4th Mar, 2019

Where is the Rule of Law?

The biggest question in my mind is whether the rule of law will hold firm or whether a seductive cult of personality is so sweeping the nation that widespread corruption and criminal behavior will simply become the new normal, with any accountability swept down the rabbit hole of rationalization and willful ignorance.  Increasingly inflamed on a daily basis, a pervasive addiction to outrage, symbiotically joined with a malignant enthrallment by carnival barker Trump, is overwhelming the minds of far too many Americans. Will the Justice Department, including the courts, as well as the newly elected House of Representatives, be strong enough to hold the line? It seems to me this is the question that underlies everything else right now.

We are currently in a very potent period of Jupiter impacting several planets in Trump’s chart, from mid-February through the end of May, although this energy is somewhat muted from March 11 to April 26. In general, this configuration suggests rising poll numbers and a kind of Teflon ability to withstand almost anything, no matter the viciousness or dishonesty of his words or the revealed egregiousness of his scandals. There is a general mood of confidence and grandiosity that cannot be quenched, most especially from March 1 to March 11 and April 26 to May 10, during which both Jupiter and Pluto are in aspect to Trump’s natal Sun (22Gemini55). During the current period, we have thus far witnessed a rise in his poll numbers despite the revealing testimony of Michael Cohen and the humiliating outcome in the negotiations with North Korea. In addition, we have seen the self-aggrandizing, somewhat bizarre, and grievance-filled speech given at CPAC, a speech that would have ended the career of anyone else in the entire country. Instead, it served to only further inflate Trump’s sense that he can do anything and the beguiled crowds will still love him. During this first phase of Jupiter and Pluto impacting Trump’s Sun (3/1 to 3/11), we may yet see his first veto of the Congress’ attempt to stop his national emergency declaration and perhaps even an ill-conceived pardon for someone who acted to protect him.

It should be noted that the combined Jupiter transit, aspecting his Sun, Moon, and Node, will return again briefly from October 11 to October 29, 2019. I encourage all who are reading this to understand that these are the times – mid-February though late May and mid to late October 2019 – when Trump’s poll numbers will rise no matter how preposterous it may seem.

Also of concern in the immediate future is the strengthening of Mars in both Trump’s chart and the Inaugural chart which, combined, are likely to bring some very aggressive actions. His mood is likely to be angry, vengeful, and rash. From March 10 to April 4, dissipating over the following days, will be Trump’s progressed Moon conjunct natal Mars (26Leo47). This volatile configuration will be further inflamed by the transit of the Sun quincunx natal Mars on March 16 and 17, and, more potently, by the transit of Mars square to natal Mars, from March 24 to March 26. To add fuel to this fire, and the likelihood of little successful pushback against it, transiting Jupiter will be stationary square to Inaugural Mars (24Pisces22) and semisquare to Inaugural Moon (9Scorpio22), from March 17 to April 11. Any repercussions to the actions that come during this period will not be noticed until later, perhaps beginning in August when various Saturn transits will force some limits and consequences to our out-of-control Chief of State. In the meantime, hold on to your hats.

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This is my sense of things. Mueller’s report is bad enough that the DOJ is figuring out how to handle letting the word out carefully while avoiding what could be a national uprising.

Trump’s ability to distract is unmatched, as is his craft of creating illusion and branding that illusion.

We are in new unholy land, Starlighters. Time to get buckled in! We must stand firm and call him on it–continually and relentlessly.

Marjorie Orr on House Judiciary Committee’s Trump investigation, excerpted below:


“Their (Jerry Nadler + Trump) relationship chart has a differing-agendas composite Sun Uranus with an argumentative Mercury Mars; and more significantly a struggle-for-the-upper-hand Jupiter square Pluto which is being elbowed sharply from this May onwards and more so in 2020. And over the past few weeks tr Uranus has been in a tension-erupting square to the composite Saturn as word no doubt trickled through about what Nadler intended, sending shivers up Trump’s spine – since it crosses all his red lines of business finances and family.

Trump’s Progressed Moon is now only one degree and four weeks away from the exact conjunction to his explosive Mars in Leo so he’ll be at his most volcanic over coming weeks. Late this month from March 31st he picks up two challenging, heavy-duty, discouraging and really sticky influences as tr Pluto opposes his Saturn and opposes his Mars/Node midpoint for two months, which latter Ebertin describes as quarrelsome and violent or forced separations. These repeat on and off till late 2020.”

If you have not read it yet, check out Jane Mayer’s new piece in The New Yorker on how Fox is officially the Trump propaganda machine and even if Mueller has a damaging report, it is likely Trump will survive given he has Fox.


Thanks Nancy!
I am getting increasingly disgusted with TV pundits and hosts of all stripes continuing to fall into their old habits of pushing debate tactic divisiveness, which is what is contributing to the pro trump train.
Media moguls are likely driving this because they don’t want to lose control of their millions of viewers or dollars.
The whole show on many fronts is becoming more and more like watching a www (wrestling) blood lust, spectre based, reality show. Most are aiming at stirring base emotions, rather than logic and reason.
From a purely practical perspective, I guess too many people are still too greedy and/or gullible to get off the path to folly.

People, people, people!

tRump has no victories, only allowances fostered by a Senate majority or allowances lawfully given to a president (appointments or nominations of judges for example or executive order).

He lost in Helsinki, he lost the midterms, he lost the shutdown, he lost in Vietnam.

Whenever he is involved in doings where he must depend on his own abilities as pResident or does not have an already existing advantage he loses.

The astrology will out but in it’s time, not ours.

“Mid-February through late May, and mid to late October”, got it; Trump’s poll numbers will rise despite the lunacy. So very glad you rallied Nancy, we need your clear-eyed strategy to help get us through these beleaguered and bewildering times.

I can’t escape (nor do I try to) the thought that one of the purposes of it all is to make us aware (conscious) of the discontent of the US people, and just how many of them there are. Trump serves to bring the whole kit and caboodle out in the open where it can be dealt with, overwhelming though it may be.

We are the Ones, those living now, that must address (as a whole) the discontent; those fractures that were beneath the visual (conscious) surface before Nine-Eleven, which are now deep fissures, and I’m guessing, mostly fear based. We mustn’t succumb to fear of the fearful ourselves. Thank you, thank you for the “heads up” Nancy.

Wednesday’s Pisces New Moon goes about addressing this juncture of the process with its Venus-conjunct-the US South Node in Aquarius that trines the New Moon’s Juno-conjunct-US Uranus in Gemini. It suggests a “woman’s somewhat indirect touch” (rather than a ham-fisted in-your-face “masculine approach) might work to our advantage.

Not that masculinity isn’t being applied as well.

The New Pisces Moon chart has Mars in Taurus sextile the US natal Sun (+ US natal Psyche) in Cancer forming a Yod to the New Moon chart’s Jupiter and Venus (+ the Great Attractor) in Sagittarius.

Perhaps some will recall that transiting Venus occulted the Sun (called a Venus-transit-Sun) in June, 2012, something that could be seen from Earth, and a very rare (and meaningful) occurrence.

It took place at 15+ Gemini. Jupiter (at the time of Wednesday’s New Pisces Moon-conjunct Neptune + Vesta) will be at 15+ Sagittarius (opposite the 2012 Venus thing) and conjunct the New Moon’s Venus and the GA, both at 14+ Sagittarius.

That means the Yod made up of trans. Mars – sextile – US Sun, both quincunx trans. Jupiter (+ Venus & GA), on the day after tomorrow – when conjoined with the rare 2012 Venus-transit-Sun event – becomes a Boomerang.

It is that 2012 Venus that will receive all the combined energies of the Yod-turned-Boomerang, thus awakening its message of love-concurs-all (or words to that effect).

Trump’s Uranus (the unexpected) at 17+ Gemini was just 2 degrees from that 2012 Venus occultation of the Sun. It might have an effect on him. He does love (Venus) to talk (Gemini).

The connections of this particular New Moon, with its emphasis on endings (or transitions) – what with not only being in Pisces, but also conjunct Neptune – are telling.

It’s connected to the US natal chart (Venus in Aquarius will be conjunct US South Node & Pholus, and Juno in Gemini will conjunct US Uranus) . . while it’s also connected the Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart (New Moon Venus conjunct the cycle chart’s Neptune in Aquarius, and New Moon Juno conjunct the cycle chart’s Sun in Gemini). Some say timing is everything and I’m betting on that.

The Justice Dept. and the newly elected US House of Reps (heavy on the feminine quotient) will prevail it would seem from this New Moon information.

Barr’s natal Pluto and Mueller’s natal Sun in Leo are quincunx the New Moon + Neptune in Pisces.

Barr’s natal Neptune and the US natal Saturn in Libra are quincunx the New Moon + Neptune in Pisces.

The sextile between Barr’s Pluto + Mueller’s Sun, and Barr’s Neptune + US Saturn form a Yod to Wednesday’s New Moon with it’s overwhelm of Neptune and Pisces, which will give way to the pressure to adjust (who better than Neptune/Pisces to do so I ask).

I saw somewhere that Jupiter also relates to law and justice, so would Trump’s Jupiter transits also refer to that? Or just wishful thinking on my part!

The rule of fear trumps the rule of law.

McConnell: Senate to pass measure halting Trump’s national emergency



Fear of voters backlash overcomes GOP conditional support for tRump’s plan. Expect to see more of this in coming months.

RE: Music to my ears:
“In the two months since they took control of the House, Democrats have begun probing…etc.”

This is exactly what the R’s were planning to do if Hillary had won. Probe after probe upon probe to the 10th power. They “knew” in their delusional minds and hearts that she was “dirty” and would “require” impeachment. The only problem was there was no there, there, i.e. nothing sufficiently substantive.

In Agent Orange’s case there is so much there as to be extraordinarily overwhelming.

“Instant Karma’s gonna get you
Gonna knock you off your feet”

RE: “Will the Justice Department, including the courts, as well as the newly elected House of Representatives, be strong enough to hold the line? It seems to me this is the question that underlies everything else right now.”

That nails it! This indeed is the question of moment. Only time will tell.


“The biggest question in my mind is whether the rule of law will hold firm or whether a seductive cult of personality is so sweeping the nation that widespread corruption and criminal behavior will simply become the new normal, with any accountability swept down the rabbit hole of rationalization and willful ignorance.”

You are a brilliant analyst particularly skilled and getting to the heart of the matter in pretty much everything you write about.

““The biggest question in my mind is whether the rule of law will hold firm or whether a seductive cult of personality is so sweeping the nation that widespread corruption and criminal behavior will simply become the new normal, with any accountability swept down the rabbit hole of rationalization and willful ignorance.”

This opening salvo exquisitely defines/encapsulates the thought process of every morally-conscious, clear-thinking citizen of this country. In terms of our democracy and this republic, it can be likened to the first few stanzas of Hamlet’s immortalized soliloquy beginning with “To be or not to be…that is the question.”

“To be or not to be…”

To pick up on what Eliseo and Will are asking — will the system (of laws) hold or collapse under Trump? IMHO if Trump wins (and Barr and others support him over the rule of law), I think we do have a civil war of sorts coming. It is hard to imagine NY and CA staying in a Union of Trump.

Someone linked to Ed Tamplin’s post and how we are in a cycle similar to the 1850s. I am curious about what others think.

after that cpac speech, it sure appears mandatory on-the-job substance abuse testing for the Res is needed

I don’t know astrology but do know mental health. Trump is a sick man. He needs to be pumped full of Haldol given IM in the butt. This is how I would shut him up. I’m tired of waiting for the “law”, Mueller and Congress to do something.

Nancy, I, too, am extremely moved by your eloquent first sentence and paragraph. “Cult of personality” indeed. Trump hugging the flag! I guess it will take lot more work to deflate the wind in his sails. I brings to mind Teflon George W. Bush and Dark Veder whom NOTHING seemed to touch for the longest time, until people grew sick of the Iraq war and were then hit by the Recession. I’m worried that the Democrats may not unite over their 2020 candidate which will help Trump, or a 3rd party candidate may divide us. So, I will bow to Bob’s predictions here that Trump will ultimately be unable to bounce back or even hold on as he seems to be doing.

So, who might Trump pardon should he get the chance? Surely not Stone!!?

Rewrite: I guess it will take a lot more work to deflate the wind in his sails. It brings to mind…and Darth (LOL, Dark, too) Veder…

“We have to protect the rule of law.”
Rep. Nadler on Rachel Maddow


Jay Inslee has the astrology to push a lot of buttons in the right way Sharon, he links up to a lot of things in the US chart and he’s been giving televised interviews all week.

I mentioned before that his natal Sun at 20+ Aquarius conjuncts the US progressed Mercury, as well as the trans. Uranus that squared the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction that started their present cycle. It also sextiles the US Chiron and trines the US Juno.

His Neptune at 19+ Libra rx trines his Aquarius Sun, while it sextiles his Pluto at 18+ Leo rx (opposite his Sun).

That natal sextile forms a Yod turned Boomerang with his North Node at 19+ Pisces opposite his South Node at 19+ Virgo which forms a grand trine with the US natal Vesta (what is invested in) at 19+ Taurus and his natal Pallas 18+ Capricorn, where trans. Saturn was not so long ago. Pallas is about Strategy.

I’ve got a list of 29 placements in his chart, many of which are remarkable connections of smaller bodies (asteroids, etc.) to the US chart, such as Industria (hard work) conjunct the US natal Ceres (climate, nature).

Inslee’s natal Saturn at 1+ Libra conjuncts the US natal chart’s MC in the same degree and his natal Uranus is conjunct the US natal Jupiter at 5+ Cancer. These are two points that Mueller’s chart connects with too.

I don’t know how tall he is, but he certainly looks big enough to stand up to Trump. He’s been a governor (you know, he’s governed) and he’s much younger than Joe Biden. I believe he’s a man whose time has come, assuming he chooses a female running mate that is!!

Actually, transiting Saturn is at 18+ Capricorn right now and conjunct his natal Pallas.

Jay Inslee

Natal Venus 11°13′ Pisces
Natal Jupiter 13°11′ Pisces

Both trined by transit Sun on election eve 2020 at 12°09′ Scorpio

Inslee natal Venus and Jupiter trine Sibly Sun and natal Uranus conjunct Sibly Jupiter.

Sibly Philadelphia IC 000°58′. Inslee (noon Chart) progressed Jupiter on election day 2020 at 000°13′.

Great column! If there is an across-the-board increased standing in polls, that’s one thing. If we see a spread between poll results that is noticeable, that means Trump’s popularity may be manufactured.

NBC/WSJ, Emerson, Fox, and lately Gallup are showing higher approvals for Trump. CNN, Reuters, Politico, Quinnipiac, ABC/Wash Post, & IBD/TIPP shows much lower positives and higher negatives. There’s no real reason for this disparity other than lousy procedures by one or the other group of pollsters or rigged polling.

One of Trump’s favorite dictators, Recip Erdogan, ruler of Turkey, is the model. Since he was exposed as an absolute criminal by undeniable evidence (audio tapes of him telling his son where to hide billions in bribe money), Erdogan has understood clearly that he must remain in power to stay out of jail. He skillfully rigged the judicial system, had some laws changed, rigged the vote, and infiltrated polling organizations to justify it all. Trump is in the same position. He will go to jail as soon as he leaves power.

To that end, he still has access to those who benefit from his time in power. These backers are remarkably adept at manipulating news, elections, social media.

I do believe that Trump will look like the Teflon Don for a while among enough polls to really upset people. The real story will be the smoldering anger and resentment that is really present and the manifestation of that at some point in the next few months.

Since his inauguration I’ve been convinced DJT was/is the second worst president in American history, eclipsed only by president Buchanan.

I’m now convinced I was wrong. He is presently the very worst and will become more so as time accumulates. I’m particularly concerned he is (A) fomenting civil insurrection among his supporters in offering his counter narrative, that the “deep state” is persecuting him and (B) working to dissolve the Pax Americana AKA Bretton Woods post WWII free trade under international law structure.

At the “conservative” conference a few days ago he intentionally introduced a new mantra for his followers, “BULLS**T!” As the Mueller report is released his followers can say or even chant “BULLS**T!” To the concluding reports of any of the congressional committees they can say, “BULLS**T!” If there is an impeachment and/or trial they can say, “BULLS**T!” and claim it is all a political collusion between Democrats and the “deep state.”

As they grab their proverbial pitchforks, they will sincerely believe that Dems, progressives, Liberals, etc. are all guilty of treason and should be punished and perhaps dispatched. Simultaneously, all others will regard them as the traitors particularly if and when they behave as Timothy McVeighs.

As events progress, while the United States is completely preoccupied with internal matters, the PR of China will likely take Taiwan; the Russians will take more territory, (probably the Baltic states and Ukraine) and some very nasty wars will begin in Asia and the middle east in which tactical nukes will eventually be used.

Buchanan did nothing for 4 years to prevent civil war, while DJT is actively promoting it. He is also setting up a scenario in which world war can again occur.

Perhaps we will develop a new and better world system as Pluto goes into Aquarius, but the cost of getting to that point will be worse than we might imagine.

Also see this:
Robert Reich: Is Trump the Worst President in History? Reich asserts we’ve had crooked presidents, (Warren G. Harding & Richard Nixon), bigots (Andrew Jackson and James Buchanan), and incompetents (Andrew Johnson & George W. Bush), but that Trump unfortunately combines the very worst qualities of all these, our very worst presidents in one persona.


Robert Reich: Trump’s Brand is Ayn Rand

Robert Reich: How to Prevent Future Trumps

Robert Reich: Is Donald Trump a Traitor?

Thanks Bob! Numbers 2 and number 6 on my list. I also include his Mars at 14+ Pisces. Absolutely – ABSOLUTELY fascinating about the Sibly IC and the Inslee progressed Jupiter; you made my day!

“Will the Justice Department, including the courts, as well as the newly elected House of Representatives, be strong enough to hold the line?”
When I read this I thought maybe the Saturn- Pluto conjunction may empower these powerful aspects of our government to act in a sober and small c conservative manner to assert their power against an out of control executive?

Isn’t it ironic that the republicans set the stage for investigating pre-presidential business involvement when they went after the Clintons. If they squeal, just remind them of whitewater and how long they pushed that.

Adam Schiff knows what he’s doing!

From Eileen Nauman:

“They are going to be exposed to the bright light of TRUTH during this period because Mercury retrograde is when liars and people trying to hide something, get outted to the bright light of day and to the public.

“I wouldn’t be surprised is Mueller’s Investigation MIGHT come out by the end of this retrograde. If it does not? Then look to trump’s birthday/solar return on 6.14.19. Big things always happen to us 3 months before our next solar return/birthday. And usually, the 7 days leading up to one’s birthday is when huge, life-changing events occur. It could be the same for trump.”


Yes! Very Good Point! We see the irony, but I’ll bet they don’t and won’t. Were we to bring it up to them, I feel they would say, “But that was different!”

Barb, The more I learn about him, the more I like Jay Inslee. I think he is the man for our time and whether or not he becomes our candidate, he will have a great platform from which to fight climate change & can also make WA a model state. It’s funny:as I was reading your astrological description, I noticed his natal chart was similar to mine, which made me realize he was born in 1951. Upon checking, I saw that he was a Feb 9, ’51 Aquarius, while I’m a Feb 20 ’51 Pisces (I turned 68 last week!), so it made for interesting reading for me personally. I do have the feeling that Myron should try to communicate his ideas to him…maybe we can make that work.

barbk, Jay Inslee is my favorite so far!

Is there any chance that we could get rid of the electoral college? WHY does the US still have this outdated system? There is something seriously wrong when a candidate wins the popular vote by over a million votes, yet loses the Presidency because of how it’s all tallied for the “electoral college”. It SHOULD be “one man one vote” for something as important as the Presidency. Why do we still have the electoral college? It’s dangerous. Al Gore lost when he should have won, (with that completely bogus Florida election result deciding the whole thing), and that gave us the Iraq War. And now we have this weirdo in the White House that a MINORITY of people voted for and a MINORITY of people support. This is just going to keep happening as long as we have the electoral college, instead of using one man one vote, and deciding by popular vote.


I would wager Trump loves chaos as most con men, swindlers, cult-leaders and dictators do because it causes the masses great anxiety and worry ergo making them more vulnerable to manipulation and deception. He’s in pig-heaven when he manages to f–k with the markets and tariffs or foreign policy or whatever. It affords him all kinds distractions wherein he can duck, dive and wiggle free from the grasp of the law.

Well Said!

Happy Belated Birthday!
and Yes, it’s true, Myron has some really EXCELLENT ideas! I concur he should communicate with Inslee. Although I have some disagreements with Inslee, I very much like his “climate change/environment first” approach. I need to dig into the specifics however. IMHO, the Dems “Green New Deal” is extraordinarily weak, way, way, way too little.

I rather imagine all the pig inhabitants in pig heaven might be offended you imagined Mr. Trump might be residing with them! They probably feel the Agent Orange is not clean enough for their paradise! 🙂

Thanks, Eliseo 🙂


A very happy belated birthday to you; I trust you are still celebrating.

All the best to you!

Re Inslee: Also born in 1951 I was interested in looking at Inslee’s chart.

Hopefully the Governor can overcome his moon aspects. Moon opposite Saturn square Uranus. These aspects could affect his personal popularity. This could be offset with his venus aspects. He may also be somewhat of a black and white thinker, not prone to compromise. Too bad, there is no birth time and therefore it is much more difficult to determine impact of transits and also no idea what his rising sign is. Too bad.

Best wishes to you Sharon and I apologize for being so late. I pulled a muscle and have not been on top of things dealing with that and the recent weather.

I hope you have a healthy, happy, and safe year in all you do.


Bob, healing to you and that pulled muscle. Spring draws ever nearer as does daylight savings (this weekend!).

I noticed that tomorrow marks Uranus’ final ingress into Taurus. I am watching the banking industry, the fine art market and the precious metals market. And then there is the possibility of pronounced seismic activity. Hits my Mars directly and my Venus right after that; so if you don’t see posts from me, I probably evaporated.

I’ll get over it.

Will & Bob, thanks. Both of you, please take good care. I guess I’m celebrating as I’m visiting family & friends but I’m ready for a good rest. Liz, that was interesting. No matter what, I know Inslee will do some good as he seems to be a very good communicator. He has the Leo/Aquarius axis, with the Aquarius sun in a pretty wide conjunction to the U.S. moon, so I think will relate well to “the people” – especially young people.

will . .actually it was today that transiting Uranus entered Taurus, about 14 hours after Mercury stationed retrograde. Today was also Ash Wednesday and the day of the New Moon in Pisces, and the day the Sun started a new year-long cycle with transiting Neptune.

Today was also the national (or maybe just local) Tornado Alert sirens and weather radio/TV Testing Day, and the day I had a dentist (6 month checkup) appointment, which I don’t want to talk about.

Sharon, I hope you have a superlative 69th year here on Planet Earth, congratulations!

So sorry Bob, take it easy and feel better soon. Was it a muscle in your arm or back? Hope it won’t keep you away from the computer and away from Starlight News.

Liz, please don’t worry about Inslee’s flaws – nobody’s perfect. I kind of like the seriousness and clarity of his Saturn influence, after all this Neptune vaguery we’ve had to endure. Hope you have a good 69th year too.

PS – My dentist has a Taurus Sun at 5+ degrees

Nancy, Thank you so much for your Asto-Insight.
Sharon, wishing you many Beautiful Birthday experiences for the year ahead.

Will,This Taurus doesn’t appreciate Chaos.
What a traumatic period of history we’ve been thrown into…
Plus: Here comes Uranus sitting on my Taurus Sun for seven more long years!
A very traumatic period of history we’ve been thrown into… It feels like we are actually experiencing Rider’s on the Storm:


Thank you for the correction – I have two different ephemerises(sp?) and its showing me that Uranus goes in to Taurus tomorrow on Thursday and Mercury went retrograde yesterday, Tuesday.

It is definitely Ash Wednesday and the moon is in Pisces.

“As the Great Unraveling continues during the next several weeks (at least), the turmoil generated is sure to exacerbate the stresses of both conscious and unconscious living.”

Ralfee Finn



We can’t change the planets but we can roll with the changes they portend.

I’m thinking Uranus in Taurus – a fixed sign, won’t be as tough as Uranus in Cardinal Aries.

We can hope, right?

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the apparent size of the corruption, bigotry, incompetence and treachery involved within the Trump business empire and administration as it is gradually revealed by the investigations and congressional hearings.

M. Cohen’s testimony to Congress and his cooperation with the government is fascinating, remarkable, and peculiarly gratifying.

I don’t think we’ve seen a consigliere rat on his boss like this since Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano (born March 12, 1945) helped bring down John Gotti, and 38 other mob bosses.

I remember feeling gratified that the system was working during the Watergate hearings. But IMO
TrumpGate compared to Watergate is like comparing an elephant to a mouse. And we’ve only just begun! As the process continues, I feel the scandal will likely become larger than any “elephant,” probably the largest and most egregious scandal of any of our lifetimes.

I am thinking that Trumpgate may involve so many of the politically and economically powerful that there is significant danger for those who would, in reality, drain the swamp.

I’m concerned for the safety of prominent Dems, particularly those on congressional committees doing investigation, and for people like Soros and other donors to the Dem party.

Also, I cannot fathom how prominent R. leaders at the 2016 Republican convention could NOT have been alarmed or at least suspicious when the changes RE: Russia and Ukraine were made. I sense that many of them knew about Russian money coming into their coffers, and about the hacking, use of social media, etc.

Although his 2016 campaign was essentially a publicity stunt to enhance his business, and he never really intended on winning or believed he could win, I strongly suspect Trump consciously and knowingly accepted Russian help as he felt it was good for business and his relationships with various Russian oligarchs and with V. Putin himself.

Inventor of the calculator dies at the age of 86


Depending on what Mueller has on tRump it may take something like Nixon’s tapes to break this investigation wide open. Cohen is probably not this year’s missing tapes but Manafort (because of his Russian connections) may be if he is facing the rest of his life in prison because of SDNY.


Saturn conjunct tRump inaugural Pluto on July 4, 2019 (July 5 RA).

Lunar eclipse conjunct tRump natal Saturn on July 16, 2019.

tRump progressed NM in RA on July 25, 2019.

Various charts activated September 18 after tRump progressed NM in longitude on September 16.

Saturn conjunct inaugural Pluto on November 27, 2019 (November 25 RA).

January 13, 2020: The triumvirate of transiting Sun, Saturn, and Pluto opposite his natal Saturn, square his progressed natal Jupiter and on his inaugural chart’s progressed MC while squaring it’s Jupiter at the same time. A heavy blow to all 3 of his most personal charts (natal, progressed, and inauguration) on the same day. On that same day his secondary progressed IC will be on the total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017, with that eclipse Saturn on his progressed Desc

My saga began with the first rain turning to snow storm the first week in February. That was followed by a second ice storm maybe a week later. When management plowed the drive after the first storm (about 30 feet wide and 300 feet long) a thin film of snow/ice remained which the second storm landed on and quickly became a sheet of ice several inches thick management did not come to plow this as the storm had only dropped a few inches of the mix which then was driven over by cars.

After several days I decided to see what I could do about getting the ice up – I have a rising Mars and have always enjoyed physical work. Pacing myself because of age and a straining back muscle which I eventually did pull I worked on it daily, finally finishing it 2 days ago [broke my shovel last week so bought another one]. Some of the pieces I broke loose were about 3 inches thick and maybe 1 1/2 by 2 feet long – heavy. On the last day I pinched a nerve in my side/abdomen which had me ready to call for a quick trip to a chiropractor but the pain was so severe I wanted immediate relief if it was possible so I began what might be called self Rolfing.

From Google: “Rolfing can be fairly uncomfortable, even painful, at points (but then again, so can untreated injuries…) Like sports massage, Rolfing is very hands-on, but unlike most massage, it uses no oils, just skin and pressure against muscles and connective tissue.Sep 9, 2014”

After 1/2 day I managed to free the pinched nerve and relieved almost all of the pain. Still improving on the last bit, maybe the nerve has some healing to do. I don’t even have aspirin in the house – have to remember to get some – been saying that for months.


“…I feel the scandal will likely become larger than any “elephant,” probably the largest and most egregious scandal of any of our lifetimes.”

And wouldn’t it be right up his pompous ass to use even that as a bragging right?

Could be the Merc Retro JuJu but after seeing the Dem candidates lining up, I’m not feeling any of them have the “it” factor to trump Trump. I know, shame on me for having such an abysmal outlook. These legal issues inclusive of the results of the Muller investigation (which could come up with nothing on actual collusion by the way) could take a very, very long time to resolve. As Eliseo stated, the level of corruption and immorality and cover-up-after-cover-up on so many levels with this ass clown is unprecedented; yet like a cockroach with triple Teflon coating, he continues to march with his Enfant Terrible modus operandi seemingly unscathed and unfettered. And the GOP is guaranteed to play all of its lowest cards to keep him in office through the GOP Senate. Its almost like we need to be hit with lightening with an exceptionally attractive, inspiring and dynamic Democratic or independent candidate if His Unholy Horribilusness is to be dislodged for his second term.

will, I’ve noticed that about ephemerises, and astrologers too; they can be close but very seldom do they totally agree!

As for you Bob, you’re old enuf to know better, but now that I know you have Mars rising . . . . .

I don’t have any aspirin to help you, but DO have some Ibuprofen (expiration date Oct. 2016) you’re welcome too. Please take it easy for a while.

Let’s think about the last 48 hours. Mars (exertion, aggression), at the time of the New Moon (that was conjunct Neptune + Vesta) yesterday, was at 13+ Taurus (opposite my dentist’s natal Mars!) and it was sextile US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer. This New Moon followed the transiting Mercury’s station retrograde at 29+ Pisces by mere hours.

The trans. Mars and US Sun sextile, when combined with the January 20-21 Lunar Eclipse (still in effect) chart’s Venus, Jupiter and the Great Attractor in Sagittarius, formed a Yod.

Bob, do you have anything around 11 to 15 degrees of Cancer? If so, that might explain the need for (or the results of) self-Rolfing; ie, adjustment.

It could also explain the House of Rep’s need for a vote on the anti hate resolution today.

That Jan. 20-21 eclipse chart’s Jupiter-Venus-GA conjunction in Sagittarius (at that time TRINE Mars in Aries which SQUARED US Sun in Cancer) was also SQUARE yesterday’s (March 6) New Moon (Sun+Moon) in Pisces, which was conjunct transiting Neptune (unclear) and transiting Vesta (what we invest in).

This provided the chain reaction that was triggered by yesterday’s Mars in Taurus that sextiled US Sun in Cancer.

Sometimes you don’t see the whole picture in a single chart. Almost never as a matter of fact.

For example, yesterday’s New Moon chart has Juno (defends the disenfranchised) at 9+ Gemini opposite Ceres (distraught mother) at 10+ Sagittarius. Juno was conjunct US natal chart’s Uranus (great awakening, freedom) at the time (their exact conjunction on March 5).

Now we are seeing just what the greater story about those migrants at the border really is. (Oppositions are – like full moons – an exposing of something, a fuller picture)

Journalists, photographers, lawyers and activists – all Uranus and/or Gemini related – are now being questioned by Border Security; the government’s attempt to control (stop) any support of the disenfranchised – those people seeking asylum in the US. It is deterring people who would otherwise be aiding or exposing the treatment of those migrants.

Hey barbk, here I am! In Rockford the MC is at 28°52′ Virgo and the Asc is at 9°16′ Sag. Neptune and Mars are even closer to the angles. My addiction is to astrology but I have it under control I think.

I have Venus at 14°22′ Cap.

Thanks for the offer barbk but the pain is 99.99 % gone and the driveway is 100 % clear. Now that I have cleared it the forecast highs for the next week are 38°, 46°39°, 38°, 46°, 59, and 49°. I call spring and that means you have to do spring cleaning and throw the trash out of the White House.


I missed this too. It is amazing.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Stuns Crowd With Speech


Hi Nancy/Starlight,
Regarding your concern about whether or not the rule of law will hold, witness the blameless and ultra lenient sentencing of Paul Manaford by Judge TS Ellis. Ellis is obviously a fact-denying Trump supporter and a biased Mueller hater. It’s disgraceful that Manaford is pretty darn close to getting away with 8 white collar felonies, despite the totality of Manifort’s behavior, reams of evidence and previously established sentencing guidelines (that weren’t developed out of thin air). I hope Mueller still has more some more tricks in his legal bag.

Totally disgusted!

Manafort got 47 months. He is yet to be sentenced on other charges, for which he could get 10 years. But what a travesty. Chris Hayes and Ari Melber were on fire just now. Hayes read an email from a lawyer who said he had a client who was just sentenced to 3 years for stealing the change out of an apartment building laundry room.
Where is the justice?
I think I’ve previously heard bad things about the judge who sentenced him, Ellis.

The judge tried to justify the short sentence by saying that Manafort had lived “an otherwise blameless life.” Exclamation points fail me.

Re: Inslee.
Saw a TV commercial on Inslee tonight. I live in Canada BTW…and he looked convincing, and solid. I noticed looking at his natal chart, that his Saturn and Venus are exalted. Saturn in Libra always served me well and would likely go a long way to helping Inslee compromise on really tough problems where a complicated solution must be endured.

It will be Biden and he will lose.

I love this because it shows that people around the world are the same. We are all family – brothers and sisters, and we must stop hating and killing each other. I know this is simple to say but there is no need to write a novel to tell the truth.

The Seed Queen of Palestine (Celebrating International Women’s Day)

https://www.democraticunderground.com/1017534478 24:44

“I’m not feeling any of them have the “it” factor to trump Trump.” So far, I feel precisely the same way.

None of the Dem candidates so far seems to have that “magic touch,” the ability to deeply connect with the folks in the middle, the former middle class, betrayed in the last few decades by both parties, now one paycheck away from catastrophe, the folks in the middle of winter deciding whether to pay for their prescriptions or their heating bill, the folks in the middle of the country who don’t live on the east or west coast, the majority of us who’ve not benefitted from the spectacular technological innovations of the last several decades nor NAFTA or the WTO and feel we are falling behind. Hopefully, this will change as the candidates grow into their role over the next year.

Some candidates are more appealing to me than others. I like Elizabeth Warren’s capitalism accountability ideas and find her personable. But she’s a professor. I’m a professor. Of course, I’d like her, would enjoy having lunch or tea with her. She’s my kind of gal, smart, articulate and assertive. I’m comfortable with female colleagues like her. Would the average non-degreed citizen like or trust her? I’m not sure. Same with the others.

My FBI buddy tells me he does not believe the military will vote for a woman without military experience. I hope he is wrong.

A brief bit from Astrodienst:

“The current quality of time

Image: MoonIn March both the New and Full Moon have strong astrological signatures. Each New Moon is the beginning of a new cycle which culminates in the following Full Moon. This New Moon on March 6 has special qualities: the Sun and Moon stand together with Neptune in Pisces, and at the same time Uranus enters the sign of Taurus for good. This is a very receptive time. The seeds received now can bear valuable fruit at a later time. During this time, however, make sure that you are more aware than usual for whom or what you open the door to your personal sphere.

The following Full Moon is also remarkable from an astrological point of view: It takes place on March 21, the equinox, which in the northern hemisphere indicates the beginning of spring and astrologically always the entry of the Sun into the sign of Aries. So, this Full Moon is also the beginning of the astrological year, with the Sun in conjunction with Chiron, the “wounded healer”. The Sun will carry these qualities through the zodiac during the following 12 months. The topics “wounding and healing” will certainly concern us more deeply during this time.”

Eliseo, you said: “My FBI buddy tells me he does not believe the military will vote for a woman without military experience. I hope he is wrong.”

Don’t count on it. My military experience (both as an Airman and much later as civilian Army) tells me your buddy is exactly right. Faced with the choice of a woman or Trump, they -will- vote for Trump, I have no doubt. I also don’t hold as much faith in them if the woman nominated were a Vet, either. In my last few years as Army Civilian, we were getting newly retired or close-to-retirement officers coming thru that were VERY misogynistic. And I mean this was a large change from the previous 15 years I’d worked there. Personally, I blamed it on the lowered recruiting standards initiated by Bush/Cheney when they could get enough bodies to fight their wars.

I would dearly love to see the right woman as President in my lifetime, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen. Maybe as VP… but our generation and the one after us (at least) are gonna have to thin out considerably before the youngsters can institute equality, IMO.

I’m usually an optimistic/realistic Aquarian, but reading just now that 3/4 of the Republican public would not agree with impeachment just shows how divided we are. The longer this goes on, the more the cultural divides are going to entrench again, I’m afraid. Already Alabama has all but outlawed abortion. Women are going to be pushed back to 2nd-3rd class status before this is all over.

And I’ve never been so glad not to be 20 yrs old – even with the lupus, degenerative spine, and fighting to keep my pain meds. I’m truly worried that the country won’t last as a democratic republic until the “Age of Aquarius” can kick in.

“Judge Amy Berman Jackson up next for Manafort’s sentencing – and also Stone is due back on her court next week. Once again we’ll have to count on a woman to clean up the mess!”


Slightkc, We’re never going to get a Woman President off the bat! I also suspect many men apsolutely won’t vote for a Woman President…
Military or not. We need a Male President, who knows the ropes like Biden does: Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. (born November 20, 1942

Plus an extraordinarily powerful Woman V.P.
When American Men finally see Elizabeth Warren in action they will be seriously impressed. This Gal packs an amazing political punch: born June 22, 1949 and she hasn’t had that many opportunities to show her stuff. Check-out her Astounding Resume:

And watch this Republican clip of Warren:
“Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Trump “Practices The Dark Art” of Ruling By Fear”
Republicans Ruling by fear…They’re already Fearful!

Sometimes I’m unable to fully post:
This is Interesting re: Warren From 2014:
“Why Elizabeth Warren Left The GOP”

The male vs. female issue going on right now is almost worse than racism. When Biden can’t even call Pence a decent man without having to subsequently apologize….you have dangerous petty identity politics going on.
Sure, Pence is anti gay and a few other things, but that is his religious belief. It doesn’t mean that because he believes in something different that he is not a decent individual. As long as we dehumanize people who don’t believe in what we believe in, you foster hatred. You also hinder free and open communication on ideas and issues important to evolution.

The male vs. female issue going on right now is almost worse than racism. When Biden can’t even call Pence a decent man without having to subsequently apologize….you have dangerous petty identity politics going on.
Sure, Pence is anti gay and a few other things, but that is his religious belief. It doesn’t mean that because he believes in something different that he is not a decent individual. As long as we dehumanize people who don’t believe in what we believe in, you foster hatred. You also hinder free and open communication on ideas and issues important to cultural development.

Linda G has a new video up. Apparently the rest of this month is a disaster for tRump. That is what my charts for him show. Strings of consecutive days are bad for him but of course all that can be kept hidden will be.

We all have heard the myth of Sedna (Inuit goddess of the sea); how she balked at the idea of marriage until a handsome and rich (or so he appeared) and unknown fellow became her husband, to the relief of her father.

However, the new husband turned out to be a liar; he wasn’t rich and he turned out to be a mean and filthy bird. When Sedna tried to escape his filthy nest with her father in a canoe, birdman came after her.

Birdman so threatened Sedna’s father that he threw his daughter overboard to save himself, then broke her frozen fingers that were clinging to the canoe and she drowned, only to become a goddess over the sealife that her fingers had become.

Sedna never forgave her father and later would withhold the sealife food unless she was cajoled. It kind of reminds me of the predicament between Cohen and Trump.

Sedna was discovered in November 2003, at 17+ Taurus, just 2 degrees away from the US natal Vesta (invest in) at 19+ Taurus. On Monday, March 11th, the transiting Moon will conjunct transiting Mars and then both will slide into 17+ Taurus, aka the Sedna Degree.

Transiting Mars (and Moon) in Taurus on the Sedna degree will sextile transiting Neptune in Pisces and together form a Yod to Trump’s natal Jupiter, US PROG Mars, US Constitution’s Neptune and Putin’s natal Saturn, all at 17+ Libra.

All at 17+ Libra are at the apex point of this Yod which requires some adjustment (on their part) in order to be on an even keel (or otherwise tossed overboard).

Transiting Mars and Moon in the Sedna degree in Taurus will also trine transiting Saturn (18+ Cap) and Pluto (22+ Cap) as they move forward to conjunct US Vesta in Taurus. This puts all of them in a grand trine with the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo. I, for one, can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Liz, Bravo. I agree.

I am troubled by the route the Democratic Party is taking. There are many people who are Republican and/or Independent who would vote Democratic, but not if we go too far left. I think that will lead to a loss. So many disliked Obama and it was not all racism. They saw him as a leftist AND, according to the pundits, he was a moderate. I also think it is not the time for a female president. We need a transition and we need to have a Democratic president that the people will trust. Many thought Sherrod Brown could be that person, with the bonus that he is very oriented toward “the dignity of work” and is from an important swing state, OH, but he as withdrawn. Who are we left with? Biden has much going for him but I am not sure he is the right person at the right time. Andre surely doesn’t think so. Many of the other candidates are too left-oriented, I believe, to get the votes they will need. I believe that a lot of people are fooling themselves and I fear it could lead either to the unthinkable (another Trump term) or a another Republican win. And, in all due respect to the Bernie supporters, I do not think he is the right person at the right time either.


“FRIDAY: Moon continues its me-me-me crusade in Aries, free and clear. It’s helped by a harmony between the Sun and Saturn (helpful for structure, communication and cooperation) that will be exact on…”

“Trump in trouble in Florida poll [View all]
Source: Politico

Donald Trump is in trouble in Florida, a state that’s crucial to his reelection hopes.

Just 40 percent of Florida voters said they believed the president should be reelected, while 53 percent were opposed to a second term, according to a new Bendixen & Amandi International poll.

Trump’s approval ratings were also poor, with 43 percent having a favorable impression of Trump, and 52 percent viewing him unfavorably — and 46 percent very unfavorably. Trump’s approval ratings look even worse when compared with the man he helped make Florida governor, Ron DeSantis, who has a 50 percent approval rating while only 23 percent disapprove.

“Trump is in trouble,” pollster Fernand Amandi said, noting that 23 percent of all Florida Republicans said he doesn’t deserve reelection. “When that many people from your own party don’t support you, it means you have to spend more time consolidating your base.”


Before I told Eliseo that I was going to wait until we were closer to the election and had narrowed the field to look at charts of those running I had already looked at Biden’s chart and decided he would lose if he ran. The 1 positive indicator I saw for him may reflect his relief at not winning because of the shape the country is in.

But he will have the same negative charts no matter who wins. Still going to wait for the field to narrow. Have not worked a time for Inslee. I will wait.

“petty identity politics”
Yes! And it’s getting worse.

I concur entirely.
AND slightkc is sadly correct about a woman president.
I sincerely hope we get a more reasonable president, vp, and congress in the election of 2020. But we’ll need an open minded moderate to win, someone who can gradually persuade Independents & R’s to take the ride with us by 2024.

That “Green New Deal” is barely a zygote right now. Woefully inadequate and weak in its present iteration, it needs serious and deep development. The public won’t be ready for it until the election of 2024. The planets are truthful. We need to work with the astrological cycles in educating ourselves and our fellow citizens that that green transformation may transpire.

Using my own chart for election night is not very comforting to me even with transiting Jupiter and Pluto trining my natal MC.

My technique is to use place of residence over place of birth and that move has the trine applying to the MC while a trine from Saturn to it is exact.

But my favorite tool has return Venus on the Desc with my progressed Mercury on the Asc for myself that night with the positives I want to see coming on the next 2 days.

If a Dem ticket with a woman in her 40’s or 50’s for VP could win and repeat that woman would have a very good base to work with in 2008 in running for president after the country’s Pluto return had worked it’s promised changes and the woman’s movement that has leapt forward these last several years had grown even stronger. ‘Oorah’ ladies.

The fact that the country is not yet ready to accept climate change and the need for a quicker change-over to clean energy and, in the meantime, energy conservation and battery storage, as Myron is pushing (with financial incentives), and that you don’t see it happening for 5 more years (although I realize we need time to transition), Eliseo, makes me realize that things have to get worse before they get better, and that is both frightening and sad.

Sharon, your post reminded me of a glaring omission I made when listing tRump’s losses – his failure in Puerto Rico.

The 2008 in my post above should be 2028.

Re Female President:

Take it from me, a Canadian, we only had one female Prime Minister and the only reason she was allowed to be elected is so she could take the fall for the party! Same thing in Australia. Take a look at Malcolm Gladwell’s revisionist history on the rise and fall of Aus. first female prime minister. Horrific.

Is it the right time? Definitely not! Hopefully u elect a democratic president who will select a female running mate and then that woman can get some experience and exposure to run in the future. Still too much old boys network for a female president to survive unless she is extremely intelligent both intellectually and emotionally.

Justin Trudeau has an exact Moon (17 Aries)-Uranus (17 Libra) opposition. This will be squared three times by Saturn this year. No wonder he’s in trouble.



Trudeau….Oh Ya! He is in trouble! Our dear Justin….egalitarian, but dear P.M., you really thought a well educated native woman who you appointed as Attorney General was going to play the old boys club game…..NOT! Wake up….her father and your father butted heads decades ago. I remember it, being a boomer, and her “loyalty” to the party is far outweighed by generations of oppression imbedded in her DNA. J. Trudeau thought the women in Cabinet loved him so much, they would never betray him. Just like, the women in the democratic house….they have no allegiance to Polosi or anyone else, they have an axe to grind, and damn be to the party…..they want justice, good bad or indifferent. The old adage….It’s my turn, long overdue will be the rally cry going forward.

I forgot to add Trudeau’s Venus rules his MC.

And no wonder he’s having trouble with women.


Good stuff.

. . . and no wonder there is friction between Trudeau and Trump Andre, Trudeau’s natal Uranus conjuncts Trump’s natal Jupiter, and Trudeau’s Moon opposes them; wish he could run for US President. Thanks a bunch!

Under Uranus in Taurus, there will be much talk about the value of money and the US dollar in particular. Here is an early sample from today’s NYT:


“The Administration’s elimination of regular on-the-record press briefings is part of a broader war on truth and transparency by a President who will go down as the most publicly mendacious American leader we’ve yet had.”


One last point on Trudeau. Uranus will square his Venus at 3 Aquarius three times over the next 12 months. As I mentioned, Venus rules his MC. His popularity will continue to fall, particularly with women, in this election year in Canada. The charm is fading, although with Saturn on the MC, just like the Queen, he could have staying power or make a comeback in the future. Saturn is opposite Neptune, however, which could make him scandal-prone.

Ja, here’s a thought regarding the NewYorker article:
In the absence of WH briefings or responses, wouldn’t it be great for all news orgs to prominently publish a regular list of well thought out questions to put before the public? And, perhaps congress could organize something that could be their own regular ‘press briefing’ pointing to the fact that they are stepping into the void left by the white house.
I am getting so sick of news orgs playing over and over, trumps ‘face time’. They are falling into his publicity trap used prior to the last election.

Ed Tamplin this week writes of twitter, communications in general, the historical merc retro effect, trump & fake news.

This paragraph from Tamplin’s article needs to be forwarded ASAP to all the TV news and other gatekeepers of democracy! – do what you can, if you can!
“Berkeley Cognitive Linguist George Lakoff has a more effective counter that he terms the ‘Truth Sandwich’. It involves beginning with the truth first, then mentioning the falsity and finishing with the correction. This works via the principle that humans best remember beginnings and endings. It’s a strategy that journalists should follow. “

kiwi, I really like the idea of regular Congress press briefings. The old standards and institutions are either dying or transforming and Trump is just the juggernaut of the Pluto-Saturn agenda (+ Uranus and Neptune forces thrown in for good measure).

I’m sick of Trump’s face time and Trump’s face. What would it hurt the media (largely cable news) to show fewer (by half at least) stills and video clips of the man, I wonder. I assume it’s because they want him, Trump, to keep watching their channel.

“Speaking as a former long-time Republican, I say that Mitch McConnell is the most vile, reprehensible individual to ever occupy a senate seat.

I have to agree!


When transiting Chiron recently crossed the threshold between Pisces (the end) and Aries (the beginning) for a second time in recent history, it conjoined the discovery degree of the TNO (transneptunion object) called Albion, formerly known as 1992 QB1. Eric Francis referred to QB1 as a “thresholder”, she who helps one to cross over from one state of being to a brand new one.

Assuming that Albion carries that same connotation of a thresholder, or a bridge, I found it interesting that transiting Albion, now at 6+ Taurus, is halfway between the US natal chart’s North Node (6+ Leo), symbolizing the path forward, and South Node (6+ Aquarius) symbolizing what should be abandoned.

And now transiting Chiron, who is associated with wounding in order to become conscious of something, is conjunct the discovery degree of Albion the thresholder, and Albion itself is midway between the US natal nodes (of the US natal Moon).

This says to me that transiting Chiron (wounding, healing) and transiting Albion (facilitates a transition) are also part of the overall Saturn-Pluto agenda, at least for the USA, at the present time.

Transiting Uranus, having newly re-entering Taurus, will reach that midpoint between the US nodes in July this year, station retrograde at 6+ Taurus in August and will spend almost 3 months at that degree before it returns, in direct motion, in April, 2020.

At that time, April, 2020, transiting Jupiter and transiting Pluto will make their 1st of 3 conjunctions at 24+ Capricorn and oppose the US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer. Transiting Saturn will be at 0+ Aquarius, the degree it will be in when it conjoins transiting Jupiter at the end of the year.

I get the feeling that US Mercury (conjunct Trump’s natal Saturn and Venus) in April, being opposed by both trans. Jupiter and Pluto, just as trans Uranus (unexpected) sits midway between the US north and south nodes, could signify a threshold that the US Media (US Mercury) will be crossing; a threshold from one state of being into a brand new state of being.

On January 20, 2021 (following the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle start in December 2020), when the new US President takes his or her oath, both Mars and Uranus will be at 6+Taurus, midway between the US natal chart’s North and South Nodes. A threshold of sorts.


Your explanation of Albion is most interesting, as are all of the archetypes you write about. Thank you.


What are your thoughts about the influence of fixed stars? From what I’ve read, they were heavily considered by ancient astrologers; now, we barely read anything about them in modern astrology. Do you consider their influence relevant?

Interesting to note; the upcoming April 30th Saturn retrograde station (20 Capricorn) conjunct South Node (21 Capricorn) will be within a degree of conjoining the February 1993 Neptune/Uranus conjunction (19 Capricorn). A prelude leading up to this aspect will be the April 27th Mars transit (17 Gemini) in harsh square/ semi-square to the Uranus-Neptune semi square (2 Taurus – 17 Pisces). Mars will be out of bounds making this particular configuration even more volatile and unpredictable. So, are these aspects indicative of major changes ahead? Here’s one article I found on the 1993 Uranus/Neptune conjunction………

The Uranus/Neptune Conjunction and Cultural Change by Gary Lorentzen

(article written and published in 1993)

Across historical time, there are planetary forces at work giving each historical period a series of specific planetary conjunctions that seem to represent the seed periods for historical and cultural change. These astrological events are the cyclical conjunctions of the planets Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Although the conjunctions of these four planets create six possible events, here in the early 1990s, it’s of high interest to examine the conjunctions of the planets that govern this period. In our case, they are Uranus and Neptune. Uranus is associated with the sign Aquarius, the sign of ‘modernism’, which has so profoundly shaped Western culture. It’s also the sign of the coming new age, to which so many of us enthusiastically and romantically look forward. Then there is Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, which seems to be the signature of the current, deconstructed, Postmodern period as well as the current Piscean Age. Together these two planets compel us to behave and perceive in new ways that break down old structures and universalize everything that was previously contained exclusively within one culture or society. Let’s examine the historical significance of these two planets when they come together in the sky.

One of the most dramatic astrological events, the conjunction of Uranus and Neptune occurred again on February 2, 1993. This conjunction happens only about once every 171 years and we just witnessed the beginning of the new drama. That is, we are now in the middle of the new phase relationship between the two planets. Uranus represents the sudden mental spark that causes a succession of new, fresh concepts to come forth, which challenge existing traditions and beliefs. It reveals the relationship of the individual to society and represents the individual as a unique, contributing member of society. Neptune, on the other hand, represents the elan vital or vital spirit that captures the imagination of a society or culture, moving that community of people into new realms of perception and belief, and providing the new paradigms of religion and philosophy with new social institutions to carry out the messages and ideas.



will, I DO consider the fixed stars relevant, but as of yet I’ve not “studied” them with the passion evoked by the asteroids, centaurs, etc. People who are interested in astrology have so many paths to choose from and most choose one or two to focus on. That’s why I find reading what other astrologers are passionate about so edifying. So much to learn, so little time.

Regarding the transit of Albion – now at 6+ Taurus, it is at what is referred to as the South Bending of the nodes, meaning it is more associated with the south node of the US natal chart than the north node. This tells us it is about the release of outworn ideas, modes of operation, etc., rather than the new opportunities provided by the north node.

In Taurus that would be the release of ideas and behavior regarding values, including money. I like to think that Albion is facilitating the release of outworn values involving one race or religion or sex as being superior to another. No doubt we will be releasing our ingrained patterns about money too, like where we store it (banks, stocks, land) and how we use it.

By the time transiting Uranus reaches the South Bending in the US natal chart (6+ Taurus) it will be much more dramatic and unsettling, especially with transiting Mars by it’s side!

Did you catch Elizabeth Warren’s Interview yesterday?
Wow! Read the comments. Does her chart look good? “Elizabeth Warren’s Full Interview With Melber On Big Tech, 2020” This is the kind of Enthusasiam & Brilliant Passion America desperately needs!
So, do you think it could be: “Sanders/Warren”?

Jerry, thanks for the Uranus-Neptune conjunction info/link. When transiting Mars, on April 27, reaches 17+ Gemini it will conjunct Trump’s natal Uranus as well.

On that day transiting Sun, symbol of consciousness, at 6+ Taurus will be in the South Bending of the US natal chart (T-square the US North and South Nodes of the Moon). Something will be let go of.

Also, transiting – stationing retro – Saturn will conjunct transiting South Node at 20+ Capricorn, both in square (grand cross when North node is added) to US natal Chiron (20+ Aries) opposite US natal Juno (20+ Libra). Wow. Unbelievable.

Thanks again Jerry.

Patty, I saw it, I was impressed. I won’t risk my heart this far out from the Dem Convention though, let alone the election. But, from what I recall of Elizabeth’s chart, she has Jupiter at 0+ Aquarius which sold me on her in 2016. She has Sun-conjunct-Uranus in Cancer sextile her Saturn in Virgo and her Moon is quite likely conjunct the US natal Vesta (what is invested in and hard work) in Taurus.

I loved Bernie from the git-go but this time I won’t risk committing until the end of this year . .at least!

With Great Sorrow,

Linda G. called that plane crash and it happened today.

One way transiting Uranus is already manifesting. Do I really need all this stuff? I’m finding that sentimental attachments have a lot less influence on me than they did just a year ago.

Of course, my 2nd house cusp is 0 Taurus so it stands to reason Uranus in Taurus would be about stuff. I suspect the next few years will see a ruthless paring down of my closets and cabinets.

A sub-plot to the Uranus/Neptune cycle (that Jerry notes will be activated in April) is the square between Saturn and Pluto which was going on in all 3 conjunctions between Uranus and Neptune in 1993, especially the 3rd one in October, 1993.

With a new cycle between Saturn and Pluto starting next January, and they being already in orb of that conjunction now, I would think we should add the influence of that old and soon-to-be-over cycle between Saturn and Pluto to April’s potential for volatility.

As it will be in January 2020, there was only one conjunction between Saturn and Pluto that started their present cycle on November 7, 1982, at 27+ Libra. They were square the US natal Pluto (27+ Cap) and trine the US natal Moon (27+ Aquarius).

So as far back as 1982, a “plan” of sorts was being set in motion to bring corruption in US corporate and government institutions to the surface. I believe Jerry has brought to our attention a key element of that plan.

It looks as if the 1993 Uranus-Neptune cycle was working in concert with the 1972 Saturn-Pluto cycle, and has been for several decades. I suspect we are approaching a climatic moment of that teamwork in April.

As Pluto and Saturn, in 1982, joined at 27+ Libra, they were sextile Neptune (25+ Sagittarius) and the Galactic Core (26+ Sagittarius).

This sextile formed a Yod with Chiron at 25+ Taurus and Trump’s MC at 24+ Taurus at that time.

This month transiting Mars will reach 24+ Taurus on the 22nd and 25+ Taurus between 23rd-25th; prepare for fallout.

Denise Siegel new video out today..


2020 Democratic National Convention

City?: ?Milwaukee, WI

Total delegates?: ?3,768

Dates: ?July 13th thru the 16th, 2020

Votes needed for nomination?: ?1,885

Partial Lunar Eclipse in RA

Jul 16 2019 at 4:25:05 pm, CDT in Milwaukee

Moon at 295°57′ – Sun at 115°57′

tRump natal Saturn at 115°43′


Wrong year for the convention, not for being on tRump’s Saturn.

The July 4th, 2020, lunar eclipse is opposite the Sibly Sun. It is nearly a solar return for the Sibly chart.

Will tRump be challenged?

The 2020 Republican National Convention

Dates?: ?August 24–27, 2020

City?: ?Charlotte, North Carolina?

“The ticket should be Joe Biden – Sherrod Brown, both of whom are highly respected in the Midwest where elections are won and lost. Once in office, they will be the voice of working people.” ????


Today I stumbled upon this Interesting Woman’s Video’s!
Check her out when you have time: “Denise Siegel”


I posted part 2 of that series yesterday.. she is really good. I too stumbled upon her a while back and I find her to be very detailed and accurate. She doesn’t post that often and when she does it’s a must see for me.

I agree ja, Biden is the wrong person for the Dem ticket, unless the Dems want to die like the Pubs are dying. It’s a new world and if necessary, new political parties are waiting in the wings to represent the new age voters (primarily young or at least under 45) who are walking away from things like white privilege and male dominance and climate change ignorance, etc.

Bob, thanks for noting the lunar eclipse taking place at the time of the 2020 US solar return. In addition, transiting Vesta will exactly conjunct the US Sun at 13+ Cancer, while the transiting Moon at 9+ Cap (about to be eclipsed) trines transiting Uranus (9+ Taurus) but squares transiting Chiron (9+ Aries).

The Moon will also oppose trans. (and retrograde) Mercury at 7+ Cancer, just under 6 degrees away from the US natal and transiting Sun and transiting Vesta. With retro Mercury and the lunar eclipse Moon and trans. Vesta all close enough in their aspects to the US natal Sun – at the time of its solar return – there is a lot to unpack.

So let’s focus for now on the transiting Jupiter-Pluto conjunction (4 degrees from US natal Pluto) that will oppose the US natal Mercury, while the transiting Venus will conjunct the US natal Uranus in this 2020 presidential election year’s US solar return chart.

Jupiter expands, and in Capricorn that could mean expanding structures and, when in in the US natal 2nd house that could mean banks. Pluto means death and rebirth (or transformation) and in the US natal chart’s 2nd house that could mean banks.

Coincidentally, Jupiter and Pluto will also be in the 2nd house of the US solar return chart, along with Saturn and the about-to-be-eclipsed Moon, all in Capricorn. Transiting Uranus at this time will trine the transiting Moon (symbol of the People) from Taurus and will be in the US natal chart’s 5th house of creativity.

Uranus being creative could appear as revolutionary to many, especially if it affects their money or other things of value. Not to worry though, transiting Venus in this US solar return chart of 2020 will conjunct the US natal chart’s Uranus and she is going to be in the solar return chart’s 7th house of partners (and sometimes open enemies).

Perhaps some other partner/country will give the US a loan to build the Wall, or maybe the US will sell some other country the Brooklyn Bridge or a reasonable facsimile. Just kidding I think.

Maybe that’s why Vesta (investment) will be conjunct the US natal and solar return Sun in July, 2020 – it’s all about that Uranus stuff going on.

To post msg to Linda G.


Thank you, barbk, I appreciate your opinion.


“Jupiter expands, and in Capricorn that could mean expanding structures and, when in in the US natal 2nd house that could mean banks. Pluto means death and rebirth (or transformation) and in the US natal chart’s 2nd house that could mean banks.”

On the other hand, Capricorn is ruled by Saturn – and Saturn usually wants to impose limits and constriction-often painfully so. Maybe it has to do with not having the earned income (budget; second House) to bolster the infrastructure even though there is a strong desire to expand (Jupiter).
I wonder if this could portend inflation (Jupiter) with the deflating sobriety of Capricorn’s Saturn, ergo devaluation of actual buying power.
My two cents.

Nancy Pelosi announced today that unless there is strong bipartisan momentum to impeach Trump, she feels that to do so would only serve to further divide the nation. “He’s not worth it” and paraphrasing, ‘we have a nation to govern.’

I think its a stroke of genius.

RE: Nancy Pelosi’s “stroke of genius.”

She is politically wise enough to realize impeachment (too soon) in the Trump colored environment would engender a great deal of not only division, but in all likelihood a great deal of Timothy McVeigh type violence. Mr. Soros would have to double his security detail and our beloved Rachel M. would need to hire bodyguards and watch that no car bomb has been planted in her car. Various local Dem headquarters would need to be swept for explosives, etc.

In this very peculiar case, it will not be enough to convince the majority of the American people of the necessity of impeachment. At least a portion (perhaps a third to half) of our Trump supporters need be convinced as well. Mr. Trump himself has said more than once (I paraphrase) there would be a violent revolt were he impeached. Mr. Cohen has stated he has no doubt Trump would foment such behavior.

Although I believe we can be sure she privately believes in Mr. T’s complete and profound guilt, NP is shrewd enough to realize the futility of impeachment if the R. senate was unwilling to convict. She also knows we won’t be able to “sell” impeachment (and conviction) to R’s until real and compelling evidence is revealed either by Mueller’s investigation, the SDNY attorneys general, and/or our congressional committees.

She knows that even with overwhelming evidence, how difficult that persuasion job will be. In our current bizarre environment anything less than overwhelming bi-partisan support for impeachment will have very undesirable and dark results, results which could reverse the results of the 2018 election and/or far, far worse.

To my knowledge Ms. Pelosi does not consult an astrologer, but I would venture a guess she has a very strong and profoundly intuitive sense of timing.


My initial knee jerk to her announcement was a cringe – and then I thought about it for a few seconds and quickly realized she was way ahead of the game.

Today I heard a story on NPR radio about a guy who was stock-piling weapons and that there was some evidence suggesting he was hunting for high profile Democrats.

You’re right and she’s right:

“He’s not worth it.”

Some of the graduate work I’ve done was on the religious right, including various armed right-wing militias. Although I teach English, I also have a graduate background in philosophy, history, religious studies, sociology, psychology, education, and criminal justice. I’ve worked in about 8 different professions, (I guess with Gemini rising I get bored?) including in the mental health system and as a criminal investigator.

I’ve long been aware of the social psychology and potential for violence amongst radical right wingers in part because of my academic studies, but also because I grew up with some of these bible thumping, confederate flag waving yay-hoos. And unfortunately, some of their poison has spread north and westward.

But what most don’t know, (the media has certainly not caught on because it never occurred to them) is that in reaction to the armed Right, there are a goodly and growing number of armed Liberals, Progressives, Labor Activists, Dem. Socialists, etc. who are prepared to counter the armed Right if they feel it necessary.

The difference is those on the Right proudly wave their guns as instruments of intimidation, whereas the armed Left has been far more circumspect, and quiet as to how armed and prepared they are. The armed Lefties sincerely hope things won’t degenerate that far. The US has always had a right wing bias, clamping down severely on the armed Left, but allowing the armed Right far more latitude.

The VERY LAST thing we need is vigilante and/or guerilla armed conflict. I really don’t care to reside where people are frequently shooting at one another as was the case in the Reconstruction era in the Am. South. I find it extremely bizarre that Trump can excite such violent, confederate type hate amongst so many of our citizens. It is clear he can if he chooses spark fires as we have not seen since 1876.

Of course, I don’t precisely know what Madam Speaker is thinking for sure, but I’m sure she knows Am. History and is likely acutely aware how violently awry things could be as a result of a premature impeachment process. She also has the luxury, contrary to Fox news type portrayals, of appearing “above the fray,” and objective. She can troll the president and when the evidence is revealed react dramatically at the right moment, “My goodness, I had no idea he was a Russian agent! I am heartbroken! What heinous crimes! My Republican friends and colleagues, it is our duty to impeach.”

Conversely, if for some reason we don’t get there by the summer of 2020, Dems will have accumulated mountains of evidence of T’s incompetence, corruption, bigotry, petulance, and most importantly disdain for his followers, to whom he feels superior. All of which with to defeat him on election day.

Although I disagree with her on some significant issues, I so admire our Madam Speaker and feel she is the most politically savvy person in our federal government as to hope she would be our next president. If Pence goes down with the Donald, I certainly see that as a possibility relative to our law of succession.

Later this year, or in early 2020 I am likely to publish some of my work on the psychology and vocabulary of hate and compassion through the Gonzaga University Journal of Hate Studies.

Nancy P. is more wise then she’s given credit for.
She’s crazy/dingy like a Fox!

Check-out this little Fox News link discussing Elizabeth Warren’s Ideas: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/facebook-restores-elizabeth-warren-ads-calling-for-breakup-of-platform-and-other-silicon-valley-giants-report “Facebook restores Elizabeth Warren ads calling for breakup of platform and other tech giants: report”
One Comment: “Shes not as evil as she seems now that she shares similar views to Tucker Carlson”.

You can Up-or-Down-Vote there without signing in.

I wonder why so many Dems are calling for both a Male President & Male V.P….When now’s the absolute perfect time to shake things up with a Woman VP!
Trump couldn’t do this with Pence standing in the wings. It would be historic!


“I wonder why so many Dems are calling for both a Male President & Male V.P”

Sadly, I think its because of the media-saturation that took place with the “Me-Too” movement. I live and work in a bastion of arch-conservative values (its a daily crucifixion) and the consensus still remains,

Women = Eve temptress of Adam
Men = Innocent Victim and
image likened to God the father.

This Fundamentalist/Dominionist/ headset has been steeped deeply into the DNA of the American soul.

It will change – but its going to take a minute against the back drop of hundreds of years of conditioning.

the rot within is extensive: fbi exposes & charges corruption in relation to elite college admissions – 33 wealthy parents nationwide + coaches + exam administrators

Will, I wonder if that minute might be shortened to a “New York Minute” by the U.S. Pluto return in 2022?


As Dick Martin quipped on Laugh-In:

“I’ll drink to that!”

Theresa May’s Brexit deal was absolutely pummeled in Parliament. UK is crashing out of EU without any deal. Chaos on many fronts is predicted.

“admire our Madam Speaker and feel she is the most politically savvy person in our federal government as to hope she would be our next president. If Pence goes down with the Donald, I certainly see that as a possibility relative to our law of succession.”

That’s one big reason she can’t seem too eager for impeachment. She’s in a position of power to help make herself President without an election of the American people.

Republicans will be screaming about power-hungry Nancy, couldn’t win by a national vote but willing to seize power without one. Subverting the will of the American people, nullifying their votes & all that.

I think the body blows to the tRump residency in July and September will have him caving to make a deal which may be agreed to in Thanksgiving week (because he will have enough dirt on Dem members of Congress to force them to allow a deal), just 7 weeks before my January take down period for his administration.

Donnie Deutsch has picked the ideal Dem ticket as Biden for Pres. and Beto for VP, and if that’s what it turns out to be I can live with it. That’s because Biden is a Scorpio and can handle Trump tit for tat, and he knows what’s expected from a US President.

Beto, if his popularity holds up, will bring in a lot of young voters, even women who want a woman on the ticket would not vote against him.

If it were to happen that Trump and Pence were removed from office and Pelosi stepped into that leadership void, she would probably become the nominee for 2020 if she wanted it.

On another note, I think it’s possible Mueller and Barr could have something ready for the Public on the Russian Investigation at or around the April 5 New Moon (Moon = Public) at 15 Aries 17 which will trine transiting Ceres (feed me feed me!) at 14+Sagittarius and the Great Attractor at 14+ Sagittarius and Mueller’s Sun at 15+ Leo and Barr’s Pluto at 14+ Leo. A grand trine in Fire.

At the January 20-21 Lunar Eclipse (0+ Leo) Mars at 13+ Aries was trine Jupiter and Venus and the Great Attractor (15 & 14 Sagittarius) and Mueller’s Sun and Barr’s Pluto in Leo; another grand trine in fire.

Also, the March 6 Pisces New Moon 6 days ago at 15 Pisces that was conjunct Neptune and Vesta at 16+ Pisces was at the apex point of a Yod with a sextile between (1) US natal Saturn and Barr’s natal Neptune (both at 14+ Libra) and (2) Barr’s Pluto + Mueller’s Sun in Leo.

Because the MARCH Pisces New Moon + Sun + Neptune + Vesta were square the JANUARY lunar eclipse (long shelf life) chart’s Jupiter + Venus + Great Attractor in Sagittarius (that was trine Mueller’s Sun and Barr’s Pluto in Leo) . . .

and because on April 5 transiting Neptune at 17+ Pisces and transiting Mercury at 18+ Pisces will be square Trump’s natal Uranus at 17+ Gemini,

. . and because the April 5 New Moon chart also has Juno (lesser partner) at 22+ Gemini conjunct the Trump natal Sun . . and both will be square US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo, I believe Cohen’s testimony (particularly as it related to bank records) will be the basis for whatever charges against Trump are made public if that were to happen.

At this time transiting Uranus is opposite the US natal Hades, symbolizing something that needs to be dealt with but which nobody wants to touch with a 10 ft. pole. The January Lunar Eclipse at 0+ Leo T-squares transiting Uranus in Taurus opposite US Hades in Scorpio.

Teresa Hill,
Great Point about NP not wanting to look too power hungry. Also, considering her age, if she ascended to the presidency through the law of succession, she might choose to not run in 2020. Alternatively, if she did run it might be for one term only.

In any possible case she needs to be more than careful. Circumstances and/or tactical error could get her an extremely controversial presidency, one fomenting the opposite of what she wants, further division.

Will, then, how did Theresa May achieve UK Political Leadership and German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s 13 years in Office if we’re still living in a “Man’s World”?
Or does your theory only pertain to USA Politics?
(Will, I know you jest…but isn’t it time we had a Woman’s Leadership?)

Aria – I mean patty – ladies have been the power behind the throne since Adam lost a rib. It just took tRump to bring them out of hiding. (jk)

I’ve posted this before, but thought to send it again.


A Biden/Beto ticket could be okay….I just worry Biden is too old boys club to satisfy the new democratic party and Beto, well there is something wrong with him, but not sure what it is. I love Gavin Newsom, but he insists he is not running. I know we would all like to see a woman in power, but I want to see one that has a chance at success. Despite all the efforts to shift power to women, most of it remains with men. Putting a woman in power when things are at their worst is folly. It just reinforces the perception that woman can’t cope with stress. That’s why woman are only allowed to steer a sinking ship. We can only hope DT goes down soon.


You are correct – I am only referring to the U.S. and its incalcitrant cleaving to paternalism.

The Power Behind the Throne (1912)

“Aria is the daughter of a gifted but poor musician.”

Not the wrongly spelled, would be evil, usurper in the Game of Thrones.

I’m a big fan of Nancy Pelosi, but ultimately, as Michael Lutin wrote years ago, it’s all about the person elected in 2024.

I think whoever is elected in 2020 will be accepting a somewhat poisoned chalice – there will be sooooooo much damage to undo and clean up. I too think Nancy is a brilliant strategist and is more interested in the long game ‘health’ of USA. She must be dealing with so much – she looks tired of late.

I agree Liz, even though I am not well schooled in any of the candidates qualifications, nor what qualifications would be most advantageous for our country’s leader to have, beyond the obvious.

What seems like a two part challenge for the Democrats at this time is: (1) who, in the eyes of the voters, can survive – if not excel in – the Trump degradation onslaught of the Democrat candidate, and (2) how many voters will actually go out and vote for the Democrat candidate and NOT vote for Trump.

First you have to win, despite foreign intervention and voter apathy. Qualifications are secondary – possibly even irrelevant at this time in history, when the rules have been all but abandoned. We are at war with ourselves.

Popularity is tantamount to winning when there are so many people eligible to vote who would vote for someone like Donald Trump. Without winning, the Dems have no chance to educate the masses if they aren’t in power, so, for now, popularity is priority #1.

It appears the stark reality is that qualifications and ideals, vital to successful governance, must take a back seat at this time in history, but with luck (and the gods willing) we Dems can put together a package (Prez and VP) that appeals to a majority of voters and STILL keep the country from further falling into chaos; saving the institutions worth saving and replacing the rest.

It is heartbreaking to put aside our own specific visions of who and what would be best for our country and citizens, but if we can sacrifice our personal ideals for the greater good and focus on getting our collective foot in the White House door, appealing to the masses with a candidate with charisma and empathy, we could save the Great Experiment called the United States of America.


“We are at war with ourselves.”

Says it all!

Interestingly, Ja….and if you scroll down under Marjorie’s Biden astro profile on Biden for 2020, there is another piece she wrote about him running, and opposite that is an evaluation of Beto’s chances. She appears to feel that it’s not the right time for either of them.

Will, correct me if I’m wrong but it appears that the Uranus transit is agreeing with you? You seem pretty “chipper”.

Sharon K,

“Will, correct me if I’m wrong but it appears that the Uranus transit is agreeing with you? You seem pretty “chipper”.

Well Daughter of Neptune and Sister, I’m glad to be perceived as “chipper.” Maybe its the Uranian transits, maybe its being almost at the spring equinox, maybe its because I had a whirlwind week out in LA and Santa Barbara that put the spring back in my step. I am glad to be past the time between December 20 through almost all of January; during that time I felt I was snake-bit; couldn’t catch a fair break in any realm of my life. I wasn’t necessarily depressed but I was seething with anger and resentment toward some key family-of-origin members and one in-law – and we all know that that is a messed up place to be. The group practice I belong to was in the throes of working out a merger with a larger group; lots of fits and starts, comings and goings with support staff and more than more incompetence than I could have imagined. I also lost a dear friend who was away on a project in Morocco and died suddenly on New Year’s Day and under the most mysterious conditions….we didn’t learn until mid January that he had most likely passed from a massive heart attack or stroke on his hotel veranda while taking a rest after breakfast; but its the Middle East and there are no autopsy reports; he was born in Lyon, France, lived in LA for 40 years, went to start a grand project in Morocco on December 21 and was gone ten days later. We held a wonderful memorial for him in Hollywood about three weeks ago; he was a bigger-than-life man with an outrageous zest for life and a powerful and charismatic presence; it is still impossible to comprehend that this great force of nature ceases to be (at least on this plane). Nonetheless, I have been having these marvelous “visitations” from him over the last two weeks and he appears radiantly happy and content; how can this be bad in any way, right?

I hope at least my perceived good cheer persists.

Thank you for noticing.


I just discovered a likely source of the “chipper” factor you noticed; tr. Mars will conjunct my natal Jupiter this Thursday. Ho-Ho-Ho!!!

The Washington Post is running a story entitled:

“Brexit has devastated Britain’s international reputation — and respect for its democracy”

Simultaneously, the international reputation and respect for the USA and American democracy is greatly diminished by the Trump presidency.

The fact that the two most powerful and populous English speaking countries are in such trouble at the same time is IMHO NOT a coincidence. And although the Russians have been meddling, etc. I do not think it is entirely Russia’s fault. I think we are seeing shared karma at work.

“There’s a slight lessening of intensity this week—slight, but nonetheless felt.”


Will, I am so sorry for the sudden loss of your great friend, who sounds like an amazing person, as well as all the challenges you’ve been going through, which might be making your current emotional break-through into a happier place quite a relief. Having had Uranus transit all of my Pisces placements over 7 years, which began about 14 years ago, it brought lots of changes that included a job promotion, a husband, a major move, and included departures from this plan. It was never dull…..and neither are you! Welcome back! (The mars & venus effects were very interesting; I remember being more assertive and no-nonsense than I had ever been before – in a good way, hopefully.) xoxox

Eliseo, I had meant to also write that your insight about the U.S. and Britain was very interesting….there are some very divisive factions in both countries and it’s difficult to picture them resolving!

…departures from this plane, as well as plan, sometimes.

Thank you, Sharon – your sharing is encouraging. The “no-nonsense” factor is I believe what has fueled an indignant fury within me especially in relationship to my part in enabling some bad actors in my world, familial, frenemies and colleagues. It feels risky to move with boldness but this momentum appears to have a mind of its own. So be it. I am ready.

I am glad your Uranian experiences were liberating, empowering and refreshing. Thank you for your thoughts and feelings.

Winston Churchill:” You can count on the Americans to do the right thing after they have tried everything else.”


Churchill & his great wry (& dry) sense of humor…

Will, I can’t say it was only a positive time, but I found support, and was able to keep moving and exploring. May you be supported as you boldly move forward & also find healing within yourself and your relationships.

Grazie mille, Sharon. I cherish your wishes.

ja, Churchill rocked the dry wit, even if it was rye-inspired.

Anyone have any insight into the Internet struggles today? Facebook and Instagram have had outages around the world. Kurt Eichenwald (former Newsweek reporter) posted the following messages on Twitter (which so far, has largely been unaffected):

In the last 12 hours, YouTube, Gmail, Google Drive, Facebook and Instagram have gone down or been so incapacitated they did not work properly. This cannot be a coincidence. Are we under hack attack?

Checking systems through downdetector.com. Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp down. Twitter starting. Flikr, CapitalOne struggling 12 hrs ago – Google, Gmail, YouTube down. Something is up.

…twitch and discord also went down last night. Centurylink, Comcast and T-Mobil all had rushes of going down an hour ago, appear fixed. Etsy struggling. There are systems across the board that have been struggling.

Then he posted graphics from downdetector.com that showed disruptions on many sites. USPS, Twitter, Spectrum, Google, AT&T, Gmail, Flickr, Capital One, YouTube, Etsy, Google Drive, Discord, Amazon.

Im showing sys down numbers – that a wide array of social media, financial, and telecommunications systems have been going down en masse at different times over last 12 hrs – cause if this is a hacking test, we have a national security issue developing.

SassyGrace, the Pisces New Moon on March 6 was conjunct Neptune at the same time Mercury was stationing retrograde, and when transiting Jupiter was square US Mars in Gemini (communication) and opposite US natal Neptune in the 9th house (network systems).

Jupiter, and Sagittarius and 9th houses also are associated with foreign people and countries. Add this together with Neptune and Pisces (unclear) and retro Mercury (communication foul ups) and this New Moon probably has clues as to what’s happening.

I too am sorry for the loss of your great friend. Your description paints someone extraordinary, a person who on many levels left the world a better place than when he found it.

I relate easily to your loss as about 13 years ago death took a very strong and close friend of mine. My comedy partner in radio and on stage, he was a genuine Mex/Am version of Robin Williams. And yes, he really was that talented! No exaggeration. He was loyal and extremely charismatic. Before or since, I’ve not worked with anyone in performance, be it in music, drama, or comedy who compares. We shared consistently perfect timing, and extraordinary synchronicity. He died much too young, and I think of him every day.

I’m pleased you are feeling better emotionally. I’m glad your anger and resentment have dissipated. I pray your newly found equanimity continues. No sense in wearing ourselves out with that kind of intensity. Peace. Joy. Serenity.

I’ll be checking with my attorney pals, but I’m coming around to the opinion Trump and his administration need to be charged with “crimes against humanity” in the international court.

“Crimes against humanity” consists of a long list of criminal behaviors, but in relation to the treatment of the immigrants and children at the border, I think as a minimum, kidnapping and unjust imprisonment charges would be very appropriate.

Thank you very much, Eliseo. I am sorry for your loss as well; you connected with your now-gone partner very well – and that is rare thing to experience.

Beto O’Rourke enters the Race:



“I told you Mercury retrograde would kick up a ton of dirt. On the day before Sun squares Jupiter (higher education), and in a year with three squares between Jupiter and Neptune (illusion, deception), actress Felicity Huffman is currently the poster child for this breaking scandal”

SassyGrace: Did you find out anything as to the possible hacking?

Eliseo: Democracy definitely under attack by the same international group of those who want it to die.

Will: You seem to have such a healthy attitude about the passing of your friend and the ability to still be able to interact with him. Love is stronger than death.

I’ve been watching Beto O’Rouke in Iowa; he makes people smile. It is against all I have come to believe in, to see old Joe Biden (a Scorpio Sun-Venus conjunction) as President and young Beto (a Libra Sun-Pluto conjunction) as VP, but dammit, I think it could work. It would scare the bleep out of Trump for one thing.

It’s that Pluto-Scorpio, Venus-Libra, Sun-Sun combo; an iron fist in a velvet glove dynamic that can charm while exuding confidence and even trust.

Joe’s Neptune and Beto’s Pluto and the US natal chart’s MC are all at 1+ Libra.

Beto’s South Node at 23+ Cancer conjuncts Trump’s Saturn at 23+ Cancer, while Joe’s Jupiter at 25+ Cancer conjuncts Trump’s Venus at 25+ Cancer, and ALL conjunct US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer, and all trine Joe’s Scorpio Sun-Mercury, Venus . . and Joe’s Sun-Mercury-Venus in Scorpio sextiles (a very good thing) transiting Pluto in Capricorn that opposes US Mercury in Cancer and Beto’s South Node and Joe’s Jupiter and Trump’s Saturn and Venus. Joe will certainly relieve the stress of that opposition when he announces.

Right now the transiting Sun in Pisces trines the transiting North North Node in Cancer, making a grand trine with Joe’s Sun, Mercury, Venus in Scorpio, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the transiting North Node conjuncts the US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer. The iron is hot and it is time to strike!

Both Joe and Beto have Taurus Moons, and Uranus is conjunct Joe’s Moon. Staying power (Taurus) with a jolt of rebellion – even shock is what we will see in Joe any day now.

Thank you, Barbk.
More on Beto:

Thank YOU ja; transiting Jupiter will conjunct Beto’s natal Jupiter on December 3, 2019.

Another important point in Beto’s chart is his Uranus at 17+ Libra, conjunct the US progressed Mars and the US Constitution Signing chart’s Neptune and, wait for it . . Trump’s natal Jupiter and Putin’s Saturn.

The dreaded Pelosi gang terrorized GOP members of the House until they voted in accordance with their far Left demands. 🙂

The Delaware leg. just passed the national popular vote act, making 3 states that have agreed to pass it (none of them are signed by governors yet), totally 189 combined electoral votes. Only 81 more are needed to make it the 270 that are needed nationally to cause the presidential election to be decided by the popular vote, as I understand it.

totaling, I meant…

Interesting Sharon! Thanks. Hadn’t heard about the move so looked it up – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Popular_Vote_Interstate_Compact
sadly, cant say I see any of the republican stronghold states voting for it anytime soon.

white supremacist nutters are even infiltrating NZ too – mass shooting at 2 Christchurch mosques this afternoon – shooter is an Australian – arrested, but cops still looking for possible 2nd shooter. 5.30 pm here – schools still on lockdown out of caution. Country is horrified!!!!

Kiwi, so sorry to hear about this terrible attack in NZ..


Remote Viewing: The Mueller Report and Hope Hicks Testimony

It was just a matter of time kiwi. No place is horror free and we have no way to make any place so.


Solar Eclipse Aug 11 2018, 10:57:38 pm, NZST -13:00
Christ Church New Zealand 43°S32′ 172°E38′

Saturn Upper 273°20′
Pluto Upper 290°54′
MC Upper 281°52′
Eclipse Saturn/Pluto midpoint 282°07′ (on the MC)

Transits Mar 15 2019, 5:30 pm, NZST -13:00
Christ Church New Zealand 43°S32′ 172°E38′

Saturn Upper 290°21′ – On the eclipse Pluto

ALERT: Use caution before clicking on any video connected to the Christchurch NZ mosque shooting..


Safe to watch.

Three men, one woman in custody following Christchurch shooting


The shootings occurred on Friday. Police said they received reports of shots fired at 1:40 p.m local time.

Location of transiting Saturn 00°01′ less than at 5:30 pm – 290°20?.

The man planner of the shooting had a 37-page manifesto explaining his plan to act against “the invaders” and which mentioned that “he supported Trump as a symbol of renewed white identify and purpose”.


I believe I am being blessed; I see him many times throughout the day smiling and very much at ease.

I am grateful to have this connection.

Thank you for your comment.

Just released: 40 people dead, 48 in hospital including children, 3 men 1 woman arrested, ied’s in nearby cars disabled. info still coming in.

Its worth remembering and affirming on this day, the beautiful 2nd verse of our national anthem, which was written in the 1870s

“Men of every creed and race, Gather here before Thy face, Asking Thee to bless this place, God defend our free land. From dissention, envy hate, And corruption guard our state, Make our country good and great, God defend New Zealand”

9 more died from injuries


Repeating those chilling words……

“…..The 74-page dossier by Brenton Tarrant, which has been described by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison as a “work of hate”, praised Trump as “a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose”.”

Can’t imagine what will unfold if and when Trump is evicted from office.

It is worth noting that — Everyone should have the freedom to worship God in any way they see fit without fear and apprehension.

Will: yes, you are blessed to feel and see the presence/soul of your dear friend and to know that connection is still alive and well, despite the veil.

Marjorie Orr on the shootings:


ja, thank for the Marjorie piece; I’m glad I read it before commenting on this tragedy in New Zealand, and I’m grateful she also has the NZ birth chart with its dreadful square between Pluto in Aries and the Mars-Sun in Cap.

Transiting Uranus has been conjunct the NZ Pluto (29+ Aries) for some time and now, at 0+ Taurus, trans. Uranus opposes the NZ natal Pallas (the Planner, Strategist, warrior) at 1+ Scorpio.

I suppose every country has it’s share of dreadful aspects in its birth chart. For more than a decade now, many have subscribed to a belief that humanity is going through an intense period of evolution. These dreadful aspects within a nation’s birth chart (and as well in individual birth charts) are being brought to bear as a way of becoming conscious of what is beneath the consciousness level of said nation.

This may sound like cockamamie to us but isn’t that what has happened to the US? Ten years ago we couldn’t get a law changing gun rights passed in this country to save our souls. Now we have a boatload of young representatives, many female, and most of them Democrats, ready to do just that.

US has a natal Neptune (fear) in the US natal chart 9th house (foreigners, outsiders) that squares natal Mars (violence) in the 7th house (the open enemy), one of several dreadful aspects in it’s nativity. We are, we MUST become conscious – as a whole – of the human condition and its frailties, in order to evolve. Nothing pretty about it, but oh the payoff is incredible.

Your children’s children and future generations will thank you.

It’s just devastating what has happened in New Zealand.

Everything just seems so messed up right now.

The orange monster has a veto signing ceremony. Who does that. Any other POTUS?

And Barr was there supporting him and saying he is within the law. Linda g said that Barr would be ok and i was kind of thinking that too. It appears not

Also the fact that Lindsay graham single handedly blocked the bill to make sure muellers report goes public ! Where’s the democracy.

Things are not looking good. No one really is even taking on the babies at the border or this national emergency. They won’t have the votes to overturn his veto.

I feel especially despondent today

Hi Barbk, there are different charts for NZ. The Campion chart used by Marjorie and others fairly widely, to me feels more like just the government, rather than the people as a whole. The Campion date was when the first government was cobbled together. But there are other dates too – I actually prefer the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, Feb 6 1840, the agreement between the northern Maori chiefs and the representatives of Queen Victoria – it ‘feels’ more like the nature of the people of nz. I actually had a discussion about it with Marjorie though a few years back but she was adamant about using the campion chart.
And there are other dates to be considered – 26 sept 1907, where NZ ceased to become a british colony and became a Dominion within the british empire, enabling more automony. The other date is the adoption of the statute of Westminster 25 November 1947 where NZ gained full independence from England in terms of the legislative process.

The other reason for my questioning the campion chart validity as representing the country as a whole, is that the first ‘government’ excluded maori representation; and ‘equality’ was an essential part of the treaty. Maori representation was finally adopted in 1867 “an act to provide for the better representation of the native aboriginal inhabitants of the colony of new Zealand”
IMHO that first govt was little more than a white man land grab attempt because property ownership was a prerequisite for voting. Maori could not vote because land was held communally rather than individually.

What time do you use for the treaty chart kiwi?

Here are links to the NZ Constitution chart relocated to Christ Church and 2 eclipses from the previous year before this tragedy.



pleased to learn that the PM this morning announced her determination to change existing gun laws. Existing laws, understandably, have been pretty liberal because of legitimate, responsible, farmers and hunters, many culling introduced animals (deer & pigs) that destroy our native forests.

I hear you kiwi . .whatever works best for you is what you use. For me it’s the Sibly (of Ebenezer Sibly fame) version of the US birth time.

Today transiting Ceres (nurture [feed me, feed me], Mother Nature) sits at 12+ Sagittarius, the ascendant degree of the Sibly chart (how we see ourselves), and yesterday she was opposite transiting Juno (partner) at 12+ Gemini (much conversation; hungry for news) conjunct US Sibly descendant (partners), and Mueller’s natal Uranus (unexpected), which squares Mueller’s natal Mercury (report) at 12+ Virgo (about details). . .

. . just as transiting centaur Rhiphonos (broad-minded) at 12+ Pisces T-squared them all. Yesterday the House voted (420 to 0) in a resolution to make the Mueller Report open to the public.

That’s why I use the Sibly version of the US birth chart; it’s ascendant just seems to always work.

Ahhhh Bob – now there’s another conundrum. Most popular time used is noon(ish). But again, personally, I think that is a bit too early? Waitangi happens to be my childhood backyard and knowing firsthand, time needed for distances travelled, perhaps Im a little biased LOL. After reading journals of those recording the events on the day, no specific time was mentioned, but I would suspect the last signatures, which followed extensive discussions and debate (and Maoris can be very longwinded), to be more around 3pm ish, giving a gemini rising, which to me fits the dual culture. chiron in the 1st (race misunderstandings/issues from time to time) and Jupiter in the 5th (sports prowess, daring and fun loving?)

Treaty of Waitangi 6 feb 1840, Russell nz 3pm?

Other facts that make me lean toward the Feb 6th date, is that the Treaty is considered today as THE founding document. Coincidentally, Feb 6th is also the day in ’52 Elizabeth became queen, and she has participated at Waitangi celebrations on several occasions.
You might be also interested in this article by Australian Jessica Adams, using midnight..

Also, following dates may be helpful:
Confederation Of Tribes (e), 28 Oct. 1835 at 12:00 , Kaikohe, NZ – this was sort of a precursor to the Treaty event.
Dominion proclaimation (e), 26 Sept. 1907 at 12:00 , Wellington, NZ
Full Independance (e), 25 Nov. 1947 at 12:00 , Wellington, NZ
Constitution Act (e), 13 Dec. 1986 at 12:00 , Wellington, NZ
Constitution Effective Date (e), 1 Jan. 1987 at 0:00 , Wellington, NZ


I’m so sorry for your beautiful country. Was lucky enough to spend two and a half weeks there in 2004, and it was the most beautiful and unusual place I’ve ever visited. We were all over the north island, from 100-mile beach to the Bay of Islands to Rotorua and Auckland.

One of the things that struck me most, besides how nice everyone was and the natural beauty, was what a blend of people and languages you have. A peaceful blend.

I feel terrible that the violence and hate-speech so prevalent in the US has made its way to your shores.

On behalf of those most affected by this tragedy, I thank you all for your expressions of sympathy. As we say in Kiwiland – Kia Kaha – (to encourage strength or confidence)

Kia Kaha to you, kiwi. May you and your beautiful country find the kia kaha to heal and overcome this unholy evil.

Kiwi, as a Canadian, we share our head of state with New Zealand and are part of the same Commonwealth family. Our hearts go out to you and yours. We also had our home-grown killer in a Quebec mosque last year. It’s an awful feeling, but we all must rise above hatred.

I love your beautiful country sufficiently that I seriously considered moving there and becoming a citizen in the early 1970’s. I also came close to marrying a gal from Auckland. I’m alarmed and truly sorry for the tragedy which occurred in Christchurch.

I’m also terribly sorry and deeply embarrassed our nutzoid, obscenely stupid, and stupidly obscene president has not condemned the murderers, nor reacted in anything remotely resembling an appropriate response. Our president may not be with you, but as an American I am, as are I think most Americans. As a loyal advocate of the Anglosphere and more importantly, simply as a fellow human, my prayers are with your country, your culture, the perpetrators and victims of this terrible and entirely unnecessary and insane tragedy.

Sorry that this type of evil had to taint NZ, kiwi, a county that I’ve heard has much pristine beauty. May world consciousness and awareness be raised, and may good come from the suffering, and from the loss of so many beautiful lives.

There is another planet in the Campion NZ chart that gives nuanced meaning for why this tragedy happened when it happened and where it happened; its Neptune at 9+ Pisces. That is where transiting Nessus is too.

In short, Nessus, the Centaur, symbolizes abuse of power. Things like rape and poisoning are attributed to this symbol, and when linked to a national birth chart it could include sacrifice associated with spiritual beliefs.

I wonder too if NZ hasn’t been “chosen” in some way to spotlight this heinous crime, as there is a direct link to this chart from the Galactic Core and the Great Attractor; the NZ Venus at 27 Sagittarius 28 and the NZ Jupiter at 15 Sagittarius 01.

These two planets are referred to as the “Benefics”, the only planets primarily associated with good fortune. The GC and the GA energies are linked to universal directives; not easily understood on an individual level but transmitted to the human level of consciousness through the Collective.

The NZ Venus conjuncts the NZ South Node (release of things no longer helpful) and the GC in Sagittarius that all trine the NZ Pluto (and transiting Uranus), and all were trine the August 2017 total solar eclipse at 28 Leo 52.

In that 1917 total eclipse chart transiting Mars in Leo (show of aggression) was trine Saturn in Sagittarius (restriction on religion) and both were trine the Moon (the People) in the Campion NZ chart.

Nobody associates New Zealand with large scale violence; not war and not mass murder. And yet, we all are shocked that it HAS happened there, a place where we all take notice because it’s so unheard of.

It’s my belief that NZ has been a sacrificial lamb in the Universe’s push to awaken (hence Uranus conjunct NZ Pluto square NZ Sun-Mars) the masses into finding a means to stop the ghastly hatred that’s behind these crimes.

Interesting comments Barbk.
My thoughts too have been along the lines of universal awakening. NZ in many ways over the years has been the forerunner of things to come elsewhere, despite hiccups along the way – beginning with Cook’s voyages of discovery 1769 – conscious striving for equality with indigenous people, women’s vote, frequent interaction with other nations and cultures, science innovators, environmental protectors. The 90’s brought a handy usa test market for global corporate new products, particularly telecom (many don’t know that). This particular event ‘test market’ I hope has failed and their pr campaign will backfire spectacularly. A Muslim presence, albeit small, has been in NZ since the latter 1800s.

To me it feels like cracks in the dam of evil are starting to show, and if we can stay in love not hate, yet still strive to rebuild in a practical and diligent manner, we will hasten the collapse of the rot.
I am so inspired by all these smart, direct, US congressional young women! No yelling or drama, just quietly persistent and determinedly logical.

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Journey of Souls Case Studies of Life Between Lives (Unabridged) – PART …

https://youtu.be/WsB8Tqg-NkY via @YouTube

Kiwi: Beautifully stated, and true: “To me it feels like cracks in the dam of evil are starting to show, and if we can stay in love not hate, yet still strive to rebuild in a practical and diligent manner, we will hasten the collapse of the rot.”

“I am so inspired by all these smart, direct, US congressional young women! No yelling or drama, just quietly persistent and determinedly logical.”

Me too inspired and impressed. Old souls or higher souls whose mission it is to work for a more just world.

Has anyone, anywhere noticed that yesterday was the Ides of March, as in Shakespeare’s “beware the Ides of March”?

barbk – that was the first thing that crossed my mind with the shooting – (it was the afternoon of the 15th NZ time – not long after 00 hrs gmt )

havnt read it yet, but here’s ed tamplin’s latest

a thought: curious words in the killer’s manifesto – said he had been recently working as a ‘kebab exterminator’ – which got me thinking – had he been working as a paid mercenary for, oh lets say, warmonger Eric Prince et al? It is known that he travelled a lot and has been in Afghanistan and north korea within the past year or so.

You should know (if you don’t already) that Beto O’Rourke has a sextile between his Venus at 20+ Leo and his Saturn at 20+ Gemini (that conjuncts US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini that conjuncts Trump’s Sun at 22+ Gemini), and during most of April and May transiting Saturn will be at 20+ Capricorn, becoming the apex point of an exact Yod with Beto’s Venus – sextile – Saturn (+ US Mars).

It will be transiting Saturn that will have to compromise in some way. Transiting Saturn will station retrograde at 20+ Cap on April 29th. That should be interesting. The first debate will be in June – so far the date is not known.

However, on June 18, trans. Saturn at 18+ Cap rx will exactly sextile trans. Neptune at 18+ Pisces, while Mercury conjuncts Mars at 21+ Cancer.

It won’t be exact, but trans Saturn (18+ Cancer and retro) will still be in orb of a Yod with Beto’s natal Venus-sextile-Saturn, which will become a Boomerang, with trans Mercury and Mars in Cancer (very close to US natal Mercury (+ Trump’s Venus-Saturn), opposite trans. Saturn, and Mercury-Mars will be at the receiving end of the combined energy.

However, the sextile between trans. Saturn and Neptune (what a pair!) will form a Yod to Beto’s Venus in Leo, and he will have to adjust (his charm or his values).

If the debate is on the 17th, 18th or 19th it should reflect these dueling yods and we could learn a lot about Beto and the other candidates.

Rupert Murdock has his 3rd Saturn return coming up @ 21.05cap – tr Saturn will station retro at 20.31 apr 30th, then reach 21.05 on 29 dec 2019.
Hope there might be some fox news fallout for him this year and next.
I understand sky news nz has blocked the news feed from his Australian media outlet because, despite nz police requests not to, they continue to intentionally broadcast shooter’s live feed clips. Sick.

More on Beto from Gail Collins:

“The most critical, of course, is how he pronounces his name. So, BET-oh. We’ve heard a lot of Bay-tos out there, but do it his way.”


Psychic Violetta Published on Jan 7, 2019

Mueller Celebrates at 22:30 of 26:58



Psychic Violetta Published on Jan 14, 2019

Mueller’s Surprise Attack On Trump 19:47

Many indictments at once – at 11:53 Many arrests all on the same day.


INTUITIVIEW PSYCHIC READING Energy of Robert Mueller’s Report Being Publicized 14:41

tRump perp walked, very bad for Kushner (possible arrest in airport) gang to lose everything, big, big change for the country

Published on Feb 22, 2019


Two astrological factors in late March to consider in the much awaited report from Special Council Robert Mueller…..

March 26th – tr. Mars at 26 Taurus will square Trump’s progressed Moon/natal Mars and Mueller’s natal Venus (26 Leo). Mars will also be in close proximity to triggering the August 21st, 2017 solar eclipse degree.

March 28th tr. Mercury stations direct at 16 Pisces (new information) conjunct Neptune (hitherto hidden or secret info) opposite Mueller’s natal Mars/Chiron conjunction (16 Virgo).

Once in his possession Attorney General William Barr will need some time to prepare his summary. I’m looking at the April 10th Jupiter retrograde station (24 ’20 Sagittarius) for the release of the report to congress. The Jupiter station will square William Barr’s natal Mars (24 ’18 Virgo).

PS Forgot to mention one critical factor to the above; the April 10th Jupiter station will also be triggering the US 2017 Inaugural charts Mars-Saturn square (in sesqui/ semi-square to natal moon). Here’s the January 20, 2017 US Inaugural chart for quick reference…….


will . . check out Jerry’s link to astrologyking for fixed star positions in the Trump Inaugural chart.

Further thoughts on Beto’s birth chart:

1. Giving him a birth time of 10:35 AM puts his IC (roots: “I’m just born to do this”) at 27+ Aquarius and conjunct US Moon at 27+ Aquarius, with Leo (dramatic) on the MC.

2. Ascendant at 19+ Scorpio makes Pluto the ruler of the chart, and Beto’s Pluto at 1+ Libra is conjunct the US natal chart’s MC no matter what time he was born.

3. His Descendant at 19+ Taurus would conjunct the US natal Vesta (what is invested in).

4. Natal Mars (the co-ruler of Scorpio ascendant as well as the Aries 6th house of service) would be on the cusp between 10th and 11th houses at 27+ Virgo, trine US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn.

5. Venus at 20+ Leo near the MC trines US Chiron (20+ Aries) and sextiles US Juno (20+ Libra) and . .

6. Moon in 7th house at 22+ Taurus, although square his natal Venus, trines US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo), and . .

7. His natal Moon would conjunct the start degree of the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle (about societies) which would END about 6 weeks after the 2020 election. Wouldn’t that be a helluva coincidence!

Requesting help from legal eagles. Pro bono of course!

Mueller’s Grand Jury will cease to be on July 5th. When must he serve the sealed indictments he has? If the 20 days for preparation is observed that would have indictments served in mid-June. Have a nice Father’s Day. The heavy aspects in tRump’s chart begin in July.

We have to get this vile, divisive, rabble-rousing affront to humanity out of office as soon as possible.

This from Google

“How long after an indictment is the trial?

Your preliminary hearing typically takes place about ten days after your arraignment if you’ve been in jail, or 20 days if you’re not in jail. Your trial needs to begin no more than 180 days after your arrest.Sep 4, 2018”


“There are dozens of sealed criminal indictments on the DC docket. Are they from Mueller?”

“You can’t prevent a new AG from blocking new indictments,” Miller said. “But if you were ready to move on cases, you could return a bunch of indictments under seal. If the stumbling block is approval from Mueller’s supervisors, you get that approval while you still have a supervisor who approves of your work.”


“She has big ideas for repairing the American economy. The other Democratic candidates should too.”

“Warren is identifying the right problems and offering a coherent vision for a post-Obama Democratic agenda.”

barbk, I was thinking of Beto as having a Leo ASC because of the charisma, but your case for a Leo MC makes sense! It’ll be interesting to see if his birthtime is revealed during the course of the campaign.

What strikes me is that Beto’s North Node is at 23 Capricorn and will be conjunct the rare Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto line-up at 22 Cap in mid-January 2020 that you refer to above.

If Beto’s Moon is indeed at 22 Taurus, then he will experience a loose grand trine of his North Node (plus the Capricorn alignment) at 22-23 Cap + his Descendant-Moon at 19-22 Taurus + his Mars at 27 Virgo.

This configuration feels significant, like a once-in-a-lifetime moment for Beto. His destiny (NN) may be tied up with the new era being ushered in by the Capricorn alignment.

gbs, omg!! Thank you for all the above, especially Beto’s North Node conjunct the Saturn-Pluto one-time-only conjunction! Isn’t astrology absolutely wonderful?

Indeed, it DOES feel like a once-in-a-lifetime moment for Beto; maybe for the country too.

Although the Dem Convention is more than a year off, we can’t help but start to play with the “horses in the race” and various possible combo tickets.

With Beto’s youth and unspecific goals he scares the bejeezus out of some of the older Democrats. With Joe Biden, who’s been around this track so often he could do it blindfolded, he is comforting to older Dems. Besides, he frightens Trump.

As much as I am anxious to have a woman US President, I can’t get past the necessity of getting the Trump mob out of Washington, no matter the cost. I never would have voted for Biden, however . .

with Joe’s Scorpio Sun, and a possible O’Rouke Scorpio ascendant + his Pluto conjunct the US MC and Biden’s Neptune (all at 1+ Libra), they might just get along and might just make a great team.

There’s something here for the young and the old; something for those who want tried and true, and something for those who want to experiment; something for the young apprentice to aspire too, something for the old master to pass on to the next generation. They need each other and we need a please-everybody ticket to banish the mobster.

Be still my heart.


Thank you for the heads-up on Jerry’s fixed star ref.

Jerry, Thank you too.

Oh, and I found a couple more interesting things in O’Rourke’s birth chart. For one, his Sun (3+ Libra)-Pluto (1+ Libra) conjunction sextiles his natal Neptune at 2+ Sagittarius, which is interesting because:

transiting Uranus from 0 to 3 Taurus (now through mid May and again in mid November through early March 2020) will complete a Yod to his natal Sun-Pluto and Neptune sextile creating an adjustment from transiting Uranus (surprise!).

A couple of days ago I said Beto’s NATAL Uranus was conjunct Trump’s Jupiter but, more importantly, it conjuncts the US PROG. Mars and the US Constitution Signing chart’s Neptune. This will be a test of how our Constitution will be interpreted – or if it will even survive – in the centuries following the 2020 election.

Schadenfreude feels soooo good.

“Fox News pulls Jeanine Pirro’s show after remarks on Omar’s hijab
A week after Jeanine Pirro questioned U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar’s hijab and patriotism on the air, Fox News pulled “Justice With Judge Jeanine” because of “scheduling matters.” The network wouldn’t elaborate on why Pirro’s show didn’t air during its weekend slot after it was replaced Saturday night by a rerun of a documentary series. Pirro has been embroiled in controversy following a segment last week, where she questioned if Omar’s headscarf means the Minnesota congresswoman prioritizes Sharia law above the U.S. Constitution she took an oath to protect and defend.”

While millions rely on Big Oil’s substantial dividends, the youngsters aren’t so invested. Last Friday millions of students around the world demonstrated against climate inaction. The movement was inspired by 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, who was just nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts to get politicians to act more urgently. Students want a green economy within eleven years to forestall catastrophic climate change



The solar year 2019-20 looks to be promising compared to the earlier years for the simple reason that Jupiter is in its own house, in Sagittarius, that too in the cosmic ninth house, and that Saturn is in its own house, in Capricorn, though in tenth house. It is also soothing to know that the year starts with the full moon. These three dimensions should give a bang to the globe for a movement in positive direction. Saturn in cosmic tenth house is indicative of cautious growth, while Jupiter in the ninth house indicates a solid backup for the growth. Venus in the eleventh house makes sextile relation with Jupiter and vice versa, meaning good relations at the national levels are possible, resolving long pending issues. There is a queer grand triangle between Antinode, Mars and Moon which opens an all-together subtle dimension giving life and general happiness to the common man. While no calamities are visualized, there is growth in the world economic order, as also adjustments happening through natural calamities. In the Vedic calendar, the year is known as Vikari, meaning a year of change. While change is constant in nature, there would be significant changes in all fields this year as is indicated by the name of the year. Aspirants would do well to prepare for the changes as they happen.”


Greta Thunberg: “If you still say that we are wasting valuable lesson time, then let me remind you that our political leaders have wasted decades through denial and inaction.”

Let’s support the global #ClimateStrike & Take Action for a #GreenNewDeal, USA!

Anyone else excited by Mayor Pete Buttugieg? Personally I’m not making any choices til after the debates, but after watching his very impressive cnn town hall, he’s moved to my A tier. If you haven’t watched yet and want to: https://youtu.be/IRRjQdRUuHs

I’m not an astrologer, his young life so far is quite the story, Afghan vet, Harvard grad, Rhodes scholar, 7 languages, wins 80% in a red area. While the odds are super long for 2020, with a story like that so far must be quite the chart. Anyone here looked at his chart? Or know a source that has I can read? Thanks!

*Buttigieg — fat fingers ?

Has anyone looked at Andrew Yang? He is running as a Democrat and has reached his 60k individual contributions, so he will be on the debate stage in June. I am a little fascinated by his candidacy.. he is a proponent of UBI and has an interesting support base.. it seems the young Trumpsters are moving his direction. I think he is building a lot of support in social media and the MSM hasn’t caught on to it yet. If anyone is interested, here’s a link to his interview with the Breakfast Club..


Elizabeth, Andrew Yang is truly a visionary. Whether he becomes a serious candidate or not? I don’t know. Pete Buttigieg is also brilliant. They along with Beto represent a new and hopeful direction for the Dem party and for our nation. I too would love to know what the aspects are for these guys going forward.

Well, okay, maybe Beto ($6.1 mil in 24 hrs) and Sanders ($5.9 mil in 24 hrs), if money speaks (votes), and it still does.

Whatever it takes to win the important states, and the Electoral College, and the majority of US voters is what the Democrats must choose. Brilliance is an incredible asset behind the scene, but way too many US voters (obviously) don’t value it, at least not yet.

We must think like advertisers (ugh); whatever it takes to sell the product is what we use. It’s Uranus in Taurus time baby, and right now trans. Venus who rules Taurus is at 20+ Aquarius, conjunct the US progressed Mercury (thinking) and (most importantly) also where Uranus was when it squared Jupiter and Saturn at the start of their present cycle that ends in Dec. 2020.

In 2020 the Dems must go with whomever moves the masses, and once they get their foot in the White House door they can unleash the brilliance. We must win the Presidency in November 2020 if the US is to survive.

Barb- I agree with you and appreciate your discussion of Beto’s astrology. Trump is basically an entertainer, but not to my taste at all. Beto has a lot of the entertainer in him as well, but much more to my taste.

And I agree with you Virgo, the entertainment factor goes over big with the masses, and both Trump and Beto know how to use it to their advantage. Two different mass appeal figures with two different masses. Which mass is bigger and which one has the most voters, that is the question.

I believe Beto’s game plan is to hold back on specifics re: guns in America, taxes (on the rich), health care, war anywhere, etc. until the debates start, or at least as long as he can, thus minimizing the attacks (on his stances) and maximizing the love (of the people). Irritates the hell out of news gatherers but Beto is shrewd. Win the voters first and satisfy the journalists last will win this game.

We all must decide which is most important; for us and for the country:

Integrity or intelligence or a female President or VP, racial preference, cause preference (such as climate change), looks, personality or winning the election. Choose one

Barbk, I think you said that the real changes kick in in 2024 but what is so bad about the 2020 chart – election and inauguration?

Mayor Pete won me over weeks ago on Colbert. He sounds so smart, so reasonable, yet firm and determined.

Heard a lot of people impressed by his CNN town hall.

His letter to the Muslims of his town after the NZ massacre was beautiful and comforting.

He just announced he’s raised enough from individual donors to take part in the debates (didn’t know that was a requirement). He should definitely be there. He’s good at connecting with people, sounds too direct to be a politician, and he has that sweet, clean-cut, mid-western-boy likableness.

Beto is pretty, which is a nice attention-getting quality, but Mayor Pete seems like the kind of nerdy guy who’d wear a tie to high school, be president of the senior class and win the science fair. Like everybody would know him and like him.

What To Do During the Void……..

“this week also features three very long Void of Course periods — times when the Moon is between signs.” In an essay written some years ago, Elisabeth Grace explains:


Excellent report and discussion re: Mr. Trump’s mental deterioration in the first few minutes of msnbc 11th Hour March18, 2019 broadcast. Prominent Republicans, Bill Kristol & George Conway in respective tweets urged all Americans & especially Republicans to seriously consider whether they really want someone as crazy as Mr. T to continue as president. Bill Kristol strongly inferred the VP & cabinet should invoke the 25th amendment. This report & discussion is quite worthwhile! See it on youtube.

Reports that the White House intends to significantly reduce the Mueller reports damaging findings before it is released by exercising their right to review the report before it goes to Congress. Will they attempt to heavily redact and whitewash the document of most of the damning evidence on the pretense of executive privilege? Will there be major leaks from within the DOJ as a way of counter-balancing this threat? We can expect big court battles over this issue.

CNN: White House Expects To See Mueller Finding Before Congress

Video 8 min. 38 sec.


How Robert Mueller Can Write a Report the Justice Department Cannot Suppress

January 10, 2019

The White House is finally bulking up with competent lawyers to face the impending confrontation its expects over Robert Mueller’s final report, reports the Washington Post—in preparation for a major showdown over executive privilege….



silcominc, regardless of what happens in 2024 re: the US elections, it is too early to “know” how even the 2020 elections will change our present situation. Frankly there are enough things indicating that Trump could even stroke out before the end of 2019; it’s anybody’s guess.

Of course there will be change stemming from the 2020 election; it is already changing us. We are in the beginning part of a remarkable and rare multi-planet pileup in Capricorn that will affect the US natal chart, particularly its Mercury.

Mercury could relate to Mueller’s investigation, voting, the US citizens mental attitudes (US Mercury sextiles US Neptune as well as opposing US Pluto).

For the next 5 years, at least, we are going through an enormous transformation symbolized by the US Pluto Return. It is too much for any individual to comprehend, but just knowing it is happening gives us an advantage over people who think the sky is falling. I’d compare it to when continents break apart or merge into one; it’s that big. Hang loose.

Jerry, I read in Time magazine that the Mueller report will likely disappoint people on both sides (Trump vs. non-Trump supporters) partly because Mueller was not tasked to find criminal wrongdoing. What do you think?

We are approaching Nancy’s heads-up of trans. Mars square Trump’s natal Mars (March 24-26) as transiting Jupiter stations square the Inaugural Mars and semisquare Inaugural Moon, already in progress.

Tomorrow’s Libra Full Moon conjunct US natal chart’s MC (opposite transiting Sun on US IC and conjunct transiting Chiron) will intensify this energy as there is a Yod consisting of Mars (23+ Taurus) sextile the North Node (24+ Cancer) that conjuncts US Mercury (24+ Cancer), and transiting Jupiter at 23+ Sagittarius at the apex of the Yod.

Because Trump’s Sun at 22+ Gemini opposes transiting Jupiter it becomes a Boomerang and all the combined energy of the Yod (Mars, NN, Jupiter) lands on Trump’s Sun. Full Moon at 8:43 PM EST. Take cover.

kiwi, In case you missed this.

” Jacinda Ardern, the prime minister of New Zealand, has been exemplary in her response to the massacre in Christchurch,”


I like Andrew Ylang and Mayor Pete is great!

You know what worries me, Fox News, trump and the Republicans going on and on about socialism and the radical left, I feel Democrats need to come out NOW and start facing this and changing the narrative because the Republicans have a weak of getting their message to stick and I see it happening already.

It’s unreal since we are facing real challenges to democracy with this crazy man who thinks he’s a KIng and the rising of an autocracy which they are letting happen.

Not nearly enough is being made about the fact that this veto Trump did, is not how vetoes are supposed to work, he vetoed a bill saying he was abusing power that the Congress had signed on to, how nuts is this, so he can just veto something like this and get away with it?

Crazy, yet we have Hannity last night on with Glenn BEck last night talking about how if the democrats get in in 2020 the country as we know it is over!!!!

The brainwashing is real on the right!

It is US Neptune at 22+ Virgo that symbolizes what Trump’s madness is all about. Virgo = facts in order.

US Neptune T-squares Trump’s Sun opposite Trump’s Moon. US Mars opposes Trump’s Moon as it conjuncts his Sun. Trump embodies the US Mars-square-US Neptune (which can represent drug addiction, madness, etc.).

Right now and in tomorrow’s Full Moon (that conjuncts US natal chart’s MC) transiting Mars in Taurus trines transiting Pluto in Capricorn and both form a grand trine to US natal Neptune in Virgo.

The US natal Mercury and the transiting North Node (24+ Cancer) turn the above grand earth trine into a Kite formation, pointing to transiting Pluto as the focal point of the grand trine energy.

Pluto is about transformation; death and rebirth.

Ceres, who can symbolize the nurturing mother or the wrath of a hurricane, reached the US natal ascendant (12+ Sagittarius) a couple of days ago and both are semi-square the US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn (transformation, death and rebirth of a government). I believe the US Pluto Return is already experiencing (re) birth pangs.

In tomorrow’s Full Moon transiting Venus in Aquarius and Eris in Aries form a Yod to the US Neptune (which is in a grand trine with trans. Pluto and Mars) and because transiting retrograde Vesta (23+ Pisces) opposes the US Neptune, she makes it a Boomerang – and she inherits all the energies of the combined Yod.

(She also serves as a 2nd Kite placement for the grand trine between US Neptune and trans. Pluto and Mars, should the US Mercury and transiting North Node need her support. Vesta is nothing if not hard-working!)

Vesta is best known for her focus and what is invested in. Pisces is about the ethereal, like beautiful music and a higher purpose, and sometimes it’s about madness. She is square transiting Jupiter in Sagittarius and square Trump’s Sun in Gemini, and she opposes US Neptune in Virgo, making it a grand cross connecting the transiting Full Moon and the US and Trump charts.

How do you suppose Vesta is going to distribute all the Full Moon energy she will (and has already started to) get? It seems to me she is key (as well as US Neptune) in that she’s part of a grand cross and part of grand trine-turned-Kite.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Barbk, Thanks for the Head’s-up…such stress.
Pray for harmony.

KGO Radio SanFrancisco has gone Politics all day.
John Rothmann weekly 6PM is especially polished:

Thanks for the response barbk.

“Emotions are on the rise, as the Moon waxes to fullness on WEDNESDAY at 9:43 PM ET. Tomorrow is also marks the start of the astrological new year, as the Sun leaves Pisces and charges into Aries at 5:59 PM ET. As much as all the Aries in the room would love to just get to the me-me-me Aries part of the discussion, we need to break down what will happen before the Sun enters Aries, because those patterns reflect what’s been happening over the past few days. Ready?”


Hi Barbk,

Re: Potential disappointment with the release of Mueller’s report (as discussed)

You asked for my thoughts. Here they are……..

A number of psychics are suggesting that things could hit a crisis point by the end of April. Two intuitives in particular see Mueller conducting a massive series of arrests (the opening of sealed indictments) all at once and President Trump resigning with Nancy Pelosi taking over as interim president during the transition. Whether that is wishful thinking or not is anyones guess.

Astrologer Denise Siegel touches on this theme from an astrological point of view which may lend credence to this scenario. She has been pointing to the upcoming Neptune transit (in April ) at 17 Pisces in square to Trump’s natal Uranus (17 Gemini) and simultaneous quincunx to natal Jupiter (17 Libra) as a possible major factor in Trump’s abrupt loss of power.

An additional explosive aspect comes into action on April 27th with transiting Mars joining the fray at 17 Gemini (conjunct Trump’s Uranus) squaring tr. Neptune (17 Pisces) and semi-square tr. Uranus (2 Taurus). To me, this looks like a real game-changer especially since many astrologers attribute Trump’s longevity (Trump’s natal Jupiter-Uranus trine – 17 Libra-Gemini) as the main adhesive that keeps the Trump phenomenon together. There’s a destabilizing force to consider with Uranus and Neptune in harsh aspect to each other. It’s very possible therefore, the late April Uranus-Neptune-Mars square/ semi-square will unhinge and unravel the Trump presidency. Since Uranus is now firmly in Taurus, the house of finance, these developments could also have the unintended effect of destabilizing world markets.

The other contributing factor to Trump’s downfall is the April 24th Pluto station (20 Capricorn) conjunct South Node (21 Capricorn) in quincunx to Trump’s natal North Node/Progressed Uranus (20/21 Gemini) immediately followed by tr. Saturn’s station on April 30th (23 Capricorn) in opposition to Trump’s natal Saturn (23 Cancer) and quincunx to natal Sun (22 Gemini).

Why are the Pluto, Saturn stations in late April so significant? They are extremely close, only five days apart AND within three degrees of each other at the time of station; effectively marking this as the first of several Saturn Pluto conjunctions……

By Barry Rosen / ASTRO BLOG

Saturn is moving toward conjunction with Pluto which is exact in Jan. 2020 but they will be within 5 degrees of each other by mid-Feb. We have an unusual cyclical return that we have not seen since 1982. On average we get a Saturn/Pluto conjunction every 34 years and it last happened in Nov. 1982 and next happens on Jan. 13, 2020. Because Saturn and Pluto are within 3 degrees of each other April-June of 2019 and again in Dec. 2019-Jan. 2020, we are going to see some major events. In personal astrology this cycle forces one to make difficult changes in your life that have outlived their usefulness.

– End of Quote –

The other factor is that Saturn and Pluto are in near exact declination of each other the whole month of April (- 21) adding immense power to the conjunction. And if that weren’t enough, their corresponding nodes (see article below) are in precise mutual reception right on their respective degrees. In astrological circles, it is said parallels are considered as minor conjunctions and contra parallels as minor oppositions. Combine the actual conjunction of these two planets, their being in exact declination, plus their corresponding nodes conjoined, I would imagine that could create a very potent mix. Any thoughts on this out there? Here are the pertinent excerpts for review……

“Most astrologers are familiar with the nodal axis of the Moon, but less attention is given to the fact that planets too have a nodal axis! The nodal axis is constituted of two intersecting points where the planet in question comes to cross the ecliptic. Astrologically, these two points are of paramount importance with regards to describing developmental issues pertaining to the planet’s themes. We must remember: every planet has a Nodal Axis!

……. The nodes of the slower-moving planets (from Jupiter to Pluto) move extremely slowly, about one degree every 72 years. Their position varies only slightly in the course of the Sun cycle (1 year), meaning that they essentially remain in the same position for all of humanity. Interestingly, the nodes of Pluto at 20 degrees Capricorn (South Node) and 20 degrees Cancer (North Node) conjoin the nodes of Saturn at 23 degrees Capricorn (South Node) and 24 degrees Cancer (North Node). In a simplified way, we may say that having the Saturn–Pluto new cycle conjunct these planets’ Nodal Axis greatly amplifies their effect, since the conjunction touches a degree that the collective is already sharing.

…….At a glance it is extremely revealing to notice that the nodes of Saturn and Pluto are conjunct. To be a little more precise, individuals born with a Sun from Aquarius to Cancer will have the north nodes of Pluto and Saturn conjunct in Cancer, while those born with a Sun from Leo to Capricorn will have the south node of Pluto and Saturn conjunct in Capricorn. We can all agree that having Saturn and Pluto in tight aspect in the chart can be extremely challenging – this configuration can shake the fabric of security on a regular basis, and it rigorously tests a person on questions of integrity and strength of character. While the nodes are not planets, they still significantly embody the energy of the planets; we may say that at some level, the whole world is constantly under a Saturn/Pluto conjunction influence; maybe this can explain the fact that distrust in politicians and leaders is “common currency!”

Excerpted from the following articles:

The Saturn – Pluto Conjunction by Maurice Fernandez


Planetary Nodes From Saturn to Pluto by Maurice Fernandez



Astrologer Louis Acker writes – The negative side of Saturn-Pluto is about as bad as it gets as it signifies planned, organized, and purposeful criminality, tyranny, and evil at the highest level. The Saturn-Pluto combination is associated with the worst abuse of power and corruption. This influence will reach its peak in 2020 when Saturn is actually conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Conjunctions, squares, and oppositions of Saturn and Pluto generally coincide with very negative and disruptive occurrences such as the beginning of WW1, WW2 and 9/11.

This Saturn-Pluto conjunction could bring about the demise of important economic, corporate, and political power structures and the downfall and disgrace of those who occupy positions of power in those institutions. Debt burdened major corporations, governments, banks, and other economic institutions could come to a grinding halt signifying the death of the old established political-economic power structure. These power structures could become even more oppressive and tyrannical as they desperately try to remain in control.

……..Usually when the powers that be get into trouble, they create wars to rally the people behind them. We are in the 40 year war cycle with 1939 starting WW2 and 1979 being the Iran/Iraq war which was rather difficult and that brings up to 2019. The military industrial complex wants to start a war and let’s hope that something stops them. “

Ralfee Finn:

Happy Spring Equinox and Healthy Birthday to Will and Jackson, the Aries point “twins”! May you have full and rich years filled with health, love, peace happiness, and healthy growth.

My mantra today is Let Goooo…..of stress and emotional stirings and all that good stuff (my saturn is in the 4th is at 1 Libra but it’s always a good mantra).

Time to listen to calm.com 🙂

This full moon opp sun conjuncts my 1 degree saturn in the 4th.

Happy Birthdays to Will and Jackson — I’m wishing you both a year of PEACE.

Thank you, Sharon! Also, happy birthday to Will!

And it’s really cool to see my friend Denise Siegel’s work quoted here. I’ve known Denise’s husband for well over 30 years, and they’re both great people.

And thank you, fierywoman! I wish peace on us all, and justice to the current administration.


Thank you so very much for remembering!

Jackson, long-time-no-see here – Happy Birthday to you as well


Many thanks to you for that generous birthday wish!


“Yet again, the Prime Minister, was defeated in the Commons. Members of Parliament voted down her withdrawal agreement with the EU for the second time by a massive majority last night.”

Happy solar return will and Jackson!

ja, thanks for the great Ralphee report. She made me think about the approaching new cycle of Saturn and Pluto; how they will oppose US Mercury and Trump’s Venus-Saturn at their conjunction, and now I wonder if it will mean a shutdown of all communication systems, including Twitter.

The present Pluto-Saturn cycle chart that started in 1982 had a stellium in Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, and Mars was conjunct the South Node in Capricorn ruled by Saturn.

This could be interpreted as aggressive (Mars) institutions and businesses (Capricorn) would be going out of business (South Node) due to numerous (Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus) financial (Scorpio) reasons.

Kodak, Enron, GM, Eastern Airlines to name a few, and countless malls have closed their shops. The banks themselves would have gone under during this Saturn-Pluto cycle had not the US government bailed them out.

This time when Saturn and Pluto make their conjunction (Jan. 2020) the South Node will, ironically, again be in Capricorn, this time conjunct Jupiter. Jupiter symbolizes foreigners, higher education, religion and networks. There won’t be any major planets in Scorpio.

However, Saturn and Pluto WILL conjunct the Sun, Mercury and Ceres in Capricorn

Will and Jackson, happy, happy, happy… happy circle of the sun. May we all survive the next one with you!!

Happy birthday wishes will and and Jackson and as Bing sang may every luck that lightens life lite upon you.

What a great alliteration! Leave it to you, Bob (and Bing)!

Will & Jackson,
Happy Spring and Happy Solar Return!
May this coming year for you be filled with joy, serenity, prosperity, illumination, and boundless love.

Many thanks for all of the good wishes – and may you they be returned to you all a thousand fold.

May I add my best wishes to Will and Jackson for their next journey around the sun!

Note: April 12th, 2019…….

Mars (8 Gemini) sesqui-quadrate Pluto (23 Capricorn) forms a semi-square and Pluto opposition to Trump’s natal Saturn (23 Cancer). This comes on the heels of the April 10th Jupiter retrograde station (24 Sag) in square to Attorney General William Barr’s natal Mars (24 Virgo) and activating the 2017 US Inaugural Chart’s Mars-Saturn square. Some significant developments to be expected around this time? The release of the Mueller report which is certain to stir a hornets nest?

Astrologer Bill Herbst explores the dynamic behind this rapidly approaching Pluto opposition to Trump’s natal Saturn in the following article – an excellent read…..

Trump’s Dilemma, and Ours by Bill Herbst

(originally written in May of 2018)

In Part One of this two-part commentary, I consider President Donald Trump’s ongoing and deepening dilemma, how it may unfold, and where it might lead.

Poor Donald J. Trump. He never really wanted to be President. What he wanted was to be the Biggest Star on the Planet, and a constant thorn in the side of all the people he so desperately envies and despises. He wanted to be able to thumb his nose at them all, to flip them the bird. Instead, and to his great surprise, he became President, which may be his downfall. I write this with only a smidgeon of irony. Although I’m no fan of Trump — in my view, he’s a truly despicable excuse for a human being — and while I believe any comeuppance he gets to be well-deserved, I feel nonetheless a certain sadness for anyone who is eventually destroyed by fate’s shining its harsh light on what are finally personal defects of character.

What is Trump’s dilemma? He has less than one year left before Pluto begins a nearly three-year transit by opposing his natal Saturn in Cancer/12th house. The transit activation hits critical mass in March of 2019, but Pluto transits have a long lead time starting a year or two before, so the circumstances that correspond to the symbolism are already developing and plain to see.

Since the 2016 Presidential campaign, I’ve written often about Donald Trump’s chart and character. To provide context for his upcoming transit, I need to write a bit more in ways I haven’t previously about the astrology of Trump’s life-journey and how he’s lived.



Tarot reader David Johnson just posted a review of his impressions on the release of the Mueller Report. He thinks it will be released sometime between April 15 to the 17th. He offers some fascinating details about the report that you don’t want to miss……

When is Mueller’s Report Coming Out? Will Barr Release All Details of the Mueller’s Report? What Is The Meaning Of All Of This For The American p

Video: 13 min 51 sec


CORRECTION: David Johnson is an intuitive and not as I erroneously stated – a tarot reader.


“The solar year 2019-20 looks to be promising compared to the earlier years for the simple reason that Jupiter is in its own house, in Sagittarius, that too in the cosmic ninth house, and that Saturn is in its own house, in Capricorn, though in tenth house. It is also soothing to know that the year starts with the full moon. These three dimensions should give a bang to the globe for a movement in positive direction. Saturn in cosmic tenth house is indicative of cautious growth, while Jupiter in the ninth house indicates a solid backup for the growth. Venus in the eleventh house makes sextile relation with Jupiter and vice versa, meaning good relations at the national levels are possible, resolving long pending issues. There is a queer grand triangle between Antinode, Mars and Moon which opens an all-together subtle dimension giving life and general happiness to the common man. While no calamities are visualized, there is growth in the world economic order, as also adjustments happening through natural calamities. In the Vedic calendar, the year is known as Vikari, meaning a year of change. While change is constant in nature, there would be significant changes in all fields this year as is indicated by the name of the year. Aspirants would do well to prepare for the changes as they happen.”

Vaisakh Aries Newsletter

Happy Birthday Will! All the best.

Jerry, at least a hornets nest on April 12; Mars will conjunct the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini. Thanks for the heads up!

Hi Barbk,

Yes. I noticed that too. Thanks for mentioning it.

Marjorie Orr on Pete Buttigeg


In my own experience, when transiting Mars conjuncts my natal Uranus I really have to watch my temper. Depending on other astrological factors, I have to watch that I don’t get into any heated arguments, etc.
Do you see any indication of diplomatic meltdown for April 12?

Eliseo, the indication is there alright, trans. Jupiter, in addition to what Jerry noted about Barr’s chart, will be square transiting Mercury at 24+ Pisces (oops I shouldn’t have said that). Because trans. Mercury will trine US Mercury (24+ Cancer) and Trump’s Saturn (23+ Cancer) and Venus (25+ Cancer), one slip of the tongue could be costly. It could mean many, many things though.

Ja, thanks for Marjorie’s comments on Pete Buttigieg’s natal chart. I would note that his natal Saturn (22+ Libra) T-squares his North (22+ Cancer) opposite his South Node (22+ Capricorn) which is also where transiting Pluto is right now.

Somehow and in some way Pete is aiding in the transiting Pluto’s purge of corruption, and next month when the transiting North Node conjuncts Pete’s natal North Node (a Natal Node Return) it could buttress his ambitions.

Then there is the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo that trines his South Node and transiting Pluto in Capricorn. You might say he’s being used (a Capricorn thing) in some way by the higher forces with the promise of future rewards. Just my guess.

Past the peroxide and mascara, Joni Patry riffs on Ghandanta aka ‘drowning in emotions, losing control, losing one’s mind’


https://www.youtube.com/embed/t4zLOtumsUI” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen>

Senator John McCain’s nearest angular points in his birth chart are his Sun exactly on the Desc and Jupiter 4 and 1/2 degrees from the MC.

tRump;s second nearest angular point is his Saturn/Pluto midpoint 1 and 1/2 degrees from an exact square to his MC. It is second to his Venus/Saturn midpoint which is 45 arc-minutes from an exact square to his MC. Both help to explain his character and his perception of women. Ebertin’s COSI scores a bullseye in the negative associations of the Saturn/Pluto combination.

tRump’s natal Pluto is within 1 degree of Senator McCain’s Mars and his Sun-Moon opposition squares the Senator’s Saturn. Being the coward that he is and disregarding social norms he goes after what he thinks of as low hanging fruit that he knows cannot fight back.

The weekend pity party and attempt to denigrate Senator McCain was triggered and fueled by the transit of Pluto in square to tRump’s natal Moon/Mars midpoint at 204°39′, transit Pluto going from 294°36 through 294°40′.

tRump and Sibly:

tRump’s natal Sun-Moon opposition triggers the nation’s terror or unrest Mars-Neptune square. His Mars/Pluto midpoint (violence) is on the nation’s Asc and his Saturn (restriction, loss) is on the nation’s Mercury (business, commerce). His Neptune/Pluto midpoint is on the nation’s Zenith (exactly 90° from the Asc in space), highlighting his leadership incompetence.

I don’t know will – she says moola is bad but all my life people have thought moola was good – just the love of it being bad.

Before she gets you in her vendanta or veranda or wherever, get hold of yourself.

Thinking about these polls that everyone keeps touting as solid support for trump, I cant help but wonder if they are somehow being artificially manipulated?

OMG – these people are SICK https://www.huffpost.com/entry/teachers-shot-active-shooter-drill_n_5c93fc99e4b0a6329e142b5a

Meanwhile, in this part of the world, Im pleased to report that current nz govt, with complete support of the opposition party, has now banned assault weapons, and is working thru refining various issues on accomplishing sensible gun registration processes and ammo sales for legitimate hunters and farmers. Gun lobby (including us nra) is kicking up a fuss, but are being told in good old kiwi terms to ‘bugger off’ LOL

angellight and kiwi,

Thank you kindly.

Bob, Vendanta or Veranda – priceless!

If you have heard her denounce moola, that’s more than paradoxical because she is a full-throttle enthusiast for promoting investors buy into crpyto-currencies – which is moolah of a different form and is, if I am not mistaken, an agent for one or several of the major crypto-currency purveyors. Moreover, her Galactic Center Website is more than a little enterprising, chock-full of merchandising services, tuition for her Vedic Astrolgy University and other products.

Hi Barbk,

So……. to re-examine a possible timeline, with its corresponding astrological aspects, here’s what I’m looking at:

March 26th to the 28th

Robert Mueller Hands Over The Report To Attorney General William Barr

March 26th – tr. Mars at 26 Taurus will square Trump’s progressed Moon/natal Mars and Mueller’s natal Venus (26 Leo). Mars will also be in close proximity to triggering the August 21st, 2017 solar eclipse degree. In addition, Mars will conjoin the natal Sun of the appointment of Mueller as Special Counsel (May 17, 2017). Here’s the 5/17/17 chart for quick reference:


March 28th tr. Mercury stations direct at 16 Pisces (new information) conjunct Neptune (hitherto hidden or secret info) opposite Mueller’s natal Mars/Chiron conjunction (16 Virgo).

April 10th to 12th

Attorney General William Barr Submits His Summary Of The Report To Congress

Once in his possession Attorney General William Barr will need some time to prepare his summary. The April 10th Jupiter retrograde station (24 ’20 Sagittarius) has the Jupiter station in square to William Barr’s natal Mars (24 ’18 Virgo). The Jupiter retrograde station (the judicial system) is essentially a turning within process; i.e. new information being released into the public domain for consideration. The square to Barr’s natal Mars represents the action required in releasing it. Mind you, this Jupiter station will also activate the Mars-Saturn square in the 2017 US Inaugural chart.

Mars (8 Gemini) on April 12th is sesqui-quadrate Pluto (23 Capricorn) forming a semi-square and Pluto opposition to Trump’s natal Saturn (23 Cancer).

April 27th to the 30th

When The S*** Is Going To Hit The Fan

(President Trump possibly forced to resign with violent reaction from his supporters)

April 27th… Remarkably this happens to be the day of the MARS RETURN in the 5/27/17 Mueller Appointment chart as Special Counsel (see the enclosed chart posted above). Mars at 17 Gemini conjoins Trump’s Uranus in square to tr. Neptune (17 Pisces) and semi-square tr. Uranus (2 Taurus).

The April 24th Pluto station (20 Capricorn) conjunct South Node (21 Capricorn) in quincunx to Trump’s natal North Node/Progressed Uranus (20/21 Gemini) immediately followed by tr. Saturn’s station on April 30th (23 Capricorn) in opposition to Trump’s natal Saturn (23 Cancer) and quincunx to natal Sun (22 Gemini).

As previously discussed, there is reason to believe these late April Pluto/Saturn stations are powerful, synergistic forces for change because of their close proximity – within three degrees of each other and in exact declination. For all intents and purposes, one could consider this as the first of the Saturn Pluto conjunctions.

It should be interesting to see how all this plays out.

More analysis on the Mueller/Trump dynamic and its impact felt from the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse……

Donald Trump & Robert Mueller, Face-off

Posted on May 2, 2018 by Planetary Dynamics


……The total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017 at 28 Leo 53 was Conjunct the Ascendant cross-tie between Trump and Mueller. There was also a tighter Aspect with the partial solar eclipse at 27 Aquarius 08 that was Opposite the cross-tie and on the Descendant. The eclipses from the 1st to the 7th houses of Trump’s chart, in his first year of office, intensified the impact of his personality on the lives of others and brought attention to the profound effect the Special Counsel would have on his general outlook. His natal Mars was activated by the eclipses, one a Conjunction within a few degrees and the other in almost exact Opposition to it. The stimulated initiative quickly morphed into resentment when the investigation continued in spite of the firing of then FBI Director, James Comey. Trump’s Mars impulse to lash out toward Comey backfired and created an even greater challenge to him by the more honorable and formidable Robert Mueller, who then took over the investigation as Special Counsel.

Many astrologers predicted a catastrophe would befall President Trump, because the Total Solar Eclipse fell on his Mars and Ascendant. They refer to leaders or kings that are often born or die, or are deposed from office on an eclipse. But in Trump’s case it brought intensified attention to his personal powers of coercion, and to his bigger-than-life, bombastic personality. Trump is in the news 24/7, and there is no end in sight until 2019 when there is a turning point in his Transits and Progressions, namely the momentous Progressed Lunation and Transit Pluto Opposition natal Saturn.



Admirable research Jerry, thank you for sharing. It boggles the mind; how astrology can provide so much information (clues) to what is coming and, in hindsight, what happened and why. I am particularly interested in the connections to the chart for when Mueller got this assignment that is joined with the chart for the 2018 Leo solar eclipse in your link.

In the later, the August 11, 2018 (not total) Leo solar eclipse, not to be confused with the 2017 TOTAL Leo solar eclipse, the 2018 eclipse itself was the apex point of a Yod with the sextile between Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Cap. (Outer planets relate to major collective issues.) Yod apex planets must submit to adjustment.

Transiting Venus in Aquarius opposed that eclipse this past weekend, turning the 2018 eclipse Yod into a Boomerang pattern. This would explain the flurry of excitement that Mueller’s report was imminent.

The 2018 eclipse also had a grand trine between Pluto in Cap, Juno in Taurus and Ceres in Virgo. Then there’s this: At the same time of last years Leo solar eclipse, Saturn in Cap (earth sign = material) was trine Uranus in Taurus (more material) while Saturn was also in a T-square with Chiron in Aries opposite Venus in Libra.

In addition, Saturn was also opposite US Venus (and Jupiter) in Cancer (feeling), which effectively made it a grand cross between the eclipse Chiron-Venus-Saturn. Veery difficult, those grand crosses.

Sometimes it is so overwhelming (too much information to take in at one time) one wonders if confusion isn’t part of the plan!!

Good job catching the trans. Mercury station direct opposite Mueller’s Mars-Chiron Jerry. Last year’s Leo eclipse grand trine between Pluto, Juno and Ceres also affected Mueller’s Mars-Chiron, as well as the US natal Vesta in Taurus. I will be studying your findings for hours I’m sure.

Breaking News . . . Barr has the Mueller Report (per MSNBC)

If interested…Listen Live to Radio Discussion on Mueller Report possibilities: https://onlineradiobox.com/us/kgo/?cs=us.kgo&played=1

According to the news the AG advised the White House they had the report at 4:35 PM. Running a quick chart for this time/date/place shows Mars conjunct MC at 24 Taurus on Algol, Asc 29 Leo (isn’t the mango-muss Ascendant or Mars at that degree?).

One notable fact, this all on a VOC Moon. What does it mean?

I despair that too many evil low lifes inhabit this world – our PM is now receiving death threats thru social media. I wish I could wave a magic wand and banish them. Seems for all its benefits, the hidden internet is also a modern day god of the underworld.

Two Yod-turned into Boomerang patterns in effect now:

1. Mars 24+ Taurus sextile North Node 24+ Cancer (+US Mercury 24+ Cancer) and are quincunx Jupiter 23+ Sagittarius, which opposes US Mars at 21+ Gemini and Trump’s Sun at 22+ Gemini at the end of the trajectory

2. Jupiter (23 Sadge) sextile Venus 25+ Aquarius and quincunx the North Node + US Mercury at 24+ Cancer opposite South Node at 24+ Capricorn (+ Pluto 22+ Capricorn) south node = release. SN and Pluto are the end of trajectory of this Boomerang.

Transiting Sun is exactly conjunct Chiron (1+ Aries) and US nadir/IC at 1+ Aries.

The Rule of Law will prevail . . or not.

This is from Eric Francis for the chart’s first reporting in the Washington Post (2:36pm PDT)

“This is the best chart I have, for news breaking in the Washington Post. The aspect of the day is Sun conjunct Chiron to the tee — as this was happening. This is not good for the president. Whatever the report says, it’s likely to deliver a mortal injury to Trump or his presidency. The Sun represents the king. This is the last thing he wants. Additionally, the Sun is in the aspect pattern that brings in Salacia, Quaoar, Pholus and other points that I’ve been describing in various venues. Check the new Planet Waves TV, first comment below. That this occurs during Mercury storm complicates matters somewhat: there are many layers to come out.“

From Nancy’s blog on January 7, 2017, Subsuming Reality, re: the Inaugural and the 115th Congress charts:

“In both charts the ultimate dispositor of the entire chart is Neptune, suggesting that the coming administration, as well as the 115th Congress, will be steeped in delusion, unrealistic expectation, and hyped-up ideology, rather than hard, practical reality. This will inevitability lead to disappointment, disillusion, confusion and entangled circumstances.”

The transiting Moon in Libra is now T-square Mueller’s Nodes, square US Pluto and trine US Moon. It is also conjunct the present Saturn-Pluto cycle’s start degree, 27 Libra, a cycle that ends next January.

It is also conjunct Uranus in the starting chart for the very long cycle between Neptune and Pluto where they were conjunct the US natal Uranus (8+ Gemini). Uranus was square Venus at 27+ Cancer who was opposite US Pluto.

It’s all in the details, you know, astrology details. Right now transiting Pluto is exactly trine US natal Neptune in Virgo (details).

In regards to the Mueller report being completed today.. I find it interesting it happened today on the 22nd.

“Number 22 is called a Master Number in Numerology, which means that it has an extraordinarily powerful vibration.”

Are we all barfing yet?

“Scared and excited to see American democracy strut its stuff. The world is watching. Release it all so that we can remain the land of the free and the home of the brave!”


More from Eric’s FB post:


UPDATED CHART: “Around 4:35, White House lawyer Emmet Flood was notified that the Justice Department had received the report.” via Wa Po. Note the ascendant degree IS THAT OF DONALD TRUMP. He is last degree Leo rising. This is about him. Thank you Cindy Tice Ragusa for the data. Article about Trump’s chart is in the second comment below. Check it out…take 15 minutes…you will be amazed…

The aspect of the day is Sun conjunct Chiron to the tee — as this was happening. This is not good for the president. Whatever the report says, it’s likely to deliver a mortal injury to Trump or his presidency. The Sun represents the king. This is the last thing he wants. Additionally, the Sun is in the aspect pattern that brings in Salacia, Quaoar, Pholus and other points that I’ve been describing in various venues. Check the new Planet Waves TV, first comment below. That this occurs during Mercury storm complicates matters somewhat: there are many layers to come out.

The ascendant is stunning — it’s Trump’s degree rising, making this chart directly personal to him. This is just unimaginable. The Sabian (see link below) is “An Unsealed Letter” — everything comes out. This is what the astrology says. Now let’s see what happens.

Yeah, that IS pretty stunning Fe; “an unsealed letter”. That’s pretty graphic isn’t it?

John Rothmann, who was working for Nixon during Nixon’s Impeachment is trying to calm everyone down here in the Bay Area: https://onlineradiobox.com/us/kgo/?cs=us.kgo&played=1
(He will only be on until 10pm PST)

The M ueller Report

The submitting of the report to the Attorney General yesterday closely coincides with the Full Moon/ Spring Equinox (0 Libra) in opposition to the Republican Party’s natal Sun (0 Aries). Check it out…….


Now I’ve got you!



The April 24th Pluto retrograde station (23 ’09 Capricorn) conjoins the Republican Party’s natal Jupiter (23 ’00 Capricorn). Does that suggest radical change is in the air?

I’m guessing Mueller’s natal Moon is at 1+ Aries.

Elizabeth – Agreed on the interesting note of the day:

— Vibrations of 22 can lead to ethical answers to problems others consider insolvable.

— It’s also the ancient numerical value for a circle, symbolizing completion and cycles.

— The Tarot key for 22 is The Fool (beginning, end, beginning again). The white rose in his left hand (as portrayed in many decks) symbolizes purity of desire, untainted by lower desires and passions. (Mueller’s neutrality and sense of ethics?)

— In the Hebrew alphabet, 22 is represented by Tau (the Cross). This report has truly been Mueller’s cross to bear – as so for many others in different ways (including us!).

— When the “work” of 22 is completed, it becomes the Crown of Achievement. (Let us hope in the most positive sense of the phrase)

I normally count the “day” in relation to month and year… but even then, 03/22/2019 becomes 10/1 — a new beginning. IMO, still a significant, interesting, hopeful sign!

I’ve been in bed with a lupus flare all day, brain still not working 100%. Can someone refresh my memory as to how this corresponds to the Watergate report release? If this is truly THE “Mueller report” (as opposed to just another interim report), isn’t the timing a little fast compared to Watergate? Or am I “mis-remembering” it all?

And my own personal wish… let it also take down this whole current Republican farce of a party, please!!

“Friday at 11:38 PM ET, the need for control is jolted by rebel Uranus, no doubt bringing something to light.”


” Biden currently polls better than the other Democratic candidates in head-to-head matchups. An Emerson College survey that came out on Wednesday showed him defeating Trump by ten percentage points, fifty-five to forty-five. The matchups involving other Democrats, such as Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders, were a lot closer.”



“I normally count the “day” in relation to month and year… but even then, 03/22/2019 becomes 10/1 — a new beginning. IMO, still a significant, interesting, hopeful sign!” – even more interesting!

.. 10/1 adds to 11 (the other master number) so both ways.. very powerful!

– on a personal note, wishing you comfort and relief with the Lupus. The autoimmune diseases are just brutal!

Linda G, “The Mueller Report” out today..

She makes mention early in the video of “3” days or months something happening.. but I wonder why 3 weeks wasn’t an option? 3 weeks would be April 12th.. I know I read someone mention (forgive me for not scrolling up to refresh my memory who said it) that it was a significant date astrologically.


I’m quoting Nancy here from the current post:

“transiting Jupiter will be stationary square to Inaugural Mars (24Pisces22) and semisquare to Inaugural Moon (9Scorpio22), from March 17 to April 11. Any repercussions to the actions that come during this period will not be noticed until later, perhaps beginning in August when various Saturn transits will force some limits and consequences to our out-of-control Chief of State. In the meantime, hold on to your hats.”

reposting what Marjorie wrote 22nd Feb regarding Mueller, Barr & Trump

this too from her feb 15 post on Trump:
“From 13 February to 30 March he picks up tr Pluto opposition his Mars/Uranus midpoint, which is a test of nerves, overly excitable, violent emotions, high insecurity, can be accident or operation. And following directly after that are three seriously challenging, bad tempered, trapped and discouraging Pluto transits in hard aspect to Mars/Node, Moon/Mars and his natal Saturn from March 31st to May 20. These will repeat on and off till late 2020.

His Progressed Moon moving through his 12th will conjunct his Mars at the start of April as well which is likely to provoke an explosion of rage.

His Solar Return from birthday June 2019 to June 2020 is formidably difficult with Saturn Pluto in the 10th opposition a 4th house Mars Mercury, which looks like a career dead-halt.

That’s his timeline for the next few months which does look like a gathering storm.”

There is a point in fairly recent history that astrologically suggests a start point of the “Plan” for the US that we are all living through these days.

It was on the day, Feb. 17, 2010, when transiting Chiron was exactly conjunct transiting Neptune at 26 Aquarius 14 and they were opposite transiting Vesta at 29+ Leo. It was the start point of the present cycle between Neptune and Chiron who are now 15 degrees apart, 9 years later.

The US natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius, the US natal Pallas at 26+ Aquarius, Obama’s South Node at 27+ Aquarius and Obama’s MC/IC at 28+ Scorpio/Taurus, and Trump’s Mars at 26+ Leo and his Ascendant at 29+ Leo were all affected by this powerful but relatively discreet conjunction.

One month later, on March 23, 2010, (9 years ago today) Obamacare was born. Transiting Venus was at 20+ Aries, and transiting Eris (discord), trans. Hermes the trickster (which is another name for Mercury), and trans. Pandora (cause of ills) were all less than 1 degree away from transiting Venus.

Transiting Venus at the time Obamacare was born was also conjunct US natal Chiron who is opposite US natal Juno. Juno can symbolize jealousy of a mate or she can be a defender of the disenfranchised. We see this now in the Republican attempts to curtail benefits (if not eliminate them) to people who depend on Obamacare.

I believe that Trump’s jealousy of Obama was triggered by the transiting Nodes at the birth of Obamacare (North Node at 17+ Capricorn, South Node at 17+ Cancer) which were T-square Trump’s natal Jupiter at 17+Libra.

They also T-squared the US PROGRESSED Mars and the US Constitution’s Neptune at 17+ Libra. They also T-squared Putin’s natal Saturn at 17+ Libra.

The transiting Nodes at the Neptune-Chiron conjunction (North Node at 20 Cap, South Node at 20+ Cancer) were in a grand cross (4 squares, 2 oppositions) with the US natal Chiron-Juno opposition, and T-square the Obamacare chart’s Venus in Aries; the same chart in which Chiron and Neptune were still conjunct US Moon-Pallas in Aquarius and opposite Trump’s Mars-Asc. in Leo.

It seems plausible to me, what with Trump’s hatred (jealousy) of Obama, and the success of Obama’s healthcare plan, that the Chiron-Neptune (+ transiting Sun) event in 2010 . .
. . which was conjunct US natal Moon + Pallas, as well as Obama’s natal South Node (what one does well), . .
. . while also opposing Trump’s natal Mars-Asc., would be enough to gin him up to run for US President 6 years later.

By then he’d built up enough of a following (the Birthers) to give him confidence to go out and shred the legitimate Republican contenders for that office. The rest is history.

Barr (like Trump) is a Gemini. Gemini can play both sides of the net in a tennis match and win, one way or another. A thought crossed my mind some time ago – that Barr may have played to Trump’s need for an ally with control over Mueller – so as to become the AG, but with the intention of keeping the country from falling into chaos.

Like Linda the Psychic, astrology also seems to suggest a take-down of Trump et al. in stages, rather than in one fell swoop. That’s where a Gemini in the right place (vs. another Gemini in the wrong place) can come in handy. We will do it in baby steps.

Barr’s natal Neptune conjuncts the US natal Saturn (what holds US together), and his natal Mercury conjuncts the US natal Vesta (what US invests in), and his natal Uranus conjuncts US natal Venus (what US values), and his natal Pluto conjuncts Mueller’s natal Sun (Mueller’s consciousness).

He’s crazy like a fox but I trust him.

Barb, I too hope that Barr will be his unfolding, but what about the son in law being part of the WH counsel, I believe he is in Mar-a-Lago this weekend….

On a disgusting note, trump is now selling products with his name and the White House pic as if its one of his hotels, I dont even know what to say anymore!

We’re going to need to decisively wrap up the corruption at some point fairly soon… or people’s attention will be scattered and only remembering “sound bites.” Repubs are GREAT at those… Democrats, not so much. And too many Americans have the attention span of a gnat!

We also need to do it decisively so that everyone knows the Rule of Law applies to *everyone,” including Trump and all his “high-level” and “low-level” comrades. We must end this tacitly understood two forms of law – one for the rich and connected, and one for the rest of us.

We’re also going to have to do one heck of a cleansing and blessing on the White House once we finally get the grifters out of there. Wonder if there’s enough sage in the country to handle it! 😉

Thanks for the thoughts, Elizabeth. You’re right… these autoimmune diseases really kick the butt. I was on Lyrica for a month, and gained nearly 20 pounds! Coming off it, I’ve never stopped losing weight, tho I’m eating as usual and have become more sedentary due to pain (and fighting for meds).

After Lyrica, I was almost 220… at 4’11” that’s a LOT. Last week I weighed in at 110 at the hospital. I’d also gone down to 4’9-1/2″.

I think I could officially join the “Short People’s Club of America” if it still exists! (LOL)

I’m headed to bed now… feel absolutely exhausted. My Maine Coon’s mats are gonna have to wait for tomorrow, I’m afraid. He doesn’t mind… he’ll be curled around my neck is less than 30 minutes. I love our fur babies! They give us love so unconditionally. ‘twould be so nice if all of humanity could be as loving and gentle as they are to us.


The Republican Party’s sun is 0-Aries? Please say it ain’t so!
Run me a warm bath while I open my veins!


Ha ha. Very cute.

Reminder: Tuesday March 26th has Mars at 26 Taurus in square to Mueller’s Venus and Trump’s n. Mars/Progr. Moon degree (26 Leo). It’s also within close square of the 8/21/17 s. eclipse (28 Leo). Will this coincide with the release of the so-called Principle Conclusions that Barr has promised (is that a preliminary report?). Congress is demanding a full release of the report on the other hand – complete transparency. Battle lines are being drawn. Will Barr acquiesce to Congresses demands for full disclosure? I suspect there could emerge something much more substantial and revealing around the April 10th Jupiter station because of its square to Barr’s n. Mars as well as its activation of the 2017 US Inaugural Mars-Saturn-Moon square/ semi-square. Marjorrie Orr writes about this particular configuration in the 2017 Inaugural Chart in this way……

“What is noteworthy is the Mars square Saturn, exact late Thursday, on degree for the Inauguration, but in typically Saturnine form will hang around for a day or so. At the very least, Mars Saturn is bad-tempered and irritable. Ebertin describes it as harmful or destructive energy, harsh, self-willed, bitter. It can be accident-prone (broken bones). One of its meanings is blocked sexuality and abusiveness – Mars being libido and Saturn getting in the way.

The Moon is in Scorpio square the Mars/Saturn midpoint which is depressed, especially where women are concerned.”

Taking that last comment of Marjorrie’s one step further wherein she mentions “women”. Could that suggest Nancy Pelosi – the speaker of the House? Will Barr relent and follow through on the need for full disclosure? Nancy has natal Neptune at 23 ’49 Virgo in t square to the 2017 Inaugural charts Mars (24 ’21 Pisces) Saturn (23 ’30 Sag). With that Jupiter retrograde station (24 ’20 Sag) on April 10th, it’s possible Nancy and the US Congress that she represents will spearhead a campaign to undermine (Neptune) the present administrations obstinate obfuscation. Wishful thinking? Several intuitives are seeing a major turning point in this Russian investigation saga for mid April.

Slightkc: What did you do to loose so much weight?

SlightKc.. Wow.. you have really been through it! It sounds like your poor body has been fighting a war 🙁

I have a family member with connective tissue disorder and she is really struggling too. I don’t know if this has been your experience but she told me that the meds work for a while and then they don’t anymore and she has to switch medications, not to mention pain meds. They really are just awful conditions to manage.

Sometimes fur babies are greatest comfort of all <3
I hope you got some good rest and your feeling better today 🙂

You are one very smart, likeable lady. I’m always impressed with the clarity of your writing/thinking.
I’m very sorry to hear how much physical/emotional pain you’ve been through. Sending you healing, Good Vibrations.

New post up:


No editorial content, only astrology this time.

Jerry . . 26+ Taurus, where Mars will be on the 26th will also conjunct transiting Sedna (being thrown overboard) who is just 2 degrees from Trump’s natal chart MC (reputation) at 24+ Taurus.

Speaking of Pelosi, her Neptune (23+ Virgo) also conjuncts US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo), which is now and will be on the 26th, trine transiting Pluto (22 Capricorn 56) and the transiting South Node (23 Cap 44) which suggests a release of some kind is in order.

Combine this with transiting Mars and Sedna at 26+ Taurus, it provides a forceful earth grand trine; a veritable avalanche of energy.

She speaks not only for the House of Reps but for the whole country and the masses (again outer planets signify collective issues).

Thanks for all your sleuthing on this topic Jerry.

When I heard that a summary of the Mueller report would be offered up this afternoon, I immediately checked this article for dates. Sure enough – heavy duty dates for Trump March 24 to March 26. Nice call Nancy.

The Mueller report did not find collusion and there is inconclusive evidence for a charge of obstruction of justice. This might actually help Trump to be re-elected.

He needs a second term to run the world into the ground. Biden will join Hillary, Kerry, Gore and Dukakis in the all-time losers’ club.

Bring on 2024.