19th Jul, 2019

The Definition of Fascism

As the Trump-Nazis, led by their ringmaster Demented Don, froth and scream, American Democracy struggles not to slip into a death spiral. The potent emotional tornado of viciousness and rage currently commands almost all of the national attention, both from supporters, who are enthralled and gratified by the multitude of hate crimes that define the Trump administration, and from opponents, who still retain a moral compass and are horrified.

Meanwhile, the stench of corruption that permeates Trump and his minions metastasizes, barely noticed and unabated. Corporate profiteers are making huge profits from the concentration camp beds, from the private-for-profit prisons, from the untethered environmental deregulation, and from the unholy deals Republican donors get when the thumb of the administration greases the wheels.

What was once a nation of laws, managed by a three-pronged government based on the principle of checks and balances, is rapidly disintegrating. The marriage of corporate greed and governmental power is overwhelming the institutions that we have relied on for centuries. Laws are selectively enforced by a corrupted Justice Department under William Barr; self-interested Republicans in Congress have long since sold their souls to stand at the altar of Donald Trump; and a minority of the country now rules with an iron hand in Congress and many state legislatures due to gerrymandering and the disproportionate power of small rural states in the Senate.

Standing behind all of this, and most concerning, is the War on Truth, a reality show currently starring Donald Trump and greatly enhanced by social media and cable news.  To be fair, there are still numerous journalists who continue the herculean task of getting the facts out into the national awareness, as well as those in the legal system who still stand for the rule of law. But there is also a deluge of lies and distortions permeating right-wing media, and any story that stands against Trump is labeled “fake news” and drowned with a counter-narrative that is more useful. In such conditions, it is extremely difficult to wake up the country to what is being done in our name.

In the long term, it seems likely that it will not be until after 2022, when the US Pluto return has passed, or even 2024, when Pluto moves into Aquarius, that we will see a shift away from the overwhelming precedence of conspiracy theories and poisonous partisan power struggles. Pluto in Aquarius is likely to bring with it at least two decades wherein the global focus is more on equality of wealth and opportunity and less on the intensification of corporate power and inequality of wealth (Pluto in Capricorn). It may be that the world at last comes together to deal with the existential threat of climate change hanging over it like the Sword of Damocles. Unfortunately, as is often the case in the lives of individuals, it may take a real crisis to wake people up.

In the US chart in the near term, we are in the midst of a very strong activation of US Mars (21Gemini23), from June 18 through September 5, and again, with somewhat less intensity, from October 2 through November 29, 2019. During the former period, transiting Uranus is semisquare to US Mars, while transiting Pluto is quincunx US Mars. During the latter period, transiting Pluto is quincunx US Mars. I have previously speculated how this intensification of US Mars tends to bring with it a more militant posture in the US government.  And indeed, during this time, we have already seen an increase in aggressive rhetoric, threats, and even some belligerent action in the Strait of Hormuz between the US and Iran.

But it has additionally become clear that the over-heated and vile racist rhetoric at the core of Trump’s presidential campaign and the upsurge of Trump’s racist policy agenda at the border, with the census, and with his effort to change the citizenship test, as well as the furious and distressed response to these words and deeds from many across the country, also comes under the increased Mars energy. Although this building confrontation has not yet becomes violent, it feels like a burgeoning partisan-based racial civil war. 

And finally we have seen an upsurge of fires, explosions, earthquakes, and power outages during this period that also may be attributed to an increase in Mars activity.  The current week through Friday, July 19, late on July 28 and through much of July 29, and generally from now through August 4, are some of the times to watch for these energies to be activated.

The other extremely important planetary configuration of the summer is the long station of Saturn that will simultaneously impact both Trump and the US chart. For President Deplorable, the Saturn station sesquiquadrate his Ascendant (29Leo55) from July 28 to August 23, suggests some sense of loss and possibly some health complications that slow him down. At almost the same time (from August 4 to October 13), Saturn will be opposite Venus in the Trump/US composite chart (14Cancer25), suggesting stress between Trump and the country and likely some loss of popularity.

In the US chart, we find the transiting Saturn station will sit in a square with US Saturn (14Libra48) from July 29 to October 22, suggesting a loss of prestige, power, and respect for the US that may impact the economy (Saturn rules the second house). And of particular concern, we find that the US progressed Moon will be square to US natal Saturn from August 15 to September 15, pointing to sorrow and grief in some segment of the population. With this aspect following on the heels of the transit of Uranus semisquare to US Mars through September 5, it is quite possible that some explosion, violent event, military engagement, or natural disaster will lead to significant loss and upset in the US in August and early September.

And one final point to note is that in the chart of National Security Advisor John Bolton (dob 11/20/48), the transiting Saturn station is square to Bolton’s Neptune (14 Libra18) from August 6 through October 11. Given that he is the ideological source of some of the most aggressive and belligerent policy toward Iran, it seems likely that his ideological neoconservative claptrap will run straight into the painful wall of reality regarding Iran during this period with devastating consequences.


Thanks Starlight.

Even if we have the murmurs and shouts of fascism around us, I remember the throngs at the Minneapolis airport welcoming Rep. Ilhan Omar home. That is the America we must hold onto. She is fighting for her life and we must fight for her.

Thank you, Nancy. Nice to read your analysis again.


This had to have been a difficult piece for you to write. The anguish of Saturn seems to weigh upon your pen as it weighs upon most of us out here in the blogosphere who also have a functioning moral compass and compassionate heart.

I continue to be grateful to you for your insights and analysis as well as for sponsoring this Website. For me it is a certain sanctuary wherein I feel heard and sane.

When I saw this abomination sucking up the hateful jeers of his rally a few days ago, it reminded me of clips I have seen of Mussolini puffing himself up at his rallies. I am convinced Resident Rectum has read and re-read Mein Kampf. His behavior is ripped right from its playbook.

Alas, this too shall pass.

Thank you for a strong albeit disturbing piece. But it all needs to be said – trump – who I refuse to ever call President – is a long time racist, bigot, misogynist and bully. He is hateful, cruel, greedy, ugly, phony, mendacious, criminal, cheat, narcissistic sociopath. BTW he is also a one trick jerk – i.e., not very smart, has a limited vocabulary. I think I know how to beat him.


“I think I know how to beat him.”

Por favor, share your plan; I would be only too pleased to help you carry it out.

Compare Resident Rectum and Mussolini rally clips.



Not very many things are dependable or ‘normal’ at this point, but your amazing insights are one of them. Thank you for always being there with your clear-eyed assessments and commentary. It means the world to me…

Thank you so much Nancy.
Continuing courage, integrity, and love must be the byline to overcome such dark energy and survive these challenging times.

Grateful to read your overview of the present situation Nancy, grim though it may be, there does appear to be a purpose for all the heartbreaking destruction.

What you said about transiting Saturn stationing direct in a square to US natal Saturn (14+ Libra) from July 29 through Oct. 22, will also affect Trump’s natal Chiron at 14+ Libra (and Bolton’s Neptune) in his 2nd house of personal resources. Might something also happen to Mar-a-Lago, perhaps some weather related destruction?

Then there is the Leo New Moon on July 31 in his 12th house and only 2 degrees from his natal Pluto. Also, the next Democratic debates are on July 30 and 31 and he could get smacked down bigly.

At the same time Mercury will station direct at midnight the night of July 31, at 23+ Cancer, conjunct his natal Saturn which conjuncts US Mercury that conjuncts Trump’s Venus. That combination could hurt him financially as well as his reputation (linked to Bolton).

Thank you, Nancy. I think so many of us feel so discouraged and today, the NY Times ran a story that said he could win 2020 with an even bigger electoral victory and a bigger popular vote loss.


What is so amazing to me is that he and his crooked minion are doing their dirty work, not under the cloak of darkness or behind closed doors, but out in the open for all to see. They don’t care and feel more emboldened every day. I don’t know what will stop them. I truly don’t.



silcominc, a lot can happen between now and November 2020. They are counting on our sense of despair at their white nationalist inevitability. Don’t buy it. Get out and work to defeat Pumpkin Spice Adolf and his cult.

Thank you, Nancy.

It would be all too fitting of a fate for DJT if he were somehow paralyzed as a result of a health crisis of some sort and unable to utter or tweet a single hateful word or phrase ever again, yet still perfectly conscious–a prisoner in his own body, perhaps for years to come.

The amount of damage this horrible man is causing to the social fabric is stunning. I pray now each and every day that something finally brings him to his knees and puts an end to the hatred and insanity he gleefully spreads. And yet, even if that happened now, it seems that some of the fires he has lit are already well under way and won’t be put out easily. Perhaps not until well after Pluto leaves Capricorn for good.

Aaaand, she’s back! Just when I was starting to complain, she blows in with a big bowl of awesome! Nancy, I know it’s a lot of work, but it’s hard to wait… I’d still like to see Bob do some longform on here. It’s just a suggestion.

It’s easy to fall into despair in these times. Yet I continue to hold onto hope that even this too shall pass, as Gandhi once spoke of the tyrants and dictators of history. As bad as DJT may be, let’s remember that he is merely a mortal man and a coward to boot. Even as tyrants go, he and his followers really only have as much power as we are willing to concede to them.

White nationalism/supremacy is nihilism, pure and simple. There is no world where such foolishness can exist in perpetuality, therefore to allow it to stand unchallenged is the chaos and doom of humanity. For those of us who stand for love, healing and a better world, we must be willing to stand for and defend what we know is the only way humanity can survive and prosper.

@David – I, too, feel repulsion at the thought of calling The Orange Horror “Mr. President,” so I think I will just call him His Fraudulency, which I think was a term used way back in about 1876 for Rutherford B. Hayes!

I think he will be neutralized in 60 days.

It may take longer to finalize but as of September 18th he may be just a figurehead for his…his…his? His whatever.

BOB, I assumed much of your scenario was based on Mueller and others testifying on camera about how bad trump is and once his American zombies see that, they would turn. I now fear that they like what they see and are mad with power. Rather than waking up, they will continue on as zombies seeking to make trump king of the zombies. I hope I am wrong. I spent my life delivering facts and seeing how those facts awaken people. His zombies don’t want facts, only fantasy.


I had been thinking along the same lines. The September 18th Saturn station (13 ’54 Capr.) conjunct tr. South Node (14 ’37 Capr.) opposite the US Sun (13 ’19 Cancer) Us Progressed Moon (12 ’45 Cancer) t square the US Saturn (13 ’45 Libra) sesqui-square Trump’s Mars/ascendant (26-29 Leo) and the August 21st 2017 solar eclipse (28 ’53 Leo)…. as you were suggesting, it could be a turning point of sorts.

The September 14th Full Moon (21 ’04 Pisces) 4 days prior; forms a grand cross to Trump’s Moon (21 Sag) Sun (22 Gemini) opposition, the US Mars (21 Sag), Trump’s progressed Uranus (21 Sag) in semi-square to tr. Uranus (6 Taurus) and the US nodes (6 Aquarius-Leo). Mid September looks interesting.

CORRECTION: The US progressed Uranus is at 21 GEMINI.

Sorry. Correcting the correction. TRUMP’s progressed Uranus (21 Gemini) was what was meant.

Does anyone have any insight on Jeffrey Epstein?

“Once these girls lost their braces … and they started becoming 16 years old or 17 years old, they became too old for him.” -Private investigator Michael Fisten on disturbing details of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged sexual crimes. @DrewGriffinCNN has more.



It’s incredibly interesting to me that Trump’s progressed Sun-Moon in 1-2+ Virgo is conjunct transiting Transpluto (the process of becoming whole) and very near his 29+ Leo ascendant. Sounds like Trump is wiping his karma slate clean this go-round.

Also, his progressed Black Moon Lilith is conjunct the US natal chart ascendant at 12+ Sagittarius, which explains a lot.

Trump’s progressed Vesta (what is focused on) at 5+ Aries (where trans. Chiron is now) is right next to his Eris (discord) and they square the US natal Jupiter (things foreign) at 5+ Cancer (home) as well. US Jupiter rules the US natal chart ascendant and 1st house. Maybe some day we will thank him. Nah . . .


“His zombies don’t want facts, only fantasy.”

Aye, there’s the rub.


“Does anyone have any insight on Jeffrey Epstein?”

Yeah. He’s f—-d for life.

On September 18th Pelosi has transiting Jupiter trine her natal Jupiter and transiting Uranus conjunct her progressed Jupiter.

AOC has transiting Venus on her MC and transiting Jupiter on her ASC on that same day.

The 116th Congress secondary progression has transiting Saturn conjunct it’s progressed Sun, it’s progressed Sun/Pluto midpoint on the ASC, and transiting Saturn/Pluto midpoint there with it.

There are many good versions of this song but this one is from 1969 when this country experienced Chappaquiddick, the Moon-landing, Woodstock, and the Manson murders in 22 days (when public knew July 19th through August 9th).


And bringing it up –



60 more days!

This was 1969 for sure.

Celebration At Big Sur – Oh Happy Days! 9:17


If you sit still through this see a doctor quick.

I keep thinking that the lesson of Trump is a Plutonian one: we need to see beneath the surface of what we are and, through sheer force of will, create a transformation or die. There are so many holes in our democratic image of ourselves, so may ways the “rule of law” and the “equality for all” are a sham. This has all become very visible under Trump.

These holes must be plugged, new rules must be written, and the truth must be told in a louder and clearer way than the current swath of lies being presented. It is a tall order, and it really feels like a Pluto transit where you have to stay really focused and strong so you don’t just get subsumed by the darkness.

The US has Venus, Jupiter, the Sun, Saturn, Mercury and Pluto all in cardinal signs and all hit, consecutively, by Pluto from 2009 through 2022. And because this is such a reckoning for us and for who we really are as a country, there will be no easy solution such as him dropping over one day and leaving this earth, or getting too sick to go on.

It truly seems a herculean and often impossible task to rid ourselves of the scourge, not just of him but of the totally corrupted GOP who still rule in the Senate. I am not sure how it will be done, but it seems we have to go through the darkness to come out on the other side.


It is just so hard. Everything is so heavy, and it doesn’t feel like the weight of it will ever lift.

As some have said of Trump’s efforts, “The cruelty is the point.” I don’t understand how someone can enjoy cruelty and how so many Americans cheer him on.

It can be overwhelming I know, for all of us, absolutely overwhelming. I subscribe to the belief that we all chose to be here at this time, in this country, for specific reasons, having to do with this country’s period of trials and tribulations. Perhaps because of a previous life we spent here; something that made us care enough about its survival has brought us back.

If so, I know you Nancy, are here, in part, to provide stamina for many of us who care greatly for the potential of the idea of democracy and for these United States. It just HAS to survive, and even thrive beyond these disheartening times.

I, for one, depend on you and your many, many fans who share their opinions and fears and talents and hopes and discoveries at this site. God Bless America.

Well Bob, to add to the wealth of indications you have for positive outcomes (for the ladies you mentioned) on September 18th, there is the conjunction between transiting Sedna and transiting Vesta at 27+ Taurus as well. These are diehard feminist symbols, so there’s that.

They will trine the US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn and square the US natal Moon (+ transiting House) at 27+ Aquarius, but Sedna herself has been doing that for some time already.

Sounds like a bad day at Black Rock for Congress, or at least a very serious one.


“I am not sure how it will be done, but it seems we have to go through the darkness to come out on the other side.”

Right? Isn’t this essentially the very formula for redemption and authentic transformation?

Dulcinea, fingers crossed that Epstein gets to share a cell with El Chapo at the Super Max.

Nancy, so glad that you see there is light at the end of the tunnel. During the last two days both Kim Carey (Intuitiview) and David Johnson on YouTube have given similar messages. Confirms my belief that there is a pony in that pile of —- after all.

Trump’s charts has many aspects to US Chiron. He’s resonating with wounded/hurt people who are angry and resentful.

We need a healer on the Dem side. Andrew Yang’s chart has Chiron at 20 Aries, same as US chart, with many aspects to it, although more dynamic than Trump’s.
He is appealing to all sides.
His data: January 13, 1975, Schenectady NY, 6:20 am.


Oh, Happy Days is joyous and hopeful.

Thank you for posting it.

Forgive the use of my own chart but it is the earliest period of many hard aspects from Pluto that I am familiar with and the life story of living with strong Pluto birth aspects including one of the charts angles.

Forged by Pluto – birth through first 4 plus years of age.

Pluto may deliver some hard blows but if you survive them there is no stopping you.

RN Natal Chart Jan 25 1941, 3:35 am, +6:00 TOPEKA KS

Plu Cnj Plu Tr-Na Jun 29 1941 CST 03°Le09′ 03°Le09′
Plu Opp Sun Tr-Na Sep 7 1941 CST 05°Le03′ 05°Aq03′
Plu Opp Sun Tr-Na Jan 6 1942 CST 05°Le03′ 05°Aq03′
Plu Opp Sun Tr-Na Jul 17 1942 CWT 05°Le03′ 05°Aq03′
Plu Sqr Jup Tr-Na Sep 21 1942 CWT 06°Le46′ 06°Ta46′
Plu Sqr Jup Tr-Na Dec 27 1942 CWT 06°Le46′ 06°Ta46′
Plu Opp Sun Tr-Na Mar 25 1943 CWT 05°Le03′ 05°Aq03′
Plu Opp Sun Tr-Na May 11 1943 CWT 05°Le03′ 05°Aq03′
Plu Sqr Jup Tr-Na Jul 28 1943 CWT 06°Le46′ 06°Ta46′
Plu Sqr Sat Tr-Na Sep 17 1943 CWT 08°Le08′ 08°Ta08′
Plu Sqr Sat Tr-Na Jan 4 1944 CWT 08°Le08′ 08°Ta08′
Plu Sqr Jup Tr-Na Mar 8 1944 CWT 06°Le46′ 06°Ta46′
Plu Sqr Jup Tr-Na May 29 1944 CWT 06°Le46′ 06°Ta46′
Plu Sqr Sat Tr-Na Jul 24 1944 CWT 08°Le08′ 08°Ta08′
Plu Sqr Sat Tr-Na Mar 19 1945 CWT 08°Le08′ 08°Ta08′
Plu Sqr Sat Tr-Na May 21 1945 CWT 08°Le08′ 08°Ta08′

Natal ASC at 243°57′ trined by natal Pluto at 126°32 (126°32′ + 120° = 246°32′). Less than 3° from exact.

Natal Saturn at 36°32′ squared by natal Pluto at 126°32′ (126°32′ – 90° = 36°32′). Exact square to the minute.

Natal Sun at 307°24′ opposed by natal Pluto at 126°32 (126°32′ + 180° = 306°32′). Less than 1° from exact.

What money I don’t need for myself I give away after paying my bills. And I survive.

And WE will. Even stronger than before. This could be one of OUR survive songs to that lawless band known as the tRump administration.

I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor “Live” (Not the studio or label version)

Sixty days. Bob, I’ll be counting the days.

And thank you, Nancy, for your insights in these troubling times.

I, too, have my second Saturn return, opposite my Sun at 13 degrees Cancer in all of this, with whatever you can imagine that goes with it. But it’ll be worth it all to live to see Dreadful Donnie finally meet his match. I only wish the rest of this far-right nightmare would go down with it. But I can see that may be asking a lot. Too many people I know where I live are still in its thrall.

will, I think you have to have soul to make it joyous. Seems like fundamentalists leave that part out.

Nancy, what you’ve just said, your comment, is powerful. Things are a little clearer to me now than when I first read this post a few minutes ago. Which probably isn’t saying much, but I think I learned something today that I didn’t know before.

Very much like a child, I can’t help but ask “Why?” I ask myself why I can’t get through to the handful of righty friends I have left, why they believe all kinds of lies and bad information, and what is it that I’m missing here?

If the choice is to change or die, what will it take for the two major parties to survive? What will it take for us as individuals?

I suppose it will take a few years for those questions to be answered. I hope we will all get to witness it when we get to a better place. I really hope it’s sometime before 2022 or 2024. But at least now I have a better idea of what we’re up against.

Nancy, you said, “I’m not sure how we do it” meaning get rid of the rest of the GOP scum in the senate.
Unless, I’m missing something, the obvious answer seems to be “vote the bums out.”
I also think Trump will take some of them down with him but voting intelligently and voicing our opinions to legislators is so important.
I personally wish that everyone who can would call Rand Paul to voice their displeasure with his holding up the bill that would have given the 9-11 first responders the money they’ve been begging for to pay for their medical expenses. Who does that other than a heartless, soulless creep?

The present Jupiter-Saturn cycle will last for another year and a half. The Mars in this cycle is conjunct Trump’s Uranus, so when this cycle ends, its Martian energy influence will cease to have power. If Trump is neutralized in 60 days it might be sooner.

On September 21, transiting Jupiter at 16 Sagittarius 59 will square transiting Neptune at 16 Pisces 59, forming a T-square to the Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s Mars (and Trump’s Uranus) at 17+ Gemini. It could effectively neutralize that Jupiter-Saturn cycle Mars (and Trump’s natal Uranus).

That’s about 60 days from now.

Trump and his supporters are the modern-day reconstitution – in actions, as well as ideology – of the pre Civil-War Old South.

Going from the best of the best (Obama) to the worst of the worst (Trump), how in heck will future historians explain this mess?

England’s Pam Gregory speaks about energy aspects surrounding the upcoming new moon in Leo, and beyond . . .

Side note on El Chapo, Marjorie Orr did a chart on him and said with the right pay-off, he may “breathe fresh air” again.

another fwiw – the latest from Kim at intiuitiveiw


“I hope we will all get to witness it when we get to a better place.”

Of course we will. We’re just in the middle of a mad opera right now. It ain’t over till the plus-size lady sings.


“It truly seems a herculean and often impossible task to rid ourselves of the scourge, not just of him but of the totally corrupted GOP who still rule in the Senate.”

Yes, and also how to we flip essentially half of our American brethren out of this dark and hateful consciousness that supports and fuels these figureheads like Resident Rectum and McConnell and the rabid likes Kelly-Anne-Conway and Sean Hannity and Whore of Satan Jeanine Pirro and that insufferable dick-head Laura Ingraham? They are merely projected imagos of our American shadow; how to we raise this cretin-consciousness?

Since the 1970’s onward, the majority of people in the US started acting like consumers, instead of citizens.

So, like it or not, we, as a nation, created the mess the country is in. But, maybe it’s just human nature to take Good Governance for granted when times appear prosperous?

Ted Cruz predicts a “staggering Democratic turn-out” for the 2020 presidential election.
“They are enraged by Donald Trump, and it means they’re gonna show up, and the big open question is —Does everybody else show up?”
He predicts the candidate will be Harris, Warren or Sanders and adds, “Some Republicans go Yay, ok, that’s great, they’re so extreme we’ll win” and Cruz added, “Look, not necessarily.”
From his interview on Firing Line


“The Teapot Dome scandal has historically been regarded as the worst such scandal in the United States – the “high water mark” of cabinet corruption.[12][13][14][15] It is often used as a benchmark for comparison with subsequent scandals. In particular it has been compared to the Watergate scandal, in which a cabinet member, Attorney General John N. Mitchell, went to prison, the second time in American history that a member of cabinet has been incarcerated.[16][17] During the Trump administration news outlets compared alleged misconduct by members of the Trump cabinet,[12][18][14][19] and specifically by Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke[20][21][22] to the Teapot Dome scandal.”

Frank Bruni: How Democrats Defeat Donald Trump

“The great challenge Democrats face is that of persuading independent voters to cast their lot with us, not just in 2020, but also into the future. To do this we will have to take their concerns and sensibilities seriously.”


When Mueller testifies (July 24, 8:30 AM) the transiting Venus (25+ Cancer), symbol of $$, and Mercury (26+ Cancer retrograde), symbol of communication (and sometimes thievery), will be conjunct Mueller’s North Node, aka “path forward” (+ his natal Pallas the Planner and his natal Iris the Messenger) at 27+ Cancer, all of whom OPPOSE his natal South Node (release) and the US natal Pluto (gov’t power), both at 27+ Capricorn.

Could this symbolize that Mueller will somehow expose some (Trumpian) plans for stealing money (or other Mercury tricks besides Dem files, etc.) in some fashion?

The July 16th eclipsed (hidden) Moon at 24+ Capricorn not only opposed the Sun at 24+ Cancer, it opposed the US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer.

Known as the Trickster, Mercury is capable of unscrupulous behavior, not only lying but stealing too. The eclipse chart’s Eris (discord) at 24+ Aries was T-square the eclipsed Moon opposite the Sun and US Mercury. This eclipse will be in force on July 24.

The chart’s ascendant on July 24, at 8:30 AM in Washington DC, is 29+ Leo, the same as Trump’s birth chart ascendant, and it has an MC (outcome) of 24+ Taurus, the same as Trump’s birth chart MC.

Transiting Saturn (the rule of law) at 16+ Cap rx will trine Mueller’s natal Mars-Chiron conjunction at 16+ Virgo, and of course, transiting Mars on July 24 will exactly conjunct Mueller’s natal Sun at 14+ Leo (drama), while transiting retro Jupiter (know the truth) at 15 Sagittarius will trine them, and as well, will be conjunct the Great Attractor (think vacuum cleaner pulling out the dirt).

If all goes well, it seems plausible that we could learn more than what the pundits think we will learn from Mueller.

With the links between the July 16 eclipsed Moon opposite US Mercury in Cancer (which conjuncts July 24’s Venus, which conjuncts July 24’s Mercury, which conjuncts Mueller’s NN), it is like leaving a trail of breadcrumbs, but to what we will have to wait and see. Where is that dayam vacuum cleaner?

Hi AntiChump,

In all fairness, do we seriously believe anything that comes from of Ted Cruz?

I agree totally. The extreme left rhetoric is what Trump will use to label all the Dems as socialists. In mho the country is more center than left or right.

Frank Bruni:
How the Democrats defeat Donald Trump

I agree with Frank Bruni. Also, Ilhan Omar decided to introduce a BDS resolution right now and I think the timing of that is not good at all.

I’m beginning to think the Democrats are in trouble. We’ll see.

I totally support “the Squad’s” right to freedom of speech and being treated respectfully, and I deplore Trump’s ongoing racism and inflaming of his base but I think Omar just further alienated people who may have voted Democratic. I feel she is taking advantage of the publicity and support coming her way.

will – no. He’s trying to scare both his constituents and middle-of-the-road Democrats by invoking the scary left as his Dear Leader invokes the scarier left.


“will – no. He’s trying to scare both his constituents and middle-of-the-road Democrats by invoking the scary left as his Dear Leader invokes the scarier left.”


I wish I had a big “Like” button for what Nancy wrote in her Jul 20 12:35 pm post.

There is no question the lesson of Trump is a Plutonian one.

And we must rid ourselves not only of Trump and the corrupt politicians, but the deep well of hate that exists from which they all sprang.

Coming into the third act of my life, I wonder what I can do to help transition our nation into a better place for us all. Voting just doesn’t seem to be enough.

Why do I feel as if I am living the reality of “Stranger Things”?

Amen Sassy!

Raye Robertson has just posted another article – have not read it yet, but she is always insightful. Stoking the mob: the astrology of divide and conquer


Raye Robertson rocks.

I’m with everyone else and will be ecstatic to see Trump ride off into the sunset, or jail, or anywhere else, as long as it is not another 4 years in the White House. However, as posted before, I don’t see anything happening until next year at the earliest (late 2020+).

I’d love to be wrong, and I am sick of looking at his chart, but the discussion about September 18th got me at it again.

I keep finding offsetting factors in the charts that protect him at least until 2020. With the Sept. 18 date as focus, I looked for a few key things going on in DT’s charts that might say something new, but it comes to much the same. It is not exotic stuff, but the effort shows again how tricky and complicated it is to interpret anything about DT. I would welcome your comments.

Transiting Chiron will be 4AriesRx on Sept. 18, going through DT’s 8th house of death and taxes and other people’s money, but it is opposed by transiting Venus at 4Libra in the 2nd house of personal wealth at the same time.

The Venus effect ought to protect Trump from harm and the transiting Venus is applying to a conjunction to DT’s Neptune at 5Libra on October 22nd. So, he appears to be good until then.

Chiron hangs around the 4 degree range until March 2020 when it has finished its retrograde and gets to 4Aries for the last time (direct). By then, whatever story Chiron has to tell should be out in the open, and being in DT’s 8th house it is unlikely to be very pleasant. He does not have any natal planets at 4 degrees, so the next thing is to check the progressions.

Transiting Chiron at 4AriesRx on Sept. 18 is within a degree of an inconjunct (150) aspect to the progressed Sun/Moon conjunction at 3Virgo, below the Ascendant, in DT’s first house of the body (August 26, 1944 was a new Moon). A prog. Sun/Moon combo is a very significant conjunction.

Transiting Chiron is also trine (120) to DT’s progressed Saturn at 3Leo. The inconjunct is a problem, but prog. Saturn in a trine is not so hard to bear, and being at the same degree as the Sun/Moon the trine can even offset or lessen the overall impact (even though such a combination is serious).

The Chiron transit at 4Aries is 1 degree past exactness to the 4 degree progressed point by Sept. 2019. Whatever it is should already have shown its face by then.

The progressed Moon at 3Virgo can move ahead faster, but it will be a year before progressed Sun gets to 4 degrees Virgo. Chiron first hit 3 degrees Aries in April 2019 and 4 degrees in May (when nothing happened to DT himself). Chiron goes retrograde in August, hits -4degrees in September, goes direct again and hits 4 degrees in March 2020.

Once the degree is past, it is not possible for a progression to catch up to a transit, so I figure this situation has already been revealed. There are, though, 2 more developments coming from the completion of the retrograde. What could they be?

The other big thing in the chart on Sept. 18th is that DT’s natal Moon at 21Sagittarius12 is opposed by progressed Uranus at 21Gemini22. This looks extremely close, but Uranus in a progressed chart hangs around forever. The fact that it has already passed exactness says it continues to apply pressure, but the pressure is not new. For that reason, I think it is not relevant to a look at an imminent change involving progressed Uranus on Sept. 18th.

Also, it happens that transiting ‘good guy’ Jupiter is working up to conjunct DT’s natal Moon at 21Sagittarius. On Sept. 18, it is at 16Sag and hangs around the neighborhood until the end of October. That will protect DT too.

Finally, transiting Mars at 19Virgo on Sept.18 is transiting DT’s first house. This is not nice, but it conjuncts DT’s natal Jupiter at 17Libra and progressed Venus/Chiron at approx. 18/19Libra at the end of October 2019

Then Mars gets to his natal Moon at 21Sag. in November. The Jupiter/Venus aspects should be positive. The Mars/Chiron ones may be negative, but the can also boost his energy, rather than do damage, because transiting Jupiter will still be in range at 23Sag. when the Mars conjunction to the Moon happens. It is a mixture.

So, what happened when that transiting Chiron first got to 3 degrees, into range of the progressed Sun/Moon conjunction?

Well, on February 7 the Washington Post ran a short article, and on February 21, 2019 a judge ruled that federal prosecutors, including Acosta, violated the law when they did not tell victims the government did a deal not to prosecute Jeffrey Epstein. That is most certainly an 8th house scandal type thing and transiting Chiron in Aries is aggressive (though Rx in Sept.)

The problem with all that is there is no direct evidence (thus far) that DT had anything to do with any of it. It is possible he did anything wrong (hard to believe), but even if he did, proving it will take time, or be impossible. Until that happens, not much will touch him, imo. Don’t hold your breath, sorry to say.



Correction: In the last section above, ‘anything wrong’ should read ‘nothing wrong’.

Finally! At least Canada added Neo Nazi & white supremist groups to its list of terrorist organizations.

Wheels coming off Trump’s mideast policy scheme –

This is a little more than I usually care to write at one stretch, so I apologize, please bear with me.

I just read an article on Daily Kos that hit home for me:

2016 was my first vote for President, and I was for Bernie. After the primary I was not enthusiastic and in November I voted Peace and Freedom. I rationalized it because I am in California and I knew that Trump had no chance here.

I’m still not thrilled by Clinton, but after reading that article in Kos, I realize two things:

1. I was affected by propaganda.
2. Even though my vote didn’t change the election, Clinton won the popular vote, and every vote counts, even if it doesn’t change the election. She got 3 million more votes than Trump. She could have had 3 million and one.

So, from this point on, I still hope for Buttigieg and Harris and I’m doing what I can to help them, but I’m not going to say anything against Biden.

Vote Blue No Matter Who!

Thanks, Matt


You worked an amazing analysis – thank you. Perhaps we need to look at the inaugural chart and Jared Kushner’s, Ivanka’s and Don Jr.’s chart for other challenging transits and chinks.

My sixth-sense tells me that the game changes up if a criminal charge or fatal error is exposed during the ongoing investigations. Otherwise, he might squeak by with another four years.

One thing for sure is that every time he gets away with something, the odds increase of him eventually getting a pinch.

Its a matter of time.

P.S. I still think it’s OK what Harris said to Biden at the debate. All the candidates need to show they mean business, because after the primary it gets really tough.

All the networks announced they will carry mueller live on Wednesday. This is huge. It was the watergate hearings that took Nixon out.

is a very interesting Twitter thready by Tim Wise, who was involved as a political handler in fighting both of David Duke’s campaign in the early 90s in LA, 1 for the governorship and 1 for the Senate. Wise makes the point that the first time Duke ran, although he lost, he chillingly won among white votes. For his 2nd race, instead of fighting him on policy, which would have normalized him, the strategy to bring him down was to focus on his hateful racism which denigrated everything America stood for. It did not change the minds of those who supported him, apparently, but it got the vote out of everyone who was against what he stood for. It’s actually the opposite of what Frank Bruni said, which was focus on solutions for the country’s problems and defocus on Donald Trump. The rationale for each position is very interesting.

And now – It’s Mueller time! (the broadcast schedule from the CBS website; great news that all networks will carry it, Silcominc):

“On Wednesday, former Special Counsel Robert Mueller will testify before the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees.

House Judiciary Committee: Oversight of the Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election with Former Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III, July 24 at 8:30 a.m. ET (Live stream)
Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence: Former Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election, July 24 at 12 p.m. ET”

Just because we don’t always get it right doesn’t mean we stop trying. This experiment in making the world a better place will go on until we let somebody stop us.

Yes, there have been war profiteers and corporate gold diggers in our history but this nation that has been so blessed with natural resources has shared our largess with countries around the world in their times of need and disaster.

Now comes another attempt to rule our country by a bunch of greed driven grifters that are in positions of power. They are enabled by the only group that can block them – a group of Republican party congressmen. We must remove those congressmen from the congress as soon as possible by whatever legal means are available. If that means waiting for the next election so be it. We must vote in large numbers to do it – we have the numbers but we must protect them. A few hundred will not be allowed to take this land from 300 million. For those members of congress siding with the disgrace in the White House I view the abandonment of the oath they took when they were sworn in and their ongoing behavior to block investigations as acts of treason.

This land is our land. We will take it back.

Joan Baez – We Shall Overcome (BBC Television Theatre, London – June 5, 1965)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nM39QUiAsoM 3:50

Pete Seeger – This Land is Your Land
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HE4H0k8TDgw 5:03

In case any Republicans are reading this site –

God Bless America, First Radio performance, Armistice Day November 10, 1938, Kate Smith
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1rKQReqJZg 4:12

SOUSA The Stars and Stripes Forever – “The President’s Own” U.S. Marine Band
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-7XWhyvIpE 4:42

They never get old.

“America the Beautiful” live at Jefferson Memorial with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrOeGWMQAfQ 4:45

My Country, ‘Tis of Thee- Soldiers’ Chorus
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqiOBbRzEgI 3:03

I too thank you Silcominc; great news!

Maybe this time Mueller will show us his natal Leo Sun in all its glory.

Maybe the US natal Mercury and Trump’s natal Venus and natal Saturn, all between 23 – 25 Cancer, all of which were affected by the recent lunar eclipse, are being primed for a really big show on Wednesday.

(Eclipsed Moon 24+ Capricorn OPPOSITE trans. Sun at 24+ Cancer conjunct US Mercury at 24+ Cancer, Trump’s Venus 25+ Cancer, Trump’s Saturn 23+ Cancer) . . . and remember Sun = Conscious.

There is this ongoing semi-sextile between transiting Jupiter in Sagittarius and transiting Saturn in Capricorn (signs they rule) which are affecting Mueller’s Mars-Chiron conjunction in Virgo; Saturn trines them while Jupiter squares them.

This compelled me to look at the chart for the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle, where upon I saw Chiron at 14+ Sagittarius, right where the now transiting Jupiter (= understanding) will station direct on August 11th, and this trans. Jupiter (+ the GA) will sextile (support) US natal Saturn at 14+ Libra at that time.

* Mueller’s Sun is at 14+ Leo. On Wednesday, July 24th, transiting Mars will be at 14+ Leo.

* On Wednesday, July 24th, Mueller’s natal Sun and transiting Mars in Leo will sextile US natal Saturn (stability, structure) at 14+ Libra.

* They (Mueller’s Sun + trans. Mars) will also trine the Chiron (wounding/healing) in the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle at 14+ Sagittarius (+ the Great Attractor at 14+ Sagittarius; you know; that great sucking sound of the cosmic vacuum cleaner).

* Mueller’s Sun and trans. Mars in Leo, on Wednesday, will also trine transiting Jupiter (seeks the truth) at 15 Sagittarius 00 rx, which will station direct 18 days later on Sunday, August 11th at 9:37 AM EDT, at 14 Sagittarius 30 (conjunct the GA and sextile US Saturn), preceding the Uranus station retrograde at 6+ Taurus (T-square US nodes) at 10:27 PM EDT that same night. Mark your calendar.

However, trans. Saturn (15+ Cap rx) DOES quincunx (forced to adjust) Mueller’s Sun and trans. Mars in Leo on Wednesday, BUT trans. Saturn will trine his natal Mars-Chiron in Virgo. Sigh.

These things are never easy.

“Omarosa Manigault Newman revealed in an interview with Rev. Al Sharpton that President Donald Trump has section leaders of each rally that helps urge the audience to chant and even leads them in chants. One of those so-called “section leaders” is Mike Pence’s nephew, John Pence.”


Sharon K: I had just read the Tim Wise thread. I posted it to a private Facebook page I have then jumped on here to share. Thanks for posting it!

So let me emphasize what Sharon K said about this being a very interesting thread. This thread contains THE answer of how Racist Donnie will be beat in the 2020 election.

The Good must overwhelm the Hate. Like a Kudzu vine.

And that is where I will be putting my efforts to do what I can in order to effect change. I just registered to volunteer with Democracy NC to get out the vote.

Another link to the entire thread from Thread Reader:

“BREAKING: New Yorker Jane Mayer Looked into the “sexual misconduct allegations” that forced Al Franken to resign from the Senate SHE SAID THIS

“Almost NOTHING His Main Accuser Said checks out”


Sharon, I did a 2nd chart for the 12 Noon House Judiciary Committee with Mueller on Wednesday, and both charts have the Locomotive pattern (using only the 10 primary planets) leaving an empty trine or a one third open space in the chart.

Both charts have Jupiter as the Locomotive (lead planet, driving point). This tells us the emphasis of these meetings is about truth and justice and expanding an understanding of the big picture.

In the 8:30 AM chart Jupiter is in the 4th house (about family and roots) and in the 12 N chart Jupiter is in the 3rd house (about communications and neighbors). The strength then for the morning meeting will focus on those closest to Trump (family) and the noon meeting will focus on boundaries or limitations.

Marc Edmund Jones, author of The Guide To Horoscope Interpretation, bestows the Locomotive pattern with a sense of prophecy, meaning that it will affect future generations; it will leave behind a legacy.

The morning meeting chart duplicates Trump’s ascendant and MC, while the Noon chart has 13+ Cancer on the MC, the same degree as the US Sun, and 13+ Libra on the ascendant, very close to the US natal Saturn (14+ Libra) and Trump’s natal Chiron.

While both meetings discuss the same events, the 1st meeting centers on the man Trump, the 2nd meeting focuses on the United States. At least that’s how I’m reading it.

I did not mention in yesterday’s comment that the trans. Moon in Aries (the People, the mood) on July 24th would square trans. Venus and retro Mercury and Mueller’s North Node (+ his Pallas the planner and his Iris the messenger) in Cancer, which oppose US natal Pluto (+ Mueller’s natal South Node).

This T-square would seem to address some of Mueller’s reluctance to testify before Congress. There is a hesitancy within him to cast aspersions on the US government power structure. It is a testing time for the man, part of life on Planet Earth I guess.

Thank you, Barb. Let’s hope that Meuller was also negatively affected by Trump’s bigoted tweets and outrageous rally, and understands his moral duty here to protect the country and our values, by telling the unflinching truth, as elicited by Congress with perceptive questioning. I’m wishing that Senator Kamala Harris could have been one of the questioners, but trust that people like Nadler, Swalwell, and Lieu on the Judiciary Committe, and Schiff, Castro (my fav), and Swalwell (again), on the Intelligence Committee will cut through any BS.

Nancy, that was an excellent article article that succinctly sums up what makes Trump is a Demagogue. He is building on people’s fears of “the other” big time, something that has existed for a very long time in the primitive amigdala area of our brains. I understand that immigration and refugee asylum has to be carefully regulated and lawful. Europe seems to have social problems due to accepting so many immigrants/displaced refugees, and people in the U.S. look at them and feel that Trump is protecting us against any mistakes that were made by European leaders. We need Democratic candidates to strongly make distinctions about regulating immigration while not promoting hate, fear and bigotry. So far, I think Julian Castro may be the candidate most capable in that area.

Anti-Racist author and activist Tim Wise on how to beat Trump: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1152930670093787141.html

Tim Wise, by the way, is the same guy who organized two successful efforts to beat KKK Grand Wizard David Duke out of politics in Louisiana.

In a nutshell, it comes down to writing off the deplorables, the Reactionary Right Wing White Americans who supported DJT, and NOT granting DJT ANY legitimacy as a conventional candidate in a debate on public policy. Alone, his base can’t re-elect him, but an apathetic Left that stays home surely will.

The Democratic leadership (Pelosi, Schumer, et al.) must stop worrying about appealing to the hard right Conservatives/GOP and walking on eggshells around them. They’ve made their choice, and even those marginal few who now see it as a mistake are too proud to ever admit it.

Anyone campaigning against DJT must not make 2020 about Russia, his emoluments violations, unfulfilled promises, etc. Simply put, call a spade what it is. Trump is a white supremacist, a Nazi, and he and his cult of personality–Bannon, Gorka, Miller, Fox News, etc.–are an existential threat to the US exactly because they are white supremacists.

Maya Angelou said it best. “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

Trump has shown us who he is countless times during his life. When will we finally believe him?

Attack him relentlessly on his racism and he can and will be beaten.

At this point, SassyGrace and BuckeyeShadow, I agree that Trump has to be labeled a racist again and again, so those who have some values left, and even know history, will see the path he is taking us down. Again, Nancy’s article from the NY News really sums it up.

However, we also have to make a clear distinction between authoritarianism that will rob ust of our freedoms, and someone who is seen as a strong, protective leader, because that is how his supporters see him! I know some very decent people who say things to me like, he is not a good statesman but he has had the guts to do what no one else has for the U.S.

At the same time, I suspect that he won’t be all that easy to expose (as Nancy has seen) and I certainly don’t want to give Pence’s Dominionists a chance to take power (or maybe it’s the Federalists — Scalia’s son was just offered the Sec of Labor position — or both).

The Democrats just HAVE to work together with a strong voice and call Trump what he is–BUT, in an accurate way, not in an exaggerated way that that makes us look like extremists and normalizes him. The press is doing enough of that. I guess Mueller’s testimony will only be one more step, albeit a potentially very important one. The schism in the Democratic party is a problem. Nancy Pelosi is trying to resolve it but it may not be easy.

Thanks for finding this article Nancy, and for sharing it here. I feel a force of REAL patriotism rising from writers like this man.

This year’s US Solar Return had asteroid Juno at 6+ Leo (supportive of the disenfranchised) conjunct the US natal North Node, with Uranus (revolutionary) in Taurus T-square the US NATAL Nodes.

However Juno (+ Mercury + Mars) was in a grand trine with Chiron in Aries and Ceres in Sagittarius in the US 2019 Solar Return, and this oped makes me understand how it will be playing out.

There’s also a sextile between SR Neptune in Pisces and SR Saturn (+ South Node + Pluto) in Capricorn that makes the SR Moon (the US People) in Leo the apex point of a Yod, which has to adjust because of the discomfort produced by the 2 quincunxes from Neptune and Saturn.

Interestingly, the US SR Moon (21+ Leo) sextiles the US NATAL Mars (21+ Gemini) and that sextile forms a Yod with the US SR Pluto rx (22+ Capricorn). In this case it is going to be (solar return) Pluto that will have to adjust. The People will rule in 2019-20. (and no, I don’t know how Trump’s Sun at 22+ Gemini fits into the picture yet.)

I think this will be largely attributable to the mistreatment of refugees, particularly the separation of children from parents (SR grand trine of Juno-Ceres-Chiron). Sooner or later at least one of the Dem candidates vying for the Presidency will take on this mantle full- throated.

I disagree slightly with the thought to label trump as a racist – tho that is certainly part.
My feeling on ‘racist’ wording is that it carries with it, for some, subjectivity, and therefore can be easy to mentally discount.
With his crowd one needs stronger, direct, basic language – call a spade a spade: He’s a hateful, cruel and dishonest liar.

this morning from Marjorie

Sharon K, I didn’t realize we had both shared the same info from Tim Wise. I see it as a good thing–the info is getting around.

Yes, BuckeyeShadow, and Sassy Grace jumped on it and is spreading it around. And, I s ee your point, Kiwi. We have to find a balance where we expose him for what he is without looking like we are being partisan or expressing sour-grapes.

I thought I was sharing good news that Cruz was running scared of a staggering Democratic turn out, but I guess I wasn’t.

Something more fitting? The Dems could get 5 million votes over Trump and still lose.

The only way out is through…


There may be some better quality versions of this on youtube. I didn’t get a chance to really look through.
Hadn’t heard this song in years, but it kept coming to mind as I read the comments.

Let the music keep our spirits high…thank you to Bob for starting us down this road.


“I disagree slightly with the thought to label trump as a racist – tho that is certainly part.
My feeling on ‘racist’ wording is that it carries with it, for some, subjectivity, and therefore can be easy to mentally discount.”

I concur. Racist is so overused that it has almost become moot. Dishonest, hateful, liar, con-man, carny, forked-tongue, pathological liar, vile, – there are plenty of other more potent descriptive terms to define that thing in the Oval Office.

When transiting Pluto stationed retrograde in April at 23+ Capricorn it was about 135 degrees from the US natal Uranus at 8+Gemini, which is an aspect called a sesquiquadrate.

After reading a little about this aspect I think it is responsible for the Squad (Reps. AOC, Omar, Pressley and Tlaib) becoming a thorn in the side of the Establishment. One astrologer, Jan Bird, described this aspect as “not fitting into accepted norms”.

It could symbolize more of the changes we are going through, this transiting Pluto sesquiquadrate the US natal Uranus. I will look into it if I can ever get some free time.

“The shift since William Barr became Trump’s Roy Cohn:
* DOJ gives input on prison for Paul Manafort
* SDNY ends investigation of campaign-finance violations over hush-money payments
* Flynn no longer cooperating
* our country’s attorney general ignoring Congressional subpoenas.
* officer who killed Eric Garner not being prosecuted”
* trying to switch legal team in middle of citizenship question case.
* DOJ selectively defending our nation’s laws at Trump’s behest (Obamacare, etc.).

“The Shocking Origins of the Jeffrey Epstein Case

Many questions have since been asked about how much Epstein’s famous friends knew of his activities and exactly what Epstein was up to. The latter arguably received the most attention after it was reported that Alex Acosta — who arranged Epstein’s “sweetheart” deal in 2008 and who recently resigned as Donald Trump’s Labor Secretary following Epstein’s arrest — claimed that the mysterious billionaire had worked for “intelligence.”

Other investigations have made it increasingly clear that Epstein was running a blackmail operation, as he had bugged the venues — whether at his New York mansion or Caribbean island getaway — with microphones and cameras to record the salacious interactions that transpired between his guests and the underage girls that Epstein exploited. Epstein appeared to have stored much of that blackmail in a safe on his private island.” (more at link)


Wasn’t there a fire on Epstein’s private island not long ago? I stay too busy to keep up.

Fabulous article Starlight and I know it was hard to write. These are dark and difficult times, watching species go extinct and fascists get elected in other countries as well. Hope we can turn the ship of Earth around.

I cross posted the links, Tim Wise article, The Demagogue, and Stoking the Mob by Diary of a Mundane Astrologer, as well as this new Starlight News Article.

Same old stuff running around Facebook, give it 2 weeks and a post runs back through your newsfeed, so fresh accurate material is a good thing. I have some older followers outside of Texas that don’t watch television, and need news…

I’ll be off a few days this summer. not much free time anymore. This year has been busy, while the last 4 were very slow for business.

I am a little confused as to why some are commenting that we should not be framing Trump as a racist as there are so many other adjectives to describe him. I agree that the list of adjectives to describe Trump is a long one. But it makes me wonder if people are thoroughly reading what people post? No one has argued that we frame Trump as a racist. The take away from the Tim Wise twitter thread is that the best way to defeat Trump is to get out the vote.

It is clear that the Republicans have seized one word to build their framing of the 2020 election: socialism. If the Democrats do not counter the socialist framing, something the Republicans have been using since 1932, I am not sure how Democrats will unite their base.

However, it seems the unifying theme is to defeat Trump and will sort out issues later.


“No one has argued that we frame Trump as a racist.”

“Racist” is one of the most frequently used adjectives used against him – and he and his minions just twist that all around and pretty much say it ain’t so and “I’m the most non-racist President ever.” Its been over-used and I don’t think it even approaches being the magic bullet.

Don’t know what you are implying about others here not reading the posts.

If we need a unifying issue that touches the heart, we need a climate change event so horrific that even his base feels strongly about it, and he can’t lie his way out of it. Mississippi and Alabama both have coast lines

So does Florida. So does Texas.

Racism divides us, period, and he knows it, so he is using race to inspire his base.

Greed and the love of the automobile can divide us too, and you know I love my truck, but Mother Nature may enter the conversation and if she does we need a good 3 or 4 word chant to describe what needs to happen.

How about “Boot the crooks out.”?


I agree with your 2:09pm post.

I’m thinking that the minute we have a major economic hiccup, the greedy plutocrats will drop the Turd in the Oval Office like third period French. Its all about the Benjamins with that crowd – they can’t be reached through the soul.

A major economic event he can’t put a spin on would do it.

Sassy, the word ‘racism’ is relatively new in the English language, only appearing in the 20th century. To appeal to the reptilian brain, one must use more basic, even biblical language – such as, lie, hate, steal, etc. Otherwise people get distracted and argue about the definition instead of the meaning. Republicans are masters of framing the argument and that’s why dems seem to shoot themselves in the foot – IMO Dems need to get basic and true instead of pussy footing around using ‘politically correct’ or ‘liberal elite’ modernized language.

Well, the transiting nodes (North at 17+ Cancer, South at 17+ Capricorn) tomorrow will still be in a T-square with the US progressed Mars (17+ Libra) and the US Constitution Signing chart’s Neptune (17+ Libra) and Trump’s natal Jupiter (17+ Libra) and Putin’s natal Saturn (17+ Libra) . . just like they were on July 17, the original date for the Mueller testimony.

Whenever the Moon’s nodes are T-squared by a planet or point it implies a decision must be made; either stay with the old (obsolete) south node behavior, or move forward in a new direction – the north node – that provides growth. In this case, the new direction is where the transiting North Node is, 17+ Cancer.

As it turns out, the asteroid Urania (the astrologer’s muse who saw the Big Picture) will be at 17+ Cancer tomorrow too, when Mueller testifies to Congress regarding his report. It will be a good thing, the appearance of Robert Mueller. It will move the process (raising the consciousness of humanity) forward.

Gypsi – ‘boot the crooks out’ works for me LOL

the twittersphere – “Ivanka Trump has congratulated Boris Johnson on becoming the next prime minister of “the United Kingston”

Well, that intended diplomacy backfired bigly.

hahahahahaha Amazing Kiwi.

Kiwi, you make a good point! “Republicans are masters of framing the argument and that’s why dems seem to shoot themselves in the foot – IMO Dems need to get basic and true instead of pussy footing around using ‘politically correct’ or ‘liberal elite’ modernized language.”

Imo, that is true, but under that is the problem that Dems have to give UP their politically correct and liberal elite notions and get with the common people. Stepping off the podium and mixing with the problems people face is hard to do. Much easier to pontificate and scold. Wagging fingers won’t get out the vote.

Shoes on the pavement and money to fund campaigns is what counts – and it has to be a relentless campaign, centrally operated. But, that’s not very liberal or elite. Might have to get some clay on the shoes to get it done. Just sayin…

BarbK, I sure hope you are right. I’m banking on it. Thanks for giving us something positive to hold onto.

Thank you for that link Julie. The song reminds all of us of what we learned long ago – “the only way out is through.”

This is being dragged on because of the politicians playing politics.

The only thing the politicians really fear is a public aroused and aligned against them. If they know that they will rush to act after we remind them that actions speak louder than words. For them to know that exists we must make it be known to everybody in no uncertain terms. That means act in some way and in various ways if we can. And repeatedly if possible.

Because of public action a war was stopped not too long ago (well, not too long ago for me).

Tonight dream of this dear readers.

“Mr President, you’ve got bigger problems than losing me. You just lost my vote.” Annette Bening to Michael Douglas in “American President” (1995) – precursor to “The West Wing” TV series.

Transiting Neptune opposite Flynn’s progressed Mars/Saturn midpoint today when his former business partner was convicted. It will station opposite that midpoint on November 27th just after the time when I think tRump may secure a deal for himself. Flynn gave up his plea deal when he decided not to be a cooperating witness any longer.

Boris! Boris!
Boris! Boris!
Boris! Boris!

Donnie who?

I thought this Luckovich cartoon someone posted on Democratic Undergrounds was very funny. It’s SO Mueller!!!


Also, here’s an article about a beautiful event that occurred when ICE tried to bring in a man and his son by blocking their van in front of their house. The neighbors took care of them while they waited in their van, finally forming a human chain to protect them so they were able to enter the house.


Good luck, Robert Mueller! Good luck Democrats!

Beowulfie, yes and yes. I see the issue as an ‘also/and’ rather than an ‘either/or’


“I thought I was sharing good news that Cruz was running scared of a staggering Democratic turn out, but I guess I wasn’t.”

Its because you have a good heart and aren’t as jaded and cynical as some of us. Your heart was in the right place.

Church members in Virginia walk out of service in response to “America: Love it or leave it” sign


I would pay a hundred bucks to see Mueller’s birth certificate. I would bet 50 bucks (maybe more) that Mueller has Capricorn rising and Scorpio on the MC.

My guess is about 7 PM for his birth time, putting his Sun in the 7th house. It would put his Moon, about 3+ Aries, in the 2nd house of values, and opposite his natal Neptune in the 8th house of shared values, at 2+ Libra, near the US natal chart’s MC (1+ Libra).

Mueller’s natal Uranus – 12+ Gemini – is conjunct the US natal chart’s DESCENDANT (the other) and would be in his birth chart’s 5th house (creativity as in the Mueller Report) if he was born around 7 PM. Mueller’s natal Mercury at 12+ Virgo squares his natal Uranus, and would be in his 8th house (shared resources) of this hypothetical birth chart.

Mueller’s natal Mars conjuncts his natal Chiron, both at 16+ Virgo, and his Mars rules his 3rd house of communication in this 7 PM birth chart. Mars and Chiron would also be in this chart’s 8th house (shared resources).

Today Mueller’s Mars-Chiron is squared by transiting Jupiter in this chart’s 11th house of groups but trined by transiting Saturn in this chart’s 12th house of confinement. However, Mueller’s Leo Sun is trined by transiting Jupiter today.

In fact, transiting Mars at 14+ Leo and Mueller’s natal Sun (15+ Leo if born at 7 PM) not only trine the transiting Jupiter, they trine the Great Attractor at 14+ Sagittarius, an irresistible cosmic force of gravity we are ALL being drawn to. It lends credence to the notion that today’s testimony by Mueller contributes to the movement of human consciousness toward a higher level heretofore never reached en masse.

In the next session starting at 12 N the transiting Moon will have moved past her square with transiting Mercury and Venus. Maybe I won’t have to mute the sound on my TV every time a Republican questions Mueller. It takes a special breed of folks to want to be a politician, and I’m not of that breed. I much prefer being behind the scene. Way behind.

Unfortunately, the Republicans are misstating some of the facts….AND Mueller seems very unsure of himself. The optics aren’t good however honest Mueller he is.

The Republicans are trying to undermine Volume 2 and it’s foundation with accusations of insufficient research, quoting only newspapers.

Then, of course, they brought up Struck and friends, and the source of the investigation from the very beginning, Christopher Steele…

I hope this show makes a difference.

Mueller’s reluctance and desire to be finished with this shows. He is 3 years older than when he started, he has exerted much of his energy at this point in his life (now 76) on this investigation, with a great deal of negative push back from others, particularly the president, at a time while he is aging and, undoubtedly, the stress has affected his health (certainly his hearing).

He is being treated like a whiplashed ping pong ball within this format, turning from the red to the blue side and back, hustling to quickly identify who is speaking to him.

A lot of words were thrown at him and he is being given very little time to respond, largely by the Republicans who are particularly fast and wordy, cutting him off at every opportunity. It might have helped if he took notes at times so he knew what needed the strongest and fasted responses on his part.

The Republicans have tried hard to discredit him, and a good part of their case seems to rest on the few bad apples, out of a large number of participants in the investigation, who were Hillary supporters and were personally out to get Trump, but whom were fired as soon as Mueller found out.

As Claire McCaskell just said on MSNBC, Mueller has taken a lot of punches this morning, and the Democrats must be disappointed that he did not strongly defend himself. I think he still came out well, though.

I think that,, under all of these circumstances, he held up well and remembered a good amount of the details and protected himself by referring back to prior available documentation. I hope to see him do even better this afternoon when Zebley is by his side, he has been prepped for what to expect from Republicans, and is even more prepared.

What is becoming evident, now that the hearing has concluded, is that the Democrats plan is to pursue impeachment, or at least leave the door wide-open to it. Enough have asserted definitively and repeatedly that “no one is above the law”, and that they “have made up their minds”, and confirmed that Mueller wrote in his report that “it only remains for Congress to act”.

In a way, it was good that Mueller did not vigorously defend his positions, as it made him look neutral and not biased to either side. Mueller had a few strong, clear moments but the pundits are arguing that the results of the report are still not strong and clear, and were not brought to life, and this was an opportunity to do that. I think the reason that this happened has a lot to do with Mueller being physically and emotionally tired, and the immense energy it took to stay within legal parameters and his neutral position.

Though Mueller was dry and seems sickly, truth was revealed regarding Trump freaking out and trying to get Don McGhan to lie and that is obstruction. And there were other points too that came to light which shows Trump’s culpability. And if people view it a second or third time, they will get more out of it. I believe impeachment can begin from this testimony today by Mueller.

“CHAIRMAN NADLER: President Trump has said that your report completely exonerated him. But that is not what your report said, is it?

MUELLER: Correct, that is not what the report said.

NADLER: Did you totally exonerate the President?




“In a way, it was good that Mueller did not vigorously defend his positions, as it made him look neutral and not biased to either side.”


This morning’s hearing chart was ruled by the Sun (Leo on the ascendant), which was as well ruler of its 12th house where Leo was also on the 12th house cusp. It appears to have resulted in unclear and conflicting results. The overlapping Trump effect (Trump’s ascendant was the same as the hearing chart’s ascendant, the Trump MC and the hearing MC were also the same) also negated the effect of Mueller’s testimony.

This 2nd hearing started at 12:52 PM, putting Libra on the ascendant and Libra’s ruler Venus in Cancer (conjunct transiting Mercury retrograde) is located on the MC (outcome). It seems that Venus, as ruler of the chart (ruler of the ascendant) also will rule 2 houses, that other house being the 8th (shared resources) with Taurus on the cusp.

Hopefully this will alleviate and lighten the tenor of the hearing, making it more palatable for Mueller and the viewing audience.

GOP Rep. Ken Buck: “Could you charge the President with a crime after he left office?”

Mueller: “Yes.”

Buck: “You believe that…you could charge the President of the United States with obstruction of justice after he left office?”

Mueller: “Yes.”


Thanks, barb – Mueller does look better at this 2nd hearing Now, that could be because the supremely intelligent, shining, and capable Adam Schiff set the tempo. Maybe one day he’ll be president.

Meanwhile, the dark, deceitful and treacherous Devin Nunes performed some research and did his best to discredit Mueller.

Yes, Barbk. Mueller is much stronger in the 2nd session. Seems more in touch with the material.

Nothing solved, but good to see him more “forte.”

Unfortunately, I think Mueller comes off confused but his yes and no answers are still pertinent to build an impeachment inquiry from a lot of very smart cookies.
He would not say whether he wanted to question Don, Jr. I think there is another agency investigating him and he said as much in the first hour about other agencies handling some matters.

I’m just wondering WHEN this god forsaken dam is going to break!!!?????

Unless we get more info from banks or IRS we are going to be listening to the Orange Thing deny, deny, deny, gloat, gloat, gloat.

“Cohen also recalled speaking with the President’s personal counsel about pardons after the searches of his home and office had occurred, at a time when the media had reported that pardon discussions were occurring at the White House. Cohen told the President’s personal counsel he had been a loyal lawyer and servant, and he said that after the searches he was in an uncomfortable position and wanted to know what was in it for him. According to Cohen, the President’s personal counsel responded that Cohen should stay on message, that the investigation was a witch hunt, and that everything would be fine.”

Read more in the Mueller report »


“Robert Mueller Said All He Needed to Say!

He affirmed four instances of potential obstruction of justice. Now it’s up to Congress. ”


Interesting that Zebley hasn’t chimed in (I don’t even see him). Also, I think that if Mueller comes across as a bit uncertain (I wouldn’t say confused as, to me, it doesn’t go that far or, if it did, not more than a minimal amount; although, just now he couldn’t think of the term “conspiracy”), he still appears largely clear-thinking and, considering his age, the 448 report that resulted from 3 years of rigorous work, and, possibly, his health, he is performing very respectably. I also like the way he responds immediately and deliberately, and am glad many Democrats made sure to list his contributions to our country during his lifetime. He certainly exhibits integrity.

By the end of the hearing, Nunes looked clearly upset and defeated.

Rep. Adam Schiff got Mueller to admit to many damming allegations and even said one such allegation was criminal!

I know, Sharon, you don’t see Zebley at all, although Mueller leans his way, as if he is getting help from him as to how to respond. Mueller surely knows how to protect himself, “I don’t want to wade into those waters” he responded to a political question.

The man is obviously exhausted over this report. If we were exhausted by the past 2+ years of investigation, just imagine how he has had to coped with it morning, noon and night and in his dreams/nightmares. He probably feels like he’s 90.

It seems, much like Joe Biden in the 1st debate, Mueller did not come prepared to defend himself sufficiently, but he did come across as honest, sincere, non-assuming, and quietly very knowledgeable and in control of his investigation. I LOVED the way he did not let one of the Republican questioners push him into saying that the reason he didn’t pursue Trump’s interview with a subpoena was because he had sufficient evidence, but because it would legally tie up an already-extended investigation into the future. He held his ground.

The US will learn from Mueller’s testimony some of the things that must be transformed (Pluto) in the institutions (Saturn things) that make up our government policies and procedures, ergo the Saturn-Pluto conjunction (new cycle) 6 months from now, opposite US natal Mercury (listen and learn), that sextiles US Neptune (dissolve and resolve) that trines the transiting Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

What’s next?

“We are told Speaker Pelosi will join House Intel Chair Schiff and House Judiciary Chair Nadler for a press conference at approximately 4:45pm following today’s two Mueller hearings per a committee spox.”


I think Pelosi got what she wanted today. This play will not move the needle closer to charges for impeachment.

I think it may move the needle closer, Bob, but let’s see what Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff say. They may not allude to impeachment but I think it is a stepping stone that will or will not be used.

I do hope they emphasize the Russian threat to our democracy as the Republicans ignore that at their peril.

SCHIFF: “Knowingly accepting foreign assistance during a presidential campaign is an unethical thing to do.”

MUELLER: “And a crime”

SCHIFF: “Can we also agree it’s also unpatriotic?”
SCHIFF: “And wrong”


(a lot of grounds for impeachment)

And there’s this, Angellight –

MUELLER: “Yes.” & Yes.”

SCHIFF: “Trump and his campaign welcomed and encouraged Russian interference?”


SCHIFF: “And then Trump and his campaign lied about it to cover it up?”


Sharon K, Yes, there really is a lot of info given for impeachment if they frame it right.

My takeaway from Pelosi’s words today was – please, you the public, need to persuade more of your representatives to vote to impeach.
I thought all chairmen spoke very well. Lets hope more than a few repubs will see the light.

interesting(?) character named to be a boris sidekick

If you want impeachment you gotta make calls (202) 224-3121


It was a confusing day combining deep disappointment with the morning hearing and considerable encouragement from the second half this afternoon. Maybe Robert Mueller finally freebased some Prevagen over the break and woke up for the second half. In the morning, he was painfully awkward, hard of hearing, often seemed somewhat disoriented, often needing questions repeated even if they were fairly clearly put forth. It was also alarming that he seemed to not be in much command of the facts of the investigation – as if he had staffers who did not keep him comprehensively informed. On the other hand, he did agree to have these hearings even though he was in no way legally-compelled to do so. Thank God for Adam Schiff and a few other chairs who asked Mueller clarifying questions in an ordered sequence which carried the viewers through the legal logic they were attempting to get on the record from him.

I like Mueller and believe him to be an ethical man with a strong moral mooring, but I recoiled at his overly-cautious and measured responses. He finally grew a pair in the afternoon, found his voice and made some emphatic statements. Thanks to all the planetary transits and angles between the stars that Barbk elucidated.

Once again, I was aghast witnessing the Rethug’s relentlessly vicious and vile attacks upon Mueller during the hearings. We are up against much more than just the Whore of the Oval Office as so many of his minions remain committed to speaking and behaving with terrifyingly mean-spirited intentions.

It will be interesting to see what unfolds in the days to come.

New from Jessica Murray . . .

“To react to every idea that springs Athena-like from his collapsing pumpkin of a head, and freak out about each new farcical horror streaming out of Washington, would dissipate our energy and risk psychic contagion.”


I guess I was one of the few people who was not disappointed in the morning hearing, b/c I heard damming information revealed by Nadler and others about Donald Trump. And that info can be delivered in future sound bites revealing the crimes that Trump and his minions had done. It was a building block and Mueller revealed he did not exonerate Trump and much more.

“This is a good point from @MarcACaputo. As I argued with @paulwaldman1, never mind the bogus punditry. Two exchanges neatly captured the Russia scandal: One with Schiff; one with Nadler. They laid Trump’s corruption and contempt for our democracy bare: ”


Across the pond:
“The promise was a love-bombing that would unite the Tory Party. The reality was a savage pruning of moderates and remainers and the appointment of a Cabinet of hardcore Brexiteers. Typical lying, vengeful Boris, now nicknamed The Liar King by cartoonists.”

Robert Mueller Delivered the Goods. Will Dems Feast on Them?

https://www.thedailybeast.com/robert-mueller-delivered-the-goods-will-dems-feast-on-them?source=twitter&via=desktop via @thedailybeast

Kiwi, now the UK will need their very own Orange Baby Blimp.

here ya go angellight – twinsies

On September 25 transiting Venus at 13+ Libra squares the US natal Sun (13+ Cancer) and the transiting North Node (14+ Cancer) opposite transiting South Node (14+ Capricorn) that conjuncts transiting Saturn (13+ Capricorn), while making a conjunction to US natal Saturn (14+ Libra).

Congress will be back in session, Mercury will be moving direct, Jupiter will be direct and moving away from its square with Neptune. The Sun will be on the US natal Libra MC (and something called the Super Galactic Center that symbolically denotes the longing for the perfect partner).

It seems like a perfect time for Democrats to come together and begin the impeachment process.



“… A fear of direct confrontation with Trump and his base leads his opponents to hope that Trump can be defeated without hard fighting. Perhaps circumstances will change, or the media will finally pin him. Or maybe some other Trump opponent will pick the perfect kamikaze maneuver and reopen the political field.

This is a vain hope. Like Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Hillary Clinton before them, House Democrats will lose any contest with Trump so long as they are unwilling to sustain political damage in the act of inflicting more damage to him.

One of the lessons of Tim Alberta’s new book American Carnage is that Trump wins because he refuses to doubt himself and always seeks the initiative in a media fight. He makes his opponents appear fearful and weak when they duck and dodge him.”

My favorite tweet after the Mueller hearings:

Mueller: I wrote a detailed, 400-page report explaining an attack on our country. I spent years on it. See also: indictments + people in prison.

Pundits: yes, but can you do it with jazz hands? A table flip? A racist tweet? Otherwise, we’ll be bored.

Angellight, thank you so much for all of your posts on the Mueller testimony and I hope you don’t mind that I copied and posted your choice quotes to FB.

Barbk, thanks for the Jessica Murray link!

I feel as though there is a kind of spiritual cleaving going on. It’s hard for me to imagine how much someone must twist themselves to actually support the break up of migrant families and placing children in cages because any human being would normally cringe and know in their heart it’s very wrong. I also believe that those who support Trump in climate denial know better but twist themselves into believing nonsense rather than deal with their internal conflicts between identifying with ideology and what they know in their hearts. I left Christianity long long ago but these days Armageddon comes to mind; not as a struggle between external deities: Christ and Antichrist, but as a spiritual metaphor for an internal struggle and choice as we come upon the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. I’ve started “praying” for the hearts of some people I know who I know, know better than to support Trump even tho they identify as Republicans. Outside of indulging my outrage and despair and impotence to do anything, I feel that for me, all I can do is try to empower the hearts of those who are teetering towards inhumanity. That and my decision to volunteer for whoever the Dem candidate is, really helps me to feel like my way to contribute something to help make a difference.

“The federal government announced Thursday it would resume capital punishment after a 16-year pause and promptly ordered the execution of five federal inmates.”


After concentration camps for kids and people, knew it was a matter of time before they started killing people.

Frank, not at all. We need the public to get this information. An informed public is powerful.


The NR piece hits the mark squarely. And to bring it home to those of us who blog here, this monster seems impervious to even the harshest of transits in his misbegotten birth chart. His stars ain’t gonna’ do it for us – we have to do it.

Muller’s testimony had less of an effect than a wet fart. The only thing the Bragging-Bully-Brat-in-Chief understands or responds to is unmerciful, swift and brutal force.

Its time to crack some heads. Its time to take out the trash, however that needs to play out.

Kiwi: Thanks for the cartoon links. Love the two orange blimps.

Starlight: Yes, if we don’t start impeachment Democrats will look weak. But it is really Speaker Pelosi who holding it up.

I totally remember this going on with Bush and Cheney, who perpetuated outrageous things, such as lying about weapons of mass destruction to start a war and removing climate change material from a report by the GAO (general acctg office) if I remember correctly. People left their cabinet positions and wrote tell-all books and went on book tours. Richard Clarke was particularly effective and noteworthy, but nothing truly helped. I remember Nancy’s articles in those days that brought up every bad aspect “W” had but nothing struck…Nothing, that is, until a mean recession reared its ugly head and we had hope and change in the person of an intelligent, charismatic, eloquent, somewhat progressive young senator.

Unfortunately, we may have to experience a repeat version of this pattern of a severe economic threat + a very promising candidate.

What really roils me is that the Republicans figured out a long time ago how to use very effective propaganda techniques (I just watched about 2/3rds of “The Great Hack”, Netflix’s new documentary about the techniques used by Cambridge Analytica to help the Trump campaign as well as Brexit – frightening stuff!) based on religious social issues, as well as playing on the fact that those who vote blue are more highly educated elites and not down-to-earth regular people. Trump has now added xenophobia to the mix. It just so happens that we HAVE been importing Asian and Hispanic immigrants into this country in huge numbers in the last 10-20 years. This, coupled with those who came in illegally, particularly when they saw a chance to rebuild hurricane-destroyed areas (like New Orleans) and worked at lower salaries, coupled with the 2009 recession, coupled with failing retail and out-sourced manufacturing– all of it is a recipe for what we now have.

But the pendulum does swing both ways…

I did leave out that these new internet-based propaganda lies, such as the ones about Hillary (even if there were some grains of truth, it was largely lies and distortions), supported and promoted by the Russians, will expand the Republican propaganda (Democrats really do seem to be more honest and ethical by comparison) but we ARE waking up to this which should render it somewhat less effective.

We do need very strong and eloquent Democratic speakers, though. I am, as always, impressed with Schiff and Swalwell, and, yesterday, thought John Lewis was great. Nancy is really not the best communicator but she does have a strategic mind, great determination, and an iron fist in a velvet glove.

There are also many very strong Democrats in the House and Senate and on many levels of government. I do think the ladies on “the Squad”, particularly AOC, are very intelligent and articulate, but I think that the voice of the Democratic party has to be united and centrist enough to not alienate too many as these are crucial times and we need every vote.

I also wonder what effect Tom Steyer and William Weld will have on public perception.

However this unfolds (someone’s words above), this is an exciting fight and the good guys will get stronger and stronger.

“Russian no longer has to HACK our voting systems like #RealityWinner warned us they did.

Now they own the equipment.

A Russian Oligarch bought Maryland’s Election Vendor.

Demand paper ballots
Demand paper ballots
Demand paper ballots”

Good one Nancy, sometimes I too feel like punching Trump in the nose, but alas, there’s way too much retrograde going on now. Surely we can understand why Mueller, having given his ALL in his report, is not going to carry us over the finish line. Give the poor guy a break!

He’s provided the ammunition though, for taking out the “enemy”, which is part of our self, the USA self, that self we, as a whole, have chastised for over 100 years, but never fully dealt with out in the open.

Mercury, one of the communicators will station direct at the end of this month, then Jupiter, the other communicator, stations direct on August 11, but at the same time Uranus will station retrograde. Sigh.

I think the Congress people actually need this summer break – back with their constituents, to listen to them. At least Mercury and Jupiter (the communicators) will be moving forward by mid August, but all the outer (generational) planets, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto + Saturn + Chiron are still saying review, review, review.

The Full Aquarian Moon at that time (August) will quincunx (must adjust to) the US Neptune in Virgo, while she trines the US natal Mars + Trump’s Sun in Gemini (that squares US Neptune). Transiting Mercury will be approaching the US natal North Node, exact about the same time it squares retro Uranus (August 18) who is still T-square the US Nodes. Things will be starting to gel.

By the time trans. Venus in Libra squares the US Sun on Sept. 25 (and conjuncts US Saturn, and squares trans. Saturn which opposes US Sun) there should be just enough accord amongst the Dems to begin the impeachment process.

Transiting Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron will all be direct come the January 12, 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction, (Uranus stations direct the day before!) and that’s when we all go into action mode.

Venus in Aquarius (conjunct US Moon) will sextile Pallas the Strategist in Sagittarius (conjunct the Galactic Center) in the Saturn-Pluto chart, forming a Yod with the US Constitution Signing chart’s Uranus in Cancer. This Constitution Uranus will be a game changer; emphasis on change.

And then there’s that grand trine in earth signs between trans. Uranus (breakthrough), trans. Pholus (small cause, big effect) and trans. Transpluto (becoming whole) to give the Dems enough courage to huff and puff and take down the Big Bad Wolf.

We can do this people.

“The day Mueller testifies before Congress, a rainbow appears over the Watergate… don’t tell me that’s not a sign.”


(Click on the link to see the beautiful rainbow. A sign of hope.)

Thanks, Barb and Angellight!

Great stuff — a beautiful metaphor and the details to back it up 🙂

Sharon K, many of the people who worked at
Cambridge Analytica are now employed at the RNC and the trump reelection campaign and I assume the Mercer’s are still funding the research and bringing it to a whole new level than what we saw in 16.

If we ever climb out of this nightmare, we need to regulate tech and data ASAP.

It’s lining up. We are overall playing our cards right.

Everyone from rank and file up to Pelosi.

This is about messaging. It’s a war of messaging. Information has been spilling out and Mueller’s Report is flat out damning to Trump. Get this. People didn’t read the Mueller Report. The American people simply didn’t read it. The American people could not decipher all of the deception and propaganda immediately after the reports release. It is now going to be shown that the report is clear that Trump obstructed justice. The messaging from Republicans is going to water that down but it’s still going to get out there.

Today is a big day. I think it is big enough of a day for Democrats to call on people to testify that they know won’t show. That’s when you will know that the goal is impeachment and that impeachment is right around the corner. They will attempt to subpoena them and force them to show. They will fight that as well.

I think we are closer to impeachment than I thought we were.


Sharon K: Welcome & thank you for your insightful and informative posts.

Ivanka Trump got trademarks from China for voting machines in November 2018!


“And then there’s that grand trine in earth signs between trans. Uranus (breakthrough), trans. Pholus (small cause, big effect) and trans. Transpluto (becoming whole) to give the Dems enough courage to huff and puff and take down the Big Bad Wolf.

We can do this people.”


We need to draw inspiration from the people of Puerto Rico. They shut down the country and protested until the corrupt governor stepped down!

Unfortunately, the battle is not going to be won intellectually. Our only choice is to beat him at his own game. I have recently been wondering how the so called “Christians” , a large part of his base, can support this most certainly unchristian person. I don’t go to church anymore, but went every week as a kid and remember the end of times preaching and particularly revelations. I have a friend who is a Christian and she said to me recently that all of the signs are coming to pass. I have heard other trump supporters say that he will be making it come to pass by causing a war in Israel. I don’t mean to scare anyone, but that is what we are fighting in additional to all the strange conspiracy theories out there. Here is an excerpt regarding this: Ive also heard that End-time prophecies show that religious people—including professing Christians deceived into accepting a counterfeit Christianity—will oppose many of the teachings of Christ. In that real sense, even today, many professing Christians actually have been deceived by a spirit of antichrist.

The Bible does not reveal specifically who the Antichrist is, speaking instead of his corrupt teachings. In 2 Thessalonians 2, Paul prophesied of a “man of sin,” a liar and deceiver whose natural abilities Satan enhances by supernatural power in order to confuse people in the end time. In addition, Christ inspired John to write of a “false prophet” to come at the end time (Revelation 13:1-18; Revelation 16:13; Revelation 19:20).

Finally, note how the prophecy describes a great religious leader of the end time: “He had two horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon” (Revelation 13:11). That is to say, he takes on the image of (or imitates) Jesus Christ (the Lamb of God), but is empowered by Satan. Historically, a counterfeit version of Christianity fulfills the types we read of in the prophecies of Revelation.
https://www.ucg.org/bible-study-tools/bible-questions-and-answers/who-is-the-antichrist-what-does-the-bible-say-about I don’t know about you all, but I see a lot of the occupying president in this description.


“What really roils me is that the Republicans figured out a long time ago how to use very effective propaganda techniques” –

Yeah, and we are supposed to be the intelligent, elite ones with all the brain power. Perhaps we think too much.

I am beginning to sense that the assertio that “Impeachment will only serve to divide the nation” is becoming moot; the nation already is divided? Am I being a jackass here or what?


“I’ve started “praying” for the hearts of some people I know who I know, know better than to support Trump even tho they identify as Republicans. Outside of indulging my outrage and despair and impotence to do anything, I feel that for me, all I can do is try to empower the hearts of those who are teetering towards inhumanity.”

You are a good man. Prayer is very powerful. I go dark sometimes.

Yes, we’re already divided. If we impeach, the numbers will be the same, but ouRd passions will be more intense.

Will, we don’t think too much. We just believe in the inherent decency of the human race and they (the GOP) believe in pandering to the lowest. It really is a battle of good vs evil and trump and McConnel are the embodiment of evil. This is a war that has been raging for a long time but now its all in the open and the veneers are being ripped off.

Quite a balanced view of Mueller:


In the end, nobody will accept the outcome of the Trump outrage unless he gets booted finally and convincingly in a fair election. Impeachment will not do it (imo), even if it could be brought about in time for the election (which it can’t).

The people have to speak loud and clear. By sticking to his guns in a non-partisan way, Mueller refused to politicize the institution he represents and pushed the decision to the legislators and the people to duke it out, not the courts. It will either be democracy or a dark lord. Take yer pick.

Richard Clarke –


The article is not as depressing as the title makes it sound. I haven’t read it completely but it’s interesting. I’ve always admired Richard Clarke.

President Trump flew to Minnesota three times to shill for the PolyMet sulfide mine. Now it’s finally acknowledged that PolyMet is controlled by Glencore, a Swiss company whose CEO received the medal of friendship from Vladimir Putin. Bait and switch!


Another great Luckovich cartoon. He is my favorite@


Sharon, that cartoon pretty much sums up some of the propagandist pundit class very well. Thanks for sharing.

If you take a chart from Apr 30, 1789 and progress it 230 years to January 13, 2020 you get a midpoint between it’s progressed Sun and Pluto at 294°14′, opposite it’s natal Jupiter at 114°51′. The transiting Sun, Saturn, and Pluto conjoin that Sun/Pluto midpoint and opposite that natal Jupiter. That will be a very disastrous day for that chart – the progressed chart of the Presidency – George Washington’s inauguration.

You know that all of these points in the charts of events or people in the nation’s history were planned by me. It has been hard hanging around since Washington’s birth (1732) to make them all get hit on that same day this coming January – that’s 287 years.

55 days until September 18.

172 days until January 13 2020.

I’m ecstatic about your January 13, 2020 prophecy. By-the-way; you are outrageous!

“If we impeach, the numbers will be the same, but our passions will be more intense.” You are most likely correct.


“Will, we don’t think too much. We just believe in the inherent decency of the human race and they (the GOP) believe in pandering to the lowest. It really is a battle of good vs evil and trump and McConnel are the embodiment of evil.”

Thank you for the redirect – I needed it!
That is a very kind way to put it.

Thanks for your note, Bob! It reminded me that I was going to look for details of the inauguration of Pres. Washington, who took the oath of office on April 30, 1789 at some time between 1pm and 2pm in New York. However, the records do not appear to have a precise time.

The link below has a diary entry by a Senator called William Maclay who attended the inauguration and recorded a detailed account of it.

The diary indicates there was a delay of an hour and 10 minutes waiting for the President to arrive, which was after a time of some confusion as to the procedure to follow. The complete entry in the diary for the day is below (per the link at bottom). The Senate was adjourned to 11:30 (“half after 11 o’clock) and then the people had a discussion about the procedure to be followed. Assuming that took about 1/2 hour to approximately noon, the diary then says there was an hour and 10 minutes to the time of the President’s arrival, i.e. to about 1:10pm. The diary next explains that the President was seated and the Vice President made a short introduction, after which the President seemed to be unsure of what to do:

“The Vice-President rose and addressed a short sentence to him. The import of it was that he should now take the oath of office as President. He seemed to have forgot half what he was to say, for he made a dead pause and stood for some time, to appearance, in a vacant mood. He finished with a formal bow, and the President was conducted out of the middle window into the gallery, and the oath was administered by the Chancellor.”

Giving the above process another 10 or 15 minutes, it appears the time was closer to 2pm than to 1:00pm – perhaps about 1:40 or thereabouts.

The whole entry is:
“30th April, Thursday.–This is a great, important day. Goddess of etiquette, assist me while I describe it. The Senate stood adjourned to half after eleven o’clock. About ten dressed in my best clothes; went for Mr. Morris’ lodgings, but met his son, who told me that his father would not be in town until Saturday. Turned into the Hall. The crowd already great. The Senate met. The Vice-President rose in the most solemn manner. This son of Adam seemed impressed with deeper gravity, yet what shall I think of him? He often, in the midst of his most important airs–I believe when tie is at loss for expressions (and this he often is, wrapped up, I suppose, in the contemplation of his own importance)– suffers an unmeaning kind of vacant laugh to escape him. This was the case to-day, and really to me bore the air of ridiculing the farce he was acting. “Gentlemen, I wish for the direction of the Senate. The President will, I suppose, address the Congress. How shall I behave? How shall we receive it? Shall it be standing or sitting?”

Here followed a considerable deal of talk from him which I could make nothing of. Mr. Lee began with the House of Commons (as is usual with him), then the House of Lords, then the King, and then back again. The result of his information was, that the Lords sat and the Commons stood on the delivery of the King’s speech. Mr. Izard got up and told how often he had been in the Houses of Parliament. He said a great deal of what he had seen there. [He] made, however, this sagacious discovery, that the Commons stood because they had no. seats to sit on, being arrived at the bar of the House of Lords. It was discovered after some time that the King sat, too, and had his robes and crown on.

Mr. Adams got up again and said he had been very often

Page 8 | Page image

indeed at the Parliament on those occasions, but there always was such a crowd, and ladies along, that for his part he could not say how it was. Mr. Carrol got up to declare that he thought it of no consequence how it was in Great Britain; they were no rule to us, etc. But all at once the Secretary, who had been out, whispered to the Chair that the Clerk from the Representatives was at the door with a communication. Gentlemen of the Senate, how shall he be received? A silly kind of resolution of the committee on that business had been laid on the table some days ago. The amount of it was that each House should communicate to the other what and how they chose; it concluded, however, something in this way: That everything should be done with all the propriety that was proper. The question was, Shall this be adopted, that we may know how to receive the Clerk? It was objected [that] this will throw no light on the subject; it will leave you where you are. Mr. Lee brought the House of Commons before us again. He reprobated the rule; declared that the Clerk should not come within the bar of file House; that the proper mode was for the Sergeant-at-Arms, with the mace on his shoulder, to meet the Clerk at the door and receive his communication; we are not, however, provided for this ceremonious way of doing business, having neither mace nor sergeant nor Masters in Chancery, who carry down bills from the English Lords.

Mr. Izard got up and labored unintelligibly to show the great distinction between a communication and a delivery of a thing, but he was not minded. Mr. Elsworth showed plainly enough that if the Clerk was not permitted to deliver the communication, the Speaker might as well send it inclosed. Repeated accounts came [that] the Speaker and Representatives were at the door. Confusion ensued; the members left their seats. Mr. Read rose and called the attention of the Senate to the neglect that had been shown Mr. Thompson, late Secretary. Mr. Lee rose to answer him, but I could not hear one word he said. The Speaker was introduced, followed by the Representatives. Here we sat an hour and ten minutes before the President arrived–this delay was owing to Lee, Izard, and Dalton, who had stayed with us while the Speaker came in, instead of going to attend the President. The President advanced

Page 9 | Page image

between the Senate and Representatives, bowing to each. He was placed in the chair by the Vice-President; the Senate with their president on the right, the Speaker and the Representatives on his left. The Vice-President rose and addressed a short sentence to him. The import of it was that he should now take the oath of office as President. He seemed to have forgot half what he was to say, for he made a dead pause and stood for some time, to appearance, in a vacant mood. He finished with a formal bow, and the President was conducted out of the middle window into the gallery, and the oath was administered by the Chancellor. Notice that the business done was communicated to the crowd by proclamation, etc., who gave three cheers, and repeated it on the President’s bowing to them.

As the company returned into the Senate chamber, the President took the chair and the Senators and Representatives their seats. He rose, and all arose also and addressed them (see the address). This great man was agitated and embarrassed more than ever he was by the leveled cannon or pointed musket. He trembled, and several times could scarce make out to read, though it must be supposed he had often read it before. He put part of the fingers of his left hand into the side of what I think the tailors call the fall of the breeches [corresponding to the modern side-pocket], changing the paper into his left [right] hand. After some time he then did the same with some of the fingers of his right hand. When he came to the words all the world, he made a flourish with his right hand, which left rather an ungainly impression. I sincerely, for my part, wished all set ceremony in the hands of the dancing-masters, and that this first of men had read off his address in the plainest manner, without ever taking his eyes from the paper, for I felt hurt that he was not first in everything. He was dressed in deep brown, with metal buttons, with an eagle on them, white stockings, a bag, and sword.

From the hall there was a grand procession to Saint Paul’s Church, where prayers were said by the Bishop. The procession was well conducted and without accident, as far as I have heard. The militia were all under arms, lined the street near the church, made a good figure, and behaved well.

Page 10 | Page image

The Senate returned to their chamber after service, formed, and took up the address. Our Vice-President called it his most gracious speech. I can not approve of this. A committee was appointed on it–Johnson, Carrol, Patterson. Adjourned. In the evening there were grand fireworks. The Spanish Ambassador’s house was adorned with transparent paintings; the French Minister’s house was illuminated, and had some transparent pieces; the Hall was grandly illuminated, and after all this the people went to bed.”


Here is a link to the original document (Library of Congress):


Here is a wikipedia article on Maclay.


The inauguration charts that come up for times between (say) 1:40 pm and 2:10 pm are quite different than the usual US ones. Sad that there is no exact time – we sure could use an accurate time!

“Olga Lautman Retweeted Maddow Blog
Oh hell no! @senatemajldr (Mitch McConnell) is dirty AF. Mobster Deripaska gets sanctions lifted on his companies, David Vitter offers Deripaska’s plant in Kentucky, and his wife becomes a judge. This is sick in our face corruption.. all while cozying up to Putin’s guy while Russia is attacking us
Olga Lautman added,”


“Within five weeks of Mitch McConnell getting that call from David Vitter saying, Hey I’ve got an aluminum plant we’re going to put in your home state! Thanks from Oleg! —Wendy Vitter’s nomination got pulled off the trash heap by McConnell and now she is a federal judge. For life.” Maddow Blog

Interesting comment I heard in my restaurant from a customer last night where most are definitely Republican and many love love Trump. He said something to the effect of ‘every day I think I am turning more and more Democrat .I don’t like Trump, I don’t think he’s a good president and I am accustomed to someone with more polish.’

Which got me to thinking, the Dems are falling totally into the trap that Trump is setting with making the ‘Squad’ the face of the Dem Party. The images it brings up to most Republicans is brown super radical socialist or communist women that don’t really love America.

He will do everything he can to create this image of the Dem party to scare people into voting for him thinking at least he’s the ‘evil’ I know. These radicals want to take away your private health care, your guns, and much more. They will NEVER vote for a Democrat who they believe represents this .

The press does not help since they love the drama and dont want boring Biden. However, for now, Biden is the one with the best chance of getting Republicans to vote for the Dems. As Rick Wilson always points out, Dems focus on policy, and their plans for everything, but policy does not win elections , emotions do and this election MUST be a referendum on Trump.

The Dems better play their cards right else we have another four years of the lawless orange monster. I fear they are not and Trump’s traps are baiting them, big time!

“Joe Biden wants to take America back to a time before Trump”

“Progressives need to get with the program this time around. Joe Biden would make a perfect president for these times that we’re in; he embodies all that is best in American politics, including a wealth of national and international experience that no other Democratic candidate can offer right off the bat. And he would unite and start the healing process for our sadly Trump-battered nation better than any other candidate. Think deeply about what we need and what we can reasonably accomplish, and don’t shoot for pie-in-the-sky nonsense that isn’t attainable, as Bernie Sanders supporters did in 2016.”


Donald Trump 2015 Debate/ Saturday Night Live Parody

Video 4 min 43 sec


Thank you Diana for your insight. More and more we are seeing (and understanding) beyond the obvious. The world is changing. I agree that the Press “does not help”, in that it, by and large, thrives on drama and wants to keep up the emotional strife. Thank goodness many here at SLN look for the genuine “news” and share it when they find it.

Nancy Pelosi, who will be 80 years old in 8 months, answered questions for the Press today regarding the differences between herself and AOC. I did not see all of it but she assured everyone that differences of opinion are desirable in the House of Representatives, in that the People of the US have differences of opinions, and Representatives represent the People.

Nancy Pelosi remembers when the News was about news and not just theatrics. Now the preponderance of information called news is about getting an emotional reaction from readers/viewers. We live in a world driven, it seems, by our emotional responses, and that includes our elections.

In the US, I believe that began in earnest when the transiting Neptune (associated with emotions, theater, escape from the mundane, the Feminine as opposed to the Masculine, and more) was last conjunct the US natal Moon in Aquarius.

That happened as a series of conjunctions of 3 transiting bodies (Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron) with each other AND to the US natal Moon and Pallas, took place starting in May. 2009, and which lasted through February 2010. It defined the start, for the US, of a process of change that included an ending to what has been referred to as the Patriarchy.

Neptune speaks the language of emotion which depends on the feeling nature of humanity. For so long the developed countries have encouraged the sublimation of the feelings of humanity for the mental functions of our species. It has cost us in ways such as mass amounts of drug addiction, mental breakdowns and distorted perceptions of reality.

I believe the change we are experiencing is part of a process of restoring balance between left and right brain functions, between feminine and masculine, between reality and imagination and between emotions and practicality.

Right now we are going through an overload of Neptune (unreal) energy which is forcing us to loosen our grasp on Saturn’s (real) energy. It’s why we are living with an unreal President of the USA. I think of it as a tunnel, rather than a bridge, because of the darkness all around. That would be the Pluto effect of the process.

However, it is the Neptune-conjunct-US Moon that has bedazzled and befuddled the US People (US Moon) for the last 10 years, and my guess is that in order to win the White House in 2020, we Democrats must appeal to the people’s FEELINGS. Whatever that turns out to be. That could be Joe, or not. It could be Joe and a female VP perhaps.

Neptune symbolizes longing and a longing for peace ranks high with most of us. Who can do that? Who can be strong and yet support a peaceful world where we don’t have to be afraid all the time. Is there anyone like that willing to be the next US President? That would be a good place to start.

Breaking News!!

Resident tRump, after learning that the DOJ has enough on daughter Ivanka to put her away for many decades after which she will come out old and wrinkled, with no family money left for a face lift, has made a deal to resign if she is spared prosecution or, if prosecuted and convicted, receives a suspended sentence. Rumor has it that the deal will take effect January 13, 2020.

By: ja on July 26th, 2019 at 12:13 pm

“…don’t shoot for pie-in-the-sky nonsense that isn’t attainable, as Bernie Sanders supporters did in 2016.””.

Or DJT supporters did in 2016 also. Or Harry Truman supporters in 1948.

Ja, These are my sentiments, too. Obama was a maverick candidate but all the right factors converged to get him elected. It may not happen with a Bernie, an Elizabeth Warren, etc. Thus, I agree with the commenter whose post you shared:

“Joe Biden wants to take America back to a time before Trump” At the same time, we need all the Democrat leaders who can, like Schiff, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat short, pithy comments that serve as “a referendum” on Trump (Diana) and that appeal to peoples’ feelings (Barb). Usually, appealing to their pocketbooks help, but also to their sense of decency. I think Pelosi realizes that public support will come when we get the goods, the dirt, the smoking gun, the things about Trump that really crossing the line of decency. It HAS to happen — he can only suppress the truth for so long! And, let’s take down the detestable McConnell with him!

“Progressives need to get with the program this time around. Joe Biden would make a perfect president for these times that we’re in; he embodies all that is best in American politics, including a wealth of national and international experience that no other Democratic candidate can offer right off the bat. And he would unite and start the healing process for our sadly Trump-battered nation better than any other candidate. Think deeply about what we need and what we can reasonably accomplish, and don’t shoot for pie-in-the-sky nonsense that isn’t attainable, as Bernie Sanders supporters did in 2016.”

Ja, These are my sentiments, too. Obama was a maverick candidate but all the right factors converged to get him elected. It may not happen with a Bernie, an Elizabeth Warren, etc. Thus, I agree with the commenter whose post you shared:

Oops, the paragraphs came out in reversed order. Let me try that again!

“Joe Biden wants to take America back to a time before Trump”

“Progressives need to get with the program this time around. Joe Biden would make a perfect president for these times that we’re in; he embodies all that is best in American politics, including a wealth of national and international experience that no other Democratic candidate can offer right off the bat. And he would unite and start the healing process for our sadly Trump-battered nation better than any other candidate. Think deeply about what we need and what we can reasonably accomplish, and don’t shoot for pie-in-the-sky nonsense that isn’t attainable, as Bernie Sanders supporters did in 2016.”

My comment was:
At the same time, we need all the Democrat leaders who can, like Schiff, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat short, pithy comments that serve as “a referendum” on Trump (Diana) and that appeal to peoples’ feelings (Barb). Usually, appealing to their pocketbooks help, but also to their sense of decency. I think Pelosi realizes that public support will come when we get the goods, the dirt, the smoking gun, the things about Trump that really cross the line of decency. It HAS to happen — he can only suppress the truth for so long! And, let’s take down the detestable McConnell with him!

Also, Steyers will split the vote — and we don’t know which party he will take them from.

Y’all do realize what happened today, right? And can we give Speaker Pelosi some props for it?

Nadler and the other Judiciary Committee Members made clear that they have opened an impeachment inquiry that could lead to Articles of Impeachment against Trump.

And this has been managed brilliantly.

As many have pointed out, if a vote were taken today on the House floor on whether to open an impeachment inquiry, it would fail and fail badly. Pelosi and Nadler have very skillfully and expertly worked around that possibility. And this didn’t just start today.

A month and a half ago, Nadler announced a series of hearings he promised would pursue “targeted legislative, oversight and constitutional remedies designed to respond to these matters.”



If anybody wants to look at a chart and see what it says about initiating impeachment proceedings, you can see video of the announcement/press conference here:https://www.c-span.org/video/?463045-1/house-judiciary-committee-democrats-defend-robert-mueller-plan-continue-investigation

The first time the word impeachment is used is at the 12:15 p.m. ET mark, when Nadler says the documents they’re requesting are needed for them to exercise their role of investigation, including those under Article 1 of the Constitution that include impeachment. (Saying cagily, it may lead to impeachment proceedings.)

They talk around the subject for a while, with someone saying Impeachment isn’t one mark in time, but a linear process and that they’ve been on it for a while. (Astrologers groan.)

The first time a committee member says I think we’re in an impeachment investigation is 12:32 p.m.

I’ll leave it to you guys to figure out what time you think marks initiating impeachment proceedings, if any of these qualify.

thanks for that important cspan link Teresa. Time for Everyone to tell (in a civilized manner) their district representatives (D&R) that trump removal from office is supported!

Just want to make an observation:
I watched Rachels segment from last night about Trumps youth rally. The bit that showed the video with weird sounds and military themed flash clips gave me huge chills and I had to turn it off. It felt very dark. Made me wonder – youth brainwash tactic?

kiwi, that intro was a technodweeb update of optics that were pure Leni Riefenstahl. Pumpkin Spice Adolf from all signs is a student of Hitler and has been since well before he ever ran for president.

Kiwi: I made my call on Thursday and asked others to do the same on my FB & Twitter page if they supported Impeachment.

“Former FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe said Thursday morning that the previous day’s Congressional testimony by former special counsel Robert Mueller had convinced him the time was right to begin an impeachment inquiry for President Donald Trump.

“You know, from my own experience at the very beginning of this investigation we confronted some very hard choices, choices we knew would have negative repercussions on our organization and on us personally and we made those choices anyway, because it was our job and duty to do so,” McCabe told CNN’s John Berman.

“I feel strongly that that’s the same position Congress is in now, and they should step up to the plate and do their job,” McCabe continued. “It doesn’t mean that the president will be removed from office or should be removed from office or will be impeached, but it is absolutely clear to me that the time has come for Congress to pursue a dedicated impeachment inquiry.”


Believe it or not, I have written another article.


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