28th Jan, 2019

Dangerous Waters

The path of pointless destruction and cruelty wrought by the recent Trump temper tantrum, a.k.a. the government shutdown, is, for now, behind us. Unfortunately, our ignoble leader promises yet more mayhem if he doesn’t get his way after three weeks of negotiation. Nonetheless, we have been allowed a small ray of light in a dark and gloomy time. Someone adult enough within the government, the Speaker in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, managed to send our Toddler in Chief to his metaphorical room, albeit briefly, and punish him for his egregious misbehavior.  In a delicious moment of Schadenfreude, his total abdication in the shutdown negotiations is being universally proclaimed as a colossal failure and significant political slap.  If only our screaming toddler could learn from his lessons.

Meanwhile, the somnolent Congress is showing a spark of life in its discussions of a possible bipartisan bill to end government shutdowns forever. The idea is to mandate a continuing resolution to continue government services if the two sides can’t agree on financial decisions. From out here in the peanut gallery, where the real consequences of government stupidity and malfeasance are felt, this seems like a fabulous idea. Please remove this hideously dangerous toy from the arsenal of our Sociopath in Chief.

From a larger and more important perspective, however, the underlying problem in most of today’s difficulties is the vastly increasing inequality of wealth. This leads to political and financial decisions favoring those in the highest income brackets while barely considering the impact on those who suffer the consequences.  Most government regulations and restrictions are in place to protect citizens from the rapacious grasping of the financial elites, whether it is the unscrupulousness of lenders and landlords or the cavalier attitudes of corporate polluters. The removal of these restrictions mostly serves the powerful and harms the powerless.

The significant tension in this struggle over societal wealth, equitable taxation, and how actual power is distributed is coming to a head during the passage of Pluto in Capricorn, roughly from 2008 through 2024. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was at the time when the American colonies could no longer tolerate the oppression of their overlords and declared war on the British, resulting in a power struggle of epic proportions. The American Revolution lasted from 1775 to 1783, during the last three years of Pluto in Capricorn and the first five years of Pluto in Aquarius, which lasted from 1778 through 1798. The American Constitution was written during this 18th Century passage of Pluto in Aquarius.

We will again enter Pluto in Aquarius from 2024 through 2044. It seems likely the main thrust of this period will be a focus on reestablishing greater equality of wealth and power in society. The underlying theme of Aquarius is an innate understanding that all of us are a part of the same human family and should be treated with equal respect while celebrating our diversity. In the present, we can already see the simmering buildup in energy toward this goal, as the current imbalances create greater and greater discord and suffering.  But it seems likely that real change in this regard will not be possible until 2024 and beyond.

The most important question in the near term is how much and how effectively Trump and his GOP minions in the Senate can be restrained from doing yet more damage, in some cases irreversible damage, to the country and to the world. Unfortunately, the news is mixed. Despite the shutdown abdication, we still have the extreme danger of an impulse-driven, narcissist in the White House, who by definition does nothing that is not self-serving and barely comprehends or cares about the harm he does to everyone else along the way. The government shutdown is prime example of this process.

Astrologically speaking, the failure of the current round of government by hostage taking, as well as the increasing danger of the Mueller investigation to the administration as evidenced by the Roger Stone indictment, have both come during the first crossing of Saturn square to the US 10th house Saturn (14Libra48), from January 22 to January 30, and the simultaneous transit of Saturn sesquiquadrate Trump’s Ascendant (29Leo55) , from January 23 to January 31. This brief period may be described as one of imposed restraint, threat, and failure for the administration (10th house), as well as personal restriction and loss for Trump (sesquiquadrate to his Ascendant). It has also caused financial strain in the country, with Saturn in the US chart as ruler of the 2nd house (Capricorn on the cusp).  The same Saturn transit will return from July 28 through October 23, 2019, suggesting a much more protracted period of restriction and failure for the administration and a strain on the country at that time.

There is, however, a period of extreme danger fomented by an out-of-control, megalomaniacal Trump with little effective restraint and moments of perceived success between February 11 and May 31, with the most dangerous times being from March 1 through March 11 and again from April 26 through May 10. Not only will Jupiter be crossing opposite his Sun (22Gemini55) during these times, but it will be triggering a very stressful transit of Pluto quincunx his Sun (February 10 to May 26). He will feel himself in the power struggle of his life (Pluto/Sun) while at the same time responding in full force, expanding his power to the maximum (Jupiter/Sun).  A declaration of a national emergency or other unilateral action cannot be ruled out during this period.

During the time from March 12 to April 4, notably between the Jupiter/Sun/Pluto  shock and awe energy, Trump’s progressed Moon will conjunct his natal Mars, suggesting rabid aggression and anger. And finally, we should note that from February 22 through March 26, Trump will experience the final crossing of Uranus square to the Inaugural Sun (00Aquarius50), likely to bring many unexpected and forceful upsets, including possible dramatic actions by Mueller, as well as global or domestic crises of some kind.

All in all, this three-and-a-half month period from mid-February to late May 2019 seems likely to bring us Trump excessively pushing the limits of his power, with some seeming initial successes followed by significant trouble by late July and beyond. Somehow, we have to weather the coming storm and hope that our Captain Pelosi can somehow navigate the disturbingly turbulent waters.


The reason for Speaker Pelosi is exactly as you describe, Nancy.

Trump’s is an extremely dangerous personality with hands on the ship of state under increasing pressure from the Mueller investigation. He is going into distraction overdrive.

I hope she’s lined up people in DOJ, the Pentagon and our allies for this next phase. We need to all have her back.

I am not into waiting.

from Tom Steyer’s Need to Impeach site – “Trump has committed 10 distinct impeachable high crimes, with no signs of slowing down and no intent to start obeying the laws of this country. We don’t need to wait for Robert Mueller’s inquiry or other investigations before Congress begins the impeachment process: The time to impeach is now.”

Thank you Nancy!

Speaker Pelosi has invited Individual 1 to give State of the Union Address on February 5th. Cohen due to testify to Congress (closed session) February 8th.


Nancy, your posts have become roadmaps through this ongoing crisis. Tr Saturn in a T-square with the US Sun-Saturn square has already produced a major setback for Agent Chaos. The next, more prolonged, hit by Saturn this summer should bring things to a dramatic conclusion. Let us hope that is when impeachment finally happens.

I so agree with you Andre, Nancy maps the ongoing crisis for us, with possible detours included. With a cool Aquarian head she connects the dots in this madman’s birth chart, letting us know – before he knows – what to expect and to prepare ourselves for incoming vitriol.

Thanks for the preview of Pluto in Aquarius Nancy, it has opened up my concept of the upcoming Jupiter-Saturn cycle agenda. Thanks for the E.J. Dionne piece too.

Nancy I always say thank you but it never seems like thank you is enough.

I think this is a safe haven for like minded souls.

Your work will stand the test of time. I bet people will look back in wonder at how accurate you were.

Nancy, thank you for your always prescient analysis… I echo the sentiment that you give us a roadmap.. between you and Rachel Maddow I feel sane bearing witness to this madness..and thank you also to the other very insightful contributions of the other astrologers who comment..
I am not an astrologer but I am an ardent follower and perhaps student of it..I share Nancy’s birthday and 5 planets in Aquarius so it must be the Aqauarian ethos..
Best wishes for us all to get through the coming months with grace and resilience…


Aside from your gorgeous astrology, I can virtually feel a wave of unsettled awfulness afoot. My angst has been giving me big-time shpilkis.

Thank you for the riveting article and cautionary dates.

Thank you, Nancy. Forewarned is forearmed! (even if that forearmed is with blood pressure meds and happy pills!).

I truly hope a “no more shutdowns” bill is passed by both houses. As a recently retired Fed worker, I can tell you most of the Fed workforce are tired of being pawns. Every year since Bush the Younger, we’ve held our breaths during October and March. If we got thru the budget year without shutting down, it seemed like we’d get shut down in March when the gov’t “ran out of money.”

Morale has been low and going lower each year, even tho we still remained dedicated to our work. I was so surprised at all the people coming up to me telling me their “retirement” date after I announced mine. That’s a HUGE chunk of intelligence, experience, and civic dedication that’s being lost. If there’s another shutdown this year, I suspect many of the younger ones will head off for more stable environs or higher pay, even as the elders retire. Fed pay, especially for GS9’s and below (which comprises most of the workforce) is low. We knew that going in, but the stability and benefits were suppose to make up for it. They’ve already stripped a lot of the benefits; pay increases have been tiny or non-existent for years; and, finally, a family can only take just so much instability.

Not talked about is the huge hit these vacancies will cause to all the legacy software being used to run our gov’t. If you want a real infrastructure eye opener — consider there are still Windows 95 computers running vital legacy software… !

Bob – happy belated birthday!!! May all good things be yours this year!

Today is my sister’s birthday. I had a good laugh at her reply to my bday text to her… she said “Nothing like a birthday spent with 14 year old’s all day!” (she’s a teacher….)

Thank you to all birthday well wishers and thank you to all who post here informing and holding up all of us. Especially Nancy.

Saturn will be exact or less than 1 degree from exact in a hard aspect (conjunction, square or opposition) in longitude to natal or progressed Mars, Saturn, Uranus, or Neptune in Stone’s chart every single day of the year from February 21st through December 25th.

It may take until December to break him.

Cheers to your sister kc. Through the years we meet many people but do not remember their names 50 or 75 years later but many of us do remember many of our teachers names those years later. We probably did not know how much of an influence in our lives they would turn out to be. Some of our earliest angels.

I won’t belabor this but, the progressed US natal Sedna (under water) is at 15+ Pisces where transiting Neptune (and progressed US Sun) is about to be. Again.

Neptune was at 15+ Pisces (conjunct US natal Sedna) last April when Barbara Bush died and when the New Moon in Aries was conjunct transiting Uranus (where it is – again – right now).

I’ve been putting all the “underwater” innuendos on TRANSITING Sedna, now at 26+ Taurus and conjunct Nancy Pelosi’s natal Mars, but it now seems the US progressed chart has one more approach to inform we-the-people of the direction of Trump’s ratings (tanking).

Perhaps it is more than that though, perhaps this double influence of Sedna (US progressed and transiting), especially when tied to Neptune, might describe the nature of a coming disaster. Dare I suggest we have more lessons to learn on how to judge what is worthy of being valued?

A reminder that progressed US Venus (values) conjunct transiting Uranus (unexpected) in Aries and square US natal Pluto in Cap, are semi-sextile transiting Sedna in Taurus who squares US natal Moon in Aquarius.

Perhaps this is what worried Beowulfie about transiting Vesta (swallowed by her dad) conjunct the US Moon (exact today) that transiting Sedna (underwater) squares.

I believe our grief for the government workers who themselves have been “underwater” is just a warning salvo, and that Trump will be responsible for more grief in the coming weeks and months. But so do you. If trans. Sedna squares US Moon, she also squares Trump’s Mars which opposes US Moon.

Looks like Nancy Pelosi has given February 5th as a possible date for the SOTU.

Bob – happy belated birthday! Your input here is greatly appreciated!

I’ve been away from the blog for a few days. I’m pretty busy wrapping up the final stages of extricating myself from responsibilities here in SE Texas. We’ve found a buyer for my late mother’s house and the family doing the buying is assisting me in readying it for their occupation. We’ve recategorized over 9000 books into boxes. Only have about 2000 to finish, after of which just getting the furniture, etc. out of the house and into storage. I’m hoping to have it all done by end of February.

Hopefully in March I’ll be homeward bound to the PNW. I’ll continue to follow this blog and post from there.

Bob, between you and the other fine astrologers here we find clarity and comfort as we navigate our way emotionally through our current “dangerous waters.”

ThankYou for your consistently clear and insightful perspective and peek at our political future. You are our national treasure!

slightkc: “Thank you, Nancy. Forewarned is forearmed! (even if that forearmed is with blood pressure meds and happy pills!).” My sentiments exactly!

Trump is a very dangerous man-child. He hates to be made fun of and ridiculed, which many are doing on the right and left. This will call up some very disturbing actions and tweets from him. Many of us may pray/meditate more to help put up protection and defenses from this menace and assault. God help us.


Thank you so much for your excellent work. Aside from your amazingly spot on astrology forecast, I read your work and marvel at your beautiful, cogent writing style. Oxthecat is right, saying thank you doesn’t seem quite enough.

Thank you very much Nancy.

Here is more on Kamala:


Thank you, everyone! Don’t forget that the long Saturn station of the coming summer is preceded by, as well as accompanied by, the protracted Pluto and Uranus transits to US Mars. There will be a lot of national anger around then. Hard to say if we will be seeing a trumpian wag the dog war or a trump-inspired civil rebellion when the Mueller and impeachment winds blow strong. Trump will lose more of his political support from August through October with that Saturn station opposite his composite Venus in US/Trump composite.

Well lookee here – the press is finally starting to finger McConnell and the GOP for being beholden to Russian oligarchs!


I can’t believe I’ve never heard even a suggestion of this. Thank you Fe for sharing. If it is true it explains everything.

Rachel reports DJT AGAIN met alone, one on one with Putin and his translators, this time in Buenos Aires. Trump made sure there were no other Americans present.

I’m convinced he is not merely an asset, but an actual agent. Nobel prize winner, Paul Krugman was correct. Trump was the “Siberian candidate.”

True to form, the Repubs (in the persons of Lindsay Graham and Mnuchin) are already priming Trump to do the shutdown dare in March. This is when the debt ceiling must be raised… again. Reading lightly between the lines, it sounds like Lindsay is pimping not only Trump’s Wall for this shut down, but at least one other act the public will not like (I’m assuming it’s that 2nd tax break for the rich they didn’t pass prior to this).

Many Thanks for the link to the Daily Kos piece on the link between Blavtnik & Rubio, L. Graham & M. McConnell !!!

It never made sense that the top R’s would not or could not have known about Russian money flowing into GOP campaigns. Had I been an R. at the 2016 R. convention, my antennae would have been vibrating and buzzing loud with electrical spark emanations upon hearing the platform changes in regard to Ukraine and Russia. I also suspect such knowledge may have motivated Paul Ryan to leave the Speakership and Congress to return home to Wisconsin.

I’m posting the original Dallas News link here from which Daily Kos began to connect the dots.

How Putin’s oligarchs funneled millions into GOP campaigns
Ruth May, Contributor


Editor’s note May 8, 2018: This column originally published December 15, 2017. New allegations about $500k in payments from a Russian oligarch made to Trump attorney Michael Cohen have placed it back in the news.

Roger Stone Aug 27 1952, 12:00 pm, EDT +4:00

Sat Cnj Mar Tr-Sp Feb 2 2019 – 15°Cp12′
Sat Cnj Mar Tr-Sp Aug 2 2019 – 15°Cp34′
Sat Cnj Mar Tr-Sp Nov 5 2019 – 15°Cp45′

Sat Opp Ura Tr-Na Feb 21 2019 – 17°Cp07′
Sat Opp Ura Tr-Na Jul 10 2019 – 17°Cp07′
Sat Opp Ura Tr-Na Nov 21 2019 – 17°Cp07′
Sat Opp Ura Tr-Sp Mar 10 2019 – 18°Cp30′
Sat Opp Ura Tr-Sp Jun 21 2019 – 18°Cp30′
Sat Opp Ura Tr-Sp Dec 5 2019 – 18°Cp30′
Sat Sqr Nep Tr-Na Mar 31 2019 – 19°Cp48′
Sat Sqr Nep Tr-Na May 30 2019 – 19°Cp48′
Sat Sqr Nep Tr-Na Dec 17 2019 – 19°Cp48′
Sat Sqr Sat Tr-Sp Dec 25 2019 – 20°Cp41′

Sat Sqr Nep Tr-Sp Jan 7 2020 – 22°Cp09′

Interesting observation:

“For his supporters Trump became a vehicle to unleash their true selves. He told them they no longer had to be polite to people they despised, that in fact politeness was an oppressive force they had permission to cast off. The time had come to tell those people—immigrants, minorities, women—exactly what you thought of them. And if you felt like your prospects were constrained and your dignity had been eroded, Trump offered a way to get it back. We’d kick out all the immigrants, build a wall, then force Mexico to pay for their own humiliation. Their disgrace would give you your power back. Trump could make you stand tall, and the contempt in which he was held by “the establishment” only made them love him more. What better feeling was there than owning the libs, than seeing the horror on some liberal wuss’ face when you donned your MAGA hat? That too was intoxicating.”


The Feb 4th New Moon looks like a setting for a fight that may not turn out good for the Dems at first.

If you want to save these charts take screenshots as the images are for a New Moon and I will delete them in 1 week.

Feb 4 NM with Sibly


Feb 4 NM with tRump


Happy Belated Birthday, Bob! Sincerely hoping you enjoyed your special day!

Great forecast–thank you! I appreciate your hard work to help us remain astrologically informed. Sounds like we’d do well to fasten our seat belts and keep those we care about close.

It’s our progressed Mars, don’tcha know; the US progressed Mars (retrograde in expression) that picked Donald Trump to represent it’s Martian fury internally (a retro Mars thing). Timing is everything.

We know that Trump’s natal Jupiter at 17+ Libra has touched multiple other birth charts including the US progressed chart’s Mars, the US Constitution’s natal Neptune and the Putin natal chart’s Saturn. Each of these charts is – via their planetary symbolism at 17+ Libra – getting the Trump natal Jupiter (which trines the Trump natal Uranus at 17+ Gemini) which is essentially “shocking excess” in the form of verbal and/or written expression (Libra and Gemini being air signs).

For the USA, we might conclude that the approximately 35% of Trump support among US people is at the crux of the US progressed Mars retrograde which is an expression of (1) anger at the US government, and (2) revenge on society for perceived and/or real abuse, including a lack of education.

These three charts’ planets at 17+ Libra that conjunct Trump’s Jupiter (overblown) get a bang for their buck from Trump’s Uranus (unpredictable) in Gemini (superficial but speedy response) which trines (enables) Trump’s Jupiter, and therefore US prog retro Mars (vitriol), US Constitution’s Neptune (unclear) and Putin’s Saturn (authority) as well.

Today’s verbal abuse from Trump focused again on Dan Coats, whose natal Mars at 22+ Pisces squares US natal Mars (21+ Gemini) and Trump’s natal Sun (22+ Gemini). Coats’ natal Moon in Libra might even conjunct Trump’s Jupiter which would be pretty weird.

However, Coats has natal Venus in Cancer conjunct the US natal Jupiter, and his natal Pluto in Leo conjuncts the US natal North Node. He’s one of the good guys in this scenario.

I should add that transiting Jupiter which is at 17+ Sagittarius, is now opposite Trump’s Uranus at 17+ Gemini which trines his Jupiter and the US prog Mars rx, US Constitution’s Neptune, Putin’s natal Saturn and possibly Coats’ natal Moon in Libra. I’d call it a trigger.

RE: Trump “chosen” by our progressed retrograde Mars.
I am not nearly as experienced with astrological symbolism as are you, but I too have felt Trump was an expression of that progressed retrograde Mars. It also makes sense (IMHO unfortunately) it probably symbolizes decades of American withdrawal from international affairs.

What do you think? How does that progressed retrograde Mars play out in the next few decades? Any clues?

Makes sense to me Eliseo; decades of withdrawal from a lot of things, and many years of rebuilding within. We have given our politicians too much freedom to accept bribery (can’t get that story about McConnell being financed by Russia out of my mind). Getting back to basics regarding elected officials will take precedence.

I can only give rough estimates re: progressed planets but it looks like US prog. Mars will be conjunct Trump’s Jupiter for 5 more years (moving back toward 16+ Libra).

What makes it so painful is that progressed US Chiron at 17+ Aries is opposite progressed US Mars. That doesn’t mean Trump will be around that long, but the mindset that he symbolizes will. Trump is the catalyst that brought this mindset (greed is good) out into the light of day.

Because the US progressed Mars will be retrograde for 60 years or so, leadership in international affairs won’t be so obvious; more focused on repair and rebuilding the US institutions and infrastructure I’m guessing. Progressed US Jupiter and Saturn are also retrograde; Jupiter for 7 or 8 years and Saturn for forever, almost! 🙂

In about 16-18 years the progressed US Sun (consciousness) will leave Pisces and reach 0 Aries. In the meantime, change will come backstage; dissolving what transiting Pluto (and the US Pluto Return) has rent asunder and re-birthing a new USA will begin afterward.


This may be what we can expect when Uranus squares Inaugural Sun, 2/22 to 3/26. But I am also concerned about Trumpian abuses of power, such as the pardon power, especially when both Pluto and Jupiter are so active in Trump’s chart at the same time.

Just saw Trump press conference. There was repetition but not as much as usual. I then realized mercury us transiting Aquqrius & is probably in his 7th house & may be suspecting the moon of U.S. chart & his Mars when he gives his SOTU speech. I can’t easily look it up right now. It could help him move people over to his side though.

“aspecting” not “suspecting…Sorry for typos. I’m a terrible typist on my phone keyboard.

“Trump is considering Herman Cain for the Fed. Cain was accused of sexual harassment by 4 women. He settled.

Trump always picks men who abuse & harass women:

David Sorensen
Rob Porter
Andy Puzder
Steve Bannon
Corey Lewandowski

It was never just “locker room banter.”


Angellight, his speech and behavior were mostly responsible for the largest demonstration in American history. One that saw millions of women from every state in the union, many wearing Pink hats, joined by women around the world in solidarity. The movement presaged the greatest influx of women into elections in American history. He stirred up an adverse relationship with the largest voting block in the country. The fool won’t learn. I think his continued behavior points to more women seeking, and gaining, elective offices and positions of power in the private sector as well. They now have the real evidence of their power when they stick together.

He will be gone soon but the legacy of female power and leadership will last forever and Speaker (and possibly President) Nancy Pelosi is a wonderful example for young girls and women of what they can achieve. She is already in the history books and her story is not yet finished.

Throw another log on the fire indeed!

After watching Rachel tonight I wonder if Pluto’s transit to the Sibly Sun (opposition) and Saturn (square) changed how the Congress will be made up and what issues it will address that it had not and in ways it had not done in it’s history. Plutonian changes.

The first bill introduced by the House and the first issues being addressed by that body point to that. Don’t lose focus and when we take control of the Senate by a veto proof number we will make the country greater by passing into law much, if not all, of what the Democratic party wants as far as laws that favor citizens rather than corporate America.

I’ll go out on a limb and say Trump is on autopilot now. If not autopilot then he’s flying by the seat of his pants.

Trump’s natal chart’s ascendant and Mars in Leo is trine the transiting Uranus (revelation, revolution, breakthroughs) in Aries and the Galactic Center in Sagittarius. This grand trine in fire signs has been in effect since just after the midterm election in November, when transiting Uranus backed into Aries . . . again.

The Galactic Center, when activated by transit opens up new frequencies in human beings, even Donald Trump, which allows for greater consciousness to develop in our species. Trump has been on the fast track to exploding his circuitry since the midterm election in November.

Because he has had 70 years to develop his belief that he is the center of the Universe, this enormous energetic push opening new circuits which are overriding his old beliefs (that he’s the center of the Universe) has short-circuited his ability to comprehend. He is on autopilot.

Let me be clear, we are all on this fast track to consciousness in varying degrees of intensity, thanks to the 2017 total solar eclipse in Leo, aka the Great American Eclipse.

Transiting Uranus was in the same degree of Aries then that it occupies now. In a convoluted way, Trump is (IMO), while unconscious himself, dragging us all into a higher level of consciousness; he and most of us kicking and screaming.

On Feb. 5th at 9 PM ET – the time of the State of the Union speech – the transiting Moon in Aquarius will have just completed a conjunction with the US natal Moon that opposes Trump’s Mars-Ascendant in Leo, creating a Kite pattern (a 4th planet opposes one of the 3 planets in a grand trine), putting Trump’s Mars-Asc. in the spotlight of the grand trine vortex.

I don’t think, in the big picture, this is a bad thing; merely a stimulant in the process of alchemy. Days later, as Sharon notes, transiting Mercury will conjunct the US Moon and oppose Trump’s Mars-Ascendant, and days after that, it will be the transiting Sun’s turn to stir the pot.

On Feb. 5, transiting Nessus, symbol of abusive power, will reach 8+ Pisces . . again, after a lengthy retrograde. It is the degree of the US natal Ceres (Mother Earth) who conjuncts US natal Nessus (9+ Pisces) who conjuncts US natal Child (10+ Pisces). We will likely hear of abuses associated with motherhood . . . again, in the following days and months. It will stimulate us to take action to prevent further abuse.

We are fortunate to have astrology (and other divine arts) to help us see the big picture and to overcome what seems to be the apparent end of the world. Another bow to Nancy’s cool head and her ability to pinpoint the trigger points (dates) to Trump’s chart and the Inauguration chart, and what to look for from these transits. We can do this people.


Barb, you are brilliant! Your astrological analysis perfectly matches what we are “seeing on the ground.”

“Because he has had 70 years to develop his belief that he is the center of the Universe, this enormous energetic push opening new circuits which are overriding his old beliefs (that he’s the center of the Universe) has short-circuited his ability to comprehend. He is on autopilot.”

YES! This is my observation as well. He was TOTALLY mystified during the shutdown that he could not “get a deal” with the Congress. He had no idea the bullying/blackmailing tactics he used in the world of real estate and finance would not work, could not work, and indeed would backfire in the world of politics.

The poor man is fathoms over his head, so deep into his narcissistic delusion he cannot see what is really happening to him or his family. He is bound for an extremely hard fall, and sadly and most probably we with him.

“In a convoluted way, Trump is (IMO), while unconscious himself, dragging us all into a higher level of consciousness; he and most of us kicking and screaming.”

YES Again! Trump is the poster boy for how enormous wealth (and the power that comes with it) can have a corrosive, poisonous, extremely warping effect on a young personality.

Understanding this principle, Bill Gates told his children from an early age they would not inherit the bulk of his wealth. If I recall correctly, they are to receive only one million dollars each as their inheritance. He taught them that after receiving the best possible educations, they would have to make their way on their own. As an exemplar to his children, he has consistently modeled the notion of noblesse oblige.

Not so with DJT’s racist, KKK father Fredrick Christ Trump, or with his German grandfather Fredrich Trumpf, who made his fortune running restaurants and brothels in Seattle, and brothels only in the mining town of Monte Cristo, during the Klondike Gold Rush.

Louis Brandeis, our U.S. Supreme Court Justice from 1916-1939 said, “We can either have democracy in this country or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we cannot have both.”

Lord Acton said that “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Logically, this would be as true of financial and economic power as it is of political power. As Pluto moves through Capricorn we see the misbehavior of our “Big Brothers”, i.e. our massively powerful mega-corporations, often as it affects us in our private lives.

But many of us need a tighter focus to learn the lessons the Universe offers. DJT’s publicity quest for the presidency, not necessarily to win, but to enhance his brand and fatten his purse, and his consequent bizarre presidency, betrayal of his nation and coming downfall will reflect the best of Greek tragedy. The story will be told again and again of the wealthy, narcissistic, egomaniacal, erotomaniac prince, a man with no moral compass, but enormous power who caused great destruction and eventually destroyed himself and his family through his blindness and compulsive malfeasance, the cautionary tale of Trump Agonistes.


“We can do this people,” thank you. Yes, we can.

Eliseo, thank you for reminding us what sleaze the man in the WH comes from. We in New York, always found him odious.

Bob: You are so right he is responsible for the women demonstrating as you say and certainly for the “me too” movement.

Be on the lookout for this suspect…


Is this today?


In case you missed Rachel’s show last night:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIVy3nqRKeA 24:35

This begins at 11:12

Blue Wave Democrats Bring New Productivity To House Committees | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Is this today? (from above) and a lot more. Found on DU.


Tremendous reading on this site today. Thank you Eliseo and Barbk!

“The more you learn about Kamala Harris, the more formidable she appears. She is an amazing amalgam of different elements — highly educated elite meritocrat, Oakland street fighter, crusading, rough-elbow prosecutor, canny machine pol and telegenic rhetorical brawler.”



regarding that “abuses of Motherhood” a likely suspect might already be in the wings, at least in one respect.

Measles outbreak in Washington State leads to state of emergency

[ https://www.cbsnews.com/news/measles-outbreak-in-washington-state-leads-to-state-of-emergency/ ]

Have been away on holiday and intentionally unplugged from the world. It was wonderful.
But wonderful to be back also, and I would like to thank all for wonderful posts. And especially thank Nancy for powerful insights, writing, and grace. It seems so true that a simple ‘thank you’ seems so inadequate to express the depth of gratitude.

The recent measles outbreak brings to mind that ‘new person’ who was frequently stirring ‘outrage’ here as well as actively pushing the antivaxxer agenda nonsense during the 2016 trump campaign timeframe.

Happy Solar Return, Bob!

Thinking of you and the nearing Saturn-Pluto conjunction that we are now less than 12 months out from.

Much as Trump and all that he represents thoroughly disgusts me, I am thankful for knowing that even this particularly wanton and wickedly stupid individual cannot go on forever.


The very best of birthday energy and celebrations. Thank you for all of your contributions here. Hurray for you!

Happy Birthday Bob!!

Likely suspect indeed AquariusMoon, thank you for that link. And thanks too to ja, Janet and Eliseo as we all resonate to the vibes of the total solar eclipse that happened on August 21, 2017. Much is still the same or has returned to that time, from the astrologer’s perspective.

Not only has trans. Uranus come back to Aries for an encore presentation of that eclipse performance, so also did transiting Chiron return to Pisces. During the past 24 hours transiting Venus was conjunct the Galactic Center at 27+ Sagittarius, which was part of the grand trine with transiting Uranus in Aries and the eclipsed Sun that was conjunct Trump’s natal Mars-Ascendant in Leo.

This Venus-conjunct the GC seems auspicious in itself, suggesting a possibly encouraging rerun of that 2017 solar eclipse energy; Uranus back in Aries, the GC (now with trans. Venus), still where it was in Sagittarius, and Trump’s Mars-Ascendant in Leo having gone nowhere since then.

Also at the time of the 2017 eclipse in Leo, transiting Venus was conjunct the US natal Mercury, both at 24+ Cancer and both trine Chiron (healing process) in Pisces (wash away and/or dilute).

Trump’s natal Saturn at 23+ Cancer rx. and his natal Venus at 25+ Cancer straddle the US natal Mercury (24+ Cancer), seemingly hanging on to US Mercury for support. Could that be the case?

Venus symbolizes what we love and value, while Saturn symbolizes structure and permanence. Does US Mercury (news, conversation, thought process) provide that for Trump? In the sign of Cancer, does his TV and Tweets (Mercury stuff) provide a sense of family and roots?

Transiting Sedna (under water) in Taurus too has returned to the degree where she was at the August 2017 total solar eclipse (that covered the entire United States), and she was (and is) squared Trump’s Mars/Asc. and the 2017 totally eclipsed transiting Sun. An eclipsed Sun is an obliterated Sun. Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone.

On Tuesday at the time of the State of the Union speech and the Democrat’s rebuttal that follows, transiting Mars at 24+ Aries will square the US natal Mercury + Trump’s Saturn-Venus, and the Venus in the 2017 solar eclipse, all in Cancer. That Mars will be in the US natal 4th house (roots) and Trump’s natal 9th house (foreign countries, networking). That should be interesting.

Dear Nancy, Thank you for your wise Astrological observations on this Drump catastrophe.
I’m reminded of your previous mention of his tactics of Gaslighting which we can now see on full display.
“Contradicted by his own national security team, Trump tries gaslighting”

“If we get together, we have time to start healing the harm that we’ve inflicted. So the main message is, every single individual, that’s you and me and everybody in the audience and everybody who’s listening, each one of us make an impact on the planet every single day and we can choose what sort of impact we want to make,” primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall says. ”


“Warren, below the surface, has done more in the last couple of years to prepare for this in very fundamental political ways, in that she had, I think, a staff of six or something staffing 2018 candidates. She called hundreds of them. She was doing the [work] that was necessary. She also did the policy work. I mean, whether you agree with them or not, she’s got a bunch of very thoughtful positions, her latest being on taxation, but also on inequality, government reform. So I think that she has been very smart.”


Ed Tamplin writes today that Kamala is Trump’s nemesis and compares their charts. She has the power to eclipse him.


Andre, thanks for the Tamplin article which I haven’t had time to read all of yet, but I did notice two things of interest already, and both are North Node positions:

1. Kamala’s North Node and ascendant are at 24+ Gemini which is the Uranus Degree, the degree where Uranus was when discovered, and it continues to resonate with Uranus energy.

2. The composite North Node between Trump and Kamala is 22+ Gemini, the degree where Trump’s natal Sun is located. Will have to think about that one for a while.

I don’t know if anyone has ever posted a video from -Revealing light tarot.. but I think she is very good. Here is a video from yesterday.. she is reading that Nancy Pelosi will be stepping into the presidency, at least as of now, that is what she sees in her reading.


Elizabeth I think she is good too.

Happy belated birthday Bob.

July 24-25 is looming large for a change concerning this administration.

If Speaker Pelosi is seen by some to be stepping into the Presidency, does that mean that Pence has in his future an orange jumpsuit of his own???

We can but hope.

Kamala Harris indeed has an extraordinary birth chart for this time and place (USA at the time of the Trump presidency). Having read all of what Tamplin had to say about her, and also what Alex Miller has to say about her (I’ll try to remember to add a link to this), it appears Kamala is a phenomenon and is here and now for a purpose.

Transiting Neptune has been sitting on her natal Chiron at 14+ Pisces all of January, probably helping to motivate her to run for the presidency. Her Chiron trines the US natal Cancer Sun and she feels its pain.

Her natal Mercury at 1+ Scorpio conjuncts the US natal Hades (what’s unbearable to look at) at 0+ Scorpio, reminding me of her grilling of Kavanaugh not so long ago.

Her Mercury trines her own chart’s MC (what she’s famous for) at 2+ Pisces that opposes her IC at 2+ Virgo, which is where transiting Transpluto (becoming whole) is now.

Kamala’s natal Praamzius (a trans neptunian object), which represents a strong sense of time and fate, is conjunct the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini. That is also the degree where the Neptune-Pluto cycle began, which is still going strong and which has enormous influence on the Mueller investigation.

Her vulnerability to scandal (real or imagined) will be fodder for Trump’s malice though. Her natal Uranus-Pluto-Venus in Virgo and her natal Mars in Leo (see Alex Miller piece) suggest intense relationship issues in the past will haunt her. Her natal Venus in Virgo exactly (to-the-minute) squares Trump’s natal Uranus in Gemini. It won’t be pretty, but we are in a new age, and women will support her with gusto.


Pence was the head of the transition team. How could he have not known what was going on with the Russians?
Also, he was likely aware of Russian influence during the campaign.

My guess is when Mueller let’s the hammer down there will be 100’s of indictments, and Pence and Trump will be listed as “unindicted co-conspirators.” Mueller has no choice strategically but to do it all at once that the charges might not be overwhelmed by the right wing propaganda machine.

The evidence IMHO will be so complete and conclusive that R’s in the Senate will in their own best interest vote to convict.

Another guess is Trump will not go quietly, but will need to be dragged out. Pence will as quietly as possible resign and slink away.

Orange suits and handcuffs will be appropriate, but probably not literal.

Eliseo and Aquarianmoon ,

This certainly does not look like the interview of an innocent man that had no knowledge of any wrongdoing..


He’s about as creepy, slimy and cunning as they come.. in the name of righteousness of course.. he always reminds me of Thomas Wolsey.

I just posted this on DU. It is likely to create a firestorm. Oh well.


Northam story: An effective right-wing hit job

Governor Northam has a long history of being on the progressive and non-racist side of every issue. There is no trace of anything racist in any policy, action, or words anywhere, other than what looks to be a yearbook photo that has nothing to do with him and the Michael Jackson costume story.

As for the MJ costume, it was done because he admired MJ and as a part of a costume. Was it offensive, yes, but was it meant to be offensive, no. Did he realize years later that it had been offensive, yes, and he has apologized sincerely. Call him naive and a product of white privilege if you must, but some perspective and context would be useful here.

I think this knee-jerk reaction of furious outrage has become a case of Democrats eating their own. I think we are succumbing to a right-wing hit job of a successful Democratic Governor, and we are displacing our real outrage, which should focus on the GOP and Trump and their plethora of racist words, policies and history. Our rage and demands for resignation should take aim at the real perpetrators of racism in our time: the current president and the GOP complicit in his policies, as well as his jack-booted cyber thugs who are his enforcers.

You’re a braver woman than I Nancy, and I admire your courage re: the DU post on Northam. I felt as you did when I listened to him (I was in the next room from the TV so only saw the last minute or so).

After hearing the protesting and outraged people (Dems I presumed) following that clip of the Governor’s apology, I decided this was not a cause I would champion; I’ve got too many problems already. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for that assessment of the situation. I think the zero-tolerance policy is dangerous. What it means basically is that there will be NO discussion of the situation or intention of the actions and creates a one size fits all penal system.. we see where that has gotten us and I would like to see a move away from that policy. I am deeply concerned we are moving quickly toward a throw the baby out with the bathwater political environment.
I very much appreciate your words on this issue and I think political courage is required of everyone to not be bullied into unjust conclusions and decisions.

thank you.

“I think this knee-jerk reaction of furious outrage has become a case of Democrats eating their own.”

Brilliant commentary and insight. As if the Rethugs don’t cause enough heartache and destruction toward the Blues. The Dems seem to suffer from a collective murderously over-active superego. They are doing an Al Franken on Northam and the party. Leave it to the Dems to crawl right up their own asses.

Its called “context,” DNC; Google that shit!


Sorry, but on this I totally disagree with you.

This isn’t a knee-jerk reaction for me. Further, in 1984, if you did not know that it is totally racist to cuddle up to the kkk or dress in blackface, you don’t deserve to be in a leadership role in 2019. Further, when politicians hide ugly acts like this in their closet, it makes them eventually ineffective as they open themselves up to be blackmailed. Also, the rightwing could not have done a hit job on him had the material not been there.

Additionally, we as democrats cannot call out Trump and his party on racism when we have a picture of someone cuddling up to the symbolisms of racisms that terrorized many. We lack the moral high ground. We must always be aware that politicians are only showing us their front door faces, rarely do we get to see their back door faces. When we do, our reaction should not be dismissed as “knee-jerked”.

The guy dressed up like Michael Jackson, a globally beloved pop culture icon. What’s that quote, “Imitation is the highest form of flattery.”

If this kind of unbridled, unmerciful scrutiny is allowed fester, how is the Democratic Party any less rigid and oppressive than the fundamentalist Christo-Fascists?

Will, lots of white kids in the eighties and early nineties imitated MJ by donning bedazzled shoes, white gloves, capri black pants, etc. None blackened their faces. These white kids wanted to honor MJ’s artistry, not mock him, which is what blackface would have done.

Janet – If he indeed was in that photo and knew about it, I would agree with you. But it is not at all certain that is the case. I felt he was being honest yesterday about having been in the military at the end of medical school and having never seen the yearbook page, as well as not being in that photo or even familiar with it.

It may be that because people don’t believe what he said in the news conference, he may never be able to govern effectively. Thus a resignation may be the only path forward. But I still feel it is a right- wing hit job, and we are displacing legitimate rage for GOP policies, actions, and words, on one of our own. The GOP, and especially Trump, are masters at stirring up emotional outrage to pursue their agenda. That is the entire story of the right-wing base, and our side has now fallen into the trap.


He came out on the first day and apologized for BEING in the photos. It is on day 2 that he adjusted his apology. Also, he needs to explain why his nickname was “coonsman.”

I also think many posters here are white, and to understand the ugly history of blackface, maybe they can google it to further understand why this issue is not knee-jerked.

“We are not displacing legitimate rage at the GOP policies…, ” we can do both. We have our eyes firmly placed on the evil acts of Trump and company, but we must also make sure the media pundits cannot say, republicans are bigots and racists; democrats are bigots and racists.

On another note, think about this, the vile pictures were in a medical school year book. It means those pictures were viewed as okay and sanctioned by the medical school. Who is the doctor behind the kkk uniform or blackface? Is there any wonder why there is such disparity in medical care with people of color. If there are doctors who deem poc as less than, how can they ever treat them effectively. Nancy, this issue with Northam is bigger than you realize.


Yes, that is true – but that might also be perceived as an example of Whites co-opting Michael Jackson’s talents while omitting his authentic race. We must understand that dressing up as a character at a costume party is just that; not necessarily a mean-spirited, racially motivated gesture.

I believe this is a Tempest in a Teapot; a ridiculous example of moralistic over-reach. This was no skeleton-in-the-closet; it was a year-book photo of a group of young people engaging in high farce.

Allow me to quote the incomparable Mel Brooks:

Springtime for Hitler

Germany was having trouble
What a sad, sad story
Needed a new leader
To restore its former glory
Where, oh where was he?
Where could that man be?
We looked around
And then we found
The man for you and me
And now it’s
Springtime for hitler and germany
Deutschland is happy and gay
We’re marching to a faster pace
Look out
Here comes the master race
Springtime for hitler and germany
Winter for poland and france
Springtime for hitler and germany
Come on, germans
Go into your dance
I was born in dusseldorf
And that is why they call me rolf
Don’t be stupid, be a smarty
Come and join the nazi party
Springtime for hitler and germany
Goosestep’s the new step today
Bombs falling from the skies again
Deutschland is on the rise again
Springtime for hitler and germany
Uboats are sailing once more
Springtime for hitler and germany
Means that soon we’ll be going
We’ve got to be going
You know we’ll be going to war

Songwriters: Mel Brooks

In 1968, Mel Brooks won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, and Gene Wilder was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. In addition, Zero Mostel was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy, and Brooks was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Screenplay.


In 1969, The Producers won a Writers Guild of America, East Best Original Screenplay award.

In 1996, the film was deemed “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant” by the United States Library of Congress and selected for preservation in the National Film Registry.

The film was remade and celebrated in 2005 with rave reviews.


Congratulations on your WaPo piece. Well done!

It is this kind of activity that committed Democrats and Progressives will find far more productive and constructive.

Bravo! I agree that this is a RW hitjob. Northam does have a stellar record on race-related issues as opposed to Mitch the turtle who (along with most of the old white men in the GOP) have not only a dismal record on race but are part of an agenda to disenfranchise millions of people of color from their right to vote.

Good piece David.

There is no means to prove the racial intent, if there was one, connected to the picture. Everyone’s opinion about it is just that – their opinion. And everyone is entitled to that. Each person’s beliefs about it will influence their behavior from this time on.

What can, and I think, should be done in an effort to elucidate a person’s leanings regarding race is to discover their words, and most importantly, their actions on the subject by reaching their entire lives as much as possible. People can and do change. A study of Mike Pence’s life will show that.

Vice president Pence was raised in a family of Irish Catholic Democrats.

From Wikipedia, “In his childhood and early adulthood, Pence was a Roman Catholic and a Democrat. He volunteered for the Bartholomew County Democratic Party in 1976 and voted for Jimmy Carter in the 1980 presidential election, and has stated that he was originally inspired to get involved in politics by people such as John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. While in college, Pence became an evangelical, born-again Christian… . His political views also started shifting to the right during this time in his life, something which Pence attributes to the “common-sense conservatism of Ronald Reagan” that he began to identify with.”>”

“reaching” above should be researching.


I am with you all the way. But! when a white person adds blackface it changes the imitation to mockery. It’s not simply dressing in a costume. Many in the black community didn’t view white kids co-opting MJ’s talent, they viewed it that MJ was an appreciated musical phenomena.

Also, viewing in context, Mel Brooks is jewish. He was entitled to satirized the evilness that was Hitler. He created a vehicle to laugh at the pain. (Blackface is a reminder of the pain inflected on a group of people. Blackface is only funny to whites.) I don’t know how the play would have been perceived were it written by an Asian, or WASP or some other group. A black person cannot do black face, a white person can. And whites have historically done it to demean and mock the black race.

It’s simply, blackface isn’t a sign of flattery or admiration, it is a sign of mockery. It’s not donning a costume. Imitation is an art form, i.e, a man dresses as Judy Garland to pay homage to her, the viewer appreciates the care and love the man shows the character. I don’t know how else to say it Will, blackface is nothing but racism and white superiority.

I don’t know how else to say it Will, blackface is nothing but racism and white superiority.

I don’t know how else to respond, Janet. I simply do not see the cynicism and evil you choose to imagine. This is masochistic self-flagellation that only serves hamstrings and paralyze free speech. If it had been a picture of the person dressed in KKK holding the Michael Jackson character by a collar and leash or a rope around his neck, it would be a whole different kettle of fish. The fact is, we, none of us can say with any certainty that we know what the intentions of the young people in this photo were at the time. This sort of paralyzing self-reproach is dangerous; it is anathema to the freedoms that democracy promise.

That any democrat would legitimately consider impeaching a fine governor for this snap shot is tragic.

RE: Trump doesn’t actually care about coal country
Bravo! Well done! Good concise writing! Good expose of the use of a false assumorion1

Whoops! That’s supposed to be assumption.

It is indeed a RW hit job, an attempt to portray Dems as hypocrites and to deflect the meme that generally R’s are racist.

This a tempest in a teapot, a matter of confusing the past with the present. Assuming the hypothetical worst, were we to take down every Dem who did or said something sexist or racist decades ago but who since has “repented” i.e. metanoia, from the Koine Greek meaning to transform our heart/mind) AND who has consistently fomented egalitarian, non-sexist, non-racist policies and behavior we would rob our nation of a valuable resource, experienced progressive civic servants.

Meanwhile, we allow those who would suppress minority votes to continue in office.

My two cents – His actions since that time show the man, even if he was racist then, isn’t practicing that now. Are we not willing to allow a person to change and become something new? I know I did a lot of stupid things when I was young, and yes well into my 20s. I didn’t know better because that is how I was raised. However, my viewpoints and attitude have changed. I’ve grown up. That’s part of what age and experience does to us. If we never allow a person to become someone new, if we always judge them for something they did 30 years ago, what is the point of rehabilitation? What is the point of experience and growth and change? Who is he now is what I choose to look at.

It takes a long time for wounds to heal, especially those of the heart and soul. I admire the commenters here who seem conscious of this and who also realize we are in the early stages of this part of the healing process. Baby steps. Forward moving baby steps.

I haven’t comment for some time, but I want to be on record to say that as an African American I fully agree with Janet’s comments.

Northam courted African Americans in Virginia and lots of African Americans worked on his campaigns and voted for him. I can understand how not just the Medical School year book photo and/or the (I believe contrived) story of Northam wearing shoe polish and imitating Michael Jackson can be seen as a betrayal of trust. Here’s one excerpt that speaks to this:
“Framing a vote as a way to stand up to racism increased willingness to turn out. Now, nearly 90 percent of those contacted by BlackPAC during door-to-door canvassing are willing to sign a pledge card to vote, and organizers said Gillespie’s ads accusing Northam of trying to “erase history” and take down “our statues” are part of the reason why.

As a BlackPAC canvasser went door-to-door in a majority-black Norfolk neighborhood on Halloween, voters mentioned crime, support for public housing, voting rights and the unfair criminal justice system as reasons they would be voting this year. But one issue loomed above all. Sharon Williams, a disabled middle-aged woman, mentioned how her mother used to talk about the Ku Klux Klan when she was growing up. Williams thought the stories were just to scare her, until one day she saw some hooded men drive down her street.

“They’re trying to start that all over again,” Williams said.”…

It seems likely to me that Northam knew of this blackface/KKK photo in his year book-even if it’s true that he didn’t purchase that year book. It also seems likely that Northam knew that Black people (if not others) would consider his “Coonman” nickname in his military school’s year book to be offensive. The fact that he didn’t publicly acknowledge these two things before he sought the support of Black Virginians, other Black Americans, and other folks doesn’t speak well of him. And his changing stories-including that disastrous press conference-in which he couldn’t even remember the name of Michael Jackson without help from his wife, and in which he tried to belittle “darkening his skin” to imitate MJ, and joke about how hard it is to get shoe polish off your skin- only made his situation worse.

As to whether Northam has changed with regard to Black people- there’s one video example of Northam refusing to shake his Black opponent’s hand in a debate. There’s also documentation that Northam allowed flyers to be printed and passed out in sin White neighbors without included a photo of his Black Lieutenant Governor. Also, read this article Feb. 2, 2019 article: https://www.cbs19news.com/content/news/Union-Hill-community-sees-connection-between-Northams-old-photo-and-actions-as-governor-505260502.html
“Members of the community said on Saturday that they believe Northam’s actions that
led to the Virginia State Air Pollution Control Board to approve a permit for the compressor station in their majority black town, showed the racism that was allegedly revealed in the photo found on is grad school yearbook page.

In November 2018, Governor Ralph Northam removed two members, Rebecca Rubin, and Samuel Bleicher, from the State Air Pollution Control Board. They had questioned if the compressor station Dominion wanted to be built in Union Hill, was a form of environmental injustice. In January, the permit for the compressor station to be built was approved with the new board members.

“They were willing to stand up for what they believed to be right, said Ruby Laury, a resident of Union Hill. “And Governor Northam, he failed to stand up for us, his constituents.”

Ruby Laury said she immediately thought about Northam’s actions in November when she saw his 1985 yearbook photo in the news. She said it is clear that allowing companies to build plants and pipelines in minority communities is a form of racism.”

I’m going to chime in and say that, as a multi-Pisces with mercury in Aquarius, and a generous Leo moon, I fully believe in redemption and it sounds like Northam has redeemed himself; however, since he represents the Democratic party, is that good enough? If it were just about him and if he did not hold a position of leadership, I’d feel the right thing to do is recognize the new karma he has created. However, has he tainted the Democratic brand? Unfortunately, the internet being what it is, it will be only too easy to rub this in over and over. I pride myself in the fact that we Democrats walk a higher path and have righteous values. So, in theory I agree with Nancy, and I also agree that he will probably still have to resign, for all the reasons mentioned, having to do with the perception of him having been a racist (and what could be more chilling than wearing blackface and standing next to someone in kkk robes? This is not tolerated on today’s campuses).

Also, for the record, I agree that Franken may have been too quick resign, especially since other material came out – either before or just after he resigned – showing the female singer acting out in a sexy manner with others on the tour which indicated that it was not sexual assault, albeit somewhat compromising behavior on Franken’s part for his current senatorial position, although he was in show business at the time (SNL for goodness sakes) – and particularly when people like Donald Trump, Roy Moore, and Brett Kavaugh are so blatantly shameless.

Michael Wolfstar On Kamala Harris:

“However, with her progressed Sun conjunct her Descendant, she may be on the ticket, but most likely as the Vice President.”


However the Northam mess turns out, I’m relieved that his successor would be a Democrat, and heartened that he’s an African American Dem. I think it’s the work of a RW hit job, as well. And, I think the result will be that in contrast to Republicans, Democrats don’t tolerate racism or misogyny. The crap that women, people of color and queer people had to put up with is no longer acceptable for Dems in public office and I think people will see we take this seriously. This is pushing the needle culturally on what is and what is not acceptable. The amazing thing for me is realizing that American culture is rapidly evolving on these issues and although we may be overly zealous at times, I’m excited about where this is going!

I think if the picture was just him in black face, it would not be such a tempest in a teapot. But since it is coupled next to someone standing in a KKK outfit that it takes on another dimension and makes it hard for some to accept.

There was also a report that in “2013: After a debate, Northram refused to shake his African American opponent’s hand.” If that is true, does not reflect well on him.

What I am puzzled about in VA politics is if Northram picked Justin Fairfax as his running mate for Lt. Governor or is that is a separate race in itself? If he chose him, that bodes well for Northram since Fairfax is African American.


I agree with you all but remember that it puts the Dems st a distinct disadvantage when certain Republicans have no such moral compunction to do the right thing. It also looks like more trouble is coming for the Democratic administration of VA. A Democratic, African American, reputable female academic may be charging the Lt. Gov. with past sexual misconduct.

What I’m puzzled about is how many pictures were there? I thought he admitted to being in “blackface” as Michael Jackson for a dance contest, but not in the picture of two people, one in blackface and one in a white hood. Is there just the one picture? Did he admit to being in the picture of 2 people and the next day deny it? I’m confused.

Who brought the picture in his yearbook to the attention of the media? Where are the classmates that remember the incident? He’s right about one thing. it would be easier (on all of us) if he would resign.

If Northam was born around 10 PM (Sept. 13, 1959) his natal Moon in Aquarius would have today’s New Moon (15+ Aquarius) conjunct it.

His natal Nessus (poison) in Taurus is where transiting Juno (partner) and Sedna (under water) are. Is somebody trying to destroy his reputation for personal reasons?

I do not know the story behind the picture and hope that someone who does and has someone who can collaborate their story will come forward.

My first look at the picture gave me a shock but then I thought what if the people in costume had put on a skit wherein the Michael Jackson portrayer embarrassed or even vanquished the KKK person and coloring was used to give the skits result more impact. If there was some other reason for the portrayals people who know what it was should come forward. If the reason is detrimental to Northam so be it.

Here’s a good piece in Esquire that reiterates Nancy’s premise that Northam will have to resign but Dems better wise up & come up with a stronger defense against Republican ratf**king tactics. https://www.esquire.com/news-politics/politics/a26132298/ralph-northam-should-resign-blackface-kkk-democrats/

A slow-motion coup is happening in Virginia, right before our very eyes. You can bet that soon after Northam resigns, the right will publicize the dirt it has on his successor, and he’ll be forced to resign. Then, the neo-Confederate Republicans will take over, and be perceived as bringing unity to the state when they bring back those Confederate statues.

I really don’t know about that last sentence, but I do perceive that the current coup d’etat is consistent with the coming Saturn-Pluto conjunction early next year, and the US Pluto return after that.

I agree wholeheartedly with Sharon K that the Republicans have no such compunctions about ethics or notions about equality that Democrats do. It’s as if Republicans set a trap for Democrats, and Democrats walked right into it.

One interpretation that I am inferring from reading about the Saturn-Pluto conjunction and the US Pluto Return is a complete conservative/Republican takeover in 2020. Or, if a Democrat somehow manages to win the White House, the Republicans will still hold the other branches of government. However, just as in 2016, the Pubs will get their power through more dirty tricks.

Naturally, I hope I’m wrong: but it’s looking to me that Virginia is a precursor of what’s to come.

For those of who are hoping for a time when greater equality will be won, we are now seeing what we are up against.

I see the Northam issue as a bit of a ‘squirrel’ moment. The ‘damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t’ dilemma is a monumental distraction that only benefits the Trump train.
And of course the media is falling for the narrative hook line and sinker, full of ‘aint it awful’ and ‘victim consciousness’ moments.
I see valid arguments on both sides of the conundrum, but to be clear, the dems better get their act together regarding a narrative going forward. The best way I think to handle this is not to slink away, but use the moment to bring about the historical why’s and innovative/creative based solutions going forward.

should have read “bring about open discussions of the historical why’s”

Lt. Gov. Fairfax states that these charges had been brought up before during his initial run which he adamantly denies stated that the Washington Post looked into the allegations and could find no credible evidence re: the incident.

According to Reuters the Virginia governor is NOT in the photo, but he admits he once dressed up as Michael Jackson and darkened his face for a dance contest.

Does anyone have solid birth data (Date, Time, Place) of a known tRump supporter that they have permission to share.

I am using my progressed lunar return technique on these charts.

I am looking at July 25th (tRump’s progressed New Moon in right ascension). So far, using his, Tiffany’s, and 3 staunch supporters charts for him on another site the date looks terrible. For myself the 24th and 25th are looking good with Jupiter swept by Asc, Mercury/Venus midpoint swept by the IC, and Sun and Venus trine the Asc.

My speculative chart for Pence is weakly mixed for the 24th, 25th, and 26th.

A noon chart for Kushner has the July 2nd total solar eclipse square his natal Saturn with eclipse Saturn/Pluto midpoint on his Sun. That is followed by the July 16th eclipse on his progressed Mars.

I’m wondering if the Axios leak showing Trump’s schedule consists of 60% “executive” time and the fact he no longer takes intelligence reports is a precursor to his cabinet and staff invoking the 25th amendment. At this time no one knows which staff member leaked the schedule, but it is interpreted as a pretty hostile and disloyal act.

My jaw is on the floor, after reading the discussion above. Janet writes, “lots of white kids in the eighties and early nineties imitated MJ by donning bedazzled shoes, white gloves, capri black pants, etc. None blackened their faces. These white kids wanted to honor MJ’s artistry, not mock him, which is what blackface would have done.” I totally agree. There is simply no excuse.

It does not matter what the political party was or is. When it is done by a white person, blackface is meant to disparage and demean the person and the race depicted. What would y’all be thinking if it were a black person who paints his/her face white?

It would be a huge. Politically incorrect would be an understatement. No question.

No governor should be there in office after something like this coming out in this day and age. Or at whatever age he was when it happened (as long as it was after being teenager, which in this case it certainly was). No medical student has any business doing this (nor would any judge or other official for that matter).

Obviously, nobody vetted this governor before he got nominated. It is an indicator that there wasn’t too much concern in the Democratic party at the time. Shame. The guy should resign.

I agree with the Pierce oped in Esquire that Sharon K linked to above. At this point, whether he did or didn’t; whether he’s changed and done everything right since then; none of it matters – the damage is done and he’ll never be an effective governor of the state.

So, bring in the Lt. Gov, but be ready for the Repubs to attempt to disgrace him and get the Dems to throw him out, as well. Once they find a method that works, they WILL push it until it doesn’t work any longer. And the more they can get under our skin, the more Trump’s base glues themselves to Trump in joy. *Expect* them to do this to -every- Democrat running for office in 2020. And then ask yourself how many people can stand up against that kind of dirty tricks politicking. How many more railroaded like Al Franken can we lose? The Democratic Party had better come up with some kind of take-no-prisoners defense against this kind of thing, or we’ll be handing Trump another 4 years. YMMV

This evening, I discovered the first place they’re gonna wall build in Texas (with money given last year) is the National Butterfly (Monarchs) reserve. I am so livid in such a soul deep space. Never mind that these beautiful creatures are important to our food supply… no one can tell me he’s not starting there just because it is one of the main places to destroy that will cut like a knife to everyone who gives a crap about our world and the creatures that live with us. IOW, he chose this place on purposely for it’s cruelty factor.

He’s also giving US land to Mexico… as well as the only water for people and wildlife on THIS side of the wall. I want to scream… and I would dearly have loved to be able to be there to join in the “human chain” standing in front of the bulldozers that are already there.

I WAS having a great birthday today… until I read this. But, especially after seeing the movie “A Dogs Journey Home” as a birthday treat tonight, this insane destruction cuts deep. And if that damned wall is made of steel, I want a law passed that Trump can’t use steel that is in anyway made or is associated with anything or anyone in Russia, Russian companies, or Russian “ex-pats!” Otherwise, Trump makes money on the wall – and, therefore, on the slow motion murder of wildlife.

Happy birthday slightkc! Best wishes for a happy and healthy one.

Now if you could just get them to send real, edible, peaches down to the border.

“Stacey Abrams has been asked to deliver the Democratic rebuttal, given that transiting Jupiter exactly conjoined her Sagittarius Sun on January 30th. This suggests strong potential for positive and expansive opportunities all through 2019. If Georgia’s gubernatorial election were held today, I suspect she would win hands down. No birth time for Ms. Abrams, just December 9, 1973 in Madison, WI.”



I believe the governor at first said he was sorry and it was a long time ago and wrong.

The next day, he said he sat down and studied the photo for the first time and realized he was not in it, but he did dress up as Michael Jackson once for a contest and won it, and that included him in blackface and moonwalking.

Now, I remember people dressing up as Michael Jackson with the single white glove and sparkly clothes and moonwalking, but not the blackface part. And surely by the time people are old enough to be in medical school, they’d know that’s offensive.

And from the first day photo thing — surely he’d know not to stand next to a person dressed like a member of the KKK and, I would think, know whether he’d ever been next to a KKK member in costume, much less posed for a photo with one.

I mean, how many of us have ever seen someone in person in a KKK costume? I think it would be memorable.


“On this most magical New Moon, simplify, streamline, and then launch your passionate desire, aided by the brilliant blessings of our Card of the Week.”

With this Northam thing … setting aside these weighty topics we must remember that

1) A sitting elected official *admitted* to being in a photo that is … a locus of taboo.


2) recants this public admission and hooks in a side tangent to the photo conversation (‘i dressed up for a dance contest’ …. did people show up in KKK wear and blackface to this dance contest? no? then why bring it up???) that has no connection to the actual picture in this medical school’s yearbook.

– – –

Regardless of the *contents of said* photo, Northam backtracking and changing his stance on this topic is troublesome and shows poor judgement.

This poor grasp of discernment is probably a greater professional liability now to him than the cudgel that GOP Operatives thought they’d dug up with the karking photo to begin with.

Politically, Northam is now toxic, and will have to deal with that.

The Lt Gov Fairfax should take his place and then …..

Northam can slink away for a cycle to lick his wounds, […….have a radical ‘come to (brown) Jesus moment about the legacy of race relations in America and his own privilege he can use to dismantle white supremacy and go on a repentance book tour that Oprah can debut for her bookclub, with a foreward by whatever fresh new black critical thought ingenue academia has its eye on in about 5 years time, or Cornell West. etcetera, feel free to Mad Libs your own version]

Stacey should be great tonight!

Slightkc, Happy Birthday, wishing you Love, Light and Great Blessings. Love hearing your insightful take on things and now that I know you’re an Aquarius, I understand why (kiwi), as I generally love all things Aquarius and find it a magical sign. And, on this day of 3 planets in Aquarius, including the new moon, per the quote Ja published above, magical things may happen.

Don’t let the bast*rds get you down!

May God step in and, along with those of high-minds and high conscious, we will turn this thing around and save the planet yet. Unfortunately there is a lot of pain on this planet and on this plane. I’m not sure why except that life is meant to be temporal and regenerate.

I was reading about a Republican who was mayor of my town when I was growing up who ended up on the NJ Supreme Court and is known for some of his decisions. Aside from banning “Fanny Hill” in NJ (LOL), he championed the rights of the mentally disabled and stopped a reporter from being jailed because he wanted to protect the confidentiality of his notes. This example is meant to show that at one time both parties were not so far apart and we must again find the common ground where our hearts and minds meet. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t also fight the good fight also. We need to do both and know how to decide when to do which.

My stepson, age 37, is far more conservative than I and he is very bright, getting a PhD in philosophy as well as teaching critical thinking and ethics. We debate the issues and it hasn’t always been easy (and is sometimes painful) but I try to really listen instead of having a knee-jerk liberal response and he seems to do some of that too.

Recently, we have been talking about the new NY State abortion law which has some room in it for an over-broad interpretation if a physician approves late term abortions too easily. It’s tough stuff but I try to be open-minded and see others’ viewpoints as well as learn something new..at other times it’s better not to engage and avoid politics, etc.

I just get tired of the left reinforcing left views and the right, ditto, over and over, and criticizing the other side. Sure, the Democrats are more evolved and more truthful in general (LOL) but we have our faults too. Counselors and therapists are taught to start with the client where they are at. Just sayin…

I put Stacey’s birth info into astrodienst using a noon birth time, if you are interested (and I hope you can open it). https://www.astro.com/cgi/chart.cgi?rs=3&btyp=w2gw&;&nhor=7

Happy Solar Return!

I heard part of the president’s speech on the radio. His delivery seemed to me be without conviction, mostly insincere. Did anyone else get that impression?

Actually, he did better than I expected. It was a carefully crafted speech & I don’t know if he rehearsed it much but his delivery expressed emotion (at times) & appeared natural, well- paced. He had the room on their feet cheering a few times, sincerely, even the Dem women in white. Basically, problems were either ignored, glossed over or spun positively & the content was patriotic & Republican oriented. The general audience is not really informed enough & probably unable to critique it.

Sharon K,

“I just get tired of the left reinforcing left views and the right, ditto, over and over, and criticizing the other side. Sure, the Democrats are more evolved and more truthful in general (LOL) but we have our faults too.”

AMEN! We Ain’t Saints!

IMHO each party is a checkerboard, a mixture of darkness and light, right about some issues, wrong on some others.

Over the years we’ve seen the R’s move further and further to the “right” ignoring evidence they don’t like in the service of their paymasters and in their quest for ideological purity. Were we to say they’ve become extraordinarily extreme, we would be dramatically understating their devolution.

Meanwhile, although not as extreme, Dems also like to ignore evidence we don’t like, and gradually we’ve become less pragmatic, and more dogmatic.

Progressives tend to be more creative generally than “conservatives,” but though we tend to be full of ideas, not all of those ideas are good ones. Before addressing current issues, I like to remind my fellow Progressives how we behaved legislatively 100 years ago.

A century ago Progressives enthusiastically pushed forward two extraordinarily controversial and revolutionary ideas into law. One was the notion that adult women should have the right to vote. Although at the time the opposition was fierce and intense, most agree today it was a positive and good thing that women’s suffrage became law, and I know of no one who believes it should be reversed.

Conversely, the same Progressives supported the eighteenth amendment, the nationwide constitutional ban on the production, importation, transportation, and sale of alcoholic beverages. Progressives waxed utopian, believing that outlawing alcohol would stop men from beating their wives, and that families and the nation would thrive in sober consciousness.

Prohibition was well-intentioned, but we all know how that turned out. As Progressives we tend toward social experimentation in our quest for social justice. That past should function as our cautionary tale as we contemplate various fixes, and reforms going forward. There are always unintended consequences, and although we think of ourselves as literally smarter and better informed, we don’t and can’t know everything. We have our blind spots, just like everyone else.

I don’t think he’s that good a speaker, especially when reading from a teleprompter. It was a partisan speech. The Republican friends I still have left on FB loved it. It was crafted with them in mind. It’s as if left and right saw it and heard two different speeches.

One more thing: I suspect it was a speech meant to confound and confuse the audience, namely the people. The speech started with the moon in 0° Pisces. Would this placement symbolize this, namely, the tendency to look at him with rose-colored glasses? And the lies not being exposed till later?

Stacy Abrams was magnificent. Riveting.

I thought this is his last state of the Union. I really believe that it is.

Gina, I never thought he was a good speaker so he surprised me because he was a little better and smoother than usual. He must have spent a lot of time preparing with his writers/ He wasn’t his usual embarrassing self.

I have a quick dental astrology question.

I’m getting 2 adjoining crowns in the rear of my upper mouth replaced. In the second appt, when the new crowns will be fitted for the first time, t. mars in gemini will square my Pisces natal mars/venus conjunction in the 10th house, with Jupiter in Sag, stationing retrograde and opposing mars in a t-square. Does anyone think this might means the crowns will turn out to be uncomfortable and ill-fitting, and I’ll get better results if I reschedule to another time?

Comment from nyt’s tonight:

“Quite frankly, much of it was just plain embarrassing, a string of cringe worthy, trite, platitudes. Climb every mountain, forge every sea…it couldn’t have been worse if he sang it.”


There were a few weird non sequiter type transitions in the spider’s speech and I haven’t yet heard any pundits point out yet. I wish people got up, one by one, at poignant moments, to walk out. and I wish Abrams’ wore all white in solidarity with the congresswomen, but she looked terrific in all red and she was strong! I hope she is elected to the Senate or as governor. I loved watching AOC stand but never applaud. And Pelosi behind the spider, made me smile.

Didn’t you all just love it when Pelosi whipped out the machete and… sorry, having a Neptunian moment

Mr. Trump is NOT a real president, he just plays one on TV.

Sharon, good luck with the new crowns. It is possible you will cross words (Gemini) with your dentist (if trans. Mars is in your 7th house). If trans. Mars is instead in the 6th house, it might mean you will feel uncomfortable. If trans. Jupiter is in the 1st house you will likely express yourself in no uncertain terms, but if it’s in the 12th house you probably will suffer in silence. Chew your words carefully.

I only half-jest. Since trans, Mars doesn’t oppose trans Jupiter until May, you still have time to change the date of the fitting, which I would do if it were me.

If the opposition is 2 or more degrees from exact on the date of your fitting it won’t be an immediate all-at-once experience, I’m guessing. More likely spread out over days.

Please remember that I’m not a professional astrologer (no charge!) but I do like to play with astrology. Without seeing the whole chart one can’t check for mitigating aspects. Look for a trine or sextile (transiting or natal) to any of those 3 (or 4) planets you named; it could change everything for the better, IMO.

Personally I wouldn’t step out of the house if trans. Mars was exactly square my natal Mars, but I’m a wussy Cancer Sun person and don’t take unnecessary chances. Squares are challenges and that doesn’t always have to mean a car wreck is going to happen. It doesn’t have to be a physical challenge either.

The wider the orbs between the squares and opposition, the better the fit.

Thank you so much, Barb. T mars will be passing through the 12th house with t. Jupiter stationing retrograde in the 6th. I will check for the orbs and any trines and sextiles but will seriously consider changing it. There is tooth decay there, though, and I don’t want it to get worse.

Ralfee Finn:


Gee Sharon, I guess I should have gotten some sleep before I let fly with my advice. Sorry for the reversal of trans. Mars opposite trans Jupiter scenario.

Trans. retro Jupiter in the 6th might mean “service” will be delayed. Trans. Mars in the 12th could be “action taken” behind the scene.

It is the Mars (natal) squared by trans. Mars (action) part of the equation that always freaks me out, no matter the signs, degrees or houses, but – in the case of tooth decay – you probably don’t want to delay getting it taken care of.

Retro Jupiter in the 6th might mean that service will be delayed by your dentist for some reason too. Both natal and trans. Mars in mutable signs suggest “transition” of some kind (out with the old teeth and in with the new perhaps).

I think now I would wait and see (now that I’ve done the damage). Besides, natal Venus being involved might have something to do with “appearance”; swollen jaw maybe?

My sincere apology for going so far off topic Nancy.

Barb, MUCH appreciated! You’re a dear. Sorry for intruding on the group discussion with a relatively minor (I hope) concern. Almost anytime a planet is in Gemini (my 12th house) and has made hard angle to my personal planets, there have been repercussions. A few years back in June, a lot was going on in that respect, and I actually tripped & fell down 2 wks in a row (12th house, clumsy feet), went down several of quite a few stairs the first time, and fell into a recessed living room the 2nd. Thankfully, my guardian angel was with me, I was able to regroup, & think I had minimal long term damage.

As usual, your voice and perspective is quite appreciated, at least by me. Thank you. …and you as well, Beowulfie.

To anyone else defending this garbage,

Blackface is absolutely vile. Anyone that claims to care about their fellow man and/or woman of color does the progressive party a disservice to not personally take the time to educate themselves on the issue…instead of continuing to argue things from their places of privilege.

Oh and before anyone hits me with the, “democrats eat their own,”….just don’t.

That phrase trended all weekend among Russian bots, trolls, and the far-right agitators. Yeah, you’re being manipulated by foreign disinformation and propaganda. So, please–do better.

…and guess what?
I’d absolutely rather be known as the party that made it clear we won’t tolerate sexual predators, child molesters, homophobes, and hard core racists, …than as the party that harbored Dennis Hastert, looked the other way on Trump’s sexual assaults, enabled Roy Moore’s run for senate seat, kept white supremacists and nazis on the GOP ticket, while remaining quiet about Jim Jordan’s time as college wrestling coach.

It all matters.

Sharon will you know immediately or some hours later or by evening of the following day about the fit? And could there be some initial discomfort which will fade away quickly?

“Here is the sequence of what should happen in VA

1. AG Herring resigns.
2. Gov Northam appoints a replacement AG.
3. LG Fairfax resigns.
4. Gov Northam appoints a replacement LG.
5. Gov Northam resigns.
6. New LG from step #4 becomes Governor.
7. New Governor appoints a new LG.

If the people chosen in steps 2, 4, and 7 are women… or even better, women of color… it is the best of all worlds.

The GOP’s attempted ratfucking of Virginia will have backfired, resulting in Democratic women in all of the top spots in VA government…. and the Dems would have improved everything in VA and shown we are not hypocrites when one (or three) of our own need to resign.

Disclosure: I am a 51 year old straight white guy. I just happen to think it is time for people who look like me to let others have a chance to lead.”

Frank Rich: Trump’s Big Speech Failed at Every Level

“If Trump’s rock-bottom goal was to provide television entertainment, here too he failed. The most enjoyable aspect of the entire event was watching Pelosi. Her sarcastic applause when Trump issued his bogus call for compromise – instantly christened the “fuck you” clap by Patton Oswalt – went viral. No less delightful was the sight of her repeatedly thumbing through the pages of his speech on camera as if she were looking for something more substantive, or at least more amusing, to read. It was worthy of a Tina Fey SNL bit. It was also fun to watch the expanded ranks of women in the Democratic caucus seize Trump’s phony embrace of female empowerment and throw it back at him and his party in a spontaneous eruption of joyous victory.

more… ”


ja, I appreciate the Ralfee Finn link very much.

It’s been said here, I’m sure, that Trump’s natal Neptune (5+ Libra retro) being square the US natal Jupiter (5+ Cancer) is what’s been making us all crazy big-time.

This year’s winter solstice on Dec. 21 (in USA) will have transiting Jupiter at 4+ Capricorn, followed 4 days later (just after 12 AM on Dec. 26th) with a solar eclipse at 4+ Capricorn which conjuncts trans. Jupiter at 5+ Capricorn.

This eclipse + trans. Jupiter will oppose the US natal Jupiter in Cancer and together they will be T-squared by Trump’s Neptune in Libra.

Transiting Eclipse chart’s Mars (co-ruler of Scorpio) at 24+ Scorpio will trine US natal Mercury (communication) at 24+ Cancer and Trump’s Saturn-Venus that conjunct US Mercury. Trump’s natal IC (roots, family) is also at at 24+ Scorpio.

The transiting North Node at 8+ Cancer will conjunct Trump’s natal Mercury and both oppose the transiting South Node at 8+ Capricorn which is very close to the eclipsed (hidden) Sun and transiting Jupiter in Capricorn.

This is important because the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini which sextiles Mueller’s natal Pluto at 8+ Leo together form a Yod with the transiting South Node, very close to the transiting Jupiter and eclipsed (hidden) Sun in Capricorn.

The apex point of this Yod then is the transiting South Node in Capricorn (+ eclipse [hidden] Sun + transiting Jupiter) which will have to adjust (Yod rule). It is also where the transiting Mars-Saturn conjunction took place last April – 8+ Capricorn – opposite Trump’s Mercury!

Opposite the trans. South Node (apex of Yod that has to adjust) in Capricorn is the transiting North Node (of the eclipse chart) in Cancer that conjuncts Trump’s Mercury (symbol of his mind and how he communicates). This point then, this trans. NN + Trump’s Mercury, turns the Yod into a Boomerang pattern.

This then is where all the combined energy winds up – conjunct the trans. NN and Trump’s Mercury, all of which will probably push him over his own edge, I’m guessing.

It could be the Mueller report made public (eclipse chart Mars trine US natal Mercury) the day after Christmas. Be still my heart.

Every year we pay serious attention to the president’s SOTU address and to the other party’s response. But under this president, I conclude after his shallow performance, it was merely a distraction, an almost irrelevant exercise, a vehicle for his damaged, soaring ego, but nothing more.

“About an hour before President Donald Trump was scheduled to deliver his second State of the Union address and third speech to Congress, his first since Democrats took the House in November’s midterm elections, the Times ran an account of a private lunch held at the White House for news anchors, during which he mocked Democrats including Chuck Schumer (“a nasty son of a bitch”), Joe Biden (“Biden was never very smart. He was a terrible student”), and Elizabeth Warren (“I hope I haven’t wounded Pocahontas too badly”).”


Bob, Sharon K, Eliseo, everyone thank you for the birthday wishes! They are most appreciated. After several bad medical years and mental fuzziness for the last several months, I have high hopes for this new year. Hubby’s birthday was Feb 3, BTW. He’s just one day and 4 years older than me! (LOL)

Was thinking last night it was about time to cast myself a Numerology Chart once again. (Anyone else here familiar with the Divine Triangle theory by Dusty Bunker and Faith Javane?)

I think the last time I did it was about 25 years ago, as I was heading into middle age. Will be interesting to see how things change from that one to one cast for my elder years.

Sharon – Feb 5th saw me digging in and getting my new office set up, after already buying books on Javascript. For the first time in months, I actually felt like “me” again. Determined to learn -how- to program javascript (instead of just hacking at it). Want to turn my Tarot book into a program. That Tarot card of the week really hit home. I guess with 3 planets in Aquarius I was wrapped in airy intellectuality – just where I really like to be (as opposed to my watery Scorpio moon). Thank you for posting that, ja!

Oh, Eliseo, you DO get my neurons firing in a good way! hehehe

There ARE voices out there today (both male and female!) saying that women should never have been given the vote. One of those voices is female and from Olathe, KS… just down the road from me. Most hypocritically, she made this comment while sitting as an elected Rep in state government! The few others I only know thru news reports are of male Reps in other states. Most disappointingly, I’ve heard if from some of the Repubs I used to work with, both older and younger.

Suffrage, and especially even prohibition was protested based in Christian religious fervor. And just like today, every other reason is an attempt to get someone not religious to “buy in” and support them.

I see these types of laws as pieces of the illness, not the illness itself. In Modern times, the backwards path we women are experiencing came after the Forced Birth group began winning the right to control women’s bodies. Along with the monumental growth in Christian Identity type groups, the planting of seeds towards female repression is being sowed with more fervor.

The Forced Birthers were Dominionists or other Evangelical extremists. They’ve been working since the days of the “Moral Majority” to capture those 7 Hills. Women in control of their own bodies; women voting, and women working is NOT God-approved to them. Ergo, it must be stopped.

By couching everything in narrow biblical hypotheses, they grew their numbers (and their power) by sheperding the less intelligent evangelicals. The “Conservative” moniker allowed them to co-opt some who weren’t even religious – but WERE Republican.

Trumpists tend toward violent extremism, and I view them as a Cult – a cult of personality.

These Dominionists and like-minded Evangelicals are also a Cult, and it’s a cult of personality as well as a religiously-based cult. There’s not a hair’s breadth of difference between them and the Islamists. Lying, theft, slavery, repression, domination, etc. is no problem if they can couch it as “working for the Lord.”

Both groups are scary and have to be deprogrammed, but from a psychological POV, the latter group is SO much worse and more entrenched. The fact there is overlap between the two… ARGH! We go from the Social Psychology of Small Groups to outright Mob Violence ginned up on religion. I don’t think the Dem politicians understand the foundations, let alone know how to act for change. (Although Pelosi is doing one hell of a job with Trump so far!)

Disclosure: My extended family is Charismatic Evangelical, with some Dominionism thrown in, so I’m WELL acquainted with the worldview and dirty secrets. I’m still very close with most of my family, even tho I broke away from their beliefs long before my teenage years. Instead, I’m an eternal Seeker and Pagan in my beliefs. And, for better or worse, I’m a shepherd not a lamb. And I still work with women to empower them.

Gina.. Trump always confuses everybody when he talks, no matter what the venue! Even if he could stay totally on script, the way he holds his body, the way he projects (or not) his voice, his idiosyncrasies between words (word-fillers, sniffling, snorting, etc), are all so distractive to most people they easily forget any cohesive thoughts that might have been written for Trump to say! (LOL)


Frank, if Stacy had worn white, the Repubs would have called her out on it as a “sore loser” and “sour grapes.” Also, by wearing red (a power color) which looks great on her(!), it no doubt gave her internal strength to speak truth and focus on policy rather than emotion. She was terrific, and wearing red helps project strength and power, especially for women in the business world. (I did it many times)


ja – I liked Finn’s advice for Aquarians, tho I could see the same type of elements through-out his signs. But I have a question…

8 years worth of changes I can readily attest to going thru. Finn says I’m going to need to integrate what I learned in these final weeks of this phase. The one main thing I think I learned was that one CAN say “No!” And two weeks later I walked out and filed for retirement.

Saying no to more change is so unlike me, especially because for once I put myself first and chose trying to heal my body, head, and spirit instead. As an Aquarian, I’m all for change for everyone else (LOL), but I usually just grinned and got on with it.

Does saying no count as “growth”… or me just being fed up at the time? Here’s where my airy nature can have me going in circles!


Angellight, I LIKE your thinking… and your reason for those steps. Blow me away! The backfire to Repubs is so obvious.

I think everyone (including me) is so caught up in the emotion of the situation (from various angles). You approach it from a very thoughtful, logical position. Kudos to you. I’d say get those words out from the ethereal and head straight towards those who can make them happen. Sounds like the most logical, sensible thing I’ve heard yet!

You are a very interesting and bright person! I did graduate work on the religious right, and although more recently I’ve taught writing, I taught comparative religion for several years, and specific courses in Esoteric Christianity, Gnosticism, Buddhism, and Mother Goddess worship. I am a pantheist from age 15 when I had a very profound life changing mystical experience.

The “illness” you speak of affects our politics pretty negatively, and it is part of a broader syndrome imho.

It comes from a very immature, undeveloped, god concept. Most Christians do not understand that the concept of god evolved and developed slowly through the progressive writing and editing of the many books of the Bible. The “god” of the 14th chapter of Genesis is quite different from the Universal model of god found in Isaiah, or later still with the historical Jesus. Neither do they know that much of Genesis is derived from earlier polytheistic sources, but henotheized, and later monotheized.

Many, (especially in the USA and in South Africa) but fortunately not all Christians conceive of the ultimate ground of all being as that anthropomorphic, hyper-male, judgemental, punishing, schizoid, bearded fellow up in the sky, a kind of cultural synthesis in some respects of Zeus-Pitar, and the very early Hebrew YHWH. They are very afraid (often I believe unconsciously) that if they don’t get all of us (“deviants”) to behave the way they think we should that “Almighty GOD” will do to our society what He did to Sodom & Gomorrah. They fear we are angering God, and we all (including them) will collectively suffer the consequences. Therefore, their need to control your and my behavior, pass blue laws, and especially control the behavior of all women.

There is much more to this, but that’s a good start on understanding their mentality.

Also, when you wrote, “I don’t think the Dem politicians understand the foundations, let alone know how to act for change.” So true! So unfortunately TRUE!

Both parties suffer from the “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so” syndrome. But at least the Dems function in the 21st century. Although the R’s are better attuned to the political use of modern technology, they seem to be stuck somewhere psychologically in the 18th century.


Blackface is also Beautiful. I went blackface to a mainline Hollywood costume party and I was well-received by all and awarded a prize for one of the best costumes. I had no malice or anything untoward in my heart or mind.

I would wager its is likely you rank considerably high on the racist scale if you were completely honest with yourself. It is often the people pointing their fingers at others as racists who say so to defend against their own deeply-held racist views which are ego-dystonic to their conscious mind.

Frankly, you are essentially lynching this governor for something done decades ago. The governor has redeemed himself by his deeds.

You know what would really be scary? If you were a governor or in a position of power using your harsh, bullying hyper-morality. The image of Dana Carvey as the Church Lady comes to mind.


That’s a lot of words to say, “I’m so triggered by a online stranger’s post denouncing bigotry, I must defend MY racist ass-hattery in the strongest (and stupidest) possible terms. Yay, blackface!”

lol.lol.@your posting what some would call a “self-own.” LOL. Nice job, genius.

Quote from your post:
“…But under this president, I conclude after his shallow performance, it was merely a distraction, an almost irrelevant exercise, a vehicle for his damaged, soaring ego, but nothing more.”

Well-written, concise, and quite accurate assessment, imho.

I was disgusted by his using his invited guests to obtain more undeserved applause.

Russia couldn’t have successfully attacked our election, nor used racist memes and bait sites to do so if not for openly expressed defense of and support for racism on American social media, in govt., and society at large.

Make no mistake, racism is a national security issue.


There will be gifts galore the morning after Christmas this year. From the previous solar eclipse chart info add this:

* Pluto at 22+ Capricorn (+ Saturn at 20+ Cap) will exactly trine US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo (which squares Trump’s natal Sun at 22+ Gemini and US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini).

* Mars at 24+ Scorpio (which will be conjunct Trump’s IC [family] at 24+ Scorpio) will sextile Pluto + Saturn in Cap.

* Both Mars in Scorpio and Pluto/Saturn in Cap will be quincunx (aspect of 150 deg. + 3 deg. orb) Trump’s natal Sun at 22+ Gemini and US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini, making a Yod. Trump’s Sun + US Mars will be forced to adjust to something unpleasant since they are at the focal point (apex) of the Yod triangle.

* This is in addition to what pressure the US Neptune (illusion) in Virgo is already putting on Trump’s Sun + US Mars in Gemini via it’s square to them.

* Trump’s natal Moon (21+ Sagittarius) along the Eclipse Mercury (25+ Sagittarius) that conjuncts the Galactic Center (27+ Sagittarius) is opposite Trump’s Sun and US Mars in Gemini.

*What begins as a Yod (Eclipse chart’s Mars sextile Eclipse chart’s Pluto+Saturn, all quincunx Trump’s Sun + US Mars) has now become a Boomerang with the addition of Trump’s Moon + Eclipse Mercury + the Galactic Center. (Trump Moon = family, eclipse Mercury = breaking news,media, GC = source of higher consciousness)

* Moon symbolizes family and Trump’s Moon (+Mercury+GC) at the end of the Boomerang chain is where all the combined planets energies (in Yod-turned-Boom) wind up.

This combined emphasis on Trump’s family (Eclipse Mars conjunct his IC and Trump’s Moon both symbolizing his family) seem to be evidence that Trump’s family matters will be front and center come New Year’s Eve.

I see this Solar Eclipse + transiting Jupiter on Dec. 26 that opposes the US natal Jupiter, as a balancing act, and Trump’s natal Neptune, which T-squares this opposition, is at the fulcrum. In other words, it is where the rubber meets the road.

The other Yod I wrote on yesterday (US Uranus sextile Mueller’s Pluto – both quincunx the Eclipse South Node, etc., etc.) looks to me to be the crux of the eclipse message as experienced in the US. In other words, it’s all about Trump’s grand finale.

I have not been a practicing member of any church since my early teen years but somewhere along the way I began praying every day asking for forgiveness, giving thanks, and asking blessings for all others on earth. I believe because there is only one ‘race’ on earth that a feeling of family is natural for everyone at birth but is lost in some as they go through life.

John 8:7 [Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)] And as they continued to ask him, he stood up and said to them, “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.”


But not to be a doormat in any case.

Best wishes for all. I try to let my actions speak to that.

Jonathan Nelson – I Believe (Island Medley) (LIVE)


Just as I suspected.

“***from today through saturday there are several planets/asteroids at the karmic 29th degree! we have uranus at 29 aries, chiron at 29 pisces, mercury at 29 aquarius, pallas at 29 libra and juno at 29 taurus over the next few days- with all of them aspecting each other. there is some BIG ENERGY present in the next few days for completion and bringing things to a close- but remember that anything unresolved will be brought up BIG TIME when the 29th degree is activated. so all the unresolved karma or energies not faced/integrated/dealt with can be over the next few days. navigate the terrain wisely.”


I know I have done things in my teen age years that would reflect bad on me today and there was a time b/c in my small town there were no gay people or it was well hidden and the subject was just never brought up or talked about — did not know what gay was. However, when I moved to the City, gay people were prevalent and I was sort of making fun of them until I became friends with them and realized that they were people too. I do not have that stigma or prejudice now. People change. We need to understand most people grow and change. If they do not change, that is something different.

Here’s Charles Pierce on Northam situation. He agrees with starlight.

It’s a setup:


Here’s my comment to the Pierce thread on Daily Kos:

Pierce is getting to the issue of how we’re in a binary mode in reacting to exposure to these past acts of mindless racial insensitivity. Pierce is right — the GOP is trying to use our strength against us.

Perhaps the binary is not how we need to look at Northam. Racist? Not racist? Still a racist? Grown from being a racist to being more inclusive?

I look at the handling of Reverend Wright and Barack Obama in 2008 and his efforts to contain the implosion. What have we learned from that time?

In this day and age and rapid change over the last four decades, people have evolved. Some folks around in the 1980s are showing up with acts of past ignorance on full display. But many have ended up on the right side for us. I think of Robert Byrd, for example. Or Barack Obama’s hesitance to embrace LGBTQ rights in his first term and how he evolved —evolution.

I always thought this was ratf—ery the moment the young GOP woman went after Jonathan Alter on Joy Reid’s show last Saturday, February 2 — the moment the story hit the ground running.

She had her talking points about our hypocrisy all ready and would not give Alter a chance to breathe, let alone respond to Joy’s question.

It felt, smelt and looks like a planned set up.

This same situation is going to come up again and again into 2020 and beyond.

I think Northam needs to have his crisis of conscience and come to grips with his past stupidity. I don’t know if he should resign. I haven’t made up my mind on that yet. And its not my state.

I certainly do not want for the people of VA — people of color and anyone vulnerable with the GOP in control to lose from this.

This is a minefield for our group conscience as Democrats. We need to learn — not react — our way through to diffuse this and future situations like this.

The fact so many yearbooks from that area, and so many officials are confessing to “blackface,” speaks volumes about the catastrophe that was Charlottesville.

Heather Heyer might be alive today, if Charlottesville had people in govt. that weren’t so passive about racism, demonstrated by the public officials there see racism (through blackface) is no big deal.

If not for that, maybe more precautions would have been taken when hundreds of neo-nazis and white supremacists decended on the city, they would have been better prepared–knowing racism is not a game, a funny costume among other whites, nor a joke.

Heather and the other injured protestors deserved better. VA deserves better.


Yes Heather Heyer and the protesters in Charlottesville do deserve better. But we have not entirely woken up from our deep sleep about racism in this country.

It needs deeper healing than a simple resignation. Its not going to go away by this one act, and decapitating VA leadership will lead to a Republican becoming Governor, which is exactly what VA voters voted against when electing Northam in 2016.

I am saying this as a POC. We can have zero tolerance to racism now and move forward. I keep advancing the idea of Robert Byrd and Barack Obama as examples of people who evolved from their pasts. Got to be a little of both. Refusal to allow it to happen again, and give those with that past to do no more harm and evolve.

The more reactionary and resistant we become, the more rigid the pushback, which is exactly what the Charlottesville bigots were about. I for one don’t want to see a war in my own party.

Holy shit: the story you think can’t get any weirder just got weirder — Jeff Bezos tonight releases emails showing National Inquirer trying to extort him with dick pics it says it will publish if Bezos doesn’t make the Washington Post back off investigation of the NI’s prior publication of text messages between Bezos and his new girlfriend as politically motivated.

I’d link to it, but the story is everywhere.

If anyone is interested in wathcing AOC exposing our broken and corrupt political system.. she is absolutely fearless.. no wonder she is scaring the hell out of everyone.


Hallelujah Hannah!
Rachel is a MUST SEE tonight!

Looks like Mr. Pecker (owner) & his National Enquirer are in very deep legal trouble. J. Bezos has confronted them on blackmail. AMI (National Enquirer) was given a legal pass as long as they cooperated with the prosecutors AND committed no other crimes.

Although I’ve enjoyed and occasionally collected some of their more bizarre headline pages (Satan’s Corpse Found in South Dakota!) ..They might eventually (I’m hoping) actually have to fold, i.e. go out of business, disappear from our news stands!

And of course they are involved with Inaugural-Gate and whitewashing the Saudi regime.

It’s as if the sun is rising, gradually illuminating various interconnected rat nests.

Fe, superb. You hit the mark squarely.

I’ve read your postings for several years now. The more I read you, the more I respect your perspicacity.


I’m old enough now (6 decades +) to observe patterns of history, and I try to remember what works. In the end our reactive Cancer nation’s warm heartedness wins and we move, like a crab, towards our destiny. It’s not easy, but we do move forward even as we think we’re going backwards.

Will: ?

Will: that ? Was supposed to be a kiss emoji!!

Wow. I’ve met one of the lawyers involved in the Jeff Bezos/National Inquirer thing. The Inquirer’s lawyer, who wrote the emails Bezos released outlining the proposed deal to silence Bezos — Jon Fine.

He worked for Bezos for nine years, was instrumental in developing the whole Kindle program and spoke at a couple of writers’ conferences I attended. We spoke after one of his presentations.

I don’t know how he ended up working for a sleaze like the Inquirer. Before, he’s been general counsel for Knopf and things like Saturday Night Live. Huge media entertainment credentials.

This makes it sound like they loved him at Amazon. https://thoughtcatalog.com/porter-anderson/2014/10/seattles-finest-jon-fine-is-leaving-amazon/

He only moved to the Inquirer in November and almost immediately got involved writing what looks like a clear cut case of extortion in an email to the guy he worked for for nine years.

How does that happen?

I purposely didn’t scroll up, beyond Janet’s post. I wanted to avoid seeing what she and Beowulfie seemed to react to, but to support them, as I (obviously) know what it’s like to be one of a few voices of dissent.

I’m most grateful to those who felt the need to bring the ugliness I attempted to avoid reading, directly to me personally. I now fully understand the shocked and surprised tone of Beowulfie and Janet’s posts.

Thank you all for showing me exactly who and what you are. I believe you. Congratulations.

That Kiss was so nice. Merci beaucoup, Fe-Fe.

I want to thank Nancy, once again, for this forum she provides us. Occasionally I have described it to others (unfamiliar with it) as an astrology-based discussion of worldly events, focused primarily on US politics. It is much more though, and only a full-blown Aquarian would attempt such a feat.

During the days that followed the VA Governor’s fiasco we have exposed a lot of ignorance lurking beyond the consciousness of many white Americans, ignorance otherwise known as insensitivity. I want to thank all who have participated with their comments on the subject, as I myself have become more fully aware of the symbolism known as “blackface”.

Hopefully, others will also gain from this discussion just how very sensitive this symbol is to people who see themselves as non-white, and how very insensitive many people who consider themselves white have been to the same symbolism.

My feeling is that this is compounded by the length of time (generations) the practice has existed in our culture (USA). We all are too far past the inception of the practice for

(1) white people to grasp the original insult it was to the people of color, and

(2) for people of color to not have a place to express their pain (and anger) over the practice.

Blackface is too shallow a symbol to even begin to represent a whole race; for many white people it is a symbol of a corny old burlesque routine back in their great-great grandparents day, devoid of any deep meaning.

For non-whites, I am assuming, it is a degradation of their ancestors who were denied their freedom, and should never to be forgotten. It breaks my heart.

Just maybe, other forums like Starlight News will soon spring up all over this country, and discussions like this (over Virginia’s problems) will spark an exploration of the divide between white unconscious-but-inexcusable behavior, and black too-long endured pain and anger. God knows it’s not a moment too soon.

It really could be the dawn of the Aquarius Age.

Hi all, enjoying the thought provoking conversation. On a personal note, wonder if anyone could let me know if this month has anything relevant for me, I turn 52 this month Feb27th, born in 1967, birth time at around 900 am. Camberly England

I and husband have been under a LOT of stress over the last while, I won’t bore anyone with the details because I now everyone has their own problems.

Anyway, something strange happened to me yesterday, I had gone to the gym , then had an hour long lunch by myself, felt perfectly fine and then as i left the restaurant to head out, I just started to feel, there is not other word to really describe it except Like high and a little disoriented. And I realized driving would be unsafe, it’s like I couldn’t think properly.

All yesterday and into late last night my heart rate was pretty elevated, I woke up this morning feeling somewhat better and went to my acupuncturist. I want to avoid going to the doctor and start a barrage of testing, anyway at the beginning of the session my blood pressure lower number, the one on the bottom was like cystolic I think was like 106 which is very high and by the end it had lowered to the nineties which I know is still high.

I am taking Chinese herbs and going to monitor my blood pressure this weekend, but I wondered if there could be something else affecting me. Hope this is not too personal, but i felt like I had to share here, as my mum just is getting me more worked up by being super worried, you know that goes…. And I dont have anyone else really to turn to

Or, if anyone has some natural ways to Lower blood pressure that would be great too!

Thank you

Hi Diana,

Some years ago I was diagnosed with low (sometimes OK, sometimes not) and given a prescription – that I did fill.

Once home I checked for the medication and decided that I would not put that in my body. I never opened the prescription and after a year I threw it out.

We have just had heavy snowfalls with high winds within the past week followed by a mix of snow and freezing rain.

I just turned 78. In the past week I shoveled 5 times, several hundred feet by my apartment and a path across a 30 foot wide drive to a carport, then from the other side of that across another drive and up to an entrance pad (maybe 10′ x 10′) and another one at the other end of that building (long buildings with many apartments – thankfully the one I live in has only 6 units). In one instance some drifts were 3 foot deep and in the last one the snow was wet and heavy so I could only take part of a shovel-full at once. I do this before the owner or hired help can get here.

I bought a plug in sleeve to monitor my BP and got the same inconsistent readings the VA got. Some years later I came across this video and have not used my monitor since watching it.

I hope you watch the video.

Best wishes to you.


PS – I will be looking at your chart.

The link for the video:


Bergman again.


Bob, thanks so much, that touched me how quickly you responded to me, I am going to watch the video now!
Very inspirational what you had to say…. i am happy you can do what you can at 78, wonderful!
Thanks in advance

Is it possible coming from the gym that you were dehydrated? It’s important to drink a lot of water and eat something after working out.

Diane, I am sure you know that when we experience pain , discomfort or other symptoms, (dizziness, rashes, sores, etc) our bodies are giving us signals that something is amiss.

All points listed are from your natal or secondary progressed charts and except the Nadir (an exact 90°in true space from the Asc) are midpoints. What affliction they may be connected to I do not know.

Natal points aspected by transit Saturn:

Nadir 13°49′ Capricorn, Mars/Saturn 16°07′ Capricorn, Sun/Neptune 16°28′ Capricorn

Secondary progressed points aspected by transit Saturn or Pluto:

Sun/Saturn 17°57′ Aries, Neptune/Pluto 20°59′ Libra, Mars/Saturn 14°20′ Capricorn

I apologize for misspelling your name Diana.

Diana…feel better. Caffeine and stress (and people who push our buttons) seem to contribute. I am not an astrologer but do know that, mars at 26 Aries today, is almost conjuncting uranus, which is 29. If you have any aspects in your chart in the late cardinal or beginning of the fixed signs, than this might be impacting you. It has to be affecting people like Whitaker and Lt. Governor Fairfax.

the comma goes after not before “mars”…

Hi, Eliseo! You responded:

“They fear we are angering God, and we all (including them) will collectively suffer the consequences. Therefore, their need to control your and my behavior, pass blue laws, and especially control the behavior of all women.”

I agree with this thinking when talking about the average “church people” of that Charismatic/Evangelical vein. That’s why they feel so comfortable getting all up in everyone’s business. Of course, inviting in a couple of Jehovah’s Witnesses and leading off the “religious discussion” with the words “I’m Wiccan – a Witch. Let me tell you a few of our similarities and differences” finally ensured they wouldn’t be ringing my door bell again soon!

But way too many in the Leadership are beyond that. Not everyone. I personally know quite a few ministers and Army Chaplains with whom I feel quite comfortable talking. They’re sincere in their beliefs, they walk the walk, and they’re respectful of other systems.

But the higher one goes within the inner circle of leadership, the more often it’s “want of power” (and money) more than any pleasing of God that rules over them. That’s especially true of those who’ve embraced the entwining of religion and government.

I would love to have taken a Comparative Religion course. I think we could have had a lot of fun! When I teach my own 101 courses, I devote a couple of lessons and discussions to comparative religion, as well as a brief history of different forms of Paganism. Looking for the common threads, as well as connecting dots, throughout the many different religious forms is what stoked me as an early Seeker.

I saw earlier where there were lots of law enforcement as well as at least two black SUVs (gov’t-type cars) at Charles Kushner’s house today. But I’ve yet to see any further info. Was this someone’s wishful thinking on a Friday? Or were they actually there and what was the outcome — does anyone have further info?

I keep going back to the Finn link Ja posted earlier… about the “lessons learned” and the heaviness of this latter part of the week.

It is obvious we share much in common, and more that cannot properly be addressed in this forum. It would likely be beneficial were we able to communicate privately by email.

Hi Diana,

I don’t know if we have any aspects in common, but we’re close in age. I’ll be 56 in May. But a few months back — October, I guess, I suddenly started having a high pulse rate with nothing I could think of that had triggered it. My BP was high, too, but it was the pulse that really worried me.

I watched it for a few weeks, tried some relaxation stuff, some herbal stuff, finally went to my doctor and had an EKG and a heart scan. Nothing. All normal.

It lasted about a month, and then things went back to normal. Still have no idea what it was about, and I did wonder if anything was going on astrologically. It was just weird.

If you prefer herbal remedies, Kava Kava or Valerian Root is good. I love essential oils and every now and then let myself use them internally — a drop or two under the tongue, then let it sit there. Ylang Ylang is very relaxing. (I was taught to be extremely careful taking any essential oil internally.)

Also like this free, relaxing meditation here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=acIpsyTW6SI#

Diana, my intent in describing what can still be done at an advanced age after being diagnosed with high BP was to show what one can do without triggering any side affects. I did have serious concerns about the diagnosis of high BP before watching that video but not since.

After the last shoveling there was elevated (above what is normal 24/7 from an old injury) lower back pain probably caused by the 1/2 inch of ice under the heavy wet snow that had to be broken up and thrown with it. Shoveling lesser, drier, snowfalls elicits no pain. It is done to help my neighbors and to get some exercise. I try to get finished before 6 AM when some people come out to go to work so most here do not know who does it.

Am not a big person that does not, nor has ever exercised or dieted, whose diet would be considered poor by someone who studies those things as it rarely includes any fruits or vegetables. Weekly liquid intake is 2.5 gallons of water (a jug bought weekly – refuse to drink the tap water here) almost all of which is consumed as black coffee and almost 2 liters of 7 Up.

Maybe it is in my genes. I don’t know.

“The 15th is another loser day for the rump. The hits on him just keep on coming closer and closer together in February.”

By: Bob on January 25th, 2019 at 3:59 pm

That proved true in recent days as he took heavy blows on at least 3 consecutive days and the month is just starting.

“The 15th is another loser day for the rump. The hits on him just keep on coming closer and closer together in February.”

By: Bob on January 25th, 2019 at 3:59 pm

That proved true recently as he took heavy blows on at least 3 consecutive days and the month is just starting.

Feb. 4 Federal prosecutors subpoena documents from Trump’s inaugural committee
Feb 5 Gets the look and the clap from Speaker Pelosi
Feb 6 Schiff announces sweeping investigation into Trump’s finances

“The 15th is another loser day for the rump. The hits on him just keep on coming closer and closer together in February.”

By: Bob on January 25th, 2019 at 3:59 pm

That proved true recently as he took heavy blows on at least 3 consecutive days and the month is just starting.

Feb. 4 Federal prosecutors subpoena documents from Trump’s inaugural committee
Feb 5 Gets the look and the clap from Speaker Pelosi
Feb 6 Schiff announces sweeping investigation into Trump’s finances

Nineteen days ago there was a lunar eclipse at 0+ Leo. Mueller’s natal sextile between his Sun in Leo and his Uranus in Gemini formed a Yod to the lunar eclipse chart’s Saturn in Capricorn (government leader) at the apex of this Yod; a position which is being forced to adjust to the pressure from Mueller’s natal Sun and Uranus.

In turn, that chart’s Saturn in Cap was sextile the same chart’s Neptune (deceptive) in Pisces. This sextile in the lunar eclipse chart formed a second Yod to Mueller’s natal Sun in Leo which was now in this second Yod’s apex position that would be demanding adjustment.

To complicate matters further, that lunar eclipse chart’s Neptune in Pisces (doubly unclear) was opposite Mueller’s natal Mercury, Mars, Chiron in Virgo, while also square (challenging) the same eclipse chart’s Venus-Jupiter conjunction in truth-seeking Sagittarius.

These two benefics (think lucky), Jupiter and Venus, opposed Mueller’s natal Uranus in Gemini, and altogether, it created a grand cross in mutable (transition) signs. But, at the same time this Venus-Jupiter in Sagittarius combo also trined Mueller’s natal Sun in Leo!

The best part however, is that the lunar eclipse chart’s Mars in Aries was trine both the same chart’s Jupiter-Venus conjunction in Sagittarius AND Mueller’s natal Sun in Leo; a grand trine in fire. A vortex of energy hard to stop.

I do believe the testimony from acting AG Whitaker is a product of this complex, but interesting menagerie of aspects.

To add to the intrigue, the lunar eclipse chart’s Pallas (strategy) in Libra opposed the same chart’s Uranus (breakthrough) in Aries and they formed yet another grand cross with the same chart’s North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn; nodes which match the North and South Nodes in Mueller’s birth chart. These transiting nodes are what defines the eclipse effect.

The South Node (what’s to be retired) was (and still is) one degree from the US natal Pluto (transformation) in Capricorn (government).

In addition to her participation in the grand cross, eclipse chart’s Pallas in Libra also sextiles Mueller’s natal Venus (what Mueller loves) in Leo, and together these 2 goddesses form a Yod to the eclipse chart’s Chiron (healer) in Pisces which may well be conjunct Mueller’s natal Moon (emotions).

Laborious as it is, this eclipse chart symbolizes what Mueller is famous for: complexity and challenge; he’s also famous for getting things done.


I hope you don’t mind my jumping into the conversation you and Bob are having.
Firstly, I hope you are feeling better.
I just wanted to add some info that might be helpful. I have struggled with HBP for about 10 years. I took medication at first and lost a considerable amount of weight, changing eating habit (I could explain more of that if your interested). I didn’t want to take the meds anymore, so I went to a naturopath and I currently take a tincture and a few supplements to keep it under control. I can tell you something that has been particularly helpful for me, is meditation. I started using the site, calm.com and actually it’s life changing. One of the naturopaths I have worked with told me his uncle had HBP and didn’t want to do medication, so he started doing transcendental meditation and his practice is twice a day, morning and evening, 20 minute each and his BP returned to normal.
What I have learned about HBP is that for some people it is clinical that runs dangerously high 280/160 and I have a family history of that, but I don’t have that kind, thank God.
Mine is more moderate and anxiety induced and so the meditation is extremely effective and helpful to me.
I just wanted to reach out to you when I read your post because I know how scary it can feel. If there is anything else I can share about it with you, please ask.

Good advice from everyone here about staying relaxed, calm and balanced. Thank you very much. Elizabeth, I have used the calm.com app on my cell phone but not enough and I now think that there are no longer any free features. However, life changing is high recommendation.

Here is a letter dictated by former U.S. Rep., John Dingle, on the day he died, to his wife, Rep. Debbie Dingle. It is so inspiring and so worth reading.


Many thanks to all who responded with well wishes and tips, very interesting and comforting and i appreciate it very much .

Bob, i definitely think you have good genes, you certainly can handle a lot, and i think it is so sweet that you help your neighbors.

The video was very helpful especially in making me not worry so much, realizing the variation that can be there and the fact that Europe has different standards, the 120/80 ‘norm’ definitely helps keep more people on drugs. I refuse to go on medication, it’s not happening . I have started my Chinese herbs and have been resting up, i think a lot of it is stress and lack of sleep related. And i agree bob that my body is giving me a signal that something is amiss.

Ja, it certainly is possible that i was dehydrated.

Sharon, thanks for the well wishes, Theresa, that was fascinating by the way what you said about the lawyer you knew who worked for Bezos, i have seen no mention of this yet in the MSM, very interesting.

My pulse seems to have gone back to normal thankfully, i haven’t checked blood pressure since. I feel too that at my age, a lot of this, coupled with stress is to do with natural female hormonal changes. I noticed you said that the pulse worried you more than the BP, why is that, is it more dangerous? I am happy to hear things went back to normal. I have kava Kava which i hadn’t taken for a while so will try that, also thanks for the mediation, i do tend to listen to a lot in the night when i can’t sleep, they are very helpful.

Elizabeth, thanks for your well wishes and tips, i would be interested to hear what tincture and supplements you take. Thanks for reaching out, it was scary and now i feel so much better after talking to you all. I feel for me it is anxiety reduced, i have been meditating a lot this year, i use the Sam Harris waking up app since i have been a subscriber of his website for a few years and we were grandfathered in to the new app which i highly recommend.

Finally to end on a light note, i laughed slightkc when you talked about inviting in the Jehovahs and telling them you’re a Wiccan, that’s so funny! I pictured Frankie from grace and Frankie, by the way I hope you guys who have Netflix watch that series, it’s soooo funny! I am currently watching the latest season whilst resting up.

Also funny in a don’t know whether to laugh or cry way is the WH saying that Trumps skin color is due to good genes (and not the tanning bed) and the evangelicals saying the skin tone is the Holy Spirit running through him. WTF is all i could think.

Everything gets nuttier by the day and now with the latest Bezos fiasco and Whittaker, well wow!

hope you all have a wonderful weekend and thanks again for your comfort

Since there is no available birth time for Elizabeth Warren yet, I’m guessing she was born (in Oklahoma) at about 3:30 PM CST. This would put her natal Moon conjunct US natal Vesta (what is
invested in) at 19+ Taurus and her natal Sun in the 8th house (shared resources, banks), and her natal Mars conjunct the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini.

Her natal Pluto would be on her MC. Her natal Jupiter in the 3rd house would reflect her period of teaching disabled children.

Relocating her to Massachusetts would make it an hour later, about 4:30 PM, putting her IC (root of the chart) very near the US natal chart Moon at 27+ Aquarius. Her natal Saturn would be in the 10th house near the MC (ambition).

That was fun!

Sharon K,

Maybe I should have clarified that it was life changing for me.. 🙂 there are actually several free meditation, although they are not free to complete a series. I actually have learned how to meditate effectively using the site and now often just use the site for the sound, that I just particularly find soothing and set my own time.


Your very welcome and am glad to hear your feeling better.
“the 120/80 ‘norm’ definitely helps keep more people on drugs.” – I couldn’t agree more! Very upsetting.

I take natural vitality Natural CALM magnesium 2 tsp a day..
L-Theanine 200 mg a day (an extra 100 mg if I feel I need it)
my tincture currently, my doc and I have tweaked it several times..
I take a combination of three different cardiac and calming herbs in my tincture, that are specific to my needs.. if you consult with a naturopath they will create a very specific one for you.
*also Hibiscus tea is wonderful for calming, it helps lower BP.. I drink often.. it has a very tart cranberry type flavor.

The magnesium calms and the L-theanine ( I use integrative therapeutics brand) you can purchase online.

Also, if you haven’t taken your bp, it is possible that you had an acute situation that has now normalized especially if your PR has returned to normal.

I hope that is helpful.. Good health to you!

And to everyone as we navigate our way through these stressful times. Self care is so very important, now more than ever.

ed tamplin this week takes a look at the big picture/long view, regarding where we all are . . .

the last paragraph from tamplin’s article:
“The clincher here is the Saturn Neptune conjunction right at the start of Aries and running in a favourable angle to the 1917 Saturn Neptune conjunction. It’s extremely significant, as it shows the extreme right wing movements we’re experiencing today are just part of the breakdown and are reactionary, rather than future orientated. The new revolutionary social order will be far more balanced with a greater social awareness and equanimity. It will be worth the wait.”

Thanks kiwi, I love it when a man talks cyclical cycles of the outers. Turns me on!

Upon reading your quote from Tamplin regarding the new cycle between Saturn and Neptune coming in 2026 on the Aries Point, I reviewed the chart for the present cycle between Saturn and Neptune (1st of 3) that began in 1989 in Capricorn.

It is one of my favorites because centaur Nessus (abuse of power) was at 22+ Virgo, conjunct the US Neptune in the same degree and square Trump’s natal Sun at 22+ Gemini and US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini.

This same chart had centaur Pholus (small cause creates a big effect) at 8+ Gemini conjunct the US natal Uranus (and ironically, Eliz. Warren’s natal Mars). This Pholus in the Saturn-Neptune chart (1989) also was conjunct the 1891 Neptune-Pluto cycle starting degree, the longest of the outer cycles. This “small cause” Pholus will, in the long haul, have opened a can of worms (conjunct US Uranus “shock and awe”) by the end of that cycle.

This alone would be food for thought (for me) but there was also Juno at 29+ Leo in this 1989 chart which conjuncts Trump’s ascendant. Juno symbolizes, among other things, a royal who wanted to be equally powerful as her husband but wasn’t, and she resented it greatly.

Juno in this chart squared (challenge) Jupiter (her husband) at 28+ Taurus. Transiting Sedna will be at 28+ Taurus come Election Day in November, 2020, when Trump (and likely the Repub party) will deservedly be totally underwater.

Teresa Hill, Wow about Jon Fine involved with the National Inquirer extortion! I saw him speak at the Kauai Writers Conference in November where he did a great presentation on the publishing industry… I am shocked he is associated with this..

Northam and now Fairfax; the irony.

Northam stays in. Committed to contrition and more equitable policies for African Americans.


Looking at our present situation in the US, from the astrological Big Picture perspective, helps to rationalize “why” many of these awful things that have been occurring must do so. Seeing Trump in his role as US President objectively requires using both sides of our brains, which is difficult when our emotions are so pumped up.

However, there are two specific aspect patterns in the US natal chart which Trump’s natal chart addresses; the US natal Sun-square-US natal Saturn, and the US natal Neptune square the US natal Mars. Both of these patterns symbolize thorny, deeply embedded negative characteristics that need to be overcome.

With Trump’s natal Chiron and Juno in the same degree as the US natal Saturn (14+ Libra), ruler of Time, which squares US natal Sun, and HIS natal Sun in Gemini exactly square US natal Neptune and is just 1 degree from US natal Mars (21+ Gemini) we, as a nation, are forced to see these flaws up close and personal.

There is a 3rd pattern in the US natal chart that is no doubt being stimulated by Trump; the US chart has an opposition between Chiron and Juno, and Trump has a conjunction between Chiron and Juno. Coincidence? Chiron symbolizes wounds that draw attention to what needs healing, Juno symbolizes unrecognized equality.

This is significant because US natal Mars (and Trump’s Sun) trines US natal Juno while US Mars (+ Trump Sun) sextiles US natal Chiron. Meanwhile, Trump’s natal Moon (opposite his Sun) in Sagittarius further escalates the effect on this US opposition by being trine US Chiron and sextile US Juno.

It would seem that Trump’s inability to come to terms with his opposing Sun-Moon conflicts exacerbates the US opposing Chiron-Juno conflicts by spotlighting them. I think some examples are issues of inequality: between men-women, legalities between black/brown vs. white, haves and have-nots, etc.

US Mars (in Gemini, aka duality) is conflicted as to which side to support; US Chiron or US Juno, so it supports neither and little progress is made in fixing these divides.

Adding Trump’s natal Moon (unconscious emotional drives) in Sagittarius which reverses the polarity (trine US Chiron, sextile US Juno) reflects our country’s own unconsciousness and inability to address these issues thoroughly.

Somehow this unconsciousness has been awakened and I believe it is due to the US PROGRESSED Mercury (thinking) which is at 20+ Aquarius, trine US Mars and Trump’s Sun in Gemini and US natal Juno in Libra, while sextile US Chiron in Aries and Trump’s Moon in Sagittarius.

If that isn’t enough to arouse us, PROG. US Mercury squares US natal Vesta in Taurus, and Vesta symbolized focus and what is invested in, ie. financially and through hard work.

US PROG. Mercury is in the same degree that Uranus was as it SQUARED Saturn and Jupiter when last they were conjunct in 2000, a cycle that ends next year.

It appears US PROG. Mercury is carrying a double whammy of shock, awe, and breakthrough by being conjunct that Uranus (co-ruler of Aquarius) IN Aquarius in the cycle chart of Jupiter-Saturn that began 19 years ago.

Uranus (being a higher octave of Mercury in astrological thought) in square to the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (a cycle for determining societal changes) would suggest that PROGRESSED US Mercury has in mind to overcome US challenges (what with being trine US natal Mars in Gemini and square US natal Vesta in Taurus) within the span of 20 years, the length of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle.

It’s a Big Picture view of symbolism related to timing (a Saturn thing) and timing is everything I understand. If the influence of US PROG. Mercury (progressed US thinking) is conjunct the Uranus (leaps and bounds thinking) that squares Jupiter-conjunct-Saturn(symbol of societal development), then it is easier to understand a Trump presidency.

Trump creates chaos and chaos begets creativity. We have nowhere to go but up, as in evolution.

Barbk, this is one of your best posts ever. One comment comes to mind: as US progressed Mercury nears the conjunction to US Moon in Aquarius, and Pluto enters Aquarius in 2023, might not the American people’s unconscious drive to equality come to the forefront of national consciousness?


“Trump creates chaos and chaos begets creativity. We have nowhere to go but up, as in evolution.”

I’ll drink to that.


I am curious as to why you have not included any actual dates in your forecast. Will you give some time frames, please?

That’s a heckava good question Andre, wish I’d thought of it! Looks like PROGRESSED US Mercury will reach US natal Moon in about 11 years, give or take.

In a couple of years after transiting Pluto leaves Capricorn for good (Nov. 2024), and Uranus will have left Taurus and Neptune will have left Pisces, there will be a remarkable event in July in 2026.

Transiting Uranus in Gemini will sextile trans. Neptune in Aries, who will sextile trans. Pluto in Aquarius, who will trine trans. Uranus in Gemini! How ’bout that for a US Solar Return chart?

There will also be a solar eclipse earlier that year just a hair breadth from the US natal Aquarius Moon and it has Saturn and Neptune on the Aries Point (0+ Aries). That seems significant – the World Point together with Saturn and Neptune at the time of an eclipse on the US Moon. It might signify some profound event that affects the US People (US Moon) in some way that would bring the group consciousness of the population to a new level. Only the Shadow knows.

That would be a few years before US PROG. Mercury reached the degree of the US natal Moon. We must remember to take it one step at a time though. Thank you for your question Andre.

Thanks will, all I can say is that when looking at the Big Pix one doesn’t see details like exact dates. Did you have a specific date in question?


I still can’t believe it. If nothing else, I thought Fine was really smart, way too smart to write a letter outlining the terms of extortion.


It’s not that one is more dangerous than the other. I just seemed to be more aware my pulse rate was higher. Seemed like I could feel it, and it made me anxious.

Teresa Hill, another AMI lawyer was on This Week with George Stephanopoulus trying to defend the whole thing as only a ‘negotiation’.. that Bezos and mistress knew the leaker..George wasn’t having any of it and point blank asked him if he feared Bezos was going to take down AMI.. the guy stammered a feeble reply.. George was great.. IMO Fine has lost some serious cred in this one…

Elizabeth, of course I knew that you meant it was only life changing for you, and what I, myself, meant was that the impact of those 2 simple words, “life changing”, really spoke to me. Meditation has never been easy for me (uranus conj my ascendant; mercury in Aquarius; lots of sensitive Pisces, whatever), but I’ve loved the times I’ve been in that state, and I’m well aware that with a little more effort, I would be more often. Using Calm.com is such an easy, minimal thing to do that it was an epiphany to me to hear you call it life changing. Since my last post, I’ve gotten the free features to work and have been loving it.

Bob, a few days ago you asked about the timing of my dental work. The day I’m having the molds made for the crowns, as well as having the decay removed, seems to have really good aspects. Three weeks after, I’m supposed to get the new crowns fitted and sometimes the fit can be off and you need to come back one or more times to have it adjusted so with Mars opp stationing Jupiter and both square my natal mars/venus (and the moon may be part of it as well), I was just a little freaked out as my 6th house is Sag and my 12th, Gemini. I’ll probably feel much better if I delay it or make it earlier so I have to make some time to study the aspects. My labtop is broken so I’m using my husband’s when it’s available. Thank you very much for asking, and thanks again to Barb for her input.

Jason Stephenson does great sleep meditations on your tube and they are free.

I love him. He has the most soothing voice. Puts me right to sleep if I am having racing thoughts.

Michael Wolfstar on Northam:

Virginia’s Black Moon Lilith Problem


“Shutdown Talks Take a Turn For The Worse”
(Last Shutdown, Drump said, “It’s fine we’re not paying Civil workers during this shut-down, we’ll have more money for the Wall”)
The CON’s are becoming dangerously vicious!

Thanks so much for the recommendation for calm.com – dealing with new health issues so just signed up -hopefully it will help help me get back into regular meditation routine

“BREAKING: Governor Gavin Newsom Said He Will Pull National Guard Troops From southern border

HE SAID THIS “The border ’emergency’ is a manufactured crisis and California will not be part of this political theater,”



I am so happy to hear that it spoke to you and has lead you to reconnecting with the site and experiencing the bliss of meditation again.

You know, communication like this as well as all social media can cause a lot of miscommunication, when there is no inflection of a voice or a facial expression, the way we experience in verbal conversation or in person conversations.. so thank you for helping me understand.

I was the same way! I could never meditate.. (I’m Taurus sun and moon and Leo rising, maybe I just can’t get my stubborn self out of my own way??) Anyway, I wanted to so badly and that is why I suggest that particular site to people all the time, it finally taught me how to do it, by focusing on the breathe instead of a mantra which I could never stayed focused on. The breathe is so tranquil and it literally does take you to “that state” as you perfectly put it. I’m just so happy to hear that my sharing my experience encouraged you to do it for yourself.

Kiwi, Your so welcome and enjoy! I hope it is helpful to you 🙂 I wish you healing with whatever you are dealing with.

Wait to go swimming until Thursday – you may not have to break Ice. Y’all come! Heat wave compared to a week or so ago.

From the 23 Storm Team Weather Center.

MONDAY: Cloudy skies. Snow mixed with freezing rain develops late afternoon. High: 30° Low: 28°

TUESDAY: Snow continues at times throughout the day. High: 28° Low: 15°

WEDNESDAY: Mostly sunny skies, colder. High: 27° Low: 17°

THURSDAY: Cloudy skies with a chance for rain/snow mix late. High: 35° Low: 22°

FRIDAY: Snow looking likely, breezy. High: 26° Low: 10°

SATURDAY: Mostly sunny skies, colder. High: 16° Low:

SUNDAY: Partly cloudy skies, still cold. High: 14° Low: 2°

Well, it’s that time, Feb. 11th, the start of a “period of extreme danger” that Nancy warned us was coming, what with trans Jupiter coming into an opposition with Trump’s Sun and trans Pluto quincunx his Sun. He’s at a Texas rally now, while Beto is at an anti-wall march one mile away. Indeed, a “power struggle of his life” could be the result. Both are scheduled to speak tonight around 9 PM, ET.


This is a bold stroke if Newsom follows through with pulling the NG – I’m thinking he must know a loophole wherein state law/governor trumps (sic) tRump federal law.


Thank you for the date reminder. I have major shpilkas in my stomach since noon in Chicago.

Elizabeth, Thanks again. I’ve been leaving it on all night ,(ocean waves). kiwi, sending love, light & wishes for your good health, and the same to everyone else here. Barb, Nancy, what about the Mars, Uranus conjunction? Has it already done its damage?

Sharon, something I am watching for, 2 things actually, is the trans. Mars-conjunct-trans. Uranus (exact Wed, morning) opposite US natal Hades (0+ Scorpio) and trans. Rhadamanthus (judgement, justice) at 1+ Scorpio, and Kim Jong Un’s natal Pluto (1+ Scorpio). They also square the US PROGRESSED Pluto at 29+ Capricorn.

This transiting conjunction between Mars and Uranus takes place at the cusp between the 4th (land, family etc.) and 5th (risk taking, children etc.) houses of the US natal chart (Sagittarius rising).

At the same time, transiting Chiron (29+ Pisces) is now at the doorstep of the US natal chart’s IC (1+ Aries) and the Aries or World Point.

Since it is impossible to predict how Uranus will be expressed at any given time, the best one can do is to narrow the field of play. I am leaning toward some aggressive act over land (property), or some unexpected move by Mueller. So far all’s quite on the western front.

Could someone weigh in on the astrology of U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar’s run for President? I know some have speculated about Kamala Harris having launched with good aspects but I see Amy as a kind of healing Jimmy Carter type which the country embraced after Watergate.

Sean Hannity just put a fatwah out on the 1.6 Billion border barrier offered to Trump.

I actually had to think twice about destroying my flat-screen tv just to punch the fucking pixels out of Sean Hannity’s face.

Wow – I can feel the Mars/Uranus conjunct in every fiber of my being. So very unsettling. Extra meditations for the next few days.

Will, that combo is right on your secondary progressed Desc today and your progressed Uranus/Pluto midpoint is right on your progressed MC at the same time. Your description is as good a one as there could be.

As always I use Q2, Mean Quotidian angles.

Will, take the rest of the day off and tomorrow too, if you can. And no dancing the Tango tomorrow night – maybe a waltz or 2.

I think Mueller may release his report in July. This year may take a few oz’s. Jam up and jelly tight. Or save it up until next January.

If Speaker Pelosi becomes Prez her shorthand title could be PP. tRump might get a charge out of that or he could be jealous because he didn’t get it.

What do you tink the Secret Service handle for her is? tRump prolly thinks it is Witch Queen.

Leo McGarry says “The Democratic party has plenty of Demons.”

I would not be surprised if Trump declares a national emergency no matter what legislation goes through. We are about to be watching Jupiter/Sun/Pluto in action. March 1 to March 11 is the most potent for this, but the reckless and self-aggrandizing Jupiter energy began on 2/11, goes to March 11, and then is reenergized in late April through early May..


Not sure if this was posted here. Forgive me if it was.



Linda G’s newest video says she thinks Trump will try the shutdown/national emergency route, and either the courts or Republicans will turn on him and either override his veto of the spending compromise or rule the national emergency unconstitutional.


Can we hope that this possibly strategic leaking that the Senate Intel Committee (that refused tor really investigate) found no evidence of treason means we have lots more indictments coming this week?

Will Robert Mueller be all our Valentine’s? Please?


“You are more personally affected by the Mars-Uranus conjunction if you have a planet around 28 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. How are you bouncing off the walls?”


Denise Siegal the You Tube astrologer feels that Trump is going to do something dramatic, even more dramatic than the shutdown if I heard her correctly. She is hard for me to understand I am sure because I am not as well versed in astrology as many on this board.

She said that she looks at north and south nodes like spigots or faucets what begins at the north node comes out the south node and when jupiter was conjunct the south node he shut down govenment etc..

If I heard her correctly she said the upcoming aspect would be exact, which would be more dramatic.

oxthecat, I wonder if she meant that the transiting North Node, now at 26+ Cancer (and soon to conjunct Trump’s natal Venus at 25+ Cancer) would trigger something dramatic from the man. The transiting South Node in Capricorn will conjunct transiting Pluto at the beginning of April.

Barbk it could be. I know you would understand everything she said immediately. I do not. She did say something about Venus.

What are your thoughts of Marianne Williamson running for president?I hope she stays in the race long enough to change the usual conversation.

Well, Cory Booker on Rachel’s show tonight drew me to check out his birth chart.

#1. His natal Neptune is in the same degree as the US natal Neptune, 22+ Virgo.

#2. His natal Uranus at 0+ Libra conjuncts the US natal chart’s MC at 1+ Libra.

#3. His natal Mercury conjuncts Trump’s natal chart’s MC, both at 24+ Taurus.

#4. His ascendant at 1+ Aquarius will conjunct the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0+ Aquarius, which trines his Uranus and the US natal chart MC.

#5. His natal Saturn at 29+ Aries is where transiting Uranus and transiting Mars are right now!

This guy is for real.

Oxthecat, I’ll have to check her out, thanks for sharing.

RE: Trump & a declaration of national emergency.
My guess is a significant portion of R’s will rebel against him when and if he declares a national emergency, particularly if it is over the border wall.
They will see that declaration as an egregious abuse of power setting a precedent which could also be used by Dem presidents relative to gun law or climate change.

I also suspect the declaration would be the turning point for many R. senators, which would likely with 100% of the Dem senators produce the necessary 2/3 to convict in case of impeachment.
The Mueller and/or congressional investigations might change the scenario, but imho reducing support a bit more among R’s for the orange Russian puppet.

My concern is Mr. Trump might be following or perhaps in harmony with the president Buchanan archetype and pattern. Whereas Buchanan did nothing to reduce the growing 1850’s division, Mr. T continues to foment bitterness, hatred and division greater than that of the late 1960’s and like we’ve not seen since the Reconstruction era into 1876. I pray he is not setting us up for a conflict analogous to the civil war under whomever is elected in 2020. It would be nice to have a Lincoln or FDR to follow Mr. T., per archetypal pattern, but I would hope not for a martyr but someone who can truly lead us to sanity and healing.

I see a great deal of delusion in both parties, but far more of it and far more toxic within the R. Party. I speculate it may take an “asteroid” or worldwide “tsunami” to awaken the dinosaurs from their delusional dreams.

Some of my husbands school era friends/family from PA, 2016 trump supporters, are awakening and are really really pissed about their increased bottom line tax burden this year!

My quote of Leo McGarry is wrong. I should have described it as paraphrasing.


God bless you and thank you for the very sophisticated red alert. I just noticed I have Mars and Venus at 0 and 1-degree Taurus which are both just about to be clobbered the Uranus ingress into Taurus.

Error alert . . . Cory Booker’s Pluto (not his Neptune) is in the same degree as the US natal Neptune, 22+ Virgo; my bad.

Also, transiting Chiron is conjunct his North Node at 29+ Pisces. All in all, quite extraordinary.

I have a strong feeling Beto O’Rourke will eventually become president, probably not in the next election, but later perhaps as a vice president who ascends to the office on the death of his predecessor.

You know will, I’m thinking the transiting Mars conjunct transiting Uranus in the last degree of Aries is more about the completion of Uranus through this sign – a trip that started on the 28th of May, 2010, followed by a conjunction with transiting Jupiter on June 8th at 0 Aries 17.

Now Uranus is ending its run through Aries in a conjunction with transiting Mars on Feb. 13, 2019. Uranus will be leaving for Taurus on March 6th.

Both of those conjunctions, Jupiter and Uranus and Mars and Uranus, started their new cycles on a critical (challenging) degree ( 0+ and 29+) in a sign that represents new starts and independence. Uranus represents energy that is experienced on the Collective level of consciousness. Group Think.

On the other hand, Jupiter and Mars energies can be experienced individually by anybody. By having both a personal/societal experience (Jupiter) at the same time Uranus (Collective energy) enters a particular sign (Aries in this case) it would seem to provide a dual stimulus; personal/societal (conscious) and collective (not so conscious) in nature.

By having Mars (ruler of Aries) travel through its home sign, a sign that has been stimulated by transiting Uranus for 8 years now, only to conjunct that Uranus just one day before it (Mars) enters the sign Taurus, sets the stage for when trans. Uranus enters Taurus (once and for all) a few weeks later.

In other words, Jupiter (expansion) conjunct Uranus is put on warp speed in 2010 as it starts its new cycle of 12+ years. Mars (impulsive), in 2019, finishing its brief visit (once every 2 years) through its home sign-infused-by-Uranus (radical) energy, is now in a hyper state of mental vigilance (ie. “think twice about destroying my flat screen”) as it prepares to enter Taurus (property, values, $$).

Perhaps Uranus’ travel through Aries has been mostly a preparation of “the Collective” to start Thinking Individually, you know, stimulate their thinking process. It could even be part of a group plan involving the 3 outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, in their present signs, to push humanity up the evolutionary ladder.

Uranus made two entries into Aries, just like it will make two entries into Taurus, due to retrogrades.

The 1st time (May 27, 2010) the Moon was at 8+ Sagittarius and opposite the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini. The second time (March 11, 2011) Uranus entered Aries, the Moon was at 9+ Gemini, having just been conjunct the US natal Uranus a few hours earlier, and opposite where the Moon had been on the 1st entry. Moon symbolizes the masses; the people.

Perhaps the surprise in today’s Mars-Uranus conjunction is that there’s not going to be a surprise. At least not yet.

Perhaps the surprise will come on the day of the Pisces New Moon (March 6), when Uranus will be at 00 Taurus 00, Neptune will conjunct the New Moon and Pluto will be trine the US natal Neptune which trans. Jupiter (still has a Uranus buzz) will square.

Hint: The Pisces New Moon (15+ Pisces) conjunct trans. Neptune and Vesta (what’s invested in) at 16+ Pisces, will oppose the US Constitution Signing chart’s Venus (values) at 16+Virgo. Stay vigilant Mars.

On another note, transiting Nessus (abuse of power) is conjunct US natal Ceres (think of the environment and distraught mothers) at 8+ Pisces. They square US Uranus at 8+ Gemini.

Trump’s natal Mercury at 8+ Cancer (which transiting Hades has been conjunct) is in a trine (easy flow) with the abusive Nessus and I shudder to think what that might mean.

Ralfee Finn today:

“Uranus’ transit through Taurus has yet to reveal its nature. Nevertheless, one of the qualities of this new journey is certain to be an exploration of value—ultimate value—so be prepared to question the seemingly solid ground of what matters most to you.”


Starlight: Good article on Northam from DemocraticUnderground. Reposted on my FB Page.

“A woman who alleged Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax raped her in college was accused of harassing and threatening a man she had a relationship with, according to Maryland court records.

The man sought and received a peace order against Meredith Watson in July 2008, the records show. A peace order falls under the “umbrella term” of a restraining order in the state of Maryland, University of Maryland law professor Leigh Goodmark said. It is applied to situations in which a person may need to ask for distance from someone who isn’t their spouse or live-in partner, he said.

In a petition for the restraining order, obtained by POLITICO, the man described an incident in which Watson “was detaining me against my will … [and] not letting me leave” a vacation house in Corolla, N.C., and “dented the trunk” of his vehicle with her fist. In another instance, Watson showed up at his house stating “she was going to kill herself” and sent “threatening text messages” to the man, who had his sister come over to persuade her to leave, according to the document.”

Read more: https://www.politico.com/story/2019/02/12/justin-fairfax-virginia-1166298

Angellight Linda G said they would find out something about an accuser. She did not say what was true or not true. She did say that something would be found out about an accuser.

I think that is interesting.

A couple of hours ago transiting Venus (11 Capricorn 16) was square transiting Arachne (11 Aries 16) whose delicate web is tightening on Mueller’s investigation, namely his interest in a meeting between Manafort, Gates and Konstantin Kilimnik in 2016. Stay tuned for details.


“How are you at bouncing off the walls?”

This is unquestionably one of the most intense, painfully-revealing days of my life. I am at once wounded and bleeding yet so very grateful for the clarity afforded me.

Continued . . . .

That meeting took place on August 2, 2016, the day the New Moon at 10+ Leo was conjunct Trump’s natal Pluto. They met in a private cigar club called the Grand Havana Room in Manhattan, in a building owned by the Kushners.

Transiting Jupiter was conjunct the US natal Neptune in Virgo and transiting Venus was conjunct Trump’s natal Mars in Leo. “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”

Wow, Will. I hope I’m not being intrusive, but that sounds very difficult. May it advance your healing & wholeness & that of all concerned.


You are not being intrusive. I came face-to-face with some long-defended against truths about members of my family-of-origin. Their energy literally repulsed me – like attempting to put the positive ends of two magnets together. It was vile. I am going to be metabolizing this for some time. I will never have the same relationship with these family members. Something decidedly snapped.

Paradoxically, I am liberated in that many long-held suspicions that I had denied/repressed/attempted to sanitize or second-guess myself about proved to be just as I had suspected all along.

I will be metabolizing this for a long, long time. Chilling. I will get through this; I am just feeling profoundly betrayed and disgusted.

Thank you for caring enough to comment Sharon. You are a sweet soul.

Will, I had uranus cross my mars/venus conjunction about 8 or 9 years ago. It had a very strong effect on my relationship as I remember. But things do not stay the same — they continue to grow and change. I’m so sorry for your deep disappointment. Sending love your way. I’m sure many others here are also doing that. You are a very original, unique and special part of our group with your own special brilliance and brand of humor.

meant to say, my relationships — not just one.

Breathe Will.

I feel pain for/with you.

Let this mark the end of one journey and the beginning of a new one. After a time you might be able to reach out in love; not in pain or anger.

For what it may be worth I send well wishes to you.


Sorry you are going through such difficulties. Best thoughts of healing light to you. May you have perfect balance and equanimity.

I think it is significant that special counsel Robert Mueller’s natal Venus (values) happens to conjoin Trump’s natal Mars (anger and drive) at 26 Leo. As one may recall, the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse (28 Leo) closely conjoined those degrees. Fast forward to late March 2019…… Trump’s progressed Moon at 26 Leo conjunct natal Mars will be squared by transiting Mars (26 Taurus) and consequently the 8/21/17 eclipse. Will Mueller start handing down those high profile indictments in late March? Here are some relevant thoughts written by Ed Tamplin on this particular time frame…..


Recall the extremely difficult aspects that Trump experienced in May 2017, immediately following the appointment of Mueller to oversee the investigation into Russian interference with the US election. They involved multiple Mars aspects. And they turned the President into an raging bull. But what drives Mars?

Mars is anger; a behavioural response to a fight or flight situation. It’s the instinctive, fear based reaction to a perceived threat where life temporarily becomes a battlefield. It can also be triggered by pain, physiologically or psychologically. Well if Mars was synched with the 2017 explosions, look out March and April 2019. For this time it is on steroids.

The fiery red planet is returning to deep impact on Trump’s chart like this.

Transiting Mars square birth Mars March 25 2019
Transiting Sun opposite SP Mars March 31 2019
Transiting Mars square SP Sun April 03 2019
SP Moon conjunct birth Mars April 3 2019
(SP equates to Secondary Progressed)

Also by April 3 the transit of Uranus will square his SP Midheaven – (using the Naibod Arc method) as the transit of Neptune simultaneously sesquisquares the same. The implication of a sudden meltdown would seem a reasonable assumption.


Will – hang in there. You’ve learned a valuable lesson – trust your gut. There is no greater gift that to know that you can trust your inner guidance. As for the ‘family’ members. Just because someone is ‘blood’ related, doesn’t mean they are soul family. Sending you light and love. You will get through this.

will . .of course you will “get through this”; Uranus energy is so destabilizing, which of course is what it’s supposed to do. Sharon is right, time will heal the disappointment and at the same time your new found clarity will be the basis of your new conscious assessment of reality. Uranus is nothing if not clarifying. Take your time to assimilate it all.

Yesterday I told you that transiting Mars joined transiting Uranus at the end of Uranus’ 8 year stint in Aries, and I believe it (Mars conjunct Uranus) is what brought consciousness to most human beings of just what that 8 years has been all about. (The new Mars-Uranus cycle will take about 2 years to complete and by then we will see how it all made sense – those 8 years of Uranus in Aries.)

For you it was very personal and, now that I know you have Venus and Mars at the beginning of Taurus, this new-found clarity will stabilize with today’s transit of Mars jump-starting the process.

Love you will!

For the rest of us, Mars begins its tour of the US natal chart’s 5th house of fun and games, while Uranus close behind, with it’s new 8 year tour of the sign of the Bull about to pick up where it left off in wrecking havoc on our values, including and especially our financial patterns.

This, combined with transiting Pluto in the US natal chart’s 2nd house of material values, closing in on the US natal Pluto Return (1st ever in history), will rock our concept of what is precious to us as a nation.

Transiting Chiron will be re-entering the sign of Aries (hear that will?) and the healing process begins at the base – the roots of the US natal chart, picking up the pieces after the Uranus transit’s demolition of all that was semi-sacred.

Uranus was at the IC (1+ Aries) of the US natal chart about this time in 1928, just before the Wall Street Crash in 1929 and the start of the Great Depression. Surely we have learned from all this experience.

The judgement against Manafort is the trigger for his being flipped to reveal all against tRump.

If my chart for him is right, or nearly so, he has reached a turning point as he has a secondary progressed Full Moon (Sun 78°46′ opposite Moon at 258°46′ yesterday). The pressure comes from transit Neptune at 346°56′ opposite his natal Neptune/Pluto midpoint at 166°18′. That has been going on for months involving his natal and progressed midpoint.

He is down to his last card and it will possibly keep him from dying in prison.

I think he will play it today as transit Jupiter is conjunct his progressed Moon and opposite his progressed Sun, transit Moon is conjunct his progressed Sun and opposite his progressed Moon. At the same time transit Mercury (the art of the deal) is on his progressed IC (opposite progressed MC) and his progressed Mercury is square his progressed MC. These angular triggers are lost in a day as Q2 Mean Quotidian angles advance about 1° each day not the turtle 1° per year favored by almost everyone so he must make a deal now or never and he must give them something that will have enormous impact, most likely proof of collusion by tRump. His natal Saturn is right on tRump’s natal Asc.

He will offer, they will break to decide, come back after lunch, accept deal around 2 PM, EST.

If it goes down, it will probably not be made public at this time. Keep a note.

You got me on that last one Bob, “His natal Saturn is right on tRump’s natal Asc.” That, along with trans. Mars at 0+ Taurus trine Manafort’s Saturn 0+ Virgo, and trans. Mars also opposite US natal Hades at 0+ Scorpio, which sextiles Manafort’s Saturn in Virgo sold me for sure.

That sextile forms a yod with US chart’s Aries IC (where trans. Chiron is) which opposes US natal chart’s MC at 1+ Libra, what the world sees. Mueller’s natal Neptune is at 2+ Libra. This creates a Boomerang and at the end (Libra MC and Mueller Neptune) is where all the energy winds up.

Then I realized that trans, Mars opposite US Hades formed a grand cross with the January 21 eclipsed full, blood, wolf, super Moon at 0+ Leo opposite the Sun at 0+ Aquarius (also the degree of the Dec. 2020 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction).

Eclipse full moons have a longer shelf life than typical full moons.

That said, the eclipsed Moon chart’s Mercury (testimony) at 25+ Cap. was opposite Trump’s natal Venus (25+ Cancer) conjunct his Saturn in his 11th house of best friends forever. Which makes sense.

Great job Bob, thanks!

Because of the impact this could have I decided to progress my Manafort chart using Naibod in longitude angles.

It shows aspects like those of the other method.

Transit Saturn/Pluto midpoint is exactly square the progressed MC – he becomes a ratfink against the Codfather and doesn’t get to kiss the ring anymore.

Transit Jupiter/Venus midpoint is exactly on the progressed Asc – he gets his head off the chopping block. One of them at least. 🙂 But as a traitor he still needs to get chopped.


Ahh, that family of origin. Sometimes you think you really want to know why they do certain things they do and sometimes, you’re just disgusted to find out why or what they’ve done. 🙁

I hope you can move past this and be glad it’s over. (And that it can be over for you.)

I had a similar all-seeing moment between me, my mother and my bi-polar daughter a few weeks ago. Like the issues of years just coalesced into this hideous moment, and it was so clear that my mother had no idea what the reality of dealing with my daughter is like and no intention of even wanting to understand. That she was once again refusing to see a problem, insisting that if she didn’t acknowledge it, it didn’t exist, which echoed so much of my own interaction with her for decades.

Just stubborn delusional cluelessness that she clings to. I’m yelling my truth about my daughter to her, and she just keeps moving on to other strange, crazy stuff the daughter is doing, and my explanation, “She’s bi-polar,” which I repeated again and again. All which explains the irrational things she was doing. That and, “She’s manic right now,” which also explains.

Then she she started worrying that my sister (who she always defends and takes care of through all her shit and has for decades) might hear of something my daughter said and get mad. And I lost it. Told her I didn’t give a shit how my sister felt. (Because my sister getting mad in any way compares to my daughter being bi-polar and at the moment manic? And my mother is perfectly happy to deliberately ignore how furious I am at her, while worrying my sister might get mad?)

I’m sorry. I’m making this all about me. It’s been a crazy few weeks.

The bi-polar and then manic daughter announced she was pregnant, and that she envisioned not seeing a doctor, but letting her former Army-medic friend deliver her baby at home, among other lovely ideas. And I can’t tell you the horror of imagining her, with all the drugs she takes, legal and illegal, trying to make it through a pregnancy and how awful that might be for any child she managed to produce, with no doctor, delivered at home by her Army medic friend. It was the fasted plunge into despair and shock I’ve ever experienced. And 48 hours later, she had a miscarriage, and I was so relieved and happy, it was all like a bad dream.

Shit. I guess I just really needed to say all this. I’m a Taurus sun, so Uranus is coming for me, I suppose. I’m not looking forward to it.

Oddly unsettled and not sure of my place in the world anymore, doubting some things I’ve never doubted, like my profession, which has helped keep me sane through so many things.


“May you have perfect balance and equanimity.”

Thank you for your kindness and blessing.


“For you it was very personal and, now that I know you have Venus and Mars at the beginning of Taurus, this new-found clarity will stabilize with today’s transit of Mars jump-starting the process.

Love you will!”

Many thanks barb; this was so very sweet of you.

Teresa Hill,

“Sometimes you think you really want to know why they do certain things they do and sometimes, you’re just disgusted to find out why or what they’ve done.”

Yahtzee! That’s where the sword goes in every time.

I cannot imagine what you go through with your daughter and what appears to be a mother who does not seem to want or care to “get it” with the bipolar spectrum condition.

Over the last two years, I’ve been having quite a bit of success pitching my bipolar patients (lots of them and I love them) on lamotrigine as a mood regulator vs. some of the atypical antipsychotics.

I’ve been combining psychotropics with mindfulness training as well as some good old cognitive behavioral skills-building as well as art therapy and have been blessed with good results.

Thank you for your kind thoughts.


” Sending you light and love. You will get through this.”

Thank you ever so much for your support, Casey.


“For what it may be worth I send well wishes to you.”

It is worth more than you know – or maybe you do. Thank you!


Thank you very much for your compassion and sharing your experience. I feel endorphins showering down and through all of my chakras.

“Now that the Mars-Uranus conjunction is beginning to separate, it may feel easier to look ahead to the next major astrological event: Chiron entering Aries on Monday, where it will stay for the next seven years or so. Also on Monday, the Sun will enter Pisces, the last sign in the cycle. So Chiron begins its new zodiacal ‘year’ (metaphorically speaking) just as the Sun begins to wrap up its own.”


Will, you’re very welcome (coming from a member of your cyber family). It sounds like you are doing good work & helping a lot of people. I hear it’s tricky getting the Rx right for something like bi-polar d/o.

Teresa, my heart goes out to you. Sending you a huge hug. Can your daughter go back on her medication now that she’s no longer pregnant? The pressures of your daughter’s imbalance sound hard enough. Dealing with a mother who refuses or can’t understand adds unneeded stress & frustration.

US Constitution 100, Trump Wall 0, . . Constitution is winner. No surprise here.

Will, Theresa, about that family of origin thing: “not sure of my place in the world anymore, doubting some things I’ve never doubted”. Very true for these crazy times, not only on a personal basis.
It is unsettling all over (but making no specific predictions).

This very day, President Trump and Mitch McConnell have defied every form of common sense and are plunging directly into the dark abyss of political chaos with a phony national emergency, soon to be followed by countermeasures from the House and the courts.

….”Under the National Emergencies Act, House passage of a disapproval resolution would trigger automatic consideration by the Senate, where a simple majority vote would be required to agree to it. Given opposition from some Republicans, that raises the prospect that a disapproval resolution would pass the narrowly divided Senate in an embarrassing rebuke to Trump — a scenario McConnell privately warned the president about recently. That would force Trump to issue the first veto of his presidency, which the president’s critics in Congress would probably lack the votes to override. But Nadler said that if their resolution is vetoed, House Democrats would challenge the emergency declaration in court…etc.”


It is very unsettling, but we are not crazy – it is simply the biggest fight for raw power that a major democracy has ever had – and it is only beginning. The next ‘transfer of power’ will be about a new audience, the younger generation – the cell phone, Twitter, Face Book generation.

How appropriate for Uranus, the higher ruler of communications (ruler of Aquarius). Let’s hope the next couple of years don’t fizzle into some mediocre, apathetic, I-give-up, permanent oligopoly (see definition*).

We oldies, the supposedly mature ones, know we are becoming mere bystanders in this show as time passes. We don’t experience these wrenching times the same way as the younger ones (our children, our grandchildren) do. Our wealth, whatever it may be, is being transferred to the younger generation one way or other. The young ones are inheriting a mess and they know it, and they will deal with it starting with the next election. There will be retribution, of that we can be sure.

The problem is, the end result is not certain. Things could go more liberal, or get tighter under a more conservative government. The decisive issue, the crux of the matter, will be how young people see themselves paying their mortgages, and their health care, and covering the cost of their kids’ education. People vote with their pocketbooks – this will never change, but given a choice, you can bet young people will vote for their own security, and that of the nation.

Nevertheless, many people in North America have lived very privileged lives since WWII. Even many of those who are far from rich have become a pampered lot compared to the rest of the world. Can this kind of expectation continue? Is it any wonder that selfish, destructive behavior is found everywhere while the connection to the planet, and the physical and social consequences of living on it, have been ignored in the push for wealth and power?

The unreality of the times is shown in complex technology, pollution, and increasingly non-natural living habits – also wild politics. In such a situation, reality won’t be reestablished without a shock. Uranus again.

Starting March 7th, Uranus, the planet that rules the sky and electronic communications (among other things), will bring change to Taurus, the earth sign of material wealth. Uranus can bring unpredictable, even drastic change to a sign that is all about money and possessions. Some instability is indicated in that alone.

At the same time, Neptune is strong its own sign of Pisces and sextile (60 degrees) to Saturn in its own sign of Capricorn. Venus, the ruler of Taurus, will soon conjunct Saturn in Capricorn. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and legislation is also in its own sign, Sagittarius. It appears for the moment, the planets who are content in their own signs won’t shift focus, except that Uranus is taking uncertainty to the fixed sign of Taurus (finance in particular), ruled by Venus which does not like the restriction (rules) in Capricorn. Pluto the planet of secrets and collusion (power behind the scenes) is also in Capricorn.

The scene of current transits seems set for a struggle of those who don’t want to budge from their comfort zones against Uranus and Venus. It does fit the Trump situation quite well.

Uranus was a Titan and the husband of Gaia, the earth mother. Uranus’ son was Chronos (Roman Saturn /time), who overthrew and castrated his own father. Uranus predicted that Chronos, in turn, would be overthrown by his child (Zeus). So, the next generation takes over from the last, sometimes through upheaval. Neptune, aka the Greek god Poseidon, was the god of the sea (and another son of Chronos) who had a stormy, violent side to his personality, like his grandfather, Uranus.

It seems unreality or hyper-reality and violent change is on the scene when either Uranus or Neptune are involved. When they are both involved in incompatible signs, as now, (semisquare /45 degrees apart) in Pisces and Taurus, things are more unpredictable than usual. With that sort of celestial family, what could make the people come “back to earth” other than a hard shock?

Mars is presently at 0 degrees Taurus, having just passed Uranus at 29 Aries. Trump’s Ascendant is at 29 Leo and very soon it will be exactly trine transiting Uranus. This sort of aspect is difficult with Mars in the picture, but Mars is at 0, so things are preliminary, not fully out in the open yet and Uranus is just finishing up with Aries.

When Uranus gets more into Taurus, it should be clearer where things are truly headed. Then, by the time Uranus is well into its new sign (approx. 3 degrees) by May 2019, Mars will have moved out of range to Gemini and other triggers will be needed for events. With Uranus at 29 degrees right now, actions may run out of time, or possibly start and then head in a different direction once the sign changes (the shutdown?). Either way, with Trump having a trine, it appears he will feel it is a victory for a little while.

Meanwhile, Saturn and Neptune have started to work together (sextile) to dissolve old structures, beginning in February (exact Feb. 1st), with more to come in June (18th) and November (9th) 2019. Saturn will also conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (only once) in January 2020, just in time for the election season and primaries, which will culminate in the election of November 3, 2020.

When the next President of the US is sworn in on January 20, 2021, Ceres will be conjunct Neptune at 18 Pisces. It will be interesting to learn what Ceres means, but for now, it things seem headed for a big blow, as they say in the fishing business.

*An oligopoly is an economic state where there is limited competition and only a few productive entities control the market. There is little real, open competition and the system depends on coordination and collusion for production and pricing among the powerful players in the economy (a lot like Russia today).


I so enjoyed your post of 3:59am. Such awareness of the world and such a big mind and heart. Thank you.

And gratitude to every one here who writes with bountiful and richly-worded poetry.

Meanwhile, despite the above, I would like to bring your attention to this, which is what is really going on behind the scenes while most of the population is gasping about DT:


Mueller is moving in.


Re: Trump’s health.
Nothing surprising.
Journey well, my friends.

Happy Birthday Nancy! Sending wishes for a happy, magical solar return, and beyond!

Happy Bithday from me too, Nancy. Wishing you & yours great health, happiness, serenity & love. Thank you for this generous expression of yourself and a great gift to all –Starlight News!
(Thanks for reminding us, kiwi!)

Not to belabor the intricacy of the January lunar eclipse chart, but I suspect it symbolizes a period of time (for the USA) in which to shift and reorganize its thinking, its priorities and its values.

It starts with the square between transiting Saturn in Capricorn – who was opposite US natal Sun in Cancer – and transiting Mars in Aries – who was opposite US Saturn in Libra. This is one of those tough-to-resolve grand cross patterns, however, in this case, there is a built in solution that will facilitate a resolution to what seems to be a brick wall everyone is up against.

First, transiting Neptune in Pisces was trine US natal Sun in Cancer and sextile trans. Saturn in Capricorn, but also SQUARE trans. Venus, Jupiter and the Great Attractor in Sagittarius.

In turn, trans Venus, Jupiter and the GA were in a grand trine with trans. Mars in Aries (who was in grand cross with trans. Saturn, US Saturn and US Sun) and Mueller’s natal Sun in Leo. One door slams shut (square) as another door opens (trine).

There was also the obligatory grand cross between the North Node (conjunct eclipsed Moon) and South Node in Capricorn (conjunct trans. Sun and Mercury) with trans. Uranus in Aries opposite trans. Pallas the Strategist in Libra.

However, trans Pallas in Libra was trine trans. Vesta (investment) in Aquarius who was sextile both Eris (discord) and Uranus (shock) in Aries. Here again we have an escape from the grand cross conundrum.

Lest we forget, there was also a grand trine between the North Node (conjunct eclipsed Moon at 0+ Leo) in late Cancer, and trans. Chiron in late Pisces and trans. Ceres in late Scorpio. This facilitated the transiting Nodes but stymied trans Uranus and trans. Pallas somewhat.

With all these moving parts (planets, etc.) working deals amongst one another, it can appear chaotic, but in fact, new possibilities will be coming to light. Ways to get around or over the brick wall will miraculously take shape. We must not underestimate the creative power of an eclipsed Leo Moon.

Happy Birthday from me as well. May you have many more happy ones in good health. Most of all, many thanks for providing this wonderful forum for all these years. Sharon was right. It is a great gift to us al!

Nancy, we join the chorus with Happy Birthday to you!

Nancy, we join the chorus with Happy Birthday to you! So grateful for you and the starlightnews community. Happy Birthday to you! Namaste y’all!

Happy Birthday Nancy. Thanks for everything you do.

Nancy, Happy Birthday! Thank you and bless you for offering us this sweet haven–Dori

Interesting quote:

“Trump will be beaten not by his fiercest enemies, but by his softest supporters.”
– David Frum –

Another astrologer zeroing in on the late March April 2019 period for the possible unraveling of the Trump presidency is Denise Siegel.

Here is one of her videos from December 2017:

Trump And His Team When Impeachment Starts


And here is a more recent one from last month:

Donald Trump 2019 Update


Happy birthday Nancy, all good wishes for you for a wonderful year ahead..

Happy new turn around the Sun, Starlight! May this new journey be peaceful and fulfilling for you and yours.

Thank you, Everyone, for all the lovely birthday greetings. You made my day!!!

Trumps timeline:

“From 13 February to 30 March he picks up tr Pluto opposition his Mars/Uranus midpoint, which is a test of nerves, overly excitable, violent emotions, high insecurity, can be accident or operation. And following directly after that are three seriously challenging, bad tempered, trapped and discouraging Pluto transits in hard aspect to Mars/Node, Moon/Mars and his natal Saturn from March 31st to May 20. These will repeat on and off till late 2020.”


Trumps timeline:

“From 13 February to 30 March he picks up tr Pluto opposition his Mars/Uranus midpoint, which is a test of nerves, overly excitable, violent emotions, high insecurity, can be an accident or operation. And following directly after that are three seriously challenging, bad tempered, trapped and discouraging Pluto transits in hard aspect to Mars/Node, Moon/Mars and his natal Saturn from March 31st to May 20. These will repeat on and off till late 2020.”


Happy belated birthday, Nancy!

Happy birthday Nancy. Aren’t you and Jack Benny the same age? (39)

Happy. Happy. Happy. Trip around the Sun!! Hope your next one is even better!

And thank you so much for this wonderful safe and interesting space you have created and protect. It means so much.

Happy Birthday, Nancy!

Happy Birthday Nancy, and many, many more!

Lovely Aquarius Birthday Wishes Nancy!
Thank you so much for this wonderful warm shelter from the harsh storm.

meanwhile, in the rest of the world, Ed Tamplin this week talks about tensions in India/Pakistan/Kashmir

Kiwi, Thank You. I love that you bring us Australian flavors! EdTamplin is very interesting.

Trump’s manic response to the defeat of his border wall funding demands could be, in part, due to the transiting sextile between Neptune and Saturn that’s been going on for several months (exact on Jan. 31st, the peak of the Polar Vortex weather). It is a cooperative period between them, Neptune and Saturn, in their present cycle.

This present sextile between Neptune and Saturn was forming a Yod to Trump’s natal Pluto in Leo at the time of the December 22 Cancer Full Moon, when trans. Vesta (what is invested in) in Aquarius was opposite Trump’s Pluto.

Adding transiting Vesta to the Yod that transiting Saturn and Neptune made to Trump’s Pluto turned it into a Boomerang, putting Vesta (investment) at the receiving end of the combined energy.

Just ten days before that Full Moon, Trump was saying publicly he would take responsibility for a looming government shutdown, but by the December Full Moon he was blaming the Democrats. Of course he was.

The Yod formation (trans. Neptune sextile trans. Saturn, both quincunx Trump’s Pluto) was still active at the January 5 solar eclipse (long shelf life) in Capricorn, and Trump’s natal Pluto at the apex was still under pressure from the quincunx from Neptune (illusions) and the quincunx from Saturn (reality) to make an adjustment (concessions), but, so far, he has not done so.

Then came the January 21 lunar eclipse at 0+ Leo which was conjunct Nancy Pelosi’s natal Pluto, which squares her natal Saturn, which trans. Uranus is about to conjunct (again).

This January lunar eclipse was also conjunct the US Constitution chart’s Uranus which means transiting Uranus is squaring the US Constitution Uranus. It is a crisis point in US history.

Pelosi’s natal Mars in Taurus also conjuncts Trump’s MC (reputation) and that really smarts. In addition, that lunar eclipse a 0+ Leo on Jan. 21 (+ Pelosi’s Pluto + US Constitution’s Uranus) opposite the Sun in Aquarius was T-squared by transiting Uranus (+ the Pelosi Saturn).

All this makes Nancy Pelosi the symbolic power figure which Trump is fighting (not cooperating with).

Oddly enough, when Saturn and Neptune started their cycle back in 1989 the Berlin wall was being torn down.

Coming up is RAK 2019 (Random Acts of Kindness Week)
Pass it on 🙂 🙂 🙂

Justin Trudeau is now embroiled in a major scandal which could end his re-election hopes this fall. He fired his attorney-general who is the daughter of a Native chief in British Columbia. It is alleged he tried to interfere in the decisions of the Justice Department for political reasons. Sound familiar?


Her native name translates as The One who corrects the Chiefs’ Path. How cool is that? The whole country now waits for what she has to say. Marjorie Orr predicted last month this would be a bad year for Trudeau.

I have been having trouble posting. Afraid to try to submit more than twice in case they both take. Will try again, hoping it works but only once.

Re: Trumps’s health. https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2019/2/15/1834996/-Is-the-President-s-liver-failing?utm_campaign=recent

Nancy, i missed the day but I send you thanks and wishes for Love, joy and success this year.

I thank you all for being here and so sharing of yourselves. Journey well All.


Happy belated birthday, Starlight, and thank you for your wisdom and perseverance on your path thru these rough times. You’ve lifted the spirits of so many and provided a platform for others on the path to share. Hope your day was special!

Happy Birthday!!!

Report: Japan Nominated Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize at the White House’s Request.

Dear Nancy,

Best wishes to you for a wonderful birthday. May you enjoy health, happiness and prosperity throughout the coming year and always.

Just wanted to add my best wishes for a blessed, joyful new solar year, Nancy. Thank you so much for this forum – a lifeline for many of us. We do so much appreciate all you do, and all of who you are… a very special lady! Happy belated birthday!

Thank you again, everyone, for all the good wishes. 🙂

Starlight, I, as well as many others, am most grateful for the existence of this site. We are truly blessed. May you be happy and fulfilled for the rest of your days.

Michael Wolfstar again predicts this morning that The Orange Don may be re-elected. Tell us it ain’t so! He also says transiting Pluto square US Chiron currently brings up America’s deepest wounds, and implies Trump’s re-election would bring catastrophe of some kind.


‘Happy Birthday Starlight’ Much joy and blessings to you in this new year.

Scott Dworkin on Twitter: BREAKING: There’s a massive protest planned for outside of the White House at noon today. Hundreds of other cities are also holding protests as well. Calling out Trump’s rampant abuse of power, obstruction and treason on President’s Day. Demanding he resign or be impeached. Good. #ImpeachTrump

Tomorrow’s Full Moon at 0+ Virgo will be focusing on a myriad of details, partly because she’s in Virgo, and partly because of the intricacies of her chart. This full moon sextiles transiting Pallas (who opposes transiting Uranus), who is stationing retrograde in the very last degree of Libra, and together they form a Yod with transiting Chiron, who has just returned to 0+ Aries, the Aries Point, where the Personal is Political.

This full moon chart has the still-in-orb conjunction of Venus and Saturn in Capricorn square Trump’s Jupiter in Libra + US progressed Mars + US Constitution’s Neptune.

At the same time, Venus and Saturn will sextile Mercury and Neptune in isces, and what a combo they are. This doubled up sextile forms a Yod to Mueller’s natal Sun in Leo which means he will have to make some adjustments.

This FM chart’s Venus-Saturn in Capricorn trines the US natal Vesta – meaning investment – in Taurus, and with Mueller’s natal Mars-Chiron in Virgo – meaning details – which opposes the FM chart’s Neptune and Mercury; we have a Grand Trine-turn-Kite pattern. This puts the focus on Mueller’s natal Mars-Chiron in Virgo, meaning details, as the driving force of the grand trine.

We’ve also got transiting Mars at 3 Taurus 31, the same degree where Chiron was when it was discovered, which is also where Chiron was when Uranus was discovered. These two, Chiron and Uranus work as a team. In this case, Uranus trines the Full Moon in Virgo while Chiron is in a Yod with the Full Moon.

It promises to be an intriguing month, full of maneuvering details, hard to keep up with for many of us.

Thank you Andre for the link. I also see that Trump has a good chance of re-election. The power and might of the billionaire and corporate cabal will likely recoil from any whiff of socialism from the Dems and pour their support into defending their interests. I can also see how the Dems will split between moderates and progressives mainly by allowing ourselves to be manipulated by right wing and Russian mischief that exploits our self righteous anger and turns our fury against ourselves, again. Remember they also are now aligned with a right wing SCOTUS and federal judges do whatever they do will be legal. i can also see catastrophic events if they win through Pluto’s return AND Pluto’s entrance into Aquarius. If they lose, we stand a good chance of moving in the direction of a rebirth in America but this would take massive voter turnout and unity on our part. All we really have is people power and for us to wield that power we have to be united and motivated. From what I’ve seen in 2016 and 2018 we can fracture or unite and we’ve all seen the consequences of both.

You all know my going on 3 year prediction for tRump on January 13, 2020, (or the last half of January 2020 for the family affair) but do you recall the most famous rein – uh, – the transit that day for me? Jupiter conjunct my natal Moon.



“I suspect that if President Obama is going to endorse a Democratic candidate, he’ll wait until he’s certain that his support will have an impact.

It’s far too early for the Democrats to focus on a singular candidate, and if President Obama did put his backing on an individual now, all it would do is give DJT and his backers a target.

If something negative were to happen to the candidate he endorsed in the 2 years leading up to the election, his support would be wasted.

However, if he waits until the final stretch and then makes a powerful speech (that we all know he can do) standing next to whoever has secured the Democratic nomination… it might just be enough to return a bit of sanity to the White House.”

tRump’s transits election night 2020. Transit Pluto opposite natal Saturn, transit Saturn opposite natal Venus.


WolfStar is pretty conservative politically and always seems biased IMO in favor of more “conservative” candidates. Furthermore, he rejects the Sibly chart in favor of one he has rectified. I’m never sure what to think of his astrological analyses.

History, however it is presented, will note how the US nation’s flaws, such as a major number of white people’s all-encompassing prejudice against non-white people, became consciously recognized as subliminal fears entrenched in the US psyche. Astrology lovers will have known about it long before that.

Once the unconscious fears have been consciously recognized they can be overcome. Not without a lot of work of course, but the first step is recognition. That is what transiting pluto and the other outer planets, Neptune and Uranus, are revealing, through the language of astrological symbols; call it consciousness raising, or ‘came the dawn’.

For the US, these outer planet aspects to the planetary placements in the US natal chart provide a basic blueprint of how it is to be done; starting with September 11, 2001. Transiting pluto was conjunct the US natal chart’s ascendant, 12 plus Sagittarius.

Transiting Neptune plus trans. Jupiter and trans. Chiron were conjunct the US natal Moon in 2009.
The Uranus-pluto squares made a grand cross with the US natal Sun-Saturn squares in 2013, 14 and 15, and transiting Uranus was conjunct US natal Chiron in 2015 and 2016.

There were also trines and sextiles to US planets from the outer planets along the way too. The biggee of course will be the transiting pluto conjunct the US natal pluto. (Sorry my computer won’t make capital p’s anymore, or close parentheses or quotation marks or slashes or plus signs so I have to be creative].

I suppose the bottom line would be another term of Trump if we [as a whole] just couldn’t get conscious enough to get past our [country’s] major flaws, or figure out how to keep Russian hackers from meddling in our elections.

But I don’t think that’s gonna happen. I think US Mercury, with all its shortcomings [advertising, ugh] will have exposed enough of these US-human flaws, [opposite US pluto, square US Chiron] before the November 2020 election. Just look at Bob’s Trump transits for election night for pete’s sake!

Saturn will station exactly square US Chiron at 20 Cap-Aries this spring. Pluto will station exactly square US Chiron at 20 Cap this fall. Painful truths and wounds will surface and they will undoubtedly relate to the Sat-Pluto conjunction next January only 2 degrees later.

For those who are interested, Justin Trudeau’s most senior advisor, best friend and mentor, resigned today under a cloud of scandal.


The Canadian federal election will be held in October. This story is increasingly career-threatening for Trudeau.

I agree with you, Eliseo, on Wolfstar’s biases. Do you guys know his track record on predicting presidential elections? Is there anyone else in mundane astrology who uses a Scorpio rising chart for the US, as opposed to Sagittarius rising?

I seem to remember that he predicted Bush would win in 2004, but did he also predict McCain to win in 2008, or Romney in 2012?

The NewsScope for this week is the most depressing thing I’ve read in awhile. But you guys are seeing something different, right?

Hello, although I have been readings Nancy’s blog for several years, I am new to these comments. With the recent comments about the 2020 election, I thought I would share this link to an article I recently discovered on Predicting Presidential Elections by E. Alan Meece.

It looks like the potential candidates that would defeat Trump in 2020 are Mitch Landrieu, Sherrod Brown, and Terry McAuliffe. It looks like Bernie Sanders orJoe Biden might make it close, perhaps even win the popular vote. Tulsi Gabbard appears to have the best chance among the female candidates, but probably would fall short – although Oprah could win against Trump. Interestingly, Jill Stein appears to have a great chart. If anyone knows her, they might suggest she run for office as a democrat and get some more experience, then run for president in 2028.

I was disappointed to see the poor charts (comparatively vs. Trump) among the female candidates and for my favorite, Jay Inslee. Of course if Trump does not run, the balance changes dramatically, given the weaker charts among many Republicans.


On Lawrence O’Donnell’s Last Word conservative political writer & consultant DavidFrunnstated that President Wilson after his stroke was “sharper” than Donald Trump is today without a stroke.

Whoops! Apologies.
should have read David Frumm stated

Hey Rog!


Roger Stone – Natal Chart
Aug 27 1952, 12:00 pm, EDT +4:00

Roger Stone – Sec.Prog. Q2 Mean Quotidian
Feb 19 2019, 0:00 am, EST +5:00

Transiting Saturn 16°50′ Capricorn
Transiting Pluto 22°10′ Capricorn

Pluto stations Rx Apr 24 2019 23°09′ Capricorn

Saturn stations Rx Apr 29 2019 20°31′ Capricorn – square his progressed Saturn

Saturn stations Dir Sep 18 2019 13°55′ Capricorn

Pluto stations Dir Oct 3 2019 20°38′ Capricorn – Square his progressed Saturn

Natal Saturn 12°45′ Libra
Progressed Mars 15°14′ Capricorn
Natal Uranus 17°07′ Cancer
Progressed Uranus 18°30′ Cancer
Natal Neptune 19°48′ Libra
Progressed Saturn 20°35′ Libra
Progressed Neptune 22°07′ Libra

An interesting phenomenon will be occurring March 28th. Mercury stations direct at 16 Pisces conjunct Neptune in opposition to Robert Mueller’s natal Chiron/Mars conjunction (16 Virgo). Is this another indication Mueller will start rolling out the high profile indictments in late March?

17 WTF Items From Donald Trump’s Budget!
He gave the Rich a tax cut – and now the president’s budget takes aim at the Poor!
Check-out all the cuts he wants:

On Wolfstar’s biases, while I do not defend his predictions, I can only say he is not a fan of Trump and says his re-election would be catastrophic. On the Scorpio ascendant, I like to keep an open mind because according to him, it works. This would put Jupiter in the 9th house which is in many ways equivalent to a Sag ascendant. I also believe that those who say astrologers generally have a liberal bias, which I share, are right. I try to correct that bias by consulting other points of view.


Wolfstar rejects many established astrological principals, such as solar returns. He predicted that Romney would beat Obama in 2012. When I emailed him and pointed out that Obama had a fantastic 2012 Solar Return, he said he did not use Solar Returns because they were not legitimate. He was proven wrong! However, I do like his analysis of who is likely to become a candidate based on the US moon connections–which have been accurate.

Another interesting astrological date occurs on April 10th wherein Jupiter turns stationary retrograde at 24 Sagittarius activating the 2017 US Inaugural Mars-Saturn square (24 Sag – 23 Pisces) Moon semi/sesqui-square (9 Scorpio)……

An Astrological View of the 2017 Inauguration

Using the traditional planets, the 2017 chart (set for noon) has some troublesome configurations along with a few beneficial ones. Joan Quigley would likely not be happy with this arrangement. No matter who gets elected in November, the next four years promise, in Quigley’s words, “an unfavorable outcome.”

The first challenge is that Mars at 24 Pisces is squaring Saturn at 23 Sagittarius, with an orb of less than one degree. It’s true that Mars is separating from this aspect, which might indicate that the trouble was in the recent past. However, any major transit or progression to this Mars-Saturn influence could unleash terrible conflict, either domestically or internationally.

In addition to the traditional planets, one could add the four major asteroids to clarify the picture. In the case of the Mars-Saturn square, Juno is conjunct Saturn, and Mars is applying to square Juno at 25º Sagittarius. So this makes a stressful, three-planet configuration. – End of Quote –


The exact Moon-Mars sesquiquadrate embedded in this inaugural chart (no orb) at 9 ’21 Scorpio – 24 ‘ 21 Pisces has one astrologer, in an article entitled “The War Within: The Trump Presidency, 2017-2021” expressing the opinion that the harsh Moon-Mars aspect in this chart in theory relates to women’s issues (the challenge posed by House speaker Nancy Pelosi?). The author elaborates by saying that the dynamic set in motion with this configuration at the time of the inauguration could inflame tensions not seen since the US Civil War.

The article I’m referring to was published in the March 2017 edition of ISAR (The International Society for Astrological Research). Here are the highlights……

The War Within: The Trump Presidency, 2017-2021

There are wars in life that we cannot avoid, and wars that we do well to avoid. Some of these wars must be won with weapons and others can only won with the steadying of the breath, mind, and heart. Men and women incapable or uncomfortable with the latter are invariably the primary instigators of the former, of the wars that for millennia have needlessly laid our civilizations to waste. As fate would have it, on November 8, 2016, the increasingly unhinged passions of us all, aided by the convoluted electoral system mandated by our ancient constitution, set into motion a crisis unlike any we have known in over 150 years. If we hope to survive this crisis intact “we the people of the United States” will surely require every ounce of emotional equilibrium, sound political thinking, blessed historical memory, and prescient vision that we can collectively muster. Introduction American presidents in the modern era take the Oath of Office on the 20th day of January, at approximately 12:00 noon. It is the considered opinion of this research astrologer that a chart set for this precise moment in time tends to roughly describe the tenor of the incoming administration and the nature of the challenges and opportunities that it will be asked to confront or embrace. A chart set for noon on January 20th, 2017 strongly suggests that the emotions of the American people during this four-year period are likely to be dramatically inflamed, much like they were from 1861 to 1865, the last four-year period within which the aspect-angular configuration between Moon and Mars in our current inaugural moment was last present.

This is not to suggest that the previous manifestation of 1861-65 is inevitable, but only that the cosmic setup is eerily similar – and that these inflamed passions will thus need to be contained, defused, redirected, or transformed in one fashion or another, lest another ruinous conflagration erupt. The parallels between 1861 and 2017 are increasingly eerie.

………..As originally cited in “Take Care of this House”, my 2012 inaugural preview (hereafter referred to as TCOTH), a ‘hard Moon-Mars aspect has been present in 18 previous inaugural moments (including the recent 2013 moment that fueled the populist energy behind both the Sanders and Trump campaigns, and climaxed with Trump’s unlikely victory). The presence of this aspect in an inaugural moment tends to indicate a four year period in which ‘the people’ become extremely aroused, angry, or upset in response to some domestic or international development. Excluding the 2013 instance, the 6 previous tightest instances of this aspect correlated with the natural death in office of Presidents William Henry Harrison and Zachary Taylor, the onset and culmination of the American Civil War (including the attack on Ft. Sumter, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, the impeachment of Andrew Johnson, and the onset of Congressional Reconstruction), America’s sudden entry into WWI, and the Wall Street crash of 1929 and subsequent Great Depression. The inaugural Moon-Mars aspect for precisely 12 noon on January 20th, 2017 would be virtually exact, and thus one of the two tightest instances of a Moon-Mars aspect in American history. The Moon has been both angular and positioned slightly below the Descendant, the same placement as in our current inaugural moment, on three previous occasions, each of them extraordinarily fateful: 1861, 1929, and 1941. The 1929 moment is, of course, associated with the Presidency of Herbert Hoover, and the onset of the Great Depression, and the 1941 moment with FDR and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and subsequent US entry into the Second World War. I submit that in each of these moments the passions of the American people had become extraordinarily aroused and engaged.

As also highlighted in my previous inaugural studies, OTP and TCOTH, Moon-Mars aspects also tend to indicate periods when women’s issues are highlighted. This is archetypically appropriate inasmuch as the Moon symbolizes ‘the feminine’ principle in an astrological chart, with the Sun symbolizing ‘the masculine’; and it Was during Woodrow Wilson’s two terms in office, both terms that commenced with tight Moon-Mars aspects in the inaugural moments, that the suffragette movement fully gathered steam, with women forcefully demanding and winning the right to vote. The placement of Moon on the Descendant in Scorpio, sesquiquadrate Mars, semi-square Saturn, sextile Mercury, and trine Neptune, in our incoming inaugural map suggests a stubborn, emotionally-impelled public closely following events in Washington, firmly committed to a struggle for some great religious, spiritual or philosophical goal, and absolutely prepared to “pay any price, bear any burden” to see this goal accomplished. I submit with great sadness that this could easily describe a return to ‘the killer angels’ of that earlier era – although the symbolism could equally describe the non-violent heroism of Mohandas Gandhi’s Satyagraha movement in South Africa and India and Martin Luther King’s Civil Rights movement in America. We have a choice of how this symbolism is enacted during this period – and my advice is that we choose wisely, given the strong likelihood that our President-elect will not.



Since the April 10th Jupiter station (24 ’21 Sagittarius) is in precise square (within a 1 minute degree orb) to the 2017 US Inaugural Mars (24 ’22 Pisces) it would be interesting to note in Nancy’s own words (extracted from her January 2017 thread)…..

Subsuming Reality

“….. In the Inaugural chart, by far the most significant planetary aspect is the square between Saturn (23Sagittarius30) and Mars (24Pisces22), with both planets in minor hard aspect to the Moon (9Scorpio22). Progressed Saturn will continue to wax in power as it nears the exact square to Mars and semisquare to the Moon over four years. This configuration suggests for the Trump administration a momentous clash between anger, impulsiveness, and impatience (Moon/Mars), on the one hand, and restraint and frustration (Saturn), on the other. Whether the obstacles and limits implied by a strengthening Saturn come from public outcry in response to harmful policies, constraining legal obstacles, some effective obstruction in the Congress, the uncontestable facts on the ground, or some combination of these factors, they point to at least some uncomfortable restrictions on the wilder impulses and the megalomania of the coming Commander-in-Chief.”


Thank you Jerry for the link to Carnecilli’s article, wow!

Many Thanks for those thoughts, quotes, links, all of which were fascinating! Although I’m regarded as the highly intuitive, highly sensitive person (HSP) in my family, it was my younger brother whom I believe correctly intuited our ongoing politically existential dilemma. In the summer of 2016 he stated he got a very strong feeling that whomever was elected would lead their respective political party to permanent ruin and probable disappearance from the American political scene.

Personally, I have little doubt had Hillary won, the R’s would have whipped up an unholy, unwarranted, unjust, and unnecessary hysteria culminating in her impeachment with the chaos that would involve.

Presuming my brother’s prediction comes true, and I think it will, I suppose we should be grateful it was the R’s who “won” the election and not the Dems. Although it is IMO the “Lesser of two evils” for the R’s to go away permanently, it is a tragedy nevertheless. Although not a R., I watch their gradual moral descent, their self corrupting compromises with principle with horror. Their self-betrayal, betrayal of the American people and consequent eventual absence in the long run hurts Dems, and hurts us all.

Jerry, the Carnicelli article is long but a must-read. It is even more relevant now than in 2017. Many thanks.

Jerry, very grateful to you for the absolutely riveting excerpts from the article in the Int’l Soc. for Astro. Research, AND Nancy’s essay from January, 2017.

Over the last decade Nancy has proven just how reliable a tool the Inauguration chart is. What I’d not noted (or not realized) was just how close to the US natal Pluto the chart’s MC is. Breathtaking.

Equally remarkable is that transiting Nessus (abuse of power) on January 20, 2017, was exactly conjunct the transiting South Node, both at 3+ Pisces.

South Nodes symbolize qualities that have developed to the point where they no longer serve a purpose that assists in growth for the host whose chart it is. They are perfected, yes, but they encourage the host to relinquish in favor of the opposite North Node (in this case at 3+ Virgo), a path/opportunity to move forward.

In Dane Rudhyar’s book, An Astrological Mandala, he cites the Sabian Symbol for the South Node as “Heavy car traffic on a narrow isthmus linking two seashore resorts” and gives this keynote for this symbol:

“The mobility and intensity of interchanges which make possible and characterize complex social processes.”

For the North Node the symbol is “Black and white children play together happily”, with this keynote:

“The overcoming of sociocultural prejudices.”

As my dad used to say, “How ’bout them apples!”

“The notion of character is echoed by the Full Moon’s conjunction with the Fixed Star Regulus, which is all about honor, integrity and the promise of success if vengeance is not taken. Any horoscope that was affected by the Big Fat Total Solar Eclipse of August 2017 may be activated in the wake of this Full Moon. In the chart for the Full Moon, we see Venus (money, women, art, values) about to meet up with Pluto (power, transformation). Venus in contact with Pluto (and next week, Uranus)


Bernie Sanders today announces he’s running for president again in 2020!
Does anyone Astrologically believe Sanders can Win?
Bernard Sanders (born September 8, 1941) is an American politician serving as the junior United States Senator from Vermont since 2007.
Elizabeth Warren may be his perfect running mate.

Chiron has just entered Aries. It will remain in that sign until 2027. This means the US is having a Chiron return. Chiron is at 20 Aries in the US chart. When was Chiron at this degree the last time? You guessed it: 1974 when Nixon resigned.

When will Chiron hit 20 Aries the next time? November 2024.

This is another indication nothing will be resolved in November 2020 even if the Orange Don is gone.
There will still be massive political conflict in the US. Either the next President is Republican or a Democrat President fights bitterly against the Supreme Court and powerful conservative forces.

The healing will come and the crisis will be over in 2024 after the US Pluto return and the US Neptune opposition.

Marjorie isn’t really excited for Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders has announced he’s taking another crack at the Presidency though there’s nothing remotely hopeful about his chart. His Virgo Sun in an expansive (overly-confident) square to Jupiter in Gemini is catching tr Neptune hard aspects through this year and next. Plus he has a deeply frustrating tr Pluto square his Mars in Aries picking up this April and running on and off till late 2020; made a million times worse by Solar Arc Pluto opposition his Mars which will be on the exact degree from mid 2020 for several months. He’ll feel caged and enraged.

Scroll down the pretty pictures, Gina.


I’m curious. Has anyone compared Trump’s natal chart to any of the many known Russian assets and agents of the past? …Amongst which Aldrich Ames, Alger Hiss, Whittaker Chambers, etc. ?

Also, I found a list of former American spies working on behalf of the Russians at

Has anyone discovered any other lists of Russian assets or agents? I continue searching.

I think the reason tRump’s aspects are so negative for the 2020 election, after the mega bad January transits, is because the Democrats will take control of both houses of Congress and the presidency, insuring that he will be prosecuted as much as is possible in 2021 and beyond.

Bob, your predictions are convincing. What do you make of the Saturn-Jupiter-Pluto trine to Trump’s MC over the election? Wolfstar also mentioned Romney’s chart was mega-successful at that time. Might this be explained in other ways, for example business success? Maybe Putin rewards him with a billion-dollar deal for Trump Tower in Moscow?

I think you are referring to the progressed inaugural chart Andre. If so, it’s connection to tRump is his natal Saturn on it’s IC and that is being opposed by that trio. How to explain Jupiter being there? How to explain the presence of Jupiter in death charts, a mystery that has been around since the beginning. I do not think it outweighs the presence of Pluto connected with Saturn.

Taking all things in to consideration from the preceding year (which we are in now) – it starts off with losing control of the House which gave Democrats the power to begin all kinds of investigations; the ill fated shutdown; the loss of funding for the wall, the goal of which was the cause of the shutdown meaning the shutdown was for nothing, it failed; and all of the obstacles I see astrologically through the rest of this year; I do not see that chart as being to his advantage in any way.

I was on the wrong chart but getting on the right one doesn’t change any of my last post.

The 2017 inaugural chart’s MC was at 298°14′; transit Saturn at 10 pm, EST, on 2020 election day at 298°28′ will be on it with transit Pluto opposite his natal Saturn (294°44′ to 115°43, within 1° and applying). His secondary progressed chart will have transit Neptune on the Asc as he stares at the 4 grey walls that surround him.


(The cold, grey, concrete for him- no throwing underwear at the monitor)

Andre, I see it as he, Trump will be lucky to be alive and still in the public eye. He will go on being a kind of celeb, making money (the only thing he cares about).

Transiting Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn will be in his 5th house (gambling, lovers, 1st kid). I think it means he won’t go to prison, although Saturn does means confinement. Perhaps it will mean confinement in a mental hospital, what with Jupiter being “lucky” and all.

Pluto being “transformation” (from one set of circumstances to another set of circumstances) could mean a lot of things, including physical death. In any case his reputation (MC) will not be challenged (as in if Pluto was square his MC) but possibly even benefit (as in the Jesse James mythology; he who also craved attention).

After doing my charts for tRump on election night 2020 I think he may be dead. He is nowhere to be found.

Chiron in the US chart is being underestimated in this discussion. It last entered Aries in 1968, when Nixon was elected. The US Chiron return was in 1974 at 20 Aries, as I already mentioned. That of course is when Nixon left office. It is now re-entering Aries. It will reach 20 Aries in November 2024. A crisis beginning now will only cease at that time.

Maybe the Mueller report will be a big disappointment. CNN is today reporting it may come out next week. Or a Republican President is elected in 2020 despite the Mueller report.

Remember, the Democrats have a knack of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Their Achilles heel is disunity. Jill Stein and die-hard Bernie supporters did as much to defeat Hillary as Putin ever did. In the long run, that may be a good thing but it doesn’t mean the Democratic candidate is a shoo-in in 2020. Does anybody believe Bernie or AOC supporters will vote for Joe Biden?

A plausible scenario could be the following:

1. Drumpf is forced out of office or resigns;

2. Pence becomes a momentary President but is unelectable;

3. In a panic, the GOP settles on an emergency candidate, someone like Romney or, God forbid, Graham;

4. Meanwhile, the Democratic nominee is unacceptable to the left wing of the Party;

5. The Democratic nominee runs a bad campaign and shoots himself in the foot (remember, Biden is gaffe-prone);

6. Even if Democrats take back the Senate, there is another Republican President who names one or more Supreme Court Justices to lock in a conservative majority at the highest court for many years.

7. Result: things get worse between 2020 and 2024.

8. Don’t forget the Pluto return only peaks in 2023. It is supposed to be a near-death experience for the US. I submit we haven’t yet reached that point.

9. I agree with Bob that it appears unlikely Trump will remain in the White House. Marjorie Orr wrote last week that his Solar return in 2019 looks career-ending.


11. My point is, even if Bob and many others are right, things could be worse after Trump. Perhaps Pence will pardon him and his family. The major crisis or crises brought on by Trump will not subside in 2020.

remember the humpty dumpty cartoons prevalent after the 2016 election?
They seem even more prescient now with his current wall rigidity . . . Humpty Trumpty sat on a wall; Humpty Trumpty had a great fall; all the kings horses and all the kings men, couldn’t put trumpty together again.

Ralfee Finn:
“For the next two weeks, the regular routines of daily life are distilled through the completion of a significant astrological cycle: Uranus exits Aries on March 6, 2019, ending a transit that began in May 2010 and won’t occur again until April 2094.”


Andre, why do you think something bad now (Chiron enters Aries) will end when Chiron reaches US natal Chiron (20+ Aries)? Are you saying Chiron is responsible for the Nixon election?

At the time transiting Chiron entered Aries the 1st time on April Fool’s Day, 1968, it later went retrograde and backed into Pisces. Then it came back to Aries on January 30, 1969, just as transiting Saturn was at 20+ Aries and conjunct the US natal Chiron.

I can see how Saturn conjunct US Chiron would be a downer, but transiting Chiron (0 Aries) was conjunct the transiting North Node (1+ Aries), symbol of the path forward, which was exact on Valentine’s Day, 1969.

I’m glad you brought it up (the importance of Chiron) because otherwise I would not have found that trans. Saturn was conjunct US Chiron when trans. Chiron entered (ingressed) Aries the 2nd time. I do believe that trans. Saturn symbolizes the wound (for the USA) of that presidency.

Nixon, a Capricorn (ruled by Saturn), had his natal Sun at 19+ Capricorn in his natal 4th house and it squared US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries. It also trined US natal Vesta (investments) at 19+ Taurus.

When trans. Saturn in January, 1969, made a conjunction to US Chiron it was also square Nixon’s natal Sun in Cap.

Excellent kiwi, you are so clever!!

Thank you ja, can’t wait to read Ralfee!

Barbk, Saturn and Pluto will both station this year exactly square US Chiron as Chiron enters Aries. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction cannot be fully understood without taking into account its square to US Chiron, and neither can the US Pluto return. The full story will not be told until Chiron reaches its return in November 2024 just as happened when it reached its return in 1974 when Nixon resigned.

I have seen little discussion anywhere about the significance of Chiron in the US chart. It is square Pluto. It is conjunct transiting Eris. It turns the Sun-Saturn square in the US chart into a T-square, and even into a Cardinal Grand Cross if you take Pluto into account. It is obviously in a central position in present history, and yet it is almost completely ignored.

In my humble opinion, the entry of Chiron in Aries signals an aggravation of the political crisis in the US. The exit of Uranus from Aries is the end of the beginning. The problem was created by the Uranus-Pluto square, while Uranus was conjunct transiting Eris and US Chiron. The Chiron return is chapter two and will take this much further. The coming Saturn station at 20 Capricorn will provide a first clue of Chiron’s growing impact until at least 2024. Its square to US Pluto comes later.

Saturn will be nearing its station square Chiron as Uranus enters Taurus. Mars was at O Taurus on February 15 when the shutdown was averted and Trump signed the border security bill and declared a fake national emergency. This was an important victory for Nancy Pelosi. On that day, Mars was conjunct her Saturn which is exactly square Leo in her chart. In March, Uranus will be conjunct her Saturn square Pluto. This will be a bigger step in her fight against a powerful adversary. She will likely surprise us then with a major announcement involving the President. If the Mueller report comes out next week as CNN is reporting, I hope that in March she announces impeachment proceedings. This would be in line with Saturn square Chiron soon to be followed by Pluto. The beginning transit of Chiron in Aries will ensure this situation will have effects well beyond 2020.

“An announcement that special counsel Robert Mueller is wrapping up the Russia probe may come in a matter of days, CNN reported Wednesday.”


Barbk, I checked when transiting Chiron last squared US Pluto at 27 Aries. Of course, that would be 1976 when Jimmy Carter definitely put an end to the Nixon-Ford era. The next time will be, interestingly, November 2026, which is not the time of a presidential election but a mid-term.

So, the last Chiron return fitted exactly the Nixon-Ford Administrations. One can say the election of a criminal President in 1968 was immediately a crisis in the making. Similarly, a new crisis, likely the issuance of the Mueller report, will now begin. Perhaps the Attorney-General will try to hide the contents of the report and the ensuing litigation may reach the Supreme Court. This crisis will go on for many years. It will end conclusively in November 2026 but the turning point will be November 2024.

Granted, there were other major transits during the Nixon years. Saturn in Cancer was square Pluto in Libra, with both of them in a T-square with US Pluto. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction and the Pluto return, both square Chiron and transiting Eris, will more than make up for that.

Painful truths about bad governance and abuse of power will begin to emerge at the Saturn station square Chiron in April. It will be much worse in the fall at the Pluto station at the same degree. I don’t see how Trump survives this but the damage to the Constitution and to major institutions will be profound. Perhaps only constitutional amendments can be a remedy.

In March, when Pelosi’s chart lights up as Uranus reaches 0 Taurus, Uranus will also square the Inaugural Sun. She will then make a dramatic move that will rattle the President.

Thanks Andre, it is a lot to take in. I’m with you, there are many astrologers who still don’t see Chiron as significant (yet) but that’s changing.

I’ve been watching transiting Pluto in a T-square with the opposition between US natal Chiron and Juno (she supports the disenfranchised) in the US natal chart for more than a year and attribute this pattern to the activity regarding the migrants at the Mexico border, as well as the Me Too movement.

I don’t however, see the US natal Pluto (27+ Capricorn) in a tight enough orb with US natal Chiron (20+ Aries) to be considered a square intense enough to be one of the main problems in the US natal chart. US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo) quincunx US Chiron, and US natal Mars (21+ Gemini) sextile US Chiron, yes, the orb is reasonable.

Even US natal Mercury (24+ Cancer) is within orb of a square to US natal Chiron (20+ Aries), so I can see how US Mercury opposite US Pluto (27+ Cap) could be construed as a T-square.

I don’t think the US Chiron (20+ Aries) and the US Saturn (14+ Libra) and the US Sun (13+ Cancer) quite close enough in degree orb to be a T-square.
Still, I see Chiron as a facilitator (between outer and inner planets), perhaps in some cases as a translator between them. An intense transiting square to US natal Chiron would seem to be a clarion call for help in raising consciousness within the US.

In fact, US Mercury sextiles US Neptune and they form a Yod to US natal Moon (27+ Aquarius) and US natal Pallas (26+ Aquarius) which I’ve never ever seen it considered as a handicap by astrologers. Actually though, it symbolizes the reason US people (US MOON) are in constant turmoil; always under pressure to adjust to news (US Mercury) that may or may not be fake (US Neptune).

Can we then look at US Chiron (20+ Aries) in a sextile with US Pallas (26+ Aquarius) and US Moon (27+ Aquarius) if we are going to see US Pluto (27+ Cap) square US Chiron (20+ Aries)? How far do we dare stretch the orbs without breaking down the astrological message?

The transiting Saturn-Pluto conjunction (22 Capricorn) + Trans. Sun (21+ Cap) and trans. Mercury (23+ Cap) on January 12, 2020, is indeed square US Chiron (20+ Aries). Transiting Saturn-Pluto et al. will also be trine the US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo) and opposite the US natal Mercury (24+ Cancer) at the same time. We must consider it all.

In other words, it seems structural transformation is the name of the Game that this new Saturn-Pluto cycle symbolizes.

You are correct in that trans. Saturn will station retrograde (20+ Cap) exactly square US Chiron (20+ Aries), but trans. Pluto will station retrograde at 23+ Capricorn, more closely opposite US Mercury (24+ Cancer), and more closely trine US Neptune (22+ Virgo) and more closely quincunx US Mars (21+ Gemini) than its square to US Chiron (20+ Aries).

We can’t lose sight of the main story; the end of a Saturn-Pluto cycle and the start of a new cycle between them.

In the case of Pluto’s station retro, I think it should be seen in the light of its multiple aspects to the US natal chart; an intense call for transformation in how and what we communicate (US Mercury), and how should we express US Mars (US action), i.e. through war or building roads and bridges? How do we express US Neptune – through drugs and delusion or in compassion for those in trouble?

US natal Chiron facilitates the conversation between outer planets (Pluto, Uranus, Neptune) with Jupiter and Saturn primarily (on a societal level), and that filters down to the personal level through Mercury, Mars and Venus.

I don’t doubt for a moment that the US Chiron Return and the US Pluto Return will signify change, challenge and growth, just like a US Saturn Return does, or a US Jupiter Return or a US Vesta Return or even a US Solar Return does. I don’t doubt they will continue the interconnections between these various “Returns”; a task that can be mind-boggling for astrologers.

I do hope the historic Pluto Return (there will be 3 exact conjunctions between transiting Pluto and US natal Pluto in 2022) will be examined and discussed thoroughly here. It is telling that the US will also be experiencing a transiting Neptune opposite the US natal Neptune (as you noted) at the same time.

I also agree with you Andre, that the crises brought on through the election of Trump as US President won’t end in 2020, but it will be a beginning of a path toward what could be a healing process for this country and what’s good for the USA will likely be good for the whole world. Personally, I believe in miracles.

more details from the dark mind of Chris Hasson, egged on by trump. How many more might be out there?

Thank you, Barbk. I will only add that Pluto will also station at 20 Capricorn square Chiron in October. That should be significant as well.

Well, I apologize Andre, I failed to check where transiting Pluto would station DIRECT, only checking the station RETROGRADE. duh. With 11 (more) weeks of transiting Pluto exactly square US Chiron (and US Juno) it will be harrowing for us all in the USA.

I also failed to include transiting Ceres in the conjunction of transiting Saturn and Pluto, the start of their new 34 year cycle that will aspect US natal Neptune, Mars, Mercury and Chiron. Ceres will likely relate this cycle to climate changes and the depletion of Earth’s natural resources, including water.

I say that because transiting Sedna conjunct transiting Hygiea in Taurus will square US Moon in Aquarius and trine US Pluto in Capricorn at that conjunction on January 12, 2020.

I see that the discussion of the Mueller report ending was being discussed prior to my post.. I should have read through before I posted.

This is Revealing Light Tarot on it.. I think she is really good and worth a peak if anyone is interested..


Comment from nyt’s on Officer Hasson:

“Until we deal with the sheer volume of ugliness and racism inside the hearts of many in this nation, we will continue to reap what we have sown. I hear a lot of finger pointing towards Trump and while I agree he fans these flames, he is a symptom of a deeper problem.
We are a country with a diminishing white population. Most of us understand the “melting pot” factor that actually made this country special. Some do not. but, the ones who think violence is the way to hang on to their power are a growing group. We have ceased to educate our own population well on how this Democracy works. And we tolerate hate and anger as part of being “free”. Roughing up a reporter at a rally is not freedom, it is ASSAULT. Encouraging violence against people whose beliefs are different is not “political” spin, it is TERRORISM.
Time for us to spell out what is free speech and what is criminal assault and start letting those who think this kind of behavior is okay spend some serious time in a jail cell.
I sincerely applaud both the Coast Guard and the much maligned FBI for their work in keeping us safe. Until we face the reality of domestic terrorism, building a stupid wall is a real waste of much needed dollars to protect us from each other.
Living in fear of going to the movies or church is now a way of life. Call that freedom?? I don’t.”


From transits to Mueller’s noon chart I think Barr stopped his work almost immediately after being sworn in.

Barr’s noon chart (natal and progressed positions) are conflicted right from the beginning through the early days of February 2020. I am posting what I have right now as the overlapping dates have my head spinning. Made it as simple as possible to save you the same fate.

Allowing a 1 degree orb to cover changing progressed positions.

Barr may stop Mueller but not the SDNY.

Barr – Natal Chart
May 23 1950, 12:00 pm

Natal Saturn 12°38′ Virgo

Natal Neptune 14°52′ Libra squared by Saturn July 28 through November 7 every day (September 1 through October 5 in RA)

Progressed Neptune 14°54′ Libra (Same as above)
Strongest when Saturn Stations direct September 18,
2019, 13°55′ Capricorn (RA 285°05′) – Also a bad day for tRump and Pence.

Progressed Saturn 17°09′ Virgo – Opposed by transit Neptune from March 6 through May 6; August 8 through October 30; December 25 through early March 2020.

Progressed Mars 23°58′ Libra – Squared by Pluto in longitude and RA in December 2019 and January 2020.

Pluto Stations retrograde April 24, 2019, 23°09′ Capricorn (RA 295°02′)

Saturn Stations retrograde April 29, 2019, 20°31′ Capricorn (RA 292°08′)

Pluto Stations Direct October 3, 2019, 20°38′ Capricorn (RA 292°24′)

Saturn Square progressed Mars January 18 to February 4, 2020, 24°30′ Capricorn (RA December 18 to January 3)

Failure or refusal to rule against tRump or his interests in spite of confirmed (collaborated) evidence could find Supreme Court justices impeached and removed. Dems could then do as Rethugs did – stall confirmation of nominees until after 2020 elections to get Democratically nominated (hopefully) replacements.

Elizabeth RE: possible Mueller Report end or any number of possible events happening next week.

On Feb. 27th, the transiting Sun, transiting Nessus (abuse of power) and US natal Ceres, all at 8+ Pisces (endings), will square US natal Uranus, symbol of the unexpected (+ the start degree of the Neptune-Pluto cycle), at 8+ Gemini (communication).

Transiting Ceres, today at 8+ Sagittarius, will be at 9+ Sagittarius on the 27th, making it a T-square.

Transiting Venus at 27+ Capricorn will exactly conjunct US natal Pluto and they will sextile transiting Mercury (communication) at 26+ Pisces. This sextile will form a Yod with Trump’s natal Mars (26+ Leo) at the apex, requiring a shift on his part.

Trump’s Mars opposes US natal Moon and Pallas at 26+ and 27+ Aquarius, and that makes them the end point of a Boomerang where the entire energy package of this group winds up, to be dispersed as it chooses. Power to the People!

The transiting Moon will conjunct transiting Jupiter and Trump’s natal Moon (all at 21+ Sagittarius) that opposes US natal Mars (21+ Gemini) and Trump’s natal Sun (22+ Gemini), and will square US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo).

Something’s bound to happen on the 27th.

If Barr is still around I do not think he will be after January 21, 2021.

Transit Neptune opposite progressed Saturn in RA. Also opposite natal Mars/Saturn midpoint. That means progressed Saturn is on natal Mars/Saturn midpoint.

Transit Pluto squares progressed Mars in longitude.


Would love to see how the Dems on the Investigative Committees in Congress and Pelosi will do starting next week and into the summer.

It feels as though Mueller is going to point them to the scenes of the crime but not indict. Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo says this:

“One final point to note which to me tends to confirm the above points. There’s a passage in the Post article that seems quite significant to me.

According to people familiar with the special counsel’s work, Mueller has envisioned it as an investigative assignment, not necessarily a prosecutorial one, and for that reason does not plan to keep the office running to see to the end all of the indictments it has filed.

The takeaway from the Post is that this makes sense of Mueller’s apparent willingness to hand off the job while a number of the cases remain to be prosecuted. That makes sense.

But if this characterization is accurate it suggests something else that is equally important. If it’s investigative assignment that tells me he saw it as core to his brief to determine whether collusion had happened.

Or to put it more precisely, to determine whether there had been substantive contacts or coordination between members of the Trump campaign and Russia or a full blown conspiracy. As I’ve said for years now, an answer to that core question is much more important than whether this or that person spends whatever period of time in jail.

If that is how he saw the assignment I suspect he is only finishing the probe because he thinks he’s answered the question. And he will at least be reporting back the answer to his superior at the DOJ, i.e., Bill Barr.

What the answer is or how much is revealed, basically what’s going to happen, we just don’t know. We just don’t know and I don’t think anyone really does.

I would post the link but there’s a pay wall. I am a TPM subscriber.

From the astrology I think tRump’s troubles take leaps forward in July and September Fe.


Jan 27th: Trump attorney and fixer Michael Cohen testified publicly before House Oversight and Government committee.

Jan. 26th: He testifies before Senate Intelligence committee (no word on whether it will be public hearing)

Jan 28th: He testifies privately before House Intelligence Committee

NPR notes about 27th hearing, “Cohen is expected to be questioned by the oversight committee about payments before Election Day in 2016 to buy the silence of women who allege they had sexual relationships with Trump.” Not about collusion or Russia.


Thanks for the video! 🙂 <3

Linda G is up. Live two hours ago. Very comforting.

Talking about Cohen’s testimony on the 27th of Feb., John Dean has tweeted: “I asked Cohen’s attny what he’ll say? @LannyDavis responded while my cell was off: ‘He will pull the curtain back and we will hear true stories of Trump’s complicity in crimes, and his immoral, bigoted, and morally vacant character in specific, detailed personal anecdotes.’


And–from Anderson Cooper’s report on Former White House Counsel @JohnWDean: It’s possible Micheal Cohen is now the most anticipated witness against a sitting President since Watergate and he is “potentially a very dangerous witness.” https://cnn.it/2GByVRG

Whoo hoo!!!

And, Adam Schiff’s “Open Ltr to My Republican Colleagues” is a sight to behold!


As mentioned previously Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi has a near perfect natal Pluto-Saturn square in her chart (0 ’41 Leo-Taurus). The recent January 21st lunar eclipse (0 ’50 Leo) conjoined her n. Pluto opposite the 2017 US Inaugural Sun (0 ’49 Aquarius).

With Robert Mueller’s report due for review by Attorney General William Barr in the next week or so and then a written summary pending shortly afterwards, the March 21st Full moon/Spring Equinox (0 ’08 Libra) will be activating Pelosi’s n. Pluto/ Jan 21st Lunar Eclipse (0 Leo)and the 2017 US Inaugural Sun by trine/sextile. Will Pelosi and the House she represents take action at this time? We only have another month to find out.

Addendum to the above.

Just as a reminder, the February 15th Mars ingress into Taurus squared the January 21st lunar eclipse degree (0 Leo). That date witnessed a major shift in thinking with that controversial threat of another US government shutdown. Rational thought and reasoning prevailed. The March 21st Full Moon (0 Libra) will inconjunct Uranus (0 Taurus). Could some major breakthrough occur around this time?

Tarot with Whimsy
Published on Feb 20, 2019

Tarot Reading: The Mueller Investigation


among Marjorie’s comments this morning
“William Barr, 23 May 1950, over whom Trump is pouring treacle and honey to keep him sweet (he hopes) is an expansive Gemini square Jupiter with a hard-working and serious Mars and Saturn in Virgo both trine a practical Mercury in Taurus. He’s trudging through thick mud now till late March; highly-strung and on edge in April and devastated May to mid August with a catastrophic tr Neptune opposition his Mars/Saturn midpoint – and that’s around into 2020 as well. He’s picked up the poisoned chalice and will have to run with it.”

My guess is that Cohen will implicate Don Jr. and/or his brother-in-law on the 27th, due to the doubled influence of Ceres (both transiting and US natal) in the T-square with US Uranus and transiting Sun-Nessus that I discussed yesterday.

Bob, thank you very much for the birth info on William Barr. Interestingly, his natal retrograde Mercury conjuncts the US natal Vesta (what is invested in), both at 19+ Taurus.

Trans. Pluto was in a long trine with US Vesta through 2017-18, which would have influenced the Barr natal Mercury as well. Trans. Saturn will trine US Vesta (+ Barr’s natal Mercury) next month, again in May-June, and finally in December for the 3rd time.

Barr’s natal Pluto and Mueller’s natal Sun are both at 15+ Leo, which transiting Jupiter (laws, courts) was trine last month, and will be trined again by retrograde transiting Jupiter in Sagittarius this July, and again in direct motion in September.

Transiting Jupiter’s 1st trine with Barr’s Pluto and Mueller’s Sun was at the time of the lunar eclipse at 0+ Leo (conjunct Pelosi’s Pluto and square her Saturn at 0+ Taurus).

That January lunar eclipse (long shelf-life) chart’s Jupiter was conjunct transiting Venus in Sagittarius (Jupiter’s sign) and they were square transiting Neptune in Pisces, Neptune’s sign (a case of double blurring). Remember this.

Even more interesting than his natal Mercury, Barr’s natal Pluto (+ Mueller’s Sun) sextiles Barr’s natal Neptune at 14+ Libra which conjuncts the US natal Saturn (which squares US Sun).

This sextile forms a Yod with transiting Neptune in Pisces, which is at the point of the Yod that is being pushed to readjust. (This is the same transiting Neptune that was square trans. Jupiter-Venus at the lunar Leo eclipse in January, which is still in effect.)

I would say that Barr is seeing the US laws/rules (US Saturn) through rose-colored glasses. At this time in history, that could be a good thing.

Now, I’m working on just what THIS might mean:

Roger Stone’s natal Mercury is conjunct Mueller’s Sun and Barr’s natal Pluto (and likely Barr’s Moon too), all of which sextile Barr’s natal Neptune; a sextile that forms a Yod with TRANSITING Neptune at the apex.

Note: The March 6th Pisces New Moon (conjunct transiting Neptune) will sextile trans. Mars in Taurus, and this sextile forms a Yod with the US natal Saturn and Barr’s natal Neptune in Libra (which squares US natal Sun, which the New Moon + Neptune trines).

Tarot with Whimsy

Published on Feb 20, 2019

Tarot Reading: The Mueller Investigation


Two things are happening to the US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo, a sign associated with details) at the time of the March 6th Pisces New Moon:

1. Transiting Pluto (22+ Capricorn) trines US Neptune

2. Transiting Jupiter (22+ Sagittarius) squares US Neptune

The transiting Pluto trine US Neptune stimulates the energy of the waning Jupiter-Saturn cycle (start point at 22+ Taurus) that completes a grand trine with trans. Pluto and US Neptune.

The transiting Jupiter in the March 6 New Moon square US Neptune stimulates the T-square between trans. Jupiter conjunct the Trump natal Moon in Sagittarius that opposes the Trump natal Sun and US natal Mars in Gemini, completing a T-square with US Neptune in Virgo.

Two competing (or are they?) efforts, one of them associated with a long tradition of cycles between Jupiter and Saturn that have been outlining 20 year periods of growth and/or change in societies, the other one manifested by a US President at war with himself but believing his enemy is outside himself.

It will be a challenge for this US Neptune (in Virgo, known for splitting hairs) to finesse these two sets of energy into one success story. If not for the grand trine between transiting Pluto and the maturing Jupiter-Saturn cycle covering for US Neptune, it might just collapse like a house of cards in a light breeze!

Consider this: The chart of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle (May 28, 2000, 12:04 PM, DC); transiting Neptune at that time was conjunct the US natal chart’s South Node and the US natal Pholus (small cause, big effect), all 3 of them at 6+ Aquarius. At the time of the Pisces New Moon in a couple of weeks, trans. Venus will be at 5 Aquarius 53. Hmmm.

Venus is considered the lower (human level of consciousness) octave of Neptune in astrology circles. She kinda works for Neptune.

Transiting Venus won’t make any aspects to any MAJOR transiting planets at the March 6, 2019 New Moon, but, as luck would have it, she WILL conjunct the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn 20-year cycle chart’s Neptune, and the US natal chart’s South Node and Pholus. Clever Venus.

Is there a connection? I think so. Neptune (retrograde) in the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn chart (who was conjunct the US natal South Node- Pholus conjunction at 6+ Aquarius) was trine the same chart’s Sun at 7+ Gemini, which was one degree away from the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini (which also happens to be where the present Neptune-Pluto cycle started).

In the March 6 New Moon chart asteroid Juno (goddess who defends the disenfranchised) will be at 9+ Gemini (one degree from US Uranus at 8+ Gemini), and she will be within orb of a trine with the March 6 New Moon chart’s Venus at 5+ Aquarius and conjunct the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn chart’s Sun at 7+ Gemini (conjunct US Uranus at 8+ Gemini). The goddesses have got this one.

Another clue in the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart is its Mars at 17+ Gemini, the same degree as Trump’s natal (unconscious) Uranus, 17+ Gemini. It’s only 4 degrees from the US natal Mars, and 5 degrees from Trump’s natal Sun.

The March 6 New Moon in Pisces (conjunct Neptune and Vesta) will square (provoke) the Trump natal Uranus as well as the Mars in the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn chart. Think of a bowling ball aimed down the alley at two standing pins. This full moon conjunct Neptune and Vesta is the bowling ball.

With this transiting Pluto (transformation) trine the Jupiter-Saturn cycle start point, and trine the US natal Neptune at the time of the March 6 New Moon (which is conjunct trans. Neptune+Vesta), there will be enough hocus pocus in the atmosphere to finesse that T-square between transiting Jupiter, US Neptune, US Mars and all that Trump jazz.

After much thought, I believe the New Moon on March 6 has a direct link (or result) from the January lunar eclipse, specifically its sextile between trans. Neptune in Pisces and trans. Saturn in Capricorn, that created a Yod with Mueller’s Sun and Barr’s Pluto in Leo at the apex.

From that “adjustment” (apex of Yod requirement) the Plan (decision) to spread the results of Mueller’s findings out publicly; by way of timed releases and through the use of legal (constitutional) channels, came to be. Some information will come through the reports from Congress, some from the Dept. of Justice, and perhaps even other channels of distribution will be utilized.

This is first seen astrologically in the trine of US Uranus in Gemini (air sign suggesting variety) and the US natal South Node (release) conjunct US natal Pholus (small cause begets big effect) in Aquarius (air sign suggesting objectivity).

It is through the March 6 Pisces New Moon’s connections to the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s chart, AND through the various forms of Neptune,
(ie. transiting Neptune, US natal Neptune, Neptune in the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart, the US Constitution’s Neptune, Neptune in the Neptune-Pluto cycle’s chart, Barr’s natal Neptune, etc., etc., etc. . .)
that we all will – over time – piece together what would be (if all at one time) the overwhelming Big Picture of collusion between Trump et al. and Russia.

Don’t miss Linda G and another Psychic putting heads together:

Kiwi, I’m getting dangerous vibes from Fox News!
Fox spends all day bashing Dems and now they’re talking…Civil War? The Right Wing is freaking out!

Same as patty’s post.

When Psychics talk, Linda G and Milou gave their psychic impressions of current events

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kbt2imKkLw 54:37

Milou H. Polycarpe – Psychic, Medium

Published on Feb 23, 2019

Donald Trump is worried about the future,
so he goes to see a fortune teller.

“Tell me,” he asks, “what day will I be forced to resign?”

The fortune teller looks into her crystal ball. “Signs are hazy,” she says, “but I can tell you it will be on a national holiday.”

“Hmm,” Trump wonders. “Which national holiday?”

“Believe me,” the fortune teller replies, “whatever day you are forced to resign will be a national holiday.”

Doesn’t Linda G not sound a lot like Rosanne Barr?
Milou behaves like a silly hilaria.

Very entertaining, nonetheless.

More a Robert Kraft.

“The sweep led to criminal charges last week against several rich, prominent men, including Robert K. Kraft, the billionaire owner of the New England Patriots; John Havens, former president and chief operating officer of Citigroup; and John Childs, founder of the private equity firm J.W. Childs Associates.”


Pardon the double negative.

Is Fieryomen aka Fierywoman?

‘2019 is going to be the most vitriolic year in American politics since the Civil War’: Steve Bannon issues a stark warning for the nation and claims the Democrats could ‘weaponize the Mueller Report’
”I think that 2019 is going to be the most vitriolic year in American politics since before the Civil War,’
Bannon told CBS News”….Unnerving.

Brexit will be on the 29th of March:
Moon conjunct South Node conjunct Pluto in 22 degree Capricorn.
Saturn close to it on 19 Capricorn.

Couldn’t they have chosen another date…

I’ll be flying to London that day to visit my son.

Michael Wolfstar:

“The Spring Equinox on the 20th sets the geopolitical tone for the coming year. With Neptune on the Descendant in the chart set for Washington (5:59 pm EDT), we can be sure a major scandal is afoot. This astro-event, also known as the Aries Ingress, takes place only a few hours before the Full Moon in Libra. Emotions are peaking and accurate information is at a premium. With the Sun conjunct Chiron, leadership looks wounded and acting out of sync.”


Spike Lee’s speech from the Oscar’s:




Sounds like a good think to me!

Thanks for posting the grace astrology link re Spike Lee’s acceptance speech, ja. I also thought Rami Malek’s was phenomenal in it’s elegant, heartfelt simplicity, and Lady Gaga’s in it’s honest, authentic emotion (which is behind her success), and Olivia Coleman’s in her ability to come up with a lot of spontaneous dry humor while expressing her feelings. The Oscar ceremony was really great this year – more progressive than ever. Go Hollywood!

Redoing Brexit sounds like a good thing to me (as well as a good think 🙂

I caught Jay Inslee on Andres Mitchell’s show today, a nice looking fellow, whom I was unfamiliar with. He’s the Governor of the state of Washington, for anyone else not familiar with that name. Inslee is a big supporter of tackling Climate Change problems. I was interested in this man for that reason.

So far all I found was a birth date for Jay Inslee with no place or time. Even so, I was intrigued by the planets on his birthday, February 9, 1951.

Specifically of interest was the Sun at 20+ Aquarius, the degree where Uranus was at the time of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, which began their present cycle. It is also the degree where the US progressed Mercury (US progressed thinking) is right now.

Uranus was square (challenging) the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction back in 2000, meaning societies (symbolized by this conjunction) would be facing revolutionary activity to radically change; to leap forward in consciousness in numerous ways. Ways that would benefit mankind (Aquarius). Climate change has certainly been the most important of them IMO.

Below is the Sabian Symbol for that degree, as Dane Rudhyar interprets the visions of the psychic who originated them, as they are presented in his book “An Astrological Mandala”. Rudhyar writes that it is “a book about meaning”.

For the 20+Aquarius (21 Aquarius) degree:
“A DISAPPOINTED AND DISILLUSIONED WOMAN COURAGEOUSLY FACES A SEEMINGLY EMPTY LIFE”‘ He says the symbolism of this degree “urges us to develop RESILIENCE under adversity”.

What with so many challenges to societies at this time, each one demanding attention and financing, it IS disillusioning that there are still so many people too short-sighted to realize that climate change issues can’t be put off.

Right now transiting Ceres, the symbol most associated with climate, is at 8+ Sagittarius, and she is opposing US natal Uranus (8+ Gemini) and squaring US NATAL Ceres (8+ Pisces), which is where transiting Nessus (abuse of power) is. We in the US are being deluged with bad weather for a reason. We have 22 months left before this Jupiter-Saturn cycle, with its square from Uranus (+ the US progressed Mercury) ends.

After that a new Jupiter-Saturn cycle starts and as well, a new US Ceres Return starts at the same time. Transiting Pluto in Capricorn, which we know can be devastating, and in this new Jupiter-Saturn chart it will be tightly opposite the US natal Mercury in Cancer, as transiting Mars in Aries will create a T-square in the chart for this cycle lasting 20 years.

The Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart starting December 21, 2020, when set in Washington DC has Uranus and Black Moon Lilith rising at 6+ Taurus, T-square the US natal North and South Nodes.

That same chart has Neptune in Pisces in a T-square with the TRANSITING North and South Nodes, while also opposite Vesta (investment) in Virgo; a virtual grand cross.

This means all 3 outer planets in the new 2020 Jupiter-Saturn cycle are creating challenges, esp. for the USA.

Jay Inslee was born with a sextile between Pluto at 18+ Leo and Neptune at 19+ Libra that formed a Yod with his North Node at 19+ Pisces, which will conjunct transiting Neptune at 18+ Pisces in the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart. It’s the part of the Yod that must adjust.

Jay’s Sun trines his Neptune and opposes his Pluto. I do believe he will be quite instrumental in pushing forward the badly needed US Climate Change initiatives.

Barb, I am very heartened to hear that.

My husband has come up with a new way to motivate utility customers (like you & I) to conserve electricity and save everyone money (Customer Lowered Electricity Price or CLEP) that he’s been pushing for about 4 years now, very persistently, to the New Orleans utility regulators to get Entergy to do a pilot program. Yesterday he held a 4-hr workshop on it that went well but was a bit sparsely attended at 20 people due to the pre-Mardi Gras parades downtown.

I was talking to a few people about how the diehard “conservatives” and Trump supporters need something more catastrophic to happen to open their minds but,unfortunately, they will take the rest of us along with them. We are prisoners to their stubborn, self-absorbed denials.

It is wonderful that activists at the city and state level are and will work to stop climate change and slow it down. We have a town here, Abita Springs, where the Republican mayor has made a commitment to go 100% renewables by (? I forget the date). However, the stupid, moronic conservatives (and I really don’t like labels) have voted in a new mayor, also Republican, who won’t be as progressive. However, the commitment was made at a level that might see it upheld.

I know Inslee announce early as a 2020 pres. candidate but I’ve heard little since. However, at a state level he has done a lot. My husband should probably make sure he presents his system/new rate structure design to him. We might have a connection.

N.O. wants to promote it but even thought Entergy was just fined $5 mil, they are still allowing them to build their new $210 million dollar gas-turbine peaking plant when the money can better be spent in other ways. It won’t solve the blackout problem that they have claimed. It boils down to politics. Entergy is a Fortune 500 company that is needed here and they have a lot of clout. They were fined and forced to change CEOs but still are getting their way.

Sharon K,
RE: “I was talking to a few people about how the diehard “conservatives” and Trump supporters need something more catastrophic to happen to open their minds but, unfortunately, they will take the rest of us along with them. We are prisoners to their stubborn, self-absorbed denials.”

Years ago I tended to get extremely angry, sometimes pretty furious when confronted with willful ignorance as to climate change. I no longer react with such intense emotion, but remain acutely aware such willful ignorance will in the long run be the original but not proximate cause of millions of unnecessary deaths and millions more people homeless and suffering. This will occur regardless of our best efforts..

Greed, more than any other thing is most likely at the root of it.

Sharon, I’m thrilled to hear about your husband’s endeavors to lower electricity use. It will be people with great ideas like his that will save our planet for future generations. Thank you for sharing.

I believe you are right Eliseo, about greed being at the root of denial regarding climate change. We must keep pushing – along with Ceres – to win over even more of the masses that see this as a human problem. In turn this would gain enough impact to (legally through laws) control the carbon released from factories and vehicles owned and produced by the greedy.

I’m encouraged by the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (cycle start) that features Ceres conjunct the US natal Ceres, thus the simultaneous US Ceres Return with this 20 year world-wide brand new cycle about societal development.

I also checked the charts for the US Jupiter Return (2013) and the US Saturn Return (3rd of 3 in 2010-11) and they both have Ceres well placed; on the ascendant of the Jupiter Return chart, and in a sextile with the Saturn Return chart’s Pallas + the US natal Pluto; a sextile that becomes a Yod with the same chart’s Moon.

These two cycles, the US Jupiter Return and the US Saturn Return fell between (1) the 2009-10 Neptune, Jupiter, Chiron-conjunct-US Moon, Pallas and, (2) the 7 squares between transiting Uranus and Pluto that impacted the US natal Sun-square-Saturn from 2012-2015.

These mighty influences from the outer planets Neptune, Uranus and Pluto onto the US natal Moon, Sun and Saturn appear to have been a kind of psychic preparation for our countrymen and women for the leap in consciousness they would have to make in order to survive the Trump Years.

It will be a conscious decision by human beings, to save their planet, likely led by the USA, rather than an imposed decree from a greater force of nature or a wrathful god/goddess ensemble calling the shots. Now that would be progress IMO.

Caught Donald Trump Jr. for a few moments bad-mouthing Cohen on Fox News. Junior is now sporting a beard which smacks as a PR move to align with left hipsters. Moreover, he spoke in a pressured and highly-anxious manner. I sensed he was absolutely horrified with fear. Even the Fox hosts seemed anxious.

Meanwhile, Shit-for-Brains Senior is headed to Viet Nam.

What could possibly go wrong?


“I was talking to a few people about how the diehard “conservatives” and Trump supporters need something more catastrophic to happen to open their minds but,unfortunately, they will take the rest of us along with them. We are prisoners to their stubborn, self-absorbed denials.”

Aye, there’s the rub. The old “We are only as strong as our weakest link” cautionary phrase.

Yeah fieryomen is me, fierywoman — I pressed the wrong name (mispelled once) too fast — sigh — Aries Sun + Merc conjunct Mars!

Will, I am not sure the beard is left hipster. I think it’s alt-right. Looks like Proud Boys toxic masculinity to me. It’s all about the beard. Check out Gavin McInnes. Urban red-neck.


Your take is certainly possible. Nonetheless, the beard is so very Un-Trump where the branding mode is all about repetition, repetition, repetition of that squeaky-clean, ultra sanitized corporate look. I’m sticking with my hunch.


Rock on with your Aries stellium.

I think the beard on DJTjr is to cover his receding, weak chin.

Just heard the news this morning – Indian Air Force reprisal strikes against Pakistani training camps in a dramatic escalation of tensions between Pakistan and India. The Feb 14th Pakistani terror attack that killed 40 Indian soldiers in Northern India occurred just as Mars reached 0 Taurus in sextile to the Indian/Pakistani natal Mars (0 Cancer). The March 21st Full Moon (0 Libra) will t square the India Pakistani Mars. I can’t say I relish the idea of living in such a vulnerable region, but such is life. It can be unpredictable sometimes.

IAF Strikes In Pakistan Live Updates: 350 Terrorists Killed In Indian Air Strikes In Balakot

Times of India
Feb. 26, 2019

In a swift and precise air strike following the Pulwama attack, India bombed and destroyed Jaish-e-Mohammed’s biggest training camp in Pakistan early Tuesday, killing a “very large number” of terrorists, trainers and senior commanders.

A total of six bombs were dropped on Pakistan-based terrorist camps by the Indian Air Force Mirage 2000s

Prime Minister Imran Khan asks armed forces and the people of Pakistan to remain “prepared for all eventualities”



India And Pakistan Rattle Their Nuclear Sabres

Feb 25, 2019

While Americans were obsessing over a third-rate actor’s fake claims of a racial assault, old foes India and Pakistan were rattling their nuclear weapons in a very dangerous crisis over Kashmir. But hardly anyone noticed that nuclear war could break out in South Asia.



I love Axios:
“Most Americans don’t want a “Guaranteed Minimum” as outlined in the Green New Deal Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is spearheading.
Princess Ivanka Trump told Fox News in an interview released Monday night”.

Attention Mr. Cohen!

The FBI has given you Mr Manafort as a guide.

Make your bed.
Eat your vegetables.
Never. Never. Never. Lie to the FBI.

PS – Your progressed Sun will be visited by transiting Saturn and Pluto later as will your natal and progressed Saturn/Neptune midpoints. Knock, knock. Who’s there?


Too funny!


If you have the resources, maybe its time to take leave of India for a spell? Calmer, friendlier shores?

My impression of DTjr.s beard
was that he was trying to hide in plain sight.

The more I watch Linda G’s youtube readings, the more I believe she is probably just spit-balling her predictions but in an emotionally-dramatic and entertaining manner. When she doesn’t see the cards she wants to see, she reshuffles the deck until she gets the images she wants. More than anything else, I believe she’s an entertainer who also happens to not like Trump.

I believe Starlight and Bob and Barbk and Jerry and some of the other fine astrologers herein are much more accurate.

He doesn’t want to hear “F’ so he has to say “F” who, Will. He probably won’t like whatever answer he might get.

“Trump may have asked Whitaker in 2018 to meddle in New York investigations — and congress thinks they have the proof
25 FEB 2019 AT 20:55 ET

A ccording to The Wall Street Journal, The House Judiciary Committee believes it has evidence of President Donald Trump’s communication with his former acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker about his former fixer and personal lawyer Michael Cohen.

The committee says it has evidence of Trump meddling into the 2018 investigation into Cohen.

“Talking to advisers, Mr. Trump appeared concerned that an ‘out-of-control prosecutor’ examining a person involved in large business transactions would easily be able to find a ‘technical violation,’” the report said.”

Read more: https://www.rawstory.com/2019/02/trump-may-asked-whitaker-2018-meddle-new-york-investigations-congress-thinks-proof/?utm_source=push_notifications

Hi Bob,

“He doesn’t want to hear “F’ so he has to say “F” who, Will. He probably won’t like whatever answer he might get.”

I don’t understand the reference or context. Are you referring to Trump in Viet Nam or Trump Jr. with the beard?

Have you read Marjorie today Re: Muller & Barr?

Will, I agree with your comment, we are so very blessed to have such top notch Astrologers here. Nancy’s Starlightnews is a Wonderful Treat!

Ha Ha Ha . . . .had to share today’s cartoon in nz’s biggest paper, depicting Kim & his generals:
“president trump is on his way” “Good .. prepare the John McCain suite at the Hanoi Hilton”

My charts present a slight puzzle for me regarding tRump and Cohen over the next few days Will. I wonder if his testimony was deliberately put off until the date for tRump’s meeting was established (so tRump would be out of the country and could seek refuge in a foreign embassy should testimony be damning) and could Cohen not be completely forthcoming fearing assassination down the road of himself and family members if he is.


Attention Mr. Cohen!

The FBI has given you Mr Manafort as a guide.

Make your bed.
Eat your vegetables.
Never. Never. Never. Lie to the FBI.

PS – Your progressed Sun will be visited by transiting Saturn and Pluto later as will your natal and progressed Saturn/Neptune midpoints. Knock, knock. Who’s there?

He (Cohen) doesn’t want to hear “F’ in response to his “Who’s there?” to a knock on the door as Pluto squares his progressed Sun as there might be a good chance the answer he could get if the answer is “F” followed by the letter U or letters B and I.

Bob “Ludlum”

RE: Linda G.
Agreed. Good entertainer but…
In my lifetime I’ve had 100’s of tarot readings, but none of them were remotely accurate. Tarot archetypal symbols are interesting and powerful, but IMO most tarot readers are unable to see or curb their own unconscions biases and desires.

RE: “I believe Starlight and Bob and Barbk and Jerry and some of the other fine astrologers herein are much more accurate.”

Agreed again! I’ve personally known many western as well as vedic astrologers for all of my life. Nancy and the other astrologers who post here are IMO very, very good!

Another point: You can’t reshuffle planets and stars like you can with cards because you don’t like what the cards/planets are “saying.”

Right now transiting Saturn squares the US Constitution Signing chart’s Neptune – and transiting Uranus squares the US Constitution Signing chart’s Uranus. Like Eliseo says, you can’t reshuffle the planets.

“A sitting President can be indicted”. Eric Holder on 2/26/19

Just watched Lena Rodriguez

Published on Feb 26, 2019


Her reading that tRump gets what he wants from this meeting matches my chart for him. I thought that it meant that Cohen’s testimony was not as harmful as he feared. I would prefer the chart applied to the former and that Cohen’s testimony proves to be very harmful to him which he does not realize until he gets back to the U.S..

I think what I have always thought about psychics.
Some are good, some are not. John Oliver did an entire segment on psychics on Sunday. You can see it on youtube. He has a point.

Linda G has always said that she thought her primary reason for doing the videos was to provide comfort. She readily admits she may be wrong when she is not sure.

If you don’t find comfort in her readings don’t watch. She would be the first person to say that, and in fact has said just that many times. My take is that she would not care what you think. That is one of the things I like about her.

Astrology is more precise but as we saw in the 2016 elections astrology has it’s blind spots too.
Nothing is perfect.

In these dark times I will take my comfort where I can find it. I am clear eyed about all of it. I have great faith that things will turn out well in the end. I also think the end may take longer than I want it to as there will be so much damage to repair.

its blind spots I should proofread but that would be far too easy.

OK one more thing.. I had a off the street cold reading from a psychic many years ago. I had a falling out with my mother and for many many good reasons I had not spoken to her in years.

I sat down and the psychic started with the regular spiel and I thought, Ok, entertaining, lets see where this goes. All of as sudden she says wait wait your grandmother wants to talk to you she needs to tell you something… this is important.. She wants you to know that she understands why you have not spoken to your mother and she is asking you to please speak to her. She wants to tell you that it is her fault that she is the way she is. She says I made her the way she is. She is asking you to please reconsider and please speak to her. Then it was over.

It was true. My grandmother was not a great parent. I did not speak to my mother immediately after that but I did get in contact with her and we still speak today.

This was way prior to social media etc but no one knew I was not speaking to my mother except my sister who lived many states away.

Even if you do not believe in psychics at all, and I would understand that.. You gotta admit that was at the very least weird.

I relied on an on-line psychic about Kavanaugh. Never again.

Right now transiting Jupiter is conjunct Michael Cohen’s natal Sun.

oxthecat, just like you, we all take our comfort where we can, and Linda, the Comanche psychic is one of our favorites here. I’m glad to hear you made peace with your mom – for both your sakes. Peace and love to you both.

Hi Will,

I shall be flying up to Nepal for a week in May to escape the oppressive heat here, but nothing else planned. I am of the firm conviction that if there is a nuclear conflagration on the Indian subcontinent, it would be so destabilizing, the international repercussions so intense that no country would be spared. The last time India and Pakistan were on the verge of war following the November 2008 Mumbai terror attacks (the Indian 9/11 equivalent), the US intervened and assumed a direct role in preventing the situation from spinning out of control. With Trump in office, no such safeguards are in place.

A number of films have been spawned over this earth shattering event. Here’s one to be released in March……


May 17, 1973: The Senate Watergate Committee began its nationally televised hearings.

Tomorrow, February 28, 2019 the House begins its televised hearings with Mr. Cohen.

PS Just to be clear, I’m confident cooler heads will prevail. So I’m not very worried. More concerning to me as it is for all of us – is the Trump situation. Let’s hope justice will prevail in American politics.


“Another point: You can’t reshuffle planets and stars like you can with cards because you don’t like what the cards/planets are “saying.””



” I wonder if his testimony was deliberately put off until the date for tRump’s meeting was established (so tRump would be out of the country and could seek refuge in a foreign embassy should testimony be damning) and could Cohen not be completely forthcoming fearing assassination down the road of himself and family members if he is.”

Bob, your insight here is amazing; it makes a lot of sense.


Glad you can take some refuge up north. Wondering if the ingress of Uranus in Taurus will trigger unusual seismic and volcanic activity among other possible upsets.

What a day and it hss begun.. Cohen’s opening statement:

I too have had remarkably accurate experiences with psychics. I’ve literally known 100’s of people who believed they were psychic. But many were really wannabe’s, not properly trained. I’ve known some however with remarkable abilities. The mistake skeptics as well as many believers make is in confusing omniscience with psychic sensitivity. They are not at all the same.

RE: “Astrology is more precise but as we saw in the 2016 elections astrology has it’s blind spots too.”

In the 2016 election astrologers made conventional but what turned out to be false assumptions in concert with asking the wrong questions. Wrong questions will always get you wrong answers.

Firstly, we commonly assume a candidate is in a race to win, but this was not the case with the Orange Agent. Although he surely welcomed Russian help, Trump ran his campaign essentially as a publicity stunt to enhance his brand. This is why he repeatedly screeched on about the election and/or the process being “rigged.” He assumed he would lose and reassured Melania there was no way he could win. After having lost he could continue his “crooked Hillary” narrative and become more popular amongst his followers.

When he won he was in shock! Remember the televised images when DJT first learned he had actually won? He looked like a deer in the headlights. The transits in his chart told us he was unhappy right after election. They were correct! But we usually take that unhappiness as a sign the candidate has lost.

And the truth is Hillary really did win the election by more than 3 million votes. To my knowledge, astrologers pay attention to the transits in a national chart to see how friendly are the people to that leader. I’ve never known of any astrologer who looked at transits to the electoral college. I don’t even know what in the chart would describe or symbolize the electoral college.


“And the truth is Hillary really did win the election by more than 3 million votes. To my knowledge, astrologers pay attention to the transits in a national chart to see how friendly are the people to that leader. I’ve never known of any astrologer who looked at transits to the electoral college.”

You’re on fire, hombre!

Eliseo No arguments with any of your points. I absolutely could not imagine a DJT win.

It was, in the Princess Bride sense, inconceivable.
I remember thinking that this will be an early evening.
Then the bargaining.. could she cobble together this state and that state and still win.

Then the shock, horror and disbelief compounded with having to look at the “liberal tears” memes.

Interesting thoughts about the electoral college transits.

That is all I have to say about this.

” a return to a more wholesome reality.”

I don’t even know what that would look like!

Ralffee Finn:

“Astrology is more precise but as we saw in the 2016 elections, astrology has its blind spots too.”

I got to thinking about that. At the time of the November 8, 2016, US Presidential Election, transiting Pallas (warrior strategist) was at 20+ Aquarius, and conjunct the US progressed Mercury (symbolizing communications such as voting). It was also conjunct Putin’s natal North Node.

In the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction chart (the start of the present 20 year cycle mapping the progress and changes in societies) that conjunction took place at 22+ Taurus. These two planets were squared by Uranus at 20+ Aquarius, the degree the US progressed Mercury, then in retrograde motion, would reach by 2013.

Trump’s natal Sun (22+ Gemini) and North Node (20+ Gemini) and Uranus (17+ Gemini) are trine the US progressed Mercury and Putin’s North Node and the transiting Pallas on Election Day in 2016. The Moon at the start of Election Day 2000 was also at 20+ Aquarius.

It is the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus squared by Uranus in Aquarius that spells out the shock and surprise elements in the resulting 2016 US election. That and the transiting Pallas on Election Day and Putin’s natal North Node.

The Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart also had Mars at 17+ Gemini conjunct Trump’s natal Uranus, and the Sun at 7+ Gemini conjunct the US progressed Uranus, and Neptune conjunct the US natal South Node (no longer useful) and US Pholus (small cause creates big effect).

There may be others, but this is a good example of an astrological blind spot, IMO.

“BREAKING: Roger Stone has violated his gag order

Roger Stone Says Michael Cohen Is Lying, After Stone Was Ordered Not To Comment On The Mueller Investigation”

https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/zoetillman/roger-stone-michael-cohen-trump-wikileaks-emails … via @zoetillman https://twitter.com/Zac_Petkanas/status/1100798829723635713

nyt’s comment:

Michael Cohen, pointing out the irony of Congressional Republicans also being guilty of protecting Donald Trump, was the highlight of this morning’s testimony for me.”


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