26th Jun, 2019

New Discussion Thread

Thank you all for letting me know the last discussion was blocked. I hope tonight’s debates are clarifying. Happy posting.


Many Thanks, Starlight!

Thank you Nancy.

“Here’s the good news: It’s not you. So if you’re thinking that life is getting crazier and crazier, you’re right; it is. It’s not just that the inmates are running the asylum. It’s far worse—there is no asylum. It’s as if we are in a continuous free fall, with no bottom in sight, and the psychic effect of that plunge is really hard to bear.”


Her first speech to the Parliament of India became viral. She denounced the early warning signs of fascism in her country. See if they remind you of the US:


Interesting that Mueller’s testimony in open session occurs the morning after the eclipse on the 16th. Has anyone analyzed the chart for his testimony?

Interesting that Mueller’s testimony in open session occurs tha morning after the eclipse on July 16th. Has anyone had a chance to analyze the chart for his testimony?


re: Indian MP Mahua Moitra’s ‘rising fascism’ speech wins plaudits.

Brava! Astounding courage. Truly inspirational.

I was just coming here to ask if anyone had checked the chart for Mueller’s July testimony. Makes me hopeful that it’s right after an eclipse.

tRump’s natal Saturn is at 115°43′. The lunar eclipse Sun is at 115°57′.

For the fallout: The next day, July 18, at 3 pm, EDT, tRump’s secondary progressed MC (Q2 Mean Quotidian angles) will be at 154°48′. His secondary progressed Sun will be at 154°48′ and secondary progressed Moon at 154°33′ will be there also.

My progressed anlunar chart for him then will have his progressed Saturn/Sun and Saturn/Moon midpoints on it’s MC (141°17′) an hour earlier (2 pm) opposing transiting Neptune/Pluto midpoint on the IC 141°45′ at 3 pm.

This is the opening of the floodgates on tRump.


Re: “This is the opening of the floodgates on tRump.”


Will, that was funny. My mother used to love that stuff, unfortunately, so I had to take it. That shade of pink – that I call Pepto Bismo Pink – is putrid to me when I notice anything in that color whether clothing, house paint, etc — a definite turn off – LOL

Loving tonight’s debate, 30 minutes in.

I like Castro. He is phenomenal on immigration — a stronger candidate than I realized. I like Booker. I like DeBlasio, pushy New Yorker that he is. Warren is smart as hell but a bit too wound up as previously observed. I like Beto. Klobachar and Gabbard are impressive in their own way, just somewhat quieter. I also like the candidate from Maryland. Many of these people will not be front runners but I love listening to them. This is a great debate and it’s a great way to showcase the progressive platform and ideas! Very exciting!

Tomorrow should be very stimulating too, especially Bernie & Biden who will be interesting to watch.

It should be very interesting tomorrow

John Delaney was a Representative from OH for about 6 years, and Representative Tim Ryan of OH is also very good.

I meant that John D was from MD, not OH. Ryan is from OH.


So sorry you were assaulted by pink. I promise never to offer you a piece of Bazooka.

I’m streaming the debate on my computer.
It is dishonest to say you can save Miami from sea level rise. No matter what we do, Miami will be under water, and very likely within our lifetime.

That was me, Will (Sharon), that was assaulted by “pepto bismol pink” (and the medicine also taste awful). Bazooka pink is a much nicer shade.

After almost 30 years of living in Miami, Eliseo, I moved to New Orleans (frying pan into the fire?) in 2003. I felt too vulnerable in Miami. I didn’t feel safe. I’m so sorry about the jeopardy facing Miami (particularly the Keys), as in many ways, it’s such a bright, beautiful, balmy place that sparkles with music and night life, and has such a vital, pulsing Latin culture. Would that there be a way to save it through some technology that is now being pioneered.


So sorry you were assaulted by pink. I promise never to offer you a piece of Bazooka.

DPH, the July 16 lunar eclipse has Mercury in Leo trine Ceres in Sagittarius and they form a grand trine to Mueller’s natal Moon in Aries which is – I now believe – conjunct the Aries Point, aka the World Point, which resonates with the entire planet.

The Eclipsed Moon at 24+ Cap opposes the US natal Mercury (communicate) and transiting Sun (consciousness) at 24+ Cancer, as well as Trump’s natal Saturn and Venus.

Eclipse Moon also conjuncts trans. Pluto (21+ Cap) which trines US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo) and both trans. Pluto and US Neptune will form a grand trine to the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 22+ Taurus that began their 20 year cycle in 2000.

Because the trans. Pluto and the US Neptune and the Jupiter-Saturn cycle start point are in accord (grand trine) it would seem Mueller’s testimony could possibly further societal (Jupiter-Saturn cycle) progress in the evolution (outer planets Pluto, Neptune and Uranus represent higher consciousness energies) of not just the United States, but the world in its entirety.

I could expound on these things about the July lunar eclipse (and their are more of them) but for now, it seems the Mueller testimony and the lunar eclipse in Capricorn are linked to each other and to some greater purpose. Mueller’s testimony on the 17th could be a key breakthrough (Uranus) moment.

1. Mueller’s natal Uranus conjuncts the US natal chart’s descendant, the 7th house (the “other”) cusp. He provides balance.

2. Transiting Uranus on July 16-17 will be in a T-square to the US natal north and south nodes; a pivotal moment at a decisive time, follow the old or begin anew, in which a breakthrough could happen.

Okay, I’m giving Joni Patry another shot; her July prediction is compelling in a Vedica way.

I am so impressed with our Democratic candidates tonight – they did a phenomenal job and all are so bright. They are the movers and shakers who will hasten the future we need. Just think, the Republicans will probably not have anything like this to showcase their (non-) ideas, but one of the people appearing tonight and tomorrow will be on stage debating Drumpf and will most likely make him look like the absolute dolt that he is. At this point, my favorites are Warren, Castro, and Klobachar. I think I would like to see Castro as the running mate. I don’t have a pick for the presidential candidate yet.

Joni Patri July Predictions

The eclipses in Gemini are very intense for travel and miscommunications for Mercury is also retrograde. Technology problems, computer glitches and hacking are the focus of this month.

Mars is transiting alongside the Sun from June-September. During this four-month period anger and fire are more intense. The world is hot and fiery. There will be more fires and explosions.

Mars is debilitated causing issues with Mars. This may be a deflation with real estate prices, but next month gas and fuel prices will increase, when Mars opposes Neptune. The economy is on shaky ground with many ups and downs. With fuel prices increasing many companies that depend on shipping and transportation may have more financial expenditures, therefore their stocks may drop but the stocks around oil and gas will rise.

Time to take care of your health now and build up your immune system because this October will be one of the worse flu seasons in a very long time. This may indicate a disease epidemic since Neptune notoriously brings problems with undetected issues around disease with the threat of poisons in the air, water and food. During this time, Mars will align with the Sun in Virgo in a Yod with Neptune and Uranus. So please prepare now, don’t wait till October.

Ketu, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto are all aligned by 22 degrees South in declination. These are very volatile planets indicating an extremely transformational time in our history. It seems like nothing is going on but actually the biggest changes are occurring underneath the surface that will change the outlook of the world forever. These changes involve the economy and there is a new dimensional shift that expands the vibrational frequency. Those aware will definitely feel this.

While Jupiter is in the intense water sign Scorpio there have been extreme rains and floods this year and the weather will intensify all the more as we come into hurricane season as the eclipses bring transformation this month.

The planet that rules the sign that Jupiter is in determines the events occurring throughout the year. Jupiter is in Scorpio and Mars rules Scorpio. Therefore, throughout the year that Jupiter resides in Scorpio the transit of Mars determines the changing events. As Mars changes signs throughout the year so does the focus of the worldwide events. Mars is in Cancer from June 24-August 8. So, for six weeks this will bring many, many changes because Cancer is the sign ruled by the Moon and brings fluctuations. Additionally, both Jupiter and Mars in water signs brings even more floods and rain.

Times around the eclipses bring major shifts of energy. From the last part of June till the first part of August will bring earth changes meaning earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, severe weather, storms and hurricanes.

The events of May and June were imperative to the realization of what is to come in February 2020. What was triggered at this time will result in a massive blow up after the next eclipse in December. February is when transiting Mars will transit to the opposing position that it was during May-June of 2019. Mars is the trigger and the sensitive areas of the zodiac currently are where the eclipses are in Gemini and Sagittarius.

May-June 2019 Mars was in Gemini and February 8-March 21, 2020 is when Mars will be in Sagittarius and the mounting events will come to a huge event that will change humanity. The events and effects will change everyone’s views on politics. The future of the next political race is dependent on the events at this time. Personally, I believe this time will result in a war based on the placements of Mars and Ketu conjunct in Sagittarius. Furthermore, Jupiter will be conjunct adding to the intensity. This time period is astrologically most like the day of September 11, 2001, when Mars and Ketu were together 18 ½ years ago. But what makes it so much like that fateful day is that Jupiter was aspecting by opposition in Gemini and now it is conjunct this Mars/Ketu. Jupiter expands whatever it is aspecting making the events larger. The Mars/Ketu conjunction will be conjunct the ascendant degree of the U.S. chart.

The “debaters” all did much better than I expected. IMHO they were misguided on a few things, but mostly had a number of excellent policy ideas.

I thought it was odd, yet politically understandable that there was very little mention of Mr. T. Our current president is a profoundly, deeply, intensely, and insidiously evil character who needs to be removed from office and spend the rest of his life in jail. But I suppose it is not politically correct or wise electorally to say so.

I liked Booker very much, too.

Eliseo, Agreed, they were saying that after the debate, that it was strange that there wasn’t more talk about Trump, I think the reason is as you say, however again I think Trump is being normalized and gets away with it all, but what’s the alternative I don’t know? I agree with Inslee that the biggest threat right now is Trump, its 100 percent true.

I think Amy Klobuchar is very underrated and has what it takes to get a wide sector of Americans to vote for her.

IMO, I think Dems are acting like things are normal when they are NOT, this next election has to be a referendum on trump, a lot of Republicans are looking to see who the candidate will be and will vote along with Dems, but not if its someone they perceive as extreme like Warren or Sanders or even Booker. Biden is someone they and and people who are on the fence about Trump could vote for, and Dems need this in 2020, also I think Klobuchar could be this kind of candidate and if someone like Castro or Harris could be runningmates, this could work.

Trump will destroy Warren in this next election, the Pocahontas thing is not going away and she’s too hyper and school teachery for most. Also, I dont care what, another African American man , which is Booker, will not get in I dont think. A gay man wont either imo. I like Warren, i really do but I think we have to think about who ‘normal’ people and those on the fence about Trump, people in rural communities , that he won and has now hurt , and Blacks and Latinos would vote for . Someone reasonable and likeable.

If Mitch McConnell would just stop breathing.

What I did not like about the format was the necessity, due to the number of candidates, for such short answers to the questions, and the fact so many of the answers were canned.

I’m interested in in-depth policy positions and proposals and good hypotheses as to how to get such legislation passed and enforced. I don’t think we’ll get anything like that through these debates.

Our attention spans are not what they used to be.

Watching the “debate” a second time, I find I am less impressed. I think that’s the charisma effect. Listening to the answers more carefully, and deeply I find them less exciting, and less practical. Our Dems need to work out their ideas more acutely.


Trump has used Goebbles’ winning formula with deft aplomb; make the message outrageously over-the-top but simple and then repeat it until it becomes indelibly etched upon the body politic.

You are so right. It saddens me that so few of us know our history sufficiently to recognize the similarities.

All the candidates were good. Impressed with Warren. Liked what Rep. Ryan said that 60 percent of the population (probably more) has not had a raise since 1980! Anyone of them would beat Trump, who is deeply corrupt and will be proven to be so.

The Washington Post this morning has great sketches of the Democratic debate by Ann Telnaes. The second one is the best, where McConell says: “How quaint, Democrats think we’re playing the same game.”


I interpret that to mean: “How touchingly naive and outdated. Democrats actually still believe there are fair and free presidential elections in this country.”


You wrote:

“Interesting that Mueller’s testimony in open session occurs the morning after the eclipse on July 16th. Has anyone had a chance to analyze the chart for his testimony?”

Here’s the eclipse chart……


As has been mentioned in this blog, the eclipse (24 ’04 Capricorn) is within a 16 min orb of opposing Trumps natal Saturn (23 ’48 Cancer). Tr. Pluto (21 Capricorn) is at the midpoint of the eclipse (24 Cap)-Saturn/South Node (16/17 Cap) stellium.

July 12th – 4 days prior there is an exact Mars-Uranus square (6 Leo – Taurus) located at the midpoint of Trumps natal Moon Sun opposition (21 Sag – 22 Gemini) and the US Mars (21 Gemini).

Regarding the Mueller hearing itself, (Wednesday July 17th 10 am Washington DC), tr. Mars at 9 ’55 Leo conjoins Mueller’s progressed Pluto (10 ’10 Leo) as well as Trump’s natal Pluto (10 ’02 Leo). A major transformative event in the making? Mars will also activate the 2017 US Inaugural chart’s Moon (9 Scorpio) Saturn (23 Sag) Mars (24 Pisces) configuration.

The early morning hours of the 18th the Moon will then make an opposition to Mars and the Trump/Mueller Pluto aspects. Is this an indication the consequences of the hearing will play itself out in the court of public opinion.

”The opening part of the debate had been interesting in many ways, one of which being how little the President featured in it. By directing the first question at Elizabeth Warren, and making it about whether her extensive suite of policy proposals, including major changes to taxation, health care, and regulation, represented a risk to the economy, Savannah Guthrie, of NBC News, gave the Massachusetts senator a chance to define the terms of the debate. Warren seized the opportunity. She has based her campaign on the theory that Trump is the symptom rather than the cause of America’s malaise. ”


Ah, Will, Will, Will. So sorry Joni has you in her clutches.

As for me and Bubblicious.


Barb also posted the Mueller hearing chart above, I believe.

I did see a certain degree of putting down Trump last night , which was done effectively, and it gave us a chance to hear the policy opinions of the candidates instead of using the time to dis Trump, which can be a cop out. We really needed to meet the candidates last night, especially those who don’t know much about most or some of them.

I also think that the discipline of having to summarize in short periods of time was good, and it forced them to be succinct. Later debates will have less candidates. This is the beginning of the process of elimination.

I think all have great potential but not just any of them can beat Trump. As Andre posted, the Republicans are NOT playing the same game and the SC have now cleared a path to continuing gerrymandering….and then there’s Russia, etc.

Thus, I am definitely withholding judgment for now. However, it is possible for a black man to win again, as well as a black woman, or a white woman, but I would be surprised if the brilliant Mayor Pete could, at least in this election. He and Beto are both wonderful leaders and candidates but I feel they have to grow a little more. But, no matter how good any one candidate is, I, personally, want the one who is the most electable.

Looking forward to tonight. It should be great.

The Investigation – A Search for the Truth in Ten Acts

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zUblhfv6GI 1:17:01

The US Supreme Court decided today that gerrymandering was beyond the control of federal courts. This is in sharp contrast with the Supreme Court of Canada which has decided at least a decade ago that anomalous electoral districts are a breach of the equal right to vote.

Such decisions throw an unfavorable light on the democratic system in the United States.

Given today’s SCOTUS decision, and the fact that there are some cases in the lower courts, there is a real chance that the Robert’s Court could reconsider Brown v Board of Ed and decide that separate but equal is just fine. This is not a court that mirrors America. This is five conservative politicians who wear robes.

Jerry, if that time of 10 AM for the Mueller testimony on July 17 is right it has 8-9 Gemini on the MC which sextiles Mueller’s Pluto at 8+ Leo.

That sextile forms a Yod with the Mars-Saturn cycle start point (8+ Capricorn) that began in April, 2018.

Mars and Saturn were opposite Trump’s natal Mercury (his Sun sign ruler) at 8+ Cancer, and altogether, they created a Boomerang pattern; Trump’s Mercury being the Boom part . . . where everything lands.

That “everything” would include the US natal Uranus, also at 8+ Gemini, as well as the start point of the Neptune-Pluto cycle, at 8+ Gemini. This is gonna be really, really BIG!

I’ve not seen (in print or on the Internet) any chart comparison of Trump and Putin’s birth charts but there is a conjunction between Putin’s Saturn and Trump’s Jupiter, which conjuncts the US Constitution Signing chart’s Neptune and the US PROGRESSED Mars, all at 17+ Libra.

At the time of Mueller’s testimony, the transiting North Node (path forward) at 17+ Cancer and South Node (no longer serviceable; bad habits) at 17+ Capricorn will be T-squared by US Constitution’s Neptune, Trump’s Jupiter, Putin’s Saturn and the US PROG. Mars.

The North Node will conjunct transiting Venus and the South Node will conjunct transiting Saturn. Gives us an idea of what’s to come from Mueller’s montage; he will decimate Trump.

Transiting Saturn (+ the South Node) will be exactly trine Mueller’s natal Mars-Chiron conjunction. All in a days work.

I heard that Mueller’s “show” will start at 9 AM. I don’t know if that makes a difference from the 10 AM you used.

“In newly disclosed testimony, Rex Tillerson said Jared Kushner operated independently with powerful world leaders without coordination with the State Dept, leaving Tillerson out of the loop and in the dark on emerging U.S. policies and geopolitical crises.”


Bernie and Biden are communicating very well, convincingly and powerfully, just with somewhat different policy positions. Harris is powerful and has well-prepared policy positions, and Buttigieg, as expected, has intelligent solutions and speaks beautifully.

Marianne Williamson is surprising me with her strong positions and communication style.

I agree with the content of both your 9:39 & 9:48 posting, but I tire of so many of the non-answer answers with the switch to I’m so great, etc.

And I think the moderators have been rude to some of the 2nd tier candidates, cutting them off while letting others speak.

Just to add a few things, Bernie is Bernie, still a very valuable Democrat, and among the most valuable. I’m glad he’s there but don’t believe he’ll be the candidate. As far as Biden, they are coming at him with all guns blazing and making him defend himself. I think he is doing good as it’s hard to overcome some of these accusations.

Harris is such a great communicator but maybe a little too intense? Yet, impressive all the same.

Eliseo, I was going back to what you said last night when you said people weren’t given enough time to talk. Yes, Kirstin G overdid it in trying to distinguish herself. Biden is trying to make the most of his record…it’s a good one and I don’t think should be overshadowed by some of his mistakes, but he will have to spend the campaign defending himself, it seems.

IMHO the “debate” went better last night as opposed to tonight. The candidates tonight were very undisciplined, making the discussion too chaotic.

There was too much generalization in their answers. Frankly, I think most all of the candidates really don’t know what to do, how to solve a number of our problems, but I give them credit for at least caring and desiring to solve these problems. Most of the R’s really don’t give a damn.

I have zero respect for Kirstin G who in my opinion is a supremely opportunistic sexist, and Eric Swalwell is a naïve, suicidal fool.

I was impressed with how well Mr. Yang, Marianne Williamson, and Pete Buttigieg comported themselves, but I felt Kamala Harris was the most steady and was the strongest.

I see ALL Dems as entirely too weak on climate change, and I see them as misguided in the way they ALL frame the abortion issue, and some other issues.

With so many candidates I think it impossible to get into issues with sufficient depth and/or detail, but then we Americans as a whole are less educated then we were a few decades ago, with less ability to plumb things in depth.

Yes, we have a larger percentage of people with degrees nowadays. But all those letters behind our names are there not because we are more educated. We are not. They are there because we are better trained. Attention spans continue to go down as our technologies become smarter.

I’ll be glad when there are fewer candidates, and it becomes clearer which of these candidates can actually defeat DT.

Marianne W did so well until her last words, about using love to defeat Trump. WTFrick ‘n frack? I could just hear him saying, “She’s not my type.”

So many good candidates. Proud of them all. Eliseo and Sharon K, agree with your insights, keep ’em coming!

The Mueller thing, I fully expect it to end with a Sad Trombone crescendo: wah wahhh. He’s a staunch Republican, with a decades long, deep friendship with Barr. No beans will be spilled. If any are, I will be turning blue from choking on my popcorn.


The Doris Day song – what a kick in the head! Love those harmonics in a kitchy, retro-way. I was madly in love with her as a kid. Probably some kind of incestuous Freudian fantasy re: my blonde, mother who sang semi-professionally. Trust me, I’ve got Joni-the-Kryptomaniac on a leash. Nonetheless, she was the proverbial voice-in-the-wilderness about Trump’s victory in 2016.

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Quite right. The NY Times states the hearing is to begin at 9 am.
Here’s the chart for quick reference…….

Another interesting note on the aspects…..

There is a nearly exact Moon-Mercury opposition (1 Aq – Leo) in exact semi-square/sesqui-quadrate to Mueller’s natal Mars/Chiron conjunction (16 Virgo). Would that indicate Mueller is being placed in an uncomfortable position of having to carefully navigate around sensitive classified information as well as not to get caught up in political partisanship?

Mitch McConnell and actor Adam Scott got into a twitter Gif fight *warning, irreverent gossip site


Just went through the comment section on Dlisted about the McConnell/Scott Gif fight. Priceless! They cut McConnell to shreds! And the Gifs they posted, the one of a large sea turtle struggling to the sea with Mitch’s face on it, hahahaha

M. Peach,
RE: “I fully expect it to end with a Sad Trombone crescendo: wah wahhh. He’s a staunch Republican, with a decades long, deep friendship with Barr. No beans will be spilled.”

You may well be right about that. That’s been my feeling as well.

I know a number of astrologers here have said they see something odd, maybe even “stinky” about the 2020 presidential election. I’m beginning to wonder if the future scenario goes thusly:

(A) DT is “re-elected” but only by cheating, and with Russian help in a highly controversial, contested election.
(B) It becomes obvious the cheating and Russian help occurred, and that his “re-election” was illegitimate.
(C) New Democratic majorities are elected to both the House and Senate in November 2020.
(D) In 2021 Trump is inaugurated, impeached, convicted and turned out of office.
(E) The new (not Pence) R. VP takes office as the 46th president.

Conversely, we could have an “Avignon presidency”, something like the Avignon papacy, (1309-1376). Donald could lose the election, say it was a rigged, fake election, declare himself the winner, and refuse to leave office. What would the military do if he ordered them to protect him and to keep the “usurper” out and away from WA DC?

The real winner might have to go into exile to avoid being arrested and/or possibly executed. We theoretically could have more than one person claiming to be president simultaneously. Which one would our allies connect with?

My (E) should have been the real winner, the Dem is sworn in.

Eliseo, astrologer Michael Lutin has posted in June about “the fix”. For example:

“Over the next several days as we approach yet another occultation of Saturn/ Pluto, secret meetings, strategies and negotiations you’ll never hear about, are moving toward culminating resolution which will affect us all. It represents a desperate fight to the death between human idealism and cold-blooded cynicism. It’s a battle over territory and who owns the world.”

“Desperate, ruthless bids for power, entire worlds falling apart, annihilating war, collapse of structured society, shocking secret alliances, invasions of alien foreigners…right now this week in real life.
Major backroom, backstabbing secret meetings you have no idea about possibly determining the Fate of normal humans as Moon Erodes further the integrity of Capricorn right under our noses.”

Lutin wrote the spot-on 2006 astrology article in Vanity Fair about the destruction of America from within, via our political system.

Skilled astrologers like Starlight, Lutin, etc. are again seeing a storm coming.

Have to end my posting spree on a high note.
Adam Scott to Team Mitch:
Dear Mitch McConnell & all those representing him,

Please refrain from using my image in support of anything but your own stunning & humiliating defeat.

Putin says liberalism is dead. China is turning into an all-powerful totalitarian state. Darkness threatens to engulf us all unless democracy in the US and elsewhere rises again.


I may be very off but picking up on Bob and other’s I wonder if an alt. scenario is that Trump leaves office with some sort of horrific deal to not be indicted and Romney is the nominee (and Nikki Haley VP) for the GOP and wins with a dem senate and dem house which would explain why we see nothing happening until 2024?

“NEW: Former president Jimmy Carter says a full investigation “would show that Trump didn’t actually win the election in 2016….He was put into office because the Russians interfered.” Does that mean he’s an illegitimate president? “Based on what I said, which I can’t retract.”


I’ve always thought that in the end, Trump’s self-interest would win out, that he’d resign to save himself. But then you come back to the question I’ve never been able to answer about Trump — is he truly delusional or not? Because to get him to resign to save himself, he’d have to be convinced he can’t lie or trick his way out of what he’s facing, and if he’s truly delusional, he’d always think he could win or that lying would work.

Been thinking about DTs abrupt U-turn on his anti iran military strike – imo, something spooked him away from his usual bravado. And I do wonder if Iran ally Putin was part of the behind-the-scenes equation?

Putin spooking him makes sense to me.

Theresa Hill,
I think his ego is so vulnerable he has to maintain the delusion of invincibility. Therefore, I believe he would probably hold on to the end.

Putin Birthdate: as far as I could trust it-October7, 1952 in Leningrad.

I feel like we are heading towards a crash of some sort, like a reckless driver speeding towards a wall.

October 7, 1952
(no assured time:) Did a solar chart instead.


Apparently my provider does not allow hotlinking.

New URL:


Third Time’s The Charm:


What remarkable imaginations we all have here!

Jerry, what if on July 17 the Mueller testimony were to be delayed until 10 AM as you said earlier? After all, Mercury, along with 4 other major planets, will be retrograde that day.

You might also want to add to your list of transits that Jupiter (one of the retrogrades) in Sagittarius will exactly trine Mueller’s Sun in Leo on July 17. That would trump all others don’t you agree?

Even so, the most telling aspect (IMO) that day is the T-square that US PROGRESSED Mars (+ US Constitution Signing chart Neptune + Trump’s Jupiter + Putin’s Saturn) will be making to the transiting Nodes, which I outlined at 6:04 PM yesterday.

The North Node will be conjunct Venus (our values) which would seem the more likely way to go, as opposed to the South Node that conjuncts Saturn (authoritarianism), the obvious fall back way to go, no matter what time Mueller begins his testimony . . assuming it is televised and we all get to watch of course.

Still, I would love to see an hour delay for the start time; what excitement there would be having US natal Uranus (+ the Neptune-Pluto cycle influence + the Mars-Saturn cycle influence) on the midheaven of that chart!

By the way, Putin’s natal Ceres (the nurturer) at 17+ Gemini is likely why Trump adores him, since the Trump natal Uranus is also at 17+ Gemini.

That, in addition to their Saturn (Putin) – Jupiter (Trump) conjunction to the US Constitution Neptune (blurry) and US progressed Mars retrograde (internal fighting), which TRINES their Ceres (Putin) – Uranus (Trump) thing, makes me think it’s all part of a grand divine scheme to bring us to this point of heightened consciousness.

Imagination is a gift.

I don’t want a grand divine scheme to bring me heightened consciousness if it means Trump’s gift of children’s concentration camps.

Andre’s link to a Guardian article was well worth the read. One link inside the article goes to Trump’s tweets, where he’s brought up the idea that he should become America’s “eternal President”, using a manipulated Time Magazine cover as an illustration.

There it is, friends, proof positive, on his twitter feed, he is putting it before his followers that Trump is a dynasty, an eternal ruler–and they are thrilled by it.
Down the rabbithole we go.

Re. M. Peach (5:07am) post: …(we) are moving toward culminating resolution which will affect us all. It represents a desperate fight to the death between human idealism and cold-blooded cynicism. It’s a battle over territory and who owns the world.”

Agreed, in the sense that there is a battle, but that has been all of history. Let’s not jump off the cliff. It is one more battle and, imo, it is not about idealism. It is important to acknowledge that the young have a vested interest in keeping the planet going, and nobody “owns” the planet. That is not idealism; that is realism. The young are and will be powerfully motivated to resist their own destruction. Idealism isn’t even necessary for survival, but organization and more equal distribution of wealth over the globe is. To the extent that it is possible to forecast “ownership”, it is young adults and children who truly “own” the future. In whatever form the economy operates, the species must survive, especially with the increasingly unpredictable forces of Mother Nature (who cares nothing for the fortunes of mankind).

The kind of “owning” we think of in our ordinary day-to-day world is only for the short run, which is (in practical terms) 10 to 20 years, or a generation. Going 40 years into the future is an eternity from now – our current grandchildren will have had children by then. I don’t think for a minute that Trump, Putin and Mitch McConnell in the age of technology will get to spoil it all.

Purely on statistics, nothing we do or say (or who we elect) is going to change the fact that most adults over the age of 60 are verging on irrelevance already, and certainly within five years. Everything we do (or Congress does) is going to be changed by the younger generation. People like Trump occupy our thoughts daily, but at age 73, he is at the front of the line heading out the door, one way or another.

Take a look at the 2019 Forbes list of the 75 most powerful people on the planet and do the math. It is pretty clear that the 60+’ers are not going to fix much of anything even if they hang on. They don’t have enough time left. Health, death and events outside their control will sweep them off the stage.

In their place will come the under 60 group – the likes of Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, Kim Jong-un, Emmanuel Macron, Justin Trudeau, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Enrique Pena Nieto, Bashar al-Assad (well he may not make it long), Qamar Javed Bajwa, Joko Widodo and Mike Pence. Not a nice bunch, overall, but they do have the political clout off the future in their hands. The rest of the under 60s are international businessmen (of whom only 2 are women). These guys are invested in the agenda of the future and in technology. Singly or collectively, they don’t want to die of starvation, disease, war, nuclear accident or flooding or heat. Not saying sanity will always prevail, but the necessity of survival is the good part!

Having created an interconnected, technological, electronic world, in the face of climate change, pollution and pandemics, the world truly has no choice. The old guys will have to go and oil will have to go, but it will take a bit of time and adjustment. The younger crowd in the US will throw out the Mitch and Donald show either in 2019 or 2023. Yes, there will be a battle. But the young will win because the must and they will cooperate with the rest of the world because they have no choice. It’s the best possible outcome for the human hive: in the world of the future, we survive collectively, or we all die. Even Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud knows that.

See list in next post.

Here is the Forbes list of the UNDER age 60s (2019) sorted by age:

Rank Name Organization Age
#8 Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, Saudi Arabia 33
#13 Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook 35
#36 Kim Jong-un, North Korea 35
#12 Emmanuel Macron, France 41
#35 Sergey Brin, Alphabet 45
#10 Larry Page, Alphabet 46
#27 Ma Huateng, Tencent Holdings 47
#57 Justin Trudeau, Canada 47
#73 Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Islamic State 47
#25 Elon Musk, Tesla 48
#75 Gianni Infantino, FIFA 49
#58 Robin Li , Baidu 50
#65 Ken Griffin, Citadel LLC 50
#40 Satya Nadella, Microsoft 51
#23 Doug McMillon, Wal-Mart Stores 52
#64 Enrique Pena Nieto, Mexico 52
#62 Bashar al-Assad , Syria 53
#21 Jack Ma, Alibaba Group 54
#34 Darren Woods, ExxonMobil 54
#59 Michael Dell, Dell 54
#5 Jeff Bezos, Amazon.com 55
#30 John L. Flannery , General Electric 57
#53 Mary Barra, General Motors 57
#70 Abigail Johnson, Fidelity Investments 57
#24 Tim Cook, Apple 58
#68 Qamar Javed Bajwa, Pakistan 58
#71 Reed Hastings, Netflix 58
#74 Joko Widodo, Indonesia 58
#41 Jim Yong Kim, World Bank 59
#60 Hui Ka Yan, China Evergrande Group 60
#67 Mike Pence, United States 60

Take a look, also, at this list. Eliminate everybody over 60 and you get the flavor of the future, state by state.


The one redeeming thing about Trump and McConnell is that they are both merely mortal human beings, and both are far closer to their physical expiration date than they are to their date of origin. They may be horrible, but they are not invincible.

I don’t know when exactly we will be rid of them, and those who benefit from them being in positions of authority. The one thing I continue to hold fast to is that the current “heaviness” that we associate with the Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn period will not go on forever. It isn’t even two months after the single perfection of Saturn-Pluto in January that Saturn moves far enough ahead to dip its toe briefly into Aquarius. Higher-minded and visionary energies will begin to rise up and push back openly and forcefully, in fits and starts, yet during lengthening intervals and ever more forcefully in the coming years against the prevailing Conservative Reactionaryism of our time.

We will be in a completely different era by 2025. And I suspect any vestiges of the current crop of rulers would do well to have shoved off the scene, one way or another by that time, or else face their ultimate humiliation and defeat at the hands of those who will no longer tolerate them and the threat they pose to humanity.

Beowulfie, you should go on Michael Lutin’s website and share your thoughts about his astrologically-based ruminations. He has a comment section.

I assure you I’m not “jumping off a cliff” by posting items found on respected astrology or news websites.

Your age-bashing post–now that was a cliff dive. “It is pretty clear that the 60+’ers are not going to fix much of anything even if they hang on. They don’t have enough time left. Health, death and events outside their control will sweep them off the stage.”

There are people here who are over age 60 and have more purpose, common sense, experience, and willing hearts and hands than you could ever dream of possessing.

Enjoy your swim.

Well, I’m 71. Been there, done that. I’m not age bashing – I’m not saying we older people serve no useful purpose. We do (and we vote). But, my generation (boomers), will soon be followed by much younger people who do not share post-WWII values of accepting political regimes at face value. They are technologically wise and connected, with which my generation can’t keep up. Ill health and disabilities are affecting my age mates at an increasing rate (although some are doing fine for now). Regardless of what we say and do, the young will set the agenda for the future whether we like it or not. Young people must survive, have kids, work and hope for the future. Period.

Politicians and governments and armies are going to have to adjust to the younger, connected generation(s) in the USA, China, Europe, Middle East, India and everywhere. The world simply cannot survive with the challenges ahead without cooperation on a scale that has not been known, at least since the last war, and even then only for short periods.

Many years ago, I attended a seminar of which the topic was computerization (it was the 80’s). I spoke to a young technician then who said computers will take over the world, but all the business people are resisting – they don’t want to learn and they don’t want to spend money on the equipment. I expressed my surprise because I already knew how great the new tools I was using were. He laughed and said, well, some of these old guys are going to have to die before they will get out of the way. He was right. It was about the year 2000 when things really started taking over. That will happen again. I just hope it doesn’t take 20 years for the next younger generation to make its impact – we need ’em now!


Thank you for sharing your reflections.

I for one, believe that there are is a treasure trove of wise and wonderful elders who are desperately-needed to help shepherd all of those wealthy young guns you posted. I serve many youngsters in my practice who remind me daily of their gratitude for the hard-earned words and advise that come out of my old pie-hole.

At the young age of 94, President Jimmy Carter made a brilliantly-bold comment today that is sure to resonate for a long, long time.

“There’s no doubt that the Russians did interfere in the election. And I think the interference, although not yet quantified, if fully investigated would show that Trump didn’t actually win the election in 2016. He lost the election and he was put into office because the Russians interfered on his behalf,” Carter said at the Carter Center’s retreat in Leesburg, Virginia.

Asked if he believes Trump is an illegitimate president, Carter paused for a moment.

“Based on what I just said, which I can’t retract,” Carter said to audience laughter.

I know what you meant about the old guard dying off; hopefully it will be more of those oppressive old fossils that will return to dust, leaving behind some of the great sages of our time to whisper words of wisdom into the ears of the young

It is lower consciousness that has brought us “Trump’s gift of children’s concentration camps” as well as all his other gifts. So, M. Peach, hopefully you won’t reject heightened consciousness and will join the rest of us. Take your time.

You know what’s the craziest thing about this whole “death to the old” discussion? That it’s even a discussion. Nothing in the now, or in the future, will be fixed without the help of people over age 60. Nothing. Period. Right back at you, Beowulfie. Respect yourself and your contribution to the world.

Nothing will be fixed politically without the help of people who are over age 60. Nothing will come to fruition technologically, nothing will fix climate change, or any other world destroying threat without the help of people over 60.

It’s not those people you listed who will do the work. They don’t clean the labs at night or take care of the grandkids during the day. They don’t sacrifice so their pension can cover some of the family bills.

The people you listed don’t change the world, they just sit on their gigantic collective asses and rake in the money, and they don’t get the money unless things stay exactly as they are. Hanging any hopes on them guarantees nothing changes, because why would they want it to change?

You put a lot of thought into your stand on this, Beo, but age is not the problem, and death is not the solution. Political crimes are not age-dependent. The Trump Putin Pences were just the same in youth as they are now.

It’s a privilege to be old, and like all great accomplishments, a bitch to maintain. Let’s salute that, and also give credit to the fact that our simple, everyday actions are going to be what changes the world.

hmmmm??? selling her slogan on Tshirts


M Peach, I suspect that there are few alive who remember this (I was alive but young.) My father told me several times as I grew older so I would not forget.
After the war, the Russians told the U.S. (paraphrased) We cannot beat you on the battlefield, but we will destroy you from within.
And here we are.

I recall reading somewhere that often an eclipse can be triggered by a first quarter Sun square (three months after the eclipse takes place). Using that as a criteria, the July 16th lunar eclipse (24 Capricorn) will experience its first quarter Sun square at the time of the October 13th Full Moon (20 Aries).

Here’s the interesting part: The 10/13/19 full moon forms an exact t square to Pluto (20 Capricorn). Tr. Jupiter in turn (20 Sag) conjoins Trump’s natal Moon (21 Sag) in trine to this full moon and sesqui-quadrate to tr. Uranus (5 Taurus).

Extrapolating on this a little further, Trump will be experiencing his first progressed new moon (3 Virgo) in 28 years at this point in time and it is in dynamic semi-square to his progressed Venus/Chiron conjunction (18 Libra). In short, the October 13th Full Moon (20 Aires) will be activating Trump’s natal and progressed planets BIG TIME.

Here’s an article that delves into some of the details……

Trump’s 2019 Astrology

Off-the-rails press conferences, subpoena drama, the president sharing on national television that he sees little amiss in accepting political information from foreign actors (even though it’s a felony): it’s been a wild few weeks, even in Trump world.

What’s happening astrologically? A whole lot, it turns out. It’s not an exaggeration to say that, as of this spring, this hypersensitive figure is experiencing several of the most grueling transits it’s possible to have. Several of them. All at once. While it’s never appropriate to wish harm, this could mean good news for those in the resistance, for once.

My take: the next few years could hold real challenges for a man who has long seemed to wriggle out of consequences. Look for action from Congress or a shift of similar proportions starting in July, escalating around August, and continuing through the end of this year, if not the next few years. For the details, read on.

Progressions can be remarkable timing indicators, particularly when aspects become exact—and Trump’s progressions are highly active over the next several years. The most striking: he’s about to encounter a progressed Venus-Chiron conjunction. Venus-Chiron aspects tend to land where we’re most vulnerable: right on deep wounds. For this man, this could affect his ego, sense of being unlovable, and public image.

On August 14, 2019, progressed Venus and Chiron will reach a 1-degree orb in Trump’s progressed 12th house, falling in his natal 2nd house. It may be that the charges and investigations swirling around him will finally settle on financial issues: his refusal to release his taxes, perhaps, or charges of profiting off the presidency or paying off paramours. The conjunction remains in effect until October 2021…………………………

………..A New Chapter: A Progressed New Moon

In August, Trump’s progressed Sun and Moon will meet in his progressed 10th house—a major life event, in astrological terms. They will be, at roughly 3 degrees of Virgo, close to his natal Ascendant—while that progressed Sun-Moon will also loosely semi-square his progressed Venus-Chiron. The progressed Sun and Moon will exactly conjoin September 16-17 before the Moon passes the Sun. To top it off, at the exact same time, the progressed Part of Fortune will conjoin Trump’s progressed Ascendant—at a single-minute conjunction—and progressed Venus-Chiron will have moved into orb.

Times of triumph are possible with the progressed New Moon. But it can also be a time of destabilization, if not disintegration—a lifetime high, or a nadir. “The Progressed New Moon is like a transit over the IC,” Frédérique Boele writes in The Mountain Astrologer. “This phase often means we have to move and establish new roots somewhere else. More often however, there is a distinct movement towards home. As we retreat from the world, we seek a safe place to hibernate or weather the crisis.”

I’d also suggest emotions can cloud the personality/ego at the progressed New Moon. It’s important to be circumspect, here, but this could be an extremely emotional time for a man who is already known to be chaotic emotionally. What’s happening at this time could have a marked effect on how he’s seen in the world (the natal Ascendant)—and, with progressed Venus also conjunct Chiron, it could be quite painful for him.



interesting astro connection between florida and Russia, outlined by aussie astrologer Jessica Adams

Trump was a big winner of the Democratic debates.



Re: Guardian piece.

I too cringed at how many of the candidates on the stage mentioned The Great Whore’s name and how often they did. Like fresh blood strengthens a vampire, so is the Great Whore emboldened by hearing his name.

Almost down under.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way.”

Charles Dickens: A Tale Of Two Cities (1859)


Gender aside, Harris’s calculated, rehearsed attack on Biden’s record was unwarranted and ugly. I might have considered voting for her but I now see her as a mean-spirited opportunist. The Democrats will have enough of a fight against their true rivals without “eating their own” and providing additional fodder for the opponent.

The above was a comment from the nyt’s:



Did you see Biden’s response the day after? The best defense he could come up with after almost 24 hours was that he never opposed “voluntary” busing.

If he’s the nominee, he’s going to need to learn how to deal with stronger attacks than that, and come up with better excuses for all the questionable things he’s done over his long, compromised history.

I take it that should Harris be the nominee, you would not vote for her? Because if Biden is the nominee, I will support him completely. But not in the primary. The weakest candidates will drop out. That’s what primaries are for.

Lots of interesting themes have come up here. I don’t have a lot of time, so am going to make a few quick sound bite comments, in no particular order –

– Re: Russia, FL. Kiwi, OMG! Remembering the fight in 2000 over the hanging chads, the recount, the SC stopping it, the obstruction Jeb Bush and his elections supervisor did, based on blocking minorities that vote Dem (including culling so called felons from the list, who weren’t, or changing polling places on people, obstructing traffic, all the things Greg Palast). Then Tim Russert on election night holding up a placard with the word “Florida” on it – stating many times that night that it all boiled down to Florida-Florida-Florida! And then reading that just maybe actual tallies were manipulated in FL in 2016, AND, in the last week, a 13-y.o. at a conference was able to hack into FL’s voting system!!!

And, the Saudis terrorists who were behind 911 trained at a pilot school in —- Florida!

Whoa — all of those potential connections.

– Re: Trump winning the debates. I don’t agree with the article posted. I remember the first night that a very concerted effort was made to speak to those who were struggling to find jobs that paid a living wage (actually both nights) and offered upward mobility, particularly in the middle part of the country, who Tim Ryan from OH spoke for so eloquently the 2nd night.

These were the first rung of debates. Trump will be hard to fight as a sitting president, especially if the economy is strong and he avoids war, but we will have our candidate and find our voice.

Re: the young and old: Both Beowulfie and M. Peach are right. (And remember Marianne Williamson’s bold message about hate and love that had nothing of Kumbaya in it but just common sense and strength.) All ages are needed here, for what they/we can offer. The young in particular have the energy and ideas, the older gens (including Baby Boomers) have the experience, wisdom, temperance. And, remember, many are more fit and living longer and remaining healthier.

My husband likes to tell the story of the two brilliant physicists, Rutherford and his pupil, Heisenberg. Heisenberg had ideas that conflicted with Rutherford’s. Myron was at a talk he gave at Berkeley in the years after Rutherford had died. Someone asked, “how did you convince Rutherford to accept your ideas” and Heisenberg replied – “It was simple, I waited until he died.”

Some of that has to happen, but there are younger people who have antiquated, stagnant ideas, too, who parrot their forebearers. You cut off a few heads and many more grow back. However, between the younger generations (not only Parkland teens but in Europe, in Sweden and Poland, young adolescent ladies are leading the charge to fight climate change) and the expanding, diverse minority bases, I think we will prevail in this Age of Aquarius.

Re: Harris and Biden: Well, Matt M, you are right, Biden needs to be prepared for these attacks, but who could have seen it coming with the impact Harris delivered it? It’s been reasoned that it was pre-planned. Her campaign tweeted the photo of her as a child immediately after the debate. It was obviously her move, and we know she is a very powerful prosecutor and confronter, to unseat the front runner. All is far in love and war, but I, for one, agree with Ja. Harris fell a notch or two in my esteem. And, if you search the internet, Biden hasn’t fallen after the debates and still has much African-American support, due to his tenure as Barack Obama’s VP and his work in civil rights. I, for one, do not appreciate cheap shots and, what did Obama call it? A circular firing squad?

Sorry for being in a rush – hope this is coherent.

Looking forward to a tough, prepared fighter. We’ll need one to win.

I suspect Harris isn’t interested in being Biden’s running mate 🙂

Matt M, I will absolutely vote for whoever becomes the nominee. You point out Biden’s “long compromised history,” but I remain concerned about several of the candidates who are long on charisma but short on accomplishments.

Bob, Rotorua has so many hot spots, geothermal is used for house heating – ie years back, new houses put pipes into the ground and ran hot water thru the walls. Not sure if they still do it but it was pretty common in the 60’s & 70’s. Problem was, they had to use pretty toxic chemicals to keep the pipes unclogged from mineral buildup. So much geothermal in the area, you can smell the town before you see “rottenrua” LOL. Lovely town tho, and after you’ve been there an hour or so, you don’t notice that sulphury rotten egg smell any more.

I really don’t like to paint any one generation with a broad stroke. There are many progressive/liberal Pluto in Leo Boomers who desperately want to see this world changed for the better before they depart from it. Unfortunately, there is a heavy counterweight of many others in the Pluto in Leo generation who are very deeply rooted in their idealized and illusory views of “how things were” and must be, in their eyes. This cohort subset has been particularly deeply invested in waging the culture wars at every level of society. The fixed and firey nature of Leo Pluto has given them a great deal of drive and resiliency in doing so.

While DJT clearly represents this group’s very worst impulses, I would argue that Mitch McConnell is truly their avatar, a smug, thoroughly corrupt and relentless opportunist who is willing to win at any cost, damn the consequences, and all the better if he can delight in putting the screws to his ideological opponents. He represents just how much this group is willing to sell out its own supposedly sacrosanct principles to win.

Ultimately, however, they will have nothing to stand on and show for it. The opposition from transiting Pluto in Aquarius in only a few years time now will expose the enormity of their folly and abject foolishness as a group.

They are destined to be overwhelmed and destroyed by all that they have railed against during their lives. And they will depart from this world as feeble witnesses to a powerful revolution against so much of the iniquity they have caused and perpetuated.


“…… but there are younger people who have antiquated, stagnant ideas, too, who parrot their forebearers.”

Ain’t it the awful truth?


“Gender aside, Harris’s calculated, rehearsed attack on Biden’s record was unwarranted and ugly.”


I so concur. There were so many other issues she could have taken on than to torpedo Joe Biden on an ancient bussing in a whole other time. I was shocked she would take such vicious aim at him, especially when we remember that he played second-fiddle to our first Black president and did so dutifully and loyally for eight years of some of the toughest history this nation has witnessed.

I won’t go as far to say that she is mean-spirited. But it was a cheap, raw and unnecessarily damaging wound of a beloved elder statesman who probably couldn’t have imagined he would have had the race card played against him when we have an uber-racist running the nation.

I am fairly certain her natal Mercury is at 1-degree of Scorpio and that is one potent placement for expressing herself. Nonetheless, I am disappointed in her for doing this to her own party. She would do well to take aim with her lethal rhetoric at Republicans and not participate in cannibalizing.

A natal Scorpion and well-seasoned Plutonian, Joe will likely be better-than-just-well-prepared on the next round.

Will and Ja,

It was not a out of the blue comment given that her busing history is part of her back story. It is a detail that has been part of every campaign of hers that I have been aware of (I am from Calif), so Biden should of been prepared. There were different ways to answer her and he actually could have owned the moment. There is no way to know what she was looking for, a flat footed answer that gave her the edge, or something else that would have been more party uniting, given that black women voters may be the key.
I have always liked Biden and was surprised and saddened that he didn’t do better.

will, she does have Mercury at 1+ Scorpio, and I too agree with ja’s statement. Still, she won’t be disarmed by Trump, just b/c of that natal Mercury.

Kamala’s Mercury trines her natal Vesta at 2+ Pisces – on her MC (reputation). Vesta is about being focused AND what is INVESTED in.

I think Kamala is judicious with her Scorpio words; after all, she took us all by surprise, not just Joe. She knows Trump’s sensitive spots (as we all do by now) and she will cream him in a face to face debate.

I say we forgive her for her “Joe attack” and see her as our lethal weapon; Trump can’t lay a glove on her without paying deeply for it. The US natal Venus at 3+ Cancer is in a grand trine with Kamala’s Mercury and Vesta, and US Venus is about US values.

It is early, but right now she looks to me as the quintessential candidate; she’s a woman, she’s brilliant, she’s not all white, she’s not afraid to go head-to-head, toe-to-toe with Trump and the Pubs.

Assuming she was born at 9:28 PM, she has the Uranus Degree (24+ Gemini) on her ascendant and her chart’s North Node too. Her Scorpio Mercury rules her ascendant and Uranus is embedded in her ascendant degree, as well as her North Node (path forward) degree. We need that quality more than ever now.

And this; Kamala’s natal Pallas (the Strategist) is conjunct the US natal chart ascendant in Sagittarius (sees the Big Picture), which squares her natal Uranus in Virgo (details) that conjuncts her natal Pluto. Kamala’s natal Chiron in Pisces completes a T-square with her Virgo Uranus-Pluto and Pallas in Sagittarius. Her Chiron trines the US natal Sun in Cancer too.

This is a well equipped natal Pallas; she has motivation.

Kamala’s natal Saturn in Aquarius conjuncts the US natal Moon and sextiles her own Moon in Aries (which was recently where transiting Uranus was too). It is because of all this Uranus energy that we have been taken off guard.

She wasn’t lady-like in that Joe-moment; she wasn’t concerned for his feelings – Uranus never is.

But we must see her for strengths and forgive her gaffes against our societal norms. Kamala Harris is an asset in our time of need.


I didn’t imply Harris’ shot was
“out-of-the-blue.” I like her very much but it took the breath out of me because its the Whore in the White House that deserves that kind of hit. I lived in California for 38 years and have been back quite a bit over the last 6 in Chicago. I am also licensed in California and keep a second address there; I sent a pointed and blistering rebuke to her about this at her California Senatorial site. What happened happened, but I don’t think most people would have expected her to do what she did to Joe Biden. Just a cheap, vicious, unnecessary shot toward a great American and public servant. It will come back to her.
Kamala is not immune to Karma. I forgive her and wish her well – but she’s gotta back off the cannibalism. To be fair, Swalwell’s overtly ageist and disrespectful shot at Biden blew up in his face – he’s so out-of-the-race.


Isn’t KH’s moon in Aries almost directly opposite her sun too? Or am I hallucinating? The moon is not at all comfortable in Aries. I suppose its good that her sun neutralizes this placement somewhat.

Thank you barb for your enlightened and astrological take on this subject…

Maybe it’s generational thing. I have the impression everyone here is much older than me. There’s an old Democrat at work I talk politics with. He reminds me of Joe Biden. Doesn’t know how racist and especially how sexist he is. He likes Warren but will probably vote Biden. Friends my age, though mostly not very engaged politically, look at Biden and Sanders and don’t understand how anyone could vote for them. The other night Biden was completely at a loss when Harris challenged him. Is he getting slow, or just clueless, stuck in his old world with no contemporary point of reference?

I agree with the sentiments expressed about Harris’ calculated partial attack of Biden’s vote of the busing law. If you are going to bring it, bring it all.

Harris’ Nadir is at 173°56′ in right ascension. The Nadir is 90° from the Asc in space – a true measurement, not apparent as with a measurement in longitude. Her natal Pluto at 172°11′ of right ascension (true body position in space) is on it. She has a strong Pluto effect in her handbag (Is that word still in use?).

Transiting Mars in right ascension was square her natal Mercury and transiting Pluto in longitude was square her natal Sun-Moon opposition in longitude. It was square her natal Sun in right ascension also. It’s square to her natal Moon in right ascension was just over 3°, still effective and growing stronger.

Joe does not look at ease to me (the ‘uncle Joe look’) as I think would befit his deep political experience. Is the absence of President Obama’s endorsement bothering him even though he has the early polling lead?

I was not clear about the square from transit Pluto to her Sun-Moon opposition. It was closer in right ascension than in longitude. 1°41′ from an exact square to the Sun and 3°05′ from the Moon. It was a little over 5° from being exact in longitude.

re Kamala and Joe: Im surprised that most here seem to be slamming Kamala, and I note that the ‘bloodlust’ media is not playing her preamble statement together with her personal childhood reality comments.
She started by saying to Biden ‘I do not believe you are a racist. I agree with you when you commit yourself to the importance of finding common ground. But I also believe, and this is personal, . . . . .’
My takeaway was that it was more about her personal experiential truth telling than anti biden, per se.

Be nice to me. I am older than Joe or Bernie and I don’t remember ever doing anything wrong. I am innocent.

What is Facebook?

Joe Biden oversimplifies his school busing record in Miami debate

By Amy Sherman on Friday, June 28th, 2019 at 3:28 p.m.

Hi Matt M,

For the record, the state-of-the-art skinny in the annals of psychology on human memory is this: at approximately the age of 25, our processing speed begins to slow down, incrementally by the years. This is because each year we gain, we take in an extraordinary amount of data through our five senses; ergo, billions, perhaps trillions more bites of memory files. The the longer we live, it takes a few milliseconds more time for our random access memory to bring up those files which are organized and stored across a number of structures throughout the brain. Because most of us continue to learn and experience life for many many years after the age of 25, we amass more memories, sounds, images, smells, tastes, and textures. So, its going to take an older person a few pauses longer to bring up a memory or response than a younger person. Our reaction time also begins to diminish in very small increments as well. We talk, walk and react slower as we age compared to when we are young. Conversely, our long-term memory actually IMPROVES with age as it is crystallized in our noodles. Our elders have memories that are long, deep and rich and can recognize patterns of behavior, speech and non-verbal cues that they have seen before – and have a better understanding on what the future of those patterns will look like if they continue to play out.

You are right – Joe Biden probably didn’t see that punch coming. But I challenge your assertion that he was “completely lost.” Shocked, gob-smacked, sure. What Kamala Harris did though was to telegraph to the audience that that Joe Biden is a racist. That was a low blow. Had he come back in a menacing manner like DT, he would have been viewed as a misogynist AND a racist. What he showed was restraint and class.

There is much, much more to the Presidency than the outcome and spectacle of the debates. Much, much more.

I’m a Baby-Boomer Matt; not a silver-haired or white haired one yet – but I’m not to far from that stage.

Here’s the kicker and the irony: DT is 73! Where’s the wisdom? Where is the deep understanding? Where’s the class? Where’s the restraint? Where is the moral compass?

Kiwi – I agree with you
Bob – Thanks for the laugh
Matt – I agree with you too.
IMHO when women and POC in particular, speak ‘truth to power’ it tends to make people uncomfortable, and they seek their own comfort level as to how to understand it. (Remember Colin Kapernick). Those comfort levels tend to be generational.

Will- I too am a baby boomer. I am also a Full Moon – Pluto conduct Sun – sq Saturn – Saturn trine mars – Uranus conduct MC and Scorpio rising person. I guess nothing is particularly shocking and straight talk is easier for me to deal with. As much as I wish that none of the candidates attacked the other, I also realize that is unrealistic and we might as well know now how they are going to handle it in th GE.
I have always felt that DT has just never evolved in his entire life. Nothing has ever changed him. There was a clip of him drinking wine at The G-20. So his not drinking because of his brothers death seems to be a lie too.. not surprising.

Thank you to everyone for such a stimulating exchange of opinion. Here is another comment from the same piece from the Times today:

“If Minnie Mouse were to be on the ballot running against Trump, I’d vote for her in a New York minute. That is how much I abhor him.

Of course this country is ready for a female president. Clinton won the popular vote, after all. Three million more Americans chose her. So we can put those fears to rest, I believe.

That said, what is more practical at this point – and I know this will never happen – is that the Dem candidates need to gather and have a come-to-Jesus moment as to who will beat him. They need to push their egos aside and show the country they are serious about taking this country out of Putin’s grip.

THAT said, Biden shouldn’t be punished for working with segregationists who were elected by their constituents. He is known for working across the aisle. He’s done it his entire political career. We cannot whine that this country is broken while in the same breath vilify him for doing what he could to make it work at the time he was in it.

We have to beat Trump.

Ja- YES!


I agree that it was a personal issue for her – but I think she knew full-well what the effect would be. I don’t feel “slamming” is the right word – more like holding her responsible for an unnecessarily low-blow.

I like her very much and have for many years; as such, I am entitled to feel shocked and deeply-disappointed in her for this sting.

I’ll get over it…..but I won’t forget it.

Although Nate Silver’s fivethirtyeight and other sites have Biden dropping in the polls like 10 points, other polls do not show that kind of drop – http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/06/debate-live-polling-good-news-for-harris-warrenand-biden.html

I have to agree with Will – the way she went for Joe’s jugular, for me, showed a lack of moral compass and gave me pause.

As a matter of fact, Harris criticism of Obama’s detention policy seemed to work against her. She also believes in the one-payer, gov-run health care policy, something only a few other Dems support.

I just cannot get a handle on her as she seems a bit all over the place to me, and more interested in being on the offense. Quite the ambitious lady. Of course, Barb is right in that this will be effective against Trump, but is it who we are? Will she inspire us?

Be all of this as it may, I will ultimately support the Dem. candidate and hope that whomever is chosen is the most electable. I believe Harris and Warren are smart and powerful, each in their own right, but, as of now, I still lean Biden and, since the first debate, Castro.

Ja, I have enjoyed your recent posts very much, admire your passion, reasoning and writing style — and would like to continue hearing more of your cogent opinions —- in addition to those that you post from the NY Times comments (LOL)!

OK, I get it – Kamala is uppity and, most importantly, go easy on Uncle Joe – he’s a little slow but gets it eventually 🙂

I like Joe Biden, even think he’s little bit of a sexy old dude.
There is this avuncularness about him that seems innocuous, despite the surprise hugs and stuff complaints from females.
That has sort of rolled off his smooth duck feathers.
Now here comes KamHarris, and makes a big deal about him getting along with those racists from the South. Honestly as a woman, that is a bit draconian.

And now I’m just wow, she is accusing unky Joe of all those bad things? I guess I’m so Trump fatigued I haven’t the stamina to give it the righteous indignation it deserves.

Did he respond? What could he say? Kamala Harris is married to a white guy, could it be believed that she is fully committed to those comments?

Glad to see the comments are back on


RE: “THAT said, Biden shouldn’t be punished for working with segregationists who were elected by their constituents.”

True! When elected to Congress you have to work with the others who were elected, whether you agree or approve of their philosophy or not. Were you to find their philosophy abhorrent, you still have to work with your opponents, and find common ground in the process of justice-making and general legislating, and governing. Otherwise you wouldn’t be doing your job.

Very slowly, we are progressing morally, and spiritually. Applying today’s purportedly more advanced moral views on those who’ve gone before us is often (but not always) unfair.

Presuming our species is still around and kicking 100’s of years from now, and also presuming we REAL-IZE more spiritual and moral maturity through those centuries, I’d venture our descendants will look upon us as barbaric, unenlightened carnivores.

Wow, this is fun . . all of us expressing how this particular event (Kamala vs. Joe) affected us at the moment and then in hindsight. See, that’s how Uranus energy works: first it slaps you up the side of your head, then later you reflect on that, and even later you come to see it in a greater context.

ja, I’m with Sharon; glad to hear you express yourself

Henri, I appreciate that!

Will (and/or will), no, Aries isn’t Moon’s favorite sign, but she goes through it every month and, like all of us, she makes the best of a less than perfect situation. Thanks for pointing it out. Here’s why:

That Kamala’s Sun is in Libra and opposite her Moon gives her some personal (emotional) experience to counterbalance all that equality stuff associated with Libra. I’m saying her full moon isn’t like Trump’s eclipsed full moon.

Since you brought it up, I’m pretty sure it was an emotional reaction we saw (her voice was cracking) when she confronted Joe with that decades old grudge; not a purely Scorpio mental (conniving) tactic. It was real and I bet she was surprised by her own reaction. Uranus works both sides of the coin; surprise to the source and surprise from the target.

And yes, Aries has a difficult time with emotion; it prefers (and excels in) thrust and parry action, but feelings are the Moon’s bailiwick. I think that confrontation took her a little off guard. Old wounds, you know, they go deep.

Matt M,
Matt M.

You might remember that “uppity” has long been used as a pejorative term that applied to negro slaves who dared to voice or even hint at a difference of opinion to their white owners. Nope, I for one would definitely not describe her as uppity. My take is that she got too fierce too fast with the wrong person and for the wrong reason.


“I just cannot get a handle on her as she seems a bit all over the place to me, and more interested in being on the offense.”

Its that she is a PROSECUTOR first and foremost. Its a great skill when used properly but can also be terribly destructive when not tempered.

I for one, would delight in watching her cut The Great Whore into pieces. That would be a righteous target for her formidable prosecutorial skills.

PS – The Moon had just made an exact conjunction to Uranus at the start of the Thursday debate (both at 5+ Taurus), and they were square her natal Ceres in Capricorn, and Ceres is ultra protective of youngsters.

Kamala Harris’ natal Sun is at 205°49′. It will be squared by transiting Sun at 294°42′, transiting Saturn at 294°42′, and transiting Pluto at 294°45′ on January 13th at 10 am, EST, in Washington, DC.

Probably not a good day for her.

My charts for her on election night 2020 are not good. Not remotely.

The year for the squares to Harris’ Sun is 2020.

Hi Will,
I guess the sarcasm tags didn’t make it through the filter. But my point was, a woman of color says something to an old white man and she’s accused of behaving badly? She was speaking about an action of his that applied to her directly.

Where are the complaints about Eric Swalwell telling Biden to pass the torch, which was clearly an age-related insult?

Will, I did feel that Kamala, in that moment, was trying to give a voice for those that have personally been affected by race based inequities, and trying to explain its profound depths to those who have never had racial shunning as part of their life experience.

Here ya go….I tend to see this side of it. I felt that Kamala took her painful experience of, perhaps, feeling different when bused to a white school, and used it to dramatically exploit Biden. To me, her using it for political purposes was plain as day. Her campaign is actually selling t-shirts of her as a little girl for $30. Something about it leaves me cold and with a bad taste. (And, yet, I find a lot to like about her but not this.)


Years back I was on a board which also had a few lawyers. I learned to understand the differing styles of ‘prosecutors’ or ‘defenders’. I worked closely with one of the latter ones and he used to drive me crazy because he was always reluctant to initiate action, preferring initially just to observe. But he was great as a skilled ‘clean-up’, problem solver.
I wish the media would stop fixating on the dems as if they were in a horse race. Personally I think this form of televised ‘debates’ have passed their use-by date. They just encourage a bloodsport mentality. Divide and conquer – right up trumps alley.

Sharon K,
You know what rt.com is, and that everything they do is intended to sow dissent in the US, right? It’s Putin’s version of Fox News.

Matt M,

Sarcasm tags accepted.

Re: Swalwell,

I am of the assumption that Swalwell pretty much 86-ed himself out of the running for his baldly- ageist opening salvo.


I suppose we will have to agree to disagree about what KH’s intentions may have been. That’s okay – I know you and I are long-time friends. KH has great potential. She still gets a big “like” from me.


“I wish the media would stop fixating on the dems as if they were in a horse race. Personally I think this form of televised ‘debates’ have passed their use-by date. They just encourage a bloodsport mentality. Divide and conquer – right up trumps alley.”

Amen sister, rock-my-soul!

Yikes, its 2:22AM! I need to get a life and shut weary old self down.

Thanks to everyone tonight for the lively discourse!


RE: “Personally I think this form of televised ‘debates’ have passed their use-by date.”

They’re not really “debates.” They are highly structured discussions. Personally, I wish they’d stop calling them debates.

Kamala Harris and forgiveness fatigue


This is all about who’s going to lose in 2020. The lambs are debating which one will be slaughtered.

“A fake Joe Biden campaign website is being run by an operative on President Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign, according to a new report Saturday. The New York Times tracked down the owner of a site with the URL JoeBiden.info, a “parody” campaign website featuring out-of-context quotes from the former vice president and leading 2020 Democratic candidate. The site also includes GIFs of him touching women in ways that others alleged made them uncomfortable.” (RUSSIAN TACTICS! HOW LOW CAN YOU GO?)


Earlier in the debate Biden applauded Harris for her food fight comment. Later, I fully expected Biden to respond to Harris on busing in a way that demonstrated empathy, in a way that came from his heart. If he did he would now be the clear front runner. I was disappointed that his response was defensive. People compare Biden’s response with Buttigieg’s response and I think many of us wished Biden’s response was more like his. Harris challenged Biden and he unfortunately came up short. People say he wasn’t prepared when he should have been. I wonder if it was a lack of prep as much as his heart not being fully committed. I do hope that whomever is our candidate that the others line up solidly in support. Losing this because we fracture would be too hard to bare with so much at stake.

Matt M, it was the action of selling those t-shirts so quickly after the debate that showed it was a planned “attack” that I was highlighting, (not the source that generated this information), and one that the campaign felt would fly, based on the emotion generated by Kamala.


Again, a concentric firing square. However, I do remember how much Obama likes Kamala from past coverage of their association. He probably might think that this type of competition might be fair. He certainly faced it numerous times and dealt with it, is stronger for it, and is probably glad much of it is now in the past. It was definitely a wake-up call for Biden and, no matter how prepared he might be, Frank, I think it was a bit like a sniper attack the way she did it (just imho). I also don’t think it can be compared with Buttigieg’s response because “Uncle Joe”, as someone called him above, has spent years supporting the civil rights of African Americans and women.

On a lighter note, my husband came up with an easy way to remember Buttigieg’s name: Buddha Judge. Hahahaha.

I think Mayor Pete may one day soon be in congress or the governor of IN.

Sharon, I also think Buttigieg is now well positioned for gov or congress. I disagree with you that the debate was a circular firing squad but fear that might happen again from progressives and/ or moderates who don’t get to have their number one choice. I’m worried we’ll lose because we fracture and I’m already spotting articles and reading comments from Dems denigrating candidates in brutal ways.

Am open letter from a soldier about what his family’s support of Trump alienated him…


Frank- I agree with you. I would love it if no one attacked the other in the primary campaign but I believe that is not probable. But we can look at as prep for the GE and not fracture over it as happened in 2016. I personally look at the candidates I would never vote for and imagine myself as doing so just to get past the ‘I don’t want to’ factor
Sharon K- if Biden had handled the question differently you would feel different about selling the t-shirts.

Hey! What about Cory Booker?

“Senator Cory Booker scored points — and his horoscope is also being boosted by Jupiter — and Uranus, too. The latter squared his Aquarius Ascendant several weeks ago, facilitating fresh starts and opportunities for individuation. His 6 Taurus Sun is thisclose to being hit by transiting Uranus, so the break-out buzz can be felt, but hasn’t quite released. That won’t happen until the end of April 2020, which is about when we can expect to see a change of status. It’s interesting to note that both he and Elizabeth Warren have rebel Uranus at the Aries Point. Both can’t help but attract attention for all the ways in which they break the conventional mold. According to his Wikipedia biography, Booker is “one of the most prominent Democrats.” He is a vegan, doesn’t drink, has never been married and has a knack for success with social media (Uranus = technology).”


Andre, I can say that I agree that Biden didn’t respond optimally. But, isn’t he a double-Scorpio (or something like that)? He didn’t expect quite that kind of attack. It would have been nice if he had remained cool and said, yes, I’m a different person now and those were different times, but I think he also had to respond to the details of why he did what he did so people might understand. There were different types of busing, he needed to work across the aisle (I haven’t really researched this issue accurately or completely yet). The fault, if anything, is with his aides who didn’t prepare for that contingency.

Bill Clinton “reformed welfare” and many on the left deplore that; however, he had to work with a Republican legislature that had a certain amount of public support and, in some ways, I think he improved the welfare system.

Getting back to Biden/Harris, Harris could have handled it differently, too. It was a deliberate, planned move on her and her campaign’s part to overcome Biden’s lead and, she is such a good communicator, that it worked. No, I wouldn’t put it all on Biden. For me to embrace Kamala’s t-shirts, she would have had to have handled it differently, too. For whatever it’s worth, my image of her is tainted.

I guess it isn’t even so much that she called him on something that made him have to explain it further. It was more that she linked it to an emotional appeal that victimized her – so she combined what could have been a straightforward attempt to call someone on something and made it that much more manipulative — and then they put the t-shirts on sale pretty much immediately. C’mon. Her voice even cracked as someone said. I am at the point where, although I believe it connected to real emotional, I wonder if even that was calculated, albeit semi-unconsciously. Something about it did not ring true for me.

real emotion….and, ok, I won’t further belabor the point.

Frank, thank you for both your comments (11:49 and 12:48). I really hate to see the damning attitudes coming out so early in the game.

All the candidates are aware of what they are up against and in the case of Joe Biden, this is just the opening salvo and now he will be prepared. He’s lucky his first serious blow came from a Democrat. We all are lucky for that.

It’s going to get even uglier and I won’t allow myself to “take sides” before early 2020 because I personally am not tough enough to take it. Not after what Bernie went through the last time.

Humans (at the present) aren’t perfect, and, due to the no-holds-barred tactics of political warfare, we will be exposed to all the frailties of all of the contenders.

I’ll make my choice of preferred Dem candidate(s) from whomever is still standing around February (after the new Saturn-Pluto + Ceres cycle start), if not sooner. Right now I respect both Joe and Kamala; they are “good people” and I think both have the ability to withstand an onslaught from Trump.

For the first time ever I’m basing my main (if not sole) requirement of the Democratic candidate on who can get the most votes, even if he or she isn’t the one I personally admire the most. I’m that desperate to end Trump’s reign.

If Trump should die or become acceptably incapacitated enough (like frothing at the mouth) to be removed from office, I may change my mind.


“…in the case of Joe Biden, this is just the opening salvo and now he will be prepared. He’s lucky his first serious blow came from a Democrat.”

A curious yet brilliant insight. I’ll roll with ya’ on this Babs.

I just read this article and know people whom I respect who think this way about Trump. I think we have to become familiar with the way they are looking at him at this point in time, and what positives they are seeing among the few negatives they acknowledge. If we are ever going to find common ground, we have to objectively analyze what perfectly intelligent and descent people are seeing and liking in Trump. Of course it behooves them to do the same thing with us. Maybe we all have to take a step back (or forward) and create just a micromillimeter of distance from our own point of view, to which we are so very attached, so we can see the bigger picture?

Of course, the picture will shift and conditions may change in a way that Trump is not seen so favorably by those who now gravitate towards him, but it does make me realize that his supporters are not only extremists or amoral people.


“California Sen. Kamala Harris captured national attention for attacking former Vice President Joe Biden during the second Democratic presidential debate, in part by invoking the racially charged era during which she grew up in Berkeley — a time when the city was a far different place than today’s liberal mecca.

“Berkeley was a majority Republican town into the 1960s,” Natasha Beery, director of community relations for the Berkeley Unified School District, said Friday.

And a segregated one. Most white people lived in the neighborhoods in the northern and eastern parts of the city, and most black people lived in its southern and western flatlands. But the influx of African Americans and others who moved to the East Bay to work in the shipyards and other industries during World War II recast the city and contributed to a progressive coalition that pushed for school desegregation.

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Even though Harris’ parents were academics — her Indian-born mother who largely raised her was a cancer researcher, and her Jamaican-born father was a Stanford professor — her family lived west of the city’s racial dividing line, the present-day Martin Luther King Jr. Way, because of redlining policies.

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“She lived close to the dividing line,” said Scott Saul, a professor of English at UC Berkeley and editor of “The Berkeley Revolution,” a digital history project. “It is a harbinger of how she has crossed those boundaries throughout her life.”

Harris, who is trailing the front-running Biden in the polls, tapped into that history as she turned the conversation to race halfway through Thursday’s debate. Harris has spent considerable time appealing to black voters in South Carolina, an early primary state, and elsewhere. However, Biden leads all candidates in support among blacks with 39%, according to an Economist/YouGov poll last week of likely Democratic primary voters. Harris had 5% in the same poll.”


From Marjorie: The Trump circus rolls on


This article, contrary to the headline, is more about the fact that negative attacks have much more influence on candidate standing among voters, etc., than does refraining from them and remaining positive. It’s an interesting thought or fact, but negative attacks are remembered. This is something that will put the Democrats, with so much competition, in a more precarious position than it will Trump and the Republicans, considering the fact that it looks like Trump will have only 1 challenger (or maybe more, but not that much more).

Sharon K,
I think the CNN article overstated the various points made. I suspect that it was NOT half the country “turned off” by the Progressive reactions to Trump, but about a third to maybe 40%.

The most salient point however was that of the economic hollowing out of the literal geographic middle of the contiguous 48 by globalization while the coastal states simultaneously were enriched. Reasonable Dems react to this with compassion, but that’s not what the middle states are experiencing.

They resonate with the Donald because he expresses what they feel, deep, intense anger. They’ve long felt looked down upon by the “coastal elites” as they perceive them, but now are furious at blue staters whom they blame for globalization.

I think several of the Dem candidates understand this, especially the ones who are talking about strengthening unions, but it may be too little too late. The Dem party abandoned the middle class long ago. It has just taken a good while for voters to realize it, as Dem rhetoric did not change that much.

The point about many being freaked out by “Socialism” etc. is at least partly true, and only time and the coming of newer generations will ameliorate that.

I think the real and deeper problem which the author ignored and of course had to for the sake of political correctness is that in the context of an increasingly complex society we have way too many citizens who are willfully ignorant, much too ignorant and much too shallow to be able to competently evaluate the pros and cons of economic and political issues, or the worthiness of any particular candidate. Furthermore, (particularly in the South) many want basic RRR training to get along, but are generally very proud of their ignorance, while others believe that education will take you away “from the Lord.”

As an educator, I’ve seen our educational standards gradually lowered bit by bit at the behest of the corporations who partially fund our educational system, and our colleges have gradually become far more interested in profit as opposed to real education.

Furthermore, we distinguish less and less clearly between training as opposed to education, tilting more toward the former than the latter. (Actually, the corporations are demanding more training, leaving less time and space for the humanities and sciences.)

What I’ve mentioned is only the tip of the iceberg. We’ve got some very deep cultural problems centered around the importance and role of knowledge in public life. All in all, its a very hard nut to crack.

Negative attacks having an influence or not, I think there is a sizable majority of voters in this country at this point that will vote for a ham sandwich if it is nominated by the Democrats to run against Trump. Getting rid of the Russian. dictator’s American stooge will be job one in November 2020.

A timely counterpoint.

“So Harris is lying about the environment that gave her a bus ride, and pretending that going to a partially white elementary school when she was seven is all that prevented her from being a dropout or, god forbid, a teacher.

None of this is terrible. It’s just irritating in that no one picked up on the lie. Everyone accepted it, even though the misstatement is well-documented. Everyone allows her to pretend that busing is why she’s AG and a Senator.

But what I’m more puzzled and aggravated by is all the Republican pundits gleefully celebrating, or at least enjoying, the purported slam dunk of Biden. Ha, ha! Look, there’s Harris, a black woman, taking Biden apart for opposing busing when she was bused! It’s perfect! Wow, what timing! What elan! Harris wins!

It’s all about the gotcha and its entertainment value.
irritating in that no one picked up on the lie. Everyone accepted it, even though the misstatement is well-documented. Everyone allows her to pretend that busing is why she’s AG and a Senator.

But what I’m more puzzled and aggravated by is all the Republican pundits gleefully celebrating, or at least enjoying, the purported slam dunk of Biden. Ha, ha! Look, there’s Harris, a black woman, taking Biden apart for opposing busing when she was bused! It’s perfect! Wow, what timing! What elan! Harris wins!

It’s all about the gotcha and its entertainment value.

And I’m sitting here thinking what the hell? Busing? Busing was a disaster. Much of the country hated busing. Joe Biden took the lead on busing because he’d have been a one-term Senator if he didn’t. Read about the anger and the white flight throughout the 70s that resulted when cities tried to forcibly desegregate neighborhood schools and end de facto segregation and Biden’s position becomes obvious.

No one else seemed to notice, though. Even conservatives like Mollie Hemingway, Comfortably Smug, and Hugh Hewitt were gleefully celebrating Harris’s body blow based, from what I can tell, purely on hahahaha she’s black, he’s old, she’s using his decades old vote to catch him out on changing times.”



I have become uber cautious and mostly don’t read articles by people that I can not verify. I tried to verify the ‘Harris is lying’ comment by searching to see if I could find any claim that because of busing she wasn’t a dropout or some other kind of life failure. I couldn’t find anything. Do you know of somewhere to point me for this information?


I found the piece and the link while I was surfing Google on Harris. Its the author’s rhetoric. We do live in a democracy. Anyone can build and operate a website with WordPress. Russia and the Republicans dealt from a dirty deck over the Web and grabbed the last election. There are fake websites set up by hostile players everywhere. I am puzzled by your questions.

Is there something that seems to stand in relief as blatantly fabricated? We know the author doesn’t care for Harris.

Like most of Biden’s political wounds, they are SELF INFLICTED. HE bragged about his ability to work across the political aisle, by invoking his CLOSE RELATIONSHIPS WITH SEGREGATIONISTS! He couldn’t think of ANY OTHER EXAMPLES OF WORKING ACROSS THE AISLE OTHER THAN KNOWN RACISTS AND SEGREGATIONSITS! His own written words condemn him! Think about that. Is that kind of judgement what we want in our next president? I don’t know who the next Democrat nominee will be, but I HOPE IT’S NOT JOE BIDEN.

As an African-American, I FOUND IT OFFENSIVE. Just think, If he had said he worked well with Joseph Goebbels, Eichmann would there be a forgiving sentiment towards the past? I think not.


This story posits that there will be a backlash for Kamala…that she is talented and intelligent enough to not have had to resort to what someone called “low ball”, and that Biden/Harris might have been the dream ticket.

I think that in spite of this, they could still run together. Politics is a game and candidates learn to blow off the attacks and not take them personally. I don’t think Biden would take the 2nd slot this time, though.

I read today that there are only 6 candidates who have a lock on future debates: Biden, Sanders, Harris, Warren, Buttigieg, and Castro, but that O’Rourke would probably also qualify.


Correction: Castro doesn’t yet have a lock on the next round…I think his performance was so strong that he might yet qualify. The Time article states it will hinge on fundraising even if candidates fail to make it in the polling.

As someone who grew up in Boston, and attended its public schools. I have a perspective on busing that is very informed. When I was growing up in the pre-busing era, it was very clear that there were many, many substandard schools, both primary and secondary. These schools were in the poor neighborhoods. The neighborhoods were segregated, and the schools were as well. Kozol’s landmark book “Death at an Early Age”, which documented his year of teaching in one of the substandard elementary schools, was written as I was finishing up my secondary education at one of the two elite exam schools. I had also attended excellent primary schools. Kozol’s experience was in a predominantly Black school, but there were just as many schools in the poor white neighborhoods. When busing began, the Boston School Committee chose to bus the kids from Roxbury and Dorchester to South Boston and Charlestown, pitting the poorest people against each other. I don’t know if they thought these parents were too disenfranchised to be aware of what was happening, or if it was a deliberate attempt to make busing fail. But the ugliness that ensued is well documented. The photo of an African-American attorney being assaulted by an angry mob using the American flag as a weapon, is probably familiar to many people. This happened in downtown Bpston, while the attorney was on his way to the courthouse.

Anyway, busing is not a simple issue and it was fraught with political manipulation in Boston, and I am sure in other cities. There was also another tier of busing in Boston, a consortium of suburban schools that was created in response to Kozol’s book, that bused children to suburban districts. It was very hard to get a slot, and it was not always a fair process of selection.

What really upset me about Kamala’s attack was that it was clearly pre-planned, with the tweeting out of her adorable school picture. She had been one of my top choices, but no more.

Neither busing nor any other initiatives to integrate schools and level the playing field, have had any real success that I am aware of. It should not be used as a political football by the Dems.

I think this is correct:

“However, with the ongoing Saturn-Pluto conjunction and subsequent Pluto Return, the times favor nationalistic, authoritarian rule. For most Americans, the progressive agenda is too radical. ”


Trump wants tanks on July 4. This and the political theatre in North Korea will probably work for him. It seems Democrats can’t impeach him before the election. They might after if they take the Senate. Let’s hope Trump ditches Pence and has a better running mate next year. If it’s Nikki Haley, he likely wins.

The vulnerability of Biden and Bernie according to a poll of Democratic donors


Do Republicans even believe in democracy any more?


They don’t because in a democracy they would lose.

Biden is fading, even his advisers are turning against him.


Biden’s time is up, Bernie won’t make it, Beto is gone, Buttigieg is auditioning for the future.

That leaves Warren and Harris. I would go for Warren because of her policies. She’s a thinking woman’s President. But she would lose because she’s too progressive for 2020.

Harris had best keep her powder dry for 2024. She has the killer instinct needed to crush the Repugnants, and also to confront China. But a killer instinct in a woman still frightens too many people, particularly men.

2024 will be another story. After the next five harrowing years, Kamala could be the only game in town.

Julie, thanks for sharing that information. I recently took many graduate courses in Social Work and there are new attempts, like in New Orleans, at mixing students more fairly. Parents can select their top choices city-wide, whether a charter or public school, or a partnership of the two, and students get exposed to better education in a nicer area (although neighborhoods in New Orleans, a relatively small “big city”, are mixed together in checkerboard fashion in many parts of the city). Overall, there are studies that show that when poor students, formerly exposed to low quality education, are brought into a high quality learning environment, they do really well. There are public/private housing projects that now shake things up, which include in one area, multi-income housing, a good school where parents are involved, a recreation center or local “Y”, golf lessons, and other support systems, which creates a healthy, diverse community environment. Hopefully, these are flourishing and on the rise.
One thing I like about Castro is that he must be very aware of this and I hope he brings it up. Busing must have been an early, clumsy attempt but I think it was needed to break the mold. Common sense tells me it had mixed results, which I think is what happened.

I, too, am afraid the “authoritarians” will keep power for a while (and I wish the Antifa were not quite so aggressive or intimidating as the conservatives are saying progressives support them). But, with Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn going into Aquarius in the next few years, that seems to favor progressive thought and action.

Andre, don’t discount Castro. He was one of the winners of the first debate, has substantial experience, is a great communicator, and appeals to the large Hispanic population.

Sharon K, I like Castro as well. I think he has an interesting and positive political future. Thank you for reminding me. I like Swalwell too. I just don’t think they are presidential material. But there is so much else they can do.

They certainly can be prominent with AOC during the coming Aquarius years. But, inmho, these don’t kick in before 2024.

After the 2nd debate, I must state I was not impressed with Swalwell, even though I was open to his candidacy but after the 1st, Castro went way up in my esteem.

Here is are some interesting items:




I agree Sharon,

I was stunned by Swalwell’s flippant remark. A major turnoff.
I’m hoping Biden can pull himself out of this quagmire. It’s all very disturbing to be so inspired and hopeful one day and discouraged the next.

Warren and Harris have moved up since the debates in a new CNN poll. Biden’s lead, once in double digits, has narrowed to 5 points.


The trend is clear.

Asta, I’m with you. I’m white, but my husband was black and my children are biracial. Biden totally failed, both in using known racist segregationists as examples and in his non-understanding of how to respond in the debate. IMO this reflects badly on him.

I’m still considering candidates, but as a Californian I’m familiar with Kamala. My guess is some of you are not. She’s a younger generation than Biden-Bernie-Warren and she’s coming out of the gate differently. Her approach and policies reflect that, and seem to be confusing older folks but not younger ones.

Also, I need to respond to two specific accusations here. Sharon K and Julie.

1) Why is it so bad a candidate going into a big debate is prepared? Politics are competitive. This is an issue that deeply affected Kamala personally along with many in her race and generation. Biden could have countered differently, showing some understanding of the impact of his actions but he didn’t get it.

2) I’m not convinced the t-shirts and childhood picture were prepared in advance. Younger folks throw up these kind of responses in a flash. The T-shirts were not pre-manufactured. They simply went to a site that uploads a design and produces when an order comes in. Although I’m mid-sixties, I’m in a group of women resisters mostly ages 30-50, many of whom were live-commenting during the debates in a Facebook group. As soon as Kamala said, “I was that little girl,” multiple women posted, “I want that on a T-shirt!” Literally, in the immediate minute afterwards. Producing T-shirts and Facebook/Twitter memes in the moment is a real thing.

Eric Swalwell is a very provincial Californian, an extremely naïve fellow who doesn’t understand folks well, outside his native California. Maybe he will mature into someone capable of handling the office of the presidency, but at his present level, I wouldn’t vote for him for Dogcatcher.

I nevertheless wish him well. He’s well intentioned. I sense in him a genuine desire to serve the public, but right now he is too much of a utopian. We’ll see what he’s like after the years have taught him how to transform his ideals into practical, reality.

I witness a performance like this and my soul is restored.


I found a thought-provoking article this morning re: why folks vote republican and how they are able to vote for Trump. Still thinking!
Would love to hear what you all think.

Why Trump Will Lose in 2020
By Rachel Bitecofer Jan. 24, 2019

Dr. Bitecofer is a professor of political science at Christopher Newport University.


“Democrats will win big in more urban, more diverse, better-educated and more liberal-friendly states and will continue to lose ground in other states like Missouri. Although Mr. Trump may well win Ohio and perhaps even Florida again, it is not likely he will carry Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania in 2020. Look at the midterm performance of statewide Democrats in those states. And his troubles with swing voters, whom he won in 2016, will put Arizona, North Carolina and perhaps even Georgia in play for Democrats and effectively remove Virginia, Colorado, Nevada and New Hampshire from the list of swing states.”

With 16 Months to go, Negative Partisanship Predicts the 2020 Presidential Election
by Rachel Bitecofer Posted: July 1, 2019 Last Updated: July 1, 2019


“Looking ahead to the 2020 Electoral College map, my model delivers on two of the most critical elements of election forecasting: lead time and parsimony, that is, simplicity. It’s probably not lost on you, dear reader, that I am offering a forecast not for the presidential primary election, itself still in its infancy, but for the November 2020 general election that is some 16 months away. And I am offering a forecast free from all the trappings you are used to. There are no poll aggregators, no daily or weekly updates, no simple versus deluxe versions. Right now, there is not even a nominee!”

“So, with no further ado:”

“Barring a shock to the system, Democrats recapture the presidency.”

And to think Tucker Carlson might take Bolton’s place.

“The welcome Humiliation of John Bolton”

Say this for Donald Trump. He may be transforming American politics into a kleptocratic fascist reality show and turning our once-great country into a global laughingstock, but at least he’s humiliating John Bolton in the process.


This solar eclipse going on right now has me thinking; what if the Dem ticket were to be Biden and Harris (or Harris and Biden, . .nah)?

TJ, Thank you!

Bob, Thank you! “Barring a shock to the system . . .”

I’ve mapped out the major astrological events between now and just beyond Election Day and still need to contemplate and compare. However, . . .

There is a lunar eclipse (full moon) on July 5, 2020 at 13 Capricorn 38 that opposes the US Sun, following a 2nd conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto at 24+ Capricorn, which opposes the US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer on June 30th.

This follows a June 22 Neptune station retrograde (rx) at 20+ Pisces, very near-perfectly square US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini which squares US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo, a US Neptune that also opposes transiting Neptune and trines transiting Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn.

Transiting Mars will conjunct transiting Neptune on June 13, Trump’s Solar Return.

All this leads up to the Dem Convention in July 13-16.

What if that were to happen? Biden and Harris I mean?

Oh, and about that shock to the system; on November 30, 2020, a lunar eclipse at 8 Gemini 38 will conjunct US natal Uranus as well as the start degree of the reely-reely big Neptune-Pluto cycle.

Vice President Mike Pence enroute to New Hampshire called back to White House. Today’s total solar eclipse is on his wife’s Sun. She may have had a health scare or incident.

Hi TJ…Well, Biden is still my first choice at this time, so I will respond.

Yes, all’s fair in love, war, and politics, but now it’s a little different in that we have to be careful about weakening our viable candidates and giving ammunition to Trump and the Republicans. If Obama’s VP for 8 yrs is made to look bad (and these issues weren’t brought up for those elections), it reflects negatively on Democrats in general.

But, yes, he should have been better prepared to explain any vulnerabilities and take responsibility for the resulting perceptions. He was coasting on his front runner status.

Conversely, Harris has a controversial reputation about some of her choices in her years with the criminal justice system. I was told about her having these exploitable areas when I first began looking at candidates. Biden may very well bring them up next time, and I’ll bet Harris will be prepared. But, I’d rather see him talk about his vision and his plans for dealing with immigration, healthcare, Iran, the debt, etc. If he cannot do that well enough (and, hopefully, there will be a few less candidates to compete for time with), then he will further lose support. Biden’s long record in politics makes it easy to interpret some of his actions negatively. I’d like to hear him talk about his most significant accomplishments instead of being on the defensive. Can he pull it off?

I do want someone strong running against Trump, who is not all that smart and should not be able to win a debate except for the fact that he will be prepared to hammer in the opposition candidate’s negatives and laud his positives. He is great at being domineering that way and Harris is probably the perfect attack dog to expose him.

Will Biden survive this? I believe that someone with a sun, venus, mercury conjunction in 27, 28, and 21 Scorpio, and mars at 12 Scorpio will be better prepared next time and won’t necessarily go down without a fight.

Looking ahead at the astrology for July 30 and 31, the next debate dates, t. mercury is still retro at 24 cancer, getting ready to go direct on Aug 1 at 23 cancer (per astrodienst). This conjuncts Biden’s 25 degree n. jupiter. On June 27, the 2nd debate, mercury was moving forward at 29 Cancer, trine mars at 26 cancer. Maybe someone has an opinion on whether this will help him redress his less-than-optimal performance in the 2nd debate. With mars at 18 Leo, probably squaring n. mercury, Biden may be feeling the mental pressure.

As far as instant t-shirt production, that’s fair enough. I can see how things could have happened that way.

Will, Bonnie Raitt comes to the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival every spring and I have seen her at least once. She has weathered the years well and is still really something to hear.

For the christian claiming GOP:

The King James Version of Matthew’s gospel relates that:

“But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!”

New polling out today:

Biden 22%
Harris 20%
Warren 14%
Sanders 13%
Buttigeig 4%

Nate Siver commenting on the Iowa poll
“Among voters who *aren’t* backing Biden in Iowa, the top reason isn’t ideology but *age*. Note that several of these responses refer to age (e.g. “pass the torch”), not just the top one”.

And the CNN post-debate poll out Monday:

22% of registered Democrats or Democratic-leaning independents backing Biden (down 10% from May)
17% Harris, (up 9%)
15% Warren (up 8%)
14% Sen. Bernie Sanders (down 4%)

I think Biden’s early lead was mostly name recognition and general likability.

And yes, mostly, polls don’t mean much at this point in a race. But the best thing I ever read about polls is not to focus on the current numbers, but the trends over time. Who’s going up. Who’s crashing.

DailyKos takes a poll of site readers every month and includes previous months in the current results. They put one out today. Will have results later today or tomorrow. I’ll post a link when poll is final. But so far, Biden’s taking big-time there. I know the site is likely more liberal/progressive than most dems, but still … it follows the other post-debate polling we’ve seen.

I think at this moment, more than any other, liberals are hungry for a fighter, and Joe’s been running as the guy who will reach across the aisle and work with the other side. Honestly, I go back and forth myself — do we want a middle-of-the-road person or a fiercely progressive fighter? I know what I want, but I don’t know which one has the best chance of beating Trump.

My charts for Super Tuesday for Biden (location: Wilmington) and Harris (location Sacramento) for 11:59 pm in each clearly favor Harris. Strongly favor Harris.

I remember that Majorie Orr had given a thumbs down on Biden. The issues that have brought out since his campaign began (first being a little too physical, now the busing, and age – not that Sanders or Trump are much younger) may have touched his essential wound. He has n chiron at 28 Leo by the way — that doesn’t say much about him withstanding Trump’s attacks.

If he does have Sag rising as this chart shows, his popularity may rise again after Jupiter goes direct in Sag on or about 8/12/19, at 14 degrees. It doesn’t mean he will be the candidate but at least he may weather everything better and stay in a good mood (and eat a little too much? That’s what happens to me under those kinds of Jupiter transits.)


I remember Hillary Clinton and Obama in a bruising,
damaging attack on one another that many feared would harm not only their images but the party itself. And look what happened, they became respectful collegues.

It could happen with Biden and Harris.

Rachel Bitecofer has covered her bet. Is this really a prediction or a wish?

We’ve got a long, long way to go.


Had the great good fortune of seeing her play in small cafe venues when I was in university; she runs deep. In the clip of her on Colbert I posted, she seemed to grasp pall of weariness over the land.

I wanted to share this with anyone who might be interested..

I found this very interesting political test to score where one falls in the four corners of the political compass, being:
Authoritarian (Fascism) /Libertarian (Anarchism) left (communism/collectivism) right neo-liberalism/libertarianism)

The site.. https://www.politicalcompass.org/analysis2

The test.. https://www.politicalcompass.org/test


“Barring a shock to the system, Democrats will recapture the presidency.”

I just have to laugh. The only thing certain in 2020 is there will be a shock to the system. Repulsives have known for over 20 years they can’t win free and fair elections. 2020 will see the nastiest, most cynical and most brutal political campaign of our lifetimes. Most Democrats and some people on this site seem woefully unprepared for the tragedy that is about to unfold in the form of a vicious and immoral onslaught from the Other Side. There truly will be no holds barred this time because China and Russia don’t ever want to see America great again.

How about Ivanka for Vice-President? Her father is clearly grooming her for the White House. If he is forced to go, she could protect him. My only question is: can you indict a sitting Vice-President? Answer: I think you can, if I remember Spiro Agnew correctly. This could make her pause.

Bernie has dropped to fourth place.


He is unlikely to recover. Maybe this time he will support the Democratic nominee.

Biden always screws up when he runs for President.


Will, two of the best performances I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen a lot of still-greats at the Jazz Fest, from Dylan, to CSN, to Simon & Garfunkle, and Rod Stewart, but missed Stevie Nicks with Fleetwood Mac) were a free Beach Boys 4th of July concert on the beach in S. FL in about 1977, and Laura Nyro, a few years before she died, in a very intimate venue in a health food restaurant in S. Beach. Do you know who she is? At one time, a tall, thin NY hipster, always dressed in black, she was the original female singer/songwriter whose bluesy hits for other groups were legend (Up on the Roof, Eli’s Coming, Wedding Bell Blues, Stoney End, Stoned Soul Picnic). Well, she sang most of them that evening, and I still haven’t gotten over it.

Anyway — thanks for those last 2 articles Andre, although I wasn’t allowed to read the Wash Post one. Bernie is iconic and we are very lucky to have someone like him in this time & place, but I wonder what made him think he could recreate his 2016 phenomena?

Andre, I think the OLC opinion that a sitting president could not be indicted was drafted in ’73 specifically to allow prosecution of of agnew but protect Nixon.
Many think the opinion itself was politically contrived and is legally flawed.

At the time I think tRump will be out (about 10 months left for campaigning) the aspects favor Warren over Harris.

If the need to defeat a tough guy goes away because of his removal I think the candidate with the most appealing plans for policy becomes more attractive to the electorate.

Andre, I think you are selling the USA (citizens and politicians – not the same thing by any means) too short. We love our country and I believe this is a testing time for our country’s soul and its Constitution.

I admire your zealousness and your love of astrology, but your negativity re: the US future is getting tiresome. Please stop. You aren’t helping anyone with this view.

Kamala Harris has a natal chart Yod to which Biden’s Venus+Sun completes a Boomerang. It is a dynamic energy pattern that infuses both individuals; they need each other. They generate interest among the masses that otherwise would not give a flying fig about the 2020 election, or politics or Washington, DC

Biden’s Jupiter squares Kamala’s Moon. Biden’s South Node conjuncts Kamala’s Saturn that conjuncts the US Moon. It is stimulating I tell you, and if they can harness this power they will beat Donald Trump at his finest. He would never know what hit him. It would be a giant leap forward for mankind.

November 12, 2019, a full Moon will conjunct the US natal Vesta at 19+ Taurus. Vesta symbolizes what is invested in and what we focus on.

March 9, 2020, a Full Moon at 19+ Virgo conjuncts Biden’s MC (his reputation, his achievements) and trines the US natal Vesta in Taurus. Harris’s Venus at 17+ Virgo conjuncts Biden’s MC while also squaring Trump’s Uranus at 17+ Gemini. (Uranus rules Trump’s 7th house of open enemies.)

It could be that this 4 month period (Nov. 12. 2019 through Mar. 9, 2020) could produce a developing agenda that harnesses the Biden-Harris dynamic into a blistering assault on the Trump agenda for the dismantling of these United States.

It requires thinking outside the box. Are you ready?

Elizabeth, thanks for posting that political test. I fell somewhere between Gandhi and Sanders but closest to Jeremy Corbyn, pretty much in the middle of the Libertarian/Left. Interesting that all of our modern and well-admired leaders, like Churchill, Merkel, Hillary Clinton, are up there in the authoritarian quadrant, leaning right. In fact, Hillary shows as less authoritarian but, surprisingly, quite a bit further right than trump. I wonder where Obama would have fallen on the chart? To see where you fall on the chart as compared to other leaders and thinkers, you need to click on the link to get the certificate, for those who are going to take it.

Barb, interesting line of thinking… Just maybe they may partner up!

Just wanted to wish you all a good night. The solar eclipse was on my ascendant degree and I can’t seem to stop talking – lol


Huge Laura Nyro fan here. A brilliant, daring, haunting talent.

The Political Compass test was fun. I do wish however, the questions could have gone somewhat deeper.

According to the test I’m a Left Libertarian and
I appear to be right there at Jeremy Corbyn’s throat! The test shows I disagree with almost 100% of the Republican philosophy, but it doesn’t seem to reflect my disagreement with about 50% of the Dem agenda.

Sharon and Eliseo, glad you enjoyed it! I found the test doing some research for my niece who is interested in learning about politics. I thought understanding where she truly is politically is the first step. She grew up in a conservative home, but I suspect she is a lot more to the left than she realizes.
I fell directly on Noam Chomsky.. Well I’ll take that with a badge of honor as I respect him so deeply. Sharon, I wonder if they based Trump on what he “says” or what he “does” because that doesn’t feel correct that he isn’t much closer to Authoritarian, when his actions indicate that he most certainly is. Interesting point about the well-admired leaders, although FDR isn’t on there and I suspect he would be in the quadrant we sit.
Eliseo, If Hillary Clinton is almost the exact opposite of you, doesn’t that reflect the other 50% of the party? That’s how I took it.

Ralfee Finn:

“Do your best to stay level-headed as well as level-hearted during the next couple of weeks. As the slo-mo rewind of Mercury Retrograde kicks into gear and the disruption of the eclipses takes hold, it will grow increasingly difficult to stay clear and present. But clear and present is what we need to be these days, for ourselves and for each other.”


Barb, I second your comments to Andre. Thank you.

BarbK, I disagree with your comment to Andre’. There is a lot of left leaning optimism on this site… I know that’s part of the purpose of the site but we aren’t balanced. While I want desperately to believe that we’ll get through this and beat back the republican / russian / chinese manipulation, time and again I’ve been disappointed in what actually transpired. The cyclical nature of Astrology is what helps me understand what is gong on and to realize that it’s something that may be necessary. It certainly won’t be fast. We have to learn, we have to be angry enough to really change and we aren’t there yet as a country.

Many people have pointed out that astrologically we’re at a point similar to where we were in the 1930s. That took a while to resolve and a lot of people died in the process. This isn’t going to happen quickly and stating that shouldn’t be reason to be ostracized.

This site went through this during the election and managed to chase away Prabata because she tended to point out unpleasant options. Becoming balanced requires that we deal with both the pleasant and the unpleasant aspects of life. I stopped participating in the site for a long time because of the infighting. Hopefully this isn’t where it’s headed again.

Either way, it’s clear things aren’t going the way I would have thought they should with the country. I expect we will have a republican in the white house next election, regardless of who it is. I wish that wasn’t what I see happening but it appears to be.

Here’s another new Iowa poll:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren first among likely Iowa caucus-goers at 20%, with Sen. Kamala Harris (18%) and former Vice President Joe Biden (17%) both trailing Warren but within the margin of error.
Biden’s trendline in Iowa is particularly troubling, starting at 37% in Sept. 2018 and continually shedding support each quarter until hitting 17% in the latest quarterly survey.

It also notes that while some polls have Harris pulling ahead of Warren, Warren has established a strong ground game in Iowa, which may be helping her hold ground there.


Duly noted CaseyM. I almost abandoned Starlight News myself in 2016, due to the rabid partisanship, but what I am disturbed by now is the frequent hopelessness for the US that Andre alludes to.

If he were a US citizen, which he says he is not, I could understand, but he is a Canadian citizen, and not part of the ongoing process we US citizens are working our way through, and that includes difficult challenges to be sure. Nobody ever said a Pluto Return would be fun and games, but we DO know good things can come from a Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

The most important point about astrology to remember is that there are positive, as well as negative, interpretations of all the symbols. It can go either way but if one refuses to acknowledge the positive effect/reason and dwells only on the negative effect/reason, one closes oneself off from any positive opportunities offered.

If you and others are exposed to repeated hopelessness you can become hopeless and that is so unnecessary. I was born in 1939; a very scary time for my parents and relatives, I’m told, but they had faith in their country, and did not succumb to fear. I was born on the 4th of July and was never allowed to forget that when growing up. Three cheers for the red, white and blue . .and all that jazz.

By all means, be realistic and note the worst possible outcome of any situation, but also be aware of the other possibilities, including an expanded understanding of any situation.

I agree with Andre that some are “woefully unprepared” for the difficulties we face in the US and everywhere all over the planet. However, anything worth achieving almost always requires difficulties to overcome. The US is not a wussy country, but it does require fortitude and that doesn’t come from repeated warnings of certain doom. It comes from faith. Lighten up is all I’m sayin’.

Bailey, many, many thanks for your support!

CaseyM, barbK, Andre,

Casey, I agree. Barb, with all due respect to your fine astrological work and upbeat propensities, Casey is correct in saying there is a lot of left leaning optimism (i.e. bias) on this site. And I think I’m likely much further to the left than most here on this blog.

Sadly, Andre may be correct in the possibilities and probabilities he sees. I do not believe Andre is “selling the USA (citizens and politicians – not the same thing by any means) too short.” I very much get the impression Andre has great respect for America and Americans. I strongly suspect he loves America almost as much as he does his native Canada, therefore his obvious angst and despair at what he sees astrologically.

Although I despise Trump, and the Republican party, and desperately want these folks out of office and Trump and associates in jail, I feel getting us there will likely take longer than anyone of us here on this blog would like or can imagine.

Although I personally like a few of our Dem candidates, IMHO NONE of them are very strong, and collectively they look pretty weak. When I say I’m most in harmony with E. Warren, that’s not saying much, as I’m pretty unimpressed with ALL of our Dem candidates.

If we nominate Biden, and he runs against Trump he might (that’s a big maybe) might possibly win. The election might hinge on whom each chooses as their running mate as both Biden and Trump are old enough they might succumb to Tecumseh’s curse.

Conversely, although I believe it is the constitutional duty for Congress to impeach Trump, whether or not he is convicted, I also believe that were Trump to not be the 2020 R. nominee, our chances for a Dem to win would be diminished. My feeling also is that whichever party wins in 2020 will likely lose in 2024.

In any case, I think we are looking at our scenario backwards and upside down. Out electoral situation is not even remotely normal, and Andre is correct in pointing that out.

In the election of 2000, as I entered the voting booth I heard a voice, perhaps from deep within, “The winner loses. The loser wins.” I knew then what was about to happen, and it did!

The R’s have cultivated their “dirty tricks” for over 47 years. Gerrymandering, the continuation of racist voter suppression, plus the fact our highest executive, (Trump) has ordered NOTHING be done about Russian electoral interference and hacking, AND recently has actually invited foreign influence into our election process; none of this bodes well for the 2020 election.

The Rachel Bitecofer op-ed, Why Trump Will Lose in 2020 appears to assume a normal election. Were this era “Normal” I’m sure her analysis would probably constitute a pretty accurate prediction. But, as we all know our situation is beyond bizarre compared to previous American history.

None of us know if Andre’s interpretation of what he sees astrologically is correct, but I certainly have to give him credit for what I believe is a very possible if not probable scenario. Whether Dems or R’s prevail, his statement, “2020 will see the nastiest, most cynical and most brutal political campaign of our lifetimes.” could very well be correct.

If Trump is the R. candidate in the 2020 election, I believe we can guarantee Andre’s words, “nasty,” “cynical,” and “brutal” will be entirely insufficient and much too weak descriptors. If Trump is NOT the nominee, I believe we can guarantee recriminations from Trump followers, whom I believe are capable of serious violence.

I sincerely hope I am wrong, but what I see as more likely is a short era of extreme violence and chaos associated with the 2020 election, which will not begin to be resolved until the election of 2024.

Happy Birthday Barbk from another fellow cancer (July 2). What do you think about the Solar Eclipse conjuncting your Sun (mine is at 9’41”) so I’m a little apprehensive about the year ahead.

I agree there is too much pessimism on this site. Whenever I have posted my interpretation of the planetary patterns in which I saw optimism for the progressive movement, I was immediately shot down. But I still see us winning the US presidency (based on Saturn in Aquarius conjunct Sun/MH in 2021 inaugural chart and other factors).

I love your analyses and always read your blog.


Happy birthday tomorrow. My birthday is today so I know what you mean about the 4th being important.

I agree with you that there a positive and negative meanings to all the symbols. And I’ll take it a step further, even in the worst of situations, there is good. As much as I despise trump, he has wakened up a lot of people. He has helped us realize just what was percolating underneath the surface. As such, he has had a part to play in the coming change be it good or bad.

I’ve done the over-positive optimist thing and fallen so hard when things went exactly opposite. These days I’m more inclined to accept this is a long game, that we aren’t sufficiently awake yet to change our trajectory. And honestly, it may be time for another world power to take center stage. If it helps us redefine our country and ourselves into a kinder, more compassionate people, then it’s worth it. And eventually it will have that effect. I only hope we aren’t slow learners.

Thank you again for the conversation and for the in depth discussion of the cycles. I learn a lot on this page, I’m introduced to new ideas and ways of looking at things. That gift is priceless.

As for the negativity, I think it stands out because this is a very positive channel, and I don’t think that attitude is always warranted. Balance is healthy. Understanding that it might not go well, that it’s evident, based on the lack of action we’ve seen so far, that it’s becoming more and more likely that it won’t happen in this positive light we want to see. Trump won’t be impeached, he won’t be charged, he will get away with this so to speak. But we can learn from this, grow from this, enact new laws that prevent this from ever happening again. And that too is a positive outcome. If it all magically get’s fixed too soon, it will not prompt us to make lasting changes to prevent this in the future.

Namaste’ all. I have faith that the cycles are playing out as they should and that we will all learn from this. That is enough.

barbK, Casey M, Andre,

One more point in defense of Andre’s point of view.

In my experience, amongst our Anglosphere cousins, astute Aussies, New Zealanders, Canadians and Brits, usually understand America and Americans better than most Americans understand themselves. Furthermore, he’s not predicting the ultimate downfall of America. He sees an American renaissance associated with the election of 2024.

And what you just wrote, Barb, rings true and is beautiful.

Happy Birthday and Solar Return, Barb (an invaluable and brilliant contributor here), Stephanie (are you the Stephanie who has a column in one of the fashion magazines?), and Casey M! You are all nuturing, sensitive, caring, intuitive individuals, and a little looney (luny?) too, most likely, and probably with some gemini and/or Leo in your charts. Wishing all of you and any other Cancerian on this blog a wonderful birthday and a year full of blessings, abundance, love, good heath, accomplishment, success, enjoyment & joy!

And let’s hope your dreams come true, because some of your most important dreams are our dreams!

Marvelous responses all, and happy birthdays to Stephanie and CaseyM. Here is what is intriguing me right now:

Everybody, it seems, has ruled out Beto O’Rourke as the possible Dem candidate, and yet . .

Beto’s natal Uranus at 17+ Libra is conjunct the US PROGRESSED Mars, and the US Constitution Signing chart’s Neptune, as well as Trump’s natal Jupiter (and Putin’s natal Saturn), all at 17+ Libra.

Is it possible Beto could be a dark horse? Uranus is always full of surprises.

On April 7, 2020, 9 months from now, there is a Full Moon at 18+ Libra, one degree past O’Rourke’s Uranus et al. This comes 2 days after the 1st Jupiter (excessive)-Pluto (death-rebirth) conjunction at 24+ Capricorn, that opposes the US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer.

Beto’s natal North Node is at 23+ Capricorn and his South Node is at 23+ Cancer.

The Full Moon chart in April has Saturn at 1+ Aquarius which trines Beto’s Pluto at 1+ Libra (which conjuncts the US natal chart MC at 1+ Libra).

The FM chart’s Venus at 3+ Gemini trines his natal Sun at 3+ Libra (which conjuncts his natal Pluto), and combined with the FM Saturn at 1+ Aquarius, Beto O’Rourke has a nice grand trine in air signs working for him at this Full Moon, with the addition of a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction that conjuncts his North Node (path forward) . . . and a Full Moon conjunct his Uranus. Now that’s bound to surprise him and maybe all of us.

Perhaps it has something to do with the disgraceful migrant situation on the US Mexico border that is ruining the US reputation (US MC + O’Rourke’s Pluto) once thought of as a welcoming nation.

The April FM chart’s North Node at 2+ Cancer will have recently (exact in March) been conjunct the US natal Venus at 3+ Cancer and US Venus rules the US MC in Libra, where Beto’s Pluto (+ Sun) is.

Other interesting points in his natal chart:
1) natal Neptune sextiles his Sun-Pluto
2) natal Jupiter squares his Sun-Pluto
3) his Jupiter Return is on December 3, 2019
4) US Pluto in Cap trines his Mars in Virgo and his Moon in Taurus (which trans. Sedna “under water” is conjunct) for another grand trine, this one in Earth signs.

We will all forget this in a few days (or overnight, speaking for my own memory) but it looks like Beto O’Rourke will be in the headlines again next Spring. Just in time for the July Democratic Convention!

Thanks Sharon . . you have about 10 Cancer rising don’t you? (sorry it took so long to get back but the phone rang) Happy eclipse to us all!

barbK, Stephanie, and CaseyM,
Happy Solar Return/Birthday to all of you!

Very interesting about Beto. I suspect he is RFK returned and will eventually become president. But I think he’s got some more growing up to do on several levels before he arrives at destiny’s door.

BTW, I’m wondering what the astrological indicators would be were
(A) one or both of our political parties were to “go out of business,”
(B) a “new” party to become a major player, replacing either the Dems or R’s.
(C) a “new” party to become a major player, but in a three party system in which the Dems and R’s continue per normal.

Following on the earlier theme of competing usa chart versions, I just came across this article arguing for a different chart for the republican party, putting it earlier, in new Hampshire, not Wisconsin, and the effect it might have regarding the 2020 election

Jessica Adams article on the dems for 2020

Personally Eliseo, I think they both go the way of the dodo bird well after the 2020 election, but some here (Bob?) have charts for both parties that could show what their future looks like.

I would base my predictions on the US natal chart if I were to take that on. Also, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction (+ Ceres + Sun + Mercury), itself in Capricorn, suggests a lot of conscious re-structuring of institutions, (it also squares the chart’s ascendant and Eris) AND it is trine US Neptune (dissolve) in Virgo (fix what’s broken).

Thanks kiwi!

And many happy solar returns for all you lovely cancerians! xxx

Yes, it seems that everyone but the die-hard Trump-Heads are increasingly disappointed with the R. party, but every single Dem I personally know is pretty disenchanted with the Dem party as well.

I’ve long been of the opinion their respective paradigms are outdated and gradually becoming obsolete relative to current conditions. Perhaps those who are increasingly disenchanted with their party are feeling or sensing this as well.

A belated Happy Canada Day to you!

I have not been convinced of a chart for either party but will say that John’s (TWB) chart for the GOP performs well enough that I use it.


“P.S. .. By my lonesome reckoning, each of the two national political parties was born at the time of a national platform adoption at a party nominating convention: the Democrats on May 27, 1844 @ Baltimore, MD, a Monday mid-afternoon, when the nomination of James Polk and the platform adoption included a plank formalizing the party’s name change to the party’s ” stile” as we recognize it today; and the Republicans on July 6, 1854 @ Jackson, Michigan, a Thursday mid-afternoon, at which the national party’s stile was there first adopted as well ….. Just something to consider … (The co-incident Republican party/George Bush birthday of July 6th must amount to something in the cosmic scheme of things).

Thanks Chris, JOHN here”

Happiest of birthdays to all of our Moon Children!

Everyone enjoy the Fourth of July -Rest. Sleep. Eat, Pray, Love………..Eat Some More.

Stephanie, please tell me more about the 2021 Inaugural chart (I so appreciate Nancy’s ability to glean info from these charts). I can’t make a chart past 2020, but I know Neptune and Ceres are conjunct at 18+ Pisces (where Neptune is now) which just HAS to be about the migrant kids. What house would that be in?

Also the Uranus-Mars conjunction at 6+ Taurus (where Uranus is now); what house would that fall in? Does the Moon fall on or near 28-29 Aries? That’s where the US progressed Venus is which is square the US progressed Pluto in Capricorn. Thank you for your help!

CaseyM, I agree with your every observation in your earlier comment, it’s good to meet kindred spirits.

I believe Mueller’s testimony on the 17th . . . Sun conjunct US natal Mercury; Neptune will trine Venus + North Node in Cancer, while sextile Saturn in Cap which opposes Venus+NN . . . and Saturn will also be trine Mueller’s natal Mars-Chiron conjunction in Virgo, is cause for optimism (dare I say?) that “the cycles are playing out as they should”.

Bailey, you are a jewel in the crown. Thanks for your support!

I would not be sad at all to see the Republican Party perish, or even simply relegated to permanent minor party/fringe status. It is such a reservoir for vengefulness, hatred, violent, raging ignorance, jingoism, and all of the very worst characteristics of this country. I do not believe that it can be redeemed based upon either of the 1854 charts (July 6 is the one I use as seems most fitting of its character). DJT’s fate seems likely to also mark its final decent towards its ultimate fate.

I have long felt that we are heading for a political restructuring that will make multi-party politics both viable and necessary. The recent SCOTUS decision on gerrymandering suggests that a grassroots response will be what ultimately breaks uncompetitive single-member districts, replacing them with proportional, multi-member districts and a much larger, more representative Congressional body.

I suspect there will be several right-wing parties in the future, one or more of which may include successor parties to the GOP (e.g. “Fundamentalist Christian Republicans” {Pat Robertson, Southern Baptists}, “White Nationalists” {KKK, David Duke, Steve Bannon}, “American Patriots” {hyper-jingoists}). Also, such a systemic overhaul may provide an opening for the Libertarian Party to ascend.

The Democrats will likely undergo at least one major split between centrists and Left Progressives/Labor. My guess is that the former group retains control of the rump party and will be made up of economic neoliberals and what we once termed Rockefeller Republicans–think Bill Clinton, John Kasich, Joe Lieberman, etc. In essence, it becomes the party of Clintonian Triangulation. The “Progressive Democrats” or perhaps simply the Progressive Party would likely lay claim to the mantle of FDR/New Dealism. Farther Left would likely include the Democratic Socialists (Bernie Sanders) and perhaps also a competitive Green Party.

One or more regional parties could also emerge. I fully expect some form of Reactionary hyper-Conservative “Neoconfederate” party to emerge in the South, and perhaps also a “Western Party” concerned with climate and resource issues unique to the Western US.

Parliamentary-style politics won’t solve all of America’s problems by any means. It will however represent a breath of fresh air and a massive improvement over our current, logjamed and outdated system.

I believe the coming years will also bring a massibe rethinking and restructuring with regards to state, county, and local governments, too, much of which are an anachronism of the colonial era. Many state constitutions haven’t been updated in a century or more.

We will finally see the US formally recognize metropolitan or “regional cities” at some point, similar to what China, France, Russia and other countries have been doing. The US does has a handful of “consolidated” city-county governments. That number may increase, but it will ultimately be supplanted by a more organic way of looking at and governing cities and their suburbs+exurbs.

In some cases, regional cities could become independent of their states, essentially becoming federal districts, like Washington, D.C.

In the summer of 2016 my brother said he had a deep, abiding feeling that whomever won the presidency would somehow lead their party to ruin and eventually complete extinction. As a devout union member and Democrat, he voted for Hillary, but was at least half pleased Trump won, thinking Trump would destroy the R. Party.

From my point of view, that is precisely the long range effect Trump’s presidency will have.

Also, I’ve long felt that post Trump, and in the absence of a R. Party, the Dem party would likely split into 2, maybe 3 parties. Proportional representation (depending on what variety) might also get Greens, Right Libertarians, and others into Congress, but I’m not sure that will last very long, as I think automation, robots, artificial intelligence, climate change, and some coming extraordinary discoveries and advances in the sciences, especially genetics, physics, astronomy, and quantum biology will render our old economic and social constructs as irrelevant as medieval speculation as to how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.


2021 Inaugural Chart:

Sun @ 0AQ, Saturn @ 3 AQ, Jup @ 7 AQ, Mer @ 18 AQ, all in the 10th house. MC is @ 26 CP, Pluto is 24 CP with Venus at 15 CP in the 9th.

Mars and Uranus in an exact conj at 6 TA in the 12th, Chiron @ 5 AR, Moon @ 29 AR in 12th, AC @ 14 TA.

Neptune @ 18 PI in the 11th. NN @ 19 GE in 2nd house.

Would love your analyses of the above!!

Sharon S: I am not a fashion columnist!!! But I do have Gemini Rising and a Gemini Moon and Venus in Leo.

barbk – download or screen grab.


And in right ascension:


OMG Stephanie and Bob! It’s a Bundle pattern – the only one I’ve ever seen that wasn’t in a book! It’s the rarest of the 7 basic patterns (of the 10 primary planets), but this one includes Chiron too!

Marc Edmund Jones says “Characteristic of the bundle type is an outstanding capacity for making much of little, or for building small beginnings into great and often unanticipated final results.” (from his book “The Guide To Horoscope Interpretation”) Wow.

The MC in this chart conjuncts US natal Pluto, and the Mars-Uranus squares Jupiter. Thank you both so much (this is the best birthday ever!) Much more later . . . but Nancy needs to see this right away.

Happy 4th July to everyone here, I thank all and Nancy for the wonderful community we have here. May the future of America be bright and get back on course.

Whoa, for anyone who has HBO check out a show called Years and Years, I just watched the first episode, I think its new, its a British show set in the second term of Trumps Presidency in 2024 when he has only a few days left in Office. It’s worth the watch for sure.

It’s amazing how this Presidency is affecting the whole world, other countries know more about American news than many Americans do, its nuts!

I have found myself in the last week or so completely switching off from news, twitter, anything like that. It’s not apathy. I still listen to some podcasts and find myself agreeing wholeheartedly with some of the never Trump Republicans. The Dems dont seem to realise that this next election is about getting rid of Trump at all costs, and a swing to the left is a big turn off for most of the population. Trump will milk the socialist thing like never before, the ads that will be coming we dont have a clue but they will put everything into it. Yet instead they are eating their own, I like Kamala but to have that scripted viral moment with Biden about something , bussing, from years ago , after his civil rights record and the fact he was the first black Presidents’s VP, really, this is what we have come to? It was all staged because there were t shirts already printed with Kamala as a girl on a bus. I think its all disgusting, and a big turn off, she and Biden teamed up probably could have had what it takes to beat Trump, Amy Klobuchar too is a moderate candidate that many Republicans who dont like trump could vote for. Instead its all going south imo, so I have just chosen to retreat for now.

Except for this forum which I love. Thanks to you all!

Another moderate candidate is Julian Castro who gave a very strong performance in the 1st debate.
Bernie doesn’t seem to be a top consideration now BUT he is a valuable player who may make the final candidate look moderate by comparison. Same for Elizabeth Warren. She has very good ideas and is as sharp as they come, but will not frame the Democrats as we need to be positioned right now. Maybe in 2024? I would be happy to see her appointed to an influential position. I also see Klobachar as viable, although not super strong, and I haven’t given up on Joe Biden, but I see where he may lose the younger generations. He is not such a dinosaur but only seems as such when you factor in his entire career. He hasn’t quite gotten it that he has to clean and clear it up and reassure the progressives, but I think he still might.

As far as Kamala, I saw TJ’s points but she has let me down with her tactics, even if the t-shirts were a spontaneous and doable things.

Stephanie, we once had a Stephanie here who was a professional astrologer (among other things), who had published her writings, and did have a monthly astrology column in one of the fashion magazines, with a partner. I gather you are not she as the allusion didn’t resonate for you.

Well, it’s the 4th and I for one am glad that Trump has highlighted how blind he is to our values as Americans by 1) his partisan military parade and 2) his awful comment that if the immigrants don’t like how they are being treated, they shouldn’t come. The fact that reports have come in this week by those who witnessed the conditions of the camps (and I don’t give a flying f*ck if we call them death camps, concentration camps, or detention camps, and I am Jewish — we cannot dwell on the right semantics constantly!) should be speaking to many people who are on the fence.
Trump may now clean it all up hoping people will forget later but I’m not so sure we will let them.
Also, tomorrow is the deadline (they asked for a July 4 extension but were refused) to present arguments to the court about why the stupid citizenship question should be allowed. I don’t know how they could possibly come up with a legitimate argument because it is a ridiculous thing to ask. There are many people here legally who are not citizens!

May freedom ring across our fair land, freedom with reasonable checks and balances, and based on the freedom and protection for all to have a fair chance to create a good life!

Yes, it’s frightening as to which way this will go and what a potential 2nd Trump term would mean. I have always seen Aquarius as a sign of freedom, justice and brotherhood so it should issue in an era social justice…BUT…it IS does have a strongly ideological bent, and it was originally rule by Saturn. Will it be a transition time that still allows the authoritarians to be in power. Also, I wish Anti Fa would cool it as people do not realize that it arose again in the U.S. as a response to Trump and his white nationalists. That being said, for some people nationalism also means a strong U.S. so it’s tricky as to how to find that balance, which would actually bring us common ground between the left and right. Sigh.

I didn’t see my final paragraph when I just edited the above. It should read:

Yes, it’s frightening as to which way this will go and what a potential 2nd Trump term would mean.

I have always seen Aquarius as a sign of freedom, justice and brotherhood so 2020 should issue in an era of social justice…BUT…Aquarius does also have a strongly ideological bent, and it was originally ruled by Saturn. Will it be a transition time that still allows the authoritarians to be in power? Also, I wish Anti Fa would cool it as people do not realize that it arose again in the U.S. as a response to Trump and his white nationalists.

That being said, for some people nationalism also means a strong U.S. so it’s tricky as to how to find that balance, which would actually bring us common ground between the left and right. My hope is that we will.

Whoa, so I just watched episode 2, thats all there is fo now, Emma Thompson is in it by the way, well I know so little about astrology, but everything strikes me as Uranus in this show, specifically Uranus in Taurus, the shock factor, the earth changes, the technology, medical treatments, biotechnology, gender related issues, wow wow wow, i would love to hear from any of you if you can watch it.

Inaugural 2021 MC 298°17′.

Chart Venus/Jupiter midpoint at 298°10′ is on it.
Inaugural Moon at 28°25′ is exactly squrae both the MC and that Venus/Jupiter midpoint. Remember the old astrology adage”Squares make things happen”.

“The Most Critical Argument Democrats Will Have in 2020”

“As Biden tries to recover after a shaky performance at the first debate, that contrast provides him a clear incentive to stress his differences with the three others. Put another way, while the debates demonstrated vulnerability for Biden overall, they also showed him the most obvious way to regain his footing. His team emerged from the debate eager to sharpen his engagement with Sanders and the other candidates advocating the elimination of private insurance. “We are headed for a health-care conversation in this party,” says one top Biden aide, who requested anonymity to discuss internal campaign calculations. “I think he’ll be talking about it more in the coming days.”


We here in San Diego just experienced a 6.4 magnitude earthquake taking the headlines away from the Trump charade.

I heard about that ja, and wondered if Trump’s parade/charade had been upstaged (I was taking a 2 hour nap!)

Tuesday’s solar eclipse (3 deg. from US natal Sun) has a grand trine in the fire signs that includes Ceres in Sagittarius. Mars at 0+ Leo was on a volatile degree:


Keynote: An irruption of bio-psychic energies into the ego-controlled field of consciousness.
(from Dane Rudhyar’s “An Astrological Mandala”)

Perhaps this is Mother Nature (Ceres) giving us a heads-up of what could come. Mars was also conjunct Mercury and Juno in Leo and trine Chiron in Aries. Uranus (5+ Taurus) was exactly square Juno (5+ Leo), so a square within a grand trine might suggest a disruptive break in the grand trine energy flow.

Thanks Bob, Moon (People) square (challenge) MC (how it works out) + Venus/Jupiter midpoint (benefics) sounds like it could be a positive thing.


Saturn in AQ is also conjunct the MC and to me seems more potent than the Pluto/MC conjunction because the MC is applying to the Saturn conjunction, whereas the MC has separated from the conjunction with Pluto in CP. I interpret that as the new leader (Saturn) will be very different (AQ) from the old one represented by MC in Capricorn.


I have done the inaugural chart using both the Placidus and Koch system of houses and Neptune is solidly in the 11th. Not sure why the chart you have has it in the 12th. The placidus one has the 12th house cusp at 27 PI and Neptune is at 18 PI.

I agree with Fagan’s belief that the “Goodness” and “badness” depend on the intrinsic nature of the planets in mutual configuration, and not on the character of the aspect.”

Western Sidereal Astrology
by Kenneth Bowser

Cyril Fagan
A Modern Approach to an Ancient Method, October 1953


“Aspects: A Warning

If the reader wished to master the technique of solunar interpretation he must be prepared to un-learn all that he has read about trine and sextile aspects producing only “good” results, while squares and oppositions produce only “evil” effects. As far as Solunars are concerned this is simply not true. “Goodness” and “badness” depend on the intrinsic nature of the planets in mutual configuration, and not on the character of the aspect. The seeming “goodness” of trines and sextiles is due to the fact that these are configurations of moderation, coming languidly into effect, temperate in action, and avoiding all extremes; while the apparent, “badness” of oppositions and squares comes from the fact that they tend to excess, acting sharply and vigorously.”

I’m very excited but don’t want to jump to conclusions so help please in interpreting
Elizabeth Warren has a Yod with Jupiter as the focal point. It is conjunct the Inaugural 2021 Sun
Corey Booker’s Saturn is conjunct the Inaugural Moon

Also Booker’s Sun is conjunct Inaugural’ Mars/ Uranus conjunction.

ja – A mundane chart from the Sidereal toolbox (expressed in the Tropical Zodiac and progressed by my rate) for the quake. USGS lists the epicenter about 240 miles North of you. The position of Canlunar Saturn and Pluto and eclipse Pluto and Mars could correlate with strong aftershocks or even later quakes.


Ja, stay safe! Was there much damage in your area? What about power outages? — (which can’t be fun in this country-wide heat wave — even in Alaska).

My astrology tools are home in Olympia, WA, not here where I am presently located in Texas. But I’ll bet the signs indicate an older, not a younger person to become president in January of 2021.

That stands to reason if we accept Andre’s conclusion the 2020 election will be a dress rehearsal for the election of 2024, the latter being something more earth shaking with Pluto in Aquarius, something akin to the election of 1932.

My guess is (unless Trump succeeds in stealing the election, and I’m sure he will try if still in office) that the next president will be a one termer due to age consideration. It may be the 2020 presidential candidate is an older person with a much younger vp candidate, who will ascend to the presidency through the election of 2024.

That would fit a Biden or Warren or even Bernie ticket (though I don’t think Bernie will get the nomination) with a K. Harris or Beto, or one of the other younger candidates as VP.

Watching the CNN after-coverage of Resident coward bone spurs attempt to cloak himself in the legacy of the country’s military is reflected in my progressed demi-anlunar for him. By tomorrow night he will be on a crazy rant about the coverage in the media.

Just checked my own DD 214 and discovered a huge mistake. My primary MOS was Infantry but in the record reconstructed after the fire in St Louis that destroyed the original it is listed as personal specialist trained in Ft Polk Louisiana. The Fort Polk part is right but I don’t know if they trained any personal specialists or clerk typists there. After basic I went on to advanced infantry training and trained with weapons and areas that those who went to various schools did not.

I was later trained as a personnel specialist but my primary MOS was still Infantry. Not worth complaining about it at my age.

All of the fireworks that Trump said were donated were red and gold and some appeared to be coming from cannons. Am I crazy? Thank God for the Sesame Street characters.

Thanks Stephanie, you make a good point re: transiting Saturn in the 2021 Inaugural chart. The Pluto I was referring to is the US NATAL Pluto (27+ Cap). The Inaugural chart MC (final outcome, what the world sees) at 26+ Cap suggests (to me anyway) that the US, starting in Jan. 2021, will make transformation (US natal Pluto 27+ Cap) its Number 1 priority.

Because transiting Ceres and Neptune are conjunct in the Inaugural chart’s 12th house, it screams of compassion and nurturing – of the land itself, and for the people who have been mistreated by this country -and it will be Project 1. That would include both citizens and refugees.

I’m not fluent in midpoint astrology, but Bob’s noting of the Inauguration chart’s Jupiter-Venus midpoint conjunct that chart’s MC and with that chart’s Moon square the MC suggests the endeavor of transformation (partly about clean water for Flint, MI, about homes for the homeless, about help for flood victims, including Puerto Rico, among other things) will get some pushback from the US people (Moon square MC), probably due to the cost (Venus-Jupiter midpoint conjunct Inauguration chart MC).

However, the Inaugural chart’s 12th house Mars-Uranus (6+ Taurus) squares the chart’s Jupiter (7+ Aquarius), which will be trine the US NATAL Uranus at 8+ Gemini in the US natal chart’s 6th house of service and well-being. Expect an unexpected breakthrough.

Follow me. Asteroid Child in this Inaugural chart is at 8+ Pisces (conjunct US NATAL Ceres the Nurturer) which is sextile the Inaugural chart’s Mars-Uranus at 6+ Taurus, that squares the Inauguration chart’s Jupiter at 7+ Aquarius that conjuncts the US natal South Node and the US natal Pholus (small cause, big effect), both at 6+ Aquarius.

US natal South Node and US Pholus in Aquarius are sextile the Inauguration chart Chiron (wounded) at 5+ Aries which is trine the US natal North Node (path forward) at 6+ Leo which sextiles US natal Uranus (8+ Gemini) that squares US NATAL Ceres and the Inauguration chart’s Child at 8+ Pisces.

Of course it’s complicated, but that’s the way politics work.

I appreciate this community! Don’t often comment because I’m not an astrologer, but I come here for the astute comments during elections.

Sharon K, thanks for responding. While I’m open to a variety of candidates and watching how things unfold, I’ve always thought Biden-Harris would be a highly electable combination. Because of that, I was so disappointed in Biden in the debate, and concerned he would not pick Kamala as VP after that if he is the candidate.

Barbk’s analysis of the Biden-Harris chart was very interesting, thanks! And Happy Belated Birthday!

Hey TJ, here’s something that might interest you. You don’t have to be an astrologer to realize that a conjunction between 2 planets starts a cycle that lasts until they come together again in a conjunction.

Also, a cycle begins when the Sun is at 0 Aries (Spring Equinox) 0 Cancer (Summer Solstice) 0 Libra (Fall Equinox) and 0 Capricorn (Winter Solstice). Each of these cycles refer to a 3 month period only.

All cycles cover a chunk of time during which things happen that can be “foreseen” by reading (the astrological chart) how all the planets at the time of that exact conjunction between 2 planets, or at that exact moment when the Sun reaches Zero Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, relate to one another.

If a person has a planet or point that matches or aspects any planet or point in the charts of these cycles, that person will experience some relationship to what that cycle is about. It might be a strong connection or it might be barely noticeable.

There are 2 charts (and probably more) that both Kamala Harris and Joe Biden have a connection to. One is a cycle that has been in force for 128 years; the Neptune-Pluto conjunction.

The other is the Winter Solstice of 2012, considered by a number of people all over the world to be the beginning of an evolutionary period for humanity and the planet Earth. It is also referred to as the End of the Mayan Calendar. Because of that, this cycle is not just about the 3 months between December 21, 2012 and March 21, 2013. It’s influence could go on (for some of us) for decades!

Because Biden and Harris have connections between their natal charts (Biden’s Pluto trines Harris’ Juno for example), I am struck by their connections to these 2 cycles that have to do with long periods of time.

Each of these cycles will cover adaptations in societies that will resonate with humans, causing them to react positively or negatively, creating the (somewhat) predictable behavior that astrology recognizes via the symbolism of the planets and points in the specific charts for the cycles.

I suspect it is for this reason that their “difference” during the Debate was captured by TV to be discussed by many individuals in the US and elsewhere. Protocol between men and women, youth and age, different races, etc. are morphing from ones that were acceptable a decade ago to ones that will be the norm a decade from now.

Kamala’s natal Saturn in Aquarius opposes Joe’s natal Chiron in Leo. Something in that energy exchange is stimulating change among us right now. It will be interesting to watch how their relationship develops over the next year. It could even change the world.

VERY interesting, Barb. Thank you, and I’m glad you explained the basic of cycles, as I now understand them better.

Also, to TJ, thank you for giving more context to your comments on Harris and Biden. I know understand more about where you are coming from. After hearing Barb’s observations, I am more optimistic about what could come next!

I know many of you won’t think this Progressive enough, but I had thoughts of a Biden/Klobuchar ticket which might drawn many independents and moderates from both parties. I, personally, have developed a lot of respect and alignment with Julian Castro also, but I have a feeling that the Dem ticket will not be all male, or all female. I know it is way too early and everything is conjecture right now but I enjoy the exploration!

Sharon , i agree completely with the Klobuchar/Biden ticket, i think that would be the best chance of defeating Trump

I’ve always thought Klobuchar was the perfect candidate considering that she can speak effectively for the Midwest constituents, doesn’t scare off Independents with radical ideas but is definitely a progressive. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that she is catching on yet. She is too low key? Not sure.

However, Biden is too old!!! Also, I doubt he will ever be the nominee because transiting Saturn is on the downward cycle from his MH. Not a good transit for being elected president. When he was elected VP, he had Saturn transiting toward his MH and it was in his 10th house during most of his terms I believe. I’m pretty sure that the majority if not all the US presidents had prominent Saturn’s aspecting their MH, transiting toward the MH or in the the 10th house during their election.

Sharon K,
I agree we need a “moderate” ticket, in part to make accusations of socialism” and “radicalism” seem silly, and for a number of other reasons as well. If we’re running against Trump, I think a Biden/Klobuchar ticket makes sense, and might garner the most votes. Having a Midwesterner on the ticket would be advantageous.

With no disrespect intended to our CA citizens, in our peculiar, present political climate, having a Californian on the ticket might actually be inflammatory for the anti-Trump Republicans we want to sway to our side. We need to run a team that has the best chance of decisively defeating Trump.

If we’re not running against Trump, all bets are off.

Robert Reich thinks impeachment & conviction, and/or defeat at the polls is insufficient. He states in one of his youtube presentations that Trump’s fraudulently “won” election needs to be annulled, along with ALL his appointments, executive decisions and orders, legislation signed, etc. That sounds pretty radical, maybe unrealistic, but perhaps necessary after a thorough investigation has proven, as Jimmy Carter states that Trump actually lost the election. We’re such an unprecedented action to occur, I think it might be some time after Pluto has entered Aquarian space, and concomitant with a major and thorough change in public opinion.

Maybe then Klobuchar and Buttigieg. He is very reasonable and is well liked on both sides. A woman POTUS and a gay VP.
That would be amazing

The screaming will really break out after Mueller’s testimony (late July). The charges will fly in August, September and October. The admission of irreconcilable differences will be acknowledged and separation will occur in November and December. The divorce decree will come in January of 2020.

Bob, I sure hope you are right.
So glad you put us on to Intuitiview. I think she, Kim, is very good. BarbK, you would like her last video.

Several weeks ago I read an article about the investigation of the missing flight MH370 in the Atlantic Magazine. Yesterday I watched Linda G. and she mentioned the missing plane and two very significant pieces of evidence discussed in the article. I was very impressed and wrote to her about it.


Bailey, my posts are merely my attempt to interpret coming astrological aspects in tRump’s chart.


I also think Kim is very good but she has her life to live and reading may not produce the livelihood she needs. I am thankful for what she does share with us as I am with all readers who share their gifts with us so freely.

If we get to the point where the Senate holds public hearings about stuff to do with Trump, questioning by Harris and Khlobuchar, former prosecutors, could shake up the race in their favor. Corey Booker was very good, too, but the women shined in the two hearings I watched a few months ago.

Tough, firm, calm, refusing to let the witness evade their questions. All very presidential. Khlobuchar can do it with a smile. Not sure if that or more of a fighter will appeal more to voters.

Biden came out today a took a swipe at AOC as too progressive to appeal to the masses of Democratic voters.

“That’s what this election is about. I’m happy to debate that issue and all those issues with my friends because guess what, look who won the races. Look who won last time out,” Biden said. “By the way, I think Ocasio-Cortez is a brilliant, bright woman, but she won a primary. In the general election fights, who won? Mainstream Democrats who are very progressive on social issues and very strong on education and healthcare.”

That seems like a bad idea, going after a young woman of color, when a lot of Democrats are not thrilled about electing another old, white man.

Thank YOU Sharon; remember that all cycles have intention/purpose, and if you can get a handle on it then you can track it.

A great example is the Mars-Saturn cycle that began on April 2, 2018,at 8+ Capricorn. It had a Yod made up of a sextile between Jupiter in Scorpio and Pluto in Cap which formed a Yod to US Mars in Gemini, which was conjunct Trump’s Sun.

The apex point (US Mars and Trump’s Sun) would be forced to adjust (it’s what Yods are about, making a situation alter its course).

The conjunction of Mars and Saturn itself was opposite Trump’s natal Mercury in Cancer. It seems that this cycle of Mars-Saturn had as its purpose to throw Donald Trump off his game.

On June 14, 3 weeks ago, Trump’s birthday, transiting Mars opposed transiting Saturn (the halfway point) and the story was that Iran had attacked 2 oil tankers.

Also, the Election Commission said it was illegal for foreign country governments to aid US politicians in seeking public office. Foiled again Trump.

This particular cycle between Mars and Saturn will end when the new one starts on March 31. 2020, at 0+ Aquarius. The trans. Moon wil bel conjunct the US natal Venus, while the transiting Venus will square the US Moon, but trine the US Pluto, while trans. Jupiter and Pluto oppose US natal Mercury. Hmmm. .

RE: “A woman POTUS and a gay VP.
That would be amazing.”
Yes, that would be quite acceptable to you and myself, and probably everyone who posts here. But it might be too amazing to many voters.

My FBI pal tells me most all of the military are disgusted with Trump, but would not vote for a woman, especially one with no military experience. Sexist for certain but maybe he is right.

Teresa Hill, let’s not forget there are Democrats who think that a little bit older woman of color going after Biden wasn’t such a good idea, especially on such shaky grounds and a little stretching of the truth. Opportunism doesn’t flatter Harris.

Biden is right, but AOC can take it as well as dish it out — even if her followers can’t. By my lights she needs some seasoning — after which she’ll be amazing — just like Biden was seasoned by experience. Her more ardent followers could use a little seasoning as well.

Thank you, Eliseo, for bringing a little reality to the site. Were not dealing with romance here, not in any sense of the word.

Yeah, youre right Eliseo, to be honest the most logical pair to win imo , not who I would prefer, would be Biden and one of either Klobuchar, Harris or Buttigieg as VP. Except Klobuchar and Buttigeieg actually come across as more reasonable than Harris and Harris has not really articulated her policies yet, she is strong, yet wishy washy at the same time !

It’s so sad how many military and service person have been fooled by Trump.

Bob, I hope you are right!

Bob you called it. 7.1 in the same area as yesterday’s earthquake. This one last much longer. Scary.



“Biden is right, but AOC can take it as well as dish it out — even if her followers can’t. By my lights she needs some seasoning — after which she’ll be amazing — just like Biden was seasoned by experience. Her more ardent followers could use a little seasoning as well.”


Diana & Arbo,
I think Mr. Obama fomented unrealistic “rising expectations” among Democrats, including all of us here. We led ourselves to believe that if a Black man could become president, so might a woman or a Hispanic, or a Jew, or maybe even a Gay person.

We need be aware B. Obama was and is not just any Black man. He is an extremely charismatic, brilliant, and oratorically gifted American male, who just happens to be Black. He did not run as the “BLACK Candidate.”

During the campaign he was without hubris. His talent and intelligence enabled many voters who might not have ordinarily voted for a Black man to transcend themselves.

That’s what charismatic people do. They enable us (at least temporarily) to transcend ourselves, to become something more than what we were before. I think most of us here would have voted for Obama a third time had it been legal for him to run again.

Let us not deceive ourselves. From my point of view, we are still pretty racist, sexist, classist and ethnicist, and many nations with whom we trade and have diplomatic relations are far worse on these issues than are we.

Yes, we on this blog are pretty open minded, but
were we as an entire electorate to elect a woman, a Jew, a homosexual, a Hispanic, another Black person, etc. my feeling is that person would need be extraordinarily charismatic and gifted, i.e. another Obama or Obama “+”. His was a special case.

Although we here all have our favorites, unfortunately, none of our present Dem candidates have that something special, the charisma needed to make many forget their ethnicity, race, gender, etc.

We are living in very confusing, and weird times. Every day I feel profound shame and sorrow as our uncouth president unfolds his latest obscenity, as he unleashes his narcissistic and sadistic fury upon the innocent, as he daily betrays the American people, our values, and all humanity.

Considering how dangerous is this man and his VP, we must defeat him soundly and completely. If that means we need to run a moderate male, I’m fine with that. For if we win, our democratic republic may yet be saved for the day in which any one of those aforementioned minorities could prevail. If we lose, it could be the end of our grand experiment.


“We are living in very confusing, and weird times. Every day I feel profound shame and sorrow as our uncouth president unfolds his latest obscenity, as he unleashes his narcissistic and sadistic fury upon the innocent, as he daily betrays the American people, our values, and all humanity.”

That’s the ticket!

I agree with you Eliseo, Obama had something special that we needed at the time, something that opened the door to change on a national level, but also created a backlash of fear and hate.

That fear and hate brought suppressed (even unconscious) feelings to the surface (consciousness) and has had time to reach a height that is so divisive it will take time (Saturn) and/or a force of nature, like a series of earthquakes (Pluto), to realign the masses (Moon) regarding their priorities (Vesta) and values (Venus).

Right now it is basically chaos (Neptune) that has us bouncing off the walls (Uranus). So goes the process of growth.

If Obama symbolized the start of a process in transforming the US, and Trump symbolized the backlash that followed that start, then wouldn’t it follow that a calming (neutralizing, non-threatening) period would follow re: electing a new leader?

I agree with you, Bob, Andre and others that the 2020 US President will be a one-time-only President most likely; a calmer period as we fall back and re-group.

There is something calming about Joe Biden; about the effect he has on many people. He doesn’t raise the hackles, well except for Kamala, like a dramatic change that a gay, or female, or non-caucasian person would, on a large scale. He would be a place holder, at least that’s my sense of him.

It seems to me as I think about it, a pause, if not a “2 steps forward, 1 step back” kind of period; a fall back and re-group time, so to speak.

To everything (turn, turn, turn)
there is a season (turn, turn, turn)
And a time for every purpose under heaven

Very well said!
I agree with 100% of your 3:37 AM post entirely. I also agree with your point of view re: the present cycles and events as we are experiencing them.

At times the views many of us share on this blog seem to conflict, but more and more I see them as complimentary in the sense we are looking at different pieces of the whole.

The unpleasant times we now endure will I believe lead to a better, stronger, more humane one than we presently inhabit. A good example how terrible, bloody, traumatic, events can lead to something far better is elucidated in the link below. I urge all to view it. In context, it is profound, and interesting, a real eye opener on how we grow spiritually through time, chaos, and suffering.

About 21 minutes.
What if the Civil War Never Happened?


‘the rest of the story’ about signers of the declaration of independence.
So far from today’s abomination

oops, this is the version I meant to post

What is going on the non stop quakes?

Eliseo and Barb, you are both so wise, i agree totally.

Biden has the best chance of beating Trump yet the Dems are spiraling down the path of eating their own.

I feel that America could be ready for a woman VP though and Amy would appeal to more heartland Americans and kamala to more progressives. I was going to say also the black community but apparently many blacks feel that her Jamaican and Indian background mean she’s not like them. Isn’t it crazy how we humans divide based on …well just about everything?

You know what just struck me as i was thinking about what Eliseo said about none of the Dem candidates having that IT factor that Obama did ?

That this is so true and i feel disappointed as i have been feeling this in my gut.

However isn’t it absolutely ironical that every single one of them is far smarter than the orange clown , and every one of them would make a better POTUS than the disgrace and embarrassment that resides in the oVal office YET…. Teflon Don always seems to get off easy or the media helps him or whatever so that in order to defeat what should be the most defeatable president ever , instead it’s probably going to take someone with an it factor that no one besides maybe Buttigieg has , (but he’s gay and that’s a huge problem) or the most normal conventional old white but decent guy in the room? Trump just seems to be blessed in the most warped way !

Let’s wait to see what we think about Bullock. I have a feeling about him. Maybe someone could look at his chart.

Diana, it’s not that Trump is blessed. What you say is very accurate and insightful but don’t forget the bigger picture. What Trump is using is a technique that he’s perfected but it’s also based on the technique that the Republicans have used for many years. I don’t know how to describe it but it’s a combination of “the big lie” and simplistic sound bytes, and repetition whether demonifying the opponent or painting a distorted positive picture of their platforms (or lack thereof). Trump is not new at all. He’s just the P.T. Barnum of the Republicans with other things thrown in, like Shriek. There are people who like it very much that he’s just like them, and he manages to please the Evangelicals and similar groups who oppose abortion and homosexuality – but feel adultery and greed are just fine (not everyone of course), the white nationalists, those who think of themselves as the patriots who want to uphold the Constitution and make America great again – but do not want to be inclusive, the whites who feel left out or overtaken, the law and order people who think diversity and immigration means lawlessness. But, overall, the Republicans want the power to implement their agenda, whatever that is these days, and that is why they humor and support him. They will keep it up after him, even if disguised in a package that is more low key and that has more class (Pence or Romney or even Jeff Flake or William Weld). The Conservative & Libertarian philosophies are have a free market at any cost, the market takes care of correcting itself, anyone who doesn’t work and make money is lazy, anything else is socialism (something like that). We cannot lose focus of this bigger picture. Trump is the elephant in the room but there are other insidious forces at work. Look what Bush and Cheney got away with — until they finally brought us a recession. Meanwhile, the level of discourse on the internet and in music and other media forms gets more crude, rude, violent. We have a fight on our hands, we have to mobilize and organize and I think that will happen. I hope to see a movement that is like the civil rights movements led by Gandhi and King.

I don’t mean to paint such a depressing picture, and I think what Barb says has a lot of truth to it and that order does follow chaos, and want it to be sooner rather than later. Hopefully, things to have to get that much worse. Of course, what I’m saying is based on my assumptions, fears and, possibly, an unnecessarily negative picture. Let us see how this folds.

“a distorted, positive picture of their own platforms” (meaning the Republicans’ own platforms), and “Hopefully, things don’t have to get that much worse.”

Many astrologers here whom I respect are saying the next president will be a one term president and I’m not getting why…what am I missing?

Can I play devil’s advocate for a moment here?

First I want to say, I have made my support for Bernie clear, but my intention with this post is to persuade anyone, I sincerely want to understand the thinking process behind the choices.

What makes anyone think that a moderate with decades of voting baggage has any better chance of beating Trump than Hillary? What is the significant difference that will create a different outcome?

I was with a friend of mine yesterday, who is a moderate republican. She and her husband are financially well off, i would imagine he makes upward of 500K. I would imagine they voted for McCain and for Romney, but they were terrified of Trump and voted for Hillary. We were discussing the debates and the various candidates yesterday. She likes Biden, understandably. I asked her, if the nominee were a more progressive candidate like, Bernie or Warren, would you vote for them, given that you probably disagree with most of their politics? (They are Christians too). She said, yes.

I share this story because I fear that we will wind up in the same place as we did in 2016. I suspect the moderate republicans who are horrified by Trump will bite the bullet for a progressive just to get rid of Trump, probably with the intention of hoping for a good Republican candidate in 4 years, but I believe y friend and her husband are not alone in their desperate, “potted plant” for president approach at this point.

However, I fear that the progressives will not vote for the moderate. Judge that if you will, but that is just the truth. I am not in that camp. I voted for Hillary and I will vote for whoever the candidate is, but I believe there are many who will not, just like in 2016.

Someone please help me understand the logic that a moderate is the way to go?


Correction: that should read, NOT my intention persuade anyone.

There is logic in both positions, Elizabeth. I see what you are saying and like it. What I fear about picking someone like Elizabeth Warren or Bernie is that they can easily be painted as socialist and that will influence the thinking of many. Now, they may be able to overcome that to some degree but they have to show that we really can afford some of those positions and, even then, can we? I guess we won’t know until it happens and unfolds. I did not think the U.S. was going to choose a black president in 2008, but they surprised me. I, myself, planned to vote for Hillary in that primary and when I stood there in the voting booth, something strongly told me to pick BO, so I did. I believe he will go down in history as one of our greatest presidents.

We will continue to analyze this with and without astrology but what you are saying could very well manifest.

Earthquakes and explosions–one explosion at UNLV and now another one in a shopping mall (I think) in Florida. What is going on–is there some Uranus aspect?

Sharon K, thank you for your feedback. Yes, there is much to still be explained in terms of how everything gets paid for and how it all gets implemented. I suppose I feel as though, they are going to paint any of the candidates that get the nomination as socialist, they certainly did to Obama and he was about as centrist as they come, but we all know that it stuck. To my mind, it’s more about educating people about what it means and overcoming the fear mongering about the word itself.

The other point is that if something does happen and Trump is not on the ticket, what then? Does that change what people want? Does that make them less or more inclined to go for sweeping change?

I look forward to the ongoing analyzes, both astrologically and otherwise.. God knows it’s going to be a very long election cycle.

Elizabeth, congrats on having a moderate Republican friend who would vote for Bernie or Elizabeth over Trump. If only there were more like her.

I believe Trump is a (perhaps divine) reflection of who we are as a People. Each of us has developed a conscious or unconscious idea of our fellow countrymen, as a whole, divided by various beliefs, needs, backgrounds, etc., and that how we vote is determined by these needs, beliefs, backgrounds, etc.

Trump is here because we haven’t has a clear enough picture of “us as a whole”. Now we know.

Sharon hits upon a cogent assessment when she says that our “level of discourse on the internet, and in music, and other media forms gets more crude, rude, violent”, which is also a reflection of who we are now. Crude, rude, violent.

The US natal chart’s Mercury symbolizes our country’s internet use and our music and our television and film choice availability. The US Mercury opposes the US natal chart’s Pluto, and also now the transiting Pluto, as well as the transiting Saturn, and the chickens have come home to roost. We, as a nation, must clean up our act.

Trump symbolizes all that is unhealthy in our country, in bold enough neon-lighted, simplified language: greed is good, foreigners are bad, women are inferior to men, and so on, and so on. He is here to open up our collective eyes to how we have allowed corruption to infiltrate and even take over, say the film/entertainment world, for example.

It’s not just the US, but because our US natal chart is approaching its Pluto Return, it is us who have been selected to demonstrate (hooray for Hollywood) where corruption in government and other institutions (banking, film making, education just 3 examples) have broken down societies to the point where a Donald J Trump can become President of the United States.

We must expose and air out all that corruption (thank you Pluto), save what’s worth saving (the Constitution for starters) and rebuild. The World is watching. We did it once and we can do it again. Long live the USA!

For Kiwi near Fiji. Do you have a Ouija?

“A powerful and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M7.2 (downgraded from M7.5) hit the Kermadec Islands Region at 22:54 UTC on June 15. The agency is reporting a depth of 34.4 km (21.4 miles).”


M 7.2 – 103km NE of L’Esperance Rock, New Zealand
2019-06-15 22:55:02 (UTC) – 30.805°S – 178.095°W – 34.4 km depth



I believe Mercury is squaring Uranus within a 2-degree orb at present.

One important position that will paint us more as socialists is single-payer, government-sponsored health insurance vs. Medicare for all with private insurance also an option, Elizabeth. I would advocate that we not have a candidate who wants to go all-in on government-sponsored insurance. I also think that if the Democrats had passed an infrastructure bill to create jobs in 2009 when we had all 3 branches of government, instead of “Obamacare”, we might have kept the house in 2010. The Democrats have always been about leveling the playing field as far as I can tell, and we need to show the people of this country that this can work, and can work better than what we now have. We have to find a way to make capitalism work with checks and balances, but also with incentives, as well as fairness. It’s a real balancing act.

Sharon, I just saw Rep. Ro Khanna, who is Bernie’s campaign manager in an interview saying that Bernie’s bill does not get rid of private insurance but allows people to buy “extra” insurance if they want it above their medicare. I think that needs to be clarified by Bernie and Elizabeth Warren both. You don’t take it away, you let people realize they don’t need it and for people who feel they still want it and can afford it, you keep it an option. I agree wholeheartedly with you about that. Honestly, I would think small business owners covering their employees insurance would be on board with unloading that burden even at the expense of higher taxes, it would still be considerably less than what they pay for those benefits.
I have always thought that Obama leading with healthcare was a mistake. An infrastructure bill that was a tangible improvement in our communities and people’s lives would have build the political capital to then move onto healthcare, possibly even including the public option. I too wonder what could have been had he done it that way.


“I have always thought that Obama leading with healthcare was a mistake.”

Yet Obama did lead with healthcare; and he won the U.S. Presidential Election. He then won another four years as President after that. I think he probably knew what he was doing. What neither he nor any one else knew is that American White women would vote against Hillary Clinton and move a malignant , vicious mad-man into the White House whose sole mission was to destroy anything Obama put into place.

Aside from that Will, the healthcare bill gave the Republicans a lot of ammunition to label the Dems socialists and big spenders who ran up the debt, etc. I wouldn’t have been concerned has it not put the Republicans in power in the House by 2010 and after that, detestable McConnell blocked everything he could. As Elizabeth said, starting out a little more neutrally, with an infrastructure jobs bill may have made a big difference in how the Dems were perceived and allowed people to be more open to the ACA later. No doubt, it was a great and revolutionary step. I know that for one thing, it allowed floundering hospitals to stay in business (I’m thinking of one in particular). I just wish the Dems had done a jobs bill first that would have also improved infrastructure. I think they saw their opportunity for healthcare and seized it, after 8 long yrs of Bush-Cheney. Water under the bridge now. For sure, all things considered, Obama was a great president.


“Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was arrested for allegedly sex trafficking dozens of minors in New York and Florida between 2002 and 2005, and will appear in court in New York on Monday, according to three law enforcement sources.”

“The case is being handled by the Public Corruption Unit of the Southern District of New York, with assistance from the district’s human-trafficking officials and the FBI.”

Would arrest have been coordinated with search?


“Jeffrey Epstein arrested on sex trafficking charges”

“… multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested outside of New York, sources confirmed to the Miami Herald Saturday night.”
“Epstein was arrested at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, according to one of the sources. Flight records show he had just flown to Teterboro from Paris on Saturday.”

“Around 5:30 p.m. Saturday, about a dozen federal agents broke down the door to Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse to execute search warrants, witnesses and sources said.”

tRump to vlad –


Lead taken from DU.

Willie Nelson’s Immigrant Eyes


Bob, the Kermadec Islands are about 600 miles north of where I live – uninhabited except for about 6-10 dept of conservation people on volcanic Raoul island. My cousin just did a 6mth stint there. Used to be a NZ weather data collection station – interesting place. The island group is situated on a major fault line – I think there was a 7.1 in the area about a month or so ago also.

Chart for another 7.1 magnitude quake. This one got covered in every nook and cranny in this country as well as world wide recognition. It was in California on July 5th.

Reflected in a progressed Caplunar with a lunar eclipse from almost a year ago.



We are in the “Dog Days of Summer” and the Canlunar for the 2 weeks from July 3rd through the 16th located to the geographic center of the contiguous 48 has it’s Sun/Moon midpoint on the MC opposite it’s Saturn on the IC (return Pluto is just degrees from the IC).

“return Pluto is just 5 degrees from the IC.”


As Sharon expressed (thank you Sharon) it was not my intention to disparage Obama personally, as I said I voted for him twice myself. I agree with Sharon, he saw an opportunity to do something that had not been accomplished of any american president and he seized on it. I was merely suggesting the timing of it, allowed the republicans to demonize him to the point where he was gridlocked and unable to move more sweeping legislation after that point.
I was simply saying, I wonder how things would have gone had he done it another way and maybe been able to get the ACA as well as some other major legislation.
Listen, I think what Obama did in steering our sinking ship back from the brink of collapse was a miracle considering he was roadblocked at every turn by miserable Mitch.
As for the election of 45, I never even insinuated that Obama was responsible for that happening in what I said.
I agree with you however that 45 has only one mission in his presidency as you said, “sole mission was to destroy anything Obama put into place.”
-Because he is a spiteful, vengeful and despicable sloth. I think we can all agree on that.


“Finally, he gets his comeuppance.”


Whoo hoo! Dershowitz is vehemently denying his association….let’s see what kind of scandals will now be unveiled and may even lead to charges. Reputations will definitely be more tarnished unless things are further suppressed.

Congrats to the U.S.Women’s Soccer team. Lots of hard work on the part of all the teams involved, and soccer is so much more important to the rest of the world. The Netherlands looked understandably disappointed just now when accepting their trophy. So much emotion and hard work on the part of all the teams.

Your welcome, Elizabeth. And by the way, yesterday I found a free nature sounds website for my phone that I am enjoying. I know it doesn’t have all the features Calm.com has but it has a big selection of sounds.

I hope everyone is having a good, peaceful and healing day. Sending good vibes of love & light to all.

Will Trump renew his invitation to the U.S. Women’s Soccer team to come to the WH and will any of them go? And will he serve fast food? LOL

Justin Amash has some very interesting things to say — e.g., high level GOPs thank him privately for taking a strong stand, he has wanted to leave the Republican party since pre-Trump days, as he feels change will never come from them, the 2-party system is very limited, and Pelosi is making a big mistake by not impeaching Trump because it implies that the case against him isn’t strong.



Re-reading my response to you, I can feel a defensive tone in my rhetoric…..its my knee-jerk reaction to even a hint of criticism of the Obama era compared to the present miasma that nauseates the nation.

No worries – we are on the same page.

The two-party system is finished. It must be if the US is to survive. Kudos to Amash to stating the obvious. And also, will others speak up to reinforce this fact?

Thank you for that, Will. No worries to you either 🙂

These are upsetting times and we are on the same page indeed.

Why the Trump White House Is Caught Up in the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal

“He’s a lot of fun to be with,” the president said at the time. “It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”


The reinvention of the United States may take a decade or two but a (relatively) small step at a time is easier on the body than an en masse revolt.

I say that because the new cycle between Jupiter and Saturn that starts in December, 2020, has no major challenges. Unlike the present cycle which began with shocking Uranus square the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, societies themselves will adapt to change incrementally this time around.

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (societies) at 0+ Aquarius makes a sextile to Juno (partnership) at 0+ Sagittarius (foreign) while the Sun (0+ Capricorn) + Mercury (1+ Capricorn) will semisextile both.

This is interesting because Elizabeth Warren (the lady with all the plans) has her natal Sun-conjunct natal Uranus at 0+ Cancer (opposite this chart’s Sun-Mercury) creating a Boomerang pattern, with Warren’s Sun-Uranus in the apex of a Yod it makes with the sextile between Jupiter-Saturn (societies) and Juno (partners). This means that Warren will be adjusting and re-adjusting.

Then this re-adjusted energy (from Warren’s Sun-Uranus) is sent forth to the Sun-Mercury in Capricorn (the Boomerang point) in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart to distribute as it sees fit. Who better than Warren to shift with the times and come up with a plan, then another plan . . . ?

In the meantime, we will have to deal with this chart’s Mars-Eris (always causing trouble) conjunction at 23+ Aries square this chart’s Pluto at 23+ Capricorn.

Because this Pluto opposes the US natal chart’s Mercury (24+ Cancer) the media and perhaps even the US Constitution will continue to go through a transformative process during this Jupiter-Saturn 20 year cycle. Perhaps women will become equal to men (by law) and corporations will cease to be equal with human citizens. That would be good.

The US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo) will trine Pluto in the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart, allowing for an easing in the transformation business; US Neptune and US Mercury (opposite this chart’s Pluto) are sextile one another you see.

Enough for now, I’ll save the Moon and Ceres and Uranus and Venus and Neptune stuff for later. Baby steps.

One day before the next Jupiter-Saturn cycle begins in December, 2020, transiting Ceres (Mother Earth) will conjunct the US natal Ceres (8+ Pisces), and that my friends is known as the US Ceres Return; coincidental to a brand new Jupiter-Saturn (all about societies) cycle, as luck would have it.

At that time, Dec. 20-21, 2020, transiting Ceres (+ US Ceres) will be in a T-square with transiting Venus at 7+ Sagittarius opposite US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini. This T-square will be in the charts for US Ceres Return and the 20 year cycle of Jupiter and Saturn.

This potent (newly charged) US Ceres will likely signal a stepped-up activation of combating climate change due to increasing weather or other natural disaster events.

The Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart and the US Ceres Return chart both have Uranus-conjunct-Black Moon Lilith at 6+ Taurus (earth sign) that T-squares the US natal chart’s North Node (path forward) at 6+ Leo and South Node (let go) + US natal Pholus (small cause, big effect) at 6+ Aquarius.

This t-square (US nodes with Uranus+BML) will be in effect just BEFORE the new US Ceres Return and the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle start, meaning that the PRESENT cycle of Jupiter-Saturn, with it’s Neptune (6+ Aquarius) that conjuncts the US South Node (let go) and US Pholus (small cause . .) opposite US North Node (way forward), will be T-squared by transiting Uranus – just as it is right now.

Earthquakes could be the result of an unstable climate, due to drilling for oil, etc., etc. We will have more.

Looking at my charts for tRump and putin I wonder if tRump figures his future is going to be destroyed through the Epstein revelations, investigation, or trial, so he can hold off putin while those proceedings are going on and if it is he no longer will be under putin’s thumb but in the meantime he can beg off being his masters serf.

Sharon I agree, its not that Trump is blessed, its so much bigger than just Trump you are right, and how it is all playing out. The simplistic sound bites thing you talked about that the R’s have been doing is very effective indeed, and Fox News just takes it to a whole different level. I was just by my Mum and she proudly showed me this massive elaborate envelope that was a mailer about a petition to end the ‘coup’ against Trump. I was like what, there was no coup, the Mueller report was not a coup, she said no its not about the report, and opened it up where they had pics of the members of the coup, Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters, Nancy and Nader, she was adamant that she had heard all of them speak and that it was for sure a coup. It’s unreal, this is just after I told her about Epstein being arrested, who she had never heard of, and telling her that Trump would be implicated. I just don’t get how she is so brainwashed by the cult of Fox News and trump.

Elizabeth, i also do definitely get your point on what you were saying, I think your Republican friend is a rare find though, down here in Florida even the Republicans who don’t really like him will vote for him again. They will definitely be even more turned off if the candidate for Dems is far left in their perception, it will make all the difference.

My brother has a friend from the North East area, comes from a very working class family but has risen to one of the top five positions is one of Americas largest banks. Has thousands of people working under him and is a super nice guy. I asked him once about what this friend felt about trump and he said that though he might not be fan, that he perceived it as ok to let Trump roll because he and those like him were all for business and corporations and felt that their agendas was better than the Dems. That Obama was a disappointment I dont think the potted plant analogy works with many Rs. And what I would say, is ,if progressives next year wont vote for Trump as you say, well then they are going to partially responsible for bringing back in the monster. This is not going to be a normal election, nothing is normal anymore. Probably wont be again. I would highly recommend people look at the end of Bill Maher about three weeks ago where he talks about how Oprah is the only hope, it was funny but there was a lot of truth to what he said, a lot indeed.

I do agree with what many here including Elizabeth were saying that when Obama had all three branches in the first two years that it was a disappointment they didn’t tackle something other than Obamacare, however those times were so much about the bailouts and the economy was shot so I think this hampered him.

Also Elizabeth mentioned about if Trump is not on the ticket and how this would change things, it would and should change absolutely everything I think, totally, again this next election has to be about getting the orange monster out of the WH where he doesn’t belong.

Barbara your post was inspirational and i hope that is so.

Sharon, what’s the nature sounds website you use, I had an app but now its all pay and I miss it, I love sounds like nature and wind chimes

I look forward to Muellers testimony, I still feel that so far with the tax returns and the subpoenas the Dems are losing steam so fast its nearly run out, much of the country has moved on, also they seem to be getting played big time. The things that Trump and the Republicans are getting away with would NEVER EVER happen if the situation were reversed, not a chance in hell, I am very disillusioned with the Dems right now, very!

I sure do hope the Democrats have a plan here, Diana. They need to have a strategy that has teeth and claws. I don’t want to be underestimating them, but they keep getting walked on by the Republicans who are much more determined to win (and having business on their side only helps). I can’t blame you for being frustrated by your mom. We have a family member like that, too, who sees only what they want to see because, for some reason, they are turned off by “The Left”. There’s a stereotype out there of The Left and it does a lot of damage like all stereotypes tend to do.

The website I found is called nature sounds. I downloaded it from the Google Play Store. But if you do an online search on your computer, like I did – where I used the key words ” websites like calm.com” (something like that), lots of choices should come up. I’d rather do that kind of search on my computer than on my phone and then download it on the phone.

Michael Wolfstar at Newscope:

“My concern is that the Inauguration won’t be held at the traditional noon time. Or if it is, the schedule is under political stress. The potential for Trump to get re-elected is strong, but so is the likelihood of the impeachment process moving forward. Mercury will be retrograde during the three weeks leading up to the November election, and then the Solar Eclipse in December opposes Trump’s Sun. This provides plenty of celestial background for some high-level, extra-constitutional shenanigans.”


RE: “I sure do hope the Democrats have a plan here, Diana. They need to have a strategy that has teeth and claws.”

I don’t think that’s the problem. I think the problem is they have too many disparate plans, at least one for every Dem candidate running for the presidential nomination.

Alas, Republicans are like dogs. They obediently follow the pack leader. Democrats are like cats. Rarely do they herd well.


I’ll be in your neck of the woods soon. I’ll be leaving Texas in very early August, as soon as Mercury has gone direct. I’m coming home.

Seems like I have seen this date before. Join the crowd eppy. Will it get to standing room only?

Epstein – Natal Chart Jan 20 1953, NOON CHART, EST New York NY.

Saturn 206°03′ Neptune 202°44′. Midpoint at 204°24′. Neither moved even 2 minutes of arc that day.

Epstein Sec.Prog. Q2 Mean Quotidian Jan 13 2020, 10:00 am, EST New York NY.

Saturn 204°25′

Transits Jan 13 2020 – Natal Chart 10:00 am, EST New York NY.

Sun 294°42′
Sat 294°42′
Plu 294°45′

All square to his natal Saturn/Neptune midpoint and his progressed Saturn.

Congrats on your good outlook Eliseo.

So, in between the 2020 US natal Ceres Return and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, a 3rd cycle takes place. It is the Winter Solstice, when the Sun reaches 0 Capricorn. This will come about during the 23 hour period between the US Ceres Return and the Jupiter-Saturn cycle start.

While the Jupiter Saturn cycle lasts 20 years and the US Ceres Return covers a little over 4 years time, the Winter Solstice chart is for only a 3 month duration.

Each has the Mars-Eris square Pluto aspect, each has the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, each has Uranus + Black Moon Lilith square the US natal Nodes, but only the Winter Solstice chart has Moon (23+ Pisces) sextile Pluto (23+ Cap) and opposite the US Neptune (22+ Virgo) and trine US Mercury (24+ Cancer).

The Moon symbolizes the People, so from December 21, 2020, through March 20, 2021, the People will hold sway over the US media and that includes the Inauguration ceremony. It might feel a little like the eye of a hurricane, the brief calm period, after the election and its ceremonies, then picking up the pieces and putting the country back together only better than before.

It will be a new era dawning. Keep the faith.

If your interpretation is correct, it would seem that Mr.T is out of the picture by the 2020 winter solstice. Otherwise, I can’t imagine the peaceful transition you envision.

Wolfstar looks at the 2021 Inaugural chart and correlations to Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren

Eliseo: For you! Tell your wife to get that yellow ribbon ready! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjqBhZj_37U Of course, we already know there will be one!

By the way, by having a plan with teeth and claws, I didn’t specify but I was referring to getting rid of Trump, starting with impeachment. Amash makes a good point. Hesitating too long may be telling the public there isn’t a strong enough case. I hope Pelosi knows something. We’ll know more after next week but I’m not putting too much stock in Mueller’s testimony. I guess it’s a process and there may not be any fireworks or smoking guns, but I’ll take progress and momentum in the right direction.

Saturn will square tRump’s natal Moon on November 3rd in longitude and November 9th in RA.

Saturn will transit tRump’s inauguration Pluto 3 times in 2019. It will also oppose Sibly Sun once, square Sibly Saturn 3 times and oppose Sibly Jupiter 3 times in that year.

Transiting Saturn to 2017 inaugural chart.

Nov 27 2019 Sat Cnj Plu 17°Cp37′ – Last transit to inaugural Pluto.

Dec 26 2019 Sat Sqr Ura 20°Cp46′ – Last transit to inaugural Uranus.

Jan 11 2020 Sat Sqr Jup 22°Cp43′ – Last transit to inaugural Jupiter.
Jan 13 2020 Transiting Sun, Saturn, and Pluto opposite tRump’s natal Saturn in right ascension. The 3 of them will also be squaring his progressed Jupiter.

Feb 11 2020 Sat Cnj MC 26°Cp13′ Tr-Na

Apr 3 2020 Sat Cnj Sun 00°Aq50′ Tr-Na

Jun 18 2020 Sat Cnj Sun 00°Aq50′ Tr-Na

Aug 26 2020 Sat Cnj MC 26°Cp13′ Tr-Na

Oct 31 2020 Sat Cnj MC 26°Cp13′ Tr-Na

General election November 3 2020

Dec 24 2020 Sat Cnj Sun 00°Aq50′ Tr-Na

Washington Is Flirting With A Debt Crisis. No One Has A Plan To Stop It

May 19, 2019

The US government is hurtling toward a potential financial crisis, and no one in Washington seems to know how to stop it.

As lawmakers trade fire over contempt votes and impeachment, there’s been no progress toward reaching a budget agreement or extending the federal government’s ability to borrow before September, when the money runs out. That’s raising the ugly prospect of more than $100 billion in mandatory cuts as well as an unprecedented default on US debt — a situation that could trigger a worldwide economic catastrophe.
It’s a mess everyone knows is coming, and yet no one seems to have a plan — at least at the moment — for averting disaster.



AstroEcon Financial Astrology And Technical Analysis/ July 2019 Newsletter

The upcoming year (2019) has Jupiter squared to Neptune and sesquisquared to Uranus as the featured aspects witch is tied to the Uranus Neptune semisquare. The most exact relationship between those three planets is in January of 2019. The second most exact is in June 2019. The last and potentially the most significant is September – October 2019. During these periods I expect furious attempts to prop up the economy which is already out of bounds. This is very much like the first 9 months of 2008. The astro is inflationary BUT this may be everywhere else outside of the US dollar which could become so high in valuation to the other fiat currencies that it triggers country after to country to go bankrupt. The EU is already entering this phase.

Once the three planet Jupiter Neptune Uranus aspect period is over in fall of 2019 the propping up will be unworkable. The scenario is similar to fall 2008 but the result in the aftermath shapes up to be way more severe. The late 2019 into early 2020 period is right at the start of the new presidential campaign and the primaries. There is simply NO WAY that the crash of 2019 is going to be bailed out like 2008 was because of the politics of “dump Trump blame Trump”. I think the opposite of 2008 will take place as the banking system will be “saved” ONLY by bailing in banks with depositors savings rather than bailing out by future taxpayers. Everyone is going to get a haircut and this will be extremely DEFLATIONARY into 2020. The gradient from the overly optimistic dreamlike goldilocks Jupiter Neptune Uranus period comes crashing down into a black hole when Saturn and Pluto are in conjunction in early 2020. I expect we will see negative interest rates out in 2020 – 2021 in an attempt to force the USD down to levels that take the rest of the world back from the brink of a hyperinflation meltdown. Negative interest rates are a form of BAIL IN.


Could this Epstein thing take Trump down?

“It’s been reported that the Public Corruption team at SDNY has this case. The photos recovered in the raid (I wonder if they hit his Florida home too) could very well implicate a number of people. This may well be the start of a much, much larger case.”


ja, if undeniable or strongly credible evidence of tRump’s participation into sex with minor girls is brought out or he knows it is going to come out he might resign his position to avoid impeachment or removal by Congress.

That it could play a roll in his troubles may be considered by the Sun, Saturn, and Pluto opposite his natal Saturn as they square Epstein’s natal Saturn on January 13, 2020.

tRump’s removal from office would not prevent his prosecution as a citizen on that involvement and other charges that might be brought against him.

The Sun, Saturn, Pluto transits will actually be swept by the progressed MC of his inaugural chart on the evening of January 13th, not the next day as I posted earlier.


Here’s July’s column from the blog of the great Linda Schurman. I went there to compare any economic forecast she has for the fall in order to compare it to the astroecon article posted by Jerry above. Linda Schurman is very interested in the economy but covers many more topics than that. She does predict a major correction in the fall which she calls greatly overdue and a response to the propping up of the economy by the low Fed Reserve interest rates. That is nowhere as dire as what the astroecon says. Let’s hope whatever happens is not nearly as bad as they predict.


As Jerry posted above, the feds look to be running out of revenue by Sept., sooner than projected…thanks to the Republican tax cuts, I would guess.

Bob, you have been suggesting trump will leave by end of the year. Do you see Pence becoming President?

If the economy is about to tank like was described, I’d rather that trump stay in office so the blame is clearly laid at his and the republican senate’s door. If there is any change in leadership that can be blamed on the democrats, this is going to be spun out of control that it only happened because trump was removed. I wonder if Nancy is taking this into account as well. I’m so glad I’m not in congress right now. This can not be fun for any of them.

silcominc, I have been saying for 2 1/2 years that I think tRump will leave on Jan 13th, 2020. In fact my chart shows the 16th and the last 1/2 of the month of January is full of troublesome dates for him with plenty more still to come but none have his Saturn attacked by a weak stellium let alone a strong one like in mid January.

I got a lesson not to doubt my charts from the 2016 election when my charts showed a win for tRump and a loss for Hillary but I let my bias overrule them.

I have never seen a clear-cut indication of Pence becoming president. In the beginning days of the January 2020 bang up there is a shaky set of positive charts for him but they are buried by the Sun, Saturn, Pluto juggernaut.

I have not come up with a chart that satisfies me for Pelosi but I may be close to one.

The chart has transit Jupiter opposite her progressed Venus with other aspects (transiting Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Moon, Venus, natal Jupiter) that could favor her elevation in that period.

That time could be fraught with trouble in the country as there are conflicting markers in the charts I use for her.

A brief calm period (for the people) is what I said, compared to what we/they have been through. A peaceful transition between politicians probably should not be included in that Eliseo. It only lasts for 3 months afterall.

I DO however see the end of the reign of terror.

That would be primarily because the 20 year cycle between Jupiter and Saturn (which included 9-11), and their square from Uranus, plus their chart had Sun at 7+ Gemini conjunct the US natal Uranus (8+ Gemini) and that chart’s Mars is conjunct Trump’s Uranus, both at 17+ Gemini.

It is also the last in a series of Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in earth signs (material), and the beginning of a series of conjunctions in air signs (mental).

In Trump’s Solar Return chart this year (effective through June 13, 2020) there is a square between Jupiter at 19+ Sagittarius retrograde and Neptune at 18+ Pisces. The Jupiter-Saturn cycle (ending in Dec. 2020) chart’s Mars at 17+ Gemini (that conjuncts Trump’s natal Uranus) forms a T-square to Trump’s solar return chart’s Neptune-square-Jupiter.

In that Trump solar return chart Neptune in Pisces also trines Mars in Cancer (+ the North Node) and sextiles the Saturn (+ South Node) in Capricorn (that opposes Mars in Cancer).

This NN + Mars in Cancer opposite the SN + Saturn in Cap in Trump’s solar return chart forms a grand cross with the US PROGRESSED Chiron (17+ Aries) opposite the US PROGRESSED Mars (+ Trump’s Jupiter + US Constitution Signing chart Neptune + Putin Saturn) at 17+ Libra.

Without elaborating, the Jupiter-Saturn cycle ends in December, 2020, and the Trump solar return cycle ends in June, 2020, and they are linked together – which makes me think Trump will have dissolved (Solar Return Neptune in T-square with Jupiter that opposes Trump’s natal Uranus + the Mars in the Jupiter/Saturn cycle) by his next birthday.

When that happens the US PROGRESSED Mars-opposite-Chiron will have accomplished its mission and we can move on.


Thank you for the update. Pence has not been formally connected to the cover-up or Russia but many believe he knew about Flynn and looked the other way. In a normal world, that would be guilt. But in trumpland, it is merely the status quo.

I hope we have a Nuremberg style trial once we come out of this to ensure it can never happen again.

Sharon (and all),

About a possible stock market meltdown in October; Astrologer Denise Siegel arrived at a similar conclusion a couple of years ago but from a different angle………

Astrology and Psychic Predictions

Remember The Two Stock Market Crashes?

December 21, 2017
Denise Siegel

I was told before the 2008 stock market (my warning about that is what started this blog) that there would be 2. That was very clear. I started clairaudiently hearing this information at the beginning of 2007, but ignored it. Not until the spring when it became like a fly in my ear did I really take notice and then it became an internal knowing, a viscerally certainty- that was when I put the message in a bottle and started this blog.

At first I couldn’t even find my blog – I had to bookmark it. It didn’t show up on any google search, but about when the economic Meltdown came (about a month later) someone started directing traffic to my blog. I don’t know who, but I saw the evidence of that. Someone knew how to boost the SEO and did this for me anonymously- I am very grateful to that person.

Well this new tax reform has been seriously freaking me out. I had put that second crash into the back of my mind. A lot of people have asked me when it would happen. But it didn’t seem likely in the foreseeable future. The past couple of months I’ve been looking into crypto coins for a client and started getting a feel or tuning into the markets. I had pulled all our retirement money out of the stock market about 2 months before the crash. I wondered if perhaps because I had no skin in the game anymore (as I never put money back in fearing the other shoe drop I was told about) so I recently used an app to buy a very small $100 worth of stock across many categories as a sort of Psychic thermometer. Through that I did feel more linked in. Once this crazy tax bill started down the pike I had hoped that the republicans would realize the political suicide they were performing and pull back. But now I really feel we are in the period before the 2nd crash. I think we have almost 2 years. I looked at October of 2019 as being a stock market meltdown. I will do more research, but this is an early heads up, so start preparing now for what will be worse than the last economic meltdown- this is going to be a massive financial earthquake unlike anything we have seen in generations.


PS Forgot to mention, Denise Siegel provides a chart and delineates the aspects further down in the article.

Jerry, or anyone else….Do you think that mean that money in banks backed by federal insurance won’t be guaranteed?

I’m not an investor. I just have a checking and savings account.

So, take this with a grain of salt and realize that I am no fiduciary talent nor am I interested in making inflammatory claims.

I have a very bright, sophisticated patient who has been a trader in the markets for a major firm (he works on the same floor as former Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Paulsen) in Chicago. This month of July 2019 marks the longest recovery of the U.S. markets in their history. Also, interest rates on short-term investments are now out-performing long-term instruments like government bonds. He believes a significant “correction” is long-overdue.

Also, as Jupiter enters Capricorn, its detriment in 2020; the normally expansive properties of Jovial Jupiter are constrained and restricted. This usually portends a constriction in real estate and the housing market.

Please understand that I am only passing on information as I understand it.

Hi Sharon,

I believe the maximum amount the FDIC insures on each individual savings account currently stands at $250,000 US Dollars….

Are Your Bank Deposits Insured?
by Investopedia

During the Great Depression, panicky Americans converted deposits into currency and thousands of banks that could not meet withdrawal demands were forced to close. When the banks closed, depositors ended up losing all of their savings. Consequently, President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Banking Act of 1933, which created the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). This independent U.S. government agency protects depositors against losses and prevents runs on FDIC-insured banks or savings association banks. Discover which types of deposits the FDIC covers and how to make sure that you are getting the highest level of insurance for your money.



The October 13, 2019 Full Moon-Pluto T Square (20 Aries-Libra-Capricorn) is right on the US dollar natal Saturn (20 Aries)…..

US Dollar by William Stickevers

The U.S. Dollar horoscope is based on the Coinage Act, passed by the United States Congress on April 2, 1792, time unknown – set for 12:00 pm, in Philadelphia, PA which established the United States Mint and regulated the coinage of the United States. This act also established the dollar as the unit of money in the United States, declared it to be lawful tender, and created a decimal system for U.S. currency. Chart enclosed….


Amy McGrath is the candidate running against Mitch McConnell in KY, here is her very powerful add..
whoever did this add.. Wow!
Here’s hoping and praying the Universe carries her to victory.


Thanks Elizabeth, the Universe, with the help of conscientious Kentuckians, can carry Amy to victory.

I think the Epstein thing is a distraction from the very real humanitarian crisis at the border, nevertheless Epstein needs to be in prison for the rest of his life and Acosta needs to join him for part of it.

Good to see you all are still here. Extra long pond season, felt remarkably like 2008, I don’t think that bodes well for the winter economy

Today the Sun is conjunct the North Node at 17+ Cancer. Amy McGrath’s natal Saturn is at 17+ Cancer, which squares her natal Jupiter at 17+ Aries, which sextiles her natal Juno at 17+ Gemini, which conjuncts Trump’s natal Uranus. She picked today to announce her campaign to defeat Mitch McConnell as Senator for Kentucky.

Do you reckon’ she has an astrologer?

I think she might!

Good luck, Amy! The era of McConnell is coming to an end. I’m especially glad for you, Barb.

Hi Gypsi! Good to see you. What do you mean by “pond season”?

Thanks for the info, Jerry and Will…and, I will be watching for the Oct 13 full moon and it’s relationship to a downturn in the market but don’t want to see the economy go too far south as there are a record number of people on food stamps as it is — the number increased mightily in the yrs following the 2008 recession. I didn’t realize that Jupiter was in its fall in Cap, but I would still think it was good for business to some extent, even if the purpose was to correct the market and make it healthier. May God be with us all.

Sharon my company cleans, repairs and builds koi ponds. Pond season is when every owner suddenly realizes the pond is dirty and calls us.

Pond season is over when the phone quits ringing. And it rang again this morning. too hot to clean one with fish, but she doesn’t have fish anymore.

I was bidding higher this spring and jobs were selling at a higher percentage, something that also happened in 2008. I am concerned about the economy this fall, feels like the rush before the fall

This is in my files and has dates and astrological points of American financial data. It is long – Should I post it in pieces?

Post by John Battalana before the financial crash in 2008. He posted as JohnTWB or Blazingstar. His full name was John Thomas Wyder Battalana. John passed from cancer on May 25, 2015 in Jakarta. John’s career was in banking. He was a good astrologer and researcher with a personal library of about 8.000 books.

“MSG 17227: The Dollar, the Greenback, the FED & [corrected , Feb 2008 eclipse…

JohnTWB Jan 20, 2008

Hi List members:

Here’s a timeline of significant events regarding the US Dollar, old (coin) and not so old (paper), the FED, and the connexity of said events.”

Here is a comment that I agree with om Frank Bruni today:

This is a unique situation we find ourselves in. Any of the leading 4-5 Democratic candidates could conceivably beat Trump by 6,000,000 votes, snd still lose the election. The current electoral map is likely to determine the presidency solely with reference to a few rust-belt states (Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan). Sadly, there is only one Democratic candidate, with a reasonable chance of winning, that also speaks to the moderate Democratic and independent voters needed to win in those states. That is Joe Biden. This has nothing to do with “his turn.” I’d rather have Pete, or Kamala, or maybe even Elizabeth, but more importantly than that, I want to beat Trump. It is going to be very hard to overcome the Republican gerrymandered advantage that Trump has. We are obligated to nominate whichever Democratic has the best chance of beating Trump.”


Gypsi, I still don’t see a connection between a rush to clean the koi ponds (which are SO beautiful, especially when clean, btw) and the recession of 2008!?

Could this woman be our president-elect in November of 2024? She’s presently running for senate against Mitch McConnell and WOW is she impressive! Unlike most Dem candidates, she actually listens to grass roots citizens.

Amy McGrath for Congress

“The Letter” — Amy McGrath for U.S. Senate

Amy McGrath is a VERY INTERESTING & APPEALING candidate!

Meet The Retired Fighter Pilot Who Will Take On Sen. Mitch McConnell | Morning Joe | MSNBC



Eliseo: what great news!

Eliseo, one of the most interesting things (IMO) about Amy McGrath’s birth chart is her natal Circe (bewitching) at 20+ Aquarius, which is where the US PROGRESSED Mercury is. It is also where Uranus was when it squared the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction that began the present cycle we are in.

Amy also has natal asteroid Hermes (another name for Mercury), known as the Trickster, at 8+ Pisces, which conjuncts US natal Ceres, that squares US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini.

The US Ceres Return on 12/20/20 falls just hours before the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction that starts their next cycle . . less than 2 months after the Presidential election. It is effective for just over 4 years.

Amy is a wordsmith and her natal Mercury at 22+ Gemini conjuncts Trump’s natal Sun. Has he met his match?

“JUDGE SLAPS DOWN DOJ ON CENSUS A federal judge in New York blocked the Justice Department from replacing almost all of the lawyers defending the Trump administration’s efforts to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census. The judge said that the government offered inadequate reasoning for why it wanted new counsel. [HuffPost]


I’m contributing to Amy’s campaign and I encourage everyone else to as well.

Ralfee today:


I may be a bit too sensitive to this since at 67 I just retired from a 37-year career. HOWEVER…

Am pretty sure most of us in this discussion would never say….

That candidate is too gay.
That candidate is too straight.
That candidate is too rich.
That candidate is too poor.
That candidate is too female.
That candidate is too male.

Yet people have NO problem at all saying

That candidate is too old.

I guess it proves that prejudice is still prejudice.


“I may be a bit too sensitive to this since at 67 I just retired from a 37-year career. HOWEVER…

Am pretty sure most of us in this discussion would never say….

That candidate is too gay.
That candidate is too straight.
That candidate is too rich.
That candidate is too poor.
That candidate is too female.
That candidate is too male.

Yet people have NO problem at all saying

That candidate is too old.”

Seems to be very much the case; an all-out war against the elders in our culture.

Learned this last night at a live performance of John Leguizamo’s “Latin History for Morons”. (which I highly recommend – and it is available on Netflix)

Herbert Hoover – from Wikipedia (caps are mine):

As part of his efforts to limit unemployment, Hoover sought to cut immigration to the United States, and in 1930 he promulgated an executive order requiring individuals to have employment before migrating to the United States.

With the goal of opening up more jobs for U.S. citizens, Secretary of Labor William N. Doak began a campaign to prosecute illegal immigrants in the United States. Though Doak did not seek to deport one specific group of immigrants, his campaign most strong ly affected Mexican Americans, especially Mexican Americans living in Southern California. Many of the deportations were overseen by state and local authorities who acted on the encouragement of Doak the and Department of Labor.

During the 1930s, approximately ONE MILLION Mexican Americans were forcibly “repatriated” to Mexico; approximately SIXTY percent of those deported were BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENS. According to legal professor Kevin R. Johnson, the repatriation campaign meets the modern legal standards of ethnic cleansing, as it involved the forced removal of a racial minority by government actors.

I think too that we (as a whole) have objectified candidates running for office – esp. for the Presidency. I personally, have no qualms discussing these people’s (public figures) birth charts – something I would never do with anyone else.

Something happens when a person begins to seek a government position of importance; they either must have or develop the hide of a rhino, or are driven by a lust for power/$$, or a desire to serve.

We, the great unwashed public become to them (I’m guessing) “the masses” that have no individual identities. The one exception is Trump whose thin skin suggests he should avoid public office.

As for old age, one has to get there before being able to see and understand the reward, the value and (for me personally) the freedom to be oneself. Youth is a bit overrated (IMO).

Oh BarbK, I have to disagree with you when I comes to old age. I’m 2 yrs. younger than you I believe and walking with a cane. I think there’s a lot to be said for youth. I’d love to have the same body I had 10 yrs. ago. But I’m glad for you that you are enjoying your seventies.

Sorry, that should read, “when it comes to..”

I have to argue that the “too old” argument is at least one deserving of consideration for candidates. Just look at the guy we have now. He obviously has some kind of mental deterioration going on. Is it more a pre-existing mental disorder or the kind of cognitive decline that can come with aging? We don’t know, but we can clearly see that it’s potentially very dangerous to have a President suffering from some kind of mental decline.

We also had Reagan, who suffered from Alzheimer’s in his final years as president, which his wife and staff did everything they could to cover up. But it happened, and it could have been very dangerous. What if he had to make some very hard, very fast decisions to keep our country safe, and people couldn’t cover for him enough? It could have been very bad.

We’re also talking about a job that takes a hard mental and physical toll on people. We’ve seen with our own eyes how the office ages people. Needing someone with the physical and mental stamina for the job is important.

I’m not saying someone in his or her seventies can’t do the job, just that we have a right to know about his or her health and evaluate for ourselves throughout a campaign how mentally and physically strong a candidate is.

And another thing I think is going on is that people are tired of older generations screwing up the country so badly. Look at Biden and him just not getting the touching women thing — how important it is to many women and how he seems determined not to get it, to belittle his behavior. Look at him saying he can work with anyone, even segregationist, and even after that doesn’t go over well, still not getting it.

The country has changed. It’s not a good thing to have been able to work with segregationist or not understand women won’t put up with Democrats who don’t respect their right to control their own bodies.

Yeah, it’s some men who don’t get it, and it’s not all men in their 70s, but it’s more prevalent in men of those generations.

It’s like running as a straight white man in this presidential election. We’ve given a lot of old, straight, white men a chance to run this country. It’s almost all been old, straight, white men, and we’re not happy with what they’ve done.

We want someone else who we hope will do better.

(I’m 56, BTW.)

These days the cracks in the Patriarchy systems are getting wider and wider. From the US Women’s Soccer Team recognition to the belated publicity of the Epstein raping of young girls, tolerance for which has vanished, the imbalance of power between Man and Woman is becoming negligible.

I believe this is a big part of the Ceres conjunct Saturn conjunct Pluto event on January 12, 2020.

I also think it has to do with the coincidental back-to-back events of the US Ceres Return (12/20/20) and the Jupiter-Saturn Cycle start (12/21/20). In each case Venus (values) opposes the US natal Uranus (breakthroughs), squared by US natal Ceres (no tolerance for masculine aggression or favoritism).

With TRANSITING Uranus in both event charts (US Ceres Return, Jupiter-Saturn Cycle) in a T-square with the US North and South Nodes, there will be a crossroads decision to be made by the US people. To move forward (equality) or fall back (patriarchy) during the 20 year cycle between Jupiter and Saturn, will be defined within the law (US Constitution).

Well, you have a point Bailey, there is a saying that “youth is wasted on the young”, meaning in large part that the physical body declines with age. If that’s the price I must pay for surviving all the stupid things I got myself into during my youth, so be it. I would really hate to still be that dumb!

Yeah, it’s a trade off Teresa . .when you are younger you haven’t had the learning experiences you will gain through your later years. Do we value the experience an older individual has had, or do we value more the vitality a younger less experienced individual has when picking a President? Decisions, decisions, fraught with perils. It’s the price we pay for free choice.

I agree, times have changed, but the caveat at this time, in these days is who is our President now?

Do we (Dems) pick the best person out of all the best people,or do we instead pick the person who will get the most votes, thus assuring a win?

That’s the problem of giving EVERYBODY the right to vote. We don’t all agree on everything, but to survive at all, we have to make sure it is a Democrat that wins in 2020. Sad but true, it might just be “good ole Joe” that can pull it off.

At least he won’t cause the destruction of things like environmental protection, etc., and in the 4 years of this next term, plans will be implemented that will begin to lift us out of the chaos, and Joe gets along with our allies (if he can just keep his hands to himself!)

Consider all the ramifications. That’s what you do when you’re 80 years old anyway.


I’d think someone in the 50-69 age group would be a good compromise of age to experience, but I now that seems like an arbitrary measure of a candidate.

Makes me wonder who’s in that age group. Here’s the age the leading contenders would be be at inauguration:

Bernie Sanders, 79
Joe Biden, 78
Elizabeth Warren, 71
Amy Klobluchar, 60
Kamala Harris, 56
Kirsten Gillibrand, 54
Corey Booker, 51
Julian Castro, 46
Pete Buttigieg, 39

what about Mont. Gov. Steve Bullock?

Steve Bullock, the only Democratic governor who won in a state that Trump carried is 53. From Wikipedia:

April 11, 1966 (age 53)
Missoula, Montana, U.S.

From September, 2019 through January, 2020, transiting Neptune will be opposed the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Steve Bullock’s natal chart.

So what does that mean, BarbK, re Bullock

I don’t know Bailey, perhaps some disillusion on his part or his supporters maybe? Don’t know the houses they fall in. This was a world-wide event when Uranus and Pluto made their conjunctions in Virgo so it could trigger some weather/climate water-related activity perhaps. I don’t think it will go by unnoticed.

Neptune was in this degree (16+ Pisces) this past March so it will probably relate to something that was happening then. Mueller’s Report came out then. Weather in the western states saw extreme winds, blizzard snow, etc., so there might be some violent weather or other disturbing natural event.

In October there is a Full Moon conjunct the US natal Chiron (20+ Aries) opposite the Sun that will conjunct the US natal Juno (20+ Libra) and transiting Pluto (20+ Capricorn), having just stationed direct, will make it a T-square. Bullick’s Sun is at 21+ Aries. Trans. Neptune will be opposed his natal Uranus-Pluto conjunction at 16+ Virgo at that time.

So 56 year-old Teresa Hill,

Exactly who are you thinking of as a viable candidate who can actually sway the American vote for President?

Warren will be trampled by Trump and his Thugs. He will tomahawk her with he Pocahantas gaffe. I admire her enormously and know she is very smart and has many great ideas. But could you really see her beating that fiendish creature at 1600 Pennsylvania.
Klobuchar has earned a reputation for being harsh and condescending to her own staff; moreover, she’s far from being wildly charismatic or popular.
Castro is very smart but it is doubtful he could carry the whole country.
Marianne Williamson is Marianne Williamson.
Swalwell is so through for his smart mouth and overt disdain for elder states-people.
Mayor Pete is highly-intelligent, good-hearted, young and truly patriotic – but presently he is already hamstrung with unresolved raging racial tension in his own city.
Kamala Harris is betting on her prosecutorial skill set, her gender and her non-white racial heritage to rally the masses. Unfortunately we all know it takes many, many more skill-sets than solely those of a prosecutor to rule the nation. I do not believe she is seasoned enough for the top job – but I salivate about the prospect of her dismembering 45 in a series of debates. It wouldn’t necessarily mean she would win – but it would be a great spectacle.

Joe Biden has his work cut out for him and needs to sharpen-up fast, but has enormous experience, is wisely moderate, very likable and very tough. His wife Dr. Jill Biden is smart, strong and and very appealing. I don’t know if it would be legally-possible, but if Biden was to win, he might want 44 in his cabinet.

I’m not entirely coherent and a bit tired But I had to get my piece in tonight.

I wouldn’t mind a Biden/Harris ticket; she would kick some serious ass as head of the Senate and probably clean house.

I’d like it even more if it was a Biden/Pelosi or Pelosi/Harris ticket – but Pelosi won’t run.

With the deplorables and their electoral college voting strength, it isn’t entirely impossible that we will see two-terms for the Whoring Con in the White House. He operates the levers of mass-communication with uncanny prowess and has a killer’s instinct for playing on the worst fears and insecurities of the
“C-average” intelligence of the nation’s body politic.

Then again, I could be in a Mercury retrograde mind-set for now and may regain some clarity by August.

PS – Send light and protection to New Orleans – they are threatened with potentially catastrophic flooding once again.

Thank you, Will. I know of one other person in addition to me, who sometimes posts here, and lives in NOLA. I will let that person identify him/her-self if they want to.

It’s probably unlikely that we get the Cat 1 hurricane here in NOLA, but we’ll be on the east side of the storm, which gets the heavy rain. Yesterday a.m., we got a lot of water in the streets around our house (and other parts of the city got more than we did) but the water never went high enough to threaten vehicles or enter homes. It did enter our “raised” basement but that’s only because there’s a room that had the floor removed and a new one wasn’t put back yet, so it entered from that area of the yard. Some of the levees are supposed to be topped by minimal waves, they say…nothing too bad. The irony is that one of those levees is right where the Army Corp of Engineer’s bldg is sitting.

So – even though this is the first time since 1927 that the MS River surrounding NOLA is supposed to rise to 20 ft, it’s not supposed to be higher than that, and the city is basically protected up to 20 ft in most areas, although in several areas it’s a little less, and in a few places it’s more. The river has already been high for a few months due to the flooding in the Midwest up-river, and the flood gates were opened twice this year, an unusual occurrence. However, when they do open them to release river water into the Gulf, the fresh water kills marine life and hurts the oyster industry. It’s said it’s responsible for the algae that has shut down MS’s beaches recently.

So — there are some risks here for NOLA and some areas will flood to some extent due to the combination of heavy rain and storm surge, and an already-high river, but I don’t foresee it as catastrophic as the media might be presenting it.

During and after Hurricane Katrina, the media showed footage of the worst flooding in the city (and K. was a Cat 4 or 5, but did not come up the mouth of the river — it hit elsewhere; levees were breached but not topped) — and, even though much of the city did NOT experience flooding, those shots of the flooding was all they ever showed. It bothered me a lot because it was giving the world an inaccurate impression. That is not to say that there wasn’t a lot of flooding in the areas that flooded, and that it wasn’t catastrophic, — it was — but it was still not the whole picture!

(I hope there aren’t too many errors above, as I am not going to proof read it again.)

Prayers and thoughts for you and yours’ safety Sharon. They are all I have to give you.


Epstein’s natal and progressed Neptune and Saturn covering 22°, 23°, 25°, and 27° (not in that respective order) will get squared by transits from Saturn and Pluto in longitude and right ascension from now through the rest of the year and into early next year.

The same is true for Acosta’s natal and progressed Saturn.

The transiting Saturn and Pluto and their midpoint are going to be draining the swamp of many in this administration.


“The transiting Saturn and Pluto and their midpoint are going to be draining the swamp of many in this administration.”

This will put in spring in our step.

will, I think your 1:01 post is spot on.

Could it be that a charismatic, intelligent, and tough, Dem emerges from stage right (in time to get on the ballot) and has the electorate climbing over each other to elect him or her?

Or perhaps the fairy godmother anoints someone who is already there and gives them what they need to unseat tRump? Did I just use unseat and tRump in the same sentence? 🙂

And in conclusion (that’s not collusion) –



The first scenario you propose is certainly possible.

The you-tube clip you posted is probably one of my top-ten favourite cinematic moments ever.

Reports abound at present of a virtual flurry of subpoena’s being issued to a swath of 45’s administration members. Could this portend the beginning of the end?

We’ll have to wait and see.

RE: your July 7th, 2019 7:31 pm posting.
Why the Trump White House Is Caught Up in the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal

A much simpler explanation: Trump thinks with the wrong head. So do most all of the males he consorts with. They need to learn how to think with the one that’s on their shoulders and neck, not the other one.

Bob, Were you aware of this about Epstein supposed fortune?

There must be much more to this bizarre story. A young kid barely out of high school, from a non-wealthy family, somehow lands a teaching job at a premier school despite a total lack of college degree or teaching credentials. By weird coincidence, William Barr is linked to this.

A short time later he pops up at Bear Stearns, one of the biggest financial powerhouses. There must have been hundreds of MBAs at the time, from the best schools, trying to muscle their way into that firm yet they hired this kid, again with no degree, resume or credentials, to manage the accounts of mega-millionaire clients.

It’s hard to avoid the suspicion that he was somehow setting up very rich men with encounters with young girls, then blackmailing them. Nothing else fits the details.


ja, I suspect that blackmail was behind the Florida outcome years ago. The outcome of the tRump residency may be the capstone of the historic changes (Act I) begun with the election of President Obama when the first American president ends up in prison (along with many of his family and political associates).

Act II may be historic changes in the Constitution and social norms regarding women’s role in running the country.

“when he (tRump) becomes” the first American President to end”

On another note, here is Biden today.

“After spending two weeks sparring with his presidential primary opponents, Joseph R. Biden Jr. sought to again rise above the Democratic fray on Thursday, delivering a sweeping foreign policy address that denounced President Trump as incapable of global leadership and called for a new commitment to international diplomacy.”


Thanks ja, say what you/we will about Joe Biden, he’s no softie, what with 4 natal planets in Scorpio; one of them his Sun. He is capable of cutting Trump into ribbons. Joe Biden’s natal Saturn (conform) at 9+ Gemini (flexibility) is conjunct the US natal Uranus (the unexpected) at 8+ Gemini (communicate). He will surprise us before this is all over.

The unbelievable state of affairs in our government, if presented as a Hollywood creation before 2016, would have been a shocking stretch of the imagination. Yet, here we are, dealing with unbelievable cruelty to foreign families seeking refuge, possible links to child molestation and financial fiascos even Hollywood could not dream up. Only in the mind of Donald Trump could these things exist.

Donald’s mind (his Mercury at 8+ Cancer) was opposed by transiting Saturn and Mars on April 2, 2018, at 8+ Capricorn, while transiting Nessus (poison & rape are words to describe the Nessus effect) at 8+ Pisces at that time, was trine his Mercury.

US natal Ceres is also at 8+ Pisces, and she is a symbol of Mother Earth. She is a nurturer by nature.

Nine months from now when this cycle of Mars and Saturn ends on March 31, 2020, they begin a new cycle at 0+ Aquarius, the same degree where the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle starts on December 21, 2020. Coincidence?

I’m thinking maybe the new Mars-Saturn cycle is paving the way; preparing us for the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle coming 9 months later.

Hint: The new Mars-Saturn cycle has a sextile between Ceres (nurturer) at 22+ Aquarius and Eris (discord) at 23+ Aries and they form a Yod (requires adjustment) with US Neptune (compassion) at 22+ Virgo, which squares Trump’s natal Sun (consciousness) at 22+ Gemini which conjuncts US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini.

However, Ceres in the new Mars-Saturn cycle also trines Trump’s Sun, suggesting a change in his consciousness for the better.

Perhaps it is connected to the triple conjunction in the Mars-Saturn cycle’s chart between Jupiter, Pluto and Pallas (strategist), all at 24+ Capricorn, all of whom oppose US Mercury (US mind) at 24+ Cancer which conjuncts Trump’s natal Venus and Saturn, all of which will be T-squared by Eris (discord) at 23+ Aries. (Eris will still be sextile Ceres don’t forget!)

In this same Mars-Saturn cycle chart the Moon (the People) at 3+ Cancer will be conjunct the US natal Venus (values) at 3+ Cancer, and the North Node (path forward) will conjunct both at 2″ Cancer. All good.

It might also suggest Melania might leave him since transiting Juno (partner) will be conjunct his natal Chiron and the US natal Saturn, all at 14+ Libra!

Thank you barbk. I’m rootin for joe. The comments to the article I sent were interesting. I do not have a problem with his age or history.

barbk, I used to think they had plans to eventually use the children as hotel workers. Now I wonder how far they’d have gone if no one stopped them. And maybe they have gone there. Short-stopping old Short Eyes may have put an end to something worse than we could imagine.

I hear you Ja, I don’t see this as a time in history to be picayunish about flaws or accomplishments in our Dem candidate; he (or she) must be able to whip Trump’s ass and get out the voters to defeat him. Simple as . . .

Four years ago we (the general public) had no idea how far into corruption our country had slid over the many decades. Thanks to Trump we know now, and we have sunk as low as any country can sink and faster too; thanks to Trump.

Okay, you have served your purpose Mr. Trump; you have awakened all of us that are capable of being awakened and you will forever be remembered as the nightmare that was real. Bye bye Miss American Pie.

So true arbo, so true. No where to go but up now.

Lorrie told me Linda G said that Trump will slink away on some sort of deal or cover-up that has him leaving under the guise of poor health, but he would lose much of his money. I say let him go! No more drama or distraction…back to real values, real class, real leadership, not this fake stuff.

This is interesting to watch – Steve Bullock ad. Will it make a difference? Probably not, but it’s a good try.


Just an offhand comment as I haven’t looked at charts too much yet, but it appears to me that Tom Steyer is going to be a very serious Dem competitor to Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

“Epstein was running a blackmail scheme under the cover of a hedge fund’: NY magazine reports on Wall St speculation”

https://www.rawstory.com/2019/07/epstein-was-running-a-blackmail-scheme-under-the-cover-of-a-hedge-fund-ny-magazine-reports-on-wall-st-speculation/ … @realTuckFrumper @RawStory

Mueller testimony delayed to the 24th after discussions with Congress regarding expanding lists of questions on investigations.

Something seems to be coalescing…my spidey senses the Epstein arrest has opened more lines of inquiry on what was investigated and not allowed to be finished.

From the NYT’s:

“Although it is easy to become depressed at the current situation in D.C. given this Administration’s disdain for the rule of law and basic decency, Acosta’s resignation shows that a free press and public pressure still work. Acosta was only part of the problem, but his departure is a cautionary tale for others who forget the public they serve and is a step in the right direction.”


Thanks for the heads-up Fe, MSNBC just said a
possible” delay; tell me more what your spidey senses. Transiting Mars will be conjunct his Sun on the 24th.

The Turnover at the Top of the Trump Administration
as of today.


I find it difficult to fathom that Trump wasn’t in some way involved in human sex trafficking with Epstein. He’s completely amoral and clearly knows no restraint or decency.

How much more clearly will the lines be drawn in this country after such revelations, between his unwavering supporters who continue to believe he can do no wrong, and those of us who have seen him all along for the disgusting and despicable person that he is?

Acosta is a deflection from Trump.

When Does America Reckon with the Gravity of Donald Trump’s Alleged Rapes?



Using my Fe911 spider-sense, coming from a government background and empathic on the “government web”.

These last three years have produced everything I feared from 2015-16. I also saw Manafort being trouble when I first read he was replacing Lewandowski as T’s campaign manager. Anyone coming from the “Torture Lobby” Group in DC was bound to be on the dark side.

This current misadministration has been hard for me to read simply because I couldn’t dwell in such darkness. My desire to see them fall quickly overruled any ability to be empathetic towards them and thus feel them.

Though today the patterns of behavior, stuff getting found out and the foot dragging walk back of another misshapen gaffe in policy is a recognizable pattern. Also the series of coincidence after coincidence followed by an arrest or indictment.

I am starting to feel Congress feeling it’s oats. It’s getting stronger too in the courts. The census citizenship question debacle was more pudding for dessert! There’s a ring and pattern that the President is getting away with less, though we should follow him with torches and pitchforks for every damn thing until he’s howling to get out of his cage at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

So with latest Epstein arrest and the possibilities of the black book of Epstein’s blackmail victims, where T among others may be implicated, the Prez may be incapable of leading because he could be compromised by blackmail. This may have been something Comey knew about before he was fired.

All the psychics were right. This thing that sits at the Resolute desk is a monster of global proportions. It may take Congress and Mueller more time to lay out how broad and deep to see how vast this global criminal enterprise is.

The Mueller hearing; tentatively re-scheduled for July 24th 9 am Wash. DC has tr Mars at 14 ’13 Leo conjunct Mueller’s natal Sun (14 ’59 Leo) in trine to tr. Jupiter (15 ’00 Sagittarius) and quincunx tr. Saturn (16 ’09 Capricorn/ South Node (16 ’44 Capricorn).

The 24th will be about testimony. The 25th will be about reverberation of that testimony. It will be a devastating day for tRump.

Begins early (about 7:30 with PAL (progressed anluner) Saturn on the PAL ASC. About 1 pm PAL Saturn/Pluto midpoint is swept by the ASC and about 6:20 pm PAL Pluto is on the prog PAL ASC and his secondary progressed Saturn/Pluto midpoint is square the MC.

It is the day of tRump’s progressed New Moon in right ascension.

I think Trump is going to be the next to go. This Epstein horror is going to turn his base on him. (Finally) I think this will be something impossible for them to ignore. I hope the press doesn’t let up on it all weekend, as gruesome as it is.


“All the psychics were right. This thing that sits at the Resolute desk is a monster of global proportions. It may take Congress and Mueller more time to lay out how broad and deep to see how vast this global criminal enterprise is.”

Yes Fe. An epic and historical battle is afoot. And yes, it is so very corrosive to engage with the soul-murdering vibrational field this admin and its supporters emanate…….a most, diabolical disgusting ooze of pus-filled ectoplasm.

But this too shall pass.

On another note, I carefully listened to and observed Kamala Harris on The View this morning. While her level of intelligence and sharpness are undeniable, her voice quivered at several moments as if she was about to burst into tears. It was unsettling/unnerving at least for me.



I continue to believe that the busing card she used on Biden in the debates was a wedge-ing device to clarify she was aiming for the Oval Office job. Although she maintains that it was not a personal attack against him, she very clearly stated that the issue was quite personal to her. It was an odd dichotomy. I like her but I still believe she is over-her-skis for the Presidential bid. Probably a great Attorney General and maybe a VP.


“I like her but I still believe she is over-her-skis for the Presidential bid. Probably a great Attorney General and maybe a VP.”


I agree with you. I like Kamala a lot, but I think she’s better equipped to be AG or VP than POTUS this time. My thought is that for 2020 Dems should pick a solid one termer to re-stabilize the country — we’re on a big wobble about to fall and that’s going to take a lot of work to clean it all up and clear the garbage.

2024 we focus on what we need to revolutionize (evolve) the systems of government to work better “For the People”.

Jan 1 2010 – Natal Chart
Jan 1 2010, 12:00 pm, EST +5:00
White House Dist of Columbia, 38°N53’50”, 077°W02’13”

Transits to transits Jan 1 2010 to Jan 1 2030
Saturn and Pluto
January of 2020 is the only conjunction in those 20 years
and it is in conjunction with transiting Sun.

Jan 31 2010 Saturn Square Pluto 04°Li21′ Tr-Tr
Aug 21 2010 Saturn Square Pluto 02°Li56′ Tr-Tr
Jan 12 2020 Saturn Conjunct Pluto 22°Cp47′ Tr-Tr
Jun 23 2028 Saturn Square Pluto 08°Ta23′ Tr-Tr
Nov 15 2028 Saturn Square Pluto 06°Ta35′ Tr-Tr
Mar 29 2029 Saturn Square Pluto 10°Ta03′ Tr-Tr

Here’s the story verifying the 7/24 Mueller testimony date:



So much going on, much of which can be traced back to the July 2 Solar Eclipse, 3 degrees from the US natal Cancer Sun. That would include Tropical Storm Barry, the Epstein, Acosta, Trump brouhaha and the Mueller testimony delay, among other things.

The Mars-Mercury-Juno group in Leo (in the Eclipse chart) was conjunct the US natal chart North Node (opportunities to move forward), and they were trine Chiron + Salacia in Aries and Ceres (weather and mother related issues) in Sagittarius.

Also transiting Sun (on the 12th and 13th) at 20+ Cancer is T-square US Chiron (wounds that teach something) in Aries which opposes US Juno (partner, defends the disenfranchised) in Libra.

There is also the Solar Eclipse chart’s Pallas at 13+ Libra (conjunct US Saturn and Trump’s Chiron at 14+ Libra) and she is a defender with negotiating skills and ability to strategize. She squared the eclipsed (something hidden) Sun that was 3 degrees from the US Sun (consciousness).

Also, the transiting Mars (+ US North Node) square the transiting Uranus in Taurus (exact on Thursday the 11th) signifies the surprise element in the opportunities brought on by Mars and US North Node.

Not too many dull moments in the Universe these days.

Ooops, today’s transiting Sun not only T-squares US Chiron opposite Juno, it is also opposite transiting Pluto for Pete’s sake, That’s a grand cross; a tough knot to unravel.

New Mueller Testimony date (July 24, 8:30 AM, DC) has 24+ Taurus on MC (same as Trump’s MC) and 29+ Leo on the ascendant (same as Trump’s MC) I kid you not.

The Moon at 25+ Aries will SQUARE Venus + retro Mercury (25-26 Cancer) that conjuncts Trump’s Venus-Saturn and US Mercury, but Moon will TRINE Mueller’s natal Ceres-Venus (23 & 26+ Leo) which conjuncts Trump’s Mars at 26+ Leo. The Public (Moon) will challenge the questioners but support Mueller himself.

The Mars at 14+ Leo will conjunct Mueller’s Sun and the Jupiter (search for truth) at 15+ Sagittarius will trine them. Much will be revealed by Mueller.

Neptune will trine the Cancer North Node that opposes Saturn (+ South Node) in Cap which form a T-square to Trump’s Jupiter in Libra (+ US progressed Mars + US Constitution signing chart Neptune + Putin’s Saturn). Lots of fuzzy rules, unclear motives laid bare re: Trump, US prog. Mars, US Constitution, and Putin.

Moreover, Saturn will trine Mueller’s Mars-Chiron conjunction in Virgo; his work will not have been in vain.

Hi, Everyone! I’ve got Mom home with me, rehabbing for a while. Interesting, to say the least… (gryn)

I’ve read this entire thread tonight with great interest, wishing I’d been able to add my 2 cents worth… (sigh) But I’m seeing a lot here that echoes my sense of DU and KOS… especially as it comes to “who can beat Trump with the “normal” people,” and who can swing some Trumpers to our side.

Whoever it was that said many Americans are not ready for what’s coming down in this election… I agree with you!

IMO, it doesn’t make ANY difference who we nominate as our candidate. Just as always, the Repugs will put out a big treatise on how he/she is the most liberal.. blah, blah, blah… and repeat thru the entire election cycle.

Further, Trump will go down and dirty on anyone and everyone. He knows his karma is about to catch up with him, and holding on to the WH is the only chance he has to beat prison (in his mind, at least). It doesn’t make any difference if its Warren, Harris, Mayor Pete, Biden, or anyone else. They will ALL be assigned a “nickname” by Trump before the candidate is nominated and it will be blasted throughout Trumpville on a 24/7 basis.

Further, while we may bring a few who voted for Trump who now see the wool was pulled over their eyes, for the most part, I don’t want ANY of them. IMO, they’ve all proven time-and-again who and what they are… and it ain’t nice.

We have to worry more, once again, about the effect of foreign influence on our elections (China and Russia do NOT want to see an ascendant U.S.), gerrymandering, voter purging, election shenanigans, pre-coded election machines, and.. most of all… the electoral college. Among that last, we somehow have to make sure that electoral college votes aren’t SOLD as they were last Pres. election.

There is anywhere from 33%-40% of Americans who are just never going to fit in a civilized society. Many are sociopaths or have other forms of mental illness. Reagan made sure they were indoctrinated well when he closed the hospitals, clinics, and homes. As long as they get to amass as many guns as they can, and say all the dirty crap they want they’re happy. IMO, we need to quarantine this group in their own little region and let them have at each other. I’m sick and tired of being told I need to feel sorry for them. Ha! I only THOUGHT I was sick of them when I saw what they could to innocent animals. But then they started caging children and ripping babies from nursing mothers. No… those people have no place in civilized society until (and if) they can be rehabilitated.

The Republican party is no longer a party of American. It is as traitorous a group as one could point to since WWII, IMO. The who party needs to be brought up on charges in a Truth and Reconciliation Trial, where all is finally told and everyone takes their lumps.

And while I’m on a roll, here at 4:30am on a sleepless night, I’m SORELY disappointed (once again) with Pelosi. What IS it about her and the Impeachment Process???? She refused to even consider it for the war criminals Bush/Cheney. And I have this ugly feeling she’s gonna let Trump slide on by, as well. If there are never any consequences for treasonous actions, there is nothing to deter the next autocrat from pushing even further than Trump has! I’m of the opinion Pelosi and the House has NO leg to stand on in NOT starting an Impeachment Inquiry. It doesn’t even have to go directly to trial, for pete’s sake. Just get the information out there in its de-nuanced format. To do otherwise is to totally abdicate the second branch of government to Trump. I mean, Trump’s current personal attorney has argued that congress has NO right to oversight of his finances, emoluments, etc. Giving him an Italian hand clap is one thing. Personally, I’d rather see them act as the Congress Critters they’re suppose to be as written in the Constitution… you know, that piece of paper everyone in government seems to be tearing apart, piece by piece.

And yes, I’m 63 and a Boomer. I’m an Aquarian with a Scorpio moon and Gemini Ascendant (1 min later, it’d have been Cancer). I’m idealistic as hell, and I stand on principle. I guess you can add me to that category they’ve labeled “Justice Democrats.” Which, from what I’m reading at the blogs, once again pits me against the centrist, Wall Street dems. And I hate it. We eat our own. All Democrats should have a voice in the party that is taken seriously. And if ANY party “should” be idealistic, it should be the Democrats. After all, we put ourselves out there as the party of the People, don’t we?

Okay… rant mode off. Had to get that off my shoulders. You guys can let me know if you want me to back into lurk mode only (gryn). Having Mom living here has me holding a lot inside. I say thank Goddess for early morning hours of peace and solitude!

Oh… and just for the informal poll around here… I’m for Warren all the way. I still say she’s crazy smart, and I appreciate her trying her best to make it about policy and backing up the policy notions with plans… whether or not they’d work out as she thinks at the moment. And I really didn’t appreciate Harris berating her for it on the View. Did I read Kamala has Scorpio in Mercury? I’m assuming that accounts for her sharp tongue…. but it’s made me antsy about her, even going back into her history in CA. I started out with a positive image of her, but I want someone with ideas to get the country back on track a bit… I don’t want someone who can smart-mouth every democratic candidate and tear them down — especially not this early in the game. Trump’s gonna have MBS, Isreal, Russia, and China behind him. It’s not going to make a difference whether someone can tear down Trump in a debate. The Trump Cult won’t buy it anyway. But that’s just me, standing on an idealistic view of the old FDR Democrats. So yeah, I guess count me in as a old geezer… but I sure would like to see Mayor Pete take VP and the Prez in 2024!

BarbK, your analyses and interpretations are so insightful and so helpful. Thank you. I plan to take the 24th as a vacation. Day so that I can watch Mueller’s testimony.

Slightkc, I agree with you about both Warren and Harris. I learned from you. I have Mercury in Scorpio and while I think I’ve improved with age, I tend to day what I think.

Thank you barbk., You forgot all the subpoenas that went out this week.

It’s crazy making!

Did you know that this weekend, Trump National Doral, one of the president’s Florida clubs, planned to host a fund-raiser allowing golfers to bid on strippers to serve as their caddies. Though the event was canceled when it attracted too much attention, it’s at once astounding and not surprising at all that it was approved in the first place.


Sharon–I have been thinking about you. I hope you are safe and on high ground.

Tales of Mercury Rx: I adjusted my work schedule to be off on the 17th, so I could watch Mueller’s testimony. Then, last week a meeting which has been in the works for months at work got officially scheduled for the 17th. It is very important that I be there, but I was really bummed, debating whether I could Skype in and be effective. My conscience kept saying, go in to work, you can see the replays. But I didn’t want to! Then last night, we got the news of the rescheduling. And I am off work on the 24th as well (we work a lot of weekends at the hospital). So now I am good for both work and watching the hearing. Yet somehow I fully expect one or both to be rescheduled again!

Wow, and there’s that too ja! Maybe that’s Solar Eclipse retro Jupiter in Sagittarius (multiple subpoenas) opposite Trump’s Uranus (freedom)?

Thanks Bailey, I’m not gonna miss it either.

slightkc, you need lurk no more. I know it must feel good to get all that off your chest; it’s been a rough 2 1/2 years for sure. It helps me to know that Obama and others have been working behind-the-scene to safeguard the jewels and bring down the Trump mob in ways we can’t imagine (trans. Pluto trine his natal Mars).

Julie, thanks for asking. So far NOLA has been good but they say a lot of rain is still coming, that the storm is just moving slowly. The levees aren’t going to be topped but there still could be some flooding coming. Eliseo is in east TX at the LA border so may he also be safe. May everyone be safe from all weather, natural & Sharon Kmanmade events.

Responding on my little phone screen. I don’t know how that extra Sharon K got in there.

Thinking of you Sharon K. Be safe.

Sharon, which is worse, your flooding or being in a blackout in Manhattan? They have had no electricity for at least 2 hours now. The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Thank you, Ja. So far so good. Hope the rest of LA, MS, AL has done just as well. There was some flooding and storm surge; hope no damage. I was watching them evacuate cattle south of us as the level had overtopped. We are close to the Gulf but the parishes just south and west of us are more vulnerable in terms of losing wetlands, and having good enough levees.

At this point, Barb, I’d say the blackout in NYC! No ac, subways or lights..Just hearing that Times Square is dark is pretty darn scary. It is one of the most lit areas in the world (next to Tokyo, Last Vegas, etc.). At least people still have cell phone service. I haven’t heard what caused the blackout yet but NYC has pretty secure and solid services so I’m eager to find out.

levee, not level

Nice story, y’all.

slightkc, thinking of you at this time of extra responsibility in your life and sending you love & light. Try to give yourself self-care. Share some love & laughter & music with your mom. Maybe you can find some free “nature sounds” online. I downloaded Nature Sounds Relaxio (something like that). A free support group might help. I’ve been there and it can be stressful.

You know, I’m not sure what I meant by “nice story y’all” — maybe it will come to me.

I am angry at the media coverage of this recent tropical storm in NOLA. First of all, the street flooding last Wed was not all that bad, did not cause much damage, and had to do with 8 inches of rain that came within 3 hours in a city whose water pump stations are finally working but which cannot handle rain coming that fast, especially because much of the sewage and drainage system is very old. It had nothing to do with tropical storm Barry.

Secondly, we have this amazing system of flood gates that divert the MS River, when it’s high, into Lake Pontchartrain, one of the largest lakes in the country (in the top 10 or so). If NOLA was really at risk of flooding and it was going to be more than waves topping some of the levees, they would have opened the flood gates. They were trying not to because they have been opened twice already since January, when the river first became unseasonably high due to rain-induced flooding in the Midwest, and the fresh water kills the marine life and depresses the oyster industry.

Since Hurricane Katrina, in 2005, when the levees were breached, not topped, several days after the hurricane had left us, about $20 billion have been put into an advanced system of fortified levees and flood wall protections. The media made it sound like we were at great risk and all it would take is a tropical storm for NOLA to flood yet again.

This is not true and the media gave an inaccurate impression by not reporting the whole story.

My sister lives in Manhattan and had just stepped out of the elevator when the blackout occurred. When she went out on to the street people were actively helping the police with traffic control.

In the theater district people were dancing and singing in the street.

Poor J.Lo had to cancel an enormous birthday event at Madison Square Garden.

And to think Mercury is retrograde.

Maureen Dowd Gives A.O.C. Most Excellent Spanking.

“The A.O.C. crew threw down the gauntlet in a recent opinion piece in The Washington Post by The Intercept’s Ryan Grim. He wrote that when Pelosi and other Democratic mandarins try to keep the image of the party centrist, they are crouching in “the defensive posture” they’ve been in since the Reagan revolution.

Corbin Trent, a spokesman for A.O.C. and co-founder of Justice Democrats, the progressive group that helped propel her, told Grim: “The greatest threat to mankind is the cowardice of the Democratic Party,” with the older generation “driven by fear” and “unable to lead.”

Message: Pelosi is past her prime.

Except she’s not.

And then there’s the real instigator, Saikat Chakrabarti, A.O.C.’s 33-year-old chief of staff, who co-founded Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress, both of which recruited progressives — including A.O.C. — to run against moderates in Democratic primaries. The former Silicon Valley Bernie Bro assumed he could apply Facebook’s mantra, “Move fast and break things,” to one of the oldest institutions in the country.

But Congress is not a place where you achieve radical progress — certainly not in divided government. It’s a place where you work at it and work at it and don’t get everything you want.

The progressives act as though anyone who dares disagree with them is bad. Not wrong, but bad, guilty of some human failing, some impurity that is a moral evil that justifies their venom.”


I get the feeling that the Manhattan blackout and maybe even Storm Barry are akin to school fire drills; be prepared and know what to do when the alarm sounds.

Has anyone (beside stephanie) thought much about the 2021 US Inaugural chart yet? I leave it to Nancy to parse it out, but the focus is intense in that all the major (10) planets are within the space of a trine, or said another way, within less than 90 degrees of each other, or just 1/3rd of the entire chart space. It is called a Bundle pattern, and yay, now I can do a chart through 2022; thank you astrolabe!

Jupiter at 7+ Aquarius – conjunct US South Node and US natal Pholus at 6+ Aquarius – will square the Inaugural chart’s Mars and Uranus at 6+ Taurus. This will be a big deal.

I would say then that the center of this very focused (Bundle) chart is the elimination of old practices and patterns (Jupiter expands the elimination, aka US South Node, of tax loop holes and other laws that benefit the wealthy but not the poor) which will be resisted (Mars-Uranus conjunct at 6+ Taurus in Inaugural chart) in unexpected and possibly violent ways.

But that’s just part of old, obsolete laws that must be changed. The Inaugural chart has Ceres conjunct Neptune at 18+ Pisces and they will T-square the nodes in this chart (North in Gemini and South in Sagittarius) which I believe will benefit women regarding abortion law restrictions, and of course the way migrant families applying for asylum are treated.

I think Elizabeth Warren will lead this charge either as the new President or in some other capacity. Not only does her natal Jupiter conjunct the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s start point (0+ Aquarius), but her natal Mars conjuncts the US natal Uranus (revolutionary), plus the Neptune-Pluto cycle’s start point (8+ Gemini).

The fact that her own natal Ceres (2+ Virgo) conjuncts her natal Saturn (1+ Virgo) and they sextile her Sun-Uranus conjunction (0+ Cancer), and this 4-planet sextile forms a Yod to her natal Jupiter (0+ Aquarius), which is where the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction takes place (which is also her natal Jupiter Return) in December 2020, less than a month before the Inauguration happens that takes place when the Sun is at 0+ Aquarius, well . . . . .

It seems pretty clear that Elizabeth Warren will be in the catbird seat come January, 2021, and here’s another reason: her natal Pallas (the “I’ve got a plan for that” goddess) at 6+ Leo conjuncts the US natal North Node (path forward), which will be (T) squared by the Uranus-Mars conjunction at 6+ Taurus in the 2021 Inaugural chart. There’s more.

Warren’s natal Eris and Black Moon Lilith (BML), both at 7+ Aries will trine her Pallas and the US natal chart’s North Node at 6+ Leo. The team of Eris and BML represent energies that are at the forefront of the demise of the Patriarchal system.

We are approaching a crescendo point in the US history drama, that all-important Pluto Return, in 2022, where it’s out with the old and in with the new. A bumpy road indeed. Sure wish Andre were here, I’m getting over my skies.

Uh, skis not skies. Or maybe both.

In the movie “And Justice For All” (1979) Al Pacino’s character was named Arthur Kirkland. In real life Epstein was represented by attorneys from the firm of Kirkland & Ellis when he faced a 53-page federal indictment in 2006, 2007, 2008.

Ew’s Jupiter is the focal point of her Yod and it conjuncts the Inaugural Sun.
Cory Booker’s Sun conjuncts the Inaugural Mars-Uranus and his Saturn conjuncts the intercepted Inaugural Moon at 29 Aries
Trump’s North Node conjuncts the Inaugural NN.
I’d love more of your thoughts, it seems like big stuff happens but way too complicated for me to figure out.

Worth reading:


This too is very much worth a read. Who knows what’s going to happen in 2020? Anything could happen…which is why, imo, it is impossible to predict the election result, nevermind the candidates, but Pence might be one of them.


Barbk., The earthquakes here ten days ago made me also think of a fire drill. “Be prepared”

Well Frank, for starters we could look at the houses the Inaugural chart planets (that connect to these individuals) are in.

Warren: Inaugural SUN in 10th house near MC = outcome; Sun rules Leo and this chart’s 5th house = creativity

Booker: Inaugural chart MARS-URANUS in 12th house = behind the scene and/or the end of the matter; Mars rules intercepted Aries in 12th house and Uranus rules (or co-rules) Aquarius and this chart’s 11th house = groups/friends

Trump: Inaugural NORTH NODE in the 2nd house = the path forward in the house of material values; no other house affiliation but the NN is in a T-square with South Node (release) in Sagittarius in 8th house (shared resources) and with Neptune in Pisces in 11th house (groups/friends) who rules 12th house (behind the scene)

Booker: Inaugural MOON (the People) in 12th house in intercepted (difficult to express openly) Aries, squares Sun and rules 4th house = roots, family

It might mean Booker is working behind the scene (or behind closed doors) re: Trump’s exit arrangements; i.e. what it takes ($$) for Trump to leave quietly due to scandal (Neptune).

For Warren it might mean she will be elected President or VP.

It seems that the Mars/Uranus (+ Booker’s Sun) at 6+ Taurus, being in a T-square with the US natal North and South Nodes, could be the deciding factor in how the US will be seen in history regarding the end of the Trump era. Booker may “know people” who can “take care of things”.

Thanks Frank!

We’re on the same wavelength aren’t we ja; I bet a lot of other people are too. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

Barbk, I so very much appreciate how you broke it all down so clearly and concisely. I know you took a chunk of time to craft that. Thank you!

Thanks for your post earlier. I agree that Pelosi is great, and AOC and the progressives are being too pushy. Though I agree with all of their goals, I don’t agree with their process.

I think it’s akin to 2009 when the Tea Party came to power and many conservatives supported their ideals but not their process. But, I am of a certain age and I know many of you are too. I wonder if there are younger folks who read this who could chime in. People under 35 – what do they think about this?

I hope you got something from that process Frank. it’s just one out of a dozen (or more) ways to see the possibilities. Time will tell how it all shakes out. Thanks for your curiosity.

“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.”
There’s a 2 year old article by Masha Gessen I recommend:
If we play by the old rules, we lose. Nancy Pelosi is smart but she is still living in a world where TV ruled media.


“Nancy Pelosi is smart but she is still living in a world where TV ruled media.”

Sad, but true. It puzzles me as to why R’s understand and use modern media so much more effectively than Dems. Perhaps they are more acutely aware of how ignorant and screen addicted the average American is today as opposed to when many of us were in college in the 70’s.

What I did not know about Corey Booker’s birth chart:

1. His natal Pluto at 22+ Virgo conjuncts the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo and Obama’s natal Mars at 22+ Virgo;

2. His natal Uranus at 0+ Libra conjuncts the US natal chart MC at 1+ Libra and Joe Biden’s natal Neptune at 1+ Libra, and it trines Elizabeth Warren’s natal Jupiter and the new 2020 Jupiter-Saturn cycle start point, both at 0+ Aquarius, but squares Warren’s natal Sun-Uranus at 0+ Cancer.

3. His natal Mercury at 24+ Taurus conjuncts Trump’s natal chart MC at 24+ Taurus.

Very interesting.

NewsScope for July 15, 2019
By Michael Wolfstar


High Turnout is expected in 2020 Election.

“The 2020 presidential election is poised to have the highest turnout in a century, with the potential to reshape the composition of the electorate in a decisive way.”


I agree with your earlier post regarding aoc and the extreme left. They are going to help Trump. The planetary cycle is conservative at this time. The Progressive party is way too far left.

But to we really want the Speaker of the House to engage the Democratic Party members like the Twitter-Twat-in-Chief ……..or any other Twitter-Twat for that matter? With video and TV we can hear the tone of voice, subtle or unsubtle innuendos and see other non-verbal cues and meta-communications that comprise the context.

Unless I am missing something, Twitter is hardly a form of dignified or measure communication.

will, 79% of Twitter accounts are based outside the US. There are 69 million users in the US.

Saudi Arabia has the highest percentage of internet users who are active on the site.

36% of Americans between 18 and 29 use Twitter and they are, of course, the center of the universe. Theirs, anyway.

Twitter is EFFECTIVE. And the messages have to be short and to the point. It’s hard to take part of a tweet out of context. wrt video, have you seen what people did with video of Pelosi?


Thank you for those numbers. And yes, God forbid we forget that they are the center of the Universe through which all light, goodness and wisdom flows.


I agree with you that as of now, Tweets are not taken out of context. And gads, you are right, the deep-fakes in video clips are truly a huge threat to credibility. Are we certain that Speaker Nancy Pelosi or her staff do not Tweet? Have you contacted her office to let her know how strongly you feel about this? You certainly make a point about Tweeting being presently incorruptible, (albeit seemingly designed for the attention-challenged).

Sunday – tRump. Monday – the women. Tuesday – the eclipse. Later – The End.


The discourse we are hearing right now (based on my watching MSNBC and CNN) is symbolized in the July 2nd Solar Eclipse (10 Cancer 37), specifically the Mars/Mercury/Juno conjunction in Leo that conjuncts the US natal North Node (6+ Leo). Eclipses are meant to expose something that’s hidden.

Mars, Mercury, Juno in this eclipse chart make up 1/3 of a grand trine with Chiron (wounding) in Aries and Ceres in Sagittarius at this eclipse moment.

It is one of those times where we can see how transiting Chiron works in concert with transiting Uranus (disruptive. breakthroughs); while Uranus at 5+ Taurus in the eclipse chart squares (challenges) the Mars-Mercury-Juno in Leo, Chiron at 5+ Aries is trine (supports) the Leo trio. All part of the ongoing plan.

Today the 4 ladies of the US House of Representatives (Cortez et al) defended themselves in a nationwide broadcast against Trump’s tweets. It is dramatic Leo at its finest. It is the US natal North Node at its finest.

On the other hand, the TRANSITING North Node at 17+ Cancer is trine transiting Neptune 18+ Pisces (in retrograde motion) in this eclipse chart, doubling down on the watery emotion-laden Cancer Solar Eclipse.

Meanwhile, transiting Pluto in Capricorn continues its grand trine with the US natal Neptune in Virgo and the Jupiter-Saturn cycle start point in Taurus, also part of the Universe’s great plan to promote an uptick in human consciousness.

It is the honor of the United States to turn this humiliating experience (some US citizens actually, gasp, LIKE Trump!) into a teaching moment for the whole world, via the worldwide TV networks (trans. Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, which symbolize networking, is conjunct the Great Attractor, an intense source of energy that can greatly influence human beings, and to which the whole galaxy is being drawn toward).

This is transiting Pluto and US natal Pluto opposite the US natal Mercury (communicate) which sextiles US Neptune (which trines US Pluto and transiting Pluto). Pluto transforms by breaking down structures to expose corruption and rot so as to remake (transform) those structures.

All 3 outer planets are pushing us up into a new level of consciousness at this freaky time. Awesome.

If anyone would like to see the press conference held by the congresswomen that were personally attacked by “the occupant of our white house” via tweet..

here it is:



“History of immigration to the United States
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Colonial Era

Main articles: Colonial history of the United States, British colonization of the Americas, Thirteen Colonies, European colonization of the Americas, Indentured servant, and Nationality law in the American Colonies

In 1607 the first successful English colony settled in Jamestown, Virginia. Once tobacco was found to be a profitable cash crop, many plantations were established along the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia and Maryland.

Thus began the first and longest era of immigration, lasting until the American Revolution in 1775; during this time settlements grew from initial English toe-holds from the New World to British America.”

Thanks Elizabeth for the 4 Horsewomen of the House of Reps clip. Bob, looks fascinating; can’t wait to read the immigration history piece.

As to Rachel Maddow’s program tonight, re: the part about Russian hacking, Wikileaks, Assange, etc.

The news of this came out on June 14, 2016, at the time when trans. Saturn was conjunct US natal chart ascendant at 12+ Sagittarius, and was square trans. Neptune which was stationing retrograde (intense) at 12+ Pisces.

Really great show Rachel.

Trump’s tweets this weekend are a preview of next year’s election campaign. It will be bitter, cruel, divisive, outrageous and more overtly racist than any since the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860, and we all know what came after. In order to build hope and offer the best, we must be clear-eyed and face hard realities. The worst can still be avoided.

We now have three clear predictions. I take all three equally seriously. Bob emphatically believes Trump will be gone by January 13, 2020. I wish it were so. The main drawback would be that Pence would be President for one year.

Starlight’s prediction is that Trump will try to remain in power after he loses in November next year but will capitulate. It is clear the December 2020 eclipse opposite his Sun will be unfavorable to him. It could also mean he loses the Senate but retains the White House.

Finally, Marjorie Orr thinks he could be reelected but his second term would be worse than the first for him. She sees 2023 as his all-time horror year when he ends in either impeachment or collapse. This would be consistent with the US Pluto return and a renaissance of American democracy in 2024.


Barbk, your analysis of Elizabeth Warren’s and Cory Booker’s charts was enlightening. I agree they will be in some sort of catbird’s seat in the 2020-2024 period. I believe they would be the best ticket for the Democrats, and that Warren would need Booker to secure the black vote. I also believe they would win the popular vote, perhaps by a wider margin than Hillary. However, I choose to err on the side of caution. It is clear the losing side in 2020 will be outraged. The Electoral College and foreign intervention may save Trump from the defeat he richly deserves. If it is perceived the election was unfair and the Democrats take the Senate, the political careers of Warren and Booker may successfully continue. Unlike Hillary, they may not retire but could instead lead the fight until Trump’s political demise.

Despite our disgust and anger since 2016, we may have actually underestimated the gravity of our times. Fortitude is not born of self-deception or over-optimism but of a determination to fight for positive and healthy values no matter what happens. Democracy will triumph, but it may take a little while.

It is clear the Democrats are still fighting an uphill battle despite the fact that they won the House last year. After 2020, things will be on a more even keel between the two main parties, but that will only worsen the culture and political wars in the short term. Democrats win decisively in 2024.

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius will balance the conservative Saturn-Pluto conjunction to some extent but it can’t quickly overcome the combination of the Pluto return, the Neptune semi-return and the Chiron return in the US chart. The major positive changes we yearn for will come into effect around the Saturn-Neptune conjunction in February 2026. That will be when the 2024 President and Congress will bring satisfying, lasting and historic results.

The Beast of near-fascism will be slain by 2023 and hope will return. In order to get there, we must remain resolute.


Someone else who is up and coming to watch – born 2/3/74, Cincinnati, OH

Thanks for your nicely thought out analysis, Andre, by the way.


“It could also mean he loses the Senate but retains the White House.”

If that happened he would essentially be a lame-duck president for four years.

I’m very busy doing all I can to meet a deadline, getting everything necessary done so I can go home. I don’t have time for any lengthy comments right now, but I thought all of you might enjoy this.

I believe I’ve seen a glimpse of the coming Pluto in Aquarius transformation in conservative pundit David Brooks’ presentation at a Ted Talk. See below.

The lies our culture tells us about what matters — and a better way to live | David Brooks

DB explains from a spiritual point of view why we are in the “valley” we now inhabit and how to get out of it.


Truer words were never spoken Andre, “Democracy will triumph, but it may take a little while.” It is likely that only astrologers and historians take the long view of changes in society seriously!

The Saturn-Neptune (one time only) conjunction at 0+ Aries (the Aries Point) you mention will effectively end the present Saturn-Neptune cycle that began in 1989.

In the chart for the 1st of their 3 conjunctions there are signals of what would come to pass. For example, Venus and the North Node in Pisces were sextile Uranus in Capricorn and they formed a Yod with the US NATAL North Node (path forward) in Leo (drama), where transiting Mercury, Mars and Juno were 2 weeks ago, and where retrograde Mercury is in today’s (Tuesday) Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn.

In that chart (March 3, 1989) Saturn and Neptune at 11+ Capricorn were sextile the Sun at 12+ Pisces (where the US progressed Sun was not long ago). That sextile will turn today’s lunar eclipse Juno at 12+ Leo into a Yod, forcing her to make a very difficult adjustment.

(Juno = 2nd in command and/or defender of women, minorities and other disenfranchised people like children in cages, etc.)

The two centaurs, Pholus and Nessus in the 1989 chart were conjunct outer planets in the US natal chart; Nessus (rape, poison) was conjunct US Neptune at 22+ Virgo and Pholus (small cause, big effect) was conjunct US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini. Much of what’s in the Mueller Report can be traced back to these placements in the present Saturn-Neptune cycle.

What’s happening in the US and all over the world can’t be attributed to just one event; a number of cycles are contributing toward the purpose of change these days, and yes, the US natal Pluto Return will be the piece de resistance of the entire smorsgabord for us.

Thank you for your perspective, Andre.

Admittedly, I’ve been short on insights recently. However, I am also of the long view that Democracy ultimately survives, and even thrives during the Pluto in Aquarius era, after Saturn’s transit of Aquarius plants some seeds with Jupiter.

Also, we have the coming Trine with Uranus in Gemini starting in 2025 and lasting through the remainder of the decade, fading into the early 2030s. Looks to be a time of high-tech, likely rapid breakthroughs in everything from communications and computing, to nanotechnology, nuclear fusion, and space travel. I suspect we will also see some major reforms in public/k-12 education and local news, Mercury/Geminian domains.

I do tend to sound pessimistic here at times. And also, I believe as you and barbk do that there are better and more hopeful times to come. In the meantime, I keep reminding myself that such truly awful men like Mitch McConnell and DJT are but mere mortals too; their days are numbered, and when they fall, we can rebuild better everything these wicked men have tried so hard to undo. They may even live just long enough to see all of their efforts unraveled before their eyes.

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it–always.”
–Mahatma Gandhi

Trump and McConnell. Putin too. These terrible men will be gone sooner than we, and they, know. May their ultimate humiliation and downfall be swift, all the iniquity they have wrought be heaped back upon each of them a thousand fold.

Marjorie Orr:

“It’s a pact with the devil which will start to unravel in 2020/21. Trump’s relationship chart with GOP February 1854 has tr Neptune squaring and dissolving the ties-that-bind Pluto from late April into 2021; followed by a confused, disastrous tr Neptune square the Saturn in 2022/23 – so a long drawn out phase of counting the cost of the tainted deal. His relationship chart with the 1856 GOP also hints at an undermining of the connection and aggravation from early 2020 onwards with tr Neptune square the composite Pluto and tr Pluto trine the Mars through 2021 as well.


I appreciate the Gandhi quote Buckeye, thank you for that.

I’ve been pondering a couple of things, both which I’ve commented on before. The most recent was last night. Transiting Saturn was on the US natal chart’s ascendant (12+ Sagittarius) and square transiting Neptune in Pisces on June 14, 2016, when news broke about the hacking of Dem files. This was just before Trump was declared the Republican candidate.

Transiting Saturn on one’s ascendant (in this case the USA) can cause one to restrict access to strangers getting too close, and when that Saturn is squared by Neptune, it can include suspicion, even fear of anyone getting too close. This was the prevailing mood in the US when Trump became the the Pub Presidential candidate. Hence, large scale fear of foreign intrusion.

Another thing I’ve noted (totally apart from the above) is the transit of Transpluto (a hypothetical point) on or near 2+ Virgo for at least a year or two. It is understood by those who have studied it to symbolize the process of becoming whole.

In the US natal chart that would be in the 9th house of belief systems, foreign countries and people, higher education, networks and more. Well maybe not totally apart from the above.

In 6 months (Jan. 12, 2020), when transiting Saturn and Pluto are conjunct, transiting Uranus at 2+ Taurus will trine the transiting centaur Pholus (small cause, big effect) at 2+ Capricorn, and both will trine transiting Transpluto (process of becoming whole) at 2+ Virgo.

This suggests to me that during the coming Saturn-Pluto cycle (about 33-34 years long) the US will be working through the process of “becoming whole” with the aid of Uranus (computerization, space travel – thanks Buckeye, breaking glass ceilings, etc.) and Pholus (some small events bring on large results) and Transpluto.

With Ceres conjunct Saturn and Pluto, it could relate to the environmental crisis; like food and/or water shortages in the world for one thing. Or it might be about the mass movements of people migrating all over the world, including some child separations.

What I’d not been conscious of was that Elizabeth Warren’s birth chart which has Ceres at 2+ Virgo and Saturn at 1+ Virgo (which sextile her Sun-Uranus in Cancer and which make a Yod with her Jupiter which conjuncts the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle start point) . . also conjuncts transiting Transpluto. Right now even.

The woman is a treasure trove of ideas (aka plans). It makes me wonder about Meryl Streep who has the same, identical birth chart (same day not place). Together they could change the world!

Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is revolutionary. Saturn, planet of restriction…”you will only go so far, and no further”and Pluto, planet of ultimate transformation join together in a relatively friendly sign of Capricorn to overhaul what Capricorn represents, i.e. power, business, big government, those in control, infrastructure, etc. In order for those in power to keep control, oppression is key.

DTJ demonstrates this most recently with his attack on non-white Democratic Reps who have dared to challenge him and this, excites his base and most of the republican party. And why does the Republican Party think they can get away with this, because whites, and those that consider themselves, pseudo-whites are terrified of non-whites rising up and demanding reparation for the horrendous crimes perpetrated on blacks, and other non-white groups.

What other country in the world had 250 years of enslavement of black people, torn from their homes and shipped to American to perform slave labour! That is a huge part of American History…longer in fact, than the country has existed. Until americans have a serious discussion and acknowledgement of that issue, how can they even start to talk about who is a racist and who isn’t. No leader, not even B.H.O has ever acknowledge the horrendous treatment perpetrated on innocent people for hundreds of years.

So, with the Saturn/Pluto conj. ….kicked up a notch when Jupiter joins them, be prepared for what might be revolutionary changes. Changes fuelled by oppression of minorities, the poor, women, children, the sick, disabled, and particularly anyone who does not embrace the american dream of every man for himself and be damned those that can’t keep up.

P.S. Another point. Today there is a lunar eclipse at 24 Capricorn. 6 months from now the Saturn/Pluto conj. is at the same degree. So, what is prominent in the news today, i.e. discussions of racism is an indication of what will be much more of an issue in Jan. 2020.

Been a while since I posted, but I must say alllll of your posts are terrific.

Personally, I don’t think the Orange Thing will be around for Election 2020. Just doing his Solar Return Chart for that year puts him in prison, in a hospital, drugged out, in jail, or whatever.

Still, scouring charts and getting into eclipses (Barbk did a fabulous analysis of the July Solar Eclipse), I just wanted to mention the impact of the Lunar Eclipse of yesterday leaves an interesting and stressful impact on the Inauguration Chart of Jan. 21st 2016 whose MC is 26 Capricorn and IC at 26 Cancer with a tough opposition of the Eclipse’s Sun and Moon at 24 Cancer/24 Capricorn respectively.

The July 16th Lunar Eclipse also impacts the Orange Thing’s natal Saturn/Venus conjunction at 23/24 Cancer. The Neptune of the Eclipse chart Squares the Orange Thing’s Uranus which sits at 17 Gemini (transiting Neptune sits at 18 Pisces now). There are other fabulous hits to both the Inauguration Chart and the Orange Thing’s chart but you can all probably figure out for yourselves and it quincunxes his natal Jupiter.

I think the Orange Thing is going to lose (drip, drip, drip) his Senate henchmen and those sycophants in his inner circle (11th house stuff).

I also think that Mueller, whose MC is at 27 Cancer and Ascendant is at 23 Libra (12 noon chart), and whose Pallas Athena/North Node are at 25/27 of Cancer will be super-charged to speak truth to power on the 24th of July. When he challenged, he is formidable! The July Lunar Eclipse chart has Mars at 9 Leo which conjuncts Mueller’s natal Pluto at 8 Leo, followed by Vesta at 9 Leo (a total hit), followed by Mueller’s natal Sun at 12 Leo. This cluster F@#k sits on top of the Orange Thing’s natal Pluto at 10 Leo in his 12th House of Karma, self-undoing, hidden motives, and all the usual nasty meanings of one’s 12th house. In this case, I cannot ascribe anything positive to the more refined meanings of the 12th house to the Orange Thing’s 12th house.

CNN just broadcast an interview with a gaggle of Republican women from Texas who agree with the Orange Thing’s statements today. Trust CNN to bring you the good news.

Speaking of CNN, I wonder what has happened to the block buster report they published yesterday of the factual, step by step history of Julian Assange, The Russians, and Wikileaks. Is the Orange Thing secretly reacting to this report? And why wasn’t that reporting Front Page News on today’s major networks?

Glad to see you back Lamis, and yes, wasn’t that amazing reporting CNN had on Assange! I thank you for noting the MC of the 2016 Inauguration chart (and every Inaugural chart I guess) at 26+ Capricorn which conjuncts the US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn. How very clever.

Liz, thanks for your heartfelt report on the upcoming Saturn-Pluto cycle chart. Personally, I see the present Saturn-Pluto cycle (Nov. 7, 1982, 7:43 PM, DC) as the spawning of the Trump Era, and the Jan. 12, 2020 Saturn-Pluto cycle as the end of it.

In the 1982 chart, the wounder-healer Chiron (at the apex of a Yod (adjustment) with Pluto-Saturn sextile Neptune) at 25+ Taurus was conjunct Trump’s MC at 26+ Taurus (which trines US natal Pluto), while the 2020 Saturn-Pluto chart has Sedna (under water) at 26+ Taurus conjunct his MC. Perhaps I oversimplify.

Look at this long discussion thread! I think Nancy is getting tired of this. Can you blame her? 20 years now, she’s been doing this, and I’ve been following, devotedly, the whole time. But now, I think she probably needs to hand some of it over to Bob, who, let’s face it, is the star of this blog now. Or at least let Bob co-host it and write his own posts. I mean, when I get on here, I just hit the search function and read Bob’s comments, nothing else. No disrespect. I’m just saying. Equal time, at least. Let’s move Bob up!

Wow Whitney, that’s a bit harsh on everyone else. I love Bob too, but maybe he doesn’t need the pressure. As someone who has been following Nancy since before she started this particular blog, cant say I remember seeing your posting name before. Whats up with that?

I miss Nancy. She hasn’t posted since May 25. I’m another who has followed her for decades, and hope she’ll post again soon.

Oh Whitney!

While my ego is embarrassingly honored by your thoughts I must truthfully say that I can’t hold a candle to Nancy’s astrological work and honestly believe I would come in a distant second to most who regularly post here. I am honored that you think so highly of my meager contributions but in my opinion Nancy is the best mundane astrologer I know of.

Nancy is (and has been) experiencing 2 strong negative transits to her progressed chart from Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto. For all of us our daily lives and sometimes the lives of those we hold dear require our attention and attendance first before we consider looking at the world outside.

Thank you for your opinion.


In the PRESENT Saturn-Pluto cycle chart the Sun was part of a stellium (3 or more planets in a sign) in Scorpio. Stelliums emphasize something; they are making a point of focus.

In the upcoming NEW Saturn-Pluto cycle the Sun is part of a stellium in Capricorn.

The sign Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and the sign Capricorn is ruled by Saturn.

This present Saturn-Pluto cycle is heavy on the Pluto (Scorpio) part, while the upcoming Saturn-Pluto cycle is heavy on the Saturn (Capricorn) part.

The Sun symbolizes consciousness, so in both the present and upcoming cycles between Saturn and Pluto there is an emphasis (stellium) on consciousness (Sun).

If we look at these two back-to-back cycles as a contiguous process then the present cycle between Saturn-Pluto, with its Sun stellium in Scorpio, has been focused on the Pluto function of transformation, or death and rebirth.

It would follow then that the new cycle between Saturn-Pluto, with its Sun stellium in Capricorn, will focus on the Saturn function of building solid structures and institutions. That will start in January 2020.

We all love and admire Nancy, and we all love and admire Bob. Nuf’ said.

Barbk, you said “In the 1982 chart, the wounder-healer Chiron (at the apex of a Yod (adjustment) with Pluto-Saturn sextile Neptune) at 25+ Taurus…”
It got me thinking, that timing was also the beginnings of GRID which was later called AIDS… I worked as a therapist in HIV in San Francisco for 30 years before retiring 5 years ago. Your mention of Chirion in that conjunction is eye opening for me. Thanks!!

Here is Ralfee:



“Whitney Chandler” is probably a Russian operative who is jealous of Nancy and is attempting to cause divisiveness and conflict here on Starlight News.


Probably resentful of all of the other wonderful people who regularly blog here as well. Bob is great and so are the rest of us.

WILL! We love you just the way you are; thanks for being here.

ja, Ralfee is right on target, as usual. Thanks for sharing with us.

Frank, that’s amazing; that the Saturn-Pluto cycle coincided with the GRID/AIDS outbreak (and awareness of it) is an eye-opener for me too. Of course Chiron was telling us something.

Chiron was discovered on Nov. 1, 1977, and was opposite Pallas (strategy) in Scorpio and they were T-squared by Mars in Leo. The Sun was conjunct Uranus and in a stellium in Scorpio then too, just like in the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in 1982.

What a rich contribution you made today; thank you.

Whitney may have been a little direct, but why dis her? She may have been saying what she said tongue in cheek, etc. Anyway, Whitney, thanks for commenting and recognizing Bob’s abilities. He has a good method of astrology (that I don’t really understand personally) but it is Nancy’s blog…she donates the space, and we love her articles. She does get busy, and once took a break for a while, but even if she rarely comments in between her articles, her articles are so stellar that that is enough for me. She provides the space and let’s us be on our own here largely, — like the mature adults that we are – LOL!

I’m just grateful whenever Nancy finds the time to post, and when it’s a long time between her posts, I’m grateful for this site that she hosts, and the exceptional people and insightful posts I find here. So, thanks!


“…like the mature adults that we are…”

I would not be included in that reference, Sharon.

Maybe in my next incarnation.

Will, that thought crossed my mind now we are getting closer to election madness. The stirring flame throwers seemed to suddenly appear last cycle too, never to be seen again. My bs detector is on alert. Sharon, you are such an inherently kind person, make sure you are not being duped. Ideally, kindness and maturity works both ways .

Gosh, I was thinking that Whitney was an alias for Bob. Hee Hee

On another note, Frank Bruni:

“Was it an infantile expectoration or part of a grand plan? Did he count to 10 before he tweeted or just let the ugliness rip?

That’s the question whenever Donald Trump drops a bomb like his suggestion that four congresswomen of color “go back” to the countries from which they came. This time the answer is easy. The president knew exactly what he was doing.



“…that thought crossed my mind now we are getting closer to election madness. The stirring flame throwers seemed to suddenly appear last cycle too, never to be seen again.”


You guys are funny, and thank you, Kiwi. I honestly think Whitney meant well but maybe put her foot in her mouth a bit (Sag?) I think I’ve seen her name here before, and don’t want to jump on her and discourage her from participating. Whitney, we agree with you about Bob being good, and sometimes the discussion thread gets long but we are fine with it, and Nancy usually steps in and even finds the time to come up with a new great article that’s probably in the works and worth waiting for. Hopefully, everything is going well for Nancy and David. And, Will, I was being mischievous when I said that as many of us don’t belong in that category – but I’m not pointing fingers – hahaha. I’m not exactly a mature adult myself but it’s something to strive for (in my real life) — while still having fun.

Ja, I wondered if the squad attack was motivated by his immediate need to distract from the epstein stories

kiwi, of course, it is and it also distracts given Mueller’s upcoming testimony.

Bob, I hope you are right, but I am beginning to think we are heading for a full civil war regardless of trump getting elected, impeached or pretends a heart attack.


I’m no adult nor angel.


I feel your anguish. Although we have seen a tad of a shift with some of the talking heads on Faux News, there remains a huge swath of fixated, fanatics on 45’s ugly band-wagon…and Republican senators and congress people seem paralyzed and remain fearfully in his grip.

I look forward to some reprieve from this awfulness in the days and weeks to come. I literally don’t even speak with immediate members of my family any longer because its not just politics anymore – it is their monstrously intolerant, rabid hatefulness and lack of decency and principles that are the root cause.

Mercury is retrograde and it’s bugging some people a lot. Last night when the eclipsed Moon (24+ Capricorn) opposed the US natal Mercury and the transiting Sun at 24+ Cancer, transiting Eris (she who goads others to fight with each other) at 24+ Aries was T-square the eclipsed full moon opposite US natal Mercury + transiting Sun.

This is a very potent Moon eclipse, and it is all about information; the timing of when to release and/or act on information. Mercury retrograde says: Not Now.

Transiting Mercury will station direct on the last day of July in the last hour of that day (EDT) in the last few minutes of that last hour. It will be at 23+ Cancer when it does so; the degree of Trump’s natal Saturn.

Transiting Mercury will have spent an unheard of 5 days (July 26-30) conjunct the US natal Mercury (24+ Cancer) in retrograde stationing mode, and it will then spend 4 days conjunct the US natal Mercury (24+ Cancer) August 2 through August 5, slowly moving forward. After that it will conjunct Trump’s natal Venus at 25+ Cancer for 2 days.

Now, FINALLY, we will be able to freely discuss what information we have become privy too during the last few weeks, and what a lot of it there will be to ponder.

An informative but disturbing article and video…
Can Trump Go Too Far or Will Racism Get Him Reelected – Thom Hartmann

I forgot to add the correct link

Silcominc & Will,
Many of us share that anguish. I strongly suspect that when Trump leaves office, SOME-NOT-ALL of his followers will rebel, some of them violently. I think many will NOT have the courage of their far right convictions, but at least a few armed Kooks will.

I don’t think it will be a full scale “civil war” in the 1860’s sense, but more like the sporadic, terrorist, guerilla violence the nation experienced from 1865-1876. I suspect we’ll have a goodly number of “Timothy McVeighs” to contend with.

But I also believe we’ll get through this. The politically motivated violence will cease, and we will grow from the experience.

“This is one of the single most racist moments in modern American political history. As Trump began attacking my friend Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, the crowd began chanting “SEND HER BACK, SEND HER BACK.” It’s utterly despicable and dangerous. We are here. We are in THAT time. UGLY”..



Regarding who should be “top” astrologer, Nancy has demonstrated her profound knowledge of the subject …..a subject more art than science. The strength of this blog is its participants, many of whom also have proficiency as well as insight in to how astrology fits within cosmology. I appreciate all who contribute.

The current focus on racism has very deep roots. I have commented on this most recently but also, last year wherein I pointed out the failure of government and society at large to properly address centuries of slavery and oppression. When you ignore the obvious, it gives license to those of shortsightedness and ignorance to assume it is okay. Racism must be challenged continuously, thoroughly, and with vigor. The riots of the 60’s were a start, but sadly fizzled well before healing could begin. I truly hope the divisive retoric by all parties and people will subside and some kind of common bond will surface.

Regarding who should be “top” astrologer, Nancy has demonstrated her profound knowledge of the subject …..a subject more art than science. The strength of this blog is its participants, many of whom also have proficiency as well as insight in to how astrology fits within cosmology. I appreciate all who contribute.

You know what I would love the media to ferret out and expose? Who is getting paid to start/lead the abominable chanting at trump rallies. They are too much in unison not to be lead by a prompter of some type.

If there are incidents of mob violence in the country after a resignation or election defeat by tRump (which are put down by law enforcement or military [national guard or army]) what charges besides mob violence might/could be brought and what range of penalties could result? I hope there is not too much to be considered (unlawful use of weapons, destruction or damage to property, injury or death by the use of firearms, attempt to overthrow the government of the United States, and any others that might be considered.

A civil war of citizens with probably ninety some percent of the civilian troublemakers armed mostly with automatic or semi-automatic rifles against a military with helicopters, armored vehicles, a superior communications system, a vast weapons supply including grenade launchers, the Law rocket, missiles, etc., and trained and equipped medical personnel to oppose them. And advanced weaponry I am not familiar with but that is available to a trained force that likely will include combat vets.

Before that possible time comes perhaps it should be made public that such actions will result in prison sentences for the rest of their lives without the possibility of parole for those captured and the denial of any benefits for their immediate families for the rest of their lives.


We can hope, can we not?

Regarding praises of one astrologer over another.
I think we have troll in our midst.
We or at least I feel that the opinions are all valuable and Bob and Barb are a wealth of information that I frankly don’t understand but enjoy their take on today’s events especially in our modern troubled times.

The great thing about this is we’re waking up to the realities of what has happened to the USA for us to be here fearful of where the nation is going under the orange toad. -rivet-

I hold Barb and Bob,fe, will, kiwi, Eliseo,Nancy of course, et al in high esteem and would not like it if we began to choose one over the other because of someone’s comment.

I love coming here to get grounded after the crazy media reporting on the outrageous state of our country. It is getting very difficult to take it anymore.

I hope and pray our country is rescued from itself.

Will, in any scenario of tRump’s removal (illness, by Congress, resignation, or election loss) I do not see military commanders aligning with lawbreakers or military personnel facing court-martial for desertion when the rubber hits the road. What kind of odds can I get? Do you have or know a bookie?

Get me Jimmy the Greek.

I am very grateful to Nancy and to the amazing people who post here; in a sense, I believe we have probably helped keep one another sane in a world that is at present upside down and inside out.

Mille Grazie!

Has anyone heard about this 2022 expected Nova? Or have any opinions?

“Good news, science fans! There will be a nova in 2022 that will help us all learn more about the Universe!
Bad news, astrology fans! There will be a whole bunch of nonsense coming your way about it in the next few years”

Well willie, “sane” is relative, but I agree we here are more sane then, say, some of my neighbors or relatives, and I prefer being here at Nancy’s place, or in the privacy of my home, over any other place now.

I maintain that this is a period of expanding growth of awareness or consciousness, and not every human being is going to pass through this period with flying colors. Even now, great minds are at work on how we all move forward from this madness, most of which stems from a sense of loss of superiority, be it of race or gender or the sheer force of numbers.

Astrology, as most of us agree, is remarkable in its ability to define periods of time (in a general way); in other words, there are beginnings, middles and ends, oh and climaxes. It is those climactic periods that can scare the bejesus out of us all.

Many of us slept through most of the beginning (for one reason or another, all understandable) and much of the middle too. We are now approaching the end of a major growth period, as I see it, and while we were sleeping (metaphorically) the world around us went cra-cra.

I use the term Patriarchy to describe the system(s) in place since before our birth and even our parents and grandparents birth, but it’s not just a masculine vs. feminine thing by any means. All our beliefs about what is right and what is wrong are being called into question, and it can be frightening, even maddening at times; for all of us.

It is necessary though, to “awaken” us to broader concepts and it can be damn uncomfortable to suddenly find that so many people aren’t following the rules or laws anymore. The Patriarchy is dying, tra la tra la.

See, that’s what Neptune does; dissolves the borderlines between right and wrong, leaving us open to create new borderlines, if necessary.

Right now, for the USA, transiting Pluto (and transiting Saturn [reality]) are trine (facilitating) the US natal Neptune in an ongoing process of dismantling (Pluto is so good at that) what exists of our society’s “structures” or what supports our “way of life”.

If you’ve ever watched the demolition of a kitchen on TV, or done it yourself, you know what happens after that. The kitchen is rebuilt, bigger and better and more functional, and always prettier, right?

Without the explanation of what renovation is though, someone might assume that mad men had taken over the home of that demolished kitchen.

Of course, there will be some time when no meals will be prepared in that kitchen and one will have to fend for oneself or depend on friends for a while. That’s what friends are for.

It is this community that supports us through this Demolition Day period, Starlight News, or Nancy’s Blog. I’m told we’ll have to fix our own lunch though.



Kiwi: That was my thought too. Someone is programming them, the crowd, in these chants.

tRump has the midpoint of Saturn and Neptune conjunct his ASC. His natal MC is at 52°; his Saturn/Neptune midpoint rises at 51°21′. In longitude his ASC is shown at 29°58′ Leo and the midpoint at 29°50′ Leo.

What follows below leaves out much of what the authors had to say but I am trying to keep this short.

Ebertin (in COSI) says the biological correspondence of this pairing is associated with “The chronic and unhampered progress of malady.” Further, it yields “Painful or tormenting emotional inhibitions, undermining circumstances also leading to a state of illness, neuroses or diseases with causes difficult to ascertain.”

Cyril Fagan in “The Solunars Handbook” said of the combination “When these two malifics transit in double harness the effects are far from healthy and wholesome for Neptune is disposed to dramatize the influences of any planet with which he is configurated, converting …an everyday common occurrence, produced by Saturn, into a deep tragedy, accompanied by wailing’s and lamentations.” He allows as the combination “…is perhaps the most unsavory of them all.” writing of pairings of the two.

Donald Bradley wrote “A real throne toppler, this. Among its paramount keywords is “removal” for Saturn-Neptune surely takes first prize for forcing resignations, abdications, exiles, deportations, and firings from jobs.” He goes on to say much more, none of it positive, about the coupling. This is in his “Solar and Lunar Returns”.

Add a rising Mars to the combo and you may get a functioning sociopath.

Thank you Barbk. wonderful analogy. Thank you Will.

kiwi, I saw what you are speaking about. It appears there is a leader of the chants while the audience follows blankly along. Very strange.

Bob, in tRump’s natal chart, there is a quintile between Saturn, Neptune and his Asc.

This is supposedly a beneficial aspect, not well known but one where the individual may call upon assistance from the Cosmos, according to Isabel Hickey. Typically transits, if that is what you are talking about, trigger existing natal configurations, but the quintiles between Neptune/Saturn/Ascendent might be a protection in this regard.

Teflon Don may just come out of all of this unscathed, as perhaps, he was merely the catalyst. While we all would welcome some kind of karmic backlash for his deeds, it may not be until 2022 when transiting Neptune squares his Moon, and the Sun/North Node/ Uranus conj. in his natal chart. This would be a very difficult transit for anyone.


“See, that’s what Neptune does; dissolves the borderlines between right and wrong, leaving us open to create new borderlines, if necessary.”

A brilliantly insightful visualization about the function of Neptunian!


Thank you very much as well, ja.

Epstein denied bail..


Also an article from yesterday in Vanity Fair..




Thank you so much for the demolition analogy. That is so helpful in surviving all of this. Honestly, I don’t know how much more we can all endure.
Someone told me a few years back (and it always sticks with me in times of despair)..
She said, when it appears there is more darkness in the world, remember that it is truly more light, because you only see the darkness because the light is illuminating it. The darkness was always there, it was just in the shadow and now you can see it.

I know it’s necessary to bring all of this, not just this horror show but all the horror and heinousness of what is happening right now under this despicable administration to the surface so we can do the work of healing our nation. But as my dad used to say, “It’s easy to be on the mountain top, the challenge is staying there when you get back to the marketplace”.

Liz, I use the nature of the planets involved in an aspect to decipher an interpretation of it. Consideration of an aspect to the ASC involving Saturn and Neptune does not elicit a favorable interpretation from me. Given what is known of his past and ongoing behavior I stand by the work of the three astrologers whose work I posted from. All were career astrologers who were deeply involved in research and whose work is used many decades after their passings.

Wealth has bailed him out of financial messes time after time and he has falsely claimed the recovery’s were due to his own business acumen. Facts have revealed his lies. His whole record suggests to me that the Saturn/Neptune midpoint on his chart’s ASC has not brought him lasting success in any area – Business, marriage, true social exchanges with women or natives of another ethnicity or religion.

I guess the line to the cosmos was busy when he called for assistance upon learning a Special Counsel had been appointed.

‘Oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my Presidency. I’m f*cked.’”


I will pass on consideration of the “quintile” as a meaningful aspect unless it may denote a liar and a cheat.

Using what your friend said, Elizabeth, then Obama’s election brought us an enormous amount of light since the darkness has been progressively illuminated since then and it is not pretty.

As far as Trump supporters being programmed, that may well be. Looking at the glee-filled faces in one brief video shot, I was reminded of excited children rooting for their team. These people finally have a team and they can go and enjoy themselves and take sides, etc., never seeing the dangers and destructiveness in it because they are not really good at empathy, especially when stereotyping. Just your basic, crowd mentality, set to the lowest common denominator.

It’s also Archie Bunkerism, but where is Mike and Sally to straighten him out? And, also, Archie was not so deadly serious, and we laughed out him (which was the intention) but he was nevertheless frustrating in his ignorant, prejudiced close-mindedness (I loved Carroll O’Conner who could play a working-class bigot and a open-minded southern sheriff equally well, but was probably anything but bigoted in real life, I’m guessing).

It’s tough to take for us empaths who do not want to hurt anyone or see anyone hurt or excluded!

For Will:

Warning: “strong” language!



Me loves me a poet!

RE: your July 18th 4:03 am posting.
Maybe a year ago or so, I posted several links and stories on the blog here about the nova.

Unfortunately, I read a few months ago that the scientists who predicted the nova have since retracted their prediction as they discovered their math was incorrect. I don’t know what the status of the event is now, but apparently the site you listed the link for is using old, pre-retraction data.

Trump’s chanting crowd brings to mind the energy of bloodlust wrestling crowds who love the theatrical spectre of body blows. I wonder if Linda McMahon wresting cohorts have been advising? She inexplicably got that plum bus admin cabinet post.

thanks for the update Eliseo

Just read that McMahon left cabinet position in March to head his 2020 campaign. Methinks my spidey senses put her in the frame to be chanter instigator in chief.

fierywoman – that was a spicy laugh – my husband loved it!

fierywoman – thanks, I feel better now…

NEO – Epstein and the American Lie Machine!

Let’s begin with why Jeffrey Epstein is such big news. It was Epstein that introduced Melania to Donald, it is Epstein that is named in the infamous “Jane Doe” lawsuit as sexually assaulting a 12 year old girl with full participation by Donald Trump. This is why the Epstein story dominates American news, it is seen as an opening to bring down Donald Trump.

For two decades, even longer, Epstein, Maxwell and others including but not limited to Donald Trump, attorney Alan Dershowitz and even Prince Andrew were accused of raping children and building a network that enticed school girls into their web to be subjected to every imaginable perversity.
All the while, the media reported little or nothing of this despite endless criminal complaints and civil suits. Evidence now shows that witnesses were paid off, police bullied by a large Washington law firm and one foreign intelligence agency actually blocked a 2008 prosecution, which recently led to the resignation of US Secretary of Labor, Andrew Acosta.

What is important to note, however, that until days ago, the Epstein story was taboo for the American press. You see, Epstein knew “everyone,” Benjamin Netanyahu, Rupert Murdoch, Mick Jagger, Donald Trump, rumored to be a regular companion, certainly former President Bill Clinton and almost all of Europe’s “trash” nobility. From the Rupert Murdoch owned New York Post, dated July 15, 2015: (more at the link)

https://www.veteranstoday.com/2019/07/18/neo-epstein-and-the-american-lie-machine/ via @veteranstoday

(FB will not let me post this)

angelight, FB probably would not allow posting because, valid or not, VT is considered in the conspiracy, questionable news sources, category.

So, Mars has just moved slightly off a direct hit of the Orange Thing’s Pluto. Mars is not at 10 43 and the Orange Thing’s Pluto at 10 03.

He’s quieter today. Backlash beginning.

FWIW – Linda G new upload – Epstein etc

Raye Robertson’s latest article

Eat, Pray, Rant, Eat More

something just struck me as an oddity: I saw a photo of Donny’s german grandma Elizabeth, and the resemblance is striking imo. Then I got to thinking, Ive never heard him mention her, or seen any contemporary writing about her, unlike his ‘sainted’ mother, yet he would have been almost 20 when she died 6 June 1966. Strange.

“Elizabeth Trump was born as Elisabeth Christ”

The irony.

Eric resembles her somewhat.

This is what happens to dictators and bullies.


yes will, the irony was not lost on me.
Found a photo of the trump headstone at Lutheran All Faiths (Fred, Elizabeth, jr, sr, Mary – rather plain. So not Donnys typical over the top style.

The picture is that of Mussolini and his woman after the Italian crowds had at them.

“By: ja on July 17th, 2019 at 5:08 pm

Gosh, I was thinking that Whitney was an alias for Bob. Hee Hee”

Glad to know what you think of me ja. And that you feel good about it.

Bob, Please forgive me for offending you. That wasn’t my intent.
I always value your contributions to this site.

“In the face of a corrupt authoritarian president who believes that he and his allies are above the law, the American people are represented by two parties equally incapable of discharging their constitutional responsibilities. The Republican Party is incapable of fulfilling its constitutional responsibilities because it has become a cult of personality whose members cannot deviate from their sycophantic devotion to the president, lest they be ejected from office by Trump’s fanatically loyal base. The Democratic Party cannot fulfill its constitutional responsibilities because its leadership lives in abject terror of being ejected from office by alienating the voters to whom Trump’s nationalism appeals. In effect, the majority of the American electorate, which voted against Trump in 2016 and then gave the Democrats a House majority in 2018, has no representation.”

-Adam Serwer-


What Americans Do Now Will Define Us Forever
If multiracial democracy cannot be defended in America, it will not be defended elsewhere.
JUL 18, 2019

I reiterate that it is the nature of many crabs to walk sideways rather than straight forward. It is a creature that is always self-protective and it stands its ground. A crab knows when to show itself and when to recede.

Perhaps what we are witnessing is merely the innate wisdom of the US natal Cancer Sun, symbolized by the crab, along with the profound reluctance to move forward at a time when transiting Pluto, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury are retrograde.

Recall the proverb, haste makes waste.

kiwi, loved the Raye Robertson article; thank you!

Thanks for explaining ja. The medium does not convey tone and that can lead to mistakes like the one I made. We’re good.

We never had cross words and I never gave you the evil eye or any eye for that matter.

Now I feel bad because I made you feel bad.

In the Raye Robertson article (see kiwi’s link above) she notes that the Jupiter-Neptune cycle (“an erosion of barriers”) that began in January, 1997, was conjunct the US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn. That’s a Wow.

Their following cycle began 12 years later on May 27, 2009, and was conjunct the US natal Moon (27+ Aquarius) which conjuncts US natal Pallas (26+ Aquarius), and included transiting Chiron (wound/heal) along with transiting Jupiter and Neptune (erode barriers), all 3 of them at 26+ Aquarius. That was a triple Wow.

The next cycle between Jupiter and Neptune will start on April 12, 2022, at 23 Pisces 58, opposite the US natal Neptune at 22 Virgo 25 and square the US Mars 21 Gemini 22 (+ Trump Sun 22 Gemini 55), and trine the US natal Mercury at 24 Cancer 11 rx.

Trans. Mars and Juno at that time will conjunct the US natal Moon in Aquarius while trans. North Node (22+ Taurus) will trine the US natal Neptune in Virgo, sextile the trans. Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces and sextile US natal Mercury in Cancer. Many other minor bodies weigh in on this 2022 cycle, but it’s too soon to even think about them.

One might assume that Jupiter-Neptune cycle will be a Wow over the Moon.

I recommend everyone read this piece by R. Robertson; it’s about how the Internet came to be and about the Trump era, and many other things intertwined, and it is fascinating. Thanks again kiwi.

I have actually written a new article after two months.


It has been hard to rouse myself in these dark dispiriting times.

Thanks Nancy! You speak for all of us dispirited souls.


Sorry, there was another rush, this time grandchildren.

Every spring there is a rush to clean koi ponds. Been doing it 20 years. 2008 was a combined rush to clean and build koi ponds, my customer base is middle income and they had confidence and were spending a lot of money.

In 2007, by comparison, we had cleaned ponds, no builds and barely made enough to cover bills, and in 2009 my guys were selling their blood in January, we pulled in work in February that we would not normally have done and survived.

so instead of the rush to clean koi ponds let;s say 2008 was an unusually good year for sales in the middle of a dismal 5 year period.

And let’s say 2019 is also an unusually good year for sales at the end of a dismal 4 year period.

Is that better?

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