2nd Nov, 2019

Opposing the Blight

A cool, clean breeze has been flowing over the national psyche of late, helping to dispel the noxious fumes we have been subject to for years now. This fresh, bracing scent of health comes from those who stand for country over party, and for truth and patriotism and decency over the golden calf of self-interest to the exclusion of all else.

The latter reality, a poisonous blight on the national psyche which has been metastasizing for years, exists where financial gain and political power are the only currency. It finds its apotheosis in the presence of Donald Trump, but is in no way limited to his festering presence. The Republican Congressional men and women, who have sold their souls for the next election and their own self-promotion, contribute mightily to the virulent soul sickness of the nation. So, too, do the corporate overlords who are willing to poison the water, the air, and the land to maximize their bottom line. This spreading blight is the same whether the goal is financial, political, or personal. It is always about self-interest over the greater good and it is killing the country.

The recent revelation of the whistle-blower complaint, the Democratic House standing up for the country and the rule of law, and the testimony of career civil servants recognizing misconduct and speaking their truth despite the risks, reminds us of the cure. It remains to be seen if this fresh, clean wind will continue to strengthen and be sufficient to cleanse the air of a devastating national plague.

As predicted on this site, the protracted Saturn station from mid-July to late October has been devastating for Donald Trump. An historical and devastating impeachment probe was fully in gear by the end of this period.  Also predicted was the brief flurry of “winning” that came at the end of October, most notably when Jupiter crossed opposite to Trump’s Sun. This brought with it the great victory over Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, but any residual positive impact for Trump lasted barely a day, as the transit passed. Moreover, the reckless, grandiose attitude that sometimes comes with Jupiter could be clearly seen in the abhorrent press conference that followed Trump’s announcement of this military win.

We are now in a new phase of the story of Trump. The impeachment probe is official, with clearly enunciated rules of the road.  Essentially, he has been caught red-handed with his hand in the cookie jar. If the Democrats can keep their laser-like focus, how far will this go?

Astrologically, Trump’s progressed Midheaven (career) has just moved into a conjunction with his progressed Saturn (frustration, difficulty, contraction) as of November 1, 2019, continuing and strengthening through January 20, 2021. This takes place at 3Leo10 and will be triggered by a Neptune sesquiquadrate from February 3 to March 3, 2020, and from September 15 to December 6, 2020, as well as by transiting Saturn from January 9 to January 14, 2021. This stressful configuration that primarily impacts his reputation and career will frame events going forward, describing significant difficulties and demanding disciplined and restricted action.

More limited in scope, but an interesting tidbit, is the Mercury station that currently sits in square to Trump’s Mars (26Leo47) from October 26 to November 3, pointing to his fury at the current circumstances, as well as the feeling of being stuck with no recourse (Mercury station).

By mid-December and continuing through mid-January, Pluto will return to quincunx Trump’s Sun (22Gemini56), which will amp up the pressure and bring with it a feeling of a fight for survival. But the greatest stress will be unleashed in January 2020 when Saturn will join Pluto in the quincunx to Trump’s Sun from January 5 to 15, followed by their combined opposition to Trump’s Saturn  (23Cancer49) from January 13 through January 20, with Pluto continuing the opposition to Trump’s Saturn through February 14. This will be the beginning of an enormously intensified time of difficulty.  Moreover, we find from January 29 to February 9, that Saturn will make its first crossing opposite Trump’s Venus (25Cancer44). Thus, in summary, we see the period from January 5 to February 14 as dramatically devastating to the current resident of the Oval Office. It seems likely this period will include the trial in the Senate. Whether Trump will actually be convicted is unknown, but this crippling and traumatizing seven weeks seems likely to do permanent damage irrespective of the outcome in the Senate.

Despite a few periods when Jupiter offers Trump some respite and possibly short term successes, most notably with the quincunx to his Mars from April 13 to May 31, 2020, and from August 14 to September 30, 2020, with the Jupiter station quincunx his Uranus and square to his Jupiter, the predominant themes of 2020 come from several particularly onerous transits repeating during the year: Saturn opposite his Venus, Pluto opposite his Saturn, Neptune triggering the progressed Midheaven/Saturn conjunction, and Pluto quincunx the Sun. Combined, these point to diminishing support, deep frustration, intense power struggles, and enormous obstacles during what we hope will be Trump’s final year in office.

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Ka Boom! This blog should be fun as we chart the impeachment phase of the Yeti! More power to the people and the Rule of Law!!!

What’s not to love about this post? Nancy. it gladdens my heart to feel such a marvelous wave of schadenfreude and righteous vindication flowing from your pen. Notwithstanding the likely pain and sorrow the Saturn/Pluto conjunct will cause all of us to experience somewhere in our charts, if this transit is what is cosmically required to get our planet out of itsterrifying deathspin of the last three years, so be it. Thank you for Opposing the Blight!

“Republican Congressional men and women, who have sold their souls for the next election and their own self-promotion, contribute mightily to the virulent soul sickness of the nation. So, too, do the corporate overlords who are willing to poison the water, the air, and the land to maximize their bottom line.”

All things must pass. I strongly suspect the more difficult period is not the present one, but the post-trump period in which we must contend with the greed/power addictions and delusions of our Trump-head citizens.

These folks have journeyed to and dwelled in a toxic fantasyland for so very long. A highly skilled and gifted therapist might be the most appropriate choice for a future president to guide them out of their angry delusions and addictions into some small measure of self transcendence.

The worst tragedy out of those presently manifesting and beyond, would be the trump-heads becoming a permanent fixture within our body politic and national psyche.

Thank you, Nancy. I hope you had a good time in Oregon, where I grew up.

How can we heal this “toxic fantasyland”

About Trump now claiming he’s a Florida resident — seen speculation about different reasons, but this one has me wondering if on some level either Trump knows how precarious his position is or someone close to him, who he’s actually listening to, does.

Here’s a Florida attorney who believes Trump’s change of residency is about bankruptcy law — most states allow you to keep your primary residence if you declare bankruptcy up tp a certain limit, say around $300,000, if it’s paid for.

But Florida places no monetary limit on your primary residence’s home. So you could own a place like Mar-A-Lago and keep it.

Maybe Trump’s thinking he’ll need to retreat to Florida and shelter as much money as he can in Mar-A-Lago’s Value.

Thank you Nancy!

Another good piece Nancy.

How rare is a conjunction of Saturn and Pluto?

There will have been only 13 in the 220 years from January 1, 1800, through January 12, 2020. That’s an average of 1 every 17 years.
But the last one will have been 37 years before and the next one will be 33 years away. Only once in 70 years. Rare enough? There will not have been, nor will there be, any other conjunctions of Saturn to Pluto during tRump’s term. The only one that does occur happens to be opposite his natal Saturn. It is the rarity and the fact that it is the only direct aspect to a major difficult significator in his chart by 2 powerful transiting difficult significators that I chose the date it is joined by the transiting Sun as when I see the end of his term for all intents and purposes.

Saturn conjunct Pluto from January 1, 1800, through January 1, 2025, (225 years) and beyond to 2055.

May 4 1819 NS Sat Cnj Plu 27°Pi04′
Oct 5 1819 NS Sat Cnj Plu 26°Pi14′
Jan 11 1820 NS Sat Cnj Plu 25°Pi42′
Jun 6 1851 NS Sat Cnj Plu 00°Ta20′
Nov 11 1851 NS Sat Cnj Plu 29°Ar29′
Feb 9 1852 NS Sat Cnj Plu 28°Ar59′
May 22 1883 NS Sat Cnj Plu 29°Ta46′
Oct 4 1914 Sat Cnj Plu 02°Cn14′
Nov 1 1914 Sat Cnj Plu 02°Cn04′
May 19 1915 Sat Cnj Plu 00°Cn54′
Aug 10 1947 Sat Cnj Plu 13°Le07′
Nov 7 1982 Sat Cnj Plu 27°Li36′
Jan 12 2020 Sat Cnj Plu 22°Cp47′

Jun 15 2053 Sat Cnj Plu 14°Pi30′
Jul 10 2053 Sat Cnj Plu 14°Pi22′
Feb 2 2054 Sat Cnj Plu 13°Pi13′

Today’s article about Trump’s Twitter account in the NYT reflects the current Mars-Pluto square. This account is used to serve the power of hate and aggression.


Next year’s prolonged Pluto opposition to Trump’s Venus-Saturn conjunction will also oppose the US Mercury. I am guessing Twitter will find the fortitude to close his account to great howls of outrage by those who drank the Kool-Aid.

Thanks again Nancy for bucking up our visions for the coming period of time.

Teresa, re bankruptcy: maralargo is also run as a business. I would think that would surely put a hamper on that being his residence exemption.

Design fail on trumps very secure, very big and beautiful wall: people are using tools to cut steel& concrete and get thru. Yet another blow to his ego?

Starlight, this post was so important I linked it to the Washington Post’s comments section. I got one hostile response (only one, to which I reacted appropriately) and 8 likes. Maybe someone learned something.


You’re right. He can’t exempt commercial property. So he’d have to carve out the house party only or he could buy a different house and claim it as his primary residence.

But they key is, it could be worth millions and be protected from bankruptcy if he lives in Florida.

Kept reading — also, Florida has no estate tax.

One way to handle that property is to convert it into a condo development. Instead of selling rooms, he creates condos out of the property and sells units to members.

I read about a tower in Miami that he owns that he has sold units to Russian oligarchs which are mostly empty. As long as it is zoned residential, there is no requirement that the units be in constant inhabitation or use. That will probably never change in Florida, either. Changes would make a lot of vacation homes, time shares, and summer cottages illegal. Not to mention the luxury of having a second home.

Remember Mar-A-Lago was previously a private mansion, converted into a Trumpian clubhouse. Reconverting it to private housing wouldn’t be that hard to do, and turning it into condos wouldn’t be that much harder.

And a place like Mar-A-Lago would have a huge buffer zone of lawns and upper class residences, where things could be more fenced to keep protestors out.
His tower in NYC is right on a busy street where there really would be no way in a post-presidency would to keep people off the sidewalk.

He would be largely trapped in his golden tower.

Hopefully this works:

Barb K. Thank you for your illuminating response! Professor Marc Bertonasco

Face it, Trump will not be removed from office. The US chart is much too high-strung in 2020 for him to leave. It will be a very vicious election campaign.

Thank you, Nancy! Another wonderful piece.

Why do I get the feeling that Trump is preparing to vacate the White House somehow? Whether he resigns or not is one thing, but somehow I get the feeling he’s ready to move out. Can they make him spend any time in the White House?

I’ve been feeling that cool breeze too, and not a moment too soon. Thank you Nancy for the rundown of upcoming aspects to Trump’s chart, especially those quincunxes. He’ll be twisting and turning like a wind chime in a wind storm from all the adjusting they will require from him.

The date for the beginning of World War 2, September 3, 1939, has 2 patterns that intrigue me;

1. A grand trine in earth signs between Uranus (21 Taurus 57 rx), Neptune (22 Virgo 34), Mars 24 Capricorn 41). The Uranus in the WW2 chart is conjunct the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s start degree that began in 2000.

The Neptune in the WW2 chart is conjunct the Neptune in the US natal chart, and the Mars in the WW2 chart is conjunct the Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12, 2020.

2. A T-square in the WW2 chart between the North Node (0 Scorpio 16) opposite the South Node (0 Taurus 16) as well as Hitler’s natal Sun (0+ Taurus) + WW2 Saturn (0 Taurus 54 rx) + WW2 centaur Nessus, symbol of abuse of power, (1 Taurus 30 rx) is T-squared by Pluto (2 Leo 08)

If Trump’s progressed MC and progressed Saturn are at 3+ Leo then they have recently been conjunct the WW2 Pluto at 2+ Leo and transiting Uranus has been square (2 and 3 Taurus) them, and will do so again in December in rx direction and again in February-March 2020 in direct motion.

We seem to be in a negative vibration climate that echoes that of World War 2 in certain ways, and it is world wide. So far we have not exterminated a race of people, but the intent is there. What goes around, comes around.

PS: most charts for WW2 are dated Sept. 1, 1939, when Germany invaded Poland, but it was Sept. 3 when France and England declared war on Germany. The planets I mention above did not change degrees in those 2 days.

Barbk – at the start of ww2 there was a faction in the usa that was pro german – I think the same threads of white supremacy/big business fascism we see today. As I understand it some usa banks were helping finance Hitlers war. So how might that fit with the patterns you see?
USA only officially entered the war after Japan bombed HI in dec 41. However, USA Military helped the UK from iceland from June 41.

Thanks Nancy for your wonderful post.

If all goes well, by my calculations The Blob will have lost most support of his so-called loyal Senate by Feb. 17th, 2020. the lunar return for that date is fraught with 7th house open enemies opposing his natal Saturn/Venus conjunction. The Sun in the 9th of higher courts sits at 28 Aquarius which opposes his natal ascendant.

It occurs to me that the intensified “blight” may relate to Pluto going through the US 2nd house and build until the Pluto return, circa late 2022. That 2nd house Pluto natally is about greed and grasping for more and more wealth.

All those January planets also hit the US 2nd house Pluto opposite the US 8th house Mercury. This implies big economic strain in the US that directly and negatively impacts Trump.

This is what we can expect this week in the Impeachment Inquiry.

Congress will be on a weeklong break, but the committees and staff conducting the investigation will continue interviewing a number of important witnesses, making next week a crucial phase before public hearings begin.
Monday is a busy day, with investigators scheduled to talk to Robert Blair, an aide to Mick Mulvaney, the acting chief of staff. They’re also supposed to talk to John Eisenberg, the top lawyer on the National Security Council, and his deputy, Michael Ellis.
On Tuesday, a White House budget official, Michael Duffey, is scheduled to testify; on Wednesday, investigators want to talk to T. Ulrich Brechbuhl, a State Department adviser close to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.
On Thursday — and this is a big one — it could be John Bolton’s turn. The former national security adviser would be the closest person to President Trump to testify. Multiple witnesses have said he objected to the president’s dealings with Ukraine. But his lawyer said he would not appear voluntarily, and it’s not clear how he will respond to a subpoena.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed about Bolton.


“All those January planets also hit the US 2nd house Pluto opposite the US 8th house Mercury. This implies big economic strain in the US that directly and negatively impacts Trump.”

We can hope this won’t somehow turn out in his favor if Americans blame the Trump Impeachment as the cause of the economic meltdown/contraction. It would be just his stupid luck for it to work for him and the Rethugs.

From the Washington Post – ABC Poll:

(If it matters yet)

Democrats see former vice president Joe Biden as the strongest leader among the top candidates and also say he has the best chance of defeating President Trump. But he holds no advantage on five other attributes, including policy issues, bringing needed change and being mentally sharp. He remains atop the field, with Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) trailing, Warren within the margin of error.

Meanwhile, the poll finds significant concerns about Sanders’s fitness in the wake of his heart attack last month, with more than 4 in 10 Democrats saying he is not in good enough health to serve as president.

Barr has asked the British intelligence service to disprove the Mueller report and the whole idea of Russian interference in 2016. The British are astonished:

“And the information being requested has left allies astonished. One British official with knowledge of Barr’s wish list presented to London commented that “it is like nothing we have come across before, they are basically asking, in quite robust terms, for help in doing a hatchet job on their own intelligence services”.


Will, that might be what Prof. B’s noting of transiting Pluto and Saturn trine Trump’s MC is about, at least in part; Trump die-hard supporters COULD see an economic downward turn as a result of Trump’s being investigated and/or impeached.

Nancy, I think you are right that the transit of Pluto in the US 2nd house is about greed and self-interest being exposed (and transformed). Thanks for noting that. We as a nation have, for many decades, put material possessions above all other values. It isn’t just about politicians and corporate leaders who have lost their way though, the majority of us need to reassess our values.

ja, thanks for the rundown this week. Add that the Kentucky voters on Tuesday might ditch Mitch. It’s close.

kiwi, that sounds about right; white supremacy springing from pro nazism. Having a Neptune Return that was trine transiting Uranus, put the US in a position to be persuaded – when the time was right – to join the war.

On Pearl Harbor Day (Dec. 7, 1941) the Sun in Sagittarius was trine Mars in Aries and trine Chiron in Leo. Trans. Pluto at 5+ Leo was conjunct the US natal North Node.

Trans. Saturn on that day was at 23+ Taurus retrograde and trine the US natal Neptune. Trans. Uranus (need to be free) at 27+ Taurus rx was trine the US natal Pluto and square the US natal Moon.

Neptune can symbolize the ultimate in compassion and sacrifice as well as complete madness. Eighty years ago at the start of WW2 trans. Neptune was trine trans. Mars and trine trans. Uranus and conjunct the US natal Neptune. We are still evolving, but it is accelerating now.


I don’t think national polls mean much. Remember how much Iowa can shake up the race? Obama wasn’t supposed to have a chance against Hillary until he shocked the country by winning Iowa, and then the question became, what’s wrong with Hillary that she didn’t win?

It’s not fair, but Iowa matters, and I do think they take their role seriously in meeting, listening to and evaluating candidates personally the way no other state does.

Biden, as likable as he is, will not hold up well under that close scrutiny I believe. The gaffes will hurt him. He’s not as sharp as he used to be in recent interviews I’ve seen. And they gaffes will remind people of Trump. We’re looking for an anti-Trump. Bernie’s heart attack, too, will remind voters of Biden’s age.

Also, the most recent poll of Iowa showed to-thirds of voters there have not made up their minds about who they’ll support.

It occurs to me that curtailment of the military industrial for profit entities may contribute to financial contraction. General consensus from this part of the world is that america needs wars to boost their economy

Will: re the economic downturn, it has been happening for awhile. tRump may try to spin it as cause and effect. I think he already tried that when the markets were down either the day of or the day after the impeachment vote. I am hoping the people who are most affected by the downturn, a lot of whom are his supporters, will be able to see through it. I live in one of the trumpistans, and my son-in-law works in a factory where business has slowed down significantly for the past year.
They had a week’s shutdown a couple of weeks ago. The majority of people my son in law works with are tRump supporters, but I hope that they will see through this, and know that the shutdown/downturn in their business is due to policies (if you can even call them that) of this administration. At tax time, there were a few awakenings when they saw their refunds vaporize. So I think they are on the way to realizing how badly they were deceived.

Ran through my regular readers so decided to check this one out. Some F bombs.

Mitch is Hiding Something… plus Brexit, General Election, Impeachment! If she is right tRump leaves, GOP dies.

Does anyone know what kind of track record she has?


He’s not my first choice to be the next president, but it seems to me that Buttigieg has the right age (not too old, not too young), is progressive enough (he’s a gay guy married to a man), but conservative enough (he challenges Warren’s plans and he’s not a woman) and has a well modulated voice and is a Democrat.

It seems unfair to call him a middle-of-the-road kind of a guy, but he could appeal to the variety of factions within the voting public (18 to 20 year olds would probably come out to vote for him). What do you think? Too safe? Not safe enough?

2020 Democratic National Convention will be July 13 – 16 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 9 months, 10 days from now.

2020 Republican National Convention to be held in Charlotte, North Carolina from August 24 – 27. 10 months, 3 weeks from now.

Barbk, I know you know how I feel about Biden, but Buttigieg would definitely be my second choice for President.

I want to see how Amy Klobuchar comes out of Iowa.
Has anyone looked at her chart?


“Will, that might be what Prof. B’s noting of transiting Pluto and Saturn trine Trump’s MC is about, at least in part”

Roger that.

Julie Duggan,

So sorry you are living amidst them. Let’s hope for the best possible outcomes for all of us.

Barb… in your post earlier today, you said –

…We as a nation have, for many decades, put material possessions above all other values….

Just last night hubby and I were talking about the “American Dream.” Hubby says it was always a myth; I disagreed… saying it was an outgrowth of the end of WWII. Regardless, we both agreed it’s where we thought rampant consumerism got its start.

We both agree all anyone really needs is enough to make sure bills are paid, they can take a vacation or two thru the year, and they can help their children to a better future than they had. At that point I gave him a kicker — if you stop and think about it — that’s what -EVERYONE- in the world wants. At least, all of us plebes. Enough to have a decent life that allows for fun, family, and, as hubby remarked, study and growth for the individual.

We’re both Aquarians. Sounds like it, too… doesn’t it? (LOL)

Kiwi… you said –

…General consensus from this part of the world is that america needs wars to boost their economy…

As a former part of that Defense Industrial Complex (as a soldier, then a contractor, then a DoD civilian), I’m so hoping this is one of the few institutions that gets torn down a peg or 3 with the turning of the generational planets.

What a wonderful part of the Age of Aquarius if the DIC (goddess.. I just saw that.. it even spells testosterone!) anyway, if more female leadership could turn the DIC into the Department of Peace and Exploration. Ramp up Nasa. Ramp up the CDC and NIH. Stop Monsanto focusing on profits and actually proving their genetic modifications are safe and efficacious to a growing hungry, desiccated world. Turn the money and labor of carbon-based fuels towards new, greener, workable ideas and get the money to the people for incentives. Make the whole world part of the solutions — not just part of the problems! That’s a good role for the U.N. If the U.S. wants to lead, THIS would allow it to redeem its reputation and actually become the first among equals in salvaging what the era of Viet Nam, Yuppies, and “Greed is Good” left us… and maybe make all the fear, heartache, and pain we’ve endured since 2000 worth it.

I’m assuming your summers are pretty bad on the people, animals, and land. What might it be like if our countries could work together to heal what we can heal, and make workarounds of what we can’t? Much better than all the countries dividing up between “Axis” and “Allies” to make war and raping the last of Mother Earth. Apocrypha be damned!

And yes, I still have a pair of rose-colored glasses from the 1960’s in my “memory box!”

Eliseo… sorry I haven’t answered email. Mom’s back to living with us for the time being. We’re looking for a facility with a “memory care” unit close to us. Ain’t easy in the middle of nowhere! (gryn)

I also tripped over my little Japanese Bobtail cat almost two weeks ago now. Fell and fractured my hip, which thru me into the mother of all lupus flares. Guess I should stay as inebriated on the mead as when I fell at the backdoor, eh? Makes landing a lot less painful and bone breaking! (LOL)

NewsScope for November 4, 2019
By Michael O’Reilly


All… apologize for the non-political, non-astrological message.

Candles and prayers would be welcome right now, if I may be so bold to ask… as I try to still caretake Mom on a fractured hip. I’m kinda at the point where I’m hollering “Lord, grant me strength and patience… and I want it NOW!” LOL

My apologies, I was wrong about Mitch McConnell being on the Kentucky ballot Tuesday. Wonder why I’m seeing so many commercials about him when his term isn’t up until 2020?

Slightkc . . you made me laugh out loud (DIC spells testosterone!)

barbk, Mayor Pete is very white. He has a cerebral attitude about white privilege, but little understanding of actual people of color, their experiences or their issues. He has almost no support from blacks or other people of color in polling or endorsements. Enthusiastic black voters, especially black women, will be necessary for a Democrat to win. Pete’s a quick study and I think he will do well in 2024 or later. He’s not ready now.

Yeah TJ, there’s that. Still, he might make a good backup man (VP). Thanks!

Let it be.

Possible capitulation by trump on the 17th (on the QT) when he contacts madam Speaker to offer her a deal (his resignation) following the next 2 weeks of testimonies. Details needing to be worked out will delay announcement.


The date could be the 18th.

“Roger Stone heads to trial this week in federal court, where prosecutors plan to dive back into an episode of political chicanery, alleged lies and conspiratorial texts that parallels the nascent impeachment inquiry into his longtime friend President Trump.”


“When Trump first decided to sell Javelins missiles to Ukraine in 2018, it was immediately followed by Ukraine ending their investigations of Manafort, stopping cooperation with Mueller and allowing Kilimnik to flee to Russia. What a weird “coincidence.”


The Russian flag now flies above the US military base in northern Syria. So much winning. #MRGA


slightkc “if more female leadership could turn the DIC into the Department of Peace and Exploration”
Amen to that !!!!!

Bob, are you referring to the 18th of this month?

slightkc – so sorry to hear of your body challenges. May you get relief and healing soon. Blessings

Mayor Pete is looking better all the time. I don’t think African Americans dislike him, I think they need to get to know him.

given her role, this is a bit worrying

I really like Mayor Pete – so refreshing to listen to someone so smart

slightkc – it can’t be easy at all to have a fractured hip and be responsible for your mom’s care. God Bless You & your great Aquarius sense of humor, perceptiveness, and big heart and mind. Sending you lots of healing love and light & putting you on my prayer list.

I see what you mean, kiwi. But Nancy is only 1 person — 1 person who is handling things really well (I can imagine the stress she’s under)…she’s been a great leader and I have to assume that many supporters in government and otherwise who will rise up and step in and buoy her during the challenges ahead. We, the people, can only do our best. I can’t imagine Trump will prevail, but there are definitely challenges coming from the Republicans and his staunchest supporters but, hopefully, no triumphs. Then again, could the pressures and angst be caused by her stepping into the role of president?


Yes, if the calculations and time of birth are correct, Speaker Pelosi appears to have significant challenges. However, a post by Morris on star forecast indicates that her chart was rectified placing Scorpio vs. Gemini as her ascendant. That’s quite a dramatic rectification. I wonder which chart is accurate.

When transiting Uranus stations direct on January 10th, just hours after a Full Moon (lunar) eclipse in Cancer that will be square the US natal Chiron in Aries, an eclipse that precedes the Saturn-Pluto + Ceres + Sun + Mercury conjunction in Capricorn on January 12th, that same transiting “stationing direct” Uranus at 2+ Taurus will be within orb of a conjunction to the US PROGRESSED Venus at 29 Aries-0 Taurus (a critical/decisive degree).

I find this compelling because:
1. Uranus will be powerful (due to it’s station) at the time of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, and . .

2. the lunar eclipse (something hidden will be exposed) is in effect at the time the Saturn-Pluto 30+ year cycle start, and . .

3. the powerful transiting Uranus (abrupt and unexpected change) is very close to the US progressed Venus which symbolizes the changing values of the US, so . .

4. the lunar eclipse in Cancer which is essentially opposes the Capricorn stellium and that same eclipse squares the US Chiron (wound that leads to healing) making a T-square (challenge) that then becomes a grand cross when the US natal Juno (the lessser partner and defender of the disenfranchised), she who opposes the US natal Chiron, is included.

All this will take time to unpack, but what intrigues me most is the trans. (stationing direct) Uranus that conjuncts the progressed US values (Venus) which must mean radical and/or unexpected changes in the US values will be associated with this long Saturn-Pluto cycle (+ Sun, aka consciousness, and + Ceres, aka climate change,and + Mercury, aka how we think and communicate).

Something of an emotional nature (eclipsed Moon) will trigger these drastic changes in values in the US populace (trans. Uranus conjunct US prog. Venus) while transiting Neptune in Pisces will be just 2 degrees from the US PROGRESSED Sun in Pisces that trines the US NATAL Sun in Cancer. All this becomes part of the next Saturn-Pluto cycle that is a component of the remarkable evolutionary changes the planet Earth is going through.

This month Sharon. Announcement (but not of finalized deal) could be something to give thanks for on one of the 3 days before turkey day or on the day itself.

kc, offered prayers for you and your mother.

By: Bob on October 4th, 2019, at 7:10 pm.

“A string of dates, a string of dates , a string, string, string, string, string of dates, la, la, la, la, la…”

I am also being affected by planetary placements with a very good looking chart on one day being replaced by a very negative looking one the next day. Had me hesitating to post regarding this month.

Sharon k,

That is what I thought when I read Marjorie Orr, the pressures of the presidency on Nancy.

Bob, re Trump making a deal to exit the presidency, one of the things I was just worrying about is him making a deal to finish his term but being replaced on the Republican ticket, then jumping in as a third-party candidate at the last minute. As I write that it seems ridiculous, but I am worried that he will break any deal he strikes.


Actually, Trump not running as a Republican but as a third party candidate would be wonderful. The Republican vote would be totally split, and the Democrats could nominate someone whose only higher office so far was being elected Dog Catcher in some small city some when, and he or she would win handily.

Not intending to diss dog catchers, and the Democrats currently running are for the most part good, qualified people almost any of whom would be a good President.

We already know that Trump cannot possibly be trusted, least of all to keep his word.

I do wish the astrologers here would start taking a close look at charts for January 2021.

Elisabeth Grace today:

“The Mars-Pluto square is activating the 19 degree Cancer Ascendant of P45 Jr. Of course he’d be hawking “Triggered,” which is a book with his name on the cover. Mars rules his Midheaven (career/public status). Expansive efforts to satisfy his Virgo Moon’s need to “make things right” are reflected by transiting Jupiter square the Moon and conjunct his Mercury in boundary-pushing Sagittarius.”


Here is some up-beat news! I’m just waiting for Giuliani to come forward.

‘Lev Parnas, Giuliani Associate, Opens Talks With Impeachment Investigators’

“Mr. Parnas could offer Congress a vein of information about a political pressure campaign in Ukraine.”


ja, sounds great on the surface, but can any of them be trusted to tell the truth??

Wow — I know I might be wearing slightkc’s rose colored glasses, but having read the last 10 or so comments, it looks like it’s falling together that Trump may just have to make a (secretive) deal to get out, and Ms. Pelosi might just end up Ms. Pres by the end of next year, but what of Pence?

Meanwhile, he is desperately grasping at anything to distract us, such as announcing that the U.S. is definitely leaving the Paris Climate Treaty (wince). I heard it only takes 30 days to be approved to get back in, though.

Today, I saw Sir Idiocy standing on the burnt ground in CA, on the day he is threatening to pull federal funding from CA because – get this – they don’t rake the forest floors — and he was sounding like even more of a moron, explaining that other countries rake their forest floors, while the governor of CA and 2 other officials stood there looking very uncomfortable. Immediately after, Al Roker got on MSNBC and explained that NONE of the fires were FOREST fires! One bordered a forest but then went downhill! Unbelievable. And, the DU pic of the day, pointed out in the photo legend that Trump volunteered to send aide to Putin for the forest fires in Siberia, but he is threatening CA to pull its funding!!!

Duchess, I guess I was just letting my brain stream, but now that I think about it, Trump running 3rd party could be a bargaining chip(threat?) wrt the Republicans, ie “Dump me? Try to run another candidate? I’ll run 3rd party and screw you”. Dunno, too many crazy (im)possible scenarios.

I want to point out this amazing article that Elizabeth Grace links to when discussing the Neptune-Saturn sextile that will take place this coming Friday, and which exemplifies cooperation between the two. It’s about a lady who decided that a back fracture was going to totally change her very good & active quality of life at 94, so she made a decision to fast and hasten her death, while her daughter filmed her mother, dying consciously. It’s a beautiful article that brings tears. I actually known someone who did this and very much respected his decision. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/social-issues/at-94-she-was-ready-to-die-by-fasting-her-daughter-filmed-it/2019/11/03/41688230-fcd9-11e9-8190-6be4deb56e01_story.html

knew, not known

I don’t think the Supreme Court is even going to hear the case coming up regarding Trump’s Taxes just ruled on by Judge Katzman of the 2nd Circuit Court.

I think they will want to take a pass thereby enforcing Katzman’s ruling. Good for SDNY.

Trump was in Kentucky tonight, trying to give Gov. Bevin some help in his race tomorrow. He couldn’t fill Rupp Arena, which holds 23K, in Central Kentucky. Upper Arena was mostly empty.

Lamis B Faris,

Agree with your 10:34 comment. The case will never be taken up by the SCOTUS – it has no merits.

kiwi, I could be mistaken but I think this guy is willing to spill the beans.

From the nyt’s:

“Mr. Parnas was very upset by President Trump’s plainly false statement that he did not know him,” said Mr. Bondy, whose client has maintained that he has had extensive dealings with the president.

After federal prosecutors in Manhattan announced charges against Mr. Parnas and three other men, Mr. Trump told reporters that he did not know Mr. Parnas or Igor Fruman, another Giuliani associate who also worked to help Mr. Trump in Ukraine and was among those charged with campaign finance violations. The two men had contributed extensively to political committees supporting Mr. Trump and appeared with the president in pictures posted on social media.

With no help from the SC likely today is the first day of the rest of tRump’s life.

About those tax records and the mountain of blockades they have been behind – They’ll becoming round the mountain when they come, they’ll be coming round the mountain when they come, they’ll be coming round the mountain, they’ll be coming round the mountain, they’ll be coming round the mountain when they come.

And we’ll all go to read them when they come, yes, we’ll all go to read them when they come, we’ll all go to read them, we’ll all go to read them, we’ll all go to read them when they come.

All — thank you for the energies; you wouldn’t believe the sea-change it’s been around here today. I managed to get three rooms cleaned (more or less), 2 loads of laundry done (w/hubby’s help), and Mom’s attitude was SO much lighter. Even managed to cook an edible supper! (LOL) And it’s been a long time since Mom and I let go and shared so much laughter throughout the day.

Even the cats picked up on the buzz. All 10 were running and playing, helping me “make the beds” and now are worn out and snoozing soundly. Two of the tabbies… who used to live together at Mom’s… met me in the bathroom at one point and sat side-by-side in from of the dressing mirror. I could never explain how funny their expressions were, nor how touching I found the scene… these two who had been dancing around each other for months. Even now, hubby is laughing in his sleep!

Sincerely — thank you! You gave me a chance to once again tap into my touchstone of strength. Goddess bless you all!

Sharon – while Trump was threatening to cut funding and aid to CA today, keep in mind he offered assistance to Russia to fight their Siberian fires! As Nancy said, for Trump all roads to lead to Russia. And it’s most definitely aid and comfort to our enemies, while kicking our own people in the butts. Another helping of treason, anyone? …grrrrr…

Bob, I sure hope you’re right about the middle of the month! What a joyous Thanksgiving we’d all have… well, the majority of us, anyway!… somehow, I don’t think my brother is gonna feel quite as happy as hubby and I!

Bedtime! May tomorrow be just as great as today for everyone!

One more thing before I hit the hay… I saw on Dkos today that this week is National Animal Shelter week.

I plan on dropping off two large bags of dry food – one for cats, one for dogs – to my local shelter. Hopefully I can figure out how to work this sewing machine so I can make some catnip ‘kickers’ for the kits to enjoy, too.

Also considering fostering a kit or two for Mom to help socialize. Feeling needed is so important at any age. I’m going to sleep on this for a bit, but it’s in the back of my mind.

Rescue/Shelter/Street critters are near and dear to my heart. If you can help your local shelter or rescue group, I’d so encourage it.

And don’t forget the wild (and not-so-wild) critters fleeing the fires. Spare a prayer for them, too…

Thank you!

Re. Bob’s comment: “About those tax records and the mountain of blockades they have been behind” – sure, the whole planet is hoping for some kind of sensible information. However, please be cautioned that nothing relating to taxes happens quickly. And when it involves a president, it will come accompanied by a room full of Philadelphia lawyers.

If it happens (if), there will be a big splash about what the taxes ‘reveal’ in the media and after that nothing. Silence. Dead air. The analytical work involved in ‘proving’ anything by DT’s taxes could take years.

Honest DT may not be, but he’s had professional accountants doing his tax work for decades. You don’t think for one minute that anything will be “clear” about them, do you?

The taxes will be the biggest nest of snakes. They will be sorry they ever asked. Another distraction is what they will turn out to be. The parties involved will fight over what happened when, to whom, and how much tax was owed and how it was calculated.

The results won’t be decided in court or anywhere else in a hurry. Ultimately it may happen that somebody official will decide something and the press will rage on, but by the time the analysis is finished the whole Trump show may have sunk beneath the waves of history. In other words, don’t hold your breath. This is a red herring politically.

Here’s a good one on the situation re. impeachment. From here on, it’s a war of attrition. Not pretty, but strategic.


One more on the tax returns:


“If we are serious about the science of service, we know that although grounded and aware, we cannot live either in the past or in the world of occurring events. Opportunity lies in the world of causes. Our work is there. If we expect to generate true change in the world of events, we must have at least one foot in the future or the world of causes. We work with consciousness, with energy, with cause before it becomes an event. By the time we see an event on TV or read about on the internet or newspapers, forget it. It’s all over. We cannot wait for the news to let us know what is happening. We already know. Only the walking dead and those made blind by the drugs of material comfort and illusory exclusivity are not aware of the horrendous struggle for the Soul of the U.S. and by extension, Humanity. However, there is value in keeping abreast of the news. What most television and news programs do reveal is the depth and extent of the worldwide attack on humanity and the Planet. The lengths to which the Retrogressors will go to destroy free will, liberty, justice, and the simple human dignity of the individual, needs to be understood. No code of morality or decency inhibits the Retrogressors in their determination to achieve their dark ends. We know, we have been told over and over, that these forces have access to unlimited levels of money and routinely amass hundreds of millions of dollars for elections in the U.S.”

Carney, Tom (2019-07-15T23:58:59). The New Consciousness II: The Great Unfolding .

Red Herring or not the returns are going to be made public and with the intensive efforts made to keep them secret I strongly believe they will reveal extremely damaging facts tRump does not want the people and the government of the United States, and the people of the world, to know, your literary bloviating notwithstanding beo.

Hint. “…the only thing we have to fear is fear itself… .” (FDR’s first inaugural address). The SDNY and the Democratic committees in the House of Representatives are not afraid to go after them. Getting them will prove to be important.

beo, are you a troll? Or a Republican? A yes or no answer for each will do.

Perhaps some of you can answer a question I have not the expertise to fathom:
Astrologically, what accounts for the consistent and enormous amount of psychological projection we’re seeing from right wingers? I am amazed as I see the blindness, the projection of shadow from right wingers on Liberals, et.al.

Don Jr.’s book, Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us

This makes my head spin. On one level, it appears as gaslighting designed to purposefully confuse us. On another level, it is apparent these clowns actually believe such nonesense. I find this very difficult to address.

Eliseo – one thing that strikes me with the right wing gaslighting is that they keep accusing the liberals of what they are doing. I think that so many find it believable because that is who they are and we tend to judge people by our own actions and behavior. Perhaps that’s why we liberals have had such a hard time wrapping our heads around what is happening. We just aren’t like that.

Bob – I can’t speak for BeoWulfie but I can tell you for myself, I’m very disillusioned and it’s hard to believe that this will right itself. Most astrologers and readers have been assuring us change is right around the corner for the past three years and nothing has happened. Anymore, it’s hard for me to be positive, to believe it’s actually going to get better. He/they continue to thumb their noses at law and common decency. Unless something drastic happens, that gets this in front of the right wing masses via their own preferred stations, I can see that this might not have a happy ending. We use words like transformation and change implying that it will be for the better. Both words and most of the other go to descriptive words could just as easily point to a slide even further to the right. Remember, before Hitler, Germany was fairly liberal. So, if someone expresses that they don’t go with the happiness and light that often gets thrown around here, it can just as easily mean that they are demoralized and afraid that things are going to keep going the direction they are going. I for one see that as a distinct possibility and it scares me to the core. Nancy’s current article has helped lighten the load somewhat. She’s been pretty on target that things were not resolving, and they weren’t. Now perhaps we’ll see real change. But what it will actually mean remains to be seen.

And no, I’m not republican or right or any of those things. But I am observant and trying to be honest. I’m not hiding my head in the sand. This could still go very wrong. And to be honest, Barr is the one who has the power now. By refusing to support congressional oversight, he has ham stringed the house. And that is scary.

Off the top of my head Eliseo, I’d say it is fear that blinds us, all of us, and for most of us it is change from our comfort zone that strikes fear in our hearts. Astrologically then, that would be Saturn.

The people raised with certain beliefs such as all Jews or Catholics, or all whites or all people of color are “bad”, or stupid, or selfish, or whatever, represent a diminishing of “my” or “our” comfort zone – our safety even. Saturn is safety.

I would think a healthy Uranus would combat an over zealous or challenged Saturn, but also being exposed to a variety of types of non-combative people at an early age would reduce that fear too.

It is hard or at least difficult to overcome the prejudice of our family traditions and if you grew up believing that people of a different religion, or nationality or color were out to take everything away from you, you will instinctively be suspicious of people different from you.

Sometimes, an experience you had (got beat up in school for example) will frame your attitude toward a certain race or nationality or color too. But bottom line, it is fear of change, of difference or of sharing that polarizes us.

Then too there are people and groups that take advantage of that basic fear in people and lots of people are susceptible to fear bait. It’s called advertising on one level.

Neptune, on the other hand, can make us susceptible to deny Saturn’s protective (sometimes too protective) influence, causing us to throw caution to the side. I suspect that’s the way many right-wingers see us left-wingers; we are naive at best, stupid at worst, and until we can advance our consciousness (as a whole) beyond the duality we are presently stuck in, this blindness will prevail.

That’s changing. I believe it is peaking – this divide – and something or numerous somethings are going to be happening (Saturn-Pluto conjunction for the world and US Pluto Return for the USA) to force us to get past our fears of “the other”.


It’s just out today that the RNC funded a scheme to jam Democratic leader phone lines & make it look like 11,000 people objected to the impeachment! More Republican dirty tricks! https://www.newsweek.com/rnc-funded-roughly-11000-automated-calls-jam-house-democrats-phone-lines-amid-impeachment-1469719

Will this item appear in any remotely right wing news site? I don’t know but doubt it.

Per Angellight’s post above, there is a war going on at the causal level and one side has no sense of honorable ethics whatsoever. Sometimes those perpetrators cross party lines – it can’t be all one party, can it? But there are more than enough books, films, videos, news articles out there to persuade people & support their belief system and, no matter how one-sided, unreal or untrue it is.

I sincerely believe that the Left has higher ethics but even the Left may not always educate themselves to look at the realities and the other side of issues completely enough.

May justice win out on the material plane and may karma win out on the causal plane.

I hope all is well with you, your wife, family & friends up in Olympia, that you are settling in nicely.

Barb, that was a brilliant analysis. Thank God for a healthy dose of Uranus – as well as Neptune and Saturn – so that humanity can and does get the balance right.

There is a survival instinct in all of us and we can use it in fear to win at the expense of others or we can unite with others so that we all win!

with flame thrower Jim Jordan’s name being possibly added to the intelligence committee, the intent being to thwart schiff I am sure, thought Id post an old comment from Marjorie with his birth info. Any comments as to how he might fare in the coming months?

It is choice based on many factors E.

There have been cases where one twin has murdered the other. In the millions of participants in various wars (this country’s Civil War, WW’s 1 and 2, the many wars dating back to ancient times) there have probably been participants on opposing sides of each with the same, or nearly the same, horoscopes. In spite of that, those with the same, or nearly the same, horoscopes held beliefs in direct opposition to each other and were willing to die for those beliefs. Largely a factor of nurturing likely involving at some point religion or politics. Wonder at that when we pry the guns from their hands.

In the affairs of men Casey there is scant little that ‘right’s itself’. But in these times, in this country, voters can change things by voting together to bring change via the ballot box. To do that requires a common set of beliefs held by a majority of voting citizens. That’s all. Should the opposition refuse to follow legally established directives law enforcement must enforce the laws.

For Jim Jordan (using a noon birth chart) in right ascension: Saturn within a 3° square to his progressed Sun in November 2019. Within a 2° square in December, within a 1° square also in December, probably exact on December 22. During those dates transiting Pluto is within a 1°+ square in November, moving to 2° in December and to 3° in January 2020.

Bob, in response to your question, “beo, are you a troll? Or a Republican? A yes or no answer for each will do,”:

No on both. I am not a troll, nor a Republican. I am a retired person with a background in business and teaching, who still holds liberal ideals and hopes for a better future for the next generation in this sorry day and age.

As a post-war person, I grew up with an awareness of the atom bomb and the Cuban missile crisis. In my teens, remember being told by our father what to do if there is an international event involving sirens and aircraft, and how I was supposed to walk directly home from school. But he didn’t say what the incident might mean. I learned the seriousness of it many years later.

Throughout the Vietnam war I watched Walter Cronkite on TV and I saw the protests of the 60’s, and even witnessed a small one safely from the sidewalk, far, far away from the real action. It was all out there ‘somewhere’ and I was too young to understand or care. The school system taught nothing about the realities of wars and hunger and things like the depravity of slavery or the treatment of indigenous populations. All that came much later.

Until Vietnam and the naked girl running down the street screaming from napalm, who would have believed people could do those things to each other? Until then, WWII and all that stuff was about heroes and movies with glamorous actors. Hollywood was a great smoke screen.

Then came Watergate, the first Gulf war and the 2nd. By then, I couldn’t believe anyone was stupid enough to support the wars, but that was only after I thought about it – I was starting to understand that we were being snowed.

So, as viewer of our times, I earned my stripes as realist little by little. No great revelations, but an accumulation. If my experience is typical, is it any wonder that people can’t see through the idiocy of Trump? Life goes on and they have their own troubles.

History ought to convince anybody that the world isn’t what it should be, but it takes experience too.

And there are a lot of people like Trump and McConnell who like the world just fine the way it is – it works for them. Yes, I keep “hoping” for something better. Hope may be essential, but it is not enough (and if you read Obama, he didn’t say it is). Nations go through these periods because there is no way to the other side except “through”. That’s were the US and world is at now. We’re going through it.

If one of the Dems win, and I truly hope one of them does, I hope he or she won’t ‘f’ it up. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the next generation will be fighting the same battles, only with a much worse environment. If my viewpoint offends, I can offer no apology.

Eliseo, these projections are straight from the Russian playbook. Insidious subversion was the specialty of the KGB and its evil officer, Putin. The KGB is now the FSB and continues along the same lines under Putin’s direction. The Trump family’s projections are also derived from Trump’s mentor, Roy Cohn, who advised Joe McCarthy and represented the Mob. His most famous piece of sad wisdom was to always counter-punch.

Astrologically, IMHO, the lies are now peaking courtesy of the Neptune semi-return or opposition, which is clearly dimming the national soul. The first time this occurred was in the 1850s, when oil was discovered in the US, unleashing the greatest surge of greed in world history. Money remains the root of all evil.

At the first Neptune return in the 30s and early 40s, we had FDR who said :”We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” That was a positive Neptunian statement of hope. That was the time when the US clearly fought for the greater good of its people and the world.

The Neptune semi-return will end at roughly the same time as the US Pluto return in 2023. Their combination is clearly a potent and great spiritual nightmare.

barbK, Andre, Sharon, Bob, CaseyM, et.al.
Thank You all for your insights.

I’m very aware of the Russian efforts, of the influence of Roy Cohn, (a gay man who persecuted other homosexuals and ironically died of AIDS) and most importantly the propensity to accuse liberals of what they themselves are doing, all of which is precisely my point.

My question applies to the astrological signature of the phenomenon. The Saturn connection, (thanks barb) and the Neptune semi-return (Andre) you guys mentioned are along the lines I was seeking knowledge of. More specifically, I was and am deeply curious as to which configurations mirror the delusions of the collective unconscious body politic.

Pluto in Capricorn has always suggested a time period in which very wealthy elites, the establishment, and all those with a vested interest therein, are engaged in an extreme, existential struggle to save themselves and preserve the status quo that props them up, at any cost. That all shows up politically as far right reactionaryism and fascism/authoritarianism, wanting to cling to the ways of old and fend off anything that poses a threat to them, especially those who present a liberal viewpoint.

The particular delusion and madness around DJT also seems to be a bit Neptunian both in spirit and in flavor, however. The Republican Party just experienced its first (and hopefully last) Neptune Return in Pisces. True to form, whether out of blind faith or crippling fear, the entire party seems to have chained its fortunes and fates to the man, like one of those suicidal cults that gleefully follows its leader over the edge into the abyss.

I don’t see the current zeitgeist surviving much beyond the U.S. Pluto Return/Neptune Opposition in 2022-23. These years really seem to represent the culmination of the Pluto in Capricorn/Neptune in Pisces energies, and with them, the trajectory we have been on that will be punctuated with the tremendous historic collapse of the corporate capitalist establishment here in the US.

Pluto in Aquarius doesn’t guarantee that the coming years will be “liberal.” However, we are likely to see both right and left-wing energies thrive in a deeply anti-authoritarian context that will become the new zeitgeist, in rebellion to the current one.

Eliseo, collective delusions would in my view be primarily Neptunian. Pluto would make them primal and menacing in Capricorn’s field of politics, which is ruled by Saturn. The Saturn-Pluto-Ceres conjunction in that sign combined with the Neptune opposition in Pisces brings a deep self-destructive denial of the need to transform political structures to solve the environmental destruction caused by oil. This too shall pass.


“True to form, whether out of blind faith or crippling fear, the entire party seems to have chained its fortunes and fates to the man, like one of those suicidal cults that gleefully follows its leader over the edge into the abyss.”

Words well-smithed!

UK has their own authoritarian woes with russia overtones https://star4cast.com/dominic-grieve-bojo-fight-for-transparency/


Regarding your Nov 3 query if anyone knows of Kirsten Langston’s track record.

She is no better and no worse than others. If you heard only a few F bombs, you were lucky. I stopped watching her a long time ago because she has no qualms about spewing obscenities. Someone must have complained because she said that swearing is just who she is and if you don’t like it, tough. I have seen a few videos recently and it seems to me that she has tried hard to curb that nasty habit.

As for her record, Kirsten will be the FIRST one to tell you if she is right about something.

FYI – she lives in the same town as Linda G and is the one who encouraged Linda G to start posting on YouTube. Linda now has 25.9K followers and KL has 11.6K. Linda once said that she just doesn’t understand why KL doesn’t have more. Pretty sure it is the foul language for one. Linda G is warm and genuine. KL is salty and pushes her sexuality a little too much for me.

I will watch Linda G. Just my two cents.

Granted, Pluto in Capricorn certainly reflects establishment elites and/or Plutocrats in power, but doesn’t IMO reflect the massive amount of delusion, paranoia, demonization, gaslighting, and projection of shadow onto one’s adversaries.

I think barbK and Andre are on the right track connecting Saturn with fear, and Neptune with delusion. I don’t know what or how the transiting planets affected the German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and Argentine charts in the 1930’s, but suspect it was a similar pattern.

I agree that “Pluto in Aquarius doesn’t guarantee that the coming years will be “liberal.” but intuitively I strongly expect the words “liberal” and “conservative” may have quite different meanings by that time.

I see us as at the beginning of a huge paradigm shift fomented by some extraordinary and unprecedented domestic and international events. We in the US are facing not only our Pluto return but our Uranus return, as I recall in 2028.

Your 9:35pm post makes eminent sense!
Thank You!

Barb, Congratulations to KY for going Blue & electing a Democratic governor (although it sounds like Bevin isn’t conceding), and Teresa, Congrats to NC for flipping the state legislature Blue!

Thank you SassyGrace. Most of the time I do not have time each day to do more than check on the 7 readers I posted about before because of the length of their videos.

If I might recommend a film on NETFLIX:

“The Laundromat”

oh will, you’re such a tease. ha ha ha

will . . . .thanks for the recommendation (snort, snort) not sure I ever heard of it before though.

Sharon, we in Louisville are dancing in the streets!

Eliseo, this might shed light. The Neptune-Pluto cycle has been going on for 128+ years now, and they have not even completed their first sextile after that conjunction yet. It will be a couple of 100 years before they oppose one another.

In their conjunction chart (August 2, 1891) Saturn at 15+ Virgo was opposite Jupiter at 16+ Pisces. Transiting Neptune has been at 16+ Pisces off and on for 2 years now and isn’t finished yet.

I think transiting Neptune is activating his own cycle with Pluto by sitting on the Jupiter in that Neptune-Pluto cycle chart, and with that Jupiter opposite Saturn (a peak period in any cycle) it could be that the energies of the Saturn-Jupiter cycle (that was halfway through in 1891) is being re-activated in 2018-2019.

Neptune and Pluto were conjunct the US natal Uranus as I’ve repeated here ad nauseam, and this alone puts the vibes of the Neptune Pluto cycle in play for many reasons I won’t go into now. Suffice it to say that old fears and grudges from the 1800’s could be playing out in the present time.

The Sun in that Neptune-Pluto conjunction (conjunct US Uranus) in 1891 was at 10+ Leo conjunct Trump’s natal Pluto at 10+ Leo. It’s deja vu all over again.

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. Ooops,that’s the other Virginia!

For the first time in 38 years, Democrats have taken control of City Council in Columbus, Indiana.

This is the hometown of Vice President Mike Pence and Rep. Greg Pence.


PS: Adolf Hitler had a Neptune-Pluto conjunction in his natal chart.


Do we know in which house Hitler’s Neptune-Pluto conjunct occurred?

A Big Night for Democrats!

“It’s a strategy we’ve seen before from Democrats — namely, in the 2018 midterms: Portray Republican incumbents as extremists who are hurting ordinary families and instead promise common-sense solutions. The strategy has proved highly effective, too.”

Ralfee Finn:


will . . .8th house

A. Hitler, birth: April 20, 1889, 6:30 PM, Braunau, Austria

Asc. 26 Libra 40, MC 4 Leo 09
Sun 0 Taurus 43, Moon 6 Cap 47 conjunct Jupiter 8 Cap 14


Re: Hitler; Libra on his Ascendant! Who would have thought? Well, he was an artist for a short while.

They will start on Wednesday with Bill Taylor and George Kent.
On Friday, the public will hear from Marie Yovanovitch

https://www.usatoday.com/…/impeachment-rick-per…/4138942002/ … @USATODAYhttps://twitter.com/Journo_Christal/status/1192115892668239872

The Nadir in adolph’s chart is at 294°45′. Nadir not the IC – it is an exact 90° in real space from the Asc-Desc axis.

Guess what will be there on January 13, 2020.

Hint: The Sun (294°42′), Saturn (294°42′), and Pluto (294°45′).

wow, that’s creepy Bob!

Could you tell us a little about how the nadir differentiates from the IC in a symbolic way? Thanks much.



There is no difference. These (Zenith, Nadir, East Point, West Point) are just points with a relationship – exact 90° measured in real space, not zodiacal longitude, to one of a chart’s 4 natural angles[MC, IC, Asc, Desc]. Aspects to them are read according to the nature of the planet making the aspect.

The Nadir is an exact square to the Asc and the Desc. Thus, like any point in aspect to a chart angle it is very sensitive to transits or progressions. It’s opposite point, the Zenith, is another sensitive point.

A visual aid showing the angles.


Had to dig out my old Table of Houses to get the zodiacal point of the Nadir. It is 22°56′ Capricorn.

Anyone have an idea when or if Bevin in Kentucky will concede. It seems to me that if Trump were to lose in 2020, he too will never concede.

Thanks Bob and I really appreciate the visual.

So, these open testimonies starting next week come under the auspices of the New Moon (4+ Scorpio) opposite Uranus retrograde and the Sun (4+ Taurus) on October 27.

When the chart for this New Moon is set in Washington DC, the MC (outcome) is at 15+ Aries and is opposite trans. Mars and the IC (roots) both at 15+ Libra, just 1 degree from US natal Saturn and Trump’s natal Chiron + Juno at 14+ Libra.

All of these opposing points and planets were T-squared by transiting Saturn at 15+ Capricorn. It is transiting Saturn that is holding some feet to the fire.

It is transiting Uranus that will provide the shocking breakthrough. Note too that trans. Jupiter (search for truth) is conjunct Ceres (nurturing) in Sagittarius and they trine Eris (discord) in Aries in that Scorpio New Moon chart.

All this in last month’s Scorpio New Moon chart suggests a volatile period before the Taurus Full Moon on November 12, the day before the televised impeachment inquiry hearing with William Taylor and George Kent.

A Kentucky dog for sure. Proven last night when he voted.

Bryan Lewis is country; from the brim of his hat, to his well-worn boot heels. Born and bred in the hinterlands of Ohio, Bryan grew up at wide place in the road called Wilkin’s Corner. His bloodline, however, flows out of the music-haunted hills of Kentucky .

I Think My Dog’s a Democrat


Very interesting insights on the Neptune/Pluto cycle! Thank You!
Eric Alan Meese, in his book Horoscope for the New Millennium, discusses the Neptune/Pluto cycle in depth, but I’ve never heard it discussed in the context of the present variety of gaslighting, projection and delusion we’re seeing on the Right. Obviously, when we are observing such an enormity of delusion and self-deception Neptune has to be involved.

Also fascinating: Your comments and shared info on Mr. A. Hitler. At this time, I would think it wise to study the charts of our most important dictators from the 20th & 21st centuries, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Franco, Mao, etc. I am of the opinion that in addition to the present dictators, the most important ones would be Mussolini & Franco, as their particular brands of fascism are more similar to what our local Christo-Fascists and Domionists would like to implement.

I’m beginning to get very hopeful.
The whole world will soon be watching as dignified, courageous, patriots speak truth to Trump’s lies. Last night’s elections prove Public opinion is shifting and with the televised hearings, I’m sure it will shift even more.

I think tRump will fold (in private) next Friday after Marie Yovanovitch testifies and over the next 2 days will decide to approach Speaker Pelosi [in private] about a deal.

Eliseo, “Mussolini & Franco, as their particular brands of fascism are more similar to what our local Christo-Fascists and Domionists would like to implement.”

Both had the implicit help of a powerful cabal hidden within the catholic church.

Oh, Bob, I hope you are correct. To date there seems to be nothing that pulls the Pres. or congr ssional Republicans up short.

I see Marie Yovanovitch’s testimony and the movie “The Good Liar” debut on the same day.

Bob- hahaha
‘Midway‘ opens on Friday. Maybe the country will find their patriotism.

I hope he gets the punishment he deserves!

‘Roger Stone Lied to Protect Trump, Prosecutor Says
Mr. Stone’s trial on charges including lying to investigators opened on Wednesday.’


Yes, Henri! Find it, dust it off, polish it up and make it a center piece for at least the next 5 years. Lets fix it up before giving it to the next generation. We can still prove to be a good example for them.

Give extra thanks in thoughts and deeds this year. I think the holiday food will taste better, the decorations will sparkle brighter, the carols will sound more beautiful and the smiles will be more infectious this year.

In 3 weeks a local radio station will begin playing carols 24-7 through Christmas.

The US progressed chart at the time of the start of the Civil War (April 12, 1861, Philadelphia) had an ascendant (window to the world) at 16+ Pisces, where transiting Neptune is right now.

Venus (values) was at 17+ Libra, the same degree as where the progressed US Mars is right now, and where Trump’s Jupiter is, and where the US Constitution Neptune is, and where Putin’s Saturn is.

That Venus in the progressed US chart at the start of the US Civil War was sextile Mars in the same chart at 16+ Leo. Their sextile (Venus and Mars) formed a Yod (forced to adjust) with the same chart’s ascendant (16+ Pisces) and where transiting Neptune is at this moment.

You can’t make this stuff up people! That Yod in the US progressed chart at the time of the start of the US Civil War is alive and well, and transiting Neptune is facilitating that Civil War chart’s ascendant (window to the world) to adjust; a century and a half after the fact.

Eliseo, this must be a big part of the delusion on the Right; they have never accepted that the South (and slavery) lost the war. It is a shadow war; deep in the psyche of the USA.

US natal asteroid Psyche at 14+ Cancer conjuncts US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer and she squares US natal Saturn at 14+ Libra (and Trump’s Chiron at 14+ Libra) and is opposite transiting Saturn at 15+ Capricorn.

Therefore trans. Neptune and the US progressed-to-start-of-Civil War chart’s ascendant, both at 16+ Pisces, are trine US natal Sun-Psyche in Cancer, and sextile the now transiting Saturn in Capricorn, and they are quincunx (adjustment is necessary) the US NATAL Saturn and Trump’s Chiron in Libra.

PS: The Black Moon Lilith in the US chart progressed to the start of the Civil War was conjunct the US natal MC (outcome, reputation) at 1+ Libra. I do not in any way find this hard to believe.

In the discussions that have happened over these many months, two have hit resonance with me: that astrologically, there is so much similar between the Civil War and the current time.

Also (tho not discussed as much), the similarity between Trump’s base and cult members. I won’t even call myself an amateur astrologer, but one thing of deep interest to me is if there is a “string” that binds the major cult leaders of the last couple of decades with Trump and/or his cultists. Having come close to one in my youth – what allowed me to turn away (and not throw the baby out with the bathwater), and all those millions of Trumpsters or Jim Jones’ followers who drink the kool-aid, even unto their death? And what (if anything) does it inform us of what’s to come with the Trumpster’s?

“Also (tho not discussed as much), the similarity between Trump’s base and cult members.”

Brilliant & prescient insight, my friend! And of course, the obvious question: What will the cult members do when their cult object is turned out of office?

Eliseo, re: projection. I believe that they use projection to justify their own actions. The trumpistas and their overlord do it constantly, as did a former spouse whom I discovered to be a serial philanderer.


What kind of a “deal” do you imagine is possible for Speaker Pelosi to cut with 45?

RE: “Eliseo, this must be a big part of the delusion on the Right; they have never accepted that the South (and slavery) lost the war. It is a shadow war; deep in the psyche of the USA.”

You nailed it. Historians refer to this as the “Religion of the Lost Cause.” One of the best books on the subject is by Charles Reagan Wilson, Baptized in Blood: The Religion of the Lost Cause, 1865-1920.

Today the attitudes, and assumptions are buried deeper within the unconscious, but are nevertheless present affecting the political behavior of millions. WWI served to reunite noth & south into one nation. Particularly beginning in 1925 Southerners began moving north & west, slowly poisoning the areas in which they settled.

When I was a young child I unintentionally infuriated my mother, a Louisiana gal, when I said, “But Mom, the ideology of the Confederacy was not that different from the Nazis of WWII. They were really fairly similar.”

Yes, I agree. They use their projections to justify their bad behavior. BTW, I think I’ll start referring to Mr.T as our “overlord,” or maybe our “OL”.

RE: “The whole world will soon be watching as dignified, courageous, patriots speak truth to Trump’s lies. Last night’s elections prove Public opinion is shifting and with the televised hearings, I’m sure it will shift even more.”

Yes, I think so as well. Unless Mr.T makes a deal, as Bob suggests, I think at least a few R. Senators, probably led by Romney, will vote to convict.

We know our Overlord’s followers are deep into the koolaid. Only time will tell how many R Senators are also. If too many vote to acquit, they’ll take a drubbing in Nov. 2020.

In line with the talk about Trump’s “cult” and the South never giving up on losing the Civil War (what was so civil about it?) – someone on DU snapped a shot of Trump giving the OK sign during a recent rally 2 evenings ago (see url). There truly IS something rather intentional and demonic about the photo. He was in Monroe, LA last night and people started leaving after the first hour, for whatever that’s worth. He will regretfully be attending the big college football rivalry game this Sat. between LSU & UA at UA. University of AL students were warned not to act out which, I guess, means no booing. https://www.democraticunderground.com/100212661651

I didn’t mention it, but I assumed that you guys already know that the White Supremist groups have co-opted that sign as one of their symbols.

Sharon, it was the war of Northern Aggression.

kushner will be having a happy birthday in January. His solar return is going to have a stellium of The Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto. Maybe on the 19th depending on his time of birth.

That date should be around the 10th.

djt jr will have a conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in his solar return around December 31st.

McConnell, Graham, Ivanka, Eric; in fact, many GOP people are swept by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in the last week of December through January. Maybe the whole gang will be rounded up at once.

As Bevin Refuses to Concede, Critics Warn Kentucky GOP ‘Totally Gearing Up to Steal’ Gubernatorial Election –

https://go.shr.lc/2CggDBd via @commondreams

Beshear vs. Bevin: Kentucky governor’s race could be decided by state legislature .


Posting link for New York Magazine (longish) article that I think clearly articulated what the rift in our nation is about.

I am sickened to read that dt.jr has promoted a smear campaign on social media against Lt. Col. Vindeman.
It’s unfathomable to me how anyone in the Military could support trump.

This ought to be interesting!

‘Impeachment probe turns to Pence adviser who heard Trump’s call with Ukrainian leader’

“The House impeachment probe shifts its focus Thursday to what Vice President Pence knew about the shadow campaign to compel Ukraine to open investigations that would benefit the Trump administration.”


Eliseo and everyone, I’m betting there is somebody’s birth chart that has a planet (or point) at 15-17 Leo that, when combined with trans. Neptune (16+ Pisces) and US prog. Mars at 17+ Libra (+ Trump’s Jupiter) would replicate the Yod in the US progressed chart at the time of the start of the US Civil War. Keep your eyes peeled.

That said, right now, transiting asteroid Lachesis, named for one of the sisters called the 3 Fates in mythology, is at 16+ Leo. She was the sister that determined when the thread (of life) would be cut, and the twists of fate that thread would encounter.

At 16+ Leo she is sextile the US progressed Mars (and Trump’s Jupiter) at 17+ Libra, and their sextile forms a Yod to transiting Neptune at 16+ Pisces, the part of the Yod that will have to adjust. This would replicate the Yod in the US prog. chart at the time of the Civil War between Venus and Mars and the ascendant.

I’m assuming that this “adjustment” will come from one or more of the witnesses that will be testifying (live on TV) in the Impeachment process.

Very Interesting!

Have you looked at the astrology of the Reconstruction Period, 1865-1876 ? It was an enormously violent period, but confined to the Southern states. Sadly, I see a definite and strong possibility of a repeat of that era commencing with Mr. T leaving office. Armed and angry Trumpheads gone wild.

How do you that “adjustment” manifesting ?

I meant how do you see that adjustment manifesting?

Michael Bloomberg is entering the AL primary (why AL?) but has not yet decided to.

One of the older candidates at 77, he was born in Brighton, MA on 2/14/42. Using a noon chart, his sun is at 25 Aqu 20, conj the U.S.’s natal moon, and square both n. Saturn (22 Tau) and Uranus (26 Tau).

He has both his n. moon & mercury at 15 Aqu, trine n. Jupiter at 11 Gemini, and square n. mars at 18 Tau. He has n. Venus at 7 Aq opp n. Pluto at 4 Leo (the U.S. mean node is 7 Leo).

I guess he is the anti-Warren and anti-Bernie.

I propose that aside from skirmishes that for months preceded a battle at Manassas, VA, that the battle there known as the Battle of Bull Run was the real start of the American Civil War.

My time July 21, 4:55:23 am, LMT, Manassas, VA – light enough to see by as sunrise was just 47 seconds later.

The battle was encompassed by 3 eclipses in a synodic month, in the signs of Cancer and Capricorn (Lunar Eclipse – June 22, 1861 NS, 1°04′ Capricorn (FM); Solar Eclipse – July 7, 1861 NS, 15°50′ Cancer (NM); Lunar Eclipse – July 21, 1861 NS, 29°07′ Capricorn (FM)). The last eclipse was on the day of the battle that I believe marked the beginning of the war but was not exact until the battle was over. Using my time for start of the battle places the eclipse on the Asc/Desc axis.


Bull Run Battle Facts Total Estimated Casualties

Union – 460 killed; 1,124 wounded; 1,312 missing & captured

Confederate – 387 killed; 1,582 wounded; 13 missing & captured

As opposed to the bombardment of Fort Sumter:


“No one was killed during the actual engagement, but as the Union soldiers lowered their flag, they honored it with a 100-gun salute. A premature discharge from one cannon caused an explosion that killed Pvt. Daniel Hough of the 1st U.S. Artillery. Not technically a battle death, but it did make Hough the first person killed in the Civil War.”

Fort Sumter Battle Facts

Union – 0 killed; 0 wounded; 0 missing and captured

Confederate – 0 killed; 0 wounded; 0 missing & captured

That last eclipse was on the Sibly chart Pluto.

Fox News is comparing Trump favorably to FDR.

Eliseo, there was a Saturn-Jupiter cycle that started on Oct. 21, 1861 that was in effect until April 18, 1881, at 18 Virgo 22.

The 1st (of 3) Uranus-Pluto conjunction in 1965 at 17+ Virgo echoed that 1861 Jupiter-Saturn cycle, and later the 3 Uranus-Neptune conjunctions in Capricorn were trine the 1861 Saturn-Jupiter cycle start point.

This year’s US Solar Return had Neptune at 18+ Pisces (opposite the 1861 Jupiter-Saturn cycle start degree) square Jupiter in Sagittarius. Transiting Neptune was at 18+ Pisces for 2 months before the US Solar Return and all of July.

To me these 2 “modern day” cycles, Uranus and Pluto, Uranus and Neptune, both support the theme of the old 1861 cycle between Jupiter and Saturn; a cycle that is seen as a guide to the development of societies.

So too does the transiting Neptune force us to face that cycle’s unmet requirements.

In that 1861 Jupiter-Saturn cycle Mars at 9+ Libra was quincunx (adjust) Pluto at 9+ Taurus, where transiting Uranus will be next June and next October before the election in November.

So too was the Sun (symbol of consciousness) and Neptune (symbol of escape) in a quincunx (adjustment) in that 1861 Jupiter-Saturn cycle. Seems we did not adjust enough to satisfy the gods and goddesses, and now we must do so if we are to maintain our integrity.

I should also mention that Ceres was at 18+ Virgo and conjunct Saturn and Pluto in 1861, just as she is conjunct the January Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Mother Nature can be quite persuasive when she thinks it’s necessary!

As a lifelong Southerner, I have spent so much time trying to understand how certain Southerners still seem to take such pride in the Civil War. They lost. Most people who lose a fight want to put it behind them, to forget it, not keep bringing it up.

And I don’t think it’s refusing to admit they lost. I think it’s an odd pride in standing up to the north, in not letting the north tell them what to do. (Much like a rebellious child.)

it’s also tied into the feeling that people in the northeast think they’re so much better and smarter than we are. (I’ll say we here because I’ve experienced this, while at the same time having a hard time believing how much of the south reliably votes Republican.)

I don’t think we’re facing an outbreak of widespread violence from Trump supporters. I think they’re bullies and cowards with martyrdom complexes, who will crumble rather than actually fight.

For starters, I see adjustment as acquiescing to the fact that the South was defeated, that the United States is governed by laws that must be obeyed, that all people are equal regardless of their skin color or religion or country of origin.

Very Interesting barbK!
I am well aware the coming domestic conflict will be educational, will force us to grow and self transcend, but through it I see a great deal of suffering as well. Furthermore, there is no guarantee the good guys will win.

Fox News, and the pundits of hate radio are busier than ever, using rhetoric describing the impeachment proceedings as a type of rolling coup the Dem party has arrangged.

This will surely inspire far right activists to take up arms against Liberals, etc. In the name of their orange hero whenever and however he is deposed.

Eliseo, I think the adjustment (due to the witnesses testifying) would be an acceptance (by the US Public) that Trump did an impeachable thing when he tried to make Ukraine help him beat Biden (in 2020 election) in order to get their promised money for weapons to protect them from the invading Russians.

I think that everyone has to be listened to and respected. Many white southerners probably feel conflicted or misunderstood.

Unfortunately, racism seems to be tied in here, but I’m not even sure how important that is to white southerners anymore since all the large cities in the South have black majorities and African Americans hold major positions of power. (Of course many more people have been left behind and we have to change that.)

I never totally felt good about taking down the Confederate statues. I would have liked to have seen more multicultural statues added and built in the same areas or nearby.

You know, we seem to see a lot of right wing people as very narrow-minded and authoritarian, patriarchal, linear. But are all of them actually that way?

Unfortunately, I think Trump, Bannon, Miller have brought that out in our culture, for their own selfish purposes. Maybe it was there and had to come out. On the other hand, they gave it form and validation.

There are a lot of people in this country who feel that liberals want to tell them how to live. Anytime you force something on someone, they aren’t going to like it, so we should be careful, unless it truly is morally right (and legal).

Yes Eliseo, it will be quite uncivilized for a while, no doubt. There is definitely some Pluto crud in the US body but until it is exposed for what it is – in broad daylight – it will continue to fester and grow.

I believe it will be the young that will save us. They were born smarter (more conscious) in general about how we (people, planet) are all connected. The tribe mentality – like the patriarchy – must be overcome or it will kill the planet and everything on it.

We can’t let that happen; so soldier on America.

Teresa and Sharon K.

Great observations about confederacy and the south. Hilary C. learned that lesson the hard way. There is great pride in the south and when the democratic elite, i.e. well educated, social justice warriors, force their opinions on folks, it only causes more acrimony. But the pendulum swings, and swing it must. The centuries of black slavery and oppression, is still denied by whites in the south and elsewhere and they can no longer pretend it wasn’t as bad as it really really was. It is the single most deplorable (as H.C. said) stain in American history. Do not underestimate how much it permeates every aspect of political, cultural and moral intercourse.

On another note, I hope Joe biden wins, as he is the only one who can (including Bloomberg) and I truly hope he appoints Buttigieg as his V.P. Sorry, no female VP would send a message better than P.B., and he is smart, fair and knows what it is like to be persecuted despite what blacks think of him and despite that every woman knows what that is like from birth! It would put American back on the world stage as an inclusive forward thinking democracy who cares about the innate value of all its citizens.

I agree with Hillary.

Hillary Clinton said Wednesday she hoped for a return to “boring, normal times” after the 2020 election, voicing skepticism of her party’s populist wing and predicting that Senator Elizabeth Warren’s proposal for single-payer health care would never get enacted.
At The New York Times DealBook conference in New York, Mrs. Clinton said she saw two of the biggest policies embraced by the left in the 2020 Democratic primary — “Medicare for all”-style health care and a tax on the assets of the very wealthy — as unworkable or politically impractical. She said Democrats should pursue the goal of universal health coverage, but through other means.

Denise Seigel the you tube astrologer thinks big things will happen to DT in January 2020.

She notes that there will be a malefic on the moon which matches all other impeachments to date. The chart she used is the date and time of the signing of The Constitution.

I don’t understand all of it. I think her November 6th episode is well worth watching. I may have gotten some of the details wrong but I think I am correct about her overall message.

Sharon K.,

Where in Germany are there public monuments to the Nazis who fought and ultimately were defeated during World War II?

There aren’t any, nor should there be. Instead, there are memorials to the Holocaust victims all over.

The U.S. South and the Confederate “lost cause” apologists who still exist could learn much from them.

I say tear down the Confederate monuments and put up in their place, memorials to each of the victims who were tormented and murdered because of racism and hatred, like the lynching museum that recently opened up in Alabama.

When anywhere people go, some stark reminder of the evils perpetuated in the past is sitting there, staring them in the face, it becomes much more difficult to remain blissfully unaware and somehow pretend that human beings are innocent and incapable of such atrocities, and that the Confederacy was somehow justified in breaking away from the Union just to keep African Americans enslaved for profit.

I have always felt that a museum holding all those statues would be honoring history. Honoring history doesn’t deny the horror, it just involves facing our past and our movement into the now and future…

Osthecat, I agree with Denise Seigel. There are some pretty brutal lunar returns in the Orange Blob’s life starting Jan. 21 through February 2020.

And I’m not sure I see a President Pence either.

Amen, BuckeyeShadow.

If such a museum to the Confederacy and its apologist monuments is ever created, let it be done so in the unmistakable context of what it truly represented; humanity at its absolute worst and most vile. Every single person that walks through its doors should feel ashamed and revulsed that such an enterprise–slavery and its defense–was ever undertaken.

‘In The Rodger Stone Trial – Trump is also in the Dock’

“Yes the Republicans with their phony denials are helping Putin. They should throw the book at Roger Stone. He belongs in pinstripes with Manafort and soon to be convicted Flynn.”


I get the feeling most people here are not Millenials (I am age 61 myself). Anyway, following on the “OK Boomer” thing showing up lately on social media, I thought this post by an older Millenial on ElsaElsa’s site was interesting – about their general’s Uranus transit opposite Pluto radicalizing people. https://www.elsaelsa.com/astrology/millennials-are-radicalizing-uranus-opposite-pluto/

Very interesting Les, thank you. I’m a Boomer myself.

SharonK- check this NYT article from Aug. 2019 out. It help to explain how important racism was and remains in this country. Not just in the south, but everywhere.


Bolton won’t testify.

“John Bolton may be a dangerous demogogue, this may be an admirable move on his part. The “Testify or defy?” game has gotten ridiculous, so why not just go to court and press the issue? Then we’ll finally have a legal ruling – one with his name on it, no less – that will stand as precedent for generations of corrupt administrations to come. Putting impeachment aside, I think this may serve a grander purpose, ultimately.”

We need to find out now whether the Constitution and the system of laws applies to the executive office in the privileges it asserts.

On Tuesday, the day before the 1st of the televised Impeachment hearings, trans. Mars will exact its sextile with trans. Jupiter and they will form a Yod with Trump’s MC (reputation) likely symbolic of a shift in how Trump is perceived by the world.

Tuesday’s trans. Mars and Jupiter will also create a Yod to the South Node (no longer serves growth) in the 2012 Winter Solstice chart (believed by some to be the End of the Mayan long count calendar and the beginning of a new cycle for increasing consciousness in humans).

Tying those 2 things together, Trump’s reputation and increased awareness in humanity, it could signal an event or discovery that will reveal something regarding a planet-wide awakening. A Yod becomes a Boomerang when a planet or point opposes the apex of the Yod, in this case it is Trump’s MC in Taurus and the 2012 Winter Solstice’s South Node at the Yod apex.

Therefore, the 2012 Solstice chart’s NORTH Node at 25+ Scorpio completes a Boomerang pattern (most likely already in effect, but exact on the 12th).

All the energies of this Yod (Tuesday’s trans. Mars, Jupiter + Trump’s MC + the 2012 Solstice South Node) will be passed on to the 2012 Solstice NORTH Node (path forward), which, in the US natal chart, would put it in the 11th house of groups/friends, and Trump’s natal chart’s 3rd house (Twitter?), and the 12th house (end of the matter) of the 2012 Solstice chart set in Washington DC.

The thing about that Solstice chart is that it ALREADY had a built-in Yod, starting with its sextile of Saturn and Pluto. 2012 Solstice Saturn and Pluto were both quincunx the 2012 Solstice Jupiter that was conjunct US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini.

Solstice Jupiter and US Uranus were at the apex of the Yod, the part that is forced to adjust. I believe that this Yod in the 2012 Solstice chart is playing out in the 2019 Trump Impeachment Inquiry. The past is present.

On Tuesday, Nov. 12th, transiting asteroid Requiem will be at 8+ Sagittarius, opposite US Uranus and the 2012 Solstice’s Jupiter at 8+ Gemini, and on that day (the same day of the transiting Mars-Jupiter sextile), trans. Requiem turns the 2012 Winter Solstice Yod into a Boomerang, where all the energies of the 2012 Yod (Saturn + Pluto + Jupiter), aided by US natal Uranus, will land in the lap of transiting Requiem.

Alex Miller on Requiem: “Astrologically, Requiem is a marker of death, change or transformation. It can also indicate acknowledgement of grief, honors paid to the dead, remembrance of those departed and monuments. There can be a sense of cessation, or rest from labors and acceptance of change or loss, coming to terms with loss.”

It could be an interesting day; November 12th.

BarbK: I really enjoy your astrological analysis. It always shines a light.

Robert Hand, one of the leading predictive astrologers of our time, has mentioned that transits to progressed planets are often more indicative of an actual event, than anything else.

I would be interested to hear what you have to say about that and I wondered if Bob uses transits to progressions as well.

Both of you (and Nancy) seem skilled at these kind of predictions, acknowledging that the stars guide, rather than predict.

Liz, my primary (more than 90- 95% of the time) technique is the progressed lunar return that I discovered more than 40 years ago [and have developed and refined since then] once I have created the progressed return my first step to read it is to place the progressed natal chart around it. After that the natal chart, then the eclipses going back 1 year, and if the target date is some time after the birth of the return I may look at transits at the time of the event. I check transits to progressed charts before checking them to the natal even when not using returns.

Now that Rachel Maddow has dragged former acting United States Attorney General Matthew Whitaker’s name back into this mess I will reveal something I discovered decades ago (well, it seemed like it was decades ago).

Veep pence’s wife karen’s first husband was a whitaker! OMG, I feel so much better after getting that off my chest!!!


I’ve had this bookmarked for years….you may find it of interest,
Also touches on the 65′ Pluto/Uranus Conj @ 17 Virgo towards the end.
Long piece with many world events and famous people’s astro.
The chart for Hiroshima has a 17 Virgo ascendant.
Do check out the complete article because world events are in between people’s astrology.

Posted Aug. 28, 2007
©Michele Adler, 2007

18 19 degrees of Virgo /Pisces and the Eclipse September 2007
Summary of article:
“The following article covers the significance of the 18 19
degrees of Virgo and Pisces, as related to the eclipse of Sept 11, 2007. It identifies themes associated with this degree based on research into events and irections/progressions/diurnals of people during critical times of their lives. There is a
focus on the eclipse of Sept11, 1969, because many of the themes of these degrees were clearly illustrated at that time. The article also includes a listing of
famous people with this degree axis in their natal charts, and past conjunctions of planets in this degree.”


Great analysis at 8:11 pm post!

Has anybody ever mentioned that the Blob’s MC is just 2 degrees off the fixed star ALGOL? “the most wicked stars in the sky.”

Thank You Bob!
Now that you went there I also needed to get something off my chest too. LOL

“Karen Pence, Your Future Second Lady, Sells the Least Useful Item In Existence”


I want to explain my remarks about the statues. As a Pisces/Aquarius, I’m aware that everyone has their own story to tell and should be listened to. I want to know how individuals feel, what their attitudes are, where they come from, and think it could be very productive to establish dialogues between people as opposed to disregarding their opinions and forcing something on them. This will not lead to understanding.

In almost all cases where these 150 y.o. statues were removed from New Orleans (the first city to do this), no one thought about who they were, whether they were racists, what they stood for, nor invested them with much meaning – they were just dashing, impressive military poses of figures in Southern history. Although Winston Marsalis, a revered African American jazz musician in this city, is said to have given the idea to Mitch Landrieu, our mayor, to remove the statues, I heard African Americans interviewed who didn’t really understand why this was happening at this time and didn’t appear to be bothered by the statues. Maybe it was a good thing, and opened a gate, both physically and spiritually to a better and higher way of life, that led to more equality, and that subconsciously these statues did create a odious barrier. I can see that, but I also can understand why many people in the culture felt disregarded – people who are not racists, but who have a cultural identity. This feeds right into the idea that over-educated liberals think they are better than them and want to tell them how to live. There was something about it that did not feel right to me.

How are things at the Whistle Stop Cafe, Izzy? I know you’re really Idgie.

By: Bob on November 4th, 2019, at 9:06 am

“Possible capitulation by trump on the 17th (on the QT) when he contacts madam Speaker to offer her a deal (his resignation) following the next 2 weeks of testimonies.”

Will Nancy will make him an offer he can’t refuse then send him to his room?

Liz, thanks for your interesting comment and I too greatly respect Robert Hand. There are an enormous number of disciplines astrologers have to follow when prying out patterns that lead to some kind of conclusion or just possible outcomes of the future.

I think everyone who is really fascinated by astrology develops a number of approaches that work for them and even discover new techniques from other astrologers. Nancy sold me on the value of the Inauguration charts and Bob on the progressed lunar return charts. It kind of reminds me of molding clay; it feels good and often leads to creating something useful!

What’s been happening for the last few years for me is seeing a planet or point in a degree in some chart (or ephemeris) that links to another chart I’m familiar with, and I’m off on a wild goose chase to discover a connection between them.

I just realized, for example, that the US progressed Neptune (escape reality) in Virgo is sextile the US progressed North Node (path forward) in Cancer and they form a Yod to the US NATAL Pallas (strategy) in Aquarius which is conjunct the US NATAL Moon (US people) which must “adjust” to the pressure exerted by prog. Neptune and the prog. North Node.

The US natal Pallas (strategy) and Moon (People) oppose Trump’s natal Mars (action) in Leo which turns the Yod into a Boomerang, and thus the pressure on US natal Pallas and Moon is pushed onto the Trump Mars, and voila, change happens!

I love the wide open spaces of astrology while also respecting the disciplines that have been handed down for many centuries. If transits to progressed planets or ancient charts work then use them. If midpoints explain things otherwise un-explainable that’s great. If cycles provide understanding as to why change happens, then learn from them. Be creative I say.

Izzy, it sounds fascinating! I’ll check it out – thank you very much.

Lamis, I heard that but had forgotten about awful Algol – thanks for noting. I left out of the 8:11 comment that Trump’s MC opposes his IC so all the Yod impact on his MC (the apex of the Yod on Tuesday) is transferred to his IC (roots), just like the South Node in the 2012 Solstice transfers all the Yod energy to 2012 Solstice North Node. (Mercury retrograde, don’cha know)

Sharon – my first marriage was to a man from Alabama. Although politics wasn’t his cup of tea when we were together, it sure is now. He’s a Trumper, of course. And I discovered some years after our marriage (after our daughter was born) that we was every bit as racist as I thought he *wasn’t.* He was just excellent at hiding it because he’d been either military or state trooper all his adult life. There were consequences for letting down that mask.

He hated anyone telling him what to do, too. Funny thing is, he sure didn’t have a problem telling ME what to do — or, particularly, what NOT to do… like, don’t buy that $10 dress from kMart, even tho we were both in the military, or don’t go to college once I was out (the reason our marriage ended).

Problem is, while one group of people detests being told what to do, they often turn around and do that very same thing back.

In the immortal words of River Tam from “Serenity,” we meddle. “People don’t like to be meddled with. We tell them what to do, what to think, don’t run, don’t walk. We’re in their homes and in their heads and we haven’t the right. We’re meddlesome.”

Whatever happened to “live and let live?”

Sharon, I apologize… it was a message from Teresa I was responding to, not yours. Early morning eyes… need more caffeine! (gryn)

Bob — Veep’s wife was married prior to Veep? Oh, get me the fainting couch! I thought that was against their religion?! Or… was she not so religious during those early hay-days?

I’ve had heartburn since seeing a Tom Steyer commerical show up here in Midwest, and hearing that Bloomberg is talking about getting into the race.

Either of those two, if they’re running as Democrats, would have no compunction against running as Independents if they lose the Dem nomination.

Add to that the statement that I just read from (allegedly) Bill Gates that he’d vote Trump over Warren, and we can SEE who would be the champion of the common people!

Not even Bernie has these multi-billionaires running terrified like Elizabeth.

And to add insult to injury, NOW the press is even talking about her like she’s a “girl”… what she’s wearing, etc… anything to tear down a strong woman.

I’m incensed. My first thought is “Elizabeth, you go girl!” My second thought is sheer stark raving terror — if she gets the nod, would it insure another “CEO” president? Trump, again?! I don’t know about you guys, but neither my peace of mind nor my bank account can stand another “Business man” buying the Presidency.

I don’t think our democracy can outlast it, either….

“Blue – no matter who”… but I’d sure love to vote for a woman who’s intelligent, kind, comes from people of the sod like me, and cares enough to work FOR the common person. I’m 63… I don’t think I’ve got too many more Presidential elections left… and Liz really fits my bill. (sigh)

Do you have a link for the Bill Gates comment? His parents, particularly his mother were major philanthropists. He was raised with noblesse oblige values.
Considering his past associations, and positions, it’s hard to believe that he’d vote Trump over Warren, but maybe she does indeed scare him and the other superrich fat cats enough to go with the narcissistic, pro-Russian, America be damned sociopath. Who knows?

I agree we can see who would be the champion of the common people. E. Warren has some excellent ideas which in effect would lead to a democratization of our economy. I’m sure many rich, upper class moderates and liberals are fine with our economic structure as is. After all, they benefit from it, as is.

Although you and I, and probably everyone else on this blog is fine with a female president, I’m told the bulk of our military personnel are not. What is your assessment?

“Whether Trump will actually be convicted is unknown, but this crippling and traumatizing seven weeks seems likely to do permanent damage irrespective of the outcome in the Senate.”

This is by far my one of my favorite sentences.

Bob….In other words you’d like me to send you some honey,yes?


“Fried Green Tomatoes” – great film, Bob & Izzy!

remember scott brown? Trump appointed him as ambassador to NZ. He just announced he is leaving end of next year to become dean of Boston law school. I have to wonder if hes sick of trump or sick of politics? I think hes had a steep learning curve – in like a lion, out like a lamb. Not a lot of trumpsters in this country.

Here is something that could go badly for trump on the 12th.


If you look at the US natal chart you see that all the transiting (major) outer planets are in the inner (not visible) side of the chart – from 12 degrees of Sagittarius through to 12 degrees of Gemini. It is an inner turmoil, not really visible on the surface, that is tearing up the United States.

In the 2nd house, Capricorn, there is transiting Saturn and Pluto, in the 3rd house trans. Neptune is in Pisces, at the 4th house root (IC) there is trans. Chiron (and natal Chiron too) in Aries and in the 5th house trans. Uranus is in Taurus. All of this is part of the private side of the body of the USA. The outer planets symbolize energies beyond the typical human range of experience and therefore these energies throw human beings out of sync.

Internal problems are just that; they are hidden within and not easily diagnosed. Only 3 of the 10 major planets in the US natal chart are found in the internal (bottom half) side of the US chart; Pluto in the 2nd house of values and material goods, Moon in the 3rd house of communication and neighbors and Uranus in the 6th house of service and health.

These 3 houses, the 2nd, 3rd and 6th are areas where we, the USA, have major problems such as staying within budgets (house #2), issues with neighbors (house #3), health care and sufficient jobs for US citizens (house #6).

There is also transiting Chiron at the 4th house cusp, the roots of the US natal chart. This is the Family so-to-speak, the integration of all the various nationalities who call this country home, and it is possibly the most damaging malady of all.

These transiting outer planets symbolize a repairing process in all the areas of the USA and, like any patient going through surgery or therapy or even diagnosis, it is uncomfortable, and can even be painful. We are a whiny lot, what with our Cancer Sun, and not only resent the intrusion of remedial service, but are suspicious of it.

I’m no doctor, but I believe this patient, our homeland, can be cured of most of it’s ills, but it will be stressful, scary at times and very uncomfortable – if not downright painful.

But, if we want to live, and we have faith and courage; if we can visualize our future as strong and healthy, if we can see ourselves as whole; a nation that welcomes any foreigner who wants to contribute to our country’s achievements, we can weather this period of purging/healing; I call it transformation and increased consciousness.

Henri, thanks for the link. The stock market is not my forte, but this could be the Boomerang Effect I’ll be watching for on Tuesday.

BarbK, far be it for me to correct you but I don’t think staying within budgets is what Pluto in the 2nd is about. I think it’s transforming our values from all about money to self worth and self esteem in ourselves and in others. Just my opinion.

Slightkc, don’t be so quick, pls. To write Michael Bloomberg off just because he has a lot of money and has been a CEO. He was a very good mayor of NY for 3 terms. He’s personally spent a LOT of money on climate change and gun control issues. I believe him to have integrity and want what’s best for this country. I don’t think he can make it through the Democratic primaries because too many Dems want very progressive changes and a woman which could cause us to lose the election. I think if it’s Bloomberg vs. Trump, Bloomberg will win because he will bring in
many, many moderate Republicans.

Keep an open mind, the election is a long way off and a lot can change between now and then.

Izzy, that was what my very next post to you was going to be! I figured you were still a ‘Bee Chahma’. Been in any food fights in the kitchen lately? 🙂

Yes it is a great film (IMO) Sharon. I had to watch it again today.

I Remember You by Grayson Hugh


A better video of “I Remember You”


and by Ruth’s later relatives (i think – idk)



Oh dear Banks, I like your example better too! I was just trying to keep it simple. Thank you for sharing your opinion.

Since I’m here, I’d like to flesh out the Mars-Jupiter cycle, from whence the Mars-Jupiter sextile on Tuesday, Nov. 12th springs. They met at 17 Scorpio 55 and were sextile the Sun-Venus-Pluto conjunction 16 to 18 Capricorn on January 6, 2018.

This potent sextile formed a Yod with Trump’s natal Uranus at 17+ Gemini, meaning that during the following 2 years Trump’s wild and crazy Uranus would be forced to adjust. Seems we are right on track for that. At that time (Jan. 2018) transiting asteroid Chaos was conjunct Trump’s Sun at 22+ Gemini and square US Neptune at 22+ Virgo (where the Moon in the Mars-Jupiter cycle start chart was.)

Which leads me to another Yod in this Mars-Jupiter chart and it is self contained. The Moon at 23+ Virgo (and conjunct the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo) was sextile Vesta (what’s invested in) at 26+ Scorpio, and they formed a Yod to Eris, Uranus and Pallas (strategy) at 22 – 26 Aries, all in the same chart, that of the Mars-Jupiter cycle.

Could all this have something to do with the stock market? (strategy, investment, Sun-Venus-Pluto conjunction and Moon conjunct US Neptune?)

As always, transiting Chiron was 30 degrees behind transiting Uranus, at 24+ Pisces and opposite the transiting Moon at 23+ Virgo in this Mars-Jupiter cycle chart. Every time a planet has to deal with trans. Uranus it also has to deal with trans. Chiron too, and this has been happening for the last 10 years.

It turns out that transiting Chiron in Pisces was also trine trans. Vesta in Scorpio (part of the Yod with the Moon and Uranus, etc.) at that Mars-Jupiter conjunction in 2018. Since Vesta is about investments and she was trine Chiron (wounding leads to healing) which opposed the Moon (the People) . . . . .

Further complicating matters, Chiron at that time was square the same chart’s Mercury at 24+ Sagittarius (where transiting Jupiter was just 4 days ago I might add) but Mercury was TRINE Uranus at the same time.

I know, I know, this Tuesday’s sextile between Mars and Jupiter is complicated enough what with triggering the Mayan Calendar End and all that jazz, but their own cycle (Mars and Jupiter) is full of intrigue AND to make matters worse, transiting Sedna (under water) in Taurus was opposite Vesta in Scorpio (part of the Yod with Moon and Uranus) at the start of the present Mars-Jupiter cycle.

Read Henri’s article about Trump’s speech on Tuesday and see what you think.

The Visit To Nepal: In Search Of A Perfect Cure

We had planned our weeks visit to Kathmandu, Nepal several months ago. As an American expatriate living in India, it is required to exit the country twice a year. As a rule, I never check the ephemeris for positive aspects when traveling. The priority is more in terms of what is cost effective and convenient. The week before our departure however I learned that the October 31st Mercury retrograde was occurring within several hours of our scheduled departure. Be prepared for any eventuality I thought to myself. My wife doesn’t pay attention to those sort of things, so nothing lost, nothing gained.

The two hour flight from Pune (India) to Delhi went without incident. No problem there. The shuttle from terminal 1 to terminal 3 was equally uneventful, that is, until we arrived at the international terminal. We had a connecting flight to Kathmandu at terminal 3. It had just been evacuated and in lockdown due to a b-o-m-b discovered inside the entrance terminal. Hundreds of people were milling about outside the terminal area not sure how to proceed. No clear instructions were given. Flights were being either delayed or canceled. Luckily we had a 5 hour layover in Delhi. Perhaps things would clear by then? To our great relief, things did indeed eventually clear. The police successfully disarmed the device allowing us to board without incident save for the minor inconvenience of a one hour delay. We arrived at my favorite haunting ground in Kathmandu; the Summit Hotel. We were informed that the room we had requested was only available for two days. We might have to switch to a less desired room or so we were told. As it turned out, that too was eventually resolved.

So…. in search of an Ayurvedic doctor for the treatment of a herniated disc. We did find one, but the treatment felt inadequate. What I really wanted was a chiropractor (they are practically non existent in India). We did finally locate a chiropractor; a Canadian-Indian lady (the only chiropractor in Nepal I was told!) at a certain designated hospital. After some pleasantries; we learned that this chiropractor was fully booked weeks in advance. Nevertheless, the visit to Nepal was quite enjoyable. See composite photo…….


The return proved to be equally perplexing. Upon arrival in Delhi we were abruptly informed that the connecting flight from Delhi to Pune was cancelled (no reason given). There were no viable options except to try to fly standby over a period of days, without any guarantees. To a westerner, accustomed to efficient service, the notion that a passenger had to make ones own arrangements without any help from the airline and no compensatory hotel accomodations strained all sense of credulity. After many hours, much persuasion and coaxing, we managed to arrange a circuitous routing; Delhi to Lucknow and then to Pune the following day. Fortunately for us, my wife has family in Delhi. We had a most enjoyable overnight stay with them. My brother in law took me to a physio therapist he recently visited for a herniated disc. His problem was alleviated within 11 days. The session I had with this physio therapist was rewarding and gave me hope. Things were looking up.

Our hired car drive from Pune airport to our house at Meherabad; about a two hour drive a few days ago was another mind bending experience. The man’s driving was erratic and hair-raising. It was early in the morning. He had a tendency to speed, weaving in and out of cars, leaving virtually little room for error with the added disconcerting action of alternately pressing on the accelerator and touching on the brakes every few seconds. And then, just as inexplicably, every so often he would slow down noticeably, letting other cars pass. His erratic behavior caused other drivers to honk their horns. His slightly slurred speech made it fairly obvious he was sleep deprived. It seemed as though he was deliberately driving in this fashion to keep awake. We tried to calm him down and keep him focused. The clincher for me was when he engaged in a long-winded conversation with a friend on his cell phone. At that point, the situation became almost intolerable. I felt he wasn’t paying sufficient attention to the road. I wanted to say something to the driver but my wife kept stopping me from doing so. She felt if something was said we risked being left stranded in the middle of nowhere. She knows the culture or at least that is what she kept insisting. And so a stalemate prevailed. My wife and I would occasionally find ourselves slipping into a loud argument back and forth about this, depending on how close we came to colliding into another car. The driver seemed oblivious to all this (he was too involved in his friendly phone conversation. He couldn’t speak English in any case). Taking Gods name was my only recourse. We finally made it to the house, shaken but without mishap. Once we entered the house we laughed and hugged. It seemed so absurd and yet funny at the same time. Toss it up to Mercury retrograde (communication difficulties).

As fate would have it, an American chiropractor just arrived at Meherabad for a long visit. He has agreed to set up appointments for treatment. Situation resolved.

So here is a positive astrological spin on Mercury retrograde…….

Positive Effects of Mercury Retrograde


And here are some notes on a previous visit of mine to Nepal some 15 years ago….

July 4, 2003

A Post Card Impression of Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu resides within close proximity of the majestic high Anna Purna Himalayan mountain ranges and is quite striking when seen in its vast panoramic view on a clear day. It has been a perpetual delight to explore this quaint, ancient land that regally sits high up in elevation, overlooking the Indian subcontinent from the North. There is an inherently strong accented Tibetan Buddhist influence here (although elements of Hinduism are also in clear evidence) lending a unique atmosphere to this region that is absolutely charming and memorable. The culture exudes strong spiritual traditions, but at the same time is unassuming in its tolerance towards other religions. Nepal is rightly called the ‘Himalayan Kingdom’. The people are very gentle and friendly and the architecture is exquisite.

Two friends with whom I am traveling, are staying with a delightful Nepali family in a beautiful suburban district of Katmandu called Patan. This particular family are Indian by birth, but very western and progressive in their way of life (they lived in Canada for thirty years). They mix easily with the social environment and have a wonderful regard for the culture. Urmilla (the wife) is the primary inspiration behind an arts and handicrafts school they own, employing many of the underprivileged locals. They export these handicrafts to many areas of the world; ranging from hand loomed fabrics to pottery. It’s a non profit organization that relies predominantly on grants. It’s a marvelous and touching operation to witness. The selflessness in which everyone contributes to this project derives many of its inspirational guidelines directly from Mahatma Ghandi’s principles (Urmilla lived in the Gandhi retreat in Nagpur, India as a child).

We have been using Urmilla’s driver to negotiate our way around town; visiting the various historic sites that are located in the Kathmandu area and surrounding countryside. My hotel, rests within 10 minutes of walking distance of the guest house my friends are staying in; also located in the Patan area. The nest where I have taken up temporary residence – the Summit hotel, is superb in its attention to detail in the old world tradition of Nepalese decor and architecture. Lavish gardens, tall trees and inner courtyards with its outer perimeter lined with lovely, artistically designed rooms, intricate wooden carved balconies and railings and huge museum-like wood carving pieces located in strategic places on the outer walls, creates a magical, quiet atmosphere. Considered a luxury hotel by any standard – it was procured for only $40 a night (includes breakfast buffet). I managed to negotiate a 30 % discount due to the off season monsoon period.

We visited Pashupatinath today. Many monkeys and quite a fair number of Sadhus inhabit the innumerable temples there. The dead are cremated on the banks of the river with simple fanfare (we arrived in time for one of these cremation ceremonies). In previous days our various visits to the areas where the huge Buddha Stupas (temples) are situated, has been of particular fascination to me. The two eyes and squiggly nose (the nose shaped in the form of a question mark) conveys the feeling that the all seeing Divine eye is forever upon one. In an old, well preserved Tibetan monastery at the Swayambhu hill shrine where one of the most famous Buddhist Stupas reside, we found a comfortable corner in front of a large brass bowl that contained a lit candle and a prayer wheel perched on top. We managed to discreetly, softly repeat Baba’s prayers there.

This land is enchanting. All three of us are in wonderment of the culture; the simplicity and beauty of the people. Although neighboring India does exert its influence (via Hindi films and similarities in the Hindi script etc.), nevertheless at the same time, the Nepalese culture, accompanied as it is by various shades of Tibetan Buddhist influence, seems to evoke an entirely distinct and different cultural experience. It feels like home – very warm and inviting. I don’t think this can ever fully be captured by words or photos alone, but my traveling companions are taking lots of photos. Our week foray into Nepal will come to an end on July 7th and with our arrival at Meherabad on the 9th (just in time for Silence day), these photos can be developed.

Speaking of photos…. portraits of the esteemed Dalai Lama adorn many shops and homes here. He seems to be the embodiment of what this country holds dear. The sensitivity and reverence for all living creatures prevails in this great Himalayan Kingdom.

Thank you, Jerry. I really enjoyed your very interesting, well-written narrative. The drive home sounds harrowing and I’m glad you and your wife could laugh about it.

I thank you too Jerry. In the past I have posted against the length of your posts but this morning when I saw your post I thought “He posts so seldomly while some of us post almost daily. Let him have his space. He doesn’t take as much as we do.”

And I did find your post to be interesting also. was that you in the picture? Who sits beneath the lion’s belly?

I have read your posts going back to the old Political Astrology Group founded by Judy Johns but know little about you except that you are in India. If you feel like sharing I am interested in where you were born, how long have you been an expat, why, how did you meet your wife, what work do, or did, you do in India.

Watching Elizabeth Warren now.


‘Trump’s Frantic Fight for Immunity
As public impeachment hearings begin, Trump’s Presidency is still defined by his belief that he cannot be held to account.’

“The House isn’t waiting for all the missing witnesses to appear, or for all the cases to reach the Supreme Court. Instead, Adam Schiff, the chair of the House Intelligence Committee, warned last week that the President’s frantic efforts to sabotage the process could, in themselves, be impeachable offenses.”


There was a march this week-end to re-create the 1811 German Coast slave uprising in LA that was mean to free all slaves between the march’s origin point up to and including New Orleans. It sounds very empowering. https://www.npr.org/2019/11/09/777810796/hundreds-march-in-reenactment-of-a-historic-but-long-forgotten-slave-rebellion

I would think that the removing of the Confederate Statues actually did clear a path and open a space to greater self-esteem and empowerment, on a causal level and that is probably the most important result.

My earlier comments are more general. Sometimes this type of confrontation is called for but, as I look at the landscape we are dealing with, it often occurs to me (and my friend who specializes in conflict resolution and cross cultural dialogue) that we should be doing more communicating, especially listening, and less judging up front. I am always encouraging my friend, who has done wonderful, colorful art depictions relating to this theme of how people feel inside and the need to actually talk to each other about it, to both broaden her work and include white people even more. She has created a book of her art and philosophy that she is looking to publish and also has a concept for bringing cross cultural dialogue (across races, religions, ethnicities, etc.) to many venues. In some schools these days they use a technique called “restorative justice” where all parties involved in a negative action meet, 3rd party representatives (counselors, teachers, students) attend, the perpetrator and victim get a chance to express feelings and, together, a just solution is arrived at. We really, really need to go in this direction as much as is possible (some people won’t be able to, of course).

Hi Bob,

Happy to answer those questions for you. Yes. That is me pictured on the left posing in front of the lion statue.

Born in Los Angeles. Grew up in NYC. Moved to Myrtle Beach, SC to be near the Meher Baba Center in 1975. Met my wife here in India (she is of Indian origin) about 20 years ago. We married in early 2015. As far as taking up residence in India, perhaps you might find my 2011 Facebook post of interest. It covers those events in detail. I had since transferred that text to my wordpress account to make it easier to read and access. Here is the link………


barb- Here is a relatively simple explanation of how American (and others) capitalism is failing and how it needs to change. It’s interesting because the ideas of the change sound very Aquarian to me.


Jerry, how delightful to read some personal color of your experiences and observations from your neck of the woods. Thank you for sharing!

Sharon, re your 12.20 post: Understanding and incorporating elements of Hawaii’s ancient Hooponopono (akin to ‘restorative justice’) is helpful. When I left Hawaii the justice system was incorporating it into their legal process with good outcomes.

Thank you for your reply Jerry. I did not expect so much!

I think that due to losing my family suddenly when I was 14 I came to not value hanging on to anything I did not need for survival and can give (share) even my last penny with another and have done so on more than one occasion. As your friend Pat Sumner quipped “it’s only money”.

Thank you again. May good life come your way.


This one is for Liz. On Tuesday, November 12th, transiting Neptune at 15+ Pisces will trine the US PROGRESSED Jupiter at 15+ Cancer (2 degrees from US natal Sun), and along with transiting Mercury at 17+ Scorpio, they form a grand trine in water signs.

Because all 3 are in retrograde motion their influence will likely be delayed for a while. Because both trans. Mercury and US prog. Jupiter are involved in the transmission of ideas or communication, it could be secret information (trans. Neptune) that this powerful Grand Trine energy drive is about.

Speaking of retrogrades, it has come to my attention that Trump’s natal retrograde Jupiter at 17+ Libra (where the US progressed retrograde Mars is) was just a few hours away from stationing direct.

In other words, Jupiter was stationary at Trump’s birth, accounting for his extraordinary sense of entitlement. In the 2nd house of Trump’s birth chart, Jupiter, especially a stationary Jupiter, would demand an appearance of untold wealth, and therefore he doesn’t tell!

Anyway, we know that on Tuesday transiting Mars and transiting Jupiter will exact their sextile, which will activate their own cycle that began Jan. 26, 2018, and it will affect Trump’s MC, causing it to shift uncomfortably.

We also know that this Mars-Jupiter sextile will activate the North and South Nodes in the 2012 Winter Solstice chart (aka the end of the Mayan calendar and the beginning of something big), a solstice that was/is connected to the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini.

Tuesday, Nov. 12th is also when the Full Moon conjuncts the US natal Vesta, AND transiting Vesta, all at 19+ Taurus.

We know that this FM+Vesta+US Vesta at 19+ Taurus will trine transiting Pluto (21+ Cap) and transiting Saturn (16+ Cap), and all of them trine US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo). This Full Moon also conjuncts Nancy Pelosi’s natal Uranus at 19+ Taurus, and the FM Mercury (17+ Scorpio) trines her natal Mercury (17+ Pisces).

This Full Moon + Vesta (symbol of investments and of focus) is tying together events and people going back to at least the end of 2012. For the US, this FM in Taurus is all about values, and logic tells us the Impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump is where it all comes together.

More you should know about Tuesday’s astrology:

1. Tuesday’s Full Moon chart (with the FM conjunct Vesta in Taurus trine US Neptune in Virgo and trine Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn) has Mercury in Scorpio in the same degree that the Jupiter-Mars conjunction took place in January 2018, and now Jupiter and Mars are in their final sextile with each other in this Full Moon chart.

2. Tuesday’s Full Moon in Taurus opposes retrograde Mercury (17+ Scorpio) as well as the January 6, 2018, conjunction of Mars and Jupiter (17+ Scorpio) that started their cycle. This FM Mercury will quincunx Trump’s natal Uranus in Gemini, as does the January 2018 Mars-Jupiter conjunction. More adjusting. The new Mars-Jupiter cycle starts next March.

3. A reminder that the FM Mercury degree (+ the start of the present Mars-Jupiter cycle) at 17+ Scorpio trines the FM Neptune at 15+ Pisces and the US progressed Jupiter at 15+ Cancer.

4. This Mars-Jupiter cycle has created hardship on Trump what with its chart’s Moon in Virgo (conjunct US natal Neptune) opposite Chiron in Pisces creating a Grand Cross with Trump’s Gemini Sun opposite his Sagittarius Moon.

It looks to be a disaster for Trump, this Full Moon conjunct the very focused US Vesta. His words will come back to bite him in his buttocks.


Beautiful impressions and gorgeous prose from Tibet and India – and I felt I was in that horrid cab ride with you!

Thank you for sharing your rich observations and poetic writing.

Thanks for the warm thoughts Will (Sharon, Kiwi and Bob as well). It is appreciated. Although I am retired, luckily my wife still teaches (at one of the local public schools). Otherwise, we would both be in trouble. The following photo is self-explanatory………..


NewsScope for November 11, 2019
By Michael O’Reilly

Michael Bloomberg’s Mars at 18º Taurus falls in line with this Mercury transit, as it energizes his political agenda on a national level. So does the U.S. Vesta, located at 19º Taurus.


“A German Newspaper Printed What No American Paper Has “Donald #Trump is not fit to be president of the United States. He does not possess the requisite intellect and does not understand the significance of the office he holds nor the tasks associated with”


We Dems need to get serious about beating Trump or whomever the R’s run for potus in 2020. As much as we all would like to see a woman as president in our lifetime, as much as I personally like and agree with many of the ideas of Bernie, and E. Warren, we can’t afford to lose this election because we were too politically correct. Many voters who don’t like or even despise Trump will stay home and not vote if they feel the Dem candidate is too radical.

Now EW has stated she wants to ban fracking completely on her first day in office.
Whether you are for or against fracking, it has led to energy independence for the USA and created quite a number of jobs. I truly admire and agree with many of EW’s ideas, but I also see how so many Ams would be very uncomfortable voting for her.

To win a year from now, we need a flexible moderate who can veer right or left as circumstances require.

I agree 100%, Eliseo, or we will lose the House and other gains we have made, judging by what happened after Obamacare passed. People want who they want, and don’t want to settle for anything less. I see it in Democrats all around me, but we have to be very careful that we’re not wearing blinders and of the repercussions of wanting it all — and maybe even getting it (even if what we want appears to be the right thing — as there are many ways to get to Rome, not just one).

. . and so, who are we going to run as the Democrat for US President in 2021? Joe Biden?

I’d be on board with this theory (bypass who we personally prefer so as to get the majority of votes for the Dems, so as to beat the Pubs/Trump), especially if Warren was on the ticket as VP.

Do you think Joe and Elizabeth would bite the bullet (for the country and for the Dem party)? I believe Bob said at one point that this would be a do-nothing term (based on the astrology) and that would make sense with a Biden-Warren win in 2020. If we can get those two to cooperate with each other, who knows, we might get the House and Senate to work together too!

Count me in.

barbk, I have never said any term would be a do-nothing term that I can recall. The only likelihood of such a statement by me that I can think of would apply to the current Senate or possibly if the Dems do not take the majority in the next Senate while retaining the House and also gaining the WH. Can you source where I posted that?

My charts show Thurday, November 14 to be worse than Wednesday for tRump. I think it will be because of response to Wednesday’s testimonies by the media and the public.

Barb, it was either Henri or Andre who said that….I believe it was Henri. I believe he said something about a one-term president who would be transitional to a more progressive era.

barbK, SharonK,
I’d be on board with a Biden/Warren ticket. At this moment I feel that would be the best way to win with who we have. It would be a good way to unite the party and would also conform to my suspicion the next elected president will die in office (Tecumseh’s curse returned). (Isn’t that a Jupiter cycle? I forget)

Biden would be 78, Warren 71 in January 2021 at time of inauguration. Presuming a Dem wins in 2020, they would likely preside during the most stressful circumstances since the Am. Civil War. Stress kills. Duh.

Biden would be a good caretaker president, but Warren would seem more consistent with Pluto’s entrance into Aquarius, 2023-2024.

Another possibility, one other than a change of presidency in 2023, would be an overwhelming Dem victory in Nov. 2022, giving the Dems a 2/3 majority in both houses. Surely, a flurry of humanitarian legislation would follow beginning in January 2023.

Then again, I also feel world and domestic events from 2016 through 2030 will be eventually regarded by historians as the weirdest years of American history. Our next president could well be someone most of us have never heard of.

Putin is being hit hard by transiting Saturn and Pluto. The hard hits will intensify through January 2020.

Thanks Bob and Sharon for clarifying what I could not remember verbatim, and actually “do nothing” was my own interpretation, over-simplified for mental filing purposes.

My point was that major initiatives were not intended for this next president’s term, according to astrology, but rather a period to re-group and, if a Dem president, repair and hold space for the next Dem president.

If that person elected in 2020 were to be Joe Biden, respected by most and favored by women of color, a woman, or a person of color or a gay person as vice president would have 4 years to establish his or her own respectability. These things take time.

I thought Warren would be good in that position, due to her relationship with the new 2020 Jupiter-Saturn cycle start at 0+ Aquarius which I noted a couple of times over the last year.

She also has natal Mars conjunct US natal Uranus (bold, even shocking innovation) at 8+ Gemini.

It was also where Jupiter was in the 2012 Winter Solstice (associated with world evolution) which was at the apex of the 2012 Solstice chart’s Yod with its Pluto-Saturn sextile. And since their new cycle (Pluto and Saturn) is about to start with thunderous applause, it seemed almost logical that Elizabeth Warren would be in a position to take advantage of that for her country’s and the world’s sake. I could be wrong.

A Message to PBS: Televise the Trump Impeachment Hearings for All to See


Volodymyr Zelensky (current president of Ukraine)

Natal Pluto noon chart in longitude was at 16°41′ Libra. It is now being squared by transit Saturn in longitude. Was squared by transit Pluto in 2016 and 2017.

Natal Pluto noon chart at 202°00′ in right ascension; squared by transit Saturn on this coming December 22nd.

Progressed Pluto will be squared by transit Saturn jn right ascension on December 19th at 201°35′.

It is currently being squared by transiting Pluto in right ascension and will be within a 3° orb deep into January 2020.

Volodymyr Zelensky date of birth:

January 25, 1978
Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine

Bannon Admits Trump’s Cabinet Nominees Were Selected To Destroy Their Agencies.


Eliseo and Sharon, you both are so right, imo the Dems seem to be on a path to help elect Trump for another term , whether they mean to or not. And it’s infuriating and terrifying.

I listen to many Republican podcasts, ones from ‘Never Trumpers’ mostly and i hear this time and time again, the Dems need the swing voters, the ones who voted for Obama and then voted for Trump. If they see the Dems going far left with a ‘radical’ candidate like warren or sanders, they will just vote again for the devil they know but feel safer with.

Right now the only mission should be to get the monster out of office , however they are going along as if we are living in normal times. Biden is the one who can beat Trump yet they are not getting on board with him yet, not really. The candidate needs to be the one most likely to beat Trump, And they can put someone on the VIP ticket that can help get them there too.

There’s a reason why Trump has not been calling warren Pocahontas these days, it’s because he is hoping beyond hope that she is the candidate. Everything that is going on with Ukraine and him wanting them to investigate Biden tells you that he is scared of Biden.

Btw, Did anyone see Biden on the CNN townhall last night? He was great!

EXCERPT “Change is coming. Humanity rises. These protests all have one thing in common – economics. Younger people in particular see no future for themselves, aside from endless struggle to make ends meet. That economic model manifests in our evergrowing wealth disparity, corruption, steady eroding of people’s living standards and the increasing gulf in understanding between power brokers in those nations and the lot of the average family. People really struggle these days. Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are signaling the changes happening in our cultures. And in the first of the year we have the conjunction of the two, activating two eclipses at the same time. It will be one of our biggest astrological events in recent years. And it will be good for instigating a crisis or two, which we appear to sorely need in order to motivate enough people to overturn those systems which are holding us back. That conjunction could also signal powerful leaders stepping forward in order to usher those changes through. It is one of those, “Our moment has come!” type of events. It all makes for the stuff of a good Scorpio drama, even though the astrological event is in Capricorn. Yet, Scorpio rules the human kingdom. With that said, it is worth delving into that sign a little deeper than we have in the past. To start, consider the following: “…


This might be what you’re seeing around the 17th. If this happened it would give him a reason to resign.


There is a great article in Politico about how three R sen could change rules and have secret ballot on removing Trump, the prospect of which would lead to Trump making a deal with multiple DAs and Pence for pardon. The scenario falls right in line with Bob’s prediction of a deal Trump will make next week! Here’s the link: https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2019/11/12/path-to-removing-donald-trump-from-office-229911

Angellight, so glad you posted this (9:42 AM). I was just thinking how we all should wait until after January to make our decisions about who would be the best candidate to win. Saturn conjunct Pluto will change the world.

“Saturn conjunct Pluto WILL change the world.” Yes, I’ve been feeling/thinking that too. My intuitive feeling is this conjunction will be stronger than it usually has been. Am I off base in that presumption?

Sharon K – re: post of Michael Bloomberg’s astrology chart w/26* Cancer rising, 25* Aquarius Moon, 17* Aquarius Moon….

I was reminded of an old article on Neptune Cafe re: Presidential Politics. Considering Bloomberg’s natal sun is exact with the U.S. natal moon, this is a campaign to keep an eye on.

This is just a small part of that article:

“Presidents with their Sun in Aquarius have a direct connection with the American people through the U.S. Aquarius Moon, and are generally known as populists. In this era of mass media, the successful presidential candidate has to connect with the people and their security needs. In astrological terms, this means that he or she must have planets tightly linked with the U.S. Moon, which in the Scorpio Rising horoscope is found at 25 degrees Aquarius. One of the most significant trends in American politics is that all recently elected Presidents have precise aspects to the U.S. Moon either natally or by progression, and often both.”


By the way, Bloomberg birth time reported as 3:40 PM on Feb 14, 1942 in Brighton, MA.


Hi Bob,

Re: Putin is being hit hard by transiting Saturn and Pluto. The hard hits will intensify through January 2020.

Good observation. Putin’s natal Mercury/Neptune conj (21/23 Libra) and natal Pluto (22 Leo) will experience respectively a square and quincunx. It should be interesting to see how that plays out.

Diana, I watched Biden on CNN last night and thought he was excellent. BarbK, I don’t think a Biden/Warren ticket is likely or a good one. I would much prefer to see Biden/Klobuchar. They are moderates, but strong on key issues like climate change, health care, etc. They won’t turn off Repubs who are tired of Trump but can’t stomach Warren because she is too strident and “will take away their money with her socialist ideas”. Joe Biden can repair all of the damage Trump has created with our allies. Klobuchar can work both sides of the aisle to get legislation passed.

I asked before but no response. Pls. Would someone look at Amy Klobuchar’s chart and how it works with Biden.

last night segment on economics with bill Gates and new nobel prize winner is worth watching and promoted

Putin – Natal Relocated (My speculation)
Oct 7 1952, 7:02 pm, BAT -3:00
Moscow Russia 55°N45′ 037°E35′

Sun 14°Li19’15”
Mer 23°Li49’06”
Sat 17°Li30’19”
Ura 18°Cn24’12”
Nep 21°Li10’42”

Putin – Sec.Prog. Q2 Mean Quotidian
Jan 13 2020, 6:00 pm, BAT -3:00
Moscow Russia 55°N45′ 037°E35′

Sat 24°Li55’38”
Ura 17°Cn29’34” R
Nep 23°Li23’32”


Amy Klobuchar
Born May 25, 1960
in Plymouth, MN
No birth time known
Rising: Unknown
Sun: 3-4* of Gemini
Moon: 0* 33′ of Gemini (if birth time is 12:01 AM)
to 12* 33′ of Gemini (if birth time is 11:59 PM)

It is so hard to compare charts when we don’t know Klobuchar’s birth time. She has a stellium with her Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Gemini – but again, that depends on birth time. Her natal Venus is right before them in 27* Taurus.

I’d like to know more because that Gemini Sun/Moon combo and a strong Sun square Pluto makes me think she would be better as a Senator – not part of a team. She wants to be in control and will have battles for that control with powerful people.

Joe Biden
Born Nov 20, 1942
in Scranton, PA
Reported birth time as 8:30 AM
(accuracy reported as “excellent”)

Rising: 3* Sag
Sun: 27* Scorpio in 12th house
Moon: 0* 59′ Taurus in 5th house

Going round his chart:

Moon (0* Taurus) in 5th – conjunct his part of fortune (6* Taurus).

Uranus (2* Gemini) right on the cusp of his 6th/7th houses.

Saturn (9* Gemini) in the 7th.

Jupiter (25* Cancer) & Pluto (7* Leo) in 8th.

Chiron (28* Leo) in 9th.

Neptune (1* Libra) in 10th.

Mars (12* Scorpio) in 11th.

A stellium in 12th house: Mercury (21*), Sun (27*), Venus (28*) in Scorpio.

If Klobuchar’s birth time is later in the day, her Sun/Moon Gemini combo sit on top of Joe’s Saturn in his house of partnerships. Also could bump up against his Uranus in his 6th house of service.

Any one else have opinions?

barbk: Thanks. I too thought the info was pertinent and hopeful.

SassyGrace, thank you. The Sun square Pluto is easy for me to understand. I have the same thing and I don’t like being on a team unless it’s my team and I’m calling the shots.
Seemed like a good idea before the astrology info. Interesting what astrology can tell us.
Thank you so very much, SassyGrace.

Banks, you are very welcome.

It is difficult to make a decision about these candidates when we don’t know everything there is to know about them. Astrology does help!

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