29th Sep, 2019

Impeachment and Beyond

Not that it is a big surprise, but the Trump administration has finally behaved so egregiously that the Democrats can no longer avoid an official impeachment inquiry. Over the past two and half years, our Unhinged Dictator has been steadily escalating his cavalier lawlessness, particularly after he faced no accountability following the Mueller investigation. Besides his smarmy interactions with all things Russia, he and his family members have been raking in millions of tax payer and foreign money at his various hotels and golf resorts, all of it due to various inappropriate manipulations deemed illegal in the emoluments clause of the Constitution. Moreover, he has obstructed justice at every turn, refusing subpoenas and documents for legitimate Congressional and legal investigations, claiming a blanket executive privilege on essentially everything.

Although these issues could already be grounds for impeachment, it is the latest revelations that have brought a crystal-clear case of criminal presidential behavior, coming to the Democratic-led House gift-wrapped and with a big bow on top. It seems extorting a foreign ally by withholding much-needed military aid while demanding help on finding dirt against a political opponent has finally pushed us across the line. Nonetheless, it should be remembered that this behavior is consistent with everything that has gone before with a chief executive that traffics in bribes, threats, and extortion on a daily basis. And it is this very pattern of behavior that made it so easy to slip into the current situation.

It seems to me that the likely outcome of the current impeachment investigation will be the impeachment of Donald Trump in the US House of Representatives and either no hearing or exoneration in the US Senate. If Mitch McConnell refuses to hold an impeachment hearing, it will harder to claim “exoneration.” If he does hold one, all of the Senators will be forced to go on record with their vote, which is not necessarily a good thing for those in the more purple states running for reelection. Either way, Trump will be remembered for all time, like Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson before him, as having been impeached. And he will be the first to be impeached for harming the national security of the United States, a truly disgraceful legacy. Perhaps the best outcome, if the Democrats can frame the issue accordingly, will be that the Democrats stood up for the country, the Rule of Law, and the Constitution rather than narrow partisan interests, while the Republicans cowered in the corner, terrified of Trump’s displeasure. The stench of their cowardice reeks ‘round the world.

Astrologically, the ongoing pressure on Trump and his administration may be seen in the protracted Saturn station which is square to the US 10th house Saturn (14Libra48) and sesquiquadrate Trump’s Ascendant (29Leo55). In addition, the station is also opposite Venus in the US/Trump composite chart (14Cancer25). This period of intensified stress (Saturn) on the office of the chief executive (10th house) causing diminishing popularity of the president (composite Venus) runs from August 4 through October 23. 

It should be noted that Trump will benefit from the final Jupiter transit opposite his Node (20Gemini48), conjunct his Moon (21Sagittarius12), and opposite his Sun (22Gemini55), somewhat consecutively, from October 11 to October 29. Whether these transits point to temporarily successful thwarting or delaying of the Democrats’ investigation, successful perpetration of Trumpian lies, or the Senate’s refusal to even vote is unclear. But this will be a little over a two-week period when Trump feels at least somewhat optimistic and satisfied.

There will also be a time of extreme Trumpian aggression and unbridled anger (hard to differentiate from the norm, but still…) from October 24 to November 3 when transiting Mercury will be stationary square to Trump’s Mars (26Leo47). Note that this anger and aggression come during, but also after the more hopeful Jupiter transit. In addition, the Mercury station points to investigations and Congressional activity in general getting stuck or significantly slowed for several days.

Meanwhile, with Pluto turning direct, the final crossing of Pluto quincunx US Mars (21Gemini23) will be with us from October 1 to November 29.  This transit points to an intensification of hostility toward a foreign country and/or the intensification of the civil war mood within the US. This may very well be the strongest astrological indicator of the partisan warfare that emerges during the impeachment inquiry. With progressed US Moon conjunct transiting Saturn during most of November, this will also be a stressful time for the country.

From December 16 through January 17, transiting Pluto will quincunx Trump’s Sun (22Gemini56) which points to battle for survival and an intense power struggle. This stressful period will also be the beginning of a long series of very difficult and perhaps crippling planetary indicators in Trump’s chart that go throughout 2020. There are a few beneficial indicators during that timeframe, but on whole, the trajectory is pretty grim.

Trump’s progressed Midheaven will join his progressed Saturn (3Leo10) from November 1, 2019, through January 20, 2021. This points to reality (Saturn) crashing into Trump’s delusional worldview from late 2019 through early 2021 which brings enormous obstacles and difficulties, strongly exacerbated by transiting Neptune from February 3 to March 3, 2020, and from September 25 to December 6, 2020.

In addition, transiting Pluto will oppose Trump’s natal Saturn (23Cancer49) from January 15 through February 14, May 1 to July 12, and finally from October 4 through December 23, 2020. This configuration will intensify Trump’s insecurities and fears during much of the year. Also during 2020, transiting Saturn will oppose Trump’s Venus (25Cancer44), initially for a week in mid-January but then for a long and painful station from August 18 through October 23, 2020, pointing to a severe loss in popularity and generally dark mood.

It is hard to see Trump winning the 2020 election, but there is the possibility of some short-term attempted shenanigans right after the election with the Jupiter/Pluto quincunx his Sun from November 4 to November 13. Nonetheless, the larger picture of obstacles and difficulty seems to hold thereafter.


It looks like the Senate will not be able to block an impeachment trial. Ha!!


I can’t imagine the GOP even trying to run Trump with the charges of treachery, breaking emoluments law and extortion? As well as being impeached by Congress? He should leave the White House, go to Mar a Lago and stay there on house arrest so he won’t pose a flight risk!


Do you think Trump will be the Republican candidate in 2020?

Schiff says he’s reached an agreement with the whistleblower to testify before Congress soon.

Good to see you laugh Nancy.

By: starlight on September 29th, 2019, at 11:33 am.

“Ha!! “

It’s still too soon for the polls to say much of value – per 538:


I want to share an interview with Naomi Klein, author of “On Fire – The Burning Case for a Green New Deal”on Democracy Now.. this is a pretty chilling interview but very important for all of us to understand how climate change interwoven with Ecofascism is about as frightening a reality as climate change itself.

“the only thing scarier than a far right racist movement that denies the reality of climate change is a far right racist movement that doesn’t deny the reality of climate change.”


Question: Why would Mitch McConnell advise trump to release the phone call transcript and the whistleblower report?

I don’t know but one could speculate that McConnell sees the inevitability of Trump’s total disgrace and wants it over asap to avoid having the Republican Party dragged to the gutter. If that’s not his motive, it should be.

We are witnessing a seismic shift in political alignment. A YouGov poll asked the question — If Trump tried to get dirt on Biden by holding up aid to Ukraine, should he be impeached. 44% strongly agree; 11% somewhat agree; 6% somewhat disagree; 20% strongly disagree. The 20% strongly disagree with impeachment represents Trump’s base, that’s it. And this is before we hear any evidence.

We don’t have a divided country, we just have stupid pollsters. Many oppose impeachment in general due to the contentiousness of it but ask the question – if Trump did it, should he go? and you get the real numbers.

If Trump isn’t impeached soon, he’s the rotting albatros around the neck of every single Republican running in 2020. That will be the end for them.

Michael Collins,

“We don’t have a divided country, we just have stupid pollsters.”



so true!

good read from Jessica Murray:


motherjones report of giuliani Ukraine Russia past

Thanks Nancy for yet another brilliant article


I am gratitude for your astrologie magique. And yes, I too smiled at your “Ha!!” May you have many, many more in the days to come.

I agree that we will probably not see
The Peurile Peach convicted of articles of impeachment by a GOP senate, I remain open to some marvelous manifestations of karmic comeuppance to unfold this coming month.

“Trump’s malignant freak-out—talking of Civil War, calling Dems savages, calling impeachment unlawful, threatening the whistleblower’s safety, raising the idea of treason about Adam Schiff—is as expected. The House must stay focused. And the GOP? They better find their damn voice.

It’s always been likely Trump would try to incite violence when his removal or exit is coming. Now he’s explicitly flagging the idea of Civil War. Every day he remains in office is a danger to our republic. The House must work with maximum speed.”


“So much disinformation out there. Independent investigators here in Ukraine have told me, repeatedly: Joe Biden did NOT stop an investigation into his son. In fact, US officials, including Biden, were pushing for MORE oversight of the company where Hunter Biden was a board member”


So glad to see that this %$^&-show appears to be moving into its not-so-grand finale. It’s likely to be riveting and also quite ugly. As Nancy Pelosi said, “The times have found us.

As for Trump getting some Jupiter love among the nasty comeuppance transits and progressions, I saw this comment from Marjorie on one of her posts on the Trump term last week:

“Even Jupiter runs out of steam. Roy Cohn, from whom Trump learnt his attack-dog, never apologise and keep-lying tactics was a Sun Jupiter in Pisces with his Jupiter trine Pluto. He was eventually disbarred for unethical conduct, and died a few weeks later of AIDS, broke and owing the IRS millions. And that was when tr Pluto in Scorpio was trine in Jupiter and opposition his Solar Arc Jupiter – pushed his luck several steps too far.”

“In his conversation with the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, Trump said that Barr was a participant in the President’s effort to get Ukraine to investigate Biden. Trump, of course, could have been lying to Zelensky. Trump also may never have followed up with Barr after the call. Either way, the President has smeared Barr and fuelled calls for the Attorney General to be investigated. Barr, who claims he never spoke with Trump about Zelensky, now faces a decision. Will he uphold his own reputation or that of the President, who is impugning him?”


From the New Yorker:

“The unrestrained partisan warfare that has characterized the Trump Presidency did not begin with him. The Republican drive to impeach President Clinton, in 1998, might, in fact, be seen as the true beginning of the escalation. A more recent example is the way Republicans, under the direction of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, refused even to consider President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland. But the erosion of core democratic norms and institutions has accelerated under Trump, as he has questioned the legitimacy of electoral results, undermined the machinery of government, and led a sustained attack on the media.”


Mr. T is unbelievably obtuse. He has no sense of irony. In a tweet, he threatened civil war if Congress impeaches him; the threat itself a solidly impeachable offense.


Trump is a bully, a liar, a snake charmer, a sneak and a survivor – that is the trouble with him: he survives. He is a spoiled rich boy with no principles, except for winning at any cost.

This gives him a huge advantage because, unlike the rest of us, he has no brakes on his behavior. He can have a tantrum and burn up the country, but his opponents keep finding it hard to go that far and they lose out. Total war is what Trump does – but most of us are not capable of it. What options does that leave?

Whatever Nancy Pelosi does, Trump is not to be underestimated. This isn’t even close to over. Trump will, if both parties don’t oppose him, destroy the presidency, if not the country. If the GOP don’t wake up and veer toward Lincoln’s legacy, there won’t be much government left to rescue by either party. But the GOP have been in power for a while and they like it. Will they turn? I bet they won’t.

It’s just my (sad) opinion. There’s an awfully long way to go before November 2020 and impeachment isn’t enough to win this battle. Votes, that’s all that works – and it had better be a clear, unquestioned win for Dems, or the hell will continue into the next presidency, whoever it is.

Gad, that’s hard when there are so many important issues to be addressed, poverty, environment etc. I think I need a drink….

Politico is writing about Pence:


As Sir Humphrey points out in the British comedy in the late 80’s, “It is necessary to get behind someone before you can stab them in the back.” Pence won’t be breaking ranks (if he ever does) unless he is 100% sure that he’s got the presidency in the bag.

That could be planned behind closed doors only after the top GOP (McConnell etc.) decide they are going to dump Trump. Caesar and Marc Anthony all over again?

Betrayal – isn’t that a Pluto (power) & Neptune (secrecy) thing? And a surprise from Uranus.

Such a decision is probably being discussed, but nobody will know nuthin until it happens. Trump however, was taught by Cohn, who probably knew a little about betrayals, mob style. Trump is probably in a panic, not because he’s worried about voters, but because he’s worried about his ‘friends’.

Interesting times. Would make a great novel if it weren’t so real.

Brutus – that’s who it was, not Marc Anthony (although there was some betraying there too, but with Augustus, not Julius Caesar).


There was what looked like an a trial balloon on Pence separating himself from Trump posted on Huffington Post a few days ago, as the Whistleblower thing was just hitting.

It said that on election night, Pence’s wife refused to give him a kiss congratulating him on becoming VP. That she was angry about Trump’s grab-em-by-the-pussy comment and after Trump was declared the winner, turned to her husband, refused to kiss him and said, “You got what you wanted. Now leave me alone.”

It got swallowed up in other news of the day, but it was there.

I think its time for Nancy Pelosi to grab Donald by the pussy – because that’s what he is – a big scared pussy!

tRump is probably sorry he did not LOCK HER UP when Nancy gave him the clap.


It is a frightening time Beowulfie. unless, unless, it’s only a bad Neptune dream, or a drama being played out on a screen or in a book; an illusion.

But what if it is only a test of our faith, or our courage? What if it is a test of our belief in the strength of our Constitution?

You mistake Donald Trump for something more than a mere mortal, but he is only alive because of our laws. There are many who are much smarter and stronger and braver than Donald Trump. It is a matter of values. Do we, as a whole, believe in the laws of our land more than the bravado of a bully? Do you really believe a man like Trump is impervious to a bullet like the brothers Kennedy were?

Pshaw. Trump is a tool of the element of divisiveness that is buried within our (the US) psyche as described by our birth chart (the US); a divisiveness that has developed to the point of overt aggression.

This US divisiveness is revealed in the transformative Scorpio New Moon chart that took place just days before the US Presidential Election, a New Moon + Mercury that were trine transiting Neptune in Pisces (double distortion).

At that time (Oct. 30, 2016) trans. retrograde Uranus the rebel (21+ Aries) was conjunct trans. retrograde Eris (22+ Aries) the symbol of discord, and they were conjunct the US natal Chiron (20+ Aries) symbol of the wounded.

Transiting Mars (23+ Capricorn) symbol of the angry was square trans. Uranus and trans. Eris and US natal Chiron in Aries, the sign of the individual ruled by Mars. Transiting Mars was also opposite US natal Mercury the communicator (24+ Cancer) and this T-square was to influence the voters on Election Day just 12 days later.

Indeed, hindsight is 20/20 and Uranus, the Great Awakener, has begun the awakening that Pluto and even Neptune are pursuing with diligence; a very long process that’s designed to heal our wounds and transform our nation. Or not.

From a post of mine on DU (January 2019):

” During that September time he will finally admit that he has lost and will begin looking for a deal … .”

Today is that day.

Bob, as always, I hope you are right (in that Trump is looking to make a deal and exit). I posted before and will say again that I am very worried about what he (Trump) will do in the coming weeks. Nancy has alluded to military action and I fear that Trump will undertake some sort of wag the dog event to try to move the focus off his impeachment.

Using 12 Noon on the 1st day of the Democratic Convention, July 13, 2020, in Milwaukee, WI, a chart for that moment has the Moon at 29+ Aries, the same degree where the Moon will be on Inauguration Day, 12 Noon on January 20, 2021, in Washington DC. It is also where the US progressed Venus is. Venus symbolizes values.

At the end of April, 2018, trans. Uranus reached 29+ Aries, moved into Taurus in mid May 2018, and stationed retrograde in August 2018. In November, on the day US citizens voted all the Democrats into the House, November 6th, 2018, transiting Uranus reached 29+ Aries for the 2nd time.

After stationing direct, trans. Uranus reached 29+ Aries for the 3rd time one week into February, 2019, and stayed in that degree through the first 6 days of March, 2019.

Nancy, I wonder if when trans. Jupiter, in late November, reaches 29+ Sagittarius and trines the progressed US Venus (assuming it will still be at 29+ Aries), would that give some relief to the trans. Saturn-conjunct-US prog. Moon effect? Thank you for this encouraging overview of the upcoming period and the apparent demise of Trump’s presidency.

BarbK, love the 1st half of your post above. I get lost when you go all astrology. Thank you.

Bob, what is DU? Again, I want to believe that you are correct.

DU = Democratic Underground.

It has a lot of great stuff on it – breaking news, non-breaking news from all over, forums, short comments. I go there a few times a day, just like I come here.


You can join as a member and participate or just go on there and read all the stuff.

OK, Pompeo listened in on the Ukraine conversation, and later lied that he was unaware of it, at least twice. Might he have been the Whistle Blower?

Also, I think it highly probable these recent revelations are the tip of the iceberg. There will likely be a plethora of Trumphead R’s now or in the past in office who will go to jail. Not just the present handful, already investigated and convicted, but in real bunches.

Its almost too good to be true – I refuse to celebrate celebrate until Puer Poop’s Jupiter transits pass….the final gasps of this monster will hopefully be sweet.

It was a joy to see HRC and daughter Chelsea on Stephen Colbert tonight – the audience went wild and gave a standing ovation, chanting “Lock him up!!!”

“Even Jupiter runs out of steam.”

Truer words have never been spoken, Les.

It may take a long while, but even Jupiter eventually tires of giving someone a seemingly endless string of get-out-of-jail free cards.

It’s not a question now of IF Trump falls. I would also argue that it’s not even a question of when at this point.

Remember, the man is a loudmouthed bully who has always been able to get his way in life through bluster and bravado.

What happens to such a person when such big talk begins to land on deaf ears? Jupiter shuts off and Saturn steps into the picture. The karmic bill comes due, and in spades.

There will be no Civil War of Trump’s authorship.

There may very well come the total collapse of the wickedly obstructionist accursed Republican Party, and with its end, an opportunity for genuine political reforms.

There is a chance for a rebirth for America on the other side of this mess.

Banks, I love ALL of your post! Thank you. I assume you are talking about my response to Beowulfie, and not the 29+ Aries one, and I go all astrology when I’m trying to explain why I say what I say. In other words it isn’t just my opinion, it’s what the symbolism says to me, but I completely understand why non astrologers could care less about that. Bear with me please.

Tarot Card of the Week, Sept. 30-Oct. 6, 2019: Death

“Have you noticed? We have now begun a period of profound change, and we are invited to meet this challenge with intention and grace. Here’s how.”


This from Susan Rice:

We Are in Uncharted Territory

“President Trump, his Republican sycophants in Congress, and the right-wing media are working overtime yet again to distract and manipulate the American public. To downplay Mr. Trump’s transgressions, they are drawing a false equivalence between his July phone call with President Zelensky of Ukraine and former Vice President Biden’s efforts in 2015 to encourage the replacement of the Ukrainian prosecutor general.”


On a completely non-political note, can someone look at the astrology for Billie Eilish? Not sure how many people here even known for, I am 52 years old but I am obsessed with her and I feel she has some important role to play in this world. And she’s 17. The way she is so brazenly herself , the way she doesn’t fit her self into any genre, if you look and you see any footage or any of her shows you will see that they are just all and i mean all singing along knowing every word and this is all over the world, she’s touching something and people globally , women especially . She doesn’t feel the need to show off her body and sexuality obviously with all her baggy clothes. Voice is angelic, music is so diverse, I have been completely enjoying her music while going through a rough patch and my sons think it is hilarious that I am so smitten. She tries to live in the moment it seems and tries to tell the crowd that. Also stuffers with Tourette’s syndrome. She and her brother were homeschooled and were taught to be independent thinkers. Anyway , at only 17 years old she is unstoppable and I think it’s going to have a huge influence in the music industry and part of this new generation. Hope she doesnt get messed up. I would love if someone could look her up and do a chart for her!!!!


I meditate upon Sacred Tarot daily; I’ve been pulling the Emperor and Death cards consistently over the last week.

Magical Universe

If anyone would like to hear the interview (he was on NPR today as well) of James Risen, the journalist who wrote the original story about Biden and Ukraine..

“James Risen: I Wrote About the Bidens and Ukraine in 2015. The Right-Wing Media Twisted My Reporting”


Here is Elisabeth Grace with some interesting facts.



Billie Eilish chart (no known birth time):


Dec 18, 2001
Los Angeles, CA

Sun in 26* Sagittarius
(but Mercury in 4* Capricorn)

Moon in Aquarius
(need her birth time to determine in what degree)

“The way she is so brazenly herself , the way she doesn’t fit her self into any genre”

Sounds like a Sag/Aquarius Sun/Moon to me. (My niece is one).

She also has Neptune in 7 degrees Aquarius and Uranus in 21 degrees Aquarius.

As for that Sag Sun, she also has Pluto in 15* Sag and Venus in 20* Sag to keep it company.

That’s 6 out of her 10 planets/luminaries. Pretty strong. As mentioned before, Mercury in 4* Capricorn. Mars 7* Pisces, Jupter 12* Cancer, Saturn 10* Gemini.
Chiron JUST BARELY out of Sag and into Capricorn. 0* 43′ in Capricorn.

Oh, Diana…
Forgot to mention.
Billie Eilish also has a stellium of five planets (Venus 20* Sag, Pluto 15* Sag, Sun 26* Sag, Chiron 0* Cap, Mercury 4* Cap)!! Would love to know what part of her chart they fall in.

And a YOD: Jupiter 12* Cancer / Pluto 15* Sag / Moon in 12* Aquarius.

And since her Aquarius moon position will depend on her time of birth, she may have a natal moon close to the US natal moon (26* Aquarius). People with natal moons close to the US moon connect with the American people. We know from studying past presidents and political candidates that our most beloved presidents had moons close to the US moon.

I have read a lot about Tourette’s recently (a cousin has it) and have learned that there can be a connection with OCD, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. I hope she stays healthy.

Looks like more stuff coming out tomorrow. State Department’s Inspector General requested urgent meeting with 8 house committees tomorrow.

Said something about having documents from state department attorney. All cryptic beyond that, but it was another IG who ruled First whistleblower report was urgent and should be conveyed to congress.

This comes on day when Secretary of State Pompeo was reportedly on Ukraine call, Pompeo said he and state dept employees will not comply with subpoenas, and supposedly Pompeo has been asking if he can punish state dept employees who defy him and comply with house subpoenas.

We mustn’t underestimate Trump’s natal Neptune (5 Libra 50 retrograde) that squares the US natal Jupiter (5 Cancer 56) during these times of transiting Neptune, right now at 16+ Pisces retrograde, square transiting Jupiter, right now at 18+ Sagittarius.

Neptune blurs and blends objects (and thoughts) the way water dissolves the residue on our dirty dishes. Stuff doesn’t hold up when Neptune intervenes and that can be seen as a good thing when said stuff has outlasted its value.

This Trump experiment has devastated our grip on reality (it was always like this until . .) and that could be seen as a blessing. Surgery (a Pluto-Mars thing) would hurt much more if not for the for anesthetics given to a patient before surgery, and that’s why the patient is given an anesthetic (a Neptune thing) to numb him or her before that procedure.

The sense we have now that reality has left the building is part of the prep work before the US natal Pluto Return (operation) takes place. When we wake up from Pluto’s surgery we will be a little sore for a while, but the bad thing will be all gone.

Just a thought.

Thank you so much Sassy Grace , that was so interesting!

I want to again point to the return of the Pluto quincunx to US Mars (21Gemini23). Pluto is turning direct now, and even though it has remained in orb of the quincunx the during August and September, it is now again heading straight for the exact aspect from now though November. We are already seeing this play out as the rhetoric (coup!! treason!!) and more aggressive strategies to sabotage impeachment are ramping up.

Do not be surprised if Trump’s violent rhetoric gets translated into violence during this transit by some of his more deranged followers. November 3 through 5 with the Mars square to Pluto may be particularly vulnerable to increased aggression.

Ralfee Finn:

“One of the first acts of Mr. Trump’s administration was to dismantle the State Department, through Tillerson, by letting go of a great many career experts. At the time it may not have registered that Trump and one of his Hungry Ghosts were stripping the State Department of its expertise; in hindsight, one can only assume they were making sure that no one would notice what they were up to. Then Trump and his Gang attacked the Justice Department and the FBI, undermining the gravitas and efficacy of those institutions by firing or maligning experts who had the experience to detect what might be going on and put the pieces together. Those who did persevere were targeted and their reputations besmirched. Once you clear the field of almost everyone who can raise a red flag and question what’s going on, you’re free to do what you like undetected and without interference. But fortunately for the country, there were and still are enough people who believe in the principles of the Constitution to question these blatant abuses of power.”


Bernie Sanders has suspended his campaign activities for the time being due to heart surgery, described by one doctor – not Bernie’s doctor – as possible angina I believe. Two stents were inserted.

Bernie’s birth chart has an opposition between Mars at 23+ Aries and Venus at 22+ Libra and the Sept. 28 Libra New Moon chart has an opposition between Mercury at 23+ Libra and Eris at 23+ Aries. The US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer T-squares both Bernie’s opposition and the Libra New Moon opposition.

Nancy (Starlight) noted that trans. Pluto is stationing direct (exact tomorrow morning) and at 20+ Capricorn it is in orb of an opposition to US Mercury in Cancer and a square to Bernie’s Venus in Libra and Mars in Aries, making a grand cross which is not to be messed with.

Of note is the transit of Uranus at 5+ Taurus which squares Bernie’s natal Pluto at 5+ Leo.

Also, the Full Moon on Sept. 14 at 21+ Pisces was conjunct Bernie’s natal South Node at 22+ Pisces which opposed the transiting Sun (21+ Virgo) and the US natal Neptune and Bernie’s North node, both at 22+ Virgo.

US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini and Trump’s Sun at 22+ Gemini T-squared the Pisces Full Moon in Pisces and the US Neptune + Bernie’s North Node in Virgo.

For his own sake I hope he drops out of the campaign, it’s just not worth it. Trump holding a news conference at 2 PM today, no doubt to thrash Pelosi for an earlier conference today.

Wow – anybody else watching the news today – Trump is completely unhinged. Is this how it ends?

Trump personally asked U.K.’s Boris Johnson for help discrediting Mueller report: Times of London


He is out of control!
‘We’re Not Fooling Around’: House Democrats Warn

“In a red-faced harangue in the Oval Office with a visibly uncomfortable president of Finland sitting next to him, Mr. Trump declared that Democrats were “guilty as hell” of corrupting the 2016 election, that former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. “is corrupt” and “less smart now than he ever was,” and that a C.I.A. whistle-blower is “a spy in my opinion.”

He saved his sharpest barbs for Representative Adam B. Schiff, Democrat of California and the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, who has taken the lead in the investigations. Mr. Trump called him “a lowlife” and “shifty, dishonest guy.” Referring to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the president said Mr. Schiff “couldn’t carry his blank strap,” using the word “blank” instead of “jock” for a typical locker-room insult.

As he has for several days, the president focused intently on Mr. Schiff’s recent statement in which the congressman provided his interpretation of the president’s telephone call with the president of Ukraine, making clear that they were not Mr. Trump’s precise words but reflected his intent. “He should resign from office in disgrace,” Mr. Trump said. “Frankly, they should look at him for treason because he is making up the words of the president of the United States.”


On Deadline White House Brennan said that tRump could not protect America’s national security. I say he could but he wouldn’t.

From now through January 2020 tRump will have strings of difficult days indicated by the positions of his progressed Mars and Neptune being followed by transiting Saturn and Pluto. During that time he will find ways to stumble forward when transit Jupiter is active in his natal and progressed charts. When that activity is over he will be gone.

Well, now we know just what the transiting Sphinx has been whispering in the ear of our US natal Uranus; how we can take down the orange oaf!

And this; trans. Askalaphus (the whistleblower) at 28+ Aquarius and trans. House (House of Reps) at 25+ Aquarius are on either side of the US natal Moon aka US People (27+ Aquarius) and their Reps, and US natal Pallas aka the Strategist (26+ Aquarius).

And finally, Nancy Pelosi’s natal Mercury at 17+ Pisces is listening to trans. Neptune at 16+ Pisces, while her natal Jupiter in Aries is in a trine (works well together) with transiting Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Of course US Neptune is trine transiting Pluto; it’s all there, right in the script. Check your ephemeris if you don’t believe me!

since Schiff is a major player with the peach one, has anyone looked at his current transits for clues going forward?

Jupiter transits to Adam Schiff noon chart from Oct 2 through Feb 2 2020.

Jun 22 1960, 12:00 pm, EDT +4:00
Capitol Building DC, 38°N53’24”, 077°W00’34”

Nov 3 2019 Jup Cnj Jup 23°Sg47′ Tr-Sp

Nov 25 2019 Jup Cnj Jup 28°Sg24′ Tr-Na

Dec 7 2019 Jup Opp Ven 01°Cp12′ Tr-Na

Dec 7 2019 Jup Opp Sun 01°Cp12′ Tr-Na

Jan 25 2020 Jup Cnj Sat 12°Cp21′ Tr-Sp

Why did you ask for that information kiwi? And why are you wearing that whistle around your neck?

Expanded to include sextiles and trines:

Oct 2 2019 Jup Tri Ura 18°Sg25′ Tr-Na

Oct 23 2019 Jup Tri Ura 21°Sg50′ Tr-Sp

Nov 3 2019 Jup Cnj Jup 23°Sg47′ Tr-Sp

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Michael Moore says Joe Biden is the Hillary Clinton of 2020, meaning he is an establishment figure who can’t excite his base. He adds that Biden’s response to the Ukraine scandal falsely involving him and his son has been underwhelming. Moore correctly predicted Trump’s win in 2016.


Is he predicting that Trump will win ago, or…?

I meant “win again…”

If I’m understanding Rachel’s narrative correctly, the VP & Secretary Pompeo are as involved as is the president.

Can the VP & the president be impeached simultaneously? It is difficult to imagine our R. Senate convicting both in two trials in sequence.

Also, I’m afraid Mr. M. Moore is right. IMHO, we need E. Warren’s economic policies, but Biden is more likely to get the nomination. I’m afraid either one would lose to Mr. Romney, who I suspect will be the R. nominee.

Eliseo, Welcome home.

Andre, I don’t agree with M. Moore, especially now. I’m going to see E. Warren tomorrow at a Town Hall, I’m very curious.

I can’t imagine anyone voting for a Republican.

On another subject, here is Marjorie Orr on Bernie.


wow Bob, those seem like pretty favorable omens for us! Thanks for taking the time to look up and post!
sometimes I just hear the whistle calling LOL

Pence was on the call too – I hope integrity will prevail and all those mobsters become burnt toast.
I learned a new term yesterday ‘christian fascists’
so true its very scary.

I’m with Les. Jupiter, joy boy that he is, can get very VERY sloppy with over optimistic behavior. I have seen Jupiter increase the tragic flaws of many a soul. I do not think Jupiter will save the Orange, rather it may magnify the immense cruelty and stupidity of his narcissistic pulp.

Was looking at the lunar return of the Orange for Oct. 3, 2019. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get some real good information on the financials of the Trump/Trump organization by Oct. 7th. This will send the Orange into some kind of marmalade-ic stupor. The blame game will increase to fever pitch. He will not be in control of his life…Uranus will making a quincunx to his natal Neptune in his 2nd house…It’s like an electrical bolt going through water. Saturn by transit is squaring most of the other planets in his natal second house, which is Libra, including Chiron. And Pluto, god bless it, is already squaring his natal Jupiter in the second. Transiting Saturn will follow shortly there after. Libra, being ruled by Venus. His natal Venus is under assault -from Pluto and from Saturn.

Transiting Venus (money) is already squaring his natal Saturn at 23 Cancer AMD his natal Venus.

Sorry for the hodge podge way of explaining…too much going on.

Oh, I forgot to mention…Uranus is also in a 135 degree aspect to his natal Jupiter…a hidden square creating havoc.

The same aspect is impacting his natal Moon.

I don’t know what obtains in NZ English, but the more usual usage in the US is “Christofascist” and “Christofascism”. Relying also on my previous work in sociology, I did graduate work in history, having written at least ten papers on Christofascism in its various past and present permutations, especially as it has manifest in the US.

Rev. Matthew Fox of the Creation Spirituality movement, New Thought Christians, those of the various esoteric and “metaphysical” Christian churches, as well as many in the Progressive Christian movement often use the terms.

Mr. T, a wannabe mob boss, who beds prostitutes and porn stars, cheats on his taxes, has often transacted extremely crooked business deals, betrays whomever necessary for profit and pleasure calls a nice Jewish family man, Adam Schiff a low life.

I stand astounded. In all the years I worked in psych, I never encountered anyone more prone to projection and unaware of his own shadow.

I’m still getting settled. I’ve got a new phone and a “new” car. But my pod has not yet arrived. The company did not transport it on the dates agreed. Then came Imelda. There is a 50% chance the contents are ruined. I may have to sue the pod company.

My computer is partially set up, but the process is not complete. I’m not entirely set up and sufficiently organized in the house either. So much to do, and I also have to find employment. It is as if I were beginning an entirely different and new incarnation.

Again, many thanks for your spiritual and emotional support.

Politico on “President Pence”:


Thanks ja for the info on Bernie Sanders. It is a blessing for Bernie that his heart problem happened when it did and that he can now gracefully bow out of the race.

I’m an ardent fan of his ideas and he has made inroads into the consciousness of many people who make decisions (and those who vote) regarding health care and financial equity. I suspect a big reason he had returned to the grueling competition is because of his supporters.

The September 28 New Moon in Libra opposed his natal Eris (conflict) in Aries and the New Moon (transiting) Eris was conjunct his natal Mars, which was opposite the New Moon chart’s Mercury, creating a T-square to the US natal Mercury, and Mercury is what drives campaigns.

I hope, for his sake, he will listen to his heart and throw his support (and supporters) behind Warren. He has served us well and pushed us into the future. Long live the Bern.

Amen! Ditto! Wonderful man. He made many good but socially unacceptable ideas acceptable to millions. America is a better place for having experienced the Bern.

“Moments ago, Vice President Mike Pence defended President Trump pressing Ukraine’s Zelensky to investigate the Bidens. “The American people have a right to know if the vice president of the United States, or his family, profited from his position.”


Uhh .. is this a super meltdown day for Trump? Because he just stood on the lawn at the White House and told a bank of cameras and reporters that he thinks China should investigate the Bidens.

(Guess the denial phase is over, and blatantly public corruption is in now.)

Known GOP hoaxer just held a press conference to claim Elizabeth Warren is sleeping with a 24-year-old and that she’s into kinky stuff like beating him with chains! (There’s no way to even satirize this for SNL or the Onion.)

Bernie — he managed to move the overton window on things like the $15 minimum wage and universal health care so far in such a short time. We should all be thankful. The idea that Trump’s still standing and Bernie’s having heart troubles is crazy to me. Trump seems so much less healthy.

Will be interesting to see where Bernie’s supporters go.

Don’t count Bernie out just yet! He is not a quitter, unless he has no choice.

Hi Sharon,

Indeed, Bernie Sanders is not quitter – but his ticker might say otherwise. I wouldn’t be surprised if he we hear that he came very close to passing over with this event. I have great affection for him nonetheless and he is and will be a terrific force in shaping our body politic.

seems like ‘investigate bidens’ is this election’s version of ‘born in kenya’ and ‘corrupt hillary’ et al.
Buckle up.

More on Bernie:

Senator Bernie Sanders, recovering in a Las Vegas hospital from a procedure to treat a clogged artery, should be able to return home by the end of this weekend and will participate in the next Democratic debate, his wife, Jane Sanders, said Thursday.

“Bernie is up and about,” Ms. Sanders said in a statement on Thursday. “We expect Bernie will be discharged and on a plane back to Burlington before the end of the weekend.”


As I said, that Transiting Uranus sesquiquadrant (135 degrees) is really doing a number on the Orange Thing natal Jupiter, Moon conjunction. Jupiter is just expanding the effect of this bizarre creature’s behavior. Uranus is going to be there for a while. Things are going to get really, really strange.

I’m waiting for Oct. 7th…

In case you missed this:



“seems like ‘investigate bidens’ is this election’s version of ‘born in kenya’ and ‘corrupt hillary’ et al.
Buckle up.”


I can’t decide the main lesson of this time frame; is it astrological, or is it history, or is it the meaning of allegiance, or something completely different, or is it simply all the above?

Astrologically, the meaning of Uranus is “breakthrough”, that much I already knew. Now that transiting Sphinx (mysteries) is conjunct US Uranus and, the trans. Uranus has been T-square the US natal nodes (choice of direction) and is now sextile the US natal Jupiter, the symbol of Understanding, the “path” seems obvious.

The history it relates to – these crazy Uranian breakthroughs – is the history of our forefathers understanding of power in the wrong hands for starters. It’s all there in the US Constitution; what it looks like and how to deal with it when it rears its ugly head.

The meaning of allegiance is there too and allegiance to the US, it’s flag and its laws, is patently clear, for citizens in general and for those highest elected officials specifically.

The choice of nodes, the South in Aquarius being the path of what is tried and true and goes in circles but no longer serves the growth of our nation, or the North in Leo which is unfamiliar but is the path to growth. Aquarius is a group thing, Leo is individuality made abundantly clear. It is creative; making do with what’s available at the moment.

What’s available at this time is a drama unfolding, theater at its most gripping, and the US is the backdrop. Enter stage right is a clown posing as the US President, performing absurd tricks, totally off script. Other actors look on, unable to control the clown who is damaging the props as they – the other actors – scratch their heads as to how to rectify the situation. Is there a hero among the lot? Stay tuned.

with the bandage on his forehead, seems to me, Bernie had a stroke, but they’re not saying.

He is up there, time to hang it up.


“Leo is individuality made abundantly clear.”

And as the U.S. north node is in Leo, could this possibly foretell we are headed toward a monarchy, which Leo traditionally rules.

Say it ain’t so!

Hi, I just got home from a 3 1/2 hour Town Hall/Rally with Elizabeth Warren. 8500 were in attendance.

“Throughout Warren’s long discussion about the experiences that shaped her childhood, motherhood, and other things such as the fight against climate change and to provide Americans with economic opportunity, Warren kept returning to the same fundamental question: Who is our government working for?

Warren’s answer: The wealthiest 1 tenth of 1 percent of people.”

She certainly speaks Truth to Power.


It could be so, but I read it as the US itself is the “individual”, rather than part of a group of countries as it has been since WW2. The “path” seems to be one of finding one’s individuality. Still participating in the group but not identifying itself only as a group participant.

I believe the war camaraderie between Churchill and Roosevelt has been the role model for the US for 80 years and we see ourselves primarily
as friends (Aquarius) or partners to almost all countries. Now it is time to show our individual strengths, like providing a home for those disenfranchised from their home countries, for example.

Eliseo, yes, the US IS a better country because of Bernie, thank you!

ja, Warren knows how to drive a point home doesn’t she? She would be a great President.

sorry for the conspiracy thought …… why were barr and pompeo suddenly visiting Italy of all places during current drama – did they have to check in with their mafia overlords???

Hi kiwi,
This might shed some light on the Italian visit.


New post up with no new predictions, just some commentary from me.


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