7th Sep, 2019

Planetary Update

The extremely stressful summer and fall planetary aspects continue apace. For now, the strong activation of US Mars is in retreat. This combination of Uranus stationary semisquare US Mars (6/18 to 9/5) and Pluto quincunx US Mars (6/24 to 8/5) brought us a mini racial civil war in the early summer, including both the proliferation of vicious and deadly white supremacist attacks and a racist verbal onslaught from Obese Hitler Himself. Moreover, we have also seen severe storms, multiple wild fires and random explosions, all more prevalent than normal under these strong Mars aspects.

The final piece of this hyped-up Mars energy will come again in October and November (10/2 to 11/29) when Pluto makes its final crossing quincunx US Mars. It will be strongly triggered by transiting Jupiter from October 16 to October 21 and by transiting Mars from November 3 to November 5.  The Jupiter transit coincides with Jupiter transits in Trump’s chart but still includes the tail end of the Saturn transit square to US Saturn and quincunx Trump’s Ascendant. This suggests aggressive US policy in October, especially through the 21st, including possible military action, that is over-optimistic and based in rash decisions and poor judgement.  Failure and embarrassment continue until around October 23, when the Saturn transits to US Saturn and Trump’s Ascendant begin to diminish. Between October 23 and 29, Trump may declare some kind of victory and briefly bathe in some exaggerated glory. At this time, Jupiter will be opposing his Sun for the final time, and there is no Saturn energy to weaken his brief celebration.

Pluto will continue its quincunx to US Mars through November, thus extending the aggressive rhetoric on foreign policy issues and the potential for domestic terrorist attacks, especially from November 3 to November 5 during the Mars transit square to Pluto. However, with no Saturn transits or progressions coinciding, the impact is likely to be far less horrific than the destructive storms and mass shootings we have endured over the summer.

The protracted Saturn station square to US Saturn and sesquiquadrate Trump’s Ascendant has done a great deal of damage and will continue to do so through October 23.  “How the mighty have fallen” is an apt description of this three-month sojourn of Saturn square to US 10th house Saturn (7/22 to 10/23). The total vacuum in US leadership on a global scale has become impossible to ignore, with a president who is ignorant and self-absorbed to the point of absurdity.  Global alliances and policies are being shattered at an alarming rate. Global hotspots are proliferating with no steadying US hand to help in guidance or support or even just to referee. Except perhaps in Moscow or Pyongyang, there is universal alarm at how far we have fallen in just two plus years. America stands humiliated on the world stage and seems powerless to correct the potentially catastrophic trajectory it is on.

The one helpful impact of the Saturn station is its sesquiquadrate to Trump’s Ascendant which has diminished his standing and support in the country. The cumulative pressure of this transit from August through most of October has led to far more focus on Trump’s vicious racism, as well as his extraordinarily pervasive corruption, including his using the US taxpayer as a cash cow to help him bail out his failing businesses. Also there has been far more focus on his fragile and deteriorating mental health and mental capabilities.

From late October through early January 2020, there is a brief break in general stress indicated in Trump’s chart. If we are to see impeachment proceedings, they may well come in January and February 2020, when Pluto and Saturn begin their opposition to Trump’s Saturn/Venus conjunction. Even if a conviction in the Senate is not successful, an impeachment proceeding in the House will do a great deal of damage in 2020. Pluto stations near to opposition Trump’s Saturn from mid-January to mid-July. Saturn’s first crossing opposite natal Venus and natal Saturn is from January 13 to February 7, but then it will return to station opposite Trump’s Venus from August 18 to October 22, 2020. It is hard to not see plummeting poll numbers and deep despair under these transits.

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Thanks for the ‘heads up’ Nancy. It has certainly been a challenging period of time for many.

Sharon, just one more comment on pre hurricane evacuations – I think some that could afford to, did fly out. But the bigger question for those much poorer is where would they go to except designated island shelters? What if ‘brown people’ did not have preapproved visas to usa? Would they be subject to current trump ‘security’ methods? Its not like they could drive off their island to an inland area, like those living along the usa coast. I saw an interview with one woman who said she had been thru cat 5 hurricane(s) before and this one felt more like a cat 10. One man sheltered in a concrete school on a hill and said it sounded like sledgehammers pounding all night. When he was able to go outside again much of the school was gone.

“These are the times that try men’s souls” (Thomas Paine)

When people read about these times; people who are born 40-50 years from now, they will wonder how that man named Trump could have lasted so long (in office) as US President. Even with Russian interference aiding in his election having been exposed while he was still in office, the country continued to endure his atrocities.

There are so many people who aren’t able to see what you and other astrologers see Nancy, people alive now who don’t realize how a transiting Pluto or a transiting Uranus aspecting a US Mars can expose hidden hatred or shock a country out of its complacency.

I am grateful to you for giving us times allotted for these kinds of upheavals, it makes it less traumatic when you can see it coming ahead of time and know when it will stop. These are indeed testing times.

Shiver me timbers!

Nailed it Nancy. Absolutely Nailed It .

Thank you, Bob, for your explanation at the end of the prior post. Thank you also, Nancy – it’s a long haul to Saturn’s station opposite Trump’s Venus from August 18 to October 22, 2020. There’s no choice but to hang in and your timely comments are helpful and appreciated.

Did anyone else read Nancy’s words “two plus years” and automatically think “has it only been THAT long?”

Gods, it seems like it’s been forever…

Sharon K and all those wondering….

Eliseo is on the road, still traveling thru Texas at this point. Got a call from him this evening. I expect him to pull into Leavenworth either Monday or Tuesday, depending on how he does on the road. Even to here, it’s a long haul. The dog will be great company; not so sure about the cat! (LOL)

Hey Folks,
For the past week or more I’ve been without Internet except for my phone, AND I’ve been totally focused on finishing up the estate process so I could make my exit. I’m now on the road in Paris, Texas heading north. When I wake I’ll cross into Oklahoma and keep going. Thank You All for your well wishes and your safe journey prayers. I’ll keep you posted.

Eliseo, don’t push too much. We are all with you and sending you love and light, eagerly awaiting news.

Kiwi, it’s just like what happened in Hurricane Katrina and I imagine many others. The poor, and the people of color, often the same group, get ignored. I realize there would be red tape but when it comes to humanitarian issues, especially for our neighbors, this has to be suspended! Don’t bring them into the country if necessary; send ships or evacuate to safe places. Also, I do not remember all that many category 5 hurricanes affecting the Caribbean although there have been some fierce ones (I think Andrew and Katrina were later upgraded years after the fact). Of course, the Bahamas just doesn’t have the infrastructure, but I am angry that others stood by and let this happen. No doubt Dorian was even worse than previous hurricanes but this was talked about on the weather channel and news for a week or more! I didn’t think they were exaggerating. I heard them being even more concerned than in many other cases. They were upping the kinds of advice they gave and the urging of people to evacuate, doing due diligence. They never reported on evacuation plans for the Bahamas and I am sad. If the government is inept, why didn’t those with resources help? It is not just the Bahamas. This happens fairly regularly. Puerto Rico! Many people there are harder to get to as they live in hills, forests, mountains. It is just hitting me what blatant disregard for human life this shows. And it’s not just the government — the private sector could have organized something.

Eliseo, Yea! Good ‘ol Paris, TX. An unusual place, but a wonderful movie. So glad you are finally moving. I know what a haul it’s been, but it gives hope to all of us feeling stranded by, well by just about everything. Moving happens. Go slow and enjoy it as much as you can.
Slightkc- Cats are great car company! I have gone cross country several times with them, wouldn’t want to go any other way. Definitely help keep you awake. I also did a trip from Ohio to CA with two cats and a Parrot. Not sure I would want to do the drive a Parrot again… hahaha.

Henri, that’s good. I can just picture it.

From Nancy’s post above, re Saturn….”but then it will return to station opposite Trump’s Venus from August 18 to October 22, 2020. It is hard to not see plummeting poll numbers and deep despair under these transits.”

Nancy, the Republican Nat’l Convention will be in Charlotte, NC from Aug 24-27.

The natal chart for Charlotte has what looks like a favorable sun-moon relationship with Trump’s sun-moon.

Charlotte birth chart:

Trump birth chart: https://astro-charts.com/persons/chart/donald-trump/

When I did an event chart for the Repub Nat’l Convention in Charlotte on Aug 27, 9 p.m. (approximate date, time of the nomination), t. Venus in particular is in a positive relationship to Trump’s venus, and t. Jup. could be in a positive position in Cap.


It looks like there will be a lot of love for Trump that night but, based on the Saturn aspect, it could mean that something will go wrong after that and either he won’t be nominated, or he will be, and will have to be replaced.

I guess it also depends whether having a beneficial planet in the opposing sign is a good thing. In my personal experience, I find it often is (but my astrological experience is limited).

Did not get as far today. I’m in Muskogee, Oklahoma for the night. I’m ok, just very tired. I’m purposefully taking this trip far more slowly than previous ones. I should arrive in Leavenworth, either tomorrow or Tuesday. I seem to be doing a longer drive one day and a much shorter one the next day. We’ll see if that pattern holds.

Hi Eliseo 🙂 Please don’t forget to stop & stretch every 1-2 hrs.

On another note, kiwi, you were right. Bahamians with visas were told to get off a ferry from the Bahamas to FL, when they normally don’t need one!

What the hell?!


Michael Wolfstar:

“As the ongoing poll leader, Biden’s words matter. His progressed Mercury is now stopped at 24º Capricorn where it opposes the U.S. Mercury, thereby influencing the national debate. Meanwhile, transiting Saturn and Pluto will be conjoining this Mercury as it begins to move forward in 2020. His Ceres at the foundation of his chart suggests he cares about Earth as a home, but his Neptune in the 10th house points to his interest in the fossil fuel industry as a thriving professional ally. Progressed Mercury at an absolute standstill is open to contradictory policies which, in turn, mess with his message.


This morning’s transiting Mars (13+ Virgo) trine transiting Saturn (13+ Capricorn) was also a jolt to the US Sun (13+ Cancer) and the US Saturn (14+ Libra) and Trump’s natal Chiron and Juno (partner) also at 14+ Libra; a heads up on Nancy’s take on the trans. Saturn square US Saturn period (“how the mighty have fallen”). Would this refer to Trump’s planned meeting (then cancelled) with the Taliban at Camp David?

Transiting Mercury (21+ Virgo), symbol of the latest news, and transiting Venus (24+ Virgo), symbol of values, are right now straddling the US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo) which trans. Pluto trines and US Mars + Trump’s Sun (22 and 21+ Gemini) squares. Thank you transiting Mercury and Venus.

On October 13th a Full Moon will conjunct the US natal Chiron in the US natal 4th house of roots, family and history. The opposing transiting Sun will conjunct US natal Juno in the US natal 10th house of fame and infamy, and transiting Pluto in Capricorn will be in a double T-square with (1) the FM opposite Sun and (2) US Chiron opposite US Juno.

However, transiting Jupiter (understanding) in Sagittarius will trine the Aries FM and US Chiron, and it will sextile trans. Sun in Libra and US Juno. These seem to be incremental steps toward an awareness (or awakening) of a plan as featured in the 2019 US Solar Return chart. Ironic that Trump’s natal Chiron conjuncts his Juno, while in the US chart it is an opposition between Chiron and Juno. Hmmm.

In the US Solar Return chart, Pallas (the strategist) was conjunct the US natal Saturn, both at 14+ Libra (along with Trump’s Chiron + Juno) and square SR and natal US Sun at 13+ Cancer.

In this US Solar Return (SR) chart, Pluto at 22+ Capricorn and retrograde (the same degree where it will conjunct trans. Saturn in January) was quincunx Trump’s Sun + US natal Mars in Gemini, and this SR Pluto also was quincunx the SR Moon at 21+ Leo. This created a Yod in the 2019 US SR chart, with Pluto at the apex.

Somehow and some way, the SR Moon (the mood of the people) and the US natal Mars + Trump’s Sun have caused (or will later cause) what appears to be a bit of a shift in the intentions of the SR Pluto, likely evident at the January 2020 Saturn-Pluto (+ Ceres) conjunction.

The plot thickens.

Odd how the past can affect you when you least expect it.
De Ja Vu. When I drove into Missouri, it suddenly and intensely occurred to me I needed to change from my light grey shirt to a dark one, lest I be mistook as a union spy in Confederate colors.

I’m staying tonight in Butler, Missouri, about an houR’s drive south of Unity Village. Although I’m not a Unitic, I’ve done several hundred lectures and special programs for various Unity Churches. Tomorrow, I’ll take a quick gander at Unity Village, after of which drive to see our friends in Leavenworth. From there to Rapid City and on to Olympia.

Henri, your comments about driving cross county with two cats and a parrot reminded me of the time my husband and I drove from Holloman AFB NM to his new duty assignment at MacDill AFB FL. We had a young cat (her name was Pepper) going through her first heat. We also had a parakeet that could talk. Midway through Texas, after my constant refrain of “Shut up, Pepper!”, the parakeet started repeating “Shut up, Pepper! Shut up, Pepper! Shut up, Pepper!”
Seriously considered giving them both away before we hit east Texas!

From The Atlantic

“But above all, accepting the truth about Trump’s mental state will cause us to take more seriously than we have our democratic duty, which is to prevent a psychologically and morally unfit person from becoming president.
The office is too powerful, and the consequences are too dangerous, to allow a person to become president who views morality only through the prism of whether an action advances his own narrow interests, his own distorted desires, his own twisted impulses. When an individual comes to believe his interests and those of the nation he leads are one and the same, it opens the door to all sorts of moral and constitutional devilry.

Whether or not his disorders are diagnosable, the president’s psychological flaws are all too apparent. They were alarming when he took the oath of office; they are worse now. Every day Donald Trump is president is a day of disgrace. And a day of danger.”

PETER WEHNER is a contributing writer at The Atlantic and a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center. He writes widely on political, cultural, religious, and national-security issues, and he is the author of The Death of Politics: How to Heal Our Frayed Republic After Trump.




To your many spot-on points:

Trump Is Not Well
Accepting the reality about the president’s disordered personality is important—even essential.

SEP 9, 2019


Is Epstein Dead or Did He Disappear into a Pedo Protection Program?

“Back in late August, it was revealed Jeffrey Epstein, two weeks before his supposed suicide, put $577 million in a bulletproof trust fund. By putting his fortune in a trust, he shrouded from public view the identities of the beneficiaries, whether they be individuals, organizations or other entities. For the women trying to collect from his estate, the first order of business will be persuading a judge to pierce that veil and release the details. I believe Epstein is not dead. He was taken from the prison and disappeared into the dense fog of the ruling elite’s minion project program. I believe he is alive and well in Israel. I have no evidence of this, just precedent.
It’s not happenstance he was supposedly found dead a couple days after locking up his millions and the names of coconspirators in a trust fund. At the time of signing his will, I believe Epstein knew he would escape justice.”



In as much as I also do not believe Epstein killed himself, I must take anything Kurt Nimmo writes with not a grain but perhaps a whole box of salt. From what I have gathered, Nimmo worked for the madman
Alex Jones for a number of years.

All said, I can hardly blame some conspiracy theorists out there – I think paranoia is a natural symptomatic out-growth for one who feels repeatedly deceived its own government.

It’s also a little strange to me that the guy would put him in Israel. Because he is Jewish? Israel may have the Mossad but it is a small country and it wouldn’t be easy to hide there (not that he would necessarily stay there but even if the Mossad is involved, why bring him to Israel?). That in itself hints of a conspiracy theory fan. His theory of replacement is plausable, but it is more likely to me that he died of “assisted” suicide.

John Bolton has natal Sun and Chiron at 28+ Scorpio.

Trump’s Mars-Ascendant in Leo opposite US natal Moon in Aquarius completes a T-square with Bolton’s Sun-Chiron.

Transiting Sedna and transiting Vesta at 27+ Taurus opposes Bolton’s Sun-Chiron in Scorpio, and completes a grand cross (4 squares, 2 oppositions). Sedna is about being sacrificed by her father and being under water. Vesta is about what is invested in and about focus.

Bolton’s natal Neptune at 14+ Libra conjuncts US natal Saturn at 14+ Libra, and Trump’s natal Chiron and Juno, both at 14+ Libra. All square US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer.

Bolton’s natal Pallas at 7+ Gemini conjuncts US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini

Bolton’s natal Saturn at 5+ Virgo conjuncts the New Moon at 6+ Virgo 10 days ago, when Saturn was at 14+ Capricorn and square US natal Saturn, Trump’s Chiron-Juno, and Bolton’s Neptune, all at 14+ Libra.

A very important development. the resignation-firing (which?) of John Bolton.

from nyt’s

Bolton Out

“I think we need to admit just how vulnerable we are as a nation at this moment in history.

We have a loose cannon as a president, with a glaring personality disorder and an abhorrent disregard for the rule of law.

Most of us want to pretend everything is normal and get on with our lives, but his daily barrage of hate and rage tweets is more than a mere distraction, it’s an aberration.

Unless we start facing reality, as painful as it might be, we will continue to have this daily devolving of our principles and assault on our sensibilities.

I, for one, choose to save our country, and uphold the stunningly valuable tenets of our Constitution.”

Here’s some b.g. as to why Bolton was fired.


He wasn’t getting along with anyone in the WH and when he was overruled, his team would leak mtg info (“losing and leaking”). I know he’s a war hawk, which is bad. He was a poor choice in the first place but changeable Trump doesn’t seem to know which end is up so he’ll try anything. On the other hand, at least you knew where he stood. He was against peace talks with the Taliban at Camp David which even sounded a little fish to me. Appears Bolton won that one because they were cancelled?

That was very interesting & unusual association, Eliseo.

Thanks so much for keeping us posted. Glad your trip is going so well!

I agree with John Brennan, firing Bolton was another distraction from the news coverage – in this case Trump’s brouhaha about the path of a hurricane.

. . . and his lining his own pockets with US taxpayers money, i.e. US military staying at his hotels.

Almost everyday hits become everyday hits September 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th, with the 18th being the most perilous for tRump.

4 months until January sweep.

Only 4 months; thanks for the reminder Bob. I’m almost as intrigued about the lunar eclipse 2 days before the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in 4 months, because it will square the US Chiron as tightly as the full moon next month conjuncts it. In fact, the Sun opposite that January eclipsed full Moon will occupy the same degree that transiting Pluto will occupy in next month’s Aries FM (conjunct US Chiron).

Preparing for the everyday hits next week.

I have arrived at slightkc’s residence. All is ok.

Eliseo, we continue to follow your travel log with interest! Happy adventures!

It is possible with tRump’s hits coming closer together that some of what I see on several of those dates may signify psychological hits (bouts of depression) we do not observe or news (conditions) delivered in private by GOP party leaders showing their pulling away from the swamp creature. Best would be revelation of his agreeing to accept help from Putin in return for being his stooge.

As much as I absolutely dislike Bolton and his pet policies, he does not strike me that he has been deep into the absolute financial graft that many surrounding Trump are entangled.
Which makes me wonder – how much might he know and might he spill the beans?

Thanks for the Planetary Update Nancy..Bob I am hanging my hopes on your predictions of the demise of you know who.. may the astrology save us…

Eliseo- Yea! Rest my friend. Your journey is in full swing and will only get better and better!
SassyGrace- I totally understand. Baby Birds go to when nervous was a smoke alarm sound. It’s a wonder he made it to California alive… 🙂

Several things about the Jupiter-Neptune cycle suggest that Hurricane Dorian was spawned by this cycle. These 2 planets have been transiting within orb of a square for weeks (exact on Sept 21) and when they started their cycle they were conjunct US Natal Moon and Pallas in Aquarius. They were also conjunct transiting Chiron (wounding leads to consciousness).

So, if we think of Jupiter as immense and Neptune as unbelievable and then combine it with the US Moon (US People) at their cycle start, and the fact that they were square (challenging) at the time of Hurricane Dorian, it seems more than plausible.

Add in Chiron’s influence (on the Jupiter-Neptune cycle) and the way the survivors are being treated by Trump, then the picture is complete.

Except that their square won’t be exact for another 10 days. That could possibly mean another devastating hurricane. This Friday. the 13th, is a Full Moon (21+ Virgo) which conjuncts the US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo) which squares US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini (and Trump’s natal Sun).

Add to that, the Full Moon (FM) Mars (17+ Virgo) opposite the FM Neptune (17+ Pisces) with the FM Jupiter (16+ Sagittarius) making it a T-square. Add in Trump’s natal Uranus (17+ Gemini) and it becomes a grand cross.

Again, trans. Pluto is T-square the US Chiron opposite US Juno. I think it might mean another hurricane and it might hit the mainland, and Trump’s Sharpie might be involved with some disastrous results.


‘It’s a highly anticipated matchup between the early front-runner, Mr. Biden, and a liberal standard-bearer, Ms. Warren, who has steadily climbed in the polls to challenge him. Mr. Biden is eager to stress his experience. And his advisers and allies suggested in interviews that, whether obliquely or overtly, he is prepared to seize on one of Ms. Warren’s perceived strengths — her extensive and boldly progressive policy plans — and use that to accentuate his own record of liberal achievements despite the sometimes-challenging political realities in Washington.”


To view or listen to The Stephanie Miller Show, Thom Hartman, Randi Rhodes, and other left wing and progressive activists:


Nancy P takes a reporter to school.


Truly heartbreaking that evacuations did not happen…


Also read a news item that Trump wanted to ease up on sanctions on Iran to encourage a meeting with Iran’s President Rouhani but Bolton opposed it.

Did you guys see this amazing video of Deb Butler confronting the Republicans who voted to override the Gov of NC’s budget veto (something to do with Medicaid expansion) after lying that they wouldn’t have the vote, but did have it when the Democrats were out of chamber! This lady is mad as hell and is not taking it any more. I was worried about her BP – she was that angry for an extended period of time — and rightly so. Her female colleagues, the few that were there, eventually stood up and joined in.


Ralfee Finn Today:

“With the Sun and five planets—Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune—in Mutable Signs this week, joined by a Full Moon in Pisces on Saturday, opportunities abound to soothe ragged edges and mend broken fences, individual and collective. Unfortunately, it’s not likely that all of us will want to work together toward the common good;”


Still in Kansas. Tomorrow night I’ll probaIbly be in Sioux Falls, SD. Everywhere I go sensitive people are having unusual, prescient dreams. Folks dream according to their own subjective archetypes, but the dreams are thematically sImilar, i.e. preparations for endings/beginnings. All agree it portends something we’ve not imagined or conceived.

Keep your eyes peeled for a girl and her little dog and flying monkeys.

I have found the charts that give me reason for concern in January 2020 and I do not want to post them. If what they might support comes about they will not matter anyway.


RE: Tonight’s Debate at 8 PM

Elizabeth Warren . . .
Natal Moon in Taurus, likely around 15-16 degrees, trine the transiting Mars in Virgo and trans. Saturn in Capricorn tonight (a grand trine). Her Taurus Moon will sextile the transiting North Node in Cancer to form a Yod with transiting Jupiter in Sagittarius, which squares transiting Neptune in Pisces and transiting Mars in Virgo. Trans. Jupiter will be the lightening rod tonight.

Bernie Sanders . . .
Natal Sun (15+ Virgo) conjuncts transiting Mars (16+ Virgo) which opposes transiting Neptune (17+ Pisces) as transiting Jupiter (16+ Pisces) is T-square all the above. Also, his natal Neptune (26 Virgo 59) conjuncts trans. Venus (28+ Virgo) and Mercury (27+ Virgo).

Joe Biden . . .
The only natal planet making major aspects to the transiting T-square (Neptune-Mars/Sun-Jupiter) in the debate tonight is his natal Mercury in Scorpio sextile transiting Sun in Virgo, and his Mercury also sextiles trans. Pluto in Capricorn.

He does have natal Sun-Venus in Scorpio sextile transiting Venus-Mercury and Bernie’s Neptune in Virgo. His Mars in Scorpio opposes Warren’s Moon in Taurus.

Kamala Harris . . .
Natal Juno (supports the disenfranchised) at 8+ Sagittarius will be squared by the transiting Moon in Pisces (conjunct US Ceres), which the US natal Uranus in Gemini squares. Topic about relief for hurricane victims or children in cages?

Her natal Moon in Aries that sextiles her natal Saturn in Aquarius (that conjuncts US natal Moon) will form a Yod to transiting Venus and Mercury in Virgo (which sextiles Biden’s Sun-Venus in Scorpio that squares Kamala’s Saturn and US Moon) that will be conjunct Bernie’s natal Neptune. Go figure. Lots of adjusting around the topic of service (Virgo) is my guess.

Nancy, you’re brilliant!
This quote comes from The Definition of Fascism:
“And one final point to note is that in the chart of National Security Advisor John Bolton (dob 11/20/48), the transiting Saturn station is square to Bolton’s Neptune (14 Libra18) from August 6 through October 11. Given that he is the ideological source of some of the most aggressive and belligerent policy toward Iran, it seems likely that his ideological neoconservative claptrap will run straight into the painful wall of reality regarding Iran during this period with devastating consequences.”

‘Simply Unacceptable’: 145 Executives Demand Senate Action on Gun Violence

“In a direct and urgent call to address gun violence in America, the chief executives of some of the nation’s best-known companies sent a letter to Senate leaders on Thursday, urging an expansion of background checks to all firearms sales and stronger “red flag” laws.”


Eliseo – Keep on truckin’ “What a long, strange trip it’s been!” 🙂

VERY interesting article about Trump, by Philip Zimbardo, the mastermind of the famous 1971 Stanford authoritarian/cruelty experiment that allowed subjects to act as prison guards and choose levels of punishment.


Full moon in Pisces is on my mars & venus. Should I keep a low profile? I tend to clash with a few people in my orbit. Moon is opp my saturn, too, apparently. Family emotions? Hope they are all positive. I will try to that (there are a few people who have virgo/leo placements that push my buttons, especially one in particular)

Heard this morning that Malcolm Nance’s wife, Maryse, died yesterday at 4:52 PM from ovarian cancer complications. His books: The Plot to Hack America, and The Plot to Hack Democracy brought him to national notice while he was dealing with years of worry over his love. The heartbreak for his family brings me to tears. Those are the kind of natal charts I wish I could compare.

Sorry, it’s “Destroy Democracy”, not Hack on the second title.

Think about transiting Uranus, symbol of individuality, freedom, disrupting the status-quo, advances in technology, breaking through barriers, and wonder to yourself . . what is its purpose is in Taurus (the material world, that which is associated with the stubborn bull, nature and what we value, building things, beautiful things).

Transiting Uranus – in Taurus – is in the US natal 5th house. What is it about the 5th house that Uranus wants to release from the status quo???

The 5th house of any chart is about the creativity of the individual whose chart it’s in, in this case, us (US). The 5th house is opposite the 11th house, which is about the group, a house associated with the sign Aquarius.

While Uranus, considered to be the ruler or co-ruler of Aquarius, is in the 5th house of the US natal chart, a house associated with Leo and the creative urge of the individual, it would seem to be out of place or going against the grain, even more than usual, IMO.

Transiting Uranus in Taurus is square the US natal North Node in Leo (in US 8th house) and the US natal South Node in Aquarius (in US natal 2nd house). Ah-ha! Uranus has a purpose for being in the US natal 5th house of creativity!

Why so many Democrats running to be the next US President? Why does an artist need so many colors to paint a picture? All the better to create a perfect vision of a perfect world. Each candidate represents a color, or shade of color, unique to himself, in the way that a painter’s palette affords the artist greater expression or creativity of his vision! We as voters can, and must be more creative.

All this freedom of creativity then would seem to be an advantage to the US natal North Node in creative Leo, symbol of the pathway forward.

Where once we (USA) adhered to the US South Node of Aquarius, a sign that operates to the advantage of the group rather than the individual alone, we are being encouraged (trans. Uranus, famous for disrupting the order) now to break away from total complacency and express our individuality. Egads, that would be chaos, wouldn’t it?

Well, yes, if it were forever. However, Uranus and Pluto, Uranus and Neptune, Uranus and Saturn, Uranus and Chiron, plus Uranus and Jupiter have ongoing cycles in which Uranus performs a role, a disruptive role in most cases, in order to break through existing incalcitrant standards so that new ideas can be born. These Uranian moments, these breakthroughs, are not meant to become standard operation.

After all, Uranus, as ruler of inventions and the sign of Aquarius, is about the future which is always in flux. Taurus is not associated with flux; just the opposite. Taurus is about solid foundations and, rather than decimating those foundations Pluto style, it is Uranus the Disruptor that has come to create chaos in the USA.

On May 15, 2018, Uranus entered Taurus, the same day there was a New Moon at 24+ Taurus, which is the same degree as Trump’s MC.

The chart for that New Moon when set in Washington DC had an ascendant of 24+ Gemini, the degree where Uranus was when discovered. The transiting North Node was at 8+ Leo conjunct Robert Mueller’s natal Pluto.

That North Node (on it’s way to the US Natal North Node Return in June, 2018) was sextile the US NATAL Uranus at 8+ Gemini, and together they formed a Yod to transiting Saturn at 8+ Capricorn (where the Mars-Saturn cycle would start in June, 2018) which was opposite Trump’s Mercury (mouth, mind, Twitter) at 8+ Cancer. And yes, that formed a Yod-turned-Boomerang, with all the energy landing on 8+ Cancer, Trump’s natal Mercury.

Transiting Uranus is now T-square the US South Node and the US natal Pholus, both at 5+ Aquarius, as well as the US North Node at 5+ Leo. It is US Pholus being squared by transiting Uranus that has stirred up the animosity between the Dems and Pubs. the blacks and the whites, the men and the women, the well-to-do and the poverty stricken.

It is transiting Uranus in a quincunx (forced to adjust) to Trump’s natal Neptune in Libra, the ruler of his 8th house of his “shared resources”, which trines the US South Node and Pholus in Aquarius (which transiting Uranus in Taurus squares) that is bringing forth much of the discontent we are experiencing in the USA.

From our perspective here on Planet Earth, it seems that we are doomed to become a failed state, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

We are in transition (a step in the transformation that is Pluto’s bailiwick) from unconsciousness to consciousness as to how our government has been used, yes used by unscrupulous people, and it took a Trump to make that consciousness happen wide scale.

Listen to what these Democrats say tonight and if one or more resonate with your ideas of what is right then you are awakening, and Uranus is doing his job.

Castro attacked Beto in an earlier debate the same way he attacked Biden tonight. Apparently there is a side of him he has kept under wraps.

From the nyt’s:

“Once again this debate season, Mr. Biden came under the fiercest and most sustained scrutiny, from his ideological foes, from a former cabinet mate and even from the moderators. He was pushed on race, on deportations, on health care and, in an intense exchange, on his age.

But in the end, Mr. Biden exited the stage the same way he entered it: the embattled-yet-clear front-runner”

As if they need more – another tropical storm forming over the Bahamas

Going through Kansas, could not help but think of our old friend, Theosophist, L. Frank Baum and his creations, Dorothy and her little dog too. I’m now in S. Dakota looking for an old friend but can’t dally long here.

Last night’s debate gave us some examples of how Uranus in Taurus expresses its energy. Beto O’Rourke said “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15’s, your AK-47’s . .”, something that a candidate would never say in the past, and it had a shocking effect. Guns of any kind have been considered sacrosanct by gun owners and too valuable (Taurus) to be threatened by politicians.

Transiting Venus conjunct transiting Mercury at 29+ Virgo was conjunct Beto’s natal Mars at 27+ Virgo (which trines US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn and is quincunx [adjustment] US natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius) when he said those words.

Beto’s natal Uranus at 17+ Libra conjuncts the US PROGRESSED Mars at 17+ Libra which conjuncts the US Constitution Signing chart’s Neptune at 17+ Libra, which conjuncts Trump’s natal Jupiter at 17+ Libra, which conjuncts Putin’s natal Saturn at 17+ Libra.

It is breathtakingly clear that Beto’s remark is the breakthrough (Uranus) leading to changing the Constitution’s 2nd amendment. Perhaps US PROGRESSED Mars is switching from strong man Trump (+ Putin) to strongman O’Rourke as his role model?

Beto O’Rourke has natal Venus at 20+ Leo sextile his natal Saturn at 20+ Gemini (conjunct US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini) and this sextile, when combined with transiting Pluto at 20+ Capricorn, creates a Yod . . with transiting Pluto at the apex of the Yod; the part that must adjust.

Call me crazy, but that remark (rant) by O’Rourke could be a pivotal moment in the race to be the Democratic nominee for US President in the 2020 election.

Also, to anyone who read my comment yesterday (5:55 PM), I erred when I said that transiting Uranus was T-square the US north and south nodes at 5+ Leo and Aquarius when I should have written 6+ Leo and Aquarius, and that goes for US Pholus (small cause big effect) conjunct US South Node, also at 6+ Aquarius. So sorry.

Anyway, transiting Pluto is now T-square the US natal Chiron (wounding/healing) at 20+ Aries (trine Beto’s Venus in Leo) that opposes US Juno (defender of the disenfranchised) at 20+ Libra, which trines Beto’s natal Saturn in Gemini and the US NATAL Mars, and Trump’s natal Sun.

On Election Day (Nov. 2020) the transiting North Node will conjunct Beto’s Saturn at 20+ Gemini. Don’t say I didn’t tell you!

Correction: Mercury was at 27+ Virgo and Venus was at 28+ Virgo and both conjunct Beto’s natal Mars at 27+ Virgo (29+ Virgo is where Venus and Mercury are in today’s Pisces New Moon).

Yes, Beto certainly upped his game last night. He isn’t afraid to rattle the sacred cows. Boy oh boy, talking about taking away people’s automatic weapons and reparation will get him noticed.

If I have his chart right, his progressed Venus will conjunct his Uranus at l7 degrees Libra in November 2020. Sure seems like he will somehow be pivotal to raising the consciousness of the U.S.

In response to Beto’s taking away his assault weapon, a Texas state representative tweets:

“My AR is ready for you Robert Francis”


Eliseo is right. There are those 2nd amendment rebels (who, ironically, have misread the 2nd amendment) who are going to go down fighting ….very unfortunate. I hope this guy is held accountable for his threat.

Sharon K, A real and horrible threat. My first thought was the comparison toRobert Francis Kennedy who was assassinated when the was running to become the Democratic nominee in 1968. I do not think this was unintended. It all so chilling. Yes, that they will go out fighting is also chilling.

Sharon, that twitter feed was so over the top. In particular the scary, dangerous and erroneous beliefs of irrational gun ‘rights’ people. One in particular has no basis in fact according to George Washington historians – “When government takes away citizens’ right to bear arms it becomes citizens’ duty to take away government’s right to govern.”
Mt Vernon library has yet to find an explanation for this misquote or a similar quote of Washington’s that was confused for this statement.

How will we ever overcome the lies?

Henri, I didn’t catch that and, yes, it’s quite awful & chilling, Henri & kiwi.

It’s like all this free-floating toxic masculinity, that feels lost, scared, threatened by “the other”, as well as strong women, is crystalizing into this archtype of a warrior, be it the American Revolution, Civil War, or something more ancient. Very, very misguided energy, only to be called upon when authentically needed, such as against the Germans in WWII, but it is an outlet for toxic male strength when it’s angry and all wound up and has not been balanced by a healthy feminine side, and is used as a substitute for healthy self-esteem and view of realty. Trump is an example but not the most violent — but he gets a kick out of egging the on and being liked by them. And, some of these people have the nerve to call themselves Christians.

“egging them on…”

OMG – trump’s ‘acting’ pick to replace Bolton!

Yes Sharon, that would be US natal Mars (masculine energy) in Gemini (in duality) in the US natal chart’s 7th house (the other), squared by Neptune (lost, scared, threatened) . .excellent work!

Thank you Liz for the info on O’Rourke’s progressed Venus. It looks like right now (using print ephemeris) that his prog. Sun (20+ Scorpio) is sextile trans. Pluto (20+ Cap) and prog. Uranus (20+ Libra) squares trans. Pluto.

Also his prog. Pluto is conjunct his natal Sun now, both at 3+ Libra. No wonder the guy doesn’t want to be a just a senator! Looks as if his prog. North Node was conjunct trans. Pluto in the recent past. Much more in his progressions makes him someone to watch. Thanks again Liz.

Barbk ……yes, Beto is someone to watch…..bright, energetic, ambitious, but his rough edges will hold him back. Venus rules both his Sun and Moon, so it is an important planet in his chart. Still, I would rather see Warren or Sanders take on Trump.

Your observations and analysis always gives me something to think about. Hope you keep it coming.

Thoughts on Donald – after his Baltimore lightbulbs:

Take a look at the clips (not long):


The written article minces no words pointing out Trump’s stupid flaws and his slips of the tongue – it outright laughs at him. Don’t get me wrong – I do not support Donald Trump, but I don’t think people should be laughing AT him or underestimating him, not now, not ever. For one thing, it is not a kind or honest to be snide with anybody, but it is also dumb. It just indicates how helpless his critics feel.

It also raises a question of interpretation of what he is saying – meaning interpretation from whose point of view?

While I’m no fan, I do see that his speaking style and his actual words are often misinterpreted. He is right in that. People give him no credit and make no allowances like they have with other Presidents like Reagan. It is quite clear that his meaning is not accepted or even understood by anyone other than his ‘own’ audience, despite the fact that he will be the President of the US for at least one more year. This is very dangerous.

It is a real failing in his critics and the media, especially when his policies are terrible. People simply resort to disregarding what he actually means because they can’t deal with it.

His policies are real (sadly), but people are so upset that they choose to ignore what he really is saying and who he talks to – at one level, he knows he talks to everyone. Nobody escapes. And if he’s gotcha on one thing, he may get you on more (see below). It works, like accessory giveaways in selling cars.

The criticism comes against Trump’s ‘weird’ behavior and the way he mangles his words. Sure, but lots of politicians do those things – look at Biden’s gaffes, which are many and often. The criticism dangerously disregards the context in which Trump speaks, which he must do both instinctively and consciously (because he always hits a nerve on both sides).

He talks strictly ‘down market’ from an intellectual’s way of seeing things, at the same time as he knows he is connecting with his voters. He deliberately speaks as though he is a working class man, a blunt worded individual who doesn’t care for pretensions or what other people think of him. It must be highly appealing to people in his audience who hate double speak and don’t like pretensions (even though he is pretentious).

Meanwhile his underlying “message” seeps out anyway, although it is a language of context and style, and it does not speak as crudely as his sentences do. It is in his body language, the openness of his body position (though not always) and wide gestures. He is often relaxed, talking off the top of his head. He is riffing and telling (some) people what they want to hear.

The thing is, his message is in an even lower register than the ‘ordinary folks’ in the audience he is speaking to. This is the way adults feel when they listen to a child – they do not feel personally threatened. Imo, it is Trump’s secret: people must feel they are as good or better than he is – and that means they are at least EQUAL. Which is crazy because he’s rich and they are not.

It is a different kind of equality Trump appeals to: believe it or not, it is an idealistic kind of equality that confirms a lot of people’s lower/middle class biases, of whatever color they may be racially. He BEHAVES like he could not be a threat, which masks his power as a President (or a manipulator).

When Trump puts himself in a light where he looks more ordinary than the ordinary people, it will be very hard, for a Democrat to beat him (provided the GOP retains the political advantage they have and assuming the polling machines in the election will not be any more fairly controlled than before).

Speaking of light – one thing I agree with him on is the incandescent bulbs! It is so brilliant.

I can’t believe that he or his team actually FOUND such an issue for him to talk about! Has he ever changed a light bulb? NO!

So somebody must have planted this idea for him, or he is more of a public image genius than anyone has given him credit for!

Speaking for myself, having gathered up bunches of used mercury and other new technology bulbs, and seen them thrown out in my office, I relate to what he is saying. There are no protections for anybody in the marketing of these bulbs – it is true that those toxic bulbs do not take into account what people actually DO with them when they break or are worn out. It’s bad human design.
Somehow Trump has latched on to it and is going to make hay with it. Brilliant. Got to hand it to him – he’s twisted, he should not be President, but despite everything he must know what he’s doing by instinct.

It’s a sad day for democracy, is all I can say, when light bulbs could turn a Presidential election away from ‘real’ issues. But, lightbulbs are serious business too. There you are – the ongoing conundrum.

Unbelievable: the media are all over the lightbulbs. LOL Here’s another one, which links to the NY Times. Here we go on the merry go round – the idea is not to talk about the real issues or what the Dems have to say – focus must always be on the Donald.


Washington Post did a whole article on it:


This (last one, sorry for hogging the light-bulb!) nails it & funny too:


Interesting analysis, Beowulfie.

He is definitely a button-pusher par excellence for the media of this country, and for many people. And I will certainly profess that I am not immune; I want nothing more than to see that awful man locked up and forgotten about in a dank prison cell somewhere, his image tarnished and shredded beyond any hope of rehabilitation, which might be the one thing he fears most.

I have an Aquarian friend who has expressed similar insights as you have regarding the focus on DJT’s style of delivery (e.g. “Trump Derangement Syndrome”), rather than his message. Focusing on the latter may actually be the key to blunting the seemingly unending impact of the former. But he rubs us in such the wrong way that we can’t quite seem to collectively bridge the gap. But if only we could.

This is an interesting perspective on Joe’s performance at the debate.

“We should get moving,” he said. “There’s enormous, enormous opportunities once we get rid of Donald Trump.”


By request, here is Robert Reich with a message:


The Secret GOP Plan to Keep Power

. .or you can just google Robert Reich!

Thank you Barbk, a great link.

Here is Elisabeth Grace’s Forecast for the weekend.

“The Moon is in Pisces and emotions are on the rise. Here’s reminder of planetary patterns today and this weekend:”


Ja! Thanks for EG’s forecast of the FM in Pisces, so close to transiting Neptune and opposite the US natal Neptune, and when that FM chart is set in DC, the ascendant is in Cancer (midway between US Venus and Jupiter) so this Full Pisces Moon is the ruler of the chart.

That it was taking place as transiting Mars was opposite transiting Neptune while transiting Jupiter T-squared them both, drives home the overwhelming emotional effect this FM will have on our planet, especially the United States.

It occurred to me that, rather than being seen as a failed state, the USA is doing what it does better than any other country; putting on a world class show on how to topple a rogue leader of a free country. Hence the band of 10 merry Democrats putting down said leader on public television. Hence the magic of Pisces and its ruler Neptune!

This period in which the Pisces Moon holds sway (next 4 weeks), emotions will be powerful, specifically with the US people (moon symbolizes people), and this FM is in the 10th house of this FM chart for all the world to see.

Then there is the T-square between transiting Mars (force) in Virgo opposite trans. Neptune (emotion) in Pisces, both square trans. Jupiter (expansive) in Sagittarius which is now opposite Beto O’Rourke’s natal Vesta and Saturn in Gemini. Behold the glory of a grand cross in the transitional Mutable signs at a transiting time in world history. Saturn stands firm and Vesta invests and Gemini communicates.

The beauty of O’Rourke’s Saturn (20+ Gemini) and Vesta (15+ Gemini), aside from their proximity to US natal Mars (21+ Gemini) and Trump’s Sun (22+ Gemini) and US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo), is their trine with Beto’s natal Uranus at 17+ Libra which conjuncts US PROGRESSED Mars, US Constitution’s Neptune, Trump’s Jupiter and Putin’s Saturn, all at 17+ Libra. As Nancy might say:

How The Mighty Will Fall (or words to that effect)

What we saw on Thursday night is the power of Beto O’Rourke’s feelings regarding the butchering effect of assault rifles on innocent people murdered by sick people with access to these weapons designed for use in war.

What we have here is an opportunity to defeat the NRA, the crazies and Donald Trump – all at one time – through the power of emotion (water signs Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer). If you don’t see that yet folks, you soon will. It is time to step up to the plate and have the courage of our convictions. I’ll bet Trump is terrified to take on Beto O’Rourke, face to face, man to man. Hell yes he is!

Apologies for (1) saying this Pisces Full Moon had influence for 4 weeks when it will only be 2 weeks, and (2) for saying a “transiting” time instead of a “transitioning” time in world history. I stand behind the rest of the above comment. So far anyway


New Sexual Misconduct Allegation Against Brett Kavanaugh Emerges: NYT


For today –

Kavanaugh – Sec.Prog. Q2 Mean Quotidian
Sep 14 2019, 7:00 pm, EDT +4:00
[b]Transit Saturn 285°06′ (-270 = 15°06′)[/b]

Sun 016°29′
Mer 016°32′
Ven 015°56′

*** END REPORT ***

For Oct 29 –

His progressed Sun on Oct 29 will be at 16°35′, transit Saturn will be at 286°35′.

Saturday evening
14 September
I’m in Rapid City, South Dakota. I have reservations tomorrow night in Billings, Montana.. There were tornadoes and flooding on Hwy 90, which meant I had to go around the devastation, in other words an extra 300 miles on top of the usual 300 + miles to get to my destination. Monday night I should be in Butte, MT, Tuesday night in Spokane, WA, Wednesday finally arriving home.

Wow, Eliseo! So happy for you that you are almost there. I am not yet sleeping so thought I’d see if you’d checked in. Only 3 more days! Sorry about the extra miles you had to add on, & the hardship for those in the Billings area (my sister in law lives in Bozeman). You are a real trooper. Get that 2nd wind if you need it for your final sprint. It should feel amazing to finally be home.

Thanks for the update Eliseo. It looks like you may not have any more adverse weather conditions to deal with if the forecasts I read hold up. Hot today (dry and cool with AC), showers on Tuesday (dry inside the car and showers, not storms outside).

Rest well on your way and after you arrive home.

Rest well Eliseo–getting closer!
Do whatever is necessary to replenish strength. Travel in joy.

It has just occurred to me that, in this incarnation, Donald Trump is almost completely (if not totally) incapable of expressing compassion because in his birth chart there is no house that has Pisces on the cusp. Natal Neptune is retrograde which also makes it difficult to exteriorize compassion, and it is in Libra, an air sign, and it squares his own natal Mercury (expression) in Cancer as well as the US natal Jupiter (and Venus) in Cancer.

So, it isn’t so much that he has no compassion; he may have it but just can’t express it.


Transiting Makemake (a dwarf planet) at 5+ Libra is conjunct Trump’s natal Neptune and Makemake is associated with nature and how natural resources are used. It seems to be indicating that Trump is a tool for raising the human consciousness regarding natural resources.

Transiting Logos (a trans-Neptunian object or TNO) is also at 5+ Libra, conjunct transiting Makemake and Trump’s natal Neptune. Logos represents logic and reason and cogency. This would indicate that the Universe, in the language of astrology, is forcing humanity to have meaningful conversation regarding natural resources such as icebergs and rain forests,via the Trump tool.

It seems to be working, at least in the Democratic debates the subject of climate change has surfaced, although not lingered on much. Too bad Jay Inslee had to drop out of the competition so soon, but maybe the Universe has other plans for him.

It does, barb, and he will be a powerful governor and re-elected (I hope) as it all takes shape. He will be a leader in this fight.

Sunday evening
Now in Billings, Montana, but I’m in a dead zone. I can’t text anyone I’m here. I hope nevertheless this message is transmitted by internet.

LOL, BarbK, I think you ought to take a look at your own chart first when you make a comment like that about DT!

You are the kind, thoughtful soul in the cosmic equation on that one, I think, not a repressed compassionate Donald who doesn’t exist.

Even if you are looking to be nice about it, there’s just no use putting lipstick on a pig. 🙂


Presidents and the U.S. Moon

“Obama was born with a Saturn-Uranus quincunx at the critical 25º of their respective signs. He was elected when his progressed Lilith and North Node were both at 25º Leo where they were electrified by conjoining his natal Uranus – all exactly aligned with the U.S. Moon in Aquarius. Currently, Biden is the natural leader of the Democratic contenders since his natal Jupiter at 25º and his progressed North Node at 25º Leo are perfectly linked to the U.S. Moon.”


Calls for Kavanaugh’s Impeachment Come Amid New Misconduct Allegations

“Several Democratic presidential candidates called for the impeachment of Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh on Sunday after The New York Times published new information about allegations of sexual misconduct against him, while Republican leaders condemned the reporting as irresponsible and defended him.”

Eliseo, good to hear from you again! Getting closer – woo-hoo! How exciting!

Eliseo, good to hear from you again! Getting closer – woo-hoo! How exciting!

Barbk, on Sept 12th your post seemed to say look for the most original person out there. After the debate you picked Beto, who had a refreshingly authentic moment about guns. But originality goes to Andrew Yang, who is saying think about how money in our own hands will help us prepare for automation, climate change, and housing prices. Time to take a deeper look, imho. A great way to do that is the Joe Rogan interview, JRE 1245. It turns out he is going through a Saturn opposition, a Uranus opposition, Pluto is now square his Chiron, and has gone over his Sun and will again during this campaign. He is going through a lot to get his idea out there which he really believes will help in what he call the 4th industrial revolution. Please check him out.

Marjorie Orr:

“Maybe Pluto in Capricorn is doing some good pulling down financial monoliths and exposing destructive greed.


Chiro, you make some excellent points and I do admire Andrew Yang. Is it he who is going through the Saturn and Uranus oppositions and the Pluto square his Chiron? If so, thank you!

I wasn’t intending to suggest one candidate over another (at least not intentionally) but just what to watch for in a few of the candidates. After the debate I noted Beto because he expressed great emotion and the Full Moon right after the debate was emotion par excellence.

It remains to be seen just how the Pisces Full Moon conjunct Neptune in a grand cross with transiting Sun-Mars in Virgo and Jupiter in Sagittarius, opposite Trump’s Uranus, Sun and the US Mars in Gemini will play out with the audience.

It remains to be seen how much the audience (voters) has to do with the selection of a candidate, and how much money has to do with that decision. Bob and others have predicted that the 2020 President elected will be a “breather” or the calm-before-the-storm kind of term, and the real (visible) change will come with the 2024 elected President . . and I agree. For now, I just hope most voters will be as thorough as you regarding the candidates for 2020 Chiro, and thanks again.

Beowulfie, I was hoping you would realize that was a tongue in cheek remark I made about that pig president. Just wanted to see if the astrology had an answer for such callousness. I have no illusions about a saved soul, although he HAS made us all much more aware than we were in 2015!

Ok, BarbK, good to know your thoughts on DT are grounded, not illusionary. Whew!

Although it’s not wrong to speculate since you never know what the universe has up its sleeve, and you didn’t actually say DT has it himself except as a ‘tool’, going so far as to associate logic and reason and cogency with DT is definitely a stretch.

No more need be said on that…

A comment from the nyt’s:

“President Trump and his aides just tried to falsify information about a hurricane. Why believe them about an attack in the Middle East?”


Linda G said that the Saudis were responsible for the attack and blaming Iran.

Hi all, I listen to the Bulwark podcast and others because I like to hear what Republican never trumpers talk about even if I dont agree with many of their values.

Today they were talking about the fact that the Dems went nuts on the Kavanaugh thing when it looks like The NY Times really didnt find too much.
They are talking about impeachment. (I wish) but impeachment is certainly not happening once McConnell is in the senate and this was a rallying factor for the Republicans before and shouldn’t be made into a thing now. Is this really what Dems want to focus on now, instead of keeping their eye on the ball, which is that this election MUST be a referendum on the madman in the WH.

The other thing they spoke about and I have to agree is how Beto O’Rourke who basically has ZERO chance of being POTUS has damaged the DEMS who for years have tried to tell Republicans that they are not out to take their guns, however, Beto announced “Hell Yeah we are going to take away your AK47’s”. That , especially in Florida, there are many Dems who are so into their guns, that this gun culture is not going away any time soon, so having Beto say that is a line that will be used in ads and radical rallies , NRA etc and that lines like these, can only hurt the Dems and help Trump. SO they think that these two things have helped trumps agenda and are really bad for the Dems. While I totally agree with a ban on assault weapons, I think I agree that Beto’s rhetoric was NOT helpful when you think about it. I can only imagine how Fox News talked about this.

What are people’s thoughts here on this?

I have to say the fact that there were no questions or issues talked about in the debate about women’s rights, the Supreme Court or the absolute corruption happening in the Trump administration is not good, nor is it good to talk about taking away guns and private health care, its just not going to go over well with the average American. The Dems are more and more being perceived as way left and socialist.


I hear your concerns, however people have to stand up for what they believe in.

Some people are perceived as way too right and fascist.

Another dead zone for phone calls & texts but Internet worksn
I’m in Butte, Montana.

Thank you Diana for your strength in being able to listen to Republican podcasts to understand what they are talking about! I don’t have the stomach for it, lol!
I applauded in my chair when I head Beto in the debates. It was quite powerful and he raised the question loudly and clearly about whether we should have weapons of war on our streets. Does the 2nd A allow any and all guns? I think this is a legitimate question for Americans to grapple with. Do military weapons belong in civilian hands? Beto is only addressing military weapons and I think it’s Republican histrionics for them to say he’s coming for their guns. They said the same about Obama and will of any Dem , but it’s a lie.

What Beto said reminds me somewhat of when then Mayor Newsom of San Francisco in 2004 began issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples. There was huge blowback, from many heavies in the Dem Party, too. And while it rallied the Right it also fueled the movement for marriage equality with inspiration and determination.

Diana, I also totally agree with you that the lack of any discussion about reproductive freedom, the Supreme Court and corruption in the Trump Administration was glaring! Especially about reproductive healthcare and freedom.

I just checked it out and you’re only about 10 hrs away from Olympia, Eliseo. Pretty much a straight shot on Route 90. You’ve just about done it!

It’s more like 13 to 14 hours. Google estimates are always unrealistic. Because of gas, lunch, and restroom stops, and walking the dog, etc. you’re doing really well if you average 50 miles per hour. I’Ll keep you posted.

Well said Frank; very well said.

Tomorrow transiting Saturn at 14+ Capricorn stations direct, when it is at its most potent (because it isn’t moving), and it is in a square with US natal Saturn + Trump’s natal Chiron & Juno in Libra. As Nancy noted, transiting Saturn is also sesqui-quadrate Trump’s ascendant in Leo.

Frances Sakoian and Louis Acker in their booklet “The Minor Aspects” say of the sesqui-quadrate:

“They bring dramatic occurrences into the life that demand immediate attention, work and practical action, especially if found in cardinal signs.”

Transiting Saturn is in a Cardinal sign and it is stationing direct.

Of note, the transiting North Node tomorrow is within a degree of being conjunct the US natal Sun (13 Cancer 19), exact on October 1, and remains in that degree through Oct. 9th.

During that time, when the transiting North Node conjuncts the US natal Sun, there will be a New Moon in Libra that squares US natal Jupiter in Cancer and conjuncts Trump’s natal Neptune in Libra, and 2 weeks later there will be a Full Moon that conjuncts US natal Chiron in Aries.

The air is thick with expectation now; will we go to war, or will we rent our troops out for someone else’s war, or will we do something more rational?

In the upcoming New Moon (that squares US Jupiter and conjuncts Trump’s Chiron + Juno) on Sept. 28, there are some additionally striking planetary positions that affect the US natal chart….

1) Mars (action) at 26+ Virgo (details) trines Vesta (investment) at 27+ Taurus ($$) and both will be trine the US natal Pluto (transform) at 27+ Capricorn (institutions).
2) Transiting Venus (values) at 17+ Libra (balance) conjuncts the US progressed Mars (action), and the US Constitution Signing chart’s Neptune (unclear), and Trump’s natal Jupiter (expand), and Putin’s natal Saturn (restrict).
3) Trans. Saturn and trans. South Node (13+ Cap) oppose the US Sun and trans. North Node (13+ Cancer) and the US Sun + trans. NN will be quincunx (need to adjust) the New Moon chart’s Ceres at 13+ Sagittarius which could relate to weather or food or family separations.

There is also in this Libra New Moon chart a Neptune (16+ Pisces) opposite Juno (15+ Virgo), T-squared by Jupiter at 17+ Sagittarius which opposes Trump’s natal Uranus at 17+ Gemini. This is a difficult grand cross (esp. for Trump) that too could be about family separations.

Not to be overlooked is the New Moon chart’s Mercury (23+ Libra) opposite the New Moon chart’s Eris (discord) at 23+ Aries which the US natal Mercury (24+ Cancer), + Trump’s Venus and Saturn, will T-square. Trump’s financial/tax reports maybe?

Much to ponder for the next 11 days. Now, what’s Lewandowski got to say for himself. Sigh.

Sorry, transiting Saturn will be at 13+ Capricorn when it stations direct, not 14+ Capricorn. It will oppose the US Sun at 13+ Cancer (and the US natal Psyche at 14+ Cancer) and square US Saturn.

Spokane, WA
Tomorrow, either Ellensburg or maybe home to Olympia.

Wow Eliseo – you’re almost there! Such anticipation for such a long time – the journey seems to have taken such a short time by comparison. Had to google Spokane to Olympia – inquiring minds want to know – ha ha – 319 miles, 5hrs 7 minutes
May the remaining leg be safe and happy

Hang in there, Eliseo… the end of the rainbow is coming into sight! Hugs to you AND the beautiful critters… we’re still talking about both of them! (smile)

Aquarium Age:

“Saturn goes direct today; it’s been retrograde since April 29. We’ve been in the deliberate pace of its “turn-around” for the last week, and this week that pace continues. I was going to write that Saturn Direct could add an element of stability to the regular routines of daily life but, really, that would be a ridiculous statement because nothing is stable right now and everyone feels the instability even if they can’t determine its source. What’s more, you don’t need an astrologer to figure that out.”


Thanks ja, Ralfee’s perspective always amazes me; she sees a path, if not a silver lining, through the most troubling times, including all the Pluto/Saturn revolutionary times we are experiencing.

I was looking at a chart for the New York Stock Exchange (May 17, 1792) and realized that its Moon at 19+ Aries was conjunct the US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries, where the Oct. 13 Full Moon will be. Since transiting Pluto will be square that Full Moon, and the US Chiron and the NYSE Moon, it could mean a scare for the stock market.

However, the Full Moon chart’s Jupiter (20+ Sagittarius) and Ceres (18+ Sagittarius) will trine the Aries FM + US Chiron + NYSE Moon, so it could be a course correction of some kind.

I also noted that the NYSE Sun at 27+ Taurus (where transiting Sedna [underwater] and Vesta [investment] are now), while it trines the US natal Pluto (27+ Capricorn) it is also square the US Moon (US people) at 27+ Aquarius, and that while the NYSE Neptune at 27+ Libra squares the US natal Pluto in Cap, it also trines the US natal Moon in Aquarius. No wonder it has so many ups and downs!

It seems the stock exchange might be acting as a safety valve (or maybe a barometer) for the USA since the NYSE natal Ceres (nurturer) at 12+ Cancer is on one side of the US natal Sun (13+ Cancer), and the NYSE Chiron at 15+ Cancer on the other side helps keep the US Sun on a fairly even keel.

One last observation is that the NYSE Venus is at 5+ Taurus and that’s exactly where transiting Uranus will be at the Oct. 13 full moon, right across from the Full Moon chart’s Venus at 6+ Scorpio, which trines the US natal Jupiter in Cancer. Too much of a good thing maybe.

Lastly, the NYSE

Ooops, ignore that last line I forgot to delete.

Donald Trump happens to be nine blocks from my home today, UGH! at a fundraiser at the U.S. Grant Hotel, 9-3.

Thank heaven there is a huge protest and I’m about to be on my way to join in.

I am in Santa Barbara and LA for the week – “Trumpageddon” is what they are calling the traffic jams he is creating.

Wow. Knew it had to be something — the whistleblower complaint from the intelligence community that was being withheld from congress?

The Washington Post is reporting someone in the intelligence community became aware of Trump on a call with a foreign leader making a promise so egregious, the intelligence official filed a whistleblower report against the president.

Someone has finally had enough. It as usual, a Trump appointee is trying to keep anyone from knowing what happened, refusing to appear before Adam Schiff’s intelligence committee. Heard tonight
That official will appear Sept 26th.

In the few weeks before the complaint was filed, Trump talked to both Putin and Kim Jong Un.


Thanks Teresa, both Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell have also devoted their entire programs to this tonight.

Sounds like it could be the work of that grand cross between Neptune opposite Mars t-square Jupiter opposing Trump’s Uranus in the chart for the Full Moon in Pisces (which was opposite US natal Neptune that T-squares Trump’s Sun + US progressed Mars in Gemini which opposes his Moon in Sagittarius.

Saturn in Cap was (is) opposite US Cancer Sun and square US Saturn and Trump’s Chiron and Juno in Libra. That’s the way Neptune operates; it sneaks up on you from behind, exposing you to the blinding light, in this case a Full Moon.

Now Brian Williams is discussing the whistleblower story too.

I got my Mars’s mixed up, Trump’s Sun conjuncts US natal Mars, not the US progressed Mars; that one conjuncts Trump’s Jupiter in Libra.

Yay Ja!!!

Arrived home18 September 9:24 pm Pacific time.
Many Thanks to all of you with your goodwill, spells, prayers, thoughts, etc. for my safe journey. Now the new chapters begin.

Best of joy and happiness to you and yours Mr. E!



Links after the first 2 have a space after http: so post can be made.

A post I made on February 12th and 13th 2017:

On September 18, 2019, Saturn will station Dx opposite Sibly Sun, Nixon’s resignation Sun, and my GOP chart’s Sun. Mars will be activating Sibly Mars and Neptune, Pluto will trine Sibly Neptune.

This is just 116 days before January 13, 2020.



Inauguration chart with transits
http: //i.imgur.com/vjpsmv0.gif

PAL Sep 18 with prog natal
http ://i.imgur.com/90OO5f1.gif

From a post of mine on DU (January 2019):

Saturn in Capricorn will oppose the US Sun January 17, 2019, in longitude and RA when the next Congress takes over, and will station in opposition in September 2019. An event that precipitates September 18th and 19th station occurs on about July 25th. The July date tells us there is less than 1 year for almost everyone to finally believe he will be put out. During that September time he will finally admit that he has lost and will begin looking for a deal which he will probably finalize in the 3 days before Thanksgiving. That deal will see his leaving office in January 2020.

Something may come out in June or July that leads to Pelosi’s Jupiter transit in September when it trines her natal Jupiter on or around the 16th.

https: //www.democraticunderground.com/122018482

By: Bob on June 17th, 2019
at 10:55 am

I think he will be neutralized in 60 days.

It may take longer to finalize but as of September 18th he may be just a figurehead for his…his…his? His whatever.

By: Bob on July 20th, 2019
at 2:33 am


w00t Eliseo!

Rest and be in Joy and Peace. Blessings to you and your dear wife.

Congrats Eliseo!!!! I think we should have a party to toast your success! And on to the next successful chapter . . . . . . . .

Bob, I hear ya – it may all be so very very true. The truth, however, does not drive politics. If it’s about this whistleblower stuff, well, whistleblowers have a sad history: even when they are right, they mostly end up wearing it. Whistleblowers are not accurately symbolized by Uranus revolutionaries; they are Neptune mystics or idealists.

(Curious: which planets are you using? I don’t have any experience in testing.)

Sorry to be negative, but I’m still figuring on DT being Pres for another year come what may. No impeachment. No jail. Since when has the universe thrown a political hail Mary pass that didn’t get fumbled?

Excellent news, Eliseo! Glad you’re all home together once again!

New chapters, eh… in more ways than one! (LOL)

Eliseo- Woohoo! Best news of the day. Spinning and clapping and throwing confetti! Let all the new wonders begin.

The transiting Uranus is now in a T-square with the US NATAL North Node in Leo opposite the US NATAL South Node in Aquarius (+ US Pholus), and at the same time the TRANSITING nodes, North Node in Cancer conjunct the US natal Sun, and South Node in Capricorn that conjuncts transiting Saturn, and they create a T-square with the US NATAL Saturn (+ Trump’s natal Chiron and Juno) in Libra.

With these two pressing situations in the US natal chart, both demanding a decision be made between the “old” ways of dealing with such decisions, or the “new” ways of doing so, one such situation is surely the brouhaha over the Saudi oil fields explosion/bombing.

Based on the US South (old) Node in Aquarius, we would consult with our allies (an Aquarius thing) but the US North (new) Node in Leo suggests doing something creative and dramatic (a Leo thing) on our own. In this case it is transiting Uranus in Taurus forcing this decision and it suggests something totally unexpected, maybe something re: technology would be appropriate.

On the other hand, in the case of the TRANSITING nodes, the South (old) Node in Capricorn is conjunct TRANSITING Saturn which recently turned direct, suggesting a formal procedure is the way to address any decision, while the North (new) Node in Cancer is conjunct the US natal Sun suggests something different.

That might include a family get-together to discuss the options involved in this decision that’s being forced by US NATAL Saturn (+ Trump’s Chiron+Juno) in Libra, likely about partnership.

The NEW way (trans. NN + US Sun) would probably endeavor to make everyone comfortable (food and drinks for all), while the OLD way (trans. SN + trans. Saturn) would be all business and in charge.

Taken together, the two sets of nodes (US natal nodes and transiting nodes) with their challenging T-squares (1. trans. Uranus and 2. US Saturn + Trump’s Chiron and Juno) are either working in tandem or are in conflict.

Perhaps the whistleblower’s secret will shed some light on the conundrum.

As it turns out, the trans. Uranus at 6+ Taurus is semisquare (45 deg.) the Pisces Full Moon at 21+ deg. and sesqui-quadrate the Sun in Virgo opposite the FM (remember? dramatic occurrences needing immediate attention) so the element of surprise (Uranus) is part and parcel of this Full Moon.

This Full Moon took place on September 14th, 5 days ago, which was when the Saudi oil fields were attacked.

Yesterday was when the whistleblower kerfuffle became known to the public. Is this to distract us from the Saudi-Iran dispute? One never knows these days, and we are in the throes of a Pisces Full Moon-conjunct trans. Neptune and opposite US natal Neptune in Virgo (conjunct trans. Sun) . . .

. . which is at cross-currents with transiting Full Moon’s Jupiter in Sagittarius that’s opposite Trump’s natal Uranus, NN, and Sun in Gemini, which was squared by the Full Moon in Pisces (which was semisquare trans. Uranus). Whew.

Maybe I’ve become so jaded I suspect every late-breaking news story (about Trump) is out there to throw us off the scent of something more important.

PS – The Full Pisces Moon was trine the US natal Mercury (media) in addition to opposing the US Neptune.

From my charts I think Putin may have known this was coming the day before yesterday. How? Possible mole in the WH or our intelligence. Could such be somebody whose communications are not scrutinized as tRumps are?

Dated April 5, 2019 – Edited to remove past event dates (except for those in September 2019).

Barr Relocated to DC – May 23 1950, (Speculative time) 11:32 am, EDT, Capitol Building

The opposition of transiting Neptune to Barr’s progressed Saturn IS EVERYDAY FROM NOW THROUGH EARLY 2020. It is a major aspect and the only one that is in effect every day through early March 2020. That progressed Saturn is right on his progressed Neptune/Pluto midpoint also everyday in that same period (progressed midpoint now at 168°29′, progressed Saturn at 168°57′; progressed midpoint on March 1 2020 at 168°30′, progressed Saturn at 169°03′.

That Neptune opposite Saturn will be triggered by these transits (not doing Mercury or Venus):

Sep 5 2019 Sun at 12°38? Virgo conjunct natal Saturn
Sep 10 2019 Sun at 17°12? Virgo conjunct progressed Saturn

Dec 4 2019 Sun at 12°38? Sagittarius square natal Saturn
Dec 9 2019 Sun at 17°14? Sagittarius square progressed Saturn

September 6 2019 Mars at 12°38? Virgo conjunct natal Saturn
September 14 2019 Mars at 17°12? Virgo conjunct progressed Saturn

January 21 2020 Mars at 12°38? Sagittarius square natal Saturn
January 28 2020 Mars at 17°15? Sagittarius square progressed Saturn

July 28 through November 7 natal Neptune at 14°52? Libra and progressed Neptune at 14°54? Libra will both be squared by transit Saturn every day (RA September 1 through October 5). Strongest when Saturn Stations direct on September 18 2019 at 13°55? Capricorn. That is also a bad day for tRump and Pence.

Sep 13 2019 Neptune at 17°12? Pisces opposite progressed Saturn.

Feb 5 2020 Neptune at 17°15? Pisces opposite progressed Saturn.

October 3 2019 Pluto at 20°38? Capricorn (RA 292°24?) stations direct square to progressed Mars at 202°19?.

January 18 to February 4 2020 (RA December 18 to January 3) Saturn at 24°30? Capricorn square progressed Mars.

Bob- Trump had this phone call on July 25…

Eliseo – Glad you are home. Get a good rest. Blessings to all!

Thank you for finding that Henri. The dates are holding up. I hope all the way through January 2020 – and after if needed.

“An event that precipitates September 18th and 19th station occurs on about July 25th.”

On behalf of all sentient Australians, may I apologise in advance for the expected toadying from our Prime Minister Morrison this coming week whilst in Washington. He won by 1 seat in our election but has a messiah complex. He is what is known in these parts as a ‘happy clapper’ (in U.S. terms an evangelical) so you know he loves Trump.

Today’s flooding from Imelda in the Texas area and surrounding states is more of the transiting Jupiter-Neptune square (exact on Sept. 21), an expression of their cycle’s energy which began on May 27, 2009, when they were conjunct each other, and trans. Chiron, and the Moon-Pallas conjunction in Aquarius in the US natal chart.

The Sun at that moment in 2009 was at 6+ Gemini and square Ceres who, at that moment, was at 6+ Virgo. The recent August 30 Virgo New Moon was also at 6+ Virgo.

I would also expect weather-related events to be prevalent when trans. Saturn and Pluto make their critical aspects to one another after their cyc;e-starting conjunction in January, 2020, due to Ceres being part of it, all 3 at 22+ Capricorn.

For example, on June 29, 2028, when trans. Saturn and Pluto will make their 1st square, transiting Mercury, Mars and Uranus will all be conjunct at 11+ Gemini, while trans. Ceres will quincunx them at 10+ Scorpio.

At that time, June 2028, Ceres will also be sextile the Jupiter (9+ Capricorn) from the chart of the Saturn-Pluto cycle start in 2020. That sextile (part
of which is in the Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart and part in the 2028 Saturn-Pluto square chart) will form a Yod with the triple conjunction of Mercury-Mars-Uranus in Gemini in the June 2028 Saturn-Pluto square chart. It will no doubt be about Mother Nature expressing herself.

I can’t explain it but you might want to note that on your 2028 calendar.

Posted on inauguration day 2017:

“I am hoping that trump (or Republican policies passed) will have produced such blow-back by voters that he resigns rather than be impeached or the GOP, fearing the loss of the presidency and Congress later in the year side with Democrats in order to impeach him.

This would be in January 2020, possibly on the 13th when the Sun, Saturn, and Pluto oppose his natal Saturn. If the GOP is fearful enough they will play nice the rest of the time before elections. Another chart I have indicates the date could be January 16th.”

By: Bob on January 20th, 2017, at 4:12 pm

Mashup chart for that day:


tRump is in hell right now.

His DAL came in at 3°33′ pm, EDT, with Saturn right on it’s Asc. Right now it has the midpoint of transit Saturn and Pluto on it’s progressed Asc. When he wakes in the morning his progressed natal Saturn/Pluto midpoint will square the PDAL’s progressed MC.

Whistleblower stuff is supposedly out. Trump pressures Ukraine to investigate some company whose board included Joe Biden’s son.

Ukraine refused. Trump blocks release of US aide to Ukraine to help it fight off Russia.

Then Trump or Pence (who met with them in Trrump’s place when Trump cancelled trip abroad because of hurricane) or Giuliani or all of them told Ukraine it would get the money if it reopened investigation.

Whistleblower report withheld, but then being made public, and Trump releases aid money.

Giuliani admitted pressuring Ukraine to investigate Biden on CNN tonight.

Here’s a timeline for dates. https://www.washingtonpost.com/. Can’t get exact link. No free articles left.

Wonder if Trump said his friend Putin would be coming after Ukraine if the didn’t do what Trump wanted.

From theNYT’s Editorial Board:

“Someone, preferably the Congress, needs to step in and demand this president abide by the law and, more importantly, protect the interests of the United States. Trump’s flagrant contempt for the norms of executive behavior require action. It is no longer acceptable that we sit idly by and watch this destroyer of democracy deliver intelligence information to foreign powers with impunity.”


nyt’s opinion piece:

“Someone, preferably the Congress, needs to step in and demand this president abide by the law and, more importantly, protect the interests of the United States. Trump’s flagrant contempt for the norms of executive behavior require action. It is no longer acceptable that we sit idly by and watch this destroyer of democracy deliver intelligence information to foreign powers with impunity.”


Bob- bravo! Your analysis has been right on the money!

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