30th Dec, 2018

January Sets the Stage

In the manner of all true sociopaths under extreme stress, Donald Trump is becoming increasingly unhinged and lashing out with reckless abandon.  His rabid twitter feed has long been fully weaponized and used mercilessly to destroy any opposition, as well as promote the delusional, self-aggrandizing narrative he prefers. Any attempt to limit his aroused intent is met with escalating aggression, with no thought of the collateral damage in its wake. Trump truly cannot cope with not getting what he wants, when he wants it.

Moreover, although our president styles himself the greatest of all negotiators, he is, in actuality, an extortionist, with a decades-long history of this pattern. There is no give and take or compromise, there are only the demands that must be met or else. Back in his New York real estate days, whether it was a threat to ruin someone’s reputation or destroy their financial security or bog them down in disastrous, endless lawsuits, the purpose was always to crush the opposition in order to get his way. More recently, Republicans in Congress are intimidated with the possible destruction of their careers if he doesn’t get their full support. And currently, with the nearly limitless power of the presidency backing him, Trump has closed down part of the government and threatens to shut the Southern Border just to get his wall money, consequences for the citizens be damned. The comparison to the proverbial mob boss, one who will burn down your store or rape your daughter if you don’t give him his monthly protection money, comes to mind. It is as clear as the bright sun at noon that Trump has become the Extortionist-in-Chief, and we should proclaim it loudly for all to hear.

Astrologically speaking, January is a month to watch. After January 9, we move away from the transit of Neptune conjunct the US progressed Sun (now at 14Pisces15) that has been plaguing the country since the 2016 campaign. This configuration has highlighted the hyperbolic, emotional, delusional fog that has been drenching the national psyche for nearly three years, with Trump (the Sun/president) at its core. There will be other Neptune transits coming into play over the next two years, so the pervasive dishonesty of Trump and the enthralling of the base will continue to some extent, but we will begin to see some dissipation of this blurring of the lines between reality and delusion and between illegal and legal. In other words, we can reasonably hope that Special Council Mueller and the Democrats in Congress, as well as the legal system in general, will attempt to re-institute the healthy boundaries upon which a sane and functioning society depends.

It is likely that the imposition of the rules of reality after a period of operating under the delusional guideposts of Trump’s inner imperative will bring some level of pain to the nation. None of his policies – the tax cuts, the tariffs, the abandonment of allies and treaties, the viciousness towards immigrants – have been based on careful consideration of the consequences. The price may soon come due, as Saturn moves into its next phase of operation. And January is the month to watch to begin to understand how this shift will take place.

Initially, Saturn will semisquare the US Moon (27Aquarius12) from January 1 to January 8, which may have to do with the complications and difficulties caused by the government shutdown, among other potential stressors. This transit implies some amount of suffering and difficulty for some segment of the US population. This will be followed by the crossing of Saturn opposite the US Sun (13Cancer19) from January 9 through January 18, a transit that points to significant difficulty and reality shock for the president. Although I am not at all suggesting anything similar will happen, it should be noted that former President Nixon resigned when transiting Saturn was conjunct the US Sun on August 8, 1974. This transit therefore describes the intense feeling of pressure likely to be felt by the president (the sun) during the middle of January.

But perhaps most significant of all will be the last ten or so days of January. At this time, Saturn will move into the first crossing of 14 Capricorn, an area it will return to in August, September and much of October 2019. Thus, stressful events in late January will give us a hint of the more profound and impactful events to come in the summer and fall of the year. The late January Saturn transit will affect Trump’s chart, the composite chart between Trump and the US, and the US chart.

In Trump’s chart, we find the transit of Saturn in a sesquiquadrate (135 degrees) with Trump’s Ascendant (29Leo55).  This will return for a long, slow burn from July 28 through October 23, 2019. It suggests possible health issues, a sense of being uncomfortably restricted from his usual activities, and irritability and depression.

The Saturn transit to the Trump/US composite chart will oppose the composite Node (13Cancer42) and the composite Venus (14Cancer25) from January 19 to January 27.  This transit will negatively impact Trump’s appeal and popularity, even among his base. The long, slow transit coming in the summer (August 4 to October 13) will primarily impact the composite Venus, likely shrinking his level of support.

In the US chart, transiting Saturn will be moving to square US 10th house Saturn (14Libra48) from January 22 to January 30, and again from July 29 to October 22, 2019.  This transit points to a humiliation of some kind or a defeat on the world stage and will be a blow to America’s reputation in the world. Again, we will get a hint of what to expect later in the year during the first crossing in late January. If American efforts were to actually flow from the country living up to the best potential of a 10th house Saturn, humbly serving the world in a selfless and generous way, the results would likely be different. But the inevitable arrogance and attempt to extort others to the will of the current president will probably set up this coming transit as one of significant humiliation and defeat. The progressed US Moon square to natal Saturn from August 15 to September 15, 2019, suggests that there will be a period of grief, loss and sorrow impacting US citizens as a part of this unfolding drama.

Unfortunately, from mid-February through much of May 2019, many of these issues may be covered over for a brief period. Transiting Jupiter will be on Trump’s South Node (20Sagittarius48), Moon (21Sagittarius12), and opposite Trump’s Sun (22Gemini55) during this time. His optimism, confidence, and likely recklessness will be restored. March 1 to March 11 and April 26 to May16 will be especially dangerous due to stronger megalomania and recklessness than normal (transiting Jupiter opposite and transiting Pluto quincunx Trump’s Sun). My concern is that this period in the spring will set us up for the possibility of some irresponsible military action from late June through early September that will result in the humiliation and disaster described above during the Saturn station. Significant aggression, with the US military in some way involved, is suggested with the station of Uranus semisquare US Mars (21Gemini23) from June 18 to September 5, as well as the station of Pluto quincunx US Mars from June 24 to August 5. None of this bodes well with the Saturn station looming at the same time.

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Really appreciate this heads up report Nancy and I will be making notes on my new wall calendar in a few minutes.

re: Your “true sociopaths” link; did that exist before Trump was headline news every day, or was he the model they used to create it, and/or are there really more like him wandering loose in society? Goddess help us all if that is so.

It appears then that January will clear much of the fog over our country (goodbye trans Neptune conjunct prog. US Sun) likely expressed by the Dem takeover of the House. Just in time to deal with all that Saturn brouhaha.

I’ve got an idea that when trans. Jupiter (understanding) crosses the US natal chart’s ascendant (Jan, 3rd I think) it will also oppose Mueller’s natal Uranus (unexpected) and the US chart’s descendant (both at 12+ Gemini) which might be part of that “reality shock” window for Trump.

Perhaps that “unnamed business” owned by “an unnamed country” contempt order (being paused by the Supreme Court) will be revealed at time.

The hits just keep coming.

Thank you, Nancy, for the extensive research you did for this very comprehensive article which gives us much food for thought in it’s overview of the U.S.’s and Trump’s year. Sad that he is pulling the U.S. down with him. My question is, will enough of the deluded finally wake up? It is amazing how something like religion and spirituality can be used to create so much negativity and yet people can be convinced to see it as positive. Neptune is supposed to be the higher octave of Venus and, in Pisces, should bring us truth and higher consciousness. Maybe when it moves on to Aries, a sign in which I imagine it will be distinctly uncomfortable, it will then wake us up collectively?

And, using Lindsey Graham to save face (God help us if he ever becomes president, as he’s really good at the political game), Trump has again flip flopped (yet John Kerry was condemned for changing his mind a few times by right-wing media), but it is for the good, in my opinion.


Trump is hitting the pause button in his troop withdrawal from Syria, and…


And, this one is for Lorrie, who volunteers in animal rescue shelters and is a huge supporter:


CA has a new law that pet shops can only sell rescued animals!!!!

Testing, one, two…I’m having trouble posting. Maybe it’s the 3 links I posted and that could mean my post (which I redid so there are 2 with the same info as this one) is in moderation and will appear. I apologize in advance for my redundancy if they do. Let me try without any links.

First of all, Nancy, Thank you for this extensive and comprehensive research. Unfortunately, Trump is dragging the country down with him but Linda G might be right – that justice will be served and wrongs righted in the end. Her guides keep telling her it will all be ok.

I would have thought that Neptune in Pisces, its own sign, and with Neptune the higher octave of Venus, instead of delusion, there would be more love and higher consciousness. It’s still in Pisces a while longer and maybe when it reaches Aries, it will jolt us awake?

Lindsey Graham is making it easier for Trump to walk back his adamant decisions as he’s announced that Trump is willing to hit the pause button in taking the troops out of Syria, and that he is being very “open-minded” to a compromise on the shut-down. Gag me with a spoon.

Lastly, CA just passed a law that only lets pet shops sell rescued animals!! Made me think of Lorrie, the champion for rescued animals (and my sister-in-law, Shelley, another protector of animals).


“Any attempt to limit his aroused intent is met with escalating aggression, with no thought of the collateral damage in its wake. Trump truly cannot cope with not getting what he wants, when he wants it.”

These are hallmark cognitive-behavioral patterns of the Anti-Social and Narcissistic Personality Disordered.

“In Trump’s chart, we find the transit of Saturn in a sesquiquadrate (135 degrees) with Trump’s Ascendant (29Leo55). This will return for a long, slow burn from July 28 through October 23, 2019.”

Eau de Schadenfreude!

Thank you Nancy for everything that you do.


“Moreover, although our president styles himself the greatest of all negotiators, he is, in actuality, an extortionist, with a decades-long history of this pattern. There is no give and take or compromise, there are only the demands that must be met or else. Back in his New York real estate days, whether it was a threat to ruin someone’s reputation or destroy their financial security or bog them down in disastrous, endless lawsuits, the purpose was always to crush the opposition in order to get his way.”
– A perfect description of his business style! –

“More recently, Republicans in Congress are intimidated with the possible destruction of their careers if he doesn’t get their full support.”

They may smile, but they can’t support him without seething resentment, which is why they will viciously turn on him as soon as he becomes a liability.

Are you still with us?

Brilliant commentary Nancy! Thank You!
This is very odd obstruction:

Why did Chief Justice John Roberts take up case of ‘mystery state-owned foreign company’ that is refusing to comply with subpoena from Robert Mueller?https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6541093/John-Roberts-decide-case-mystery-state-owned-foreign-company-refusing-comply-Mueller.html

Happy New Year! Peace & Blessings in the New Year of 2019 for Nancy and to all the Starlighters, and hopefully peace and good tidings for our world.

Well said! Bravo! Hear,hear. A lying, cruel, sadistic, mean, criminal extortionist has been correctly diagnosed by Nancy!

Eliseo, yes. Happy New Year to all. May 2019 bring out the best in all of us.

Well, I for one am okay with Warren throwing her hat into the presidential race . .because I know her chart so well.

She may be a “Cancer” (Sun), you know walks sideways. But that Sun conjuncts her natal Uranus and they are on one of the 4 World/Aries Points (in touch with the world).

Her Sun and Uranus are sextile her natal Saturn (grounded) in Virgo (practical) and we actually have a birth time for Elizabeth, giving her an ascendant of . . . .

17+ Libra, conjunct the US progressed Mars, the US Constitution Neptune, Putin’s natal Saturn and Trump’s natal Jupiter, which trines his natal Uranus. And, she’s a woman!

Her Venus conjuncts her MC (perfect antidote to heal Trump withdrawals);

Her natal Jupiter is at 0+ Aquarius where the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle will start in December, 2000.

Her Moon conjuncts the US natal Vesta (what’s invested in) in Taurus and . .

her Pluto sextiles the US Saturn.

How about this: her natal Mars conjuncts the US natal Uranus in Gemini (squared by US natal Ceres in Pisces) which is the start point of the present cycle between Pluto and Neptune. She can handle Trump’s BS despite her sensitivity.

Did I mention she’s a woman?

Sharon, I think of Neptune as being a rainbow of energy expressions from delusion and drugs to compassion and music/art, to goddess-like, all-encompassing Love. It is the individual being impacted by Neptune, rather than Neptune itself, that determines how the energy is manifested.

As you say, when we evolve – we humans, we Americans, we will move away from the lower vibes that delude and move toward more love.

Angellight, thank you for your blessing; peace and love to all for the coming new year.

Happy New Year everyone!

Barbk, Marjorie Orr thinks Elizabeth’s prospects look better for 2024. Thoughts?

Well, Marjorie can be a real killjoy kiwi, but she’s much more professional than I at these matters. I’m no where near ready for these kinds of arguments.

If so, if Elizabeth backs out but wins in 2024, it will be due, in part, to her experience in 2019.

The thing about (the concept of) Neptune in astrology is that it has no defenses, as we see it. Pluto (and Mars of course), when vulnerable, has the bully/violence defense, while Uranus (and Mercury and Jupiter), when vulnerable, has genius, wisdom and cunning, or “the mind” to defend against attacks.

What Neptune provides to defend against vulnerability is illusion and escape in order to hide from truth (I’m going bald or I’ve spent way too much, or this makeup makes me beautiful). What the USA, in its progressed Sun-conjunct-trans. Neptune, is a way to hide from truth.

Speaking of illusions, here is a cool article on the ‘outer limits’ of space objects – it’s from Volcano Cafe, on Oumuamua, the October 2017 extraterrestrial visitor (not an asteroid). A fun read though not funny to think that this research is probably on hold due to DT & co.:

“….When the orbit of A/2017 U1 had been calculated, people immediately sat up. It was off the scale. The eccentricity was e=1.2. It wasn’t an ellipse any longer! There is one kind of orbit for which this is the case. It is a hyperbola, an orbit of something that isn’t orbiting the Sun but only flies past. An object on a hyperbolic orbit will never come back. That also means it has never been here before. A/2017 U1 wasn’t a member of the solar system – it came from beyond! Even the hyperbole-deniers were quickly convinced: this was our first interstellar visitor. All this happened within the first few days of its discovery – science can go fast at times. The NASA press release came out on October 26, and the news went around the world within minutes….”


Thank you, Nancy.

Thank you, barbk.

Here is more on Elisabeth Warren:

UPDATE: Avid Readers will recall that Elizabeth Warren was born with Sun and Uranus at the Aries Point. With Mars now at the Aries Point, her horoscope has been triggered. “Elizabeth Warren Announces She is Running for President in 2020.” Of course she is. Given the current state of her horoscope — even without a confirmed birth time — there was never a doubt.


Nancy, brilliant commentary! Thank you and a Happy New Year.

Wishing everyone peace, health and happiness in 2019.

Perhaps Elizabeth Warren could be Vice President.
The new Dem President should use her as our “Professor Warren”. Put her in front of a Blackboard, and watch her draw the picture of what Conservatives are doing that destroys our nation! Imagine brilliance like this informing American’s of all the dirty tricks!
Just watch Brilliant Warren in action:

Thanks ja, that makes me feel better.

I have a small nugget of info that might be a clue re: the Solar Eclipse on January 5th if that interests you. The solar eclipse is just one degree from a perfect square to Trump’s natal Chiron (wounding) at 14+ Libra and Don Jr.’s natal Pluto at 16+ Libra.

At the time of the eclipse the asteroid Niobe will be conjunct (while retrograde) Trump’s natal Sun at 22+ Gemini. The myth about Niobe is that she was overly proud (hubris) of her children and, long story short, she lost them all because of it.

Transiting Niobe will return in direct motion to conjunct Trump’s natal Sun (22+ Gemini) on March 13th.

Back to the solar eclipse chart for January 5.

Trump’s natal Sun (+ trans. Niobe) will sextile transiting Eris (22+ Aries rx) goddess of discord. They create a Yod to transiting Ceres (known for her great concern for her child) at 22+ Scorpio who will be forced to adjust to a difficult situation. Transiting Ceres will be 2 degrees from Trump’s natal chart’s IC (family).

The eclipse (hidden) chart has Jupiter at 12+ Sagittarius that conjuncts the US natal chart’s ascendant suggesting the country will (eventually) see the Big Picture in a Big Way.

Donald Jr.’s natal Moon at 21+ Virgo square’s his dad’s natal Sun and transiting Niobe, both at 22+ Gemini – as well as the US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini – at the Solar Eclipse on January 5th.

On March 13th, when trans. Niobe in direct motion returns to conjunct Trump’s natal Sun, transiting Ceres will be at 12+ Sagittarius, where Jupiter is in the solar eclipse on Jan. 5th, and where the US natal chart’s ascendant is.

On March 13 the trans. North Node (path forward) will be conjunct the US natal Mercury (24+ Cancer) which Trump’s natal Venus and Saturn conjunct. Trans. Chiron will be back to 1+ Aries, the degree of Don Jr.’s MC.

I haven’ checked Mueller’s chart against the solar eclipse yet.

So to allllllllll of you, Nancy and fellow astrologers, may this be a Happy New Year filled with grace.

Trump Inauguration’s Solar Return 2019 by Jude Cowell

Today just a quick posting of the Solar Return 2019 Horoscope of the 2017 Inauguration of Donald Trump (January 20, 2017 noon est Capitol Building Washington DC) with a few chart notes to follow:

The POTUS Sun (or, Oath of Office Sun) returns to its 2017 degree of 00AQ49 on January 20, 2019 at 11:36:15 pm est Washington DC during an Hour of the Moon (fluctuations, changes, publicity) with Moon in 10th house of Career and Public Status and the North Node of the Moon @26Can46 denoting public contacts and future direction. Opposite in 4th house is the POTUS Sun @00AQ49 in what is nearly a Full Moon which suggests awareness, fulfillment, or some sort of culmination for “something has gone full circle and a completion is at hand” (C. Teal).



Jerry – Thanks for posting the solar return for the Inaugural. I hadn’t thought to look at it, but it is a really stressful chart with lots of trouble embedded. So much to look forward to!

Why don’t we focus on Putin’s natal chart and transits too, do we? Transiting Saturn will square his Sun in Libra.After all ,there is a sort of connection between the 2 presidents.

For those who see Canada as a sane and stable country, 2019 may bring disappointment. According to Marjorie Orr, this will be another tough year for Justin Trudeau:


I asked Marjorie in the Comments section if this meant he would lose the federal election set for next October. She replied that would be a bad time for him. The alternative may well be a Conservative Canadian government closer to the Republican Administration in the US.


David Axelrod:

“She has offered a series of serious ideas about government and Wall Street reform, and is one of the most incisive members of the Senate.”


Oh Canada! Oh Brazil! Oh what in the world?

This is an interesting episode from The NYT Daily podcast on the origin of Trump’s money.


The stunning part for me was just how aggressively Trump went after control of his father’s fortune and how his father tried to block him. Trump’s pathology knows no bounds and has no shame. I wouldn’t want to have Trump’s his mind for all the money in this world.

May our wisdom and love expand beyond expectation in 2019!

Jerry, I thank you too for the link to the chart of the Inaugural Solar Return and article by Jude Cowell. The chart’s ascendant of 17+ Libra blew me away, and not just because it’s where Trump’s Jupiter is, it’s so much more than that.

a) It’s the degree of Putin’s natal Saturn;
b) It’s the degree where Neptune is in the US Constitution signing chart;
c) It’s the degree where US progressed Mars retrograde still is.

I’m sure there’s even more but that’s all I can remember right now.

Here’s hoping that this solar return Inaugural chart is saying that the US Constitution’s less firm parts (Neptune) will be especially conscious for the new Congress as they tackle the Trump Jupiter-Putin Saturn relationship that is so obvious this year.

On January 15th transiting Venus (8+ Sagittarius) will oppose the US natal Uranus (8+ Gemini) while simultaneously squaring US natal Ceres (8+ Pisces) as she, Venus, applies to a trine with transiting Mars in Aries (which will follow his sextile with US Uranus and his semi-sextile to the US natal Ceres).

Could this be some desperately needed relief against the administration’s abuses against the asylum of migrant children and their parents?

US natal Uranus is key in two cycles between pairs of planets, first the Neptune-Pluto cycle that began in a conjunction with US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini. The 2nd one is the Jupiter-Saturn cycle that began in 2000 and will end in two years.

In the Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart the Sun was at 7+ Gemini and would exactly conjunct US Uranus the following evening as the transiting Moon was conjunct the US natal Chiron (20+ Aries) and transiting Neptune was conjunct the US natal South Node (release the old ways – they no longer serve) and the US natal centaur Pholus (small cause, big effect) all 3 of them at 6+ Aquarius.

I believe that this trans. Sun-conjunct-US Uranus in 2000, as part of the 20 year cycle between trans Jupiter-Saturn, was designed to raise consciousness in what would be a totally unexpected (Uranus) development in the USA 18 years later; that development being a product of the US natal chart’s square between Ceres and Uranus.

Here’s why. Ceres is at 8+ Pisces and Nessus (abuse of power) is at 9+ Pisces and Child is at 10+ Pisces in the US natal chart. All 3 were retrograde in the US natal chart of July 4, 1776.

Right now transiting Nessus is at 6+ Pisces. It has already been conjunct the US natal Ceres and Nessus once and is on its way back for another conjunction to them; trans. Nessus will reach US Ceres in mid February. I feel sure this speaks to the Trump administration’s abusive treatment of migrants at the southern border.

I believe trans. Nessus also speaks to the purpose of US Uranus, positioned as it is – square natal Ceres-Nessus-Child – while occupying the 6th house of the US natal chart; the house of service and health, and in Gemini, the sign of communication, neighbors and short-distance travel.

I’ve commented extensively about the lengthy cycle of transiting Neptune and Pluto for several years so won’t belabor it right now, except to say that their affiliation with US natal Uranus runs the gamut of Mueller’s investigation, the influx of women into political positions, and abuses of power that we are all, well most of us, becoming aware of that have existed for many decades.

We may not see the influence of US Uranus in all of the aspects made by transiting Neptune or transiting Pluto, but they are there nonetheless. Outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) work on the Collective level, and we are the Collective.

I’m hoping that the toad in chief and his kids won’t finish his term.

I don’t see how he can escape the brazen breaking of presidential protocol and the laws that govern us. What a horrible example of ‘leadership’ for our kids!

The Democrats are going to jump start the country again and I will be a proud patriot – again. Nancy will see to it. Enough nonsense already.

Happy New Year to All Starlighters!


Thank you for the link to the podcast on Trump’s family wealth – it was superb.

Happy New Year to Nancy and everyone here! May we all find happiness in the small things that bless our lives everyday.

Thank you all for being here – and being who you are!

HNY. No, not happy New Year. It’a for Have a nice year – right through to 00:00:00 on January 1st 2020.


Female Magician (NANCY PELOSI) SHOCKS the GOP as she and her elves straighten out the mess the right has nade. Undoing most of what they have done while sorting out some old laws that work and leaving them as they are.

By: Bob on December 20th, 2018 at 8:07 pm

“The 2017 Inauguration’s 2019 solar return (precession corrected) occurs at 0:12:35 am, EST. It is followed 3 minutes and 22 seconds later by a lunar eclipse. The return and the eclipse charts have the Moon on the MC and the Sun on the IC in the White House. A full moon indicating that the term has expanded as much as it can and will begin diminishing from this time on (thanks to the Democratically controlled House of Representatives). I think the inauguration the return springs from will indeed be finished before another solar return for it next January 20th.”

Progressing the return for 1 year using the popular method for progressing the angles puts the MC/IC axis of the progressed return right on that eclipse. The end of tRump’s administration will probably come as the progressed angles sweep the eclipse points next January.

kiwi, Cher says NZ has the best ice cream.

Children of Congress members do not have to pay back their college student loans.
Staffers of Congress family members are also exempt from having to pay back student loans.
Members of Congress can retire at full pay after only one term.
Members of Congress have exempted themselves from many of the laws they have passed, under which ordinary citizens must live.
For example, they are exempt from any fear of prosecution for sexual harassment.
And as the latest example, they have exempted themselves from Healthcare Reform, in all of its aspects.
We must not tolerate an elite class of such people, elected as public servants and then putting themselves above the law.
I truly don’t care if they are Democrat, Republican, Independent, or whatever. The self-serving must stop.
Governors of 35 states have filed suit against the Federal Government for imposing unlawful burdens upon their states.It only takes 38 (of the 50) States to convene a Constitutional Convention.
If each person that receives this will forward it on to 20 people, in three days most people in The United States of America will have the message.
Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution:
“Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the Citizens of the United States …”
This is an idea that should be passed around, regardless of political party.
Congressional Reform Act of 2017
1. No Tenure / No Pension. A Congressman/woman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they’re out of office. And, no more perks go with them.
2. Congress (past, present, & future) participates in Social Security. All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the American people. It may not be used for any other purpose.
3. Congress must purchase their own retirement plan, just as ALL Americans do
4. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.
5. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people.
6. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people (i.e. NO MORE INSIDER TRADING!!!).
7. All contracts with past and present Congressmen/women are void. The American people did not make this contract with Congressmen/women. Congress made all these contracts by and for themselves.
Serving in Congress is an honor and privilege NOT a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators should serve their term(s), then go home and go back to work … not get all kinds of freebies.”


“JFK, MLK, RFK is only the tip of the iceberg to the true story of US Deep State assassinations that changed the US and the world, altering the Republic forever. Patriots are not partisan and tell the truth in order to save the Republic. #ReleaseTheFiles @realDonaldTrump ”


Hi Nancy/ Barbk,

Re: The 2017 US Inaugural solar return chart/ article.

Yes. It should be interesting to see how these aspects play out – especially with Uranus squaring the eclipse/ solar return. Could it be related to the pending Mueller indictments? We only have 3 weeks to find out.

Romney’s chart is mega-successful in 2020 and over the Inauguration in January 2021. I hate to say this, but with the US Pluto return in 2022-2023 it would be safe to assume the next president will also be Republican.


angellight – to help calm overthetop outrage that is fueling divisiveness, please check your facts before reposting any facebook or other social media “gossip”

Snopes rates no student payback by congress dependents as False.


ja, you are a dear. Thank you for the link to the Axelrod article on Warren. Will be watching her on Rachel’s show tonight.

Jerry and Bob, this Inauguration Solar Return/Lunar Eclipse event makes my head swim. Grand trines often make me think of dangerous river rapids, and this grand trine in water – Chiron in Pisces, Ceres in Scorpio, the North Node + Mueller’s NN in Cancer – does just that. There’s ain’t no stopping them.

Mueller also will have the advantage of his natal Sun at 14+ Leo in a grand trine with the transiting Mars in Aries and trans. Jupiter, Venus and the Great Attractor in Sagittarius.

But, there is also his natal Venus (+ Trump’s Mars) at 26+ Leo in the apex of a Yod with the sextile between transiting North Node in Cap and Chiron in Pisces, forcing some negotiating on something; sweet little lies perhaps. This Yod becomes a Boomerang when the US natal Moon/Pallas is added. The People (Moon) rule.

That conjunction between trans. Jupiter, Venus and the Great Attractor (come hither) in Sagittarius also opposes Mueller’s natal Uranus + the US natal chart’s descendant (12+ Gemini), not so far from the US chart’s Uranus at 8+ Gemini. Together with trans. Neptune in Pisces, they create a T-square in the Inauguration Solar Return and Lunar Eclipse charts. Add in Mueller’s natal Mercury in Virgo and it becomes a grand cross. However, trans. Saturn in Cap will trine Mueller’s Mercury.

The transiting North Node (+ Mueller’s NN) and trans. South Node (+ US natal Pluto + Mueller’s SN) also form a grand cross with transiting Uranus in Aries opposite transiting Pallas (warrior and strategist) in Libra. Wonder what that might show up as!

Maybe trans. Pluto in Capricorn which will trine US natal Vesta in Taurus and Don Jr’s Moon in Virgo (which squares his Mercury in Sagittarius which opposes US natal Mars and dad’s Sun and Russia’s natal Sun in Gemini) might have some bearing.

Hmmm . . trans. Vesta (investments) in Aquarius will square trans. Juno (partner) in Taurus (and Trump Sr.’s natal chart MC/reputation).

Angellight, no doubt there have been a lot of underhanded “deep state” types of things happening in the U.S.’s past (and present?). The reason I stay away from posts about it is that 1) Deep State is SUCH a general term that so many theories, albeit conspiracy theories and others, can be tied to it that I don’t believe we will ever know the accurate truth; 2) even if we did, it can a) be very misinterpreted; b) do a lot of damage by promoting even more divisiveness and violence; c) actually weaken the U.S. This is a complicated issue. Revolutions have brought in governments that were even less competent and also power hungry, sometimes more so, whose purist attitude caused even more murders and property confiscation. Authoritarian countries like Russia and China would LOVE to see the U.S. weakened even though they are guilty of far more lying than Trump, and murderous and nefarious deeds, and civil rights violations. Good is relative. (These are broad ideas, where I am trying to be grounded and realistic, and are not meant to criticize you or anyone else.)

From TPM on Romney becoming Prez:

“…Romney is the son of a popular Republican governor, a big success in business, governor himself and now a senator. He won’t spend 18 months of his life running around the country to make a point.

There are only two Republicans who can deny Donald Trump the 2020 nomination: Robert Mueller or Donald Trump. Even in the face of sagging public support he remains very popular among Republicans. Romney, meanwhile, is the least well positioned guy to challenge him.

What Romney is doing is pretty clear, carving out a position where he can comfortably be a critic of the President’s loutishness and bad character while still remaining orthodox on all key issues and not actually challenging Trump where it matters – foreign policy and oversight. Let’s be clear. What Romney’s doing isn’t nothing. Most of his colleagues, even the newcomers are eager and happy to be Trump lickspittles and toadies. Romney isn’t doing that. That’s not nothing. But it’s not a lot more than nothing.


To All:
Well known for his goodwill for all people, my father was the kindest, most decent, man I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. Animals especially, even wild animals instinctively trusted him.

In his honor, I repeat to all of you what he oft said to everyone each January. May you all “have a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year ALL YEAR LONG!

That is a GREAT affirmation, Eliseo. Thank you to you, and to your father, and back at ya!

Excited for you that you get to go back home to your wife (now that Saturn is no longer affecting your 7th).

It’s just beginning to affect mine….but I’ve already had the retrograde and am in the process of its 2nd pass to my descendant. I did feel it these past few weeks. And I’m prepared for the discipline it looks like I will need to instill in myself.


As you are aware, in the past few years our Right wingers have become progressively extreme, going wacky nuts here in the USA.

As I look at what’s been going on politically in Canada, I get the impression a very similar process took place simultaneously with your Left wingers. Would that be your assessment?

In 2014, the August/September issue of the Mt. Astrologer magazine had an article entitled “Ceres, Climate Change, and the Bardo State” wherin the author, Joe Landwehr, has as a heading “Ceres As The Harbinger Of A New Era”. (see link below)

I watched Rachel Maddow tonight and her guest was Elizabeth Warren whose natal Ceres conjuncts her natal Saturn in Virgo which sextiles her natal Sun and Uranus in Cancer, and they form a Yod with her natal Jupiter at 0+ Aquarius (the degree of the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle that will begin 7 weeks after the 2020 election).

The point where her natal Jupiter is will require that she make an adjustment. This could become one of her themes as she campaigns for the position of the Democrat nominee for US President. Saving the Earth from dying.

Ironically, the US natal Ceres will have her “return” (trans. Ceres conjuncts US natal Ceres) about 2 1/2 days before that Jupiter-Saturn 20-year cycle start in December, 2020, and transiting Saturn will already be conjunct Warren’s natal Jupiter at the US natal Ceres Return. Transiting Jupiter is just a few arc minutes behind him. Conjunct Warren’s natal Jupiter.

Here’s that link:

Eliseo, the Left has gone crazy in Canada, but there is also a mini-Trump elected in 2018 in Ontario, and I feel the Right is catching up. I think we should be wary of both extremes. The Left of the Democratic Party in the US may actually ruin its chances in 2020.

In South America, the new far-right President of Brazil is just as bad as the crazy far-left President of Venezuela. This overall madness has a few years to go.

Andre, I’m with you. As the Buddha said: take the middle path.

Barb, Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington State just declared his candidacy and he is a heavy duty environmentalist. If he can’t bring attention to the topic, no one can. But if he can help educate Warren and they get on that train together, it could do a lot of good. I think the Age of doing something about climate change while creating a green economy is upon us.


“the Left has gone crazy in Canada”

I thought that was probably the case from videos I’ve seen of Dr. Jordan Peterson so successfully out-thinking and out-arguing them. Peterson usually (but not always) makes good sense.

“I think we should be wary of both extremes. The Left of the Democratic Party in the US may actually ruin its chances in 2020.”

I completely concur. As much as I personally like and admire Elizabeth Warren, especially her reform ideas of the economy and Wall Street, I think the Dems will need a candidate perceived as more moderate. Unfortunately, many in our center-right nation see her as too radical. I find that absurd, but that is the mentality of too many.

The Right in the US has come to a point in which evidence is irrelevant, and ideology is King. No critical thinking allowed. Blind belief required. Unfortunately, I’m seeing that attitude beginning to take hold here on the Left as well, especially on our college campuses. I’m quite taken aback at times as I encounter Leftward students dogmatically expressing shallow, absurd, impractical, overly ideological and authoritarian sentiments and ideas.

“This overall madness has a few years to go.”

As I look at the world’s politics, I again concur. I hope it does not take another major war before we all rediscover our sanity.

The last time I was here, I saw concerns expressed over Nikki Haley running for president; discussion of her astrological chart, etc. ….now it’s Mitt Romney?!?

Um…guys…why are we mistaking GOP desperation for legitimacy? One op-ed, and suddenly the GOP is bowing and scraping at the altar of Romney, and goes into “he will save us all,” mode? It would be funny if not so predictable and pitiful.

The GOP just hemorrhaged women during midterms, but they’re pinning their hopes on Mr. “Binders Full of Women”…? LOL! Yeah. Ok.

There is a Mormon prophecy of a LDS candidate winning the presidency and “saving the nation.” Many LDS people take that prophecy pretty seriously.

Romney truly believed he was the fulfillment of the prophecy, which is why in part he and his people were so shocked at their loss to B. Obama. Romney was so sure he was going to win, he never prepared a concession speech.

Sharon, Buddha’s ‘take the middle path’ thinking also mirrors BC Greek thinkers, perhaps Aristotle, – ‘moderation in all things’
My wise grandmother ingrained that thought in me when I was a small child – LOL

Superstition Ain’t the Way!
Sabarimala: India state shut down after women enter temple

What you need to know about Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s new far-right president


“Welcome to the first week of 2019—seven days that set the tone for the year that lies ahead. Pay attention to the particulars because they unfold like a mini preview, packed with information that if used wisely could also been seen as a good training course for handling the challenges of the coming year.”


On election day in 2020 Elizabeth Warren has secondary progressed Saturn conjunct progressed Sun, transit Saturn opposite progressed Mars, and transit Jupiter and Pluto conjunct progressed Jupiter.

I wonder if she might bankrupt herself financing her campaign?

I don’t know if it would come to be but as Veep she would hold a powerful position to inform the president and members of congress regarding moves to build a strong financial platform for the country and citizens. She would also cast the deciding vote in bills locked up in the Senate – an extra Senate vote for Dems if needed.


“The Right in the US has come to a point in which evidence is irrelevant, and ideology is King. No critical thinking allowed. Blind belief required.”


Sharon K: I am a big girl and can take constructive criticism without getting angry. We all have different ideas and we should be able to listen respectfully to each other even though we may differ from time to time. No one will always agree with you,

Kiwi, thank you for your information. Got the info from someone who is usually very reliable.

LOL! Thank you for the explanation.

I’ll stand by my prior comments. I’d think (or at least hope) that progressives wouldn’t be in the habit of giving anyone credence (or the energy of their concerns), based solely on one man’s religious delusions of grandeur; and certainly not based on any desperate right wing spin…

But that’s my choice to try to maintain sanity, in these bizarre times, others mileage may vary, of course. 😉


Great points on Warren for Veep! Agreed, as I hadn’t considered this before.

Her gift seems to lie in consumer policies, keeping checks on Walll Street, and making the economy work for most of us. I’d hate to see that lost in the deluge of daily details a (diligent and caring) chief executive will face, cleaning up this mess of the current occupant.

Oh and Happy New Year to all!
…sorry I didn’t say this in my last post.


Your buoyant posts suggest an auspicious Jupiter transit in your chart.


Articles of Impeachment Against Trump To Be Introduced Today by Democrat


I like your analysis of Warren’s possibilities Bob, and I’m of a mind (call me superstitious) that her lack of aspects to the US natal Moon (27+ Aquarius) will mean the US voters will not adore her in a way that sees her as a President.

Still, all that Saturn energy on Election Day looks like a lot of responsibility will be on her shoulders because of the results of the election.

I don’t see her as being so foolish as to go bankrupt though, not Elizabeth. VP (I know others have suggested this too) could be the best way to utilize her value to the US. Her natal Jupiter + her Juno, Mars, Pallas and Pholus provide much in the way of growth, support and guidance for the US in the coming years.

Sharon’s suggestion of Gov. Inslee as a teammate to Warren might prove to be the best way for her to get some of her message(s) to penetrate the Public’s consciousness. It seems likely to me that’s all she really wants from this run for the roses; exposure – NOT the presidency itself. She’s not stupid.

If the 1:51 PM birth time is correct, Warren’s natal Moon is conjunct the US natal Vesta in Taurus and her Moon rules her natal Sun + Uranus and MC and Venus in Cancer. Because transiting Pluto has been trine US Vesta (what is invested in) and likely Elizabeth’s natal Moon (needs), I would think this aspect was a determinant in her decision to announce her intention ASAP, therefore capitalizing on her recognition. She is a clever Cancer and she walks sideways to throw others off her track.

Watch NP about to be sworn in. 1:28 pm, CST.

Her “I do.” 2:49 pm, EST.

Congress 2:52 pm.

116th Congress Desc bracketed by the Moon and Jupiter.

Jupiter 12°22′ Sag
Desc 15°02′ Sag
Moon 18°12′ Sag

Venus square to MC.
MC 324°08′; Venus 234°50′.

I hate to see Governor Brown go.

“From a $26B deficit to $14B surplus tells a big story. That was after years of Republican obstruction and political posturing. Now the GOP is a third-rate minority party and on its way to obscurity. We can only hope this happens on a national level as well. The only question is do we have a Democrat, on the national level, who has the courage to make the hard decisions like Gov Brown.

Enjoy your retirement Gov Brown, you deserve it.”


Happy days are here again, well kinda. Transiting Jupiter is on the US natal chart’s ascendant now, as it will be on Saturday’s New Moon in Capricorn which is also a solar eclipse. And Nancy’s Speaker of the House again! Yaaay (Transiting asteroid House at 18+Capricorn is 2 degrees behind trans. Pluto!)

On Sunday transiting Uranus will station direct 19 hours after the New Moon so it is almost stationary even now, squaring US natal Pluto and in sextile with US natal Moon. Trans. Uranus T-squares the trans. Nodes signifying a decisive choice must be made; to hold with the old ways (south node) or create new ways (north node) and this is a world-wide decision-making period.

Also affecting the world is transiting Ceres (22+ Scorpio) quincunx (adjust) transiting Eris (22+ Aries). For the USA this quincunx in the New Capricorn Moon becomes a Yod when the US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo) is added to the picture. I see it foremost as the separation of families on the south border.

This puts transiting Eris in the uncomfortable position of being at the apex of a Yod. Eris is best known for her ability to generate discord. We’ve grown accustomed to that now.

Because this New (Solar Eclipsed) Moon is the center of a stellium in Capricorn, there will be intense focus on matters of “established order” and “institutions” for some time to come (eclipses have a long shelf life). Mercury, Saturn and Pluto + the South Node (+ House) will heavily influence these Capricorn matters.

Trans. Pluto (+ House) especially will continue to influence the US natal chart’s opposition between Chiron (20+ Aries) and Juno (20+ Libra), due to this eclipse, and transiting Eris (discord) as apex of the Yod with US Neptune (compassion) and trans Ceres (revenge over kidnapping of child), who is only 2 degrees away from US Chiron. This US natal chart opposition symbolizes any perceived inequality (Juno) unaddressed by government, law and businesses.

The grand trine in this solar eclipse/new moon between Venus in Scorpio, Chiron in Pisces and the North Node in Cancer is a ray of sunshine. Watch as the South Node moves toward its conjunction with the US natal Mercury (and Trump’s Saturn and Venus), especially around the Ides of March, as it could be a breakthrough.

Mike Luckovich…”A Woman’s Place is in the House”!


I think Nancy Pelosi is the most effective legislator in Congress. I wouldn’t cry any were she to become president!

Who was it that predicted a woman would bring 45 down? If anyone can do it, it would be our Madame Speaker.

Eliseo…. Linda G has said that often

Did anyone else think that those faces behind trump in his ‘briefing’ moment had that deer in the headlights look with a hint of fear mixed in?

Predictably him trying to steal the spotlight from Nancy fell totally flat. Go Nancy!


In spite of the 666 point DOW plunge today (Friday) I hope your interpretation of Jupiter on U.S. ascendant does auger well for us.


“Did anyone else think that those faces behind trump in his ‘briefing’ moment had that deer in the headlights look with a hint of fear mixed in?”

Were their facial expressions not the oddest? Funny you should bring it up; it was virtually impossible for me to read them – as if they were under some kind of drug-induced stupor or hypnotic spell – robotic.

will, money isn’t everything.

“McConnell says bill passed by the House to reopen government is a “non-starter” w Senate Republicans.





ah screw it”


I am sorry if I hurt your feelings. The stock market does represent money, but it is usually also an indicator of optimism or pessimism, employment and growth or lack thereof.

On the other hand, the sun is out and I ate almost entire coffee cake this morning; Jumpin’ Jupiter???

By: Eliseo on January 3rd, 2019 at 10:20 pm

Who was it that predicted a woman would bring 45 down? If anyone can do it, it would be our Madame Speaker.

I am having a serious look at Pelosi for being
sworn in as president in late January or early February 2020. A Very serious look.

I forgot to put Eliseo’s part in Quotes.

He’s hitting on Nancy, I’m having a serious look.

You are adorable will. I was just wisecracking; no hurt feelings.

I agree, the stock market has long been considered an emotional indicator of those who invest. Gambling and watching football, basketball, soccer, etc. has a similar effect on enthusiasts of these pastimes.

Jupiter is related to the above but has a broader meaning. I don’t associate it within the context of winning-losing so much but rather as symbolizing a general euphoria; you know, everything’s coming up roses kind of feeling.

It means overdoing things too, like eating too much coffee cake. Now wipe those crumbs off your face.


How out of touch with reality are the rethugs?
Young people having good, clean, fun is a scandal? Do they keep their kids in straight jackets?

‘Leaked’ video of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez proves she … has friends, can dance


“As Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was being sworn in to Congress on Thursday, a video apparently intending to smear the young Democrat was being widely shared on Twitter.

But attempts to bash the freshman congresswoman backfired after the clip, which shows a college-aged Ocasio-Cortez dancing gleefully, went viral.”

I had posted this elsewhere yesterday and thought I had posted it here too.

Watch the longer version (4:20). It’s like an energy injection!


The video played but I had to click on it to get sound. Scroll or page down right away to click.


Are young rethugs grey haired too?


I really did make a mess with that coffee cake- pecans and crumbs everywhere. I am emotionally-eating because I am nervous shelling out $$$ for a new car and trading in my trusty pick-up truck; it is really hard to let go of that old beat-up but reliable and terrifically practical beast. I hope all pick-up trucks go to heaven.


I too have a girl crush on AOC. She knows EXACTLY how to rattle the Good Old Boys and she LOVES doing it!

Hi Bob,

Happy New Year!
I just watched the AOC clips before coming here, (she’s adorable!) and had a laugh recalling similar miscalculations by the uptight right, with Beto. They tried to smear him by digging up his college history of playing in a band.

It totally backfired, when people declared the music, “not bad,” and his band looks, “hot.”

Most responses were something like, “oh no–Beto was in a band?! OMG….How dare Beto be popular and cool in college, with hobbies and friends….!?”



Happy New Year!
The guys behind the Mango Manchild at his faux press briefing did look kind of angry…LOL!

That stunt made me think of a, “Hairclub for Men” ad.

Here in the US it’s an advertised treatment for men’s baldness. Except I think the bald guys were preferable to the orange goon with the dead cat on his head.

Trump’s unscheduled comments in the Rose Garden – just now ended – coincides with the transiting North Node just about to conjunct his natal Venus. You can tell because he wasn’t on the attack. Must see.

Dow’s up almost 700 points will, be assured all pickups go to heaven too!

People are eating AOC’s vids up. Views on both are climbing by hundreds of thousands in just minutes.

The comments are much fun to read.

Bob, thank you for the video. Trump may still be in the White House, but at least we now have AOC and NP to cheer us up. I love them both.

Maybe Canada should build a wall. Many of us would love it if it would keep him out of our country.


You called it; I’m a believer!

Andre there are no dotted lines to show where the border is. You could build 3 complete walls in a U shape and leave an opening on the South (4th) side (in the U.S.) and put some cheeseburgers in there. When his vastness goes in to gobble them up quickly fill in the opening. Maybe make it a joint venture – we will supply the cage for his comfort.

Hey AOC! …put on some speed, follow my lead …

Does anyone know why Linda G has gone silent since Dec. 22? Am I missing something?

yesterday I saw a hilarious clip on facebook – “mexico has agreed to pay for the wall” caption, superimposed over a picture of a Mexican worker building a square brick wall, enclosing an arms-folded, sour faced, trump.

Banks, shes probably taking a well deserved break over the holiday season


I saw on Linda G’s Facebook page that she has been ill over the holidays and is presumably still resting.

As the country continues to be part of a ‘shake down’ from trump for his freaking wall, here what is going to happen next in real life.

The US natal Neptune (22 Virgo 25) and the US natal Moon (27 Aquarius 10) form a minor aspect called a tri-septile (exact at 154 degrees and about 16-20 minutes, or there-abouts), a member of the septile family of aspects which divides the zodiac circle of 360 degrees by 7.

One thing seems certain about all of the septile family aspects – they don’t operate on a rational level, but have a rather divine process in reaching conclusions. These conclusions can be considered genius or off-the-wall crazy. Creativity is a conspicuous tendency of all septile aspects.

The US natal Moon symbolize the US People as a whole. The US natal Neptune is all things not dependent on rationality and much about creativity.

It seems we, the US People, are going through a period of extraordinary volatility as a result of evolutionary (which appears to be revolutionary) forces happening on our Earth, perhaps even throughout the whole Universe and beyond.

Of course, we want to cling to our rational beliefs, traditions and practices because they have always worked; well most of the time anyway. The USA is gifted by this aspect between its natal chart’s Moon and Neptune, but also cursed.

Drug addiction is rampant in the USA, but so are movies and other creative endeavors. I believe what appears to be the absolutely maddest result of any Presidential Election ever in this country is – in part – the result of this Moon-Neptune tri-septile (because US Neptune SQUARES Trump’s Sun and US Moon OPPOSES Trump’s Mars-ascendant).

It has super-charged us into action; “How can we fix this and get back to a sensible government” is the driving question that incentivizes us to explore many creative ideas from diverse sources.

Here are some of them:

In 2009-10 (when Obama was in the White House, ah those were the days) the transiting Neptune was joined by transiting Jupiter and transiting Chiron at the same time, in a series of exact conjunctions to each other . . and to the US natal Pallas (strategy) at 26+ Aquarius who conjuncts US natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius, who tri-septiles US Neptune at 22+ Virgo.

When trans Chiron and Neptune were exactly conjunct each other and US natal Pallas the Strategist (Feb. 2010), the transiting Vesta (investment) at 29+ Leo was conjunct Trump’s natal chart’s ascendant.

When transiting Jupiter and Neptune were exactly conjunct each other and US Pallas the Strategist (May 2009), transiting Vesta (investment) at 20+ Gemini was conjunct Trump’s North Node.

When trans. Jupiter and Chiron were exactly conjunct each other and the US Pallas (who conjuncts US Moon which is tri-septile US Neptune) in May 2009, transiting Mercury (the trickster) was at 24+ Taurus retrograde and conjunct Trump’s MC (reputation).

The seeds of these 3 cycles were planted and Trump roots began to grow in the American subconscious. Trump was getting famous for questioning Obama’s birth origin. Many of us knew then he was a racist but other racists were drawn to him.

If we can see beyond our despair of what Trump has wreaked on our US natal Psyche (14+ Cancer conjunct US natal Sun 13+ Cancer) and allow nature to take its course, so to speak, we will – I’m certain – look back at this bizarre period as a miracle. What other way would We The People have rallied enough votes to bring Pelosi back in charge of the House, if not for Trump?

It’s a small step toward normalcy of our society and a giant step toward evolution of the USA.

barbk, I have been remiss in not applauding and thanking you for your fine work and sharing with readers and participants on this site. Just seeing the amount of work you do makes me tired.

Thank you for everything.

You have 4 big, fat, yeses and are going into the next round.

kiwi and will – Stepford men.

Fe, thanks. That’s what I was afraid was the case.

Nancy Pelosi is excellent with Joy R.

People’s Republic of China President Xi Jinping has been loudly proclaiming that Taiwan is part of China for the last few days. He invokes Hong Kong asserting it is time for reunification, “one nation two systems.” Xi Jinping reserves the right to use whatever means necessary, i.e. force to achieve reunification.

Meanwhile, Tsai Ing-wen, the Taiwanese president, has made statements overtly and adamantly rejecting the concept of “one country, two systems.” She consistently, and frequently emphasizes Taiwan’s commitment to democracy and called on Beijing to seek peaceful means to solve their differences.


My Bet: The PRC will take Taiwan by force before Trump leaves office, while America is weak. They assume Trump will interpret their action as a business matter and not a political one. They assume he will do nothing. They assume the US and other nations might complain at the UN, but nevertheless allow the crime. They might even persuade Trump it is a good idea before they do it.

But Trump is unpredicatable. He might get our Navy into the fray, or he might applaud the PRC. Who Knows?

Has anyone taken a look at Alex Miller’s Asteroid report
on P45 over at Daykeeper Journal ?


you might enjoy this. I am thinking that there are number of Dems who are ready to light fires under people. Here is one for Turtle.


What I am worried about right now is all this bluster about a national emergency and how he might need to call martial law etc.. to get his wall built.

I am sure it has crossed his mind that if he declared a national emergency that action would knock any Mueller reports right out off the front page. Wouldn’t put it past him..


“Stepford Men” hits the mark.

Just when I think 45 is going down-for-the-count, he manages to roar back with unmitigated temerity, and a bombastic media offensive in defiance of logic nay. gravity itself.

Mueller, where art thou?!!!!

This extension could take the GJ to Friday, July 5, 2019.

Expiring Mueller grand jury gets extension


” The key grand jury used by Mueller came into existence on July 5, 2017, and would have run out Saturday without action from the court.”

tRump has a progressed New Moon coming in his natal chart in 2019.

Charts for it in right ascension and in longitude:

tR Prog natal NM RA (July 25)


tR prog natal NM Longitude (Sep 16)


With just the original 30 second video. Read the comments.

https://twitter.com/realdanjordan/status/1080538345749458944/video/1 – 10.9M views

Watch the longer version (4:20). It’s like an energy injection! – 3.2M


Going to work. 11 seconds. – 14.1M


Over 28 million views on 3 links in 2 or 3 days. How many views on many other links around the world? Can you say overnight sensation?

Trying to rectify her chart using her upset victory June 26, her being the youngest woman sworn into Congress and this explosion but suprisingly it does not look like it will be easy.

I dropped an r. Can I still post?

Stress break again.


By: Bob on December 14th, 2018 at 3:47 am

“The Democrats will be appointing committee chairs in January and probably into February. Investigations of material kept hidden by Republicans when they held those positions will be reconstituted. With new material that is exposed to the country I think that enough Republican members of Congress fearing loss of their offices in 2020 will let tRump know that they will side with Democrats to impeach him if he does not resign. The first week of July the final nail in his coffin is started. It will be driven home in January of 2020.”

Hi All. I wanted to remind you of some of my above predictions:

Initially, Saturn will semisquare the US Moon (27Aquarius12) from January 1 to January 8, which may have to do with the complications and difficulties caused by the government shutdown, among other potential stressors. This transit implies some amount of suffering and difficulty for some segment of the US population. This will be followed by the crossing of Saturn opposite the US Sun (13Cancer19) from January 9 through January 18, a transit that points to significant difficulty and reality shock for the president.

We are hearing stories daily of Americans suffering from this shutdown, all due to Saturn semisquare US Moon. I am wondering if there will be some kind of shift around January 8 or 9. It is around then that Neptune (delusion) begins to separate from US pr Sun (president) and Saturn moves in (suffering and pain of reality).

Nancy, my progressed lunar for tRump shows mid-morning to mid-afternoon on the 9th to be extremely stressful for him. Just after lunch on the 10th he may act.

It will be just short of 3 weeks without pay for those 800,000 affected.

Spidey, thanks for the heads up about Alex Miller’s report. This seems pertinent:

“So the first Solar Eclipse of the year [today!] sets the stage for one of the biggest political reversals in American history, a plummet from the heights so complete and devastating it puts Icarus’ plunge into the sea to shame.”

Nancy could this also be part of your “some kind of shift”?

Thanks Bob, I usually need a nap after one of those long ones myself!

Here barbk, this is for you!

” Senator Elizabeth Warren hit the presidential campaign trail in southwestern Iowa on Friday evening, making her the first declared major candidate to host an event in the pivotal state and kicking off a Democratic primary season that promises to dominate the coming year.”


Linda G also mentioned a 9. She said nine days or nine weeks—something to do with 9. My thought has been Jan. 9th. Looks like I’m in good company with Starlight and Bob.

The lunar eclipse on January 21 located to the White House falls on the MC/IC axis with tRump’s natal Saturn on the MC and transit Uranus on the Desc.

The Nadir is at 294°03′. Eclipse Pluto at 293°01′ is on it. So is the eclipse Sun/Saturn midpoint at 293°59′. It is also the point where the Sun, Saturn, and Pluto will meet next January 13th (2020).

I think it signals the significant change in the way the loser is going to be treated by first the Congress and media and eventually his “base” this year presaging his removal. Given his body image and lifestyle the year’s stress events could bring on health failures strong enough to force that removal.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Dancing Video Was Meant as a Smear, but It Backfired – NY Times


Remarks with the original posting of edited video prove that it was meant as a take down of AOC. Those right wingers now posting are twisting things by saying there is no proof that RW’s find dancing scandalous. The point is it was meant to promote a position regarding a person that has been overwhelmingly refuted by worldwide response.


POLITICS 01/03/2019 06:51 pm ET Updated 1 day ago

‘Leaked’ Video Of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Proves She… Has Friends, Can Dance

“The video originated from a right-wing Twitter account that was trying to peddle an allegedly scandalous video of Ocasio-Cortez dancing. The video in the tweet, which has since been deleted, was watermarked as a LiveLeak video purportedly filmed while the congresswoman was in “high school.” ”

” Here is America’s favorite commie know-it-all acting like the clueless nitwit she is…
…High School video of “Sandy” Ocasio-Cortezpic.twitter.com/s723Vga9zF
— AnonymousQ (@AnonymousQ1776) January 2, 2019″

Hey – Lying coward Anonymous Q, do you have proof AOC is a communist? The young woman you claim is clueless graduated cum laude from Boston University’s College of Arts and Sciences in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in international relations and a minor in economics.[20][24][25] (source links from Wikipedia). The video credits you did not show prove your “High School” claim is false but while she was in high school she won second prize in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair with a microbiology research project on the effect of antioxidants on C. elegans’ lifespan.[17] As a result, the International Astronomical Union named a small asteroid after her: 23238 Ocasio-Cortez.[18][19]. I wonder what honors you achieved in HS if you attended.

Your children?

Probably born in 1968 (Uranus conjunct Pluto in RA)


Thanks ja, I love that lady.

Rjght now – at this eclipsed Sun New Moon in Capricorn – Ceres in Scorpio is quincunx Eris in Aries and Ceres is sextile US Neptune in Virgo. Together they make a Yod.

Opposite Eris is Pallas in Libra and Pallas (the Strategist) is receiving all the combined energies of
Ceres, Eris and US Neptune. Elizabeth Warren’s natal South Node (what we have done well but now it no longer helps us and we should give it away) is conjunct Pallas in Libra – right now (separated by 1 degree).

This means her North Node is conjunct Eris in Aries (separated by 1 degree). The story behind Eris is that she was always causing discord. However there is always positive and negative ways to express these archetypes or planetary energies.

Here is one such positive view of Eris symbolism:

“The good Eris is a blessing because she gives us a healthy envy of others that will stir us into action when we see their achievements.” and . .

“Eris gives birth to energy that will punish perjurors or those who don’t honour their oaths. She will see to it that those who lie to win are punished.”

From a book by Alison Chester-Lambert


There is no doubt in my mind that Warren can cut Trump to shreds verbally and perhaps that’s her motivation. Trans. Eris has, and will continue to be conjunct (or very near) Warren’s natal North Node, but for the duration of this eclipse’s effectiveness, she has transiting Pallas to use all the Yod (turned Boomerang) energy. Pallas was a warrior and strategy was her hallmark.

So, now the DoD’s chief of staff (Rear Adm. Kevin Sweeney has resigned).

I want to link this to Trump’s Emergency Powers threat, but realize it could be more fallout from Mattis’ resignation.

Regardless, it basically feels to me like we’ve got no one at the head of any of our major institutional departments… neither wolf nor chickens. Makes this Vet very nervous!

tRump’s demi-solar came in on December 15th. It’s anlunar for January 2019 comes in on January 12th.

It is very stressful for him. The MC is at 140°12′. His progressed Sun/Saturn midpoint at 138°49′ is on it. So is his progressed Moon/Pluto midpoint at 142°00′. The chart’s IC holds returns’s Neptune/Pluto midpoint.

At first, with the aspects I posted for the 9th and 10th I figured the chart was showing his giving in on his demands but with transit Saturn opposite Sibly Sun and considering that the chart may be representative of a twisted or broken mind – a nut-job – (look again at his progressed midpoints that are triggered) it might speak to the workings of an unbalanced mind that will not change it’s focus.

“no one at the head of any of our major institutional departments”

So many unapproved “acting” heads,
And with the PR of China making like they might invade Taiwan. No observed build-up on the east Chinese coast yet, but the rhetoric IS getting hotter. Trump might overreact or do nothing to the aforementioned or any other crisis at all!


With every autocract and dictator in the world knowing it only takes simple flattery and business bribes to get Trump (and, therefore, the U.S.) on their side, I’m afraid we’re going to see all kinds of incursions possible this year. China and Taiwan now are just the latest. Russia and the Crimean states are another worry. And, as all these dictators start doing as they please with no bite back from the U.S., it’ll both infuriate and embolden Kim, I’m afraid. It’s just a total mess I’d never dreamed could happen in this country.

“Trump claimed he is getting phone calls in droves supporting the border wall — call 202-456-1414 (White House Switch Board) and hear a recording – the phones are OFF due to his shut down!”

Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi is well respected across both Republican and Democratic political lines. She commands a long list of admirers including oddly enough Pres. Trump. She is highly intelligent, yields consummate leadership abilities and most of all has lots of integrity. Interestingly she has a near perfect natal Pluto-Saturn square in her chart (0 ’41 Leo-Taurus). Considering that the upcoming January 21st lunar eclipse (0 ’50 Leo) conjoins her n. Pluto (square natal Saturn) AND opposite the 2017 US Inaugural Sun (0 ’49 Aquarius); could we expect Nancy Pelosi to be a formidable force behind Trump’s removal from office in late January into February? There is one such intuitive who believes just that……

INTUITIVIEW PSYCHIC READING 2019 Predictions & Visions

Video 9 min. 14 sec.


The following is an excerpt from alexasteroidastrology.com

“…… A stationary Pluto at 0 Leo is trine the Sun and had turned direct two weeks after her birth, but is already at its station degree; this indicates an entrenched power base, the ability to control or manipulate others, and a hefty helping of personal clout, a character which exudes authority and presence. With Pluto trine the Sun, Pelosi has a core of steel, an inner wellspring of stamina, energy and power reserve which, allied to an indomitable will, keeps her in the forefront of national affairs. A grouping of Uranus at 19 Taurus with Venus at 20 and Mars at 26 shows a woman (Venus) with progressive (Uranus) values (also Venus) who is willing to champion the fight (Mars) for that cause.

Pluto is conjoined by asteroid Whitehouse at 28 Cancer, showing power struggles with any administration are likely, and suggesting that in any conflict, Pelosi is likely to emerge the dominant figure. This is supported by an exact square from Pluto to Saturn at 0 Taurus, which pairs exactly with asteroid Victoria, named for the Roman goddess of victory, a blend which virtually ensures career success, and the ability to potentially triumph over any occupant of the Oval Office with whom she tangles.”


For the end of an administration to show I think the office holder’s natal or progressed chart and the term’s natal or progressed chart and would reflect that possibility.

That is true for tRump and the inaugural charts in January of 2020. Is it true late this month or early next month?

tRump natal https://i.imgur.com/Lb5bWTb.gif

Inaug https://i.imgur.com/GOYwMx6.gif

tRump natal progressed to January 13, 2020, and the Great American Solar Eclipse


The inaugural chart’s Sun/Pluto midpoint is at 24°13′ Capricorn opposite tRump’s natal Saturn at 23°49′ Cancer.

This column from David Leonhardt is an excellent summary of where we are:


I was sure I had this right but it popped into my brain last night when I went to bed. Used in my 9:43 pm post.

How to differentiate between ‘lying’ and ‘lieing’ – Quora

Melissa Michelson, ESL professor
Answered Feb 26 2016

Lie-ing is misspelled and does not exist. Do you mean “laying” and “lying”? If that’s the case, lying has two meanings: not telling the truth and lying down as in an action you or something does, but not an action that you do to something else. If you mean to “laying”, that refers to laying something down, whether it’s your head, or your pen, your book, etc. Lie is an intransitive verb and lay is a transitive verb, which means lay needs an object receiving the action and lie does not.

That is a great article by David Leonhardt, “The People vs. Donald J. Trump”; thank you for the link Nancy.

The present standoff between Trump and the nation is not symbolized by any natal opposition in the US natal chart (IMO), but by the US natal Moon (People) and Pallas (strategy) in Aquarius opposite Trump’s ascendant (the Trump view of the world) and Mars (aggression) in Leo, + the 2017 Solar Eclipse in Leo.

I will spare everyone an in-depth review of that chart for the 2017 Leo Solar Eclipse that was conjunct Trump’s Mars/Ascendant, other than to point out that the eclipsed Sun (28+ Leo) was quincunx (adjust) the transiting Chiron (27+ Pisces) and quincunx the US natal Pluto (27+ Capricorn).

The 3 of them formed a Yod, putting pressure on the eclipsed Sun and Trump’s Mars/ascendant to adjust to a specific standard and/or situation.

That situation is now clearly seen as “how to get funding to keep his promise to his Base for a Border Wall”, that COMBINED with the Dems running the House of Reps, led by Pelosi.

Since the total eclipse in August 2017 was opposite the US Moon and Pallas in Aquarius, the formation of the Yod was compounded into what is called a Boomerang pattern, with the Leo component pushing all its pressured energy onto the Aquarius planets in the US natal chart.

In other words, the US People (US Moon in Aquarius) are under pressure to pay for “the wall” by Trump’s Mars/ascendant in Leo, in order to relieve the pressure on him as symbolized by the Solar Eclipse (aka the American Eclipse) and the ensuing Yod.

The US People (US Moon), symbolized by the House of Reps, had the Chiron (then and now in Pisces) on one side (semisextile) and the US Pluto (in Capricorn) on the other side (semisextile) providing support.

They not only support(ed) the US Moon/People, they created the pressure on Trump (eclipsed Sun) and now the ball (power) is in the US Moon’s court.

With the transiting South Node now conjunct the US Pluto in Cap, and trans. Chiron in Pisces trine trans. Venus in Scorpio. and trine the trans. North Node in Cancer (as seen in yesterday’s chart of the Capricorn Solar Eclipse), the ball (power) is firmly in the hands of the US People (and Nancy Pelosi).

The House of Reps has been transformed since that 2017 Solar Eclipse, showing how eclipses work “over time” and this particular transformation was accomplished by trans. Chiron sextile US Pluto putting pressure on Trump’s Mars which opposes US Moon.

Behold how the gods and goddesses facilitate change (and evolution). Sometimes you just have to aim for the lowest point (or Trump and his base) to get change.

The trial part (arguments for the defense) could take weeks or months.

How Congress Could Impeach President Trump
February 3rd 2017
Mike Rothschild


“Removal actually requires five separate votes: two by the House Judiciary Committee, two by the entire House, then another vote in the Senate to convict. The process generally goes like this:

A member of the House presents charges to the House Judiciary Committee, usually based on a previous investigation.
The Judiciary Committee votes to request authority from the whole House to begin their own investigation (Vote #1.)
A majority of the House votes to authorize an investigation. (Vote #2.)
Once the investigation is complete, the Judiciary Committee votes on individual articles of impeachment. (Vote #3.)
Once approved, those articles are given to the entire House for a majority vote on each one. (Vote #4.)
If the House votes to approve any of the articles, the president has been impeached.

The president is then tried in the Senate, with the House Judiciary Committee acting as “managers,” or prosecutors, with the White House counsel defending the president, the chief justice of the Supreme Court acting as the presiding judge, and senators forming the jury.

Once both sides present testimony, the Senate votes on each article of impeachment, requiring a two-thirds majority to convict (Vote #5.)

Conviction results in the president being removed from office, but even if the president is not convicted they could still face criminal charges.

Due to its complexity and potential to go wrong, impeachment has been used just 19 times: presidents Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, one senator, one Cabinet secretary and 15 judges have been impeached by the House, with only 8 people ever removed from office. President Richard Nixon had impeachment articles against him approved by the House Judiciary Committee, but he resigned before the full House took up the matter.”

Oh, oh. Here is how Michael Wolfstar at Neptune Cafe discusses Election Day 2020:

”Mercury Retrograde Shadows Election Day 2020.
Historically, when Mercury is retrograde during the voting process, snafus of all kinds tend to confuse and delay the results. The most egregious case was in November 2000 when Florida’s votes had to be recounted by hand and ultimately the Supreme Court had to make the call. Looking ahead, Mercury’s retrograde phase will likely be a huge factor in the 2020 election.
The chart for the moment Mercury turns retrograde on October 13, 2020 (9:04 pm; Washington DC) looks ominous. Mercury at 11º Scorpio is near the U.S. Scorpio Ascendant, indicating that the nation as a whole will be influenced by this astro-event. And with Mercury opposing Uranus, the likelihood of sudden and unexpected developments is high. Surprising announcements, reckless statements, technology glitches, and hidden agendas being revealed may all be in play at this juncture.
Most importantly, this chart features a powerful T-square: the Libra Sun is exactly opposite Mars in Aries (orb: 0º05’), with both squaring Pluto in Capricorn. The Sun-Mars-Pluto dynamic is one of the most ruthless combinations possible, and suggests an extremely hostile geopolitical climate. One might speculate from now until then how this might manifest, but strife with foreign enemies (with transiting Uranus right on the U.S. Descendant) is certainly one possibility.
Martial law, episodes of violence and mayhem, or just candidates going to extremes of behavior are other possibilities. The extraordinary three weeks of this retrograde phase end precisely on Election Day, November 3 at 12:49 pm EST. Mercury retrograde covers the period when absentee ballots and votes by mail are cast, and ends on the day most people actually vote. It’s bound to be a chaotic election, if indeed it happens as scheduled.”

Marjorie Orr:

“His Term chart has an emphasised/afflicted Pluto in the 9th on the point of a T Square and it is catching today’s Capricorn Solar Eclipse, which could point to crises over the next few months unless there’s a radical transformation in approach to all matters 9th house – legal, foreign affairs and communication. Which seems less than likely and there will be consequences if situations are allowed to fester as before.”

here is the link:


ISRAEL: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu makes a ‘dramatic announcement’ to the press. While the topic was not specified, it is likely concerning the possibility that Netanyahu will be indicted for corruption by Israeli AG Avichai Mandelblit.


Andre, the chart for the Mercury retrograde in 2020 that Wolfstar writes about in your comment IS very interesting, as it relates to the US presidential election 3 weeks later. I’m particularly referring to the T-square he mentions that has Pluto at the apex.

The Sun in Libra will oppose the retrograde Mars in Aries, and Pluto will square them both from his position in Capricorn. That IS powerful, but surprisingly, he doesn’t mention that trans. Mars will be conjunct the US natal Chiron in Aries and the trans. Sun will conjunct the US natal Juno in Libra, giving us a big clue as to what will occupy the minds of US voters three weeks later on US Election Day.

Actually, trans. Pluto is precisely in the T-square between US Juno opposite US Chiron right now, today, and has been for some time.

My opinion is that with retro Mars, about to make its 2nd pass over US Chiron at the time of the Mercury rx in 2020, it will exacerbate the present “wounds” the US is experiencing right now regarding the US Chiron-opposite-US Juno-t-squared by trans. Pluto.

Juno symbolizes defense of victims of various kinds of degradation due to their being considered (by some) as second class citizens, so that could be foreigners of color, women in general and US born blacks, among others.

With transiting Sun (symbol of consciousness) on the day trans. Mercury goes retrograde (Oct. 2020) conjunct US natal Juno it could represent a large number of these victims showing up at the polls come Election Day. Transiting Sun will ALSO be trine transiting North Node (+ trans. Psyche) in Gemini that will be conjunct the US natal Mars and Trump’s natal Sun. That should be interesting!

Anyway, I don’t usually read much of what Wolfstar writes since he uses the US Scorpio Rising birth chart and I prefer the Sagittarius Rising chart (since 9/11), but I’m so glad you posted this quote and grateful to Wolfstar too. Thank you.

Linda G should have a new vid up today.

News Flash – just heard Trump wants to speak to the Nation (read that as “his Base”) tomorrow on TV in Prime Time.

*Trans. Jupiter (overblown) will be square Neptune (delusional);

*Mercury (speech) will be square Mars (attack);

*Moon (at 8 PM) will conjunct US progressed
Mercury (US thinking) as well as the Uranus in the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle, which squared the Jupiter-Saturn (society) conjunction (in 2000);

*Sun will be separated from Pluto by just 2 degrees;

* Transiting Uranus, now direct, will trine Trump’s Mars-ascendant and the Galactic Center (grand trine – nonstop).

The transiting 10 traditional planets are within less than a 150 degree span, a little over a Bundle pattern but less than a Bowel pattern, most of them on the opposite side of the zodiac from Trump’s natal planets. This suggests a bit of “me-against-the-world” perspective could be prompting Trump to do this – he is desperate.

PS: transiting Saturn now trines Mueller natal Mercury.

from “The Future Minders”


Saturn Trine Mercury

Greater discipline in your thinking at this time can allow you to solve difficult or time-consuming problems since you generally show patience in finding answers. You do well presenting facts, and those in authority tend to like a no-nonsense approach. Although you are mentally strong now, you do better following a set plan rather than being too independent in thought. You especially excel at developing further what you already know and what you already have planned.

You likely are careful in what you think, and you tend to make sensible decisions during this period. Your mind often slows down so that you can recognize your options more clearly, but you also may hesitate from making choices due to fear of being wrong or an unwillingness to disturb the balance that may exist. However, if faced with a challenge, you usually know what to do, or at least any judgment that you make is typically the right one, although you may deliberate awhile before reaching a conclusion. A potential benefit of this cycle is learning to trust what you choose.

What you say can have an impact, particularly when you communicate on topics that you have researched. Even though it may appear narrow, people often respect your viewpoint because you likely present reasonable ideas that make sense. At the same time, you can listen well to others, and equitable pleas and just arguments can receive your favorable attention. Substantive interactions can bring you more enjoyment now than superficial ones, and the word that you give, either in written or verbal form, typically is good. Contracts signed now generally are beneficial since not only do you mean what you say, but other parties generally meet their commitments.

This is an excellent time to learn even though you only may handle effectively a small amount of data at one time, but what you learn you tend to remember as you can gain mastery of certain elements. You may receive important information that has a positive impact upon you. Daily business may have greater importance now, and you may achieve more efficiency and better organization wherever you apply yourself. This is one of those cycles that can escape unnoticed if you passively accept the stability that can occur in specific areas. However, you can maximize the potential by focusing on a subject matter or a task that appeals to you and enjoying the ease at which it can yield to the depth of your inquiry.

BarbK, did you mean “bowl” pattern? You gave me a good laugh.

Banks, yeah, it made me smirk too, but no I didn’t do it on purpose. Honest! (the unconscious works in mysterious ways)

Barbk, thanks for the smile. The unconscious tells the truth sometimes. 🙂

Donald Trump tweet…..

“I am pleased to inform you that I will Address the Nation on the Humanitarian and National Security crisis on our Southern Border. Tuesday night at 9:00 P.M. Eastern.”

Astrologically, this could go badly for the President with an exact Mercury-Mars square (5 Capricorn-Aries) in t square to his natal Neptune (5 Libra). If Trump declares a National State of Emergency in the interest of being able to fund the wall; this could not only be seen as a fool-hardy political stunt but also a dangerous abuse of power. Will this mark the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency? Anyone else have an opinion on this?

Prime-Time Trump Faces Credibility Crisis

January 8, 2019

Washington (CNN) President Donald Trump will face one huge obstacle when he appeals to Americans in a prime-time Oval Office address Tuesday to unite behind his crusade for a border wall: Himself.

Trump has spent years exploiting immigration — one of the nation’s most divisive fault lines — during an insurgent campaign and a presidency sustained by the fervor of his committed political base.

But now, the downside of that strategy is becoming evident. In his attempt to convince the nation that a genuine crisis is unfolding at the southern border, the President’s arguments face extreme skepticism from those not already in his camp.



World Bank president resigns, paving the way for a Trump appointee at the helm of this global lender https://www.nbcnews.com/business/economy/world-bank-president-resigns-paving-way-trump-appointee-helm-global-n955781 via @nbcnews

Networks giving Trump free airtime on Tuesday refused to air Obama’s 2014 immigration speech

https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2019/1/7/18172419/trump-immigration-speech-networks-obama … via @voxdotcom

We are now moving into the Saturn transit opp US Sun (the president). Tomorrow morning the Moon will be semisquare Saturn. This is a bad time for Trump and will devolve over the next 10 days. Bad response to his crazy speech in tomorrow morning news. Strong pushback about to begin (Saturn).

I hope it completely backfires for Trump tonight, I also feel that the networks just play into Trumps hands, they refused to air Obamas speech but of course love the reality tv chaos of this President for their ratings. I do hope that they fact check him at least. It’s incredible how he calls the press the enemy of the people yet they all flock to him at his whim. How does he get away with what so many others have not?
Anyway, let the strong pushback begin!!

Thank you, Starlight, for that optimistic (for us) insight into Trump’s next 10 days. I’m feeling better about our democracy as indictments are beginning to come. Truth and revelations will flow. In time we’ll set this ship back on course.

Not sure how this lines up astrologically, but I have been told by a reliable source that indictments will be coming out from Mueller’s camp before the end of February.

Thanks for the reminder Nancy, The government workers not getting paid will surely contribute to that “bad time for Trump” in the coming days.

Diana, it infuriates me too about all the airtime for Trump, but I have mixed feelings in general since never, in all the years of TV news, have we heard reporters and anchors and talking heads badmouth a US president like they do this one. It started cautiously but now has grown to full on rebuke (Mars). Except for FOX, he is shown little to no respect from the press (Mercury).

Today US natal Jupiter and Mueller’s natal Saturn (5+ Cancer) are being opposed by trans Mercury (5+ Capricorn) and squared by trans. Mars (5+ Aries), although Mueller’s natal Juno (partner) at 5+ Gemini will be sextile transiting Mars. Buttons are being pushed.

The present cycle between Mercury and Mars took three conjunctions to get started due to Mercury’s retrograde. The 1st one (June 27, 2017) had the North Node at 25+ Leo. The 2nd one (Sept 3, 2017) actually had Mercury and Mars at 28+ Leo. The 3rd one (Sept. 16, 2017) had Venus at 26+ Leo.

All 3 conjunctions had some connection in their chart to Trump’s Mars-Ascendant (26+ and 29+ Leo), and those Trump points were conjunct the 2017 total solar eclipse in Leo. All 3 of these connections were in a grand trine with trans. Uranus in Aries and the Galactic Center in Sagittarius.

This means Trump is serving as some kind of conduit for the combined Mercury-Mars energy to push the Collective (us) upwards in consciousness. I’m just now realizing this.

Today’s Mercury-Mars square is a critical point in their cycle so I guess I’ll have to watch the bastard afterall.

Thank you, Nancy!!

I live 30 minutes from the border, the thought of Trump coming anywhere close greatly disturbs me.

By: Bob on January 6th, 2019 at 1:38 am

tRump’s demi-solar came in on December 15th. It’s anlunar for January 2019 comes in on January 12th.

It is very stressful for him. The MC is at 140°12?. His progressed Sun/Saturn midpoint at 138°49? is on it. So is his progressed Moon/Pluto midpoint at 142°00?. The chart’s IC holds returns’s Neptune/Pluto midpoint.

At first, with the aspects I posted for the 9th and 10th I figured the chart was showing his giving in on his demands but with transit Saturn opposite Sibly Sun and considering that the chart may be representative of a twisted or broken mind – a nut-job – (look again at his progressed midpoints that are triggered) it might speak to the workings of an unbalanced mind that will not change it’s focus.


I count on DT to say shocking things that turn out to be lies. How the press and so many people haven’t figured that out by now is beyond me.

I sometimes feel astrology is like chess. All the pieces moving into place. Today, another piece is moving into place with regard to what many on this site have been warning about – the 2020 elections.



“We are now moving into the Saturn transit opp US Sun (the president). Tomorrow morning the Moon will be semisquare Saturn. This is a bad time for Trump and will devolve over the next 10 days. Bad response to his crazy speech in tomorrow morning news. Strong pushback about to begin (Saturn).”


God Bless Saturn!

What’s the buzz for Pelosi’s chart tonight and tomorrow? I think she will shine!

Excellent, Will! Hopefully T-rump feels it strongly!
All this Mexico Wall BS is a distraction from D.T.’s Russian connections. My local CA Rep is Eric Swalwell he’s watching D.T. like a hawk!
“Donald Trump is not interested in border security, he is interested in border theater,” Swalwell.

It’s already begun:

Steve Schmidt is killing it on Nicole Wallace’s show:


God Bless Saturn!

Any views on Pelosi’s chart for tonight and tomorrow? I predict she will shine like a brilliant goddess after Donnie Darko’s 8 minutes.

Please keep RBG in your thoughts: On the Basis of Sex Trailer #1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9py35NhDjs

Schumer actually killed it tonight…more so than Nancy and is being quoted on the internet:

“The symbol of America should be the Statue of Liberty, not a 30-ft wall.”

And, something like, “the president couldn’t get Mexico to pay for the wall, nor the American people, so he shut down the government.”

Schumer also said, very simply: “There is an obvious solution: separate the shutdown from the arguments over border security…There is bipartisan legislation — supported by Democrats and Republicans — to re-open government while allowing debate over border security to continue.

His final line was probably intentionally reminiscent of Ronald (Mr. Gorbachov, Take down this wall) Reagan by saying ” Mr. President: re-open the government and we can work to resolve our differences over border security. But end this shutdown now.”

Nancy gave a very good response speech but Schumer, I thought, made a real impact.

I didn’t watch Trump but am now seeing clips from his speech on CNN: he is OBVIOUSLY reading from a teleprompter and is stilted.

Gosh, how could I forget that Trump’s natal Neptune is at 5+ Libra – and therefore today’s square between transiting Mercury (5+ Capricorn) and trans. Mars (5+ Aries) wasn’t just making a T-square to US Jupiter (+ Mueller’s Saturn) at 5+ Cancer. Oh no, it was making a GRAND CROSS (in Cardinal signs) with the inclusion of the Trump natal Neptune.

Lawrence O’Donnell sees Trump’s wimpy nation-wide TV message tonight as merely a followup on his campaign donation request (checks made payable to his election campaign as I understand it) to pay for the wall on the border. I knew nothing of this.

Apparently he has collected several million dollars so far. So the trans Mercury square trans Mars square US Jupiter (+ Mueller Saturn) square
Trump’s Neptune = free TV time for the President to scam the unenlightened US citizens among us.

How low can he go?

My right wing comment- They had a bank of American flags behind them, a seal that said ‘American Congress’ on it and Schumer was wearing his American flag pin to prove his patriotism but that Pelosi had no pin of any kind so her remarks do not count. Fill up the networks and social media with this FACT! No pin – no patriotism It is easy to prove because the video is everywhere just like AOC’s reckless abandon one from her high school days.

If you don’t make a donation to secure the border your name will go in me book and be read in church on Sunday. Just ask “The quiet Man”.

You can thank me at your wake if you live that long.

Rod Rosenstein to resign.

CNN: Rod Rosenstein has signaled to officials that he would leave the job when he was satisfied that Mueller’s investigation was either complete or close enough to completion that it was protected.

re: meeting with, Trump, Pelosi and Schumer – Jan. 9, 2019


Trump: “Nancy, are you going to give me my wall if I open the government (paraphrased)?” (this according to Pelosi , he said wall NOT border security.)

Pelosi: “No”

Trump then pounded the desk (according to Schumer) and then walked out of the meeting saying it was “a waste of my time”.

curtains drop,

Astrologer Denise Seigel has a new video up on You Tube. She said that there is some kind of Jupiter action in DT’s chart that is making him feel like he is on top of things right now. I sense that she is right.

She says these feelings are fleeting, she sees the Republicans separating from him in the spring.

Yamhead met with congressional leaders today, and Pence to “negotiate.”

Chuck Schumer, coming out of the W.H. meeting, said that Trump “just got up and walked out” after about 30 minutes.

“Again we saw a temper tantrum because he couldn’t get his way.”

Clip below:

Nancy Pelosi’s remarks:

Pelosi: Trump doesn’t understand the financial insecurity facing federal workers during the shutdown: “The president seems to be insensitive to that. He thinks maybe they could just ask their father for more money. But they can’t.” Via CNN

Clip below:

Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

Tons of Info & Russia….”Just Security”

Nancy Pelosi’s astro info c/o a Rick Levine video quickie. Interesting!


The secrets hidden symbolically within the January 5 Capricorn Solar Eclipse are starting to be revealed. Mueller’s investigation is reportedly coming to a point of closure, and because Mueller’s natal North Node (path forward) has now had its “return” it isn’t difficult for astrology lovers to believe these reports.

However, the January 5 Solar Eclipse chart’s Jupiter(the Big Picture) at 12+ Sagittarius (that was conjunct the US natal chart’s ascendant at 12+ Sagittarius) was opposite Mueller’s natal Uranus (unexpected) at 12+ Gemini (and the US natal chart’s descendant, aka the Other), and square Mueller’s natal Mercury (reports) at 12+ Virgo.

The Solar Eclipse Saturn (ruler of “time”) in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) was trine (enabling and supportive) Mueller’s Mercury (reports) in Virgo.

For some time the transiting Transneptunian Object (TNO) Orcus has been nearly conjunct Mueller’s natal Mercury in Virgo (examination of details) and is presently in retrograde motion. Jeremy Neal says this about the myth of Orcus:

“Orcus has a strong correlation with oaths, and, when negative, rules swindlers and liars, while when positive, persons of integrity.” (see link below)

It is the presence of transiting Orcus (essentially conjunct Mueller’s Mercury) that has helped drive Mueller’s determination (IMO) to complete his investigation on this interloper in the White House.

Transiting Orcus won’t exactly conjunct Mueller’s natal Mercury until the 1st of December this year, so we (the Public) may not see the Mueller Report details until then.


NBC: Rosenstein Will Stay Put Until Mueller Submits Report

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will make sure special counsel Robert Mueller’s report is in the Justice Department’s hands before he steps down from his post, NBC News reported Wednesday.

That caveat was surfaced hours after ABC News reported that Rosenstein planned to depart in the next few weeks. President Trump’s attorney general nominee, William Barr, is expected to take over around that time, pending Senate confirmation.

A source close to Rosenstein told NBC that the deputy attorney general’s departure hinges specifically around the report Mueller will soon file on his sprawling investigation into Russia’s interference in the election. Those findings are expected to be submitted by mid-to-late February and Rosenstein would resign by early March, according to NBC.

Rosenstein has continued to help supervise the Mueller probe even as Trump’s pick for Acting Attorney General, Matt Whitaker, assumed control of it, per NBC.


“Trump says he’s cut off FEMA funds for California wildfires in bizarre and misspelled Twitter rant
Source: RawStory

09 JAN 2019 AT 09:41 ET

President Donald Trump on Wednesday issued a bizarre proclamation that he has permanently ordered the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to stop sending California money to help beat forest fires unless they adopt his widely panned plan to prevent fires by raking leaves.

“Billions of dollars are sent to the State of California for Forrest (sic) fires that, with proper Forrest (sic) Management, would never happen,” the president wrote. “Unless they get their act together, which is unlikely, I have ordered FEMA to send no more money. It is a disgraceful situation in lives and money!”

Billions of dollars are sent to the State of California for Forrest fires that, with proper Forrest Management, would never happen. Unless they get their act together, which is unlikely, I have ordered FEMA to send no more money. It is a disgraceful situation in lives & money!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 9, 2019

Late last year, Trump claimed that Finnish President Sauli Niinist told him that raking leaves in forests was the key to his country’s success in preventing forest fires, although Niinist has denied he ever told Trump anything about raking.



After watching Rick Levine and reading the Raw Story piece, the President IS walking around like a man without a head who doesn’t know he’s bleeding.

“This is happening right now in Georgia: a propaganda campaign to force through insecure voting equipment that every single cybersecurity expert has warned against. Georgia, not Washington DC, is ground zero 4 the battle over election security in the US. Pay attention!” @AriMelber


Fe: for me, Trump is the true national emergency and crisis. A very dangerous man because he is soulless and heartless and something should be done about this tragedy we are in and witnessing.

Bob, thanks so much for the link, up thread, to Buddy Greene the harmonica player and all those pieces that follow him. I’ve played it over and over. What a treat! So sorry I waited so long to thank you, my bad.

According to Angellight’s post re: Rosenstein:
“A source close to Rosenstein told NBC that the deputy attorney general’s departure hinges specifically around the report Mueller will soon file on his sprawling investigation into Russia’s interference in the election. Those findings are expected to be submitted by mid-to-late February and Rosenstein would resign by early March, according to NBC.”
This timing coincides with Nancy’s heads up to us about the start of Trump’s Jupiter transits… I’m really trying not to worry.

Yeah, but, Frank, although the Jupiter effect can impart the reckless confidence to fight back against a multitude of problems & messes Trump has created and worsened, it doesn’t mean he’ll escape the consequences. However Mueller’s report is spun by Trump/the WH, it is only one piece, even if it appears to be the most high-profile, splashy, important one.

I’m torn between giving Michael Cohen’s unknown birth time a late Sagittarius “Big Picture” Moon which would put his natal Mars into late Cancer trine his natal Saturn in late Pisces (where transiting Chiron is) , . . .

. . or a 12 Noon early Capricorn Moon that puts his natal Mars at 0+ Leo. The Full Eclipsed Moon at 0+ Leo on January 21 is tempting but I’m not sure a 10th house natal Sun (12 N birth) overrides a Leo ascendant (4:45 AM) with Mercury on the ascendant.

But why quibble, no matter what time of day he was born, Michael has natal Jupiter conjunct the US natal Mercury, both at 24+ Cancer, and that’s what counts most when he testifies (publicly) before Congress on Feb. 7th.

By: Bob on October 8th, 2018 at 2:27

“Looking ahead and seeing Jupiter transits to tRump’s natal Sun, Moon, Uranus, and other points both natal and progressed I am thinking he may have enough cover to survive efforts to remove him from office.

Then what?

Revisiting Pence’s chart I see possibilities that could indicate promotion in January of 2020. Charts not looking like he earned it but had it thrust onto him. Could what takes tRump out be a health problem (or death) that removes him in that January? Leaving Rethugs in power (White House, Senate, and SCOTUS) could keep us on a downward spiral that culminates with the Pluto return.

Just trying to rationalize the transits in the next year.”

tRump WH – Natal Relocated Jun 14 1946, 9:54 am, EST +5:00
White House Dist of Columbia, 38°N53’50”, 077°W02’13”

Trump’s 2019 protection or some successes:

Jup Opp Ura Tr-Na Feb 1 2019
Jup Cnj Mon Tr-Na Feb 23 2019
Jup Opp Ura Tr-Sp Feb 24 2019
Jup Opp Sun Tr-Na Mar 11 2019
Jup Opp Sun Tr-Na May 11 2019
Jup Opp Ura Tr-Sp May 26 2019
Jup Cnj Mon Tr-Na May 27 2019
Jup Opp Ura Tr-Na Jun 23 2019
Jup Opp Ura Tr-Na Sep 28 2019
Jup Cnj Mon Tr-Na Oct 20 2019
Jup Opp Ura Tr-Sp Oct 21 2019
Jup Opp Sun Tr-Na Oct 29 2019

Added today, January 10, 2019:
Pence could also be removed just befor tEump’a chart gets hammered.

Bob….Added today, January 10, 2019:
Pence could also be removed just befor tEump’a chart gets hammered.

Let us pray. President Pelosi….

Comments on WAPost…This is crazy, they’re RICH!
“Since I have given money to Republican candidates in the past, I’m on their mailing lists.
I have been emailed at least 24 times in the past five days asking for money. The GOP is now so disturbing they’re using a government shutdown as a fundraising opportunity”.

Here is a little bit about the astrology on Feb. 7th; transiting Saturn (15+ Cap) will sextile transiting Neptune (15+ Pisces) thus forming a Yod with Cohen’s natal Mercury (16+ Leo), meaning Cohen’s Mercury will have to adjust, necessitated by its position at the apex of the Yod.

However, transiting Sun at 18+ Aquarius will oppose Cohen’s Mercury, meaning the Yod becomes a Boomerang and all the power of the Yod is lumped together and forwarded to the transiting Aquarius Sun (consciousness).

Interestingly, transiting Jupiter (arbiter of truth) at 18+ Sagittarius is in a position to assist Cohen (trines his Mercury) and the transiting Sun (Jupiter sextiles Sun). Jupiter will act as a facilitator between both the trans. Sun and Cohen’s Mercury which are opposed.

This is quite remarkable astrology in that Jupiter works alongside the Yod and, although it squares Neptune (part of the Yod), that might mean Neptune will have less of a detrimental impact on Cohen’s Mercury (he’s less likely to lie).

Cohen’s natal North Node conjuncts the US natal Vesta (what is invested in), both at 19+ Taurus, which opposes his natal South Node and his natal Neptune at 19+ Scorpio. Transiting Black Moon Lilith at 20+ Aquarius (repressed anger) T-squares them all.

20+ Aquarius is also the degree of the US progressed Mercury, and the degree where Uranus (shocking) was when it squared (challenged) the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn (changes in society) that began their present cycle in 2000.

By Feb. 9th transiting Sun (consciousness) will reach 20+ Aquarius and conjunct trans. Black Moon Lilith, US progressed Mercury and the Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s Uranus – and in addition, trans. Mercury will be sextile trans. Uranus.

What an exciting (and exhausting) time we are living in.

tRump singing after February 7th – showing in his natal, secondary progressed, and progressed anlunar charts. The Mars/Neptune midpoint (terror) is a common theme repeated in all of the charts that day and the next.

Working On A Chain Gang


Theme song for tRump’s base


Perfect! Thanks Bob 🙂

Barbk/ Bob,

Re: Michael Cohen’s scheduled testimony before Congress February 7th.

Check out the February 13th Mars/Uranus conjunction (29 ’12 Aries). It’s in trine to the Aug 21st, 2017 solar eclipse (28 ’52 Leo) and Trump’s ascendant (29 ’49 Leo). What is astonishing about this Mars/Uranus conjunction is that they are both in near exact declination to each other (+10 ’43/ +11 ’36) rendering this a powerful conjunction.

“Synthetic Marijuana Approved By DEA for Medicine While The Real Thing Remains Illegal” (Man cannot create like God.)

http://wisemindhealthybody.com/collective-evolution/synthetic-marijuana-approved-by-dea-for-medicine-while-the-real-thing-remains-illegal/ via @eatlocalgrown

Jerry, thanks! If we give Cohen a birth time of 4:45 AM his Mars is at 29+ Cancer and square the Mars-Uranus conjunction in Aries. His Moon would be at 28+ Sagittarius and trine the Mars-Uranus conjunction.

His natal Saturn at 28+ Pisces trines his natal Mars.

Will the Media Be Trump’s Accomplice Again in 2020?

“Perhaps journalists might turn their focus on the real threat to America, the current Leader of the Senate. Mitch McConnell has done more to harm our country than Trump, as he has foresworn his oath. Blocking Merrick Garland, refusing to advance legislation because the president won’t sign it, complete abdication of oversight by the Senate….and he gets a free pass.”


“WASHINGTON (AP) — Thousands of requests by men to bring in child and adolescent brides to live in the United States were approved over the past decade, according to government data obtained by The Associated Press. In one case, a 49-year-old man applied for admission for a 15-year-old girl. The approvals are legal: The Immigration and Nationality Act does not set minimum age requirements. And in weighing petitions for spouses or fiancees, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services goes by whether the marriage is legal in the home country and then whether the marriage would be legal in the state where the petitioner lives.”


The Impact of the Shutdown is about to snowball!

“Already, the shutdown has shuttered many national parks and museums, cut off key sources of income for government contractors, delayed payments of housing subsidies, and slowed or stopped routine public-health inspections of food and environmental hazards.”


The plot congeals… Interesting that they would release the information on the FBI looking into whether or not DT was working with the Russians after the Comey firing.

Shot across the bow to Barr?

I saw a tweet a day or so ago that I thought sounded interesting but had a tinge of possible “crazy conspiracy” to it. Tonight’s breaking story by the NYT makes that tweet seem a whole lot more plausible now.

Tweet by Louise Mensch on Jan 9: As I reported last spring, @Comey had the entire @GOP under a RICO investigation for taking Russian money. Lots of that came through @NRA and @Torshin_RU. Not good news for Trump / GOP campaign fundraisers @MichaelCohen212 @stevenmnuchin1, either.

Sassy Grace, I always thought Louise Mensch was interesting. I guess we will see how this all turns out.

Hello all. At the time transiting Uranus and Pluto were making their famous conjunctions in 1965-66, another cycle was beginning, but nobody knew it. That cycle was between transiting Chiron and transiting Saturn, except Chiron had not been discovered yet!

That cycle is still going on. They made it to their opposition in 2004 and this cycle will not end until 2028 when their new cycle starts, about the time trans. Uranus and Pluto are working through a series of trines with each other.

The present cycle between Chiron and Saturn started just 9 days following the 2nd Uranus-Pluto conjunction in April 1966. the Moon was at 27+ Capricorn at that time and conjunct the US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn.

This Moon represented the People, specifically the US People. She was square Mars (action, anger, violence) at 26+ Aries at the time of the transiting Saturn and the unknown Chiron conjunction.

Transiting Mars will conjunct that Chiron-Saturn chart’s Mars about February 8, 2019, and conjunct transiting Uranus a few days later.

That Moon in Capricorn was also sextile Mercury (communications) at 26+ Pisces (conjunct Saturn and Chiron at 23+ Pisces) and Mercury was square Jupiter (networking) at 26+ Gemini (they were square in the Uranus-Pluto conjunction chart too). That Jupiter in Gemini was trine the US natal Moon (US people) at 27+ Aquarius.

Therein lies the rub.

This Mercury-Chiron-Saturn conjunction square Jupiter (that trined US Moon) appears in both the Saturn-Chiron cycle chart AND the Uranus-Pluto cycle (2nd of 3) chart, but the Capricorn Moon conjunct the US natal Pluto appears only in the Saturn-Chiron chart. ONLY in the Chiron-Saturn cycle chart.

The North Node (path forward) in both charts at 25+ Taurus conjuncts Trump’s natal chart’s MC at 24+ Taurus.

In 1966 we did not have multiple news channels on our TV’s and certainly no 24 hour news feed like we do now in 2019. There were no cell phones as I recall, and certainly no smart phones. And no emails.

There was no Internet and probably few, if any computers in homes for private use. The meaning of the symbols Mercury and Jupiter were much more narrow in scope than they are today. Today the name of the game is communication and networking.

The story in the NYT that broke during the last 6 hours about the FBI investigation on the relationship between Trump and Russia has reached millions by now, whereas in 1966 it would have taken at least a week to reach that many, if it was ever even revealed.

It seems the Uranus-Pluto cycle (a collective/worldly approach) is tied to the Saturn-Chiron cycle (a cycle relating to societies), a cycle with connections to the US society. We would not even know about Chiron until its discovery in 1977.

Yet it is in hindsight that we learned about the Chiron-conjunct-Saturn chart in which the Moon was conjunct the US Pluto, and I believe this means the People are becoming the power (US Pluto) in our country, thanks to the discovery of Chiron.

With our phones and cameras, and ability to network, and our access to breaking news 24-7, the People, most especially the people in the USA, are growing more and more conscious of the abuses – especially in politics and government – and we will change the world because of it.

We know this because of a transiting conjunction between Saturn and Chiron at 23+ Pisces, 52 years ago. Transiting Chiron returned to that degree in March 2017, right on schedule, and we in the USA began to feel the pain, a requirement to become conscious of what needs healing.

barbk – no bad. Buddy Green is good. Watched the following videos until after the first set of fiddlers I had to go find some Roy Clark and on my way found some cloggers to watch.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zyj9yp8z4pg The boy playing with him was the world 5 string banjo player champ. Roy could hold his own on a number of instruments. Fitting for our times now Roy does a Nixon bit during the song.

A couple of masters play a little bit of heaven.


If’n you want more ah cain’t hep you.

Nancy, you were Spot-On when you predicted:
“The crossing of Saturn opposite the US Sun (13Cancer19) from January 9 through January 18, a transit that points to significant difficulty and reality shock for the president”.
I suspect, this was intentionally orchestrated as a two-prong disclosure with “Mueller’s Report” being the Frosting on the Cake! Otherwise the Con’s would have been in an uproar with more vehement protest.

The NYT story of the FBI opening a counterintelligence investigation into DJT – an investigation that was taken over by Mueller days after it was opened – has revealed the value of an action taken by the Obama administration in its last days. On January 3, 2017 – just 17 days before DJT took the oath of office – the Obama Administration made it possible for our intelligence agencies to have access to globally intercepted personal communications available to the NSA. They must have known this would be invaluable in keeping DJT in check.

Oh, one more thing . . the Pluto-Uranus conjunction (that was going on at the time of the Chiron-Saturn conjunction in 1966) took place in the same degree as Robert Mueller’s natal conjunction between Mars and Chiron, 16+ Virgo, the Sabian Symbol for which is A VOLCANIC ERUPTION. Mueller was destined for this moment.

Dane Rudhyar’s Kenote for this degree is:
“The explosive energy of long-repressed contents of the subconscious.” (from his book An Astrological Mandala)

I just watched Linda the Comanche Psyche’s newest tape, it’s a feel good one!

Now I’m gonna watch Bob’s newest musical link, thanks Bob.

Barbk, if I am not mistaken, the Chiron-Saturn conjunction in Pisces in the mid-Sixties was in opposition to the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo. I know because this was a key to understanding my own chart as I have Mars at 27 Pisces near the nadir or fourth-house cusp and that Mars is the focal point of a Yod or Finger-of-God.

“Donald Trump’s Many, Many, Many, Many Ties to Russia” TIME MAGAZINE”
We should Tweet/Post this all over the place:

Andre, yes, you are right; Saturn and Chiron were in the opposite sign from Uranus and Pluto when they made their exact conjunctions in April, 1966.

In March, 1966, they were even within orb of opposition by degree, although the exact conjunctions between Chiron-Saturn at 23 Pisces 51 and Uranus-Pluto at 16 Virgo 27 retrograde would take place the following month, 8 days apart.

That whole period, several months, if not years, were quite challenging for institutions (Saturn) in general, particularly against the government’s involvement in Vietnam, and school segregation in the US. Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. were still alive though.

“We are sensing the approach of an ever strengthening wave of issues that must be addressed. That wave will overtake us in 2020 and initiate changes that continue for several years. We are entering a new era, although it isn’t likely to be clear exactly what is happening in the beginning. It will probably be far in the future before we can look back and see what a significant turning point in history occurred during these changing times.”


Thank You!
Interesting site, especially:
“The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21, 2020 will change from the Earth to the Air element. The year the conjunction changes elements is called the “Great Mutation.”

2020 is a Great Mutation year. While the past 200 years have been oriented to the material world, that orientation will now begin to shift toward social progress, intellectual development, new concepts and the development of human consciousness.

This will be the focus over the next 200 year.”

An interesting look ahead!

If interested:
Pat Thurston & John Rothmann are on KGO Radio right now: https://www.iheart.com/live/kgo-810-san-francisco-5338/
(John Rothmann closely worked for Nixon during his Impeachment)

i encourage everybody to see the movie VICE. It is brilliant, in my opinion. AND a good review of the theory of “unified executive powers” which various dictatorial thugs in our government have tried to use.

Certainly, the movie is quite relevant to today’s issues.

Lest we forget how prescient Paul Krugman can be:

Donald Trump, the Siberian Candidate
By Paul Krugman
July 22, 2016

At bottom is the link to an extremely well written op-ed by Tom Nichols, a very principled former Republican who left the R. Party in October of 2018. see: https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2018/10/tom-nichols-why-im-leaving-republican-party/572419/

Nichols is a national security professor at the Naval War College and the Harvard Extension School, one of our preeminent Russia experts and author of “The Death of Expertise.”

I’ve not included any excerpts, as choosing from the man’s 16 brilliant paragraphs is just too difficult. Please read:

All signs point the same way: Vladimir Putin has compromising information on Donald Trump


“Tonight, Trump embraced white supremacist Patrick Buchanan’s views on immigration. But in this 1999 clip, Trump called Pat Buchanan an “anti-Semite” and “Hitler lover”:


It’s Already Collusion!
We don’t need news reports to tell us that Trump is giving Putin what he wants. Take it from this longtime Russia hand: It’s staring us in the face.
By STROBE TALBOTT January 13, 2019https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2019/01/13/trump-russia-collusion-putin-223973

Thank you Eliseo, I’m glad you enjoyed the link.

Bob, Thank you for the Les Paul link.

At Neptune Cafe this morning, Michael Wolfstar writes that Trump could be reelected because of divisions within the Democratic Party:

”AOC, Bernie Sanders, and other leftists may so divide the Democrats that Trump’s homogenous 35% of voters is enough to win again. Trump’s chart shows this: in November 2020 transiting Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are clustered together in Capricorn while trine his Midheaven. This triple outer-planet alliance is a strong signal for his re-election. As transiting Saturn advances to square her Sun, AOC is in the position to widen the split within her party, or see the practicality of working with moderates to unseat Trump.”

Maggie Haberman: ‘Disgusted’ Republicans Now Privately Admitting They Regret Supporting Trump


Yes, Andre, it’s a major concern of mine. And, we could see a repeat of 2016 with those in the progressive wing pitted against those in the moderate wing of the Democratic Party, causing party unity to self-destruct (and, although moderate sounds bad, it doesn’t mean the platform is conservative as the Democratic Party has always been liberal). We saw Nancy P. bridge the gap with AOC but will AOC encourage unity in the coming 2 years? Even DeBlasio, mayor of NC, says he won’t rule out a run for president and also said the Democratic Party didn’t learn anything from 2016 in terms of progressive positions. I think everyone has something to learn if they want to defeat Trump. In the final analysis, I think that, with the exception of Russia again making trouble as they did with the DNC emails and their other dirty tricks, the Democratic Party will find a way to come together as now that we’ve experienced the reality of Trump, the prospect of a second term is too horrible to consider. I’m going to keep an open mind and be positive. I am sure progressive ideas will influence the Democratic platform but we need a candidate who Independents and moderate Republicans can embrace. I wonder about the viability of a 3rd party in that respect.

Patty, the longer the news reports circle the topic (and evidence) that Trump is in the grip of Putin, the more Americans (and the rest of the world) become saturated with the enormity of the problem. It is the way of the Cancer Crab. Never move toward your goal in a straight direction.

It is Trump’s Saturn (stature, authority) and Venus (wealth, what he values) that conjunct the US natal chart Mercury (news reports) in the sign of Cancer. Bit by bit, the crab moves in – but not in the obvious direct way. Trump is being taken down, bit by bit, all the better to weaken (confuse) him.

Trump has in his natal chart the asteroid called Ophelia, named for the character in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, symbolizing (among other things) madness, and Trump’s Ophelia conjuncts the US natal Moon in Aquarius. The asteroid House (think House of Representatives) in Trump’s chart conjuncts his natal Ophelia and the US natal Moon (US people), which conjuncts the US natal Pallas (warrior goddess skilled in strategy).

It will be, in the end, the US natal Moon (ruler of the sign Cancer, the sign where the US natal Sun (consciousness, life), Venus (values), Jupiter (truth, justice. Big Pix), and Mercury (news reports) + Trump’s own natal Venus and Saturn that will defeat Trump. US Moon in Aquarius vs. Trump’s Mars & ascendant in Leo.

Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House) has natal Chiron (wound) conjunct US natal Cancer Sun. Robert Mueller has his North Node (+ Pallas, + Iris the messenger) in Cancer (opposite US natal Pluto), and his natal Saturn (conjunct US natal Jupiter that conjuncts US natal Venus) in Cancer. These two people, along with Trump, are playing out their roles in a drama that might be called The Birth of a Nation II.

We wait with bated breath as the tension mounts and we think “any moment now”, but the drama continues at the pace of a crab. We must not be fooled though; it is a strategy perfected by the enduring crab to defeat his enemies.

REMINDER: Georgia’s former secretary of state, Brian Kemp, having STOLEN the election from Stacey Abrams, is being sworn in as (not my) Governor today. #TheResistance


Mueller Draft Report Says Trump ‘Helped Putin Destabilize the United States’, Watergate Journalist Says


Because there was so much I looked for someplace else to post it. Forgot that I signed up at DU in 2005. I never posted there until yesterday. Had to have my name emailed to me so I could get a temp password.

I started a discussion so I could post about the tRump crime family.

Just noticed that the tRump family members all get hard hits around January 3rd 2021. I wonder if that is because the new setup in Washington consists of a Democratic President and Democratic majoritys in both the House and Senate.


Bob, I bet you ARE tired! Nice work, I’m feeling even more confident now, thanks to all your research. Appreciate the view from Lindsey’s perspective; 7 oppositions from Neptune in 32 months! Now I’M tired.

There was a horrifying anonymous op-ed in the Daily Caller by a Trump admin sr. official which stated that the administration doesn’t want most of the government workers back at work. They’d rather strip the agencies of wasteful spending and the shutdown makes it easy!


Meanwhile, here in NOLA, protesters held signs where Trump is going to speak (The Convention Center) such as “Impeach Dat”, chanted “lock him up” and “ban the shutdown”, and pulled a gold statue of a fat Trump as Napoleon riding on a nuclear bomb through the streets – “Fat Man and Little Boy”.


Sharon, I agree with the idea that trump does not want to end the shutdown. He was paid over three billion dollars by Russians to destabilize and destroy America. I would say he is doing very well at this. And when or if he leaves, he will be leaving an America that is in shambles.

Anyone else picking up on the mounting Lunar Eclipse energy? DJT’s presidency is about to be massively and permanently upended.

He’ll never recover from Muller’s revelations about his undeniable ties to Putin. Not this one. Not this time.

I also think we’re in for a major rethinking of the Presidency itself in the coming years, with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, and eventually Pluto, transiting the inauguration degree (0 Aquarius) of the modern US presidency.

It’s time to examine the very essence of executive power in the US, who gets to be President, how they are elected, and why. Should we even have a President? How much power should this person have? I think it’s also time to split the Head of State and Head of Government roles into two separate positions as most modern democracies do.

More from Beth Owl’s Daughter:


“What you see and hear depends a good deal on where you are standing; it also depends on what sort of person you are.”
C. S. Lewis, The Magician’s Nephew

Andre, I can see it happening…
My Vermont sister is so enthralled with Bernie Sanders that she would absolutely never vote for anyone else!
Unless Mueller has massive info so devastating, we may see a repeat of more devastating Trump disgrace.

In principle I’m reticent about separating head of state from head of government. Bt if we did, we would also likely have to change how House members are elected and for how long they would serve. The Speaker of the House would essentially be our prime minister.

The Senate would likely continue as is, although the states they represent are slowly becoming less relevant, this occurring as regional cities and mega-cities gain more and more economic power. The caveat is the effect on our governmental structure due to climate change and whatever unintended and unexpected conditions manifest with the rise of artificial intelligence.

I expect we might lose as many as 20 states due in the next 2 to 3 decades to climate change, i.e. depopulation as the result of severe desertification, sea level rise, and dramatically increased frequency of mega-hurricanes. It is quite possible, population decrease in those states will sufficiently reduce state tax income as to force them to devolve into dependant territories.

Another climate change effect which might alter our Constitutional/governmental structure will be the necessity of establishing a new capital city. Washington, D.C. was built on a drained swampy area, too low by sea level for even very mild & minimal sea level rise. Might our new capital become Lincoln, Nebraska??? Somewhere in Colorado??? Maybe somewhere near the Great Lakes???

Neither of our two major parties are remotely realistic as to coming challenges, nor the quite do-able fixes and solutions to present and future problems. I cautiously predict in the next few years the R. Party will go completely “out of business” whereas the D’s are quite likely to take almost complete control, and pass a mixture of really necessary and good and some truly, egregiously bad and counter productive legislation. The D’s will split into at least 2, possibly 3 parties after the self-inflicted demise of the GOP.

Interesting thoughts, Eliseo. I also see fewer states in the future of the US. And those that remain will increasingly become irrelevant as governing entities, being superceded by megacities.

The time may come when states exist in name only, or as quaint entities with little if any formal authority, much like NYC’s borough presidents.

Kansas City has long sought to become the future capital of the US based upon its centrality. Personally, I think it will just shift back to Philadelphia.

Good riddance to the putrid energy of the GOP entity of 1854 when it finally does perish. If there are ever and proportional voting reforms enacted, the Dems could easily split up into Moderate Conservative, Liberal-Progressive, and Democratic Socialist parties.

Eliseo, I’ve been echoing what you’re saying about the parties for years now… at least since Bush Jr’s term. The only way I see the GOP remaining as a viable party is if all the corruption inre: election fraud, etc., is not addressed and they steal every election from here on out. And that would only delay and (IMO) actually set us up for a Civil War II.

-IF- the Mueller Investigation also takes out the (not-so) hidden traitors in the Repub party they will morph into something only for that Nazi-ish 25% of our country. Mitch McConnell, McCarthy, Ryan, and several others need to be jailed for the treason and corruption they’ve foisted on our country for years (IMO). Thus, they won’t have a enough of a majority to come to power (minus hanky-panky) with the electoral college.

The split in the Dem party has to and will happen, IMO. I’m an old FDR Democrat. I’m much more on the progressive side of things, even now that I’ve retired. But I realize the danger to Party as I peruse DU and Kos. We have generations who don’t know enough about FDR. They only know the neo-liberal views beginning (mostly) in the Clinton years. Can we older progressives really fault them for their views?

Personally, I detest neo-liberalism. Along with the Repub party, it stripped the soul out of all jobs and careers. Everything these kids have seen is based on and evaluated by how much money they can make in a lifetime. In this society now, I can’t blame them (as I sit here wondering HOW in the hell I’m gonna make it till I die), but as a country, we’ve lost something indescribably important – our heart and our soul. We’ve sold out to the money changers, and we’re only now seeing it thrust into our face how bad that really is.

Always, and of course, YMMV (smile).

I love AOC. She keeps everybody off balance – Dem and Repub and Media, alike. I love her enthusiasm; I love her youth; I love her ideas. And I don’t imagine for one minute that she doesn’t have the gravitas to sit down for the good of the Party with anybody and compromise where necessary.

I personally see her and others like her, including our own Sharice Davids, as the future of the old FDR party. And don’t forget — the FDR Party made the United States the leader and the most prosperous country in the world for years – until the Repubs finally got chances to start ripping it apart.

AOC and her cohorts make ME feel younger when I watch, and wish for the strength and stamina once again to keep up with them. It’s a shame many of them see my age group as old repub fuddy-duddys. (sigh)

Sharon K – Before I retired from the DoD in August, I told my coworker I felt this was the Admin the repubs were going to use to start completely dismantling the Federal Government, starting with us Fed workers. And they’d do it by any means necessary, to their mind. While we were funded for the new year, I predicted Trump would shut down the government, even as all news reports pointed to the opposite. These shutdowns have become too common to the public, now. We’re no longer shocked by them. And now, with Trump violating the law regarding shutdowns, he can “smooth” over the sections that cause uproars in his base. Thus, shutdowns (the longer the better) become the perfect vehicle for dismantling the government. Fed workers, no matter how much pride and dedication we have to our jobs, can go on forever with uncertain paychecks. And trust me, there will be a shutdown where Fed workers are not repaid.

What I don’t see being blasted in the media, which I wish dearly to see is the headlines that say Slavery is Illegal in the United States. And demanding Fed Workers come to work day after day and work without pay is nothing less that Slavery perpetrated by the current Administration!
Call Trump and his neo-nazi administration as the Slave Masters they are.

Is anyone in MSM calling out Mitch McConnell on his failure to uphold his oath of office? Or have they forgotten that, even when the party in office in the Senate matches that of the Executive, the Senate still has its own responsibilities to bring bills to the floor?

I think the old Conjunction Junction videos on how a bill becomes a law needs to be replayed every where on a daily basis! And ya know… nowhere do I remember it saying in there that the Senate only sends bills to the Prez that he’ll sign.

In fact, I distinctly remember something about a presidential over ride vote! Hmmm… maybe I’m just too old.

I agree the GOP needs to die. It has become much to toxic, reactionary, and just plain corrupt. I see its coming demise as both necessary and tragic. Although I am a Dem. Socialist, I find many “true” conservative values quite noble and healthy and will lament the absence of those who will stand up for such principles. But then again most all of the R’s have already abandoned their principles in favor of their addiction to power.

I think cities were originally important as centers of commerce and exchange in support of the many farmers back when western societies were predominantly pastoral and agricultural.

We’ve not only industrialized but increasingly, future farms will consist not of outdoor fields, but will be done indoors in artificial greenhouses within great towers and skyscrapers. The meat consumers eat will likely be produced either in giant petri dishes in lab settings rather than in the slaughter house, and/or several plants will be modified to have the taste and texture of steak, hamburger, chicken, etc.

When practically 100% of the population lives in cities or suburbs, old state boundaries will mean little, and bioregional boundaries much. What need of the old states then? New states may need to be drawn/created with flexible boundaries relative to changing climate and bioregional need. State government would then be more a matter of what we think of now as under the Department of the Interior.

I had no idea Kansas City had any desire to become the new US capital! Is that the desire of the population or of the business community and/or politicians running Kansas City?

If proportional representation is enacted a split into Moderately Conservative, Liberal-Progressive, and Democratic Socialist parties sounds about right. I would hope the level of general knowledge would be higher by then, as well as a greater commitment to evidence and pragmatism.

Who knows? By then we all might be cyborgs connected to the net 24/7, amusing ourselves to death or conversely choosing to develop spiritually and intellectually. Shall it be said with disdain or with astonished respect, “O brave new world, that has such people in it!” ? William Shakespeare, The Tempest

I concur with 99.99% of the content of your last 4 postings! I regard FDR as our greatest president. The New Deal should have gone further and remained in place. FDR wanted to do that but when he proposed his Economic Bill of Rights in 1944, he was too ill and the nation was too busy with WWII to take his proposals seriously.

His (updated) Economic Bill of Rights needs to be enshrined as an addition to our Constitution!

Greed will find a way. Were the EBR to become merely a plethora of laws, rather than constitutional principle it would surely suffer the same fate as did the New Deal. New Deal laws were gradually undone one by one over time by the R’s and cooperating Neo-Liberal Dems.

Bill Clinton signed the legislation ridding us of Glass-Steagel, which of course opened the door to the economic/financial meltdown of 2008. IMHO, BC was a mediocre to terrible president!

We haven’t had a “great” president in the make of FDR for a LONG time. We’ve had a few really excellent Statesmen, which is where I’d put BC. Obama was as great as they come these days, but even he was a neo-liberal. As much as I like him, and liked what he tried to do (and even accomplished) thru the Repub rebellion, I can’t help but feel he was a much better Statesman.

I would even change my mind if just ONE of the repub or neo-liberal ideas would ever be scientifically and experientially shown to be good for the “common man!”

There’s been an excellent conversation regarding the future of states here in the U.S. While most of the convo has been centered around future demographics, etc., the one reason I see as enabling it is happening… and has happened over the course of the last several years.

Most of our current “States” are being demolished in the same manner as our current Fed Gov, only the demolition started around Reagan’s time, and got one hell of a boost with GW Jr.

Before I left at 18 for the Air Force, Kansas was a great state… excellent schools, tops in education at all levels. Our highways and roads were the envy of a four-state region. Social services and businesses were both heralded. We had our race riots in the early 70’s, even in my small hometown of Atchison. But for the most part, even integration wasn’t that big a deal to the majority of people. People saw Kansas as a great place to live and raise a family, and to grow old comfortably. We pitied Missouri!

Since Brownback, things have only gotten worse in several ways. And as a state, Brownback has robbed us of even being able to take care of ourselves.

I retired in August and filed for early SS in Sept at my (former) KcK office. Because I have Lupus and a back no surgeon will touch any longer, I also decided afterwards to file for Disability, especially since the “big boss” over my Civilian department at the Post wouldn’t allow telecommuting (even tho my work was done ALL by wireless, even on Post!). The KcK office also took that application. Thought I was done except for any further questions or final determination. Oh, no… was I wrong!

Just before Christmas, I got a brand new packet of papers from the Missouri Education Department regarding my disability claim. Seems MISSOURI is doing some, or most of Kansas’ claims!!!!! We no longer even have enough government to process our own SS and Disability claims!

My first response packet was lost in the mail at Xmas, so I’ve got a new set to fill out again, and an appointment someplace in Kansas City MO for an in-person interview. I’ve got to call them ’cause I can neither drive nor ride that far anymore.

They also have me “slotted” in “Education” because I worked the last 20+ years in an Army Education dept. BUT, even there, I was only known as “Education” because they had no numeric GS slot for what I and my coworker did. We’d be properly slotted as Technical, except that wasn’t allowed for the school! We did nothing education-wise. We operated, did troubleshooting, and posted curriculum on Blackboard and Sharepoint! Somehow, I don’t think this is going to be an easy conversation with the Missouri Dept of Education, especially as I sit here in Leavenworth, KS! (LOL)

Aquarius is the water bearer. Should it be any surprise we expect sea level rise as the Aquarian age comes near?

For those who might be interested:
Antarctica Is Now Rapidly Melting All Over, Including Parts We Thought Were Safe



“That means the region is losing six times as much ice as it was four decades ago, an unprecedented pace in the era of modern measurements.”

“The most striking finding in Monday’s study is the assertion that East Antarctica, which contains by far the continent’s most ice – a vast sheet capable of nearly 170 feet (52 metres) of potential sea-level rise – is also experiencing serious melting.”

This July 16, 2019, aspect may signal the formal beginning of tR’s removal from office.


“PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS: The House just passed a resolution defending protections for people with pre-existing conditions against a GOP-led lawsuit that sought to repeal them. Democrats are now urging Republicans to take up a similar resolution in the Senate.” @Nowthispolitics


Doing my charts for tRump in July I come up with opposite interpretations for the same moment in time.

All I can think of is that impeachment occurs or is begun. The terrible mundane chart showing that while his secondary progressed Venus and Jupiter straddle the charts Asc. The thinking being that if he is a Russian asset he may want to be removed from office so he would hope to be out from under Putin;s thumb and could say “it is not my fault that I can’t deliver what you want. They are removing me from office.” That might explain why he will not give in on his current demands. He wants things to get so bad that the Congress will move to remove him from office. If that were to occur before next January that period of time might be showing a more deadly time for him. Just speculating.

His secondary progressed New Moon in July showing that it has reached it’s peak at this time in his life.

Nominee Barr seems the product of:

1) a transiting Saturn (+ trans Mercury) opposite the US natal Sun; (balance is possible)

2) a transiting Jupiter squares transiting Neptune (that trines US natal Sun) – but that Jupiter also sextiles US natal Saturn;

3) a transiting Venus trine a transiting Mars (which still sextiles US Uranus) but she is also opposite US NATAL Uranus;

4) a TRANSITING Uranus square US natal Pluto but also sextile the US natal Moon (and there’s more);

5) a transiting Sun (conjunct transiting South Node) opposite the US natal Mercury (conjunct trans. North Node + Mueller’s North Node);

6) a TRANSITING Uranus that T-squares transiting Sun which opposes US natal Mercury, but trines the Trump natal Mars-ascendant;

7) a transiting Pluto T-square US natal Chiron opposite US natal Juno, but it is trine US natal Vesta and trine US natal Neptune;

8) a transiting Ceres (grief) square US natal Moon (US people) but sextile US natal Pluto (power);

9) a transiting Chiron trine a transiting Ceres and the transiting North Node (+ Mueller North Node) . . a grand trine . . and as well trans. Chiron sextiles a US natal Pluto;

Bill Barr was born on May 23, 1950, so he’s a Gemini, okay? Gemini is very hard to pin down. Trump is a Gemini too.

Barr probably has an exact natal Moon-Pluto conjunction in Leo, at least it’s a narrow orb conjunction.

Barr’s natal Neptune at 14+ Libra conjuncts the US natal Saturn and squares US natal Sun. Today’s transiting Saturn in Cap squares it but today’s transiting Jupiter in Sagittarius sextiles it.

Transiting Jupiter at 14+ Sagittarius also trines Barr’s natal Pluto (and Moon) in Leo, and transiting Jupiter is on the Great Attractor (compelling attraction) at 14+ Sagittarius.

It would seem that the Universe is inviting us (the US) to have faith in this guy.

Barr’s natal Mercury at 19+ Taurus retrograde conjuncts the US natal Vesta (what is invested in) at 19+ Taurus, therefore trans Pluto in Capricorn and US natal Neptune in Virgo make a grand trine with Barr’s Mercury.

Barr’s natal Uranus at 3+ Cancer conjuncts US natal Venus (values) at 3+ Cancer.

Barr’s natal Saturn (in charge, restrict) at 12+ Virgo conjuncts Mueller’s natal Mercury (reports) at 12+ Virgo which squares Mueller’s Uranus (freedom) at 12+ Gemini (conjunct US natal chart’s descendant).

Barr’s natal Saturn T-squares the US natal chart’s ascendant (12+ Sagittarius) and descendant (12+ Gemini).

I am leaning toward Trust regarding Barr, but there is still so much to unpack. Then there is transiting Neptune who is encouraging us to open our heart’s to trust the Universe.

I hope I’ve not made any errors here but I will get back if I find one.

Off Topic…Yet, touching:
“The Gay Penguins of Australia”Two male penguins are raising a baby whose gender is unknown.


“After January 9, we move away from the transit of Neptune conjunct the US progressed Sun (now at 14Pisces15) that has been plaguing the country since the 2016 campaign. This configuration has highlighted the hyperbolic, emotional, delusional fog that has been drenching the national psyche for nearly three years, with Trump (the Sun/president) at its core.”

Not a moment too soon.

Let it be, Let it be, Let it be, Let it be….

That’s adorable patty; the world is changing and maybe it will be these penguins who will lead the way. Thanks for sharing.

More about the Barr birth chart; his Pluto and Moon in Leo conjunct Mueller’s Sun while his Neptune in Libra conjuncts Trump’s Chiron as well as the US Saturn. These two groups of planets, one in Leo and one in Libra form a Yod to transiting Neptune in Pisces.

The thing is, transiting Neptune in the apex of the Yod is supposed to “adjust”, but the nature of Neptune is so malleable already this doesn’t seem to be all that much of a challenge for Neptune. Odd.

Then there is the transiting Jupiter that conjuncts the Great Attractor in Sagittarius that squares transiting Neptune in Pisces, while this same trans. Jupiter trines Mueller’s Sun and Barr’s Pluto-Moon (while it sextiles Trump’s Chiron and Barr’s Neptune) at the same time. Which one is in charge – Neptune or Jupiter? Perhaps both?

In order to get beyond the dilemma of Trump vs. Mueller, a 3rd party has to referee, and Barr, being a Gemini and connected to both Trump AND Mueller via their astrology, could be the perfect choice.

Right now. while the two rulers of Pisces (Jupiter and Neptune) are square each other, and both are aspecting the Great Attractor, and all 3 are connected to Trump’s and Mueller’s and Barr’s natal charts, . . .

. . . and Barr – being a Gemini – would seem to be capable of the duality required to bring an acceptable conclusion to this dilemma.

Call me crazy, but I think the gods and the Universe have laid down a path to get the Mueller report completed without Trump’s interference.

Perhaps Trump’s “out” might be to be diagnosed as crazy (no jail time) or as Bob suggests, he could avoid Putin’s blackmail by being impeached too.

Normally I might say “stranger things have happened” but I’m not sure that’s true in this case.

Cardinal T-Square between Mars, Pluto, and North Node – Feb 02 2019 to Feb 14 2019

Mars starts at 21° Aries
Pluto starts at 21° Capricorn
North Node starts at 25° Cancer

Trump’s natal Saturn/ Venus conjunction (23/25 Cancer) will be in the line of fire early to mid February. Michael Cohen’s testimony before congress on February 7th comes to mind.

will, there is more reassurance all this will end eventually, and it comes via transiting Lachesis at 22+ Taurus right now.

Lachesis in mythology was one of 3 sisters known as the Fates who determined the length of time something or someone would live. The Saturn-Jupiter cycle we are in right now began at 22+ Taurus in 2000 and will end in December 2020. I believe transiting Lachesis is directing us (me anyway) to look at the chart for that cycle.

There is much in that chart that points to our present zeitgeist such as Mars at 17+ Gemini conjunct Trump’s natal Uranus.

Chiron at that time (May, 2000) was at 14+ Sagittarius and conjunct the Great Attractor, and that’s also where transiting Jupiter is right now. The Nodes (North and South) of Fate back then were in the same places where the transiting nodes are right now.

Transiting Neptune is presently creating chaos by being square that Chiron in the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s chart and Chiron makes us aware of a problem that needs healing by wounding us. By having transiting Jupiter (understanding) conjunct the Chiron in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart we are healing by understanding.

Apparently we must be fogged up to reach that understanding (trans. Neptune conjunct US progressed Sun AND square trans. Jupiter and the Great Attractor). I think transiting Lachesis is saying this (“Neptune-Chiron” phase will end by December 2020, if we can just keep the faith.

Jerry, thanks for the heads-up.

The UK Parliament voted by slightly more than 68% against PM Theresa May’s Brexit deal. (432 to 202) In a few hours they’ll vote on a motion of no confidence. If the motion passes, they’ll have a new election.

Meanwhile, Brexit is up in the air. If no deal is agreed upon between the UK and the EU by March 29th the UK will experience a very disruptive “hard Brexit.” That would damage both the UK and the EU economies while generating a great deal of chaos.

Conversely, there is another alternative, the People’s Vote campaign, a movement for a new referendum on Britain leaving the EU which may or may not succeed in getting the nationwide re-vote they desire.

Putin has long wanted to see the EU broken up and NATO destroyed. Reports are Trump plans to withdraw us from NATO. XI Jinping and Vladimir Putin are surely salivating if not dancing Hitler’s infamous jig.

Anyone have any opinions astrological or otherwise regarding March 29?

Trump thought NATO was a TRADE organization? Egads, gods save us all. The man is totally ignorant; assumed it meant North Atlantic Trade Organization! (as per Malcolm Nance)


I remember thinking, back in 2009, when transiting Jupiter and transiting Neptune and transiting Chiron were all at 26+ Aquarius, and conjunct the US natal Pallas at 26+ Aquarius and the US natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius, that it might be about prescription drug costs; something that troubled me greatly at the time. I never dreamed it would be about a president named Trump.

Right now transiting Chiron at 28+ Pisces is sextile the US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn. This sextile forms a Yod (or Finger of God as it is sometimes called) with Trump’s natal Mars at 26+ Leo and his natal chart’s Ascendant at 29+ Leo.

Trump’s Mars-Ascendant is being forced to adjust, part of the process of being at the apex point of a Yod.

Opposite Trump’s Mars-Ascendant in Leo is the US natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius and US natal Pallas at 26+ Aquarius, turning the Yod pattern into a Boomerang pattern, where all the combined Yod energy (trans. Chiron, US natal Pluto and Trump’s Mars-Ascendant) is forwarded to the Boom part – the US Moon (US people) and US Pallas (strategy).

This is the same spot where trans. Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron were in 2009, and right now – while this Yod-turned-Boomerang is going on – transiting Jupiter (+ the Great Attractor) at 14+ Sagittarius is square transiting Neptune at 14+ Pisces! This is not about the cost of prescription drugs anymore. “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

Note that the total solar eclipse at 28+ Leo on August 21, 2017, was conjunct Trump’s Mars-Ascendant, and opposite the US Moon-Pallas, just like now. Chiron was at 27+ Pisces and sextile US natal Pluto, just like now. Transiting Jupiter at 20+ Libra was opposite US natal Chiron and transiting Neptune at 13+ Pisces was trine US natal Sun.

We in the US are under the influence of both the Neptune-Jupiter-Chiron conjunction AND the Great American Solar Eclipse and its name is Trump.

And no we’re not in Kansas anymore, but there might just be a yellow brick road we can follow with a wizard at the end.

Ralfee Finn:

“But don’t be dismayed if you’re feeling more than a little discombobulated by the current tumult and can’t get comfortable in the here and now. You are not out of touch, you are actually in tune. Our present global situation is deeply unsettling because we’re caught in a maelstrom of change with no clear outcome in sight. Finding peace in the midst of this uncertainty—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual—is the challenge, especially when so many dimensions are broadcasting so many diverse messages all at once. What’s more, because most of us are already worn thin by the incessant intensity, it’s that much harder to hold a clear vision about what’s happening.”

“Exclusive look @ Christie unleashed: Trump surrounded by “amateurs , grifters, weaklings, convicted and unconvicted felons”


Just noted that transiting Arachne (the web-maker) is conjunct transiting Chiron in Pisces. That means the Yod created by trans. Chiron sextile US natal Pluto that is putting pressure on Trump’s Mars-Ascendant is now tightening. All the more to strengthen the US Moon in Aquarius!!

Nancy Pelosi has natal Saturn at 0+ Taurus, which transiting Uranus has now oassed over twice. The 3rd transit over Pelosi’s natal Saturn by trans. Uranus will be at the March 6th Pisces New Moon that conjuncts transiting Neptune and transiting Vesta and Pelosi’s natal Mercury.

Pelosi’s natal Pluto is at 0+ Leo, where the January 20-21 Lunar Eclipse falls, and her natal Uranus at 0+ Taurus T-squares the transiting Sun at 0+ Aquarius (where the Jupiter-Saturn cycle starts in Dec. 2020) that opposes the eclipsed Moon that conjuncts her natal Pluto.

Trump has met his match.

Here is a free astrolgy seminar for short period.


“Call me crazy, but I think the gods and the Universe have laid down a path to get the Mueller report completed without Trump’s interference.”

Intuitively, that feels about right. I feel that the harder and more assiduously Trump and other like minded forces attempt to suppress the guilty truth, the more likely it will be revealed in full. People won’t take this lying down.

Not this time. If necessary, the modern equivalent of pitchforks, whatever that might be will come out. The suppressors WILL BE PRICKED, forced to reveal all.

When Nixon was pardoned, it inadvertently conveyed the message that the president really is above the law. Succedent presidents have gotten away with entirely too much; some of them should have gone to jail.

Again intuitively, I feel all of that is coming to a head. The powers and privileges of the Presidency will as a result of this process be far more clearly circumscribed.

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