1st Mar, 2019

Discussion Thread

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I hope you’ll post a new reading soon, Nancy!

There were two explosive political testimonies in North America this week. One was Michael Cohen and the other took place in Canada. I believe they will lead to the resignations in coming months of the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Canada.


Such parallel events have occurred before. There should be a chart for North America. The only time Canada and the US were under common rule was between 1760 and 1776 when they were governed by the British. This was confirmed by the Treaty of Paris and the Royal Proclamation of 1763, the last time Pluto was in Capricorn. The Proclamation defined borders between the colonies and land rights for North American Natives, some of which apply to this day. A chart for the Treaty or the Proclamation may still be useful from time to time.

Thank You Nancy!
Tyler McGaughey’s work will “intersect” with the Russia investigation”.
How much truth do you think we’ll get from Mueller now? https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2019/02/william-barr-son-in-law-white-house

While Starlight News was down I turned to reading old Mt. Astrologer magazines, and the Feb/March 2014 issue had a story by Jessica Murray about the 2022 US Pluto Return called “Right Use of Power”.

As I looked at the magazine’s chart of the combined US natal planets and the grand cross of April 22, 2014, remembering that Trump’s natal Chiron (14+ Libra) and his natal Juno (14+ Libra) and his natal Jupiter (17+ Libra) . . all three which are conjunct US Saturn (14+ Libra). . are also square US natal Sun (13+ Cancer) and US natal Psyche (14+ Cancer). Then it dawned on me . . .

That grand cross made up of the April 22, 2014 Mars at 13+ Libra rx., opposite Uranus at 13+ Aries, square Pluto at 13+ Capricorn rx., opposite Jupiter at 13+ Cancer, was not only activating the US natal square between its Sun and Saturn, it activated Trump as well.

Jessica notes about the US natal square between Sun and Saturn (that this 2014 transiting grand cross challenged) that – if integrated- US Saturn “would allow us “to see a refinement of the self-anointed world judge and bully (shadow Libra in the 10th house), which is how Washington has been perceived by those populations around the world whose governments don’t conform to ‘American interests'”. (hence 9/11)

What many of us in the US weren’t fully aware of is that US bully image. What Trump has done is make us quite aware of the bully (Trump’s Chiron in Libra conjunct US “shadow Libra” Saturn in the US natal chart’s 10th house). Chiron makes us aware, and now we know, and now we must fix it.

RE: a North American chart
Interesting proposition, but I would call it a CanAm chart as it would not include Mexico.

I’ve always assumed the English speaking Canadian/USA common culture was reflected in the fact Canada Day is July1st and the USA Independence Day is July 4th. Have you done any work on the synastry between those two charts? Also, have you actually calculated a common North American chart?

To Barb K. Once again, Barb you have nailed it. Saturn, hailed as a task master, is really our angel of mercy. And perhaps it will all turn out for the best..really there is no other option in the Cosmos.
More interesting is the transit of Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter square to DJT’s Saturn/Venus conjunction in Cancer in 2020. Cancer rules the moon….the heart of our earthly existence and our public persona. Definitely heralds trials and tribulations for DJT next year. I would be interested to hear your take on that transit. Thank you.

Liz, from what I see regarding the transiting planets in 2020, it could fill a book akk by itself, and yes, “trials and tribulations” seem imminent for Trump.

Trump’s natal Saturn (conjunct his Venus and the US natal Mercury) co-rules his natal 6th house of health and will be opposed by transiting Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto multiple times that year.

The last two months of 2020 look the hardest, but there will be a great deal of choreography all year among the transiting planets (+ eclipses, nodes, etc.) with the US natal planets and Trump’s natal planets. Better (for me anyway) to try and digest it one month (chapter) at a time. Just tryin’ to get through 2019 right now!

Liz, Barbk,

Astrologer Denise Siegel for the past year or so has been placing particular emphasis on the late March/ April period for the unraveling of the trump presidency. Pluto’s station at 23 Capricorn opposite natal Saturn and quincunx natal Sun is one such factor. Tr. Neptune at 17 Pisces square natal Uranus (17 Gemini) and quincunx natal Jupiter (17 Libra) is another

That’s good enough for me Jerry, thanks!

Ed tamplin this week writes about the march Neptune lunation and the Neptune effect in general . . . .

If Barr will ry to protect the pResident:

“By: Bob on February 21st, 2019 at 12:20 pm

Barr’s noon chart (natal and progressed positions) are conflicted right from the beginning through the early days of February 2020. I am posting what I have right now as the overlapping dates have my head spinning. Made it as simple as possible to save you the same fate.

Allowing a 1 degree orb to cover changing progressed positions.

Barr may stop Mueller but not the SDNY.

Barr – Natal Chart
May 23 1950, 12:00 pm

“Natal Saturn 12°38? Virgo

Natal Neptune 14°52? Libra squared by Saturn July 28 through November 7 every day (September 1 through October 5 in RA)

Progressed Neptune 14°54? Libra (Same as above)
Strongest when Saturn Stations direct September 18,
2019, 13°55? Capricorn (RA 285°05?) – Also a bad day for tRump and Pence.

Progressed Saturn 17°09? Virgo – Opposed by transit Neptune from March 6 through May 6; August 8 through October 30; December 25 through early March 2020.

Progressed Mars 23°58? Libra – Squared by Pluto in longitude and RA in December 2019 and January 2020.

Pluto Stations retrograde April 24, 2019, 23°09? Capricorn (RA 295°02?)

Saturn Stations retrograde April 29, 2019, 20°31? Capricorn (RA 292°08?)

Pluto Stations Direct October 3, 2019, 20°38? Capricorn (RA 292°24?)

Saturn Square progressed Mars January 18 to February 4, 2020, 24°30? Capricorn (RA December 18 to January 3)”

Starting in July tRump’s chart is aspected every month through January 2020 by either transiting Saturn or Pluto.

tRump WH – Natal Relocated

Pluto stations retrograde April 24 2019 23°09′ Capricorn
Saturn stations retrograde April 29 2019 20°31′ Capricorn

Saturn square Jupiter Tr-Na July 6 2019 17°27′ Capricorn
Pluto trine MC August 13 2019 21°12′ Capricorn
Saturn stations direct September 18 2019 13°55′ Capricorn
Pluto stations direct October 3 2019 20°38′ Capricorn
Pluto trine MC November 20 2019 21°12′ Capricorn
Saturn square Jupiter November 25 2019 17°27′ Capricorn
Saturn trine MC December 30 2019 21°12′ Capricorn
Saturn opposite Saturn January 21 2020 23°49′ Capricorn

“this week may go down as the one in which the 2020 Presidential election started in earnest.”



Gonna’ be a long, hot summah.

Talking about “dangerous waters”, this is a concern for late March/April….MS Riverflooding, which is starting already! I think Nancy may have mentioned some challenging events for the country at that time but I couldn’t find the reference.



Investigators rarely go wrong when they “follow the money”, but for astrologers, “follow the synchronicity” may be more apt. A curious tie between events in Kashmir and Michael Cohen’s hearing brings up the date August 15, 1947. That’s when India became a nation (Pakistan officially became a nation on August 14, 1947), and coincidentally, also when Allen Weisselberg – Trump’s CFO — was born.

Excellent Kiwi, Ed Tamplin is spot-on! America should from now on refer to this Trump Disgrace as
“The Liar in Chief” especially after reading this piece:
“Commentary: I study liars. I’ve never seen one like Donald Trump”.

ja, Weisselberg’s natal Mars/Pluto midpoint (noon chart) at 114°33′ will be directly opposed by the January 23, 2020, trio of transiting Sun, Saturn, and Pluto at 294°+.

His natal Mars/Saturn midpoint at 113°50′ will be opposed by Pluto on December 18, by Saturn January 6, and by the Sun on January 12.

tRump natal Saturn 115°43′.

Crime family ties to the boss: Some have other points within 1 or a few degrees of aspect to his Saturn that will be aspected by transiting Sun, Saturn, and Pluto near the January 13 date. Other points that could be involved are correct Moons and/or chart angles.

Noon charts. Only Tiffany appears to escape with her Jupiter being involved.

Melania prog natal Saturn/Pluto 113°37′
Jr. natal Saturn/Neptune 204°16′
Ivanka prog Sun/Mars 113°11′
Kushner natal Sun/Mercury 295°38′

Weisselberg’s natal Mars/Pluto midpoint (noon chart) at 114°33′.
His natal Mars/Saturn midpoint at 113°50′.

Eric prog Mars (223°01′) conjunct natal Saturn (222°38′)

Music to my ears:

“In the two months since they took control of the House, Democrats have begun probing members of the president’s cabinet, his businesses, his campaign, his inaugural committee and his ties to key foreign powers, including Russia and its attempts to disrupt the 2016 presidential election.”


I actually moved past my Trump-induced despondency and wrote a new article. Hurray!