27th Jul, 2019

Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift

If it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, it is a duck.  America, it is time to stop thinking of Russian interference in the election and start thinking that Trump is planning to steal the election with the help of Russia. Let us look at what we already know:

  1. Criminal Trump does nothing to stop Russian interference in our elections, denies that it is happening, and jokes about the whole thing with Putin;


  1. Moscow Mitch, chief Trump toadie, refuses to even consider any legislation in the Senate that would strengthen our election system and protect our Democracy;


  1. It takes only a surgical intervention in a few counties in a handful of purple states to shift the outcome of an election;


  1. We already know, thanks to the Senate Intelligence Committee Report, that the Russians targeted the election systems in all 50 states in 2016, so they already have a great deal of working data;


  1. Most of Trump’s favorite foreign leaders rig their elections to get suspiciously big majority wins. Putin, in particular, is a master of this process and has had many unrecorded and unwitnessed meetings with Trump;


  1. It is very likely that if Criminal Trump leaves office in 2021, he will be indicted on multiple counts of obstruction of justice, campaign finance crimes, and possibly money laundering and perjury charges. He, therefore, has a huge incentive not to lose, above and beyond his usual obsessive compulsion to win at all cost.


In light of all of the above, I think that we need to move beyond the idea that Russia is subverting American democracy and understand that Trump and Putin are working to their mutual benefit to steal the next American election. Trump is beyond desperate not to be indicted. That makes another four years imperative. Trump and McConnell are doing whatever they can to give Russia free access.  If they succeed, Trump will get to bypass any indictments and continue to wield unprecedented and unrestricted power. Putin will get an end to economic sanctions, as well as various lucrative financial partnerships, including oil exploration and drilling in the Arctic, thanks to the growing “benefits” of an unchallenged climate change. Eventually, if he ever leaves office, Trump will get to build his Trump Tower Moscow, financed by the Russians.

Democrats need to assume there will be lying, cheating, and subterfuge and work to preempt these as much as possible. Paper backups that can be hand counted in all the purple states are a must. They should be invoked wherever the numbers don’t match the exit polls. An aggressive war room, starting as soon as possible, is also a must to counteract all of the lies and the false narratives that belittle and slander our candidates and representatives.

In addition, we need a herculean effort to encourage as much early voting as possible, to avoid the GOP- planned disaster of Election Day with its endless lines and dysfunctional machines in the (surprise!) Democratic-leaning counties.

It is time to expand our imaginations to what is likely going on in plain sight, despite how shocking it may be. There has not yet been one line – legal, behavioral, or precedent – that Trump has been unwilling to cross. The sanctity of American Elections is only one more. If it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, it is a duck.


Unfortunately, astrologically, I find it difficult to get a straightforward read on the November 3 Election.  What is clear is that there will be massive delays, recounts, anxiety, and frustrations from November 1 to November 6, 2020, during a station of Mercury square to a station of Saturn.  It looks like a very stressful time, perhaps best described as a state of anxious suspended animation.

There is additionally a period of megalomaniacal over-reach by Trump, from November 7 to November 13.  If the election is not in his favor, it seems that this would be when he tries to circumvent the results and may think himself somewhat successful, at least initially. Both Pluto and Jupiter will be quincunx his Sun (23Gemini56) during this time.

However, the protracted transit (10/4 to 12/20) of Pluto opposite Trump’s Saturn (23Cancer49) will be reanimated from November 11 to December 20, which would seem to bring with it enormous stress, fear, and insecurity.  Difficulties are also suggested by the Saturn quincunx to Trump’s Mars (26Leo47) from October 22 to November 20 and triggered by the Mercury station from October 25 to November 6. This combination points to limits, restrictions, anger and frustration. None of this is synonymous with a win.

And one final point, and one which I will be discussing more over the next 15 months, is that there will be a huge, impossibly difficult upheaval and misfortune for Trump and his administration from mid-August through October 2020.  The Saturn station will be opposite Trump’s Venus (25Cancer44) from August 18 to October 22, 2020, pointing to a significant loss of popularity and an increase in insecurity and isolation.  Moreover, the progressed Moon in the Inaugural chart will be conjunct natal Saturn (23Sagittarius30) during all of September and conjunct progressed Saturn from mid-September to mid-October 2020.  Simultaneously, the transiting Saturn station will be conjunct the MC of the Inaugural chart (26Capricorn13) from August 8 to November 2. The combination of these configurations points to an enormous crisis for the administration and for Trump just prior to the election. The progressed Inaugural Moon moving to square natal Mars during all of October suggests an attempt at the usual bullying and aggression in an attempt to counteract the distressful circumstances.

There is certainly the possibility that this calamitous situation will be enough to fully sour the public on the Trump administration by the time of the election. I continue to be concerned, however, with the Jupiter and Pluto impact on Trump’s Sun immediately after the election, and I think that this may be when he tries to manipulate the outcome. I am also concerned about the damage a Lame Duck Trump can do, as well as the damage a Republican Senate can continue to do over the next four years. For now, I am very cautiously optimistic despite the likely Russian interference we can already anticipate.


I should also point out that it is right around now that the Saturn station is moving into its sesquiquadrate with Trump’s Ascendant through October 13. Simultaneously, Saturn is just now square to Saturn in the US 10th house, which can also be the house of the executive. This is just as the members of the Judiciary Committee are talking about their impeachment inquiry during which they will be working through the summer.


Paper ballots are great, but we also need to understand there’s another just as troubling computerized vulnerability — the voter registration databases. Tamper with those and you can disenfranchise millions of voters.

Oh Nancy, thank you so much for this pro-active and realistic assessment. We do have some time to put paper ballot procedures in place. I/we have to figure out which organizations to support that will help us do this and protect against voter manipulation. I think this issue of truth in elections deserves at the very least a huge march on Washington and major publicity endeavors. The new Netflix film, “The Great Hack”, is an eye-opener as to what Cambridge Analytica did to help Trump win, but the film’s style hampers its watchability. We cannot lose track of this issue, distracted by the many others, both real and manufactured, that will unfold between now and the election. This is a major turning point and I rely on the House to emphasize this issue as well as Senators Shumer and Durbin. I would like to see your article disseminated widely, particularly the first section before you get into the astrology aspects, and will be publishing it on FB with full credit given to its author.

This is a bit off the subject of the election, but I saw a trailer for a Harriet Tubman movie that is due to be released around Thanksgiving 2019. It looked powerful and it got me thinking about the effect it would have on the public. Also got me thinking about two movies from the past; “Sophie’s Choice” and “Cabaret”. I think both those movies should be required viewing for everyone at this time. Wondering how Neptune plays its part as it is media connected. Anyone?

We’ll take “cautiously optimistic” Nancy; thank you for this detailed overview of the situation. Your concern about transiting Jupiter and Pluto quincunx his Sun right after the election will no doubt have him conjuring ways to change reality, but surely great minds have anticipated this maneuver and will be ready and waiting to squelch his plan. I’m so happy with what you see. Thank you!

Thank you Nancy…..deep breath everyone!

The Republican Senate report acknowledged that Russia had attacked all 50 state election systems. It should be noted that once they are in, they are in. That means once they gained access, they could sit and wait until the appropriate time to attack yet again. We have reason to believe that votes were changed in five purple states in 2016. The likelihood is that it will be much worse in 2020.

It is not only the need for paper ballots but also hand counting. The easiest way to alter ballots is the vote tabulators which count the votes. Many nations have moved to count ballots by hand. In our country, that could take weeks but it is the only way to know for sure.

What we are witnessing an alliance between Russia, China and the GOP for dominance and control of the world.

Thank you Nancy.

Dear Nancy,
Thank you for this post. Nothing is more comforting for me to read than that you are “cautiously optimistic.” I’m making defeating Trump my goal as I know everyone on this site is.

I believe I have now found a way to reconcile the three seemingly divergent predictions we have about Trump’s political demise.

1. Bob predicts he will go on January 13, 2020. Instead, this could be when the House votes Articles of Impeachment. Since nothing will convince Moscow Mitch and the corrupt Republican Senate, House Democrats don’t even bother to refer impeachment to them. Instead, they refer the matter to the American people in an election year. This will be Phase One of the End of Trump.

2. During the Election campaign, Trump and Putin try their worst to steal the election and pull out all the stops. They almost succeed and Trump aven attempts a coup. Like Starlight, I am cautiously optimistic they will not succeed. Democrats win both Houses. I don’t know who ends up President. There is great public tension and outrage, much like Hong Kong now. It is the last Presidential election before the Pluto return, so you know things will be very bad.

3. Marjorie Orr predicts Trump’s all-time horror year will be 2023. After losing power in January 2021, Trump is indicted. He is convicted of treason. After losing all possible appeals, he goes to jail in 2023.

thank you, thank you, thank you, Nancy!

Just sharing an idea in case any might have influence re voting mechanics at the local level:
One of the things done in NZ pre election, is that everyone enrolled to vote is mailed a voter roll confirmation form about 3-4 months prior, to ensure their enrolment data is correct. If anything is wrong voter can then contact voter data authorities to correct. If form is not received, one can also alert them.

Nancy Lubar Sommers,

That is some fine Starlighting y’all posted!
Terrifically nuanced analysis. Merci!

The Saturn opposing his Venus between Aug.18 and Oct. 22 prompted me to wonder if a world of trouble with women might manifest. Melania filing for divorce, Ivanka getting pinched for collusion/malfeasance, Nancy Pelosi tightening the screws and/or Kamala Harris tearing his pink ass up. Any one of these scenarios makes me kwell!

Another excellent piece Nancy, thank you.

A very possible course of how things might play out Andre.

Yes we can!

One Man’s Mission to Revive the Last Redwood Forests

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wW9w6eCQQkU 10:45

Can we turn the entire earth into a Garden of Eden?

Regreening the desert with John D. Liu – Docu – 2012

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDgDWbQtlKI 47:30

Thanks for the cautiously optimistic update, Nancy. It was a good way to end a bad week!

Andre, I like the way you think… make it so!

Please correct me if I’m mistaken, but Mr. Mueller’s testimony was made during a Mercury Retrograde, and also on a day when the Moon was predominately Void Of Course.

To me, that indicates that ‘what is intended will not occur; and to expect the unexpected’ – and we’re still under Mercury Retrograde, now.

I think there’s far more that can come to pass before the next election (possibly the economy tanks; the US goes to war; or, there’s a high-level shake up in the Administration).

As horrible as those situations are, I think that with all the Neptune energy that’s been haunting the US, coupled with Mercury still burdened, I feel that the best thing I can do is pray for release from fear.

Peace, Out.

Dean, but aren’t mercury retro periods ideal to ‘reassess, redo, renew, repair’ outstanding issues?

Astrologer Evon Davis seems to think Trump will be out of office by the end of the year. She cites the December 12th full moon (19 ’52 Gemini) straddling his Sun-Moon-Nodes axis and the December 26th solar eclipse (4 ’07 Capricorn) conjunct tr. Jupiter (5 ’20 Capricorn) in t square to Trump’s natal Neptune (5 ’51 Libra) – natal Mercury (8 ’52 Cancer) square. Her analysis is quite interesting……..

Endings for Trump: Psychic Astrology Reading

Video:19 min. 57 sec.


Denise Seigel just posted an update

Just like Jupiter symbolizes expansion and understanding, and Saturn symbolizes structure and Time, Donald Trump has come to symbolize loathing and contempt, and a lot more. Doesn’t he seem like a character from mythology?

Is there someone from any mythology (Greek, or whatever) that was as vile as he? Is there an asteroid or something in another category that rotates around the Sun that is named for anything as contemptuous as he?

If not, we need to get one. Right now astrology needs a group of 5 or 6 named orbiting bodies to describe the intensity of his influence. Until then he is an anomaly to the science.

Maybe HE is our (21st century American) mythological contribution to the panorama of unreal, imaginary characters created to tell a story. Wouldn’t he love to have a planet or other orbiting body named after him. Hmmm.

DeanW, you are so right we all need to pray for the release of fear. FDR’s “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” was never more appropriate. Fear is a debilitating emotion upon which all negative emotions are based. It’s what fuels Trump and his base.

tRump is a bad guy in our time but how does he compare with Caligula, Hitler, or Stalin, just to name a few who may have dibs on such an honor barbk?

Get in line tRump.

Marjorie Orr:

“it’s better to have “vermin” in your neighborhood “than to be one.”



With this post, are you saying you think Trump will still be in office an be the Republican candidate for President in 2020?

From Marjorie’s article that ja posted:

“Racism always was the elephant in America’s shadow and he’s dragging it out into the open. The fanatical, bitterly resentful Mercury opposition Pluto in the USA chart which has leanings towards fascism is still to do its worst in the early 2020s with the tr Pluto in hard aspect, which doesn’t augur well.”

Well —– this really doesn’t augur well. But in thinking back on American history, I am trying to reconcile what I know of it with her statement about the U.S. having leanings toward fascism? That’ a strong statement. You can probably find leanings towards fascism everywhere since people want power and power corrupts, so, yes, we can pick it out in out own history, but it doesn’t seem to clearly appear that often?

As for the U.S.’s pluto return and pluto in “hard aspect”, they can mean power struggles. I can see that being ongoing. At the same time, with the U.S.’s moon in Aquarius involved. I always see Aquarius as brotherhood and equality oriented.

I’d be interested in your opinions.

Yeah, well you got me there Bob. Compared to those guys, I guess Trump is just a piss ant.

Sharon S, I believe Marjorie is a Brit and does a US column about US politics. She can make a valid point, but it is sometimes worded in a way that can be offensive to we here in the US.

Maybe the US natal chart’s Mercury opposite Pluto DOES seem bitter at times, and perhaps even have (apparently veiled) fascist leanings (!!!), . . OR maybe it’s because she’s British she just sees us that way. Consider the source.

By no means though, is the messenger ja responsible for Orr’s leanings. Thank you always ja for sharing your findings.

Barbk, from where I sit I don’t think Marjorie is too far off the mark re fascist leanings, especially with the definition ” a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition ”
Especially when one takes into account the black enslavement/suppression, beginning in the south, for 250+/- yrs enabled by govt laws protecting primarily corporate capitalist interests. Or the ‘uber patriotic’, sometimes ignorant and arrogant attitude of my-way-or-the-highway in regard to the rest of the world. Or the love of guns and strong arm tactics. Or the hurdles put in place to discourage true democracy thru easy, honest, and available voting practices. Etc.

I believe the U.S.A. is, at any given time, just a hair away from fascism. Democracy is something that is hard-fought and hard-won. How we have managed to keep Democracy’s flame alive is, to my thinking, miraculous.

Coats is getting ousted for taking steps to prevent foreign attacks on American elections if you want to know how things are going


This was the last link in any semblance to stopping or dulling Russian interference. There is no one left in Trump’s regime after Coats who genuinely will do this.


The biggest concern about next year’s election season is the Mars retrograde cycle in mid to late Aries from August to December. It squares Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in that timeframe. To me, it either points to a major financial panic or a smaller, but sharp military conflict. Given the emphasis on the US 2nd house next year, I tend to think that it will be market-related.

Any stock market correction now would be difficult and potentially destabilizing, as so many people have put funds into stocks because interest rates have been so low for so long that many have plowed their funds into higher yield, but higher risk investments. Large managed funds, pensions, and other groups could be wiped out, creating a cascading liquidity event that will be difficult to contain. Imagine an election happening under those circumstances. Trump will go ballistic in an attempt to hold on to power. That’s the scenario that really concerns me.

Here are some realities:

1) Fascism seems to require a willing military. Because of training and coordination necessities, yes, militaries are programmed to be obedient, but the U.S. military has also been programmed to revere and protect freedom.

2) Diversity vs White nationalism. By 2044 (or thereabouts), people of color will be in the majority)

3) This writer seems to think that our government is way too big and unwieldy (and the country is, too).

So, when Marjorie says: “The fanatical, bitterly resentful Mercury opposition Pluto in the USA chart which has leanings towards fascism is still to do its worst in the early 2020s with the tr Pluto in hard aspect, which doesn’t augur well,” I can see what she’s getting us. We do seem to be leaning (and I guess we have before) in an authoritarian, nationalistic direction, but could we have pure fascism here?

I also asked if anyone could think of or knew enough history to suggest any prior presidents who could fit into the category of fascist. I can’t.

Will somebody tell me where and how leanings toward fascism” (per Marjorie Orr) can be seen in a country’s birth chart. Is it in the aspects? the rising sign? How does fascism-leaning show itself in a chart pray tell?

And why do people from all over the world want to come to the USA to make a new life? Is it because they see fascist tendencies or is it because they see freedom of religion, speech, marriage, a choice of whom to vote for?

If it is the US natal Mercury opposite the US Pluto that has “leanings toward fascism”, explain that to me. Please.

Yes, racial bigotry has been a curse since before the US natal chart existed. How does a country’s birth chart reveal that? Perhaps a Mars (force) square Neptune (compassion)? I’ve not got the hang of seeing such things so clearly in a chart, the way Orr apparently does.

And kiwi, a dictatorial leader we’ve NEVER had in the USA, although there is a wannabe in the White House now, but his ass is grass. There are bad laws protecting corporate capitalists, you are right, and yes there are stupid, stupid laws protecting gun owners and much more, but we are waking up (We The People), and realizing many of the mistakes politicians have made while we slumbered.

The Pluto transit opposite the US natal Mercury and conjunct the US natal Pluto is part of a world transformation as shown by the present Saturn-Pluto cycle coming to an end in 5 1/2 months.

Their conjunction in Libra was sextile the Galactic Center and Neptune in Sagittarius and formed a Yod with Chiron in Taurus that would force a shift.

That Chiron in the present Saturn-Pluto cycle conjuncts Trump’s MC, and Trump symbolizes that necessary shift (in consciousness) demanded in the present cycle of Saturn and Pluto.

That Chiron in the Saturn-Pluto cycle and Trump’s natal MC (outcome) ALSO TRINES US PLUTO IN CAPRICORN AND SEXTILES US MERCURY IN IN CANCER,

which enables a transiting Pluto and Saturn to start their NEW cycle with a foothold in the US (birth chart) with an awakening populace, due to the wannabe dictator whose ass is grass, in my humble opinion.

It will take a while and I hope I will live long enough to see it, but even so, our young people will see to it that the USA will NEVER EVER be a Fascist country. So relax, it ain’t ever gonna happen here.

Kudos to the Baltimore Sun Editorial Staff for this no holds barred description of Trump!


“Beware of the military-industrial complex”

President Dwight Eisenhower

Nixon came close to bringing us to dictatorship.

I’m thinking that a powerful Mars placement with Uranus and/or Pluto combo would point to rash, impulsive, vicious energy.

We had a fascist monarchy for government until our revolution, yes?

And then, Maybe Marjorie Orr has a bit of a turd in her pocket toward the U.S.

Marjorie is great. She is a former journalist and she is correct. We in the US have always skirted with fascism. During FDR’s New Deal there were wealthy and powerful individuals who tried to align the US with Germany against England. We have always had a segment who represented these dark forces in our country. There are those of us here who are old enough to remember some very dark periods and we got through them. This one is likely the worst we have seen but I have faith we will get through this one too. Just hope it happens soon.

Please don’t miss that Baltimore Sun editorial that I posted above, if you haven’t seen it yet. They are telling it like it is, and especially don’t miss that last paragraph — writing at its best and especially important coming from the newspaper of a large city. Starlight should love it. I read that their website traffic and subscriptions jumped this weekend.

Nancy said… “The Saturn station will be opposite Trump’s Venus (25Cancer44) from August 18 to October 22, pointing to a significant loss of popularity and an increase in insecurity and isolation.”

The G7 Summit starts around August 24th-26th, I believe. France is trying to find a way to get Russia back into the G[8].

I can see the rest of the G7 countries blowing off Trump and his tariffs, and a lot of the talk being Putin and Russia oriented. Between that and Brexit, I feel this will be when Trump not only starts to *feel* isolated and insecure… but the rest of the G7 countries actually work TO isolate Trump… and the U.S. Trump’s thrown too many monkey-wrenches into the global marketplace. And with his racism on full display, I think many are gonna start treating him like a lame duck long before we get to election season. The timing of the Saturn station opposite Trump’s Venus fits so neatly, IMO.

Sharon K, I sent the link this morning from Marjorie Orr specifically because of the Baltimore Sun Editorial.

On another note here is Michael Wolfstar:

“Robert Mueller’s testimony last week became the clearest and most passionate when he warned that Russian meddling in U.S politics is ongoing. “It wasn’t a single attempt,” he said. “They are doing it while we sit here. And they expect to do it during the next campaign.” Astrologically, the next campaign has numerous red flags hanging over it, warning us that trouble is indeed looming.”


I’m pretty busy getting ready for the move from E. Texas back to WA state and am just now reading your most recent essay. Many thanks for the heads up and astrological analysis to what should be obvious to us all, but in our Democratic and naive mindset hasn’t been, that DJT is planning and setting himself to a rigged election.

“We in the US have always skirted with fascism. During FDR’s New Deal there were wealthy and powerful individuals who tried to align the US with Germany against England. We have always had a segment who represented these dark forces in our country.”

I agree with all but your first sentence. I feel the word “we” is too broad. “We’ve” never had a fascist president, or any fascists in Congress, although we’ve certainly had our share of authoritarian racists in high office, including the presidency.

Beginning with the “Pilgrims”, and the Massachussetts Bay Colony to the present, there have always been SOME Americans, albeit a small minority who either were or flirted with fascism, especially and usually a “Protestant Christian” variety similar in many respects to what obtained in Spain for much of the 20th century. Such folks lost the cultural battle in 1789 with the advent of the Constitution, and although they raise their pointed little heads cyclically, I agree with you they’ll lose again. It is in the nature of “free” nations to tolerate intolerant people, even when they are too loud, until and unless they become a too powerful, threatening and dominant force.

IMHO we should not overreact to Ms. Orr’s misuse of the word fascism. She is a very competent astrologer, not a political scientist, and is of course entitled to her opinion.

Many use the word as a pjerorative when the word authoritarian is more literal and appropriate. And there are always a few Brits who (like the ancient Greeks to the Romans) like to tweak American noses with not so subtle assertions of cultural superiority. If it makes them feel better, fine. Personally, I love ’em anyway.

Our main focus should be ridding ourselves of that orange wannabe fascist, and I do mean “wannabe- fascist” not merely authoritarian, in the White House and the defeat and when possible re-education of those of his ilk.

IMHO, we have too many Americans on the Left and on the Right who are drunk on their ideology, whose identities are embedded in outdated meaning systems, and are deathly afraid of leaving them behind for alternative ideas; their anxieties, be they racial, class structural, or cultural are deep, as is their fear of embracing the self-transcendence necessary for their continuing spiritual journey.

We need to stay sober ourselves, and provide whatever is needed to assist them in growing into their political sobriety.

Ja, I do see Trump leaning towards fascism and I was elated at the power of our press to call him out for whom and what he is, using the perfect language to do so….but, in spite of the mob-based tendencies, the xenophobia, the greedy corporate wealth, the racism, I haven’t really seen anything coherent enough to be called fascism in the past. But, I guess, Marjorie wasn’t quite saying that there had been — she was just saying that there were leanings in those directions. My interpretation is that there is and probably always will be (but I hope we spiritually evolve) a negative and low side to human nature, just as there is a higher side, and circumstances can bring it out, but that we have too many checks and balances in our system to ever truly devolve into fascism. One thing that does frighten me, though, and which would assist that happening, is having an even larger right-wing majority in the SC. I see the Republicans supporting that but even they must love our democracy enough to never let fascism occur. (On a side but related note, I was just reading about a Republican Rep to the House in LA who is starting to fight for climate change solutions (something Garvey).

We were posting at the same time, Eliseo, so I just saw your much-welcomed post. I appreciate your take on it, and I wish you much luck and many blessings as you prepare for your move. Go with God and please keep us posted.

Many Thanks for your kind blessing! It looks now that I’ll have a semi-retired truck driver transport my library and other possessions while I and my dog and cat fly home very soon after August 9th. (Tentatively, we plan on signing the final legal documents to the family buying the house in Texas on the 9th.)

I just returned from San Antonio where I spent some quality time with my nephews and nieces and their children, had a great time target shooting with them, met with my long time thinking partner, professor J, and successfully enlisted an old friend, a PhD biophysicist in testing a hypothesis of mine regarding the relationship between magnetism, memory, and consciousness. He is only the second person I’m enlisting, part of a team of philosophers and scientists I’m forming, each to contribute relative to their particular speciality. I am very gratified my biophysicist friend is so fascinated by my peculiar ideas! He is an expert on the biophysics of MRI’s.

I’ll keep you posted. Shalom!

Incidentally, (presuming our work is as fruitful as we anticipate) our tentative title is likely to be, “Magnetism, Memory, and Consciousness: Prehistoric Magnetoreceptive Loss and the Development of Human Spirituality and Reason.”

Michael O’Reilly at Neptune Cafe this morning:

“Mercury’s retrograde cycle kicks in just before the November election. Mercury turns retrograde at 11º Scorpio on October 13 (9:04 pm EDT) when it’s bound to stir up trouble. Mercury here opposes Uranus at 9º Taurus, with both aligning with the U.S. Scorpio Ascendant. Mercury retrograde opposite Uranus is the very definition of the unexpected snafu, the hackers breaking in, voting preparations being compromised. Mercury turns direct on Monday, November 2, the day before the election. Can we expect a routine counting under this influence? Not likely…”

OOPS, I meant to write Michael O’Reilly and wrote Wolfstar. Excuse me.

Eliseo, your thesis sounds fascinating. Glad to hear you’re flying home and have found an experienced driver to transport your things.

Moving plans are probable but tentative. Mercury IS retrograde and no one has signed on the contractual bottom line yet. Flexibility is my temporary motto.

That Full Moon chart for August 15 (see ja’s link to Neptune Cafe) has Moon at 22+ Aquarius opposite Sun at 22+ Leo, T-squared by Vesta at 22+ Taurus, calling up the energies of the present JUPITER-SATURN cycle which began at 22+ Taurus in 2000. She also trines US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo, the fixer of broken things).

Vesta is about investments and about focus. In effect, this Full Moon chart’s Vesta at 22+ Taurus (along with the Jupiter-Saturn cycle) is challenging the August Full Moon in Aquarius and what it reveals as it reflects the Sun in Leo.

The most salient point of the present JUPITER-SATURN cycle was its square from Uranus at 20+ Aquarius, where the progressed US Mercury is now. Some of the things Uranus symbolizes are breakthroughs, technology, unexpected and shocking events and new female Dems in the House of Reps.

Some of the things US progressed Mercury symbolizes are the progressed thinking of the US, and various forms of communication such as computers, phones, TV’s and voting machines.

This Full Moon in Aquarius trines (shines the light on) Trump’s natal Sun at 22+ Gemini even as this Full Moon’s Saturn at 14+ Capricorn (retrograde) conjuncts Trump’s Chiron + Juno AND the US natal Saturn (aka the “US Saturn Return”) also at 14+ Libra. It will be the 2nd of 3 conjunctions trans. Saturn makes to the US Saturn during this Saturn Return period, spanning January through October, 2019.

This Full Moon at 22+ Aquarius in August will also conjunct centaur Pholus (small cause begets big event) at 22+ Aquarius in the US CONSTITUTION Signing chart, which conjuncts that chart’s Saturn at 23+ Aquarius; both of them trine Trump’s Sun as well.

The August Full Moon transits then are triggering multiple energy centers (people, cycles, nations) in order to make things happen. It is a dynamic process with purpose. Trump is a tool of the Universe (as we all are.)

It is a time of testing for both the US and Donald Trump, but Trump’s usefulness in the awakening of the US – as shown in multiple cycles – isn’t over yet. Hence this Full Moon will empower him somewhat.

The soon-to-expire influence of the present JUPITER-SATURN cycle (May 2000 – Dec 2020) has also had a big effect on the US CONSTITUTION signing chart, as has Trump:

Constitution Chiron 13+ Gemini trines Constitution Pluto 14+ Aquarius and Constitution Neptune 17+ Libra. The JUPITER-SATURN cycle chart’s Chiron at 14+ Sagittarius + the Great Attractor (+ the PRESENT transiting retro Jupiter) OPPOSE the Constitution Chiron, putting it (Constitution Chiron) into the role of the focal point in the grand trine it shares with Pluto and Neptune.

Chiron acts as a facilitator between outer planets (Pluto, Neptune, Uranus) and inner planets (usually Saturn and Jupiter); a kind of translator if you will.

What was to start with just a rambling US Constitution grand trine in air signs has now become a Kite formation with focus . . . thanks to the 20 year Jupiter-Saturn cycle (Chiron opposite Constitution Chiron) and Trump (whose natal Jupiter conjuncts the Constitution Neptune, as well as US PROGRESSED Mars) . .AND the August Full Moon that conjuncts the Constitution Pholus and Saturn . . . and transiting Jupiter. (opposite Constitution Chiron).

I am fascinated by how a pattern with purpose emerges when present day transits connect the various cycles and various birth charts of people and events, which then triggers a chain reaction of new events leading to outcomes that will be seen, in hindsight, as evolutionary. If it weren’t so beautiful it would be scary. I’m expecting surprises, possibly shocking things from this August Full Moon.

PS: Did you know that the US PROGRESSED Saturn has been at 3+ Scorpio retrograde, opposite transiting Uranus in May this year and will again oppose US PROG. Saturn this Nov-Dec and through January, February and early March next year? Somebody has probably noted this and I just missed it. Or forgot. Explains a lot.

Sorry, the Saturn in the August Full Moon SQUARES Trump’s Chiron and Juno and US natal Saturn rather than conjuncts it. Forget all that blather about the US Saturn Return.

I keep thinking that with Trump’s new strategy, he is trying to incite a race war or civil war if he does not win. And there are enough guns out there that this will be a disaster for America.


For clarity, Michael O’Reilly at Neptune is using Scorpio ascendant vs. Sagittarius ascendant for U.S.A chart.

barbk, if it is squaring Juno, maybe it will be women – maybe the Epstein story that will be trump’s undoing.

John Ratcliffe (Oct 20, 1965) Noon Chart natal Mars progressed to January 13, 2020, at 10 am. EST, at 294°44′.

Transits on that day at that time – Sun at 294°42′, Saturn at 294°42′, Pluto at 294°45′.


Georgia is getting verifiable paper ballot system in time for their presidential primary in March 2020! Hurray!

And Al Sharpton tweeted a great line today: “If Trump really thought I was a con man, he would have nominated me for his cabinet! hahaahahaha!

I don’t think Trump’s racial incitement will work, Angellight. How could someone actually take him seriously? African Americans are way too intelligent to take that bait. He is a moron!

Here’s another “news item” that is really funny!


Eliseo, Take heart. Mercury will be direct by this Friday!!! I hope you get the help you need. The Universe will provide!

Ts there NOTHING this monster will not do?!

Eliseo, I am sorry I did not read before spouting my shock. I follow everyone and your long and difficult odyssey needs a couple of friendly gods. See this journey ended and reunion with your wife. I too am most interested in your treatise. I hope I am still here to read it when it is completed; it will be fascinating! Journey well.

That was an awesome read Nancy!

So I have not watched the Great Hack on Netflix yet, but I saw on twitter tonight that they influenced Trinidad and Tobago’s election in 2010. I came to Orlando in 2012 from Trinidad and remember the 2010 election well, Trinidad politics is very racial, the Indians vote for the Indian government and the blacks for the black government so I can totally see that it could have been manipulated, we also have bad voter turnout just like the US. I was still shocked to see my country mentioned.

The other shocking thing I saw also mentioning my home country tonight was that there is talk that during the 1999 Miss Universe pageant in Trinidad that Trump had to fly out fast because apparently he had assaulted one of the Miss Universe contestants and then paid her off and had her sign a NDA. Wow, again I don’t know whether this is true, however I do have a very close friend who was working behind the scenes in the pageant and said he absolutely used to wander the dressing room ogling girls.

We live in a mad world when some of the most heinous things have apparently been done by disgusting Don, or are blatantly out in the open for all to see regarding this sham of a POTUS, yet we can also get cult members stating how he is the most biblical president ever. Has anyone seen the biblical art that is being done on Trump, its unreal.

Every day seems to be Opposite Day or crazy day these days!

Thank You for your empathy.
Admittedly, the past 26 months have been the most frustrating of my lifetime.

My wife and I moved here to SE Texas, the Hell in which I grew up in, in 2013. The goal was to take care of my mother, and after she died, her estate. Unfortunately, 5 years ago my wife had to go back to Olympia, WA, the area we regard as our adopted home, to take care of her ailing mother. But I had contractual obligations here which I finished 26 months ago. During this time I have had to dispose of my mother’s estate. That’s about done, theoretically freeing me to go home, but getting our personal library, musical instruments, etc. + my beloved dog and cat and myself home has turned out to be far more expensive and complicated than is comfortable. And this long process has taken a real toll on my health. We still have much to do here in the house before the buyer’s family moves in. Eleven more days and I’m homeless, or on my way home. But it’s become obvious my previous plan to get home won’t work, and my newest plan just fell apart.

Yes, I need some friendly gods, or angels, or whatever we call those beings to help, and soon. Again, thank you for your kind thoughts and empathy.

Eliseo, god speed, with angels by your side.

And the thought that just crossed my mind…. maybe ‘plans’ falling apart is part of the lesson – being ok with following your instinct in the moment and trusting all will work out perfect in divine order and timing.

Eliseo, we don’t know how but we do know that everything will work out. Perhaps not in the manner of our preferred wishes nor time frame but everything will be worked out.

Serenity Prayer: God, grant me the Serenity, to accept the things I can not change, Courage to change the things I can, and Wisdom to know the difference.

May your resolutions come soon and be as mild as possible.

Biden and Harris.

Will they kiss and make-up or will it be like The Hulk and Loki?

Oh, Eliseo, i wish you all the best that you deserve and am so sorry that you are dealing with this, i pray that it will be over for you soon so you can move on with your life!


Godspeed. This too shall pass.

Eliseo, I read this and thought it pertinent to you and your circumstances. I always enjoy Beth Owl’s Daughter.

“During this week of astrological deceleration and pause, you may sense a sluggishness, an extra case of the Summer doldrums, and might even feel like you’re getting “hung up” while waiting for important, pending change.

The Hanged Man reassures us that this is not only okay, but probably necessary.

If life seems listless, or you’re having trouble getting lift-off for projects and plans, or even the sense that you are slogging along with two steps forward and one step back, or vice versa, it’s with good reason. The Hanged Man teaches us that there are important hidden gifts in such times.”


Eliseo, I’m asking around for drivers for your U-haul. Perhaps someone who participates here knows of someone, since you are offering compensation.

Schumer, Durban, Udall are right now announcing their introduction of a Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizen’s Utd.!!!


Eliseo, Let us pray that things come through for you with the new moon and Mercury direct on August 1st!

“I think Trump has had a psychotic break.

I am being serious.

What is going on right now on MSNBC is beyond anything we have ever seen.

They are playing his press gaggle from moments ago. It is video of a man who no longer lives in the real world.

Trump is completely insane, dissing every past president.

He is now claiming that “African-Americans are calling The White House and are so happy as hell” with what Trump is doing for them, they love what Trump is “doing for them.”

He is spewing complete fantasy. The man is very sick. He is frightening. ”


Sharon K: I hope you are right. But not worried about sane people, just his base. Crazy enough last week to chant “send her back.” I don’t know what those people will do if Trump loses.

Hopefully, most of them will be good losers, Angellight— that’s what decent people are taught to do.

Any predictions on winners/losers in the debates?

‘Moscow Mitch’ tag enrages McConnell


We need one for Trump.

One thing I don’t get – why the talking heads are saying ‘there musn’t be impeachment inquiry too close to election.’ Well, I think an impeachment inquiry is the perfect tool for a type of negative ‘oppo research’ and subsequent broadcast of that research by the dems. I say, run the investigation right up to the election, because finishing it prematurely and handing to the senate would be futile. If trump is willing to get ‘dirt on an opponent’ from foreigners, an impeachment investigation has got to be the best tool the dems have to counteract.
The pundits are all behaving as if everyone were still abiding by polite political norms of the last generation.

I LOVE our Democratic candidates! They are all doing so great tonight, each in their own way.

Social justice & environmental solutions — GO Dems

I just hope the public is watching and learning.

As we approach the Saturn-Pluto conjunction (January 12, 2020) – the start point of a new 33 year cycle – we should remember the half-way point in this present cycle between them; 9-11.

On that day, September 11, 2001, transiting Pluto was on the US natal chart’s ascendant in Sagittarius and transiting Saturn was on the US descendant in Gemini. Oppositions between any two planets (just like between Sun and Moon) give us a picture of what their cycle is about.

In the case of Saturn and Pluto, their cycle began at 27 Libra 35, square the US natal retrograde Pluto at 27 Capricorn 33, BUT they were trine the US natal Moon at 27 Aquarius 10.

This cycle has been, in part, an attack on US power, as in Corporate power. It has also been about freeing the US People (symbolized by the US natal Moon) from the grip of that power.

The Presidential election in November, 2020, will take place 10 months AFTER this present Saturn-Pluto cycle ends and when their new cycle begins.

We are viewing these Democratic Presidential candidates then, through the prism of the outgoing Saturn-Pluto cycle, but we will ELECT one of them to be the Democratic nominee through the prism of the NEW Saturn-Pluto cycle, a cycle that will begin in Capricorn, trine the US natal Neptune in Virgo.

It is this PRESENT cycle that had the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Libra sextile Neptune conjunct the Galactic Center in Sagittarius, and together they formed a Yod to that chart’s Chiron that conjuncts Trump’s MC in Taurus. Therefore Trump symbolizes the necessary shifting (being conjunct Chiron at the apex of the Yod in the Saturn-Pluto present cycle’s chart) that must take place before January 12, 2020.

I see it as a shift in awareness; because of Trump we are now aware that about 1/3 of US citizens are unhappy with their lot, that they see foreigners (and people of color) as unwelcome competitors for the good jobs, that they have little respect for women, are delusional about how to fix their problems, and probably are not very educated.

9/11 made the People in this country realize we were hated. It is that Pluto power; that Corporate power that has kept war going to enrich those corporate moguls, at the cost of innocent lives. That same Corporate power that influences our elected officials with their filthy lucre, that keeps the war cycle going and keeps politicians in their pockets.

It has been the Saturn-Pluto cycle that has brought us (although not all of us) to this awareness, with Trump as the symbol of all that is rotten, decayed and corrupt (Pluto) in our government/corporate structure (Saturn). We needed to be shown, in simple terms, what to do to fix it.

Fixing things is Virgo’s hallmark. US Neptune is in Virgo, as is the Sun in the Constitution chart, and together they will trine the NEW Saturn-Pluto cycle start and help fix things for the US, as will the joining of Ceres, Sun and Mercury conjunct this Saturn-Pluto cycle start in Capricorn (structure); they will influence us as to who we will nominate to be the Democratic party’s choice for US President come November. 2020. Don’t be surprised if our candidate has some natal Virgo planets!


Bernie & Julian have their suns there, Tim Ryan has some Virgo placements, and Corey Booker has his moon in Virgo.

Elizabeth Warren is ON FIRE on CNN with after-debate discussion – she’s in the lion’s den getting hit from about 8 different pundits and she’s performing like a champ!

Big props to her.

After watching the debate with Warren on fire, I think there should be a change of party name to the NEW DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Finally the American voter will have a real choice on the political spectrum. DT can call it socialism all he wants, but really what Warren/Sanders want to do is what most progressive countries have been doing for a long time.

Amazing how the wealthiest country in the world (so it seems) has relative levels of education, health care, social support at levels well below much poorer countries.

But wait….., never underestimate people’s ability to vote against their own best interests. Everyone can see the panic in the eyes of the CNN panel when Warren speaks common sense. Unfortunately, she will be seen as far too radical and as a woman, incapable of leading a country. I just cannot see Americans, who are living in the dark ages of social reform, voting for a woman with, god forbid, progressive social ideals. I wish you the best of luck my friends.

Politico has a spreadsheet that shows which Democratic candidates have met the criteria for the 3rd round of debates. It will be interesting to watch as the field starts to tighten.

According the article below the s/s, only 7 candidates have qualified thus far: Biden, Booker, Buttigieg, Harris, O’Rourke, Sanders and Warren. They have to have over 130,000 donors from the public and a 2% polliing average of qualified polls. Wikipedia also has a summary for the 3rd debate.



For participation in the third and fourth debates, candidates will be required to meet both raised polling and raised fundraising criteria (in comparison to the first and second debates).

Polling criterion: A candidate needs to get at least two percent support in four different polls published from a list of approved pollsters during June 28 to August 28, which cannot be based on open-ended questions and may cover either the national level or one of the first four primary/caucus states (Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina).

Only one poll from each approved pollster will count towards meeting the criterion in each region. In contrast to the first two debates, polls published/sponsored by the Las Vegas Review-Journal and Reuters will no longer count towards meeting the criterion.

Fundraising criterion: Before the deadline, 11:59 p.m. on August 28, a candidate needs to receive financial support from a minimum of 130,000 unique donors, with at least 400 unique donors per state in at least 20 states.

The above criteria will also apply for the fourth debate in October, except that the end of the polling period and the deadline for measuring fundraising will be extended to a later date that has yet to be specified.

Well now, hold on Liz; in just a few days transiting Uranus is going to station retrograde and back up in Taurus until it opposes the PROGRESSED US Saturn in Scorpio.

Then Nancy just told us that “TRANSITING Saturn will sit in a square with US NATAL Saturn from July 29 through October 22, and she also says US PROGRESSED Moon will square the US NATAL Saturn from August 15 through September 15.”

You realize that’s a lot of serious, somber Saturn for the rest of the year, and I might add that there’s a Full Moon in October that conjuncts the US natal Chiron (20+ Aries), and a Full Moon in November that conjuncts the US natal Vesta (what we invest in) at 19+ Taurus, which should be “interesting” (if you know what I mean).

What I’m thinking is that a lot of people that SAY the USA is not ready for radical change, might think differently by January when TRANSITING Saturn conjuncts TRANSITING Pluto, as well as TRANSITING Ceres and the TRANSITING Sun and Mercury, the day after TRANSITING Uranus stations direct opposite the US PROGRESSED Saturn, which will be the day after a Lunar Eclipse T-squares the US natal Chiron opposite the US natal Juno.

Just saying things are going to be different here in the USA in 5 months time and the People aren’t likely to be so complacent with the way their government functions, and those People might just be ready for some drastic changes. There’s only so much Saturn we can take before we break.

barb, let’s hope that doesn’t mean a financial “correction” is coming in Oct., as that might have something to do with precipitating change. I hope it more has to do with some legal or criminal problem for Trump, or more overt mental illness. Meanwhile, someone is putting up these Putin’s Mitch billboards around KY, freaking poor Mitch out. Have you seen any?

Ralfee Finn:

“The biggest and best news of the week: Mercury goes direct just before midnight tonight, July 31, at 11:58 PM EDT (just before dawn, August 1, at 4:59 AM BDT). But don’t jump into action immediately—take a deep breath and be glad it’s over. This Mercury Retrograde was such a slog that I’m sure it turned several skeptics into believers. If you want to be safely away from the detours and delays of this retrograde, try to wait until August 4 or 5 to put any new plans or projects in motion. While it might require patience to wait out these next few days, it will be worth the discipline to get back on track the first week in August.”


Sharon, can’t say I’ve seen one – a Putin’s Mitch billboard – but I don’t travel on the x-ways anymore, which is probably where they would be. Maybe I’ll get lucky though.

Although I’m sure there will be financial upheavals in the coming months, I don’t imagine it will be the kind of crash that will seem like the end of the world, except to the heavily invested.

I mean, come on; Uranus (upheaval, the unexpected, technology) is in Taurus ($$$) and T-square the US North and South Nodes for one thing.

That means it’s a decision-making point for the country; keep moving forward (expanding) via the US Aquarius South Node that conjuncts the US Pholus (he who manifests as a small “cause” that develops into a big event that can become violent), . . or . . look for creative opportunities via the US North Node in Leo.

The Jupiter-Saturn cycle we are in right now started in Taurus and was square Uranus in Aquarius, right where the US progressed Mercury is now.

The chart for that cycle (Jupiter-Saturn) had Neptune (illusional, dreams) conjunct the US South Node and the US natal Pholus, and that cycle ends December, 2020, after the US Presidential election in November, 2020.

We are in the midst of a huge transformation (US Pluto Return, new cycle starts between Pluto and Saturn and Jupiter in 2020) and there’s that Full Moon in November this year that conjuncts the US natal Vesta (investments) at 19+ Taurus, at a time when transiting retro Uranus (unexpected) at 3+ Taurus opposes transiting Uranian Point Apollon (inflation, rules free trade) at 3+ Scorpio and the US progressed Saturn).

It just seems probable that some of the calamitous dust ups coming will be financial in nature, along with war threats and the failing health of our dear leader. Fasten your seat belt.

Testing….wondering why I’m not seeing any posts since 6:05 p.m.

Same for me Sharon.

You at 11:12 pm EDT

Me now ar 11:26 pm EDT

Sharon, Ive had a busy day – maybe others too?

Hi Bob :-), and, yes, probably so, kiwi. Just glad there are no technical glitches! . I spent part of my day waiting to get my driver’s license renewed (4 hrs! I don’t think it would have happened in the 2 others states I lived in) so had plenty of time to check, and did so again as we got closer to the debate, and during the debate. So — what did you guys think of tonight’s debate?!

Want the field narrowed down as the debates progress.

Everyone is good but most are going to fall by the wayside. Someone like Michael Bennet, whose overview and grasp of what is happening under Trump was so impressively communicated, and Inslee is also impressive when it comes to recognizing the crucial importance of stopping climate change, and some of his other policy accomplishments came out tonight, but neither will make it. Even Gilibrand is very incisive and bright. Gabbard is tough yet speaks with calmness and surety (she was very hard on Harris). Castro is always very confident and impressive, and Booker stood out as very strong but everyone was watching Biden and Harris the top contenders. I think 2 more debates will pare it down to the top 4-6.

The third round of debates will be hosted by ABC News on September 12 and 13 at Texas Southern University in Houston, TX.


“Fourth Debate
October, 2019

Fifth Debate
November, 2019

Sixth Debate
December, 2019


Seventh Debate
January, 2020

Eighth Debate
January/February, 2020

Ninth Debate
February, 2020

Tenth Debate
February, 2020

Eleventh Debate
March, 2020

Twelfth Debate
April, 2020″

July 13-16 2020
Milwaukee was chosen as the site of the Democratic party’s nominating convention.

August 24-27 2020
Republican National Convention Will be held in Charlotte, N.C.

Karma came fast for Kamala in the form of both Fate and Fury. Tulsi Gabbard. Who knew?

Cory Booker served himself well playing the happy-warrior archetype. Certainly the most positive and uplifting of the group.

Will, Tulsi is formidable and she shouldn’t be underestimated. She is a force and is the dark horse of this race. She is strong, decisive and imo has deep integrity. I want her voice on the stage for the next debate. I found Kamala’s pivot away from her, refusing to even look at her to be dismissive. I was impressed with Kamala last debate but last night I found her to be calculating and condescending. Just my opinion.

I really like Jay Inslee.. I don’t know if he has any chance to move up in the polls but I would love to see him as head of the EPA.


I concur with your observations.

Kamala was relentless in her attacks against Biden. I’m thinking she’s essentially a one-trick pony as prosecutor. Maybe in time she’ll learn about governing.

Warren still stands out as the winner for both nights for me. We have many months of this circus to go – it could break any which way.

Late last night a formidable New Moon in Leo took place very near the US North Node and it sextiled the US natal chart URANUS in Gemini.

Their sextile formed a Yod to the start degree of a cycle going on right now between transiting Mars and Saturn, a cycle that began in April, 2018, and at that time was opposite Trump’s natal Mercury in Cancer, the ruler of his natal Sun sign of Gemini. There’s a name for this pattern and it is called a Boomerang.

Anyway, whatever energies that are being generated by this New Moon are going to drop like a bomb on Trump, and one of those energies is a man called Mueller, whose natal Pluto at 8+ Leo is exactly conjunct last night’s formidable New Moon. Remember this part.

Let’s say that the New Moon (NM) in the guise of Mueller (report, remark, etc.) discloses something shocking (Mueller Pluto + NM in Leo sextile US URANUS in Gemini) and so the ongoing cycle between transiting Mars and Saturn . .

(which started at 8+ Capricorn, which ALSO became THE APEX POINT of a Yod comprised of the sextile of US URANUS in Gemini and Mueller’s Pluto in Leo)

. . has to make an adjustment (what the apex of a Yod is FORCED to do), and that adjustment results in an action that blows back onto Trump’s Mercury opposite the apex point of said Yod (Trump Mercury being the Boomerang part) aka his mind and mouth.

Well last Friday, 5 1/2 days ago, that happened.
Trans. Mars was conjunct Mueller’s Sun in Leo, and both of them were quincunx (adjustment is necessary in a quincunx) trans. Saturn at 15+ Capricorn, the same place where Saturn was in last night’s NM and where it is right now.

This adjustment aspect between transiting Mars and Saturn happened 2 days AFTER Mueller testified before the House committees, if memory serves me.

I believe this New Moon then is speaking about the Impeachment process of Trump, and the intricate path it must follow, which has to do with Pelosi’s natal sextile between her Mercury and Venus, and it’s relationship with last night’s New Moon.

You see, the NM Neptune (+ Pelosi Mercury) sextiles the NM Vesta (+ Pelosi Uranus) that forms a 2nd Yod (how things get done, by forcing change) to Trump’s natal JUPITER in Libra + US progressed Mars + US Constitution Signing chart’s Neptune + Putin’s Saturn, and goddess knows what else!

(I believe also that Trump’s recent cruel tweets against Baltimore are a reaction of the above pressure of the transiting Mars-Saturn quincunx last Friday.)

Trans. Saturn last Friday was square Trump’s Chiron (wounding) that conjuncts US natal Saturn in Libra, and transiting Mars last Friday was sextile his Chiron and US Saturn. He just couldn’t help himself, bully that he is, and his fear (IMO) drove him to lash out.

So, this NM last night at 8+ Leo is 2 degrees from the US North Node (path forward) at 6+ Leo, and transiting URANUS (break with rules and tradition) at 6+ Taurus squares them both, as well as the US South Node (habits that no longer serve) at 6+ Aquarius. What comes next should follow the North Node path, if all goes according to plan.

Let’s see if Pelosi bends to this 2nd Yod that has Trump’s Jupiter + US prog. Mars, etc., etc., at the apex of said Yod, because Pelosi’s natal Jupiter in Aries OPPOSES Trump’s Jupiter + US progressed Mars (et al), and is what makes this 2nd Yod become a 2nd Boomerang. That lady holds ALL the power of THIS 2nd Boomerang. It’s the right thing to do Nancy!

I’m not supporting Kamala because I believe she needs to be more of a force in the Senate. Or be AG. I cannot support Tulsi Gabbard, who is recommended by Russia and is for gay conversion therapy. She supports Syria’s Assad.

I’m coming to support Elizabeth Warren more and more.

I have felt sad and perplexed since last night, and reading what you wrote, Barb, does make me feel better….because, although it is quite early and there is time for a lot of things to change, I do not see a Democratic candidate who can beat Trump at this point, from where I stand.

Sure, Warren is on her toes, extremely organized and smart, and feisty, but I don’t see her beating Trump (and I realize that can change but I just don’t see that path now — and I am, obviously, not just looking at who we here like, but at what voters will likely do).

Bernie is Bernie is Bernie. Ya gotta love him (and I do) but…

Biden does not appear to be strong enough. He is shaky. I do feel we need someone between progressive and moderate but I am beginning to doubt it is him, in spite of his considerable experience and ability. Either whomever is coaching him is not bringing out the essential Biden in a coherent enough way, or he needs a lot more practice, or he is not capable (of overcoming his past record, for one thing).

The other debaters were almost uniformly all better at debating than Biden — and it was brought up on Democratic Underground that he invested a lot of time and energy in overcoming his childhood stutter earlier in life, but is it still affecting his communication ability and his brain? And then there is his age… Just about all of the others these past 2 nights were more confident, calm, and organized, and were strong, coherent communicators. He was not bad but I could not see him winning a debate with Trump unless things change.

I haven’t seen any of Trump’s tweets yet but can only imagine. He will particularly dwell on the strongest and weakest candidates, trying to encourage the weakest to be our candidate.

This is why I find your analysis heartening, barb. We are going to need help from boomerangs, astrology, karma, Nancy Pelosi, the House of Representatives (the # of Dems supporting impeachment is growing – I read 127 yesterday) – but timing is important here and Michael Bennet and a few others pinned that one down).

Regarding impeachment, I’ve been torn between it’s the right thing to do vs the politically dangerous thing to do. But Julian Castro made a great point last night: “I think that folks are making a mistake by not pursuing impeachment. The Mueller report clearly details that he deserves it, and what’s going to happen in the fall of next year, of 2020, if they don’t impeach him, is he’s going to say, “You see. You see. The Democrats didn’t go after me on impeachment. And you know why? Because I didn’t do anything wrong. These folks that always investigate me—they’re always trying to go after me. When it came down to it, they didn’t go after me there because I didn’t do anything wrong.” Conversely, if Mitch McConnell is the one that lets him off the look, we’re going to be able to say, “Well, sure, they impeached him in the House, but his friend Mitch McConnell, Moscow Mitch, let him off the hook.” (from Slate.com, posted last night)

A “now-viral Twitter thread gives a floor-by-floor historical breakdown of convicted and alleged criminals who either rented, owned or hid from law enforcement in Trump’s New York City towers. Beginning with former 2016 Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, Twitter user @Zeddary, laid out more than a dozen mobsters, money launderers and tax evaders who have called President Donald Trump’s 5th and 1st Avenue namesake towers home over the past several decades. The thread, which has acquired more than 21,000 likes, reveals the extensive list of convicted executives who stayed in Trump Tower as juxtaposition against a “rich and white” U.S. businessman labeling places such as Baltimore and Atlanta “crime infested.”

“Trump himself could well be facing 12 felonies or more the second he leaves office,” wrote ‘Zeddy,’ the thread author. “Nothing is more ‘crime-infested’ than Trumpworld. His properties, his charity, his business, his ‘university,’ his friends, his campaign, his inauguration, his White House, his family.”

Vyacheslav Ivankov. Top Russian mafia boss and associate of Semion Mogilevich. Hid out in Trump Tower Moscow and was high-roller at Trump Taj Mahal even while subject of a worldwide FBI manhunt. 9-year prison sentence for racketeering. Shot dead in 2009 outside Moscow restaurant.


Joseph Weichselbaum. Trump’s personal chopper pilot in the 1980s. Upgraded from 32nd floor Trump Tower apartment to adjoining 49th floor condos while he was serving federal sentence for smuggling cocaine out of Colombia via Miami.

The condos were paid for with all cash.


Vadim Trincher, former condo owner on 63rd floor of Trump Tower. Mastermind of Trump Tower gambling ring with Nahmad. 5 years in federal prison and $20 million in asset forfeiture for racketeering.


Felix Sater. Worked in an office out of the 24th floor of Trump Tower and a Trump Org employee. Lead negotiations for Trump Tower Moscow and Trump Soho.

15 months in prison for stabbing a man with a margarita glass. Also convicted in $40 million stock trading scheme.


Here is an interesting exchange between Bennet and Castro on impeachment last night, Les & all…
(I think Bennet is great and is a good left center candidate; the WA Post said in the past few weeks
that he might have the best chance of beating Trump.)

10:25 p.m. Sen. Michael Bennet warns against impeachment
After cautioning against impeaching in the past, the Colorado senator echoed those sentiments on the debate stage.

“As we go forward here we need to recognize a very practical reality. We have the August recess, when we’re four months from the Iowa caucus. And I just want to make sure whatever we do, doesn’t end up with an acquittal by Mitch Mcconnell in the Senate and President Trump is saying he was acquitted by the congress. I belief we have a moral obligation to beat Donald Trump. He has to be a single term president. And we can’t do anything that plays into his hands.”

But former HUD Secretary Julián Castro, pushed back against Bennet’s position, replying, “I really do believe we can walk and chew gum at the same time.”

“We have an election coming up,” he said. “At the same time, I think that too many folks in the Senate and Congress have been spooked by 1998. The times are different. Folks are making a mistake by not seeking impeachment. He deserves it.”

10:24 p.m.: Cory Booker reiterates call for impeachment proceedings to begin from


If I might respond to your assertions about Tulsi..

-She mostly certainly does not support conversion therapy.

Here is an article from Medium..


“Tulsi Gabbard was born in Leloaloa, America Samoa. She was home schooled for most of her childhood, except for the two years she spent at an all-girls academy in the Philippines. While speaking to a small audience in New Hampshire last month, she admitted that she grew up in a ‘conservative household’, which was diverse in their views and faith.“I held views growing up that I no longer hold,” she asserted, when questioned on her same-sex marriage views.”

“Today, Gabbard is an ally of the LGBT community. She has a 100% record in Congress for pro-LGBT legislation, and has co-sponsored a plethora of bills for LGBT rights. In 2011, eight years ago, she wrote of her support for same-sex marriage and her promise to repeal DOMA. In the same year, only 15 Senators openly supported gay marriage. Not only has Gabbard evolved on the issue, she has evolved before most prominent Democrats have. And these facts are being brushed aside by the current media narrative.”

-She is not a supporter of Assad and has been clear that she considers him a brutal dictator.

“there’s no disputing the fact” that Assad — an accused war criminal— is “brutal dictator” who “has used chemical weapons” against his people.”

from her website..

“One of the most disturbing criticisms of Tulsi in relation to Syria has been the idea that anyone who opposes dictator-toppling wars is a “buddy” of the dictator. By that logic, anyone who opposes going to war with North Korea, is a pal of Kim Jong-un. Anyone who opposed the Iraq war was “buddies” with Saddam Hussein, etc. This is obviously a complete fallacy, smear and distortion of the position of those who, like Tulsi, oppose regime change war policy for well thought and fact-based reasons.”

-I would be very interested in your source that she is recommended by Russia.

I’m not trying to gain your support for her, I just merely felt the need to defend her.


These claims about Tulsi are mostly from the internet, specifically Twitter. And I can add that the same negatives about Kamala can be found there as well.

I continue to admire Kamala, and as a CA resident and SF Bay Area person who has worked in local government, I know what she was like as SF’s DA, and she was quite good working to protect single mothers and poor families in SF, as well a victimes of domestic violence.

It is the silly season and I presume we’re going to get earfuls of oppo research, which in my mind are facts that are spun. Wishing you well.

Fe, I’m not too excited about Tulsi Gabbard, either. Never-Trumper Republican Rick Wilson calls her “Jill Stein 2.0,” and from what I’ve seen, that hits pretty close to home. Here’s an overview I found:


Hey Sharon, time to breathe deep and chill out for a while. We don’t need to (and should not) decide which Dem is the best to beat Trump at this point. It is like swimming against the tide; very tiring and quite pointless right now.

Transiting Mercury stationed retrograde at 4 Leo 28 on July 7th, and will return there – in direct motion – on August 15th, a few hours before the next Full Moon. During the two weeks between now and then, transiting Jupiter will also station direct and transiting Uranus will station retrograde. Things will look quite different then than they look right now. Things look different now than they did on July 7th!

In fact, the next 5+ months, right up until the Saturn-Pluto conjunction (Jan. 12), our perspectives will change on many things, more than once probably, most especially about the plethora of candidates who are vying to be our choice for the Dem party’s nominee for US President.

Imagine we are in a soup pot, slow cooking our fresh and crisp minds into a mellow tasty blend of textures (that don’t require an enormous amount of chewing) and flavors that will appeal to the masses. (Hope that’s not a turn-off!)

Ironically, the present Saturn-Pluto cycle started with a Moon, symbolizing the People, in Leo and the new Saturn-Pluto cycle will also have a Moon in Leo. It appears that the gods and goddesses want to ensure that creativity will be in the hands of the People during these evolutionary periods. How very wise that seems.

Transiting Pluto, Neptune, Saturn and soon Uranus, are presenting different vantage points of these candidates, in different circumstances, under different pressures, all the better to decide who will be best to tackle the huge problems we face.

Blessings every one.

How saddens me to read “you gotta luv Bernie”

“This country needs a New Democratic Party”, someone posted, I agree!

With Bernie Sanders as President.

We have had enough incremental changes that have gotten us in this hole!

I am a supporter of Bernie and his politics and so is my family and my community he is our only hope.


Tulsi does have an isolationist approach to Foreign Policy and has not been a vocal critic of Putin which is why she is viewed as pro-Putin. I liked her back in 16 and viewed her as a great VP to Bernie. But these times are different – Bernie should drop out (IMHO) and Tulsi will never be able to beat Trump. My only focus is who can beat Trump. The entire debate was filled with infighting. That is the last thing we need. We must be united. Last night, Michael Moore (who accurately called Trump’s victory in the fall of 16) said the only Dem who could beat him is Michelle Obama.


Thank you for your response. I am glad you did not interpret my response as confrontational as it was not at all my intention. I am sure no one wants this site to turn into a debate forum of political infighting. I for one love a good debate, but an aggressive argument is something else all together. One of the reasons I enjoy this blog so much is that everyone is so respectful of each other and each other’s opinion and although there is a lot of differing opinions, it rarely turns into anything hostile or argumentative. In addition to the main purpose of the blog which is political astrology, this is a peaceful place of intelligent and articulate conversation of perceptions, ideas, thoughts and feelings about the world around us and it’s challenges. That’s what makes it so wonderful.

The internet is full of good information and bad information and it will be a long 15 months of slogging through all of it to decipher what is true and what is slander for every candidate. I wish us all a lot of patience and perseverance through this process.

I wish you well also.

David Johnson live reading Streamed live on Jul 30, 2019


Some highlights:

News about August, September, October and January

He sees a crash in October

Wow, lots of talk about a financial crash (which I hope is a recession and not as bad as the last one, just bad enough to wake people up to the Republican’s economic policies)! Lowe’s is going to have a big lay-off; I heard on NPR that people are starting to take equity out of their homes as values have increased maybe 60% or more in many locations. It’s called cashing out & has to do with refinancing at the increased value and pocketing the difference — a big problem IF the real estate market falls.

barb, I know things will change – they always do and I look forward to August 15. What worries me, personally, is that in previous elections, I felt the Dems had some very good potential candidates right from the beginning. By potential, I mean real prospects. It doesn’t mean I won’t have that feeling about someone as time goes on, but right now, I’m perplexed, as well as sad (or was sad last night), similarly to Aglo.

I was hoping, irrationally so, and with rose-colored glasses on, that Biden would appeal to enough moderates, as well as satisfy enough progressives, and just waltz right in. It was the same way many felt about Hillary 2 yrs ago. It really isn’t fair in the least to keep throwing his past record at him, a record that few candidates are old enough or experienced enough to have. Those were different times and he was a different person.

Aglo, I understand your feelings. Bernie is extremely solid and strong in his policies, and unpretentious, and likable. I love the guy. He is consistent, reliable, and resilient. The “salt of the earth” and I don’t mean that lightly. I was talking to someone tonight who is more of a conservative and he talked about how much he respected Bernie. I do, too. I just cannot see him as the candidate or as the president this time around, which doesn’t mean he hasn’t and doesn’t continue to do a great, great service to our country by holding up a vision, much of which would (ideally anyway) appear to manifest equity, equality, fairness, truth (as opposed to corruption). I totally get what you are saying. Well, as barb would say, things will look different in a few weeks and again and again as time goes on. There are evidentaly, as posited above, quite a few debates between now and next July. I do feel a little shaky about our prospects right now, though, because, as silcominc said, my only focus will be on who could beat Trump, not who I like the best. At one time, it might have been Bernie, but now I’m not so sure. His time may have come and gone….and we might not yet be ready for his and Warren’s ideas. Both have major strengths as people and as political leaders. (I also feel that way about Harris, and, also, Tulsi, on a lesser scale.) I’m going to go back now, and read the links just posted to David Johnson, and to the critique of Tulsi that Jackson posted — and reserve judgment for as long as possible.

“Life can change on a dime,” as the adage goes. The various investigations into 45 may divulge such over-whelming culpability of high crimes on his part that he would be forced to resign – remember what Nixon did when the evidence stacked up against him.

Let’s imagine for a moment that Trump is out of the picture for being re-elected due to leaving office. Can anyone identify a Republican or Independent candidate that could beat the Democratic nominee?

Got a belly-laugh when Senator Gillibrand quipped,

“I’m going to Clorox the Oval Office.”

“It really isn’t fair in the least to keep throwing his past record at him”

1) This is exactly what primary contests are for – to compare & contrast voting records, policy goals, and leadership style
2) Bernie’s congressional voting record is just as long as Biden’s yet manages to look fine in hindsight

The electability argument is the ultimate mirage. Neither of the last two Presidents were considered electable at this point in the cycle nor had the best chance against the opposition in the general. Pick the best candidate for for the job of President. Period. Then vote blue against the GOP regardless who wins the primary. Anyone other than a moderate, middle aged white guy is unelectable until they are elected.

Love the David Johnson reading, Bob…thanks for posting it. As I’ve observed, it will take another upsetting economic event to bring this country to its feet and fight bank against these abhorrent Republican policies, and must maybe they will remember this time. But the Democrats have to do their bit to make our system healthy and they cannot give the Republicans an excuse to call us socialists and irresponsible with our children’s future. We have to be smart as to how we go about this so that whatever we do has a solid foundation.

In working my charts I did have one of note for August 15 but do not remember who or what (2017 inauguration, it’s progression, it’s current year demi-solar progressed demi-anlunar, tRump, McConnell, or some other GOP personality) it was connected to.

If I am correct in believing tRump will be out in January it would have to be this year’s hurricane season David Johnson referred to that causes tRump trouble.

Please be very careful of any that are forecast to come ashore in your area Sharon.

Michell Obama yes could beat Trump. And of course so could Oprah! Neither seem to be interested.

Instead of making this a referendum on Trump, the CNN debate encouraged infighting.

As i have stated before, imo, Warren will Never beat Trump. I think Biden and Harris would have the best shot, but don’t think that pairing up will happen. Sanders, not going to happen and will not win . Buttigieg is great but his gayness will matter as will his lack of appeal thus far to black voters. I think Andrew yang and Castro are very underrated

Although the candidates are smart good people, there is no one really rising up with the right charisma necessary , that will evoke the right emotions to beat the madman.

Donald Trump is a Liar. Says it is one party control in cities when in fact, cities are controlled by the State Senate which is controlled by Republicans who have the most votes. He knows that! I am tired of this myth and MSM and most Dems never speak up to refute this. We must.

I hope he is right and the timing is near. Whoops, he just said info regarding tRump and girls may not come out until February.

48 days against the wall

165 days gone

Trump, Epstein, Aug 2 2019 at 9 47 AM

“These are not political views, but symbolic messages from Spirit. Donald self-destructs, McConnell goes down. Foreign relations will be Trump’s undoing. Trump is holding few aces, running out of options. William Barr hiding Trump’s role with Epstein, flounders in debates,. Epstein is blackmailing Trump with incriminating evidence; Ghislaine Maxwell, Acosta..”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oio08oQj9gg 21:09

I was reminded today how careful we have to be about what we take in and how out opinions are changed. The cyber war is happening all around us.

Dear friends, just a reminder that when we read articles on the candidates we consider they may be tainted with Russian and/or alt right mischief.
With Scorpio Asc conjunction with Saturn and Mercury I’m by nature cautious and suspicious but with the Mueller warnings I think it needs to be restated. Discernment in service to truth is a spiritual and intellectual virtue.

OMG, Henri! Clearly we’re on the same page on this!

Thank you, Bob, for the cautions. I sure do not want to see anyone subject to destructive hurricanes or wildfires this summer. With Trump taking money from that fund (I remember reading), reconstruction will be a bitch.

Good points, Frank & Henri….we can never hear it enough times to read everything with many grains of salt now (except from the most legit sources and even their reporters may be drawing on dubious info).

I just watched today’s David Johnson channeling that Bob posted and it is well worth viewing. Angellight, it looks like Trump will not be protected forever and his smoke screen of lies will not gaslight the world indefinitely. However, the question is when will the truth come out. Yes, not only does Johnson see his undoing coming out of his crimes connected to Epstein’s sex trafficking (and Johnson notes that this may not happen or be verified until later, presumably after the election) but he sees Trump debating Elizabeth Warren and looking really bad, like the low IQ person tha the is (with Bernie and Buttigieg popping up in the vision too). It does make sense to me that Warren will be our candidate even though I feel she will have to defend her policies constantly. If things are bad enough for Trump and he IS the candidate, then the Democrats will have to win. I just don’t want to see the same thing happen that did with Obama’s first term and the inception of the ACA. I no longer think, unless things change drastically, that Biden can be our candidate, and Harris, although I admire her very much and see her as very capable, will have to defend her record and it will hamper her.

Another thought, Van Johnson on CNN mentioned social movements guiding the Dems and when he said that I realized it was what is giving me hope. Even if our fears come to pass, what has happened and is happening is a major shift in American consciousness toward equality, social justice, and acute environmental awareness. We’re not going back. I’m in alignment here with Barbk, on that shifting and evolution of our consciousness. Because of my nature I’m not as optimistic about the results of the election but I’m clear that although that would be devastating for the planet we have already prevailed and that this is truly the last hurrah for the forces that the Republicans embody. I might add that even in rural red areas some minds are opening because of what they are realizing as they see climate devastation happening before their eyes, as they acknowledge friends or family members are gay or trans, as they struggle with health care, as conservative women get more and more fed up… Whatever happens next year politically, the ground we walk on has shifted!

Hey Elizabeth:

Thanks for your response!

I recall those terrible days on this blog in 2016 where the political divide among regular Starlighters made it difficult to hang out here. And the price paid for those directly affected by the T debacle has been huge.

We can’t let that happen again! We can’t afford to be divided. Not here, not now and not ever. We can definitely agree to disagree. I consider us a community and I hold us together tightly with love and respect.

White House getting 13-foot-tall fence with ‘anti-climb’ technology

RED ALERT: Make no mistake, this fence IS NOT being put in place to keep random intruders away. This is being put in place in the event Trump refuses to leave office in January 2021.


(Trump can hide out while his base starts a race/civil war. This I truly believe.)

Frank: “Even if our fears come to pass, what has happened and is happening is a major shift in American consciousness toward equality, social justice, and acute environmental awareness. We’re not going back.” Exactly!

FYI: “(N)o one is paying attention to the fact that we no longer have 3 separate branches of government. The executive has taken power over the Judical and the senate. The house is really the only part of the Legislative branch standing. I think Pelosi understands this.” Amy Siskind on Twitter.

Also by Amy Siskind on Twitter:

“Remember last week when AG Barr reinstated the death penalty?

Remember 5 months ago when the White House hosted its last daily press briefing?

None of this is normal. We are losing our bearings in the chaos. We must begin an impeachment inquiry of this lawless tyrant!”

Marjorie has a new post on upcoming “punishing” developments affecting Chump and his term chart. Doesn’t look like good times for him over the next couple of years – of course not for us either, of course. But everyone here knows that!


Three points:
1) Amy Siskind’s tweet is the kind of necessary thing we have to read, spread, and talk about, as they include evidence for why we, Democrats, and others also, are so up in arms about Trump! Republicans are not getting it! It’s almost (or maybe is) diabolical that he is pulling this while getting people to think he’s giving them what they want. Repeating the reasons we fear and dislike him is very important so people see the substance and reality there. Would Pence be any different or would he follow the pattern being created? I think the latter. I also don’t think he’ll be the VP pick if Trump becomes the candidate.

2) At the same time, I trust Nancy Pelosi. She wants to see more bipartisan support for impeachment proceedings so it cannot be called a partisan move. She also may know of things that we don’t, that are going to come out and further sway public opinion. If the Republican voters in the country start turning against Trump, their elected officials will have to.

3) I heard a report on NPR today, that they are playing in a loop, of interviews at Trump’s most recent rally. Those people are sold, lock, stock & barrel, that the Democrats are pushing a false narrative and some of them are wearing Q-anon pins. When someone was asked why he believes Q, he said that facts given that can be verified on government websites, so, there is just enough truth there to make it believable. What do they believe? That the “deep state” is against Trump and trying to get him out. Thus, any losses he has will be attributed to that and how can you fight that? The guy interviewed has served in the armed forces, he was very much a patriot, and he believes Trump is making America great (again), (finally) and, although this was in farm country, the audience all cheered at the announcement of more tariffs on China. Another newscaster later said that there are Democrats who also want to see China get their comeuppance but these are not die hard Trump supporters.

I’m wondering just what percentage of the population are?

I like Marjorie’s predictions, but she does acknowledge, as Nancy did in this article, that there will be positives for Trump astrologically. In one case, Marjorie felt the positives would not overcome the negatives though.

With regard to “who can beat Trump” and Michael Moore’s excellent insight, Michelle Obama is not likely to run. What that leaves us with, is the Democrats will not have a candidate that will win. Trump needs to fail. Fail bigly. That’s the only way. The impeachment investigation, legal troubles, or mental/physical breakdown are all we can hope for. I am ignoring the candidates as much as possible. There’s no hope there. Even if the DNC picks the best one of the bunch, Trump is still too strong and the electoral system favors him.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo twists Tulsi Gabbard’s arm, forcing her to clarify some of her own claims, as well as her claims against Kamala Harris; it appears Gabbard is telling the truth. Maybe I we are missing something?


The disinformation campaign is fully underway. The people who lead Cambridge Analytica are now working for Trump and the GOP and with the Mercer’s money, are creating a nightmare. Here is an article from the Guardian that outlines some of this overseas. It is not just us, but all democracies that are under siege.

“The ultimate gaslighting of America this week is Trump having a phone call w/Putin, then telling reporters he didn’t raise election interference because it didn’t happen, but rather the two spoke about wildfires in Siberia.

This barely got covered. Wake up call for House to act!”


regarding repeating certain things picked up online without thought or proper vetting:
I think Lady Gaga said it best – “social media is the toilet of the internet”


Speaking of Lady Gaga; there are some sizzling rumors circulating that there may be a little Goo-Goo-Gaga on the way and that the baby daddy is Bradley Cooper. No confirmations just yet.

Will, is that just more of your tongue in cheek humor?
Spreading rumours like that are exactly why gaga made the comment she did


Well yes, in my own words, I have shared what is widely rumored. Don’t know for sure.

I’ve often thought the only thing to break the Trump cult spell would be an economic downturn, something that affects their pocketbooks. I also think Nancy Pelosi has lived through multiple cycles of Republicans running the economy down and Democrats fixing it. The writing’s on the wall for near-term economic problems, both in traditional economic markers and here in astrology. I’ve wondered if Pelosi is holding off on impeachment until that happens, and the cultists are more able to see Don the Con for who he really is. An economic mess would give Republican lawmakers cover to remove him.

I haven’t seen this theory about Pelosi anywhere else, but I think she’s wise and strategic enough to have considered it but experienced enough not to say it out loud and scare regular people. I don’t want a bad economy but I’m so scared for our democracy that I almost wish we’d have a blip just enough to rock Trump voters into releasing support for him.

I SO agree with these comments from Lawrence ODonnell: “presidents don’t debate”
I hate the way TV tries to make the exercise little more than a sportslike, adversarial spectacle event

Kudos to TJ and kiwi for their observations this morning.

TJ, kiwi,

I second what barbk stated.

TJ, I think that economic blip is on the way.

Well friends, looks like I’ll be shipping my 11,000 volume library and my other possessions to WA by POD, and driving myself, my dog & cat home by rented car on 13th or 14th. I hope to be home by my birthday on the 19th. The journey will be about 2400 miles. I likely won’t be posting any opinions or observations (unless by phone) until after I get home.

Will, and everyone, tomorrow is the US Vesta Return, and Vesta symbolizes what is invested in.

At 19+ Taurus she will be trine transiting Pluto, sextile transiting Neptune and square transiting Mars, a pattern effective during the whole period of time before she again transits back to 19+ Taurus.

I don’t know much about the stock market, but I would think Mars square US Vesta might mean a bear or bull run, while Vesta sextile Neptune might mean it’s not what it seems, and Vesta trine Pluto might mean a death followed by a rebirth. But what do I know.

This US Vesta Return coincides with a US natal Mercury Return at 24+ Cancer (which it does every year). This particular one has Venus ($$) and Nemesis (the equalizer) at 8+ Leo sextile the US natal Uranus (the unexpected) at 8+ Gemini, which conjuncts the Neptune-Pluto cycle’s start point, back at a time when Chiron and Mars were also at 8+ Leo (where Venus is tomorrow).

When that happened, when Neptune and Pluto started their cycle at 8+ Gemini and were sextile Mars and Chiron at 8+ Leo, they formed a Yod with asteroid Hybris at 8+ Capricorn. Hubris means arrogance and comes from the word Hybris.

Trump’s Mercury at 8+ Cancer opposes the Hybris (hubris) at 8+ Capricorn in the still-active Neptune-Pluto cycle start chart – when both Neptune and Pluto were conjunct US Uranus and were sextile trans. Mars and Chiron at the time (where Venus is tomorrow).

Now tomorrow, when trans. Vesta conjuncts US Vesta at the same time trans. Mercury will be conjunct US Mercury, and as trans. Venus is stirring up the US Uranus, which is stirring up the Neptune-Pluto cycle that had a Yod whose apex point was where Hybris/hubris was, which was opposite Trump’s natal Mercury, . . .

. . then whose to say that US Vesta, having a Return for Pete’s sake, AND US Mercury (conjunct Trump’s Venus and Saturn) also having a Return, aren’t enough to trigger the US natal Uranus into reactivating that Boomerang that dumped all that Neptune-Pluto cycle’s Yod stuff on to Trump’s Mercury/mind?

That should warrant a twitter with a revolting display of hubris/hybris, worthy of a US Vesta Return, resulting from tomorrow’s astrology, perhaps related to the stock market, which might become the lead story in tomorrow’s cable news shows and headlines in newspapers, and is certainly not out of the question.


So happy for you to finally be journeying home..

Wishing you safe and pleasant travels!

Here’s hoping you arrive in time for birthday celebrations : )

My accountant said last week that we are soon to see what’s behind the curtain.


It is apparent that Trump is NOT the Wizard of Oz. He IS the Wizard of Id.

Thank You Elizabeth!

Eliseo, Happy Travels, New Adventures! Yay!

I just want to remind everyone we are in the midst of the transiting Pluto quincunx to US Mars (21Gemini) and transiting Mars (21 Leo) is today and tomorrow quincunx transiting Pluto (21Cap). Hence, El Paso. It remains to be seen if this is part of the growing racial civil war (in other words a Trumpian shooter) or if this is just some random gun-toting crazy.

not confirmed, but one report of the story says fbi is investigating manifesto from shooter Crusius that makes reference to Christchurch shooter and has negative references to immigrants.
Sounds like another troubled soul influenced by dark forces and egged on by trump.


Don’t know much about Vesta but natal Jupiter is at 19-Taurus. Yikes!


All the best to you and critters on your journey. Glad to know you finally get to settle in and consolidate.

“It is apparent that Trump is NOT the Wizard of Oz. He IS the Wizard of Id.”

Hilarious! Bravo!


Lord, another shooting! Mars is directly on natal Pluto. Heartbreaking for the nation. This is deeply disturbing.

This is definitely part of the summer/early fall heating up of US Mars, manifesting as a kind of domestic terrorism/white nationalist upsurge. The Pluto transit this weekend is exact in its quincunx to US Mars, and therefore the current two=day Mars transit on top of that has been lethal. All of Trump’s overheated rhetoric of the last few weeks is also part of this picture.

Pluto begins to separate from this aspect after the weekend, but then Uranus is stationing and going back towards its semisquare to US Mars. So we now have to watch out for triggers to 6 degrees fixed as well as 21 mutable.

BarbK, thanks for your post on Vesta – great summary of the possibilities. There is one more thing to consider, which is Vesta’s association with sacrifices both real and symbolic, also associated with the noxious fumes of the oracle (i.e. the Neptune connection), which were probably actual gases emitted from cracks in the earth at the oracle’s site). All of that is highly suggestive in the mythological sense, but it is additionally worrisome because the other interpretation is that it’s all smoke and mirrors – i.e. a hoax. That part certainly fits with the stock market! Not saying that is what it means, but it all leads in the direction of some deception or other – what the oracle reveals may not be the ‘truth’, but a vision of what the questioner ‘wants’. I suppose that is why the best oracles were virgins – not touched by any kind of pollution (Neptune again). Asking an oracle’s opinion can be hazardous and when transiting Vesta conjuncts US Vesta, what truth or lie will be ‘revealed’? I guess we have no choice but to wait and see…. maybe it will be a big nothing burger, and that would fit too! 🙂

“It is apparent that Trump is NOT the Wizard of Oz. He IS the Wizard of Id.”

Or the Wizard of Ozymandias.

Eliseo, I am so glad to hear your plans are in place. Motel 6 takes animals (among other places). Try not to stay on the roads too late so you can get your rest.

The Democratic candidates and the party in general has got to emphasize that mass shootings have escalated under Trump and the Republicans. I’m sure the numbers will bear that out. In fact I’ll bet the 2.5 years of Trump have or will soon out compete any other administration, including EIGHT years of Obama.

Another thing is that the Republicans (maybe someone said this above) are starting to register climate change and worry about it.

With the economic tanking most probably in the fall (is that why there was a sudden interest rate cute?) — the Democrats have much opportunity to influence the country and can, if we play it cool.

kiwi, the new Netflix documentary, “The Great Hack” tells that story about what Brittany Kaiser, of Cambridge Analytica, was responsible for, her change of heart, having become a whistle blower, and the guilt she feels.

Quiet1, Biden has been in congress or in another powerful position almost 20 years longer than Bernie who was elected to the House in 1990. People change in 50 years. Also, there is info on the internet about Bernie not always being so progressive:

And, Bernie is not the front runner so candidates are not motivated to attack his record.

Obama spoke of hoping the Democrats don’t behave as if they are a circular firing squad. I think he was cautioning us against self-destruction.

To me, it’s plain that people voting for whom they wanted to was what put Trump in the WH, and possibly, George W., the first time.

As far as electability, I agree that someone’s apparent electabliity does not always indicate they will win. That has been showed many times, including the recent past. But I also hope people don’t throw away good in service of what they perceive as best or perfect.

‘Wizard of Ozymandias’ hahahaha Jackson

Yikes! Nancy thanks for pointing out that Yod (trans. Mars in Leo sextile US Mars in Gemini both quincunx trans Pluto in Cap). It is going to set the whole Trump Sun-conjunct-US Mars-opposite Trump Moon-T-squared by US Neptune web of intrigue.

Both US Uranus (8+ Gemini) and transiting Uranus (6+ Taurus and stationing to go retro) were activated by the Leo New Moon (8+ Leo) this past Wednesday; trans Uranus T-square US nodes and US natal Uranus sextile the New Moon and now trans. Venus. The Surprise element is in full force and will address several hot topics.

Beowulfie, the Vesta Return certainly refers to more than just the stock market (investment) and I agree deception (trans. Neptune sextile Vesta and US Neptune trine Vesta) can throw our focus (a Vesta thing) off what’s screaming for attention.

I feel that’s why transiting Neptune (18+ Pisces rx) is heavily involved right now; it trines the TRANSITING North Node (17+ Cancer) and sextiles the TRANSITING South Node (17+ Capricorn) which T-square the US prog. Mars (+ Trump’s Jupiter and the US Constitution chart’s Neptune, + Putin’s Saturn) at 17+ Libra, while also sextile the US Vesta Return.

It’s a sleight of hand tactic Neptune often uses to avert our communal gaze away from its present focus (say our Dem candidates shortcomings and strengths for example).

In fact all 3 outer planets are wrecking havoc on the US natal chart, what with trans. Pluto in a T-square to US Chiron opposite US Juno, as well as quincunx US Mars and transiting Mars in their Yod full of violence.

It seems obvious we are in the thick of something bigger than our petty personal problems; an all encompassing societal crisis; a decimation of structural norms are flooding our senses ahead of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. All the better to make us receptive to change.

Oh my. Marjorie’s latest take on Putin’s Russia

Jackson and kiwi,

Thank you for prompting me to look up Ozymandius; always enlightening here!

This exerpt from Linda Schurman’s latest has my hair standing on end! Who knew?
“Outrageously, in 2018, Congress’ adoption of FASAB ended federal financial reporting (that “shreds” the constitution) allowing federal tax money to go to foreign militaries and mercenaries with no obligation to report it. Some believe that the U.S. government officially changed its governance model from a Constitutional Republic to Fascism through this accounting policy.”

I guess this is what Linda is talking about from fall of 2018

“The change is expected to win final approval from Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Comptroller General Gene Dodaro, and Mick Mulvaney, chief of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), this fall.”
I guess because everyone was focused on the midterm election and trumps myriad of misdeeds & outrageous tweets, it flew under the radar.

kiwi, per Russia’s chart, I don’t want to see anyone suffer but would love to see Putin get his just desserts. And, if Russia is one of the main benefactors of that new law (and why aren’t the Democrats talking about it??!!), then it will not help it as much as Putin would like, considering the turmoil it is facing. No doubt Prince MBS of SA, and the new dictators in S. America, and maybe even Boris Johnson, hope to benefit. Britain is going to need financial help.

Will, I also hope everyone depicted in the “profiles in scourge” photo get theirs, but particularly Bannon (and Miller), the annihilists whose mission it is to sow chaos and who designed Trump’s strategy because Donald Trump is too dumb to think of it himself. I still don’t see the Democrats out-thinking them but pray that karma is at work.

barb, this societal crisis is growing, due to very mislead and confused young white men with guns. When I heard the Trump supporter interviewed on NPR yesterday, who presented the mythology that has taken shape in the minds of many of Trump’s supporters, I knew we were in more trouble than I/we realized.

I sure wish humankind was as beautiful inside as animals are.


Sharon “I still don’t see the Democrats out-thinking them but pray that karma is at work.” Amen to that!

“I sure wish humankind was as beautiful inside as animals are.” Many are (you are a shining example). Most just don’t show off to the political media

Sharon, I suspect the accounting changes are designed to line the pockets of shareholders and ceo’s from for-profit, borderless, international/multinational military corporate providers (such as eric prince) present in many nations, by fleecing the usa taxpayers. I bet a large percentage of gop’ers are big war machine shareholders.

Thank you, kiwi. I see what you mean.

Also, they are saying in the news that the new tariffs on China may backfire and actually send us into a recession if they go through as consumer products will be affected (and the Chinese leader doesn’t want to look like he’s being manipulated by Trump so he may not give in).

An interesting development in the Epstein case is the eminent release of documents from a lawsuit by a woman who claimed Epstein treated her as a sex slave with the help of his girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, a British socialite and daughter of “media mogul”, Robert Maxewell (who drowned, possibly suspiciously, when he fell off his yacht). Not only will this release the names of many high profile people involved in Epstein’s sex trafficking but it kind of fits what David Johnson said — that a female associated with Epstein would go to jail but write a tell-all book – I think from jail…sadly, the info associated with Trump would come out later.

Oh the irony!
Princess Eugenie recently launched an anti slavery initiative, including sex slavery, as her main international royal cause. I wonder if her dad, aka ‘randy andy’ in his younger years, will be caught up in the Epstein fall out?

meant to post a link with the above comment

Another shutting, in a bar in Dayton, Ohio. At least four dead. This is crazy.


Another shooting. Sorry. I was looking at my Twitter feed, saw Dayton was trending, clicked on it, and saw this. Still active.



Will. Yes. The music underscores the sadness of it all. Kiwi’s thoughts on the democratic candidate debates I think sums it up well. The current mass killings may be a symptom profoundly deeper, way beyond the capacity of any presidential wannabe to deal with.

The President spends a great deal of time telling Americans how frightened they should be of the people walking among them.
He reminds them every chance he gets that there are some “very bad” people in their midst; people who threaten their safety, people with little regard for the law, people who believe the law doesn’t apply to them.

I wholeheartedly agree with him. There is a clear and present danger in these days.

I am fully terrified by racism, homophobia, Islamophobia, and all the other supremacy sicknesses being cultivated right now in the hearts of white Americans, by a fraudulent leader who knows that is his only play.
So yes, Donald Trump is absolutely correct: America is in danger—it’s just one that is homegrown and being replicated by those in power, himself more than anyone. It is a danger that feeds on fear, thrives on nationalism, and believes itself oppressed.
Yes, we who live and make our homes here, those who represent the beautiful, radiant diversity of this country need to resist the violence asserting itself right now.
We need to condemn the language and the people and the systems that incubate and protect this kind of hatred.

The real threat to our nation’s safety is an inside job. It didn’t need to cross our borders.

It is already at home here.

https://johnpavlovitz.com/2018/06/30/americas-greatest-threat-isnt-coming-across-its-borders/ via @johnpavlovitz

McConnell On Stage At Fancy Farm Picnic As Crowd Chants “Moscow Mitch”

https://youtu.be/7pabwN45i0E via @YouTube


Just watched British TV Drama – Brexit: The Uncivil War. Sadly, it outlines the underhanded political manipulations and intentional stirring of grievance that we all now see…

Powerful statement from Sheriff Wiles of El Paso:


What Trump is doing and saying is going to get out the vote among people of color. They will remember all of this and vote with a vengeance. I would love to see Julio Castro as the VP candidate or Kamala. They are both solid, solid individuals who can handle themselves in any situation. At this time, I cannot foresee who I would want as the Democratic presidential candidate and will also be taking a closer look at Tom Steyer — and I’m trying to chill, barb, but I have the kind of mind (mercury opp pluto/moon natally) that keeps looking, feeling, inuiting, and all the Leo transits (natal pluto/moon) are activating it.

Bless your heart Sharon, we who have abundant energy in water signs can’t remain neutral at moments like this; and yet this is what it takes for US human citizens to demand the changes needed from our government representatives to fulfill their duties to fix the dayam’ problems that can and must be fixed.

How timely that two massacres, within hours of each other, took place just as our Representatives and Senators leave Washington to mingle with their home folks. Who better than home folks to press for gun legislation?

I maintain that it is predominately the PRESENT cycle of Saturn-Pluto, that only has 5+ months of life (power, influence) left, that is our driving energy at the moment.

Pluto and Saturn (the fiercest of planets) at 27+ Libra (the sign of balance and equality) were trine (the easiest and most gentle of aspects) the US natal Moon (the most emotionally receptive of planets) at 27+ Aquarius (possibly the least emotional sign but the most supportive of human thinking) when they began this present cycle 36+ years ago.

Pluto and Saturn were also square (unquestionably the most challenging aspect) the US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn (resists change to long standing practice) and so here we are 36 years later, still trying to break the resistance to create REAL gun laws in the United States.

“Since 1982, there have been 112 public mass shootings across the country, with the killings unfolding in 34 states from Massachusetts to Hawaii.” Quote from Mother Jones article, updated on July 28, 2019 . . 7 days ago. Add 2 more Mother Jones.

The Saturn-Pluto cycle began on Nov. 7, 1982.

Saturn and Pluto were sextile Neptune and the Galactic Center (GC) and a Yod was created by Chiron in this 1982 chart. That same Chiron conjuncts Trump’s MC. All the better to bring this wound (Chiron) to our attention. It is Chiron in this waning cycle between Saturn and Pluto that must adjust – that has been trying to adjust since 1982.

At the time of this 1982 conjunction between Pluto and Saturn the North Node (path forward) was at 5+ Cancer (and conjunct the US natal Jupiter) opposite the South Node (cease and desist) at 5+ Capricorn. Now transiting Chiron at 5+ Aries rx is in a T-square to those nodes in 1982, as well as square the US Jupiter. It is time.

Lorrie sent me some info on Bullock, whose North Node conjuncts this 1982 Chiron and Trump’s MC; perhaps he’s the man who could end this madness. Lorrie, if you’re out there won’t you please tell us about Steve Bullock?


Here is Nancy from July 19th’s post:

“The other extremely important planetary configuration of the summer is the long station of Saturn that will simultaneously impact both Trump and the US chart. For President Deplorable, the Saturn station sesquiquadrate his Ascendant (29Leo55) from July 28 to August 23, suggests some sense of loss and possibly some health complications that slow him down. At almost the same time (from August 4 to October 13), Saturn will be opposite Venus in the Trump/US composite chart (14Cancer25), suggesting stress between Trump and the country and likely some loss of popularity.”

Thank you Sharon k and Angellight for the links you posted.

ja: Welcome. We are or most of us, all heart broken at this time because of the unnecessary loss of life due to the hatred and the easy access of assault weapons in America.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is recovering at home after fracturing his shoulder, his office said Sunday.

McConnell injured himself after tripping at home on his patio, according to the statement.

“He has been treated, released, and is working from home in Louisville,” Popp said.


Has anyone heard from Joe Biden on these shootings? He should not be silent at this time if he wants to be our new leader.

Angel light: Check Biden’s Twitter page he made a comment there.

today’s piece from Marjorie re the NRA

I am actually very surprised that Biden has come out other than on Twitter. This is an important time to be acting Presidential!! Not a peep from any candidate in the headlines. Maybe they think it’s in poor taste.

ja: Most of the presidential candidates have been on the political shows — Bernie Sanders, Kamala, Cory Booker, and a host of others were on from morning to night on MSNBC an not sure about CNN, but no Elizabeth Warren and Biden.

Elizabeth Warren on now on KCDC, MSNBC.

Henri: Yes, I knew Biden made statements on Twitter but many people don’t go there. He needs to be seen on TV. Bad mistake if he does not.

About McConnell’s shoulder, to quote ,Donald Trump, “that’s too bad.”

About McConnell’s shoulder, to quote ,Donald Trump, “that’s too bad.”

About McConnell’s shoulder, to quote ,Donald Trump, “that’s too bad.”

What Marjorie did not mention is that the NRA’s natal Pluto is conjunct the USA natal Vesta (what the USA invests in), and the USA is having its Vesta Return right now, at the same time 2 different gun massacres took place. There’s probably a message in there somewhere.

NRA Mars-Saturn at 7+ Capricorn squares the NRA Chiron at 7+ Aries. Transiting Chiron will be at 7+ Aries off and on in 2020 and 2021.

I cannot tell if I am numb from all this or if the coverage of this seems different – more of them are directly blaming the GOP as a unit along with their leader trump than before. I live in a blue state – curious to hear from those in Red areas. Does it seem different this time?


I concur – the national conversation is decidedly more pointed toward the mal-influence of the hate-mongering of the Hater-in-Chief.

re Mitch’s shoulder – esoteric meaning: “to deal with or accept something as your responsibility or duty.”
Trip and fall: “creating opportunities to bring you back to your senses.”

Right on time with the shootings and other abominations wouldn’t you say?

Michael Wolfstar’s powerful column this morning has convinced me that the US Ascendant is Scorpio. He writes that the two previous passages of Uranus in Taurus opposite the US Ascendant have brought turning points in race relations.


Looking at my charts for McConnell I call fake news on his broken shoulder story. It may be a poorly thought out ruse to prevent calling the Senate back for a vote on gun legislation. If it is, it may delay, but not prevent, such a vote. A cast and paperwork can be faked.

Can anybody explain the mobility challenges of a broken shoulder compared to those of a broken arm?

The Oracle of Whimsy Streamed live 16 hours ago

Part of me says too far out; part of me says, if true, are the intelligence agencies allowing tRump to go on creating an atmosphere that will turn the voting public to vote against him and the GOP in the 2020 election?

Remote Viewing Review Q & A and Tarot Blitz 8/4/19


will, what is post at 12:52 am for?

If there is no action by Congress or the pResident before Congress gets back in session in September there will be less than 2 weeks for something to be done before a very bad day for him and his administration on the 18th.

I just noticed that there is no reference to gun control, just 1 on gun legislation, in my recent posts. My bad posting.

Thanks Bob; veeery interesting.

In both the El Paso and Dayton shootings (12+ hours apart) the transiting Mars at 20+ Leo was sextile the US natal Mars (21+ Gemini) and both charts had trans. Pluto at 21+ Capricorn retrograde (rx). Trans. Pluto created a Yod apex (when US Mars was/is included).

This means that trans. Pluto is in the position to “shift” in order to comply with the demands of the two Mars’s (is that even possible?) Well, yes, with the help of transiting Saturn (conjunct Ceres + Sun + Mercury) come January, 2020.

Transiting Mars at 20+ Leo was trine US natal Chiron (20+ Aries) too.

The Moon at the time of the El Paso shooting at 17+ Virgo was opposite trans. Neptune at 18+ Pisces rx.

The Moon at the time of the Dayton shooting at 24+ Virgo was sextile US natal Mercury (24+ Cancer rx) as well as transiting Mercury also at 24+ Cancer.

Both shootings took place as the Moon approached and receded from a conjunction with the US NATAL Neptune (22+ Virgo), but the Dayton shooting looks to be a copycat shooting to me (Moon was sextile US and transiting Mercury [information, ie. cell phones, TV, etc.]).

The NRA natal Pluto (18+ Taurus) is conjunct US AND transiting Vesta (19+ Taurus) and was also trine the transiting Moon in between the two shootings (17 to 24 Virgo) as well as trine the transiting Saturn-South Node-Pluto in Capricorn (15-21 Cap); a veritable grand trine in Earth signs for the NRA.

As these two shootings that spanned the bulk of this country have become part of the story of the new US Vesta Return and the new US Mercury Return; they will be a potent force for at least one year (length of the shorter Mercury cycle).

New talking point for the next Democrat Debate for sure.

Hi Bob, Re: September 18th deadline

Can you be more specific? Are you referring to the budget? I thought that was resolved.


My post was a cartoon picture of trump winding up hooded KKK and lone gun men as if they are toys. Sorry if it didn’t translate. The link opened for me just now.

On May 31 there was a mass shooting in Virginia Beach, and transiting Venus was conjunct US natal Vesta (what’s invested in) plus the NRA natal Pluto in Taurus, where transiting Vesta was when these latest 2 shootings took place. It appears that what’s invested in (in the US) is guns + tolerance of an unrestricted and out-of-control NRA.

Perhaps you are referring to the September 18th Federal Reserve Board meeting?…………

Fed Meeting: Fed Rate Cut Letdown Risks ‘Wild Ride’ For Dow Jones


will, it just wants me to sign to my google account which i don’t use.

the charts are not event specific jerry. just showing bad for the rat and his inaug.

Here’s a diary from someone who’s had a broken shoulder. Sounds like it’s pretty bad. https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2019/8/5/1876873/-McConnell-s-shoulder-injury

I’ve felt so weary and sad the last few days. Just beyond the usual Trump-weariness. Maybe because my Natal Sun is at 19 Taurus. Maybe because my husband and I are leaving for Kentucky to see a dear friend who’s entered hospice care. (Brain tumor.)

He’s only a year older than my husband’s 61, which is making it so easy to imagine being his wife and facing that kind of loss.

And I think a lot of what I feel is a a failure as a writer. I’ve spent my whole life as a writer. Seven years on a daily newspaper before selling my first book, then 27 years as a published novelist.

You’d think I could write something that would help people see how terribly wrong so many of us are in this country. Something persuasive. Something factual. Something that grabs people and opens eyes.

I’m not trying to say I’m a great writer. I’m saying, it’s what I do. It’s what I’ve always done, and it feels like a terrible failure to not be able to write persuasively on Trump’s America. I feel so powerless, and I hate that feeling so much.

It takes me back to childhood, to the trauma of being sexually abused by a relative for years. It’s true powerlessness, and there something going on in my chart that’s bringing up that old issue, too, while I’m trying (and failing) to write a book about forgiveness.

So, it’s a triple whammy. No four. I’ll count our friend who’s dying. This just sucks so much.

We work out our own traumas with our writing. Don’t ever let anyone tell you we don’t. I had a book like this years ago — only finished book I ever wrote that I did not sell. I called it the mother book. The mother of mine who looked the other and couldn’t admit her own abuse enough to prevent mine. And in the end, the only message I figured out from that book was that she did the best she could as a mother. (Heavy sigh.)

I was not happy with that revelation. So far with the current forgiveness book, the only big revelation I’ve gotten is that we love as imperfect people. We are imperfect, so the love we have to give even the people most important to us is imperfect, too.

That’s all I’ve got. Feeling very imperfect today.

Seems like karma to me.

I was going to say at first that maybe this might teach ol’ Moscow Mitch some humility, but then Polio didn’t–he still went on to become the nasty piece of work that he is today, rather than take the generally higher road that FDR did.

He might just retire to gloat over what he has done and be content and justified with his legacy. And I still want him to live just long enough to see the Aquarian revolution that overturns his packing of the courts with right wing judges so that he can see everything he has worked for turned on its ear.

will, I cant get it either – your link must be tied with gmail acct to activate

I have seen most of the presidential candidates responding to these tragedies, but have not seen Joe Biden. Perhaps he is sick. I am beginning to think he will not be our candidate.


“It seems like karma to me”

I concur, he’s egoic mind has turned against him.

Tragic for him, Great for America and Democracy!!


Biden has made comments but in one speech at a NY business man’s home, he got both locations wrong (Trump just got the OH one wrong).

I think his mind is not sharp enough at this point in life unfortunately. Bernie is of a similar age but has kept himself sharper and more competitive. Trump, well, he is always pushing himself and I think it helps.

I agree that Joe won’t be our candidate unless things shift much more. Beto, on the other hand, IS using the situation to make his presence felt, for what that’s worth.

Same thing for Mueller, Angellight. He has understandably been under a lot of pressure for 2 years, but his age showed at the hearing.

As far as candidates go though, Jay Inslee (68) and Warren (70) are, along with Bernie, seem to be sharp as tacks.

Good grief Teresa, you ARE in a funk! Perhaps transiting Vesta conjunct your Sun has you over-focused (Vesta = focus) on what you sense as shortcomings.

Not that there’s any uplifting news to distract you these days, but don’t indulge in this short term negativity, your best years are ahead of you. I think you should write about your friend’s deteriorating health and how it has affected you. Talk to him about his feelings; focus on that and take in the beautiful Kentucky scenery while you are here; it always makes me feel better!


alex wrote something here on SLN a couple of years ago about Pholus. She said “Pholus opens the jar of the cultural unconsciousness and the pressure of hatred, resentment, unrest and cultural enmities come charging out, and someone explodes and takes revenge on society at large.”

In the chart for this present cycle of Jupiter-Saturn, a cycle that deals with societal ups and downs, Neptune was conjunct the US natal Pholus that conjuncts the US natal South Node (what is well developed but not working any more, like slavery for example).

Right now transiting Uranus at 6+ Taurus is square US natal Pholus, and US natal South Node and the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s Neptune, all at 6+ Aquarius.

I do believe it is this Neptunian influence in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle that has tapped into the US natal Pholus (as described by alex a couple of years ago) and is why we are witnessing these mass shootings; at least the one in El Paso.

Thank you alex, wherever you are.

Bob–re the shoulder injury. I don’t think it is “fake news”. I just found out somewhere on this thread that he is a polio survivor, and he is of an age to have falls be a concern even without that. I caught a little bit of the clip where he was shouted down at some KY picnic. The little bit I could hear of him over the roar of the crowd sounded kind of incoherent. At the time, I thought he was distracted/unnerved by the chants.

That said, shoulder injuries can run the gamut from really bad humerus fractures that require shoulder replacement surgery, to a broken collarbone near the shoulder joint, to a less serious humerus fracture. They let him go home, so I’m thinking a sling and no surgery. If it was really bad, they would have kept him in hospital (especially with his insurance).


If you are still in Greenville your progressed MC (Q2 Mean Quotidian angles) today is at 349°10′. Transit Neptune at 349°34′ is on it and opposite your progressed Mars which at 169°05′ is on the progressed IC (349°10′ – 180°00′ = 169°10′). Your emotions are running high with your progressed Moon less than 3 degrees above the progressed Desc. Be extra careful when transit Mars and Neptune sandwich your progressed Mars on September 14.

Transit Mars at 144°56′ is opposite your progressed Saturn at 325°01′ (325°01′ – 180°00′ = 145°01′).
Transit Saturn is less than 2 degrees from an exact opposition to your progressed Sun. When it stations on September 18 it will only be 00°10′ from exact, so for all intents and purposes it will be exact. While the progressed MC advances 1 degree each day the progressed planets do not. I think aspects 3 degrees from exact (probably even more) are felt so you have been with this for awhile and will be for another while. Practice patience – it, along with the other aspects will pass. When they do new inspiration will slowly return.

Best to you.


Teresa, I didn’t realize you were expressing yourself personally within the post and I was trying to figure out if it had something to do with McConnell’s broken shoulder (duh).

It’s rough. There are some who won’t see until they are ready to, and others who will never see the whole picture. The only way truth can be revealed is via circumstances changing so their illusion is exposed.

It sounds like you are going through an “incubation” or marinating period and will write when ready. Don’t pressure yourself with what you think you should be doing…just connect to your true self in small and big ways and it will come together. Love yourself. I need to do that more, myself, but I think when you love and appreciate yourself and your gifts, you don’t need others to validate you — at least as much.

More on Mitch:

” “Moscow Mitch” McConnell, who has two — and possibly three — affected planets. We know his Venus and Pluto are affected, and these two planets reflect his potential for stubborn emotional extremes. We don’t have a birth time for Moscow Mitch, but if he was born around 3 or 4 PM ET on Feb 20, 1942 in Sheffield, AL, his Moon would be at 6 Taurus. A Taurus Moon needs to preserve comfort and material security, however it feels Things. Ought. To. Be. Now that Moon is likely feeling the effects of transiting Uranus sitting right on top of it, shattering his personal status quo. The fact that “all of a sudden” everyone is calling him #MoscowMitch (much to his displeasure) and that he fell and broke his shoulder over the weekend are apt reflections. His broken bone also reflects transiting Mars (energetic outburst) square his Mars-Saturn-Uranus conjunction in Taurus. Uranus refers to accidents; Saturn refers to bones.”


Sharon K: Thanks. There is another candidate I like. I think he is a Gov. from Colorado and just got in the last debate. He made a lot of good points,


EXCLUSIVE: Dayton Shooter Was In a “Pornogrind” Band That Released Songs About Raping and Killing Wo

I have a speculative chart for the Dayton killer that has the Moon and Mars conjoined and square Venus with Saturn trine the Sun (nature of the planets involved, not the aspect). All aspects in longitude.

Natal and progressed Neptune at 292° plus. Natal Uranus at 294°35′, progressed at 295°25′.

Transit Pluto at 293°13′ strongly activating them.

Before anything was known about him I wondered why he would have killed his sister. When I looked at my speculative chart for him I found natal and progressed Neptune/Pluto midpoints on the IC. They could explain his mindset regarding aberrant thought patterns and behavior. Numerous midpoints made me wonder if he had sexually abused his sister in the past and silenced her so she could not tell. Just a theory.

Did he know his sister was going to be there that night & intentionally chose that time? Horrible…. Pornogrint… If I was a religious Christian, I would think this is the devil’s work.

Angellight, you must be thinking of Steve Bullock, the gov of MT, who I just read is 56 (I’m beginning to think age matters more than I thought!). Also, there is John Hickenlooper, the ex gov of CO. who won’t be the candidate but I was impressed by him, as well as Senatot Michael Bennet, from OH, and Congressman Tim Ryan, of OH. Senator Amy Klobuchar also fits in the that mold. I actually think any of them would be good, but Bennet and Bullock, and Ryan are the strongest, in my opinion, and also moderate.

Chris cuomo tonight was very moving, Joe Biden I thought was great and then the Chris cant remember his last name who saved people and was saved by an officer. It was very touching. Friends for life they have become, there is always light in the darkness in this dual world we live in.

I believe I shared with you, some time ago, that I am collecting outlets of Good News for a friend of mine with depression. I came across an interesting thing I want to share: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/projects-for-good-makes-it-easier-to-change-the-world/?utm_campaign=newsletters&utm_medium=weekly_mailout&utm_source=29-03-2019
I send you love.

Thank you, Emma. It looks like a great organization.

Sorry to get right back to the dark side, but CNN is saying that the Dayton, OH kid had an extreme left twitter feed. There is no particular hate or racist group that he may be associated with (or that has come out yet), but it shows that mental health and cultural contagion play a major role in the types of ideas that lead someone to use mass shooting as an outlet for their pain.



Hubby and I did the move from Austin to KC driving the biggest UHaul we could find (and still leaving behind 3 huge boxes of books), with UHaul towing one car… and me in the other car with 3 screaming cats and a kid (human kind). It wasn’t fun, to say the least!

That’s only 1/2 of your trip. Just talked with hubby, and we’re agreed… if you come up via I35 before cutting West, you and your menagerie have bed and room, pet food and treats, and hot meals (as well as good conversation if you’re up for it) waiting with welcoming arms for you if you want it. Our cats are dog-understanding and your cats have more than a few rooms they can choose from if they’d not associate with my riff-raff (gryn).

Most important… It’s going to be a long trip. Be easy on yourself whichever direction you head out. Valium helps some cats; others, not so much. I was in the car with three cats on Valium — one of whom discovered a very special Song of His People echoing total discontent while stoned on the stuff!

You should find my email on this site if you’re coming this direction. Last minute changes, BTW, don’t faze us. We live on Pagan Time around here!

Former president Barack Obama called on the country Monday to reject words “coming out of the mouths of any of our leaders” that feed fear and hatred and normalize racist sentiments, a tacit rebuke of President Trump in the wake of the Texas and Ohio shootings.

In a statement posted to his Twitter and Facebook accounts, Obama said such language has been at the root of most human tragedy, from slavery to the Holocaust to the Rwandan genocide.

“It has no place in our politics and our public life,” he said. “And it’s time for the overwhelming majority of Americans of goodwill, of every race and faith and political party, to say as much — clearly and unequivocally.”


It is a consideration, although would add miles to the journey. Are you in KC, Kansas, or KC, Missouri? And how do you suggest I get your email address and/or phone info?

Hubby figured you’d probably go I10. I haven’t traveled far North enough to know. I’ve been mostly an I70 and I35 traveler.

I’m in Leavenworth, KS. Home of the Big House that I hope might one day house Trump and kin!

Below find the email I use on this site, as well as on my own website. BTW… this is the ONLY site I frequent where I feel enough trust to do this!


Contact me, and I can give you a more direct email, as well as cell #’s.

Plans and events change on long trips, which is why I said changes don’t faze us. Just know if you’re anywhere near us and run into trouble, you’ve got friends who will help.

I clicked on my name here and found it just went to my website. I thought it gave out info on site and email. Sorry… but while there I was reminded of my main tag for the site… so, far all of us… one of my most basic beliefs:

“Where there is fear there can be no love.
Where there is love there can be no fear.”

There are others born on the same day and in the same year as the El Paso killer and some of them may even have close chart angles as he does but they did not choose to act out as he did. With birthing being nearly the same it is to be remembered that genetics and nurture were different for almost everyone except for multiple birth siblings of the same sex. Even in their lives actions taken depend on their individual choices. Choice would be a factor even in the cases of attackers found to be emotionally or psychologically challenged who have similar horoscopes as many others with approximately the same birth data.

I’ll try to contact you Tuesday am, Aug. 6th. Right now I’m just using phone from bed. Using my desktop computer is easier. Thanks!

We’ve always had bullies, racism, depressed souls, and angry guys who’ve never been kissed, etc. but Why O Why we ask ourselves.

For most of the 20th century, we’ve had access to very efficient, high capacity firearms, so WHY do we now have these mass shootings? What’s different?

Note: first mass shooting of our era August 1, 1966 in Austin, Texas, (Charles Whitman)

I believe it is multicausal, but the heart of it I think goes back to
(A) The intensification of industrialization necessitated by WWII, which
(B) led to the move from the farm to the city,
(C) which greatly weakened extended family structure and dynamic, and
(D) led to the “nuclear” family becoming the norm, which
(E) greatly reduced
(1) the adult/child ratio,
(2) generational/cultural communication, and
(3) the ability to meet adult/adult and adult/child emotional needs.

(F) As economic stress gradually intensified, 1945-present, we went from one half time parent + one full time parent (1950’s) raising/socializing
our children, to two (if lucky) half time parents (1970’s-present) raising/socialI zing our children.

(G) Add in the growing number of addictive distractions, and the divorce rate, “You my spouse (one person) are NOT meeting my emotional needs! I’m divorcing you!” and we’ve got the highest level of anomie, loneliness, and general alienation we’ve ever had.

Simultaneously, the vast increase in our knowledge base combined with the lack of an adequate and relatable contextual paradigm leads us into our present existential nightmare. We hide from it. We deny it. We bury our psyches in ideological idolatry, but too, too many of us lack an adequate sense of meaning and/or belonging. It is hardest of all for our emotionally naive and inexperienced adolescents.

Our legislators are mostly lawyers. Knowledge has become so specialized most of them did not have time to learn social process. Our general public is also fairly clueless, in that the deeper ramifications of the history of family structure are not understood or appreciated. Our politicians are not likely to solve problems they don’t understand.

These sporadic violent episodes will continue as long as we fail to look deeply within our own cultural soul, a culture in which we prioritize our economic and material prosperity over our social, spiritual, and emotional needs.

Frank Figliuzzi on MSNBC said the fact that Trump will have the flag lowered at half staff until 8/8 is a dog whistle to Neo Nazis and White Supremacists b/c it is significant to them and symbolizes Heil Hitler!

Sharon K: Thanks. Yes. It was one of the governors. Can’t remember which one now. Barely up and need my coffe..

Even though Trump was hoping to have a different result, he’s been “checked.” In otherwords, check mate.

Good post Eliseo.

The last paragraph sums it up correctly I believe. The order in which we prioritize our choices and how we defend that order determines the path we will take.

The vast majority of citizens want stricter gun control laws passed but allow a small group in charge of passing them into law to deny that desire by blocking passage when presented with the bills to put them in place. They are not doing the work of the people and until the people replace them with elected officials who will, there will be no change.

The election choices are up to the people. The law passages are left to the elected officials.

Don’t chant! Vote!

If we ever get majority control of the 3 branches of government, go after the practices of big business, change or revoke laws that allow businesses and wealthy citizens to pay little or no taxes. In the end, greed is what drives the passage of laws that favor a small group over the vast citizenry in determining how the country is run. Regulate that greed.

The only tool the majority have left to enact their wants is the ballot box. That is why interference by any country in our elections must be stopped if we want to preserve our sovereignty.

Plain fact – a president who sides with a country that attacked our election process is a traitor and needs to be treated as such and members of Congress who will not prosecute him are also traitors and need to be treated as such. The Pluto return is coming. The foundation for how we will deal with that period must be laid in our coming elections in 2020, the only ones there will be before it is here.

Bob: “Plain fact – a president who sides with a country that attacked our election process is a traitor and needs to be treated as such and members of Congress who will not prosecute him are also traitors and need to be treated as such. ”

So true.

What is most disheartening is that this small group who represent corporations & the wealthy & who lobby these materialistic politicians (pay them off somehow) have carefully brainwashed a large segment of the populations who equate freedom with owning guns & patiotism. What you say about marriage & the extended family & community (& even nuclear family) promoting mental health thru the old fashioned values of love, loyalty, reliability, teaching self esteem, strength, & self-hood, is true, Eliseo. But, we are transitioning into the age of the individual & brotherhood where we all uplift each other, & advances in technology go along with it. These are the growing pains. The challenge is to instil, re-enforce & bring our intrinsic goodness & good values. As Kohlberg conceptualized, it has to start externally & probably be done in the right way. We are caught in the cross currents here. PS Have a great experience in your travels. May it all go easily, peacefully, with joy. May you & your vehicle, pets & possessions be in the Light, & I hope you get to visit with slightkc!

IMHO, most of the “sensible” gun control laws proposed so far by Dems are not really sensible at all. They are based on false assumptions and ignorance of how the machines work and misunderstanding of the psychology of gun owners. In short, they are impractical and will not reduce gun violence.

That being said, I nevertheless believe we need universal background checks, not to prevent criminals from legally obtaining guns, (they’ll get them anyway) but in concert with a strong national health plan to prevent severely mentally ill folks from getting them. (As a matter of public safety, we don’t allow folks with uncontrolled epilepsy to drive cars either.)

Dems tend to confuse carbines with armalites, (AR’s) i.e. modern ergonomic rifles, and semiautos with automatics. Legal bans had no appreciable effect in the past, and would be useless today. The horse is already out of the barn, and it is a herd of several millions. Just as R’s delude themselves we could deport all the Mexicans, (12 million + ) we Dems delude ourselves making AR’s illegal would somehow help. Furthermore, limiting the number of bullets in the magazine is also ineffective, based on the false assumption someone can tackle and stop the shooter before they reload. (Reloading a magazine takes a milisecond.) Also, (Ever heard of a “New York reload”?)

However, a driver’s license type system for shooters would IMO be both rational and constitutional, and in concert with the background checks, might partially ameliorate or reduce (not completely eliminate) the number of mass shootings.

Suicide by gun, and inner city gang related gun violence are both in different categories, and require very different responses than our mass shootings.

But in the long run, no law or rule will completely stop the madness until and unless we address the cultural and social issues I outlined in the previous posting. And sadly, that will take time.

Thank You Sharon! I’m sending most of my stuff to WA by POD, but will be driving myself, my dog & cat in a rental car to Olympia. I’ve not yet determined my route. I’ll contact slightkc later today.

I mostly agree with your post, but assert that neither Dems nor R’s, are remotely clear minded on the issue. Both sides ignore social process & each side cultivates different but romantic delusions. Understandably, emotions get in the way on this issue.

BTW, wouldn’t it be nice if more folks understood how applicable to so many areas is the work of Lawrence Kohlberg, especially as modified by his protege, Ms. Gillian?

Eliseo, you are welcome & I appreciate your distinctions about the gun issues as you have the experience, & I also agree about the (romantic) delusions of both sides…hyped by their respective communication gatekeepers (the opinion controllers, the main voices listened to). Of course, as stated here many times, I believe the Dems are the good guys but stereotypes, generalizations, & knee-jerk assumptions on both sides are what is causing us to not see each other as people who are essentially just like us.

You are entitled to your opinions Eliseo but to do nothing likely means there will be little or no change on it’s own accord.

Let’s try something and if we find it falls short of what we want – improve it. The Constitution was a starting point but has been changed, improved, since it was set as our guideline. To do nothing is to fail our moral responsibility. Making automatic weapons illegal will make them harder to get. That will probably make them more expensive to get, further limiting their ownership; perhaps out reach of teenagers and many young people. Just that should drastically reduce the number of mass shooting murders that occur. No, we probably will not prevent all such attacks but the ones that are prevented would make the effort worth while in my opinion.

As I famously said long before tRump; “The longest journey begins with just one step.”

Good journey and happy re-uniting.

To Dramatically reduce gun violence and death is hardly rocket science. It is about using common sense:

5 countries that have taken radical steps to eliminate firearm deaths — and what the US can learn from them


I’m not suggesting we do nothing. I believe universal background checks and a driver’s license type system would help, especially in concert with universal health care with a strong mental health component.

BTW, with all due respect, automatic weapons are already illegal. They are called machine guns. You might be referring to semi-autos?

We have more guns in this country than people. That’s neither good or bad. About 80% of those are semi-auto pistols and rifles. One of our problems is creating ENFORCEABLE law to properly regulate them. Previous and present law lacks appropriate nuance and is poorly worded and crafted, again in part because legislators do not understand the operational mechanics and capabilities of the machines, nor the psychology of law abiding gun owners, nor the psychology of the mass shooter. I agree it is our moral responsibility to act; I’m suggesting we do so empowered with knowledge, not fearful knee-jerk, slap-dash, poorly thought out law as has been done before.

Also, many thanks for the well wishes for my coming journey. If all goes well, I’ll be leaving here on the 13th or 14th.

Shooting at a Walmart in Baton Rouge, La., leaves 1 man injured, 1 in custody and another on the run

https://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/ny-another-walmart-shooting-louisiana-baton-rouge-20190806-52x42mg5izalrfhomfg4mn6lz4-story.html#nt=oft-Single Chain~Recommender~top-right-chain~2headline-stack~~1~no-art~automated~curatedpage

Thanks for the link will. The article shows that dramatic gains have been made with simple law enactment (common sense) – no experts needed; but their input is certainly welcome. As you said this is not rocket science. If the weapons are not available or their availability is severely curtailed there must be fewer such attacks, resulting in a massive reduction in deaths and/or injuries of various levels.

I wonder what’s going on? New US sec of defence sworn in june 23. Now, just 3 days ago, arrives, in NZ – with official usa plane often used as backup for airforce 1 overseas. Test run, or something more?

Hi Eliseo,
I don’t see how mental illness has much to do with shootings. Or if it does, how you would detect it ahead of time. Unless you consider anger to be a mental illness. Restricting access to guns for everybody _would_ reduce shootings. These last two shooters bought their weapons recently. If gun sales were seriously restricted, such as no availability of gas-powered guns or any that are capable of high firing rates, and all others needing licensing and insurance, they would have had to use less capable guns or else bought their guns on the black market. And black market prices would be very high for restricted weapons, another barrier to purchasing them.

Time to take the edge off…and remember

Just take what you need or have time for,

Prof Howdy’s Top 5 Videos! 1:55:30


Matt M.
I’m pretty busy getting ready for my journey home, so don’t have a lot of time or space right now to explain my experience or reasoning. I’ll have to get to that later, perhaps after I’m settled into a new routine at home. I base my reasoning in part on having worked with mentally ill patients for about 20 years and my experience as a criminal investigator.

I agree with you it makes sense to have licensing and insurance for gun owners. Again, I’ll have to get back to these issues later.

Good ideas, Matt M. I also like Eliseo’s idea about licensing gun owners like car drivers and renewing their licenses regularly, along with regular safety course requirements, etc. One of the things that can be done regarding red flagging mental illness is for schools to have a culture of being on the alert and a way to report concerns about students, and, at the same time, promote inclusion and anti-bullying so people are not allowed to be bullied and isolated. It is already in progress but we still need much more done, especially in this age of cutting school counselors from payrolls etc. Although this can and is being done on a state and school district level, we desperately need federal leadership on these areas and not empty promises!!! One thing I wish the media was saying is that Trump ROLLED BACK Obama’s executive order that kept guns out of the hands of those who are mentally ill. I don’t know the details but have read that this is the case.

…and Trump is now saying that this is what we need! Such a hypocrite, talking out of both sides of his mouth all of the time! And, we need the same type of thing done in schools, done in the workplace.

I emailed you just a bit ago at your


Please get back to me as soon as you can. In the summer you don’t take I-10 to I-5 as the route. I-10 is the winter route. In summer you can take a more direct route through the mountains. Going through Leavenworth is do-able.

So the heat has been turned up under the pot; no longer on simmer we (in the pot) are getting even more uncomfortable. The outer heat (global warming) has been usurped momentarily by the inner heat (mass murder). Those incremental adjustments in the heat by the master chef are how we (in the pot) get to that perfect texture. Only when we reach that perfect texture are we released from the discomfort of the heat in the pot, but right now the heat is on.

This last New Moon chart (July 31, 11:11 PM, EDT, Washington, DC) had a packed 5th house with Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Mercury (who was stationing direct at the time). Timing is everything in the culinary arts. Mercury at this Leo New Moon was poised to once again conjunct the US NATAL Mercury (think and talk) at 24+ Cancer – the 3rd time since June 20th, 6 days before the 1st two debates between Dems running to be the Dem candidate for US President in 2020.

The chart for the July 31 Leo New Moon – when set in Washington DC – had 16+ Aries rising and 16+ Libra on the descendant, or 7th house cusp, the house of “the other”; the partner OR the open enemy. Take your pick.

This put the transiting (Moon’s) Nodes into a grand cross with the ascendant-descendant of this chart; the North Node at 17+ Cancer in the 4th house of family and roots, the South at 17+ Capricorn in the 10th house of achievement or shame. This was going to be a challenging month for Washington DC.

This chart for the July 31 New Moon (NM) was further compromising the US by the position of the US PROGRESSED (and retrograde) Mars, at 17+ Libra in the 7th house next to the 7th house cusp at 16+ Libra, and US PROG. Mars was joined there by US Constitution Signing chart Neptune . . and Trump’s natal Jupiter . . and Putin’s natal Saturn, all at 17+ Libra.

So this month has our own progressed Mars seemingly expressing as “the other”, possibly even as the enemy. After all, our country’s progressed Mars has joined up with the likes of Trump and Putin.

But what about the Constitution’s Neptune you might ask; what does that represent? Remember, it too joins with Trump’s Jupiter and Putin’s Saturn and our own US progressed Mars.

My answer would be that the US Constitution isn’t clear (Neptune) about certain issues that have come to haunt us in recent decades. My feeling is that the US PROGRESSED Mars is forcing us (the USA) to do something about those unclear issues in the US Constitution, and it is using Trump and his buddy Putin to act (Mars) on those unclear issues.

Right now we are grappling with the laws regarding guns; issues about what kinds of guns and who is allowed to have them. What does the US Constitution say? Unclear? Exactly.

So in this New Moon Month in creative Leo, with its packed 5th house (of creativity), and it station-direct (and thus intense) Mercury that conjuncts US natal Mercury, that is opposite the US natal Pluto, a natal Pluto soon to have its 1st Return, and also on the eve of a NEW Saturn-Pluto cycle that will trine the US Neptune and US Vesta, . . what’s a country to do you might wonder among yourselves.

I suggest we watch and wait. Watch the 3rd set of Dem debates on September 12 and 13, which will be followed by a Pisces Full Moon, opposite the Sun in Virgo + transiting Mercury, Mars, Venus and Juno in Virgo, + the US natal Neptune in Virgo and the US Constitution chart’s Sun in Virgo. Then wait.

Virgo is about details and about restoring health. We are in a process of healing and, like a pot full of something good to eat, it takes time to reach the stage where all is ready. It’s a process and it’s an art. The Dems will be up to the challenge. Keep the faith, the cream will soon rise to the top.

Years ago I had a girlfriend who was epileptic. When her meds failed the state took away her driver’s license. She thought it unfair, But I realized it was in the public interest for her to (temporarily) NOT have a driver’s license. We can’t have someone having a seizure while driving! Same principle with guns.

In the late 80’s I worked with a mental patient who legally bought a revolver, went into a bar, accused a fellow of “messing with my wife” and shot the poor confused victim dead. Trouble was this delusional patient had no wife, didn’t even have a girlfriend. Several years later, after release from an institution he did the exact same thing again! Two innocent and confused men minding their own business shot dead by a delusional patient.

The 50 states rules about which mental patients can or cannot legally obtain which guns and when is all over the place. That needs to be standardized nationwide. Pardon the pun, but what we’ve got now is NUTS!

Yes, you are 100% right about all that you said about preventing those with mental illness from obtaining guns. There are cases, though, unfortunately, where the person hasn’t had treatment and it goes undiagnosed.

This release into the community of those with mental illness apparently goes back to the 80s, when Reagan, in his attempts to be fiscally responsible, closed state hospitals and other facilities, and released patients into the community to be treated at clinics and with meds (you may have mentioned this before, Eliseo; it is something I studied in my social work education). And now, many are in prison and we have further decentralized mental health care. Maybe there is an up side to it also, but lots of risks.

Meanwhile, this has to be shouted from the rooftops!!! so people don’t believe the hypocrite when he says we have to stop the mentally ill from buying guns!


Sharon K,
Every day people die an earlier death than necessary because of that Orange fool in the White House. The Psalms come to mind. “How long, O’ Lord…”

After 26 months doing this, I’m still going through the parental artifacts & papers left behind in this house. Each object, each paper or document fills me with deep sadness. But I have to get it done so the new family can move in starting on the 13th.

ooops my post above should have read July 23 (2 wks ago) for sec defence swearing in.

Eliseo, maybe it’s a necessary grieving process so you can exfoliate and shed those parts of yourself tied into negative aspects of the past while keeping and honoring the best, most essential and beautiful parts of it. I came to the conclusion a long time ago that for every bad quality or experience, there is another edge to the sword that offers the very positive flip side, but we have to take the whole package. For example, someone could be very stubborn and sometimes difficult to reason with, but the flip side is that they are very loyal to those they love.

PS: Hope you also get to visit with fireywoman on your journey (or sometime soon after). You will feel so relieved and free of this once you are on the road and, hopefully, glad that you did so a good job disposing of it.


“I’m still going through the parental artifacts & papers left behind in this house. Each object, each paper or document fills me with deep sadness.”

That’s an emotionally exhausting and difficult procedure. Better times ahead Old Boy.

Thank you all for listening to me and offering support and suggestions.

Heard today that our friend has taken a sudden bad turn, is now barely able to speak and rarely awake. I’m not sure we’ll make it in time to say good-bye. 🙂 But honestly, I’m not sure my husband wanted to see him this way. He was just in Ky. in May and already Chuck just wasn’t himself. The seizures had already started then and his thinking was scrambled from them and a lot of chemo.

I will write about him and how I’m feeling about losing him. Thank you for that idea. Other than someone he lost in high school, this is the first really good friend of my husband’s who he’s lost. And I’ve always felt like he would die before me and I’d have to figure out how to make it without him, maybe for a long time because the women in my family tend to last a long time.

Thank you. It’s validation, but it’s also feeling like the things I put into the world with my writing are there to serve the greater good, and I can’t seem to do that right now.
I worry that I might be done writing, and it might be time to move on and do something else. But I can’t imagine a life where I’m not writing. It’s always been so much of who I am, and I feel lost without it. I’ve always believed I’d never retire, that I’d write until I died and hope I didn’t leave a half-done book behind. It’s so unsettling to imagine life without writing.

Thank you for that. I really appreciate it. I am still in Greenville and groaning at the idea that it’s slow-moving Neptune, along with Saturn and Mars, bearing down on me. 🙁
Marking down Sept. 14th – 18th as a days to hibernate. I do that a lot anyway, so it’s not a problem.
Knowing that’s likely the most intense period will help. I can hang on until then and know that things will slowly be easing from there.
Bright side in all this — less time to worry about my wild child who’s bi-polar. She’s been mostly stable, for her, and we haven’t had any crisis points in six months. That’s good.

I do feel better spilling all this to you guys. I haven’t come out to my writer friends about the writing freak-out. It isn’t quite real until I admit it to them.

The mental health gun thing — there’s actually a lot of agreement about what’s called red-flag laws. Where you see that someone is making threats or markedly angrier than usual, agitated, that kind of thing, and there would be some kind of procedure to get them red-flagged, so they couldn’t buy a gun or maybe even to take away their guns temporarily.

And yes, Trump did sign legislation to specifically allow people with mental health issues to be able to buy guns. Republicans were all for it.

While you will still process things from time to time (I am still processing and Parents have been dead averaging 25 years), It will be less intense or frequent when all this sorting is done and you are in your own home with your dear wife and living in your present.
In case I miss you, journey well and may you find friends along the way!

Teresa Hill,
As one writer to another, may you find again your muse. May you have peace of mind as your creativity surges forth from your soul in ways you never imagined. May you have all success in your writing endeavors.

I checked the map and did the math. Driving north to Leavenworth adds more than 200 miles to my journey, but from there going west keeps me on interstate highways for the rest of the trip, i.e. on safer, better roads. I’m seriously considering your proposal. Please call or email me or both.

Thank you Julie and Teresa for info about shoulder injuries.

I am familiar with a slight one as I had a separated clavicle almost 60 years ago. Declined having it pinned down to avoid surgery and to having trouble in cold or wet weather. Stopped wearing t-shirts under shirts as they hung crooked which was easily seen. Not a problem with pull overs worn alone and no loss of strength in that arm.

“When the president and Republicans in Congress tell you that what they’re really concerned about is the mentally ill getting access to guns, you can prove to them that that is bullpucky. You can prove it to them not by what they have said but by what they have done.”



Joe Biden is set to take on President Trump’s rhetoric directly following the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton in a speech in Burlington, Iowa, Wednesday afternoon, saying the president “has fanned the flames of white supremacy in this nation.”

Why it matters: From the very beginning of his 2020 campaign, the former vice president has pitched himself as a direct counter to Trump, choosing to focus on the “climate of the nation.”


Ralfee Finn:

“ere’s a breakdown of that astral traffic jam: On Sunday, August 11, at 9:37AM, EDT, Jupiter goes direct, still maintaining its trine to the Sun and Venus. Expect exuberance to be high, but also anticipate feeling a bump in the ethers. That same morning, the Moon starts to transit the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn; we are familiar with this monthly event, but just because we’ve grown accustomed to it, that doesn’t mean it won’t be disturbing, as more information is revealed about what’s been going on behind the scenes, from both a personal and a political perspective.”


Speech by Biden today gave me some hope he is up to the challenge. Let’s hope he can keep it up.


Joaquin Castro(brother of the candidate) being an idiot and doxing Trump donors in San Antonio:


Why don’t Democrats ever consider the optics of the things they say and do?

The World Order Breaks Apart

August 7, 2019 at 12:30 pm EDT By Taegan Goddard 59 Comments



Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations and author of A World In Disarray, tweets that “disarray” may be “too restrained to capture the world’s deterioration.”

He points to the US-China trade war, the hottest July ever, Hong Kong on the edge, odds of a U.S.-Iran war, Turkish-Kurdish conflicts mounting, new India-Pakistan Kashmir crisis, Japan-South Korea confrontation and a looming Brexit.

Mike Allen: “None of those are passing events. All are long-term crises that require expertise and bandwidth that are lacking in the always short-staffed Trump administration.”

Starlight: I hope Biden can and will keep it up. He to me is the only one so far that can beat Trump comfortably.

“Why don’t Democrats ever consider the optics of the things they say and do?”

Did Trump consider the optics of telling four elected Congresswomen to go back to where they came from? Or if smirking while his followers chanted Send the back? Or basically any of innumerable examples of his “optics” Did McConnell consider the optics of proudly tweeting his campaign team’s photo of headstones with his political rivals’ names with RIP on them right after these mass shootings? Castro posted the names of donors to the Trump campaign that happen to be public. That’s all he did. It’s not a bit list, it’s making these people known. They’re welcome to vote in secret like the rest of us if they don’t want to be publicly identified.

Hi Les,
Is any legislation likely to come out of Trump’s statements or McConnell’s headstones? No. How about what Castro did? Yes, possibly a push for keeping donor lists secret. More dark money, basically. It’s a stupid move on his part. I hope his brother is smarter.

Yeah, Joaquin was angry and acted too fast. The Castros and Betos are from TX and this hit them too close for comfort. It is their people! Beto may not be Hispanic but he is deeply a people person and El Paso is his hometown, he said — his roots.

Angellight, the United Arab Emirates just pulled out of the Yemen war, leaving SA’s only major ally to be the U.S. Since I am not a fan of the Iranian government (I have known and liked Iranians – very nice people), I’m not sure what I think about all of that. I don’t want to see Iran be the major power in the Mid-East which is their goal.

Angellight, the United Arab Emirates just pulled out of the Yemen war, leaving SA’s only major ally as the U.S. Since I am not a fan of the Iranian government (I have known and liked Iranians – very nice people), I’m not sure what I think about all of that. I don’t want to see Iran be the major power in the Mid-East which is their goal.

Beto, singular, and I don’t know why my comment repeated again today 🙂

Donor lists are all public record. He didn’t say they were evil or invading or rapists or murderers, and he didn’t show their names on a gravestone or put gun sites over their photos, as Republicans have done.

That may be so, but it still might look bad. Although it is understandable that he did this, I don’t want anything to reflect badly on Julian, one of my favorites.

Optics? I think we are long past that. I for one am happy that someone is calling out the money behind trump and hate international. Its time we know who and what is financing this attempted takeover of our once-great nation. I hope all of his backers, or at least his significant backers are exposed for all to see. And lets so who is profiting from their investment in trump. And if they own companies, let’s begin boycotting them. As we have seen in the past, our pocketbooks can speak loudly.

Has anyone interpreted Bill Weld’s chart and what effect his presence might have on dirty don in this next election cycle? 31 July 1945 1.47pm smithtown NY

Sharon K, Bob, Emma, Will, et. al.

Many Thanks for your good journey kind wishes/thoughts.

I’m under tremendous pressure right now. I’m extraordinarily busy finishing up the legal process; (we’re close to the date of the closing on the sale of my late mother’s house) while simultaneously processing through the last few boxes and suitcases of my parents possessions, getting them out of the house, AND planning/arranging the delivery of MY possessions and myself to home in WA state.

Also, if anyone is in touch with slightkc, please tell her to contact me asap. She and her husband have offered to put me up at their place on my way home. But if I do that I need to re-arrange my travel plans asap to make it all work and cost me the least amount of money.

Eliseo, I know you don’t love TX, but this must be a strange time to be leaving, even though you are not near El Paso. I am in great admiration at the way El Paso has come together over this horrible event. I also just realized in the last few days that two of our finest presidential candidates are from TX.

Matt M,

What’s up with your condemnation of Joachin Castro’s publishing names of peeps who contributed to the Trump campaign? Are there specific issues that troubles you about this?


Thank you for posting Biden’s speech. It was a much-appreciated dose of morality and sanity.

Sharon K,
I’m not fond of the culture in E. Texas or of our R. legislature, Governor, Lt. Governor, and especially of our crazy Texas school board. Growing up here in SE Texas, classmates always thought I was from somewhere else, despite my father being from what is called “deep East Texas” and my mother from SW Louisiana. They’d say “Well yew don’t saound like us.” And that was true. When I began talking, I did not have the accent my parents or peers had. I still mostly don’t.

I’ve nevertheless always found the history here exciting and interesting.

But…E. Texas is culturally more Southern, and the rest of Texas is quite different.

My favorite city in Texas is San Antonio, where I lived for a while back in the 1970’s. Although I’ve always been perceived as a fairly counter culture fellow, I find Austin is still much too hippy-dippy for me.

Were I wealthy fellow, I’d have two domiciles, one in San Antonio and one in the PNW. AND, As All Things Must Pass, Texas WILL one day be politically true blue. Demography, one of my several intellectual interests, is real.

OK, Back to work for me. I really should not be checking in so much until I’ve got everything done and have returned home later in August.

Two things are wrong with what Joaquin Castro did:
1. It allows them to say that we are inciting violence against Republican donors (“publishing a list of enemies”, “both sides”, “target on the backs of Trump donors” etc)
2. It gives the Republicans an excuse to change the law so donations are no longer public record, creating more “dark money”.

I can’t think of anything good that can come from his publishing the list. Maybe some local morale boost for his supporters. But it could have a bad and lasting national effect. Take a look at what Fox News is saying, their home page had articles last night and this morning about it, and here’s just one of the segments that played on TV:

Posting the list was a totally stupid knee-jerk reaction by Castro, and it’s another self-inflicted wound by a Democrat. We need to look at everything we say and do through more lenses than just the one in our own bubble.

Whimsey had some interesting information this evening. Very interesting POV on global. Definitely worth considering. Linda G had another psychic on–spoke about incoming president.

“White supremacists are convening in Lake City, Florida, this weekend for their annual conference — but local law enforcement aren’t particularly worried

Florida’s League of the South, a white supremacist neo-Confederate group, is hosting the event at a plush wedding venue called Casa Isabel on Saturday. Lake City is a popular destination for the group because of its proximity to the site of the only major Civil War battle fought in Florida, which the Confederacy won in 1864. ”

https://news.vice.com/en_us/article/ywazg7/white-supremacists-are-meeting-to-talk-about-charlottesville-in-florida-the-local-cops-arent-worried?utm_campaign=sharebutton via @vicenews

I posted a new thread:


I’ve commented on the fact that the US progressed Chiron opposes the US progressed Mars retrograde, but not the fact that the US progressed Black Moon Lilith (BML) conjuncts the US prog. Mars. That’s because I didn’t know it. She’s not a symbol I gravitate to right away, however at this time in US history I believe BML in the US progressed chart plays a vital role.

If a progressed chart sheds light on an individual’s development, and a specific year or period seems fraught with difficulty for that individual, the progressed birth chart can often explain why. I believe BML’s conjunction to Mars and opposite Chiron in the US progressed birth chart sheds a lot of light on our country’s present situation.

Development or growth depends on timing if it is to be successful. Too soon or too late can result in failure of such development or growth. Potty training a child is a good example of this. The US then is ripe for certain growth that it wasn’t ready for 20 years ago, and 20 years from now would be too late.

I think having US progressed Venus (values) and Pluto (death/re-birth) in square indicates the US is ready to be potty trained, as does the US prog. Jupiter stationing to go direct while forming a T-square to the opposite Chiron vs. Mars-BML in the US progressed chart, a process that will take at least a decade. It’s now or never as they say.

It is also the time of the revolutionary Pluto Return in the US natal birth chart, something one has to survive almost 250 years to experience. Thus the country of the United States of America is apparently old enough to deal with immature habits that must be abandoned if it is to make it to 300 years of age.

Because BML is associated with furious rage and a sense of revenge, and she is conjunct Mars, associated with violence, and they oppose Chiron who teaches and who symbolizes wounding as well as healing; and because Jupiter, symbol of understanding, higher learning, foreign things, networking such as the www, and seeing the Big Picture, stands between them in a T-square, . . .

. . we here at Nancy’s Blog (Starlight News) are part of the potty training effort; the growing up of these United States. US progressed Mars conjuncts US Constitution Signing chart’s Neptune and this relates to the vagaries of the 2nd amendment re: the right to bear arms.

US prog Mars conjunct US prog. BML makes it really nasty re: the right to bear arms.

US prog. Mars conjuncts Trump’s Jupiter making him the flag bearer of not changing the 2nd amendment.

US prog Mars conjunct Putin’s Saturn makes Putin the man behind Trump.

US prog. Mars opposite US prog. Chiron means there will be wounding until changes are made in the Constitution 2nd amendment.

US prog. Jupiter T-square US Prog. Chiron vs. Mars+ BML represents the law and transiting Neptune will trine US prog. Jupiter this November, again, all month, as it stations direct, possibly providing some sleight of hand magic re: the laws for selling guns.

We live in history-making times. Rejoice in that and be part of it.

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Potty training planets? So then it is true, planets initially soil themselves until coached to do otherwise?

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