1st Oct, 2018

The Granite Ceiling


This is a time of anguish in America. Despite the dramatic empowerment of women to stand up for themselves in the #MeToo Movement, the spiked granite ceiling of this new freedom is now evident. Indeed, when the extreme agenda of the conservative, white male power elites is in any way threatened, no lie, no cover-up, no outrage is too big to withstand the naked ambition of Republican politicians. In the current iteration, the fierce drive to get Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court in order to protect a traitorous and dishonest president and to enact a partisan right-wing wish list supersedes any concern for the multitude of women triggered by the enraged visage, angry voice, and the lecherous, drunken history of one Brett Kavenaugh. Even worse, it supersedes any inkling of shame over allowing a sniveling little liar and sexual predator onto the once-hallowed Supreme Court.

The latest travesty in this story is the false promise of an open FBI investigation to look at the accusations of sexual aggression and drunken misbehavior in the nominee’s history. For now, the investigation is so circumscribed by its White House directive that it will be unable to discover anything beyond the proverbial “he said, she said.”  Unless Senators Collins, Murkowski, and Flake show some real spine and demand an unhindered investigation, we will likely have a Justice Kavenaugh by next week.

The astrological indications of this situation, however, allow a tiny ray of hope. Peaking late in the day on October 2 after a four-week station, the transit of Saturn opposite US Venus (3Cancer06) clearly describes the oppression (Saturn) of US women (Venus) by conservative and established power structures (Saturn) and the general mood of anguish and upset in the country in general and of women in particular. The transit of the North Node in a quincunx to transiting Saturn through October 7 will continue this mood but to a much lesser extent. The tiny ray of hope comes with the beginning of Saturn separating from the transit as of late on October 2, perhaps suggesting that the FBI investigation, after much public outrage, will be freed up to actually investigate by late on the 2nd or the 3rd. In any event, it seems likely that something will shift around that time.

Also of interest is the second of three crossings of Uranus square to the Inaugural Sun (00Aquairus49) from September 20 to October 18, bringing with it several shifts and sudden, unexpected changes of direction to the administration and its agenda.  One trigger for this comes in the late afternoon of October 3rd with the Moon crossing opposite the Inaugural Sun. A sudden change at this time is possible.

And finally, the last and protracted crossing of Neptune to the progressed US Sun (14Pisces15) is now in progress from September 14 through January 10. Unfortunately, this transit seems to heighten the hyper-partisan emotional extremes of the country. It also intensifies delusional thinking and the emotional reactions such thinking elicits. Moreover, it feeds the tendency for ungrounded grandiosity in the president (the Sun). America is having enough trouble with its progressed Sun in Pisces from November 2004 through November 2034. The addition of transiting Neptune into the mix from the early campaign of Donald Trump in 2016 through early January 2019 has only exacerbated the over-emotional responsiveness, the generalized addiction to outrage and victimhood, and the extreme partisan thinking of this period.



THANK YOU for the glimmers of hope. We really need that toe hold to re-vitalize our fight to reclaim this republic.

Everyone from here on out:

“Don’t get weary — Get ready!”

Many Thanks for the update!
You are a genuine national treasure.

What I find so bizarre emotionally is that the R’s are not only blind to the rightful sensibilities of women, but are also blind to their own slow suicide in process.

We can count on Nancy to find what everyone else misses, in this case the Inaugural Sun. Of course, the Sun of Trump and the repubs this term is being thwarted by a transiting Uranus (upsets) square. Thank you!

I just got the meaning of the north node in Leo too – drama! It has been there since May 2017 and it has awakened our consciousness through all the theatrics that only Trump can provide on a national level.

I think Murkowski will go rogue; her natal Neptune (0 Scorpio) is opposed by transiting Uranus and T-squared by her natal Uranus in Leo (drama).

Thank you so much, Nancy. I was so very much hoping for you to chime in here and give us your astrological outlook. I have feelings of dread and hope that not only will Brett Kavanaugh be stopped, but that our SC will not be allowed to shift further to the right.

Here are some very good, very well-written articles, one from a male POV and another from a female’s. The male attended Georgetown Prep and he does a great job describing the toxic, uber-male culture that it promoted and probably still does (he woke up from it, although it took him a long time to understand what healthy relationships were).

The 2nd article (which I did not read as thoroughly) seems to express in a very pointed way the essence of the female experience in relation to the toxic culture of superior masculinity.


Here’s the link to the 2nd article I referred to, from a female point of view – “Without Our Consent”


Thanks Nancy, that was very interesting and informative. hope your husband is doing better.

Eliseo “What I find so bizarre emotionally is that the R’s are not only blind to the rightful sensibilities of women, but are also blind to their own slow suicide in process.”

Very true, I was thinking the same thing

BY THE WAY, Beto O’Rourke, has anyone done his chart, it seems like the momentum he is getting is amazing?

White House has opened up investigation. Watch for something, hopefully around Wednesday.

Excellent article but I still think as all this starts at the top – meaning the orange moron – this is far from settled and will not be settled in a just way. I will share with your readers that I know Dr. Ford to be a highly credible, indeed world class scientist – not a fiction writer – this was in no way made up, exaggerated, amplified, etc. So that is the truth. BUT trmp is the kind of mean, cruel, nasty, take no prisoners, spiteful guy who could easily shove all this down our throats by nominating Roy Moore or Todd Aikin next. The guy is a MONSTER!

RE: “BUT trmp is the kind of mean, cruel, nasty, take no prisoners, spiteful guy who could easily shove all this down our throats by nominating Roy Moore or Todd Aikin next.”

That’s my concern as well. I believe there is at least a 50% chance Kav won’t be confirmed. But if he’s not, I would expect Mr. T to appoint someone else as bad or worse. My FBI/Attorney pal whom I’ve known since age 12 expects T will nominate an extreme Far Right woman who will be just as much of a partisan crank as Kav is. He feels the Dems would have more difficulty discrediting a woman.

“This is a dawning of great understanding on your planet. The Great Reveal will permeate into every system that is being designed to conceal and indeed much will be exposed in the following 12 to 14 weeks on your planet. Much will be exposed. This is a time for exposure. Is it a time for repair? It is not. Is it a time to rush, to attend to that which is revealed? It is not. It is a time to remain rooted in your own sense of place, in your own belongingness, in your own origin with this earth and hold your presence and consciousness so that the great reveal will continue to sweep across the entire planet, the entire collective experience of humanity.”

You can read the whole channeling here (under Free Resources): http://www.rebeccadawson.net

She posts a channeling on the 1st of each month– highly recommended.

This whole debacle has revealed a flaw in our system. If the rule were to change to require an absolute minimum 2/3 vote of assent by the Senate, we might get more moderate and therefore less partisan, more objective, even handed, less politicized justices.

On 10/02/18, PBS will present a ‘Frontline’ documentary, ‘Trump’s Showdown,’ which details the President’s war against the investigation of his campaign, and whether he obstructed justice. Here’s a link to PBS’s trailer for the show:


I’m having a really difficult time managing my anger and frustration with Trump, his supporters, and this Kavanaugh nomination. I feel like those gals who confronted Senator Flake in the elevator. I just want to scream at these people as loudly and as long as my bass-baritone voice can stand. I’m SO tired and enraged with all this purposeful ignorance and arrogance.

I feel the R’s are driving us closer and closer to civil war (we don’t need unnecessary suffering and death). Simultaneously they deny climate change. That denial will in effect also result in unnecessary suffering and death.

Dear Nancy, every night I thank the Lord that you not only provide superb astrologically based opinion on what to expect on the political front, you also provide space for us to vent our collective spleen. These days that may prevent wide-scale apoplexy among your fans.

Dean W, thanks for the heads-up on Frontline tomorrow.

Eliseo I believe you have revealed the main component of this whole brouhaha; flaws in the system.

lightcolorfire, I appreciate your short quote which seems timely. We need, it seems, to be grounded to be effective in this chaotic period.

None-the-less, these ARE trying times but I agree it is necessary to have an open mind as truths are exposed, and not go off the deep end in our emotions (sorrow, anger, revulsion especially). I will check her out!

Thanks for all you do Nancy. I hope your husband is doing well. Sending positive thoughts your way.

Did anyone else see Mitch McConnell clip showing him ignoring women who were trying to tell him their experiences? He looked red as a beet.

In other news on the Turtle front, his spouse has a lot of “private time” noted on her schedule . Some people are starting to question how much she is actually working.

RE: flaws in the system.
Up until the nomination of justice Gorsuch, the Senate rule required 60 votes for confirmation. That was a good rule, though I believe 66 (2/3) would be better. The R’s changed that specifically to make it easier to confirm Gorsuch.

There are a number of time honored rules as to how governing should be done that are not in the Constitution. But R’s have abandoned the Constitution, plus many of the several rules which have evolved in harmony with Constitutional principle. Requiring a presidential candidate to disclose their tax information is one of several good examples.

I think we all know (on this blog) that requiring only a simple majority rather than the previous 60 vote threshold, and by so obviously pushing a nominee like Kavanaugh through the process, the R’s are doing irreparable damage to the reputation of the SC, engendering distrust, and enormous disgust.

There are also issues the Constitution does not address. There is no remedy for a do-over as an example if it is proven a candidate won through fraud. Treason is linked in the public mind with war. But what is war between nuclear powers? We were involved in “cold war” for decades with Russia. Now we are again at war, cyber war. The Russian political hierarchy certainly believes we are at war with them. And the circumstantial evidence as well as behavior of Mr.T and many others strongly infers they are guilty of treason. I personally believe treason will be proven, and the guilty should have the same fate as the Nazis at Nuremburg. But I’m sure many would protest that we weren’t really at war, therefore no treason.

Clearly, we need updated definitions. Also, it is becoming obvious we need to inculcate many if not most of those various past “rules of thumb” into the Constitution itself through amendments.

On the basis of your astrological analyses, as well as those of Nancy, and several other excellent scholar/astrologers who post here, I expect that if we survive the series of crises we are experiencing, we will see a number of amendments proposed, passed and enshrined in our Constitution, perhaps beginning in 2023 or 2024. I just hope we can live through these crises as one nation.


Holy Cow! Trump has come out for outlawing bump stocks! About time!


I think we hit bedrock with this Kavanaugh nom. It exposed the rot in the way current government works and what is the most sacred–I think–of the three branches of government. These are lifetime appointments.

It was the Democrats who went for the simple majority because the GOP refused to approve any of Obama’s judicial picks for the lower courts.
I believe then that it was McConnell’s plot to force the Senate into simple majority to use the SCOTUS nominee as the carrot to get the right-wing base to the polls in 2016 and end Roe v. Wade.

Political motivation was not accounted for in the founding fathers doctrines. If anything, there needs to be an analysis as to how we’re nominating judicial appointments, making sure fairness is the rule, not party. Trump made it obvious that a corrupt appointment could gum the works.

Its going to be a long road, but that’s how we got to this current mess. And fortunately, the Republicans forced their hand. Now we see the problems this rot created and we need to re-set. Its going to take a while and a lot of political action to make our judicial fair and impartial again.

NBC News: Kavanaugh contacted witnesses prior to publication of Ramirez assault claims


Even better: there are text message exchanges between Kavanaugh and some of his friends, who he asked to support him well before the Ramirez assault claim became public. Messages that one of the receivers turned over to the FBI.

Kavanaugh may have tried to tamper with a witness.


Today at the Court – Monday, Oct 1, 2018

The Supreme Court Building is open to the public from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The Court will release an order list at 9:30 a.m.

The Court will convene for a public session in the Courtroom at 10 a.m.
The Justices will hear two, one-hour oral arguments.


It’s not surprising Kavnaught would engage in witness tampering if he did. The guy has been a professional hit man for the GOP for the last 20 years.

“It was the Democrats who went for the simple majority because the GOP refused to approve any of Obama’s judicial picks for the lower courts.”

I stand corrected. Many Thanks for the correction and your response. And you are right. It will be a long road to regain justice and fairness in this process.

Another accusation of sexual assault and rape while getting a ride home from K. His friend in the back seat covered her mouth. After groping her & forcing oral sex, they took turns raping her in the back seat, more than once.


And, released today by Booker, a note from K to those with him on a weekend boat excursion when he worked for GWB that might imply he passed out. He also apologizes for his belligerence.


You were right, Starlight. And, thank God for the press who will keep this in the public’s eye even if the WH & Senate tries to stifle things.


Kavanaugh’s FBI investigation on 10 1 18 at 3 38 PM

Jells with my charts.

Not confirmed even for a short period of time.

Kav to be arrested,disbarred, wife leaves him, he goes to prison.

Hoping you are right.

If Kav is confirmed and not impeached, convicted, etc. If he were to remain on the bench, that would be a set-up for his untimely demise. It would be better for him to drop out of the confirmation process as some angry fool would attempt to remove him from this life. No guarantee they would succeed, but surely someone would try. AND that might well spark a downward spiral of more and more violence. Not good.

I’m amazed the R’s can’t or won’t see the future they are creating with their extreme, far right, hyper partisan political behavior.


“Even worse, it supersedes any inkling of shame over allowing a sniveling little liar and sexual predator onto the once-hallowed Supreme Court.”

Indeed. Thank you for the clarifying astro-logical analysis of the current folly of BK, DT and the GOP. Terrific expose of the under-belly of Neptune.

Unless I am hearing/reading it wrong, Trump Admin has give a green light to a full, unlimited investigation – at least that it what I am getting from MSNBC’s Brian Williams’ 11th Hour.


The New York Times reports as of 2 hours ago. Trump widens the scope of FBI investigation to whomever necessary as long as it is done within a week.

Wonder if the FBI got the written directive?

I’m wagering with myself that our Bloviator-in-Chief has already made the calculation to cut bait. I’m guessing he has another nominee in mind even as this investigation goes on.

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, Kavanaugh’s Solar Return for 2018 looks pretty damn dismal. Add that to his progressed, and Solar Arc Directed planets…But then, this Senate has blown away a foundations of reason, even astrological!

Tonight, we find out that Brett was in a bar fight in 1985 during his time at Yale, after he went to a concert, then afterward in the bar, thought a guy was the lead singer of the band.

Guy in the bar says he’s not, and I guess Brett took exception to the guy’s attitude or just maybe Brett was drunk and threw a beer at the guy, who took a swing at Brett and missed, and then Brett’s friend hit the guy with a glass.

And then the police came.

He’s crossed over into being a joke.


Hi Bob,

CMPerry? What happened to her?

I believe CMPerry vanished after HRC lost the election. She posted a great deal of astrological predictions about HRC’s victory. Maybe a case of severe cognitive dissonance? I don’t blame her. It was a very painful, unexpected horror.

In my post of 8:27 pm yesterday this was mine: Jells with my charts.

This part was a summary of what David Johnson said in his video:

Not confirmed even for a short period of time. Kav to be arrested, disbarred, wife leaves him, he goes to prison.

This is me. My charts show his progressed Saturn opposite his Virgo stellium and transit Saturn to square his progressed Venus, Sun, and Mercury coming up. These match up with his reading.

Well, will, HRC did win the popular vote.

You all have much more experience with mundane astrology than I have, but would it be the case that some results are harder to predict than others because they are close calls? That was the case in 2000, as well as 2016.

It may indeed be the case with this judicial nomination. As fatally flawed as this nominee is, predictions are going in different directions, due in no small part to the deceptions of Senate Republicans.

How much do the Neptune placements have to do with the predictions over this nomination being this hard to predict?

I think getting either the 2000, or the 2016 election wrong is quite forgivable, whether one used astrology or other tools. In both cases the winner lost and the loser won.

What is so galling about the 2016 election is its defiance of all common sense. Who woulda-thunk a racist, misogynist, mob boss-bully-clown could have possibly become president of the United States in this or any other universe?

When GWBush was selected by the SC we were angry – we knew it was unfair and unjust – we knew the R’s cheated and bullied their way into the White House; it was detestable, and infuriating, but understandable, and plausible.

What is so painful about the 2016 election is its profound absurdity, and knowing that so many Americans did not and still do not see or feel that absurdity.

Maybe your speculation is right about CMPerry. The cognitive dissonance is ours as well.

Thank you, Will. I’m surely glad that Nancy and every one who posts here didn’t give up regardless of CD.

The search for Planet X gets a boost with the discovery of a super distant object

The edge of our cosmic neighborhood is slowly coming into focus

This is really interesting! It is in part about an object astronomers are calling “Goblin.” Also, great graphics of the solar system.


“Well, will, HRC did win the popular vote.”

Indeed she did.


Yes, Trump’s “victory” was an inconceivable kick in the head. Thank you Russia, NRA, RNC and Mark Zuckerberg.

You guys all know that there’s a band of serious astrologers out there who say astrology is not for prediction? I always liked Nick Campion’s idea, which was something like…we know something is going to happen, we just don’t know if you’re going to have a nervous breakdown or your pipes are going to break.

To the extent that astrologers can predict, does stealing the election become a consideration in the prediction process?

@ fierywoman — Yes, sometimes the portents are exceedingly literal minded.

I think, in so far as we humans continue to make imperfect systems of deciding what ‘results’ mean, that as long as it *is* possible to steal an election, then we must bake that question into any checklist of question we might pose in predictive calculations.

“Trump moments ago at the White House:

I don’t believe he should lie to Congress. It’s not acceptable if Kavanaugh lied in testimony. A lot depends on the FBI investigation.

Is someone positioning? It sure doesn’t sound like Trump has confidence in Kavanaugh anymore.”


Question about lying under oath…
If K gets the votes to become a SC Justice
can his lying under oath be used precedents in other pending cases?

From Marjorie Orr on McConnell, Grassley and Graham today:

“(McConnell’s) had an uphill and frustrating struggle this year with tr Pluto trine his Mars, worsening in 2019/2020 with tr Pluto trine his Saturn and over 2020/21 his Saturn/Uranus midpoint plus a dashed-hopes tr Pluto square his Mars/Neptune also in 2020/21, which will test him even to his limits.”

More here:


If Kavnaught lied under oath to Congress or to the FBI he would be criminally charged.

Ironically that is what the Ken Starr impeached Bill Clinton on: lying to Congress.

Karma is a bitch carrying the scales of justice and a sword.

Trump Engaged in Suspect Tax Schemes
as He Reaped Riches From His Father

The president has long sold himself as a self-made billionaire, but a Times investigation found that he received at least $413 million in today’s dollars from his father’s real estate empire, much of it through tax dodges in the 1990s.


Yesterday’s Moon-Saturn opposition brought an end to Kavanaugh’s teaching position as a lecturer at Harvard Law School because of student protests. Tonight should bring bigger news as the Moon opposes Pluto and squares Mercury while Mercury squares Pluto.

As Starlight noted, the Saturn opposition to US Venus is peaking today, conjunct transiting Moon in Cancer. This brought the statement by Drumpf a few hours ago defending young white males’ right to prey, rape and commit sexual assault. Thankfully, the aspect is now separating and its power should now decline.

That will only be if the FBI chooses to charge him. Wray was two years behind him at Yale and they joined the Federalist Society at that time. They are both still members today. Let’s just hope for a more than less real time investigation.

just watched an interesting interview on morning joe with Michael Lewis, author, “the fifth risk”.
Sounds like we really need to start paying attention to agency degradation and stop following the trump squirrill distractions.


Yes, Eliseo and all of us astrologers, now we can see what the Neptune of Trump’s natal chart sitting right there in the 2nd house (how you earn your living for one) really means. And now with Saturn doing it’s wonderful dance squaring the massive mess in Trump’s natal 2nd house -soon to square all of it- the emperors clothes will truly fall off. Ahhhh Saturn! Lord of Karma, bring it on.

Eliseo, I believe that’s one of DJT’s worst nightmares that’s just been verified and made public record by the NYT. The con artist’s great con laid bare for all to see. He’s likely stark-raving mad at this moment.

You can get away with a ton of dubious things in this country, but conning the tax authorities themselves is the one most likely to ricochet back on you with interest due. Literally.

From Astrology.com

Specific possessions covered by the Second House include earned income and our ability to influence it, investments and moveable property (cars, clothing, jewelry and the like). Debt is also part of the equation here, since we own the responsibility to pay our bills. How we view money, the acquisition of wealth (and debt), financial reversals, savings, budgeting and financial status are all ruled by the Second House.

Header over at DU: “McConnell: FBI report on Kavanaugh won’t get public release”

McConnell works for us. The FBI works for us. The Congress (including Republicans) and the SC work for us. They all need to be told, in no uncertain terms, of that fact. And they need to be told almost daily (or on every day they work) and in a public, nationwide, manner from now on (using every manner of media between 6 am and 7 pm local times).

Those facts need to be expressed In every school class room for sure. Get ’em while they’re young.

Those reports belong to us. I doubt any of them will affect national security.

This could be a game-changer. Kavanaugh wrote : «we are loud and obnoxious drunks» about a house rental with friends. There are obvious sexual references in this hand-written note as well. He signs «FFFFF, Bart», which is quite obscene and misogynistic.

It’s in the NY Times this evening: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/02/us/brett-kavanaugh-georgetown-prep.html?action=click&module=Top%20Stories&pgtype=Homepage

This should end his nomination as predicted.

This appeared in the New York Times this evening:


It is a hand-written note by Kavanaugh about a house rental with friends. He writes : «we are loud and obnoxious drunks». There are obvious sexual references as well. He signs «FFFFF, Bart», which is quite obscene and misogynistic.

That should end his nomination as predicted.


What I’ve been up to

Thank you Nancy, Right on schedule.


” Also, as we’ve come to expect from Mr. Trump, the creation of this myth involved a big dose of ethically sketchy, possibly even illegal activity.”

First of all, I’m trying to take the student exam for the AFA (American Federation of Astrologers). Test is on the 20th, and I now find out that the sample test was e-mailed to me on July 26th! I was looking for the sample test in the mail all these weeks!. Now I have to find a librarian to proctor my test-which is just as well, as the astrologer who would have done so lives in Cleveland. I found someone who I trust, but I can’t actually know the person. I understand, but it’s frustrating to say the least-I have to find someone who will accept my mail and somehow convey to them that they should accept it and look for me the day of the test…aargh!

Next, I am doing a set of civics card-I’ve already used three 100 packs of cards-45 Presidents, 50 states, 27 Constitional Amendments, 15 Cabinet Positions, about 20 Independent Agencies, not to mention a set for the House of Representatives, Supreme Court, and Senate. Each branch of the Federal Government is a fiefdom in itself. I also intend to include Major American Wars, and if I ever have the patience, maybe an internation set that includes major International institutions.

The work on the cards has kept me calm through the Kavanaugh debacle. Reassured that he may not be confirmed, but if he is, he may not last long. That brings me to another reason why he probably shouldn’t be confirmed: I had a brother who drank himself to death. Also a feeling there’s a “dead body” vibe about him. Anyone who gets as violent as he does inevitable escalates. My brother was a self-pitying drunk, so we never feared that, but one way another things get worse with a drunk-especially one who never gets challenged on his drinking.

Thank You Nancy. Prayers for you & your Husband.

“Donald Trump, Self-Made Sham!
Now let’s see your tax returns, Mr. President”

Major tax fraud by the Trump family. Trump got all his effortless wealth from his father, not a simple 1 million$ loan as he falsely stated.


Today’s Mercury-Pluto square at work with Pluto standing still and therefore most powerful.

Both Trump and Kavanaugh will end up in jail.

Hundreds of law professors sign two letters rejecting Kavanaugh nomination.


One of them will be presented to the Senate on Thursday.

David Johnson has an encouraging new reading made yesterday. He says the FBI will outsmart Drumpf and will not follow his instructions, Julie Swetnick will be vindicated, Kavanaugh has a gambling addiction and will be taken away from his court in cuffs and jailed 3 to 5 years. He adds charges will be filed around Christmas and repeats that meanwhile he will not be confirmed.


Andre, Thanks for that link. I am hoping David Johnson is channeling clearly and accurately.

I don’t see Kavanaugh being confirmed just on the basis of his chart and the Solar Return for him plus the Solar Arc Directions and Progressions, but I am never sure enough of myself to state my findings emphatically, especially these days.

Graham is really, really losing it…. What an A-hole.


I like David Johnson. I hope he is right too. Like everyone else here I am not sure what will happen.

Hey Bob,

Appreciate your sharing your chart reading of
Kavanaugh. His wife seems sad. If she and her girls gain happiness leaving him, I hope you’re right (about her going).

Something about her seemed “off,” to me, during his initial hearings, before any of his allegations came to light.

With his (alleged) history of drinking and violence, I pray she’s safe, and he doesn’t take out his current frustrations on her.

The Moon in Leo will T-square Mars in Aquarius and stationing Venus in Scorpio tomorrow morning. The last time this T-square was activated by the transiting Moon in Taurus, we had the Ford-Kavanaugh hearings last Thursday. There should be more unpleasant sexual revelations to come as Venus in Scorpio turns to retrograde. Also, there could be also another injudicious outburst from K as the Moon opposes not only transiting Mars but also his natal Mars in Aquarius.

I think Kavanaugh’s nomination is all over but the shouting. Sen. Flake said Monday: «this can’t happen on the Supreme Court» or words to that effect. I doubt Senators Collins and Murkowski feel differently or that any Democrat would vote for the nominee. Sen. McConnell has to let it play out for a few days because of his raging base and frothing-at-the mouth Senator Graham, but he already knows he just doesn’t have the votes. He has to go through the motions quickly to get rid of this nominee who is a goner. It’s just political theater at this point.

Finally, the Drumpf family is criminal as shown by the New York Times last night. The Don Con’s sister is a senior federal appeals judge in NYC. She was involved in tax fraud also and stole the American people with her parents and her siblings. So now there are two federal judges who will end their careers in infamy (in addition to K’s pal who resigned from the appeals court following allegations of sexual harassment).

Ralfee Finn today:


Marjorie Orr update:

“McConnell looks considerably unhappy in the final days of this November. And aggravated with Trump in mid December. As does Grassley with Trump at the same period. Grassley looks especially piqued at Trump over the midterms as well and their relationship will be jolted, jangled and confused in 2019 and even more so in 2020.”


Time after time, DonCon has publicly said or done something extreme and extraordinary which in “normal times” would have disqualified him from ANY office, and/or resulted in his resignation, triggered major investigations, and probable jail time. He has so far gotten away with it all.

I note we (including myself) continue thinking “OK, this is it, this is major, this will bring him down” and then it doesn’t happen. We seem not to have adjusted to the “new rules” whatever they are.

Do you see any indication the latest revelations about his financial misdeeds are any different?…That Lady Justice will finally return to her rightful place?

“How can a political figure talk like that? Or any human being for that matter? How can a crowd approve that and laugh? How can women approve that and laugh? How can America recover from that? And reconcile two sides that get farther apart every day, pushed by an evil man who seems to enjoy the process of breaking the country into pieces.”


Lexi, using a noon chart for Ashley K and transits for the date of the hearing shows Pluto hitting her natal chart very hard; squaring her natal Pluto and Sun and Mercury. That she may have been taken by surprise and/or embarrassed by his performance could be shown by the exact square of transit Neptune to her progressed Neptune. This double hit from the 2 outermost planets to her core (Sun) and her thought processes, conscious (Mercury and Sun) and subconscious, (Neptune) to be followed by transits of Saturn to those same points next year paint the picture. Pluto the shock-master. Saturn, the piper.

Hello Bob and all! Bob, re your 12:10 posting above, I am surprised you did not mention some Uranus aspect hitting AK’s chart. In my personal life, when I have been sucker-punched, blindsided (whatever you want to call it), I have seen some aspect to my natal Uranus. You have far more knowledge than I, but do you see Uranus as delivering the initial blow that comes seemingly from nowhere and knocks the wind out of you, or is that maybe just something I experience with my chart setup?

Julie, my look at Mrs K’s chart was a cursory glance, not a thorough investigation where I would try to establish a speculative chart time for a person, then use my system to look at a progressed lunar return, midpoints, and possibly eclipses.

Missing the longitudinal square to Mars was an oversight because I make my measurements in right ascension. The aspect is more than 3° away in that mode and strengthening. I have had personal experience with that combination more than 30 years ago. It involved extreme violence which has left me with a very troublesome injury that affects me to this day.

Ashley Kavanaugh – Natal Chart
Apr 11 1978, 12:00 pm, EST +5:00

Ura Sqr Mar May 21 2018
Ura Sqr Mar Oct 29 2018

Ura Sqr Mar Mar 13 2019

Good to ‘see’ you Carol Duhart.

You have been busy. Good luck sent your way.

N. Korea said to have stolen a fortune in online bank heists



Maybe kju’s lover can get it all back.

“U.S. security firm FireEye raised the alarm Wednesday over a North Korean group that it says has stolen hundreds of millions of dollars by infiltrating the computer systems of banks around the world since 2014…”

Eliseo, the Great Conman will be brought down when the Dems take back the House and begin serious oversight by a subpoena on his tax returns. Right now, it’s like pus oozing out of the sick body of the Constitution. There will be more nauseating revelations.

After seeing the press conference with Sarah Aunt Lydia I would say that they do not have the votes.

Ooh, thanks for that, Bob. Makes sense, AK would be embarrassed.

It was noted that he answered for her once or twice, when she was questioned in their “Faux news” interview.

Lot of work to keep his (fake) mask up at work and in social settings. She probably sees the guy we saw at Thursday’s hearing, more frequently than anyone.

It seems that don the con learned how to con the govt out of taxpayer $$ at his daddy’s knee.
In 1954, when the don would have been an impressionable 8, Fred was one of several developers included in a senate investigation for blatant govt contract overcharges/padding related to post war fha veterans’ housing. No charges eventuated – Fred apparently was adept at the smoke and mirror sidestep.
To me it seems clear that Trump money is dishonest money from the getgo

Well, it looks like David Johnson is incorrect. The FBI followed the CONSTRAINTS directed by the White House. Report is “finished.” Tomorrow AM the members of the Judiciary will begin reading. Then in the afternoon, the whole Senate.
Voting starts on Friday.
And here comes the “fix is in” drama…as with Thomas so many years ago.
I am wondering how our three maybe Senators are going to vote. I somehow think that there will be no surprises. I also have to my chart reading skills which seem off this time around. Sigh.

Lamis David Johnson has a new one up. He still thinks that he will not be confirmed.

He says Blumenthal has something that he will announce.

Who knows. The whole thing is just stinking up the joint.

And….if this report exonerated BK they would not be locking the report in a room and give senators only one hour to read the report. They would have the report on the front page of the NYT.

Durbin announced that previous FBI reports have noted BK had issues with drinking and inappropriate behavior. That was new information for me because the repubs have stated that there were no issues in those areas in previous FBI reports.

I remain guardedly optimistic.

othecat! Where did Durbin announce this? Could you point me to the link or the news statement?

I’m going to listen to David Johnson…


Can’t find the latest David Johnson video by searching on google.
Maybe I should try youtube.

Hi Lamis yes go to you tube. Go to Durbin’s twitter feed the information might be there.

New York Times:
The Senate Should Not Confirm Kavanaugh.
Signed, 650+ Law Professors (and Counting).

The following letter will be presented to the United States Senate on Oct. 4.
It will be updated as more signatures are received.



Found the David Johnson video. Thank you. Heitkamp, Flake, Collins, Manchin, Murkowski will vote NO.

Since I don’t have easy access to Twitter… no Smartphone, or Iphone, I can try online with my desk top.

Thanks, again. I feel a teeeeeennnnnnyyy bit better.

Ben Sasse just asked Trump to nominate someone else. He may be a no vote.

I found it. What Durbin and others said about previous evidence regarding Kavanaugh’s past.

Here is the link.


Some people are saying that Sasse is grandstanding and may vote yes.

David Johnson is really putting all his eggs in this basket. Hope this turns out well for him and us.

tRump secondary progressed chart to 2 pm, EDT, MC will be at 232°06′. Secondary progressed Saturn will be on the Desc at 232°06′.

Progressed Anlunar MC will be at 188°33′. tRump secondary progressed Neptune at 187°02′ will be on it . tRump secondary progressed Mars at 189°41′ will be on it.

Their midpoint is at 188°22′.

My PDAL for kav has his natal Sun/Saturn midpoint on the Desc, PDAL Saturn trine the Asc, and natal Pluto trine the MC.

I follow Cyril Fagan believing it is the nature of the planet making the aspect, not the nature of the aspect, that calls the shot.

There are a few aspects in their charts that confuse me. They make me wonder if a positive vote could be manufactured in some way. My own secondary progressed chart has it’s Saturn on the Desc but I am dealing with an issue that is not yet resolved.

John Hogue was interviewed last night on radio.
His website: http://www.hogueprophecy.com/2018/08/red-hot-planet/

Could it be that there is no vote or that (with weak positive aspects) tR and kav are relieved that his nomination is withdrawn? tR could then nominate a ‘get out of jail’ candidate and kav might think his present seat will be safe because the FBI investigation of him will stop

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Although the general consensus among news sources appears to point to a Kavanaugh confirmation because of lack of evidence of wrongdoing, tomorrows procedural vote and then the final confirmation vote on Saturday comes on the heels of Venus stationing retrograde (10 ’50 Scorpio) Friday 3:04 pm (Washington DC). It’s in close conjunction to the US Inaugural Moon (9 ’21 Scorpio) and t square to Kavanaugh’s natal Venus (9 ’14 Aquarius), Senator Flake’s natal Saturn (a critical vote – 9 ‘0 Aquarius) and Pres. Trump’s natal Pluto (10 ’02 Leo). Since Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court is critical to Trump’s not so veiled attempts at thwarting possible impeachment proceedings, this entire voting process could get bogged down in partisan bickering and indecision come Friday.

Watch what happens Wednesday October 10th when Mars squares Venus (10 ’17 Aquarius- Scorpio) It will be in t square to Trump’s natal Pluto (10 ’02 Leo). This is the same day as the Mercury- Uranus opposition (1 ’06 Scorpio-Taurus) in t square to the US inaugural Sun (0 ’49 Aquarius).

I expect things could come to a head at the time of the October 24th Full Moon (1 ’13 Taurus – Scorpio) because of its conjunction to tr. Uranus (0 ’31 Taurus). It forms a larger grand cross square to the nodes (1 ’11 Aquarius-Leo). This again will be activating the US Inaugural Sun (0 ’49 Aq).

Jerry or Anyone,
It feels like Venus going rx while Mars going Direct would not bode well for a no vote on K. The astrology is so potent this week with planets coming out of shadow (Mars & Jupiter) and Venus going into shadow, and Pluto going direct. The planets and signs all seem to want our attention but do they want our participation?

Louise Mensch on Twitter:

“Here’s what I think:

The White House is not a reliable source.
The FBI report is bad for Kavanaugh. Otherwise they would have more than one copy available in a SCIF, it would be everywhere

Cloture will pass
Kavanaugh doesn’t have the votes to be confirmed”


He has the votes. Collins, et al, say the FBI investigation was thorough. She and Flake were only looking for cover to vote yes. The fix is in. A couple of Dems (Manchin and Heitkamp) in very red states will probably vote yes, too, because they won’t be the deciding vote.


Yes. Of course. My remarks are just one possible interpretations. A casual, simplistic observation of the traits of each corresponding sign and planet…..

Venus (representing values) turned retrograde (re-evaluation) in Scorpio (Scorpio is the most intense sign of the Zodiac, usually associated with sexual activity and with the symbolism of death and rebirth. Their emotions run deep) in harsh square (conflict) to Senator Flake’s Saturn (the karmic taskmaster) oppressively conjunct Kavanaugh’s Venus (behavioral issues) in Aquarius (the public at large) forming a t square to Trump’s Pluto (the underworld, death and taxes) in Leo (the most vocal, assertive sign in the zodiac). One can deduce anything out of those aspects, but that was what I was coming up with.

TYPO Read instead: ” just one possible INTERPRETATION”.

Today I think they have the votes. Sorry to say. Sad day for America.

Yes, oxthecat, it’s a sad day indeed.

Psychics can be wrong about outcomes at times. When different ones show different results, we don’t know who is right, and why predictions sometimes go the other way. But we still go to psychics for help, and sometimes, they do.

We who read this blog knew from the start that this Supreme Court confirmation fight would be an uphill battle. I have just reread Nancy’s post from July, Affimation in the Face of Carnage, and I encourage those who read this to do the same. We always knew what this nomination meant, and we always knew that stopping it would face long odds.

Senate rules are stacked against the minority. And the deck is being stacked against all of us who have chosen–or have been driven–not to conform to the far right’s plans for our lives. They are forcing an agenda that the majority of us don’t want and didn’t vote for. They’re doing it by deception, but they’re doing it all the same. They didn’t achieve it overnight, and we won’t turn it around overnight

I’ve heard that Venus in Scorpio is one helluva nasty placement; I suppose Venus stationary going retrograde is even more so. If this is an indication of what we’re up against, we will most certainly revisit the issues concerning women. But then, I may be stating the obvious.

Well said, Gina. I have to say, though, that I am not giving up yet and am open to: 1) the 2 nay votes coming through. I think it may be Collins or Murkowski or Sasse. Flake has flaked out before (so has Collins – we’ll see); or
2) Something turning up about him that cannot be denied or ignored. 3) Something else happening that we haven’t thought of yet. It is still possible.

Well, Heitkamp is voting NO. Surprise there.

I just finished calling Collins, Murkowski, Flake, Heitkamp, Manchin and Sasse to tell them (their office staff or a message in Washington, DC) to vote NO. I had previously written copiously. Best I can do right now…helps relieve my sorrow.

I just heard Heidi H is voting no. I emailed her my thanks (couldn’t get through on phone) and told her no election was worth being on the wrong side of history. I left a similar message on the voice mails of Collins and Manchin. If we lose even one democrat it is over. I am still hoping Collins and Murkowski will do the right thing.

Lamis B Faris–we must have been typing at the sme time–I am just a slowpoke. 🙂

Grassley, McConnell, Trump and the Russians seem to have the fix in. Remember the FBI has removed all senior career folks and replaced them with GOP hacks. Same is true at other Gov. agencies.

I keep wondering if the USA will simply split apart in the near term. The Northeast and the West Coast become separate nations. I do not see how we can coexist in this disparate period. The new tax law is destroying the real estate market in blue states, which the GOP knew would happen.

Good for Senator Heitkamp. I just contributed to her campaign.

I was just wondering if it has crossed anyone else’s mind that the imminent firing of Rob Rosenstein was held off because he agreed to not do a real investigation of BK? Maybe will buy a little more time for Mueller?
(I am not usually this talkative–moon in Leo must be activating all of my fire planets.)

Right now transiting Pluto is at 18+ Capricorn which is where Neptune and Uranus were conjunct in 1993.

At that time Mercury (news) was at 22+ Scorpio (shared resources, secrets), where transiting Jupiter (understanding) is today. Mercury was sextile Neptune and Uranus.

Pluto (digs deep), at the time Neptune (veiled) was conjunct Uranus (surprise), was at 24+ Scorpio, the same degree of Trump’s natal chart’s IC (family, roots). Transiting Jupiter (justice) will reach 24+ Scorpio on the evening of Wednesday Oct. 10th.

At the time when Uranus and Neptune were conjunct in 2010, Mercury (data) and Pluto (hidden) in Scorpio (secret) were square Saturn (rules, restrictions) and Pallas (sees the whole picture) in Aquarius (benefits mankind, one’s friends).

Transiting Mars (take action) will reach those degrees in Aquarius (22, 23) November 2 – 5, 2018. Midterm election is on Nov. 6th.

I feel sure this cycle is linked to the Washington Post expose’ on Trump’s wealth (see kiwi’s link from yesterday) and it will affect the election outcomes.

Saturn (in Aquarius) and Uranus (in Capricorn) were in mutual reception (similar to a conjunction in effect) when Neptune and Uranus made their conjunction and started their present cycle. Transiting Uranus is now semi-square transiting Neptune, thus the cycle is activated.

Transiting Uranus is also still within orb of a trine with transiting Saturn, thus it enhances their mutual reception in the 1993 Uranus-Neptune cycle.

I believe this could mean Trump will face tax evasion charges, possibly before the election. If so, it will be thanks to the fourth and fifth estate. Never underestimate the Power of the Press.

Julie I feel Murkowski will vote no.

Speaking for myself, and I’m sure many of you feel the same way, I’m more deeply angry and frustrated with our politics than I’ve ever been in my lifetime. And that includes the time when former classmates were dying in Vietnam.

Although I’m extremely busy and preoccupied with the disposition of my late mother’s estate, I am seriously considering finishing and submitting a little essay/op/ed of mine I call “The Tyranny of the Minority” to Huffington Post, particularly if the R’s actually confirm Mr. Kavanaugh.

Friends, we’ve absolutely GOT to Get Out the Vote for Dems (even if we disagree with some of them) and against the Misogynistic Male Belligerent Bully Party.

I don’t think that Susan Collins is going to run again in 2020. The polls in Maine show that she cannot win if she votes yes on BK.

When we win the house there will be investigations. Cold comfort. I just feel overwhelming sorrow.

As to psychics, nothing wrong with wanting to hope.

Sarah Kendzior predicted every bit of this. When I started reading her in the beginning I thought oh she is overreacting. Not anymore.

I agree Murkoski may vote no.l

Eliseo, Please do!

I want to share something with all of you that has dumbfounded me. I have two friends who I talk to about politics pretty regularly (they ask me questions because they know I am a political junkie and inquire as to what is going on) and I recently was discussing with each of them in separate conversations about the midterms. When I asked, your going to vote, right??! One told me, “I don’t have anyone in my state up for election.” and the other told me, “I can’t vote, I’m an independent.” GOOD GOD! I set them both straight about it being both a national election where every single congressman in up for election and they are 2 year terms, even if you don’t have a senator up for election and surely there are local races or state house races that are in play. And also to my other friend, that a midterm is not a primary??!! Now, these two people are not stupid! I was stunned, by it made me realize how uneducated people are about their own government! I didn’t know whether to cry or scream?! I am deeply concerned about it and I tried to contact some of the cable news channels to ask that they do a little information broadcasting about the upcoming election, but impossible to get a hold of a person. Is anyone else stunned by this? Any suggestions? I think I will call my state rep and senators offices.

Massive Information Dump Aimed at Sinking The GOP is Reportedly Coming Within Weeks

A former Barack Obama operative has amassed a team of 16,000 ‘amateur sleuths’ who are seeking to uncover dirt on key Republican candidates up for re-election this November. John Burton is his name, and he’s an angry 38-year-old former JP Morgan employee and Barack Obama opposition research guru.

“We’re going to do with real information and real Americans what the Russians tried to do with fake information and fake Americans,” Burton explained to Bloomberg.


Star lighters—keep calling your Senators. MConnell wants you to THINK it’s over. It’s NOT!


And WELL DONE Senator Heitkamp!!

“For more information on this aspect of Brett Kavanaugh/Neil Gorsuch/Russia-Trump connections, please read this article by @ZarinaZabrisky:

The Way to a Lifelong Presidency

Excerpt: By appointing judges and DOJ leads involved with the Kremlin, compromised or used by it, Trump is applying the Kremlin’s pattern.
Putin is known to install loyal people in all positions of power. The mechanism, in turn, mirrors Yeltsin’s move to cover up the corruption that brought Putin to power: installing loyal people in key positions and creating a network of support. In Russian, there is a term for this: “???????? ??????” that can be translated as either “espirit de corps” or “mutual responsibility.” It has a negative connotation. Krugovaya poruka is one of the defining features of a mafia state.


visit her website at:


No lifelong Presidency is happening, folks. Let’s nip that one in the bud right now. We’re not heading into a new age of sustained authoritarianism and dictators. Quite the opposite is going to happen, in fact.

For one, there’s a massive difference between the coming Aquarius Pluto energies, and Leo Pluto back during and after WWII.

Trump and his ilk are much, much closer to being and brought down to their knees and being finished off for good than they are to installing themselves as permanent rulers. The changing energy of the times from the early 2020s onward just doesn’t support it.

Fe I have not given up I have kept calling every day.

Buckeye Shadow I think you are right.

Ari Melber I think? just said that the count now is 48 to 48 and no one really knows what will happen.

There have been other Dem operatives like Burton before who claimed that they could stop the Republicans, yet who failed to deliver in the end. We’ll see.

I continue to play the long game. I don’t think a dumpster fire like what Trump represents will simply burn itself out. It has to be fiercely countered and stomped out until there’s nothing left to reignite into a blaze. That’s accomplished though critical education and accountability. Trump himself and all those who back him must be investigated, very publically exposed, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the very same laws they have worked so feverishly to subvert and destroy.

Someone like a Mitch McConnell needs to be exposed for how he has attempted to destroy Democracy in this country, disbarred and unceremoniously booted from office, and sent to prison for life.

None of this I think is going to get any easier to accomplish until after the Saturn-Pluto conjunction passes, but it shouldn’t stop us from going for the jugular against these guys anyway. The wheel keeps turning, and no one stays on top of the hill forever.

came across a new face in the realm of prognosticator astrologer-channelers.
Seems a bit dire, but looking past the surface, perhaps substantive. What do you think?

“Someone like a Mitch McConnell needs to be exposed for how he has attempted to destroy Democracy in this country, disbarred and unceremoniously booted from office, and sent to prison for life.”

I agree he deserves what you’ve suggested, and/or perhaps losing his citizenship. But other than extreme and extraordinary hypocrisy and thwarting the spirit of the Constitution…well, I’m not certain what actual crimes he could be charged with. Any notion of what he could be held accountable for legally?

Just google McConnell and Russian money, Eliseo, for whatever that’s worth. Same for others like Ryan.

My intuitive program that I use online (yes/no) seemed to indicate yesterday that Murkowski and Sasse were a no, and all Dems would vote no. Would that be enough to stop confirmation?

the nutters really think they’re fighting a war and repub supporters are shamelessly stoking the fire.
Polk county sherriff today:

Did you see that retired justice stevens spoke publically saying that, after his behaviour at his hearing last week Kavanaugh should NOT be confirmed.

Donally from Indiana votes NO of Kavanaugh.
Heitkamp votes NO on Kavanaugh.

Now we just need Manchin, Collins, Murkowski, and Flake.

A tall order?

Senator Blumenthal mentioned that there were serious allegations in the FBI report which he could speak of… but maybe the truth with come out.

BK just wrote an WSJ op ed apologizing for his behavior. Someone wrote that they must be worried about people wavering. I would also assume he must have been spooked by Justice Stevens remarks.

Sharon K I think that might do it. There is a Republican Senator who will not be there on Saturday afternoon because his daughter is getting married.

Just read a comment on Marjorie’s site that Friday the Moon is void all day during the Kav vote. Any thoughts on how that could affect the vote?

Sharon K,
That certainly occurred to me, but we need the proof! AND we need the Am. public on our side when we prosecute them.

Oxthecart, My sister-in-law from MT just told us that, as it’s her senator that won’t be there. I can’t believe the Republicans aren’t making some arrangement with him as they must realize they need every vote they can get. But, I’m glad if that’s the case, of course.

Sharon K,
By proof, I mean proof in a court of law, not just the proof we find as exposed by journalists. Trumpers will characterize journalistic proof as “fake news.”


I did see former Justice, John Paul Stevens earlier speaking out against Blackout Brett. He’s been ok in my book since his infamous dissent in the 2000 election theft in bush vs. gore.

For all,

Most judges confident in their nomination and pending vote, don’t write op-eds the day before their vote. In fact, in my lifetime, I don’t recall anyone doing that.

Grassley, Hatch, and other GOP judiciary members press conference today…

I mean, they were saying positive things about their candidate, praising him, his qualifications, blah, blah….but they didn’t sound happy, at all. Why not?

When one gets what they want, aren’t they usually “happy?” Grassley especially seemed, for lack of better words, super pissed off. Dude spent his time chastising the public and yelling at the press. wtf?

….now, if all else fails
If Kavanaugh is confirmed, Impeachment could follow here’s how:


Cory Booker Comments:

“It’s very frustrating th. the @FBI didn’t do a thorough investigation: they didn’t interview all the relevant or all the potential eyewitnesses, they didn’t interview the corroborating witnesses,” @CoryBooker said. “I’m actually shocked”.

BREAKING NEWS: Senator Cory Booker confirms that there were obvious hints of misconduct by #Kavanaugh and leads should have been more thoroughly investigated.

Senator Cory Booker: “I heard the chairman of the Committee say there’s no hint of misconduct. In plain English what I just read, there are hints of misconduct.”

Sen Cory Booker on Rachel Maddow said they were hustled into a room for a limited to time to look at one copy for several senators. Each senator did not have their own copy nor did they get all the time they wanted to read this report. He said it was a Sham and the Fix was in!

About the void of course moon Friday–I think the actual vote on confirmation is supposed to be on Saturday. Tomorrow will just be “procedural” votes, whatever they are.

News stories I’m seeing say all the Republicans will line up to vote for Kavanaugh. So black is white, and up is down, and the bad guys win another one? Very discouraging. A blog writer described what the FBI did this week with this headline: “Investigation that didn’t investigate anything doesn’t find what it wasn’t looking for.”

Sharon Yes I think they do have to be physically present to vote. I don’t know all the rules of the Senate.

Josh Marshall thinks that the op ed is for someone who can’t get past his behavior at the hearing.
In reading the twitter comments most of the people think it is Flake, but someone said to watch Corey Gardner from Colorado. He met with survivors today and is in a tough race?

I think I will call Cory Gardner tomorrow.

Hi Oxthecat – Rachael pointed out that, if it’s necessary, McConnell can postpone Saturday’s and have it when the MT senator is back. Oh well – I hope it doesn’t come to that.

General Question: When we call a senator from a state other than ours, and they ask for our zip code, is that because they are really only interested in that senator’s constituents and/or residents of that state?

Sharon K,

They ask for zip, to verify you’re a constituent (in their area). So the answer to your question is yes.

Most will just disregard calls and comments from individuals outside their area.

I read Blackout Brett’s op-ed, and didn’t see any apology. Just lots of validations, excuses, and blather about “why” he did what he did how he’ll do better, blah, blah. Pitiful.

RE: Dr. Ford
oft used phrases
“incredibly credible testimony”
& “incredibly credible witness” = linguistic irony

Kiwi, the Metatron reading is interesting, radical and powerful. Thank you.

Lexi, I just read a post on DU written by someone who goes to Zillow, picks out an address and zip code for the appropriate area and then leaves her comment. Pretty clever! I think I’ll do that tomorrow so I can call some “undecided” Senators. Actually, the area in question in the post was the one that Senator Cory Gardner represents in CO, as he has been quoted today as stating he’s undecided. Why do I not believe these people? But worth a shot…

Earlier I incorrectly referred to the Neptune-Uranus conjunction having taken place in 2010 – for which I apologize – and that was because I was also studying the JUPITER-Uranus conjunction that DID take place in 2010, which also directly connects to the Trump and the US natal charts. Neptune and Uranus were conjunct in 1993.

I also failed to note that Trump’s IC (roots, family) and the Neptune-Uranus chart’s Pluto – and the upcoming transit of Jupiter at 24+ Scorpio – ALSO trines the US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer (which Trump’s Saturn and Venus conjuncts). I’m only human.

Because of that I feel it necessary to note some compelling aspects about the JUPITER-Uranus conjunction that took place at 0+ Aries on June 8, 2010.

1. Trans. Chiron (bridge) has recently been at 0+ Aries and will return there in late Feb. and early March;

2. The Sun at 17+ Gemini was conjunct Trump’s natal (and mostly unconscious) Uranus at 17+ Gemini;

3. Mercury at 27+ Taurus (where trans. Sedna [abused woman] is now) was trine Saturn at 27+ Virgo and all were (or ARE in the case of Sedna) trine US natal Pluto (ruthless or transforming power) at 27+ Capricorn – an Earth (reality) grand trine;

4. Mercury (information) was also square retro Neptune (unclear) at 28+ Aquarius retrograde (conjunct US natal Moon [US people] at 27+ Aquarius);

5. Mars (aggressive) was at 0+ Virgo trine Pluto retrograde (4+ Cap, where trans. Saturn will be Oct. 19th) and Mars was trine Moon at 27+ Aries (also square US Pluto) and the now trans. Uranus retrograde (1+ Taurus);

6. Chiron retrograde at 0+ Pisces was opposite Mars (creating a Kite) putting Mars at the focal point of its grand trine between Moon (people) and Pluto (power) – which transiting Uranus is now activating.

This alone calls attention to the three oppositions (halfway through their cycle) between transiting Jupiter and Uranus, the 1st of which had Uranus at 20+ Aries (conjunct US natal Chiron) and Jupiter at 20+ Libra (conjunct US natal Juno) on December 26, 2016, in between the election of Trump and his inauguration.

It is compelling evidence of this cycle’s influence on the US (People and Government) maturation process.

On Nov. 8th in the wee hours of the morning, just a day and a half after the polls close for the US midterm elections, trans. retro Uranus (29+ Aries) and trans. Jupiter (29+ Scorpio) will exact a quincunx (adjustment).

Transiting North Node (29+ Cancer) at that time will trine Jupiter and square Uranus. Retro Uranus will oppose retro Venus (exact Oct. 31), the effect appearing to be a decision making point (grand cross between the Nodes, Venus and Uranus) regarding values (Venus).

You could say we (as a whole) are being “set up” to choose between rebellion or established values, understanding (Jupiter) the consequences of each.

This will be in effect on election day, when Chiron in Pisces and the North Node in Cancer and Jupiter in Scorpio will be in a grand tine. This in addition to Venus and Ceres (+ Moon) conjunction will greatly influence the electorate.

This author’s work below is in harmony with my hypotheses which I expect to publish next year in
The Journal of Hate Studies at Gonzaga University.

The Cruelty Is the Point
President Trump and his supporters find community by rejoicing in the suffering of those they hate and fear.
OCT 3, 2018
Adam Serwer


“Trump’s only true skill is the con; his only fundamental belief is that the United States is the birthright of straight, white, Christian men, and his only real, authentic pleasure is in cruelty. It is that cruelty, and the delight it brings them, that binds his most ardent supporters to him, in shared scorn for those they hate and fear: immigrants, black voters, feminists, and treasonous white men who empathize with any of those who would steal their birthright. The president’s ability to execute that cruelty through word and deed makes them euphoric. It makes them feel good, it makes them feel proud, it makes them feel happy, it makes them feel united. And as long as he makes them feel that way, they will let him get away with anything, no matter what it costs them.”

Eliseo – I found your reposted comment of interest […”President Trump and his supporters find community by rejoicing in the suffering of those they hate and fear…”]

I wonder if Trump, and his believers (after all, he is better understood if viewed as a religious figure), reject ‘the other,’ because the Trumpets (as I call them) feel that their ideals have been historically sidelined by progressive, social momentum?

I’m sure the dinosaurs felt the same way.

Eliseo, great story on the cruelty of Trump.

We do need to vote this fall but I realize that this may be the last election we vote in unless the results show a decisive win for Dems. I say that because with gerrymandering and voter id laws and broken machines the GOP has all but destroyed the voting system. This will be our last chance. And now with Kavanaugh, it is clear that the Judiciary is also broken. It had been difficult since Bush v Gore to give much credence to the Supreme Ct but if Kavanaugh is confirmed, it will be the nail in the coffin of an independent judiciary. I guess we are seeing the illusory veneer ripped off of our institutions. The question is what replaces them? Or do we continue to live this sham?

If Kavanaugh is confirmed, impeachment could follow. Here’s how.


Elisabeth Grace:


Breaking: Jeff Flake to vote Yes on Kavanaugh!

“NEW: American Bar Association says they are re-opening Kavanaugh evaluation due to “New information of a material nature regarding temperament.”

What fresh hell!”

Amy Siskind on Twitter

Yes on cloture or Yes on the final vote?

Flake has just announced he will be a yes for confirmation and Collins will announce her vote this afternoon.

Eiiseo, Flake said yes to confirmation unless something drastic was to occur by tomorrow.

BuckeyeShadow: Yes, I believe we will not have a president for life, although Trump has said this could happen and it will not stop him/them from trying.

From Sen Elizabeth Warren:
““Senators have been muzzled. So I will now say three things that committee staff has explained are permissible to say without violating committee rules. … One: This was not a full and fair investigation. It was sharply limited in scope and did not explore the relevant confirming facts. Two: The available documents do not exonerate Mr. Kavanaugh.
And three: the available documents contradict statements Mr. Kavanaugh made under oath.”

Collins on the floor now. Sounds like she is going to vote YES. C-Span

She’s giving all the reasons why she is impressed with Kavanaugh. Fascinating. Heartbreaking!

I hate to admit it, but her defense of Kavanaugh and the judicial process is quite thorough and quite eloquent!
Her whole argument is “presumption of innocence and no corroborating evidence.”

linda g reading this morning

Manchin, Flake and Collins all vote YES. No wiggle room left. It is over by my count.

If he is confirmed, can the fact that venus is retro mean that it won’t stick? I forgot what was said here about its affect on him and on the country. Don’t know if anyone looked at its affect on the SC.

Just listened to Linda G. She is already off the mark. She just did a reading for Collins and said Collins would vote NO. Clearly that was not the case.

Makes one wonder about our ‘blue wave.” Both Johnson and Linda G. have missed the mark, although to be fair, Linda G did predict that KV would be voted in and then taken out. It is interesting to me to compare psychic predictions to actual events.

I don’t know what psychic said it would look like he would be confirmed but at the last minute it would be pulled. I am still hopeful until the fat lady sings. I know we will win out in the end. I feel very hopeful that things will work out in our favor. If not now, then shortly in the future. This darkness and stain on the high court will not stand.

Coalition of 100,000 U.S. Churches Opposes Kavanaugh Nomination


Dems to Avenatti: You’re not helping.


I did not think Avenatti’s client was helpful at all. He built this up and had no corroborating evidence and facts, It did more harm than good.

I don’t think there’s any precedence for this, but I honestly wonder if the Supreme Court justices might refuse to seat him.

The courts are supposed to be a co-equal branch of government with the president and the legislature. They, more than anyone else, have reason to want to preserve the power and reputation of the courts. (What they have after Citizens United and the Bush V Gore verdict.)

But maybe this is too far for even them. The ABA announced today that it’s reopening it’s investigation/evaluation of Kavanaugh’s fitness.

It might give the Supreme Court some cover.

As I’ve said here often, Pluto in Capricorn doesn’t go on forever. Kavanaugh is a creature of the establishment, and no sign symbolizes the establishment more than Capricorn. Pluto is giving them tremendous power right now, but it will shift its empowerment focus into Aquarius in 5 years, a sign which couldn’t be more unconventional and anti-establishment.

Regardless as to the duration of Kavanaugh’s tenure with the SCOTUS, he and those who back him will find their power and authority weakened considerably, if not directly and aggressively challenged, after 2023. The difference between then and now is that they will not be able to successfully fend off such challenges by relying on the sheer weight of the establishment when Pluto is in Aquarius. In fact, being deeply enmeshed within a stifling status quo will be the greatest liability for the ruling elites, and for the United States government itself.

Of course, I am by no means wanting to throw cold water over anyone’s anger here at Kavanaugh, Trump, McConnell, etc. Its all completely warranted. I would only encourage everyone to channel these feelings in such ways that expedite their complete and irreversible downfall, and which also ensure that never again do such vile child men find their way into the halls of power.

In other words, like Willie Nelson says, “If you don’t like who’s in there, vote ’em out!” That would be a start.

To Everyone: While Senator Collins was justifying her YES vote on Kavanaugh, Venus went retrograde (3:05 pm, EST). Would you please analyze the significance? Thank you.

“FBI Director Chris Wray, nominated by Trump after firing of James Comey, worked for the firm King and Spalding that represented Alfa Bank and Sberbank on the issues related to sanctions, Gazprom, and Rosneft. Read the detailed report here.


ALFA BANK HAS MULTIPLE CONNECTIONS TO PUTIN AND TRUMP. Alfa Bank has multiple connections to Trump’s circle. Below are some of these ties; read more here.”


I read that Collins husband is connected to Russia via his lobbying career.

BK has been sullied and will be watched for partisan votes. Not that anyone can immediately do anything about that but it is not as if he is going in there with no presumption of bias. In my opinion that puts Roberts in a tougher spot. Maybe none of the Republicans on the bench will care.

Lamis the only thing I worry about with the Linda G reading is that she pulled the death card which rarely means a physical death but usually the death of a way of life. She said I think, oh I don’t want to think that? so maybe it means this? My biggest fear from that reading is that it is bad news in the short term.

She is honest. She said she originally pulled Trump to win and then pulled until she got the answer that she wanted. She is right it is not good to read and read a topic. Makes for bad predictions. That can happen with astrology too. We all wanted to believe Hillary would win.

I find Linda G comforting. Perhaps she confirms my own bias, which of course are always right and never wrong! Ha!

Dean W.,
RE: “I wonder if Trump, and his believers (after all, he is better understood if viewed as a religious figure), reject ‘the other,’ because the Trumpets (as I call them) feel that their ideals have been historically sidelined by progressive, social momentum?”

Absolutely! YES! The soul of America is torn between two competing moral systems.

The Reds believe we Blues are morally corrupt, and they are good and accepted in the sight of the Lord. When the Civil Rights Act and other similar legislation was passed, racism did not go away; it merely morphed gradually into something more subtle, and quiet. Red Americans ARE mostly racist, sexist bigoted believers in an anthropomorphic, Caucasian, punishing g-d.

A few years ago, I attended a dinner at a restaurant with a lifelong close friend and his extended family. My friend had long ago transitioned from being a moderate, reasonable Republican into a mostly liberal Dem. His sister in contrast has moved further and further to the extreme right over the many years. She was alternately tearful and furious that Obama was president, and in her mind, America had been “stolen” and would not be the same America for her descendants as she had rightfully inherited. She was emotionally devastated.

Now, “the shoe is on the other foot.”

I strongly suggest you read the March 13, 2017 AlterNet analysis at the link below. It is extraordinarily insightful, and really tells it like it is.

An Insider’s View: The Dark Rigidity of Fundamentalist Rural America
In deep-red white America, the white Christian God is king.

RE: “… but I realize that this may be the last election we vote in unless the results show a decisive win for Dems. I say that because with gerrymandering and voter id laws and broken machines the GOP has all but destroyed the voting system. This will be our last chance.”

I sincerely and deeply hope I am wrong, but it is possible “our last chance” has already passed. Last week Trump complained about “Chinese meddling in our elections,” and yesterday Mr. Pence made the same claim. It very well could be that anticipating a ‘blue wave” they plan to claim the election was fraudulent and invalid. They may therefore try to prevent Dems from taking office in November.

Alternatively, they may be planning (in cooperation with Russian assistance) to make sure the blue votes are undercounted. In any case I plan to vote, as literally, our lives and liberty depend on it, and I will encourage and drive others to do likewise. If I’m wrong about what I suspect they are up to, and that blue wave actually occurs and is not somehow “invalidated” I’ll be the first to dance a joyous, happy jig.

RE: “Or do we continue to live this sham?”
Were our darkest fears realized, I think those in power would continue the sham. Even the most authoritarian, dictatorial regimes conduct sham elections and piously give lip service to a constitution. But the rest of us will certainly see through it.

About 50% of the time I believe the more optimistic astrological interpretations of the 2020’s and beyond as expressed here by several very fine scholar/astrologers. But over the decades I’ve seen many very competent, experienced scholar/astrologers get it quite wrong.

A good example: In his fascinating tome, Horoscope for the New Millennium, an astrologer whom I respect greatly, Eric Alan Meece, predicted a very positive green, cultural, economic, political, etc. future for a USA governed by Dems for the years 2000-2008. As we know, a very different reality intervened.

If that blue wave is circumvented by an intentional undercount, or it is claimed the Chinese hacked it and the Dems that won actually lost, we better go find our pitchforks. We may be in the unenviable position of having to resist as did the underground in occupied Nazi France and other countries, i.e. by force of arms. Keep in mind, passive resistance only works in societies in which the ruling class possess a conscience. It is of no avail with the likes of Trump and may also be useless with his followers.

Reason is of no assistance when the intruder is in your house. Polite and courteous negotiation is of no use with authoritarians, as they don’t negotiate in good faith and they interpret your polite demeanor as weakness they can exploit. Consider how the R’s have progressively gotten more and more bullyish in the last several years. They will continue that trek rightward until they are stopped cold by whatever means.

I’m hoping that means is electoral, but we are not dealing with “normal” American Republicans. The assumption that through our normal political efforts and rituals justice and democracy will prevail may be false in the context of these abnormal times. We shall see. We may yet prevail through our democratic processes. Much depends on how our military establishment, (who mostly do not like or respect Trump) and our law enforcement community react should he create from their point of view a constitutional crisis beyond the pale of tolerance. Meanwhile, I’m calling and writing the appropriate legislators, attending meetings, etc., and I’m keeping all my many eyes open.

I agree Buckeye, re-channeling that anger into productive ways of eliminating the Trumps, Kavanaughs and McConnells from their entrenched positions in government is where our energies should be focused.

If we can just remember that all of this is part of a process that can’t be accomplished overnight. What HAS been achieved is an awareness of how many people are disenchanted with the present systems (Capricorn). Look at the polls!

Transiting Jupiter in Scorpio has brought much of that awareness to light. When Jupiter ingressed Scorpio on Oct. 10, 2017, the Sun, symbol of consciousness, was conjunct the US progressed Mars, the US Constitution’s Neptune and Trump’s natal Jupiter, all at 17+ Libra.

It was Jupiter’s assignment to make us (USA specifically) conscious of the ambiguities in our Constitution. The transiting Sun at that moment was conjunct Mercury at 18+ Libra; symbol of communication, various forms of media and, lest we forget, trickery with words.

The Moon (reflected sunlight), when Jupiter entered Scorpio, was at 21+ Gemini, conjunct Trump’s Sun (22+ Gemini) and the US natal Mars (21+ Gemini), and that Moon was square Mars at 22+ Virgo which was conjunct US natal Neptune, also at 22+ Virgo – I kid you not!

But there’s more; Saturn at that time of Jupiter’s ingress into Scorpio was at 22+ Sagittarius and conjunct Trump’s Moon at 21+ Sagittarius. Could anyone doubt this was intended to increase our awareness (we being citizens and friends of the USA)? This T-square incorporating the US natal square between Mars and Neptune was a wakeup call after 241 years of slumber. It was to be core to the purpose of Jupiter’s transit of Scorpio.

Here is another clue re: Jupiter’s transit of Scorpio; the Venus in Jupiter’s ingress chart was at 25+ Virgo (3 degrees from Mars and the US natal Neptune) and she was quincunx (adjust) retrograde Uranus at 26+ Aries in the 6th house of service and health.

This Venus in the Jupiter ingress chart was also quincunx the US natal Pallas (the strategist) at 26+ Aquarius (and US Moon at 27+ Aquarius) who was sextile Uranus (bypass rules) in the ingress chart. That makes a Yod, and Trump’s natal Mars at 26+ Leo opposite US Pallas (+ US Moon) makes it a Boomerang.

I put it to you all who read this that Trump (as well as McConnell and Kavanaugh) is an important cog in the vast machinery of this experiment in democracy called the USA, and it is up to all of us to finish the work our forefathers started in 1776.

We have limped along with our natal defects and now we have matured enough to start fixing them. It’s called evolution and we are not without help and resources. Astrology can help guide us and I believe there are unseen sources of support and technologies just waiting to be called upon to git-er-done.

Transiting Jupiter will leave Scorpio soon, move through Sagittarius (which it will relish) and finally catch up with Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn before you know it. It will be worth it when all is said and done; miracles are just waiting to happen.

Dear Professor Marc,

It is my understanding that Venus will turn RX Sat., Oct. 6th 2018. We have not yet reached that point.
She sits now at 10 Scorpio 50.

Without analysis until I do my “homework,” Venus now at 10 Scorpio was/is squaring Trump’s natal Pluto which sits at 10 Leo 03 in his natal 12 House.


Transiting Mars now at 8 Aquarius 13 will be opposing Trump’s Pluto, and squaring Venus which is now at 10 Scorpio 50 about to go Rx.

So we have a T- Square involving Trump’s natal Pluto in his 12th house of Karma (and other things) opposing Transiting Mars in Trump’s natal 6th (health?, daily routine? workers he employs?, etc.) both of which will be squaring Transiting Venus: houses 12, 6 and 3 in Trump’s chart.

Venus, Mars, Pluto are often, but not always, very sexual and if one reads Liz Green on Pluto, quite heartbreaking when in difficult aspect…passionate heartbreak. Promises broken concerning money, war and human heart ache. The key ingredient is power and the resulting betrayal of trust due power grabs. In fixed signs like Scorpio, Aquarius and Leo healing is not likely to happen quickly, if at all.

Further Venus doesn’t operate well in Scorpio…she gets what she wants and needs through subterfuge and triangulation both psychological and sexual. Divide and conquer tactics. One of Trump’s favorite games.

These days I’d pretty much say the combination of these planets now at play pretty much sum up the state of affairs.

I think I’ll take a look at Sen. Collins’ chart to see what this brings up.

Eliseo, I am with you. There are days that I am hopeful that the system prevails and the good people will win and there are days that I am becoming very worried that the rule of law (as flawed as it is) will not prevail and trump and his corrupt fascists will destroy our democracy.

barbk, as the saying goes, from your lips to God’s ears.

If he is impeached, a 2/3 of the US Senate has to convict. Even were Dems to take the senate by a small majority, it is not likely 2/3 would convict.

Teresa Hill,
“I don’t think there’s any precedence for this, but I honestly wonder if the Supreme Court justices might refuse to seat him.”

I’ve wondered that as well. It would be in the interest of the court to reject him. If Kavanaugh is confirmed he will be a target, possibly by certain law enforcement agencies, and in worse case scenario some fool might attempt to take him out. If bullets fly, the other justices might get hit as well. Rejection might not only preserve their status, but might preserve their lives.

But are the more conservative justices wise enough to take the unprecedented step of rejection?

“In the middle of the journey of our life I found myself within a dark woods where the straight way was lost.” – Dante

Today seems extremely dark.

Eliseo – Thanks for your enlightening analyses, and for the AlterNet link. I found the article to be troubling, though, as it revealed how easily people can be conned into acting against their own interests, due to their need to inflict pain on those they view as enemies.

I’m now wondering if only a serious, financial downturn can – ironically – ‘save’ the Republic?

Dr. Marc,
You are correct! My apologies. Venus went Rx at 3:05 pm today, Oct 5th, 2018

I’m just wondering, as is Prof. Bertonesco, what might happen when venus goes direct later on in Nov., in terms of Brett Kavanaugh’s likely appointment tomorrow, especially since it is retrograding in square to his own venus in Aquarius.

Lamis, great observation – thanks!

silcominc, very kind but I’d swear it was the other way round; God’s lips, my ears!

. . and about that Yod-turned-Boomerang, where Venus was at the apex with the same chart’s Uranus sextile the US natal Pallas (+ US Moon), which was opposed by Trump’s Mars . .

I was incorrect in saying the addition of Trump’s Mars (in Leo) would make that Yod into a Boomerang.

The Jupiter-Ingress-Scorpio chart’s Uranus (rebellion) sextiles the US natal chart’s Pallas (strategy) implying a “strategy of rebellion” will pressure the Jupiter Ingress chart’s Venus (values) in Virgo to adjust, but the Boomerang planet would have to oppose the Ingress chart’s Venus, not the US Pallas as I wrote.

However there IS the Ingress chart’s Chiron (25+ Pisces) that opposes that chart’s Venus (25+ Virgo) so it is Chiron that performs the role of Boomerang planet.

Stories about Stormy Daniels and Andrew McCabe were in the news on March 17, 2018, when the New Moon was at 26+ Pisces (which was conjunct Chiron 28+ Pisces). This might be the kind of adjustments to values indicated by the Jupiter in Scorpio period.

Dean W.
“I’m now wondering if only a serious, financial downturn can – ironically – ‘save’ the Republic?”

That might or might not do it. We were lucky in 1932. We got FDR. The Germans in much worse shape economically got A. Hitler.

I think it more likely that climate change catastrophe might do the job. Based on my several decades (starting in the late 1960’s) of reading climate science journals + my intuition, I anticipate very sudden and serious sea level rise between now and 2030. Millions will lose their cities, homes, etc. The survivors will of course be forced inland and hopefully inward.

Many Fundamentalists and Evangelicals believe that G-d promised in the book of Genesis he would never again harm humanity by flood. They will feel betrayed by G-d. Having lost their moorings, they may do a rethink.

Maybe I missed it… I’ve just finished reading Nancy’s latest essay and all the comments in one sitting… but my “gut reaction” to the meaning of Venus going retrograde is Kav being confirmed and women being forcefully shoved into the background. IOW, not only all the gains we’ve made since the 1960’s being lost judicially, but the actual jailing and ostracizing of any and all women who dare to open their mouths or show protest (as well as to the men who support them).

I’m beyond incensed. At great cost I fought for these rights in the my teens and beyond. Never did I think I’d have to be fighting for control of my own body as well as all my sisters’ at 62!

Just remember… Sharia in America is called Dominionism, and it is alive, well, and in power in this Administration. It will now be totally represented on the SC.


I looked up the oath the justices take. In addition to the one the president takes that says to uphold the Constitution of the United States, They also take a second judicial oath:

“I, _________, do solemnly swear or affirm that I will administer justice without respect to persons, and do equal right to the poor and to the rich, and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent upon me as _________, according to the best of my abilities and understanding, agreeably to the constitution and laws of the United States. So help me God.”

I think between their duty to the constitution and the oath Kavanaugh has to swear to impartial, I think there’s room for the court to refuse to seat him.

The Chief Justice is the one who swears him in. Maybe he’ll just refuse.

If anyone today fits the bill as the “antichrist” my vote would be laid at the doorstep of Pat Robertson. He set many things in motion for the gop political abomination that we see today.

Have any of you esteemed astrologers looked at his chart recently? 3/22/30

Eliseo, back on Oct 1, you wrote:

“What I find so bizarre emotionally is that the R’s are not only blind to the rightful sensibilities of women, but are also blind to their own slow suicide in process.”

R’s are not blind… unless you count it as “willfully blind.” The words are they do not care. Nor do they believe the American people are their bosses. You can’t see all the thousands protesting against you and all the people of power and reputation advising against you, and believe you are truly working as servants of “the People.”

They’ve had an agenda of one-power rule since the days before Reagan; truly, it at least was since the days of the passing of Medicare and Social Security. What we have now, IMO, is the first real administration of the coup against the people and rightful Constitution of the United States of America.

I don’t see how we get out of this without either a war, or the splitting of American into two or more countries. The values of Fascism and Democracy are too far apart. The values of Dominionism and the many and varied religious, spiritual, and secular paths in this country are now deeply ingrained and diametrically opposed.

There is no “Meeting in the Middle” of any of these… even if there were those who still believed in the power (or even the word) of “Compromise.” It’s a time of “All or Nothing” and I fear the Democrats are too nice for their own good. They don’t know HOW to fight for their country; they’re too wrapped up in the way things “used to be” to see the way things are right in front of their eyes.

Many of us are tired of making nice. You cannot deal rationally with the irrational. At this point, that’s true on both side of the political equation… and I’m damned tired of being the rational one while the irrational steal everything not nailed down in plain sight, and set this world on the path of annihilation.

Things may begin to change in 2020, but what guarantee is there that there will be anything TO change by that time?

As you can tell from previous messages, the Kav situation has struck me hard. I’m a sister who has been groped or (literally) chased around the table (by a Saudi general), several times in her life. I’ve also been raped once, then kidnapped and nearly killed by the same man a few weeks later, despite sleeping with a baseball bat under my bed.

To say I’ve been triggered has been an understatement. And I just see nothing good coming from this betrayal of our government.

It’s also set off a couple of massive lupus flares… including the one I’m in currently… just at the time I’m trying to cope with care-giving a mother becoming increasingly senile and very nasty at times.

I’m seriously wondering if I’m even going to be alive by the time the age of Aquarius dawns, tho I’ve looked forward to it all my life since my teens.

And now that I retired 2 weeks ago (because I could not get approval to telecommute 3 days a week on a job where ALL my work was done on WiFi!), I’m seriously scared I’ll not even have the Social Security available to me in which I’ve paid all my working life.

And, to top it all off, I’m no longer Xtian. Dominionists see me as a devil worshipper because I’m a Witch – who gives money, time, and care to those who need it… including caring for feral colonies of cats, rescuing those I can, and supporting the local wildlife displaced by so many of us 2-legged’s. I just wonder if there are many other ways in which to be on the outside of this new world order of tyranny?

And just one issue I’ve been holding inside for so long… and then I’ll go away and lurk when I can for a while longer.

I’m all for single-payer healthcare — Medicare for All. It only makes sense to me. But has anyone considered WHAT that single-payer could look like under Republican rule? How many of us would be “disqualified” for care for any and all reasons, health-related or not?

I weep for my country as I rail against the injustice that rules right now. As I fight incivility by seeking out ways to not only be civil but actively point out incivility by those who practice it, I still fear for those of us on the “wrong side of the governmental and theocratic tracks”… and fear to hope in the ballot box when stealing, deception, lies, and financing of the ballot by foreign enemy countries are the rule, rather than the exception.

I’m also irate that the time in my life I’ve looked forward to since I started working at age 8 is going to be filled with fighting, rather than the peace, learning, and experiencing Nature that I had worked towards. I know, Life ain’t fair. But that doesn’t lessen the disappointment or tears.

Henri @9:07: When I lived on the Lido di Venezia, I bought a t-shirt at my Wednesday farmer’s market that had the words (in shocking pink and in a hand-written scrawl):” Nel meta’ di nostro camino” … with a shiny day-glow type stripe through it. I thought of it as a celebration of middle age, which I was approaching at the time.
But every time I wore it, people would recoil in horror, which I couldn’t understand.
A few years later I was cooking pasta for my friend and her husband, who I was just meeting. She was a glass designer and her husband was a Dante scholar. They came to my house and he read my shirt out loud — and kept going for about a page (by memory) in really old Italian. I looked at him quizzically and he said, “You don’t know what that is?” I said no. He laughed and said it was the opening to the Divine Comedy. I said, “Ahhh, that would explain what happens when I wear it.”
Yeah, I think we’re in Divine Comedy territory now.Apparently the seventh circle is for traitors.

I lied.. one last thing… and it’s “News.”

The Orange Menace is coming to Kansas this weekend and guess what awaits protesters?

They’ve put up cattle fences where the protesters will be kettled (ala Bush the younger). In addition, these cages will be close to the incoming traffic. We’re gonna be darned lucky if some Deplorable doesn’t decide to try to take out the whole group with his confederate-flag covered pickup. And with this state government in rule at the moment – it would probably somehow be blamed on us. They’d probably give the driver a medal.

Teresa Hill,
That would be excellent! But I doubt the chief justice will do that. We’ll see.

A growing number of attorneys and judges want Kav disbarred. The ABA has decided to do a review on him. I don’t know if a disbarred person can serve on the SC.

I’m with you on everything you’ve posted. I agree with you, and I’m pretty incensed as well. I too have been abused by guys very similar to Kavanaugh, severely beaten particularly in the days when as an adolescent I worked in the civil rights movement. I have been shot at by the KKK, and stalked by killers. I’ve worked all my life for a more humanistic society, and I’m seeing the R’s destroy so much of what I value.

The blindness of the R’s you mentioned is of course intentional. It’s easy to forget that. Is there any greater “sin” than willful and purposeful ignorance.

Dominionism: I’ve studied and written about the religious right beginning in the late 1960’s. I did the research for a history professor who has written 4 books on the subject. I’ve posted about Dominionism several times on this blog through the last several years.

Retiring is out of the question for me, financially and morally. No choice really. My mother whom I cared for when ill, died and left me pretty overwhelmed with dealing with her estate. I haven’t seen my wife in four years. I hate the area where I’m at presently and dearly want to go home. My wife begs me to, but I don’t have the money to go home and have to finish up with the estate here in Texas and Louisiana before I can afford the trip back to WA state.

Another reason I can’t retire: I’m in this fight on your side for the rest of my life. And yes, I believe there will be serious violence, perhaps civil war. I don’t want to see the nation split up, and believe we should fight if necessary to preserve it and preserve democracy. This has been a sad and horrible day. I pray your lupus attacks lessen to nothing and you feel better physically and emotionally. We all need to be strong to get through these next few years. When you post here, you are among friends.

Shyra, I like you! Thank you for your personal sharing and political comments. You have been painful experiences and are dealing with challenges right now. You strike me as someone who has an amazing spirit and ability to fight back. (It reminds me of the woman who was co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize earlier today – she had been a sex slave earlier in life.) I’m a little worried about your social security comment. You can retire at 62 and take limited benefits, but you can also continue working or go back to work at any time, and they add that to whatever you’ve already accrued. I think that’s the way it works. I’m wishing you success in these endeavors, good health, strength, good energy, blessings and light.

I agree that the Democrats are not the strategians the Republicans are. However, it helps to hold all 3 houses. It’s hard to lose yet they have many times in the past two years. If Kavanaugh’s confirmation (and I’m still hoping it fails) doesn’t light a fire under the Democrats, Progressives, women, minority and young people in this country to work for change. I don’t know what will.

American Bar Association reconsiders supporting Kavanaugh due to ‘temperament’
Published 12 midnight. Oct. 6th:

“Amazing. WH limited background check into Kavanaugh because it knew a real investigation could doom nomination, NYT reports.

(Never mind spin designed to distance Trump from this)

Remember, @JeffFlake and @SenatorCollins played key role in this charade.”


New evidence of a Kavanaugh cover up!

NBC News exclusive reveals texts showing an effort to undermine an accuser: “Don’t f—— tell [people] Brett got in touch with me!!!”


“being in touch with deep emotions in healthy ways is key right now. healthy expressions of anger and rage can be liberating and freeing.”


Eliseo – I see what you’re saying; so, maybe it will take a few powerful, climatic events to turn-the-tide.

Also, a heavy-duty Trump supporter I know seems quite satisfied right now. Though, I can’t wrap my mind around the cognitive dissonance needed to appreciate my friend’s pleasure at the Kavanaugh win.

Angellight – Thanks for the info on the unfolding Kavanaugh cover-up.

In addition, I follow a lot of world news, and it seems to me that much of humanity is in an uproar right now – I’m starting to think that something is unhinging the minds of humans, planet-wide!

“I’m starting to think that something is unhinging the minds of humans, planet-wide!”

Dean, I think that’s true. We’re seeing it in Europe, in the Middle East, in Brazil, in Canada–all over the Americas, really. Pluto in Capricorn– that much is a worldwide phenomenon.

Eliseo, I have a question for you: if circumstances are forcing you to live in Texas, can you register to vote there? Or do you have to vote in Washington state?

Here in LA, we have til Oct. 9 to register in person. I think that’s the case in TX as well. I think Beto is a special guy. If you have the chance to vote for him, I’d say go for it.

Dean W.
I follow a lot of world news as well, in English of course but also in German & Greek, albeit somewhat more slowly.

I agree with you. The world seems pretty crazy right now. The activities of the various “bad boys” Pakistan, Iran, Russia, N. Korea, China, and more are an expected given, but I also don’t like what I see in Europe. IMHO, Angela Merkel is nuts! The Germans in the long run are undermining their ability to control greenhouse emissions and meet the Paris goals.

Any chance these moral midgets might reconsider their Kavanaugh vote today given the news out today that the White Houe knew that if it did a real investigation, their slimeball would never be confirmed? It is amazing to read this.

Wow, i had a lot of catching up to do with the comments, I don’t even know where to begin. I feel quite despondent, Eliseo what you had to say is chilling and does make a lot of sense, Shyra I am sorry what you have had to live through.

Normally, i can’t stand and refuse to actually listen to Trump, i rather read it if i must , however i listened to him mocking Ford. I cannot express the rage and disgust i felt, and then to hear the crowd laughing and cheering, the very things she said was indelible on the hippocampus. And he absolutely lied too, talking about how all she knew was she had one beer.. what have we become when the POTUS can talk like this. It’s like he’s doing stand up comedy or something, the tone of his voice, it’s all show. It’s so wrong at every level, in a way it’s like her coming forward just brought it more to the forefront of how women are not believed, now even Chuck Grassley believes that the protestors are paid by SOros. Their defense now is there is no corroboration, did they really expect they would be? The yearbook lies, the sham FBI investigation, it’s like they have all the power and don’t give a hoot!

I believe that women are enraged and will turn out to vote, but listening to the news last night and from Twitter, everyone’s talking about what a great week this is for Trump, what a political victory this all is for the Republicans, how it will help them in the midterms. I hope that’s not the case, i also worry about rigging, the Chinese meddling thing they’re pushing, all of that. And because of Kavanaugh, The NY Times story on conmen Fred and Donald drumph is not getting nearly the attention it deserves.

Just like Eliseo said, i waver fifty fifty, sometimes being able to see it’s all part of a bigger pic, that things will change and then at other times feeling exactly his sentiments he expressed on the negative side. Sigh, all of this , combined with some huge business and financial worries have me feeling very overwhelmed.

And the psychics, i don’t know what to say about them, Linda G is amusing however i just feel so much is they interpreting things how theyWANT it to turn out, she even gave the example of the fact she kept getting cards to say trump was going to win back in 2016 and kept doing them over and over until she got what she wanted to hear.

It’s fun and can lift your spirits to watch people like Linda G, but I treat it like entertainment and take these predictions with a grain of salt to be honest.

Growing up here in SE Texas I was profoundly uncomfortable with the physical climate, the food, the culture and what Forbes magazine refers to as some of the dumbest, most obtuse people in the USA. Today I like the area even less.

My adopted home is the Pacific Northwest. My wife and I came down here to take care of my ailing mother. While here I took a teaching position at a university and finished some grad work, but my wife could not find a good job here and had to return to WA when HER mother became extremely ill. Meanwhile, my mother died. My wife continues to care for her mother in WA state. She’s stuck there. I’m stuck here.

I’m stuck with the disposition of my mother’s estate, living in her crammed to the gills full house of junk. Although the neighborhood is dangerous, I don’t worry about night time burglars as I’m sure they would trip, fall, and break their neck trying to navigate through my mother’s mess in the dark. I’d be calling 911 for an ambulance and a local Texas pal of mine who is an attorney and ex-FBI agent just in case the burglar sued me.

I’m not teaching now, (therefore having to live only on social security) as I can’t deal with my mother’s house and teach at the same time. Taking care of this broken down house, getting it suitable for sale, and shepherding a real estate deal in Louisiana with a small town slow-poke Louisiana Cajun lawyer is quite enough without having to consistently grade papers until 2AM several nights a week.

Meanwhile, my Texas ACLU attorney/FBI pal and I together regularly attend local progressive dem meetings. I’m definitely registered here and despite my latter day misgivings re: the Dem party, I will vote a straight Dem ticket because the R’s have gone hog wild nuts, their dirty tricks dept. has completely infiltrated them, and under Trump they are morphing into an out and out organized criminal fascist organization.

I hope to get home by Christmas, maybe after Pluto goes into my 8th house, November 19th I think. But currently I don’t have enough money to return home, (or pay bills and buy groceries) and I’m having to clear my mother’s house and shepherd that land deal with no help from my brother. Moving about heavy oak furniture and boxes of books is work for a younger man, and I’m somewhat past that.

The Republicans won’t budge. They play to win at any cost. Collins’ big song and dance for nothing should have made that painfully obvious to everyone yesterday.

What we need is an organized opposition that recognizes this and consistently plays hardball to win against them. One that embraces its own Pluto, but in the higher sense. Force the GOP to play to a higher game, instead of always playing into their game the way hapless Dems always seem to, down to the lowest common denominator they way the Republicans prefer it.

In the higer game, Mitch McConnell should be made to pay a very high price for what he has done, and even see his efforts completely reversed, his work, career and legacy destroyed. He’d be finished, disbarred, imprisoned like a common criminal, and held up as a textbook example of someone whose despicable actions will never be tolerated in this country. Slam him hard to the pavement with the very same laws and principles he has worked so feverishly to undermine.

I’m not convinced that he will ever get his comeuppance though, not as long as the current Democratic party leadership is calling the shots. Even now, they are still playing too nice with these guys. They don’t understand the stakes. The Republicans, unfortunately, do.

Sharon K:
That IS a clever solution. You could also fax any senators (from outside their district), right from your computer.


Quote from post:
“… but listening to the news last night and from Twitter, everyone’s talking about what a great week this is for Trump, what a political victory this all is for the Republicans, how it will help them in the midterms. I hope that’s not the case,”

It’s not the case. Please don’t allow yourself to be gaslighted.

MOST of those on Twitter pushing such talking points are bots, trolls, and/or Russian disinformation agents. You know they (Russians) never left, right? Russians have been pushing Kavanaugh, knowing this will continue to divide.

As for the media, DC media and their pundits have bent over backwards to push arguments beneficial to the right, since the inception of Fox News and the end of the fairness doctrine; all to escape any suspicion of being called the “liberal media.”

Be encouraged by all the protestors (on tv), present at the capitol this week–Thousands of people. They looked pretty pissed off, and fired up to me. The “right wing” presence paled by comparison.

To me, it seems like their win, is also their loss–given all the fired up democrats out there. They want you (all of us) to get discouraged and stop fighting. Tune out the noise, focus on what YOU see and hear, and don’t give them what they want.

Check out the New York Times today..(it’s free to read)
And especially the Comments, some are so excellent….they will take your breath away:
(If this injustice doesn’t inspire us…nothing will)

Thank you, Patty, I find the comments in the nyt’s always so stabilizing when my outrage hits the roof.

Where are pundits getting the lame “Susan Collins was so well-reasoned,” talking point?

Rape culture, sexism, assault apology are suddenly reasonable and admirable? Wake-up media pundits.

GW Bush called Collins several times this past week, to encourage her support for Kavanaugh. Apparently, it worked. In addition, Collins added the PR Visuals behind her, of seated GOP women, as if to say, “see!? Women support Kavanaugh.”

The whole thing was a farce. Just like that sham FBI investigation.

Tweet from some named Top Rope Travis –

“As a military veteran, let me tell you how the American flag is disrespected:

??Confirming an attempted rapist to the Supreme Court
??Kidnapping children & placing them in cages
??Making deals with Russia to steal an election
??Taking healthcare away from children & seniors”

Agreed with ALL you stated.

“Even now, they are still playing too nice with these guys. They don’t understand the stakes. The Republicans, unfortunately, do.”

You’ve stated clearly why in part I’m disenchanted with Dems. Dems are playing the gentlemanly game of democracy. R’s are playing the bullying game of fascism.

The Vietnam era has skewed us too far, and although inspired by many of the loftier ideals of the counterculture, we’ve also been infected with some of its darker, more unrealistic and impractical attitudes. Dems are much too much in love with peace at any price which leads to embracing a number of false narratives. Present day Dems are as naïve as Neville Chamberlain. I’m afraid too many of us would have capitulated to Mr. Hitler.

Furthermore, in concert with those aforementioned false narratives, too many of us have our heads buried in the sands of our own ideology. Yes it is true, the R’s are 20 times worse, believing a number of truly crazy things, but increasingly, we Dems ignore evidence in favor of our ideological idolatry, usually developed out of some of the emotional extremes of the 1960’s.

I could go on and on as to the errors we’ve been making in logic, strategy, and presentation. IMO we only partly understand ourselves and severely misunderstand our adversaries.

The question marks were not in the tweet – it’s just the way the bullets were translated in the copying.

Eliseo posted an excellent and chilling article upthread about the closed system we know as white, Christian fundamentalism. I read it and it reinforced something that frightens me to no end but, as the article expresses, cannot be influenced from outside. It can only change from within. I’m copying the link here again in case you missed it, along with what I wrote when I emailed it out. I’m considering posting it on FB. The thesis is that the problem the Democrats have with losing is not that they don’t understand hardworking, middle-class white Christian voters, but that these voters are not open to any change or progress (science, people of other groups) whatsoever, and they do not understand this about themselves. This has all been addressed before in many ways, but not as well as the blogger known as Forsetti’s Justice does, in my opinion. This is what I wrote in my email:

For those of us immersed in our phones, our laptops & our TV screens, this is the situation (as described in the article below) that we are ignoring and, instead, watching Game of Thrones, FOX News, CNN, football, or participating in any of the myriad of entertainment outlets available to us in today’s world.

After reading this article (linked below), I understand what’s going on in our country more clearly than ever, and it’s chilling.

White, Christian, rural Americans is only one major group that Trump and the Conservative Republicans are exploiting (Israel-supporting Jews, those that fear terrorists, and the wealthy are others). For the first time, I see us creeping towards a fascist and authoritarian system of government and feel that we may wake up one day and find ourselves there, in a place where protesting (free speech) is outlawed and those with power control everything – no longer “we the people”, who are gradually ceding control to them.

One of the weapons being used is religion, the tenets of which, when fully accepted as part of a closed cultural system, are difficult to dispute. Mutual acceptance of a belief system is the key to group acceptance, something that everyone yearns for; however, if it is a closed system like fundamentalist religion, it also leaves one completely closed off to any counter-information, -arguments or progress whatsoever.

The author’s main point is that it is not the fact that the Democrats are ignoring the hard-working, white middle-class of America that causes them to lose elections (even if there is truth to that), but that a large sector of America has a rigid, fundamentalist belief system that cannot be reasoned with, or changed, and they are voting for those who support and exploit that belief system, who are on a path to winning at any cost.

“An Insider’s View: The Dark Rigidity of Fundamentalist Rural America”


Here’s some information about the author, who publishes his thoughts online in a blog called “Forsetti’s Justice, Forseti being the Norse God of Justice. He has a master’s degree in Philosophy.


Eliseo, Buckeye Shadow – You are 100% right. Our spirituality and fairness, ethical approach, niceness does not work in our favor. However, there is power in numbers. I have to say that Forsetti’s Justice article not only describes this but explains so clearly how the Democrats approach to governance is far superior to the Republican’s, for preservation of democracy and equity in this country for all, but it is not getting their attention. The Republicans are anti-government yet most of them, except for the wealthy, are depending on it daily and are biting the hand that feeds them.

You are right.

“It’s not the case. Please don’t allow yourself to be gaslighted.”

Yes. In the long run confirming Kavanaugh hurts R. efforts, motivates a larger blue turnout in the midterms, and turns their party and Kavanaugh personally into a target.

I’m only partly encouraged by the large protests. If I’m correctly reading their attitudes and level of consciousness, I don’t believe those Old White R. men in charge of their party really care how many unarmed protesters show up. They regard us as merely a harmless nuisance, and will if they feel necessary use whatever violent means they choose in efforts to control us.

There is something going on in tRump’s camp that is being kept quiet.

I see it in my charts but it is not in the media. The aspects could be reflecting reversals against him in the legal arena that we are not privy to or his health – another area that can be covered up. They could pertain to any number of negatives that are being kept hidden.

For us right now we are experiencing transiting Saturn tracking Sibly Moon within 1° through Oct 13th. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. Believe me, in the end of this we win.

Steps are taken in November after the election even though the next Congress does not get sworn in until January. They are getting their ducks in a row.

Bob one thing that is being covered up right now that they would know about is that the DC circuit has referred several instances of Judicial misconduct regarding BK and Roberts is sitting on them right now.

Apparently these acts of misconduct have to something to do with his behavior during this confirmation hearing.

BK suggested Roberts to GWB for Scotus. BK also sends clerks to Roberts.

This has just come out within the last hour or two

Bill Maher: “Liberals Must Stop Chasing Conservatives Out Of Restaurants!” Maher is off-color, but he reminds me of my Mayor Grandfather who always said…
Get active! It’s up to us to Vote and save this county!

Bob, I hope what they are getting their ducks in a row for doesn’t involved firing Rosenstein & neutering Mueller’s case.

It may just boil down to fighting fire with fire (and I think the Democrats tried- there just wasn’t enough evidence lined up in this situation). Being kind, moral, respectful, honorable, when the other side just takes, may not work.

Sharon, it is the Dems who are making moves in November. I think they will take the House and begin going after the Rethugs as soon as they finish saying “I do” in January. This administration gets slammed against the wall by the end of 2019 and they are out in January of 2020.

Thanks, Bob….now all we have to do is contend with the fascio-religious, anti-education, anti-science, anti-independent thinking elements of our country that are bent on destroying our democracy.

For Chief Justice John Roberts Saturn square natal Mars November 28th in RA, December 10th in longitude. Square progressed Sun in RA on the night of December 14th. Square progressed Sun in longitude on December 29th.

“The midterm elections are only a month away, and the Democrats have a strong chance of winning control of the House of Representatives. Some liberals will canvass for candidates; many more will donate money. During the coming year, some will plan their own campaigns for public office. Moments after Collins’s speech ended, a Web site raising funds to challenge her in 2020 received so much traffic that it crashed, while collecting more than two million dollars in donations.”


I think transiting Jupiter is trying to tell us something; famous for symbolizing good fortune and good luck I’ve been looking at 3 charts in November that might describe such a Jupiterian event. Nov. 6th midterm election, Nov 7th Scorpio New Moon, Nov. 8th Jupiter quincunx (adjust) Uranus.

In a chart set at 8:10 AM (DC time) on election day Jupiter is just a few arc minutes from the ascendant. The Moon at 0+ Scorpio opposes Uranus at 0+ Taurus retrograde and both square the Moon’s Nodes (north at 0+ Leo, south at 0+ Aquarius) making a bull-headed fixed grand cross. How will this ever be resolved?

Well, just a few hours later Uranus retro’s back into Aries (29 degrees) and the Nodes (almost always moving reverse from the forward motion of the planets) move into Cancer (North) and Capricorn (South), and the Moon is long gone.

Jupiter at 29+ Scorpio forms a tight trine to the North Node, now at 29+ Cancer (path forward) and a sextile to the South Node at 29+ Capricorn (old behaviors that should be released).

This is part of Jupiter’s last grandstand display before he moves into 0+ Sagittarius, the sign he alone rules. Before looking at the charts for the next 2 days, it might be helpful to look at the chart for when Jupiter met Uranus at 0+ Aries (the famous Aries Point, the personal is political).

Jupiter and Uranus were in a grand cross with Juno, Saturn and Ceres each in the final degrees of Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius. Since both Jupiter and Uranus had recently left Pisces to arrive at 0+ Aries this was a departing grand cross, but still in effect.

Juno symbolizes a less than equal partner (among other things), Saturn symbolizes binding situations (among other things) and Ceres symbolizes distraught mothers (among other things). These were the challenges the cycle between Jupiter and Uranus would be facing in the coming years, among other things.

There was also a trine between Mercury at 27+ Taurus (where trans. Sedna is now) and Saturn at 27+ Virgo, when Jupiter met Uranus in 2010. Mercury and Saturn formed a grand trine (excessive flow of unstoppable energy) with the US natal Pluto (absolute power) at 27+ Capricorn.

This would bear out the present deluge of conversation and coverage (Mercury) regarding regulations and traditions (Saturn) that too often are abusive to minorities and those with less than equal power (US Pluto).

The 2nd chart to look at regarding Jupiter’s last hurrah (before leaving Scorpio) is the Scorpio New Moon (15+ Scorpio) that trines Neptune (13+ Pisces) which trines the US natal Sun (13+ Cancer).

In this New Moon chart Jupiter (29+ Scorpio) opposes Juno at 27+ Taurus (+ transiting Sedna at 27+ Taurus) as well as Mercury in the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction chart at 27+ Taurus. This is important because on the day after this New Moon, Jupiter and Uranus exact a quincunx (adjustment required) in their cycle.

Jupiter will also trine Chiron (healing) in Pisces and the North Node (path forward) in Cancer in this New Moon on Nov.7th.

The 2 grand trines described involving the Scorpio New Moon will be overwhelming for many in that the grand cross on Election Day has now morphed into being between Uranus (abrupt change) in Aries, and Ceres + Venus (both symbolize women) in Libra, and the North and South Nodes in Cancer and Capricorn, AND they are in cardinal signs which means action is imminent.

The Full Moon also activates the grand trine in the Jupiter-Uranus chart between Mercury, Saturn and US Pluto. That’s because trans. Juno and Sedna will be in the same degree where Mercury was in that 2010 chart, and trans. Jupiter will oppose them!

Juno and Sedna will intensify the dynamic grand trine of the 2010 Jupiter-Uranus cycle chart; they will be the focal point of that activated 2010 grand trine because now trans. Jupiter opposes them, thus assigning the trans. Juno and Sedna (abused women) as the focus of all that excessive flow of unstoppable energy!

The last chart is the exact quincunx between Jupiter and Uranus, and the adjustment it demands. Uranus will be retrograde, retreating further back into Aries, while Jupiter is 4 arc minutes from entering the sign he rules, Sagittarius. He leaves Uranus to deal with the T-square with the North and South Nodes, as the South Node heads into a conjunction with the US natal Pluto (27+ Capricorn).

In this chart Mercury (as it was in the Scorpio New Moon chart 14 hours earlier) will be at 8+ Sagittarius and opposite the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini (which is also the start degree of the remarkable Neptune-Pluto cycle).

And because US natal Ceres at 8+ Pisces squares US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini, this one little planet – transiting Mercury at 8+ Sagittarius – will be heard ’round the world, thanks to transiting Jupiter’s entry into Sagittarius that same day about 7:30 AM (DC time).

Mercury will conjunct Jupiter to start their brand new cycle on October 31.

What do the midterms look like in 2022? If the aquarian reforms really get going in 2023 when Pluto moves into Aquarius, logically I would expect the R’s to falter dramatically, and the
Dems (or another progressive party) to get the reforms and amendments we need passed beginning in that January.

Until then with Pluto in Capricorn, at best I would expect Dems & R’s to alternately take back power from the other every two years. Each party would overreach and be pulled back every other election until we got a 1932 style landslide.

Do you think my surmisal probable?

I agree. I try to hold good thoughts, and Sen protection to the protesters, ever since Charlottesville.

McConnell and company are trying to spin the democratic protesters, into “we’re so grateful to them, for firing up our base.” Um…ok, dude…whatever you say.

I guess after all the bad press about crazy, conspiracy spinning, super partisan, gambling, lying, raping, Blackout Brett…they’re eager to change the subject.

Hey Bob,
Funny you should bring up Roberts. With each new allegation against Blackout Brett, Roberts popped in my head; and I was certain he wouldn’t be pleased having Mr. “Clinton Conspiracy,” seated on his court.

Weird he’d pop in my head. Last thing I’d ever WANT to do is think about is Roberts…..really dislike him.

But anyway, I guess I was wrong given today’s reporting that Roberts’ has been sitting on the complaints against Kavanaugh.

Linda G. Comanche has a wonderful YouTube up today!

Eliseo, I will take a break to rest up before looking at 2022.

The Inaugural 2019 return (precession corrected) has the exact opposition of the Sun and Moon (Total Lunar Eclipse) on the MC-IC axis. The chart’s nadir (an exact 90°in space square – a real square) is at 293°25′. Return Pluto (293°01′) and Sun/Saturn midpoint at 293°59′ are on it. The Nadir, Pluto, and midpoint are exact squares to the return’s Asc-Desc axis.

Return Mars is square return Saturn in longitude (dirty laundry revealed).

Return Saturn at 284°53′ is opposite Sibly Sun (104°29′) and square Sibly Saturn (194°36′).

As posted before transit Saturn will conjunct inaugural Pluto 3 times in 2019. February 27 2019, July 4 2019, and November 27 2019 in longitude. February 26, July 5, and November 25, in RA. It will also square Sibly Saturn 3 times in 2019 (Right wing favorable’s?).

Transit Saturn will be on 2019 inaugural RETURN Pluto December 31, 2019; the RETURN Nadir on January 3, 2020 (for a new Congress); and the RETURNs Sun/Saturn midpoint January 7, 2020 (just in time for the 3 piper’s transit in opposition to tRump’s natal Saturn on January 13, 2020).

After viewing Linda G’s reading, I also watched Lena Rodriguez’s current one, and found them both healing. Linda G never said he would not be confirmed. She said should he be confirmed, he’d be taken off the SC and she still feels that. She also feels that the justices, Roberts included, do not have good feelings towards him.


Sharon I watched her too and I felt the same way.
Linda G is a real person, someone who I feel is genuinely kind. I also think she is right.

I like Linda G, she is professorial and explains the cards well

Like I said, nothing wrong with wanting to hope.

For me this is like a grief process, up sometimes and down sometimes. Liberal tears and all…

Angry, just very, very, deeply angry.

I am angry too.

My feelings are similar to those who have posted today. I feel similar to Nov. 8th 2016 (but not quite the depth of sadness). Like Eliseo and Oxthecat, I am deeply, deeply angry and sad.

Our only course of action is to vote, vote like our lives depend on it.

For those of you who think Roberts is annoyed with Kavanaugh, think again. They are both members of The Federalist Society (incorporated in 1982 but cannot find a date). So too are three other members of the Supreme Court along with the Head of the FBI, hundreds of Federal Justices, most of the top echelon of both Justice and FBI. If we are a nation of laws, then the Federalist Society is currently running everything. It would be great if someone can find a date of incorporation and what their chart is like. I am sure its lighting up today as they are clinching total control of the SCOTUS.

Silcominc, I got the Roberts thing from Linda G. She said something along the lines of all the justices not respecting him because he was putting a stain on the SC. The Federalist affiliations sounds bad but, aside from that, any one can see that he is immature, lacks honesty, dignity and a sense of self, so imagine how the SC justices feel. The Repubs didn’t care – they just want someone conservative enough and put in before the midterms tie their hands. I imagine the justices know that.

I think it is possible that he will cause gridlock on the court because his religion will be his deciding factor and the other Republican judges may not feel the same way. He may not be the fit that they thought he would be.

Civil war.

Putting Kavanaugh on the SC is also a real disservice to the man. He’s now a target. So how do you “take out” someone with a lifetime appointment?

The American Bar Association and/or Connecticut or Maryland prosecutors may well be metaphorically “gunning” for him. I understand there is no statute of limitations in Maryland. I don’t know about Connecticut. There is also the issue of having lied under oath.

Worst case scenario is someone literally gunning for him. If assassinated I would expect the R’s to use it as propaganda about how evil non-conservatives are and I’m sure the Trump administration would come down hard and heavy on groups they don’t like. The persecution would be intense. Civil War could well likely follow.

The man is a potential flashpoint on so many levels. I pray the latter scenario does not happen.

I keep coming back to dominionists. I think the evangelicals who support Trump needed a payoff and BK might be the payoff.

Granted there are numerous Federalists on the court but are they all dominionists? Some federalists are libertarians and that does not jive with dominionisim.

BK’s wife said I know his heart. That is a very evangelical phrase.

Maybe someone on this board knows what I do not know.

Eliseo, I am going to forestall looking at 2022 indefinitely. It is more than 3 years off and will have the Pluto return involved with other aspects to blend in, and no distinctive point like tRump’s natal Saturn in January 2020 for transit Sun, Saturn, and Pluto.

From Atlanta Journal Constitution. For time I think 6:50 might be close. The Moon at 4:50 pm, EDT was at 12°57′ Virgo (165°33′); at 6:50 pm was at 14°11′ Virgo (166°43′).



“Update at 7 p.m. EDT Oct. 6: Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in as a Supreme Court justice Saturday night after the U.S. Senate narrowly confirmed him.

Update at 4:50 p.m. EDT Oct. 6: Kavanaugh will be sworn in later Saturday by Chief Justice John Roberts and retired Associate Justice Anthony M. Kennedy.

Update at 4 p.m. EDT Oct. 6: Kavanaugh’s nomination passes on a 50-48 vote.

Update at 3:49 p.m. EDT Oct. 6: Manchin is the first Democrat to vote “yes.” Murkowski withdraws her vote, mentioning Sen. Steve Daines who is attending his daughter’s wedding.

Update at 3:45 p.m. EDT Oct. 6: The clerk is calling the roll for votes.”

“Some federalists are libertarians and that does not jive with dominionisim.”

Correct. Federalists and/or Right Libertarians,
(the word Libertarian outside the USA refers to Left Libertarians) are conservative in their interpretation of the Constitution.

Dominionists want to replace the Constitution with “Biblical Law.” They are not compatible with Am. Libertarians and Federalists.

R.J. Rushdoony, (1916 – 2001) is the father of the movement. His most important book is “The Institutes of Biblical Law” in which

“he proposed that Old Testament law should be applied to modern society and that there should be a Christian theonomy, … In the Institutes, Rushdoony supported the reinstatement of the Mosaic law’s penal sanctions. Under such a system, the list of civil crimes which carried a death sentence would include homosexuality, adultery, incest, lying about one’s virginity, bestiality, witchcraft, idolatry or apostasy, public blasphemy, false prophesying, kidnapping, rape, and bearing false witness in a capital case.[27] Although he supported the separation of church and state at the national level, Rushdoony also believed that both institutions were under the rule of God,[28] and thus he conceived secularism as posing endless false dichotomies, which his massive work addresses in considerable detail. In short, he sought to cast a vision for the reconstruction of society based on Christian principles.[29] The book was critical of democracy. He wrote that “the heresy of democracy has since then worked havoc in church and state … Christianity and democracy are inevitably enemies” [8] because democracy asserts the will of man over the will of God.[30] ”

latter part from Wikipedia.

I don’t think our social/cultural/political problem is so much with Dominionists, as it is with Fundamentalists and Evangelicals. But IMHO in all 3 cases we see an absolutely evil, unhealthy god-concept the historical Jesus and the rabbis of the Talmud would have never approved. And on that rock of a god-concept are built these various denominations.

I’ve long believed such Calvinistic thought is a virulent poison within our culture. How to deal with these folks is a real conundrum.

From Atlanta Journal Constitution. For time I think 6:50 might be close. The Moon at 4:50 pm, EDT was at 12°57′ Virgo (165°33′); at 6:50 pm was at 14°11′ Virgo (166°43′).

The most likely change to kav-naught’s swearing in will be Saturn’s conjunction to it’s Pluto. The time of the swearing in by Roberts would not change the longitude or right ascension for Pluto so the dates for aspects to it are firm.

ksi – Natal Chart
Oct 6 2018, 6:50 pm, EDT +4:00
White House Dist of Columbia, 38°N53’50”, 077°W02’13”

Transit Saturn to swearing in (longitude)

Saturn conjunct Saturn/Pluto midpoint on December 28, 2019

Saturn Square Sun January 19, 2019

Saturn conjunct Pluto March 13, 2019
Saturn conjunct Pluto June 17, 2019
Saturn conjunct Pluto December 8 2019

In right ascension:

Saturn conjunct Saturn/Pluto midpoint on December 28

Saturn Square Sun January 2, 2019

Saturn conjunct Pluto March 14, 2019
Saturn conjunct Pluto June 17, 2019
Saturn conjunct Pluto December 8, 2019

From the day he took office, and even before, Donald Trump has been looking for a way to discourage, demean, and diminish the FBI. And he finally found it!

Eliseo that was very enlightening.

As mentioned in a previous entry, October 5th; the day of Judge Kavanaugh’s procedural vote nomination to the US Supreme Court; Venus stationed in square to Kavanaugh’s natal Venus and Senator Flakes Saturn (both at 9 Aquarius). I wrongly interpreted this to mean that Kavanaugh would not get the nomination. In any event, it’s worth noting Venus perfects in its square to Mars several days later on the 10th. It will form a t square to Trump’s natal Pluto (10 ’02 Leo). With that in mind, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is scheduled to testify before “a joint panel of the Republican-led Judiciary and Oversight committees” the following day Oct. 11th (see article below). This could be significant. Now that Kavanaugh is in and to all intents and purposes is doing Trump’s bidding, will Rosenstein’s potential self-damaging testimony serve as a pretext for the now newly emboldened Trump to fire Rosenstein and thereby derail the Russian investigation? We are only a little over two weeks away from a rather explosive October 24th Scorpio full moon to find out.

A number of astrologers have pointed to this full moon/ Uranus conjunction (0/ 1 Taurus) in grand cross square to the nodes (1 Aquarius-Leo) as a possible major turning point. Something very dramatic and unexpected could occur. If one gives credence to midpoints, Rosenstein’s Uranus/Pluto conjunction (14/16 Virgo) is right at the epicentre of this grand cross square. If Rosenstein is terminated at this juncture, it would stand to reason Mueller wouldn;t hesitate and would pull out all the stops with a massive series of indictments and arrests. Mueller’s natal Mars/Chiron conjunction (16 Virgo) is also at the center of this October 24th full moon -grand cross square…….

Rosenstein To Meet With House Republicans On Oct. 11

The deputy attorney general has been in the hot seat over a report that he proposed secretly recording the president.

October 2, 2018

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will meet with House lawmakers on Oct. 11, according to two sources familiar with the plan.

The arrangement of the interview with a joint panel of the Republican-led Judiciary and Oversight committees follows intense pressure from President Donald Trump’s top House allies to question Rosenstein about recent reports that he proposed secretly recording Trump early last year. And it comes as Trump weighs whether to fire Rosenstein.



Impeach Kavanaugh petition starts immediately after he’s confirmed to the Supreme Court


PS Adding to the previous post above (and it’s been mentioned before), the October 24th Full Moon (1 ’13 Taurus) will be heavily impacting the 2017 US Inaugural Sun (0 ’49 Aquarius)

Much of the pain and other disagreeable feelings we have experienced since mid-April has been symbolized by transiting Chiron’s move into Aries.

Not only is Aries the same sign of the US natal chart Chiron, but the Aries Degree (precisely 0 Aries but also from 28 Pisces through 2 Aries is affected) will continue to be home for transiting Chiron for some months.

The Aries Point (and all 4 of the Cardinal signs at zero degrees) joins the Individual with the Public World in extraordinarily powerful ways. We take it very personally, what happens out there. Hence, demonstrations of protest against the Senate re: Kavanaugh Confirmation, etc.

The transit of Chiron over the Aries Point intensifies the astrology of transiting Saturn (restriction, gloom) opposite US natal Venus (values, pleasure) that Nancy describes, as well as transiting Neptune’s conjunction with the progressed US Sun and its resulting emotional extremes.

The nature of a Chiron transit is to call attention to areas that require healing; to bridge the space of where we have been for so long to the place that we long to be. This present Chiron conjunction to the Aries Point also activates the Jupiter-Uranus cycle that began at the Aries Point in 2010.

If We can see (as a Whole) that the healing of our national problem is more likely to happen through the voting process, then Chiron’s wounds (and Jupiter and Uranus) on the Aries Point has served to get us on to the bridge to wellness.

As Jupiter enters Sagittarius (Nov. 8th) and Chiron begins to move away from the Aries Degree area (for a while), we will not feel the identity of the Public/Government so personally. Rather, as individuals, we will see “the bigger picture” (Jupiter) more clearly without the cloud of emotional pain we are experiencing now.

The chart for when Jupiter enters Sagittarius still has Uranus t-square the Nodes and opposite Venus and Ceres, but Mars will be trine Ceres and Venus promising the women’s movement will be on the march again.

Vesta (what drives us) will again conjunct Pluto (transform) as they trine the US natal Vesta; Juno and Sedna – conjunct and retrograde – push the Public (Juno and Sedna square US Moon) to demand reform (Juno and Sedna trine US Pluto) of outdated laws (Uranus T-square Nodes); and Pallas (the Planner) hugs the US natal chart’s MC (outcomes). “We have nothing to fear but fear itself”.

In a post above I said I did not think our social/cultural/political problem was so much with Dominionists, as with Fundamentalists and Evangelicals.

I need to clarify. My reasoning is a matter of numbers. The Evangelicals and Fundamentalists together comprise perhaps as much as 30% of our population. The numbes for Dominionists and Christian Reconstructionists are much smaller. They too fold into that 30% but represent less than 5% of that 30%. From the point of view of effect on our culture what I said originally was and is true.

BUT…VP Mike Pence IS A DOMIONIST! If we impeach Trump alone and convict him, Pence will become president and do all he can to undermine a Constitution he regards as heretical, and an insult to his god.

The only solution would be to simultaneously prove Trump, Pence, and several other high level Repub office holders are guilty of the 2016 electoral shenanigans with the Russians.

Impeaching all at once has never been done, never occurred to our Founders, and would probably only be successful with a large senate majority of Dems.

In other words, it’s unlikely. We are in a very peculiar pickle. I think our Founders would have recommended armed revolt were we unable to throw the rascals out through the ballot, especially in light of the consistently egregious gerrymandering, the stolen elections, cheating, and general dirty tricks. But things are far more complicated today than was the case in 1789. There may be some technological solutions our Founders could not have conceived.

“Right, forever vigilant

Is always stronger than

Wrong, temporarily victorious.”


Senator Cory Booker on Twitter

e face defeat

But we are not defeated.

Knocked down

But not knocked out.

A loss

But all is not lost.

Hope is the active conviction that despair will not ever have the last word.”


“We face defeat

But we are not defeated.

Knocked down

But not knocked out.

A loss

But all is not lost.

Hope is the active conviction that despair will not ever have the last word.”



“Venus moves from traditionally a most uncomfortable sign, to a most comfortable one. From anger to harmony — and then back to anger again when she goes back into Scorpio in December. But by the time that she enters that second Scorpio tour (from December 2), she will have gained some experience and some wisdom — and possibly some ammunition. She will be a warrior with plenty of arrows in her quiver, and copper in her purse.”

Thanks for the previous posts. Very insightful.

Also, I could not help but remember that around 28-29 Pisces lies the fixed star Sheat who is famous for signifying anguish and tears, death by decapitation or drowning or something akin to those “lovely” events.

Regarding time of Kavanaugh’s swearing in: I found this little tweet from the Judge himself. The time stamp on it is 3:45pm, right after (or not even) the voting was in process.
I’m usually a lurker here, reading but not posting, but I sure hope one of you could do a chart for the swearing-in time and give us a good interpretation of what’s in store for the Judge and the rest of us.
For the record, from reviewing the C-Span video: the vote finished about 3:54pm, was declared final by Pence at 4:00pm. Most of the announcements of the swearing in were in the time between 6:30 and 7:00 pm, from what I saw on the Twitter feed. Wonder if the Judge was jumping the gun a bit…

Marjorie Orr on Brett:

Silcominc, “For those of you who think Roberts is annoyed with Kavanaugh, think again. They are both members of The Federalist Society…”

Yes, they are both members of The Federalist Society but according to the Wikipedia page, the Federalist Society has 60,000 practicing lawyers as members.

Being a member of this large conservative legal group does not mean they all love one another. Robert Bork is a FOUNDING member. Where did that get him? Not on the Supreme Court. 58 Senators voted against his nomination. Bork’s Supreme court seat went to Anthony Kennedy, the retiring justice who handpicked Kavanaugh.

I still believe that there are people within the right wing who would have loved to have seen Kavanaugh passed over because heaven only knows, the conservative bench is deep.

Clarence Thomas was put on the court in 1991 and TO THIS DAY – we know him more by the Anita Hill accusations than for any other reason.

Clarence Thomas is a stain on the court.

Every sitting justice knows that they did not need another one.

Brett Kavanaugh is now a stain on the court. And I promise you – that in the future – he will ALWAYS be referred to as the drunk frat boy known for allegedly sexually assaulting a 15-year old girl.

Eliseo Good point about the percentages. Dominionists seem louder than their numbers.

I have a strong feeling that if one major domino falls in this group the others will as well. Just need to get that one big domino.

I have not had the worlds easiest life and have worked very hard to be happy and at peace. I will not allow these people to rob me of what I have worked so hard for. I will not let that happen.

If anyone missed it the Steven Colbert and Lady Gaga interview is really good. She speaks as a survivor and she is very compelling.

Rachael interviewed Senator Patty Murray on Friday who told the story of how she was motivated to run because Clarence Thomas was voted to the supremes. The next level of women empowerment is being unleashed I suspect. I love her ‘quiet’ and thoughtful manner.

Also on that vein, I have the sincere hope that smart, quiet dignity rather than emotional raucous shouting, will be adopted by the left in their protest actions. Much more effective in the long term. Coming across as angry ‘banshees’ just tends to make many switch off and not listen to one’s earnest message. For example, angry Lindsey G was much more stupid looking than the sometimes reasonable Lindsey G.
Ultimately we all have to live together – the goal therefore must be love and somehow finding solutions together, not hateful tribalism.

FWIW – Violetta was asked what the other supremes thought of Kavanaugh and the image she saw was – a shark with an open mouth as if ready to devour. She said she felt this is how they saw him.

Someone on DU posted this and called it a “must read”. My take is that maybe John McCain was Lindsey’s Graham’s conscience and kept him sane, restrained and in control?

“Lindsey Graham Is the Saddest Story in Washington. His fight for Brett Kavanaugh completed his transformation into Donald Trump’s slobbering manservant.

The battle over Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court was an especially ugly episode of a reality-show presidency that degrades almost everyone swept up in it, and many characters stagger away from it looking worse than ever.

That’s Senator Lindsey Graham you see at the head of the pack. That’s Graham you hear talking and talking and talking some more, in committee rooms and on stages and before the television cameras that he rushes to the way a toddler chases soap bubbles. His words are whichever ones guarantee a major role and a powerful patron, which means that these days he sounds like a more articulate echo of his golfing buddy: Donald Trump.

That wouldn’t, by itself, be cause to dwell on him. Washington is lousy with lackeys, and not even the maddest of kings thins their ranks.

But Graham is special. He really is. I can’t think of another Republican whose journey from anti-Trump outrage to pro-Trump obsequiousness was quite so illogical or half as sad, and his conduct during the war over Kavanaugh completed it. For the president he fought overtime, he fought nasty and he fought without nuance……..”


“Judge Kavanaugh owes his career on the federal bench to his many years of faithful service as a partisan Republican hatchet man. Prior to his installation on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals in 2006, the Renate Alumnius was a right-wing warrior who made his bones by doing the GOP’s dirty work across the better part of two decades. From the Ken Starr inquisition of Bill Clinton, to the 2000 Florida recount, to running the judicial selection for his boss George W. Bush, to illicit domestic surveillance, detainee torture, and other dubious dealings, Brett Kavanaugh’s fingerprints were on them all. And if his unseemly background and shockingly ill-temper weren’t sufficiently disqualifying, Judge Kavanaugh pretty much lied about it all. Read More”


Lamis, I so appreciate your reminder of Sheat in late Pisces, many thanks for that.

ja, that piece on retrograde Venus was splendid – thank you!

Eliseo, the difference between evangelical, theocrat, dominionist and ultra right wing are merely different shades of red. At the end of the day, they are all red. Even the libertarians that are members of the Federalist Society are in the vein of Ron Paul. Which means they are not true libertarians but rather social conservatives.

Make no mistake, the goal of this group is to create a nation that is separate but equal. They hold that Plessy v. Ferguson was a good decision and Brown v Bd of Ed was a judicial overreach.

These crazies who represent less than one third of the populace, now control all branches of our Federal Government.

I agree entirely. They are all authoritarian bad news for the country and the world. The non-Dominionists want to govern under the guise of their interpretation of the Constitution. The Dominionists want to get rid of the Constitution.

Silcominc what do they gain by creating a nation that is separate but equal?

oxthecat, they were delighted in 2000, when they put Bush in office and no one complained. We are a nation of laws. They now control those laws. And they believe people will follow those laws.

Remember, it’s very slow. LIke the lobster in boiling water – don’t realize it until its too late.

Unless we are able to take back Congress this fall and the Presidency in 2020, I truly believe we will have a second civil war or we will split into different nations. Or that might happen regardless.

There is also what Eliseo and others have talked about – a series of cataclysmic events that remind us of our humanity and enable us to see these crazies for what they are.

I see. I can see us splitting up.

I can also see cataclysmic events having a big impact.

“Unless we are able to take back Congress this fall and the Presidency in 2020, I truly believe we will have a second civil war or we will split into different nations. Or that might happen regardless.”

Yep. I see it too. An irony here is that generally, the red states will be hurt worse than the blue ones by climate change, especially sea level rise. I wonder if when the sea suddenly rises if the old Confederate states will beg the Blues for help.

Can we really have confidence in our voting machines? I thought we could have confidence in the FBI, but we can’t. That institution is also in the pocket of Trump. No wonder he thinks he can be president for life.

“DonaldTrump functioning more as dictator than president and in complicit silence and support are @JohnCornyn @SenateMajLdr @SenateGOP @HouseGOP and soon to be upheld by @BrettKavanaugh that “We The People” do not exist – it’s only “Me The Trumpster” @NGDGUP

“No we can’t have confidence in machines. Trump is too smug about Nov election. Putin will lose every step he has gained if Trump loses majority. Putin will play with the machines to ensure Trump wins. Paper ballots are only way to avoid it. Trump will try to delay 2020.” @viewsofonewoman

“Trump suggests that protesting should be illegal

President Trump has long derided the mainstream media as the “enemy of the people” and lashed out at NFL players for kneeling during the national anthem. On Tuesday, he took his attacks on free speech one step further, suggesting in an interview with a conservative news site that the act of protesting should be illegal.
Trump made the remarks in an Oval Office interview with the Daily Caller hours after his Supreme Court nominee, Brett M. Kavanaugh, was greeted by protests on the first day of his confirmation hearings on Capitol Hill.
“I don’t know why they don’t take care of a situation like that,” Trump said. “I think it’s embarrassing for the country to allow protesters. You don’t even know what side the protesters are on.”
He added: “In the old days, we used to throw them out. Today, I guess they just keep screaming.”


“Here is last week’s letter from 30 cybersecurity experts and election security groups advising that cellular modems must be removed/disabled from tabulators before November. Pls email or hand deliver this to state & county election officials… ”

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xCGtYxg8r1UHyqvjMBG2p–kHf_mSZxD/view … 1/

here’s some numbers for you to think on:
just tallied the populations represented vs votes for the kav nom
Nays = 176.9million
Yeas = 137.6 million
novote = 8.7million

In this age of “party obedience” mandates, there is a desperate need for a movement to address the inequities in senate representation.
Wyoming with .5 million people has the same power as California with 38 million people.
Maybe someone needs to start the ball rolling in that direction?

Eric Francis:


This article is from March 2017 but it is a very good read.. Is it time for a #bluexit?

“Truth is, you red states just haven’t been pulling your weight. Not for, well, forever. Red states are nearly twice as dependent on the federal government as blue states. Of the twelve states that received the least federal aid in return for each tax dollar they contribute to the U.S. Treasury, ten of them voted for Hillary Clinton—and the other two were Michigan and Wisconsin, your newest recruits. By the same count, 20 of the 26 states most dependent on federal aid went to Trump.”

“We give up. You win. From now on, we’ll treat the animating ideal on which the United States was founded—out of many, one—as dead and buried. Federalism, true federalism, which you have vilified for the past century, is officially over, at least in spirit. You want to organize the nation around your cherished principle of states’ rights—the idea that pretty much everything except the U.S. military and paper currency and the national anthem should be decided at the local level? Fine. We won’t formally secede, in the Civil War sense of the word. We’ll still be a part of the United States, at least on paper. But we’ll turn our back on the federal government in every way we can, just like you’ve been urging everyone to do for years, and devote our hard-earned resources to building up our own cities and states. We’ll turn Blue America into a world-class incubator for progressive programs and policies, a laboratory for a guaranteed income and a high-speed public rail system and free public universities. We’ll focus on getting our own house in order, while yours falls into disrepair and ruin.”


Good grief, what is wrong with America? To paraphrase an earlier poster here, the extreme right controls all branches of its federal government now; yet they do not represent the majority. If this situation does not galvanise people to get off their arses & vote, I don’t know what the answer is.


A. Damm. Men. Friends and I were having the same discussion about the unequal representation and are furious that big states law makers aren’t addressing it.

“Liberals, This is War” – very good article from NYTimes columnist, Charles Blow. It’s about much more than BK, and compares the constitutional framers, rich white men who had slaves, to today’s rich white men.


Regarding the blue states, there is one major problem – they are all on the east and west coasts! Think sea level rise. I guess you don’t have to actually live along the coast and the Pacific NW has some very high ground but you get my drift.

Thanks for the New Moon article ja; Eric has had some big problems to hurdle, but he’s still a great astrologer. I learned all about centaurs from him!

Sea level rise will be a problem for all coastal areas, but the Gulf coast and east coast states will suffer far more than west coast states. Topography and latitude are major factors.

The Gulf and east coast gently slope into the continental shelf. Florida, North Carolina and Louisiana will lose far more of their territory than other states, and we will need to establish a new federal capital city. WA DC is much too vulnerable.

Along much of the west coast there is a sudden uplift associated with the faults. If you are traveling on the ferry eastward through Puget Sound as an example, you will come into downtown Seattle which is near sea level, but if you continue eastward walking a couple of blocks you go up hills to a level about 400 feet higher. This is the case along much, but not all of the west coast.

Also, water tends to “bunch up” near the equator due I think to centripetal force. The further you are away from the equator the less sea level rise. Unless there are other intervening geological or topographic features, in the northern hemisphere, the sea level rise will, be weaker the further north you go. This means Seattle will suffer less than San Francisco, Los Angeles, or San Diego.

But there are exceptions. Some towns in southwestern British Columbia lie in a delta area and may be pretty vulnerable.

Thank you, Elizabeth, very good read.

Thank you, barbk, I thought twice about sending it.

A leading Holocaust historian just seriously compared the US to Nazi Germany

“If the US has someone whom historians will look back on as the gravedigger of American democracy, it is Mitch McConnell.”

By Zack Beauchamp@zackbeauchamp zack@vox.com Oct 5, 2018, 11:21am EDT



Usually, comparisons between Donald Trump’s America and Nazi Germany come from cranks and internet trolls. But a new essay in the New York Review of Books pointing out “troubling similarities” between the 1930s and today is different: It’s written by Christopher Browning, one of America’s most eminent and well-respected historians of the Holocaust. In it, he warns that democracy here is under serious threat, in the way that German democracy was prior to Hitler’s rise — and really could topple altogether.

Browning, a professor emeritus at the University of North Carolina, specializes in the origins and operation of Nazi genocide…

Browning’s essay covers many topics, ranging from Trump’s “America First” foreign policy — a phrase most closely associated with a group of prewar American Nazi sympathizers — to the role of Fox News as a kind of privatized state propaganda office. But the most interesting part of his argument is the comparison between Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Paul von Hindenburg, the German leader who ultimately handed power over to Hitler.

Paul von Hindenburg, elected president of Germany in 1925, was endowed by the Weimar Constitution with various emergency powers to defend German democracy should it be in dire peril. Instead of defending it, Hindenburg became its gravedigger, using these powers first to destroy democratic norms and then to ally with the Nazis to replace parliamentary government with authoritarian rule.

Thank you for that explanation about sea level rise, Eliseo. It could be very helpful to us.

Looking back to when Jupiter entered the sign of Scorpio, the Sun at 17+ Libra was conjunct Psyche (an asteroid) also at 17+ Libra.

17+ Libra is where the progressed (but retrograde) Mars is too. It’s also where the US Constitution chart’s Neptune is too, 17+ Libra. It’s where the Donald Trump (tool of the Universe) natal Jupiter is too, 17+ Libra.

Here’s the Sabian Symbol for 17+ Libra (18 Libra):

TWO MEN PLACED UNDER ARREST Keynote: A breakdown in the constructive relationship between the individual and society, and the expectable result. (Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala)

Rudhyar says “The fact that two men are pictured under arrest suggests a polarization and a purpose transcending a merely personal fit of recklessness.”

At the time Jupiter entered Scorpio Mars was at 22+ Virgo, the degree where US Neptune sits. At the time Jupiter entered Scorpio, transiting Moon was square Mars (+ US Neptune) and at 21+ Gemini, the degree where US natal Mars sits. Trump’s Sun is at 22+ Gemini. Saturn was at 22+ Sagittarius, opposite Moon (++) and square Mars (+). It bears repeating.

Mercury (words, words, words) at 18+ Libra was conjunct Sun (symbolizing consciousness), Psyche, US prog. Mars, US Constitution Neptune, Trump’s Jupiter . . Is it any wonder? We humans can be so predictable.

Addendum about sea level:
In context, that all means that much of the west coast can be protected by dikes, but not so for the east and gulf Coast. Also, the type of soil on the east and especially southeast and gulf Coast is wrong for dikes. The ground in southern Florida is very porus, a civil engineers nightmare to work with.

Pluto in Capricorn as an expression of power can represent right-wing reactionary Conservatism at its worst and most tyrannical in all forms, both in terms of structure, as well as a retrograde, stifling view of the world that is downright toxic and self destructive both to the native entity and those unfortunate enough to be subject to its whims.

All things need to grow and adapt if they are to survive. The problem with the unchecked Reactionary Conservatism that now reigns so seemingly supreme in this country is that it fiercely attacks and undermines any alternatives to it that might set the U.S. on a better trajectory and a path to long-term survival… something that right now is not at all guaranteed in the face of climate change.

A Conservatism that doubles down on rule by 1950s era white male-dominated patriarchy, corporate oligarchy and racism, will ultimately condemn this country to a catastrophic collapse when it is inevitably and finally overwhelmed by the forces of change it has tried so desperately to subvert, and failing that, simply ignore.

Honestly, I think we need a total reboot of the country with Pluto in a different sign. Aquarius would work for our time period, although even it has its dark side, particularly around ideals carried to hyper-rationalized extremes.


Looking ahead and seeing Jupiter transits to tRump’s natal Sun, Moon, Uranus, and other points both natal and progressed I am thinking he may have enough cover to survive efforts to remove him from office.

Then what?

Revisiting Pence’s chart I see possibilities that could indicate promotion in January of 2020. Charts not looking like he earned it but had it thrust onto him. Could what takes tRump out be a health problem (or death) that removes him in that January? Leaving Rethugs in power (White House, Senate, and SCOTUS) could keep us on a downward spiral that culminates with the Pluto return.

Just trying to rationalize the transits in the next year.

If you can watch the Showtime short documentary on the NYT tax evasion story. The doc really lays out how the crimes were committed. It is shocking.

Taylor Swift endorsed the Dem candidate for the Senate and the house in Tennessee. I read she can get 72 million likes/ Is that possible?

She said that MB’s voting record was “appalling”.

I know celebrities are not necessarily great endorsements but they can be influencers.

Why Martin Van Buren started the Dem Party–Andrew Jackson was too powerful a personality and a strong political party would make him accountable.

Looking at the Jupiter return for the Dem chart gives me hope. But Pluto on the Repub chart’s Jupiter shows the power of money.

Barbk, I still download your posts. You should publish a book on your approach to mundane astrology.

“Here is the biggest story: Kavanaugh is a mere footnote the real story is that the Republicans are transforming the Supreme Court and ALL the courts into a third elected branch of the federal government, instead of a nonpartisan guardian of our Constitution. This is a coup!”


Michael Wolfstar today:


‘New’ Fox Names Former White House Communications Director Hope Hicks As Chief Comms Officer


Regarding the Wolfstar link. One of the commenters mentioned that they saw the republicans doing much better in the midterms than expected. I assume that the russian influence is alive and well. But I thought someone here had stated the opposite. Just how does this look for the midterms? Do I need to start learning Russian?

Albion is a trans Neptunian Object (TNO) but before this year it was called QB1, short for 1992 QB1. It was discovered in 1992 when Uranus and Neptune were conjunct in Capricorn, where transiting Pluto is now.

The Sun – when Albion was discovered – was at 7+ Virgo and so was Makemake, a god of the natives of Easter Island associated with nature, bravery and birds. Today Albion is transiting 7+ Taurus and trines the Sun and Makemake in its own Discovery chart.

Albion itself was at 0+ Aries (the Aries Point where the personal is political) when discovered, the degree where retrograde Chiron was up until September 25th and where it will return late Feb-early March.

Interestingly, Albion (QB1) and Chiron and the Aries Point all symbolize bridging one phase of life with another, unexplored phase of life. You could think of them as Evolution Facilitators.

Today, as Albion trines the Sun (+ Makemake) in its own discovery chart, it might signal a bridging moment; a crossing from one level of understanding to a new level of understanding, possibly regarding Nature.

Hurricane Michael could be a factor in this bridging moment; an evolutionary leap forward.

Cramer, Heidi Heitkamp’s opponent for the Senate seat has just been charged with campaign finance violations.

In Texas they are trying to throw out voter registrations with electronic signatures so if you know anyone in Texas let them know to check their registrations.

Florida is already feeling the ill effects of sea level rise, as the city of Miami now regularly floods at high tide.

Further, on a geological level, the peninsula is not even connected to the continental shelf, as it is entirely made of limestone sediment. Imagine the kitchen sponge in its driest state, with all the nooks and crannies of a nice Swiss cheese block. Imagine a layer of sand, roots and ecologically incompatible turf grass on top of that.

(See also, the reason my hair is lit on fire whenever the topic of oil drilling or seismic testing for the purposes thereof, since a) theres nothing to find beneath the limestone but the water table and b) wont somebody *please* think of the water table)

Eliseo is quite right, south Florida is entirely the wrong kind of land where dikes can work.

An interesting phenomenon to watch:
The increasing number of declarative op-eds in major news outlets in which the author explains why they are leaving the Republican party. These op-eds give the impression that thinking people with conscience are leaving, one by one in a gradual process of attrition.

I’m wondering how representative these authors are of actual R. party supporters. I’m wondering how many R’s have actually left as the process of Trumpization of the party proceeds.

The latest is from yesterday in The Atlantic. Tom Nichols is a professor at the U.S. Naval War College.

Why I’m Leaving the Republican Party
The Kavanaugh confirmation fight revealed the GOP to be the party of situational ethics and moral relativism in the name of winning at all costs.


Your welcome ja 🙂

Right back at you for posting Michael Wolfstar

1. The Trump/Alfa Bank server connection during the campaign wasn’t random.
2. Trump and the GOP just appointed Brian Benczkowski, a lawyer who worked for Alfa Bank, to lead the DOJ’s criminal division, and he refuses to recuse himself.
What the hell is going on here?


I know a lot about S. FL having lived there almost 30 years and I felt that I had to leave for a while. Especially in the keys but anywhere along the coast, people are so vulnerable. I managed to leave 16 yrs ago. S. FL is improving its drainage systems, to buy time, and there is a lot of money there – a lot – but what are they doing? Overbuilding, especially in the downtown Miami business area – HUGE, glass, many-storied hotels/condos, casting dark shadows. I found it depressing & chilling when I was there in June. Where did I move 16 yrs ago? To New Orleans, and, 2 yrs later, we had Hurricane Katrina. They have improved the levee system and that has bought time, but from the articles I’m reading now, it’s not a good idea to make long-term plans here. So, thanks again, Eliseo, for the explanation. I may ask you again for advice on where to move at some point.

And, thank you, too, Aquarian Moon, for your input. I’m pretty sad about all of this.


Once again, I am asking you for a reference to the statement that Cramer, Heitkamp’s opponent, has been charged with campaign violations. I am trying to find it on the net. So far I haven’t been successful. I hope this is true.

Angellight, what is going on is that all of the top Judiciary positions are now held by Federalist Society brethren. As we have said, those who make the laws and those who enforce the laws are now Federalist Society. As Charles Blow said in the NYT, its a coup.


Lamis apparently this investigation has been going on since mid June. There is an article in the Huffington Post and the latest newest allegation is that he made some improper films and had to pull an ad was from October 6th. The initial June allegations involve improper expenditures, meals charged etc and do involve the FEC.

I will tell you though my sense now is that it will not make a bit of difference in this race. Starlight as usual is right. Neptune and partisanship will rule the day. I still think we take the house. 538 shows that we only have a 23? percent chance of taking the Senate. That is a bit of a drop from pre BK days. 4 weeks is an eternity in politics. Still think Beto will win in Texas and that this last minute attempt at a purge will not work.

After 2020 election.

Mike Pence WH – Natal Relocated
Jun 7 1959, 1:32 pm, EDT +4:00

Saturn Opposite Mars January 20, 2021

Saturn Square Progressed Neptune January 23, 2021
Saturn Square Neptune January 25, 2021

Sharon K,
As far as we can ascertain (there are still some unknowns) the areas in the USA hit hardest by climate change will be the Am, southwest and the former confederate states. There will likely be a few states which due to depopulation and financial strains will essentially “go out of business”. If they exist, it will be in name only.

A rule of thumb is that areas below the 40th latitude will be toast, hot & dry desertified toast in the southwest, and hot wet toast in the South with major southern coastal cities under water.

There will of course be islands of habitability due to elevation, availability of water and local wise environmental city planning. Many will require an entirely different type of architecture, and water piped in perhaps from the sea. If federal planning is done quickly enough, the number of habitable, viable areas beneath the 40th latitude will increase. But so far, no luck on that.

Estimates have been moved back innumerable times as to when and how much sea level rise and rise in temperature we will experience; revision after revision again and again, all of them getting closer to present day. Decades ago the consensus was about 500 years out from now. Estimates now are pretty bad for 2050, and 2100, but IMO that will be more like 2030. Two or three meters sea level rise by then I think is probable. But even one foot of sea level rise would really screw up things for millions.

WHY? A words!

At the end of so many science reports over the last 4 decades, we frequently see “astonished”, “amazed”, or “astounded”, words not usually used in scientific inquiry and study. In the process of measuring methane outgassing, carbon dioxide levels, glacial melt, etc. a mathematical projection is made (really a scientific guess) as to what that level will be a year or two years later. But that second measurement tends to astound as it is usually exponentially more than what had been calculated or expected. Furthermore, our ability to measure methane levels is much less advanced than our capacity to measure carbon dioxide. And as you know, methane is about 50 times more powerful as a green house gas than CO2 but has effect for a shorter period of time.

OK, you need some conclusions. Since the late 80’s I’ve been telling anyone who would listen to consider any one of three different areas to move to relative to climate change. IMO it is wise to choose one and go there as soon as you can, as it were, “before the rush.” When the rush occurs, it won’t be pretty.

All three areas are above the 40th, and will have plenty of water.
(A) The Great Lakes basin will be good, but is presently too cold in winter for many. That will change in time, but we don’t know how long that warming process will take. The Great lakes contain slightly over 20% of the world’s fresh water, and major developed cities are located there with great universities.
(B) The extreme NE of the USA, i.e. upstate NY, Vermont, Maine, etc. The same holds there for winter temperatures; we don’t know when winter will become milder there. If the Gulf Stream shuts down, winters could be colder, but the area would definitely be livable.
(C) The Pacific Northwest has a mild climate and will probably experience the least change in climate of any of the three.

Later, probably beyond our lifetimes, Alaska will probably be a good place to live and work, but as we all know is presently pretty undeveloped.

(1) I don’t know much about forest fire science.
(2) or wind and jet stream patterns (which are bound to change) and will affect where forest fires occur
(3) Some believe the sea level rise will be gradual, centimeter by centimeter. I tend to believe it will happen in large spurts based on what I and others know of the science, AND on mythographic evidence from the flood stories from thousands of years ago. The geological record shows us 3 major rises in sea level so far since the end of the last glacial maximum. I don’t see why it would be any different today.
(4) Who knows what the political map of the USA will look like in years to come. I’m not the only one on this blog that detects the smell of civil war, and/or political break-up. But it is interesting that all 3 areas I’ve mentioned consist of mostly blue states, and red states will be more deeply affected by desertification and sea level rise than others.

Hope this helps. I have a lot more math to provide if you are interested, but that’s too much info for this blog. I’ll bet there are several astrologers on this blog who can look ahead to see stress patterns on various states and cities. My intuition has long told me our “civil war” or whatever it might be, will be ended dramatically by climate catastrophe. I began to have visions of this back in 1971.

Thank you again, Eliseo. I remember you speaking about those 3 areas before (at least I remember the Great Lakes basin and the PNW – and by the way, what did Am stand for in the first sentence?). I guess forest fires might be an issue to consider as all of those areas are beautiful and woodsy. I guess one could keep going north to Canada, too. Lots to think about.

first sentence AM = American modifying southwest

Eliseo, you are aware and wise.

It somehow seems poetic that the most reactionary conservative areas of the country are the ones that stand to lose the most, if not everything, not only for their own powerful opposition to a fast changing world, but also for their feverish efforts to circumvent progressive elements from taking action that could preserve them or at least somewhat mitigate the worst effects of our changing climate.

The apparent triumph of their avatars in the likeness of Trump, McConnell, etc. actually presages a tremendous downfall of historic proportions both for reactionary conservatives and for the establishment they control. It seems increasingly likely at this time that the U.S. Pluto Return and its aftermath will not only expose the total lack of integrity of the country as presently governed and structured, but also obliterate any real power that it still wields on the world stage, finally making way for something new to step in, and perhaps belatedly act on behalf of the rational needs of humanity rather than the pathologies of fools.

Thank You for your kind words, but really, I’m merely aware of how foolish I am, and how much more there is to learn, know and understand.

I presume you are in Ohio? Ohio will be one of the several better places to be as climate change worsens.

Thanks Eliseo. Very interesting information. You write very well and I am very interested in the topics that you write about.

It has been blisteringly hot this summer. Not quite unbearable but almost. I can see how where I am living now could become uninhabitable.

Buckeye Shadow I like your posts too.

I felt like the campaign rally/swearing in ceremony was a political mistake.

Thank you for your information regarding Heitkamp’s opponent.
I fear you might be right. It won’t make a bit of difference.

GOP denying people the ability to early vote or even register in Florida.


5:38 PM – 8 Oct 2018 We’ve now heard from several people that Florida’s online voter registration site is NOT letting people register to vote. FL registration deadline is TOMORROW to vote in the Midterms. @mrmidi recorded the error here. This is voter suppression. The state must EXTEND the deadline. / […] / *Meanwhile* we’ve sent more than 13,000 young people to register to vote on the site this past week. Literally thousands of young people will be prevented from being able to register to vote if the site remains down and they do not extend the registration deadline!

Hearing similar reports from GA and TX.

Is this for real?

Attorney General Graham and Senator Haley

silcominc: Interesting as to Nikki Haley. I was assuming she was leaving b/c she did not like the treatment of women by Trump/Kavanaugh, et al.


Recognizing and acknowledging our own shortcomings with humility is where wisdom begins.

I agree with you about Ohio, although I do worry that over the longer-term we will be dealing with problems of our own making related to fracking. The ghastly legacy of our current governor, the often self-proclaimed so-called “adult in the room” John Kaisch, will be poisoned aquifers and entire areas here that are too toxic for anyone to live in thanks to his decision to sign off on allowing deep earth injection of fracking waste to occur. Like so many of his shortsighted mindset, he’ll likely be long dead and gone by the time any real consequences of such a boneheaded act reveal themselves.

I expect that we’ll see mysterious chemicals start to seep up from deep within the ground around the state by the time Pluto makes it’s way into Pisces in the 2040s. Ohio is also a very Piscean state.

Having said all of that, I have long viewed Cleveland as being on a path to seeing a new zenith of sorts around mid-century. There’s a major reorientation for the city around 2023 with Pluto newly in Aquarius opposing its 0 Leo sun. Possibly we will see here the birth of a long-discussed regional government. A few years later, Cleveland’s Progressed Sun moves into Aries in the mid 2030s–new, very active and possibly young leadership at the helm of the city (the current mayor who has presided since the Sun progressed into Pisces in 2004 is old, tired, and indecisive). The city also has its Pluto Return at the end of the decade in Aquarius. As a reference point, neighboring Pittsburgh began it’s own comeback trajectory after it’s own Pluto Return and financial restructuring occurred in 2005.

I think many of these old rust belt cities that were once left for dead by big business are going to regain some of their stature as relevant places, if for no other reason than the serious challenges many cities along the coasts will be facing with rising sea levels and storms battering them.

It appears to me that Nikki Haley’s resignation is symbolized by Ceres in yesterday’s New Moon chart at 14+ Libra (conjunct New Moon at 13+ Libra) which conjuncts US Saturn and Trump’s Chiron, both at 14+ Libra.

This New Moon Ceres was quincunx the New Moon Neptune (14+ Pisces) suggesting all is not as it appears. An adjustment was required.

The New Moon Ceres (+New Moon itself) squares (friction) US natal Sun (13+ Cancer) and the US Sun trines the New Moon Neptune (that is quincunx Ceres) and as well trines the retrograde New Moon Venus ($$) in Scorpio ($$), making a grand trine.

Haley’s natal Sun is either late, late 29+ Capricorn or early, early 0+ Aquarius, and I lean toward Aquarius, which would trine the New Moon Juno (not an equal partner) at 0+ Gemini. This Haley natal Aquarius Sun and NM Juno in Gemini would make a grand trine with the US natal chart’s midheaven (MC) at 1+ Libra.

The previous Full Moon on Sept. 24 at 1+ Aries (+ Chiron at 0+ Aries) opposed the Sun at 1″ Libra where the US natal chart’s MC is. This opposition was T-squared by the Full Moon Saturn and Vesta (investment) both at 2+ Capricorn.

This Saturn + Vesta in Capricorn in the last Full Moon on Sept 24th ALSO SQUARED HALEY’S NATAL PLUTO AT 1+ (almost 2) Libra, which conjuncts the US natal chart MC (and the Sun in the last full moon chart).

That means the Full Moon + Chiron in Aries was reflecting not just the transiting Sun in Libra, but also Haley’s Pluto; something she was maybe keeping secret. (Something to do with Trump’s Chiron maybe?)

Transiting Uranus (unexpected) at 1+ Taurus ($$) is quincunx (adjust) US MC and Haley’s Pluto at 1+ Libra (which trines her natal Sun at 0 Aquarius and natal Saturn at 29+ Taurus). We shall see.

“appearances can be deceiving. On Tuesday, all of a sudden, Haley announced that she will be stepping down as UN ambassador at the end of the year”


Haley is basically a Trump supporter, whether she has come out infrequently with a differing opinion or not. She is not a John McCain but, then again, if he had not been dying, would he have been quite that independent and brave?

Her statements positioned her in full support of Trump and he said she’d be welcome to fill any position in his administration. Hmmm……after the midterms?

Lindsey Graham as the next AG makes a lot of sense. His first statement against Sessions, about a month ago, for the first time, agreed to letting him go after the midterms. Hmmm…. Since then, he has been on quite an ass-kissing track. I can see him being offered this position in the near future. Maybe Haley will be in a supporting role? She has had both domestic and intern’l experience now so maybe even Sec of State?

…as well as his running mate for 2020…

Haley was notified very recently that she will be investigated for accepting free jet rides. This information is from my twitter feed. Other twitter peeps say that her sudden resignation may mean there is more to the story than free jet rides.

Matthew Miller who I like and trust on twitter thinks there is more to this than meets the eye.

Sharon K: I Just heard on MSNBC that it took Haley awhile to get on Trump’s band wagon. I also heard her say she believes in “term limits” and that one should be self-less enough to know when one should step aside! I also think she is Disgusted with the way Trump & Kavanaugh have treated women…, we shall know the truth in time.

There is an article in the Huff Post dated today 6 hours ago that confirms the story. Her side is that she did not have to report the gifts because the businessmen were friends of hers??

Grifters gonna grift…

?From Rachel Maddow

@MaddowBlog: At times, it’s seemed as if Haley disagreed with Trump on so many fronts, they were barely part of the same team. Now, she’s making it official by resigning.

VERY Interesting astrological info on the cities of your region! Thank You!

The Great lakes are really fresh water inland seas, great not just in size but also in economic and environmental value. I believe the Canadian and American cities adjacent to the lakes will prosper greatly during the age of warmer climate. I agree those rust belt cities will likely be “resurrected” in coming decades, precisely for the reasons you delineated.

As we lose cities and states in the South and Southwest due to changing climate, refugees will have to relocate northward, and westward from the inundated east coast. As northern cities gain in political and financial power and prestige, hopefully, there will be enough funds to properly address the toxic environmental effects you mentioned. Also I think we will have developed some new technologies to clean up the mess left behind by the frackers, et. al.

During the 2016 R. primaries I felt John Kasich was the most rational of all the crazies seeking the R. nomination, and from my point of view he’s pretty crazy.

It’s really a shame the R’s can’t get behind their best, most competent people. I often disagree with Conservatives as I am a democratic “market socialist” but I see the virtues in their philosophy. The nation would be so much better off if the R’s were the party of Jon Huntsman of Utah rather than Trump, Pence, etc.

Furthermore, in our two party system when one party goes nuts, it tends to imbalance the opposing party. When both parties are healthy, they balance one another out, and at least occasionally we get the virtues of true, prudent conservative thought blended with the virtues of compassionate liberal thought.

The current R. party is NOT conservative. They are just plain nuts. Below is a link to an op-ed I found interesting in that regard.

The Republican Party Abandons Conservatism
The conservative virtues remain real virtues, the conservative insights real insights, and the conservative temperament an indispensable internal gyro keeping a country stable and sane.


Eliseo what about the upper peninsula in Michigan?

Could you please be more specific? I’m not sure what exactly you are asking.

I’m with Rachel. That Full Moon was opposite her Pluto and exposed something – to her or about her.

Now Juno (in yesterday’s New Moon chart) at 0+ Gemini trines her Sun 0+ Aquarius and her Pluto 1+ Libra (and the US natal chart’s MC). I think she’s going all out for the women’s movement after the midterms.

“per pool: POTUS said dina powell is a “person I would consider” to replace nikki haley; trump said ivanka trump would be “wonderful,” but doesn’t want to be accused of nepotism.”

Kelly Cohen on Twitter

barbk: I hope you are correct about her going all out.

I cant imagine that Haley would not have felt the deepening chasm between trump dogma and the majority of the other western UN reps. Must have been rather uncomfortable for her last month. I hope the back story is, she decided to jump before her political credibility dies – as in, ‘everything trump touches dies’


“notice the praise that Haley directed at Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, whom she called “such a hidden genius” during her appearance in the Oval Office. “Did they push her out?”


Maybe Haley had enough when Mr. Trump put an accused rapist on the Supreme Court? But given the tenor of this group, it is likely her own malfeasants is the reason.

I think some of the towns are Mackinac and Iron River. The UP area looks like it is an island in the middle of the lake. I would guess you get there by ferry from Michigan. Cabins are super cheap there and if we could afford a getaway place it would be in the UP. Mackinac would not be cheap. You can buy a very small house 10 minutes from the lake for 35,000 in some areas. Clean and cozy. Sorry I was so vague.

Angellight and kiwi, transiting Juno (defends the disenfranchised, considered less than equal) is just one degree past her natal Saturn and I think many of the things Trump has instigated, like, perhaps, the separation of migrant children from their parents, has influenced Haley’s decision to leave her post.

That and the conflict with Trump re: sanctions against Russia which she supported, saying she “was confused” did not help.

Transiting Uranus (rebellion) is square her natal Sun. I think something has been offered to her that she can’t resist. Her natal Pluto is conjunct the Super Galactic Center and the US natal chart’s MC, and it is one’s Pluto that symbolizes our obsession. That’s why I think what I think she’s going to do in 2019, follow her obsession.

PS – the Super Galactic Center (1+ Libra) is very seductive.

Haley is a first-generation American, her parents from India, and she went along with all the Republican anti-immigrant views and actions as our governor.

I think if she’s okay with that, she’ll buy into just about anything if it helps her politically. I believe she must think this move will help her politically (as in, Sen. Haley) or she’s in trouble for ethics violations.

I agree with you Teresa. What I think is that investigations mean nothing to them. I doubt she is worried in the least and nothing is going to prevent her from filling a senate seat or anything else.
If they can confirm BK there is no bottom and there are no limits.

People of great integrity, unless there are truly extenuating circumstances, rarely attach themselves to people like the people in this administration. Most of the time she parroted exactly what they wanted her to say.

It may be newsworthy on some level that she is being investigated but it has no real consequences or meaning for her long term plans.

I don’t believe I know enough about the UP to answer your question adequately. I do know the entire Great Lakes area is rising in elevation, rebounding from the centuries when covered by the glaciers. I also know the rivers feeding the G. Lakes are polluted with tiny plastic particles, and that land on the UP is pretty inexpensive. That’s about all I know.

As for N. Haley & investigations:
I’ve interviewed 100’s of convicted prisoners. They usually believe they’ll get away with it until they get caught. I think many of the R’s who chose to board the Trump train are like that. The R’s with conscience distanced themselves from him. Maybe N. Haley has less scruples than I thought.

Thanks Eliseo I appreciate the information about the rivers. I did not know that the rivers had plastic particles. I will look into that.

I remember Sexy Nikki Haley had an affair with someone other than her husband eight years ago:
A link to that story:
Who is telling the truth in the nikki haley affairs?https://www.thedailybeast.com/who-is-telling-the-truth-in-the-nikki-haley-affairs

Check this out. It may help.


I wonder if what we’re experiencing in the US right now was inevitable, because dictatorial governance tends to emerge during periods of societal stress – and it’s clear the US is moving into a time of curtailed power, and less available resources?

Nikki Haley’s natal Sedna (under water) is at 1+ Taurus. Transiting Uranus (breakthrough) is at 1+ Taurus.

Haley’s natal Juno (never will be equal in the Patriarchy) at 18+ Libra conjuncts her natal Uranus (freedom) at 18+ Libra. They are one degree away from the progressed US Mars, the US Constitution chart’s Neptune and Trump’s Jupiter, all at 17+ Libra.

Last year when transiting Jupiter ingressed the sign of Scorpio (square her natal Sun) the Sun was at 18+ Libra and Mercury was at 17+ Libra. That cycle ends on November 8th, 2018, and Jupiter will sextile Haley’s Sun.

Haley’s parents immigrated from India, and she is certainly aware of the prejudice against foreigners in this country. There are numerous indications in her birth chart that suggest she would champion the woman’s movement which of course would have hampered her present role as Trump’s Ambassador to the UN.

I believe she will work with Republican women in order to balance the surge of Democrat women coming forward now; for a price.

Speculation on Nikki Haley’s resignation is three-fold at this point: 1) She had clashes with the cringe-worthy John Bolton and with Mike Pompeo; 2) She owes a considerable amount of money; and 3) She has political ambitions. Of course, this is one of those fluid situations, so stay tuned.


Thanks Eliseo very interesting. I was talking to my husband about buying some land around the Great Lakes area. He is on board, he has been there before and liked the area very much. We’ll see. He likes to watch all the DIY shows and built a house from the ground up with his father and his family. His dad bought a burnt out shell on some really good land and they built their home from that shell. My plan is to be around fresh water and have a place where the temperatures are not hellish.

Dean W that makes sense.

Shy Lurker If the reporting is accurate she owes between 500,000 and 1,000,000 dollars. Lawrence was saying she could make millions giving speeches and sitting on boards. I agree the situation is fluid.

barbk: Your comment, very interesting:

“I think something has been offered to her that she can’t resist. Her natal Pluto is conjunct the Super Galactic Center and the US natal chart’s MC, and it is one’s Pluto that symbolizes our obsession. That’s why I think what I think she’s going to do in 2019, follow her obsession.”

“Yet, their blatancy will ultimately be their undoing—we are too far along the path of diversity to tolerate the GOP’s myopic vision of the world.”


Another possibility, oxthecat:Nikki Haley also caught the attention of the Inspector General for 7 SC-DC-NY flights on private jets owned by 3 SC businessmen. No doubt there’s more to come. https://www.businessinsider.com/nikki-haley-resign-investigation-flights-free-private-jets-2018-10

Regarding the upcoming midterms, I’ve read that some political operatives want a delay – purportedly due to Hurricane Michael.

Is there any astrological evidence to support the elections being rescheduled?

Right now the Sun is at 17+ Libra. This is the degree of the US PROGRESSED Mars (force), the US Constitution chart’s Neptune (water), the Sun (consciousness) in the chart for when Jupiter (excess) entered Scorpio (water) . .and wait for it . . .Trump’s natal Jupiter. Tomorrow the Sun will conjunct Nikki Haley’s Juno and Uranus and they will all square transiting Pluto (death and rebirth) at 18+ Capricorn.

Key to this astrology that transiting Sun is now activating is awareness of what is being transformed (Pluto) in the US natal chart’s 2nd house. This includes property and other personal things of value.

Hurricane Michael will track through South Carolina, where Nikki Haley was Governor.

Barbk I don’t doubt for a minute that NH will champion the women’s movement.

It would not take a political genius to figure out that Republicans are losing women voters. She is a savvy politician.

oxthecat, you are so right. Also, she is probably really disgusted with Trump and the way he treats women. Anyone with some decency would. I am still surprised at Sen. Collins.

Shylurker! So nice to see you. It’s been a while. I hope all is well with you. I’ve always loved your posts.

Angellight SC received her payoff. They just released 164 million to refurbish some military area? in Maine.

Guess she thinks she can run on that. I keep thinking she will not run but with this big platter of pork pay off maybe she is thinking about running.

My big concern right now is voter suppression in Florida and Georgia.


“Yesterday was a historic day that will go down in history. The Republicans now control the Senate, the House and the Supreme Court of the United States. They now have total control of the power and can use it for their own benefit. We are now living under a dictatorship and it appears like the dark has won although the battle will not be over until after the upcoming election on November 6, 2018. We can take back our power by voting for the people who have the desire for freedom and do not want to be controlled or live under a dictatorship.

looked up the Astrology birth charts of both the Republican and Democratic parties. I found out that the Republicans are ruled by Mars, which has been considered the God of War. No wonder the Republicans have caused so many wars in the past. Mars is considered a red planet and in the past was very violent. Look at what George Bush did. He created a war that killed thousands or maybe even millions of innocent men, woman and children in the Iraq war. There was no reason for that war. Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction and they had nothing to do with 9-11. There was no need to kill all those people and George Bush got away with what I call a War Crime. Look at the karma he will have to deal with over time and the United States still has karma for creating that war. It looks to me like people still want that war energy to be in control because they voted for the Republicans and the red planet Mars.

The rights of women have now been taken away and if Trump stays in power women will have no control over their life and their bodies. Is this the kind of energy you would like to live under? In the last few years women have come out in the open to express their power. Now they are starting to feel like they have no power and are very angry. Do you want to feel powerless? We can be heard if we go out and vote in mass to change the result of this power and control energy. I realize that Trump was meant to be president because all of the darkness had to come out into the open to have the light shine on it for the benefit of humanity. I also realize he would have to play the part of a Dark Lord to have all this corruption come out into the open.

When I hear people say Obama did not accomplish anything in his term as president I wonder what they are talking about. People had been trying to get health care for everyone for a long time because it was needed. Obama became president in 2008 after George Bush had crashed the economy. Obama put the economy back together within two years. I was proud to call him our president. He presented himself in a dignified and gentle way. He was all for women’s rights. I thought he was one of the best presidents we have ever had. I would like to see that gentle energy back on this planet.”



“Strangled with a dog leash: Another Putin foe dies mysteriously in London”


“Losing Earth:
The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change”


When you have a husband who only watches and believes Fox News…(as a Taurus, I am so sad)

But I had a idea for Democrats…re the coming election, yet, I don’t know how to get it to the proper people. Someone like Tom Steyer…
My idea was that our Dems must create exciting, encouraging TV Rallies exactly like Dump is doing. We need Senators and Dem Leadship exciting the audience, informing and encouraging them. I mentioned this to my local favorite Radio Talk Show Host, Pat Thurston, and she said, that’s exactly what Bernie Sanders did to inspire so many voters. Just imagine several different Senators and Candidates like BETO, sharing exciting truth and inspiration to an enthusiastic audience.
Not make America Great…but Keep America Great!

Had to share this from Daily Kos:

Sen. McConnell is to decency what an unchecked, exploding portable toilet is to decency.
And I say:

Hear Eric Holder says when the GOP goes low we kick ’em. That’s right.
Playing nice with the GOP has not worked for the Dems.

This makes sense to me, but Nikki Haley seems to be a budding Susan Collins:


” I have been involved in SC politics since the 70s, and was hearing two weeks ago that she would resign before the end of the year.
A lot of speculation that Lindsey will move into the AG office, and she will of course be appointed to serve out his term and then run for re-election in 2020, or possibly be on the ticket if Trump doesn’t run. In any event, she is looking at positioning herself for a Presidential run in 2024. “

Oh, my goodness, Sharon K. After all these years you remember me! I’ve been checking in on you now and again over all these years. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Lindsey is SO sleazy. That totally explains why he changed his tune a few months back & said that Trump should be allowed to appoint a new AG if he can’t get along with this one — after the midterms of course! The real Lindsey Graham is now coming out (or at least his nakedly ambitious side). LG, the comment you found on DU sounds likely indeed.

Patty, you keep coming up with good ideas. I particularly like that one. FDR had his fireside chat. We need some charismatic Dems who give out very positive vibes. The Ford testimony did not show us in our best light I think, for some reason.

Shylurker, when you stopped posting, I really missed you. I can’t get too specific because I don’t remember any details, but I liked just about everything you had to say 🙂

Speaking of which, I also can’t help but miss Alex and am sending her love & light.

Yes Angellight,

“We can take back our power by voting for the people who have the desire for freedom and do not want to be controlled or live under a dictatorship.” and “We can be heard if we go out and vote in mass …”

If women do that they (and all of their supporters) will be having great dot dot dot times [ha ha – singing and dancing] like Sophie’s mother Donna.

The midterms will be the greatest battle yet in the tRump war with a chance for us to reclaim lost territory on the way to complete victory. Winning it will allow for bringing future battles (and winning many of them) to the doorstep of the Rethugs.


The show starts in 26 days.

Bob, in The Old Goat House.

Patty, What do you think of this?


Looks like Haley is going corporate something . . .

“In her resignation letter, Haley revealed a clue about her next move, writing to the president: “I expect you will appreciate my sense that returning from government to the private sector is not a step down but a step up.”

thinking of all in Michael’s path.

May I 2nd Sharon’s welcome back comments to you shylurker

VOTE Mamma Mia!


Ralfee wrote that the voting machines are hacked. I keep seeing more and more about this and think it’s not really getting the attention it deserves. What do you guys think , is this going to be a danger to the blue Wave?


We, the people, must act in numbers demanding change to inadequately safeguarded systems. The way to get that change is to change leaders by our overwhelming numbers voting so hacking cannot explain the results.



One Billion Rising flash mob


The Evidence Is Damning: What Team Trump Knew and When…We already know that the Trump campaign was aware of — and intended to Profit from — Moscow’s interference in the election.’
The Russians had just assaulted the integrity of our Presidential election and Team Trump’s first instinct and top priority was not to defend our democracy but rather to reassure the Kremlin that it was no big deal.
Where is Bob Mueller?
Republicans must be paying Mueller Big Bucks!

Patience, Grasshopper.

Mueller was appointed on May 17, 2017.

If January 13, 2020, ends the investigation it will have been 2 years, 8 months to investigate a plot much larger and involving the participation of a foreign government (making leads much harder to investigate). The astrology of the inauguration and the resident will not be rushed.

Where this is going to be:


Bob, Saturn, Pluto and Sun all conjunct at the top of the chart? Wow!


What I did not show was tRump’s natal Saturn at 23°49′ Cancer (115°43′) on the IC opposed by all of those transits.

Beautiful article Starlight. I shared on Twitter and Facebook.

These are trying times

And Sharon, we have one charismatic Dem. His name is Beto ORourke

and now I have to go to sleep, work in the morning.

Eliseo: Thanks for your Oct 8, 8:19pm & further comments: “The Pacific Northwest has a mild climate and will probably experience the least change in climate of any of the three”.

That may be so, but I would like to add another perspective to the mix. Before the full effects of climate change are likely to be known anywhere, it is possible that the geology of the Pacific Northwest will cause a major shock. In which case, politics will not be relevant. Survival will be.

There is a 12% chance that the PNW will experience the ‘big one’ (in probability, not certainly) within the next 50 years (….or at any minute). This would undoubtedly be horrendous. Even a ‘moderate one’ would be pretty awful – and moderate earthquakes are much more likely to occur than the ‘big one’. Either way, an event could take thousands of lives and destroy enormous amounts of property and infrastructure. Then again — it could take 200 years to happen.

One technicality to note re. your comment about the 400′ cliffs near Seattle – the action of an earthquake will be to drop (not raise) the land level in some places. The release of the built-up strain in the earth’s crust will ‘relax’ the shoreline, which will drop relative to the existing sea level. There is a lot of information on this in various scientific links, blogs etc..

The science is being done intensively, but unfortunately, nobody can predict earthquakes ( and there are no astrological indicators that have proven reliable). The obvious planets, Uranus etc., don’t pan out against the known data – it is not that simple.

Cities built on landfill, and sea level developments that can ‘liquefy’, together with old construction methods, plus overwhelming upheavals a la Mother Nature, are not a good combo. The event may be a combination, including tsunami(s) and even volcanoes, for which the triggers are not well understood (Pluto?).

Most people who live in the PNW region are blase about these risks. It is common in some areas for the ground to shake quite often, so people get used to it. Governments are slow to get working on the infrastructure because there are lots more immediate problems to address. Private citizens are oblivious despite the fact that they live under a serious threat for the entire west coast region (and the financial health of the entire nation). The 3 PNW states (CA, OR, WA) and Alaska, as well as BC, are working on it, but results are slow to accumulate.

Another thought: however long it takes for the ‘big one’ to occur, when it does happen, fundamentalist religion will most likely take a major hit. There will be a lot of people making a whole new relationship with their Maker, whether they survive the event or don’t! More practical concerns will take over and religion won’t help with food and transportation. Only the ‘golden rule’ will be useful – to help others. It won’t be political and nobody will care about the likes of Kavenaugh (or whoever it is at the time. A lot of people will worry about FEMA and coordinated action (all levels of governments). Starting to sound more like a social democracy, what might come out of it? One can be optimistic that at least survival will bring people together. Though not much consolation!

See articles below (and there are lots more on the web):




https://www.portlandoregon.gov/pbem/article/676691 – note that this is a “local” study!

The Georgia Secretary of State, Brian Kemp who is in charge of elections and on the ballot for governor, against Stacey Abrams, the African-American tireless female candidate has 52K unprocessed applications in his possession. It is a close race–neck and neck.

26 days before an election in a close race with that many unprocessed applications could be the difference. But cheating by Republican dirty tricks deserves mention. Pres. Obama has campaigned for Abrams and she indeed looks like she could prevail in Georgia of all places.

“I won’t pray that God will heal or change or fix them. I will pray for God to protect them, from the ignorance and hatred and violence that the world will throw at them simply because of who they are.”




Here is an article worth reading and thinking about on ‘the future’ (in general):



“The ruling classes love identity politics because they keep the working classes focused on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and so on, and not on the fact that they (i.e., the working classes) are, essentially, glorified indentured servants, who will spend the majority of their sentient existences laboring to benefit a ruling elite that would gladly butcher their entire families and sell their livers to hepatitic Saudi princes if they could get away with it.”

Hey, Gypsi! This must be old home week (young home week?) LOL I am so rooting for Beto and have donated a little a few times…Also to Janz who’s running against Nunes in CA. Have to find a way to support Heidi and Claire. We have a great candidate running against Scalese here in LA but he’s too firmly entrenched. One of these years…

Less than 2 weeks from now there’s a Taurus Full Moon that’s going to carry a clout which we should be aware of. That Full Moon will conjunct this year’s US Solar Return chart’s Pallas the Planner or Strategist; she who could do battle but was best at devising other ways of defeating the opponent.

That Full Moon on Oct. 24th and the Pallas in the US Solar Return were both conjunct Uranus, the unexpected, explosive development of a situation.

That upcoming Taurus Full Moon + Uranus (and the US Solar Return Pallas + Uranus) also opposes the conjunction degree of Mercury and Jupiter that began their present cycle, a cycle about information, especially published or broadcast news, which was also conjunct US natal Hades (denying consciousness of unpleasant things) in Scorpio.

If we think about the news over the past year since Mercury and Jupiter started this cycle in October 2017, a lot of unbelievable stuff has come to the surface, and a lot of stuff has been alluded to but not exposed yet (like Mueller’s investigation).

Some (if not all) of these reports we hear or read about have been shocking (Uranus), and some we personally have not wanted to explore in depth. Those would be in the realm of US natal Hades.

This upcoming Full Moon (conjunct Uranus) in Taurus (+ Pallas/Uranus in US Solar Return) opposite the Sun in Scorpio (+ Mercury/Jupiter cycle start + US Hades) will form a tight grand cross with the transiting North (Leo) and South (Aquarius) nodes (of the Moon). It signifies a challenging, cross-roads kind of decision to be made.

There are any number of subjects this decision could be referencing.

1. In the US Solar Return, Uranus and Pallas (Taurus) trine Ceres (Virgo) and Saturn (Capricorn) which could be about stolen children (Ceres) held in captivity (Saturn)

2. In the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction (in Taurus) there was an opposition between the Sun in Libra and Uranus in Aries that Pholus (small cause, big effect) and the Galactic Center in Sagittarius were favorably tuned into, but US natal chart’s Pluto in Cap squared both Sun and Uranus while the US natal Moon could go either way (trine Sun, sextile Uranus). This could refer to political news surrounding the midterm election decision(s) taking place a few days after this cycle ends on Oct. 29.

3. The Full Moon itself with its dynamic grand cross (Sun-Moon-Uranus- north and south nodes + Mercury/Jupiter cycle start + US natal Hades) most definitely refers (for the US anyway) to the elections 14 days later.

Helping (or hindering) this monumental decision making moment is the full moon chart’s Neptune (13+ Pisces) trine US natal Sun (compassion for Michael’s devastation?) and Vesta (13+ Cap) opposite US Sun (cost of Michael devastation?) could determine the decision(s).

Right now transiting Jupiter is conjunct Trump’s natal chart’s MC, which is making him feel confident I’m sure, however transiting Eris (goddess of discord) is quincunx Trump’s MC and transiting Jupiter.

Transiting Eris is also sextile the the discovery degree of Uranus (24+ Gemini) and together, that forms a Yod to Trump’s MC + trans. Jupiter, which are being pressured to adjust in some way (I think it might be about the missing journalist and Trump’s [and Kushner’s] connection with Saudi Arbia).

That Yod becomes a Boomerang when Trump’s IC in Scorpio (which trans. Jupiter opposes) is included. The IC represents family, including in-laws.

Oops, reverse that Jupiter conjunction from Trump’s MC (in Taurus) to his IC in Scorpio, That means the Boomerang point is his Taurus MC which is where all the Yod energy winds up. Jared is still suspect.

When y’all votes the prez’s peeple in on November 6 ‘member this:

Transit Saturn at 11:59 pm, EST, will be at 275°56’. Also there will be the veep’s natal Saturn (275°30′), the 2017 inauguration Saturn/Pluto midpoint (275°59′), and my East Point for kav-naught (275°24′). That Saturn will also be square tRump’s natal Saturn (185°57′).

Why y’all want to make them peeple so sad? Too bad, so sad.

So sorry for the messy mixup; I always mistake Trump’s MC with Obama’s MC which WAS in Scorpio!

Transiting Jupiter in Scorpio conjuncts Trump’s IC (family) in Scorpio. Transiting Eris (discord) in Aries sextiles the Uranus (shock) discovery degree in Gemini and they form a Yod to Trump’s IC (family) in Scorpio + trans. Jupiter (Big Pix), making Trump’s MC (reputation) in Taurus the Boomerang point. All the easier to observe the fireworks for the rest of the world.

Are you inferring that the Dems will take back Congress? I assume we will or at least we should. But given the massive GOP voter suppression and the Russians, just not sure of anything.

so it’s ok to allow a journalist to be murdered anywhere…no warning…it’s ok…it’s Saudi Arabia…and that makes it ok…
by the holy powers of all that is good in this universe, when will this nightmare end?
voter suppression in Texas and Georgia and elsewhere, hit squads and death threats, and Democrats in the Senate as flatulent in spine as a slug by agreeing to allowing Republicans to proffer the names of 10 or so Republican judges to vote on…just so everybody could go home for the midterms? No wonder we haven’t won a goddamn thing in years!
Clearly, I am very upset tonight!!!! Upset and disgusted.
This too shall pass…but not tonight!

Aw, thanks so much, SharonK, and you, too, kiwi. Nice to be back among friends.

Question: Do you think Drumpf will appoint Kanye to replace Nikki Haley as UN Ambassador?

(Just kidding, just kidding.)

See, Shylurker….That’s why I love your posts! We need all the humor we can get….which is why I also appreciate Bob, barb and anyone else who can bring some levity to the situation (which doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be fighting and focusing on the problems).

Lamis, At first glance it looks bad, but Schumer said the judges were going to be appointed anyway. As far as going home for the midterms, many Democrats want to campaign so they can win. That was the reasoning anyway.

“The Great Lesson of California in America’s New Civil War”
(Even if this was regarding Iowa: I pray it’s The Key)
“Why there’s no bipartisan way forward at this juncture in our history — one side must win”:

Thanks, barbk, for the astrological picture leading up to the midterms; and Eliseo, for your insightful posts.

Until the veil has lifted from enough American’s eyes as much as it has your eyes; your consciousness Lamis; until enough of us are mad as hell and won’t take it anymore.

I think; I feel we have to reach that explosive point – the hundredth monkey point – where the madness of it all overcomes enough of us so as to break through the apathy and disbelief (call it negative Neptune) that’s taken over sanity or what used to pass as normal.

You are right, this too shall pass and we are getting there. I know I never dreamed that TV news anchors would blatantly describe the sitting US President as incompetent and yet, here we are. It is a matter of time and this election in November will give us a clue as to where we are on that scale.

Manafort’s new hearing on Oct. 19th for setting his sentencing date puts pressure on Mueller (AND Manafort) to get as much cooperation from him as possible. This too might provide a quantum shift we so desperately long for. Deep breaths.

Thank you Dean W., so grateful to know you got something from that perspective of the Taurus Full Moon.


My charts for tRump and McConnell for election night are not good for them but each show a sliver of good that has me thinking that they will hold onto the Senate.

They both have bad charts for January 2020. They do not show up for election night in 2020.

Rigged: How Voter Suppression Threw Wisconsin to Trump and Here’s the proof.

https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2017/10/voter-suppression-wisconsin-election-2016/ via @MotherJones

Chilling article, Angellight. I hope, though, that now people are feeling actively disenfranchised – as barbk notes – that citizens will participate in preserving our democracy – and also vote in large enough numbers to override any election-rigging!

Maybe the sliver is the senate flips 51-49 and the sliver of good is McConnell believes that he has the Dem senators ND, WV and Missouri on the R side so they can still pass things.

“Maybe the sliver is the senate flips 51-49 and the sliver of good is McConnell believes that he has the Dem senators ND, WV and Missouri on the R side so they can still pass things.”


That sounds quite plausible. Though I’m trying to stay realistic about things, it means there will be continued pressure on Manchin, McCaskill, Jones, and other Dem senators in red states when they come up again for vote in 2020. McConnell is nothing short of diabolical.

Hopefully the Trump/GOP brand will become so toxic NO ONE will want them back. Fingers crossed.

“The Roberts court overturned key elements of “voter rights act” and Republican congress let it run out without renewing it.”

“https://www.nytimes.com/…/26/us/supreme-court-ruling.html …

Angellight, can you please post a better link for that quote or article? I can’t find it. Thanks, Sharon

I also see chagrin for Trump and McConnell coming very soon. But, I too am a little skeptical about the Dems tipping the Senate. Too much 538 and Real Clear Politics on my mind right now.

McConnell’s Solar Return is a picture of somebody who doesn’t have full power. I am watching Uranus and the Moon. McConnell’s natal Moon is at 3 Taurus 21.

Barbk, Thanks for the soothing salve in your posts. I think you may be on to something very significant in your earlier post which begins talking about the Taurus Full Moon coming on Oct. 24th.

Linda G has a new post up. Has anybody ever asked her if the Dems could take the Senate as well? She keeps talking about the Blue Wave, but I believe she is mainly referring to the House.

Could these transits signal the reversal of that decision in time to come?

SC Guts Voting Rights Act – Natal Chart
Jun 25 2013, 10:00 am, EDT +4:00

Mercury Upper 114°36′

Transits Jan 13 2020 – Event Relocated
Jan 13 2020, 10:00 am, EST +5:00

Sun lower 114°42′
Saturn lower 114°42′
Pluto lower 114°45′

The speculative March 20,1864, 6:30 pm, LMT, in Ripon, WI chart for the Rethuglican Party has Jupiter at 23°00′ Capricorn (294°51′). It will be smothered by the Sun, Saturn, and Pluto on January 20, 2020. Chart is not my choice for that group but it has that interesting feature.

After Norman Bates and Hannibal Lecter married they formed the Grand Old Party and celebrated with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.


Bob, love that dark humor! So funny… The party of Lincoln, huh? Well Trump is now praising Robert E. Lee. Such a hypocrite!

Lamis thanks for the heads up on Linda G. I find her very soothing.

But this bit from North Dakota is a real downer. Incredible, but not surprising. Galling and heart wrenching. How can we change this?!!!!! QUICkLY!!!


Civil War Redux

Its only a matter of time.

Has anyone come to any conclusions re: Trump’s ups & downs from election day through January 3, 2019 when the new Congress first convenes? I remain concerned he may declare the election invalid, claim the election results are fraudulent as they were “meddled with by the Chinese.” [Therefore, all you Democrats who believe you won really lost and we will not allow you to take office in our Congress.]

It seems unimaginable any president could get away with such a ploy, but 45 has already gotten away with so many outrageous actions it is difficult to count them. I believe he might try such an action if he BELIEVES he can actually get away with it. I believe he will do just about anything to prevent Dems from taking office who might investigate him or impeach him.

Who does our military, especially the air force, side with?


Who does our military, especially the air force, side with?

If information I have received is accurate most of the officers in our military do not like or respect 45. Many of them are moderately conservative, but rational. Rational, reasonable Conservatives generally are disgusted with Mr. T.

I have no information as to the electoral demographics of the army vs navy vs marines vs air force, but I know for a fact there are differing factions within the CIA, NSA and our other intelligence organizations. I would not be surprised if a faction within one of our intelligence orgs considers a “wet” solution, ..Shocked, but not surprised.

“As we unpack Trump’s hesitation to criticize Saudi Arabia and examine his business ties, remembering this from 2016:
Trump registered EIGHT new companies in Saudi Arabia during US election campaign”


Sharon K: Sorry abt the link, but I see Lamis B posted information on the story.

“Voters in Georgia: if you are one of the people who has been removed from the rolls (your status says “pending” on the SOS site), you can still vote if you bring your ID and the name matches. Media! Please include this in your stories and ensure your headlines are not misleading”


Indiana purged 460k voters.

Georgia is freezing 50k newly registered Black voters

North Dakota is disenfranchising thousands of Native Americans

Florida’s voter registration site went down two days before the deadline (and they never fixed it).

Republicans cheat to win.”

For those on Facebook, here’s the most detailed article I’ve found regarding the company’s recent, very serious data-breach. The article comes from the British press, interestingly:


posting this signup link for those who might be interested:
Global oneness summit – online all day 24th

posting this link for those who might be interested. Tried to post a moment ago, but it disappeared – (sorry if it shows up twice)
Global Oneness Summit – online all day 24th

HuffPost reports that modern-day witches plan to hex Kavanaugh. The article contains a link with contact-information, for those who wish to join those good witches!


kiwi – I also had a post disappear this morning.

Don’t stop at Kavanaugh. Put a hex on McConnell too, the shameless snake in the grass that made him possible.

Lamis Linda G has a new video up today 10/13. Great reading.

An interesting theory circulating about regarding the potential firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Here’s one version from Newsmax ….

“……Former White House aide to President Bill Clinton and current CNN commentator Keith Boykin tweeted speculation on how the dominoes may be expected to fall:

“Based on the speculation I’ve seen on TV, Trump will fire Jeff Sessions, who will be replaced by Lindsey Graham, who will be replaced by Nikki Haley, who will be replaced by Ivanka Trump.”

Excerpted from the following article……

Nikki Haley a Candidate to Replace SC Sen. Graham?

October 9, 2018

While Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., says he “has no interest in being a member of Trump’s Cabinet,” there has been at least some speculation he might be one of the few who could pass Senate approval to be confirmed as a replacement for Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

After all, resigning U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley is the former South Carolina governor, allowing the dominoes to align, CNN politics editor David Wright noted via Twitter.



Logic dictates that if there is to be a major shakeup in the Trump administration one would expect it to happen soon after the November 6th midterm elections (to avoid the appearance of impropriety). Trump’s inner circle of advisers certainly don’t want to incur any negative fallout prior to the elections. To reinforce Trump’s intentions, he has made it clear he plans to get rid of Sessions immediately after the midterms. However, looking at the astrological aspects for the October 24th Taurus full moon, one has to wonder. Can we expect a premature reaction directed at Sessions or Rosenstein in ten days time? And if so, how would special counsel Robert Mueller respond?

Lending substance to that possibility is the fact that tr. Jupiter will precisely square Trump’s natal Mars as well as closely squaring the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse degree.

As mentioned earlier……. a number of astrologers have pointed to this full moon/ Uranus conjunction (0/ 1 Taurus) in grand cross square to the nodes (1 Aquarius-Leo) as a possible major turning point. Something very dramatic and unexpected? If one gives credence to midpoints, Jeff Session’s natal Mercury (16 Sag) and Rod Rosenstein’s natal Uranus/Pluto conjunction (14/16 Virgo) is at the epicentre of this grand cross square. If either Rosenstein or Sessions are terminated, it would stand to reason Mueller wouldn’t hesitate to pull out all the stops with a massive series of indictments and arrests. Mueller’s natal Mars/Chiron conjunction (16 Virgo) is also at the center of this October 24th full moon -grand cross square. The 2017 US Inaugural Sun (0 ’49 Aquarius) is being heavily impacted as well.

Here are Steve Judd’s partial comments on the 10/24 Taurus Full Moon…….

Global October


342,000 people have registered to vote at Taylor Swift’s link and the people running the site say there is no sign of let up.

231,000 are under 30. I think that is great.

FULL MOON IN TAURUS OCTOBER 2018: Unsettled Stability


Starlight, when you can, can you give us analysis of the mid term vote for Nov. 6h. Thank you.

Angellight, I’m curious about Nancy’s take on the mid-term vote too, especially since the transiting Moon the morning of election day will be opposite her position at the Oct. 24 Taurus Full Moon.

In fact, the Moon on Election Day starts out with a conjunction to Venus and Ceres (27+ Libra) before entering Scorpio and opposing Uranus and squaring the North and South Nodes. The Moon represents women, especially mothers, and Uranus indicates the unexpected.

Two important long-term cycles will be active on Election Day, the Pluto-Saturn conjunction (11/7/1982) at 27+ Libra which was sextile Neptune + the Galactic Center in Sagittarius and this sextile, when combined with Chiron who was in Taurus (very near where Sedna is now and also Trump’s MC), created a Yod calling for an adjustment. Transiting Venus-Ceres and Moon at 27+ Libra will activate that Pluto-Saturn cycle on voting day.

Also the cycle of Neptune-Pluto (that was conjunct US natal Uranus) that started at 8+ Gemini (in 1891) had Uranus at 27+ Libra (where Venus and Ceres and Moon will be) and that Uranus was square Venus at 27+ Cancer (which opposed US Pluto in Cap) in 1891, so this cycle will also be activated on Election Day. That’s a helluva lot of Uranus and a helluva lot of feminine symbolism coming to a head on Election Day!

There is a great deal of focus on Venus herself that day and she symbolizes values, including $$$, as well as the feminine principal. In this case her transit will sextile the US natal Aquarius Moon (the US people) and square the US natal Capricorn Pluto (power of the establishment).

kiwi, thanks for the global oneness link (I had a post disappear yesterday too!)

There’s a lot of talk about how this midterm election rhetoric has been so violent. I believe it is reflected in the chart for when transiting Jupiter reached 0 Scorpio (called an ingress chart). As usual Jupiter emphasizes everything it touches, and it was touching the US natal Hades, also at 0+ Scorpio.

Jupiter was accompanied by transiting Apollon (abundance), Typhon (think hurricane) and Siwa (catabolic process preceding insight) all at 0 or 1 Scorpio. We know Scorpio doesn’t do anything half-way and this crew surrounding Jupiter had intentions of creating dramatic emotional upheaval. All for a good cause; raising consciousness.

There was a notable astro pattern going on at the moment Jupiter reached 0 degrees of Scorpio on October 10, 2017, called a grand cross (4 squares, 2 oppositions). Mars at 22+ Virgo (conjunct US natal Neptune, 22+ Virgo) and the Moon at 21+ Gemini (conjunct US natal Mars, 21+ Gemini), Saturn at 22+ Sagittarius and Chiron at 25+ Pisces retrograde.

For the USA, this Jupiter transit through Scorpio would be one for the books. It will end rather conveniently on November 8th, the day after the November Scorpio New Moon that comes the day after the US midterm election.

This means the New Moon on the 7th will carry a grand trine between Jupiter (29+ Scorpio) and Chiron (28+ Pisces rx) and the North Node (29+ Cancer rx) and, since this North Node opposes the South Node (29+ Capricorn rx) making the grand trine into a Kite formation, it suggests the South Node might serve as a possible release valve for all the election results venom as a Jupiter grand (trine) finale.

I would also note that when Jupiter ingressed Scorpio last year the Sun was at 17+ Libra, conjunct US progressed Mars, the US Constitution chart’s Neptune and Trump’s natal Jupiter. Mercury at 18+ Libra in the Jupiter ingress chart was conjunct the Sun and this past week the Sun transited those 2 degrees Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

All the cacophony of abrasive ads and speeches repeated ad nauseam – especially this past week is a glaring reminder of the US natal square between Mars and Neptune on steroids. Thank you Jupiter, we know you mean well.

PS – Transiting Ceres is now at 17+ Libra, nurturting that progressed Mars, US Constitution’s Neptune and Trump’s Jupiter. What a team!

Feeling more endangered after the midterm election tRump may lash out viciously before a new Congress is sworn in.

On November 13, 2018 his progressed Neptune will be at 7°03′ Libra, progressed Mars at 10°29′ Libra. On January 2, 2019 progressed Neptune will be at 7°03′ Libra, progressed Mars at 10°33′ Libra.

Allowing a 1° orb before and after exactness (6°03′ through 8°03′ and 9°29′ through 11°33′) has transiting Saturn squaring those 2 on 39 of those 51 days. It will only be slightly out of that 1° range from December 3 through December 14 so will still be very strong. If the midpoint of the 2 is included there may be 1 day of relief – December 14, but as the miss is by only a few minutes of arc there is probably no day of relief for the vast one every day for 7 weeks.

Many charts for cabal members are assailed throughout that same period perhaps indicating psychological stress for them.

Transiting Saturn in longitude square to progressed Neptune:

“Nov 13 2018”, “06°Cp01′”
“Nov 14 2018”, “06°Cp06′”
“Nov 15 2018”, “06°Cp12′”
“Nov 16 2018”, “06°Cp18′”
“Nov 17 2018”, “06°Cp24′”
“Nov 18 2018”, “06°Cp30′”
“Nov 19 2018”, “06°Cp36′”
“Nov 20 2018”, “06°Cp42′”
“Nov 21 2018”, “06°Cp48′”
“Nov 22 2018”, “06°Cp54′”
“Nov 23 2018”, “07°Cp00′”
“Nov 24 2018”, “07°Cp06′”
“Nov 25 2018”, “07°Cp12′”
“Nov 26 2018”, “07°Cp19′”
“Nov 27 2018”, “07°Cp25′”
“Nov 28 2018”, “07°Cp31′”
“Nov 29 2018”, “07°Cp38′”
“Nov 30 2018”, “07°Cp44′”
“Dec 1 2018”, “07°Cp51′”
“Dec 2 2018”, “07°Cp57′”

Transiting Saturn in longitude square to progressed Mars/Neptune midpoint (Terror):

“Dec 3 2018”, “08°Cp04′”
“Dec 4 2018”, “08°Cp10′”
“Dec 5 2018”, “08°Cp17′”
“Dec 6 2018”, “08°Cp24′”
“Dec 7 2018”, “08°Cp30′”
“Dec 8 2018”, “08°Cp37′”
“Dec 9 2018”, “08°Cp44′”
“Dec 10 2018”, “08°Cp50′”
“Dec 11 2018”, “08°Cp57′”
“Dec 12 2018”, “09°Cp04′”
“Dec 13 2018”, “09°Cp11′”
“Dec 14 2018”, “09°Cp18′”

Transiting Saturn in longitude square to progressed Mars.

“Dec 15 2018”, “09°Cp25′”
“Dec 16 2018”, “09°Cp32′”
“Dec 17 2018”, “09°Cp39′”
“Dec 18 2018”, “09°Cp45′”
“Dec 19 2018”, “09°Cp52′”
“Dec 20 2018”, “09°Cp59′”
“Dec 21 2018”, “10°Cp06′”
“Dec 22 2018”, “10°Cp13′”
“Dec 23 2018”, “10°Cp20′”
“Dec 24 2018”, “10°Cp27′”
“Dec 25 2018”, “10°Cp35′”
“Dec 26 2018”, “10°Cp42′”
“Dec 27 2018”, “10°Cp49′”
“Dec 28 2018”, “10°Cp56′”
“Dec 29 2018”, “11°Cp03′”
“Dec 30 2018”, “11°Cp10′”
“Dec 31 2018”, “11°Cp17′”
“Jan 1 2019”, “11°Cp24′”
“Jan 2 2019”, “11°Cp31′”
“Jan 3 2019”, “11°Cp38′”

Thanks, barbk, and Bob, for your very detailed posts!

Also, here’s a link to HuffPost’s just-released synopsis of Trump’s wild, ’60 Minutes’ interview – doctoral theses will examine the President’s cognitive dissonance for decades to come.


A smaller rendition of the Saturn squares to tRump’s Neptune and Mars for those who may want to copy or take a screenshot.

Transit Saturn to tRump progressed Neptune and Mars within 1°.

Square progressed Neptune:

November 13 through December 2; exact November 23.

Between December 3 through December 14 Saturn will square within 1° the progressed Mars/Neptune midpoint.

Square progressed Mars:

December 15 through January 2; exact December 24.

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to meet and listen to Ammar Campo Najjar, who may be able to defeat Duncan Hunter here in So Cal and turn the house. He reminded me of a young Obama.

On another note,


barbk: Thank you. The reason why I was asking for analysis, read planet alert’s analysis and the son of the blog owner who is an astrologer, said mid terms looked good for Trump and disappointing for Dems. I hope not!

On Another Note:

“So President Obama had to release his birth certificate and Elizabeth Warren had to release her DNA tests, but Donald Trump still hasn’t released his tax returns like every other president has done for the past 40 years?”


“Square progressed Mars:

December 15 through January 2; exact December 24.”


That sounds like the date he makes some kind of crazed holiday message to the US that goes, as usual off the rails.

I think I will be busy making holiday dinner with family at the time.


Was it you who posted awhile back that Barbara Streisand was going to have some highlights in her chart?

Everyone, check this out:


I am just going to say it. I am kind of pissed at Elizabeth Warren for presenting the DNA thing right before the midterms. I think she could have waited until after the mid terms.

We need to have a laser focus on the midterms, the most important election of our lives. No distractions.
I am open to hearing the other side of this if there is one.

Saturn at kavanaugh’s public announcement on July 9, 2018, was at 275°21′ in RA and 4°57′ Capricorn in longitude. It will transit that RA on Oct 31 and that longitude on November 1 just before the midterm election and just arcminutes away from pence’s Saturn return in both longitude and right ascension and square to tRump’s natal Neptune (exact dates for RA or longitude aspects are Nov 2nd/3rd for pence, 7th and 11th for tRump). Notice the square in right ascension to tRump’s natal Neptune is the day afyrt the election when all results may be known.

tRump’s anlunar progressed to November 2 has his progressed natal Saturn on the IC opposite return Mars/Pluto midpoint on the MC.


Bob square in right ascension to natal neptune. Loss and confusion?

Liked the symphony. I was wondering if this meant they were going to the mattresses.

thanks for the Streisand ad Fe. Awesome!!!

Ox, after the more than 2 year long lightweight confrontment (?) by the media I think the upcoming transits in the coming year (Saturn to his term’s Pluto in particular) signal a bold change in tRump’s treatment by the fourth estate.

If there is a Blue Wave tsunami in the House I think the Senate may become more cooperative out of fear of the same happening to them in 2020.

“What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.” and something about sleeping fishes.

Another hit for Babs Fe. Thanks for the link. Hope it becomes a buzz and played all of the time everywhere.


Thanks for the link. I hope it reaches millions.

Bob Ok that makes sense. I really hope we win.

Not me Fe (have lost sound on my computer so haven’t watched video yet).

I’m wondering if America is going through this present brain scramble to force us to break through the illusions we’ve developed, en masse, since World War II.

In May, 1944, transiting Pluto was conjunct the US natal chart’s North Node at 6+ Leo.

At the same time transiting Uranus had returned to the US natal chart’s Uranus at 8+ Gemini.

Remarkably, at that time transiting Neptune at 1+ Libra was conjunct the US natal chart’s MC, the midheaven, the cusp of the 10th house of achievement, of reputation; one’s place in the world and one’s career.

In May, 1944, the North Node was in the same degree that the transiting North Node will be in one week from now, 1+ Leo. The NN had been conjunct Pluto just a few months earlier in 1944.

I am wondering now if that wasn’t a time when the USA, as a nation, started developing a disproportionate image of itself? How could it not? We were totally enthralled by the outer planet influence on our country’s natal chart.

This in turn makes me wonder if, when, in 2009, transiting Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron all met up to start 3 different new cycles (the Jupiter-Chiron cycle, the Jupiter-Neptune cycle and the Chiron-Neptune cycle) while also conjunct the US natal Pallas and Moon in Aquarius, in order to shift the trajectory of the 1944 influence of the 3 outer planets on our country. Hmmm

At that time (2009) transiting Uranus was in Pisces and sextile US natal Pluto in Capricorn.

If there had just been a transiting planet at about 26 – 29 Leo, it would have created a Yod with Uranus and US Pluto.

This would turn into a Boomerang with the US Aquarius Moon and US Pallas, plus trans. Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter, all in Aquarius at the Boomerang point. They would be receiving all the combined energy symbolized by all the participating planets in the Yod-Boomerang. It would have been overwhelming. Perhaps, had there been a planet at 26-29 Leo, a delay might help diffuse the impact.

I think there WAS a planet there and it was Donald Trump’s Mars (+ ascendant) in 2009, when he sent his very first tweet. Far from the national and international news headlines at that time, he was (consciously or unconsciously, or somewhere in between) forming an integral component for the awakening of America from its illusions of itself. He was putty in the hands of the gods and goddesses.

It would be the start of exposing what the USA had become since WWII, and how its citizens had bought into all the illusions it had been fed, and how it could become whole and real . . .by shattering all those illusions of itself and starting all over again.

Of course it’s just a theory, but it sure makes sense to me.

Another thought. There was another prominent planet at the 26-29 Leo range in 2009, Barack Obama’s natal Uranus was at 25+ Leo but his North Node was at 27+ Leo (and his South Node at 27+ Aquarius would have been part of the Boomerang point with US Moon and Pallas, and transiting Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron in 2009).

Obama would not be as unconscious as Trump of the awakening of America, although a natal Uranus isn’t as personal as a natal Mars. The thing is we have been living in a polarized world (the black and the white, the rich and the poor, and of course the good and the bad). As we evolve there will be less and less polarization, and more and more unity thinking. Baby steps for now.

When transiting Pluto conjuncts the US natal South Node at 6+ Aquarius maybe it will mark the release of most if not all of the hostility and fear that has festered in this country, especially in the past decade.

Barbk do you have a set of headphones you can try? My speakers are in bad shape but I can hear fine using a set.

S** has hit the fan in NZ politics today – leader of National Party (equivalent of repub party – Jacinda’s opposition) has been whistleblown – accused of taking unreported $$$ from foreign business owners and lying about it. He struck me as a slimy ass kissing weasel from the get-go so I’d not be surprised if it turns out to be true – law enforcement to be involved tomorrow. Shocking development in this country because it prides itself on transparency and non-corrupt image. More and more corrupt global corporate influences creeping everywhere sadly.
Bring on the courageous honest truthtellers!
Hope this portends a clean-up trend further afield too . . . .

kiwi – That is good news. I hope other whistleblowers start doing the same thing all over the world!

Completely agree about Elizabeth Warren , this is such an unnecessary distraction, not good for the Dems,they should indeed be focusing on the message for the midterms. Fighting back about the rhetoric on Dems being a radical mob, its ridiculous!

Another thing I have noticed is how much worse this post truth era is getting, Donald Trump basically gets away with saying any lies he wants to the press, in this rallies and in that 60 minute interview , yet still is getting praise that he actually had the interview.

I feel that he is getting more confident in his Presidency and there is a normalizing of him to an extent, even on the side of the media and people who are against him, I cant really put my finger on it, but there’s something there I think.

ON another note, My brother visited from out of town for the weekend, my Mum who is raving member of the Trump Fan Club, and knows not to talk about him with me, had to mention to my brother “So what do you think of Trump now?” Like she figured he would not be unable to say that Trump’s presidency so far been a success. Of course when he started to tell her what he really thought and it was negative, she refused to hear and made him stop talking. As my brother was saying it really is like a cult, the orange buffoon can do no wrong it seems. Its actually really scary.

Then unfortunately when we out eating, the tv was on the station showing the 60 minute interview, no sound thankfully! My mother was practically swooning over him, and announced to the table that she just thinks that he is the best president ever, he’s so stately and Presidential and has done more than any other President ever, and she adores Melania.

It honestly make me absolutely sick …..sigh!

On another note, did anyone see this on Jimmy Kimmel, its is so beautiful and moving, its reply to Trump ridiculous statement when he said its a scary time for boys. Very inspiring, from a dance teacher in Texas that did a song that went viral and Jimmy had her on. It gives me goosebumps



“…He struck me as a slimy ass kissing weasel…”


Will, to make it even more hilarious, the deputy PM (from a different party ) in our coalition govt and who acted as PM while Jacinda was on maternity leave, was asked what he thought yesterday by the press – he said nothing but smiled, and played a few bars of the song ‘burning bridges’ for them from his phone.
I imagine his humorous reference was to the accused’s last name ‘Bridges’ as well as the whistleblower, seemingly burning his party political bridges, and the clown coverup act by others – (Also, years back he personally stood up for what’s right/ethical and got blackballed by the same party himself and subsequently started his own party.)
Jacinda has wisely refused to publically comment on the national party drama meltdown thus far.

Diana, I can’t imagine having to be subjected to that from a loved one. On the other hand, a lot of people grew up in a more simplistic time where those in authority were looked up to and trusted to do the right things and have high integrity. It’s easier to stick to that pattern – (the father knows best one, basically, even if some of them are women now).

I wonder how long they can keep the economy looking “strong” because that’s what a lot of people are going by when they point to Trump’s accomplishments. Also, and it’s kind of suspicious to me, there have been no terrorist events by those of Muslim descent, which coincides with the travel ban. It also makes Trump look good.

Whew..Diana you show remarkable restraint.

I guess the DT horse face comment has overtaken the news cycle which is good for us.

Alas Bob, I don’t have headphones and I’m pretty sure I’ve hit (by mistake) a button or key on my computer that has caused the loss of sound. I wish there was a computer (and maybe there is) for dummies, but no doubt I would not be able to afford it. When my company leaves I will take it to the Geek Squad and all will be well.

In resurrecting Obama’s natal chart I see that transiting Jupiter in Scorpio is now opposite his natal Vesta (workaholic) in Taurus, and she
is part of a grand trine with his Mars in Virgo (conjunct US natal Neptune) and Saturn in Capricorn (conjunct US natal Pluto).

Transiting Jupiter also trines Obama’s natal Pallas (the strategist) in Pisces. All this leads me to believe he is in the thick of the midterm election planning, albeit behind the scene.

Transiting Jupiter will reach Obama’s MC by Halloween and hang around there for the first 3 days of November. Trans. Jupiter will T-square his natal North Node (growth) + Uranus in Leo and natal South Node (give something away) in Aquarius (which conjuncts the US Moon+Pallas).

The transiting Sun will conjunct his natal Neptune late on Halloween and into November 1st. This not only gives me comfort but makes me think he will surprise us and go public (for strategic candidates) just before the election. What a treat for us and a trick for Trump and Pubs!

Barbk – re sound: do you have a mac or a pc? If pc with windows do you have a task bar at the bottom? Look for the speaker icon and make sure there is not an X over it, indicating the sound has been muted. Or google your particular system online for sound problems – lots of info available online to begin troubleshooting before calling in a tech.

Yet another major Republican leaves the R. Party. I personally feel the probability is the R. party will “go out of business,” the Dem party will split into at least two parties, and we will end up with a three party system within the next 12 years.

Max Boot on the end of conservatism: “The Republican Party needs to be burned down”
Author Max Boot on finding himself “politically homeless” after renouncing Donald Trump’s Republican Party


RE: E. Warren’s DNA test as distraction, etc.

I don’t think it is going to make a whit of difference. Most won’t pay any attention to the matter. The nation is extraordinarily polarized. Vehement pro-Trumpers will vote their way, whereas anti-Trumpers will vote straight Dem tickets.

Blue voters will turn out in large numbers regardless. The only question is will the voter purging, gerrymandering, and other Republican dirty tricks significantly affect the outcome? And if so, by how much?

” Sad to hear of Paul Allen’s death. Sending this story to all my students for inspiration—-you can be brilliant, creative, and a businessman, and still be ethical, compassionate and caring, despite what a certain Orange man says in the White House. America needs more stories like this for our classroom. People need more stories like this for hope.”


Eliseo, everything you wrote is logical, rational and correct.

My emotions are running high right now.


Various people “fix” DJT’s fantasy painting of himself with previous R. presidents.

When you click on one, you get more, especially on George Takei’s version. Some of these are hilarious.


I understand completely. Considering our true political situation, it’s pretty easy for emotions to run pretty high for all of us. Sometimes I get pretty cranked up too. “Livid outrage” is not a sufficiently strong phrase.

Has anyone else noticed the high level of anxiety people are feeling? I have been hearing from mental health professionals that their patients are reporting being unable to sleep, feeling fearful etc. I think it has to do with Trump destroying our institutions that have been a bedrock of our society for so long.

People need to just full-on confront and stand up to the man, and do whatever it takes to bring him and the people behind him down. The harder and louder the thud when they hit the ground, the better, I say.

It may get ugly, yes. It may require sacrifice. But they truly only have as much power as we allow them to have.

And hit them where it hurts most. The MONEY. Wreck and then replace the system that produces these fiends. There really can be a world where the likes of Trump, Koch, Sheldon Adelson, Murdoch, etc. are the only ones who have to live out of cardboard boxes under an overpass bridge because everyone else will never again allow them to lord over anything or anyone.

There really is nothing to fear of that flabby, fibbing, coward of a man. He doesn’t warrant anyone’s respect on any level that would cause mental anxiety, and he cannot himself handle anything remotely close to what he dishes out at people.

He’s not a tough guy or a strong man. Just the opposite. He definitely seems to be carrying a ton of shadow energy that people are giving to him, but that’s all it is.

Buckeye Shadow you are right.

Having said that what makes this difficult for me is my own history with malignant narcissists. ‘

Silcominc that would be my experience. Relative periods of calm followed by periods of high anxiety. I attributed my reactions to a connection with past experiences.

We have to take the house.


“There really is nothing to fear…but that’s all it is.”

You nailed him.


If you have a taskbar when you open your operating system look for a speaker icon.

If you see one, it should resemble the image shown on the left at this link.


If it resembles the image on the right either right or left click on it and look for options.

No need to shell out money for something you can fix with a click or 2.

silcominc – Your question “….Has anyone else noticed the high level of anxiety people are feeling?….” really hit home for me.

Everyone I know is suffering from strange health-issues, as well as experiencing random, negative events in their lives. It’s as if Trump is sucking all the ‘luck’ out of us!

Also, something I’ve just recently noticed, is that the more I watch Trump news, the sicker I feel; and on days I don’t watch Trump, I feel better. So, I think I’m going to just leave news alone for a while, and let Mr. Mueller do his work.

Ja, It’s Wonderful that you teach!
Here’s another link from “The Blog of Bill Gates” you may also wish to share: What I loved about Paul Allen:

If you google “Trump Anxiety Disorder” you will find numerous news articles on the subject.
Below are two examples.

BY EMILY ZOGBI ON 7/28/18 AT 3:48
Therapists in the U.S. say there has been a rise in politically-related anxiety in the months before and after Trump’s presidency that they have dubbed “Trump Anxiety Disorder.”


Psychologists warn ‘Trump Anxiety Disorder’ is soaring


Eliseo, I’m extremely stressed by Trump Anxiety Disorder! Look what their viciousness is doing to our Brilliant Elizabeth Warren:
We must not allow them to weaken Warren!

“Canned crab? Elizabeth Warren is unfit to lead”.

Worry not. Dana Milbank is often described as “extravagantly contrarian.” Although he is prominent, many do not take him all that seriously. According to Wikipedia, “he voted for John McCain in 2000, Chuck Hagel in 2004, and Michael Bloomberg in 2008.” His views tend to be inexplicable.

This too shall pass. It is along way to 2020. My intuitive feeling is E. Warren will probably be our first female president. And even if that does not happen, whichever Dem does become president will likely adopt her economic and financial program. That’s her area of genius. Her other views are lesser known to the public.

“Parallel universes continue to collide this week and the fallout from these physical and psychic collisions continues to be crazy-making.”


Hey, take a little break from Trump Anxiety Disorder to enjoy some wedding photos from one of the most beautiful places in my area — a lake with the mountains in the background.

This is my wild child. You guys have held my hands through some scary times with her. Look at her now, happy. She got married on Saturday to a really good guy.

I didn’t realize it until looking at the photos afterward, but she looks so much like her old self, before a lot of hard, scary things happened.

I could cry just imagining that maybe the worst parts of her life are over and better times are ahead for all of us.

Thanks for hanging with me during the scary times.


Teresa, Thank you for sharing these photos of your beautiful daughter at her wedding. Wishing her and her husband ongoing blessings of good health, love, happiness & success! I do feel like we went through some of those ups and downs with you and remember how very worried and distraught you were, as any parent would be. You must be so relieved and happy, and I am so very happy for you, your family and your daughter. God is good.

I am aware of Trump Anxiety Disorder. What worries me more is the subtle brainwashing that has been occurring over the past few years. Maybe I am overreacting but it seems as the Orange Popsicle has his numbers going up, the nation is not only in a state of high anxiety but is also being brainwashed. What was never thought to be acceptable is becoming more acceptable. Friends who I respect are saying the Saudi journalist that was chopped up was an effort by the four nations – Turkey, Russia, SA, and the USA to scare journalists in all those countries to stop asking questions. This is the most important election and I am fearful of the outcome – either real or hacked.

Teresa Hill, Your daughter looks so happy. What a great day.

Silcominc I never thought of that. What a terrible message. The last poll I saw his numbers had ticked down a bit, not much but a point or two. We need to leave it all on the field.

Teresa, I’ve tried to post my congratulations, and my appreciation for your sharing the photos of your beautiful daughter’s wedding with us twice already, so I’m making this post short. I can only imagine the very well-deserved happiness and gratitude you feel, and I am very happy for you and the newlyweds, and wish them ongoing blessings of love, happiness, joy, good health and success! God is good.

Silcominc, I don’t believe that. If the U.S. supported it, it’s because they need Saudi money and support as a counterweight to Iran’s attempts at hegemony in the M-E. Turkey is the one that is releasing the gory details. I don’t believe the U.S., even Trump, would get behind an act like that for an instant. The fact is, as Trump said, we need the Saudis for the reason abovementioned and also for the economic infusion, us needing revenue all the more now due to the tax cuts. For that reason, Trump will close his eyes to this heinous, horrid act, but I cannot see him encouraging it.

A comment from nyt’s:


“As bad as Trump’s response is, the bigger issue is a long history of US support for one of the most hideous regimes on Earth. The US role in creating a humanitarian crisis in Yemen is just the most recent example. My hope is that this horrific murder marks the end of an era. The world is watching us, gauging our response. I understand that the Saudis could destabilize the oil market in an act of revenge against sanctions. I’m not convinced they will go that route, but at some point we either do or do not take a moral stand consistent with our most cherished principles which are also enshrined in international law. Any failure to do as much is tantamount to an endorsement of the butchery of the Saudi and other despicable regimes. It’s a big green light to thugs in power the world over.”

kiwi, good advice, I WILL google for online help, thank you. To you and Bob, I DID have the “X” or “/” (can’t remember which but it was red) which I clicked repeatedly but it would not change the sound problem. Finally, the next morning, the backslash (or X) had disappeared but still could get no volume/sound. Also,the hi-speed of my Wi-Fi service has slowed way down, so I’m thinking I’ve been bugged.

ja, also good advice from Ralfee, “pay attention”, “be thoughtful and kind”. Thanks!

Did anyone see the new commercial (possibly a public service but I’m sure the Dems paid for it) where Obama talks to the kids re: voting? That’s trans. Jupiter on his MC opposite his natal Vesta which is in a grand trine with his Mars (conjunct US Neptune) and his Saturn. Keep the faith.

Transparency International
“……..People between the age of 18 and 35 are invited to submit a short video clip presenting their idea on new ways to fight corruption.
The FutureAgainstCorruption Award may be conferred to activists from all walks of life ……”

After many, many attempts from the middle of this afternoon until now to donate using ActBlue to various Dems’ campaigns to no avail, I contacted ActBlue both by phone and 2 emails alerting them to what I think is a Republican hacking job. Yes, yes, I am, by now, convinced that the Republican voter suppression machine is going full force. Today was the last day one could donate to certain candidates. I trust NOBODY! All hail Neptune…paranoia and all that good stuff.

‘The jury’s still out on whether Warren got herself a bloody nose. I for one wondered why she didn’t stuff a DNA test down Trump’s throat the moment he started taunting her. Not only can she now claim that she was right, but she can taunt Trump as a deadbeat who won’t pay off on a bet we all heard him make.”


Lamas, After reading your post, I decided to try donating through Act Blue myself today (I donated yesterday), as one person I had yet to donate to was Jacky Rosen, running for the House in NV. I’ve heard she’s the underdog but you never know. I googled her name along with Act Blue and was able to donate. Maybe the problem you experienced is solved by now, or it just involved certain specific people.

Whoops, I hope this isn’t a double post but my last one isn’t showing up. Lamas, after reading your post, I thought I’d try and donate through Act Blue to Jacky Rosen, a Dem running for the House in NV. It worked so the problem must be solved (or maybe it just involves certain candidates).

I hear you and struggle with my emotions as well. IMHO, your anxiety is “well grounded” not in any paranoid delusionality, but in real possibilities. Our situation could get much worse before it gets better. We nevertheless need to emotionally support one another and do our best to cultivate inner peace and equanimity. We need that inner resolve to win these various fights.

To your points:

In my view the brainwashing has been going on for decades and much of it not subtle at all. It will continue to be successful until we can restore the fairness doctrine which was eliminated under R. Reagan and beat these cranks at their criminal games.

To my knowledge, (and I’m trained in demography and population statistics) the “Orange Popsicle’s” real numbers are not going up but are staying fairly steady. I’ve heard from colleagues there is a bit of attrition from women and disillusioned Independents who voted for him in 2016, but not enough yet to affect a political outcome. Simultaneously, many long time R’s are leaving the party which distorts the interpretation when polls of remaining R’s are done.

DJT’s numbers are maintained by a cult like following. Thus, his almost accurate statement in January of 2016, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters.” He is without question the most successful con-artist in American history, comparable to A. Hitler in his relationship to the German people of the 1930’s, not (so far) in how much damage Mr. H. eventually did, but certainly in his ability to con millions.

“What was never thought to be acceptable is becoming more acceptable.”

That’s true if we are talking about tattoos, but not if we are talking about ethics in politics. Yes, the bullies and dirty tricks artists are getting away with it. Yes, our present government is the most corrupt it’s been in our history. That’s to be expected with Pluto in Capricorn. But that doesn’t mean it is acceptable to the majority of American people are other citizens of the world. It is only acceptable to fascists and other authoritarians in power. Hopefully, we will be able to end or at least substantially reduce that kind of behavior in years to come when we experience our Pluto return. We are going to need new laws with severe consequences for fraud, dirty electoral tricks and cheating as well as a number of constitutional amendments to cover various practices (like disclosing income taxes) which are now customary but not encoded as law and to address the corruptive power of money, (Citizens United.)

Patience, active whistle blowing, and shrewd opposition are the keys here. Courage is also essential. Some of us could very well pay the ultimate price for honesty and whistle blowing. I think we are in the midst of learning an exceptionally hard lesson about our country and its people, a lesson Sinclair Lewis tried unsuccessfully to awaken us to in the 1930’s with his classic novel, “It Can’t Happen Here.” We are a proud people in the midst of a torturing humiliation. It may be quite a while before we can calmly and confidently say again, “Hey! This is America!” with all the pregnant meaning those sentences have long inferred.

“Friends who I respect are saying the Saudi journalist that was chopped up was an effort by the four nations – Turkey, Russia, SA, and the USA to scare journalists…”

I doubt this seriously. Cooperation between the respective intelligence agencies of the nations mentioned are not good and have deteriorated seriously for quite some time. Furthermore, the deed was done with remarkably little effort to cover their tracks. Fifteen Saudis flew in to do the job, then left. It’s been a while since I was a criminal investigator, but as I read the evidence we have so far, the finger of guilt is pointing squarely to the Saudi prince and government.

And is that any surprise? Not really. We’ve been in denial about the Saudis for a very long time. It is a brutal, sexist, medieval culture with which we’ve been addictively doing business. The devil’s bargain the Saudi royal family made long ago to stay in power is to allow the Wahabis to control their education system. The most liberal form of Islam is essentially very fundamentalist, but the Wahabis perpetuate one of the most toxic varieties of hyper-conservative Islam.

Remember that video from 1980, “Death of a Princess”? As I recall, Princess Mishaal bint Fahd and her lover were beheaded for “adultery.” What was her adultery? She fell in love and actually KISSED a young man beneath her royal station. The religious police soon went nuts intensifying their already severe, persecutory oppression of Saudi women.

On 911 all but one of the hijackers in the USA was a Saudi subject. The unsuccessful 911 hijackers (we rarely hear about) who were apprehended before they could board the plane at Heathrow airport in London were also Saudis. Soon after that terrible day Time Magazine ran a story about the Saudi kingdom asking, “Who are our real enemies?”

“This is the most important election and I am fearful of the outcome – either real or hacked.”

What will be, will be. We all experience trepidation about this one. I believe it is best to allay our fears by doing all we can to prepare ourselves spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically for the result and its aftermath. We all have to decide what that means to us individually and collectively.

Considering the intensity and size of the cult which Mr. DJT has cultivated, serious violence is certainly a possibility if they are persuaded the mid-term elections were won by Dems fraudulently, or when Mueller’s team presents evidence of 45’s treason and other criminal activities. Conversely, Dems taking the House might be accepted because there has been so much media talk of a “blue wave.” We shall see. Many of these puffed up “patriots” may turn out to be lacking in the courage of their purported convictions. Meanwhile, spiritual practice and taking a few pages out of any good “survivalist notebook” are in order.

May your fear and anxiety diminish as your courage, resolve and righteous vigilance increase. May it be so for all of us.

Teresa Hill,
Congratulations! I can’t access Facebook. It would not be wise or safe for me to be a member, considering some of the dark souled folks I’ve assisted into jail. But I remember your explanations and descriptions of the travail you and your daughter have experienced. I pray she is healthy of mind, and will be happy in her new role and relationship. All the best to you and your entire family.

Teresa Hill,

Congratulations! I am sure the bride was stunning. I too cannot access Facebook. Best wishes to your daughter and your new family!

Eliseo – Thank you for your uplifting, most recent post!

Thank you, Eliseo, wonderfully comforting.

Thank you. We really lucked out on the weather for the wedding. Could not have had a more beautiful day. And three days before, the remnants of Hurricane Michael blew through our area, with clouds and heavy rain and winds.

It was also a great distraction from the upcoming election.

Now I think I’m getting nervous about whether people will really show up and vote and we make some progress in fixing things.

Nancy, Will you be doing a new post for the midterms? I hope so. 🙂

Eliseo, Thank you for that very well-reasoned and wise/intelligent post. It’s tough not to get upset and anxious at the way things are going and might continue to go. I felt the same way during the Bush/Cheney regime. At the same time, the very nature of democracy, it’s openness, allows for the good/bad of human nature to be expressed. We have to accept that. A too perfect state might bring another kind of fascism (with corruption hidden inside?) The best thing about our Democracy is the checks and balances. We need them! As far as Mueller goes, I am not sure we will get to hear all of the results. I pray they have “teeth”.

If you ever watch Nicolle Wallace I hope you saw her show today; all the best guests, including Rosie O’Donnell. Also Steve Schmidt. Great discussions about the ramming through of the latest Supreme Court Justice, the Honduran migrant caravan coming to US/Mexico border, Trump’s relationship with women, and more outrage.

Nicolle’s Pluto (dig deep) conjuncts the US natal chart’s MC at 1+ Libra, and her North Node + Mercury (messenger) in Aquarius conjuncts the US natal South Node + Pholus (small cause, big effect). I’m sure Brian Williams (11th Hour) will have an excerpt or two from her show on his show tonight!


Thanks for the well-reasoned response. It is much appreciated. One thing that still troubles me is the way they (Saudi’s) killed the journalist. If they wanted him dead, they could have just shot him on a street corner. This seems quite dramatic and either they are quite stupid or wanted the world to know – which is why I thought it is more about messaging. So too, Putin poisoning citizens in the UK. Could have shot them, but instead, use radioactive poisons?

Feel these are as symbolic as they are anything else. Just not sure who they are aimed at.

I think your assumption is correct. Those murders are meant to be troubling. They are a message to all of us, but especially to journalists who criticize the Russian or Saudi regimes. A quick death is one thing, but radioactive poison or gradual dismemberment of a live subject are forms of slow torture designed to deter political nonconformity. It’s not enough to silence the messenger, but from their view to silence anyone else who dares cross the line.

From the perspective of history, depraved savages such as these will likely never be tamed, but in due time will need to be defeated and eliminated as were the Nazis in WWII, or will self-destruct, and those two alternatives are not mutually exclusive.

Both the Russians and the Saudis have a long history of barbarism that far exceeds the terrible travesties we’ve committed here in the United States, not that that is anything to be proud of. It will be interesting (and perhaps horrifying) to see how their karmas play out in this age of nuclear weapons and climate change.

The stock market has been very volatile for the last week. I wonder if this is a small factor in voting as the “experts” are beginning to discuss the effect of tariffs on the market, and not just interest rates.

Sharon K,
Yes, thank you for your effort using ActBlue. And you are correct it is working fine now. Very early this morning, EDT, I tried again. I had no problem. I am relieved, albeit still snarly and jumpy. It’s a good thing I’m not God.

I wish the dems would loudly start counteracting the “voter fraud” meme/soundbite with something like “republican efforts to block voter registration is the biggest voter fraud of all”


Rosie O’Donnell and Steve Schmidt on Brian Williams 11th Hour: Well worth the viewing!
THANKYOU for the heads up!

I recently heard Trump referred to as a, ‘gangster capitalist.’ I think that’s an apt description of the man.

I’ve read that some people think the founding fathers picked a lousy birth day, July 4, 1776, but at that time nobody knew there was a Pluto waiting to be discovered. or a Neptune, or a Uranus, or a Chiron or a Ceres or Juno for that matter.

If you remove those planets from the US birth chart you still have Saturn square Sun, BUT you don’t have Pluto opposite Mercury, you don’t have Neptune square Mars, you don’t have Uranus square Ceres and you don’t have Chiron opposite Juno.

You may already know this, but I just realized that transiting Uranus, in retrograde now, will station direct in January, and it will be conjunct the progressed US Venus at 28+ Aries.

One of the key words for Uranus is Freedom. If Venus symbolizes values and progressed planets suggest growth, it could mean that in January we have the opportunity to re-evaluate our country’s values, with an emphasis on freedom for all individuals (Aries).

Transiting Uranus will also be one degree past an exact sextile with the natal US Moon (US People) in Aquarius, and one degree past an exact square to natal US Pluto (ultimate power). Those exact aspects of trans. Uranus to US Pluto and US Moon took place between June 2017 and April 2018, 3 times; first in direct motion, 2nd in retrograde motion and the 3rd time in direct motion.

Isn’t freedom the core of the problems we have dealt with this last year? Too much freedom of power (Pluto) for the President and too little freedom (to be equal) for women and minorities (Moon)?

It will be more than 80 years before the US has to go through that again.

We as a country, and as individuals, are going through growing pains. We had become complacent since WWII, when there were food shortages and other deprivations, and sons and husbands were being slaughtered on battlefields.

In New York and other coastal cities, the lights had to be out at night or shades drawn so we would have less chance of being bombed. You had to have coupons to buy meat or sugar – if it was even available. There were no phones to carry with you wherever you went and no Internet or computers either. I don’t even remember charge cards, it was cash or check only.

We can get through these times, painful as they are, because we will be better as individuals and as a country. Trump is a change agent, a catalyst to promote evolutionary growth of consciousness.

He’s a pisser alright but remember the progressed US Mars and the Constitution’s birth chart Neptune are both conjunct Trump’s natal Jupiter, and that natal Jupiter trines his natal Uranus, which also symbolizes breakthroughs.

Putin hails the fall of United States as a moral leader around the globe in annual speech


Elisabeth Grace:


Another possible scenario on that powerful October 24th Full Moon/Uranus conjunction (in grand cross square to the Nodes)…..

Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s natal Pluto (15 ’34 Virgo) is at one of the main midpoints; within a three minute orb of sesqui-square to tr. Uranus (0 ’31 Taurus). Will new information surface that could bring charges against Kavanaugh? Would that energize the Metoo movement and significantly sway the November 6th midterm elections in favour of the Democrats? Remember, Trump recently said that the midterms are about ‘Kavanaugh, the caravan, law and order and common sense’. There’s a lot riding on the Republican platform that could get derailed if such a thing were to happen.

Astrologer Evon Davis makes some fascinating astrological observations on the upcoming midterms. Well worth watching…..

Will Midterms Bring Trump’s End in the White House? Part 1


Will Midterms Bring Trump’s End in the White House? Part 2


These are major aspects.

Saturn return for pence will be exact on November 2 in both longitude and right ascension.

Transiting Saturn will be square to tRump’s natal Neptune in right ascension on November 7th and on November 11th in longitude.

Remember the aspects grow in intensity until they are exact. For pence that will be just 3 days before election day and for tRump once on the day when voting is mainly counted for all intents and again 4 days after voting has ended.

In the aftermath transit Saturn will square tRump’s progressed Neptune in right ascension on November 17/18 and in longitude on November 23. It will Square his progressed Mars in right ascension on December 11 and in longitude on December 24.

Trump attempts to normalize physical attacks on the ‘other’ – even Breitbart had to report it – and reading the ‘Comments’ reveals Trump supporters’ true natures:


Thank you for calling attention to the Nicolle Wallace show from last night (which I just watched on YouTube). Yes, very worthwhile!

What really felt good to me was the evidence of opposite sides coming together in order to fight against what is wrong, acknowledging how they used to be opposing, but are now united in overcoming a greater evil. Awesome!

And the naming/crediting candidates (Beto, etc) who do in fact represent a strong voice/presence for evolving our politics and society to a higher level.

The Dem’s new slogan: “When they go low, we go vote.”

Yes, indeedy, Elizabeth Grace reminds of the themes of Jupiter in Sagitarius, which officially happens 2 short days after election day: Freedom in general and freedom of the press!! Yay!!! Go get ’em, media, and do it with them truth!

the truth!

I somehow missed your October 11th, 2018 12:59 am posting. I’m only now reading and taking it in.
Many Thanks for your perspective.

Yes, the geology of the area is complex and in some places dangerous. From my perspective, locating or buying property near downtown Seattle where I used to work, or near the fault lines is pretty foolish. Better to locate somewhat further east, but that can be complex as well.

The geology is even more complex in the San Francisco area. I know less about the geology further south of the Bay area.

IMO the west coast as a whole is not sufficiently prepared, and I’m afraid unfortunately it won’t be until after a major catastrophe takes out a few thousand lives. Then perhaps there will be the political will to address the problem more realistically.

Eliseo, thanks, & I think the reason the post appeared now is that it got kicked into ‘review’ mode (because I put too many links into it). Definitely the geology is complex, but at least there is an effort to understand the science now (and if DT doesn’t get in the way, it may help to change some buildings, roads, etc. in time. Better methods for prediction may come too, but that’s not anything to count on. Best thing is to learn more, put on the pressure politically to spend the money necessary, and be prepared personally!



Thanks ja, I really enjoy Elizabeth Grace’s observations, and this one was especially noteworthy. She has a dozen or so links I will be checking out, and she reminded me (as did Jerry’s noting of the”powerful Oct. 24th Full Moon/Uranus conjunction”) that trans. Jupiter is rapidly coming to the end of his tour of Scorpio.

One of the many things Jupiter must do before leaving Scorpio is to start his new cycle with Mercury. I find this fascinating because of the role the “Press” (which is symbolized by Jupiter-Mercury) has played since Trump took office. The new cycle start degree is 27 Scorpio 49. Expect journalists to obsessively dog Trump’s every move this coming year too, even if it threatens their lives (Scorpio).

Like the “powerful” Taurus Full Moon-conjunct-Uranus event, the Mercury-Jupiter cycle will carry the imprint of a grand cross between the North and South Nodes in Leo and Aquarius, and Uranus at 0+ Taurus opposite Venus (values) at 1+ Scorpio rx that conjuncts US natal Hades at 0+ Scorpio. This is extremely challenging since it consists of fixed (embedded) signs pitted against each other.

Adding fuel to the fire, their conjunction (Mercury-Jupiter) will conjunct the Jupiter – in the chart for the Uranus Discovery in 1781 – at 27+ Scorpio.

The Uranus Discovery chart also has Pluto (transforming power) conjunct the US natal South Node (ready for release) + US natal Pholus (small cause, big effect), all at 6+ Aquarius. This is not an overnite fix-and-be-done-with-it operation and there are lots of moving parts.

We are living in such an important time in history and though it is trying our every nerve and emotion, it is an incredible honor (I think so anyway) to be part of it all.

OMG, CM Perry . . .you are CMP aren’t you!? I just read your comment on the 8th (not been able to spend time reading here as much as I would normally) and want to say I’m glad you are back, and thank you for your kind words. Will go back and read your link to the Washington Post article asap. My brain is exploding with all the great info one can find at Starlight News . . . .

In forensic charts I worked victims usually had some combination involving Mars, Saturn, Neptune, and/or Pluto in return and progressed or natal charts on one or more progressed angles of the return. The perpetrators of the atrocities would have similar points being swept by one or more progressed angles of their returns. Without news reports it would not be possible to identify which charts belonged to whom. In other words, who had been attacked and who had done the attack.

In the progressed demi-anlunar for the administration’s inauguration return Saturn and Pluto straddle the IC as do the natal and progressed positions of the pair. Is it because this heinous administration is performing some wicked deed (or having one done for them?) or because they are being obliterated at the polls?

I am calling it to be the latter because of the news reports of increased involvement pf voters being registered or early voting. When more people get involved Democrats win.

Saudis now claim Koshoggi was killed in a “quarrel”! Trump probably helped them make that one up. Turks will have to reveal they bugged the consulate if we are to know the truth.

Yes, barb, I like to think that the pen will be as mighty as the sword during Jup in Sag – the sword of truth! (I am very simplistic when it comes to astrology).

Eliseo & Beowulfie, I have read that it is best to live east of Interstate 5 when it comes to the PNW and maybe not just a little bit, but a lot.

Wow, Houston Chronicle calls Beto O’Rourke the most impressive candidate they’ve seen in many years. That is just great! I really haven’t been paying a lot of attention to him but was thinking he might be a little weak. No more.



Canadian Mounted Police – Sgt. Preston of the Yukon with his horse Rex and his faithful dog Yukon King.



The intro only lasts for 1 minute. Or you can listen to the whole program while you do your chores like I used to do.


I saw him for the first time on Colbert about a month ago. Look it up and watch. The crowd greeted him like he was a rock star. He comes across as genuine, plain spoken, straight forward, no equivocations or political speak. He seems easy to like, as had a fun,interesting life and he has charisma, that it factor.

He’s Obama, with the coolness, the ability to connect with people, but without the slow, careful lawyer speak. Hmm. He has a little bit of Bernie Sanders in him, the way he’ll speak directly to an issue.


Congratulations to the newlyweds!

So glad for the joy in your life too!

If you listen to the radio show you will find your mind creating the images in the dialogue. Neat stuff!

Dean W. Those BB comments are astounding. Jaw dropping.

It is my hope the transparently political murder of Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi intel operatives will serve to separate civilized nations from the religiously fascist hereditary dictatorship known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Not all nations will interpret the circumstances in the light of morality. Nevertheless, many heads of state, congresses, parliaments, and corporations must now decide whether they will continue to do business, or how they might gradually divest themselves of their business relationships with the Kingdom.

My hope is Khashoggi’s murder will foment the process of “getting sober,” of getting off the oil addiction and developing better, greener, alternative technologies.

You are welcome barbk!

oxthecat – Yes, I agree with you. Also, it is so bizarre to me how much ‘projection’ is going on with the Trump crowd.

My biggest concern – and one the media is too distracted to notice – is the number of highly conservative judges that Trump, with close guidance from The Federalist Society, have (as of 10/11/18) already installed 84 Article III judges.


Yikes, I hit the ‘Submit Comments’ key before I’d properly proofed my post…sorry about that!

oxthecat – Yes, I agree with you. Also, it is so bizarre to me how much ‘projection’ is going on with the Trump crowd.

My biggest concern – and one the media is too distracted to notice – is that Trump, guided by The Federalist Society, has already installed 84 Article III judges, as of 10/11/18.


Dean W. Wonder– Wish we knew how many Democratic senators approved those judges. They just approved several federal judges who were nominated by Drumpf. So much flies under the radar. Thnx!

Former Republicans like David Jolly give me a sense of hope.

“The GOP orthodoxy has gone so far astray from the Jack Kemp days when I joined the party, where we embraced this notion of equality of opportunity for all people, and based in that foundation, we suggested rolling back interference from government,” Jolly said. “Well, what we did from moving to a less-government party was we actually removed all the proper tools that government can deploy to empower power, particularly communities that are less fortunate.”

– David Jolly on MSNBC Deadline: White House 16 October 2018 –


Sharon K, in response to your comment that, “I have read that it is best to live east of Interstate 5 when it comes to the PNW and maybe not just a little bit, but a lot” – that is not necessarily the best advice either.

The truth is there are few good, safe places to live on a continent where natural disasters can happen just about anyplace. The whole of North America is chockablock full of earthquake, tsunami, volcano, tornado, drought, flood and climate threats, plus the challenges of pollution, industrial wastelands and overcrowded cities. So, how do you avoid a natural disaster when nobody knows which to avoid and where the place will be when the next one happens?

Even if you magically could know in advance, natural disasters happen fast, with little or no warning. Where will you be at the time? Events turn out to be inexplicably lucky for some people and terribly unlucky for some who are in the wrong place. If you can’t possibly know where your safest place will be, how do you know to go and live there? Second guessing Mother Nature with precise predictions can’t be done (so far) and earthquake cycles happen over geological time scales which scientists have only studied for about 40 years. That includes figuring out safe places to live or escape to.

In other words, any habitable place on the planet is probably safe enough if people assess the risks and take reasonable, concrete steps to address them. That’s about as good as it will ever get. The problem comes where people don’t do any of it. They live in blissful denial. Note, I didn’t say ignorance – we are no longer ignorant of the danger, but we are real good at doing a whole lot of nothing about it. Personally, I don’t believe it matters much if you live east of the I5 or not (besides, there is Hanford).

The real risk is that people and governments don’t do what they CAN locally and politically. I think individually people don’t act because they fundamentally don’t accept the unpredictability of life at the best of times. And because we just want what we want (right now!). We humans seem programmed to believe we will live forever – until we don’t – and we won’t have to pay the cost – until we do. It’s called denial (especially of death) and we all do it.

But, whether we like it or not, science has shown that risks like earthquakes in the PNW are real. It should be our collective and individual responsibility to address those risks sensibly. Japan has done its best to prepare and put resources in place to cope with earthquakes and tsunamis. For generations they have learned to live reasonably safely in very unstable places. Maybe it’s news to anti-science types in North America, but the whole darn earth is unstable! The thing is to put safeguards in place, both personally and as a society, and live life in a common sense way. They are doing that in New Zealand now – after Christchurch.

There is nothing stopping us from doing the same as the Japanese, although they have certain cultural advantages. For one thing they keep traditions alive and listen to their history. They do earthquake drills from childhood on, and build strong buildings. Also, they actually “believe” another earthquake is coming, largely because they rarely wait long for the next one. There’s nothing like trusting your own experience! One thing is for sure – we will be doing that too, after the big one, or even a moderate one.

So, are people in L.A., San Francisco, Seattle, or Vancouver getting ready? Well, no; maybe some. Has anybody sent out street maps that show where people should be living (or not), away from the fault lines? Nope.

Beyond getting seriously prepared to the extent possible, it’s you and the luck of the draw! It doesn’t mean a person should live on the edge of a live volcano – but hey, people are even doing that in places like Italy (Etna, Campi Flegrei), Hawaii (Mauna Loa, Kilauea), Iceland (where you can name a dozen) and a lot of other places. What about Mt. Rainier?
Some of those locations seem stupid, but it’s pretty hard to move millions of people away from places like Nice (Campi Flegrei). People can adjust, plan, build – and choose.

Beyond that, life is a miracle. Imagine – you get away with it every single day! What really helps with the risks is having a supportive family and a society that takes sensible precautions and acts to make things work better once the facts are known. To the extent that we don’t have those social safeguards, we are doubly at risk, nevermind Mother Nature.

In short, do what you can, live where you must, and bloom where you are planted, on either side of the I5!

David Jolly additionally said,

“We have contributed as Republicans to an economic disparity, to an education disparity, frankly to a cultural disparity among many of our communities.”

This sounds like repentance to me, sincere words coming from a former Republican who is doing a rethink. He is still conservative in the best sense of that word, differing from many on this blog on specific issues. But it appears to me his heart has opened, and DJ Trump is partly responsible for that.

(A) Steve Schmidt (I’m paraphrasing) has said no one can out lie, or out mean DJ Trump.

(B) In great part because of the above 10 to 15 % of R’s have left their party, leaving it smaller, yet more virulent.

(C) Trump won’t be there forever. Perhaps through impeachment, resignation, electoral defeat, term limits, or maybe even death, he will eventually leave office.

What happens when the cult leader goes away? No one else can do what he’s done. The R’s do not and likely will never have a functioning con-artist of his caliber to keep all the resentful folks united and mal-focused.

IMO, (A) + (B) + (C) = the R. party going out of business.

That leaves the likes of David Jolly, Steve Schmidt and many other sensible, reasonable Conservatives to form a new party, as did the former Whigs in 1852 when the R. party came into being.

What I see these former R’s doing is awakening to the ideological and practical errors their party has made, moving on to an Eisenhower ethos. Ike believed FDR’s New Deal reforms were a good idea which should be maintained.

“For nearly a generation, congressional Republicans had been pledging to dismantle FDR’s social programs. But Eisenhower had other ideas. “Should any political party attempt to abolish Social Security, unemployment insurance, and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history,” he wrote to his brother Edgar, an outspoken conservative.”


The caveat here is if Dems fail to take the House in November, or DJT somehow successfully nullifies a blue win. He would then be emboldened, would consolidate power transforming at least temporarily the US into a fascist society.

More likely is a blue tsunami which will successfully hold DJT accountable. AND..after the Trump era is over, we begin to see what the loyal Conservative opposition might look like when we see D. Jolly and Steve Schmidt.

Trump is indeed transformative! In time hate by its nature burns itself out. The Trumpists won’t necessarily go away, but without their cult leader what will they be?

Meanwhile, I’m wondering when and what will trigger Dems going through the same process, i.e. discovering the ideological and practical errors we’ve made, seeing the darker consequences of misguided but well meaning policies.

Conclusion: barbk and Andre are right. In the long run Trump is destiny moving us toward a healthier, more moral, re-empowered America.

Aiding the right direction of mid-term elections, invoke the Energies of light and love. And, as a channel for these energies, we gather them and direct them with our inner eye towards the coming election, that love and light work out within the United States and that the Will of the People prevail.

Thanks, Beowulfie, for your sensible response. We surely cannot time or avoid catastrophes, nor our moment of death. The only thing we can do is basic research on the risks and be reasonably guided and prepared. I used to think the U.S. was the most prepared country in the world. Finding out we are not was a rude awakening.

And, Thank You, Angellight for that beautiful invocation.

I like knowing that change is in the air!
“pallas in virgo quincunxes retrograde eris in aries 10:58am, creating tension and friction between the Warrior Goddess and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos! last week pluto trined pallas and today eris quincunxes her. some wake up/shake up astrology is playing out politically and with women all over the world (just tune into the news). eris in aries wants us all- women and men- to be in touch with our anger, rage and shadow. pallas in virgo likes precision and discernment but if she is too compartmentalized- eris can come and shake things up to wake us up! change is in the air- politically and otherwise!”


On another post from Nancy (maybe 2 or 3 ago) someone shared a link to a female astrologer with I believe a Russian sounding name. She had unique aspect reads on impeachment charts and if I remember correctly also read Trump winning.

Does anyone know who I’m talking about? I thought I bookmarked her site, but alas I didn’t and my poor memory doesn’t help with a google search. If anyone can link to her I’d be most grateful. Thank you!

Here is Linda G. with more on Jamal:


Thanks, shylurker. Also, you were right, it looks like the Dems caved, and they’ve abetted Trump in the appointment of judges. Wow! I didn’t expect that. I guess bullies can win when they’re not stood up to.


Linda G has a new YouTube up:


Astrologer, Robert Cosmar, decodes Trump, the Dems, the Repubs and the future of America. Lots of astrological insights:


Openbook, the astrologer you are referring to is Serbian:


I like this David Johnson reading as it addresses what the Democrats have to do more of if they want to start winning again: get out there and meet people (really meet them and learn what they are going through, and be part of it with them), get them excited, really emphasize issues that everyone cares about like pre-existing conditions (equality on every level), create a “New Day” in America.


“Mueller report PSA: Prepare for disappointment!
And be forewarned that the special counsel’s findings may never be made public”.Perhaps most unsatisfying: Mueller’s findings may never even see the light of day.

I had to do something today that put me right in the middle of several Trump supporters.

They seemed enraged, really really enraged. Scary mad.

What I feel is anxiety, worry, concern, sorrow etc but not rage. I am not saying that I am not angry on some level, I certainly feel anger too. This is different, something I have not felt from other people who have differing viewpoints.

I keep thinking this is the culmination of many years of Fox news and other outlets supporting an aggrieved minority, supporting their belief that they are somehow victimized.

Now they have this polarizing narcissist who feels that when things do not go his way that he too is being victimized. He pours all this darkness out at his “rallies”.

I thought today that this it is going to take way more than winning an election to heal these wounds.

Hi Patty,

Re: The Mueller report and the concerns that the results will never be fully publicly disclosed; here’s an interesting read that might be reassuring…….

Mueller’s ‘Speaking Indictments’ Offer Clues To Strategy

The Hill
August 24, 2018

Special counsel Robert Mueller has made use of an unusual legal tool that has allowed him to build a narrative about Russian interference in the presidential election while quietly pressing forward with his investigation behind the scenes.

Mueller has made frequent use of “speaking indictments” — a colloquial term used by attorneys and legal experts to describe indictments that go into more detail, and provide more facts, than what is required under law.

“A speaking indictment comes from the idea that the indictment does more than that — it speaks, it tells a story,” said Jack Sharman, a former special counsel to Congress during the Whitewater investigation.

It is unclear precisely why Mueller is using speaking indictments, but people familiar with their use suspect he wants to use them to tell the public more about what his investigation believes happened in the 2016 election.

It could also be a way for Mueller to fire warning shots at people he might want to target.



Trump : How It May END Or Continue? (an astrological analysis by Robert Cosmar)

Video: 22 min 27 sec


Yes. Steve Schmidt has stated the healing process will take decades. But it can’t really begin until the Trump era is over.

I am reminded of the German experience. Unto this day they have not entirely healed from the self-inflicted darkness of WWII. Fortunately, (at least so far) we’ve not gone as far down that execrable fascist path as did the Germans.

Der Spiegel reports the GRU has been making a goodly number of errors recently, causing all sorts of scandals, getting caught more frequently than usual. November 5 marks their 1000th anniversary. Their effect on our midterm election may be less strong than anticipated.

I’m very grateful to the GOP members that have been so outspoken, on behalf of our country, our democracy, and humanity.

While David Jolly, Steve Schmidt, James Comey and others have been speaking out, begging republicans to “vote democratic” to save our democracy, GW Bush is reminding us all that he’s a terrible guy, that he should still be shunned, ignored, disliked, and continue to be remembered as the second worst administration in history.

The selfish, smug, pos that he continues to be, has been out campaigning for the GOP, made calls to pressure swing votes on Kavanaugh. GW doesn’t care about democracy, apparently…just cares that the GOP keeps their majority (and his greedy a**, keeps his tax cuts).

He’s just fine with the autocrat in the making, or he’d never be actively campaigning for the very people who’ve refused to put this president in check.

Glad I continued to dislike him (and his policies) while some friends softened on him, due to his relationship with the Obamas. Gw is still a wholly terrible person.

Not body slams.

President Kennedy about our intangibles.

“I am certain that after the dust of centuries has passed over our cities, we, too, will be remembered not for victories or defeats in battle or in politics, but for our contribution to the human spirit.” American Pageant of the Arts dinner November 29,1962

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RYiL-7V7IY 6:57 Quote from 5:14 to 5:29.


“This country cannot afford to be materially rich and spiritually poor.” State of the Union Message, January 14, 1963

Sharon K: You are welcome

Bob: Thank you for the JFK quotes.


“Mohammed Bin Salman, (is) the ruling prince of Saudi Arabia, accused of killing an American reporter from Virginia. Mohammed Bin Salman came to power in 2016. When he first came to power he arrested several of his relatives and business men in a hotel and then stole all of their money. Then he started the war in Yemen which has been very devastating.”

Info from Planet Alert


In following the State of the Union speech I found that what President Kennedy actually said was “This country cannot afford to be rich and desperately poor.”; leaving out ‘materially’ and changing ‘spiritually’ to desperately as shown in the transcript (about 12 minutes into the speech).

Transcript at http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/ws/index.php?pid=9138

Speech video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOIb_F84aCg

Thank you Andre! That’s her.

Bob: I see. I like the earlier version a little bit better. But, both address the inequality problem.

BREAKING: Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin Just called for the U.S to expel Saudi Arabia’s ambassador


“We ought to formally expel the Saudi ambassador from the United States until there is a completion of a third-party investigation into this kidnap and murder,”


Patty, I too have the feeling that most of what Mueller uncovers will never see the light of day. And because of that, the healing will take decades if ever. As long as people don’t see that they’ve been used, this hate will continue to fester. Winning the election may even make it worse unless we can a) bring these things to the light of day, and b) shut down the hate rhetoric from Fox news and any other outlets that are doing the same thing and passing it off as legitimate news, c) get rid of citizens united. I don’t want to lose free speech, but I don’t want these outlets legitimized as a real news source. I’ve had to quit looking. And I also have to say, from what I’ve seen, the Trump supporters have not been swayed. The marginal folks may have left the GOP, but the true trumpists, are still trumpists. I don’t think anything can change their minds.



With tRump we get ‘Any guy that can do a body slam … he’s my guy.’ With past President’s bipartisan efforts we got the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts where some of the best of the human spirit is honored for all the world to see and be inspired by.

The current resident cares not one whit about the human spirit and has done much to crush and destroy it for so many.

On 9 January 1961, President-Elect John F. Kennedy in an address delivered to the General Court of Massachusetts described our place in the eyes of the world thus “… I have been guided by the standard John Winthrop set before his shipmates on the flagship Arbella three hundred and thirty-one years ago, as they, too, faced the task of building a new government on a perilous frontier. “We must always consider”, he said, “that we shall be as a city upon a hill—the eyes of all people are upon us”. Today the eyes of all people are truly upon us—and our governments, in every branch, at every level, national, state and local, must be as a city upon a hill—constructed and inhabited by men aware of their great trust and their great responsibilities.”

tRump has no idea of what responsibilities are.

And from the other side of the aisle we got President Reagan’s version in his election eve address “A Vision for America”, November 3, 1980,

“I have quoted John Winthrop’s words more than once on the campaign trail this year—for I believe that Americans in 1980 are every bit as committed to that vision of a shining “city on a hill,” as were those long ago settlers …”

“These visitors to that city on the Potomac do not come as white or black, red or yellow; they are not Jews or Christians; conservatives or liberals; or Democrats or Republicans. They are Americans awed by what has gone before, proud of what for them is still… a shining city on a hill.”

I do not believe the concept has ever occupied the self centered mind of tRump for even a moment.


I cannot vouch for the following and at this time I will not attempt to. Let it fill you up. All accomplishment is first a thought.

Star Spangled Banner As You’ve Never Heard It


Link for some of the material about the Star Spangled Banner:


The Story Behind the Star Spangled Banner

How the flag that flew proudly over Fort McHenry inspired an anthem and made its way to the Smithsonian

I suspect Mueller is being warned not to disrupt the USA and the GOP realize any Trump Impeachent would cause a Civil War. And I suspect they believe Trump’s not actually EVIL…he’s merely CRAZY!

But what about The Emoluments Cause?

“Saudi Arabia is putting money in Trump’s pocket.
Is that shaping U.S. …
5 days ago – Saudi Arabia is putting money in Trump’s pocket. Is that shaping U.S. … They spend $40 million, $50 million,” he said at a rally in Alabama in 2015. … We should note that it’s more than just apartments. Trump has … Saudi lobbyists spent $270,000 last year to reserve rooms at Trump’s hotel in Washington DC.

Trump will never be held accountable, I predict.
I also believe they’re giving him something, pills or shots to sharpen him up.
(Similarly, My Uncle, a Physician, would give my elderly Grandmother shots to perk her up mentally)

I don’t feel hopeless at all. Just look at the people standing outside in rain in Georgia for an hour to early vote. Tons of people. Have hope. GOTV.!

Liberal Waitress Seats 3 Rowdy Conservatives And Gets The Surprise Of A Lifetime


CaseyM, I heard a “talking head”, probably a guest on one of the MSNBC or CNN shows, or perhaps a reporter, say that the majority of those “Trump supporters” that attend his rallies are coming for the free show, and they don’t even vote. He is entertaining them, that’s all. That’s when he makes most of his outlandish claims like “lock her up”.

Bob, thanks for the Star Spangled Banner material.

I feel sure Mueller has been covering his ass from the git-go. Did you read Jerry’s link at 12:08 AM? If anyone knows what Trump is capable of, he – Mueller – does.

To me it explains how a savvy Leo (like Mueller) could keep from sharing his accomplishments (thus far) with the world. That “speaking indictment” makes perfect sense.

Besides, have you noticed how many books have been written in the last year or so by journalists, former government employees, ex Trump friends and employees, and ex justice dept. moguls? Do you honestly think Robert Mueller would let what he’s uncovered about Trump go unrecognized? Not on your life. If nothing else he would write a book; several volumes probably.

Here is a tidbit about Mueller’s birthchart I’ve not mentioned or read about; his North Node (the path forward to be followed in this lifetime). I’ve made a brouhaha over his South Node (he’s been there, done that) that conjuncts the US natal chart’s Pluto, but not his NN.

At 27+ Cancer Mueller’s NN conjuncts his natal Pallas (the warrior, excelling in planning – strategy) and Iris (the Rainbow Messenger), both also at 27+ Cancer. Iris’s messages, according to lore, were different than Mercury (aka Hermes) in that her messages covered a wider spectrum (Rainbow) that led to higher consciousness; the “pot-of-gold maybe?

The transiting North Node will reach 27+ Cancer by December 1st and the New Moon chart on December 7th (Pearl Harbor Day) has a grand trine between the North Node (+ Mueller’s NN+Pallas+Iris) at 27+ Cancer, and Chiron at 27+ Pisces, and Mercury at 27+ Scorpio. But there’s even more!

The South Node at this New Sagittarius Moon (that conjuncts the Great Attractor) is at 27+ Capricorn, which conjuncts US natal Pluto and Mueller’s South Node which turns the grand trine into a Kite pattern that will put the focus on Mueller’s NN+Pallas+Iris and the transiting NN. And there’s more . . .

27+ Cancer is where Venus (Values) was when Neptune and Pluto met on August 2, 1891 (starting their present cycle), and she was square Uranus (shock, awakening) at 27+ Libra (ruled by Venus), while also opposite US natal Pluto (+ Mueller’s South Node). Remember transiting Uranus activated this when he was at 27+ Aries not long ago.

And get this, on August 2, 1891, transiting Pluto and Neptune were conjunct the US natal Uranus (8+ Gemini) and they were sextile (cooperation) trans. Mars and Chiron (8+ Leo) which is where Mueller’s natal Pluto is.

Do not succumb to the naysayers. Mueller will triumph (the gods and goddesses support him) and this phase of the nightmare will pass. Much work follows though; consciousness does not come without a struggle. Remember Pearl Harbor.

Patty, CaseyM,
The Darren Samuelsohn report you referenced does not make sense to me. My veteran FBI pal/Progressive Dem attorney whom I’ve known for at least 55 years tells me Mueller is extremely thorough, and protective of his people and his investigations. He also tells me Mueller is a moderate, sensible Republican and a true patriot who puts the needs of the nation before his personal beliefs or ideology. It is inconceivable to me he would allow the fruit of his investigation to lay fallow. The information will come out. It may not come out all at once, and for true national security reasons, (to protect sources and agents) some of it may be withheld until a more propitious time, but ALL of it will eventually be revealed.

The information WILL damage Trump and the R’s, but it may not result in taking them down as quickly as we would like. Were Trump impeached, it is unlikely a R. dominated senate would convict him unless some very interesting unforeseen events or circumstances were to occur.

I don’t think a Trump impeachment alone would cause a civil war, but we may have a civil war of a kind anyway. IF… it occurs (and that is certainly NOT a given) it won’t be like our previous civil war in which organized state armies and militias squared off against one another on battlefields. It would be more like gang warfare, a guerilla conflict, something like the WWII Resistance movements within Nazi occupied countries but with a heavy cyber component and some presently unimaginable technology on both sides. The death toll would likely be as high and deep as our passions, just as it was in the 1860’s. Unlike that war, it would probably rage in all 50 states.

As far as the healing process goes: That will take decades if not longer regardless of what happens and regardless of whether we have or do not have a civil war. Mr. Trump is just that damaging to the nation, our reputation, and our psyches.

Although my adopted home is in the PNW, I grew up in E. Texas where unto this day there are Texans who (A) profoundly regret that Texas ever joined the United States, and (B) deeply lament losing the war against “Northern Aggression.”

Technically, the war ended 153 years ago but in some the war continues in their hearts, and a small minority want to refight that war and win this time against those “Damn Yankees.”

For the majority of Americans, Southerners and Northerners, World War I was the instrument through which we began to feel like one nation again. I don’t see how it would be any different after this conflict, whether it be merely political or actual, physical, real, shoot at each other combat.

There will likely be a small number of outlier cranks who will continue to nurture resentment and hate. Such people are always among us. But eventually some great project will serve to unite the rest of us in the common bonds forged by our founders. That project might be tackling climate change, or exploration of space, or something we’ve not thought of.


Other relevant cancer placements that conj. Mueller’s NN/Pallas/Iris conjunction include:

Donald Trump – venus/saturn 25/23 cancer

U.S. – mercuy @ 23 cancer

Obama – saturn @ 25 capricorn

What do you all make of that?


Kennedy Center Names Its 2018 Honorees
July 25, 20184:14 PM ET

“… this year’s recipients of the Kennedy Center Honors: country singer Reba McEntire, jazz saxophonist and composer Wayne Shorter, composer Philip Glass, singer Cher, and the creative team behind the smash musical Hamilton.”

“This year’s ceremony will take place Sunday, Dec. 2, 2018 and will be broadcast on CBS December 26 at 8 p.m. ET.”

Was Cher ever a diva? Diva? DIVA?

The Murder of Washington Post Journalist Kashoogi & The October 24th Taurus Full Moon

In a story that simply will not go away, I suspect we could witness new startling revelations at the time of the October 24th Taurus Full Moon with its close conjunction to Uranus (1 ’13 Taurus) and grand cross square to the nodes. Will Turkey release the audio/video evidence of the murder at this point in time that would establish Saudi Arabian’s irrefutable guilt (pre-meditated murder)? Will Jared Kushner/ Donald Trump’s complicity be implicated at some future date (ties to Saudi money)? The October 24th Full Moon will be hitting a few natal aspects that could bring to light the various factors at play….

Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman DOB Aug 31, 1985 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia/

Natal Pluto at 2 ’37 Scorpio square natal Venus at 3 ’50 Leo

Republican Party DOB March 20, 1854 6:35 pm Ripon Wisconsin USA/

Natal Pluto at 1 ’30 Taurus

Saudi Arabia DOB September 23, 1932 12:01 pm Riyad, Saudi Arasbia

Natal Mars at 1 ’33 Leo

Astrologer Ed Tamplin in his latest astrological report looks at the multi layered Trump-Saudi mundane/astrological connections that led up to the murder. It is entitled:


From 4 pm, on August 3 2016, one of those mysterious Trump Tower meetings took place. It was arranged by a former Navy Seal, Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater. They’re the private security company assigned to Iraq and Afghanistan, with government contracts totalling hundreds of millions of dollars. Trump has toyed with privatising the Afghan War.

At the meeting was George Nader, an emissary of the crown princes of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Nader conveyed that the royals were banking on Trump wining the 2016 presidential election. He offered his help in securing a victory. Nader, who was also pitching a plan of destabilisation in Iran, went on to becoming an adviser to the Trump campaign and later, administration.

There were valid reasons for the Saudi support of Trump. The war in Yemen had degenerated into a humanitarian disaster. It was proving an international embarrassment for the weapon enablers – the US and Great Britain. Following the Saudi’s indiscriminate bombing of a civilian funeral service, claiming 155 lives, Barack Obama had withdrawn the supply of high precision weapons.



Well Sharon, I think those personal and US planets have been influenced by the US natal Pluto to varying degrees over a lengthy period of time. The oppositions to US Pluto (US Mercury = Media, and Trump’s personal Venus & Saturn) seek to challenge the established power base (US Pluto) while Obama’s Saturn attempts to work within it.

When, in the days following the exact conjunction and opposition of the transiting nodes to the degree of US Pluto and Mueller’s north and south nodes (+ his natal Pallas and Iris), those nodes will provide direct hits to US Mercury and the Trump-Obama planets. I think those planets will then express as either support or challenge or alteration of what the general outcome that stems from anything Mueller’s contact produces.

I believe the transiting nodes are timing or triggering devices more than influencing devices. North nodes (in this instance in Cancer) will provide opportunities to move forward, while the South nodes don’t.

South Nodes (in this instance Capricorn) show where growth is no longer an option but what has been gained can be shared in some way. The transiting South Node is going to conjunct the US natal Pluto. To me that sounds like a release of some kind of power.

Coming in December after the elections, with trans Uranus square the nodes and trans. Mercury in Scorpio at the Sagittarius New Moon being in a favorable position to the North AND South transiting nodes, it doesn’t look like a landslide for either party, but I will ponder that further.

Michael Wolfstar:

“Robert Mueller has been waiting until after the election to proceed in his investigation, with his report likely reaching his boss’s desk (Rod Rosenstein’s) by December. With Mars opposing his natal Mars, Trump is going to feel the pinch and act accordingly immediately after the Democrats re-take the House of Representatives on November 6. Will he fire Jeff Sessions (Rosenstein’s boss) to block Mueller’s report?”


Amazing ja!

I had just found the tie between tRump and Kushner I had been looking for about 6 am, CDT, this morning. I made a note and went to bed, now wake up to this.

I wonder if Kushner is indicted or arrested on December 11th or 12th causing the orange one to turn green? They match up again on December 23rd or 24th.

Cherchez la femme! Ivanka might make Roxie Hart look like a piker. On the first December dates Ivanka has so many good transits I wonder if she has thrown them both under the bus in a Trumpian power grab. 🙂 But they won’t go quietly and just when she thinks she is out they pull her back in just like Michael Corleone. Poor thing.

After the holidays, the new Congress swearing in, and my birthday, they start in on her.

All dates for aspects are given in right ascension.Transit Saturn squares her natal Saturn on my b’day (January 25th – my present from the spider woman) then her progressed on February 27th and July 3rd, her natal again on September 19th and finally her progressed again on November 27th just after daddy makes his deal with the powers that will take him down just about 7 weeks later when things are hot for Jr. also. If you want autographs better get them before January 2020.

Go ahead. Make my day.


“as the Turkish proverb goes – ‘the fish rots from the head down’.”

Sharon S,

The points you list will be dealt with by Saturn and Pluto in 2020.

By adding President Obama’s Saturn you are forcing my hand. Making me reveal that the 2020 Saturn and Pluto aspects to his natal and progressed Saturn’s may back up aspects I have seen in charts of others. That things will reverberate beyond January is indicated by his secondary progressed Moon opposing his natal and progressed Saturns.

I have often wondered if an out of control tRump might orchestrate a terrifying international event in 2020 on the path to the Sibly Pluto return.

I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too!

Joachim Ronneberg, born in 1919 in the town of Aalesund, Norway was the Norwegian resistance fighter who sabotaged Nazi Germany’s nuclear weapons ambitions during World War Two. He died today at age 99.


Bob, in the end, I also think that Trump’s spirit will be crushed too. His name, reputation and all that he has gotten in this life by whatever means, will be undone by his endless lies, deceits and corruption, and for what? Just so that a loudmouthed bully and coward could recklessly run the country into the ground and nearly take civilization on this planet down with him?

Took a nap and on awakening the thought that some would assume, instead of asking, that the bit about Ivanka was serious. It was meant in jest. Her Saturn aspects indicate that she will go down with the rest of the lot for her part in the looting of our country.

“Badges? We ain’t got no badges! We don’t need no badges! I don’t have to show you any stinking badges!”


I don’t think Trump has a spirit.

Jerry, Thanks for link.
Beautiful JamalKashoggi message from his Girlfriend:

Dear Nancy, Bob, and Barb K: On Nov. 10, tr. Mars will directly oppose Trump’s natal Mars! The opposition will occur in Leo. Could the stress of this opposition start to be felt several days BEFORE the 10th of November? Please comment. (By the way, what is the significance of this Mars opposition occurring in the sign of Leo?) Marc Bertonasco, Ph.D.

In my opinion Professor, during this time when many negative transits to my various tRump charts are in play there is no sure way to discern if a Mars effect is in play for him unless he would suffer a noticeable physical event or undeniably angry outburst. The latter is made almost impossible when his maniac behavior – natal Mars rising and Sun, Moon, Mars paran square are constants in his chart.

I do not use signs or houses but sometimes refer to them as a courtesy to those that do.


“I don’t think Trump has a spirit.”

Hear, hear!

Prof. Bertonasco, interesting question re: transiting Mars opposite Trump’s natal Mars, and how it might affect Trump. I would start with noting that Trump’s Mars is in his natal 12th house; an area far from the public eye. Trump expresses his Mars energy in seclusion.

Mars most often takes the form of initiating action, either productive and/or in some form of aggression/anger, and in Leo there would be a creative element to that action. Often Mars DOES seem to express it’s energy ahead of the actual aspect it is making.

Because Trump’s natal Sun in Gemini sextiles Trump’s natal Mars in Leo (and Sun rules Leo), writing (or tweeting) would be a logical form of action for Trump to express his natal Mars.

The transiting Mars in Aquarius would likely express through some mental form too because Aquarius is an air (mental) sign, but it will be in Trump’s 6th house which could perhaps symbolize (1) people who work for Trump, and/or (2) Trump’s health, and/or (3) the services Trump might provide to others.

This transiting Mars then could possibly materialize as (1) something said by a group (Aquarius) that works for Trump, and/or (2) he has a heart attack, and/or (3) Putin doesn’t like him anymore.

On Nov. 10th, the transiting Sun in Scorpio will be sextile trans. Pluto in Capricorn, forming a Yod to Trump’s natal Uranus in Gemini. Trump’s natal Uranus trines Trump’s natal Jupiter in Libra, which the US PROGRESSED Mars and the US Constitution chart’s Neptune conjunct. The transiting planets work in concert so once Trump’s natal Mars (in his house of secrets) is activated a whole series of events could come into play; or not.

That’s my take anyway.

Another fascinating review of the astrological aspects immediately following the midterm elections. Watch November 11th and the 16th for possible major developments…….

When Will Trump Leave The White House? Midterm Update by Evon Davis

Video: 27 min. 53 sec.


I think that Democrats have got to keep hammering the fact that if GOP keeps control, Mitch McConnell will surely take away their Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid and health care because they have all the power. I think that is more important than a caravan of migrants.

My God , I randomly came across this and decided to read just to see what the other side talks about, stunning and sickening to read.

Of course this is exactly how my mother talks.

This caravan thing is ridiculous and dems need to speak out against the lies, Trump is totally controlling the narrative and MSM is just parroting him, I think they are more concerned about ratings than truth

Why have that wimpy interview with Jared on CNN normalizing him? Getting a brain freeze on the name of guy who interviewed him, I like him but he’s way too nice for this interview.

Maddening !

I agree with Angelight, McConnell’s turtle face should be on a video saying those things, over and over.
45 will continue misleading the public with mistruths, distortions and false accusations
What is the Democrat party doing to focus on this?

Is the strategy to give them enough rope to hang themselves? I am totally over with this president.He has No redeeming value to me and the Rs are useless too.

On the morning after the election transiting Mercury (think votes) at 8+ Sagittarius will oppose the US natal Uranus (8+ Gemini) and square US natal Ceres (8+ Pisces). This would be a quickly passing aspect (speedy Mercury) were it not also a New Moon in Scorpio.

So does US Uranus refer to the pro-Trump voters or the anti-Trump voters I wondered. What would the Founders think if they had known about Uranus at that time.

Uranus is the revolutionary; the rebel; the rules breaker. If trans Mercury in Sagittarius opposes US Uranus in Gemini (the sign of Trump’s natal Sun/Uranus/North Node) then perhaps trans. Mercury, the morning after an election, might oppose the rules breakers. Were the Founders not rules breakers themselves?

Fair enough, but what about trans. Mercury’s square with US natal Ceres in Pisces; a tie between voters? Essentially Mercury challenges both US Rule breaking Uranus and US distraught mothers Ceres. There’s more at stake here than pure politics.

During the election day on Nov. 6th transiting Uranus slips out of Taurus and back into Aries, which might mean some voters rebel against material ($$) waste and some voters will be rebelling against individual rights such as LBGTQ+.

It’s true, trans. Uranus will be in the apex of a Yod with trans. Pallas and trans Jupiter who will be sextile each other and therefore, trans Uranus will be impelled to adjust, and so he will – by changing signs on election day.

Transiting Venus and Ceres will exact their conjunction at 27+ Libra the evening before the election, while Uranus is still in Taurus. They will be trine the US Moon in Aquarius and square the US Pluto in Capricorn. I would imagine early voters will reflect this Venus-Ceres influence. By the New Moon on the morning of Nov. 7th, Venus and Ceres will oppose, by sign, trans. Uranus and they will be cardinal (action) signs.

This opposition becomes part of a greater pattern in the Nov. 7th New Moon chart; the Yod (Jupiter, Pallas, Uranus) becomes a Boomerang. It will be Venus and Ceres who wind up with the accumulated energies of the Yod, ie. Jupiter (expand), Pallas (strategy), Uranus (breakthrough), to add to their own power. When the vote counting is over it will be Venus (love, values) and Ceres (nurture, environment) who will wield the power.

But there’s more . . the North Node is now at 29+ Cancer the South Node is at 29+ Capricorn and they become part of a grand cross between Uranus in Aries and Venus-Ceres in Libra. This New Moon chart favors the North Node with a grand trine between Chiron (28+ Pisces) and Jupiter (29+ Pisces.

There is also a trine between the New Moon (15+ Scorpio) and Neptune (13+ Pisces rx) that completes a grand trine with the US natal Sun (13+ Cancer), and that’s why I’m putting my $$ on the Founding Fathers dream to keep this democracy alive. Vote Democrat and let freedom ring.

Voted straight Dem ticket today.
Let’s all do it early as is legal in our respective states. Tonight I’ll be at a Dem party board meeting with my FBI/attorney pal.

Is it possible that Trump is too much of a juggernaut, and that the Dems will allow the US populace to suffer, so that the citizenry will be forced to vote Democratic in 2020?

I can’t think of any other explanation for why the Dems are acting so cowardly right now? I hope I’m wrong. Any thoughts?

It’s worse than we realize: Why baby boomers need immigrants to fund their retirement, in 2 charts.
Even Republicans should comprehend this…
but they won’t be informed of it on Fox News:

DeanW I really think things are going well right now. I have not been watching much television either so I guess there’s that….

I think I understand how you may feel though, I have moments just like yours from time to time.

Good on you Eliseo.

Eliseo – Good to hear you’ve already voted! I’m sure everyone here will be voting this year – a lot of passion on this site for social justice!

oxthecat (great handle, by the way!) – I read a lot of news (including Fox, Breitbart, Drudge and the Wall Street Journal); and it looks to me like the Repubs are out there scoring points, while the Dems seem to be in a political funk.

Also, the ‘migrant caravan-issue’ looks to be motivating a wide swath of the population to take a hard look at the ‘open’ immigration policies of ‘The Left;’ and it appears – right now at least – like Independents see the Repbubs as being better able to handle the situation.

Tonight, even CNN made the point that the Dems ‘need to have an answer to the caravan-issue, because those people will be here soon.’

Don’t you think it’s very suspicious that this caravan is occurring 2 weeks before the mid-terms? In fact, they are expected to get here on election day. I mean c’mon!

I don’t know how the Conservatives did it, but something is up! (My maiden name begins with S & I use it as my middle initial — sometimes I just am not on my toes LOL)

Here is more confirmation Bob:


“he sinks to an even lower ebb is in March 2019 with tr Neptune square his Mars/Pluto midpoint which is fairly catastrophic and that repeats later in 2019 as well. And he’s heading for a major reversal in 2020 with his Solar Arc Uranus square his Saturn.”

Dean Linda G has a new video up. She said that there were many prominent people who would be involved with the caravan. I think she said that the people would be turned away but in the end all things turn out well.
People have amnesia. George W B took in 84,000 refugees and 132,000 asylum seekers every year. Many more than Bill Clinton.
This xenophobia is ginned up. I don’t remember people panicking about GWB’s refugee policies. I don’t know maybe I have amnesia.
The timing is suspect and since they are trying to blame Soros and the left you can bet it is them.

would be instead of were, I edited too fast.

Dean W.,
With all due respect, I think you are partly if not mostly wrong. Sure, there are some Dems who want Trump to remain in office (as long as he doesn’t get us into war) to make it easier for Dems to win in 2020. I personally know a few who feel that way. But I do not believe they are the majority. Most want him and his cohort out as quickly as possible.

I think I might have said this upthread. I know I certainly thought it. Democrats are playing the gentlemanly game of democracy. Republicans are playing the bullying game of gradual fascism. In our lifetime we’ve not dealt with anything this out of kilter with democratic processes. Dems know how to function in an honest game of politics but are pretty bewildered as to how to play against extremely highly financed dirty tricks tell as many lies as necessary and repeat them incessantly type of players, particularly when the referees (the media) won’t do their job.

If anyone is cowardly here, it is the media, the print journalists as well as the electronic ones. As media journalism morphed into a highly competitive infotainment business rather than a public service, they’ve come to rely on ratings and sales to the exclusion of other values. Thus, the false equivalency syndrome, the unwillingness or inability to confront nonsense to its face as if the increasingly wacko, crank, blatantly false and misleading statements and positions of R. politicians were of equal value to consider and weigh against demonized Dem ideas.

And frankly, many R’s are pretty scary. That goes for the Trumpists at the rallies as well as political sociopaths in Congress. Any powerful person (think Mitch McConnel) who is consistently and competently devious, determined, mean and deceitful is by their nature scary. And how DOES a flexibly minded person deal with a person of very rigid mind? People who won’t accept scientific truth are scary. People who are purposefully ignorant, who won’t engage with you in honest debate are scary. Angry, armed people are scary. Anytime your adversaries are armed, literally or metaphorically and you are not, you WILL be bullied. It is a given in the darker nature of our psyches.

It is natural to feel bedeviled and bewildered when we are under such an avalanche of so, so many outrageous lies. We are drowning in lies. The false narratives and statements from Trump and the R’s overwhelm and numb us into confusion and rob us of needed energy. What seems like complacency and cowardice among Dems may in reality be caution. It is difficult to know where to step when you are bewildered and in darkness. The real surprise is our Dems have been as good as they’ve been in confronting this madness.

But I believe the light of truth will eventually prevail. We just need to keep the torch brightly lit, to discern the truth, and tell the truth as loudly, passionately and incessantly as they tell their lies. How else might we win? Face it. We are no good at dirty tricks anyway!

Has anyone else noticed the facial similarity between Robert F. Kennedy and Beto O’Rourke?


Your 4:14am post, excellent.

I received this response from a Robert Andrew on my FB page and do not know how true it is:

“The Guadalajara Reporter, and a republican strategist confirmed that Republican operatives were handing out flyers, in Guatemala and Honduras, offering immunity to all immigrants that came to the U.S. this month. And Donald Trump is blaming Democrats. That explains why hundreds of immigrants left behind all of their worldly possessions , the friends and families to walk 2,000 miles to the U.S., all at once. Republicans can’t be trusted!! It would have been political suicide for Democrats to plan than, since it’s such a hot button issue!!”


I did a quick search and only found this using keywords from your message.

Sounds like FB hasn’t disposed of all the disinformation agents in its midst, yet. Probably should have hired actual fact-checkers instead of conspiracy theorists, with an agenda. Smh.

If you feel so inclined, here’s a link where you can report the activity, and user:


Eliseo and Oxthecat,

Reading both your comments (which are great, btw), I’m suddenly reminded of a quote! “don’t cast your pearls before swine.”

Did I share another page of this site, to beware gaslighting? Well, ‘Tis the season, apparently.

Suspected bomb packages left at CNN offices in NY, also packages to the Clinton’s and Obama’s residences were intercepted before being delivered to their homes. Awaiting details.

Eliseo, spot on as usual!

‘If anyone is cowardly here, it is the media, the print journalists as well as the electronic ones. As media journalism morphed into a highly competitive infotainment business rather than a public service, they’ve come to rely on ratings and sales to the exclusion of other values. Thus, the false equivalency syndrome, the unwillingness or inability to confront nonsense to its face as if the increasingly wacko, crank, blatantly false and misleading statements and positions of R. politicians were of equal value to consider and weigh against demonized Dem ideas’

I am constantly frustrated with the media who are letting Trump continuously control the narrative. As you say, we are drowning in outrageous lies! It is exhausting to say the least.

This caravan thing no matter how it came to be is the gift that keeps on giving to Trump and his noxious base. Also his new slogan about Republicans creating jobs and Dems mobs.

I was listening to a podcast by Tara setmayer yesterday. She’s a republican never Trumper and had gone to the politico conference in LA last week. She said that there was particular session with this lovely Liberal and how obnoxious these Bernie supporters were to her and she thought to herself, wow Dems , y’all got some problems too lol!

I am hearing a lot that Dems don’t have a comprehensive message, that they are not cohesive ,they’re not saying what they should about immigration. As Eliseo says Dems don’t know how to play dirty and i feel that we are just in new ground now. The far left direction of some elements of the party in my opinion is NOT the way to go, also i wonder how much Bernie is going to mess things up. No offense to the people here who are Bernie fans.

Although i don’t think the people at trumps rallies represent most of America, i fear that many will still vote by party. I can only go by my area, which is mostly upper middle class Republicans.

I overheard my son talking to my younger sons friend who is 16 and they were joking about Kanye becoming President and then my son mentioned the Rock. And he said that the Rock would be a thousand times better than Trump. And the friend said that that’s not necessarily true because even though Trump is obnoxious that he had done so much good.

I know that his parents don’t like trump but think his policies are great, his grandparents think Trump is the second coming, the best President EVER. These older people if they are retired watch Fox News all day and the one like this boy’s parents who work , might not have the time to engage with the news the way we do, however when they do, it’s Fox News and they get their talking points from there

I have someone who comes by me a half day each week to clean and she tells me that nearly all the people she cleans for have Fox News running twenty four seven. Like literally. She was telling me that she was by this doctors house the day Blasey Ford was telling her story and she was literally yelling ‘Slut’ and ‘liar’ at the tv, i found this so incredible since she was so credible.

I realise how much hate there is towards Dems, Fox, the tea party etc have done an amazing job with building up this hatred toward the Clintons and Dems on the whole. It sickens me yet frightens me.

Even back home in Trinidad, i have this one friend who , like my Mum thinks Trump is the greatest, only watches Fox News because in her own words to me, she has tried to change to CNN but can’t take it and changes back to Fox News because it tells her what she wants to hear. She told me the Dems are evil. So Fox News has brainwashed people in other countries who aren’t even Americans.

Anyway, sorry to start the morning off ona negative note, i do deep down as many do here feel this is all happening as part of the higher good, however i am scared right now, scared that the Dems don’t get it together for the midterms or 2020 and realise that the MSM is a lost cause. Unless Mueller comes out with something soon, i feel that the Russian investigation in the public is fizzling a bit.

I heard someone on cnn yesterday say that the stock market prices in trumps personality and words.

He is getting normalized, it’s all getting normalized and it worries me immensely

Ralfee Finn:



It’s a big year for women candidates — why are so few of them Republican?

Different party cultures mean that Democratic elites support women candidates often — and because of their gender — while Republican elites do not.

By Melody Crowder-Meyer and Rosalyn Cooperman Oct 16, 2018, 10:30am EDT

Melody Crowder-Meyer is an assistant professor of political science at Davidson College. Rosalyn Cooperman is an associate professor of political science at the University of Mary Washington.

“… women comprise 43 percent of Democratic candidates in 2018 congressional general elections…”

“…Democratic women won House primaries at rates 20 percentage points higher than Democratic men…”

“…73 percent of the women in serving in Congress are Democrats.”

“Yo, Adrian!”

Bring it!

“But while the presidential thug plug dominated the news, a quieter, more telling campaign has been unfolding under the Big Sky — one that returns Democrats to a role as defender of average working people. Kathleen Williams, who has been crisscrossing Montana in her camper with her dog, is poised to knock off Gianforte with an old-fashioned campaign that should be a model for Dems mired in media-driven sideshows.”


“… women comprise 43 percent of Democratic candidates in 2018 congressional general elections…”

50% is not that far away!


Wow, don’t you guys think these potential bombs are a big deal? It seems pretty freaky to me. CNN has been kept out of their bldg. for 4 hours now.


Oh well, carry on.

“There was an extended chant of “CNN SUCKS” from supporters at Pres Trump’s rally in Texas on Monday. It’s a familiar refrain. Key question ahead of tonight’s rally here in Central Wisconsin, which is so far on as scheduled, is whether that rhetoric will be condemned or encouraged”

Betsy Klein on Twitter

Lexi: Thank you; but if this is correct, reporters should check this out.

Angellight, I grew up in Berlin then moved to Green Lake. Worked for a family of county surveyors in Green Lake, Marquette, and Adams counties.

How the migrant caravan became so big and why it’s continuing to grow

“Edith Cruz was sitting at home in central Honduras, scanning Facebook on her phone, when she saw the post about the caravan on a community news page. It was Oct. 12. She and her cousin had just opened a small business selling tortillas when they were confronted by a gang, threatened with death if they didn’t hand over half of their profits. She looked at the Facebook post: “An avalanche of Hondurans is preparing to leave in a caravan to the United States. Share this!” Within three hours, her bags were packed.

The question of how the migrant caravan began has wound its way to the American midterm elections. President Trump and other Republicans have suggested that Democrats paid migrants to begin the journey. As the group continues to grow, the largest such caravan in recent years, its beginnings are being scrutinized: How did more than 5,000 migrants from across Central America find each other?”


Facebook can redeem itself if they track this back to Republicans and Russians!

Or those who do work for the Russians! C’mon FB, save our democracy. The crazy right fringe is accusing “Liberals” of destroying our democracy. I have a friend who drunk the conspiracy theory kool Aide and swears that “the military” asked Trump to run to save our democracy from “the deep state”. There is a big Q-Anon fueled conspiracy and these are the believers who sent the explosive devices!

Guys, please realize that Facebook is part of the problem. They are a for-profit company and all they care about is money. They have NO sense of responsibility or morality. NONE!

FB has the capacity for great good and has done much to breach and bridge people together. Yes, there are parts that are bad, just like there are parts in us that are bad or need to be changed. We have to keep evolving in a better way hopefully, and FB too.

Sharon….You Are Spot On!
We should be writing to Meuller!
Writing to our local Letter to Editor.
Drump is causing instability!
He is recklessly rabble-rousing ONE-HALF of the American People!
This is dangerous for any nation, we need wise leadership that calms the people, leadership that inspires & speaks of harmony, stability and unified strength!

Not Drump’s hateful last-night rally speech:
“I love anyone who can body-slam a Reporter”.

Can anyone add to this? I’ll send it to our Editor.

Violetta’s very heartfelt thoughts on Migrant Caravan that was created by Trump’s gang:
“Who Is Behind The Migrant Caravan” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EKP9AIz16o

“The minority is pursuing a racist, misogynist and fascist agenda, and violence is part and parcel of its methods (as Trump acknowledges and exemplifies).”


Another quote from the same article in nyt’s:

” Where are our political leaders? They should be speaking out vociferously right now. The fact that no Republicans seriously condemn the vitriol spouted on a daily basis that leads to such acts means that they condone it. Of course I’d also like to see the Democratic party leadership out there as well. It’s hard to get excited about supporting the Democrats when no one is acting like a real leader.”

Yep, totally agree…FB is part of the problem…and thank you for saying so!

I thought the Cambridge Analytica reports, made FB’s complicity in 2016 campaign propaganda obvious.

Hate to say it, but I’ve always found Zuckerberg and his creation, for lack of better words, creepy.

Sharon K, patty, etc.
(…appreciated your comments and points–thanks for sharing!)

Apparently propaganda attacks by a foreign govt., nazis organizing the biggest and most violent protest in history (via FB and other social media outlets), massive breaches of personal information that continue to this day, broken promises and outright lies to the public are not reason enough to wake some up to reality of what FB truly *is.*

Sorry for the rant.

Quote from post:
Wow, don’t you guys think these potential bombs are a big deal? It seems pretty freaky to me. CNN has been kept out of their bldg. for 4 hours now.


Oh well, carry on.

The bomb deliveries are a huge deal.

Don’t know what to say, other than it sucks to watch someone incite hatred daily, and know what it can (and will) inevitably lead to….then that day comes….to be sad, horrified, and shocked, but not entirely surprised.

Kind of like watching the new POTUS state his chief strategist is going to be a guy that runs a site that traffics in hate speech, appeals to nazis, and he’s a domestic abuser, bigot, and all-around white supremacist.

To do what I was taught to TRY to stop it, watch others do the same (letters written, calls made, protests launched) …. and it happens anyway–the nazi works in our WH. ….then to see that choice eventually culminate in the horror and devastation of Charlottesville.

Speaking of, the Orange Menace today reminded me of that weekend. He seemed to be reading a hostage message, as opposed to anything heartfelt or sincere.

Grateful, that this time, no one was hurt (so far).
Hope you’re well. Take care.

Last one, I promise (lol)….

Hi Bob,

How are you? Before I return to lurk mode indefinitely, I wanted to thank you for the Vox article. I missed that one, so I sincerely appreciate your linking it.

It’s nice to see more in the media asking the questions, and considering the right’s seemingly obvious issues with women.

Thanks again!

Take care.

Lexi and Barbk,
I think you both have referred to the position Uranus being in Taurus, flanked by today’s Moon both of which oppose Sun, Venus in Scorpio.

Transiting Jupiter in Scorpio squaring the US Moon. Transiting Mercury in Scorpio squaring transiting Mars.

We were all sort of waiting to see what this would bring. I guess bombs and huge crowds for the Republican candidate chanting “lock her up, lock her up!’ in Wisconsin not too long after the bombings! Trump was/is scheduled to land there to rally the crowd.

For the first time in a long time, I am frightened for this country. Very, very frightened…

Uranus, full Moon in Taurus ruled by Venus in Scorpio. Venus conjunct the Sun…

Talk about Rebellious Mobs…

Lamis B Faris,
One of the purposes of the rhetoric at Trump’s rallies and of those who send bombs through the mail is to keep us frightened. And we DO live in scary times.

BUT..I think it is natural, rational and OK to feel frightened in our peculiar circumstances as long as we are not frightened into submission.

Eliseo – As usual, your comments are well-reasoned, and lucid. But, in fairness, the usually chorus-like agreement on this site does not mirror the national reality which surrounds us.

I pray you are right, though, and that the ‘gentlemanly game of democracy’ that you say the Dems are playing can win with Independents, women, Millennials and minority voters – all of whom the Democrats need to win the Midterms.

If not, it’s the Weimar Republic all over again.

DeanW I get what you are saying.

Remember when Holder said when they go low, we kick em? Just that sentence set off a chorus of cries for civility. If anyone dares confront someone in a restaurant it is all over the news for days. I have first hand experience with bullies and I will tell you that is just how they operate. You stand up for yourself and they try to mow you over and flatten you into the pavement. The media is no help with the bothsiderisms comparing a restaurant confrontation to an explosive device…

I think the Dems have really fought hard this cycle. They raised tons of money and they have good ads. They are winning many competitive races. I am interested in what you think they should do. I absolutely could be missing something.

What we can do is GOTV. Laser focus on GOTV.

Lamis, you note this Taurus Full Moon, and it’s a doozy, I agree. Let’s not forget the grand cross between the Nodes (north and south), Moon-Uranus and Sun-Venus, adding complexity to the upcoming 2 weeks. But there is a grand trine I have been intrigues by; it’s subtle, barely noticed – if at all, and it’s between Moon-Uranus in Taurus, Transpluto in Virgo and Saturn in Capricorn.

Transpluto symbolizes the process of becoming whole. Is this the bottom line? – the underlying theme that results in reducing us to desperately seek answers as to why this is happening? I think maybe yes.

Thanks Lexi, your words are wise and I was grateful to read them earlier. I agree with you, Zuckerberg IS creepy and Facebook is addictive, like cigarettes.

It seems blatantly clear now that today’s news is a manifestation of Mars, especially US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini (mail, UPS, CNN, etc.). Does everyone know that Russia’s natal Sun (June 12, 1990) is also 21+ Gemini? Yeah, well Trump’s Sun is 22+ Gemini, and they all square US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo too.

All these blows to the psyche of the US ( the US natal Psyche, which conjuncts the US natal Sun, and both of them square US natal Saturn which symbolizes stability) is (I feel) meant to make us more pliable to facilitate change, aka growth, aka evolution.

We can and should continue to look at the transits to explain the crazy stuff happening, but a greater understanding of the “why” crazy stuff happens can be gleaned from cycles and I’ve found many that connect dots but a few of them really stand out.

When Uranus and Pluto started their cycle in the 60’s, their 3rd conjunction (April 4, 1966) had Chiron and Pallas at 21+ Pisces and they were conjunct Saturn and Mercury at 22+ Pisces. That’s like 6 separate cycles (within the Uranus-Pluto cycle) and all of them were square US natal Mars in Gemini and opposite US natal Neptune in Virgo.

All those Pisces planets in this Uranus-Pluto cycle chart were trine Neptune (you are getting verrry sleepy . .) in Scorpio who was at the apex of a yod with the same chart’s Jupiter in Gemini who was sextile Mars in Aries.

This meant Neptune had to shift in some way and he, Neptune, would do it by working with all 4 of those Pisces planets that were square US natal Mars and opposite US natal Neptune! This Neptune, at the mercy of Jupiter and Mars in this Uranus-Pluto conjunction chart, is now messing with our US natal chart’s Mars (indirectly of course) which squares our US natal Neptune – a double Neptune whammy!!

The Mars-Chiron cycle that started January 16, 2017, also started at 21+ Pisces and also squared US Mars and opposed US Neptune, but it was pretty straight forward. Still, Mars and Chiron can hurt. This one will end in a year or so.

My last example is the Jupiter-in-Scorpio cycle which I wrote on earlier, which had the Moon at 21+ Gemini (conjunct US natal Mars) opposite Saturn at 22+ Sagittarius, and they both squared Mars at 22+ Virgo (conjunct US natal Neptune) who was opposite Chiron at 25 Pisces rx. This and many other examples is a way to understand why we feel we are under assault, which we are of course, but there is a reason. A very good reason. Not always easy to remember when being assaulted.

Linda G came out with yet another unexpected video on the pipe bombs.


Lamis I saw that. Someone in the comments said another person came up with the same info in their reading.
I just love her. She is so soothing to me. If she is wrong I will not blame her at all. I think she is great.

oxthecat – Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I see what you’re saying; and I agree that the media inaccurately draws false equivalences.

Now, to answer your query – I also agree that the Dems should not sink to Trump’s level; but, they should be countering his lies – yet, so few Democrats are doing that.

I also agree with you that a lot of money has been raised to defeat the Repubs; but, in my view, what matters most is who turns-out to vote.

I’ve looked at the most recent, publicly released polling; and what I see is a lot of INTENT among Independents, Millennials, women and minority-voters.

Now, if a goodly number of them turn-out, all will be well; but, if they’re cowered by Trump’s bullying, or give in to apathy or fear, they won’t.

That’s what concerns me – that people won’t show-up in enough numbers to overcome the Repubs/Russia’s election gerrymandering.

To address one of your other points – regarding the ‘good ads’ the Dems are airing – I agree with you there, as well; most of the ads are well-produced.

But, in times of crisis-period voting, most people are motivated (out of fear) to choose ‘strong’ leaders – and aside from Beto, and maybe Kamala Harris, I don’t see almost any Dems out there ‘modeling’ (as psychiatrists say) ‘leadership identity.’

And almost nobody wants to be part of a ‘wimpy tribe,’ when danger is present!

I’m truly hoping that many of those who feel disenfranchised will be properly registered, and will choose to vote Democratic in the upcoming Midterms – because that’s what it will take to win, in my opinion.

I can’t argue with any of those points. I just have a strong feeling that we will win. I am doing what I can.
You are right we really need to swarm the polls.

Dean W.,
We have no choice. If we don’t win the Independents, women, Millennials and minority voters, OR we win but somehow Trump succeeds in nullifying the election as “rigged” (I give that a 50% chance) we will indeed have “the Weimar Republic all over again.” And of course, we all know what regime the Weimar Republic was precursor to.

If that happens we’ll be fighting our battles on an entirely different, brutal and bloody basis. I pray that day never comes.

Eliseo, and oxthecat – Yes, I agree with your points, as well as share your hopes.

On a fresh subject: In the last, major US election, Mrs. Clinton was so sure she was going to win, that she abdicated the working-class vote.

What the Dems have in their favor, this time around, is that the working-man, and woman, is NOT being taken for granted. That gives me some hope!

My God, listening to Trump recite those words (however woodenly and obviously written by someone else) that we need to come together in unity (in response to pipe bombs) was fantastically bizarre! Maybe this is one of the issues that will wake everyone up and realize we need to stop this craziness.

Also hearing more and more messages from other public figures (who are speaking more heartfully and authentically) about finding common ground again. The New York mayor (can’t remember his name right now) said some really good things the other night. And even Hilary Clinton’s message seemed to come from a deeper, truer place within.

It occurs to me that Trump will be in power for exactly how long it is necessary to allow time for decay to be exposed and for enough people to come to their own gradual awareness of what is right and true. Those of us with a higher perspective feel the anxiety of how LONG this seems to take, for others to catch up, so to speak, but we are seeing evidence of it now. Thank God.

And it’s perfect that Mueller and team have been completely out of the news during this time– remember they said that media coverage wouldn’t help them. So now we have all these other distractions to give them space, make Trump feel non-threatened so he doesn’t go on a crazy firing spree (yet). By the time he does feel the threat again, it will be too late. All will be revealed. Really looking forward to that.

I love voting in person on Election Day, but I think this is a year to really encourage early voting.

Imagine election day, if more pipe bombs start showing up at polling places.

So, I”m asking you all to vote early or by absentee, if you can. If you hate calling people and asking them to vote, in get-out-the-vote work, early voting makes it so much easier.

You’re not calling to tell them to please go vote. You’ll calling to inform them of the hours and days when early voting is available to them in their area.

I hate get-out-the-vote calls, but in 2016, I did them but for early voting, and it was so much better. People know when election day is, and they know they should vote. Most all of them don’t need reminders of that. But they don’t all know when or if early voting is available to them.

“When Trump said he couldn’t release his taxes because he was under audit, a Beverly Hills tax lawyer wrote a column defending the choice. Now, that lawyer is head of the IRS.”

Meg Cramer on Twitter

It is not normal or should not be normal for a sitting president to criticize the press.

“Freedom of the press in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. The press provides a vital role in discerning fact from fiction & reporting thereof from a neutral, unbiased perspective. Facts matter. Facts connect us to reality.”

Trump should be impeached if he continues to stoke the fears of hatred and division and to call the constituted press fake news and the enemy of the people. That is grounds for impeachment.

“In a statement Wednesday, CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker said that Trump and members of the administration should understand that their words matter.”

“There is a total and complete lack of understanding at the White House about the seriousness of their continued attacks on the media,” Zucker said. “The President, and especially the White House Press Secretary, should understand their words matter. Thus far, they have shown no comprehension of that.”


Jeff Zucker is completely wrong. Trump and his press secretary understand completely that their words matter. They are purposefully inciting violence. Though they will obviously state otherwise, I’m sure they are as pleased as punch these pipe bombs are being sent to their enemies. They want us to be off balance & afraid.

Trump is now saying those pipe bombs are the fault of the media. When he says the media needs to be more “civil”, what he really means is he wants the media and all of us to be abjectly submissive to him and his appointees.

This is a very powerful comment in nyt’s today:

“I’m a Wisconsinite and ashamed of the Trump supporters at the Wisconsin rally last night.

Leah Vukmir encouraged anti Clinton chanting which is pretty remarkable in a day of threatened bomb violence. She grinned like a kindergartner who just found a cookie in her pocket instead of pleading for peace among the crowd when they chanted “lock her up!”

Remember when John Mc Cain took the microphone from the elderly woman who called Barack Obama a Muslim? He said “no ma’am” and called for unity and respect.

Leah Vukmir had the prime opportunity to say “today we are all Americans and no matter our differences we will not tolerate violence. We need to honor peace and dignity. And that starts right here tonight.” But no, she grinned like a Chessie cat, and encouraged the crowd. And by the way, Mr. Trump, the polls are not close with Vukmir and Tammy Baldwin, so stop the lies.

I’m a nurse, and I’m embarrassed and ashamed Leah Vukmir calls herself a nurse over and over. I see her as cruel and ruthless, unlike any other nurse I’ve known or worked with in my long career. She uses the profession to push her facade and that angers myself and my colleagues. We’re not pawns, our profession is not to be “used” as a political pawn, not by Leah Vukmir nor anyone else.

It was a Wisconsin circus here last night. It was a typical Trump show. Nothing stops them, not even potential terror.

That is a powerful comment ja.

I have been ordering pizza for my local Democratic get out the vote office you can call ahead and see what they need and have the food delivered.

I believe we need to see our own Dem-TV Rally.
With an outpouring of Democratic Leadership speaking of hope, courage, harmony, peace, American unity and spirit. Even famous Democrats would be extremely enthusiastic and want to be part of such a rally.

(1) Isn’t Obama already doing that to some degree.
(2) Would the media give it as much coverage as the Trump rallies? IMO they would not. People saying positive, helpful things, that’s good news, therefore not newsworthy. People saying hateful, angry, threatening things, …Now that’s newsworthy, i.e. drives up ratings.

Nevertheless, I agree with you. Even if they don’t get national coverage, such Dem rallies as you suggest would get local coverage, and hopefully drive up enthusiasm.

Eric Francis:


A lot of people here, including myself, have been more than mystified how Trump stays so popular, while actively gaslighting the public, as well as condoning/ignoring violence against his ‘enemies.’

The following, recent (10/23/18) article is the best researched, yet accessible, piece I’ve read on the subject of how Trump instinctively uses depth-psychology to ‘retrain’ a person’s moral compass. Joseph Goebbels has nothing on the man!

It’s an opus of an article, and well worth the read, in my opinion (or, at least a skim, if you’re in a hurry).


Please stay close Lexi. I hope you have great election news and a safe and happy holiday season.

I am fine. Had a check up at the VA today and everything is copacetic.

ja and all,

On election day Vukmir has transit Saturn square her natal mercury/Venus midpoint and square her progressed Sun. Good setup for a concession speech.

“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

That should read “opposite her progressed Sun.”

Glad to hear both pieces of good news, Bob!

“They’re doing this caravan nonsense because they’ve cut taxes for the richest people on the planet. Not the 1 percent, the 000.1 percent, and Donald Trump after he did it flew down to Mar-a-Lago on his big ole jet, and he sat around the table with billionaire friends and said ‘I just made you all a lot of money today.’ And then guess what? Then they went after your health care, and Mitch McConnell said they’re coming after your Social Security and Medicare to pay for the tax cuts for the rich. Now, that’s what’s happening in your life…and they don’t want you to know that. So guess what they’re doing? They’re talking about brown people that are coming and they’re going to take over your towns…because they think you are stupid.” — Joe
Watch: https://on.msnbc.com/2CGnTYm

I was looking at where the transiting planets were and thought . . something should be happening right now. I turned on the TV and see that a white man in Florida has just been arrested in connection to the bomb packages mailed to Dems.

Sun and Venus conjunct at 3+ Scorpio, Jupiter opposite Moon conjunct Sedna

“America in 2018 is a place where Donald Trump is the president and the Democrat who gets talked about as the strongest candidate for the nomination against him is a half-Indian, half-Jamaican woman from Oakland.”


This is the bombing suspect, arrested in Plantation, Florida today:

His name is Cesar Sayoc Jr., and he is 56 years old from Aventura, Florida.

His van is covered in Trump and GOP decals.


these are not usual times, the media should not treat it as such.
45 should not be given the press time, only a mention to limit the spread of his hate free on the airwaves.
There will always be his base it is what I call collateral people, like other non mainstream groups. We should not be subjected to their caustic attack on the rest of us.
Fox news should be required to post a disclaimer that it is an entertainment outlet to notify 45s base and maybe they’ll not believe the junk they spew as newsworthy.
When are the Dems going to counter a FOX news?

Again, when Jupiter entered the sign Scorpio there was a grand cross going on between:

(1) Mars 22 Virgo (conjunct US Neptune) opposite (2) Chiron 25 Pisces, square (3) Moon 21 Gemini (conjunct US Mars) opposite (4) Saturn (22 Sagittarius) . . anger, action, violence (Mars) plus confusion (US Neptune) vs. wounding, teaching, bridging (Chiron), at cross purpose with the masses, family, emotions (Moon) plus anger (US Mars) opposite stability, order, containment (Saturn)

Now trans. Uranus is at 0+ Taurus and opposite where Jupiter was (Oct 10, 2017) at Scorpio 0+ Scorpio, which is also where US Hades is.

Uranus right now is also square the trans. Nodes North 0 Leo, South 0 Aquarius, so . . .

It is trans Uranus activating the Jupiter in Scorpio cycle (as well as being at a major crossroad, aka the nodes) and Jupiter is presently opposite trans Sedna (and the Moon at the time the “story” of the arrest of Cesar Sayok broke).

So I’m guessing something Sedna symbolizes is related to the multi bomb deliveries, and/or this guy whose van was taken by the police for examination; perhaps he was feeling tossed overboard.

‘More in Common’ – a group devoted to strengthening societies against increasing polarization – has released the results of a year-long study, detailing how – and why – American society has descended into ‘tribes.’

One of their take-away points is that the majority of Americans are now, ‘The Exhausted Majority.’


For what it’s worth, another clue from the Jupiter-into-Scorpio chart, the Sun at 17+ Libra was conjunct Trump’s Jupiter, the Constitution’s Neptune and the US progressed Mars.

This Sun was conjunct Mercury at 18+ Libra, and they were square Pluto at 16+ Cap, so the Jupiter-in-Scorpio trip has been about becoming conscious (Sun) through communication (Mercury) via transforming methods (Pluto, who rules Scorpio).

Thank goddess it’s (Jupiter in Scorpio) almost over.

Take ‘More in Common’s’ quiz to see which social ‘tribe’ best represents your political and societal views (fun, scientifically-based quiz that offers immediate results):


Dean W., “tribes” would be symbolized by the Moon, and or the IC and 4th house of a country’s birth chart. The “year long study” correlates with the year long transit of Jupiter in Scorpio.

Suspect birthdate: 3/17/62. No place. (Thanks MSNBC)

New post up:


Sorry it has taken a while. the world has me in a funk.

Thanks Teresa, on 3/17/62 Uranus was at 27+ Leo (conjunct the Great American Total Solar Eclipse last year and Trump’s Mars/asc.) opposite Jupiter at 28+ Aquarius (conjunct US Moon/Pallas) . . . which today’s trans. Jupiter (27+ Scorpio) T-squares.

This T-square between today’s Jupiter and the 3/17/62 opposition between Uranus and Jupiter also resonates with the astrology of the following major active cycles:Saturn-Pluto; Neptune-Pluto; Chiron-Neptune; Jupiter-Neptune; Jupiter-Chiron.

It’s a giant leap forward for history, astrology and mankind.