23rd Apr, 2019

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Well, it’s seeming like Barr accomplished his mission of holding the Trump base by putting out his despicable summary. Can hearings turn the tide or are the vast majority sick of it all…?

SCOTUS is poised to rule in favor of trump and the citizenship question on census after 3 federal courts ruled it unconstitutional. Part of their plan to limit blue states and the right of non whites to vote. And America will say it’s the rule of law. I say bull. It’s the rule of the right. We did not protest bush v gore we must protest this. But how? Marches are meaningless. A national strike?

I have always thought a national strike is the way to accomplish action. For now, it’s always about the money and power, so we the people have the power if we withdraw the money. Another question I have always wondered about…when the Trumps leave the White House, how will they be stopped from selling and/or using all the national security information they posses?

Knock Down The House | Official Trailer


I feel much better about things after looking at the Jan 21 Inaugural chart. It looks like whoever is elected will be progressive and begin rebuilding our government institutions on humanitarian values (AQ) and will also be future oriented (AQ) rather than status quo or backward (MH = CP; Saturn in Aq in the 10th). Additionally, mercury (ruler of chart’s 2nd/values), jupiter (justice) and the Sun (president/leader) are all in Aquarius in the tenth. Pluto is 2 deg away from conjuncting the MC in the 9th (courts), signifying power struggles from Supreme Court with administration’s goals and agenda. The chart ruler, venus, is in CP, also in the 9th, so perhaps a realignment of the court toward our traditional values (venus is the natural ruler of the 2nd). Neptune is strong in it’s ruling sign, Pices in the 11th (congress). Pices is associated with ideals, and humanitarian causes. So I think Congress will be more concerned with the plight of the poor and working class and less toward big business/corporations. But since it is a dual sign, perhaps it will remain the way it is, spit between Republicans and Democrats. But there might be bipartisan agreement on significant issues, such as health care (pisces and Neptune are also associated with hospitals, medical care) and climate change.

I’m not sure what to think of the moon at the 29th degree of Aries, applying toward the conjunction of mars and uranus in taurus, which are hovering over the taurus ascendent in the 12th (secret enemies). The nearly exact mars/uranus conjunction scares me. Could this have something to do with the previous Nov election. I now many astrologers say that it is not going to go smoothly, as mercury will be retrograde and Uranus will turn direct on election day. Perhaps it means that many districts will still be counting their vote and possibly changing outcomes. Any thoughts? I will try to post the chart below. I use Koch House system because I was told a long time ago that Koch was more accurate for the Northern Hemisphere.

Sorry. Can’t seem to copy it here.

PS. The chart was drawn for Jan 20, 2021 in Washington D.C., at 12:00 p.m The oath of office is always sworn on that day at that time in Washington, D.C.

Thank you Nancy.

I totally agree with a strike or boycott. The situation with Boeing is shocking. Think what would happen if people stopped purchasing airline tickets for just one day! and how about turning of the T.V.! People don’t realize how much power they possess.

From the last thread about French cathedrals — I read that France owns all the old cathedrals. Not sure why. But France owns them and leases them for $1 to the Catholic church, under an agreement that calls for the church to maintain them.

It was disputes about that agreement — France owning, Catholic church using and paying to maintain — that left Notre Dame needing a lot of expensive repairs for a long time and not getting them.

No idea how this is going to be handled in the future.

One other observation from my trip in 2017 — Notre Dame charged no admission, had some signs and inscriptions on the floor telling visitors what certain things in the church were or the dates they were created, but it was a very relaxed, move at your own pace, informal kind of thing.

I loved it so much more than I thought I would. Not sure why — maybe all the historical romances I loved as a teenager set in England amidst the English court — but I thought I’d love Westminster Abbey so much more. All those ancient coronations and weddings.

But the Abbey was so commercialized. So many different paid tours you could take. Big gift shop out front with all sorts of souvenirs you could buy. The Abbey’s image on everything imaginable. (Surprised there wasn’t toilet paper so you could wipe your ass on the Abbey’s image.)

You followed a well-regulated path through the whole thing, in a long line of people, with, if you chose to pay for them, your little headphones on so you could hear the audio tour, and it took you through at a defined pace. (Like herding cattle.)

And (forgive me if you’re Catholic — my bias is clearly showing) but it kept showing me how much the Catholic church loves money. The place is full of dead people. Crowded in everywhere in their ornate crypts and buried beneath the floor.

I get that it’s an honor to be buried there. Poet’s corner is cool. But there are tons of ancient people you’ve never heard of buried there, and you know it’s only because if you coughed up enough money for the church, they’d give you a spot for your body in the Abbey.

But it was probably more well-maintained than Notre Dame, too, and maybe some of that money from tours helped pay for the upkeep.

Rahm Emanuel:

What the Press Is Missing About Pete Buttigieg


What do you all feel about Elizabeth Warren? Seems to me she has the energy & the experience to lead. She has runs on the board re legislation on finance. Why do so the new talents get all the oxygen?

Not saying they’re not possibilities, but why not her?

Kazza, I think Elizabeth Warren is great, and I find her ideas convincing. But I don’t think she has the emotional connection to the people (the US Moon) that is needed to become President. She would make a wonderful VP or Secretary of the Treasury. I think her progressive program is showing the way.

Stephanie, not only will Mercury be retrograde during the next presidential election, Mars will also be retrograde in Aries and will square Pluto three times. Those are terrible aspects and a clear sign of great tension and likely civil unrest, even martial law. And Mars-Uranus in the 12th for the Inauguration is definitely not good as well. I am not relieved in any way by that Inaugural chart. At best there will be a good-meaning President who will be fighting both the Supreme Court and dangerous hidden enemies.

Thank you, Andre.

SCOTUS is poised to rule on a number of voter-related cases in the coming months. Let’s be clear, they (the conservative majority) are following the Federalist Society doctrine which believes Brown v Bd of Ed was a judicial overreach. And voting should be a limited privilege, not a mandated right.

When they rule, we should be ready to take to the streets. A workers strike would have an impact.

Some of us are old enough to remember the worker strikes in Europe in the late 1960s that led to real reforms. Whatever action we take, we need to take action.

Bush v Gore was met with a yawn and that lack of outrage has led to nearly two decades of voter repression (not to mention having to give up our voting equipment for new equipment that is privately made by Republican backed companies).

Kazza, I, too, like Elizabeth Warren. She’s smart, has put forth great policies, really knows what she’s talking about, etc., etc. but I think she is too strident and I think that turns off a lot of male voters just as Hillary did.


So how do you interpret the other transits/aspects in the inaugural chart, such as the overwhelming aquarius trends, with so many planets in that sign? Why so pessimistic?

Theresa Hill,

Terrific information on ownership of French Cathedrals and leasing to the Roman Catholic Church. Fascinating!

Knowing that the Vatican was in charge of Notre Dame’s upkeep/care etc. its fiery destruction is but another example of the massive level of neglect of Holy Mother Church’s and her people by its clergy. Maddening and inexcusable.

Thank you.

Hi Stephanie, I like your positive take on the 2021 Inauguration chart. About the Moon at 29+ Aries I would note that –

(1) Moon will oppose Haumea (28+ Libra) who is all about birthing babies. Another clue – Haumea was married to Kamala, also a god. (Kamala Harris has natal Moon at 27+ Aries)

(2) Aries is symbolic of new starts.

(3) Transiting Uranus (breakthroughs) was at 29+ Aries in late April through mid May, 2018; through the 1st week of December 2018 in retrograde, and finally, most of February, 2019, and 1st week of March in direct motion.

I would take from this that the Inauguration Moon (the People) is ready for completing (29th degree) new starts (Aries) that began during the 2018 midterm elections when transiting Uranus (breakthroughs) was nearly at 29+ Aries.

Also, retrogrades are not a bad thing but a time of reflection. In fact, reflection can be a very good thing.

I see Mars conjunct Uranus at 6+ Taurus as a sign of determination (Taurus the Bull), as they will T-square the US natal chart’s North Node (new path forward) at 6+ Leo and the US natal South Node (things that don’t work any more) and US natal Pholus* (small cause, big effect).

A determined Mars-Uranus, followed by the People (Moon in Aries, new starts) will eliminate old ways that no longer serve growth (US South Node) which will cause a kerfuffle (US Pholus) amongst the old guard, while seeking new opportunities (US North Node).

Also, transiting Ceres will be conjunct transiting Neptune in Pisces in the 11th house of this Inauguration chart. Congress will indeed be concerned about the plight of the poor and the working class, including migrant children separated from parents.

* Melanie Reinhart says ” . . Pholus often highlights the releasing of ancestral processes, whether these are known or unknown to us.”


Excuse me, I left off that US South Node and US Pholus are at 6+ Aquarius.

Stephanie, as I said this could be a well-meaning President who is thwarted by the Supreme Court and encounters dangerous, perhaps foreign, enemies. Or it’s more Trump or someone like him. Either way, Mars-Uranus in the 12th could bring him or her down quite suddenly. I believe Kamala Harris also has Saturn in Aquarius in the 10th near the US Moon, which could make her overbearing or demanding great sacrifice from the people. Good or bad, this President would appear to have a tough term and to serve in a time of strain for the country, economic or otherwise.

I will be pessimistic until we are past the US Pluto return, the Neptune opposition and the Chiron return, which brings us to the 2024 election. The 2024 President will then encounter, successfully I believe, the US Uranus return in 2027, which has brought the War of Independence, the Civil War and WWII in its only three occurrences in the past.

Later in the century we will be approaching the Uranus-Pluto opposition which brings revolutions and eventually the Neptune-Pluto square which should bring peak climate change and great spiritual and psychological transformation.

There is simply no place for naive optimism in these times. Of course there will be planets in Aquarius but even they won’t last. Pluto in Aquarius will be followed by Pluto in Pisces squaring Neptune in Gemini, which will probably be the most powerful aspect of the century. To say we are entering the Age of Aquarius and all will be well may be true in some ways in the long term. It just won’t do much in the near future. I would rather expect hard times and be pleasantly surprised than the opposite. This is from someone who currently has both Saturn and Pluto on his Sun.

Andre – I hope you, personally, are pleasantly surprised by the manifestation of these transits and everything unfolds as it should – Sending love & light.

Below is a link to a great explanation of the upcoming new cycles starting in 2020, written by Melanie Reinhart. Also read about Chiron’s wife Chariklo which is linked to the piece below. You’ll be glad you did.



You have both Saturn and Pluto currently on your sun?

O mon Dieu! Many blessings and healing energies flowing your way

Robert De Niro has stated he would like to personally slap the handcuffs on DJT just before he is taken away in the orange jumpsuit.

But I think the more appropriate person to have that privilege would be Hillary Clinton. Just my opinion.

Ralfee Finn has a wonderful positive take on the Saturn-Pluto conjunction today.


Will, about Notre Dame, it was announced in French media this morning that the construction company doing renovations on its roof has admitted some of its workers were smoking on site despite the fact that smoking was prohibited. I’m just glad it wasn’t Islamic terrorism like Sri Lanka. Two years ago, a priest was killed during Mass by two Arabs in northern France. His name was Father Hamel. He is a tragic figure in France.

I mentioned earlier the Cathedral of Saint-Denis, also beautiful, where there are the royal tombs emptied during the Revolution. This cathedral was located in the countryside during the Middle Ages. It is now in a distant norther suburb of Paris mainly inhabited by Arabic-speaking immigrants who have in some cases attacked visitors. Tourists are now afraid to go there because it is a no-go zone.

Saint Denis is the patron saint of Paris, who was beheaded on what used to be called the Mount of Martyrs. This was shortened centuries ago to Montmartre, one of the better known neighborhoods in Paris, famous for its artistic community in the early 20th century, where Picasso, Toulouse-Lautrec and many other celebrities used to live.


“Although that may seem like a long time to be revisiting the same issues, in comparison to cosmic time, it’s not even the thought of a thought about the blink of an eye.”

Re: Notre Dame, Saint Denis, and Montmarte – shocking; tragic. I spent close to twenty years immersed in the heady world of fine art. I curated collections of works by Toulouse-Lautrec, Picasso, Renoir, Ecole d’ Barbizon in my earlier years. Not until your post above did I know that Montmartre – the famed artist colony of the late 19/20 centuries- translates to Mount of Martyrs nor that Saint Denis is the patron Saint of Paris. Fascinating.

Merci beaucoup!


I’m thinking that mars and uranus conjunct in the 12th of the inaugural chart means that with the election of a progressive president, the white supremacists and racists go underground and become domestic terrorists.

I was thinking that the inaugural moon in the 29th degree of Aries could be that the abortion issue is finally settled once and for all. I have hope that John Roberts sides with the liberals on this. John Roberts has expressed concern that the Supreme Court not be perceived as partisan and overturning Roe V Wade would cement that perception and undermine the legitimacy of the court. That is why he sided with the liberals in upholding Obama care. If the Supreme Court overturns Roe vs. Wade, it will be the end of the GOP as few women will vote for them again. I think even the other conservative justices know this.

Lorna Bevan today:(With permission to quote)

“In May, watch as you start to fully experience the nuclear power of this new energy grid.
Taurus – sign of the Great Central Sun- is electrified by Uranus the Awakener and the Wesak
Full Moon on Algol – the World 3rd Eye. This Taurean super voltage is plugged straight into the
Saturn/Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn – a transmission between two practical Earth signs that
you can use in real time. Think a mixture of nuclear fission and lightning. This is Light to the
power of infinity – a Light overload and your systems are expanding to absorb it, ground it to
use it as fuel then release it – squared. It’s unnerving…. it’s exciting…. you’ve been waiting for
the new frequency and now it’s here it’s bigger than you ever imagined.

Krugman always gets straight to the point! Thanks Nancy.

Thank you for the heads up ja.

Good points Stephanie, thanks for sharing.

I read that Joe Biden is announcing his candidacy for president tomorrow (Thursday). Interestingly, it appears that the announcement will happen in the morning, somewhere near the upcoming Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Thoughts?

Excuse me, I mean, with the moon somewhere near that point.

At this moment transiting Uranus (2+ Taurus) is trine transiting Pholus (2+ Capricorn) and both trine transiting retrograde (review) Transpluto at 1+ Virgo.

What this looks to mean (to me) is that the process of becoming Whole (symbolized by Transpluto) has benefited from a kerfuffle (Pholus’ “small cause, big effect”) which has awakened, startled and surprised (symbolized by Uranus) the US President. Transiting Uranus is exactly semi-square Trump’s natal Uranus right now.

With US natal Venus (3+ Cancer) opposite transiting Pholus (making a Kite pattern out of the grand trine) the focus of the kerfuffle is on Values (symbolized by Venus) specific to the United States, starting with loyalty (not “selling out”) to the country. Read Nancy’s link to the Paul Krugman/NYT piece.

“Trump has moved from obstruction of justice in the Mueller investigation to obstruction of Congress – blocking Congress at every turn from carrying out its constitutional oversight duty. As people ponder impeachment, they must consider this unprecedented attack on our democracy.”


Gina, that’s right, the Moon will conjunct trans. Saturn (20+ Capricorn) at 10 AM tomorrow.

Interestingly, Joe’s natal Neptune at 1+ Libra conjuncts the US natal chart’s MC, belying his natal Sun, Venus, Mercury and Mars in Scorpio in his natal 12th house of working behind closed doors.

I wonder if part of his motivation to run is to throw Trump off course. I’ve read Trump is afraid of Biden, or at least intimidated by him. Joe’s Scorpio Sun-Venus squares Trump’s Mars-Ascendant in Leo, which could rip Trump’s ego to shreds (if Biden chose to do so. I think he might.)

I’ve come to think of Trump as the Jupiter-Saturn cycle poster boy, in that the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (in 2000) at 22+ Taurus is conjunct his MC at 24+ Taurus, and the Uranus (disrupt) in that chart at 20+ Aquarius squares the Taurus Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, but trines Trump’s Sun-Uranus in Gemini. That cycle ends in Dec. 2020 right after the election.

20+ Aquarius is where the progressed US Mercury is too and disruption is what we see, hear and read (Mercury stuff) all the time now. Joe’s natal Saturn (9+ Gemini) is one degree away from the US NATAL Uranus (8+ Gemini) so he could really surprise us, and his natal Juno (partner) opposite his Saturn could be one way of doing it – who his running mate would be. Just sayin’.

PS – In a day or so transiting Mars will conjunct Trump’s Uranus exactly as transiting Neptune is already square it.


CNN did an unprecedented five straight hours of town halls with five different candidates on, I believe, Sunday night. (Bravo to them.) Its focus was on young people and they had an audience full of college students asking questions.

Elizabeth Warren seemed to win the most positive response and press from it. She announced her student-loan forgiveness program that day and spoke very well and forcefully about the need to impeach Trump.

I thought what she said was great, and then I get back to the optics I’ve talked about before which I know are superficial ways of judging candidates, and yet, I still think we do it. We seem to want someone who seems or appears Presidential, whatever that is.

She looked kind of frail to me. Something about the way she was moving and maybe her hand gestures. And I know she’s younger than both Bernie and Biden. Bernie somehow manages to sell the crazy-old-man image well. (No idea what that’s about.)To me, Biden’s never looked his age.

She has that school-teacher thing going on, which I think makes people appreciate that she’s really smart and makes you want to listen to her. She’s very good at answering back at Republicans, speaking her mind and being direct, not mincing words in criticizing them. I’ve noticed that about her for years.

I can imagine her as the really smart, take-no-shit mom kind of President. But I think she loves policy minutia and would be best serving as the person in charge of our economic system. Let her really dig in and reform things.


That breaks my heart, hearing the workers might have been smoking up there. I read that the roof of old trees was know to be a huge fire hazard and was inspected daily for potential fire issues. The idea that two assholes who just had to smoke there might have caused all this damage is horrifying and infuriating.


I see the old cathedrals as equally important art and architectural sites, as much as religious ones. I’d like to see them maintained for their significance as all three. Do not want to trust the Catholic church with anything as important as those cathedrals.

How funny that DJT speaks of mercy. Maybe he could show us what mercy looks like by silencing his awful self and never again uttering another word or tweet.

I can drive that tanka


Biden Joins the Really Big Crowd

“He’s nice, he’s experienced and he’s younger than Ringo.”

Theresa Hill,

I agree. Nonetheless, the response to ND fire was painfully slow and inadequate.
When I go to Europe, I make a point to walk into any cathedral that might be open. It is a euphoric experience for me. I’d like to live in one.

Starlight, Donny Darko never fails to react like raving lunatic when his thin facade is pierced by swords of truth. Thank you for the entertainment. I’m pretty sure only Congress can vote to begin impeachment proceedings; then it is sent to the Senate where a 2/3rd’s vote is needed to convict. The Judicial Branch is not involved with any aspect of Impeachment. But then, we live in times when up is down, white is black and wrong is right. We are truly living through times that the theory of chaos predicted many, many years ago.

Its almost as if DT is begging for impeachment proceedings to take place because it will make him the center of the Universe – and that’s all he’s ever interested in – publicity at any cost. Such the shameless fame whore.

Andre is on the money, and provided us with a VERY important reminder about the 2027 Uranus US chart return—as he pointed out, its only 3 three occurrences gave us the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and WWII. None of those wars just appeared overnight, but had years of ramp-up. All 3 cost many lives, with no American family left untouched, if not by bloodshed—by fear. This is coming back again for the 4th time.

Each of the previous times, America had an extraordinary leader: General Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin Roosevelt. We can only hope that in 2024 we have the man or woman in place that will get our country through this.

However, the lead-up to these Presidencies was a different story. Pre-Washington, there was no president, but budding America did suffer greatly from ‘foreign enemies’ and some spectacular treason.

Buchanan, the Democrat one term president before Lincoln, is considered to have been an abysmal failure, if not the worst President ever.

Herbert Hoover preceded Roosevelt, and, oddly enough he comes in as second worst on most scholarly lists! He was a Republican, so there are many puff pieces on him, but he was large and in charge during the beginning of the Great Depression, just as Buchanan served as President during the financial panic of 1857.

Democrat Roosevelt was President from ‘33 through WWII. Although his leadership was excellent throughout the Great Depression, his reluctance to enter the War, or even provide help, led to millions of deaths and a stronger enemy. We all know the story of how we eventually “saved” the world, and that hubris has drawn us into a never ending cycle of “save the world” wars ever since.

TL;dr: we’re now in the run-up to the 2027 Uranus return, should expect terrible Presidential leadership and a fierce financial downturn, and should pray we find a President Jesus to get us out of it again.

(Andre, I have the same planets sitting on my sun as you have. I’m not down for the count, but the blows have been stunning, to say the least.)

I like Joe Biden’s chances. He has my vote. Of course, if more revelations come to light re: women, that would be a big hurdle. But, since no more stories have come to light in this time, if there is a story, could be political, waiting for him to make his announcement.

I do too Angellight – Joe (right now) seems to have the ingredients to make it to the White House; Few Dems would vote against him if the alternative was a Pub.

For the 1st time ever I will be voting (Primary) for who can beat Trump (assuming he lives that long) but won’t know for sure for another year. It probably won’t be my “favorite person” necessarily, but who can get the most votes in November 2020.

Pretty sure there are enough people who still don’t want a woman for President, or a black or a gay, unfortunately, who would go so far as to vote AGAINST one, even if it meant Trump would win. I’ve learned my lesson; there are still enough haters or “fearers” (of women, blacks, gays, foreigners) in the USA to make it too close a race.

So policies be damned this time, it’s who can beat Trump.

“So policies be damned this time, it’s who can beat Trump.”

Sadly barbk, this is what it has come to.

“We are in the battle for the soul of this nation,” Mr. Biden said. “I believe history will look back on four years of this president and all he embraces as an aberrant moment in time. But if we give Donald Trump eight years in the White House, he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation, who we are, and I cannot stand by and watch that happen.”


Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said that Congress should begin a Watergate-style investigation into President Donald Trump’s attempts to obstruct Robert Mueller’ probe of Russian interference in the 2016 election that she lost.


barbk: Funny, you wrote today (assuming Trump lives that long). I made that same statement yesterday.

Yes, I believe Joe can win, he can walk that middle path and unite the two extremes of the Democratic party.

Will and Eliseo,

you both have led, and are leading, interesting lives.

Marjorie Orr doesn’t think much of Biden’s chances.


Yeah, Angellight, that would be a game changer. All bets are off if he were to die before the election in November, 2020. Even more so if he died before the conventions.

Like will says, “Sadly, this is what it has come to.”

RE: “Sadly, this is what it has come to.”

I just don’t think it will be a Dem vs. Agent Orange. It feels more like a Dem vs. someone more like Romney. Maybe my antennae are twisted, or maybe I’m in the wrong universe, but that’s the signal I’m getting.

But otherwise I agree we need to nominate a true winner, not someone who fits our stereotypical notions of the perfect minority.

I think Eliseo might be right. I see Romney or Bill Weld (the former gov. of MA & Libertarian VP candidate in 2016 who already announced). I don’t see how Trump can make it. As far as the Dem candidate, may it be someone who can win. Marjorie could be wrong. I’ll wait to see what Nancy thinks as she will let us know in due time. I have a hard time seeing any of the current Dem. candidates winning as they are not heavy weights in terms of experience.

Just saw these 2 interesting placements in Joe’s natal chart (if correct) that interconnect to Trump and the U.S. moon. Do you make anything of this?

North Node in 29° 42′ Leo (r)
Chiron in 28° 52′ Leo


Eliseo, you could be picking up some good signals. I’m thinking this November (2019) is going to be interesting (if not apocalyptic for some!).

1. a Full Moon conjuncts the US natal Vesta (what is invested in) at 19+ Taurus, which is ALSO a US Vesta Return (trans. Vesta at 19+ Taurus too)

2. a New Moon at 4+ Sagittarius will conjunct the total solar eclipse (aka the Great American Eclipse) chart ascendant (when it is set in Washington, DC) of August, 2017 (still in effect through May 2020, I’m told)

3. trans. Jupiter will be in Sagittarius (23 through 29 degrees)

4. The total eclipse (Aug. 2017) at 28+ Leo (conjunct Trump Mars-Asc.) was trine Uranus at 28+ Aries rx. and the Galactic Core (27+ Sagittarius) + Pholus (small cause, big effect) at 26+ Sagittarius.

As transiting Jupiter activates that grand trine in the 2017 eclipse chart this coming November, and a New Moon activates that same eclipse further – specifically for the US, and the US has a new Vesta Return that coincides with a Full Moon in the same degree, it is going to be a meaningful month in ways that won’t be obvious in the transiting aspect picture alone.

Since all this going on in November, 2019, precedes the Conventions in the summer of 2020, it could mean that Trump won’t be the Republican candidate in the Nov. 2020 Election.

PS – trans. Uranus will be in the “Chiron Degree” (where Chiron was when discovered) in Nov. 2019. Also, trans. Mercury [communicate] in Scorpio will sextile trans. Saturn [restriction] in Cap. and it will form a Yod to Trump’s natal Uranus [no restrictions] in Gemini which will be forced to adjust. (see FM chart for Nov. 12, 2019)

Very Interesting, barbK! Thank You!

I concur. The Dem slate so far consists mostly of what will be (perhaps falsely) perceived as “newbies.” The exceptions, Biden, Bernie, etc. will be perceived as too old, or too radical.

We need to be very aware the way WE (on this blog) PERCEIVE or INTERPET the Dem candidates will not be the way they are perceived by Independents, moderate R’s, and of course Trump supporters, (whom I expect by Nov 2020 may be angrier than they are now.)

Sharon K, Biden’s placements mean he has his South Node on or near the US Moon and Chiron opposite the US Moon. Not so hot.

Will, very few Frenchmen know that Montmartre was the Mount of Martyrs. I only discovered that myself last week reading an article on the BBC News site by a British professor of French history at Oxford. French Catholics would know however that Saint Denis and Sainte Genevieve are the patron saints of Paris. This is why we have a Boulevard Saint-Denis in downtown Montreal.

Montmartre also has a huge Catholic basilica called Sacré-Coeur (Sacred Heart) overlooking the city. It’s a very large white building often seen in pictures of Paris. It was built relatively recently (late 19th century) after a Communist uprising in 1871 when 20 to 30,000 Parisians were massacred in the streets by the French army. This uprising called La Commune is legendary, but the right-wing government at the time was so horrified by these atheists it decided to re-consecrate the city by building Sacré-Coeur.

Inside or nearby (I’m not sure) is the church of La Madeleine, dedicated to Mary Magdalen who has traditionally been particularly venerated in France. She is said to have lived out her life in a cave in Southern France. Guides in Provence will actually show you her tomb.

OH YE OF LITTLE FAITH. My reposts once again. Not tRump or Pence in 2020. Why hasn’t anyone else looked at their charts for then?


tRump’s transits election night 2020. Transit Pluto opposite natal Saturn, transit Saturn opposite natal Venus.


Me election night. Transiting Jupiter and Pluto trine natal MC. Transiting Vemus square natal Moon, Transiting Moon square natal MC.


With the possibility that Trump could be impeached or like Nixon resign before that happens looking at Nov 3, 2020 it does not appear that Pence will even be running (thinking there would be more than 1 possible aspect to either his natal or progressed chart. Nothing close except for transit Neptune at 18°20′ Pisces square natal Sun (noon chart) 16°09′ Gemini.>/b>

Andre, maybe it means the U.S. people will help Biden release something so he can move on to his real mission: leadership (Leo) and he will help us heal? (I’m putting a positive twist on it as I have often seen chiron mentioned in terms of healing, which often is associated with pain, and becoming a more spiritual nation.)

Paris is said to be ruled by Virgo by the way so that is very fitting.

A neighbor was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and, for quite a while, I pictured Virgo Mary and a group of those like her dancing on his roof in a way that showered down on, and infused, the whole house with very deep blue healing energy. I’m not sure if it helped but I hope so. He lived for a year. I don’t even know how I got that image.

Glad to see people responding to Biden’s announcement speech which I read a partial transcript of and was impressed with his scorpion depth and ability to communicate truth to power. On Democratic Underground there is a poll and he was down to 3rd place underneath Buttigieg and Harris but he is now in first place. Whatever happens, he started out on the offense and with a very pure and positive energy and deep concern for our nation that seemed to express as a desire to heal it (which sort of matches with what I said above).

Since you first posted it, I’ve found your January 20, 2020 date for Trump awfully compelling. But I think he may be removed before that date. I think on that date it more likely he might be sentenced or found guilty in one of the venues like the southern district of New York.

I also suspect televised hearings this summer will turn more people against him. As an example, I think his almost two decades of money laundering for Russian oligarchs will again be revealed.


I think he will be gone by the last half of January 2020. Trusting my progressed lunar return technique (with transit Jupiter conjunct my natal Moon at the time) I bet on January 16.

Bob, I believe you. I don’t think either Trump or Pence will be the GOP nominee. I mentioned Trump as a possibility only because nothing fundamentally improves in 2020. The most likely hypothesis is some other Republican wins because many voters are scared off, honestly or not, the Democrat candidate. That is why I have mentioned Romney.

The reason I say nothing changes is that a Saturn-Pluto conjunction always reinforces conservatism for a decade. The last time was in 1982, and what did we have then? Reagan did two terms, followed by Bush 41. The effects of the conjunction only waned when Saturn reached other conjunctions with Uranus and Neptune, which brought down the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union. The world felt safer, and in came Clinton.

This time we have not only a Saturn-Pluto conjunction, but it’s in Capricorn, the most conservative and establishment sign (myself not included, I have a Capricorn Sun which makes me able to feel this dynamic in my bones but I have a Sag Ascendant, a Moon in Leo and an Aquarian mind).

On top of that, here comes the once-in-250 years Pluto return also in Capricorn, which wasn’t even there in 1982. All this comes on the heels of a Uranus-Pluto square, and a Pluto opposition to the US Sun, which brought us the worst president and has shaken confidence in the Constitution to a degree unknown in our lifetimes. People will rush to a conservative, middle-of-the-road, honorable-looking, decent and reassuring father figure in such times.

Biden could have been that man, and I understand why he would think he could fill that role. But he is now the touchy-feely, gaffe-prone candidate from the past. He won’t make it.

Frankly, I think those of you who are cheering Democrat presidential candidates on are in for a disappointment. At that time, someone will tell you to keep faith and take back the Senate instead. Hand the 2021 Mars-Uranus Inaugural conjunction in the 12th house to a Republican President. That will be a problem the GOP deserves.


How Congress Could Impeach President Trump

“Removal actually requires five separate votes: two by the House Judiciary Committee, two by the entire House, then another vote in the Senate to convict.”

And the process of actual voting likely not beginning before transit Jupiter has finished transiting his Sun and Moon beginning tomorrow through November 3rd (beyond that if an orb is allowed) and the final vote in the Senate possibly being delayed and maybe not resulting in a conviction.

It is in November when I think a deal may be struck that may allow him to hang in until January of 2020.

Sharon K, Mary Magdalen is not the Holy Virgin. She was not the mother of Jesus. In the New Testament, she was the first person who saw Jesus when he rose from the dead. She was obviously close to him and is seen as an example of faith.

There is also a more pagan tradition in southern France which sees her as not only a dear friend of Jesus, but his actual companion. In this view, she resembles Venus or the Goddess, with romantic and sexual overtones. That is of course quintessentially French. So praying to Mary Magdalen is subtly subversive of the patriarchal order in the Roman Catholic Church. A great movie came out about her last year.

You make a great deal of sense. I’m thinking progressives may not even get any relief until 2028 coinciding with the Uranus return.

Worked my charts for Romney in La Jolla, CA, and Salt Lake City, UT, for election night 2020 – both locations indicate an unpleasant night for him. Saturns and Plutos (transits) and Moons and Saturns (progressions) on the angles in both locations.

Do any astrologists see good things for Biden?

A very busy July for tRump.

July 2 solar eclipse. tRump natal Saturn on it’s Zenith, eclipse Saturn/Neptune midpoint on his progressed IC.

July 4 transit Saturn conjunct his inauguration Pluto.

July 16 solar eclipse opposite his natal Saturn.

July 25 he has a progressed New Moon in right ascension.

It is a lunar eclipse on July 16 not a solar eclipse.

Sharon, “interesting placements”, indeed!

Joe Biden’s mean North node is 29+ Leo and true North node is 0+ Virgo, and his Chiron at 28+ Leo are conjunct Obama’s North Node at 27+ Leo as well as Trump’s ascendant and Mars (26+ and 29+ Leo).

This means Joe’s true South Node at 0+ Pisces (like Obama’s South Node at 27+ Aquarius) is close enough to be considered conjunct US Moon at 27+ Aquarius.

The South Node in one’s natal chart symbolizes something one was good at but does not serve that person (or country) moving forward. It CAN be given away though, and that’s the positive way to use a South Node.

Joe Biden then is giving what he has mastered (cusp of Aquarian/Pisces stuff) to the US People (US natal Moon) and is following his North Node (path forward) in Virgo(to serve), along with his Chiron in Leo, based on what his experience with Obama has taught him and what he is witnessing as negative Leo energy from Trump. That’s my take.

Biden also has natal Sedna (tossed overboard) at 20+ Aries (along with his natal Hades, Hylonome and Varuna) which conjuncts US natal Chiron (wounding which leads to healing).

Joe’s natal Nessus (awareness of power abuse) at 3+ Taurus (the Chiron Discovery degree), where transiting Uranus will be later this year, will no doubt be painful for him, but something good (for him and the country) should result from it.

Frankly, I think if it wasn’t for Joe’s natal Chiron (conjunct his natal North Node) he would not be doing this.

His natal Rhadamanthus (judge noted for justice and punishment) is conjunct Trump’s natal Uranus (follows no rules) both at 17+ Gemini. It only emphasizes my belief that Joe Biden, like Trump, is a man-of-the-time, playing out his role in the Big Picture – Transformation/Evolution with a bit of Karma thrown in for good measure.

Nice explanation, Barb. I like the way you think…

Andre, as much as we hate giving it to them, you may be right about handing the Republicans a problem they deserve. On the other hand, what if they do well?

Thank you for the explanation about Mary Magdalene. I knew she wasn’t the Virgin Mother, and that, some think, was Jesus’s (soul) mate, but somehow, in thinking superficially about it, I confused the two.

I, too, have a Leo moon and Aquarian mind.

All the best!

Bob, Wolfstar over at Neptune Cafe claims Romney’s chart will bring him huge success in 2020-21. He couldn’t say if it was business or politics.

If I remember correctly, it had something to do with his progressed MC trine the Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

IF…extremely damning evidence is widely disseminated as to how dirty, dangerous, and treacherous 45 is, and he is impeached but IS NOT convicted due to Republican senatorial loyalty, the R’s could lose the senate in 2020 and the Dems could run Mickey Mouse against Trump and win, as long as Mickey is perceived as competent, experienced and honest.

Conversely, IF…45 is impeached and convicted, or forced to resign, the R’s will need to choose a candidate for 2020 who APPEARS to be a Trump opposite, someone with actual political experience and sterling character. That would be their public atonement for nominating the orange swamp thing.

Such a candidate could very well beat a Dem who is perceived as too radical. In concert with my intuition, this is a REASON I believe they would probably choose a Bill Weld, or Romney type.

But as I said in an earlier post, I find the perception that Romney has a sterling character ironic and dubious relative to his history running Bain Capital.

Romney progressed to election night at 10 pm, MST in Salt Lake City, UT, MC will be at 227°22′ (Q2 Mean Quotidian angles). Transit Saturn/Pluto midpoint will be on the Asc at 226°55′; transit Saturn will be on the Asc at 228°01′. Will contemporaneous transits prevail?

His progressed Saturn/Pluto midpoint will be at 131°13′, his progressed Moon at 131°43′ will be on it.

Pairing the eclipses from the previous year with his chart progressed to election night produces a mixed bag.

The January 10th lunar eclipse Jupiter will be on his natal MC in Utah (MC 280°16; eclipse Jupiter 279°42′.

The June 5th lunar eclipse Jupiter and Pluto will be on election night progressed MC (MC 227°22′, Jupiter rising at 226°50′, Pluto rising at 226°59′).

It will have the July 4th lunar eclipse Pluto on the Asc at 226°44′, lunar eclipse Saturn on it at 230°42′ and their midpoint on it at 228°43′.

In the year he will have transit Neptune conjunct his natal Sun and a transit of Saturn opposite natal Saturn.

“will be on election night progressed MC” should read “will be on election night progressed Asc”.

Andre, Eliseo, Bob: Like you, I suspect that Agent Orange might resign. But I cannot imagine a moderate winning the Republican primary! And what happens to Pence? In the Inaugural chart Saturn has moved into Aquarius.

Maria Butina Sentenced.

“In a tearful voice, Ms. Butina asked the judge for mercy, saying she never intended to harm the American political process. “The United States has always been kind to me,” she said. “I just didn’t register because I didn’t know to.”


Here is what is subtly different about Biden. He’s not an individualist. He is a member. He belongs to his family; his hometown, Scranton; his Democratic Party; his Senate; his nation, and is inexplicable without those roots. He used the word “we” 16 times in his short video announcing his candidacy.


A point to remember: The Republican candidate will be chosen not by the Republican leadership, but by voters in the Republican primary. (They tend to be very right wing.)

The US natal chart’s 7th house (partner or open enemy) has Gemini on the cusp, which is ruled by Mercury who has a reputation of being a trickster.

At this time transiting Pluto is retrograde and opposite the US natal Mercury. The (open) enemy is within.

Is that the main message of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction (exact in January 2020) for the USA? Are we our own worst enemy?

That thought came to me as I listened/watched the News that Trump would speak at the NRA Convention today.

“Are we our own worst enemy?”
Yes, of course. An ocean on either side of us, with the most arable land of any nation and friendly neighbors to our North and south: We have the best and luckiest geography of any nation in history. In the long run, no one can do us in but us.

If the inaugural Moon rises or sets before the inauguration takes place expect change of party, if it rises or sets after the inauguration occurs do not expect a change of party.

In 5 of the 6 times this did not hold true since 1861 there were unique transits involving the Sibly chart on the day of the inauguration.

1861 – Sibly Chart Uranus return, occurs once in about 84 years.
1885 – Inaugural Uranus conjoined Sibly MC, occurs once in about 84 years.
1893 – Inaugural Neptune conjoined Sibly Uranus, occurs once in about 164 years and inaugural Pluto also conjoined Sibly Uranus which occurs once in about 245 years.
1981 – The only inauguration conducted on the same day as a Full Moon.
1985 – The only inauguration conducted on the same day as a New Moon.

Then there was this:
2017 – Russian interference.

31 inaugurations since 1893. Without outliers it was true for 25 of them. Remove the outliers and it worked 26 times out of 27, missing only in 2017 (Russian interference) . That is a success rate of 96.3%. Without interference perhaps 27 out of 27 for 100% effectiveness.

In 2021, If inauguration is at noon, the angles will be set at 298°15. The Moon will have set before then when the MC was at 292°24′. Moon rises or sets before inauguration expect change of party.


Same but diff layout.


Thank You So Much Nancy.

Have you seen this?
“Rosenstein fires back at critics over Mueller report”
“I can land the plane” How Rosenstein tried to mollify Trump, protect Mueller and save his job”
Rod Rosenstein: 1/13/65

You know, I thought Rod Rosenstein was integral to the whole Mueller vs. Trump + Barr picture.

Earlier this month I wrote that I thought Rod was “the linchpin” in the Mueller-Barr-Rosenstein astrological picture (involving a Yod-turned-Boomerang) and now it looks like the press wants to make him the bad guy.

I don’t think that’s what he is; I think he is trying to keep the country intact, by hook or by crook.

It’s all a manifestation of the the US natal chart’s square between Sun (life) and Saturn (death). If you want the particulars see my comment on April 3, at 3:01 PM on the last thread. All part of the Big Picture re: Evolution of Mankind.

Divine Harmony:

“Wherever the Capricorn Confluence (Saturn/Pluto/South Node) is in your natal chart is where your biggest karma and greatest intensity lies right now. Yet it is also the place where you have the potential for greatest growth, empowerment, transformation and evolution! A diamond starts out as a piece of coal that gets put under very intense pressure. Where Capricorn is in your chart is where you can move through some of the greatest Alchemy this year! ”


Navy and Air Force pilots are frustrated because they see too many UFOs and nobody does anything.


Judge Napolitano, Fox News Legal Analyst put forth what will probably go down as the most scorching rebuke of Trump ever on Fox News. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets fired. Judge Napolitano cited a long list of incidents of Donald Trump willfully and knowingly obstucting justice many, many times in Tje Mueller Report. They’ve been looping it on MSNBC and CNN. It is a thing of beauty. Deranged Donny is toast!!!

Will, gossip has it that Napolitano was on track to be picked for the supreme court but was bumped by Kavanaugh – Trump’s comeuppance?


Re: July 4 transit Saturn conjunct Trump’s inauguration Pluto.

July 16 solar eclipse opposite Trump’s natal Saturn.


Excellent observation. Here’s the July 16th eclipse chart for quick reference:


Notice the lunar eclipse (24 ’04 Capricorn) is within a 16 min orb of opposing Trumps natal Saturn (23 ’48 Cancer). Tr. Pluto (21 Capricorn) is at the midpoint of the eclipse (24 Cap) Saturn/South Node (16/17 Cap) stellium. What a powerful eclipse!

July 12th – 4 days prior there is an exact Mars-Uranus square (6 Leo – Taurus) located at the midpoint of Trumps natal Moon Sun opposition (21 Sag – 22 Gemini) and the US Mars (21 Gemini). Something definitely is afoot.

Thanks for the heads up.

Ja: In otherwords, Biden is a true Aquarian individual, who feels a sense of brotherhood with the other.

barbk: I was kind of thinking that Rosenstein was falling on the sword to help Mueller get to the truth. However, if story is true he was teary eyed begging for his job, changes my opinion. I am not just sure what to think.

PS The Mars – Uranus square (6 ’13 Leo – Taurus) actually occurs on July 11th with Mars right on the US Sibly charts south node (6 ’36 Leo).

There is more Jerry and it fits with yesterday’s news about Rosenstein.

By: Bob on April 2nd, 2019 at 12:11 pm

It is July when I think the beginning of the end for tRump really starts. I think he will be gone in January 2020 (6 months later) when The Sun, Saturn, and Pluto conjunct the eclipse Moon and oppose the eclipse Sun and his natal Saturn.

By: Bob on April 23rd, 2019 at 9:59 am

The July 16 lunar eclipse is at 115°57?.
It is opposite tRump’s natal Saturn, on Rosenstein’s natal Sun and the 2017 inaugural Sun/Pluto midpoint. Will Rosie wear a wire?

Update: Handcuffs maybe?
Above bolding added today.

Jerry, I would like to note that this Full Moon Eclipse is powerful in respect to the US Constitution Signing chart as well as the US natal chart in several ways.

First, the Constitution chart’s Sun at 24 Virgo 38 is sextile the eclipsed Moon and trine the Sun in Capricorn which she opposes. This Constitution chart Sun is in a grand cross with Black Moon Lilith (survival of the feminine instinct) in Sagittarius, Jupiter (expand and understand) in Gemini and Nessus (abuse of power) in Pisces in the Constitution’s chart.

The Constitution’s natal Neptune (17+ Libra) is not only in the same degree as the US progressed Mars, and Trump’s natal Jupiter and Putin’s natal Saturn, it is also T-square the North and South Nodes in the eclipsed Full Moon chart (North 17+ Cancer and South 17+ Capricorn that conjuncts trans. Saturn at 16+ Capricorn retrograde).

The Eclipsed Moon chart has 1+ Libra on the MC when set in Washington, which is the same degree as the US natal chart’s MC. The US Constitution chart’s nodes form a T-square with the MC of both the eclipsed Moon and the US natal charts (North Node 1+ Cap and South Node 1+ Cancer).

This symbolizes a crisis point (Constitution nodes square Eclipse + US chart’s MC/IC) for the US, especially since the Constitution chart’s Mars (2+ Cancer) conjuncts the South Node in the same chart.

There will be a need to examine these two US charts later this summer as history is evolving every day now.


Quite right. The 7/16/19 lunar eclipse ascendant (set for DC) also corresponds to the US Sibly rising (13 Sag). How interesting.

From Elisabeth Grace:

“I’ve often written about the square between Mars and Neptune in the U.S. horoscope, reflecting our need for “the American Dream,” and also our idealism (Neptune) of firearms (Mars). Matters symbolized by this square can’t help but be BIG right now, as transiting Jupiter (expansion) has gotten involved. Add the power plays of Saturn and Pluto to the scheming potential of of the Mars- Neptune square happening this weekend: “In NRA Power Struggle, Insurgents Hope to Oust Wayne LaPierre.,” and this one — that came in five minutes before this forecast shipped: “Trump Pulls Out of Arms Treaty During Speech at NRA Convention.” How’s that’s for bewildering? Meanwhile, Neptune is associated with the unknown and all things Navy; ergo: “How Frustrated Pilots Got the Navy to Stop Dismissing UFO Sightings.” Elsewhere, the NYT has this: “Her ‘Prince Charming’ turned out to be a crazed hit man on the run.”


Jerry, 6+ Taurus is also the US natal chart’s South Bending, a point of release. The US Constitution chart’s natal Pallas (warrior, strategist, planner) is at 6+ Leo.

Angellight, I’m pretty sure Rosenstein was born AFTER 12 Noon and has a Gemini Moon (rather than a 12N Taurus Moon); he’s just too clever with words.

“A source familiar with the matter tells CNN Rosenstein was not ‘teary-eyed’ in the meeting with Kelly.”


Anita Hill will bring down Joe Biden, and deservedly so.


Russia hacked Florida presidential election results in 2016, says the FBI. Trump won that state by 100,000 votes.


The terrible truth is that the President of Russia has selected the present President of the United States. Call him the Grand Elector.

He will try again in 2020. The present occupant of the Oval Office has every intention of letting him to do so.

If you think a Democrat can win, you are plain silly. Maybe you even believe the US is a democracy.

Hmm. Somebody’s a real Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm here today.

And go ahead and call me silly, but I think the current regime is so incompetent that it won’t last until January 2021.

Rebecca, I mean Andre (sorry, a little humor), I thought Hill’s interview (at least from these excerpts) showed her to be restrained and thoughtful. She admits she is biased. She also states at the end:

HILL: …But let me say this: What we should be doing in the interim is to make sure that whoever is the nominee differentiates him or herself from Donald Trump in respect to these issues.

STOLBERG: Do you think it will be difficult for Biden to do that, given his history?

HILL: I don’t know. I’m willing to give him the chance. And I hope he will step up.

I think there are some that will use this to try to bring him down, such as Republicans, supporters of other candidates, and purists, but it won’t necessarily happen. Biden had a good start. I think he has a good chance and is the candidate with the most experience. Let’s see what happens…

Here’s my non-astrological best wish:
Impeachment investigation and hearings continue thru 2020 election season enabling ALL the dirt to become public, and triggers trump to continue to behave irrationally. Dem candidates talk about the issues of the nation rather than impeachment on the campaign trail and each are supportive/polite toward the other candidates, playing as an honest team relay participant – house votes to impeach not long before the election – Mcconnell refuses to allow senate vote before election – trump/pence & R senate lose election in a landslide.

Sharon K, she did say she was deeply unsatisfied by Biden’s phone call this week. The Democrat nominee needs female black voters to win. If she doesn’t bring him down, they will.

That said, Saturn and Pluto both stationing make things seem dark and dire.


Saturn, the stern taskmaster, is stationing square US Chiron. The Problem is now made more clear. Its name is Putin. Saturn is not in solution mode at this point, it is in consciousness-raising right now.

Those of you who are optimistic for 2020 need to look more closely at the astrology of the next election. I hope Starlight (Nancy) does so soon.

Jackson, you’re right. The current regime won’t last until 2021. But it will be replaced by something worse. How about Lindsay Graham for President?

Once again, nothing will be resolved in 2020. The fix is in, and it’s already too late. Trump won’t even listen to his own intelligence community.

Call me a prophet of doom, but don’t tell me I didn’t say so. Please be careful when you take to the streets in October or November 2020. I will be watching you from my living room in Canada and I will grieve.

Andrew Napolitano


Ed Tamplin this week points to interesting parallel with Trump and prosperity evangelist scammer Robert Tilton

Still on the Anita Hill – Joe Biden track, Andre, the hearing happened in 1991 and cannot be judged by the “me too” movement. Nor, is it fair to blame Joe for Kavanagh years later, anymore than it is Obama for being outmaneuvered by McConnell on choosing SC judges. Similarly, Bill Clinton and Al Franken paid for the sins of many that were much worse. It’s a matter of degree and the times. We are still in a transition. The Republicans will try hard to magnify these “pecadillos” and conspiracy theories. I don’t think African Americans like Trump nor the Republicans in general. People are being uplifted by city, state, community and private efforts (I studied this in grad school) and wages are rising but I am not sure what Trump and the Republicans have to do with it, if much. We will see if this so-called “strong economy” holds up as that will be a major factor in how people vote.

I think I would be OK with a well balanced and reasoned, honest, non dem thinker as pres, IF dems got majority in house and senate to effect good, honest, legislative changes to repair the damage done by trump and cronies.
If Trump has proved one thing, it has been the supreme folly of looking to the office of president as the only thing that matters. I think it would be healthy if the trend of potus reverence was earned by the individual’s character, rather than expected as a caesar. Party loyalty over honest individual representation was feared by the founders. The problem is and has always been party crony corruption – first the dems, now the repubs.

Here is an interesting comment from nyt’s on Joe.
“Early days, let’s first look at what needs to be done and then choose the best team to get it done.
1. Our country’s international stature has been denigrated by Trump and his republican munchkins in congress – that deficit clearly needs to be addressed. So we need a pres w/ international cred.
2. Our domestic values have been shredded – Trump opposes anything and everything that Obama advocated – just because. So a domestic “healer” v.p. who can and will work with a divided congress would be a great addition to a dem. ticket.
3. Then, if I were King: a. The FCC would restore the “fairness” doctrine; b. Corporations and their trade associations would be prohibited from funding political campaigns and; c. “Social media”, now used as “antisocial media” would be subject to a political blackout period for one year prior to national elections.
I’m not the King, but you get the idea what, IMHO, ought to be done to restore civility and balance to our land.
So let’s consider what we want done and then get the right people for the considerable task we face.”


The stories coming from Florida are very interesting. I wonder why Rubio felt it necessary to confirm hacking in one Florida county.

The “other’ vote in some Florida counties was up as much as 350%.

Odd that a progressive bill to let ex felons vote won overwhelmingly and yet the Republicans managed to squeak out wins.

The other underreported story is Mnuchin being sued. Sounds like his chickens are coming home to roost.

Nancy, Barbk, Bob, etal: – have any of you looked at the ‘mood’ of prominent longtime dems, such as barak, nancy, schumer, biden, Hillary, etc, on the day immediately following the 2020 election? Might that give some indication as to which way the overall wind might be blowing?
Even the best candidates for any office will have to face the big challenge of gerrymandering and tampering.

sears is suing key players, including mnuchin, for ‘looting assets’ that resulted in bankruptcy

That’s hilarious that Tamplin is comparing Trump with Tilton, who was featured in a series of hilarious videos that will bring out the inner 12-year-old boy in, well, at least some viewers.



Why it has taken me this long, I don’t know but . .

Transiting Jupiter has – for a month – been at 24+
Sagittarius (now at 23+ Sagittarius), due to it’s station and subsequent retrograde.

In it’s own sign, Jupiter is at its most brilliant and wise and even lucky. Now, at this time, it has been quincunx the US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer, a 150 degrees separating them. That aspect creates pressure to adjust.

Adjust-to-what you might wonder and – for US Mercury – it would be our thinking, communicating, broadcasting, tweeting, reading . . . stuff like that.

The US natal Pallas at 26+ Aquarius, whose specialty is planning, maneuvering, strategizing – stuff like that, is sextile (facilitates) transiting Jupiter (wisdom), . . AND US Pallas is also conjunct the US natal Moon (27+ Aquarius), symbolizing the US People.

US Moon and US Pallas always have and always will quincunx US Mercury.

These 2 quincunxes (one from transiting- stationing Jupiter and one from US natal Pallas-conjunct-Moon), together form a sextile which – along with the US natal Mercury –
forms – – – wait for it . . .

a YOD!

US natal Mercury, in all its glory, is adjusting, as all planets caught up in the apex point of a Yod (transiting or otherwise) must do. It gets even better!

Transiting Pluto at 23+ Capricorn, while also conjunct transiting Saturn 3 degrees behind him, transforms the aforementioned Yod into a . . wait for it . . BOOMERANG!

Yes, ladies and gents, trans. Pluto (transform) along with trans. Saturn (structures), opposite US Mercury (while also semisextile trans. Jupiter on one side and US Moon-Pallas on the other side) is the agent of change and the recipient of ALL the combined energies of US Moon (that would be us), US Pallas (US strategy), US Mercury (MSNBC, etc.) and transiting Jupiter (wisest of the wise), . . .

. . and this means trans Pluto (+ trans Saturn) is transforming the USA even while we watch, listen, think, communicate with each other; We The People of the USA (and some Canadians) are part of this process we’ve been waiting for!

How terribly clever is this Universe, huh?

You know, this is the most activity on a Saturday at SLN since the 2016 elections. We are all one!

I am afraid you are right about the 2020 election. Unless we use paper and count it by hand, we are at great risk. If they broke into the central tabulators they could certainly alter as many votes as they needed. I doubt Florida is the only state that this happened to. I think it also confirms that trump did not win.

too funny Jackson! pure toxin from both ends!

Beto O’Rourke has transiting retrograde Pluto conjunct his natal North Node at 23+ Capricorn and trine his Moon somewhere in Taurus. What must that feel like I wonder.

With transiting Chiron in Aries opposite his natal Sun-Pluto in Libra, both very visible as they conjunct the very visible US natal chart’s midheaven (MC), we should get at least a glimpse of how these transits (Pluto and Chiron) manifest in Beto.

According to this story it is about gun control in the US . . .


This commentary from Common Dreams (posted on Raw Story) lays out a devastating point-by-point case for removal:

• It’s bad enough that he lost the election by 3,000,000 popular votes.

• It’s bad enough that the Russians helped him get elected by manipulating social media in critical electoral college states.

• It’s bad enough that he helped the Russians do that by providing them confidential polling data to guide their Facebook ad targeting.

• It’s bad enough that those ads were seen by more than 100,000,000 people when the total electoral college difference over three states was 70,000 votes.

• It’s bad enough that those involved with his campaign who were also engaged with the Russians lied repeatedly, both publicly and under oath, about that engagement.

• It’s bad enough that many tens of millions of dollars mysteriously disappeared from his inauguration committee, and he feels no compunction to explain where it went.

• It’s bad enough that he brags about groping women and grabbing them by the pussy.  Is there an honest woman in the country who admires that?  Wants that?

• It’s bad enough that he’s been credibly accused of sexual assault by more than 20 women.

• It’s bad enough that he is an unindicted co-conspirator in the felony to commit election finance fraud by paying hush money to a Playboy bunny and a porn star.

• It’s bad enough that he filed for bankruptcy six times, stiffing workers, contractors, and lenders for tens of millions of dollars.

• It’s bad enough that his resorts and other properties for years hired undocumented aliens, even as he railed against a “tidal wave” of illegal immigrants.

• It’s bad enough that he inherited $413,000,000 from his father, much of it through illegal tax dodges, but pretends to be a self-made man.

• It’s bad enough that his “charitable” foundation was ordered shut down after having been revealed to be a sham, used to help promote his business and political interests.

• It’s bad enough he claims he was a good student, but threatens to sue any schools that release his grades.

• It’s bad enough he claims to be a brilliant businessman but refuses to release his taxes which would prove it.  Or, disprove it.

• It’s bad enough that he says the Mueller report “totally exonerates” him, yet refuses to allow it to be released, or, for critical witnesses to be able to testify about it.

• It’s bad enough that he grossly understated the value of his assets to dodge taxes, while grossly overstating their value to secure bank loans.

• It’s bad enough that the Mueller report detailed 10 instances of obstruction of justice that would be criminal, were he not the president and, so, immune from indictment.

• It’s bad enough that he’s a pathological liar, telling almost 10,000 lies since assuming office, literally not being able to deal with reality.

• It’s bad enough, his boot-licking of Putin at Helsinki, where he said he believed Putin about Russian interference in the 2016 election, but not his own intelligence chiefs.

• It’s bad enough that he has separated thousands of immigrant children from their parents, put them in cages, and then lost track of them.

• It’s bad enough that he praised neo-Nazi marchers in Charlottesville two years ago, then re-defended them just a few days ago.

• It’s bad enough that, though sworn to ensure that the laws are faithfully executed, he told immigration officials to break the law, promising to pardon them if they were convicted.

• It’s bad enough that he told senior White House aides to lie to the Mueller commission about his efforts to obstruct the same commission’s investigation.

• It’s bad enough that he smeared a Gold Star Family whose son was killed in Iraq.

• It’s bad enough that he repeatedly smeared bona-fide Vietnam war hero, John McCain, while he, himself, wrangled five draft deferments to dodge service in the same war.

• It’s bad enough he promised to help the working man, but immediately passed a $1.5 trillion tax cut that went almost exclusively to corporations and the wealthy.

• It’s bad enough he continues to claim he’s building The Wall when not a single inch of new wall has been built since he took office.

• It’s bad enough he promised to protect Social Security but just two weeks ago submitted a budget that cuts benefits to millions, including seniors in poverty.

• It’s bad enough that he refuses to cooperate with Congressional hearings, trashing the Constitution and the checks and balances at the very heart of our form of government.

We could go on. And on. And on. And on. But as bad as all of this is, the real question is, “When does it get so bad that we will no longer tolerate this scum running the country, dividing us against each other, desecrating our values, degrading our civic spaces, and destroying our institutions?” When does it get bad enough that WE will actually do something to stop being so mocked, so humiliated, and so defiled? When will we have Republican Congressmen who will get up off their knees before him and represent us, the people who actually elected them, and defend our country against the greatest domestic threat it has faced in over a century?


Andre, we may no longer be a functioning democracy, but we still are a republic with a constitution, even if one faction may be acting like that constitution doesn’t exist. I still think the Trump junta does not last until next year’s election. Your mileage, of course, may differ.

Jackson- I agree with you 100%. I didn’t see anything about undoing all of Obama’s hard work- mostly Climate Change. This is not only a slap in the face to all of us environmentalists, but to the entire world and future generations. He is a menace- ignorant, arrogant,selfish and evil-all wrapped up into one disgusting human being who unfortunately represents our country illegitimately.

Brother Jackson,


. . and then there’s this> Beto O’Rourke’s natal Mercury is at 9+ Libra (which trines US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini) and on election Day (11/3/2020, around 12 Noon) transiting Venus will be at 8+ Libra, along with transiting Logos, about which Alex Miller says:

“Logos represents intelligence, logic and reason; the rational motivation behind something; the measured consideration of an argument, point of view, perspective or theory; truth and order; integrity.”


Beto also has natal Saturn at 20+ Gemini where transiting North Node (path forward) will be on Election Day. Beto’s Saturn is on one side of US Mars (guns) at 21+ Gemini, while Trump’s Sun (22+ Gemini) is on the other.

All 3 of them square US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo, but most of all Trump’s Sun. On Election Day trans. Pluto at 22+ Cap trines US natal Neptune 22+ Virgo = transformation of an illusion.

Beto’s natal Uranus at 17+ Libra conjuncts the US PROGRESSED Mars and the US Constitution’s Neptune and Putin’s Saturn and Trump’s Jupiter, all at 17+ Libra. Surprise!

I like surprises, don’t you?

Jackson, as I said, I agree Trump’s junta doesn’t last until the next election. I believe he will be gone by next January as Bob predicts. I only fear what comes next.

In 2016,the Electoral College really met in Moscow. It has only one member. He is the once and future Grand Elector.

“The president falsely accused mothers and doctors of executing newborns, called the FBI “scum,” and basked in the crowd’s “Lock her up!” chants!

This breaks my heart. When my twin son’s were
3-Years old I had a baby girl born who was not viable, it was devastatingly sad and makes me cry to this day. But what Trump’s vicious misinformation is saying and doing and is absolutely horrible and we should demand that he stop this!
And his attacks seem to be growing in viciousness.

“The president falsely accused mothers and doctors of executing newborns, called the FBI “scum,” and basked in the crowd’s “Lock her up!” chants”
What can we do to stop this misinformation and lies? https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/trump-unhinged-rally-828399/

Any ideas of how we can stop these Trump actions?

We have to remove him from office patty and there is no quick way to do that.

I think he knows he has to try something drastic to block the documents and subpoena responses being sought by the Democrats which he may believe will bring on impeachment. I am wondering if he might attempt a power grab today that is thwarted because those he needs to do it refuse. Such an attempt might convince some who now go along with him to remove their support as they come to believe he has or is going off the rails. If he does attempt such a move it may not become public knowledge until a later time.

Losing support could hasten Dem’s headway towards impeachment proceedings.

As trump defys and tears at the federal system, the attention and energy MUST proactively focus to all state elections so local laws can be strengthened.

Wolfstar is predicting today there will be a surprise next Election Day in November 2020. I’m not sure I like the sound of that.


His statement only holds true if you accept his assertion of a Scorpio ascendant. Rightly or wrongly, most astrologers go with Sibly, therefore do not assume a Scorpio ascendant.

Nevertheless, Wolfstar’s imperial metaphors fit, sadly reminding me of Octavian, AKA Caesar Augustus. Therein hides the larger question. Coinciding with the Pluto and Uranus returns will the USA transition as did the Romans from constitutional republic to empire? OR… Begin a process of reformation, through constitutional amendment?

Eliseo, I am pessimistic for 2020 but optimistic for 2024. However, in order to reach 2024, the good fight must happen now.

On the Scorpio Ascendant, Wolfstar reminded his readers recently that when he began in astrology, a Gemini Ascendant was used by most astrologers. He claims a Scorpio Ascendant works better than Sagittarius, and I find him convincing. For example, Neptune was exact on the Scorpio Ascendant the day JFK was shot.

I thought Wolfstar was a conservative astrologer.

He thought Romney had a shot in 2012 because he thought that Obama’s planets etc looked bad around election time.

He said the 2012 election had the potential to go either way because of Obama’s planets. I never saw things that way at all.

Bias cuts both ways I guess which is why you need intuition.

Some interesting comments from right margin of Wolfstar’s page, as you scroll down. Re seems to mean reader comment. A is Wolfstar’s comment.

re: Mueller report – What happened with Mueller’s investigation. Nothing on Trump. Seems like much ado about nothing–except for the dudes who went to jail.

A. Stay tuned! Watch as Pluto turns retrograde while oposing Trump’s Saturn. Also, Eris is now at 23º44′ Aries, exactly squaring Trump’s Saturn (orb: 0º04′).

re: candidates – Of all the announced Democratic candidates for president this Swalwell has the most connections to that 25 degree Aquarius moon you reference often in regards to electability. He has Mars 25 degrees Sag, Uranus 25 degrees Scorpio and his moon for noon shows 28 Aquarius so if born earlier in day may actually be right on 25 degrees!

(Sharon’s fyi: Sibley Sag rising chart: 27 deg 7 Scorpio chart 25 deg 28; it looks like Swalwell has connections to both charts, particularly the Sag rising one – I wonder why we are hearing so little about him and whether that will change.)

re: candidates – Thanks for printing Ms. Harris’ and Ms. Woods’ time of birth. About the Kamala Harris article, you wrote: “Most significantly, her Gemini Ascendant conjoins the North Node at 25º Gemini, which is the only link she has to the U.S. Moon at 25º Aquarius.” IMO, most astrologers would say her Saturn at 28+ AQ is conjunct the US Moon at 25+ AQ. Your insights into people, nations and events are always valued. Thank you.

A. Thx for the feedback. I use a tight orb of less than one degree to consider whether a candidate is resonating with the US Moon as a symbol for connecting with the American people and their needs. Greater than one degree doesn’t make the cut, and this guideline can separate the wannabes from the real contenders, the winning candidates. It’s a definitive way of differentiating between the Scorpio Rising and Sagittarius Rising national horoscopes.

I wonder if it would be worth looking at this guy astrologically – Brad Parscale, Jan 3 76.
His photo gives me the creeps. His trump campaign expertise is digital

Andre, thanks for sharing Wolfstar’s reasoning, I can see why he feels that way.

Personally, I see the transiting Mercury square transiting Uranus and trine transiting Jupiter (and opposite US natal Uranus) at the time of JFK’s assassination as more indicative of the motive of the murder; that and the trans. Mars-Venus opposite US natal Mars.

I would think transiting Neptune, having been conjunct the US natal Lilith and Sphinx (asteroids) at the time, would indicate the state of mind of the perpetrator(s), and being in the US 11th house (groups), their identity. Transiting Neptune WAS trine the US natal Sun too; just like now.

On the other hand, transiting Pluto was on the Sibly chart’s ascendant (how the country sees itself) and opposite trans. Saturn on the US descendant (open enemy) on September 11, 2001. It’s hard for me to dispute that.

The new cycle between Uranus and Pluto that was to start in 1965-66, 2 years after JFK’s death, was preceded by their cycle that began in 1850-51, still active on that dreadful day in Dallas.
(Did you know that JFK’s natal Sun was conjunct US natal Uranus? And that his natal Saturn was opposite the US natal Pluto? And his natal Pluto was conjunct the US natal Venus? And the transiting North Node was conjunct his natal South Node when he died?)

Anyway, all 3 of their (Uranus and Pluto) conjunctions were at 28-29+ Aries in that earlier Uranus-Pluto cycle start, the same degrees where transiting Uranus was just a few months ago (off and on from 2017 – 2019), AND where US PROGRESSED Venus is now and square US PROGRESSED Pluto. Ceres was conjunct Uranus and Pluto too, to the degree even . . something to think about.

My understanding is Wolfstar is a Libertarian who leans toward the R’s. How truly Libertarian I have no idea. I’ve never interviewed him.

I’ve always assumed Sag rising was correct relative to our long history of puritanism, fundamentalism, and evangelicalism. I’m not an atheist, but I’ve felt from childhood forward, “In God We Trust” should never have replaced E Pluribus Unum.

I claim no great expertise in making a determination as to correct ascendant. I merely evaluate the logic of those who’ve gone before me. Astrologer Ovason claims a July 2nd date which I think more historically correct. I have not the answer!

Sharon K,
I find your conclusion about Swalwell interesting, primarily because I regard him as a near complete fool. I see him as an extraordinarily naïve, but well meaning fellow. He has good and noble intentions, which I personally believe would have the opposite effect he desires were they enacted into law.

But I could be wrong. AND he is quite young. The attitudes and positions he holds now may be quite different some years from now when he is more seasoned. Furthermore, I believe events coming will dramatically change many of our ideas. What works in one scenario doesn’t in another and vice versa. We are heading into major paradigm shifts.

Who knows? I strongly suspect our magnetospheric field is getting ready to flip, north becoming south, south becoming north. And so it may also go with astrological energies?

Hi Eliseo 🙂

The Swalwell comment was from someone else on Wolfstar’s home page but I always like it when leaders have that connection. Swalwell may not be presidential material quite yet, and I have no particular leaning towards him but it will be interesting to see if and how he resonates with “the people”.

Do you mean a pole flip as predicted by Cayce? Why do you think that will happen soon, and could it be happening slowly?

I also meant to post this:


There is something about him that I’m liking and I’m getting a good feeling in my chest/heart area about him being president. However, if what Andre has seen materializes, it will be a difficult time for him, and whomever we run has to breakthrough any Russian meddling. I sure hope our intelligence services are on this.

Sharon K, I just ordered my Biden bumper sticker.


Magnetic north is moving from Canada into Siberia at an increasingly and astonishly fast pace. Geomagnetologists are watching this very closely, and are themselves astonished. I suspect we are at the beginning of either a magnetic excursion or a magnetic flip.

A magnetic excursion is essentially a failed attempt by the earth to do a north south magnetic flip. The last one, the Laschamp event, occurred 41,400 years ago. Lasting about 400 years, the strength of the magnetic field dropped to about 5% of what it is today. I’ve long suspected our spirituality probably evolved and grew out of a latent magnetoreceptive ability. I also suspect that faculty was somehow lost during the Laschamp event, thus becoming the Genesis of all our creation/loss mythologies. The theme of loss and departure from paradise is universal, found in practically every single religion and mythology on earth, albeit in different forms.

In any case, according to the geomagnetic cycles, we are overdue for a north/south magnetic flip or reversal.

BTW, I’m getting closer and closer to going home, hopefully in the next six weeks. Much to do, but it’s getting done. I now have a buyer for one of my properties in Louisiana.

One of my goals, after I arrive home and get my lab set up is to confirm or deny my Laschamp hypotheses.

Sharon, I know what you mean about Biden giving you a good feeling and there might be a reason for that we can understand. Today Andre opened up my consciousness when he explained the reason Wolfstar prefers the Scorpio Rising US birth chart.

I’ve only started checking, but so far, Dem candidates Beto, Kamala, Swalwell and Mayor Pete are among the Dems born AFTER the 1963 assassination of Pres. J. F. Kennedy, and therefore have not experienced the shock and grief of that world-wide event first-hand.

It’s not that we oldsters are still grieving; no, it’s that it changed us on a conscious level – much the way 9/11 changed Americans – and it erased a certain naivete we had before that event; leaving a scar and an awareness that US Presidents are not omnipotent or bullet proof.

People like Warren, Biden and Sanders carry that scar, although it isn’t visible. It may be on a subconscious level, but they definitely realize that if they were elected President they could be killed.

Younger candidates (and younger voters) don’t carry that trauma, and many who WERE alive at that time would argue it left no lasting scar, but I don’t believe that.

I believe part of Joe Biden’s ability to give comfort is his awareness of this vulnerability and he has chosen to rise above his own misgivings. Joe’s Sun in his natal 12th house is not what astrologers would expect a presidential candidate to possess.

Joe’s reason for running with a multitude of youngsters has a lot to do with sacrifice and giving of himself for his country and fellow countrymen, and it is palpable. There is still his healthy ego of course, but not so much as there would have been in say 2000. He knows he has something to give that no one else has; his experience, and he is offering it up.

Magnetic north is moving from Canada into Siberia at an increasingly and astonishly fast pace. Geomagnetologists are watching this very closely, and are themselves astonished. I suspect we are at the beginning of either a magnetic excursion or a magnetic flip.

A magnetic excursion is essentially a failed attempt by the earth to do a north south magnetic flip. The last one, the Laschamp event, occurred 41,400 years ago. Lasting about 400 years, the strength of the magnetic field dropped to about 5% of what it is today. I’ve long suspected our spirituality probably evolved and grew out of a latent magnetoreceptive ability. I also suspect that faculty was somehow lost during the Laschamp event, thus becoming the Genesis of all our creation/loss mythologies. The theme of loss and departure from paradise is universal, found in practically every single religion and mythology on earth, albeit in different forms.

In any case, according to the geomagnetic cycles, we are overdue for a north/south magnetic flip or reversal.

BTW, I’m getting closer and closer to going home, hopefully in the next six weeks. Much to do, but it’s getting done. I now have a buyer for one of my properties in Louisiana.

One of my goals, after I arrive home and get my lab set up is to confirm or deny my various Laschamp hypotheses.

I omitted to say the “flip” is believed to take about a 1000 years. During that time the expectation is the development of several “north” and “south” poles competing, as it were with one another. Field strength in most places drops precipitously leaving all life far more vulnerable to solar bursts, cosmic rays, etc.

Barbk, I believe Bush 43 also had the Sun in the 12th House. That said, I agree with the resonance of the JFK (RFK and MLK as well) assassination for Baby Boomers.

The Mars-Uranus conjunction in the 12th for the next Inaugural is also a concern.

Have not read it yet but the title is intriguing
“a strategy of contempt – Raye Robertson’s latest

On the Sag rising Sibly chart, it also works with horses in the mythology of the Wild West, the emphasis on the law and litigation and the importance of the Supreme Court.

It would appear to be compelling on 9-11. But it could also work with a Scorpio Ascendant as well. Pluto would be in the second house (wealth represented by the World Trade Centre and NYC where Wall Street is). The US Pluto in the Sibly chart is in the second house. Saturn would fall in the 8th house of mass casualties.

The Scorpio Ascendant would also explain the emphasis on banking, international finance, home property through lending, as well as other matters such as militarism, the fixation on guns and violence and frankly aggression both foreign and domestic. All the Sagittarius meanings would still be captured by Jupiter and the other Cancer planets now being in the 9th. The Sun in Cancer in the 8th with the Sibly chart doesn’t fit for me. The Sun in the 9th gives the President a great role in international affairs, which sounds right.

Eliseo, could you elaborate on the magnetic flip’s effect on human consciousness? I find your theory fascinating.

I do remember Cayce predicted this.

grace astrology:

“Mercury is the star player this week. The planet symbolizing how we need to think/communicate is zooming through Aries, suggesting a speedy flow of information that may be ahead of its time. It goes like this”


Firstly, it was a magnetic excursion, not a magnetic polar flip that I suspect had a deep affect on the development of human consciousness. That aside, I’ll be happy to discuss it with you, but preferably through secure email.

I’ve connected about 14 different seemingly unrelated points, and show how each of these are interrelated in synthesis creating certain effects. Each point requires explanation, I think too lengthy for this forum.

Also, although it all fits into a logical, cohesive whole, I’ve not tested any part of the hypothesis yet, and furthermore, have not published any of these thoughts. When I do publish, I hope to have all the legal protection necessary, copyright, etc.

I have a good friend who is a biophysicist and Theosophist in San Antonio with whom I plan to consult when I actually begin a more concerted study, plus another fellow in San Antonio whom I often refer to as my primary thinking partner. Together, and I suspect with others I’ve not yet met, we will begin the unusual enterprise. This will begin after I’ve returned home to WA state. Other than my novels and various essays, this is one of my two most important thought streams I hope to leave as my legacy.

My feeling of you is that you are a pretty ethical fellow. I’ll be happy to share with you these ideas, but again through secure email and perhaps by phone or in person.

Really good insights!
Thank You!

Eliseo, You are really a far-reaching thinker. I have to mull over this information and research (google?) it a bit.

Ja – I was just looking at bumper stickers AND yard signs. I am glad to feel this little sense of excitement and rightness about Biden. I am a realist generally so someone has to really offer something substantial to draw me in, as well as a great aura 🙂 Maybe it is his time, even if the planets can be interpreted as if it weren’t. I think you are onto something, Barb, with the 12th house interpretation. As far as the JFK assassination affecting those who were old enough to remember it and live through it, I can see your point…it should be explored.

I don’t know — it might be neptune affecting me but it feels like he is the light at then end of the tunnel, or the guide who will take us there. I wonder what his Vedic astrology forecast is, but I may not want to know. I looked up his oriental astrology sign, on a more superficial level, and 1942 was the year of the water horse. In fact, it did say something about sacrificing for others, Barb!

Eliseo, I’m happy for you that your long odyssey is coming to an end and that you’ll be going home to Penelope.

Sharon – My dear friend,

Each of the interconnecting 14 points or facts requires a page or two of elucidation before putting it all together in a structure. (and each of those will eventually become a chapter) We’ve discussed some of the basics before, but not the whole.

As you’ve long known, when I get home it will be one of the two most major projects I’ll be working on, other than my poetry, novels, op-eds, and essays. I may need to borrow Myron’s mathematical expertise if he is interested in the project. I’ll let you know.

Firstly, I have to finish my late mother’s house (still in progress) wrap up a Louisiana business deal, and go home. I’ve been stuck in this crazy “prison” for way too long.

As you know, I’m not teaching these past couple of semesters, but have not and will not retire! On to Olympia, to my beloved and to the REAL work for me for this life.

I’ve not made up my mind yet on candidates. I really like Warren. She’s hyper smart and intelligent, with the wisdom to backstop that knowledge level. She’s also -for- the “people”… and yet doesn’t completely diss corporations as an entity, per se.

In fact, I’m ashamed to admit the only reason I still look around is because she’s a woman. It’s not that it matters to “me”… but what matters most is getting the Repubs out of office, period. To do the heavy lifting of moving them out of every nook and cranny means a Dem as Pres, when I want, anyway. And right now, my opinion of the American populace as a whole isn’t very favorable. I think the mysogyny is too hyped-up right now, and women (as a whole) have lost too many civil rights since 2000 to make her a viable enough candidate.

Goddess, please, I do so want to be wrong about all that. I’d love to know I’m short-changing our brothers and sisters across the political spectrum.

Elisio, count me in as one really intrigued by your Laschamp hypotheses. I’m looking at it thinking it might be inform my own multi-years project of studying cooperative vs warrior religious dominance.

Eliseo, I would love to communicate with you directly.
How do we go about this? I have a Facebook page. My full name is André Binette in Montreal, Québec, Canada. The page is in French but you can write in English. We could also use any other means you wish. FB is obviously not very secure.

I would also like to read anything you publish.


Are you familiar with the work of Dr. Harold Saxton Burr?

His work is dated but perhaps you know if it was expanded on.

From the cover of the 1973 paperback “The Fields of Life” (previously titled “Blueprint For Immortality”) published by Ballantine Books:

” “The Fields of Life” is Harold Saxton Burr’s own exposition of his researches, upon which Edward R. Russell based “Design For Destiny”. It is in itself a fascinating, important book, with implications for medicine and psychiatry.

Over a period of nearly 40 years, Burr and his colleagues at the Yale University School of Medicine have confirmed that all living things have electrodynamic fields – the “fields of life” or L-fields – that can be measured and mapped with fine voltmeters; that these measurements vary with the physical and mental condition of the subject; and that changes in L-fields can be used in diagnosis of a variety of disorders.

Part 1 of The Fields of Life is written in simple, nontechnical language for general readers; Part 11 contains three important scientific papers; and Part 111 contains a complete bibliography of Dr. Burr’s scientific papers.”

My charts for tRump and Barr for 5 pm on May 2nd, the day Barr is to testify before the House Judiciary Committee, show them both to be distressed.

Maybe Jerry Nadler (June 13, 1947) plays hardball.


You may also be interested in the Suspicious 0bservers channel on you tube. He has been following the reversal for some time and keeping up with the speed. It appears that has been going on for well over a 100 years and, according to at least one study in California, it can take less than 80 years to flip. I have wondered just how much of an effect this change in electro magnetism is having on life on earth. We are electro-magnetic creatures being primarily salt water so it’s reasonable to expect that these changes affect us. It seems logical to me that the reason astrology works is because there is a similar change in electro-magnetic currents depending on where the planets are.

Anyway, if you’re interested take a look as his channel. He’s done some interesting work on earthquakes as well. Since I’m not a scientist, I tend to mess up the descriptions but hopefully you get the point. Either way, I think this is all related.

tRump (White House) Sun 22°56′ Gemini, Moon 21°12′ Sagittarius.

Nadler Sun (Noon chart, Capitol Building) 21°47′ Gemini (they have almost the sane birth date but different by 1 year), Uranus 21°55′ Gemini.

tRump natal IC in the White House 228°46′.

Nadler progressed Jupiter in the White House 227°44′.

tRump’s IC is set, Nadler’s progressed Jupiter position is within just a few minutes of being correct (travel on his birth date less than 6 minutes of arc).

Why did Nadler inform Barr that they would have their loyya do some questioning? His progressed Jupiter on tRump’s IC coincides with the Jupiter transit to both of their birth charts.

Interesting summary of Joe Biden’s life & career.
He told his first wife when he was in college that he would be a senator by 30 and then become president. By the way, if you add up the numbers in his birth date, which represent the life path, they add up to 11, a master number that indicates developed intuition and insight. I know that he is not as progressive as we would ultimately like to be, but at this point, we need someone who can win.


I thought this paragraph was important:

“His ability to negotiate with congressional Republicans helped the Obama administration pass legislation such as the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010, which resolved a taxation deadlock; the Budget Control Act of 2011, which resolved that year’s debt ceiling crisis; and the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, which addressed the impending fiscal cliff. “

Right now transiting Ceres (nurturer) in Sagittarius is conjunct the US natal chart’s ascendant. That would be Joe Biden.

Right now transiting Pallas (strategist) in Libra is conjunct the US natal Saturn. I think that would be Rod Rosenstein.

Right now transiting Juno in Cancer is conjunct the US natal Jupiter. I dunno who that is yet, but Juno and Jupiter are husband and wife and don’t always get along. Could it be Pelosi?

Right now transiting Vesta (investment) in Aries is conjunct transiting Venus and trine transiting Ceres (Nurturer) in Sagittarius and the US natal chart ascendant. That would be the Electorate. Transiting Vesta (and Venus) is also opposite transiting Pallas and US Saturn. Shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.

Eliseo – it’s wonderful that you will finally be able to do your real work and follow your calling – in a supportive and comfortable environment of kindred souls. Many in life are not able to identify their callings and passions.

slightkc, I see Warren as a possible running mate more than the presidential candidate – just mho.

And, btw, Biden did become a senator by 30 but lost his wife and daughter a few weeks later and spent quite a while healing emotionally. His 2 sons survived and went through a rehab period but he lost 1 of them in 2015 which again interrupted his political path. That could fit with having chiron on the N Node. I hope that the steps he takes to realize his path does not cause further personal loss.

Biden: If Trump blocks investigations, Congress has no choice but to impeach him

“Former Vice President Joe Biden said Tuesday that Congress should move forward with impeachment proceedings if the White House and Republicans work to block Democratic efforts to investigate matters “left undone” by special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

In an interview with ABC’s “Good Morning America,” the 2020 presidential candidate said that Democrats would have “no alternative” but to impeach President Trump if he were to block a congressional investigation into whether he obstructed justice by firing former FBI Director James Comey and attempting to fire Mueller.

“There are elements of the report … about seven or eight things that are left undone, he was not within his purview to investigate, he thought,” Biden said of Mueller. “The Congress is attempting to take that up.”

“If in fact they block the investigation, they have no alternative but to go to the only other constitutional resort they have, [which] is impeachment,” he added. “But my job, in the meantime, is to make sure he’s not back as president of the United States.”…………………………………


“NEW: House Oversight chairman Rep. Elijah Cummings tells Trump administration officials they are risking jail time if they defy congressional subpoenas:

“It is either fines and/or prison.” https://twitter.com/RVAwonk/status/1123348144660652032

perhaps the negative astro factors for Biden around the time of the election point to what will be stressful and momumental tasks at hand dealing with the trump aftermath

Breaking news on MSNBC and CNN . . Mueller wrote a letter (now leaked) to Barr saying that he (Barr) had misrepresent his (Mueller’s) findings. Commenters are saying Mueller is “pissed”.

Must See TV

Trump finally got his “loyal” AG in Barr that he didn’t get in Sessions. I think Sessions was also protecting himself but he appears to have had more integrity than Barr does.

I just looked back at Marjorie’s April 19 post on Bart and Mueller. “What’s interesting despite all the hollers of ‘no collusion’ and ‘no obstruction’ is how dire Barr’s chart looks. He’s walking into a shedload of misery from May 1st till mid-August with tr Neptune opposition his Mars/Saturn midpoint which Ebertin describes as ‘waning powers, self-torment, a grievous loss’. And more woes and depression from mid May onwards.” It goes on from there. Very timely.

kiwi, I am hoping that as I revisit those charts again and again that I will find indications strong enough to convince me to change my mind. Your idea is one I have held myself.

I am a big Joe fan. Have been since he took office as VP.

The best are bringing their “A” game. They will all make the all-star team. All-star game in July! Rachel program was great tonight.

No, I’m not familiar with the work of Dr. Harold Saxton Burr. Many Thanks for the tip!

I will check out the Suspicious 0bservers channel as soon as it is practical. I’m fairly busy right now disposing of my mother’s estate. Many Thanks!

I’ll need to do a workaday job, probably for the state, but it is just about time to do the research, writing, and performance I’ve long wanted to do. It appears things are coming together to do that.

Andre & slightKC,
I’m not sure how this works, but I’ve authorized Nancy to share with each of you my email address. I use an email service with which if necessary I can encrypt messages. I’m also in fairly regular personal contact with Sharon K through email. You can obtain my email address through her as well.

As I stated earlier, this forum is not appropriate, mostly because of depth and length to discuss my hypotheses as to the history of human consciousness relative to the Laschamp event, and the faculty of magnetoreception. I don’t do Facepage and/or twitter as one of the several vocations/professions I’ve served in was that of criminal investigator, and because both my wife and I have each been stalked by a respective killer. (Neither one of those two was aware of the other)

For these reasons and others, I don’t want my email address published openly on this site, but have no problem with emailing anyone here personally and individually.

From my files:

The opposition of transiting Neptune to Barr’s progressed Saturn IS EVERYDAY FROM NOW THROUGH EARLY 2020. It is a major aspect and the only one that is in effect every day through early March 2020. That progressed Saturn is right on his progressed Neptune/Pluto midpoint also everyday in that same period (progressed midpoint now at 168°29′, progressed Saturn at 168°57′; progressed midpoint on March 1 2020 at 168°30′, progressed Saturn at 169°03′.

That Neptune opposite Saturn will be triggered by these transits (not doing Mercury or Venus):

April 2 2019 Neptune at 17°09? Pisces opposite progressed Saturn.
April 19 2019 Mars at 12°38? Gemini square natal Saturn
April 24 2019 Pluto at 23°09? Capricorn stations retrograde square to progressed Mars at 24°04? Libra.
April 26 2019 Mars at 17°10? Gemini square progressed Saturn
April 29 2019 Saturn at 20°31? Capricorn (RA 292°08?) stations retrograde square to progressed Mars at 202°05?.

September 6 2019 Mars at 12°38? Virgo conjunct natal Saturn
September 14 2019 Mars at 17°12? Virgo conjunct progressed Saturn
January 21 2020 Mars at 12°38? Sagittarius square natal Saturn
January 28 2020 Mars at 17°15? Sagittarius square progressed Saturn

September 13 2019 Neptune at 17°12? Pisces opposite progressed Saturn.
February 5 2020 Neptune at 17°15? Pisces opposite progressed Saturn.

October 3 2019 Pluto at 20°38? Capricorn (RA 292°24?) stations direct square to progressed Mars at 202°19?.
January 18 to February 4 2020 (RA December 18 to January 3) Saturn at 24°30? Capricorn square progressed Mars.

June 3 2019 Sun at 12°38? Gemini square natal Saturn
June 8 2019 Sun at 17°11? Gemini square progressed Saturn
September 5 2019 Sun at 12°38? Virgo conjunct natal Saturn
September 10 2019 Sun at 17°12? Virgo conjunct progressed Saturn
December 4 2019 Sun at 12°38? Sagittarius square natal Saturn
December 9 2019 Sun at 17°14? Sagittarius square progressed Saturn

July 28 through November 7 natal Neptune at 14°52? Libra and progressed Neptune at 14°54? Libra will both be squared by transit Saturn every day (RA September 1 through October 5). Strongest when Saturn Stations direct on September 18 2019 at 13°55? Capricorn. That is also a bad day for tRump and Pence.

In view of Tuesday’s (Apr 30) revelations I believe the reason the 29th looked bad for tRump and Barr in my charts was because that was when they were informed of what we were to come to know of today.

One has to wonder if Barr’s recently exposed knack of skewing the truth, gives much more meaning to the thought that the whole era of iran contra was masterfully covered up and manipulated by the same “darker lords” (aka corrupt profiteers) pulling strings behind the scenes?




RE: seeing “Warren as a possible running mate more than the presidential candidate”

I’m of the opinion whomever is elected in 2020 will be a one termer. The VP spot would set EW up to run again in 2024. I think she has the ability and potential to become our 21st century FDR.

I’m of the opinion Mr. Barr needs to be disbarred and arrested.

Could his determination have to wait until tRump’s case is settled?

Barr’s reckoning?

January 18 to February 4 2020 (RA December 18 to January 3) Saturn at 24°30? Capricorn square progressed Mars.
January 21 2020 (RA January 26) Mars at 12°38? Sagittarius square natal Saturn.
January 28 2020 Mars at 17°15? Sagittarius square progressed Saturn (February 1 RA).
February 5 2020 (February 17 RA) Neptune at 17°15? Pisces opposite progressed Saturn.

the other Tuesday bad news for trumpy is that a judge ruled dems emoluments lawsuit can go forward

Is anyone watching the cooking show?

Right now transiting Mercury is at 20+ Aries and conjunct the US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries.

Right now transiting Mars is at 20+ Gemini and conjunct US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini which is conjunct Trump’s natal Sun at 22+ Gemini.

Transiting Mercury and transiting Mars are sextile, just like US Chiron and US Mars are sextile all the time. It is a time of wounding and healing through words. Angry words. It is the politics in action.

PROGRESSED US Mercury at 20+ Aquarius is trine US Mars in Gemini, while also sextile transiting Mercury and US Chiron at 20+ Aries. They form a Yod with US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo. Theoretically, US Neptune is being forced to adjust.

US Neptune is in the 9th house of the US natal chart which has to do with law and order, therefore, US Neptune will be shifting law and order stuff.

One way for US Neptune (at 22+ Virgo) to “shift: is to take advantage of its trine to transiting retrograde Pluto at 23+ Capricorn (+ transiting Saturn). Transiting Pluto is about transformation and power and is opposite US natal Mercury (CNN, MSNBC, Internet, cell phones, etc.) in Cancer, a sign ruled by the Moon (the People).

US Neptune (22+ Virgo) is about make-believe and it sextiles US Mercury (MSNBC, etc.) at 24+ Cancer. US Neptune and US Mercury form a Yod to US natal Pallas (strategy) at 26+ Aquarius who conjuncts US natal Moon (US People) at 27+ Aquarius, which rules Cancer and therefore US Mercury..

This means US Pallas and US Moon must adjust, the same way US Neptune must adjust, and this is how law and order (US Constitution and US natal 9th house) changes or “adjusts”.

Another way US Neptune (22+ Virgo) can adjust is through its conjunction with the US Constitution Signing chart’s Sun (consciousness) at 24+ Virgo, which opposes the US Constitution chart’s Nessus (abuse of power) at 24+ Pisces.

US Constitution’s Sun in Virgo opposite Nessus in Pisces form a T-square with US Constitution chart’s Jupiter (expand) at 25+ Gemini ruled by Mercury (CNN). Interestingly US Constitution Sun (24 Virgo) that conjuncts US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo), both of whom trine transiting retrograde Pluto (23+ Capricorn). Go figure!

What we watch on CNN and MSNBC (US Mercury) today is sausage-making, political style. Not a pretty sight.

Ralfee Finn:

“This opposition sits right on the Sun/Moon opposition in Mr. Trump’s natal chart—so the tension is going to drive him even more crazy. Oy!”


WASHINGTON — President Trump on Wednesday unleashed a string of about 60 retweets in what appeared to be an effort to counter a notion that the Democratic presidential candidate Joseph R. Biden Jr. has the support of all firefighters in the country, a sign of Mr. Trump’s anxiety about losing union support to Mr. Biden in the 2020 general election.”


Bob – LOL – is the goose cooked yet?

Text of special counsel’s letter to attorney general

Excerpt: “Accordingly, the enclosed documents are in a form that can be released to the public consistent with legal requirements & Department policies. I am requesting that you provide these materials to Congress & authorize their public release at this time.”


Part of Comey’s Op Ed today

“But more often, proximity to an amoral leader reveals something depressing. I think that’s at least part of what we’ve seen with Bill Barr and Rod Rosenstein. Accomplished people lacking inner strength can’t resist the compromises necessary to survive Mr. Trump and that adds up to something they will never recover from. It takes character like Mr. Mattis’s to avoid the damage, because Mr. Trump eats your soul in small bites.

It starts with your sitting silent while he lies, both in public and private, making you complicit by your silence. In meetings with him, his assertions about what “everyone thinks” and what is “obviously true” wash over you, unchallenged, as they did at our private dinner on Jan. 27, 2017, because he’s the president and he rarely stops talking. As a result, Mr. Trump pulls all of those present into a silent circle of assent.”

Marjorie Orr today:

“Trump and Barr as a twosome, look swamped below the waterline for the next few months with losses mounting.”


kiwi, they are trying to get Mueller to testify on May 15.

With an unending supply of GOP perfidy I think sorting through it, like winnowing grain in the old days, will drag things into July before that goose is done. I think it will take an astonishing discovery or a whistle blower coming forth to get the Dems over the goal line then. But according to the astrology, the truth will out.

Then you can stop having the dream where tRump in his nightshirt with the big mustard stain, the one that got shrunk in the laundry so it doesn’t cover everything it is meant to, is chasing you yelling “Come back! Come back! I was just joking!”

Pleasant dreams 🙂

I suspect that “astonishing discovery” will be, or will be associated with T’s long history of money laundering for Russian oligarchs. Ironically, it’s something we already know, but need to prove viscerally and convincingly to the American public.

ja, thanks for the Marjorie link and I’m very grateful for her charts.

To add to her picture, what stands out for those of us in the US is the Barr Saturn-conjunct the Mueller Mercury, both at 12+ Virgo (details, what needs fixing).

It is because of the T-square made up of the US chart’s ascendant + transiting Ceres (both at 12+ Sagittarius) opposite the US descendant (the other) + Mueller’s Uranus + transiting Altjira all at 12+ Gemini.

Altjira (trans Neptunian object) named for an ancient Australian god of Dreamtime, is a creative god, but on the negative side can be somewhat withdrawn.

Since trans. Altjira is now conjunct the US chart descendant (the “other”), as is Mueller’s natal Uranus (breakthroughs but absent of feeling), the combined effect contributes to the appearance of unapproachability which the Special Counselor has had for the last 2 years.

It is transiting Ceres on the US ascendant (and she’s also near the Great Attractor) that makes us long to hear from this guy, Robert Mueller, in person. She and transiting asteroid Circe (the Sorceress) at 12+ Aquarius which trines the US chart’s descendant, Mueller’s Uranus and transiting dreamtime god Altjira.

“China if you’re listening….” Hillary Clinton on Rachel tonight was on fire ???

Joe Biden Says Trump Is an Aberration. He’s Wrong.
The former V.P. seems set to build his 2020 run on the idea that the current president has hijacked the GOP.
April 29, 2019


“This notion, that Trump is somehow an alien figure who has, Svengali-like, hypnotized the GOP, is a comforting fallacy. But the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is not all that ails the country’s politics. Trump is just the symptom—the Republican Party is the disease.”

“It’s been almost a quarter century since Republicans started regularly shutting down the federal government as a political tactic. The Southern Strategy of exploiting racial resentment was first employed by “Mr. Conservative” Barry Goldwater to win in the Old Confederacy in 1964 and has never been abandoned by the party. And there is a clear, direct line from Ronald Reagan’s “welfare queens” to Donald Trump’s Mexican “rapists.”

“Biden obviously believes the country needs a sane center-right party to function properly, and maybe he’s not wrong. But making Trump the problem will backfire. If Biden, Lockhart, other establishment Democrats, and some Republicans like Mitt Romney truly want to encourage the return of the party of Everett Dirksen, Nelson Rockefeller, and George Romney, they need to clearly and forcefully identify where the Republican Party went astray. The truth is, what hijacked the GOP wasn’t Trump, it was the conservative movement. And it didn’t happen in 2016; it happened in 1980. “Saving” the GOP will mean repudiating not just Trumpism, but Reaganism.”

It is an excellent Op-Ed, but I would argue it all began with the “Southern Strategy” and the intentional “dirty tricks” under the direction or R. M. Nixon. This is all VERY IMPORTANT as in all probability, the Dem candidate will most likely be running against, not Trump, but perhaps Romney or another pseudo-honorable nominee.

A dark realization:

It may not matter how egregious, how illegal or treasonous Trump’s behavior both before and post 2016 election. Were the congressional committees to discover Putin & Trump are secret lovers and they occasionally have group sex with aliens in spaceships, and therefore move to have him removed from office through impeachment, I conclude Fox News & hate radio will report it as an illegal coup.

Therein lies the beginning of the violence. Both sides will regard the other as guilty of treason. Although the violence may occur in some states more than others, I would expect it to take place in all 50 states. God knows when it would end. God knows what the world would look like if & when we eventually awaken from the madness.

Saturn has just stationed square US Chiron at 20 Aries and predictably, the political situation in the US has significantly worsened this week.

It will get even worse in coming months as Saturn retrogrades to 13 Capricorn in a T-square with the US Sun and Saturn at 13 Cancer and 14 Libra. Nixon resigned under such aspects. If only.

Then Pluto stations on October 1 where Saturn is now, also square US Chiron. It only gets worse and worse. No relief in sight this year. Hopefully in January.

Now Democrats have no choice. They must protect their oath to the Constitution and the rule of law. Barr must be cited for obvious contempt of Congress. Impeachment of Trump is growing more inevitable each passing day. Even if they fail, Democrats must do their duty.

The NY Times reported today…..

“……Mr. Nadler said Wednesday that his committee was circling around May 15 and was trying to “firm up” an appearance on that date.”


Sorry. The above was incomplete. The article is referring to Mueller possibly appearing before the House Judiciary Committee….

Here is the omitted paragraph:

“….Mr. Barr said he had no objection to Mr. Mueller testifying, but Democratic committee leaders in the House who have already extended invitations said the Justice Department had slow-walked or stonewalled requests to secure a date.

Mr. Nadler said Wednesday that his committee was circling around May 15 and was trying to “firm up” an appearance on that date.”

Just heard Hillary Clinton on Rachel’s show.

I feel a dread over the nation after she spoke of the real threat before the country for the rule of law. voting integrity and the Republicans whose partisanship is putting democracy in REAL jeopardy.

It is real and sad. Such a wonderful mind and leader to what we have now. Class and smart.
The Russians got us orange swamp.

At today’s Atty Gen’l Barr’s Senate hearing Rachel mentioned that Miss Lindsey said , we should be questioning Hillary!
Hillary said” its a disgrace” and she lives rent free in Donald’s brain.

You know we should often repeat Donald committed obstruction and colluded with the enemy. He intended to curry favor with the Russians to lift sanctions. Don’t read his tweets.
The press should not cover him.

I don’t hope that DJT can run for another term. I am hoping that with each day we build a stronger case to push him out.

Rachel thinks Barr stopped the Mueller investigation, stay tuned.

Hope the sage astrologers here see our nation free from the orange stain very soon. I can’t take another loss. The nation can’t either.

It makes a whole lot of sense that T was laundering money for the Russians. It was in plain sight. His former attorney is singing like a canary.

When no bank would lend him money in the US, he went to the Russians. Recall his son say: we get plenty of money from the Russians. It was the son I think he called retarded. Dump I mean Trump spares no one.

Paul Manafort was doing the same thing overseas and was getting paid from the oligarch he owed 10M and was trying to” get whole”. Foreign bank accounts that held deposited payments from Deripaska (sp.?).

Manafort thought he was so smart. Rich people really think they are above the rest of us. Well, lets see how long he can tolerate not having the roots of his hair done and the lousy prison food to flare his gout. That’s right he’s now a felon, not like the rest of us law abiding.

I love that Hillary said: China if you’re listening, find Donald Trump’s taxes. Oh hey, hey, na, na, na, na, hey hey goodbye….


I saw that too: “China if you’re listening, find Donald Trump’s taxes.” Sublimely absurd.
In context, your “Oh hey, hey, na, na, na, na, hey hey goodbye….” really tickled my funny bone! I’m still laughing.


RE: “Such a wonderful mind and leader to what we have now. Class and smart.”

Yes, indeed!

And sadly, had she been inaugurated as president the majority R. Congress elected in 2016 would have already impeached her on bogus charges. Conviction in the Senate?…probably not. But they would have obstructed her at every point, vowing total, complete, and absolute non-cooperation. They would have made her presidency a living hell, and most probably only one term.

And think of it, both Clintons impeached by a radical, overly zealous hyper-partisan R. Congress. Future historians would have scratched their collective heads.

The sad/scary part is, this isn’t Barr’s first rodeo. Apparently his blocking actions also pissed off special prosecuter for Iran Contra, Lawrence Walsh – https://www.amazon.com/Firewall-Iran-Contra-Conspiracy-Lawrence-Walsh/dp/0393318605

Barr’s haughty responses today were shocking to me. A big FU – make me. Feels to me like he is channeling Cheney’s FU attitude, and continuing that group’s quest to accumulate unaccountable executive power. They must have got to know each other during those hearings and aftermath, when cheney was ranking house republican, then Sec of Defense, and Barr with OLC then AG, protecting executive branch.
The whole junta is still so pissed at the Clintons and Obama simply because plans were thwarted during those years.

By: Bob on February 21st, 2019 at 12:20 pm

“From transits to Mueller’s noon chart I think Barr stopped his work almost immediately after being sworn in.”

But that may not have affected work he had assigned out.

When tRump gets slammed in July so does Barr but that is overshadowed by his bosses troubles.

Senator Kamala Harris’s 8 minute exchange with Attorney Gen. William Barr was amazing to watch. She was very skillful in cutting through all the BS….

Complete Exchange Between Sen. Kamala Harris And Attorney General William Barr (C-SPAN)


I think you’re right Bob. Barr put the brakes on Mueller post-haste.

Thanks Jerry; I get the sense that Barr’s natal Neptune-conjunct-US natal Saturn (and Trump’s Chiron+Jupiter) is more sacrificial (Neptune) in nature as opposed to illusional (Neptune) than I first thought. He wants to be Trump’s hero. Silly boy. Look at what happened to Michael Cohen!


“Senator Kamala Harris’s 8 minute exchange with Attorney Gen. William Barr was amazing to watch. She was very skillful in cutting through all the BS….”

Indeed! She was like a Ninja surgeon carving a fat turkey. Hilarious except for the bald-faced lying by the f——Attorney General of the United States.
I was embarrassed for our nation.

will . .I agree with you, Kamala was outrageously great! No, no, don’t be embarrassed; be PROUD of our nation, very, very proud. We are being tested (by the dying patriarchy) and we will become even better for this challenge.

A brand New Moon starts in 2 days, but recall the New Moon on April 5 that’s in power right now. Venus in Pisces was T-square the US natal chart’s ascendant in Sagittarius AND the US natal chart’s descendant that conjuncts Mueller’s natal Uranus.

Wonder of wonders, we are seeing that Mueller Gemini Uranus (unexpected letters!) in action.

Venus in the April 5 New Moon chart was also opposite Mueller’s Mercury in Virgo (details) making the T-square into a grand cross, and aren’t we grateful for that.

Mueller also has natal Pholus (small cause, BIG effect) at 20+ Cap which is where transiting retrograde Saturn was then and where it still is now. MUELLER’S PHOLUS IS WHAT THE PRESENT TRANS. SATURN IS ALL ABOUT . . for the USA.

We the People are witnessing the power of an astrological Grand Cross; a tool for many uses, and in this case it’s to expose the truth.

I should add that trans. Ceres (she who feeds us when we’re most hungry) is on the US natal ascendant at 12+ Sagittarius; opposite Mueller’s Uranus and square Mueller’s Mercury.

I should also add that trans. Uranus is at the Chiron Discovery Degree (3+ Taurus) bring healing (Chiron) through the Unexpected (Uranus) on a material level (Taurus).

did you see the hilarious photo of a chicken paced above Barr’s nameplate for his no-show house hearing?
Not sure if I really agree with the decision to subliminally trivialize the matter’s seriousness with humor, but it was funny.

An incredible comment from nyt”s on the shooting in N.C.

“I live in Rio de Janeiro with a property in the US as well. My daughter would like to go to a University in the US. I am actively dissuading her and anyone else I know who is thinking of schools in the US. I feel much safer in Brazil than here! We need Healthcare for everyone here in the US, this would help nearly every aspect of American life. When we come here for holidays, we are bombarded with tales of gun violence unlike anything EVER in Brazil, we are also bombarded with scary ads for medications and every other kind of attempt to sell medications or other health- related products. This is illegal in other countries! I would tell people to stay away from the US until gun control is actively in place and healthcare is a guarantee for all. People live here with such a terrible lack of dignity, struggling for every last thing. This must change and starting 2020 I am confident that it will. This current model is unsustainable.”


With some Jupiter protection I do not think tRump will quit until it passes.

Jupiter direct with tRump Sun and Moon natal and precessed.

Feb 23 2019 Jupiter Conjunct Moon 21°Sg12′ Tr-Na
Mar 3 2019 Jupiter Conjunct Moon 21°Sg12′ pTr-Na
Mar 11 2019 Jupiter Opposite Sun 22°Sg56′ Tr-Na
Mar 25 2019 Jupiter Opposite Sun 22°Sg56′ pTr-Na

April 10 2019 Jupiter stations retrograde 24°Sg21′ Tr
Jupiter backs over Sun and Moon natal and precessed.

Apr 26 2019 Jupiter Opposite Sun 22°Sg56′ pTr-Na
May 11 2019 Jupiter Opposite Sun 22°Sg56′ Tr-Na
May 18 2019 Jupiter Conjunct Moon 21°Sg12′ pTr-Na
May 27 2019 Jupiter Conjunct Moon 21°Sg12′ Tr-Na

Aug 11 2019 Jupiter stations direct 14°Sg30′ Tr
Jupiter last pass over Sun and Moon natal and precessed.

Oct 20 2019 Jupiter Conjunct Moon 21°Sg12′ Tr-Na
Oct 25 2019 Jupiter Conjunct Moon 21°Sg12′ pTr-Na
Oct 29 2019 Jupiter Opposite Sun 22°Sg56′ Tr-Na
Nov 3 2019 Jupiter Opposite Sun 22°Sg56′ pTr-Na

I love this guy, Michael Bennet, Colorado’s Sr. Senator, born in India, who is running to be Dem candidate for President. Did you see him on Rachel’s show tonight?

Born Nov. 28, 1964, his Jupiter conjuncts the US natal Vesta (19+ Taurus) and his Saturn conjuncts US natal Moon-Pallas in Aquarius, qualifying him as electable.

Finally, something to watch on TV on Saturday nights; Donnie Deutch on MSNBC!

Mueller’s natal Saturn/Pluto midpoint (noon chart) 114°31′. Opposition 294°31′. Transit Pluto at noon on May 15 294°36′. Here we go with the January Sun, Saturn, Pluto conjunctions (294°42, 294°42, 294°45′). They will be opposite Mueller’s Saturn/Pluto midpoint.

KAMALA was amazing! What a shameful spectacle yesterday was though and then Barr not showing up today!

Was listening to the Pod Save America podcast today, and kind of agree with them that Barr , upon finalizing he wasn’t going to show up should have been IMMEDIATELY subpoenaed. They need to show a little more strength, be a little more offensive.

Also, they were all and I tend to agree with them, pretty outraged about Nancy and Schumer meeting with Trump to strike an infrastructure ‘deal’, because at this stage with all that is going on and no decision on whether to have hearings and impeach and the fake state of emergency and the fact that the Mueller report is so damning and everything damn else, blocking everything, breaking every norm, basically being a constitutional crisis, that to go and meet with him like things are normal is outrageous. Don’t normalise Trump!

The only strategy they could come up with is that Nancy and Chuck know there’s a snowball’s chance in hell that Mitch and the Senate would ever consider this, so that perhaps the Dems come election time could say they tried and the R’s shut it down, but they still thought it was a dumb move, any thoughts?

Also, Hillary saying ‘China if you are listening, release Trump’s tax returns’ and the chicken memes for Barr was kind of funny!

The Democratic National Committee has said there will be 6 debates in 2019, starting on June 26-27, and another 6 debates in 2020 starting in January. These have been set:

June 26 & 27, 2019
NBC News Democratic Primary Debate
Aired On: NBC, MSNBC and Telemundo
Live Stream: NBCNews.com
Location: Miami, Florida

July 30 & 31, 2019
CNN Democratic Primary Debate
Aired On: CNN
Live Stream: CNN.com
Location: Detroit, Michigan


Date and place of birth, experience, pics, campaign announcement date for 22 contenders who could be somebody.

“Great @carolleonnig read on Annie Donaldson, the Trump White House truth teller whose daily notes (“Just in the middle of another Russia Fiasco”) became Mueller’s version of the Nixon tapes


“Annie Donaldson, McGahn’s chief of staff, a loyal and low-profile conservative lawyer with a daily habit of documenting everything at the White House, gave Mueller her version of the Nixon White House tapes-a running account of the president’s actions.”


“…No, no, don’t be embarrassed; be PROUD of our nation, very, very proud. We are being tested (by the dying patriarchy) and we will become even better for this challenge….”

Thank you BarbK – I needed that redirect in the face of demoralizing behavior of those in the highest offices.

The passing of a fixed, fossilized, repugnant and oppressive patriarchy indeed.


I liked Michael Bennet too! He was clear and straightforward. I loved the tape showing him go off on Ted Cruz over the shutdown. There was a feel of integrity about him. When he says something, I believe him. Coloradans love him, have elected him several times, and he comes from a purple state, which may be needed to heal the rift between extremes in the country. A great running mate for Kamala, I think.

Barbk and Fe,

Michael Bennet’s younger brother, James is an
Editor at NYT’s formerly at The Atlantic.

The thing about Barr that confounds me is not knowing what the purpose of his stalling is. One of the basic tenets of the symbolism of Saturn is Time. Another is its time-consuming job of thoroughness. Barr’s natal Saturn conjuncts Mueller’s natal Mercury and we have all witnessed how he has delayed (or thwarted) his (Mueller’s) report.

Is it purely an attempt to stall until the 2020 elections (19 months from the start of April, 2019) or something more sinister?

The US natal Saturn in Libra, a sign known for its difficulty in making decisions, can be particularly deliberate (slow) in reaching decisions, especially legal decisions. Barr’s natal Neptune conjuncts the US natal Saturn. Obfuscating (blurring, lying, confusing) is a hallmark of the symbol Neptune.

On the other hand, the US Constitution chart (Sept. 17. 1787) has Saturn at 23+ Aquarius (retrograde) which is quincunx the same chart’s Sun (consciousness) at 24+ Virgo which is the same degree Barr’s natal Mars occupies. Me thinks Barr is quite familiar with the US Constitution. He knows what he can get away with by utilizing the time-consuming processes as defined in the Constitution.

The US natal Mercury (24+ Cancer) is sextile the US Constitution chart’s Sun and Barr’s natal Mars in Virgo. This sextile of US Mercury and the Constitution Sun + Barr’s Mars (as opposed to a Mars bar) forms a Yod with the US Constitution chart’s Saturn; slow, meticulous, the ruler-of-time Saturn at 23+ Aquarius.

It is the Constitution chart’s Saturn that is being forced to adjust, and that, of course, takes time.

Here’s a thought. Transiting Eris (loves to stir up trouble) at 23+ Aries is sextile the Constitution chart Saturn at 23+ Aquarius. They form a Yod with the US NATAL chart’s Neptune (shape-shifter) at 22+ Virgo, just 2 degrees from the US Constitution Sun (and Barr’s Mars) at 24+ Virgo. Presto, shift happens.

Meanwhile, transiting Jupiter at 23+ Sagittarius (and retrograde) is trine transiting Eris (23+ Aries, and Bob Mueller’s natal Ceres (what nurtures us) at 23+ Leo which forms a grand trine that’s whetting our (we in the USA) appetites.

At the same time, Mueller’s natal Ceres (what we have an appetite for) opposes US Constitution chart’s Saturn, what needs to adjust due to it’s being at the apex of Barr’s Mars and the Constitution Sun and their sextile with US Mercury.

It is Mueller’s Ceres that has influence enough to override the time-consuming Saturn processes by bypassing those processes, thanks to transiting Eris and transiting Jupiter (seeing the Big Picture) and their splendid grand trine.

Mueller’s Ceres will overpower the rules (Saturn) as the Public demands the un-redacted Mueller Report, providing the “adjustment” for Constitution Saturn.

If Trump can break rules then the US people (US House) can break a few too.

It’s a tangled web indeed but remarkably – almost magically – conceived.

My sense is that Bill Barr is getting paid a fortune in some fashion doing the bidding for the Unmentionable one. There has to be something extremely desirable and tantalizing being dangled to motivate Barr to essentially s—t all over himself during these hearings.

Did you see this from Marjorie?

The world is watching US so closely.
‘Mueller’s relationship chart with Trump is under separating influences this year; with a sharp elbow around July from the Eclipse conjunct the composite Saturn; and tr Uranus trine the composite Mars. With even more significant upheavals from mid 2020 onwards for a year or so.

‘This tale has a ways to run before it finds closure’.

Usually people stall because they hope to outlast their adversary, or because they hope against hope to find a way to squirm out of their difficulty, or because they want to give “God” all the time “he” needs to intervene.

Thank you so much Eliseo, that’s probably all it is; the old tried and true method of exhausting the adversary until they give up.

Still, there are 3 yods going on now;

1. US Constitution Saturn and US natal Mercury and US Neptune (+ Constitution Sun+ Barr’s Mars)

2. US Constitution Saturn and trans. Jupiter and US Mercury

3. US Constitution Saturn and transiting Eris and US Neptune (+ Constitution Sun + Barr’s Mars)

It is #1 that could last forever (no transiting planets involved), but it is the Grand trine between transiting Eris, transiting Jupiter and Mueller’s Ceres that will see us through this crisis. Even so, trans. Jupiter will only be around for so long; off and on through November.

Seriously, I’m thinking it will be #3, the one with Barr’s Mars at the apex of the Yod (it squares trans Jupiter) that will succumb to the pressure of the Grand Fire Trine first.

There is a Full Moon that conjuncts the US natal Vesta (what is invested in) on November 12th, maybe then.

To everyone wondering what Barr’s motivation is, I think I found the answer over on DKos tonight.

Barr is a high mucky-much in Opus Dei.

Further, it looks like at least 5 of the Supremes are also Opus Dei.

I have no idea how many of the Repubs are Opus Dei, but I do know that there number is more than “several”… and that includes KS’ old Governor (the one who destroyed this state) and is now a Christian Ambassador — Brownback.

Geesh… I’ve been so focused on the Dominionists, I missed the Opus Dei cult altogether — and they have MUCH more influence and power. And if they’re now working hand-in-hand with the Dominionists… Putin and Trump are small potatoes for this country — useful idiots for the Theocracy that’s coming closer and closer.

No wonder women and everyone else not rich, white, and male are under attack and losing rights. We’ve got the American Isis governing us now!

RE: “Barr is a high mucky-much in Opus Dei.”
“Further, it looks like at least 5 of the Supremes are also Opus Dei.”

WOW! If true that’s pretty amazing and scary. The first assertion seems more credible than the latter. Nevertheless,
this is definitely worth checking out. Do you have the link to a reliable source? I hope this is wrong.

RE: “There has to be something extremely desirable and tantalizing being dangled to motivate Barr to essentially s—t all over himself during these hearings.”

It may be simpler than that. I suspect Barr sees his actions as heroic. He in all likelihood functions with entirely different definitions of right & wrong, fair and unfair from those of us on this blog. When you accept an ultra-demonized view of those with whom you disagree, it is far easier to fall on your sword for your “righteous” cause or otherwise commit egregious acts. I suspect Barr sees himself as doing his sacrificial best to oppose evil and chaos.

Unfortunately, there are many still in our culture, who are well trained, adept in their chosen field, who nevertheless hold to very childlike, superstitious religious and/or moral views, people who believe that we (America) will be punished by God if we don’t behave right and follow the narrow path they believe to be the one and only correct one.

Grace astrology today:

Mars, planet of action, is nearing its exact opposition to Jupiter, planet of BIG. Mars is activating one of the dominant patterns of 2019: the Jupiter-Neptune square, discussed in January:


Fascinating ja! Thanks for the grace astrology link. Also learned that the 7th house was “related” to “the Public”; didn’t know that.


You pose perfectly possible reasons for Barr’s B.S.. God only knows. I get the distinct impression that he thoroughly enjoys being an asshole like “The Teflon-Don.”

The behavior of these Asshats is having a deeply-demoralizing effect on the nation’s psyche – except of course for the others who have partaken of the Kool-Aide.

Atta boy Donnie Deutsch, loved your premier show!

Good point will, ” . . a deeply demoralizing effect on the nation’s psyche” could well be Barr’s purpose in life. I think Trump, being the ass he is, is serving a purpose; a karma kind of thing. So too is Barr bringing about a consciousness raising for our nation.

They both reach out to the lowest common denominator, therefore, when change comes it is more likely to reach its maximum effectiveness.

There are many US citizens who have no idea what takes place in Washington, DC, throughout their entire lives. Trump, Barr and their ilk have changed that, and that’s what is needed for transformation (Pluto). We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore. Something like that.

I get a similar impression, that he enjoys having high office through which he can exercise power OVER (not with) others, very much like “The Teflon-Don.”

And yes, these guys are having a deeply-demoralizing effect on the nation’s psyche, no doubt about it. And I feel our allies are also demoralized, while our adversaries and enemies are thrilled.

With sun, moon, and uranus transiting Taurus, I’ve been trying to figure out the surprise ending to today’s KY Derby which should have had some connecting to Uranus but the sun and moon locations in Taurus were nowhere near Uranus’s position of 3, but were much further along. The race is supposed to have started at 6:50 pm ET. What do you think about that ending, Barb?

connection, not connecting

Random thought:
since the ‘media’ at large is part of the ‘4th estate’ and pluto is now excavating USA govt 3 branches and its dirty laundry, Im wondering if there could ever be an astro analysis of the media overall, as no specific ‘birth’ date could be gleaned. Or could that date be tied to the constitution generally?
Any ideas?

It would be nice if everyone, politicians and media, could leave spin and lies behind and move toward integrity and honesty. I think that’s why the smart new faces such as aoc are compelling – they seem more honest/altruistic at their core. Maybe that should be more prominent in the dem platform or slogan – “there is never a reason for honest people to vote for liars”

Well, I have been wondering about that Sharon; the closest I’ve come is that transiting Uranus is in the Chiron (half horse) degree, and Louisville has natal Saturn conjunct US Uranus (8+ Gemini), but then it has been there since 1795.

Seriously though, I would have to guess that the 1st Kentucky Derby on May 17, 1875, would serve as the birthday of this annual event, and on that day there was an opposition between Venus ($$) conjunct Chiron (wounded) in Aries (individuals) which was opposite Jupiter (luck) in Libra (all things equal).

Today’s transiting Pluto (accompanied by Saturn and the South Node) was in a T-square to that opposition, plus it was also a New Moon and Uranus IS conjunct the Chiron degree.

If I can find a way to get the actual birth date of the horses involved (officially, race horses all have the same birth date) it might give us a clue. Otherwise . .

Eliz. Grace says Jupiter in Sagittarius relates to horses, so there’s that. Today Jupiter in Sagittarius is trine Eris in Aries, which was where Venus was on May 17, 1875. Go figure!

has anyone looked at the synastry of barr and the constitution?
Or trump and the constitution?

found this site that gives a date of april 30 1790 for the supreme court chart. Don’t know source of data, or how accurate, but interesting that Uranus will conjunct sun & mercury (9&10 taur) of that chart middle to end of next year. hmmmm

by will:
Indeed! She was like a Ninja surgeon carving a fat turkey. Hilarious except for the bald-faced lying by the f——Attorney General of the United States.
I was embarrassed for our nation.

oh the smiles you gave me. Yes he’s a stuffed up old fart. I keep asking was his career successful with this logic ? Baffled in SF.

Kamala will get the male vote; she has this sexy voice that men love and easy on the eyes. Yes, it is primal.

I just want to remind everyone that Trump is still very much in the height of his unobstructed megalomania: Jupiter/Sun/Pluto combo right now through the 10th. More Jupiter through mid June but this is by far the worst of it. So the economy is roaring and he seems to get away with everything.

I also want to remind you of the many times I have mentioned my concern about how much US Mars is being activated from late June through early fall. If there is to be some kind of ham handed military intervention, this would be the time.

Speaking of May 15–Mueller may be testifying on that date!

Go figure, indeed, Barb. No matter the explanation, it seems unfair to Maximum Security and his jockey, not a favorite in the race, but they held the lead most of the time.

Appreciate the heads up to keep our heads down this summer Nancy, at least we know it won’t last forever. Forewarned is forearmed someone once said.

Without doing any charts I am learning much about the charts of some of the Dem candidates from postings I come across while looking for other information. One is going to have a very difficult year in 2020. 2 others with very positive transits on election day have strong positive connections between them that I wonder if they might make up the ticket. It is hard not to do the charts for the candidates but to do so now would take so much time away from other pursuits.

It will be a major undertaking to try to come up with speculative birth charts for 3 to 6 strong candidates in the primaries (if a time is not given I use charts for marriages, past wins and/or losses in political endeavors, or notable events in their lives such as in vice president Biden’s well known past. Gathering the information (dates times, and places), verifying it, if possible, then doing noon charts to try and rectify them to come up with a viable speculative birth chart precludes my working on more than that number.

While doing that I am also doing chart work on leaders on the other side and on past political events and entity’s in their relationship to current and future dates.

I understand why those who have commitments in life other than following, much less keeping up with, the political scene depend somewhat on those of us who have the time to pursue it to share our findings and our views on the glut of media revelations and offerings that come all day, everyday as it is difficult for us to do.

Good Afternoon Nancy,

I’m always happy to read your posts.

You must have read my mind; I vaguely remembered your profoundly insightful passage that predicted tRump’s recent bounce in the polls; as such, I have been bracing myself for it (your work is very helpful to the psyche as a sort of proactive intervention)

Your astrological capture of this particularly galling yet extremely fortunate Jupiter/Sun/Pluto influence on L’Enfant Terrible is not only spot-on but also hardly bearable. It gladdens my heart that you sense this psychotic split will begin to ease up after May 10.

Recently, I have had to battle against feeling devastating defeat as I watch this Cheap Carny and his Criminal Cadre defy all manner of honesty, dignity and the rule of law. Much to my chagrin, I often do experience all of this awfulness on a disturbingly personal level. Color me a big Persecution Complex. Go ahead,bill my insurance.

“Yes he’s a stuffed up old fart.”

Big belly laugh here! Grazie!

As for the lowest unemployment rate in decades – a thought bubble in corporate heads – “If we can get away without paying the peasants very much (a living wage) we will hire many of them.”

Will- “Cheap Carny and his Criminal Cadre”– perfection!! ???

Chopped liver.

[b]By: Bob on March 25th, 2019. at 12:34 pm

“In spite of constantly ongoing troubles tRump will have Jupiter’s protection through November 3rd allowing him to hang on.”


By: Bob on May 2nd, 2019, at 8:48 pm.

“With some Jupiter protection I do not think tRump will quit until it passes.

Jupiter direct with tRump Sun and Moon natal and precessed.

Feb 23 2019 Jupiter Conjunct Moon 21°Sg12? Tr-Na
Mar 3 2019 Jupiter Conjunct Moon 21°Sg12? pTr-Na
Mar 11 2019 Jupiter Opposite Sun 22°Sg56? Tr-Na
Mar 25 2019 Jupiter Opposite Sun 22°Sg56? pTr-Na

April 10 2019 Jupiter stations retrograde 24°Sg21? Tr
Jupiter backs over Sun and Moon natal and precessed.

Apr 26 2019 Jupiter Opposite Sun 22°Sg56? pTr-Na
May 11 2019 Jupiter Opposite Sun 22°Sg56? Tr-Na
May 18 2019 Jupiter Conjunct Moon 21°Sg12? pTr-Na
May 27 2019 Jupiter Conjunct Moon 21°Sg12? Tr-Na

Aug 11 2019 Jupiter stations direct 14°Sg30? Tr
Jupiter last pass over Sun and Moon natal and precessed.

Oct 20 2019 Jupiter Conjunct Moon 21°Sg12? Tr-Na
Oct 25 2019 Jupiter Conjunct Moon 21°Sg12? pTr-Na
Oct 29 2019 Jupiter Opposite Sun 22°Sg56? Tr-Na
Nov 3 2019 Jupiter Opposite Sun 22°Sg56? pTr-Na”[/b]

The ??? In the foregoing post were fire emojis…my bad.

Chopped liver.

By: Bob on March 25th, 2019. at 12:34 pm

“In spite of constantly ongoing troubles tRump will have Jupiter’s protection through November 3rd allowing him to hang on.”


By: Bob on May 2nd, 2019, at 8:48 pm.

“With some Jupiter protection I do not think tRump will quit until it passes.

Jupiter direct with tRump Sun and Moon natal and precessed.

Feb 23 2019 Jupiter Conjunct Moon 21°Sg12? Tr-Na
Mar 3 2019 Jupiter Conjunct Moon 21°Sg12? pTr-Na
Mar 11 2019 Jupiter Opposite Sun 22°Sg56? Tr-Na
Mar 25 2019 Jupiter Opposite Sun 22°Sg56? pTr-Na

April 10 2019 Jupiter stations retrograde 24°Sg21? Tr
Jupiter backs over Sun and Moon natal and precessed.

Apr 26 2019 Jupiter Opposite Sun 22°Sg56? pTr-Na
May 11 2019 Jupiter Opposite Sun 22°Sg56? Tr-Na
May 18 2019 Jupiter Conjunct Moon 21°Sg12? pTr-Na
May 27 2019 Jupiter Conjunct Moon 21°Sg12? Tr-Na

Aug 11 2019 Jupiter stations direct 14°Sg30? Tr
Jupiter last pass over Sun and Moon natal and precessed.

Oct 20 2019 Jupiter Conjunct Moon 21°Sg12? Tr-Na
Oct 25 2019 Jupiter Conjunct Moon 21°Sg12? pTr-Na
Oct 29 2019 Jupiter Opposite Sun 22°Sg56? Tr-Na
Nov 3 2019 Jupiter Opposite Sun 22°Sg56? pTr-Na”

Bob, we appreciate all your efforts in pinning down the astrology on the Dem candidates even though it is ridiculously early to try to choose a candidate yet. Pace yourself!

will (and Nancy), Linda the psychic has a new tape today and something she said (about 20 minutes in) made me think that Nancy’s observation of US natal Mars being activated this summer could be Trump’s supporters revolting against some new charges against him.

Also, the US Constitution Signing chart’s Mars at 2 Cancer 59 is extremely tight to the US natal chart’s Venus at 3 Cancer 06, and transiting Chiron in Aries was square them all last month. Our values (Venus) are being sorely challenged which calls up the Constitution’s defense (Mars).

What came to mind was Bill Barr’s natal Uranus at 3+ Cancer doing the challenging; not just the Congressional Democrats but the Constitution itself.

The US Constitution chart’s Vesta (what is invested in) at 20+ Gemini is conjunct the US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini, leading me to think those summer activations to US Mars might be related to the Constitution’s core tenets or what our country is invested in.

It could be a war of words (Gemini), violent words – and don’t forget US PROGRESSED Mars is retrograde (turned inward) and could be the instigator. It is conjunct the US Constitution chart’s Neptune, and Trump’s Jupiter, and Putin’s natal Saturn. Hmmm . .

DPH, I think it is what font this site is set to accept. My minute symbol when I type out degree and minute positions shows up as a question mark.

I thought I posted this already but evidently forgot to finish it? Bob posted a little up-thread about Mueller on 5/15, his probably day of testimony. Anyone else care to take a quick look at the Mueller chart, the U.S. chart, the day’s transits, etc.? People on Democratic Underground are saying don’t expect too much from Mueller as he is a careful, by-the-book Republican. I still think he knows what he is doing, based on the evidence he found and the limitations to what he can do in the position he’s been given.

I just copied the Serenity Prayer to someone’s FB page and it occurs to me it’s always relevant –

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.
Read more at https://www.beliefnet.com/prayers/protestant/addiction/serenity-prayer.aspx#arMF40JW4XYVv5ye.99

Biden gives Trump a nickname: ‘Clown’

“There’s so many nicknames I’m inclined to give this guy,” Biden said to laughter in the room. “You can just start with clown. Biden also told the group he regretted once saying if he were in high school he would have taken Trump around back and “beat the hell out of him.”
“Well guess what? I probably shouldn’t have done that,” Biden said Saturday, “I don’t want to get it down to that level. The presidency is an office that requires some dignity.”

Biden then told a story about his grandchildren playing a role in urging him to run for president. He said one of his grandchildren called a family meeting eight weeks ago and contended that his grandchildren urged him to run after seeing degrading images on him online. “‘Pop, you have to run Pop,” Biden said one of his grandsons, “Little Hunter” told him, then said his grandson showed him a photo online from Beau Biden’s funeral. “‘Pop, it says: ‘Look at Biden molesting a kid,’” Biden said his grandson told him. “Pop, I know it’s going to be mean, they’re going to say bad things about Daddy.” “Mommy and Daddy had a divorce and they’re going to really go after that,” Biden continued, in retelling what he said his grandchildren said to him. “My generic point is they know how tough it’s going to be.”

https://politi.co/2vG7sGE via @politico

Starlight, yes, Trump does seem to get away with much. But he is deeply worried, or he would not tweet so much, that his world could come crashing down any day. I have to keep reminding myself that there is a higher law which we all must answer too. And, also, this is a test and a call to all of us to fight and preserve our democracy and freedom in which ever positive way we can. We must also put pressure on Congress and Speaker Pelosi to standup for our freedoms. And, maybe they are, though slowly; trying to follow the rule of law when this man has no laws and is completely lawless.

Thank you Nancy, this is the most stressful/unsettling & disturbing Presidency I can ever remember.

From my favorite, Axios:
“Trump says Mueller shouldn’t testify as House Democrats close in on date”

We need a miracle!

We need a series of miracles. And as a nation, we’ve performed such necessary miracles when required. It’s part of our history, and part of our DNA. Have faith. We’ll get through this and be a stronger, better, more moral and compassionate culture and nation for having gone through this bizarre experience.

So as to never go through this again, expect a number of post-trump new laws, and constitutional amendments designed to further limit the powers of the presidency, while simultaneously increasing the powers of the people.

When we are told we can’t have something, we want it that much more. When politicians block freedom, we desire it more intensely. Much of the progressive agenda concerns “freedom froms” i.e. freedom from the fear of poverty, from worrying how we’ll pay our medical bills, or our educations, freedom from corporate or governmental tyranny.

In effect, Trump and the R’s are holding up their middle fingers, pointing them towards the American people and saying you can’t have those freedoms. We’ll never, never, never, never let you have those. Forget About It! We Are Supreme! YOU Are NOT! Only we, the wealthy elite are deserving of such freedoms. Go back to work and don’t bother us with your peasant, peon, unworkable, stupid ideas.

The result of course, probably coinciding with our Pluto and Uranus returns will be an enormous backlash through which we will obtain many, many if those long coveted freedoms.

Patience. Let’s take care of ourselves and one another, that we may see these changes within our lifetimes. Meanwhile, we take a few deep breaths, as we ready ourselves for the necessary work to achieve those goals.

We are not and have never been a “normal” nation. We are a nation founded on noble ideas and ideals. We’ve not always lived up to those very challenging ideals, but our history is one of gradual perfection, of evolution into a more perfect union.

Trump and company are catalysts, challenging us to continue and renew our quest. We will achieve our noblest aspirations, in the words of JFK, “not because they are easy but because they are hard.” We will achieve them because it is the surest way to bring out the best in ourselves, and in so doing shine a very bright and needed light into humanity’s existential darkness.


“As for the lowest unemployment rate in decades – a thought bubble in corporate heads – “If we can get away without paying the peasants very much (a living wage) we will hire many of them.”

I know many people who are working 2 or 3 jobs just to get by. That’s got to skew these unemployment rates considerably.

And with all of these companies closing branches one after the other, if that fact hasn’t yet affected the unemployment rate, it will. In fact it’s a very strange juxtaposition: businesses downsizing and closing and unemployment going down!?

Eliseo, I echo Patty. The whole Opus Dei thing and trying to stack the courts with this Puritan version of Christianity is getting to me, too. Meanwhile, anti-semitism is on the rise with Jews again being scapegoated, as well as Muslims. Meanwhile, the U.S. is sending ships to the Mideast in a maneuver meant to send a message to Iran, who has armed Islamic Jihad and Hamas (I read that IJ is their puppet and Hamas is more independent) to the gills and has now instructed them to draw Israel into a war. This may be, by the way, what Nancy saw the U.S. being involved in? It feels somehow like the walls are closing in and I think Andre may have been right about the difficulties the 2020 president will be facing.


re: Random thought: The 3rd house of any chart symbolizes communication in general, which you probably already knew.

That would include communication via the media and politicians, and since transiting Neptune (not inclined to truth as we think of it, but more inclined to imagination) is, and has been for a while, in the US natal chart’s 3rd house, so all communication will be subject to fact check.

I’m wondering if this Neptune transit in the US natal chart’s 3rd house isn’t a kind of cleansing or diluting of all our systems of communicating so that we are forced to rely on some inner knowing. You know, instinctive knowing.

With the US natal Mercury under the transforming Pluto opposition, followed quickly by the Saturn transit opposition and the transiting South Node (release what no longer serves) before it, there could be a changing new form of communicating in the offing.

Maybe our evolving brains will be able to detect incoming BS without verifying its authenticity, or maybe a new invention that can detect what we hear or read as truth or trash is just a few years away from production.

Or maybe the gullible will always be with us, in which case, much better education that includes awareness of facts should be a priority. Take note Dem platform committee.

I’m pessimistic as to the short term and optimistic as to the long term. I too am deeply concerned about the rise in anti-Semitism, and the stacking of our courts with Christo-fascist Nutz, be they Opus Dei or some other variety of Crazy Christianity. When those wannabe Nazi Kooks and Klan boys marched in Charlottesville chanting “Jews will not replace us!” I wanted to reply with “No, but robots will, you idiot.”

My feeling is that Andre is likely correct about 2020 and 2024. Things are likely to get worse before they get better. I’m concerned whomever is elected in 2020 may get blamed for our troubles, as it is probably unrealistic all that Trump & company have broken in 4 years can be fixed in another 4 years.

We are spoiled. So much of what we desire, we get almost immediately. But the problems we face now will take quite a while.

thanks for your thoughts barbk.
I keep thinking of something I heard years ago, not sure who from, but it was along the lines of, ‘god’ keeps obstacles in front of you so that you keep remembering to pray.
trumpy is one hell of an obstacle though! We all better get connecting to authentic spirit soon! LOL

“Imagine if President Obama had a huge hotel right next to the White House that he was personally profiting off of during his Presidency. It would’ve been a Benghazi-like investigation. Trump literally has a giant hotel by the White House yet Republicans have done nothing. Sad!”

“Why can’t we use Thoughts and Prayers to protect the border? It’s what we use to protect our schools.”

Tweets by Travis Allen @TravisAllen02

RE: “god’ keeps obstacles in front of you so that you keep remembering to pray.”
That’s the point I believe. Getting connected to genuine spirit will get us through this. Also, I can’t think of any major social movement in the US that was successful without the oomph of the Religious Left. Our religious Left today is pretty pluralistic. Pagans, Wiccans, reformist Muslims, many Jews, many Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, etc. At least here in the USA, when the Religious Left gets behind a csuse, it eventually succeeds.
United, we can defeat this beast, and go on to other adventures.

From Nancy’s May 5th entry:

“….I also want to remind you of the many times I have mentioned my concern about how much US Mars is being activated from late June through early fall. If there is to be some kind of ham handed military intervention, this would be the time.”

Which begs the question, what’s going on with Iran?

Aircraft Carrier Sent to Middle East After Indications Iran Planned Attack On US Forces


Is this a potential “wag the dog” scenario as a way of deflecting attention away from Trump’s about- face on his not wanting Mueller to testify before congress?

Opus Dei founded 10/2/1928 Madrid, Spain. Birth time unknown.

kiwi, Eliseo,

“RE: “god’ keeps obstacles in front of you so that you keep remembering to pray.”
That’s the point I believe. Getting connected to genuine spirit will get us through this.”

Amen. Amen. Amen.


Opus Dei is a bizarre cult-like movement that is harsh, punitive, judgmental and destructive. It defies the teachings of the Christ.

Michael Wolfstar:

2020 Contested Election Results?


a comment from nyt’s:

“The test for Biden will come in the debates. He will be on stage with a lot of candidates who are much younger and a lot of candidates with more ideas on how to deal with the problems that we face. And if Biden still has a big lead in the polls at that point many candidates will be focused on attacking Biden. This article mentions a proposal by Jay Inslee on climate change but fails to mention the complex climate change policy that he has begun to roll out and which on this issue now separates him from the field at this early stage. David Roberts who writes for Vox has provided far more details about this policy in an article titled “Jay Inslee promised serious climate policy and he is delivering.” Biden has a long way to go to catch up to Inslee on climate change policy and polling indicates climate change is now the top issue of the Democrats.”


Trump obnoxiousness has now invaded my dreams! Two nights in a row. In the first, I actually had to stand beside him while he insulted me personally (my body) with that nasty smirk of his. (Oooohhhh.)

In the next one, I was outside his office — I guess the oval — and for some reason, lots of people were lined up wanting to get inside to see it or see him, and it was like I was the gatekeeper, deciding when to let more people inside.

But I could see through the door that a giant storm was coming — saw the ocean churning through the door — and I was telling people they’d better hurry inside to see whatever they wanted to see, because it (he?) wouldn’t be there much longer. The storm was going to do away with him.

(Let’s hope it’s a precognitive dream. I have ones from time to time that come true.)

Teresa, let’s hope the coming storm is selective about the damage it does, if you know what I mean and karma hits people correctly.

Eliseo, I agree with your first comment. As far as the religious Left, I think more has to happen to inspire, motivate, anger us on the religious left! We persevere but the problem is part of our spirituality is our acceptance of all humans, of all life, while staying on a just path. The religious right, along with the religious and racial extremists are desperately focused on defeating “evil” with what they consider “good” and I think they are highly organized in a fascist way backed by a lot of moneyed people. I’m not sure I see a ready solution as they are not going to back down easily.

Jerry, Iran is hell bent on destroying Israel and has armed all of it’s neighbors and has gotten them to keep sticking pins in Israel to get it to respond. I’ve read that Islamic Jihad as well as Hezbollah are Iran’s puppets, that Hamas works with Iran and takes their orders, but is more independent, and that Egypt is still trying to broker peace which it has been doing for a long while. Iran has also gotten a good hold in Syria so as to surround Israel on all sides. It’s a difficult position for Israel to be in. I don’t know what the U.S. is up to but it may be trying to show Israel support in these latest incursions. Other countries in the Mideast have aligned with Israel (Jordan, Saudi Arabia, & others) if only to discourage Iran’s hegemony. I certainly do not want to see us get into war with Iran, but Iran has its own economic problems so that probably won’t happen. I feel that the rules of Iran are patiently trying to turn the Mideast to Sharia Islam which they feel is the true path but I would have to research it more. I also feel it is a big mistake for Netanyahu to cater to religious extremists in Israel. He does that to garner support. We have relatives in Israel who feel about him the way we feel about Trump…that he is compromising with extremists in order to stay in power.

Let’s face it, the USA isn’t powerful because of it’s age. Countries such as Egypt or China or France are 1000’s of years old, and during those years these ancient countries have been challenged by disease, war, climate change and tyranny, and they have endured.

It is the USA’s diversity that gives it power; people from all over the world make up the roots of this United States of America. It is also our ingenuity; the ability to think cleverly that gives us endurance on the world stage.

I believe that Neptune as the highest positioned planet in our country’s birth chart (9 degrees from the MC) indicates the porousness of its boundaries, and therefore its diversity, and I believe our country’s 8th house (shared resources) natal Mercury (symbolizing our ingenuity) in a sextile with US Neptune symbolizes our country’s ingenuity.

The US natal Moon, which symbolizes all the people (the masses) in the USA is in a quincunx to both the US Neptune and the US Mercury and a quincunx forces adjustment due to the incongruity between planets in signs 150 degrees (within a 5 degree orb) apart. When a planet is in a quincunx from two different planets and those two planets are sextile each other, the need to adjust is relentless.

Add to this discomfort, our US natal Moon is also conjunct US natal Pallas, a warrior goddess in myth, best known for her planning ability; she was a strategist.

So, the symbol of the US People, combined with the warrior goddess who strategizes and you get the two-party system; one leans toward Mercury type solutions and one leans toward Neptune type solutions, and that is interchangeable!

There is a kind of logic in this arrangement; The US Moon rules the sign that the US Sun resides in (as well as the sign US Mercury resides in).

What she (the Moon or the People) experiences in agitation from her two quincunx aspects (called a Yod) is naturally going to translate to the Sun and Mercury (and the Venus and Jupiter too) that reside in the sign (Cancer) she rules. The US Moon (aka the US People) are powerful, And they are diverse and they are clever as all get out.

We may not be 1000’s of years old, these United States, but we damn sure are resilient, and clever, and diverse and much more; just watch us; We the People of the USA.

for news decidedly lighter than politics, baby sussex has arrived

Rod Rosenstein’s remarkable letter of resignation:
by Alexandra Petri. Columnist: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2019/05/01/rod-rosensteins-remarkable-letter-resignation/?utm_term=.52ece91a406c

I think Nancy alluded to our getting into some military events this summer and if it is Iran (as it seems to be), I think it unleashes a very scary situation. Iran has a powerful network of sleeper cells around the world that would be activated if such a move were to occur. It would not bode well for the USA (which I think Nancy also mentioned).

It doesn’t have to be Iran. It could be over the China Sea or a new Russian aggression, where we help support NATO.

But Bolton has been obsessed with Iran.

Sharon K,
It might be within the United States. It might be some kind of action against members of Congress. I sincerely hope I’m wrong.

These ARE scary times, I’ll grant you that, but it is part of a process which you are tired of hearing about (from me anyway). Here is an article by a wise astrologer you no doubt have heard of that explains what we are witnessing at this time. If you aren’t very intrigued by the meaning of astrological symbols it won’t interest you.

If you ARE interested in why we feel so bad for our country and hate what Trump and others are doing to destroy it, please check out at least the section entitled Saturn/Pluto and I think you will feel better.


My apologies if I’ve already posted this in the last month or two.

I can’t get a correction to the above link accepted on SLN so if you just leave off the “http://” you can get to Melanie’s article.

barbk: I agree wholeheartedly with your statement

“It is the USA’s diversity that gives it power; people from all over the world make up the roots of this United States of America. It is also our ingenuity; the ability to think cleverly that gives us endurance on the world stage.” Yes, that is our strength, that and our freedoms and democracy.

Eliseo – about Barr, et al….

I didn’t grab the URL from DKos… sorry. Given who I am, this one hit me in the gut.

I will go back to DKos and see if I can pull up a URL for the original post, as well as any linked URL’s within the post.

I knew Opus Dei membership was rampant on Constitutional Ave; delved into that when I discovered Brownback had converted from Methodist (I believe). Seems that was the way to go if you wanted to be in “the Family.”

Barbk’s, thanks so much for the link to Melanie Reinhart. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction that started in November, 1982 has such relevance for me. The end of this cycle I have believed will be coming to an end soon. Knowing that this makes sense astrologically is more than wonderful.

Thank you.

Here is some good news from Marjorie:


Grace astrology:

“Whereas Mercury was the star player last week, this week that honor goes to Venus, planet of what/whom we love and how we express our affections. With Venus in Aries, love may be a conquest or a crusade. Watch, as Venus makes the rounds this week, making contact with Saturn (streamlining), Jupiter (expansion) and Pluto (power/catharsis) — with more to come next week. In the news, watch for headlines involving money, women, art and values. If you have a planet or angle around 20 – 23 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn…or were born around the 10th-14th of January, April, July or October, you’re more affected by this week’s Venus action. If you buy lottery tickets on Wednesday, let me know if you win anything.”

I forgot the link:


Well I have Jupiter (22 Cancer) and Uranus (24 Cancer) in my 5th House. Guess I am going to buy lottery tickets tomorrow!

with record low unemployment numbers being touted as the latest news meme, my inner sceptic thinks, if these numbers are coming from the admin, are they cooking the books?
And their ‘booming’ economy, does that refer to the fat cats of wall street only? How does the economy feel ‘on the ground’ for average usa people?

DOJ Alumni Statement “We are former federal prosecutors. We served under both Republican and Democratic administrations at different levels of the federal system: as line attorneys, supervisors, special prosecutors, United States Attorneys, and senior officials at the Department of Justice. The offices in which we served were small, medium, and large; urban, suburban, and rural; and located in all parts of our country”. Continued: https://medium.com/@dojalumni/statement-by-former-federal-prosecutors-8ab7691c2aa1

Newly obtained tax information reveals that from 1985 to 1994, Donald J. Trump’s businesses were in far bleaker condition than was previously known.

“By the time his master-of-the-universe memoir “Trump: The Art of the Deal” hit bookstores in 1987, Donald J. Trump was already in deep financial distress, losing tens of millions of dollars on troubled business deals, according to previously unrevealed figures from his federal income tax returns.”


kiwi, my thoughts exactly. Are they manipulating the markets and the numbers — all the while profiting from it?

Fe, I have Jupiter and Uranus conjunct at 25 Cancer in my 8th house. I should buy lottery tickets as well. I guess we were both born in 1955.

Yes, kiwi, I thought the same thing.

Here is a comment from the above nyt’s expose.

“Forget about the Russians interference in US governance. Think Saudi Arabia, that virtually owns Donald Trump. The Saudis bail Trump out of bankruptcies. The Saudis buy Trump properties that cost more than they are worth and don’t sell in normal markets. Consider the link between Trumps debt to the Saudis and Trumps policies toward Iran and Yemen.”

One more, sorry to be so negative.

“This report shows trump’s Wharton educated mind would lose a game of Monopoly to a 9-year old. No one of trump’s age has accomplished more or greater loss of wealth for himself and society than Donald. Nice trick. Lose other people’s money to offset your own taxes. Trump should have been on the streets begging for money, self-made all by himself, instead of Deutsche Bank lavishing him with millions. Trump’s base chose the biggest-loser as their POTUS who will leave them holding the bag of debt when he’s gone. If trump was really so wealthy, he’d be the first to release his taxes to prove it. This report begs the question: Would you trust trump with the largest economy on earth? Who really believes the economy’s current state is the result of his genius and not the result of $2 trillion stolen from future generations? Trump’s tax returns are a gold mine – a how-to guide to cheating the American society out of resources it needs. Trump’s new adventures in the stock market now involves insider trading on his marking moving tweets – tariffs! – he can truly manipulate the world even if he doesn’t own it all, yet. What trump did to his lenders, the wealthy, banks and traders did to the rest of the country by losing so much money in 2008 without any drop in their standard of living. Subsidizing losses of the rich is like subsidizing flood insurance and rebuilding below the flood plain. Helping “troubled businesses get back on their feet.” How anti-free-market and GOP dogma”

Kiwi, re: low unemployment, some people have 2 or 3 jobs just to try to make ends meet. Underemployment and underpayment don’t show up in the unemployment data.

Andre and Fe, Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in my tenth house . Also born in 1955.

As for the grifter-in-chief, wonder how much water his sinking ship will take on as the result of today’s Times piece?

Banks, so glad to hear that; thank you!

Angellight, of course; “freedoms and democracy” – it’s why they come, right?

Fe and Andre, I KNEW it!

ja, now I understand why Trump’s face has gone from orange to red; he’s embarrassed by his tax returns being shown to the world.

Mitch McConnell says “case closed” regarding Mueller’s investigation; a very different attitude than what he held when Hillary was being investigated about Benghazi.

With transiting Uranus in the neighborhood of his natal Moon (somewhere between 3 and 5 Taurus) which T-squares his natal Venus at 5+ Aquarius opposite his Pluto 4+ Leo (which trans Uranus will soon T-square) maybe we will soon see his tax returns too?

Jackson, you too? Was it in January?

Speaking of taking on water, transiting Sedna (she who was thrown overboard into the sea by her own father) has reached 27 degrees of Taurus and is square the US natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius and trine the US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn, And so the purge begins in earnest. Mitch McConnell’s natal Uranus at 26+ Taurus is trine his natal Neptune at 29+ Virgo, and in a grand trine with the US natal Pluto in Capricorn.

Which explains a lot.

barbk, hope you are right about McConnell’s taxes. Here is an article about his ties to Russian money.


Kiwi: re. your post, “with record low unemployment numbers being touted as the latest news meme, my inner sceptic thinks, if these numbers are coming from the admin, are they cooking the books?”:

My comment is that all (all) governments cook the books. You are right to be skeptical. Unfortunately, that is as good as it gets.

Governments show what they choose to show to the public. It’s like the wizard in the Wizard of Oz – he was a phony.

It would be great to have ‘accountable’ accounting standards for governments, especially huge multi-tentacled creatures like the US government, but accounting methods and standards that would reflect the reality don’t exist (at least not in our era). Nobody wants to spend the money, or would be honest enough.

The accounting standards that exist are inadequate, or not applied, or are buried, like dead bodies in a bad mystery. Much is a guess at best (but estimates – yes, estimates, are allowed). The rest is impossible to know.

The reality is in the details of the unknowns (here, you can insert eerie music). What is known for certain is minimal. The truth is in there somewhere, but we can’t get at it.

There is a a lot that does not get discussed, that cannot get discussed, that is not revealed or is not even measured.
Most financial information in this world is simply garbage. ‘Not known’ is a nice way to put it. Often, it is what is not there that is more important.

So, nobody knows what the “true” unemployment numbers are.

Which is why Neptune was invented.

Did you see Rachel tonight?
Looks like holier than thou, Spawn of Satan, Fallwell Jr, endorsed Trump around the time he received help to quash blackmail for very naughty photos – according the trump fixer, cohen.

just came across this amazing ‘conversation’ with melanie reinhart about her journey with astrology – posted to utube 2018

I’m wondering. Have New Zealanders (and/or other folks abroad) any idea how deeply embarrassed and horrified the majority of Americans are in having Donald Trump as president + the most corrupt presidential administration in our history?

Eliseo, yes. A large number of nz’ers (percentagewise) are global travellers, and most with a ‘normal’ outlook on life, at least those in my circle, are very sympathetic and just as distressed as you. Most cannot comprehend why so many supporters are so stupid and gullible. The americans that have moved here, are particularly distressed. Was having a conversation with a neighbour the other day who grew up & lived in NY, knew Trumps shenanigans well, and had stories to tell!
At this time in history, we just are thankful we live in ‘the little comma at the bottom of the world’
That said, there are always local challenges to overcome everywhere – here much smaller scale, but nonetheless some power trips and underhanded deals abound even at our local county govt level. Things seemed to change when political office became a self serving lucrative career path rather than for periodic terms of genuine public service.

I’ve been thinking about that kiwi; “why so many supporters [of Trump] are so stupid and gullible”.

It is baffling. I believe it was on The 11th Hour (MSNBC) last night when they showed a bunch of film clips and stills of a younger Trump when telling of his 10 years of tax forms. It reminded me of when I was younger and “so stupid and gullible” myself.

Back when the TV “news” was less invasive of human consciousness (not 24/7, and not 20 or so channels of it) and I had other priorities, I remember Donald Trump as a helluva good looking guy. So sue me.

It now embarrasses me on the one hand but it also reminds me that not all US voters watch the news as avidly as I do now, and most of them have other priorities beyond who is running their government. They have to get supper ready for a big family and pay the bills and do laundry and check on their elderly parents and so on. It has been a big Wake-Up for me and probably many others.

That wake-up being that all people don’t live like me; some are less involved in what’s going on in the world outside their family and community. Many have what I consider ludicrous taste in entertainment, based on films shown on movie channels and such, and the popularity of The Apprentice back in the day.

I believe those people (different priorities than mine) had been written off to a certain extent until their plight (loss of jobs, health care issues, etc. etc.) forced them to turn to someone – a celebrity they knew from TV – who understands them.

Someone who blames their problems on others, like the Jews or the Blacks or the Foreigners. Like a snake oil salesman, he had a cure if those unhappy people would just vote for him to be their President. Apparently the other candidates had a “Let them eat cake” kind of attitude to their problems, as they saw it.

These people have always existed; those who took no interest in how and by whom the government was run, and how it was gradually changing, because they had good paying jobs that included good health insurance. Yeah, all that changed, and now they have got our attention. They love Trump.

We are learning the hard way of how corrupt the businesses, institutions and government have become, due to the insidious erosion of decency and fairness and the growth of greed. So this is what the dawning of the age of Aquarius looks like.

That’s what the old saying “live and learn” means. It’s part of the evolution process.

barbk: Not January. 00 Aries, vernal equinox.

Thank you Silcominc, how low can these wretched Republicans (and perhaps some Dems too) sink? I hope they hang him from the nearest tree.

Jackson, I’m impressed! An Aries Point baby!

Transiting Neptune (obfuscation) and transiting Sun (consciousness) are in a sextile now and forming a Yod to US progressed (and retrograde) Mars, Trump’s natal Jupiter, US Constitution chart’s Neptune and Putin’s natal Saturn all at 17+ Libra, causing some squirming to adjust to these circumstances. Namely, the House Judiciary Committee’s discussion and vote to hold Barr in contempt.

Ralfee Finn:

“Jupiter is also within range of a square to Neptune, a fractious interaction that interferes with the ability to tell the truth without embellishing the facts. This square will be with us for the next couple of months; it’s exact the second half of June, but given the retrograde cycles of both Jupiter and Neptune, its influence is with us until November.”


I have not watched many congressional hearings. Just little pieces of debate here and there. However, I am working from home today and decided to have the TV on in the background. I am so appalled by what I can only describe as the evil of these R congressmen. (Have yet to see an R woman–that would be a real outlier.) I have to mute the TV when they are on.

My state of mind over the last several weeks has been total sadness, fear and despair. What I have seen this morning has only worsened the despair.

We also see in the background all the little fires being set as distractions. War with Iran looks more and more likely. North Korea. And I was sure last week we were going to intervene in Venezuela. I think we will see a big enough distraction soon, one that will direct people’s attention away from the loss of our constitutional government.

I do not post very often, but I live in tRumpistan, PA. I cannot talk to anyone at my job with the exception of one co-worker. Thank God for our local Indivisible chapter. So I felt a real need to write here this morning, where I know that others share my sadness.

Elizabeth Warren is the only candidate who fully understands that Trump is a symptom of the GOP’s deeper pathology.


Thanks kiwi for the link to Melanie; I finally got a chance to watch her and it was great. Since I’ll never get to meet her in person it was exciting to watch and hear her voice and how she responds to questions. Bless you!

Neptune rules oil. Situation unstable. See link & consider how this may play out over the summer around the world (not saying this particular news report is accurate, and NOT predicting any kind of outcome, but it gives an idea of what is at stake / refer post above).


Democrats Approve Contempt for Barr After Trump Claims Privilege Over Full Mueller Report

“How can the president invoke executive privilege over an investigation looking at evidence, among other things, into his own wrong-doing? This is like the bank robber, on trial, declaring that evidence from the bank must remain hidden from the jury.”


The chart for the House Judiciary Vote to hold Barr in Contempt has the US natal Jupiter on the MC and the transiting Moon. Bravo Nadler!

Trans Mercury (communication) was conjunct trans Uranus (breakthrough) in the Chiron degree, 3+ Taurus. They were also sextile the US natal Venus (values) at 3+ Cancer and sextile the US Constitution chart Mars at 2 Cancer 59.

Trans Venus and Eris in Aries were square trans. Saturn and Pluto (both retrograde) in Capricorn, trine transiting Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius, and quincunx US natal Neptune in Virgo and sextile US natal Mars in Gemini. They were a couple of degrees away from US natal Chiron also in Aries.

Transiting Neptune in Pisces was on the IC of the Constitution chart.

Score: US Constitution 1 – Trump 0

Andre, Every day I see Passionate Elizabeth Warren as the strongest Presidential Candidate of them all. And being a Female Candidate will make her especially unique and even more winnable!
Also, Why isn’t the following Mueller Report being broadcast across the US? It’s quite extensive and devastating.
“Report On The Investigation Into Russian Interference In the 2016 Presidential Election”
Vol I of II:

Marjories thoughts on the latest clown act ….

Now for some good news, here is Archie!


While the Mueller report isn’t being broadcast across the US (although the audiobook is free to download on Audible!), Elizabeth Warren read key areas from the Mueller Report clearly describing Trump’s guilt on obstruction of justice on the floor of the Senate yesterday, which puts it into the congressional record for history.

I don’t see how the White House can prevent Mueller from testifying. Executive privilege can’t be used to cover criminal behavior. I would be utterly shocked if Mueller ignored a subpoena. Also Don McGahn. Whether they deliver on anything during Congressional testimony is another thing.

Meanwhile, plus journalists are fighting using using the Freedom of Information Act to get the report out. Many ways to, um, peel an orange.

“BREAKING: The Senate Intelligence Committee has subpoenaed Donald Trump, Jr., demanding testimony in relation to the Russia investigation, which is still ongoing. This is the first known subpoena to one of Trump’s children. The Senate Intel Cmte is led by Republicans. ”


Fe and Jackson, our natal Neptune squares our Jupiter-Uranus conjunction of 1955, which complicates things but also makes them way more interesting and significant. The last Saturn-Pluto conjunction in 1982-83 was conjunct that natal Neptune. Those years must have been pivotal for you. Pluto in late Leo was also involved.

I have the Moon conjunct Pluto and Jupiter is my ruling planet. Neptune is my most elevated planet in the 10th house nearest my MC. So those years brought fundamental and lasting change: they gave me an inspiring marriage and passionate career.

The next Saturn-Pluto conjunction will be conjunct my Sun, opposite the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction and square Neptune. More major change ahead and to you both as well. Trust the process.

Saturn is now stationing for weeks on my Sun, as Pluto did last year and will again next October. I feel I am gaining a new lease on life and coming into my own more than ever, ready to serve in some way at a critical time.

Behind Trump is the growing climate catastrophe which will soon engulf us all. The Aquarian Age will meet the Apocalypse. This could make us more human if we survive. Climate deniers in the GOP and elsewhere are living testaments to Einstein’s saying: ”Two things are infinite, the Universe and human folly.”

Trump’s mission, which he has accepted, is to take us to the brink, just like Hitler. Once he is gone, the real work begins.

Lee Dorsey will have practice for the tRump choral group tomorrow night at 7. Will finish before bed check. Members can practice in their individual cells whenever they get the chance away from signing autographs while waiting for him to show up with their pardons. Might cut it and send it to him by the 4th of July.


Lee Dorsey was never in jail as far as I know. “Working In The Coal Mine” was an international hit for him.

After trying to digest what I saw on the news with the shooting at a Colorado school, I have to speak out. The mass school shootings in the US are the manifestation of everything that is so terrible wrong with your country. I see parents whose children scarified their lives to save their fellow students being called heroes. Heroes? Really? These children are victims not heroes. There was no mention of the immoral acts of congress who do nothing to stop this horror. Donald is not your problem, your problem is a reluctance to reset your values. It starts at the grass roots. What is it that is important to you? What is it that you value? Uranus in Taurus asks just such a question. Don was elected because it reflected the distorted values of a country in decline….self-centered, cocky, oppressive, war mongering, insular, power without conscience, bigotry, ……inability to apologize to blacks and natives who were treated worse than any thing in the holocaust. As Don would say….SAD, very SAD.

For those who do not have television:


Scroll down to see selections.

2017 Inauguration
Jan 20 2017, 12:00 pm, EST, White House

Feb 27 2019 Saturn Conjunct Pluto 17°Cp37′
Jul 4 2019 Saturn Conjunct Pluto 17°Cp37′
Nov 27 2019 Saturn Conjunct Pluto 17°Cp37′

Conjunct in RA July 2nd, date of Solar Total Eclipse. tRump has the noose snugged up around his neck. Though he will not cave this month (July), he knows the end is near.

Liz, thank you for your concern, a concern 99% of the US citizens share with you, and want you to know we are mobilizing our power (of the People) to break through (Uranus) with our values (Taurus/Venus) through the system we have, which is the election process.

Our election system is under siege (perhaps from your country) but more and more defenders of gun control are coming forward to serve in a governing capacity to end the massacre of defenseless children.

You are right, Donald Trump isn’t the “problem”, he is the clarion call to the minds, hearts and souls of my fellow US citizens to purge our government (and other institutions) of greed and foreign intervention (money) that has usurped the true core values of our country. As the saying goes, “we shall overcome”.

Again, thank you for your concern and presumably, your support.

Here is a comment from the nyt’s:

“Nancy Pelosi’s measured approach — to hear testimony and determine through the release of the full Mueller Report and its supporting evidence the information about the matters the Trump administration wishes to conceal — is the best course. It worked during the Watergate hearings, when the revelations of Richard Nixon’s wrong-doing moved many ambivalent Americans and Republican lawmakers as well to conclude that impeachment was justified. We the people need and deserve to know who our president is and what he and his lieutenants have done. To deny us that is dictatorship, plain and simple.”


New Denise Siegel post up.


Thanks Jackson, I’m wondering what her source is for the US Constitution Signing chart timing. I believe it is Astrotheme. My chart which I got from Astrodienst is for 11:29 AM on Sept. 17, 1787, while Denise uses the same date but it’s set at 4 PM. This would change all the houses where those transits take place if the time of the signing was 11:30 AM.

Then there is a 3rd chart for 12 Noon same day that Dane Rudhyar espouses. Guess I will have to have 3 Constitution charts. Sigh.

Eric Francis:

“If you’re watching your newsfeed or your favorite cable news program and wondering what the holy heck is going on, the answer is simple: the United States is in its Pluto return — its first ever.”


Thanks for the PW link ja- he still can write well, although I’m surprised he did not mention the US Mercury (opposite US Pluto) when speaking of the “pervasiveness of the internet” and about twitter, . . although not surprised at all by his “war on sex” comment. Some things never change.

Barbk, (and others) years back in one of my conversations with Sally McDonald before she passed, she told me she used 31 Dec 1600 12pm, London, (east india company), to denote global corporate influence etc. Have you done any work with that date, especially in light of the oversized influence corps have on the American political scene nowadays? Lots in cap; natal pluto is 22 aries, being now squared by tr pluto; Uranus at 1Taurus; natal mercury conjunct usa pluto.

My 2nd choice after Sibly. The Constitution was nothing but an idea until it was ratified.
Congress notified July 2nd?

United States Constitution approved

21 June 1788
~1:00 pm LAT
Old North Meeting House
Near corner of Church Street and Bouton Street
Concord, NH 03301
N 43°12′ 52″ W 71°32′ 29″
eqt ~1.3 minutes = 1:01 pm LMT

Source: Birth of the Federal Constitution, by Joseph Burbeen Walker, 1888, page 54. http://books.google.com/books?id=Z1E0AAAAIAAJ

The Constitution was to become law with the approval of nine of the states, and New Hampshire was that state.



My 2nd choice after Sibly. The Constitution was nothing but an idea until it was ratified.
Congress notified July 2nd?

United States Constitution approved

21 June 1788
~1:00 pm LAT
Old North Meeting House
Near corner of Church Street and Bouton Street
Concord, NH 03301
N 43°12′ 52″ W 71°32′ 29″
eqt ~1.3 minutes = 1:01 pm LMT

Source: Birth of the Federal Constitution, by Joseph Burbeen Walker, 1888, page 54. http://books.google.com/books?id=Z1E0AAAAIAAJ

The Constitution was to become law with the approval of nine of the states, and New Hampshire was that state.

My 2nd choice after Sibly. The Constitution was nothing but an idea until it was ratified.
Congress notified July 2nd?

United States Constitution approved

21 June 1788
~1:00 pm LAT
Old North Meeting House
Near corner of Church Street and Bouton Street
Concord, NH 03301
N 43°12′ 52″ W 71°32′ 29″
eqt ~1.3 minutes = 1:01 pm LMT

The Constitution was to become law with the approval of nine of the states, and New Hampshire was that state.



Okay Bob, I’ll go with June 21, 1788, at 1 PM. Where? Concord, Mass.?

kiwi, I’ve not heard of that date; was it the “birth” of East India Co.? Sounds interesting.

Barbk, yes, sally used it as a birth chart. It was the first “official joint stock corporation” created by QE1

Wow. Mars at 29+ Leo (conjunct Trump’s ascendant and he wasn’t born yet) was opposite Pholus at 27+ Aquarius (which hadn’t been discovered yet) which was conjunct US natal (Sibly) Moon on June 21,1788.

That is synchronicity.

Good grief Beowulfie, where does this all end?
fascinating bit of US history; thanks for the links!

Thank you too kiwi, no end to my educating tonight. I will check out the December 31, 1600 chart (if possible!)

Right you are barbk. I think it is OK to relocate it to the White House or Capitol Hill for work involving the President or Congress.

Experiment with locations. Lebanon, KS (near center of the contiguous 48 states) with the Sibly chart is interesting.

The Constitution set how our government was to be formed and run. It became effective June 21, 1788.


Article 1, Section 1

Article 1, Section 2

Article 1, Section 3

Presidents and Vice Presidents
Article 2, Section 1

What may be of interest to astrologers – the inauguration day of March 4 set up a trine when combined with the 4th of July (Sibly chart) and election day on the first Tuesday in November.

Ratification Mercury is at 114°39′; conjoined by tRump’s natal Saturn in longitude and opposed by transiting Sun, Saturn, and Pluto on January 13, 2020 – in both longitude and right ascension.

Now it is opposed by transiting Pluto which also squares it’s progressed Neptune that is square to it (ratification Mercury).


You’ve convinced me Bob – June 21, 1788 it is.

I too thought the comment about the “war on sex” odd and misdirected. We’re NOT having a war on sex. We’re having a backlash against predatory sexual abuse.

Too many do not distinguish between predatory sexuality vs nurturant sexuality. The “tell” is in the prepositions we use. Is it something we’re doing TO someone or WITH someone? If we have our heads on straight, sex is a shared experience, a partner thing, not something we do TO someone.

Although I’ve seen some overreach, the era of the use of power to obtain nonconsensual gratification, sexual or otherwise is hopefully diminishing. This is largely a righteous cause. Does Eric Francis just not get what is going on?

The Library of Congress reports June 21, 1788 as the official adoption of the US Constitution. July 2 was the day it was announced.


Many, many thanks for the link Les. I’ve found a chart for June 21, 1788, but it is for 4 PM. I can barely believe my eyes.

Not only is the MC at 28+ Leo (conjunct Mars at 29+ Leo) and the IC at 28+ Aquarius, but the Pluto is at 17+ Aquarius which trines Trump’s Uranus at 17+ Gemini and Trump’s Jupiter at 17+ Libra (+ the US progressed Mars also at 17+ Libra). But wait, there’s more . .

The Moon at 6+ Aquarius in this chart conjuncts the US natal July 4, 1776 chart’s South Node and Pholus (small cause, big effect) both also at 6+ Aquarius.

Eris (strife) in this (new to me) chart is at 19 Capricorn 52 retrograde – where transiting Saturn was on April Fools Day, and where it will be again on May 28-29, just 18 days from now. On the 26th, transiting Mars will conjunct this new chart’s Jupiter (justice/expansion) at 6+ Cancer. Be still my heart. TRANSITING Jupiter will be conjunct Trump’s natal Moon on the 27th, per Bob.

Eliseo, while Eric is an excellent astrologer and teacher, he sometimes panders to his audience. Call me a fault-finder.

The ratification chart MC at the White House is at 100°04′.

On his inauguration at the White House his progressed Mars and Neptune straddled he Asc. Their midpoint (terror, unbalance) rose at 99°47′. Now it rises at 100°45′. They have assaulted the ratification chart every day of his term.

Because of the progressed Moon’s speed the Sun/Moon midpoint to ratification Mars is new. His progressed Sun was conjunct ratification Mars during the campaign when he was working with Russia. Ratification Mars is at 151°42′. His progressed Moon is now at 151°54′ as this assault comes to a head.


In my last post I am referring to tRump’s progressed natal with the ratification chart for the Constitution.

I had a bit of a chuckle reading Marjorie’s words this morning re Donny jr.
“Mueller decided he didn’t have the wit to be part of a conspiracy ”
the heat’s getting turned up

Philadelphia is home to the Declaration of Independence and the Liberty Bell. The Constitution ratification chart located there has it’s MC at 101°57′. The total solar eclipse on July 2nd at 101°24′ is on it. The lunar eclipse on July 16 is on his natal Saturn. July is a crucial month in tRump’s downfall.

In our pursuit to find out how to make the present problems (specifically those of the US and generally the planet Earth) go away, astrology enthusiasts look to previous records such as the charts of outer planet cycles and what have you.

I’ve resurrected my old 2012 winter solstice (12/21/12) chart, which Jude Cowell called “a paradigm shift of some kind” (not my chart, the 2012 winter solstice itself.)

The most dramatic aspect in this event chart was a Yod made up of a sextile between Pluto (8+ Capricorn) and Saturn (8+ Scorpio) both quincunx Jupiter (8+ Gemini) which was conjunct the US natal Uranus. 8+ Gemini was also the starting point of the present Neptune-Pluto cycle.

A secondary Yod in that chart was made up of a sextile between Mars 26+ Capricorn ( 1 degree shy of US Pluto at 27+ Cap) and the North Node (25+ Scorpio), both quincunx Ceres (mother earth) at 26+ Gemini.

Both planetary patterns occupied the same signs of Scorpio, Capricorn and Gemini seemingly reinforcing the message of a need to shift in some way; Jupiter in Gemini suggesting a shifting of the details (Gemini) in a Big Picture (Jupiter), Ceres in Gemini could be suggesting a shift in multiple (Gemini) weather patterns (Ceres).

Some hold that the 2012 Winter Solstice was more than a picture of the coming 3 months of winter. Rather, it was believed to be a threshold; the close of a long cycle of mankind on a certain level of consciousness (call it the 3rd Dimension) and a bridge leading to higher levels of consciousness for mankind (call it the 5th Dimension).

If this were so then these two Yods in the 2012 Winter Solstice chart would appear to be saying that Jupiter and Ceres would symbolize the transforming agents for this upgrade of mankind’s consciousness.

One planet in each of the two Yods conjuncts a planet in the US natal chart; the 1st Yod’s Jupiter conjuncts the US Uranus (breakthroughs), the 2nd Yod’s Mars conjuncts the US natal Pluto (transformation). That Mars also conjuncts Black Moon Lilith in the US Constitution chart dated June 21, 1788. This could be a game-changer.

I say that because Black Moon Lilith usually has symbolized the rage of women who feel marginalized; by society and specifically men in powerful positions. However, as we move toward equality, this symbol, Black Moon Lilith (BML), is becoming a symbol for both females and males who are equally enraged over perceived indignities.

If we think of Scorpio as transformation, and Capricorn as form, and Gemini as words, we might see it as words in a certain form, such as a Constitution, or a law, being changed; updated for the changing times we are living in.

Ceres, associated with weather and climate change, also symbolizes the bonds between parent and child, so this dwarf planet in the 2012 Winter Solstice chart could have been calling attention to global warming issues, or it could have been predicting the present crisis on the US-Mexico border. Or both.

Jupiter in the 2012 Winter Solstice could be telling us we would soon expand (Jupiter) in a shockingly fast way (conjunct US natal Uranus), due to the pressure of the Yod it was in with Pluto and Saturn.

I see these two Yods as working in concert; the need for speed (provided by US Uranus) and transformation (provided by US Pluto), each one connected to one of the Yods in the 2012 Winter Solstice chart, and the addition of BML in the US Constitution chart (conjunct US natal Pluto and Mars in the 2012 chart) solidifying years of US citizen rage culminates in what we are experiencing today.

Who knew back on December 21, 2012 it would be so painful to grow up.

Brilliant barb! Wish we could request a New Update/ Re-draw & explanation of our Constitution.

I fear growing vicious FOX and RightWing Media is further provoking our nation’s stressful transformation during this period.
Call it something like “Bring America Together” or so….held in varies cities and venues.

Came across some interesting reads:
#1 Can He Do That? The Washington Post

#2 Astrological Explanation for the Political Turmoil in the U.S. https://astrostyle.com/united-states-astrology/
#3 The U.S. Pluto Return Why Precession Matters
April 2017 Let transformation ring? The astrology chart for the United States in the midst of a major shift: Two major cosmic trends are shaping the nation’s future in 2017.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see America come together?

Barb — fascinating!

But I tend to take exception to one thought:

>>However, as we move toward equality, this symbol, Black Moon Lilith (BML),>>

It may be cos I was so involved in the 60’s and 70’s equality movement… and have fought for it every day since then, but what I’ve seen over the last decade isn’t growing equality for women, but a HUGE backslide towards inequality again.

When women aren’t even allowed to “own” their own body, then there’s no foundation for freedom, let alone “equality.”

Of course, at this point, I’m yelling “Lysistrata!” for all to hear…

Indeed slightkc, the backlash to all your/our advances since the 60’s on this front (equality for women) is, in fact, the last throes of a dying patriarchy resisting annihilation, which is a futile, but normal reaction.

Much the way Trump’s bravado is a front for his terror (he knows his days are numbered), a society throws its weight against change in a last ditch attempt to survive.

We must prepare ourselves for enormous breakthroughs accompanied by screams of “witch hunt” and the like; war is hell but there is no turning back now.

patty, thanks for the links but unable to open the first one. The 2nd one was great and I would add that the US natal South Node is conjunct the US natal Pholus. so there’s another reason (a small cause begets a huge effect) for the screaming and gnashing of teeth as old systems give way to new equal-and-fair ways of living on this beautiful planet.

Interesting birth chart for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts. He has many indications of a caring humanitarian and he has significant links to the U.S. chart, all of which cause me to trust him more than the other conservative justices. https://www.astro.com/cgi/chart.cgi?wgid=wgeJwtTssKwjAQ_BrBwhaSbUOrIRcvQg8eFBGPWxqbok2kSQn9exPwMgzDvOL0nhTKcVbEpR3U1fV6CR46ZyzMgA1w4AchgOORMTAiwkgeEE7r60UfB5fnDtn-fiugaaOooEabcAVsKyixFinEJA29pVmr3Jrs_5EsDxS0wiaJHdmVli2xvJdLrXMWErEugXGr176Qfdi-6fAcjKIQpfGbKrlcvOKP8w9M9D2A

A very interesting article.

The U.S. Pluto Return
Why Precession Matters

Discussed in great part is the difference between sidereal
position and tropical position. The author states our true Pluto return will be in February 2024, not in 2022.

Have any of you any clear opinions with this author’s interpretation and understanding?

Also, whether the Pluto return tales place in 2022 or in 2024, I feel it is sobering to realize, it was 5 years later
in October of 1781, when the war was actually won at Yorktown, and 2 more years again before we had the Treaty of Paris, and more still before we had a ratified constitution.

Once Trump is gone, we’re still probably not out of the haunted woods yet.

“The man at Deutsche Bank who signed off on Trump’s loans when no bank wanted to give him money was the son of SC Justice Anthony Kennedy, who happened to resign early from the Supreme Court, and then Kavanaugh replaced him.

Really makes you think. This is not a coincidence.”


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