25th May, 2019

Down the Rabbit Hole


We are witnessing the unraveling of American Democracy by a madman. While Donald Trump defiantly stampedes precedent, legal frameworks, journalists, and critics, it is the underlying crazy that is even more frightening.  All indications are that Donald Trump’s understanding of himself and the world is based entirely in delusional thinking – either paranoid or grandiose. In other words, American policy, both foreign and domestic, is no longer grounded in reality but in a form of psychosis.

The investigation into the Russian attack on our election is seen by Trump as a bunch of angry Democrats out to destroy his presidency, and so, by definition, it is a political hit job and cannot be taken seriously.   Desperate men, women, and children fleeing violence and poverty and seeking asylum at the Southern border are seen as murderers, rapists and thugs out to harm us, and are thus put in cages and treated abysmally. Our allies and trading partners have all been branded as trying to humiliate and cheat us, inspiring punishing tariffs and broken trade agreements. The intelligence community is belittled and discounted, described as political enemies of the president attempting a “coup”. The press is deemed the “enemy of the people” for seeking the truth. In fact, it is the truth that is the enemy of Donald Trump’s delusional reality.

Those who have mastered the art of flattering the Narcissist-in-Chief and encouraging his grandiosity are given gifts and support no matter how contrary to the national interest or steeped in congressional disapproval they may be. Russian sanctions are diminished, while Putin’s agenda gets a fist bump; Saudi Arabia gets a cache of weapons to further destroy Yemen; the North Koreans get fawned over in glitzy meetings; and even White Nationalist domestic terrorists get a free pass for their racism and xenophobia.  In short, what was once a narcissist’s pattern of petty, selfish grievance, bullying, and self-aggrandizement has morphed under the pressure of the White House into a full blown psychotic break from reality.  Essentially, every policy emanating from the Trump White House can be seen as either feeding the ravenous and grandiose megalomania of the narcissist or conceding to the paranoid ramblings of his fragile ego.

On the astrological front, there is some good news.  Using the strength of the planet Jupiter, the planet of success, expansion, and optimism, we can pinpoint the periods when Trump’s crazy is given free reign and when it will be limited or even denied. As of May 31, we are at the end of perhaps the longest and most potent period of Trump successfully maximizing his power, during which Jupiter has opposed his Sun and crossed his Moon and his South Node, from mid-February to May 31. There is a similar but shorter period from October 14 to October 29, 2019, when the same Jupiter aspects return for a final time. A further potentially problematic period from the perspective of Jupiterian expansionism may be from August 14 to September 30, 2020, when the Jupiter station is quincunx his Uranus (unilateral and erratic action) and square his natal Jupiter (expansion of power).

Another planet that is a crucial part of the current narrative is Pluto. At present, Pluto is making a two-year quincunx to Trump’s Sun which is bringing with it a fierce struggle for survival and intensifying of his paranoid and power grasping tendencies. When Jupiter is also active, it strengthens and enables the megalomania, as we have seen over the past few months.  This first crossing of Pluto quincunx Trump’s Sun (22Gemini55) from February 10 to May 26, 2019, has run almost concurrent with the Jupiter transits. This combination pretty much describes him running roughshod over everything.

Pluto returns to quincunx Trump’s Sun from December 16, 2019 to January 15, 2020, and finally for a long, slow crossing from July 12 to November 13, 2020, during which the fight will be fierce for his survival – probably both political and legal. During much of this time, there will be significant Saturn influence to thwart him, with the Saturn station opposite Trump’s Venus (August 18 to October 22, 2020) and the Pluto transit opposite Trump’s Saturn (October 4 to December 23) which is probably enough to crush a total power grab. Saturn will also be quincunx Trump’s Mars from October 22 to November 20.  The most dangerous period will be from November 7 to November 13, 2020, when Jupiter and Pluto will again be simultaneously quincunx Trump’s Sun, suggesting some attempt at megalomaniacal overreach to crush all opposition. We can hope that Pluto continuing its pressure on Trump’s Saturn through November and most of December and Saturn’s continuing quincunx to his Mars through November 20 will be enough to prevent these efforts.

And finally, the period just before the election, from September 1 through November 4, is likely to be a very wild ride. I expect extremely aggressive, unprecedented actions by the administration, massive and angry demonstrations, and intense legal pushback to stymie Trump’s efforts. The most consequential configuration in the Inaugural chart – Mars (24Pisces21) square to Saturn (23Sagittarius30) with both in minor hard aspect to the Moon (9Scorpio22) – will be activated by both the Inaugural progressed Moon (conjunct natal Saturn, conjunct progressed Saturn, and square to Mars) and by transiting Uranus (opposite Inaugural Moon, semisquare Mars, and sesquiquadrate Saturn). These multiple configurations suggest extreme drama resulting from wild overreach by the administration. Remember that the Uranus station will quincunx Trump’s Uranus with Jupiter square his Jupiter from mid-August through September, pointing to unilateral and grandiose action.  It seems likely to me that we will ultimately defeat this vicious assault on our nation once the dust from the election settles, but at significant cost.


This article is right on the mark. He may well be decompensating and moving into a psychotic break – assuming he’s not already there. Yes I know the Goldwater rule and yes I have not met with the orange baboon face to face but we see enough of his sick and sickening behavior 24/7.

You have boiled it down to the essence Nancy; Trump is a symbol of unraveling what took over 240 years to build from scratch – a new kind of society composed of people searching for freedom from the heavy hand of governments, or starvation or hopelessness in their countries of origin.

We have watched with amazement as many of our fellow countrymen and women seem to accept this unraveling process. Thank goodness for astrology and its ability to guide us through the destruction Trump creates almost daily.

The transiting Pluto you wrote about that is quincunx Trump’s natal Sun explains a lot. Its first crossing that ends tomorrow supports the present transiting Chiron at 5+ Aries opposite Trump’s natal Neptune at 5+ Libra.

Jerry wrote on the last thread about the coming July 8th Chiron station-retro that opposes Trump’s natal Neptune. He notes how transiting Chiron in Aries will be trine Mars in Leo – who will be conjunct trans. Mercury which will have ALSO stationed retrograde.

I find that because Mercury in a powerful station and conjunct Mars, both of whom conjunct the US natal North Node (6+ Leo), and all 3 trine transiting Chiron stationing . . at the same time this Chiron opposes Trump’s natal Sun, as a plus for the US people and the US Constitution.

Transiting Uranus in Taurus on July 8th will be square (motivate) the US natal North Node + transiting Mercury (stationing) and Mars in Leo, emboldening “us” in some manner that supports trans. Chiron (also stationing) in its opposition to Trump’s Neptune.

I just heard Bernie Sanders say “1% is a lot less than 99%”, and I believe he was saying there is a lot more of “us” than “them” and that there is power in numbers, and change is possible.

A very good piece Nancy.

I thought I had posted this here but cannot find it so it must have been on another site.

https://www.cheatsheet.com/health-fitness/medications-donald-trump-takes-every-day-reveal-about-health.html/ 1 /

The article comes up with huge gaps – here it is without them.

“What the 4 Medications Donald Trump Takes Every Day Reveal About His Health
January 06, 2018

Donald Trump isn’t known for having the healthiest eating habits. While we might not know everything about his health, his physician Dr. Harold N. Bornstein has revealed enough to guess how healthy the president might — or might not — really be.

From heart attack prevention pills to hair growth meds, these are the drugs Trump depends on daily — and what they might tell us about his health. We’ll also take a look at some scary facts about our President’s health.

1. Rosuvastatin for high cholesterol

As its name implies, the drug rosuvastatin belongs to a specific class of medications called statins, which lower total and LDL blood cholesterol. It’s likely Trump takes this medication to reduce his cholesterol and prevent possible complications that might result from living with high cholesterol levels in his blood.

Next: High cholesterol increases the chances of these serious medical conditions.

Living with untreated high cholesterol can significantly endanger your health. High cholesterol increases your risk of heart attack and stroke, which could both result in death. Damage to your heart or brain isn’t always that severe, but getting your blood checked and taking medication can help reduce your risk.

Next: President Trump takes this antibiotic for a fairly common skin condition.

2. An antibiotic for rosacea

Donald Trump lives with rosacea, a skin condition that causes redness in the face, especially when exposed to triggers like alcohol, sunlight, and some blood pressure medications. People with this condition might choose to take antibiotics, as Trump does, to fight the inflammation that causes redness of the skin. Drugs like tetracycline improve a person’s complexion by reducing skin inflammation and more.

Next: Are long-acting antibiotics safe?

There’s no need to take an antibiotic longer than recommended. There’s a reason why your doctor instructs you to take a prescribed antibiotic only as often as and in the dosage recommended. Taking antibiotics unnecessarily can lead to antibiotic resistance, which could allow bacteria to resist the medications used to treat deadly infections. Long-term antibiotic use might also lead to an imbalance of gut bacteria and other digestive issues, which usually aren’t life-threatening.

3. Baby aspirin for heart health

Dr. Bornstein says Donald Trump takes a baby aspirin every day to prevent a heart attack. Even with medication, high cholesterol could still pose a health risk later on in life. But he might just take it as a preventative measure, especially considering his diet.

Not everyone needs to take an aspirin a day.

Aspirin reduces risk of life-threatening blood clots, which is why many people take it to protect their heart. Health experts recommend those who have already had a heart attack or stroke, or are considered a high-risk case for either, should take aspirin daily. Unfortunately, this practice doesn’t come without risks. Reduced blood clotting could result in stomach ulcers or brain bleeds in some people. It’s probably best to speak to your doctor if you’re concerned about your stroke or heart attack risk.

4. Propecia for hair growth

Adult men typically take Propecia to treat male pattern baldness. The drug reduces the amount of a certain hormone in the body called DHT. Reduced DHT levels in the body leads to increased hair regrowth and slower hair loss.

Next: President Trump has some of the most dangerous health habits of any president.

It has been reported Trump’s diet isn’t the healthiest, and it’s not hard to see why. According to Time, during White House dinners, Trump gets an extra plate of sauce with his chicken. During dessert, he eats two scoops of ice cream with chocolate cream pie (his guests get one scoop).

He eats a lot of fast food. Politico reported Trump would have someone order him Egg McMuffin’s for breakfast and two Quarter Pounders with large fries for lunch.

Next: Trump is increasing his chances of heart disease and diabetes by doing this.

Trump stated on The O’Reilly Factor he gets just four to five hours of sleep. The 71-year-old told former host Bill O’Reilly he works up until 12 a.m. or 1 a.m., only to wake up at 5 a.m. to do it all over again.

Sleep deprivation can worsen existing health conditions or even contribute to their development. Harvard Medical School’s sleep division found some of the results of not getting enough sleep include poor immunity, decreased heart health, high blood pressure, and even diabetes. Sleep deprivation can also shorten your lifespan.

Next: Does golf count as a workout?

Although Trump is an avid golfer, insiders (among them an executive who worked for Trump in Atlantic City) note the president doesn’t do much else for physical activity, according to Politico. He heavily depends on golf carts, which limits some of the physical benefits of golfing. It has been reported Trump also uses golf carts when he’s not playing golf. USA Today revealed the Secret Service has spent approximately $60,000 in golf rentals so far this year.

Next: Trump’s weight and BMI might surprise you.

Trump was found to be 6 feet 3 inches tall and 236 pounds. Dr. Oz said this would make the president borderline obese, with a body mass index close to 30. Being obese can lead to complications such as high cholesterol, mental illness (such as clinical depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders), stroke, coronary heart disease, and raise one’s risk of premature death, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Next: Being president is extremely stressful.

Being president of the United States is a stressful job, which adds to Trump’s already concerning health profile. Dr. Anupam Jena, a Harvard Medical School health care policy professor, notes stress can shorten one’s lifespan.

Next: Trump is, shall we say, nutritionally challenged.

He doesn’t eat fruit. Greg Valliere, chief global strategist at Horizon Investments, is quoted as saying a Secret Service agent told him the president has terrible eating habits and he has never seen him eat a piece of fruit.

We all know about the orange glow Trump seems to always have on display. Sadly, tanning opens yourself up to skin cancer.

Trump has a big sweet tooth, is a big fan of sugary chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream. When you add in everything else we know about his health, this really is the cherry on top.”

re Donny’s rosacea? – one spiritual/inner cause defined as: “Rosacea may be caused by an irrepressible and exacerbated pride. A conflict between the inner and outer sides of your being may predispose you to this skin disease.”
another – “restriction in the thinking in regards to receiving desires into the Self. Angry about who you think you are”
not too far from the mark it would appear

Starlight, I knew the astrology of the next election was very bad but you are now telling us it’s worse than I thought.

Bob, do you still believe Trump will go in January 2020?


Down The Rabbit Hole hits the mark squarely; it is a riveting treatise. Thank you for sharing your brilliance and for hosting this amazing site. I have learned a great deal from you and I am grateful to you for this.

What is deeply troubling to me is that almost half the nation has willingly come under the spell of our Carny-in-Chief. I have found myself astonished, terrified and breathless almost every day of this godforsaken shit-show of an administration. I have seriously-dialed back my contact with all but two of my siblings, parents and almost all of my Irish and Italian relatives not because they are Republican, but because they align themselves with this president. It has become much more than just a political preference; this has become a battle between morality and immorality, human decency and criminality and essentially good and evil. Thank Mother-Father God and the Universe we have a venue such as Starlight News to keep each other somewhat sane.


I battle with rosacea which was misdiagnosed for years. When it flares up it is extremely painful and temporarily disfiguring; it causes huge eruptions on my nose, cheeks and ear-lobes which fill with clear fluid and weep for days. It is usually triggered by atmospheric heat, perspiration, alcohol and very spicy-hot food. Even laughing very hard can trigger an outbreak because it flushes my face red. A dermatologist finally diagnosed it correctly and prescribed me a very low dose of doxycycline 50mg daily as prophylactic measure – it has been a Godsend. I am no stranger to vanity and pride. But if rosacea is the instant karma for it, I should be canonized by now. As much as I deplore Don the Con, I wouldn’t wish rosacea on him or anyone.

Oddly, I was authentically embarrassed FOR Don the Con this week as he fired off his defensive psychotic screeds and twitter tirades. I am also embarrassed for our amazing nation.

I too am hopeful that we will get through these dark, dangerous days.

We must continue to breathe through this and maintain our focus on the Higher Good of All Concerned.

Happy holiday to all here. Have some fun!

DuchessofGadsden, this says there is nuclear bomb testing in Nevada and a nuclear waste repository is being built:


Canada’s most often used chart is July 1, 1867, when it became a self-governing state within the British Empire born out of the coming together of a group of separate colonies in the wake of the American Civil War. This is only three years after Nevada and similarly has Pluto at 16 Taurus in a tight opposition to Saturn in Scorpio. The only time transiting Uranus was conjunct Canada’s Pluto was in 1939 as World War II began.

Canada’s independence chart, 11 December 1931, has another Saturn at 21 Capricorn-Pluto at 21 Cancer opposition which will be hit directly by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

I’m really beginning to wonder what will happen if Trump gets a second term. My hopes for impeachment or resignation before November 2020 are going out the window.

Will, so sorry you suffer with rosacea. Hugs. We all have some sort of outer malady, but I have found that having the awareness to look inside at the mind body connection, sometimes that can help. check out Permanent Healing by Daniel Condron.
Trump I feel has shown himself to be incapable of self reflection.

Masterfully done piece!

If I’m understanding your description, and my intuition is working reasonably well, I interpret your astro-analysis to indicate the ConDon will
(A) Last through 2020
(B) Lose the November election
(C) Probably contest the results and maybe incite followers into some “intense” behavior.

The latter notion would be consistent with the opinions of Michael Cohen and Donny Deutsch, both of whom personally know the man far better than most. Both contend 45 will not leave the office quietly or peacefully. Both have said there will be no smooth transition of power.

That’s awfully disappointing when we need a clear outcome, but very predictable if we do not deal NOW with the Russian interference.

That penetration of our electoral system will surely be more sophisticated than that of 2016, and there is no way local yokel counties will have the expertise or sufficient monies to counter the problem. If our federal government, under orange man’s direction does not address the problem, our local governments are far more likely to fall short.

What’s coming doesn’t sound like fun, but many of us have suspected that anyway.

What is your opinion? How convinced are you Trump will leave office in January 2020?

Sorry for your malady, but glad you’ve found some relief. As far as Trumper relatives are concerned, my brother and I are selling our land in Louisiana. We’ve been alienated from our very insular and perpetually obtuse hayseed relatives there for years. We’ve long planned to disassociate from them as soon as practical. Trump is the proverbial straw on the camel’s back. Conversely, our Texas relatives range from moderately conservative to progressive, all of which we relate to far better.

Also, there are people I’ve long done business with whom I purposefully don’t see now. Trump is the reason. I really don’t care to enter their warped dimension. It’s just too weird and disorienting.

I definitely do Andre.

I will be having Jupiter transiting my natal Moon in January. Does that mean I am going to be disappointed and embarrassed?

I think the strongest aspects to affect tRump’s natal, progressed and progressed inaugural charts will take him from office more than 1 year short of his having completed even 1 term in office.

It is a triumvirate of the transiting Sun, Saturn, and Pluto opposite his natal Saturn, square his progressed natal Jupiter and on his inaugural chart’s progressed MC while squaring it’s Jupiter at the same time. A heavy blow to all 3 of his most personal charts on the same day. On that same day his secondary progressed IC will be on the total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017, with eclipse Saturn on his progressed Desc.

I have inserted a space between https or http and the colon in the kinks to get them all into the same post without it going to moderation..

tRump natal with January 13 2020 transits

https ://i.imgur.com/b4Z1byF.gif

tRump natal Paran with January 13 2020 transits

https ://i.imgur.com/8ZuHa1d.gif

tRump natal progressed to January 13, 2020, winds up with the USA total solar eclipse of Aug 21, 2017, on it’s IC and eclipse Saturn on the Desc

http ://i.imgur.com/mylWszk.gif

tRump prog with jan 13 2020 transits

http ://i.imgur.com/aci4u3D.gif

2017 inaugural progressed to January 13 2020 and transits.

http ://i.imgur.com/GOYwMx6.gif

Per conversations on this blog about the earth’s magnetic field a few weeks ago.

Could Magnetic Fields Destroy The Earth?

Anything is possible. There is no way to prove or disprove anyone’s opinion on that point.

“These dangerous powers of Barr being allowed to declassify intel may result in sources being burned in Russia and worldwide. This will drive them underground while we are left unprotected from Russian attacks on election because @senatemajldr refuses to bring the bills to floor”


Hey Will,

I don’t know if this applies, but for many, many years running I suffered from redness; a dry flaky skin condition around the forehead and nose area. I finally discovered that by applying Vitamin E liquid gel combined with Aloe Vera face cream helped to reduce and over time completely eradicated the problem. Here’s something I found on the net……

“It has been estimated that approximately half of all rosacea sufferers may appear to experience dry skin. With treatment, this dryness often eases along with disappearance of papules and pustules. To combat dry, flaky skin, use a moisturizer daily after cleansing and applying medication.”

Today’s Sunday sermon by Steve Judd is a good look at the rise of right wing extremism around the globe and a possible idea of when it might change. I believe it will get worse before it gets better. It has to get bad enough that those on the right are ready to change. If it changes before we reach that point, this will just go under ground only to re-emerge again later. The ‘infection’ has to be persistent and bad enough that we go to the doctor. Yes, our country is badly broken. To those of us with eyes to see, we know the infection is widespread and is killing us. But I don’t know if it’s broken enough, the infection/cancer is bad enough that we are all (or almost all) willing to do what it takes to get better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Av3wiiFKxc0

I am so grateful for this space where we come together to remind ourselves that we aren’t alone, and there are higher energies at work in this transformation. We will get through this.

Interesting post by Steve Judd


Eliseo – Your summary is about right. After a very bad 2020, Trump revs up the crazy again from mid August through September with the Jupiter station quincunx his Uranus and square his Jupiter. That this comes when that Mars/Moon/Saturn aspect in the Inaugural is lit up with Uranus and progressed Moon suggests high drama, explosive events, and a huge reaction from the public just prior to the election. I really cannot think outside the box enough to even imagine what this will mean.

Then the first week of November has a Mercury station square to a Saturn station which suggests a very troubling situation that does not resolve quickly (a contested election?) Add to this the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction quincunx Trump’s Sun from the 4th to the 13th and we have a set up for a huge power grab. I think it eventually gets squashed, but it s a very bad situation for several days.

If by any chance Trump does manage to steal the election, we will be in for a very bad time. Neptune will be square his Sun and Moon in 2021, meaning the delusions and the crazy will be even worse. And Pluto will be quincuncx his Mars, which means he will be extremely aggressive. Let’s hope that is all about him fighting those residual lawsuits and losing (Neptune) his empire. Saturn does move out of Capricorn for good as of 12/18/20 after four years of opposing and squaring a multitude of US planets. If you will remember, at the beginning of this term, I said that the long Saturn station opposite US Mars in 2017 followed by several Saturn transits to US planets spelled four very stressful years for the country. We can take some hope from the fact that this will pass in late December 2020.


“… As far as Trumper relatives are concerned, my brother and I are selling our land in Louisiana. We’ve been alienated from our very insular and perpetually obtuse hayseed relatives there for years…”

Outstanding and incisive grasp of the very crux of our mutual torment. Fine word-smithing, Eliseo!

See all of those charts I listed above by just scrolling and not having to fidget with any links:


Hey Jerry,

Thank you for the rosacea advice. I am glad it was successful for you. I am amazed that this one little tablet has virtually eradicated virtually all of my symptoms. The biggest trigger for me is sunlight and heat. Summer is always a challenge. Thank you again.

Some of the very bright pundits are calling Trump’s meltdown with Pelosi a case of

“No, you are!” or “I know you are but what am I.” Downright deft!


Thank you for your kind words and suggestion about Permanent Healing by Daniel Condron.

This from Neptune Cafe this week (Wolfstar):

“Uranus becomes octile the U.S. Mars after the 15th, becoming exact on July 17. In the same interval, Pluto is quincunx the U.S. Mars, so both outer planets are providing plenty of celestial fuel for military and economic conflicts. Expect the current hotspots, China and Iran, to grow increasingly intense, with other geopolitical tensions likely to arise. Major activation of the U.S. Mars this summer tends to provoke severe weather-related disasters in metropolitan areas, especially hurricanes.”
This confirms what Starlight has been writing.

Can someone look at Nancy Pelosi and Hope Hicks charts. Curious what these ladies might tell us. I’m not fluent in astrological speak and struggle with some of the commentary but appreciate Starlight’s translations. Thanks for all your work everyone.

Don’t forget the transiting semi-square between Neptune (18+ Pisces) and Uranus (4+ Taurus) is creating tensions and frustrations for all of us, making us vulnerable to irritation, even anger, more easily than when these two evolution- inducing symbols aren’t in a challenging aspect with each other.

Many thanks for the steady stream of info (CaseyM and Diana J for the Steve Judd link, Bob for the reminder that the 2017 Leo Solar Eclipse chart had Saturn conjunct Trump’s Moon, and from others here) although my brain can’t hold as much as I would like it to.

Even so, there is no missing the importance of these times in the greater scheme of things. I think we must be willing to let go of (some) things (like memory space) we have become dependent on as being permanent, in order to survive and create new things to replace what is lost. That is very, very hard on a personal level, and I’m sure it’s just as hard on a collective level.

I think about the people who lose so much in wildfires and floods as a tragedy, and yet maybe there is also something gained on a consciousness level that could not have happened otherwise.

If we remember that future generations will benefit from our painful experience (transforming societies and governments) it is almost justified. Hard to see it now I know.

Sad to hear about increased tensions, particularly with Iran, as the people there already have it hard. And, it’s particularly hard to hear about “severe, weather-related disasters”.

On another note, here is yet another Republican with integrity. I know nothing else about him and don’t really want to as I applaud the stand he is taking. And, he’s from Texas, Eliseo, which is apparently a little better than LA (except NOLA, which is pretty damn great in many ways).


“If by any chance Trump does manage to steal the election, we will be in for a very bad time.”

I think that’s putting it mildly. My worst fear is that we’ve under-interpreted our progressed retrograde Mars, which if memory serves lasts through 2086.

If Trump stays in power long enough, in collusion with the Federalist Society replacing reasonable justices and judges with far right wackos, and the other extreme right forces, we could lose our democracy through the end of that progressed retrograde Mars.

Furthermore, were that to happen, we can expect more unnecessary wars, a domestic Christo-fascist crackdown, and nothing (at least in the USA) done about climate change, and/or the very deep cultural problems we face and those we are as of yet unaware.

Sharon K,
LOL. Yes. Political culture in Texas is a bit better than that of Louisiana. Louisiana is a bit better than Alabama and Mississippi.

But NOLA, and Austin are oases in the political culture desert. Personally, until I go home to the PNW, I’m in what Forbes magazine describes as the dumbest town (with population of 100,000 or more) in America.

If anyone hasn’t seen Jeff Daniels on MSNBC .. this is worth 9 minutes of your time.
He discusses his character Atticus Finch and how it reflects so many people at this moment in time and the choice they will have to make come 2020, he adds as the title suggest, “If we go to the end of 2020 and loose, it’s the end of Democracy.” He also talks about a line from the play that his character says, “A mob is a place where people go to take a break from their conscience.” that he relates to what he says he sees at Trump rallies. It is both shocking and horribly saddening that To Kill a Mockingbird is as relevant today as it was in 1960, nearly 60 years ago.


Saw it a few days ago, plus some other interviews he’s done. He is consistently impressive! I was amazed how the pundits at the table and former congressman David Jolly were in awe of him. They were all hanging on every word and gesture.

He’s been married only once to his college sweetheart for 40 years, has three children, and lives in Chelsea, Michigan, his home town. He’s extremely articulate, and intelligent as well as a true patriot. Were he to choose politics over acting I believe he could become the Dem answer to R. Reagan.


Feedback here.

September 1st to November 4, 2020 covers pretty much the entire early voting period. Would Trumpers try to disrupt this? If so, the best way would be through mail-and voting as soon as possible before the mobs form.

Also, a lot of incel and other groups see Trump as their savior. The clear evidence that he’s going down may trigger some people as well.

Also 12/18/2020 sounds like the day the Electoral College certifies the vote. Trump may have to be dragged out, but dragged out he will be.

Poor Pence. He won’t be President after all.

There’s only one thing for certain. The Putin-selected Con Don is an extremely stable genius.

“California is shaping up as Primary force”

“State’s key issues could drive this Presidential race”



I didn’t know that about his personal life, that is really something for an actor. That really speaks to his emotional intelligence that he was able to separate his work and fame and keep a stable home and life.

I too was amazed at how captivated they all were with him, I think he has what it takes if he ever wanted to jump in to politics. I agree, he could definitely be that iconic figure for the democrats. He definitely has that something special.

I am sure you have seen this scene that he did in the short lived HBO show, The Newsroom.. I remember the first time I saw it, I could have cried, I know it was fictional but it was so vindicating.. all the things I had felt so frustrated about and been debating with people for years, someone said out LOUD! I know it was a character in a show but it has been coined “the most honest three minutes in television history”. I felt up until that moment, my views on those issues had never been discussed in any mainstream forum that I had ever seen and I was spellbound. I know this moment is fictional and maybe I get caught up in the emotion of it, but as we walk on the shaky ground that is the time we are living in, I long for steady voices of not just stability but truth and I don’t think I am alone in that.


Coincidentally, I just finished watching last night a Netflix series called Godless, which some of you may have seen. Jeff Daniels was brilliant in it. He played one of the most interesting and complex dark characters I have seen on screen. Much more profound than Trump. He is truly a great actor and also, it would appear, a great man.

Eliseo – I think we also have to consider the progressed US Sun moving into Aries circa 2032 or so. That will bring a sea change and a strong renewal of national energy and focus after 30 years meandering in the hyperbolic emotions of Pisces.


In the past, fascist politics would focus on the dominant cultural group. The goal is to make them feel like victims, to make them feel like they’ve lost something and that the thing they’ve lost has been taken from them by a specific enemy, usually some minority out-group or some opposing nation.

This is why fascism flourishes in moments of great anxiety, because you can connect that anxiety with fake loss. The story is typically that a once-great society has been destroyed by liberalism or feminism or cultural Marxism or whatever, and you make the dominant group feel angry and resentful about the loss of their status and power. Almost every manifestation of fascism mirrors this general narrative.

Very illuminating article Nancy, thank you for sharing.

From Jason Stanley: “Partly what fascist politics does is get people to disassociate from reality.” Since this is the trademark business of our country, (hooray for Hollywood), we are easy targets of make-believe.


It occurred to me that Donald Trump has never in his life felt much fear of or devotion (or commitment) to the institutions which our country has been built on or around, much less respect for them. Some of this, I would imagine, is because his father was very rich and could operate outside the confines of most of them.

Institutions such as government, banks, higher education, military, marriage, paying taxes, manners, respect for others and ethics-in-business are examples of what Trump thumbs his nose at. It appears Trump’s followers admire this ability to skirt around these things and yet still be successful. He can do anything, it would seem. Talk about disassociating with reality!

There are many more institutions that would be in dire straits if he, Trump, were to have a 2nd term as US President, but, if his reign ends before that, the upheaval can be viewed as a wake-up call, for those who revere their lasting institutions; a time to examine the institutions weaknesses and their effectiveness. It’s way overdue.

I feel certain the United States is being renovated rather than decimated, but it is hard to tell in the eye of the beholder. Trump is in charge of “demolition day” as they say on the HGTV!

Has anyone looked at Andrew Yang? His book, “The War on Normal People” is incredibly impressive. He is not just addressing issues that we are currently facing but is looking into the future of the problems that are right around the corner.

His platform is “Human Centered Capitalism”.. which I think is a new term he is coining for Democratic Socialism which in politics is a pretty savvy idea, since the word socialism is so contentious for so many people. His policies are in lock step with Bernie and he takes it even a little further in his main proposal of UBI which he again markets with the term, “The Freedom Dividend”. He doesn’t even try to disguise the fact that he is “marketing” his ideas when he is asked why he chose that name, he says, because it polls well. I must admit I like the fact that he is taking that tool right out of the republican playbook!

He is young, intelligent and very personable.. he isn’t getting a lot of media attention but he is getting a lot of support at the grassroots level.

If anyone is interested..

“We are witnessing the unravelling of American Democracy by a madman.”

Strong, awesome and unforgettable words. They capture this moment in history. Starlight, if you don’t mind, I will quote you elsewhere and I will say you are a gifted astrologer.

Elizabeth, I love Andrew Yang. He gives me hope in the future. Sometimes, I regret I am not American and I can’t vote in your country. But I get over it.

I sent this link to Eliseo who is returning to WA State and also checked it out with my cousin who lives in Bellingham, WA. There is a proposal out there for a 51st Christian state, called “Liberty”, supported by an actual elected Representative (maybe more than one), last name Shea, which would span segments of several western states and have its own state rifle (!!), the AR-15.

The whole idea makes me ill. It would attract far-right wing extremists and violent white supremists. Just the thought is so abhorent!


Interesting International discussion via The Guardian UK Re: Our American Political Quandary:
“Trump’s wrecking ball assaults American Government.
Luckily, it is strongly built” By Robert Reich:
‘In order to get what he wants, Trump rides roughshod over how we decide. He is the Great Destroyer.’
(Sign-on Guardian free to Up-Vote Comments)

Nancy, You should add your latest comment to the Guardian Discussion..It’s Brilliant!
Finally the people, we are putting our heads together.

Thanks Sharon, I couldn’t help but smile while reading about the proposal for our 51st state.

Denial is strong and the denial regarding realities such as global warming and mixed marriages is super strong in some people who are terrified of any concept outside their own comfort zone. So terrified that they would band together in their one little state, no doubt with a border wall, with riflemen stationed all around.

The idea that any view not their own could be equally valid is anathema to them. Fear is very hard to overcome as every animal knows, but there is hope for the human animal, especially in this era of expanding consciousness. Personally, I’m terrified of rats, the kind that live in sewers, not in laboratories, and it would require an act of God to get me over it.

I sympathize with fearful people, up to a point, but
these people are afraid of taking one step outside of their rigid boundaries, and on some level – much higher than mine – should be pitied. I expect we will see and hear about other extreme notions (underground nations comes to mind) to escape the reality of a changing world.

About those many Dem candidates Sharon; Rachel Maddow has put together a program of highlights from her interviews with many of them, back to back, giving us an opportunity to review their strengths and persuasions. I can’t help but thinking “oh he/she would be a great Sec’y of State or the perfect EPA Director”.

We the People are being given the opportunity to know something about the people who will makeup our new government, well before they are assigned their new positions. They can’t ALL be President or VP, but their strengths will help the Pres/VP pick up the pieces and bring a sense of wholeness back to the People of this country (and around the world). Everything has its reason I’m told.

Ingenuity is our greatest strength. (who said that?)

THANK YOU for the link to the story about Andrew Yang. MATH! LOL! Make America Think Harder! I love it!

I’ll have to get a copy of the man’s book. He’s pretty interesting and appears to me to be evolving a political and economic philosophy Dems may need to use in the future. Only time will tell.

I like the fact he is attuned to our shallow reactions to words, rebranding UBI a “freedom dividend.” That’s smart! Too many of us think in black & white terms, “this-ism BAD! that-ism GOOD!” etc. As we can’t wave a magic wand broadening and deepening the average person’s general knowledge, and quite a number of voters really DO NOT want to learn anything new or challenging, it behooves us to think like shallow, shrewd car salesmen in order to win elections. “That car is not used! It is pre-owned!”

Elizabeth Warren has done similarly, branding her Social Democrat ideas as “capitalism accountability” and stating, “I’m a capitalist to my bones”.

Bernie Sanders, whom I admire greatly but disagree with on some important issues, refers to himself as a “Democratic Socialist,” but like Warren, is really a Social Democrat, not unlike many politicians in Scandinavia. I think Bernie had to use the DS phrase in 2016 to emphasize he was not a Communist, to cut through the age old right wing propaganda equating socialism with totalitarian communism.

And so it goes. It is simultaneously hilarious and sad. The average person is so philosophically, politically, and economically, ignorant, we have to sell political remedies (medicines) like Mary Poppins. “A spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down.”

WHY? We don’t put enough money into education. Starting in the late 1950’s we began putting more emphasis on training, and less on education. Granted, we need far more funds for both, but a population that knows the basics of philosophy, logic, deductive reasoning, the scientific method, literature, history, and the social sciences is far less likely to elect a Donald Trump of the Left or of the Right.

A day late but always welcome by me.


Best Baseball Play Ever – Rick Monday Saves the US Flag

Thanks Bob!

Barb, most people are afraid of something. There are those who are hurt, bitter and looking for acceptance. When it comes to religion, and people buy the whole package, which comes complete with a sense of belonging and acceptance into a group who are so sure that they know God’s truth — well that seems to be the one of the most thorough forms of brain washing. Not only that, they have a free ticket into Heaven – what could be better? When they justify their narrow mindedness and support it with violence, I find that very chilling and irrational – a collective mental illness.

I think what Rachel is doing is a good idea. I agree that these people and their ideas will become known. I will support the one who I feel is the most electable as well as the final party candidate.

Andre – I am happy to have you quote me. I think it is crucial for people to connect the dots of what is happening. Our pundits and politicians spend hours discussing the various “policies” promulgated by Trump as if they were serious ideas and proposals. They are all based in delusional thinking. His ego is so fragile it cannot tolerate anything that opposes it, and it will support anyone who praises him (Kim Jong Un and Putin) no matter how abysmal they may be. We discuss the details but it is the psychosis that underlies it all!!!


That video gave me goosebumps, and I’m not even American. I was 21 in 1976 and I’m sorry to say I missed that.


He gives me hope too! I can’t imagine what it like to the rest of the world to have no say in our politics when what happens in our politics affects the whole world. I wonder about it often.


Your so welcome! Math – isn’t that great?! He’s brilliant! He says at his rallies, “the opposite of Trump is an Asian man who likes math” LOL

His entire book is online to read for free as well as his audio book is on YouTube, narrated by him. Here is that link..


I am sending it to everyone who I have ever talked to about politics and who I think may be open to his ideas including my very conservative brother who is very impressed with him.. which is so encouraging!

I can tell you that he has qualified for the debates.. so he will be on the stage. I am really curious and excited to see how that goes.. I think he has the potential to be that candidate that strike lightening after the debates and really starts gaining more traction in the polls from there.. we shall see.

-I think Bernie had to use the DS phrase in 2016 to emphasize he was not a Communist, to cut through the age old right wing propaganda equating socialism with totalitarian communism.

Sadly, there is such little interest in learning the differences in these terms by the masses, the right gets to beat him over the head with it all day long anyway. I will say that even with that game plan from the right, I think they miscalculate how the bottom half (in age) 45 and younger perceive the word, socialism.. to them it is not the scary monster in the room that it is to the older generations.. quite frankly, unfettered capitalism has not been kind to them. 2020 will be the first election cycle that the millennials will outnumber the baby boomers.

according to Pew Research, in 2019, the Millennials will surpass the Baby Boomers in size in the U.S., with 72 million Boomers and 73 million Millennials.

Not that younger generations have been particularly reliable voters, but it may be more significant this cycle than people realize.

-“a population that knows the basics of philosophy, logic, deductive reasoning, the scientific method, literature, history, and the social sciences is far less likely to elect a Donald Trump of the Left or of the Right.”

The dumbing down of America has sadly been a huge success.

Fortunately, the younger generations have access to infinite sources of learning at their fingertips and from what I can see, they intend on using it!

Elizabeth, your positive “hopeful” outlook is refreshing, and regarding the Millennials, I too think (feel) their drive to change gun laws in the US will motivate many of us old Baby Boomers to also see a better future for our country.

Thank you too for the link to Yang’s book.

Indeed Nancy, it IS the psychosis that underlies it all. Recognizing that will be the breakthrough we (the Nation), as a whole, need to deal with our own illusions.

That’s the one good thing about transiting Saturn in Capricorn, there’s no escaping reality, painful as it is. Thank goodness for astrology.

“When they justify their narrow mindedness and support it with violence, I find that very chilling and irrational – a collective mental illnes.”

You are right. IMO, It IS a collective mental illness. I’ve dealt with such people all my life as I was born and raised in the South.

But I believe the phenomenon is as old as human religion. It is a form of superstition I think based in part in the belief in wrathful deities, be they singular or plural. In that system of belief, EVERYONE must conform to appease the deity or punishment will surely ensue. They therefore justify violence to keep everyone in line for the supposed good of the community.

Today, in its “Christian” manifestation, I think its most dangerous and important feature is denial. In a sense denial is the head of the beast. That dragon threatens us, preventing action on climate change, as well as with its fiery nuclear breath. Too many of these folks believe they would survive what they perceive as an inevitable nuclear war because they are “saved.”
(The Shia Twelvers in Iran believe this as well.) As far as this crowd is concerned, the rest of us can go literally to Hell. That is their expectation, for some conscious, for others unconscious, but underlies much of their political behavior.

The tail of the Dragon manifests in states passing the recent draconian anti-abortion laws, in racial and ethnic paranoia as was the case in the march at Charlottesville, and sadly in sporadic violence against imagined enemies.

I’m convinced we need to subdue this dragon with the right weapons. But killing it off completely may be a long slow process. More thoughts on this later.


Thank you and I have long thought the millennials were the new hippies.. and God help us, just in time!
They are very savvy with technology and are prepared to take on the power that has had them grow up in fear in their classrooms (NRA) as well as fear for their literal futures due to climate change (fossil fuel industry).. they are young and strong and ready for the fight.

And your very welcome .. enjoy the book.. You will be feeling hopeful after you listen as well.. I promise!


“I went to Rutgers-Newark Law School with Elizabeth Warren, Class of 1976. She was brilliant, and a nice person too.

I may not agree 100 percent with all her positions, but I can vouch 100 percent for her good faith.”


UFOs exist and everyone needs to adjust to that fact, according to the Washington Post today:


I found the courage to mention the significance of Pluto’s forthcoming entry into Aquarius in the readers’ comments.

Robert Reich: Trump is an “American dictator,” and courts must push back | Opinion


Bully foe you Andre!

Thank you for you post, Nancy. I love reading your posts! And everyone’s comments as well.

Does anyone have any ideas about what the stock market will possibly be doing for the next couple of years? Is this a good time to be OUT of the market?

If anyone wants to understand how Black Moon Lilith operates, watch Kamala Harris on MSNBC in her Town Hall with Lawrence O’Donnell, right now.

Transiting Black Moon Lilith at 2+ Pisces is conjunct Kamala’s MC (symbol of how she is seen in the world).

Hey, I have listened to a couple interviews with Andrew Yang before he got popular, not that he is that popular yet but glad to see the interest here.

For those interested, I would recommend these podcasts

Sam Harris Episode 130 Universal Basic Income June 18th last year
Joe Rogan Episode 1245 Feb 12th

I love love both of these interviewers.

Oh, and I thought Kamala was great tonight!, Barb , talk a bit more about Black Moon Lilith and her please

Here is more info on Black Moon Lilith:

The closest planetary link to Trump’s Lilith is the quincunx (150º) to his Mercury in Cancer. Lilith-Mercury aspects may be associated with the dark side of the mind, of the hidden influences that shape the mental processes. Whether Trump is crazy or shrewd is a debatable issue, but when this Lilith-Mercury link is activated, the question may pop up. Last week, a transiting Mercury-Lilith square (in Gemini and Pisces) was perfectly aligned with Trump’s natal Lilith.


more on Black Moon Lilith:


Elizabeth – I found your comments to be spot-on: “a population that knows the basics of philosophy, logic, deductive reasoning, the scientific method, literature, history, and the social sciences is far less likely to elect a Donald Trump of the Left or of the Right.”

In my view, a couple of generations now of McDonald’s-level nutrition, coupled with too much TV, and not enough exercise, has contributed to the biological dumbing-down of Western Nations, particularly the US.

Diana Joseph – Finland’s Basic Income experiment has yielded some counter-intuitive results. Here’s a link to a recent, high-quality, statistical analysis:


I appreciate the ideas articulated in the posts by Eliseo, and also Elizabeth! I now, though, see that the quote I’d reposted (see, above) was originally conceived by Eliseo. My apologies to both Eliseo, and Elizabeth, for my inadvertent misattribution.

In addition, I do agree that smartphones, video games, as well as the average online posting-forum (present company excluded) also weaken peoples’ critical-thinking skills, as well as shorten the public’s ever-shrinking attention-span.

Dean W.
RE: “In addition, I do agree that smartphones, video games, as well as the average online posting-forum (present company excluded) also weaken peoples’ critical-thinking skills, as well as shorten the public’s ever-shrinking attention-span.”

Our attention spans began to diminish with the advent of television. These other addictive technologies continue the process. I see it in my college students. The analytical abilities and diminished attention spans of today’s students compare poorly to the students of the 70’s.

These technologies also make teaching far more difficult. I think perhaps one of the main reasons I’ve been more successful in the classroom than many of my colleagues is because I was an actor and broadcaster for several years. My past experience doing drama, radio comedy, and radio news has served me well in communicating ideas to students.

And that is a serious problem in teaching nowadays. Most professors and public school teachers are not trained in theater arts, but have to compete with Hollywood to maintain the attention of our distracted students.

I suggest you read Marie Winn’s book, The Plug-In Drug.

Eliseo – Thanks for the tip on Marie Winn’s book, The Plug-In Drug.

Also, I wish that we not overlook the relevance of diet in the dumbing-down of first-world nations – especially how an SAD eating-pattern (Standard American Diet) during pregnancy can lower IQ – not to mention foster hyperactivity:



Dean W.
Your on target! Bullseye!

Dean W,

No worries, I quoted back Eliseo’s other comment as well about Bernie, so that I could respond to what he had said (I realized I didn’t even use ” ” on that one) … it can be hard to follow conversations sometimes.

I couldn’t agree more about the SAD diet of Americans (don’t get me started on soy) ..it is all intertwined, poor education, poor nutrition, over stimulation and saturation of technology and despair of working class poverty with no opportunity for upward mobility.

To your point of pregnancy.. this very concerning study showed that a fetus is exposed to over 200 chemicals in utero..


Mueller will make a substantial statement in a few minutes!!

Mueller: “If we had confidence that the president did not commit a crime, we would have said so.”

Ralfee Finn:


Is it just me or did Mueller seem anxious and very uncomfortable?

He did, Will, but he’s been under enormous pressure and hasn’t allowed himself to speak publicly until now – so it’s not like he’s used to being in the limelight.

The conclusions (made by the special council team) tread a fine line and he most likely was anxious because he wanted to get it right.

Also, with all of that Leo/Virgo, his image is important to him and he probably has a shy side.
My take on it…

What I got from what he said was:
-He made wanted to emphasize what the Russians did to influence our election and who helped (i.e. Wikileaks),
-he could not prove “conspiracy” on the part of the Trump team with the Russians, but,
-if the president was innocent in obstructing justice, he would have said so, but he couldn’t charge him with the opposite since his hands are tied.
-He seems to feel that enough of the report was released to back these conclusions up (and he appreciated that Barr released the entire [redacted] report).
-He implied he did not want to speak of these matters again. I believe he said publicy – which might mean he would speak to Congress if it wasn’t public?
-Either way, he’s done and has left the DOJ, (so it’s now in Congress’s hands).

Nadler has said that Congress will now take action.

I also read that in a new book by Wolf (?), Bannon told him that when Trump’s taxes and financial affairs are revealed, he will lose many supporters because he has run a (semi) criminal enterprise and is not nearly as rich as he has implied.

About the impeachment process…… it’s widely believed Nancy Pelosi knows more than she’s letting on. Consequently she is patiently holding off at least until Mueller testifies before congress. One would then expect for all hell to break loose. Democrats will lead the charge in calls for impeachment.

The question is, when will Mueller testify? Note mid June (June 17 – 18) has tr. Uranus at 5 Taurus precisely opposing Mueller’s progressed Mars (5 Scorpio) and sextile-trine natal Saturn (5 Cancer). Trump’s natal Neptune (the planet of secrecy and that which is hidden) at 5 Libra would be coming under deep scrutiny.

Here’s Mueller’s progressed/ natal chart set for mid June:


Pelosi needs to be cautious as shown by Saturn transiting her Venus, Jupiter and Uranus.
I think she needs to come out strongly on protecting our democracy from Russian sabotage and call for the House to draw up legislation to send to Senate and call for enough votes to over ride a potential Trump veto.


I thought he looked either nervous or scared, and he seemed to not want to look anyone in the eye, keeping his head mostly down, which seemed odd to me. He’s a prosecutor, former assistant AG, director of the FBI. I’d think he’d be comfortable speaking in public.

Made me want to look up old video of him speaking to find out how comfortable and/or authoritative he seemed.

Look at this compilation by Politico.https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2019/05/21/robert-mueller-testifying-russia-226932 — much different than how he seemed today.

Then I thought — he may be accusing the President of the United States of impeachable offenses, maybe the gravity of the moment got to him.

Maybe it was that he really wanted to get it right or that he was trying to convey a message between the lines and hoped people got it. I don’t know. It just seemed really odd to me, him seeming either nervous or afraid.

Elisabeth Grace:

“Two major patterns dominated the headlines last week — and will continue to do so. First is the highly toxic austere/patriarchal/authoritarian crush of Saturn, Pluto and the South Node closerthanthis — but not quite exact — in corporate Capricorn. This pattern ruthlessly continues until at least January 12th, 2020, when Saturn and Pluto stop flirting and finally hook up. The second pattern is the second of three squares (a challenging aspect) between Jupiter and Neptune in Sagittarius and Pisces, respectively.”



The MSNBC crew seemed to think Mueller was saying to Congress — if you call me, I’ll read to you from my report, because it’s all there. I already wrote it all down for you.

Which could mean, he feels he’s told them everything they need to know, laid out all the facts, the rest is up to them. That his job is done. He investigates, lays out evidence. It’s the job of Congress from here.

Maybe today was push-back against Barr and how Barr characterized Mueller’s report.

Nancy Pelosi, of course, knows a lot more. She’s a member of the Gang of Eight, the people in the Senate and House who get the highest level intelligence briefings.

I’m sure she has a strategy — mostly it seems to being pushed into beginning the impeachment process, not to be eager for it. She must think that’s politically smart.

But with all the subpoenas Congress has issued and the witnesses called, they’re doing what they would if they held impeachment hearings. They’re just not calling it impeachment yet.

I mostly hope Nancy knows what she’s doing and guiding us into the process carefully.

Speaker Pelosi’s response to Mueller’s statement:

“It is with the greatest respect for Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the deepest disappointment in the Department of Justice holding the President above the law, that I thank Special Counsel Mueller for the work he and his team did to provide a record for future action both in the Congress and in the courts regarding the Trump Administration involvement in Russian interference and obstruction of the investigation.

“Special Counsel Mueller made clear that he did not exonerate the President when he stated, ‘If we had confidence that the President clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so.’ He stated that the decision not to indict stemmed directly from the Department of Justice’s policy that a sitting President cannot be indicted. Despite Department of Justice policy to the contrary, no one is above the law – not even the President.

“The Special Counsel’s report revealed that the President’s campaign welcomed Russian interference in the election, and laid out eleven instances of the President’s obstruction of the investigation. The Congress holds sacred its constitutional responsibility to investigate and hold the President accountable for his abuse of power.

“The Congress will continue to investigate and legislate to protect our elections and secure our democracy. The American people must have the truth. We call upon the Senate to pass H.R. 1, the For The People Act, to protect our election systems.

“We salute Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team for his patriotic duty to seek the truth.”

Tick tock, 45. Congress is coming.

You are a good soul ja; thanks for the link to Ralphee. I especially appreciated her use of cycles to base the transits upon.

Diana Joseph, Kamala WAS great wasn’t she!

As for Lilith, there are at least 3 of them; the asteroid Lilith, Black Moon Lilith (referred to as Mean Apogee in ephemeris listings) and I don’t even remember the 3rd one since I’ve never used it.

Googling for them will give you some theories on their differences, but I’ve found that their similarities are based on the patriarchal view of how a woman should and should NOT express herself.

Right off the bat you know that some things about the female nature are going to be suppressed since the patriarchy determined early on that a female could be either an obedient wife, mother, sister or daughter . . or a slut.

The idea that a woman was equal to a man was incomprehensible, therefore any such claim to equality coming from a female had to be classified as evil thinking or behavior and so the symbol of Lilith took on that persona.

Lilith is best known for her disobedience. The opening topic of last night’s Town Hall with Kamala Harris was about abortion rights (gasp!) and that’s what transiting Lilith (the point referred to as Mean Apogee, not the asteroid) conjunct her MC is referring to IMO.

Kamala, along with the other women candidates, are acting out those long-suppressed elements of the Feminine Mystique that first became noticeable right after WW2. Now, after 75 years, this is what has been unleashed: Kamala Harris in all her glory!

Kamala has her natal Sun (27+ Libra) in the natal 5th house of creativity and it trines her natal Saturn (materialize) in the 9th house, very near the MC (reputation and achievement).

Her natal Saturn (28+ Aquarius), conjuncts the US natal Moon (27+ Aquarius) symbol of US People, and US natal Pallas (26+ Aquarius) symbol of strategy (esp. in war), while it squares the US natal Pluto (27+ Capricorn) symbol of power in place.

Kamala’s natal Moon (27+ Aries) opposes her Sun in Libra, while it sextiles her Saturn and US Moon + Pallas in Aquarius. Her Moon, like her Sun, squares US natal Pluto in Capricorn, creating a T-square, putting pressure on US Pluto (seat of power) to transform.

And where are we (USA) in history? At the 1st US Pluto Return ever, and the start of a new Saturn-Pluto cycle, + the new Saturn-Jupiter cycle, and the new Jupiter-Pluto cycle. If ever the world was ready for a Kamala Harris, President of the USA, it is now. But I’ve not picked a favorite . . yet.

Barbk, I agree that Kamala’s chart ties closely with the US chart, which makes her someone to watch. She could well be the Great President elected in 2024, but I don’t think her time has come.

CNN has picked up the story in the NYT and WP about Navy pilots seeing UFOs, but they are making fun of it:


Thank you, Barbk.

Michael Wolfstar:

“The Trump-Pelosi Feud Heats Up”


I think Pelosi and others persuaded Mueller to come forward to change the dynamics of Impeachment and set a spark to it. Get the ball rolling. It is just a matter of time, now. Pelosi is working behind the scenes. She is smarter than I thought. She’s building, building. She does not intend to lose.


“Can we get Cliff to put out a Cliff’s notes version of the Mueller report? That’s the only way the people who actually need to read it will be able to follow and have the attention span to absorb everything. Here is a suggested Table of Contents.

Chapter 1: Collusion by Trump and his family — Most likely happened, but hard to prove because everyone in Trump’s circle took the heat for him.

Chapter 2: Money laundering – Most likely happened, but not within the realm of DOJ and will be assessed by NY State.

Chapter 3: What DOJ/Mueller actually WERE able to refer to prosecution, with a list of all the criminals on Trump’s team and the charges against them.

Chapter 4: Obstruction of Justice — Definitely happened, likely provable, but DOJ and Mueller had no authority to bring charges.

Chapter 5: Conclusion — Trump has likely done many illegal things and obstructed the investigation into these things. The only way to address all of the corruption and obstruction that has occurred is to impeach Trump. Punted to Congress.

If Trump is not impeached and/or if he is impeached and Congress does nothing, it will be an absolute failure of our government and a milestone in our history where the descent into tyranny began.”

Just waiting for June 2 to come, for them to start impeachment. It would be just like Nancy said.

When Jupiter stops protecting him.

“If I’m Bill Barr, I’m looking at the way Fox News and the conservative legal firmament is turning against him, he’s a big target right now and it may be hard for Nancy Pelosi to impeach Trump… not as hard to try to impeach Bill Barr”


(Fox & Trump throwing Barr to the wolves?)

Ari Melber, on MSNBC, had what I thought was the best comment and summation of the day, when talking about why Mueller’s findings about obstruction and collusion wasn’t getting across:

“Robert Mueller brought a 400-page report to a Twitter fight.”

That’s Trump. Make it super simple. Make it a fight he can wage on Twitter, whole Mueller’s going to tell you it’s a big, complicated, detailed investigation, and you need to understand a lot to get the whole picture.

Im so glad Mueller spoke – I think I detected an ever so slight tremble in his soft voice – I hope it is not an early symptom of some disease …

Just came across an old cartoon of Dr Suess
penned during the America First movement of WW2 era; now fast forwarded to trumpsters – “relatives? naw just three fella’s along for the ride (America first, Nazis, fascists, communists)”


Today the transiting Sun, symbol of consciousness, has made a conjunction to the US natal Uranus (breakthrough) at 8+ Gemini (power of the spoken word).

This also stimulates the Neptune-Pluto cycle that began with their conjunction at 8+ Gemini (along with US Uranus) while they were at that time sextile the transiting Mars-Chiron conjunction at 8+ Leo.

Robert Mueller’s natal Pluto is also at 8+ Leo, where Mars and Chiron were when the Neptune and Pluto cycle began at 8+ Uranus (where US natal Uranus is).

Today’s Sun is sextile Mueller’s natal Pluto and together, the trans. Sun and Mueller’s Pluto form a Yod to the conjunction between Mars and Saturn last year (April 2, 2018) at 8+ Capricorn, which started their present cycle. Today transiting Mars at 8+ Cancer opposes that conjunction it made with transiting Saturn last year.

Transiting Mars is also conjunct Trump’s natal Mercury, which is also at 8+ Cancer, right now.

When Mars and Saturn began their cycle at 8+ Capricorn they were sextile the transiting Moon at 9+ Scorpio which formed a Yod with the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini, and therefore also the present Neptune-Pluto cycle that began in the same degree, 8+ Gemini, exactly where the Sun is today.

We can look at transiting Mars in Cancer then as a weaver that is weaving the US natal Uranus and Mueller’s Pluto and Trump’s Mercury, along with the Neptune-Pluto cycle and Mars’ own 2-year cycle with Saturn (who is right now at 19+ Cap and conjunct the South Node and soon to be squared by transiting Moon in Aries).

This just goes to show how cycles work with other cycles and how they are woven together by transits in the Now. It fascinates me to no end.

It is we the people, with our country’s stimulated Uranus (breakthrough), that are weaving the conversation (Gemini) toward a finished product that will determine the path forward – out of the Trump mind (Trump Mercury) chaos and in to a new phase of this process called evolution.

Another comment from the above nyt’s opinion piece –

“Mueller is diametrically the opposite of the president; he is an American patriot and needs to do the right thing to assure the country that truth must stand up to power, especially when our democracy is what must be pulled back from the brink created by the president and his GOP supporters. What my professor, Hannah Arendt, said numerous times is “democracy’s true value is best understood when it is sadly at risk of being destroyed.”

Michael Moore On Mueller!
“When the Wizard of Oz finally spoke — as himself (not as the big, bad Wizard) — his was a small, shakey voice, stuttering at times, unable to look directly at those gathered, a weak man hoping to offend no one, then cutting loose his balloon & flying away, leaving Dorothy behind.”


Barbk, I am so glad you are still applying the Neptune-Pluto conjunction of 1891 at 8 Gemini conjunct the US Uranus. Transiting Uranus opposed that historic conjunction a decade later. That was the birth of the modern world with the US right in the middle of it.

Of course, if that major conjunction is still effective, so are other important aspects between the outer planets, particularly the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the Sixties, the Uranus-Neptune conjunction of the Nineties and the recent Uranus-Pluto square of the 2010s.

As far as Neptune and Pluto, we are now benefiting from their sextile which has gone on for several decades since World War II. That may well be when we had it good. This sextile will continue to produce effects for another decade or two. After that, we run into, as I have already mentioned, the Uranus-Pluto opposition and the Neptune-Pluto square, which, I hate to say it, could be even more destabilizing in some ways that what we are living now. It could also be a time of profound empowerment and liberation for very many in unprecedented ways.

Once in a while, it is good to take the long view and to consider that the Putin-selected Con Don will also pass.

What if? Pelosi strategy to delay calling investigations as ‘impeachment’ are designed to buy time to a) gather more information and educate the voting public as to the actual facts; and b) knowing a senate vote wont get past mitch, she is delaying a house impeachment vote to just before the election so the senate does not have time for a exoneration vote before the election.

I heard the tremble kiwi, i thought it might be nervousness.

I did feel though that these older guys are just a different breed and he came across as slightly weak, I just wish someone would speak up.

I kind of agree with whomever said that I think Ari Melber said that its bringing a 400 plus page to a twitter fight.

WE will see how this plays out , I still think he should testify and I get it , but I think its his duty too.

Nancy may have noted this already (or maybe Bob did) but just in case, it looks like Trump gets a double whammy to his Uranus trine Jupiter next month.

In the June Sagittarius Full Moon chart the North Node at 17+ Cancer opposite the South Node at 17+ Capricorn (+ Saturn at 18+ Capricorn) form a T-square to Trump’s Jupiter (+ US Prog. Mars) at 17+ Libra.

At the same time (in the same FM chart) Neptune (18+ Pisces) squares retro Jupiter (18+ Sagittarius) which opposes Trump’s natal Uranus (17+ Gemini), so both Trump’s Jupiter and Uranus will be under challenging T-square circumstances.

Both of his trining planets (Jupiter and Uranus) will be under duress and not able to help each other.

Also transiting Chiron at 5+ Aries will oppose Trump’s natal Neptune at 5+ Libra putting 3 of his natal planets at odds with the world.

However there might be a woman coming to his rescue; Venus in the June FM chart sextiles Trump’s natal Pluto, whereas trans. Black Moon Lilith (4+ Pisces) squares Trump’s natal Black Moon Lilith (4+ Sagittarius) which is just one degree away from transiting Ceres at 3+ Sagittarius. Not sure what that could mean but it looks annoying.

Hey Andre, I should learn to refresh this site before I start typing away so as not to miss recent comments like yours.

You are right; the long view is not what I do once and a while, it’s where I am most of the time! Every once in a while I come down to Earth to examine the details but so often they just confuse me.

Yes, all those cycles involving the outer planets are still in play and it helps to go back and look at their original conjunctions to understand what their intentions were.

For example, at all 3 of the Uranus-Pluto conjunctions in Virgo they were sextile Neptune in
Scorpio, and were within orb of forming a Yod with US natal Chiron (20+ Aries) who opposes US natal Juno in Libra which, altogether. formed a Boomerang.

Every now and then it gets activated and we find ourselves knee deep in some new wounding (Chiron) of the disenfranchised (Juno) situation; like when trans Jupiter was in Scorpio (where Neptune was in the ’60’s) we got the migrant children separated from their parents at the US border horrors. When will we ever learn?

Barb, I wonder what woman?

Well, hopefully with what you say and also Nancy, hopefully this is the start of the June not being good for Trump!

That he has been so lucky thus far is astounding !


No doubt it was a difficult moment for Mueller.

Thank you kiwi, Theresa Hill, Diana Joseph, Angellight and of course, Michael Moore for your input

DianaJ, I discounted nervousness – he’s testified publically multiple times previously, and the voice that I remember hearing then seemed stronger. I did consider whether it might be due in part to suppressed, or very controlled, rage or frustration. And he knows only too well that his every word and action matter greatly now, for the sake of the nation.

NPR’s Carrie Johnson and former Justice Department official John Carlin join Judy Woodruff

The ‘key points’ Robert Mueller made in his public appearance



Decoding Robert Mueller

“There are significant ethical issues positively preventing Robert Mueller from going any farther than he has. He was the investigating attorney. His office convened and ran a Grand Jury.

He cannot be the 7th Cavalry riding to the rescue.

He did his part-manfully with Honor and Integrity. Now we have to do ours by voting Trump out.”

I wonder too what prompted Mueller’s unexpected appearance today? His obvious reluctance must have been overcome by something. Might trumps disgraceful performance abroad have played a motivation factor? Or is there something else brewing beneath the surface?

kiwi, TOTALLY agree with your considerations; “very controlled”.

I now believe his natal Leo Sun is in the natal 12th house of his birth chart and he has Virgo rising. I believe he has a Taurus MC with transiting Sedna (thrown overboard) conjunct it.

What is in the cards for Mueller in a busy July for tRump?

Mueller progressed Saturn 101°40′.
July 2 total solar eclipse 101°34′.

had another thought – (wishful thinking?) I wonder if Nancy has somehow taken advice from an astro person and is waiting for donnys very bad aspects to effectively maximize the thumping she has planned?
wouldn’t that be something

Kiwi, that would be great!

In Israel they’re going to have new elections in September. Netanjahu couldn’t get a government together. Wonder what the stars are for that, oh please help them bring in good change.

“Neal Katyal makes a good point on @TheLastWord: Mueller thanked the attorneys, the FBI agents, the analysts, and the professional staff who helped conduct the Russia investigation, but there’s one person Mueller didn’t thank today: Attorney General Barr.”


Trump Tweets and then Retracts statement that Russia Helped Him get Elected.

“President Trump tweeted on Thursday that Russia helped “me to get elected,” and then quickly retracted the idea.

“No, Russia did not help me get elected,” Mr. Trump told reporters as he departed the White House for Colorado Springs. “I got me elected.” He spoke less than an hour after his Twitter post.

The original comment, a clause in one of several Twitter posts this morning, is an extraordinary admission from Mr. Trump, who has avoided saying publicly that Russia helped him win the presidency in 2016 through its election interference. American intelligence agencies and federal prosecutors have long concluded that Russia tried to influence voters.


Well, if he got himself elected, he’s doing a fine job of getting himself un-elected.

ja and will, I believe that the transiting Neptune in Pisces that has squared Trump’s natal Uranus (freedom) in Gemini (of speech) – and has done so since the New Moon in March (that was conjunct trans. Neptune and square the Trump Uranus) – is disintegrating what little grasp on reality that the man has held.

In June transiting Neptune will station retrograde, remaining square the Trump natal Uranus through next February.

During June, around his birthday, trans. Mercury and Mars and the North Node in Cancer will trine transiting Neptune (which will be sextile trans. Saturn) while they simultaneously oppose trans. Saturn (and Pluto which will quincunx his Sun in Gemini) in Capricorn, thus forming a T-square to Trump’s natal Jupiter (and US progressed Mars) in Libra.

It is this double barreled challenging of Trump’s trine of natal Jupiter and Uranus by the transiting planets (Neptune, Saturn, Mercury and Mars and the North-South Nodes) that will bring on such faux pas’s as today’s tweet re: Russia’s help in becoming President.

Then there is transiting Jupiter (too much) in Sagittarius (open mouth, insert foot) opposite his natal Uranus (freedom) in Gemini (of speech) to contend with as well.

It won’t be long now.

Well, our Democratic Louisiana Gov signed the abortion ban upon hearing a fetal heartbeat bill. He said that it got bipartisan support in the legislature. I am not completely surprised as this is the South and he wants to keep his job and continue doing what good he can.

My cousin’s husband wrote me an actual long-hand letter on paper, beautifully composed and formatted (it was so touching to me) to share his idea with me since I’m such a “FB expert” in his eyes. He is thinking that if everyone who hates Trump finds a way to vote for Weld in the Republican primaries (which means in some states, changing parties for a short while), we can make Weld the candidate instead of Trump. I was impressed by his ingenuity but am not doing anything along that line quite yet. I’m not sure we could get nearly enough votes together anyway.

What do you all think of that idea?

For those interested, Preet Brathara whose podcast is called STAY TUNED WITH PREET has Andrew Yang on today!!!

Preeet’s Wednesday podcast is a really good listen each week !!

Hi Sharon, since you asked, my2c:
It feels to me that the spiritual lesson for this age and going forward requires truth and authenticity from all, if we are to survive.
I think for those who are in their gut ok with weld’s overall policies and ability, then do it. I think in many instances hes very capable, though I am uncomfortable with some of his positions. But I feel those who were to vote simply to out-game trump only, as if it were a strategic game, intuitively, I feel something would backfire.
Pure political gamesmanship rather than authenticity and truth is why we are where we are. (This is what the dems must learn also.)
‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend’ is not a healthy way to move into this next era, unless it incorporates a whole new paradigm.

North Korea has executed officials who prepared the last failed summit in Hanoi with Trump.


I know this will go into moderation and will probably be lost in the thread, but I wanted to respond to Alaska and Elisio. However, I’m not completely caught up on the thread so I may repeat some comments.

Alaska, Ray Merriman is a financial astrologer who is an interesting read. I read his weekly from time to time.

But keep in mind he is biased. *Everyone* doing any predicting in astrology (as in law) is biased. One needs to glean their bias (if possible) and take that into account.

Elisio, re teaching and attention spans etc – we are in the midst of changing ages from P to Aquarius. Younger people are not exhibiting a loss only, but are moving to a new kind of human communication and learning. It only feels like a loss to us oldsters who actually realize what is being lost. But we don’t understand what the new Aquarian age mind is like and where it’s moving.

Please learn from them. Your entertainment skills will help. And with that impart to them your wisdom condensed from an entire age. It will be a gift to humanity.

I’m asking for this group’s thoughts on the following two, questions, as they keep coming up for me, and my circle – maybe yours, too?

Is the internet the key causative-agent allowing people to intellectually wall themselves off from ideas that don’t match preexisting biases?

If so, is the internet directly responsible for the rise of Trump, and his white-nationalist agenda; or, are there other factors as influential?

Andre, gives new meaning to the book titled “everything trump touches dies”


“…is disintegrating what little grasp on reality that the man has held.”

Sadly true; his behavior is mortifying for our nation. Its like a really bad dream I want so badly to end.

Andre, kiwi,

re: North Korea has executed officials who prepared the last failed summit in Hanoi with Trump.


Today I heard two new words I think very useful to those of us who post or lurk here.

My younger brother uttered the word “TrumpHead.” He knows. He works with many of them every day.

The second new vocabulary word is “Trump-Drunk.”

Trump-Drunk Republicans Are Choosing Russia Over The Constitution

Dean W. wow, that’s a question that could fill a book!
No simple answer, lots of nuance. Simple answer: I think internet has been a Vehicle to fuel grievance by the fearful, driven by modern life uncertainties (economic chaos, greed, hate, rapid globalization resulting in forced encounters with ‘the other’, family unit disintegration, etc, etc.) The internet has just made it easier for the fearful to connect. It has also been the prime source to fill their void, providing comfort at some level for those that feel they are in a scary unfriendly world. In other words, I think the internet is the vehicle, not the root cause.
Don’t take this wrong because Im not saying it in a particularly ‘churchy’ sense, but I think a bigger cause is modern society in general, even before the internet, has become distanced from natures connections, and paying less attention to the true essence behind the 10 commandments, or ‘7 heavenly virtues and 7 deadly sins, or 8fold path, etc: (respect that there’s a universal force greater than yourself, dont put earthly gain before universal connection, don’t kill, don’t lie, don’t covet, honor elders, etc. 7 heavenly virtues = faith hope, charity, fortitude, justice, temperance, prudence. 7 deadly sins = pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed, sloth.)
The internet is society’s tool, an updated Gutenberg press. It is the ‘manners, love and honesty’ that are sorely lacking, not least within the ‘prosperity theology’ right wing and that whole den of vipers fanning the flames of hate and division.
End of rant 🙂

Dean W.
Your questions have some depth and nuance!

“Is the internet the key causative-agent allowing people to intellectually wall themselves off from ideas that don’t match preexisting biases?”

I believe the internet is one of two major agents that in themselves are not causative, but are greatly supportive.

(1) The hate media, especially Fox News works with our biases to exponentially intensify those same biases.
(2) The internet allows us to stay in our own bubble, to seek confirmation for our biases.

Both are highly addictive but create those addictions differently. The internet addicts more through our curiosity. Fox and the hate radio jocks addict us more through emotion.

“… is the internet directly responsible for the rise of Trump, and his white-nationalist agenda; or, are there other factors as influential?”

There are several factors. One of the prime fallacies of our times is to look for a single cause of something. Both Dems and R’s approach multi-caused problems looking for a single cause they can kill with one single bullet.

I think Kiwi is mostly on the right track with her answer, but I would focus on two things in particular she mentioned.

(A) disintegration of the family:
For well over 100 years we’ve been moving from the farm to the city. In so doing we’ve moved from the extended family into “nuclear” families, theoretically meaning parents with 2.5 children.

Be aware we mostly lived in extended families for thousands of years if not ALL of human prehistory and history. During those thousands of years we met our basic adult emotional needs through all of the several adults in the family.

Grandparents, aunts, uncles, older siblings, (the alloparents) plus the biological parents all worked together to raise and socialize the children. The system also allowed for couples to have more intimate time together to converse, make love, make plans, and nurture one another as there was always another adult available who could watch the kids for a while. Anthropological and sociological studies have consistently shown children raised in families with several adults are happier and more successful.

Relative to the time scale of humanity, the transition to the nuclear family has been extremely sudden. In the US it worked Ok for a while, but not as well as the extended family system. During the 50’s most children had one and one half parents, in that the Dad (the half time parent) worked full time while the mother (the full time parent) stayed home as the homemaker.

By the 1970’s economic circumstances were such that you had both parents working, therefore at best two half-time parents. As the decades progressed the time available to properly raise children has decreased. If a child is lucky enough to have parents who are not divorced, both of those parents are likely working full time, maybe even two jobs each. In that case, who’s raising the kids? Television? Video & computer games? Other children?

The problem here is many of our children grow up like orphans, with no sense of belonging. Some of them join gangs to have that sense of belonging. Many as adults attach themselves to causes, ideologies, or drugs, etc. In any case, they often do not make good parents, creating dysfunctional families which in turn do likewise.

(B) Kiwi also mentioned globalization. She’s on target with that one. Globalization and her handmaiden automation have made our economies more efficient, but also colder, less emotionally satisfying. The grocery chains are colluding to replace all checkers with automation within the next 5 years. We interact with fewer and fewer people when we are shopping or doing business.

We are emotionally starving. We are vulnerable. We therefore attempt to fill the hole within our souls with substance and process addictions, be they chemical or electronic. And many, many of us use the internet to fill those gaps.

Too many of us through the internet and/or hate media fall into ideological idolatry, be it political or religious, and suspend our critical thinking processes, following what feels best, i.e. the leader, the crowd, where we feel like we “belong.”

It’s a self-perpetuating emotional addiction in which many find their sense of meaning. I’m not sure when or how that pattern will be broken.

I’m hoping Trump through his excesses is a vehicle through which we will come to see the darker, shadowy side of our character before it is too late, to overcome these socio-emotional patterns, moving into a better version of ourselves.

Neither of our two major political parties talk about or address what I’ve described above. We’ve all, become too shallow to talk of such things. But I find the Dems, generally are more emotionally intelligent than the R’s.

In the long run, presuming we find the way back to ourselves, as I read the patterns I think we’ll eventually go to something more economically and emotionally viable, into small group marriages, and/or return to the extended family as the primary model for survival, living, and procreating.

This should help us get back to ourselves in the Internet Age.


Plutonian rot seeps out into the open within the U.S. Navy:

USS John S. McCain: A Scandal That Stains the Navy – The Atlantic


The U.S. Navy was founded on Oct. 13, 1775. Its Pluto is at 24 Capricorn, so it is at the threshold of experiencing its Pluto Return, which will be exact in March of next year. The U.S. Army’s Pluto is at 26 Cap, though it was founded nearly exactly 5 months earlier in June 1775.

I suspect we are just starting to see the tip of the iceberg regarding the corruption evident within the U.S. military.

As amoral, gross and disgusting as DJT is, he isn’t capable of causing what’s been evident for a very long time, though he can certainly draw it out into the open, as “like attracts like.”

Do you like what you see as you look into the mirror, America?

Robert Mueller:

“I will close by reiterating the central allegation of our indictments that there were multiple, systematic efforts to interference in our election. And that allegation deserves the attention of every American. Thank you. Thank you for being here today.”


BuckeyeShadow, with those Pluto returns, it is clear any military adventure this year or next by Trump would bring disaster for the Army and the Navy.


Agreed. Moreover, I wonder if we will see some event that challenges the deep, seemingly bottomless reservoir of social capital and faith that many Americans have stowed in the U.S. armed forces. The loss of honor that accompanies any decision to kowtow to the whims and insecurities of a buffoon for an office occupier like Trump indeed does not bode well for its readiness in future conflicts. We could see them sustaining a humiliating defeat in Iran, or even against Chinese naval forces.

Andre, thank you for posting that beautiful medium.com article

Dean W.,

Although the Internet has enough written and visual information to fan-the-fires of any one person’s political/moral positions, I believe what underlies the rigidity and close-minded thinking that is shredding the national soul is the phenomenon in psychology known as confirmation bias. In a nutshell, its is the function of people believing what they want to believe no matter what reality/logic/science might prove otherwise.

re: mass shooting in Virginia Beach today, “shortly before 4:30 PM”. 11 are dead, also suspect was killed (total 12 dead) and numerous wounded.

State of Virginia has Mercury at 19+ Virgo which transiting Saturn trines (as well as trans. South Node at 18+ Capricorn). Transiting Saturn is also conjunct Pluto, which was near the IC (roots) of the (approx) chart for shooting.

Transiting Venus (19+ Taurus) was conjunct US natal Vesta (what is invested in) and trine trans. Saturn, Pluto and South Node in Cap . . and Virginia’s Mercury in Virgo. Trans. Neptune (18+ Pisces) was sextile trans Saturn and Venus but opposite Virginia’s Mercury. This a grand trine that becomes a Kite formation.

No details yet but – long range – I get a sense of it being a kind of penetrating message (Virginia natal Mercury) regarding management or government (building was government use) because trans. Saturn was conjunct Virginia’s Mercury. Possibly about money (Saturn trine Venus).

Neptune (loss of sanity) is sextile Saturn (materialize) and Venus but also square Jupiter (mass shooting) in Sagittarius.

I am not making light of this tragedy but trying to determine if it has a larger impact on our country beyond the obvious.

Sorry, I incorrectly wrote trans. Saturn was conjunct Virginia’s Mercury when it was trine that Mercury.

Also should note that trans. Jupiter in Sagittarius is square Virginia Mercury in Virgo.

Eliseo – Thank you for your thoughts; I particularly enjoyed: “…One of the prime fallacies of our times is to look for a single cause of something…” And, “We are emotionally starving. We are vulnerable….”

Also, your points about the intrinsic humanity of the nuclear-family, and how it’s been upended, really struck a cord with me.

kiwi – Loved your comments, especially “…I think internet has been a Vehicle to fuel grievance by the fearful, driven by modern life uncertainties…” And, “…The internet is society’s tool, an updated Gutenberg press…”

will – Neat observation; thanks: “…I believe what underlies the rigidity and close-minded thinking that is shredding the national soul is the phenomenon in psychology known as confirmation bias…”

Andre – Thank you for the link to the ‘Medium’ article.

Now 12 are dead.

Something strange flew under-the-radar in today’s news – and that’s the opening of ‘Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge,’ at Disneyland. Now, what relevance could an ‘amusement park’ attraction have, you might rightly ask?

Well, like in the ‘Star Wars’ movies, themes of totalitarianism and rebellion are exploited; but, here, they’re actually brought to life, as ‘Galaxy’s Edge’ visitors get to speak with in-character human actors.

Here’s a snippet from an actual interaction:

…”Within minutes of entering Galaxy’s Edge, the park’s brand-new “Star Wars”-themed land, I realized this was a hideous mistake.

“Are you looking for a job?” A young woman in native-Batuu garb asked in a low voice as she sidled up to my daughter and me.

“Um, no,” I said. “We’re looking for lightsabers.”

“Keep your voice down!” she said. “The First Order is everywhere…”

I’m a bit taken-aback that Disney’s ‘Imagineers’ took it upon to ‘normalize’ (though the power of ‘amusement’) the presence of an occupying force?

Some of my family members survived the horrors of WWII; and because of that, I think Disney has made a morally tone-deaf move – because kids will now see totalitarianism as ‘fun,’ and without consequence. What do you think?


Pardon my grammatical error: I meant to say, “I’m a bit taken-aback that Disney’s ‘Imagineers’ took it upon THEMSELVES to ‘normalize’ (though the power of ‘amusement’) the presence of an occupying force?

In case anyone wants to check out ‘Galaxy’s Edge,’ here’s a link (prices are steeper than Disneyland’s Matterhorn):


I’m noticing the notion of legal personhood is becoming more complex.

Certain Southern states want to institute the idea of “fetal personhood.”

A series of Supreme Court decisions beginning in 1876 have come to gradually define corporations as legal persons, a position hailed by folks such as Mr. Romney but decried by most of the rest of us.

Some would like to see legal personhood extended to certain ultra-intelligent animals. “Are chimpanzees persons? What about elephants?” we might ask.

There is also the possible future issue of personhood if artificial intelligence becomes viewed as conscious in any sense.

Personally, I believe consciousness is directly related to biology, that a fully self conscious entity such as Data of Star Trek, TNG, or of Robin Williams character in the film Bicentennial Man is probably impossible.

The issue of personhood also goes back to the abolitionist period and the freeing of the slaves.

So I’m wondering, asking myself what is the astrological signature of the issue of legal personhood?

Yikes, just spotted another spelling error (I used the word ‘though,’ instead of ‘through,’ in my above, two posts (and one was even a correction-post!)

Eliseo, maybe you can give me a few pointers on how to be a better proofreader; your posts are always grammatically pristine!

OH, and it occurred to me that you could put all your Starlight posts together, and they’d make for a great book-outline :>)

Also, I just spotted that Fox’s Hannity is May’s top-rated host in cable news. Yuk!


deanW – re rachaels ratings: others have been in her slot quite a bit lately – shes just finishing up a new book coming out in October. So recent results not altogether surprising…..
when shes back on her game I expect her to trounce Hannity once again.

It makes me wonder which Democratic contender for the Presidency is going to pick up this Virginia mass shooting and run with it.

I noticed Kamala Harris’s natal chart Jupiter at 24+ Taurus is conjunct the South Node of the birth chart for the State of Virginia at 23+ Taurus, which is one degree away from the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction that started this present cycle (22+ Taurus) we’re in; a cycle about how societies grow and falter.

The Saturn-Pluto (+ Ceres-Sun-Mercury) conjunction at 22+ Capricorn in January, 2020, will trine the Jupiter-Saturn start degree in Taurus, as does the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo. It is destiny that we overcome this retched national flaw or disintegrate as a failure in self-governing.

This is a potent powerful grand trine my fellow Starlight News readers. It will be in effect until the end of 2020 when the NEW Jupiter-Saturn cycle starts. The PRESENT cycle’s most remarkable attribute was it’s chart’s square from Uranus at 20+ Aquarius to the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus, and Uranus is all about shock and awe.

The US PROGRESSED Mercury (the US progressed thinking) is at 20+ Aquarius and has no doubt been shocked over the last 18 years (when 9-11 took place, one year after the start of this present Jupiter-Saturn cycle).

The most important aspect (for the USA) in the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart was its Neptune (dissolve) at 6+ Aquarius that conjuncts the US natal chart’s South Node (behavior and thinking that must end) and the US natal Pholus (small cause, big effect).

This mass shooting on May 31, 2019, in Virginia Beach, VA, might be that small cause that brings about the big effect. By Monday, if not sooner, there will be a (NEW) loud hue and cry for reformation of US gun laws, and SOMEBODY running for the US Presidency seat will take that cry and hammer it home.

I’ll be checking some other candidate’s charts this weekend to see if any of them seem to be up to the challenge.

Dean W.
Thanks for the compliment, but my postings go back several years and I’m not sure what value they have as I wrote them fairly spur of the moment. Furthermore, I think it would take an awful lot of copying & pasting to put them in one document. Were I to do that, it would not be now. I’m too busy clearing my late mother’s house and property so that I may go home. My most important writing will come after I’ve settled in to my home in WA state. That will be some time this summer, likely late June or July.

I don’t know where you live, but if you are anywhere near the west coast, I’ll be performing many of my poems at poetry slams in cities along the I-5 corridor. One of my several professions in the past was that of actor, and folks tend to get pretty excited when I perform those poems. If you are near, you are certainly invited to attend. (But really, I’m pulling a sneaky, using my poetry as a marketing device to drum up interest in my essays and novels. )

As far as your grammar goes, no matter how well or how poorly one writes, one can always improve. I often see comma errors in my writing after I’ve posted here.

I’m in my 9th profession now as a writer who teaches college students how to write academic papers and think logically. Some of those students use Grammarly.com. I’ve never used it, but I’ve heard it really helps. Another tip would be to write your posting in word, and edit and re-edit it before you copy it into the response rectangle provided.

Eliseo – thanks for the tips on improving my writing skills!

barbk – I’m a newcomer to astrology; but, I’ve always found your posts to be of great interest; thank you for taking the time to present them on this site.

Also, there’s an astrologer I recently found who does a lot of broad predictive-work that seems to have held-up, over time.

He’s laid back-sounding; but, his level of detail – astrologically, and prediction-wise – is admirable. Maybe someone has mentioned him before; my apologies if that’s the case:



Ex-Ethics Chief Tweets Very Long List Of Bad Signs From Donald Trump’s Presidency

Walter Shaub urged Americans not to “underestimate the threat to our republic from within” with his lengthy Twitter thread.


Eliseo, legal personhood has been extended to rivers in some countries. Some say it should be given to the planet itself or to humankind. The notion of crimes against humanity is a forerunner.

As a former lawyer, I’ve always thought that allowing corporations to claim fundamental rights such as freedom of expression was a major mistake in the US and Canada.

Dean W, don’t worry about the grammar. We understand you perfectly. I check my posts more than once before I send them, but I still make errors.

Dean W., thank you for the link (and for your kind words), and I too found this astrologer to be remarkably thorough!

Like Andre, I also double check for errors in my own comments before hitting the submit button, yet they still get through!

Dean W., I like the astrologer you mentioned. His level of detail is unusual (but can’t beat barbk!). I will look him up from time to time.

On another note, Obama was in Ottawa last night. He delivered a message of hope in these trying times. He says he has a love affair with Canada. He reminded his listeners that there always have been dark or troubled times in history before a step forward. Indeed, they are what makes that step forward inevitable.

In the 20th century alone, there were two world wars, the Depression and the Holocaust. The human race has survived these calamities and prospered despite, and because of, great individual suffering.

The Fraudulent President is just a blip, although admittedly a huge one. He is very likely the last President for a dying breed.

Obama, in my view, still has not given his full measure of greatness. He has been underused even after two terms as President.

I believe the Great President of 2024 will have him named Secretary-General of the UN in a time of awesome and phenomenal world change. That may also be the time the Secretary-General will become at least as important as the President of the United States. The Great President and the Great Secretary-General will coexist. Obama will once again inspire the world.

His second Nobel Peace Prize will be the one he truly deserves.

What a beautiful uplifting thought, Andre. I remember Eliseo saying similar things about President Obama, a healthy, balanced, inspiring human being who worked hard at staying that way. So sad that the people of our country could not see through Donald Trump.

I have been participating in local news threads on FB that seem to draw Trump supporters and I have learned something. The U.S. has been a “super-power” for a long time and Russia and China, maybe India and Brazil, have been trying to reach our level. I’ll never forget Putin’s dripping sarcasm when he said “everyone knows that the U.S. is the only super power!” Maybe (because of progressed mars in Pisces), the U.S. appeared to be losing its sharp edge. There were lots of factors, mostly economic and poor money management, and too much power in the hands of the wealthy and too little education of the people as to how to participate (it takes leadership and training). The Trump supporters (on the thread I’m referring to) kept saying things like “at least now we are respected again”.

We don’t know if anything Trump has done will turn out to be good for the country. Most of it is based on words that have inspired certain, mostly-white people. However, I think there is something to be gleaned from it. The U.S. can always improve and the person with a plan to improve it regain health and that sharp edge, so that we retain our leadership and somehow help other countries move in a direction where we can all be partners, is the person I want for my president (and that Obama was to a large extent), senator, congress-person. It’s a tall order.

About the internet — what everyone said is true. It amplifies communication and is the most widespread form of mass comm there is. Since the ’60s, the world has gone away from, more or less, one systemic moral code towards embracing openness, freedom, inclusivity, but there is no clearly understood path anymore like that transmitted by the nuclear family/tribe Eliseo spoke of (at least on the scale that it used to be), as well as all institutions. There are now more influence mongers and whomever speaks the loudest, is the rudest (which some equate with honesty), makes the most sense, feeds confirmation bias, etc. gets heard on the Right but, in its own way, on the Left, too (although there is a vast difference in values, etc.). We really need good strong leadership to cut through all of this and the kind of leadership that gets results. Obama tried hard, he was obstructed, but he also was not quite forceful enough, imho. Elizabeth Warren has qualities in this direction. I am not totally sure about Biden yet. Someone like Inslee has a great plan for the climate and economy. Beto has very good potential but is not there yet. To me (sorry), Bernie is passe. So — still watching for that one strong leader to emerge as that is what it will take. I have no objection to many voices but eventually there will be one consensus and someone strong enough to express the message and make results happen.

Dean W., I make typos all the time I often proof read but, I guess, not fully enough. I have a lot of Pisces/neptunian influence in my chart, especially with Neptune transiting Pisces right now — but, what the hey? Life is too short to be too perfect.

Getting back to what you said, Andre, I can really see all of that happening. Obama’s influence will continue to be felt for a long time, and the Clintons’, in some way, (Hillary, Chelsea, Bill) also. Even the Bushes may yet do some good.

I left out one dimension of what the leader I want needs to exemplify, and what the internet has helped erode in the U.S. and in the world – and that is a very strong, balanced moral-ethical code, and an effective, powerful way of communicating it.

Sharon K – I really enjoyed your post about how ‘the internet amplifies communication.’

One point that I don’t think has been mentioned yet on this site (please, correct me if I’m wrong), is that many national governments (including; but, to a lesser degree, the US) fully ‘regulate’ internet-content.

China, Russia, Turkey and Iran already do this; and their approach is straight-up censorship.

So, if certain names, phrases, pictures or videos can be deleted or altered before too many citizens get a look at them, how will anyone know if they’re seeing a complete set of facts, regarding a particular event, person or circumstance?

Elizabeth, thanks for the Walter Shaub tweets link. I’m glad he’s keeping tabs on the Abuser-In-Chief, otherwise some of them would be forgotten in the deluge.


There is a sextile between the US progressed Neptune (26+ Virgo) and US progressed North Node (26+ Cancer) that forms a Yod with US natal Pallas (26+ Aquarius), which is conjunct the US natal Moon (27+ Aquarius). The progressed US chart’s sextile is pushing US natal Pallas (strategist) and US natal Moon (US people) to make an adjustment.

This Yod made up of US progressed and natal planets becomes a Boomerang with the addition of Trump’s natal Mars (26+ Leo), which becomes the resting place (so to speak) of all the combined energy of the Yod (US People being forced to strategize an adjustment due to US progressed Neptune and North Node Yod pressure).

Trump’s Mars is conjoined with his ascendant at 29+ Leo which is also where the total solar eclipse of August 2017 (28 Leo 52) was. At the time of that total eclipse (referred to as the Great American Eclipse), transiting Jupiter (20+ Libra) and transiting Mars (20+ Leo) were sextile.

Transiting Neptune at 20+ Pisces in April, 2020, through August, 2020, will exact an apex point to that Eclipse chart’s sextile between Jupiter and Mars (that will include trans. Neptune’s long station retrograde). This will cover the time frame of the US Conventions; a time when US People make decisions regarding who they want for US President. (Eclipses have a long shelf life, don’t forget.)

I think the decisions (adjustments) made at these 2020 Conventions will fulfill the required Yod demands in the 2017 Eclipse chart; the eclipse that was conjunct Trump’s ascendant that conjuncts his Mars, which was (and is) the Boomerang point opposite the Yod apex point, (i.e. the US Pallas which conjuncts US Moon) of the sextile between US progressed Neptune and North Node. Whew.

In turn, the US progressed Neptune and NN effect the necessary changes (adjustments) to further the evolutionary progress of these United States. But wait, there’s more . . .

In November, 2020, after the US Election, transiting Neptune will station direct, shortly after a Lunar Eclipse at 8+ Gemini that conjuncts US natal Uranus. Count on something hidden (eclipse) and unexpected (Uranus) as a result.

Transiting Neptune will reach 20+ Pisces again, this time in direct motion, late in February, 2021.
The reinvigorated Yod composed of the 2017 Leo Eclipse chart’s sextile between Mars and Jupiter and the transiting Neptune will exact pressure to adjust once more, but will it affect the USA?

Probably. I say that only because the 2017 eclipse chart’s Jupiter at 20+ Libra conjuncts US natal Juno (the lesser equal) who opposes the US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries that is trine the 2017 eclipse chart’s Mars in Leo. I think it will be a good thing; maybe something to do with migrant children being reunited with their parents. (a new US Ceres Return in Dec. 2020 has Child and Amor conjunct US natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius!)

Will it affect Trump (whose Mars-Ascendant was where the eclipse took place)? Yes, but will he still be US President? I think not.

By the time transiting Neptune reaches 22+ Pisces in April, 2021, it will oppose US natal Neptune in Virgo while Trump’s Sun at 22+ Gemini (conjunct US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini) will make it a T-square cycle of energy. Transiting Jupiter (understanding) will be conjunct the US natal Moon. I believe this will be when the law catches up with Trump.

During 2021 there will be 3 squares between transiting Saturn and transiting Uranus (when reality gets real), and trans. Neptune will leave the 20+ Pisces degree for good in Jan. 2022, ending the Yod energy of the 2017 eclipse chart’s sextile between Jupiter and Mars. Then all we have to deal with is the hard work of the US Pluto Return.

Barbk, we now have three different predictions about the length of time in office of the Putin-selected Con Don.

Bob says he will go in January 2020. Starlight thinks he will be defeated in the next election and will have to leave the White House willy-nilly once the Electoral College confirms the result. Now you predict he will last until some time in 2021.

At least you all agree he won’t make it until the end of his second term.

I hope Bob is right, of course. The sooner the better.

excerpt from Jessica Murray’s latest article:

“Around the middle of the month (6/14-19), Mars and Mercury will oppose the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, whose current 3 1/2 – degree orb is effectively shrunk by this month’s transit.

This gives us a preview of one of the most important transits of the next three decades: the looming Capricorn stellium.

In the week before the Solstice (6/21), Mars (the ego) may trigger an event involving imposing impersonal forces (Saturn/Pluto). We may have to confront powers beyond our control. Mercury (communication) will challenge us to assert ourselves effectively, while being realistic about the authority (Saturn) and power (Pluto) of what we’re up against.

Whatever arises, we must play it out with integrity. Any attempts to duck our responsibilities will not bode well, once the 2020 transits come into their own.”

My error Andre, I didn’t mean to suggest that when the “law catches up with Trump” he would still be in office; sloppy of me if you thought that. I too believe he will be gone before then.

But, if not, there is always trans. Neptune’s last opposition to US Neptune T-square Trump’s Sun, as he exits Stage Left, one way or another.

Thanks for the heads up ja.


“Renay was accepted to MIT, Oxford, and Harvard at age 15 and accepted a faculty position at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center at age 21 to specialize in early bioinformatics.”

From mylife.com – “Renay Oshop is 49 years old and was born on 11/19/1969.”




“I went to college full-time at fifteen, actually being able to emancipate based on my scholarship stipend. Some of my friends were getting PhDs at that age from schools like Harvard and Princeton.”

“Remarks prepared for The Kepler Conference, 2017.”

Renay Oshop on Astrological Research and a Scientific Approach to Astrology



RE: “Obama, in my view, still has not given his full measure of greatness. He has been underused even after two terms as President.”

Your statement aligns with a very strong intuition I had in 2008 before Obama was elected. I got a deep sense that he firstly would win the presidency, and serve two terms, but that his greatest accomplishments would come after his presidency, perhaps as some kind of president of the world, or some higher office not yet created. I very much got the very strong feeling history would remember him for the latter office far more than the former.


“Then all we have to deal with is the hard work of the US Pluto Return.”

I’ll not be done with Neptune then as my natal 10th House Moon is at 24 degrees, 22 minutes of Pisces. I’m not sure what to expect with what for me will be a Neptune/Moon conjunction.

Eliseo, as creative as you are, you should not be concerned over a transiting Neptune conjunct your natal Moon. I would think it would open new vistas for you to express your sensitivity in a universal way. All the commitments that have blocked you in recent years will dissolve; clearing the way for you to write, act or teach to your hearts content.

I receive a thought for the day from a native spiritual site. This is today’s message:


Eliseo and barbk, I have wondered about that Neptune transit as well. My wife has a stellium of the Sun-Mercury-Jupiter at 19 Pisces, and her wisdom, profound judgment and intuition blow me away each day and have for the past 35 years.

My daughter, who is beginning a Ph.D in psychology, has her Moon at 20 Pisces square a Saturn-Uranus conjunction in the 4th house (yes, that would be me). Transiting Jupiter is over that conjunction right now. We went out, just father and daughter, to see a fabulous show of modern African dance last week for her 32nd birthday (Montreal has a lot of great international festivals), and had an unforgettably happy evening. She showed me her favorite spots downtown. My own Sun, as mentioned, is at 20 Capricorn sextile 19-20 Pisces, and currently battered by Saturn and Pluto.

I have told my wife she should trust her insights and premonitions more and more. I have told our daughter, who is wary of astrology at this point, that Carl Jung used birth charts for his patients and stated that astrology was at once the past and future of psychology. Unfortunately, I can’t say that to my own therapist, at least not yet.

Thank you for the meditation Andre; something to live by. Thank you too for the positive examples of Pisces energy in one’s daily life; it ain’t all drugs and madness by any means is it?

I’m not sure I can take much more of this!!

Marjorie Orr:

“Turning a full-scale state visit into a sitcom takes some doing but trust Trump.”


Andre, my cousin just returned from 4-5 days in Montreal and loved it, especially the restaurants and the delis. Your “smoked meat” is our corned beef. She said Montreal’s delis are better than NY’s.

Neptune has been affecting me from the onset of its Pisces transit. I must say that when it aspected my appox 1 degree Pisces sun, I did have a rude awakening that involved a rejection from a graduate program, after taking 12 credits and getting mostly As. I was so overconfident that I would walk right in, that the fall hurt that much more. It took me time to figure out what went wrong and I applied to and completed another one, realizing in retrospect it was Neptune at work.
Neptune is now over my MC & NN. My sense of direction has changed and I’m in more of a drift pattern. My empathy and compassion have deepened especially with animals, to the point that I feel a lot of pain for others and cry at the news. I donate small amounts to a range of charities and am moving toward veganism. I liked it a lot when uranus transited my MC & NN & 10th house. I felt a strong sense of purpose and career. I am a little more reclusive now, and am learning to give in a little more and be more tolerant. As Neptune begins to affect mars & venus, I expect the focus to be on energy levels and love, in uniquely Neptunian ways (and am hoping there will be no more overconfidence and falls or “betrayals”). Then again, since this all involves my 10th house, I can imaging that I may get more involved publicly in a cause (if energy levels allow it). Like with every other astrology transit, the anticipation and worry is usually not as bad as the reality. I find good things to focus on, I adjust to the changes, I get more in touch with my inner resources. Not so bad, and sometimes very good.

Elisabeth Grace:

“UPDATE: on exciting news from Israel. You may recall that Israel’s horoscope is ripe for an upset this summer — and we were alerted to this potential before its most recent election. Thus it was disappointing to see the status quo preserved, and Netanyahu re-elected. Ohhhh — but wait! The fat lady has not yet sung in this opera, as Netanyahu has failed to form a government. That means there will be a new election on September 17, and we’re finding this out just a few days after the first disruptive square from Uranus to Israel’s stability-seeking Leo Moon. After September 17, whoever wins will have 42 days to form a government…and on November 3rd, Israel will have the second hit of Uranus square its Moon. Hmmm. Things get even more interesting in January 2020.”


Willows Web Astrology:

“The New Moon at 12 degrees Gemini on June 3 (3:02 a.m. PDT) opens a lunar month that appears highly mutable. Situations and circumstances are fluid, changeable, even downright chaotic this month, and it will take keen discernment combined with strong adaptation skills to move through things successfully and relatively smoothly.
The Sun and Moon come together in conjunction in Gemini, marking a New Moon on June 3 that occurs within a loose mutable t-square formation involving Jupiter Rx at 20 degrees Sagittarius and stationing Neptune at 18 degrees Pisces.”


Can judges who fail to enforce the law regarding responding to a subpoena be removed from the bench?

Over simplifying the symbolism of Neptune I will say it’s an absence of reality; reality being what life on planet Earth appears to be to us (humanity) – a polarization between good and bad, hot and cold, night and day, rich and poor, pain and pleasure and so on.

Neptune provides an escape from those earthly confines of reality through music, art, dance, spirituality, imagination, intuition, drugs and alcohol. Neptune in the US natal chart (any version) is in the sign of Virgo which is (oversimplified) about fixing or healing broken things. US natal Neptune’s most powerful relationship within the US birth chart is its square with Mars.

Mars energy, oversimplified, is action, defensive and protective action, the Hero, the accoster, the stamina needed to complete a task. In the US natal chart Mars is in Gemini which, in a nutshell, is all forms of communication.

A square indicates conflict so Neptune (absence of reality) in Virgo (fix broken things) conflicts with Mars (action) in Gemini (communication).

In the case of Friday’s mass shooting in Virginia Beach, VA., transiting Pluto at 22+ Capricorn rx., was trine US Neptune at 22+ Virgo, while transiting Mercury at 22+ Gemini was square US Neptune and conjunct US Mars at 21+ Gemini.

Transiting Pluto was quincunx (demands adjustment) transiting Mercury. At that time, 6 of the 10 major planets, + the North and South Nodes, were within a 5 degree orb of an aspect with US Neptune and US Mars.

I know there is mass-shooting fatigue in this country, but I bet if someone were to study a dozen or so charts of these tragedies they would reveal similar aspects related to the US natal square between Mars and Neptune.

I feel it is transiting Neptune especially, now only 3 degrees from squaring US Mars, that is slowly pushing the US People toward expanding their consciousness, beyond the confines of our 3 dimensional polarized thinking, in regard to legalized gun ownership and its relationship to communicating (Gemini) anger (Mars) while trying to fix things (Virgo) under the influence of Neptune.

Transiting Neptune is 4 degrees from opposing (reflecting) US natal Neptune in Virgo (fixes things), meaning we are halfway to having a Neptune Return in the USA., early in 3000.

The last US Neptune Return (a series of 3, almost 4 conjunctions of transiting Neptune with US Neptune) in 1938-39, and the 1st one on Oct. 28, 1938, had Saturn at 13+ Aries (opposite US Saturn in Libra and square US Sun in Cancer).

Mars at that time was at 2+ Libra conjunct US natal chart’s MC (reputation) at 1+ Libra, and the US would soon be in WW2. The Sun (consciousness) was at 4+ Scorpio, opposite where transiting Uranus (breakthrough) is now, 4+ Taurus.

Uranus at that time in 1938 was at 16+ Taurus where transiting Uranus will be in May, 2022.

If I’m right then the exact transiting Neptune opposite US natal Neptune (and square US Mars) will see a breakthrough.

The 1st opposition on May 2, 2021 will have transiting Sun conjunct transiting Uranus, with transiting Pluto just one degree from US Pluto – the infamous US Pluto Return. It will be less than 4 months after the new US President will be sworn in. Listen to these candidates now and hear what they are saying about gun laws. Cory Booker is passionate about it.

Sharon K, three things unite almost everyone in Montreal: 1. hockey; 2. a love-hate relationship with winter; 3; we LOVE our Jewish food, smoked meat and bagels in particular. Way better than NYC.

I must add another thing. I have always deeply appreciated Leonard Cohen and am extremely proud he was born and raised here. I went to his very humble grave last week. His favorite haunts in the city are turning into pilgrimage sites. He came from a wealthy and enlightened Jewish background. His was one of the first English-speaking families to insist their son should speak French fluently in order to break down social barriers in Quebec. His first concert at age 12 was to see a legendary Quebec folksinger who sang only in French and was the first local talent to make it big in Paris. He gave interviews in French in Montreal. When asked what he thought of Quebec’s then thriving independence movement, he answered: “I’m for it every other day.” His first great hit, Suzanne, was about one of his best friends’ girlfriend; this friend is still a well-known French-speaking sculptor.

Also, I was born with Neptune in the 10th. In my case, it brought a commitment to some form of social justice and sympathy for the downtrodden. I was a lawyer for some of Quebec’s native peoples for some years as well as an active member of Amnesty International.

Barbk, to me Neptune means access to a higher reality if you are ready for it. If not, it will bring you confusion, illusion and despair. It is associated with drugs and alcoholism, which to my mind means unconscious spiritual longing. It can bring inspiration, intuition or grace. It can also dissolve more primitive or no longer needed levels of reality. To me, it’s a great and powerful friend that can lead you to higher love, but one must approach it with care or it can disconnect you from what you thought was real.

I agree that Neptune square US Mars should bring changes to gun laws. It could also be another sign that any military action will end badly in the next few years. Also, the US Neptune return in the late Thirties means to me that the US was then, despite its confusion and msitakes, in top spiritual form. In the next decade, it led ans inspired the world. The Neptune semi-return, this spiritual power is at an all-time low of great confusion and self-deception. There is a world of Neptunian difference between FDR’s inspiration and the Fraudster’s lies.

Bob, in theory judges can be removed if they don’t protect the integrity of the judicial branch but in practice they will act if their orders are not followed. I don’t think the Justice Department will get away with ignoring an order from a judge, or a higher court will get involved. If Trump and Barr start ignoring court orders, they are asking for contempt of court proceedings, which will almost certainly be upheld by the Supreme Court, AND impeachment. In that respect, the law in the US is the same as in Canada. The rule of law means the courts must have the last word; if they don’t, the President has violated his oath of office.

There are regretfully three typos in my next-to-last paragraph, but I guess most readers will understand.

Andre, thank you for describing what Neptune means beyond our present level of understanding. Very well said my friend. Would that the world (as a whole) were there right now.


Be of good humour; Marjorie Orr’s forecast for Don-the-Con’s encounter with the Queen is something deliciously wicked. Let us nibble on our tea-cakes and cackle at the spectacle.


If I might, you mentioned, although you admire Bernie greatly, you disagree with him on some important issues. May I ask you to share what they are? I would be very interested.



Your welcome. It is such a breath taking list of assaults on our democracy. The human rights atrocities that are occurring at the border are so horrific, I see them as being remembered in history the same as the Japanese Internment camps. May the weight of this inhumanity be an anchor on the feet of this despicable administration.

ja – Thanks for the tip on Ms. Orr’s predictive analysis of ConDon’s visit!

Also, I have a friend who’s a ‘Christian,’ and she tells me that a large number of her true-believer, church-going friends are major Trump-supporters.

Can anyone please explain to me how Fundamentalist Christians support The Orange Lizard-of-Oz?

Do you think that “animal-rights advocate” that disrupted Kamala Harris at the move-on event, was really a right wing poser aimed at discrediting? Or does ‘the left’ have a major problem with manners too? Shameful.

DeanW – the only explanation is cult tactic brainwashing. Not sure there is an easy remedy.

kiwi – Thanks; I guess maybe the answer is just that simple. I still wonder, though, how Fundamentalist Christians can revel in the life of Jesus; yet, come out the other end of that as a Trump-supporter. It is truly beyond my understanding.

“Which is worse: Trump,McConnell,or Chao. Doesn’t anyone care about self-dealing or conflicts of interest anymore?
The United states as we knew it no longer exists, but if Trump and cronies go to jail (impeachment is not enough), the country may have a chance to recover.”


kiwi – Thanks for the Jessica Murray link – neat site!

Also, Forbes just posted a short, incisive article titled, ‘Why Narcissists And Gaslighters Blatantly Lie — And Get Away With It.’ I think it’s a good read:


I’ve referred to myself as a Democratic Socialist since 1963. I was but a lad then, but nevertheless very serious in my convictions.

Bernie also refers to himself as a Dem Socialist, although I see him more as a Social Democrat. There are some significant differences, particularly in the area of how to deal with surplus value (That’s when hypothetically you earn 20,000 per year but your actual worth to the company is maybe 50,000.) and the issue of who owns the means of production. Social Dems and Dem Socialists approach these problems differently.

IMHO, Bernie has many good ideas, plus some that are well intentioned but misguided. Most of the latter he shares generally with many progressive Dems.

No religion or political party has a monopoly on truth. IMO, neither party is as rational or as righteous as they perceive themselves. Both parties tend to what I call ideological idolatry. Both parties have developed dogmas based in part on theory, part on actual evidence, and in part on believing what they want to believe whether it is true or not.

A corollary to Occam’s Razor is that our logic, no matter how perfect in itself, is nevertheless only as good as the assumptions upon which it is based. If our assumptions are false, no matter the perfection of our logical structure, our conclusions are also wrong.

The philosophy of Conservatism contains many good and virtuous values, just as Liberalism also contains many good and virtuous values. In a healthy society the two approaches are complimentary. But unfortunately, IMO the R’s have gradually and completely lost their moral compass, a process which began with R. Nixon and has cumulated in mean spirited, racist, Trump drunk, paranoid fantasy.

Over the decades the R’s have gradually morphed from prudent, careful Conservatives into absurdly extreme, and ofttimes comically bizarre, albeit dangerous reactionaries. Sadly, I conclude that many of them, (Mitch McConnell, I’m talking about you.) have sunk into unimaginable depths of depravity.

I find now that I can agree with the R’s only about 5% of the time. There is very little they get correct, and not always for the “right” reasons. But that doesn’t mean that by default the Dems get a pass. I’m as critical of them as I am of the R’s. Dems have their delusions as well. On some issues they can be downright naïve.

Bernie, and most Dems accept the reality of anthropogenic climate change. Hooray! But IMO their proposals to tackle the beast, both a hydra and chimera are woefully inadequate.

Concomitantly, the Dem approach to energy policy, particularly the Progressives including Bernie, and my favorite, E. Warren is extremely idealistic, but not particularly pragmatic or arithmetically realistic. Thankfully, they are all in for solar, renewables, etc., but they are totally opposed to any variety of nuclear energy, without which I do not believe civilization will survive.

IMO it will be decades before we have fusion power, and it may or may not be safe for use on earth though awfully utilitarian in space. Meanwhile, we have a way to quickly phase out fossil fuels and make electricity far less expensively, and far more safely than present. I’m a proponent of thorium. Modular thorium based molten salt reactors (MSR) or liquid fluoride thorium reactors (LFTR), a technology developed in the 1950’s and 60’s at Oakridge National laboratories was as I stated in previous posts, rejected in 1972 by R. Nixon and the military–industrial complex as you can’t build bombs with thorium.

Thorium reactors solve the problem of uranium/plutonium waste, as they can literally burn it all up into electricity, and they are incapable of meltdown. Unfortunately, spent uranium 238 (U-238) has a half-life of over four billion years, U-235 700 million years, and plutonium fuel, 24 thousand years. Conversely, the waste produced by thorium is less than 1% of that produced by Uranium/Plutonium reactors, loses most of its toxicity in 17 years and is inert after 300 years.

As I’ve stated before, Westinghouse and the other companies which build and/or maintain nuclear plants are also invested in uranium mining. Thorium, mostly derived from monazite sands, is 5 times more plentiful in N. America and far cheaper. The corporations don’t want to change, as it would reduce their profits and most Dem politicians, mostly attorneys and businesspeople, are sufficiently lacking in scientific knowledge as to be ignorant of thorium, Bernie, included.

I also disagree with Bernie and the other Progressive Dems on foreign policy, military policy, how to prevent and/or reduce gun violence, artificial intelligence, gm foods, etc. IMO, the R’s are wrong-headed on these issues, but so are our Dems. Disagreeing with both parties, I hold to alternative solutions.

If you want more detail, I’ll have to email you, as I think this little explanation has become too long. Suffice it to say, 100 years ago Progressives/Liberals conceived and successfully instituted two extremely radical ideas into law. The same folks who persuaded our government women should have the right to vote, also believed that if we only outlawed alcohol, men would stop beating their wives, our children would thrive, and America would become a supremely happy utopia. As we know, the former notion worked out fine, but the latter experiment was a disaster. Such is the result of assuming problems have a single cause, while most are multicausal.

I think we’d both agree the R’s have gone crazy, but as of late I find many Progressive Dems, including our dear beloved Bernie, view our problems far too simplistically. They therefore create what I call “one-bullet solutions,” some of which will exacerbate rather than alleviate the targeted problem.

Dean W. & Kiwi,
Years ago I did a great deal of graduate history background research for an author who’s written extensively on the religious right, and I still find it baffling how fundamentalists can love Jesus and Trump simultaneously. Yes, it is weird, to put it mildly.

But here’s what I know:
Mainline Christians, i.e. R. Catholics, Methodists, United Church of Christ, Episcopalians, etc. are generally more knowledgeable about the world than fundamentalists. There are individual exceptions, but as a group they tend to be more familiar with literature, history, the sciences, etc. and therefore have a very different view of the world and how it works. They are therefore more likely to accept evolution, climate change, the notion one is born homosexual or heterosexual, gender and racial equality, and are less likely to feel alienated from many of the cultural directions our society is moving in.

Conversely, fundamentalists are militantly and purposefully ignorant, believing too much knowledge will undermine their worldview, and therefore jeopardize the validity of their ticket into heaven.

Mainliners may or may not see the great rabbi from Nazareth, G-d, or the afterlife similarly to the fundies, but unlike fundamentalists, they are less likely to be as concerned about getting into heaven, (self-interest) and more likely to be concerned about the works of compassion, making the world a better place.

In other words, it is in great part a matter of context. Mainliners see Jesus and his teachings quite differently because they see the world differently from the fundies. This is exacerbated by the fact the economic benefits of globalism have largely accrued to our larger cities and the coasts, whereas the majority of fundies live more rurally.

As William Blake wrote in The Everlasting Gospel:

THE VISION OF CHRIST that thou dost see
Is my vision’s greatest enemy.
Thine loves the same world that mine hates;
Thy heaven doors are my hell gates.
Socrates taught what Meletus
Loath’d as a nation’s bitterest curse,
And Caiaphas was in his own mind
A benefactor to mankind.
Both read the Bible day and night,
But thou read’st black where I read white.

The best little essay explaining fundamentalist reactionary politics is:

An Insider’s View: The Dark Rigidity of Fundamentalist Rural America
In deep-red white America, the white Christian God is king.
By Forsetti’s Justice / AlterNet
March 13, 2017

“The real problem isn’t East Coast elites who don’t understand or care about rural America. The real problem is that rural Americans don’t understand the causes of their own situations and fears and they have shown no interest in finding out. They don’t want to know why they feel the way they do or why they are struggling because they don’t want to admit it is in large part because of the choices they’ve made and the horrible things they’ve allowed themselves to believe.”

DeanW – re the trumpy xians. Frank Schaeffer who was raised by an evangelical sheds light on the mindset. Hes been trying to sound the alarm with limited success

kiwi – Spectacular interview with Frank Schaeffer; thank you for the link – the gentleman makes a lot of sense to me!

Eliseo – Do you even sleep, good sir? Your most recent Blake-inspired posts are chock-a-block with insight – and I’m left wondering if you’re channeling some source beyond this puny realm – I mean that sincerely! WOW! Such great stuff! Thank You.

Eliseo, I love William Blake, and I agree with Dean W. Three cheers for your writing!


Trump’s 2019 Solar Return, set for June 14 (2:05 am; Washington DC), is especially noteworthy for portraying the deep, angry divides that permeate Washington politics. The tightest aspects and the most angular planets tend to dominate Solar Returns, giving them the power to make their mark over the coming year.


“Can judges who fail to enforce the law regarding responding to a subpoena be removed from the bench?”

Can a President who fails to respond to a subpoena be removed from the Oval Office?

Letters to the Editor of NYT’s:

“As President Trump saunters thuggishly through Buckingham Palace, it is clear this state visit by an American president is like no other. The sense of curiosity and abiding respect the arrival of the leader of the free world normally inspires here is entirely absent. There is instead a simmering undercurrent of dislike and a dull contempt that is unprecedented. One sees it on the faces of dignitaries and the public alike.

There is no pleasure anywhere in this, just stress. It seems merely an ordeal the country must navigate with some grace until he flies off to bother someone else.

Mike Galvin
Winchcombe, England

To the Editor:

Here’s some unsolicited advice for President Trump on his state visit to the United Kingdom:

When attending D-Day celebrations in Britain and France, please don’t claim that the landing would have gone much better if you had been in charge.

I trust that you did not try to walk ahead of the queen, or use your elbows on her. Royal status aside, she’s a frail old lady and isn’t up to being on the line of scrimmage.

When you are dining with the royal family, try not to treat the beverage glasses like a sippy cup, using both hands.

It behooves you to leave domestic politics at home. Please try to remember that you represent your country, not yourself.

Finally, do not offer unsolicited advice.

Stephen Landers
Stratford, Ontario

To the Editor:

God help us! Our president chooses to use his invited visit to London to insult its mayor as “a stone cold loser.” Could we have a worse representative of American values? The man is all about himself, period.

Come 2020, I am going to vote for Santa Claus, someone who travels the world amiably.

Philip McBride Johnson
Fernandina Beach, Fla.

Will, a 40-year-old trump appointed judge just ruled in favor of Trump and against the House with regard to using funds to build trumps wall. I hope this is an outlier but if not, it shows that his judges might support him and not the rule of law.

Also, look for SCOTUS decision on the citizenship question. We now know that the administration has lied about this and two Federal judges have already ruled it unconstitutional.

State government run, huh? THAT sounds unconstitutional.


I want to thank you for taking the time to write me such an extensive and detailed response. I very much appreciate it and want to respond to what you said. I have not had the time to do so today. I didn’t want to let the day go by without, at the very least, getting a quick message out to you. I will have time tomorrow to really process all of what you said and write a thorough response.
Thank you again.

Doubtlessly, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction has little chance of being a joyous occasion for most people, but I’ve found a few glimmers of something hiding within the Saturn-Pluto conjunction (cycle start) chart; something intriguing and hopeful I’d like to share.

1. Uranus (2+ Taurus), a symbol of revolution, is trine Pholus (2+ Capricorn) symbolizing a big reaction resulting from a small event, and both Uranus and Pholus at that time will be in a grand trine with Transpluto (2+ Virgo ex), a symbol of the process of becoming whole.

2. The root of this chart (the IC) at 13+ Cancer (when set in Washington DC) is the same degree where the US natal Sun is.

From the perspective of the US (chart is set in DC), the consciousness (Sun) of the USA will be at the root of a 33+ year cycle, from which will sprout a small (but revolutionary) cause of some sort which will become a large event that leads to wholeness.

3. Neptune at 16+ Pisces in the Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart is at the apex point of a Yod it forms with the sextile between the Moon (the Masses) at 17+ Leo and Juno (defender of the disenfranchised) at 19+ Libra. Note that this transiting Juno is about to conjunct the US natal Juno at 20+ Libra.

From the perspective of the US, the People (Moon) in concert with the Disenfranchised (Juno + the US Juno Return) will be pressuring humanity’s “higher love” (thanks Andre) symbolized by Neptune to adjust (apex of Yod requirement).

It is a very Aquarian perspective; gazing into the future for a reason to pursue an objective, and the US Moon (US People) is in Aquarius, alongside the US Pallas (planner and strategist).

4. Venus in the Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart at 28+ Aquarius (conjunct US Moon at 27+ Aquarius and US Pallas at 26+ Aquarius) will be sextile the Saturn-Pluto chart’s Pallas at 27+Sagittarius and the Galactic Center in the same degree.

Even if you doubt the Galactic Center’s influence on mankind’s evolution, you surely believe in the power of Love; a Venus-ruled attribute, and if you believe in both (as I do), you must see this Saturn-Pluto cycle as something of a yellow brick road toward the redemption of humanity’s soul.

So now, we’re off to see the Wizard, the wonderful wizard of OZ . . .because, because, because . . .

Since the conservative brain, upon PET scan, etc., shows much more activity in primitive areas, and shows that they are very security oriented (I’m paraphrasing), how much more so would be for many conservative, right-wing Christians (or any other religious) group, who are not in it for a thoughtful and spiritual relationship with God and an I-thou relationship with their fellow man, but because they want to be in a secure group who tells them what the rules are, so that they know that they are the ones who are right, have status, can feel pleased with themselves, and go to heaven, etc. In short, they see a lot of themselves in Trump. Also, there is something called something like “prosperity Christianity” which has made materialism a major Christian value. What a crock!


We can be certain there will be those who will continue to enable this very bad actor. With hope however, more will come out from under the cult-like spell they have fallen under and smarten up.

“how much more so would it be…”

Barb, that sounds very good!

Sharon K,
That prosperity doctrine is a mixed business. Some interpret it as prosperity for all, but among fundamentalists and conservative religionists it becomes essentially a scam.

It is derived from Calvinism, a theology without which most sociologists believe modern capitalism would not have come into being. One of the dictums of Calvinism is that the surest sign of he favor of G-D is prosperity. The unspoken logical corollary would be the surest sign of the disfavor of G-D would therefore be poverty.

From the earliest beginnings of Christianity compassion was gradually coming to be seen as a great virtue. (The Romans saw it as a perverse and bizarre weakness.) But Calvinism reversed that trajectory for some, but not all Protestant Christians. Unfortunately, American Conservative political/economic philosophy was heavily influenced by Calvinist theology.

The idea that G-D disapproves of poor people goes 180 degrees against the teachings of the great rabbi from Nazareth, but nevertheless has become internalized in the consciousness of many in our business community, and especially with reactionary fundamentalist and evangelical Christians. The unconscious attitude I believe is, “Why should we help poor people? G-D doesn’t like them and they are going to Hell anyway!”

I look forward to your thoughts.

Sharon K – Thanks for the info about PET-scans.

Did anyone else see the MSNBC Chris Matthews town hall with Pete Buttigieg? I was amazed as to how smooth he is, and his policy positions were extremely rational and practical. I can see him possibly evolving into an FDR.

Also, THANK YOU to all of you who expressed your positive feelings about my last few postings. I hope at least some of you accessed the link I posted about the rural religious right. It is very enlightening. For any who missed it, here it is again.

An Insider’s View: The Dark Rigidity of Fundamentalist Rural America
In deep-red white America, the white Christian God is king.
By Forsetti’s Justice / AlterNet March 13, 2017


Sharon K,
To be more clear, although compassion was at the center, at the heart of the Jesus teachings and tradition, Calvin gave people permission to reject compassion and to hate people who are different.

Eliseo, regarding your post on the benefits of Thorium, June 3rd, 2019 at 3:39 am, I would like to comment that this subject is not understood by the general public. People are getting snowed by the glamour treatment in the media right now because everybody is freaked about climate change. But, in truth, Thorium is no perfect solution either – it just comes with new and different problems. There is a lot of controversy about the use of this material as a nuclear fuel, as well as getting the fuel made.

The thing that concerns me is the toxicity for people and the environment. The sand that is the source material for Thorium, Monazite, is somewhat radioactive to begin with, but it is found widely distributed in many areas of the world. It has the advantage of starting out relatively safe and abundant. See link:

However, it becomes increasingly toxic and dangerous as it is processed and concentrated into Thorium, the fuel material used in reactors. Contrary to the myth, Thorium will be difficult to manage on an international basis because it CAN be processed into nuclear fuel for weapons, just like uranium. That is a worry for any sane country and it solves no problems whatsoever in arms control.

One particularly serious worry is water – and disposal of waste water. The processing of Monazite gobbles up massive amounts of clean water and dumps massive amounts of waste water back out. This is the stuff of nightmares. We drink and grow our veggies with water and we will be fighting over for generations to come in any case, just to feed the planet. To have a fuel processed with huge amounts of it, when there are already shortages, has to be addressed.

I have exhaustively researched numerous websites where Monazite processing is described, but nobody talks about the enormous amounts of water needed to turn the material into Thorium. This information is found in technical bulletins on the web, but it is not simplified for understanding or pointed out in any media sources that I can find.

Also, even the limited amount of Thorium that was processed in the US in the past was found to cause cancers and other illnesses in workers. Sure, the study linked below was back in the old days, but those days don’t go away when it comes to the life of pollutants in our bodies. Thorium is the ‘hot’ thing for generating nuclear energy in places like India and Malaysia, but they are not exactly known for protecting their own people from industrial harm.

Summary of a US article on health issues:
ttps://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/6305876 (Mortality among male workers at a thorium-processing plant.)

The benefit of Thorium in countries using it in reactors (after it is processed) is that the reactors don’t need much water, but the manufacturers do. Getting Monazite to the fuel stage is an entirely different matter than using it in a fuel cell.

The processing of the raw sand to the fuel stage and purity required needs huge amounts of water which inevitably becomes polluted. I don’t find a whole lot of EPA or any other standards for what they will do with the sludge. The sludge could be dumped someplace convenient that is not monitored for long term health effects.

Thorium is not a problem in the US right now because there is little if any processing being done except in science labs or the military, but it could be a significant risk when the energy situation changes in future. Is this going to be ok after Trump?

The EPA in the US is being rapidly gutted. Nice old Canada is invested in nuclear up to its Chalk River neck (and Canada is still selling asbestos to 3rd world countries whose people don’t have a clue). So, it is unlikely that nuclear of any stripe or exporting pollutants is going to disappear from the planet any time soon.

Unless people do their homework and become fully aware this is going to become a problem, not the perfect solution. A couple more links are in the next post.

Judge for yourselves – I am certainly not against progress and dealing with our worldwide energy troubles, but there are no simple answers. If interested, here are 2 more links which are a little more technical:



Last one:


Thanks for the links. I’ll check them out soon. All the lectures I’ve heard & the reading I’ve done was on thorium based production of electricity, but not on the processing of monazite sands. I’m curious to know if there are alternative, safer ways to process monazite.

I’ve read there are also some serious risks and problems in the manufacturing of solar panels, but have not followed the issue all that closely yet. Have you researched that as well? I’d be interested in your opinion.

Whether we use thorium or some other energy source, it’s clear we will need far more electrical power than we are presently generating. Some have suggested an Apollo program to solve the twin problem of energy and the environment.

Also, have you looked at the costs/benefits of the various 4th generation nuclear plants? They are reputed to be far safer and efficient than the 1950’s models we are presently using.

I look forward to be able to think.

Elisabeth Grace:

Tuesday Moon leaves Gemini and enters Cancer at 12:17 PM ET, after a 30 minute void. The Cancer Moon shifts the focus to preserving emotional and home security, so plan accordingly. At 4:05 PM ET, Mercury leaves Gemini for Cancer. Watch, as over the next few days, we hear especially prominent news. Mercury will be at the Aries Point, so we should be hearing something about Barack Obama‘s social expression/value system any day now; Elizabeth Warren and Meryl Streep may also catch our attention, as those astro-twins both have Sun and Uranus at the Aries Point.


Beowulfie – I learned a lot from your posts about nuclear, as well as Thorium-based, energy production. Thanks.

Also, regarding solar panels, here’s a short article listing some of the toxic byproducts of production:



Because I think you would find it interesting, I will tell you that I was busy wrapping up a project my niece asked me to participate in for her master program in social work. I was to describe a cultural or social event through my perspective over three decades being the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Anyway, I am pretty well finished now.

There has been some conversation here in regards, to grammar, sentence structure and writing skills and I would just like to say that although I’d like to think that I have a little raw talent LOL I’m sure to the trained eye, most of my writing is abysmal! Nonetheless, I will proceed..

Firstly, thank you for that link on Fundamentalism in America. I am no stranger to that world as it was part of my childhood, but I am always interested in reading about the subject. I find in very frightening how little understanding most people have about that world and how much power and influence they know have in our politics.

I want to say I have been a registered Democrat since I was 18 years old but I don’t think I even realized that I align more as a Social Democrat until the last election.

I agree with you that Bernie is more a Social Democrat than a Democratic Socialist and I wish he would make the distinction. He’s not suggesting we have government owned means of production. I am aware of that differentiation. However, I am new to the term, “surplus value” although, I do know what it means through watching Richard Wolff lectures, but the differences in how the two differ in their dealing with it, I am not as familiar.

I would agree with your statement about ideological idolatry, “No religious or political party has a monopoly on truth. IMO, neither party is as rational or as righteous as they perceive themselves.” I would be registered Independent at this point if it were not for primary rules that are closed in my state.

Here is my issue basically, here we sit, 40 years into neo-conservative an neo-liberal politics. And what do we have? I don’t have to run down the list of issues, we all know them and it would be inaccurate to lay all the blame at where we are on one party, we have had both parties in the white house and in control of congress almost equally over that time span. We have all lived in this construct of Red vs. Blue for so long, to see any value in anything the other has to offer is deemed a betrayal and that has IMO become not only destructive but dangerous to our democracy. Albeit, it’s true the R’s have gone off the rails and there is little to nothing redeeming about their politics anymore and I don’t know if there is any end for them other than to go the way of the Whigs. But, the D’s have a lot of soul searching to do, because they have played their part in the crisis of problems being faced by the average American citizen and the standard of living for the bottom half of this country and that didn’t happen in these last 2+ years, it has been 40 years in the making.

The information you gave about nuclear energy is way above my pay grade, but I hear your frustration that, even the most progressive agenda for the problem is still not sufficient in putting forth a comprehensive plan. I would be interested to learn more about what you are explaining about nuclear energy. If it’s clean, renewable and safe, I certainly would be on board. If it is just a matter of ignorance rather than outright opposition, Do you think Bernie or other democratic candidates might be open to it, if they were educated about it? Or do you think it is simply dogmatic on their part to what they are sure is the right strategy?

“Thorium, mostly derived from monazite sands, is 5 times more plentiful in N. America and far cheaper.” That sounds like an incredible untapped resource!

Here is what I would be very interested in your expanding on..
“I also disagree with Bernie and the other Progressive D’s on foreign policy, military policy, how to prevent and/or reduce gun violence, artificial intelligence, gm foods, etc.”
What are your solutions? How do they differ with what progressives are proposing?

I agree this is a lot to cover and I would be happy to have you email me.

Your right about the failure of prohibition both in theory and in practice. I don’t think it’s just about assuming things have a singular cause though, I think it’s also that people want a simple fix to a complicated problem and they can be easily persuaded there is one. And I hear that concern of your where Bernie and progressives are concerned.

I heard someone say recently while talking about Bernie, “He shouldn’t be taken literally, but he should be taken seriously”. I think the point he was making is that Bernie doesn’t expect to get all these things accomplished. He would like to, he believes in them, but he is more trying to move the goal post back from the far right corner is currently sitting on. He has been doing an incredible job educating people. I think he is moving that goal post and I think that he is the greatest threat to the corporate interest and the entire political establishment. I think he is making a lot of very powerful people very nervous.

Hey Elizabeth, you fit eight in IMO, and I love that you see Bernie’s true talent, i.e. moving the goalposts to the left, and educating the masses on the corrupting influence of corporate money in politics. Thank you.

A note about yesterday’s New Moon that conjuncts Mueller’s natal Uranus, both at 12+ Gemini, both conjunct the cusp of the US natal 7th house of “partners or open enemies” (Britain?).

There is a trine in this chart that forms a grand trine to the US natal North Node (path forward) at 6+ Leo. They are Chiron (wound/teach/heal) at 5+ Aries, and Ceres (Mother Nature, mothers in general) at 6+ Sagittarius rx. This could relate to the flooding disaster or the kids left in vans disaster, or both; both being teachable moments.

Eliseo, let’s see what happens on the Nuclear Fusion front when Pluto and Uranus both make aspects to the “nuclear degree” at 7-8 Gemini later during the 2020s. I suspect we will see a major breakthrough towards fusion around then. Whatever happens around that time may also have some bearing over the events during the US Uranus Return as well.

As for the rich and corporate giants being scared, they should be. The bill is going to come due sooner than later for the excesses they’ve wrought in the name of their own shortsighted and selfish material gains. DJT is setting the table for a paradigm shift in how people in this country view wealth and privilege. He’s the personification of these things at their absolute worst.

Heard on our national radio this morning while driving: Donthecon trying to leverage his insistence that brits get rid of their current health system and open UK up to US private health providers, or he wont allow any UK trade with US!
Disgusting odius man!

Someone from the Labour Party who is a member of Britian’s Parliament was quoted as saying that Trump just killed Brexit. Apparently, he said that the NHS (which I guess is the GB Nat’l Health System) “is on the table” in the U.S./GB trade deal. Apparently, Trump wants to see like to see U.S. health care companies make money in GB.

But I don’t see how anyone can take that seriously!

BTW, good post, Elizabeth. You are on top of things right along with Eliseo, and most everyone else here.

Thanks re. comments on Thorium, but I’m no expert. I haven’t researched a lot of other energy options, but from time to time I dig a bit and learn. There is so much to be grateful for on the internet – who would have thought 30 years ago that you could research almost anything and find credible information in an hour?! There is no excuse for people being ignorant now.

I think it is time to start thinking beyond the end products of “production” and move the analysis to the whole cycle of the economy and the environment. A little like cradle to grave, but more along the lines of rock and oil and agriculture to technology, and then back to land, water & the sustainability of life. No shortcuts to the profits. The whole circle.

The full cycle of the economy and the environmental impacts have to be accounted for, including the nasty Pluto parts. That means the cost of the sludge, the pollution and the nuclear waste; to include the handling and disposing of it in an environmentally responsible way. The responsibility may even be not mining or pumping the stuff. Some things simply may be too dangerous to do at all.

But, you won’t hear that argument from the industrialists who are only interested in short term profits (theirs of course). The action has to come from the people who will pay the price, who eventually will be not just the poor and destitute who have no power, but the entire population. This problem has no social class when it gets bad enough.

Politics and wars aside, all the above has to happen before there will be any true man-made safety on our little blue-green ball of water called the earth. (Even so, there can never be a guarantee because mother nature has a lot of powerful tools, including floods, volcanoes and the like.) We must do what we can and it’s a tall order or there are going to be a whole lot less healthy babies born in generations to come. This is no joking matter and we have to think beyond the next 20 years!

Meanwhile, even Donald Trump and his true believers will listen when there is more of this in coming years:



“The real problem isn’t East Coast elites who don’t understand or care about rural America. The real problem is that rural Americans don’t understand the causes of their own situations and fears and they have shown no interest in finding out. They don’t want to know why they feel the way they do or why they are struggling because they don’t want to admit it is in large part because of the choices they’ve made and the horrible things they’ve allowed themselves to believe.”

Thank you Eliseo.

I get mightily sick and tired of being told that we liberal elites have to tread carefully around fundamentalist ignoramuses, and not upset their narrow world view. The problem truly is their ignorance and their utter unwillingness to learn anything at all.

Re. my comments above, may I suggest a good book to read – gasp: did I say a book? 🙂

It is called “Grand Pursuit, the Story of Economic Genius”, by Sylvia Nasar (she wrote the book “A Beautiful Mind” on which the movie was based).

Grand Pursuit gives a good and very entertaining overview of the way economic and political thinking has evolved over the last 100+ years. It touches on almost all the issues, but especially on the key issue of how money drives virtually everything that happens these days. But, despite the supreme position of money, social change does come. The book makes it possible to see how the egg cracks without being an economist, or political or social scientist.

You would think the elites have it in the bag, but they don’t. They know they are vulnerable and they fight to stay together in their power position. Just like Alice’s Red Queen, they run harder and harder to stay in the same place, but change comes anyway. Only it’s a long wait and the price is high for the vulnerable (also the planet).

A great read.

“Climate Change takes Center Stage”

comment from nyt’s:

“This is a good start but much more needs to be done. I don’t see any way of accomplishing these goals without adding nuclear energy to the mix. Yes, I know about Fukushima, Chernobyl and Three Mile River but much safer reactor design is now available. Indeed, France now gets 75% of its electricity generation from nuclear power. But even if we get there, green house gasses will continue to be spewed out by China, India and Russia. Indeed, even if all global emissions were to stop by tomorrow, climate change would still continue and accelerate. As much money and energy needs to be put into protecting our shorelines and river flood plains. I see no plans for this now. Finally, any President can announce a plan but few may be able to carry it out. Because of his experience in the Senate and as President of the Senate, Biden would likely be the person best able to get it done.”

Climate Change takes Center Stage


I agree with the comment above but do not think that Bernie is the one to get it done. He has great ideas but are they viable. I have also read that his record of accomplishments is not what this person above (in Ja’s post) implies. Also, can he work across the aisle or will the other party think he is too extreme or use that as an excuse to not work with him?

Sharon K,
GAWD-a-Mighty! I don’t think that fool has killed Brexit, but I do think he is doing a great job of damaging our “special relationship” with the UK. He’s so deep in his bubble he doesn’t realize how pleased and proud most Brits are with their national health service? Ughh!

I’m hoping our fellow members of the Anglosphere and other allies are confident Mr. T is an anomaly, hopefully a temporary blip, that the USofA WILL return into being itself relatively soon.

I agree with Charles De Gaulle who decades ago said the UK with its English common law really does NOT belong in a European Union or trade bloc with Napoleonic Code.

As the UK is leaving the EU, I’ve been hoping the UK and the US, + Canada, Australia, and New Zealand would develop an Anglo common market which I believe would immensely strengthen all 5 economies. I also think a political shift to the Left in the US would facilitate such a trade agreement.

But the DonCon just stuck his finger in my eye!


“Indeed, even if all global emissions were to stop by tomorrow, climate change would still continue and accelerate. As much money and energy needs to be put into protecting our shorelines and river flood plains. I see no plans for this now.”

I’ve been saying this for years. I see no plans for sea walls, dikes, strategies to reduce or reverse desertification and forest fires, or any other necessary measures coming out of either party.

And the blindest and largest case of denial is we WILL ABSOLUTELY NEED to move our nation’s government from its low lying east coast to a more central and safer location. We need to build a new capital, a project which will likely take decades, therefore needing to be planned out NOW! But not one of our Dem or R politicians seem to be aware of this necessity.

I’ll be happy to email you my thoughts on these matters. They are not exactly conventional. I suggest you email Starlight (Nancy) and ask her to send me your email address. I don’t post mine here as both in the mental health system and as a former criminal investigator, I worked with some fairly dangerous people. They don’t need to know where I am.

“The full cycle of the economy and the environmental impacts have to be accounted for, including the nasty Pluto parts. That means the cost of the sludge, the pollution and the nuclear waste; to include the handling and disposing of it in an environmentally responsible way. The responsibility may even be not mining or pumping the stuff. Some things simply may be too dangerous to do at all.”

I could not agree more. I’ll get back to you soon. I’m far busier than usual the next few days.

Sharon K,

After backlash, Trump u-turns on UK health service in trade talks
Trump backtracks on earlier comments that UK’s NHS should be on the table in future trade talks.


Thank G-D! He’s reversed himself. The US & UK really do need one another. We need a mutually beneficial UK/US trade agreement! I’m hoping the orange moron doesn’t foul that up.

Eliseo, when the UK first joined the ‘common market’ (as it was then called), in the early 70’s, it created a bit of an earthquake for NZ as UK was the major purchaser of our export ag products until then. NZ was then forced to find other markets around the globe, and continues to look for any opportunities that present themselves.

As for reversing himself on the NHS, does anyone really believe trumps verbal contortions are ever to be trusted or believed for more than the next 2 seconds?

The End of Civilization May Begin in Just 30 Years, According to a New Harrowing Report


End of the world as we know it: Climate change could wipe out human civilization by 2050, warns study


Interesting! I’m glad you mentioned the change in economic relationship with the UK post joining the common market.

As for as trusting trumps verbal contortions: Of course not. But I’m glad major UK politicians have adamantly rejected his crazy proposal to include the NHS as part of any prospective trade deal. I suspect, in the long run it won’t be the Trump administration that will be negotiating a UK/US deal. The Trump administration may begin such talks, but I don’t think they’ll finish it. It will be whomever comes after.

Such an agreement will probably be the beginning of the post Bretton Woods world.

This made me laugh (whether true or not, this report would not surprise me – it is said that the queen has a keen wit – in true understated british style of course) https://www.vogue.com/article/donald-trump-uk-state-visit-queen-elizabeth-trolling-shade

” . . .theories swiftly emerged that Queen Elizabeth II was actually trolling Trump through her accessories, gift choices, and words.

First onlookers pointed to the queen’s selection of the Burmese Ruby Tiara, which, according to the Royal Exhibitions, the Burmese people believe possesses “prophylactic properties guarding the wearer not only against illness but also against evil.” Then, late-night cable show hosts seized on the fact that the 93-year-old monarch gifted Trump with a first-edition copy of The Second World War, Winston Churchill’s Nobel-winning history tome. This registered as a potential dig both because it’s a book, and Trump has been accused of not liking to read, and because it’s a book about a noted anti-fascist.”

Astrological indicators for a potential civilizational collapse around 2050 include the Uranus(Virgo)-Pluto(Pisces) Opposition of 2046-48, and the next Saturn-Pluto(Pisces) Conjunction in 2053.

Pivotal points on this trajectory include the Uranus-Pluto(Virgo) Conjunction of 1965, the recent opening Uranus(Aries)-Pluto(Capricorn) Square of 2012-15, the approaching Saturn-Pluto Conjunction(Capricorn) of 2020, the opening Saturn(Taurus)-Pluto(Aquarius) Square of 2028-29, the Saturn(Leo)-Pluto(Aquarius) Opposition of 2035-36, and the closing Saturn(Sagittarius)-Pluto Square of 2044.

Eris also makes her way into Taurus from 2044-48.

To top it all off, the opening Neptune(Gemini)-Pluto(Pisces) Square occurs in 2061-64, nearly two centuries after the Conjunction(Gemini) of 1890-92.

There’s a lot to speak into here, as I occasionally have done in the past. I think what’s interesting is how things are starting to come into focus as we look ahead towards the next 30ish years.

I do fully anticipate a social, economic, and political “Green Revolution” which will be in full bloom during the mid-2030s around the time of the Saturn-Pluto Opposition. The “green shoots” are apparent now. The seeds of these shoots were planted around the time of the 1965 Uranus-Pluto Conjunction.

I anticipate, among other things, such as broad-scale implementation of renewable energy and sustainable practices, that the mid-2030s time period will be marked by something of a smackdown/revolt against the ultra-reactionaryism of our current Saturn-Pluto moment and its lingering effects (e.g. Trump and McConnell’s packing of the federal courts with Conservative judges).

Saturn in Leo also historically suggests a “fall of kings.” The kings of our present day era are corporate titans like the Koch Brothers, Rupert Murdoch, and wannabe dictators like Trump. I don’t expect that any of these awful characters will still be with us in a meaningful physical way then, given their present advanced ages and questionable health (DJT in particular) but we may well be dealing with their legacies up until this point. In this sense, the Saturn-Pluto opposition could represent a time of a symbolic “casting down” of these oligarchs in favor of democratic empowerment and principals of social equality.

An unanswered overarching question is will the Green Revolution, its radical shifts and breakthroughs be enough to save human civilization?

It’s evident that the seemingly ascendant Conservatism of our day and Corporate capitalism as practiced, if left unchecked, will be our undoing. Can the necessarily paradigm shifts occurr effectively and on a meaningful scale during the next 30 years? In the end, will it be a case of “just enough in the nick of time,” or “too little, too late?”

So, it sounds to me like the House plans to reach the American People at a level that can be absorbed by the vast majority of them; story-telling. Specifically, the story of how Trump has broken the rules of the US Constitution. On television. Told by well-known personalities. How very clever – and very Neptune!

Will get back on this if – and when -I get a better grasp on the details, but the theory is based on the fact that most US citizens have not read any of Mueller’s Report, and that if they had they would be supportive of Impeachment of the President.

Anything is worth a try, and we all appreciate a good yarn, in this case about the adventures of Donald Trump in the White House.

By: BuckeyeShadow on June 5th, 2019, at 8:40 am.

“Astrological indicators for a potential civilizational collapse around 2050 include the Uranus(Virgo)-Pluto(Pisces) Opposition of 2046-48, and the next Saturn-Pluto(Pisces) Conjunction in 2053.”

Top o’ the morning to ya Buckeye!

Now for your morning sing-a-long. By then I will be playing me harp if he doesn’t show me the back of his hand.


I do see the green revolution coming, BuckeyeShadow, but, due to the chaos, lack of services, and areas of population displacement caused by climate change, and the seeming lack of planning, I think civilization will be very different than we now know it, and a lot of areas will become unlivable. Of course, this would increase crime and even could cause war, if there were no way to feed everyone, and there are those who would take advantage of the situations in certain areas no matter what. To me, at this point, it’s a crap shoot. No doubt, the better angels of human nature will prevail in certain areas of the world (entire countries in many cases) and be able to create oases of a new, improved, better civilization, and there will be other areas where smaller groups will be living cooperatively and doing the same thing, particularly where agriculture can thrive. It would require commitment to create a strong structure of organization and protect against outside threats (but absorb those people and animals that it can). I think, as the green revolution takes shape, more of this will be put in place, and people will be attracted to move to certain areas of the world and of the U.S. The “I am America” maps that show what they call “Golden Cities” are pretty interesting. All of this change and associated suffering is painful to consider but there is still a lot of hope for a world that has better organized, greener, more humane bastions of civilization. (This “summary” comes from a lot of reading and googling, comments posted here, particularly the astrological guideposts, emails with Eliseo, etc.)

Ralfee Finn:

“Mars moves into action this week and as the Warrior Planet calls the shots, daily life starts to unfold in a military rhythm that is certain to rattle the nervous system. The last two weeks were just a warm-up—yes, I know, impossible to believe but nonetheless true.”



I emailed Nancy to ask her to forward that to you. I look forward to hearing your ideas.

Barbk, and Sharon K, Thank you for your kind words on my post 🙂

BuckeyeShadow, “DJT is setting the table for a paradigm shift in how people in this country view wealth and privilege. He’s the personification of these things at their absolute worst.” Touche’!


“Astrological indicators for a potential civilizational collapse around 2050 include the Uranus(Virgo)-Pluto(Pisces) Opposition of 2046-48, and the next Saturn-Pluto(Pisces) Conjunction in 2053.”

This makes me think of the magnetic reversal currently underway. There are a lot of theories and conjecture about what that might mean but we don’t really know what the effects would be. I assume it would affect electronics in some fashion which could set us back a bit.


When you’re playing your harp, please send some love and grace to us down on this plane, on this ol’ world of ours we seem to be struggling to care for.

I’m actually curious about how all of this plays out, and I hope I live long enough to bear witness to it. To at least physically see and feel Pluto’s return to Aries in 2067 and the massive, firey struggle for whatever that touches off–in addition to everything else going on–would be epic. But just living through the chaotic transition years of the 2040s and 2050s may be “epic enough” for me.

At the risk of sounding fatalistic, I do think a certain amount of transition and breakdown during the Mid-Century years is likely “baked-in” at this point. Our choices around the time of the 1965 Uranus-Pluto Conjunction and the now fading 2012-15 Uranus-Pluto Square are telling of our character as a civilization. During each hard aspect, we have had a chance to declare our intentions and take big, decisive action towards seeing them off, if not through.

During the 1960s, we became aware of our environmental degradation–Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring was a massive eye opener. We were warned of our limited petroleum and fossil fuel resources by M. King Hubbert at the door step of the energy crisis that roiled the US and the developed world during the 1970s. MLK Jr. and other Civil Rights leaders challenged us to recognize and uphold our universal human truths, and to reach for a world where the fundamental triumphs over the superficial. All truths that when taken as such could inspire a healthier, more livable and sustainable civilization. A healthy lifestyle for humanity, if you will.

Here, and at every subsequent turn, however, these ideas and the awakening they intended to generate triggered a massive, unprecedented push-back by the conservative status quo, which sought to preserve its own existence, even if the end result would ultimately be an existential crisis for all. Like the patient who not only ignores his doctor’s anti-cancer advice, but double-down on all of the things that contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Who anticipated that Barry Goldwater’s “revenge” for being denied the presidency in 1964 would manifest as malignant tumors within our society during the Nixon and Reagan years?

DJT, the odious McConnell and the ruthless far-right Republican chokehold on many of the levers of our government actually represent the Stage 4 metastasization of these reactionary tumors within our society.

Our “response” and application of treatments has been–and remains–tepid at best. “Is there a problem, doctor?” isn’t even being asked, although many quietly feel that something isn’t right deep down inside.

It somehow seems awful and perfect at once as a reflection of the US at present, that the POTUS is the most wilfully ignorant, churlish and buffoonish charlatan to ever hold the title.

To be clear, the 2020s and 2030s offer plenty of opportunities for us to get on the ball and do something about our condition. Yet time is ever fleeting, and the old-fashioned “quick fix” approach that American culture loves won’t be enough to save us from the impacts of rising and acidifying seas, a toxic chemical laden environment, and a rapidly degrading biosphere, issues that will be impossible to sweep under the rug when Pluto in Pisces exacts its toll for so many of our wonton abuses of our precious planet. In this sense, the approaching Pluto in Aquarius era calls for nothing less than humanity putting all of its chips on the table and fighting the good fight to survive.

You do tend to lean toward fatalism BuckeyeShadow, understandably, and you are not alone at this particular roundtable.

I totally agree with you’re “baked-in” assessment of earlier warning sign aspects, but the Universal Wisdom behind all this transformation didn’t expect the Uranus-Pluto squares, nor Rachel’s wonderful book, to be a total awakening experience for humanity, in and of themselves.

In fact, it would seem much more likely to be a stair-step process (thank you Denise Le Fay), a gradual awakening of Humanity, thus the repeated outer planet clashes with trans. Saturn and Jupiter and each other, and with various national birth chart patterns.

The concept of a graduating awakening process seems to have been the “plan” all along. The Earth and its semiconscious earthlings are relatively young (we aren’t even positively sure there are other life forms out there somewhere in the Cosmos, for Pete’s sake!) It’s a matter of repeated lessons that are gradually registering with us as a whole; and having Trump at the wheel in the US is speeding up the process for the locals.

I’m just grateful for the wise and brilliant minds that have been sounding the alarm bells for the slowpokes. It is a gamble I suppose; believing that enough human beings will get on board with the statistics that say we will become an arid desert, without enough food and water to keep our species viable, UNLESS we make immediate and drastic changes, but I do believe that, and I’m betting on it.

I have long thought that if mankind en-mass does not respect and live in concert with mother earth, she will eventually shake most of us off like nuisance fleas.

Lately the lesson/tale of Sodom & Gomorrah has been coming to mind as a parallel to global rape by nefarious ‘corporate’ entities of many stripes …. as said in ezekial, the sin of Sodom was that “She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy. They were haughty and did detestable things before me.”

In the course of millennia the earth has survived a number of conjunctions, squares, and oppositions between Uranus and Pluto and I have no doubt that some of those were accompanied by stressful aspects involving the Sun, Mars, Saturn, or Neptune. Of course, as far as we know, none, or few, of them were during times when nuclear weapons were available. Though dinosaurs became extinct the human race did not.

Except for deciding who to place in positions of leadership having control of nuclear weapons or allowing such positions to be filled by despots who would have no compunction about using them mankind will most likely have no way to avert or control disasters at those times of stressful astrological aspects. Preventive measures can certainly be practiced up until then.

I wonder if anyone else sees the confirmation of Starlight’s predictions in the news that I do. I am speaking of Trump’s proposal to raise the tariffs on our neighboring country, Mexico, periodically until Oct. Then the penalty will increase to 25% unless Mexico magically causes Central American immigrants to disappear from our shores. Many economists are predicting that should Trump make good on his promise, a recession would result. The only reason that the market is currently doing all right is because the head of the Federal Reserve very tentatively said he might lower interest rates. Starlight predicted economic stress for the country with a good period for Trump in October. I may be cynical, but I feel the only way any Republicans and many Independents will grow disillusioned with Mr. Trump is an economic problem of the President’s own creation. This happened to George W. Bush also with the Great Recession.

I know it’s petty, but I can’t stop laughing at the photo of Trump in his extremely ill-fitting tux at the state dinner with the queen.

He can’t even get that right.

I bet he refused to have a fitting ahead of time, claimed his old tux would fit because he hadn’t gained any weight, tried to stuff himself into it the night of the dinner and couldn’t, then everybody went into a panic trying to find another one, and he ended up looking like he ran out and bought one from Goodwill.

Plus, he’s pouting like a big baby.

Some extremely funny snark, along with a critique from someone who understand the standards of white tie here: https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2019/6/4/1862637/-Twitter-reacts-to-Trump-s-Tux-whoever-tailored-Trump-s-abominable-outfit-is-with-la-r-sistance?utm_campaign=trending


Thank you for your recommendation of, “Permanent Healing”.

For those who’re interested, Astrologer ‘Rik’ has a new video up, titled “June 4-10 2019 – Mutable Grand Cross.”


I don’t have time to post anything extensive today, but I mostly would like to say how grateful I am for this blog, for all you very bright people who post here and for all your interesting insights.

Special thanks, of course goes out to Nancy Sommers for her continuing this blog, this blessed forum, this excellent haven.

I also am becoming convinced the magnetic reversal has begun. The question is whether it will be a magnetic excursion, or a magnetic flip. The magnetic field has been weakening since 1840. Here again is another issue none of our politicians seem to have any clue of.

Whether a reversal or excursion really is happening or not, to anyone aware of the South Atlantic Anomaly it should be obvious it is time to harden our electronics and electrical devices and rethink how we distribute electricity.

Elizabeth Warren did a town hall tonight, with Chris Hayes from MSNBC and, apparently, she is really on fire. Since she her personal planets in gemini & cancer are being transied right now – it is no small wonder. Overall, I think she’s a very strong candidate.

transited! (Long day, very tired)

For those who may be curious as to Eliseo’s comment on the South Atlantic Anomaly – which relates to continental drift, subduction zones, the earth’s mantle and composition and possible pole/magnetic reversal and planetary interiors (this blog is about planets, after all! 🙂 – here is a link to a graphic illustration of the concepts. You don’t really need to understand any technicalities as the pictures give a pretty good idea of what it’s about by themselves. Just flip through the slides to the end – lots more on the internet if you want to google it.

There’s nothing regular folks can do about it anyway, except to vote and elect politicians who will support the funding of science, of course!

And yes, I totally agree, Eliseo, that it is high time to harden our electronics and electrical devices and rethink how we distribute electricity – as well as how we generate it, and reduce the use of it to protect the environment!


Hi Sharon,

As you say, Elizabeth Warren was on fire (impassioned) at yesterdays Town Hall meeting with many good positive talking points, but there were certain moments where she appeared rather taut and overly emotional. In contrast; presidential candidate Kamela Harris is substantive on the issues but also very poised and collected. It may be a difference in style, but a “woman” perceived as emotional in this day and age of cut-throat politics could be a drawback. Any thoughts?

In my view, what’s being overlooked in most conversations about the ‘Democratic Nominee,’ is that it doesn’t matter who the Dems vote for – what matters is who Independents will vote for.

Here’s a 5/24/19 article, from the respected polling firm, Rasmussen Reports: “…Among voters not affiliated with either major party, Warren posts a slight three-point lead, but 17% of these voters are undecided…”


Sharon and Jerry I watched Warren’s Town Hall too and was impressed with her directness in answering questions and her empathy (overly emotional?) that seemed genuine.

Her birth chart, no matter what time she was born, has natal Mars conjunct US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini, giving her quite a bit of the maverick sheen, in addition to her own natal Uranus conjunct her natal Sun at the “Aries Point” degree of 0+ Cancer. Many of us love that quality in her.

Four weeks after the 2020 election, there will be a lunar eclipse at 8+ Gemini, conjunct the US natal Uranus and Warren’s Mars. Two weeks later a solar eclipse at 23+ Sagittarius will trine her North Node at 23+ Aries, while trans. Pluto at 23+ Capricorn T-squares her nodes.

There are suggestions of possible vote tampering in this chart (which will be discussed later of course) but it also suggests that Warren could be one of the two contenders.

It will also be time for the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction/cycle start at 0+ Aquarius, where Warren’s natal Jupiter sits. Her Jupiter is at the apex of her natal Yod made up of her Sun-Uranus in Cancer sextile her natal Saturn-Ceres in Virgo.

The transiting Jupiter-Saturn effect will intensify pressure on her natal Jupiter to further adjust (restrict?); if as President it could mean reduced support in weather related or women’s rights or border separated kids funding.

All this before the Inauguration!


Warren’s empathy and genuineness is there no doubt. I was referring to her demeanor. Is it my imagination or do I sense a feeling of nervousness in the way she expresses herself? In her capacity as senator, her approach has served her well, but as leader of the free world?

Senator Bernie Sanders for example was articulate and a good politician, but his area of expertise was limited mostly to economics. He was out of his depth in the 2016 democratic primaries. I think the same applies to the upcoming 2020 presidential race. I don’t think Elizabeth Warren would have wide appeal needed to beat the Republicans. Of course, this is just my off the cuff impressions. I could be way off.


For years now I’ve found it difficult to watch Warren, I had nick-named her the “Energizer Bunny” which wasn’t a compliment.
I’ve wanted to turn her off so I could considerate on what she is saying, not possible though.


Should be concentrate..

Hi Izzy,

The “energizer bunny”. That’s rather funny. Promoting ideas can be informative and even interesting, but very few have the depth of character to translate that into action especially in the world of politics which can be very divisive.

From last year:

Linda G – September 15, 2018 (31:58) I also advise to watch September 28 video

12:10 Kavanaugh out. (in Sep 28 she names him, Thomas and Roberts as leaving)

20:42 Pence will not be president, not even interim

We will celebrate new president (interim?)

There will be political battles right up until the 2020 elections

The next president will be a male.

Like Violetta she is picking up Colorado but instead of terrorists she says weather related.

26:53 Impeachments of SCOTUS justices

28:04 Healthcare system will be totally revamped

28:31 Former pols coming back to help put us back together

29:15 An exodus of members of congress

tRump jr and kushner going down – I think this will be in 2020

New video post up from Denise Siegel:


Perhaps then Elizabeth Warren’s mission is to spread ideas for others (without impediments) to implement. Perhaps she will be some less brilliant man’s running mate, you know, help him figure out how to do stuff.

Or, perhaps the many people who are impressed by her solutions and honesty, who are less sensitive and see past her demeanor, have other ideas. After all, she’s either 3rd or 4th in all the polls. Good grief, what’s wrong with those people?

This is exactly how I feel!

Let’s Ditch Mitch

“McConnell will go down in history as one of the most vile power-drunken politicians ever to hold a leadership position in our government. Every decision he makes is based on pure political partisan calculations of the crassest design, ignoring the dire needs of this country and its citizens. There is not one shred of fairness or equity in anything he does. He is a cheater at the game. He has openly and willfully reneged on his oath of office and has defiled the Constitution gleefully, and sadly it’s the powerless people of this Nation who are the victims, as well as the the future progress of he Nation.

Without a doubt, he is one of the most evil-minded pernicious Americans living in the country today. History has already recorded enough of his dastardly deeds. Let’s hope the enlightened Kentuckian electorate can provide us with a remedy for him in 2020.”


Mitch McConnell needs at a minimum to be censured for gleefully violating his oath of office. I’m not sure how that process works.


If any one of the possibilities you listed were to occur I would be overwhelmed.
It seems too good to be true.

ja, I think Dems will have the Congress and the White House so I would like to see the Supreme Court have 2 or 3 or even 4 appointees (perhaps 2 replaced because of health concerns, 1 from RBG’s retirement, and perhaps Gorusch ‘s and/or Kavanaugh’s removal) from a Democratic president approved by Congress. A liberal leaning court for the decades to come.

Don’t hold your breath for Kentucky – doesn’t appear there’s much “enlightenment” in sight. A very confusing place apparently (don’t know myself, never been there):


“……A plurality of Kentuckians still say they identify with the Democratic Party,” Cross said. “When you identify with something, it gets down to the people you know. You might say, ‘I know Judge-Executive John Coyle in Woodford County, and he’s a good guy. He’s my kind of Democrat.’ People are identifying with their county and the local culture.”

That continued Democratic allegiance is a legacy of the Civil War. Kentucky existed as a border state during the conflict, and the state legislature invited in Union forces led by Gen. Ulysses S. Grant to oust Confederate invaders to maintain some semblance of neutrality.

But the federal government’s postwar Reconstruction policies, ramrodded by Republicans, left the Bluegrass with a bitter taste and drove much of the state to the Democrats, following the lead of the Solid South. The state refused to ratify the 13th Amendment, which outlawed slavery, and the 14th Amendment, which contains the equal protection clause.

It was during the readjustment period that a majority of Kentuckians turned to the Democrats. A watered-down version of that inheritance continues to this day.”

Also, re. Linda G – Bob, the list of her ‘predictions’ is incredible to me (as in not all credible). Can anyone seriously predict all those things when the world is such a complex place? I believe she is not an astrologer and she is entitled to her own perceptions upon which she bases her predictions, like any citizen. But, I would like to know if somebody is keeping track over time. Is there a case that Linda has predicted events accurately and in a valid way? Has she a reliable, if not perfect, track record? If so, then I’m happy to watch and listen, but unless a track record exists and it’s a good one, I’m not getting on this bus.

The world is full of prognosticators. We hear predictions in advance all the time. Then we hear nothing afterwards. I want to hear about the predictions afterwards, when there is some proof.

At least astrology, right or wrong, has a history, a philosophy and a methodology that a person can follow and understand somewhat. Astrology can open up a new ways of thinking about a situation or a problem. It doesn’t even have to predict a result to be useful, though it does require quite a bit of work.

I understand there are some people who are truly ‘psychic’, but until I see that predictions are valid over time (and the oracle is not making money off clickbait or ads), what good does it do in the world?

Along with the talk there is inevitably a heightened suspense and fear of the unknown. Is that the purpose? To make us fear the future even more than we justifiably do already, for fame or making a buck? If so, I call BS on that approach.

Just my opinion…

U.S. District Court.

District of Columbia

Notice of Electronic Filing

The following transaction was entered on 6/6/2019 at 2:25 PM and filed on 6/6/2019.
Case Name: USA v. FLYNN
Case Number 1:17-cr-00232-EGS
Document Number: No document attached.

Docket Text:
The Clerk of Court is directed to file on the public docket the audio version of the “voicemail recording” referenced in the [75] addendum to Government’s Memorandum in Aid of Sentencing.
Signed by Judge Emmet G. Sullivan on 6//6/2019. (Icegs3)

Barb K, I echo your sentiments re Elizabeth Warren. I don’t know what it is about some men who just don’t like smart, strong women. I’d say those men must be very insecure. Invariably, the reason given for not liking the smart, strong woman is “she’s just too emotional.” I think and hope this is a generational thing and younger men will feel less threatened.

Thanks Banks!! I think you’re right, women like Warren are threatening to many men, although that’s the last thing she would want to do. I was disappointed to find that kind of vibe here at SLN, and then an attack on Kentucky, right here, just a few hours ago, made me think I should check my own birth chart for some mean transit causing this.

Well, politics brings out the worst in all of us I guess. I really appreciate your observations, and they came not a moment too soon!

I would add a note to readers here that in Louisville, Kentucky, Mitch McConnell is despised by the majority of us, despite what you read in 7 year old news letters. We want him brought down.

Beowulfe, completely agree with your response regarding Linda G, well said!

In all honesty, I haven’t listened to Elizabeth Warren enough to see if she comes across as too wound up, etc. I hadn’t gotten that impression thus far though. The other night at the town hall, perhaps mars was still transiting her sun sign. Cancer is my rising sign, conj. uranus, and I can say that I can be very wound up at times. I hesitate to call myself emotional as that is relative, and it’s such a loaded word because it’s generalized to women, often in a negative way. I think that emotion makes life richer, and shows animation and energy, that a person cares, and is interest, invested and engaged. I do like leaders to come across somewhat calm and neutral though, so I can trust that they have objectivity.

interested! darn

Banks, Barbk,

It’s not about gender for me personally. It has more to do with style. Warren strikes me as someone who is bubbling with enthusiasm, immersed in ideas but it seems rather shallow (intellectual acumen needs to be balanced). How else to put it? Izzy picked up on it straight away when I mentioned it. Would Warren be able to generate wide appeal in an election? That remains to be seen. As far as female presidential candidates go and in stark contrast, Kamala Harris exudes confidence and solidness. She is not self-conscious about who she is and what she stands for.

I think warren’s problem is not what she says, (she’s really smart) but relates more to the particular pitch of her voice. It seems to me as though most people, for whatever reason, fair or not, instinctively resonate the most toward an ‘authoritative’ person with a lower spoken pitch. I think it is the lower pitch that adds to Kamala’s ‘gravitas’.
IMO Gillibrand is another that has a bad pitch problem.

Gillibrand also has an Al Franken problem that she’s not going to be able to shake.

Barbk, sorry to have offended you about Kentucky! The article I posted gave an insight I have never read before, which made some sense as to why Mitch McConnell should be elected time and again when it is so obvious that he is an unprincipled man (actually he IS principled, only the principle is ‘me & mine first, no matter what & to hell with the Constitution). Any useful insight is worth the time it takes to read the article, even if it was written during the Obama era. It’s not to slag Kentucky, but to figure out a puzzle that must have some unique circumstances the rest of us do not get. My sincere hopes are that you folks in Kentucky, who do not support McConnell, will vote his ass the hell out of the Senate in the next election. My heart is with your side of the vote all the way (if he runs again). That one thing alone would raise my hopes for the future of the children and the world.

Kiwi, Not to belabor the point too much, but I’m sure we have all met individuals from time to time who are deeply immersed in their own thoughts. Everything is well thought out, well scripted; to the point that there is a lack of spontaneity. There is a self-consciounessness and disconnect there.

TYPO/ Read instead: “consciousness”

Beowulfie and Jerry, glad to hear from you, and it’s probably like Sharon said; trans Mars in Cancer – an overreaction to emotion sounds about right.

Oh, and Beowulfie, I too prefer astrology (“methodology, quite a bit of work” and so on) but I do think Linda the Comanche does provide a calming influence for her fans, although I have no idea what her track record is.

Sometimes I think the power of suggestion is at work for psychics.

The mere fact that astrologers and psychics and channelers are received so well and allowed such license on the Internet and elsewhere says much about the times we are living in; freedom of speech is a beautiful thing; it wasn’t always so. Can I have an amen?

Amen to that, Barb. I think astrologers and psychics are very intuitive in general but what is seen can be hard to interpret with precision. No matter — it’s exciting, interesting, and often correct — or close.

And, kiwi, that is a very good point. I think I have the pitch problem myself and can tell when I’m having it because people are not responding! Can’t always help it though. I actually had a yoga teacher many moons ago, a very beautiful woman who had a very, very calm (but not boring) and sweetly commanding voice. Somehow it got brought up in class and she shared how she had spent many years working on that instrument of hers to hone it.


Re: Linda G,

I share your concerns about her validity; I’ve given her plenty of listening/watching time. I think at times she has flashes of insight, but then, even a clock is right twice a day. She has kind of a Roseanne Barr timbre and takes huge liberties with shuffling and re-spreading until she gets what she wants to see. More than anything else, I take her as a lively and engaging entertainer who reads tarot like her very Rorschak or the Thematic Apperception Test; a marvelous projection of her psyche with some shits and giggles. I sense she has a good heart.

Re: Warren’s tone – I so concur; her voice and physicality remind me a bit of Popeye’s willowy girlfriend “Olive Oil”

Yes, Gillibrand certainly stepped in it when she jumped on the the Al Frankin Hate-Train. Moreover she’s never really given a solid about much; just Wonderbread and Mayonnaise.

Kamala Harris seems to represent the 21st century; she’s bi-racial, intelligent and smart. I saw her as a guest on one of the late night shows and she just crackled with charisma and appeal. She’s got that “it factor.”

Sharon K,
Every time I’ve heard your voice you sounded fine.

Banks & barbK,
Personally, the stronger and more intelligent a woman is, the more I find her attractive. But I know many men are not like me. Mitch McConnell certainly finds E. Warren threatening, thus his tendency to rudely tell her to shut up.


RE: Women and the pitch problem.

Margaret Thatcher had difficulty getting anyone, especially men to listen to her. “Television critic Clive James, writing in The Observer prior to her election as Conservative Party leader, compared her voice of 1973 to “a cat sliding down a blackboard”.

“Thatcher had already begun to work on her presentation on the advice of Gordon Reece, a former television producer. By chance, Reece met the actor Laurence Olivier, who arranged lessons with the National Theatre’s voice coach.”

The voice coach taught her how to use the lower registers of her voice.

Lauren Bacall – similar story. Originally, she had a high-pitched, nasal voice. Slim Hawks (wife of Howard Hawks) got her a voice coach who taught her to lower the pitch of her voice.

Two very intelligent, talented women out of many who were blessed with success that might not have occurred had they not retrained their voices.

Walter “Cronkite trained himself to speak at a rate of 124 words per minute in his newscasts, so that viewers could clearly understand him. In contrast, Americans average about 165 words per minute, and fast, difficult-to-understand talkers speak close to 200 words per minute.”

IMO, ALL teachers, politicians, broadcasters, and narrowcasters need to take speech and drama classes before they embark upon their respective careers.

Many years ago, I saw a truly beautiful woman standing by the swimming pool. I quickly walked down to the pool to introduce myself, but even more quickly lost interest. It took less than 120 seconds of conversing with her for me to have urgent business elsewhere. She sounded almost exactly like Ross Perot.

RE: Elizabeth Warren
Firstly, I must confess I really like Elizabeth Warren and have donated to her campaign because I like so many of her ideas. IMHO, she knows AND understands more economics and finance than anyone else in Congress, and has more courage in her little finger than most all of those yahoos in Congress have in their entire being. I’m also intending on donating to a couple of other candidates, including Pete Buttigieg.

I just viewed the senator’s town hall in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She appears to have lost a considerable amount of weight which makes her look weaker. She has admitted on several occasions she struggles with stage fright, particularly when she has to appear on television.

I’ve seen her perform far better in the past. It seems to me her rhythm was a bit off; she needed to slow down a bit. I was an actor and singer for many years. There are certain things I know from experience and training. If we are nervous, we tend to speak faster and our pitch goes up, for some sounding somewhat shrill. She did not sound shrill to me, but her pitch was a bit too high. The way to cure that is to take deep breaths before the performance, begin by being consciously aware of your breathing during the performance, and slow your speech down a tad. For me, that automatically lowers pitch and makes ideas and thoughts more digestible for the listener, as well as more convincing.

What Gillibrand did to Al Franken was (A) unforgivable, and (B) pretty obviously to further her own self-interest over that of the party or the nation. I wouldn’t vote for her for dog-catcher and sincerely hope her political career ends as soon as possible.

About Margaret Thatcher…… One of my favorite movies; The Iron Lady

Here’s the theatrical trailer:


“Pelosi demurred, telling Nadler, “I don’t want to see him impeached. I want to see him in prison.”



“Pelosi demurred, telling Nadler, “I don’t want to see him impeached. I want to see him in prison.”

That is fucking adorable!

Not to discredit the fine mind and decency of Elizabeth Warren – she’s a very good egg with a fierce spirit and good soul. Elisio hit the mark squarely when he advised that
“… ALL teachers, politicians, broadcasters, and narrowcasters need to take speech and drama classes before they embark upon their respective careers.”

To develop one’s voice into an effective transmitter of one’s thoughts and feelings is akin to tuning, caring for and playing and exquisite musical instrument; at the right pitch, it can communicate a broad spectrum of mood, state of mind, confidence, a sense of stability and strength. Although I still believe HRC would have been a skilled and potent president, I must admit she was exceptionally strident on the campaign trail. Had she a mellower timbre like that of the fat ensconced gullet of L’Enfant enrage, she would have cast a much broader net of appeal.

What an interesting conversation this has become; a discourse on the variety of expressions – physical or otherwise – of the famous and/or infamous english-speaking female human beings in recent history. I think we are getting somewhere consciously – thank you all!

another obscenity by the trump minions: 9yr old from a small pacific island travelling to usa for an overseas experience with family friend, kept in detention camp for 2wks! Friend has taken older siblings previously with no issue.

For anyone who needs a good laugh! (And, btw, thank you Eliseo.)


This is a good read. Should we have children in this day and age?


I didn’t mean to ignore your post, kiwi. It’s horrible what happened to this child and there still no resolution for those who’ve been separated from the parents many months ago.

” I must admit she was exceptionally strident on the campaign trail. Had she a mellower timbre like that of the fat ensconced gullet of L’Enfant enrage, she would have cast a much broader net of appeal.”

This is indeed a sad statement of society with affect of social media’s twitter Instagram, etc. etc.

It feels that having a genuine scholar in law and decent human being like HRC, has been forsaken for the barking toad in the White House -RIVET-!

I do not want children watching him as he diminishes civility, sets a bad example to the youngsters. What happens when an impressionable manchild grabs a girl’s privates and says its ok because the president does it?

great cartoons Sharon! The whole ‘border security’ is now such a disgusting mess and so, so very sad for those caught in the trap. But when even tourist status cannot be distinguished and legitimate court approved document from country of origin is ignored likely because someone is brown skinned, that leaves me absolutely gobsmacked.

I wonder what Jerry sounds like.

arbo! Where have you been?

To quote Will:
“Arbo, where have you been?”


Now arbo . .
Will and Elisio . .
play nice.

For Constitutional policy-wonks, here’s an analysis of ‘the Federalist Papers,’ by a US professor, told through the lens of the Trump Presidency:


Here’s a 06/01/19 NYT fact-check of some of Elizabeth Warren’s key-claims:


Great Cartoons!

Thank you to everyone who offered thoughts when I logged on previously about my mom. Things totally went wonky a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been out of anything except “hospital reality” since…

Good news (I hope) is I brought Mom home yesterday afternoon. This was after three separate operations for three separate conditions! Luckily, all were laparoscopic, so nearly all “entry” areas are already healed.

The last one I personally had to decide, after talking it out with my Sis. I chose having an IVS inserted instead of doing the medication (only because Mom has been known to regress when taking meds… like hiding them in cushions!!). Her heart is stronger than mine, so the only thing really to worry about is her throwing blood clots. Hopefully, that will stop this. I had a LONG discussion with experts before deciding this route, nonetheless.

After getting her settled in at home, I came back to my place and made enough home-made soup for her for three days as well as made up sandwiches and sliced what veggies she will eat. All she will have to do is reach into the frig at any time.

I then promptly came home and collapsed into a lupus flare, true to form. Damn! I’m SO tired of this!! I just regained enough consciousness to get up and around, but still have the shakes that come after one of these flares. I can’t find any new ideas or options for meds on Lupus. If anyone has, I’m all ears.

Hubby recently researched a CBD that he bought for me to try. I thought it was working well for pain, but one day off it and my back is breaking again… so, I don’t know. And of course, this state won’t legalize anything that’s not pharma promoted. Too many people thing if anyone’s doing fine and happy, they’re obviously sinning somehow! (LOL)

Anyway, sorry for my absence. I also pretty much checked out of any Trump news. That probably did me better than anything else!


It seems my views may have prompted our distinguished friend to come out of silence. Arbor wants to know what I sound like.

Sorry. I mispelled that. Read: Arbo

What an insightful article Henri, thank you for sharing.

So glad you’re back slightkc, what a rough patch you have endured. You didn’t miss anything re: The Donald Saga!

slightkc, so sorry to hear of all your current challenges. Not sure if it will be of any help to you but found this link to a UK lupus info site for ‘alternative and complimentary treatment’ that might be worth a read.



It seems my views may have prompted our distinguished friend to come out of silence. Arbor wants to know what I sound like.”

Always the provocateur old boy.

I am not ready to write off Neptune as the ruler of oil, or to even accept its sharing rulership over oil with Pluto. Not yet. Granted Pluto rules the lust for oil, but that’s not the same as rulership of oil.

Neptune was discovered in 1846 and oil, which was considered a lubricant, was discovered 13 years later. Lubricants are under the rulership of Neptune.

However, when Neptune and Pluto began their present cycle in 1891, they were conjunct the US natal Uranus, BUT the world had not discovered Pluto yet – that would happen in 1930 – so it was seen only as a transiting Neptune (not seeing clearly), ruler of oil, conjunct US natal Uranus (revolutionary).

Nor did we know that US natal Pluto was at 27+ Capricorn in 1891, when trans. Neptune was conjunct US natal Uranus, but we knew transiting Venus was at 27+ Capricorn; holding space for the future Pluto discovery perhaps. She WAS square TRANSITING Uranus (breakthrough) at 27+ Libra though, in that Neptune (+ invisible Pluto) conjunct US Uranus in 1891.

This Venus (values) at 27+ Cap might symbolize the “as yet unseen” US Pluto (obsession) at the time of the (as yet unseen) transiting Pluto and transiting Neptune conjunction which took place in the same degree occupied by US natal Uranus (8+ Gemini).

In any case, in 1891 TRANSITING Uranus (new inventions) at 27+ Libra was square trans. Venus (and the “as yet undiscovered” US natal Pluto), foreshadowing some “new discovery” to be highly valued (Venus) and lusted for (undiscovered US Pluto) substance which would be ruled by Neptune (lubricants); a Neptune which was at the time conjunct the transiting (but as yet undiscovered) Pluto, which was also conjunct US natal Uranus (the unexpected).

Automobiles began to be mass produced by the 1920’s. Pluto was discovered in 1930, so it wasn’t until then we knew the US Pluto was at 27+ Capricorn . . or that Pluto in transit had been conjunct trans. Neptune and US natal Uranus 39 years earlier.

When Pluto was discovered (1930), transiting Neptune (illusion) at 2+ Virgo (approximately where trans. Transpluto – which symbolizes a process of becoming whole – is now, and has been for some time) was opposite transiting Venus at 2+ Pisces.

This seems to suggest that Pluto’s discovery in 1930 harbors a challenge between ruling some natural (Neptune in earthy Virgo) thing and valuing (Venus) that thing (Pisces is under the rulership of Neptune).

So, Neptune discovered in 1846, oil discovered in 1859, trans. Neptune + invisible trans. Pluto + US natal Uranus conjunction in 1891, automobiles mass produced by 1920, Pluto discovered in 1930 (with its Neptune-Venus opposition) followed by WW2, and the demand for oil products has been growing ever since.

Pluto rules transformation (death and rebirth) but I think oil (in its natural state buried underground) is still ruled by Neptune. However, I can see why Pluto covets oil. Just my opinion.

Dean W. thank you for the link to the Constitution article in WaPo.

BarbK, thank you for the Neptune post, which rules oil. And oil rules the world.

Trump’s 7th house is co-ruled by Neptune (29.56 Aquarius on 7th cusp). Thus, both his 7&8th houses are ruled by Neptune, along with that teeny bit of Aquarius, ruled by Saturn.

The oil people are Trump’s partners, as well as open enemies (7th). They rule his debts and bankers, too (8th). Not exactly a trustworthy bunch when connected to a slippery person like T, whose natal Neptune sits in his 2nd house of personal resources. Funny how he has relaxed those environmental rules. And is the connection to Russian oligarchs by chance, with gas lines to Europe, etc.? Also, it’s uncanny how fracking (underground explosions) is the core of the industry now and it is found in T’s 12th house. Hmmmnn……

Very Interesting!
Thank You Barb!


Thank you for your thoughts. I think there is room for both Neptune and Pluto as co-rulers of oil.

Because Neptune rules the oceans and most liquids, it would make sense that Neptune rules oil.

Pluto, ruler of death and rebirth (transformation) is probably equally if not more a ruler of oil because oil is a by-product result of the transformation of dead animals and plants (fossils). I’d wager that’s a fairly convincing argument for at least Pluto as a co-ruler of oil.

A further thought on the outer planets’ rulerships:

Neptune is the only planet with an “organic” connection to technology through its rulership of oil and its association with water. Neptune fits with the organic side of things because water and carbon are essential for life (compressed carbon is oil).

Without oil there can be no metallic industrial or mechanical devices in use (machinery, cars, etc.). Lubrication is essential for mechanical motion – otherwise machinery would seize up, which is certainly a Pluto-like state. So, without Neptune there can be no advanced ‘civilization’ as we know it.

Also, without Uranus and electricity there can be no industrial motion as we know it (unless you want to use water wheels, horses or elephants). Uranus is also said to rule the radioactive metals.

It’s a complex web of rulerships.
Wikipedia lists the traditional metals as follows (note, Vedic astrology uses somewhat different rulerships). All the elements have a role in our technological world. The more of them we discover, the more we will have to learn about living with them around us and IN us. Too late to go back to the simple world of the 7 old rulerships!

The Sun rules Gold
The Moon, Silver
Mercury, Quicksilver/Mercury
Venus, Copper
Mars, Iron
Jupiter, Tin (a tin alloy is used in superconductors)
Saturn, Lead


There is a series of posts on metals etc. at this link (note, the site has no connection to me /not promoting it): http://borderlandresearch.com/book/metal-power/introduction

Here is a good post on Pluto and Plutonium:


Sorry, above, I meant to include that Pluto is in Trump’s 12th house (of hidden things in general, secret enemies etc.).

I think a wild-card regarding the election, might well be how an economic downturn will play-out among likely voters?

Will Trump supporters accept that their ‘King’ is to blame; or, will they ‘project’ their anger outward, and accelerate attacks against minorities, women, gays, transgender individuals, the media and government institutions?

Dean, Republicons are already projecting viciously via banning “A Woman’s Right and Choice to carry a Pregnancy or not”
We should anticipate what I predict will be:
one vicious GOP attack after another.

America will finally see their cruel/selfish bag of tricks. Thank you Henri, for the excellent link to Elizabeth Warren. I pray that Female-Strength along with Enlightened-Men will over-power the very selfish “Lie, Cheat and Steal GOP”

Thoughts for the day:

It is harder to imagine the end of capitalism than it is to imagine the end of humanity.

If left unchecked, capitalism, which is based on the primal needs of mankind, will destroy all life on Earth.

Finally, because of our obsession with the media and Trump, we are missing the history-changing significance of our times.

IMHO, Re Pluto and or Neptune ruling oil, my understanding is Pluto rules the process of decay and the immense pressure that transformed the dead animals and plants into oil. Oil is a by product of Pluto but in itself oil doesn’t contain the power of transformation as does a radioactive substance which would be ruled by Pluto. Many astrologers regard Uranium as ruled by Uranus but that feels wrong to me because it’s properties act with Pluto like power: transformation.
But back to oil, oil contains the properties of Neptune: liquidity, flow and shape shifting according to what contains it (the container being a Saturn thing).
How oil is used brings other rulerships: given value-Venus; traded on markets-Mercury; burned and transformed into power-Pluto. But I think, in and of itself as a substance, oil is Neptunian thing.

Elisabeth Warren:

“I Want to Live in Elizabeth Warren’s America”


““The president manufactures a crisis, galvanizes his base around the challenge, leaves the definition of success undefined, pretends to play hardball and, lo and behold, finds a solution that entails little more than window-dressing, if that,” Mr. Price said. “For Trump, it’s a win-win.” But “the loser tends to be the American people, oftentimes Trump’s base first and foremost,”



Thank you for resourcing the astrological treatise on the planets and their relationships to the metals/elements.

I particularly resonated with lead being known for its “resistance” and it being ruled by Saturn. When significant (squares, oppositions) transits occur in my chart, I often feel as if a vibrational repellent surrounds me – like trying to put the wrong sides of magnets together, nothing seems to work out well at all.


Oil is a fossil fuel – hence, energy derived from death and destruction. And yet, it is in liquid form. I think there is room to at least consider co-rulership of oil between Neptune and Pluto.

Re: rulerships, what holds rulership over humans? We seem to contain all the properties of the planets. Our individual horoscopes have a rulership according to our ASC so as individuals we may have more resonance with certain planetary properties but as a whole, what rules humanity? Our unique gift as humans seems to be consciousness, perhaps Mercury?
Frankly, this is a lot more fun to ponder than the precarious state we’ve created for life as we know it.


“But when asked to choose among desirable qualities in a candidate, electability ranked fourth on a list of seven for both sets of possible caucus participants. A majority in both groups named integrity a top trait (56% among in-person, 61% among virtual), and 40% in each chose intelligence. Just over a third in each group picked leadership (34% in-person, 36% virtual) and about a quarter picked electability (25% in-person and 23% virtual).”


Eliseo, will, Beowulfie, Frank, many thanks for responding to our mutual interest on planetary rulerships, in this case a natural resource. Does anyone know off the top of your heads how (or if) oil was useful to humans, say back in the glory days of Rome?

will, if anyone could convince me to give Pluto part-rulership over oil, it would be you.

Beowulfie, I particularly appreciated seeing the chart for the creation of Plutonium. In addition to what aspects in that chart were written about, there was also a sextile between Mercury (8+ Sagittarius – opposite US natal Uranus) symbol of thought, and the North Node (7+ Libra) symbol of the path forward.

That sextile formed a Yod with the chart’s Saturn (8+ Taurus rx) which was conjunct Jupiter (6+ Taurus rx). Together Saturn and Jupiter are symbolic of societies, and by being at the apex of a Yod triangle, it could be said that Plutonium would require an adjustment in societies. I LOVE that!

Frank, your question is very thought-provoking. The Sun would symbolize Life, but that would include people, animals, trees, butterflies and everything else that lives on Earth. There might be some asteroids or other minor bodies named for gods or goddesses that ruled human life though.

Maybe we’re coming into a period of new planet discoveries requiring more mythology scrutiny. Thanks for giving me more to ponder.

Maybe Deucalion (now in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces and the North Node in Cancer), he who re-populated the world with people (after the great flood destroyed them all) is the symbolic ruler of humans!

Andre, re capitalism: If trump were a Ferengi, it all begins to make sense. . . . . :-;

Kiwi, indeed. We are living in the Age of the Ferengi. I wonder what happened to their planet.

Kiwi, without anything much to do and all alone on a quiet Sunday afternoon, I looked up the Ferengi home planet, Ferenginar:

“The planet was best known for having nearly constant, planet-wide torrential rains, rotting vegetation, and rivers of muck.”


Earth’s future?

Andre, who knows? lots of lessons to be learned from star trek adventures. Remember the storyline from next generation where the enemy distracted the crew by activating their brain pleasure craving center thru games in order to overpower them?

barbk, I’m sorry…no I’m not. Too much Scorpio.

will and Eliseo, things come and go so quickly here and I’m short on free time.

Jerry, I’ve found it to be mostly true that when you’re at the beach and hear a derogatory remark made about a woman’s looks in a bathing suit, it’s often spoken by a guy who looks like he’s eleven months pregnant.

I admire Elizabeth Warren for a number of reasons, one being that she’s as smart as Hillary Clinton is. And as an age cohort, I can understand what they both have to deal with because there are still people who expect women to conform to their own ideal and they’re disappointed when whoever it is doesn’t live up to it. Or, on the other hand, maybe she reminds them of a teacher they didn’t like.

She’s a teacher, and sometimes she lectures. A lot of people don’t like that in a woman. For me, it depends on the lecture. And it sure beats President Chief Seat of the Pants.

Jessica Fletcher confronting that living painting of Dorian Gray. I think it would sell to a selective audience.

After years of despair to suddenly envision tRump being scooped up by law enforcement in front of the entire world on live TV at noon on January 20, 2021, as soon as he becomes a “regular” citizen might cause such a dramatic flip in some that friends and family may wonder if they are in need of being committed to a mental health facility. So be careful if he lasts in office that long and you intend to watch the Democratic president’s inauguration then.

Playing that inaugural scene over and over in your heads between now and then might help lessen the blow.

Frank, your question as to which planet(s) rule humans is a good one! I don’t think there is any one ruler for us, however. The reason being that an astrological chart is drawn BY someone FOR someone or something and so it is impossible to separate the result of the observation from the observer (i.e. the person the chart is about and the astrologer always influence the chart, at the same time as the chart influences the astrologer and the person the chart is about. It is not possible to be totally objective.

Essentially, that means humans are part of the process – it’s not like we’re aliens looking at ourselves from a distance. In a crude way, it fits with a concept in particle physics (which has been beat to death, but there is a cute little explanation of the general idea (& please, I’m no kind of scientist!).

The concept is a famous one in science – it’s about Schrodinger’s cat. Taking the idea over to astrology, perhaps humans are like the cat. Which means (imo) that you can’t pin down one ruler for them – it’s impossible (or too complicated) to know perfectly, especially when there are multiple factors (not just one cat in a box). See below. 🙂

I know, it’s hopeless! But in a weird way it makes sense (the caps added below are mine):


(MY note – this is about the person who is doing the experiment somehow coming to KNOW if the cat is alive or dead in the box – it’s not about actually doing anything TO the cat).

….Schrödinger ….designed a thought experiment.

A cat is placed in a room that is separated from the outside world.

A Geiger counter which counts the amount of radioactive decay and a little bit of a radioactive element are in the room.

Within one hour, one of the atoms of the radioactive material might decay (or break down because the material is not stable), or it may not.

If the material breaks down, it will release an atomic particle, which will hit the geiger counter, which will release poison gas, which will kill the cat.

The question now is: at the end of the hour, is the cat alive or dead?

Schrödinger says that according to the Copenhagen Interpretation, as long as the door is CLOSED, the cat is dead AND alive. There is no way to know until the door is OPENED.

But by opening the door, the person is INTERFERING with the experiment. The person and the experiment have to be described with reference to each other.

By looking at the experiment the person has INFLUENCED the experiment.

The thought experiment was invented by Schrödinger to demonstrate the foolishness of thinking about quantum states for large objects. It has also been referenced many times in pop culture.

In other words, by doing charts, we are influencing what charts do. Now isn’t that a brain buster? I need some coffee now. 🙂

ja, I so appreciate the astute article on E. Warren’s skills. There’s no available birth time available for her chart, but I feel it’s MC is late Capricorn, probably very near the US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn, and also very near her Jupiter at 0+ Aquarius.

She is very full of Uranus energy, and Uranus (and Saturn) are influencing her in a very public way. Her natal Uranus which conjuncts her natal Sun at 0+ Cancer would be in the 2nd house (personal finances) were she to have late Capricorn on the MC.

Her Sun-Uranus in Cancer sextiles her natal Saturn and Ceres at 1+ Virgo (practical fixes) which would be in the hypothetical 5th house of creativity.

This sextile forms a Yod to Warren’s Jupiter at 0+ Aquarius which, I believe is likely in her 10th house. This natal Jupiter is perpetually adapting to circumstances in the world around her and in her personal life, due to its apex position in her natal Yod.

It is also the degree of the next Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in December, 2020.

If she were to have an MC in Capricorn conjunct the US Pluto, it would give her a stubborn Taurus ($$) ascendant, ruled by Venus, which would be in her 3rd house of communicating at 18+ Cancer, which transiting Neptune in her 11th house of groups (like Town Halls) trines right now.

Transiting Saturn opposes her Venus.

Also in Taurus is her natal Moon around 12+ degrees which could be very near her ascendant if she were to have a late Capricorn MC. Having Moon near the ascendant, in Taurus, would make her quite relatable to people talking about finances.

Transiting Uranus will reach that degree in May, 2021.

Watching her videos will probably leave you happy.

INTUITIVIEW PSYCHIC READING Pelosi and Mueller and Barr! Oh My!
Published on May 22, 2019 – 26:37

Streamed live on May 28, 2019 – 52:36

Published on Jun 9, 2019 – 27:27

Her first posting.
Intuitiview Published on Sep 26, 2018 – 10:04
INTUITIVIEW PSYCHIC READING Brett Kavanaugh & Midterm Predictions

The link!


The 2024 Presidential election will be the first after the near-death experience of the US Pluto return.

In other words, the 2024 President will be the Rebirth President.

And the 2020 President will be the Near-Death President.

Hi Arbo,

I think Elizabeth Warren certainly provides a useful and meaningful sounding board for the democratic party in addressing the outstanding issues we are currently facing in the run up to the 2020 elections. But does she have the presidential credentials and charisma to pull it off is what I was asking. A number pf people on this blog seem to agree with the impression I have that Warren comes across a bit flat. Nothing wrong with that assessment mind you, it’s after all just an impression. Personally, I think she would have very limited appeal. To use an example, ten years ago Barrack Obama captured the imagination of the masses. He took the nation by storm with his eloquence and down to earth style. Elizabeth Warren simply does not have that Barrack Obama sparkle. I think we can agree to disagree. It’s just an impression.

“Reminder: The House Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing today titled “Lessons from the Mueller Report: Presidential Obstruction and Other Crimes.”

Fmr. Nixon White House counsel John Dean will testify, along with former U.S. attorneys and legal expert”

Tune in this Monday at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET.


“Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin regrets endorsing Hillary and is open to backing Trump in 2020”

https://usat.ly/2sCOSOC via @usatoday

There will be a federal election in Canada next October 21. A poll today has the Opposition Conservative Party leading Justin Trudeau by 12 points. They now lead in every province, including Quebec which was Trudeau’s last line of resistance.

This is consistent with Trudeau’s chart for 2019, which strongly indicates a loss of power. It is also consistent with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn whcih implies the rise of conservative governments.

The presence of Ceres in the Saturn-Pluto conjunction appear to mean these conservative governments are climate change deniers with disastrous, acute and profound effects on our planet. The Conservative party of Canada is all for Canada as an oil and business state with no regard for the environment. These are very serious times.

Then, Jerry, why didn’t you say that in the first place instead of branding her taut, overly emotional, nervous, shallow and self conscious? Funny, I don’t see her that way. But I’m not trying to brand her.

Your criticisms seem to be ones generally reserved for women, but thanks for your concern. I’m sure you meant all of it in the best possible way.

But the Energizer Bunny? The bots seem to be out already.

will, regarding Harris: I think the word you’re looking for is “balls.” This is something that comes more easily to Harris’ generation than it does to Warren’s. Not that the latter can’t grow some.

@BarbMcQuade complete opening statement: “The conduct described in the report constitutes multiple crimes of Obstruction of Justice. It’s supported by evidence of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Watch LIVE on C-SPAN3 http://cs.pn/2WsAKII

I wondered about the bot possibility too arbo.

It is this long period of transiting retrograde Pluto (dismantling) in a tight trine to US natal Neptune (escaping) that causes everyone to doubt their own eyes and ears; am I, are we really seeing what we see? Hearing what we hear?

At the same time transiting Pluto trines the conjunction degree of Saturn and Jupiter at the start of their cycle in 2000. That following year airplanes were diving into the Twin Towers and the immediate reaction for US citizens was jaw dropping incredulity.

I believe we the US citizenry are still (or again) in an incredulous state of awareness; is this really happening? It is the Neptune factor; a kind of numbing of reality for many citizens, preventing them from thinking logically; we are in a state of shock.

As institution after institution crumbles around us (as predicted – by the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle – would happen over the following 20 years) we are barely able to acknowledge the scope of it all. We try to maintain some semblance of routine; life, normal life, keep on keeping on.

For some people, a person like Elizabeth Warren who wants to wake up the US citizenry to what needs to be re-built or invented anew can be too much facing-the-truth too soon.

The present transiting Pluto in Capricorn, trine US Neptune in Virgo, trine the Jupiter-Saturn cycle start point in Taurus is a powerful vortex of (earth) energy that defies penetration. It’s called a grand trine.

Warren’s natal North Node + Sedna conjunction in Aries squares trans. Pluto in Cap. She sees things as they are but not everyone is as ready as she is to tackle the rebuilding yet. Delusion can be a comfort; ask any opioid addict.

It will depend on how many of us will be awake enough to tackle the gargantuan task of rebuilding and reinventing our nation. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction is a start, with it’s conjunction to Ceres (nature) and the Sun (consciousness) and Mercury (ability to communicate).

So will the 3 conjunctions between transiting Jupiter and Pluto. So will the simultaneous US Ceres Return and the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle start, both at the end of 2020, each with Jupiter and Saturn at 0+ Aquarius, where Eliz. Warren’s natal Jupiter is. It’s where Barack Obama’s Jupiter is too, and where Eric Holder’s natal Sun is too, among others.

Warren is a breakthrough artist (her Sun conjuncts her Uranus and her Mars conjuncts US Uranus) as well as a teacher. Uranus has a disquieting affect on people when it breaks through traditions (like US Presidents have always been men for example). But Uranus can speed up the time a process needs to complete its work.

There is already work that could be done to start such processes regarding the disintegrating institutions that the Trump presidency has spotlighted. (My mom had that Uranus ability and it would scare the s–t out of us sometimes!)

Whatever capacity Warren uses (President, VP, Secretary of Treasury, etc.) to make inroads into our rebirth it will astound the rest of the world. She is where she is for a reason (as we all are) and I consider it a blessing for the USA.

Thank you barbk, Here is an article from today’s nyt’s:

” As the 23 candidates seeking the Democratic nomination struggle to distinguish themselves, Senator Elizabeth Warren has set herself apart with a series of sweeping proposals that would significantly remake the American economy, covering everything from tax policy to student debt relief and offering a detailed portrait of what her presidency might look like.”



About keeping a balanced perspective and your query as to why I failed to express an even leveled characterization of Elizabeth Warren at the outset. The following were my opening remarks to Sharon which kicked off this whole discussion:

“Hi Sharon,

As you say, Elizabeth Warren was on fire (impassioned) at yesterdays Town Hall meeting with many good positive talking points, but there were certain moments where she appeared rather taut and overly emotional. In contrast; presidential candidate Kamela Harris is substantive on the issues but also very poised and collected. It may be a difference in style, but a “woman” perceived as emotional in this day and age of cut-throat politics could be a drawback. Any thoughts?”

Arbo – it’s just a fair minded observation. Once again, there were a few in this blog who tended to agree with that impression. I don’t wish to malign anyones character; we’re just having a friendly, frank discussion.

Bob, thank you so much for the links to Intuitiview. She is remarkable and what’s particularly interesting and reassuring is that she and Linda G are in total agreement. Kim is easier to follow and gives more detailed info. I trust that they are both right. Thanks again.

That’s okay, Jerry. Left-handed compliments usually reflect more about the speaker than they do his subject.

Barbk, I have great admiration for Elizabeth Warren and do believe she will have a major role to play in the Rebirth of a Nation in coming years. I wish it were November 2020, but it doesn’t look that way.

It is still likely imho that the President elected in 2020 will again be a white male Republican, Trump or someone else. However, the current Democrat campaign is not in vain. It is really a dress rehearsal for 2024. One of the current candidates will be the Great President elected that year. I believe that will be an unconventional Democrat. By unconventional, I mean a President who is female or who is gay.

As I have mentioned before, I believe the 2024 President will be seen as equal in greatness to Washington, Lincoln and FDR. Note that all of them were in power at the time oof the three previous Uranus returns (Washington as Commmander in chief). The Great President of 2024 will be in office for the next Uranus return of 2027-2028.

The 2024 President will be seen as greater than Obama was as President, although Obama will still have a major role to play in world affairs in my view at the same time.

All Uranus returns so far have brought mortal military peril to the survival of the United States. It may be no different next time. The progressed Mars retrograde is however a cause for concern. I believe it means the US cannot win the next major conflict on its own but will have to rely more than ever before on a coalition of allies who may bear the brunt of the fighting and who may emerge in a stronger position. India comes to mind.

The 2020s will be eventful indeed.

I should have written female, colored or gay.

Arbo, If you want my frank opinion, what might be required, is more than just clever ideas and a platform in which to deliver it. It may warrant deep soul searching. Politics has its limitations. It is not a panacea for the worlds problems. No matter much one may try, solutions will always be elusive as long as one is concerned with mere outward, cosmetic changes.

………The world does not need more technocrats. In politics, there are so many variables that restrain an individual (concerns about ones career, fame, power etc., etc). There are very few public servants who can totally put themselves aside and be a guiding force for others.

…. The world does not need more technocrats. In politics there are so many variables that restrain an individual (concerns about ones career, fame, power etc, etc. There are very few public servants in the true sense of the word who can totally put themselves aside and be a guiding force for others.

Sorry for the duplicate posting.

Typo/ Read instead: “No matter HOW much one may try”

Someone suggested that Warren would make a great Attorney General. That resonates for me!

Hi arbo,

Kamala Harris does have a rocking pair of ovaries. She eviscerated Barr with the skill of a surgeon – almost seemed ironically-empathic with him as she suggested a number of alternative answers for him. It was a political master-stroke.

Beowulfie, Shroedinger’s Cat – thank you for teaching me about this.

I also want to add that Warren is growing into her own as we speak. We are still about 1.5 years away from the election. Let’s let things unfold to see who emerges. The debates should be pretty interesting because there are so many good candidates and I don’t think they are going to be putting each other down very much if at all.

In-depth polling tells the story: Warren, though a smart lady, comes across as too shrill, and has too little gravitas for the average male, Independent voter.

Harris – another smart lady – unfortunately comes across as too aggressive to a lot of male Independents.

In my estimation, this site sometimes becomes an echo-chamber of ultra-liberal magical thinking – and that doesn’t do any one any good, because disappointment can be the only result.

Some brief remarks:

Dean W.
“In my estimation, this site sometimes becomes an echo-chamber of ultra-liberal magical thinking – and that doesn’t do any one any good…”
Yep! And I’ve been guilty of that sometimes, myself.

My present take on the candidates:
Personally, I find E. Warren exciting, but I am of course a fellow in love with ideas, and EW is definitely an idea gal. I disagree with her on some important issues, but I share enough of her vision to support her for the time being. I find Kamala Harris boring, Biden and good ole Bernie not too old, but too aged, and Pete Buttigieg and Andrew Yang pretty darn interesting.

I’m consistently amazed we continue to see things so similarly. Unfortunately, none of the Dem candidates so far feels to me like the “2020 winner.” I remain convinced someone like Romney may be the “in-between” “near-death” president you mentioned.

Also, like you, I see E. Warren as more in the rebirth category, either as president or in a major role with the rebirth team. Every time she says she has a plan, she reveals a bit more of her vision. You can’t do rebirth in politics or nationhood without a vision. That gal is on a spiritual/political quest! Though many are not yet ready and some may not be for quite some time, I feel that gradually, as her vision matures it will be increasingly compelling and enticing.

As far as the 2024 president being somehow unconventional, I would not limit that unconventionality to a Black, female, Gay, or some other of color. It could be someone, who transcends the present Left-Right political paradigm. Automation, the development of AI, advances in genetics and medicine, as well as climate change may force us way beyond Left-Right, altering our politics in profound ways not yet anticipated.

I’ll not have time to do serious astrology until after I return home in a few weeks. But I feel who will be elected and lead will depend quite a bit on where and how transiting Neptune and Venus aspect the candidate’s chart as well as that of the nation. Presently, it feels like to me we are moving through some kind of heavy obscuring, obfuscating, opiate filled “electronic-like fog.” I don’t think we’ll get leaders we truly need until we’ve shaken off that fog and the hangover it leaves behind.

I meant no disrespect as I echoed Will in my June 7th, 9:25 pm posting. I was pleasantly surprised, actually joyful you returned to the fold.

Do I remember correctly you are in Australia, or was that someone else? In any case, I enjoy your intelligence as you express it on this blog.

Our “unconventional” president may also be unconventional due to other major changes in our paradigm. By then we may well have been to Mars, possibly discovered primitive life there or elsewhere, perhaps have found planet 9, etc.

When I mentioned genetic and medical advances, I was thinking in terms of life extension and the cure of deadly diseases. Were we to hypothetically discover how to radically slow aging, and/or eradicate or reverse it, that would be a pretty profound game changer economically. When that day comes, much of how we think about capitalism, socialism, or any other isms will likely be turned upside down.

Eliseo, on unconventionality you are right of course. That word may have a different meaning in 2024. US Uranus returns have consistently provided both a mortal challenge to the country and the leadership needed to overcome it. I am optimistic that leadership in whatever form will again appear in 2024.

Dean W., there IS too much liberal magical thinking on this site. I fear some of those who are writing here will be bitterly disappointed in November 2020.

I meant no disrespect; but, when any one of us – myself included – are no longer interested in new patterns of understanding, then we may become unwittingly dismissive of others’ viewpoints.

Something I once heard: Cleverness is not the same as understanding; and understanding is not the same thing as wisdom.

Dean W.

Something I once heard: “The ability to observe without evaluating (silent observation) is the highest form of intelligence” – J Krishnamurti

“In-depth polling tells the story: Warren, though a smart lady, comes across as too shrill, and has too little gravitas for the average male, Independent voter.”

“Harris – another smart lady – unfortunately comes across as too aggressive to a lot of male Independents.”

Even though I would like to see Democrats win in 2020, I would not want to too easily accept the above. After all, no one though Trump would win, nor Obama for that matter.

Maybe 2020 won’t be the year of the female president of the U.S. but, on the other hand, we have to be careful not to give into negative, shallow, bigoted perceptions as it all depends on who comes out to vote. Additionally, everyone knows that polls have their limits (remember Hillary’s polls?) and have built in errors in the way the poll is done.

Harris is too aggressive for what? For a president of the U.S. or for a woman, as she is not interviewing for the latter. Warren started out polling near the bottom and look at her now, changing minds and hearts.

I would prefer hearing she is too progressive for certain groups than too shrill. And, too little gravitas? She seems to have a lot to me and is just now strengthening her voice.

So, I would not dismiss those polls but neither would I put too much stock into them.

What worries me about the Republicans keeping the presidency in 2020 can be said in two words: Supreme Court.

On the other hand, if Democrats come in strong in all three branches, and go too far left/progressive too fast, I would be worried we would lose big in 2022 and 2024. It’s a tough choice.

That’s why I keep going back to Biden. And I wouldn’t have to hold my nose to vote for him. He is a good transition candidate, experienced and likable. If he has erred anywhere (to my mind), it is in trying to compromise with Republicans so that things would get done. As president, he would only have to sign legislation, not compromise to make it happen. Clinton was in a position where he had to compromise to move forward and he did, and achieved balanced budgets and surpluses.

By: Bob on February 18th, 2019, at 1:11 pm

“You all know my going on 3 year prediction for tRump on January 13, 2020, (or the last half of January 2020 for the family
affair) but do you recall the most famous rein – uh, – the transit that day for me? Jupiter conjunct my natal Moon.”


By: Bob on February 18th, 2019, at 2:26 pm

“tRump’s transits election night 2020. Transit Pluto opposite natal Saturn, transit Saturn opposite natal Venus.”


Transits to my natal on election night 2020.


Transits to my progressed chart on election night 2020.


Bravo Sharon K! Did you see Biden speaking in Iowa? The guy can move people; he speaks to the heart – “Make America AMERICA again!”

I believe it’s his secret sauce. Make people FEEL good. There are plenty of people in this world who seem to want people to feel bad – about themselves and about others. Biden can figuratively wrap his arms around people and give them a hug with just the tone in his voice, he moves us out of our brain and into our heart.

A couple of things in Biden’s chart intrigue me, like his Chiron at 28+ Leo conjunct Trump’s Mars and Trump’s ascendant and the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse – the great American Eclipse also at 28+ Leo (which is still in effect I remind everyone).

However, Joe’s natal Sun-Venus in Scorpio squares (challenges) all the above Leo stuff., but trines his Jupiter! Biden’s natal Jupiter at 25 Cancer 05 is conjunct Trump’s natal Venus at 25 Cancer 44 (and his Saturn at 23+ Cancer).

Both of them conjunct US natal Mercury (media) at 24+ Cancer and all 3 oppose US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn as well as the the January, 2020 transiting Saturn-Pluto at 22+ Capricorn, a conjunction that starts a new 34 year cycle that will see transformation of the world.

Just weighing all the factors, Joe Biden would normally not be my first choice, but considering the stakes, I think he would be the obvious choice to lead the Democratic ticket, just because of the trust he engenders in so many people. He can beat Trump at his own game. Joe Biden’s Saturn conjuncts the US Uranus (the unexpected) for Pete’s sake.

Andre, I see what you’re saying. The 2020 campaign, for the Dems, is a dress rehearsal for the 2024 campaign, and, reluctantly, I agree that could be likely, but I’m not at all sold on a Republican white male being the choice for US voters in 2020. What makes you say that? By “near-death”, do you mean the US Pluto Return? What I see as “Transformation”, or “Death and Rebirth”?

Jessica Murray has a new, non-astro piece, on her site called ‘info wars’

Meanwhile, most of the top Democratic contenders are polling favorably against Trump in a new national poll, from 5% higher and up, with Biden highest of all with a 13% lead.


will, it’s a given she has ovaries, but she also has balls. And she seems to be able to draw upon all of them as needed. This is intended as a metaphorical compliment, not a sexist remark.

Eliseo, no disrespect was noticed. And no, I’m in the same hemisphere as you. Thank you for your kind words.

No Sharon K, Kamala Harris for AG, Warren for (at least) Treasury Secretary and Biden for either of the top two positions. I think he’s the only one who can effectively deal with that other guy and get away with it.

There are too many mentally/emotionally-14 year old voters out there for Warren or Harris to do it credibly for the mass audience. I’m thinking that Biden might be able to bridge the gap and make way for more real change. Like Hillary, he already knows how to do the job.

barbk, after Beau, I don’t think anything that Trump might say would bother Biden. He’s lived through the worst possible thing for a parent and I think he’s stronger for it and really doesn’t care what anyone outside of family says about him. A crusader influenced by obsession, if you want to look at the astrology of only his sun sign. He probably wants to do it for Beau.

Then in 2024 maybe we could have Stacy Abrams.

But unless the audience grows up, which I suppose is possible, I’d say for ’20 I’d go with Biden/Warren. I’m not sure think the audience can grow beyond that by ’20.

Maybe that sun-venus in Scorpio trine Jupiter which is conjunct the U.S. mercury is why he comes across as smooth, likable, easy going, charming, yet with an underlying strength, Barb.

I’ve felt that many of the contenders are thinking that people only want Biden because of the vague “electability” meme. But that underestimates and misestimates the desire for simply peace. Yes, Biden is old, and old school, but he won’t constantly be in people’s face, he won’t insult people, and he will act like an adult.

My astrological wiki is done!

Barbk, by near-death I mean Death and Transformation. I think that’s unlikely with a Democratic President. I expect a white Republican male in 2020 because I expect the election will be dishonest. I never said he would be the true choice of the American people. I believe the majority of the American people will not accept the result, which is precisely what will lead to the Death and Rebirth of democracy in the US.

Arbo, I would LOVE to see Stacy Abrams in the White House in 2024. She would absolutely be my first choice. I think her potential greatness is already apparent.

We’ve had a few “stolen” elections beginning in 1876 with a difference between the popular vote and the electoral college vote. We’ve also had a few allegedly crooked elections. But so far, citizens have always accepted the results.

How would we know, or by what mechanism would we see the election is dishonest? It seems to me that if an election result was contested, it would need be pretty soon after it was held. Time would be of the essence. Otherwise the winner would have sufficient time to consolidate power to prevent any kind of rebellion

I see Andre, thanks for explaining. I too figure the election will be interfered with, but did you see some astrological fingerprint (Neptune presumably) to make you think that?

there will be a Full Moon 3 days before the Nov. 2020 election (Halloween!) that conjuncts Uranus at 8+ Taurus. The Sun at 8+ Scorpio will quincunx (forced adjustment) the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini.

Trump’s natal Uranus (17+ Gemini) will be on the 7th house cusp (partners/open enemies) of this Full Moon chart when set in Washington DC.

Neptune (18+ Pisces) retrograde in the 3rd house (votes/communication) will square this chart’s asc/desc/Trump Uranus, while Mars (16+ Aries) retrograde in the 4th house (roots) trines the ascendant and sextiles the Desc + Trump’s Uranus.

Mercury (26+ Libra) retrograde will be square Saturn (26+ Capricorn) and US natal Pluto (27+ Capricorn), while Pluto (22+ Cap) will trine US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo).

Jupiter at 20+ Cap (+ Pallas at 19+ Cap), the chart ruler, will T-square US Chiron (20+ Aries) opposite US Juno (20+ Libra). All 3, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in this FM chart (that comes 3 days before US election) will oppose US natal Mercury (24+ Cancer), ruler of US 7th house, within a 4 deg. orb.

It looks to me that there is much stimulation (as in shock and breakthroughs) going on, as well as possible skulduggery set in motion at this Full Moon for these United States on election day.

I’m choosing to see this as Russian interference that will be “picked up” by the CIA (or whoever), possibly delaying the results of the election itself being announced.

Venus at 4+ Libra on the MC (+ Terpsichore “dancing” and Klotho “new thread” at 5+ Libra) will oppose Chiron at 5+ Aries retrograde on the IC. This creates a T-square to US natal Jupiter (5+ Cancer) the ruler of the US natal chart.

This lends itself (IMO) to the possible notion that the final outcome of this 2 week period of the Taurus Full Moon-conjunct Uranus will have a joyful result (MC = outcomes) and a NEW START.

I’m so tired of Trump calling HRC “crooked Hillary.” Hillary is no saint, but I’ve never known of any politician who is. AND, although no saint, she is a “choir girl” in comparison to Trump. So are all the Dems running, “choir boys” & “choir girls” compared to Trump.

I’m also coming to the conclusion Dems need to impeach asap. Trump & allies will continue to drag their feet, obstruct any impeachment investigations, will slow the process down pretty abnormally. NOT impeaching, IMHO makes the Dems look weak and unprincipled.

Eliseo, I think the aim may be to time it for as close to the election as possible so that the action will “brand” Trump more effectively. The voting public has a pretty short memory. Look at the way he successfully branded Hillary with his own faults.

Something else about that Full Moon on Halloween just before the 2020 election: a few days before that full moon, Mars retrograde in Aries will have made a conjunction to US progressed Chiron at 17+ Aries which is opposite US progressed retrograde Mars at 17+ Libra (+ Trump’s natal Jupiter and Putin’s natal Saturn).

Something Trump (over)does (a Jupiter thing) is going to backfire on him at the full moon I bet.

RE: “Look at the way he successfully branded Hillary with his own faults.”

I did counseling & diagnostic work in the mental health system for almost 20 years, but I’ve never seen a more obvious case of psychological projection. That goes not only for Trump but, for the R’s generally for the last several years, projecting their “shadow” promiscuously. The peak was probably at the 2016 convention with the “Lock Her Up” chant.

I see it for what it is, but it is no less annoying.

Eliseo, there is great potential for civil unrest in the astrology surrounding the next election. This could mean proof of cheating will be made public, or the cheating will just be too blatant and obvious. Also, the majority of the American people just may no longer accept that their will could be thwarted by the Electoral College. Or voter suppression could reach new and unbearable lows. Either way, the system will be challenged as never before.

Barbk, the Neptune opposition to US Neptune square US Mars is now nearing its peak and will reach it during the next Presidential term. That is ample Neptune signature for me. Indeed, it is difficult to ask for a signature that would be more clear. I would have to look up the last time that happened.

“to get through this next phase of the Saturn/Pluto opposition each of us is called upon to manifest the transformational potency of this Mars.”


Nancy, you are so on target. You said that the dam would break on Trump’s poll ratings after June 1. Since then, multiple polls show Trump losing to just about every Dem in just about every state. He only beat Buttigieg by one point in Texas! Also, the House committees are rolling out the big issues. Maxine Waters finance committee will show the Trump-Russia connection.

I think the awful Bannon is right – this will “end in tears” for Trump.

Next idol with feet of clay – the Supreme Court. Of the four with fascist tendencies, at least two are corrupt. I’m sure we will see that.

Great work Nancy.


“barbk, after Beau, I don’t think anything that Trump might say would bother Biden. He’s lived through the worst possible thing for a parent and I think he’s stronger for it and really doesn’t care what anyone outside of family says about him. A crusader influenced by obsession, if you want to look at the astrology of only his sun sign. He probably wants to do it for Beau.”


Michael Collins, I agree on all points, esp. that Nancy was on target, as usual. Thanks for reminding us.

You made me smile Andre, re: the trans. Neptune opposite US Neptune . .”it is difficult to ask for a signature that would be more clear”. Love it. thank you!

I found what convinces me of the election interference in the Halloween Full Moon chart, esp. the part about transiting Mars conjunct US prog. Chiron and opposite US prog. Mars, a prog. Mars that conjuncts Trump’s Jupiter and Putin’s Saturn. It too is a signature that is quite clear in its meaning.

will, indeed, right now it looks to be the way to go; assuming Trump survives to the 2020 election, Joe Biden is our best choice, due to the many traditional (over 45 years old) Dems that would be spooked by the many great progressive wannebe’s. Like Andre said, 2020 is dress rehearsal for them. Joe is a survivor and Dems won’t vote against him.

However, if Trump drops dead or is in jail before the election, all bets are off.

Might it be possible IYO that it could be accusations of cheating? If Trump is the R canidate and loses, he might well actually call for insurrection!

Yes, I can see there being civil unrest if Trump is the candidate and loses, whether or not he calls for insurrection (in coded language). If he’s not the candidate, well, some of his eclectic supporters may still be on edge.

Arbo, I guess that would be a better match-up if we are fortunate enough to win (and hopefully that would be fortunate in the long-run, too): Warren as Treasury Sec and Harris as AG. I can also see Warren as head of any major agency that enforces consumer protectionism and regulates the big guys, such as the Federal Trade Commission or the FDA, or Federal Reserve? I would prefer to see her as Treasury Sec. though.

I was watching a snippet of Pete’s foreign policy speech yesterday in IN, and it now occurs to me that he just might be auditioning for Sec. of State, premature as that might be. Why not cover the bases he feels qualified for? I found his speech and delivery to be quite impressive. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2019/06/11/pete-buttigieg-clears-commander-chief-bar/?utm_term=.fdf99c5c5f0d

Saudi airport hit by houthi missile this morning. I wonder what comes next . . . . . .

Sharon K,
E. Warren is the genius we need handling consumer protection, banking and finance law, etc. whether she does so as president, secretary of the treasury, federal reserve, or any related office as you said, overseeing the big guys. Frankly, her ideas as to how to transform and govern our entire economy and financial institutions make more sense to me than Bernie’s notions. Ironically, although her notions are actually more “Leftward” than Bernie’s, I think them more palatable as she does not label them as “socialist.” She tends to loudly proclaim, “I’m a capitalist to my core!”

I think a moderate like Biden or P. Buttigieg, as opposed to an identified Progressive as president would have more flexibility (and frankly sensibility) when it comes to foreign and military policy. Also IMO, if we have a president Biden, he will surely only serve one term, an inbetweener, an interim president. The 2024 election would then be open for a younger, and as Andre has suggested, an “unconventional” president.


I have been feeling that civil unrest/calls to civil war have been brewing for quite some time. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the long-hot-summer ahead didn’t help to germinate and grow this lurking discontent. And no, I am not advocating it – I am seeing is as a viable possibility.nonetheless.

Looking at Mitch McConnell is like looking at an oozing mess on a Petri dish; its almost as if a dose pack just the right antibiotic could clear him up.

“However, if Trump drops dead or is in jail before the election, all bets are off.”
Indeed! I’m convinced a moderate Dem, like Biden would likely win against Trump, (like you said, he would not spook the over 45 voters) but I’m afraid a R might win if Trump is out of office.

Duh! It suddenly hit me.
If Trump loses in 2020, he’ll be charged, arrested, etc. for a plethora of crimes as soon as he leaves office.
If he stays in office for another 4 years, he avoids jail as the NY state statute of limitations is 5 years.

No matter the actual vote count or outcome, he’ll therefore have a very powerful motivation to claim he won and foment insurrection & chaos if contradicted.

Stacy Abrams is the only non-candidate I can see who could be elected President in 2024. She would make the ideal running mate for Joe Biden. Maybe she already knows she will be and that is why she is not running. Maybe Biden already told her he will be a one-term President.

This is a woman of ambition. She has already let it be known the Senate is not enough for her. She clearly has foresight.

Their ticket would be a winning combination. It would be the best way for Biden to lock up the black vote he critically needs. They can only lose if the election is stolen from them, which is a real possibility.

Win or lose in 2020, I think she may well be President in 2024.

Imagine President Abrams in 2024 with Warren at Treasury, Harris as Attorney General, and Buttigieg at State or Defence.

Sounds better than TIP (Totally Idiotic President), doesn’t it? You deserve this, America.

Oh, I forgot, and Obama as Secretary-General of the United Nations. Just in time for the Uranus return.

Ya gotta believe!

Hey Andre, we DO deserve it; we’ve come a long way in our growing consciousness in the last couple of years. Obama as Sec-Gen of the UN; now that would be cool!

Trump’s assertion he
(and he believes all of us as well)
would willingly accept help, i.e. dirt on an opposing candidate from a foreign source
= naked sociopathy.

In my lifetime I’ve interviewed 100’s if not 1000’s of regular law abiding citizens, mental patients, and prisoners. What’s the difference in their various styles of testimony?

Not all prisoners are sociopaths but those that are are consistent in their belief that you or I would do the same thing they did if we had the opportunity and means. Their opinion is that when we say we would not do those things, we are lying. They simply don’t believe us. They believe everyone is deep down, just like them, but that unlike us they got caught.

Trump’s bizarre statement to George Stephanopoulos today was an overture, an invitation to the Russians and any and all of our enemies and adversaries to again interfere with and manipulate our electoral process.

His statement today is essentially a promise we will have the nastiest, dirtiest political campaign in our history.


‘Duh! It suddenly hit me.
If Trump loses in 2020, he’ll be charged, arrested, etc. for a plethora of crimes as soon as he leaves office.
If he stays in office for another 4 years, he avoids jail as the NY state statute of limitations is 5 years.

No matter the actual vote count or outcome, he’ll therefore have a very powerful motivation to claim he won and foment insurrection & chaos if contradicted.“

I know , I think about this all the time, that he is more invested than ever in remaining in power because of the danger if he loses. But how absolutely crazy is it that special circumstances mean that they abide by the decision that they can’t indict a POTUS, in itself, arguably ridiculous, yet, they use the statute (5 years in NY) as a legal norm, thus ensuring that it is entirely possible that the POTUS be guilty and never be charged. Totally above the law.

It’s total madness!

Were the 2018 Georgia election actually fair, i.e. no voter suppression, no absurdly gerrymandered districts, I have no doubt Stacy Abrams would be Georgia governor today. She is indeed a talented and rising star within the Dem party.

Perhaps it is my Uranus in the first house here talking, but using your criteria of unconventionality, I see her as a pretty conventional progressive. Personally, I’d like to see our politicians break out beyond the old Left/Right paradigm.

Stacy Abrams definitely has that “it” factor, Will often writes of, but it remains to be seen how capable she is of self-transcendence. And I think the gift or ability of self-transcendence is an essential key to that unconventionality you so presciently wrote of.

I missed the person’s name who has lupus. I have MS, I have probably had MS for 20 years. diagnosed for around 9. My husband also has MS. Neuro said it was a 4 million to one chance that both of us would develop the illness at different times.

At any rate when my husband was diagnosed 25 years ago I did a lot of research and looked at studies from many different countries. I just had this intuitive flash that he should eliminate dairy from his diet and any kind of neuro exciters like msg etc.. no sucralose in other words anything that could inflame his system. We proved the system when he would accidentally ingest a food on the list and turn red.. He followed this plan along with his medication and was able to retire from his job at 65 after working all his life.

He is still doing well and works on his antique business every day.

When I was diagnosed years later I immediately followed the same plan.

When I was younger and more vain I had bovine collagen injections. The protein formed hard spots on my face and had to be removed. A Swedish study concluded that this treatment might start the cascade of autoimmune symptoms. The protein is the same protein found in milk. Dr Amy Myers wrote a great book in 2015 and her research found the same things that I thought were true. The milk protein mimics the protein that the T cells attack. Molecular mimicry.

I believe in the medication and would not stop taking my meds but I also strongly believe in diet.

If you are interested Amy Myers has a good book and cookbook but she is very stringent. She really thinks gluten is inflammatory. The Wahl protocol is good too.

I do not mean to intrude, and if you already know all these things just know I mean well.

Diana Joseph,
I somehow think the Donald’s political story will become as significant as the Greek myths. He is hubris incarnate. His tale is reminiscent of the stories of Salmoneus, Phaethon, and of Milton’s Lucifer in paradise Lost.

Phaethon, dared to drive the chariot of Helios, but with disastrous consequences. He was warned he was not up to it but did it anyway.

According to Ovid, “Phaethon was adamant. When the day came, the fierce horses that drew the chariot felt that it was empty because of the lack of the sun-god’s weight and went out of control. Terrified, Phaethon dropped the reins. The horses veered from their course, scorching the earth, burning the vegetation, bringing the blood of the Ethiopians to the surface of their skin and so turning it black, changing much of Africa into desert, drying up rivers and lakes and shrinking the sea. Earth cried out to Jupiter who was forced to intervene by striking Phaethon with a lightning bolt. Like a falling star, Phaethon plunged blazing into the river Eridanos.”

“The epitaph on his tomb was:
Here Phaethon lies who in the sun-god’s chariot fared. And though greatly he failed, more greatly he dared.”

To me, the chariot of Helios represents the office of the presidency. Trump will eventually fall into Eridanos, the river of Hades.

And somewhere, some Will Shakespeare will commemorate his archetype in an exceedingly grand play.

Diana J., what you describe – how you feel and think about the Trump phenomenon is the reason it has happened; to make us think and feel what we would never have done without this experience. Eliseo is right, the Trump story will be significant as a teaching tool for future generations.

One of the primary benefits of this travesty of a US Presidency is how we are becoming aware of just what we really value.

One of those things is our country’s Constitution which is something many people in this country are becoming aware of for the first time, thanks to Donald Trump.

Astrologers seem agreed that the pressure on Trump is taking its toll and his health is failing. Also, like Nixon, he may take advantage of leaving office early thanks to a deal struck with Congress to not charge him of crimes he has committed. He has a breaking point and could reach it before the end of his term. Keep the faith.

Discovering what we value.
I pledge allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America, and the Democratic Republic which it guides and governs, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Freedom and democracy are never more precious than when you are in danger of losing them.

Each generation must learn this lesson in a different way.

“How Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren Cracked the Code of the 2020 Race”

“More than most of his Democratic rivals, Mr. Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Ind., has cracked the code of the early months of the presidential campaign, embracing TV appearances while mastering the art of creating moments for social media and cable news. The 37-year-old’s campaign was the first to grasp that the early primary race would unfold on mobile devices and televisions instead of at the traditional town-hall gatherings and living rooms in the early states.

He’s not alone: Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has inundated reporters with policy proposals, prompting hours of cable news coverage and forcing fellow candidates to respond to her ideas during live interviews.”


Will, your description of Mitch mc hits it right!

Would Iran really risk a conflict by doing stupid things like attack tankers? Boy, oh, boy this looks like either the Saudis or the US self-inflicting bee-stings (this is the second set in just a few weeks, isn’t it?) to try to make a case for a wider war with Iran. Trump would love a war: incumbent presidents do very well when there is an international conflict in progress; people want not to change leadership. The Saudis would also benefit from our involvement in such a war. I am very suspicious of these actions that seem tailor-made to start a conflict. (Then, to step beyond suspicion into conspiracy territory, I wonder if all these attacked tankers are, you know, emptied out of much oil before they are “attacked.”)



Thank you for the nod. His eyes are perpetually rheumy and he mumbles words through a mouth that is barely open; he’s no more than a corrupt, rancid sack of pus on the heart of the nation.

Well… here we go again. Mom’s hospitalized again and (once again) being transferred to the “big city” hospital. This time for a heart catherization.

Maybe this time we’ll find out for sure whether this “chest pain” is in her head or her chest. (sigh)

I wish I could do charts like ya’ll do… I’d give anything to see what’s aspecting me and when it might let up… maybe even give me a hint as to what to do next…

I need to dig out my old Numerological chart to see what it had to say about this time of my life, I guess.


There was an odd rumor going around earlier in the campaign that Joe Biden, early on, intended to offer Stacey Abrams the VP slot. I don’t know if it was nothing but a rumor or if it was a trail balloon to see if Biden could overcome being just another old, white man wanting to be president, at a time when so many people are eager for anything but an old, white man. I have no idea if it was a serious thing.

But Stacey Abrams’ spokesperson immediately came back and said basically that Stacey wasn’t running to be VP. (She wasn’t running for anything at a the time.) And kind of like, who was this old, white man to tell her the best she could do was VP?

Whole thing was odd, and it all fell out of public view from there.

Was it more of Biden misreading the electorate and the times in which we’re living? I don’t know. He seems to be stumbling a lot for a guy who’s been through many a presidential campaigns and been VP for eight years.

He still doesn’t get the whole don’t-touch-women-you -don’t-know thing. I don’t think there’s anything malicious in him. More tone-deaf to the whole issue. He’s the comforter-in-chief, which is nice, unless you have issues with people touching you, and some people do. What got me is that even after being called out on it and doing his apology thing, almost immediately afterwards, he started joking about it, about him touching or not touching people. It’s really not funny, and he should at least get that or have people around him to tell him it’s not funny, that it’s an important issue to women.

He had that awful exchange with the 13-year-old girl yesterday where, instead of asking about her ambitions and telling her she could do anything, turned to her brothers and told them their most important job was watching out for her.

This is not the way to talk about women and girls these days.

Then there’s his support or opposition to the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits federal funds for being used for abortions. First he did, then he didn’t, then he did again.

And when a woman called him out on it publicly yesterday, he got in her face and man-splained it to her, that he’d supposedly done more to support women than anyone.

All of which says to me, he just doesn’t get it when it comes to women’s issues. He either doesn’t see the importance or doesn’t believe it and doesn’t have people around him that he trusts who will explain it to him, and that’s a problem.

America is hungry for change. Desperate for it. More and more younger people will be voting in the 2020 election, and they don’t want America’s favorite, old, white guy who represents the safe choice.

Elisabeth Grace:

“FRIDAY: At 2:12 AM ET, Mars (action, war, men, courage) trines Neptune (scandal, healing, empathy, lies, vision, faith). A trine is a harmonious aspect between two planets; hence the energies the planets symbolized may be easily applied. So we see an opportunity for a collective experience involving compassion and/or courage in matters related to victims, idealism, assertion, weapons — any and all of the potentials Mars and Neptune symbolizes. Mercury and the Scorpio Moon are part of the experience, as the Moon trines Mercury, Mars and Neptune between 3 AM and 9:13 AM ET.”


From FB: Amy Siskind
33 mins ·

“BREAKING: Press secretary Sarah Sanders resigning as of the end of the month. The rats are leaving the sinking ship, but don’t forget their bad acts towards our country while on the inside of the heinous regime!”

Jessica Murray says “Saturn insists on making concrete whatever we have been muddling through in vague and undefined form.”

With transiting Saturn now in Capricorn, what’s been “muddled through” and is “in vague and undefined form”, for the USA is the 2nd house of values and especially material values.

With transiting Uranus now in Taurus – a sign also about values and the material world in general – in the 5th house (of creativity) of the US birth chart, the two rulers (old and new) of Aquarius, i.e. Saturn and Uranus, you would think they would have much in common right now. Both are presently in earth signs, both are associated with Aquarius.

Here’s the rub; Uranus is about shattering things that prevent growth, Saturn is about protecting things from getting shattered. But where, when and how do they meet in some purposeful way?

Saturn absolutely must allow air to circulate within its protective encasement and allow room for future growth. If not, in time, Uranus will huff and puff and blow the door down.

When Saturn reaches Aquarius in December, 2020, it will join up with Jupiter, ending their old cycle of 20 years. (a whole ‘nuther discussion) By December, 2021, a year later, transiting Saturn and transiting Uranus will be making the 3rd of their 3 exact squares, although they come incredibly close to perfecting a 4th in October, 2022.

When Saturn and Uranus last met in the same degree in 1988, 3 times in Sagittarius, each time they were on or near the Galactic Center. This alone suggests a higher level of consciousness would be at the core of this particular cycle between them.

I think it will be during this time span, when Saturn is in Aquarius, the sign he co-rules with Uranus, and at a time when he will be starting a new cycle with Jupiter that will last for 20 years, . .

. . and a time when Saturn completes 3 exact squares with transiting Uranus (the co-ruler of Aquarius with Saturn) who will still be in Taurus (the builder), that there will be new structures being created which will allow air to circulate and that will provide room for growth.

A new level of consciousness will have been reached enabling Saturn (a societal planet) to open up its confines enough to let in some Uranus (an outer planet symbolizing unconventional thinking) energy to be folded into these new structures (government, banking, societal, physical, even spiritual perhaps). We could call it the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.


just saw an understated funny protest sign posted to facebook: “Obama, RU coming home soon? The babysitter is weird . . . . “

Teresa Hill, I am not a Biden fan at all. There are a half-dozen other candidates I would prefer. And you’re probably right that Stacy Abrams might not want to team up with him.

All I’m saying is if he is the nominee and she were his running mate, that should be a winning ticket. Unless the election is again stolen by Trump with Putin’s help. Which I fully expect, whether the nominee is Biden or anyone else.

That would be wonderful, Barb. Where’s the like button?

…also @barb: and Elizabeth Warren would help make that happen! (And Bernie, no doubt, as well as Pete, Stacy, Kamala, Corey, Amy, Jay Inslee, Swalwell, Bennet — all the great Democrats who’ve been coming forward!)

A significant portion or our culture persists in delusion. We are still pretending ‘trickle-down’ economics works.
Trump will award the presidential medal of freedom to Art Laffer, “godfather” of supply-side economic theory next Wednesday.

Trump, Pompeo and Bolton are about to start a fake war with Iran, and Nancy Pelosi is dithering.

Intuitiview Live 6/13/19 – 51:03


Andre, even if impeachment started tomorrow, Trump and his Republican henchmen will still hold power. Only a full impeachment from both the House and the Senate will kick Trump out of office and take away his status as Commander in Chief. Pence will be appointed President, and Pompeo and Bolton will be by his side, untouched by the change.

When Bill Clinton was impeached by the House, it did nothing, not during or after, to his Presidential powers. Only a real, full impeachment by Congress will strip a President of power.

Sorry for the long explanation, but you mentioned earlier you are not in the US, so I figured you might like to know more about impeachment and what it truly does. Half an impeachment, by the House only, is little more than a slap on the wrist. Trump could run for re-election in 2020 after a House impeachment. Nancy Pelosi is fully aware of all of this.

Trump could even run for re-election after a full impeachment, unless the Senate specifically votes that he cannot hold high office again.

Trump impeached before the 2020 election and running for President again, could fit Starlight’s astrological predictions of extreme turmoil before and after the election.

Nancy Pelosi and her so-called ‘dithering” may be much wiser than we think.

Rolling the dice and seeing if Trump loses the election may be brilliant. If he wins, impeach him in 2021, perhaps a full impeachment if we get the Senate back.

Impeaching him now and having Putin hand him a re-election would be devastating to our country.

Using your criteria of unconventionality it occurs to me the 2024 president-elect might be neither Democrat or Republican.

Now you’re talking Sharon! What’s Neptune got to do with it? EVERYTHING

As predicted by me numerous times, we are now entering a hyper militarized period. The agitation in the Gulf of Oman is likely leading to US involvement. Whether it is all a big fake by the US in order to go to war with Iran and change the subject from Trump scandals or not is unclear (though likely). But what is clear is the long Uranus station semisquare US Mars about to begin and soon to be joined by the Pluto station quincunx US Mars. This mess will all end badly for the US, in humiliation and quite possibly some significant tragedy and loss of life. The latter negative frame is due to the protracted Saturn station square US Saturn for much of the summer compounded by the US progressed Moon square natal Saturn, mid August to late September. I have written about this multiple times but mentioning it again as it is now imminent.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on TYT; Trump Sweeps Poverty Report Under The Rug – 48:07

The Young Turks Published on Aug 3, 2018



“Whether it is all a big fake by the US in order to go to war with Iran and change the subject from Trump scandals or not is unclear (though likely).”


M. Peach:

“…even if impeachment started tomorrow, Trump and his Republican henchmen will still hold power. Only a full impeachment from both the House and the Senate will kick Trump out of office and take away his status as Commander in Chief. Pence will be appointed President, and Pompeo and Bolton will be by his side, untouched by the change.”


“Distrusting Both Iran and U.S., Europe Urges ‘Maximum Restraint”

“Mindful of Washington’s exaggerations and outright misrepresentations of intelligence leading up to the Iraq war, European leaders are asking the Trump administration for hard evidence. The last thing they want is to be asked to support another American war in the Middle East that would be highly unpopular with voters.”


M. Peach, as a former constitutional lawyer and a student of history, I know about impeachment even though I am Canadian. I agree however with much of your analysis. I understand that even if the House impeaches, the current Senate will not convict.

Having said that, the House speaker’s refusal to begin an impeachment inquiry is now approaching the level of constitutional negligence and could hurt the Democratic nominee whoever he or she might be. It is more important to impeach in the House and to fail to convict in the Senate than not to impeach. Comparisons to Bill Clinton will not stand. To compare Monica Lewinsky with the present situation is an insult to the intellligence of the people of the United States and frankly a sign of lack of fortitude.

Trump is following his game plan. Start a fake war (even if the Iranians did do it this week) to rally the base and hopefully a majority of the people. Then steal the election in plain sight as he did the last time. The question is what is the American people going to do about it?

The critical election in 2020 will not be for the White House. That will be stolen once again but American democracy can be saved if the Democrats take back the Senate.

Eliseo, by unconventional I really mean Uranian. US Uranus returns bring up Uranian leaders to face the mortal Uranian challenge. A backwoods country lawyer named Lincoln and a handicapped millionaire who was a traitor to his privileged class named Franklin Roosevelt come to mind. I agree party affiliation is of no importance. And thank you for forcing me to clarify.

I agree that the accusation against Iran is highly suspicious but am keeping an open mind. Frankly, I don’t trust the government of any of the countries involved (or peripherally involved). Also, why is the president of Japan, of all places, meeting with Iranian leaders?

Regarding impeaching Trump now, it would make the Democrats look weak if there were not strong enough evidence and the Republicans could paint it as if Trump committed no crime. Nixon’s impeachment had tapes, Bill’s had a blue dress, both incontrovertible evidence. On the other hand, I believe that Clinton’s impeachment (even without a conviction by the Senate) did affect George W.’s win over Al Gore. Clinton left office with a pretty strong economy and a good record in other ways, so, in some way, Gore should have been a shoe in. Anyway, let’s hope something pretty incontrovertible is coming down the pike. Nancy is in a tough position right now: damned is she does and damned if she doesn’t. A weak impeachment could rile up the Trump base and the Republicans in general and they would all come out to vote in 2020. But, if there is enough damning evidence, it would probably be better for this to be closer to the election, as there is too much time otherwise for things to go in Trump’s favor.

Just saw AOC on CNN who said about impeachment: “It seems we are sitting on our hands. If now is not the time, when?”


Sharon, I think that the information contained in the Mueller report trumps both Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress and Nixon’s tapes for impeachable content — by far. It isn’t even close.

Sharon, I think that the information contained in the Mueller report trumps both Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress and Nixon’s tapes for impeachable content — by far. It isn’t even close.

Mueller’s Dress! Mueller’s Dress!
Much, Much More of a Mess!
Don the Con Must Confess!

The more Pelosi tempers the impulsive, knee-jerk reaction to impeach,
the better and wiser the Democrats look.
Sure, begin the investigations, but her motto should be, “Congress, lets get back to the work of governing the nation.”

Of the top 5 in the (meaningless) polls of Dem candidates vying to be Nominee for President, only one (Elizabeth) will be on the 1st of 2 nights in a row of debates, the other top 4 will be on the 2nd night of debates. They being Joe, Bernie, Kamala and Pete.

Chart for June 26th, 9 PM, Miami, has trans. Mercury at 0+ Leo opposite Warren’s Jupiter at 0+ Aquarius (which is the apex of a Yod with her Sun-Uranus sextile her Saturn). That transiting Mercury makes it a Boomerang pattern to Warren’s natal Yod. Not sure how that’s going to work out, but I feel it will be good for her.

The transiting Sun will be in orb (5 degrees) of her natal Sun-Uranus.

Warren’s Venus (18+ Cancer) which will be conjunct trans. North Node (17+ Cancer), and trine trans. Neptune (18+ Pisces), and opposite trans. Saturn (18+ Capricorn), and quincunx trans. Jupiter (17+Sagittarius).

I think it’s likely the next poll will see her jump in popularity, possibly a lot.

Paul Krugman:

“Not long ago, political pundits were writing off Elizabeth Warren’s political chances, but recent polling makes her an increasingly plausible contender, and her comeback has been getting her a sudden wave of favorable media”


I was hoping to encourage an exchange of thought about the unusual prospect of an impeached President being re-elected, and I enjoyed reading the responses.

There is a near unanimous agreement that Trump should be impeached ASAP, even if this could lead to an impeached Trump stealing another election in 2020, and that impeaching now shows Democratic Party strength. No doubt this reflects the majority of the Democratic base, since Starlight readers are a politically involved group.

As the old saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for, it may come true.” With that in mind, “Down the Rabbithole” reveals even deeper layers to the unusual times ahead.


Say it isn’t so! I think refusing to start impeachment hearings makes us look like wimps.

People are looking at Republicans and asking how they don’t have the decency to speak out against him and support the rule of law. They’re looking for an alternative to Republicans who bow down to him and refuse to speak out against him.

By refusing to act, Democrats look like we’re afraid or unwilling to stand up to him. Like we’re afraid to take on the hard problems. Like we’re no better than Republicans.

I know we have a lot of problems in this country that need to be addressed, and we need to address those, too. And we can. We can do more things than once.

I like Mayor Pete’s answer about impeachment — as a presidential candidate, it’s not his job to impeach Trump. His job is to run for president and tell the country what he do to fix the country.

Congress’s job is not only to fix the country, but to provide oversight to serious offenses of a President, and they’re not doing their job. I like Nancy Pelosi. I think she’s a smart politician and she wants to seem as if she’s pushed reluctantly into impeachment. She doesn’t want to seem eager for it.

And I know the investigations going on now are laying the groundwork for impeachment, without labeling anything the impeachment process.

But it’s time to lead. To be strong. To stand up for what’s right. People are hungry for leadership, for strength. We look impotent as we keep dodging the responsibility of oversight.

Sharon K,
The evidence is overwhelming. That’s not the point. The point is, will R’s & Independents believe it. It has to be presented right.

During the Watergate era and during the B. Clinton impeachment most people got their news from the same sources on television. That’s no longer the case.

Were the House to conduct lengthy hearings as they did in the 70’s would anyone have the attention span with which to watch? If they did watch, would they understand the depth of Trump’s Anti-American pathological criminality? Or of what an existential danger he is to the Republic and to the world?

Although we have vastly increased access to many sources of information today, I’m of the opinion we were actually brighter in the 70’s. People today are just not as smart as we were in the past.

Furthermore, Fox and the other hate media outlets will spin any and all information revealed as fake news, doing all they can to misdirect and confuse. I also have no doubt the Russians would take advantage, putting out as much misinformation as necessary for their own interests. It’s not just the election they’ll hack. They’ll hack the impeachment as well.

If the Dems impeach they WILL have to get it right. No mistakes allowed. And it matters less the Senate will likely not convict. If the public is properly convinced of Trump’s guilt and the R’s in the Senate vote to acquit they’ll suffer at the polls in November 2020.

NOT impeaching makes the Dems look weak.

Watch the Putin-selected Con Don’s speech in front of the Lincoln Monument on July 4th. Then remember he wanted tanks at his Inaugural. Then think he may well have tanks at his second Inaugural. If that doen’t convince you to impeach, nothing will, and you are part of the worst problem of our times.

Not to impeach at this point is dereliction of duty, period. Democrats now look weak and unfocused. They appear out of their depth. They seem not to be up to the challenge. They do not have the mental toughness to win.

If they do not impeach, this disastrous decision will haunt them in 2020 and cost them painfully at the polls because their own base will lose confidence in them.

The Constitution does not say impeach if the polls are right.

I know a goodly number of Dems in several states, including some like my FBI/Attorney pal who’ve been activists for decades. I’m hearing the same thing from all of them. Same complaints you voiced. If Trump’s not worthy of impeachment, particularly after his admissions a couple of days ago, who is?

Sharon K,
The reason the Japanese PM is meeting with the Iranians is simple. Petro-Politics. Japan is totally dependent on outside sources for oil.

For the last 73 years the US enforced the policy of freedom of the seas, i.e. allowing free trade among nations without interference from pirates or anyone else. But under Trump, the US is no longer a reliable guarantor, no longer a reliable policeman. Therefore Japan has to deal with the Iranian government directly, apart and separate from the US to make sure they get the oil they need.

Hey, all you astrologers, check out Richard Nolle’s June 2019 forecast (link below) where he talks about how we’re in the 2nd dark ages, which you-know-who ushered in. Nolle explains how current astrological conditions are similar to astrological conditions at the time of the fall of the Roman Empire and at the time of the 1st dark ages.

Darkness is experienced through non-reliance on history, science, truth, ethics, laws, humanitarianism, equality, and you get the idea. Nolle says during the first dark age period people didn’t recognize it as a dark time. The term came to be used much later, after it had passed. Apparently, we don’t realize it either.

Anyway, here’s his link:

“If the Dems impeach they WILL have to get it right. No mistakes allowed. And it matters less the Senate will likely not convict. If the public is properly convinced of Trump’s guilt and the R’s in the Senate vote to acquit they’ll suffer at the polls in November 2020.

NOT impeaching makes the Dems look weak.”

I agree that they WILL have to get it right. I think that the plan to have Christine Blasey Ford testify did not go well, Meredith Garland’s candidacy was snubbed, the Republicans got 2 Conservative justices in thus far — the Democrats already look weak. So – we are taking a risk that we will reinforce that image.

I heard a Republican attorney, a former justice-dept employee and someone who is not pro-Trump, argue the other night on MSNBC, that maybe what Trump did was unethical but he did not break the law when he asked Don McGahn to do something (I forget what), and this attorney really believed what he was saying, as he had nothing to gain as he identified himself as not particularly being a Trump-supporter. He argued against the moderator and a Democratic attorney and I saw where his arguments would instill some doubt.

My point is that, without a tape (of Trump issuing instructions to obstruct) or a blue dress, i.e., “hard evidence” — anything can be disputed well enough to instill doubt.

However, since the Democrats are in the House majority, do they have enough votes to impeach?
Would all vote strictly along party lines?

If yes, and Trump is impeached, it WILL do damage.

So I can only say that because they haven’t impeached yet, perhaps they/Pelosi is delaying it for some really good reason and has every intention of doing so.

“blue dress” = “smoking gun” Is there one?

“perhaps they or Pelosi are delaying it for some really good reason and has every intention of doing so.”

“….have every intention…” Just in a hurry — sorry.

KB, a past life researcher once told me that Trump is said to have been Nero in a past life – which fits well with that “Fall of the Roman Empire” thesis.

Michael Wolfstar posted on his “NeptuneCafe” Facebook page (presumably to the website on Monday) a chart of the first of the Democratic Party debates. Here’s what he says:

“The event chart for the beginning of the debates shows a serious intensity with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction right on the Capricorn Ascendant. The Moon in Aries squaring Mars in Cancer describes the reigning mood, which is feisty independence and aggressiveness (Aries Moon) and fierce defensiveness, patriotism, and emotionally-backed causes (Mars in Cancer). This theme is repeated with the Sun in Cancer squaring Chiron in Aries.

“Mercury, the natural ruler of debates, is a key planet in this chart since the first debate takes place just as Mercury enters dramatic Leo. Mercury here is applying to a close conjunction with Juno and also a close trine to Ceres. This infers that women will do well in these debates. Elizabeth Warren is the biggest female name in the first debate, while on the second night, Kamala Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand will likely be spotlighted.

“The U.S. horoscope resonates with these televised debates: progressed Mercury at 20º Aquarius is making many aspects to the natal and progressed chart. The closest connection is a tight trine to natal Juno (orb: 0º01’), emphasizing the prominent role of women candidates in this egalitarian, democratic process (Aquarius). Progressed Mercury is also applying to a trine with the natal Part of Fortune (orb: 0º25’) which implies success for the one with the clearest, most persuasive message.”

Sharon K,
I’ve long suspected the Anglosphere is literally the eastern & western Roman empire reincarnate, with London approximating Byzantium/Constantinople, and Washington as Rome. I’ve wondered at times whether Paris & the Francophone countries were Sumeria reincarnate.

Although we are certainly in a dark period which I believe will get darker before the dawn, I don’t see it as the beginning of a “dark age.”

Historians rarely use the phrase “dark age” any more. Research in the last few decades has shown it was not nearly as dark as previously thought. If someone is using the phrase “dark ages” to describe the medieval period, they are likely not a professional historian.

Thanks for the explanation, Eliseo.

Here’s one for you, M. Peach:

The Im-Peach-Mint Cocktail:

In a pint glass mix 2 Tbsp. Fresh Pureed Peaches and 1 Tbsp. Fresh Mint with a bar spoon (grinding the mint into the peach puree) with the Juice of one Lime. Add a good measure of Havana Club Rum plus Peach and Lime slices until the pint is 1/3 to 1/2 of the way full. Fill with Crushed Ice and Sparking Water (or Club Soda).

And here’s a great Trump re-tweet from 11-29-11, in case you guys haven’t seen it.


Les, another thing about that progressed US Mercury at 20+ Aquarius is that it conjuncts Uranus in the chart for the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle; a Uranus that was challenging (squaring) Jupiter-Saturn in Taurus, (symbolizing the development of societies).

This Jupiter-Saturn cycle has been most relevant to the US natal chart because they (Jupiter and Saturn) were trine the US natal Neptune in Virgo (like we needed more Neptune) at the time their cycle began.

This year transiting Pluto (Feb. through now) in Capricorn is completing a grand trine to the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus and the US Neptune in Virgo. And so will transiting Saturn when it conjuncts transiting Pluto in January, 2020.

All in all, this 1st debate with its Pluto (22+ Cap) trine US Neptune (22+ Virgo) and trine the Jupiter-Saturn cycle start degree (22+Taurus) will contribute to the mass confusion/illusion/dream, as will transiting Neptune with its square to trans. Jupiter in Sagittarius and its sextile to trans. Saturn in Capricorn. There is purpose in that.

The transiting outer planets, all 3 of them are greatly influencing the US (Uranus square Jupiter-Saturn conjunction and conjunct US prog. Mercury; Pluto in grand trine with US Neptune and Jupiter-Saturn conjunction; Neptune square Jupiter + recently conjunct US prog. Sun, and soon to oppose US Neptune, among other things).

We, as a whole, are being prepared for a seismic shift in consciousness, and not a moment too soon.

Regarding impeachement: yes it is a moral imperative, BUT, that does not mean that it is the most effective and only tool to remove trump from office. Which after all is the prime objective.
Clinton and Johnson were not removed by the process – Nixon had the manners and sense of shame to go voluntarily. Trump has no such manners – or shame.

Also most people today do not realize that the common meaning of ‘misdemeanour’ in the age when the constitution was written was not necessarily defined as particular legal criminal acts, but “Ill behavior; evil conduct; fault; mismanagement.” No doubt, his lemmings would not understand that.

If we were to enter a dark age, I think it would be because of overreliance on today’s cyber structure for knowledge storage. What would happen to civilization today if all the satellites fell out of the sky and the power grids went dark?

Some believe (I’m not one of them) that already happened thousands of years ago.


Thank you for posting Jessica Murray’s article, she is a gifted writer and astrologer.


That Trump deserves to be impeached is unquestionable. The real question is if it is a smart strategy to make it the main shit-show for the nation. He has proven himself to be a masterful media manipulator. It wouldn’t surprise me if all of that attention on him would work to his benefit. I don’t pretend to have the astrological or psychic abilities to predict anything. What does haunt me however, is Pelosi’s comment a few months ago; “He’s not worth it.”
I do not believe making it the rallying point for the Democratic party’s presidential campaign is strong position. Moreover, if impeachment becomes the national obsession, it will most likely serve to embolden Trump because once again, he will likely manage to suck all of the oxygen out of the 24-hour news cycle. I get that we all want this ass out of 1600, but unless the Senate flips, he will not be impeached – and then how does that make the DNC look? Its a big gamble and I am one that believes that he is salivating for impeachment to begin because then, its all about him again. Why can’t we cut the oxygen off from The Attention Whore -in-Chief and create some brilliantly progressive news of our own that will drown him out.

Perhaps I am naive.

Sharon K, your ImPeachMint Cocktail recipe is synchronicity in action! Tonight (Saturday) I’m having a party, and your drink will be front and center. Will be made with ordinary rum, which is fitting since a Trump impeach-mint doesn’t deserve the good stuff. End result will be car keys taken and Ubers called.

Will, you are not naive, and you’ve made a darn good assessment. Kiwi, Sharon K, Eliseo, those are good points about this dilemma. Everyone, thank you for the diverse outlooks and opinions. Oddly enough, this makes the issues facing us much clearer.

The Mueller Report fiasco is a strong indication of the tactics Trump and the Republican party will use. They will not allow a traditional, by-the-rule-of-law impeachment.

When Mueller turned in his much anticipated report, we got a 4 page letter from Barr, and then Trump had all the time in the world to spin it into a victory. It was so disheartening that we had to seek solace with each other like someone had died.

This impeachment is going to be a Trump extravaganza of mind-blowing arrogance and obstruction, and any other high-handed b.s. that he and his cabal can dream up. Just as the Mueller Report was under the power and control of the Republicans, the impeachment hearings will be under their control. All Trump has to do is tweet “I love beer” and he will absolved of his crimes by his followers.

Positive side—it will be an opportunity for Democrat leaders and rising stars to show the public their strength and leadership.

Theresa Hill,

I agree completely with your assessment of Biden on 6/13. I think the biggest advantage Joe has is that people are scared and when we’re scared we want to go home and feel safe. Joe was part of an administration that for many of american, make them feel safe and that there was a steady hand at the helm of our country. But, Joe was the supporting actor in that administration and it was Obama who made us feel safe. Joe was the perfect compliment to Obama and he was the right person in that moment. We are in a different moment now and politics has changed almost at warp speed over the last four years. He has already made several gaffes that make it clear he doesn’t understand where politics is right now or where the country is right now. I don’t see him winning the nomination. I almost wish he didn’t choose to run, because I like him and I would have liked to see him go out in the glory of the Obama administration and that have been the imagine America remembered of him.

Back and forth, on and on, to do or not to do. Somehow this thing needs to be BUSTED OPEN.

A powerful argument in favor of opening official impeachment proceedings is that it is EMPOWERING. There is still so much we don’t know about all the wrong-doing and still so much resistance from those who are trying to keep it secret. Wouldn’t opening official proceedings shift this? Shake all the players up and get things moving in a REAL direction?

RE: “shouldn’t the Dems focus more on governing the country”. They are! They have passed many good bills in the House which McConnell refuses to even take up. Which leads to another important point: the corruption being wider and deeper than just DJT, of course. Now that McConnell’s own corruption secrets are coming out, we see why he behaves the way he does. They all must have something they’re hiding.

Fearing that the Senate won’t vote to Impeach is not the reason to not go forward with it. Just going through the process will blow it all wide open and change everything. I think the nation will be watching the proceedings avidly, the best reality show ever. By the time it gets to the Senate, who knows where things will be?

But at the same time, I realize the the Universe needs all this to take its sweet time, to let things gradually come to light, to let ALL of the corruption come to light. That could take longer than we hope/expect.
So there we are, the back and forth.

Pray for truth. Pray for those who have to actually show up and deal with this mess. Eventually we WILL be in a much better place.

Just a reminder that the House impeaches & the Senate convicts. The House has a Dem majority. I don’t know what the number of required votes are, but we should be able to make it. Nevertheless, Trump would probably be somewhat successful in riling his base & spinning it to his advantage as suggested by Will, Eliseo, M. Peach. By the way, M. Peach, have a great party!

Does anyone have any thoughts about the lineups for each of the debate nights? I am really looking forward them both.

Also, did anyone see Bernie’s speech at GWU?
It was the most powerful speech I have ever seen him give. He clearly believes the best defense is a good offense. He has decided he is not going to let his politics be defined by others and is going to make people understand that he is an FDR style democratic socialist. Again, being the teacher, he told the story of the Nazi rally at Madison Square Garden in 1939 that more than 20,000 people attended, something I would imagine most Americans are completely unaware of having happened here in our country.

He spoke about FDR and how he welcomed the hatred of his enemies, quoting from his famous 1936 speech. It was powerful and got a standing ovation.

I know there is support for a lot of different candidates among the group here, but even if you don’t support Bernie, if you haven’t seen it, I encourage you to watch it.



“…I realize the the Universe needs all this to take its sweet time, to let things gradually come to light, to let ALL of the corruption come to light. That could take longer than we hope/expect.”



“Just a reminder that the House impeaches & the Senate convicts.”

Aye, and there’s the rub. That ain’t gonna’ happen because the whole RNC cabal is a thick-as-thieves cabal; they will keep the Great Whore in the White House because they have all been deeply-complicit. In the end, the Great Whore will spin it to his base to cast himself as a martyr and be able to say, “I told you so – its the Fake News that has assassinated the President.

Marylou, I agree with you that there is an empowering piece to putting impeachment proceedings into motion; but I fear the DNC and its candidates will get lost in vs. coming up with some fantastic new ideas to engender a brilliant renaissance for this nation.

A comment from the nyt’s:

“America is soon to come up against the hard reality of having elected a man to the presidency; a man whose unfitness for the job has brought the nation—and the world—to the brink of the once-unthinkable.

Donald Trump is merely the puppet dangling at the end of the slippery strings held by two dogs of war: national security adviser John Bolton and Secretary of State Michael Pompeo. Both men have histories of cherishing a hatred of Iran that cannot be traced to any rational provenance. Iran has nothing of ours and even if they are a country that is not to be trusted, well neither are other nations of which the president is foolishly enamored.”


From the New Yorker:

“When I asked Warren what lessons she had drawn from Clinton’s loss, she tried to be diplomatic. “I can’t relitigate 2016,” she said. “All we can do is learn how to go forward. In 2020, it’s not going to be about Donald Trump. I know that sounds surprising, because Donald Trump gets lots and lots of attention. But we win when we talk about what’s broken, how to fix it, and how we have the power to make real change.”


Wow, if you thought Neptune had topped out on confusing us, have you seen the “deep fake” videos?

Unbelievable; faces of near identical people superimposed on the faces of the original people in videos, with dubbed voices that can fool almost everyone.

We are warned that if we hear someone (say a Dem candidate) say something off color or hateful or not what you would expect from the person you thought you were watching, it is probably a deep fake video.

The price we pay for technology. Is there any end to it?


The “Deep Fake” phenomenon is absolutely chilling! Neptune at his naughtiest.
How on Earth are we to overcome this ball of confusion? We have entered into an era of a virtual Tower of Babel.

Oy vey!

The Pisces Full Moon at 21+ degrees on September 14th is chock full of interesting aspects . . .

It forms a grand cross with Trump’s Sun-Moon opposition (22+ Gemini, 21+ Sagittarius) along with the trans. Sun in Virgo (that conjuncts US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo).

Neptune at 17+ Pisces (4 deg from the FM) squares Jupiter at 16+ Sagittarius and opposes Mars at 17+ Virgo and squares Trump’s Uranus at 17+ Gemini; another grand cross that directly affects Trump. This is my favorite.

The transiting North Node at 15+ Cancer will be 2 degrees from an exact conjunction to US Sun at 13+ Cancer and square US NATAL Saturn (14+ Libra). The NN will, of course, oppose the trans. South Node which will be conjunct TRANSITING Saturn at 13+ Cap (exactly opposite US Sun). This is a hairy T-square for the US to deal with in the offing. Decisions, decisions.

There is also an interesting Mercury-Venus conjunction at 29+ Virgo, very near the US natal chart’s MC at 1+ Libra. An MC can symbolize reputation and/or the end of some matter.

Transiting Pluto at 20+ Capricorn will t-square the US natal chart’s opposition between Chiron and Juno, while it sextiles this Pisces Full Moon and trines the Virgo Sun (and therefore the US Neptune) opposite the Full Moon.

Then there is Uranus at 6+ Taurus which will T-square the US natal chart’s North Node (6+ Leo) and South Node (6+ Aquarius) suggesting an important decision (!) must be made. Because it calls up the US South Node at 6+ Aquarius, we must also consider the Jupiter-Saturn cycle whose chart has Neptune at 6+ Aquarius.

US natal South node is conjunct US natal Pholus (small cause begets a large effect) also at 6+ Aquarius. (This could refer to that forced decision to be made.)

This Full Moon comes 3 days after the 9-11 Remembrance of the Twin Towers catastrophe 18 years ago.

Marylou, you are so right. M. Peach, you are so interesting.

This monologue from Bill Maher is exceedingly hilarious and relevant. He says Trump’s interview this week shocked the Democrats so much they may actually take a position on impeachment.


It is not good if the Democratic base is laughing at their own party. Nancy Pelosi’s fall from grace could be swift if she doesn’t act soon. The pressure will very soon be irresistible.

Will, I think we wait it out and depend on Divine Providence to guide us through the morass of Neptune tricks. Everything seems to be moving along on schedule. What a time to be alive!


“…What a time to be alive!”


Will et al., Clinton was impeached but not convicted and it unraveled him to a large extent, and tarnished his good record of accomplishments. Could the Democrats have defended him better? I don’t know. In those days, “family values” was a big deal. Now, not so much (except when it comes to abortion and homosexuality… Pshaw!) In Trump’s case, I tend to agree that he will escape the consequences that come with an actual impeachment because the Republicans are that good at protecting their position and riling the base (Trump’s greatest claim to fame). It’s maddening. Possibly, Pelosi is thinking that impeachment alone will not be enough, for this reason. She wants to make sure there is enough real public support, and they cannot be swayed and say the Democrats impeached him for political reasons alone, and did it largely along party lines.

SharonK, Bill Clinton’s approval ratings actually increased during impeachment. He left the White House more popular than ever before at more than 60% approval, which is a lot more than Trump. If Al Gore had been smarter, he would have asked Clinton to campaign for him, but no he was too pure for that and therefore he deservedly lost.

The present Democratic leadership is thinking like Gore. They only remember the GOP won in 2000. And they truly believe there is moral equivalence between Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. They are stupid enough to believe Trump’s popularity would rise like Clinton’s.

When your judgment is that poor, you deserve to have another presidential election stolen from you.

Don’t listen to me, I’m Canadian.

Trump’s popularity would rise for different reasons: he appeals to certain groups of Conservatives, including Evangelicals, with some of them being pretty fringy (& downright radical and anti-government, anti-anything but white), but feel vindicated under Trump and he knows how to communicate with them and how to position himself as a victim of the “deep state”, the press, and Liberals and Democrats who are socialistic and want to give everything away. These people will come out to vote.

Dems need to have similar appeal. I think we will if Trump does end up being the candidate.

I never did research on Gore but I did work to promote him in 2000, and put up a table at our local farmer’s market to sign up new voters. I was told by some that they could never vote for Gore after what Clinton did, he was so disgusting, etc. (even though I live in a bluish area, it IS LA and there are plenty of religious conservatives with “family values” – this was before David Vitter got caught with an escort service or mistress or prostitute, I forget which).

Who knows? Many of us may eventually be moving to Canada if things get bad enough.

Sharon K, what is going on in your country is vital for the world. That is why I, and many people from different countries, are so passionate about it. Of course you would know best about the deep feelings of public opinion where you live.

Actually, I wouldn’t know best, Andre. I read the same things online that you probably do. I didn’t look into Clinton’s actual approval ratings. I was basing my point of view on both comments I’d heard from voters as well as the articles about Gore blaming Clinton for his loss. I googled it a bit and saw that Clinton felt that it was Gore’s mistake in not getting a popular president to campaign for him as well as Gore’s poor performance in the debate. No doubt these were all contributors. I haven’t yet found an objective analysis.

The other point I was aiming for, but may not have made clearly, is that, if Trump was impeached, whether successfully or not, there would be a backlash or rebound among his supporters who would both do unpredictable and possibly violent things but would also make sure to campaign and vote. With Clinton’s impeachment, there was nothing comparable along those lines. I think Pelosi and some of the Democrats might be trying to avoid that backlash and want to make sure they have firm ground to stand upon, including a receptive public. These are only my opinions, of course, based upon reasoning and some form of intuition, but no more credible than anyone else’s.

Watching the Hong Kong demonstrations of a reported million people protesting. Is it possible we might do the same here so “We the People” might take back our collective power to influence the future of the planet. Any astrological thoughts?

Other factors in Bush winning of course were the manipulations in places like OH & FL, and the final nail, the Supreme Court decision to suspend the recount.

On a lighter note, Happy Father’s Day to all the men out there, whether father in the spirit or flesh. Although things have equalized more in terms of sex roles, men continue to do the heavy lifting in society, putting their lives on the line in many cases to protect us, acting as guardians and stewards, offering fatherly advice (sometimes unsolicited), and I am very grateful.

Sharon K, it was a diaper. And now his wife is a federal judge.

“Last week, a Quinnipiac University poll indicated that Biden would defeat the President in a nationwide head-to-head contest by fifty-three per cent to forty—“landslide proportions,” a Quinnipiac representative noted.”


Will —
“Why can’t we cut the oxygen off from The Attention Whore -in-Chief and create some brilliantly progressive news of our own that will drown him out.”
Personally I’d like to see some ads on the theme of a child pointing out that The Emperor Has No Clothes, with the humor of those old Mac vs PC ads from years ago.
You: naive? No. Ultimately optimistic, yes, but naive: no.

Although about 60% are anti-Trump, and Biden is presently ahead in the polls, if he is the Dem nominee a few months from now, one or two of his infamous gaffes could lead many voters to stay home, not voting for him OR for Trump. But there’s no guarantee Trump will be the R. nominee, and winning against a better R. nominee could be harder.

I agree with George Will, E. Warren & Pete Buttigieg will be pretty impressive in the debates, and may well out-woo Dem caucus & primary voters. I’m not necessarily convinced Biden will be the nominee. I also think either Pete B. or E. Warren could out talk & out maneuver Trump or any other R. canidate.

The real & most egregious problem we do not know how to factor is that Russian elephant in the voting booth. Were we to run the very best and spectacularly popular Dem candidate, that Russian elephant may well have its way with our electoral system.


“The present Democratic leadership is thinking like Gore. They only remember the GOP won in 2000. And they truly believe there is moral equivalence between Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. They are stupid enough to believe Trump’s popularity would rise like Clinton’s.

When your judgment is that poor, you deserve to have another presidential election stolen from you.”


Nancy Pelosi is the head of DNC leadership. To infer that she asserts an equivalency between Bill Clinton and Donald Trump is not accurate. What she is suggesting is that if Congress votes to move forward with articles of impeachment in a manner that is consistent with the U.S. Consititution, the DNC should avoid adopting impeachments as its raison d’être for the 2020 presidential bid. The political process in Canada is probably much less messy than the US by virtue of the fact that we have a nearly ten times greater population than Canada (37M vs 330M).


“When Republican Senator David Vitter rented prostitutes back home in New Orleans, there was “more than sex” — he liked the hookers to make him wear diapers.”- The Wonkette

Isn’t that special.

When Democrats get caught in some sex scandal it’s usually straight, ordinary sex. But when Republicans get caught, it’s frequently something kinky. ??? Go figure!

I try not to be negative but it is so hard here in Central Florida. I really try to teach my boys why Donald Trump and his policies are terrible.

My son Jesse who is 20 has a bunch of really nice friends who are around that age or a little older. He was just doing a quiz in Economics online and that everyone tells him that Trump is helping people like us. He told me that when he went on his friend’s boat yesterday and they were all parked up at this island, all the boats had Trump flags, and that his friend’s boat that they went on they had bought the boat because of the tax break on the parent’s company and that they all find Trump has really helped so many people out with the taxes, like specifically people who own businesses and maybe even in general they say.

I find my blood boiling but I dont want to be that mum who is just a hater of Republicans because I am not.

All I said was , first it was a Republican thing, not a Trump thing, to lower taxes, Trump just signed it, that the idea was that corporations would have put some of their gains back etc but that mostly there have been stock buy backs instead but sure a lot of people that own companies are doing better I guess around here.

And that they did this tax break with debt which is not supposed to be the fiscally conservative way and that future generations will pay for it.

Honestly I just dont feel equipped to give proper answers. It seems that upper middle class people around here who mostly listen to Fox News take everything Trump says at face value, they really believe it, without a shadow of a doubt I know that all these people will be voting for him next year even if they think he’s an ass.

What should I have said, do any of y’all encounter this?
It just makes me very disillusioned

Sharon, I for one, share your opinion on Pelosi; that she’s holding the ship steady and reducing the likelihood of a violent backlash. Thank the gods and goddesses for Pelosi.

She has a Uranus-Venus-Mars conjunction in Taurus (that conjuncts the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction) and it trines her Neptune in Virgo (that conjuncts the US natal Neptune) and the transiting Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are trine all the above to make a steady grand trine in Earth signs.

She is the mooring in this turbulent sea of emotion we find ourselves in. I trust her judgment.

Laura, the latest Hong Kong birth chart (July 1, 1997) has the Moon in Taurus which transiting Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are trine. There is a complex dynamic going on among the transiting planets right now and Hong Kong’s Moon is caught up in it.

First of all transiting Saturn, South Node and Pluto in Cap are sextile transiting Neptune in Pisces who is trine transiting North Node, Mars and Mercury in Cancer, which opposes Pluto, Saturn and So. Node in Cap.

Also, transiting Neptune in Pisces is sextile the Hong Kong Moon (the People) in Taurus, and the Hong Kong Moon in Taurus squares the Hong Kong Jupiter at 21+ Aquarius (which conjuncts US PROGRESSED Mercury).

This Hong Kong Jupiter (massive) + US PROG. Mercury in Aquarius is sextile TRANSITING Jupiter (massive) in Sagittarius and the two Jupiters are forming a Yod to transiting Mars, Mercury and the North Node in Cancer . . . a Yod with trans. Mars, Mercury, NN at the apex that has to adjust (Mars = action, Mercury = message, NN = path forward).

There’s more. Trans Mars-Mercury-NN are opposite trans Saturn-Pluto-SN; that makes the Yod (2 Jupiters + Mercury-Mars-NN) into a Boomerang and Pluto-Saturn-SN receive the combined effect of all the energies making up the Yod (again, the 2 Jupiters + US prog. Mercury and trans. Mercury, Mars, NN)

Remember trans. Saturn (structure), Pluto (transform) and SN (release) in Capricorn (institutions like government) are trine the Hong Kong Moon (the People) in Taurus (values) meaning its pretty easy for the HK people to do what they are doing.

Because the HK Moon sextiles the transiting Mars-Mercury-NN in Cancer the HK people are getting their message through to other parts of the world. Trans. Mars and Mercury will soon conjunct US natal Mercury (communicate) and the trans. NN will soon be conjunct the US natal Sun (consciousness). America is listening Hong Kong!

Meanwhile trans. Neptune in Pisces trines trans. Mars-Mercury-NN in Cancer causing the message it is getting from Hong Kong Moon (people) to be a bit distorted in some way. Trans. Neptune in Pisces is square trans. Jupiter in Sagittarius right now, so the message could be exaggerated (Jupiter) as well as confusing (Neptune). Do you see what I mean?

I should probably stop there, but suffice it to say that the gods and goddesses have some method in their madness and the US will note the Hong Kong People’s uprising (via trans. Mercury, Mars, North Node trine trans. Neptune). I’ve learned it’s best not to question their methods, being a mere mortal and all.

Benito Mussolini, the Founding Father of Fascism, came to power by aligning himself with the Roman Catholic Church, giving incentives to industrialists, controlling the media, the courts, and the election-process, as well as offering workers social security and annual holidays with pay.

That, coupled with dithering on the part of Prime Minister Luigi Facta – as well as Mussolini consolidating all three branches of government – enabled him to singularly rule a country. Ring any (warning) bells?

Well, maybe the most incentivizing thing he did for the general populace Dean, was giving workers social security and holidays with pay. We already have that. Trump is obviously following the rest of Mussolini’s protocol though. A better comparison might be with Hitler who wanted to make Germany great again and even he had socialistic tendencies.

As Diana said, it can get pretty depressing and demoralizing that people so foolishly embrace Trump in such a populist way. I saw the same thing happen with “W” and it took a recession to wake people up. Maybe these financial crashes are the only thing that does. It sure can give you motion sickness, these pendulum swings and roller coaster crests and dips. When will the U.S. wake up? I think barb has been tracking this and, hopefully, she’s right.

Arbo, I had no idea what you meant about the diaper until Will elaborated about Vitter. Yes, his wife is a federal judge just like Trump’s sister was. These people are so morally corrupt that I get nauseouser and nauseouser (borrowing from “Alice in Wonderland”).

I see what you’re saying, Sharon K; but, I would add that it was Mussolini’s deal with the Church (the Lateran Treaty, I believe it was called), that became a key-pillar in his grab for power.

Trump’s pandering to the Christian Right – to keep them as part of his ‘base’ – seems to me to be the same route-to-power that Mussolini took.

Also, Diana Joseph, I’ve gone through the same scenario you have, dealing with hypnotized Trump-supporters. I don’t know what to say to them, either.

In fact, I’ve lost a couple of friends because they thought I’d become – as one called it – ‘a sheep listening to fake media.’

Honestly, I don’t think even comparisons to Alice In Wonderland, or even Orwell’s 1984, completely encompass the level of cognitive dissonance that has infected the hearts and minds of this country.

Dean W.
I think your analogy between Mussolini and Trump is pretty accurate, but Mr. T has pretty clearly taken some pages out of Hitler’s notebook as well.

The Lateran Treaty, signed in 1929 was a VERY smart move on the part of Mussolini and for the church. It ended decades of bitter struggle and conflict between the Italian state and the Papacy, recognized the independence of Vatican City, and gave VC a defined territory, (108.7 acres.) The Italian government also paid the church a considerable sum as compensation for the territories and property taken in 1870.

American style fascists of the past and present have long reminded me more of the Italian and Spanish varieties promulgated by Mussolini and F. Franco as opposed to the German kind. Although the Nazis did all they could to co-opt the Lutheran church, (Aryan Christ nonsense) they also strongly made use of Germanic Paganism to obtain and maintain power.

Conversely, the Italian and Spanish fascists used Catholic Christianity as a veneer, as part of their publicly seen ethos to confuse, and to maintain power. American fascists similarly use fundamentalist and evangelical Christianity for their purposes. Although unproven, Sinclair Lewis is reputed to have said “When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” If he didn’t say it, he certainly would have agreed with it.

George Orwell was a devout Democratic Socialist who greatly feared English Socialism might go more in a totalitarian communist direction. Although Orwell’s novel resonated well with American fears, I feel Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World was the more prescient novel. BNW is the scenario we’ve been headed for quite a few decades. Nevertheless, Trump supporters I feel are more in the Orwellian category, albeit far more fascist rather than communistic.

Oh I agree, Dean, that Trump is doing that, as well as all of the other things you mentioned. I just meant it didn’t galvanize the average person as ss & holidays must have — the other actions mentioned were more authoritarian and targeted towards the wealthy and the church, but Trump is definitely following that playbook. I recently read a novel for a book club – The Women in the Castle – a very interesting story of 3 German women who either were anti-Hitler or woke up to the reality of what he was doing, as he wove this pretty fairy tale of beautiful, healthy blond children, who went through communal farm programs so they could elevate agriculture in Germany, and become part of the nationalistic effort to make Germany great again after the losses of the WWI and the bad economy and many of them bought it, lock, stock and barrel. Ironically, Germany did suffer real losses where as Trump’s claim to make American great again is not based on anything substantial, and is hideously racist and xenophobic. Obama went far towards repairing our economy after the recession and Trump is trying to take all the credit, by tacking onto it tax cuts for the wealthy which is producing some sort of temporary stimulus to the economy. In fact, it’s said that the Fed Reserve is a major part of the strong economy, and Trump is angry that they won’t raise interest rates (I don’t understand economics very well-lol).

What if going through the process of impeachment is the only chance we have at getting a fair election in 2020?

We won’t get it with Trump as president. He and McConnell are blocking all attempts to deal with the interference in 2020.

What if the only way we get that fair election is to show through the impeachment process exactly what happened in 2016 and everything Trump and McConnell have done to cover it up? And we push enough Republicans into siding with us and and pushing Trump out?

Yes, Eliseo, and Sharon K, I agree that both dictators’ roadmaps-to-tyranny are part of Mr. Trump’s political-playbook.

But, Benito (as you note, Eliseo) specifically got the Devout on his side – and coupled with forced religious education in the schools – was able to secure a multi-generational hold on the minds of the populace.

Hitler never worked the religious angle; though, in Mein Kamph he did described himself as a Christian – though, Goebbels, in his diary, states that Hitler was a “fierce opponent” of the Vatican, and Christianity.

This was proven to be true, as Hitler rapidly minimized the Church’s influence in Germany, and replaced it with a cult-of-personality, revolving around the socially-aggrandizing idea of Aryan Supremacy.

The point I’m making, is that Mr. Trump needs the Christian Right’s support for him to keep “winning.” So, just like Mussolini, he’s cynically catering to a cherry-picked version of white, Fundamentalist, Old Testament values.

Teresa Hill,

“What if the only way we get that fair election is to show through the impeachment process exactly what happened in 2016 and everything Trump and McConnell have done to cover it up?”

Like Jackson reminded us up-thread, he’s already far exceeded the magnitude and depth of corruption and deception of Nixon – even before he got into office! I do hold out a very slim hope for you on impeachment. Maybe, just maybe something so profoundly foul will be uncovered that it would force him to “resign” like Nixon.

Michael Wolfstar:

“A longtime critic of Trump, Elizabeth Warren is rising in the polls with her succession of bold, large-scale plans to fix “a rigged system that props up the rich and powerful and kicks dirt on everyone else.” Problematically for astrologers, this top tier candidate has no known birth time. A speculative time of 9:42 am gives her Leo Rising, with her financially-savvy Moon in Taurus near the Midheaven.”


Dean W.
“So, just like Mussolini, he’s cynically catering to a cherry-picked version of white, Fundamentalist, Old Testament values.”

Yes. I agree with you. And I think the phrase “cherry picked” is your most important adjective.

The phrase “Old Testament values” is a pretty broad brush. The OT is a mix of so many things, both good and bad, but I’m sure you probably mean the earlier part of the Old Testament, where the god concept was less developed, and more vindictive. It is the earlier, angry, vindictive version of G-D which Fundamentalists prefer, not the later one of Isaiah, the wisdom tradition, or of the radical rabbi from Nazareth.

I am a pantheist, but I nevertheless find
much beauty, wisdom and compassion in both the Old & New Testaments, and in the Talmud, (though I am not Jewish). Passages such as:

Wisdom has built her house!
She has hewn her seven pillars!
She has set her table.
She calls from the highest places in the town,
“Come, eat of my bread and drink of the wine
I have mixed. Lay aside immaturity, and
live, and walk in the way of insight!”

Proverbs 9:1-7 amended

It sickens me what Fundamentalists and Evangelicals do to scripture, what they do to religion generally. Having grown up in the “bible belt” I’ve seen it all my life. And they are so easily used by cynical political hucksters like Mr. T.

Decades ago in the sixties, I saw the probable future. I heard the sermons. I heard the crazy, bloodthirsty ranting about sin, and Satan, and Hell. I saw their political ambition; I knew their manic, neurotic intensity would one day gain them their day in the sun. And here we are, apparently and possibly at the dawn of that day.

I pray I am wrong. I hope I am wrong. But I see our times as did my friend Mr. Yeats.

“The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.”

And Trump our uncouth, rough beast, now our head of state and government who speaks of women as though they were merely toys, disposable things, all created solely for his pleasure, who sees Lady Liberty as his personal whore, America as his bride, the world as mere real estate, not to be stewarded and cared for, but conquered.

“And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?”

It is tiring to be awake during these times. But surely, eventually, that rough beast must fall, and I pray with him those self-righteous Fundamentalist and Evangelical Anti-Christs to fall as deeply, so, so deep into whatever abyss awakens them from their willful ignorance, and social malfeasance. May it be so. But to quote the psalms: “How long Oh Lord? How Long?”

Eliseo, never mind Yeats…I think we are just waiting for “How are the mighty fallen”.

And afterwards, we hope we won’t have to beware what we wished for…


“1:27 How are the mighty fallen, and the weapons of war perished!”

Eliseo – I applaud your Pantheism! Pretty soon you’ll be leaping over bulls, as they did in ancient Crete :>)

On a more serious note, I agree with your assessment of the New Testament, and the compassionate verses that can – even today – be drawn from the text.

But, I wonder if Emperor Constantine, and the editing done by the Council of Nicaea (or maybe it was The Council that took place at Carthage in 397, sixty years after Constantine’s death, as some historians believe) did everlasting damage to the true, complete message that once resided in the compilation of works that would become the Biblical Canon we know today?

Dean W.
LOL. OK. You’ve got me there; I’m a bit confused. The Minoans were polytheists. Their main deity was a mother goddess. They were not pantheists. Their deities were personal.

Compassion was present in the OT as well. It is just more prevalent in the latter portions, and in the wisdom tradition books, Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs (Solomon), Sirach (Ben Sira/Ecclesiasticus)

It sounds like the transiting Jupiter-square-Neptune aspect (exact yesterday) has taken root here on Starlight News. Their cycle began in 2009 when transiting Jupiter and Chiron and Neptune came together, all 3 of them conjunct US natal Moon and Pallas in Aquarius. We are now in the closing square of the cycle between Jupiter and Neptune.

I found little to enlighten me on this phenomenon at the time, but I knew it would be life-changing for the US People. I figured it had a lot to do with healthcare (Obamacare was born in 2010) but I never gave much thought to routine politics as part of the mix.

Neptune is considered the higher octave of Venus and we think of Venus as symbolizing pleasure. Neptune is associated with theater as well as art and music, which are forms of pleasurable activity; escapism if you will. So are drugs and alcohol. Spirituality also comes under the rulership of Neptune, but not religion. That comes under the rulership of Jupiter.

Still, they have enough in common to be found in the same conversation; after all, there was a time when Jupiter was considered ruler of Pisces by astrologers; before Neptune was found.

I wonder, how much of the “Trump Following” is a result of the 2009-10 multiple Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunct US Moon-US Pallas cycles? I’m thinking a lot of it.

For many people, those cycles opened up a lot of taboos previously kept out of public sight and discussion, like pot smoking and homosexuality for example. Not anymore. I don’t think anyone associates Trump with these things. Hmmm . . .

Oh, you’re too clever for me, Eliseo! I was trying for an extended allusion; though, I must agree with your technical point.

But, I think I liked the idea of a Pantheist leaping with the Polytheists :>) So much for internet posting-site, historically-referenced meta-humor.

Proverbs 16:18, from the Berean Study Bible, says it best: Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. Mea culpa.

Today’s Sagittarius Full Moon conjuncts the Galactic Center, a divine potential if ever there was one.

In this FM chart trans. Saturn in Capricorn opposes Mars and Mercury in Cancer; trans. Neptune in Pisces trines Mars and Mercury and sextiles Saturn and as mentioned above, it squares Jupiter in Sagittarius. Fascinating.

barbk – Thanks for your explanation of Jupiter-square-Neptune. I, too, was trying to find out how – in practical terms – the aspect expresses itself?

I wonder if the concept of “false-hope” might be a simple way to describe it; or, is that concept not expansive enough?

Recently, I found a seemingly great place to move to; but, when I did a horary, Jupiter-square-Neptune was exact – makes me wonder if my expectations won’t be met?

Dean W.
Well, Dean, it was pretty hilarious. It gave me a good laugh, historically accurate or not.

Compelling posts, everyone.

To me, the Jupiter-Neptune square is also about over-optimism in the election campaign. This could come crashing down once Jupiter reaches hard-nosed and realistic Capricorn sextile Neptune. Victims of over-optimism include Sagittarians such as Biden and Geminis like Trump who are particularly affected by that square.

I am heartened by Wolfstar’s positive outlook for Elizabeth Warren this morning:


The sextile to Neptune in 2020 means you can be both grounded and inspiring, and she is uniquely positioned to provide that balanced vision. The debates should confirm that.

By: will on June 17th, 2019, at 1:32 am.

” Maybe, just maybe something so profoundly foul will be uncovered that it would force him to “resign” like Nixon.”

Expressed as Pelosi’s thinking at 05:49 in Intuitiview video linked above and now here.

Kim streamed it on June 13. I posted the link here at 1:04 EDT, June 14.

Intuitiview Live 6/13/19 – 51:03

Banks, I just discovered your post about Kim now. Thank you.

Something may come out in June or July that leads to Pelosi’s Jupiter transit in September when it trines her natal Jupiter on or around the 16th


BREAKING: Awesome news. The Supreme Court rules that a person can be charged and tried in state and federal court for the same crime.
No #pardons for state crimes.
Very bad news for Paul Manafort and the rest of TeamTrump.


“The World Invocation Day Webinar occurs later today at:

3pm – NY
8pm – London
9pm -Geneva

Join with others from around the world in sounding the Great Invocation to circulate light and goodwill throughout the world.”

Register: https://t.co/skXsb3dtFv

Register: http://bit.ly/2FSufGy

48% of Democrats now support impeachment as opposed to 30% one month ago. But that number has yet to rise among independents.



You have the patience of a saint to have listened to the blonde psychic with the lovely smile and the scorching case of ADHD. And yes, her take is in sync with the impressions I have been attempting to put into words. Pelosi is no one’s fool. She has a sound understanding of Constitutional law and precisely what is needed to move forward with an ultimately successful impeachment process. But until she and her team have a solid foundation of facts upon which to build a winning case, she is working her political mojo with extraordinary restraint and intelligence. The closer-to-the-vest she plays her hand, the more likely she will have a win-able case. If she said everything she knows moment, by moment, the Whore-in-Chief will get jiggy wid it and spin it into more cotton-candy clouds of Neptunian confusion.

Thank you for reposting this as I had not caught it up-thread.

Original 1945 Version
by Alice A Bailey & Djwhal Khul…

The Great Invocation

From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men –
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power
restore the Plan on Earth.

will – Really beautiful words; thank you – perfect for this misty-Neptune full moon.

Andre – Thanks for your thoughts about the Jupiter-Neptune square, and also for the link to the latest NBC/WSJ polling results.

Eliseo, for now, I’d be happy to see just the first half of that quote from the Bible come to pass! Weapons going, as well, is maybe too much to hope for in this day and age. 🙂

Night Two of the Democratic Debate Is the Group of Death

Joining Biden and Sanders on the second night will be Sen. Kamala D. Harris (Calif.), Sen. Michael F. Bennet (Colo.), South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (N.Y.), former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper, Rep. Eric Swalwell (Calif.), author and spiritual guru Marianne Williamson and technology entrepreneur Andrew Yang.

The group debating on the first night will include Sen. Cory Booker (N.J.), former Obama Cabinet member Julián Castro, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, former congressman John Delaney (Md.), Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (Hawaii), Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (Minn.), former congressman Beto O’Rourke, Rep. Tim Ryan (Ohio) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.).


New post from Ray Grasse on the Mountain Astrology blog on Pluto-Saturn opposing Trump’s Venus-Saturn. Alas, his misery is likely to be ours.

Also a quick thank-you to Barbk for following up on Michael Wolfstar’s Democratic debate post. I just returned from vacation in Quebec, which was lovely but accompanied by a chest cold I’m still fighting. Neptune is stationing opposite my 18 Virgo Sun (sigh) so I guess being exhausted is to be expected. Also necessary to cut off from political anxieties as I just can’t take it much. Really nice to be in Canada for almost a week! Far away from the constant focus on he-that-shall-not-be-named.

(Continuing long-time lurking and enjoying everyone’s posts!)

Wow Eliseo, that was fascinating, how long indeed?

So Trump will be fifteen mins from my house tomorrow as he kicks off his campaign, which he actually never stopped with his rallies anyway, so I will hunker up at home.

I was amazed when my hubby told me today of many of our restaurant regulars who already have their tickets and cant wait. And these are some really really nice people actually, it just goes to show that the perception that ‘all’ Trump voters are deplorables is not true. They are just one hundred per cent conned.

I think many people will not say so but will vote for him again, its funny, I came to Orlando in 2012 and saw the economy rise from that year on, yet round here, I guarantee that the perception of the economy being great is attributed directly to Trump and the REpublicans.

It really is different realities we are living in.

I was listening to Pod save America and they bought up a good point that Dems need to be careful of who they refuse to take money from, principles are good, but we still live in a time where money matters and apparently the Republicans are way out-raising the Dems, thoughts?

Will & Bob, re. your great comments (thank you), re. the many others who brood upon impeachment, endlessly and imo hopelessly: let us all remember that there is NO advantage to the Dems to impeach. Revenge does not pay off this way – it is not that simple. Impeachment is a huge but wasted effort that only would bring a big gift to the GOP and Fox News. Does anybody seriously want that?

Think how it looks to the swing voters in the 12 states of Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin.



Notice how many of those 12 states are in the north – which means they have a large white, working and middle class population – hard working, generally right leaning folks who worry about jobs and property rights.

When people say DT should be impeached, they are largely urban people who live the big political centers. Trump voters don’t care so much about urban stuff, but about land ownership and resources – which is the true heart of the heartland. Trump voters may be wavering now because of healthcare and other issues, but Dems are going to scare these people silly if impeachment becomes a reality. It would focus everything on what the GOP are afraid they will lose if Dems were to win the next election.

The Dems need GOP folks to feel more comfortable with Dem policies, not the other way around. Those GOP/Dem swing voters don’t want to feel like the Dems have become the Spanish Inquisition. Think about how impeachment works: TV and cell phone screens full of accusations and investigations and hearings ad nauseum. That is impeachment.

I remember like yesterday watching Bill Clinton say that he “did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky”. People are sick of it. People want it to stop! And Dems want to go there again, with Donald Trump? You’ve got to be kidding – it would make DT so happy – imagine the things he will say to suck up every molecule of 02 in the country and every Dem candidate is going to be up against that for the entire election season. If you think “collusion” has been an obsession in the media, you ain’t seen nothin yet!

That is the essential thing about Nancy P’s resistance to impeachment. It fills the air with acrimony, more stupid, hot talk, and gets NO votes. Who are you going to vote for when everybody is just talking about impeachment? Will the public pay attention to ANY of the Dem candidates?

Impeachment just makes everybody hate everybody even more. Meanwhile the whole world knows that impeachment cannot change anything! Fact: the Senate won’t vote for it.

Lastly, even if impeachment could change the minds of the voting public, there is not enough TIME to waste on it.

The Dems need to weed out their stupid pack of 2 dozen candidates and figure out who is going to support whom. They have to get it down to 3 sensible, electable candidates as soon as possible (which is a tall order in itself) so that people can watch the show in the final debates. Only that makes a difference. Nothing, nothing, nothing else counts.

Except, of course, the organizational ground game for the election itself. But that goes on in the background and the public does not know the details or care. They won’t read about it or watch it – that is for the political wonks. The real folks who vote are waiting for the big show in the fall.

Nancy is one smart lady, with a steel backbone (which she needs and uses, I’m sure, every single day). Dems are lucky to have her finger in the dyke while they scramble pathetically to rebuild the entire dam. With McConnell, the prince of effin darkness, at the head of the GOP, Pelosi has quite a job. Someday big books will be written and movies made about this woman and the way she is riding herd on the unruly Dems. She is the Abraham Lincoln nobody gives credit to, and if she can’t pull it off, God help the USA!

will, here are links to information about Kim of Intuitiveiew. I believe I find aspects for both her ability and possible leaning to experience depression.

Published on Sep 26, 2018

INTUITIVIEW PSYCHIC READING Brett Kavanaugh & Midterm Predictions


Her family’s connection to the paranormal from 00:00 to 02:14

Published on Oct 10, 2018

INTUITIVIEW PSYCHIC READING Trump’s Nightmares & A Message From Fred Trump


Depression in her family from 06:58 to 07:04

I must respectfully disagree. I agree Nancy Pelosi is a great Lady with a stainless steel spine, but the Dems MUST impeach. It is their constitutional duty to do so. Not impeaching Trump would be unethical, immoral, and it would violate their oath of office. Furthermore, not impeaching Trump makes Dems look pitifully weak, afraid, and self-serving.

Whether Trump is convicted by the Senate or not, impeachment by the House needs to happen. If the Dems use hearings, like was done during the Watergate investigation, and use modern media intelligently, they will demonstrate the breadth and depth of Trump’s profound guilt, and at least some R’s and Independents will turn against him. That will also make senatorial R’s vulnerable for the 2020 election.

Trump consistently lies when he says he’s not afraid of impeachment. The “tell” is how he describes it. Trump has said more than once that the word “impeachment” is an ugly word!
You would think he was an early Victorian describing sex, as he uses over the top adjectives like repulsive, repugnant, disgusting, to describe the word itself! Think about how weird that is. Trump’s ego is fragile. He is extremely afraid the Dem dominated House will impeach him, leaving his presidency with a black mark that cannot be removed.

Granted, Pelosi is wise to consider the timing issue. She doesn’t want to seem overly eager. And IT DOES look a lot better; it looks far more honorable to impeach with an air of sadness rather than glee. Dems DO need to tone down the overt shock, anger, resentment, etc. to look credible to the Am. Public. But I believe we will regret it for the rest of our lives if we do not impeach. Impeachment will be the lesser tragedy.

Eliseo, I believe we will live to see the end results, either way. I posted before on this site that (I think) Trump will not become Pres. in 2020 according to my reading of the astrology. On the other hand, I’ll be darned if I can see clearly who will take his place, other than possibly Mike Pence, who stands silently behind DT’s shoulder like a cobra waiting to strike.

(Did you ever see the British tv show called “Yes Minister” and the episode where Sir Humphrey says, “It is necessary to get behind someone before you can stab them in the back”?)

One thing we do agree on is that it’s a tough call. Time will tell.

A resignation just before the first vote in the process by the House. A resignation with or without prejudice? Nancy would not allow neither.

How close to beginning the impeachment process could the Dems get without it being too late for tRump to avoid it by resigning?

Pelosi schedules vote at 8 am, he resigns at 7.

I think that should have been either.

RE: “On the other hand, I’ll be darned if I can see clearly who will take his place, other than possibly Mike Pence, who stands silently behind DT’s shoulder like a cobra waiting to strike.”

WHOA! That’s evocative! What great writing! Really excellent phrasing! “who stands silently behind DT’s shoulder like a cobra waiting to strike.” WOOO! I Love It!

RE: “Weapons going, as well, is maybe too much to hope for in this day and age.”

You’re right about that of course. It is foolish to pass unenforceable laws. It is just as unrealistic to think we can completely stop illegal immigration coming from Latin America as it is to believe we can successfully outlaw certain firearms. In both cases it is not the horse that is already out of the barn, but the entire herd, and that herd is in the millions.

At times, I’ve actually heard some R’s say they want to deport all the Mexicans, etc. I usually reply, “All 12 million of them? Who’s going to pay for that process?” at which time they take umbrage.

What’s equally absurd are fools like Eric Swalwell, who is proud of the fact he is the only Dem who wants to actually confiscate citizen’s firearms. Our culture is of course different from the other Anglophone countries in this respect. His plan would get a plethora of federal agents killed and undoubtedly spark a civil war.

Politicians unconsciously assume we are all functioning at the same level of consciousness. ALL political theorists ignore what was proven conclusively by educational psychologist, Lawrence Kohlberg, that as a population, we exist at several different levels of consciousness. We know that most adults function at level 3 or 4 in Kohlberg’s six-fold scale of ethical maturity. I would assert that humans will fashion weapons of various kinds, legal and illegal until such time as the lowest amongst us functions at level 5. And I believe that time (if it ever comes) will be way beyond our lifetimes.

So yes, it is enough for now that the first half of the passage come to pass. “How are the mighty fallen,” May they fall soon, and may “justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.”

I would think that before such a resignation, the Donald would move his money and family overseas to a safe haven, to a country that would love him for his money and would not extradite him to the US criminal justice system. Maybe somewhere where there is another Trump tower to live in?

Some astrologers have predicated that it won’t be political means that remove Trump; but, it will be a health-concern. Since he’s a multi-decade junk-food addict, and an old man, they may be right.

Eliseo – Your comments about Lawrence Kohlberg are intriguing.

I was wondering if you believe that his theories were founded on the works of Piaget, or if they can stand apart?

I know some in the field have concerns that Kohlberg’s work was based on an all-male sample, and that his ‘dilemmas’ are hypothetical (I think the technical term is that they ‘lack ecological validity’).

Lastly, that ‘moral judgement’ might not match ‘moral behavior’? Really a great post, though; got me thinking – thanks.

Dean, I just finished sw graduate school (a few years back and managed to get my license) so I was exposed to these developmental theories. I just google it to brush up. It turns out that (and I didn’t realize it & it’s hard to believe) that Kohlberg did research exclusively on boys, so someone named Carol Gilligan, who worked with Erik Erikson & Kohlberg, at Harvard, studied female moral reasoning, and focused on the element of caring. I also found out by googling just now that Kohlberg did build on Piaget’s developmental stages.

Dean W.
I studied Kohlberg’s work in college years ago, but here is a quote from Wikipedia which answers your first question.

“Kohlberg’s work reflected and extended not only Piaget’s findings but also the theories of philosophers George Herbert Mead and James Mark Baldwin.[2] At the same time he was creating a new field within psychology: “moral development”. In an empirical study using six criteria, such as citations and recognition, Kohlberg was found to be the 30th most eminent psychologist of the 20th century.[3]

And yes, there has been some valid criticism of his original work which was based on an all male sample. Carol Gilligan, a prominent psychologist and feminist did further research which used male and female samples, greatly improving on Kohlberg’s original thesis.

Perhaps we should refer to the work as the Kohlberg/Gilligan scale of ethical maturity?

Unfortunately, the implications of these studies have not dawned in the minds of our political theorists, most of whom have never heard of either Kohlberg or Gilligan. Ignoring such evidence in concert with the tendency of politicians to push simple “one bullet” “solutions” to “kill off” multi-caused problems renders quite a lot of idiotic nonsense from both parties.

Add that to the practice of politics as dogmatic religion, i.e. what I call “ideological idolatry” and we get a great deal more Neptunian lunacy. There is an enormous amount of useful evidence from a number of different fields which would dramatically improve the quality of our law making, and law enforcement. But our legislators are too busy raising money for their campaigns to actually do their homework.

Dean W.
Additionally, if historians and economists were to access the literature of sociology, anthropology, and psychology to a fuller degree, they would come to very different conclusions, and throw out much of their present theoretical paradigms.

I haven’t caught up on all the comments, but I have read Beowulfie’s and Elisio’s impeachment debate.

Up until today I was hesitant to impeach. Today that is changing for me. I’ve been hearing more about the horrible human abuses happening at our southern border. That information is being actively suppressed by Trump and ICE and the military. When (and I don’t say ‘if’) this comes out there will be national shame and sadness. Maybe even the white evangelicals will be repulsed. At least the women, mothers, will recoil. Maybe not the con men mega church dudes.

I remember when I was growing up my mother got her masters in psychology. Piaget was big then. She sort of ‘experimented’ on me so I don’t have the fondest memories of developmental psychology.

I’ll probably be in moderation so I hope someone sees my comment.

On Jewish mysticism, see Leonard Cohen’s last album. The title song is You Want it Darker, speaking to God. One verse says basically: You didn’t listen to the countless prayers during the Holocaust. And now You want it darker still. It is sung with the haunting choir from Cohen’s native synagogue in the wealthiest part of Montreal, a synagogue founded by his grandfather. I will soon go to that synagogue to hear that choir.

To me, it is the song of our times.

From 1967 when his first album, Songs of Leonard Cohen was released, LC has been my favorite singer/songwriter. He still is.

From Vox.com:

“What is impeachment?
The term “impeachment” itself dates back centuries in England, where it was “a device for prosecuting great lords and high officials who were beyond the reach of the law courts,” as David Stewart writes in Impeached, a book about President Andrew Johnson’s trial.

But in the US context, the framers of the Constitution set up the impeachment process to be a way Congress can remove the president from power.

First, the House of Representatives has the power to impeach the president. A simple majority is necessary for an article of impeachment to be approved (each article lays out a charge against the president).
Then the process moves to the Senate, where a trial will be held, with the chief justice of the Supreme Court presiding.
Finally, and crucially, it takes a two-thirds vote from the Senate to actually convict a president on any count. Conviction on any count would then remove the president from office and put the vice president in power.
Note that two-thirds of the Senate — 67 votes in the modern era — is a very high threshold that’s almost never achieved on any matter that’s remotely partisan. The framers did not make it easy for Congress to remove a democratically elected president from power.

What can the president actually be impeached for?
The Constitution specifies two specific crimes — treason and bribery — that could merit impeachment and removal from office. In addition to that, it mentions a vaguer, broader category of “other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

“But most political scandals are not that indisputable, damning, or well-documented. And on any matter where there is some sort of plausible deniability for the president, his political allies will have very strong incentive to give him the benefit of the doubt, even if it means twisting themselves into knots.

The big picture is that rather than being run by any courts, impeachment and any ensuing presidential trial are carried out by the House of Representatives and the Senate, which are partisan bodies. So while it looks and feels a whole lot like a legal or judicial process, in practice impeachment is dominated by politics from start to finish.

Ergo, Pelosi is quite right to exert maximum restraint before calling for a vote on articles of impeachment in congress.

But wait, there’s more!

“….In this telling, an impeachment inquiry is needed, first, because it is absolutely justified on the merits, but also because it will supply the legal leverage necessary to avoid losing some of these oversight battles.

The Democratic leadership’s argument has been that an inquiry is not necessary because the House can hold Trump accountable through oversight outside an impeachment context.

But this claim has generated an intense debate, with some legal experts arguing that an inquiry would make it more likely that Democrats prevail in the coming court battles, which will settle whether they actually can effectively conduct that oversight. This has become particularly urgent, with Trump exercising maximal resistance to those oversight efforts.

It is highly significant that some on the Judiciary Committee are taking that side of the argument, because they are the lawmakers most directly involved in the legal battling over this oversight — and in the deliberations over whether to launch an inquiry.

It is additionally important that some of these committee members are beginning to fear that without this leverage, court losses in these oversight battles are more likely.

Court losses are possible

Democrats are girding for multiple court fights. They want to compel former White House counsel Donald McGahn, who witnessed extensive obstruction of justice, to testify to Congress. They want special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s unredacted report and underlying materials from Attorney General William P. Barr. Both have defied subpoenas.

All of this is essential to fleshing out Mueller’s findings, which laid out extensive efforts by Trump to obstruct justice and evidence that Trump and his campaign actively encouraged, sought to profit off, and tried to collude with a “sweeping and systematic” foreign attack on our political system to get him elected.

Democrats are preparing to hold McGahn and Barr in contempt of Congress, after which court battles will unfold. The White House has also directed former aide Hope Hicks not to comply.

The reason to fear that Democrats could lose some battles, as Michael Stern explains, is that the courts might be more likely to decide that presidential prerogative outweighs the House’s right to the information outside of an impeachment context.

As Stern further details, it’s reasonably possible that courts could give more weight to the White House’s claims of immunity to block testimony, and to the idea that secret grand jury material in the unreleased Mueller portions doesn’t have to be given to Congress for mere oversight purposes.

Raskin said he believes the Democrats’ case is strong, but that losses are possible — particularly before the Supreme Court.

“The higher you go, the riskier it is,” Raskin told me. “We are apprehensive of the administration trying to drag everything out over a period of months and years.”

“Judiciary Committee members want to break the spell that somehow Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh are going to save us from the Trump administration,” Raskin said. “That’s not going to happen. So we have to summon up all the powers that Congress has.”

“The higher you go, the riskier it is,” Raskin told me. “We are apprehensive of the administration trying to drag everything out over a period of months and years.”

“Judiciary Committee members want to break the spell that somehow Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh are going to save us from the Trump administration,” Raskin said. “That’s not going to happen. So we have to summon up all the powers that Congress has.”



Liberals Want Trump Impeached, but Centrist Freshmen May Have the Final Say

“In a House that can be dominated by loud voices on the left, these lawmakers — all freshman Democrats who flipped Republican seats in 2018 — form the backbone of a quiet power center, and centrist “majority makers” like Ms. Sherrill, Ms. Slotkin, Ms. McBath and Ms. Spanberger, all from districts won by Mr. Trump, will most likely have the final say on impeachment.”



RE: your June 14th, 2019 – 12:23 am posting.
I don’t think Nancy Pelosi is dithering. I think she is calculating. Meanwhile, our centrist Democrats ARE dithering.

Les, thanks for the link to the Ray Grasse article on Trump and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. It made me think about the fact that Trump’s natal Saturn in Cancer (which will be opposed trans. Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn) is not only IN an intercepted sign, but is also the RULER of an intercepted sign.

Intercepted signs do not appear on the cusp of any house in a chart. (I have them in the 1st and 7th houses; they are very common.) These signs have trouble expressing themselves, as do the planets that reside in them.

Trump, with his natal Saturn (authority, structure) being in a sign that is intercepted and also ruling a sign that’s intercepted in his chart (Capricorn), has trouble expressing authority in a natural manner.

I think what he substitutes for his weakened Saturn is his natal Mars (force) in Leo (drama) conjunct his Ascendant (window to the world) in Leo (acting out). This is what contributes to his inability to take responsibility. He is covering for his weak Saturn.

When transiting Saturn and transiting Pluto come to exactly opposing his underdeveloped Saturn (and his underdeveloped Venus) it’s possible this underdeveloped Saturn (which utilizes the US natal Mercury it conjuncts) of his will be exposed in a devastating manner (Pluto takes no prisoners).

The whole sign of Capricorn (where the Saturn-Pluto conjunction takes place) is within Trump’s 5th house having to do with creativity, including his kids, and I wonder if it is something Don Jr. is involved in (or Ivanka even) that brings the Donald to his knees. Just sayin’.

Lurking’s fine Les, but do check in more often with your thoughts. Hope you’re feeling better now, we need you!

Eliseo, and Sharon K – Thank you both for your elucidating replies. Also, Eliseo, your analysis of why politicians keep missing-the-mark regarding governance seems spot-on to me.

It’s people like yourselves, and all the other fine posters who contribute here, that make this blog one of the best on-the-net for wide-ranging intellectual discourse.

Primary thanks, naturally, must go to Nancy, for hosting this modern-day equivalent of an 18th century Parisian salon. Merci beaucoup.

Will and Eliseo, thank you for your comments on impeachment. I now better understand the difficulty with centrist Democrats.

This reminds me of LBJ’s answer when Martin Luther King asked him to put forward the Civil Rights Act: “Make me.” This is interpreted by historians to mean that LBJ wanted greater pressure and support to ensure the law would pass. It is also consistent with FDR’s cautious attitude towards entry in World War II. He went as far as he could to support Churchill while remaining officially neutral until Pearl Harbor freed him from the influential anti-war movement.

I am quite sure Nancy Pelosi is fully aware of these historical precedents, which are forms of Democratic statesmanship in critical junctures.

Grace astrology:

“TUESDAY — Saturn makes a cooperative connection with Neptune at 7:40 AM ET. Saturn is structure; Neptune is vision. If you have a vision it, make it real — would be one interpretation. That could be awesome — unless your vision happens to be a lie. Hmmm. At 12:05 PM ET, Mercury and Mars meet up in Cancer, seeking a convincing and provocative case for home/homeland security and other domestic concerns. Around midnight, the no-nonsense Capricorn Moon meets up with the toxic South Node and Saturn, then sextiles Neptune, suggesting an ambitious corporate/patriarchal advance, with a pair of rose-colored glasses at no extra charge. Is it a coincidence or conspiracy that at 8 PM ET — live from Orlando, FL — P45 will officially launch his 2020 campaign? Consider the patterns outlined in this paragraph to give you a sense of its message, along with this next batch, exact on…”


“Never let it be said that Mitch McConnell didn’t do as little as possible as late as he could.”

Jon Stewart responds to Mitch McConnell:



Trust your viola is singing-up (bringing-up) your students and your tarot practice is spreading far and wide.

Ciao, Bella!

Dear Lord,

Thank you for Mitch McConnell – proof that Satan spawned and is still very much in the game.

Trump’s solar return chart is full of challenges. For him and for us.

With his solar return (SR) grand trine between SR Moon at 14+ Scorpio trine SR Mercury-North Node-Mars at 15 to 18 Cancer, and SR Neptune at 18+ Pisces, plus SR Moon sextile SR Saturn-Pluto at 18 – 22 Capricorn, it gives the Trump solar return Moon (emotions) free reign for the coming year. You know what that means.

Beyond all the lunacy there is his SR Uranus at 5+ Taurus quincunx his natal Neptune at 5+ Libra requiring some adjustment; a little Neptune fantasy no doubt.

Then there is SR Mercury – NN – Mars in Cancer square his natal Chiron (and US natal Saturn) at 14+ Libra. That would be the Iran brouhaha I suspect.

Within the SR chart there is a T-square between Sun in Gemini opposite Jupiter in Sagittarius T-squared by Neptune in Pisces. There’s that Neptune fix-it again.

SR Pluto at 22+ Cap opposes Trump’s Saturn at 23+ Cancer, which conjuncts his Venus ($$) at 25+ Cancer (conjunct US Mercury at 24+ Cancer), and of course, SR Pluto is conjunct SR South Node and SR Saturn, so there’s that.

Then Pluto is quincunx Sun; the ever gyrating, head-spinning, forward, backward change of plans pattern is now teamed up with a SR Moon-in-charge US President who is under the sway of a powerful Neptune in its own sign of Pisces, residing in this chart’s 12th house of secrets. Happy Birthday Mr. President, Happy Birthday to you!

Eliseo: “I would think that before such a resignation, the Donald would move his money and family overseas to a safe haven, to a country that would love him for his money and would not extradite him to the US criminal justice system. Maybe somewhere where there is another Trump tower to live in?”


The following, recent article – on Huffpost – details the unexpected discoveries a woman made when she went undercover at a ‘Crisis Pregnancy Center.’

If anyone is interested in the intersection of American Fundamentalism, women’s rights, and the Trump-mindset, this article is a valuable read, in my opinion.


angellight – I don’t think he has much money to move, which is why he is now living off the taxpayer and actions that make me suspect bribe-like payoffs – I think most of ‘his wealth’ is owed to others or is in non liquid a)property and b)stocks or contracts.

I wouldn’t put it past the Russians to smilingly take him and his family in, and when the right time came later, to quietly poison him, attribute his death to natural causes and just as quietly confiscate the family fortune.

He might even fly to Russia “on state business” on Air Force One while Congress votes for impeachment. He might resign in Moscow and send Air Force One back to WA-DC.

But what I think more likely, (and I think Nancy’s astrology and that of other astrologers supports this) is he will not leave the White House willingly, whether it is in January 2020 or 2021.

He’ll put up a fight of some kind and urge his followers into violent rebellion. We’ll see sporadic terrorist type violence from some TrumpHeads who are not wrapped very tightly, maybe for a few months or a year after he has been dragged out of office.

I agree with Eliseo that Trump will likely be removed from office, and before his next birthday.

In the new solar return chart for Trump there is a sextile between Saturn (societal structure) and the Moon (the People) which forms a Yod to Trump’s natal Uranus (unconstrained), which forces Trump’s natal Uranus to adjust in some manner that goes against the grain of his temperament.

Because the new solar return chart for Trump has Jupiter (the Law) opposing his natal Uranus (unconstrained, rebellious), I believe it suggests the Law will remove Trump from office before his next birthday, which will be on June 14, 2020.

Other elements of his solar return chart support this assumption, such as the solar return Pluto (transform unceremoniously) conjuncts the solar return Saturn (part of the Yod).

Also, Neptune in Trump’s solar return chart squares his natal Uranus (and the solar return Jupiter that opposes it), telling us that it won’t be easy. Of course it won’t.

On the afternoon of January 10, 2020, there will be a lunar eclipse in which Jupiter conjuncts the South Node (eliminating what no longer serves), and when Mars conjuncts Trump’s natal Black Moon Lilith, followed later that evening by transiting Uranus stationing direct (opposite US natal Hades). Two days later the exact conjunction between transiting Pluto and transiting Saturn will take place.

Transiting Venus (pleasure) will conjunct the US natal Moon within a degree in all 3 of these events; the lunar eclipse, the Uranus station direct and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

The exact moment of trans. Venus and US Moon (the People) happens during the time between the Uranus station and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. The US People (US Moon) will be pleased (trans. Venus conjunct US Moon) as a whole. I bet my sweet bippy on this one.

That’s an interesting analysis! Thank You!

My feeling is that if what the polls are showing becomes consistent, in other words if for a good number of consecutive months the polls show Trump losing to the top tier Dem candidates, at least some of the R’s will be more willing to let him go. They’ll want coattails in November of 2020, not an albatross round their necks.

A glaring reality, we seem to ignore is that Trump has made zero effort to reach out and broaden his constituency. He plays only to his base which never gets above about 44% as a maximum of American voters. You don’t win with merely 44%. Maybe that’s why he recently signaled to the Russians, et al. that he would accept their help.

BUT… Let us not be naïve. Getting rid of Trump is only the beginning. If our astrology is correct, we won’t be out of the thick, dark woods until sometime later. We’ll still have to find a way to bring into disrepute the wannabe fascists and pseudo-Christians who continue to poison our culture.

And that’s the outer work. The inner work will be our process of discerning what false assumptions we made, what we misunderstood, what actions and inactions we took or did not take in playing our role in the mess in which we find ourselves.

The responsibility for the spiritual and psychological health of our nation is ours as well, not just that of delusional greed-head R’s who worked so hard to obtain, maintain, and misuse power.

Eliseo: “I wouldn’t put it past the Russians to smilingly take him and his family in, and when the right time came later, to quietly poison him, attribute his death to natural causes and just as quietly confiscate the family fortune. ”

LOL, that would be sweet justice.

Kiwi: There was a recent article, that since Trump has been president he has increased his fortunes considerably. If I find the report again, I will post the link. Also, family members getting enriched also.

Barack Obama Is ‘Very Concerned’ About Country, Will Get Involved in 2020 Campaign, Says Former Adviser


Marjorie Orr says Trump will be forced into a career change by early next year but his troubles will only get worse from 2021 to 2023.


Maybe he resigns in January 2020 and goes to jail later.

Eliseo: “I wouldn’t put it past the Russians to smilingly take him and his family in, and when the right time came later, to quietly poison him, attribute his death to natural causes and just as quietly confiscate the family fortune. ”

I can see the Trump clan and entourage getting on an Aeroflot jet and flying to permanent exile in Nursultan (formerly Astana), Kazakhstan. And, as with the various oligarchs, Putin would get at least half of the booty the Trump pirates hav hijacked.

As I caught a few minutes of the Attention-Whore-in-Chief on a tear in Orlando last night, I felt a horrible pit in my gut. He’s gone off-the-rails, bat-shit-crazy. His face morphed into satanic expressions as his army of red-hats paid-the-hate forward.
I’ve only had three moments in my life where I felt I was in the presence of absolute evil – last night was one of those moments.

We must stop this madman.

What’s worse is that his followers loved it; they are bat-shit crazy as well, and we’ll have to deal with them in the post-trump era. That’s the larger conondrum.

Also, if we force Trump out of office before the election, Mr. Pence will become president. He’s likely to be worse than Trump. Similar ideology, but with a better behaved demeanor and a more “Christian” face.

The struggle for the soul of America will take a while.

Thanks Andre, Trump has been bullying the Press long before he became President I see!

Looking through my ephemeris for some personal history, I noticed that in September, 2016, there was a solar eclipse that should have caused us all to hear alarm bells. But we didn’t.

On September 1, 2016, 2 months before the election, the hidden Sun at 9+ Virgo was square the US natal Uranus (always something shocking) at 8+ Gemini.

The eclipsed Sun was also opposite Neptune (illusions) at 10+ Pisces (double down on illusion) and square Saturn (rules) at 10+Sagittarius which was opposite US natal Uranus (rule-breaker). Altogether they formed a grand cross, and eclipses have a long shelf life. We are still working on that grand cross today.

There was also Vesta (what is invested in) in that eclipse chart at 14+ Cancer and US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer, opposite Pluto at 15+ Capricorn and they formed a T-square to the US natal Saturn (and Trump’s Chiron the wounder) at 14+ Libra.

Transiting Neptune at 10+ Pisces, part of the above grand cross, was also in orb of a trine to the US Sun at 13+ Cancer, and now I believe that’s why so many of us election watchers didn’t pick up on the Trump influence, nor the Russian interference. Another case of hindsight being 20-20.

will – re evil. For a long time I have sensed an evil presence when looking at photos showiing the eyes of prominent evangelicals such as pat Robertson, fallwell & graham Jrs etc etc etc. Antichrist material for sure imo. Recent interview with one, whose name escapes me for the moment, about his luxury plane travel, struck me as looking at Beelzebub himself. Years back I got the sense that Falwell Sr. reminded me of gluttonous and cruel jabba-the-hut.

Kenneth Copeland, kiwi. If “demonic” is a human quality, that dude has it.

that’s him Jackson!
Maybe this era is the ‘Armageddon’ – the mighty struggle between good and evil.
And the news media by continuing to mostly follow the latest trump outrage and the current longwinded political horse race, largely to the detriment of real issue good reporting, is not helping one little bit!

from this week’s Aquarium Age
” Neptune Retrograde begins on June 21. Jupiter is already retrograde, and as their retrospectives travel in tandem, recent history becomes revisionist. Mr. Trump and his Gang of Hungry Ghosts thrive in this atmosphere . . .”

“If true, the allegations that Michael Cohen helped recover pictures of Falwell’s wife in “various states of undress” would explain how an evangelical leader came to endorse Trump in the primary & stick by his side. ”


Kiwi, Jackson, Will,
I definitely get what that eerie feeling is like when we are in the presence of someone we perceive as evil. I’ve experienced that, and I think our perceptions are usually correct in that there is something definitely dark, and awry with that individual or group. But consider these thoughts.

When the tired, aged, arthritic lion abducts an infant from the village and eats it, the villagers are outraged. They view her as evil and resolve to kill her. From the lion’s point of view, she is merely trying to survive, to make a living, and the vulnerable infant wandered into what she regards as her territory.

When the villagers finally capture the lion, and in an orgy of revenge, torture and kill her, she laments with her dying breath how evil are these humans.

What is evil? What is good? I think we use these terms much too promiscuously as though we know what we are talking about. But that doesn’t mean our words are meaningless.

To me, one practical definition in modern context would be the conscious, purposeful instigation of suffering, without regard for the well-being of the victim or victims, and especially for one’s own egoistic purposes. I do not mean to imply this would be the only practical definition of evil, but it is one I have found useful.

In my opinion, DJT is the only president we’ve ever had who fits that definition absolutely. There have been presidents who caused evil, or did evil things, but usually not for their own pleasure or to enrich themselves. They may have done stupid, evil things, but they themselves were not evil. There have been presidents who were misinformed and/or delusional, but whatever harm they caused was they believed for a higher purpose, the good of the nation.

Not so with Donald! I believe he actually enjoys hurting people and from before the beginning of his 2016 campaign to the present, his only “higher purpose” is himself, not the nation, the world, humanity or life on this planet.

As far as various preachers like Copeland, Falwell, etc. Let me start with some caveats.

Firstly, I read New Testament Greek and German. I cannot read Aramaic.

Secondly, as an instructor in comparative religion, history and English, it took me decades to realize the historical Jesus was not the messiah, but instead what the Buddhists would call a very great bodhisattva, equivalent to Avalokitesvara, Chenresig, and in feminine form Kwan Yin, all emanations of the spirit of compassion.

Thirdly, the concept of the anti-Christ is derived from the First and Second Epistles of John. The word is not found in the book of revelation. By definition, an anti-Christ is someone who substitutes him or herself for Christ. But personally, I think of it as someone who promulgates values completely antithetical to those of the historical rabbi from Nazareth, his central and most important value again being compassion. In that sense, almost all of these television huckster preachers are anti-Christs.

Fourthly, the book of revelation was reluctantly included in the Christian canon. There were many who opposed its inclusion and they were IMHO absolutely right. To this day many Eastern Christians reject it, and they do not include it in their liturgical cycle of readings.

In my own experience in the mental health field, I’ve seen its profoundly deleterious psychological and psychospiritual effect on many mental patients as well as communities that think of themselves as Christian. It has also been used as a springboard from which to persecute Jews, Witches, perceived heretics, etc.

Although interpreted today, particularly by Fundamentalists and Evangelicals as prophetic in the sense of futurist, the elaborate, almost psychedelic, futuristic imagery was actually code used to comment on the events of that day. It was about the author’s present, not some far future. The author also used gematria, 666 (although in the earliest versions it is 616) to refer to Nero, and also possibly Domitian.

So, no. I don’t think we are in the “end times” or approaching an Armageddon, as those are Zoroastrian fantasies created long ago, which in themselves create evil results, often in the form of self-fulfilling prophecies. Various generations, particularly in the medieval period envisioned it and proceeded to fulfill and create it!

Another of my definitions of evil is very contextual. It seems to me most of the acts we see as wrong are acts of predation. As hunter gatherers, the perfection of our predatory propensities and skills benefited us for 1000’s of years up until we began to create civilizations. Having come to live in cities and do farming did not remove our evolved preprogrammed consummate predatory proclivities. We therefore developed the Ten Commandments and other codes and laws to help us stay focused, and not prey on one another.

The challenge of our time with so many billions of us is how to develop better mechanisms and processes to better assist us in not preying upon one another, or other living things on this earth, while simultaneously rechanneling our remaining predatory energies into our curiosity, our quest to know, understand and explore our inner selves and the solar system.

The historical Jesus did a great job of showing us the way out of our self-created predatory hells. Through his example he taught us self-transcendence, to live boldly and genuinely, to learn, to explore, to teach, to heal, to build, to create, to celebrate, to make peace, to make justice, to love one another fully, and “love G-D with all our heart, all our soul, and all our minds.”

But most all of our television preachers are essentially against all that. In that context, as I wrote above, practically ALL of our television huckster preachers are anti-Christs, but that’s nothing new or unusual to our experience of the last 2000 years.

“How Trump won the election by getting the Christian Right after an endorsement from Jerry Falwell Jr. and how Michael Cohen helped secure that endorsement by cleaning up blackmail problems for Falwell involving a pool boy. ”


I still Have to read the last day’s comments, but I had to mention that Trump’s rally in Orlando seemed to be a resounding success.

I listened to the Daily, Start here, and NPR politics podcasts today and it was pretty interesting. Obviously, the people interviewed in the rally would naturally be pro trump, but the extent to which they think he has done a great job and fulfilled his promises was very noticeable. They think he has shaken up the system and fulfilled what he said he would do. It was very high energy. The main criticism was that he was not much different that’s 2016 and went on an on about Clinton, but of course, right now no one knows who his main competition will be. The fact that these people could still be changing lock her up is astounding . The Mueller report apparently they believe was a witch-hunt and have swallowed that kookaid completely.

Also, he was able to make it seem that though the media and Muiller was against him BLAH BLAH BLAH , it really was all about they the people they are after, anyway they fell hook line and sinker for it it would appear. I would point out that Trump in no ways seems like he has dementia in my opinion.

Apparently the funding for the campaign is amazing, they have taken out more facebook ads already than everyone else combined, and they are going to spend a billion dollars with a million volunteers. No more shoestring operation. This is HUGE and professional now.

And of course, the main tactic is that the Dems are radical and going to make America socialist and ruin everything, which a lot of old people in this state fall for. Nothing new there but it still works big time, especially seeing what Venezuela is going through.

So , pretty concerning, and on another note, there are apparently rumors tat he might replace Pence with Graham, so who knows what will happen?

And finally, I truly believe time is running out for any sort of impeachment or hearings, Hope Hicks today was a disaster and the White House strategy of delay is working brilliantly, the more time passes with no Mueller, the more this all fades from the attention deficit public.

Dems are not doing too well presently in my opinion

Eliseo, I have my own very simple interpretation of how I think of ‘god’ and ‘the evil’
God = good;
Evil = (French) d’evil aka devil
or = ‘live’ enacted backwards, thru the dark mirror image.
I take many of the biblical religious stories and prophecy to help explain and learn historical lessons, not too dissimilar as how astrology uses greek or roman mythology as tools to explain.
I don’t really think we are in biblical literal ‘end times’ but I do think humanity now faces the possibility of a distinct crisis point in time, that may make the way forward unrecognizable to many.


“Also, if we force Trump out of office before the election, Mr. Pence will become president. He’s likely to be worse than Trump.”

“…What’s worse is that his followers loved it; they are bat-shit crazy as well, and we’ll have to deal with them in the post-trump era. That’s the larger conondrum.”

The horror. The horror!


Love that Jabba reference. Trump looks like a blood relative, “Jabba-the-Slut”

New rant:
I reeled when Hope Hicks worked the media in the corridor entering Congress; I knew before she even testified that she had no intention of saying anything – she had an imperious arrogance about her – as if she was a fashion model putting on her “I’ve been fasting and puking for days” look for the runway. There wasn’t a question in my mind that she was going to go silent. Her audacity telegraphed to me that she has powerful protection and believes she can show contempt for Congress. More scary stuff.

That all makes sense to me, especially, “but I do think humanity now faces the possibility of a distinct crisis point in time, that may make the way forward unrecognizable to many.”

Deep down, I’ve known it since the 1960’s. But it saddens me profoundly to see it come to pass. I see the future. We are at the beginning of a nasty culture war between the Trump-Head types, the far right and Fundamentalist and Evangelicals vs we humanists, both religious and secular.

It won’t be like the 1860’s with seceding states using organized armies to fight battles with the Union army. But there likely will be quite a lot of shooting back and forth in all 50 states.

For decades the mainline, moderate Christian denominations have been politically obsequious in their relations with the Fundamentalists and Evangelicals, not wanting to criticize those groups in the name of ecumenicism, yet knowing their psychologies/theologies were poisonous.

But the political effect of those theologies is now endangering us all, not just Americans.

Jesus! Mitch McConnell actually said those words about his opposition to reparations! As if HE fought the civil war to free slaves and he was supportive of Obama’s presidency. Siiiiiiiiick! You can’t make this stuff up!

McConnell talks with his mouth so tight it looks like he’s afraid to exhale carbon dioxide because he’d have to give something up in exchange for something fresh and new…like oxygen.

He’ a rancid cadaver in desperate need of entombment and burial

It’s like the bubonic plague, but is more mental/emotional than physical. And that is surely more frightening to folks like you and me, as we’ve both worked as mental health professionals.

German humanists had no idea how to deal with it during the 30’s and 40’s. We at least have seen it before. It will take all our creativity, knowledge, and will to subdue this beast.

I suspect the chaos will start when either the Supreme Court overturns Roe V Wade, or if Trump leaves office in whatever circumstances in 2020 or 2021.



McConnell; a fetus that should never have come to full term.

My G-D.
What’s happening in Missouri to Planned Parenthood really does seem like, as Rachel put it, “dystopian fiction.” I’m afraid that in years to come Margaret Atwood will be seen as a true prophetess.

Diana: Re. your comment (June 19th, 2019 at 10:26 pm), “I would point out that Trump in no ways seems like he has dementia in my opinion” – agreed on that! I believe it is wishful thinking that DT has any such malady, even though he clearly has unique mental/ reality problems. Dementia is not the same thing. Health may be something that affects DT considering all the pressure he must be living with, but his 6th house of health has Aquarius on the cusp. It is a fixed sign (and all fixed angles), so DT ought to be pretty tough physically even though he has nerve(ous) issues.

I’m beginning to wonder if anything can potentially get him out the door apart from an outright loss at the election and there has been a lot of discussion on that lately! Everyone wants to see an early exit, but imo, the astrology does not have enough strength for it to happen in the near future. There could be another round of sexual innuendo in the media, but what’s left to say? And does anybody care when there is a threat of military action?

Well, that case on Jeffrey Epstein is still simmering out there in the ‘scandal sphere’ (refer articles in the Miami Herald, and even the Washington Post ran a couple of pieces in Feb/March, but the WaPo articles don’t even mention DT directly). This story is being suppressed, or it simply doesn’t have a direct connection. No way to know.

On the other side of the ledger, being President, DT has more powerful friends and allies than ever. The more time goes by, the harder it will be to pull off any kind of palace coup when his associates and most GOP players are so deeply invested on his side.

I took a look at the aspects again re. the possibility of DT being ousted, as below (continued in 2 more posts):

–Transiting Uranus at 5 Taurus in DT’s 9th house of legal/court cases is applying to inconjunct (150 degrees) natal Neptune exactly (partile) at 5 Libra. This could portend unpleasant developments for DT, but natal Neptune (the shady, hider planet) is in the 2nd house of DT’s personal money. Natal Jupiter is also in the 2nd, at the cusp of the 3rd of lawyers and Jupiter brings protection. DT and his team are working pretty hard to keep it all hidden, as we know. A surprise is possible, but an inconjunct aspect is more an ongoing problem than a direct hit.

–Transiting Pluto, lord of the underworld and power broker supreme, (and the Moon, too, for the moment) is at 22 Capricorn in DT’s 5th house of lovers, gambling, and risk taking in general. They are both inconjunct (150) to DT’s natal Sun (ego, identity as President) at 22 Gemini in the 10th of leadership. The inconjunct is interesting because it links planets in an uncomfortable way that can force them to cooperate. It’s not nice, but they have to make it work, or they have to separate. Well, good luck getting DT to come clean in this sphere! Cooperation is going to happen, to keep the power in order (underground) as much as possible.

–Opposing the transiting Pluto are transiting Mercury and Mars in the 11th house (Congress, parties and officials), which in turn are semisextile to natal Sun. 30 degrees is a mildly agreeable and somewhat ineffectual aspect, so I don’t see either the news (Mercury) or Mars (aggression) doing too much to DT’s Sun (ego) at this time. If it were a square (90), it might be different, but there is not enough power in this aspect to do much damage, and it may even help DT’s image to see the GOP cooperating with him (looks like effective government?).


–At the same time, transiting Mars and Mercury in the 11th of professional associates (Congress, party members etc.) are conjunct within 1 degree of DT’s natal Saturn at 23 Cancer. DT’s Saturn is ruler of his 5th house of fun and games, as well as his 6th of health, and the natural ruler of the 10th. The associates apply pressure (opposition) to DT’s 5th ‘play boy’ side, along with the conjunction from his government role and supporters.

–Pluto is aspecting to pressure them all while Saturn wants results. These aspects indicate that life isn’t pleasant for DT while Pluto is happening and it is going to be that way for a long time. Pluto takes forever to go through a sign and Saturn delays. Also, DT’s natal Saturn is in its detriment, which says that structure doesn’t work well for him, personally. Nonetheless, Saturn is slow and stubborn. The battle of transiting Pluto vs. DT’s natal Saturn will take time.

–Progressed Mars at 10 Libra is in DT’s 2nd house of money/personal resources (together with progressed Neptune at 7 Libra). P. Mars and Neptune are sextile (60 degree) DT’s natal Pluto at 10 Leo in his 12th house of secret/hidden matters. Mars in Libra is rather hostile when Libra prefers that both sides should be taken into account, but being a sextile, it is softer than it could be. It’s about money and deception (Neptune). In time, progressed Mars will conjunct DT’s Chiron and then things may get more interesting, but not in the short run.

–Transiting Neptune at 18 Pisces in the 7th of partners and open enemies is inconjunct DT’s progressed Venus at 18 Libra in the 2nd of money and personal resources. Again, this puts a focus on matters to do with money and (potentially) romantic partners (Venus). However, Neptune will go retrograde and won’t get to DT’s 8th house cusp of bankers and other people’s money until April 2021, so it appears that his financiers will not pull away the rug any time soon.

–DT’s progressed Uranus at 21 Gemini in the 10th (unpredictable events in career and opposite to home (WH) is still within 1 degree of opposition to his natal Moon. His progressed Uranus is associated with his election, but not a career change soon. His natal Moon is at 21 Sag in the 4th of home and real estate. The Uranus progressed aspect to natal Moon is past exactness and consequently career/ real estate matters remain important, but are not getting more critical. If the aspect were applying instead of past, there could be more prospect of an immediate change in career or residence, but this is not the case. It seems unlikely that anything will deprive DT of his status, cleanly earned though it may not be (and progressed Uranus will not conjunct DT’s Sun at 22 Gemini for many years).

–DT’s progressed Moon at 29 Leo is sitting a few seconds away from exact conjunction to his (Sibly) Ascendant at 29 Leo. While aspects to the Ascendant can mean health changes, at the same time there is a saving grace for DT as the progressed Moon hits his royal fixed star, Regulus. The progressed Moon is also still in orb to conjunct natal Mars. This may indicate health problems, but he may come out of them ok, while it could affect his prospects of re-election. Interestingly, the progressed Moon will move into Virgo after the conjunction and this can imply health matters to be dealt with in future.


Fixed stars like Regulus on the Ascendant are powerful and at the same time they are fickle. There could be continued “success” or a sudden fall from grace after a glorious (and vain) rise to prominence. But, fickle is the key word. There is no way to know when royal stars will do their stuff. So far, DT has been extraordinarily lucky to get away with the whole show (with McConnell’s help).

–Another positive thing for DT is that progressed Jupiter at 24 Libra in the 3rd house of personal legal matters and business affairs is still inconjunct his Midheaven (career) at 24 Taurus, within 1 degree (Sibly). While the 150 degree inconjunct aspect is generally not easy, when it comes from Jupiter, the major benefic planet, there is a protective effect to the person. That is so even when the Midheaven is near the angry/crazy/revengeful fixed star, Algol. It seems DT harnesses the powerful negative energy of Algol while he, himself, is protected from its effects (rather like the mirror in the Medusa myth).

The summary of the above is that DT’s official status does not seem ready to change very much until close to the time of the election (very close). Things may be brewing, and someday the Algol may turn on DT. It appears to me (and I’ve said this before) that, despite the down side, DT is going to hang on to the end of his 4 years of notoriety. What brings him down is yet to be seen.

“The Trump administration argued court Tuesday that the government is not required to give soap or toothbrushes to children apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border and can have them sleep on concrete floors in frigid, overcrowded cells.”


” On Tuesday night, in Orlando, Donald Trump formally launched his 2020 reëlection effort with another big rally. After what happened in 2016, it behooves political analysts and commentators to approach the upcoming campaign with caution. So, I will put it no more strongly than this: with sixteen and a half months to go, the President and his campaign staff have reasons to be concerned.


Beowulfe, that was quite a reading, and it seems like Trump is more than likely going to stick it out till elections and who really knows how safe our elections will be and what cheating will go on behind the scenes, all whilst he will use the narrative of it being rigged against him, he’s so good at that .

I also do agree totally with what you say about impeachment, Eliseo i get what you say too, but in these crazy times where days fly by and people try to just get by, i think exactly what Beowulfe says will happen. Trump has this enormous talent to suck and consume all the energy towards him. When he said at the rally that he didn’t have an agenda, he was just doing it all for them, meaning, the audience , the American people, it works , and during interviews with supporters you hear this time and time again, he’s doing this because he loves America, he has the best interests of America at heart, and he will fight for America he’s a fighter. They see him as a father figure who has a big heart and is working for them, that he is a great business man and fighter, it’s unbelievable to us but they truly believe it, my mother included.

Yes , trump has a mental sickness and is a sociopath and is one hundred percent not normal , but as Beowulf says, dementia is very different and he has a sort of genius for this type of stuff, he’s a showman, and in this he’s clear and not demented at all, for example just when he felt the energy of the crowd wane, he immediately got them engaged again with having them vote on slogans, like ‘Keep America Great’, so of course implying that in his reign America has been made great again , thanks to him, of course and now needs to be kept that way at all costs.

If Dems don’t come up with a Centrist person who does not have perceived ‘radical” ideas, i believe that with the economy strong like this , and with the fighting power of money and persuasion that Trump’s campaign WILL have, coupled with what they didn’t have last time, organization, that the Dems won’t stand a chance for re-election. And just what Beowulfe said that as time goes by, Trump will be more powerful and has even more connections and protection, helped by those who want to keep power t all costs, i felt this clearly listening to the Orlando rally and it gave me a feeling of dread and hopelessness.

Yes for SOME, this next election is a referendum on Trump , as God knows it should be, but for most it isn’t, there’s the crazies who love him no matter what, but there are a lot of people who lean on the conservative side, are doing well, and will put up with him, love the judges coming in, there are many more than we think because of lot of them keep it to themselves and then vote for him, i know people like this, many, and they are the furtherest thing from deplorables.

Also, the media just does not help, why for example are they not making more of a big deal that the president and White House willingly shared the doctored video of Pelosi, how long did that story last, two mins at best? Why don’t they go on about the fact that Trump is lying about him bringing in veterans choice when it was a bill passed in 2014, even Papadopolis didn’t ask him the right questions on Russia, and the media have never made enough of the story that Trump was actively seeking the Moscow Tower deal and lied to the American people about it, these and so so many more are just forgotten to the general public. He just seems to get away with it all, Teflon Don really is a true nickname when it comes to him.

Ja, well that was an Encouraging article, hope it’s right!

Trump’s rally a “resounding success”?

Trump tweeted that “thousands of people” were lining up early to be able to get in. The Naples Daily News sent a reporter and noted that 60 people were there. And only 8 people showed up 40 hours ahead of time. Not “thousands”.

They had to bus people in.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that the gates to the event were still open at 8 pm so the venue was not at capacity.

And watch the video from Colbert. They sent a camera crew. The “thousands of people overflowing out of the center” ?? Nonexistent. The Colbert “news crew” was denied press passes so at the last minute, they went on line and were able to obtain 2 tickets to the “sold out” event. While there was a large crowd, there were plenty of empty seats.


While trans. Jupiter and Saturn are in retrograde motion (as they have been all this month and will be next month too), all things about the functioning of society are up for review. With transiting Pluto also retrograde, the reviewing process of our society’s functions has an added “life and/or death” quality about them.

There is also a nurturing quality about this process, thanks to transiting Ceres, retrograde in Sagittarius (Big Picture). The Universe is on our side. It’s a good thing to share concerns with one another.

However, it is NOT a time for forward-motion activity. With transiting Neptune, now stationing to go retrograde on Friday, another level of review is being activated; that of imagination, escapism, spirituality and other-worldliness.

The US Senate Intelligence Committee is holding secrete UFO briefings. Pilots see them, reports of sightings have been happening for many decades. Should we be worried or frightened or relieved? How will the Democrats handle this one? We know Trump doesn’t believe in them, but what about his followers?

Next month transiting Mercury and Chiron turn retrograde too, leaving only Uranus (shock and awe) and the personal planets Venus and Mars moving forward with gusto. This could change everything.

Sassy grace
I agree trump lies big time and there were not people lining up days before , but they were indeed many people lining up on the day. But only because they didn’t open the doors till four.

I live in Orlando and know that stadium well and there were seats as you say though it was nearly full. It was a big crowd, apparently the permit was for 17000 so that’s probably how many were there

Anyway he is A liar and this probably was a particular big one ,being his relaunch, my prediction is that if he sticks with his old stuff which he probably will and chants of lock her up and all the antics that that news channels and the general public will get sick of these rallies. . Already his childish nicknames are so boring and old. I don’t think he’s going to get away with 18 months of this hatred

INTUITIVIEW PSYCHIC READING The Mindset & Madness of Donald J. Trump

3 Sisters and Cassie on tRump


Re. my comment above, “In time, progressed Mars will conjunct DT’s Chiron and then things may get more interesting, but not in the short run.”

I should have said this aspect will take years (to 2024) for progressed Mars to get close to DT’s natal Chiron at 14 Libra in the 2nd house. Too bad, wishes ain’t horses. No hope there for the next election.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHrog1gPYNo 15:14

Trump tweeted today that maybe an Iranian who was a loose cannon made a mistake in shooting down the drone (as in they made an actual mistake), but before that, he tweeted that Iran made a very big mistake in shooting down the drone, in the sense that it was intentional and they will be sorry for this action!

What a moronic, stupid, gaslighting liar he is — playing both sides.

Thanks for keeping us posted, Diana — you have a very good memory for all of Trump’s pecadillos.

ja, thanks for the New Yorker story on Trump’s re-election launch; wish I could find a time for when that started. If it was 8 PM (in Orlando) Trump’s NATAL Moon in Sagittarius was on the ascendant, which would make sense.

On the other hand, TRANSITING Moon at 8 PM in Orlando on Tuesday, June 18th, would be at 16+ Cap (square Trump’s own natal Jupiter and US prog. Mars at 17+ Libra and square US progressed Chiron at 17+ Aries) and about to conjunct transiting South Node (17+ Cap) and trans. retrograde Saturn (18+ Cap) and retrograde Pluto (22+ Cap).

That transiting Moon would be opposite transiting North Node, Mars and Mercury (17-22 Cancer) and sextile trans. Neptune in Pisces which was square trans. Jupiter in Sagittarius, which was opposite Trump’s own natal Uranus in Gemini.

Transiting Venus on Tuesday night was at 12+ Gemini, conjunct the US natal chart descendant/7th house cusp, a house that symbolizes partner or open enemy. Perhaps some of that $24+ million he raised in the following 24 hours was from a US “open enemy”.

With transiting Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Ceres in retrograde and trans. Neptune stationing retrograde, it doesn’t bode well for the outcome of this launch IMO.

It does, however, exemplify the US PROGRESSED opposition between Mars and Chiron though, as the now transiting North and South nodes form a grand cross with them. A picture (or a chart) can be well worth a thousand words . .at least! Maybe even 24+ million words!

Rae Robertson’s latest article

Diana Joseph,
I concur with you he has an extraordinary talent with which to “suck and consume all the energy towards him,” and to deceive, hoodwink, and con millions into thinking he is something he is not.

As far as a father figure, I suspect folks who grew up with a dysfunctional, albeit very authoritarian father are a big portion of his supporters.

I too have heard from his supporters how wonderfully honest he is, how he must surely love America because as a successful businessman he could be making 100’s of millions instead of running the country, etc. I’ve even heard some women supporters rationalize his rude, crude, lewd, sexually predatory behavior, saying that “ALL men are like that. So what?”

I find myself dumbfounded when people say these things. I’ve sometimes replied that I can not believe he is a competent businessman as I don’t understand how anyone can lose money with a casino.

I’ve also said that all but one of the men I’ve known who talked about or treated women the way he does were either prisoners or mental patients. The one Houston salesman I knew who talked and behaved that way many years ago, IMHO should have been locked up as well.

I’ve had platonic friends of all ages, ethnicities and both genders all my life, but I suppose some don’t live the way I do.

BTW, I never meant to imply I thought he would for sure leave office before the election, but was merely speculating what that would be like if he did. Personally, I have no idea, but certainly hope he will receive what he deserves.


“What a moronic, stupid, gaslighting liar he is — playing both sides.”

Righteous outrage!

kiwi, most grateful for the link to Raye Robertson. Will need to read it at least 2 more times, it’s so full of information.

Especially grateful for her reminder of Pluto’s nodes and how powerful a role they play even in today’s scenario. Also the role of Chiron and several others. Remarkable astrological overview.

Is there a power struggle going on between the Trump/Bolton/Pompeo cabal and the military? Some analysts are suggesting the aborted US military strike on Iran last night may only be a temporary reprieve……..

New York Times: Trump Abruptly Calls Off Military Strikes Against Iran After Approving Them

June 21, 2019

President Donald Trump abruptly called off military strikes against Iran on Thursday night after previously approving the strikes in retaliation for Iran shooting down a US military drone, The New York Times reports.

The operation was already underway in its initial stages — ships were in position and planes were in the air — but no missiles had been fired when the order came to stand down, a senior administration official told the Times. The strike had been scheduled for just before dawn on Friday in Iran to minimize the risk to civilians and the Iranian military, and military officials received word shortly after then that the strike was off, at least temporarily.



Astrologer Evon Davis pointed out several weeks ago that Thursdays June 20th Pluto/Moon-Mars/Mercury opposition (22 Capricorn-Cancer) may be a prelude to the July 16th lunar eclipse (24 Capricorn). Will there be a dramatic US-Iran confrontation in mid July?

Here’s the Evon Davis video…….

Trump Hits a Brick Wall: Psychic Astrology Predictions

Video 22 min. 46 sec.



The new Aquarian souls pouring onto the planet need no formal introduction to their high level of advanced integration and spiritual development. Their buddhic smiles and loving hearts tell it all, a joyful presence that says. I have come to serve, and I have come to save, and all of your delusions and glamour’s cannot thwart or hold back what is the spiritual destiny of the human race.
One of the greatest boosts for world rehabilitation and healing will lie in the cycling out of the old and the ushering in of the younger and more advanced generations of souls. In the interim period there is much work the older generations who are young at heart and in their thinking can do.
DK speaking of vegetarianism summarizes this idea in some of his comments found in a Treatise in Cosmic Fire that also apply to many other areas of human development and growth.

“A great factor and one that it is hard to explain so that the average thinker can understand it is the cyclic coming in of egos who are at a point in evolution where they are ready for their first radioactive life. In one great department of hierarchical endeavor all egos are divided into two groups, according to their cycle and according to their type of energy. These grades are in turn subdivided according to the quality and the vibratory effect to be induced upon any one kingdom of nature by their united, or single, incarnation. This might be illustrated by pointing out that by the gradual coming in of human beings who are vegetarians by natural inclination and by the appearance of egos who are interested specifically in the welfare and nurture of the animals (as is the case so noticeably now) we have the cyclic appearance of a whole group of human units who have a definite karmic relation to the third kingdom. This relation is of a kind differing in specific detail from the meat-eating, and oft inhuman, groups of the past five hundred years. (TCF 1081)”

Taken from FB Duane Carpenter

website: http://www.light-weaver.com .

“MUELLER REPORT to be Read Aloud at Arena Stage on July 11 during an 11 hour marathon! Running from noon to 11 pm. Various DC theater people recruited as readers.”


comment from nyt’s
“Trump’s bombastic tweet that he stopped the military attack a mere 10 minutes before it was set to launch does not show leadership, but is, instead, a terrifying insight. The man had already approved a strike that could have propelled us into a new Middle Eastern war before he thought to ask for basic information like casualties, an element of proportionality, minutes before the strike. Will we be so lucky next time?”


“VIDEO: Rep. John Lewis with a powerful defense of @JoeBiden: “I don’t think the remarks are offensive. During the height of the civil rights movement we worked with people and got to know people that were members of the klan…We never gave up on our fellow human being…”


Pallas symbolizes strategy; Uranus symbolizes unpredictability, and transiting Pallas and Uranus in Taurus (a fixed sign) are conjunct in Trump’s 5th house that symbolizes several things like fun and games and risk taking (thx Beowulfie) as well as creative urges.

Transiting Pallas + Uranus are quincunx (forced adjustment) Trump’s natal Neptune (illusions) in Libra (indecisive) in his natal 2nd house (his personal wealth; what he values).

It would seem the man-child Trump was playing (5th house transit by Pallas + Uranus) grownup but natal Neptune (unclear) in Libra (hesitant) in the natal 2nd house (personal treasure) got cold feet. That’s how it looks to me for the moment.

While man-child Trump loves to play games (5th house) he knows his toys (2nd house) might get taken away from him if the grownups get angry enough. Better wait to drop bombs when nobody is looking.

ooops, never mind. It isn’t Pallas, it’s Vesta conjunct Uranus in Taurus and Vesta is what is invested in; what is focused on.

Transiting Pallas is at 12 Libra, square US Sun (13+ Cancer) and about to conjunct US Saturn and Trump’s Chiron (14+ Libra).

Vesta conjunct Uranus could redirect hawkish energy I suppose. Investing in the unexpected.

BarbK: “Better wait to drop bombs when nobody is looking.”

Yep. Like, next week right before the Democratic candidates’ debates.

fwiw, sometimes when I look at people’s eyes in photos I sense their interior. With coverage of trump’s recent comments on iran – I sensed a ‘very fearful, oh-shit this is no game, deer-in-headlights’ feeling.

I know that many here aren’t fans of Joni Patry but she had some interesting observations this time about this 18-1/2 year cycle of this particular eclipse pattern. She goes back several cycles and they all match very important points in history. I look back over mine my own history and they match 2 divorces, and some point in my childhood that may or may not have been difficult. What fascinates me the most about astrology is the cyclic pattern, how we repeat situations over and over.

For instance, I’ve read comments previously about how the configuration now matches the rise of the Nazi party in the late 1930s. It appears that what we have is a cycle where we swing from conservative to liberal and back. It seems to me the goal is to learn balance but humans have to learn balance via the pendulum approach.

Is there a planetary cycle that matches up with this swing back and forth? I don’t know, I am merely an observer here, but the idea that there are greater cycles, and that these cycles have an effect such as the swing from conservative to liberal makes it a little easier for me to understand what is happening in the world as a whole as it swings towards the right. If it’s going to happen anyway, and it seems it is, I need to believe there is a plan and a purpose to what is happening.

Thank you for the opportunity to share this idea. There aren’t many places where people could see the cause behind these cycles that seem to exist.

An article in Salon by John Gartner:

“I think what the American people and the world need to understand is that Donald Trump’s coup is almost complete. Congress is the last line of defense. Instead of fighting back the Democrats are going to let him proceed. The Democrats are saying, “We’re not going to fight Donald Trump. We’re going to wait until the next game. The next election is almost here. We’ll win that one.”

“The reality is that the United States may be getting to a point where there will not be another free and fair election because of Russian hacking and Donald Trump and the Republican Party’s unwillingness to protect the country. Not only did Donald Trump collude with Russia and its agents for the first attack on the American electoral system in 2016, he is now using his power as president to open the door even wider for the next attack in 2020.”


From the link by kiwi to Rae Robertson’s Diary Of a Mundane Astrologer:
“61 House Democrats and 1 Republican now favor beginning impeachment proceedings against him”. (written June 10)

Maybe that’s why Pelosi is not making a move on it? Frankly, I’m shocked by those low numbers. That’s 174 Democrats in the House who are not on board with impeachment, according to Robertson. Has anyone seen different, or more recent figures?

Eliseo, since you are familiar with texas, wondering what you think of Col. Kim Olsen’s (aka Col Marvel) chances at congress? Good ballsy ad she just put out. Haven’t been able to discover anything about her birthdate but would love to know.

I’ll look into that as soon as I can. All I know now is she is competing against 4 other Dems in a coming primary to represent folks in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.

I’m pretty busy now getting ready to go home either in July or at the latest, August 3. I don’t like travelling while mercury is retrograde, but I may not have a choice. I’ve lost much of the use of my left arm, which will be restored when I receive laser spinal surgery in my neck. I need to do the long 2600 mi. drive while my arm still works and get the surgery asap when I get home.

Also, I need to do the drive in summer as the winter route adds 500+ miles to the journey.

Jackson, my thought exactly. Upstage the Democrats.


CaseyM, astrological cycles are my passion . . on a very amateur level. There are individual planet cycles (a planet returns to the same degree where the cycle started), and there are cycles between 2 planets from a starting point conjunction between them to when they next conjoin sometime later.

There are also cycles that are made up of multiple cycles, such as the various stages of repeated Jupiter-Saturn cycles within a specific element; for example, in 2020 the earth series of cycles ends and the air series begins.

There are many more kinds of cycles that are observed, such as the period of time a planet such as Pluto spends in a sign such as Virgo. All fodder for study. All these cycles fit together like clockwork.

There are indeed series of eclipses which bear out repeat patterns, and I believe they are at least partially determined by the signature sign they fall in. In any case, what you describe as a pendulum swing is in fact an upward spiral that meets these return points (conservative to liberal) at higher levels of (mass) human consciousness on each pass.

It is basic to the theory of human evolution; the presumption (hope) that mankind becomes more conscious (as a whole) with each pass over the various repeat points (i.e. conservative, liberal, etc.) in the cycle.

It seems to me that is the purpose you are looking for; an ever increasing consciousness level in our species . . and this particular point in time happens to be a giant leap forward or upward, depending on your perspective.

I don’t know if there is any one cycle that explicitly addresses the overall purpose, but they each have a particular purpose and a specific amount of time in which to achieve it. This can be found by reading the cycle’s birth chart.

For example, the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle that started in 2000 and will end in 2020 had Uranus (in Aquarius) square the Jupiter conjunct Saturn (in Taurus), telling us that societies (Jupiter + Saturn) would be challenged (square) by Uranus (shock) through inventions (Aquarius, and Uranus which rules Aquarius) like the Internet and smart phones and cable tv, which would break down the fixed (Taurus) structures (Saturn) and belief systems (Jupiter), giving way to the next set of Jupiter-Saturn cycles in air signs.

Further, the US PROGRESSED Mercury at 20+ Aquarius (where Uranus was at the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction), representing how the US communicates now, is a big part of the challenges to (our) society. And that’s just a small part of the story in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle start chart of 2000.

I also think it symbolizes the huge increase of people studying (or interested in, or accepting of) astrology in the last couple of decades.

I believe what you see as a swing to the right is fear based; some people unwilling to be open to such rapid change (Uranus square Jupiter-Saturn) as they raise the draw bridge and close down the borders of their country and their minds.

Obviously, not everyone is ready for change, while some want to shatter the norms all at one time. The answer is somewhere in between, and that’s what the next Jupiter-Saturn cycle in Aquarius is all about.

Eliseo, sending best wishes for your arm and your journey. Don’t give my question another thought – focus on your mission at hand xxx 😉

“The cities ICE will begin mass deportations in *this weekend* are:
Los Angeles
New Orleans
New York City
San Francisco”


BarbK –

Thank you for your response. I have a feeling I’ll read that more than a few times.


Excellent article from Salon. A lot of truth and clarity in that article.

Elisabeth Grace:

“On Thursday, just a few hours before the potential warring Mars-Pluto opposition, a planned airstrike against Iran was stopped — minutes before its launch, allegedly. Was the halt a reflection of Neptune at a virtual standstill, pouring calming oil on troubled waters? Or is it not quite what it seemed to be? That would be another reflection of the current focus on Neptune, and here is Reuters with the story, filed at 12:03 AM ET this morning, minutes after the Mars-Pluto opposition.”


Elizabeth Warren’s birthday is today.
Does anyone have specific birth data for her, or a chart?

This is a clip from the View with conservative author George Will talking about impeachment, Pelosi and the mood of the nation.

Well worth under 5 minutes.


Twitter Statement by Donald Trump

“At the request of Democrats, I have delayed the Illegal Immigration Removal Process (Deportation) for two weeks to see if the Democrats and Republicans can get together and work out a solution to the Asylum and Loophole problems at the Southern Border. If not, Deportations start!”


“Children as young as 7 and 8, many of them wearing clothes caked with snot and tears, are caring for infants they’ve just met. Toddlers without diapers are relieving themselves in their pants. Teenage mothers are wearing clothes stained with breast milk.”


Ja, I read this a.m. that the U.S. started a cyber attack on the Iranian weapons system, for whatever that’s worth. That could have been the factor that allowed them to stop the attack. On the other hand, Trump loves going to the edge and leaving those around him balanced unstably on the precipice, guessing what he’ll do next. Quite the technique! I wonder if it comes naturally or he has been instructed in it, or it’s a combination of both?

Sharon, I believe it’s definitely a combination of both. It was Tucker Carlson from Fox news who talked him out of the decision to attack Iran.


Interview with Lena Rodriguez (“Tarot Down Under”) about Tarot and politics.
For those who want a count of how many tarot predictions come true, she tells how many of her 2018 predictions came true. For those who don’t know her, she’s a PhD in Sociology– very intelligent and witty.

PS She also talks about the differences in what astrology or tarot can bring to politics.

Yea, as we walk through the shadow of the Valley of Death.

The New York Times. Today:

“Griffin was referring to a revolutionary new type of weapon, one that would have the unprecedented ability to maneuver and then to strike almost any target in the world within a matter of minutes. Capable of traveling at more than 15 times the speed of sound, hypersonic missiles arrive at their targets in a blinding, destructive flash, before any sonic booms or other meaningful warning. So far, there are no surefire defenses. Fast, effective, precise and unstoppable — these are rare but highly desired characteristics on the modern battlefield. And the missiles are being developed not only by the United States but also by China, Russia and other countries….

In 2018, Congress expressed its consensus in a law requiring that an American hypersonic weapon be operational by October 2022. This year, the Trump administration’s proposed defense budget included $2.6 billion for hypersonics, and national security industry experts project that the annual budget will reach $5 billion by the middle of the next decade. The immediate aim is to create two deployable systems within three years. Key funding is likely to be approved this summer…..

…After their launch — whether from the ground, from airplanes or from submarines — they are pulled by gravity as they descend from a powered ascent, or propelled by highly advanced engines. The missiles’ kinetic energy at the time of impact, at speeds of at least 1,150 miles per hour, makes them powerful enough to penetrate any building material or armored plating with the force of three to four tons of TNT.

They could be aimed, in theory, at Russian nuclear-armed ballistic missiles being carried on trucks or rails. Or the Chinese could use their own versions of these missiles to target American bombers and other aircraft at bases in Japan or Guam. Or the missiles could attack vital land- or sea-based radars anywhere, or military headquarters in Asian ports or near European cities. The weapons could even suddenly pierce the steel decks of one of America’s 11 multibillion-dollar aircraft carriers, instantly stopping flight operations, a vulnerability that might eventually render the floating behemoths obsolete. Hypersonic missiles are also ideal for waging a decapitation strike — assassinating a country’s top military or political officials. “Instant leader-killers,” a former Obama administration White House official, who asked not to be named, said in an interview.”




This is a clip of tarot reader Kirsten Langden, the one so exalted by Dr. Rodriguez


Sharon K.,

It’s brinkmanship by any name, and it’s subject to be the cause of WWIII and cost millions, perhaps billions of lives. Whatever DJT’s motivation or lack thereof for using it, it’s reckless and incredibly stupid.

We know that Iran is trying to act tough to both scare Israel and, at the same time, avoid getting into any skirmish type wars with us, while at the same time, we are trying to intimidate them with threats of our superior strength (but they probably do have a very good army that would do some damage). However, I don’t think Russia and China would let that happen. But, what I do think will happen is that Iran would use its proxies, especially for guerilla- and terrorist-type events, as well as all countries involved will use cyber warfare. In spite of the obscene amounts of money being spent to try to keep pace with each other (and the U.S. probably cares a little more than Russia and China and India about poverty and quality of life, but those countries may have a better rural infrastructure) — I don’t think those weapons will be used except by mad men or accidentally. I don’t consider Trump the kind of mad man that I’m referring to although he has “some” signs of it.

“I don’t consider Trump the kind of mad man that I’m referring to although he has “some” signs of it.”

No, but Pence might be. He’s a Dominionist. Many, but not all of them of them believe nuclear war would be OK because G-D would protect and save them (the righteous), and it would speed up the return of Jesus. The problem is Pence has held his cards very close to his chest. We don’t really know how far or how deep he’s succumbed to such delusions, but we know he’s in their camp.

Sadly and dangerously, in Iran the “Twelvers” a sect within the Shia tradition hold similar beliefs. They also look for the return of Jesus as well as of the “Hidden Imam” who is centuries old. If they ever get control of the nukes, there WILL BE nuclear war in the middle east.

Sharon K., I put nothing past him. He’s obviously in cognitive decline and knows no limits because no one will stand up to him. No one ever truly has.

Here’s Kirsten Langston revisiting her 2017 predictions:


However did you find her???
If these edited video clips are kosher, Kirsten Langston is insanely-psychic not-to-mention wildly creative. She’s a star!


Sooooo, is this the end of Buttigeig?

Diana Joseph,

He endured a biblical scorching; a baptism by fire to be sure. I’m thinking he’ll survive it as mayor, but he should take a powder on the presidential bid this time ’round.

“Presidential hopeful”

“Buttigieg was born with his Capricorn Sun squaring the generational Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Libra (January 19, 1982; South Bend, Indiana; time unknown), an ambitious combination that motivates him to make the kinds of transformations that he talks about on the campaign trail, and that he actually implemented as the youngest mayor in the country. His popular appeal is enhanced by his Sun’s conjunction with Venus, with both sextile to innovative Uranus.”


Will: I found Kirsten Langston through a youtube algorhythm. I’m sure these are real, I’ve followed her (off and on — sometimes her manic-ness gets to me) for over a year now. I think these are an example of what Lena Rodriguez was referring to.
It took me many years to discover (as a musician) that the music is between the notes. It’s from Kirsten but mostly Lena that I’m learning that the tarot is between the cards. (BTW, the card reader in Mexico who taught me, Gustavo Rodriguez, told me that the cards were to distract the client!)


“BTW, the card reader in Mexico who taught me, Gustavo Rodriguez, told me that the cards were to distract the client!”

Si, Si, Si!

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