


Even if we removed the criminals we still have propaganda radio and television to contend with. Which in my opinion, are the real culprits.

Re: propaganda radio and television
We haven’t figured out how to rid ourselves of these parasites while still maintaining our freedom of speech, press, and expression.
Its another thing the Founders did not contemplate.

I think there are two issues at the root of ALL of such abuses of our system, addiction, (process and substance varieties) and the complexification of our world. When the Constitution was written the Founders could not have possibly known neurology or psychology, or realized how complex our technological world would become.

At the heart of hate radio, TV, and internet sites is one or more self serving ideologies justifying, and rationalizing anger, hatred and persecution of opponents who dare to get in the way of the pursuit and fulfillment of the proponents process addictions, i.e. greed, and power. Nowadays, so called “conservatism” is NOT about being careful or prudent with money, the rule of law, or conserving or preserving things we hold dear. It’s about justifying “MY” accumulating and maintaining by any means necessary, “MY” having and your having not, wealth and power with which to dominate and control you.

Who cares if the right is enraged by Pelosi becoming president? They are already perpetually there anyway.

At some point, those who want a better world are going to stop tip-toeing around the snakes and do what needs to be done, even if it means a) getting bitten, and b) stomping on a few of their heads in the process.

The world cannot wait on a bunch of mentally and emotionally-stunted people to wake up and realize how much they’ve been played for fools while being conned out of their own future.

Interesting about Moscow Mitch’s power test. I’d say he’s failed it miserably.

As for any kind of agreement to spare Trump prosecution, that will only apply at the federal level. New York is waiting with bated breath to sock it to him bigly. No agreement can and will be made that saves him from prosecution in his own home state, even while he resides in Florida. Like a cornered rat, he has nowhere to run. Uncle Vlad won’t even save him.

“Uncle Vlad won’t even save him.”


“It’s another thing the founders did not contemplate” I’ll say it again, Ignorance is bliss.

Eliseo and ja, it may have been part of the 90’s, or more to the point, the Neptune-Uranus conjunctions that ushered in the scourge of propaganda. In each of the 3 conjunctions between Neptune and Uranus, Mercury is afflicted; their 3rd conjunction had Mercury conjunct Pluto and square Saturn.

As I said up thread, transiting Neptune now opposes the Neptune-Uranus conjunctions of 1993, simultaneous with the transiting Saturn and Pluto conjunction opposite the US natal Mercury.

Mercury symbolizes communication in all its many forms. Factor in transiting Uranus opposite the US progressed Saturn (think Trump/Putin as US President) and we have Russian propaganda.

Thank you both for fleshing out the implications of these astrological dynamics. You are both the gift that keeps on giving!

Scratch that part about trans. Neptune opposite the Neptune-Uranus conjunctions, Neptune is opposite the Pluto-Uranus conjunctions. Back to the drawing board.

I think we stopped tip toeing when we impeached 45. As more information comes to light in the next few days, weeks and months I suspect before the process is complete there will be at least one more article of impeachment to come, treason. I think we WILL be bitten, and yes, we’ll be stomping on snakes heads aplenty.

Fox News was “launched” on October 7, 1996.

Eliseo, you stated this so well! May I share?

“Nowadays, so called “conservatism” is NOT about being careful or prudent with money, the rule of law, or conserving or preserving things we hold dear. It’s about justifying “MY” accumulating and maintaining by any means necessary, “MY” having and your having not, wealth and power with which to dominate and control you.”

McConnell has less power to shape the impeachment trial than Democrats think
It’s unlikely he can turn it into the sham procedure Pelosi and others warn about.


Whoo Hoo! Editor of The Christian Post, Napp Nazworth, resigns as a protest against being forced to be on “Team Trump”. At the same time, he is obviously against Dems and Never Trumpers judging from the “wall” of his twitter page! At least he has his limits though!


Aha! The plot thickens with this news Eliseo, and thank you for this serendipitous fact about Fox News.

The Sun that day was conjunct the US natal Saturn (government, institutions), Trump’s natal Chiron (wound) and natal Juno (partner), all at 14+ Libra, plus Putin’s natal Sun at 13 Libra 55. What more could you ask of astrology?

Well, transiting Saturn (restrict and confine) that day was at 3+ Aries (where Chiron was in Sept-Oct 2019, and where it will be again in Feb-Mar. 2020) and that Saturn was square US natal Venus (US values) on October 7, 1996. Ceres (nurture), Mars (anger) and Eris (discord) were in a grand trine too.

First came the Uranus-Neptune cycle in Capricorn, and now, almost 27 years later comes the Saturn-Pluto cycle to the same sign in the same space – the US natal 2nd house ruled by Venus (values) – driving home the need to reassess that which we value.

The Universe is not giving up on us; not without a fight.

In Nancy’s first paragraph above:

“While Democrats attempt to stick to the evidence and the facts, the angry and fear-inducing rhetoric coming from their Republican brethren is crafted to confuse {Neptune} and agitate {Uranus} the already crazed base of the Trump cult.”

thinking about Justice Roberts and the pending trial

Just spent an hour or so re-reading this thread and I apologize for the mistakes I made, and for missing so many comments I somehow did not catch the first time. It has been a dizzying week for all of us I’m sure and I hope you all have been better tethered to the earth plane than I.

kiwi, just want to note that Justice Roberts, like Donald Trump has a planet one degree before the US natal Mercury (24+ Cancer), ruler of US 7th house of partner or enemy, and a planet one degree after US natal Mercury. Remarkable that it (destiny) will come to one man sitting in judgement (gasp) of the other.

Roberts’ natal Jupiter and Trump’s natal Saturn are at 23+ Cancer while Roberts’ natal Uranus and Trump’s natal Venus are at 25+ Cancer.

Roberts’ natal Pluto at 26+ Leo conjuncts Trump’s natal Mars at 26+ Leo (ouch) which opposes Roberts’ natal Mercury (25+ Aquarius) which is one degree from the US natal Pallas (26+ Aquarius), symbol of strategy, which conjuncts the US natal Moon (27+ Aquarius), symbol of the US people.

His natal chart’s grand trine between Moon, Jupiter-Uranus and Saturn in the water signs will become a Kite pattern when joined by the transiting Capricorn stellium led by Saturn and Pluto in January. This makes his natal Jupiter (search for truth) and Uranus (shocking breakthrough) the anchor and focus of his grand trine. Hmmm.

Roberts’ natal Chiron is either at 29 Capricorn 29 or at 0 Aquarius 0. Something tells me it is Aquarius, where the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction takes place one year from now.

Merry Christmas all!

Dear Nancy, Barbk, Will, Eliseo, Sharon K, Bob, Angellight, Andre, Frank, Banks, Buckeye Shadow, kiwi, Sassy Grace,Theresa Hill, Henri, Jackson, and to all the other contributors of this most important site,

Merry Christmas and Best wishes to you!


Thank you and to you as well.

Wishing Nancy all fellow stargazers (Magi) a magical break with self, family and/or friends.

Found this timeless and true. Author seems exceptionally clearheaded over time I have been following him.

and a joyous and peaceful holiday to All– of whatever belief systems sustain you on your journey.


Ja: Thank you and Wishing you and Nancy, Barbk, Will, Eliseo, Sharon K, Bob, Andre, Frank, Banks, Buckeye Shadow, kiwi, Sassy Grace, Theresa Hill, Henri, Jackson, and to all those who contribute or just read this wonderful blog a very Wonderful, Happy, & Safe Merry Christmas!

Thank you Angellight. The same to you and I echo your sentiments to all.

You guys are wonderful – love you all. Merry Christmas & may this be a beautiful, peaceful, and regenerative time of year for you.

We watched the old Alastair Sim version of Scrooge last night (my favorite) – there are so many of our “leaders” I could wish such spirit visitations upon!

Merry Christmas & happy holidays to you and yours, all who post or read in this lovely and thoughtful community.

Thank you Ja and Angellight and Nancy and all of you Starlighters for giving me hope and inspiration! I typically come here several times a day for your wisdom and the strength it gives me on days when my thinning hair is ablaze with fret and fury. Blessings to each of you!

Thank you as well to Nancy, our brilliant Starlight, Ja, Angellight, Will, Eliseo, barbk, and all other posters and readers. I am truly grateful for this site.

I would like to add to reasons to be cheerful, apart from our loved ones, is my sincere belief that one year from now we could well have a Democrat elected to the White House and Democrats in majorities in both the House and the Senate. I believe Democrats will definitely win two out of three, and likely all three.

The real problem will be getting the current incumbent to accept the results and leave peacefully once he is defeated. Let us all be hopeful today.

Happy Hanukah, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all here at Starlight News!! Hoping you all have a warm and wonderful holiday season.

Meanwhile, check this out from Boris Johnson. I had begun to think of him as another Trump, but this shows he is far more impressive as a politician and a human being than the Tantruming Toddler.


Merry. Merry. Happy. Happy to all the wonderful people here…
Thank you all for sharing your time and thoughts. Wishing you all a calm and relaxing holiday!

Many Thanks for this site and for your consistently cogent and well written political and astrological acumen. I am deeply grateful for this site and for all the posters here. I am a saner, healthier man because of all of you.

To All: Happy Hanukkah! & Merry Christmas!
May we all be imbued with wisdom, insight, and compassion during this holiday season and beyond.

from my phone

Happiness and good health to all.


Happy Hanukah, Nancy!

That was indeed a surprisingly positive and uplifting message from Boris Johnson. I wish Trump would do that.

Oh, that brought back memories, Bob. Thank you and a wonderful wish for all in the New Year???

Thanks Nancy and everyone for all the astrological work you’ve shared here through the years. It really helps my sanity to read your interpretations of what has been going on and know that I am not crazy.
Anyway, John Fugelsang just did a podcast with Thom Hartmann that’s part politically informative, terrifying and hopeful that you folks might like. https://art19.com/networks/the-sexy-liberal-podcast-network

Happy Holidays, Joyous Impeachmas, and a Blessed Yule season to one and all!

A sincere thanks to you, Nancy, for all you do and for providing this space for us to discuss, trust, and decompress. It’s very needed, and most appreciated!

May we all come thru the chaos of the coming year with a modicum of internal peace. And hopefully, come Jan 20, 2021 many of us find we can throw away these darned blood pressure pills! (smile)

For months now I’ve been trying to figure out how to phrase a question on the ‘Net that would enable me to find the proverbial needle in an Internet haystack.

I’m pleased (and proud) I finally did it tonight!

I remember during a hearing or trial in the Bush years, some female witness stating she swore an oath to GW, and was promptly taken down a peg or two by a judge or someone in Congress. I’ve always felt by letting this “slide” and not putting emphasis on it back then, that it would come back to bite us in the butt.

And now, Trump has everybody (including the janitors, probably) swearing loyalty oaths to him.

Here’s the info and the URL where I found it, should anyone else be interested in how our recent actions of letting Bush slide on so much has helped Trump today….


20) The administration ethos was nicely summarized during the investigation in the firing of US attorneys, in a testy exchange between former White House Political Director Sara Taylor and Sen. Patrick Leahy.

Taylor: “I took an oath to the president. And I believe that taking that oath means that I need to respect, and do respect, my service to the president.”

Leahy: “No, the oath says that you take an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States. That is your paramount duty. I know that the president refers to the government being his government – it’s not.”

I expected that few would check in at our favorite place where “everybody knows our name” on this most family oriented day of the year, but I was wrong! What a treat it’s been to read your comments above and realize that this too is a family.

Many thanks to Nancy for Starlight News, and Cheers to all, and to all a good night.

Wishing everyone a happy holiday season and a great 2020! It will be better and more hopeful, and most certainly it will be even more astounding and interesting than 2019. Many thanks to Nancy & the folks at Starlight News – you bring more sanity and consideration to the world. Well done ….onward ho!

Marjorie Orr:


Public Support for Trump conviction at all-time high, poll finds



OMG, Andrew Yang has natal Black Moon Lilith (associated with women’s rights issues) exactly conjunct the US natal Moon (US People) at 27+ Aquarius, while his natal Chiron conjuncts the US natal Chiron, both at 20+ Aries.

And get this, his natal Sun at 22+ Capricorn is where the Saturn-Pluto conjunction takes place in a couple of weeks! His natal Saturn (14+ Cancer) retrograde conjuncts the US natal Sun (13+ Cancer) and US natal Psyche (14+ Cancer) and squares the US natal Saturn (14+ Libra) and Trump’s natal Chiron/Juno conjunction (14+ Libra).

This Saturn-Pluto conjunction on the day before his birthday is going to change his trajectory and his life!

In addition, Yang’s natal Jupiter at 15+ Pisces trines his Saturn and the US natal Sun, as transiting Neptune has strolled over his natal Jupiter a couple of times (now at 16+ Pisces). I say, stand back and give this man all the space he needs. I’ve never seen a politician birth chart that has as many connections to the US birth chart.

Vote for Yang!

I love Yang – and, I don’t know what I’m basing this on except perception, but I don’t think it’s quite his time yet….I do believe, though, that his star is rising. For one thing, although we have a crazy large deficit, his idea of giving everyone a baseline income isn’t so crazy and, as jobs fall to automatic and AI, it will probably become necessary. But that is far from the only thing he has going for him. He appears to be smart as a whip, a go-getter, experienced in business. I’m not sure what the U.S. is going to do with him but, based on what you’ve said, Barb, I’ll bet he becomes indispensable.

Well, transiting Sun and Jupiter are on his natal ascendant (4+ Cap) right now Sharon, so he shouldn’t have to wait too long I would think. Egads, how much good luck does the man need?

What if . . let this soak in; what if we had Biden in the top spot and Andrew in the VP spot. . . the safety of Biden and Andrew covering the minority requirement? No woman on that ticket dammit, but Katie bar the door, these 2 would cover a lot of voter territory.

BarbK, so glad you looked at AW’s chart. He has his Yang Gang. Give him time and that gang could grow exponentially.
I don’t see him as a number two to Biden. They are like chalk and cheese…..I just don’t see it but Yang as president could be the real sweeping change we need…..maybe with Amy Koubachar as VP. She’s pragmatic and could work the legislative side. No one has checked her chart, have they?
Yes, I know I said I’d be quiet…can’t on this. AY is exciting.

Barbk, very interesting about Yang …. Ive been feeling in my bones that his outside-the-box message seems to be the only one to slot in with a radical realignment that the stars portend for the coming years. He might not be the nominee this time around, but I have felt he will be a pivotal figure for the future.

One year ago, Nancy Pelosi was not the Speaker of the House. She was only Speaker-elect and the vote in her caucus was contested.
One year ago, AOC had not yet been sworn in as a Member of Congress. We did not yet know the impact she would have, as will as many other first-term Congresswomen.
2019 was rough, but those women have had quite a positive impact. 2020 will be tougher, but there will be a silver lining as well.
2021 will not be easy either, and whoever is elected President will have a difficult term, but, as the saying goes, when the going gets tough the tough get going.
Also, when you’re going through hell, keep going. There is a way out.

I dare say you all are right; Sharon, Banks, kiwi and Andre. On Thursday, November 12, 2020, 9 days after the US Presidential election, there will be a conjunction between transiting Jupiter and transiting Pluto (the 3rd of three) that will be at 22+ Capricorn and conjunct Andrew Yang’s natal Sun, and it will signal a start of a cycle that will last about 12-13 years.

But before that happens, just a couple of weeks from now, a remarkable period begins.

Trans. Mercury will conjunct trans. Saturn and Pluto, all on Andrew’s natal Sun, all on January 12th, beginning 3 cycles, 2 short ones with Mercury and one long one between Saturn and Pluto.

The next day transiting Ceres begins a cycle with trans Pluto and another one with trans. Saturn, and later transiting Sun starts a cycle with trans. Pluto and then another one with trans. Saturn.

That will be 7 brand new cycles that will start conjunct Andrew Yang’s natal Sun. All these cycles will also begin in a trine with the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo.

All these cycles that start on Yang’s natal Sun on January 12-13 and that also trine the US natal Neptune, will also be trine the start degree of the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle, 22+ Taurus. Can you fathom the powerful influence these two days in January will have on this mortal man? The weight of the world will seem to be on his shoulders. God help him. We all must help him.

Each of these cycles will vary in their duration and each will have a somewhat different influence on us and on Andrew. I hope he doesn’t explode!

Each cycle will symbolize a different purpose too. As part of a grand trine (a Capricorn start that trines US Neptune in Virgo and the Jupiter-Saturn cycle in Taurus), the charts for these cycles (when set in Washington DC) will include emphasis on societies in general and the US most specifically, and each of these cycles will coordinate in some fashion with each other.

In my opinion, it is part of a complex pattern designed to promote and support an awakening of consciousness regarding mankind and its relationship with other species and with the planet we reside on and its sustainability.

If so, it would appear then that Andrew has been selected to facilitate this process, perhaps one of many chosen to do so, in order to bring about the best outcome. How remarkable it is that Andrew symbolizes the homogenized US population at its very, very best, don’t you agree?

The next Democratic debate is Jan. 14th. As of 12/23, Andrew Yang needs 5 percent or more in 3 more qualifying national polls or early state polls to participate in the debate. He has the donor qualification.
Who knows how those polls are taken. I never get polled.
I guess we’ll see how all that alignment of planets works for him on Jan. 12 and 13.

Love you guys. Wouldn’t have made it through the year without the company and words of wisdom found here.

My daughter is still live and in our house tonight. I’m taking her to get medication refills tomorrow — big relief there.

She’s a weepy mess, but not sure how much of that is 12 days without any of her meds, with the meth or lack of the meth. Not sure how reasonable she’ll be medicated. But we’re hanging on.


Did her caregivers flush her system to find a baseline? Did you get what you believe is the proper diagnosis?

Sending you and her supportive, peaceful, healing intentions.

Thanks Banks, is anything – like a debate or something – happening on March 20th? That’s when Will’s birthday is I believe, and the Spring Equinox is, and when Mars and Jupiter are conjunct Andrew’s natal Sun at 22+ Capricorn.

That will be an 8th cycle start on that degree in less than 3 months, and the Moon (the People) in Aquarius will square Venus (values) in Taurus but will be in a grand trine with Trump’s natal Uranus in Gemini and his natal Jupiter (and US prog. Mars, and the US Constitution Neptune, and Putin’s Saturn) in Libra.


Psych hospital kept her for five days. She got out and went right back to the meth. She has meth sores on her face and in one nostril. Looks awful. Tomorrow will be days 12 without her psych meds, but I’m taking her to the doctor tomorrow for refills.

She’s subdued and sometimes weepy. Coming down, I guess.

No idea how she’ll be once medicated again. I don’t think we can even talk to her about treating her addictions until she gets a few days of psych meds in her and I have no idea how she’ll react. Well, no. I expect she’ll get mad and claim she doesn’t need help.

{{{{{Teresa Hill}}}}}

I’m so sorry you and your family are going through this. Holding you all in the Light.

So glad, Barbk, that you’ve focused on Andrew Yang. His Ascendant was the focus at 4 Cap of the eclipse yesterday (Dec. 26th). So Sun/Moon/Jupiter on his Ascendant.
His solar return in Iowa has the Saturn/Pluto/Sun/Ceres conjunction in the 2nd, and Moon in the 9th.

I think this is about moving forward with a transformation in how we value people vs money. His Humanity First message will begin to wake people up to a more humanizing economy.

Sorry BarbK, but I don’t see anything happening on March 20th.

From Lorna Bevan:

“Without any exaggeration, 2020 is going to be a year for the memory books – something truly
unprecedented is occurring: there are no fewer than 5 new Outer Planet cycles – 3 of them exact
conjunctions! This will trigger the Re-Set of the Zeitgeist and the collective mood for the next decade. By
year’s end, we transition from the political and corporate Capricorn, driven by Pluto and Saturn, to the
social and humanitarian Aquarius, animated by Jupiter and Saturn.
These new cycles interweave all year seeding a new energy climate, ecology and frequency. With 6 (!) wild
card Eclipses + 5 (!) Super Moons, 2020 does not let up in intensity – there is no more recovery time
between evolutionary stairsteps. From the first days of the year until the very last ones, each month adds
to the critically important planetary cycles that will define the next decade and far beyond. ”


From Lorna Bevan:

“Without any exaggeration, 2020 is going to be a year for the memory books – something truly
unprecedented is occurring: there are no fewer than 5 new Outer Planet cycles – 3 of them exact
conjunctions! This will trigger the Re-Set of the Zeitgeist and the collective mood for the next decade. By
year’s end, we transition from the political and corporate Capricorn, driven by Pluto and Saturn, to the
social and humanitarian Aquarius, animated by Jupiter and Saturn.
These new cycles interweave all year seeding a new energy climate, ecology and frequency. With 6 (!) wild
card Eclipses + 5 (!) Super Moons, 2020 does not let up in intensity – there is no more recovery time
between evolutionary stairsteps. From the first days of the year until the very last ones, each month adds
to the critically important planetary cycles that will define the next decade and far beyond. ”


https://vlipsy.com/vlip/yz8rVwow Click on “DEFAULT TO MUTED” (bottom right on screen), then on video to get sound.



Chiro! Thank you very much – I’ve been so exhausted this week I missed examining the Christmas eclipse and would have missed the connection to Andrew Yang, even if I had. Bless you for making sure it did not escape me completely. Solar Return 2nd house huh? I think you’ve nailed it!

Thanks for checking Banks, it’s still early and I bet something will be happening/starting then.

ja, I don’t know about you, but Lorna makes me feel like I’m on the right track . . “no recovery time” . .for sure! Thank you so much for sharing. “Spend more time in the rest state”, indeed!

barbk, I think Lorna’s newsletter is worth subscribing to at this very significant time. I’m a little on edge in what’s in store for us.

On another note: I think Joe will pick a woman for his running mate.

ja, barbk,

I’m with you on Lorna Bevan’s view of 2020.
I felt these Cosmic shifts happening in my guts for about the last month – intense! Great time to spend more time in meditation.

Kim Carey’s newest video on Intuitiview YouTube discusses Nancy Pelosi, the shift that is coming and some leaders who will be leaving so that they can help from the other side. Very uplifting IMHO.

Andrew Yang is about to be on Chris Hayes show, I believe.

After having predicted Trump’s win in 2016 and a Democratic Senate majority in 2020, Michael Moore now says Trump will likely be reelected, because his base is even more rabid today and Democrats do not generate similar excitement. He personally supports Bernie Sanders, because he is the one young people believe in. He does not want to see what he considers a moderate Republican such as Biden become the Democratic candidate, because too many voters will abstain, especially Bernie supporters.


I am of two minds about this. I think Bernie has a better shot this time because he is a strong second in most polls and Biden is weaker than Hillary was. I also think Bernie has been more consistent than Warren, who is now backing away from Medicare for all and who has admitted she voted Republican until 1996 whereas Bernie was arrested in the Sixties for taking part in civil rights protests.

At least a Senate win would weaken Trump by making impeachment more possible and by eliminating crackpot extremist incompetent judges he has nominated so far. It is unlikely he would make it through a seccnd term.

On the other hand, a commenter on Marjorie Orr’s site says Trump’s solar return Sun will be in the 12th house in Washington in 2020-21, and if it is relocated in Mar-a-Lago as well. This should mean isolation, imprisonment , hospitalization or retirement and is hardly conducive to reelection.

Also, a recent poll apparently shows weak support for Trump in the active service military, which could mean reaction to his pardon of a clearly criminal and psychopathic Navy Seal, who is said to be ready to campaign for Trump. It will be a disgraceful campaign, but the country will get through this. I think Trump has this mad fantasy that the military would side with him in a coup attempt, but I do not believe they would. However,
he may try to court them during the campaign.

The problem, as Moore says, is the Electoral College. How will people react if the Democratic candidate loses despite the fact he or she gets 5 million more votes, even more than Hillary?

The Democratic Party convention will be in Milwaukee starting on July 13 and run through the 16th, 2020. Transiting Jupiter (22+ Cap. retro.) and trans Pluto (23 Cap retro.) at that time will conjunct Andrew Yang’s natal Sun at 22+ Capricorn.

Right now trans. Uranus (2+ Taurus retro) opposes Yang’s natal Uranus at 2+ Scorpio. By the time of the Dem Convention in July, trans. Uranus will be at 10+ Taurus.

Yang’s natal Venus (9+ Aquarius) that is sextile his natal Neptune (10+ Sagittarius) will form a Yod with transiting Uranus (the unexpected breakthrough) in Taurus.

This makes sense. Trans. Uranus in Taurus is about values, most conspicuously money and material things. Up thread, Chiro spoke of a transformation in the way we value people vs. money, and suggested that Andrew Yang could lead the way to that transformation.

I suggest Andrew’s birth chart sextile between his natal Venus and Neptune to the transiting Uranus (which is in the part of the Yod that needs to change or adjust) could drive home the need to change this lopsided sense of values (ie. money over people) at the Dem Convention.

There’s no doubt that Yang is an agent of change (trans. Pluto+Saturn are conjunct his Sun), especially when it comes to our values, due largely to his natal Chiron conjunct the US natal Chiron.

I believe Yang will influence the Dem. platform due to the needed change of values, and maybe even beyond. He may have enough public support by then to be on the ticket against Trump.

2 who will play different roles in 2020.

Andrew Yang
Jan 13 1975, 6:20 am, EST
New York NY 40°N42’51” 074°W00’23”
Progressed natal Sun on January 13, 2020, at 10 am, EST, 8°14′ Pisces.
There’s that date again!

January 13, 2020.

Rod Rosenstein
Jan 13 1965, 12:00 pm, EST
White House Dist of Columbia 38°N53’50” 077°W02’13”
Progressed natal Saturn on January 13, 2020 at 10 am, EST, 8°58′ Pisces.

Yang’s natal Mars at 263°24′ squared by Rosenstein’s natal Pluto at 173°07′.

The reason for my December 27th, 2019, at 2:09 pm post was after running my charts on Yang for his 2020 solar return, demi-solar return, DNC, election night, and inaugural day in 2021. He hits in all but there are indications for danger also.

A noon chart for his wife has Jupiter at 203°08′ – squared by the January stellium and it’s natal and progressed longitudes frequented by Jupiter and Pluto in the next 13 months beginning January 1, 2020. I haven’t run the right ascensions yet.


Evelyn Yang – Natal Chart
Oct 31 1981, 12:00 pm, EST +5:00
New York NY, 40°N42’51”, 074°W00’23”

Feb 11 2020 Jup Sqr Sat 15°Cp55′ Tr-Na

Mar 2 2020 Jup Sqr Sat 19°Cp52′ Tr-Sp
Mar 13 2020 Plu Sqr Jup 24°Cp32′ Tr-Na
Mar 30 2020 Plu Sqr Plu 24°Cp50′ Tr-Na

Apr 1 2020 Jup Sqr Jup 24°Cp32′ Tr-Na
Apr 4 2020 Jup Sqr Plu 24°Cp50′ Tr-Na
Apr 18 2020 Jup Sqr Plu 26°Cp10′ Tr-Sp

May 22 2020 Plu Sqr Plu 24°Cp50′ Tr-Na

Jun 9 2020 Plu Sqr Jup 24°Cp32′ Tr-Na
Jun 9 2020 Jup Sqr Plu 26°Cp10′ Tr-Sp
Jun 23 2020 Jup Sqr Plu 24°Cp50′ Tr-Na
Jun 26 2020 Jup Sqr Jup 24°Cp32′ Tr-Na

Aug 2 2020 Jup Sqr Sat 19°Cp54′ Tr-Sp

Oct 23 2020 Jup Sqr Sat 19°Cp55′ Tr-Sp

Nov 22 2020 Jup Sqr Jup 24°Cp32′ Tr-Na
Nov 23 2020 Jup Sqr Plu 24°Cp50′ Tr-Na
Nov 30 2020 Jup Sqr Plu 26°Cp11′ Tr-Sp

Dec 30 2020 Jup Sqr Jup 02°Aq25′ Tr-Sp

Jan 11 2021 Plu Sqr Jup 24°Cp32′ Tr-Na
Jan 20 2021 Plu Sqr Plu 24°Cp50′ Tr-Na
Jan 23 2021 Jup Sqr Sun 08°Aq11′ Tr-Na

” He hits in all but there are indications for danger also.” Should have been “…indications for anger or danger also.”

In Milwaukee on July 16, 2020, at 7 pm, CDT: Yang natal Sun at 22°39′ Capricorn, conjoined by transit Jupiter at 22°00′ Capricorn. In right ascension: natal Sun – 294°27′, transiting Jupiter – 293°49′.

For his wife: natal Jupiter at 203°08′ squared by transit Jupiter at 293°49′.

Thanks Bob, I’m very intrigued by Yang’s progressed Sun at 8 Pisces 14 on January 13th because it conjuncts the US natal Ceres at 8+ Pisces, which squares the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini.

Transiting centaur Nessus has also been at 8+ Pisces for many months now. Abuse of power, poison, and rape are words associated with Nessus.

I thought it might allude to extremely foul weather (Ceres) or flooding, or the US southern border atrocities toward immigrant children (Ceres is associated with grief over the loss of her child) separated from their parents. It could also relate to loss of crops.

Centaurs, at least Chiron, Nessus and Pholus, can symbolize “bad” things (pain, rape, violence, etc.) that bring attention to situations that need to addressed (beyond the obvious). They “bridge” the gap (of understanding) symbolized between the personal and cultural planets (Sun through Saturn) and the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) which are generational in nature.

Because Yang has his natal Chiron conjunct the US natal Chiron and now you tell us his progressed Sun (and US natal Ceres) is being joined by transiting Nessus, he could be pushing hard for inclusion of a powerful plank (to curb fossil fuel extraction for example) addressing climate change in the Democratic party’s platform.

Food for thought.

It’s too bad that we don’t get more coverage of the candidates other than the debates. I watched an interesting interview of Yang on NPR and I was impressed. During the debates, I thought his $1k a month was a bit of joke but when given time to articulate it, the Universal Basic Income idea has real merit. I also liked his take on the value added tax vs the wealth tax. Thanks for posting about him because otherwise I wouldn’t have watched the NPR interview.


I am of at least two minds on the upcoming election as well. On the one hand, a moderate Dem like Biden seems to fit as a good transitional president many moderates and Independents could comfortably vote for over Trump…BUT … he does tend to make gaffes, occasionally saying dumb things he has to explain later. I see him both as a strong, steady candidate as well as a weak one.

Conversely, it also makes sense we need a consistent and passionate person who has long shown the courage of their convictions, a Bernie type who can best Trump by turning out his passionate supporters. But there are many who would like to vote for someone other than Trump, but are not ready for someone they (mistakenly) perceive as so radical.

I think it will be a while before we know which “truth” is the truer one.

RE: “The problem, as Moore says, is the Electoral College. How will people react if the Democratic candidate loses despite the fact he or she gets 5 million more votes, even more than Hillary?”

If the R candidate is Trump, and he wins the EC, but not the popular vote, there will likely be major and enormous protests and possibly riots. In the long run the EC would likely be eliminated through constitutional amendment, but only if we regain our democratic republic.

It is so ironic the EC in every election in which one candidate received the larger popular vote, and the other the EC vote, the EC
achieved the opposite of what the Founders intended.

I recommend a truly excellent, enjoyable, substantive and interesting YouTube interview from March 2019.

It is Elizabeth Warren’s Full Interview with Ari Melber on Big Tech, 2020. EW is wearing a purple suit, and the interview lasts about 23 minutes. Unfortunately, I can’t copy and paste the web address with my phone, but it will be easy to find for those interested.

I see a great deal of harmony between the political ideas of Mr. Andrew Yang & Senator Elizabeth Warren. They appear to fill in and complete the other’s holes and weaker positions.

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, welcome to the greatest show on earth. The A and E show. No, not Arts and Entertainment – Andrew and Elizabeth. Bringing you the greatest, the craziest, the best, yes the best, show ever in the history of campaign shows in the history of the world! This show is bigger than history. It will turn you-know-who into a a nobody, a has been, an also ran once. It is going to be stupendous and big at the same time. Bigger than big.

AW (andrew and warren) it’s the WHY ticket (wy – warren and yang)

They promise everyone is going to have 2020 vision!

Link for Eliseo’s post.

Elizabeth Warren’s Full Interview With Melber On Big Tech, 2020


Andrew Yang Talks Universal Basic Income, Climate Change, With Undecided Voters | Off Script | NPR


Thank You for posting the web address to the EW interview! It was the act of a real gentleman.

There is a case to be made for picking a moderate and for picking a progressive. I would like to contend that the country is an even more populist mood than it was in 2016. I understand the concern that people are worried about moving too quickly to these progressive agenda ideas. But, I have to say, every time I hear this point, all I can think about is who is sitting in the white house right now. Yes, he isn’t a populist, he just played one on TV, but that apparently was enough to get him elected.

Please note the numbers, as my grandmother used to say, the proof is in the pudding.

This is from August, 2Q numbers, when Bernie had only hit the 1M mark, he has since hit the 4M mark in donations and I would think the possibility that he has hit 5M in this last quarter is quite possible. He isn’t just pulling the disgruntled Trump voters, he is widening the pie, including never before voters, much like Obama did in 2008.

“But in at least one “electability” metric, Biden is lagging behind his Democratic competition. In the 206 counties that voted for Barack Obama twice before backing Trump in 2016, the former VP has fewer donors than three primary opponents.

According to an analysis of Federal Election Commission data on the Democratic online giving portal ActBlue, 12,040 donors from those Obama-Trump counties made 19,885 donations to Biden during the first six months of 2019. By contrast, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) had 13,674 donors make 26,298 donations from those counties and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg had 14,294 donors make 23,320 donations from those counties.

Biden has only been in the race since late April, compared to Warren and Buttigieg, who had launched presidential exploratory committees by the beginning of 2019 and late January respectively. But the latter two have had stronger fundraising months more recently. All three of them trail Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)—whose campaign helped compile the data—when it comes to donors from Obama-Trump counties. The Democratic-Socialist had 33,185 donors make 81,841 donations in those areas, a haul that his team was eager to tout.”


It is my concern as one that believes Bernie is the only one that can win, is that a Hillary 2.0 candidate or ticket will in fact win 5 million more votes and loose the electoral college. In sports, you play to win or you play not to loose. I think the moderate ticket is a play to not loose. With the biggest game of our lives on the field, I vote to play to win.

Andrew Yang’s Washington Post Interview with Robert Costa | October 21st 2019


Bob, thanks for the links to EW and AY. Very informative. I’m impressed with Elizabeth Warren’s intelligence. Andrew Yang is super intelligent but he’s also so darned likeable. I’m beginning to have the same reaction to him as I did to Barack Obama.

Well, I’ll be darned. AY said he would serve on a ticket with Joe Biden.

“Yes, he isn’t a populist, he just played one on TV, but that apparently was enough to get him elected.”


Unless I have it quite wrong, Trump is pretty much the embodiment of a populist president; authoritarian yet definitely populist.


Trump is the anti-FDR. FDR was a populist who cared for and about the people.

I keep thinking if we actually survive this mess, we really need a Nuremberg style tribunal There are so many who have broken laws in this so-called administration.

Though I still hope and believe Bob is right, I am beginning to worry he (trump) might actually get reelected. People are speaking about a second term as they did about the first – that it will never happen.


definition of populist:

“a person, especially a politician, who strives to appeal to ordinary people who feel that their concerns are disregarded by established elite groups.
“he ran as a populist on an anticorruption platform”

I suppose what I meant to convey was that populism was never about doing anything in the interest of those people that he appealed to, it was just rhetoric.
Yes, he plays the populist game but at no point ever had any intention of truly being their champion by addressing those “concerns that they feel are disregarded by establishment elite groups” .. his anticorruption platform turned the swamp into a cesspool.
My point in my post is that I feel it has only served to increased the electorate’s desire for real answers to their problem. People are tired. I don’t mean tired of politics, I mean literally tired, their lives are exhausting and they are struggling every day while they watch the stock market tick upward and they can’t afford medicine, housing, education. There is a reason people are frustrated and infuriated with the wine cave politics. I am deeply concerned that the suffering and struggling of half of this country is being underestimated and ignored.


“I keep thinking if we actually survive this mess, we really need a Nuremberg style tribunal There are so many who have broken laws in this so-called administration.”

I have been envisioning those Nuremberg style trials for the humanitarian crisis that this administration has created with it’s immigration policies. Can’t you just see the ICE agents testifying, “I was only following orders”.
I have to believe there will eventually be justice for all of this.

a rare, refreshing, polite, bipartisan interview

Elizabeth, silcominc,


Populism was indeed how he packaged and branded himself (very effectively). He continues to target visceral, populist issues that tap into primitive, tribalist themes. A WaPo contributor used “Pitchfork Populism” as Trump’s particular brand. Populism however, can be used by the far left or far right – it is a style.

Like virtually everything that comes out of The Don of the Con, he sells the sizzle – never the steak.

Silcominc, Elizabeth,
I agree that, “…if we actually survive this mess, we really need a Nuremberg style tribunal There are so many who have broken laws in this so-called administration.”

But to do that we will firstly need to utterly, totally, and completely defeat the Trumpists, not just Mr. T, but also his many followers. The Trump philosophy needs to be publically demonstrated as clearly nefarious, very much like Nazism was shown for what it really was by the end of WWII.

I’m not equating Trumpism with Nazism, only stating in both cases you have to defeat the ideology and establish unity before you can impose Nuremberg style trials. Otherwise you will be fomenting a violent, post-civil war/ Reconstruction type gang war scenario.

Yep! “Pitchfork Populism.” Trump ‘s message wasn’t all that different from that of 1960’s George Wallace, or of the 19th century “Know-Nothings.”


I’m a January 13 baby too ! Sounds like a good day to be born. I’m excited.

I wish I knew what my aspects and what they mean.

Happy New Year Everyone ! another one bites the dust.

Thank you Nancy for your website and all the contributors.

LG, it depends on what points in your natal and/or progressed chart will be aspected by what transits in the year. Positive for Yang – negative for Rosenstein.

The Collapse of the American Empire? 27:42

4,019,169 views Sep 12, 2018


Bob, thank you for posting this video, it’s an important book. Chris Hedges has been an incredible resource for me, I have learned so much from him.

Bob, thanks for the link to the NPR interview with Andrew Yang. I’ve watched him in long-form interviews and podcasts and he is addictive.
Barbk, I know you don’t use Uranian points, but here are two for Andrew Yang you should know about. Kronos (Expert/Highest) at 9 Gemini; Poseidon (Super Neptune) at 22 Libra. Hilary Bond, an astrologer who studies Poseidon, says a Sun square Poseidon shows up in the charts of clairvoyants.
The Kronos position is conjunct his South Node, and forms a kite pattern (obsession/focus) and grand trine in air signs (intelligence, absorbing information easily).

Excellent Bob; The Collapse of the American Empire?” A must read.

Chris Hedges : “Trump is the symptom, not the disease”; “Clinton campaign pushed Trump as the Republican candidate”; Christian Right = American Fascist; The next crash (breaking point); “a society completely un-moored”; “we cling to the national myth” and more.

A lot (but certainly not all) of this “collapse” centers on the symbolism of the US natal chart’s Mars square Neptune, with Neptune harboring the national myth.

The awakening of the masses to this un-mooring began (IMO) with transiting Uranus and transiting Pluto in a grand cross with the US natal Sun and natal Saturn in 2014 – 2015.

It will be the generation now coming of age to unravel things like Citizens United vs. FEC ruling (2010), and to essentially redesign the government and restore it to a democracy. That is transformation (Pluto) of a government (Saturn), and the hard, hard work of a US Pluto Return.

But at least for now we have help; US natal Neptune (envision) in Virgo trines transiting Saturn-Pluto (the start of a 30+ year cycle) in Capricorn, which trines the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle start degree (Taurus). The will to do it is there and is supported. What have we got to lose?

The US Solar Return (birthday) chart for next year (July, 2020) has some encouraging aspects such as the Moon (the US people) at 9+ Capricorn will trine Uranus (breakthroughs) at 9+ Taurus, and both Moon and Uranus trine the solar return chart’s MC (outcome) at 12+ Virgo, which sextiles (supportive of) the US natal Sun (13+ Cancer).

The solar return (and natal) Sun is conjunct the solar return Vesta, suggesting focus and what we invest in will take center stage. Being in the 8th (solar return chart’s) house that means focusing and investing in shared resources.

By then transiting centaur Pholus (a small “cause” begets a big “effect”) will be at 2+ Capricorn and in a grand trine with the US progressed Venus (values) in Taurus and transiting Transpluto (process of achieving wholeness) in Virgo.

US progressed Venus in Taurus will oppose US progressed Saturn in Scorpio and this creates a Kite pattern putting US prog. Venus as the focus in the grand trine. Our values (prog. Venus) will drive (motivate) much of the area of Taurus that transiting Uranus is now opening up. What that is will be revealed in the primary elections.

Wow! Thanks Chiro, will incorporate Kronos and Poseidon into his chart and don’t disregard the Uranian points at all. Fascinating stuff; thanks again.

Here is a link to a diary that posted today on Daily Kos. The diary is called: The difference between the parties in 3 simple charts.


The author also posted the charts on Twitter, but I don’t have an account. Apparently, it’s gone viral.

I think this community will find the charts of interest.

2022 year of the Sibly Pluto return Citizen’s United decision may be overturned (part of the fight to save the Republic).

Citizens United DC – Natal Chart – January 21, 2010, 10:00 am, EDT
Supreme Court Building, DC, 38°N53’26” 077°W00’17”
Saturn 185°10′
Pluto 274°14′

Citizens United DC – Sec.Prog. Q2 Mean Quotidian
April 19, 2022, 3:30 pm, EST
Supreme Court Building Dist of Columbia 38°N53’26” 077°W00’17”


Moon 04°17’16” Libra
Saturn 04°17’16” Rx Libra
Pluto 04°24’48” Capricorn

Progressed Moon conjunct progressed Saturn in right ascension on July 11, 2022 at 184°54′. Progressed Pluto at 274°38′.

My solar return is January 11 at 20 Cap, opposite a natal Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 25 Cancer. 2020 should be interesting.

Bob, you made me realize something with this Citizens United chart (January 21, 2010), in addition to its Saturn-Pluto square that forms a T-square to the US Venus-Jupiter conjunction.

In May, 2009, 3 transiting planets were all at 26+ Aquarius, and they were conjunct the US Moon (US people) and US Pallas (strategy in war).

The Jupiter-Chiron and the Jupiter-Neptune conjunctions were exact that month, but because of Chiron’s retrograde that May, 2009, the Neptune-Chiron exact conjunction did not take place until February, 2010 . . just a few weeks after Citizens United came into being.

For years I’ve pondered how that triple conjunction to the US Moon had materialized, and I’ve got several examples, but this birth of Citizens United is the best.

Neptune dissolves boundaries (in this case between business and government), Jupiter expands (in this case $$ spent by business in election influence) and Chiron (wounds in order to create awareness). The US People (US Moon) have been wounded and now we are aware.

I think you are right, that the CU progressed Moon and Saturn square the CU prog. Pluto in 2022, along with the US Pluto Return, could mean the overturning of Citizens United, as part of the fight to save the Republic. Bravo!!

Just found 2 comments I somehow missed earlier.

Thanks will for “cosmic shifts happening in my (your) guts” remark, and thanks Banks for “AY said he would serve on a ticket with Joe Biden”. Both are reliable sources: will’s guts and Banks’ word.

RE: …if we actually survive this mess, we really need a Nuremberg style tribunal There are so many who have broken laws in this so-called administration.”

To Save the Republic, Some of Trump’s Allies and Appointees Will Have to Face Federal Prosecution
The biggest danger Trump poses to America is normalizing corruption for future administrations.
by Thom Hartmann


Bob! The Christmas New Moon solar eclipse was at 4+ Capricorn, the same degree as Pluto in the Citizens United chart (and Andrew Yang’s ascendant). Whoa pony, this is moving too fast for my brain.


Wow – hopefully you will share some first-hand accounts of the rocking and rolling in your Universe. Steady she goes!


For the first time since age 5, I have experienced deep abdominal/digestive, intestinal pain, nausea and distress over approximately the last four weeks. My guts are always in fine form ergo I cannot help but to connect this “inner storm” to the stelium of 4, soon 5 planets transiting my fourth house cusp (Cap) and conjunct my natal Chiron at 20-degrees Capricorn at present.

will, please get a checkup as soon as possible. These are serious long term transits that will repeat throughout next year.

Transits December 30, 2019, 6:55:19 pm, CST
Saturn 21°16’40” Capricorn
Pluto 22°21’10” Capricorn

Progressed squared NOW
Saturn 21°10’58” Libra Rx
Neptune 21°27’24” Libra Rx

Natal and progressed squared later
December 29 2019 Saturn square Saturn 21°11′ Capricorn Tr-Sp

January 1, 2020, Saturn square Neptune 21°27′ Capricorn Tr-Sp
January 15, 2020, Saturn square Neptune 23°07′ Capricorn Tr-Na
January 22, 2020, Pluto square Neptune 23°07′ Capricorn Tr-Na

February 6, 2020, Saturn square Saturn 25°44′ Capricorn Tr-Na

August 11, 2020, Pluto square Neptune 23°07′ Capricorn Tr-Na

September 6, 2020, Saturn square Saturn 25°44′ Capricorn Tr-Na

October 20, 2020, Saturn square Saturn 25°44′ Capricorn Tr-Na


That’s a long time for a physical problem to persist. I think it warrants a check-up.

Have you been under an unusual amount of stress? Are you taking a good probiotic?

I take a probiotic every day, and since the daughter crap started, valerian capsules are my best friend.

She’s back in the psych hospital, BTW. Her chart’s been flagged as abusing her adderall, so now no one should prescribe it for her. She had a fit when she found out.


Thank you for the advise – I’ve got a Saturn Neptune conjunct in first house at 25, 23 Libra as well. I did get checked for gut bacteria but it checked out okay.


Wow – I’m sure she’s mad as hell – but if she turns the page and gets into a recovery fellowship, it could change her whole life. Glad she’s back in the hospital where she will at least be somewhat safe.

I will do a upper and lower GI test after the new year if this thing persists.

PS Yes, I do take a daily probiotic, thank you.

Thank you both for your concern and support.

will, I see from your comments to Bob and Teresa you aren’t joking around. There is a lot of digestive track problems going around (me too) so there’s that.

There is a school of thought that the natural energies are changing/increasing (like from solar flares, etc.) thought to be associated with earth changes. This in turn is passed on to humans; have you ever looked at Richard Nolle (astropro.com)? He talks about that energy from time to time, mostly how it affects weather and fault lines.

These increasing energies are interpreted by a lot of folks as a kind of transition; out from the 3rd dimension we live in to higher levels – where the air is rare so to speak – and it can be painful as we adjust. Intestine and stomach problems are frequently reported, as well as a lack of physical energy (tiredness), skin problems, ear ringing and what have you. The advise is to sleep when you are tired (unless you are on a bus) regardless of the time of day. Easy for me to say; I’m retired. Are you getting enough sleep?

If your doctor can find no cause for your recent outbreak I would attribute it to your natal Chiron being transited by Saturn (inner tension) square your Saturn-Neptune in the 1st house (body). Is your Sun in the 6th house (health)? That could be part of it since the winter solstice recently squared it. Otherwise you are just getting old and falling apart.
(I’m kidding)

can I private message you?

Peppermint essential oil is good for GI upsets. I just rub three or four drops on my belly. Drinking aloe vera juice is good, too. Soothes the insides the same way it soothes irritated or burned skin.


Yes, 6th house sun at 0 Aries just squared – and both Mars and Venus opposed at 0 and 1 degrees Taurus at the same time. I am right with you re the Sat conjunct Chiron and squaring the Saturn/Neptune conj in my first house – and as I had mentioned upthread, I’ve been feeling these transits stirring in my guts – literally. I’ve also had transiting Chiron directly on 0-Aries natal sun. At 66, no doubt I have some clogged pipes and worn valves – but I continue to march. Sleep is fairly good on the whole. Meditation remains my sanctuary and has been since late teens.

Teresa, thank you for the peppermint oil and aloe-vera juice recommendation. How could those not be helpful, right?

Thanks all so very much for your kind care and suggestions. Much love and may we live and breathe into the higher dimensions and thrive on that very thin, rare air.

2020 tomorrow – incredible, huh? God bless us all.


I’ve liked Andrew yang since hearing him on Sam Harris over a year ago. Also Preet Brahara has had him on.

Finding it so hard to sleep on this second to last night of the year, also having some strange digestive issues, acid reflux literally waking me up

Happy new year to everyone.

My son’s 21st birthday is on January 13 th, he was born in 1999 around three pm. I hope that he will have a happy life , he’s a wonderful young man.

He and his friends give me hope for the next generation.

Love to all here, and thanks Nancy for all you do!
I feel that though i am basically an ignoramus when it comes to astrology, i learn much here and that you are all my comrade spirits ! Xoxo

Happy New Years to everyone (day early…!) Here’s to raising a toast for blessings to everyone on this blog in this new year.

Daughter and youngest grandson (nearly 13y.o.!) are back home, safe and sound. Prepping for a New Year’s night Watch Party for the new season of Dr. Who. This is gonna be one evening of pure fun with BFF’s, and am looking forward to spending time with them AND watching Dr. Who! (gryn)

I don’t know if this kosher… but I’m grasping for knowledge/relief right now. There are 2 issues that have been very negatively impacting my life for the past year. I need to see if there’s any let-up or advice in this new year. Just in case someone feels magnanimus and can see something quick and easy for the seeing…

Birthdate: 2/4/1956
Birthtime: 13:59 (1:59pm)
Birthplace: Lat 39:33n Long 95.07w

I have a natal chart, but no nothing beyond reading the basics and understanding the energies. But I really need to see if this chronic illness is going to let me have more good days in-between flares, and if I can ever get my stupid sleeping issue solved. IOW, health related issues… although the sleeping issue may just be my contrary circadian rhythm…

For all in this new year and beyond — “Live long and Prosper!”

Will, I found this woman to be very helpful with my health issues. Energy clearing and balancing with Judith Knight.



Thank you for Judith Knight – environmental toxins are certainly a factor as the practice offices were entirely remodeled, painted and new carpeting installed as of December 1. Timing is about right for onset of gut pain. I will make note of this.

Happy New Year!


Been away too long, but I will return in 2020!

Saturn-Pluto conjunction is coming, and I don’t want to miss the fun here mid-January!!!

Will, Krohn’s disease and colitis often have an onset that is both stress and environmental, like the chemicals in the office remodel you list, and the upheaval and stress of the office remodel. My sister had colitis and was given medicine she was allergic to, so please be transparent with your doctor about all the environmental and stress factors and all the medicines you are sensitive or allergic to. This sounds really serious.

Andrew Yang’s “cure” for Citizens United is Democracy Dollars. By giving every voter $100 Democracy Dollars every year to use for a campaign, candidate, or issue, it would wash out the billions of dollars in corporate PAC money. It would be a voucher you would use or lose. So, public funding of campaigns would mitigate the corporate funding of campaigns, and align the will of the people with the money. This is not new. Seattle has used the campaign successfully already, but locally.

BarbK: LOL!! You made my day! “Otherwise you are just getting old and falling apart.” You could not have said it better as the decades rush by for us retirees. (The youngsters can revel in their energy and health, assuming such good fortune is theirs.)

Part of it, imo, is simply the stress and onslaught of the news we are subjected to every day, although not taking away from the physical realities for a moment. I think we just “feel” the vibes more nowadays. Is that the Aquarian thing?

Whatever the universe has stored up for us in 2020, here’s wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

Wishing all a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Uh Oh – US Embassy in Baghdad stormed – trump blaming Iran.

This has for me been a decade of loss I am more than happy to see the back side of. Pluto has had a field day in my world with 10 deaths, that included my husband and my Mother, the diagnosis of a rare, untreatable and (so they say) fatal auto-immune disease. The 2017 August eclipse sat directly on my natal Sun/Pluto conjunction, and it appears every part of my chart (or unconscious me) wanted a reset. So 2020 and beyond is that for me, and for that opportunity I am extremely grateful.

I thank everyone here for your continued input, support and interaction. Thank you Nancy for keeping it going. This space and all of you mean the world to me. Happy. happy. happy next decade

For all the health issues, gut especially, this something I picked up from Lynn Koiner.
I have tried the exercises in the YouTube video and can say they work. The first two at least (gargling and gagging). Gut issues is one of the things I suffer from the most. And singing, who doesn’t like to sing… top of my lungs shower in the car also helps. I need to do it alone, because I can’t carry a tune, yet it always made me feel good and now I know why. Add some dance to it and woohoo, you’ll be smiling in no time.

Hope this helps.



Beowulfie, Chiro, Henri,

Many thanks for the feedback and suggestions.


No words for the level of loss and grief you have sustained. Peace and brighter days be upon you.

Wishing everyone here a very Happy New Year. Let’s hope for a positive reset after a difficult 2019, and strength, courage and hope for a brighter, better future going forward.

Andrew Yang has been denied request for additional state polls before next debate which means he won’t qualify to be in January debate. He’s going to need all of the planet alignment BarbK wrote about.

Happy New Year Everyone, another one bites the dust

2020 is here! I’m in the West in cold sometimes sunny California, bay area.

Thank you Nancy for your words of light, careful thought and talent. I am so fortunate to have found this site. Can’t wait til Jan 13 to see what happens.

– what will said.
words cannot fill your void, but virtual hugs and positive light are being sent your way. I can’t imagine the depth of your grief.

you never complain, guess we’re comfy enough in this community to share our moments of grief and down days. Its cold here, now waiting for 2020

how do I pvt msg you? Does this site allow members to do so? I have never PM’d anyone

Happy New Year to All!
Let us pray our insight and vision will be as clear and precise as our new year suggests. 2020 vision with no illusions, no delusions and clarity of purpose befitting our place in history. May you ALL have a happy, healthy, prosperous new year, all year long,

I like that Eliseo, 2020 vision . . . and on CNN they are calling it the Roaring 20’s; I like that too. The spirit is alive and well on this New Year’s Day, in the USA and around the world it would seem, in spite of all the drama and heartbreak we have endured.

There is the saying that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Believe it. We are evolving. These are growing pains.

Maybe it was the transiting Moon conjunct Neptune and now sextile Pluto and Saturn, but euphoria is a good way to start this year. Many thanks to Nancy and her years and years of providing an astrological tonic to clear our heads of confusion, and a place to call home. God bless us everyone.


“Let us pray our insight and vision will be as clear and precise as our new year suggests. 2020 vision with no illusions, no delusions and clarity of purpose befitting our place in history.”


May everyone have great goodness and love in their hearts and lives this year, on a daily basis. Breathe it in, relax in it. Love, Sharon

Will, Teresa,
Peppermint essential oil (check Vitacost as a source) helps to relax muscles (I suffer from severe and prolonged bouts of tetany, plus spasms.) Application allows Chiropractor to work and helps me on a many-times-daily basis.

I send wishes for clarity, strength and kindness, along with a good dose of loving oneself. We sound like Like Sleeping Beauty’s fairies–a good thing! 🙂 Happy New Year.

Personally, I feel our Am. “ship of state” has been headed in the wrong direction since sometime in the late 60’s or early 70’s, perhaps when LBJ lied us into the Vietnam war, (Gulf of Tonkin incident).

Intuitively, I think Mr. T is inadvertently reorienting our direction by demonstrating how NOT to govern, how NOT to be president. He is increasing our ethical awareness through his consistent, often illegal and blatantly anti-constitutional misbehavior. One result of his presidency I think will be the raising of ethical standards and expectations, not just for the person in the Oval Office, but for all elected and appointed government officials. In this sense and others I really do think we are improving and clarifying our collective vision.

And, if you follow what’s been happening with NASA, and general science news, you know we are on the precipice of some pretty astounding medical and scientific breakthroughs. Nixon did a great deal to kibosh NASA after we landed on the Moon in 69. Oddly, perhaps the ONLY thing Mr. T has done right is restore our commitment to human space exploration.
In the coming decade we will be roaring back to the moon, picking up our lunar mission where it left off in the 70’s, i.e. establishing lunar science stations in preparation for missions to Mars.

Another inadvertent gift from Mr. T is and will be backlash to Republican & Trumpist climate change denial. In the long run, Mr T and company will have screwed up so royally, we will elect alternative representatives who will address the problem as best they can.

Considering the coming Pluto and Uranus returns, and other major configurations, this decade will indeed be the “roaring 20’s” as we watch our astronauts roar back to the lunar surface and beyond. To paraphrase JFK at Rice University, We will do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard. We will do these things because they will bring out the best in us, will clarify and aim our highest spiritual and intellectual aspirations and abilities to the betterment of all mankind.

The ultimate reaction to Mr.T will be clear rejection of his philosophy and returning to our national and international dharma. That return began in November 2018, and will progress beyond 2030. I believe there will be ups and downs in the pattern, and quite likely some violent reactions. But the trend will be ever upward, bringing us to a higher plateau of deep self transcendence and spiritualized evolution.

I sympathize, empathize, and relate as much as another can to your losses. I too have lost many, but it was from May 2000 to present. Six of my closest friends, both parents, my brother in law to suicide, a fatal diagnosis for my wife, (she is still living) loss of our house to the 2008 recession, and getting stuck in SE Texas for over 5 years. 2019 was the year I finally got home to WA state. I’m hoping and working toward 2020 being the year I get my essays, poetry, research, and novels published. Most of all, I’m grateful to be home and in a safer place politically as I feel sure we will be experiencing some bizarre chaos caused by our Trumpist bretheren, though I believe they will gradually be vanquished.

All in all, I extend to you my deep condolences and prayers for better health and a happier experience of this new decade and beyond.

Yeah Mr E – I like that 2020 vision too.

LG, I don’t know how. Have never done it.

Excellent points you make Eliseo.

In 1965-66, between the assignation of JFK (’63) and RFK and MLK (’68), transiting Uranus and Pluto made 3 conjunctions in Virgo (the fixit sign), starting a new cycle. In each case transiting Neptune in Scorpio was sextile Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. This new cycle describes a turning point in US history where seeds of doubt about our government’s veracity began to grow within the “collective vision”.

Right now transiting Neptune (16+ Pisces) opposes those conjunctions of Uranus and Pluto in Virgo and trines its own position at that time in the mid ’60’s. Neptune is the stuff of lies. It is also the stuff of “show me” theater.

The present opposition of trans. Neptune to the Uranus-Pluto cycle starting point activates, in no small manner, the agenda of that cycle; outer planet stuff; generational in nature. People born around that time would be about 55 years old now, and transiting Neptune will be activating their own natal Neptune(s), and their natal Uranus and Pluto too.

These people, around 55 years old are particularly susceptible to doubts about politicians I would think. In the 2nd of 3 conjunctions that Uranus and Pluto made (April 4, 1966) these 2 planets which were sextile Neptune together formed a yod to transiting Mars (20+ Aries) which was conjunct the US natal Chiron. This trans. Mars was being forced to adjust from the pressure of the Neptune, Pluto, Uranus (each quincunx that Mars) that made up the rest of the Yod.

Hence, violence (trans. Mars) combined with US natal Chiron (wounding that teaches) is being consciously awakened right now by transiting Neptune opposite the start point of the Uranus-Pluto cycle.

Interestingly, in the chart for that particular conjunction of Uranus and Pluto on April 4, 1966, there was a conglomeration of planets in Pisces; Saturn and Mercury at 22+ Pisces, Chiron at 23+ Pisces and asteroid Pallas (warrior, strategist) at 21+ Pisces, all opposite the US natal Neptune (show time) at 22+ Virgo. On the other hand, trans. Neptune in this particular April 4, ’66 chart at 21+ Scorpio was trine (supportive) the Pisces stellium.

Based on this chart, one doesn’t have to ponder for long how transiting Neptune (activating the Uranus-Pluto thing) is poking a sore spot (US Chiron) in the US memory, unconscious though it may be. Trump’s natal Gemini Sun opposite his natal Sadge Moon forms a grand cross with the US natal Neptune in Virgo opposite the stellium in Pisces in this Uranus-Pluto chart. Difficult situations, these grand crosses create. Where to start?

Even more provocative is that the stellium of Saturn, Mercury, Chiron and Pallas in Pisces in the Uranus-Pluto cycle start chart (on April 4, 1966), a stellium that squares Trump’s natal Sun, will also sextile the Saturn-Pluto-Ceres in Capricorn conjunction, exact in in 11 days. These really are the days of miracles and wonders.

So, indeed the presidency of Trump has made conscious what’s right and what’s wrong with the US government; he has shown us, the People (US Moon) in the most dramatic of ways (Neptune combined with a lot of Trump Leo that opposes the US Moon) what has been broken or weakened or overlooked by the bureaucracy.

Trump’s Chiron conjuncts the US Saturn; he has wounded us and we have learned from it.

Trump’s Sun and Moon are “supportive” of the US Chiron, which is why he won the mid-west in all the swing states that were suffering, and that he needed to win. So, on the coasts where people were doing relatively well, he has wounded us, but in the Mid-West, South, and anti-establishment corners of the Coastal states, he is as popular as ever. I think that unless the country is united by a prescient leader who sees that central pain and unites the country by addressing it, Trump wins handily in 2020. Look at the transits on election night. Trump looks like he’s winning from what I can see, and there may be no one who can stop it.
Possibly Yang, but he may be a candidate for a future election. He has surprisingly good transits for the primaries.

Talsi Gebhart has raised a lot of money. Has anyone checked her chart? She would be the one Democrat for whom I could not vote.

LG/Bob – I believe the only way to message is by exchanging personal emails. either one of you post address here on the forum for the other to contact, or ask Nancy for contact info help, with the other person’s permission.

I’m in the Midwest and that child-man joker is doing nothing for us here but letting dumb vengeful victim types be… dumb vengeful victim types.

As has been said, DJT support is more than anything a case of people cutting off their noses to spite their own faces.

The whole “owning the libs” meme that victim-mode reactionary conservative types have allowed themselves to be so ginned up over, listening incessantly to talk radio and Faux Noise which only reinforce it.

DJT is their big F-U to the establishment, which they feel has abandoned them. Conservative media have painted Dems/liberals as the bad guys. The rub is that they are just running cover for the real bad guys—the corporate elites on Wall Street who put the screws to the Midwest years ago when they decided unions had too much power, workers were making too much money, and there was great bottom line-fattening opportunity for the elites to pack up and move the steel/rubber/glass/auto parts plants to the South and to Mexico.

DJT does nothing for people here. He never was going to, and never will.

There’s massive and often missed irony in the fact that this dolt portrays himself as some sort of CEO-king who can solve the problems largely perpetuated by other CEO-kings.

The alternate opportunity that has long been available is for people in this region (and throughout the US) to take responsibility, step into leadership and stop giving all of their power to Wall Street and a dysfunctional, corrupt political system. The corporations and Wall Street could have been put in their place long ago.


Birthdate: 2/4/1956
Birthtime: 13:59 (1:59pm)
Birthplace: Lat 39:33n Long 95.07w

City, state, country please

I’m all for putting corporations in there place. People don’t realize the power they have. Stop buying products that endorse what you don’t believe in.

Barb K. Do you see Trump “winning handily” on election night? Prof. Marc Bertonasco

Ooops! Assassination, not assignation; one ass short, my apologies.

Chiro, I don’t see Trump’s chart all that great on Election night; more difficult aspects than easy ones. Especially trans. Sun square his natal Pluto and trans. Mercury (stationing direct) square his Venus and Saturn (and US Mercury too). Neptune will square his Uranus and Venus will square his Mercury too.

There’s the possibility he won’t even still be in office by then. We will just have to wait for things to unfold. A lot can happen in a year, keep the faith.

No I don’t Professor.

In the alternate birth time for Trump’s birth, 9:51 AM instead of 10:54 AM, his MC would be 8+ Taurus, where transiting Uranus will be on election day in 2020. This would sextile US natal Ceres at 8+ Pisces, a symbol of Mother Nature and mothers in general, and women in general. Could there be some terrible weather in the US that day that prevents voter turn out? Hmmm.

Slightkc – “On the Atchison, Topeka, and the Santa Fe” that I rode as a boy.

Your current troubles probably stem from transiting Saturn and Pluto squaring your progressed Sun at 18°51’36” Aries and Mercury at 21°40’40” Aries.

kc, there are other stressful aspects but I am only listing those in the Cardinal signs by transiting Sun. Saturn, and Mars. Some will not reach exactness but may be experienced less intently.

Mar 1 2020 Sat Opp Ura 28°Cp13′ Tr-Sp
Mar 13 2020 Sat Sqr Nep 29°Cp20′ Tr-Sp
Mar 14 2020 Mar Sqr Sun 19°Cp04′ Tr-Sp
Mar 17 2020 Sat Opp Ura 29°Cp40′ Tr-Na
Mar 28 2020 Mar Opp Ura 28°Cp13′ Tr-Sp
Mar 29 2020 Mar Sqr Nep 29°Cp20′ Tr-Sp
Mar 30 2020 Mar Opp Ura 29°Cp40′ Tr-Na

Apr 8 2020 Sun Cnj Sun 19°Ar08′ Tr-Sp
Apr 17 2020 Sun Sqr Ura 28°Ar13′ Tr-Sp
Apr 18 2020 Sun Opp Nep 29°Ar20′ Tr-Sp
Apr 19 2020 Sun Sqr Ura 29°Ar40′ Tr-Na

Jul 6 2020 Sat Opp Ura 29°Cp40′ Tr-Na
Jul 11 2020 Sun Sqr Sun 19°Cn23′ Tr-Sp
Jul 11 2020 Sat Sqr Nep 29°Cp19′ Tr-Sp
Jul 20 2020 Sun Cnj Ura 28°Cn13′ Tr-Sp
Jul 21 2020 Sun Sqr Nep 29°Cn19′ Tr-Sp
Jul 21 2020 Sun Cnj Ura 29°Cn40′ Tr-Na
Jul 26 2020 Sat Opp Ura 28°Cp13′ Tr-Sp

Aug 3 2020 Mar Cnj Sun 19°Ar26′ Tr-Sp

Oct 12 2020 Sun Opp Sun 19°Li38′ Tr-Sp
Oct 18 2020 Mar Cnj Sun 19°Ar39′ Tr-Sp
Oct 20 2020 Sun Sqr Ura 28°Li13′ Tr-Sp
Oct 22 2020 Sun Cnj Nep 29°Li19′ Tr-Sp
Oct 22 2020 Sun Sqr Ura 29°Li40′ Tr-Na

Nov 28 2020 Sat Opp Ura 28°Cp13′ Tr-Sp

Dec 10 2020 Sat Sqr Nep 29°Cp19′ Tr-Sp
Dec 11 2020 Mar Cnj Sun 19°Ar47′ Tr-Sp
Dec 13 2020 Sat Opp Ura 29°Cp40′ Tr-Na

I also only listed the “Hard” aspects.

The heck with it. I am too tired to sort throught it. Here are all hard aspects to your natal and progressed points (Q2 Mean Quotidian angles) from transiting Saturn out for the next year.


slightkc – Natal Chart
Feb 4 1956, 1:59 pm, CST +6:00
Atchison KS, 39°N33’47”, 095°W07’17”

Selection: Transits Only – Hard Aspects (1 Year)

Jan 3 2020 Sat Sqr Mer 21°Cp42′ Tr-Sp

Jan 10 2020 Ura Sqr Asc 02°Ta39′ Tr-Sp
Jan 14 2020 Plu Sqr MC 22°Cp50′ Tr-Sp
Jan 14 2020 Sat Sqr MC 23°Cp01′ Tr-Sp
Jan 18 2020 Plu Opp EqA 22°Cp58′ Tr-Sp
Jan 23 2020 Ura Cnj MC 02°Ta43′ Tr-Sp

Feb 9 2020 Sat Cnj Mar 26°Cp04′ Tr-Sp

Mar 1 2020 Sat Opp Ura 28°Cp13′ Tr-Sp
Mar 3 2020 Sat Cnj Mer 28°Cp28′ Tr-Na
Mar 9 2020 Nep Opp Asc 18°Pi26′ Tr-Sp
Mar 11 2020 Nep Sqr MC 18°Pi31′ Tr-Sp
Mar 13 2020 Sat Sqr Nep 29°Cp20′ Tr-Sp
Mar 17 2020 Sat Opp Ura 29°Cp40′ Tr-Na
Mar 27 2020 Sat Sqr Nep 00°Aq25′ Tr-Na

Apr 20 2020 Plu Opp MC 24°Cp59′ Tr-Sp
Apr 24 2020 Plu Sqr Asc 25°Cp00′ Tr-Sp
Apr 27 2020 Sat Opp MC 01°Aq49′ Tr-Sp

May 2 2020 Ura Sqr MC 06°Ta59′ Tr-Sp
May 3 2020 Sat Sqr Asc 01°Aq55′ Tr-Sp
May 10 2020 Ura Opp Asc 07°Ta25′ Tr-Sp

Jun 14 2020 Nep Opp MC 20°Pi56′ Tr-Sp
Jun 25 2020 Sat Sqr Nep 00°Aq25′ Tr-Na

Jul 4 2020 Nep Sqr Asc 20°Pi56′ Tr-Sp
Jul 6 2020 Sat Opp Ura 29°Cp40′ Tr-Na
Jul 11 2020 Sat Sqr Nep 29°Cp19′ Tr-Sp
Jul 15 2020 Plu Sqr MC 23°Cp45′ Tr-Sp
Jul 20 2020 Sat Sqr MC 28°Cp41′ Tr-Sp
Jul 23 2020 Sat Cnj Mer 28°Cp28′ Tr-Na
Jul 26 2020 Sat Opp Ura 28°Cp13′ Tr-Sp
Jul 31 2020 Ura Opp MC 10°Ta36′ Tr-Sp

Aug 6 2020 Plu Cnj Asc 23°Cp13′ Tr-Sp
Aug 10 2020 Sat Cnj Asc 27°Cp11′ Tr-Sp
Aug 17 2020 Plu Sqr Mer 23°Cp00′ Tr-Sp
Aug 21 2020 Ura Sqr Asc 10°Ta41′ Tr-Sp
Aug 22 2020 Sat Cnj Mar 26°Cp24′ Tr-Sp

Sep 10 2020 Nep Sqr MC 19°Pi34′ Tr-Sp
Sep 15 2020 Nep Cnj Asc 19°Pi26′ Tr-Sp

Oct 5 2020 Plu Sqr Asc 22°Cp29′ Tr-Sp
Oct 7 2020 Sat Sqr Asc 25°Cp24′ Tr-Sp
Oct 16 2020 Plu Cnj MC 22°Cp31′ Tr-Sp
Oct 16 2020 Ura Cnj Asc 09°Ta16′ Tr-Sp
Oct 20 2020 Sat Cnj MC 25°Cp42′ Tr-Sp

Nov 2 2020 Ura Sqr MC 08°Ta36′ Tr-Sp
Nov 6 2020 Sat Cnj Mar 26°Cp32′ Tr-Sp
Nov 18 2020 Nep Sqr Asc 18°Pi12′ Tr-Sp
Nov 28 2020 Sat Opp Ura 28°Cp13′ Tr-Sp

Dec 1 2020 Sat Cnj Mer 28°Cp28′ Tr-Na
Dec 10 2020 Sat Sqr Nep 29°Cp19′ Tr-Sp
Dec 11 2020 Nep Cnj MC 18°Pi12′ Tr-Sp
Dec 13 2020 Sat Opp Ura 29°Cp40′ Tr-Na
Dec 15 2020 Plu Sqr Mer 23°Cp41′ Tr-Sp
Dec 20 2020 Sat Sqr Nep 00°Aq25′ Tr-Na
Dec 29 2020 Plu Opp Asc 24°Cp07′ Tr-Sp

*** END REPORT ***

…or it could be that mothers, and women voters, make the difference that finally gets this regime out of office for good.

That would be a welcome change.

Bless you Gina!

It is well known that Uranus is impossible to predict.

When Obama was first elected in 2008, the chart for Election Day had transiting URANUS at 18+ Pisces opposite Saturn at 18+ Virgo and sextile Jupiter at 17+ Capricorn (which was also trine Saturn in Virgo).

This Jupiter sextile Uranus on that 2008 Election Day formed a Yod with Obama’s natal chart descendant or 7th house cusp (house of partners and open enemies) at 18+ Leo. That meant that adjustments would be forced onto Obama’s partners or open enemies.

Opposite Obama’s 7th house cusp is his ascendant, 18+ Aquarius, where all the energies of the Election Day Yod would be forwarded (called a Boomerang), and we know the rest.

This coming election Day, 2020, has transiting NEPTUNE exactly where Uranus was on Election Day 2008, at 18+ Pisces. Both were or will be opposite the Uranus-Pluto conjunctions (16-17 in Virgo) back in the 60’s, but that’s another story. (The US Constitution birth chart has Venus at 16+ Virgo too, and Biden’s MC is at 16+ Virgo, FYI)

Back to Uranus and unpredictability. This election day Uranus at 8+ Taurus will sextile US natal Ceres in Pisces (and she squares US natal Uranus in Gemini and Biden’s Saturn). This trans. Uranus sextile US natal Ceres forms a Yod to transiting election day Venus (values) at 8+ Libra which will have to do some adjusting.

And she will be able to do that because this election day Venus squares Trump’s natal Mercury at 8+ Cancer, and there’s the rub. “Values” will trump Trump’s natal Mercury, the ruler of his Gemini Sun. She will also trine the US natal Uranus and Biden’s Saturn in Gemini. This will make Trump squirm and squirm, I betcha.

So, it is an indirect approach that transiting Uranus on Election Day uses; incorporating the help of transiting Neptune to echo his position (politics?) in the 2008 election, and as well, the help of US Ceres and transiting Venus to channel Obama’s success and defeat the Trump disease. But, like I say, Uranus is unpredictable.

However, I wholeheartedly agree, it could be the rise of mothers and women voters in general that turns this Neptune in Pisces tide. I also suspect Joe Biden will play a big part.

Happy new year to you too, Nancy!

I also wish 2020 vision to all Starlighters.

The two major conjunctions that bookend the year both hit my chart closely. The lunar eclipse at 20 Cap will exactly oppose my Sun. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will be exactly conjunct my natal Mercury at 0 Aquarius and nearly exactly natal Chiron at 28 Cap.

So my year started with a bang with my mother’s passing just after midnight on January 1 during the Moon-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. She had suffered from Parkinson’s for many years. She was my most difficult relationship but during 2019 we spent more time together than in my entire adult life, which allowed me to understand and forgive. I am very grateful for this opportunity.

I feel a sense of closure, of peace and of renewal. I will turn 65 on the 11th, and it feels like I am entering a new life and a new world.

Bob, I was looking back but unable to find your post about dates in January when the fuhrer is feeling the heat and may (God willing) resign. Can you please restate those dates.

Andre, So sorry for your loss. At the same time, the reconciliation and healing with your mother is beautiful. God’s energies work in mysterious ways (including through astrology) but they seem to work to create balance.

Happy early solar return and may you have many blessings.

There is So much going on in Capricorn and for the cardinal signs all of a sudden (well, not all of a sudden for most astrologers but as far as my awareness). May it all be for good, for the good of us all and for the world.

Teresa, still praying for your family and your daughter, and for all here and their loved ones who need it. May we all be uplifted into a realm of love and spirit.

Separately, the fires in Australia are absolutely heartbreaking, just as they were in California, and with all other natural catastrophes. The only thing I/we can do is pray and help by donating money. God Bless all who are being affected. God Bless the rescuers.

kiwi, I have heard that the smoke is affecting part of New Zealand.

From nyt’s

“Julián Castro, the former housing secretary who was the only Latino candidate in the Democratic primary, said Thursday he would end his bid for the presidency, capping a yearlong campaign where he struggled in polls but remained a policy pacesetter on immigration and fighting poverty.”



I am deeply sorry about your painful relationship with your mother. I wish you and her peace.

Raye Robertson begins her look at the astrology of impeachment (part 1) https://www.diaryofamundaneastrologer.net/2019/12/banging-solstice-gavel-astrology-of.html

I sorrow for you for the loss of your mother and for the difficulties you experienced with her. I’m glad you were able to make peace with her before she passed. That indeed was a true blessing.

My mother emotionally abandoned me when I was barely six years old, and the relationship never really improved. In order to avoid her true feelings, (she really hated me and all that I stood for politically, culturally, and philosophically) she consistently pretended I was someone else. Her odd pretense kept me confused for many years. Unfortunately, I was never able to make peace with her, and she died furious that she was dying, angry also with my brother and I that we had her placed where she needed to be, in a hospital.

Blessings and healing for you, your mother and your family. May you have a fruitful and happy 2020.

My “tRump Astrology and Info Posts” in the Astrology, Spirituality & Alternative Healing (Group) on Democratic Underground.


“In the end, the astrology of January 13, 2020, (short of 3 years into his term in office) will play out for tRump. That is some powerful astrology to have transiting Sun, Saturn, and Pluto in opposition to your natal Saturn on the same day.”

A response by me in that section:

“Last edited Sun Jan 13, 2019, 12:16 PM – Edit history (1)

I began posting about the January 2020 dates at least as early as February 2017.

Actually there is a series of dates in January of 2020 that show the black days for tRump and others, notably Mike Pence, tRump Jr and others. I simply chose the 13th as that is the day transit Sun conjoins transit Saturn and Pluto. The worst day in my progressed anlunar return chart (progressing the lunar returns my technique) for tRump is January 16th about 3:10 pm, EST. Later dates still in January and beyond for Jr. and others but there is a chance for Pence to possibly be removed days before tRump. That would mean Nancy Pelosi, or whoever is the Speaker of the House, becomes President.

For Pence: With the possibility that Trump could be impeached or like Nixon resign before that happens. Looking at Nov 3, 2020 it does not appear that Pence will even be running (thinking there would be more than 1 possible aspect to either his natal or progressed chart. Nothing close except for transit Neptune at 18°20′ Pisces square natal Sun (noon chart) 16°09′ Gemini. Could he have been driven from office before then or beaten in the primary races?”

Also in that section by me about the tRumps:

Hard transits to 2017 inauguration

When Dems Put DJT’s back against the wall

tRump crime family

1 year to go

Beginning on January 10, 2020, (the date of a lunar eclipse in the District of Columbia) tRump has a string of 7 consecutive bad days.

Thanks, Bob.

Wonder how tonight’s breaking news – the Iranian leader killed – will impact trump and the impeachment. Iran has a global terror network and their retaliation could be immense.

At the same time, Iraq is breaking apart.

Happy New Year Nancy and all Starlighters.. I don’t post often but so appreciate all of your great insights and astro wisdom… the dramatic developments in the news tonight of the US killing the 2nd most powerful person in the Iranian Govt has me thinking of the Jan Sat/Pluto dates and what awaits us with the Toddler-in-Chief and his own transits.

Bob, can’t wait for the 13th. I read your comments on DU.

Eliseo, I re-examined my mother’s chart today. She was a Libra with Scorpio rising, Saturn in Capricorn square Uranus in the 5th (I guess that’s where I fit in), and an 8th house Mars-Pluto-Jupiter triple conjunction in Cancer. And a Grand Square in cardinal signs. She was strong, resourceful and resilient but could be destructive. She had little affection or kindness and limited empathy. The current Saturn-Pluto conjunction is directly opposite her triple conjunction.

She had a dark side, was quite egocentric but also suffered greatly. She quoted Bette Davis, who said old age is not for sissies. I could admire her, but she was hard to love, although I did anyway.

Your mother sounds worse. Have you looked at her chart?

I, too, am worried about this situation with Iran, silcominc. I am beginning to think that Trump is getting himself in over his head and Iran’s retaliation will be part of those harsh oppositions to his venus/saturn conjunction (?)

Eliseo, I apologize if I’m out of line but I feel that I want to respond to what you wrote. What you went through sounds very painful. Many parents were/are very conventional and are scared by anything too liberal, different, creative, original. It sounds like she was very angry about any leanings you or your brother had in that direction (and probably other things) and it came out negatively. Possibly, she also had low self-esteem and worried what others thought but I guess that’s not much consolation for a child. May you also experience healing forgiveness.

Thank you all for your compassionate empathy. I am okay. When I add in the unrest/upset from what our country is going through it becomes harder to get to the other side.
My natal chart has Sun conjunction Pluto, square Saturn and opp. moon. So I have experience with forcing myself forward. So I will get past it.
We all will get to the other side of it. I am convinced that together we will make it better our own life’s and our country. We will not only get our country back but will create it in a way that this can not happen again. Of course I am listening to the reporting from Baghdad, so perhaps I am being slightly optimistic, but in spite of it all I am an optimist… it has always has worked for me. Peace and happiness to all, and thank you.

Interesting that not even Israel was willing to take this Soleimani guy down for fear of the ruthless retaliation from his vast number of loyalists.

I don’t like the Pentagon statement,

‘President took decisive action’ – that has stank on it.
Also Trump’s crowing, “I’m not going to let another Benghazi happen. How can we believe why anything this guy does is legitimate?

Dog, wagged. What’s the astrology behind this situation?

Obama had the opportunity to do this and withheld because of the inevitable situation that would develop.

We here know without a doubt that Trump did this horrific, reckless and stupid move to distract from the focus of the Impeachment.

I’m beginning to believe he plans to take us all down with him.

I think I have a noon chart for her. She was born May 7, 1929 in Indian Bayou, Louisiana, (nine miles from Rayne, LA.) Its been a very long time since I looked at it. I will soon re-examine.

You’re not out of line. You know me fairly well. I’ve long regarded you as a true friend. I admire your empathy and intuitive skills. You are an excellent complement to Myron’s mathematical, analytical orientation.

The most confusing thing to me growing up was my not realizing I was (emotionally)) an orphan, and my mother’s simultaneous denial as to who I was + her persistent pretense I was this fantasy fellow she made up.

My mother was pretty incompetent at just about everything and IMHO never should have had children.. The only thing she seemed good at was baking holiday cookies and treats. She was clueless as to how to raise boys, much less one as different as I was. She was old school Southern, i.e. anti-creative, and deeply anti-intellectual.

She hid her racism well, dutifully following my Dad’s non-racist creed until he died. She did not like thinking about anything substantive or controversial, was dogmatic about her Methodism, though we learned in the last couple of years of her life, she was secretly agnostic (though she did not know that word.)

She opposed me on just about everything, often in a passive aggressive way and frequently attempted to sabotage (sometimes successfully) whatever I was up too. She was very opposed to my attending college and adamantly, albeit passively opposed to my doing graduate work.

She was horrified I was drawn to public performance as an actor, a singer, a broadcaster, a public speaker. Every time I was in a play or had to deliver a speech she became a nervous, tearful wreck. She never attended any of those and disapproved of the awards I won in those venues, dismissing them as unimportant.

When I was bloody and beaten in my work in the civil rights movement in my teens, she ignored my injuries or minimized them. When I went vegetarian she hid bacon in my food. She disapproved of my various vocations, and professions, always disliking my ambition, discouraging me at every opportunity. She always insisted I should be a clerk in a small bookstore, but nothing more. I suppose, were she alive, she would be horrified to learn that in my latest iteration I’ve become a college professor!

I’ve forgiven her as much as I can, but i don’t want any contact with her in an afterlife life scenario, or in any future incarnations.

Over the decades I’ve reflected deeply as to the nature and workings of karma. In concert with my studies of the varying esoteric views of karma, my work with so many abused children in my former capacity as a mental health professional, and my own experience with my very odd parents, I’ve gradually concluded the conventional, accountant’s ledger understanding of karma is mostly wrong. I hope to one day harmonize a more spiral, cyclical view with good astrology, and epistemology. Perhaps when and if I do I’ll publish the tome. Perhaps not.


Happy New Year, Brother!

I agree with the assessment that Putin probably didn’t call this shot. Lay this incident at the feet of Trump and his own abject stupidity and arrogance.

Volumes have already been written about the man and his rank incompetence. The facts are fundamentally indisputable among all on this planet except his most mindless of mindless dittoheads. We have been racking up quite a tab for the denial of ruthless opportunists who should know better (McConnell, Murdoch, etc.) about the grave threat he poses to the future of the US and relative global-political stability for 3+ years now. Alas, there is still mucho dinero to be made.

Sooner or later, the bill for that tab was going to come due, however. With compound interest. Hello Saturn and Pluto.

The only questions that remain now are, 1) how are we going to pay it off? e.g. through the blood of American soldiers and even civilians through retaliatory acts of terrorism), and 2) how much longer before we take decisive action to remove Trump from office and toss him in prison without a key or Twitter for the rest of his wretched, sorry existence?


Where art thou? Happy New Year!

Happy new year to you, too, Will. Buckle up! This Saturn-Pluto conjunction looks like things might get as little, ahem, turbulent pretty soon.


I would love to hear your theory of karma.

Feel for all of you with mother issues. I’m so sick of mine. But I will tell you a funny story about how unaware we can be of our own issues.

I knew mine irritated me, but blamed myself for a lot of it. I’m a distancer, and I’m good at it. Plus everybody was always telling me how wonderful my mom was. Must just be me, right?

But I didn’t know how much I was dealing with my mother issues subconsciously and in a way that was much more public than I realized.

I’d written and published 10 books or so before someone pointed out to me that none of my heroines had mothers. They were all either dead or absent from their lives. (That was a revelation.)

I told myself I could write a main character with a normal mother. Got into my next book. My heroine has one lunch with her mother where she lays out the problems with the guy she’s in love with, and then the mother promptly leaves the country for an extended trip to Europe. Isn’t seen again for the entire book.

Gave up on trying to mask my mother issues in my books. But I highly recommend any kind of writing for working out your mother issues as best we can.

Forgot to add — the daughter is alive. High as could be on meth this afternoon when I saw her, but still alive.

And on 18 without her psych meds. Says she feels great, clear-headed without them, when she’s not high on meth.

It’s ugly here, and I fear it’s only going to get worse.

Teresa Hill,
I’m not sure my thoughts about karma will or will not be that valuable. I think I’ve probably done a better job of perceiving what is wrong with our various doctrines of karma, less so as to how it really works.

I’ve written songs, short stories and poetry, many of which are based on real events. I hope to finish at least one of my novels within 2020, one in which I’ve been planning and accumulated a great deal of research for the last 6 years. Most of my novels will be squarely within both the scifi & historical fiction genres simultaneously. I hope to publish my nonfiction on emotions this year as well, probably through Gonzaga University’s Journal of Hate Studies.

I have no idea how I’ll write the mother characters. LOL.

I pray your daughter will be free of her addictions asap and there will be peace in your family.

This Iran mess is extraordinarily more dangerous than most realize. Geographically, were we to war with Iran, it would be analogous to Russia warring against Mexico.

This may cause Trump’s removal. I’ve long been convinced Mr.T would cause a world war II level regional war in the middle east.

This assassination may have started it, but even the R’s in the Senate may realize the insane stupidity of our involvement in such a war. Further events may force the Senate to convict. I also suspect there will be additional articles of impeachment.

As the mid-east mess devolves, Americans won’t want us involved. We will withdraw, as the malignant mideast dogs of war are unleashed to eventually use tactical nukes upon one another. It won’t be a literal WWIII, in that it will be localized. But it will involve as great a loss of life or more than WWII.

Trump is supported by Fundamentalists & Evangelicals who are focused on the “end times” unfolding in the Mideast. In Iran the “Twelvers” & others hold similar beliefs, actually thinking they would survive a nuclear blast at ground zero. There is a great deal of self-fulfilling prophecy unfolding here, the result of centuries of fallacious, perverse apocalypticism.

IF the Iranians go tit for tat, Mr. Pence may be their next target.

I have a theory regarding the Iran-US upheaval, based on an astro event that took place a few hours before the December 21 Solstice (a period of influence that lasts until the March Equinox and will’s birthday!)

A new cycle began with the conjunction between Pallas (warrior strategist) and Mercury (thought/communicate) at 18 Sagittarius 36. This was one degree away from an exact opposition to Trump’s Uranus (unexpected, impulsive) at 17 Gemini 53, and just 2 degrees away from his South Node (thought & action that no longer serves growth and has become habitual) and his Moon (emotional, impulsive), both at 20+ Sagittarius. Transiting Pandora at 18+ Gemini was opposite trans. Mercury and Pallas. Need I say more?

This cycle will last about one year, ending mid January, 2021. Trump was desperate to get the news focus (Mercury) off his impeachment and he has succeeded.

Happy New Year Everyone and God bless America, really and sincerely. We will need it against this mad man.

Most of us know, Trump started this to save his own skin, or so he thinks. He for years predicted Pres. Obama would start a war with Iran to save his election. Now Trump is doing this in real time.

A happy, healthy, and safe and sane as possible year for everyone.


It seems to me that it’s not karma as currently thought of (retribution) that we experience. Instead it is the desire to experience situations from many different aspects so that we completely understand them. It’s about learning, not punishment. And, when we go through something unpleasant, it makes us better able to help others that may be going through something similar. If anything, I see karma as the desire to ‘balance’ our experiences.

For the first 20-25 years of my life, I often dreamed of being in a concentration camp. I was a male and I worked in some kind of factory – crawling through a network or pipes. I’m sometimes a slow learner but once I accepted that I had been in and died in a concentration camp, the dreams ceased. In other dreams I was in the inquisition, as a person that turned in others… not one of the good guys this time. And here I sit, this time around, an observer, unable to do much at all about the situation. As I look on all three lives, I see how I am balancing the experience. I can now understand how people can ‘let’ things like this happen simply because they don’t know anything else to do.

I believe that these experiences, our parents and the issues they had, are not mistakes but plans to learn and grow, and to balance us as souls.

I could go on and on since I’ve given this a lot of thought. Lucky you, I won’t. But I will add one thing that I’ve come to believe. Astrology is the map we use for this incarnation. It shows us timing and areas where we are attempting to grow. It is up to us what we learn from the situations we encounter. And Astrology is all about cycles that repeat. Meaning that situations repeat so that we have the opportunity to experience various aspects of an event.

Happy New Year folks. This one looks to be bumpy. I value this group and the discussion. Thank you Nancy for giving us this opportunity to share in a safe place.

CaseyM, what a remarkable comment you have provided us with; thank you. I disagree that you, “as an observer”, are “unable to do much at all about the situation.” I hope you will share more of your observations about life, karma and astrology or whatever; come back soon!

Happy New Years to All!

For a remarkable bit of tarot and intuitive prescience, check out Linda G in her Dec 31st youtube video (not the 2020 predictions video). About 1/3 of the way in, she discusses the Baghdad embassy incident and its fallout. Think she really nails it.

Ralfee Finn:

“Welcome to the first day of a new year and a new decade, each promising a dynamic (okay…wild) ride of personal and planetary transformation that challenges all of us to rise to the occasion of a new consciousness,”


“The assassination was the boldest U.S. act in confronting Iran since the 1979 revolution, tantamount to an act of war.”



“I’ve forgiven her as much as I can, but i don’t want any contact with her in an afterlife life scenario, or in any future incarnations. ”


Eliseo and Andre- Triple ditto…

Don’t know if this will go anywhere but hope it does. Of course, the diehard Trump people won’t believe it.


Pelosi said that Trump killed the general without Congressional authorization. Meanwhile, smug Lindsey announced he was briefed days ago. We have to get rid of these people. There will be a cooked up story as to why this attack happened but I now fear the safety of many.

Eliseo, Andre, Henri, I perceive that you are all in a good place in spite of the difficult experiences that I guess we all come here to go through. I am taking some spiritual courses. One point mentioned was that we don’t want to come back to earth but once we are here, we don’t want to leave. I am a believer in reincarnation and know of several of my past lives (I think, anyway).

May everyone be where they are supposed to and experience success and growth as we move forward, and may you publish as much of your work as possible, Eliseo. We must bless whatever you’ve gone through, as you’ve turned out to be an amazing human being — very empathetic, intelligent, accomplished, insightful, aware, with highly-developed communication skills.

Teresa, continued prayers for your daughter. I grieve for her confusion and ambivalence and what you are all going through. I’d like to say use tough love (which I am sure you do) and put your foot down. May God/Spirit/your and her guides guide you and speak to you in that still, small voice within.

For those who, like me, don’t routinely open links, the link above is to a tweet that states:

“BREAKING: A Deutsche Bank whistleblower has told the FBI that the Russian state-owned bank VTB underwrote Trump’s loans”

Sharon . .this one’s for you. The Mercury-Jupiter cycle that started yesterday at 7 Capricorn 03 was conjunct the trans. South Node at 8 Cap 23, and south nodes symbolize what behavior no longer serves growth, like war for example.

The chart for this 2+ year cycle, when set in Washington DC, has Jupiter-Mercury-South Node in the 10th house of reputation, or in this case, the outcome, along with Sun, Ceres, Saturn & Pluto, while the trans. Moon (the People) in the 12th house of confinement at 6+ Aries squares Jupiter, Mercury, SN. The people won’t be happy; they will rebel (Aries).

The North Node (opposite the South node), symbol of the path forward, at 8+ Cancer conjuncts Hades (hell) and Trump’s natal Mercury, both at 8+ Cancer. The Moon squares them too, a T-square, and the Ascendant of this chart at 8+ Aries opposite the Descendant (partner/open enemy) at 8+ Libra makes a grand cross with Mercury, Jupiter and the Nodes. This 2+ year cycle will be challenging – a walk through hell, to say the least.

Here’s my favorite though; Juno (partner) at 17+ Libra, in the sign of partnership, and in the 7th house of partners or open enemies, is conjunct Trump’s Jupiter, US progressed Mars, Putin’s Saturn and the US Constitution chart’s Neptune, all – ALL at 17+ Libra.

They all trine Pandora (as in Pandora’s box) at 16+ Gemini (conjunct Trump’s Uranus at 17+ Gemini) and Venus + Heracles (Hercules) both at 16+ Aquarius, creating a Grand Trine in the air signs (talk, tweet, airplane). It’s powerful, the stuff of grand trines.

Like all the recent cycle starts and New Moons and the Solstice, this Jupiter-Mercury cycle (about communication near and far) carries the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, which implies this cycle also carries the signature of transformation (read as evolution).

If you are here on Earth right now – yes you, you’re part of the program. We (in the US) must transform our country; its government, its institutions, its laws, its Constitution. Think beyond just the new President we elect this year; be brave; we are the chosen ones to make it happen. God bless us, everyone!

“It seems to me that it’s not karma as currently thought of (retribution) that we experience. Instead it is the desire to experience situations from many different aspects so that we completely understand them. It’s about learning, not punishment.”

I believe your concept is closer to the truth, though it may be too anthropomorphic. I think however it works must be in harmony with evolution.

I concluded long ago there are two very misleading words we need to cease using when talking about karma: “earn” & “choice”
I don’t think we earn anything in any conventional sense of the word. If there is any “earning” it is extremely slow.

Nor do we make choices, as though all the facts and circumstances are laid out before us in rational order. IF..IF there is any choosing, I think it would be more like choosing a parking space.

I think many somehow assume some greater degree of omniscience is available to us on the other side, but I don’t think we can know future behavior or events any more clearly “over there” than we do “here.” I don’t think we can accurately predict our parents behavior before we are born, or anyone else’s.

Among those who believe in dharma, karma, and reincarnation, I’ve often heard adults talking down to children or adolescents who’ve been abused and complained about their parents. “Well, you CHOSE your parents, you know.” In my view, it was just a way of blaming the victims for their parents bad behavior. I’ve worked with many abused children, doing what we could to share what healing was available in psychiatric hospitals. I don’t believe any of those children “chose” their fate, anymore than I would believe all those Jews and Gypsies and Slavs, and homosexuals “chose” to be victims of WWII Nazis.

At least to some degree, we have freewill. Yet I must qualify that. It is freewill mired in the muck of ignorance. Perpetrators and victims are real. Suffering is real, as are ALL our Joy’s and sorrows.

Some believe, karma is like a theatrical play, that we sign up for different parts, that we are MERELY “playing” roles. This is naive and romantic nonsense. Karma is not a game, but a deadly, sometimes vicious process akin to evolution. For good reason, Hindus call it samsara.

But the Jewish view is also correct, expressed best by former Dominican Matthew Fox. Life he says is an “Original Blessing.” The paradox continues.

Sharon K,
“Possibly, she also had low self-esteem and worried what others thought but I guess that’s not much consolation for a child. May you also experience healing forgiveness.”

You’re right. It wasn’t much consolation for a child. But ThankYou for your kind words.

Here is a very good article on the situation with Iran, from Canada’s CBC. In particular, the 11 minute interview that is included. It remains to be seen if things settle down or not.


Marjorie Orr:


Listen to this little radio interview (3 minutes) and weep:



Ahem, indeed. That we are made of cat-gut and rawhide. Gads

I do not know the exact time of the assassination. Maybe someone here does?


Glad to know your daughter is still with us. Hope she will choose to remain on this plane to discover what pain it is she so much wants to avoid working through. In the end, its always about some kind of unmanageable, unbearable pain. Once someone can manage to touch that wound and gain her trust, she’ll be on the path to healing.

I think Marjorie Orr probably gives an accurate picture of the U.S./Iraq situation, both politically and astrologically, as far as who Suleimani was, the kinds of things he does, and the probable, very harsh and painful consequences of this decision. The fact that Trump didn’t know who Suleimani was in 2015 is not that relevant – he was briefed on him. But Trump also did not make the decision alone. I read that it was debated for quite a while. There may have been intelligence about Suleimani concocting a situation that was more serious than we, the public, realize. Others in our government probably supported his assassination although, of course, Trump likes the role of being the “decider” as GW once said. That being said, the way this was handled sounds like a mistake of huge proportions and, I think, will be one of the things that brings Trump down, as Iraq did for GW. Trump prided himself in not starting a war, I believe, as this was part of the image of him cleaning the swamp, etc. I want to see what his base thinks now, with 3500 troops headed to the M-E and an, as yet, unknown amount of collateral damage.


Inuit mythology is particularly cruel and violent. A recurring theme is the child who becomes a shaman after having been torn from ordinary consciousness by the tragic loss of his parents, or by monstrous parents. It is not supposed to happen, therefore the explanation is on a higher plane.

In this view, bad or evil parents are actually agents of faster and deeper spiritual evolution.

Maybe Sedna, the Inuit goddess of the sea who guides humans from the deep after having been mutilated and thrown into the water by her father, is prominent in your chart.

Link to The Next Terror Attack by Psychic Violetta. Published on Mar 17, 2019.

At the 1:55 mark. Denver airport.

https://i.imgur.com/6IsBA0j.gif (January 10 Eclipse chart)


By: Bob on May 22nd, 2019 at 5:26 pm


“….A recurring theme is the child who becomes a shaman after having been torn from ordinary consciousness by the tragic loss of his parents, or by monstrous parents. It is not supposed to happen, therefore the explanation is on a higher plane.

In this view, bad or evil parents are actually agents of faster and deeper spiritual evolution.”

Voila! Tres sage!

The January eclipse in Denver besides having it’s Saturn and Pluto on the MC has it’s Mars/Neptune midpoint (terror) there also.


I like your idea of Karma very much.

Many times in dealing with my daughter, I keep thinking I’m living my mother’s life. My sister’s had a troubled life, and my mother’s spent a lot of time bailing her out of those problems. Taken her and her four children into her house for years while my sister got her nursing degree. Through two very bad marriages. Many impulsive decisions and leaving many jobs. Raising her teenage daughter and granddaughter. Giving her places to live.

And now here I am with a daughter who seems like she may never grow up and always need our help, after I watched my mother do the same and wondered so many times why she let my sister take advantage of her for so long.


She was off her antidepressant and antipsychotic for 19 days. Just started back on them. I’m thinking this is a very dangerous time for her with that long of a break and now restarting those meds.

Also wonder how long it will take to get to effective levels. Is it like starting from scratch again? She takes venlafaxine and aripiprazole.


Grief, she couldn’t have been on those medicines for long, huh? Hardly gave them a chance.

Well, hard to say how long before efficacy gains traction. Nonetheless, if she can manage to follow with that protocol and relapse, she should be feeling much, much better in maybe as little as ten days. No doubt she will get some much needed-rest in fairly short order which in and of itself can be quite restorative on many levels.

May Healing and loving intentions surround both of you.

Pardon me, meant to write -“and not relapse”

Watchyawannabet within a few days NYTimes or WAPost will publish proof 45’s claim Iran’s #2 presented an imminent danger was a bald faced lie?

My old visions astrology program won’t do Sedna. I’ll have to find another way.


No, she’s been on those two drugs for at least two years and been relatively stable for her. Just quit recently when a prescription ran out and she was doing too much meth to get to her appointment to get refills.

Bob, re your Denver comment … Might the angst apply also to Norad, or Peterson AFB – (just 1hr south), or even Pueblo’s army chemical storage facility? . . . . . .


Explosive report that Trump was beholden to Russia , it is no longer rumor. I hope the link works.

According to Forensic News, Trump’s loans from Deutsche Bank were underwritten by a Russian state-owned bank. That news reportedly comes from a whistleblower with access to documents from both Deutsche Bank and Russia’s state-owned VTB Bank. VTB Bank was also the proposed lender on the never-completed Trump Tower Moscow project.
The question of why Deutsche Bank would extend a series of huge loans to Trump has been dangling since before he ever announced his candidacy for president on a golden escalator ride. When Trump first went to Deutsche Bank, he was worse than broke. He had just finished bankrupting multiple casinos in New Jersey, and then had convinced investors to back a takeover of those casinos at a fraction of the original value. Then Trump deliberately allowed the investment group to go bankrupt so he could grab the whole deal himself at a fraction of what his investors had paid. Then he went bankrupt. Again

After this article was out, the website went down
due to a ‘glitch’.

re the current iranian situation – I have to wonder how the saudis are involved – did the “intel” come from them to get the us to do their dirty work?

Hi will,

Happy New Year. I’m nursing a bad cold and wondering if all those with mother issues here have Pisces moons…

Arbo, my son has a Pisces moon and I love him dearly!
Something I’d like to add to the mother discussion though: I used to have a difficult relation with my mom and in my early 20s the contact with her broke off. In the meantime I went through therapy and so did she. After a year and a half I got homesick and wrote to her, she came to visit me… since then the contact healed. Now, 30 years later, I just moved back in with her. She’s 91 now and has given me so much of value.
Just want to say in our case it was worth going through the problems, the arguments, the frustrations.
Yes I inherited some of her aspects. Like me she has Moon conjunct South Node conjunct Saturn and so had her mother. Something had to be done with that energy.
Fortunately my son doesn’t have this aspect!

Happy New Year!
Yes, I have a Pisces moon.

It could be a point within 2 degrees before or after that longitude kiwi. I just posted Violetta’s mention of her getting Denver.

I do think security at the airport would not be as strong as at NORAD. If there is a target around that longitude it would have to be one that would seem to match the drone attack in importance.

King Trump & His Court


There can be no doubt that the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn, along with the trans. South Node on Thursday that opposed Trump’s Mercury and the trans. North Node (+ trans. Hades), was the trigger for the assassination of Suleimani.

But I believe it was the Mercury-Pallas conjunction in Sagittarius 13 days earlier (which opposed Trump’s Uranus & trans. Pandora) that planted the seeds of that plot.

It is Pallas who strategizes, and along with Mercury the trickster, both of whom were sextile trans. Juno, ie. partner (Putin) in Libra, the plot was hatched.

By the time the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction took place this past Thursday, transiting Juno was exactly conjunct Trump’s Jupiter (+ US prog. Mars and Putin’s Saturn and the US Constitution Neptune). Timing is everything in love and war.

Trans. Juno (Putin in this case) was trine trans. Venus in Aquarius and trans. Pandora (+ Trump’s Uranus) in Gemini. It is obvious that this grand trine shows no sign of letting up; the “air” is charged with the feminine (emotion-laden) energy.

I say it will be cat-and-mouse for the rest of the year, when Mercury and Jupiter start their new cycle on January 11, 2021.


My Moon in Leo is conjunct Pluto and square Saturn and Dark Moon Lilith in Scorpio. It is also exactly sextile Neptune and inconjunct Chiron. A dark challenge with the tools for access to grace and redemption.

I also have Mars in Pisces, the nearest planet to my IC, sextile a Chiron in Capricorn-Mercury in Aquarius conjunction. Natal Mars was directly hit in the mid-Sixties by a Saturn-Chiron conjunction opposite the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo. That is when my mother separated from my kind but severely alcoholic father (an Aries also with Mars in Pisces), taking the children with her and her bitterness towards him. In her last year of life, she recognized she was bitter (and dismissive of sensitive men) because she was hurt by the man she loved.

Teresa Hill – I hope that idea of karma helps you deal with what you are going through. I can only imagine what it must be like. My son, who had suffered from severe depression and become an alcoholic unbeknownst to me, took is own life several years ago. The shock and pain was awful. I understand what you fear may happen. But I also have come to understand that his path was his path… and my path is to deal with what happened.

I don’t buy into the idea that you tell kids that it’s their ‘fault’ that they have awful parents. The idea is, there is a lesson here to learn. There is a reason you are here, let’s not waste it. I, for one, do not want to go through that again and my parents were both alcoholics.

I’m one of those people that wants things to make sense. The idea of a divine being willy nilly making some lives crap and others wonderful, just makes me crazy. There has to be a reason life treats some people so differently. I have to believe that or I’d go bonkers with the stuff that has happened and keeps happening in my life alone. Difficult situations are where we grow the most, they are what brings out the heroes among us. From a point of spiritual growth, they are the tough classes that, when passed, make us the proudest. However, we can fail the classes, that is always a risk. Personally, I want to get through these and never take them again.

So, for those who are going through tough times, I see them as heroes in the making, strong people who have chosen tough classes. I do my best to support them and share my own experience. Others may use reincarnation as a reason to condemn, just like modern christianity seems to have this idea that if God hasn’t blessed you with wealth, then you aren’t deserving. People can corrupt any system to their own benefit.

I am really worried about what is happening now on the world stage. I’ve felt that Christmas break was the last quiet period before things got over the top crazy. It seems that was right. I just hope we aren’t repeating the 30s and 40s with another world war. Is there a place where we can look at the transits and historical events when last these transit occurred so we can get a clue of what might be coming? I’m not an astrologer but I’m getting a clue about transits and what they cause.

Jose Becerra: Hierachical Democracy, Agni Yoga and the Plan ( Interesting talk on democracy; briefly states that it will be fought out in the United States.)

https://youtu.be/bOWtJcyt25M via @YouTube


“My son, who had suffered from severe depression and become an alcoholic unbeknownst to me, took is own life several years ago. The shock and pain was awful. I understand what you fear may happen. But I also have come to understand that his path was his path… and my path is to deal with what happened.”

So very sorry for your unimaginable sorrow, CaseyM. This was your dear son’s his path and his choice. Unfortunately, the choice our loved ones make often breaks our hearts as well. A Buddhist phrase comes to mind:

“We participate joyfully in the great sorrows of life.”

I’ve been hosting that same horrid “bad cold’ for two weeks; alas after tons of vitamin B-12, C and D and sleep, it morphed into a bilateral ear infection. I finally waved the white flag and got a course of Augmentin yesterday; I am feeling decidedly better this morning. Now the bug is eating the penicillin and not my inner-ear membrane.

Hope you feel better right away.

JoyAnnReid aired a clip of @barackobama addressing a group or the nation on the danger of ending the Iran Treaty as @realDonaldTrump hastily did. And, that it would increase the possibility of conflict and war! And now you see where we are.

New post up:


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