22nd Nov, 2018

Sound and Fury

More often than not, the national conversation these days has devolved into a bizarre struggle over the nature of reality. On one side of this argument is Donald Trump, who spews the self-serving, delusional ramblings of one whose grandiosity cannot tolerate loss or criticism or challenge, and who needs to constantly conjure up enemies as a prop for his imagined heroism.  Just this week in Trump’s hallucinatory rantings, the 2018 election was a huge win for Republicans; Admiral William McRaven,  who  once criticized Trump’s attack on the free press, is a Democratic  stooge who should have gotten Osama bin Laden much sooner; and the historically destructive California wildfires are the fault of (mostly Democratic) Californians who didn’t rake enough.

Needless to say, the long list of Trump’s narcissistic perversions of reality goes on and on, but the theme is always the same. The lies either fabricate Trump’s  greatness, success, and heroism, reinforced by the invocation of false threats, like the grotesquely maligned caravan, against whom he alone can protect us, or they viciously belittle those who stand on the other side of this resounding clash of the national discussion. In this latter group are all those who actively oppose Trump’s egotistical delusions, including much of the national press, the Democrats, and anyone else who questions or criticizes Trump’s actions or words and who continues to believe in measurable facts on the ground.

In the world of astrology, Neptune is the planet of delusion, illusion, confusion, and, more generally, the inability to see reality in a clear, unbiased way. Those under its influence often get caught up in the emotional drama or fantastical expectation of the day, usually leading to eventual disappointment or disillusionment when the cold hard facts reassert their dominion in the material world.  Thus, Neptune shapes at least a part of the celestial description whenever a person is enthralled in a compelling illusion, whether it be adulation of a glorified lover, later revealed to be a scam artist; over-zealous investment in a get-rich-quick scheme, later revealed to be a con; or believing in a charismatic politician, eventually revealed to be a peddler of false promises and dishonest scare tactics to feed his lust for power and wealth. What is often referred to as Cult 45, the enthralled masses who cling to and spread Trump’s self-serving lies as if they were proclamations from Heaven, is a tragic example of the Neptune phenomenon impacting a large swath of the US population.

Of interest to our discussion is the transit of Neptune conjunct the US progressed Sun (12 to 14 Pisces), which spans the 2016 campaign through January 9, 2019. We are currently in the final and protracted period of the intensified potency of this transit, from mid-September 2018 to January 9, 2019.  This transit points to a just under three-year period of US leadership (the Sun) being dishonest, emotionally susceptible to hyperbole, and projecting an illusory narrative that tends to enthrall a segment of the populace until ultimate disillusionment sets in. Reality is hidden under a fog of lies, deceptions, and unrealistic expectations.

Moreover, when Neptune, the planet of illusion, is followed by strong transits from Saturn, the planet of painful lessons in facing reality, the resulting letdown from the Neptunian hype can be very distressing. The US may well be facing such a phenomenon by mid-January 2019. As we move out of this multi-year Neptunian haze, we move directly into the transit of Saturn opposite the US Sun (13Cancer19), from January 9 to  January 18, followed by Saturn square to US Saturn (14Libra48), from January 22 to January 30, and more significantly, from July 30 to October 23, 2019, during a planetary station. This shift from Neptune to Saturn, turning on a dime around January 9, suggests the beginning of a time when many of the Trump policies begin to manifest their true ramifications. Whether it is in a trade war, a Stock Market crash, increasingly acrimonious relations with allies, and/or the tightening of the screws on Trump’s illegal machinations, we will begin to see much more clearly what his absurd actions, policies, and words have truly wrought.

It is also worth noting that the very same 2019 Saturn transit that will be square to the US 10th house Saturn, will also be sesquiquadrate Trump’s Ascendant (29Leo55), including the protracted planetary station from late July through October 23, as well as the short stint from January 22 to January 30. This suggests that the humiliation and weakening of the US global posture (Saturn square 10th house Saturn), especially strong in the summer and early fall of 2019, will also adversely impact Donald Trump personally. He is likely to feel constricted and depressed, and quite possibly encumbered by some health complications, especially during summer/fall planetary station. Although Trump does have some potent Jupiter activity in his chart from February through May, suggesting the experience of success and optimism, Jupiter also indicates recklessness and poor judgement. With the more aggressive, frustrating, agitating and ultimately depleting and depressing aspects during the second half of 2019, the seeds planted in the spring look like they will create a very malignant harvest come summer and fall.


And this hints at the beginning of the sh*t hitting the fan:


Nancy and family, I hope you have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

You have given us a sage, and embedded (in your analysis) hope that we may see a waning of this nightmare that is Trump. Thank you for this Thanksgiving gift.

While I read your site often, it’s been long since I have commented but have to say that this is one of your brilliant pieces ever. Beautifully written and full of coming relief and sanity. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving.

Thank you, Nancy.

This is interesting from Metatron, more about Neptune going direct and the truth being told.


Astrologer Robert Cosmar points to mid December for possible Jared Jushner/ Donald Trump Jr indictments……

TRUMP WATCH: Merry Christmas Jared and Don Jr.


TRUMP WATCH: Trump Family Troubles


Note: Mercury stations direct on December 6th (27°16? Scorpio). It will form a quincunx to tr. Uranus (29 ’00 Aries) in square to Robert Mueller’s n. Venus (26 ’27 Leo), President Trump’s n. Mars (26 ’46 Leo) and the August 21st 2017 solar eclipse (28 ’52 Leo). Here’s one astrologers take on the December Mercury station……

Mercury Stationary Direct 6 December 2018 at 27°16? Scorpio

Mercury direct brings to an end the deceptive and confusing influence of Mercury retrograde square Neptune. The chart below shows Mercury direct quincunx Uranus. This suggests plans will need adjusting because of new information since Mercury retrograde 2018. A different way of looking at things may lead to changing opinions. Being more open to different ideas and new possibilities will cause some confusion and indecision.

However, Mercury direct trine Chiron suggests that higher awareness and empathy will bring greater understanding and agreement. Mercury trine Chiron gives healing hands and healing words. It also means people will notice you are listening to them, and this alone can have a healing influence.

This is a good time to resolve relationship problems that arose during the retrograde phase. Business and legal matters will be easier to deal with now without the deception and confusion of Mercury retrograde 2018 square Moon and Neptune.

URL Link To The Above Excerpt……


Starlight, your new post is a Holiday Treat! Thank you for the hopeful messages from the stars.

“Be prepared for Turkish release of Khashoggi murder audio within days. The only option Turkey has left is to damage Riyadh and show Trump what real hardball is like.”


Looks like January 9, 2019 is when the kool aid finally runs out. Too bad we’re all going to suffer from the hang-over. Thanks Nancy/Starlight.

For the second time this year, a New York State judge in Manhattan decided that President Trump is not immune from civil court cases that involve his unofficial activities or actions that took place before he was in office.


Thank you so much, Nancy.

My favorite San Francisco Radio Talk Show Host is sitting-in live today for a few hours.
(Pat Thurston is a former FBI Agent, she’s asking some interesting questions)
If you’re interested in checking it out her program:

Fantastic Interview!
Remember Pilot Capt. Sully Sullenberger?:
Sully now says: “Vote Against GOP Control”
The Last Word:

Try again: Don’t think this link made it here:
“Miracle on the Hudson pilot Sully Sullenberger says ‘This is not the America I know and love’ in attack on Trump and lawmakers who ‘do not respect the office they hold

We should bookmark this and share it.
50 Years of “Legal” Climate Change
They should make a movie of this travisty.
That would seriously wake-up many people!

Thank you for the kgo talk-show radio links.I stopped listening when they purged the old ‘liberal’ talk-show group but kept John Rothman. I still can’t listen, but always enjoyed John Rothman. Wonder what happened to Bernie Ward and Ray Taliaferro and the rest.

Thank you Nancy for you wonderful predictions, hope you had a nice holiday. The air has cleared out west after much needed rain and we are breathing a little easier.

Thank you for the post!

“Whether it is in a trade war, a Stock Market crash, increasingly acrimonious relations with allies, and/or …Trump’s illegal machinations, we will begin to see much more clearly…”

I think as people start filing taxes many eyes will open! I see Mueller sitting steady on his stead name Saturn, patiently waiting for January. Like every good Saturnian, he has good timing!

I hope I am right, but I think Trump’s Jupiter transits will actually be just the rope he’s been given. I read somewhere (maybe here) that Megan Kelly stepped in it and lost her job recently during a Jupiter transit. And we know Tyrannical Trump has bigger feet, much more rope, and just endless shite….mixing metaphors, but I can’t seem to stick to one around this guy, and his Jupiter transits. Holy Shite.

Looks like Zuckerberg’s Facebook business relations with Cambridge Analytica before the Brexit vote is about to be exposed.

Lots of plots getting opened in this Jupiter in Sagittarius phase!


Embracing 2019 already. Let the reckoning begin!!

Thanks Nancy, as always a great article! This is a very interesting look at how Trumps personality has played out before on the world stage. https://www.newyorker.com/culture/culture-desk/what-happens-when-a-bad-tempered-distractible-doofus-runs-an-empire?fbclid=IwAR23VaJO20tejU6ZNyu_X6AzloO-odEZH2M7TzRmBMP_G7CKdDCTOnSozLI


“What is often referred to as Cult 45, the enthralled masses who cling to and spread Trump’s self-serving lies as if they were proclamations from Heaven, is a tragic example of the Neptune phenomenon impacting a large swath of the US population.”


I couldn’t remember if this had been posted before:

“Vesta also plays a prominent role in the market’s long-term trends and periodic crashes. So here’s a deeper look.”


Fe, forget 2019. That’s the powerful Saturn-Pluto conjunction of January 2020 calling out Facebook via the British Parliament. That orb of influence is starting to make itself known now.

One of the potential outcomes of this episode could indeed be a world body of some sort that is dedicated to holding international corporations like Facebook accountable. In light of climate change, however, it won’t just be tech companies that get called on the carpet, but oil companies too, and others that have abused their power.

Saturn sitting on Pluto in Cap will be a reckoning for corporate capitalism as it has been practiced. A market crash and economic downturn, I believe, is likely during this time.

Henri that is a very interesting article.

LG Ray Taliaferro is thought to be missing in Paducah Kentucky, he was last seen at a Mellow Mushroom Pizza Restaurant. He may be suffering from dementia. The article said he lives in Illinois? I think people are looking for him now.

thanks for the interesting info on the old crew from KGO. I’ll do a search for more info on Ray T. I waited for a book he said he was going to write, but nothing.

This blew me away, and I’ve always believe 9/11 was Bush/Chency evil orchastrated.

If you havent’ seen this yet….
I honestly believe with the weakness of Trump and the Horrible Evil surrounding him…that there just might be a crack in this horrible cabal and if enough people aware of the truth…that we could blow this horrible trajectory totally apart!

P.S: JFK Jr named his Magazine “George” because he knew it was George Bush Sr. who killed his dad. And now look at all the damage the Bush’s have done and other’s are following their path!

“Disturbing Message To All Americans From Ex Defense Minister OfCanada”

Patty: That is some insight about JFK, Jr. naming mag George after Bush Sr. Is that your insight or did you read or hear it from someone else. However, I think that is probably true.

Patty, I read and interveiw with JFK, jr, at the time the magazine was started, that it was named for George Washington.

” Saturn is quincunx (150º) the U.S. Uranus on the 10th and within effective orb from the 1st through 19th. The U.S. Uranus resides in the 8th house of corporations and represents the tech industry. Saturn‘s pressure has coincided with bearish pullbacks in Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google – the leaders of the tech sector. Saturn brings up challenging problems to resolve. Watch for major developments around the 17th or 18th when Jupiter opposes the U.S. Uranus.”


“Obama rescued the US auto industry. Trump will destroy it.”



Thanks for the course correction!

It does take a while to reign in a global enterprise, regardless whether its tech or energy. So the first phase is a reckoning, followed by upheaval.

If we could start on knee-capping the coal lobby first in the US in 2019, we could get things moving.

Looking forward to the Green Energy Caucus of the House of Representatives – perhaps green energy jobs training to get former coal workers into a new greener economy.

Strapping down now, getting ready for the ride. The resistance to change is going to be interesting.

I also heard GM is laying off 15% of its total workforce — 25% of that layoff is management and 11% labor.

GM is also looking to further develop production of electric cars, which is a good sign that industry will not wed itself to the 1970s style thinking the White House and their dirty energy lobbyists are mired in. That kind of thinking, and its primary thinker are hopefully seeing their sunset. We really have no other choice.

Yes, JFK Jr. said he was naming it after George Washington. Patty, I didn’t watch the YouTubes but will try to. Nevertheless, I am careful of conspiracy theories as there are a lot of them on YouTube and, apparently, they are made to seem convincing. I don’t know about what you posted, though, as I haven’t yet watched it.

I heard an author of a JFK Jr. Book mention this:

“JFK Jr. Told The World Who Murdered His Father –
But Nobody Was Paying Attention”

The Bush’s have done great damage to America.

Things are heating up!


Thank you Mr.Mueller!

JFK jr made it completely clear that he named his magazine after George Washington. It’s complete bullshit that he named it after GWBush, and totally ridiculous that he’d do that to tell the world who really murdered his father. I mean, just give it a little thought.

Again, many thanks for your cogent contribution to our understanding of the celestial/environmental influences on our politics and society. Your notation of transiting Neptune conjunct the US progressed Sun spanning the 2016 campaign up until this coming January 9th makes perfect sense with both the past events of that period, and current events as they continue to unfold.

Yet, I am haunted by a deeper, astrological mystery which I hope your expertise and insight may illumine. Please bear with me as I contextualize the scenario I am at a loss to explain astrologically.

I observe that from at least 1960 through the present the bulk of our communication has moved from the written and spoken word to that of images, in which context is absent or removed. On the national level I see it in the election of 1960 in which the more telegenic candidate won, the election of 1980 in which a movie and TV star won, and most recently in which a “Reality TV” star won the electoral college and therefore the presidency. There are certainly 100’s more examples but these three make the point well, I think.

I also see the change in students I’ve taught through the years, and in myself as we become more involved with the growing number of addictive screen mediums which now dominate our lives. As a society, our attention spans and level of literacy continue to diminish, and with it our knowledge and understanding of substance, context, and ourselves.

The two dominant visions of possible future dystopia we’ve been wary of for decades were each penned by British writers, George Orwell’s 1948 novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four, and Aldous Huxley’s, 1931 novel, Brave New World. Both novels predict societies dominated by a central government with near total power, and both novels logically extend the trends of their times. Each of course, has had profound cultural effect, and together created a genre which led to more recent dystopic novels, such as The Handmaid’s Tale and others.


“What Orwell feared were those who would ban books. What Huxley feared was that there would be no reason to ban a book, for there would be no one who wanted to read one. Orwell feared those who would deprive us of information. Huxley feared those who would give us so much that we would be reduced to passivity and egotism. Orwell feared that the truth would be concealed from us. Huxley feared the truth would be drowned in a sea of irrelevance. Orwell feared we would become a captive culture. Huxley feared we would become a trivial culture, preoccupied with some equivalent of the feelies, the orgy porgy, and the centrifugal bumblepuppy. As Huxley remarked in Brave New World Revisited, the civil libertarians and rationalists who are ever on the alert to oppose tyranny “failed to take into account man’s almost infinite appetite for distractions.” In 1984, Orwell added, people are controlled by inflicting pain. In Brave New World, they are controlled by inflicting pleasure. In short, Orwell feared that our fear will ruin us. Huxley feared that our desire will ruin us.”

–Neil Postman– Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business

Mr. Trump, himself a master of distraction and misdirection could in all probability only be elected in the environment into which we have evolved, one of constant and incessant distraction, an era in which we increasingly and addictively need to be entertained, one in which hardly anyone has the time, or desire to take the time for deeper reflection.

Huxley’s dark vision was clearly the more accurate prophecy for our various Western societies, whereas Orwell’s vision is evidently unfolding in ex-communist and other traditionally authoritarian states.

The transits to our USA Sibly chart I’m aware of do not seem to explicate the astrological signature for this extraordinary, post WWII decades long era of growing distraction, delusion, psychological projection, and distorted communication, but I feel I am probably missing something. I assume it might be a Mercury/Neptune relationship, and possibly in our progressed chart, but have very little experience with progressions.

Any suggestions or insights as to what celestial movements might mirror the peculiarly distorted and long cultural and political milieu in which we find ourselves? I feel that were we to know the astrological signature, we would be closer to understanding a way or path not back to where we were, but at least to a condition more positive than which now obtains.

Comments from Ron Klain, former Chief of Staff to VP Al Gore and to VP Joe Biden:

“Manafort ran the Trump campaign with the ethics of the Godfather and the execution of the Three Stooges.”

RE: Manafort’s lying AFTER his plea agreement and Mueller’s withdrawal of the plea deal.

“We are one step closer to a constitutional crisis. If Trump pardons Manafort he will be essentially pardoning himself.”

Just read on Democratic Underground (DU) that Manafort met with Assange just before Hillary’s emails came out. Also, here is a very interesting interpretation of why Mueller announced that Manafort lied to them now (and Trump, panicking, is calling him a “rogue investigator” today). The possible results of all of this are too good to be true. I am afraid to hope that Trump and even Pence are removed and Pelosi (!) becomes president. I think that things will be done far more subtly behind the scenes as this would really generate a crisis, Constitutional or otherwise.

Legal analyst floats idea that Manafort’s lying means that Trump walked into M’s perjury-trap.


She explains that Mueller made the revelation only after President Donald Trump had turned in his written answers on collusion to the special prosecutor.

“Just about the only explanation for Manafort’s actions are that — as I suggested — Trump was happy to have Manafort serve as a mole in Mueller’s investigation,” Wheeler argued. “But Mueller’s team appears to have no doubt that Manafort was lying to them. That means they didn’t really need his testimony, at all.”

“It also means they had no need to keep secrets — they could keep giving Manafort the impression that he was pulling a fast one over the prosecutors, all while reporting misleading information to Trump that he could use to fill out his open book test,” she continued. “Which increases the likelihood that Trump just submitted sworn answers to those questions full of lies.”

Just checked Mike Espy’s and Hyde-Smith’s charts quickly. He is just about to have Jupiter transit his sun (3 degrees away) and she is having a Saturn return (which brings added responsibility?) so – I can’t tell from this. He was born 11/30/53 in Yazoo, MS. She was born 5/10/59 in Brookhaven, MS.

Saturn returns also mean taking responsibility for past actions. If you don’t do so, exterior events will force you to. I’m thinking about her racism and past racist actions (joking about lynching, sending her daughter to a segregated school, etc.) Where is her natal saturn? for political leaders, it is t Saturn conjunct n MH that often indicates elevation to a higher office. Not so sure about Saturn returns. Reaping what you sow is what comes to mind for that configuration.

Hyde-Smith was sworn in on April 9, 2018. Per the record the Senate started that day at 3 pm, and her swearing in appears to be first up, sometime in the first hour of the session. I don’t know if that helps, given there is no solid birth time either….

Patty, one must be especially careful these days, for the sake of all, to sort out fact from conjecture. The birther movement stirred by those who stood to gain is one case in point. That untrue theory pushed so hard by some that many still think it to be true.

When choosing to believe the authenticity of articles posted it is wise to look at the source(s) and think, who stands to gain if this info is pushed?
When I read your linked article, it seems like the old divide and conquer strategy; ‘Dems are on the rise right now, so lets send them into a tail spin.’
This anti bush info has all been recycled many times years ago – there may be a connection, or there may not.

My opinion is, if there was a connection, bush was certainly a cog rather than the conductor. My theory is that, it is a story that is part of the vast network of underworld global mafia $$$ & trade, and individuals, once subject to network favors, find it very hard to extricate themselves – modern state of the repub party, case in point.
The complete files on Kennedy’s death have yet to be released and one wonders why.
But I do believe that is no reason to make unproven accusations and push conspiracy theory as fact – fine for a parlor game, but we now are in deadly serious times.

Stephanie, using her birthplace and a noon time, I get 6 36 Cap. Today Saturn is at 7 29′ 16″ Cap.

By the way, Mercury is at 4 22′ 28″ r today. It will be back at this degree on or about 12/17-18.

Sag. I forgot to say it’s in Sag, retrograding back to about 28 Scorpio and moving forward on or about 12/11.

Fox News legal analyst stunned at how Mueller made it impossible for Trump to save Manafort

“On Tuesday, Fox News judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano revealed to host Shep Smith that Special Counsel Robert Mueller acted strategically to block President Donald Trump from pardoning Paul Manafort. Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager, was busted for lying even after he signed a plea agreement.

It is unclear exactly what he lied about, but Napolitano explained that Mueller designed the plea agreement in such a way that it is “pardon proof.”


Dear Duchess of Gadsden, You remind me of my Sweet Sister, Pamela. Are you also Leo Sun as well?

This ‘George Info’ is all over the Internet should you do a search.

BTW Poor Drump must not realize:
“Obstructing Justice Through PARDON’s
Is an Impeachable Offense”

Have you viewed Melania’s Very Scary White House Christmas?https://www.vox.com/2018/11/27/18113451/melania-trump-white-house-christmas-decorations-meme-2018


In as much as I would like to cheer about the possibility of Mueller having “blocked” 45 from pardoning Manafort, I’m wondering if a presidential pardon can be blocked? And then there is that pesky business about the president’s power to commute a sentence. It will be an extraordinary spectacle when (according to Starlight’s prediction) Saturn continues to clobber Neptune, forcing it to sober up by letting the gas out of its big, puffed-up delusional clouds.

Elisabeth Grace today:


We in CA realize what an Fantastic & Brave Soldier Nancy Pelosi has been.
Put Pelosi in charge….And watch Nancy build an Army of Similarly Brave Women.

Herer’s Marjorie’s Take on our sharp-as-a-tack Nancy Pelosi:

Will: I think a pardon can be blocked if the defendant has state charges just not federal.

“All week long, a Mars/Neptune conjunction in Pisces feeds susceptibility to suggestion.”
Ralfee Finn:


Interesting – that makes sense.

Will and Angellight: I believe there is a case coming before the Supreme Court trying to invalidate the state vs federal separation. Sort of a double jeopardy thing. Brought from Alabama, I think. Undoubtedly another reason tRump was so desperate to have BK on the court. Basically says that if found innocent by the Feds, cannot be tried on state level. Not sure if the charges are different if that applies. I can’t research it right now, as I am sneaking a quick break at work. But maybe someone else has heard about this. I am so heartsick about everything that is going on. I have no doubt that Whitaker has shown everything in Mueller’s files to dRumpf and his staff.

Patty, love her or hate her – Nancy is one capable woman/leader. She gets it done.

Julie, let’s hope that Mueller was smart enough to not put his best stuff (or at least his contingency plans) in those files, just like therapist and, maybe, lawyers, often do since client files are vulnerable to subpoenas.

Many are reporting that as women are increasingly supporting Dems and the Me-Too movement but the majority of male voters support R’s and/or Trump, politics is breaking up marriages. Several articles and op-eds report this. One is linked below.

Donald Trump Is Destroying My Marriage
By Molly Langmuir

BREAKING from me/@NatashaBertrand: An explosive letter has been sent to Schiff’s office claiming that Papadopoulos coordinated with Russians with Trump’s knowledge in the weeks following the election. Authorities are taking the letter “very seriously”


Julie: Wow, if that ruling is upheld by Supreme Court a major blow to democracy, something like Citizens United, and not upholding voting laws.

A little Thursday Morning humor from Gail Collins:


Michael Cohen’s guilty plea for lying to Congress, and for admitting Trump’s business dealings with Moscow prior to the election along with Mueller’s catching both Trump and Manafort in more lies — the Furies are catching up with Cullt 45:


“You’ve seen that President Trump has now canceled his meeting with Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the G20 summit. That’s a shift. You may think it’s good news. The real issue here is that the President’s most crucial foreign policy decisions (remember, major crisis right now between Russia and Ukraine) are being driven both by his financial interests and, in this case, the fall out of his criminal acts. Meeting with Putin or not, Saudi-friendly or not – these have never been the core issue. The core issue is the root of his foreign policy, which is driven by personal enrichment and perceptions of threat. That’s a pressing danger for the state on all fronts.”


I think these new revelations about Trump/Cohen and Mueller catching Manafort/Trump in a perjury trap, AND Whitaker being questions by SDNY Investigative Office, AND the Democrats taking over Congress January 3rd, my hunch is that Trump’s hold on Congress is loose and getting looser. There may not be time or place or the SCOTUS may send that case back down to lower courts. Perhaps his newly appoint Assoc. Justice BK better watch his step.

Intense Saturn activity to inaugural natal and progressed from now through Jan 2020.

I apologize for the abbreviations. Have been battling 3 separate problems for a week or 2.

2017 Inauguration – Natal Chart
Jan 20 2017, 12:00 pm, EST
White House Dist of Columbia, 38°N53’50”, 077°W02’13”

Sat–Cnj–Mer—-Tr-Sp–Dec 10 2018
Sat–Sqr–Asc—-Tr-Sp–Dec 28 2018

Sat –Cnj–MC—-Tr-Sp–Jan 3 2019

Sat–Cnj–Plu—-Tr-Na–Feb 27 2019
Sat–Cnj–Plu—-Tr-Sp–Feb 28 2019

Sat–Opp-Asc—-Tr-Sp–Mar 24 2019

Sat–Sqr–MC—-Tr-Sp–Apr 10 2019

Sat–Cnj–Plu—-Tr-Sp–Jul 2 2019
Sat–Cnj–Plu—-Tr-Na–Jul 4 2019
Sat–Opp-MC—-Tr-Sp–Jul 10 2019
Sat–Sqr–Asc—-Tr-Sp–Jul 12 2019

Sat–Sqr–MC—-Tr-Sp–Oct 3 2019
Sat–Cnj–Asc—-Tr-Sp–Oct 27 2019

Sat–Cnj–Plu—-Tr-Na–Nov 27 2019
Sat–Cnj–Plu—-Tr-Sp–Nov 28 2019

Sat–Sqr–Ura—-Tr-Na–Dec 26 2019
Sat–Sqr–Ura—-Tr-Sp–Dec 26 2019

Sat–Sqr–Asc—-Tr-Sp–Jan 2 2020
Sat–Sqr–Jup—-Tr-Na–Jan 11 2020
Sat–Sqr–Jup—-Tr-Sp–Jan 13 2020
Sat–Cnj–MC—-Tr-Sp–Jan 14 2020


“Sat –Cnj–MC—-Tr-Sp–Jan 3 2019”

The day the new Congress is sworn in.

They’re saying on MSNBC that this day could be the day to emember as the day that the Trump presidency started to REALLY go down, the beginning of the end. Please let this be true!

November 29, 2018

I immediately thought hey, 29 is an 11 day.
Then I realized it was the 11th month
And 2018 also reduces to 11

So it’s almost like its 11 11 11 which is of course 33, all master numbers

SO I’m no expert in numerology, like far from it but I hope it is an auspicious day

Hope you guys are listening to news tonight

Seems like Mueller made a huge move. With help from abroad.

Michael Cohen has given 70 hours of testimony and pleads guilty to lying to Congress.

Manafort yesterday — Mueller knows he lied, voids plea deal for him, plus he likely fed Trump info that Tump likely used to lie in his written testimony to Mueller.

Deutsche Bank raided. Long time Trump lender.

Trump’s biz deals with
Russia went on much longer than he and associates admitted.

Trump considered giving Putin a $50 million condo in Trump Tower Russia.

Mueller doing day Trump leaves for summit where he was supposed to meet Putin feels to me like Mueller trying to catch Trump meeting secretly with Putin to say, Oh shit, what do we do now that Mueller knows all this?

*The Trump Moscow Project*
Marjorie’s Take:

Are you watching Rachel?


That George thing may be all over the internet, but that still doesn’t make it true. JFK jr made it quite clear exactly who he was naming the magazine after. He wasn’t indulging in some weird secret telling of anything, least of all any conspiracy nonsense about his father’s assassination.

Again, consider the source, be aware of what JFK jr said regarding the name, and take a look at some of the covers, starting with the very first: Cindy Crawford as George Washington. And any number of other issues had the cover photo of someone dressed and bewigged more or less as George Washington.

(Everything has came easily to Drump, he believes he’s Golden)

‘Three Remarkable Things About Michael Cohen’s Plea…These developments would, under normal circumstances, end a presidency’.


There’s growing anticipation Mueller could swiftly act sometime next week with a number of high profile indictments. I expect it would be contingent on what kind of action if any acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker takes to limit the special counsel’s ability to effectively carry out the investigation (a presidential pardon for Paul Manafort or severely restricting the special counsels funding?) .

Thursday December 6th has Mercury stationing direct (27 ’16 Scorpio) right on Matt Whitaker’s natal Neptune (27 ’37 Scorpio) in square to Trump’s natal Mars (26 ’46 Leo) and in quincunx to tr. Uranus (29 ’00 Aries). If Trump acts at this juncture, would the special counsel immediately respond by opening up some of the sealed indictments? Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter has natal Uranus at 28 ’59 Scorpio. Jared Kushner the President’s son in law – natal Uranus at 28 ’52 Scorpio and Donald Trump Jr, the President’s son with natal Jupiter at 29 ’53 Gemini (in quincunx to the Mercury station). Will Mueller go for the jugular – President Trump’s children?…….

Mueller Investigating Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr.’s Role In Planning Trump Tower Moscow: Report

The Hill
November 30, 2018


Cohen’s plea took place in Manhattan on November 29 at 9 am, EST (screen grab of document from Rachel’s show). It will be stressed on January 13, 2020, along with many other charts for American politics.

COHEN FLIP – November 29, 2018, 9 am, EST, New York

MC — 204°24′; square at 294°24′ (see transits for January 13, 2020)..

Parans to Moon–154°45′

Parans to EqA,–294°24′; the East Point, an exact 90° square to the MC transited by the Sun, Saturn, and Pluto.


Moon–154°08′ – conjunct Flip Moon

ALL CONJUNCT Flip chart East Point, square to Flip Chart MC.

I call the chart for George Washington’s inauguration “The Presidency”. On January 13, 2020 it’s progressed Sun/Pluto midpoint will be at 294°14′ conjoined by transiting Sun, Saturn, and Pluto, trump’s progressed inauguration MC, Nixon’s White House IC, the Watergate arrest’s Zenith, opposite Watergate arrest’s Mars and trump’s natal Saturn, and with transit Mars on the chart’s progressed Asc. Actually a few of these are more exact on January 12th or 14th. I chose the 13th because that is the day transit Sun will be with transit Saturn and Pluto and not 1 degree before or after.

Charts related to the presidency from 1789, 1946, 1972, and 2017 coming to or originally involving a common point at 294 degrees on January 13th, 2020, with three transiting bodies held by that same degree on that day.

“Michael Cohen might be sitting on a bombshell that even a Trump voter might get rattled by.

Jeffrey Epstein, the child rapist living in Florida (more than 100 victims), faces another civil trial next Tuesday. His criminal worries disappeared when he got off with an incredibly light sentence from a prosecutor named Alex Acosta — who went on to join Trump’s Cabinet. Interestingly, Trump was one of the men who were implicated in Epstein’s sex parties. In 2016 a woman named Katie Johnson sued Trump, saying he raped her at an Epstein party when she was 13. She even had another witness, a woman who was present at the party. But Johnson withdrew her lawsuit a few days before the election, saying she was afraid….

I can’t wait for it to come out that Katie Johnson was one of the women Cohen paid off.

(And please don’t be misled by the word “prostitute” in the stories. 13, 14, and 15 year old teens aren’t prostitutes. They’re victims, who were targeted. Epstein paid his young “friends” to lure their own friends to his parties. So every victim led to 3 or 4 more high school or middle school students.) ”



“Trump has banked everything on the notion that if he holds on to his base and convinces them of anything he wishes, they will be all he needs. He tweets to them, rallies with them, FoxNewses for them, and considers them the only Americans that count. So here he attacks Mueller…to the base. He delivers script lines for the base to repeat. He believes or knows that his base completely controls Congressional Republicans. Increasingly, this whole idea is crumbling and Trump has zero appeal to the majority of us, and will suffer the consequences, finally.”



Very interesting take on Trump, and I think you’re right. Hold the base, he stays in charge, no matter what.


There’s been an earthquake in Alaska and tsunami warnings have been issued for parts of the Alaska coastline.
I see some reports of it being a 7.0 and others a 6.7. National Weather Service says it struck at 12:29 p.m. eastern, 8:29 a.m. Alaska time.

If it were true that Cohen paid off Katie Johnson, I think there would be a deal to keep that secret but allow Trump to step down or not run again, etc. However, this was the conjecture and hope of DU poster and there may be nothing to it. Either way, I imagine Mueller is sitting on a lot of stuff and Trump has tried his best (so far–he may have more up his sleeve) to squelch it in terms of setting it up as a “witch hunt” and “McCarthyism” and hyping his base, some of whom are racist and extremist, as the above article says. He’s a desperate man who, like Manafort, is arrogant and ignorant enough to believe he can beat all of this.

Now Creepy Whitaker is gone!
Matt Whitaker Meets the SOVEREIGN Southern District of New York

George H. W. Bush is dead at 94.

Rachel puts it all together: How the Trump Tower Moscow (Moscow Project) and the Russian interference/collusion in the election and the goal to remove sanctions was all the same Russian op. Extraordinary episode here not to be missed.


Best part begins around minute 5 and continues through to the end.

What I find so amazing in the above video from Rachel:

the Trump Tower Moscow was to be financed by a sanctioned bank (VMB?) and could not go through without lifting of sanctions;

the deal was canceled on the very day it became public that Russia was hacking the Dems, in June 2016;

knowledge of this continuing Trump Tower Moscow project was known to the Russians and the Trumpistas (and hidden from FBI, US press, Congress, etc.) and became essentially compromat against Trump, giving Moscow leverage on a US president.

Thanks for posting this, Starlight, as I missed this episode of Rachel’s show. Such a simple and elegant explanation: Trump gets a new Trump Tower + the presidency and Russia gets a soft leader who removes the sanctions (if the plan worked). To our misfortune, only the 2nd part worked but the sanctions never got removed on the Russians. Boo Hoo.

Speaking of the Russians, did anyone see Putin and MBS high five each other at the G20 Summit, and MBS also posing with the president of China smiling gleefully. He had to be relieved that he wouldn’t be totally ostracized and that his fellow murdering, authoritarian leaders had no problem with him. I saw he had a conversation with Macron where Macron was supposedly being tough on him. It didn’t look like that to me, although he may have put MBS on the spot. Macron told him “you never listen to me”. What is he, his adviser or something?

Very worthwhile analysis from nyt’s:


God I hope this is the beginning of the end for Trump!

On another note, I need to vent here since this is the only outlet I have besides my husband as my mother is a member of Cult 45 and so many people where I live in Central Florida are!

So we have a restaurant as I think I have mentioned already where a lot of our regulars who are people we really love are Trump lovers, it is what it is, and we just dont say much .

But just now my blood really really boiled. This regular of ours, a Harley guy who really is quite a nice guy but totally fooled by Trump, anyway, he lives mostly here , but has his girlfriend in California, so goes there for a few weeks at a time.

So tonight was the first time I saw him after about 6 weeks and I asked him if he was where the fires were in Cali. He said he wasn’t but that he drove through a lot of smoke. Then he said, well it’s the people of California’s fault for being tree huggers and not being good at forest management. The tree huggers term really triggered me.

I immediately got on guard and made a sarcastic comment about maybe they should rake more, my husband then said please don’t go there and to stop. Then the guy went on for a bit about how it was all Californians fault but not to worry because now it would be dealt with, meaning of course that Trump would now be dealing with it. Breathe Diana breathe I repeated in my mind.

i threw in one comment about how it was a very complex situation, didn’t even venture into climate change but again sarcastically mentioned that we should talk to Finland about raking, then my husband rightfully glared at me, so I dropped it.

But seriously, AAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGH! I cannot understand how these people listen to the garbage this orange idiot spews out and falls for it as if its the Gospel of the Lord.

So, that’s it, my blood boils, I still love the guy but my God the brainwashing and level of ignorance is beyond me!

Thanks for listening my Starlight everyday angels! Love you all!


Hopefully this will work.


Thank you so much Nancy, for that Rachel Link!
It is absolutely brilliant! I missed it as well and very much appreciate having a Hard Link to share.

After reading many RightWing Comments saying:
“This Trump Witch Hunt is a National Disgrace!
Democrats are Vicious!
There was absolutely nothing unlawful done by our President Trump! This is a total distraction”
This link is a must read by everyone: http://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow/watch/tester-pushes-democrats-to-focus-on-issues-rural-outreach-1385542723657

Diana and all,

Democrats will not chair committees until January and beyond of next year. Republicans will obstruct their efforts to rein in or remove tRump every step of the way. Does the time of January 2020 that I have been pointing to for the last 2 years as the end of tRump’s time in office look too far out of reach now? Any push for his removal would probably take months to be fought out. Not going to happen in February or March.

New Congress put in place, Mueller’s report released and actions taken because of it, getting some GOP members of the Senate to join an effort to remove tRump in order for one to be effective charges to be brought, investigations and hearings of any charges brought, congressional and/or court proceedings all will take months to get through.

I chose the date because of a major astrological hit in tRump’s chart. It happens that the astrology also hits major astrological points in historical personalities and event charts in the country’s history. Then out of the blue comes a point I did not orchestrate – Cohen’s plea that has it’s astrological MC exactly squared by those points (and many more than I listed) and the transits I pointed to in January of 2020. It’s East Point fits my target date like a hand in a glove. I did not pay Cohen anything to choose that date, time, and location to change his plea to give me that point.

Recent discoveries have me concerned for the country then as the Sibly chart has volatile midpoints aspected by those transits:

progressed Mars/Saturn – 204°33′ – squared

progressed Sun/Uranus – 25°52′ – squared

progressed Moon/Pluto 296°31′ conjoined (live progressed point by transit Pluto months before and by transit Saturn weeks or days before January 13th)

It could just be the airing of our dirty laundry or possibly involve military action.

Nancy, thank you for this newest article; especially riveting were your observations about transiting Saturn and Neptune. I would like to note another Saturn aspect starting late tomorrow; trans. Saturn’s return to 8+ Capricorn and opposite Trump’s natal Mercury at 8+ Cancer.

This is the degree (8+ Cap) where the Mars-Saturn conjunction that started their present cycle began on April 2, 2018. It is also the degree of the Russian “birth chart’s” natal Uranus which squares the Russian natal Mars at 8+ Aries.

That Russian chart’s Mars (in its own sign of Aries) trines the same chart’s South Node (symbolizing what is ready to be released) at 8+ Leo which is the same degree as Mueller’s natal Pluto.

In addition to Cohen’s testimony marking this return of trans. Saturn to oppose Trump’s Mercury, Trump’s Mercury is quincunx Mueller’s Pluto (+ Russia’s Uranus) and quincunx the US Uranus (unexpected) at 8+ Gemini (data, headlines, etc).

Since Mueller’s Pluto in Leo is sextile US Uranus in Gemini and they form a Yod to trans. Saturn in Cap (and Russia’s Uranus), and now – with tr. Saturn back to 8+ Cap – the Yod is turned into a Boomerang, with all the combined energy, at the Trump natal Mercury – the Boomerang part – (and which rules the Trump natal Sun in Gemini).

In itself this is a harrowing experience for Trump. But don’t forget that the present cycle of trans. Mars and Saturn is being activated too. The chart for this cycle has Jupiter in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Cap forming a Yod to US natal Mars in Gemini + Trump’s Sun at the apex of the Yod – the part that has to adjust. More pressure on Trump.

There is also the extremely potent (for the USA) cycle between Neptune and Pluto which started with their conjunction to the US natal Uranus in Gemini, and at that time Neptune and Pluto (and US Uranus) were sextile the conjunction of Mars and Chiron at 8+ Leo which conjuncts Mueller’s Pluto and Russia’s natal Uranus.

One needs to draw a picture of these compounded aspects to realize just how much pressure is on Trump right now. His mind must be exploding. With Russia’s South Node (release) conjunct Mueller’s Pluto and the Mars-Chiron in the Neptune-Pluto cycle’s chart, all amassed at a critical point to Trump’s Mercury (and that’s just half of it!) something’s gotta give.

Happy belated Thanksgiving wishes to all.

“Wisconsin Republicans will introduce sweeping legislation to limit early voting and strip power from the incoming Democratic governor and attorney general in a lame duck session”
https://www.jsonline.com/story/news/politics/2018/11/30/lawmakers-consider-changes-early-voting-transportation-funding-2020-presidential-primary/2162684002/ … via @patrickdmarley & @MollyBeck


TRUMP TOWER PROJECT, reminds me of the Tower card in the Tarot, where men are thrown from the top of the tower by lighting.

One meaning of this card states, “Tower Tarot Card Meaning With Mars as its ruling planet, the Tower is a card about war, a war between the structures of lies and the lightning flash of truth. This is a card about anything we believe to be true, but later learn is false. This realization usually comes as a shock, hence, the violent image.” Also, “sudden, disruptive, and potentially destructive change. and, “A conflict is coming to a head in your life. Relationships will need to be reevaluated and restructured in order to maintain.”

Barb – Thank you for pointing out the pressure on Trump’s Mercury over the next ten days or so. It is indeed a very stressful time for him. The excruciating pressure of the Mueller probe pressing down on him as well as difficulties with Congress and getting his wall funded seem likely.

Also note the Mars/Neptune conjunction from 12/5 to 12/8 that will trigger the Neptune conjunction to US pr Sun. This intensifies the delusional crazy and manipulative dishonesty of Trump. But it also is concurrent with the Saturn opp to his Mercury, suggesting his deceptions are revealed and the pain of reality is forced upon him. Should be interesting, and I think the ramifications of the Cohen and upcoming Flynn documents will be front and center.

Here’s but one example of Trump under stress. He was overheard saying to an aide, “Get me out of here”, as he walked off the G20 Summit stage and away from the president of Argentina, declining to stay for the photo of all the world leaders.


trumps buddy has his own ‘witch hunt’ to contend with – certainly well past time to clean the rot at the top in more than one place . . .

Im now reading a book that I have meant to for many years ‘man’s search for meaning’. Frankl concludes that there are only 2 races of man; those that are decent and those that are indecent, although no group is ‘pure’. So very very true.

pardon me while I throw up –
dear jared has been awarded the Mexican Aztec Eagle for “saving the Mexican free trade agreement” Daddy breaks it, Jared saves the day.

I HAVE INSERTED A SPACE IN ALL LINKS BETWEEN https or http AND THE COLON to let the post get through today.

1. tRump in January 2020

In addition to the direct transits the midpoints of transiting Sun/Neptune, Saturn/Neptune, and Neptune/Pluto oppose tRump’s natal Mars/Pluto midpoint on that day in January.

tRump natal progressed to January 13, 2020, winds up with the USA total solar eclipse of Aug 21, 2017, on it’s IC and eclipse Saturn on the Desc

http ://i.imgur.com/mylWszk.gif

tRump natal with January 13 2020 transits

https ://imgur.com/BwT97AP

tRump prog with jan 13 2020 transits

http ://i.imgur.com/aci4u3D.gif

tRump inaug with jan 13 2020 transits

http ://i.imgur.com/hi7VsiZ.gif

2. Astrology of the Famous and Well Known / Re: Trump’s Days Are Numbered
« on: May 21, 2017, 06:32:13 AM »

The Sun (294°42′), Saturn (294°42′), and Pluto (294°45′) on January 13, 2020.

George Washington’s inauguration secondary progressed Sun/Pluto midpoint at 294°14′ on Jan 13, 2020
tRump’s natal Saturn 115°43′ is opposite
tRump’s progressed inauguration MC at 293°28′ (add 1 degree the next day)
Nixon’s natal White House IC at 295°51′
Richard M Nixon resigns as President, the MC of that chart is 114°27′ (IC is at 294°27′)
Watergate arrest’s Zenith at 294°22′
Watergate arrest’s Mars opposite at 114°48′
JFK secondary progressed Sun at assassination opposite at 114°01′
Noon chart for Mercer has a Sun/Saturn midpoint at 114°48′ opposite 294°48′
Bannon on Jan 13, 2020. His secondary progressed Neptune will be at 204°47′ – squared by 90°
Republican party secondary progressed Mars on Jan 13, 2020 at 294°18′
tRump jr. has secondary progressed Mars (in longitude) on his papa’s Saturn
My Putin MC in Moscow (chart made in 2012) 294°19′

Except for The Washington and JFK charts all of them are connected to right wing people or events.

Charts related to the presidency from 1789 – Washington’s inauguration, 1946 – trump’s birth, 1972 – several Watergate points, and the 2017 inauguration, coming to or originally involving a common point at 294 degrees on January 13th, 2020, with three transiting bodies held by that same degree on that day. It might mean something related to the presidency term that began on January 20, 2017.

Doing my progressed anlunar chart for Tiffany tRump regarding January 13, 2020 produces another chart with a 294° MC holding the transiting Sun, Saturn, and Pluto. This from a timed birth chart for a family member who seems to be at some distance from the political workings of many other family members.

Another point for January 13, 2020. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s Sun. He was born on January 13 – his 2020 solar return will have Saturn and Pluto on the Sun.

That potent trio will also trine his natal Mars/Pluto midpoint. He had better be on the square with these proceedings.

3. By: Bob on November 15th, 2016 at 10:57 pm

“Charts showing Donald’s and Donald Jr.’s charts engaged by the total solar eclipse in August 2017 and the Saturn and Pluto conjunction in January of 2020. Looks like a family affair.”

http ://imgur.com/a/UyQXj

4. By: Bob on January 14th, 2017 at 9:48 am

“On the day Christopher Steele was born Uranus only traveled 2 minutes of arc so using a noon chart has his natal Uranus position within 1 minute of arc. His secondary progressed Uranus on January 13, 2020 will be at 161°00?. It will be receiving a maturing trine from transiting Jupiter at 280°24?. While trump, the GOP and Patry go low he goes high.”

5. On September 18, 2019, Saturn will station Dx opposite Sibly Sun, Nixon’s resignation Sun, and my GOP chart’s Sun. Mars will be activating Sibly Mars and Neptune, Pluto will trine Sibly Neptune.

This is just 116 days before January 13, 2020.

tRump prog to Sep 18, 2019 with transits

http ://i.imgur.com/lilBJga.gif

Inaug prog to Sep 18, 2019 with transits

http ://i.imgur.com/Ugsjgo9.gif

Inauguration chart with Sep 18, 2019 transits

http ://i.imgur.com/vjpsmv0.gif

tRump anlunar prog to Sep 18 with prog natal

http ://i.imgur.com/90OO5f1.gif

6. Mashup of my chart for Putin in Moscow, Sibly located to Moscow (for angles), with my GOP Jupiter, tRump’s Saturn, and transits for Jan 23th, 2020.

Charts for Putin, Sibly, GOP, and trump were done long before I knew of transits on January 13, 2020.

http ://i.imgur.com/auFufgT.png


The natal configuration below says a lot about Bannon’s expression of a twisted psyche. His choice.

His natal Mars/Saturn midpoint 204°04′. His natal Neptune at 203°50′ is on it.

Both are squared by the powerful Sun, Saturn, and Pluto transits on January 13, 2020.

.http ://i.imgur.com/GYFEk8U.gif

TRump Saturn 23°49? Cancer – 115°43′
GOP Jupiter 23°43? Capricorn – 295°40′
Patry Moon 23°36? Capricorn – 294°41′
Bannon Nep 25°Li04 – 203°50′
Mar/Sat 25°Li11 – 204°04′

January 13, 2020, 10 am, EST

Pluto 22°48 Capricorn – 294°45′
Sun 22°52? Capricorn – 294°42′
Saturn 22°53? Capricorn – 294°42′
Mercury 24°45? Capricorn – 297°04′

Those transits will hammer the charts of 2 other Republican leaders (and IMO Roberts is such).
Mitch McConnell natal Mars/Neptune midpoint 114°14′ (opposite). John Roberts DC (my speculative) MC 293°25′ (Conjunct).

8. Why Benedict Arnold Turned Traitor Against the American Revolution

http ://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/benedict-arnold-turned-traitor-american-revolution-180958786/

“Abrupt and impatient with anything he deemed superfluous to the matter at hand, Arnold had a fatal tendency to criticize and even ridicule those with whom he disagreed.”

“Without the discovery of his treason in the fall of 1780, the American people might never have been forced to realize that the real threat to their liberties came not from without, but from within.”

Benedict Arnold
Sun longitude 24°Cap44″ (296°40′ in RA), opposite tRump Saturn
Mars 114°47′, conjunct tRump Saturn
Neptune square tRump Neptune in both longitude and right ascension.
Pluto square tRump Pluto in both longitude and right ascension.

9. More American chart points transited by the Sun, Saturn, and Pluto on January 13, 2020.

To refresh:

Right ascension of transiting Sun: 294°42′

Right ascension of transiting Saturn: 294°42′

Right ascension of transiting Pluto: 294°45′

New points:

Ratification of the Constitution (June 21, 1788, 1 pm, LMT, Concord, NH) progressed to same: Moon at 114°26′ [opp 294°26′). Conjunct the Constitution natal Mercury at 114°39′.

The IC of my rectification for JFK located in Washington, DC, which I did in 1976 (a centennial year for the U.S.) 294°14′.

Sessions Sun/Pluto and Mars/Saturn midpoints squared by Sun, Saturn, and Pluto transit on January 13, 2020.

Marjorie Orr on Individual 1 today:

«Standing back to see Trump, not as the deformed personality he undoubtedly is, but as a necessary instrument to fuel the changes that are ongoing isn’t easy but is revealing. He is, ironically, for example fostering the entry of many more women into political office; and the #metoo movement gained from the outrage about his pussy-grabbing comments. A million miles from his intention but a definite result.

He is also in his narcissistic rage running roughshod over the USA political system and constitution, with different results to the UK/EU, but the damage he is doing may well be irreparable. Looked at one way that is a catastrophe. Looked at another way, his wrecking-ball presidency may be what was needed to kick-start the reduce-to-ground-zero-and-rebuild process. I go back to Kissinger’s thought that Trump is the sort of personality who unknowingly turns up at the end of a phase. In his words ‘an accident’ or put another way a necessary evil.»

Yes indeed Nancy, and I particularly appreciate your mention of “the wall” as it seems Trump has run up against one himself!

Also, I erred when I wrote above (near the end) that Russia’s Uranus was conjunct Muellers’s Pluto, when in fact it is Russia’s South Node (8+ Leo) that does that. Russia’s Uranus (8+ Cap) opposes Trump’s Mercury and transiting Saturn now conjuncts the Russian Uranus.

Bob, that is a helluva lot of research you have done on the 294+ (or 22+ Cap) degree, and the inference it has on January 13, 2020 astrology, and our country’s history of government.

Bearing in mind that the transiting South Node will have reached 8+ Capricorn (opposite Trump’s Mercury in Cancer) by Jan. 13, 2020, and the present position of trans. Saturn at 8+ Cap, plus the many important cycles between planets that it affects – as well as Russia’s birth chart, it seems January 13, 2020, could be another date which will live in infamy.

Because of this it seems to suggest that the Pearl Harbor Day (December 7th, the date of infamy Roosevelt referred to in 1941)) New Moon this coming Friday bears more scrutiny. For example:

1) trans. South Node will conjunct US natal Pluto and Mueller’s South Node, all at 27+ Capricorn, all square trans. Uranus at 28+ Aries rx and sextile trans. Chiron at 27+ Pisces rx.

2) Trans. Chiron makes a grand trine with stationing-direct Mercury at 27+ Scorpio and trans. North Node + Mueller’s North Node and his Pallas (strategy) and his Iris (messenger), + the US Constitution’s Juno, all at 27+ Cancer, that also squares trans. Uranus.

3) the New Moon at 15+ Sagittarius conjuncts the Great Attractor (powerful draw) at 14+ Sagittarius and squares trans. Mars-Neptune at 13+ Pisces which trines US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer.

4) trans. Chiron sextile trans. South Node (release) + Mueller’s South Node + US Pluto (expose) which forms a Yod with Trump’s Mars-ascendant in Leo at the apex (need for adjustment). This becomes a Boomerang when US Moon (US people) in Aquarius is added.

5) Trans. Saturn is at 8+ Capricorn.

If indeed this New Moon becomes yet another date in infamy it will surely be about Mueller’s investigation.

“Over the past year, Mueller has tightened the net around Trump, with the past week bringing numerous developments.”


I couldn’t feel less sorry for the man, honestly. He made this bed for himself. In a little over a year, as Bob has made the case for, he’ll be lying in a political grave of his own creation. He should have never been President.

There’s a chance for renewal on the other side of this, for sure. The worrisome part concerns what happens during the interregnum.

From The “Let Them Eat Cake Crowd”
So why NOT send a grifter to catch a bunch of grifters?
And then….”What Happens When Trump Falls?”
Welcome to this strange new world.


“Standing back to see Trump, not as the deformed personality he undoubtedly is, but as a necessary instrument to fuel the changes that are ongoing isn’t easy but is revealing. He is, ironically, for example fostering the entry of many more women into political office; and the #metoo movement gained from the outrage about his pussy-grabbing comments. A million miles from his intention but a definite result.”


RE: “he’ll be lying in a political grave of his own creation.”

I’m about 99% sure he is guilty of treason, the third fellow to behave so during his campaign for the presidency. In 1968 Nixon “treated” with the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese to sabotage the Paris Peace Talks in order to get himself elected. In 1980 Reagan before the election “treated” with the Iranians re: the hostages for the same purpose. Neither suffered the consequences for those actions.

When 45’s “collusion” is revealed beyond a reasonable doubt, I would hope his followers would realize they’ve been hoodwinked. They don’t have to realize it all at once, maybe some today and some later. It may take time for some, whereas others may realize it sooner. But they DO need to eventually see it.

Meanwhile, I would hope 45’s fate would be essentially the same as others who’ve been found guilty of treason. Besides, 45 seems to favor orange anyway.

I too feel 45 is “a necessary instrument” to foment necessary change in our politics and culture. What an excellent light he is to shine, to inadvertently reveal the corruption, sexism, racism, classism and glorification of arrogant ignorance in our culture.

I’m quite aware of the ongoing damage done by the Trumpist reactionaries, and I certainly do not relish it. But all the more clearly then will more and more of us see the injuries inflicted, the mutilation of our system and the personal harm to so many of us. The disgust is growing. Reliable polls now show 60% disapproval of 45’s performance. We don’t seek healing solutions for illness we don’t see or recognize. He is providing us with a golden opportunity to see the dirt and disease, to clean house and inoculate against further outbreaks.

We don’t have to enjoy what our right wing kranks are doing. But this too shall pass; Pluto WILL move from Capricorn into Aquarius. I suspect that is when the healing reforms will begin in earnest. Personally, I’m looking forward to many of the necessary reforms and the spiritual renewal to come.

Based on what Andre and ja have submitted re: what Marjorie Orr has surmised in her observations of Britain’s T. May and the USA’s D. Trump, we are moving past the Gemini (up close details) point of observing our present situation, and taking a more Sagittarian or historical view (Big Picture) of what appears to be an apocalyptic event.

Good for us; it is a sign of growth in group (societal) consciousness. The “way” of Pluto is to destroy that which is obsolete in order to make room for new growth; like a forest fire does. Transiting Pluto in Capricorn is going after structures such as governments in the most expedient way, and for us that would be through a man called Trump.

Today transiting Hades is conjunct Trump’s natal Mercury and transiting Saturn is opposite both.

Transiting Dionysus (Greek god of drunkenness) at 8+ Leo today sextiles US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini and their sextile, when combined with Trump’s Mercury and trans. Hades, both opposite transiting Saturn, creates a Yod-turned-Boomerang, putting all the combined energy onto Trump’s Mercury + trans. Hades.

What gawd-awful tweets he must be concocting right now.

Eliseo @12:24 thanks for putting my thoughts so clearly into words!
And we’re still gonna have a coffee when you get to the PacNW aren’t we?

One really good thing that I can see that Trump (and the McConnell right-wing Republicans) have done is that not only have they created more Democrats but they have probably shifted many Republicans left to become more moderate.

Absolutely Yes!
I’ve recently found a buyer for my mother’s house in Texas. We’ve also completed all the legal hoops, (it took about a year) to establish that we actually own the property my brother and I have inherited in Louisiana. We can therefore now legally sell that property. If all goes well, I’ll be returning home in a few weeks.

A future eulogy for Orange 45: «Thank you for the meanness of your life: you have shown us how important it is to care for one another. Thank you for your contempt for the Constitution: you have reminded us of the value of freedom and democracy. Thank you for your cruelty to nature: you have taught us to love and care more deeply for Mother Earth. Thank you for your corruption: you have renewed our decency and integrity. Thank you for your negative energy: you have shown us the path we shall not take.»

Sharon K,
Probably is incorrect. Many prominent Republicans have definitely shifted Leftward. Simultaneously, many Dems have shifted toward the center, while some Progressives have hardened their stance, become more dogmatic.

Charles J. Sykes, a former radical right winger radio talk show host wrote “How the Right Lost Its Mind.” Steve Schmidt, former campaign manager for John McCain now makes common cause with Rosie O’Donnell. David Jolly, former R. congressman from Florida now admits how wrong he was about Obamacare. The list grows.

You may find this link interesting:

Therein you will find op-eds and articles where former conservatives and former Socialists and Dems search together for pragmatic solutions.

Watching GHW’s service at the Capitol. Pence spoke after McConnell and Ryan and now there’s an invocational prayer. To me, it seemed obvious that Pence was doing a try-out for his promotion. As a former radio show host, his speaking abilities are par excellence so there is no contest there. This is not the actual funeral I think, so there will be a separate event. First Trump was coming, now he’s not (per msnbc). I can understand his discomfort at being there, judging by his discomfort at the G20. Still watching… Yep, Pence is doing a try-out for sure.

Sharon, We should look at Pence’s Chart, he must be very excited.
NYT’s has interesting Free article & comments today, example: “Today’s Republican party is about one thing and one thing only: power. Their rhetoric and ideology is a cloak to hide the naked desire for power….It is not a conservative party; it is a power-grabbing faction of our country and as all factions always do, it will cause harm”.
It would be wonderful if this confrontation, this Trump Disaster was the spark to bringing America together. Like Eliseo posted a strong radical-middle!

**Wisconsin Republicans Try to Shrink Power of New Democratic Governor!

Let’s also not forget the Neptune Return of the GOP, which coincides with Trump’s rise to the Presidency and the de facto head leadership position of the party. Something is indeed being dissolved here, and it’s the more rational (if still objectionable) conservative politics that were once upheld by the leaders and base of the party. These have been overtaken by a new politics of far-right reactionary extremism.

I was never a fan of the now deceased GHWB, whom had his own scandalous dealings throughout his own life and during his Presidency that warranted more widespread exposure and consequences than he ever experienced. Nevertheless, his political legacy stands in sharp relief vs. the still unfolding one of Trump. It’s hard even to imagine that the two men were heads of the same party, 3 decades apart.

The elder Bush would be a moderate
right-of-center Democrat as things stand today. Under Trump, the GOP has become a far-right extremist party and is no longer a “big tent” as it once was. As Neptune moves on from the GOP Neptune, the full extent of the party’s transformation and its implications for the political system of the U.S. will likely become apparent.

One thing is certain for me. The two party system is done. Whatever reforms that come must include some mechanism that fosters a wider range of representation on the political spectrum than what we have now.

The Republican Party Is the Single Greatest Threat to the American Republic

Its primary national imperatives are bigotry, plutocracy, and ratf*cking. It must be held accountable.


Big week in the Mueller investigation:

Tuesday, sentencing memo from Mueller due to judge in Michael Flynn’s case.

Friday, sentencing memo due in both Paul Manafort’s and Michael Cohen’s cases, expected to be made public.

Yahoo News says, “All three documents are expected to yield significant new details on what cooperation the three of them provided to the Russia investigation.”

Which amounts to more discoveries like we had last week — that Cohen has testified that Trump’s organization was in talks with Russia about building Trump Tower and giving Putin a penthouse there well after Trump claimed he had no business ties to Russia.

There’s speculation that Mueller is protecting his final report from being ignored and kept secret by Republicans by dishing out his findings in court filings, like these sentencing memos.

So, cross your fingers. These could be the documentation that lead to Trump’s kids being indicted.

Love your eulogy! It’s just how I see it, too. I think, more and more, we’re all seeing how this difficult time is bringing a great cleansing, reorientation to and valuing of what is true and good.

I hope you send your eulogy out to a broader audience. (op ed? tweet?)

I believe there are a lot of transits supporting truth telling right now…and some echoes to the Me Too reveals as Mercury turns direct in Scorpio.

May it all come out – especially the JEFFREY EPSTEIN horror show of sex trafficking young girls for the top 1% back in the day. Follow the illegal plea deal – from a sitting US Attorney General for the State of Florida who is now the current Secretary of Labor. Can anyone look at his chart? He is/was being considered for Sessions spot.Lift up the rock covering this sleaze. I wonder who else we’ll find there! I couldn’t sleep after reading this excellent article. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/article220097825.html

To help you relax Sharon. Me too!


Mercury in Scorpio will turn direct in a grand Trine in Water signs with Chiron and the North Node. The Moon will activate this Grand Trine tomorrow. Something profound, healing and fated should come up.

Wow, Andre, that should be interesting. Whatever comes out of Mueller’s filing of memos, the cable news will make a big deal out of it. Hope it is.

Bob, thank you so much! I am more of a potato latke (pancake) type of girl than a jelly doughnut person. Myron’s son has invited 35-40 people over to our house this Sunday for the 5th year in a row (the 1st year he had it at his small apartment but it grew). We are contributing some salads and coldcuts and beverages. Julian is deep frying potato pancakes to serve with apple sauce and sour cream. He calls them potatoe latke beignets! Wish all of you could come!

Wow, Andre, that should be interesting. Whatever comes out of Mueller’s filing of memos, the cable news will make a big deal out of it. Hope it is.

Bob, thank you so much! I am more of a potato latke (pancake) type of girl than a jelly doughnut person. Myron’s son has invited 35-40 people over to our house this Sunday for the 5th year in a row (the 1st year he had it at his small apartment but it grew). We are contributing some salads and coldcuts and beverages. Julian is deep frying potato pancakes to serve with apple sauce and sour cream. He calls them potatoe latke beignets! Wish all of you could come!

By the way, it’s a very mixed crowd with a relatively small Jewish segment. His non-Jewish friends who, 5 years ago, knew almost nothing about Hanukah, are now really into it. Near the end, they start gambling for a few hours using the dreidel and chocolate “gelt”, we sing funny, satirical songs, there are some things for the children to do (like throw magnetic darts at a board, which the adults probably like, too), and everyone gets favors to take home. Just some family fun to get away from the challenges and downers in the world. I happen to love Christmas, too, and love to be around Christmas trees and carols (I don’t enough about the other cultural and religious celebrations but I’ve always like cultural sharing). Oh, and we raise money for a charity each year. This year it’s a local one (Son of a Saint – that mentors young males from a very young age through HS and college graduation). Last year it was to help Puerto Rico. I wanted to help wildfire victims in CA but was outvoted.

What an outrage!
“That Acosta made this deal with Epstein should be investigated to the fullest extent and most definitely it should preclude him from ever holding public office.
It’s not like he will be out of work. Apparently there are a lot of very rich white men in need of his services. And what about Epstein? Will he ever stand before a judge with charges?
The Epstein saga is one of the sleaziest in current history.”


Andre I was excited too about that grand trine as it appears in the December 7th (Pearl Harbor Day) New Moon chart, since the transiting North Node also conjuncts (1) Mueller’s natal North Node (path forward) + his natal Pallas (strategist) + his natal Iris (messenger) and (2) the US Constitution’s Signing chart’s Juno (partner), all of them at 27+ Cancer.

Because the transiting South Node opposes the trans. North Node (and all those named above), the grand trine becomes a Kite pattern, putting emphasis on the North Node as the focal point of the transiting Grand Trine.

This means Mueller’s natal North Node et. al is also the focal point of all that non-stop grand trine energy.

Because Mueller’s natal South Node conjuncts the transiting South Node, as does the US natal Pluto (brings what’s rotting to the surface), all 3 at 27+ Capricorn, and because they all square transiting Uranus at 28+ Aries in the New Moon on Dec. 7th, we have a good idea about what it is you say is “profound, healing and fated”, and now it will also be shocking and maybe liberating to say the least.

Since trans. Mercury, having just stationed direct at this New Moon, is telling us the grand trine -turned – Kite is about information and facts and includes the trickster element that Mercury symbolizes.

Indeed, the Chiron part of the Grand Trine will be healing, although wounding is the method of becoming aware of what needs to be healed.

Boy, I can’t wait to see the movie after this comes to light.

When the Mayan calendar ended it was said to be the start of a new cycle that would signal paradigm shifts on many levels for Earth and its inhabitants. The day the Mayan calendar ended is believed to have been the Winter Solstice on December 21, 2012, six years ago.

The chart for that event – when the transiting Sun reached 0 Capricorn – when set in Washington DC had a midheaven (MC) at 1+ Libra, the same degree as the US natal chart’s MC. It was going to be about us.

At that time transiting Pluto was at 8+ Capricorn, the same degree where trans. Saturn (and Russia’s natal Uranus) is right now.

Transiting Pluto at that Winter Solstice in 2012 was sextile transiting Saturn at 8+ Scorpio. This sextile between Pluto and Saturn formed a Yod to transiting Jupiter at 8+ Gemini. The US natal Uranus is also at 8+ Gemini, the apex point of the Yod in the Winter Solstice of 2012, believed by many to be the end of the Mayan calendar.

The planet at the apex of a Yod symbolizes a difficult adjustment that must take place. In this case trans Jupiter would symbolize a difficult adjustment in understanding (Jupiter), and/or foreign relations (Jupiter), and/or networking (Jupiter), and/or expansion (Jupiter), and/or belief systems (Jupiter) in Gemini (communication).

This adjustment would also include (for the US) a shocking (US Uranus) and yet liberating (US Uranus) experience, and now it is happening.

Transiting Saturn, now at 8+ Capricorn is activating that Mayan calendar ending that portends paradigm shifts, and because transiting Saturn at 8+ Capricorn (and Russia’s Uranus) opposes Trump’s Mercury (8+ Cancer) which rules his natal Gemini Sun, he too is a big player in the paradigm shifts we are going through.

An in-depth comparison between the December 21, 2012 chart and this Friday’s (Pearl Harbor Day) New Moon chart would probably be helpful to understand what’s happening now.

For example Friday’s New Moon at 15 Sagittarius 07 conjuncts the 12/21/12 chart’s Mercury at 14 Sagittarius 42 which conjuncts the Great Attractor at 14 Sagittarius 12, which trines Mueller’s natal Sun at 14 Leo 59 (or thereabouts). It is all connected and the truth will set us free I’m told.

Ralfee Finn:


Is anyone in touch with Alex? We haven’t heard from her in quite a long time. I hope she is well.

First Native Woman Democrat In N.D. Statehouse Takes Oath In Traditional Dress



“3 days before he died George Bush asked to see President Obama! Obama immediately flew to his home in Houston where Bush embraced Obama for over 2 minutes before letting go according Bush family members! This should tell you everything you need to know about Barack Obama!”


Meaning no disrespect, nobody can put on a show like the USA, and today’s service in honor of the senior President Bush is the perfect example of this. Even the BBC carried the service, and Britain, which has all the the pomp and circumstance of royalty, must be impressed with the dramatic ceremony which the 41st US President’s death provided the world today.

How timely is the contrast being made between what we were just five or ten decades ago; a nation that respected the office of the Presidency, and what we seem to have become; a nation with no self respect.

I hope everyone made time to watch today’s service for the deceased Pres. Bush, a reminder of better times – whether you liked the man or not, of what we are capable of as a nation; honor and respect.

Could it be that the Bush family has afforded us the opportunity to once again see ourselves as proud Americans who love our country and revere our leaders, or am I being overly sentimental?

I can’t leave without noting that the US natal Neptune is in the sign of Virgo, and practicality + healing are paramount to this sign. If Neptune is symbolic of supreme devotion and escape from mundane reality, then as the transiting Moon in Scorpio (at the dawn of this day sextiled the US Neptune) symbolized the deep emotions of the masses, it must be a reflection of some practical and healing energy – a balm if you will, for our torn and grieving nation.

Perhaps we can look at it as a result of a passing era – a gift from a dying Republican party; the deaths of Barbara Bush, John McCain and now Pres. George H.W Bush.

Barb, for just a few moments we were reminded of the greatness of the US, from the pomp and circumstance of a State funeral for one of the memorable leaders that despite being Republican had the fine qualities of a statesman. I can’t think of one of today’s Republicans holding a candle to GHWB. The Canadian former Prime Minister reminded us as we strolled to past times when there was comity, respect, for the office instead of the gutter swamp we find ourselves led by the 45th occupant.

Rest in Peace Mr. President GHWBush.

Eliseo, I, too, worry about Alex. I may have her email address but can’t access my own computer at the moment. Does anyone else have it? Whatever her situation, may she be in the Light and surrounded by Love.

Angellight, that tweet about GHW Bush embracing Obama for 3 minutes is really beautiful. It gives me hope because, although some don’t like it, the Obama, Clinton and Bush families are friends (there are some who believe they are all part of the so-called deep state but I don’t). We know that Bill and GHW worked together on fundraising for humanitarian causes and we know that Michelle and GW are friends. It was also great to see Jimmy Carter joking with Hillary today. She certainly seems to have emerged from her ordeal in a good place.

Oops, that was me, Sharon K

Jeffrey Epstein is a rich guy and apparently made a deal over the latest court lawsuit.
He was being sued by the attorney representing the girls and struck a deal.

He’s off the hook for now.

Talk of a bygone era, seeing the train carrying GHW Bush home, reminds me of when passenger trains were a common site; it was a different world in the ’40’s and 50’s.

I found an article written by Jude Cowell in 2008 about the 2012 Winter Solstice where he discusses the Yod between the sextile of Pluto at 8+ Capricorn (where trans. Saturn is now) and Saturn at 8+ Scorpio with Jupiter at 8+ Gemini at the apex of the Yod in that Solstice in 2012.

Even though he doesn’t mention that the 2012 Solstice Jupiter would be conjunct the US natal Uranus, he does make this interesting observation (in 2008 even!):

“So will a new and powerful guru arise? A false profit? A charismatic figure does seem to be indicated here, perhaps even from the political world – ugh!”


Barbk, Here are some Ideas Democrats have:

“Wary of repeating 2016 mistakes, Democrats prepare to shake up 2020 presidential debate plan

(I’m predicting: Beto for V.P.)

patty, it sounds like the Dems have learned a lot from their mistakes from the 2016 debacle and that doesn’t always happen. Like for example, North Carolina.

I knew results from the midterm elections would take until Christmas (based on the Mercury-Jupiter three-conjunctions-to-start-cycle) and thought we would not know who would win the House until then; oh me of little faith. Turns out we won’t know just how much the Dems won the House by. Maybe another election in NC will give us one more Dem in the House!

patty, me too, believe Beto will be someone’s VP. And too there is young Rep. Joe Kennedy who is also very dynamic.

Sharon S: Yes, very beautiful to see all of them getting along. But very curious why on his deathbed, he summoned Obama and needed to embrace him.

I remember the Reagan and Bush years and some of Bush’s policies. He was no saint as some are trying now to make him out to be. Yet it was magnanimous of him to include and invite Trump to his funeral when he clearly did not like him.

Jose Feliciano – Feliz Navidad


Elton John – Step Into Christmas (Loudest version I could find)


Kenneth McKellar – Auld Lang Syne

“The first case this week involving Epstein has been settled out of court but there’s still another pending.”


Thank you ja, this latest Dershowitz chart study by Marjorie Orr is (as usual) fascinating. I was intrigued by the natal Jupiter opposite his natal Mars (that conjuncts Trump’s natal Mars) referred to as “the soldier of fortune”. Since I’m a fan of Sakoian and Acker myself, I know this isn’t an idle phrase.

She pondered the apparent change in his support of causes (was supportive of the “good” and now for the “bad”). I’m thinking that maybe his natal chart’s trine between Neptune in Virgo and his South Node + Uranus in Taurus which is being joined by transiting Pluto in Capricorn could be influencing his objectivity.

South Nodes symbolize what’s been developed to perfection but which no longer serve to increase positive growth. This temporary grand trine happening in Dershowitz’s chart becomes a Kite pattern when his North Node is included. It designates his South Node (+ natal Uranus) as the focal point of the grand trine and could signal a change in his perceived orientation.

The influence of Pluto (great power, money) can be overwhelming.

I don’t understand all the hush, hush around this news item? I’m sickened to see Bill Clinton is involved.


I think Bush must have wanted to tell Obama that as our most recent past President, he needed to step in and bring all our past presidents together and speak as a group against what Trump is doing. I know the tradition is to stay silent and let the new president do what he wants. But we’re in extraordinary circumstances.

Daddy Bush on his deathbed telling Obama to go do that would give him good cover to take on the task, even if he and the others are hesitant to do it.

I thought it was a brilliant plan to have former Canadian PM Brian Mulroney present the review of George H.W. Bush’s presidency. A Canadian who could exquisitely mention the strengths of President Bush – while we were all comparing the current occupant and finding him inadequate. I specifically loved when Mulroney mentioned the fall of the Russian oligarchs. At that moment, Trump scowled and defensively crossed his arms.

Transiting Mercury in Scorpio, now moving direct and square the midpoint between Trump’s natal Mars and Ascendant, is also square the US natal Moon (the mood and the people of the US) and US Pallas (warrior goddess adroit in tactical moves) in Aquarius.

Trans Mercury also opposes transiting Sedna in Taurus, she who was tossed overboard to drown by a loved one (a loved one who was looking to save his own hide) seems relevant to the three documents released by Mueller and the SDNY today.

Transiting Mercury is also in the degree (27+ Scorpio) where the 1st of 3 conjunctions that will compose the beginning of the new Jupiter-Mercury cycle and it took place on October 29, 2018. They too were opposite transiting Sedna, and, just like today, transiting Chiron in Pisces was trine Mercury as well Jupiter.

As today was the Sagittarius New Moon, a blueprint of the coming 4 weeks, and because Mercury in Scorpio was trine Chiron in Pisces and they were trine the North Node (path forward) that also conjuncts Mueller’s North Node, this grand trine in the New Moon chart (which becomes a Kite as I described on 12/4 at 5:35 PM) will be providing a month long expose’ on those confessions from those loved ones of “Individual 1”.

This coincides with transiting Saturn (as Nancy describes as “the planet of painful lessons in facing reality”) opposite Trump’s natal Mercury.

Transiting Saturn in Capricorn is quincunx both US natal Uranus in Gemini and Mueller’s natal Pluto in Leo (a Yod formation) and is therefore under extreme pressure to make difficult adjustments.

What’s a transiting Saturn (under extreme pressure to adjust) to do? Why, pass the pressure (to adjust) onto that which opposes him, namely Trump’s Mercury (Master Twitterer) at 8+ Cancer.

It seems fitting that these information bombs were dropped on Pearl Harbor Day. and it is only beginning. The year-long Mercury-Jupiter cycle promises more bombs dropped through January, 2020.

Nothing like Mercury going direct!

Constipation over! The feeling of relief.
Sorry to be somewhat scatological.

Linda G has a new post.

And as I said in several previous posts, the Orange -in-Chief’s solar return for 2019 is fraught. Lot’s of political fighting going on…and Pluto making a direct quincunx to the Orange’s natal Sun, Mars opposed the Solar Return ascendant and so on and so forth.

Sorry, Progressed Mars in Libra opposes the ascendant.

You say collusion,
I say collision.
You say confusion,
I say confession.
Collusion, collision,
confusion, confession,
let’s call the whole thing off
and just throw them all in jail.

Thanks to three giants – Gershwin, Fitzgerald, and Armstrong.


Teresa Hill: I like your summation about what daddy Bush might of wanted to convey to Obama. Yes, someone has to take charge and it looks like we are finally through the court filings going to see some daylight and justice.

” For all these reasons, the president is unlikely to have a restful, tweet-free weekend — or a calm 2019, for that matter.”


Did you see Linda the Comanche Psychic who interviews the “past lives” psychic about Trump?

Must see!

George Conway’s tweets (from the Washington Post today):

«But Conway’s words on Friday weren’t all doom and gloom and indictments and impeachment. He also included a sardonically inspiring tweet from Preet Bharara, the fired U.S. attorney from the Southern District of New York:

“Inspiring reminder: In America anyone can grow up and become Individual-1”

Barb, I did watch Linda G…share thoughts with her “past lives” psychic friend, interesting. It seems this unstable Trump Trauma is making the veil very thin and weakening America. I suspect John Kelly and many in the WH knew full well that Trump was not up to par. (John Kelly being replaced by Pence’s right hand man…and I suspect Kelly told Mueller that Trump is totally Un-Presidential)
This whole Drump experience is very unsettling!

Here’s Linda G’s phone contact with psychic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lPhSWYiOQ4

I agree patty. . “making the veil very thin”. Still, we, as a nation, have become – and will continue to become more conscious of (1) what is most important in keeping this US government operational, and (2) what we truly value and (3) just how easily it/they can become corrupt without the guardrails in place . . thanks to this “Drump experience”.

Whether or not one believes in reincarnation, we can agree that it took a person so base as this man to bring us to an awareness of our vulnerability; hopefully in time to pick up the pieces and rebuild the country and its Constitution based on this new found awareness.

I believe that is what’s at the core of the US natal Pluto Return; a period that coincides with transiting Neptune opposite US natal Neptune.

The outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) operate on the collective level of consciousness and in the year of 2022, when:

1) trans. Pluto makes 3 conjunctions to US natal Pluto and

2) trans. Neptune opposes US Neptune, and

3) trans. Uranus comes to station retrograde within a degree of being conjunct US natal Vesta (what it is we invest in),

they will be speaking to our highest level of values and consciousness. We have three years to figure out what and where they are.

Denise Seigel has a new vid up on youtube. She talks about the coming financial crash and Trump from a primarily astrological view with some psychic overtones. She correctly predicted the 2008 crash.

I thought she was very interesting.

Have been getting the feeling since not long after the election about Nancy Pelosi becoming the caretaker president for a period of time, and wonder if any of you have had similar thoughts? When I listened to Denise Seigel yesterday, she happened to mention Pelosi too . . . . .
Would be a tough job for her given the current mess, and it would certainly drive the nutters crazy; any thoughts?

“Beto O’Rourke Emerges as the Wild Card of the 2020 Campaign-in-Waiting”


BREAKING: James Comey told Congressional investigators the Justice Department was investigating four Americans connected to Donald Trump in Summer 2016 for potentially helping Russia meddle in the upcoming election


BREAKING: James Comey told Congressional investigators the Justice Department was investigating four Americans connected to Donald Trump in Summer 2016 for potentially helping Russia meddle in the upcoming election



“Whether or not one believes in reincarnation, we can agree that it took a person so base as this man to bring us to an awareness of our vulnerability; hopefully in time to pick up the pieces and rebuild the country and its Constitution based on this new found awareness.”

Beautifully stated.

and You never cease to amaze me will. Thanks!

” This is a scandal unlike any America has ever seen.” Meanwhile, Trump continues to tweet “no collusion”.”


“This is a scandal unlike any America has ever seen.” Meanwhile, Trump continues to tweet “no collusion”.”


John Aravosis
Retweeted Amee Vanderpool

“Jerry Falwell Jr befriended a 21 y.o pool boy named “Giancarlo,” to the point where he was flying Giancarlo around in his private jet & then entered a business venture with the pool boy because Falwell wanted to help him “establish a new career.”

“Blackmail likely brought Trump the Christian Right. There’s now a connection between a Jerry Falwell Jr. lawsuit involving him staking a Miami pool boy w/millions & Cohen’s assuredness that Falwell would endorse Trump no matter what, well ahead of 2016. ”


BREAKING: In victory for Planned Parenthood, US Supreme Court leaves lower court ruling on public funding intact. @PeteWilliamsNBC explains.


RE: the possibility of Nancy Pelosi as caretaker president.

We are hyper focused on the misdeeds of 45, therefore less focused on whatever possible laws Mr. Pence has or has not transgressed. Getting in political “bed” with Trump, i.e. looking the other way at Mr. T’s consistently less than stellar morality was certainly egregious, (especially for one as “pious” as is Mr. Pence) but probably not a crime.

IF.. however, Mr. Pence knew of Russian collusion, but kept silent, or participated in some way, he too should rightly be turned out of office and charged with the appropriate crimes.

I too have entertained the thought, (not an intuition) that Ms. Pelosi might become our next president, presuming Mr. Pence is in the web of deceit sufficiently that he is impeached and convicted or forced to resign simultaneously or in conjunction with Mr. 45.

Personally, I’d love to see all of the above happen! As we used to say as children, “that would show ’em!” It would be a kind of sweet revenge, but what about the political consequences down the line?

Although I am of the opinion Ms. Pelosi is a highly effective legislator and was an excellent speaker of the house and would be again, I feel she would be a detriment to the party as president. She’s been demonized as a “San Francisco Liberal” and OMG, she’s FEMALE! The sexist, right-wing paranoids in our society, somewhere between a quarter and a third of us, would be re-energized at a time when I would prefer they lay down and go to sleep.

I say, let them sleep like Rip Van Winkle and reawaken decades later in a more sane and humane world wherein due to population increase they represent a far smaller share of voters and consequently are drastically diminished in power. Let them reawaken miffed but powerless to turn back the clock in an America in which half our legislators are female, climate change is being dealt with effectively, we have an economic bill of rights, and a number of constitutional amendments have removed money from our politics and rendered our society as one in which there is truly, “liberty and justice for all.” Such is my fantasy.

Although I see both good and bad consequences should that event occur, it is perfectly fine with me if Ms. Pelosi becomes president. And we have a pretty good idea of what Mr. Mueller has on Trump, but we really are in the dark as to what he has on Pence. Her ascendancy would of course depend on that unknown. There is so, so much we don’t yet know.

The newly elected U S House of Representatives with a Democratic majority in the U S Congress to commence January 3rd, 2019 happens to closely coincide with the upcoming Jan 5th solar eclipse (15 ’25 Capricorn). This eclipse will conjoin the Saturn-Pluto midpoint (16 ’22 Capricorn). A harbinger of things to come?

Co-Creation and Astrology Forecast December 9-15 by Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are now facing the first winds of change from the new Eclipse Season. The first actual eclipse this Eclipse Season is a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn on January 5, 2019.

Since Eclipse Season began last week at the Sagittarius New Moon, a few important world developments have intensely unfolded:

1) The stock market is barreling downward rapidly, more significantly than many people understand

2) Mueller’s investigation has revealed information that strongly suggests Donald Trump’s presidency is in a very precarious position now.

3) Paris is experiencing well attended rallies from its people that have gotten extremely intense in its battles with the police. These rallies were against the proposed increased gas taxes, but even after significant compromise from the government, the rallies have continued.

We can expect these issues to intensify in January, as others will capture much attention as well. Israel is hot and close to major battles with Hamas and Hezbollah. Russia is fanning flames of battle with Ukraine. The power of the Feminine is growing more and more every day in contrast to the old world’s paradigm and privileges.

All this shows us more evidence of a USA and Western world in the beginning stages of deep change and transformation on the road to the Age of Aquarius.

We can now see the light of that New Age beginning to shine through the darkness of these aforementioned troubles.

People are beginning to build up the muscles of “power to the people”; an unfair economic system is beginning to crumble to an eventual transformation into something more equitable; corruption of the old world ways is being challenged; and the Diversity Within Unity structure of a new Age of Aquarius world is beginning to show itself.

But I am sure you can see how this process of transformation will temporarily get darker and more intense soon.

That first eclipse on January 5 is a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn 15+ degrees. Pluto and Saturn will both be conjunct that Solar Eclipse. That strongly suggests this Eclipse represents a big turning point in time concerning structures and institutions, old rules and regulations, responsibilities and outer world material issues.

There is a potentially destructive piece to the energy of this planetary event. That is so because both Saturn and Pluto conjunct that Solar Eclipse.

In personal lives, there is a need around this Solar Eclipse to question your status quo; to look more closely at the rules you have been answering to; to be more in touch with your ambitions and what you want to accomplish in life.

There is a weighing of whether to keep old ways or instead to purge those old ways from your life and consciousness.



Forgot to mention…… The upcoming January 5th solar eclipse also happens to take place simultaneously as Uranus stations direct (28 ’36 Aries). It will form a trine to last years powerful August 21st solar eclipse (28 ’52 Leo).

By: kiwi on December 9th, 2018
at 12:40 pm

RE: Pelosi

Kiwi – I have been getting that feeling as well, which would explain the ambivalent feelings that David Johnson and Linda G have foretold in their readings on Pelosi. She is vary wary of the Damocles sword that will be over her head while in that spot, but I think she would be fine in that role, and more than happy to give it up once the Presidential election cycle of 2020 is over.

It also brings to mind David Johnson’s foreteliing Adam Schiff becoming Speaker, which would also be fine by me. By that time, I think Schiff will have comported himself as a good leader of the majority — being in position to guide the Congress towards solid legal process in moving the investigations forward and keeping us well within the bounds of the Constitution.

My personal secret crush revealed: I adore Adam Schiff — his competence and intelligence makes me feel secure. He’d make a solid AG in a Democratic Administration.

Remember, it was Paul Manafort who brought Pence to the VP slot, supposedly convincing Trump to go with him over Chris Christie.

If Pence is Manafort’s guy, you know Pence is there for a reason, and while it might be to try to bring some of the Christian right to Trump, most of what I read is people saying Pence must be all caught up in the Russia thing because Russia persuaded Manafort to bring Pence on as VP.

As for demonizing Nancy Pelosi — we need to accept that Republicans are going to try to demonize all of our strongest Democratic leaders. It’s just a fact. The worst they could find so far to say about Pelosi is that she’s from San Francisco and a liberal, which makes me think she must be squeaky clean.

I do think Trump supporters who remain if he’s impeached and Pence is impeached, who see any Democrat as President will be furious. It doesn’t matter who it is. And they’ll like be completely unreasonable and sure it’s unfair and a complete, evil liberal plot. But the only alternative is a Republican ascending to the Presidency, and we don’t want that, either.

Honestly, my biggest worry now is that Congressional Republicans finally turn on Trump, see evidence that tells them he’s definitely going down and somehow manage to persuade him (or cut a deal with him) to resign before the new congress is sworn in, get Pence to do the same and try to make the current speaker of the house, Paul Ryan, president.

Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg more-than-simply suggested this morning that he would bid for the DNC Presidential candidacy in 2020

I was just telling my family today that we needed someone like Bloomberg to appeal to the business community, etc. Someone who is genuinely successful to get the country oriented the right way, and move us in a Democratic socialist/progressive direction as soon as they gain the country’s trust.

Bloomberg was born on Valentine’s Day in ’42 in Boston. Of course this doesn’t help, but the article ends by saying there is no indication that B. was aware of the fraud committed by several of his execs.


Here’s Bloomberg’s chart:

He has a 4-planet stellum in Aquarius, with his sun conj the U.S.’s moon, square saturn/uranus in Taurus. He is going to be heavily affected in the 2020s and beyond.

Being that he’s Jewish, I think it would pose a problem now more than ever before (Israel-Palestine, the Mideast in general, the rising anti-Semitism in Europe and the U.S.) — so I think he might be an inflammatory and controversial choice. He is also a New Yorker like Trump and maybe one was enough for a while.

“This is the center of the action. This is the red-hot center of world politics and world power. And he is going back to Georgia after being the chief of staff to the less-important guy? I am not buying it.”


44 Ex-Senators Warn U.S. Is ‘Entering A Dangerous Period’

December 10, 2018

A bipartisan group of nearly four dozen former senators warned current and future members of the Senate on Monday that the United States is “entering a dangerous period,” and urged them to defend America’s democracy by serving national interests rather than political ideologies.

“We are on the eve of the conclusion of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation and the House’s commencement of investigations of the president and his administration,” the 44 ex-lawmakers wrote in an op-ed published by The Washington Post. “The likely convergence of these two events will occur at a time when simmering regional conflicts and global power confrontations continue to threaten our security, economy and geopolitical stability.”

The senators continued: “It is a time, like other critical junctures in our history, when our nation must engage at every level with strategic precision and the hand of both the president and the Senate. We are at an inflection point in which the foundational principles of our democracy and our national security interests are at stake, and the rule of law and the ability of our institutions to function freely and independently must be upheld.”



“The congressman speaks with Andy Borowitz about voter suppression, expanding democracy, and how the Democratic Party can turn the tide of authoritarianism”.

On Nov. 25th ja had a link to an article about how Vesta is represented in the stock market trading and, although I don’t use the US Scorpio Rising birth chart, I do agree that Vesta influences the ups and downs of trading in the US.

Yesterday transiting Sun at 19+ Sagittarius was quincunx the US natal Vesta at 19+ Taurus and a quincunx requires an adjustment. The Dow dropped dramatically yesterday, but later rebounded.

A stock market astrologer would tell you that US Vesta was also trine transiting Pluto (19+ Capricorn) yesterday and Pluto symbols death and rebirth, while trines symbolize an easy support between bodies in this aspect.

This is what ex-Fed Reserve chair has to say about a looming Recession:


And did you guys hear about or see the public mtg between Trump, Pelosi, Schumer & Pence (the latter of whom did not contribute)? Apparently, Nancy was very badass (she’s being called a badass all over DU), Schumer hooked Trump into “owning” the possible government shutdown as being worth the cost of national security (“the wall”), and Nancy dissed Trump’s “manhood” in post mtg with House Dems. Really great stuff! You have to catch the photo of her exiting the meeting with a satisfied Cheshire cat smile! It’s hysterical. Apparently, she comes from a badass political Italian family from Baltimore and she is as tough as they come (while dancing backwards in high heels – heehee)!



Let me try my post again with 2 links instead of 3 as it didn’t appear with the 3 links

And did you guys hear about or see the public mtg between Trump, Pelosi, Schumer & Pence (the latter of whom did not contribute)? Apparently, Nancy was very badass (she’s being called a badass all over DU), Schumer hooked Trump into “owning” the possible government shutdown as being worth the cost of national security (“the wall”), and Nancy dissed Trump’s “manhood” in post mtg with House Dems. Really great stuff! You have to catch the photo of her exiting the meeting with a satisfied Cheshire cat smile! It’s hysterical. Apparently, she comes from a badass political Italian family from Baltimore and she is as tough as they come (while dancing backwards in high heels – heehee)!



Nice bio of “badass” Nancy, with some info on her filmmaking journalist daughter who filmed “Journeys with George” about W’s campaign for the 2000 presidential election.


I’m not so sure.


The Oxford Astrologer:


Sharon, Thank you so much for the “Badass” Nancy!
Hoping some of the other young Dem Women leaders are saying to themselves…
“I want to be exactly like Nancy Pelosi’

“You don’t bring a novice to a knife fight.
That’s why Democrats need Nancy Pelosi”


Did you watch a replay of the meeting? I don’t know what possessed Trump to allow it to be live but they sure got the best of him. He seemed to hold his own a bit and appeared to be a good sport but a reporter said that he charged out of the room and was so frustrated (particularly at Schumer, his nemesis from NY), that he threw his folder down and all the papers flew out.

Nancy apparently fact-checked his stats on areas where they have a wall, and contradicted him, and Trump chuckled that Trump had a whole lot of Pinocchios. I cannot wait to see Saturday Night Live this week!

“After Two Years, A Lawmaker Finally Fact-checked Trump to his Face”


Trump: It’s been very effective”…”If you look at San Diego, illegal traffic dropped 92 percent once the wall was up. El Paso, illegal traffic dropped 72 percent, then ultimately 95 percent once the wall was up. In Tucson, Arizona, illegal traffic dropped 92 percent. Yuma, it dropped illegal traffic 95 to 96 percent.”

Pelosi rejected that assertion, suggesting the president’s claims about the effectiveness of a border wall were overblown. San Diego, for instance, is by far the biggest gateway for illegal drugs, despite the fact that Trump previously praised the city for building a wall along the southern border. There is no wall in Tucson, Arizona because it is not on the border.

“What the president is representing…is not factual,” Pelosi said. “We have to have an evidence-based conversation about what does work, what money has been spent, and how effective it is. This is about the security of our country we take an oath to protect and defend, and we don’t want to have that mischaracterized by anyone.”……………..

………………………..In a press conference with reporters after the meeting, Pelosi described the conversation as “unfortunate.”

“We didn’t want to contradict the president when he was putting forth figures that had no reality to them, no basis in fact,” Pelosi said. “[But] we have to, if we’re going to proceed in all of this, have evidence-based, factual, truthful information about what works and what doesn’t.”

Just an FYI…
Pres. Obama was not “summoned,” to the home (nor death bed) of George HW Bush, as stated by a bot account on Twitter. Obama was in the area for an event at Rice University, and stopped in to visit Bush sr.

Is it possible the Bush family told Obama how ill Bush sr. was, and Obama chose to visit in case Bush sr. passed on? Sure.

But I find it troubling that after all the myths, fallacies, conspiracy theories and outright lies spread during the 2016 election (via Twitter and FB) so many still take random comments from nobodies online, as the gospel truth, because “they say so.”

I now get how Q-Anon has so many followers, and why so many openly believed the many stupid tall tales spread about HRC (like Pizza-gate, and that she was dying).

The account spreading that comment (and other dumb lies) seems to be fake/bot/troll; evidenced by all their troll followers.

See below link for a fact-checked article on the topic:


Rant over.

Sharon K:
Why did mango Mussolini want the meeting in front of the press? Good question. Seems it was a last minute decision on his part….(though I suspect Miller or even Bannon suggested he do that).

The last time The corruption king met behind closed doors, Pelosi and Schumer got a great deal, and the WH Squatter was roundly ridiculed by his base, Fox News and several right wing blogs for “getting rolled,” and “looking “weak.” Ha!

Seems this time, he thought by opening it to the press, he’d come off as “tough,” and show his base how ” strong he is,” on demanding his stupid wall, but it obviously backfired on him. LOL!


“Mango Mussolini,” made me chuckle. Thank you!


I think Trump believes he wins any time he’s aggressive and in-your-face with Democrats or Republican congress members or basically anybody he’s labelled as bad or enemies of the people.

His reptile-brain followers think he’s fighting for them and that finally someone is standing up to liberals or entrenched congress members, and if he doesn’t succeed it’s because America is so unfair to him and they believe evil, liberal lies. Everyone is against him, and he’s bravely fighting for them.

I was watching MSNBC last night, and I wish I could remember who said this, but I thought it was brilliant — talking about the meeting and how nobody knows how to handle Trump, because they’re used to politicians who want to pass their agenda, to accomplish things, but Trump doesn’t.

As this person said, Trump doesn’t really want the wall. He wants the fight for the wall. He doesn’t care about his supporters or what they need. He doesn’t care about actually accomplishing anything on his agenda. He cares about the fight and he’s even lying and saying part of the wall has been built, and his supporters believe him.

Teresa Hill,
I saw that too, and found the insight quite striking. Historians will look back on our present time and shake their heads. DJT is the weirdest duck to ever occupy the White House.

Ive been thinking there needs to be a constitutional amendment put in place after this nightmare regarding conditions to be met prior to someone being accepted as party nominee or sworn in as president – e.g. full security clearance, full financial disclosures, firm firewall regarding personal conflict of interests.


“Mango Mussolini” – good one!

Hi to all,

I am not happy at all about working for almost 1/3 of the year and having go to our government; this Jackass Child-in-Chief has got to go. I believe that somewhere in his twisted yellow hairdo, he is virtually begging to have someone set some very, very firm boundaries for him – he’s like child with a scorching case of Oppositional Defiance Disorder.

Please, send out the clowns and send in some level-headed adults to navigate our nation. This is such an exhausting freak show.

Okay – I’m done. Back to work.

I saw that too Teresa, I can’t remember his name (it WAS a “he”) either, He’s right though, it would seem Trump doesn’t care about projects per se, only how he appears (tough) to his base.

After her great performance in the Oval Office, I think the mystery woman that Linda the psychic sees taking down Trump in her cards could be Nancy Pelosi (her Mercury squares his Uranus).

Michael Cohen’s natal Sun at 2+ Virgo is in the degree where transiting Transpluto is, and Transpluto symbolizes the process of becoming whole. This hypothetical planet/point moves very slowly so Cohen has years to achieve this “becoming whole”. Good luck Michael.

will, along those lines, I see Trump as a lesson for America – one that reaches the” lowest common denominator” audience – and those above that level, like yourself, will have to endure it until enough of the lesson rubs off on those least savvy amongst us. Part of the evolutionary process.

Hang in there impatient Aries One, it will be worth it.

Barb, my sun sign is 1+ Pisces; will it be affecting me, too?

Separately, with saturn on my descendant for the next 2 weeks, I find myself really re-thinking how I interact and create relationship dynamics; i.e., how my relationships and reactions to them are really just a reflection of me, and how I can change that (being a pretty sensitive Pisces with a proud, self-promoting-Leo moon conj. pluto–what a combo!). I was afraid of this transit a bit, but so far, it’s been positive (as opposed to Saturn’s transit of my chiron at 1 Cap, and its opposition to my 4 Cancer Uranus which was pretty stressful).

Hi Janet,
Good to see you!
On Mango Mussolini: hehehehe.

I can’t take credit, though. The internet has no shortage of creative, fitting, and hilarious nicknames for Captain Corruption.

Hi kiwi,
Totally agree!

It was so frustrating that the press (and public) set the bar so low for this terrible man. Tax returns can’t be optional anymore, nor can divesting from business ties….oh and I’d love to see a mental fitness, psych evaluation added, as well….dude CLEARLY has issues.

Linda probably forgot, but yes, she did say Pelosi seems to be the woman she’s seen in readings. See her Nov. 10th video. Pelosi talk starts around the 3:50 mark.


“Hang in there impatient Aries One, it will be worth it.”

Oh, but Mommy, its so hard!

Lexi, thanks – I must have missed that one; will go back and review.

Sharon, you would have already started the Transpluto process when it was at 1+ Virgo; it would not be the shock for you that it is for Cohen as he is so far adrift from being whole.

In fact we all are in that process to a greater or lesser degree due to our interactions with each other. I would say that you have had the affect of bringing consciousness to many individuals in the last decade or so (opposition to Sun). When Transpluto conjuncts the natal Sun (natally or in transit) there will be much self criticism on the way to wholeness.

As for trans. Saturn on the descendant I would look for a sense of maturation, perhaps through an older individual who has a great influence on you. Maturity has its positives; responsibility and stability for example. Fear or restriction would be the Saturn influence when negatively experienced.

Trans. Saturn is leaving it’s opposition to Trump’s Mercury (mind/mouth) now as well as it’s activation of the Mars-Pluto cycle, so the world will not be quite so scary for him soon, although trans. Mercury IS square his ascendant today.

Yes it is will, yes it is.

Hi Sharon – no wonder we seem to resonate so often – my Jupiter is 0+pisces

Barbk, “The process of becoming whole”

“This may seem hard to believe,” Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former lawyer, told the U.S. District Court judge William Pauley, on Wednesday, “but today is one of the most meaningful days of my life.”


Ivanka and January 13, 2020.

She will be part of the Family Affair – http ://imgur.com/a/UyQXj

Ivanka’s natal Saturn and Pluto only moved a few minutes of arc on the day she was born, therefore her progressed midpoint for them is within a few minutes of arc in accuracy.

On January 13, 2020, at 10 am, EST, using a noon birth chart their progressed midpoint will be at or near 204°42′. An exact square to it would be at/around 294°42′.

Transiting Sun will be at 294°42′.
Transiting Saturn will be at 294°42′.
Transiting Pluto will be at 294°45′.

Maybe her hair will turn Gray.

The progressed Moon of the Constitution’s ratification will be at 114°26′. It will square her progressed Saturn/Pluto midpoint and be opposed by the transiting grim reaper which will square it.


“But what about New Hampshire and her long-delayed convention? Eight States had already ratified, and New Hampshire was now fired with ambition to be the ninth. June 21st, she gave her vote in favor of ratification. Her convention was careful to write in its record that this was done “on Saturday, June 21, at 1 P. M.,” for if Virginia’s vote should chance to be at two o’clock, they did not mean to lose their honors.”

June 21, 1788, Concord, NH: 9th State ratification in Convention @ 13:00 LAT. Nine ratifications required for the Constitution’s national adoption. [i.e. LAT = sundial time, which is 13:01:27 LMT, Concord, New Hampshire. Source: John Langdon’s letter to Tobias Lear, General Washington’s secretary. On April 6, 1789, Langdon was voted the U.S. Senate’s first President Pro-Tempore


Constitution Ratified NH – Sec.Prog. Q2 Mean Quotidian NOTE: ET in data stands for Ephemeris Time not Eastern.

DeltaT = +77s; ET = 3:01:17 pm Jan 13 2020; JDE = 2374517.801671
ST(0°) = 22:30:16; LST = 17:44:07; Ob = 23°28’00”; Eq.Time = -14m38s
Derived Progression Date = 7:14:08 am Feb 8 1789 NS UT

Point – Longitude——Rt.Asc.

An s got dropped in the link for Family Affair album. Here is corrected link.

Ivanka and January 13, 2020.

She will be part of the Family Affair –

Thanks ja, not hard to believe Cowan said this.

That Transpluto effect (conjunct natal Sun, symbol of consciousness) will involve self scrutiny (read: self critical) but, in the long run one can – during the process – come to terms with the many facets of the Self, some of which might have been previously unconscious.

By accepting one’s flaws/failings in this world of duality (good-bad, rich-poor, rain-shine, etc.) it is possible to become whole by becoming conscious and accepting of one’s many parts, which a study of one’s birth chart can facilitate.

I just saw the Saudi Arabia birth chart and noticed it’s natal Pluto is in the same degree as Trump’s natal Uranus, both at 17+ Gemini.

Saudi Arabia also has natal Chiron at 8+ Capricorn (where transiting Saturn was until 2 days ago) and opposite Trump’s natal Mercury at 8+ Cancer.

The Saudi chart also has Saturn at 19+ Cap, where transiting Pluto was until this morning, and the Saudi Sun at 23+ Cap and Jupiter at 24+ Cap (opposite US natal Mercury and Trump’s natal Venus and Saturn).

Found this in Jessica Murray’s Nov. 3rd blog, which I had not read, about the downfall of Saudi Arabia.


Uh Oh,

On Dec. 21, 12:26 PM, EST transiting Mercury and transiting Jupiter will make their 3rd and final conjunction to officially start their year-long cycle.

Five hours later (5:24 PM. EST) the Winter Solstice – when the trans. Sun reaches 0 Capricorn – takes place and it gives us a picture of what to expect in the coming 3 months.

The next day a Full Moon at 0+ Cancer takes place and will provide us with clues as to what will take place in the coming 2 weeks before the next New Moon.

All 3 charts have Pluto in Cap trine Juno in Taurus (which conjuncts US natal Vesta, aka investments) and both Pluto and Juno form a grand trine with the US natal Neptune in Virgo, which leads me to believe that the stock market will be on an incredible ride for at least 2 weeks, maybe for 3 months, possibly for a year.

It suggests partnerships (Juno) and transformations (death and rebirth aka Pluto) will prevail.

All 3 charts have Neptune in Pisces trine Venus in Scorpio and both trine the US natal Sun in Cancer; a very tight grand trine, suggesting possible illusions (trans. Neptune) of great wealth (trans. Venus) could take hold of traders in the US (US natal Sun). Pie-in-the-sky isn’t the only dream that this configuration could represent of course.

This could possibly refer to southern border refugees, or the caged children (transiting Vesta [invest in] in Aquarius (the people) sextiles trans. Mercury-Jupiter in Scorpio in all 3 charts) or the homeless Americans (trans. Ceres is within orb of a conjunction to trans. Venus and a sextile to trans. Pluto, affecting both grand trines in all 3 charts.

Transiting Uranus T-squares the trans. North Node (conjunct Mueller’s North Node) opposite trans. South Node (+ US natal Pluto) indicating more shocking (Uranus) revelations (from Mueller) regarding abuses of power (US Pluto) that will act as a critically decisive point (between North or South Nodes) for the US.

All this will be in effect for the 2 week Full Moon period, the 3 month solstice period and the Mercury-Jupiter one year cycle.

The transiting Moon travels from 15+ Gemini to
0+ Cancer during the course of the 3 events; Jupiter-Mercury conjunction, Winter Solstice, Full Moon. I don’t have a clue what that means. Yet. Does anyone? Stay tuned.

Kiwi, perhaps Beto’s mission is not to be President but to awaken and gather enthusiasm among the younger generation.
Today’s NYT’s, this piece from John Kerry brings tears to my eyes. Why are we not writing songs, making movies and telling stories of our inevitable future should we keep doing nothing?
Most of we elders will all be gone, yet we should be shouting these FACTS now from our roof-tops!

“John Kerry: Forget Trump. We All Must Act on Climate Change”. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/13/opinion/kerry-climate-change-trump.html#commentsContainer

Patty, I always felt if he was to run, 2020 would be too soon – my money for him is on the next round.
I think there will be such a mess in 2020 it may well be somewhat of a poisoned chalice that will demand a significantly skilled team of players working together to salvage the way forward. In other words, all hands on deck, old and new working together bringing all their skills to bear for the good of the country. Lets hope the masses allow that to happen.

One has to wonder what next outrage will be . . . . . .
apparently dear Jared is under serious consideration for next chief of staff! I guess they really do figure, “we hang together or separately.”

Is dissing reporters Melania’s Marie Antoinette moment?

Pelosi’s Mars is at 25 Taurus, right on P45’s Midheaven and square to his regal Mars in Leo. That’s a potentially provocative dynamic.


error alert – In the comment I made at 4:04 PM I referred to the Mercury – Jupiter conjunction (3rd of 3) as being in Scorpio (where their 1st conjunction took place) when it should have read they were conjunct in Sagittarius (foreigners) and in a sextile with Vesta (what is invested in) in Aquarius (the People).

I just heard on Rachel’s show that a 7 year old migrant girl in Border Patrol custody died of dehydration and shock after days of no food or water.

Today transiting Ceres the Nurturer (13+ Scorpio) trines transiting compassionate Neptune (13+ Pisces) and US natal Sun (13+ Cancer) forming a grand trine. This could become a regular thing if something isn’t done to increase and improve the detention quarters and staffing along the US southern border.

God only knows the condition of the thousands of children still in detention. It is not surprising that a child died who had just crossed the border when they are being treated like criminals and prisoners.
I am not sure what we can do to affect the situation. I need to research which groups to align with and write to my lawmakers. Of Louisiana’s 2 senators, Cassidy, a physician, seems capable of having a moral compass and critical thinking while the second and newer one, John Kennedy, seems brainwashed by the right-wing fundamental approach.

kiwi, our Pisces connection must be why I appreciate your posts so much. You don’t have to answer, but were you born in 1950 by any chance? Although I was born in ’51, many of my classmates while growing up were born in 1950 and had Jupiter near my sun degree.

Barb, thank you for the explanation about trans pluto and the process of becoming whole (which is a beautiful one). I can only hope that I’ve had a consciousness raising effect on even a few of those in my orbit, and I think I will choose maturity over fear and restriction 🙂 As far as Michael Cohen, although I was impressed by his statement in court, it appears to me that he limited whatever info he passed on in the hopes that he may still be pardoned.

Love to all.

Hi Sharon, yes, I am a foot in mouth 5ag tiger LOL – but working on that part always. 12/05/50 am nz

The pResident’s private business, pResidential campaign, transition team, White House, and inaugural committee are all now under criminal investigation.


When Special Counsel Mueller and his entire team arrived to take tRump into custody he raced out the back door, running faster than lightning, ran all the way to the ocean and dove in, creating a giant tsunami that demolished the entire east coast of North America.

The Democrats will be appointing committee chairs in January and probably into February. Investigations of material kept hidden by Republicans when they held those positions will be reconstituted. With new material that is exposed to the country I think that enough Republican members of Congress fearing loss of their offices in 2020 will let tRump know that they will side with Democrats to impeach him if he does not resign. The first week of July the final nail in his coffin is started. It will be driven home in January of 2020.

Just came upon this FOX News Website filled with RightWing Comments. It’s totally open & you can Up-or Down-Vote comments without signing-in!
These fellow American’s are totally misinformed, totally brainwashed and completely living an alternate universe. (Fox News will do that)

Interestingly Many Comments are concerned/fearful of a ‘President Beto’: Check it out:
“Fantasy land: Trump’s not resigning and Beto is still a long shot”
(scroll down to see discussions)

kiwi, my first boyfriend (and favorite all time person) was born 12/1/50…this guy had so many talents and abilities and made everything look easy. He was a really humorous guy and life was always interesting when we were together. Mars in Cap gave him the discipline to master things and work at them – that’s why they looked so easy. Jupiter gave him a soft spot for the underdog. Now I know where you get your confidence and directness from – you’re a Sag born in the year of the tiger! If I remember correctly, you also have Aquarius rising. I have a strong Aquarius/Leo influence that cuts through the Pisces wishy washy-ness. I also have sun & Jupiter in the 9th house.

During the last 2 years there has been much discussion on (US) television about the US Constitution, and I feel confident in saying a lot more adults in this country probably understand the Constitution better now than they did as young people after years in school.

For that matter, there are probably some kids now learning more about the US Constitution than they ever would have grasped from grade, middle or high school.

Transiting Neptune is in the 3rd house of the US natal chart (Sagittarius rising) which rules the 1st through 12th grade of basic public education, and Neptune influences much of what’s seen on TV. We already know Neptune is associated with lies and deceit and that’s a negative expression of its energy, of which there is plenty on TV these days.

Neptune, however, is best when it cloaks something in disguise, and these days transiting Neptune, like medicine mixed into mashed potatoes, is the study of US history disguised as news of the day. With the multitude of references to the details of our country’s Constitution on television news programs every day, we are all learning – in real time – why this document came into existence.

So maybe there are side benefits for us all embedded into these dreadful days of drumph; we (as a whole) are being tricked (Neptune) into learning the basics of democracy and how our country’s government is supposed to work.

Transiting Neptune has had a long period of time in a trine to the US natal Sun. Even now trans. Neptune is trine trans. Ceres (concern for children, nurturer) and they both trine the US Sun. There are multiple ways this can express and they don’t have to be nefarious. Sometimes they might be downright good for us.

“Nikki Haley Is Fierce”

Barbk….How does her Chart look?

Get ready for Adam Schiff!


Couldn’t resist sharing this from the GOP:

2020 Democratic Field: Warren, Castro, O’Rourke, Biden, Sanders; “There Is No Frontrunner”

Mick Mulvaney named as new chief of staff. To me hes always seemed to be an arrogant bully type – so would no doubt fit right in with trumpland.
Any thoughts on his astro aspects?

As it is becoming more clear that the entire Trump (and likely) Pence families are close to being indicted, is it possible that the entire Trump and Pence families get on Air Force One in the next two weeks and fly to Moscow, abdicate their “elected” offices, and seek asylum (along with all their money that they had already transferred to offshore accounts). If they do it soon, its President Ryan but if they wait, its President Pelosi. Interesting thought.

Linda G has a new one up

When Jupiter and Saturn started their present cycle 18 years ago the North and South Nodes were very close to their present transiting positions, the North Node in Cancer and the South Node in Capricorn.

The present Transiting North Node is now conjunct Mueller’s natal North Node, and opposes the US natal Pluto in Capricorn which conjuncts the present Transiting South Node and the Mueller birth chart’s South Node and the Jupiter-Saturn chart’s South Node.

This connection between US natal Pluto, the transiting South Node, the Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s South Node and Mueller’s natal South Node seems prophetic, especially since I just discovered it. The Jupiter-Saturn cycle part.

In its 18 years of existence I’ve probably looked at that chart a hundred times. Mars was at 17+ Gemini conjunct Trump’s natal Uranus and transiting Mars was square them both yesterday (that is on Thursday the 13th) at 17+ Pisces (when Cohen spilled his gut on TV).

I can’t help but feel that the 3 South Nodes (Mueller’s, the Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s, the present day’s) all conjunct the US natal Pluto are saying something like “release the old ways of thinking and using power, they don’t serve the USA anymore”, which is what South Nodes show us.

What has been perfected (in this case Capricorn stuff combined with the US natal Pluto) no longer serves; now it is time to start focusing on North Node stuff (in this case Cancer stuff like family and feelings).

I believe we have seen the abuse of government power in the treatment of migrant families (Cancer), particularly the noxious treatment of the children.

At the time of the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle start the asteroid Child at 20+ Taurus was conjunct Jupiter and Saturn (22+ Taurus) and square Uranus at 20+ Aquarius where the progressed US Mercury [progressed US thinking] is as well.

Right now transiting Juno is at 20+ Taurus and is activating the asteroid Child in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle in the same degree. Transiting Pluto (transform) at 20+ Capricorn trines trans Juno (the disenfranchised) and the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s Child.

At this moment transiting Pluto also T-squares the US natal Chiron (20+ Aries) opposite US natal Juno (20+ Libra), a pattern (T-square) that pushes for a resolution between the opposing bodies (in this case US Juno and Chiron).

It is but one arm of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle – a cycle that tracks the changes in societies and their governments – this built in focus on children, but it fits the US chart so well, and even Trump’s chart and Mueller’s chart and brings them all together, each serving the Greater Purpose of advancing (evolving) our Society positively.

patty, I will definitely take a look at Nikki Haley’s chart, but I’m sure Nancy could find the clues to whether she will be running for office better than anyone.

I am much concerned with the outcome for Ryan and McConnell; they have had such a limiting effect on what is even presented for a vote in Congress. Anyone have any insight?

I know we men can’t lay a finger on Ms AF but maybe one of you ladies would like to give her a smack. Or do you think she just needs a time out?

FULL ‘I have a tape!’: CNN’s Chris Cuomo leaves Kellyanne Conway speechless over Cohen revelations


Anyway, transit Saturn will be working in her chart around January 13, 2020.
Kellyanne Conway Natal Chart (Noon) January 20, 1967, 12:00 pm

Transit Saturn square natal Mars, January 11, 2020. Transit Saturn 22°Capricorn37′ – natal Mars 22°Libra37′. December 28th in RA.

Transit Saturn square progressed natal Venus, January 14, 2020. Transit Saturn 23°Capricorn02′ – progressed natal Venus 23°Ar02′. December 17th in RA.

“Don’t panic. The ruling, issued late on Friday and only one day before the end of the law’s annual open enrollment period, is not a model of constitutional or statutory analysis. It’s instead a predictable exercise in motivated reasoning — drafted by a jurist with a history of ruling against policies and laws advanced by President Barack Obama.”


I tried to transcribe accurately the planet placement on election day 2020 along with Nikki’s noon birthchart’s planets. When I actually hit “submit comment”, the formatting may become out of wack so you can go to the links if it’s unclear. I would venture to say that election day, the days leading up to it, and the days after it, encompassing the inauguration and first year of the administration, look very strong for Nikki.
I actually like her chart in terms of being a hard worker, a humanitarian, and having compassion for the underdog, but, as a Republican, I would not agree with many of her positions.

Planets on Tuesday 11-3-20 (Election day) http://www.astro.com/swisseph/ae/2000/ae_2020.pdf

Sun 11° 1’23 Cap
Moon 6 58 Gemini
Mercury 25°57 Libra
Venus 7°12 Libra
Mars 16° 3 Aries
Jupiter 21°20 Cap
Saturn 26°20 Cap
Uranus 8°35 Taurus
Neptune 18°21 Pisces
Pluto 22°42 Cap
Node 20°21 Gemini

Nikki Haley’s noon Birth Chart 1-20-72 Bamberg, SC


Sun 29° 45 Cap
Moon 24 21 Pisces
Mercury 12° 40 Cap
Venus 4° 59 Cap
Mars 16°14 Aries
Jupiter 21°20 Cap
Saturn 26°36 Sag
Uranus 18°19 Libra
Neptune 4°40 Sag
Pluto 1°59 Libra
Node 5°14 Aquarius

I should have written, as a Democrat, referring back to me. She is the Republican.

Coming To America – Neil Diamond


Less Than A Year After Neil Diamond Retired, He Returned To The Stage For One Very Special Reason


My astro twin:

Neil Diamond – Natal Chart
Jan 24 1941, 11:04 pm, EST +5:00
Brooklyn, NY 40°N38′ 073°W56′

RN TOPEKA – Natal Chart
Jan 25 1941, 3:35 am, +6:00
Topeka, KS 39°N02’54” 095°W40’40”

Nikki Haley Tri.gif
Natal, progressed, and Nov 3,2020


Frank Bruni:

“Americans erred in laying ourselves open to Trump, and I’m not talking about conservative versus liberal policies, about tax cuts, about regulations — though all of those matter. I’m talking about the green light that we’ve given to indecency, dishonesty, cheating and, according to a growing body of evidence, outright criminality.

The bill came due for Cohen. It will come due for the country, too.”


patty, re: Nikki Haley, she does have the advantage of transiting Mars on election day (Nov. 3, 2020) that will conjunct her natal Mars, both at 16+ Aries.

However, her natal Venus (4+ Pisces) square her natal Neptune (4+ Sagittarius) has transiting Vesta (what or whom is invested in) on election day at 4+ Virgo which will turn it into a T-square, leaving much to be desired for Nikki. “It’s clouds illusions I recall . . ”

Her natal grand trine between Sun, Saturn and Pluto assures she has the stamina (and will) to take on such a challenge as running for US President, and her Pluto conjuncts the US natal chart MC.

Both her Pluto and the US MC (1+ Libra) are conjunct the Super Galactic Center (2+ Libra) which is a powerfully magnetic source of energy (which is probably why many people from other countries are drawn to the USA, I would imagine).

It’s quite possible Nikki is obsessed with the idea of being President, the 1st woman President especially. On election day transiting Sedna in Taurus will be conjunct Nikki’s natal Saturn that is part of her natal grand trine. Sedna will also be square trans. Ceres in Aquarius, very near the US natal Moon-Pallas conjunction, and this suggests to me she might win but it could cost her dearly in the long run.

The Sun on election day at 12+ Scorpio will sextile Nikki’s natal Mercury at 12+ Capricorn, which opposes the US natal Sun (13+ Cancer). Common sense would suggest running for a Congressional seat in 2020, but we’re not talking about common sense here.

Emma, Did you see this re: Paul Ryan?
The GOP has always referred to Ryan as their ‘wonk’.
No wonder Paul never did anything great for USA:

“Why Ryan Called It Quits”
The speaker reflects on Donald Trump and fatherhood in an interview hours after his surprise retirement announcement.

‘Asked whether he would run for office again, Ryan said no. But he would accept an Ambassadorship to Ireland in a decade or so, he said’.

RE: H.R. 1987 establishing an Oversight Commission on Presidential Capacity to determine the president’s mental health 13 minutes 53 seconds

Mental Health Experts on Donald Trump • BRAVE NEW FILMS


Patty, Thank you. I actually had not seen that piece. I must say that I believe little that Paul Ryan says. I was recalling an article I had read some time ago, which listed the millions of Russian dollars contributed to the campaigns of a number of congressmen. We have seen some of what they do to repay the gifts.

It seems to me that all one has to do to avoid any consequences is simply to leave office. Without drifting into la-la land, I am wondering if consequence can be observed in the charts of these men.

Re: Nikki Haley, she sounds formidable and according to the article from the Weekly Standard:
would unify the Repugnantcons… I think being a woman could appeal to all those suburban woman who lean R but voted recently to show they don’t want Trump. Frankly, at this point I don’t see the same potential gravitas for a Dem candidate. I have Saturn conjunct Mercury on my Scorpio Asc square Aq Moon, and so lean darkly in my overall perceptions, so take what I say with a large grain of salt…Aside from being a presidential candidate, she could also run as the Abomination’s VP… I’m thinking of the 2021 Inagural chart which is has autocratic and control freaky as well as powerful enemies and I’m feeling upset that she fits the bill. If she is prez she would also like pardon the swamp people including Trump. I’m really not liking what I see and so hope I’m wrong.

It’s widely anticipated special counsel Robert Mueller will not release his long awaited indictments until after the new democratic 116th Congress (and newly nominated House Speaker Nancy Pelosi) takes office Jan 3rd. The reasoning being; stability and a smooth transition of power will be needed if Trump mentally loses it and brazenly acts out in self defense to the detriment of US security. In that eventuality Nancy could serve as interim president until the transition has been completed.

The solar eclipse of January 5th is of special interest here (see related entry: http://starlightnews.com/wordpress/2018/11/1710/#comment-220583 ). The simultaneous Uranus station (28 ’36 Capicorn) in quincunx to Trump’s ascendant and the August 21st solar eclipse of last year (28 ’52 Leo) could initiate the beginning of many high profile indictments.

The total lunar eclipse of January 21st (0 ’51 Leo); perhaps a culmination of what began on January 5th is extremely powerful. For one it opposes the 2017 US Inaugural Sun (0 ’49 Aquarius) in sesquisquare to Jupiter (15 ’49 Sagittarius) AND there is an exact Mars-Saturn square six hours later (13 ’46 Aries –Capricorn) right at the far midpoint (dual sesqui-square) to last years August 21st solar eclipse and activating the US Sun-Saturn square (13 ’19 Cancer – 14 ’48 Libra). Clearly something major is afoot with these January eclipses.

Sorry. My mistake. The above Starlightnews entry I was referring to is this one:


Sorry. My mistake. The above Starlightnews entry I was referring to is this one:


Catching up on everything. But I want you to see what I’m working on:


It’s at least going to be 4 volumes-taking advantage of the new technology that has erased limits for a writer. So many of the old astrology books had to cram everything into one volume because publishers didn’t make much money on them.

Also, can anyone direct me to a source on declinations? And progressions? I sent off my application for the AFA student test, and even have the sample test. I had to decline taking the test because of this, and I want to try again.

As for Trump: being a Gemini, any decision he makes about his status is likely to be as impulsive as his initial decision to run for President. Don’t be surprised if he decides to just quit for some illogical reason or because he doesn’t feel well anymore.

Now for years I’ve resisted that notion. Trump’s pride and greed and the U.S. Constitution have all inclined towards a stay. But Trump is no Leo like Clinton, who had both the pride and the charm and the ego to fight-and the moral upper hand.

“Guess what else was born in 1965? Medicare — signed into law on July 30, 1965 in Independence, Missouri — shortly after 3:09”


“Cohen will go FCI Otisville. It boasts weights, bocce ball, horseshoes & tennis(to name a few). Convicts can stay up until 2 am on weekends watching HBO, Showtime and Cinemax. The commissary serves rib steak, salmon, chorizo & smoked oysters.

This is not prison, it’s a vacation.”


CORRECTION to the above entry. Please read instead:

“The simultaneous Uranus station (28 ’36 ARIES) in TRINE to Trump’s ascendant and the August 21st solar eclipse of last year (28 ’52 Leo) could initiate the beginning of many high profile indictments.”

Dear Nancy,

Thank you for another year of invaluable enlightenment, discussion and community. I’m sending a donation to you in appreciation.

Best wishes,

Wow, that’s right; ’tis the season Ja! Happy holidays to all and especially Nancy. Be kind to each other and animals, and avoid the news of the day if you can. You remember – Peace on Earth?

Just noticed Jude Cowell’s observations on the upcoming January 21st 2019 lunar eclipse………

Jan 21 2019: Lunar Eclipse ‘eclipses’ US POTUS Sun

Could This Be The Cosmic Blink Anti-Trumpers Are Waiting For?

by Jude Cowell


Another astrological indicator for potential dramatic events occurring at the time of Jan 21st lunar eclipse; the Mars Saturn square will heavily impact by dual sesquisquare – North Korea’s natal Saturn (28 ’50 Leo) as well as had been mentioned earlier; the August 21st 2017 solar eclipse. If Trump is forcibly removed from office at this time, we should expect chaotic conditions including a free-fall in world financial markets. North Korea would no doubt seize the opportunity with a possible military invasion of South Korea.


“Top Five Astro-Events for Trump in 2019”


I join in echoing happiest of holidays to Nancy and family. Thank you, Nancy, for the gift of this site.

And to my fellow posters, happiest of holidays season.

re: Russia’s influence (30 Facebook accounts +) in disrupting US voters is shown by the US Progressed Mars retrograde (anger and violence turned inward) at 17+ Libra. It conjuncts Putin’s natal Saturn and Trump’s natal Jupiter also at 17+ Libra.

Transiting Pallas, warrior goddess known for her strategy skills will reach 17+ Libra tomorrow, affecting Trump, Putin and the US Progressed Mars. Since Trump’s natal Uranus (and Saudi Arabia’s natal Pluto) is at 17+ Gemini, I would expect some shiny object to distract us from this topic today or tomorrow.

Could anyone give me some advice on my Vermont younger Leo Sister?
Yesterday, Pamela emailed me:
“Patty, You MUST NOT vote for Joe Biden’!
OK…Now, I’ve never mentioned Biden nor any other Presidential Candidate since last Election.
I wrote Pam back, “I’m not sure who I want for President, there’s still lots of time. Although, I do Like Beto O’Rourke, perhaps in the future”.

No, No, she said! You must vote for Bernie Sanders!
(My family are all Super Political Democrats!)
Here’s Pam’s Info: 8/13/51.
Does Sander’s Astrology look that excellent for next Election?

Anyone think Mueller might be interested in the Presidency after this mess?
America surely does need a very brave Leader!
Appreciate any take on this Sander’s situation.

Jerry thanks for the Jude Cowell lunar eclipse chart/article on January 21. I noticed too that she puts the 2017 Inaugural chart’s solar return (Jan, 20, 2019) chart’s ascendant at 17+ Libra which not only conjuncts Trump’s natal Uranus, but also the US PROG. Mars and the US Constitution chart’s Neptune. Looks like an historical year for the USA based on the Inaugural chart’s solar return.

Also learned that today transiting Venus leaves the shadow of her recent retrograde. Financial news will be in fresh new territory now.

A comment from nyt’s:

“Michael Flynn represents the worst instincts in the human makeup and he is a disgrace to the uniform he wore for three decades because he has no honor and consistently serves himself before duty and before country. His support for his son’s disgusting and treacherous lie during the campaign that the former first lady of the United States was running a ring of pedophiles that sexually abused children in the basement of a pizza parlor puts him and his accomplices at the level of a cluster of sewer rats. Flynn is a proven psychopathic liar who after admitting under oath in court that he had lied to the FBI came back to the court with the outrageous lie that he did not know it was a crime to lie to the FBI and the FBI had tricked him into lying. This inescapable fraud on the court by a man that has acted contrary to every decent human instinct should cause the judge to reject the plea deal and say: “Lock him up!”


So we knew that trans. Jupiter was opposite the US natal Uranus today, and we should have seen it coming; the Judge pushed back on Mueller’s suggestion of no jail time for Flynn. Uranus ALWAYS shocks and/or surprises.

We knew at the New Moon on Dec. 7th (Pearl Harbor Day) that transiting Uranus in Aries was T-square the trans. North Node (and Mueller’s North Node+) in Cancer and trans. South Node (+ US natal Pluto + Mueller’s South Node) in Capricorn.

What we assume is that the Judge and the Special Counsel – by law – are not in cahoots; heavens, NOT by-the-book Robert Mueller; not ever! I’m not totally convinced though. He’s a wily coyote that Mueller. Might he be playing savior to Flynn? “Cooperate with me, you crook Flynn, and you won’t go to prison. Honest”.

Why must we see (well, some of us anyway) the FBI as immune to trickery while the bad guys use it all the time? Are you kidding?

In the Pearl Harbor Day New Moon chart Trickster MERCURY in Scorpio trines the NORTH NODE (and Mueller’s North Node and US Constitution’s Juno [partner]) in Cancer, and CHIRON (heal through wounding) in Pisces, creating a free-flowing non-challenged energy phenomenon. Just sayin’.

Well, maybe a little challenged. US natal Moon and Pallas in Aquarius DO square New Moon Mercury in Scorpio. The US People (US Moon), some of them, will challenge that grand trine (Mercury, North Node, Chiron) before the next New Moon I’m thinking.

There was another grand trine though: the New Moon Pluto (power) in Cap trine New Moon Juno (partner) in Taurus and both of them trine US natal Neptune (illusion) in Virgo. I see no major challenges to this one. Nothing to stop a conversation between a judge and a special counsel here.

Everyone agrees the Judge acted uncommonly for such a cut and dried sentencing. Why did he ask so many questions and so harshly rebuke Flynn for what he had done we wondered, while allowing postponement of Flynn’s sentencing.

Our country is in the process of having its laws and principles tested. These laws and principles have been sneered at by the likes of Trump and his ilk and if our Constitution is to survive, we must fight fire with fire.

The next new moon is an Eclipse (something hidden) in Capricorn and all the major planets are compressed into a 5-sign space defined by a quincunx between Venus in Scorpio and Uranus in Aries.

All the signs between Taurus and most of Scorpio at this eclipse hold no major planets so the energy is quite focused and intense around the eclipsed Sun. That Sun in Cap will be sextile Neptune in Pisces which will square Jupiter.

That eclipse chart Jupiter will be conjunct the US natal chart’s ascendant at 12+ Sagittarius. Since Neptune in this eclipse chart is still in orb of a trine to US natal Sun and a quincunx to US natal Saturn (which the eclipsed Sun squares), it is quite influential on the US at this time.

Since the US Sun, US Saturn and US ascendant are directly and indirectly impacted by transiting Neptune (and Jupiter and the eclipsed Sun), not to mention the eclipse Pluto still T-squaring US Chiron opposite US Juno, whatever is hidden will hit home.

As an aside, Flynn’s natal North Node at 20+ Libra conjuncts US natal Juno, while his natal South Node at 20+ Aries conjuncts US natal Chiron. There is much more to learn from Flynn and we will emerge a stronger and wiser country from it.

Will: Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is my most favorable candidate choice for the DNC.

He’s such a sharp guy, and rich which isn’t bad. He is likeable

Such a contrast to the toad in the WH. What a shameful example to children and the nation.
Obviously they are the lessons he taught his children.


At this point, anything is possible. MB certainly knows how to be sober at the levers of power; he is bright, informed, well-spoken and has appeal.

On the day transit Saturn is conjunct the MC (3rd and final pass in 2019) of my natal for Putin in St Petersburg:

Jared Kushner – Noon Chart Jan 10, 1981, 12:00 pm, EST +5:00 White House Dist of Columbia 38°N53’50” 077°W02’13”

Sun 20°Cp23’09”

Transits Nov 4 2019 – Noon Chart Nov 4 2019, 12:00 pm, EST +5:00 White House Dist of Columbia 38°N53’50” 077°W02’13”

Mars 20°Li25’44”
Pluto 20°Cp53’32”

Plus transit Mars at 199°10′ is on natal Saturn/Pluto midpoint at 199°18′.

January 2020 coming right up.

Nevada becomes first US state with majority-female legislature


Better (and with a pic) –


“All goes to show there was horror in the White House before the present incarnation.”


Very interesting barbk.

“The Flynn-as-Deep-State-victim narrative was pleasing to Trump partisans and Mueller foes, but suicidally provocative to a federal judge at sentencing.”


ja, something else very interesting is that in 2 days three cycles begin with the Sun on or within arc minutes of 0 Capricorn, and Pholus will be there too.

The primary theme associated with centaur Pholus is how a relatively benign act can beget something apocalyptic. In Pholus’ myth he opened a bottle of sacred wine without getting permission from the other centaurs. Once they knew (they smelled it) it enraged them all whereupon they got violent and many deaths occurred because of Pholus’ act.

Because transiting Sun will be conjunct transiting Pholus – not for just a day of transit – but the length of time covered by the Full Moon in Cancer (2 weeks), the time covered by the Winter Solstice (3 months) and the time covered by the Mercury-Jupiter cycle (1 year), the Pholus Effect (“small cause, big effect”) will ensure that mayhem could erupt from even the slightest cause.

The Sun symbolizes consciousness and when we become conscious of something for the first time it can be uplifting or depressing, enraging or of no importance, or some combination of these effects.

On the 21st and 22nd of December when these 3 events occur, transiting Sun and Pholus will be within range of a trine with transiting Uranus (the unexpected) and a square with transiting Chiron (wounding-healing) and these two, Uranus and Chiron, have been operating together for a decade now. When transiting planets such as Sun and Pholus do this (as they are doing even now), aspect both Uranus and Chiron at the same time, they create a kind of alchemy.

This process would appear to (symbolically) further the opening of humanity to its possible advancement up the evolutionary ladder. All the outer planets (and centaurs) participate in this process and it is more often disruptive for us than not. It can also be illuminating and seem miraculous.

These three events, the Full Moon, the Winter Solstice, the Mercury-Jupiter cycle, represent relatively short periods of time and in each case trans. Pluto in Capricorn will be T-square the US natal chart’s opposition between Chiron in Aries and Juno in Libra.

This looks to represent a healing therapy for the US; a coming to terms regarding equality; an imbalance between the haves and the have nots, the racial and/or religious divides, men vs. women and so on.

It is just one of the possible outcomes of transiting Sun conjunct transiting Pholus and their squares to Chiron simultaneous with their trines to Uranus at this time of Winter Solstice (balance point), the Cancer (family, feelings) Full Moon (revelation) and the Mercury-Jupiter (mind, communication, expansion) cycle.

Aired Oct 2

Trump’s Showdown documentary – full
FRONTLINE PBS Aired: 10/02/18







The documentary methodically reveals how an investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election has grown to threaten Donald Trump’s presidency.

Bill Krystol is editor of the soon to be defunct, Weekly Standard. When exactly, did we start giving the Standard or Krystol credibility? He’s still the guy who sold the media on GW’s war lies. He’s also made no secret of his desire for Nikki Haley to run for president.

Surprised to see so many here are falling for Krystol’s smoke and mirrors. Just like GW’s war, he’s trying to sell sexist/misogynistic conservatives on “a woman for president.” …his wanting it, doesn’t mean others do, too.

Wake up and smell the conservative propaganda.

and there it is folks – that shiny object that transiting Pallas has thrown in our face in order to distract us from Russia’s interference in the election of Donald Trump, as I saw coming (see my comment on the 17th at 12:47 pm).

Shiny object being Trump’s tweet on the withdrawal of US troops from Syria. “We have won against ISIS” says he.

“The decision to withdraw US troops, reportedly made Tuesday, comes after Turkish Pres. Erdogan threatened to launch a new assault against US-backed Kurdish forces in Syria.”


Barbk, you’re brilliant!


Amen! Our memories are much too short. Krystol is not our friend: he introduced us to Sarah Palin and still supports her; and mocked Obama any opportunity given.

Short memories allow people in position to commit evil acts, we white-wash their history and declare them saints, i.e., GHWB.

Frank, you are a dear but it’s astrology that’s brilliant; I just follow the breadcrumbs, ya know?

By the way, Turkey’s natal Uranus at 13+ Pisces is where transiting Neptune is right now. I sent through a link to that chart but it got hung up somewhere.

Yes, short memories….history repeating itself.

And, yes, Barb you are brilliant. But, Trump’s ruse won’t work, because the Republicans are all objecting. Rubio says Trump will dearly regret it (I’m not a Rubio fan, but hey – he is probably right). Graham, the Pentagon, all feel it is a poor decision. Will Trump back track like he does with everything else? Probably!

I just wrote a long email to a newly discovered cousin with whom I’ve cultivated a friendship, expressing many thoughts, and then realized, after reading Barb’s post that the full moon in cancer will trine my Pisces sun, and then transit my n. uranus and ascendant. It’s opening me up already, to a family member (a lot of the email was about our mutual family history).

I also had some thoughts, Barb, about this becoming whole process. I attribute a lot of the becoming whole process to FB which has allowed me to deepen and maintain relationships, heal some old wounds, re-connect with past and dear friends, and make new ones (which also includes physical contact; it’s not just cyber). It’s a Baby Boomer thing (we love FB) but also, along with mass comm in general, and the other social media (like this blog), it’s easing us into the Age of Aquarius. Group consciousness is absorbing individual consciousness but, unlike the “borg” in science fiction (or at least, yet; “we are the borg; resistance is futile”), it also seems to enhance individuality rather than obliterate it.

There are two charts for Turkey, the one above (Uranus at 13+ Pisces) is for October 29, 1923, and the other one is for June 11, 2000, and has the Moon at 17+ Libra (where trans. Pallas is and Trump’s Jupiter and US prog. Mars, and US Constitution’s Neptune and Putin’s Saturn is too.)

I like the 2000 one best.

Wonderful Sharon, I’m glad connecting and reconnecting through FB and other media sources is helping you feel more whole. I too am grateful for the Internet and the connection to the world it affords. Expansion on steroids!

And all of that tangled mass is being squared by transiting Pluto, and soon enough by transiting Saturn. I’m not sure any plans the blob in chief makes to withdraw troops from Syria will formalize into coherent action. Just like the gov’t shut down, there will be fractured, inarticulate blustering signifying nothing.

On Jan. 3rd our House of Representatives will be sworn in with the “power of the purse.” Let’s see how the money flows or doesn’t flow. And let’s see the withering foundations of the blobs base when it becomes more aware of the facts of the blob’s most egregious idiocy and betrayal of the nation. Neptune mesmerizing spell is being dissolved at last. And let’s see the “staunch Repulican supporters” of the blob hold out against the tidal wave of facts. Cowards they are today, and cowards they will be to the end, slinking away from the blob when they realize there is no “there, there.” I’ll bet even Roger Stone will crack.

Wishing all here, and especially Nancy, all best wishes and blessings for the holiday season upon us.

I just came across a relatively recent interview by Oprah with Michele Obama talking about her new book ‘Becoming’
A welcome breath of fresh air away from the current political dysfunction


Marjorie Orr:


VIDEO – Obama Plays Santa at Children’s Hospital in Washington

Former U.S. President Barack Obama delivers gifts and greets patients and their parents at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington.(AFP)


I’m with you Lamis, I bet Roger Stone will crack. His natal Uranus (independence) at 17+ Cancer squares Trump’s natal Jupiter (+ US prog. Mars, + trans. Pallas and all the others) at 17+ Libra.

Well, Barb and all, Trump rather not sign the funding agreement and get his wall funded and let government workers get penalized (if that is what will happen) just before or after Christmas/New Years. Happy New Year!

Also, Kurds are talking about released 3200 ISIS prisoners and their relatives to thank Trump for leaving. Small cause, big response indeed!

releasing… It’s hard to juggle texting and post comments at the same time, while thinking about what I should be doing instead in real life!

Latest headline: Mattis leaving

And it’s not even the 21st yet…and the full moon isn’t until the 22. What more can happen?

He’s cornered; as expected he’s becoming more dangerous

The 2017 Inauguration’s 2019 solar return (precession corrected) occurs at 0:12:35 am, EST. It is followed 3 minutes and 22 seconds later by a lunar eclipse. The return and the eclipse charts have the Moon on the MC and the Sun on the IC in the White House. A full moon indicating that the term has expanded as much as it can and will begin diminishing from this time on (thanks to the Democratically controlled House of Representatives). I think the inauguration the return springs from will indeed be finished before another solar return for it next January 20th.

tRump in 2019 with indictments falling like a blizzard – “There’s a lot of trouble with this Sollozzo business. Its very unfortunate. I know the Tattaglia’s are a little misfortunate…down on their heads. Well…that’s life. Everyone’s got their own circle of sorrow.”

Buford T. Justice to tRump someday: “My handle is Smokey Bear and I’m tail grabbin’ your ass right now!”

I would like to nominate Judge Emmett Sullivan
citizen of the year for his patriotism.


Everyone knows that crabs walk sideways and most of us here know that the Crab is the symbol of the sign Cancer. One might assume a crab walking sideways is an evasive move and then assume that the sign of Cancer (or entities with a Cancer Sun) could also be evasive by veering away from a forward motion.

In today’s wild and crazy US news cycle there has been a tendency for many US news delivery organizations to approach each subject matter circumspectly, and there were numerous attention-grabbing subjects in the news today.

Because we are treated to the information gathered on these various matters in a somewhat cautious manner, it leaves any conclusions to be drawn by the viewer/reader up to his/her own mind or intuition.

Because we are now in unexplored news territory this circumspection could be credited to the US natal Mercury (news, communication) in Cancer (walks sideways like a crab). The President’s natal Venus and Saturn conjunct the US Mercury in Cancer, so there’s that.

Recall that transiting Pallas the Strategist has been conjunct Trump’s natal Jupiter and she has successfully assisted him in changing the central topic of the news (from his all-but-certain exposure as a mobster) to the withdrawal of US troops from Syria and then Afghanistan, causing Mattis to resign.

US Mercury not only move sideways, it can walk backwards when necessary. Maybe the crab sideway moves could even be attributed to the US natal Sun in Cancer; after all, transiting Neptune (confusing) in Pisces exactly trines it, as does transiting Venus (values) in Scorpio. At least the government shutdown news could be attributed to this grand trine.

I think maybe the crab walks sideways because that’s the way his legs work and maybe those legs work that way in order to out-maneuver the crab’s foes.

In just a few hours the 3rd and last conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter starts their year long cycle. A few hours later the Winter Solstice arrives and a few hours after that the Cancer (crab walk) Full Moon arrives at one of the 4 World (or Aries) Points where we connect with the world.

That Full Moon will square (challenge) the US natal chart’s MC and IC. It will square Mueller’s Neptune in Libra and probably his Moon in Aries. The world will be watching the USA and a brand new News cycle will be reporting on it. See if the crab doesn’t outmaneuver his foes by unexpectedly moving sideways.

The Mercury-Jupiter conjunction at 9+ Sagittarius opposes the US natal Uranus (unexpected) at 8+ Gemini where the present cycle between Neptune and Pluto began 127 years ago. At that time Uranus was at 27+ Libra (opposite where it is now at 28+ Aries) and square Venus, at that time at 27+ Cancer (where Mueller’s North Node is and where the transiting North Node is now) and she was opposite the US natal Pluto (power, often ruthless power).

Right now transiting Uranus in Aries is square US natal Pluto in Cap, opposite where it was 127 years ago. No doubt (in my mind) this present period of chaos is a step in fulfilling the prophesy of the Neptune-Pluto cycle. Today transiting Mercury exactly opposed US Uranus as he prepared to meet trans. Jupiter in just a few hours from now.

Yes, it appears chaotic to us (at least we in the USA) but in all likelihood its only part of the greater scheme. Oh sure, if it walks like a duck it must be a duck, but if it walks like a crab it could just be the USA going through its changes.

Saturn transits to Putin natal:

Vladimir Putin – Male Relocated
Oct 7 1952, 7:02 pm, BAT -3:00
Moscow Russia, 55°N45′, 037°E35′

Sat Sqr Sun Jan 26 2019
Sat Sqr Sat Feb 26 2019
Sat Opp Ura Mar 9 2019
Sat Opp Ura Jun 23 2019
Sat Sqr Sat Jul 5 2019
Sat Sqr Sun Aug 26 2019
Sat Sqr Sun Oct 10 2019
Sat Sqr Sat Nov 26 2019
Sat Opp Ura Dec 5 2019
Sat Sqr Nep Dec 30 2019

Sat Cnj MC Jan 10 2020

Saturn transits to Putin’s progressed:

Vladimir Putin – Male Relocated
Oct 7 1952, 7:02 pm, BAT -3:00
Moscow Russia, 55°N45′, 037°E35′

Sat Opp Ura Feb 26 2019
Sat Opp Ura Jul 5 2019
Sat Opp Ura Nov 26 2019

Sat Sqr Nep Jan 18 2020
Sat Sqr Sat Jan 31 2020

Vladimir Putin – Male Relocated
Oct 7 1952, 7:02 pm, BAT -3:00
Moscow Russia 55°N45′ 037°E35′

Natal and progressed points IN RIGHT ASCENSION to be aspected by transit Saturn. Opposite to Uranus, square the rest.

Ura 109°04′ Prog – Feb 28 2019
Ura 110°00′ – Mar 10 2019
Sun 193°11′ – Jan 7 2019
Sat 197°00′ – Feb 8 2019
Nep 200°11′ – Mar 13 2019
Nep 202°14′ prog – Mar 29 thru Jun 3 2019
Exact Dec 24 2019
Sat 203°53’prog – Jan 7 2020
MC 294°19′ – Jan 10 2020

Russia Link:
(Someone posted this link in their comment today)

NYT Free Read & Comments:
“The Trump Russian Timeline: Everything We Know About Russia and President Trump”

New York Times article: Free Read & comments:
“Glee in Russia Over Trump’s Foreign Policy Largess”


I suspect, Intelligent Conservatives are now finally beginning to freak-out re: Trump!

As more and more talking heads on TV speak about Pres. Donald Trump as rogue, impulsive and imbalanced, not to mention corrupt, the Crab walks his wavy way toward the finish line; crowds along the sidelines cheering while the men in white coats wait for their signal. Soon, very soon.

What are they waiting for foreigners wonder; when will Americans put that mad man away where he can do no more harm? Well, the US is the epitome of Hollywood endings, don’t you know; the drama darling of the planet – the Universe maybe.

Neptune (drama) is the highest planet (most influential) in the US natal chart (Sagittarius rising) and by the last day of February, 2019, high noon, transiting Pluto (transform) will exactly trine US natal Neptune.

Transiting Saturn (restrict) will square Trump’s Jupiter (expand) and transiting Sun (consciousness) squares trans. Ceres (food), while also sextile Mars (force). Transiting Nessus (poison) exacts his square to US natal Uranus (unexpected) where the Neptune-Pluto cycle started – that cycle that’s been going on for 127 years.

Can’t wait to see how it ends? I’m no spoiler, but remember Obama’s natal Mars conjuncts the US natal Neptune, the January Full Moon total eclipse opposes the coming 2020 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, and the natal Sun of Eric Holder, and the natal Jupiter of Elizabeth Warren and Barack Obama and many others.

Hollywood writers could have a field day with this setup, but so could we. Stay tuned.

Very good writing!

“As more and more talking heads on TV speak about Pres. Donald Trump as rogue, impulsive and imbalanced, not to mention corrupt, the Crab walks his wavy way toward the finish line; crowds along the sidelines cheering while the men in white coats wait for their signal. Soon, very soon.

What are they waiting for foreigners wonder; when will Americans put that mad man away where he can do no more harm? Well, the US is the epitome of Hollywood endings, don’t you know; the drama darling of the planet – the Universe maybe.”

C’mon, Barb (and others)…what do you see happening? I am having trouble putting those aspects together except to think that maybe Trump might have a health issue but I know it’s so much more than that.

Oh My! Never gets old.

“Today I got choked up and cried, reading “The Polar Express” to second graders.”


Oh, and I forgot to say that on Feb. 28th the Sun will have been conjunct US Ceres (food) and transiting Nessus (poison) just the day before, and US Ceres and trans. Nessus will be exactly square US natal Uranus. Trans. Nessus and US Ceres – both at 8+ Pisces will be trine Trump’s Mercury at 8+ Cancer.

Trump’s Mercury is at the apex of a Yod in the Neptune-Pluto conjunction (in 1891) chart between that conjunction (Neptune-Pluto) at 8+ Gemini and another conjunction (Mars-Chiron) at 8+ Leo at that time,

US Uranus is in the same degree where Pluto-Neptune were and Mueller’s natal Pluto is where the Mars-conjunct-Chiron were and therefore . . . Trump’s Mercury is in the apex of a Yod with US Uranus and Mueller’s Pluto – right now – as well as at the apex of (the ongoing 1891 cycle of) Neptune + Pluto who were sextile Mars + Chiron. Two for the price of one.

The apex point (where Trump’s Mercury [mind] is and will be on Feb. 28th) must adjust, ie. change its position. Big time. On Feb 27-28 transiting Sun, trans. Nessus and US natal Ceres at 8+ Pisces will provide Trump’s Mercury at 8+ Cancer an opportunity (a trine) to make that necessary adjustment.

It won’t be fun or easy for him and it is something he can’t see now apparently but it might keep him from being indicted.

There’s more to the Feb. 27-28 astrology but this much is complex enough for now. Suffice it to say that Mueller (natal Pluto) and the US Uranus have Trump’s mind (Mercury) in a vice.

And yes Sharon, it could very well start as a health issue, even a mental health issue.

Speaking of poison, Linda G has put up another post today on YouTube.

Very interesting take on Putin pressuring the Blob to move on Syria by reminding him (the blob) of a little video tape he (Putin) might just release if Trump doesn’t do this or that.

I think she may be spot on when she mentions that the Blob knows the jig is up and wants to fulfill all his stupid promise before he’s run out of town.

I will watch it, Lamis, thanks.

Barb, apart from Trump, food + poison makes me think of samonella and e coli. Trump is definitely in a vise.

I meant to post this earlier. It’s Robert Reich’s account of his latest conversation with his ex-Congressional friend who gives him insider info. Very interesting!


And, Ja, that judge is great. I read he served under both Bushes and Clinton and was the one who made a plane turn around because they were separating a refugee mother from her child.

Come to think of it, I appreciate Roberts, too. He is an Aquarian and acts like one.

Sharon K,
I read the dialogue at truthdig. Plausible, very plausible. The problem of course then becomes Pence, a Christofascist nutball whom I believe would be just as dangerous, if not more so, as Trump, and quite possibly harder to defeat in 2020.

AND, though Pence most likely had knowledge of much of the illegality and corruption, might our Congress and the public be so exhausted from the Trump chaos as to be unwilling to investigate Pence as an accessory to the various Trump crimes?

My intuition in 2016 told me the VP candidate would become president, regardless of who won. I don’t know that a simultaneous impeachment of the VP and the Pres. could possibly be viable.

“Where the most obvious fall-off-perch moment comes on Trump’s Term chart is late 2019/early 2020 when the Solar Arc Pluto moves to close the square to Uranus to exact; and indeed the square to Jupiter. Before then he’s likely to cross several lines that even die-hard fans will quail at. Though quite what given how much they’ve swallowed to date – most recently ‘shocking illegality’ in the Trump charitable Foundation plus plus plus.”


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