8th Aug, 2019

Anatomy of a Crisis

It is time to drill down in more detail on the treacherous aggression and building national grief that I have long predicted for this summer. Although our trade war with China, as well as the violent incidents involving Iran in the Strait of Hormuz, are both dangerously escalating, it is really the racial/political tensions within the US that are reaching a catastrophic boiling point and are at center stage.

Transiting Pluto and transiting Uranus were simultaneously in stressful aspects to US Mars from late June through August 5. This combination intensified aggression, anger, and violence. During this period, the inflammatory racist rhetoric emanating from the White House increased exponentially. The attacks by Racist in Chief Trump against the four freshman democratic women of color, the “send her back” tweets and chants, and the racist attacks against Elijah Cummings, Baltimore, and, ultimately, several other US cities with large minority populations, all happened during this time.

On August 3 and August 4, transiting Mars (21Leo) triggered the already combustible combination of US Mars (21 Gemini), transiting Pluto (21 Capricorn) and transiting Uranus (6 Taurus, semisquare to US Mars).  This two-day configuration coincided with the brutal mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, the former being the most lethal attack on US Hispanics in modern history.  In response, the nation has been rocked with grief and is attempting to reckon with what we have become.

From July 29 through October 22, the US has been and will continue to be under very strong Saturn aspects (transiting Saturn square natal Saturn, 14Libra48, and progressed Moon square natal Saturn) which imply a period of grief, mourning, and deep sorrow, as well as an attempt to strengthen national resolve and face long-simmering problems.  The unhindered spread of a White Supremacy movement essentially aligned with the modern Republican Party, the unrestrained mushrooming of assault weapons ownership, and the vicious racist rhetoric emanating from the White House are now seen in their synergistic grotesquery, pinpointed, finally, with great clarity as the toxic stew out of which mass shootings are erupting to convulse the nation.

Under Saturn, the recent episodes of gun violence and their sorrowful aftermath have created a sense of national grief and shame and an awareness of how difficult it will be to transform the current reality. Unfortunately, naming the monster in the bright light of day is only an important first step. The next is to push harder on the compliant, complicit enablers in the Republican Party who passively support this depravity in our midst, often for their own selfish political aims. Due to Republican intransigence and Despicable Donnie’s delusional racist grievances, it may well take more painful episodes before any real change takes place, if in fact anything is possible before a change in leadership occurs.

In the meantime, the Uranus semisquare to US Mars builds in energy until September 5, and will be significantly triggered roughly between August 26 and August 29, when first Venus and then Mars and the Sun will sextile transiting Uranus. Some kind of violence is likely during that period, whether from extreme weather or another mass shooting or some other event is unclear. But what is clear is that the US progressed Moon will be waxing in square to US Saturn from August 15 to September 15, so there will be some kind of loss or sorrow that impacts Americans and becomes another national story of sorrow.

A further potentially dangerous time will come during September 18 to 20. During this period, transiting Mars will be trine transiting Pluto (no longer exactly quincunx US Mars but still close), transiting Mars will be semisquare to transiting Uranus, and then transiting Mars will be square to US Mars.  Neither this combination nor the above mentioned aspects on August 26 to August 29, are likely to be as potent as what we saw unleashed in El Paso and Dayton. But it does seem that something could be stirred up at these times.

It should also be noted that transiting Saturn will move direct and once again waxing toward US Saturn from September 19 to October 22, suggesting a re-intensifying of feelings of national grief and loss. Add to this that the transiting Node will be opposite transiting Saturn September 17 to September 27, and you have a 10-day period of likely significant national stress and upset. With the above mentioned Mars aspects from September 18 to 20 active during this strong activation of Saturn, this seems an important time to watch for trouble.

And finally, the last transit of Pluto quincunx US Mars will be active from October 2 through November 29. The first part of this, through October 22, includes the Saturn transit square to US Saturn. So again, we see the combination of violence and sorrow in the US from October 2 through October 22, whether due to a short-term confrontation in the Sea of Hormuz or a domestic terrorism event or a wild weather phenomenon or even an explosive debacle in our tariff war and a plummeting Market.

These are clearly dangerous times, in many cases made worse (white supremacism) or even manufactured (tariffs, Iran escalation) by the Thin Skinned Rageoholic in the Oval Office. In my humble opinion, he can’t be gone soon enough.


Thank you Starlight for your always insightful, thoughtful and informative analysis, helping us to navigate these turbulent yet hopeful times.

“Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is getting hit by members of his own party in a new TV ad airing Thursday in Washington D.C., and in his home state.

The spot urges voters to call McConnell and demand a vote on the election security bills he blocked last week. It also features a supercut of President Donald Trump dismissing the well-documented threat of election interference from Russia.”

https://www.huffpost.com/entry/republican-ad-trump-mcconnell_n_5d4bc99ee4b09e7297412c8d?ncid=engmodushpmg00000004 via @HuffPost


” The unhindered spread of a White Supremacy movement essentially aligned with the modern Republican Party, the unrestrained mushrooming of assault weapons ownership, and the vicious racist rhetoric emanating from the White House, are now seen in their synergistic grotesquery, pinpointed, finally, with great clarity as the toxic stew out of which mass shootings are erupting to convulse the nation.”

Voila! Merci beaucoup for your stirring and thoughtful analysis.

These Are Dangerous Days
Sinead O’Connor:


Barb’s last post, probably posted at the same time Nancy was posting her new article (which I will soon eagerly read):

I’ve commented on the fact that the US progressed Chiron opposes the US progressed Mars retrograde, but not the fact that the US progressed Black Moon Lilith (BML) conjuncts the US prog. Mars. That’s because I didn’t know it. She’s not a symbol I gravitate to right away, however at this time in US history I believe BML in the US progressed chart plays a vital role.

If a progressed chart sheds light on an individual’s development, and a specific year or period seems fraught with difficulty for that individual, the progressed birth chart can often explain why. I believe BML’s conjunction to Mars and opposite Chiron in the US progressed birth chart sheds a lot of light on our country’s present situation.

Development or growth depends on timing if it is to be successful. Too soon or too late can result in failure of such development or growth. Potty training a child is a good example of this. The US then is ripe for certain growth that it wasn’t ready for 20 years ago, and 20 years from now would be too late.

I think having US progressed Venus (values) and Pluto (death/re-birth) in square indicates the US is ready to be potty trained, as does the US prog. Jupiter stationing to go direct while forming a T-square to the opposite Chiron vs. Mars-BML in the US progressed chart, a process that will take at least a decade. It’s now or never as they say.

It is also the time of the revolutionary Pluto Return in the US natal birth chart, something one has to survive almost 250 years to experience. Thus the country of the United States of America is apparently old enough to deal with immature habits that must be abandoned if it is to make it to 300 years of age.

Because BML is associated with furious rage and a sense of revenge, and she is conjunct Mars, associated with violence, and they oppose Chiron who teaches and who symbolizes wounding as well as healing; and because Jupiter, symbol of understanding, higher learning, foreign things, networking such as the www, and seeing the Big Picture, stands between them in a T-square, . . .

. . we here at Nancy’s Blog (Starlight News) are part of the potty training effort; the growing up of these United States. US progressed Mars conjuncts US Constitution Signing chart’s Neptune and this relates to the vagaries of the 2nd amendment re: the right to bear arms.

US prog Mars conjunct US prog. BML makes it really nasty re: the right to bear arms.

US prog. Mars conjuncts Trump’s Jupiter making him the flag bearer of not changing the 2nd amendment.

US prog Mars conjunct Putin’s Saturn makes Putin the man behind Trump.

US prog. Mars opposite US prog. Chiron means there will be wounding until changes are made in the Constitution 2nd amendment.

US prog. Jupiter T-square US Prog. Chiron vs. Mars+ BML represents the law and transiting Neptune will trine US prog. Jupiter this November, again, all month, as it stations direct, possibly providing some sleight of hand magic re: the laws for selling guns.

We live in history-making times. Rejoice in that and be part of it.

I forgot to include a repeat of my prediction for Trump during this Saturn station. Saturn is in sesquiquadrate to his Ascendant (29Leo55), and he is being skewered for his racism, white supremacy, and his inability to console during a crisis. Also, the tariffs are starting to cause havoc. So overall, a bad time for him with lowering polls and lots of criticism that he doesn’t handle well. 7/28 to 10/23.

Good things come in small doses! McConnell and Trump campaign pull their ad accounts from Twitter.

“Win-win” says America.



He’s also having his ass handed to him by La Pierre who warns that his proposed “background checks” will not be popular with NRA members.

He’s trapped like a terrified rat.

Oh Schadenfreude, I long to hear you!

LaPierre is wrong. Over 70% of NRA members are FOR universal background checks. The numbers are even higher among non-NRA gun owners in all other categories.

Also, many NRA members are leaving the org for other organizations. The feeling is the NRA doesn’t represent gun owners. It only represents the gun manufacturers.

If you guys haven’t yet read Tommy Lee, of Motley Crue’s tweet, about what Democrats are going to do to Trumpsters when they take power again, it’s a riot, you’ll love it (especially you, Will).


What a perfect storm astrologically we had Saturday and Sunday (Aug. 3-4). Thanking you Nancy for noting all the pressure of US Mars (and Trump’s Sun) sextile transiting Mars, both quincunx transiting Pluto. Something had to give, for sure.

And thank you Sharon for re-posting my comment. That really was thoughtful of you.

And thanks will, for making me snicker . .Oh Schadenfruede!

We must brace ourselves for the next 3 months it appears. Thanks again for the heads-up Nancy.


La Pierre hardly strikes me as being honest or moral. Ergo, why would it surprise us that he would use misleading threats toward 45 or anyone else. The guy looks and behaves like satan incarnate.

Per Jerry Nadler tonight, impeachment proceedings are on, and hearings are likely to begin around October, so that corresponds with Trump feeling the Saturnian check on his power and growing public criticism, which as starlight has pointed out he doesn’t respond well to. He will no doubt ramp up his hatefulness because that’s what he does, always doubles down. As if we need more. 🙁

I’m definitely NOT an NRA member, but I personally know many who are. Many of them are also convinced WLP is Satan incarnate.

Not terribly long ago a “civil war” occurred within the NRA. Unfortunately, the crooked
greedheads, i.e. WLP & friends won. Many members want the org to express empathy and sympathy to the victims of mass shootings, and want reasonable compromise. It’s not as monolithic as the “leaders” try to make it appear. The NRA is also losing members as they gravitate to other gun organizations.

In Linda G’s reading yesterday, with Sterling, a psychic reader, as her guest (after she read the cards), and today, it seemed to come up that Trump will be offered that deal and be escorted out (or maybe he’ll just leave). More will come out about the trafficking, and money laundering, and some type of payoff by Wayne Le Pierre as head of the NRA, etc. Also, Bernie won’t be pres but he will be in the administration doing some good things (sec of labor?) and Warren won’t either but she will also work some magic to help this country. The person Sterling described as the next pres, he saw only from the rear and he was tall and grey or blonde, as written above, with a background in hotels, but also (and this might have been left out above) in industry. By the way, Yang surpassed Beto in Iowa and he also qualified for the fall debates. I like that guy – he’s very intelligent, experienced, and interesting. I also hope Inslee, Ryan, Bennet, Bullock and Hickenlooper get in. Klobuchar already has, as well as Harris, Warren, Biden, Sanders, Buttegieg. I’d like Castro to get in, too.

Marriane Williamson’s more holistic paradigm makes a lot of sense to me, but I don’t think Americans will be ready for that sort of thought until Pluto goes into Aquarius.

I like her and do find her approach very holistic and spiritually advanced. I would love to see her take a political leadership position after this. I love her assertive energy. I didn’t know anything about her and expected someone a little less assertive.

People are no longer afraid to say that the wanna-be emperor wears a swastika. They’re saying it openly, repeatedly, and in ways that impact Trump’s funders. The boycott of Equinox and Soul Cycle resulting from their owner’s huge fundraiser for Trump this weekend is just the start. It is now becoming unacceptable to support Trump and counterproductive in business terms. The next commercial target is Fox News. Fox Entertainment is no longer owned by Murdoch. The news is and it’s time for that organization to lose any major advertiser that is still on board.

The growth pains of a new era are painful and disruptive but there’s no reason to deny the inevitible – it’s bedtime in Bedlam.


You are on-fire with accurate and comprehensive predictions – truly inspiring!

Eliseo… I didn’t an email. It must have hit the bit bucket somewhere.

Try this one: sandylightfoot(at)twc(dot)com

I emailed you at the sandylightfoot(at)twc(dot)com address.

latest from Raye Robertson on end of nuclear treaty


Grotesque photo.

Just sent this to my Congressman, Jamie Raskin:

In your impeachment inquiry, please include “crimes against humanity” at the border due to treatment of those seeking asylum and even those who are actually illegally here. Also, please include “incitement to violence” and “complicity in hate crimes” due to hate speech that unleashes hate crimes. I am not sure of the legal jargon necessary but these things should be part of the impeachment inquiry. I have really appreciated you going on TV to explain that there are far more crimes than obstruction of justice regarding Russian interference. Unfortunately, as heinous as his dealings and coverup regarding Russia have been, America has a short attention span. The current criminal behavior is ongoing and extreme and needs to be named.

I have wondered for months if that could be brought Nancy. Brava for beginning a spark for me.

I believe the Republican Party history in the last century gives good reason to think the Sibly and Republican Party charts are correct or nearly so. See how they interact with each other when shown together. The GOP has heaped much more trouble on the nation by far than Dems.

Some of the main problems birthed by the GOP:

Republican president Warren G. Harding,Teapot Dome scandal; Republican president Herbert Hoover, the Great Depression; Republican president Richard Nixon’s abuse of power – Watergate; 1980 election – Iran hostage’s held until after Reagan sworn in – then released immediately without negotiations; 2000 election – Presidency given to Republicans by Supreme Court loaded with Republican appointees (4 by Reagan, 2 by H.W. Bush, and 1 by Ford); George W. Bush, started 2 wars in less than 3 years (17 months – Afghanistan on October 7, 2001, and the Iraq War March 19, 2003); still under Bush in 2008 economic crash, 2016 election of tRump with probable collusion with Russia.
Sibly with GOP
GOP with Sibly

“THIS is one of the most underreported and important election-security stories as we head into 2020.

GA, SC, NJ, DE, & counties in PA, WI, OH, TX, KY, IN, KS, CA, & NY, are rejecting unhackable HAND marked paper ballots in favor of hackable MACHINE marked printouts from machines supplied by vendors who sweeten the pot w/ gifts to lawmakers & officials. #HandMarkedPaperBallots”


Write on, Starlight! Write on!

Perhaps the US PROGRESSED Mars is symbolizing white supremacists, pure and simple.

Perhaps there is nothing positive at all about the US progressed Mars, other than it has gone full throttle as blatant White Supremacy by attaching itself to Donald Trump’s Jupiter.

Perhaps the US progressed Mars is the most positive thing in the US astrology because it is opening our group consciousness – even that of the least conscious US citizen alive – that we cannot escape this fact about our country: we (as a nation) are racist to the bone.

Perhaps, only by rubbing our nose in it, can we root (the IC in a chart) out this flaw . . in our nativity (birth chart) and in our national character; through the comic strip caricature of a human being now posing as the US President.

Mars rules the IC of the US natal chart, the root, base, bottom, the most concealed, the most protected point in any chart, because Mars is the ruler of Aries and the IC in the US birth chart, the 4th house cusp, is at 1+ Aries.

Mars in the US natal chart is in the 7th house, the part of any chart which is so remote to the host that it is projected onto another, usually a spouse or a partner, or even an enemy. The US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini conjuncts Trump’s natal Sun at 22+ Gemini.

So the US progressed Mars and the natal US Mars both conjunct planets in Trump’s natal chart; Prog. Mars conjuncts Trump Jupiter and natal Mars conjuncts Trump Sun. How odd you might think.

On April 17, 2018, at 4:06 AM in Washington, DC, transiting Chiron (wounder, healer, teacher) entered the sign of Aries. By May 15th, at 11:16 AM, EDT – less than a month after Chiron entered Aries, transiting Uranus entered the sign of Taurus, and at that very moment transiting Chiron was conjunct the US natal chart IC. The Sun was at 24+ Taurus, conjunct Trump’s MC.

Earlier that morning there was a New Moon at 24+ Taurus conjunct the MC of Trump’s natal chart.

I won’t go into the details of those 3 charts, although they are interesting, but I do want to make us all aware how there is a divine process going on. The USA is a big part of it and we all are part of it. It’s not just Pluto demanding change it’s Uranus and his sidekick Chiron too. It’s Neptune too, but this is enough talk for now.

If we don’t increase our consciousness, we won’t be able to save our planet. America, specifically the US, is paramount in this plan, but only if this country cleans up its act.

For so long we-the-people have, at best, suspected there was corruption in our (US) government, but there was little stomach to deal with the problem. Now we must deal with the problem.

This is what US natal Mars and US progressed Mars are forcing us to do. It’s what Mars does; uses force. We must clean up our own act, then join other nations cleaning up the planet Earth.

From our very roots, where transiting Chiron is, we hate Trump and what he stands for. We are (as a whole) so mad st him we are willing to protest in the streets, write our congress people and get out and vote, even if we haven’t done so in years.

We protest on blogs and to our neighbors and with family members, but unless our government representatives and senators use the power in their hands (the US Constitution) to fix what Trump has put asunder we are doomed.

But that’s not the plan. Heroes will come forth when they know we-the-people will support them. This will be a turning point, not just for the US, but for Humanity; I feel it in my gut.

Well said, BarbK!

Jeffrey Epstein found dead in his cell. They said they were not going to let that man live. Knew way too much.

Ocasio-Cortez calls for “answers” after Epstein found dead in Manhattan jail cell


Linda G should have an interesting take on this one (Epstein’s death). As much as it makes sense for someone to put a contract on him, he is also the kind of guy who would not tolerate prison, especially as a pedophile.

Regarding Epstein’s timely death, Soulprint Intuitive tarot reader (on YouTube) suggests the primary reason Epstein had an assisted suicide or murder was to keep Melania’s connection to Epstein a secret. Her connection took place when she was much younger.
I don’t know if it was before she came to the US or after. Note that Bill Barf immediately inserted himself into the investigation of Epstein’s death, presumably to control the storyline and outcome. I mean, seriously, how often does the nation’s AG get involved in a prison suicide/murder? Of course, this could all be nonsense, but maybe someone else has some relevant insights.

Sharon, “tall and gray or blond” . . Jay Inslee?

Or Tom Steyer

Suggest watching KimCarey’s last two Intuitiview videos. She predicted A suicide and also China under water and a large portion of it was on the news last night.

Or Bill Weld?
Blond, 6’3″, – running against trump for the repub nomination

I thought about all 3 of these guys. The only one of them that has a business background is Steyer. For the others, it’s been law and politics…but I’m open to Inslee (I’d love it to be him) or even Steyer and, if it had to be a Republican, I might be able to live with Weld. He’s brilliant and was very popular in MA. I would hope that the House and Senate would be under Democratic control though.

Just a thought – Weld strikes me as a smart, old fashioned republican with a reasonable amount of integrity, and ample governance experience. If dems had the house and senate control, if he happened to be pres, I think a lot could be accomplished together to repair some of trump’s damaging chaos – which I think is imperative during the next term.

Don’t have a clue who Steyer is as a person, but I looked up his birthdate, June 27, 1957, NY, and he does have a strong chart (he has to since he’s a billionaire), with links to the US Sibly one. He is a philanthropist and he doesn’t have any dirt (so far) to stick to him and he’s younger (62). Ya never know.

Natal Sun/Moon conjunction in Cancer, Venus in Cancer sextile Jupiter in Virgo, Neptune all over the place, but especially trine Sun/Moon/Mercury (the latter in Gemini). Progressed Moon at 9Scorpio trine progressed Uranus at 9Leo on Nov. 3, 2020 and transiting Saturn will oppose his natal Venus – more work for him to do? Worth a good look.


“The person Sterling described as the next pres, he saw only from the rear and he was tall and grey or blonde, as written above, with a background in hotels…”

Or, God forbid, Trump!

Beowulfie, thanks for the Steyer birth info (and for your support yesterday!).

Beowulfie, I’m not an astrologer but wouldn’t Steyer’s progressed Moon at 9 Scorpio be a square rather than a trine to progressed Uranus at 9 Leo on Nov. 3, 2020? Not so good?

Will, lol, I think he would have identified Trump.

This morning transiting Jupiter stationed direct and slowly begins its (apparent) move forward, while this evening transiting Uranus stations retrograde and then very slowly retreats back over the the last few degrees he recently covered.

Notice the shift as trans. URANUS begins to re-examine its findings from its semi-square to US natal Mars (thanks Nancy) and Trump’s natal Sun, and continues its pressure (T-square) on the US NATAL North and South Nodes, albeit less direct now.

The shift first shows up in the Full Moon (FM) chart on Thursday, August 15th, with its Moon at 22+ Aquarius, opposite the Sun and Venus at 22+ Leo, which are T-squared by Vesta (focus) at 22+ Taurus.

This transiting FM Vesta has 2 energy supplies in addition to her own remarkable stamina; she conjuncts the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle start point (22+ Taurus), and she is in a grand trine with the transiting FM PLUTO (21+ Capricorn rx) and US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo).

Vesta in Taurus says Show Me The Money. She has this grand trine energy backing up her demands, while she pressures (via her T-square with) the Full Aquarius Moon opposite Sun and Venus in Leo. Jeffrey Epstein’s natal Pluto was at 22+ Leo (opposite the Thursday FM).

To examine the full depth of this Aquarius FM chart would take (me) 6 typed (single space) pages to cover, so with just this incredibly unnuanced surface information . .
(Trans. Sun + Venus + Epstein Pluto opposite (shine light upon) Full Moon that’s T-squared by trans. Vesta [relentless] powered by the Saturn-Pluto cycle + trans. PLUTO + US natal Neptune)
. . that leaves little to the imagination, our attention is re-directed somewhat.

Suffice it to say transiting NEPTUNE (17+Pisces rx) squares Trump’s natal Uranus (17+ Gemini), while it also trines the TRANSITING North Node (path forward) at 17+ Cancer which squares Trump’s natal Jupiter (+ US progressed Mars + US Constitution Neptune + Putin’s natal Saturn) at 17+ Libra.

The plot thickens as transiting Jupiter, now moving forward, searches for the Truth. The outer planets, PLUTO in that grand trine, retro URANUS in challenging aspect to US Mars + Trump’s Sun, and NEPTUNE square Trump Uranus (+ quincunx Trump Jupiter + US prog. Mars, etc., etc.) tighten the web of intrigue in the mysterious death of Jeffery Epstein, villainous associate of Donald Trump.

The 4 most outer planets, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are retrograde for now, a Team Effort in digging up the past, but Jupiter moves forward in the US natal chart’s 1st house. That’s gotta be a plus.

Well, what do we think about Jeffrey Epstein’s “apparent suicide?” That 45 is using it to smear the Clintons with another conspiracy theory is bizarre but hardly beneath someone who seems to always play a lower card.

I have serious doubts that Epstein committed suicide.

PS – Transiting retrograde Neptune will reach Epstein’s natal Mars-Venus at 16+ Pisces by the Libra Equinox on September 23, 3:50 AM Washington, DC. Transiting Jupiter at 17+ Sagittarius (opposite Trump’s natal Uranus at 17+ Gemini) creates a T-square with Neptune + Epstein Mars-Venus.

Transiting Mercury at 14+ Libra (conjunct US natal Saturn + Trump’s Chiron and Juno) will T-square the transiting Equinox Nodes; the North Node conjunct US natal Sun in Cancer and the South Node conjunct transiting Saturn (direct) in Capricorn. The Press will have a field day!

Fear Grips The GOP As Iowa Conservative Voters Say They Can’t Vote For Trump

https://www.politicususa.com/2019/08/11/trump-iowa-voters.html … via @politicususa

I remember Linda G saying a few readings ago (& she’s probably reading on Epstein’s suicide) that a female associate of Epstein, who helped run the trafficking organization, would be convicted, go to jail, & tell a tell all book…but a little later. I hope the truth comes out. We have heard about a pedofile sex trafficking ring associated with the male Bushes & Clinton for yrs. It probably came from Epstein’s ring & was prob the basis of the Pizzagate conspiracy theory.

Bailey: Good point, and yes, it is a square, prog. Moon to prog. Uranus, which is not an easy aspect – but it is a surprising aspect, given that the Moon (which moves fairly fast even in a progressed chart) hits prog. Uranus (which moves hardly at all in a lifetime). Uranus is the planet of unexpected developments.

Thus the Moon kind of ‘comes up from behind’ to trigger the Uranus degree. Uranus is poised in Leo (don’t know the house) in Steyer’s chart, which is the sign of “kingship”. So maybe the people (Moon) could trigger him becoming President? Well, he is already a king of sorts, being so fabulously wealthy, and it may just be that he becomes very prominent for a time, but still does not win any office. You really can’t say more because knowing the angles (ascendant & midheaven) would be essential to understanding the potential for not just Steyer, but the whole country. Lots more factors have a say in that, but it looks like there is at least some “potential”.

Steyer does have natal Saturn at the same 9 degree mark as the progressed planets, but in a different sign, Sagittarius. If you go from the progressed Uranus in Leo to the natal Saturn in Sag, the angle is a trine (120), which is favorable to him. Saturn does indicate “work” of some kind, in whatever house it is in. Yet again, it’s too bad there is no birth time to look at his houses.

By itself, his personal chart is not strong enough to say he would become President (given no houses), but there are some aspects to the US chart(s) and it is the interplay between the charts that is more telling.

At least, it looks to me that he would be a serious competitor to Biden and a challenge to Trump – but he can do that without actually becoming Trump’s opponent in the final race if he does a good job in the debates.

It is necessary to have a look at Pence, too, of course, which I haven’t had time for. And I haven’t had time to compare charts between all the other candidates either, which does take a LOT of time!

Just reading Starlight’s and BarbK’s amazing charts and comments keeps a person up, tracing them through, nevermind doing more new ones. Gotta live a life too!

Sorry for the errors, playing cards at my in laws & posting hurriedly on my phone.

Just had one more thought on Steyer: his natal Saturn at 9Sag13 was retrograde at birth and some time ago, it went direct by progression. It is slowly catching up to meet the natal degree.

The progressed Saturn is now at 7Sag57, so it is almost one degree from exact conjunction, which puts it within “orb” for being effective relative to the birth degree (i.e. a position within 1 degree).

In Steyer’s chart, progressed Saturn doesn’t hit 8Sag until June 2022. So, it might be too soon for him.

Also, being in Sagittarius, his Saturn is not bureaucratic by nature – he might not be supported as much by the establishment. Perhaps, like Jimmy Carter, he might get in, but without the support of the “structure” of government, he might have a tough go of it.

That may be reading way too much into Steyer’s Saturn, but if it were in a cardinal or fixed sign it might put his work in a much more secure position. There are other factors in any chart that offset those kinds of things, but suffice it to say, he will be an outsider if he gets in. (Not saying that wouldn’t be a good thing in times like these!).

Oops, I should have said that Steyer’s progressed Saturn at the time of the election (Nov. 3, 2020), will be at 7Sag57. It’s still a bit off that now.

Wow, Beowulfie, that means Steyer, come election day, will have a progressed Saturn OPPOSITE the US natal Uranus (8+ Gemini)! (or did I read that wrong, been doing that lately)

Linda G reported from San Diego, but quickly gave a reading on Jeffrey Epstein and she said it was murder. She saw 2 dark forms in the room. He was supposed to be autopsied with results today.
What is so creepy is that B.Barr personally visited to the” SHU”, a bizarre move on his part a few days ago. It was unusual to see the Atty.General do this.

Epstein was known to have cameras around at least at the NY mansion. Too much came out to the media and that got the guilty ones soiling themselves.

Imagine what else the dark forces already uncovered.

It was a sloppy murder. I believe that. JE is going to be the martyr, eek.

Better in-laws than outlaws Sharon.

I agree, Bob, and they are my heroes….they push themselves so much and still enjoy life at 93 and 98. Both are clear-thinking and in good health, although I see a decline these days. Such a joy and privilege…my own parents have been gone for a while.

“There’s no way Jeffrey Epstein killed himself” (from former inmate in that prison)


Yes, BarbK, that’s right.

As you know, the Sibly natal US Uranus is at 8Gemini55, in square to US Ceres at 8Pisces41Rx (it’s a tough road for women in politics in the US).

Steyer’s natal Saturn is at at 9Sagittarius13Rx. On election day, Nov. 3, 2020, his progressed Saturn will be at 7Sag57, which will be widely conjunct his natal Saturn and opposite (180) US natal Uranus at 8Gemini55.

So, both Steyer’s progressed and natal Saturn are in orb, opposite (180) to the US natal Uranus at 8Gemini. They are all in square aspect to (90) US natal Ceres at 8Pisces41Rx (a T-square).

At the same time, Steyer’s progressed Ceres will be at 9Cancer42, in trine (120) to the US natal Ceres at 8Pisces, and his progressed Uranus will be at 9Leo06 in sextile (60) to US natal Uranus at 8Gemini.

His progressed Moon will be at 9Scorpio15 in trine (120) to US natal Ceres at 8Pisces and inconjunct (150) to US Uranus at 8Gemini.

In addition, Steyer’s progressed Sun will be at 6Virgo22, in wide aspects to the various planets between 6 and 9 degrees.

So, there is a lot going on between Steyer’s chart(s) and the US natal Uranus and Ceres. Because of the Ceres aspects it would appear that women will be important to the picture for the election. Because of the close conjunction, trine and sextile aspects it would appear that Steyer should connect well with people and should have a favorable reception, although it certainly does not guarantee an election win.

Beyond that it is not possible to go without his (very important) birth Ascendant and Midheaven.

Found it: there is a video on San Francisco TV and a screen shot of a tweet that shows the time that Tom Steyer announced his run for President – it is 6:07am on July 9, 2019 in San Francisco.

TV Screen on the announcement shows 6:12 am CBS station KPIX ———–announcer says “just moments ago”


The tweet says:
It’s true. I’m running for president.
Embedded video
6:07 AM – Jul 9, 2019

Beowulfie, I too feel Ceres plays an important role regarding the US November 2020 elections.

It comes as the present US Ceres Return cycle ends and the new one starts on 12/20/2020, the day before the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle starts.

In both of these 2020 charts Mars-Eris squares Pluto who opposes US natal Mercury. I believe Ceres is as much about the US climate as she is about US women and US nurturing, There’s been a lot wounding in this country lately that cries out for nurturing.

BarbK, very true, it can be climate as well as women and nurturing both the earth, children etc. The wounding part is certainly true. Mars /Eris is just not a nice combination. Mercury being news, it makes you wonder about the role information technology and the news, not only the press, but twitter & fake news etc. will affect things. That’s not the whole story of course – have to look at the chart(s) in its entirety.

I quickly ran the announcement chart for Steyer against the US birth chart and I can’t say as it’s the most enthusiastic thing I’ve ever seen. Anyway, he’s one of 20 candidates (or is it more? I’ve lost count) and there is a long way to Nov. 3, 2020…onward ho!

Serious question:

After we begin to be entrenched in the Age of Aquarius, does anyone see this country being “whole’ again? Or… is it possible that the country would split into two sections and both go their own way in their own beliefs/creeds?

I ask this because, for the life of me, I can’t see how the enormous divides can be bridged. This 1/4-1/3 of the country that is Trumpian has been here all along. Until recently, we just managed to keep their voices down and shamed. I don’t see how they’re ever going to go back to that again. And I don’t see many of them ever becoming enlightened enough to be a functioning, cooperative part of a diverse society.

And, just like we women are not going to be relegated to property status once again, I don’t see any of us continuing to live with the type of terror and horror we’ve been living through (especially since 2000). Nor are we going to be beat down through jury-rigged politics where our voices no longer mean anything.

So, I can only see three possibilities:

1. Fascist, dictatorial government for the U.S.
2. A new all out civil war with no platitudes, as last time.
3. A division of the country into two separate countries.

Number 2 has all kinds of problems… all out civil war would be asymmetrical due to today’s weapons. I honestly can’t see how that could happen today, but then, a lot of countries are experiencing it, so who knows?

I doubt seriously I’ll be around to see it. Nor will I be around to see the Age of Aquarius I envisioned and worked toward as a teenager and throughout my life. I’m just wondering if anyone has looked towards the final culling of this period we’re living thru now.

Whimsy did a short reading–


seems there was a deal-Intelligence agencies looked other way in order to have him operate as an intelligence person–for NATO

Slightkc, I think about it all the time, and the options you’ve outlined seem like real possibilities. Fascist like government is already in the making, we are already in a culture and political war that will only heat up and I think the only real solution is a loosening of the ties that bind us as a nation so that states will be more free to actualize according to their values. There are some problems though: climate change may make regions uninhabitable and those people will likely need to relocate and the other problem with increasing autonomy for states would be how people in purple states negotiate it all. But a huge factor to consider is that young people will over the next several years come into greater political power and their leanings are more in line with the vision we’ve both had as teenagers of the Aquarian Age. They hold the light and hope for our future and I cling to that. Blessings!

Frank, your response to Slightkc is a move in the correct direction, IMO. Wouldn’t it be a miracle if we could all go back to the pre 60’s delusions that the USA was the land of the free and the home of the brave; before all those assassinations and hippies and drugs took over? No?

The Uranus-Pluto conjunctions in the 60’s took place in Virgo, the same sign (and house) as the US natal Neptune. From my perspective, this new cycle between Uranus and Pluto would be a beginning of an awakening for the world; a healing or fixing (Virgo) process that at times would be extremely painful.

The opening 7 squares (2012-2015) between them, were the first test of the awakening process, Pluto in Capricorn (in US 2nd house of values) and Uranus in Aries (US 4th house of roots). Obama had become the US President.

Much of what we are experiencing now as conflict in the US is a result of those energies symbolized by the multiple squares between transiting Uranus and Pluto. Squares are difficult to say the least.

Trines though symbolize pleasant experiences, not energies in conflict. Transiting Uranus and Pluto will be in a trine, 3 of them, in June, 2027, January, 2028 and in May, 2028, and that last one will also be the US natal Uranus Return at 8+ Gemini. Think about that for a minute!

In less than 9 years we could be living in a transformed (for the better) country on a transformed planet. Not that the Uranus-Pluto cycle is transforming the US all by itself. The complexity of the multiple cycles going on can overwhelm the human brain (at least most of them including mine) at this point in our development.

We cannot see beyond the near future, say the next US presidential election, and we easily succumb to fear and hopelessness. Ergo Neptune’s negative characteristics (fear, hopelessness) lead to escapes like drugs and mental illness instead of Neptune’s positives like faith and hopefulness.

Think beyond this particular point when many of us see only black vs. white, good vs. evil, life vs. death, and imagine a process (like cooking a meal or seeing dirty laundry going into sudsy water) in its infancy. Yes, it’s awful now but oh how nice it will be later.

It doesn’t have to get worse. If you trust the language of astrology (I do) you hear/read the possibilities of decency toward all people, governments that encourage equality and other things that come with an increase in consciousness.

Imagination is one of the things Neptune symbolizes. Imagine if every child in the US got a good education, and poverty was reduced and homelessness was a thing of the past. What if equality was recognized between men and women, whites and people of color; what if disparity between belief systems no longer existed?

Imagination is a gift, not a flaw. What if there were no artists or inventors? We would still be in the dark ages if our species still existed. As we expand our consciousness (a process that hurts sometimes, like pregnancy does) we see things in a new way. possibilities arise out of nowhere.

Don’t submit to the dark thoughts. Allow the light to do its thing. Be patient. The kids that are 12 years old now will be 20 years old in 2027. Just imagine the ideas they will come up with between now and then.

slightkc, Frank, barbK,
I agree with barb’s timeline, but I strongly suspect climate catastrophe will be the agent of further illumination.

Ironically, the “red” states are mostly the ones in the wrong geographic location relative to future problems with sea level rise, desertification, etc. The exceptions are states subject to forest fires and other wildfires.

Another factor, “a real wake-up call” will be when we have to select a new area for our national capital due to sea level rise in WA-DC. These things will begun to unfold far sooner than expected, I suspect in 9-15 years from now.

All I can say is: Get out the vote!! The US is critical to getting action across the world.

To think that one idiot stands between action and none is beyond one’s wildest imagining, but it is sadly, tragically true. Of course, he’s not the only greedy climate denier, he’s just the most visible one. Energy futures are still running the real game, but now, to make it simple, it’s more air conditioning rather than heating that’s the problem.

Check this article from Australia on climate change and the urgency becomes acute (Australia being especially vulnerable as it is already a desert):


And BarbK, you are so right:

It doesn’t have to get worse.

If trump or pence got reelected, I think the effort to succeed will grow very strong on both the west coast and northeast. Most are waiting to see if this is a one-time disaster or not. Regardless of the outcome, there will be a push for greater state rights. If the Dems win than its the red states that push for state rights. Living in a blue state, I have welcomed succession since trump got elected. We in the blue states have paid far more to the Feds than we get back and the red states have paid very little and gotten a lot back. Plus as Eliseo and others have pointed out, given the inevitable climate changes, the red states are far more fu**ed.

Official: FBI Searching Jeffrey Epstein’s Virgin Island Complex, 2 Days After Apparent Suicide

https://www.nbcnewyork.com/investigations/Jeffrey-Epstein-Suicide-MCC-New-York-Prison-537408641.html … via @nbcnewyork

The secession movement comes with Putin’s blessing(and help):

“Here is an @NBCNews article from 2014 about Dr. Baden, who has been tapped to attend the Epstein autopsy. The conflict issue that was uncovered in the Phil Spector trial is . . . telling.

Dr. Baden, a Fox TV contributor, & witness FOR OJ Simpson, is a high-priced defense expert to the stars. Why not have a reliable, objective, independent forensic pathologist like the Chief Medical Examiners from Maryland, Dr. David Fowler and/or DC, Dr. Roger Mitchell, involved?”



“Barr’s “apparently suicide” claim is making the rounds like his “no obstruction, no collusion” claim did. He seems to subscribe to the theory: trial and conviction first, evidence later. First of all, I take nothing encouraging or comforting away from an assertion that Barr “knew a lot more than we did” about what happened to Epstein. Barr “knew a lot more that we did” about the Mueller report & he flat out lied to the American people about its contents… Second, Epstein obviously could have implicate many rich, influential, connected individuals in his child sex ring, giving many people motive to want him dead. Third, Epstein reportedly had curious injuries just a few weeks ago and was placed on suicide watch… Nothing should have been in his cell that could be used to hang himself. Fourth, typically there are multiple measures in place to prevent this from happening, like video surveillance and frequent welfare checks by corrections employees. So labeling this “an apparent suicide” is, at a minimum, inappropriate. The only announcement should have been “Epstein was found dead in his cell. Pending an autopsy and a full investigation we will not speculate as to the cause & manner of death & will have no further comment until the investigation is complete.”

Glenn Kirschner @GlennKirschner2
Legal Analyst; Fmr 30-yr fed prosecutor w/ @USAO_DC, DC Chief of Homicide & @USArmy JAG. President of @HomFamAdvocates

If you have the West Wing series television show an grounding episode for these times is Season 4, Episode 2, “20 Hours In America, Pt 2”.

“a” grounding episode not “an”

Elisabeth Grace:

” I was fascinated by this WaPo interview with Steven Hoffenberg, who spent 18 years in prison for partnering with Epstein in a Ponzi scheme. So why wasn’t Epstein held accountable for that? As I said, the interview is fascinating, and an astrologer trying to divine a birth time for Epstein would do well to pay close attention to the words his former close associate uses to describe him.”



I have long observed the mid-to-late 2020s as having the high potential to be a generally positive, upbeat, free-spirited and hopeful time here and throughout the world, in contrast with the general heaviness and retrograde reactionary push of this current Capricorn-heavy, Saturn-Pluto punctuated period.

In addition to the trine from Uranus in Gemini to Pluto in Aquarius in the late 2020s, we will also have Neptune making a sextile to both from Aries beginning in 2026. Not a perfect Triangle in the heavens between 3 deeply influential outer planets, but fairly close.

Also, everyone keep in mind that all three of these big players are moving into new signs during a roughly 2-3 year period. So the heavy Earth emphasis by Uranus and Pluto will soon be transmuted into Air. Similarly, Neptune moving on from Pisces into Aries will transmute Water into Fire.

Altogether, I see a time of new knowledge, insights and inventions, scientific breakthroughs, revolutionary change and spirited ideas emerging, and this will seem like a direct response to the current period we are in. We won’t even have to wait until the mid-20s for all of this to be set in motion, as the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction at 0 Aquarius in December 2020 will represent an emerging new economic pattern that will take shape during the next two decades (and actually, the next two centuries with the mutation from Earth to Air complete as of this upcoming conjunction). Saturn itself will begin poking into Aquarius as early as February 2020, right on the heels of the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn in January, perhaps suggesting an intentional early planting of the seeds of mass social organization. Concepts, ideas and structures set in motion during Saturn in Aquarius will of course be empowered by Pluto when the latter enters Aquarius beginning in 2023.

Try as DJT, McConnell, Putin, Bannon and all of their ilk might, I just don’t see them successfully holding on to power much beyond the end of Pluto’s sojourn of Capricorn.

Pluto in Aquarius alone suggests a serious revival of Democracy and democratic principles–the opposite of Pluto in Leo, which saw the fall of the Iron Curtain and hard-line authoritarian regimes around the world in the wake of WWII. Even whatever gets planted by these charlatans during the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction will likely meet with its comeuppance when Pluto opposes Saturn in the mid 2030s–Aquarius(Pluto) to Saturn(Leo).

I predict we will see the total collapse of the GOP in the wake of DJT, whatever his ultimate fate, if not also an open and organized rebellion against its chokehold grasp around the levers of power in this country, and this rebellion will expand to include many corporations which heretofore have had almost complete free reign and space to do whatever they desired sans political consequences.

The new energies rising up here and around the world in the 2020s, and in the wake of the US Pluto Return in 2022 in particular, will not tolerate gerrymandering and McConnell’s Conservative justice-packed courts. Also, I don’t see a full breakup of the US or the “race war” that the white supremacists and their influencers tell themselves that they want and need so badly.

Rather, I suspect that we will likely see a push for more organic governance and government–grassroots-up and decentralized in spirit and form, rather than the top-down and centralized approach the US has gone with. Cities and their suburbs could form metropolitan governments that span multiple counties in some places, and thus remain closer to the people they serve, becoming neo city-states in a sense. In contrast, many state governments will likely become significantly less important, if not quaint relics of the colonial period. Some state governments could even be disbanded, and several major cities will be forced to relocate and/or give up altogether due to the disappearing coasts. Certainly, this could include DC, as well as Miami, New York and others. At some point, interest will surge for inland cities like Cincinnati, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Detroit, which will be reevaluated as desirable places to live by coastal refugees.

Leaked Executive Order Would Let US Gov Control Social Media

A leaked draft of an executive order reviewed by CNN Business would give the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) broader power to regulate how social media sites like Facebook and Twitter moderate and curate content on their platforms. While many have called for increased regulation of social media companies, this executive order seems to be at least partially motivated by the perceived anti-conservative bias on social media — that Trump insists exists despite a lack of evidence.


I concur with your futurist vision. There will be problems. We’ll not have any kind of Utopia, but will have as you said, “a serious revival of Democracy and democratic principles” through which to solve our difficulties. My hope is we all will get beyond our identitarian reactionary politics and back to pragmatc solutions in the service of our ideals. We’ll likely be defining Liberal and Conservative quite differently than we do today.
ProgressIves won’t get everything they want, but neither will Conservatives. Compromise is the essence of democracy.

I too see the rise of “city-states” and the decline in importance of state governments. Climate change and new agricultural technology will accelerate that. No use in using up acreage when we can grow so much more, more efficiently in skyscraper labs. What was once farm land can be returned to being forest or prairie. Who knows? As we will have lost a few states (like Florida as example) we might even divide up the nation into bioregions!

Also, a possibly warmer Great Lakes region will become far more important. About 20% of the world’s freshwater is in the Great Lakes.

The UK Brexit will lead to a UK/USA trade union bloc which will eventually include also NZ, Australia, Canada, Mexico and possibly the central Am. nations. Climate change catastrophes will force nations to cooperate at unprecedented levels.

Wow Buckeye, I appreciate your great overview of things to come. Now that’s what I would call transformation.

We must keep in balance the present chaos and turmoil (and why it must take place) with the future advances it will reap. I’m sure the people who lived during the Civil War rarely, if ever, thought anything good could come from all that suffering. Some still hold onto that pain. It’s tradition.

It occurs to me that since the Civil War, there are more of us now who think slavery was despicable, or at least very wrong, than those who still feel the South should have won that war.

I believe that the backlash of white supremacy, etc. is a part of the inequality associated with the patriarchal society coming to an end.

It’s about the sense of losing control that’s embedded within those who had (or thought they deserved) control over others. It’s why some think they need assault rifles to shoot deer or protect their loved ones.

It is the hate (and fear) that Pluto digs up from our unconscious or semi-conscious or (for some,) our consciousness that resists letting go of any semblance of control or superiority over others. Hence they elect (albeit not with a majority of votes) a Donald Trump to be US President.

If you look at the chart of the 1st conjunction (of 3) between NEPTUNE and PLUTO you see there is an opposition between restrictive Saturn (15+ Virgo) and expansive Jupiter (16+ Pisces), a societal thing.

Transiting Neptune was at 16+ Pisces in May, June and July of 2018, and March 2019, and will return to 16+ Pisces in the last 3rd of September, all of October, and the first 3rd of November.

Transiting Neptune will station direct in late November and again reach 16+ Pisces in December and almost all of January, 2020.

Transiting Neptune will be at 16+ Pisces in the brand new SATURN-PLUTO conjunction chart too, activating the NEPTUNE-PLUTO cycle chart’s Jupiter where it opposed Saturn in Virgo (and as well, where the PLUTO-URANUS conjunctions in the 60’s took place).

So, I think about that; transiting Neptune in a brand new PLUTO-SATURN cycle will be opposing the URANUS-PLUTO cycle start point, and energizing a Jupiter (opposite Saturn) in the chart of an active cycle between NEPTUNE and PLUTO; a cycle which began at 8+ Gemini, where the US natal Uranus sits.

8+ Gemini is also where transiting Uranus will be when it trines transiting Pluto at 8+ Aquarius in May 2028. For the US it will be a coming home Uranus.

The Civil War ended in 1865 and the NEPTUNE-PLUTO cycle started 31 years later in 1891, conjunct the US natal Uranus, and that cycle’s chart had Jupiter in a degree where transiting Neptune was last year and this past March, and will be in Sept, this year through Nov., and again in Dec. 2019 through Jan. 2020.

Neptune then has energized 2 active PLUTO cycles within the last 2 years and will do so again in a 3rd PLUTO cycle (with Saturn) in 5 months from now.

Because of these things, I’m convinced that the Greater Powers (higher consciousness) are upgrading the status of Humanity and have various ways of communicating to said Humanity how (and why) this must be done. One of those ways is through the language of astrology.

If Humanity is to remain the Keeper of the Planet Earth it will have to change or be discarded as a failure to perform.

Thanks for your uplifting views buckeye. For me this period of insanity has always felt to be the ‘one step back’ phase of the ‘two steps forward’ version of societal evolution.
And its simple logic – we evolve, or die. And too many humans are loving enough and innovative enough and smart enough to not push for a better world.

I recently watched this again of comedian/composer aussie Tim Minchin’s address a few years back and thought I would share for a smile – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acVLqyURx_Q&fbclid=IwAR2ECJYOADzeg8PvLFlEqggLQ1CL9KvZsKNPp-9OfUI6DoflXbMNuuQPXqE

Dear Starlighters,

I have been a long time lurker of your excellent website. Since some of you have expressed interest in astrology and psychics, I bring you The Oracle of Whimsey ( Dr Whimsey). She’s an excellent remote viewer and she has shared insights into the Meuller investigation. Her take includes Putin’s “trade routes”, human and arms trafficking, money laundering with the Russians and crypto currency and implicates some big names. She also talks about Putin’s propaganda and his preference of private contractors after American troop withdrawal. Here’s the YT link https://youtu.be/nEuOGdYAqyU
Warning she has many videos, you may want to watch them chronologically.

Willows Web Astrology:

“We’re all master builders now and over the next few years as this 22nd degree of
Capricorn is activated and then expanded upon. The house where 22 Capricorn falls in
your natal and Secondary Progressed charts indicates the particular area where this
foundational framework is coming together or being built up in your life. We’re putting a
framework in place that will sustain us (and others) for many years to come. Each
activation of this degree indicates another stepping stone, another building block,
another concrete element of the whole. We’re gradually building something befitting us
and the human community around us, even though we can’t see the full picture as we
move step-by-step toward this.”

Well said, Barb. And definitely some interesting links with the ongoing Neptune-Pluto cycle of the early 1890s in Gemini. I also feel like the third US Uranus Return at 8 Gemini is going to be a particularly important watershed moment in this country’s history. It won’t be a new civil war. Rather, I think it will mark a critical turning point in the country’s general orientation towards the future. The trine from Pluto in Aquarius really speaks into that. For sure, it won’t be a triumph for Reactionary Conservatism and the likes of Bannon and his ilk.

I agree about the Great Lakes region becoming much more important in the future. I’ve been looking at the charts for several of the principal cities in the region. I believe Cleveland in particular will be experiencing a new zenith by mid-century, on the heels of its Pluto Return (July 22, 1796), progressed Sun entering Aries (currently in Pisces) in the mid 2030s and Pluto transiting its Pisces Moon in 2044. Cleveland’s last peak was arguably near the end of the Great Depression/Start of U.S. involvement in WWII, when Pluto entered Leo, conjuncting its natal 10th house Sun. Lots of shifting, empowering of the people and a fresh new outlook emerging around this period. Well in advance of that, the city is about to experience a challenge to remake itself in a fundamental way, on a massive scale. It’s natal sun at 0 Leo will be opposed not only by Pluto in Aquarius in 2023-24, but by the 20 year Saturn-Jupiter cycle starting at 0 Aquarius in December 2020. Detroit will likely experience a similar challenge and shift with it’s 1 degree Leo Sun (July 24, 1701). Keep your eyes on Cleveland in particular, though.

Notoriously conservative Capricorn Cincinnati (December 28, 1788, Sun and Moon in Capricorn) also seems to be on the rise again and will probably be “noticed” sooner. Pluto and more recently Saturn transiting its sun and moon seem to have coincided with substantial influx of new investment and development. Despite Cincinnati’s slow-to-meet-the-times outlook, the younger generation of Cincinnatians seems ready to meet the world and carry their city into the future, kicking and screaming if necessary.

Ohio’s Aquarian capital city Columbus (February 14, 1812) may in a sense come to represent the Pluto in Aquarius era, at least here in the Midwest. It has emerged as something of an oasis of unabashedly progressive ideas, values and humanism in this part of the country. Pluto transiting its Sun in the late 2030s could see its standing and relationship with Ohio completely transformed. Maybe a divorce? Or a sense of it stepping away from just being the capital of Ohio and standing on its own terms.

Pittsburgh (November 27, 1758) is a super Sagittarian city with a probable 6th house stellium, Moon in Scorpio (some astrologers say Libra, but my sense of the people and their character here has always been Scorpionic rather than Venusian/Erisian, though for what its worth, all three planets are in Sag). There will almost certainly be a series of breakthroughs and new challenges to old, long accepted truths and norms when Uranus in Gemini opposes all those Sag planets.

The one major threat I see in this region is the legacy of fracking and deep earth chemical injections, a legacy of the Oil & Gas lobby and too many politicians on the take, including those often mistaken as middle-of-the road level-headed Republicans like John Kasich, Ohio’s former governor. Pluto in Pisces in the 2040s and 2050s at mid-century could bring us face to face with the environmental consequences of these industries and our leaders’ shortsighted policies.

I smell a rat. That Barr is grandstanding about all he is going to be doing to investigate and prosecute this “outrage” would be laughable if it wasn’t a diabolical deflect. The likelihood of Epstein successfully committing suicide in that prison at that time is simply wrong and not kosher at all, at all, at all.

This was a hit job that came all the way from the top.

Tuesday 13 August 2019
I’ve definitely decided to come through Leavenworth and visit you and your hubby. The route has all sorts of advantages.

I don’t know yet if I’ll go further north on I-29 and connect with I-90, OR turn westward from Leavenworth and take I-80 through Nebraska and Wyoming connecting with I-84 in Utah and then I-5 in Portland Oregon on my way to Olympia.

Please get back to me with your opinion.

I’m curious. Have you taken a gander at the charts for Madison, Milwaukee, or Oshkosh, Wisconsin?

David Johnson

Live reading – last part is the best.


“Today’s take. Epstein had videotapes of many very powerful people engaged in compromising and illegal acts. Now someone else has that Kompromat. And thus immense power over them. That person is Bill Barr and his boss. Donald Trump. Truth must out so they cannot be blackmailed.”


re smelling a rat with Epstein, I had serious doubts about his viability from the minute he was arrested, but when Barr engineered his transfer to a federal facility (when Epstein belonged under another jurisdiction), my doubts turned to certainty.

Barr – Noon Chart – not a recorded time
May 23 1950, 12:00 pm

Natal Saturn 12°38′ Virgo

Natal Neptune 14°52′ Libra, progressed Neptune 14°54′ Libra. Both squared by Saturn July 28 through November 7 every day (September 1 through October 5 in RA). Strongest when Saturn stations direct September 18, 2019, 13°55′ Capricorn. Also a bad day for tRump and Pence.

The opposition of transiting Neptune to Barr’s progressed Saturn IS EVERYDAY FROM NOW THROUGH EARLY 2020. It is a major aspect and the only one that is in effect every day for the next 6 months. Watch for it to be triggered when aspected by transits throughout this year.

Sep 5 2019 Sun at 12°38′ Virgo conjunct natal Saturn
September 6 2019 Mars at 12°38′ Virgo conjunct natal Saturn
Sep 10 2019 Sun at 17°12′ Virgo conjunct progressed Saturn
Transit Neptune exactly opposite progressed Saturn on Sep 13, 2019, at 17°12′ Pisces.
September 14 2019 Mars at 17°12′ Virgo conjunct progressed Saturn

Pluto stations direct October 3, 2019, 20°38′ Capricorn (RA 292°24′). Square progressed Mars at 202°19′.

Dec 4 2019 Sun at 12°38′ Sagittarius square natal Saturn
Dec 9 2019 Sun at 17°14′ Sagittarius square progressed Saturn

Saturn Square progressed Mars January 18 to February 4, 2020, 24°30′ Capricorn (RA December 18 to January 3).

January 21 2020 Mars at 12°38′ Sagittarius square natal Saturn
January 28 2020 Mars at 17°15′ Sagittarius square progressed Saturn

Transit Neptune exact opposite progressed Saturn on Feb 5, 2020, at 17°15′ Pisces.

If maxwell was trusted by epstein he may have had her hold or let her know where he kept incriminating material to be used as leverage (think tin foil hat secret, disguised safe in one or more of his properties).

If she is angered by a belief that he was murdered or is afraid that she may be next she could approach Mueller or another former member of DOJ, the FBI, or CIA (identified on various tv programs) and offer same to get into protective custody (witness protection program?). tRump had a good chart on Aug 10 but both he and barr spiral down from here through next February.

Wow, more examples of a definite shift happening!

Ralfee Finn:


This is another way our consciousness is changing, I know I feel this:


Please join us to focus on the new era as it emerges through our world.

Every month on a Friday close to the New Moon, friends and co-workers take time out to envision the new era. Our next focus is on
Friday 30 August 2019 at 6 pm.
There is no physical plane meeting – instead we invite you, wherever you may be, to join us in visualizing the emerging New World.
Our intention is to go beyond what is breaking down, in order to see and envision what is rising up – being created anew. It can already be apprehended wherever human hearts are opening to one another, to our world and to all that embodies that great Life.

Visualisation Exercise

If you would like to participate in the visioning process from your location, please visit New Earth hour – Visualization Exercise for a copy of the visualization exercise.


Julie: What are your thoughts on Epstein? Suicide, murder or secreted away somewhere with a new identity?

Wonder if McConnell will get arrested in this emerging scandal about lifting sanctions on a Russian so he could get an aluminum factory built in Kentucky and also Vitter’s role in putting this deal together. David Vitter is the disgraced former Senator from LA and now Russia lobbyist and his wife was fast-tracked as a Federal judge by McConnell.

Speaking of prison, Barr looks to be totally responsible for Epstein death with his budget cuts to Federal prisons and his own shadowy relationship to Epstein.

From the Definition of Fascism, July 19:

“In the US chart, we find the transiting Saturn station will sit in a square with US Saturn (14Libra48) from July 29 to October 22, suggesting a loss of prestige, power, and respect for the US that may impact the economy (Saturn rules the second house). And of particular concern, we find that the US progressed Moon will be square to US natal Saturn from August 15 to September 15, pointing to sorrow and grief in some segment of the population”

Not only is the economy starting to show signs of recession during this Saturn station, but everyone is now commenting on the US loss of prestige and power in the world in light of Trump’s refusal to stand up for Hong Kong.

From today’s NYT:



By the way, these two issues support the Sag rising US chart with Saturn in the 10th and ruling the second.

Starlight, your comment on Sag rising is noted.

How significant is the fact that the Saturn station will not only square US Neptune, but come very near an opposition to the US Sun, without quite making it? I have the feeling if it had, Trump might be in even deeper trouble this year. At any rate, it seems to be another sign of slumping credibility, even if it doesn’t translate in the polls.

Angellight I thought from the very beginning that he was in danger and would never come to trial.

i will definitely participate and could really use connecting with others this way. Thanks for the post and for many of your other posts!

tRump is in a string of consecutive bad days right now.

If I Can Dream


35 days.

Why were my posts deleted?

Bob, I see you last two posts about Barr at 10:31 p.m. and Maxwell at 10:53. Did you have others? Maybe they are in moderation for some reason? (usually technical)

The posts contained what is in this post Sharon. They were in moderation before being deleted.

tRump is in the middle of a short string of negative days.

Good lyrics in the face of the racist resident. (This line was not in any of them.)

Elvis Presley – If I Can Dream



I haven’t followed the culture and running trends in the western Midwest as much as in the east, so I don’t know how well I can speak to long term trends there. I will say from my sense of the region that its struggles haven’t been nearly so bad as those in the east. Unlike many Midwestern cities, Madison has actually been growing for the past several decades. Milwaukee is a Leo Sun, Libra Moon city (July 30, 1835), while Madison is a Sag Sun, Gemini Moon city (Nov 24, 1836) founded just over a year later. If these are accurate, Milwaukee will be facing some sort of heavy challenge to its identity, and perhaps an elected official (Mayor?) in a little under a decade when Pluto opposes its Sun. I see Minneapolis-St. Paul in a similar category. I do think as the coasts struggle and sink, these inland cities, like Cleveland, Pittsburgh, etc. will also see a lot more attention and interest from displaced citizens of the coasts.

I couldn’t readily find a founding date for Oshkosh, but it seems to have been settled around the same time period.

A legal incorporation date for a town or city isn’t necessarily the date that crystalizes its identity, although it could be looked at as a chart of governance. All my studies have suggested that the first public declaration is what cements it.

Thanks for the info on the western Midwest cities. Throughout most of human history and prehistory most of us have preferred to live near water. I agree cities around the Great lakes will get more attention when we get a bit more sea level rise. It won’t take much water rise, and I believe it will be pretty apparent and present 10-15 years from now, far sooner than has been anticipated.

The sea level rise will be more troublesome on the Gulf and East coasts where dikes and seawalls are much less do-able. West coast cities will experience less sea level rise due to topography and because sea walls and dikes are much more practical there for civil engineers.

As Midwest winters lessen in severity, the cities in the Great Lakes basin will become far more attractive and popular places to live and work. In due time I believe a cultural and scientific renaissance will birth and develop there. Eventually, the Great lakes basin will be considered the heart of all of North America. I also expect major changes in personality for Chicago and Detroit.

Helluva full moon. Helluva full moon.

Bob – Your posts were in moderation because you mispelled the email on them as tahoo.com

Andre – The Saturn station is somewhat shy of opposite US Sun. I agree with you that if the station were exact, we might be witnessing an impeachment right now. But the 10th house is also the chief executive’s house, and so the long Saturn square to US Saturn is impacting him.

The Neptune transit square US Mars and opposite US Neptune won’t happen until 2021. The same transit will square Trump’s Sun and Moon. Another reason not to want him for another four years (as if we need another). The current Saturn station is nowhere near a square to US Neptune.


The greatest effects of climate change will become apparent after Pluto moves into Pisces in 2044, particularly those involving sea level rise and long-term weather pattern changes. The Uranus-Pluto Opposition of 2046-48 will be the integration point of all that was brought to light with regards to our environment and the threats posed to it, during the conjunction in Virgo in 1965-66.

And also, like you, I don’t think we are going to have to wait even that long to see substantial changes manifest. At the same time, one positive aspect about the coming Pluto in Aquarius era before Pluto gets to Pisces is that we will see human ingenuity in response to our degrading biosphere and climate on a scale that hasn’t occurred in our lifetimes. One more reason to be optimistic that the present ultra-reactionary conservative era will soon give way to a new period of massive, forward motion and revolutionary changes.

I honestly see men like McConnell, Bannon, and the power players and financiers behind them, men like Putin and Charles Koch, really being sidelined and swept aside by the events of the next several years.

A paradigm shift is unfolding, and it is going to render irrelevant everything they have worked towards, including the seeds of iniquity and discord.

In the end, they are going to look quite small and trivial in the face of what’s coming.

I tried tahoo.com and like in the past when I misspelled the Email site the post was not accepted and sent to moderation but I got a message to enter a correct Email address.

And then after entering the correct yahoo.com I kept getting that same message instead of the post being accepted.

Some lie is going on here.

I deleted history, backed out, and used CCleaner before beginning this post. Let’s see what happens.

I am being prevented from signing in even though I am using my correct Email address.

I will send this message to someone else who posts on this site as I keep getting this message even though I am using my correct
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This is being done by someone connected to this site as it does not haooen on other sites.

Speaking of the Full Moon (FM) at 22+Aquarius which opposes the Sun at 22+ Leo, the transiting Vesta – having just recently made a US natal Vesta Return (19+ Taurus) – is now at 22+ Taurus, and completes a T-square with today’s Full Moon and Sun.

This transiting FM Vesta is also trine transiting FM Pluto (21+ Capricorn rx) while also trine the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo.

Today’s Full Moon Vesta (investment) is wielding a lot of power as she is being forced into taking action (2 squares) by the Full Moon and the transiting Sun.

In the US, it is simply a matter of relying on the US Neptune (which transiting Vesta trines) and the transiting retrograde Pluto which both trans. FM Vesta and US Neptune trine.

This grand trine will be in effect for the US only, and it symbolizes a smooth flow of energy, absorbing the challenges (2 squares) received by the FM Vesta (symbol of what is invested in) from this Sun in Leo opposite Full Moon in Aquarius.

Neptune can symbolize dissolution, disillusion, illusion, drugs, oil, show biz, art, inspiration, ideology, water, sacrifice, hypnosis, imagination and more. How it manifests – the US natal Neptune in Virgo – could have to do with healthcare, jobs, foreign countries and people (US Neptune in 9th house) the Internet (9th house rules networking) religious beliefs and human trafficking among other things.

Pluto of course is about death and rebirth, and trans. Pluto (trine trans. Vesta trine US Neptune) in the 2nd house of the US natal chart is about the death and rebirth of what is valuable to us. These 3 – Pluto, Vesta, Neptune – are in earth signs so we assume these valuables are material in nature.

Material values have been a preoccupation of the USA, intensifying in the last 50 years or so, back when Uranus and Pluto in Virgo were conjunct and when transiting Vesta (invest) was conjunct the US natal Jupiter (excess) in Cancer.

As it turns out TRANSITING Neptune in Pisces is opposing the 1960’s Uranus-Pluto conjunctions, which, although not a chickens-coming-home-to roost moment, is a bit of a wake-up call. TRANS. Neptune is quincunx (150 deg. aspect) the US PROGRESSED Mars in today’s Full Moon in Aquarius chart.

Quincunxes demand adjustment. US PROG. Mars is conjunct Trump’s natal Jupiter (as well as US Constitution Signing chart’s Neptune and, for good measure, Putin’s natal Saturn, hence the Moscow Mitch brouhaha).

We are in a period when our values (trans. Pluto + Saturn in US 2nd house of Values) are undergoing a transformation. What if our $$$ lose their value? What will we value instead? This FM today, in the US natal 2nd house, asks us to consider this possibility.

Tea Party Ex-Congressman Joe Walsh Apologizes For Helping Elect ‘Unfit Con Man’ Trump

First the Mooch, now Joe Walsh:
“We’ve had enough of your indecency. We’ve had enough of your lies, your bullying, your cruelty, enough of your insults, your daily drama, your incitement, enough of the danger you place this country in every single day.”


Frank: You are so welcome. If seen earlier, I would have posted the link this morning for our Full Moon meditation. We are having a special meditation later at 3:30 p.m. I will post the link here for you.

Frank: You might be interested in this

Thursday 15AUG at 7:30pm GMT/UT
3:30 PM EST

REGISTER: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/8249017118955250188
Webinar ID: 330-160-355

The relationship between our Solar Logos and Sirius is cosmically “intimate”. Sirius is the “Initiator”. Our Solar Logos is the “Cosmic Student”, not yet a sacred Solar Logos as Sirius already is. At the time of the Leo Full Moon, this relationship between our Solar Logos (Helios) and Sirius is emphasized–both are extremely powerful. At this webinar we will discuss this relationship and meditate upon its implications.
Please send your questions, comments and feedback to:

Michael Robbins: infinitize8@gmail.com


Today’s Full Moon also has close ties to the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle, emphasizing today’s FM Vesta, since she’s in the same degree as where Jupiter and Saturn started their cycle; 22+ Taurus.

In that chart (May 28, 2000) Chiron was at 14+ Sagittarius, where the Great Attractor is and where today’s FM Jupiter is.

This link between the Jupiter-Saturn cycle and today’s NM emphasizes the discomfort (Chiron) being produced by this transformation process (trans. Pluto in US 2nd house) as it, the Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s Chiron, and today’s FM Jupiter both sextile the US natal Saturn in Libra (that conjuncts Trump’s natal Chiron and Juno).

And yet, it is also supportive (sextile) of the US Saturn in its transformation; a kind of “We are not alone” support, provided by the Great Attractor, also at 14+ Sagittarius.

There is also the Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart’s Mars at 17+ Gemini (where Trump’s natal Uranus is as well) that’s being squared by today’s NM Neptune at 17+ Pisces.

That Mars (in the Jupiter-Saturn chart) in Gemini (via Trump’s Uranus) has been fueling the US PROGRESSED Mars at 17+ Libra (conjunct Trump’s Jupiter + US Constitution Neptune) in an easy-peasy trine.

So, today’s NM Neptune, in addition to opposing the 1960’s conjunctions between Uranus and Pluto in Virgo (that squared Trump’s Uranus in Gemini), it ALSO squares the Mars (that conjuncts Trump’s Uranus in Gemini) in the 2000 conjunction chart of Jupiter and Saturn. Who knew how efficient Neptune could be.

From the perspective of these 2 long term cycles, it appears to me that the Universe set the US up for this Trump presidency in order to bring these corrupt situations to the surface (consciousness) so they could be dealt with through the upcoming Pluto-Saturn cycle starting in January 2020, and the US Pluto Return in 2022.

These flaws in our society and government have remained virtually undetected in the average person’s life because the average person is pretty unconscious of what doesn’t affect him or her directly. No more though. We are becoming (and must become) conscious of the breaches in our government by individuals and corporations. The time is nigh.

Just wanted to thank you all for your kindness last week. We got to see our friend a few hours before he died. It was hard, but we also got to watch the way his son was taking care of him, and it was so gently and lovingly and attentive, it was truly a beautiful thing to watch. Made me realize our friend had people in his life who loved him so much and great relationship with them, and we should all be so lucky to have someone taking care of us as kindly as his son was taking care of him.

This is also a son who lived for a long time with a drug problem, and there were times when the dad gave up on him. Left him outside on the law one night when he showed up out of it and passed out there. But he got up the next day and found a rehab center for him, and the son really go this life together. Gave our friend three beautiful grandchildren, who brought him so much joy.

So, it brought me hope for our own daughter.

Also, my niece’s youngest daughter turned 1 while we were there, and there’s nothing like being at a 1-year-old’s birthday party to bring you joy.

Teresa Hill,

Such a powerful experience for you to witness Teresa; may your daughter be protected and guided toward the Light

Starlight, thank you. I meant the Saturn station square US Saturn.

I couldn’t say it better myself.

How World leaders Ruin the Economy

World leaders have ruined the world, not just the economy. My birth post-dated WW II’s ruination by about ten years; but in my own my lifetime, we’ve had Joseph McCarthy; the Cuban missile crisis; a grab bag of brutal Central and South American dictatorships, most of them created or propped up by the American government. Vietnam/Cambodia/Laos, which we flattened for no good reason one can articulate, while squandering trillions of lives and dollars and leaving chaos in our wake. The S&L crisis. The ill-advised, ill-conceived, disastrously executed war on Iraq – which also left chaos for others to grapple with and squandered trillions of American dollars. The adoption of the Big Economic Lie: ‘trickle down economics,’ with drastic tax cuts that have bankrupted the country. The dot com bubble. The real estate bubble and ‘Great Recession.’

And now, the Trumpublican fiasco. Each day brings a new dose of willfully ignorant, self-destructive ‘policy,’ much of it merely childish spite played out on a grand stage.

One might say we get the government we deserve – but that’s not quite true. The Republican Party has concocted ways to grab and hold majority power with support from a minority of Americans, by manipulating our election process. In just the past 20 years, we’ve had two Presidents elected contrary to the majority vote – which happened only once in over two centuries before that.

We’re in need of a radical fix -”


“You cannot make this up. AG Barr’s father hired Epstein without a college degree to teach at the prep school he ran & wrote 2 books while Epstein worked there: One,

“Space Relations: A Slightly Gothic Interplanetary Tale,” is about sex slaves! Check google if you don’t believe.


I posted earlier about McConnell and Vitter and Russia but what I do not know is when McConnell went to the dark side. For Obama’s last few years in the White House, McConnell did not let him appoint ANY Federal judges, waiting until 2016. But how did McConnell know that a Republican would win in 16? At what point did McConnell become a Russian asset?

There is a sextile in Beto O’Rourke’s natal chart between his Venus (20+ Leo) and his Saturn (20+ Gemini) which transiting retrograde Pluto (21+ Capricorn) completes a Yod with. His own natal North Node at 23+ Capricorn served the same purpose which I believe is his drive for perfection in some form.

At the time of the El Paso shooting, transiting Mars was conjunct Beto’s Venus at 20+ Leo and transiting Pluto was at 21+Capricorn. It is logical that he would have been moved to dedicating himself to “taking it (the disaster in El Paso) to Donald Trump directly”, what with transiting Pluto being only 2 degrees from Beto’s natal North Node.

Beto’s North Node 23+ Capricorn trines his natal Moon at 23+ Taurus* and when combined with the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo it creates a grand trine; a powerful, almost unstoppable force of energy. Today’s Full Moon Vesta at 22+ Taurus conjuncts Beto’s Moon. (Trans. Vesta was conjunct US natal Vesta at 19+ Taurus that day of the shooting in El Paso.)

Beto’s natal Moon (symbolizes home) also conjuncts Trump’s MC at 24+ Taurus, which symbolizes Trump’s reputation and how he is seen in the world. Beto is on a mission now.

*I believe Beto has Sagittarius rising with natal Jupiter at 1+ Cap in the 1st house. If so, it’s possible transiting Jupiter was on or near his ascendant that day, and still is. In any case, transiting Jupiter will conjunct his natal Jupiter (a Jupiter Return) in early December.

Now this is good! And, Eliseo, keep us posted on your journey — hope it’s going well!


Sharon K,

“Perhaps. But you know what was also outside of legal norms? A sitting judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit angrily confronting senators who credibly accused him of trying to rape Christine Blasey Ford — and then threatening revenge against those Senate Democrats. The Whitehouse brief is best read as several prominent Democrats’ response to “what goes around comes around.”

Nothing short of delicious!

I got whiplash a couple of times reading Whitehouse vs. White House – nonetheless, compelling piece!


“But how did McConnell know that a Republican would win in 16? At what point did McConnell become a Russian asset?”

Downright pithy!


Very safe travels and yes, keep us posted.

The CNN Stephen Colbert Interview With Anderson Cooper

Fascinating and heart-warming…..

Video 39 min 18 sec


To All:
Thank You for your concern and kind safe journey wishes. I haven’t left yet. I’ve a bit more to wrap up here if I am to continue regarding myself as a responsible sort of person.
I’ll likely be leaving SE Texas, heading north to Leavenworth on Wednesday the 21st or Thursday the 22nd. I’ve spoken with slightkc. It all feels right.

“BREAKING: A Young, Attractive, Casually Dressed Woman With No Legal Files with Her Visited Epstein for a Minimum of Two Hours, in Lieu of His Attorneys, the Day After He Was Taken Off Suicide Watch”


Here is a great story by Elilzabeth Warren about the first time she met Barack Obama – you will love it!


A little aside about how I know personally that astrology works (and notice this very often). Jupiter is transiting my 6th house which I’ve always experienced as routines, work, getting organized, getting things done, and, when pressured by a more “pressuring aspect”, having to sublimate myself and take care of or sacrifice for others. Well, I started feeling it before it went direct but now I, a mushy, dreamy Pisces (mars, venus, jupiter, sun) am back on track and am really enjoying pacing myself, getting organized, getting things done again. Good transits of my 6th house really help me (lol).

Eliseo, it’s good to give yourself time anyway. Pacing oneself is sometime hard when there’s no choice.

And this may just continue to make your day! It is great!


Lastly, I am a fan of Israel and its right to exist and protect itself but this time Netanyahu really blew it! There is only so far that he and Trump can go as a team before it backfires, and it has backfired again. What a bunch of morons!

Nancy, you are saying US progressed Moon in Capricorn is now waxing square (August 15-Sept. 15) to US natal Saturn (14+ Libra), while transiting Saturn (retrograde) at 14+ Capricorn is square US natal Saturn (14+ Libra). Am I reading this right? Is the transiting Saturn conjunct the US progressed Moon?

If so, this might be the reason Fox polls show that the 4 leading Dem candidates are beating Trump. Trump’s natal Chiron and Juno (partner) are also at 14+ Libra, so both US progressed Moon + transiting Saturn in Capricorn square them too.

Transiting Jupiter, now moving direct at 14+ Sagittarius is sextile the US natal Saturn in Libra, and Trump’s Chiron + Juno so this is alleviating somewhat the Saturn-US prog. Moon pressure on US Saturn (+ Trump Chiron/Juno).

Even so, he is a wounded animal feeling cornered, and very dangerous; to himself and the rest of the world right now. I feel like there are forces (in the background) preparing for Trump’s next crazy move though.

On August 30, 2 weeks from now, a New Moon at 6 Virgo 46 (+ Mars, Venus, and + Mercury and Juno conjunct Transpluto also in Virgo conjunct the New Moon) will trine Uranus (surprise!) at 6 Taurus 28 rx. This New Moon will also conjunct Obama’s natal Pluto at 6 Virgo 58. The Cavalry is coming.

Politico reported the medical examiner’s ruling that Epstein’s death was suicide by hanging. Nevertheless, the question will remain whether he hung himself or somebody ‘helped’ him. Doubt will be around for a long time, methinks.


“Hunting Mogilevich’s crime syndicate is also THE case that puts the history of Donald Trump’s business “partnerships” into context. It explains why the #TrumpRussia investigation — from the FBI to the congressional committees — has shifted from counter-intelligence to CRIMINAL. It is the “WHAT” and the “WHY” that set us off on this journey.

It also answers what lurks beneath Trump’s flailing tweets, firing of Comey, and strategic undermining of the integrity of our independent press. It is the answer that sits at the core of the Special Prosecutor’s evidence, especially if Mueller indeed has his hands on Trump’s bank records and tax returns.”


barbk – All of that Moon/ Saturn action points to sorrow of some kind for the American people (pr Moon), not just for Trump. And you will notice several days of a Sun/Mars conjunction in late August and early September (8/28 to 9/4), a few days of which are at 6 Virgo sextile tr Uranus, which is semisquare US Mars, thus a trigger. Violence (mass shooting, dramatic weather, big accident, explosion, etc.) plus sorrow of some kind. It is not quite simultaneous, but troubling enough during a pr Moon/Saturn aspect.

“Investigation into Epstein’s secret life was interrupted by his mysterious death. Leaked details of the autopsy report suggest Epstein was killed. Suicide seems less likely. Who is behind it? Is Bill Barr covering it up? Narativ’s independent journalism”

http://patreon.com/narativ .

Good video did listen to it. Good reporting.

I got rid of most of that series of comments. No use clogging up the thread.

Thank you so much Nancy, forewarned is forearmed.

There are many cycles that have an impact on our (the USA) present circumstances and I’ve been exploring the Saturn-Neptune cycle that began in 1989 with their 3 conjunctions in Capricorn (10 to 12 degrees), very near a T-square to the US Cancer Sun (13+ degree) and US Libra Saturn (14+ degree).

In fact at the time of their 1st conjunction, the Moon (people) at 14+ Capricorn was making a perfect T-square to the US Saturn and Sun square. She was where transiting Saturn and US prog. Moon are now.

This Saturn-Neptune conjunction (March 3, 1989) had the centaur Pholus conjunct the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini and the centaur Nessus conjunct the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo.

Both of these centaurs allude to multiple generations of ancestry and present ways to release one’s bondage to them. Because of this, and because Nessus and Pholus in this Saturn-Neptune cycle chart so directly connect with US natal outer planets, this cycle seems to say it is time for changing old habits/rules/dictates.

Thus Pholus (small cause begets big effect) conjunct US Uranus at the time of the Saturn-Neptune cycle appears to have brought us Trump.

Thus Nessus (abuse of power) conjunct US natal Neptune (which squares Trump’s natal Sun) has supplied us with abundant abuses.

Melanie Reinhart has a piece on the centaurs which I hope this link gets you to. Near the bottom of it is where you will find info on Nessus and Pholus.


Oh well you can get there through Googling Astrology, Centaurs, Melanie Reinhart


please, please work!

Starlight: Thanks.

Something lighthearted and charming for my fellow


Thank you, Ja. That was very sweet, heartwarming & adorable.

When the US birthday took place last month, transiting Saturn (+ trans. South Node) and transiting Neptune were in a sextile, Saturn at 17+ Capricorn and Neptune at 18+ Pisces, both retrograde.

This is an aspect of cooperation and support, by position if not always by temperament. Saturn is a rule maker and a rule enforcer, while Neptune tends to disregard rules and go its merry way.

However they are a team in the US birthday chart called a Solar Return (SR), and this team will be in force for a whole year for the US. As luck would have it this Team of Saturn (+ South Node) and Neptune will call for sacrifices from the US People because the US Solar Return (SR) Moon (symbol of US People) in Leo completes a Yod with the Solar Return Neptune-Saturn sextile.

Both Neptune and Saturn will demand adjustments from Moon (People) in this chart because both Neptune and Saturn are quincunx the Leo Moon, which is an uncomfortable position for her.

She (the Moon aka the People) will be pushed and prodded to adjust because of repeated changes, but in the long run it will produce a better set of circumstances for all of us. That’s the whole point of a Yod. Change.

The US Solar Return (SR) Sun is (as always in a US Solar Return) square the US natal Saturn. However, this time around transiting Pallas (the Strategist) is at 14+ Libra and conjunct US Saturn. So, there is a plan (Pallas) in the making and it’s not sitting well (square) with US natal Cancer Sun.

In the meantime, the aforementioned SR Neptune in Pisces (who is sextile the Capricorn Saturn) is within orb of a trine with the SR (and US natal) Sun in Cancer, while SR Saturn (rules is rules) opposes the US Sun. And you know how Neptune is; he might pretend to, but he doesn’t always abide by the rules himself.

At the US Solar Return both Neptune and Saturn were retrograde and they have maintained their sextile (fragile though it may be) throughout the following months until in September when Saturn will station direct, and at 13+ Capricorn, will take some time to oppose US natal and Solar Return Sun at 13+ Cancer. September 18 is a day to watch and remember (transiting North Node will also be about to conjunct US Sun).

Meanwhile, the Yod between SR Saturn sextile SR Neptune, continues to pressure this SR Moon in creative Leo. I believe trans. Saturn (opposite US Sun), along with trans. Neptune (trine US Sun), symbolizes the Trump administration. I believe Neptune is working both sides of the fence (SR Saturn which Neptune sextiles and natal US + SR Sun which Neptune trines).

Neptune provides the leaks from the White House and others you see. This is why nobody can believe anything or anybody, and it’s probably just as well.

Here’s the part that I’ve only just begun to grasp, which is that SR Moon at 21+ Leo sextiles US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini (known for talking out of both sides of its mouth) which conjuncts Trump’s Sun, which in turn squares US Neptune at 22+ Virgo, which trines the US SR Pluto at 22+ Capricorn, which is at the apex of a Yod with the sextile between the SR Leo Moon and the US Gemini Mars+Trump Sun.

Don’t even try to untangle this. We are under a Neptune spell of confusion while the gods and goddesses of astrology (and the higher powers of the Universe) rectify the US (and that of other countries of the world) governmental chaos brought about by greed and abuse of power.

Trump is merely a tool of the higher powers. He serves as a distractive focus (and he’s damn good at it) and he is a pawn of the gods and goddesses.

These absolutely essential changes in the structures (Saturn) of US society must be torn down and rebuilt (Pluto) for purposes we aren’t (as yet) ready to comprehend.

The US People will be guided (in a weird way) to elect a new US President who will transition the US away from its past and toward its new identity, which will take at least a full Jupiter-Saturn cycle for the world to comprehend.

The new December 2020 Jupiter-Saturn cycle has Uranus (breakthroughs) conjunct the US South Node (no longer serves growth) and Pluto opposite US Mercury (how we communicate and think) and Neptune T-square the North and South Nodes in this chart for the start of the 20 year cycle between Jupiter and Saturn.

Instead of being the leader of the world, the US will become a Team player (Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius). There will be a focus on equality (Jupiter-Saturn sextile Juno, which by the way forms a Yod to Eliz. Warren’s natal Sun-Uranus.)

This chaos, much to our chagrin, serves a purpose, and from chaos comes new creativity. Some day we all will look back at this time and marvel at how it all turned out.

BarbK, I can’t begin to follow your astrological data but I do feel better reading that there is astrological support for what Kim Carey and Linda G have been saying and said again this week. Your optimistic outlook is what we all need to get us through the rough times still ahead.

Thank you

The Bottom Line: Investigating Jeffrey Epstein, Money Trumps Sex

“The Republican base doesn’t care about sex crimes — unless they involve the Clintons, that is. Serial rapist Donald Trump is their standard-bearer. They have proudly run Roy Moore, a grown man who was barred from his local mall for accosting middle-school girls. They have rallied around Brett “Devil’s Triangle” Kavanaugh. Not only do they not believe women, they actively seek to destroy them, as state legislatures have demonstrated in George, Alabama, Ohio, Missouri, and elsewhere. It is unlikely that these rank misogynists will be swayed by the dalliances of the late Jeffrey Epstein, however deplorable, unless they somehow implicate Bill Clinton. When the subject of Donald Trump’s history of sexual assault is brought up, the 20+ credible accusers, the “grab ’em by the pussy,” MAGA invariably responds with: Bill Clinton was worse — as if the shameful misbehavior of one rich, famous, powerful man somehow absolves that of another.”

Trump wants us to be afraid. Fear creates panic, which impairs judgment. Trump also wants to exhaust our sense of outrage. The Hitlerian policy of separating refugee children from their parents, and detaining all in cages, is intended, first and foremost, to tire us all out to the point of lethargy, resignation, inactivity. There are limits to how much moral outrage a people can summon. On Twitter, one sees occasional calls for protests, for “people in the streets.” There may come a point when that happens, but for now, everyone is too tired, and too able to see the futility of such an endeavor: Fox News won’t show it, and the House Democrats keep firing off impotent letter after impotent letter as Trump’s minions snub subpoenas and he brings his feckless, hapless grifter daughter to world leader summits. Yes, I know, Pelosi and Nadler are playing the long game with the courts, as Mueller did before them, but the hourglass is running out of red-white-and-blue sand. As Roberto Bolaño writes in The Savage Detectives, a novel about renegade Mexican poets, “There’s a time for reciting poems, and there’s a time for fists. As far as I was concerned, this was the latter.”


“1 Future trump speeches & rallies should be called “The Farewell Tour.” The thing about trump’s dementia that’s difficult for ppl to grasp is- It steadily worsens. What ppl see in 3, 6, 9 months will be far worse than today. He’s had multiple foundations crumble- w/ more coming

2 trump is a unique case. His med info is hidden & distorted. He won’t get a neurological exam bc he knows it’s a one way ride from the WH. There are no a medical baselines to compare, like yr over yr MRIs or work ups. There is a ton of behavioral & video evidence of his decline

3. After Trump’s bogus physical, we had to factor in treachery, coverup & the question of how bad does trump have to get b4 the coverup of his health would fail. In many ways, history was changed that day. trump should have been removed. Instead, trump’s team has been living a lie

5 Moving Part 1- trump’s condition progressively worsens-severely of late. Lashing out. Repeating parts & getting lost during speeches. Yelling & projecting violence on people & places like Afghanistan. It won’t stop. He’s on schedule. Estimated Prognosis:”

(much more at the link)



Go placidly amid the noise and haste,
and remember what peace there may be in silence.
As far as possible without surrender
be on good terms with all persons.
Speak your truth quietly and clearly;
and listen to others,
even the dull and the ignorant;
they too have their story.
Avoid loud and aggressive persons,
they are vexations to the spirit.
If you compare yourself with others,
you may become vain and bitter;
for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.
Keep interested in your own career, however humble;
it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.
Exercise caution in your business affairs;
for the world is full of trickery.
But let this not blind you to what virtue there is;
many persons strive for high ideals;
and everywhere life is full of heroism.
Be yourself.
Especially, do not feign affection.
Neither be cynical about love;
for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment
it is as perennial as the grass.
Take kindly the counsel of the years,
gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.
But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings.
Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.
Beyond a wholesome discipline,
be gentle with yourself.
You are a child of the universe,
no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you,
no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.
Therefore be at peace with God,
whatever you conceive Him to be,
and whatever your labors and aspirations,
in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul.
With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,
it is still a beautiful world.
Be cheerful.
Strive to be happy. ”

Max Ehrmann, Desiderata, Copyright 1952.

Ah yes, Desiderata. My favorite. Thank you Angellight.

Elisabeth Grace:

” Talking heads in the media were saying that it wouldn’t be surprising if a recession kicked in 18-24 months later, as apparently it has done before. I wouldn’t be surprised either, as in 18-24 months, we’ll have transiting Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus. I’m not a financial astrologer, but I have observed in the past that hard aspects between Saturn and Uranus coincide with bubbles bursting.”


Bailey, thanks for your encouragement. I never minimize the work ahead but work IS work, not death and doom and the sky is falling. It just looks that way.

Have you seen any of the MSNBC series American Swamp? Tonight they expose how the Democratic and Republican parties require members of Congress to raise money (for their party) in order to become a chairman of a committee. This began long before Trump came to Washington.

Who knew that? Raising enough money (more than your fellow congress men and women) buys you a chairmanship of a committee? Good grief.

All this needs to be exposed to as much of America as possible. To my mind that’s the job of Pluto and Saturn and Ceres (+Sun+Mercury) opposite US NATAL Mercury, coming in January, 2020, to a theater near you.

Here’s why I love this chart (Saturn-Pluto):

1. Moon (people) in Leo sextiles Juno (partner) in Libra that forms a Yod to Neptune in Pisces. Neptune must adjust.

2. Neptune in Pisces is semi-square (stimulates) Uranus in Taurus, and Uranus is in a grand trine with Pholus in Cap and Transpluto (the process of becoming whole) in Virgo.

3. Saturn and Pluto (+ Ceres, Sun, Mercury) in Capricorn are trine the US NATAL Neptune (that sextiles US NATAL Mercury) in Virgo that trines the start point of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle (about societies) in Taurus, which will still be in effect through the whole of 2020. US NATAL Neptune, the old Jupiter-Saturn cycle, the new Saturn-Pluto cycle in a grand trine. Nothing will stop it for at least one year.

4. US NATAL Mercury in Cancer opposes the Saturn-Pluto conjunction which turns the grand trine into a Kite pattern. This opposition must must be resolved and when that is done the grand trine goes into action.

5. Venus in Aquarius (conjunct US Moon aka US People) sextiles Pallas the Planner in Sagittarius (conjunct the Galactic Center) and they form a Yod to the US Constitution Signing chart’s Uranus in Cancer. The Constitution Uranus must adjust.

6. This cycle coincides with the Great American Pluto Return, exact in 2022.

This is a (divine) plan to clean up the swamp that is Washington DC (and probably all the other swamps in other governments). It will probably take all 33 years of this cycle between Saturn and Pluto to git her done, but we here on Earth in the USA, right now, will have started the process with our own two hands. Makes me proud to be an American!

Sharon K: Welcome. Desiderata Mine too; inspirational and so true.

Barb: Yes, part of the divine plan to clean up the dark dredges of the astral and etheric planes;


““1 Future trump speeches & rallies should be called “The Farewell Tour.””

Wicked funny!

“The 1619 Project is a major initiative from The New York Times observing the 400th anniversary of the beginning of American slavery. It aims to reframe the country’s history, understanding 1619 as our true founding, and placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of the story we tell ourselves about who we are..”

“The United States is a nation founded on both an ideal and a lie. Our Declaration of Independence, approved on July 4, 1776, proclaims that “all men are created equal” and “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.” But the white men who drafted those words did not believe them to be true for the hundreds of thousands of black people in their midst. “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” did not apply to fully one-fifth of the country. Yet despite being violently denied the freedom and justice promised to all, black Americans believed fervently in the American creed. Through centuries of black resistance and protest, we have helped the country live up to its founding ideals. And not only for ourselves — black rights struggles paved the way for every other rights struggle, including women’s and gay rights, immigrant and disability rights.”


Will: Yes, wicked funny, but I sure hope there is some truth to what he is saying. Trump is saying more and more deranged things and the lies, you can’t keep up. It is a hellish, freakish show.

Marjorie has a new post on the odious stephen miller (dark lord sith in training?)

This is very frustrating. I have to postpone my trip home by several more days. I was hoping to be home by my birthday, August 19th, but it is not to be. I’ll let you all know when I actually do leave, and keep you posted.


So sorry to hear about your delay. I’m sure your greatly disappointed, especially not being home in time to be with family to bring in your new year. I’d like to think that perhaps the universe is protecting you in some way from something, keeping you off the road over the days you had planned to travel, as there are many prayers and well wishes for your trip.
I do hope that whatever is keeping you at the very least goes smoothly for you and you are on the road home as soon as possible, with no further delays!


When this chart is set for the U.S. financial center in New York (1:20 pm EST), a startling pattern jumps out: Uranus is conjunct Black Moon Lilith, and both are exactly conjunct the Taurus Ascendant. Plus, both are squaring the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction with an orb of 6º, close enough to bring plenty of surprising financial developments around the time of this major astro-event. Uranus brings unsettling events, and all the more so with Lilith tightly in the mix.


It is difficult, to say the least, to separate the effects of the transiting Saturn-transiting Pluto cycle start (Jan, 12, 2020) from the exact US Pluto-transiting Saturn cycle start ( 3 conjunctions in 2020, in Feb., Aug., Nov.), but the January 12, 2020 cycle will affect the whole world in a direct way, while the trans. Saturn to US Pluto is ours alone, although it will indirectly affect other countries.

As only the gods and goddesses could concoct, the brand new trans. Jupiter-trans. Saturn cycle (a cycle addressing societal issues) will start in December, 2020. It will be the Year-to-Remember, 2020.

Part of the worldly cycle (all countries) of trans. Saturn-Pluto is the addition of trans. Ceres into their conjunction and this will most certainly address the global warming issues, but also the women’s equality issues too.

Then there is the trans. Jupiter conjunct trans. Saturn cycle chart that begins at 0 Aquarius 29 on 12/21/20 at 1:22 PM, which has Ceres at 8 Pisces 57 that conjuncts the US natal Ceres at 8 Pisces 41, so yes this transiting Jupiter-Saturn cycle, a cycle about societies which will affect all nations, highlights the US natal Ceres. Why would that be?

The US natal Ceres Return (the start of a cycle about 4+ years long), when transiting Ceres conjuncts the US natal Ceres, takes place on 12/20/20 at 2:55 PM, less than 24 hours ahead of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle starts. In both of these cycles’ charts the major plants are in the same degrees except for Moon, Mercury and Sun.

In the US CERES RETURN chart Mercury and Sun are at 29+ Sagittarius and Moon is at 16+ Pisces conjunct Neptune at 18+ Pisces which opposes Vesta (what is invested in) at 18+ Virgo. This opposition makes a grand cross with the North node (19+ Sagittarius) and South Node (19+ Gemini.

I take from this Moon placement in the CERES RETURN chart that women will influence an important decision (Neptune T-square Nodes) during this Ceres cycle (through 2024). That decision will likely be about climate change.

The next day, after the US natal Ceres Return, the 20 year cycle between Jupiter and Saturn begins. This time the Moon is at 27+ Pisces (square the Galactic Center) and the Sun is at 0+ Capricorn and conjunct Mercury at 1+ Capricorn.

This is what I find fascinating about this JUPITER-SATURN chart. The Sun-Mercury in Cap are half-way between Juno (partner) at 0+ Sagittarius and the Jupiter-Saturn at 0+ Aquarius. Because Elizabeth Warren’s natal Sun and Uranus at 0+ Cancer . . .

. . . are opposed the Sun (consciousness) Mercury (communicate) in the 20 year cycle chart of Jupiter-Saturn . . .

. . . and because Jupiter-Saturn (societies) sextiles Juno (partners) and all of them form a quincunx with Warren’s Sun-Uranus, it is technically a Yod formation. This will force Warren’s Sun-Uranus to adjust.

Because this chart’s Sun-Mercury opposes Warren’s Sun-Uranus, the Yod now becomes a Boomerang, and that means the Sun-Mercury in the new JUPITER-SATURN cycle receives all the combined energies of the Yod, i.e. the Jupiter-Saturn (societies), the Juno (partners) and the Warren Sun-Uranus (Sun = consciousness, Uranus = breakthroughs).

Therefore the Sun (consciousness) and Mercury (communicate) in this new JUPITER-SATURN (December, 2020) cycle are tasked with making the world’s societies conscious of something and communicating about it.

I believe Elizabeth Warren will (as President or VP or whatever title she assumes) will have a plan to begin the world-wide effort to stop ecological destruction before it destroys the planet. Nevertheless, she persisted!

PS: Warren’s natal Ceres is at 2+ Virgo (where transiting Transpluto is now) and her Ceres conjuncts her natal Saturn at 1+ Virgo, and both will trine transiting Uranus at 2+ Taurus in the SATURN-PLUTO cycle start (Jan 12, 2020).

Warren’s Virgo Saturn-Ceres will also trine Sun-Mercury in Capricorn in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle start (December 21, 2020). She’s probably already working on this.

well, well, well, its about time. Too little too late though? we shall see.
“Group of top CEOs says maximizing shareholder profits no longer can be the primary goal of corporations”

From the Atlantic, a good article on Pelosi and impeachment:


Happy happy birthday Eliseo! May your new year be filled with joy!
Take comfort that, even waiting, can bring forth amazing gifts born of quiet reflective moments. xxx


What Elizabeth and kiwi said.

Beowulfie and kiwi,

Great articles. Thanks for posting.


Wondering if Ceres in that mix portends an issue with crop failures and food shortages – and if that Neptunian influence could point to problems with flooding and/or drinkable H2O

just musing.

will, will, will!

We live (at least for now) in a 3 Dimensional world, which means polarized vision of good-bad, beautiful-ugly, old-young, smart-stupid. That is changing, and when it does we won’t look at things in an either-or way.

I would say that yes, Ceres, in order to raise consciousness within a given societal sphere could symbolically manifest as crop failures and food shortages and a lack or surplus of water. It wouldn’t have to be catastrophic to make a point that if Humanity does not change its ways the Earth will die. Simple as.

A more positive manifestation of Ceres would be an increased awareness of how nurturing our planet would create an abundance of crops and food supplies.

Ceres in league with the Saturn-Pluto cycle seems to me to be pushing Humanity towards greater awareness of cause and effect in this 30+ year cycle. Saturn = patterns and form, Pluto = transformation, Ceres = nature. Together their message looks to be about transforming human patterns regarding the body of Earth.

To me this is a cycle in which all 3 outer planets are driving home a message; Pluto conjuncts Saturn + Ceres, Sun and Mercury, all in Capricorn; says hard work can bring about success.

Uranus (breakthroughs) in this cycle is in Taurus and participates in a grand trine with Pholus (a small cause can reap huge effects) in Capricorn, and Transpluto (the process of becoming whole) in Virgo, a pattern which also pounds home the earth emphasis in this cycle.

Neptune in Pisces is at the apex of a Yod in this Saturn-Pluto cycle, with Moon in Leo who sextiles Juno in Libra. This configuration has a definite feminine vibe; a push toward less aggression perhaps. It is asking, no, it’s insisting that Neptune make an adjustment. Neptune is semi-square Uranus and Uranus is in a grand trine with Transpluto and Pholus.

With Neptune under pressure to adjust, and being semi-square Uranus, it might manifest as an eruption of some kind (oil pipeline? floodwall gives way?), causing the Uranus-Transpluto-Pholus (a small cause erupts bigtime?) grand trine to garner some much needed compassion from and for human beings.

This could create another opportunity to move away from the aggressive masculine approach toward Earth and move toward a more feminine nurturing approach. Think solar panels instead of oil rigs.

I see Ceres as participating in educating we ignorant humans about our shared resources; how to not waste them and how to recycle them. If we (as a whole) don’t learn now – in the next 2 decades – there will be nothing left to share.

Eliseo- a very happy birthday to you. I am so sorry for your delay but a great new beginning is waiting when you get there!
(p.s. my birthday is the 21st, so I know how really sloggy these last two years have been. But it IS starting to feel better at least I think so, not quite so impossibly sticky) Only wonderful and more wonderful from now on…

Happy Birthday to two special people – my buddy, Eliseo, and a very important member of our group , Henri. May the coming years be very good to you and bless you with good health, love, joy, happiness, accomplishment & success!

barb k, barb k, barb k,

Thank you, thank you thank you!

new article from Raye Robertson

“The average American likes meat, sports, money, porn, cars, cartoons, and shopping. Less popular: socialism, privilege-checking, and the world ending in 10 years. Ironically, perhaps because of Trump, Democratic Party rhetoric in 2020 is relentlessly negative about the American experience. Every speech is a horror story about synagogue massacres or people dying without insulin or atrocities at the border. Republicans who used to complain about liberals “apologizing for America” were being silly, but 2020 Democrats sound like escapees from the Killing Fields.
Ronald Reagan once took working-class voters away from Democrats by offering permission to be proud of the flag. Trump offers permission to occupy the statistical American mean: out of shape, suffering from gas, poorly read, anti-intellectual, treasuring things above meaning, and hiding an awful credit history.
Trump in this way is more all-American than Mark Spitz, Liberace, Oprah, Audie Murphy, and Marilyn Monroe. He’s a monument to the consumption economy. He represents fake boobs, the short con, the tall tale, gas guzzlers, and a hundred other American traditions.
This is why the endless chronicling of Trump’s lies does little to dent his popularity. Trump’s voters don’t need to read PolitiFact to see what Trump’s about. They see it in his waistline. Few politicians in history have revealed what they are to voters more than Trump. Christ, we even know what the man’s penis looks like.
“The cool thing about Trump,” says 38-year-old Cincinnati native Jeremy Holtkamp, “is that it’s just about being an American.”


Thanks kiwi. Raye Robertson has an ascendant for the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Aries, making the ruler of the Chart Mars in Sagittarius in the 8th house.

The chart I’m using for this conjunction has Taurus on the ascendant and Venus is the chart ruler in the 11th house,conjunct US Moon in Aquarius. Both charts use Washington DC for location.

Amazing what a few minutes difference can make in what a chart can tell you. I use serrenu . com to get my planet positions (down to the second), then use alabe . com for location, matching its moon position to the serrenu Moon information.

The basics are the same for the planets degrees, although her chart’s Moon, for example, is in the 4th house and my chart’s Moon is in the 5th. That could really make a difference.

These kinds of things can affect how one reads a chart and I wonder how much disparity there is between the producers of astrological ephemeris material. Who can you trust for Pete’s sake?

Anyway, I’m glad to be aware of what she, Raye Robertson, sees and why she sees it. Thanks again kiwi.

BarbK, another wonderful analysis. Thank you.

It seems pretty far-fetched right now but I can see a possible Biden-Warren ticket for the Dems in 2020.

I base it on 2 points in the US natal chart which they both have links to. One is the US natal North Node (the path forward) and the other is the US natal Uranus ((breakthroughs).

The US natal North Node at 6+ Leo is conjunct Warren’s natal Pallas (the Planner) also at 6+ Leo, while Biden’s natal Pluto is at 7+ Leo. Transiting Uranus is now square the US North Node.

The US NATAL Uranus at 8+ Gemini is where Warren’s natal Mars is too, with her natal Mercury at 10+ Gemini near by.

Biden’s natal Saturn is at 9+ Gemini and not too far from his own natal Uranus at 2+ Gemini.

Biden’s Moon at 0+ Taurus squares Warren’s Uranus at 0+ Aquarius but trines her natal Saturn (1+ Virgo) and Ceres (2+ Virgo). Biden’s natal (true) node is at 0+ Virgo too. Warren’s Moon is also in Taurus, probably around 12 to 16 degrees.

Biden’s was born in 1942 and Warren was born in 1949, so, while not a match made in heaven (or is it?), they do come from the same post WW2 years and can relate from that stand point.

He’s a Scorpio and she’s a Cancer, so that should help; they both are sensitive to emotional issues like mass murder, caged children, etc.

The more I think about it the more it seems like a no-brainer. Was it Bob and/or Jerry or someone else, Andre maybe, that has said the 2020 President-elect will be a one-termer, while the 2024 President-elect’s term is where the dramatic change takes place.

So let’s say Biden decides not to run for a 2nd term (age or whatever) in 2023 and VP Warren is unchallenged for the Dem nominee. That (IMO) is not far-fetched. Baby steps so to speak.

What do you think?

Thanks Bailey; I’m on a roll because it’s way too hot to go outdoors and do chores (grocery, etc.) so I’m playing inside (with a clear conscience!) with some ideas. Really appreciate your support!

oops . .Warren’s natal Jupiter (not Uranus) is at 0+ Aquarius.

Barbk, I have had the same thought – a Biden Warren ticket which could also explain why the real changes begin after 2024 when Warren become the president.

Biden/Warren sounds like a good ticket. But can they overcome their history?


After Biden/Warren 2020, how about Warren/Yang 2024?

Some of us are old enought to remember Kennedy/Johnson – they hated each other when Kennedy chose Johnson as his running mate.

Thanks for the Bankruptcy Bill story Nancy, makes me all the more aware of the sleaze that thrives in Washington DC. I would imagine it would be very difficult for Warren to get past her resentment of Biden, perhaps the reverse is true too. Still, Anita Hill seemed to soften her attitude toward Biden in due time.

But, if Warren and Biden COULD get past their differences; if all the polls next Spring were to look similar to now, the black voters and older voters of all color could have their sense of security (if Biden was the Dem nominee for Pres), and Progressives and many women could see a woman (almost any women would do), at least as the VP on the Dem ticket, and Trump was still alive and in office . .

But who knows where we will be in May, 2020? After the Saturn-Pluto cycle begins, after however many more mass murders will have taken place, or if Mother Nature has destroyed the homes of many US citizens, or people have lost their money in the stock market, or whatever else could devastate voters, who will US citizens, those who will vote at least, feel could make their lives better?

It’s a guessing game right now. Based on old astrology tales, the winner of a US Presidency had to have a major aspect, preferably a conjunction trine or sextile, to the US natal Moon (27+ Aquarius). If so, that would be Kamala Harris, with a natal Saturn conjunct US Moon and a natal Sun trine the US Moon, and a natal Moon sextile the US Moon. This too could happen; Harris polls might soar come next Spring.

But that is not a reliable test at all. All we can do is play with the possibilities and today I played with the charts of Biden and Warren because I had the time, and it was fun!

Here’s one for you Will
– written by H L Mencken in 1920’s
“As democracy is perfected, the office of President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”


BarbK: Thanks for the comment you make: “Based on old astrology tales, the winner of a US Presidency had to have a major aspect, preferably a conjunction trine or sextile, to the US natal Moon (27+ Aquarius).

It makes me wonder if a ‘formula’ like that can work in the age of the internet, with its media frenzies and hate campaigns. I think the premise is that aspects to US Moon mean the winner should be ‘the people’s choice’ candidate. Now, it is so uncertain just whose choice is being made! The US Moon alone is probably not enough – the easy and popular sextile and trine aspects won’t cut it by themselves, imo.

As for Kamala Harris, I think she leans in the opposite direction because her natal Saturn conjunct US Moon indicates a cool, distant, not very positive relationship. She would need a relationship with the public at large that is at least positive enough for the majority of voters to elect her as President. It looks rather the opposite.

The Saturn, apart from its basic executive nature (which fits the Presidency well, in ‘normal’ times), could indicate that her connection to US Moon is hampered, somehow restricted, and perhaps not very welcome. It doesn’t indicate she has a lot of charisma with the people. I’m not saying she isn’t a smart candidate or couldn’t do a good job, but her appeal to voters may be quite limited.

In addition to the above, it’s possible, though, that Kamala Harris could somehow tip the nomination to someone else – that fits the executive Saturn connection to US Moon better. The decider, the one who brings her supporters to another front runner (at the convention?). I just don’t think that Saturn will give her enough mass appeal. It’s such a harsh planet, even when it may have earned and deserves success. The connection to the powers that be in the party also has to be there for the Moon aspect to be backed up. Just my thoughts….


“A Nazi sympathizer who threatened to butcher a Hispanic woman and boasted that President Trump would wipe out nonwhites in a “racial war and crusade” was arrested on charges of making threats, the F.B.I. said on Tuesday. Prosecutors said that the suspect, Eric Lin, 35, sent a barrage of chilling and gruesome Facebook messages to the unidentified woman, who lives in Miami. Mr. Lin was arrested on Friday in Seattle, where he had recently moved from Clarksburg, Md., but was charged in Miami.

“This is a RACE WAR and ALL of you will DIE!” Mr. Lin wrote to the woman on Facebook in early June, according to a criminal complaint. The next day, he wrote, “You want to see what a real Nazi can do?” adding later that he was operating under the authority of Hitler. In July, he wrote that “I thank God everyday President Donald John Trump is President and that he will launch a Racial War and Crusade.”


Beowulfie, it is an intriguing “theory” about the US natal Moon needing an astrological connection to a person’s birth chart in order to become the US presidency, I checked at least 8 former US presidents and only 2 had an exact conjunction (27+ Aquarius) of something in their birth chart to the US Moon; FDR and Obama. All the rest had something in their chart within orb of an aspect to the US Moon, even if it was only a semi-sextile, like Kennedy and Bush Jr.

As for a person’s Saturn conjunct US Moon, like Kamala Harris (who also has a Sun trine US Moon, + a Moon sextile US Moon) it could represent strength and protection as well as distance and restriction, don’t you think? Some people really need and want that in a leader.

I agree with you that the days of the winner of the US Presidency being the People’s choice are no longer a certainty, alas. But think about this; when chaos is all around us, who better than Saturn to restore order?

The Jews are not loyal to the state.” — Adolf Hitler

“Any Jew that votes Democrat is disloyal.” — Donald Trump


“In the past 24 hours, Donald Trump…

– Had a tantrum because Denmark wouldn’t sell Greenland to him; – Accused Google of changing 16 Million votes; and

– Claimed to be the “King of Israel” and the “second coming of God.”

…If he wasn’t president, he’d be put in the loony bin.


“March for Our Lives launched a massive gun control plan Wednesday aimed at kicking off a youth voting surge in 2020.

David Hogg tweeted: “Policymakers have failed, so survivors are stepping up.”


Ralfee Finn:

“Expect to feel an undeniable need to break free from whatever you know or imagine holds you hostage to habits and patterns that no longer serve. Uranus, the Grand Master of innovation, emits a clarion call for freedom this week, and the power of its revolutionary voice is impossible to resist.”


Good one ja, thanks for the Uranus heads up.

Speaking of transiting Uranus, it will be conjunct David Hogg’s natal chart’s stellium in Taurus (Jupiter-Mars-Saturn), from May, 2021 through March, 2023. He will be 21 in 2021.

Thanks Angellight for the March For Our Lives info.

David Hogg has all 3 of his natal chart’s outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, connecting to the US natal astrology. His Pluto conjuncts the US natal chart ascendant, his natal Neptune conjuncts the US natal South Node (what needs to stop) and his natal Moon is on or near the US natal North Node (follow this path).

Also, David’s natal Uranus conjuncts the US progressed Mercury, which conjuncts the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s Uranus (which squared Jupiter and Saturn).

It appears that the Uranus-square-Jupiter/Saturn of 2000, a cycle start that would involve, among other challenges, violence against societies, at least in the USA. It appears that David Hogg is here (on Earth in the US) to do something about that.

barbk, yes, the young people give me much hope.


Re: H.L. Mencken,

Nailed it!

I am so sick of the gun gaslighting arguments and the media falls for it everytime. It astounds me why someone does not reframe the argument away from guns towards the bullets. Ban bullets – 2nd amendment does not mention bullets. Change ‘guns don’t pull the trigger’ to “guns don’t kill people, bullets do”

Bob, I have hoped you were right about your read that Trump will leave by the end of the year. But not sure we can last that long. It is beyond nuts as now Trump thinks he is the Chosen One and is invoking Hitler in saying Jews are not loyal.

Jay Inslee is out of the race. Sigh.

I feel sad about that, Barb.

Here’s snippets from on interview with him from Rachel’s show tonight.


I would hope that all who will eventually gain the title of ‘also rans’ for the presidential office, will not remain on the sidelines, but will become super active in the multitude of representative elections across the country. Way too much focus is given to just the presidency in election publicity. And the current title holder is showing the supreme folly of that playbook.

Another MIT Media Lab scholar quits after lab’s relationship w/ Jeffrey Epstein was exposed. @natematias was working to protect women and other vulnerable groups from online abuse and harassment. “I cannot with integrity do that from [this] place”


“I am the Chosen One” and “King of Israel”!
Delusions of grandeur and a messiah complex in politics.

As transiting Mars, Venus and the Sun pass over Trump’s Leo ascendant in the past couple of days, you cannot find a better example of lower Leo in USA’s chief looney – but wait, this is the president of the United States, strange days indeed.

Forget about impeachment, when are the American people going to simply remove Israel’s lap dog from office, by reason of insanity? Donald you are not the chosen one, just a very naughty boy!
See here at 1.41 his “chosen one” remarks: by astrologer Phillip Lindsay



He is not Israel’s lap. He is playing to the ultra-right in Israel who Netanyahu is also playing to. It’s a case of two old white men trying to manipulatively maintain power in a very blatant way. Many in Israel want Netanyahu out and Trump is trying to help him win the Sept elections as well help himself get the U.S. Jewish vote.

Trump also want to be known of the savior of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict by creating a viable plan both peoples can live with.

That being said, separately, I do not understand why the 2 new Muslim Congresswomen had to immediately make Israel such a visible, high-profile issue when there is probably a lot they could be doing to improve the lives of their constituencies. It makes me personally wonder who they are answering to.

professionals evaluate what we all know and see
the man is dangerously sick sick sick

Inslee announced he is running for a 3rd term (just as Hickenlooper is running for Senate now). Love to see energized Dems and, especially, Inslee, who is someone very important to us now.

Meanwhile, in perusing headlines on Democratic Underground (DU), it said that aides are troubled by the primary challenges to Trump. A second Republican challenger, former rep from IL, Joe Walsh, is going to run against Trump, and Lincoln Chafee, the gov & senator from RI and former Dem candidate, is exploring running as the Libertarian. It’s getting more interesting!

So long as they all drop out for the Nov election – a three-way race might get him reelected. I am still hoping that Bob was right and he is out by Christmas.

“spinning off into shrinkland”

No wonder other people are thinking seriously of running. The Republicans have propped him up but notice his obvious instability more & more. However, Jupiter will soon be affecting his sun & moon again at least for a brief time, won’t it?

I’ve got a problem. I’m very concerned about staying awake during my long drive from SE Texas to Olympia, WA. I need a companion to accompany me in great part for that purpose.

My thousands of books and other things will be transported by pod. But, I’ll be renting a SUV to personally travel in, one which will enable me to transport myself, my dog & cat, my musical instruments, computer equipment, etc. i.e. all my temperature sensitive things back to home without getting them damaged.

I will happily pay a companions expenses, including for their trip back, etc. If anyone you know might be interested in assisting, and/or making a little money for their service, please let me know asap. I really need to leave here by the end of the month.

I’ll travel north through E. Texas, E. Oklahoma and into Leavenworth, Kansas, then west, either on I-80,and I-84, and I-5, (through Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Oregon into Washington

OR a further northerly route, on I-29 and I-90 to I-5 through W. Missouri and W. Iowa into South Dakota and through Montana and Idaho into Washington.

Does anyone live on these routes?

AND, if an appropriate person volunteers I am willing to alter my route, perhaps traveling though your town to pick you up.

Sounds like a fun adventure, Eliseo. I cannot join you myself but hope someone companionable can take you up on it!

“20% of the earth’s oxygen produced in the Amazon – now going up in flames. This event may accelerate global boiling more that any other. #AmazonFires”

Dr Rhonda Garad @elyasgarad

“Today, @rcfp filed a brief in support of @BrianKarem, arguing that the White House must provide meaningful due process before denying, suspending, or revoking a journalist’s security credentials, and failure to do so in this case violates settled law:”


hursday, August 22, 2019
Dear Friends,

Make no mistake, Humanity is deeply involved in manifesting the New Age. As is super obvious, we are being challenged by every fiber of those who are not even minutely interested in the New Age. That they are acting out of ignorance, does not make their efforts any the less formidable. As MM has pointed out many, many times, “It must not be thought that we are traveling on a luxury train—we are walking over an abyss on a plank.”

This present effort is unlike their last major effort. What we call WWs 1 and 2, was launched and defeated mainly on the dense physical plane. The current offensive is primarily being implemented through the emotional and lower mental planes. What it has most in common with their last failed attempt is that they are totally in.

This is a global assault and it is occurring simultaneously in all areas of human interaction. The primary weapons are media based and are being used with great skill. Their primary intention is to generate hate, fear, suspicion, and mistrust, to divide and conquer.

The attached Thoughtline deals with an age old issue facing us on the Path from the beginning. It concerns striving which is another name for the Will. There is no such thing as a little striving or a little will. It is either striving or not. It is either will or not. Also, as we well know, just because one is striving at her or his utmost, does not mean one will win every battle, but the final triumph is, actually, unavoidable. Anyone who has strived toward a goal will knows what this means.

Over the centuries, the Retrogressors have been successful whenever Humanity has lacked the will to triumph. Obviously, Humanity eventually found the will and triumphed, or we would not be here today. The major issue we have had to deal with in the past few hundred years…we get to that in the attached Thoughtline.



Greetings to my friends across the border. Below is a R. Tagore poem. You may find some solace in it.


Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high
Where knowledge is free
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments
By narrow domestic walls
Where words come out from the depth of truth
Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection
Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way
Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit
Where the mind is led forward by thee
Into ever-widening thought and action
Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.

The Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office confirmed on Friday it is opening a preliminary investigation into Jeffrey Epstein.

The preliminary investigation has been opened on the counts of: rape, rape of minors over 15 years of age, rape of minors under 15 years of age,


“Thursday, August 22, 2019
Dear Friends,
Make no mistake, Humanity is deeply involved in manifesting the New Age. As is super obvious, we are being challenged by every fiber of those who are not even minutely interested in the New Age. That they are acting out of ignorance, does not make their efforts any the less formidable. As MM has pointed out many, many times, “It must not be thought that we are traveling on a luxury train—we are walking over an abyss on a plank.”

This present effort is unlike their last major effort. What we call WWs 1 and 2, was launched and defeated mainly on the dense physical plane. The current offensive is primarily being implemented through the emotional and lower mental planes. What it has most in common with their last failed attempt is that they are totally in.

This is a global assault and it is occurring simultaneously in all areas of human interaction. The primary weapons are media based and are being used with great skill. Their primary intention is to generate hate, fear, suspicion, and mistrust, to divide and conquer.”

Excerpt from Sept Thoughtline by Tom Carney


David Koch, Billionaire Who Fueled Right-Wing Movement, Dies at 79

“He spent so much money and effort to make sure one of the major parties would ignore and deny climate change. He may be dead, but the rest of world will be dealing with his shameful legacy for centuries. Imagine one man having the power to ruin billions of people”s lives for hundreds of years; that’s why most of the reactions you’ll read today will range from relief to glee.”


Seth Moulton Ends 2020 Presidential Campaign With a Warning
Source: New York Times

Representative Seth Moulton of Massachusetts is dropping out of the presidential race, ending a candidacy that emphasized Mr. Moulton’s centrist politics and military service but gained no traction with Democratic primary voters.

Mr. Moulton, 40, said in an interview that he had no immediate plans to endorse another candidate, but he warmly praised former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. Mr. Moulton planned to announce the end of his campaign in a formal speech before the Democratic National Committee on Friday.

Mr. Moulton suggested that most of the other Democratic candidates were also laboring in vain at this point, with only a tiny few — Mr. Biden and Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders — remaining as real competitors for the nomination. He warned in the interview that if Democrats were to embrace an overly liberal platform, it could make it harder for the party to defeat President Trump.

“I think it’s evident that this is now a three-way race between Biden, Warren and Sanders, and really it’s a debate about how far left the party should go,” Mr. Moulton said.

Read more: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/23/us/politics/seth-moulton-2020-drop-out.html#click=https://t.co/nQZSlkX15b


“And yet I wonder today if I and others drew the wrong lesson from his election. Maybe the deep, systemic changes that so many yearn for couldn’t come through his temperate, “No Drama Obama” approach. Maybe real change only comes through chaos and crisis — Trump’s leadership style.”

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Underwent Another Round Of Cancer Treatment This Summer


My prayers are for RBJ’s speedy recovery.

Bill Herbst’s newest series called Civilizational Astrology, uses the five outermost planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and the cycles they make with each other, to see into the future.

The 3 longest cycles provide a long and wide angle view of our future and the longest cycle is between Neptune and Pluto. The next longest is the Neptune and Uranus cycle and then comes the Uranus and Pluto cycle.

For the USA, the Neptune-Pluto cycle began in a conjunction with the US natal Uranus and it lasts 493 years. The Neptune-Uranus cycle began at 18-19+ Capricorn, in a T-square to US natal Chiron in Aries opposite US Juno in Libra. The Uranus-Pluto cycle began in Virgo (16-17 deg.) sextile Neptune in Scorpio (18-21 deg.) that formed a Yod with US Chiron which became a Boomerang with US natal Juno.

These three very long cycles incorporate parts of the US natal chart in their predictions of the world picture of the future. The shortest of the 3 cycles, Pluto and Uranus, is somewhere between 113 to 142 years in length, and began in 1965-66 at 16-17 degrees of Capricorn.

Not long ago TRANSITING Pluto was conjunct that Neptune-Uranus cycle’s starting point (a cycle 172 years long) at 16-17 degrees of Capricorn in December, 2016-January 2017, and in July 2017 through early December 2017.

Then TRANSITING Saturn was at 16-17 degrees of Capricorn from Feb. 2019 through early March, 2019, and again in late June through mid July, 2019, and will be again in November, 2019.

This cycle between Neptune and Uranus that began in 1993 (when NAFTA was born) was also square Trump’s natal Jupiter (+ US progressed Mars + US Constitution Signing chart’s Neptune + Putin’s natal Saturn) at 17+ Libra. It is this cycle that is forcing we the people in the US to become more conscious right now.

From Neptune we get the crazy, and from Uranus we get the shock, and from their conjunction in a T-square to the US Chiron (wounding/healing) opposite the US Juno (supports the dis-enfranchised) we get all the rest. Think children in cages and mass killings in El Paso.

So sorry, I was mixed up . .when transiting Pluto and Saturn were at 16-17 degrees they were trine the Uranus-Pluto cycle start in Virgo.

It was when TRANS. Pluto was at 18-19 Capricorn (Feb. through mid July 2017 and Dec. 2017 – early Feb. 2018 and mid July, 2018 through mid Dec. 2018) that it was conjunct the Neptune-Uranus cycle start point.

With TRANS. Saturn it was in March and April, 2019 and May-June, 2019 (when retrograde), when it was conjunct the Uranus-Neptune start point at 18-19 Capricorn. It will return there this December.

18-19 degrees of Cap is where the Neptune-Uranus cycle began.

16-17 degrees of Virgo is where the Uranus-Pluto cycle began.

Both have been affecting us but the Neptune-Uranus cycle is what trans. Saturn and Pluto are stirring up. (Right now trans. Neptune at 17-16 Pisces retrograde is opposing the Uranus-Pluto cycle start point in Virgo).

One shouldn’t try to type while the TV is on. I should know better.

Might David Koch be roasting in the fires of the Amazon by now, instead of heading to regular purgatory?? It’s a thought Dante would appreciate…


Love your Posts!!


Charles Koch is the real menace and existential threat to humanity in that family. He’s still kicking–at least for now.

Buckeye, here’s Marjorie Orr on Charles Koch: “Charles, now 84 years old, looks shaken up at his brother’s death with tr Uranus hitting on his Uranus this year and next year his Sun; and is not too cheerful over the election if he sticks around for it with a disappointed-hopes tr Pluto square his Jupiter/Neptune midpoint.”

chris hayes on msnbc was awesome tonight!

I found this quick snip it on instagram of an interview with Andrew Yang and whatever happens with his campaign, I think he is setting the stage for the politics of the future. As we are heading into the new age, our ways of campaigning, stumping and divisive rhetoric is going to have to change.

His statement, “Unfortunately I think the whole socialism/capitalism dichotomy is really unproductive and out of date.”

also quoted ..”We never knew that capitalism was going to be eaten by it’s son, technology”

-Eric Weinstein

I’m so fascinated by his entire campaign, he’s like a breathe of fresh air in a room of stale cigar smoke of day of old.



I hope you are finding someone to travel with you. I wish I knew someone to help you out. Sending good vibes for a suitable companion and your travels. I hope you are able to get on the road by end of the month as well : )

“Seth Moulton praised former Vice President Joe Biden in an interview with The New York Times and said, “I think it’s evident that this is now a three-way race between Biden, Warren and Sanders, and really it’s a debate about how far left the party should go.”



Thank You for your kind thoughts and we’ll wishes.
Looks like I’ll have to do the 2600 mile drive with no other human companion. No one has come forth.

My main concern is falling asleep as each days drive can be very long and boring, and I’m not as young as I used to be. My plan is to take more days and fewer hours each day to get there. Also, if I get sleepy, I plan to find a parking lot asap and nap with the engine and AC on for a while until I’m sufficiently awake to continue the drive.

Eliseo, I drove from NY to Miami at 23….stopping every 2 hrs & at motels at night by by sundown. It took me 3 full days to drive the 1200 miles so it should take you twice that time but maybe allow 4-5 more days (i.e. a week) & stop every hour more or less? Still hoping you find a driving buddy!


I’m sorry to hear that. Planning a longer trip and taking those rest and sleep breaks sounds like a very good decision.
Please be very careful and do let us know the day you set out so we can be surrounding you with light and praying for your safe travels!


“My plan is to take more days and fewer hours each day to get there. Also, if I get sleepy, I plan to find a parking lot asap and nap with the engine and AC on for a while until I’m sufficiently awake to continue the drive.”

Now that’s a plan! Better to drive it alone rather than get a schmendrick or even worse, a schlemiel you’d have to spend hours and days with. It can be a nice time to clear your mind and be at peace with yourself. I drove from coast-to-coast once and it was an amazing experience – a great adventure! Keep on Truckin’ and don’t pick up Bobo Bolinski, The Checkered Demon or The Old Codger!

Safe travels.


Peppermint essential oil is great for waking you up and helping you stay alert. Also, in massage school they told us a mind trick about driving — that the parallel lines in the middle of the road do something to your brain that makes it want to go to sleep. Lines that cross each other do not — something about thoughts going across both sides of your brain.

Anyway, they said to put an X-shape on your dashboard in some tape or something like that, so that you can look at both the X and the road in front of you. If you start to feel sleepy, focus on the X for a few seconds. I’ve used that trick before with just two fingers at the top of my steering wheel and holding them in an X shape. Seems to help.

Not sure if you’ve traveled long distances with pets before, but when I’ve done it with dogs, they’ve happily slept in the backseat. I hope yours accept it easily.

I drove nearly cross country Kentucky to LA and back, during spring break from college. Everybody said we were crazy. One of our teachers brought us a guidebook to Texas, said we’d get that far and realize we needed to stay a few days, then come back.

We made it in out there in about 42 hours. One of us slept, one had the map and kept the driver from going to sleep and one of us slept. We just kept driving. It was great. Seeing the country was fabulous.

Funniest part — we were dying for a shower somewhere in New Mexico, pull into this cheap motel and me and two guys ask for a single room just for an hour or so. 🙂 I don’t think the hotel guy believed we just wanted showers.

Oh — if you have an iPad or something like that, it will read e-books to you! You don’t have to buy audiobooks. The Voiceover feature in IOS will read you anything on your iPad.


I have to really dig very deep to find some sympathy for Charles Koch, a man who has spent so much of his life destroying our world and upholding progress in so many areas of our society, all in the name of hoarding power and profit for himself.

If his Uranus Return has him shaken up a bit, good. He still has some time left to make peace with the fact that he can’t take it all with him or otherwise make himself immortal, two facts that I’m certain have become painfully clear to him with his brother’s death.

He could even source the Uranus energy and pull a total about-face on everything he’s done up to this point, using his money and influence to begin to right so many of the wrongs he and David have caused. And while such is within the realm of possibility, it’s apparent that he’s manifesting the lower part of that range–the upset from left field that reveals to him the impermanence of all that he’s worked to amass during this lifetime.

The world will be better in his wake. It is already better for his brother’s departure. As the heavy Saturn/Cap energies pass, we will likely see many more of these wealthy and powerful Conservative Reactionary influencers pass from the scene.

Eliseo, so sorry I missed your natal day!I wish you a year of Wonder.
Were I not homebound, I would gladly go on your joyride. I might be able to interest my driver–I would just need to know when so I can adjust my schedule. We are in Northwest Indiana. Nancy has my email.
Speaking of long trip–My RN mother taught me “when you cannot sleep, eat”. I would go heavy on protein, light on starch.

You are homebound? Tell me about your driver.
Nancy and/or Sharon has my email address.
According to current plan, the closest I would come to Indiana would be eastern Kansas. I should leave SE Texas August 30, or 31, or Sept. 1 and arrive in Leavenworth a couple of days later.

Teresa Hill
Thanks for the tips! Especially peppermint oil! Also, I’ll try that “X” trick.

The furthest I’ve ever driven was a winter i.e. southern route, 3525 miles from Cary, NC to Barstow and Bakersfield, CA and then N going up into Olympia, WA. It was very difficult and that was years ago when I was in better health.

In researching the minor aspect called the semi-sextile, the word “neighbor” was often used to describe the relationship between any 2 planets in a semi-sextile (30 degrees apart).

Personally, that led to thoughts regarding my own experiences with neighbors which has run the gamut from indispensable to detestable. The thing about neighbors is that they share a neighborhood, usually full of other neighbors, which could mean that a problem for one neighbor could become a problem for the entire neighborhood.

The US natal Moon and US natal Pluto are semi-sextile one another and, due to the coming “Pluto Return”, this could be a problem for the neighborhood.

In the birth chart for a country the natal Pluto symbolizes powerful and hidden tendencies designed to bring about transformation of the country. The Moon in this or any country’s birth chart symbolizes the People of that country; the emotional (fluctuating) dynamic.

It would seem possible that IF these two next door neighbors, US Moon and US Pluto, were cooperative and thinking of the Whole, they might share in the power and the transformation and the fluctuating emotions. Not an easy task, but possible.

Already we see the US People (Moon) reacting to its neighbor’s imminent Pluto Return, the 1st indication of it being the election to US Presidency of Donald Trump and his minions on November 8, 2016.

That day transiting Neptune (seeing things through a fog) in Pisces (more fog) was conjunct the transiting South Node (letting go of what doesn’t work anymore), and both were square the US natal Uranus (shocking break throughs) in Gemini (a symbol of neighborhoods as well as various forms of communicating, including voting). Uranus co-rules Aquarius with Saturn.

The chart drawn for that election day, at 12 Noon in Washington DC, had 20+ Libra on the MC (what the world sees), the same degree as US natal Juno (the lesser partner, and a defender of the disenfranchised).

Opposite that chart’s MC was the IC (the roots of the chart) at 20+ Aries, the same degree as the US Chiron (the wounded, the healer). One could conclude from this mid-day chart that the US was expressing its pain (US Chiron at the root of the chart) through the voting process.

Also at 12 Noon that day in Washington DC, the transiting Moon was at 27+ Aquarius, exactly conjunct the US natal Moon. Transiting retrograde Uranus at 21+ Aries was conjunct the US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries and the roots of this chart.

TRANSITING Chiron, on the other hand, at 21+ Pisces was semi-sextile transiting Uranus (co-rules Aquarius) and US natal Chiron. Neighbors you might say.

US natal Moon shares an additional minor aspect with US natal Sun, a sesqui-quadrate, or 135 degrees between them (136 degrees in this case). She also rules the sign where the US Sun is located. In fact, the US Sun itself has a minor aspect to US Pluto called a quindecile. We are down to splitting hairs now.

Anyway, my gut feeling is that the US natal Moon is intrinsic to the function or the purpose of this country, beyond the obvious. She makes no major aspects to the other planets in this US natal chart; she in fact has a very explicit and delicate role to play.

The Conscious (Sun) part and Unconscious (Moon) part of this country (USA) would some day need to go through a transformation (US Pluto Return) that would require dexterity, patience and a strong set of principles to survive transformation intact.

The US Moon (the US people) is neither wholly committed to slavish obedience to a ruler nor is she so free that she can not abide by a set of rules. There is wiggle room between her relationship to US Sun and US Pluto. She has no major influence on other aspects of the country’s chart, but no other planet has much dominance over her either.

The US Moon is where she is in this US birth chart for a purpose and that purpose (IMO) is to facilitate a transformation of a nation while it remains intact. Aquarius is a fixed sign, and as such resists change. Aquarius is group-think and works well within neighborhoods.

On the other hand, Aquarius is a mental sign, not prone to react dramatically to physical or emotional or even spiritual pressures. As such, the Moon in Aquarius will sublimate her natural (emotional) tendencies in order to maintain cohesion. Because of this Aquarian Moon, the USA will survive intact and become an even better nation than what it was when it was first conceived and then born.

Eliseo, I was just reading that 500/day miles is a good goal for a long driving trip. Someone with pets, who wants to take it a little easy for health reasons, might decrease that a bit, so if your goal was something like 350 miles/day that would equal 7.4 days.

Sharon K,
300 to 400 miles per day is what I’ve planned as my maximum. Some drives and terrains are easier than others, and much will depend on my fluctuating daily energy level. I’ll likely begin the journey August 30 or 31st, or September 1st.
And if it takes 9 days instead of 4, c’est la vie.

Better to arrive safe & sound, rather than sooner & dead. Too many have recently told me they absolutely need me to stay alive and well, that they cannot complete their respective creative, spiritual, and intellectual projects and personal dharmas without me. It’s a peculiar position to be in.

A couple of years ago while being quite low on energy with a boatload of physical issues I did 384 miles (Los Angeles to Sacramento) alone with my cat. It took me about 5 and a half hours. The next day drove to San Francisco, a couple of hours… but was up most of the night dinner, concert etc. The next day drove back to Sacramento… waited a day and drove back to Los Angeles. I say all of this because I was still trashed by the time I got home… I am calculating the visiting time as driving. Please be prepared to stay somewhere a whole day and night if you need. I couldn’t have made it without that break. As with most people here, I too am deeply vested in you getting home… Safely.

I agree with Henri with less is better & getting enough rest. You’ll know how to pace yourself & maybe come up a tentative schedule that includes certain towns, motels or restaurants so it won’t be so much like work. I’m still hoping you’ll get a companion.


You should be blushing and kvelling with the embarrassment of fondness your way from Starlightnews. Bask in it!

Will someone please direct me toward some good reading on Pluto-conjunct-Chiron? I am coming up with nothing.

I’m not embarrassed, but I am touched by so much goodwill. When one receives such kind fondness, any ThankYou is merely the beginning of reciprocation.

Didn’t Jeffrey Wolf Green write about Pluto conjunct Chiron?

Will, there is a detailed, 250+ page book by Martin Lass called Chiron, Healing Body & Soul, which has a lengthy discussion that covers all the aspects and planetary combinations. If you google it, there are quite a few other books too.

I will see driver on Monday. He is young, 23, honest and kind to a fault; treats me like most-favored grandparent; is able to accompany me to medical appts. and fill me in on what I do not hear or remember 2ndary to stress. A very careful driver; has not done 6-8-lane major cities but I think he could spell you a bit. He READS and learns, I think he would enjoy your company.

With permission from Lorna Bevan:

In September 3 cosmic catalysts open the door to deliver a Birthing of the highest order:
• Saturn Lord of Time and Karma stations to turn Direct on September 18th conjunct the
karmic South Node of Fate- a doorway between 3D and 5D
• The Node of Fate conjuncts Great Central Sun Sirius for the first time since 2000 on
September 24
• The 3rd (!) Super New Moon in a row presses fast forward on September 28 – a Stealth
Super Moon with a longer than usual seismic storm window disrupting the frequencies and
sending your nervous system haywire.


Thanks so much


Lorna Bevan’s announcements read ominous, yes?

Thank you ja, aren’t you the clever one! Seat belts stay fastened for 10 days in September, got it.

Re. David Koch: A co-warrior asked me if the death of David Koch would “help the Light”.

My sense is that the Koch empire still stands and is still deeply involved in the basics of replacing Democracy with some sort of fascist conglomerate where those who are, in their ancient assumption, supposed to rule, do rule. It is difficult to know who most of these persons are because they live in very exclusive situations and shun a public presence. However it is also easy to know who some of these chosen ones are because they tell us. As the current occupant of the White House has recently informed us he is the Chosen One and the King of Israel.

They demonstrate their power by the purchasing the people who are supposed to be implementing the democratic government, and use them to systematically destroy the democratic structures of that government. The recent purchase of the White House, Senate, and Supreme Court in the United states is an example.

David Koch was one of the more effective of these individuals because he looked so nice and appeared to be generous, and friendly. He was “an enthusiastic patron of the arts and a man-about-town.” That’s the thing about Humanity’s most dangerous retrogressors. They all dress beautifully, and with few exceptions, such as the current president, have nice manners when they are in the public eye. What exists behind these facades of “niceness” is a ruthless, heartless, highly intelligent, amoral, and unquenchable drive to dominate and own, to be Kings again. These individuals do not deal in halfwayness. they are one pointed and their aim is to dominate. Anything that might resemble an offer to “compromise” is a facade.

These individuals are not to be feared or hated. Triumph comes through Striving with Good Will to enhance the Light to grow the Common Good and General welfare on every level of life. This will expose the lie, for that which is not of the light cannot exist in the Light.

As has always been the case, we need to see clearly through their multitudes of masquerades and posturings of concern for the people. When necessary, as in WW2, and now to we need to be totally adamant and unmoving in our resistance.


Eliseo: All the best in your travels. One can put a circle of white light around the car one is travelling in and a circle of white light around yourself. You can do this for family and friends to, to aid them in protection. I will also see you circled in light from the start and to the end of your destination. Love and blessings,

Will, I think it’s a matter of opinion.

Here is more from Lorna:

The Lord of Time and Karma will not change direction again in Capricorn until 2048 so this is a not to
be repeated opportunity to build a permanent platform for growth. Frame pragmatic, grounded
Saturn as your leverage point in the intensifying Saturn/Pluto Conjunction where the part of your life
symbolised by 13-25 degrees Capricorn is undergoing complete renovation from the ground up. To
follow Saturn’s patterns in your own life, look back to December 2017 when the Dweller on the
Threshold crossed the Galactic Centre and entered Capricorn for the first time in 29 years – his own
sign of initiation and manifestation in form. This began a major re-set of your intentions, goals,
purpose and direction.
• What shifts in direction and thinking did you make back then?
• Are those goals and that direction still alive, still relevant now? How do you know?
• Have you been intentionally creating new, more solid foundations – time, money,
• How specifically have you become more self-supporting?
• Where are you still uncommitted to what calls you – half in and half out?
• What do you still need to junk and what do you need to invest in and ignite?
• What is working? Not working?

I spoke with Assistant; He is interested and would consider it. You need to speak with one another.

seriously scary in plain sight

As you know I worked for many years in the mental health field and later as a criminal investigator in Seattle. I’ve dealt with some very dangerous people, some of which I assisted into the jailhouse, and some of which don’t need to know where I can be reached.

I don’t give out my email address in a public forum like this, but Sharon K and her husband are pals of mine and know how to reach me. Nancy Sommers knows as well. Please contact them. They will put you in further contact with me.

A “brand new piece for the New York Daily News:

“The Great Crack Up: Trump is coming even more undone”


On Friday there is a New Moon at 6+ Virgo, the same degree where Obama’s natal Pluto is.

A lineup of 5 major planets in Virgo: Sun-Moon-Mars-Venus-Mercury plus asteroid Juno (partner) will be packed between 2 Virgo and 12 Virgo, and all trine trans. Uranus in Taurus who remains in a T-square with the US North Node at 6+ Leo and South Node at 6+ Aquarius.

My simplified concept of Virgo power is fixing and healing anything that is broken or ill. In the US natal chart the whole sign of Virgo is encapsulated in the 9th house which deals with foreign countries and people, higher education, beliefs and religion, and networks.

If ever our US 9th house needed fixing it is now.

Transiting Uranus is pushing the US to, once and for all, determine if it will progress forward (US North node in Leo) or fall backward (South Node in Aquarius) from its vantage point of being T-square both from the 5th house (creativity) of the US natal chart.

With transiting Uranus (6+ Taurus rx) trine the Full Moon (6+ Virgo + Obama’s Pluto) in the US 9th house, along with trans. Mercury, Mars, Venus and Juno, some creative healing/fixing in the areas of foreign relations, attitudes re: religions, beliefs, the ability to access private computer systems and rich kids getting into colleges, are about to be addressed – probably by Democrats competing for the role of the 2020 Democratic Presidential nominee.

This New Moon in Virgo is squared by transiting Ceres (Mother Earth) at 5+ Sagittarius and opposed by Obama’s natal Chiron at 5+ Pisces rx which trines US natal Jupiter at 5+ Cancer, both of which sextile trans. Uranus in Taurus (which trines the New Moon in Virgo). I liken it to the way old time clocks worked; their multiple wheels engaging one another in a complex way, in order to keep the clock running.

One more thing about Obama’s chart is his natal Ceres (20+ Taurus) that conjuncts US natal Vesta (what is invested in) at 19+ Taurus which trines TRANSITING Pluto rx (20+ Capricorn) as well as US natal Neptune 22+ Virgo, which conjuncts Obama’s natal Mars also at 22+ Virgo. That is a grand trine for both Obama, and for the US and it’s all happening in earth (reality as opposed to fantasy) signs.

This compels me to believe (a 9th house thing) that Obama and others are working on a plan to take down Trump; that they are preparing for a surprise to Trump and all of us. Perhaps the presently trans. Venus Mars, Sun (conjunct Obama’s Pluto) in trine to trans. Uranus that Nancy noted has something to do with this plan.

Transiting Uranus in Taurus (who T-squares the US Nodes) and the Virgo New Moon, each of whom is sextile the US natal Jupiter in Cancer which conjuncts Mueller’s (remember him?) natal Saturn. This ain’t over until the fat lady sings.

BarbK wrote: “This compels me to believe (a 9th house thing) that Obama and others are working on a plan to take down Trump; that they are preparing for a surprise to Trump and all of us.”

Oh, please, God, Goddess, the Devil — anyone, yes.

Might that be happening soon?

Barb K,
Recently, I’ve noticed a slight energetic shift, as though Trump may really be on his way out.

Oh my goodness, this is too good to be true, that Obama may be involved in taking Trump down.

Thank you for your post.

Uh, well, it’s just me Teresa, but I think it, the Plan, is in the works right now, and will happen “when the time is right” What qualifies as “happening soon”?

In 4 1/2 months trans. Saturn + Pluto in Capricorn (22+ degrees) will trine the US Neptune and Obama’s Mars in Virgo at 22+ degrees. US Neptune and Obama’s Mars are T-square Trump’s Sun in Gemini and his Moon in Sagittarius. US Neptune (+ Obama Mars) is Trump’s nemesis.

At that time (Jan 12, 2020) trans. Venus at 28+ Aquarius will conjunct the US Moon (+ US Pallas + Obama’s South Node) at 27+ Aquarius.

This Venus in the January Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart will be sextile the same chart’s Pallas (the PLANNER) at 27+ Sagittarius (and the Galactic Center).

Then this sextile between Venus and Pallas in the Saturn-Pluto chart (a chart that influences the next 35+ years or so) ALSO forms a Yod with the US CONSTITUTION Signing chart’s Uranus at 29+ Cancer.

This says that the US Constitution will make an unexpected (Uranus) adjustment. That could happen (and likely will happen) before the end of 2020.

I say that because a NEW Jupiter-Saturn cycle (about societies and their changes) will start in December, 2020.

MEANWHILE, the PRESENT Jupiter-Saturn cycle has Neptune at 6+ Aquarius (conjunct US South Node + Pholus, he who is a symbol of a small cause that becomes a big event) and right now, transiting Uranus (6+ Taurus) squares not only the US Nodes but also the Neptune in the PRESENT Jupiter-Saturn cycle that will be over in a year and a half.

What I think this means is that trans. Uranus is going to expose some hidden things (being square Neptune in Jupiter-Saturn chart soon to be ending) that have been going on since 2000 (when Jupiter-Saturn cycle started).

This is going to cause a brouhaha (Jupiter-Saturn chart’s Neptune conjunct US South Node [release] conjunct US Pholus [small cause, big effect]). That could happen any day now (trans. Uranus square US South Node+US Pholus + Neptune in the present Jupiter-Saturn chart).

In other words, between now and the end of 2020 is my guess.

ja, if so, there’s a market for your sense of shifting energy; get ready to start writing a script because Hollywood is already lining up the casting calls. Who will play Obama I wonder?

Unless something unforseen occurs, I’ll begin my journey Saturday morning, 31 August.

Elisabeth Grace:

Saturday- Moon goes void at 4:46 AM ET — not to enter Libra until 7:08 PM ET. Chil, chill, chill — on this long Labor Day weekend.


Theresa Hill,

“Oh, please, God, Goddess, the Devil — anyone, yes.”


Please let him be right: Lawrence O’Donnell says source tells him Trump’s loans from Deutsche Bank were co-signed by Russian oligarchs.

Also, in court this afternoon, Deutsche Bank indicated under direct questioning from a federal judge that it has Trump’s tax returns.

(More hopeful than I’ve been in a while.)

Hope Trump is seething over the photo of Melania looking longingly at Trudeau.

I don’t really believe in the devil, but if he wants to pop up and get rid of Trump, I would bow down to him.


I actually do believe in Satan but I’d have sympathy for that devil if he’d 86 45’s lying pink ass out-the-White House.

From Frank Bruni and I feel the same way!

“It’s twenty years of Republican demagoguery and tepid (“centrist”) responses from Democrats that have led us to this pass.

The only way out is for Democrats, and the people themselves, to stand for what they believe in.

You can’t be ‘moderate’ about opposing racism, xenophobia, sexism or homophobia. You either believe in equality or you don’t.

You can’t be ‘moderate’ about supporting our allies and military adventurism; you’re either for or against.

You can’t be ‘moderate’ about fiscal responsibility. Or health care. Or income inequality. You either believe these issues must be addressed or you don’t.


For those who could use a little literary respite from our 21st century intrigues, why not go back 400 years?

I just discovered that a British author has written a novel based on Elizabethan times whose main character is an astrologer. It is featured on a blog, per below.

The book is ‘State of Treason’, by Paul Walker. The fictional “..hero, William Constable, is an astrologer, mathematician, physician and inventor of a navigational aid for ships.”

Haven’t read it yet, but it might be a nice change from these days of DT.



From article at top of this thread in light of current hurricane predictions:

In the meantime, the Uranus semisquare to US Mars builds in energy until September 5, and will be significantly triggered roughly between August 26 and August 29, when first Venus and then Mars and the Sun will sextile transiting Uranus. Some kind of violence is likely during that period, whether from extreme weather or another mass shooting or some other event is unclear. But what is clear is that the US progressed Moon will be waxing in square to US Saturn from August 15 to September 15, so there will be some kind of loss or sorrow that impacts Americans and becomes another national story of sorrow.

Nancy, this will surely impact Trump too since his natal Gemini Sun is just 1 degree from US Mars. Expect the unexpected from him; what else?

Also, the Friday, August 30 New Moon is what Richard Nolle calls a Super Moon (comes closest to Earth) and he says about these Super Moons that their larger manifestations can be extreme tidal surges, earthquakes, etc., and the smaller manifestations express as psychological and emotional extremes in human beings.

I don’t know if Trump qualifies as a human being but the New Super Moon takes place in his first house. In the meantime I’m bracing for the worst.

Super moons have stronger gravitational pull and will give you higher than normal high tides. Back in the late 80s, when I covered environmental issues for a newspaper, those high tides and a little wind could cause damage to eroding beaches. I imagine it’s much worse these days.

An unusually high tide along with a hurricane that hits at high tide would be very bad.

Some of it depends on the local tidal range (the normal difference between low and high tide). On Hilton Head, we had a large tidal range. A normal high tide was 6-8 feet or so. A super moon could give you an additional 12-18 inches of water, which doesn’t sound like much but it’s vertically over what’s usually a very gradual slope. Which can easily cause flooding on its own.

(Probably way more than you wanted to know about tides.)


Thank you for State of Treason tip…like the tickler!

No Earthquakes for me, thank you.

Ralfee Finn today:


Apparently charles koch and george soros are teaming up to fund a new think tank on the main topic of how the usa should best interact with the rest of the world, citing diminished intellectual rigor on this front of late. Could it be that charles is moving a bit left and george is moving a bit right? Could it be that this decidedly unlikely pairing is the beginning of a move to a saner, less divisive world?

I wonder what actions the border ranchers will take in response to Trumps order to just ‘take the land’


I’d rather neither of those two have much say in the future direction of the world, kiwi. Unlike Koch, I don’t have anything personal against Soros, but it’s time for all of these monied elites to step aside.

As I said before, the world is already a better place with David Koch gone, and it will be better still when Charles finally bites it.

Kristin Gillibrand is out.

“New polls published on Wednesday show Joseph R. Biden Jr. with a significant national lead in the Democratic presidential race as the contest heads into the intense fall campaign season, with Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders rounding out a threesome that seems to have separated from the rest of the primary field.”


ja, thanks for the link to Ralfee; her words were extra compelling when she said:

“The biggest obstacle to moving forward is that we are stuck in an elongated crisis that isn’t ending anytime soon because the collective consciousness hasn’t reached the point where it supports universal remedies that SHIFT our collective values.”

The word “shift” is what a quincunx aspect strives for and when, in a Yod, 2 planets (in sextile), both of them quincunx a 3rd planet, the shift is even more dramatic.

The US natal chart has such a Yod, although it is seldom pointed out. It is made up of Neptune at 22+ Virgo sextile Mercury at 24+ Cancer and both are quincunx the Moon at 27+ Aquarius and Pallas at 26+ Aquarius. It puts the Moon, symbolizing the US people, and Pallas, symbol of strategy, in the place where shifting is inescapable.

US Neptune (unclear) and Mercury (communication) are the backbone of US politics. When working in tandem they are the tools of the trade for politicians. Along comes Trump who excels in the unbelievable and he has natal planets that aspect the US natal Neptune, Mercury, Moon and Pallas, and even Saturn! It was meant to be.

When Ralfee says “elongated crisis” she’s defining the Trump Effect on the US natal Moon, aka the American voters. This crisis is the coming to terms with the inequality of everything in the USA.

The inequality between whites and non whites, between men and women, between rich and poor, between educated and non-educated, and there’s more, is at a crisis point in this country and it is symbolized by Trump somehow becoming President. It is collective madness. The US government had to be dismantled and instead of an H-bomb we got Trump.

Transiting Neptune was conjunct the progressed US Sun for quite a while following Trump’s win. Neptune was also trine US natal Sun for a time. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in 2000 was trine the US Neptune, and the upcoming 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction will be trine US Neptune.

I suppose madness is at least slightly better than obliteration. We are at our wit’s end and that was the goal; level the playing field and the (US) collective consciousness can hopefully reach some accord. That must include “universal remedies”.

There was just no easy way to get us (US) where we needed to be: united in purpose. The majority of us want to be shed of Trump and we will make that clear come November 2020. The shift will be worth it.

Laura Ingraham is an insult to the feminine gender let alone Humanity.

Such the Hateful Dickhead!

This is a pretty intense read:


The last time Mercury was conjunct Jupiter was on December 21, 2018, a day when transiting Venus and transiting Neptune, just moments earlier, were exactly trine each other and the US natal Sun as well.

Mercury and Jupiter cycles are short and frequent, compared to slower moving planets like Saturn and Uranus for example, but their cycles are meaningful to understanding (a Jupiter thing) how information is interpreted, delivered and how it influences the community. This cycle of Mercury and Jupiter will end on January 2, 2020.

Their conjunction in December, 2018, was the 3rd in a series of 3, due to Mercury’s retrograde between the 1st and 3rd conjunctions. Looking at the aspects for this 3rd conjunction (in addition to the grand trine between transiting Neptune in Pisces and transiting Venus in Scorpio with the US natal Sun in Cancer), the Moon was at 16+ Gemini and would be opposite the transiting Sun, a Full Moon, the next day at 0+ Cancer. Transiting Neptune in Pisces was square the Moon in Gemini.

Full Moons mean something will be exposed in full light. This Jupiter-Mercury cycle promised to do just that. As they made their conjunction exact on December 21, 2018, transiting Sun (consciousness) at 29+ Sagittarius was still in orb of it’s trine with transiting retrograde Uranus (breakthroughs) at 28+ Aries that had been exacted the day before.

Transiting Uranus at the time of the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in December, 2018, was conjunct the progressed US Venus, the symbol of how the US values have progressed since birth in 1776. The suggestion was that US values were experiencing a revolution.

We see then, that the Mercury-Jupiter cycle going on now has pictured a fortuitous period (grand trine of Venus-Neptune-US Sun) for information to be revealed that US values have reached a kind of turning point; that these values are open to, what some might see as, revolutionary.

This most recent Mercury-Jupiter conjunction took place at 9+ Sagittarius, (the sign ruled by Jupiter) and they were opposite the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini (ruled by Mercury), reinforcing their own influence and that of Uranus; information meant to shock the US out of complacency with its past values.

Just today I’ve heard two stories on TV that exemplify this Mercury-Jupiter cycle’s influence; (1) Barack and Michelle Obama have a new documentary called American Factory, available on Netflix, and (2) James Comey has been exonerated of publicly sharing classified info by the Office of Inspector General.

This is your Mercury-Jupiter cycle at work for you.

The weather channel is really scaring me about the potential and likely effects of this coming hurricane on FL and the possibilities seem to fit Nancy’s description. Even the hurricane center staff are getting ready to evacuate with their families. The problem is there is no wind sheer to the east of FL which would have weakened the storm, so there is nothing to weaken it. And, it is expected to move so slowly once on land that the surge and rain could bring excessive flooding, combined with the new moon King tides. Anyone on this board live in FL?

I know that cable news dramatizes things but I can tell they are really worried about this storm. It will make mince meat of the Bahamas–there is not much infrastructure on most of those island. We have to pray hard for those who live in the path of this storm. It is difficult to know where to evacuate to because the entire state is in the cone.

Yes Sharon K, we’re in NE Florida 2 blocks from the mighty Atlantic which is rather loud tonight. We’ve hotel reservations inland on a ridge. Hopefully we won’t need to evacuate, I recall you’re in nola and understand the threat.
Neptune, Poseidon, powers that be; keep the hurricane in the sea.


When Ghislaine’s chart was first cast, the astrologers slapped her mother.

Filthy chart! Absolutely filthy!

barbk/ja: “The biggest obstacle to moving forward is that we are stuck in an elongated crisis that isn’t ending anytime soon because the collective consciousness hasn’t reached the point where it supports universal remedies that SHIFT our collective values.” This quote is right on.

Sharon K: Yes we have to pray that ppl in the path of this storm will be evacuated and out of harm’s way Twitter & FB getting a kick out of it b/c storm is supposed to hit Mar-a-Lago and many talking abt karma for Trump. So glad it missed Puerto Rico and now heading straight to Mar-a-Lago, some claim.

Aides Admit Trump Was Faking Those “Phone Calls” With China


Another loyalist bites the trumpian cult dust. Next,??? News: Trump personal assistant Madeleine Westerhout abruptly resigns.


Madeleine Westerhout: White House aide fired after leaks on Trump family


The Independent reports on America’s Concentration Camps: “[M]enstruating youngsters were permitted only one tampon, or sanitary pad, a day. After that, at least one girl “had no choice but to continue to wear her soiled underwear” and clothes.” It sounded way too familiar so I went to the Holocaust section of my bookshelves downstairs and yep, page 28 of Isabella Leitner’s Memoir of Auschwitz: “I am menstruating… there is no way for me to change my napkin… no room to sit… no room to stand… no air to breathe.”


“James Comey said Vladimir Putin told Donald Trump “we have some of the most beautiful hookers in the world” (Page 75)



Its actually on page 72.

Thank you for posting this!

Thanks Will, welcome.

Sharon K,

My niece and her husband live in West Palm Beach. I’m getting really worried.


They’re predicting a turn more toward the north now, which looks like it would keep Palm Beach to the south of the eye — much less impact there.

But it became a Cat 4 around 8:30 pm, which is scary because just this afternoon, they didn’t think it would become a 4 until Saturday or even Sunday.

My son lives in Florida, and I too am concerned about Hurricane Dorian. After a second look at the chart for today’s Super New Moon at 6+ Virgo, I believe that Ceres (Mother Nature) is working (this New Moon) with Chiron and the US natal North Node, to push us into becoming conscious (aware) of how powerless we are against Nature, and the benefits of working with Nature.

Ceres at 5+ Sagittarius and Chiron at 4+ Aries rx and the US natal North Node (path forward) at 6+ Leo are in a grand trine at this moment. This is a powerful interplay of energies that are unstoppable, much like a hurricane.

Ceres (part of the grand trine) is square the New Moon in Virgo; US natal North Node (part of the grand trine) is opposite the US South Node (6+ Aquarius). The US North and South Nodes are T-squared by transiting Uranus at 6+ Taurus which trines the New Moon in Virgo. Chiron (part of the grand trine) is semisextile Uranus.

Something is going on here. I think perhaps we are being taught a lesson regarding nature and the cycle of life and death. Ceres in myth had a school that taught the cyclical nature of life and death. First you have to go through Hell and then (like plants) you are reborn.

Maybe this Hurricane Dorian is part of a series of lessons we must go through in order to learn what we really value. I believe Linda the Comanche Psychic said that this hurricane would be light on human death but heavy on damage.

I hope Linda is right, as hard as it will be for people to lose their homes and possession.

Barb, where in FL does he live? It does look like it’s coming ashore north of WPB, Theresa, more like at Cocoa Beach, Merritt Island, a pretty area and just south of the Space Center (I’ve heard they’ve evacuated the equipment there).

Connie, please evacuate and go further inland!

I don’t know where in NE FL you live but it’s going right up the east coast of FL and doesn’t decrease until it gets to the GA border, going by the current prediction.

Praying hard for all in the Bahamas and FL, and in the storm’s path.

My husband point out that it’s not a very large storm compared to others, so it may not cover a lot of area but it is supposed to move slowly and bring a lot of rain, if that’s what they are still saying.


Thanks Sharonk, we’ve been in this Jax Beach house for 30 years and fortunately have returned from past evacuations to minimal damage, never have had water in the house. This time, this storm, as before we’ll see. Adding to my stress is we’re suppose to fly out on Thursday for a family wedding in NH.
It is my hope that Linda G is very wrong and Dorian will fall apart.

I find some news media tends to overdramatize weather events – most likely in an overabundance of caution for those unaccustomed to weathering storms. I find this site helpful to monitor actual storm movement more accurately in terms of position and wind speed, wave heights etc.


“I find some news media tends to overdramatize weather events ”

Unfortunately, “If it bleeds it leads.”

Yes will! $$ funding
meant to mention – on the earth.nullschool website, if you click on ‘earth’ button you can see the time update, as well as access to various different overlays such as waves, particulates, temp etc.

kiwi, your earth.nullschool link is quite posh. Grazie.

Connie, I am so relieved for you and the people on FL’s coast as it looks good for it to stay off the coast. It’s lovely that you can live in a house off the beach.

I am praying that Dorian goes north of the Bahamas and up the coast. If it hits the U.S. coast, then hopefully it will be much weakened and move fast.

kiwi, thank you for earth.nullschool site.

Yes, the cable stations both news and weather, fight for attention. In the case of dangerous hurricanes, it is so important to motivate people to not be complacent, to make all necessary preparations, and to evacuate when necessary.

When it comes to what’s more interesting to us, angry Mother Nature vs. angry Politics, Mother Nature is the odds-on favorite. From this we can assume that our lives and those of our loved ones and all we have worked for, is of more value to us than who becomes the next US President. I’d say that’s a good sign. Have a very nice holiday everyone.

Eliseo – check on it when you can. Have a good and safe journey! Hope your pets have an easy, peaceful time of it and that your visit with slimkc is wonderful!

Meant to say, “Check on it when you can”!

Check on in! It’s either my keys, my fingers or my brain! So much to keep up with in life sometimes!

Wishing you a very safe and happy journey Eliseo. We’d love to hear a travel log if you have the time and opportunity. (Life is a journey, not a destination)

I suddenly realized finding motel accomodations might be difficult on Labor Day weekend. Although I turned in the modem for Internet today, I’ve decided to leave early Monday morning on 2nd September, i.e. Labor Day itself. On Labor Day folks will be going home, in anticipation of working the next day, and not booking motel reservations. Also, motel rooms cost less during weekdays. I’ll be keeping you posted as to my progress per my phone. Thank You All for your kind, safe journey prayers, wishes, spells, energies, etc.!

As usual, don’t bet against Nancy, she’s spot on with loss of life and extreme weather prediction on her 8/28 post.

“I don’t know if Trump qualifies as a human being but the New Super Moon takes place in his first house.”

Often, I too have questioned weather dear leader is indeed an ET being from another planet. I’m serious.

will, your comment on Ghislaine’s chart is ominously delicious ! It slapped her mom and slapped those girls she considered trash. She capitalized bigly on her snobbery with her connection to the royals in” polite society” enhancing her value to the rich, J Epstein. What a creep.

LG, Amen to Nancy’s predictions. I’m serious too, by the way. He (Trump) is not of this earth. And as for WILL, never a wasted word and always spot on.

As for me, I miss talking politics. Scary hurricanes and mass murders have refocused the conversations we used to enjoy. My decision for today (they change daily) re: 2020 Dem President + VP is – drum roll – Biden + Stacey Abrams.

This is common sense me, not gut-feeling me or emotionally connected me. Maintain a measure of stability plus a dose of future possibilities, while riding out the US Pluto Return (and the starting years of the Pluto-Saturn cycle + a new US Ceres cycle and a new Jupiter-Saturn cycle).

We have a plethora of newish talent that has been auditioning (thanks Bob or whomever noted that about all the Dem candidates) their specialties, all of which will be needed in the coming years (cabinet positions, etc.).

Maybe it’s just because of Labor Day that “tradition” carries some weight in my thinking. I mean after all, how much damage can a one-term Biden create? In the meantime, we can fix much of the Trump damage behind the scenes, before the real changes start out in the open in 2024-5.

In the Jupiter-Saturn cycle that starts on 12/21/20, Chiron (4+ Aries) is sextile Pallas (strategy, planning) at 4+ Aquarius, a team thing. They form a Yod with Transpluto (achieving wholeness and integration) at 3+ Virgo, and it is Transpluto that must shift/adjust.

The Jupiter-Saturn cycle is a global initiative, but the US Ceres Return on the day before, 12/20/2020, is purely a US thing and it has that same Yod between Chiron and Pallas and Transpluto. Whereas the Jupiter-Saturn cycle is effective for 20 years, the US Ceres Return is only effective for 4+ years. Just in time for the new President in 2024.

To all, drive safely, drink moderately, and have an enjoyable holiday.

I love Stacey Abrams, but a Georgia Senator just announced he won’t be running again, and there will be more pressure for her to run for one of those seats.

Plus, the polls show Biden has more support then any other candidate with African Amercan voters. I wonder which woman candidate is polling highest among women voters.

Arguing with myself now. Biden is markedly stronger with voters over 50 and somewhat stronger with less educated women and more conservative voters.

Warren wins among more educated and more liberal and her support is pretty evenly distributed among age groups, but Abrams isn’t included in the poll. Wonder if she could be a big draw among under 50s and more liberal voters?

And how important Georgia might be in the electoral college totals. Democrats will almost certainly win Massachusetts and California without Warren or Harris on the ticket.

Teresa Hill,

Would like to see Stacey Abrams in White House. Amazing force of Nature.

Looks to me like Mar-A-Lago is going to get it. It’s along the ocean further east then the shoreline.



Climate change karma?

Not meaning to be disrespectful. Many, many good people are at risk at the same time as the pink palazzo.

Transiting Neptune is square DT’s natal Uranus. Vesta at Algol. It doesn’t look nice. Flooding. Unfortunately it affects a lot of people and nobody wants harm to folks in Florida, or elsewhere in the path of the storm. Very worrisome.

Sending light and protection to all in Hurricane’s path.

Eliseo, Travel with joy and expect what you choose to find. Looking forward to hearing. Journey well, My Friend

Sharon, I think Maralargo itself will be somewhat protected from such devastating storm surge by the houses across the street that are right on the beach. I wonder who owns them?

Indeed Beowulfie, climate change is part of the Big Picture that this hurricane is indicative of. Ceres squares the New Moon in Virgo. It is tragic that so many people will lose their homes and businesses and even their lives, unlike Trump who will rebuild (if necessary) at the taxpayers expense.

Sharon – another tidbit – apparently trump sons bought house on beach opposite maralargo, (but one house north) last year, from aunt, judge Maryanne https://www.mansionglobal.com/articles/eric-trump-and-donald-trump-jr-buy-mar-a-lago-adjacent-mansion-97597


eye of dorian is currently same latitude as Donny jrs house, east by about 120+/-miles

wow, google maps is marking current position of dorian eye on grand bahama.

kiwi, it does look like Dorian won’t be close enough to the U.S. coast to cause the kind of havoc it’s wreaking on the Bahamas and by the time it reaches land (if it does), it will be down to a Cat 1 hopefully…but don’t look now, another one forming off the coast of Africa. It may be a long hurricane season.

Sharon, noaa is supposed to have another update 5am edt

Here it is, 3:41 a.m. Central time and I can’t sleep.

My friends and family, who are in various parts of FL are still worried. So sorry for what’s happened in the Bahamas. One friend’s husband is a civil engineer who just finished an infrastructure project on an island where the cruise ships go.

By the way, my brother-in-law and his ex just visited their son in Australia (Brisbane I think). He’s in medical school there. I was just looking at some of their photos on FB – beautiful place.

At this moment transiting Venus is trine Saturn and the South Node, opposite Neptune, square Jupiter but sextile the North Node. Pretty much tells the story.

Hang in there Venus!

Thirty four missing and presumed dead in horrible fire on ship off coast of Ventura, California.


From NASA’s former lead climate scientist James Hansen a few years ago.

“There’s no argument about the fact that we will lose the coastal areas, now occupied by most of the large cities of the world. It’s only a question of how soon. That message, I don’t think, has been clearly brought to the policymakers and the public.”


Nancy was certainly right about what people would be feeling at this time. The period just started and I’m so sad about what happened in the Bahamas and that dive point off Ventura, CA.

Separately, though. I hope you got off to a good start and are having a happy journey, Eliseo.

meant to write “dive boat”

Again, separately, we are very blessed to have had a happy day celebrating my 98 y.o. mother-in-law’s birthday today with a family luncheon. She is a great example of how to live, take the good with the bad, not sweat the small stuff, and emphasize the positive! (sorry for the cliches). Like everyone else, she struggles and gets depressed, but she has no major handicaps other than a painful knee problem that cannot be helped with surgery. She has a pacemaker, has had cataract surgery with the lens implant, has overcome cancer. She has always had and loved animals and in fact, got a new kitten for her birthday. She plays a lot of bridge & socializes as much as she is able to. She has a great relationship with her adult children which means taking a certain amount of sh*t and sometimes even telling “white lies” to people so as to not allow issues to get blown out of proportion and so they’ll leave her alone. But she more or less lives life on her terms. A triumph of the human spirit!

Here’s an amazingly abrupt change — UK’s new prime minister was in the middle of giving a speech in parliament today when a leader of one of his coalitions switched parties as he spoke and joined the other party, leaving the prime minister without a majority.

This is the guy who shut down parliament to keep it from changing or at least debating changing the Brexit decision.

Trump liked the guy. I wonder hope this freaks him out.

And the Queen agreed to do it. I wonder if she knew something. This no-exit (deal) Brexit is so dangerous, and the PM (Boris J) came in on a wish and a prayer (a very slim majority). Many people are so happy about Dr. Philip Lee switching to the Liberal Democrats, while Parliament was on the floor. He also publicized a very strong statement against what the Conservative party is doing, a party he no longer recognizes after being a member for 27 years. Sound familiar?

Haven’t caught up in my reading. In Orlando where it looks like we will be ok from Dorian
I saw this tweet thread and had to post it here. Rick Wilson who is the author of the highly readable book ‘Everything trump touches dies”

Thread by @TheRickWilson: “1/ Questions Democratic candidates and activists should ask themselves every single day, a series: 2/ Is every aspect of my campaign’s commu […]”
1/ Questions Democratic candidates and activists should ask themselves every single day, a series:

2/ Is every aspect of my campaign’s communications effort from grassroots door-knockers to earned and social media to paid advertising focused on making this a referendum on Donald Trump?

3/ Post-primary, are you ready with a campaign *solely* focused to the exclusion of *everything* else on the 15 +/- states in play for the general election?

If you spend one minute or $1 in a state that isn’t in the Electoral College mix, you’re helping Trump win.

4/ Is your campaign more interested in being woke or being a winner? Do you get that as much as you fap to Chapo Trap House, the 15 or so states in the Electoral College mix are not exactly CA, MA, NY etc?

They are *decidedly* unwoke on many areas your primary electorate loves.

5/ Are you turning away allies and audiences because they don’t need every one of your ideological purity tests?

I promise you, there will be people replying to this thread who attack me or other potential allies instead of focusing on building a wide coalition.

6/ Are you and your allies registering voters every single goddamn minute of the day?

Or is it some horseshit Potemkin Village operation a la 2016?

7/ Have you spent more on opposition research on yourself than on Trump?

7a/ (Because you should.)

8/ Are you willing to tell the flashiest rising figures in your party to stay in their damn lanes because the nominee is the only star of the show?

This is reality TV, not a normal election.

9/ Are you keeping in mind but the most likely voters in this country are old people who watch a fuckton of television?

10/ Have you forbidden your staff to ever ever ever use the words “popular vote”?

Are you fully committed to living only in the cult of the Electoral College?

I know I’m repeating this point, but that’s because it’s so very important.

11/ also, have you reminded yourself to focus only on the Electoral College?

12/ Did I mention that the popular vote is horseshit and the people who focus on it are amateurs who will get their ass kicked by Donald Trump?

Also, the beatings will continue until morale improves.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.


Yes, there is a message here, Teresa and Sharon; Trump becoming President through a fluke, an historical hurricane abruptly changes course saving lives and real estate, and a UK Prime Minister caught with his pants down. What are we to make of it all?

There are no rules anymore and we are all flying by the seat of our pants now (except for Boris who has no pants on)

Boris Johnson has natal Uranus at 6+ Virgo, where the New Super Moon was on August 30.

Transiting Uranus at 6+ Taurus trines the New Super Moon in Virgo and will be in that degree for a total of 11 weeks due to its station retrograde there in August.

Dorian became a hurricane on August 28, when trans. Mars at 6+ Virgo (where the New Super Moon was on Aug. 30) was trine trans. retro Uranus at 6+ Taurus, and Sun was square Ceres (Mother Nature).

The US North Node (path forward) at 6+ Leo opposes the US South Node (patterns that need to end) AND US Pholus (small cause, big effect) at 6+ Aquarius. Transiting Uranus will be T-square the US Nodes for 11 weeks (and more later in April), forcing decisions (choose the new path or choose the same ole same ole).

Neptune in the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle (all about societies) is at 6+ Aquarius (conjunct US SN + Pholus) and trans. Uranus squares this Neptune which is quincunx (forcing adjustment) Boris’ Uranus and the Aug. 30 Super Moon. This could mean some folks adjusting their development plans on the Florida coast and Boris switching to suspenders.

We are dealing with Uranus energy now; expect the unexpected, and all that goes with it, like breaking glass ceilings, and thwarted hurricane disaster and people changing Party affiliations without any forewarning. Maybe it’s a good time to adjust (or end) the Electoral College concept of electing a new US President.

The next Electoral College meeting will be on December 14, 2020, when there will be a New Moon at 23+ Sagittarius, a total eclipse no less, opposite Trump’s Sun and the US Mars in Gemini, and it will also square the US Neptune.

At that time transiting Saturn and Jupiter, less than a degree apart, will adjoin the US Pluto in Cap and they will sextile Venus (values) in Scorpio, which will be square the US Moon in Aquarius.

That day Neptune will be square the transiting nodes, while Mars at 20+ Aries will conjunct the US natal Chiron that opposes US Juno (inequality), as he, Mars, trines Mercury at 20+ Sagittarius which is only one degree away from the South Node and only 3 degrees from the New Moon.

Something’s gotta give. Uranus will be less than a degree from where it is today when those electoral votes are cast.

The Gospel According to Marianne Williamson


I really am not sure what to make of all the attention the nyt’s gives to Ms. Williamson and they consistently negate Joe Biden.

It’s an interesting article, ja. They like her because she’s so different and, maybe, is part of the way of the future. I don’t read the NY Times much anymore. I do wish Biden would stop making “gaffes” though as it helps bring him negative attention.

As much as I like Joe, I find it hard to square in my gut that he has what it will take to usher in the changes that I think the universe is heralding.

Sharon, Did you read the comments? They are all over the map. It’s really interesting to read what people are thinking.

Kiwi, I hear what you are saying. I think he would provide a sense of stability, order and knowledge of the workings of government. I’m hoping his running mate will take it from there.

Didn’t read them, ja. Not sure if I’ll go back as I’m not feeling great but I did look up her birth chart. Not only does it strike me as powerful — she also has some interesting correlations with the U.S. chart. I’d say she has come to a powerful period of life where she will be high profile, considering her birth chart and current transits. Barb should enjoy looking at her chart if she already hasn’t (I don’t remember if she addressed it).


Can’t read that article on Marianne since you have to be a subscriber. I Have read quite a few of her books and have known about her since my late teens/twenties, I think her book return to love was so beautiful. I saw her as a keynote speaker in a yoga conference about 7 years ago when she was going up as a Congress woman.

She live-streams or used to her lectures at the Unity church somewhere in California and I alway thought of her as a powerful woman.

I love a lot of her ideas, I thought in the first debate she came across as nervous and quirky, so different from the powerful speaker in the course of miracles live-streams. She has a strange kind of naturally shaky voice which I thought also didnt go across well at all.

I do believe America is not ready for her ideas, which are very spiritual and powerful, but the fact that she has got on the radar and that she resonated with many is a good sign.

It really irked me at first that EVERYONE from both parties was making fun of her thus i was happy to see that a lot of people did eventually like many of her ideas, i feel people know in their heart that so much of what she says is right, and I agree with her that you cant separate spirituality and politics.

Her heart is in the right place, I am still amazed at how broken the systems are , the rubbish that gets talked about and what collectively we focus on

Thats all for now

Get some rest Sharon, it’s been a grueling week and rest should help us all feel better. I scanned ja’s story on Williamson ( I’m burned out too ja) and I suspect it is her unique approach to the politics of campaigning that makes her newsworthy.

Lots of people are open to the love-concurs-all approach as opposed to the brutal and ugly style of competition for political position. We are all burned out from the Trump hate campaign. I feel that Marianne was meant to be part of the “campaign for President” for the enormous exposure her words would get.

She does have a stellium of 3 planets close to the US Sun in Cancer, her natal Uranus, Sun and Venus. Her Moon conjuncts US Pluto in Capricorn. She also has her natal Mars in Scorpio opposite transiting Uranus in Taurus, and her natal Saturn in Libra trines US natal Uranus in Gemini. Uranus is extremely influential right now.

Perhaps that’s why she’s here in the vile atmosphere of political combat; getting down to the people on a level notorious for its lies and theatrics. She gives us some perspective of what a society could be like when it moves to a higher level of consciousness.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been depicted as a Donald Trump clone complete with blonde coiffed hair and a propensity for being over the top in demeanor and actions. Interestingly enough, although British, Boris was also born in NYC (June 19, 1964). See chart:


Boris Johnson is now calling for early elections on October 14th……

Brexit Vote Goes Against Boris Johnson, and He Calls for an Election

NY Times
Sept 3, 2019


Unfortunately for Boris; there will be an exact Uranus-Jupiter sesquiquadrate that day (20 ’11 Sagittarius – 5 ’11 Taurus) in very close opposition and semi-square to Boris’s natal Mercury (19 ’19 Gemini). Chances are, based on those aspects, he will be thrown out.

21 British Conservatives put country over party. Why can’t 21 Republicans do the same?

“Not only that, but they also would be prevented from standing as parliamentary candidates at the next election. They would be out of politics. Finished. Yet all of them, all 21 of them, did it anyway. These 21 rebels, in other words, stood up against a national leader from their own party in order to prevent him from harming the country, undermining the constitution and damaging democracy. Imagine how different American politics would be if we could find 21 Republican senators to do the same. ”


Diana, I didn’t realize you had to subscribe to read the article – sorry about that.
Here is Ralfee Finn today.

“The tension generated by the mounting intensity of the coming Saturn/Pluto conjunction has dominated the days and nights of these last many months: more accurately, dominated the entire year. The next several months will unfold as a crescendo that culminates in January and then decays throughout 2020. If you’ve violated that old adage, “don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today,” you’re likely to find yourself trying to make huge changes in the face of impending shifts. Relationship or financial issues may be growing an extra head or two, turning into a many-headed hydra—think the Second Labor of Hercules—so get to work dealing with what you’ve been avoiding.”


Thanks Ja, as usual Ralfee is very helpful in plotting out our week. She wrote about the influence that the Saturn-Pluto conjunction (exact in January 2020) has had on us all year, and in the Chiron-Uranus conjunction chart there just happens to be a Saturn-Pluto opposition.

They (Saturn-Pluto) were halfway through one of their cycles in 1898 when Uranus and Chiron began their present cycle that will last 144 years. Saturn-Pluto cycles only last about 34 years.

I believe there are multiple indications that this very long cycle between Chiron and Uranus has been influencing the US since Trump became US President. They were at 4+ Sagittarius when they began this cycle in 1898, the same degree as Trump’s natal BLACK MOON LILITH (vindictive).

The South Node of the Chiron-Uranus chart conjuncts Trump’s natal Mercury, both at 8+ Cancer. There are many more “8’s” in this chart:

*North Node 8+ Capricorn (where the present Mars-Saturn cycle started last year, opposing Trump’s Mercury;

* Nessus (rape & poison) at 8+ Pisces (exactly where Nessus was in the Mars-Saturn chart last year) and where US natal Ceres is located;

* Mars was at 8+ Leo (where Mueller’s Pluto is)

* Pallas (the strategist) was at 8+ Libra

All these “8’s” aspect one another and also aspect the US natal Uranus (8+ Gemini) and US Ceres (8+ Pisces), including squares, sextiles, trines yods and conjunctions.

Ceres (separated from child) in this Chiron-Uranus chart conjuncts the US PROGRESSED Mars + US Constitution Signing chart’s Neptune + Trump’s Jupiter + Putin’s Saturn, all at 17+ Libra.

Neptune in the Chiron-Uranus chart at 23+Gemini retrograde conjuncts Trump’s Sun at 22+ Gemini (that conjuncts US Mars and squares US Neptune), and in this chart Neptune squares Eris (discord) at 21+ Pisces. However, she, Eris, also trines Moon (20+ Cancer) in this Chiron-Uranus chart. Right now, transiting Pluto opposes this Moon and sextiles this Eris. Trans. Pluto T-squares US Chiron opposite US Juno at this time.

The 1898 Chiron-Uranus chart’s Saturn (opposite Pluto) at 14+ Sagittarius conjuncts the Great Attractor (unable to resist the pull) and where transiting Jupiter stationed direct recently. It is 2 degrees from the US natal chart ascendant at 12+ Sagittarius. This 1898 Saturn in Sagittarius sextiles US natal Saturn (and Trump’s natal Chiron + Juno) at 14+ Libra.

All these connections between an event that happened well over 100 years ago, to the present time span of US history, seems anything but coincidental to me. It will require more time for study than I can spare right now.

However, for at least 10 years, back when trans. Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron were conjunct the US Moon all at the same time, trans. Uranus and trans. Chiron have maintained a semi-sextile (30 deg separation, give or take a few degrees). I’ve never heard of a transiting aspect that lasted that long. Their new cycle will begin in 2042, this one taking 144 years to complete.

At 4 p.m. Central time, the Climate Change Crisis townhall started on CNN. Julian Castro just finished his section (37 minutes). Andrew Yang is up next. It’s supposed to be 7 hrs in length.

I wasn’t listening super closely but have to say that I admire Julian Castro to no end. He is thoughtful, very intelligent, a great communicator. I hope he becomes president or holds another very meaningful role for our country. He is just my kind of person.

And then there’s Andrew Yang. If we had someone that smart and progressive for president, it would go far in making us great again!!! …As well as healing the rest of the world.

Moving along, Kamala Harris is a smart woman and has a lot of drive and power/fight in her, and heart. Now Amy is up and man does she have her feet on the ground and know her stuff (farming, energy). She is a pleasure to listen to. Just an unpretentious, sensible, very smart & capable Midwestern woman. She would make an excellent running mate. She also seems to know where the bipartisan support can be found. Hmm…… Joe & Amy? Or, Elizabeth & Julian or Andrew? (I think the Joe & Amy combo is a winning one.)

We are figuratively and literally dealing with the eye of a storm. Is it better (reassuring) to know so much via TV, Internet, phone about what’s happening along the US borders (hurricanes and migrants) or is ignorance bliss?

Ignorance is ignorance. If we are to be part of the greater whole (of a society or a planet or a species) we must be as conscious of that whole as we possibly can.

Saturn symbolizes the borders of a whole, be it a country or a house or an orange, and the US natal Saturn is right now being squared by transiting Saturn. The transiting (Moon’s) nodes are both square the US natal Saturn too, indicating decisions must be made.

When the US natal Saturn Return took place in 2010-11, the transiting Uranus-Pluto squares were beginning to take place. In the 3rd of 3 conjunctions of transiting Saturn to US Saturn (8/28/11) Uranus was at 3+ Aries (trans. retrograde Chiron is at 4+ Aries now) and Pluto was at 4+ Capricorn. We knew that this cycle – the US Saturn Return – would be transformational for the USA.

The Moon in the US Saturn Return at 25 Leo 50 was opposite US NATAL Moon + Pallas, as well as the transiting Neptune in Aquarius, and that same Saturn Return Leo Moon was also conjunct Donald Trump’s Mars at 26+ Leo. Now here we are with coastal flooding (Neptune) and Trump in the Oval Office.

The Sun at the Saturn Return on August 28, 2011, was at 4+ Virgo and trine Pluto at 4+ Cap and opposite trans. Chiron at 2 (almost 3) Pisces, which was just 3 degrees away from trans. Neptune (29+ Aquarius).

Had we known that this chart would describe a 2 week hurricane pounding our US shores in 2019, would we have been better off now? Quite possibly. But for the most part we were blissfully ignorant of this information.

Last Saturday’s Super New Moon (Sun-Moon) at 6+ Virgo, along with Mercury, Juno, Mars and Venus in Virgo were conjunct the US Saturn Return chart’s Sun (4+ Virgo) and Venus (8+ Virgo), and the US natal Uranus (the unexpected) at 8+ Gemini was square that Venus ($$$) in the Saturn Return chart.

We as a nation were unprepared for the likes of Dorian; we were ignorant. Had we been conscious of what this Saturn Return chart could have told us we would not be suffering so much now. Ignorance is not bliss for very long.

This Saturn Return chart (#3 of 3) had a Yod consisting of a sextile between Pallas (planning) in Capricorn and Ceres (Mother Nature) in Pisces, with the Moon (the masses) in Leo at the apex of the Yod; the part of the Yod that has to make adjustments (sacrifices). That Moon conjuncts Trump’s Mars and it also conjuncts the Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017.

In the 2017 total solar eclipse there was a rather discreet Yod made up of a sextile between Chiron (wounded) and Sedna (under water) with Typhon (a trans neptunian object) at the apex of this Yod. Typhon is where we get the word typhoon.

As the apex of this 2017 solar eclipse Yod, Typhon was forced to adjust, and so it has come to pass that it adjusted, and adjusted for weeks in the form of Dorian. Eclipses have a long shelf life. And so it goes.

I have to say that I found the performance of ALL the Democratic candidates in the 7+ hr long town hall on climate change extremely impressive!!! They all excelled in different areas BUT were overall pretty well informed and prepared. I have no doubt that the fact that these people are running for president prepped them for excellence and they will bring that to whatever role they play from now on in life. I am excited about the next debate. Jay Inslee’s presence was felt yesterday and he was missed. CNN has a lot of info and op-ed reactions at their site https://www.cnn.com/opinions/live-news/live-commentary-climate-crisis-town-hall/index.html

One of the Republican commentators writing the site felt much of what was said was unrealistic, and, maybe, a few positions were, but I took them as goals to reach for. I think that all thought re-joining the Paris Accord should happen on day 1 of their administration, but that it doesn’t go far enough, needs to be made enforceable, and other countries held accountable (Biden said). Yang said China would fall into place. Buttigieg said fighting climate change could be harder than winning WWII. Removing subsidies to oil companies was a biggie, but, of course, if they change their goals, maybe they may need them in the transition. Environmental social justice was another major topic. Eating meat was addressed widely because of the waste of energy and methane emitted by cows. Amy said that Trump rolling back ethanol laws was dangerous. I like what one Republican (the one who felt the goals stated were unrealistic- she was Ted Cruz’s comm. dir.) said about Amy because it explains why she should be the running mate to me: “The one Democrat who actually made sense on the climate change topic was Sen. Amy Klobuchar. She doesn’t over-promise, doesn’t over-dramatize, and doesn’t abandon heartland positions to satisfy climate change activists.”

Barb, you were very much right when you pointed out the benefits to having so many Dems running for president.

will . .potty training people is much harder than training planets; some of them never learn.

Sharon thank you for the synopsis of the Dem candidates performance on climate as I didn’t get to see them all.


I hope your travels are going well and you are having a smooth and comfortable drive. Not sure if you are checking in at all and perhaps you won’t see this until you get home and settled..

I wanted to tell you that during the CNN town hall yesterday, Andrew Yang made reference to Thorium! He spoke about it when discussing future energy sources and his interest in using nuclear in combination with other renewable sources. He described it much like you did, saying nuclear gets a bad wrap but that Thorium was a much safer and more efficient option. He is really something special and as much as I want to see a woman on the ticket, If it’s a man at the top I think I would still really love him to be the VP (assuming he won’t be the candidate – maybe I shouldn’t assume that??)

I just found this article from last week touting his interest in it.. (to be fair the article says Booker and Klobuchar support it as well. Although I didn’t see their part in the program yesterday I don’t know if they discussed it specifically)


I just wanted to pass that along to you.. continued safe travels as you journey home! We look forward to seeing you in here again soon : )

barb k,

“will . .potty training people is much harder than training planets; some of them never learn.”

I am perplexed about your comment. What am I missing?

Egads, it’s contagious, I’m not the only one that doesn’t remember what I’ve posted!

will, this (potty training) is in response to what you posted at the end of the last thread, which I just discovered this evening. We are all losing some of it I fear.

Paradigm Shift, August 9, 4:32 AM

Fascinating article about what the future may hold for the U.S. in the wake of its Pluto Return.

In a nutshell, our federal government may very well go the way of the Western Roman Empire after the latter was sacked by the barbarians. Yet much of Roman life, religion (e.g. the Catholic Church) and cultural elements actually continued to endure for years, even centuries afterwards.

Despite the chaos and disarray at the federal level being inflicted by our modern-day barbarians in the form of Hurricane Donald and buffoonish culture warrior types like Bannon, or their funders like the Koch$, local government is in many ways as healthy, functional, and engaged in policy as it has ever been in the U.S. Some state govts. too, like California, are also picking up the slack for the U.S. federal govt. in major areas, like environmental policy.

Pluto in Aquarius does speak to a dramatic shift in power away from the 1%ers–wealthy elites like the Kochs, and authoritarian types like DJT who attempt to rule by decree from on high–to a much more grassroots, local level group orientation. One way or another, we are heading there over the next few years.


On Sept. 14 I believe the Full Moon will be conjunction Netune and my natal North Node. I have no idea if this is good news or bad news. BarbK, you tend to be very positive, so perhaps you can give me your take on this. Thank you.

BarbK, the full moon will be in my 6th House.

Andrew Yang from nyt’s:

“One of the most surprising developments of the 2020 presidential race has been the intensely loyal and passionate following for Mr. Yang, a former entrepreneur and tech executive making a bid for the Democratic nomination. Armed with numbers, history lessons and the occasional self-deprecating joke, he has been preaching a grim gospel about how automation will lead to mass unemployment and how corporate profits are warping the economy. Enough Americans have started to take him seriously that Mr. Yang has emerged as the surprise qualifier for a slimmed-down third Democratic debate, which will be held on Thursday in Houston.”

Banks, do NOT buy a used car on September 14th (or probably for the following 2 weeks). Escapism will be the theme that day and likely for the 2 weeks following. Watching movies is good; listening to beautiful music is good too. In fact if transiting Neptune is conjunct your natal North Node, you could be imagining a design for your new house or your next vacation or the perfect world where there’s no war or disease or destructive hurricanes.

Neptune is guiding your natal NN away from reality issues, so if you are inclined toward art or the theater or any creative activity, now would be the perfect time to indulge.

However transiting Mars (17+ Virgo) will oppose transiting Neptune (17+ Pisces) and transiting Sun (21+ Virgo) will conjunct trans. Mars and the US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo), so we ALL could be caught up in something out of the ordinary; something requiring compassion (Neptune) possibly.

Then there is transiting Jupiter (excessive) at 16+ Sagittarius that will be T-square the Full Moon (21+ Pisces) + Neptune (17+ Pisces) which is opposite the trans. Sun + Mars + US Neptune in Virgo (but US Neptune’s a teeny bit of a stretch) . . .

and this could be seen as a Grand Cross (4 squares and 2 oppositions) because trans. Jupiter (the truth) will be (and already is) opposed Trump’s natal Uranus (the unexpected) at 17+ Gemini (which conjuncts his natal NN + Sun). I can’t help but think of his map forecasting the hurricane in Alabama.

Trans. Jupiter will also be square your natal NN Banks. There could be a purpose in all that excessive confusion, a good one even, but probably not so good for Trump. There is also the US natal Mars (21+Gemini) to consider, which lately has expressed as Trump’s “fans”, and because US Mars (and even Trump himself) is relegated to the sign of Gemini, it is mostly talk that is disturbing.

Finally, consider that the transiting Neptune is (and has been) trine the transiting North Node (path forward) in Cancer, currently at 15+ degrees and very close to the US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer. I see it as a guiding force (for the US) toward a giant leap for mankind, in a very roundabout way. Through our feelings.

Because transiting Black Moon Lilith (intuitive feelings) at 14+ Pisces trines the US natal Cancer Sun and conjuncts transiting Neptune at the Pisces Full Moon, our emotions will be super charged and demand expression. You might find yourself taking to the street in outrage Banks!

May good health, fair weather, safe transport, and comforting communications be companions on your trip Eliseo. Bon voyage.

The Canlunar covering hurricane Dorian’s stall over Grand Bahama Island progressed to the stall there on September 2nd, 1:30 am, EDT, with all eclipses from September 1st 2018 through September 2nd 2019. None of the eclipses located there had Mars or Pluto on an angle and only 1 had Uranus near an angle (The total lunar eclipse of January 21st had Uranus within 1°20′ of it’s Desc).

The progressed Canlunar had an MC at 214°34′ (6°55′ Scorpio in longitude).

It had it’s Uranus on the IC and it’s Pluto on the Asc.

All of the following aspects are from eclipse points to the progressed Canlunar and were measured in right ascension.

It had Pluto from the January 5th solar eclipse on it’s Asc.

It had the January 21st total lunar eclipse square the MC (within 1°30′ of RA) and eclipse Pluto on the Asc.

Saturn and Pluto from the July 2nd total solar eclipse straddled the progressed Canlunar’s Asc (their midpoint was on it), it’s Mars square to the progressed Canlunar’s MC and and it’s Uranus on it’s IC.

The July 16th lunar eclipse was square to the progressed Canlunar’s MC (within 2°40′ of RA), it’s Saturn and Pluto straddling the Asc and it’s Uranus on the IC.

Thanks, BarbK. I don’t exactly see myself taking to the street in rage at my age and with a cane but interestingly enough my natal Venus is at 21 degrees Sagitarius (3rd House) where you say Jupiter will be transiting.??

BuckeyeShadow, thanks for that fascinating article from The Atlantic magazine.

Oh, BarbK, I don’t like calling myself stupid, but…..it’s my South Node that the Full Moon and Neptune will be conjunct at 21 degrees Pisces. I’ve taken too much space on this blog that’s not very helpful to anyone else. So sorry.

Well, in that case Banks, consider Neptune + Full Moon as facilitating a release of old habits and dependencies (natal South Node) and making you more aware of opportunities (trans. Mars and Sun in Virgo) to be of service to your community and loved ones.

No, you aren’t stupid by any means my friend; we all goof up (daily in my case) and you are not one of those who takes up too much space on Nancy’s blog. We know who we are!

In fact it would be great and also helpful to hear from you more often. Oct. 18-24 should be good days for you (trans. Jupiter conjunct natal Venus) and maybe you can give that cane a little rest!

BarbK, that is the news I needed today to really lift my spirits…almost make them soar. What you wrote is exactly what I am anticipating and it all ties in to that article I believe you posted by Melanie Rhinehart about the cycle that started back in 1982 and the new beginnings that will start with the end of that cycle of Saturn/Pluto.

Thank you so much. You brought bright light on a gloomy day.

And thank you Banks. I re-read Melanie’s article on the new Saturn-Pluto cycle in 2020, and now have a new respect for the centaur Chariklo, named for the wife of Chiron in mythology. It seems she will be part of the mass conjunction of Saturn and Pluto (+ Ceres + Sun + Mercury) come January 12, 2020.

Melanie’s research on this centaur Chariklo indicates that she facilitates in transitioning, as in at the birth and death of things. How appropriate then that she too will be conjunct the Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

I just heard the death toll from Dorian is now at 43. Transiting Chariklo is at 19+ Capricorn and conjunct transiting Pluto at 20+ Capricorn.

I cannot get it into my head WHY the world, the U.S., someone, did not help evacuate people from those island, as it should have been mandatory, with 185 mph winds and 225 mph gusts coming at the Bahamas, a flat series of islands with very little infrastructure and NO mtns. I am SO disappointed in the U.S. for not helping. Maybe the Bahamian government should have asked for help but ask or not, we should have rescued them. What a failure!

With all due respect Sharon, the gods made it a Very complicated ‘perfect storm’. a) Bahamians have been thru many hurricanes and probably thought they could weather Dorian too. bldg codes are for 150mph winds. Nassau weathered it comparatively unscathed. b) Dorian intensified rapidly in a short 24 hours period from 140mph to 240mph. c) never before has a hurricane that intense stalled for that length of time. Apparently it was hemmed in by 2 adjacent weather systems. Worst Bahamian hurricane in recorded history with a huge amount of rain, by some accounts around 3ft in places. Like being in a 24hr tornado/carwash.
By the time the strength became apparent, any rescues would have been dangerous and near impossible.
Current rescue operations are being significantly hampered due to airport and road damage, and a huge amount of ocean debris, including semi submerged shipping containers. Around 6500 listed on social media as missing. The stories are heartbreaking. Prayers and money needed.

Plenty of Pluto to coincide with the massive destruction and probable huge loss of lives and/or missing in the Bahamas caused by hurricane Dorian.

The Canlunar covering hurricane Dorian’s stall over Grand Bahama Island progressed to the stall there on September 2nd, 1:30 am, EDT, with all eclipses from September 1st 2018 through September 2nd 2019. None of the eclipses located there had Mars or Pluto on an angle and only 1 had Uranus near an angle (The total lunar eclipse of January 21st had Uranus within 1°20′ of it’s Desc).

The progressed Canlunar had an MC at 214°34′ (6°55′ Scorpio in longitude).
It had it’s Uranus on the IC and it’s Pluto on the Asc.

All of the following aspects are from eclipse points to the progressed Canlunar and were measured in right ascension.

It had Pluto from the January 5th solar eclipse on it’s Asc.

The progressed Canlunar had the January 21st total lunar eclipse square the MC (within 1°30′ of RA) and eclipse Pluto on the Asc.

Saturn and Pluto from the July 2nd total solar eclipse straddled the progressed Canlunar’s Asc (their midpoint was on it), it’s Mars square to the progressed Canlunar’s MC and and it’s Uranus on it’s IC.

Finally,the July 16th lunar eclipse was square to the progressed Canlunar’s MC (within 2°40′ of RA), it’s Saturn and Pluto straddling the Asc and it’s Uranus on the IC.

Bob, thanks for your comments but, sorry, I don’t understand what “Canlunar” means. Could you please explain? Thanks….

They are charts set by the Moon’s entrance in to Sidereal Cancer. I always use the Fagan-Bradley SVP and present them and their progressions, using my technique to progress them, in the Tropical Zodiac for the convenience of readers.

I do not use signs but note all positions as true body or true positions in space using their measurement from zero degrees Aries in the Tropical Zodiac just to have an anchor point used by most astrologers.

The significance is that appropriate points for events are swept by the progressing angles. I generally allow a 2 degree orb for consideration, sometimes a little more.

More about Cardinal sign ingresses:

Articles on Siderealism By Donald Bradley + Gary Duncan




From where I sit, kiwi…I’ve been watching the National Hurricane Center maps and cones every hurricane season since the internet gave me that option during my 20 years living in Miami, and continued doing so in New Orleans. When living in Miami, I have spent summers evacuating several times from the floor zone (I lived within a mile of the ocean several times) for false alarms, when the hurricane made a turn, and have been through Hurricane Andrew in FL and Hurricane Katrina here in NOLA. This time, as always, there was notice for quite a few days that a hurricane of that magnitude was coming and was definitely going to sweep over the Bahamas no matter what it did after that. I heard no talk anywhere of evacuation. I assumed since the Bahamas were independent their government had an evac plan and that they might be working with the U.S. I have been there about 5 times and know it is flat with no mtns or forests. I am still a bit shocked that people were not evacuated. There are private boat owners here in the Gulf who often join together and rescue people. I don’t even know what to say. I guess when you think about it, very few of the Caribbean islands are prepared and the ones in the best position might be the ones with mtns and forests. Cuba seems to have the most infrastructure and be ready to handle the situation but Cuba does have mtns to slow down the winds. The Caribbean islands seem to get hit a lot but it is getting worse and hurricanes are intensifying. It is just shocking how unprepared they are and there is no cooperative plan to help them?

By the way, we heard from Eliseo and he had to contend with a few more delays, and I don’t think he had much time or access to internet; hence, he didn’t post here. He plans to finally get on the road today.


SATURDAY…at 6:37 AM ET. The Capricorn Moon’s need to make things happen is colored by no less than four significant patterns that will exact over the next few days. First and second: the Virgo Sun squares expansive Jupiter at 11:27 AM on….
SUNDAY…That’s big — and here are headlines from past Sun-Jupiter aspects. Sun will oppose wiggy Neptune early TUESDAY morning. That can be surreal, druggy, visionary, pacifist — or involve floods, victims, toxins, viruses, refugees, water, oceans, oil, film, photography, etc. Anything intangible refers to Neptune, which denies and dissolves the material world. Jupiter and Neptune together amplify FAITH — so we should be seeing that in significant headlines. Jupiter refers to horses, FYI — and also to the liver and pancreas. Capping off a day of no less than six contacts between the pro-active Capricorn Moon and other planets is a harmony between Mercury and Pluto, exact at 11:07 PM ET. That’s a fine pattern for investigative reporters. Watch the headlines for revelations of big scandals, executed with the militant discipline of a harmony between Mars (guns, war, action, desire, assertion) and Saturn (discipline, ambition authority).

From Starlight:

This is from Nancy. A new post is up now. I can’t figure out how to include charts yet but there is an update on current aspects impacting things.


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