11th May, 2019

Winds of Change

The never-ending nightmare of Dictator Don continues.  It is as if every norm of decency and ethics has been cast away to make room for the daily scourge of jaw-dropping outrage and the soulless satisfaction of greed and power lust. Lord of the Flies, America 2019, is rampant.

As reported on this site many times, we are now at the height of Trump’s megalomaniacal outreach. It seems that nothing can stop him. He stomps through all restraint with abandon and a vicious smirk. The Mueller report lies buried in an avalanche of manufactured legal confusion. Once-respected public servants are gasping for air as the Criminal-in-Chief shoots at them like fish in a barrel, backed by his vituperative Gestapo Cyber Warriors. Virtually all Republicans in Congress have long since sold their souls for thirty pieces of political silver. And the US Justice Department, once revered throughout the world, is being twisted to the self-serving will of the Chief Executive, to attack his enemies, protect his friends, and subverted to cover up his corruption.

This sorry state of affairs, marked by Trump’s ability to steamroll over all opposition, is about to shift as of June 1. The combined transit of Jupiter and Pluto in aspect to Trump’s Sun (22Gemini55) is just passing (March 6 through May 10), and with it the peak of his unhindered megalomaniacal power.  Unfortunately, Jupiter will continue to support him with some success through May 31, as it transits across his Moon and South Node, likely continuing the overly optimistic recklessness. In addition, Pluto will continue its quincunx to Trump’s Sun through May 26, extending the intense power struggle he is currently waging against all perceived enemies.

But come June, this Jupiter protection that has been quite strong since mid-February, will come to an end, with only a short repeat during the second half of October. We will move into an entirely new chapter of the Trump regime.  This shift is marked by the movement of his progressed Moon crossing his Ascendant (29Leo55), pointing to a new chapter and possibly some significant travel.

Even more compelling, however, will be the changes that begin around mid-June. At this time we begin a protracted Uranus station sesquiquadrate Trump’s Moon (21Sagitarius12), triggering the natal opposition, and thus heralding a time of unilateral action by Trump, as well as significant agitation. The same Uranus station will be semisquare to the US Mars (21Gemini23), pointing to aggressive, possibly military action by the country. Furthermore this Uranus station will be square to the US North Node (6Aquarius36), bringing the agitation and upset directly into the US relationships with other nations.  The time frame for these aspects is June 14 to September 5.  Also supporting the concern over possible military action around this time is the Pluto transit quincunx US Mars from June 24 to August 5.

It seems quite likely that whatever all of this Mars action represents for the country, it does not go well for trigger-happy Trump. By late July, the Saturn station begins to take hold, bringing a long, slow station sesquiquadrate Trump’s Ascendant (29Leo55) from July 29 to October 23. This aspect points to frustrations and restrictions and possibly some health issues. Moreover, the same Saturn station will oppose Venus in the Trump/US composite chart (14Cancer25), pointing to a severe loss of popularity and a general strain in that relationship.

And finally, the same Saturn station (7/29 to 10/23) will be square to the US natal Saturn (14Libra48), implying humiliation and a loss of perceived power for the US on the world stage during the exact same period. This will be further exacerbated by the US progressed Moon square to natal Saturn from August 15 through September 15, pointing to some significant loss and grieving as a national story, possibly resulting from the military escapades indicated during the summer or potentially from a climate-related disaster.

As mentioned above, transiting Jupiter will once again benefit Trump from October 14 to October 29, 2019, so perhaps he will be able to briefly pull a rabbit out of the hat, despite the nasty mess he made in the summer.  But be assured that 2020 will be a torturous year for him, with a few brief exceptions. As they say, the chickens may finally be coming home to roost. Much more on this at a later date.


Thank you, Nancy. Interesting tie in to your August 15 to September 15 prediction and what Linda G said she saw in yesterday’s video for that same time period. She felt sadness and grief over loss of American blood on foreign soil probably caused by military action. That’s my recollection of what she said.

“sadness and grief over loss of American blood on foreign soil”

Definitely, the most likely interpretation.

Many Thanks, Nancy!
It all sounds pretty scary, but with ambivalence we may at least take some comfort in the phrase, “severe loss of popularity.” But national humiliation doesn’t sound like much fun.

I find it bizarre, as inferred by your astrological descriptions that it is future action, some sort of meddling, perhaps some military misadventure that is the genesis of disenchantment with him, and not his bizarre, crooked past behavior that becomes the beginning of his downfall. That surely is a reflection on his followers who seem to be blind to his present and past blatantly unpatriotic, hostile attitudes and behaviors toward the nation of his birth.

A despicable narcissist who cares only about trmp – disgusting and deplorable and keeping with dictatorial self

Trump takes over national Fourth of July celebration, changing its location and inserting himself into the program

President Trump has gotten involved in the minutiae of planning the nation’s premier Fourth of July celebration in Washington, moving the gargantuan fireworks display from its usual spot on the Mall and making plans to address the nation from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, according to top administration officials.

The president’s heavy involvement and starring role has the potential to turn what has long been a nonpartisan celebration of the nation’s founding into another version of a Trump campaign rally.
Read more »

Eliseo – As they say, correlation is not necessarily causation. But clearly the intense agitation of US Mars runs parallel, during its second half, with all of the Saturn stress. So it is a good bet they are connected. His followers love that he is a “winner” so a big military screw up will not fit the narrative. Unfortunately, crushing the Mueller probe with questionable legal maneuvers can be spun as a win.

Thank you Nancy.

I have wondered for several years if the country could face a martial action in the waning months of this year and January of 2020. Not wanting to cause more than current worries I do not think I posted about that or if I did it was only once. If I run across the chart that had me thinking that I will post it.
Given his make-up that has been on display, I have no doubt that this miserable being would have no compunctions starting such as a diversion or out of spite – not being concerned one whit about those who would suffer or even die because of his actions

By: Eliseo on May 11th, 2019, at 6:53 am

“Discussed in great part is the difference between sidereal position and tropical position. The author states our true Pluto return will be in February 2024, not in 2022.”

Kenneth Bowser is an excellent astrologer.

People must live about 70 years for precession to add 1 degree to natal positions so most transits (by the inners to Tropical or precession corrected natal points) during the first 30 or 40 years of their lives the timing will be on the same day. It is the angles of various transit charts that will differ greatly for precession corrected charts vs non-corrected ones (solar and/or lunar returns are good examples). The timing of transits to their angles and Moons will differ significantly as will their ending angle positions if they are progressed.

Using Tiffany Trump’s chart (Oct 13 1993, 12:50 pm, West Palm Beach, FL) to do her non-precessed and precession corrected solar returns for this year yields:

non-precessed Sun: 20°21’52” Libra

Precession corrected Sun: 20°43’07” Libra

non-precessed solar return MC: 5°26′ Aquarius

Precessed solar return MC: 17°59′ Gemini

non-precessed SR Moon: 21°52′ Aries

Precession corrected SR Moon: 26°13′ Aries

We all appreciate this update Nancy, grim though it is, it does imply a slowing of the juggernaut Trump.

There IS a suggestion of weather-related disaster in the US Solar Return chart this year with Typhon (a trans neptunian object) symbolizing disastrous events at 6+ Scorpio rx opposite Uranus at 6+ Taurus, and they are in a grand cross with the US NATAL North and South Nodes in Leo and Aquarius.

The 2019 US Solar Return chart has 16+ Gemini on the MC which conjuncts Trump’s natal Uranus at 17+ Gemini, so it might just be Trump unexpectedly blowing his stack.

However, this chart’s MC (10th house cusp) is in an intricate grand cross pattern with the ascendant (17+ Virgo) and descendant (17+ Pisces) + Neptune (18+ Pisces rx), and the IC (16+ Sagittarius) at the bottom of the chart conjunct Jupiter (16+ Sagittarius).

There is also Saturn (17+ Capricorn rx) conjunct the South Node (17+ Cap) and Pluto (22+ Cap rx), all opposite the North Node (17+ Cancer) just 4 degrees from the Sun (13+ Cancer). All aspecting Trump’s Uranus and the US Solar Return chart MC, etc. . . .

Add in the progressed US Mars + Trump’s Jupiter, both at 17+ Libra, and we have a hot mess of a year. Trines and squares and oppositions galore.

Plus Typhon opposite Uranus.

Psychic Violetta has an extremely interesting reading up on the Freedom Caucus. It certainly has me wondering what their chart looks like in the coming months and just how much they have to do with the current mess. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_bz5NMIOIg

Maybe it will be Iran after all?

What is causing these “escalating tensions with Iran” at this time. There was something about U.S. intelligence uncovering a plan to attack us last week that rec’d relatively minor coverage and that I don’t believe. Eerily reminiscent of the war with Iraq but I just don’t see this going very far.


“US Sends Patriot Missile System to Mid East Amid Iran Tensions”

From David upthread:

“Trump takes over national Fourth of July celebration, changing its location and inserting himself into the program

“President Trump has gotten involved in the minutiae of planning the nation’s premier Fourth of July celebration in Washington, moving the gargantuan fireworks display from its usual spot on the Mall and making plans to address the nation from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, according to top administration officials.

“The president’s heavy involvement and starring role has the potential to turn what has long been a nonpartisan celebration of the nation’s founding into another version of a Trump campaign rally.”

Nuremburg on the Potomac.

One more item for the ‘birth of the nation date’ thing: I rummaged around my old files and found a note by astrologer, Diana Stone, who sadly passed away about a year ago. She wrote:

“Right now I use the chart when Cornwallis surrendered to George Washington at Yorktown at the end of the Revolutionary war. We were not a free nation just because we signed the Declaration of Independence. What if we had lost the war? This is like a guy in prison with the doors locked screaming, ‘I’m a free man’.



Here is a time line of the Revolutionary war, although it does not mention a specific time for the surrender by Cornwallis:


Wow, more trump dismantling:
Looked up your link beowulfie and learned also about the treaty of paris, sept 3 1783, when usa finally became fully recognized as a separate independent country.
But what especially caught my eye was a page from the usa dept of state, office of the historian:
This publication, “Milestones in the History of U.S. Foreign Relations,” has been retired -posted May 9 2017

Lastly, here is a link to Washington’s papers that show the surrender at Yorktown on Oct 19, 1781 was, in fact, a sequence of events over 3 days, not just one. It could be argued that the correct time of surrender may be the receipt of the first letter, from Cornwallis to Washington, about the surrender.

…..General Lord Charles Cornwallis sent Washington a letter asking for terms of surrender on October 17, 1781, which Washington acknowledged the same day (document one below). The next day, Washington sent Washington his terms (document two). On October 19, Washington informed the Continental Congress of “this Important Event.”


Copies of relevant documents can be seen here:


One more: the surrender at Yorktown was announced to the public at midnight, October 23, 1781, according to this:


Ed tamplin this week: http://www.edtamplin.com/weekly%20horoscopes.htm

Here is the page in George Washington’s (transcribed) diary where he gives a time for the surrender at Yorktown on Oct 19, 1781, i.e. 11 o’clock in the morning, local time. The diary says re. Oct. 18 & 19:

18th. The Commissioners met accordingly; but the business was so procrastinated by those on their side (a Colo. Dundas & a Majr. Ross) that Colo. Laurens & the Viscount De Noailles who were appointed on our part could do no more than make the rough draft of the Articles which were to be submitted for Lord Cornwallis’s consideration.

19th. In the Morning early I had them copied and sent word to Lord Cornwallis that I expected to have them signed at 11 Oclock and that the Garrison would March out at two O’clock-both of which were accordingly done.

According to the above, the US Ascendant is 24 Sag and the MC is 14 Libra.


https://www.loc.gov/resource/mgwd.wd03/?sp=448&st=text (text version of same)

Final item on this: per post above, if you take the announcement of the surrender at Independence Hall in Philadelphia as the birthdate of the US (it took a few days for the news to get there from Yorktown in Virginia), the ‘birth’ was announced at midnight, Oct 23, 1781. In that case, you get 14Leo and 5Taurus as the Ascendant and MC, and the Moon is conjunct Pluto and Mars.

On first glance, that doesn’t seem to fit, but when you compare Trump’s natal chart to the Oct 23 announcement chart, it does fit fairly well, and hits some trouble spots. DT’s Pluto opposes US Mars; DT’s Neptune is inconjunct US MC and conjunct US Neptune; DT’s Mercury is inconjunct US Venus; DT’s Mars/Asc is inconjunct US Jupiter. Hard aspects in any case and it seems to work. Many charts for a complex nation?

Fascinating! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
I’m especially taken by the Diana Stone statement, “We were not a free nation just because we signed the Declaration of Independence. What if we had lost the war? This is like a guy in prison with the doors locked screaming, ‘I’m a free man’.”

and by the entry from GW’s diary, “19th. In the Morning early I had them copied and sent word to Lord Cornwallis that I expected to have them signed at 11 Oclock and that the Garrison would March out at two O’clock-both of which were accordingly done.”

I plan to look and compare these charts as soon as I get time, which unfortunately won’t be until after I’ve arrived home in June or July.

Trump backers applaud Warren in heart of MAGA country
The liberal firebrand draws nods and even a few cheers on a trip through rural West Virginia.

As I suspected: E. Warren can get the support and respect of Trump voters.

My speculation:

Perhaps we should distinguish the “IDEA” of America, i.e. the archetype emanating from the declaration of independence, from the reality of America born sometime later, perhaps at the time of the surrender at Yorktown, or some other time.

There is also the issue of the articles of confederation vs the enactment of the Constitution.

All therein is food for thought.

Eliseo, do you think the treaty of paris might also play a part too? Especially as regards to interacting as a country on the global stage?

Brilliant Nancy, Thank You So Much!

Came across these interesting links:

“The Coming Generation War The Democrats are rapidly becoming the party of the young—and the consequences could be profound. MAY 6, 2019”


“There is a mysterious cycle in human events,” said Franklin Delano Roosevelt, accepting the Democratic nomination for president in Philadelphia in 1936.
“To some generations much is given. Of others much is expected. This generation of Americans has a rendezvous with destiny!”


Thank you, Starlight, for your heads-up for the next few months. Sounds like they’re going to be real nail-biters.

A phrase you used struck a chord deep inside. “unilateral action.” That action is one of the reasons I believe Bush, Jr. should have been brought up on war charges. I’m wondering if tRump (thru Bolton) will unilaterally order a pre-emptive military strike on Iran, as Bush did on Iraq. Bolton seems to be following the same formula as he did in Iraq.

The above makes me wonder if the outrage and huge protests that we saw inre Iraq will repeat with Trump and Iran. And if so, if a possible shame/tragedy would be armed Trumpsters committing mass murder at the protests? This could be both nationally and internationally, as neo-nazi’s seem to be everywhere since Trump, and are all for Trump.

I find it interesting that Trump is choosing this time period for a “State” visit to London… despite decent people there not wanting him to step foot in the country.

The discussion on this thread about the chart for USindependence is fascinating. As a legal scholar, I must add the following. In a case in 2010 about the legality of a unilateral declaration of independence in international law (the Kosovo case, 22 July 2010), the International Court of Justice stated that UDI has been legal since 4 July 1776, which was apparently the first ever. But the Court added that what really mattered was what came after. UDIs are subject to the principle of effectiveness, which means it really only takes effect if the new state actually comes into existence permanently. This is a matter of fact before it becomes a matter of law. In the case of the US, effectiveness was established at the Battle of Yorktown, which is where the war of independence was won, although it took many months after that for British troops to evacuate New York City and the entire country. The Treaty of Paris is when the British recognized the independence of the US. It is well established in international law that recognition by other States does not create a country. France had recognized the US before Yorktown.

Just like UDI, recognition can be premature if it is not followed by effectiveness. And a State can be effective without being recognized. Current examples are Taiwan and Palestine. Taiwan is an effective State even though it is hardly recognized (it was in fact de-recognized by the international community in the Seventies as a condition imposed by Communist China for establishing diplomatic relations. Beijing actually succeeded in having Taiwan ejected from the UN as a condition for its own recognition, which is unheard of). Palestine has been recognized by 125 countries since its UDI in 1988 but it still isn’t an effective State.

So the correct answer in the case of the US would appear to be the Yorktown announcement in Philadelphia, subject to futher historical research.

I guess a further question might be, however: can a State, once established, trace back its own existence to a UDI before it became effective? Nothing would prevent this politically or symbolically, perhaps astrologically, even though the correct legal answer would be the date of effectiveness.

Finally, the case law of the US Supreme Court after the Civil War is instructive. The Supreme Court gave effect to some laws of the Southern Confederacy relating to private matters such as contracts or inheritance because the Confederacy had been effective for some years. It refused to do so for laws on other matters relating to the war, for example public debt. British lenders to the Confederacy sued for recovery but lost out. Once again, what legally mattered was the ultimate effectiveness of the Union Army, not the declarations of secession of the southern states. UDIs only work if you win on the ground, either through force which was the rule in the past or, in some cases more recently, through non-violent means.

Seems like the intel around The Iran is a bit dodgy…

**the Iran issue…

If Barr was born at 12:15 PM on May 23, 1950 (15 minutes later than Marjorie Orr’s chart, birth time unknown) he would have the same ascendant as Trump’s birth chart ascendant (29+ Leo), and the Great American Solar Eclipse (August 21, 2017, at 28+ Leo) would have hit them both in the same way, which could explain a lot. They would both have the same MC (24+ Taurus) too.

For one thing, Uranus in the Leo solar eclipse chart at 29+ Aries was trine the 2017 solar eclipse (+ Trump and Barr ascendants).

While still under the influence of that 2017 Leo Eclipse, Barr wrote his unsolicited memo to the Justice Dept. in June, 2018 (possibly around the time of the New Moon conjunct Trump’s Sun at 22+ Gemini).

Interestingly, in the 2017 solar eclipse, Uranus was positioned midway between Chiron (27+ Pisces) the wounded and the healer, and Sedna (under water) at 26+ Taurus, and this sextile of Chiron and Sedna formed a Yod with Typhon (disastrous events) at 28+ Libra which opposed Uranus in Aries.

Altogether, Chiron, Sedna, Typhon and Uranus in the 2017 total solar eclipse formed a Boomerang pattern, with Uranus as the final resting place of their combined energy, and Uranus was trine the Eclipsed Sun (+ Moon) and the ascendant(s) of Trump (and likely Barr).

This could explain the unexpected (Uranus) change in Barr’s reputation for being a gung-ho traditional Justice Dept. kind of guy.

As a reminder, the 2017 Eclipse chart had Pluto at 17+ Capricorn opposite Ceres at 17+ Cancer which Trump’s Jupiter (+ PROGRESSED US Mars + Putin’s Saturn + the US Constitution Signing/Intent chart’s Neptune) T-squared.

A stunning setup that has brought us to this climactic situation that seems to be forcing the Democrats in the House of Reps to defend the US Constitution, thus risking their careers and common sense (Pelosi instincts) to not take the Trump bait. You can’t make this stuff up.

As there is no definitive event accepted for the “Birth” of the USA it seems these postings are exercises in mental masturbation and everybody is entitled to their personal preference.

I accept Sibly as it has provided acceptable charts to me for events spanning centuries in locations around the world.

Sibly for 22 historical U.S. events

1. Washington Inaugurated – First President
2. Cornwallis Surrenders
3. First Major Battle of the Civil War
4. Lee Surrenders Ending Civil War
5. President Lincoln Assassinated
6. 1929 Stock Market Crash
7. Pearl Harbor Attacked
8. Atomic Bomb Dropped
9. Japan Surrenders
10. President Kennedy Assassinated
11. USA Lands On The Moon
12. Man’s First Step on the Moon
13. America Losses it’s First War – Vietnam
14. President Nixon Resigns Presidency
15. President Reagan Shot In Assassination Attempt
16. Space Shuttle Challenger Explodes
17. Sep 11 Terrorist Attack On America
18. Space Shuttle Columbia Explodes
19. Beginning of Financial Crash In America
20. First Black President Elected In America
21. First Black President Inaugurated In America
22. Osama Bin Laden Killed


My post on another site regarding the Sibly chart and these notable events in the history of the USA:

“It speaks well for the Sibly chart to have such tight aspects to it’s natal and or progressed angles through centuries and in locations around the world for closely timed events. A birth time off by about 8 minutes would eliminate all or almost all of those contacts from my consideration as the aspects would be more than 2 degrees from aspecting the angles.”

How tight are the aspects? Here they are for a precisely timed event 193 years after the Sibly data:

Although the landing on the Moon may have contenders for being classified as the most momentous event in the history of the United States it is the only one (at that time) directly involving human participation on another object of our solar system and therefore in my opinion holds a unique distinction which is the reason I have chosen to use it for this post. However, it is not the only event in the history of the United States I have looked at using the Sibly chart.

The following positions are the right ascensions of the Sibly and Moonlanding charts. I am giving them in degrees and minutes instead of hh:mm:ss as I believe the degree and minute form will be more easily understood by most astrologers.

All aspects are less than 1 degree from being exact!

Sibly Mid-heaven 180 degrees 58 minutes

Moonlanding Uranus 180 degrees 55 minutes
Moonlanding Jupiter 181 degrees 12 minutes
Moonlanding Pluto 179 degrees 50 minutes
Midpoint of ML Jup\PLu 180 degrees 31 minutes
Midpoint of ML Sun\Mars 180 degrees 09 minutes

Trine to Sibly Pluto is 180 degrees 18 minutes

Sibly Pluto is 300 degrees 18 minutes

ML Sun is 120 degrees 16 minutes, the exact opposition of Sibly Pluto is 120 degrees 18 minutes.

ML Sun\Jup 150 degrees 44 minutes
ML Sun\Ura 150 degrees 36 minutes
ML Sun\Plu 150 degrees 03 minutes

Opp to Sibly Moon 150 degrees 02 minutes. Sibly Moon is 330 degrees 02 minutes

Not bad having natal Pluto trine your Midheaven, then having transiting Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto
conjunct your Midheaven and trine your Pluto while transiting Sun sextiles that Mid-heaven and opposes your Pluto while at the same time the midpoints of transiting Sun\Jupiter, Sun\Uranus, and Sun\Pluto oppose your natal Moon at the moment the first person in our known history sets foot on another body in our solar system. And again; every one of the aspects is less than 1 degree from exactness!

The Moonlanding Pluto is 00°08′ more than 1° from the Sibly MC.

At the time I originally posted that I also posted the data for the first step on the moon that occurred 6 hours and 28 minutes after the landing.

Thanks for the comments re. Yorktown. I have played with the US charts from time to time and I have referred to an old book published by Diana Bills Stone called The United States: Wheel of Destiny (1976). Evidently she was going to update and republish it, but unfortunately she passed away. It’s worth a read if you can find a copy (her other stuff is very esoteric, not about astrology per se.)


I came to the conclusion a while back that a country can have more than one valid ‘birth’ chart. These would be for the political entity, the economic entity, the military entity, the leadership, and so on. A country is not “one” thing.

Given that there are so many points in a chart (angles, planets etc.) statistically there is always going to be something that lines up with an event. But only when there is consistency (or potency) in the accuracy and usefulness of the chart does it carry any weight.

Often multiple charts give good info for national events. If they involve major planets and angles, then they have something to say from different points of view.

Of course, if you take it too far and use orbs that are too large, then you can say almost anything about anything. Which is useless and invalid. So, I agree with you, Bob, that there has to be a string of hits within one degree for the birth time to be worth using. The aspects have to be tight, very tight, to be valid.

Bob, thanks too for your link – that batch of 22 charts is impressive!

Speaking of the power of Uranus . .

Chart for The Articles of Confederation, Nov. 15, 1777. York, Penn., 12:46 PM

This chart has Saturn at 8+ Scorpio and Mercury 9+ Scorpio which sextile the same chart’s South Node (old habits no longer wise to follow) at 9+ Capricorn and this sextile forms a Yod to the IC (roots) at 8+ Gemini of this Articles of Confederation chart, which MUST change/adjust. It also conjuncts US natal chart’s Uranus at 8+ Gemini.

They (astrologers) didn’t even know about Uranus yet, but here we are, changing and adjusting to the tune of Uranus.

In a related matter, the Pluto-Neptune cycle that began on August 2, 1891 (and is still going strong) took place at 8+ Gemini, also conjunct US natal Uranus – as well as the roots of the Articles of Confederation.

Pluto and Neptune were sextile Mars and Chiron at 8+ Leo (where Mueller’s Pluto is) and this particular sextile, born in 1891, formed a Yod to Hybris (hubris) in the same chart, at 8+ Capricorn. The Universe uses Yods to get things to adjust.

Trump’s Mercury (mouth) at 8+ Cancer is opposite the Hybris in the Neptune/Pluto chart (that conjunction which was conjunct US natal Uranus) so, when all is said and done, the infamous Trump Mercury will cause an adjustment (change of position on certain things) before the end of the Neptune-Pluto cycle.

That is because Trump’s natal Mercury receives all the inherent energy of the 1891 Pluto-Neptune chart’s Yod by completing a Boomerang pattern with its Pluto/Neptune and Mars/Chiron and Hybris.

He thinks it (the energy/attention he gets) is his charm but the Universe is using him, just like he uses Barr and others; to serve its purposes.

We are cleaning up old hubris (pride and arrogance) through the use of Trump as President of the USA. Karma (what goes ’round comes ’round) can be a bitch, but if the reward is the soul of our country will be renewed, it is worth it.

Hi Barbk! Thanks for your post on the articles. Could you tell us where the time of day for that event comes from (12:46 pm)? Is there a document for it? I looked for one, but only came up with the below, which have no times.

It appears the articles process started on June 11, 1777, with adoption Nov. 15, 1777, resulting in a document of signatures on July 9, 1778, that was finally ratified on March 1,1781 (you end up feeling like a miini-historian looking at this stuff). Whew!




This went into moderation (sorry, I put in too many links):

Hi Barbk! Thanks for your post on the articles. Could you tell us where the time of day for that event comes from (12:46 pm)? Is there a document for it? I looked for one, but only came up with the below, which have no times.

It appears the articles process started on June 11, 1777, with adoption Nov. 15, 1777, resulting in a document of signatures on July 9, 1778, that was finally ratified on March 1,1781 (you end up feeling like a miini-historian looking at this stuff). Whew!



3rd link:


It is fascinating that Article XI of this publication (page 4) of the articles of confederation mentions that Canada (“shall be admitted into, and entitled to…”).

Well, that didn’t happen! The war of 1812 was the last of the idea that Canada should become part of the United States, but it was obviously part of the plan at the beginning.



happy mothers day to all – and that includes the mother within all the guys too

This piece on the Articles gives an idea why Nov. 15, 1777 would not be the best date to use for the “birth date” of a nation. Nevertheless, it was an essential part of the events leading to the final US constitution, per BarbK’s post. So this date, too, can give supporting information; corroboration helps.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Thanks so much, Starlight, for your latest post and especially for your statement about June 1st being a critical turning point for you-know-who. After the recent heartbreaking display of total lawlessness by our head of state, the dept of justice, and the entire GOP, I finally have the tinest glimmer of hope the astrological kool aid might soon be running out. Two more weeks isn’t a long time to wait, either. Thank God because I’m just about at my witt’s end.

Agree with other commenters that military action with Iran seems inevitable and very much like a re-run of the Bush 43 Iraq playbook. Trump and gang, however, are attempting to pull it off with considerably less skill and zero finesse. Instead, Trump seems to be relying on his self-proclaimed ability to “sell” anything. Of course, 60% of we the people don’t believe a thing Trump says, and 100% of us are now acutely aware that wars are much easier to get into than they are to get out of. My strongest and most foreboding intution is that Trump is going to take us to the darkside. it’s just a matter of time.

And lastly, do you have any astrological insights into the upcoming state of our economy? China is threatening retaliation for Trump’s latest escalation of tariffs, and it could come in the form of economic pressure. China, for example, is the biggest and most influential holders of our national debt — the debt that makes our standard of living possible. And they’re already starting to chip away at the $USD as the dominant world currency. You can be sure we’ll be in a world of pain when the $USD falls from grace and the dollar loses its value. It worries me that Trump is so cavalier and disrespectful with China when they have the very real potential to be an economic disrupter.

Beowulfie, I Googled: Astrology, birth chart, Articles of Confederation. then selected:

Nation: USA No. 7 – Astro-Databank – Astrodienst

Like Bob, I use the Sibly, because it works.


About a possible economic or military confrontation between Iran and the US, the first indicator could come as early as the July 2nd solar eclipse (10 ’38 Cancer). Iran’s natal Sun (April 1, ’79) is at 11 ’06 Aries) in square to the eclipse.

The point of noting the Articles chart was only to exemplify the importance of its connection to the US natal Uranus. US Uranus threads its way through other cycle and birth charts and I believe it is key to understanding the transformation we are going through in this country.

You might remember last year when transiting Mars was conjunct transiting Saturn at 8+ Capricorn (and opposite Trump’s Mercury at 8+ Cancer.) It was on April 2, 2018, that Mars and Saturn started a 2 year cycle at which time they were sextile the Moon (symbol of the People), and, for the USA, their sextile formed a Yod with the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini.

In turn US Uranus activated the energy within the Pluto-Neptune cycle, the Articles chart energy and other event charts in which 8+ Gemini is aspected.

The relatively short Mars-Saturn cycle (over on March 31, 2020) is putting emphasis on the transiting Pluto – Jupiter sextile that was forming a Yod to US Mars and Trump’s Sun in Gemini at the time, meaning US Mars and Trump’s Sun would feel the pressure to “adjust” during this 2 year Saturn-Mars cycle.

The emphasis on US 6th house Uranus by transiting Mars and Saturn (and Moon) as indicated by their chart has already manifested as the November 2018 mid-term election results, changing the power structure in the House of Reps; a shock to some.

Mars and Saturn will reach their cycle’s half-way point next month on June 14th (Trump’s birthday and the day after his solar return) and I would expect their opposition (18 + Cancer-Cap) would bring a Mars-flavored speech or tweet from Trump, followed by transiting Venus ($$?) conjunct US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini the next day.

Transiting Saturn will sextile transiting Neptune (18+ Pisces), exact on the 18th, but close enough in the Full Moon chart on June 17 (a full moon that squares transiting Eris).

In this Full Moon chart Neptune will trine Mars and Mercury and the North Node all of which oppose Saturn, Pluto and the South Node. By then Venus will trine Pallas in Libra as she, Pallas, prepares to square US Sun and conjunct US Saturn. Man your stations; although transiting Uranus will sextile US Jupiter, transiting Chiron will square US Jupiter.

It will be a Uranus kind of time, full of the unexpected.

Thanks, BarbK, for the source of the time (& your further comments too).

RE: your May 12th, 2019 4:56 am posting:
“do you think the treaty of paris might also play a part too? Especially as regards to interacting as a country on the global stage?”

Without taking an in-depth look at the chart, I’m not sure. And I won’t be able to do that until after I’ve arrived home in a month or two. But here are some thoughts.

One of the peculiar facts of American history is that at no point has the USA been a “normal” nation, in that as a minimum it has always been a “Great Power.” From the beginning of the war for independence the colonies were a confederate unit, in theory something more than an alliance, but a bit less than a unitary nation. Nevertheless, they behaved as a very unified “Great Power” on a par with the other great powers of the time, Spain, France, the Netherlands and the UK. To the chagrin of the British, that was certainly so at the signing of the Treaty of Paris. For the Benjamin West painting commemorating the treaty, the British delegation refused to pose! It is therefore a half-done painting.

There is also confusion as to the difference between a culture and a nation. If we understand a nation as an entity or group governed under a continuous system, the United States is the second oldest nation on Earth, but exists within a relatively young culture. Conversely, having been established in 1949, the People’s Republic of China is a very young nation within a very old culture. It is therefore a pretty pitiful and absurd excuse when anyone defends our bad behavior with the dictum that we are a “very young nation.” No, political experience here is pretty old.

The date of “birth” is trickier than we might imagine. What is birth when there literally is no womb from which to emerge?

The Lee Resolution, the vote for independence passed on July 2, 1776, followed by the Declaration two days later. But some did not sign until August! It might be wiser to think of July 2nd or July 4th as the date for a conception chart, but I’m no expert and I have not a definitive answer.

A year later, on July 4, 1777, 13 gunshots were fired once in the morning and again in the evening to commemorate the event from a year before. We know that July 4th was therefore embedded in the national consciousness as THE date of “birth” pretty early. But to my knowledge it was not recognized as a state celebration until 1781 by the Massachusetts General Court.

Of further interest are our Uranus returns, each of which seems to indicate rebirth. In 1776 the identifying phrase was THESE United States. But the Civil War (our first Uranus return) transformed us into THE United States. At D-Day, our last Uranus return, the USA was reborn as the leader of the Allies, the later nomenclature becoming “Leader of the Free World.”

How to determine the “birth” of a corporation, a nation, a club, a marriage, etc. usually is based on the moment the vows were said, or when the principal parties signed on the dotted line. The question of course is which document represents the “birth?” The Declaration? The Articles of Confederation? The Constitution? The surrender document at Yorktown? G. Washington’s oath at first inauguration? I know some astrologers have tried to use the Constitution as the genesis, but I understand that hasn’t worked out well. As nations are multifaceted entities, perhaps one birth chart alone is insufficient.

It is truly confusing. It’s not like emerging from the womb, suddenly exposed or imprinted on the immediate cosmic weather configuration of our solar system. And how many times have we, ourselves been born and reborn within the prehistory and history of humanity, or for that matter, within this one lifetime?

Michael Wolfstar:

At the moment, Iran’s progressed Sun is at 20º Taurus, nearly exactly opposite natal Uranus. This alignment is creating tremendous domestic anxiety and, potentially, an explosive confrontation. Meanwhile, transiting Uranus is ominously heading toward Iran’s Chiron and Midheaven. Iran’s leaders are showing patience, and giving European signatories 60 days to subvert U.S. economic sanctions.


Barbk, at the end of the last thread you referred to living on this beautiful planet. Last week, a UN report said one million species are now on the verge of extinction. How can we expect humans to be immune to the loss of biological diversity? At this point, insects are dying off at the rate of 2.5% a year. We can’t live without them. The worst, but under-reported, part of the pathological patriarchy of Trump is in my view its war on nature and rollback of EPA regulations. We live on a beautiful AND DYING planet. We are leaving a horrible legacy to future generations, and we have to ask for the first time ever how many generations will follow. Anxiety levels and mental distress are rising among the young worldwide because they see a bleak future to live out their lives. The worst part of the GOP is environmental denial.

The environmental movement appeared in the 1960s with the modern feminist and indigenous rights and civil rights movements. That was all about the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo (now ruled by Chiron and Ceres in my view rather than Mercury, which should be relegated to the sign of Gemini). That conjunction is severely tested by the Uranus-Pluto square, whose effects are not over. The environmental crisis will probably peak with the Neptune-Pluto square of the 2060s, but I hope the Uranus-Pluto opposition of the 2040s will turn around our economies. And the name of Trump will be hated for decades as a symbol of what went wrong, although of course it’s not only him. He’s just the worst ever President.

Hi Andre, my hope for our planet rests in the power of transformation, symbolized by Pluto, which includes widespread consciousness raising of human beings, symbolized by Uranus. I like your concept of Chiron and Ceres as rulers of Virgo (where the Uranus-Pluto cycle began) and believe, in time, it will become accepted by the majority of astrologers.

Frankly, there are theories/beliefs that more highly developed beings exist in other parts of the Universe and they know how to clean our oceans of plastic and other life-changing (life-saving) methods to reverse what our own human species, in their ignorance, has allowed to destroy these oceans and the life they support.

If that is so, they can teach us other things to support our ecosystems and reverse the damage humanity has created. This is not a stretch for me but until there are enough of us that can (1) accept that there is life on other planets and in other solar systems, and (2) they are more developed than our own species, it would create chaos in the form of fear and who knows where that would lead.

In the meantime there are people devoting their lives to saving species (plant and animal) from extinction right now, and, like you say, it is the young people who are most conscious (as a group) of the price we are paying for our neglect of our planet, and therein lies our salvation.

We must get past our shock and dismay over the disaster we and our forefathers have created. It is time to get behind those leaders who will defend the planet against the greedy so aptly represented by Donald Trump. It is he who will speed up our consciousness growth; we could even say we owe our future awakening to him.


“This sorry state of affairs, marked by Trump’s ability to steamroll over all opposition, is about to shift as of June 1.”


“But be assured that 2020 will be a torturous year for him, with a few brief exceptions.”

These words radiate like golden rays of sunshine, piercing through the murky, convoluted clouds of deception and obfuscation by the Liar-in-Chief and his unholy minions.

“Pride goeth before the fall”

Schadenfreude, Baby!

Nancy, aside from the good news, Winds of Change is a masterful composition.

Superb Critical Thinking. Mic drop.

Saturn is now spending 6 weeks on my 20 Capricorn Sun. Pluto will stay 2.5 months there next fall, after having been there for over a month last year. Sheesh. Talk about pressure.


Pluto rolled over and back and then again over my AC in the last few years. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be. At times, I felt a little lost, as to who I am and who I want to be from here. Been frustrated and really scared and sad at times over the state of my kids’ lives and at times frustrated with my husband’s very demanding job and worried about what it might mean for his health … But we all got through it.

Hardest thing was finding out our daughter, who’s bi-polar, was molested as a child, something I never suspected by someone I never would have even thought to fear hurting her — another little girl just a few years older than she was at the time.

Very hard thing, but it was an answer to the things that tormented her that we never understood, and answers help bring healing, which while difficult, is always good. It left a lot of guilt behind, but she felt free to tell me about it as soon as she recalled what happened, and she’s about half the age I was when I finally figured out the big missing piece of my own emotional crap. So, there’s a plus. And she’s getting help, very open to it, which is another very good thing.

I can’t say I hated Pluto’s revelations. Hope you can say the same when it’s done with you.

Andre, I thought of something else; when Saturn and Pluto make their one-and-only conjunction at 22 Capricorn 46, they will be conjunct Ceres as well – same degree even. The Sun will be right behind them at 21 Cap 56, and Sun symbolizes consciousness.

Mercury (communication) will be at 23+ Capricorn, leading the procession and I dare say, the major thrust of this gang of 5 will be the disintegration of Earth’s climate.

Here’s another thing; the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle will still have another 10+ months to go before their new cycle starts in December 2020, and this present cycle started at 22+ Taurus, trining the Saturn-Pluto + Ceres + Sun + Mercury conjunction at 22+ Capricorn on January 12, 2020.

Both the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle start in Taurus and the Capricorn Saturn-Pluto (+Ceres-Sun-Mercury) cycle start in 2020 will form a grand trine with US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo, giving us 10+ months to drive home the message of the impending disaster that the fossil fuel business and other climate destructive businesses have created.

It is by divine design that this is happening. I’m told that in the higher dimensions there is no need for clocks because everything is in the Now. Meanwhile, until we reach that higher state, we have Saturn and Pluto teamed up with Ceres to drive the Save-the-Planet story home. Prepare your banners, T-shirts and signs as we take to the streets!

Here is some news about the US natal Ceres who will have 3 “Ceres Return” conjunctions by transiting Ceres. The 1st one on May 28, 2020 she will be squared by the Sun in Gemini but sextiles Uranus in Taurus (the Good Earth).

The 3rd and most interesting US Ceres Return on 12/20/20 is the day before the Jupiter-Saturn cycle start on 12/21/20. It is also the day before the Winter Solstice, so all 3, the US Ceres Return, the Jupiter-Saturn cycle start and the Winter Solstice basically have the same chart, which says to me that US will have an influential effect from the standpoint of climate concerns in the new 20 year cycle of Jupiter and Saturn.

Skipping past this year’s US Solar Return for the moment, the 2020 July US Solar Return has Ceres at 12+ Pisces and conjunct the IC (roots) of that chart, while conjunct Nessus (think poison) at 13+ Pisces but trine the US natal and transiting Sun.

Jupiter (understand), Pallas (plans) and Pluto (transform) all at 23+ Capricorn in the US Solar Return chart oppose the US natal Mercury (24+ Cancer) while Eris T-squares all of them at 24+ Aries. Jupiter, Pallas and Pluto are trine the US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo) though and I believe this is a positive in the war on climate change and will explore it later.

The Moon at 9+Cap is T-square the Chiron (9+ Aries) opposite Juno (9+ Libra) in this chart . . (Juno and Chiron are opposite in the US natal chart too) . . while she is opposite US Sun. Moon however does trine Uranus at 9+ Taurus. This is one of those situations where transiting Chiron and transiting Uranus are working as a team.

Love your long-range thinking, Andre. Things are definitely shaping up for mid-century to be pivotal, perhaps a definitive period of time with regards to the fate of humanity on Earth, if not all life.

The period of time around the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo during the mid-1960s saw the seeds of awareness sprouting. About our environment. About the universality of the human condition. About so many things.

Unfortunately, it was almost immediately followed by a massive push-back of the status quo that wanted to remain asleep and ignorant of the tab on nature that it was running up to maintain the illusion of wealth, of power, of prosperity, of separateness, and of dominion over the Earth, other creatures, even other human beings. I am of the view that this was a choice rather than an imperative. Humanity could have collectively chosen to pursue the higher path, rather than the “lower one” we currently find ourselves on.

It can be said that the recent Uranus-Pluto square has represented a test and a struggle between these two forces, one of emerging awareness, liberation and renewal (Uranus in Aries), the other of the conservative status quo (Pluto in Capricorn) that seems increasingly desperate to maintain and extend its control over all things–even as ultimate dominion over the deepest facets of nature rest far beyond its grasp.

The coming showdown I see in the 2040s isn’t so much about the last gaps of Conservatism, as it is about humanity and its fundamental relationship with the realities of our world–the big picture, if you will. I do believe that Conservatism, finally, is going to die the most exquisite of deaths as it is overmatched and overtaken by the forces of awareness, liberation, and renewal that will proliferate and flourish in our world from the mid-2020s onward, albeit ones that will be accompanied by a survival imperative. It must happen if we are to survive as a civilization.

If Aquarius represents humanity at its highest levels, Pluto there is going to challenge us to collectively elevate ourselves, or perish. We can no longer afford to bury our heads in the sand, or to allow ourselves to be led by individuals like Trump who are hopelessly stuck in lower energies and ways of being to the point of being destructive on a massive scale. He and others like him must be taken down and cast out of power, or all of humanity will suffer for lack of taking decisive action to make a better way forward.

Dear Andre, as does Teresa Hill, I also commiserate with you. My Mars at 21+ Cap conjunct my Chiron at 22+ Cap is reaping loads of gifts from the Underworld. Mars rules my 6th H and I guess I’m blessed to be getting a visceral understanding of my somatization of issues which, I previously thought I dealt with, as well as a few I wasn’t even aware of. As I’m sure you know, it’s all for our betterment in the long run. I find dark humor truly helps! Blessings!


Re: the Saturn and Pluto in your chart;
That’s gonna’ leave a mark!

That very Saturn station will square my Uranus in my tenth house; I also have Saturn sitting right on my natal Chiron on and off this year. Good times! Saturn transits virtually always exacerbate/deepen any depressed feelings I have. Nonetheless, I surrender to the discipline and sobriety it brings – because nothing will stop it.

The best to all of us as we muddle through tough Saturn and/or Pluto transits.

I’m so galled by the shallowness and stupidity not only of our Commander-in-Chief, but also of so many of our leaders and thinkers. Beyond Insane, Beyond Stupid, No Words! For the sake of my sanity and blood pressure I’m withdrawing from the news for at least a couple of days.

Meanwhile, Andre, my thoughts/prayers are with you. I echo Will’s statement: “The best to all of us as we muddle through tough Saturn and/or Pluto transits.”

Marjorie Orr:

“There’s no doubt that China, even more than Iran, is Trump’s toxic hotspot. Relocating his chart there puts his bombastic, aggressive Mars in Leo in the 7th and his Pluto conjunct the Descendant from the 6th; and his Jupiter and Neptune in the 8th, suggestive of financial high hopes that run to over confidence. His relationship chart with China is grimly hostile (couldn’t be worse) with a composite Pluto, Sun, Saturn, Mars conjunction – and that isn’t ever going to sort.”


This is interesting. 80% of Americans have chronic back pain at some point in their lives. This is good exercise.


Re a USA chart — I seem to remember Nick Campion saying at a lecture that he used the chart in his Book of World Horoscopes that was after the revolution and was the first time a nation outside of the USA recognized the USA as a nation. He came to that decision because he is a historian.

No doubt about it Mr. will, transiting squares from Pluto and Saturn move us out of our comfort zone, as do their conjunctions and oppositions to our natal charts; just ask the USA. Life on Earth wasn’t meant to always be a bowl of cherries and the Universe sees to it that stimulation of our natal charts keeps us from getting stagnant and/or bloated from eating cherries.

Just look at poor Beto O’s chart; transiting Mars in Gemini has been square his natal Mars in Virgo and he’s been tap dancing as fast as he can, but to no avail it seems.

However, that taskmaster transiting Saturn (and merciless Pluto), while at 20+ Capricorn is (and/or was and will be) quincunx his natal Venus in Leo and his natal Saturn in Gemini in a kind of reverse Yod, that I suspect has gotten him down. Temporarily anyway.

Perhaps trans. Saturn (and Pluto) is (are) trying to get Beto to adjust his routine. Great as it was in Texas, it’s not moving enough hearts in the mid-west, or so the pundits would have us believe.

I’m curious as to how, when in Jan-Feb, 2020, trans. Saturn and then trans. Pluto reach 23+ Capricorn – where Beto’s North Node is – it will affect his persona, or how the Public (or should I say the Press?) will receive him, as both Saturn and then Pluto exact their oppositions to the US natal (fickle) Mercury at 24+ Cancer. Life is never easy in the fast lane, but somebody’s gotta do it I suppose.

From our ground-level perspective it is utter chaos, this world-gone-mad scenario. From a higher level perspective though, things are progressing as planned. I’m no chef, but I do know that until the flour, or sugar completely dissolves, the sauce or gravy won’t be smooth. We have to get rid of the lumps before it can be digested.

And so it goes; this outer-planet soup of transformation we are living in (trans. Jupiter squares trans. Neptune while trans. Saturn sextiles trans. Neptune next month). Add another ingredient every so often, mix it up a little more, cook a little longer. We may long for the old ways, but they aren’t coming back and we should be glad of that.

Patience and faith in the process will be rewarded eventually; creative energies are at work and by the end of Election week in November, 2020, transiting and direct Mercury will conjunct transiting Haumea, (goddess of birthing babies of all kinds) in Libra.

Haumea and Mercury will trine the US Moon (US people) in Aquarius and square transiting Saturn (prevailing structures) that will conjunct US natal Pluto (wrecking ball) in Capricorn. Keep the faith.

Barb K, you are good! You lift my spirit and make a lot of sense to me. Thank you.

BarbK, I am keeping the faith thanks in part to your spiritual and optimistic astrological interpretations.

Thank you.

“Tuesday, May 14, 2019
Dear Sister and Brother Warriors,
The “tipping” point which we have been expecting to approach has, of course, been steadily approaching us.

It may have seemed to some of us anyway, that it has been a lot more like a leak rather than a break in the illusion of the dam that the retrogressors have thrown up to ward of their inevitable, and now rapidly approaching, demise.

Although many of our brothers and sister are being emotionally challenged at the moment by the fear and hate that is being whipped up by the retrogressive forces, it is exactly this behavior that is revealing the rapidly approaching denouement. The end can be seen in the hysterical fear that has gripped the retrogressive forces. Their present bizarre, open cruelty, and literally ignorant and constant lying is revealing their previously cleverly hidden intentions.

This is not a Tragedy. The hero does not die. The hero is Humanity and the evolution of consciousness. This is the inevitable triumph of the Light.

Taurus carries the Future. It is all in the water on the big rock.”
Lots Light and Joy


Banks, you are a very thoughtful person and the world needs a lot more people like you. 🙂

Angellight, wow! Bless you for this encouraging comment.

“House Democrats to read the entire Mueller report aloud on floor of Congress on Thursday

Source: Raw Story

House Democrats to read the entire Mueller report aloud on floor of Congress on Thursday
14 MAY 2019 AT 19:15 ET

House Democrats announced a new effort on Tuesday to educate the American people on the special counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

“More than 20 House Democrats will stage a marathon public reading of the entire redacted Mueller report beginning Thursday at noon, and likely ending in the early morning hours of Friday,” The Washington Post announced.

The effort is being organized by Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon (D-PA), the vice chair of the House Judiciary Committee.

“We’ve been saying for weeks that if you think there was no obstruction and no collusion, you haven’t read the Mueller report. So the ongoing quest has been, ‘How do we get that story out there while we are waiting for the witnesses to come in?’” Scanlon explained.”

Read more: https://www.rawstory.com/2019/05/house-democrats-to-read-the-entire-mueller-report-aloud-on-floor-of-congress-on-thursday/?utm_source=push_notifications

barbk: Thank you and bless you for all your insightful, hopeful and inspirational writings. You put in a lot of work in trying to educate and uplift us here. Blessings to you for all you do and will continue to do. God knows we need real hope to keep us sane during this stressful and pressured time.

Meme of the day:

“How sad it must be – believing that scientists, scholars, historians, economists, and journalists have devoted their entire lives to deceiving you, while a reality tv star with decades of fraud and exhaustively documented lying is your only beacon of truth and honesty.”

Source: https://twitter.com/christophurious

Thank you very much to Nancy, Barbk and everyone for all “insightful, hopeful and inspiring writings” I am also very appreciative.

Here is Marjorie Orr on Alabama:


Dean W.

“How sad it must be – believing that scientists, scholars, historians, economists, and journalists have devoted their entire lives to deceiving you, while a reality tv star with decades of fraud and exhaustively documented lying is your only beacon of truth and honesty.”


By: Bob on November 19th, 2016, at 4:50 pm

“Will, your Iraq attack reference reminded me of the angles for that chart. That brought Trump’s chart to mid. That resulted in this. Middle East still volatile. Could Iraq be a trouble spot for the donald?


“The Embassy of the United States of America in Baghdad is the diplomatic mission of United States of America in the Republic of Iraq. At 104 acres (42 ha), it is the largest and most expensive embassy in the world, and is nearly as large as Vatican City.”



Coup d’etat – “means the overthrow of an existing government; typically, this refers to an illegal, unconstitutional seizure of power by a dictator, the military, or a political faction.” – Wikipedia.

Am I right? Is this what is happening?

The transiting Nodes (of the Moon) have just been in a grand cross with the US natal Chiron (20+ Aries) opposite the US natal Juno (20+ Libra) and I believe the Nodes, with transiting Saturn (+ nearby Pluto) conjunct the South Node is manifesting as the abortion laws kerfuffle in Alabama and Georgia.

This is yet another “last gasp” of the Patriarchy to hang on to its power. The choice to stay in bondage is the South Node/Saturn/Capricorn option, while the North Node in Cancer offers a new path to expand consciously.

The opposition in the US natal chart between Chiron (healing through wounding) and Juno (unequal partner) would certainly relate to what a woman must face when dealing with an unwanted pregnancy but abortion is illegal and punishable. It tells her that her body is state property.

Transiting Vesta (what we invest in) at 19+ Aries is almost exactly conjunct US Chiron and this is imposing a conscious choice on the US: are women entitled to make decisions regarding their own bodies, or is the State to determine these decisions.

We must repeatedly fight the old fights as a way of determining who we are and what we want to be.

House Democrats to read the entire Mueller report aloud on floor of Congress on Thursday:


RE: ” yet another “last gasp” of the Patriarchy”

I agree, but with some exceptions see it also as an IQ war. Our society is becoming increasingly complex. The issues we face require higher level thinking than what the average person is trained for or in many cases capable of. Logical fallacies abound on both sides of the political aisle, but today the lion’s share of obtuse political analysis lies with the R’s.

And often there is little or no analysis involved, just sheer emotion among the voters, manipulated by reactionary ideologues with very fat bank accounts.

I know many on this blog are as upset as am I re: Alabama’s purposefully provocative new abortion law. I’m concerned we may see Roe V. Wade overturned, and consequently go through a period not unlike that of the prohibition era. I’m not sure how this manifests astrologically.

“Off the cuff” here are some of my thoughts about how we think about abortion itself:

Both sides are speaking entirely different languages right past one another. There are some hidden concepts here no one talks about. It goes back to very old theological debates and positions held unconsciously.

The debate concerns what constitutes a human being. For many, the idea depends on the unproven and dualistic belief in the existence of a “soul” somehow separate from the physical body. Having a human soul translates for many as actually being human. But most people don’t think too deeply about the issue.

For centuries the standard Jewish and Protestant belief was the soul enters the body at the moment of birth with the first breath. (This squares with astrological belief as well.) The R. Catholic belief eventually evolved (particularly through the 19th century) into the notion the soul enters the body at the moment of conception. A zygote or fetus is therefore by their definition, a human being.

During the 20th century most fundamentalists and evangelicals flipped over to the R. Catholic view. If one takes that view, the notion of a “woman’s right to choose” sounds absurd and evil, as it is for them the right to choose murder.

Conversely, most proponents of freedom of choice in consultation with one’s doctor are not usually thinking consciously about any hypothetical existence of the soul. Those of us in that crowd are thinking about quality of life, both the mother’s and that of the child. We think about whether we can responsibly raise a child to their full potential, and whether that child will have an opportunity to live a meaningful life, etc.

I do not dismiss the notion of a soul, but I think of it as an ongoing process, and certainly not an “it” or thing trapped in stasis. I think of the “soul” – psyche – (as opposed to) the “spirit” – pneuma – (which is a very different concept) as a matrix of bioelectromagnetic energy interacting with the larger magnetospheric field of the earth. I am therefore pro-choice.

Oddly, despite their theology of the soul, fundamentalists, evangelicals and conservative R. Catholics are thinking very materialistically about the issue, thinking the individual soul has one and only one opportunity to incarnate. It is also odd logically, that through RC history to present funerals are generally NOT conducted for a miscarried fetus.

I conversed with a devout Southern Baptist some years ago back in the 70’s, introducing to her the idea that if an opportunity to incarnate was lost due to abortion or miscarriage, that individual would simply begin the process anew at a later time or date, perhaps even with an alternate prospective mother. She said she had not thought of that.

I certainly believe in a “woman’s right to choose” but I do not think that argument will ever do anything but enflame opponents further as they interpret the notion as a profoundly selfish, hedonistic, sociopathic excuse for murder.

Generally, abortion opponents assert they support life, but don’t pay much attention to caring and nurturing life. They are comfortable with keeping women in “sacred” chains, enslaved to their biology. In that sense, it is indeed a device with which to assert patriarchal dominance.

Of course, no one talks about the issue in the terms I suggest. Although, sometime after he had left the presidency, in a conversation with Bill Clinton, I suggested he talk about the issue in constitutional terms. I suggested it should be argued, the state, in concert with the provisions in the First Amendment, does not have the right to impose the religious beliefs of any particular group on all Americans; the state therefore should take a neutral position, i.e. individual freedom to choose in accordance with one’s conscience and consultation with one’s physician. Later, I heard him argue the issue precisely in the way I had suggested. Unfortunately, due to his own past behavior he holds no moral suasion over R’s, and out of the spotlight has less power to shape the issue.

I do not believe we will ever persuade the evangelicals, fundamentalists, trumpists, or other reactionaries with the argument about women’s rights. I think the only way to possibly get through to them is to speak in terms of the state NOT imposing religious beliefs. In that vein, I’m sincerely hoping we experience some kind of communication breakthrough when Pluto goes into Aquarius and the accompanying Uranus return. But I see no guarantees, and I’m also concerned we may be entering a long period of severe authoritarianism, in some areas an overt Christo-Fascism, until our progressed Mars turns direct in the 2080’s. I pray I am wrong.

The Alabama abortion law is another example of the painful effects of Saturn’s station exactly square US Chiron, as transiting Chiron begins a Chiron return. This mess will only get hotter in the fall as Pluto stations on the same degree. Watch Chiron over the next five years as it is the key that will take us out of this.

Robert E. Mnuchin, an art dealer and the father of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, made the winning bid for Mr. Koons’s 1986 “Rabbit” of 91.9 million.

“Somehow this purchase is made all the more revolting coming from of the family of Trump’s Sec of Treasury, who’s ostensibly a public servant.
We get why the rich are behind it, but to all the lower-income people who continue to support this administration: what exactly are you thinking? How is a steel replica of an inflatable rabbit supposed to trickle down?”


ja: I second your comment, “Thank you very much to Nancy, Barbk and everyone for all “insightful, hopeful and inspiring writings” I am also very appreciative.” This is a very hopeful and inspirational place to come to daily. Thank you Nancy and thank you all.

HouseDemocrats Read #MuellerReport – LIVE on C-SPAN3


online here: https://cs.pn/2W7bSFE


Excellent description of the sorry state of corruption that is our new normal.

If you’re confused about why something is happening in America, just ask who’s making money from it. This of course applies to the presidency of Donald Trump, our fearless leader and an indubitable—if unfortunate—projection of the American id…

Andre, Thank you for the post you labeled “back exercise”. It is a very interesting approach to posture and alignment that I have looked into and am using a bit. Dr. Eric Goodman, the chiropractor who invented it, calls it Foundation Training, and there’s a cute video on his website of Jeff Bridges showing it to the talk show host and his guest.

Yep, in a nutshell, it’s our id; our US 2nd house Pluto.

Thanks Nancy, this makes it crystal clear; how the US Mercury (TV, media) in the US 8th house of shared resources opposite US Pluto in the US pocketbook 2nd house is bringing the chickens home to roost.

I love “The Great Unvarnishing” line. And this “the Base of aging Caucasians”. Kleptocracy indeed.

Trump and Biden, a Gemini and a Sagittarian, are both currently favored by Jupiter. Starlight has already told us that the Con Don’s (De Blasio’s new nickname which I think will stick) astrological protection will fade once Jupiter changes signs. Couldl this apply to Biden as well?

wow eliseo, your 6.08 post is brilliant framing! Can you get the word out to more dems?

Ten years ago I was so mesmerized by the transits of Neptune-Jupiter-Chiron which were conjunct the US natal Moon in Aquarius – all at the same time – I barely noticed the other transiting events. I wouldn’t have understood what they meant at the time, but now . . .

In the summer of 2009 transiting Uranus was in Pisces and sextile the US natal Pluto in Capricorn and then the transiting North Node (path forward) moved into Capricorn to conjunct US Pluto (transformation) and sextile transiting Uranus (breakthrough).

This sextile of trans. Uranus in Pisces to US Pluto + trans. North Node in Capricorn formed a Yod to Trump’s natal Mars and Ascendant in Leo . .which opposed US Moon-Pallas in Aquarius (called a Boomerang), where trans. Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron had been, and would soon return.

Meanwhile transiting Saturn (restriction) in Virgo, after conjoining US NATAL Neptune in Virgo, made a trine to US Pluto in Cap and an opposition to transiting Uranus in Pisces. That would have been in Sept-Oct. 2009. Read that as trans. Saturn (structure) meets US Neptune (dissolution) then trines US Pluto (dismembering) as it opposes transiting Uranus (breakthrough stagnation).

Transiting Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron had all stationed retrograde after their Spring meetup and conjunction to US Moon-Pallas and would, one-by-one re-join the US Moon-Pallas in early 2010.

I believe this period was symbolizing the instrumentally changing attitudes of the US population toward the US government (Gen Motors goes bankrupt, Obamacare born). It was also when Donald Trump became a Republican – again.

The Neptune to US Moon alone would have influenced the US Public through drugs (legal and illegal), fantasy and spirituality increases. Add in Jupiter (religion increases) and Chiron (crisis and wounding) and the Masses were losing their grip on reality.

So here we are, 10 years later, wondering how the hell it all happened. I maintain it is a cleansing of an experiment (USA) that was flawed to start with, but was full of possibility – once the flaws were addressed and fixed. It is a 2nd chance, so to speak.

I’m wondering if US natal Ixion (famous for getting a 2nd chance) at 1+ Capricorn has anything to do with this timing.

Recently transiting Uranus was trine US natal Ixion, and transiting Pholus (small cause, big effect) was and will soon return again to conjunct US Ixion. It’s about whether the lessons we have been exposed to for the last decade have taught us anything.

Transiting Ixion is hanging around the Galactic Center (27+ Sagittarius) which sextiles US Moon (US People) in Aquarius, where Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron all gathered together 10 years ago. It’s not like the Universe isn’t trying to help us succeed.


“…Although, sometime after he had left the presidency, in a conversation with Bill Clinton, I suggested he talk about the issue in constitutional terms. I suggested it should be argued, the state, in concert with the provisions in the First Amendment, does not have the right to impose the religious beliefs of any particular group on all Americans; the state therefore should take a neutral position, i.e. individual freedom to choose in accordance with one’s conscience and consultation with one’s physician.”



We’re on the same wavelength; I posted the 91M Jeff Koons obscenity by Mnuchin’s father news on FB with the simple comment:

“Get it?”

Biden progressed to 9 pm, EST, in Wilmington on election night with Sibly progressed to the same date, time and place, around it.

I do not use this combo for my first line of investigating charts for an event. It comes almost last to be used but I am posting it because it is the only strong look I can find for him that night and if I did use it first I would judge it to be very favorable.



Thank you for all of your extraordinary work. Sometimes I don’t quite comprehend some of your brilliance – but I am learning.

Thank You for your confidence.
Currently, I’m not teaching. I’m finishing up dealing with my late mother’s estate. It has been and remains an enormous and overwhelming job, but the light at the proverbial end of the tunnel is getting brighter every day.

I’ve been down here in Texas too long, also having taking well over a year and a half focusing solely on dealing with my mother’s estate. I’m eager to go home to WA state, which looks like it will happen this coming June.

I’m reticent to do much politically here, as that would delay my getting home. My good friend, Sharon K, who knows more detail about the “journey” I’ve been through these last few years analogizes my situation to the story of Odysseus. My wife, after a very long time, is very excited I’m coming home.

After having arrived home I’ll be far more politically active. I’ll be performing my poetry and songs, finishing my essays and novels, publishing the new vocabulary I’ve developed for emotions many feel but for which we have no words, and continuing my research on biomagnetism and magnetoreception.

As I am also a former broadcaster, (I did radio comedy and radio news) my wife feels my future is in podcasting. Some of that will of course be political. Many of my essays and op-eds will be political as well, and living in Olympia, the capital of WA, I’ll be actively lobbying both Dems and R’s to pass legislation more rational than what they would ordinarily produce.

And yes, of course, I hope to teach Dems how best to frame a number of their issues. I’ll be getting the word out to as many as possible. We can’t afford to lose this and many of the other fights before us.

Many Thanks!

Many Thanks for that Esquire article. That was truly excellent!

Here’s something that may mark that shift as of June 1st in Trump’s ability to steamroll, per Nancy’s post. The federal judge in the Michael Flynn case just ordered public release (unredacted) of the Mueller report’s redacted passages related to Flynn and all the underlying evidence, including transcripts of two key phone calls, one where Trump’s personal lawyer (John Dowd) essentially threatened Flynn to try to get him not to cooperate with Mueller (obstruction of justice) and another call between Flynn and the Russian ambassador discussing sanctions, which Flynn had lied about. All of these are court ordered to be released as of May 31.

Yay!! Thanks Les!

Thanks Bob, looks like US is making an adjustment; the progressed Jupiter-Mars sextile is forming a Yod with progressed Sun. That explains a lot. Biden’s prog. Jupiter could be the beneficiary.

RE: the Flynn material and the federal judge order. That judge is pretty serious. Also, there are reports that certain unknown congressmen threatened Flynn when he began to cooperate. I don’t think we need a crystal ball to see jail bars in the future for Dowd + others.

Monday is Eliza Doolittle Day beginning a rough week for the GOP. May their ‘eads roll.

Withdrawing previous comment – US progressed Mars is SQUARE US progressed Jupiter, not sextile as I incorrectly observed. I definitely need new glasses.

However, the progressed US Chiron (wound/heal) in Aries opposite progressed US Mars (force) in Libra IS T-squared by US progressed US Jupiter (understanding) in Cancer, and I find that equally thought provoking. Especially since Trump’s natal Jupiter is conjunct US progressed Mars.

I might never have realized that without your chart Bob, thanks again.

Ray Merriman’s weekly post is very informative today. He focuses on the impact of the Jupiter-Neptune square as well as the looming Saturn-Pluto conjunction.


26 Democratic presidential candidates running is a little disturbing. Why do people keep entering the race who have really no chance of winning, and are causing financial support of candidates to be spread too thin? When will the field be pared down? I guess the June debates may help that process.

In a surprise result, the conservative government has just been reelected in Australia. It’s a far-right government of climate deniers.

The same thing should happen in Canada in the fall. Justin Trudeau is now behind by double-digits a Conservative Party leader who favors Canada’s oil industry in Alberta. The only province who will resist this trend is Quebec.

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction is working as expected. Beware November 2020.

a comment from the nyt’s:

“There is one thing that Joe Biden represents which causes him to be very electable. He won’t break the place. Trump is tearing our nation apart. He is demolishing our institutions of government. He has demolished the truth. He has convinced many that the press cannot be trusted. He has severely damaged the rule of law.

Good old Joe won’t do that. He won’t wage a war against women. He won’t try to start any wars. He won’t kowtow to brutal dictators. I think the vast majority of female voters would welcome the stability that Biden will bring. Do not discount the college educated professional class, many of whom are Republicans, who would support Biden in a second.

Many of us want more, a lot more. But reality has a way of denying instant gratification. Because of the tremendous damage inflicted upon our society by Trump, Joe might be just what the doctor ordered to get us out of the ICU and into the rehab clinic.

I’d like to see him pick a woman for VP. Personally, I’d like for him to pick Amy Klobuchar for the position, but I suspect that most who agree with this editorial don’t want her either and would rather have Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warden. We shall see how this all turns out in the coming months, but my hunch is the the old guy runs away with it for the reasons stated above.”

Not crazy about this opinion piece but the comments are interesting.


This is what November 2020 will look like.


ja, Thank you so much for posting that excellent NYT Comment! A brilliant comment I hope makes it’s way for all of American Voters to see!

June 21 1788 1pm.

ja, thanks for the Joe Biden piece – he kicked off his campaign with a rally today, when the Full Moon was conjunct his Sun in Scorpio. Does he have an astrologer? I’m betting he does.

Sharon S, as to the numerous Democrat candidates, I see it as a plethora of opportunities for voters to express their desires as to what they want from their government.

It’s a Neptune thing; without focus at the moment but in a year from now, a handful of them will have risen to the top showing the People (symbolized by the US Moon) and the Democratic Party what to focus on to defeat Trump. Novel huh? Honing in on what the People want?

Yes, of course you are right; the debates will narrow the field and we should look at those debate dates and times to see who might be favored astrologically.

I favored Bernie in 2016 and have no desire whatsoever to pick a favorite this time because it gets too ugly when there are only 3 choices (really only 2) and I don’t have the hide of a rhinoceros. This time my choice will be whomever can get the most votes.

Andre, are you merely prognosticating a conservative/neo-fascist hegemony or actively cheerleading one? Just asking.

with the huge disparity between the pre election polls and the election results for the aussie election, it brings to my mind – election funny business manipulation, especially with the Murdoch thumb on the scales?

Also, Andre, in thinking about the ‘conservative’ trend arising ….. What’s in a name?
Right wing aussies are called liberals!
The nyt article you posted referring to Joe Biden as ‘steady & dependable’, could certainly qualify under the essence of a ‘steady conservative’ energy, especially as compared to the trump liberal chaos of upending all the existing norms? Nothing conservative about his actions whatsoever, unless you equate the word conservative to tyrannical suppression, more akin to the civil war dem party.
Something to ponder.

Interesting quote from General Barry. I tend to agree.

Watching Joe Biden political address today very reassuring. He is AMERICAN values. Knows and respects how our gov operates. Needs a younger but talented Vice President like Sen Kamala Harris or Sen Amy Klobuchar. The solution to our dangerous situation.

Jackson, just trying to give you a heads up, is all. Don’t get too emotionally invested in Biden or any other Democrat. I believe the presidential elections in 2000, 2004 and 2016 were stolen. The only difference the last time was a foreign power was involved and the incumbent has no interest in preventing that in 2020. My question is: how will you react when you find out?

Good point about what’s in a name. The Conservative party of the UK holds views similar to those of our Dems in the USA.

Our “Conservatives” are not conservative. They are radical, tear it all down, fire breathing Reactionaries at best, and wannabe Fascists at the worst.

I agree with whomever upstream said steady as you go, Joe Biden could be interpreted as conservative. I also agree with whomever suggested educated conservatives might vote for Biden over Trump. But if Trump is removed from office before the election, and facing a backlash from within their own party, the R’s might nominate someone like Romney, someone who could beat Biden.

Good point about stolen elections and probable foreign electoral interference. But here’s a thought. Could not that Saturn Pluto conjunction be interpeted as a departure from the corruption of the Trump era and a return to the rule of law?

Eliseo, that’s a possibility but unlikely iin my view before the US Pluto return. Saturn-Pluto to me means this:


Also, keep in mind that the Jupiter-Neptune square all year means gaslighting, whcih is now chronic until the Neptune opposition to US Neptune is gone, is in overdrive. What appears to be real this year won’t be in 2020. And that applies to Trump AND Biden. In the Democratic field, rose-colored glasses and over-optimism are in plentiful supply.

I’m not saying Saturn-Pluto will be all bad. Reagan wasn’t, was he?

Next stop: the European elections next week where far-right parties are expected to win big.

Eliseo, I guess what I’m really saying is that the return to the rule of law might be accomplished by a one-term Republican after the Con Don leaves office. All signs point to 2024 for a President who actually moves the country forward.

Trump needs to be ousted immediately and at any cost, but more than that, the forces that put him in office need to be completely gutted and destroyed. I am not against conservatives in a balanced political system (which ours isn’t) but the far right he speaks to should be run back under the rock it came out from and stomped on. There should be hell to pay for those who have unleashed on our world at a time when we can least afford to have them ascendant. I say that understanding the energies of the current time period.

Citizens United made our elections flush with corporate money. We need a political overhaul of such kind that any corporate involvement in elections results in the liquidation of the offending entities and imprisonment of corporate officers. No more deflecting personal responsibility with corporate personhood.

“the return to the rule of law might be accomplished by a one-term Republican after the Con Don leaves office.”

I’ve been seeing that as a definite possibility. If the evidence of Trump’s past crimes, (mostly money laundering and tax evasion) corruption, incompetence, and very possibly knowledge of Russian meddling in the 2016 election is laid out so plainly the legally blind can see it; if enough major R’s go to jail, perhaps they will go for a house cleaning in order to stay viable as a party. In such a case, and I think this is a best case scenario for the R’s, we’re to unfold, again, I see Romney, or his clone, someone perceived as “clean and honorable” elected in 2020.

Conversely, if Trump is removed, and President Pence DOES NOT pardon him or rock the boat too much, I see Mr. Pence possibly winning one term of his own. Either way, that may begin a process of healing for the R’s, thusly preserving the two party system.

Ironically, I look at the Saturn-Pluto-Ceres conjunction at 22+ Capricorn (accompanied by Sun and Mercury) on January 12, 2020, as part of a birthing process, noting that it comes BEFORE the end of the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle (in December, 2020) as well as before the US natal Pluto Return (2022).

That’s because this conjunction on Jan. 12, 2020 is in a grand trine with the US Neptune degree (22+ Virgo) and the start degree of the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle (22+ Taurus), and further, I believe this is by design. US Neptune is liquidating the obsolete parts of the US psyche.

Then there is US natal Ceres which will have a fresh new Return (trans. Ceres conjunct natal Ceres) on December 20, 2020, just 25 hours before the old Jupiter-Saturn cycle ends and the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle begins (which is just hours before a new Mars-Eris cycle begins) on December 21, 2020. This Jupiter-Saturn cycle will mark a new phase moving from Earth emphasis to Air emphasis in the 20-year Jupiter-Saturn cycles.

This Mars-Eris cycle (that coincides with the US Ceres Return and the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle) will end in June, 2022, right between the 1st and 2nd (of 3) conjunctions in 2022 of transiting Pluto to US natal Pluto.

It’s because of the above that see the Saturn-Pluto-Ceres conjunction (part of a grand trine) as a linking continuation between the two back-to-back Jupiter-Saturn cycles, at least for the US, and the new transiting Mars-Eris cycle (2022-2024) as linking the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle with the US Pluto Return.

The Mars-Eris cycle will also accompany the transiting Pluto transition from Capricorn to Aquarius; a process that begins in March 2023 and ends in Nov. 2024.

The next US Ceres Return (after the December, 2020 one) will come in March 2025, just a couple of months after transiting Pluto is firmly in Aquarius.

This US Ceres Return in 2025 will be linking transiting Pluto, which will now be in Aquarius, to elements in the new Jupiter-Saturn (air) cycle (2020-2040) as reflecting new US patterns, since developed after the US Neptune dissolving process of obsolete and archaic cultural modes of operation.

It is Ceres that will enable a change of attitude toward Earth’s natural resources and it will be Eris (with Mars) that will make us conscious of our innate hubris regarding those resources.

Republican Justin Amash calls for Trump impeachment


(Justin Amash is the U.S. Representative for Michigan’s 3rd congressional district)


Do you have an itch?

Videos. Be sure to scroll all the way down.


I think Romney has a good chance. He is seen as a Christian but not as an extreme or corrupt one (although the business practices brought up by Eliseo certainly would be brought out by Democrats). Also, Trump will most likely bring Niki Hailey on as his running mate and this will help him (unless his crimes are made obvious before the Republican convention and/or the election….obviously it benefits the Democrats to wait until he is the candidate to release anything that condemns him definitely).

I have thought about it and respectfully disagree, barb. I think the multitude of Democrats running makes the Democrats look a little weaker — to others, not the Progressives who love Warren or Bernie or similarly Progressive candidates. To the more moderate/mixed platform Dems (like myself), independents, and certain Republicans, it makes it look like there is/are no strong leaders except possibly Biden, Warren, Harris (and we have already had is a woman electable this cycle discussion; however, as the Red states abolish abortion, women may be looking more electable).

Even Bernie now looks weaker because he has so much competition, where before he stood out. Also, the Republicans have had a good chance to taint his ideas whereas when he first introduced them, people of all political persuasions embraced them – people whom I consider Right-learning. At this point, with the tax cuts and out-of-control deficit, it might not be the right time for those ideas yet….which dovetails with what Andre posited: that 2024 would be. I know that by then, the naysayers might be more ready to support climate change remediation – which in itself will be costly, especially when we include the infrastructure strengthening needed. Some states are ahead in that regard.

meant to write: “we have already had the discussion of whether a woman is electable this cycle…”

And yet Sharon, these multiple perspectives are beneficial in that they invite a wider discussion, unlike the Republican party’s narrow vision of what can be included as party stances.

Why must we (Democrats) have a “leader” in a race that won’t even take place for more than a year when the convention takes place? The more viewpoints expressed, the more voters will feel their concerns are being recognized; you know, casting a wider net catches more fish.

In the end, when only one leader (+ one backup person) has been chosen in the summer of 2020, the likelihood of more people voting the Democratic ticket in November, 2020, seems possible, if more people’s issues have been aired in the intervening months.

I don’t think we should fear a multitude of individuals willing to represent the Democratic Party, we should be overjoyed. At least the Dems have people discussing gun control, climate change, immigration issues, abortion rights, racial issues and so on.

Narrowing the field to 3 or 4 candidates will narrow the topics and thus narrow the number of eligible of voters interested in participating in the process. We need to stimulate interest in being part of the election of US President and the best, if not the only way to do it is to address more concerns of the electorate.

Don’t worry about looking weak to the moderates, independents and (god forbid) the Pubs; do you think it would keep them from voting in November, 2020? Some of them might even learn something they weren’t aware of – broaden their perspective, widen their consciousness. I think it’s healthy.

God bless Nancy for allowing diversity of perspectives to be discussed here on Starlight News; it’s an Aquarian thing and there’s no turning back. We are headed for Aquarian times which means we must listen more and embrace change.

Amen, BarbK. I couldn’t agree with you more.

Sharon K, more revolutionary back exercises from Dr. Eric Goodman. They are immediately effective and provide wonderful relief.


These videos came to me from my daughter who is doing a PH.D. in psychology, does a lot of climbing (indoor and out) but has overdone it and has found a great chiropractor.

There are so many great posts here it’s hard to keep up.

Barbk, your 4.47 am post this morning was wonderfully positive.

I agree too Barbk. Looking for ‘THE one and only’ in this election is buying into the same tribal mindset as brought us don the con.
I like to think of all the participants as team members in a relay race to save a multifaceted usa democracy, rather than a win at all costs solo act. In the final analysis, I think it matters less about who emerges as the strongest to carry the baton across the finish line, than the energy generated by cooperation and unity of ultimate purpose. I don’t see it as weakness, but the opportunity to cover more territory on the ground. That said, I do wish more would stand up for state level/local area representation, but perhaps this is a jumping off platform for some for those spots too.
Now if only we can keep all their egos from ruining that team spirit.

There is good in this world.


Thought for the day: if the Con Don is forced to resign before the next election, Biden is done. They are interdependent. Biden is the antidote to Trump. Without him, the Democrats will look for someone else and split again, opening the way to a Republican.

I was wrong about one thing. Black voters want to see Trump lose so much, they are forgiving Biden for Anita Hill. This could change once the debates begin, but Biden will likely stay on top until Trump is gone in January 2020. After that, all bets are off.

Of course, McConnell knows this. He will be the one to tell Trump it’s over in order for the GOP to retain the White House. Oh, the games people play…

Thanks for more back exercises from Dr. Goodman, Andre! And what Robert Smith did for the Moorehouse students is so wonderful – I hope there is more of this.

As regards the Dem candidates, I think some of my concerns will be alleviated when we get to the June debates because there will then be a first and second (and probably 3rd) tier group. Then, I hope the front runners stay positive and are not baited into dissing each other, as Obama said (referring to his comment about a concentric firing squad).

Cross post.

Do The Math


“Allan Jay Lichtman (born April 4, 1947) is an American political historian who teaches at American University in Washington, D.C. He is well known for predicting the election results for the president of the United States Presidential Election since 1984, including forecasting the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election remarkably early.”

The 13 Keys to the White House


“When five or fewer keys are false, the incumbent party wins; when any six or more are false, the challenging party wins.”

“Prospectively, the Keys to the White House has correctly forecast the popular vote winner of all seven presidential elections from 1984 to 2012, usually months or even years prior to Election Day.”

1 Party Mandate – After the midterm elections, the incumbent party holds more seats in the U.S. House of Representatives than it did after the previous midterm elections.

2 Contest – There is no serious contest for the incumbent-party nomination.

3 Incumbency – The incumbent-party candidate is the sitting president.

4 Third party – There is no significant third party or independent campaign.

5 Short-term economy – The economy is not in recession during the election campaign.

6 Long-term economy – Real per-capita economic growth during the term equals or exceeds mean growth during the previous two terms.

7 Policy change – The incumbent administration effects major changes in national policy.

8 Social unrest – There is no sustained social unrest during the term.

9 Scandal – The incumbent administration is untainted by major scandal.

10 Foreign/military failure – The incumbent administration suffers no major failure in foreign or military affairs.

11 Foreign/military success – The incumbent administration achieves a major success in foreign or military affairs.

12 Incumbent charisma – The incumbent-party candidate is charismatic or a national hero.

13 Challenger charisma – The challenging-party candidate is not charismatic or a national hero.

So many great posts from everyone, I can hardly keep up.

Here’s a bit of humor , maybe not, it’s kinda black, honestly sometimes I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! I’m exasperated to say the least.

My Mum was over this afternoon and was asking me whether I watched Game of thrones and said that apparently tonight it was going to be a real quandary because so many would want to watch the finale of Game of thrones (not sure if she is right about the finale since I dont watch it) and others who wanted to watch Fox News having on Peter Butt -a -ass, this is exactly how she pronounced his name. Flippantly.

I was in shock, I was like Mum, really and she kept repeating it, I said Mum I know his name is hard to pronounce and explained to think of it like boot – a -judge, I actually said, think about kicking (booting) a judge out and thats how you could remember it, she said oh I didn’t know how to pronounce it, Ill remember that now .

Two minutes later she’s talking about Pete Butt an ass again. I was like Mum, you know, he’s gay, you referencing butt and ass is pretty awful. I was not amused though she thought it was funny.

i have no idea whether she came up with this herself or whether this is something she heard on Fox News.

Yep….. she then at least said he was very smart and thought he seemed like a nice guy. Wonder how it went tonight on Fox, did anyone here watch it and if so , thoughts?

Isn’t it amazing that trump referencing the character cover of Mad Magazine as looking like Pete Buttigeig (its true he kinda does), got way way more coverage than Trump pardoning Conrad Black , someone who committed war crimes and potentially wanting to pardon some more like him ever got?

We are truly living in some weird times

RE: your 6:16 PM post
All three paragraphs: You nailed it!

If Trump is not the nominee for the R’s I suspect the public will go for the candidate perceived as most moderate. But Dems will desire the candidate perceived as the most Progressive. Therefore Dems lose in November 2020. I hope I’m wrong, but that’s the way I see it.

Eliseo / Andrea,

That’s how I see it too. If Trump is still in the whitehouse and the nominee, the dems should win, if he isn’t the nominee, I think the dems will fail. As long as Fox news has that foothold and we don’t do anything about Russian interference, the dems are done, regardless of what the majority of Americans want. The turnout has to be so large they can’t hide it in order for us to have a chance. And that’s even though the numbers Bob shared are clearly pointing to a change. This is a new age and the old rules don’t apply, since everything is being manipulated to help one party. This scares the begeezus out of me.

CaseyM, I believe the American people will reclaim their democracy, but the US is not a democracy now because of voter suppression, corruption, gerrymandering and foreign hacking. There will be a rebirth of the nation after the near-death experience of the Pluto return.

I saw Romney on CNN yesterday. He said now is not quite the time for impeachment but I think he can’t wait for Pelosi to make up her mind.

My prediction at this point: Pence will be President 46 for a year (from January 2020 when Trump goes as Bob says to January 2021). Things look worse for a while. Pence is unpopular so Romney challenges him for the nomination and wins. Romney defeats any Democrat candidate. Romney is President 47 for one term. He returns to the rule of law but has a rough time (Mars-Uranus in the 12th in the Inaugural chart) with strong enemies, including in his own party.

Romney either does not run again or is defeated in 2024 by the Great 48th, the first woman President, probably a Democrat but could be Nikki Haley. This President will have to govern through the US Uranus Return, which could bring a great war with China. She will be a historic leader on a par with Washington, Lincoln and FDR.

Trump will die in jail or a mental hospital. He will be America’s shame forever.

Andre, am I correct that the last President to govern through a Uranus Return was FDR? And before that, Lincoln or Buchanan? I subtracted 2025 minus 84, which took me to 1941, then subtracted another 84, and got 1857. What year was the US’ previous Uranus return?

Pete takes on Trump at Fox Town Hall Meeting:

“If we ignore the viewers of Fox News and every news platform that doesn’t share our worldview, we will surrender our ability to speak directly to millions of American voters,” Buttigieg asserted. “If we don’t show up, the conservative media will tell our side of the story for us.”


Bob butting in for Gina.

SIBLY – Philadelphia – Natal Chart
Jul 4 1776 NS, 5:10 pm, LMT +5:00:39
Philadelphia PA, 39°N57’08”, 075°W09’51”

Jun 16 1860 NS Ura Cnj Ura 08°Ge55′ Tr-Na
Dec 28 1860 NS Ura Cnj Ura 08°Ge55′ Tr-Na

Lincoln inaugurated March 4 1861

Apr 1 1861 NS Ura Cnj Ura 08°Ge55′ Tr-Na

May 30 1944 Ura Cnj Ura 08°Ge55′ Tr-Na

FDR died April 12 1945 Warm Springs, Georgia, U.S.

Jul 26 2027 Ura Cnj Ura 08°Ge55′ Tr-Na
Nov 5 2027 Ura Cnj Ura 08°Ge55′ Tr-Na

May 11 2028 Ura Cnj Ura 08°Ge55′ Tr-Na

I just realized that the best way to beat fox news is to join them.

Bob, re: Do the math . .

Some of those postulations I couldn’t answer but I came up with 5 False. Good Lord willing there will be more.

Sounds like your mom is just trying to get a rise out of you Diana, and she succeeded. Some day it WILL be funny. That guy, Mayor Pete, must have a butt, er, hide of steel!

Right now transiting Lachesis (one of the 3 sisters of Fate), she who twists the threads of Fate, is conjunct US Mars (21+ Gemini) that is conjunct Trump’s Sun (22+ Gemini). I just heard a 16 year old Guatemalan boy has died while in US border custody. Could this be the straw that breaks this ass’s back?

Andre, I grant you that once Trump is dead, figuratively or literally, fewer eligible voters will feel the need to vote, Democrat or otherwise. I don’t see the Republicans keeping the White House though, based on the midterm Democrat House win.

Also, the US Solar Return (July 4) chart for 2020 has the Moon (the People) at 9+ Capricorn trine Uranus (rebellion) at 9+ Taurus but square Chiron (wound) at 9+ Aries and the People are likely feeling an increasing cash pinch.

Add to that the Solar Return chart’s Vesta (focus) will conjunct the US Sun (consciousness) at 13+ Cancer (family, roots) while Solar Return Juno (unequal partner) at 9+ Libra (equality) opposes SR Chiron completing a T-square to SR Moon (rules Cancer Sun) in Capricorn, compounding the aggravation of the People.

Barbk, I hope you’re right, but you presume the next election will be fair and honest. Need I remind you the astrology of the next election might be the worst ever. Someone won’t accept the result, which may run counter to the polls.

I fear your optimism is a victim of the current Jupiter-Neptune square.

Kamala Harris charts for the 2020 election and the 2021 inauguration have me jumping out of my skin. Can’t decide if for Prez or Veep.

On inauguration day in DC she has progressed Moon conjunct progressed Jupiter trine progressed MC (Moon 45°40′, Jupiter 45°02′, MC 165°44′).

She also has transit Pluto square her natal Sun and Moon (Sun 205°49′, Moon 27°13′ transit Pluto 297°01′).

Sibly Venus trines her DC MC. Sibly Moon is on her Saturn and trines her Mercury in RA and her Sun in longitude

There is probably more but it will have to wait.

I’ve long foreseen almost precisely the scenario you described. Also, I’ve long foreseen Elizabeth Warren as our next FDR, elected probably in 2024, our Elizabeth the First. Every time I see her I get that “FDR vibe.” If not her, someone espousing her ideas.

Oddly, if President Romney restores the rule of law, roots out the corruption, etc., he will have fulfilled the Mormon prophecy/expectation about the M president who saves the nation in its darkest hour.

I also think a Romney presidency more consistent with Pluto in Capricorn.

Back after a long while. As for Trump being absent, if he is, he’s going to be succeeded by Pence. If for no other reason that it would be too difficult and divisive to nominate anyone else for the Party.

Also, a work in progress:

Saturn square Sun, trine Natal Jupiter by transit. This site feels like rolling a ball uphill. Lots of writing-and the source material seems so inept compared to what I’m even doing at the moment.

As for healing our democracy, remember that Pluto will soon be entering Aquarius, while rules groups of intention. I doubt that with an election of a Democrat, groups like Indivisible, the podcasts, voter reform groups, are going to disband. Even with a Congressional trifecta, there’s still a lot of work to be done to reform local politics, civics education, and general voter engagement.

“This site feels like rolling a ball uphill. Lots of writing-and the source material seems so inept compared to what I’m even doing at the moment.”

Such modesty.

Well Andre, there is that dishonest election thing.

What I see coming is a time when the US people are going to be deprived of drinking water, and when that happens there will be a mass shifting of priorities and values.

That’s what I see transiting Pluto in the US 2nd house being about. Values, like drinking water for example. US NATAL Pluto on the other hand, is ruler of the US natal 12th house of secrets. The US Pluto Return and the conjunctions of US Pluto and transiting Saturn, and US Pluto and transiting Jupiter are about government secrets.

The conjunctions of TRANSITING Pluto to transiting Jupiter and transiting Saturn, all opposite US natal Mercury (in the US 8th house of shared resources), are about exposing those secrets. US Mercury is the ruler of the US 7th house of partners and open enemies. Mercury is not always what we consider trustworthy, but he does love to gab.

Much astrological activity in 2020. For example transiting Mars (action) starts 3 two-year cycles in March, 1st with trans. Jupiter, then with trans. Pluto and finally with trans. Saturn. Then in April trans. Jupiter conjuncts trans. Pluto – the 1st of 3 times, and both are opposite US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer.

I want to point out one important (IMO) transit of 2020; on May 13, 2020, transiting Venus (valuables) stations retrograde at 21+ Gemini, conjunct US natal Mars (21+ Gemini) + Trump’s Sun at 22+ Gemini, which squares US Neptune at 22+ Virgo, while transiting Neptune at 20+ Pisces makes it a T-square (and Trump’s natal Moon at 21+ Sagittarius makes it a grand cross).

Transiting stationing retrograde Venus will be in that degree for almost 2 weeks, conjunct US natal Mars, while transiting Jupiter stations retrograde at 27+ Capricorn conjunct US natal Pluto, where it will remain for almost 4 weeks. It is about government secrets.

This will follow a New Moon at 3+ Taurus (where transiting Uranus is right now) on April 23, 2020. The degree where Chiron was when discovered is 3+ Taurus and that degree carries the Chiron vibe. That New Moon in April 2020 will sextile US natal Venus at 3+ Cancer, just as transiting Uranus is doing right now.


Surely you don’t think that by coming here and insulting this site we all love that you’ll find people interested in hearing what you have to say on your own site.

We’re quite protective of Starlight and the astrologers who post here.

I didn’t mean the insult the site. The source material I was talking about was the books I was using for reference material. And the difficulty was referring to my own site.

My site is a labor of love, but I underestimated by a factor of two just how hard it would be to set up, and the work it would take to get it up and running. Writing original material, making sure all the links work, and so on.

Hear, hear Teresa!

I would like to reiterate that transiting Ceres will be conjunct US natal Ceres at the same time transiting Jupiter and transiting Saturn make their next conjunction, which also coincides with the Winter Solstice in December, 2020.

These two events (3 if you count the Solstice, 4 if you count the Mars and Eris cycle) are so intertwined they can’t be separated except that the US Ceres Return will be felt directly only in the United States, while the Jupiter-Saturn cycle will be a global phenomenon that will be effective for 20 years.

The charts are practically identical, so much so that even the Moon is within her 15 deg. orb of a conjunction with Neptune in both of them. The message seems quite clear that the US will be playing a leading role in reversing global warming and the many abuses against Mother Nature that humanity, specifically companies mining natural resources, have levied against her. Talk about rape and incest!

The new 2-year cycle start between Mars and Eris (that coincides with the Jupiter-Saturn cycle and the US Ceres Return) at 22+ Aries is square Pluto at 23+ Capricorn which opposes US Mercury at 24+ Cancer, offering another way the US will be involved in changing harmful patterns of global destruction.

This too is part of the death and re-birthing symbolized by the coming US Pluto Return, at which time this Mars-Eris cycle will end and a new cycle will begin.

Carol, welcome back. Sorry we misunderstood you!

Congrats on your achievements Carol. Tried to leave a comment but I am not much of a joiner in real life or on the internet.

Bob, once I get the hang of the site, I will only allow comments by invited guests for the wiki. I’m setting up links for email so I can take requests. I mean the wiki to be a place of learning and co-contributors only.

Barbk, you are sometimes uncanny. I was just thinking before reading your 11.03 am post that perhaps the US Uranus return won’t be about war this time but about the coming environmental catastrophe. The Uranus return’s common theme is a fight for survival which has taken a different form every time. This will be doubly true this time around with the Pluto return as well.

Barbk, you are also right in insisting on the presence of Ceres in the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. I would add Jupiter, who will be conjunct Pluto three times in 2020, and of course Saturn at 0 Aquarius. I don’t think the latter will have much immediate effect but that it will be an overarching theme of the next 20 years, just like the last one in Taurus in 2000 which basically gave us Trump’s pathological materialism.

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction cannot possibly counter the Saturn-Pluto conservative conjunction in my view. The question rather is whether the conservative conjunction has a plus side. I believe the presence of Ceres in that conjunction means that good governance increasingly means realistically facing environmental disaster. We may have five more years of environmental denial in the world,but the Great 48th President may be elected when reality sets in and many people panic as the oil industry goes the way of the dinosaurs. Neptune, at the end of its long stay in Pisces, finally lifts the veil of illusion about the value of oil and gas assets, as well as the value of real estate in Florida and both coasts. This will bring such economic and social shock it will be well worth a Uranus return even if we do not (hopefully) actually go to war with China.

One reason the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of 2000 gave us pathological materialism was that it was in Taurus, an Earth sign which is the Con Don’s MC, square Uranus in Aquarius, representing the American people.

The next Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will be the reverse. It will be in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus. I take it to mean the people take over in an era of environmental and economic crisis.

This reminds me of that statue of the little girl facing the bull on Wall Street. That was really a sign for our times. The little girl may turn out to be represented by the Great 48th President of 2024.
We are all so blinded by Trump’s narcissism (the last Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in full flight) we are missing the most significant events that are now unfolding beneath.

KARMA ALERT: Trump Appeal Now Goes To Court Headed By Merrick Garland


Barb K & Andre,
The friendly agreements, disagreements, and exchange of insights and perspectives between the two of you really make this site fascinating.
Thank You! Thank You!

Absolute WOW!

Elisabeth Grace:

“Speaking of party nominees, at least two new Democratic challengers joined the race: New York Mayor Bill deBlasio and Governor Steve Bullock of Montana. As a New York City resident, I couldn’t be bothered to even look at deBlasio’s horoscope, but Bullock intrigued me. Even without a birth time, patterns in his horoscope (4/11/66 in Missoula, MT) are heating up. His Aries Sun is feeling the empowerment of transiting Pluto through 2019, suggesting he is likely to receive serious attention (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez enjoyed a similar power surge when she won her seat in Congress last year.) I can’t tell you how delighted I am to read — just moments ago — WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin’s latest op-ed: ‘Steve Bullock might be the best-kept secret in the Democratic race.” Astrology is amazing.”



My Mercury is in the anaretic degree of Aquarius (29 Aq), and is conjunct my ascendant (0 Pi) and my intuition, especially around groups, movements and politics is pretty strong.

I listened to Steve Bullock on Rachel Maddow’s show. Quite impressive. Very very smart and clear. He had that “feel” that I get when I meet a political “star”.

The last time I had that feeling was when I was at the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston and Barack gave the keynote address.
The “feel” I had with Barack back then was that he could lead the country by inspiration.

The “feel” I had with Bullock from that interview was that he was bright — dazzling in fact — yet plain spoken and humble. He had common sense and could see viable solutions to our problems that were more encompassing and bi-partisan. A combo with him and Harris as Pres/VP or vice versa would be a knockout.

Pundits and others have predicted and stated that Donald Trump would start a war, if he felt threatened by Impeachment. It looks as if this is a real threat. IRAN!

8 weeks from today (July 16) a lunar eclipse with it’s Sun on tRump’s Saturn may signal the floodgates opening after Congressional committees have overcome his attempts at blocking their access to evidence they need to go forward with impeachment proceedings.

They may have him against the wall 9 weeks later (mid-September).

When I see drama I think Leo, and I’ve been seeing wall-to-wall drama, for over 2 years now. It has occurred to me that the US North Node (the path to follow) is in Leo and, perhaps, that is what it takes, Leo energy, to get the USA onto the path that takes us forward.

Fe, what you probably feel about Steve Bullock is his Uranus-Pluto conjunction, born 9 days after the 2nd of 3 conjunctions, which started their cycle in 1965-66.

That conjunction in his birth chart at 16+ Virgo was opposed by transiting Neptune from May through July, 2018, (stationing retro in June) and, in direct motion almost all of March, 2019.

Transiting Neptune in retrograde will again oppose his Uranus-Pluto in late September through all of October and part of November this year Then Neptune will station direct at 15+ Pisces in late November and return in direct motion to oppose Bullock’s natal Uranus-Pluto in mid December through most of January, 2020.

ja, Eliz. Grace also had a link to a birth chart for Nevada and it’s the only US State I’ve heard of that was born around midnight (by the stroke of Lincoln’s pen). Thanks!

Angellight, it may not be Iran. Iran is a formidable force and tRump is prone to pounce on little guys and in this case, it might be Venezuela assuming he can get permission from his handler Putin.

…and if it is Venezuela, he can (and likely will) privatize their oil companies and give them to his cronies.

Oops, Bullock was born 6 days, not 9 days after the Uranus-Pluto conjunction.

Barbk and ja, that Nevada chart is something. It popped up in French on my computer, which is nice to me but hardly understandable because the translation was Google. It appears to come from a Nevada tourism site, which is itself remarkable.

What is truly amazing is it predicts a major catastrophe in Arizona’s future because of a Sun-Moon-NN conjunction in Scorpio on the IC opposite Pluto at 12 Taurus on the MC. Mars at 18 Gemini also in the 10th is conjunct US Mars and Trump’s Sun. What happens when transiting Uranus meets that Pluto? That is in the near future.

The author jokingly suggests it can’t be flooding in the desert, but nonetheless the prediction is almost official.

Nevada would have a Leo Ascendant with Las Vegas and a Scorpio IC with legal prostitution. It is a state where Trump probably feels great.


Merrick Garland’s court – fantastic news!

Andre I would guess the transiting Uranus in Taurus conjunct Nevada’s natal Pluto in the 9th house (networking) would have something to do with a transformation (Pluto) of the Internet services (Uranus) for Nevada’s citizens. Underground (Taurus) cables might be involved. Just a guess,

IMHO, there are a number of fixes, i.e. amendments we need to add to our Constitution, including the ERA, proportional representation, an end to gerrymandering, revocation of citizens united overtly declaring corporations are NOT persons with the rights of ordinary citizens, etc.

But another one involves the impeachment process. I found this analysis by Sanford Levinson, published last March 11th, interesting. He assumes this would be added at a constitutional convention, which in today’s crazy milieu I find inadvisable. But I like his proposed remedies.

Below is the link, but beneath that are the two most salient paragraphs.


“In any event, one of the things I would very much want to be discussed at any such convention is the addition of a new provision that would at the very least allow Congress, by a two-thirds vote of the House and Senate meeting together, to pass a vote of “no confidence” in any sitting president that would serve to end his or her term immediately. If the basis of a lack of confidence is the personal character or behavior of the president, then, of course, the vice-president should succeed. If, on the other hand, the basis is a deep fear of the wisdom of the policies identified with the Administration, then instead the caucus of the party to whom the president belongs should be allowed/required to pick a successor, subject to ratification by an absolute majority of both houses of Congress voting as one.”

“There would be no good reason to rely on vice-presidents to succeed to the Oval Office if in fact one mistrusted their judgment to the same degree as the president’s. If one, for good reason, does not trust Congress to take its responsibilities with adequate seriousness, then I would be fully open to adopting the possibility offered by the Wisconsin and California state constitutions, i.e., a “recall election” upon a sufficient percentage of the electorate signing the requisite petitions endorsing such an election. One can only imagine what our politics would be like right now if Republicans actually had to explain to their constituents exactly why they continued to have confidence in Donald Trump or if we could collect signatures at every street corner for a recall election. Of course, it’s possible that a convention would engage in the most truly fundamental debate: Are we well served in the 21st century by a presidentialist system, which appears to advantage primarily candidates of both parties whose chief skill-set is campaigning and not necessarily actual governance?”

Marc, above (May 18, 4:03pm) you noted the date of the ratification of the US constitution: June 21 1788 1pm. I can’t find that time anywhere. Could you please say where you got the 1pm from? Thanks.

A couple of the references I found are below.


“On this day in 1788, New Hampshire became the ninth and last necessary state of the original 13 colonies to ratify the U.S. Constitution. At that pivotal point, the Constitution became the organic law of the land…..Despite the efforts of Benjamin Franklin, who urged unanimity, the convention decided that only nine states were required to ratify it — as called for under Article VII of the then pending draft.”


In preparation for the June New Hampshire ratifying convention, the Federalist leaders were far more active in their campaigning than in February. Even then, it turned out that the vote was virtually even going into the convention. It turns out, furthermore, that five delegates adopted the Massachusetts Compromise in New Hampshire after three days of debate. Thus the Constitution was officially ratified on June 21, 1788 by a vote of 57-47. According to Jere Daniell, only calculated and manipulative political maneuvering by Sullivan and Langdon carried the day.”

Here is a time line for the ratification of the Constitution by the states:


Thanks to all for the very interesting discussions above.

Personally, I believe that Congress will have a lot to say before the next election comes around. I believe Mueller acted in the controlled way he did for a number of reasons, but by kicking the report over to Congress (and not recommending charges) he protects the FBI and the security structure of the country. More than most, he would know that the law is the backbone and institutions like the FBI have to be there, intact, in order to preserve the Constitution in the long run.

The dynamics in Congress are very complex. Many people besides the WH gang, McConnell, Pelosi, the multi candidates and the media can and will change the perceptions of the people before the year is over. This is an evolving and chaotic scene – the developments seem fractal (to use a term that isn’t meant to be political, but gives an apt image). It’s too soon to tell – because there are so many questions and so many people involved, it is impossible to even ask a horary question – whose question would it be?

This article gives a gripping account of the contentious ratification of the constitution. Maybe things haven’t changed much over the years…..?


There is a complete series on the process here:


Last one on the ratification of the US Constitution by New Hampshire:

It appears the ‘closest to the event’ documentation relating to ratification is in “Elliot’s Debates” (link below).

A comment I read elsewhere says:

“Unfortunately, very few records of the New Hampshire convention
exist. Elliot’s Debates contains only one speech, of questionable provenance, on the subject of the slave trade.132 But some accounts suggest
that the convention was mostly concerned about the length of terms of
office, the broad powers of Congress, the limitations on state power, and
the prohibition on religious tests (which would allow non-Protestants to
serve in the government).133 At the time of ratification, New Hampshire
recommended various amendments.134”

Note 134 says: “See 1 ELLIOT’S DEBATES, supra note 23, at 325–27.”

The link to Elliot’s Debates is below, but thus far, I have not found the specific reference above.


Jeff Daniels (born February 19, 1955 in Clarke County, Georgia)


He’s always very impressive as himself, as well as in his roles. He talks about his role as Atticus Finch and about Trump era, etc.

If you know his biography, and listen to his commentaries on talk shows you realize what an intelligent, thoughtful patriot he is. A Michigander, I wonder if he will ever run for office. IMHO, he has the potential to be the anti-Reagan.

Perhaps the most politically and economically relevant sthick Bill Maher has done in his career.

New Rule: Prime Real Estate | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
Feb 22, 2019


All Dems need to take note.

Eliseo – 🙂 🙂

that was supposed to be smiley faces

Ralfee Finn:

“We are at that time of the month when the Moon, in Capricorn, transits the ongoing Saturn/Pluto conjunction, and as it does, it illuminates the fundamentally constrictive force of that conjunction while simultaneously ratcheting up the intensity. This aspect also allows us to see the purpose and intent of the agenda behind the Trumpian curtain.”


Trump is out of his mind, on live TV.

From the NYT’s:

“He marched out into the Rose Garden, where reporters had been gathered, and delivered a statement bristling with anger as he demanded that Democrats “get these phony investigations over with.” He said they could not legislate and investigate at the same time.
Mr. Trump was loaded for bear. He walked into the room, did not shake anyone’s hand or sit in his seat, according to a Democrat informed about the meeting. He said he wanted to advance legislation on infrastructure, trade and other matters, but that “Speaker Pelosi said something terrible today and accused me of a cover-up,” according to the Democrat.”

At 11:45 AM today transiting Jupiter 21 Sagittarius 47 retrograde was opposite US natal Mars (21 Gemini 23) and Trump’s natal Sun (22 Gemini 55) and square US natal Neptune (22 Virgo 25).

Transiting Moon at 16+ Capricorn was square Trump’s Jupiter at 17+ Libra (+ US progressed Mars) and Trump’s natal Chiron at 14+ Libra (+ US natal Saturn).

Scorpio Full Moon on May 18 at 27 degrees and 38 minutes was square US natal Moon at 27 Aquarius 10. The Sun at 27+ Taurus was conjunct the transiting Sedna, also at 27+ Taurus, both also square US Moon while trans. Sun was trine US natal Pluto at 27 Capricorn 33.

Vesta (what is invested in) at 20+ Aries in the Full Moon chart was conjunct US natal Chiron, both square transiting Saturn at 20+ Capricorn (+ trans. Pluto at 23+ Cap. and trans. South Node at 18+ Cap).

Transiting Eris (discord) in Full Moon chart at 24+ Aries (4 degrees from US Chiron) is square US Mercury (TV) at 24+ Cancer.

Barbk, Pluto at 12 Taurus in the Arizona chart is in the 9th house, but also the nearest planet to the MC at 15 Taurus. The last time Uranus was in Taurus there was the Dust Bowl. Presumably, that hit Arizona as well although I understand it’s mostly desert. More importantly, Arizona became in the Forties what I believe is the main site for nuclear toxic waste in the continental US. That would fit with the Taurus Pluto-MC opposition to the Scorpio Sun-Moon-NN exact conjunction on the Arizona IC.

Of course, the Putin-selected Con Don also has a Leo Ascendant and Taurus MC as well as his Sun conjunct US Mars and Arizona Mars. I note the Uranus transit to Arizona Pluto and MC takes place in 2022-2023 at the same time as the US Pluto return. This looks ominous to me and makes me uneasy. It’s more than the Internet.

If I am right about tRump being forced out in January could he, or followers of his, stage something in Denver then?

The Next Terror Attack by Psychic Violetta. Published on Mar 17, 2019.


There are other charts supporting the possibility.

Link to The Next Terror Attack by Psychic Violetta. Published on Mar 17, 2019.


re the ‘most transparent president in history’ – the one thing that all good con men have in common is that they come to believe their own lies and revisionist history. That’s why they come across to marks as being so believable.

Andre, I realize you are uneasy, and that’s understandable. When you talk of Arizona, do you mean Nevada? I would imagine both Nevada and Arizona have nuclear toxic waste dumps, but it is Nevada’s alleged birth chart that has Leo rising, a Taurus MC and Pluto in the 9th house, and a Sun-Moon-North Node in Scorpio on the IC.

You and I see astrology sometimes in the same way but we also see it differently sometimes, and that’s okay. I maintain that ALL the planet symbols have a positive-negative expression – even at the same time. Right now you are – understandably – focused on the negative expression of Pluto and Uranus, and they sure can be life-changing and brutal.

There is nothing we can do right now in 2019 about the toxins buried out west, but maybe by 2021 we can. Transiting Uranus will reach 12 Taurus (where the chart for Nevada’s Pluto is) in May, 2021 and it will square transiting Saturn in Aquarius exactly on June 14, 2021.

There is a lunar eclipse at 5+ Sagittarius that will conjunct Nevada’s natal Venus on May 26, 2021. At that time TRANSITING Venus will conjunct the US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini.

Also at this lunar eclipse transiting Neptune at 22+ Pisces will oppose the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo and transiting Mercury (about to station retrograde) will be in the Uranus Degree (where Uranus was when discovered) at 24+ Gemini.

At that time transiting Saturn in Aquarius will square the Nevada natal Pluto and the transiting Uranus at 12 Taurus, as transiting Mars at 19-20 Cancer will t-square US Chiron in Aries which opposes US Juno in Libra, while also trine the Nevada natal Moon at 18+ Scorpio. Transiting Chiron in Aries will sextile transiting Saturn in Aquarius.

On June 10, 2021, there will be a solar eclipse at 19+ Gemini that conjuncts Nevada’s natal Mars at 18+ Gemini. At that time transiting Jupiter at 2+ Pisces will trine Nevada’s natal Mercury at 2+ Scorpio. Trans. Jupiter will station retrograde in that degree, spending 3 weeks in a trine with Nevada’s Mercury (communication).

These 2 eclipses should be studied as they relate to what we know, astrologically, about Nevada. A lot could be going on in that state besides the transit of Uranus (awakening) to it’s natal Pluto (out with the old and in with construction of the new).

Let me know what you think Andre, I value your opinion.

it will be interesting to see what nz’s upcoming budget proposal consists of: New Zealand’s Next Liberal Milestone: A Budget Guided by ‘Well-Being’


The sound of one shoe dropping:

“Trump has now lost his first court case over his financial records. He has lost his first case over his bank loans. He seems to be on his way to losing over his tax forms, and even if Mnuchin falls on his sword for Trump, New York state has just passed a law providing Congress with an alternative path to obtaining the information it’s seeking. It seems a near certainty that Trump will appeal all these rulings. But the brevity and sharpness of the decisions makes it seem very unlikely that they will be reversed at the appeals court level.

The Deutsche Bank data could be particularly interesting, because testimony from Michael Cohen indicated that Trump lied on bank loan applications made to Deutsche Bank at a time when no other bank was willing to extend him credit. If Trump did exaggerate his assets and hide his debts, as Cohen suggested, Trump would be guilty of exactly the same kind of felony bank fraud that earned his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort a prison sentence. ”


UPDATE: Deutsche Bank says it will abide by court order compelling it to provide Trump’s financial records to lawmakers

Bob, Norad is only 80m south of denver

norad alert today – https://edition.cnn.com/2019/05/21/politics/russian-bombers-alaska-intercept/index.html

Barbk, I did mean Nevada, sorry. The June 2021 eclipse appears significant.

The first transiting Uranus-natal Pluto conjunction in Taurus in the 12-15 degree range on the MC occurred in 1937-38. The opposition to the emphasized IC in Scorpio could mean links to organized crime. I don’t know enough about the history of that state to tell when the first casinos were built.

The seventh house is in Aquarius square all those Taurus-Scorpio planets. This could account for Reno’s quirky and unstable marriages.

Afer the conjunction to Pluto and the MC, Uranus will next enter Gemini and join Nevada Mars at 18 Gemini near the US Mars and Nevada Uranus at 29 Gemini a few years after the US Uranus return. The 2020s should be eventful for Nevada.

kiwi, the January 10, 2020, eclipse MC when located to Colorado Springs is at 295°15′.

tRump’s natal Saturn is on the IC at 295°43′. The July 16 lunar eclipse at 295°57′ has his Saturn on it. The eclipse MC in Colorado Springs is at 150°53′. tRumps Mars is at 149°25′.

His natal chart located to Colorado Springs has it’s MC at 5°56′. His natal Neptune is on the IC at 5°57′. The January 10 lunar eclipse Pluto is on the Desc at 5°29”, Saturn is on it at 5°51′.

He may not be there but his fingerprints appear to be.

bob, wow! my in-laws live in cs.

One good reason for so many people running to be the Democrat Party Presidential nominee is to find out just who We (Democrats) are.

We already know who the people who call themselves Republicans are, and now we are seeing who the rest of us are, and we are all over the place. It could be a reshuffling and reorganizing or re-branding of politics in the US.

That too could be part of the US Pluto Return agenda. Of the 3 conjunctions trans. Pluto makes to US natal Pluto, the 3rd one intrigues me the most because Ceres will be at 2+ Libra and conjunct the US natal chart’s MC at 1+ Libra.

I’m wondering if a new political party focusing on environmental issues could be in the offing. That might bring many people together for a common goal.

Thanks Andre . . the 2020’s should be eventful for ALL of us!

Now Dirty Bank has to cough up tRump’s financial records to Congress.

Stop! Stop! Stop!

You people!

Soon tRump will have sunken eyes with dark circles around them. Sunken cheeks. Trembling hands, a quivering voice and his hair falling out in clumps.

How can you think of subjecting us to that nightmare image? Have you no decency?

Barb – on May 20, you wrote:

“What I see coming is a time when the US people are going to be deprived of drinking water…”

Have you ever read ‘The Fifth Sacred Thing’ (1993) by Starhawk?

This is exactly one of the things she writes about in this book. I swear, she was totally prescient in nearly everything she wrote. I heartily recommend the book. It’s an easy, quick piece of “fiction.”

I just now discovered she continued this as a series. Great… MORE books to read… and find room for in my house! I already have two rooms completely full of bookcases! Between cats and books, I only reside here as caretaker! (lol)

Geesh! You guys have been absolutely prolific over the last few days, especially! It’s going to take me more than a few days to get caught up to you. I’m literally soaking in everything, it’s all so good!

My 83 y/o Mom is in the hospital; just had surgery. Looks like there might be one more in the very near future for her, as well. Obviously, most of my time has been devoted to her and coordinating her care and treatment.

I’m happy to say this has only left me enough time to barely glance at a blog or two to see tRump’s latest outrage.

Four days of 1-2 hours sleep each night left me figuring the world will turn without my active knowledge. Coming close to losing your Mom will sure give you a clear vision of what’s most important in your world!

slightkc, holding your mother in the light.

Wpw, slightkc, no, I’ve not heard or read her book and it gives me chills to read your words. I WILL read it though and it’s so great that, in spite of all the technology at our disposal, there are people – millions of them – who have no intention of giving up their books!

I went through the same thing you’re going through with my mom (moved to Kansas City to take care of her and her 2 cats) in 2003. It’s a 24-7 job and yes, with precious little sleep. My hat’s off and my heart is with you. I sincerely thank you for your recommendation too slightkc.

Sometimes I think Mr. T. is the politically dumbest president to ever occupy the oval office. When he announced he would do NOTHING in his presidential capacity, no cooperation whatsoever until and unless Congress drop all those investigations, he gave the Dems yet another valid argument for impeachment.

Presuming he keeps his pledge of doing no presidential work until the Dems relent with the investigations, Dems will be able to validly assert he is not fulfilling the constitutionally required duties of the president, and is actively violating his oath of office.

Some pundits have claimed he believes impeachment would be good for him, that like many, he believes that if impeached votes in the senate would never meet the 2/3 threshold with which to convict. He could be right.

But I’m not so sure of that. If (and I think this WILL happen) enough damaging information comes out as to his criminal past and current criminal behavior his approval rating will go down and disapproval go up. This will likely be compounded by achieving nothing due to his complete non-cooperation with and obstruction of Congress.

His disapproval always seems to hover around 60%, his hard core believers around 35-40%. A pied piper, his hard core followers will follow him into the depths of any hell we might imagine while convinced they were ascending to heaven. But the rest of us constitute a substantial majority.

I understand the well deserved cynicism we’ve developed about our R. senators, but in the end they’ll act in their best and selfish interests. I don’t think that ALL of them would be willing to fall on their swords for him. He’s just a useful idiot.

As he gradually becomes the albatross round their necks, R. senators realizing he’ll be a political liability in 2020, will act to preserve their seats and dump him. I think many of them would rather see Pence as president anyway. Same crazy policies, but perhaps without the drama.

kiwi, any place from the North Pole to the South Pole at that longitude West of Greenwich is going to have the same MC. The Asc at locations North or South of Denver will be different and if they bring aspects from planets or midpoints to their Asc’s the experience’s at those locations will differ.

Asc at Denver – 104°59’03″W, 39°44’21″N: 10°17′ Taurus
Asc at Regina, Canada – 104°39’W, 50°25’N: 21°02′ Taurus
Only 20 arcminutes difference on the MC but almost 11 degrees difference on the Asc.

Violetta specified Denver and I am thinking security at the Denver airport will not be as strong as at NORAD.

I flew into Denver from Jacksonville, Florida, years ago and because of a storm was rerouted to Buffalo, NY, on another flight while my luggage stayed on the originally scheduled flight. It took 4 days for it to get to Denver barely saving me from having to buy clothes, shaving gear, etc.

A prayer for your mother’s recovery kc.

Eliseo, I fully agree Republican Senators will act entirely out of self-interest. At one point, the Putin-appointed Con Don will threaten that self-interest. No ethical standards there.

They may well prefer Pence but they will likely discover he can’t be elected even with Putin’s help. Hence the Romney option.

In any event, it looks like November 2020 will be one close election too far. The results will be doubted if the majority vote is denied once again and even if an honorable Republican who wants to return to the rule of law takes office.

slightkc, my own 88-year-old mother who has Parkinson’s is probably in the last year of her life. It’s not easy and I sympathize deeply.

A conservative nationalist party is reelected in India with a larger share of the vote. Once again, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction is in full force.


Next stop, the European Parliament election results this evening. Right-wing nationalists are expected to gain there as well.

The deeper problem for Trump is his party will soon decide they don’t want to blow this historic trend and they will ditch him in coming months for someone else. It might be sudden.

I think Pelosi desperately wants Trump tp be on the ticket in 2020 because she sees him as the Democrats’ best chance. Impeachment will happen only if she can’t help it. I think it will happen anyway because the information coming out about Trump will just smell too awful.

Concern trolls gonna concern troll. Nobody is being fooled here. Just so you know there is NO scenario where the incumbent party has its President deposed due to felonious behavior and that party retains the White House in the next election.


In this corner, without a mark on her, weighing in at 130 pounds, “Roooocky” Pelosi! In the other 3 corners, weighing much more than a ton, the extremely battered master of disaster djt (dumb jerk traitor).

It would amaze me if Trump were to make it to the 2020 Pub Convention, let alone the election itself. Be it mental health or physical health, there is a siege on the ruler of his 6th house of health, his natal Uranus.

In January and February it was transiting Jupiter (way too much) in Sagittarius exactly opposite Trump’s Uranus (unrestricted). Then in March and April transiting Neptune in Pisces (double drugs) exactly squared his Uranus.

In the last week of June retrograde Jupiter will again oppose the Trump Uranus and in August and most of SEPTEMBER retrograde Neptune again exactly squares the ruler of Trump’s 6th house of health, natal Uranus, while trans. Jupiter – now direct – again exactly opposes that Trump Uranus.

It is in September, when trans. Jupiter and Neptune exact their 3rd square with each other, forming a T-square to Trump’s Uranus (as will their 2nd square in June), and this no where more intensely seen than in the Full Moon at 21+ Pisces that, along with the transiting Sun at 21+ Virgo (conjunct US Neptune at 22+ Virgo), creates a grand cross with Trump’s Sun at 22+ Gemini (+ US Mars at 21+ Gemini) opposite Trump’s Moon (21+ Sagittarius).

This Full Moon on Sept 13-14, 2019, is a double whammy (as in Gemini) on Trump’s Sun (rules his 12th and 1st house) and his Uranus (rules his 6th and 7th house) and I think it will nail him to the wall. Here’s why . . .

At the Sept. FM, transiting Mars (17+ Virgo) will oppose transiting Neptune (17+ Pisces) and both are T-squared by transiting Jupiter (16+ Sagittarius) which opposes Trump’s Uranus (17+ Gemini) in the chart for the Full Moon at 21+ Pisces that squares Trump’s Sun (22+ Gemini) and US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini.

Again, this means the Pisces Full Moon that opposes the transiting Sun (and the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo) is in a grand cross with Trump’s Sun in Gemini opposite his Moon in Sagittarius.

Also, transiting Mercury and Venus at 29+ Virgo (very near the US natal chart MC at 1+ Libra) will be squared by Pholus (a small cause begets a big effect) at 29+ Sagittarius (very near the Galactic Core at 27+ Sagittarius) in the September Full Moon chart.

There is also a T-square between Ceres (mothers and weather), Nessus (abuse of power) and Juno (lesser partner) in the Sept. FM chart that hooks up with the US natal square between Uranus and Ceres creating a grand cross, but I need to further decipher that one.

All in all there will be mounting pressure leading up to and culminating in September’s Full Moon period and it could impair Trump’s health. He just may OD on some Rx (a Pisces thing).

Andre said: “Con Don No ethical standards there.
The most dishonorable White House We’ve ever experienced. Do others here see the evil of Mnuchin?:
Interesting facts on Steve Mnuchin: 12-21-62

Nancy, Thank you for this meeting place. I predict: Future Astrologers will read your Blog in awe of what took place during the scandalous Trump W.H.

“In 1966 Robert F. Kennedy delivered a speech that included an instance: There is a Chinese Curse which says “May he live in interesting times.” Like it or not, we live in interesting times. They are times of danger and uncertainty; but they are also the most creative of any time in the history of mankind”
Democrats/Liberals must be Creative!

“I think Pelosi desperately wants Trump tp be on the ticket in 2020 because she sees him as the Democrats’ best chance. Impeachment will happen only if she can’t help it. I think it will happen anyway because the information coming out about Trump will just smell too awful.”

Yep! I think that’s about it. I strongly suspect they’ll find:
A. He’s been money laundering Russian and possibly Saudi money for years.
B. He’s beholden to at least one if not several Russian oligarchs/kleptocrats.
C. Although there was no “collusion” i.e. no coordination, no cooperation, he and his minions knew and we’re aware the Russians were hacking/meddling with the election.
D. He’s cheated on his taxes frequently & consistently.
E. They will expose extensive dirty dealing with, and cheating of former clients and customers.
F. They will also expose what a pitifully poor businessman he is, a fellow who would have gone broke several times were it not for the fact that’s difficult to do when you have 100’s of millions of dollars and are a member of the moneyed upper class.

Other possible revelations might concern his mental, and/or brain health, and the possibility he really did as the Steele dossier described, pay prostitutes to pee on that bed. IMO, he is certainly spiteful enough to have ordered and paid for such behavior. Who knows if that really happened?

I answered your last posting, but it mysteriously appeared up thread!

been thinking about Grover Norquist lately and wondering what he is up to and where might his fortunes be headed?
He is the one who famously said to his party “Pick a Republican with enough working digits to handle a pen to become president of the United States” – and look who they got!

OK, Ignore that last one. My 7:13 PM posting is restored to its logical place.

My G-D! What’s happening in Austria with the Center-Right party alliance with the Putin backed “ex-Nazis” and with the other far right European parties. What’s happening here? The incarnational return of Ye Olde Nazis?

It seems clear that Barr and Trump and the others are pushing as hard as they can. The question I have is what will the trump/federalist appointed judges do? Uphold the law or reinterpret the law to uphold trump? We saw SCOTUS reinterpret the 14th Amendment to appoint bush in 2000.

For Andre and anyone else concerned with the environment, here is a clip of what Jessica Murray wrote in July 2008, in her article “The Cardinal Cross Years 2010-2012” about Uranus square Pluto . . .

“Another opportunity for breakthrough that the transit will bring not a moment too soon is a revolution (Uranus) in the world’s approach to recycling detritus and waste (Pluto) now being generated at breakneck speed by the consumer cultures of the world – China being the latest contender for this sorry award. Radioactive waste in particular (Pluto) is one of those issues that is so troubling that most of us try to avoid thinking about it, unless, that is, a toxic dump were being proposed for our own neighborhood.”

Perhaps this will be the Nevada (and Arizona?) response to the Saturn-Ceres-Pluto conjunction next January; find a way to detoxify their state. Transiting Uranus will be at 2+ Taurus and opposite Nevada’s Mercury at 2+ Scorpio.

Denise Siegel’s Astrological predictions re: Trump have been brilliant. If you have missed her blog, it’s very interesting: “Donald Trump 2019 Update”

Eliseo Steve Bannon has been very active in Europe and Putin is pouring money into LePen’s campaign and to the Italian Far Rights campaign as well. Looks like the far right in many countries may do well in this election. Putin is set on destroying the EU from within.

I read an article/interview with Steve Bannon. He said that he wanted to tear everything down to bring on some kind of survival of the fittest society. But that’s not really entirely it.. I don’t know what his end game is.
George Clooney said he submitted a script to him when he was a scriptwriter. He said it was one of the worst scripts he had ever read. I don’t think he is a brain trust. I think he is a mean spirited opportunist.

The Austrian government is on the verge of collapse due to the scandal about the vice chancellor meeting with a fake Russian oligarch who promised money for a quid pro quo business deal. A lot of resignations.

Uranium/Plutonium nuclear waste can be burned up safely in either a 4th generation nuclear plant, or better in a thorium based plant. The waste from a thorium plant is less than 1% of that from any of our existing plants. And the Half life of that -1% is at most 300 years as opposed to our buried waste with a half life of 28,000 years. Furthermore, waste from thorium loses most of his toxicity in about 17 years. Also, thorium plants make meltdowns impossible and thorium is not useful to make bombs.

So, yes there is a simple solution to radioactive waste. But in 1972 our government under orders from Richard M. Nixon and against the advice of our best nuclear scientists rejected thorium and opted for uranium/plutonium, as with u/p you can build more bombs. And Nixon wanted more bombs.

Alvin Weinberg built and operated experimental successful thorium plants in the 60’s/70’s at Oakridge National Laboratory.
So why have we NO thorium plants today?
Westinghouse & the other corporations which build and operate Nuke plants also own the uranium mines. They don’t want to switch. Besides, thorium is 5 X more abundant, and far safer to mine. Thorium based plants could generate our electricity at a significantly & substantially less price. The establishment corporations don’t want that. Their profits would drop by about 80%.

PM Theresa May will resign June 7th.

Here is a comment on impeaching trump I agree with.


“I’m onboard with much of this analysis but it fails on one important point. Time favors the Democrats, not Trump. That’s exactly why he blew up the infrastructure meeting. He desperately wants to be impeached and to win in the Senate long before the 2020 elections. Pelosi is absolutely right to slow walk this going forward. Let the Democrats build pubic awareness, add more evidence, and let Trump explode as often as he likes. It’s not there there isn’t already enough evidence to impeach. It’s that the public has not caught up with the full weight of what is there. Those who are calling for immediate impeachment are fallaciously assuming that what is blatantly obvious to them is equally obvious to the public. It’s not, and Pelosi knows this. That’s exactly where her experience counts. She provides a gauge for action. I think Democrats would be wise to pay attention.”

So Eliseo, there are safer and cheaper ways to provide electricity, while leaving behind less dangerous waste, but can’t build bombs and it is nowhere nearly so profitable for Westinghouse and other corporate entities. Thank you for enlightening me.

It’s stuff like this that transiting Pluto (and Saturn and Jupiter) conjunct US Pluto is addressing. What’s good and purposeful will survive, and what’s corrupt will die and be reborn in a new form. What is so scary about that I wonder. Oh yeah,stability will not exist as we knew it for quite some time. I forgot about that.

ja, who was that quote from, do you know?

The US Pluto return should bring some important truth and transformation concerning nuclear energy.

Ja, that comment in the NYT is very wise.

The more pressure lies on Trump, the more he will be reckless militarily. He thinks Presidents unite the country when they go to war. Starlight says any military aventure will turn out badly.

Eliseo – Your post from 05/16, 6:08 am, was spectacular. Please, sir, write a book!

Also, Biden/Harris looks the most promising Dem-duo; but, Biden’s medical history is iffy – he’s had two aneurysms, and also suffers from atrial fibrillation – and that was years back; he’s much older now.


Yes, I second that. Eliseo is a great writer and has a great mind. Maybe a blog or free-lance journalism too (which pays).

Thanks for the info, Dean. I didn’t know about Biden’s health records but can say that A-fib doesn’t have to be serious. Either way, Trump (or whomever, but especially Trump) will definitely use it against him!

Beto O’Rourke has a sextile between his natal Venus (20+ Leo) and Saturn (20+ Gemini).

Starting in December, 2018, transiting Pluto (20+ Cap) was quincunx (need to adjust) both Beto’s Venus and his Saturn. By the time trans. Pluto moved away, transiting Saturn, in April, moved into 20+ Cap taking Pluto’s place making it less than comfortable for Beto.

Transiting Saturn in retrograde is moving away from that position to his Venus and Saturn but transiting Pluto will be returning to it, in retro, in August, Sept, Oct. and Nov., just as trans. Saturn in direct motion returns!

But . .by January, 2020 though, a full Moon eclipse at 20+ Cancer opposite the transiting Sun at 20+ Capricorn, just 2 days before the Saturn-Pluto-Ceres conjunction, could make a drastic change in how Beto O’Rourke is perceived by the Public and the Press.

(The eclipsed Full Moon opposite the trans. Sun completes a Yod-turned-Boomerang with Beto’s Venus-Saturn sextile. It puts all the combined energy on to the eclipsed Moon.)

At the same time, transiting Uranus will be stationing direct at 2+ Taurus, opposite Beto’s Juno (partner) in Scorpio and sextile his Pholus (small cause, big effect) in Pisces (his Juno trines his Pholus).

There’s even more but just this much is already complicated enough. Suffice it to say that the Saturn-Pluto-Ceres conjunction and the Eclipsed Full Moon and the Uranus station-direct, all happening within a 48 hour period, is going to alter some things and I believe Beto O’Rourke will be seen in a new light.

Never a dull moment, huh?

You are too kind.

I’ve been stuck here in E. Texas for too long, but will be going home to the PNW pretty soon. I’ve been so busy here clearing my late mother’s house, I’ve had no time to write essays, or finish my novels. When I get home I’ll be writing several books, and probably publishing a new and very different type of analysis in Gonzaga University’s Journal of Hate Studies.

YES! Much safer on several levels. The decision to go with uranium based plants as opposed to thorium was a very quiet but profound tragedy.

Had thorium been the choice, three mile island, chernobyl, and fukishima would be places we never heard of. Furthermore, there would be no fear were Iran building a thorium reactor. You can’t build N-weapons with thorium.

India & China are in a race (using American made plans from the 50’s &60’s) to build their first thorium reactor. India has an enormous amount of monazite sands containing thorium.

Had we built molten salt reactors, and/or liquid fluoride thorium reactors (LFTR’s) decades ago we just would not have the nuclear headaches we have today, and our electricity would be as cheap as water. But greed-head businessmen and the military industrial complex had other ideas.

Furthermore, we could have phased out the use of coal & natural gas to make electricity, dramatically reducing greenhouse gas emissions back in the 70’s had we chosen thorium.

Thanks again Eliseo, but you’re making me cry!

Here’s something I found that perked me up though. When Uranus stations direct on January 10, 2020, at 8:18 PM (between a lunar eclipse and the Saturn Pluto conjunction) the chart’s mid-heaven, when set in Washington, DC, will be at 24+ Taurus (same as Trump’s MC) and the ascendant at 29+ Leo, is the same as Trump’s. I think the Universe is telling us something shocking will happen to Trump.

Between the lunar eclipse (Moon at 20+ Cancer) on Jan 10, 2020, at 2:20 PM, followed by the Uranus station, followed by Saturn conjunct Pluto on Jan 12th, the Moon will have traveled from 20+ Cancer to 17+ Leo, conjoining Trump’s natal Saturn, Venus and Pluto and much of it while in his 12 house.

Barbk, The comment came from Michelle Goldberg’s opinion piece today.


Sorry to depress you. That was not my intention.

I know Bob’s interpretation on that Uranus station is Trump leaves office or is taken away in handcuffs. But on the ascendant leads me to surmise it might be a heart attack or stroke.

Frankly, I hope I’m wrong. I don’t want the man to die in office. We don’t need any authoritarian, wannabe mafia don presidents as martyrs.

barbk – If you look at recent video of Trump, he looks very bloated, and red-faced. Also, his multi-decade junk-food habit can’t be good for his health.

Also, he takes the drug, Propecia (a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor), for hair-loss. It has a slew of side-effects, including erectile dysfunction, and dementia:




I just posted four links to some medical articles which show that Trump’s use of the hair-loss drug, Propecia can lead to dementia. The posts somehow evaporated!

Dean W.
Trump’s Dad, Fred Trump died of Alzheimer’s, which indicates his progeny might be susceptible to the same disease.

I suggest you try again to post the articles, but two at a time. The system rejects your post if you do 3 or more I think.

Also, were those articles peer reviewed?

Surkov has resigned. He was very close to Putin and a master of disinformation.

Eliseo – Thanks for the tip about link-posting.

Also, here’s an article about Mr. Trump’s use of Finasteride/Propecia – and then a science-oriented article about the drug’s mental side-effects:



Some of the drug’s side-effects may be permanent, even after the patient stops taking it!

Here’s another medical article about Post-Finasteride Syndrome.


Also, here is a well-written (though, anecdotal) article about a former Propecia patient, and the story of how the drug ‘ruined their life.’


By: Bob on March 1st, 2018 at 7:39 pm

“I clicked on submit too soon!

“The medical records and interviews with former officials with the Trump Organization reveal that Greenberg gave Trump a prescription for amphetamine derivatives in 1982 to treat his metabolic problem; the records show that Trump continued taking the drugs for a number of years and the former officials said that Trump stopped using them in 1990 at the latest. The derivatives were diethylpropion, known under its brand name as tenuate dospan. These drugs are designed for short-term use; studies have concluded that patients can avoid developing a dependence on the drug if they take it for 25 weeks or less. But Trump continued downing the pills for years.”

“According to the Toxicology Data Network at the National Institutes of Health, diethylpropion has a high risk of dependency and chronic abuse – such as taking it for years – can cause delusions, paranoia, and hyperactivity. Studies in medical journals also report it can result in sleeplessness and impulse control problems, characteristics Trump demonstrated throughout the campaign and in the weeks since his inauguration.”


By: Bob on January 5th, 2019 at 7:41 pm

“I think it signals the significant change in the way the loser is going to be treated by first the Congress and media and eventually his “base” this year presaging his removal. Given his body image and lifestyle the year’s stress events could bring on health failures strong enough to force that removal.”

Dean W. & Bob,
Very Interesting!

There is a historical parallel with Adolf Hitler. AH made a number of very bad & crazy decisions which were puzzling to military historians for decades. We now know from medical records his Doc was supplying him with all sorts of dangerous drugs, amphetamines, cocaine, etc.

We’ve also come to believe that in the last years of his life he was suffering from Parkinson’s, or one of several related diseases which cause hand tremors. Interestingly, some link cocaine use in early adulthood with Parkinson’s in later life.

If you guys sources are correct, diethylpropion and/or Post-Finasteride Syndrome could at least be a partial explanation for the bizarro orange man’s thought patterns and behavior.

It was my job to do “pre-diagnosis” for a few years, i.e. to recommend a probable diagnosis for mental patients to their psychiatrist. Drugs or no drugs, (and drugs might well explain the Donald’s lack of normal sleep) I nevertheless, see serious and classic pathology in the man as defined in the DSM-5.

Trump bypasses Congress to push through arms sales to Saudis, UAE

Lawmakers from both parties criticized the move, with Democrats calling it an abuse of presidential power.


“How far will America allow this authoritarian to go? Why is no one stopping this regime and how much did Trump/Kushner pocket from this deal that Congress would normally vote on?”
Olga Lautman, @olgaNYC1211

One astrologer from the Daily Hunch made an observation:

“What’s especially interesting about July is that Mercury and Chiron are both stationing retrograde within 24 hours of each other, and they’re forming a trine at the same time. This retrograde in particular looks like it’ll be one giant metaphysical therapy session for us and our self-esteem/confidence issues.”

Factor in the July 8th Chiron station is at 5 ’56 Aries forming an opposition to Trump’s natal Neptune (5 ’50 Libra) and in trine to the Mars (4 ’20 Leo) Mercury station (4 ’26 Leo) conjunction and that the Mars/Mercury conjunction in turn is in close square to Uranus (6 ’08 Taurus)…… are we looking at a watershed moment in the Trump presidency? Any thoughts on this?

Here’s a chart for quick reference…….


The only nuclear waste dump that I know of is in New Mexico, the WIPP (Waste Isolation Pilot Plant). One has been approved for Nevada but I believe no nuclear waste has ever been sent there.

New post up:


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