4th Oct, 2019

President Gone Rogue

We have a President whose obsession to win at all cost has completely subverted the functioning of the US government. Nothing is done for the good of the American people. Everything is done to serve Trump’s interests.

The State Department has been co-opted by Trump’s need to get dirt on a political rival rather than serve US global objectives. The Justice Department now investigates bogus claims against the president’s perceived political enemies such as Hillary Clinton, Andrew McCabe and Joe Biden, while corruptly covering up wrong doing by the president himself. We have witnessed Attorney General Barr falsely exonerating Trump after the Mueller probe, and more recently attempting to bury the incendiary whistleblower complaint that outlines Trump’s attempted extortion of a vulnerable Ukraine. Indeed, it is now clear that both military aid to Ukraine and the tariff war with China are being used as extortionist-flavored leverage to get dirt on the Bidens and perhaps Elizabeth Warren, as well as to undo the compromising shadow of Russian interference cast on Trump’s 2016 somewhat tarnished victory. Even the so-called “national emergency” at the Southern border declared by Trump to legitimize funneling money appropriated by Congress for other, more pressing projects in order to build his vanity wall can be seen as motivated by a need to shore up his base for the coming election.

It is now obvious that Trump is so impaired by his pathological narcissism that he believes any conspiracy theory that feeds the needs of his fragile ego and repudiates his perceived enemies, thereby serving the exigencies of his grandiose and his paranoid delusions. His is so impaired that his obsessive need to win triumphs over all else and has now infiltrated US policy both domestic and foreign.

The reality of Trump in America has been like a continuous political 9/11 since it began. And just like with 9/11, the failure of imagination has continued to harm us. We have been constantly running to catch up with the barrage of unexpected outrage, the outside-the-box corruption that has been decimating our democracy on a daily onslaught. Thus far, there has been no line that Trump will not cross in support of the overwhelmingly compelling need to triumph at all cost. The possibility should therefore be considered that Trump might actually call out the US military or possibly declare martial law on his behalf after asserting another national emergency, whether due to impeachment or due to an election loss. We should be prepared for all eventualities, however outrageous. The Republican wall of silence in the face of this grave threat is nothing short of moral cowardice and a betrayal of the country of the highest order.


No astrology in this article. I just had to say these things. Predictions in the previous post are numerous and still good.

Gracious Nancy, you have captured the cunning of this President; a non-stop 9/11 that fatigues one’s senses into a stupor. Knowing this it seems logical that the methods of capturing a wild vicious animal running loose is the best method of ending his destruction.

It isn’t just Republicans who shrink from responsibility – who cower at his roar, it is everyone. Where is the hero that steps in to save our country? To end this President’s reign of terror? Where is the tranquilizer gun and where are the nets? This is a nightmare of epic proportions.

Nancy Pelosi and others are “going by the book”; what other recourse do they have? Where is the little child that notes the emperor has no clothes on? The media (print and TV) knows the situation is out of control now and they call him, a sitting US President for goddess’ sake, an idiot or worse. Is there a way out of this aside from the possibility of him crashing and/or falling into a coma?

Greater minds must be working on this; we caught Bin Ladin for Pete’s sake but killing Trump is verboten.

I think we must stay patient until the energies symbolized by the Pluto-Neptune-Uranus (and Eris) movements intertwine with the energies symbolized by the Saturn and Jupiter movements, and that time is near.

I also think we in the US and others in the rest of the world needed this wake-up call; the power of the patriarchy, or whatever you want to call this mass-mind control by an element of humankind that has been in charge for so long, but is now dying – is giving way to a force that requires an elevation of consciousness in human beings.

This new way of Being does not recognize greed or the need to have power over others, but is really big on equality. This episode in US history will eventually be relegated to the mass memory of events such as the Holocaust and the overthrow of Rome, but we alive today will never forget it, and that’s a good thing.

Using logic, a left brain function, alone isn’t going to end the Trump reign. It must be accompanied by imagination, a right brain function, in order to be effective.

Therein lies the rub, we must elevate our (group) consciousness in order to overcome the dilemmas that stymie our present state of consciousness. Hence the US Pluto Return, the Pluto-Saturn conjunction, the Pluto-Jupiter conjunctions and the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction that follows the US Presidential election. We can do this.

I just read McConnell is raising money to fight the impeachment and had a (horrible) vision of the Republicans supporting martial law. I don’t mean this as a predictive vision by any stretch….but it’s the first time it occurred to me that the Republicans might support such a thing a Trumped-up martial law decision.

ja, from last thread – perhaps the visit was to consult with Newt, driver of the clinton impeachment?

I’ve taken a stab at writing something encouraging people to double check their sources of news, trying very hard not to sound partisan in any way and asking people to share it. If anyone wants too see and maybe share, it’s on my Facebook page, second post down, and you’re welcome to copy and post it anywhere.

I saw a poll that said 4 in 10 Republicans didn’t believe Trump asked Ukraine to investigate Biden, even thought Trump admitted it, and I just had to try to get people to do some fact checking. https://www.facebook.com/teresahillinsc

Also, in case you missed it, yesterday Republican fraudster Jacob Wohl held a press conference and claimed Elizabeth Warren has been having a steamy affair with a hunky 25-year-old marine, and that she likes to beat him with a chain and leave scars on his back.

Not kidding, I swear. I’m not this good at fiction writing.

But the best part was Warren’s response and then Twitter praising her for being a cougar and a woman capable of beating a 24-year-old marine into submission, including getting the hashtag Cougar2020 trending for a while.

If you need to laugh, go here:https://twitter.com/search?q=%23Cougar2020&src=typeahead_click

God forbid they impose martial law. Passive resistance may or may not work against these R. cretins. It depends on how far Nazi they are willing to go.

We would never have heard of Ghandi if he had resisted the German empire. The Brits were generally at a higher level per Kohlberg’s scale. The Nazis would have quietly disappeared him.

Were the R’s to go full Nazi or full Fascist per Mussolini or Franco style with martial law, that would probably necessitate armed resistance. Although it is wise to prepare for that sort of nightmare, it is certainly a repugnant contemplation.

Let us pray we can subdue the beast and prevent such a happenstance. The world is watching.

McConnell should be disbarred and imprisoned for life. He and his party are as much a threat to this country as Trump.

We may need our own Nuremberg for these Nazis, before all is said and done.

I say it’s time to treat the Republican Party as a criminal organization and as a mortal threat to the Republic.

Something to watch for this month (you don’t have to, I will) is the Full Moon on October 13th that conjuncts the US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries opposite trans. Sun at 20+ Libra (+ US natal Juno) that is T-squared by trans. Pluto at 20+ Capricorn.

A week following that Full Moon trans. retrograde Uranus will reach 4+ Taurus. I will be watching for something explosive because trans. Uranus will be trine the Pluto that was in the chart for the 1st conjunction between Uranus and Jupiter (the start of their present cycle) at 0+ Aries, the world (or Aries) point.

At that time, June 8, 2010, retrograde Pluto at 4+ Capricorn was trine trans. Vesta (4+ Virgo) and I’m sure transiting Uranus, later this month, will trigger that old trine between Pluto (in Cap) and Vesta (in Virgo) when it reaches 4+ Taurus, making it a steam rolling grand trine Uranus style. And it won’t be the 1st time.

By coming on the heels of the Full Moon conjunct US Chiron (which is squared by trans. Pluto), I suspect it will involve the stock market. That’s because transiting Vesta is in the long process of starting the US natal Vesta Return, and Vesta symbolizes investing.

So then, Vesta was trine Pluto in the Uranus-Jupiter conjunction that took place on the World Point (0+ Aries), and a week after this coming Full Moon conjunct US Chiron, the trans. Uranus will complete a grand trine with that Vesta-trine-Pluto from way back in June, 2010.

But that’s not all. At the Full Moon conjunct US Chiron (both at 20+ Aries) transiting Jupiter (the other half of the Uranus-Jupiter conjunction on June 8, 2010) will be at 20+ Sagittarius and trine that FM + US Chiron.

That same Jupiter at the Full Moon will be sesquiquadrate (135 degree separation) transiting Uranus, thus activating their very own cycle that started at 0+ Aries (where the world connects) in June 2010.

Frances Sakoian and Louis Acker in their book The Minor Aspects say the sesquiquadrate aspects “bring dramatic occurrences into the life”.

So trans. Jupiter trines the Full Moon + US Chiron and is sesquiquadrate the trans. Uranus and it also will be semisextile trans. Pluto and opposite US natal Mars (21+ Gemini) which conjuncts Trump’s natal Sun (22+ Gemini).

For Banks: this means Jupiter will be increasing the effect of the Full Moon-conjunct US Chiron, and the trans. Uranus (square US natal Jupiter and reactivating its cycle with Jupiter that began in 2010), and for that matter, Jupiter’s cycle with trans. Pluto that began Dec. 11. 2007.

For Lamis, Les and Marjorie: I don’t think Jupiter is running out of steam. On the contrary, I think Jupiter has been building up steam for this very moment (Oct 13) when it aspects tr. Uranus, tr. Pluto, the Full Moon, the tr. Sun, the US Chiron, the US Mars + Trump’s Sun all at the same time, and with steam left to spare.

Sorry Banks, transiting Uranus will sextile US natal Jupiter, not square it, as I wrote about 1/2 hour ago.

A string of dates, a string of dates , a string, string, string, string, string of dates, la, la, la, la, la…

Chris Mathews “Hard Ball” October 4th.

Well respected pundits on today’s Hardball were unanimous in their opinion that Biden is out, that E. Warren will be the Dem nominee. They felt the requested “investigations” of Hunter & Joe Biden, though ridiculous, might eventually well knock Biden out of the race.

Hmm. But it’s still a long way to Nov. 2020. Although my preferred choice is E.W., as a practical political matter, I think a Biden/Warren ticket more likely to win.

Furthermore, the R. Candidate IMHO WILL NOT be Mr.T. even if he is not convicted by the Senate and remains in office. I suspect by early summer 2020, if not spring, the R’s will realize how suicidal it would be for them to run him as their presidential contender.

Romney is positioning himself to step into the R. Leadership role. I suspect he will be their nominee.


Noam Chomsky in an interview with Amy Goodman in 2018..

Republican Party Is the “Most Dangerous Organization in Human History”

-In the run-up to the U.S. midterm elections, we speak with world-renowned linguist, dissident and author Noam Chomsky. “What are the domestic policies of the Trump administration?” Chomsky says. “Very straightforward: lavish gifts on the rich, powerful corporate sector and try to undermine and destroy anything that might be of benefit to the general population.”



Noam Chomsky in an interview with Amy Goodman in 2018..

Republican Party Is the “Most Dangerous Organization in Human History”

-In the run-up to the U.S. midterm elections, we speak with world-renowned linguist, dissident and author Noam Chomsky. “What are the domestic policies of the Trump administration?” Chomsky says. “Very straightforward: lavish gifts on the rich, powerful corporate sector and try to undermine and destroy anything that might be of benefit to the general population.”


I am not a supporter of Biden but he is not corrupt and if he is knocked out over this, it is more than sad. I understand Bloomberg is considering hopping into the race if Biden does drop out.

Hard to imagine McConnell will ever allow a President Pelosi.

BarbK, thanks for the special mention. I’m not sure what to make of that but maybe I should play the Powerball lottery on the 12th and see results on th 13 th. That’s not as flip a response as it sounds, so thank you.
I’m listening to Susan Rice on Rachel Maddow. I defy anyone to tell me one person in the Trump administration who has anything close to Rice’s intelligence or knowledge about foreign affairs. I pray that this dark night will soon pass.

Two twitter postings saying 2nd whistleblower is John Bolton. This is really whacky.


This article says that Bolton urged the whistleblower to file the complaint and also leaked to Jeff Besos’s WA Post during much of his tenure.

Sharon K, The Buffalo Chronicle article is a ‘conspiracy theory hit piece’ in support of Trump. Who knows why they’re picking on Bolton.

In response to your piece months ago, Down the Rabbit Hole, I summarized your predictive opinions as Trump would:

(A) Last through 2020
(B) Lose the November election
(C) Probably contest the results and maybe incite followers into some “intense” behavior

You wrote my synopsis was largely correct, and expressed concerns about the various Saturn stations, to our US chart. Considering Mr.T’s growing and probably inevitable impeachment, if your earlier predictions hold that would likely mean the Senate will not convict.

Would that be your present assessment? Might you see the coming months with more clarity now?

At this point, I think Trump and Pence, both, will be impeached. If so, either both are not convicted, or Trump will be convicted and removed… with Pence let off and taking up the Oval Office. There isn’t a Republican alive now who’d “let” Nancy Pelosi become President! If any of that plays out, I don’t see Pence as anything more than a placeholder until the next election. I think Romney’s gonna see this as the time for his “great saviour” routine.

One of the reasons I feel like Trump isn’t going to be around for the next election is based on something entirely unrelated I read today. On DU, I saw where the SCOTUS is going to take up the “Abortion Issue.” They’ve been assiduously avoiding this for years. I think the Repubs see this as Trump’s last hurrah, and something they can “run” on in elections. Great Goddess knows, they’ve packed the Courts enough by now! Two puzzle pieces that don’t look anything alike, but intuition tells me are related.

Oct. 15th is the Dem Debate, and Andrew Yang has Chiron at 20 Aries, just as the US does. Something dramatic may come into his life, with that full Moon on Oct. 13th and all those aspects to that point.
His prog MC is at 16 Sag, so Jupiter transited that just recently–and he’s piling up money for his campaign, bringing in $10m in Q3.
The October dramatic event may be his dramatic rise. Sad if it comes because of Bernie’s ill health.

Eliseo – My sense at this point is that Trump will be impeached and the Senate will vote to dismiss the charges or else have a one or two-day trial and then vote to exonerate. Trump’s central goal is to win at all cost. It is compelling and obsessive, and he doesn’t care about collateral damage to his minions or to the country.

Once the impeachment is behind him, he will continue to act with impunity to try to win/steal the election. Unfortunately, there are no boundaries he won’t cross. I don’t think he can pull it off, but I am not sure. I do think things will be murky around election day and for a few days thereafter, and he will pull out all the stops (if any are left).

One twilight zoney thing I have been thinking of lately is what would happen if does manage four more years, through whatever means? His central organizing goal currently is simply to win again. Once he does, what will he do with the power? It is a very chilling thought. Will he go after all his perceived enemies, as well as all minorities, using his compromised justice department? Will he amass as much money as possible with his self-dealing? Will he strengthen his post-election piggy bank with Putin and the Saudis by continuing to compromise American national security? As bad as he is now, it is a frightening thought of him being even more unrestrained. We have heard nothing about any policy proposals he is even slightly interested in. Health care? Infrastructure?

The hopeful astrology picture is as follows:

2020 is a horrible year for him;

there is a big crisis for his administration around September and October 2020 when progressed Inaugural Moon reaches Saturn;

transiting Saturn will leave cardinal signs by the 2021 inauguration which means the beginning of some kind of national healing.

The bad news is that the US Pluto return goes through 2022 which is a sign the corporate/big money power will intensify and the struggle against it will continue to escalate.

I may not agree with John Bolton’s hawkishness, but he is not corrupt and he is a patriot.

Here is a comment from the nyt’s:

” Let’s think of Dr. King during this time of trial.
How long will it take for each drop of truth to form a growing stream?

Let’s focus on the words of MLK’s famous speech at the Selma to Montgormery march—
“How long? Not long, because no LIE can live forever.
How long? Not long, you shall REAP what you sow.
How long? Not long, because the ARC of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward JUSTICE.”

We are witnessing another historic period in our country’s history.


Ja, thanks fora wonderful reminder. You so often post links to NYT which I can’t open unless I subscribe. It’s such a great newspaper but I understand their rationale.

Biden’s 3rd quarter fundraising totals were lackluster — $15 million to nearly $25 million for Warren and just over $25 million for Bernie.

Will be very interesting to see if Bernie’s supporters start peeling off and where they will go.

Banks, I’m sorry. I post the nyt’s and other links for authenticity and credit.

This from Frank Bruni, from nyt’s:

‘How to Sell Your Soul To Donald Trump’

“Pompeo, who first signed on as Trump’s C.I.A. director and then flattered his way to secretary of state, is a paragon of these lackeys-come-lately, and he’s especially vivid proof of how easily and completely the lure of power can overwhelm any call to conscience.”

” Susan Glasser in an excellent recent profile of Pompeo wrote, “he sounded an alarm that Trump would be “an authoritarian president who ignored our Constitution.” He urged Republicans to come to their senses and resist the lure of the surging Trump campaign. “It’s time,” he said, “to turn down the lights on the circus.”

By Susan Glasser


Would you reiterate the astrological aspects that lead you to believe that Trump will leave office by Dec 2019? Several readers have made reference to your prediction but I could not find your original post. I did find the one in which you made a dire prediction about Jan 21 but wouldn’t reveal what you saw. Please share! I can take it!!!

Ja, no need to be sorry. I’m just sorry that right now I can’t afford the NYT.

Someone commented on DU today that the legit news should suspend paywalls so everyone can read it. It’s a good point!

Hello all: as we are watching this situation with Trump unfold with utter fascination, I think it is most important to heed Nancy’s words that:

“The reality of Trump in America has been like a continuous political 9/11 since it began.”

That comment is so very, very true. The trouble with 9/11 was that we couldn’t DO anything at the time of the event. We were horrified, but helpless.

Everyone certainly hopes things will soon be resolved, go back to normal, etc., but we know that normal is over for now. It is simply not realistic to presume this can be resolved because the whole political scene is topsy turvy. It’s not just the White House. The RULES are being toppled and the fight will rage for some time to come – it’s not only Trump and his supporters but the whole country (and the world) that are affected. Sorting all of it out is like a war.

It is impossible to know what will happen next. We have to get used to the uncertainty and not stress out. I believe the insanity will continue until the election is done and over, but stuff will undoubtedly continue long afterwards. This is a complex situation that is essentially reorganizing the American political system from the inside out. Keep your powder dry.

Today, after the crazy tweets that Trump posted (see, for example: https://dailysoundandfury.com/trump-oozing-desperation-calls-for-romneys-impeachment/ ), you’d have to be an idiot not to see that this is going to end in a collision – probably a slow motion collision, but a crash nonetheless. Still, it isn’t our crash. We’re the common folk bystanders with lives of our own.

At this moment, the transiting Moon at ~14 Capricorn will conjunct Pluto at 20 Capricorn in about 6 hours (travelling about 1/2 degree per hour). Maybe we’ll get more crazy tweets; maybe something else that is more significant will happen. Who knows? That’s the point: you can’t stop it. We have to get on with what we CAN do. We have to stay sane.

Once the Moon has passed Pluto it will square Venus (wealth, value) and then go void. After that, a new month of developments will commence, when the Moon goes through Aquarius. Meanwhile Mercury (news) opposes Chiron (the problem that won’t go away) and Mars is approaching Chiron too, in an opposition. Those are short term transits only. Ad nauseum. Longer term, as Nancy has pointed out so well, there is no clear outcome, no clear resolution.

We who are witnesses, not players, in this drama would be better to get on with life. Use our energies in worthwhile goals in our own lives. Let’s not eat up everything the media and Trump dish up. It’s going to go on regardless, but we don’t have to go crazy too.

Good advice and very noble Beowulfie . . the tendency is to tune it all out or get hung up on every detail. It’s impossible to find the middle of the road once we’ve picked either extreme.

I’ve said it before, the TV news and much of what we read, for the most part, is the “Mercury” vantage point; the details. To balance that with the long or overview (the “why” it is happening) is what astrology (and some books) can help with; the “Jupiter” vantage point, sans detail but plentiful on positioning and posture.

For example, we know what Pluto symbolizes (decay that needs to be expunged) and Saturn (structures like governments that provide stability), and when they (appear to) come together in transit it symbolizes an end of an old period of growth and the start of a new period of their combined purpose.

If we can accept that what is happening visibly is purposeful, like remodeling the bathroom for more convenience later, rather than seeing it as destroying something that has served needs for a long time, it is not as mind-blowing as watching the sledge hammers clear the space that was so familiar to us.

When a combined effort between Saturn and Pluto (a new cycle start) is choreographically coincidental with a rare transit of Pluto to a country’s natal Pluto, especially when said planets are in Capricorn, it is more than just a bathroom that is being remodeled, it’s the whole house and much of the plumbing and wiring that needs to be replaced. For many homeowners this is traumatic to watch.

Like any historical event, the details (Mercury) give flavor to the event but the big picture (Jupiter) is what will be noted by future generations, although there some exceptions such as World War II’s Holocaust and Pearl Harbor for example.

The point we need to remember is that we are taking part in the history of our country and we can play a role in that outcome. Like Beowulfie says, stay sane.

Wonder why there is so much misinformation, or no information? See this map. Not a very healthy environment for multiple points of view. Could use a little cross-ventilation?



“We who are witnesses, not players, in this drama would be better to get on with life. Use our energies in worthwhile goals in our own lives. Let’s not eat up everything the media and Trump dish up. It’s going to go on regardless, but we don’t have to go crazy too.”

True Dat!

T. is the epitome of the evil clown archetype. What a theater of the absurd!?!?!? He now calls for the impeachment of Mitt Romney.



“Researchers at the New York State Psychiatric Institute surveyed 43,000 people and found that the rich were far more likely to walk out of a store with merchandise they hadn’t paid for than were poorer people. Findings like this (and the behavior of drivers at intersections) could reflect the fact that wealthy people worry less about potential legal repercussions. If you know you can afford bail and a good lawyer, running a red light now and then or swiping a Snickers bar may seem less risky. But the selfishness goes deeper than such considerations. A coalition of nonprofit organizations called the Independent Sector found that, on average, people with incomes below $25,000 per year typically gave away a little over 4 percent of their income, while those earning more than $150,000 donated only 2.7 percent (despite tax benefits the rich can get from charitable giving that are unavailable to someone making much less).”


Here you go Stephanie.


Bob, thanks for the link to all your great work posted at DU. I have fond memories of Sally too – we had some wonderful telephone conversations, just chatting, when I lived in Hawaii.

Some R’s imagine Elizabeth Warren was a lot more fun and interesting gal than was really the case! For a good laugh, see below.


Did Senator Elizabeth Warren Perform Nude Pagan Rituals in College?

I was reminded this morning of the little book The Four Agreements. I think it’s the second agreement that says when someone says something hurtful about you, its more about that person than it is about you. Think of what this says about DT.

I was reminded this morning of the little book The Four Agreements. I think it’s the second agreement that says when someone says something hurtful about you, its more about that person than it is about you. Think of what this says about DT.

BarbK, a lot of wisdom in that analogy. Personally, I’d
Rather move to a new house but I think a lot of us are here to help with that remodeling even if it’s just by anchoring the Light.

“Donald Trump is a traitor”

“There’s enough we know now to vote to impeach this President. He stood on the White House lawn this week, Jake, and told two additional foreign governments to interfere in our election. That alone is impeachable. This is a strong term I’m going to use. But I’m going to say it on purpose: Donald Trump is a traitor,” Walsh, who represented Illinois, told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union.”

A condensed summation of what Nancy just expressed here can be read in the following, rather clever, brilliant Rod Serling/ Twilight Zone-like intro of Donald Trump (currently being circulated in facebook)……


Godluvya Banks, anchoring the Light is supremely important, no matter where we are.

Jerry, that nails it perfectly. Those of us who know of the Donald know of his 4 bankruptcies and the thousands of people who were hurt or even destroyed by those events. Somehow, Donnie just moves on. As Rick Wilson says, all that Donnie touches turns to shit and unfortunately, he is touching the whole world.

Love that Rod Sterling/Twilight Zone intro of Donald Trump, Jerry…it’s very well done, thanks for posting it.

Bob, that is quite good work, and very encouraging and hopeful.

Thanks for pointing out that the Dems were in power from 1932 through 1994, and that they are the ones who actually made America great by creating a very strong Middle Class. (Of course there was Teddy Roosevelt before the crash, and Eisenhower after WWII, who I don’t know much about but admire.)

It was nice to hear Sally McDonald’s words and your and kiwi’s support of her, and reminiscence about her (Astroworld helped get me through the Bush-Cheney era, and their blatant cheating along with the odious Republicans of that time like Gingrich and Delay). Thank God we have Nancy and Starlight News for which I am extremely grateful, and do not take for granted (and a donation sounds like a good way to show it).


I can see that there is a bigger picture here and that as we watch the destruction, it is for a higher purpose that will serve this country and the whole world in years to come.

However, If what was happening at our southern border wasn’t happening, I could sit a little more peacefully with all of this destruction. I wonder if when history looks back on this time and consider that part, that perhaps this was in someways one of those exceptions as well.

I am really struggling with cost of human suffering and the price being paid by those crossing our borders out of their desperation that in many cases this country was a party to creating, to only have this administration further their trauma and destroy the lives of so many. I find it pretty haunting, mostly because i’m sure the reality is much much worse than we even know and what is happening will not be fully realized until much later. I can’t help but feel the price they have paid, feels too high a price.

Yeah, me too Elizabeth, it has been gut wrenching just to watch it on TV, let alone having to experience what those poor migrants have suffered. Perhaps without the media covering their suffering we-the-people, as a whole, would not have seen the big picture.

But the message is getting through, an expansion of consciousness is taking place; we are all one. The USA must live up to its hype: Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

Good idea Sharon, lets all send Nancy a donation for her patience and generosity and supreme ability to read the stars, and make it a big one please!

If you think this is bad, wait til next year. The astrology of October 2020 confirms Starlight’s reading that, while Trump may be impeached by the House no later than January, the Senate will not remove him from office. This will actually increase political tension in the country and make next year’s election campaign the most extreme and frightening in our lifetimes.

If, as I expect, Warren is the candidate, expect misogyny to reach new lows. They’re already saying she is a cougar who has done naked pagan rituals. In other words,Trump will call her a witch. Maybe, instead of ‘lock her up”, we will be reminded of what they did to witches in the good old days. Nothing is more despicable or repugnant than a dying patriarchy.

I am confident Trump and his minions will be defeated. But it will be very hard going and the outcome will remain in doubt until the end. They will not go quietly and may even prepare a real military coup, which I believe would be averted by generals loyal to the Constitution. It is much better to be clear-eyed and mentally ready for such dramatic events than to be surprised by them, as Biden appeared to be this week. Former innocent times are never coming back and American democracy will almost be lost. There will be collective PTSD for many years. That it should come to this.

Ladies, you are the deciders!

As usual you must bring us together.

Women coming to the fore as the U.S. Pluto return looms – does anyone besides me think they will be the Pluto tsunami of change as to how this country is soon going to evolve? The Women’s March, more women in government than ever at every level, most women ever running to become the presidential nominee of a major party.

I think the first woman to become Speaker of the House may become the first woman President followed by the first woman to be elected to the office. (Men, we are outnumbered and surrounded maybe we should surrender. Can’t fight those eyes, those lips, those smiles, those curves, those constantly spinning wheels, [and they smell good too]).

Newest member of Congress most covered by the media – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Babies with more humanity than tRump has after more than 70 years.

March For Our Lives speaker – Emma Gonzalez – She will be 20 years old on November 11, 1999.



Emma Gonzalez’s powerful March for Our Lives speech in full


Parkland mom’s note to daughter (Delete space after https to make the following link work)


Climate activist – Greta Thunberg

My mistake – Ms Gonzalez will turn 20 on November 11, 2019, not 1999. She was born in 1999.

I, too, worry that former innocent times are not coming back. With a movie like “The Joker” a symbol of our times (per Michael Moore). My stepson is a fan of the comic book “universes” and he felt it was a perfect depiction of the character, but why he so depressed yesterday and today? The darkness and craziness are sad & jarring but we cannot let it affect us. Let’s keep anchoring the Light and making it brighter! ..as Banks & Barb said.

Who is Ms. Gonzalez, Bob? Sorry if I missed something.

Your expectations are consistent with a major vision of the future I experienced in 1972. Sadly, so far things are unfolding as I envisioned them. I am nevertheless shocked with each bizarre twist, and/or event.

Well look, heroes don’t become heroes unless their mettle is tested, right? We don’t read books or watch movies that are about routine, normal, safe times; rather we turn to those threatening, exciting, out-of-the-ordinary times; real or imagined. I suppose they could make movies about what used to be normal, calm life with no remarkable events if there were a demand for it.

Instead, imagine what our great grand kids will think when they hear our stories about when Trump was President and rode roughshod over the land and how he was finally captured by the good guys and was hung by the neck until he died. Or something like that. They, your great grand kids, will envy your exciting experience when the country was in danger yet you miraculously lived to tell the tale and turn the tide.

The world is going through a revolutionary change in which the planet itself is being threatened. We human beings are responsible for this, and yet too many of us languish in complacency and indifference over changing our destructive habits.

I believe Trump symbolizes this indifference and by becoming disturbed by him we are activating the willpower to overturn this indifference; our core values, as a nation and as global citizens, are being awakened and he, Trump, is the catalyst to bring about this willpower to change. Rejoice in
that and change the world for our great grand kids sake. Become a hero.

I continue to be frustrated by many in the media who in ‘the interest of both sides fairness’ blatantly condone lying.

It is clear, its not just trump, too many republicans revel in lies. Whatever happened to god-fearing 10 commandment values including “thou shalt not bear false witness”? Their evangelical supporters truly represent a corrupted theology. The big question is, will more people in the country think it OK to lie and cheat for gain, or not?

With the other meme of ‘dont impeach, let the voters decide’ they conveniently leave out that trump is doing his level best to cheat at that process too.

I keep ‘seeing’ donald with his “I alone can fix it” mentality, swatting at and eventually being overwhelmed by barrages of incoming attacks from all sides, like someone at the center of a lethal stinging hornet swarm.

Trump is coming to Louisiana before our election next Sat. to hold a (yech) rally for one of the two Republicans candidates (he hasn’t even decided which one yet!). It is actually a primary in which both parties participate and our esteemed Democratic governor, Governor John Bel Edwards (a Conservative Democrat, the only kind who can win in a state like this) holds a good lead and may probably get the 50%+ needed to win the primary and there will be no need for another election. He is an ex-Green Beret who has done a great job cleaning up after Jindal (who is afraid to surface and I hope he stays in hiding). Trump should come out of this a loser with no bragging rights whatsoever.

This is from CNN. Barbara Res, former Vice Pres. of Trump Organization, says she thinks the Orange Thing will resign rather than face impeachment.


I really DO think that the Orange’s Jupiter is on steroids. Combined with Uranus jangling other parts of his natal chart, and Saturn/Pluto doing their dance in Capricorn, and Mars at 29 Virgo irritating his natal ascendant…”the beat goes on!”

Barbara Res’ intuitive view of her ex boss feels spot on.

NewsScope for October 7, 2019
By Michael O’Reilly

Trump’s Relocated Black Moon Lilith


Sharon K- he was depressed because the film felt like you had been bludgeoned with a stick for what seemed much longer than the actual running time. It wasn’t the violence, which for me I found not really engaging, just the same cliched ideas dressed up in a different way. Yet nihilistic for sure. I saw it yesterday and was not impressed, not even in a ‘this is what life is like’ kind of way. Not a masterpiece, in my opinion, just a one long bitter distraction. Yet, if you saw yourself or your friends reflected in it… it could be devastating. Saw The Laundromat tonight and that was quite enjoyable. Not a masterpiece either but a good look at money and how it works. Meryl Strep was her charming self. Gary Oldman and Antonio Bandaras were perfect. It will be on Netflix.

Did Trump just initiate WW3 with his beyond despicable action in Turkey, amounting to genocide of our Kurdish allies? And giving Putin what he’s always wanted in that area?

Bob, is the ultimate result of this action what you don’t want to share?

The time-date stamp on the White House Press Release is 10:51 PM, October 6.


A Donald Trump coup if he loses in 2020? With all the norms he’s busted, don’t rule it out

Trump Ordered to Turn Over 8 Years of Tax Returns to the Manhattan D.A.


Triangles – The Shape of Things to Come – Wendy Boyd

“As we pass out of the age of Pisces and enter into the age of Aquarius a corresponding geometric shift from the square to the triangle is taking place. Humanity is currently rooted in the square which is symbolic of the personality. But this is beginning to change from the four sided shape into the three sided triangle representative of the soul. ”

Excerpt from The Beacon magazine
October – December 2019

Three major issues that haunt the US society, prescription drug cost, illegal drug use and suicide, are all linked to the symbol of Neptune. So is delusion and fake news. The US natal Neptune at 21+ Virgo (healthcare) is the planet closest to the US MC (reputation) at 1+ Libra (balance).

Virgo is ruled by Mercury which, in the US Sagittarius rising chart, is in the 8th house of “shared resources” in the sign of Cancer (family). US Mercury in Cancer sextiles US Neptune in Virgo so they enable each other and Mercury, which rules Neptune’s sign in the US chart would appear to have influence over US Neptune.

Both US Neptune and US Mercury aspect US Pluto in Capricorn (business) in the 2nd house (values and valuables) of the US Sagittarius Rising chart. The US Neptune trines the US Pluto and the US Mercury opposes the US Pluto, so all 3 US planets are linked to each other.

Each of the 3 signs these planets occupy, Virgo, Cancer and Capricorn are not air signs and eschew the thinking/communication process, for the more tangible (earth) and feeling (water) modes of operation, although Mercury itself symbolizes thinking and communicating.

However, with the US PROGRESSED Mercury in air sign Aquarius and sextile the US natal Chiron (wounder/healer) in fire sign Aries (new beginnings), a dialogue regarding Rx and illegal drugs and suicide has been taking place for the past decade. The problem has been that US PROG. Mars in Libra has been opposite US PROG. Chiron in Aries, slowing down any progress in this dialogue.

US natal Mars resides in Gemini, an air sign very inclined to conversation and communicating, but it squares US Neptune in Virgo. US natal Mars conjuncts Trump’s natal Sun in Gemini, while US PROG. Mars in Libra, also an air sign, conjuncts Trump’s natal Jupiter. This irony just might be a possible blessing in disguise; an end run so to speak.

Perhaps the US President’s tenuous grip on reality is leading to a breakthrough in these Neptunian issues that plague the US healthcare system. After all, the US natal Mercury (opposite US natal Pluto and sextile US natal Neptune) is conjunct Trump’s natal Saturn and Venus, all of which are facing (opposing) transits from Pluto and Saturn and Jupiter. Push is coming to shove regarding change and transformation in the US.

And as well, US natal Mercury is the ruler of the sign that US natal Neptune is in (Virgo/health) AND the sign that US natal Mars + Trump’s Sun is in (Gemini/talk). This is big. Fleet-footed Mercury is known for talking out of both sides of his mouth and being in two places at the same time, so working two jobs at one time is his specialty.

I can’t explain it; it’s just a feeling right now, but I believe Trump, in some way, could lead our nation into a thorough cleanup of these healthcare issues of drug RX costs, and illegal drugs and suicide. A silver lining in these overcast clouds perhaps.


You are sort of close to the speculations that concerned me but as they are pure speculations I do not desire to post about.

I do not know if what might coincide with the charts I am looking at could be related to that or to events concerning tRump at that time (last half of January and February 1 2020).

Hello, hello,hello worms and germs out there in radio land. This is Lowdown Louie on WPEN spinnin’ the wax while youse lay in your rax here in the bootyfull Bar City Hotel. Startin’ the night with “I Ain’t Got Nobody” for trump the lump from uour pal rootin’ tootin’ putin to help you settle in.

Put another nickel in, In the nickelodeon…

Louis Prima & Keely Smith, Just a Gigolo & I Ain’t Go Nobody

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrJ7DQojzIY 3:25

Bonus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHIQ8ishKk0 13:55

To the law abiders: Don’t worry ’cause our mob has the votes to tro’ dere mob out. Everything will work out the way we make it to do. You don’t really think over 300 million are going to let a handful enslave them do you?

TJ and Bob:

Hate to speculate but hopefully the military are coming quickly to the conclusion the the CIC (Commander in Chief) is not in hold of his senses.

25th Amendment, anyone? Please!!!

Bob and Fe, thank you. I was sick to the point of physical nausea when I heard the Turkey news, and I came here for perspective. While I don’t post much, this site is a source of insight and comfort in trying times.


Don’t forget “No Tengo Nadie” by Santana. A classic!


It occurred to me to find birth info on Jay Seculow since he seems to be integral on the legal front.
10 June 56 NY. no time. Not only is his sun close to conman don’s sun uranus NN, but donnys leo mars is atop jays pluto jupiter conjunction. Jays juno is 20.21Cap conjunct lillith.
Not sure if any of you pay attention to the vertex as “destiny’s gate” but I notice donny’s is at 22.54cap. Pluto crosses that point on Jan 16 2020.

Twitter users reporting that Turkey has started bombing northern Syria, where the Kurds are and maybe still some US troops and/or aid convoys.

If the one with “unparalleled wisdom” gets a bunch of our troops killed, can we then, maybe, impeach the bastard?

re syria/turkey: a while back linda g said she saw usa deaths overseas that would have an impact on the citizenry. I wonder if this might be related?

add on to my prior 4.04 post:
Saturn will cross don’s vertex Jan 14 2020

– just found this comment online ….
“.. Saturn conjunct Vertex was very much like being run over by a semi, then a few months later having that semi back up over me and a few months later drive forward over me the third time just in case some part of me hadn’t been crushed.”

fingers crossed

As I said a while back on this blog, his Jupiter has gone rogue. Bragging about his “wisdom” is just the tip of the iceberg.

Also as I mentioned in an earlier post, the Federal Court ruled the Orange’s Trump Organization and the Orange’s Tax Returns had to be released. Of course, the Orange is appealing again. BUT I suspect from my reading of next month’s Lunar Return of the Orange Thing’s chart they will be released soon enough. Oct. 31, 2019

The foreign policy of Jupiter gone rogue will not stand…even now the Rpubs are furious! And of course, it is financially motivated for self-interest.

From Elisabeth Grace:

“I finished the first half of this forecast around midnight, just as a surprise announcement (Mercury opposing Uranus at 2:16 AM ET) from the White House that after P45 spoke with Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan yesterday, P45 was pulling US forces out of Syria, “getting out of the way” of a planned Turkish invasion. “Getting out of the way” also means “abandoning the Kurds, our longtime allies in the fight against ISIS,” which would be a potential reflection of today’s brutal Sun-Saturn square, as in “life sucks, then you die.” But don’t worry, the Trump Tower in Istanbul is going to be just fine.”


Has anyone else seen this on DKos (it’s a comment on the threat of sanctions on Turkey)… and are we so surprised then that Trump seemed to have no problem with rolling over?

“A few factors at play here: the main Kurdish forces, the ones Turkey will go after, are the YPG — an army of women. They’re everything Erdogan hates — Kurdish, women, feminist, and secular.

These are the ground forces, that with US air support, basically kicked ISIS butt. And fresh from providing us a decisive victory, we’re going to take these women who won us the defeat of ISIS, and…. give them over to Turkey who will do who knows what?

Thanks for the help, women of YPG — now here’s Trump to grab you by the…. well, you know.

— Bobs Telecaster”


BTW… word out tonight is that there’s been a “clarification” on troop withdrawal from “the White House.” Seems they’re not withdrawing all troops — only the SOF (Special Forces) who are there. Other “regular Joe” soldiers will be (or are at the moment) in the forefront of the bombs dropping.

Clarification URL:

Bombs currently being dropped found on Twitter. Closed the browser earlier, and now can’t backtrack on the URL. I apologize.

As a Vet, as a former DoD contractor, and as a former DoD civilian — not to mention female and HUMAN — can you tell I’m full-on P’O’d at this latest betrayal? Troops really are nothing more than cannon fodder for Trump – as long as he can keep his Instanbul Trump skyscrapers safe! He not only is a traitor to this country — he’s completely betrayed the women and men who make up our military, as well as all our allies.

But then… what does he care? He has “Bikers for Trump”, right?

I concur. I was not a vet this life, but no matter. I do believe that if it was in his interest; if he could somehow make money by doing so, he would not hesitate to nuke an American city.

BTW, I suspect your intuition re: the coming scotus abortion case is spot on. If the supreme court overturns roe v wade, (the cherry atop their agenda) from the R. perspective, trump will have served his purpose. No sense in keeping such a nuisance around any more.

We seem to be entering a period of heightened uncertainty and anxiety with the mid September/ early October Saturn/ Pluto stations. A constitutional crisis is looming with the launching of Congress’s impeachment inquiry, exacerbated by the simultaneous Ukraine scandal and Trumps bizarre decision to withdraw US forces from Northern Syria. We were discussing the mid October period here in Starlightnews back in June. Here is a sampling……… ________________________________

I recall reading somewhere that often an eclipse can be triggered by a first quarter Sun square (three months after the eclipse takes place). Using that as a criteria, the July 16th lunar eclipse (24 Capricorn) will experience its first quarter Sun square at the time of the October 13th Full Moon (20 Aries).

Here’s the interesting part: The 10/13/19 full moon forms an exact t square to Pluto (20 Capricorn) in opposition to Trump’s progressed Chiron. Tr. Jupiter in turn (20 Sag) conjoins Trump’s natal Moon (21 Sag) in trine to this full moon and sesqui-quadrate to tr. Uranus (5 Taurus).

Extrapolating on this a little further, Trump will be experiencing his first progressed new moon (3 Virgo) in 28 years at this point in time. It is in dynamic semi-square to his progressed Venus/Chiron conjunction (18 Libra). In short, the October 13th Full Moon (20 Aires) will be activating Trump’s natal and progressed planets BIG TIME.

Here’s an article that delves into some of the details of that configuration……

Trump’s 2019 Astrology

Off-the-rails press conferences, subpoena drama, the president sharing on national television that he sees little amiss in accepting political information from foreign actors (even though it’s a felony): it’s been a wild few weeks, even in Trump world.

What’s happening astrologically? A whole lot, it turns out……..



AstroEcon Financial Astrology And Technical Analysis/ July 2019 Newsletter

The upcoming year (2019) has Jupiter squared to Neptune and sesquisquared to Uranus as the featured aspects witch is tied to the Uranus Neptune semisquare. The most exact relationship between those three planets is in January of 2019. The second most exact is in June 2019. The last and potentially the most significant is September – October 2019. During these periods I expect furious attempts to prop up the economy which is already out of bounds. This is very much like the first 9 months of 2008. The astro is inflationary BUT this may be everywhere else outside of the US dollar which could become so high in valuation to the other fiat currencies that it triggers country after to country to go bankrupt. The EU is already entering this phase.

Once the three planet Jupiter Neptune Uranus aspect period is over in fall of 2019 the propping up will be unworkable. The scenario is similar to fall 2008 but the result in the aftermath shapes up to be way more severe. The late 2019 into early 2020 period is right at the start of the new presidential campaign and the primaries. There is simply NO WAY that the crash of 2019 is going to be bailed out like 2008 was because of the politics of “dump Trump blame Trump”. I think the opposite of 2008 will take place as the banking system will be “saved” ONLY by bailing in banks with depositors savings rather than bailing out by future taxpayers. Everyone is going to get a haircut and this will be extremely DEFLATIONARY into 2020. The gradient from the overly optimistic dreamlike goldilocks Jupiter Neptune Uranus period comes crashing down into a black hole when Saturn and Pluto are in conjunction in early 2020. I expect we will see negative interest rates out in 2020 – 2021 in an attempt to force the USD down to levels that take the rest of the world back from the brink of a hyperinflation meltdown. Negative interest rates are a form of BAIL IN.



– continues below –

About a possible stock market downturn in October; Astrologer Denise Siegel arrived at a similar conclusion a couple of years ago but from a different angle………
Astrology and Psychic Predictions

Remember The Two Stock Market Crashes?

December 21, 2017
Denise Siegel

I was told before the 2008 stock market (my warning about that is what started this blog) that there would be 2. That was very clear. I started clairaudiently hearing this information at the beginning of 2007, but ignored it. Not until the spring when it became like a fly in my ear did I really take notice and then it became an internal knowing, a viscerally certainty- that was when I put the message in a bottle and started this blog.

At first I couldn’t even find my blog – I had to bookmark it. It didn’t show up on any google search, but about when the economic Meltdown came (about a month later) someone started directing traffic to my blog. I don’t know who, but I saw the evidence of that. Someone knew how to boost the SEO and did this for me anonymously- I am very grateful to that person.

Well this new tax reform has been seriously freaking me out. I had put that second crash into the back of my mind. A lot of people have asked me when it would happen. But it didn’t seem likely in the foreseeable future. The past couple of months I’ve been looking into crypto coins for a client and started getting a feel or tuning into the markets. I had pulled all our retirement money out of the stock market about 2 months before the crash. I wondered if perhaps because I had no skin in the game anymore (as I never put money back in fearing the other shoe drop I was told about) so I recently used an app to buy a very small $100 worth of stock across many categories as a sort of Psychic thermometer. Through that I did feel more linked in. Once this crazy tax bill started down the pike I had hoped that the republicans would realize the political suicide they were performing and pull back. But now I really feel we are in the period before the 2nd crash. I think we have almost 2 years. I looked at October of 2019 as being a stock market meltdown. I will do more research, but this is an early heads up, so start preparing now for what will be worse than the last economic meltdown- this is going to be a massive financial earthquake unlike anything we have seen in generations.

– Denise Siegel provides a chart and delineates the aspects further down in the article……….


The October 13, 2019 Full Moon-Pluto T Square (20 Aries-Libra-Capricorn) is right on the US dollar natal Saturn (20 Aries)…..

US Dollar by William Stickevers

The U.S. Dollar horoscope is based on the Coinage Act, passed by the United States Congress on April 2, 1792, time unknown – set for 12:00 pm, in Philadelphia, PA which established the United States Mint and regulated the coinage of the United States. This act also established the dollar as the unit of money in the United States, declared it to be lawful tender, and created a decimal system for U.S. currency. Chart enclosed….


Mr. Trump may have inadvertently boxed himself into a corner with the following tweet……

“As I have stated strongly before, and just to reiterate, if Turkey does anything that I, in my great and unmatched wisdom, consider to be off limits, I will totally destroy and obliterate the Economy of Turkey (I’ve done before!)…..”

The October 13th Full Moon (20 Aries) in t square to Pluto (20 Capricorn) forms a grand cross square to Turkish President Erdogan’s natal Uranus (19 ’23 Cancer). There is also a simultaneous Venus-Uranus (5 Scorpio-Taurus) opposition in t square to Syria’s natal Pluto (5 Leo) with Mars (6 Libra) in close quincunx to Uranus. Would Turkey launch an invasion of Northern Syria at this point in time? What would be the political fall-out if this were to occur?

Wow Jerry – thanks. Interesting reading.

Anyone have a look at Romney’s chart? He apparently is dead set against a primary challenge to Trump, but is instead trying to bring down Trump from the Senate, rallying enough Republicans to oust Trump once the articles of impeachment reach the Senate. Could Romney be Trump’s nemesis? Romney was just elected to the Senate so doesn’t have to worry about reelection for years yet.


“I’m friends with George Bush. In fact, I’m friends with a lot of people who don’t share the same beliefs that I have. We’re all different and I think that we’ve forgotten that that’s OK,” Ellen DeGeneres said.


Reminder: Trump Has a Massive Conflict of Interest in Turkey! Why a Trump real estate deal is relevant to his decision to abandon the Kurds.!

It’s called Trump Towers—two towers, instead of one, not the usual one, it’s two.” Those Trump Towers are a pair of glass buildings in Istanbul that have borne Trump’s name since 2012. Trump…


Jerry, so the US Dollar (Coinage Act) natal chart’s Saturn is at 20+ Aries – the same degree as the US natal chart’s Chiron, which is the same degree as the Full Moon? And the Full Moon’s Saturn in Capricorn squares them while the Full Moon’s Jupiter in Sagittarius trines them?

And the US Dollar chart’s Sun at 13+ Aries squares the US natal chart’s Sun at 13+ Cancer?

And the US Dollar chart’s nodes (North at 3+ Libra and South at 3+ Aries) is T-squared by US natal chart’s Venus at 3+ Cancer? And the Full Moon’s Chiron in Aries is conjunct the US Dollar chart’s South Node?

That explains a lot of things. Thanks.

Yesterday through much of early today’s Sun square to Saturn is triggering the most significant aspect of the past few months that is now culminating through October 23: the Saturn station square US Saturn and sesquisquare Trump Ascendant. And here on the ground, Trump has precipitously pulled out of Syria abandoning our stalwart ally, the Kurds. And so we have an intensification of everything I have been saying about this aspect: a diminishment of respect and strength for US in the world, a humiliation for US on the world stage; fierce criticism of Trump (even from GOP), and a drop in the polls.

And my favorite and potentially most consequential quote of the day from televangelist Pat Robertson: Trump “may lose the mandate of Heaven” from this move. I hear the thunder clapping!!

Starlight: LOL, re: Pat Robertson!

“Rachel Maddow Warns That Trump Is Deteriorating At An Alarming Rate Due To Impeachment

snip// – Maddow pointed to the president’s sudden and unexpected shift in foreign policy in Syria as the latest evidence of Trump’s increasingly unstable conduct.”


from slightkc:
Troops really are nothing more than cannon fodder for Trump – as long as he can keep his Instanbul Trump skyscrapers safe! He not only is a traitor to this country — he’s completely betrayed the women and men who make up our military, as well as all our allies.

This should be posted on all VA and military websites. This reality is the key to what will loosen the grip Trump has on his base: that he cares more about his money than them or the country, and really they are being ripped off and hurt by his actual, self-serving agenda. His name should be repeatedly linked to the word betrayal.

Confirms what we know to be true. He is as dangerous as any enemy. He is the enemy.


Not Saturn; it is Pluto that squares The Dollar chart’s Saturn and US natal Chiron and the Full Moon in Aries. Sorry for that error.

Nancy, you nailed it, as the saying goes. Nobody here is surprised though. Humiliating indeed.

In longitude Gordon Sondland’s natal Saturn/Pluto midpoint was between 19°47′ Libra on Jan 1, 1957 and 25°48 Libra on Dec 31, 1957′ . It and it’s progression will be squared by transiting Saturn and Pluto between now and beyond my January 2020 target and conjoined by transiting Sun between Oct 14 and Oct 19 and by transiting Mars between Nov 3 and Nov 12. Difficult times but not devastating ahead for him?

Trump’s latest façade appears to be of rapidly declining health, pitiful, but not unexpected.
He is human, afterall.
Declining poll numbers are no doubt the cause.
The hope he is stopped by someone in the Justice Dept. SOMEONE in this circle that puts country over madness.

Hi, everyone – do we have a birthdate or time for Gordon Sondland? All I could find was the year. Thanks!

Hillary Clinton to Trump: ‘Don’t tempt me’ into entering the 2020 presidential race
Washington (CNN)Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday shot back at President Donald Trump after he taunted her about entering the 2020 presidential election, saying, “Don’t tempt me.”

“Don’t tempt me. Do your job,” Clinton said.
The terse comment came in response to an earlier tweet from Trump that said, “I think that Crooked Hillary Clinton should enter the race to try and steal it away from Uber Left Elizabeth Warren.”
“Only one condition,” he added. “The Crooked one must explain all of her high crimes and misdemeanors including how & why she deleted 33,000 Emails AFTER getting ‘C’ Subpoena!.”


A very disturbing comment from nyt’s:

“The official who spoke to the whistleblower said that in his view “the president had clearly committed a criminal act.” Yet Attorney General Barr’s Justice Department declined to even open a criminal investigation.

As a former Assistant U.S. Attorney who worked under Barr during his first stint as Attorney General in the 1990s, I can tell you that federal criminal investigations are routinely opened with a lot less evidence than an eyewitness reporting he saw a crime committed and a transcript of said crime in progress.

When I got my DOJ job, the Department had at last recovered from John Mitchell. It will take a long, long time for it to recover from Barr, who has thoroughly corrupted it.”


Jerry’s post prompted me to check if denise seigel had done any new videos
Here’s her latest posted oct 3 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rkst9ei3MyU

TJ, payback for tRump’s action may come on the afternoon of the 17th and on the 18th. If not related to that he could suffer reversals in court actions or testimony to a committee investigation.

You can’t make this stuff up!

Asteroid Karma is now sitting at 22 Pisces + Retrograde moving backward daily, forming a t-sqare to Orange Thing’s Sun, North Node which oppose his Moon and South Node.

Bob, thank you for the update! Hoping payback affects him and his cronies, not us or others in the world.

Trump Justice Dept. defends…Watergate cover-up?

https://www.msnbc.com/all-in/watch/trump-justice-dept-defends-watergate-cover-up-70885445680 via @msnbc

Soul Is the Lodestar

“While some memories are the automatic lodestones that anchor the pattern of our daily experience, we can also exercise our will to choose which memories and experiences we want to form the conscious context of our lives. Once chosen, they become our preferred “sense of things” providing meaning and values within which we feel comfortable to live, move and have our being.

At this time, however, the familiar foundations of our living are being challenged as our trust in previously accepted authorities and institutions becomes eroded by revelations of their shortcomings. We have seen respected religious leaders convicted of crimes against the innocent; once acknowledged regimes are discovered to be cruelly oppressing their people; millions are starving as a result of climate change and the exploitative practices of governments, businesses and economic institutions. The list goes on and revelation continues to expand as the patterning of the past unravels. New truths, or aspects of a greater Truth, are emerging and we are beginning to experience our world in a new way, creating new memories and new patterns in order to “make sense of things”.

…a great tide is surging through the world
These new patterns challenge past acceptances and are fuelling our protests and resistance to the destructive effects inherited from them. As people everywhere rise up, speak out and inspire one another, a great tide is surging through the world, shaking loose our old limiting memories, and creating a new civilisation, a new era.

What is emerging at the crest of this wave is a demand for enlightened leadership, the distribution of the world’s abundance according to need, and shared responsibility for our planet as we come to realise that every part of it is essential to the whole. We are beginning to live the truth of the wise teaching of our spiritual Elders:


“Love flows through the awakened heart as it recognises and responds to the impulse of life to meet the needs of others and all that lives in and through our planet. This beautiful world is our common home; it is the great reservoir of living matter which nurtures and sustains all the kingdoms in nature – mineral, plant, animal, human, and the subtle layers of the Supermundane. The flow of its life-bearing substance cycles through all. To interrupt it for individual acquisition is to break the rhythm of our planetary heart-beat.”


Thanks, kiwi, for the link to Denise Siegel. She is really good.

Also, thanks to Angellight for the Soul is the Lodestar quotes and link. It’s so draining and disheartening every day to watch the corruption erupt and spew. So it’s good to be reminded of the overall arc of the process if large waves of people can rise up and reject and reform things. I know barbk also tries to put things in perspective as well.

Ralfee Finn:

“The manifestations won’t be pretty—and they could even be military. Whatever form they take, the next several weeks definitely preview what’s to come for the next several months and into next year.”


Frank Bruni:

“Four months before the Iowa caucuses, it is time to reckon with the reality that Buttigieg probably has a better chance to be the Democratic nominee than anyone aside from Biden and the surging Warren,” wrote the veteran political journalist Walter Shapiro in a lengthy profile of him just published in The New Republic.

There may be something to that. There’s definitely something to Shapiro’s identification of Buttigieg’s greatest gift: “When he speaks, people listen.” I know I do. But it’s with big questions about his timing and a tight knot in my stomach.”


Erdogan – Noon natal chart located to capitol of Turkey
Feb 26, 1954, 12:00 pm, EET -2:00
Ankara, Turkey 39°N56′ 032°E52′

His natal and progressed Neptunes will be squared by the January 2020 Sun, Saturn, and Pluto stellium

If tRump leaves office then he could lose all support from this administration and face financial and/or other consequences.

His natal Sun/Mars midpoint will be conjoined by that stellium then also. So you don’t miss it, his natal Neptune squares his Sun/Mars midpoint – a toxic aspect in my opinion.

Fascinating about Erdogan Mr. Bob, thank you.

I just looked it up and he also has a natal Black Moon Lilith (mean apogee) at 17+ Libra, for Pete’s sake, conjunct US progressed Mars, Trump’s Jupiter, US Constitution Signing chart’s Neptune and Putin’s Saturn. Here’s the Sabian Symbol again . . .

Dane Rudhyar in An Astrological Mandala says: A breakdown to the constructive relationship between the individual and society; and the expectable result.” Also “a new step in the evolution of society” and . .
“The fact that two men are pictured under arrest suggests a polarization and a purpose transcending a merely personal fit of recklessness.”

I’m amazed; it makes so much sense..

Thanks ja for all you do to keep us caught up – in so many ways. Ralfee is cogent, as always.

Thanks Les, much appreciated!

I don’t understand why rump is even supporting Endrogan. Does he have a coherent rationale? Since when does the U.S. Support Turkey and help Assad?

Where did this even come from?

Bob, you mean tRump’s holdings in Turkey are in danger? Thank God!

Pathetic to see Graham and others with their hollow words about the Kurds followed by their total and complete inaction. It is heartbreaking to see this total blood bath.

silcominc – Everything he has will be gone.

Ladies! Be sure to watch at 20:15 for good news. This video by Kim was recorded Oct 7 right after my Oct 6 post below.

“Ladies, you are the deciders!

As usual you must bring us together.

Women coming to the fore as the U.S. Pluto return looms – does anyone besides me think they will be the Pluto tsunami of change as to how this country is soon going to evolve? The Women’s March, more women in government than ever at every level, most women ever running to become the presidential nominee of a major party.

I think the first woman to become Speaker of the House may become the first woman President followed by the first woman to be elected to the office.”

Now think. If she is right there will be no reason to warry about tRump, Pense or the Republican party.


Sharon K, it comes from the inept real estate developer who stole the White House with the help of Putin and the resentful Right, who felt ignored by Clinton and bought Trump’s brand of identity politics.

What he cares about is maintaining the deal he’s made — or thinks he’s made — with Erdogan. which is to build the twin Trump towers in Istanbul and rid Turkey of those pesky Kurds. He’s not the first US president to betray the Kurds and will probably not be the last.

We are a stupid people whose best use of their opposable thumbs — the thing that separates them from the “lower animals” — is to post inanities on Twitter.

“no reason to worry”. But we can war on them if we want.

Thank you barbk.

kiwi, thanks for the Denise link. How apropos that trump should be caged in 2021.

Actually, it has occurred to me that Trump himself – in the end – will be what brings the country, our country together. Their values will unite in their desire to save the US from succumbing to dictatorship and authoritarianism.

arbo, love the line about our “opposable thumbs”; thumbs up!

Fe, only 1 of many. You sent me to youtube where I used another hour that I will never get back but I have no regrets. Thank you.

Carlos Santana Kennedy Center Honors 2013 Complete [Full Clip]


Trump could be the first impeached President to be re-nominated. If he loses the election, he will claim it was rigged and could proclaim martial law.

Bob, thanks for posting link to Kim Carey’s Oct. 7 video. I watched and listened to it yesterday and thought it was her best yet and very reassuring. Someday I’ll figure out how to post her link?


For all his bluster, Trump is a petty bully and a coward. I think most of his supporters are, too. We might see more lone wolf crazies with assault rifles do things, but I don’t see any large-scale rebellion. The people who love him are bullies and cowards, too, who love the play the victim. They’ll whine and cry about the deep state and the unfairness of it all, but they won’t get their guns and take to the street en masse. No one likes a loser, and by then, Trump will be a big, whiny, impotent loser.

I think it’s the basic decentness and thoughtfulness that bring people to Buttigieg. He’s not a Washington DC guy. He’s mid-western, small-town, as you said. He’s the exact opposite of Trump. He exudes empathy. He’s optimism to Trump’s view that America sucks and only he can save it. He’s come together while Trump tears apart. He’s plain-spoken, not political-speak.

Will his youth doom him? I don’t know. He does make me remember Bill & Hillary dancing on the stage with Al & Tipper Gore to a song I considered one from my generation, and even thought they were older than I was, they were closer to my age and it felt like a changing of the guard, power going to a new generation with new ideas that seemed like they could change the world. (Didn’t quite work out with Bill, but I think a lot of us remember the feeling, the optimism, the possibilities.)

I do find his husband delightful on Twitter. Just looked it up — God, he’s only 30!. You really feel the boyish enthusiasm in him. He’s a teacher, passionate about educating young people. He gazes adoringly and talks the same way about Pete, but it doesn’t seem to be the carefully practiced, fake adoration of so many political spouses.

He’s the cheerleader, an even bigger optimist than his husband, exudes kindness, preaches acceptance. Seems in awe of everything happening to him and his husband. He looks boyishly cute and a little geeky. It’s very hard not to like him.

Will people who don’t like the idea of a woman as president and see Biden as old-school and fumbling around, Bernie too sick or dropping out, turn to a very young gay man who’s been nothing more than a mayor?

I don’t know. He connects well with people. Obama shocked everyone in Iowa. I know he was very well-organized. I know he had a plan. I think Hillary was complacent.

Was it all that or did Obama get in there and really connect with Iowans in a way that made them want to give him a chance and in doing so, totally shook up the race? I don’t know.

The other biggie right now, I think, is where do Sanders supporters go? He not only had the heart attack, but his 40-something daughter-in-law died suddenly yesterday, leaving behind Sanders’ son and three children, the oldest of whom is 16. The DIL was diagnosed with cancer only two days before she died, the day Bernie got home from the hospital.

I’d say if the heart attack didn’t do it, the DIL’s death and leaving behind three kids, teenagers or younger, may be the thing that convinces him to drop out of the race.

Here you go Banks.

She is slowing down for awhile as she is getting ready to visit her daughter in England where she is going to school for a year.



Her home page on YouTube:


Les: Thanks, I try to stay positive through these very trying, challenging and testing times.

Thanks, Bob. She emailed me today that she hopes to get out2 or 3 more videos before she leaves.

BarbK, if you haven’t watched Kim’s videos, I feel sure you would like them.

Joe’s comin out fightin! Now if he can just go after the GOP cowards.

“This isn’t a game. It’s deadly serious. The United States cannot afford to have a president who will abuse whatever power is available to him to get re-elected. That’s what it’s all about,” Biden said. “And here’s the kicker: The people around the President knew that what he was doing was wrong — profoundly wrong. So what did they try to do? They tried to cover it up by hiding the evidence.”


I did watch Kim’s Oct. 7th video (thanks Banks and Bob) and one thing she said really interested me. The likelihood that Trump is abusing drugs, presumably Rx, may have started or intensified at the time when Neptune and Jupiter and Chiron all met up at 26+ Aquarius which opposed Trump’s Mars (desire) at 26+ Leo (and his ascendant at 29+ Leo). Chiron = pain, Neptune = drugs and Jupiter = excess.

Specifically, the exact time of the Jupiter-Chiron cycle start at 26 Aquarius 12 (with Neptune at 26 Aquarius 28) on May 23, 2009, had trans. Venus (desirable) at 17+ Aries opposite Trump’s natal Jupiter, symbol of excess (+ US prog. Mars + US Constitution Neptune + Putin’s Saturn), at 17+ Libra, while trans. Venus also was sextile trans Vesta (investment) at 18+ Gemini which was conjunct Trump’s natal Uranus (disregard of consequences in the name of freedom) at 17+ Gemini . . which trines Trump’s Jupiter, the US prog. Mars, Putin’s Saturn and the US Constitution Neptune.

Also at that time of the exact Jupiter-Chiron conjunction, trans. Mercury at 24+ Taurus was conjunct Trump’s natal chart MC (reputation). Call me crazy but suppose Putin and the Russians are supplying Trump with pain-killing drugs; lots of other crazy stuff has happened in the last couple of years I would never have believed either, way back then.

In any case, I’m convinced that Russia, through Putin, controls Trump, and that is the story of US progressed Mars (at war with ourselves) conjunct Trump’s Jupiter that conjuncts Putin’s Saturn. Drugs or no drugs.

I see I misspelled Pence’s name upthread. Going too fast to check my work.

“Whistleblower’s lawyers say client has spent career in “apolitical” roles

Wednesday, 5:17 p.m.: The whistleblower’s legal team issued a statement clarifying their client’s background and professional career in response to reports about the person’s political leanings.
“First, our client has never worked for or advised a political candidate, campaign, or party,” the statement from Mark Zaid and Andrew Bakaj said. “Second, our client has spent their entire government career in apolitical, civil servant positions in the Executive Branch. Third, in these positions our client has come into contact with presidential candidates from both parties in their roles as elected officials – not as candidates.”
A source familiar with the matter earlier told CBS News the whistleblower had a “prior working relationship with a current 2020 Democratic presidential contender.” — Stefan Becket


Read the whistleblower’s memo about Trump’s Ukraine call, as described to CBS News

The full text of the memo, as described to CBS News: 26 July 2019

“The following is a record of a conversation I had this afternoon with a White House official about the telephone call yesterday morning between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The official who listened to the entirety of the phone call was visibly shaken by what had transpired and seemed keen to inform a trusted colleague within the U.S. national security apparatus about the call. After my call with this official I [redacted] returned to my office, and wrote up my best recollection of what I had heard.
The official described the call as “crazy,” “frightening” and “completely lacking in substance related to national security.” The official asserted that the President used the call to persuade Ukrainian authorities to investigate his political rivals, chiefly former Vice President Biden and his son, Hunter. The official stated that there was already a conversation underway with White House lawyers about how to handle the discussion because, in the official’s view, the President had clearly committed a criminal act by urging a foreign power to investigate a U.S. person for the purposes of advancing his own reelection bid in 2020.

The phone call lasted approximately half an hour. The two leaders spoke through interpreters. My conversation with the official only lasted a few minutes, and as a result, I only received highlights”

https://www.cbsnews.com/news/the-whistleblower-complaint-read-full-text-whistleblower-memo-trump-ukraine-call-described-cbs-news-exclusive/ via @CBSPolitics

According to Kim’s (the Intuitive) posted on Oct 7 – link posted by Bob above as https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cm64NQT9nW8

Trump has abandoned the Kurds because he wants to please Putin (particularly), Erdogan, etc., because he wants their protection so that he doesn’t get impeached. What that means, I don’t know but it doesn’t bode well. As far as Putin and his minions, apparently between the money laundering and whatever else, he has Trump by the cojones as we though.

Sharon K,
Perhaps he expects Russia and/or Turkey to take some kind of military or economic
counter action if he is impeached? By that, I don’t mean a direct attack on the geographic United States, but on US interests or allies. Perhaps Mr.T sees it as a way to “blackmail” the US Congress.

Yes, it must be something like that….something that will happen that will overshadow the impeachment or even occur afterwards, but to show himself to be a patriotic leader, he would have to oppose those incursions, unless they are staged to allow him to do that.

We’ve heard of the October surprise – this would be the Impeachment surprise.

Sharon K,
Yes, that makes sense. I was going to say the man is an orange skunk. But I immediately realized I might be insulting all our native skunks who I’m told unanimously resent any comparison with the man and their species.


Trump is more than an orange skunk. He’s a puppet, as Hillary said.

Take a peek at Oracle of Whimsy. (Hat tip to Bob)
What she’s been saying and its becoming increasingly clear – Trump Towers in Istanbul, Moscow and elsewhere are actually Putin’s holdings where he wants to establish a political and economic base to re-establish his trade routes.

Trump is nowhere near having the capital or intellectual wherewithal to uphold these projects — everything he touches dies. So Putin’s Russian mob money is laundered through various Trump LLCs purchasing condos that are never lived in, hotel rooms never occupied, and investments in resorts that are under threat of bankruptcy.

Its all a global money laundering scheme that has Putin at the top and Trump as the figurehead who is totally owned by Putin.

This is why he is desperate to prevent discovery of his tax returns. As all the psychics said as the main cause of Trump’s downfall: “Its all about the money!”

Yes Fe, that’s it, plain as day, “It’s all about the Money”, and it’s a crying shame we who aren’t psychics couldn’t see it for ourselves.

I believe that even Uranus in Taurus ($$) is trying to tell us that, what with it’s T-square to the US natal chart Nodes (North in Leo and South in Aquarius) and sextile to US natal Jupiter (mega) and Venus ($$) in Cancer and opposite US progressed Saturn in Scorpio (other people’s $$).

In fact, transiting Uranus stations direct just one day before the Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12, so there’s that too. (Trans. Uranus is in a grand trine with trans Pholus “small cause, big effect” in Capricorn and trans. Transpluto “process of becoming whole” in Virgo in the Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart.)

Maybe that “small cause” is exposure of the money trail conspiracy.

I think you likely nailed the underlying reality.

Rudy,Rudy, Rudy. Be careful. you don’t want to sleep with Luca, Sonny, and Fredo. Or Moe Greene.

barbk, tRump may not approach the numbers of victims as, but he has shown that he has the same mindset as, Caligula, Hitler, and Stalin. I cannot post what I have been thinking and shouting about him the last several days.

I couldn’t have been more outraged when I saw that the despicable Trey Gowdy who led Rebublicans in investigating Benghazi is going to join Trump’s legal team.

“Mr. Gowdy was particularly critical of the State Department for not complying with requests for documents, and those past comments about the importance of responding to document requests are likely to resurface in any defense of Mr. Trump.”

“Charges of hypocrisy are common in politics, and both parties are guilty of it from time to time. But the potential impeachment of President Trump — indeed, the entire Trump presidency — has led Republicans to such spectacular heights of hypocrisy that it provides an ongoing lesson in the human capacity for shamelessness.”

I’m gobsmacked!

tRump and Rudy.

Does Putin have evidence on both of them?


I admire your self control Bob, and yet your “thinking and shouting” and ja’s state of being “gobsmacked” indicates that reality has reached a level rendering us unable to process it mentally; that our feelings have usurped our logic, and that might not be a bad thing.

It is our feelings (emotions) that may restore some sanity or balance or equilibrium to daily life. So be my guest, think and shout what you feel, and some how and in some way we will end this nightmare we have walked into.

PS: I don’t think Rudy is going to fast talk his way out of this one.


Two Men Who Worked With Rudy Giuliani To Dig Up Dirt On Biden Have Been Arrested

“Parnas and Fruman had one-way tickets to fly out of the US and were arrested at Dulles airport around 6 p.m. on Wednesday night, US Attorney for the Southern District of New York Geoffrey Berman told reporters Thursday afternoon.”

Wow, was anyone watching the CNN Special re: Dem candidates addressing questions from the live audience re: LBGTQ Issues during the time Beto O’Rourke was on? Breathtaking.

A lady in the audience walked up to the woman who was asking Beto a question, took the microphone from her and went into a rant re: the black lesbian women murder rate (which had already come up) and I fully expected CNN to cut to a commercial . . . but no!

The CNN host (I forget his name but he is gay and black) encouraged this very upset woman to come close to the stage (as did Beto) and they heard her out (she was very wrought up). It was a remarkable and emotional 4 or 5 minutes I will never forget. Extraordinary for live TV, to say the least!

so Barr spent wed evening dining with rupert murdoch at ruperts house …. wonder what that conversation entailed.

In the Orange Thing’s Lunar Return of October 3rd, 2019 Mercury is also instructive.

Mercury is semisquare Jupiter, opposed to Uranus, sesquiquadrant to Neptune, 150 degrees from Chiron, 150 degrees from Vesta, semissquare Juno and semisquare Ceres.

And then, again, there is Uranus challenging all the old stuffy ways of doing things in Taurus and sitting sesquiquadrant to the Orange Thing’s natal Moon. Sitting next to that natal Moon is transiting Jupiter. That position of Uranus is going to be with him for a while, challenging his natal Moon.

Lots of info (Mercury) not to the Orange Thing’s liking.

The transiting Sun is now at 10 Libra about to square transiting Saturn which already squares the Orange Thing’s natal Juno and Chiron.

And Venus and Mercury are fast moving in Scorpio to square the Orange Thing’s natal Pluto. The transits of those two planets will also oppose transiting Uranus And eventually, Uranus, itself, will move to square that hidden 12th house Pluto of Orange Thing’s natal chart. More about money (Taurus ruled by Venus), hidden money (Scorpio/Mercury/power) and Uranus in Taurus is also about money in many cases.

Next Lunar Return of Oct. 31, 2019 features some very difficult transiting Mars aspects plus some more difficult Uranus aspects.

Barbk, I also watched that masterful handling of the black LBGTQ person situation. I too was very, very impressed.

The anchor’s name is Don Lemon.

Don Lemon, that’s it, thanks Lamis, I really like him. I didn’t see the whole program so I don’t know how the other candidates did, but Beto seemed quite sensitive to the issue.

What baffles me is how young kids get labeled as being trans gender or whatever, even before puberty. I have a lot to learn, but these people suffer a lot from society, that I already know.

I have been waiting for Maria Yovanovich’s testimony. It ought to get interesting now.

“In a closed-door deposition that could further fuel calls for Mr. Trump’s impeachment, Ms. Yovanovitch delivered a scathing indictment of his administration’s conduct of foreign policy, warning that private influence and personal gain have usurped diplomats’ judgment, threatening to undermine the nation’s interests and drive talented professionals out of public service.

According to a copy of her opening statement obtained by The New York Times, the longtime diplomat said she was “incredulous” that she was removed as ambassador “based, as far as I can tell, on unfounded and false claims by people with clearly questionable motives.”


I am horrified!

‘At Minneapolis Rally, an Angry Trump Reserves Sharpest Attack for Biden’

“Facing impeachment in the House, Mr. Trump took his case to his core supporters, arguing that Democrats were trying to overturn the 2016 election because they knew they could not beat him in 2020. He singled out former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. as nothing but a toady for President Barack Obama.

“He was only a good vice president because he knew how to kiss Barack Obama’s ass,” Mr. Trump said, a line that drew huge roars of approval from the crowd.


Ja, thanks so much for the NYT link on Yovanovitch opening statement.
I just had this image of all of those black dominoes lined up and winding like a child’s train set tracks and then with one slight touch all of the dominoes collapse in order. I trust that those dominoes represent Trump’s minions and the big cheese himself.

“MAX HEINDEL, (born Carl Louis von Grasshoff, July 23, 1865 – January 6, 1919) was a Danish-American Christian occultist, astrologer, and mystic. He studied Theosophy (ancient Wisdom of Eastern Adepts), and became a Rosicrucian (a spiritual and cultural movement). He was a gifted astrologer, using it to diagnose health problems and worked with spiritual healers to help the clients who came to him for help. His book “Astro-Diagnosis” is a great tutorial for those who wish to learn more about Medical Astrology. Here is a url link to a downloadable pdf file.”


Eliseo, It’s playing out. SA likely attacked the Iranian oil tanker (with Trump’s blessing) & U.S. sending troops to SA. Of course, Nancy predicted this!


We may have a mighty weapon in these tax returns when the House gets them…IF the house gets them.

Osama bin Ladin was born out of US troops occupying an American Base in Saudi Arabia.

Our Middle East Foreign policy has always been less than desirable, but now it’s just downright off the charts on the insanity Richter scale.

Banks, I’m really hoping you can open this link to Maria Y.’s opening statement. It’s ten pages.

DOCUMENT:Read Ms. Yovanovitch’s opening statement.

Just a reminder that this Sunday’s Full Moon will not only conjunct the US natal Chiron in Aries but the transiting Uranus in Taurus at that time will conjunct the New York Stock Exchange chart’s natal Venus (which is sextile the NYSE Black Moon Lilith in Cancer which conjuncts the US natal Jupiter that conjuncts US Venus). Transiting Uranus in Taurus will also be opposite transiting Venus in Scorpio.

All this leads me to think that in the weeks following Sunday’s Full Moon there will be volatility in the financial circles.

Transiting Chiron at the Aries Full Moon (a full moon which will be conjunct US NATAL Chiron) is now at the IC (base/root) of the US natal chart and will also be square the US natal Venus in Cancer. (This is the way Uranus and Chiron operate these days; One squares US Venus + Jupiter while the other sextiles US Venus + Jupiter. Push, pull.)

Of course, this is in addition to that transiting Pluto -square-the Full Moon + US natal Chiron effect.

I recall Barbara Hand Clow’s assertion that Chiron is the Rainbow Bridge between the inner and outer planets, enabling us humans to understand the purpose of the higher consciousness energies symbolized by the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. We know what Pluto is doing in this Full Moon chart, and we know what Uranus is doing too. So what’s Neptune up to?

Transiting nebulous Neptune’s square to transiting Jupiter is fading but Neptune is trine the US PROGRESSED Jupiter . . and Jupiter is the symbol of excess, among other things. Trans. Neptune in Pisces at the time of the Full Moon will also trine transiting Pallas (the strategist) in Scorpio which is trine the US natal Sun in Cancer, thanks to the Sun’s wide orb, and that’s a grand trine of emotional volatility.

Transiting Neptune is also still in orb of a conjunction with US progressed Sun in Pisces that trines the US progressed Jupiter in Cancer too.

Then there is the US progressed Aries Chiron that opposes the US progressed Libra Mars (that conjuncts Trump’s natal Jupiter + Putin’s Saturn + the US Constitution Signing chart’s Neptune) to consider, as well as this Full Moon chart’s Ceres (just 2 degrees from the FM chart’s Jupiter) in Sagittarius and she opposes Trump’s natal Uranus in Gemini.

Just to be clear, that’s FM Ceres (Mother Earth) opposite Trump’s Uranus (unexpected). The weather rules.

This Full Moon has transiting Sphinx still conjunct the US natal Uranus, lest we forget, and for added good measure, transiting Arachne (she who spins the finest of webs) will exactly conjunct Trump’s natal Saturn. No joke.

It’s a lot to keep track of, as if we could keep track of anything these days, but my hunch is that the stock market could freak out by the end of this month and/or the next month; the October 27th Scorpio New Moon opposes Uranus as Mars squares Saturn.

Ja, yes I was able to open it when you first posted it. Thank you so much.

“Such a “surprise” that Shep Smith departed @FOXNews soon after @realDonaldTrump’s ringer AG Bill Barr met with FOX’s Rupert Murdoch.

Ousting reporters you don’t like is the work of dictators, not presidents.”


Has anyone looked at the various candidates charts for the debate on Tuesday night?

Pentagon to Deploy Around 2,000 Additional Troops to Saudi Arabia


(We are here folks: we are living in an authoritarian state, not a democracy. Our foreign policy is based on where Trump has or wants to build properties. You enabled this and continue to GOP!) @Amy Siskind

Here is something different and I thought very interesting.


I hope if anyone learns the birth date of Marie Yovanovitch, born in Montreal, Canada in 1958, will post it here. She is my new hero.

barbk: November 11

I just googled “Marie Yovanovitch birthday” and that’s what popped up.

Fwiw, found something on the net that says she was born November 11, 1958, but there is no verification. Could be wrong.

Ja: Re: your comment that you are horrified about trump’s attack on Biden in Minneapolis.

I am positively reeling from viewing his “fake” orgasm as he imitated Peter Strzok – sorry, there is on easy way to say this – screwing Lisa Page.



I am on ancestry.com so I searched for Marie Yovanovitch, Montreal, Canada. Birth year 1958.

She popped right up. Her naturalization papers say her birthdate is Nov 11, 1958. The record states that she was residing at Kent School in Kent, CT and according to Wikipedia, she graduated from Kent.

I took a screenshot but no way to attach for you (?).

Ah, a woman, a Scorpio, and born on 11-11. What’s not to like? I’ll be curious to see what you astrologers have to say.

Very interesting synastry between Megan and the Queen, Ja. Both are beautiful, dignified women. Thanks for posting!

Knowledge Panel on the right side of a Google search. Unable to track down the source.

Marie Yovanovitch
Former United States Ambassador to Ukraine

Image result for Marie Yovanovitch

Marie Louise Yovanovitch is a member of the Senior United States Foreign Service who served as the 9th United States Ambassador to Ukraine. She was nominated to the post on May 18, 2016, to replace Geoff Pyatt; was sworn in on August 18, 2016; and was recalled as of May 20, 2019. Wikipedia

Born: November 11, 1958 (age 60 years), Montreal, Canada

Previous office: Ambassador of the United States to Ukraine (2016–2019)

Education: Princeton University, National War College, The Pushkin State Russian Language Institute, Kent School

Parents: Michel Yovanovitch, Nadia Yovanovitch

apparently rudy’s corrupt bozos also have forged links with israel’s far right, and possibly netanyahu

Using a noon chart for Marie Yovanovitch and progressing it to noon today in the Capitol Building yields a progressed Sun at 292°20′ and transiting Pluto at 292°25′ (Sun 20°39′ Capricorn and Pluto 20°39’04” Capricorn).

If tRimp and Pence were both forced to resighn due to evidence for impeachment being presented to them It would save a drawn out impeachment process and make the January 13 target date a reality if that were chosen as the date of resignation.

Beginning January 5, 2019, through January 10, 2020, there are 7 eclipses. Without checking closely it appears that there are strong aspects from either the eclipse, Jupiter, or Uranus to points in just a noon chart for Nancy Pelosi. One of the strongest may indicate assuming the office of the presidency.


Bob, You are correct;


Wiki has her born on Nov. 11, 1958 in Montreal, Canada. Parents were Russian immigrants.

fwiw – 2019 timeline so far:
feb 14 – barr sworn in
apr 25 – biden announced
May 20 – pence cxd ukraine inauguration visit
May 20 – Yovanavitch removed
May 23 – Barr given autonomy to declassify docs
Jul 24 – mueller testified
Jul 25 – trump calls ukraine
Jul 26 – trump asks UK PM to discredit mueller info
Aug 15 – Dan Coats left
sept 9 – bolton quit

So ironic, you wouldnt find it in a novel LOL

“…. Parnas, a forty-seven-year-old native of Ukraine who arrived in the United States in 1976, owns a company called Fraud Guarantee……
Fruman, a fifty-three-year-old native of Belarus, …. reportedly owned, or owns,… a beach club in the Black Sea city of Odessa, which has long been a stronghold of organized crime. The name of the club: Mafia Rave…..”


Using a noon birth chart for Marie Yovanovitchha has Pluto at 160°30′ (on that day Pluto moved less than 1 minute of arc). Transiting Jupiter at 10 am on January 13 at 280°24′ will trine it.

WOW! You guys are great! Thank you SassyGrace, Beowulfie, Banks, Bob and Lamis and hope I didn’t leave anyone out.

Would you believe she’s got a natal Boomerang?

Natal North Node in Libra sextiles natal Saturn in Sagittarius and they form a Yod to her natal Mars and natal Nessus in Taurus (and I can’t believe this but they conjuncts Trump’s MC) which is forced to adjust.

It becomes a Boomerang because her natal Moon in Scorpio opposes her Mars/Nessus (and her Moon conjuncts Trump’s natal chart’s IC!!!)

Be still my heart, she will take him down!

The same December eclipse that squares Speaker Pelosi’s Sun (that is on the eclipse Desc) is on Pence’s natal Saturn that sits on the eclipse IC in Washington.

Remember, I interpret aspects by the planets that compose it rather than the degree of the angle making it.


Marie does tRump. Payback is a bitch.



The classy lady can whale!


Linda G had a video that lasted 7 min. And then went black. They have had power outages. She said two things of interest: more bloodshed of Kurdish children and Marie Yovanovitch has opened the door for the take down of Trump.

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12, 2020, has some interesting variables, due to the fact that both planets (appear to) move more slowly than the Sun and other personal planets. Because of that they will be in the same degree/minute, 22 Capricorn 46′, for enough time to have a variety of rising degrees and midheaven degrees.

My own chart for this event set at 11:39 AM in Washington DC, has 23+ Aries rising and Eris at 23+ Aries, with a midheaven (MC) at 13+ Capricorn which opposes the US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer.

Astrodienst has the same conjunction on the same day for Washington DC, at 12:02 PM with 2+ Taurus on the ascendant and Uranus at 2+ Taurus, and an MC at 15+ Capricorn. A contrast of 23 minutes can make a big difference in a chart.

Astrodienst has Saturn at 22 Cap 46′ 35″ and Pluto at 22 Cap 46′ 34″. one arc second difference. I admire preciseness.

However, with the magnitude of the meaning of this cycle, I’m not going to disregard my own chart’s Eris on the ascendant altogether, because I suspect (feel) I got that chart’s info for a reason (beyond just my own lax habit of rounding off degrees).

So yes, consider Uranus on the Taurus ascendant in the chart for the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, when set in Washington, DC, but keep in mind that Eris (near the Taurus ascendant but in Aries) does square the Saturn-Pluto + Ceres + Sun + Mercury in Capricorn and she carries a grudge.

Consider too that the US natal Sun (13+ Cancer) is just 5 degrees away from the Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart’s IC, when set in DC, and that the Universe often rounds off numbers, suggesting that close is often good enough.

Uranus on the ascendant for this 30+ year cycle, for the US government (Washington DC) promises many unexpected and revolutionary changes starting at the core of the country’s birth (US natal Sun near the IC of the Saturn-Pluto cycle). But we suspected that already didn’t we?

Thanks Banks; you can take that 7 minutes to the bank.
I believe Yovanovich is the woman Linda the psychic saw in earlier readings on Trump’s future. She’s got that natal Yod-turned-Boomerang thing going on with Trump’s MC. He will pay a price for his firing of her.

So Marie is the dark haired woman who will take him down?! As well as Nancy P.

Linda G’s video is up in its entirety. Some interesting info about Rudy and Trump.
Don’t forget on Monday Fiona ? Will be testifying before congressional committees. She should also have a lot to say about Trump and Russia. She’s also dark haired, Sharon K.

prayers for Japan – 6 million under evacuation order

Kiwi, thanks for posting. That’s s just horrible and so far not a word on our news.

Finally got to see some news . . Sharon, shocking to see that building crash down in New Orleans.

Also shocked to see Shephard Smith leaving his contract with Fox News. Would you believe his natal Capricorn Sun (and maybe his Moon too) is where the Saturn-Pluto et al. conjunction takes place?

His natal Neptune in Scorpio is trine transiting Neptune, his Venus is conjunct the US natal Moon in Aquarius and the transiting North Node is about to conjunct his North Node, which his natal Jupiter in Aries squares. Very interested to see where he goes from here.

Barb, the building is next door to New Orlean’s grand old refurbished Saenger Theatre where my husband’s sister invited him to attend the touring performance of “Wicked” tomorrow. All of today’s performances were cancelled. We are not sure about tomorrow but he, for one, is worried that the people is supposed to be very unstable and might collapse even more — emitting a lot of toxic dust, etc. He has decided not to go. I’m sad about the 2 deaths, the missing 2 workers, and the injuries.

Shep Smith’s chart is interesting. He’ll probably become a cable news reporter, an anti-Trump one.

Terrible news about the destruction in Japan and the fires in LA.

Well, now Turkey has attacked American troops and they are not so sure it is an accident!

Hey everybody, my birthday is Jan 13 !!

Jamie Partridge of Astrology King writes……..

Full Moon October 13, 2019 – Opportunity From Crisis

The full moon on Sunday, October 13, 2019 at 20 degrees Aries brings intense and challenging emotions from a testing square aspect to Pluto. But a beneficial trine aspect to lucky Jupiter makes the full moon October 2019 astrology more positive, overall.

The October 2019 full moon may trigger a personal or relationship crisis but also opportunities to transform, grow and find happiness.



In view of recent events; the Ukraine scandal, Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani being implicated, and the Syrian debacle, it’s interesting to note that this Full Moon precisely conjoins the natal Uranus of the 2017 US Inaugural chart:


It seems change (Uranus) is in the air!!!!

‘A person who is able to be a living centre of peace in today’s world and who is able to radiate that peace powerfully, ceaselessly, will be in a position to give needy mankind the benefit it lacks most and is in greatest need of.’

– Roberto Assagioli

‘The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds can change the outer aspects of their lives’ and the societies in which they live.”
– William James – Psychologist & Philosopher

Iranian Royal Guard graduates put Israeli flags on their feet. Nice.


Marjorie Orr:


Elisabeth Grace:

“More on that Full Moon: What is illuminated now is likely to be connected to events that happened around the July 16 lunar eclipse at 24 Capricorn. We will have further illumination on those events on the January 10 lunar eclipse at 20 Cancer — to be continued on the April 7 Full Moon at 18 Libra. As an example, see my notes on Shepard Smith’s horoscope below.”



I used Ancestry.com and did a search on Gordon Sondland for you.

Birthdate: July 16, 1957
Place: Seattle, WA

(Don’t you feel invisible on this board if you are not one of the regular posters?)

Sometimes people do not have the tools with which to provide a response to a query or they may have no knowledge of the post subject. I like to think that most here do the best they can and sometimes their efforts take a lot of time.

Thanks for finding Sondland’s birth date SassyGrace Not having a birthdate for Sondland is why I had to figure the location of his Saturn/Pluto midpoint for January 1st and again for December 31st of 1957 to find the range for it in that year.

Now I can find it for just that date and see when it will be aspected.

The difference for the Saturn/Pluto midpoint between the beginning and end of July 16th was only 30 seconds of arc (00°00’30”). That means the position for the midpoint at noon can be taken as it’s true position in right ascension for any time of the day.

For noon, July 16, 1957, it was at 201°00′ of right ascension and 18°36′ Libra in longitude.

That would be squared in right ascension on May 24th, June 5th, and December 14th, (March 11th, June 20th, and December 16th in longitude) by transiting Saturn and within 1/2 of a degree to it’s precessed position on September 28th through October 9th by stationing Pluto.

That Saturn/Pluto midpoint in Sondland’s chart (not precessed) was squared by transit Pluto in right ascension in January, August, and November of 2018, (between September 28th and October 3rd in longitude) never in 2019.

Barr,Pence,Guiliani,Trump and Erik Prince are all Gemini’s !!!

Any thoughts?

Celeste, I say the more who post here the merrier.

Bob, Am I mistaken or are Sondland and Yovanovitch bday’s a day apart?

Ha, I believe Yovanovitch was born on Nov. 11,and Sondland on July 16th, 1957 and 1958, respectively.

I may have already noted this, but just in case I didn’t, trans. Uranus in the Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart on January 12, 2020, will oppose the US progressed Saturn, with Uranus on the ascendant (2+ Taurus) and US progressed Saturn on the descendant (2+ Scorpio), when the transiting Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart is set in Washington, DC at 12:02 PM. This doubles the effect of this new Saturn-Pluto cycle on the imperative that the US transform itself. Starting immediately.

Thanks SassyGrace, Celeste and Bob for bringing Sondland’s birthdate to the fore; his Sun conjuncts the US Mercury (testimony), his Saturn (resist) opposes the US Uranus, his Uranus (breakthrough) conjuncts the US natal North Node and his natal Ceres (nurture) conjuncts Trump’s natal Sun and the US natal Mars and squares US natal Neptune.

His natal Nessus (poison) conjuncts Trump’s MC and both sextile his (Sondland’s) Sun.

His natal Pallas (strategy) is 2 degrees away from transiting Uranus (surprise!) and getting closer every day.

sassy and celeste – I love everyone’s posts even though I dont always respond. Dont feel invisible – Im with Ja – the more the merrier!

NewsScope for October 14, 2019
By Michael Wolfstar

‘Rudy Giuliani and Black Moon Lilith’

“Watch Giuliani’s case become a key media focus point over the next two weeks as transiting Lilith opposes his progressed Mars-Lilith.”


Re: The mind-set of Trump and his supporters –

One presumes the following video would not be shown at Trump’s Mar-a-Largo resort without Trump’s prior knowledge and approval……

Video Of Fake Trump Shooting Media Shown At His Miami Resort (Mar-a-Largo): Report

The Hill
October 13, 2019

A fake video of President Trump shooting, stabbing and brutally assaulting media personalities and political opponents was played at a conference for his supporters at his Miami resort last week, the New York Times reported Sunday.

Donald Trump Jr., former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) were all scheduled to speak at the three-day conference hosted by American Priority at Trump National Doral Miami.



Video Of Fake Trump Shooting Media

Video 2 min 22 sec


My mistake. I think the Trump resort referred to in the article above may actually be the Trump National Doral Golf Resort in Miami. Sorry about that.

How good are solar charts when it comes to possible transit charts? I’m aware that the moon position may be questionable, and the descendant/ascendant may be generic, but are they completely off or just a little bit?

I’m working like a beaver with a full forest on my site between organizing my house so that I can spend less time on cleaning it. If I spend less time on the house, I can spend more time on writing.

The reason why I’m asking the solar chart question is that when I start doing transits and events, it’s not always possible to get a birth time-at least not without a deep dig into newspaper archives that nowadays are paid. I would pay for access, but refuse to spend money until the point where the site covers it.

I’ve been looking at some of the
Tarot videos. For a long time as an astrologer, I’ve been sort of taught to keep this sort of work in disdain because of the need to “show” that we aren’t psychics or “superstitious” in some way. But one does not have to be literal to realize that there can be some value in the visuality of it. And one image that comes to mind is the Tower.
Everything is changing for the better, even with the turbulence.

“Hey–remember last month when Trump and the GOP claimed violent videos caused mass shootings? A violent video of the president engaged in a mass shooting of the press was shown at a Trump campaign event at a Trump resort & neither Trump nor the GOP has denounced it. ”

Victoria Brownworth @VABVOX



” Fiona Hill, President Trump’s former top Russia and Europe adviser, headed to Capitol Hill on Monday morning where she is prepared to testify that she and other officials objected strenuously to the removal of the ambassador to Ukraine, only to be disregarded.

Ms. Hill, who stepped down from the White House’s National Security Council staff over the summer, viewed the recall of Ambassador Marie L. Yovanovitch from Kiev as an egregious abuse of the system by allies of Mr. Trump who were seeking to remove a perceived obstacle, according to a person familiar with Ms. Hill’s account.”


I like & appreciate your positive interpretation of the tower card, Carol. It normally scares me.

Another good Linda G video just out.

90 days until January 13, 2020.

So the ugly Orange, whose brains are pulp, is trying to get Putin’s agenda accomplished post haste before he gets impeached.
He knows he’s going to be impeached; so does Putin. This plan to remove American troops from Syria is not new and really, not done by ” impluse” as the press would have us believe. This has been brewing for some time between the Orange and the Czar for some time. Turkey was very much in the loop with this plan.

He knows. Putin knows.

Bob, your reminder made me look back at the Saturn-Pluto cycle that will end on January 12, 2020; so is what’s happening now, under this old dying cycle just a segue into the new Saturn-Pluto cycle that begins on January 12, or is it a theme unto itself?

The last Saturn-Pluto conjunction at 27+ Libra was sextile Neptune at 25+ Sagittarius (conjunct the Galactic Center at 27+ Sagittarius). This sextile formed a Yod with Chiron at 25+ Taurus that conjuncts Trump’s MC at 24+ Taurus.

This present Saturn Pluto cycle we are in that began with their conjunction and their sextile to Neptune and the GC, and their subsequent Yod with Chiron at the apex of the Yod, implied a shift would happen during this cycle. And so it has.

I think maybe it is both; unique unto itself and also a segue into the next cycle of Saturn and Pluto.

However, it is this present cycle nearing its end that produced Trump to symbolize the Chiron (wound) at the apex of the Yod with Pluto-Saturn-Neptune and GC.

The chart for this same cycle had the North Node (path forward) at 5+ Cancer, conjunct the US natal Jupiter (understanding). Aha!

Both the present cycle and the future Saturn-Pluto cycle charts have their Moon (symbol of the People) in Leo, with the present cycle’s Moon square the Sun-Mercury-Venus-Jupiter stellium in Scorpio (what’s kept hidden), while the new cycle’s Moon is quincunx (more adjusting) Neptune in Pisces. This is why I see the 2 cycles seguing – both have a strong Neptune influence and both have a Leo (brave hearts) Moon.

On to Phase 2 and the unfolding transformation of the world.

I agree Lamis, Putin owns Trump.

“Because of these fiercely courageous, honorable, and ethically committed women, Maria and Fiona, whom I loudly applaud. Pack your bags, Trump. The charade you’ve enjoyed for the past two years is over!”


has anyone else come to the conclusion like me that D-CON is used to get the results of what the president is doing to our country. Giving us a CON job, while trying to destroy our AMENDMENT.

Lamis and barbk, maybe tRump does the thug’s bidding to avoid mysterious poisoning.

My speculative chart for Putin was made during President Obama’s term in office. Putin’s natal Saturn at 17°30°’ Libra owns tRump natal Jupiter at 17°27′ Libra. His natal Pluto at 148°16′ is on tRump’s natal Mars at 149°26′.

Bashful, Dopey, Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sneezy, Sleepy, and “Trashy” who was banned because he only wanted to mine duds and lied about everything.

Bret Stephens and I feel the same way.

“I would gladly vote for Biden. He is a respecter of our institutions, and that’s something the country dearly needs now. What he lacks in ideological ambition and rhetorical nimbleness he more than makes up for in human decency and political good sense. He cares about America’s place in the world and will mend fences with our allies. He has experienced the kind of personal tragedy that hardens a person’s will and softens the heart. He will surround himself with sensible advisers. I won’t agree with them much of the time, but I will rest easy knowing they aren’t likely to make catastrophic mistakes like the Kurdish fiasco. For all of his manifest flaws, he can restore the country’s emotional balance, which is no small thing after four years of Trump-astrophe.
And, most important, I think he can win a general election, which is why Trump went to such sneaky and discreditable lengths to smear him.”


Yes, Kiwi, I saw it! Shameless, or should I say shameful!
I don’t think Pompeo has read the Constitution, 1st Amendment.

Yes, Ja…not only is Putin Pluto on the Orange’s Mars, his natal Mars is trine the Orange’s Mars. Add to this, Putin Sun on Trump’s weak point, his Juno/Chiron conjunction in Libra in his )the Orange’s )second house.

Putin sees right through that weak spot and, like any thug, is using this as leverage. The master of thugs is shaking down the Orange thug. I guess what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Sorry, Ja,
That last post was directed to Bob. Oooops.


“maybe tRump does the thug’s bidding to avoid mysterious poisoning.”

Could be true. Could be one of the reasons he eats so damn much junk food.

Considering the age of the top Dem candidates, it occurs to me any one of them, were they elected could die in office. Considering that Pluto doesn’t go into Aquarius until 2023/2024, e could have something of a repeat of 1960/1964.
Were a Dem president to become beloved, but die it could set up a vp “LBJ” to appeal to the legacy of their predecessor, ushering in a positive, progressive, era and a landslide election in 2024

Ahhhhhh, The New Russian Empire…Turkey, Syria, and possibly Lebanon? Although,nobody has been able to successfully conquer Lebanon. The Israeli’s tried it and failed miserably.

Putin doesn’t speak Arabic very well.

Additionally, the election of 2024 might then serve as the last gasp of the R. party. By then, they may have discredited themselves so thoroughly as to not be able to get any one of their own elected to dog catcher.

Lamis and all, the beauty of astrology’s puzzle pieces are the bigger pictures they reveal, such as how Trump’s Jupiter (connections) at 17+ Libra (partners) connects with Putin’s Saturn (control) at 17+ Libra which connects to . .

. . the US progressed Mars (aggressive action) that is retrograde (reversed or turned inward) at 17+ Libra, that connects to . .

, , Beto O’Rourke’s natal Uranus (shocking and unexpected) at 17+ Libra, that connects to the US Constitution Signing chart’s Neptune (unclear) at 17+ Libra that . . .

. . opposes the US progressed Chiron (wound) at 17+ Aries which also opposes Trump’s Jupiter (expand) and Putin’s Saturn (control) and the US progressed Mars (anger) and O’Rourke’s Uranus (breakthrough), all at 17+ Libra. Isn’t it amazing how all the puzzle pieces present such a clear picture when put together right?

Old news now, but VP Pence’s office formally declined to provide any info re. impeachment. Here is the letter published on Axios – link below. There is nothing inappropriate in it – completely legal and businesslike.

There hasn’t been a good analysis anywhere that I’ve run across on why Pelosi has not held a vote in the House yet. Perhaps she is saving that step for later, only if absolutely necessary, depending on the polls or other factors.

For sure, doing the impeachment vote would crystalize opposition to Dems in the population at large and Pelosi is probably estimating the political cost. Maybe she thinks it is wiser to see if DT does more self-destruction.

It’s puzzling though – I didn’t think impeachment could end up as a long game, instead of a decisive and direct action. So, it may not happen at the same time as it effectively gets strung out in committees. Maybe the point is to play the media to keep the story in the news, but never go formal.


“In Syria Russian soldiers now occupy a base once manned by the American military. When Trump ordered them to leave the Russians moved in…..Let that sink into your brain for a moment and ask yourself why Trump always says or does things that benefit Putin???? Also, the Turkish President, who “played” Trump on that infamous telephone call and convinced him to pull out of Syria, is reported to be meeting with Putin in Russia soon. After opening the door for Turkey to invade Syria Trump now wants to put sanctions on them for doing so…..Turkey is a member of NATO…for now. Remember NATO was created to stop Russian aggression and Putin would like nothing better than to destroy it. Let’s watch Trump help him do it with his “ass-backwards” foreign policy……”

Interesting point, Eliseo.

In reading the running debate threads on Democratic Underground (DU) last night — there were 4 consecutive ones — the consensus seemed to be:

– Amy Klobuchar was “on fire” and doing great;
– Buttigieg also doing great, with his impressive intelligence and poise;.
– Warren was her competent self and a target of attack last night, being the front runner (but still a bit too emotional/high strung in her demeanor for me); folks were complaining that she did not have the guts to say that her healthcare and other social plans would cause a raise in taxes;
– Sanders did well and had an especially good night, with his demeanor being was less rough and more kind, which was attributed by some to his heart attack;
– Biden had some really good answers, particularly on foreign policy (Russia, Turkey, Syria, NATO) and in his closing remarks;
– Booker, in his way, had some very good answers, with Castro, O’Rourke, Harris, Steyer also having their moments
– Gabbard was highly disliked, with the feeling that the sooner she left the campaign trail, the better.

The take-away for me, again, is that Klobuchar would be an excellent choice for VP, probably to Biden’s presidential candidacy. She could probably be the excellent & progressive “LBJ” figure (she comes across as the most moderate, which is good for winning the race, but once in office would most likely be a progressive Democrat).

Buttigieg is great and has so much potential, but it would be risky to run him now – yet his future bodes well.

All of their futures bode well and they will go on to play important political roles in the U.S.

Interesting assessments & consensus. Thank You!
Events, revelations of a great deal more wrongdoing, & DT’s continued bizarre behavior will likely cause much rethinking of former positions. Progressivism will prevail, but it may be quite different from what it is today.

I think that in a country like ours, with the Republicans still so strong in the Senate, etc., we are better off keeping Obamacare and a combination of private and public healthcare. I also think that if we do anything with free college tuition (and some states have), it should be junior college with an emphasis on professional, technical, career oriented tracks, as for too long, college has been a way for many to avoid the work world (I was part of that group although I did spend a good 25 years working full-time); hence, large loans (of course, in many cases that couldn’t and can’t be avoided). Our country cannot go socialist too fast anyway – it may create a low quality of health care and education to stretch revenue too thin, especially with the government’s debt, and the attitude toward small government and capitalism being sufficient by itself that the Republicans have. We need to have a strategic mix (I don’t know much about economics).

Thank you Sharon, for your assessment of the debate. I agree with a Biden/Klobuchar ticket.

Here is Ralfee Finn today:


“Trump calls Pelosi a 3rd rate politician” in meeting today, says Chuck Schumer. Trans. Moon conjunct Trump’s MC and trans. Jupiter is conjunct his natal Moon. He is on automatic pilot regarding his emotions. The men in white coats are on standby with nets ready.

I just watched the video of their mini press conference as they walked out of the WH. Never seen the dem leadership so agitated. It must have been a whole new level of crazy.

Things are unfolding precisely as they should without a care for our emotional state.

This year is undoubtedly worse than the last, but a whole lot better than the next. 2020 is when things get hairy. The Mad President will go over the edge and try to take us all with him.

After delivering Syria to Putin, he will try to deliver Turkey, and attempt to break up the G7 and NATO.

Many good people still believe that to say he is a Russian agent is an exaggeration. They will be proven wrong.

Many people think the Saturn-Pluto conjunction is mostly about inequality in the US. It is even more about the concentraition of power in the hands of the Presidents of Russia and China brought by the self-destruction of the US. Trump is the incarnation of the Uranus-Pluto square in relation to the US chart, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction is what he delivers and the US Pluto return will be the consequence.

The current Mars transit heightens tensions and conflicts. When Mars travels 180 degrees and reaches Aries with similar squares to Saturn and PLuto, the US election will be held. That transit will be even worse as Mars retrogrades and squares Pluto three times. It will be a dramatic time. All thngs will not be well, but it must be.

Andre, it is hard to imagine trump being at the White House for much longer. Bob has said he is out by January and I think he is right – the Syria mess is turning many against him and I assume he will realize that soon enough and try to do a deal to stay out of prison. As hard as it is to imagine with McConnell in the Senate, it seems likely that we will have President Pelosi since Pence is guilty as well.

Bob, I’ve been awaiting October 17-18 based on your post about 45. Looks like you will have another one on-the-nose. He is massively decompensating today. The House voted 354-60 to approve a resolution opposing his acquiescence to the Turkish assault against the Kurds, and his chief Senate supporter Lindsey Graham is angrily fuming at him. Cheeto Mussolini is furious so many House Republican’s voted for the resolution. Not to mention his financial fraud documents released in NY! The next two days should be a doozy.

But ja do watch for Warren.

The epic changing Jupiter/Saturn conjunction of Dec 2020 falls on her Jupiter and throws up aspects to her Sun/Uranus conjunction.

In tune with the times she calls for ‘…big structural change’. Here is some commentary and a speculative birth chart from NewsScope –


PS none of this will help with Kurdish loss of life and homes, roll back Turkey’s actions or save US reputation with our foreign allies.

TJ, the same technique that points to tomorrow nailed his meltdown in today’s meeting in both his secondary progressed natal (Q2 Mean Quotidian angles) and the progressed anlunar, right to the minute almost.

Below is a previous post by “Ja”. It is brilliant in its simplicity. If, the current president is defeated, it will take 4 years just to heal the global wounds. There will be no room for anything progressive like health care, or gun control, touted by Warren/Sanders….the U.S. is a long way away from that. Int’l relations are so bad, including with near neighbours like Canada/Mexico that it will take someone like Biden with his experience in foreign relations to get the country even close to where it was under O’Bama.

“I would gladly vote for Biden. He is a respecter of our institutions, and that’s something the country dearly needs now. What he lacks in ideological ambition and rhetorical nimbleness he more than makes up for in human decency and political good sense. He cares about America’s place in the world and will mend fences with our allies. He has experienced the kind of personal tragedy that hardens a person’s will and softens the heart. He will surround himself with sensible advisers. I won’t agree with them much of the time, but I will rest easy knowing they aren’t likely to make catastrophic mistakes like the Kurdish fiasco. For all of his manifest flaws, he can restore the country’s emotional balance, which is no small thing after four years of Trump-astrophe.
And, most important, I think he can win a general election, which is why Trump went to such sneaky and discreditable lengths to smear him.”

Linda G has another video out this evening. She says DT is definitely losing his mind (surprise, surprise!) Kim Carey said to expect stranger and stranger behavior which we saw today.

The time for tomorrow’s depressive aspects to be swept is in the evening hours (about 8 pm, EDT) so may not be observed or reported.

Thank goddess we still have freedom of speech.

Look how much we have learned about the way our government works – at least I have – in the last 2+ years. There are many people in this country that knew a lot less than I did that are gradually becoming conscious of how complicated and intricate this US government system is. Painful though it is and will continue to be, we are being forced to become aware.

So many layers for Trump to upend; he’s like a beaver relentlessly building a dam. In the meantime, we get wiser, as a group, and more involved and concerned since we were in World War 2.

It started with 9-11, our education in hate. The Internet, as much as I love it and appreciate the good it does, has added fuel to the fire of hate.

Andre notes the Uranus-Pluto squares – 7 of them – that took place between June, 2012 and March 2015. I don’t recall reading about this, but their 1st square on June 24, 2012, was when transiting Uranus (8+ Aries) was sextile the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini.

It was also activating the cycle between Neptune and Pluto that began their cycle at 8+ Gemini.

Of course, at the time the focus was on these 7 squares between trans. Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn which were opposite and square the US natal Sun in Cancer and the US natal Saturn in Libra, some of them making a very tight grand cross. Now I’m thinking the trans. Uranus sextile the US Uranus in Gemini and the trans. Pluto quincunx the US Uranus was another project that escaped scrutiny at the time.

Uranus is about technology and Gemini is about talk; about Googling; about Face Booking and blogging. Transiting Uranus enabled and encouraged this (US Uranus in Gemini) talk while transiting Pluto was forcing this “talking”(US Uranus in Gemini) to adjust to something which I believe was, in large part, hate.

The Neptune-Pluto cycle that began with their conjunction to the US natal Uranus had an opposition between Saturn and Jupiter (whose cycles are about societies and their governing) going on at the time, and transiting Jupiter (understanding) was at 16+ Pisces. That’s where transiting Neptune is right now; where Jupiter (opposite Saturn) was when Neptune met Pluto at the degree where the US Uranus resides.

It’s subtle, by Uranus’ standards, but hell, it was not his cycle was it? It was Neptune and Pluto’s cycle. Still, it just goes to show, you never really know as much as you think you do about an astrological symbol.

The point is that transiting Neptune – right now – is activating its own cycle with transiting Pluto, not only by their presently transiting sextile (within a 5 degree orb of exact), but also by conjoining the degree Jupiter was in at the time of the trans. Neptune and trans. Pluto cycle start (that was conjunct US Uranus in Gemini), and that Jupiter was opposite trans. Saturn, a critical point for societies. Makes you think. Helps you to understand.

By “Russian agent” do you mean that literally, or do you mean a “Russian asset”? I personally lean toward agent. I believe Fe had it right in her Oct. 10 posting to Sharon.

DT is losing support from his fellow R’s. I see the R’s invoking the 25th to avoid an impeachment trial, quite probably per your time table. But let us not assume all will be well when the orange fool leaves office. It will be quite a while before we are out of the poison forest.

Eliseo, indeed, the damage he has done and is yet to do, will take a long time to repair. A big help will be the damage the Republican party suffers because of his doings and their support for him while he did them. I am hoping that party will not have a majority in either house of Congress because of that support for a period similar to that which followed the crash of 1929 which happened on their watch.

From a post by me on Democratic Underground – “The voting public has awakened to the Rethugs failure to lead effectively. In 2018 after the voting public experienced less than 2 years of Rethug disastrous attempts at governing they turned them out of the House of Representatives in record numbers compared to most Rethug administrations going all the way back to 1914 when the House first had 435 members. Only 4 greater House losses by Rethugs in those 104 years.

In the not too distant future Rethugs will likely see themselves out of power for a period reminiscent of elections after the crash of 1929 from 1932 through 1994 when they had the majority in 2 Congress’s out of 30 in the House and 5 out of 30 in the Senate. They were denied leadership for 58 out of 62 years during which time the country recovered from the financial disaster their leadership caused and built the most prosperous middle class in it’s history while they were out of power. Make America great again was done by Democratic leadership then and again after the 2008 fiasco.”

My chart for the GOP appears to be close to correct (not sure of the time which would set the angles).

As of midnight tonight (the end of October 16) transit Saturn is opposite the chart’s Sun. The chart is having a Neptune return, and finally, transiting Sun, Saturn, and Pluto will conjoin the chart’s progressed Mars on January 13, 2020.


Trump actually called Pelosi “a third-grade politician” to which she quipped “I wish you WERE a politician.”
Pelosi clarified this in a clip on MSNBC.

Nero fiddles while the Kurds burn.

That January trio will be poised to conjoin the GOP Jupiter just 1° away in longitude and right ascension. They will be in effect both before and after January 13.

“Nero fiddles while the Kurds burn.”


‘Elaine Chao, Mitch McConnell and Questions of Conflict’

Congress wants answers from the transportation secretary, wife of the Senate majority leader, about the apparent mixing of public and family business.

Is it possible they could go down as well?

“Trump is certainly vile but I believe the real villain in all of this is McConnell, who’s been working for decades to create just the situation we’re in, not to mention lining his own pockets en route. Getting rid of Trump will do nothing unless we get rid of him too.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if Fiona Hill gave Schiff a bucket load of info on McConnell’s Russian dealings.

She knew a thing or two. And she still knows them.

Elaine Chao (Noon Chart) natal and progressed points to be squared by Saturn and Pluto

Elaine Chao – Natal Chart, Mar 26 1953, 12:00 pm, EST

Saturn: Longitude 25°Li21’01” R; Rt.Asc. 204°30′ – this one on January 13, 2020
Neptune: Longitude 22°Li58’52” R; Rt.Asc. 201°54′

Elaine Chao – Sec.Prog. Q2 Mean Quotidian to Jan 13 2020, 12:00 pm, EST

Saturn: Longitude 20°Li57’19” R; Rt.Asc.200°22′
Neptune: Longitude 21°Li21’39” R; Rt.Asc. 200°23′

Mitch McConnell (Noon Chart) natal February 20, 1942

This transited by Sun, Saturn, and Pluto on January 13, 2020.
Natal Mars/Neptune midpoint: Longitude 25°20′ Cancer; Rt. Asc. 114°14′

Elijah Cummings has died at 68 years old.

Elijah Cummings’ Widow Pays Tribute to Her Husband: ‘He Worked Until His Last Breath’


He will be sorely missed in the age of Trump

From the nyt’s:
‘Inside the Derailed White House Meeting’

“Every American should be gravely concerned after witnessing Trumps diatribe.He clearly has no comprehension or knowledge of foreign affairs.He has placed a bulls eye on the USA.This is no longer a question of wether or not he can be presidential. He is simply not competent, as evidenced by the letter he wrote to Erdogan, It was sophomoric.He has placed American soldiers in harms way ,they have had to destroy assets, while retreating.The republicans in this senate and house own this.They have been his enablers ,are partly responsible and complicit by their continued silence. Make America, America again.


Lindsey Graham to Pat Robertson: ‘I’ll become Trump’s worst nightmare’ if he doesn’t stop slaughter of Kurds


No surprise here!


Eliseo, Fe was right on October 10. Trump would not have survived financially without Putin. Deutsche Bank, which really belongs to Putin, apparently destroyed the records, but I am confident it will all come out. There is also that Cyprus bank which was chaired by the Commerce Secretary. The scale of the corruption is unprecedented.

Starlight was right about the prolonged Saturn station square to US Saturn. It did bring military disaster and greatly dimminished American prestige.

But we are still underestimating the significance of our time. Watergate is still discussed decades later. This will be discussed centuries from now. Past Pluto in Capricorn events have been world-changing with the Declaration of Independence the last time, and the Reformation and first navigation around the globe the time before. Something really huge is going to happen bigly and it’s not only impeachment.

Silcominc, I don’t think there are 20 GOP Senators yet ready to remove Trump. It is still likely he will survive impeachment by the House. Even if he did go in January, the astrology of 2020 remains even more highly stressful than now, especially in the fall at the height of the election campaign. Maybe he resigns and runs again.

Mulvaney just announced 2020 G7 will be held at trumps Doral….. I wonder what the state of the presidency will be by then? ….. fantasy scenario – what if the G6 were to boycot doral?

dates for G7 are June 10-12.

Any prognostications on how this will play for donny?

Miami in June can be hot and humid on top of everything else. Not where I’d want to take my important guests.

I will be bold, put myself out on a limb and predict that the Orange Blob will not be “in service” by the time June 10-12, 2020. His Solar Return for 2020 falls on June 13th.

The Mc is at 5 Aries 45 with Chiron hanging out right next to it at 9 Aries 06. Juno nicely opposes, sitting at 6 Libra 36 (his natal second house of how he earns his money).

The Sun is in the 12th followed by the North Node, Vesta, and Mercury. 12th House (Hospitals, Institutions. hidden from view, Karma, prisons to name a few).

Mars, Neptune and the Moon in Pices square the Sun bundle in the 12th. Mars, Neptune and the Moon are in Pisces in the Solar Return’s 9th House which has to do with the courts, law, overseas negotiations and travel…. Finally, though not completely, Pluto, Jupiter, Pallas and Saturn in Capricorn allllllllll oppose his Ascendant of 2020 which is Cancer. AND those guys are in a very adversarial position to the Orange’s Sun, North Node, and his natal Saturn/Venus conjunction in his natal 11th house (groups, hopes and dreams. chairman of the Board, love you give, etc.).

I am guessing he will removed and put into a institutional White Suit, or in prison, or something dire. And he will have lost the support of Groups represented by the Saturn/Venus in Cancer of his natal 11th house. I’m guessing that would be the Republicans, or at least those left standing.

Again, I am going to predict that within the next month, we will see many of the tax documents we have wanted to see…

I’m feeling quite bold tonight. Must be that hot mustard I just had with my dinner.

I spent 37 years in the hotel/resort business and I can tell you all that Trump properties are not well regarded in the industry. For fun, I looked at TripAdvisor reviews for the Doral. There are positive reviews, but there are plenty of negative ones, too. One thing I found suspicious – many of the very positive reviews were posted by people who coincidentally just happened to join TripAdvisor recently and have only posted one review – their review of the Doral. I did see someone who had 5 reviews but all of her stays were at Hampton Inns. Hardly someone who would pay Trump resort prices. Knowing how Trump does business, I would bet big bucks the majority of the Doral reviews are bought and paid for – one way or another.

I meant to share this review. Apparently, the one feature of the Doral that was most impressive was the big American flag outside the window. LOL!!!

At least she spelled “hamburger” correctly. A bit disappointed she didn’t mention the big, beautiful chocolate cake. Oh, wait. That was the flag. Big, beautiful.

“I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but this place is FANTASTIC! Everything is immaculate, the people are professional, helpful, friendly but not over the top. The room is about as comfortable as you can get and the amenities (soaps, marble bathroom, soft robes, coffee bar) are simply the best I’ve ever seen in a hotel. I woke up every morning and the first thing I saw was this big, beautiful American flag out my window. What a way to start the day! And it’s uphill from there. The Champions Grill had the most delicious hamburger I’ve ever eaten. I did not golf but I saw plenty of golfers up and out early. It’s quiet, even with a lot of people there. The value for the money was incredible. If you get a chance to go, don’t hesitate. Just go. I guarantee you will LOVE IT.


re: Andre

“Starlight was right about the prolonged Saturn station square to US Saturn. It did bring military disaster and greatly diminished American prestige.”

Your interpretation of how this Saturn station square to US Saturn would play out was astonishingly prophetic. Outstanding on so many levels. Merci beaucoup, mon ami.

I had a dream last night that I unhinged Laura Ingraham’s jaw, jumped down her throat and kicked her socks off.

A fine article on another perspective re. the
Dem debate:


Link taken from Lena Rodriguez site. She did not want to read today.


Think about this for a minute. We debate over the astrological ruler of oil and gas; traditionally it has been Neptune, but logic would suggest it should be Pluto. Then pause to recall that Neptune and Pluto have a cycle going on now that began with their transiting conjunction at 8+ Gemini, the same degree of the US natal Uranus.

Rachel Maddow’s new book Blowout purports that Russia’s one industry, oil and gas, is the driving force behind Putin’s push to loosen the US sanctions on drilling and, presumably . .based on TV reviews + 1 written review I’ve watched/read, . . his alliance with Donald Trump.

If I’m right about this assumption of her book, she is (probably unbeknownst to her) suggesting that the cycle of Neptune and Pluto and its cycle start-point conjunct the US Uranus, is the basis of the dilemma the US finds itself in; the present Trump presidency, and the man’s subservience to Putin.

The US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini is quite close to the US natal chart’s 7th house cusp at 12+ Gemini, while still in the 6th house of service.

That means when Neptune and Pluto (rulers of gas and oil) started their cycle it was in the US 6th house of service (and healing) and near the 7th house cusp, a house that symbolizes partners and/or known enemies.

The chart for the Neptune-Pluto cycle start had an opposition between Saturn and Jupiter which I wrote about here on Wednesday.

Right now transiting Neptune (unclear) is conjunct the Jupiter (expand) that was opposite Saturn (restrict) in the Neptune-Pluto (rule oil and gas) conjunction chart, a cycle which began at the degree of US Uranus (revolt, shock) in the US 6th house (service) near the 7th house cusp (partner or open enemy). Put them altogether it could read as unclear pressure to expand against restrictions of service from a possible open enemy.

That Neptune-Pluto cycle start chart had the Sun (consciousness) at 10+ Leo, the same degree as Trump’s natal Pluto (what’s hidden).

That same chart for the Neptune-Pluto cycle start (presently still in the opening sextile between them) had a square between Venus (Value) at 27+ Cancer and Uranus (breakthrough barriers) at 27+ Libra, which created a T-square with the US natal Pluto (oil and gas) at 27+ Capricorn.

This would be a powerful Cardinal Cross (4 squares) if the open leg, in this case 27+ Aries, was occupied. That is where the US progressed Venus was about 2 years ago. It is where transiting Uranus was in 2017 and 2018, about 2 years ago.

Trump’s natal Mars at 26+ Leo and the 2017 total eclipse of the Sun at 28+ Leo were trine (ample support) trans. Uranus and US progressed Venus in Aries.

Personally, I find this explanation quite plausible inasmuch as astrology has multiple possibilities of interpretation.

That is a brilliant set of insights!
I would submit your description also jives with the US becoming energy independent during Obama’s tenure as president. Fracking, and other new technologies and drilling techniques “liberated” more oil & gas right here IN the US. BUT…It is that very energy independence which foments Am. isolationism, & withdrawal…which in turn leads the world into ungoverned, unpoliced chaos. Out of that chaos will surely come major wars, & relocations of popularionns.

did any of you see Mattis roast trump? Hilarious!
“I earned my spurs on the battlefield”

here’s the full version of Mattis’ speech

Thank you SassyGrace! So Saturn and Pluto transiting opposite the sun, like with Pompeo now? Interesting.

Thank you for finding this, Banks!

You’re welcome!


“Our Republic Is Under Attack From the President

If President Trump doesn’t demonstrate the leadership that America needs, then it is time for a new person in the Oval Office.

By William H. McRaven

Admiral McRaven is a former commander of the United States Special Operations Command.”


Lamis B Faris, I was able to follow what you wrote so
Easily (I’m not an astrologer) and it ties in exactly with what Kim Carey and Linda G have said about Trump going with the men in white coats to a place of confinement. Oh joy! He really is losing his marbles but what amazes me is that trumpeters just don’t see it.

Thank you. So good to see that there’s astrology to support the psychics and intuits.

Jimmy Carter says a full investigation would show Trump lost in 2016


My two cents, Amy Klobuchar should be getting far more attention, her and Biden in my mind would be the best to beat trump, she is reasonable and moderate. IMO, if Warren becomes the candidate, Trump , unless he has had to resign or something, which i hope he does, will win again.

Many apparently such as in Ohio, have said that they will vote again for Trump if it’s warren even though they would vote for another Dem candidate and this is disturbing.

She is seen as way too far left with policies tat will be bad for America and impractical. She does tend to come across as a middle school principal, and Trump will crush her, the Pocahontas thing won’t rest either.

I’ve been wrong tons of time in these crazy times, but the way things are going with Biden being destroyed and Warren gaining means that Trump will have so much better of a chance of getting in. Sad

Angellight, A comment from the link you sent:

“More well-positioned people, such as the retired admiral, should be drawing attention to precisely how far the U.S. is departing from its core tenets of democracy. A groundswell among such is really called for now.

I take issue with only a single statement in this laser-focused column. In Admiral McRaven’s last paragraph I would offer that Trump will NEVER demonstrate the leadership that America needs. You can bank on that.”

I say, he has never and needs to be removed now!

Yet another Linda G video now up. Focus is on G-7 meeting, Pompeo and Mulvaney.


http://twib.in/l/B5qjbq8orrrg via @InfoSecHotSpothttps://twitter.com/InfoSecHotSpot/status/1184943987544743936

Ja: Yes Trump needs to be removed today. Doing what he can to help Russia before he is impeached.

I both agree and disagree with you re: who should be the Dem candidate. I believe Warren would beat Trump in the 2020 election, especially after all the dirt comes out. I think we can reasonably assume the revelations of misdeeds will continue every day all the way to election day and beyond. Those revelations DO affect swing voters. Also remember, many Dems, (including my brother and quite a number of my friends & acquaintances) voted for Hillary while holding their nose. They felt disdain for her, but knew that Trump would be so much worse. Many might vote similarly in 2020. And Hillary won the popular vote by large margins.

BUT THAT’S ASSUMING TRUMP WILL BE THE R. CANDIDATE. He may not be their man in 2020. It could be Pence, or I think more likely Mr. Romney. Against Romney, Ms. Klobuchar, or Mr. Biden would be the better choices.

Furthermore, domestic and international events and circumstances will I believe turn most of our assumptions upside down. Black swans in unprecedented numbers are flying our way.

Although it certainly seems anathema to the R’s, what if the revelations got so much worse that the R’s actually were compelled for their own survival to consent to getting rid of both Pence & Trump? Would president N. Pelosi run in 2020? Who knows?

We are living in bizarre times. I do not see our world returning to normal anytime soon. And when it does, it will likely be a different normal than what we’ve been used to. Between now and then anything can happen and probably will.

Although Warren is my favorite, and I, along with George Will believe she would beat Trump, there’s no guarantee he’ll be the R. candidate. I think it more likely it will be someone else, in which case Mr. Biden or Ms. Klobuchar would be the more appropriate Dem candidate.

Eliseo, I’m glad the Neptune-Pluto cycle info resonates with you too. After sleeping on it, I’m seeing gas and oil (Neptune and Pluto) as symbols of turning points in humanity’s and our planet’s evolution (US Uranus) in thinking and communicating (Gemini).

The square between Venus (what is considered to have value) and Uranus (abrupt change) IN THE NEPTUNE-PLUTO CONJUNCTION CHART teamed up with US natal Pluto (transform through destruction) to create a T-square (for the US), defined a difficult situation to be dealt with.

The conjunction of PROGRESSED US Venus with TRANSITING Uranus in 2017 providing the 4th corner of a squared grand cross in cardinal signs (a demanding call to action) when combined with the T-square (made up by US PLUTO + the Neptune-Pluto chart’s square between Uranus and Venus) supplied the trigger and defined the timing for the action.

This double whammy of Venus and Uranus is unmistakable and explicit; our values (Venus) must be upgraded and it must take place immediately (Uranus). Shock is the only (or at least the best) way for this to happen. We must choose saving the planet over preserving bad habits (trashing the ocean for example). We must end wholesale slaughter over expansion of our gun collections. That would be a good place to start.

We are in a process of changing generations of entrenched habits and customs in order to keep the planet Earth and its inhabitants from vanishing. Seriously, it’s time to get a grip on reality. It’s the Return of Pluto folks.

Banks, What did you think of Linda g’s prediction of president?

I wrote to her about Gates and she discussed it on her video.

Ja, Linda has gone back and forth on her presidential predictions. I don’t think at this point that she knows any more than you or I. I do think she’s right about something being off with Talsi Gebhart and that Mayor Pete probably isn’t ready for prime time or rather that the citizenry probably isn’t quite ready for him.

The Gates discussion was right on I believe. Epstein saw himself as a great philanthropist and was very interested in Bill Gates for that reason. I think it was Vanity Fair who had an extensive article on Epstein and money he donated to Harvard and it touched on his interaction with Bill Gates.

Ja, I’m not saying that Linda isn’t good at what she does but rather that the election is too far away and she is picking up on current energy streamers which will continue to change for now.

I love Linda G. I think she is a genuinely kind person. She has never claimed to be infallible.

Haw You Watched The Queen’s Tarot? I have a hard time following her because she combines tarot and astrological predictions all at the same time. She is very dramatic.

I think Romney is gearing up to run. It would follow as the Mormon White Horse prophecy claims that a Mormon will take over the reins of government when the constitution hangs by a thread.

Warren will not beat Romney. The AA people I follow on twitter can’t stand her because they feel that she does not have a civil rights record was a Republican until age 47. They note she was a Republican when Reagan was calling black women “welfare queens” They are angry that white women voted for Trump. They think EW stole KH ideas and did not give her credit.

Something is about to happen. McConnell wrote an op-ed tonight saying trump has made us less safe by his recent Middle East actions. Romney is planning to humiliate trump in hearings next week that will show how trump bowed to Erdogan and Putin pressure. We know Pence was involved in all this and should be impeached but McConnell will never allow a President Pelosi.

And in the middle of all this is Facebook which is pretending to promote free speech but in fact, is becoming a profitable platform for hate and misinformation.

I believe that many of the scary aspects we see for the election are due to the lies and mistruths Facebook will be promoting. If any of you have Facebook, please, please consider leaving. What began as a wonderful way to connect family and friends has become a vehicle for the pure evil.

just my 2c:
The problem is not the ‘platform’ of facebook per se, it is that so many lies are allowed to be spread by a) lack of discernment/education of the users and b) lack of demand for truth-telling, period. My brother in law frequently reposts just nutty stuff and I try to factually rebut. He almost always thanks me.
No doubt, pushers of evil abound, but just like other media and communication tools, the user should be clever enough to choose to use for good or evil.

Thank you, Banks and Oxthecat, I really have been enjoying Linda G.

I think this is really weird and scary.

“Hillary Clinton waded into the Democratic primary on Friday by suggesting that Russia was “grooming” Representative Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii as a third-party candidate for president.

In response, Ms. Gabbard lashed out late in the afternoon with an extraordinary series of tweets in which she called Mrs. Clinton “the queen of warmongers, embodiment of corruption, and personification of the rot that has sickened the Democratic Party for so long.”


wow ja. Count me in as another one who gets very weird vibes from Tulsi.
I was still in Hawaii when she first ran for state political office, but her vibes have since changed greatly. It certainly seems she is a front for a hidden someone/something.

Tulsi Gabbard is a horse of a different color. I suppose it could have to do with her military b.g. which I, at first, thought was a plus, but she has a habit of confronting other candidates (largely female) in a somewhat nasty way during the debates that seemed out of left field: first it was Harris at a prior debate, I believe, and this last time, Warren. But what she said to Hillary was so hateful that there was no sense of objectivity to it at all. I had checked Tulsi’s chart and I do believe she is an Aries but maybe has Scorpio in her chart, too – I’m not sure.

And I do believe Hillary may be right. Hopefully it will come out.

Eliseo, you are not the only progressive, liberal Dem I know who likes Warren the best, but she is far from my favorite choice. I have a hard time listening to her know-it-all attitude and feel she is a bit high strung and emotional. I really don’t have a favorite. My hopes were for Biden and he isn’t completely out but I think he is somewhat “off” and am not sure why. However, if he ran with Klobuchar – who is very bright and down-to-earth (yet quick with a comeback), that might work. Warren would also be more palatable to me if she ran with Klobuchar. There are some good male Democratic candidates out there but I just don’t feel they will win – I cannot get excited about them personally. I do think Romney has a good chance this time and we have yet to hear from Hailey.

Thank you kiwi for Elijah’s birth chart. I wonder how close to Noon he was born because the closer it was to Noon that day, the closer his natal Moon was to the US Uranus (and the Neptune-Pluto conjunction).

kiwi, I agree Tulsi is odd – her father was a big supporter of gay conversion therapy and there is a lot of other weird stuff about her and her family.

As for Facebook, technology in the abstract is never an issue. But the politics and money that surround it define it. Without regulation (which will not happen) it has become totally evil.

What they do and what they allow is terrifying. People think they see what is false and what is not, but in many cases, particularly with AI, you simply cannot tell truth from fiction.

I don’t interpret EW that way. But I’m used to professors and the way they communicate. Some exhibit a know-it-all attitude in part because at least within their field, they really do know a great deal more than 99% of everyone else, but have not yet learned how to present with humility.

Although it is true EW is my favorite, I’m really fairly ambivalent about her and ALL the other Dem candidates as well. I strongly agree with most of her financial & economic ideas, but disagree with her on practically everything else. I believe she would do a great job fixing & reorienting our economy, especially empowering small businesses. But I don’t see her as up to snuff as an example on energy & environmental issues.

NONE of our Dems have a satisfactory record or plan for dealing with climate change. ALL of them vastly underestimate the depth & breadth of the process. But, unlike the R’s, the Dems at least overtly recognize it exists and it is anthropogenic.

BTW, I’m not really a Liberal, but as an advocate of economic democracy, aka cooperative capitalism, aka market socialism, I share some ideas with Liberals, and very few with the R’s. I also disagree with Liberals on some important issues. That doesn’t mean I’m conservative. I’m not. My way of looking at and seeing issues is just different.

I agree with you we should run a moderate, taking no unnecessary chances this 2020 election. The stakes are much to high to do otherwise. Although I agree more with EW’s economic vision than the others, I’m actually hoping Mr. Biden or Ms. Klobuchar receive the Dem nomination.

I’m reading this talk of Romney having a legitimate shot to take over for Trump, and you know, I think it’s sad to think this country would actually let the GOP off the hook by voting him in or another Republican as POTUS during this next cycle.

The same party that had caused such grevious harm to this nation and to the world continues to dodge any real accountability for it’s blatantly destructive politics and ideology. It should instead be forcibly liquidated by state and federal authorities, and eliminated from existence.

Haven’t we had enough of CEOs supposedly having all of the answers to our problems?

Agreed. The worlds of business and politics operate by entirely different rules. Egotistical CEO’s need not apply. Hopefully, enough voters will feel the same way, and we will soon see the R’s go the way of the Whigs.

The R. party deserves to die. We deserve a new paradigm.

As for Mr. Romney, I personally feel he is a criminal. He’s just smoother and sharper than Mr.T. A very restrained and disciplined sort of gentleman, he has enough sense to keep his pants on, doesn’t impulsively grab ladies by the genitals, and per Bain Capital and other enterprises makes certain any and all crimes he commits are”legal”.

The rats are jumping ship.
Gov. Kasich is now for impeachment.


The restaurant owner where Bernie had his attack says Bernie was supposed to go until around 9 pm but after taking only about 4 questions left around 7:45 pm.

Using that time and the chart I came up with for Bernie in 2016 my chart for near the time of Bernie’s heart attack came up with his progressed Neptune/Pluto midpoint (154°41′) on it’s MC (154°26′) and his progressed Saturn (setting at 155°13′) on the Desc. His natal Neptune/Pluto midpoint would have been building in intensity for several hours before 7:45 pm.

Speculative time for Bernie:

Bernie Sanders – Natal Chart
Sep 8 1941, 6:59 pm, EDT +4:00
Brooklyn NY 40°N38′ 073°W56′

Eliseo, I agree with everything you wrote about Romney. Nothing short of a criminal and a bully.

Here is Elisabeth Grace from a week ago:

UPDATE: Mitt Romney is also under attack. And like Rick Perry, he has Venus in “I love you, but don’t take it personally” Aquarius conjunct the MC, only Romney’s MC is under pressure now, whereas Perry has to wait several months. Here is his horoscope, which I’ve written about many many times — search the archives. Last year it was obvious that he’d win his bid to serve as a US Senator from Utah, and current measurements suggest expanded expression of his values, generally well-received. But next year, patterns shift. That’s why it’s good to check in with your astrologer every six months to a year, btw — because patterns — like the weather — are always changing. Anyhoo, we see that Neptune will be activating Mitt Romney’s horoscope in ways that are somewhat similar to Joe Biden: home/family/country/core foundation — in a cloud or fog.

Opinion: The Crisis of the Republicans

“there is a long list of politicians who have debased themselves to please Mr. Trump, only to be abandoned by him like a sack of rotten fruit in the end. That’s the way of all autocrats; they eventually turn on everyone save perhaps their own relatives, because no one can live up to their demands for fealty.”


Lebanon in an uproar. First time in a long time all the population, regardless of “religious/political” affiliation, are united in demonstrating against a corrupt government.

Boris Johnston in an uproar as well. Can’t get his way.

Nancy Pelosi “herding buffalo (Republicans)
towards the cliffs.” to use an expression by Psychic Violetta. Very smart, patient strategy.

Mitch McConnel’s knickers in a twist. Doesn’t know how to play his hand.

Kasich tries way too hard to come off as some kind of midwestern-born folksy guy who hasn’t lost touch with his humble “son of a mailman” roots… but scratch him, and his victimy, entitled Wall Street-indoctrinated attitude quickly rises to the surface.

He was such a smug jerk as Ohio governor and set us back here at least a decade with his shortsighted and retrograde beliefs. He spent his entire second term angling to become POTUS, only to be trounced in every state primary but Ohio’s.

Kasich is no better than Romney; I think on some level he wishes he was as slick and charismatic as him, but just doesn’t have it in him to be like that.

Kasich took $200,000 from Leonid “Len” Blavatnik, a Soviet Ukrainian-born billionaire who is now a U.S. and U.K. citizen, but who amassed his fortune during the resource grab following the breakup of the Soviet Union. Blavatnik has a history of interlocking business partnerships with such Russian oligarchs as Oleg Deripaska, Viktor Vekselberg, and others who made big money by trading in metals, oil, and natural gas once the Soviet Union fragmented into the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and the other 11 countries formed as a result. And according to several books I’ve read, no one makes money in Russia without Vladimir Putin’s approval.

Blavatnik, who today owns such media properties as Warner Music Group (Warner-Reprise Records, Atlantic Records, Rhino Entertainment, et al,) and is a huge philanthropist to universities (Oxford, Harvard, et al,), has donated millions of dollars to Republicans since 2015-16 election cycle, including Mitch McConnell ($3.5 million), Marco Rubio ($1.5 million), Scott Walker ($1.1 million), the Trump inaugural fund ($1 million), Lindsey Graham ($800,000), John McCain ($250,000), and John Kasich ($200,000). Blavatnik also has donated money to Democratic candidates, but only a fraction of what he has given to Republicans.

Which is a long-winded way of saying that Kasich may not be the figure of rectitude that he paints himself to be.

Transiting Neptune (shape shifter) is at 16+ Pisces retrograde right now and is quincunx the US progressed Mars at 17+ Libra (which is conjunct Trump’s Jupiter, Putin’s Saturn, + the US Constitution’s Neptune).

This means trans. Neptune is forcing Trump’s Jupiter (expand) and Putin’s Saturn (control), and the US progressed retrograde Mars (inward aggression), and the US Constitution’s Neptune (vagueness) to adjust (what a quincunx causes to happen). *

Transiting Neptune continues to (appear to) move backward until the morning of November 27, the day before Thanksgiving and the day after a New Moon at 4+ Sagittarius.

The chart for the New Moon on November 26, 2019, when set in Washington DC, has a descendant (7th house cusp) at 13+ Cancer, which is also the degree of the US natal Sun.

The descendant (7th house cusp) of a chart symbolizes “the partner” or “the other” or “the open enemy”. What does it mean to have a New Moon with one’s country’s natal Sun on the 7th house cusp? Hmm.

Further observation of the November New Moon chart shows Mercury at 14+ Scorpio in the 10th house (achievement and/or outcome) which is trine (greatly supports) the US natal Sun and the NM chart’s descendant. The transiting – and then stationing (no movement) to go direct – Neptune at 15+ Pisces, will complete a grand trine (in water signs powered by emotional strength) with transiting Mercury in Scorpio and this NM chart’s descendant + US natal Sun in Cancer.

I’m choosing to view this in a positive light as a powerful identification by the US with a partner (US Sun on descendant) through compassion (Neptune) and dialogue (Mercury) that results in an achievement (Mercury in 10th house). Others may disagree.

If it IS a positive, I’m wondering what country might have a Sun or another major planet at 4+ Sagittarius (where the Nov. New Moon will be) in their birth chart.

Once trans. Neptune completes it’s station and begins (or appears) to move forward in direct motion, it will return to the degree it is in today, and where it will be at the time of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12. Whatever is being worked on now, of a secretive or compassionate nature, will likely become part of the new Saturn-Pluto cycle.

In the Saturn-Pluto cycle chart Neptune at 16+ Pisces will sextile the MC (when set in Washington DC) at 18+ Capricorn. This sextile forms a Yod (both points of the sextile are quincunx a 3rd point) to the chart’s Moon at 17+ Leo, which is the point required to shift or adjust to the demands imposed by the sextile of Neptune and the MC (outcome) in the Saturn-Pluto chart (set in DC).

This may or may not be related to the event described by the November New Moon’s grand trine between Neptune + Mercury + Descendant and US Sun), but I’m betting it does.

However, the January Saturn-Pluto chart’s Moon (symbolizes the masses) at 17+ Leo is coincidentally sextile the US progressed Mars at 17+ Libra (+ Trump’s Jupiter + Putin’s Saturn + US Constitution Neptune) which forms a Yod (extreme pressure to adjust) on the MC (outcome) of the Saturn-Pluto chart (set in DC) at 18+ Capricorn.

This shifting is no problem for Neptune the shape shifter which will sextile (support) the Saturn-Pluto chart’s MC in Capricorn.

I note all this to make us aware that whatever transiting Neptune is doing (symbolically) right now will intensify when it stations direct around Thanksgiving, and this might become noticeable at the November New Moon, due to the intense emotional pressure occurring in the US (grand trine of Neptune + Mercury + US Sun on the New Moon chart’s descendant).

Should that occur then it will likely escalate and become part of the very long (in duration) Saturn-Pluto cycle, due to trans. Neptune sextile that US- located chart’s MC which will make a Yod to the Leo (creative) Moon (people) in that chart; a Moon that sextiles the US progressed Libra Mars and the US Constitution’s Neptune and Trump’s Jupiter and Putin’s Saturn. That same sextile will form a Yod to transiting Neptune . . . and the beat goes on, and on, and on.

* An afterthought is that Trump – and therefore Putin – as part of a “deal” to get out of his mess unscathed – agrees to “adjust” (trans. Neptune quincunx Trump Jupiter) some dictate he has proclaimed, such as abandoning the Kurds.

Violent protests around the world today (yet very peaceful protests in London).


Pelosi is leading a bipartisan delegation to the middle east. I think she and the delegation are in Jordan.|

I just learned about this development. I do not have the details.

And Trump has caved and said he won’t hold the summit next year at his own resort.

Is that some recognition of how precarious his position has become?

silcominc – my cousin lives in barcelona – sent pix of rioters setting things alight at the end of his street. Quite scary. waiting to hear more from him

Too many Yods can confuse an astrologer, and I just realized I wrote about the Leo Moon in the Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart which sextiles both Trump’s Jupiter in Libra AND Trump’s Uranus in Gemini, both of which create yods; but I not only mixed them up but spoke of only one of them.

The sextile between the Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart’s Leo Moon and Trump’s Gemini Uranus (not his Jupiter) does indeed form a Yod with the MC in the Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart in Capricorn, whereas the Leo Moon sextile Trump’s Libra Jupiter forms a Yod with the Saturn-Pluto chart’s Neptune in Pisces.

Both apex points of these 2 Yods are in the Saturn-Pluto chart (the MC and Neptune) and because they sextile each other and their sextile makes a Yod back to the Leo Moon in that chart, it looks like it will be a constant adjustment between the People (Leo Moon) in the US, and the outcome (MC in Cap) in the US, and idealisms (Neptune) in the US, so long as Trump is seen as a problem solver by some and a problem creator by others.

It would also seem that one outcome for the Saturn-Pluto cycle is focused on the US NATAL Moon at 27+ Aquarius. The Saturn-Pluto cycle chart’s Venus (love) and Okyrhoe (exposes things), Achilles (vulnerability) and Circe (seduction), all at 28+ Aquarius, look to be a test of the US people (symbolized by the US Moon) and their ability to discern.

Interestingly, this Saturn-Pluto chart’s Pallas (and the Galactic Center) at 27+ Sagittarius are sextile the US natal Moon and that bevy of minor transiting bodies in this Saturn-Pluto chart. This will be an endurance trial for the US people for a decade or maybe two as we work through the exposure of our many, many illusions. The truth will win out.

I just learned that, despite attention getting headlines, Hillary did NOT mention Tulsi by name in her comments.
So, if thats the case, why did tulsi come out swinging and creating virulent anti hillary headlines?
methinks thou dost protest too much

Why do I have this vomitus sense that 45 (with the aid of so many no-gooniks) will win the election again?

What’s it going to take to bring this monster down?

Oy vey! Say it ain’t so!


Hi Will,

Here’s an interesting article that might put your mind at ease……

Donald Trump and the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction

By Ray Grasse | June 17, 2019

The impending conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn will be a global phenomenon, affecting every country on Earth to one extent or another. But some countries will feel the pressure of that powerhouse duo more than others — and the United States could well find itself at the top of the list. This is largely because of the heavily Cancerian nature of the U.S. July 4th horoscope, which will directly receive the oppositional force of the transiting Saturn–Pluto conjunction.

But to fully understand that impact for the United States, we also have to look at how it’s affecting the horoscope of Donald J. Trump. That’s not just because he is President of the U.S., but also because the conjunction will be quite closely activating a very important configuration in Trump’s own birth chart.

Trump’s Saturn–Venus in Cancer

Trump was born with a fairly close conjunction of Saturn and Venus in Cancer (with Saturn at 23º and Venus at 25 degr.). This means that the transiting Saturn–Pluto conjunction — which becomes exact at 22 degr. Capricorn in January 2020 — will be creating a powerful opposition to Trump’s natal Saturn–Venus conjunction. While this isn’t the only astrological configuration affecting him over the coming year, I think it could well prove to be the most critical.

To really grasp how this transit might affect him, I think it’s useful to first understand some of what that natal aspect means in terms of his basic personality and psychology. I’ve come to believe that this pattern is a key emotional driving force of his personality.




I feel compelled to confess that I was surrounded by hateful pro-Trump nut jobs all day yesterday – and this darkened my mood as did the cnbc’s Moody’s stats.

May the transiting Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January exert its most powerful oppositional effect upon 45’s Saturn/Venus conjunction. So it is written, so let it be done.

will! I’m so sorry for your dreadful experience yesterday. Who would have dreamed, back in the 60’s that it could come to this. They are blind and we are blind. It reminds me a little of the Tower of Babel story, in that nobody could understand anyone else.

I spent one afternoon this week with one relative who sympathizes with the way Trump is being treated, those mean people who give him no credit for all he has done. I was in shock because she was serious! She sees no pressure on Trump from Putin, for Pete’s sake.

Scary as it is, what’s coming is the only “cure” to get us past our mutual blindness. Right now we are also too tone deaf to hear each other, call it the Left versus the Right to simplify matters. But it is not just politics, it is about core values and about seeing beyond our own little survival turf.

I maintain it was when Neptune-Pluto were on our US natal Uranus (shock) that set us on this path to an awakening, and it was the Jupiter-Saturn cycle of 2000 that began the conscious awakening, and it will be the US Pluto Return(s) in 2022 that bring(s) us to our senses (with major leaps forward in between, ie. Saturn-Pluto, etc.).

Looking at a chart for the 1st of 3 conjunctions of transiting Pluto to the US natal Pluto offers insights of what needs to happen.

First, transiting Neptune at 22+ Pisces will oppose US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo, with US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini completing a T-square;

Second will be the transiting Uranus in Taurus (quincunx the US natal Sagittarius ascendant) that will be sextile transiting Jupiter in Pisces (square US natal Sagittarius ascendant) and in this 2022 chart’s sextile (between Uranus and Jupiter) both planets are quincunx the transiting Moon in Libra (that conjuncts the US natal Saturn and sextiles the US natal Sagittarius ascendant) . .this lovely Moon in Libra is also sextile the 2022 chart’s MC in Leo (when set in Phily).

This is a powerful Moon (symbol of the People) in this US Pluto Return chart of Feb. 19, 2022, Philadelphia. Because she opposes transiting Chiron in Aries, she forms a Boomerang as she occupies the apex point of the Yod she makes with Uranus and Jupiter in this Pluto Return chart. She symbolizes the power of the people and she must adjust.

Much to ponder on my part but if anyone wants to know my take on these (and more) aspects surrounding the US Pluto Return, please say so.
However, here’s one for starters:

The Feb. 19, 2022 chart’s Moon is sesquiquadrate the same chart’s Sun and the Sabian Symbol for that Sun’s degree is “A squirrel hiding from hunters.” Keynote: “The individual’s need to both ensure his future subsistence and to protect himself from progressive social elements.”

This from Dane Rudhyar’s book An Astrological Mandala further explains the squirrel symbolism:

“The squirrel not only has to hide and store food for the winter, but to be on the lookout for the dangers involved in gathering this food supply. Social processes always cast strong shadows. The individual is never certain of being safe among his fellow-men, once the process of individualization – with its negative aspects, competition, social aggressivity and greed – forces the breakdown of the organic tribal state of mankind during the archaic ages.”

Food for thought.


“….They are blind and we are blind. It reminds me a little of the Tower of Babel story, in that nobody could understand anyone else.”

The scary part for me is that I’m not at all convinced that “we are blind” if the “we” is those of us who know right from wrong, good vs. evil, virtue vs. criminality. My sense is that a large swath of our brethren have gone with Darkness and, like 45, are doubling down on that Darkness – again and again. Nor do I believe that embracing any “situational ethic” rationale supports the rotten decisions at the center of the RNC and 45’s manifesto.

The abandonment of an ally may prove to be the ham-handed straw that breaks the camel’s back because even GOP members of Congress can label it an act that endangers national security by having an ally turn to our proven enemies for help as the whole world watches which may effect future relationships in myriad ways with countries around the world.

tRump’s chart located to Ankara has his Neptune/Pluto midpoint on the MC (within 1°30′) and his Mars/Pluto midpoint on it’s zenith (within 00°08′ – [exact]). Neptune/Pluto possible manifestation: Obsession – (tRump wanting to align with a “strongman”. Mars/Pluto possible manifestation: Gaining one’s way by being ruthless to others.

Thank you Jerry and Barbk, I am appreciative for your posts.

Is anyone as overwhelmed as I am with Nancy P’s trip to Jordan. What a remarkable woman. She is a true Patriot and Leader.


I must mention that Secretary Clinton NEVER ONCE mentioned Tulsi Gabbard’s name. NOT ONCE.

In an interview with David Plouffe, the campaign manager for President Obama’s 2008 campaign, for his podcast Campaign HQ, Clinton discussed Russian interference in the 2016 election and likely intrusion into the 2020 election.

“They’re also going to do third party again. And I’m not making any predictions, but I think they’ve got their eye on somebody who’s currently in the Democratic primary. And they’re grooming her to be the third party candidate,” Clinton said.

“She’s the favorite of the Russians, they have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of supporting her so far, and – that’s assuming Jill Stein will give it up, which she might not, because she is also a Russian asset — yeah, she’s a Russian” asset! I mean totally!” Clinton continued (and here she was talking about Jill Stein).

“They know they can’t win without a third-party candidate. And so, I don’t know who it’s gonna be, but I can guarantee they’ll have a vigorous third party challenge in the key states that they most need it,” Clinton said about the Russians.

It is only the media – and Gabbard herself – who has inserted her name in to those comments.


Many thanks for the podcast link; you’ve got a feel for the pulse on the vessels in my brain for sure.

“Caroline defines evil from a number of different angles, emphasizing that it most often arrives when someone intentionally abandons their conscience.”

Aye and there’s the rub – I’ve always held that evil is essentially an act of “willful ignorance” and that the act requires a simultaneous refusal to gain insight by struggling with our facility for critical thinking. Evil is akin to stupid, pig-headed laziness.

ja, Nancy’s ‘presidential’ demeanor on initiating and spearheading bipartisan conversations with warzone leaders in their neck of the woods is in stark contrast to the oaf in office. And all without preplanned press hoopla. Go Nancy!

will – have you ever noticed that ‘evil’ is ‘live’ backwards.


Yikes! Now I have!

The best book on human evil is The People of the Lie by Scott Peck.

Romney’s interview on Axios tests the waters. I think he is going to give a foreign policy speech on the floor of the Senate soon.

The clip I saw of the Axios interview confirms my worst fears about Romney. He is not a genuinely kind person. Angry guy. He would be there to finish their hit job on Social Security. I hope they do not run Warren.


“The best book on human evil is The People of the Lie by Scott Peck.”

One of my all-time favorites.

I was thinking that when trans. Uranus reached 4+ Taurus (in retro) again it would activate the present cycle of Jupiter and Uranus which I wrote about up thread. I thought it might be about the stock market, but now I think it was about the Doral hotel G7 (world political leaders) meeting brouhaha instead.

The Jupiter-Uranus cycle started at 0+ Aries (the World Point) and Pluto was at 4+ Capricorn and trine Vesta (what is invested in) at 4+ Virgo (service). Now transiting Uranus at 4+ Taurus retrograde is making a grand trine with that Pluto and Vesta in his own cycle start chart with Jupiter that took place on June 8, 2010.

Also of note in that chart was the Sun at 17+ Gemini which was conjunct Trump’s natal Uranus. Just a coincidence I suppose.

“This is big: the two names Trump’s DOJ redacted from the Mueller report but the judge ruled they should not have are Donald Jr and Don McGahn.”


Ms. Teri Kanefield is a lawyer and an author who has been helping keep many of us in the Twitter world sane during this crazy thing called “T***pworld”. I respectfully ask all of you to read these entries in her blog (n.b.: they are long, but very informative!) and to either follow her on Twitter or periodically read her blog entries:






No, I don’t know her personally, but, in keeping with the running joke between her and her Twitter followers, I am one of the Twitter kids she’s adopted (I’m 60 yrs. old) and she is my (our) Twitter mom. Judging by her photo, I’m probably at least 10-20 years older that she is! Anyway, she has helped all of us remain optimistic that we can survive T***pworld and to be patient and let the impeachment procedures play itself out.

Being patient is painful because we all want T***p removed from office last week, but the impeachment procedure outlined in our Constitution, though slow, must take its course, otherwise it means nothing to us as Americans. Hang tight! This is becoming one heck of a long, long ride!

There are a couple of good bits on impeachment proceedings in the House and the potential in the Senate in Michael Wolfstar’s NewsScope today. https://www.neptunecafe.com/NewsScope.html

Every time I come back here to this latest post I read “President Gone” (minus the Rogue part) and it warms my heart!

More on Tulsi Gabbard:

‘Tulsi Gabbard Had a Very Strange Childhood’


did you see the other story to the right side on Ja’s tulsi link?
The oaf has a lawyer trying to shake down payment from cnn, based on fraudulent ‘film’ by none other than James Okeefe, claiming ‘unfair coverage’ – said they were not a news org, which violated some act, therefore he is due damages.
He certainly is a brazenly deft projectionist.

My thoughts are with Nancy Pelosi – first elijah cummings, and then her brother. What a week.

Marjorie has a bit oh tulsi. https://star4cast.com/hillary-tulsi-fire-makes-water-boil/
one of the comments is quite long, but includes

“I’m originally from Hawai?i, I still have friends living there and they are as familiar with Tulsi Gabbard and her background as I am. We all detest Tulsi Gabbard with an immense passion. Most of Tulsi’s family are Republican (which would probably explain why she tends to have a lot sympathies to the GOP).
Tulsi only ran as a Democrat because Hawai?i is a solidly Democratic state and there is no way in hell she would have won as a Republican. However, ever since she’s been elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, she has been nothing but a problem….”

A further convincing that the transiting retrograde Uranus, now at 4+ Taurus, has activated the present Jupiter (judicial system/process) – Uranus (breakthroughs) cycle that began in 2010 is the reports that the House of Reps, under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi, will be focusing on the impeachment charge of abuse of power (re: Ukraine) to bring down Trump.

Focus is the attribute assigned to the symbol Vesta and Vesta (in the Jupiter-Uranus cycle-start chart of 2010) was at 4+ Virgo and trine Pluto at 4+ Capricorn which transiting Uranus, now at 4+ Taurus, is completing a grand trine with them. A grand trine provides a powerful force of energy that is very difficult to alter, let alone stop.

Transiting Vesta, right now at 24+ Taurus, is conjunct Trump’s natal chart’s MC (outcome, reputation, accomplishments).

Transiting Ceres (big on justice) at 20+ Sagittarius (about justice) is almost exactly conjunct transiting Jupiter (the other half of the Uranus-Jupiter cycle) at 21+ Sagittarius and they are sesquiquadrate (part of the square and opposition family of aspects) transiting Uranus right now. Dramatic occurrences happen under the influence of sesquiquadrate aspects.

Transiting retrograde Uranus will station direct on January 11, 2020, at 2+ Taurus just hours before the Pluto-Saturn+Ceres (+ Sun + Mercury) conjunction on January 12. Uranus will be in yet another grand trine, this time with Pholus (small cause, big effect) in Capricorn and Transpluto (the process of becoming whole) in Virgo.

The impeachment of Trump could take place at that time, or maybe when transiting Uranus again reaches 4+ Taurus in March when it will again activate (even fulfill) its cycle with Jupiter by again completing the grand trine with that cycle’s Vesta and Pluto, just as it is doing now.

Mine too Will.

kiwi, I so agree with you regarding Nancy Pelosi. Has anyone looked at her chart? Do you think she will become President? I hope so.

Also, what a disturbing comment from Marjorie Orr’s post. Marjorie herself seemed to be on Tulsi’s side.

I have read nothing about a potential Hillary run, but I’m not on FB.

Way to go Dems!

“Democrats, determined to sustain public attention and support for the impeachment inquiry, keep up a daily drumbeat of depositions, subpoenas and new revelations. They are pressing to keep momentum for the investigation with meticulous planning, frequent talking points for lawmakers and a steady menu of incremental developments to feed to a press corps hungry to cover a historic proceeding.”


Included in that natal Sun (22+ Aries) + natal Venus (24+ Aries) opposite natal Pluto (22+ Libra) in Tulsi Gabbart’s birth chart is transiting Eris (23+ Aries), symbol of discord. Trans. Pluto and Saturn et al. at 22+ Capricorn will make it a T-square. That and trans. Eris conjunct her Sun/Venus and opposite her Pluto must be serving some purpose, but I don’t think it is to be US President.

My take on the current Hillary media meme is that it is a ginned up continuation of the 30yr right wing campaign to cut her off at the knees because they see her as too smart, a threat. And true to form certain media lemmings are only too happy to jump on the hate hillary train. She needs to lie low or she will be used against the dems.

– re that 4+taurus uranus: right on my IC – personally Im waiting for another shoe to drop. Its been a challenging year for me thus far – my mars is 21+cap too! damn Im ready to be done with the lessons! LOL

I’m thinking the news media needs to be accurate on how it spells DELECTO.

And the Orange Thing, who is the master of misspelling, may bring the whole world to a huge, howling laugh-a-thon.

The Orange Thing’s aids are not much better at English.

kiwi, you have my respect and admiration as you always have a valuable, intelligent & sensible opinion or piece of information to share, no matter what kind of pressure you might be under personally. You are doing something right – keep up the good work.

Ja, go back and read the comments in Marjorie Orr’s short piece on Tulsi’s chart — they are very interesting. For example, one person made the point that having been a cult member until she joined the military (and still a follower of the same leader as well as another Hindu weirdo), she is already programmed to be manipulated and obedient. She is also very popular with white supremists (and even endorsed by David Duke) and a lot of Russian bots can be traced to her Twitter feed. Someone commenting under Marjorie’s article strongly stood up for Hillary, who seems to be everyone (or at least a lot of people’s) scapegoat. It’s still popular to hate Hillary, it seems. Getting back to Tulsi, I do remember (& shared here), Tulsi coming out of left field to attack Harris and Warren, during the debates. These were really weird occurrences and did not make sense to me. Now that I think about it – it makes me think of “The Manchurian Candidate” although there is no real evidence that this is the case — just a fleeting association.

‘In Iowa, Amy Klobuchar Gets a Second Look After Debate’

Amy Klobuchar did not hint at any strategy shift to create a breakthrough. She believes her best argument to be the nominee is that she is the most electable, as a heartland senator with proven appeal to swing voters, as shown in her re-election to a third term in 2018 when she carried Minnesota regions that Mr. Trump had won by double digits.


Elisabeth Grace:


“Hillary Clinton’s natal Neptune was also triggered by Mars. And we did get an update — a final end to the final end — on the “but her emails” scandal. A P45 Administration inquiry found “no deliberate mishandling of classified information.” And a CNN legal analyst is apologizing all over the place, but Fox News remains skeptical. However, in that link you will find a surprising statement HRC made over the weekend about how she believes Russia will work to undermine the 2020 elections, and if she is correct, it would be scandalous indeed.”

Just watched a Netflix movie called “The Laundromat”.
It is about the Panama Papers. Remember that scandal? Yeah, it was April 2016 and so much has happened since then.

Here is an International Consortium of Investigative Journalists article about the film, the Papers, and what is coming up.

First trial will be in January 2020.


Score following Taylor testimony:

US Coinstitution +8 Trump -0

sharon, your kind comments are indicative of your inherent grace

Maybe I’m getting to be little more open to Elizabeth Warren. She sure has a lot of energy! I want us to win, though, and there will be so much negativity thrown at her. A good amount will stick with the low-info voters and those scared of socialism.

…as well as those looking for a target for their hate and anger…sigh

Transiting Sphinx is now backing away from the US natal Uranus, BUT transiting Askalaphus (the tattletale) is conjunct the US natal Moon (the People)! What a divine plan. I tell you, Hollywood can’t compete with this stuff . . but of course they will. Three cheers for Bill Taylor; hip hip hoorah!

Right now transiting Jupiter (seeks truth) at 21+ Sagittarius opposes US natal Mars (aggression) at 21+ Gemini which conjuncts Trump’s Sun at 22+ Gemini which squares (challenges) US natal Neptune (truth? What truth?) at 22+ Virgo (details) which transiting Jupiter is about to exactly square. We are witnessing the most extraordinary history!

The NYT strikes again. They misquoted Hillary. Not only did she not mention Tulsi she never used the word Russian.

I watch Fox for a few minutes at a time. With all that is going on right now when I tuned in they were discussing the pitfalls of Medicare For All. Big emphasis on getting rid of private insurance.

My charts for Pence on this day have a combination of Mars and Saturn highlighted. Perhaps he believes that Diplomat William Taylor’s testimony will block his becoming president should tRump leave office before the 2020 election.

I remember modified version of this any time this nation is attacked or in peril. I first memorized the whole speech as a freshman in high school. The recent parade of patriots testifying has called it forth.

“…a new nation, conceived in Liberty…”; “Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure.”; ” It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us—that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion—that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

Beautiful Bob; thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous author who wrote NYTimes column supposedly from inside Trump WH has written a tell -all book coming out Nov 19th.

Wondering if that might be a bad day for Trump. For the chart, ebooks are released around 2 am Eastern on the day of their release.

Ralfee Finn:

“the only truly redeemable aspect of this presidency is how it brings out the best in a great many people who had previously been complacent in the face of so many injustices, not just in the United States but all around the world.”


does anyone have any astro info on the deplorable Matt Gaetz? apparently he organized the republican rabble rousers and press to storm the intelligence committee scif in the middle of a hearing. Mob tactics for sure

“New York City Bar Calls for US AG William Barr’s Recusal in Ukraine Matter

The New York City Bar Association in a statement Wednesday called on U.S. Attorney General William Barr to stand aside in any ongoing or future review by the Department of Justice of issues stemming from the Trump administration’s dealings with Ukraine, in which Barr has allegedly involved.

If Barr does not recuse himself, the bar association’s statement said, “he should resign or, failing that, be subject to sanctions, including possible removal, by Congress.”

https://at.law.com/pExsD5?cmp=share_twitter via @NYLawJourna

Teresa my charts show strong negative aspects for tRump the day before and early on that day and positive ones for late that day and the next. I think he will be worried until after reviews may not paint him in as bad a picture as he worried about or there is no mention of specific information he fears will be alleged. But he may have other concerns by then.

Look over there kiwi!

Gaetz noon chart Saturn at 196°36′ squared by transit Saturn at 386°11′ today. The Sun will conjoin his natal Jupiter and Pluto tomorrow. There is more but I consider him to be a minor distraction and will not spend more time investigating him. His troubles will expand next year under transits from Saturn and Pluto (as will many rethugs I think).

thanks for taking the time to look Bob

ja! Maybe Ralfee’s best ever; thanks. She says: “But astrology was created to contextualize and understand life on Earth as part of some greater patterns of mysterious heavenly cycles.”

I think the mystery can be solved (probably in hind sight) in bite size pieces though. For example, the cycle between Jupiter and Uranus that began on the World Point (0 Aries) is about understanding (Jupiter) how extensive the hidden hatred (specifically in US but really everywhere) in humanity is.

Uranus (breakthrough) brings it out in the open. That would be done through the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction chart (at 0+ Aries on Jan. 8, 2010) grand trine between Mercury (communicate), Saturn (societal norms) and US NATAL Pluto (transform through destruction and rebuilding).

On the other hand, the Saturn-Pluto cycle that began with their conjunction in Libra on November 7, 1982, was sextile trans. Neptune and the GC in Sagittarius, and this sextile formed a Yod with trans. Chiron in Taurus at the point that must adjust, which was conjunct Trump’s MC. Saturn and Pluto were trine the US Moon and square the US Pluto at the time.

Again, Saturn = societal norms, Pluto = destroy and rebuild, and this is done by their sextile to trans. Neptune (confusion) and the GC (source of higher consciousness), and their combined pressure on trans. Chiron (wound that leads to consciousness) that conjuncts Trump’s MC (what one is known for).

Then there was the Saturn-Neptune cycle that began on March 3, 1989 at 11+ Capricorn (where trans. South Node is right now) and highlighted two outer planets in the US natal chart; Nessus (poison) was conjunct US natal Neptune and Pholus (chaos) was conjunct US natal Uranus. Also trans. Mars in Taurus was conjunct Trump’s MC.

Each of these 3 cycles symbolize something of a transformative nature happening to the US natal chart. I believe all the cycles, especially the ones involving the 3 outer planets, will reveal some agenda in their plan (chart) that will encourage (if not force) humanity (at least in the US) to awaken to what’s hidden below the Saturnian surface, and lead humanity to a greater understanding of how to achieve peace and equality. It will be through the younger generations that this will be achieved.

2017 Inauguration – Natal Chart
Jan 20 2017, 12:00 pm, EST +5:00

Planets: Saturn out, hard aspects only
Na = natal, Sp = Secondary Progression, Tr = Transit
Sqr = Square, Cnj = Conjunct

Oct 26 2019 Pluto Sqr Uranus 20°46′ Capricorn Tr-Na
Oct 31 2019 Pluto Sqr Uranus 20°50′ Capricorn Tr-Sp

Nov 19 2019 Uranus Sqr Sun 03°43′ Taurus Tr-Sp
Nov 27 2019 Saturn Cnj Plutp 17°37′ Capricorn Tr-Na
Nov 28 2019 Saturn Cnj Pluto 17°43′ Capricorn Tr-Sp

Dec 26 2019 Saturn Sqr Uranus 20°46′ Capricorn Tr-Na
Dec 26 2019 Saturn Sqr Uranus 20°50′ Capricorn Tr-Sp

Jan 10 2020 Pluto Sqr Jupiter 22°43′ Capricorn Tr-Na
Jan 11 2020 Saturn Sqr Jupiter 22°43′ Capricorn Tr-Na
Jan 13 2020 Saturn Sqr Jupiter 22°51′ Capricorn Tr-Sp
Jan 14 2020 Pluto Sqr Jupiter 22°51′ Capricorn Tr-Sp

Feb 11 2020 Saturn Cnj Midheaven 26°13′ Capricorn Tr-Na

Polls are starting to break in Biden’s favor:


Starlight, I seem to recall your writing about a personality type who saw himself as a victim and then I’m not sure but did he then create a problem for which only he could be the savior or hero. Was it Trump you were referring to? He seems to be lettering in this right now although I think he creates the problem through ignorance or ineptness or a combination of the two.

Thanks for the heads up transits and secondary progressions to the inaugural chart. Looks like some serious movement happening — finally! You’ve done so much work looking into this stuff, and it is so appreciated!

Let’s see now – the Resident could call a joint meeting of Congress, walk in with an AK47 and shoot all of the Democratic members of the House so there would be no one to call for his impeachment and get away with it without being stopped because he is not able to be stopped or even investigated while he is Resident. Where and how in hell did his loyas get their licenses?

Bob, one hopes he does open fire on Fifth Ave and NYPD will be able to neutralize the threat.

Thank you rosa and to all who have posted about their appreciation for my work. I really do appreciate your kindness though I may not always give it the recognition it deserves.

I wonder if the room was checked for recording devices left intentionally or by accident before further testimony was given. Madam Speaker, prosecute all who violated the security of that room.

Transiting Saturn will conjoin the 2017 inauguration natal and progressed Pluto on November 25th and 26th in right ascension in addition to the 27th and 28th in longitude already posted about earlier.

Bob: yes! And I’m thinking that transit is a culmination for the US of what Saturn Pluto means for US in the Trump era. Happy Thanksgiving for Us. or not. but we knew it was coming, and thanks to you, again, for delineating it. I think that you are right on track. clever boy!

Matthew Carnicelli at HPLeft.com has been doing inaugural charts and thoughts throughout the years. here’s a link to the most recent: (years gone by since; I can’t; believe that we’ve lived through this!). http://hpleft.com/011417.pdf

I’m happy to see this but I question how this happened?

bob, I did hear someone say there was “a sweep” of the room before they were let back in.

Why does Donald Trump’s legal team keep bringing making the unprompted point that a vice president can totally be prosecuted while in office?! (…wonders Mike Pence, probably.)


angellight – I would say those comments are designed as warning shots across Pence’s bow to be sure to shut his mouth or he’s going down too. More full blown mob tactics. My bet – Theyre all bought and sold by organized crime.


Organized Russian crime.


Matthew Louis Gaetz II is an American lawyer and politician serving as the U.S. representative for Florida’s 1st congressional district since 2017. (Wikipedia)

Born: May 7, 1982 (age 37 years), Hollywood, FL

Banks – It is the victim/persecutor/rescuer triangle, aka the Drama Triangle. Those involved in this endless psychodrama keep shifting roles in a never-ending loop. Trump plays victim and his minions rush in to rescue. Or Trump fans the flames of their victimhood while he rushes in to rescue. They all join in in the”justified” persecution of the “enemies” who “cause” their victimization (the elites, the immigrants, the liberals, the press, etc.). It is the definition of pathological interaction. You see it in abusive relationships and in all unhealthy interactions. Until the victim can take responsibility for his or her own pain and problems, rather than always finding someone else to blame, then the negative feedback loop will continue.

We are now in the short period of Trump’s strong Jupiter transits without Saturn causing trouble. Jupiter feels victorious but can also have poor judgement and cause rash actions. Yesterday’s Riot of the Right in the House being an example. Also his declaring victory (despite reality) in Syria.

I am going out of town for a few days. When I get back, I will try and write an update for you.

Marie is a hero!

“When Marie Yovanovitch, the former Ambassador to Kiev whom Trump fired, testified on Capitol Hill a couple of weeks ago, she set an example for other career officials, who are now coming forward to tell different versions of the same story and, by extension, to defend their values and vocations.”


The fresh-hell of lies, distortions, cheap publicity stunts and brazen crimes committed in plain view by President Fake-Bake and his thick-skulled minions seems to shock us with head-spinning headlines each morning; today’s misdemeanors compound over-night into tomorrow’s unspeakable high crimes against the rule of law and decency that were once the bedrock upon which our nation was founded. The impeachment process brings ever-more absurd “splainin” served up by daily by The Double-Dirty Dozen morphs into an ever more deranged, psychotic fugue. To our collective anguish the war chests of Caesar Disgustus soar to hundreds of millions of dollars beyond that of any other Presidential hopeful. This obscene, felonious executive juggernaut appears to possess indefatigable resources and manic momentum. I recall Nancy warning us years ago about how the Pluto-in-Capricorn transit will likely foster a tsunami-like period of putrid critical mass in world governments before bursting and giving way to meaningingful transformation and rebirth – especially for these United States.
Indeed, her piercing prophecy unfurls monstrously with each morning sun.

O, Fortuna!

‘Caesar Disgustus’ – clever Will!
How will we ever undo this unholy alliance of govt power with corrupt ‘business’ fronts?
An enormous amount of courage and honor I suspect.

So very well said!

Thank you Nancy. I remember you writing about the Triangle before, maybe back the Bush W days.
I look forward to your updates. Frankly, we all do. Much appreciation to you!

“Half of Americans think Democrats have moved too far Left”


jut came across this page “astrological cycles in history”

marjorie today on spain’s fascist franco

“Clever Will” indeed kiwi; the boy has a way with words doesn’t he? Between the 2 of you + the recollection by Banks of Nancy’s thoughts about the “victim-persecutor-rescuer curse, kind of sums up where we stand today. Makes the presidential frailties of the past seem like child’s play in comparison.

How fitting then that we have maturated as a nation to adult’s play as we approach the US Pluto Return. Who knew it could get this bad.

Well, US progressed (while retrograde) Mars (strength) conjunct the US Constitution chart Neptune (needs defining) + Trump’s Jupiter (gaseous) has made its point;

. . as has US progressed Mercury (thinking) that conjunct the Uranus (revolution) that squares Jupiter-Saturn in the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle (societies) . . . while it also sextiles US natal Chiron (wounding) has;

. . as has the progressed US Venus (our values) square the progressed US Pluto (transform) has . . and as transiting Uranus (unexpected) opposes the US progressed Saturn (stability) has. Elijah Cummings’ passing is part of this.

All of it in preparation for US Pluto’s first Return. We needed this reality check, this rude awakening of our weak spots that have been exposed by President Fake-Bake.

What doesn’t destroy us will make us stronger, right?

Biden is now fourth in Iowa. Buttigieg is second behind Warren.


It appears Biden will lose New Hampshire as well. I wouldn’t bet on his nomination.

Elizabeth Warren or Joe Biden? New Polls Differ

“A pair of new national polls present starkly different results. A CNN survey released Wednesday had former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. with a commanding lead of 15 percentage points ahead of Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. But a Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday had Ms. Warren as the front-runner, seven points ahead of Mr. Biden.

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont finished a strong third in both national polls, suggesting that his standing in the race has not been diminished by his heart attack earlier this month — and that he may have been buoyed by endorsements from Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota.

Two other polls from early-voting states show a tight race in Iowa and Mr. Biden maintaining a comfortable lead in South Carolina.


to a certain degree the polls drive me nuts – it seems they are designed largely to cater to people who can be swayed to hitch their wagon to the coat-tails of the flavor of the moment without thinking about more substantive matters. Another version of divide and conquer perhaps?


“…..to a certain degree the polls drive me nuts – it seems they are designed largely to cater to people who can be swayed to hitch their wagon to the coat-tails of the flavor of the moment without thinking about more substantive matters”

True dat! We must never forget how (all corruption and Russian involvement aside) the pollster went right up their own asses with the ‘absolute landslide for Hillary’ narrative. There’s a great deal of money spent on polls and statisticians and they will keep spinning as long as they are given the thread.

Frank, kiwi, barbk – thank you. The upshot of what I was attempting to sum up is that Nancy’s interpretation of the Pluto in Capricorn would bring things to a kind of crescendo of awfulness before the transformation could take place. Ergo, its always darkest before the dawn. I think Starlight nailed this presidency way ahead of the pundits and commentators.

Thank you again Nancy for sharing your genius in this forum. Its positively thrilling to bear witness to you hitting so many bulls-eyes with your astrology, political science and empathic insights as a psychotherapist. And that goes to Bob and barbk and all of the other brilliant astrologers and fine minds who contribute here.

Kiwi, I agree and it’s the media who treat elections like horse races. It’s all about the race and nothing about the substance of what is at stake. What’s s even worse is that no sooner is one election over than they start speculating about the next one. There is something wrong with our system that elections drag out over such a ridiculously long period of time.

From Jan 31, 2016
(a good reminder)

How Predictive Are Iowa And New Hampshire?

Iowa and New Hampshire get a lot of attention, but their records in picking presidents, let alone nominees, is spotty (as you can see from the chart above). But that doesn’t mean the states don’t matter. They have been effective at weeding the field of candidates, and they’re about momentum for those later states.

Plus, in the last 40 years, just one person has gone on to win the presidency after losing both Iowa and New Hampshire — Bill Clinton.


tRump is flailing about wildly, trying to change, disprove, determinations made by many agencies. This attempt to save him will fail and probably will be what ends Barr’s career.

Barr – Noon Chart – not a recorded time
May 23 1950, 12:00 pm

All measurements are in longitude only.

Natal Saturn 12°38′ Virgo

Natal Neptune 14°52′ Libra, progressed Neptune 14°54′ Libra. Both squared by Saturn every day from now through November 7 of this year.

The opposition of transiting Neptune to Barr’s progressed Saturn is everyday from now through early 2020. It is a major aspect.

Dec 4 2019 Sun at 12°38′ Sagittarius square natal Saturn
Dec 9 2019 Sun at 17°14′ Sagittarius square progressed Saturn

Saturn Square progressed Mars January 18 to February 4, 2020, 24°30′ Capricorn (RA December 18 to January 3).

January 21 2020 Mars at 12°38′ Sagittarius square natal Saturn
January 28 2020 Mars at 17°15′ Sagittarius square progressed Saturn

Transit Neptune exact opposite progressed Saturn on Feb 5, 2020, at 17°15′ Pisces.

since barr himself has now decided to open a criminal investigation into the origins of the russia investigations, the thought occurs to me, what the influence of the shady opus dei sect might be? They were certainly very helpful to Franco’s fascist iron fist in spain.


Opus Dei – a Satanic shiv stabbing the Sacred Heart of the Christ and the Church. An obscene perversion of the teachings of Christ.

I read a quote attributed to Gandhi:

“I like your Christ; I do not like your Christians.

interesting comments by revealing light tarot at the beginning of this video, about russian bots, following her prior read on Tulsi

RE: “more substantive matters”
Sadly, I think that as more and more people leave the middle class, and/or are working two jobs to make ends meet, the fewer we have of folks who have the time or energy to contemplate substantive issues.

Furthermore, three simultaneous trends have served to make us all dumber.
(1) Reduced funding, conservative legislators mandating fewer humanities courses, and our lax culture have diminished the quality of our educations.
(2) The level and intensity of far right propaganda (fox news, hate radio, etc.) has drastically increased, convincing a large swath of our population all liberals are crooked hypocrites, and that intellectuals and the main stream media are dishonest and not to be trusted.
(3) We have an unprecedented number of very entertaining and addictive technological distractions.

People who actually read, (including some of our legislators) and are more prone to think through substantive issues are bogged down in their speciality. An overwhelming amount of information is now available in each field, so much so that we have no time to absorb information from other fields, just to do our respective jobs. It reminds me of the line from Coleridge’s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, “Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink.” Such is the paradox of our time.

sadly so true Barbk

You don’t suppose Trump is getting ready to pack his bags and go do you?

“The Trump family, after nearly three years of controversy and legal fights, is considering selling its Washington hotel that is a few blocks from the White House.

The hotel has become a frequent target of criticism for Mr. Trump and his family because it often hosts foreign diplomats as well as corporate executives seeking approvals from the Trump administration and political groups that are pushing the White House for policy actions, creating questions about conflicts of interest.”

‘Trump Family Considers selling Hotel’


The universe is raining devastating blow after blow upon tRump and his team. They are unable to mount a defense strong enough to stop the impeachment process from advancing and he is bleeding from wherever.

79 days.

Tick-tock, Bob, tick-tock…

To all:
Just a note of thanks to you and everyone else here that help keep me and several of my non-astrology friends sane. (It’s not an easy job I assure you.) I have become the conduit to ‘…what did Bob say?’ And/or ‘does anyone have anymore predictions.’ questions. I point them here, yet it seems the astrology itself defeats them.

They’re coming! They’re coming! The Briti….No! No! The women are coming! The women are coming! And as fast as breaking news is breaking their storied ability to multitask will bury the fool like an avalanche. 2018 was not the year of the woman – it was just the pilot light getting lit. May 2020 be the year of the woman. If not, let it be when they turn the heat up from simmer to boil as they throw another log on the fire.

Iconic photos: The Clap and the finger.



I might have been born 70 years too early.

Almost equal time:



Just growing pains kiwi.

John Bolton’s natal North Node (path forward) at 4+ Taurus is where transiting Uranus (breakthrough) is right now as it moves retrograde.

Meanwhile, transiting Jupiter at 22+ Sagittarius (conjunct Trump’s Moon and opposite his Sun and the US Mars, and square the US natal Neptune) is approaching Bolton’s natal Mars at 25+ Sagittarius (which opposes the US Constitution chart’s Jupiter – symbol of search for truth, at 25+ Gemini.) That will take place between November 9th and 13th.

The Full Moon that conjuncts the US natal Vesta (19+ Taurus) will be on Nov. 12th. Vesta symbolizes focus, intense focus. Transiting Vesta at that time will also be conjunct the Full Moon AND the US Vesta at 19+ Taurus. That is a US Vesta Return which will include a Full Moon in its repertoire.

That Full Moon will trine transiting Pluto in Capricorn and trine the US natal Neptune in Virgo (that T-squares Trump’s Sun + US Mars in Gemini and Trump’s Moon + the now trans. Jupiter in Sagittarius). That’s a grand trine and it’s tough to stop the energy that drives a grand trine.

Bolton’s Neptune at 14+ Libra (as is Bill Barr’s Neptune) conjuncts US natal Saturn and Trump’s natal Chiron and Juno, all at 14+ Libra. Juno symbolizes the lesser partner in a partnership.

The US Constitution looks to trounce the Trump team – maybe even before the end of the year.


“…and he is bleeding from wherever.”

Turn around is fair play! Priceless!

SCOOP: “Anonymous” was a frequent participant in meetings with President Trump and plans to recount specific conversations in their forthcoming book.


Trump has sometimes gotten angry when people took notes in meetings. “What are you writing down?” he has asked, per former admin official in room. Lots of lawyers & aides took notes. So this could be interesting.


Back cover verbiage:
“In these pages, you will not just hear from me. You will hear a great deal from D. Trump directly, for there is no better witness to his character than his own words and no better evidence of the danger he poses than his own conduct.”


Bob, I think its time to revisit The Russians Are Coming (or at least the trailer)…


I’d say they are selling, Ja, to try to avoid the appearance of using their positions to make $$$ but it could come in handy if they want to leave the country, too. Maybe he’ll put the deeds to the other U.S. properties into Tiffany’s name.

“…bleeding from wherever” indeed!

The fact that the Pubs are gearing up to investigate the investigators AFTER spending so much $$$ investigating Benghazi and Hill’s emails should definitely be pointed out. Whereas, the Democrats actually have a legal and legitimate probe going on!

Re-posting Marjorie’s look at Barr ( from Oct 1) in light of the DOJ’s new criminal investigation


Hi Eliseo — Good points and sad. The dumbing down of the U.S. Too many people don’t have their feet on the ground or are motivated or know how to do the work it takes to learn and earn. The distractions shouldn’t be an excuse.

A young man we know just died of an OD 2 days ago and we don’t know if it was truly intentional. He had earned an M.A. in music and appeared to be smart, but he was dealing with his 3rd eviction in 2 years. He didn’t have parents living or enough emotional/people support, I guess, even though he had 2500 FB friends! I am very disturbed about it, lit a candle and pray he is with the angels and his loved ones.

ja, I think they know the end is near for them and they will try to convert anything they can into cash that can be moved around the world electronically (Switzerland?). Cash is their god but will not be their savior.

Thank you Henri.

The Russians have been coming for a long time silcominc but never had the door already opened so they could walk right in.

I can’t hold it in any longer.


Duh . . I just realized that Sunday’s New Moon at 4+ Scorpio opposes Bolton’s North Node and transiting Uranus at 4+ Taurus. This as trans. Jupiter and Ceres (perhaps weather related) in Sagittarius opposes Trump’s natal Sun and US natal Mars in Gemini, all T-squared by US Neptune in Virgo. This could be more than just something Trump related.

Perfect Bob; Elijah Thank you.

I wouldnt be surprised if the ‘hotel sale’ is another ploy to distract – timing is suspect.
Is it – a) to circumvent the current emolument lawsuit by other hoteliers; b) ‘fake’ sale – listing a property is no guarantee that a buyer willing to meet their price will be found in a timely manner; or c) They really are broke and need the money to prop up his other failing resorts.

just thought of another one LOL
d) that long awaited IRS audit is finally complete and he owes the govt billions in back taxes?? ha ha – one can dream

1) sell before the trump brand is to tarnished.
2) sell before it is seized.

I personally like the idea that they are getting ready to run.

Sharon K,
I’m touched by your story of that young man. So heartbreaking. Living in San Francisco, I know they’re here too, living in a room somewhere, struggling and feeling like they’re failing and with no one to ask for help. I could see a version of my younger self in the man you described and I wish his spirit light and love.

RE: “He didn’t have parents living or enough emotional/people support, I guess, even though he had 2500 FB friends!”

I’m seeing this more & more. It folds into the argument I’ve been making for several years when I put on my sociology hat. The most enormous and consequential error western civilization has ever made was in the early post WWII period. For over 200,000 years humans lived in extended families. In the years after WWII we normalized the nuclear family, an institution in socioeconomic context which is far more likely to be innately dysfunctional.

Adolescents and our young adults especially, as well as many of the rest of us lack much of a sense of belonging. As a generalization, the extended family gave us a richer, deeper emotionally satisfying experience. We now seek our primary emotional needs through one person, our spouse. And of course, it doesn’t work. .

We are all starving emotionally, but most of us don’t realize it. We lack a basis of comparison; our condition is normal for our culture. Besides, it is much easier to sell people things they don’t need if they have a plethora of unmet emotional needs.
IMHO we need to return to the extended family, and/or easier adoption procedures for adults and egalitarian plural and group marriages.

An essay:


Kim Carey (Intuitiview) is back and has a new very informative video. So does Linda G. I find Kim to be very reassuring. Interesting insight on Gaetz and Lindsey Graham.

I think Trump is getting every dollar he can, while he can, and maybe planning to

Oops. Maybe park it offshore in case his assets here get seized.


I find that a mixture of extended family (siblings or siblings-in-law, aunts, uncles, cousins-1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc., nieces or nephews) + FB has worked together for me, furthering relationships just because I liked or said something encouraging on their post and vice-versa.

I also found my work groups supportive, especially after working somewhere for a while and especially when I was exposed to a lot of people regularly.

A mate or one good & caring relationship with a relative or friend cannot fulfill all of our needs but there is no substitute for what they can provide either.

I don’t know what went wrong for this young man. He had an M.A. in music and taught. He was personable and smart, but, from talking to him once, he had rejections growing up.

This was his 3rd eviction and he was educated….was he not willing to work, even temporarily, at jobs he didn’t want, and then expected others to bail him out? Or, did he have a mental or physical ailment that prevented it? Was he struggling & doing the best he could & needed a life raft?

I know he reached out on FB as he posted that he wanted people in his community to show up in court and vouch for him. He did seem to have many positive qualities, but he took his life a week before the court date.

If you think of it, am I my brother’s keeping is one of our existential dilemmas? How far do we go? When do we step in? How far does our responsibility to our fellow man go? We are responsible to take care of ourselves and most do a good job, so how do we intervene and teach someone else to do it. I have a social work license but maybe not enough experience. A person has to “want” to overcome their challenges. Yet, sometimes one kind gesture or word or lack thereof that makes the difference.

Frank, I think we all can see something of ourselves in this situation. Thank you so much for your positive and loving vibrations and energy. I know they help.

Which dovetails into what Carol Duhart wrote about… Maybe scorpios & Pluto (speaking generally) can show us the way when it comes to stubbornly finding a way to regenerate?

Marjorie on Melania


“Adolescents and our young adults especially, as well as many of the rest of us lack much of a sense of belonging. As a generalization, the extended family gave us a richer, deeper emotionally satisfying experience. We now seek our primary emotional needs through one person, our spouse. And of course, it doesn’t work.”

Tis true!

In case you missed this:

President Obama Remarks at Representative Cummings’ Funeral
Former President Barack Obama gave his eulogy at the funeral service of the late Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings (D) in Baltimore.


Difficulty or damger for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on November 4th?

Transit Pluto square natal Sun, transit Mars conjunct natal Sun, and transit Saturn square natal Mars. Measurements in longitude.

al-Baghdadi, ISIS leader believed to have been killed by US forces. Tonight’s Scorpio New Moon opposite Uranus in Taurus. (transiting Jupiter + Ceres in Sagittarius opposite Trump Sun in Gemini)

Supposedly Isis leader Bagdadi has been killed by a US attacking Syria. If so, we are seeing a big win for trump which he will mine shamelessly. Here is the Jupiter transit opposite his sun. A big win that will last for a few days.

Written from my hotel room in Oregon.


“a big win that will last a few days.” That’s the ticket!

Hope you are enjoying Oregon!

He’s already tweeted: “Something very big has just happened” and left it at that.

Tomorrow morning at 9 a.m., he’s going to make the announcement.

How did they arrange this is what I want to know. It’s obviously meant to overshadow the impeachment inquiry.

Eliseo et al.


Even before WW2 , there were not houses being built for extended families. But we lived close to both sets of grandparents and saw them often as well as the uncles, aunts and cousins. This was not possible when my own son was growing up, as people moved away and most were hundreds of miles away and both parents had to work.

Time to downsize cities, companies, live greener and be closer to our families. That is easier said than done as some in-laws are not comfortable with even including grandparents into the nuclear group; will be tricky.

tRump was probably advised not to be more specific (not to claim Al-Baghdadi’s death until DNA results verify). His progressed demi-anlunar had it’s Mars and Saturn angular at the time of his tweet along with his progressed Mars and Neptune straddling it’s Asc. He will get to brag himself up by Sunday evening.

Two Days in the Life of Nancy Pelosi, Political Grandmaster

“Lost in the wilderness of the Trump era, Democrats looked long and hard for a champion: Robert Mueller, the media, even Michael Avenatti. But when the party retook the House in November and Nancy Pelosi began her historic second term as speaker, no one doubted the search was over. She’d been a GOP target and, some centrists thought, an electoral liability given her San Francisco roots. But now no one doubted that she was the indispensable Democrat, cheerfully jousting with AOC and “the Squad,” mediating the hoary conflict between the party’s left and its center (she describes herself as “a weaver,” which is a nice word for how she sometimes has to operate), winning with substance (her party’s focus on health care) and imagery (the famous Max Mara red coat, the donning of the sunglasses after her triumphant border wall meeting with Trump and Senator Chuck Schumer), and holding fire on impeachment until precisely the right moment. The Speaker talks to Abigail Tracy about the road to impeachment, how the Democrats won in 2018, why Trump is unique among presidents she’s known, and the work to be done after Trump is gone.”


(Supposedly Al Baghadadi died in 2017)

ISIS has reportedly confirmed Abu Bakr al Baghdadi was killed in an air strike
Source told Iraqi media that ban on jihadis talking about his death has been lifted
It is not the first time reports have emerged claiming that the 45-year-old is dead
By Julian Robinson for MailOnline

Published: 07:54 EDT, 11 July 2017 | Updated: 11:43 EDT, 11 July 2017


Not the first time Al Baghdadi has been reported killed.


“The Chart of the Impeachment Inquiry

I also thought it worth mentioning that an Astrologer can create a chart for any “event”, and see what it might indicate for that moment in time, that is the conditions and messaging from the stars in “the now”. I calculated the chart for the announcement by Nancy Pelosi of the official start of the Impeachment Inquiry on September 24, 2019, at just after 5 pm EDT.

I often make use of, in my personal readings with clients, a book of symbols for each degree of the Zodiac, written by Dane Rudhyar titled, “An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolic Phases”.

I often use this when examining Progressed New Moons and Progressed Full Moons, as well as other relevant moments in a client’s journey. One of the most important points of any chart is formed by the Rising Sign and Degree. The rising degree or Ascendant in the “Impeachment Chart” is 18 degrees of Aquarius. Here is the symbol of that degree:

Keynote: The difficulty for the modern individual to keep secret his private past or his deeper motives…
This symbol refers to the UNMASKING of hidden motives and personal secrets. It may refer to the publicizing of past behavior.

This is Trump’s “test of power”, and it will reveal whether or not he has aligned his will with the Greater Will, or whether he has misused his powers and taken the Social and Collective good will to serve his own personal and self-interested needs.”


Was this tRump’s birthday present to Hillary?

If Bolton will testify this week Trumps bubble will burst.

Nancy have a wonderful time in Oregon.

Here is Elisabeth Grace:

“SUNDAY — at 10:30 AM ET. Mars-Saturn patterns are known for militant discipline, only too happy to fight for control. If you’re an authoritarian dictator, this is your time. And if you want to have secret meetings to advance your plans for world domination, the dead Moon’s (it’s the end of the lunar cycle) lack of light will facilitate your wish to fly under the radar.”

More from Elisabeth Grace:

“Ohhhhh and this just in…P45 is going to make a statement on Sunday at 9 AM ET about whatever “big something” just happened. Oh, and he’s doing it right before the militant Mars-Saturn square is exact. I don’t think he’s going to announce he’s sending every U.S. taxpayer a check for $300. Mind the void — even as you review this bit from September 13th “Avid Readers will recall that October is when transiting Jupiter will activate P45’s Sun and Moon for the third and final time this year. The first hit was in February — and here’s what happened then. We can anticipate similarly expansive and persuasive actions from P45 in last ten days of October.” Transiting Jupiter squares P45’s Sun on October 29th, followed by transiting Mars conjoining his Jupiter on October 30th. Big indeed.”


I’m not making this up . . .


That’s where US progressed Mars is
That’s where Trump’s Jupiter is
That’s where US Constitution Neptune is
That’s where Putin’s Saturn is

There’s another US budget deadline looming in November. November 21st to be exact…….

Will Trump Shut Down The Government To Fight Impeachment?

NBC News
Oct 23, 2019

Analysis: Washington is bracing for the prospect that president may seek to let funding lapse in a bid to blame Democrats.


Failed Senate Vote Sets Up Big Fight Over Border Wall, Budget

Washington Post
Oct 18, 2019

The White House plans to play hardball on wall money, setting up shutdown fight in November.


Nancy notes in her previous thread….

“……with Pluto turning direct, the final crossing of Pluto quincunx US Mars (21Gemini23) will be with us from October 1 to November 29. This transit points to an intensification of hostility toward a foreign country and/or the intensification of the civil war mood within the US. This may very well be the strongest astrological indicator of the partisan warfare that emerges during the impeachment inquiry. With progressed US Moon conjunct transiting Saturn during most of November, this will also be a stressful time for the country.”

Mercury stations direct November 20th at 11 Scorpio in square to Trump’s natal Pluto/ progressed Pluto (10/12 Leo). This is followed by a precise Mars-Chiron quincunx (1 Scorpio-Aries) the following day – Nov 21st. Chiron will be conjoining the US chart’s nadir. Indications are; we may be in for another protracted government shutdown come November 21st.


Want to do some of her transits and progressions, but lost the registration code and needs updating. But at least i have this.

When will a judge say “You will obey the law and my instructions or I will put you in Jail.”? Stop the politicking, get on with the law.


“When will a judge say “You will obey the law and my instructions or I will put you in Jail.”? Stop the politicking, get on with the law.”

Right? What in the name of God is taking so long? Why such uber-caution? What does DT have on the Dems or courts or others that is preventing bringing this monstrosity of a president down?

Thanks ja . . Elizabeth Grace also says today’s New Moon at 4+ Scorpio “is likely to trigger events that occurred on the July 2018 eclipse at 4+ Aquarius which was conjunct Mars.” That was a lunar eclipse (Full Moon) on July 27, 2018. Neptune was at 16+ Pisces, where it is again today.

A few days later the US Senate Judiciary Comm. questioned Brett Kavanaugh, from Sept 4th through 7th re: his Supreme Ct. nomination, and we remember where that led. Do you suppose Kavanaugh will be back in the news in the next couple of weeks? (gag)

Kavanaugh’s natal Chiron is at 16+ Pisces.

Will, the problem is twofold: enforcement lies in the DOJ, who is under the control of you know who. The other problem apparently is that Dems do not want to play a game of staged “martyr’ for the cameras. Besides it takes time to enforce this stuff, especially if it has to go through not very neutral courts.

A few weeks later, not a few days later.


I understand the points you make Carol; nonetheless, Ceasar Disgustus seems more of a Teflon Don than Gotti.

barbk, Brett and possibly Don McGahn. Fingers crossed.

Marjorie Orr:

“The death of the ISIS leader Baghdadi still hasn’t been confirmed by DNA corroboration but Trump is already grandstanding his final moments in graphic detail. The Kurds claim it was a joint effort with USA while Trump thanked the Russians who weren’t involved. He’s also angling to have it seen as a bigger event than Bin Laden’s capture (to do down Obama); and appeared along the way not to have notified the relevant Congress chairmen who would usually be informed. Putin always, Adam Schiff never.”


In regard to what Jerry just posted, referring back to Nancy’s work, I can see this Al Baghdadi thing motivating the Trump base and causing them to be even more resentful of this “trumped up” impeachment probe; hence, civil unrest material — in addition to a looming government shutdown.

A little upthread, I asked the question, just how did Trump maneuver this event which appears calculated in some sense to make him look good?

One tweet I read said that the military knew that with the U.S. leaving, it would undercut surveillance efforts, and this might be their last chance to get him.

What I’m thinking is that this was arranged with Assad, Erdogan and Putin. Trump was told that if we stopped protecting the Kurds and removed that thorn from all of their sides, Al Baghdadi would be delivered to us….the Syrians and Turks would stop protecting him. Trump gets to look good, they get the thorn removed – a win-win situation. Pretty disgusting all around.

Ja, did you see Joe & Jill Biden interviewed on 60 Minutes? He did good.

Hi Sharon,

You raised some excellent, salient points. I think it also interesting to note that Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s personal lawyer is now in the cross-hairs of the investigation….

Is Rudy Giuliani About To Be Indicted? Here’s What That Could Mean For Trump | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Just as we reach November 21st, transiting Jupiter at 27 Sagittarius will exactly oppose Rudy’s natal Saturn (27 Gemini) and tr. Chiron at 1 Aries opposes Giuliani’s natal Neptune (1 Libra): see related chart: https://astro-charts.com/persons/chart/rudy-giuliani/

Jupiter is often characterized as truth and Saturn as responsibility. Will Giuliani be indicted and consequently flip on Trump at this time? Will Trump use a government shutdown as a distraction?

baseball game – crowd chants ‘lock him up’ to trump

The Russians are insisting they did not assist or let us fly through their airspace, etc., Jerry. I think it’s just to throw us off though. Very insidious.

If Rudy was indicted, that would surely be another nail in the coffin. But I don’t see him either flipping or going to jail. He night do what Manefort did and go to jail, hoping for a pardon. Amazing that he was the mayor who helped clean up NYC, or at least that’s what I’ve heard. Boy has he changed.

Trump was boo’d at the World Series in DC tonight – and chants of “Lock him up” were heard throughout —- DC is an island of Blue.


Seems to fit her. And I also think she’s auditioning for a role as “Big Mama” now. Relaxed, no longer running for President, settling in for an Eminence Griese role for the Democrats. Lioness in Winter.

“Russia raised doubts on Sunday over the “umpteenth death” of Islamic State group leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who has been reported killed several times since 2014. “The Defence Ministry does not have reliable information about the actions of the US army in the Idlib ‘de-escalation’ zone… concerning the umpteenth ‘death’ of Baghdadi,” Defence Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said in a statement. The United States President Donald Trump announced that Baghdadi had been killed in a nighttime US raid deep inside northwestern Syria. ” (WHAT DOES TRUMP HAVE TO GIVE PUTIN SO THEY WILL CONFIRM Baghdadi’s DEATH?)


“Moscow unconvinced by US claims that al-Baghdadi has been killed. Russian defence ministry refers to “valid doubts about the reality & success (of the operation), says “no air strikes by US or coalition forces registered in Idlib de-escalation zone on Saturday or recent days.”

Moscow Correspondent for BBC News


Thank you, Sharon! I watched it.

6/12/16: al-Baghdadi killed in a US airstrike.
5/28/17: killed in Russian air strike.
6/11/17: killed in Syrian artillery strike.
6/29/17: Iranian leader says he’s “definitely dead.”
7/11/17: Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed his death.
10/26/2019: Killed again.


‘Shifting Course, Democrats Plan First Floor Vote on Impeachment Inquiry’

“This is a confident move, which shows that Pelosi and company have seized the advantage and they know it. They have plenty of evidence to draw up multiple articles of impeachment and move the constitutional process forward. They lose “home court advantage” when the process moves to the Senate, and that bunch of treasonous cowards is likely to vote against removal anyway. But that will be almost as much of a victory as a vote to remove: a majority of US Senators, all Republican, will be on record for all time voting not to remove a blatantly corrupt President. It should help in the 2020 election and if it doesn’t flip the Senate at least they will have done the right thing. Which still counts for something with most of us.”


The House is saying it will vote on the way forward in the Impeachment process on Thursday, the day Mercury stations retrograde, even as the goblins howl – following the New Moon opposite Uranus yesterday. Mercury, when it stations retrograde (rx) at 27+ Scorpio, will be square the US natal Moon and will sextile the US Pluto.

At the moment I think this is a wise move. On November 20, when Mercury stations direct at 11+ Scorpio, it will be the transiting Sun (symbolizes consciousness) at 27+ Scorpio, square the US Moon (people) and sextile the US Pluto (power).

In the meantime the Full Moon that conjuncts the US natal Vesta at 19+ Taurus (at the same time transiting Vesta conjuncts US Vesta) will take place on Nov. 12th.

At that time trans. Mars (force) will sextile trans. Jupiter (search for truth) and their sextile, when combined with Trump’s natal MC (reputation), will complete a Yod. That in turn becomes a Boomerang when Trump’s IC (4th house cusp), symbol of Trump’s family, is included.

A Boomerang point (in this case, Trump’s IC) is where the combined energies, ie. trans. Mars and Jupiter + Trump’s MC, will land. Trump’s kids???

The fact that this full moon (something is exposed) conjuncts US natal Vesta (while at the same time transiting Vesta conjuncts US natal Vesta – in Taurus in the 5th house of the US natal chart, symbol of creativity), needs to be explored further.

The simplified explanation of Vesta in astrological terms is usually whatever is invested in and/or what is focused on. She also symbolizes protection, security and a commitment to a cause.

Nancy Pelosi’s natal Uranus and natal Venus AND her natal Vesta are conjunct the US natal Vesta, so this Full Moon on Nov. 12, will conjunct her Uranus-Venus-Vesta conjunction too. Safe to say that Nancy herself is focused, dedicated and committed to keeping the US safe.

Angellight, the secrecy attending this ‘raid’ could allow for the ‘show’ of a raid without having any Democrat present to watch a live stream showing even just the pursuit of al-Baghdadi to and through a tunnel.

A ruse could be as good at explaining the negative aspects in my charts as my theory that they showed concern that the ‘raid’ would fail. If everything worked as planned there would be no need for the negative aspects to be in the charts.

I fear that there is no way to prove the excersize was just a show to bolster support for tRump. It is the secrecy from an administration that has been proven to lie freely about anything that really bothers me.

I found a discrepancy in the timeline but that can easily be gotten around.

Like Mulvaney said “Get over it.”

Here in California we have a a terrifying situation with the fires that are much worse than last year. Friends and family in Los Angeles are having to evacuate under horrendous circumstances on to one main freeway, The 405, which under normal circumstances is a nightmare. I pray for my neighbors north and the incredibly courageous fire fighters.

After the House votes on Thursday the will be 10 weeks to get to January 13 (6 day weeks but losing some days to holidays).

Would posters with legal knowledge venture opinions as to how many charges might be tried in that time? If only abuse of power I think a powerful case could be made against tRump.

Here is a little bit of good news about North Carolina being ordered to redistrict before the 2020 election – Apparently this is a state ruling, and the maps will be final and cannot be appealed to SCOTUS.

Ja, I so wish there was something we could do. This is so tragic, so frightening, so horrifying. We need to start praying hard!

I just read that Kamala Harris’s home must be evacuated. Where are you in relation to the fires? They are in north CA as well as LA, aren’t they?

We all have to concentrate & pray hard!

the link: https://twitter.com/briantylercohen/status/1188937603862499328

Wow – A decorated vet will report that he listened in on the Ukraine call and was so concerned that he reported it to a lawyer and his supervisor.

LA’s natal chart. https://www.astro.com/cgi/chart.cgi?wgid=wgeJx9T00LgzAM_TWDCRGa1jGx9CAedtltjJ0rFi2zrdiK-O-Xwi67jMDLC3kvH7t9W8Xl6JRG6QfV2WRNbE6c3UMkbP1oZpNZ1wIYqCiwvjBA3jAGDrHe8QKjnoHDjwW6lorz81HAVyQqzwRsIASU_MrJzqQeeq-d-bs3iwadjKpyY1ntTDkfkef7EDwQ8YFgCls0sZB9Ohb6yqVJ6bTLKR6qRLlGha_bB6F-Rkc

T. saturn on its moon, T. Pluto on it’s Lilith and squaring venus in Aries, with quite the Aries stellum including uranus and pluto in 25 and 28 which will be affected by T. pluto in the coming years.

It pains me so much that we have the brain capacity to be so much more advanced than we are. Our creativity is such that we should have a much better handle on our problems! What a lazy race humankind can be!!!

If you’re up for some good television, I highly recommend the film, Laundromat on Netflix – starring Meryl Streep, Gary Oldman and Antonio Banderas.

my thoughts are with you ja and for all those affected

Sharon, Lt. Col. Vindman is an example of what transiting asteroid Askalaphus (the whistleblower) – still conjunct the US natal Moon, both at 27+ Aquarius in the US natal chart’s 3rd house of Communications – is trying to tell us.

I believe that the US 2019 Solar Return chart’s Moon at 21+ Leo in the Solar Return chart’s 12th house is also indicative of the people coming forth to testify their concerns about Trump’s disregard of US Constitutional laws.

The Sabian Symbol for the US 2019 Solar Return Moon (22 Leo) is:

Dane Rudhyar says about this symbol “This is the ideal of the WORLD SERVER.” (An Astrological Mandala by Dane Rudhyar)

The US 2019 Solar Return Moon in Leo sextiles the US natal Mars (courage) at 21+ Gemini, and trines the transiting Jupiter (understand), now at 22+ Sagittarius as well as the transiting Ceres (nurture) at 23+ Sagittarius – both opposite US Mars and square US Neptune in Virgo – explaining the recent spate of US citizens in service to our country coming forth to testify against Trump’s wrongdoing.

Another tidbit from the US 2019 Solar Return chart is Juno (lesser partner) at 6+ Leo conjuncts the US natal chart’s North Node (path forward) at 6+ Leo which trines the US 2019 SR chart’s Chiron (wound that leads to healing) at 5+ Aries.


Re: “Lock him up!” at baseball game.
How adorable was that?

That’s very, very interesting, Barb. I’m going to re-read it and digest it better tomorrow.

Will, you are the 3rd person on this blog to recommend that film. I’m just going to have to watch it :-)!

Sharon K,

I did not realize I was such an echo. Nonetheless, compelling film.

Nunes Aide Is Leaking the Ukraine Whistleblower’s Name, Sources Say

A top aide to Rep. Devin Nunes has been providing conservative politicians and journalists with information—and misinformation—about the anonymous whistleblower who triggered the biggest crisis of Donald Trump’s presidency, two knowledgeable sources tell The Daily Beast.
Derek Harvey, who works for Nunes, the ranking Republican on the House intelligence committee, has provided notes for House Republicans identifying the whistleblower’s name ahead of the high-profile depositions of Trump administration appointees and civil servants in the impeachment inquiry. The purpose of the notes, one source said, is to get the whistleblower’s name into the record of the proceedings, which committee chairman Adam Schiff has pledged to eventually release. In other words: it’s an attempt to out the anonymous official who helped trigger the impeachment inquiry.

https://www.thedailybeast.com/devin-nunes-aide-is-leaking-the-ukraine-whistleblowers-name-sources-say?source=twitter&via=desktop via @thedailybeast

‘Army Officer Who Heard Trump’s Ukraine Call Reported Concerns
The top Ukraine expert at the White House will tell impeachment investigators he twice reported concerns about President Trump’s pressure tactics on Ukraine, acting out of a “sense of duty.”’

“How ironic that an immigrant and a naturalized US citizen exhibited greater patriotism, personal courage and respect for the Constitution than some Americans in Trump’s entourage.”


Here is part of Lt. Col. Vindemans’s statement”

“On July 25, 2019, the call occurred. I listened in on the call in the Situation Room with colleagues from the NSC and the office of the Vice President. As the transcript is in the public record, we are all aware of what was said.

I was concerned by the call. I did not think it was proper to demand that a foreign government investigate a U.S. citizen, and I was worried about the implications for the U.S. government’s support of Ukraine. I realized that if Ukraine pursued an investigation into the Bidens and Burisma, it would likely be interpreted as a partisan play which would undoubtedly result in Ukraine losing the bipartisan support it has thus far maintained. This would all undermine U.S. national security. Following the call, I again reported my concerns to NSC’s lead counsel.


Henri recommended “Laundromat” on this very thread on Oct. 7.

I recommended “Laundromat” on this very thread on Oct 22.

And now you recommend “Laundromat” on this very thread on Oct 28.

Are we posting just to post or are we really paying attention to what our fellow readers contributions?

In regard to Lt. Col. Vindman’s statement, Pence is toast, correct?

SassyGrace, are you posting for plaudits or to inform your fellow readers?

Over the years I’ve posted more than one thought at this site that someone else suddenly discovered on their own and posted as an original thought. But I was raised to not demand recognition even when one of my jokes ended up in George Carlin’s act.

Live and learn. Some of us are busy and we don’t always read every comment.

I’ve had the urls to my posts reposted too, guys….people often miss things…human error and all that.

However, as far as I’m concerned, you can never have too many movie recommendations. When I looked it up originally, “Laundromat” did not get that high of a rating by critics, so I greatly appreciate the comments here about it and will be watching it later today. If 3 people liked it that much, it must be well worth watching. I’ll get back to you all with my reaction.

Meanwhile, post on… xoxox

Brexit vote on 12/12/19

UK Chart:
Sun 10 Cap
Moon 19 Cancer

Link to chart for 12/12/19
Jupiter will be at 3 Cap, moving forward
Sun, Saturn, Pluto conjunct at around 19-21 Cap
opposing the UK’s moon at 19 Cancer.


sassy, I think we have all posted something that has been initially overlooked and picked up by someone else later. Dont take offense – I see it more as, it takes a while for an idea to reach ‘critical mass’ aka 100th monkey, etc. Its also true that some are just too busy with life to read everything everyday.

Hey guys. You gotta see ‘The Laundromat’, it’s wonderful… I just couldn’t resist. Hahaha
There is a ‘rule’ in fiction that holds to the idea that you if you want something to be remembered you have to say it three times. I am pretty sure that applies to all types of communication. So let the repeats continue.
For my next film recommendation try ‘Jojo Rabbit’. It’s a truly well done satire set at the end of WWII. The acting Sam Rockwell, Scarlett Johansen and a couple of amazing 10year olds is well done and with Hitler as an imaginary friend what could be bad. Did I mention it’s a satire? I don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you get the chance. Now back to astrology. 🙂

Scarlett Johansson- sorry I didn’t Che k the spelling before I posted.

“Mercury is the main focus this week. It is part of the week’s only other exact aspect among planets (other than the Moon). That aspect is a meet-up on Wednesday with Venus in Scorpio, suggesting idealism expressed in a potent or witchy-bitchy manner — involving women, publishing, art, money and how and whom we love.”


OK, saw “The Laundromat”. Definitely educational (I know so little about the subject matter), timely & very applicable to these times – hence, depressing, especially when you see people getting burned big time or worse…but it could wake up those who need to be woken up, if they can connect the dots. The black humor helps.

Those with a Republican & Libertarian bent blame the government and the Progressives/Democrats blame big corporations. The government can be corrupt but the real criminals are those painted in the film + as well as the large corps who don’t pay taxes, cheat the little guy, and rape the planet – all for greed.

Saw the trailer to Jo Jo Rabbit, Henri — another dose of black humor and satire but that looks like really well done.

SassyGrace, I think it’s good that you posted and our Mr. will posted the repeated info; that you (and will too) chose to participate by sharing what you “felt” was worth sharing. We never know who will catch our comment, nor should we care. If Nancy doesn’t find it worthy of being printed she removes it.

It is good that you, and all of us want to participate in this lovely community, even if we don’t read or understand every word that does get printed. For whatever reason, we are compelled to express what we express here, and that’s healthy.

Maybe somebody reads (or re-reads) your particular words weeks or even years after you felt moved to write them and it affects them in a way you would never have guessed.

I know I’ve read blogs even 10 years after they were written by someone, and was inspired to do something positive. It is the motivation behind the words written that matters.

Not that Nancy should keep our comments 10 years (good grief!), but, like a book or magazine re-read months or years later, it can give us perspective in a way only time can do.

Many readers of Nancy’s and other blogs, NEVER comment, and that’s fine too. I’m grateful to read and/or re-read how people felt and thought from previous times, if only from an historical point of view. Maybe, 6 months from now, someone will catch your (and only yours) recommendation of that film and it will change his or her life for the better.

Speaking of Returns…

The Orange Blob’s Lunar Return of Oct. 31st not only coincides with the House taking a vote on impeachment, it shows Pallas, Mercury and Venus at 26,27 and 28 Scorpio in the 1st and 2nd house which render a tight square to the Orange’s natal Mars, and ascendant at 26 and 29 Leo AND

These same planets are square to the Sun and Moon of the Great American Eclipse of Aug. 21st, 2017 which fell on the Orange Blob’s Mars and Ascendant. That’s when we started writing about his political demise.

Add to that the lunar return chart shows Uranus is in the 7th house of enemies (among other things) at 4 Taurus opposing the Sun at 7 Scorpio in the first (himself among other things. Both planets make a fixed square to the Blob’s natal Pluto which sit in the 10th house of this chart. That Pluto is now exposed to the world… His natal chart has Pluto in the 12th at 10 Leo, hidden from view.

And finally, the transiting Mars of the Lunar Return is in the 12th house sitting in it’s fall at 17 Libra. It squares the transiting transiting Saturn and Pluto at 15 and 20 degrees of Capricorn in the 3rd house of communications (among other things).
Mars also makes a quincunx to transiting Neptune now in the chart’s 5th house of risk taking, gambling, creativity, family money (among other things). Huge lies! They fall flat!

The plot sickens and thickens.

Barb, you are such a wonderful human being!

Hey SassyGrace,

Unfortunately, I actually do not have time to read everything that is posted here every day. Hence, my by chance posting of formerly suggested movie.


Wicked hilarious sarcasm! You must have a prominent Scorpio placement.

I forgot to add that I wouldn’t be surprised if during this coming Lunar Return of this Blob that the House gets the blob’s tax returns and the the jury deliberations of the Mueller Report.

Written in Tom Friedman’s column tonight,

“Not only Trump, but FOX News and Hate Radio deserve credit for whipping up voters into a rabid, irrational crazed state of fear and loathing as well as Rupert Murdoch one of the worst things to happen to America.

Murdoch, Zuckerberg and all the other gaslighting Robber Barons are long overdue for a heavy dose of reality and government regulation to keep the public safe from Grand Old Propaganda, a known hazard to human civilization.”


Sometimes I wish they had let us get on the air in a major way back in the early 80’s. It would have been far better than the anger stuff.

RE: Your 11:35 PM posting.
Wise words. Amen.

Story: My astrology group had been on the air for about 5 years on a public radio station. When music fled the AM dial, a local radio station had hired a psychic. Our group interviewed for a possible show on a commercial network, and was rejected. Now it’s pretty much Rush Limbaugh and other similar hosts. Their product is anger now.

Sassy Grace,

arbo wields notoriously-superb snark;a great intellect and terrific wit. I hope there are no hard feelings.

Concern for Kim ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU_48WVCGRbrUIIFzZD3AGQ/videos ) and her husband in Vallejo, California.

Interesting reading by David Johnson ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXELHlvu_54 ).

Lamis, thanks for the Trump lunar return info (which I don’t do myself) for 2 reasons:

1. His lunar return Mars at 17+ Libra conjuncts his natal Jupiter, the US progressed Mars, the US Constitution chart’s Neptune and Putin’s Saturn, all intertwined and all at 17+ Libra, while it opposes the US progressed Chiron at 17+ Aries, and . .

2. The Great American Eclipse chart’s Ceres was opposite that chart’s Pluto, which I believe speaks to the weather (winds) that has caused the repeated fires in California. Ceres will conjunct the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January too.

Diana, what an incredibly thoughtful thing to say; thank you!

Eliseo, so sorry I missed your comment (see, we all do it!) and I appreciate it; merci beaucoup.

I just want to add what probably won’t be the last comment on the matter –

1) I actually empathize with/understand Sassy Grace’s general objection and how it feels when someone (or two) down the thread not only posts the same link I did but makes a similar comment, when I thought mine was so wise and perceptive! It doesn’t feel so good, especially if it has happened to me more than once. You might say it feels like I’m “chopped liver” (lol)!

I am not saying that is exactly how Sassy Grace felt, as I don’t know, but I find myself getting a little impatient, frustrated, offended at those times.

But, hey, I tell myself, it’s not that I’m invisible (which it can feel like) — it’s just human error, i.e., being human and not reading every single comment…and I’d venture to say others here might have felt this way at times.

2) A further confession is that, although the content/information presented in “The Laundromat” was important, as far as filmmaking goes — I would give it maybe 2.5 stars (seriously).

OK – I said my piece (mercury in Scorpio = brutal honesty 🙂 )

Thank you to everyone on this site for everything you post. It is an insightful place to visit.

Here is Ralfee:


I highly recommend the Netflix movie:
The Laundromat

How’s this for symbolism of the current times: Ronald Reagan Presidential Library surrounded by flames of California wildfires.

Someone on Twitter suggest no worries, trust that water will trickledown from other firefighting efforts and perhaps save it.

Lamis, I just remembered that Beto O’Rourke’s natal Uranus is also at 17+ Libra, and, like Trump’s Jupiter, US progressed Mars, US Constitution Neptune and Putin’s Saturn, it will be in a grand trine with the North Node (path forward) in Gemini and Mercury (discussion) in Aquarius in the 2021 Inauguration chart.

The Inauguration chart’s Mars and Uranus at 6+ Taurus will T-square the US natal North and South Nodes, suggesting this new President will face a decision for the country, possibly regarding gun violence.

The new Jupiter-Saturn cycle beginning in December, 2020, carries this theme too, what with the chart’s Mars-Eris at 23+ Aries T-square Pluto at 23+ Capricorn opposite US Mercury at 24+ Cancer, as well as a Uranus-Black Moon Lilith T-square the US natal North and South Nodes.

The new Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart also has a grand cross between Neptune in Pisces opposite Vesta in Virgo (trine US Vesta in Taurus) combined with the transiting Nodes in Gemini (North + O’Rourke’s natal Saturn) and Sagittarius (South).

The Sun (0+ Capricorn) in the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart conjuncts O’Rourke’s natal Jupiter (0+ Capricorn) and opposes Warren’s Sun-Uranus (0+ Cancer), and when this opposition is combined with the sextile between the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0+ Aquarius and Juno (partner) at 0+ Sagittarius it completes a Yod-turned-Boomerang. This will be a theme for the 20 years of this Jupiter-Saturn cycle.

If the December 2020 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction-sextile-Juno pushes (what Yod’s do) Warren’s natal Sun-Uranus to come up with a plan for gun law change, and she engages O’Rourke (whose Jupiter conjuncts the Sun in this Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart), and this Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0+ Aquarius conjuncts the US Inauguration chart’s Sun at 0+ Aquarius, it will greatly influence this new US President’s agenda. Or not.

By: will on October 30th, 2019 at 12:05 pm
‘I highly recommend the Netflix movie:
The Laundromat’

I never posted that tRump would not survive even 1 term as POTUS.
Never, never,never!!!

Good ones, people.

Will – hahahaha – (very cute)

Teresa – “trickle down” water may bail it the Reagan Library from burning! hahahaha!

Bob – I can’t believe it’s actually happening!

Barb – that’s very interesting. I definitely can see the two of them collaborating on gun control, and other issues. Both are so committed and Beto is so connected to the gun control issue, right from the center of his heart chakra. I think b.g. check tightening up should come first, before we ban assault weapons. Not sure, but the gun people & lobby is so damn loud that they make it sound like we want to take away all guns. It’s the same thing Trump is doing when he lies and says he had “a perfect call” after removing words from the transcript!!!!

Bob, concern for Kim? As of yesterday they were fine. She’s one of 2 people I’ve met who share my Oct. 29 birthday and we exchanged emails.

Wishing you a Blissful Belated BD, Banks!

May your year bring you happiness, great health, contentment, accomplishment, success, and great relationships, particularly with yourself.

Can’t say I know how any of this works, but this article reminds me of the movie, we’ve been talking about!


Thank you, Sharon Katz. I’d settle for any one of those wishes. Thank you very much.

Thank you Sharon Katz. I’m ‘d be happy with any one of those wishes?

Thank you for the update on Kim and Adam Banks. I figured they might be busy with possibly leaving the area and decided not to E-mail her.

And belated Happy Birthday!

“Donald Trump’s mental health is a national and global emergency.” Psychiatrist Lance Dodes on the “panicked” state of the “most dangerous person on the planet” | http://Salon.com


Thank you, Bob. I wonder about Linda G also.

3 of the readers I follow live in California. 3 in Australia, and 1 in Canada.

Linda G – California
Lena Rodriguez – Australia
Violetta – Canada
Whimsy – California (moving to Australia)
Revealing Light – Australia
David Johnson – Australia
Intuitiview – California

Reading that the Reagan library has been saved — oddly, in part, due to the herd of goats who are brought there daily to eat the vegetation around it and create a fire break.

So … maybe if Republicans finally admit climate change is real and start taking action to save the planet, the party will survive?

Belated birthday greetings Banks!

As the drama unfolds I’m finding it hard to believe that the United States will lose much, if any respect from other nations regarding the sabotage by Trump, due both to his inflated ego needs and his allegiance to Putin.

All nations are subject to takeovers and now the US has come as close to that since its inception. The simultaneous square from transiting Uranus and opposition from transiting Pluto off and on from 2010 – 2013 has indeed shaken our country’s complacency, but in the long run will have only strengthened its power.

Transiting Saturn opposed US natal chart ruler Jupiter off and on in 2018 and the progressed US Jupiter (15+ Cancer) off and on in 2019 through the 1st week or so of October. Ironically, it might seem, trans. Saturn will make it’s last trine with transiting Neptune in November as it finishes it’s opposition to the progressed US Jupiter.

After that, transiting Neptune will station direct later in November and will end its trine to the progressed US Jupiter in December before Christmas. Then its a whole new ball game.

Transiting Uranus, upon stationing direct next January, will return to sextile US natal Jupiter – as it did off and on in 2019 – in late March, 2020, just before the first Jupiter-Pluto conjunction (April 4-5) opposite the US natal Mercury (24+ Cancer). This of course will also affect Trump’s natal Venus-Saturn that conjunct the US natal Mercury.

My hope is that Impeachment and/or some other
blow to the fake US President will be a turning point in the awakening of the US, both its People and its government.

I hope this touches some as it did me.


Oh my goodness!

‘Impeachment Investigators Summon John Bolton’

President Trump’s former national security adviser has been asked to testify next week.
A lawyer for Mr. Bolton responded that he was “not willing to appear voluntarily.”

It is unclear if John Bolton, President Trump’s former national security adviser, would actually appear to testify.
It is unclear if John Bolton, President Trump’s former national security adviser, would actually appear to testify.

Ja, there is internet noise stating he will do it under the cover of a subpoena! For example –


From the WSJ – The headline says he won’t appear voluntarily – the subtitle is that “Bolton is ready to receive a subpoena anytime”!


My chart for tRump for the morning after Super Tuesday is not one he wants to see. It will be what it will be whether he has been or is getting impeached or not or is or is not in office.

just watched the pentagon press briefing on the raid – how refreshing to have respectful questions and seemingly candid answers. Stark contrast showing how far the white house has fallen

It should be noted that whenever transiting Uranus is sextile the US natal Jupiter (like now) transiting Chiron will be square the US natal Jupiter.

The transiting Uranus and Chiron have been in a semisextile for a decade, ever since the triple conjunction of transiting Jupiter and Neptune and Chiron were conjunct the US natal Moon in 2009.

This synchronicity has had a dual effect on the planets (in charts or in transit) they aspect. In this case transiting Uranus (breakthroughs) has been sextile US natal Jupiter, while transiting Chiron squares US natal Jupiter at the same time.

When transiting Uranus was conjunct the US natal Chiron in December 2016, transiting Chiron was semisextile US natal Chiron. I’m assuming this is beneficial in the (outer planet) transformative process in some way.

With transiting Chiron square the US natal chart ruler, ie. US natal Jupiter, we will feel the wounding, while at the same time transiting Uranus (breakthrough) sextiles (facilitates) US natal Jupiter (ruler of US chart and symbol of understanding). I may be over-simplifying, but it might be the old ruse that doctors use to distract a child from the shot he’s about to get.

tRump’s chart’s for the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire’s primary also give him a bad showing if he is in the running. Those, along with Super Tuesday, would give him a trifecta in the 3 early voting dates for the GOP nomination. But the triple play would be on the losing side for him.

There is a positive glimmer for him in New Hampshire but it may apply to some other event.

That last line should read “on the date of the New Hampshire Primary”, not in New Hampshire.

Mixed my charts up. The glimmer of hope is in the Super Tuesday chart not the New Hampshire Primary chart.

Pelosi announces the results of the 5 min electronic vote at 11:29 am (CNN)

232 yes – 196 no

2 Democrats in swing districts voted no.

Taking a stab here but the announcement chart looks pretty good to me. My chart shows Ceres conjoined the Ascendant at 24+ Sagittarius. Jupiter (law) and the Moon (the people) in the 12th are behind the scenes supportive. Venus, Mercury and Pallas are all conjunct in the 11th house (the future, hopes and dreams). Mercury is at a standstill but I think has not yet turned Rx. Mars is conjunct the Midheaven in Libra (aggressive stance for fairness) albeit up against a square to Saturn and Pluto in the 1st house.


This article says that:

“Mercury goes Retrograde in Scorpio (27o 38”) on October 31, 2019 at 3:41 pm Universal Time, 11:41 am EDT and 8:41 am PDT”…

so, not retrograde yet at time of Pelosi’s announcement, Les.

I saw Scalise up there today, with the rest of the Republicans, speaking against the Democrats’ procedural vote today. My husband ran against him in 2010 (I’ve mentioned that before here) and got 19% of the vote. Scalise did not even bother to campaign that year. For me, the campaign was challenging but also exciting & thrilling.

By the way, the 2 Dems who didn’t support the procedural vote were from MN & NJ. NJ is basically a Blue state. Maybe it’s not Blue enough? I imagine the Rep did this for re-election purposes and will change his vote as the evidence is organized and presented.

Sharon K,

I don’t know how the Cosmos actually works the Mercury Retrograde thing, but for me, I feel the instability at least two weeks prior – and the last few days have been absolutely helter-skelter. In any event, the impeachment process is just that – and will probably have more than a few fits and starts and reversals, etc. Nonetheless, it has felt dramatically unstable to me for at least the last three days. This morning, the Republican’s behaved in Congress behaved with flagrant disrespect, arrogance, and bald-faced dishonesty. This is the closest thing to civil war I’ve seen in my years, having lived through the riotous 60s; we are a nation of two entirely separate perceptions of reality.

Trump World is nothing short of a massive psychotic fugue. The very soul of the nation is at stake.

From Michael Wolfstar (on his FN page): “Two weeks ago I wrote, “Mercury turns retrograde on October 31 while sextile the U.S. Pluto, inferring that a major report is issued, likely the initial inquiry results.” This forecast fit the symbolism, and quite closely to actual events. Precisely as Mercury turned retrograde, Congress voting to hold public impeachment hearings. Also, a federal judge over-ruled the White House’s latest defense against the impeachment process while ordering that all the redacted material of the Mueller Report be turned over to Congress.

Two weeks ago I wrote, “Mercury turns retrograde on October 31 while sextile the U.S. Pluto, inferring that a major report is issued, likely the initial inquiry results.” This forecast fit the symbolism, and quite closely to actual events. Precisely as Mercury turned retrograde, Congress voting to hold public impeachment hearings. Also, a federal judge over-ruled the White House’s latest defense against the impeachment process while ordering that all the redacted material of the Mueller Report be turned over to Congress…”

FB not FN. Facebook page.

Ugh. Mercury is definitely Rx now! I didn’t mean to post the same quote twice. Here was the second bit.
“Mercury turning retrograde in Scorpio while sextile the U.S. Pluto is a double influence, a telling theme. Scorpio is associated with buried, hidden material, and when Mercury turns, the hidden dimensions suddenly become available….”

I’m confused how one dates the start of Impeachment astrologically, since the Resolution passed doesn’t initiate impeachment proceedings but explicitly states it is for continuing ongoing investigations. Doe it matter? Here’s the wording in the Resolution passed today:

1 Resolved, That the Permanent Select Committee on
Intelligence and the Committees on Financial Services,
Foreign Affairs, the Judiciary, Oversight and Reform, and Ways and Means, are directed to continue their ongoing investigations as part of the existing House of Representatives inquiry into whether sufficient grounds exist for the House of Representatives to exercise its Constitutional power to impeach Donald John Trump, President of the United States of America.

Thanks Les, you say that the Mars in today’s Impeachment Rules chart is at 17+ Libra. Day before yesterday Lamis gave us the Trump Lunar Return chart which had Mars at 17+ Libra.

The US progressed Mars is also at 17+ Libra.
Trump’s natal Jupiter is at 17+ Libra.
Putin’s natal Saturn is at 17+ Libra
The US Constitution chart has Neptune at 17+ Libra, and today transiting Mars is on the MC (outcome) of the Impeachment Rules chart at 17+ Libra. Could the Universe be any clearer?

This Impeachment process will be all about exposing the connection between Trump and Putin and the US progressed Mars and how it all relates to the US Constitution’s natal Neptune. (Not sure how Beto’s natal Uranus at 17+ Libra fits into this yet!)

When Eris (discord) was discovered in 2005 she was at 19+ Aries and opposite Jupiter (understanding) which was at – wait for it – 17+ Libra! The Sun in that chart (symbolizes consciousness) at 15 Capricorn made it a T-square, and is where transiting Saturn (materialize) is now.

That Sun in the Eris Discovery chart, where transiting Saturn is right now, was opposite the US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer. Me thinks that Eris is a key component of what is happening to the US at this time. It is the discord amongst us that brought Trump into the Presidential Election process, and it is the discord amongst us that must be resolved.

This morning at 11:29 AM transiting Jupiter and Moon at 23+ Sagittarius were trine (facilitate) transiting Eris at 23+ Aries.

PS – Saturn in the Eris Discovery chart was at 24+ Cancer, the same degree where US natal Mercury (live coverage of Impeachment process) is, and it was opposite Chiron (healing through wounding) at 25+ Capricorn. Transiting Saturn will be at 25+ Capricorn by Feb. 1, 2020. Keep the faith.

so white house lawyer Eisenberg, aka trump ass coverer, seems to have been pivotal in squirreling away the phone call transcript. cant find much info on him other than born 66/67. But he did work in very powerful, most conservative law firm whose alumni include names such as Starr, Barr, Bork, kavanaugh, bolton, etal. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kirkland_%26_Ellis

Rep. Katie Hill: “The forces of revenge by a bitter, jealous man, cyber exploitation, and sexual shaming … have combined to push a young woman out of power … Yet a man who brags about his sexual predation … sits in the highest office of the land.”

“I’m leaving, but we have men who have been credibly accused of intentional acts of sexual violence and remain in boardrooms, on the Supreme Court, in this very body, and worst of all, in the Oval Office.”


marjorie’s latest on the twit

Will, the article I posted states that the pre-shadow period began on Oct 11, when t. mercury was at 11 Scorpio, so that could have affected planets in your birth chart. Today, mercury R is at 27 Scorpio. Also Mars is now at 17 Libra so that could have also been affecting you by transit in the past 2 weeks, depending on your chart.

The Republicans will do or say anything to win. Those in control run a tight ship and I’ll bet intimidation is a factor. Then again, I read that Trump’s campaign is contributing $$ to some of them. I’ll look for that link.

McCarthy accused of affair with House member after failed speaker bid
By Marisa Schultz

“WASHINGTON — House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy abruptly withdrew his promising bid to become speaker Thursday as the married congressman was accused of having an affair with another married House member in an anonymous posting on Wikipedia.

Minutes before Republicans were to cast votes to make him speaker-elect, McCarthy stood and told his colleagues that a fresh face was needed to unite the party.

“And I’m not that person,” McCarthy said, according to one person in the room.


‘Could be bribery’: Election law expert says Trump’s impeachment scheme could be a felony

President Donald Trump latest defense against impeachment has been to shower Republican senators with campaign cash.
Rick Hansen, a law professor at UC Irvine and expert in campaign finance law, said the transaction could be charged as bribery.
”Offering a thing of value (campaign money) in exchange for an official act (a Senator voting for or against impeachment) could be bribery,” Hansen noted.”


Aaron Sorkin: An Open Letter to Mark Zuckerberg

“Facebook isn’t defending free speech, it’s assaulting truth. And right now, on your website, is an ad claiming that Joe Biden gave the Ukrainian attorney general a billion dollars not to investigate his son. Every square inch of that is a lie and it’s under your logo. That’s not defending free speech, Mark, that’s assaulting truth.”


Will, I think it’s time to take to the streets. I’m ready, to March, I’m just not sure how to organize it.

The Internet turned 50 this week. It was invented by somewhat idealistic scientists and engineers under the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in service-oriented Virgo. The project was initially pure socialism: government-funded, conceived to be for all and not-for-profit. The Internet became a household word in the Nineties when Uranus joined Neptune sextile Pluto. Its positive and pleasing side was then apparent. In our era of the Uranus-Pluto square, the Zuckerberg manipulation of data, Russian hacking and the dark Net have gained prominence. A proper balance will perhaps not be found until the Uranus-Pluto opposition 20 years from now.

Very interesting, Andre. Why would the Uranus-Pluto opposition cause a proper balance?

I remember in the 90s when I was walking around in S. Beach one Friday night. Lots of artistic stuff going on then. My friend & I met someone she knew and he told us about the World Wide Web and how huge it was going to be! He was right! Understatement of the century!

The NYT just send out a news alert that Trump is filing for residency in FL and plans to leave NY. Uh oh! To get out of being prosecuted in NY? Planning to hide-out at Mar-a-Lago soon after leaving the presidency? I imagine it would be a lot less stressful & more private. I also imagine that being boo’d at the World Series last week woke him up to the reality that this is what awaits him beyond his inner circle, his base, and the slimy dictators who are cultivating him and kiss up to him. I remember George W saying for years that he didn’t understand why people didn’t like him. Well, Trump is being hit by the same rude awakening – but he probably hasn’t totally accepted it yet.

Barb K, Bob, et al In late February tr Pluto will begin trining Trump’s midheaven. Please comment! Prof. Bertonasco

Re. Bob’s post: “My chart for tRump for the morning after Super Tuesday is not one he wants to see. It will be what it will be whether he has been or is getting impeached or not or is or is not in office.”

Thanks for the reminder, Bob – that chart is in line with comments I’ve put up several times in the past. I guess it’s appropriate to say that now, because Mercury is now Rx. Not that I want a claim to the chart or accuracy. It is far too soon to know the final outcome (and I’ve been wrong before!). But I do keep seeing the same thing over and over – Trump will survive this at least until the next election.

I think he will be severely ‘wounded’ politically by the end of next year, much more so than even the terrible state of affairs now. However, imo, it won’t take him out entirely. It’s not that there isn’t plenty of reason to do so, but the GOP is having a severe identity crisis behind closed doors about now and the religious fundamentalists who have stuck with DT are having one as well.

The problem for them is that if they pull their support from under DT, they have nothing to put in his place except Pence, who is a different fish from anyone they have dealt with before. Pence is the glue between the various factions and he also keeps a lot of things running in behind the hoo-haa in the media, both in the White House and in keeping the religious supporters in line.

This situation is way more complicated than one orange haired man having multiple temper tantrums and no understanding of world geography. Until Mitch McConnell goes, the GOP isn’t going to budge, at all. The impeachment vote in the House isn’t in the Senate, but the loyalties are pretty clear on both sides of the party. I can’t imagine what maneuverings must be happening privately in the GOP – it must be like the Roman empire on speed – power until the death.

Anyway, my point is that they all have a vested interest in keeping DT in his position until they have another viable candidate (or they just decide DT is their guy for another round). It may simply be his health that makes it impossible for him to go on.

In any case, I believe there will be a big upheaval at the time of the election, but what it will be is impossible to say. It is still a year away and it may actually be very hard to see what is happening at the time. Transiting Neptune in DT’s 7th house of open enemies and partners will be inconjunct his progressed Neptune in the 12th house of secrets. Except for 4 minutes of Aquarius, Neptune rules DT’s 7th house. It’s pretty slippery on all fronts.

So, lots of things can happen, but one thing both reading the news and my understanding of the stars says, is that getting rid of DT for the GOP is going to be more dangerous than taking him out.

Good for Pelosi & co. – she’s doing all she can, but the Dems won’t impeach DT because they alone can’t. They will go through all the motions, keep it boiling right up to the election itself, but DT ain’t goin nowhere.

That chart of his hasn’t got a fixed sign on the ascendant, at a critical degree (29.56 Leo), with Mars above the horizon, as well as Jupiter in trine from the executive house (10) to everything in the money house (2), for nothing. His progressed chart for the summer of 2020 looks awesome with trines and sextiles everywhere, except for a square to the moon, which by then he should be able to handle in his sleep.

What takes him down imo, is transiting Pluto inconjunct his natal Sun late 2020 and opposing his natal Saturn at the same time, coming from the 5th house of his children and investments (and maybe more sex issues). In addition, transiting Saturn will inconjunct his natal Mars on the ascendant at the same time, also from the 5th. Whether it will be something to do with his kids or his glands is beyond anyone’s guess right now.

It’s only a year more of horror and suspense, right (groan)? Happy Halloween!

Hi Beowulfie,
at 8:02 pm

“That chart of his hasn’t got a fixed sign on the ascendant, at a critical degree (29.56 Leo)”

That reminded me of Regulus and got me curious.

During the campaign I remember astrologers writing about Regulus bring in exact conjunction to Trump’s ascendant and a wider conjunction to his Mars @ 27 Leo (?).

So many warnings that he must avoid revenge etc.at all costs.

Not being an astrologer I have no idea what is known about how Regulus has played into the actual fall of past leaders.

It seemed so important then to Trump’s rise so what about his fall? lol

Thank you to Nancy and everyone else for all that you share, it’s appreciated.

Sorry Izzy – got me on that one! I have no idea how I typed that – I must have gone retrograde on some other thought…but I did not mean to say ‘hasn’t’. I meant to say ‘has’!

Trump’s Ascendant is at 29 Leo 56 degrees. (Assuming his birth certificate, as published, is correct).

Starlight wrote this in her last post:

“The possibility should therefore be considered that Trump might actually call out the US military or possibly declare martial law on his behalf after asserting another national emergency, whether due to impeachment or due to an election loss.”

He will try, but his insulting treatment of the military in Syria and Lt. Col. Vindman will turn against him.

Izzy, as for Regulus and Trump’s Ascendant, that is correct. Any star on an angle of the chart is considered significant in a natal chart, bringing the star’s influence into prominence. That is even more so for Regulus, which is supposed to bring recognition and power, both socially and in terms of wealth and office. Which fits DT’s story pretty well.

The other side of it that people don’t mention, is what happens to a king who misuses power – usually he gets the boot in a disgraceful way or survives only because he becomes a dictator. The problem for kings (or presidents, or dictators) is that they are AT the top of the heap once they get there and afterwards they have nowhere to go but down.

Which brings up the fascinating fact that DT’s chart also happens to have Caput Algol, the very star for losing your head on his Midheaven (it’s also known as the Medusa’s head – check out the Greek myth). It’s a revengeful star. DT’s MC is at 24 Taurus 18, and Algol was 1 degree off that point at the time he was born.

It is interesting that we even know this about DT’s chart because most leaders’ and kings’ exact birth times are not known or published – if so, it is most often just the date, but not the precise time of birth, which ‘sets’ the Ascendant and Midheaven.

DT’s published birth certificate happens to give the time to the minute (it doesn’t mean, however, that it was very precisely recorded, but it could have been – no way to know).

So, which star is going to win out in the end, or will it be both? Will he “lose his head” or get the boot first? Most would say he’s lost his head already!

You know the old saying, uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. It’s hard to make a graceful exit when your time is up as the regent. Kings often don’t enjoy retirement much or very long (and in England and other countries the expectation is that once crowned, the monarch rules until death).

I suppose that is a good reason for clinging to power so desperately, as many kings and dictators have done in history.

Most people never think of the tough spot that a king puts himself in (or herself, nowadays) when the crown plops on his noggin. In the past, it really was a life sentence.

Shakespeare wrote a few really good plays on this dilemma, which kings almost inevitably face. It is one of the main reasons the founders decided that the US should became a republic instead of a new kingdom (though the royalists tried). The idea was that the transition to power was going to be a whole lot smoother and less people would get hurt if nobody was ENTITLED to be a king for life – hence, term limits.

Smart people like Obama carried off this transition from president back to ordinary (well, not very ordinary) citizen beautifully. That is thanks to the US constitution. Leaders in many other countries with democratic governments see their leaders live long, productive lives, too, after their tour of duty is done – no need to lose your head at all.

With DT, having already ‘lost his mind’ at least, it remains to be seen what will happen. It doesn’t seem that he’s headed for a very peaceful retirement, but maybe Mar a Lago won’t be so bad, if he can get there. We surely do hope that he gets ‘elected’ to permanent retirement in 2020 one way or other!

“maybe Mar a Lago won’t be so bad, if he can get there” – It was reported yesterday that the Trumps filed to change their official residency to Mar a Lago from New York (apparently sometime in September). Governor Cuomo said “He’s all yours, Florida” and deBlasio said something like “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.” They say it’s for tax purposes, but he’s probably also trying to avoid all the NY investigations – not sure that will work after the fact.

Beowuflie, Thanks so much for your informative/interesting reply about Regulus, your humor had me smiling.

I found 2 articles from Jude Cowell on Trump and Regulus.

“Will Regulus Assure-Destiny of Donald Trump?”


This one also mentions January’s 2020 Great Pluto-Saturn conjunction and Trump’s Vertex…”fated encounters “as a possibility of bringing him down..

“Trump With Regulus Revenge Time.”


In case you missed this, Speaker Pelosi on Colbert last night.


She is an Amazing woman!

Even us unrefined guys dig her.

“There is nothing like a dame
Nothing in the world
There is nothing you can name
That is anything like (pardon please Mr. Oscar Hammerstein II) that dame”

“Kevin McCarthy is implicated in the scandal he doesn’t want investigated. McCarthy received money both personally and in the guise of his Protect the House PAC from Igor Fruman and Lev Parnas, the grifters at the core of the influence operation that led to Trump’s quid pro quo conversation with Volodymyr Zelensky. He also keynoted an event with the grifters. While he has said he’d donate the money to charity (though has not yet, as far as I know, shown that he did that), there is no way to unring the bell of their support. He became Majority Leader with the support of men who have since been indicted for that support.

That is the face that is leading opposition to impeachment.”


Kurt Eichenwald, a former Times reporter just laid out a very frightening scenario where trump could, given the powers in the constitution, could suspend the 2020 election if it does not look good for him. I know a lot of folks have talked about a crazy election, but a suspended election?


Barbk look:

Beto O’Rourke Drops Out of the Presidential Race
The former Texas congressman, who energized Democrats in a Senate race last year, began his White House run to great fanfare but failed to build significant support.


Beto says he’s not even running for the Senate. I wonder what he plans to do next? The House? I know gun control is where his heart is.

Cuomo says Trump’s move is because he’s trying to get out of disclosing his taxes.

I wonder if Rethug operatives dug up some skeletons on Beto. Such a sudden move huh?

Barb K, Bob, et al In late February tr Pluto will start trining Trump’s midheaven. Please comment! Thank you, Prof. Marc Bertonasco

ja, I think it has something to do with transiting Mars conjunct his Uranus (as well as US prog. Mars, Trump’s Jupiter, US Constitution’s Neptune, Putin’s Saturn). I’m wondering if he is teaming up with Eliz. Warren in some way. Just a feeling.

Did anyone watch Hardball tonight? Chris Matthews interviewed Rachel Maddow about her new book and it was the best interview of her I’ve heard so far. He focused on asking her about the oil/gas business and how/why Putin is obsessed with it. Fascinating.

It made me think about the Pluto-Neptune cycle, the 2 planets we associate with oil and gas, and their conjunction with the US natal Uranus. So, what does Uranus do? He breaks up the status quo.

Anyway, that cycle between Neptune and Pluto (probably about oil in some way) began in 1891, before Pluto was discovered so astrologers would have seen it as just transiting Neptune conjunct US natal Uranus. That chart also had Venus ($$) in Cancer (opposite the as yet undiscovered US Pluto in Capricorn) square transiting Uranus (disrupt) in Libra (which was square the unseen US natal Pluto in Cap).

It would be 1930, about 40 years after transiting Neptune (and the invisible trans. Pluto) had been conjunct US Uranus in 1891 that we would know there was a Pluto in the sky, and where the US Pluto was, and that transiting Pluto had also been conjunct the US natal Uranus at the same time transiting Neptune was. World War 2 started 9 years later on September 3, 1939.

Transiting Pluto was at 2+ Leo at the start of WW2 in a T-square with the transiting North Node at 0+ Scorpio opposite trans. South Node and trans. Saturn at 0+ Taurus. Transiting Uranus will station direct at 2+ Taurus (square WW2 Pluto).

Transiting Neptune at the start of WW2 was at 22+ Virgo and conjunct the US natal Neptune. Transiting Uranus at 21+ Taurus was trine transiting Neptune and US natal Neptune at the start of WW2.

Transiting Mars at 24+ Capricorn at the start of WW2 was in a grand trine with trans. Neptune in Virgo and trans. Uranus in Taurus.

I note this because it seems obvious (to me) that the outer planets unconsciously motivate human beings (some of them) to change things that are stable. Because transiting Neptune is moving into an opposition to US natal Neptune, and transiting Pluto is moving into a trine with US natal Neptune, it would seem likely to trigger those humans (in the US) that are susceptible to outer planet energies to change what seems stable.

Also, trans. Uranus, when it reaches 7+ Taurus, will be sesquiquadrate US natal Neptune, and when it gets to 8+ Taurus it will be semi-sextile US natal Uranus. That will be in May, 2020, when US Democrats will be voting. Trans. Pluto will be opposite US natal Mercury (voting counts as communication) at that time. Transiting Jupiter will be conjunct US natal Pluto all month. Nothing seems too stable in the US this Spring.

silcominc -re your 5.46 post: Elections are the domain
of the states, not the federal govt. It would take a ballsy move to work around that one, not that it is beyond his twisted mind to try something. Short of catastrophic act of god to temporarily postpone, IMO the fed and state legislatures and the courts would override if he tried anything.
Is that link a scare “be very afraid” windup?

Sharon,the residency move would only affect trumps taxes going forward. Still subject to laws for years past where he was NY resident. I wonder how no state tax in Florida will work in the long run. How do they generate revenue? Is it only from sales taxes? The irony is that NY tax hike is due to his own tax bill disallowing fed deductions. I think several of his businesses are still in NY.

Prof, I think tRump will be out of office by then and any aspects to his charts will likely have to do with legal involvements.

tRump’s 2020 solar return’s Pluto will be opposite his natal Saturn and his natal Sun and Moon will be squared by the return’s conjunction of Mars and Neptune (the terror combo). These will be in place until his 2020 demi-solar return in December.

Fascinating article – Regime cleavage:


marjorie wrote on Adam Schiff in jan 2019 – seems he is well placed in his role

Posting something different but I think helpful anyway:

“« The living are allowed to want to carry on relating to the dead, but not just anyhow. When someone dies, the doors of the earth close behind them; they find themselves in the grip of a new current of forces, and they do not have the right to go back. This is why we should avoid clinging to the dead and accompanying their departure with regrets, tears and wailing. So long as they have not passed the regions of the astral and mental planes, the distress of the living is a torment for them.

It is only when the dead reach the causal plane that nothing can disturb them anymore: it is as if they are in the centre of a magic circle of light, and no appeal or begging from the living can enter this circle if they do not want it to. It is good to pray for the dead, to think of them with love, to send them light so that they may find peace and become free, but we must not cling to them.” »

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

This is extremely dangerous Barr/Trump requesting info from our allies to take down our agencies. British official “it is like nothing we have come across before, they are basically asking, in quite robust terms, for help in doing a hatchet job on their own intelligence agencies”



New post up finally:


I agree with the Twitter commenter who hoped the UK government would turn over any info they had to the impeachment inquiry and not to DJT or his minions.

IMHO, I don’t think the Russians have ever had a more useful agent or asset than DJT. None of their spies, nor any of their operatives, individually or collectively, were all their work through the decades put together, have ever been able to accomplish what DJT is doing.

What amazes me is how so many R’s are so deeply and completely mesmerized that they don’t see this treasonous malfeasance. What profound irony!?!?!? The party most strongly and assiduously standing for national security; the party most vehemently anti-communist, & anti-Russian follows Mr.T like lemmings but drags the rest of us with him.

It reminds me (ironically, if you know the metaphorical original intent of the filmmakers) of the 50’s film about the body snatchers. Most of the R’s have been replaced by pods. They’re all pod people!!!!!

Prof. Bertonasco, I defer to Bob on specifics regarding dates and the fact that Trump – some day – will be history, but midheavens (MC’s) in general have to do with the public persona of the person (or company, marriage, etc.) or the outcome of an event. Trump has come to symbolize both; a person and an event or a period in history.

That said, Pluto is a symbol of (brutal) transformation and trines symbolize something that is done or experienced without complication or challenge. Technically then, Trump’s reputation will transform (without ceremony).

As a period in history, a trine from transiting Pluto to Trump’s MC suggests a hurdle in the transformation of a society or of government or of mankind has been accomplished with a minimum of fanfare; a kind of “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” kind of thing.

Trans. Pluto trine Trump’s MC would be part of a bigger picture of what was happening (transits, progressions, etc.) to Trump astrologically. Trans. Pluto will have been opposite Trump’s Saturn as it moves into trine his MC, and it will also oppose US natal Mercury (forms of communication like Twitter) and just before that trans. Pluto will also have opposed Trump’s Venus. So Pluto will be methodically breaking down a system, piece by piece by piece.

At the same time trans. Pluto trines Trump’s MC, trans. Neptune will square (challenge) Trump’s natal Uranus (need for freedom). Other transits (and progressions) to Trump’s chart and the US chart will enhance or mitigate the effect of trans. Pluto to Trump’s MC, but the overall effect would appear to demolish Trump’s reputation in the Public’s eye, as trans. Neptune wears away his freedom.

He might be in a coma at that time due to his age and lifestyle. Just a guess on my part. Thank you for your great question and I hope this answers some of it.


“What amazes me is how so many R’s are so deeply and completely mesmerized that they don’t see this treasonous malfeasance. What profound irony!?!?!?”

Yes. Their commitment to this sociopath – scares the bejesus out of me; chilling!

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