24th Mar, 2019

Flurry of Fury

With his progressed Moon conjunct his natal Mars, Donald J. Trump is in the midst of an agitated, angry and aggressive month, even by his odious standards. This will peak on or about April 4. The first big trigger came on the March 16- 17 weekend, known for an unparalleled and vicious tweetstorm emanating from the White House. We are about to experience the next big activation, which is likely to be an extremely dramatic rage attack no doubt corresponding to the release of some aspects of the Mueller report. March 24 to March 26 will bring the transit of Mars square to Trump’s Mars/progressed Moon (26Leo47).

It should be noted that March 26 is also the culmination of the final Uranus transit square to the Inaugural Sun (00Aquarius50), which suggests a big final punch in the gut from the Special Council’s report. As mentioned, Trumpian fury will continue through April 4, with another trigger on April 1 due to the transiting Sun sesquiquadrate.

A more lasting transit, which I have not previously mentioned, is the Pluto transit quincunx Trump’s Sun (22Gemini55), currently running from February 10 to May 26 and then picking up again from December 16 through January 15, 2020. This combination brings an ongoing feeling of power struggle to Trump, a sense that survival depends on fighting a fierce battle. He already has a Sun semisquare to Pluto in his natal chart, although with a wide orb. Thus, this tension is a natural state for him that is currently greatly exacerbated by current events, such as the Mueller Report and the various other investigations that are dogging him.

As noted in previous posts, the Jupiter transit in Sagittarius is largely protective of Trump and will enable him to expand his power and maintain his grandiose confidence through May 2019. By mid-June, however, there begins to be a dangerous shift towards significant aggression in the country. Essentially, mid-June through early September will see the combination of transiting Uranus semisquare US Mars (21Gemini23), transiting Uranus square to US Node (6Aquarius36), and transiting Pluto quincunx US Mars (21Gemini23).  Already Fox News and the White House propaganda machine are sowing seeds of civil war in case the various investigations get out of control of the Orange Sociopath. A wag-the-dog war is also a distinct possibility. This planetary combination portends a dangerous and violent summer, also possibly including some fierce storms that cause havoc.

I can only predict that the end result of this highly-charged and bellicose period will be a depressing and diminishing time for the country and for Trump. From July 28 through October 23, transiting Saturn will be especially strong and bring us back to a painful reality that is the consequence of rash and angry actions earlier in the summer. The Saturn station square to Saturn in the US chart (14Libra48) runs from July 29 through October 22. It suggests a very humbling experience on the world stage and likely a contraction financially (Saturn rules the US second house of resources). The same Saturn station will also be sesquiquadrate to Trump’s Ascendant (29Leo55) and opposite Venus (14Cancer25) in the Trump/US composite chart. This suggests personal and health difficulties for Trump and a loss in popularity during this time. Later in the year, Pluto will return to quincunx US Mars from October 2 through November 29, so a further period of aggressive policy in some form is probable, although it seems unlikely to benefit Trump in 2020..


Thank you, Starlight, as always.

This period coincides with a Saturn station on my Sun at 20 Cap, to be followed by a Pluto station on the same degree in the fall. It is turning into quite an intense and life-changing year.

I’m trying not to get fixated or upset by the news.

Thank you. I just was hoping and praying that by 2020 he would have been forced to resign and not be POTUS Any more.

Any thoughts about William Barr and whether he is trustworthy, his son in law is part of White House Council and is apparently down there this weekend in Mar Lago. I just wonder if they don’t have a copy of the report already and that’s why Trump is not tweeting so that they don’t give away they know.

Barr will either be savior or traitor

Ok, well it seems that’s its Barr is protecting Agent Orange

Mueller turning in his report and Barr releasiig this “summary” during a Mercury retrograde? That’s pretty much the classic equivalent of building a house on a foundation of sand, isn’t it?

Before I say what I was going to say . . ,

Diana, this is what Gemini (Barr’s natal Sun and for that matter Trump’s Sun too) does best. Barr can play both savior and traitor roles, to use your terms.

Remember, Gemini is one of the mutable signs which serve as transition signs between the fixed signs that are intransigent, and the cardinal signs which are action-oriented. Without the mutables there would be no leeway between the fixed sign (in this case Taurus is the sign before Gemini) and the cardinal sign Cancer the sign after Gemini.

Gemini and the other mutables Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces represent the buffer zones where time and space prevent wars and other reactionary behavior from destroying what could be progress in a delicate and/or shaky process.

The fact is that Trump is a ticking time bomb and has to be dismantled very carefully, which requires meticulous handling. Barr has placed himself between the bomb and us (USA) and, given time and space, he will do his best to dismantle the bomb so that few, if any will suffer needlessly. We need to breathe deep and think about the big picture right now. I’ll be back shortly if that’s ok, but thanks Nancy for all you do.

Thank you Nancy!
Seems that Barr is trying to thread the needle – hedging perhaps so as not to cause civil war? No ‘evidence’ of prosecutable crime – but he does not give full throated exoneration of obstruction either. Remember that Cohen said the Teflon Don always spoke in ‘code’ – very hard to prove legally.
I think trumps demise will come from follow-the-money realms rather than the political realm. Which in a sense is fitting because he was always about the money rather than civic duty.
I have mentioned it before, but the shady financial dealings outlined in Yallop’s book “In Gods Name” seem to outline a plausible playbook for dirty money actions and behind the scenes political manoevers, to this day. Might explain unwavering support of ‘evangelicals’ and corrupt catholic faction. Worth reading.

If I’m reading Barr’s letter correctly I think he’s Saying Mueller couldn’t find evidence to prove Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia, and without the collusion charge, despite a list of things that point to obstruction of justice, there’s no crime to try to cover up.

Which sucks.

I remember someone saying federal prosecutors won’t bring a case without a high degree of certainty they will win.

Choosing to try to hope that the financial crimes Mueller passed off to other offices look like slam dunks and will eventually bring Trump down.

Linda G said she saw people being not happy with the Mueller report, but things coming out in three days or months that would make us happier. Three days from Mueller delivering his report to Barr would hit Nancy’s call about the 24-26th and three months, Nancy’s dates for troubles mid-June on.

Marjorie has a new piece on Fox news. Rupert’s son Lachlan is now in charge and not quite the neat fit with Trump’s chart as his dad’s.

Mueller report – no surprise to me. Trump will hang in until 2020. Now I am much more fascinated with Pence’s chart and his progressions, relative to those of the US (per Nancy’s US natal birth time). He has some interesting aspects, especially toward fall of 2020, around 14 degrees and 27 degrees.

Is it possible that Trump may have to step aside, and Pence will be thrust into T’s place as the next candidate? It doesn’t look like it would be an entirely welcome move personally or for his family, but he wouldn’t be the 1st Pres. who gets stuck with the job (thinking of his privacy and relatively low profile in the press, and his wife’s modest image & their family orientation, which would be blown away totally). Still, he is a very smooth talker with Sun, Moon and Mercury all in Gemini – the media might learn to love him if the focus switches his way. There would be some resistance within the GOP, but he has both Venus and Mars in Leo in the 11th of associates.

The various connections from Pence to the US prog. Moon (27 Aqu), US prog. Pluto (27 Cap) and even US Part of Fortune (27 Cancer) are quite precise around the end of 2020. Haven’t looked at it much thus far, but I have felt all along that Pence’s chart is strong relative to the US chart, with his natal Uranus trine US natal Ascendant and his natal JupiterRx trine US MercuryRx. Maybe stronger than people think. The Rx’s are kind of a coming from-behind situation.

It might be worthwhile to look at Pence more in this context, given that Trump will never be in the clear politically now and has potential for health limitations as well, rather than totally focusing on Trump’s future. Pence has both Uranus and Pluto in the 12th, so much goes on without being revealed. It’s a thought…..


Linda G has said Barr may be a plant — able to be appointed by Trump because there was the letter he’d written criticizing special counsel investigations, but not someone who believed Trump innocent and would do his dirty work.

She also talked yesterday about seeing Barr, Mueller and others at the justice department strategizing about the best way to release information and bring Trump to justice.

I’m trying to believe they have a plan, a good one.

I give you guys great kudos for handing the Barr Summary much better than I am at the moment. It’s one of the main reasons I came here now. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Granted, it was released very quick, and I don’t have as much faith in Barr as some of you are granting him… but I sat here in tears reading it.

Worried of what the future holds with both of us older, disabled, and now retired. Repubs, I fear, are going to jack up the speed with which they’re stripping us of “entitlements” we’ve been earning since our teen years.

Wondering why in the world I went into the military to protect this country… when it seems to me the country most needs to be protected from itself. A traitor like Trump and his minions in office make a mockery of those friends of mine who died in Viet Nam. I’m only thankful my father isn’t here to witness to this. After fighting in WWII, he’d have died of a heart attack reading this report. This feels like a real slap in the face.

Also wondering *how* we ever convince people our elections are free and fair after all the election fraud perpetrated since 2000. I, for one, am one of those feeling like voting these days is like holding a kite in a windstorm. Double that, because in KS, the Dem vote is so diluted due to gerrymandering. I’ll do it as civic duty, but I don’t think it’ll ever “count” again in my lifetime.

Thanks for letting me be negative, when you guys are really holding it together here. I’ll bounce back; this just felt like a body blow to me. I didn’t expect him frogmarched out of Mar-a-Lago this PM, but neither did I expect to see the words ‘no collusion or conspiracy.’ Somebody’s going to have to update me on today’s definition of those words… ’cause they sure don’t mean what I learned in my youth.


Angellight: I’ve done nothing to lose the weight. I blame it on the Lupus. It didn’t begin until I tried Lyrica and then stopped the drug a month later. I think some sort of trigger was activated, but I have no proof of causation, only experience.

I’m confident of Linda G’s prediction that Agent Orange will not be around for the 2020 election. Of course the spin machine is on. Jay Suks-@-Law speaking on MSNBC was quick to parse what was said in the letter. By now I just change the channel, they’re so predicatable.

Barr’s letter is temporary salvo for Sarah Sanders, who believes her anymore? I don’t. She disappoints.

Elizabeth, IMO instances of autoimmune diseases are on the rise in this country, at least.. and attacking at younger ages. They’re a scourge. For some, there are meds; others of us aren’t that lucky. SLE Lupus is one of the unlucky ones. I turned down the original med prescribed because of the main side effect of possible blindness. Read a few months back where that entire line of meds was now being black boxed. It pays to listen to your intuition!

All they’ve been able to do is pain meds – but now it’s a fight to even get those, as the government goes back fighting a brand new version of the drug war.

There’s this product I’ve just found called Acemannan that I need to research. Supposedly it helps balance the immune system. It’s the first hopeful thing I’ve heard. I love the kids running the shop, too… reminds me of when I was that age, as well as the “Fern Bars” I used to visit. But it’s expensive, and I’m too cynical at everything coming out since the taboo on pain meds took hold. Too much of it (including pain clinics I’ve experienced) are just black holes for your money.

I used to be made to feel like a junkie talking about this stuff with docs, etc. Now it’s flipped, and you’re made to feel like a drug *dealer*, begging for pills to sell!! Just how heartless… and idiotic can some people be?!

Positive vibes to your family member… connective tissue disorder is no walk in the park, either. Personally, I blame all the chemicals in our environment for switching “on” the gene that causes these disorders.

slightkc, “It ain’t over until the fat man sings!”

“Pelosi’s not buying it.”

Alex Moe
NEW: Speaker Pelosi / Leader Schumer joint stmt: “Given Mr. Barr’s public record of bias against the Special Counsel’s inquiry, he is not a neutral observer and is not in a position to make objective determinations about the report.”

4:42 PM – Mar 24, 2019

Today Nancy has addressed transiting Pluto’s role in this volatile scenario as it is quincunx Trump’s Sun; an aspect that serves to alter Trump’s present stance into something more cooperative with other facets of the scene. It is a historic moment in time, and as Nancy says, Trump’s sense of survival is in alert mode now.

Transiting Pluto (an outer planet operating on the Collective level) is also trine the US natal Neptune, also an outer planet, at 22+ Virgo. Together they create an atmosphere conducive to a relatively easy disposal of bad stuff in the US nativity when used in a positive way.

We are nearing the end of a 2 planet cycle that for centuries has been seen as the harbinger of changes in societies; the Jupiter-Saturn cycle.

It started with their conjunction in March, 2000, at 22+ Taurus.

Last Tuesday, when transiting Mars was at 22+ Taurus, a book by Preet Bharara went on sale. He was the US Attorney for the So. District of NY before Trump fired him because he wouldn’t quit. There is something about this book and/or the author that resonates with the Jupiter/Saturn cycle now in progress.

I think it is Preet’s natal conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto at 23+ VIRGO (that conjuncts US Neptune at 22+ Virgo) that trines the start degree of the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle which is 22+ TAURUS, and where transiting Mars was when his book was released for sale. They all form a grand trine to transiting Pluto at 22+ CAPRICORN.

Before this Jupiter-Saturn cycle ends in
December 2020, and a new cycle between them starts, this episode in history (for the US it includes 9/11 and the Trump government) will have overcome obstacles embedded in the natal charts of many countries.

For the US it would include at the very least, its natal chart’s Neptune-square-Mars, and then its Sun-square-Saturn, and finally its Chiron-opposite-Juno.

Yes Teresa you can bet there is a plan, a really good plan!

Congrats again Nancy, you always said Drumpf would get an illusory boost around now (I’m paraphrasing here) & so it seems to be.
Now my fear is that the Repubs will allow him to hang around for a year or so, then replace him with Pence who will appear ‘normal’ enough (compared to Drumpf) for Joe average to vote for him in a short lead-up to the 2020 election.

Wow, Thank you Nancy!
This feels like Civil War to me.
We should focus/pray for peace and harmony.

I’ve been feeling Civil War in my bones for months now. It would be a horrible thing; nonetheless, it feels that a momentum has been building for quite some time.

Starlight, your superb astrological castings foretell a spike in anger and rage from Trump; I didn’t think he could be any madder; I am wondering if what you are portending could include Trump making a reckless military advance (nuclear) that could end very, very badly.

Nancy, thank you for the sobering and chilling forecast.


I am sorry for your autoimmune anguish. I was diagnosed four years ago with an autoimmune disorder called vasculitis. There are days when my inertia and pain throughout my body and weakness require every scintilla of strength in my being to get up from bed, shower and get to the offices. Other days I have enough “spoons” for everything and then some. Its very strange to experience such an unpredictably wide range of energy – some times just getting to my car seems like an impossible feat – and then I am behind the wheel and very grateful to be on my way for the day. I am sure I don’t suffer as much as you do with lupus – but I have a basic understanding of what its like to have autoimmune issues. Oddly, it was my dermatologist who finally nailed the diagnosis. I am a fighter by nature though, and refuse to let this keep me back.

Keep the faith, slightkc. I salute your struggle.

Barr – Noon Chart – not a recorded time
May 23 1950, 12:00 pm

Natal Saturn 12°38′ Virgo

Natal Neptune 14°52′ Libra, progressed Neptune 14°54′ Libra. Both squared by Saturn July 28 through November 7 every day (September 1 through October 5 in RA). Strongest when Saturn Stations direct September 18, 2019, 13°55′ Capricorn. Also a bad day for tRump and Pence.

Progressed Saturn today (March 24, 2019) 17°09′ Virgo.

Transit Neptune opposite progressed on April 2, 2019, at 17°09′ Pisces.
Transit Neptune opposite progressed on Sep 13, 2019, at 17°12′ Pisces.
Transit Neptune opposite progressed on Feb 5, 2020, at 17°15′ Pisces.

Progressed Mars 24°04′ Libra. Pluto stations retrograde square to it April 24, 2019, 23°09′ Capricorn.

Saturn Stations retrograde April 29, 2019, 20°31′ Capricorn (292°08′). Square progressed Mars at 202°05′.

Pluto stations direct October 3, 2019, 20°38′ Capricorn (RA 292°24′). Square progressed Mars at 202°19′.

Saturn Square progressed Mars January 18 to February 4, 2020, 24°30′ Capricorn (RA December 18 to January 3).

The opposition of transiting Neptune to Barr’s progressed Saturn IS EVERYDAY FROM NOW THROUGH EARLY 2020. It is a major aspect and the only one that is in effect every day for the next 11 months.

Watch for it to be triggered when aspected by transits throughout this year.

From the nyt’s:

“This is merely the second step in a very long process.

The first step was actually starting the investigation, and the second is now relaying all of the findings to Congress. Next will be to fully reveal (excluding items of national security of course) to the American public in full. Then (most likely) will be more indictments carrying over into the various state investigations.

It all culminates next year with a massive Democratic landslide at the polls, the President’s removal from office, and him (and his family) no longer protected from said office.

Then justice might actually prevail. We shall see.”

with all US eyes currently on Trump/Barr & report, I wonder if this is something to worry about, given trumps earlier statements about US military action in Venezuela?
“Russian air force planes land in venezula”

That Neptune opposite Saturn will be triggered by these transits (not doing Mercury or Venus):

Jun 3 2019 Sun at 12°38′ Gemini square natal Saturn
Jun 8 2019 Sun at 17°11′ Gemini square progressed Saturn
Sep 5 2019 Sun at 12°38′ Virgo conjunct natal Saturn
Sep 10 2019 Sun at 17°12′ Virgo conjunct progressed Saturn
Dec 4 2019 Sun at 12°38′ Sagittarius square natal Saturn
Dec 9 2019 Sun at 17°14′ Sagittarius square progressed Saturn

April 19 2019 Mars at 12°38′ Gemini square natal Saturn
April 26 2019 Mars at 17°10′ Gemini square progressed Saturn
September 6 2019 Mars at 12°38′ Virgo conjunct natal Saturn
September 14 2019 Mars at 17°12′ Virgo conjunct progressed Saturn
January 21 2020 Mars at 12°38′ Sagittarius square natal Saturn
January 28 2020 Mars at 17°15′ Sagittarius square progressed Saturn

Don’t know whether you can get The Guardian articles in the US
something to keep thinking about . . .
” Much like last year’s elections, the Mueller report has done Democrats a huge favor. Winning both the Senate and House would have set up a titanic clash between Congress and the White House, the kind of clash White Houses have often won in time for re-election.
In the same way, a clear and damning Mueller report would have set up a titanic clash over impeachment: a process that would fail in this Republican-controlled Senate, no matter the evidence presented.
There will be many Democrats disappointed Mueller did not scream “Guilty!” and that impeachment remains on hold. But party leadership, and election veterans, know short-term disappointment offers a long-running advantage.

It means a year of more congressional revelations and a year of more indictments. It means the 2020 election can be forward-looking about Trump’s fitness for office, rather than backward-looking about the last election.

It means more consideration of corruption and less talk of collusion.”

Slightkc’s thoughts about the Mueller/Barr report, the effect it will have, really spoke to me. I feel the same way.

Expecting further action on the part of Republicans Mueller & Barr? There is no white-hat coming to the rescue.

Trump has been absolved, he’s not sitting in a rage at Mar Lago. He’s planning his Victory tour on network news shows, Fox, and perhaps even a nationwide televised message from the Oval Office. He is going to ring this like a bell, over and over, forever.

For about the last month I have been following this woman’s readings and feel that she does get connected in them.

In this one she says tRump will be taken down.

Revealing Light Tarot

Barr’s summary is selective…Mueller’s report will hold up


In the U.S., all eyes continue to follow Trump’s tweet storms and his latest political battles. His natal Saturn at 23º Cancer comes under the influence of this Pluto-South Node dynamic. In April, his progressed Part of Fortune will be at 23º Libra, creating an over-the-top T-Square. Factor in his progressed Moon conjunct natal Mars on April 7, and we have an unusually aggressive president, lashing out at anyone who would challenge his authority (Saturn).


The Barr letter slugged many of us in the gut. I wept.

It’s really up to this House now. Can they get what they need in the short time they are there? What poisons will the Orange Thing infuse into the nation’s aura while he is still congratulating himself and braying of his armies, bikers and supporters? Can we as a nation still hold? With the McConnels of the world leading a slathering, obsequious, cruel, greedy, frenzied Senate, can the House and the limited judges hold?

I take comfort in the fight that is apparent in the Orange Thing’s solar return for 2019. It will be a ferocious fight, but there will be no conclusive winners…just lots damage.

BUT in the Orange Thing’s 2020 solar return, he is not even present. It appears he is not available. His Sun and most of his planets are in the 12th house of karma, institutions, hospitals and the hidden horrors of prisons. Pluto opposes the ascendant of the chart plus a few more unsavory planets actually in his 7th house of the return. And finally, Chiron sits smack dab conjunct his MC squaring Mercury in his Solar 12th.
Even better, the Solar Return Mars, Neptune and Moon in the Solar Return 9th square the Sun and North Node in the Solar 12th.

I am praying for the Earth, for the Nation, for the Nations, for those who speak truth to power. I’m comforted that some of you see hope and positive movement despite the now of his ever present detritus. I am comforted that Linda G sees what she sees. But right now, I am very mistrustful and sad.

You are one very smart, likeable lady. I’m always impressed with the clarity of your writing/thinking.

I’m very sorry to hear how much physical/emotional pain you’ve been through. Sending you healing, Good Vibrations.

Karen Hobert Flynn from Common Cause writes:

“Friends, we must remain on high alert for a Trump whitewash. This afternoon, President Trump’s handpicked Attorney General, William Barr, submitted his summary of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report on Russian interference in the 2016 elections. The report is only part of the Mueller probe, which was a success by any measure in holding power accountable — securing 37 indictments or guilty pleas, including Trump’s former campaign chairman, personal lawyer, and other top campaign officials. And while we can’t draw any final conclusions from Attorney General Barr’s four-page summary of a two-year investigation, we do now know that Mueller deliberately and expressly stated that President Trump is not exonerated of obstruction of justice.
Yet immediately afterwards — the Trump administration began spinning, falsely claiming the report exonerated the president fully. That’s just not true — Barr’s memo itself says the Mueller report “does not exonerate him” in reference to Trump’s possible obstruction of justice. And it certainly doesn’t clear him in the dozen-plus congressional, federal, and state investigations into Trump and his businesses, his associates, and his abuse of power in office. The only way to know what really happened is if all of Mueller’s discoveries are made public, and to hold public hearings with testimony from both Barr and Mueller.”

“I’ve been feeling Civil War in my bones for months now.”

In part as the result of a major vision I experienced in Houston in 1972, plus further visions and insights, I’ve been expecting that “civil war” during these specific times for many years.

The question is how it will manifest. I don’t think it we will be like the organized armies on the battlefields of the 1860’s, nor like the violence of the Reconstruction period. I think it will be more like a plethora of Tim McVeigh’s, i.e. sporadic bombings and assassination attempts. The FBI and National Guard may well be overworked in dealing with the rebellion.

I don’t think it will be called or referred to as an actual “civil war” but something more like what the Irish call the time of “Troubles” in Northern Ireland. Unlike Eric Alan Meece, who wrote Horoscope for the New Millennium, I do not think the period will result in a permanent schism, split or break-up of the United States. I feel that during the Pluto in Aquarius period the USA will rebirth itself as something stronger than what pertains today.

Unfortunately, I believe Trump’s most important legacy will be a domino effect in which a WWII size regional war will ensue in the middle east, a war which will quite possibility exceed the number of deaths and destruction of WWII.

For decades I was puzzled as to why the US would not be involved in the coming Sunni/Shia war in any way. But that all becomes more plausible with Trump as president as he sours our relationships with allies, alienates the rest of the world, and withdraws us gradually from the world scene. It is that very withdrawal which makes such large conflicts possible.

I think it likely we will follow a similar path to that of WWI, but we will eventually tire of it. At the end, Like in WWII we will be the primary nation left standing amongst all the rubble.

Most of all, I hope I’m wrong about all of this.

There will be a Full Moon, a total lunar eclipse, on the day of the 2022 midterm elections.

2022 will have 3 Pluto returns for the Sibly chart in longitude.

February 20, 2022, transit Pluto at 27°33′ Capricorn conjunct natal Pluto.
July 11, 2022, transit Pluto at 27°33′ Capricorn conjunct natal Pluto.
December 28, 2022, transit Pluto at 27°33′ Capricorn conjunct natal Pluto.

The 2022 United States elections will be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

Total Lunar Eclipse (FM) on Tuesday, November 8 (election day), 2022, 6:01:57 am, EST.

Transit Pluto to natal Pluto (300°18′): January 3, 2023; stations direct on October 11, 2023, at 300°34′.

To precessed Pluto in longitude – RA to be determined:

February 22, 2024, transit Pluto at 27°Cp33′ conjunct natal Pluto.
July 16, 2024, transit Pluto at 27°Cp33′ conjunct natal Pluto.
December 30, 2024, transit Pluto at 27°Cp33′ conjunct natal Pluto.

Some salient astrological aspects coming up in the first week of April…….

Mueller Report Impact on Trump – First Week of April: Psychic Tarot Astrology Predictions by Evon Davis

Video: 20 min 27 sec


“Alternate headline: Mueller Report Concludes Trump Is First US President Elected With Help Of Foreign Adversary”


“Anyone smell the whiff of pardons brewing with a newly emboldened president?”


Positive & Effective Exercise:

In meditative prayer, in the light of divinity or our souls, we can ask for the Mueller report to be released to the public so we will have the ability to judge for ourselves the validity of its information, and can accept his findings, one way or another, once we have the ability to see what is actually in it.

The initial narrative from Trumpland is “total exoneration”, etc. But I think the push back today and tomorrow – discounting Barr’s independence on the issue, the insistence on the release of the report, the inability of Trump to exonerate T for obstruction, etc. – are what will be angering Trump. He thought he was free and clear, but the issue is still there, festering.


A source with direct knowledge of the investigation told The Daily Beast that it was their interpretation that ‘Mueller was making a case to Congress, who (unlike DOJ, in Mueller’s view) is empowered to weigh the lawfulness of a president’s conduct,’” the Beast wrote.

I am so disgusted with the headlines this morning. I swear the MSM wants to elect the orange monster for another four years. NBC says ‘Mueller delivers Trump a political win ‘ and on and on it goes. The so called fake news that he says is the enemy of the people, is once again helping Trump , and he and the WH are lapping it all up and fueling it in a vile frenzy.

Not one has said that this was Barr’s opinion on a scope he chose to define in a summary that while within the law, doesn’t have a complete sentence that was actually written by Mueller. And chooses not to talk at all about all the other investigations. This investigation was started predominantly to look into Russian meddling in the US elections and instead it’s being made to look as if it was ALL about collusion, and that Trump has been totally exonerated for obstruction of justice which it says explicitly he hasn’t.

Think of people reading this headline today who don’t follow this the way we do, who don’t see that the obstruction of justice has been in plain site for everyone to see since the beginning. That there are so many connections to Russia and so many lies, that people are going to jail for this crook of a man and that he is a liar and a conman. In their reading today, everything just looks great for Trump and it is just setting him up as an exonerated victim right before the elections next year, and boy will he milk it in his rallies and his comments to the press, over and over and over we will hear about this, and also how sad it is that America and your president had to go through this. It is ready and will continue to be nauseating.

I am completely disgusted and sick to my stomach, there are many of the same feelings that I felt on the day after the election in 2016. We all knew that collusion would be hard to prove, and isn’t even really a legal term with a definition, we all knew that more than likely a sitting president would not be indicted, however, I don’t understand how MUELLER didn’t have enough of a case to charge the orange monster with obstruction of justice. I just don’t get it. He got away with not having to testify , so did his children and in the end we have to rely on the other investigations coming up with something. But the damage has been done and the public perception will be rightly that It is a big win for him.

I did read somewhere that this could actually turn out to be pretty good for the dams, in the sense that if the report was bad they would’ve had to decide if to impeach and it would’ve been a whole political mess and nightmare, very partisan. But that now, with his four-page ridiculous summary, it will be congress’s job to further this investigation, subpoena probably both Muller and Barr and try to get to the truth for the American people. However I still feel the Republicans, now more emboldened than ever, will make it out now that it’s an even worse witchhunt now that he has been exonerated and will use this to their advantage as we know Trump will.

Trump also has his bestie Lindsay on his side and he is head of the judiciary committee on the Senate with all that power. I hope psychics like Linda G turn out to be right, but she is already wrong in predicting that Graham would go way and be nothin (he has more power than ever now ) and that Barr would not be working for the good of Trump, I know Barb pointed out to me that he could yet not be. I am disillusioned now and feel there is total corruption happening with this.

How ironic it is that with the last impeachment of Clinton, the special counsel had to by law release the entire report to Congress, it was only after that both the Democrats and the Republicans voted that instead of doing it this way, the special counsel would instead give the report to the attorney general, ama man appointed by POTUS and leave it for his judgement. This, coupled with harry Reid’s changing the voting in of judges from two third to a simple majority has definitely come back to haunt the Dems. Big time.

Right now, the only people dancing on the ‘streets’, at least the interweb streets are Trumpanzees. And they are full of anger.

“yep, under a Mercury retrograde we have a COVER UP of the Mueller Report by Barr – watch 3.28 when Mercury goes direct and perhaps the cover up lid will be yanked off and the public can know what is in that report” comment from Lindsay McKenna

What to make of the fact that retrograde Mercury is in an exact conjunction with Neptune in the 3rd house of the U.S. chart?

The report is wrong? The report will be reissued? Or Barr’s letter is Neptunian delusion?

And the conjunction is in Trump’s 7th house of partnerships. Squaring his 10th house natal Uranus. Inconjunct his 2nd house natal Jupiter and Chiron.
Help from his partners (Barr) clearing him of any wrong doing? Especially obstruction – when we all saw him tell Lester Holt that he fired the director of the FBI because of “this Russia thing”.

Fairly certain the release of this report – and Barr’s letter – under this conjunction means nothing is resolved and Trump’s collusion and obstruction will be rehashed for a long time to come.

Steve Judd on Mercury Retrograde Conjunct Neptune:

7:06: “There is no logic. There is no rationality. There is no clear, comprehensive understanding. There will be no solutions or resolutions. No clear outcomes.”


Tr-Na indicates transit to natal; pTr-Na indicates transit to precessed natal. In spite of constantly ongoing troubles tRump will have Jupiter’s protection through November 3rd allowing him to hang on. Then he loses it and must make a deal. I believe the deal will see him leave office on or around January 13th, 2020.

When I first posted that date there were moans and groans on this site that it was too far away and after that posts denoting days when tRump would be or might be gone. What think ya now?

Feb 23 2019 Jupiter conjunct Moon 21°12′ Sagittarius Tr-Na
Mar 3 2019 Jupiter conjunct Moon 21°12′ Sagittarius pTr-Na
Mar 11 2019 Jupiter opposite Sun 22°56′ Sagittarius Tr-Na
Mar 25 2019 Jupiter opposite Sun 22°56′ Sagittarius pTr-Na
Apr 26 2019 Jupiter opposite Sun 22°56′ Sagittarius pTr-Na
May 11 2019 Jupiter opposite Sun 22°56′ Sagittarius Tr-Na
May 18 2019 Jupiter conjunct Moon 21°12′ Sagittarius pTr-Na
May 27 2019 Jupiter conjunct Moon 21°12′ Sagittarius Tr-Na
Oct 20 2019 Jupiter conjunct Moon 21°12′ Sagittarius Tr-Na
Oct 25 2019 Jupiter conjunct Moon 21°12′ Sagittarius pTr-Na
Oct 29 2019 Jupiter opposite Sun 22°56′ Sagittarius Tr-Na
Nov 3 2019 Jupiter opposite Sun 22°56′ Sagittarius pTr-Na

When the report was released transit Jupiter was 1 degree past exact opposition to tRump natal Sun in right ascension and only 00°17′ from exact opposition (applying) to precession corrected natal Sun.


I’m sorry to hear that, I didn’t realize there were some that were untreatable.. that’s horrible. And I know what they have done with pain meds. it’s just awful! A friend of mine with pain issues told me she is taken a combination of some anti-inflammatory supplements that have gotten her off her pain meds, I would be happy to share if your interested? I don’t like to give unsolicited advice.

The Acemannan sounds really promising! I will pass that on to my cousin. She has a script for medical cannabis and she says that helps a lot.. I don’t know what state your in and what your availability or interest in trying that is, but I thought I’d mention it.
She’s a nurse and she told me there is some new research that there is a protein that attaches to the DNA. Whatever it is, I hope they discover the cause and are able to have better treatments for all of you that are suffering.

As far as the Barr report, I’m with you, I was so discouraged and I seriously wanted to just put my head under the covers yesterday and say, “wake me when it’s over!” It’s all so mentally exhausting.

-Bob, Maryann’s (Revealing Light Tarot) videos are the only ones that have been keeping my head above water over all this insanity. I think she is really something special.

“I have been following this woman’s readings and feel that she does get connected in them.”
– I couldn’t agree more!!

“BREAKING: Members of Congress are calling on Robert Mueller to publicly testify about his findings. Mueller is reportedly more than willing to do so. A formal request for him to testify could be sent as early as this week. This could get interesting — and fast!”


Well, maybe the ILLUSION of a “big win” is what Trump and his children have at the moment, but to see how it affects the country as a whole I depend solely on the birth chart(s) for July 4, 1776, with Sagittarius on the ascendant.

Transiting Jupiter at 23+ Sagittarius in the 1st house is still at the apex of a Yod with transiting Mars + transiting Sedna in Taurus in the 6th house of what ails us, and this Mars and Sedna in Taurus are sextile the transiting North Node and US Mercury in Cancer in the 8th house of shared resources. A Yod is a triangle.

What that looks like to me is that shared resources (banks, corporations, etc.) influence the US Mercury (how we get our “news”) which is – for the moment – the Path Forward (trans. North Node), and that path forward is teamed up with aggressiveness (trans. Mars) and a sense of being thrown overboard (trans. Sedna) in the house of what ails us (6th).

Said another way, the stock market (8th house) depends on the “News” to make them feel better (6th house) so they must put on a happy face (transiting Jupiter – in 1st house at apex of Yod – must “adjust”). It might make you, Joe Citizen, sad and blue, but it keeps the traders investing and that’s what the government needs; happy investors.

Then there is transiting Neptune (what you see isn’t always what is true) in the 3rd house of Communication (aka reports of all kind), and there is also transiting Uranus (surprise!) in the 5th house of show biz which depends a lot on showing us what isn’t true.

Finally, there is transiting Pluto in Capricorn making sausage (you don’t want to watch that) in the 2nd house of property, wealth and whatever it is we value, and trans. Pluto is opposite the US Mercury (extra, extra, read all about it) and the trans. North Node (path forward) in Cancer, which, right now is determining what we think of as news.

Transiting Pluto (sausage grinder), in the 2nd house (this is what we think is important and of value) is also trine (for now) transiting Mars and Sedna in the 6th house of what ails us, making it pretty easy to puke up. It will pass.

I know this seems disheartening to many who were hoping for justice and karma for the flim-flam man with the fake orange tan, myself included. For my part, I find DJT to be an extremely loathsome and reprehensible individual with no redeeming value whatsoever. He seems to be a personification all the worst traits of America and our toxic culture.

On one hand, the last thing I want to see is him vindicated and celebratory, like the plainly obvious crook that somehow got off the hook.

On the other hand, sometimes, a situation like this is actually worse in the long run for such a person. The danger for DJT now is even greater arrogance, emboldenment, and overreach. If he feels now that he can literally get away with anything, he’ll no doubt try. In other words, give him enough rope and he will likely hang himself in due course and in short order.

The FBI announced this afternoon that it will brief congressional leaders on the classified part of the Mueller report concerning counterespionage. This could be significant. While Mueller may not have found proof of collusion with respect to the hacking of Democrat e-mails, he may well have uncovered evidence that Trump is in effect acting as a Russian asset, and that this evidence should lead to impeachment. In that case, the fact that Trump was not indicted for collusion would be irrelevant. For Mueller and the FBI, the remedy may lie not in the courts, but in Congress, whatever the Attorney General, who was too quick to write his own questionable interpretation, says.

There is much more to come in coming days with the Mercury station and another Mercury-Neptune conjunction, which will be square Trump’s Sun-Uranus conjunction as well as his Moon. I doubt he will be pleased. Everyone’s reactions at this point are highly premature.

buckeye – that’s precisely what Trump is; “the personification (or symbol of) all the worst traits of America and our toxic culture.”

He is a teaching tool. If we could not see our “worst traits” (which Trump personifies) many would remain unconscious of them.

I am grateful for Trump in that we now at least have a percentage figure ranging from around 33 to 45% of US citizens who feel disenfranchised or angry or just plain hate government, many of them with good reason. Unless we can reach a good portion of those people and meet some of their needs our country’s elections will be vulnerable to hate messaging; life in the digital age.

Regarding that third and last Mercury/Neptune conjunction with Mercury having gone direct (on April 2nd) – possible new developments in the Mueller investigation (that astrologer Evon Davis has been referring to); here’s the latest news……….

House Committee Chairs Demand Full Mueller Report By April 2 Deadline

In a letter to Attorney General Barr, the Democratic lawmakers said his summary of the special counsel’s report “is not sufficient for Congress.”

NBC News
March 26, 2019


Sorry. Forgot to mention. The reason why the Mercury/Neptune conjunction (17 Pisces) is so significant is that it squares Trump’s natal Uranus (17 Gemini) and is in quincunx to his natal Jupiter (17 Libra).

Thank you Starlight. I was hoping you’d post something soon for us, especially after this latest sickening nonsense.

You say “a wag-the-dog war is also a distinct possibility,” and I feel in my bones the itching to go to war with Iran. Unfortunately, if this happens, it won’t be the quick and easy win the reckless, arrogant war hawks fantasize it will be. Plus, we would truly be alone in this aggression, with no allies except Israel and Saudi Arabia.

And slightkc, I’m so glad my “greatest generation” parents aren’t alive to experience the destruction and diminishment of our country from the enemy within. They’d be heartbroken and horrified, as I am.

The Mueller Report (and subsequent Barr ‘translation’) was released under Mercury Rx in Pisces (vague) conj. Neptune (confusion, illusion, and right at home in the sign it rules). There’s more to this than we can see at the present time.

Jerry, Venus was at 17+ Pisces in the January 20, 2017 Inauguration chart and she was sextile Pluto at 17+ Capricorn. What do you or Nancy or anyone make of that?

17+ Libra is also where the US PROGRESSED Mars is, and where the US Constitution Signing chart’s Neptune is, and where Putin’s natal Saturn is.

This is an older item to read, re. Pence, from Marjorie Orr. He is scary, especially so (imo) due to his natal (hidden places) 12th house being so powerful (Leo 12th cusp, ruled by Sun in Gemini in the 10th of rulers, conjunct both Mercury (communications) and the Moon (the people), and Pluto rising (see chart in the link).

He also has a Mars/Venus conjunction in Leo in the 11th that is closely square Neptune in Scorpio (not the most open placement for secretive Neptune!). Neptune sits at the cusp of the 3rd house of brotherhood(s), personal lawyering, as well as newspapers/media.

Not much is visible now, but he’s a man to watch in 2020 – if not a direct contender himself, certainly a power behind the throne. DT’s constant noise gives him good cover.

On the plus side, probably there are quite a few people in the GOP who really don’t like this either.



“Trumpanzees” – priceless!

Thanks to all for your amazing commentaries.

I time to reap,
A time to sow,
A time to puke,
A time to rebuke!

Nancy, thank you for the “Raw Story” piece. It seems to me that Mueller is a genius at getting around obstacles. I like to think that Barr is, in his attempt to (apparently) shield Trump, also buying time.

For whatever reason, he has finagled his way into the picture. This might explain his motivation.

Barr’s natal Pluto (15+ Leo) conjuncts Mueller’s Sun, and sextiles his own natal Neptune (14+ Libra) that conjuncts the US natal Saturn.

That sextile in Barr’s chart formed a Yod to transiting Neptune in Pisces in late December, 2018 through early this month. Transiting Neptune began to oppose Mueller’s natal Mars-Chiron (16+ Virgo) at that time.

If the Yod between Barr’s sextile (natal Pluto and natal Neptune) and transiting Neptune was to “adjust” (a Yod effect) transiting Neptune in someway, and transiting Neptune was opposite Mueller’s natal Mars and Chiron in Virgo (it’s all in the details), then that Yod became a Boomerang pattern. (at least for Barr and Mueller)

Whenever that happens (so the theory goes) the planet opposite the apex planet in the original Yod gets all the accumulated energies (in this case that would be Mueller’s Mars-Chiron in Virgo) whether they want it or not.

This pattern will be in effect throughout this year and beyond, with Mueller’s Mars-Chiron in the driver’s seat. Augmenting that will be transiting retrograde Saturn in Capricorn – especially in July (17 to 15 deg. of Cap.) and again in late Oct. through Nov. (Saturn will be moving direct then) – in a trine aspect with Mueller’s natal Mars-Chiron in Virgo.

The present Saturn-Pluto cycle will be drawing to a close and the chart for the start of that cycle (Nov. 7, 1982) had a stellium (4 major planets) in Scorpio, the positions ranging from 8 degrees through 19 degrees) and transiting Neptune will be trine the Sun in that stellium at 15+ Scorpio when it stations direct in November, 2019.

The new Saturn-Pluto cycle starts then with their conjunction on January 12, 2020. Right up to that day the old Saturn-Pluto cycle’s stellium in Scorpio (specifically Venus who was at 16+ Scorpio on Nov. 7, 1982 at the start of Saturn and Pluto’s cycle) will be influencing (trine) transiting Neptune at 16+ Pisces which will be opposite Mueller’s Mars-Chiron at 16+ Virgo (trine transiting Saturn through Nov. 2019).

I believe Mueller will be influencing the US Congress up to that point, if not longer, with his testimony of facts from his investigation that Barr essentially buries from the Public.

Neither Mueller nor Barr, I suspect, are devotees of astrology, but astrology has utilized them both, consciously or unconsciously, in a way that will advance humanity’s consciousness, at least in matters of governing the masses.

Hi Barbk,

I’m not entirely sure. It seems like a relatively minor aspect to me, but then what do I know.

I’m looking at the April 12th Mercury-Jupiter station square (24 Pisces-Sag). It forms a perfect t square to William Barr’s natal Mars (24 Virgo). I think Barr may have to re-evaluate his position at this juncture esp. with that simultaneous Mars-Pluto sesquiquadrate (8 Gemini – 23 Capricorn in exact aspect to Trump’s natal Saturn (23 Cancer). Adverse info affecting Trump at that time?

A Crime in Public View”: How William Barr Pardoned Donald Trump”

With the Barr decision seemingly taking him out of the frying pan, Jupiter (?) has emboldened Trump to tackle another “campaign promise”. Is this overreach? Will it hasten his fall?


Sharon K,
Yes. It WILL hasten his fall, as he now will begin taking vengeance upon perceived enemies, (in his mind traitors against the state, i.e. DJT).
In so doing he will not observe reasonable boundaries; he will go too far, even for many R’s in the Senate.

Thanks for your comment Jerry.

As I see it, the Yod-turned Boomerang (consisting of Barr’s natal sextile – an aspect of cooperation – each leg of which is conjunct either the US natal Saturn or the Mueller natal Sun, which is completed by a transiting [presently moving] Neptune at the apex point of the Yod that demands an adjusting to circumstances, which then opposes Mueller’s natal Mars-Chiron, the final gathering point of all the participating planets energies).

This is the framework for an ongoing (about a year long) set of circumstances.

The details of these circumstances will be reflected in transits of planets in aspects to each other and/or participants (Barr, Trump, Mueller, US, etc.) charts.

Those transits define the timing and nature of the detailed circumstances, while the framework I’ve described is an overall look at how the circumstances came to be and, IMO, why it came to be, and how long the circumstances will exist.

I believe the present Saturn-Pluto cycle has had a mandate or purpose, as it’s chart reflects, beginning in 1982 and ending in 2020.

A couple of things this chart says (to me) is that there is a need for adjustment in the USA.

Pluto-Saturn in Libra sextile Neptune in Sagittarius both quincunx (150 degrees apart) Chiron in Taurus at 25+ Taurus which conjuncts Trump’s MC at 24+ Taurus, and the present transiting conjunction between Sedna and Mars as well.

That configuration between Pluto-Saturn, Neptune and Chiron is called a Yod and calls for an adjustment.

Secondly there is a stellium in Scorpio made up of Mercury, Sun, Venus, Jupiter. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto (conjunct Saturn) in Libra and Mars (conjunct the South Node) in Capricorn.

What this says to me is there is a consolidation of power (stellium in Scorpio) that needs to be balanced (Libra) through elimination (South Node) with force (Mars), and that power is primarily found in government and other long-standing institutions (Capricorn and Saturn).

Venus in this chart’s stellium (16+ Scorpio) rules Taurus where Chiron was and that Chiron is at the apex of the Yod. Both Venus and Taurus symbolize values which means $$$ which means power.

Chiron in Taurus is where the changes required of this Pluto-Saturn cycle’s Yod must take place, and it conjuncts Trump’s natal MC (career, reputation).

This 1982 Saturn-Pluto chart gives us the support of a reason for why the present-day Barr (+ Mueller + US) sextile, combined with the present-day transiting Neptune which opposes the Mueller Mars-Chiron configuration (aka Boomerang), is a mechanism for the dismantling of consolidated power, brought to our attention by the Chiron (wound) in Taurus (values) in the 1982 Saturn-Pluto cycle – a Chiron that conjuncts the Trump MC – which is forced to “adjust” per the 1982 chart’s Yod requirements.

I hope this explains why I see no conflict in the Barr/Mueller + trans. Neptune aspect pattern (the framework) and the trans. Mercury-Jupiter stationing square T square Barr’s Mars (the details) and all the other aspects that will appear in the coming months.

Ok folks, you are not getting the hint. Check these out, please about ‘who’ is busy arranging things behind the scenes. This is about another level of a word that starts with “c”.



And, while I hate to credit Fox with anything, but in this article is a direct quote….which says, emphasis on the first 7 words:

“The Vice President and I are acquainted, and since the spring of 2017, we have had occasional conversations (sometimes joined by his chief of staff) on a variety of subjects, including policy, personnel, and other issues,” Barr wrote. “Our conversations have included, at times, general discussion of the Special Counsel’s investigation in which I gave my views on such matters as Bob Mueller’s high integrity and various media reports. In these conversations, I did not provide legal advice, nor, to the best of my recollection, did he provide confidential information.”


And lastly, this:


Here it is … just a few days later, better news …

Reports on Twitter tonight that Deutsche Bank has started turning over Trump’s bank records to House investigating committees.

Trump has probably turned from orange to purple right now.

Jerry, I apologize; I just realized you were responding to my comment on the 25th, not the one earlier tonight. Sigh, blaming it on Mercury retrograde.

Hi Barbk,

I was replying to your 10:36 pm March 25th, 2019 post.


Mueller Report Details To Be Issued In ‘Weeks, Not Months’: Justice Department


Consider this:
A candidate must be at minimum 35 to run for the presidency. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will be 35 October 13, 2024, just in time for the November 2024 election. Theoretically, she could run knowing she would be old enough by election day.
Hmmmm. Just speculating.

Thank you, Will… all of those with the many variations of this disease struggle on to fight the good fight. I salute you in hanging in there with a job. Mine finally got too much… took early retirement. I’ll be looking for telecommuting jobs when I can finally get things organized here. Right now, if I’m not in bed, I’m bored silly. Trying to get the energy to sign into some online courses for grins and giggles… maybe even turn my minors in archaeology and philosophy into majors.

And learn to code in javascript, rather than just hack existing code! (LOL)

Will… you wrote: “I’ve been feeling Civil War in my bones for months now.”

I’m with you on this… tho mine’s been for years.

I did a Tarot reading before Bush the Younger took office. Then darn thing scared me bad enough I’ve not seriously read the cards since then. Everything I saw in that reading has come true except for two items:

– Pagans going back into the closet
– Bloodbaths on crowded streets

I recently wondered if the mass shooting in Las Vegas could have been indicative of the bloodbaths, but my intuition tells me “no.”

With as much discord and disunity the Republican party has sown among the people for decades now reaching fever points, I honestly don’t see how this ends without taking it to the streets. The Civil War may not look like it did in the 1800’s, but it will be brother against brother, regardless.

I hope like crazy we can avoid it, but I see no one with enough statesmanship… and ideas… who could bridge the chasm the Repugs have opened. You can’t deal rationally with an irrational person, my old Psych prof once said. And the new Nazi’s and religious right wing are in no way rational, IMHO. They don’t believe in compromise. And yet, compromise is the only way civilization continues.

Bob… I just read a few minutes ago a cutout from the NY Times (already ran thru my free reads)… it said that it will takes some weeks for the report to reach the committee heads and Congress.

The reason why it’ll take so long is Barr is *writing* the report that will be released… Mueller’s report as is.. redacted or not… will not be what Congress gets.

Surely they aren’t so arrogant as to think that’s gonna fly, are they?! It just sounds to me like it’ll be war just to get the report (without every page being blacked out in redaction).

Hopefully someone, somewhere, will leak it…. hmmm.. hea, Russia, you listening? (gryn)

Eliseo, thank you for your thoughts and vibes… they are much appreciated.

If you were headed up thru the middle of the country to get back to the NW, I’d tell you there’s a guest room and a night of good talk, good food, and good wine waiting for you.

But who wants to drive thru the flat land of KS?! (LOL)

Thanks, Elizabeth. I’m already branching out in the anti-inflammatories. I’ve got scripts for one that my system deals with okay, but I’m also adding in herbal blends, as well. In addition, I lived in South Texas for 20 years… so ALL my food has the kick of hot peppers. In fact, I tried a Capzasin creme ONE time. Took forever to stop feeling like my body was on fire from the inside out! (LOL)

Once I get the taxes for us and my mom out of my hair, I’m digging into research on the Acemannon. If I find anything good about it, I’ll post you here so you can pass it on. It ain’t cheap, but anything beats the constant frustration of doctors vs insurance vs governments here.

And Yes… I’d latch onto pot in a New York minute – except Kansas is so dang god-holy they’ll be dead last in legalizing the “demon weed.” Grrrr… You know, something along the lines that suffering is good for the soul or some such nonsense.

Right now, I’m checking out CBD, but all available here in KS/MO are made with hemp. Doubt it’d hold a candle to what you can get CO, WA, or elsewhere.

barbk… I LOVE your comment on March 25th at 1:13p. You wrote it well enough even *I* can understand it! THANK YOU!!!

BTW, your last line… “making it pretty easy to puke up. ” ought to be a tweet of the day, IMNSHO!

Beowulfie – I couldn’t name one Repug today that doesn’t scare the crap out of me in just the same way Pence scares me. They all rule under the guise of theocracy, and excuse their lies, thievery, etc., as doing it “for the Lord.” This is the Dominionist way they can excuse murder and all types of heinous crimes. Unfortunately, THIS is who the Repugs have voted into Congress.

As a Pagan, a Xtianist Theocracy scares the hell out of me, especially here in flyover country.

Starlight – you write “and likely a contraction financially (Saturn rules the US second house of resources)”…

I agree with a financial contraction… But I’m also wondering about the “resources” angle.

Could it be that “resources” here are wider than just financial/Wall Street? What I’m wondering is the probability of devastation of farm/orchard crops.

The flooding here in the Midwest is the worst we’ve seen since 1993. Farmers are already talking about plowing under what they’ve planted once the waters recede.

If those states who aren’t under water suffer from the horrific fires again (which they’re currently still fighting), it could lead to a failure of the harvest season, country-wide in varying degrees.

And we’re ill-served by T*’s trade policies… meat and dairy are being stored at 86% capacity because they don’t want the prices to go down… instead, they’re currently increasing prices.

Just sounds like a setup for food riots, etc., like Russia used to have. Already, some of the shelves at the stores around here remind me of pictures of old Russian stores…

Just a thought… (I know, not a pleasant one, sorry!)

“BREAKING: According to Lindsey Graham, William Barr will send the Mueller report to the White House to allow Trump to review it and make claims for “executive privilege”.

In other words, Trump will get to cross out anything that makes him look bad.

Congress must act now!
1,021 replies


Two interesting developments since the Barr letter – one is that the trump campaign is now asking the networks to not invite anyone who talks about Russian collusion as they say barr has totally vindicated their boss.


The second is an article about the similarity of bush v gore and the way the GOP is dealing with the barr letter – in 2000 they stopped the recounts and declared their guy the winner. They are doing the same thing now saying their guy is vindicated and that is it. Just to be clear, Gore won Florida by a significant margin had SCOTUS not stopped the vote.


“Imagine if the Starr Report had been provided only to President Clinton’s Attorney General, Janet Reno, who then read it privately and published a 4-page letter based on her private reading stating her conclusion that President Clinton committed no crimes.” @MonicaLewinsky

This raised the hairs on the back of my neck…

Executive Order on Coordinating National Resilience to Electromagnetic Pulses

The full Executive Order can be found at the link below:


I just told hubby this EO coming from any Admin would have me seeing both good and bad sides of it.

But coming from Bolton and the rest of the NeoCons (I seriously doubt Trump even knows what an EMP is!) it raises my hackles. What’s the planning behind this? Why is it necessary, when it’s already covered under DoD responsibilities?

How in the heck are they going to execute a “Pilot Test” over a military installation? It’s gonna be very expensive if it goes the only way I think it can go, given the “expertise” and belief in science this admin has… but then, this isn’t my type of balliwick. I bow to those with more knowledge and understanding. It’s just worrisome… what do they know or what are they planning?

Are Trump and Putin putting together a destructive Wag the Dog to take focus away from the real Mueller Report?

Dang… it’s always a dozen or more crazy things with this Admin every single day! People’s psyche can’t take living in constant chaos. Eventually the emotional disturbance is gonna begin manifesting – probably in the hottest part of Summer!

Like I said, ordinarily I’d think this was an overall good thing, from an Astronomical POV… but I don’t think that’s their line of planning here…

“Pluto just went into opposing Trump’s Saturn that can be devastating for his presidency, or it can also cause him take more devastating actions toward our Democracy–he does stand at the feet of the dark lord.” Comment by Cher Davis on FB

The special counsel officially concluded its investigation on Friday, but several loose ends remain.

The special counsel’s grand jury investigating Russian collusion into the 2016 presidential election is “continuing robustly” despite the end of Robert Mueller’s probe, a federal prosecutor said in court Wednesday.

David Goodhand, an assistant U.S. attorney, acknowledged the grand jury’s active status during a hearing in federal district court over a push to unveil the identity of a foreign-owned company that has been held in contempt for defying a Mueller subpoena.

… snip

During a brief open hearing Wednesday, the chief judge of the U.S. District Court, Beryl Howell, pressed Goodhand to say if the grand jury Mueller had been using in the case remained active.

“It is continuing,” the prosecutor replied. “It’s continuing robustly.”



Slightkc, thanks for the acknowledgement. Yes, it is scary. I worry, and then avoid the news for days or weeks, and then I worry some more. It’s bad enough from outside the US looking in – I can only imagine the stress of those who live in the middle of it!

I read a lot of history and the thing is that the ‘takeover’ (not an accurate label) by the far right (from Newt Gingrich onwards), is not a revolution – it’s an evolution, which is a whole lot harder to see clearly and counteract. The real action goes on behind the scenes, among a few powerful people. Meanwhile, we pay attention to the DT show and get outraged, pointing fingers at the front men and women, while the real action is hidden.

Mueller’s report is just one more big mystery. It will probably be 40 years before it is well understood. He’s done the report, so it’s over. DT is saved for now and there is nothing but the outrage left to come. Will the noise change anything? Not unless people turn out en masse to vote, but there are forces ready to suffocate the vote.

The indications are (imo) that Pence and his associates are the people who are really running things at the WH (somebody must be doing it – it certainly isn’t DT!) while we focus on the scandals and the headlines. Who reads the legislation except wonks? Who tracks the people hired and fired? It’s a LOT of work, which is why people don’t know.

The headlines are highly untrustworthy sources of information, as any history buff can tell. We see the headlines, but we are not able to see the changes behind them, in the entire structure, as events are happening.

But the changes on the ground and the changes in the staffing and systems are what people will live with for a long time. People like Pence, who are willing and powerful agents of their one-sided ideologies, who act largely silently behind the scenes (at least until now), are so dangerous. It’s very hard to deal with a mirage. With so much going on, and only a year to go, is there time enough to limit the damage?

Spotted a story yesterday with AOC’s birth time:

October 13, 1989, Bronx, New York, at 11:50 a.m. Supposedly released w/ AOC’s permission by her staff after a request from an astrologer.


A natal Mercury conjunct the US MC in Libra opposite a natal Moon in Aries conjunct the US natal IC (and transiting Chiron) . .

plus a natal Sun conjunct US natal Juno (defender of the disenfranchised) in Libra, opposite US natal Chiron in Aries . .

plus a natal Jupiter in Cancer 3 degrees from the US natal Sun opposite a natal Neptune-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn . .

plus a natal Mars conjunct US natal Saturn in Libra square natal and US Suns in Cancer . .

plus a natal Pluto in Scorpio trine the US Sun and natal Sun . .

plus transiting Uranus in Taurus trine natal Uranus in Capricorn . .

plus a natal ascendant in Sagittarius 3 degrees away from the US natal chart ascendant. Yes, I believe AO Cortez is someone whose time has come. Thanks Teresa, you are a good spotter!

“Mars, moving through the last degrees of Taurus until late in the day on March 30, trines that Capricorn Moon right before the Moon moves into Aquarius, and that positive but strident interaction between the Moon and Mars is likely to open the floodgates of Saturn/Pluto frustration.”


The changes in govt. likely will not endure nearly as long as Conservatives hope for, Beowulfie. I continue to see DJT and those behind him as representative of deep decay and systemic rot, rather than the start of something fundamentally new and lasting in political and social precedent in and of itself.

While I never imagined that we would see someone like DJT presiding over the country at the threshold of America’s Pluto Return and near simultaneous Neptune Opposition, here we are. It speaks volumes about the state of things, and also suggests dramatic changes in response that are still to come when Pluto enters Aquarius. The extreme reactionary conservative authoritarian energy will subside as Pluto enters Aquarius for the duration later in 2024, only to be replaced by radical libertarian impulses. The icing on the cake arrives a few years later with America’s third Uranus Return in 2028

There won’t be a Civil War anything like the one in the 1860s and following the nation’s first Uranus Return. At the same time, If I were to hazard a guess, some of the more radically progressive parts of the US will either pull together and organize some sort of direct challenge and battery of reforms to the Constitution to allow for much more political diversity (e.g. more seats in congress, proportional multi-member districts, a larger Supreme Court with term limits, a dramatic reduction in the President’s power, money out of elections, etc.), or else they will break off and go their own way, and the Conservative-dominated rump that remains may only be too happy to see them leave. Personally, I am much more of a fan of the reform path, and I also have hope that Pluto will depart from Capricorn leaving all things Conservative in this country badly damaged or even destroyed to such an extent that it becomes impossible for them to wield and hold onto power for quite some time afterwards.

There are still many wild cards, however. For one, we seem to be due for some kind of major market correction/economic crash that could be triggered by other countries pulling their investments in the US and/or ending their reliance on petrodollars. An economic crisis could send the entire country reeling and also leave even DJT’s most ardent defenders grasping after actions and solutions from him that he cannot and will not initiate. Many frames of thought and seeing the world will be severely challenged if not destroyed completely during the next several years.

I think Barr will be the AG until the end of tRump’s term of office and he is going to have a very rough time of it.

The opposition of transiting Neptune to Barr’s progressed Saturn IS EVERYDAY FROM NOW THROUGH EARLY 2020. It is a major aspect and the only one that is in effect every day through early March 2020. That progressed Saturn is right on his progressed Neptune/Pluto midpoint also everyday in that same period (progressed midpoint now at 168°29′, progressed Saturn at 168°57′; progressed midpoint on March 1 2020 at 168°30′, progressed Saturn at 169°03′.

That Neptune opposite Saturn will be triggered by these transits (not doing Mercury or Venus):

Jun 3 2019 Sun at 12°38? Gemini square natal Saturn
Jun 8 2019 Sun at 17°11? Gemini square progressed Saturn
Sep 5 2019 Sun at 12°38? Virgo conjunct natal Saturn
Sep 10 2019 Sun at 17°12? Virgo conjunct progressed Saturn
Dec 4 2019 Sun at 12°38? Sagittarius square natal Saturn
Dec 9 2019 Sun at 17°14? Sagittarius square progressed Saturn

April 19 2019 Mars at 12°38? Gemini square natal Saturn
April 26 2019 Mars at 17°10? Gemini square progressed Saturn
September 6 2019 Mars at 12°38? Virgo conjunct natal Saturn
September 14 2019 Mars at 17°12? Virgo conjunct progressed Saturn
January 21 2020 Mars at 12°38? Sagittarius square natal Saturn
January 28 2020 Mars at 17°15? Sagittarius square progressed Saturn

July 28 through November 7 natal Neptune at 14°52? Libra and progressed Neptune at 14°54? Libra will both be squared by transit Saturn every day (RA September 1 through October 5). Strongest when Saturn Stations direct on September 18 2019 at 13°55? Capricorn. That is also a bad day for tRump and Pence.

April 2 2019 Neptune at 17°09? Pisces opposite progressed Saturn.
Sep 13 2019 Neptune at 17°12? Pisces opposite progressed Saturn.
Feb 5 2020 Neptune at 17°15? Pisces opposite progressed Saturn.

April 24 2019 Pluto at 23°09? Capricorn stations retrograde square to progressed Mars at 24°04? Libra.
April 29 2019 Saturn at 20°31? Capricorn (RA 292°08?) stations retrograde square to progressed Mars at 202°05?.
October 3 2019 Pluto at 20°38? Capricorn (RA 292°24?) stations direct square to progressed Mars at 202°19?.
January 18 to February 4 2020 (RA December 18 to January 3) Saturn at 24°30? Capricorn square progressed Mars.


This is what I was referring to earlier – here they are attacking Rachel for being delusional. There is no collusion and anyone who thinks it is crazy. They did the same in 2000 – bush won and that was it. Which makes me feel even more sure that the Mueller report implicates trump.


they’re going after Rachael with both barrels, as expected – up until this week she’s been cutting into trumpet blowhard Hannity

Buckeyeshadow:”The changes in govt. likely will not endure nearly as long as Conservatives hope for…I continue to see DJT and those behind him as representative of deep decay and systemic rot, rather than the start of something fundamentally new and lasting.”

I surely HOPE your words come true that this won’t last long, but I FEAR it will take much longer than we wish. Systemic rot doesn’t work out of the system easily, once it is in it. And even though I agree decay won’t set the scene forever, getting something better in place to clean out the rot will take time. Little shoots may like to start in manure, but they don’t grow big and green overnight.

After Nixon was elected in 1968, it was a few years to Watergate, which came to light in 1972. The Saturday night massacre took place in October 1973 and the legal stuff lasted through Ford’s administration, even past his pardon of Nixon.

Carter was elected President from Georgia in 1976 and Newt Gingrich followed to Congress in 1978, from Georgia as well. He rotted the system for the next 20 years. Newt authored 2 government shutdowns and pursued Clinton (and, later, Lewinsky) with no let up, especially while he was Speaker for 5 years. His influence has been very long lasting and he set the pattern for what has followed – which was the impeachment vote for Clinton and even a brief bombing campaign in Iraq. When all that was over, we had the 2000 election and G.W.Bush became President. Is it any wonder we are feeling dizzy?

It’s been a steady drift to the right for the US since the late 1970’s – that is 40 years, more than 1/2 a lifetime. Who would have guessed in the late 1960’s that this is where we would end up? The Repubs are still pushing the same agenda, even harder now than before.

What could make anyone think this is going to be fixed by any one person, even somebody supposedly as principled as Mueller? Not gonna happen any time soon! The battle for American hearts and minds is only heating up to fever pitch.

Rot is very, very hard to remove. We should ask the Romans about removing rot, except they never got to write that chapter of history – they were overrun by the Germanic tribes, the Franks and the Vandals instead. History is a tough master. The US is a wonderful, noble experiment that is only 243 years old and the experiment is not over. Experiments are notoriously unpredictable and at my age, I ain’t betting on this one.

Does anyone know if the Mueller Report is required by law to be released to anyone except the Attorney General? Can it just be buried by him?

I agree with others who post here that the next version of the Mueller Report will be heavily redacted due to executive privilege, but that won’t be stated. Instead, Barr will claim security reasons and ongoing litigation. Eventually, I think a disillusioned DOJ employee will anonymously leak some of the more salacious parts that were excluded, before Democrats can seek assistance through the courts.

Does anyone here work with the vertex influence?
I just noticed Donny’s is at 22.54 cap – TR pluto was exact this past sunday. Any significance do you think? will revisit exact again May 28th and Jan 16th.

Heads up! Had a double take moment at this interpretation of progressed moon conjunct natal mars – Trumpty’s will be exact next weekend –
” The impetuous heart can inspire actions of courage or decisions that should have been given more thought. The urge to act on your feelings is strong, and you can make your responses heard dramatically and effectively, because your sincerity will not be doubted. Just remember that when you fire both barrels, you’re temporarily out of ammo and will have to reload.”

After looking at Bob Mueller’s Planets and personality, I doubt he will allow Trump to smash & destroy his Reporting. Here are Mueller’s Planets: https://www.astrotheme.com/astrology/Robert_Mueller
He’s a number 6:”Numerology#6 is connected with balance, responsibility and love. Life Path Number 6 has a lot of energy of service in it. It holds the harmony between the macrocosms and microcosms” “Some sources perceive numerology 6 to be the “Perfect Number”. Mueller as a proud Leo, won’t sit by allowing Trump to disrupt nor destroy America!


The question is, would Attorney General William Barr fight a subpeona if called to testify before Congress? That would suggest obstruction of justice wouldn’t it?…….

Nadler Threatens To Subpoena Barr Testimony And Full Mueller Report


Or perhaps Congress would choose the so-called “nuclear option” and call Mr. Mueller himself thus by-passing the usual procedures. All of this is being openly discussed…….

House Democrats Weigh Legal Options On Russia Report, Including Mueller Subpoena | Hardball | MSNBC


One interesting astrological note: the April 19th Libra Full Moon (29 Libra) closely sesqui-squares tr. Mars and Mueller’s Uranus (12 Gemini) in square to Mueller’s Mercury (12 Virgo). Will Mueller spill the beans at this point in time?

“Reminder: The House Intelligence Committee will hold a hearing today titled “Putin’s Playbook: The Kremlin’s Use of Oligarchs, Money and Intelligence in 2016 and Beyond.”


This is encouraging…….

Nancy Pelosi To Mika: I Intend To Use ‘Full Force’ To Have Report Released | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Beowulfie, You have clearly stated my nagging concern. When I look at this situation, I see much to concern me. This is going to take a long time to work itself out. It still feels like early days in this and I fear that the radical right has enough of a hold that this country will continue to follow the path of dictatorship similar to Germany in the 30s. Just because the stars say there will be change, doesn’t mean that the change will be a good one. Humanity apparently needs remedial class in order to remember why extremism is dangerous. I struggle to understand my part in his drama. What can I do, in my little corner of Virginia, to help my fellow man. I pray constantly to be guided to the next right action.

A friend today posted a meme likening democrats to the nazi party. She’s a good person in many ways, just brainwashed. It is so sad to watch. I said something, I may add more to my comment, but I also know there is not stopping this belief unless they see something specific. And for many, that won’t be enough. Mankind is far too easily manipulated.

more on Pete Buttigieg:

“What a refreshing change. He thinks before he speaks.He answers the question posed….not a canned answer that may have little or no relevance to question posed. Mr. Buttigieg is, in other words, the real thing. Undoubtedly the current president would claim he is not tough enough for the job (in other words, gay), but I’m sure the mayor would love the opportunity to compare his combat record to that of Trump.”


CaseyM, I too think it is early days. However, on the plus side, the US does have a bit advantage in that, as a state, it exists upon the tradition, the rule, and the practise of law. The laws may be getting perverted, but I doubt there is much appetite to go beyond the law, at least in our time. Especially when there is no pretext for dictatorship such as an external threat from another country.

I doubt all the rich folks and the pols who live by politics and the media would want to see their glorious stage swept away and replaced by one dictator, say like Erdogan in Turkey. Trump is working on it, but he will never get the support from all the people or the lawyers (who have to have a nest to feather, after all). So, while there is law, there is hope.

It is too soon to tell how it will go, but it is clear that one election in 2020 is not going to do away with the enormous divisions that exist today. It will take time and patience and some luck to find and elect a leader who has the talent to turn an aircraft carrier against a stiff tide in an election season. It is a mighty big boat to turn.

It means that the Dems have got to stop infighting and get an agenda they truly agree on. They don’t have it now, and while I hugely admire Pelosi, she isn’t going to pull it off by herself, even if she were to know exactly what to do. Her time is almost up and she has not groomed a powerful successor. It is the pitfall of strong leaders – they don’t like have the competition hanging around.

Wow, Watch Adam Schiff double down on Trump-Russia collusion as Vicious GOP calls for Schiff’s resignation:
I know Adam Schiff CA, intends to run for President.

Scroll Down: Nancy Pelosi brilliantly criticized Attorney General William Barr for releasing a very small 4-page summary of the Mueller investigation rather than the special counsel’s entire report, calling it “condescending” and “arrogant.

“Not only do the American people need to read the full report immediately, but Robert Mueller should testify before Congress to clear the air.
(Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report is more than 300 pages long, according to a senior Justice Department official)

There must be something really bad in that report. Trump has large bags under his eyes which he has never had before. Something has got him very worried.


Trump’s make-up artist is probably on spring break.

This is very interesting.

“That Mueller dropped the report right before Mercury direct is interesting, even exciting. I’ve noticed that the station direct has a signature of “the truth comes out.”



“– Bloodbaths on crowded streets”

I wonder if this prediction you saw manifested in the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens who were slaughtered under GWB and Dick Cheney’s “Weapons of Mass Destruction Invasion of Iraq. Just a thought.

Mr. Schiff is my new hero.

will, age does not make you any less funny.

Adam Schiff ushers in Mercury Direct… what a beautiful sight it was to see

I think on April 23rd or 24th Barr and tRump may receive a serious setback and given the foremost issue with which they share an involvement in at this time I think it may have to do with the release of the Mueller report.

Adam Schiff has natal Mars at 1+ Taurus sextile his natal Sun and Venus at 1+ Cancer, and transiting Uranus is conjunct his Mars right now.

His NATAL Uranus at 18+ Leo is at the apex point of a Yod (where shift takes place) with today’s transiting Mercury-Neptune in Pisces that sextiles today’s transiting Saturn in Capricorn, which recently was conjunct Adam’s natal Saturn (his 2nd Saturn Return).

So goes the shock and awe of Uranus; Adam Schiff’s shift in behavior, when confronted with an aggressive verbal attack from a Republican (likely demanded by Trump) came across as a most controlled and dignified expression of his personal moral values (natal Venus).

Again, Adam’s natal Venus at 1+ Cancer conjuncts his natal Sun at 1+ Cancer which is also the ascendant degree of the present Saturn-Pluto cycle, when set in Washington. Because of that, he speaks for the self-awareness (1st house) of the US regarding the Saturn-Pluto cycle’s agenda for the 36 year period it spans.

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction that began their present cycle was sextile Neptune and this sextile formed a Yod with the centaur Chiron, which I consider to be the primary aspect pattern of their 36 year agenda.

Saturn and Pluto together suggests transformation (Pluto) of the status quo (Saturn) and, when sextile Neptune, suggests combining this transformation with compassion and idealism (Neptune) on the positive side.

On the negative it could be brutal destruction of the status quo with falsehoods and fantasy.

With Chiron at the helm of what must be altered (the Yod apex requirement), the awareness of what needs to change will be a wounding in some way.

Interestingly, the centaur Pholus (suggesting a small cause can beget a huge effect), when Saturn and Pluto made their conjunction, was at 8+ Aries, which was where the transiting Sun (symbolizing consciousness) was today when Senator Schiff spoke with such compelling but controlled passion. It was sextile the US natal Uranus too.

I’m guessing that when the conjunction of Pluto and Saturn at 27+ Libra in 1982 took place it was on the 22 year old Adam Schiff’s ascendant, with transiting Chiron in his 7th or 8th house; partner/open enemy or shared resources.

Chiron back in 1982 was at 25+ Taurus conjunct Trump’s MC (24+ Taurus) further explaining today’s shocking (transiting Uranus conjunct Schiff’s natal Mars, which might be in his 7th house) rebuttal from Schiff.

I think Adam Schiff’s Moon is on or near 16+
Gemini which today transiting Neptune-Mercury at 16+ Pisces would square. This would support the Chiron part of the Yod in 1982 (Saturn-Pluto sextile Neptune Yod both quincunx Chiron) conjunct Trump’s MC. Schiff’s Moon is likely one degree from Trump’s natal Uranus at 17+ Gemini.

The Yod made up from today’s sextile between trans. Saturn in Cap and trans. Mercury-Neptune in Pisces with Adam’s Uranus in Leo, has a backfire Yod between his own sextile between natal Uranus and natal Moon (if indeed his Moon is at or near 16+ Gemini) with transiting Saturn (+ natal Saturn) in Cap at the Yod apex point. Here’s where it gets tricky.

Adam Schiff has a natal North Node at 18+ Virgo (very near the US natal Neptune) which trines transiting Saturn at 19+ Capricorn (and natal Saturn at 16+ Cap) and Saturn must shift due to the Yod pressure. The North Node symbolizes OPPORTUNITIES to move forward.

Schiff’s South Node then is at 18+ Pisces which transiting Mercury first reached last month and will reach again next month, and trans. Neptune will reach in May.

Schiff’s Moon T-squares his own Nodes and there is a suggestion that transiting Neptune is working on dissolving his South Node (old, well developed Pisces habits and inclinations), while transiting Saturn in Capricorn is encouraging his Virgo North Node (near US Neptune!)

Today was, IMO, one of those opportunities.


I think we need to remember that Mueller was NOT designated as an Independent Counsel. The laws are different for a Special Counsel and an Independent Counsel. An Independent Counsel had/has much more freedom.

Donny Deutch is a multi-millionaire advertising executive, author and television personality who went to Wharton School of Business. He has been a long-time Manhattan NY insider and big macher. He was once friends with the orange dick face. He appeared on Seth Meyers on March 20th and was nothing short of emphatic about what will bring comeuppance. Think Schadenfreude on steroids. Well-worth the 6 minutes time to view, I highly recommend it for those who need encouragement and resolve about tRump’s certain coming demise.


In contrast to Will’s post, here is an article that takes a hard look at the challenge, which ends as follows:

“….The lesson to take from Democrats’ infatuation and disappointment with the Mueller myth is that there are no heroes or final acts in politics. There is only us and a continual struggle.”


Marjorie on Adam Schiff in January: “Schiff’s chart will have its ups and downs with a few jangles and worrisome moments from late March onwards but most notably he looks heartened through April and May when Trump is under most pressure. Maybe for separate reasons, of course, but it could be connected. Thereafter Schiff looks in line for more success and luck in 2020.”


Looks like Schiff’s Mars is at 0.40 Taurus, so has been catching the Uranus transit – just about what it takes to fire up a Taurus Mars.

Ah, yes. Barbk already noted all that’s going on with Schiff’s chart – in addition to the Uranus to Mars transit. I’m catching up on posts backwards…

tRump natal Moon 260°25′.

Letitia “Tish” A. James, State of New York Attorney General, noon chart natal Saturn 260°48′ (traveled less than 5 minutes that day).


“Geoffrey Steven Berman, September 12, 1959, serving as the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York.”

“On April 25, 2018, the judges of the Southern District of New York, pursuant to the statute, unanimously appointed Berman U.S. Attorney for an indeterminate term that expires upon the appointment of a Presidential nominee approved by the Senate.”

“Why did trump appoint Rex Tillerson, a man he’d never even met, to Secretary of State? A mega rich Exxon CEO, who Putin had previously awarded the rare Medal of Friendship. Sure, no collusion. @DonnyDeutsch #MorningJoe”


Will: LOL

Les, many thanks for posting the link to Marjorie’s piece on Adam Schiff and Trump as it made me realize that Adam will be having a Jupiter Return this November, which should bring a boost to his spirits.

I also spotted yet another Yod linking Adam to the times we are living in (and the US chart too); his natal Jupiter (28+ Sagittarius) sextiles the US natal Moon (27+ Aquarius) putting the onus on his natal Mercury (25+ Cancer) + US Mercury (24+ Cancer) + Trump’s Venus at 25+ Cancer and Trump’s Saturn at 23+ Cancer, all at the Yod apex. That’s a helluva lot of necessary shifting.

Of course that puts US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn, which opposes US Mercury +++ into the Boomerang position, which inherits all the combined energies of the Yod to use at its discretion.

Adam’s Jupiter is also one degree away from the “transiting” Galactic Core, indicating he is one of the designated drivers of this accelerated evolutionary period we are experiencing. He’s got a lot on his plate.

We have reached that critical point where quarrelsome (transiting Eris at 23 Aries 28 squares transiting Pluto at 22 Capricorn 58 + transiting South Node at 23 Capricorn 44, which of course opposes transiting North Node at 23 Cancer 44 which conjuncts US natal Mercury at 24 Cancer 12, and of course Trump’s Venus and Saturn.

There is a method to Eris’ madness but it is difficult to understand when in the middle of the battle she cultivates. Give it time and it will pass.

Adam Schiff hit a grand slam yesterday while tRump lost his perfect game and maybe he won’t even get a no hitter. I don’t think he will even get a complete game. YOU MIGHT THINK IT’S OK.

Yeah, I loved that too Bob; “You might think it’s ok”. Words that will live in history.

More by Marjorie on Adam Schiff:


Email from Senator Schiff to a DU member.


To tRump from Bob: Senator Schiff hit it out of the park and you just struck out… . Again.

Schiff’s statement feels like an updated version of the ‘have you no sense of decency’ moment, from the 1954 McCarthy witchhunt hearings. Interestingly, just read that shady Roy Cohen was McCarthy’s chief legal counsel at the time, as well later representing both trump & Rupert murdoch! (word is, he introduced them)

Linda G up – very positive.

I wonder how much will is paying her to spin this and if the National Enquirer investigates will they find the cancelled checks.

Like I posted – strings of dates with bad news for tRump. Linda says one thing after another.

Linda says this will go to the Supreme Court and the result will be positive for the white hats. I think Senator Schiff’s factual itemization of the misdeeds rendered by the tRump camp in front of the world has made it impossible for a judgement whitewashing them to be made by SCOTUS. Such a judgement could expose some SC justices to impeachment attempts by Congress.

Bill Barr’a natal Mercury at 19+ Taurus conjuncts the US natal Vesta at 19+ Taurus, and is among several connections between Barr’s birth chart and the US birth chart. Vesta symbolizes things that are invested in and she symbolizes focus. Safe to say that the US Vesta has been focused on the Mueller investigation and is highly invested in his report.

At the time transiting Vesta made a conjunction to the US Vesta (a Vesta Return) on April 23. 2016, transiting Mercury had just passed over US Vesta and was at 22+ Taurus, less than 3 degrees separated them at the US Vesta Return. This Mercury was trine the US natal Neptune (sometimes a little crazy) at 22+ Virgo.

We could have safely assumed back in 2016 that US Vesta would be absorbed in things like communications and news and investigative reports due to this Mercury-conjunct US Vesta (and transiting Vesta) at the Return, which would affect the next few years, until transiting Vesta came back around to 19+ Taurus again in February, 2020.

It is interesting that transiting Saturn (19+ Cap) and transiting Pluto (22+ Cap) and transiting South Node (23+ Cap) are all trine the US natal Vesta at 19+ Taurus (+ Barr’s Mercury) and the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo, making a grand trine – a whirling vortex of energy – at a time when getting a clear picture of what Mueller’s findings means about Russia’s interference in US elections and how it relates to the Trump presidency remains beyond the Public’s view.

I still think Barr is stalling for time, possibly to pull Trump back from the brink of some disaster. The US Vesta Return chart’s Mercury at 22+ Taurus (2+ degrees from US Vesta and Barr’s Mercury) was not only trine the US Neptune at 22+ Virgo, it was conjunct the present Saturn Jupiter cycle starting point, 22+ Taurus.

That cycle (started on May 28, 2000) of Jupiter conjunct Saturn is about the rise and fall of societies, and at that time Mars (sometimes violent) was conjunct Trump’s natal Uranus (unpredictable) at 17+ Gemini which trines Trump’s Jupiter and the US progressed Mars, both at 17+ Libra. That Jupiter-Saturn cycle is linked to the US Vesta cycle that is linked to Barr.

The US Vesta Return chart has Pluto at 17+ Capricorn which squares US progressed Mars and Trump’s Jupiter at 17+ Libra. That US prog. Mars may symbolize the energy driving Trump’s fans at his rallies. With Barr linked to US Vesta and its Return chart, with its Pluto square to Trump’s Jupiter and US prog. Mars, it might be why Barr is stalling for time. Just guessing of course.

Since both the Jupiter-Saturn and the US Vesta cycles have a connection to Trump’s natal trine between Uranus and Jupiter (US natal Vesta Return has Pluto square his Jupiter + US PROG Mars, while the Jupiter-Saturn cycle has Mars conjunct his Uranus and trine his Jupiter + US PROG Mars) . . . and Barr is linked to the US Vesta, he might just be the tool that prevents, or at least delays a Trump Supporter backlash.

It appears that Barr is attempting to pull one of these numbers – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjoS9xu_HyM

It won’t fly old stick.

The Mueller Report was handed to Barr under a false narrative, says Ed Tamplin. Much more to come, and Trump is even more agressive because he knows things are about to go to the next level.


Both Linda G and Denise Siegel have new posts up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6v0Tlv2Mhs

Here are a few more dates to watch for more news re: Mueller’s report: April 1, April 9, April 25, give or take 24 hours. These are the dates transiting Mercury, Venus and Mars in Pisces and Gemini make a hard aspect to Mueller’s natal Mars-Chiron conjunction at 16+ Virgo.

The way this placement in Mueller’s chart gains (deserves) attention (IMO) is that it is the last point in a complex pattern in which the combined energies of the planets in the pattern come to rest.

That pattern is made up of Barr’s natal PLUTO and Mueller’s Sun (15+ Leo) which are sextile Barr’s natal NEPTUNE and US natal Saturn (14+ Libra), and together they formed a Yod with transiting NEPTUNE (now at 17+ Pisces and square Trump’s natal Uranus at 17+ Gemini that trines his Jupiter that conjuncts US progressed Mars and US Constitution Neptune at 17+ Libra.)

Barr’s Pluto (+ Mueller’s Sun) that sextiles Barr’s Neptune (+ US Saturn) which is part of a Yod with transiting Neptune and . . .trans. Neptune OPPOSES Mueller’s Mars-Chiron, thus turning the Yod into a Boomerang pattern. This final stop in the Boomerang, Mueller’s Mars and Chiron, is where all the energy of the pattern winds up.

When the transiting personal planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, soon oppose or square Mueller’s Mars-Chiron I’m thinking it will elicit some expression from that mother-load of Yod-turned-Boomerang energy.

Barr, being a Gemini (adept at seeing both sides of an issue) is likely receiving from his unconscious (his natal Pluto and Neptune operate on the unconscious level) a strategy that will pace the delivery of Mueller’s information, over time, in order to avoid mayhem. Major mayhem that is; there’s no avoiding minor mayhem.

In addition to the dates above that the minor planets stimulate Mueller’s Mars-Chiron (final resting place of massive energy), trans. Mercury, on May 28 will square that mother-load spot, and in June transiting Neptune stations retrograde and returns to oppose Mueller’s Mars-Chiron in the latter part of September.

Transiting Jupiter will station retrograde in April, reaching a square to Mueller’s Mars-Chiron in July. Both trans. Jupiter and trans. Neptune, once moving direct, will square or oppose the Mueller sweet spot again, along with other trans. personal planet contacts and some additional planetary minor aspects along the way, eventually divulging the contents of the Mueller Report in all it’s gory glory.

Time heals most wounds, especially on the collective level.

I’m hearing from multiple sources through the grapevine troops are massing along our border with Mexico and drones are buzzing around like crazy. Perhaps in anticipation of Trump closing the border as he has threatened to do?

Has anyone else heard, seen, read, or know anything more?

Hi, I had done a post which i promptly lost, aarrgh!

A quick rant: Went by my parents today and a Neighbour was visiting, highly educated guy , however he and his parents and apparently many people in the neighborhoods around here are obviously completely brainwashed by Fox News and love the President. I actually heard my neighbor saying the other day ‘I am so happy for Trump” after the Mueller report.

Anyway, my mom was telling him about how I volunteer in this horse therapy place in Orlando and I said that the city owned the land and their lease was coming up and that I hoped that they didnt have to move since apparently they might have to.

He then said to me , oh no, dont worry , that wont happen , they tried to mess with the special olympics and “our president” said that wont happen , he wont allow it, so dont worry, that wont happen to the horse place.

Right, like fricking Betsy DeVoss was not appointed by the orange idiot , in a budget signed by him, but because he realised the optics were bad and said he’s not allowing it, they actually use this as if this is some amazing thing POTUS did, I cant bear it, I cant take it, I really can’t.


The world is changing – drastically changing Diana, but not everyone is ready to see (acknowledge) it. We feel rage some times, some of us, that people can’t see what is so plainly obvious to you, me, others.

I sympathize with your frustration regarding your parents neighbor and personally avoid having much conversation with people – neighbors or others who don’t acknowledge the real Trump; it’s not worth the physical and emotional damage to one’s self.

I believe though that such a ghastly representative of human nature as Trump is necessary for the masses to wake up and see just how far we have fallen from the ideology that the US founders sought to build our country’s Constitution and governing practices upon.

Change is happening though; take comfort in all the new Dems elected last November. Trump is a grotesque and exaggerated symbol of the dying patriarchal era; dying not just in the US but all over the world. You are living in a historical time; keep notes or a diary so your children’s children will share your first-hand observations and feelings with their friends. They will marvel at your strength and tenacity through it all.

More on Pete!

“Part of Buttigieg’s appeal is that he offers a kind of political refuge: he’s a candidate that lets you forget about the baggage and conflicts of the race’s front-runners, if only for a little while. He sounds comfortable discussing complex issues, smiles warmly, and has no visible political enemies.”


Barb, thanks so much for your cmmment, it was beautiful and very heartening indeed. 🙂
Very wise words!

I rarely post here, but I do want to say I really appreciate all the great links and information everybody provides, not to mention Nancy’s stellar insight. I can’t wait to check out all the YouTube vids and articles you have so generously posted!! And very glad to see that Marjorie Orr has posted about Adam Schiff and that ja added a link to a story about Pete Buttigieg. They’re two of my favorite people right now. Thank you!


I reread your Flurry of Fury and thought back over the last week.
Outstanding forecast.

will – I mistakenly thought all his aggression would be because he was angry at Mueller. Instead, it was all about his fury at his critics and his consummate need for revenge. But the unbelievable spate of aggressive words and actions has been notable even by his standards.

Meanwhile, this is a must read, buried on page B3 of the WP today:


From the article:

Collusion or not, President Trump and the Russians are thick as thieves.

What I mean is that for more than three decades, at least 13 people with known or alleged links to the Russian Mafia held the deeds to, lived in or ran criminal operations out of Trump Tower in New York or other Trump properties. I mean that many of them used Trump-branded real estate to launder vast amounts of money by buying multimillion-dollar condos through anonymous shell companies. I mean that the Bayrock Group, a real estate development company that was based in Trump Tower and had ties to the Kremlin, came up with a new business model to franchise Trump condos after he lost billions of dollars in his Atlantic City casino developments, and helped make him rich again.

Yet Trump’s relationship with the Russian underworld, a de facto state actor, has barely surfaced in the uproar surrounding Russia’s interference in the 2016 campaign. That oversight may be explained in part by journalist Michael Kinsley’s long-held maxim: The real scandal isn’t what’s illegal; it’s what is legal.

It has felt for some time now that those ‘that have’ want to reinstitute feudalism over the ‘have-nots’- with those corrupt international corporate fronts being the lords of the manor. Non accountable businesses transcend pesky political borders/allegiances.

Have read that tea-partyer Mick Mulvaney is the driving voice for trump’s push to get rid of Obama’s ACA, as well as other draconican campaign ‘promise’ pushes (the wall). Found this take on his chart, but would be interested to learn what you esteemed astrologers see coming up for him this year and next.


Tweak the Vote (November 4, 2018) 1:06:43

“Democracy is on the ropes. In the United States and abroad, citizens of democracies are feeling increasingly alienated, disaffected, and powerless. Some are even asking themselves a question that feels almost too dangerous to say out loud: is democracy fundamentally broken?”

“Today on Radiolab, just a day before the American midterm elections, we ask a different question: how do we fix it? We scrutinize one proposed tweak to the way we vote that could make politics in this country more representative, more moderate, and most shocking of all, more civil. Could this one surprisingly do-able mathematical fix really turn political campaigning from a rude bloodsport to a campfire singalong?”

You must listen to the podcast to be registered to vote or forever hold your piece.

General Election Presidential Candidates November 3 2020 Rank ’em!

Cory Booker
Pete Buttigieg
Julian Castro
John Delaney
Tulsi Gabbard
Kirsten Gillibrand
Kamala Harris
John Hickenlooper
Joeseph Biden
Barack Obama
Vladimer Putin

Maine results for every midterm race


Scroll down.

Well kiwi, I didn’t make it through his whole analysis of Mulvaney’s chart, but I did wade through all the Lpcomotive, Bucket, etc. possibilities. My take on Mulvaney’s preoccupation with the funding of the US military starts with his natal Mercury conjunct natal Pallas (warrior strategist) conjunct US natal Sun in Cancer (nurture).

His natal Pluto-Uranus conjunction conjuncts the US natal Neptune (dreams. illusions) in Virgo and squares the US natal Mars (war) in Gemini (talk) that conjuncts Trump’s natal Sun.

That natal Pluto-Uranus is sextile his natal Neptune-Vesta (investment) and they all form a Yod to the US Chiron in Aries – the sign ruled by Mars which in Mulvaney’s chart sits on the US natal Hades at 0+ Scorpio.

Mulveny’s Mars also conjuncts his natal South Node (time to let it go) which opposes his North Node (path forward) which right now is conjunct transiting Uranus (breakthroughs) in Taurus (reality, finances).

He recently completed his Chiron Return (approx. 50 year cycle) and will have transiting Pluto opposite his natal Sun from March 2022 through Dec. 2023, both of which I’ve experienced and they are difficult learning experiences. The Pluto opposite natal Sun could likely mean he loses his job. Thanks for his chart kiwi.

Thank you Nancy for the Craig Unger piece, it is fascinating. I’d say the next couple of decades will see Congress devoted to tightening laws and updating the Constitution. Better late than never.

Linda G says tRump may take a deal to protect Ivanka – from what Donna Moss laid out maybe?

The West Wing – Ways And Means


From Ross Douthat:
“Obamacare irks Republicans because it starts with “Obama” and ends with “care.”


Linda Schurman has just posted her article for April


Riveting WP piece – thank you for posting!

I’ve had the weekend from hell… which started on Thursday night. After giving up trying to respond to some very excellent posts since my last read here, I thought to leave us with something along the lines of “funny”…. but know, I DO have a warped sense of humor!

Devin Nunes cancelled his fundraising dinner because he’s afraid people will come and moo at him.

“An annual Republican fundraising dinner in Fresno, California, featuring Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) has been canceled following protesters’ plans to crash the event wearing cow costumes and ringing cowbells.”

This is a BIG deal fundraiser; killed cos of Nunes’ stupidity.

That’s funny enough… but here’s what I think is hilarious!

Nunes is TOAST. For the rest of his life, he will be followed by cowbells, “mooooo,” and all things black and white Hostein.

I’d lay odds there’ll be a cowbell hanging from (if not inscribed on) his *gravestone!*

The joy in all this — he did it to himself!!

Here is a good read on Adam Schiff:

“Schiff is only just getting started in his investigations into Trump’s past. Meanwhile, transiting Uranus in early Taurus is conjunct his natal Mars, sextile his Sun, and activating the Sun’s network of aspects. Uranus, “the Great Awakener”, is putting Schiff front and center on the national stage.”



Thank you for posting the link to Soothsayer..

“Interestingly, even Jaime Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase is publicly commenting on the major economic disparities between the 1% and the rest of the population. Those who occupy the ruling elite are beginning to be concerned about the consequences of a societal collapse whose effect would be a blowback effecting their own lives.”

*they feel the pitch forks coming.


Thank you for posting this particular part of the article..

“That oversight may be explained in part by journalist Michael Kinsley’s long-held maxim: The real scandal isn’t what’s illegal; it’s what is legal.”

Wow.. that is truly eye opening.

There is a total solar eclipse on AOC’s natal Jupiter on July 2nd.

Then she may be embarrassed on July 24th but come roaring back on July 25th another Bad Day At Black Rock for the fool. He plays Brick from Cat On A Hot Tin Roof this July. Is Melania Maggie the Cat?

Just saw many Democratic leaders assembling today in Washington for a live press conference on health care, the issue that helped us be successful in the 2018 midterms.

The Republicans now are also having their own live press conference, which includes testimony by ob-gyn doctors, on the “born alive abortion survivors act” – kind of gruesome stuff but it is effective, unfortunately, to paint the Democrats as supporters of no-term limit abortions (ugh).

And there you have it.

The July eclipse to AOC’s secondary progressed natal in D.C. may be more active. July is the month that a lunar eclipse is right on tRump’s natal Saturn (115°43′) on July 16 and he has a progressed New Moon (115°57′) on July 25. I don’t think the combination bodes well for him.

It is July when I think the beginning of the end for tRump really starts. I think he will be gone in January 2020 (6 months later) when The Sun, Saturn, and Pluto conjunct the eclipse Moon and oppose the eclipse Sun and his natal Saturn.

As a little addendum to my post above: Dueling press conferences. The Republicans brought out their hard guns (is that the phrase?) to try to match the significance of not being able to afford health care.

Thanks Sharon, the GOP, they Love talking about “Gruesome” things…true or not.

If you missed this today from Marjorie:
“Joe Biden – a tactile Taurus Moon his downfall”
(Some say this all pushed by Sander’s People)

“Trump Retreats on Health Care, Thank GOD!
Saying: The Republican Plan Will Appear Only After the 2020 Election”
Do you think Schiff could win the Presidency?

Bob – lets us hope and pray you are right.

Boy, that’s an interesting possibility patty! You said on the 28th that you knew “Adam Schiff would run for President”.

We Americans are nothing if not possibility thinkers. As for Schiff as US President, he has the astrological connection to the US Moon; his natal Ceres conjuncts US Moon (Trump has Mars opposite the US Moon and Obama had his South Node conjunct the US Moon).

Transiting Uranus has kick-started Schiff’s natal Mars at 1+ Taurus, and the 0+ Libra Full Moon, just this past March 20, which was opposite the Sun and transiting Chiron in Aries, stimulated Schiff’s natal Sun and Venus at 1+ Cancer.

These are Cardinal points, referred to as “Aries Points” meaning the personal is political, meaning the Public relates to what’s happening in the world of politics. For Adam Schiff, he’s always on the Cardinal (Aries) point.

When that Libra Full Moon (exposure) took place, the North and South Nodes were in a grand cross with transiting Pallas (strategy) in Libra opposite transiting Eris (strife) in Aries, and the North Node (path forward) was conjunct Schiff’s natal Mercury (speech, thought) and the US natal Mercury in Cancer, as well as being opposite transiting Pluto (transform) and the transiting South Node (release) in Capricorn.

When Adam Schiff made his words matter on March 28th, transiting Mercury in Pisces was stationing direct and square Adam’s Moon in Gemini; another trigger.

How is you knew Adam Schiff would run for the Presidency patty?

silcominc I hope I am better with what I think than I am with transferring data. tRump’s progressed New Moon is at 154°49. The 115°57′ in that post is the right ascension of the eclipse Sun on his natal Saturn at 115°43′ (opposite the eclipse Moon at 295°57′)

On my hot date in January 2020 transit Jupiter is at 280°24. It is on my natal and precessed natal Moons. All are on the MC of my progressed anlunar which also has the midpoint of my progressed Mercury/Venus on it’s Asc. while my progressed Jupiter/Uranus midpoint is on my natal Uranus. Just in time for the Academy Awards.

I also have some challenging aspects to my progressed Sun in early October and Christmas eve. Might explain my empty 2020 SR in January.

Barbk, Schiff represents CA, just south of the East Bay, where I live, I have followed him, as he and his wife recently had a baby and I love babies! Adam also born the Year of the Rat as am I…do you know the chinese story of Budda calling all the animals forward…and the little Rat totally organized the entire get-together?
We surely could use a Presidential-Boy-Scout like Schiff…someone honorable, didicated and new!

If you’re interested: Brilliant John Rothmann is right now on KGO Radio. And he’s a real Treat!
Listen Live:https://onlineradiobox.com/us/kgo/?cs=us.kgo&played=1

Adam Schiff told the press and the country that he would not run in 2020 sometime back in February, I think. I remember that he said he thought he would be more effective in congress.

Rosa, I did hear Schiff mention his interest in running last month. It was just in passing and it’s early so things can change.

But Trump is obviously losing it:
Orange You Glad Trump Can’t Pronounce ‘Origins’?
It feels so good to laugh at the Orange one…
Especially when you have an old Husband who religiously watches FOX and only reads his WSJ.

You all know how much I love Brilliant E. Warren…
“Elizabeth Warren’s Ideas Could Win The Democratic Primary — Even If She Doesn’t”
(I’m afraid it’s not yet time for a Woman President) Only hope I live to see it one day.


Here is some more on Pete.

“At 37 you can be a highly competent brain surgeon, airline pilot, CEO, own Facebook, on and on. With a good cabinet, advisers, morals, belief in truth and facts and our system of government, interest in improving people’s lives and the way government works, I see no reason why someone couldn’t be POTUS at 37. It will be people his age and younger that will have to deal with the mess the “adults” have made of this world in what promises to be a century like no other in human history.”


Have you all watched this? It’s absolutely astounding!
I am shocked and very, very upset.
Are things in our beautiful America really coming to this? ——-Denise Siegel’s new post: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6v0Tlv2Mhs

Many Thanks for the link to the E. Warren story!

I’m quite fond of Elizabeth Warren, so far, for me the most impressive Democrat as far as her ideas, intelligence and competence. I particularly like the way she confronts her sexist, obtuse opponents. But most impressively, she is undoubtedly the most knowledgeable person in Congress as to banking, finance, corporate policy and practice, and economics. Intellectually, she reminds me of Teddy Roosevelt, our famous trust-busting president.

Although the millennial generation contains far more socialists than previous generations, there remain many older voters who are allergic to the word, succumbing to over a 100 years of extremely unfair, absurd and profoundly misleading at best, and outright lies at worst as to what this or that variety of Dem Socialism actually entails. The Koch brothers, Fox News, etc. are not the first to fund such distortions, lies and propaganda. They will not be the last.

E. Warren wisely proposes restoration of a number of New Deal (socialistic) ideas by referring to them as “fixing capitalism,” and “making capitalism work for everyone.” I believe her approach is far smarter than Bernie’s, who overtly refers to himself as a Democratic Socialist, (Incidentally, he’s really a Social Democrat, NOT a true Dem Socialist).

I therefore find her far more exciting as a candidate than many of the others. Nevertheless, my political disillusion grows.

On the one hand, I disagree with about 95% of the Trumpist, and Republican agenda. To me Trump is a very sick and evil cartoon of a president who nevertheless is likely to bumble and err us into unforeseen calamities and ignominies. (The harm he’s already done is shameful.) But I’ve also long found most pre-Trump Republican policies as pretty insidious.

On the other hand, I’ve come to also have profound disagreement with most Dems who I believe are embracing quite a number of false narratives and basing their logic on false assumptions.

As much as I admire her and find her economic proposals heartening and inspiring, I am not thrilled with E. Warren’s military, foreign policy, energy, and climate change ideas. I am especially disappointed with Dems generally who fortunately see the scientific truth of climate change, but are blinded by a number of false ideas as to how effectively to deal with it. I see a number of solutions, which would I believe seriously mitigate the problems, but Dems seem to not be interested.

Having voted all my life for Dems, I am now perplexed. Through the decades I’ve agreed with at least 80% of the various Dem agendas. Now, I can say I agree with only about 50%. It feels like most of our Dems don’t clearly see or understand their past mistakes, and have their heads firmly planted in the 20th century, with little insight as to how the 21st century is likely to unfold.

It’s just that the R’s are far worse. They would like to lead us back to the 1890’s! I’ve heard there is a Neptune influence on both parties, something fogging up our politics, preventing us from seeing reality in any reasonable clarity.

NY Times investigation into Murdoch’s media empire and the family’s destabilizing effects on Western democracies seems to point to the nexus of power behind right wing takeovers here, in Britain and in Australia.


“Boy, that’s an interesting possibility patty! You said on the 28th that you knew “Adam Schiff would run for President”.

Interesting premise. Yesterday I watched Whimsey tarot and she mentioned that in her latest meditation, she sees that by summer the US will be sick and tired of the ranting, craziness and tumult in the White House.

There is a growing attraction to soft spoken intelligence and problem-solving instead of shit-disturbing: Mayor Pete, Beto, Schiff, Klobuchar and Warren. Cory Booker also has that soft intelligence. The rise of the Wise Feminine?

Let’s hope so.

Here’s a snippet from Ralfee Finn:

“What can each of us do to create a greater unity, a unity that allows us to tackle the tough issues without losing heart? We are not as separate as we think we are, and unity is the antidote we need to remedy the toxicity of hatred.

As I was thinking about all of this, I received a letter from a reader in Christchurch, responding to my March 20 column on the recent horrific shooting there. Here’s what she wrote (I have her permission to include it):

You mentioned last week the atrocity here in Christchurch and the darkness it came from. I would love it if you also mentioned the response of our communities, our country and our amazing leader to what happened. It is a hugely positive story and, I believe, provides us all with hope and guidance on how we can respond to these horrors and grow in our love and acceptance of each other. So many amazing things—a greater understanding of our Muslim communities and the Islamic faith through allowing their voices to be heard, the love that our Muslim community felt from other New Zealanders, which has helped them in their grief, the way we all came together as one in so many physical ways (flowers, reaching out to say sorry to our Muslim brothers and sisters, the vigil, marches and visits to mosques, the discussions we had and how we needed to change, the shared tears and grief, the wearing of headscarves by non-Muslim women as a mark of respect and so on and so on), the shining light that Jacinda Ardern, our incredible Prime Minister has provided to help guide us in how we come together (showing us a new form of feminine leadership that we so much need as a world) and how we can grow together to become more inclusive and become an example that others can emulate. The way that our Maori (local indigenous people) cultural values provided a foundation for us to express our grief and hope because they have not lost the sense of collective oneness with our land and spirit.

It seems a wonderful opportunity to show how the darkness has been turned into light here… that there is hope.

Anyway, just wanted to share this with you and hope that you not just talk about the darkness that happened here and is happening in different ways across the world but how we have embraced each other and appear to be growing together in some kind of alchemic reaction, which is such a great message to also share.”

For the rest:


Fascinating Frank, thanks for the link on the Murdoch family story. Must read it all!

The astrology that links Robert Mueller and Bill Barr to each other and to the US keeps drawing me to one conclusion; it is all about the US natal chart’s square between the US natal Sun in Cancer that is squared by the US natal Saturn in Libra – between life (Sun) and death (Saturn) you might say.

Some background: In May, 2018, transiting Neptune in Pisces and transiting Jupiter in Scorpio (both rulers of Pisces) made an exact trine with each other (16+ degrees of Pisces and Scorpio) that formed a grand trine with the US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer. Transiting Uranus had just entered the sign of Taurus for the 1st time.

Transiting Neptune (16+ Pisces) was opposite Mueller’s natal Mars-Chiron conjunction at 16+ Virgo, and transiting Jupiter (16+ Scorpio) was sextile it. Then trans. Neptune stationed retrograde June 18th at 16+ Pisces.

Rod Rosenstein’s natal Pluto at 16+ Virgo as well as his natal Uranus at 14+ Virgo were conjunct Mueller’s natal Mars Chiron at 16+ Virgo, and trans. Neptune opposed them as well as Mueller’s Mars-Chiron.

The following month, June, Barr wrote his unsolicited memo to Rod Rosenstein in which he said Trump should not be interrogated.

Trump hires Barr (at Rosenstein’s suggestion?) and becomes Mueller’s new boss. Barr’s natal Neptune (14″ Libra) conjuncts US natal Saturn (14+ Libra) and Trump’s natal Chiron (14+ Libra) that conjuncts his natal Jupiter (17+ Libra).

Rosenstein also has a north node at 22+ Gemini that conjuncts Trump’s Sun at 22+ Gemini and Rod’s natal Sun at 23+ Capricorn is where transiting Pluto is right now. Right Now!

After stationing direct in November 2018, at 13+ Pisces, trans. Neptune (trine US Sun at 13+ Cancer) reached the 14-16 range of Pisces again in late Dec. 2018, through late March, 2019, again opposing Mueller’s Mars-Chiron and Rosenstein’s Pluto-Uranus.

When you take the points at 14+ Libra (US Saturn and Barr’s Neptune and Trump’s Chiron) and the points at 14+ Leo (Mueller’s Sun and Barr’s Pluto) you have a sextile.

When you add transiting Neptune at 14+ Pisces (still in orb of a trine to US Sun in Cancer) you have a Yod with transiting Neptune at the Yod apex which must “shift” to be in accord with the sextile planets.

Then you add the points opposite transiting Neptune and you have a Boomerang and that would be Mueller’s Mars-Chiron and Rosenstein’s Pluto-Uranus, all in Virgo. These points in Virgo is where the power of the Boomerang resides, and it’s a helluva lot of power.

Rosenstein’s natal Jupiter at 16+ Taurus trines the Virgo planets but also sextiles transiting Neptune in Pisces, aiding the Neptune “shift”. (Transiting Mars was conjunct Rosenstein’s Jupiter earlier in March.)

This makes Rosenstein the linchpin in this operation (at least in astrological terms) and could explain why he is still there at the DOJ.

Somehow in some way these 3 men (Mueller, Rosenstein, Barr) + the blundering orange one are (if unconsciously) acting through some, shall we say “divine” machinations (emphasis on “nations”) in keeping the grand experiment (the USA) alive, and on to a future track that has been forged by repairs made due to the activation (by transiting Neptune in the Yod-turned-Boomerang) of 2018-2019. It is a time of miracles and wonders.

At least that’s my take on it.

I just find it so unbelievable that we are discussing joe Biden’s chances being shot whilst the POTUS has so many accusers and what he said and so many voted for him no problem.

Something is seriously wrong with how untouchable he is. All the news should be talking about him saying father was born in Germany , windmills cause cancer and all the other craziness.

What is really going on? I feel sometimes that i am living in an alternate reality.


Stop watching news for awhile. TV is an alternate reality. I had to take a news fast after the Mueller report came “out” and the WH and GOP crowing was too much.

Figure that whenever T goes off like that there’s something really scaring him. I think it has to do with his own staff telling him the report does not look good for him, and that the real emphasis is on his money. He’s living high off of loans and credit from the The Bank of the Russian Oligarchs.

Hope that helps.

To be even more explicit:

The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, commonly referred to as the RICO Act or simply RICO, is a United States federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization.


Fe, “the Wise Feminine indeed”. Said another way, a balancing of the extreme polarity between masculine and feminine. Way overdue, but, apparently not too late for our species. Thanks for the Ralphee snippet too!

Diana, we all are in a period of waking up. I for one have been awakened to the reality of just how many people (in the US especially) are fed up with government’s scorn for their problems, and the general malaise of our society; so much so that they would vote for an entertainer, void of government management experience, to be President.

The point of Trump making hash of our laws and mores (norms of society) is to awaken us, and yes that IS living in an alternate reality.

Reading Ralphee Finn (see Fe’s link above) we see how a community coming together can overcome its destructive divides. We in the USA have a long way to go to get there.

Still, it is the duality we live in – the symbolism of Neptune: positive is compassion, negative is “craziness”. No one does crazy like Trump so if he can’t wake us up (increase our group consciousness), we are doomed. I’m positive he CAN do it, but still guessing as to the date when it happens! Right now I’m leaning toward Election Day 2020, but it could be sooner.

Our group values have to include concern for others, especially if they are different from ourselves (a positive Neptune example) and that seems to be growing, judging by the number of Democrats running for their party’s nomination.

Diana, the Repubican senator from Iowa, Chuck Grassley, publicly stated tody that Trump’s comments about wind turbines were “idiotic”. His craziness & ineptness is registering; it’s too obvious. And Mueller investigators are starting to make it known that the report was more damaging to Trump than Barr has let us know. Also, the report has been subpoena’d and Trump’s tax returns have been requested (although a subpoena may be necessary). He will not be untouchable on all fronts.

Amen Sharon, “it’s too obvious” is key to this whole charade. All the better to get the attention of those least interested in the world around them. Thanks!

On Friday and Saturday (April 5-6) transiting Venus (values) will be at 12+ Pisces (hidden). This is important because it will be in the US natal 3rd house of communications and will be square the US natal chart’s ascendant (12+ Sagittarius) and square the US chart’s descendant, as well as Mueller’s natal Uranus, both at 12+ Gemini.

It will also oppose Mueller’s natal Mercury (reports) at 12+ Virgo (details) creating a grand cross (fierce fight) in mutable (transition) signs.

At the same time, transiting Jupiter (big picture) at 24+ Sagittarius (Jupiter’s own sign) will be stationing (in the same degree for 29 days) retrograde (reviewing) as it is quincunx (forcing an adjustment) to the US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer, as well as Trump’s Venus ($$) at 25+ Cancer and Trump’s Saturn (restriction) at 23+ Cancer.

Sounds to me like not just Trump’s tax returns will soon be revealed, but a lot of Democrat President wannabes tax returns too.

Speaking of which, Bernie was supposed to disclose his.

Patty Diane Seigel can be glum from time to time. I think it is understandable under the circumstances.

Take it all with a grain of salt, or a salt lick if you like.

She did say something that I have been trying to express. She said that you could do astrological charts but that you also had to have intuition. I believe that is true.

Today some Mueller investigators told the NYT that Barr did not characterize their report properly. This is important. Some of the investigators have left the DOJ and are able talk now. Today is the third. Linda G said the number 3 would be important. Take that with a grain of salt too.

WashPost out tonight with a story corroborating the NYTimes piece in Mueller’s teams displeasure with the Barr Report.. truth is coming…

“…. truth is coming”.

I suspect after the heavily redacted Mueller report is released (courtesy of Attorney General William Barr), there will be a huge backlash. Expect some major leaks with seriously damaging info on Trump to be revealed from former Mueller appointees who are no longer under the vow of secrecy. It’s all very predictable.

comment from the nyt’s:
“How many times can Trump and his underlings pull the same trick and have us fall for it? “I’ll release my tax returns”. “I’ll sit down with Mueller, 100%, and answer questions under oath.” “I have no problems with releasing the Mueller report.” And then of course, there is always a barrier- the audit, my lawyers, the attorney general… and then when it comes down to it, it never happens. Barr is just enacting the latest of these things. Don’t hold your breath waiting for a full, meaningful report coming from Barr– he knows very well the reason he was picked for the job.”

A wake-up call of things to come?…….

First-Ever Leaks Originating From The Robert Mueller Team

MSNBC / Chris Hayes and Nick Akerman break down the news that some of Mueller’s investigators believe Barr downplayed their findings on Trump

Video: 5 min 43 sec


“Crucial new revelation from WaPo: Mueller team prepared summaries of their findings *for the express purpose* of informing the public.

One official says goal was for findings to be “shared in their own words — and not in the attorney general’s summary.”


Jerry: ” suspect after the heavily redacted Mueller report is released (courtesy of Attorney General William Barr), there will be a huge backlash.”

I wonder if Barr has not already lost control of this… I would not be at all surprised to see these leaks of at least the summaries prepared by the Mueller team to come out before Barr even has a chance to doctor things up morel….
Why he would sacrifice his reputation (such as it is) on the altar of ignoramus Trump is beyond understanding…

Tomorrow morning’s New Moon in Aries will oppose the US natal Saturn and Barr’s natal Neptune in Libra, while squaring US natal Sun in Cancer.

It also squares the US progressed Jupiter, just 2 degrees from the US natal Sun and just one degree from an exact square to US natal Saturn and Barr’s Neptune. Jupiter is about justice as well as the “Big Picture”.

There is an interesting grand cross between Eris at 23+ Aries opposite Pallas at 21+ Libra and they both square the Nodes (north at 22+ Cancer and south at 22+ Capricorn).

Joining the South Node is Pluto (23+ Cap) and Saturn (21+ Cap), so the overall picture is of strife (Eris), defense (Pallas), a path forward (North Node) and letting go of behavior that does not produce growth (South Node).

The transiting Pluto and Saturn encourage this “letting go” by their proximity to the transiting South Node, as does the US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo) that trines Pluto, South Node and Saturn in transit. This looks to me like baby steps in the evolution process for humanity with the US leading the way.

Don’t forget that grand cross between trans. Venus in a T-square with the US natal chart’s ascendant and descendant (+ Mueller’s Uranus), and her opposition to Mueller’s Mercury, which will be part of this New Aries Moon in about 13 hours.


This is good news. Obama’s advisory committee on climate change, disbanded by Trump, regrouped at the invitation of NY’s Gov. Cuomo!

Also, on a non-political note, if you did not see this before, it’s a beautiful, feel-good story that will touch you. https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2019/04/03/tiny-baby-did-not-have-any-hospital-visitors-five-months-so-nurse-adopted-her/?fbclid=IwAR3NzW4ytjpaSfcUXs4mg7hQCK6yNT9FyogKAhpgv-Z0GwdGvYr5d_HQ04k&noredirect=on&utm_term=.01fd63ca759b

If Interested…
Pat Thurston is on SF Radio now taking many calls and talking-up William Barr’s Trump sham.
If you’re interested tune in live.
It’s powerful when the American people put our heads together like this.
Pat will be on live for a few more hours.

Congress will be out of session until the end of April so if Mueller appears before Congress it will be in May.

Barr shining us on (Accompanied by malnourished friend). I swear on a stack of it’s really Barr.


That is a wonderful story Sharon. Love those pictures.

Michael Wolstar on Neptune Cafe’s FB page today. I tend to agree with him on this point:

“The U.S. Scorpio Rising Horoscope
When I first began studying “mundane astrology”, the preferred Ascendant for the U.S. was Gemini, with a vocal minority preferring the so-called Sibley chart, or Sagittarius Rising. Since then, the Gemini variants have gone out of favor and the majority has shifted to Sagittarius Rising. The Scorpio Rising chart is gaining in popularity, originally derived from Marc Penfield’s work, and strongly supported by my research and articles.
Here are a few counterpoints to the most common argument for the “Sibley” chart, namely, that the transiting Saturn-Pluto opposition on 9/11 in Gemini/Sagittarius confirms a Sagittarius Ascendant. Agreed, transiting Pluto is an important factor, especially when one uses the Scorpio Ascendant. Consider that on 9/11 transiting Pluto was at 12º38’ Sagittarius, and precisely octile (semi-square) natal Pluto, the ruler of the Scorpio Rising horoscope (orb: 0º05’).
And if you progress the Scorpio Rising chart to 9/11 you’ll get a powerful and telling configuration: the progressed Ascendant squared progressed Mars in the 12th house, which was conjoined by the progressed Part of Fortune. Progressed Mars in the 12th activated shows sabotage, dangerous hidden enemy action. The progressed Ascendant showed that the symbols of the national identity – the Pentagon and the World Trade Center – were the targets.
Was 9/11 more explosive and consequential than the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941? At the time, transiting Pluto was conjunct the progressed Part of Fortune and the natal North Node, with all three squaring the Scorpio Ascendant. There was no Saturn-Pluto aspect in effect at the time, or any outer planet configuration activating the Sibley Ascendant.
Also consider that transiting Pluto opposed the US Scorpio Ascendant at the beginning of the Civil War while progressed Mars was exactly on the Midheaven. The nation fought itself when the ruling planet opposed its own Ascendant. In my opinion, transits by themselves don’t lead to major events. Consider using progressions for more accuracy in forecasting.
The attached graphic shows the Scorpio Rising chart progressed to the 9/11 event.”


The article says it could takes months or even years of legal battles. Every president since Nixon has released their returns, or a summary. I believe some candidates also have (Romney?)


Here’s a thought; today’s New Moon (15+ Aries) is trine transiting Ceres (Mother Earth) at 14+ Sagittarius which conjuncts the Great Attractor (irresistible force)at 14+ Sagittarius as well.

In May, 2000, at the time of the start of the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle, transiting Chiron was also at 14+ Sagittarius and conjunct the Great Attractor, while the Moon (the People) was at 3+ Aries at the time.

On April 10-11, 5 days from now, the transiting Sun (consciousness) will conjunct the US NATAL Chiron at 20+ Aries, just a few hours before TRANSITING Chiron (healing, wounding) reaches 3+ Aries and conjuncts the Moon (the People) in the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s chart (a cycle about the rise and fall of societies) which will be over and done with in 21 months.

While all planetary symbols have multiple meanings, Chiron always seems to have a wounding of some kind that leads to a healing of some kind.

Transiting Chiron has been in (and out and back in) Aries for almost a year now, and in a few days it will conjunct the Moon (the People) in the presently active Jupiter-Saturn cycle (about societies), that was square the US NATAL Venus (3+ Cancer) that symbolizes the US values, primarily among them money.

Me thinks this might mean the People will be wounded by some event around the 10th or 11th when trans. Sun conjuncts US NATAL Chiron and squares transiting Saturn at 20+ Capricorn.

Transiting Ceres will have stationed retrograde conjunct the Great Attractor on the 8th (this coming Monday), suggesting a possible natural event caused by a powerful magnetic force could take place. Ceres in the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn chart was at 26+ Virgo which was trine the US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn, a symbol of the power in the government and corporate world.

What first springs to mind is something like the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster in April 2010. Transiting Uranus, for many years now, has been in lockstep with transiting Chiron – always about 30 degrees between them – and I see them working as a team.

Next month transiting Uranus will reach 3+ Taurus, the degree where Chiron was when discovered, and the degree where Chiron was when Uranus was discovered. What are the odds of that happening?

Trans. Uranus will be at 3+ Taurus just a couple of days after trans. Chiron leaves 3+ Aries (and it’s conjunction with the Moon in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart) and trans. Uranus will sextile the US natal Venus at 3+ Cancer . . and this gives me heart. It could be a way to focus The People (in the USA) on what really matters. Or not.

Trump’s MC (how he is seen) at 24+ Taurus sextiles his natal Saturn (23+ Cancer), his natal Venus (25+ Cancer) and US natal Mercury (24+ Cancer) and this sextile forms a Yod to transiting Jupiter at 24+ Sagittarius.

Jupiter symbolizes foreign countries and people, among other things. In this Yod (Trump’s sextile and transiting Jupiter) could symbolize Trump’s threat to close the Mexico-US border. It is Jupiter (foreign people and countries) that must make the shift required by the Yod.

Because transiting Jupiter is stationing retro it will be in this Yod apex from March 21 through May 6th, and again from Oct 31 through Nov 14, so in case you need to cross the border and want to get back safely, a good time would be between May 6 and Oct 30.

Also, re: the trans Sun conjunct US Chiron in a few days from now, at the same time trans. Chiron conjuncts the Jupiter-Saturn chart’s Moon at 3+ Aries, be aware that trans. Vesta will be conjunct trans. Chiron and she’s about investments.

For that matter Taurus is about money, so as Uranus transits over the Chiron Degree (3+ Taurus) it will reverberate that same theme of being sextile US Venus, which asks us – what is it we really value.

Something to remember as you look at candidate charts on election night – Bush 2 was re-elected on a Saturn return. Transit Saturn stationed on his precession corrected natal Saturn.

Nov 03 2004 Saturn Conjunct Saturn26°30′ Cancer pTr-Na
Nov 08 2004 Saturn stationed retrograde at 26°32′ Cancer pTr
Nov 12 2004 Saturn Conjunct Saturn26°30′ Cancer pTr-Na

GW BUSH – Natal Chart
July 6, 1946, 7:26 am, EDT
New Haven, Connecticut
41°N18’29” 072°W55’43”

Natal Saturn 118°34′ (Precessed 119°26′)

2004 Election call Wednesday, November 3, EST
11:34 am, November 3, 2004, EST
New Haven, Connecticut 41°N18’29” 072°W55’43”

Transit Saturn 119°22′

Wednesday, November 3, 2004. Call times are from NBC News and are approximate.

11:00 a.m. Kerry Calls Bush to Concede
11:34 a.m. NEVADA Called for Bush
11:34 a.m. Bush crosses the 270 Electoral Vote Threshold

Something to remember as you look at candidate charts on election night – Bush 2 was re-elected on a Saturn return. Transit Saturn stationed on his precession corrected natal Saturn.

Nov 03 2004 Saturn Conjunct Saturn26°30′ Cancer pTr-Na
Nov 08 2004 Saturn stationed retrograde at 26°32′ Cancer pTr
Nov 12 2004 Saturn Conjunct Saturn26°30′ Cancer pTr-Na

GW BUSH – Natal Chart
July 6, 1946, 7:26 am, EDT
New Haven, Connecticut
41°N18’29” 072°W55’43”

Natal Saturn 118°34′ (Precessed 119°26′)

2004 Election call Wednesday, November 3, EST
11:34 am, November 3, 2004, EST
New Haven, Connecticut 41°N18’29” 072°W55’43”

Transit Saturn 119°22′

Wednesday, November 3, 2004. Call times are from NBC News and are approximate.

11:00 a.m. Kerry Calls Bush to Concede
11:34 a.m. NEVADA Called for Bush
11:34 a.m. Bush crosses the 270 Electoral Vote Threshold

From The Chicago Tribune:
Commentary: I study liars. I’ve never seen one like Donald Trump.

Elisabeth Grace:
” Meanwhile, Barr is saying that he’ll deliver some version of the Mueller Report in “mid-April,” about when Mercury will be back at the Aries Point, which makes perfect sense if you’re tracking the flow of events in sync with planetary cycles.”


A fascinating analysis on the upcoming April 14th Grand Trine. This appears to coincide with the expected release of the Mueller Report…..

April Grand Fire Trine! Best Astrological Day in April by Evon Davis

Video: 20 min 28 sec



Video: 58 min 07 sec


Ed tamplin this week writes about financial divide implications thru time

this article made me think of a brief comment made (I think sometime last year) by Denise Seigel that she was uncomfortable that (paraphrasing) someone in Russia had contacted her regarding her psychic ‘stuff’.

At the end of the article, a Russian minister calls it junk science. Who knows how accurate it is? However, the U.S. is probably also doing something like this, I would suspect, kiwi. “Remote viewers”

I wasn’t referring to the accuracy of the report. I was referring to the accuracy of the psychic perceptions and telepathy, although I do believe mankind will advance in this area. Having had many psychic readings, I know that it is not that easy to hone in on things accurately and individual decision-making and changes of mind also have a lot to do with it .

I’ve searched about the internet for good astrological analysis of Brexit and a possible timetable. But I’ve not found any site or astrologer particularly illuminating.

Has anyone on the blog encountered or know of an astrologer who’s written lucidly on the subject?

As one may recall, the Jan. 21st 2019 total lunar eclipse (0 ’51 Leo) formed a close square to tr. Uranus (28 ’41 Aries) AND was within a hairs breath of opposing the Jan 20th 2017 US Inaugural charts natal Sun (0 ’49 Aquarius).

The upcoming April 19th 2019 Full Moon (29 ’06 Libra) in opposition to tr. Uranus (2 ’19 Taurus) forms a grand cross square to this configuration. In fact if one calculates a chart for Washington DC at April 19th 9:58 am; the moon would have progressed to 0 ’46 Scorpio in exact opposition to the Uranus/Sun midpoint (0 ’46 Taurus) – within 3 minutes square of the US Inaugural Sun (0 ’49 Aquarius). See related chart for quick reference: http://tinyurl.com/y573rjwk .

Could this April 19th date be the defining moment when President Trump is forced to resign? It’s clear there will be a firestorm of protests if as predicted Attorney General Barr will turn in a heavily redacted Mueller report over to Congress in mid April. Will there be overwhelming damning evidence leaked that will leave no choice but for Trump to resign? April 19th anyone?

Some additional info on the April 19th Full Moon…….

Full Moon April 2019 ~ Aspects/ by Marina of Darkstar Astrology

Moon opposite Uranus is going to cause a stir in the collective. The electric and volatile energy of Uranus seems to become even more unstable than usual in opposition. The polarity creates wild mood swings and has the feel of a loose cannon. In my research, it was sad to see that three accidents/assassinations are in the list of the natives who were born with this aspect and all of three deaths caused a huge public outpouring of emotion whether it be anger, shock or deep mourning.

The revolutionary energy of Uranus though, means that after the lightning bolt has struck, things are never the same again. With this aspect there is the feeling that something is just about to flip out, so we will feel like we must be ready to jump ship very quickly.

April 19 Libra ? Full Moon – Completions, Resolutions, Setting Yourself Free by Molly McCord

The second Libra Full Moon of 2019 is a time to complete a part of your soul’s journey that allows you to move forward with greater confidence and connection to who you are now. The moon at 29 degrees Libra is asking for objective understanding around relationship dynamics or patterns that you are meant to see in yourself. Venus in Pisces is the ruler of this Full Moon and she is asking you to be kind to your heart and loving around the lessons that are ending. A strong completion energy is within this lunar cycle. Let go consciously or get dragged. Both the Moon and Sun interact directly with Uranus in Taurus, igniting breakthroughs, cosmic changes, and a disruption to the status quo. Plus, the lunar cycle returns to its natural rhythm after this Full Moon, signaling another pivotal change in how we build, manifest, and live in sync with flows of energies.

Video: 25 min 54 sec


…..Just a quick reminder. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will be deeply impacted by this April 19th Full Moon, with natal Saturn (0 Taurus) Pluto (0 Leo) square right on these aspects. She certainly will be in a good position to take over the presidency if Trump resigns.

In fairness I have to post that my biwheel for AOC’s progressed chart with the July 2nd total solar eclipse had her chart progressed to the wrong day.

[b]I have corrected it and it is such a mix. The eclipse is on her Jupiter but it is also opposite her progressed Saturn and Neptune with eclipse Saturn and Pluto on her progressed IC.[/b]

I now have some concerns for her safety.

Also the correct position of tRump’s progressed New Moon on July 25th is at 154°49′.



Eliseo, in regard to Brexit, here is Oxford Astrology with lots to say.



Thank you for your astrology re: April 19th full moon. Very interesting numbers.

On another note;
Raquel Spring gave me the way-bad barfs; totally bugged me. She could have said everything she needed to in 15 minutes, tops.

Bob, I have been worried about AOC and all of the Dem leaders and many other progressive voices. I fear that we are about to enter a period of assassinations as we had in the 1960s. I hope and pray it does not happen, but….trump and his propaganda machine (Fox) are getting more and more militant.

Well, I think I’m going with Kamala Harris as my choice for Dem candidate and winner of 2020 Presidential election. For now anyway.

Did you know that the Jan. 20, 2021 Inauguration chart has a Mars (compete)-Uranus (surprise!) conjunction at 6+ Taurus that squares the US natal chart’s South Node (release of old behavior that no longer serves growth) and US natal Pholus (small cause begets big effect) at 6+ Aquarius? From Jan 15-19, 2021, transiting Jupiter will be at 6+ Aquarius.

Also on Jan. 20, 2021, Neptune and Ceres will be conjunct at 18+ Pisces which is opposite Kamala’s natal Venus in Virgo (which squares Trump’s natal Uranus in Gemini). The Moon that day will conjunct Kamala’s natal Aries Moon.

Venus at 15+ Cap on Jan 20, 2021, will trine Kamala’s Pluto at 15+ Virgo. This is my 1st attempt to handicap this horse race, and possibly my last.

Many Thanks for the link. I read all that was available at the site re: Brexit. Unfortunately, there was no current April/May 2019 analysis, but mostly work done before the original vote.

Interestingly, most of the UK astrologers by a pretty large margin correctly predicted their citizens would vote to leave the EU. But what I’m most interested in presently is
(a) whether the UK will leave but remain in a customs union, (which would severely limit their economic and financial options)
(b) when precisely the exit might take place.

A “hard” Brexit will hurt badly for a while but opens the door to a much better trade bloc for them, i.e. with the United States and the rest of the Anglosphere. (That’s in the works behind the scenes.) A “soft” Brexit will not avail them that opportunity.

Most of the analyses by various astrologers at the site were from 2016 and 2017. This is also true of other sites I’ve encountered. I therefore continue to look for recent 2019 astro-analysis.

According to medical records obtained by Newsweek Trump was diagnosed with a “metabolic imbalance” in 1982 by Dr. Joseph Greenberg, a Manhattan endocrinologist.According to Medical Records Obtained by Newsweek:https://www.scribd.com/document/372716093/According-to-Medical-Records-Obtained-by-Newsweek

Kirstjen out – another Trump ass kisser falls from grace.
The new acting head of HS was commissioner of customs and border protection – was born and raised in Hawaii – here’s hoping he is a bit more with it than she has been.

Eliseo, Marjorie has a couple of recent articles mentioning brexit, but sadly not much of an obvious conclusion.


Silcominc, I too have been worried for AOC since the very start as if she were my own beautiful Daughter.
She’s far too animated because she’s so young. Wish she would keep a smaller profile for a while.
The Religious Right can be very cruel and vindictive.
And I would love to see her grow, mature & Lead.

Hi Will,

About Raquel Spring….. I do understand your reaction. Her style appears to be a bit long winded; she tends to embellish, but with that being said, I find her astrological insights quite refreshing and unique. She touches on the Pluto and Saturn stations (the end of this month) in one of her subsequent videos; a critical important factor to consider in the over all scheme of things. Well worth skimming through if you have the time……..


Video: 24 min 48 sec


Patty and silcominc: I also am so worried about AOC and Ilhan.

I did have to chuckle, though, when you said you think of her as a daughter. I told my own two daughters last summer that I was adopting AOC and that they now had a sister.

Obama to Dems,

Progressives need to avoid becoming a
“Circular Firing Squad.”

A pundit also quipped,

“We can count on the Democrats to persist in their “self-cannibalism.”

This reverberates back to the Virginia Governor’s debacle a few months ago.

I am with will on this.

Spring has sprung. After video has opened go full screen then pause it to take in the chart. Birth time is shown to be on the hour.

Astrology and Soulmates | What You Need in a Relationship?

Published on Jul 15, 2018. Her chart at 53:34


In looking at the top Democratic candidates’ charts, it struck me that Pluto is prominent in several of them (in alpha order and no more than 5-degree orb):

Joe Biden: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars in Scorpio

Pete Buttigieg: Sun-South Node square Pluto-Saturn

Kamala Harris: Venus-Uranus-Pluto conjunction

Beto O’Rourke: Sun-Mars-Pluto square Jupiter

I didn’t see significant Pluto or Scorpio configurations in the charts of Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, but I may have missed something.

Trump is a Uranian individual, but, with the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto alignment happening in January 2020 and the US Pluto return occurring in 2023-2024, I wonder if Biden, Mayor Pete, Kamala, and Beto are meant to bring their Plutonian energies to the service of the country, either during this Presidential cycle and/or in the years leading up to the US Pluto Return?

Maybe pause at 53:43 then go full screen.


“WARNING: Trump is now removing anyone loyal to this nation’s laws. We are officially in a Dictatorship. @SpeakerPelosi & Democrats need to start attacking this admin loudly, publicly or we will lose this republic. STAND UP FOR THE CONSTITUTION! DO YOUR DUTY! #NoKings ”


I was just coming here to post that, Angellight. What’s the astrology on this? Nancy, other astrologers, are we about to plunge into the darkness of dictatorship?

gbs, I think these candidates with their Pluto strengths are, as you say, bringing their service to the country. Thank you for your contribution and your observing eye!

At the Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12, 2020, there are 5 planets within 3 degrees of one another:

Sun 21 Cap 55
Ceres 22 Cap 34
Saturn and Pluto 22 Cap 46
Mercury 23 Cap 12

This stellium in Capricorn trines the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo and opposes the US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer and is in the accepted 5 degree orb of a conjunction to US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn.

There are a multitude of things that fascinate me about this Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart and here’s one.

Jupiter (9+ Capricorn) conjuncts the South Node (8+ Capricorn) which is where the present Mars-Saturn cycle started, a cycle which will end March 31, 2020. The South Node symbolizes something that is no longer working for betterment.

This Mars-Saturn cycle startup at 8+ Cap was opposite Trump’s natal Mercury at 8+ Cancer (which rules his Sun sign of Gemini), as will Jupiter and the South Node in the 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart. This Mars-Saturn cycle is what is giving Trump grief since it began on April 2, 2018.

That chart had Jupiter (22+ Scorpio) sextile Pluto (21+ Cap) that formed a Yod to US natal Mars (21+ Gemini) and Trump’s natal Sun at 22+ Gemini. It is the US Mars and Trump’s Sun that is being forced to adjust, due to their position at the apex of the Yod with Jupiter and Pluto in the Mars-Saturn chart.

Come January, 2020, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart’s South Node and Jupiter will reinforce that pressure on Trump’s Mercury, while the transiting North Node will provide Trump’s Mercury (both at 8+ Cancer) an escape if he takes it. Trump’s Mercury rules – and is in his 11th house of organizations and friends and I would include his supporters.

At the time of the January 2020 Saturn Pluto conjunction transiting Hades and transiting Industria will conjunct the transiting North Node and Trump’s natal Mercury, all at 8+ Cancer. Perhaps some despicable (Hades) program he’s worked on (the Wall? separation of children from parents?) industriously will be outlawed and he will have no choice but to give it up.

Joe Biden’s natal Mercury, as you mentioned is in Scorpio and it conjuncts the Jupiter in the present Saturn-Mercury cycle chart that was sextile Pluto; a sextile that forms a Yod to Trump’s Sun and US natal Mars. If and when he gets in the race he can make Trump squirm.

Biden’s Mercury also sextiles the 2020 Pluto-Saturn stellium in Capricorn and that could trash Trump’s Sun in Gemini.

Error alert . . it is Mars, not Mercury that was conjunct Saturn, and the Jupiter in that MARS-Saturn cycle is what Biden’s Mercury conjuncts. (2nd to last paragraph above).

Just wanted to mention that my favorite presidential candidates (and, btw, Swalwell jumped on the band wagon today), Jay Inslee & Julio Castro will do CNN town halls this Wed & Thurs, 4/10 & 11, at 10 p.m. on both evenings. Tomorrow night is Kirsten Gilbrand, who I have no interest in, especially after her helping to force Al Franken out. This coming Sunday, 4/14, will have CNN interviewing Marrianne Williamson and Andrew Yang at 7 & 8 p.m.

At first I thought this big slate of Democratic candidates might be chaotic or non-productive, or weaken the pool, BUT, on the other hand, we will never be at a loss for interesting spokespeople who will be getting progressive and Democratic ideas lots of coverage!

angellight and Jackson,

Although I completely understand your dire concerns, I seriously doubt that we will be plunged into dictatorship even if it feels like it through the machinations of the madman on Pennsylvania Ave.

Eventually L’ Enfant Terrible will have his diapers changed on the world stage. It won’t be too long.

Take heart.

angellight and Jackson,

I don’t think we’ll descend into an autocracy or dictatorship unless Trump gets a second term. It would then become a serious possibility, but I don’t see him winning a second term and quite possibly leaving office early much as Bob has described.

If, like me, the confusion and chaos created by Trump has made it difficult to get a grasp on what’s happening in the USA, but here’s a simplified (no, seriously, I mean it) approach to start you off to better understanding.

Trump has natal planets – Saturn and Venus – that conjunct the US natal Mercury, symbol of thinking, communicating and planning. You can deduce from this that US thinking and communicating and planning has been taken over by Trump.

Trump’s Sun conjuncts US Mars and Mars symbolizes action, sometimes aggression as well as anger and strength. Trump has taken over US natal Mars just like he’s taken over US Mercury.

Both US Mercury and US Mars make aspects to US natal Neptune, so when I say we are prone to illusion – that we like escapism such as movies, TV, drugs and sports – it is easy to see why, based on the US natal astrology.

But why now and why Trump you might wonder. Trump’s Sun and Saturn and Venus all aspect US natal Neptune (mad as a hatter) by either sextile or square.

Timing of transits are crucial as you know and right now transiting Pluto and Saturn are trine US natal Neptune, meaning the transiting planets are in sync with US Neptune (escape from reality) in Virgo (facts and practicality).

With trans. Saturn (structure and reality) in sync with US Neptune (illusion) the structure we see now does not look like reality. With trans. Pluto (death and rebirth) in sync with US Neptune (illusion), the death is real but we don’t quite see the rebirth yet.

We must wait for the transformation the USA and its people and institutions and power are going through to be completed. Think of US Neptune as the anesthetic, Pluto as the surgeon and Saturn as the time it takes to heal.

I also see Trump as the symbol for the US Constitution’s natal Neptune (what’s not clear) since his natal Jupiter conjuncts it. The PROGRESSED US Mars conjuncts both US Constitution Neptune and Trump’s natal Jupiter which is another work “in progress”.

It is very scary to see things that have been standing and functioning all our lives come toppling down. Perhaps that was the message of 9-11, when transiting Pluto and transiting Saturn were opposite each other and conjunct the US natal chart’s ascendant and descendant. Their conjunction 9 months from now would appear to be the start of the US rebirth.

All 5 planets in the stellium in Capricorn: Pluto (rebirth), Saturn (structure), Ceres (climate and nurturing), Sun (consciousness), Mercury (schools and thinking) will trine (inspire and facilitate) US Neptune (dreams of the future). It’s a 30+ year cycle and I hope we all live long enough to see it come to pass.

The news headlines are coming in fast and furious….

Trump’s Anti-immigration Zealot Stephen Miller Is Behind The Purge At Homeland Security (Quartz News)

Trump Signals Even Fiercer Immigration Agenda, With a Possible Return of Family Separations (New York Times)

Trump Told Stephen Miller He’s ‘in Charge’ of Immigration Policy: Report (Daily Beast)

I looked up Stephen Miller’s chart and was surprised to see his natal Pluto placement at 2 ’26 Scorpio. Tr. Uranus is rapidly approaching in its opposition to Miller’s Pluto. Of particular interest is the April 19th Full Moon. Could be explosive.

Here’s Marjorrie Orr’s astrological assessment on Stephen Miller……

Stephen Miller – A Corrosively Contemptuous Pluto In Scorpio

Stephen Miller, one of Trump’s closest advisers, a vociferous opponent of immigration, with a passion for American exceptionalism and racial superiority as well as a penchant for outrageous provocation was born 23 August 1985 4.53pm Santa Monica, California. He was a trenchant conservative even in college, railing against multi-culturalism and Spanish-language announcements and was friendly with white supremacist Richard Spencer; later worked for Tea Party founder Michele Bachmann and then Jeff Sessions, when between them they managed to kill a bi-partisan bill allowing for immigrant registration in 2013. His mother’s family came from Belarus in the 1990s. In the past he has urged violent responses to Islamic terrorism and has spoken out against equal pay for women.

What is most notable now that an accurate birth time is to hand, is his Pluto in Scorpio conjunct his midheaven. A control-freak and then some. Pluto, especially in Scorpio, oozes contempt as a way of putting ‘the other’ down. His Pluto is further emphasised being on the focal point of a mini Grand Trine of his 8th house Sun trine a 12th house Neptune. And his Pluto is also in a pushily confident square to Jupiter in Aquarius, giving him a sense that rules don’t apply to him; and that’s tied in also to the midheaven, Mercury and a Taurus North Node – he may not be likeable but he’s got brass neck and staying power.

His Virgo Sun and Mars Mercury in Leo being in the 8th, make him intense, secretive and obstinate. With an outspoken Sagittarius Moon conjunct Uranus in an explosive trine to Mercury Mars. His Mars is in a hard-edged square to Saturn in obsessive Scorpio in the 10th.



barbk, that’s very interesting how you tied 9/11 to this approaching moment in January 2020. Thank you for that insight!

As much as I loathe Trump, I wonder if he, with his strong Uranus, is a change agent for this transformation that the US is undergoing? That we’ll look back and see that he helped, albeit in a negative fashion, to expose the stresses in our democracy and showed us where we need to work to improve it. It’s as if his Uranus has churned up the ground and now Pluto is going to come in and transform it.

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said “Democracy is not a spectator sport” and it’s had me thinking along these lines. It’s become clear under Trump that we can’t passively expect our country to succeed on auto-pilot. We need to be active participants in its health, whether through activism, running for office, lending our expertise, etc. I think this is the only way we’re going to be able to deal with the challenges of climate change that lie head, which may make Trump seem like a pesky mosquito in comparison.

Here is a sensible comment from nyt’s on Trumps Immigration crisis:

“Given the tens of billions of dollars that have been proposed for US “border security,” it would probably be much cheaper to contribute to improving conditions in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala in order to eliminate the motivation for fleeing those countries in the first place. Unlike Trump’s malicious cruelty, it would make the world a better place, too. Why is it that the pundits can’t bring themselves to consider this option?”

gbs, I heard someone on TV, I think it was on PBS News (possibly the Gov. of Washington) refer to a couple of states in the US as being uninhabitable in the future, due to the climate changes. That was my Waterloo moment. You are absolutely right, we all need to be active participants to save the planet from annihilation.

And yes, I totally agree that Trump, detestable though he is, is a change agent; a wake-up call just in the nick of time. Would we ever have recognized that 30 to 45% of US voters are so angry with US government that they would elect a moron like Trump to be President? Something is massively, massively wrong – with them, with us, with our government and its institutions.

The Russians would not have succeeded in influencing so many people without all the malcontent within our borders.

According to Michael Wolfstar:

Joe Biden’s progressed Midheaven is trine Pluto, giving him a clear opportunity it seek the highest office. Transiting Saturn supports his ambition by trining his Midheaven. However, it’s in his second house and heading for the nadir, which is generally not auspicious. It’s in a closure phase, suggesting that many Democrats will see him as being past his prime, of being out of touch. If he does throw his hat in, he likely won’t be able to beat other Democrat candidates, much less Trump.


That’s how I feel about Biden. Mostly a really good guy, but his time has passed. His generation, and maybe mine, have screwed thongs up too badly. Time for younger people to get their chance.

Barr’s April Showers:

April 2 2019 Neptune at 17°09? Pisces opposite progressed Saturn.
April 19 2019 Mars at 12°38? Gemini square natal Saturn
April 24 2019 Pluto at 23°09? Capricorn stations retrograde square to progressed Mars at 24°04? Libra.
April 26 2019 Mars at 17°10? Gemini square progressed Saturn
April 29 2019 Both chambers of Congress back in session. Saturn at 20°31? Capricorn (RA 292°08?) stations retrograde square to progressed Mars at 202°05?.

Teresa, that’s how I feel about Biden too; he’s past his prime. But what about the other US voters?

Are there enough of them to go out and vote for a younger choice for president rather than just stay home on election day? Are there enough younger voters to overwhelmingly get out and vote for a younger Dem. man or woman to override the voters for Trump?

It seems we are at a crossroads; do we vote for our favorite Democrat or do we vote for someone who can beat Trump even if he or she isn’t our favorite? Older US citizens have been the most reliable to vote in the past. Is that no longer true?
And if so, can we count on that?

Personally I feel the stakes are too high to not nominate the individual who would motivate the most Dem voters at the top of the Dem ticket – even if it was Joe – and put a younger, more progressive individual as the vice president choice.

I don’t think we can know who that will be for another year. We must nominate the most popular Dem even if he or she isn’t the the most qualified in our personal opinion, and I never thought I’d have to say that.

Personally I doubt Joe Biden will be the most popular choice, what with his natal Sun square the US natal Moon. Nor is Bernie Sanders with his natal Saturn square US natal Moon.

Taking into consideration the general bias of the traditional voters in the 35 to 65 age group, I would think a white, male, straight, person would cause the least hesitation for registered voters. Trump can’t challenge someone on those grounds because he’s also white, male and straight, and that’s going to be important.

From what I’ve seen so far, Jay Inslee seems the most likely bet for the greatest number of eligible voters. He has a Sun 7 degrees away from the US natal Moon, both in Aquarius, and the Sun has a wider orb of influence than other planets.

Inslee has a natal Mercury that’s either in the last few minutes of the last degree in Capricorn or the first few minutes of the 1st degree of Aquarius; it’s that close. Either way, his natal Mercury is conjunct the December 2020 transiting Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, the start of a very important 20 year cycle that begins less than 2 months after the 2020 election.

Inslee’s natal Pholus (small cause, big effect) is also at 0+ Aquarius and that “small cause” most likely is his trademark support of environmental protection, something that has increased in the public’s interest within the last year or so.

Jay Inslee also has natal Saturn conjunct the US natal chart’s MC, the highest, most prominent point in the chart that symbolizes achievement (or notoriety).
So, for these astrological reasons I see Gov. Inslee as the most logical person for the Democrats to nominate for president in 2020. This could change.

Don’t know much about Inslee but have a good feeling about everything I do know (including, now, his astrology). The Aquarius symbolizes the future and the new, and the major Aquarian transits are coming soon. It really hit me after your post about Trump, Barb, how connected he is to the U.S. chart, but maybe not connected enough to our inner heart, the Aquarius moon?

Also, climate change and the environment will become a bigger and bigger and Inslee is all in on taking action.

Just a reminder that Inslee is having a CNN town hall, moderated by Wolf Blitzer, tomorrow night, with Julio Castro having one on Thursday.

What do you all think about an Inslee/Klobuchar or Inslee/Harris ticket? I like Warren but she might be a little far left. I think we have to stabilize the nation and try to bring in Progressive ideas in steps (?) Also, there are a few negatives I’ve heard about Harris that will be used against her from her years as prosecutor and, maybe, as CA AG.

I like Buttigieg & O’Rourke but I don’t think it’s their time quite yet. They will rise in government though. Same with Abrams who is extremely bright. Warren, Sanders, Booker already are senators and should be around for a while and do a lot of good. I’d like to see more from Julio Castro and I’d like to see Franken come back. Just mho.

I forgot Andrew Yang. He is a very interesting candidate – a businessman with good, progressive ideas including universal income. He and Marrianne Williams are on CNN on Sunday night and should be VERY worth listening to.

Adam Schiff Noon Chart

April 8th through April 13th transit Jupiter stations retrograde at 263°52′ in right ascension. This will be on his progressed stationing Jupiter.

April 16th 2019 progressed Jupiter stations retrograde at 23°47′ Sagittarius (263°14′ in RA).

April 29rh 2019 transit Jupiter conjunct progressed and stationing Jupiter at 23°47′ Sagittarius.

Natal Jupiter 28°24′ Sagittarius (268°16′ RA).
November 3rd 2019 transit Jupiter conjunct progressed and stationing Jupiter at 23°47′ Sagittarius.
November 25th 2019 transit Jupiter conjunct natal Jupiter at 28°24′ Sagittarius.
November 25th 2019 transit Jupiter conjunct natal Jupiter in longitude and RA.

I like Adam Schiff’s Jupiter Bob, because it sextiles the US Moon, conjuncts the Galactic Center and is in it’s own sign. What do you make of his Jupiter Return?

The chart for Adam’s Jupiter Return has Venus conjunct his Jupiter, for one thing.

It also has a sextile between the Moon at 17+ Scorpio and Saturn at 17+ Capricorn and this sextile forms a Yod to his natal Moon near or at 16+ Gemini which conjuncts Trump’s Uranus at 17+ Gemini.

Adam’s natal Saturn is at 16+ Capricorn so he’s also still in the throes of his 2nd Saturn Return. What are the odds, I wonder, of a simultaneous Saturn Return and Jupiter Return that also conjuncts Venus?

At the 3rd and last time trans. Saturn conjuncts Schiff’s natal Saturn on November 10-11 (and trines his natal North Node in Virgo), the transiting Sun at 17-18 Scorpio (sextile Saturn and forming a
Yod to Trump’s Uranus) will be in the same place the Moon will be in his Jupiter Return on November 25.

What are the odds and what do you suppose it all means?


Sharon, thanks for noting the Inslee CNN town hall tonight. All those choices for VP are outstanding but we must let it play out and see which ones rise to the top (in popularity) during the next year.

For what it’s worth Inslee and Trump are both 6 ft. 3 inches tall (but Trump is probably lying!) If Inslee is our man we can compare them (height wise) when they debate.

Trump to me represents the darkness in America that we have to recognize and transform to make America a more just and fairer country. Just as we as individuals for us to grow must overcome our lower passions and desires to become more Christlike or evolve into our soul natures. This too must happen in every country and for the world.

“WARNING: Now the REAL Trump-Russia scandal. Barr is now openly preparing to cover up Trump & Russia’s malfeasance by investigating Obama admin & FBI for doing their duty detecting an insider attack on the country. The DOJ is now a Dictator’s Weapon.”


Congress is going on a two-week recess after Friday. What is the astrology should the regime attempt a full-court press to install a “unitary” government (read: dictatorship)?

Ralfee Finn:

“Today is probably the worst day of complex astral signals because they occur simultaneously, making it almost impossible to delineate what influence has the strongest reach or greatest gravitational pull.”



I have none of your astrological readings to back up anything of mine, just a feeling I have that neither Bernie or Biden will be the nominee. (Of course, I swore Trump would never be elected, either, so what do I know?)

Was thinking today about how much of our choices for president are based on nothing more substantial than the feeling we get from a candidate.

Bernie just looks kind of crazy.

Biden looks like a very nice, sincere guy, but not a tough one.

Beto looks young and enthusiastic, but idealistic and … not substantial? (I think I’m talking about how skinny he is, which I know — silly criteria.) But we know he can move/inspire people.

Mayor Pete is adorable and non-threatening-looking in that 50s-era sitcom, oldest, most responsible son kind of way, but again, looks boyish and non-substantial. (Short and skinny) Will say, he certainly sounds like a leader, and he seems uniquely well-equipped to talk back to the right while sounding tough and sincere, but not mean. Yeah, I really like him.

Kamala Harris .. I don’t know much about her. I didn’t even realize she was African American until recently. I thought she kind of looked Hispanic. I believe she’s intelligent, but she doesn’t wow me when she speaks.

Amy Klobuchar — love hearing her question witnesses in Congress. See she’s tough and smart, but to look at her, I see really nice mid-western mom.

Barely know anything about Inslee.

Cory Booker — I’ve always liked him. He has that substantial bulk of a leader. Some weight, wide shoulders, tall. (Such ridiculous things by which to judge.) He comes across as smart and serious to me, and I think I see toughness in him.

Kirsten Gillibrand — Have heard her name over the years, to me hasn’t done anything to stand out in a crowed field.

Eric Swalwell — looks like a young Kennedy to me, so he’s got the look, don’t know much about him, heard him on Colbert when he got to give his 90-second or so pitch about why we should elected him, and I heard blah-blah-blah

Stacy Abrams — wow, I like her. She gives a great speech. She connects with people. She doesn’t do politic-speak. Seems like a happy person, but has toughness. I love that she acknowledged that XX would be sworn in as governor, but not that he got the most votes and then went on to form an organization to ensure all votes got counted and no one could do to anyone else what they did to her in Ga. I think I like that she’s a plus-sized woman. (What a sexist thing to say, I know.) I see her as substantial in the candidate sort of way, but probably because of her dress size.

Elizabeth Warren — hear she’s great on the stump. She’s good at talking back to Republicans. Going right at the issue fearlessly. Good on social media doing the same. Look at her and think she seems kind of tired and slumped and run-down. (Again, so superficial.) Obviously very smart. I think she could do great things to reform our financial system and would love to see her in a position to do that. I think she’d love that, too — not all the crap that comes with being president, but giving her a cabinet position where she would work tireless and in detail on financial system reforms.

So, there’s my very superficial view of the candidates. It’s not a good way to judge them, but don’t we all do that? First, they have to get us to notice them, and to do that, we want something about them that stands out and makes us want to know more.

We want to see that they can fight, that they’re tough. That they can answer back in a strong way to opponents without falling back into politi-speak.

I admire your honest view of the candidates Teresa and agree we all, more or less, form these views as part of our overall assessment of politicians, and do the same for all individuals that seek recognition such as film stars and TV pundits.

It is dangerous though, this popularity contest where everyone is judged based solely on their appearance and the perception of their personality. We must be conscious of the values they espouse and let that guide our decision when we vote.

It’s true, too many of us think of political candidates as nothing more than Hollywood celebrities. This then forces them to manufacture a facade that conforms to the image we Americans dream (a Neptune thing) the perfect leader would look and sound like. It comes down to a popularity contest. Your ideas may be mediocre or even bad but if you look good and seem likable you could become President of this country.

It takes a team of skilled people to manufacture a winning candidate, just like the Hollywood PR people manufacture a film/TV star. There has to be some substance however to last through the election process. TV pundits can be merciless in winnowing out wannabes during interviews, and then there are town hall exposures and the like.

At least that’s how it used to be before Trump came and broke all the rules. A lot depends on how We The People examine the candidates going forward. We must get beneath their veneer and manufactured political blather in order to judge the individual’s true character. We shouldn’t be in Hollywood any longer Toto.

Teresa, Your intuitions seem pretty good to me. I, too, love Stacey Abrams. I’m going to look more at Inslee tonight on CNN in 1.5 hrs from now (it’s just about 7:30 p.m. CT), and what’s so bad about a nice-midwestern mom for a president LOL? My cousin says she’s known as a slave driver and he’s worried about her likability issue, comparing it to Hillary’s, but Hillary had so much in the way of baggage and conspiracy theories surrounding her that I don’t see a real comparison.

I’m getting donor requests on my FB page from those candidates who say they need a certain # of donations to make the debates. Today, I noticed Kristen Gillibrand’s request and it made me take notice. Apparently, the megadonors are withholding $ from her because of what she did to Franken and, in her words, “refused to remain silent” about what was right. Ha! I feel the same way they do.

I saw Eric Swalwell on Rachel Maddow’s show so I checked out the planets on his birth date (Nov. 16, 1980) and the main thing that grabbed my interest was that his natal Juno (she who defends the disenfranchised such as victims of gun violence) at 17+ Libra, which is where the US PROGRESSED Mars (gun violence) is and where Neptune (lack of clarity) is in the US Constitution Signing chart, and where Trump’s natal Jupiter is and where Putin’s natal Saturn is.

Swalwell’s natal Sun-conjunct-Uranus in Scorpio trines the US Mercury in Cancer (the Press loves him).

His natal Venus exactly conjuncts the US natal Juno (20+ Libra) as well as his natal Pluto (22+ Libra), which T-squares the trans. Nodes (22 + Cancer-Cap) and squares trans. Saturn and Pluto at 20-23 Cap (that conjuncts the trans. South Node which symbolizes what needs to be released because it no longer serves, such as easy access to guns).

His natal Venus-Pluto conjunction also oppose the US natal Chiron (20+ Aries).

Swalwell’s natal Neptune (21+ Sagittarius) exactly opposes US Mars (guns) at 21+ Gemini and Trump’s Sun (22+ Gemini). The US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo) squares them all + Swalwell’s natal Mars at 25+ Sagittarius (4 degrees from his Neptune and 2 degrees from the Galactic Center at 27+ Sagittarius).

It appears Swalwell’s path is to work on getting US gun laws changed and made stronger and without ambiguity.

Oh, and Swalwell’s Moon in Pisces conjuncts the US Ceres (grieving mother) that squares US Uranus in Gemini. Yeah, he’s the real thing, based on his astrology.

The picture taken of a black hole is a picture of M87 (also referred to the Super Galactic Center) which, from our perspective on Earth, is at 1+ Libra, which is where the US natal chart’s MC (midheaven) is. Something to think about.

My friend posted just now on FB that New Zealand voted 119-1 to ban assault weapons 26 days after the mosque massacre! I wrote that responsible gun owners want everyone to be safe. (It’s the immature, paranoid ones who cling desperately to the 2nd amendment.)

Fine tuning the astrological data a bit, if we are to believe the expected redacted Mueller report Attorney General Barr to be released in the next few days will be sparse on damaging detail; the question arises; if there is incriminating info on Trump that could force him from office, where would that come from?

There is an expectation among political circles that Representative Adam Schiff, ranking Democratic member of the House Intelligence Committee will file sealed indictments at the Southern District of New York. How soon might that be?

Personally, I don’t think the democrats would be willing to interminably wait for the results of a subpoena’d unredacted Mueller Report which would certainly get bogged down in the courts for precious months if not years.

From an astrological vantage point, with Schiff’s natal Mars at 1 Taurus, the April 19th Full Moon opposite tr. Uranus could be a game changer.

Here’s an astrological assessment from Alex Miller

Astrological Profile: Adam Schiff

“…….Schiff’s Sun is sextile both Mars at 1 Taurus and Pluto at 3 Virgo, with the Sun on their midpoint, again marking Schiff as a powerful (Pluto) champion (Mars) for whatever cause he espouses. That Sun and Mars are also at the base of a Yod, or Finger of Destiny, with asteroid Truth at 0 Sagittarius on its Apex; this suggests a fated (Yod) life path (Sun) of energetic advocacy (Mars), with facts, veracity and authenticity (all Truth) as the goal (Apex).”


The SDNY Investigation Is Real Peril for President Trump

National Review
February 9, 2019

Don’t look at Capitol Hill; look a few hours’ drive to the north.

All eyes are on Capitol Hill. House Democrats, flexing their new majority muscles, wasted no time after President Trump’s State of the Union address to announce expansive investigations of the president and those around him: There will be probes into his administration, the 2017 presidential transition, the 2016 Trump campaign, and the Trump Organization — the real-estate business Donald Trump spent a lifetime conducting.

It’s a dragnet, or at least as much of a dragnet as congressional committees can muster. Their investigative powers do not compare with those of federal prosecutors and FBI agents, who compel grand-jury testimony, execute search warrants, arrest suspects, and file indictments to squeeze cooperation from potential witnesses.

That is one reason why the most consequential Trump action may be happening in the place getting the least attention from the national media: the U.S. attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York (SDNY).



Barb, interesting post.

To me, right now it does seem doom and gloom. It seems Barr’s report will be heavily redacted and the WH has clearly seen the report already.

Barr is definitely a political hack and i believe has shocked many people with what seems to be a total selling out of his soul to Trump, yes , his daughter and son in law have huge jobs in this administration, but is that really why he seems so willing to sell out, or is it something more?

This new turn where he says he believes there has been spying and is now going to investigate this is HIGHLY DISTURBING! Can you imagine how Fox News is going to run with this? It seems at this point, not too many care that the Russians interfered the way they did or that much is being done to ensure it doesn’t happen again! Spying is what they are going to look into, really???

Also, can someone explain to me how come Congress doesn’t get to see an unredacted version of the report, it seems crazy , what the hell was the point of a supposedly neutral investigation?

No one is even talking about the state of emergency any more, and Trump’s ridiculous veto! News goes so fast , it all seems crazy and yet somehow surreal, at least to me, sensitive Piscean that I am.

Purging of so many institutions, Stephen Miller being in charge of immigration, a secret counsel to investigate whether climate change is real?!?!?! WTF?

What next, right now it seems that Trump is winning, big time! And they may well, get another SCOTUS seat.

If, somehow Trump does get back in, I shudder to think what will happen. I know many think it’s a given he will be voted out, but i believe many, especially those who are not properly following the madness going on , at the end of the day, next year, if the economy is strong and the Dems don’t have a really solid candidate, will vote on party lines and many many more Republicans than we think will vote the orange maniac back in.

I hope i am wrong.

My natal Mars is 21+ Cap in 3H. I’ve been working with transiting Pluto which feels both challenging and empowering. But now transiting Saturn is heading to conjuncts Pluto… and on my Mars. The day before the Israelis re-elected Netanyahu I had a dark foreboding and knew N’s re-election is somehow paralleling Trump’s re-election in 2020.

The previous Saturn Pluto conjunction in 1982-83 heralded the AIDS epidemic. The conjunction began in late Libra and then moved into Scorpio. I’m a Sun Libra-Scorpio Asc and the conjunction devastated my community and also guided my career as a psychotherapist into a 30 year career working in HIV prevention and care in San Francisco.

This looming conjunction feels ever bit as dark as the last conjunction but possibly even more powerful as it heralds our nation’s Pluto return and soon after, Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius. I’m preparing myself for some anguishing disappointments and developments. What I’ve learned is the critical importance of community and service when the sky falls.

Diana, I think that U.S. intelligence IS acting behind the scenes against Russian intervention. I do share your worry to an extent that Trump not getting re-elected is not a sure thing. However, per Jerry’s post above, the NY State investigation is going to have legs, Schiff is not to be messed with (neither is Pelosi), and a lot can happen between now & then. I am not sure what the populace can do but the tide is turning. I watched Inslee’s town hall last night. The audience was all young and they are VERY concerned about climate change and other toxic things Trump has done. I believe Barb (& maybe Nancy) pointed out the Neptune was blurring things (my simplistic interpretation) and Trump was getting a temporary Jupiter boost while it affects his sun & moon (Jupiter is getting ready to retrograde until approximately August I think).

Frank, that is some interesting information. Pluto will be affecting me in the 2020s and I’m apprehensive. It is always reassuring to hear other people getting through it in a positive way. I respect your intuitions and insights but am not so sure that Netanyahu’s re-election is a harbinger of Trump’s re-election. Israel, like the U.S., is divided it seems into moderates and far-rights who I don’t see as very realistic people, although I do feel that security is a very real issue for Israel. However, Netanyahu seems to have won by a hair and, with many in the Israeli parliament opposing him, can he really get things done? Israel is a democracy and has a court system which can impede his actions, just as Trump has been impeded quite a lot. Netanyahyu’s opponent was a general. The military does not uniformly support him nor does it support Trump, which is a good thing. I do worry about the far-right court appointments and am not sure what we can do about that except hope that some of them will surprise us like Justice Roberts does at times. Whatever the Saturn Pluto conjunction brings, I don’t think the Republicans will be able to handle it as they don’t seem to have solutions. The Democrats, if we are still a 2-party system, will clean things up as usual, unless both parties are working together by that time. I hear that Buttigieg (sp) is having a good influence in representing the gay community among Christians and look forward to that growing. I hope I am not being naive. I realize that things can go either way but I’m a believer in the fact that darkness atrophies and light expands.

Thank goddess your comment followed the two I read before yours Sharon, as they were pretty negative, and no wonder . . .it looks like “the sky is falling Chicken Little” news (thanks Frank!) we get every day is designed to make us believe the worst.

Of course it does; US natal Mercury (what we hear and repeat) is opposite transiting Pluto (death and rebirth) and transiting Saturn (slow and steady) and US Mercury is sextile US Neptune (imagination).

The only way to avoid believing the worst is to stop listening to “the news” which is so addictive to many of us, and/or to take a wider, deeper perspective which astrology affords. You can believe what you hear from CNN, MSNBC, Fox, your friends and neighbors, the Internet or . . .

You can believe what astrology patterns tell us, which is basically, we are growing and going through a period of transformation where, yes, some things must die (think caterpillar becomes butterfly) or shall we say “transform”?

If you have ever been pregnant you know how the discomfort of having your body go through a metamorphosis seems to take forever, but you know it won’t last forever because it’s something we all just know about. But what if you didn’t know?

What if you didn’t know about birthing babies or even how you got pregnant? You would probably think what was happening was going to kill you and all was hopeless. Well, that’s why a lot of people are feeling hopeless now; they don’t understand what’s happening.

I don’t imagine any form of transformation is a feel good time, not even for newborn babies or butterflies. For a kid, going through school in order to be a grown up so he/she can have freedom, is something a kid has to accept. So, to all of us: we can be a kid about this terrible time or we can grin and bear it, and have a little faith in astrology.

There will be a “tomorrow”, and it will be worth the wait. Tomorrow is just a day away; metaphorically speaking of course. Courage Diana, Frank and all of us.

An update on the corporate takeover of our government:

An oil lobbyist runs the DOI

A coal lobbyist runs the EPA

A pharma exec runs HHS

A Boeing exec runs DOD

A billionaire Amway heiress runs DoED

A private equity kingpin runs Commerce

A Goldman Sachs exec runs Treasury”


Angellight, thanks! Few voter’s realize the GOP is focusing their Entire Platform for the People of Wealth! Plus Brainwashed with horrible lies…Like:
(Democrats Kill Live Babies…after they’re born and far, far worse!)

Scary Stephen Miller:
I contacted Margorie, regarding my fear of creepy Stephen Miller after reading a blurb in Business Insider…Margorie came back with an interesting report, if you missed it:

“Before Nielsen’s abrupt resignation, hardline Trump adviser Stephen Miller was reportedly handed total control of border policy”

Frank, my Sun is at 20 Capricorn and it is connected to all major planets in my chart. I have been waiting for this time for many years. Last year, Pluto was at 20 Cap for weeks. That was powerful and disturbing. It will station there again in October.

But now Saturn is following and giving structure and form to this overpowering experience. I am looking forward to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction as I now believe it will clearly be a solid empowerment. The sextile to Neptune on my Grand Water Trine makes it even better.

Perhaps Rod Rosenstein feels the same way. His Sun is at 21 Capricorn, the same as your Mars.

Oh my, I too have my mars being affected right now at 21.55 cap. Things have certainly been challenging lately

Marjorie has updated an earlier article on the odious Stephen Miller

kiwi, thanks for Marjorie’s update on Stephen Miller’s chart. I see that his 7th house cusp (partner or OPEN ENEMY) is conjunct the US natal Sun and squares the US natal Saturn. Seems fitting.

Speaking of US natal Saturn, Barr’s natal Neptune CONJUNCTS the US Saturn (law, government), both at 14+ Libra. I don’t know if this is indicative of confusion on his part regarding his testimony, or purposeful misrepresentation. After all, Trump’s natal Chiron is also at 14+ Libra and all of them square the US natal Sun in Cancer. It has indeed been been a challenging time for the nation.

To all who are getting the brunt of this Saturn-Pluto conjunction to your natal charts right now, this too shall pass. I got the worst of Pluto when it made a T-square to my Sun-Jupiter square in 2011 – 2013. Then Saturn repeated the process in 2018 and 2019. I’m still picking up the pieces and can’t say if it’s better or worse to get them both at the same time or to spread it out over years.

The point is I’m still alive and you will survive too. I rather imagine we are and/or will be all the better for it. Good Lord willin’.

Earlier today I noted how US Mercury sextiles US Neptune but did note note that as trans. Pluto and Saturn OPPOSE US Mercury (+ Trump’s Venus and Saturn), trans. Pluto and Saturn (+ trans. South Node) TRINE US Neptune at the same time. That would appear to be a kind cleansing (or cathartic) process. You know, like tears.

On April 25, transiting Mars in Gemini will square Mueller’s natal conjunction of Mars-Chiron in Virgo, right after trans. Pluto stations retrograde and a few days before trans. Saturn stations retro. I believe that’s when Congress will finally get the complete un-redacted Mueller Report and it too will have a cleansing, healing effect. No promises though!!

Something I will be watching is the Full Moon on April 19 at 29+ Libra. She will not only oppose the Sun but also transiting Uranus at 2+ Taurus.

She will also be at the apex of a Yod with Venus in Pisces sextile Sedna in Taurus. This is a Yod made up of feminine symbols that becomes a Boomerang when the transiting Sun + Uranus is added. It should be quite a Boom, what with the Sun and Moon in critical degrees and Uranus to boot.

Add more feminine energy from the Full Moon’s square between Venus and Juno, and Pallas conjunct the US PROGRESSED Mars and Trump’s Jupiter and the US Constitution chart’s Neptune, and finally, Black Moon Lilith conjunct the US natal Moon. There could be marching in the streets!

An online article from the UK’s mirror today was about this:
“Two female fortune tellers were shot dead in a brutal public execution in North Korea”

Events that are heralding in the transformation of the United States of America:

The 2008 financial crash and the bailout of its perpetrators while perhaps millions of citizens lost their jobs, their homes, their life savings, their pensions.

The election of a person of color as president.

The Women’s March.

The Stoneman Douglas HS murders and subsequent involvement of people not yet old enough to vote into politics. I think it will foster a generation that will change gun ownership policy in this country.

Widespread acceptance of an openly gay person as a serious contender for the presidency.

Events that may still come in this period of change noted by the country’s Pluto return:
Coalitions must be formed to get enough signature to force these onto ballots.

The election of a woman to the presidency.

National gun ownership laws.

National voting laws.

50% representation or nearly so by women at every level of elected office.

Universally free healthcare.

Standardized criminal penalties instead of favors for the wealthy and/or connected. When you’re hot, you’re hot!

The end of fossil fuels as the main source of energy in this country.

Major change in individual and corporate tax laws ending offshore hiding of income and handouts (subsidies) to them. If you earn a dollar in this country you pay a tax on it no matter where your home is in the world.

Public funding of general elections.

Voter decisions in many areas now decided by Congress (their pay and whether or not they get a raise – if the economy tanks under their tutelage – no raise. No lifetime pension for just having served a short period in Congress; requirements to be decided by the electorate. Recall election possibility for all elected positions.

barbk, I apologize for the delay in responding about Adam Schiff’s Jupiter return, have had a never ending headache for more than a week and sometimes lose track.

I think he gets tRump but there is a deal finalized in November that allows the traitor to escape imprisonment.

Here’s the Law That Requires Mnuchin to Turn Over Trump’s Taxes, or Lose His Office and Go to Prison



“There are no qualifiers in Section 6103 that shield Trump from delivering, in confidence, his tax returns to Congress. No wiggle room at all.”

“Another provision in our tax code, Section 7214(a), provides that “Any officer or employee of the United States acting in connection with any revenue law of the United States… who with intent to defeat the application of any provision of this title fails to perform any of the duties of his office or employment… shall be dismissed from office or discharged from employment and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined not more than $10,000, or imprisoned not more than 5 years or both.”

April 29th Congress back in session

Adam Schiff Noon Chart
April 29rh 2019 transit Jupiter exactly conjunct progressed and stationing Jupiter at 23°47′ Sagittarius.

Barr Noon Chart
April 29 2019 Saturn at 20°31? Capricorn (RA 292°08?) stations retrograde square to progressed Mars at 202°05?.

Mnuchin Noon Chart
Natal Pluto 168°59′
Progressed Pluto 168°16′
Transit Mars 78°26′ (square)
Transit Neptune 349°21′ (opposite)

Astrology grants us perspective over what is brewing in our individual lives and when we can expect resolution. It’s a valuable gift to know that “this too shall pass” and that we may even be better for it. (thanks Barbk!)

And what a community like this one which Nancy created gives us during times of undoing and re-doing, is support and knowing we don’t have to be alone in the process (thanks Andre and Kiwi, and all of you who find yourselves in the cauldron of transformation ??)

Barbk’s, thanks for reaching out and bringing a few back off the brink. It’s so important that we stay positive. Thought creates energy.

I don’t know anything about your natal chart but you are a natural and nurturing teacher. Thank you for the lesson above.

Thank you from me also, Barbk, I’m very appreciative of your perspective.

Adam SchiffVerified account
“If Barr & Rosenstein redact Mueller’s report for Congress, it will be by choice, not legal compulsion.”


Rosenstein’s birthday is on January 13th. In 2020 his solar return will have Saturn and Pluto on the Sun.
Rod Rosenstein – Solar Return (Noon chart) Precession Corrected January 14, 2020.
White House Dist of Columbia 38°N53’50” 077°W02’13”.

Sun longitude 24°05’21’ Capricorn, right ascension 214°56′.
Saturn longitude 23°01’33” Capricorn, right ascension 215°51′.
Pluto longitude 22°50’48” Capricorn, right ascension 215°31′.

Hi Bob, you have to respect that kind of headache or it will destroy you! Thanks for the heads up on April 29th.

I second Frank’s recognition for all Nancy has done to get us through these debilitating times; hip hip hoorah, hip hip hoorah, hip hip hoorah for our favorite astrologer and her blog and her tolerance.

Banks and ja . . you made my day; thank you very much.

I think I know one of the secrets why Mayor Pete Buttigeig is so popular; the transiting North Node is conjunct his natal North Node at 22+ Cancer and opposite transiting Pluto and Saturn!

Please don’t get your hopes up for 2020 as you might be bitterly disappointed. It would be better to concentrate on taking back the Senate. Democrats are not up to winning the White House at this point. They don’t have the required mental toughness. They can’t even send subpoenas. They are playing games while the GOP is waging war.

I sincerely hope Trump will be evicted in January 2020 as Bob has consistently said. His Solar Return chart for 2019-2020 is certainly horrendous and would be career-ending for anyone else. It is clear the worst is yet to come for him beginning in June or so. But he might take down the country with him.

The chart over the election and for the next Inauguration are very bad. Mars will be retrograde in Aries square Pluto through the end of the campaign, which could bring civil unrest. It is clear the next President will be Trump, someone just as bad or worse, or at best a well-meaning but helpless person surrounded by reactionary enemies.

Things will not clear up until Pluto leaves Capricorn and Neptune overcomes its opposition to US Neptune. The combination of the Uranus-Pluto square, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, the US Pluto return and the Neptune opposition are way too much to hope for a positive outcome in 2020. This is one of the most challenging times in US history.

As I have written before and will again when some of you despair, it’s all about the person elected in 2024. I hope it will be Mayor Pete, a man for our times. Biden and Sanders will never be President.

Here Barbk, this is for you.


Andre, I agree with you – we need to take back the Senate and hopefully, impeach the bastard. My worry is that this will be a 1972 redo where we nominate someone who is too liberal for the nation (though I hope I am wrong). If that were to happen and we can impeach the bastard, then Pence (?).

Not sure.

Having said that, Mayor Pete is announcing tomorrow (Sunday) which I think someone said that the 14th or 15th is very important astrologically but not sure why.

I understand Andre, Saturn is on your Sun, and I agree, the Dems aren’t tough enough to do this on their own, but this isn’t just a Pub-Dem thing. It’s a Saturn-Pluto/Saturn-Jupiter/Jupiter-Pluto and Uranus-into-Taurus thing. Shift is happening.

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction alone gives us pause, what with Ceres – best known for symbolizing Mother Nature – in the mix of 5 planets (Sun, Mercury, Ceres, Saturn, Pluto) in Capricorn (established order) in a T-square with US Chiron (wounding) in Aries opposite US Juno (achieving equality) in Libra, suggesting (to me) a devastating natural disaster which affects communication majorly.

Trans. Uranus will be in a grand trine (a powerful, difficult- to-stop energy flow) with trans. Pholus (small cause, big effect) and trans. Transpluto (becoming whole; a process of integration). In Taurus, Uranus is teaching us about values, usually through shock and awe methods.

Transiting Juno at the Saturn-Pluto cycle start at 19+ Libra will be about to conjunct US natal Juno (20+ Libra), starting a brand new US Juno Return, and it will still be 10 months before the US Presidential election.

Challenging times indeed, but challenge is what makes us grow, and forces are creating a path for the courageous.

ja, thanks for the Kamila piece; it sure shows us how her Saturn on her MC (and conjunct US Moon) as it trines her Sun and sextiles her Moon works; Control!

Sarah Kendzior said and I agree.. that if the Democratic nominee is successful in 2020 whoever it is will be shoveling sh*t for 4 years to clean up this mess. She agrees with you Andre. She writes that we should not think Pelosi and others are playing 3D chess when they could in fact be inept or complicit. That is not something I even like to consider and I do hope she is wrong about that.

I like her. She was right in 2016 and she is right in 2019. I thought she was overreacting in 2016 but everything she has said has proven to be true so far. She does have very broad knowledge of authoritarian governments.

I think someone linked her podcast Gaslit Nation here. I may be wrong.

I hear and feel everyone’s anguish. beginning last Monday, I experienced a dramatic spike of intakes in the group practice to which I belong. Aberrant behavior occurred just about everywhere around me. My sense is that this trend is going to ratchet up for some time. The biggest challenge for us to remain centered and mindful. This is the only we can hope to be a grounding and soothing presence.

We have survived 911, the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq and the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of its innocent citizens, two terms of GWB, Dick Cheney which led to the collapse of our banking system, the long and painful devastation of The Great Recession, the virtual lynching of our first African-American President, the untimely deaths of many of our most beloved musicians and entertainers, The Opioid Epidemic, the vast destructive effects of man-made climate change, the election of a trash-talking lying con-man who moves his bowels through his face all day every day, Russian operatives hacking and perverting our last Presidential election, the corruption of our U.S. Supreme Court by the president and the GOP Senate enabling a lying sexual predator, Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller’s fetus face, and the erosion of trust and hope of an entire generation of young people. We’ve gotten through all of this. We’re tough and we’ll get through the formidable challenge of the ever-more imminent Saturn Pluto conjunct if we keep our heads about us. There is a purpose behind all of these approaching points of critical mass. Change is going to happen no matter how much we might resist. We must choose to with the flow of these tsunami-like upheavals on our planet and embrace the changes that are inexorably building momentum. We might consider adopting the words of the beloved Alfred E Newman,

“What, me worry?”

We will get through this. We will.

With the April 19th Full Moon (29 Libra) in opposition to tr. Uranus (2 Taurus) forming a t square to Trump’s progressed Saturn (2 Leo), the Jan. 21st, 2019 lunar eclipse (0 Leo) and the 2017 US Inaugural charts Sun (0 Aq.) major new developments, perhaps a constitutional crisis could be in the offing. Once tr. Sun conjoins Uranus on the 22nd and then two days later Pluto’s retrograde station (23 Capricorn) in opposition to Trump’s natal Saturn (23 Cancer) on the 24th ; will Trump be forced to resign from office at this critical juncture?

Full Moon in Libra April 19 2019: Internal Imbalance/ April 19 2019 by Mark Lilly

The Libra Full Moon is at the critical 29th degree, right at the sign’s end, marking a strong urge to get something finished. In a Full Moon chart, this is a double whammy, as there is already an emphasis on completion, with a sense of “do or die” or reaching a breaking point. Libra is all about equality, harmony, and balance, and anything standing in the way of that goal’s fulfillment may now need to be addressed.

In a relationship, we may experience being too far apart from the other person. With work ethics, committees, or mentoring setups, we might observe a lack of sufficient common ground. Despite the Libra Moon’s love of agreement, it could be easier to feel different now, since the Sun is conjunct Uranus, reminding us that each individual is unique

Sun conjunct Uranus brings excitement, unexpected change and freedom. You should feel a strong urge to break free from routine, doing something totally different from your normal activities. But with Moon opposite Uranus, unexpected changes and upsetting disruptions could bring restlessness and nervous tension.

The outsider theme of Uranus conjunct the Sun is even more highlighted because the conjunction is dissociate, or out of sign: Uranus, transiting a different zodiac sign from the Sun in Aries, is in the neighbouring sign of Taurus



Well will . . . .when you put it like that, and you certainly DO have a way with words (fetus face?), we (you and I) are in total agreement. Bravo!

Yes, yes, yes, we (all of us) can and will get through this, and future generations will henceforth marvel at our enduring love of this country and the planet it resides upon.

Apart from that, last month when trans. Uranus entered Taurus for the 2nd time, trans. Jupiter (wisdom) at 22+ Sagittarius created a challenge to the US natal chart’s square between Neptune (negatively expressed as unhinged) and Mars (negatively expressed as violence), indicating an intervention into this US weakness (square), which your “aberrant behavior” probably describes.

At the same time trans. trans. Pluto at 22+ Capricorn was trine (support) US natal Neptune and quincunx (change) US Mars, seemingly at cross purposes with transiting Jupiter, but I don’t think that’s the case.

I think, or sense that trans. Pluto is flushing out (like dogs do for hunters) the crazies and the disturbed among us; all the better to identify who (and how many there are of them) needs help getting through this crisis period.

Since Trump’s Sun conjuncts the US Mars and squares the US Neptune, he is appointed the poster child of this aberrant behavior, which seems to be (part of) the “Uranus in Taurus” objective; seeking out people who have trouble dealing with society’s norms (or values, a Taurus thing).

You, Mr. will, being in the helping profession, are in the first line of defense against this onslaught of manifested hatred and fear, sometimes after the damage has been done, but sometimes before it’s been done. God bless you and carry on soldier.

Ed Tamplin is a must-read today. He discusses Wikileaks and reminds us the greatest hacker in the world is the US government (no doubt followed closely by the Russian and Chinese governments): http://www.edtamplin.com/weekly%20horoscopes.htm

Will, you are very inspiring as always.


You seem to be saying that Saturn on my Sun makes me over-pessimistic. Pluto is also on my Sun. Both planets will station on my Sun this year. I believe Pluto provides penetrating insights and Saturn provides realism. They are both in sextile to Neptune. My natal chart has a Water Trine of Jupiter-Uranus at 25 Cancer square Neptune at 28 Libra, Mars at 27 Pisces and Saturn at 19 Scorpio. My natal Chiron at 28 Capricorn is conjunct Mercury at 0 Aquarius. I have always been somewhat intuitive, but this is prime time. Although current transits by no means make me infallible, they do provide the ability and strength to say hard truths.

Saturn and Pluto will station at 20 Capricorn exactly square US Chiron. This will bring pain. Since I am Canadian, US Chiron does not affect me directly. It will affect most readers on this site.

And because US current events are so important for the wider world, I will continue to call them as I see them.

So I reiterate. Democrats are not now up to it. Too many of them think Beto is great because he reminds them of Bobby Kennedy. This is typically naive, over-simplistic and completely unsuitable for the hard-nosed needs of our time. Too many Democrats were fooled in 2016 by the GRU, the military intelligence unit of the Russian Army specializing in hacking and gaslighting.

There are great Democrat candidates out there. But they will probably succumb to in-fighting under Russian influence once again. I do believe Democrats will be hard-nosed and ready for the White House in 2024.

Meanwhile, Barbk, I urge you to not get your hopes up now, but to concentrate on encouraging faith and resilience in your readers.

Hi Andre, fellow earth traveler and neighbor to the north, I believe you were born around the same time as Fe, our fellow Starlight News fan. Thank you for your urging to keep my hopes under control; not so difficult in this day and age, I promise!

I very much admire and respect the planet Saturn (I have one in my chart too) AND the sign of Capricorn; they have kept me grounded when flights of fancy would have their way with me. I meant no disrespect to you Andre.

Try to see that over the years my country has calcified certain odious practices and they must be cracked open for there to be healthy growth. Without that, we here in the USA would suffocate and the Universe does not encourage suffocation. Over and over again cycles between planets such as Pluto and Saturn or Saturn and Jupiter provide opportunities to change or transform; to grow. It works on people too.

I am reasonably sure that my hopes are grounded enough to allow a positive view of what the outer planets symbolize the Universe is providing our planet. I’m specifically aware of the USA possibilities. It might take until 2024, as you suggest, but my hunch is that Trump the Hammer would not last that long. He’s awakened us to our glaring vulnerabilities and for that we should be thankful.

In the meantime, while we live in a world of duality both hope and caution must share space don’t you think?

From a link posted by CTyankee on DU:

This is a scene from the film “Judgment at Nuremberg” where Burt Lancaster’s character, a former Nazi judge, Dr. Ernst Janning, describes how Germany was corrupted by “love of country.”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGfHkdR3tXs 9 min 9 sec

After the completion of investigations into tRump policies and his active advocates (regardless of any other qualifiers) in them American politicians and citizens proven in a court of law to have acted in deed against our laws must be given sentences commensurate with their deeds.

With the stacking of judges done by tRump that may be a difficult task to achieve.

I think reason to commence impeachment proceedings against tRump may come either from the fully revealed Mueller report or testimony given to Congress by Mueller. In either case, because of impediments issued from the Republican party or tRump appointees, such reasons will probably not see the light of day until May and require plodding through tRump obstructions then and into July, delaying proceeding announcement until late July. Then McConnell will recess the Senate until early September. A devastating blow on September 18th will put proceedings on the fast track, leading to the deal-making I think may take place that sees tRimp leaving office.

Posting sooner than I had intended. Would have preferred to wait until after Mueller report or testimony was public knowledge but current circumstances are prudently forcing my hand.

Judgment scene from “Judgment at Nuremberg”

“We stand for justice, truth, and the value of a single human” 6 min 7 sec


barbk and Andre,

Grazie; your posts are very rich and inspiring as well. Much appreciation.

Many scenes resonate with today’s times in America.

Judgment at Nuremberg movie clips:

11 videos



The feeling in my bones is that there is/has been far too much focus by everyone (politicians, media, citizens) on ‘the president’ as if he/she were the embodiment of the all powerful ‘big daddy’ . . . and look what that has brought us.
I feel that to progress we must empower everyone else from their basic inner moral compasses (as opposed to ‘the church’) – basics of, don’t lie, don’t steal, don’t cheat, among others.
I am heartened to see a few more interviews by the very smart, bold, fresh(wo)men. Now if only we can persuade the media at large to shun airtime for ‘the president’ and focus on altruistic governance issues as the founders intended.
One more thought – the notion of ‘sovereign foreign’ government influence is a canard – most are posing, having been bought and paid for by nefarious private actors.

kiwi, I thoroughly agree with you. We have to move away from the belief that a president, no matter how enlightened, will somehow “save” us a country.

Yes, any of the Democratic candidates currently running (except for Tulsi Gabbard) would be infinitely better than Trump. But if/when one of them does become president, they’re not going to wave climate change away with a wand, or institutionalized racism, or misogyny, or the opioid crisis, or gun violence. That work is up to many different people in our society, working to change things.

It’s like the civil rights movement in 1950s and 1960s. MLK played a large part in it, but there would have been no movement without all the countless individuals who participated and supported it.


Been limiting my computer time, for reasons I’m sure you all understand. Such a bleak news week.

But I did see a liveblog at Dailykos of Pete Buttigieg’s formal announcement that he’s running for President. According to the liveblog, he uttered this words at 3:23 p.m. today in South Bend, Ind.

He had 6,000 people attend, including 1500 who couldn’t fit in the building and stood outside in a cold rain.

He’s raised more than a million dollars and counting since the announcement.

Wait — I found a video from MSNBC with the time showing on the screen: 3:20 p.m. when he uttered the words, I am running for President.”

Curious and avoiding finishing my taxes, so I plugged his announcement into a birth chart program.

AC in Leo

Sun in the 9th in Taurus
Moon in Leo in the 12th
Jupiter in Sag. in the 4th, and those three planets give him a grand trine, which I know is good. Fiery or explosive, like the way his campaign has taken off, and with enough Taurus stick-to-itness (which, being a Taurus, I prefer to stubborn) to see this through

Mercury & Venus in Pisces in the 8th
Also Chiron & Vesta in the 8th — lots of 8th house planets, so … transformative? I find the way he communicates to be transformative, him being gay could be transformative for both gay and straight people, lots of gay people on Twitter thrilled to watch a gay person standing hand-in-hand and kissing his husband on stage as he announces his run for president.

Mars in Gemini in the 10th — ambitious
Saturn in Capricorn in the 5th — hard-working
Uranus in Taurus in the 9th
Neptune in Pisces in the 7th
Pluto in Capricorn in the 5th
North Node in Cancer in the 11th

From Astrologer, Alan Oken, “April 15: Astrological Commentaries from Bali. Hello everyone. There is an important planetary event that I would like to share with you. Saturn is in the 20th degree of Capricorn and in conjunction with the Southern Node of the Moon. This is taking place now and lasts until the first week of May. The Lunar Nodes speak about the nature of the collective human mind which all too often, is based on the nature of collective emotions. In other words, most people think with and in their belly! This means that the primal urge is one of survival.

No matter the sign, the position of the Southern Node in the horoscope is a place for the expression of old habit patterns. At this time, with the conjunction of Saturn also in Capricorn, such old patterns of survival (or the fear of not surviving) will be quite prominent in terms of global events, adding to the collective level of stress already in place in the world. Let us just examine what is happening in the USA, Venezuela, the UK, France, and north Africa these days. These are prime examples of both Saturn conjunct the Southern Node as well as Pluto conjunct this same position in March (indicating the rising up of subconscious fears).

My apologies: a post does not allow me to write at greater length on the subject. BUT, how do these positions affect us as individuals? If you have the Sun in your horoscope at 19 to 23 of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, you will find that you are under intense pressure to release old patterns of self-projection and creativity (Aries), emotions and the urge for personal security (Cancer), relationships and the urge for partnership or social acceptance (Libra), and urge for achievement or success in the world (Capricorn).

On a positive note–such aspects (Saturn/Pluto in contact with the Lunar Nodes), give us the opportunity to come in contact with such fears and replace them with increased self-awareness and positive actions leading to the release of patterns and habits that no longer serve us. Love and blessings to one and all, Alan”


Agreed. I will add that I do not think the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0 Aquarius in late 2020 will overcome in the short term the effects of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction and the US Pluto return in Capricorn, but it will lay the groundwork for the future in the ways that kiwi describes. Eleanor Roosevelt used to say the key to positive social change was to strengthen community engagement at the local level.

I have natal Mercury at 0 Aquarius. I can’t wait for Pluto to get there.

A major poll came out in Canada yesterday putting Trudeau at 29%. The federal election is in October. It will soon be time to kiss him goodbye.

This fits with Canada’s chart, which is announcing turbulent times ahead.

More on Mayor Pete:

“Meanwhile, Pete Buttigieg fulfilled expectations and formally announced his run for president. He picked a darn good time on a day with the Sun in Aries (as good as it gets) in a Grand Trine with the regal Leo Moon and Jupiter in Sagittarius (the sign it rules). Plus, transiting Uranus was within 24 hours of an exact square to his Venus (social expression; values) in Aquarius (humanitarian, innovative, friend to all). One wonders if he consults with an astrologer.”


Andre – I will vote for Trudeau – The previous AG has done a disservice to her people – Look at what Ford is doing in Ontario … if the conservatives win nationally – it will be worse –


really too bad

US Attorney-General To Release Redacted Mueller Report Thursday April 18

Strait Times

WASHINGTON (REUTERS) – US Attorney General William Barr plans to release a redacted version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 election on Thursday morning, Justice Department spokeswoman Kerri Kupec said on Monday (April 15).

Kupec did not provide a precise time, but said it will be released both to Congress and the public.

From an astrological point of view this makes perfect sense. Thursday April 18th has Mars at 12 Gemini precisely conjunct the Trump/Barr composite Sun – square Barr’s natal Saturn (12 Virgo). See charts enclosed in the following Marjorrie Orr article….

William Barr – AG Nominee – edgy fit with Trump


Tr. Mars square natal Saturn does not bode well for Mr. Barr. There could be an intense negative reaction/ backlash. How interesting that this release comes on the heels of the April 19th Full Moon the following day.

And now Notre Dame Cathedral is on fire.

It’s almost like watching the twin towers burning before they fell, except they’ve been fortunate to avoid loss of life or even injuries. And no hints of terrorism. The fire started in an area undergoing renovations. First guess by officials is that it’s a renovation-related accident.

Notre Dame is ablaze – feels so symbolic to the core …….

Paris France (latest birth chart, Sept. 28, 1958, 6 PM)

MC is 24+ Sagittarius, where transiting retrograde Jupiter is, and transiting Venus is square at 24+ Pisces.

Paris chart ascendant at 17+ Pisces is where transiting Neptune is now.

Conservatives Blame Mueller and Dems!
Real Clear Investigations:
“GOP Fears Mueller’s Collusion Bias Lives On in Final Report”

Not to be picky but I had to chuckle at you saying that the Mueller report comes on the heels of the 4/19 full moon, Jerry, because, since it’s released the day before the full moon, it’s not even on it’s toes yet. Just a little humor, Jerry. I really appreciate your astrological analyses very much!


I am not saying it is wrong to vote for Trudeau. I am saying he will likely be gone in October.

Hi Sharon, Quite right. The expression sound grammatically incorrect when posting but I didn’t take the time to check it out. Toss it up to laziness.

A question regarding the time of Mayor Pete’s announcement ‘live’ on TV:
I seem to recall a few years ago, that networks announced they were implementing a short time delay regarding ‘live’ broadcasts, in case of unexpected issues that may need to be censored (such as a horrific death etc etc.) Might this be true still regarding Pete’s ‘live’ announcement? And might the TV time be a few minutes later than the actual event?
In other words, would the time stamp relate to the live filming, or the delayed broadcast?

I just love Rachel, and her interview with Mayor Pete tonight was a home run. It made me much more relieved about this good man; about seeing his strengths without the trappings of a politician selling his program. He’s just enough Capricorn and just enough Aquarian to be a man of our time.

So far, I have no favorite candidate (or I have about 8 favorites, more like it) but I certainly have no problem seeing him in the White House. Wish I could say for sure that the majority of the US citizens feels that way too.


I can see where they would delay live events, but I think the delay is only a few seconds. I did read that Mayor Pete was scheduled to announce earlier in the day, but delayed it because it looked like Tiger was going to win the Master’s and thought a lot of people would be watching that live, so didn’t want to compete with that.

But they also had about 1500 more people who wanted in, but didn’t fit in their space, and I also read that he addressed the crowd outside in the rain before coming inside to talk to the crowd there.

His husband, who’s delightful on Twitter, said someone on the staff told them to bring a change of clothes, and he was glad they did, because they got soaked outside.


I thought he was more policy-wonkish in the first segment than he usually is, because Rachel is so smart and she asked those kinds of nuanced questions. He knew he’d be talking to another Rhodes Scholar.

He was much more direct and plain-spoken, more the man I’ve heard in various interviews, in the second and third segments.

I tried to post in answer to ChRYS but it was blocked.

I only wanted to say that I did not write that it is wrong for Canadians to vote for Justin Trudeau, only that it is likely he will be gone by October.

I tried to post in answer to ChRYS but it was blocked.

I only wanted to say that I did not write that it is wrong for Canadians to vote for Justin Trudeau, only that it is likely he will be gone by October.

marjorie on Mayor Pete:


Thanks ja! Here’s something else about that 20+ Leo Moon in the Buttigieg Bid chart:

the Neptune (17+ Pisces) conjunct Venus (22+ Pisces (midpoint around 19-20 Pisces) is sextile the Saturn (20+ Cap) + the South Node (22+ Cap) + Pluto (23+ Cap (midpoint about 21-22 Cap) and this sextile forms a Yod to the Moon (20+ Leo), in the part of the Yod that has to adjust, and Moon = the People.

Pete has natal Hermes (aka Mercury aka the Trickster) at 20+ Aquarius which opposes that Bid chart’s “adjusting” Moon at 20+ Leo, turning the Yod into a BOOMERANG, whereupon said Hermes in Pete’s chart becomes the receiving point of all the combined energy (Venus, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, South Node, Moon) of the Yod.

That could become quite a gift for Mayor Pete – along with the fire grand trine between Moon, Jupiter and Sun. It will be interesting to see how he uses it.

Something else at 20+ Aquarius is the US PROGRESSED Mercury (how US thinks and communicates now) which conjuncts the Uranus in the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle, and that Uranus was square the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, ensuring that shock and awe (Uranus) would challenge societies (Jupiter-Saturn) through the end of 2020.

That could be Pete Buttigieg’s lasting legacy; how he turned the US voters into a shocking and revolutionary force for progress; it is indeed written in the stars. Place your bets ladies and gents, and buckle up!

My G-D!
Tears came to my eyes when I saw the French people singing as Notre Dame burned. The sight was overwhelming.

Conversely, as impressed as I am by Pete Buttigieg, I’m nevertheless concerned too many will not vote for him because of his sexual orientation. The fundamentalists and evangelicals still maintain their stranglehold on our politics.

Although I suspect everyone on this blog would be comfortable with the man, he may not be electable. AND, should he be elected many might not accept him and quite possibly act out their displeasure violently.


It feels like much the same that was said about Obama. Was America ready to elect an African American? Yes, we were.

I admit, I thought he was great, but worried we weren’t ready to elect an AA, but then he went into Iowa and won over a population that was about as white as could be. He won convincingly there.

We’ll see what Iowa thinks about Mayor Pete.


I too am heart-sick about the devastation of Notre Dame. It is beyond my comprehension that “a construction accident” was the actual cause. How could there not have been a modern sprinkler system installed years ago? Just how careless can the Archdiocese of Paris, City of Paris fire department and the Holy See be to not have had exceptional and fool-proof safety and back-up safety measures in place. How about alarms and a sprinkler system? I had planned on visiting Paris this early fall. I know its irrational, but I am hopping mad about this – such unfathomable malfeasance!

PS. The numbers of new admissions and return of former clientele continue to overwhelm my clinical group practice. The heavens must be quite chaotic at this time.

Linda G says the Mueller Report will be heavily redacted. She also says that someone might slip the Committee an unredacted copy.

Life is better than fiction.

It will include stuff on Jared and Trump Jr. By Sept. she says he will exit the WH and there’ll be dancing in the streets. I can’t wait.

Even the judge sister is sadly implicated in schemes to defraud the government when the crooked dad cheated on taxes and made the kids filthy rich.
These people are rotten to the core.

Re: Access to an unredacted copy of The Muller Report:

Where are those clever hackers when we so desperately need them?

Words noticed on one of the blogs that speak for all of us: Sending light and love to Paris. Watching Notre dame burn is so deeply sad.

LG, You wrote:

“Linda G says the Mueller Report will be heavily redacted. She also says that someone might slip the Committee an unredacted copy.”

Tarot with Whimsy stated the other day in her latest video that Rod Rosenstein holds the key. The final outcome rests with him. Is it possible Rosenstein feigned partnership with Barr in order to gain access to the Mueller Report, thereby secretly releasing it to the committee? Rosenstein’s natal Sun is at 23 Capricorn precisely where Pluto turns stationary retrograde on the 24th. Here’s Rosenstein’s chart:


Sharon; That was a typo. Please read instead: “The expression SOUNDED grammatically incorrect when posting”

PS Lest we forget……

Rod Rosenstein Suggested Secretly Recording Trump and Discussed 25th Amendment

New York Times
Sept. 21, 2018

WASHINGTON — The deputy attorney general, Rod J. Rosenstein, suggested last year that he secretly record President Trump in the White House to expose the chaos consuming the administration, and he discussed recruiting cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Mr. Trump from office for being unfit.

Mr. Rosenstein made these suggestions in the spring of 2017 when Mr. Trump’s firing of James B. Comey as F.B.I. director plunged the White House into turmoil. Over the ensuing days, the president divulged classified intelligence to Russians in the Oval Office, and revelations emerged that Mr. Trump had asked Mr. Comey to pledge loyalty and end an investigation into a senior aide.



Teresa Hill,
You may be right! I find it interesting that “Mayor Pete” is NOT running as the Gay candidate.

Jesse Jackson ran as the Black candidate and his “Blackness” overshadowed his issues. Hillary ran as the woman candidate which I felt was a mistake. Her gender and sense of entitlement overshadowed her issues and stellar experience.

In contrast Obama ran as the Democrat who just happened to be Black, and won! Likewise Pete B. is running as a Dem who just happens to be Gay. This seems to me to be a far wiser strategy.

Pete B. also appears to be far less insular than the other Dems. His ability to read and speak Spanish, Italian, Maltese, Arabic, Farsi, French, Dari and Norwegian belies his outward look. The fact he taught himself Norwegian so he could read a particular Norwegian novel is itself astoundingly positive to me.

Frankly, though several have some good domestic ideas, I’d give an “F” to all the other Dem candidates on foreign policy and military policy. All but Pete B. present to me as woefully naïve in all but their one area of interest and expertise.

Most interesting of all is how Pete presents himself, (and I say this as a lifelong Democratic Socialist) as a supporter of “democratically influenced capitalism”. That is brilliant! It is of course in contradistinction to the corporatism we have today in the USA , as well as Bernie’s “Democratic Socialism.” (Bernie is not a real Dem Socialist. He’s really a Social Democrat.)

Both Capitalism and Socialism are very fluid terms and each has many different varieties. Although most Americans believe they know and understand what the two terms mean, most are economically clueless and remarkably arrogant in their economic illiteracy. Furthermore the terms are ambiguous enough to mean different things to different people. As an example “market socialism” is also called “economic democracy” as well as “cooperative capitalism.”

But pragmatically speaking, Pete’s calling himself a “Democratic Capitalist” is probably far more appealing to the majority of voters. And I don’t care what you call it as long as it furthers our goals in regard to socioeconomic justice.

So far Pete is the most interesting candidate we have. I’m cautiously and curiously watching his campaign on youtube.

Thanks Jerry, I will have to read this Rosenstein piece again when I’m more fully awake, but there is compelling astrology connecting Rosenstein to Mueller and Barr and the US natal Saturn as I described in my comment on April 3, 3:01 PM.

I will also watch your Whimsey video to see if it links to the astrology in any way. Thanks again!


Take heart. There are cathedrals every bit as beautiful and special as Notre Dame for you to see. I was there in 2017 and did ND and also Reims, which is an easy day trip from Paris and has the advantage of being so much less crowded than ND. You can really stand or sit in peace and soak up the amazing energy of the space.

I only had a day to devote to the cathedrals outside Paris, and I was torn between Reims and Chartres. Studied both in college, and ended up settling on Reims only because it was an easier train trip and my French sucks.

Here’s a list of French cathedrals for you to consider: https://theluxurytravelexpert.com/2015/01/19/top-10-most-beautiful-cathedrals-of-france/

Read or heard on MSNBC yesterday, can’t remember which, that the roof was known to be a fire risk and in bad shape for years, but for a long time, nobody would cough up the money it would take to fix it. Part of the renovations that were starting were in part to address those concerns.

It is infuriating that they wouldn’t have plan upon plan, caution upon caution, for a fire there. But I read elsewhere that the roof was inspected constantly, daily, to try to spot problems ahead of time.

And they did have a plan. Found a fascinating thread on twitter from an emergency management guy who said their fire protocols are clear in historic buildings in Paris: save the people, save the art, save the structure.

Another NYC firefighter said it’s likely the commander arriving on the scene had to decide quickly what they could save and what they had to let go. Seeing what’s left standing this morning, I’d say they made the right call. They saved most of the art and most of the building.

I was in tears yesterday thinking about the horrible loss, and I couldn’t go to sleep until the sun came up in Paris and I saw some of the first photos of the cathedral as the sun came up. She looks amazing. Shouldn’t be a huge surprise. She’s made mostly of huge, thick stone. It held up.

Theresa Hill,

Thank you for the information and for being so very kind.

No one would cough up the $$$$?
No one messes with the Blessed Mother.

Hey there everybody; any thoughts, astrology analysis or intuitions on a Booker-Buttigieg ticket??

From the nyt’s:


“In a case of fortunate timing, 16 statues had been removed from the spire just days before the fire.”

Bernie Sander’s Town Hall on Fox News:

“Whether you’re a conservative, a moderate, or a progressive,” Sanders said, “I don’t think the American people are proud that we have a president who is a pathological liar. And it does not give me pleasure to say that.”


I read that all the interior wood is gone. It can be replaced and will be beautiful, although not the same, and it will be a major undertaking. Sigh.

There must be some symbolism here somewhere. I was curious about the year it was originally finished so I googled and got: “The cathedral was built on a small island called the Île de la Cité, in the middle of the Seine. Construction began in 1163, during the reign of King Louis VII, and was completed in 1345.” I wonder about the politics behind it. It strikes me that it was built toward the end of the Middle Ages when the feudal system was in place and many were poor.

I don’t have time right now to look up the placements of the major planets at those times but it might be informative, particularly pluto, saturn, neptune, etc.

Marjorie posted about the Norte Dame fire…

As a French-speaking person from Quebec, Notre Dame Cathedral is part of my mother culture. Many of us have read the Hunchback of Notre Dame in our youth in the original French and Paris is our cultural capital.

It is a warm surprise to see many non-French speaking persons from different countries react with emotion to this loss. Even Trump said culture was very important. I couldn’t believe it.

That said, the loss of relics such as the supposed pieces from the Crown of Thorns should not be over-rated. Many other European churches claim to have similar objects. They are most probably medieval fakes which piously deceived many generations of believers.

As a French-speaking person from Quebec, Notre Dame Cathedral is part of my mother culture. Many of us have read the Hunchback of Notre Dame in our youth in the original French and Paris is our cultural capital.
It is a warm surprise to see many non-French speaking persons from different countries react with emotion to this loss. Even Trump said culture was very important. I couldn’t believe it.
That said, the loss of relics such as the supposed pieces from the Crown of Thorns should not be over-rated. Many other European churches claim to have similar objects. They are most probably medieval fakes which piously deceived many generations of believers.

One of the headlines today caught my eye:
“my divided country has been united by the flames of notre dame”
Symbolic of the phoenix rising perhaps? Plutonian change in the air?

If you missed today’s NYTIMES:
“Venture Capital Is Putting Its Money Into Astrology”
The investment in Big Zodiac seems … preordained.
With NYT open comments free to read:
No link needed.

I’m predicting Winning Ticket: “Sanders-Buttigieg”
(Any Woman President is far off in the future)


In 2015 I had the good fortune to visit Notre Dame with some Parisian friends and experienced the beauty, grandeur and spiritual power of this extraordinary place. The soul of Paris is Virgo the Virgin – and Notre Dame (Our Lady) is its personification. The building celebrates the beauty of the second ray of Love-Wisdom, transmitted through Virgo – more powerfully than any other zodiac sign. It was built upon the site of an ancient temple of Isis, one of the three goddesses of Virgo – Eve, Isis and Mary.

In the event chart for the outbreak of the fire, the Moon was in Virgo, square to fiery Mars in Gemini. As the ferocious fire burned for the next four hours, the moon moved into an even closer square with Mars, reaching exactitude at 5 am the next day – when Notre Dame was a smouldering ruin. The Sun was in Mars-ruled Aries, but Mars’ placement in air sign Gemini seemed to fan the flames.

Pisces is also the soul of France, hence this profound Virgo-Pisces pair of opposites between the nation and its capital Paris. In some ways the utter destruction of the cathedral signals the end of the Piscean Age, even if the building is going to be restored. The fire is also however a symbol of renewal – Aries is a sign of death and rebirth. Given the fact that Notre Dame is not only the heart of France, but at the heart of Europe, its destruction may spark a sense of European unification during this Brexit crisis. Whilst Paris is a Virgo soul, it has Capricorn as its personality ruler”

more at the link


Yes, kiwi, something along the lines of a new and more united people; even a new way of worshiping but with the heart, soul and power of Our Lady intact and breaking through in truth? I had heard that Macron was going to give a speech or a response to the yellow vests yesterday before he knew about the fire which has now superseded that division…may it bring healing, unity and a new beginning.

RE: “admissions and return of former clientele continue to overwhelm my clinical group practice”

Been there. Done that. The last psych hospital I worked at was always boom or bust. Either way too many or too few patients. We were always understaffed. Our group therapies sometimes consisted of about 30 patients, barely enough time for each to check in, much less get any real therapy done. The work became extremely frustrating.

Hang in there. My thoughts are with you.

Angellight, Merci beaucoup pour l’astrologie concernant le feu de Notre Dame. J’avais l’intuition que Mars était impliqué. Et merci à tous pour vos commentaires à ce sujet.

Kiwi, Sharon K et André, merci beaucoup pour vos belles interprétations sur l’incendie de Notre Dame.


I hope you had at least a few rich and rewarding experiences in your work.

There is a remarkable degree of hopelessness and helplessness among those between age 25 and 42. I have developed a surprisingly strong passion for this work. I feel very blessed and privileged to do this work.


Rod Rosenstein birthday is the same as mine, January 13. You may be on to something. Rosenstein has played along with this president like a child not taken serious and redirected. Good.

Bob and Linda G agree on the prediction that the president will be heading out the door in September. Great minds think alike.

So many le Francais speakers here, tres bien !
Notre Dame is an old church. Old churches seldom ever burn down. I’m too skeptical or cynical to believe this is just another fire.

On a happier note:
I was impressed with Mayor Pete Buttigieg, he is bright,a hero, well spoken, with new ideas. Oh should his sex/pref be an issue? I don’t care.

Whimsy says Rosenstein got a copy of the Mueller report and gave it to Nancy Pelosi!

Hard for me to read the monitor but she had transit Venus on natal Jupiter on Tuesday.

Tarot with Whimsy
Published on Apr 16, 2019
Remote Viewing: I Love You Rod Rosenstein!



Yes. I just noticed that Whimsy video a few minutes ago as well. Now it’s becoming obvious why Rod Rosenstein decided to stay on as Deputy Attorney General past the expected mid March retirement period. If Whimsy’s intuitive assessment turns out to be true, what Rosenstein did is nothing short of miraculous for I just heard American lawyer/ legal analyst for CNN Jeffrey Toobin say that if Congress chose to subpoena the Mueller Report in its unvarnished, unredacted version, it could get bogged down in the courts for up to three years (based on previous court cases he has dealt with).

We as a nation have been caught up, mentally and emotionally, in a turmoil that many – if not all – of us didn’t see coming. We each have lives that need constant attending to, and while those of us who come to Starlight News share a passion for Politics (as seen through the astrological lens), we never intended for it – politics – to become all consuming. But, it seems that for many of us, it has.

What helps is perspective. Instead of seeing the local and global chaos as a bolt out of the blue, astrology offers the planetary cycles as a broader perspective on our lives and the world we all share space on.

Two major cycles, well 3 actually, will soon begin within months of each other, each with its own general outline of what its purpose (the two-planet teams that make up the cycle) will be for our world for a given period time; a general design if you will that fits like a puzzle piece into a larger picture too great to comprehend from our mortal perspectives.

Like the Notre Dame builders more than 8 centuries ago who never dreamed of a world where telephones would exist, let alone phones carried in the pockets of millions and millions of individuals – phones that could show moving pictures along with an unimaginable amount of data, we who are now living in 2019 can’t imagine what life will be like even 10 years from now.

In 1982 a cycle would begin between Saturn and Pluto that would last until 2020. In 2000 a cycle between Jupiter and Saturn would start and it would end in the same year as the Saturn-Pluto cycle, a cycle 18 years longer than its own. Timing is everything (in show business) they say, and Time (in astrology) is ruled by Saturn.

We can learn from the cycles charts – using some intuition and creativity, along with common sense and an understanding of the symbols – to get a grasp of the world of the future. The year 2020 is a time when 3 profound cycles unite (the 3rd being Jupiter and Pluto) within the same year – a team effort – to break new ground in the ongoing development of life on earth; to leap above the creative chaos and start anew.

On Good Friday morning the Libra Full Moon shows all 3 participants in the coming 3 new cycles within a 29 degree span, reminding us that the profound period is nearing. One possibility will be greater equality on many fronts. I think this full moon in the sign of balance hints at that.

For example, the feminine goddesses of Venus and Sedna are sextile in this full moon chart and they form a Yod with the Full Moon which must adjust to their pressure. Because the FM opposes the Sun which conjuncts Uranus in this chart, the Yod becomes a Boomerang and throws all the energy within the Yod back onto the Sun – which conjuncts Uranus, and Uranus is about breaking through walls and other obstacles. Obstacles such as those that stand between the Mueller Report and the Public and the Dem House of Reps.

Eris (meaning discord) in the FM chart is square Pluto (means power) who is conjunct the South Node (meaning release) and Saturn (meaning resistance as well as time) and Eris does not play fair.

There is also Black Moon Lilith (has a grudge) in this FM chart and she’s in a grand air trine (powerful unstoppable drive) with the Full Libra Moon (the mood of the people) and Juno (tired of being disrespected) putting pressure on the Sun (consciousness) that is conjunct Uranus (breakthrough).

There’s lots more to this Full Moon on Good Friday (for example the Full Moon’s Mercury/reports-Chiron/wound squares the US Venus/values), and no doubt the present cycles between Saturn-Pluto and Saturn-Jupiter, which are wrapping up their tour of duty, have some input too. (Full Moon at 29+ Libra conjuncts the 1982 Saturn-Pluto conjunction at 27+ Libra).

At some point we should examine and compare the two one-time-only charts for the Saturn-Pluto and Saturn-Jupiter cycles (the Jupiter-Pluto cycle has 3 conjunctions; a bit more complex) for indications of where our future leads. They both have very involved Suns in Capricorn I can tell you that much!

It’s been many years since I’ve been there. A lovely reminder of the magnificence of Paris’s beloved cathedral…..

Inside The Notre-Dame Cathedral In Paris (2015)

Video: 10 min 44 sec


Thanks, barbk. Your recent posts have been lovely and welcome. Regarding perspective, I just wanted to add that the book The Overstory, which just won the Pulitzer, provides the perspective of tree time. It’s a mind expanding book.

From an interview with author Richard Powers: “We are phenomenally bad at experiencing, estimating, and conceiving of time. Our brains are shaped to pay attention to rapid movements against stable backgrounds, and we’re almost blind to the slower, broader background drift. The technologies that we have built to defeat time—writing and recording and photographing and filming—can impair our memory (as Socrates feared) and collapse us even more densely into what psychologists call the “specious present,” which seems to get shorter all the time. Plants’ memory and sense of time is utterly alien to us. It’s almost impossible for a person to wrap her head around the idea that there are bristlecone pines in the White Mountains of California that have been slowly dying since before humans invented writing.”


Thanks barbk.

Here is Ralfee Finn:


Merci beaucoup pour la visite vidéo de Notre-Dame.

What came to me is that the fire and destruction was but another example of the malfeasance of the Roman Catholic Church. The Church has been on a self-cannabilizing rampage from decades of institutionalized abuse and neglect.

I still cannot fathom the level of incompetency of the custodians of Notre Dame. Incredible.

Will, I am deeply touched by your heart-warming words in French. Je suis très touché.

On another note, it’s the eve of the Mueller Report. A little political humor won’t hurt. Putin has to do everything for those guys:


Finally, about Ralfee Finn, what strikes me today is she writes that a natal Sun-Uranus conjunction makes people revolutionaries, but doesn’t mention Trump.

I’m seeing this prolonged wait to see Mueller’s Report – an overview of Trump’s activity during the 2016 election process – symbolized by the trans. Jupiter in the Yod made up of US Mercury sextile Trump’s MC, both quincunx trans. Jupiter, now retrograde.

It is the symbol of Jupiter (overview) that is going through twists and turns in an effort to “adjust” to the demands of US Mercury and Trump’s MC (his reputation). Trans Jupiter remains at 24+ Sagittarius for a total of 30 days, and again in early November, just before a Full Moon conjuncts the US natal Vesta (what is invested in) at 19+ Taurus.

Wow, Les, reading that interview by the author of The Overstory made my stomach churn. Even so I absolutely want to read the book and appreciate you bring it to my attention.

Thank you and ja for your kind words as well.

From Jessica Murray today:

“But challenges are emerging, at last, to Trump’s monopoly of the mass mind. They started last year, when Beto grabbed the spotlight through sheer charisma.

More recently, a few genuine mavericks (e.g. Stacy Abrams, Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Pete Buttigieg) have been getting attention not only through style and charm, but by steering the conversation back to actual ideas.

And AOC has been punching back, in a vernacular that a real person her age would use.”

Mon Cher André

La langue française est au-delà de la belle. Merci mon Dieu pour les traductions google.

Puissions-nous avoir la force de parcourir ce sombre chapitre de l’histoire.


I took careful notes from Whimsy earlier in March before the Mueller report came out, and read them from my journal today while having breakfast. Looking at current events right now, she’s been batting a 1000.

1) Mueller is going to be subpoena’d.
2) Mueller knows what he’s doing.
3) It’s about foreign influence in elections and T’s ties to the GRU.
4) Trump the businessman is Mueller’s focus.
5) Mueller understood how Barr/GOP was going to go.
6) The lying to Congress will play out.
7) It’s all about following the $$$
8) Things are not going to be easy BUT
9) There will ultimately be enough support to remove T
10) Investigation provides a clear reason to clean up politics
11) DT will be in retreat.
13) Investigation will lead to sealed indictments
14) Impeachment based on Trump Tower meeting
15) Focus on obstruction, witness tampering, lying to the Feds, witness intimidation
16) Assange will be arrested and will turn state evidence to the Feds. Facing extradition and lifetime of jail. He may get an offer (if he turns)


Also from Jessica Murray:

“These career politicians [Dems] are too deeply mired in the big-money political game to respond imaginatively and effectively. Most of them don’t want to risk alienating their donors, who are apparently more important to them than either their constituents or the judgment of history.”


Thanks ja for letting us know she’s back . . finally!

Again, I remind us that the crab (Cancer) moves sideways rather in a forward motion. It takes longer of course, but it usually works to elude predators from something precious (buried eggs) that must be protected. Our country is the Crab and someday we will understand – finally – why it has taken so long to hang Trump out to dry.


Gang of Eight: Wikipedia

“The Gang of Eight is a colloquial term for a set of eight leaders within the United States Congress who are briefed on classified intelligence matters by the executive branch. Specifically, the Gang of Eight includes the leaders of each of the two parties from both the Senate and House of Representatives, and the chairs and ranking minority members of both the Senate Committee and House Committee for intelligence as set forth by 50 U.S.C. § 3093(c)(2).”

Current as of April 19, 2019.

United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence:
Adam Schiff (D-CA-28), Chair
Devin Nunes (R-CA-22), Ranking Member

United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence:
Richard Burr (R-NC), Chair
Mark Warner (D-VA), Vice Chair

Leadership in the United States House of Representatives:
Nancy Pelosi (D-CA-12), Speaker of the House
Kevin McCarthy (R-CA-23), Minority Leader

Leadership in the United States Senate:
Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Majority Leader
Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Minority Leader

Thanks fe . . the plot thickens!

Something else to be aware of is that transiting Jupiter at 24+ Sagittarius retrograde is opposite the Uranus Discovery Degree (24+ Gemini).

Theoretically, the Yod made up of US Mercury at 24+ Cancer that sextiles Trump’s MC at 24+ Taurus, with transiting Jupiter (24+ Sagittarius) at the apex point . . . could be seen as a Boomerang by inserting the Uranus Discovery Degree opposite transiting Jupiter.

Being the gathering point of all the energy of the Yod, the Uranus Discovery Point (Boomerang point) assures that the end result (in this case the release of the full Mueller Report) will be shocking, unexpected and a breakthrough. What a helluva movie it will make.


Re: Whimsy’s accuracy on mundane events. Here’s her latest bombshell. An agreement has been struck. Gang of 8 to receive full unredacted copy of the Mueller Report………

Remote: A Compromise, Rosentstein, Mueller and Barr


On a lighter note, I have transiting Neptune in the third house in a sextile to my Sun. My brother-in-law, who is training to be a yoga teacher and has seriously practiced for 20 years, is giving me a free 90-minute personal class each week in his home. Afterwards, I meditate for half an hour in a Catholic church a few blocks away. Twice a week, I swim 40-60 laps in Montreal’s Olympic pool nearby, which is under-used and often near-empty. Swimming and yoga over time sharpen the senses and strengthen the body and the mind.

Neptune (spirituality) in the neighborhood (third house) with in-laws (third house). And now I’m writing about it (also third house). Astrology is fun.

This will be short (I’m hungry!) I mentioned recently (today?) that transiting Jupiter would return in direct motion to it’s present degree (24+ Sagittarius) for a final time, in the apex of the Yod it presently shares with the US Mercury (+ Trump’s Venus and Saturn) in Cancer sextile Trump’s MC in Taurus in September. I said that would be just before a Full Moon that conjuncts the US natal Vesta at 19+ Taurus.

Turns out TRANSITING Vesta will be there too at the time of that Full Moon. It will be the US natal Vesta Return.

I don’t know how long it takes Vesta to travel around the Sun – about 3+ years I think – but I will find out before next November. Even so, I already know there has been something compelling about Vesta’s present US transit; the whole bit about the hearth being the center of the family (community) thing says to me that something healing will be happening in the United States in Nov.

Transiting VENUS will be on the ascendant of the Full Moon-conjunct-US Vesta chart on November 12, 2019, as well as the ascendant of the US natal (Sagittarius rising) chart. Excellent sign.

A. Guttman and K. Johnson, in their book Mythic Astrology say: “Vesta is the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last. She vowed to remain eternally virgin, and, true to her meditative nature [envision staring at a hearth fire], stayed apart from the quarrels of the gods.”

Transiting Jupiter in that November Full Moon chart will be at 25+ Sagittarius opposite the US Constitution Signing chart’s natal Jupiter at 25+ Gemini, but, good news, transiting Mars (fire in the hearth?) in that FM chart is at 25+ Libra, trine the Constitution Jupiter and sextile the FM Jupiter.

Just thought you should know. Part of the process of becoming whole.

PS – Barr’s natal Mercury is also at 19+ Taurus!

To All:
I believe you will find this science article very interesting relative to astrological eras and cycles.

The Cataclysmic Break That (Maybe) Occurred in 1950
Sixty-nine years ago, a new geological era may have begun on Earth.


The scientific community will be voting online until sometime in May as to whether to designate 1950 as the beginning of the Anthropocene era. This sounds SO Aquarian to me.

Perhaps this is the compromise Barr, Mueller and Rosenstein arrived at which Whimsy was intuitively seeing (see article below). If so, this would be woefully insufficient as demanded by Congress. I think William Barr is extremely out of touch with present political realities…

Some Members of Congress Will See A Less-Redacted Version of Mueller Report, DOJ Says

USA Today
April 17, 2019

WASHINGTON – Not one, but two versions of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report are planned to be released.

After the public is given a redacted version of the nearly 400-page report on Thursday, a less-redacted version would go to a “limited number of Members of Congress” for their review. It’s unclear when lawmakers would be able to view the more transparent report.

“Once the redacted version of the report has been released to the public, the Justice Department plans to make available for review by a limited number of Members of Congress and their staff a copy of the Special Counsel’s report without certain redactions,” prosecutors wrote in a court filing on Wednesday.

The revelations were made by prosecutors in a legal filing when they replied to a request from President Donald Trump’s longtime friend and political adviser Roger Stone, who was arrested in January on one count of obstruction of an official proceeding, five counts of making false statements and one count of witness tampering.



Balm for our collective souls: the last choir performance at Notre Dame the day before the fire:


That performance was moving and hauntingly divine.

I am grateful to you for sharing it. May you be blessed by the vocal vibrations of those angels.


Beautiful singing. Many Thanks.
Reminds me of when I was in graduate school many years ago in Albuquerque. The all male plainchant society I sang with traveled quite a bit to do our performances. The music we sang was in Latin and very uplifting. I wouldn’t mind doing it again were the opportunity to come along.

Prepare for Mueller’s long shadow

“The Mueller report was just the first step,” said Gene Rossi, a former federal prosecutor from Virginia. “What these recent events show me is that Robert Mueller has created an army of acolytes and those soldiers are now embedded in the Justice Department, Eastern District of Virginia, Southern District of New York and Washington D.C. These acolytes are trained, they’re hungry and they’re determined.”

“But Assange’s delivery into the hands of the British authorities and in turn over to the U.S. “will reopen the Russian collusion affair,” said Philip Lacovara, a former counsel for the Watergate prosecution team.”

“Noting the pressure U.S. officials exerted on their British counterparts, Lacovara said, “DOJ evidently retains considerable interest in the information that he can supply. He knows where the hacked DNC emails came from, and he knows when and how the Trump campaign learned about this treasure trove of political dirt. He also knows whether the Trump campaign coordinated the timing of the leaks for political advantage. He is also likely to know whether anyone from the Trump campaign actively solicited additional hacking.”



Google translation wasn’t quite up to the job in your post yesterday at 7.33PM.

But I got your meaning.


Thank you for sharing beauty. Part of the silver lining of the smokey clouds of the fire.

Henry Wadsworth Barr

“Listen, my children, and you shall hear of the midnight ride of Billy Barr, On the eighteenth of April, in mumble mumble, Hardly a man is now alive Who remembers that famous day and year. …”

Today begins another short string of bad days for tRump. I think I posted before that days like this would come more frequently and in short strings until the end of his administration before, or nearly before, he completes 3 years.

You’re too funny Bob! Thanks for the giggle and now we begin the year-long vigil; the open unraveling of the Donald. Is this what they call kabuki theater?

Barr’s presser this morning will go a long way to ending the rule of law. When you see it in relation to the stuffing of ultra-right-wing Federalist judges, you begin to see a clear movement from this junta toward fascism. People here talk about Rosenstein being a good guy – he is not and I assume the document they release will be full of redactions.

Linda G and others seem more wrong than right about these events. I am minded of Bob and others talking about Trump being out later this year – I hope your right but I have serious doubts if we will ever see that.

FOIA Judge May View Full Mueller Report And Release It To The Media

“Although a report of the Russia investigation, completed by special counsel Robert Mueller earlier this year, is set to be released to the public on Thursday, a federal judge made clear earlier this week that he may order the redacted parts of it to come to light as well.”


Australia Says It’s “Ready To Confirm” A Key Meeting That Led To The Investigation Into Trump’s Russia Links


Australia is finally ready to acknowledge its role in being the catalyst for the Trump-Russia

“President Donald Trump has frequently (and incorrectly) claimed that the Russia investigation, aspects of which looked into his campaign for possible instances of collusion with the Kremlin, was started by a salacious dossier compiled by a former British spy. Those allegations, the Associated Press and other outlets reported over the course of the investigation conducted primarily under the direction of special counsel Robert Mueller, were flat-out wrong.

Rather than having been started due to elements within the dossier compiled by Christopher Steele, it was revealed in December 2017 by the New York Times that a meeting in England, between Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos and former Australian diplomat Alexander Downer, started it all.”



Yeah, sometimes its rather clumsy, but it gives me more exposure to the language and the voice feature teaches me a bit more about the sound of the language.

Bob: I think you are so right, thank God, bad days for Trump.

Wow, it’s a feeding frenzy on cable news channels – esp. MSNBC. Indeed, it IS a critical point in US history but moments of crisis, when played out on the TV screen such as the shooting of Pres. Kennedy and 9-11, is not easy to view without getting emotionally exhausted.

Transiting Mercury is conjunct the US natal chart’s roots – the IC, and is opposite the Super Galactic Center, a super big black hole region known for a giant sucking sensation – and has been compared to a powerful vacuum cleaner.

Also worth consideration is transiting Mars in Gemini on the US natal chart’s descendant (the other) and Mueller’s natal Uranus (shocking), all at 12+ Gemini (data).

They all oppose transiting retrograde Ceres (the feeder or nurturer) at 13+ Sagittarius on the US natal chart’s ascendant at 12+ Sagittarius.

The transiting Moon (feed me, feed me) has been at 17+ Libra for most of the day which is where the US progressed Mars is, and the US Constitution’s Neptune is and where Trump’s natal Jupiter is. Is it any wonder the nation is being exposed to emotional exhaustion?

They (news media) have waited for 2 years (haven’t we all?); let them eat cake or whatever else pleases them but I need a nap already.

Didn’t mean to leave out transiting Pluto opposite US Mercury.

comment from the nyt’s:

“Even with redactions, this report is politically devastating to Trump. Barr’s statements are ‘lawyer speak’ at their finest, but the reality is that 1) Members of Trump’s campaign (with Trump’s tacit approval) coordinated with Russia and Russian agents (i.e. Wikileaks) and 2) Trump made repeated attempts to obstruct the SC’s investigation. The fact that members of his administration refused to go along does NOT exonerate criminal ‘intent’. It just means these people (i.e. Don McGhan) were smart enough to know what they were asked to do was a crime.

Regardless of Justice Department policy against indicting a sitting president, this report (even with redactions) is politically devastating to Trump. 2020 can’t come soon enough…”



“Trump’s now facing the blowback to his overuse of ‘fake news’ since the public now don’t believe what’s being handed out to them about his shining white innocence. Not even Fox. The gods of irony are chortling.”


Ja: Love these graphs from Marjorie

Mueller looks deflated at the moment but picking up more enthusiasm and success after mid May onwards. His relationship with Barr is exceptionally pressured at the moment and there’s movement of a jolting variety on both his relationship charts with Trump and Barr come July onwards. So there’ll be more to follow.

Trump himself has tr Pluto in the depressing and discouraging opposition to his Saturn till mid May, repeating till late 2020; with the deeply frustrating and enraging tr Pluto opposition his Mars/Node at the same time.

He’s now facing the blowback to his overuse of ‘fake news’ since the public now don’t believe what’s being handed out to them about his shining white innocence. Not even Fox. The gods of irony are chortling.

I didn’t read Marjorie yet (getting ready for Passover tomorrow night) but, Barb, don’t forget to factor in the full moon at 29 Libra tomorrow, 4/19/19, opposing the Aries sun (or was that covered that already?)

Let me take this moment to wish all of you the full benefit of the holy and sacred energies of this weekend and season.

To those who observe, Happy Easter & Passover, and, for Muslims, all Good Wishes on Laylat al-Bara’at (15 Sha‘b?n, 20 Apr. 2019), on the
Birthday of Muhammad al-Mahd (also observed on 15 Sha’ban by the Shia) and for Ramadan, which begins on May 5.

If Nancy Pelosi doesn’t begin impeachment soon, she will be guilty of dereliction of duty. Impeachment by the House will help the Democrats in 2020 even if the Senate does not convict.

But are the Democrats tough enough to win???

Bless your heart Sharon, I did offer up a few paragraphs on the extraordinary Libra Full Moon yesterday. Seasons blessings to you and everyone.

As for that US Vesta Return that coincides with the Nov. 12 Taurus Full Moon (conjunct US Vesta), it IS about 3 1/2 years between Vesta Returns; the next one (after the November one) will start May 28, 2023.

That said, the present US Vesta cycle that started in April, 2016, had Ceres (nurturing) at 3+ Aries, which is where transiting Chiron (healing) is right now, which is where the US natal Transpluto (becoming whole) is as well.

The Sabian Symbol for 3+ Aries is: TWO LOVERS STROLLING ON A SECLUDED WALK – Keynote: The progressive polarization of energies needed for fulfilling one’s life function. Dane Rudhyar, in his book An Astrological Mandala, says about this symbol:

“In order to respond fully to the potentialities released by a sense of identification with a greater Whole, the human being should be himself whole.”

From this I take that what we are experiencing here in the USA – this polarization – is a necessary step in becoming whole; as individuals and as a nation.

It seems the “feeding frenzy” I noted earlier today regarding the cable news channels reaction to the release of the redacted Mueller Report, would be – in part – the expression of Ceres in the US natal Vesta Return chart, which in turn is connected to today’s transiting Chiron, which reflects the ongoing “making whole”, a painful process symbolized by the US natal chart’s Transpluto.

You are right Andre, astrology IS fun.

fierywoman, that Palm Sunday service was so lovely, poignant, & sad, knowing what we know now. In fact, the youtube video opposite showed that room as it is now, yet with the statue and rose stained-glass window intact but surrounded by rubble. It must be surrealistic for those singing on Sunday.

Eliseo, so you were with a choir that sang plainsong or Gregorian chant (are they the same). Does that harken back to a past life in a monastery? Gregorian chant is so soothing and must have the same effect as meditating, as did the choral service fierywoman posted.

Barb (or anyone), the full-moon at 29 Libra opp the Aries sun also makes a wide aspect with Uranus at 2+ Taurus, does it not?

or rather, a wide aspect to Uranus…


plainsong and Gregorian chant are the same.
Yes, that does harken back to several past lives in monasteries, and before that as a pre-Talmudic Jew.

Gregorian chant has a very similar effect as meditation, but that depends in part on what type of meditation one is practicing. GC quietens the mind but also foments devotional feeling, and a sense of awe before the universe.

May you have a blessed Passover.

Sharon, Wishing you and family a blessed Passover.
I always picture you as an Angel…you’re so kind.

“It’s Not the Collusion, It’s the Corruption”
What the Mueller report says about our world.


TRUMP: “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,”

(We should thank Margorie’s focus on the U.S.)

Yes Sharon, see my comment on 4/17 at 2:09 AM.
You don’t have to read the whole thing, just start with the paragraph that begins . . On good Friday morning . .

Patty, Thank you for the link to David Brooks.

Here is something from the New Yorker:


Eric Francis on the Notre Dame:

“In the 6:20 pm chart, the first degree of the cardinal signs occupies all four angles: 38 minutes Libra rising, and Aries setting; 48 minutes Cancer on the 10th and Capricorn on the 4th. That is the Aries Point in full bloom: an event of global stature; the intersection of individual and collective coming in through all four cardinal points, involving a building often thought of as the center of everything.”


Thank you, Patty. We see in others what we ourselves are. I think we all are angels in some sense and I sense that everyone here is kind and loving, as well as spiritual warriors for truth and justice.

Eliseo, thank you, too. I have been told about several past lives that ring true. I know a monastery had to have been part of one one as well as a life in Greece (temple priestess who stared into the flames – to have visions I guess – but was I killed by marauders – that one I was told about) and Egypt. I was also told about my life as what sounded like a very dynamic dancer of ballet (launching myself into the air) and that rings true as I have always loved dance, from the time I was 5 and used to run the length of my living room and launch myself in the air to the show tune, “Oklahoma”. One I came up with myself is relevant to today’s news. I was a serf who loved helped craft stained-glass windows for a cathedral, a holy task. Interesting stuff, who knows?

Barb, it sounds like a lot will be going on tomorrow in the world, tomorrow night being a time that is pivotal in Jewish history (and don’t think we don’t grieve over the horrors that happened to the Egyptians, when we tune in to what happened) as well as what is considered the Last Super of Jesus Christ and his disciples, followed by the resurrection of Jesus (Joshua?) which I somehow know to be true (and Cayce corroborated).

Coming back to the present, I, like the others, am a bit in awe at what the Mueller report has initiated. I am not sure Trump can completely escape this.

The transits of 2019 involving Saturn, Pluto and Chiron parallel the transits of 1974-75. In those years, the US Chiron return was exact at 20 Aries, Saturn in Cancer was square Pluto in Libra, and Saturn was conjunct the US Sun square US Neptune.

This time, Saturn and Pluto will both station square US Chiron, Saturn is heading to a conjunction with Pluto, Saturn will station opposite the US Sun square US Neptune as Chiron begins another US return.

Events may also be parallel. We know that in both cases we have major constitutional crises that led and should lead to the resignation of criminal Presidents. What we tend to forget is that April 1975, a few months after Nixon left the White House, was a catastrophic setback for US foreign policy. That month saw the fall of Saigon and a humiliating end to the Vietnam War, as well as the coming to power of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. This latter group slaughtered 3 million of their own people until, ironically, the Vietnamese Communist Army intervened.

The point here is that a major foreign policy failure(North Korea, perhaps) may accompany or closely follow the end of the 45th President. Starlight has warned us of a possible humiliation for the United States later this year.

The Saturn station square US Chiron next week and the Pluto station square US Chiron in October will bring painful Big Problems that are not entirely domestic and that will take years to resolve.

There is no question 2019 will be difficult, but at least these problems will no longer be hidden. They will heal further down the road.

William Barr . .what was he thinking?

His natal Uranus conjuncts the US natal Venus (values), both at 3+ Cancer.

His natal Neptune conjuncts the US natal Saturn (rules and regulations), both at 14+ Libra.

His natal Mercury conjuncts the US natal Vesta (hearth fire, center of the home), both at 19+ Taurus.

Well, Uranus would revolutionize US Venus/Values.

Neptune would dissolve the rules and regulations/Saturn.

Mercury apparently mistook Trump for the Vesta hearth fire (the center of the home) as the center of the Universe. Oops.

Just some guessing.

Pelosi changes her mind regarding impeachment by or in early July. Proceedings may be started then or in September.

tRump seeing no way not to sit in the dock (and sure conviction) begins to try to make a deal which will have his resignation as it’s centerpiece. Does the Congress press for the removal of his VP, Cabinet and all appointees – possibly including those to the Supreme Court, as fruit of the poisonous tree?

Deal possible in November of this year.

Restructuring would be a huge undertaking. Pelosi would be President but have to work out VP and appointees for Cabinet and other positions with Democratic and possibly with GOP leadership also. Surmising an election win in 2020 (not with Pelosi for Prez) selections of appointees not needing congressional approval may be accomplished in 2020 under-wraps in preparation.

The first 100 days of that administration could be riveting.

I’m in shock.
Astonished is much too weak a word.
I’m catching the news on the Mueller report late tonight. So much to be aghast about.

I’m particularly concerned about the profoundly opposite coverage from Fox News. FN pundits are angrily maintaining the president is now totally and completely vindicated, the “witch hunt” is over, and that the mainstream media news to apologize.

Simultaneously, other media reports what was actually in the report, the various descriptions of agent orange’s malfeasance.

If a civil war ensues, I’ll blame Fox News.

Rupert Murdoch has done more to destroy America than any other single person. Even Putin. He really is Public Enemy Number One.

Democrats are fumbling the Mueller Report, because they think upholding the rule of law is a pain in the ass.


I wish you Peace and Joy!


Nadler, the chairman of the House Judiciary, has finally issued a subpoena for the full Mueller report. This will now go the courts. I am more confident there will be impeachment proceedings. Democrats may have the spine after all. They will have no choice whether or not the GOP Senators vote to convict the 45th President. It will only hurt the Republicans politically either way by exposing further their moral failings.

This would fit with Trump’s horrendous chart for the coming year.

I read somewhere that if Democrats won’t impeach Trump, they will depress their vote in 2020 because their base expects them to act.

I also read that AG Barr, who can’t see crimes in the Mueller Report, also read Moby Dick and couldn’t find a whale.

Finally, thank you emma and fierywoman for the wonderful uplifting music.

The words from the Notre Dame Choir were sung in Latin and translated in French in the video. For those who may have missed them, they are extremely powerful to Christian ears.

A sample would be: “Holy Mother, allow me to share your pain at the foot of the Cross and to share in Christ’s suffering for humanity.”

I will now put politics aside for the Easter weekend. My love to all of you.

Eliseo, I, too am shocked! I am especially unhappy to hear that the Russians had planted people over here as early as 2014 to start destabilizing U.S. democracy. I’m eager to hear what Starlight has to say.

The Fox Noise people, I remember, are just an echo chamber for the Trump base.


Bob – I am guessing you are in the ball park with your guesses. Some news from the SDNY investigations may be a tipping point for a more united decision. Or some other leak, news, Trump-fed catastrophe. Personally, I am hoping that Epstein’s s*** show comes to light and Trump’s participation is clear. But that’s unlikely with Barr in the driver’s seat.

I guess we will have to bring the whale to the fisherman.

Ripley, I read somewhere recently that the “Epstein affair” would be what finally wakes up Trump’s base.

Who knew? Little life savers when the news intrudes on your real life.

“My toddler just got a hold of a tub of butter, rubbed it all over her legs, and said “lotion you can eat” and I feel like she may be onto something.”

— bottom of my purse (@Bottomofmypurse) April 7, 2019


I got it! Neptune symbolizes sacrifice. Neptune in the US Constitution at 17+ Libra is conjunct the progressed US Mars (action, defense), suggesting the US Constitution is at a time when it needs defense; requiring action that may call for sacrifice.

The US Constitution chart’s Venus, symbol of values, is at 16+ Virgo. Robert Mueller’s natal conjunction of Mars (action, defense) and Chiron (wounding, healing, teaching) is also at 16+ Virgo.

Using the Constitution’s rules, Mueller (my hero, along with Adam Schiff) has, for almost 2 years, taken action in defense of the US Constitution, at some sacrifice to himself I might add.

The US Constitution’s Venus and Neptune form a semi-sextile which can be problematic due to the different elements (water or fire or air or earth) the planets occupy or semi-sextiles can be helpful due to their juxtaposition being a natural progression of development.

Since US progressed Mars not only conjuncts the US Constitution Neptune, but Trump’s natal Jupiter as well, and all 3 are in Libra;

and because US Constitution Venus and Mueller’s conjunction of Mars and Chiron are in Virgo, the sign before Libra, there is the problematic friction between the Mueller energy (earth) and the Trump energy (air).

There is also the natural sequence of earth sign Virgo (facts) followed by air sign Libra (balance) helping to defend the US Constitution, in an orderly fashion at a critical time in its life.

Natal Uranus in the US Constitution Signing chart is at 29+ Cancer. This past November (2018), the transiting North Node was conjunct the Constitution’s Uranus, just as transiting Uranus, for the third and final time, squared the Constitution Uranus from its position at 29+ Aries.

What was critical for the US Constitution (and the country and people it represents) was the surprising and unexpected nature of Uranus the Awakener. The US People revolted against the Trump regime and elected a House of Representatives full of Democrats. This revolt was a combination of Uranus energy and the facts uncovered from Mueller’s investigation, although they were only hinted at then.

Now Mueller has provided the detailed roadmap of how to save the US Constitution, since his hands are tied from being able to bring Trump down himself.

It is now up to the House and Senate (despite the sacrifice these individuals may have to endure in their next election) to finish the job Mueller has so perfectly outlined. It is their legacy to do the right thing; keep the country and its Constitution intact or watch it go up in flames like Notre Dame.

“I am sickened at the extent and pervasiveness of dishonesty and misdirection by individuals in the highest office of the land, including the President.”

“I am also appalled that, among other things, fellow citizens working in a campaign for president welcomed help from Russia — including information that had been illegally obtained; that none of them acted to inform American law enforcement; and that the campaign chairman was actively promoting Russian interests in Ukraine.”

“Reading the report is a sobering revelation of how far we have strayed from the aspirations and principles of the founders.”

–Senator Mitt Romney–

I’m interpreting Senator Romney’s statement as a harbinger, an eventual change of heart and mind with the rest of the R’s in the US Senate, probably culminating in a 2/3 conviction in a senate impeachment trial. I also intuit there will be other shoes to drop which will further impel R. senators to vote for conviction. …unless of course like Nixon, Trump chooses to leave the office before certain conviction in return for a pardon from Pence or some other deal.

Nevertheless, personally I’d much rather see all concerned go to jail with very long sentences.

Here is something interesting, from an excellent astrologer:

Next year’s presidential campaign is likely to be? one of most outrageous in American history. But?you already knew that. What we don’t know yet is how?the plethora of Democratic candidates will ride the?tumultuous waves until one emerges as the front runner?next summer. But astrology may hold a clue.
In January 2020, there is an important conjunction ?of Saturn and Pluto, which occurs about every 33?years. But wait, there’s more – they will be joined? on January 12th by the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter ?forming a five planet cluster of Capricorn energy. ?More than any other sign, Capricorn is associated? with political power and government, and this? steamroller of planets next January could well? mean big changes are on the way.?The obvious question – which Democrat is a Capricorn?
Two Virgos, Bernie Sanders and Julian Castro. Neither?have significant transits in 2020.? Two Libras, Kamala Harris and Beto O’Rourke. Neither ?have significant transits in 2020. ?Cory Booker, born 4/27/1969 may however, be one? to watch. Uranus will conjunct his Taurus Sun in? 2020, a once in a lifetime cycle.
The Capricorn in the mix is “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg?from Indiana. During 2020, he will have his Saturn?square (a transit well correlated with Presidential?winners) and Saturn conjunct his Capricorn Sun!!? This combination will make him a tenacious campaigner?and someone who may wind up as the favorite in?the long run.
Stay tuned,?Michael Thurman, MA

“Barr worked with Alfa Russian Bank for the last 10 years and it is now owned by Putin since 2018. Trump did business with this bank. They are all connected. OMG- Putin picked Barr! The Russians are still trying to control our country! Why is the media not connecting the dots?”


Thanks Angellight, this might be what his natal Neptune-conjunct-US Saturn means.

Richard Nolle says this near the end if his April forecast:

“Although not the only player in the drama, Trump is central to the collapse of the old world order. He’ll be central to the tremors in April-May and later this year, as Saturn, Pluto and other factors in his natal chart get triggered by the eclipses of June-July and December-January.”


barbk: Welcome & thank you for your excellent analysis.

Elisabeth Grace:

“The chart for the Full Moon set in Washington DC has — OMG — the same Midheaven and same Ascendant as the chart for the 2017 inauguration: ASC 14 Taurus and MC 26 Capricorn. Most all of the planets in the Full Moon chart are hidden from obvious view, suggesting a lot of action going on behind the scenes. What is front and center is Mars, planet of action, in blah-blah-blah Gemini. Two-faced? Double-talk? Sure — in an effort to prove oneself the cleverest, most entertaining self in the room. Actions taken over the next week may have a zealous, faith-based or deceptive spin, courtesy of Neptune. The planet referring to fantasy and drugs will square Mars on April 27th.”


By: Andre on April 18th, 2019 at 9:12 pm

“What we tend to forget is that April 1975, a few months after Nixon left the White House, was a catastrophic setback for US foreign policy. That month saw the fall of Saigon and a humiliating end to the Vietnam War, as well as the coming to power of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.”

Vietnam loss text. April 21 Thieu resigns. April 30, 8:35 am (local time) last Marines leave. 11 am Viet Cong flag raised.


Sibly in DC with transits for Nam loss.


Sibly in Saigon progressed to Nam loss.


My post about the loss in Vietnam:

By: Bob on April 20th, 2019
at 12:30 pm

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Sibly charts for 22 major events in U.S. history. Click on each chart as you scroll down to isolate it. There is a return to album link in the upper left on that page.



Unbelievable but true. The US has just agreed to clean up toxic waste from the war at a Vietnamese airbase:


The waste comes from, wait for it, Agent Orange! Oh, the irony.

I get Kellyanne Conway’s Venus at 17+ Aquarius; it forms a grand trine with Trump’s Uranus and Jupiter.

I get her natal Mars trine his Sun; he’s her hero. I easily get her Sun opposite her Jupiter and her Saturn-Chiron opposite her Uranus-Pluto; she’s conflicted – a product of the 60’s.

It’s even easy to understand her Scorpio Neptune trine her Chiron-Saturn in Pisces in a grand trine to US natal Mercury (+ Trump’s Venus and Saturn) in Cancer. Lying comes easy.

What I DON’T get is her natal Moon at 19+ Taurus conjunct the US natal Vesta at 19+ Taurus and trine her own natal Pluto at 20+ Virgo (that conjuncts her natal Uranus at 24+ Virgo) and now in a grand trine with transiting Saturn . . . .

UNLESS it’s part of the divine plan; the plan to divide the country in order to break the mold that has locked the country from developing its potential. Vesta is about what is invested in, and since after WW2 the US has first and foremost invested in the War Machine.

The US government, over the years, has also been bought by powers invested in increasing the wealth of drug company owners, fossil fuel industries, the Media corporations and the like.

The US government has, in turn, been neglecting infrastructure (roads, bridges), failed to invest in early education and decent health care for its citizens, and almost totally ignored global warming. Worst of all, the US Vesta – what’s invested in – has been compromised.

Kellyanne was born January 20, 1967, 2 1/2 months before MLK was murdered, and in the wake of the 3rd and final exact Pluto (death and rebirth) – Uranus (awakening) conjunction (April 4, 1966), and 16+ months before Bobby Kennedy was murdered (June 5, 1968). Starting with the assignation of the US sitting President in 1963, the 60’s produced a love-hate polarity heretofore unexpressed so vividly in the USA since the Civil War. Until now.

Kellyanne is an enigma – born into a culture of love/hate; she seems to thrive in this polarity.

Transiting Uranus, now in Taurus, will first reach US natal Vesta (and Kellyanne’s Moon) at 19+ Taurus in May, 2023, later turn retrograde and then station direct at 19+ Taurus in January 2024, just as the transiting Sun conjuncts the US natal South Node and the US natal Pholus (small cause, big effect) at 6+ Aquarius. Trans. Pluto will be entering Aquarius for the 2nd of 3 times.

The country and Kellyanne will never be the same after that. And no, I don’t have a clue what it will mean. Yet.

At this point it appears that Barr’s stalling from the git-go is, after-all, simply to buy time, or at least that seems the major reason. I still think it is possible he intends to defuse/dismantle the Trump Bomb if he must (Barr’s natal Venus conjuncts US natal Chiron).

However, Barr knows how long it will probably take the House and Senate to complete their questioning and how long it will take the Supreme Court to reach a decision. By that time Trump will have completed his one and only term as President, or he will have decided to escape to a foreign country (Trump’s natal Mars on his ascendant rules his natal 9th house of faraway lands), or he will be dead and gone.

Barr the Gemini is acting as the Transition phase between The Fixed Mode (bull headed Taurus is Trump’s MC) on the way to the Action (emotionally driven Cancer is US natal Sun) Mode. Something tells me he has thrown himself on the proverbial sword in order to save the country. Call me a dreamer.

What the hell..138 dead in Sri Lanka in co-ordinated attacks..

I’ve apparently misunderstood something I heard from a group of TV pundits and don’t want to confuse anyone by what I wrote last night. Impeachment is something the Senate does on its own. Indictments are part of the legal process only.

The Justice Dept. guidelines say a sitting president can be impeached but not indicted. It is not a law though. It seems a sitting US president must be impeached before he (or she if that were ever the case) can be indicted.

The House makes the case for impeachment but the Senate makes the decision on whether to impeach or not. The Courts on the other hand can indict but have to wait until the President’s term is over, and there is a time limit that could run out before that happens. All this seems ripe for change.

Even so, I still think Barr is trying to buying time.

The Senate does not impeach. They convict (by 2/3) or acquit. Indictments can come AFTER the president leaves office.


I hoped to hold back from politics this weekend, but I must add that the House impeaches and the Senate convicts. Some Presidents have been impeached, for example Clinton. None have been convicted. Nixon resigned because he sensed that conviction became inevitable once Barry Goldwater and other Republican Senators turned on him and told him the game was up.

Eliseo and Andre, I’m so grateful to you guys for helping me understand. I think I found the answer to why I thought the Supreme Court had something to do with it.

“Ultimately, the [USA] founders decided that during presidential impeachment trials, the House would manage the prosecution, while the Chief Justice would preside over the Senate during the trials.”

Apparently somebody in that gaggle of TV pundits mentioned the Chief Justice’s involvement in the Impeachment process. Maybe if we (USA) had done it once or twice I would have gotten the hang of it!


so sad about sri lanka. And the nutter that was found with fuel in NY cathedral.
When will we ever overcome such hatred.

On another note, did anyone else notice that during barr’s press conference, Rosenstein had that decidedly fixed, deer-in-headlights look? Wonder what was going on in that head of his?

Barbk, Andrew Johnson, who had been Lincoln’s Vice-President and became President when he was killed, but did not have anything like Honest Abe’s moral standing, avoided conviction in 1869 by the Senate by a single vote.

The math is simple. There are 47 Democrats in the Senate but you need 67 to convict. So you need 20 GOP Senators. Until now, that was not to be expected, so many Democrats could say: what’s the point to impeach? But Friday Mitt Romney, a newly elected Senator and former Presidential nominee, said he was disgusted by what he read in the Mueller Report. Does he speak only for himself or for a group of other Republican colleagues? Is this a turning point? Is he signalling to Pelosi she should begin impeachment proceedings in the House? Only the House can start this.

Michael Wolfstar is predicting this week that impeachment will begin in late June or early July. If so, that will make great television through the summer and fall. Pelosi will make her decision after Mueller testifies in May. If she goes that way, that will be the third impeachment debate in the House in 50 years after Nixon and Clinton.

On Barr, Barbk, I’m afraid you ARE dreaming. If he had been AG from the beginning, there would never have been a Special Counsel. The US was very fortunate that Sessions recused and Rosenstein named Mueller and protected him under intense pressure until he could complete his report.

Barr’s Venus on US Chiron means little without context. I’ll bet some executioners in the Gestapo had this aspect in their chart. It can be seen as a bad person with charm, one who amiably causes pain and suffering. It all depends on the degree of Light and Shadow in each soul. Saturn will station this week square US Chiron and Barr’s Venus can’t change that.

What is more telling is that transiting Neptune is opposing Barr’s Saturn this year just as transiting Pluto opposes Trump’s Venus-Saturn conjunction. In Trump’s case, Venus-Saturn is another bad boy with charm. They are both doomed and headed to the garbage heap of history.

I think Romney wants to play the shiny knight in this story. He wants to ride his white horse all the way to the White House once Trump has resigned. I will bet that many Republican Senators are already trying to figure who will be their nominee in 2020. They already suspect that neither Trump nor Pence can be elected. They are much better at long-term strategic planning than the Democrats.

Romney’s chart is mega-successful over the next election and the Inauguration in January 2021. Democrats will be tearing themselves apart over two 80-year-old candidates. Voters may prefer a moderate Republican who provided health care when he was governor of liberal Massachussetts. Biden will announce this week and for him it’s all downhill from there. He is doing a disservice to his country by running in this race because he is a man of the past who will make a Republican win more likely, but it can no longer be Trump. The Orange President has already been mortally wounded by the Mueller Report and now his long-drawn-out political death scene begins.

To win the White House, Romney has to be the first GOP Senator to turn on Trump. He just did. He will then claim moral leadership which has been so lacking in his party. For him, it’s a risk worth taking if he is to have a second chance.


Romney’s PR team has had him all over the media recently. There is very little doubt in my mind that he will make another run at the Presidency. No so sure he has the juice in the Senate to flip enough Repubs but at this point, anything is possible.

I’m thinking that Pelosi had it right though when she recently responded to news crews about impeaching Trump;
“He’s not worth it.” Dem/Independent/Progressive candidates need to run on something other than impeachment – its too much of a long shot; if the Senate does not convict him (likely) he and the GOP will use it as a case for his virtual coronation.

Andre, It will be difficult for Romney to win the nomination in the Republican primary. Trump’s base will probably not forgive his powerful denunciation of Trump — especially since Romney once endorsed Trump. How do the Republicans avoid fragmentation?

…. and impeachment brings with it the pence problem

My antennae went a-buzzin’ when Romney stated his disgust as to the dishonesty and corruption in the White House. I too wondered if those statements were intended as a signal to Pelosi and the Dems. (see my April 19th, 11:32 pm posting)

RE: “I think Romney wants to play the shiny knight in this story. He wants to ride his white horse all the way to the White House once Trump has resigned.”

IMHO you nailed it there! There is a Mormon prophecy about a leader who will rise from within Mormon ranks during a very dark period of American history. Believers foresee that leader becoming president and “saving the nation.”

In 2012 Romney and company believed he was that “Mormon Messiah!” They were so convinced of the prophecy, they never prepared a concession speech. This is why it took so long for them to concede, and why Romney and everyone on his team looked so shell shocked when they did concede.

Also, I believe you’ve likely painted an accurate picture of how events will unfold. Biden and Bernie are too old. Most of the Dem candidates tout some ideas which the public very much agrees with, mixed with other ideas the public strongly disagrees with. Unfortunately, I don’t see any of the Dem candidates who’ve declared, nor any who are planning to declare as winning in 2020. I especially don’t see any of them beating Romney, who would be seen as a safe, steady, moderate with high moral character.

Considering what Bain Capital was about, I find the last attribute ironic, but there it is. If we had had our heads on straight, much of the financial ethos and the consequent actions of Bain Capital would have been against the law.

Romney is a bright but not brilliant man who sees himself as a the epitome of good morality. Although I see his financial dealings as depraved, I’m afraid most others will see him, particularly post-Trump, as he sees himself.

Furthermore, were Romney, a self-righteous corporatist/capitalist to win in 2020, it would seem to me to be a perfect expression of the last gasp of Pluto in Capricorn.

By: Bob on April 19th, 2019 at 12:07 am

“Just some guessing.

Pelosi changes her mind regarding impeachment by or in early July. Proceedings may be started then or in September.”

My reasoning was because of the July eclipse on tRump’s natal Saturn heralding discovery or revelation of for sure crime by tRump serious enough to make impeachment conviction a lock in Pelosi’s opinion leading to “tRump seeing no way not to sit in the dock (and sure conviction) begins to try to make a deal which will have his resignation as it’s centerpiece.” and this “Deal possible in November of this year.” which ends with his removal in January of 2020.

By: Andre on April 21st, 2019 at 8:06 pm

“Michael Wolfstar is predicting this week that impeachment will begin in late June or early July. If so, that will make great television through the summer and fall. Pelosi will make her decision after Mueller testifies in May.”

It may be nip and tuck whether I will see that pass. Of course my transits may have me with egg on my face but I do have transit Jupiter on my Moon in January of 2020. I may join these guys one way or another.


Barb K., Have you seen Governor Inlee’s chart?

Meanwhile, can politics get any weirder?

Exit polls show that Ukrainian comedian Volodymyr Zelensky has won a landslide victory in the country’s presidential election. Zelensky has no real political experience. He just plays president on TV.

Here is Michael Wolfstar:

“A few astrologers work with alternative birth times for Trump, but if there’s one thing that the Mueller Report confirms for the astrological community, it’s that he was born at 10:54 am – the time most astrologers use. The indisputable evidence is the 22 month phase it took Mueller to investigate and produce the Report, beginning in May 2017 and just now becoming available. ”


What makes it even more interesting & surreal, Eliseo, is that Zelensky is Jewish and the prime minister is as well.

Wolfstar also has a dark prediction about the next election:

“Most significantly, on September 9, 2020 (just two months before the election) transiting Mars turns retrograde in Aries while squaring the U.S. Pluto, precipitating some kind of national, militant action. Transiting Mars also opposes progressed Mars during the week preceding Election Day, when we can expect some violent protests and other outrageous actions involving the American voting process. One cannot rule out a declaration of martial law or an actual suspension of the voting process. At the very least, this won’t be an ordinary election. ”

He says Russian meddling will be the cause.

Re. Trump & all the turmoil:

Transiting Saturn is soon going Retrograde, on April 30, and direct again Sept. 18, 2019. Saturn won’t hit Trump’s Ascendant at 29.56 Leo (for the 1st time) until March 21, 2020, around the time of the primaries. So, the primaries might be a rough go, but Saturn can’t do too much damage until spring of next year.

Then Saturn goes Rx again May 11, 2020, and hits Trump’s Ascendant (for the 2nd time) on July 2, 2020 as it goes backward. Campaigning might get tough too, but Saturn can’t be done yet while it is Rx.

Saturn goes direct Sept. 29, 2020 and hits Trump’s Ascendant (for the 3rd time) on Dec. 17, 2020, after the election and just in time for the electoral college vote. That’s the final blow. He won’t have “earned” the electoral vote, or “fixed” it either. Done. He loses.

For sure, the retrogrades don’t signal that he’ll have a fun time, but they do say that Saturn’s pressure is back and forth during much of 2019 and 2020. It can’t be relied upon to put on the final pressure to kick Trump out early,or entirely, until the Rx cycle is finished.

Try as the Dems might, impeachment is unlikely to happen because the election will arrive instead. The Dems may do what they want with legal challenges, but they would be better off cleaning their own house. The Senate won’t convict. It will just be horribly complicated and awful, as it has already been. I fear the Dems may spend too much time, money and effort to get a good clear win in 2020. It may be a squeaker, no matter who runs.

In short, Saturn is not done with Trump’s Ascendant until December 2020, after the election. So, nothing and nobody is going to get him out of the presidency until then.

That doesn’t mean he won’t be under a lot of stress and opposition, which is certainly what Saturn on the Ascendant means. But until there are 3 passes of the Saturn transits at the conjunction degree (29.56), it won’t be over.

Meanwhile, Jupiter offsets the hardship and negativity of the Saturn transits with a little sunshine. On November 29, 2019, Trump gets a trine from Jupiter in Sagittarius at the same time as Pence has Jupiter oppose his Moon on Dec. 2, 2019.

Jupiter transits are generally seen as positive, so this suggests Jupiter will bring some ease and a sense of expansion (or at least relief) to Trump and Pence at the end of this year. That could give him time to get his legal situation under control (Jupiter), which lets him slide into the election year.

The Jupiter transit after the election is an inconjunct aspect (150 degrees), at 29 Capricorn, to Trump’s Ascendant. This suggests a parting of the ways because of the inconjunct – but with full status (possibly even phony honors), being as it is Jupiter.

Thus, Trump could slip into history intact, with a one-term presidency to brag about (though not his reputation). He’ll collect his fat presidential pension for the rest of his life while the country tries to put itself back together (somehow).

The French rector of Notre Dame is suing the government for involuntary destruction. He says it’s the only way he can collect insurance. He does not believe there was terrorism.

Notre Dame is not Church property. It belongs to the State. One priest in France is asking that 1% of the money raised (more than a billion so far) should go to the poor. The rector says he will give him all the money left once repairs are completed. He says his priority right now is finding jobs for employees of Notre Dame who have lost their livelihood.

Notre Dame was always seen in France as the cathedral of the rich and powerful, those we now call the 1%. During the French Revolution, it was heavily damaged. In 1793, at the height of the Revolution, people tore off 28 statues of kings from an outside wall, mistakenly thinking they were the statues of French kings. They were really statues of the kings of ancient Israel. Those pieces of sculpture were never put back, but they can now be found in a museum in Paris.

This was also the time when a mob burst into Saint-Denis, another Cathedral in Paris where French kings were buried. They dug up the bones of Louis XIV and threw them into the street where they were destroyed. The empty tombs are still there. The Revolution hated royalty and the Church.

1793 was also the time when the Catholic religion was entirely abolished in France. Only priests who had sworn an oath to the revolutionary Constitution could perform services to what they refused to call God but the Supreme Being. Even the calendar was changed at that time. Those changes were reversed by Napoleon, who brought back Catholicism on his own terms.

Last weekend, the Yellow Vest protesters in Paris were chanting while they were setting fires :”We are worth as much as a cathedral.” Unfortunately, they were also chanting to the police that they should commit suicide: “Suicidez-vous!” Police suicide is on the rise in France.

France’s chart is under increasing pressure in coming years. The French Revolution occurred under a Uranus-Pluto opposition. The next one will be around 2040.

Beowulfie, reading your response I was reminded it is very hard to escape one’s own bias when one makes astrological predictions. We tend to see what we would like to see. The only way I have found to counter my own bias is to read other interpretations such as yours. Thank you. And Nancy is the best astrological guide through these times.

That side, Jupiter ‘s protection may also simply means that Trump escapes prosecution or is pardoned like Nixon when he leaves office. Although, on the other hand, the awful retrograde Mars in Aries square Pluto over the next election would fit another Trump campaign with Putin’s active support.

A few things are certain. One, the Biden and Sanders charts are unfavorable over the next election. It is unlikely either of them will be President. Two, Trump is about to enter the worst period of his life. It is hard to see him being re-elected unless the US turns into a dictatorship for a while, which could happen. Three, it is clear the November 2020 election won’t resolve anything and indeed will probably make things worse. This will be true until the Pluto return which will take place a couple of years later. That will be a near-death experience and a resurrection which will manifest in the 2024 President.

There will be many more people in the streets in the next few years.

POTUS= Putin Owns The United States.

The word most often used by future historians to describe Trump’s time in office will be misrule.

Mind over Matter
It doesn’t matter if you don’t mind.


Notre Dame is owned by France? Wow – there is a lot I didn’t know. I’ve never known a functioning Catholic church or Cathedral not owned by the archdiocese and ultimately subjected to the Holy See.

I am spinning.

Thank you for sharing this.

Andre, we agree on one thing; “Nancy is the best astrological guide” period. That said, there are so many ways to interpret symbols, including the aspects themselves (what is a square if not a learning tool); it is a benefit to hear/read multiple versions of the same patterns. Yay for the Internet!

What I’ve learned is that it seems easier for us all to see the negative in any set of aspects; we are less likely to see the meaning of a couple of “malefics” in opposition as beneficial. The aspect of Mars opposite Pluto could mean a life-saving surgery; not fun but an option most of us would choose.

Looking at a solar return chart for someone where the Moon was placed in between a Saturn-Pluto conjunction filled me with dread – until I saw the rest of the chart and compared it with the birth chart.

That Moon was meant to be a tool to gain comprehension about what was happening in the Big Picture. Obviously, not a sign of winning the lottery on its own, but also not a time to strike fear of certain death in that individual. You may not agree of course.

I think that’s why astrology is widely studied, appreciated and readily available in this period of mankind; we are transitioning from one historic period to a new and advanced period, where the masses have an opportunity to escape the confines that societies inevitably create over time.

It may look like the end of the world to those who only have one perspective, but astrology can open new vistas, and the end of one world (Saturn) is allowing the wonder of a new world (Pluto) to be born. It’s why the Jupiter-Saturn cycle starts after the Pluto-Saturn cycle starts, but not that far after.

Hi Nancy,

Would it be possible to have a new post soon.

Thank you!

Well, Andre, I keep looking at the charts and trying to interpret in various ways, but the major aspects are what they are.

There’s no escaping a conjunction – it is a major aspect at any time, but especially when it’s Saturn conjunct the Ascendant. Any textbook says that much.

Besides the transits, Saturn itself is a timing device. About 27 years has gone by in Trump’s life since the last Saturn/Asc conjunction, at which time, in 1992, Ivana divorced him, the Trump Plaza bankruptcies took place, and his Trump shuttle airline closed down.

While the set of conjunctions in 2019-20 are not a Saturn return, it must add up to a significant turning point when Saturn conjuncts the Ascendant. It’s hard to see the other aspects topping that.

Mars is acute, but it is relatively temporary. Uranus, Pluto and Neptune are very serious, but they hang around so long in progressions, and even in transits, that they are not great timing devices (except Uranus when precisely exact).

Saturn is the timer of record, which is why I think Trump’s time will be up in 2020. If I’m wrong, I will be devastated if he wins again (heaven forbid) and disappointed that I will have missed something else that should be obvious in the chart, and equally (or more) important. If somebody sees that something, please do say!

And, yes, it IS hard to escape one’s biases! I keep tossing around that Jupiter, which is a big planet too. Any help Trump gets from Jupiter isn’t going to help the country, that much we can be sure of.

P.S. What I dread is that Trump stays to the end of his term, but is convinced by the GOP to not run again. Then, most likely, Pence would take his place to run instead. That might explain a Saturn ending to Trump’s presidency and set the stage for a mess to follow. Just a speculation, and not a pretty one.

The GOP machine would be ready to go (I wrote earlier about Pence), and the Dems will need to pick a very clear, very good leader to stand up and win against it.

The mess that follows, Beowulfie? How about the Repubs not giving up no matter WHO wins the presidency in 2020?

According to an article over on DKos, Turtle is once again promising:

“Think of me as the Grim Reaper. None of that is going to pass.”

This time, it has nothing to do with the color of a Democrat’s skin… now it’s just the fact it’s NOT a Repub. I mean, it worked pretty damned well for them the first time McConnell did this.

We need to impeach every last Repub in the administration from POTUS on down to dog catcher… most for being traitors to the spirit of America (if nothing else), IMNSHO! Either that, or give those 35% Trumpys their own country… and be sure to erect a TALL wall on all four sides of it! I’m really sick of this crap.

Be a Republican — if you can’t win honestly, and you don’t win dishonestly, just take all the balls and go home. Hrmph! Sore losers.


I think we have THE candidate for the next presidential election.

I am impressed to the max! This kid has that extraordinary thing. He’s smart, he considerate, he rational, he’s hard-working, he’s exceptionally well-spoken.

This is our candidate!

Professor B., just saw your question re: Gov. Inslee’s chart. I wrote about Jay Inslee’s chart about half way down in my comment on April 9, 8:15 PM. Thanks for asking.

This astrology I’m about to list will bring Inslee into the spotlight:

Inslee has a natal sextile between Pluto (18+ Leo rx) and Neptune (19+ Libra rx). This sextile forms a Yod with his North Node (19+ Pisces) that becomes a Boomerang with his South Node (19+ Virgo) near the US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo).

Trans. Neptune reaches Inslee’s North Node in late March, 2020, about 2 weeks before the 1st of 3 conjunctions between Jupiter and Pluto that will oppose the US natal Mercury in Cancer.

At that time trans. Saturn will conjunct Inslee’s natal Mercury at 0+ Aquarius.

On March 24, 2020, a New Moon at 4+ Aries will conjunct transiting Chiron (5+ Aries) and also Inslee’s natal Moon that squares his natal Uranus that conjuncts US natal Jupiter, both at 5+ Cancer.

One thing that comes to mind is a climate emergency (flooding perhaps?) of some kind that will bring Inslee into the spotlight. It could be a game changer.

Will, if only! He would be great but are we ready? I actually didn’t think an African American would win and I was wrong. But with Pete, it’s that evangelical anti-gay thing that will bring them out of the woodwork. Sigh. I hope that I’m wrong. Maybe in 2024. I can see him making it to the Senate or governorship though.

Slightkc, I feel your concern, but I don’t see anyone becoming president in 2020 without an election taking place (I assume you mean some kind of forcible takeover could happen). Short of an invasion by aliens, it’s not like there are no Dems to make sure there is an election, no matter what influences there are from within the country, or Putin, or whatever. That would be total insanity for everyone – the parties and the corporations are worried enough as it is. No, there will be an election.

But the outcome is a complicated matter, involving the campaign, the vote, the electoral college, the media, the people, and the international world as well. Too much to predict an outcome when the all the candidates are not even declared yet.
Trump and the GOP cannot control all that, no matter what they want to do. At the moment, Uranus is conjunct the sun, which intensifies things. But, this, too, shall pass, and usually calmer heads prevail.

Hi SharonK,

You present very sobering valid points. I went with my gut – I believe he has very broad appeal. The fundamentalist Evangelical Christofascists must accept the fact that he’s married and doesn’t want to bed-down with any of them or their spouses, he’s got a good shot. I’ll hang on to my enthusiasm about him just like I did with Obama – and hope for another “first” in 2020. I was thoroughly impressed with his even-handedness, candor and his formidable capacity for critical thinking and clarity. If nothing else, he’s going to be a candidate to watch. The audience sounded exuberant about him on the Town Hall on CNN. It wouldn’t matter if he was a hetero man or even a republican to me; he is a very decent and likable person who is everything The Horrible One isn’t.

We can be hopeful.

just had to share this nostagic moment I had reading Daily Kos:


Some of us refused to believe she didn’t win and the election was stolen AGAIN from the evil R’s.

Hillary should be given the presidency back after Orange Toad leaves.

Will and I had Hillary’s back the whole time. I am sad about how things turned out for the nation. The remedy will soon here, and we will again tell our children to follow the rules because our leaders do and if they cheat they suffer the consequences.

The man in the WH has a carreer of cheating, double dealing, fraud, and hiring lawyers to do his dirty deeds. There is a song about dirty deeds done dirt cheap. Lawyers are suffering,and being smeared. Trump has given them a bad name.


How I long for that day:

“tRump seeing no way not to sit in the dock (and sure conviction) begins to try to make a deal which will have his resignation as it’s centerpiece.” and this “Deal possible in November of this year.” which ends with his removal in January of 2020.

Will he take Pence with him and the whole swamp too? Ivanka goes home to her kids, Jared got his 666 property saved with a loan from Syria or somebody. The crook in the White House will leave in a helicopter, saying no collusion, witch hunt, while he raises both arms with the peace sign and lifts off into the dust bin of history. Good riddance !

The Trump Timeline

Some more interesting aspects coming up in May.

May 5th

Tr. Mars conjunct Trump’s Sun (22 ’55 Gemini) opposite tr. Jupiter (23 ’25 Sagittarius) quincunx tr. Pluto (23 ’07 Capricorn). I don’t know how to interpret that except to wonder if more damaging information will surface and Trump will go into a tweet frenzy/meltdown. Are we going to see a more aggressive and crazy president?

May 18th

This may be the time period for Mueller to testify before congress. Congress has set a deadline of May 23rd for Mueller to appear. before the committee.

The May 18th Full Moon (27 ’38 Scorpio) t squares the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse (28 ’52 Leo), Trump’s progressed Moon (28 ’23 Leo), Trump’s Mars (26 ’46 Leo) and Mueller’s Venus (26 ’26 Leo).

Congress will have in their possession a more transparent, less redacted report in which to form valuable informative questions. Explosive information to be revealed at this time?

The July 16 lunar eclipse is at 115°57′.

It is opposite tRump’s natal Saturn, on Rosenstein’s natal Sun and the 2017 inaugural Sun/Pluto midpoint. Will Rosie wear a wire?

While I think of it I should report that my choice of January 13, 2020 for tRump’s leaving was because the transiting Sun joined transiting Saturn and Pluto on that day and the progressed inaugural chart has them on it’s MC but my progressed anlunar return for tRump has them on the MC on the 16th. Learned not to go against the progressed lunar returns from the 2016 election when the charts had it right but I ignored them because of my bias and called it wrong.


Yes we did have HR’s back, didn’t we? Was she flawed? You bet she was flawed. We all are to varying degrees. But I believe by the time she ran in 2016, she had consolidated core of decent values that guided her. The fact that this little blonde, pant-suited woman from Park Ridge, IL (my hood) scared the bejesus out of an evil murderous thug like Putin and his ass-wipe sycophant at 1600 had me convinced that she would have been a terrific leader who few would have —- with.

Ultimately, it was the still-patriarchally oppressed traditional white suburban women of the nation that ganged up with fossilized radical right male and hung her in the market place. The Old Boy’s club could not tolerate a uterus with a brilliant brain in the Oval Office.

The Buddhist in me knows that there is a higher, karmic purpose to this nightmare in D.C…..and that there was a also a higher purpose to HRC’s defeat. We have no choice but to wait until the denouement of this psychological horror finally unravels.

I thought the Republican Neptune Return might spell the end of the party. I was correct. I just didn’t forsee the ghastly monstrosity it would morph itself into as the modern party essentially dissolved itself away, and melted back down to its roots in the most perverse way. The Know Nothings have it now, and Trump is their standard-bearer, a perfect match for their mouth-breathing, raging ignorance and violent stupidity, incessantly needled by ol’ Murdoch’s Faux Noise machine.

I think the coming decade is going to have much to do with how we deal with these fools, including smug corrupt bullies like McConnell who ought be spending their remainder of their years locked away in solitary confinement, humbled and brought to their lowest point because of their hubris and treason.

We can stand up to them now, or we can do it later, but this country will go nowhere that we really want it to go until we do.

Here is an interesting comment from the nyt’s:

“I like Buttigieg too, and a lot. What I like about him the most is not just his powerful mind, but his down to earth midwestern practicality. He is not an idealogue. He isn’t an “ism” person. He tries to understand and relate instead of throwing isms around. Reason rules and Buttigieg is a student of reason. He can connect with people on a personal basis. That is super important. He is very young but wise beyond his years.

For the same reasons, I like Amy Klobuchar. She knows how to operate the machine. She knows how to implement policy. She is even more down to earth than he is.

Biden and Bernie are the name recognition candidates. That’s their strengths.

Te field is too big and that will canabilze exposure. The weakest ones should drop out and soon. Rural and middle America will not support a coastal type. They just won’t.

As far as impeachment is concerned, follow Nancy Pelosi’s lead. She is the political expert. Trump can be dragged over the coals with investigations and that information can be used against him in blistering negative ads. The candidates should stay out of the impeachment fray, stay positive. Let Nancy be the tip of the spear.

My ideal ticket would be Buttigieg/Klobuchar, with either one at the top of the ticket, leaning toward Klobuchar at the top with Buttigieg at the ready because of her experience.”


New discussion thread is up.


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