12th Sep, 2018

The Naked Emperor

It is almost as if we are living through a real life reenactment of the story The Emperor Has No Clothes. Until the release of the Bob Woodward book, Fear, coupled with the Anonymous op-ed in the New York Times, many, especially on the right, have pretended that Donald Trump is doing reasonable things and is working for the greater good of the country, albeit from a right-wing slant. The rest of us have clearly seen the naked emperor, with his depravity, his compulsive and delusional grandiosity, his paranoia, and his pervasive moral turpitude. Now that both Anonymous and the well-respected Woodward have declared that even those in the administration have recognized the jaw-dropping, distressing reality of the deeply impaired Trump, it is as if the floodgates have opened. Just as in the story when the little boy questioned why the emperor has no clothes, it is now much harder to go along with Trump’s delusional and self-absorbed reality.

If we look at the entire period from mid-June through today, we see the national outrage over the separation of children from their parents at the border, the Michael Cohen guilty plea that included Trump as an unindicted co-conspirator, the Manifort conviction and now possible plea deal, and, currently, the troubling revelations of the Woodward book and the Anonymous article.  During this period, despite relatively good economic news (for now), Trump’s approval ratings have gone down significantly and consistently in several polls.

Astrologically, there are two noteworthy configurations that correspond to these events. The first is the transit of Saturn square to Trump’s Neptune (5Libra51) which covered the first weeks of the separation policy coming to light  (6/14 to 6/27). This aspect will return on November 1 through November 11. It suggests the pain of reality (Saturn) crashing against the shores of Trump’s delusions (Neptune).  It is easy to imagine that Trump thought his cruel policies at the border would be happily embraced by America.  Clearly, he was upset at the tsunami of criticism and disapproval. We can only hope that the final crossing of this aspect around the time of the midterms suggests another huge Trumpian disappointment after an unrealistic expectation of a “red wave”.  I am concerned that the optimistic and success-inspiring Jupiter will square his Ascendant (29Leo55) from November 3 to November 8, but the more dour and depressing transit from Saturn continues through the 11th, so perhaps there are some very close elections that end badly for the GOP after a recount or the absentee ballots arrive. We will find out in November.

The second configuration of significance is the transit of Saturn opposite the US Venus (3Cancer06), while simultaneously also opposite the Sun in the Trump/US composite chart (3Cancer08).  For the US, this transit suggests a time of sorrow and loss. The first crossing of this long station in the summer of 2018 was from July 22 to August 10, during which some of the worst wildfires in history raged in California. The second crossing is from September 6 to October 2.  We are now in the early days of this final transit of Saturn to US Venus, as Hurricane Florence is building to overwhelm the southeast coast of the US. There is also a protracted Mars/Uranus square from September 15 to 19, which seems likely to be the period of greatest damage of the Hurricane, although the continuation of the Saturn transit through October 2nd suggests a great deal of stress and loss felt through that time, either from Florence or other, as yet, unspecified events.

The simultaneous transit of Saturn to the US/Trump chart Sun (July 22 through August 10 and September 6 to October 4) brings with it tension between the president and the country. Already, we have seen the fallout from the separation policy, and more recently, his poll numbers going down, as well as the revelations of the Woodward book and the Anonymous article. It may be that Trump may not do well with his handling of the disaster experienced in the wake of Hurricane Florence, and suffer from political difficulties as a result. In any event, the Saturn transit to the Trump/US chart suggests problems for the Trump/US relationship over the next three weeks.


Thank you, Starlight, for taking the time to analyze all the data and deliver another beautifully written and thoroughly insightful post. You’ve been on to Trump all along and now corroboration is coming from many sources, ultimately from Mueller himself. I hope your husband’s pain is soon a thing of the past. Sending him what positive vibrations I have to give. All the best to you both.

Thank you, Starlight, for continuing to write so well in these difficult times for your country and your family. I recently saw the Ken Burns documentary on The Roosevelts on Netflix and the 1976 television series Eleanor and Franklin on YouTube to remember what great Presidents were.

Thank you Nancy for alwYs being here and helping us all see. Hoping with everyday David is getting better and stronger.

This is truly wonderful, made me cry. Music is so very important to focus us and help keep us strong.

Thanks for this, Nancy. You always deliver.

From here on out our mantra should be – IMPEACH KAVANAUGH!

Good to read your words Nancy, especially during these trying times. In one way or another, transiting Saturn “crashing against the shores” of “Trump’s delusions” is pressing down on all of us.

During the 7 years between November, 1982 and November, 1989, Saturn started new cycles with the three outer planets – Pluto in ’82, Uranus in 88, and Neptune in ’89.

Now Saturn is trine Uranus, is quintile Neptune and is nearing a new conjunction with Pluto, activating all of those cycles. In each cycle transiting Chiron played a strategic role too:

* In the Saturn-Pluto conjunction (in Libra) chart they were sextile Neptune (water) and that chart’s Chiron in Taurus (2 degrees from where Sedna [water] is now) completed a Yod, the part that has to adjust.

* In the Saturn-Uranus (in Sagittarius) conjunction Chiron in Cancer was opposite Neptune (water) in Capricorn.

* In the Saturn-Neptune in Capricorn conjunction chart, Chiron (retrograde) was on one of the Aries (World) Points, 1+ Cancer. Transiting Chiron is presently square that point.

Also, in the one-time-only Saturn-Pluto conjunction, Mars and the South Node were at 5+ Capricorn, where Saturn will be when it squares Trump’s natal Neptune (water) Nov 1-11, as you noted.

I don’t think we can overestimate just how much all the turmoil we all have experienced in this country of late is the result of Saturn’s interaction with the outer planets. Little did we realize – back in the 80’s – where this would all lead. Call it growing pains on a humongous scale.

There are many who have and are calling out the naked emperor. You among them. Thank you for your generosity.

No, Barb. We didn’t realize where we were headed, but certainly there were plenty of clues. Militarization after 9-11, unchecked greed followed by the meltdown of banks. Since then, the world’s troubles have been compounding. The election? of this Trumperor threw the door open on the malefic times. (It reminds me of a repetitive dream I had as a child. Going down the stairs to the dirt cellar, knowing the witch hiding behind the coal furnace was going to come after me.)

My heart goes out to this beautiful world, and her residents, and especially to those directly impacted by this storm.

It will get better.


“The rest of us have clearly seen the naked emperor, with his depravity, his compulsive and delusional grandiosity, his paranoia, and his pervasive moral turpitude. Now that both Anonymous and the well-respected Woodward have declared that even those in the administration have recognized the jaw-dropping, distressing reality of the deeply impaired Trump, it is as if the floodgates have opened.”

Delicious! I just broke my diet.

Once again Nancy, thank you for your insight and generosity! Prayers included for David and his continued steady healing.

Can you please comment on Imran khan oath taking chart Thanx and how it’s related to pakistan progress and US
18th Aug 10:23am Islamabad pakistan
And how would be his five year term

Dear Nancy, Thank you for the Astro-Update.
Hope our healing thoughts and prayers are lessening David’s pain and elevating your stress.

Regarding Dirty-Don Jr: This Could Be Huge!
“Suspicious Financial Transactions Followed Trump Jr.’s Meeting With Russians at Trump” Towerhttps://dailysoundandfury.com/suspicious-financial-transactions-followed-trump-jr-s-meeting-with-russians-at-trump-tower/

Hurricane Florence is brewing up to be the “The Storm of a Lifetime” as it heads for the Carolina coast in the USA. Reckoned to be the worst storm for at least 25 years in the region it has led to nearly 2 million people being evacuated with fears of catastrophic impacts, from damaging winds to flash flooding to widespread power outages.
by Marjorie:

Thank you, everyone. David is slowly healing and also sends his thanks.

Not to put too fine a point on it Karen, but I did not start seeing the connections (let alone the dots waiting to be connected) until after Trump was declared the new President.

Oh sure, I already loved studying the cycle charts, but up until then I saw them mostly as individual projects only. My grasp of “the Big Picture” was very, very loose. Those 3 Saturn cycles (with Pluto, Uranus and Neptune) were a law unto themselves, or so I thought.

Now I see the importance of the 3 Uranus-Pluto conjunctions in Virgo (in the ’60’s) which were always sextile Neptune in Scorpio. Even then the outer planets were working together.

It would take 27 more years for transiting Uranus to catch up with transiting Neptune in Capricorn in 1993, and during that time (between Uranus conjunct Pluto and Uranus conjunct Neptune), trans. Saturn would start a new cycle with Pluto (’82), Uranus (’88), and Neptune (’89).

Now, 25 years later, trans. Pluto is in the neighborhood of where those 3 Uranus-Neptune conjunctions took place (18-19 Cap) and Saturn will soon begin a new series of cycles with these 3 outer planets, starting with Pluto, then Neptune in 2025, then Uranus in 2032.

It was 63 years ago when Pluto and Uranus started their cycle in Virgo, and Neptune was sextile them in Scorpio. Together they formed a Yod to US natal Chiron in Aries which opposes US natal Juno in Libra.

It was 25 years ago when Neptune and Uranus began their cycle in Capricorn and they were T-square the US natal Chiron opposite the US natal Juno in Libra.

These two outer planet cycles have focused on this particular flawed aspect in the US natal chart and have filtered their influence onto transiting Saturn via their conjunctions with him. It has sometimes been a tortured process during the last 63 years but we are at a climactic moment now.

Trans, Pluto has reached the same point in Capricorn where Neptune and Uranus met and were T-square US Chiron opposite US Vesta. Trans. Saturn will get there too next April.

This US opposition between Chiron and Juno covers such problems as racial inequality, foreigner intolerance, women’s inequality and other forms of discrimination. I believe it might be linked to gun violence too. Trump has brought it all out in the open.

I also believe Hurricane Florence will play a role in this healing attempt (transiting Heracles [Hercules] is conjunct US Chiron right now) but it is just a step in the process.

It was 53 years since Pluto-Uranus conjunctions, not 63. duh.

while all eyes are on Florence, spare a thought for those in the phillipines with a massive super typhoon cat 5 approaching


OMG, cat 5. We must focus on weakening it in our prayers and visualizations.

Florence is down to a Cat 2! This will lesson wind and surge but the slow movement and immense rain is the worry.

Fantastic post – thank you, Nancy!

Also, as a ray of hope here, maybe we are blessed to have someone like Trump as President, instead of having a truly savvy dictator who’d make mincemeat of our currently weak, democratic institutions?

Trump, in short-order, might well be helping us to reinvigorate our democratic processes, and forestall greater, future tyrannies.

Good to hear David is on the mend. We need to continue sending our healing thoughts and prayers to him and to your family.

Also, your latest essay is as per normal very much on point and quite well written. But of course, that’s not unusual for you. Many Thanks for your cogent thoughts!

Dean W.,
“Also, as a ray of hope here, maybe we are blessed to have someone like Trump as President, instead of having a truly savvy dictator who’d make mincemeat of our currently weak, democratic institutions?”

“Trump, in short-order, might well be helping us to reinvigorate our democratic processes, and forestall greater, future tyrannies.”

YES! I’ve been of that opinion for quite some time now. Trump is a curse, but is also a blessing. Let us hope Dems don’t mess up after taking back power. We need a number of important reforms but there is always a temptation of going too far too fast, thereby leaving the voters behind and risking a backlash.

“The simultaneous transit of Saturn to the US/Trump chart Sun (July 22 through August 10 and September 6 to October 4) brings with it tension between the president and the country…”

“It may be that Trump may not do well with his handling of the disaster experienced in the wake of Hurricane Florence, and suffer from political difficulties as a result.”

Reports on MSNBC are that Trump transferred very large sums from FEMA & the Coast Guard to ICE and the border folks who have separated children from their parents.

Money for saving lives taken away to make children into orphans won’t go down well with the Am. public, especially if we see large loss of life due to hurricane and/or flooding.

Diane Feinstein has a letter about BK which might derail his nomination. More at the Intercept. I am not a huge fan of Greenwald but this may be interesting. Violetta just did a reading and said she did not think he would be confirmed.

RE: US natal Chiron 20+ Aries opposite US natal Juno 20+ Libra

The reason I wrote that I think this opposition might also refer to the issue of gun violence (or any violence) is that the Sabian Symbol (Rudhyer version) for 20+ Aries is of a pugilist (boxer) fighting.

If Aries is the sign of the Individual and Chiron is associated with wounding, then one interpretation of Chiron in the US natal chart could be of a wounded individual fighting back.

Right now transiting Pluto has been square US natal Chiron in Aries and US natal Juno in Libra, pushing for a resolution to this struggle.

One ray of hope has been the US PROGRESSED Mercury at 20+ Aquarius that trines the US natal Juno (20+ Libra) and sextiles the US natal Chiron (20+ Aries).

This progressed Mercury has been at 20+ Aquarius for several years already, and will remain there for several more years due to it’s station direct (in March 1777 where the US natal chart has progressed to). It can be seen manifesting as the Me Too Movement and Black Lives Matter among other things.

When the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle (about societal issues) began in 2000, Jupiter and Saturn at 22+ Taurus were square Uranus at 20+ Aquarius (where US PROGRESSED Mercury is). This cycle will end in December, 2020.

I would expect the next two years to produce intensified activity on the part of progressive Americans to beef up the Supreme Court with liberal judges.

Expect to also see new laws introduced to protect society from wounded individuals (Chiron) who fight back with guns, knives, belts or fists against “equals” (Juno) perceived as being less-than-equal (Juno) in the wounded individual’s eyes.

Remember that Uranus symbolizes breakthroughs and the Uranus (+ US PROGRESSED Mercury) in the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle still has two years to impact society. Get out and vote Democrats!

Bob !!!:

From the Washington Post Article:

“The move was expected — senators routinely delay committee business for one week, which is allowed under the panel’s rules.

The Judiciary Committee voted 11 to 10 on Thursday to hold the vote at 1:45 p.m. on Sept. 20, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is expected to set full Senate votes on Kavanaugh’s confirmation for the final week of September.”

BRIGHT RED UNDERLINE: September 20, 2018.

Hurricane Florence may have dropped in strength but as a FEMA adjacent former DHS official Moira Whelan pointed out on Rachel Maddow last night, 88% of all hurricane related fatalities are from not the wind damage but *water* dangers, such as flash flooding and storm surges.

Florence will most certainly impact many people in areas that the storm itself will not have directly hit.

Keep these citizens of the Southeast in your prayer baskets and alert those you know of in this area of the risks. Many in the lower Appalachians do not have reliable internet access or the means to leave their surroundings, or are of frail health and can not leave the care network they are plugged into.

“We are now in the early days of this final transit of Saturn to US Venus, as Hurricane Florence is building to overwhelm the southeast coast of the US. There is also a protracted Mars/Uranus square from September 15 to 19….Thank you Nancy for your very pointed post.

It good to read some plain words in these days of so much controversy and misleading news everywhere. But is just terrible that so many people are likely to be badly affected by the storm. Also, thanks Barbk for your comments as well. You mentioned Sedna and I think it is good to remember that Sedna is an ‘underwater’ creature with a drastic story.

Like all the worried folks on the east coast, while I am safe and far away myself, I really don’t want to see this situation play out. Trump will screw up as usual (like Puerto Rico). Along with that, I think the stars also portend a significant financial hit on the entire country. A particularly large hurricane can’t help but affect the insurance industry, which is a staple for individual investors, but primarily an investment vehicle for institutional investors.

I haven’t looked at the astrology myself, but the potential for “damage” to the insurance industry from a big storm with a lot of water damage has to be big. The impact could be long lasting because not much has been done to prepare for such events in advance and because administrations are not ‘believing’ in climate change so why do anything? Not only the living people are involved (we will get endless ‘human interest stories’, but will this change anything in business, politics, infrastructure or healthcare?

This storm (or another one, coming soon somewhere, no doubt) may become a turning point for many things, not the least of which might be Kavanaugh. It is likely that his confirmation is now being delayed (at least in part) because of the optics for the administration. The coming effects of the storm will be headlines for days, if not weeks, and it would look bad for the administration to ‘slip’ Kavanaugh into place when the attention is elsewhere just before the election. Wow, what more could happen?

‘President Donald Trump will NOT answer federal investigators’ questions, in writing or in person, about whether he tried to block the probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election’.
‘It signals the Trump’s lawyers are committed to protecting the president from answering questions about actions the president took in office’


On twitter, I saw that Ronan Farrow has begun to investigate the story behind the letter Senator Feinstein received. The letter alleges sexual misconduct by Kavanaugh while he was in high school. The alleged victim described in the letter does not want to be another Anita Hill and requests confidentiality. Feinstein turned the letter over to the FBI.

Kiss Kavanaugh Goodby!
“Kavanaugh Accused of Sexual Misconduct; Accuser has retained Counsel”

No one has ever accused Dianne Feinstein of being a hothead. She’s my Senator and she’s not really one to scream Fire. In fact, I’ve often been critical of her for playing it too calm. This might be serious.
Regardless, there’s a lifetime appointment at stake here. Taking time to check things out, and for that matter, allow Senate to review all relevant documents…..shouldn’t be a big deal.
McConnell put Obama’s nominee on hold for months purely for political reasons!
Now he wants to rush a shady nominee through!

The Virgo New Moon 4+ days ago was conjunct the Uranus-Pluto conjunction(s) in 1965-66 and although the transiting Uranus square Pluto aspects a few years back are no longer effective, trans. Uranus and Pluto WERE in an aspect called a bi-septile (102+ degrees apart) in Sunday’s Virgo New Moon chart.

Astrologer Robert Wilkinson (Aquarius Papers) holds that the septile family of aspects present a “fork in the road of destiny”. That possibility alone is a good enough reason to check out the day’s news re: Hurricane Florence, and the Feinstein letter about Kavanaugh, and the plea deal by Manafort.

Frankly I’m in overwhelm mode, but knowing that all this is part of a plan presented to us more than 50 years ago (when Uranus and Pluto came together) and we are now in a New Moon cycle that began conjunct that Uranus-Pluto conjunction degree (that took place more than 50 years ago) – and that the Virgo New Moon last Sunday was also opposite transiting Neptune. .

well, it gives me some comfort knowing that there is good reason (fork in the road of destiny) to not bury myself under the covers for too long. These are testing times and we will need courage of course, but we must also pace ourselves in order to cope with all that is happening – all at once.

NY Times – comments on storm damage caused by ‘human error’ in building more buildings in places where people are at greater risk (i.e.coastlines):


Best Day of the Year! September 13, 2018: Make a Wish! – YouTube
Video for Joni Patry September 13 2018? 10:43

Is that so, Ms. Patry?

Hurricaine Florence, Typhoon Manghut, 70 single-family homes in Boston blasted away by hyper-pressurized natural gas.

Is Joni freebasing her peroxide or what?


Re: The Boston gas explosions

Although it’s not being conjectured in any of the news media as yet (forensic evidence hasn’t been fully established), due to the strange nature of the circumstances there is a strong suspicion it could be Russian hacker related.

One such intuitive on the internet puts the blame squarely on Putin (a not so subtle message to Trump that he is not delivering on his promises). If this event turns out to be a terrorist attack, we might well be in for an intense diplomatic row with Russia and can expect Trump’s clandestine cooperation with Putin to be be more closely examined.

This is not some far fetched conspiracy theory; Russia’s electronic hacking capabilities on our vital infrastructure facilities have been known for quite some time now……..

Russians Hacked Into Control Rooms Of U.S. Electric Utilities

Video 4 min. 4 sec.


https://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/a-sexual-misconduct-allegation-against-the-supreme-court-nominee-brett-kavanaugh-stirs-tension-among-democrats-in-congress. The alleged victim wants to preserve her confidentiality; therefore, she declined an interview with Farrow.

Transiting transPluto at 2+ Virgo, having to do with developing wholeness and integration, is trine trans. Uranus (unexpected, breakthrough) in Taurus and trans. Saturn (the real and practical world) in Capricorn right now. On Sept. 20, at 1:45 PM, when the vote on Judge Kavanaugh is set to take place, this grand trine will still be in effect.

The Sun and Mercury at 27+ Virgo at that time will be conjunct Kavanaugh’s natal Mars at 26+ Virgo. The Sun and Mercury (+ Kavanaugh Mars) will square the brilliant insight stemming from the Galactic Center (the Sun behind the Sun) at 27+ Sagittarius.

The Galactic Center will be in the 1st house at 1:45 PM on Sept. 20 (in DC), and almost everyone will be acutely aware (conscious) of its directives.

Still, trans. Sun and Mercury (+ Kavanaugh Mars) in Virgo (square the GC) will be in a grand trine with transiting Sedna (under water) in Taurus and US natal Pluto (entrenched power) in Capricorn creating a force (of seeming desperation) to be reckoned with.

It would appear (to me) that the Galactic Center + the grand trine between transiting transPluto-Uranus-Saturn would triumph over the trans. Sun + Mercury + Kavanaugh Mars trine trans. Sedna trine US Pluto.

However, we need to consider that transiting Venus (values) at 6+ Scorpio will be T-square the US North Node (6+ Leo) and the US South Node + US Pholus (small cause, big effect) at 6+ Aquarius. The Moon will have passed over the US South Node earlier that morning (and trans. Mars will conjunct it a few days later).

This means that a decision (re: values) must be made between the US taking the path forward (North Node) or continuing in the old pattern(s) that no longer serve(s) growth. Becoming whole and integrated is at stake.

“This means that a decision (re: values) must be made between the US taking the path forward (North Node) or continuing in the old pattern(s) that no longer serve(s) growth. Becoming whole and integrated is at stake.”


Let us hope that decision made must not protect Kavanaugh — a predator.

Given what we know SO FAR from his record in the Ken Starr investigation and in the White House working on enhanced interrogation memos, I add high-functioning sociopathic predator.

The good old, sweet-faced boy image he projects is anything but. That hits it on the bullseye as to why I felt creeped out about him.

You gotta admire Mueller; his focus, determination and tenacity has served us well, and now he’s bagged Manafort.

Last Sunday’s New Moon at 17+ Virgo was conjunct Mueller’s Mars-Chiron conjunction at 16+ Virgo. This New Moon also was conjunct Michael Cohen’s natal Pluto (17+ Virgo) and Uranus (18+ Virgo).

It confirms that the conjunctions of Uranus and Pluto in 1965-66 still have teeth and that the present bi-septile between trans. Pluto and Uranus isn’t as minor as we would have thought. Fork in the road of destiny indeed.

Transiting Chiron is conjunct Manafort’s natal Mercury (0+ Aries) and because Chiron is sextile trans. Mars (0+ Aquarius) they both quincunx Manafort’s natal Saturn (0+ Virgo which is very near transiting transPluto at 2+ Virgo) creating a Yod and putting Manafort’s Saturn (reality) in the position of having to adjust to uncomfortable circumstances.

Keep the faith.

He creeps me out too Fe.

Excellent article about climate change in today’s WP:


In November 1936, in a speech to the British House of Commons, Winston Churchill made a bone-chilling — yet unpopular at the time — pronouncement on the growing threat of Nazi Germany that could easily be applied today to climate change:

“Owing to past neglect, in the face of the plainest warnings, we have now entered upon a period of danger. …. The era of procrastination, of half-measures, of soothing and baffling expedients, of delays, is coming to its close. In its place we are entering a period of consequences. …. We cannot avoid this period; we are in it now.”

Me three: I get a really creepy feeling from Kavenaugh.

super typhoon reaches northern phillipines

Add me to the list of feeling the Kavanaugh creep factor. His expressions remind me of an arrogant overindulged and protected frat rat.

Kavanaugh clerked for a US Court of Appeals judge named Kozinski, who stepped down recently after numerous former clerks came forward to talk about his inappropriate sexual behavior and sexual harassment of them. One of them is a writer I don’t know well, but have run into at conferences and heard speak. She challenged one part of Kavanaugh’s committee testimony about never hearing comments of a sexual nature from Kozinski or witnessing sexual harassment. https://twitter.com/courtneymilan/status/1040062485498191873

She wrote a long piece that appeared in the Washington Post or the Boston Globe — can’t remember which — about her experiences clerking for Kozinski.

Jerry, Interesting Russian theory on the Massachusetts Gas Problems.
We have precious family in Westin Mass. I fear for them.

“Was Jared Kushner behind the Anonymous New York Times op-ed? Ann Coulter thinks so!

Re: Kavanaugh, have you noticed his face? It’s like he has picked at it for years and has many scars.
Somethings not right about him.

Here is Linda G on Op-ed.


“Manafort can fill in the blanks about the president’s tax information, illegal money that was laundered with his knowledge, the effect that WikiLeaks played during the campaign, and of course, the June 2016 meeting”


Thanks Nancy for the Climate Change story (opinion); noting the quote from Winston Churchill, in part, “we cannot avoid this [danger] period [of consequences], we are in it now”.

Florence will make us look at trans. Saturn opposite US natal Venus (what we most value) in a broader way than we would have before she arrived. The erosion of the coastline alone is a loss (of value) that affects us all.

Thanks ja for Linda G’s latest reading; she too thinks it might have been Jared that wrote the op-ed. Relieved she sees Trump walking away from the job, rather than waiting to be impeached.

Apparently, the natural gas company in that part of MA was upgrading their gas lines & increasing the pressure.

barbk, Linda G said the op-ed piece was written by someone in the military, which could only have been Mattis or Kelly.

I did my best to be objective about Kavanaugh. But his non-verbal communication and cues were far more revealing and starkly inconsistent with his spoken answers. We will suffer a great deal if he gets on that bench.


Re: Russian cyber-attack on Boston Gas; hardly out of the realm of possibilities these days.

“Get rrrid of moose and squirrel!”

It’s interesting to me that Brett Kavanaugh’s nodes are exactly the same as The Blob-in-Chief’s: North Node at 19 Gemini, South Node at 20 Sag.

Wiki has Kavanaugh’s date of birth as 2/12/1965 in Washington, D.C. I did a noon day chart.

Linda G says he will be confirmed and then impeached!

Add me to the Kavanaugh list: major ewwwww….

Thanks ja – you’re right , I was wrong. (what was I thinking!?!)


“an arrogant overindulged and protected frat rat.”


Ciao Fierywoman!

Just thought of you when I drizzled olive-oil, garlic and anchovy dressing on steamed cauliflower. That was one of your best.

Violetta read a solid against Kavanaugh confirmation.

Russia Pushes Fake News & Confusion.

‘What we know about Paul Manafort’s tangled web of connections to Russia’:

Starlight, You’re right! I don’t hear it mentioned…
We should be fighting for Climate action just like the stuffragette’s fought for the Vote.
It’s a Fight for Future Generations!


Major Kavanaugh “ewwwww” factor here as well, but look who nominated him! That’s a dead giveaway.

From Politico: “The conservative Judicial Crisis Network spent millions of dollars on ads featuring women and minorities backing Kavanaugh, and during his Senate confirmation hearings former female clerks were seated directly behind him — in a shot captured by television cameras and broadcast across the country.” According to Brennan Center, they spent 3 million in TV ads on Kavanaugh and 10 million on Gorsuch. Also, the donors to the Judicial Crisis Network are not disclosed. How about if they spent a tenth of that money on Puerto Rico or cancer or heart disease.

Op-ed written by Kelly or Mattis? Hmm, a clue in today’s NYT –


Did anyone catch this nugget? No wonder there is the large crop of lemmings who masquerade as ‘informed citizens’
“The Texas State Board of Education voted Friday to remove mentions of Hillary Clinton and Helen Keller from the state’s mandatory history curriculum — but will keep in Moses’ influence on U.S. founding documents, The Dallas Morning News reported.”

Pompeo now angrily slamming Kerry for meeting on 3 occasions with Iranians – mtgs apparently all before april when pompeo became sos. Trump’s White house obviously in meltdown and using very old news to distract from current events, including Kerry’s new book.

Ed Tamplin this week “aptitude for avarice”


Thank you for sharing the “nugget.” Again, anything is possible in the present state of chaos at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

I am totally spit-balling here, but I saw a clip of Kelly-Ann Conway denying that she had anything to do with being “the deep throat” to the Woodward tome. For just a flash, I saw utter deception in her facial expression and vocal tone. One can realistically say, “What doesn’t she lie about” as she is such the rabid defender of L’ Enfant Terrible’s idiotic tweets, words and actions. But on this particular day (sometime last week) my gut said, “She’s at the very least complicit” in the leak. We must remember that tRump’s cray-cray has come between she and her husband.

Anyway, just spit-balling.

In the meantime, I am committed to visualizing safety and restoration for the victims of Hurricane Florence and Typhoon Manghut.

Mangkhut pretty fast moving – now near hong kong

The Texas State Board of Education consists of 15 members. The chairman, David Bradley is an insurance salesman from my home town who DOES NOT have a BS or BA college education. He is an arrogant #X*%:# about whom the college faculty at most of our universities consistently complain.

Despite his lack of education (only a HS diploma) he believes he knows what courses college students should take. He and his minions have gradually removed humanities requirements from the college curriculum. We therefore each year graduate more and more highly trained but very uneducated students with BS & BA degrees.

Bradley and the rest of the board are universally hated by most all college instructors in Texas. Believing education will turn young minds toward liberal ideas, they are doing their best to diminish our once proud, high quality colleges and universities.

Am I surprised Hillary and Helen Keller are removed from the history books? Nope. It’s what Bradley & Co. do.

OH! and by the way, the Moses they say is the father of Texas education IS NOT Moses Austin of actual Texas history, but THE Moses of the Torah. Makes you wonder if these fools believe Moses received the Ten Commandments NOT somewhere in the middle east, but maybe in the Davis mountains of West Texas.

The situation in North Carolina is getting worse, now with inland flooding. I-95 is closed in much of the state, and the NC Department of Transportation issued a jaw-dropping warning to motorists to stay out of North Carolina, to detour through Virginia, Tennessee and Georgia rather than try to make it on I-95.

Worst of rivers cresting and inland flooding is still days away. It’s really bad around Fayetteville and along the Cape Fear River, which was at 15 feet Saturday and expected to crest at 62 feet on Tuesday.

(I’m fine. Storm crept along at 2 mph most of the day and is just getting to me, but we’re only expected 35 mph sustained winds and maybe 5 inches of rain.)

Teresa Hill,
Where are you?
I’m visualizing you and your family high and dry and well in my prayers for your safety.

Be safe Teresa. Hugs

On the other side of the world Hong Kong is getting slammed right now. Twitter reports coming in saying strongest seen in a lifetime. High rises moving so much it feels like being on a boat. 7-12mtr waves.

Now that Paul Manafort has entered a plea deal with the Special Counsel, one would expect Trump’s team is aware that the legal maneuvering is all but over. Manafort was at June 2016 New York meeting and can implicate Trump as a co-conspirator in Russian meddling as well as other vital keys to the investigation. It is safe to assume, the demise of the Trump presidency is now inevitable. Will Trump try to fire Mueller within the next couple of weeks as a last resort? There is reason to suspect that that might be a possibility……….

Fox News Host Sean Hannity Says Donald Trump Will Fire Robert Mueller After Hurricane Florence

September 12, 2018

Fox News and talk radio show host Sean Hannity is a known ally and supporter of President Donald Trump, often using his various media platforms to offer praise or even policy advice for the president.

When talking to a listener who called into his radio show Tuesday afternoon, Hannity said he expects the president to fire special counsel Robert Mueller and end the investigation into Russian election interference “sooner rather than later,” potentially after Hurricane Florence passes. Given Hannity and Trump reportedly talk so regularly that some White House staffers, according to The Washington Post, have dubbed the conservative media personality the president’s unofficial chief of staff, it remains to be seen whether Hannity is offering the president his personal advice or if he’s simply expressing wishful thinking.



The September 25th Full Moon at 1 ’59 Aries will oppose Mueller’s natal Neptune t squared by tr. Saturn (2 ’16 Libra). The US Sibly chart’s natal Nadir-MC (2 ’08 Aries-Libra) is in the line of fire.

BUT, there is a plan in place……..

In Case Of Mueller Firing, Break Glass: Democrats prep an emergency plan Congressional action and protest rallies are among the contingencies being planned if Trump tries to shut down the Russia probe.

NBC News
Aug 22, 2018

WASHINGTON — It would start within minutes of special counsel Robert Mueller being fired — a torrent of activity ricocheting through the halls of Congress and over television airwaves, including nearly a thousand protests being prepped from the Virgin Islands to Alaska. Democrats have drafted a wide-ranging contingency plan should Mueller be fired or President Donald Trump take other steps to quash the Russia investigation, like firing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein or pardoning key witnesses.

Of top concern in the first 24 hours of such a move would be preventing Mueller’s documents from being destroyed and his team disbanded, according to interviews with nearly a dozen lawmakers, congressional aides, Democratic operatives and attorneys involved in the planning.



Typo/ Read instead: “The September 25th Full Moon at 1 ’59 Aries will oppose Mueller’s natal Neptune (2 ’16 Libra) t squared by tr. Saturn (2 ’49 CAPRICORN).


Love your posts, but have an observation regarding David Bradley on the Texas Board of Edu. You’ve been around this world enough to know that it isn’t one’s education, either the lack of or the abundance of that determine a person’s prejudices. David Bradley is sorely deficit a healthy emotional quotient. (So for that matter is Trump, and those he allies himself with.) Those with an EQ deficit are often bullies no matter their level of education.

Very interesting and very plausible Jerry. The Sept. 24 Full Moon chart’s Sun in Libra not only conjuncts the US natal chart’s MC and Mueller’s natal Neptune, it also conjuncts Trump’s natal Siva (catabolic process that precedes insight; crisis of death or regeneration) also at 1+ Libra.

Trump’s purpose in life could be summed up as being the trigger that started the process of revamping the US Constitution and awakening the country to its true values.

This Aries Full Moon chart’s Mercury conjuncts Trump’s natal Neptune, both at 5+ Libra which trines the same chart’s Black Moon Lilith (BML) at 5+ Aquarius (+ the South Node + Mars). This BML is one degree away from the US natal chart’s South Node (release what no longer serves growth) and natal Pholus (small cause – big effect) both at 6+ Aquarius.

Since the Democrats et al. seem to be prepared for Trump’s last mad uproar (Trump’s natal Ophelia [madness] and his natal House [House of Rep’s which he will lose], both conjunct the US natal Moon, all at 27+ Aquarius), this Aries Full Moon could be the last hurrah for the Trumpster before they haul him away to the Funny Farm.

We live interesting if not downright remarkably dramatic times don’t we?


The prevailing sense among most of the most reliable news sources here in the States is that 45 is toast. With Manafort agreeing to fully cooperating with the special investigation in exchange for not spending the rest of his life in prison , it is most likely that a trove of particularly damning information will be coming forth that will shed light upon all of the bad actors and bad deeds involved in the Trump campaign and Russian involvement in perverting our elections. This feels like Watergate on meth and steroids.

Anything is possible, but Trump firing Mueller seems quite unlikely.

The more troubling and disturbing likelihood is that Brett Kavanaugh will win the votes he needs to be on the SCOTUS bench. That is what horrifies me.

” There’s no end to the Cabinet members and generals whom Trump is eager to insult in front of their colleagues, or to fire by tweet. A coarse and feckless viciousness is the operating procedure of his White House, and the poison spreads to everyone. Only snakes and sycophants survive.”


Good point about EQ! Bradley IS a bully. But very much like his hero in the Oval office, I suspect he believes he is brighter than he really is. He and the B of E consistently overrule the best recommendations of our best educators, all evidently for ideological reasons. I suppose they believe they are “saving” students from being poisoned mentally, brainwashed by instructors like myself.

Today transiting Mercury made its last sextile to transiting Jupiter, an important signpost, before beginning their new cycle on Oct. 29th just days before the midterm elections.

When they started their present cycle last October 18th at 1 Scorpio 41, the Sun (25+ Libra) was sextile Pholus (small cause – big effect) at 26+
Sagittarius (conjunct the Galactic Center at 27+ Sagittarius). Whenever the Galactic Center is involved in an aspect it means a directive is coming from a higher source than that of mortals.

This sextile between Sun and Pholus at the Jupiter Mercury conjunction last year formed a Yod to Sedna at 26+ Taurus. At this present time of unprecedented flooding around the world, transiting Sedna at 27+ Taurus retrograde is now making that adjustment required of her position in the Yod she was in with Sun and Pholus in the 2017 Mercury-Jupiter cycle chart.

The Sun at 25+ Libra in that Mercury-Jupiter conjunction chart (Oct 18, 2017) was also opposite Uranus (breakthrough) at 26+ Aries and the US natal Pluto (27+ Cap) was T-square them. Remember this fact.

Today’s sextile between transiting Jupiter and Mercury forms a Yod to US Chiron (wounding draws attn. to something) in Aries. This Yod becomes a Boomerang by adding in the US Juno in Libra.

Transiting Ceres in the October 24 Full Moon chart conjuncts US natal Juno in Libra. This same Full Moon conjuncts Uranus and opposes the Sun in Scorpio that conjuncts the US natal chart’s Hades (what we can’t bear to look at) as well as where the Jupiter-Mercury cycle started last October. Remember this too.

I know, too much information, but this Hurricane Florence (related to trans. Sedna making “adjustments” due to the Yod she made with Sun and Pholus [and most importantly, the Galactic Center] in the soon-to-end Mercury-Jupiter cycle) is – I truly believe – symbolic of the Trump presidency going under water (see cover of TIME Sept. 3 – 10 issue).

This sextile Mercury and Jupiter made today that makes a Yod with the US natal Chiron which then becomes a Boomerang because US Chiron opposes US Juno (which trans. Ceres will conjunct at the Oct.24 Full Moon that opposes US Hades), . .

. . is just days before their new cycle starts (which is days before the election). It is desperately trying to tell us something. Something to do with Ceres issues perhaps, like children being kidnapped or distraught mothers or food shortages perhaps.

Or maybe it’s troubled voters who are victims of Florence damage and are still waiting for help from FEMA.

The next Mercury-Jupiter cycle continues in the same vein in that it starts opposite transiting Sedna; the news never sleeps.


I really appreciate all the prayers and concern, but I’m truly fine. we’re in the northwest corner of South Carolina, about halfway between Atlanta and Charlotte, so I’m as far from the coast as I can be and still be in South Carolina.

The storm slowed down to the point where what’s left of the eye is still not here. It’s close. Sometime later this afternoon, it will be here. But our winds aren’t bad at all, and they keep lowering our rain totals to next to nothing.

The really bad flooding is from Charlotte over to the coast of NC, down toward Columbia, SC, and from there over to the SC coast.

Big parts of I-95 are closed in NC and some in SC. Rivers will be cresting through this week.

At the risk of sounding heretical, I looked at Bill Herbst’s latest writings on the US chart, and I have to disagree. He minimizes the importance of transiting Uranus square US Pluto. This aspect has been present at every American constitutional crisis. It was last seen during Watergate. When Uranus opposed US Pluto in the fifties, there was Brown v. Board of Education and the beginning of the modern civil rights movement. When Uranus squared US Pluto in the Thirties, there was the confrontation between the New Deal and the Supreme Court. Every time, this involved a crisis for US major institutions, particularly governments both federal and state, the Presidency or SCOTUS.

The Uranus-Pluto aspect is better understood if we also take into account the opposition between Uranus in the US Constitution chart at 27 Cancer and Pluto in the US Declaration of Independence chart at 27 Capricorn. Transiting Uranus really only brings out this opposition every generation in surprising ways. The tension between Constitution Uranus and US Pluto means the Constitution’s radical potential will always be in conflict with powerful institutions symbolized by the US Pluto in the second house (if we use the Sagittarius Ascendant, as do most astrologers).

The coming Uranus station at 28 Aries in January will be a major turning point. But the issue is of course more complicated this time around by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in 2020 and the US Pluto return in 2023, which will oppose Constitution Uranus. This probably means the constitutional crisis will continue, even increase, after Drumpf’s departure, possibly by ongoing tension between a Democratic Administration and the Supreme Court as well as demands for constitutional reform.

Bil Herbst appears to miss this entirely. He is right however in saying things will come to a head in 2019 after an uneasy 2018.

Let me be clear, it is the Oct. 24 Full Moon (not today’s Mercury-Jupiter sextile) that is just days before the new Jupiter-Mercury cycle start that is only days before the election. So sorry, I got too excited about this whole Jupiter-Mercury-Sedna thing!

Admirable Andre, thank you.

The Kavanaugh accuser is a child clinical psychologist, and she passed a lie detector test. No word on whether she will testify or be permitted to do so. See Washington Post article.

“This sextile Mercury and Jupiter made today that makes a Yod with the US natal Chiron which then becomes a Boomerang because US Chiron opposes US Juno (which trans. Ceres will conjunct at the Oct. 24 Full Moon that opposes US Hades) , , ,”

enter Christine Blasey Ford, stage left, accusing Kavanaugh of attempted rape

Trans Ceres exact conjunction to US Juno (less than equal) is this Friday the 21st, the day after the Kavanaugh confirmation (if it still happens).

Here’s clearly more on Kavanaugh’s accuser:
‘California professor, writer of confidential Brett Kavanaugh letter, speaks out about her allegation of sexual assault’


Uh, wrong again. Trans. Ceres (as well as trans. Zeus “controlled & directed forces) is conjunct US Juno exactly on October 21 not this week.

Even so, Kavanaugh confirmation might still be delayed.

Has anyone come across this story before? OMG – If true, prison system reform is a must!! This seems almost worse than the days of 18th & 19th century punishment for petty theft.

“In 49 states, inmates are charged for the costs of their own incarceration.”

“These debts can make it even harder for a returning citizen to rebuild their life after incarceration, because in 46 states, failure to repay them is an offense punishable by yet more incarceration. A Georgia man named Thomas Barrett pleaded guilty to shoplifting a $2 can of beer and was fined $200 and sentenced to probation, supposedly so he could avoid jail. That was a futile hope, since he was eventually incarcerated after he failed to pay over $1,000 in fees attached to that $200 fine. In Rhode Island from 2005 through 2007, failure to pay court debt was the most common reason that individuals were incarcerated, which means that, in a state that routinely spends around $200 million on corrections every year, the most common reason for incarcerating people there was something other than crime. ”

“In 20 states where probation and parole are privatized and profit-driven, the problem is worse. Additional supervision fees explode the amount of money that a probationer owes, and the likelihood of violation ? and reincarceration ? skyrockets. In Florida, probationers can be charged a 40 percent collections surcharge on their debts to the state. ”
Because these private companies are exempt from freedom of information requests, we don’t know the true value of the for-profit corrections industry”

Lots of flooding around me in NC, but mostly in the counties east of where I live. Still raining! But I am safe, dry and waiting out the storm reading up on the storm in Washington. Oh my!

He’s been making appearances more often lately. I’m thinking John Kerry is going to take a crack at 2020.

Glad you’re both safe & dry, Ripley & Teresa. I think there was someone else here in that area? So much damage and heartache in N. Carolina!

John Kerry running again? I’m not sure he’d want to go through that again but “they” wouldn’t dare call him a “flip-flopper” this time! I take that back. Yes they would. They are REALLY good at twisting reality.

tRump’s January 2020 nasties are preceded by that Saturn-Pluto duo paying a visit to pence’s secondary progressed Sun/Saturn midpoint at 22°35′ Libra and 203°53′ of right ascension.

Pluto squares the midpoint on December 20th in right ascension and on January 6th in longitude.

Saturn makes the square on January 6th in right ascension and on January 10th in longitude.

The following is prompted by a DU thread. Could be another woman setting a precedent.

Maybe a double header of removals so that the Speaker of the House (Hillary Clinton) becomes President.


“Although the Constitution does not require the Speaker to be a Member of the House, all Speakers have been Members.”

“If the Senate was serious, they would also subpoena the other person alledged to be in the room: Mark Judge. He might not be willing to commit perjury. Recent very public events have shown that lying to investigaters can be quite painful. They would also slow down the process.”


will, I believe John Kerry is promoting his new book and that’s why he’s on all the talk/news shows.

Jeff Flake, a retiring Republican senator on the Judiciary committee, has called for a delay on the vote out of judiciary committee, so the accusation against Kavanaugh can be heard before the whole senate can vote. If Flake maintains this position, I believe he would break the one vote majority the Republicans have on the judiciary committee.


Oh my…I wonder what will come of this?

More on John Kerry-

” Kerry was dead center (representing the greatest of all American values: reason, logic, fact, conscience, patriotism, bravery, integrity, humility, honesty). I suspect he will be remembered in history as one of our truly great politicians.”


Sharon- Dr. Ford, who accused Kavanaugh, does not have to respond to Grassley. She can refer this request to her attorney. If she wishes to testify, it is only fair that they set up a time for her before the entire committee, not just with the man who traumatized her. They are treating this like a business deal gone bad.

Two Republican Senators, Flake and Corker, now want to delay the vote on Kavanaugh. Is this unravelling? Watch the Mars-Uranus square on Tuesday.


I suspect the me-too movement has given Ford the courage she will need to get thru this. We must send her strength.

Yes , it would be so fitting, that if true, which i assume it is , but don’t KNOW, that a woman take down this man, that the me too movement and the divine feminine bring this appalling nomination to a halt.

But it must be genuine and true else will hurt women and the movement even more. I somehow feel it is though and that this may be a turning point, i hope and pray that this may be so…

Sharon K,

So true – they would it again.


Yes, its true, he is promoting a book. I felt that the book promo might be a preamble to a run.

Wow…now this is a Shocker!
“Texas moves to remove Hillary Clinton from Social Studies curriculum, Really! Also removed: Helen Keller.


Perhaps Beto O’Rourke will correct that.

I think you are right Diana, the “divine feminine” seems alive and well in the Libra Equinox chart that is effective from Sept. 22 through Dec. 22. It starts with a Moon (6+ Pisces) trine Venus (7+ Scorpio and both trine the US natal Jupiter (5+ Cancer).

The US Solar Return last July also echoes US Jupiter’s importance this year with its Saturn at 5+ Capricorn opposite US Jupiter. That combined with the Equinox Moon-trine-Venus makes a powerful Kite pattern.

The US Solar Return chart also had an Aries Moon conjunct Chiron on the US natal chart’s IC (roots) which is where the Full Moon will also be on September 24th, again conjunct transiting Chiron.

The September Full Moon chart’s Saturn and Vesta (what is invested in) at 2+ Capricorn will T-square the Full Moon herself and Chiron + US IC in Aries opposite the Sun in Libra and US MC. Add in US Venus (3+ Cancer and it’s grand cross time.

Fasten your seatbelts everyone, the ladies are prepared to do battle in the name of Anita Hill this September. Revenge can be sweet.

Diana, the fact that rethugs had all those letters of female support as defensive ammo ready to fire at the first whiff of scandal, tells me they knew ahead of time there is substance to the story.
Her story as recounted certainly seems credible to me, and with the ‘butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-his-mouth’ creepiness factor, his word is very hard to believe. Plausible though ‘the boys’ were so drunk they indeed do not remember, or that it was so much their version of ‘normal behaviour’ that to them it has now become just a blur.

We must remind the posters every day to send blessings and strength to all of those in need every day and specifics and self are of course OK.


thoughtful interview – chris hedges, America: The Farewell Tour
Collapse of the American Empire? – on ‘rebuilding the foundations” – “Im interested in reversing the corporate coup de tat in slow motion” “nothing will happen til the next crash and they don’t have a plan B’


“……The September Full Moon chart’s Saturn and Vesta (what is invested in) at 2+ Capricorn will T-square the Full Moon herself and Chiron + US IC in Aries opposite the Sun in Libra and US MC. Add in US Venus (3+ Cancer and it’s grand cross time.”

Lest we forget, with an expected Trump announcement this week declaring an imposition of 200 billion dollars in tariffs on Chinese imports and China threatening to retaliate, this could have a real impact on the US economy and world markets in general. The September 24th full moon forms a grand cross square to the Federal Reserve’s Sun-Pluto opposition (1 ’33 Capricorn – 0 ’05 Cancer).

Yes indeed Jerry, the grand cross (Full Moon to US natal chart) suggests a crucial financial crisis in Sept.-Oct. for the USA. When it rains it pours and these days that seems to be the general message.

Kiwi, for-profit prison systems are an assault on justice. If you wish to get rich quick, just create a for-profit prison. If you’re on the receiving end of this justice, make sure you pay bail. If you can’t afford to?


See my September 15 posting.

“The U.S. Mars at 21º18’ Gemini is a key player when it comes to U.S. disasters, both manmade and natural. Why this should be so can best be seen when using the Scorpio Rising national horoscope, since Mars is the co-ruler of the chart (along with Pluto).”


“What America really wants is for Brett Kavanaugh, like Christine Ford, to also take a lie detector test. ”


In just 49 days from today control of the House of Representatives beginning in January will be determined and it likely will be to the Democratic party.

If that comes about the new Speaker of the House could possibly be the next president if tRump and pence are removed from office. Who do you want it to be?

Remember – the Speaker does not have to be member of the House.

. . .and if and when we were to get Ford’s birth info and the date this happened we could learn a lot.

Yesterday transiting Juno (defends the disenfranchised) was conjunct transiting Sedna (disenfranchised but became powerful) at 27+ Taurus and square US Moon (women or people in general; masses) at 27+ Aquarius, but trine US natal Pluto (covert power) at 27+ Capricorn, when we learned her name. (Trans. Pandora [opening a can of worms] was at 26+ Capricorn)

Eliseo, Do you have a link to this Texas Fiasco?
I’ll send it to my San Francisco Radio Host, she’ll be shocked and think it unbelievable without a link.
What’s going on with Texas, are people there stupid?
You seem to have way more information than my little blurb link…Thank you so much Eliseo!

Is it a sign the good times are coming back?

MARY POPPINS RETURNS | 2018 Latest Trailer | Official Disney UK


BETO Looking Fine:


Eliseo, Do you think Beto has a chance down there?

Bob, thanks for sharing.
The other ‘sign of the times’ hopefully, is the just released ‘Christopher Robin.’ AA Milne characters are dear to my heart.

Marjorie Orr has a new post up on the US Constitution

Thursday confirmation vote on Kavanaugh POSTPONED. Public hearing with Ford and Kavanaugh to be held Monday 9/24.

I am seeing this present Kavanaugh kerfuffle as history in the making; one of those seemingly small steps forward as our country struggles to find the middle road in a world of extreme polarity. It suggests a struggle to break through the patriarchal thinking, now less potent than it was 100 – 50 – or even 35 or so years ago.

I know it (the kerfuffle) has been a product of the present Mercury-Jupiter cycle that started last year at 1+ Scorpio, but I think I’ve found the bigger, longer cycle it (the Mercury-Jupiter cycle) is supporting; the Neptune-Uranus cycle.

It (the Neptune-Uranus cycle) started in 1993 in Capricorn (the 18-19 deg range where trans. Pluto is now) and, in the 3rd of 3 conjunctions between Neptune and Uranus, the Sun was at 1+ Scorpio, conjunct where the 2017 Mercury-Jupiter cycle would start that was conjunct the US natal Hades.

Trans, Neptune and Uranus formed an exact semisquare on June 16th this year, a second one will take place on December 15th and the 3rd on May 2, 2019.

These things (small steps forward) take time to come to fruition and in this case, the Mercury-Jupiter cycle means reams and reams of words and thoughts and theories being exchanged among participants (in this case everyone who supports either a man’s rights to superiority or a woman’s right to equality).

So, let’s say it started in 1776 when transiting Hades was at zero+ Scorpio at the birth of this Nation. Nobody knew it was there (and technically it ISN’T there, it is hypothetical – so far), but in 1993 it (US natal Hades) was destined to become conscious (Sun symbolizes consciousness) thanks to the Neptune-Uranus cycle just getting underway.

In October 2017, the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction then began its annual cycle conjunct the US natal Hades, as well as conjunct the Sun in the Neptune-Uranus cycle, making a point of pushing this rather overlooked feature in the US natal chart into mainstream consciousness. This cycle will end on October 29, 2018.

However, transiting Uranus in Taurus has opposed the US Hades in recent months and on October 24 (just before the present Mercury Jupiter cycle ends), the Full Moon will conjunct transiting Uranus as it opposes the transiting Sun that will be conjunct the US natal (and hypothetical) Hades (+ the Sun in the Neptune-Uranus cycle + the start degree of the Mercury-Jupiter cycle about to end).

This Full Moon + Uranus opposite Sun + US Hades will form a grand cross with the transiting North Node in Leo opposite the South Node in Aquarius where transiting Mars is today (which is one degree from where the next Jupiter-Saturn cycle [a societal observer] starts in 2 years). But that’s a story for later.

Fellow history enthusiasts will want to see if the USA takes advantage of this leg up it is receiving from the Universe in its climb towards expanded consciousness and eventual escape from the confines of duality. Why wait? We will be voting less than 2 weeks later.

A new Kavanaugh accuser may come forward –


“the path to his confirmation now looks much more challenging, and it is one that contains great peril for the Republican Party.”


Kiwi, i love the AA Milne characters so much too, i hope Mary poppins and Christopher Robbins are a sign of better times, what about Mr. Rogers , they just came out with a movie on him.

Patty, the thing about them voting Hillary and Helen Keller out of TexAs textbooks, i have seen it all over Twitter with links, do you want me to look up some and send to you?

Finally, what do y’all think about trump releasing all these fbi memos and texts etc on the ongoing Russian investigations, it’s crazy, i am listening to the Woodward Fear book now on Trump, its so disturbing, anyone else reading? Agent Orange is so dangerous …

I just did a post and it’s not up, perhaps i put my email address in wrong, since it still forces you to enter name and email each time, is there any way i can get it back, or is it forever lost in the intrawebs?

Sorry, it appeared again

Thumbs up kiwi!

I have had a feeling for several months that our political quagmire had reached a tipping point that would be reflected in events to come and we would soon be able to turn the tables on the soulless ones.

Things will not change overnight but I think a huge stress relieving step will be the results of the midterm elections (like a breath of fresh air we have not had for the longest time).

We will rebuild and it will be better than ever! Where to start? Roll back whatever tRump has put in place, remove his cabinet members, drain the swamp for real. Installation of a new administration! Infusion of women in office at every political level and as a voting block, the same for young people in the voting electorate! Oh my!

I was listening to this fellow yesterday and thought I could be singing this to Dem voters on November 7th.


Bob, the only thing I am wary of with the rebuilding phase, is that the more militant dems will become a flip side of the current rethug coin.
For example, I have met many fellow females over the years who do not exemplify true equality in the workplace, but switch instead from the role of bully to femme fatale at will, to manipulate and gaslight others whenever apt.
We must come from heart, intelligence, strategy, and ultimate unity, rather than hateful tribalism.

As I’m sure you probably know, polygraphs strictly speaking don’t determine if someone is lying. They only record certain physical effects associated (for normal folks) with lying. Sociopaths and those who truly believe what they are saying pass polygraphs easily.

I’m not suggesting Kavanaugh is a sociopath, but I suspect that either due to his drunken state, or to the blur of what might have been considered “normal” at the time in context he genuinely believes the incident never occurred.

Therefore, a polygraph test probably would not be useful in regard to Ms. Ford’s accusation, BUT might be VERY helpful in regard to his previous cases, legal opinions, and true positions. I have little doubt he has lied, lied, and told more lies about his true legal philosophy that he might be confirmed. He appears to me to be a pretty sexist fellow, sympathetic to authoritarian political philosophies, unsympathetic to the spirit of our constitution, and NOT at all appropriate for the SCOTUS or for his present position as a federal judge.

But of course, the Judicial committee will likely never consider a polygraph test for a federal judge and candidate for the SC.

On a personal note: When I was an undergraduate, decades ago I was invited to some fraternity parties. I’m no prude, but I was shocked & appalled as to what was then considered acceptable behavior by both males & females, particularly when drunk. I imagine it might have been the same where Kavanaugh & Ford attended HS.

Needless to say, I had NO interest in joining that fraternity, or any other. Had I been female, therefore subject to such abuse, I have no doubt I would have reacted as did Ford to what in fraternity culture was considered normal and OK. May it never be considered normal or OK again.

Anna Marie Cox has some interesting insights she expressed on Lawrence O’ Donnell’s The Last Word. She said whether while a drunk blacked out HS 17 year old child he did something terrible is less important than his apparent profound insensitivity to women’s pain.

That’s what I see in Kavanaugh, a profound insensitivity and blindness to the feelings of women.

Cox spoke as a recovering addict who said she’s done some terrible things she doesn’t remember while compromised by alcohol or drugs. She said what is important is that she listen, own her bad behavior and determine what she can do to make it better.

Evidently, Kavanaugh has not done that.

Unfortunately, I believe many of the male members on the committee are equally insensitive.

Dems here in Texas are very excited because it appears Beto has a real chance, not a guarantee, but a genuine chance of defeating senator Cruz. Cruz as you know is widely disliked by R’s & Dems.

Info on Bradley and the Texas Board of Education is common knowledge among college faculty and many public school teachers, but I know of no link that might be useful to your radio host. The board, consisting of 11 R’s and 4 Dems sporadically makes some pretty absurd decisions, but they pretty consistently do so quietly.

Those decisions only make sense if you are
(A) a creationist
(B) believe global warming is a hoax
(C) regard biblical texts as literal history as opposed to poetry
(D) believe Liberalism is evil
(E) believe education tends to make folks more liberal
(F) therefore, prefer students be trained but NOT educated

The good news is that an increasing number of school districts are ignoring the TX B of E’s recommendations as to what textbooks should be used in the classroom.

RE: your 11:31 pm posting.
I agree entirely. Although a Leftist, I’m alarmed at the growing authoritarian Left, particularly on college campuses.

I too have known a number of women who “do not exemplify true equality in the workplace, but switch instead from the role of bully to femme fatale at will, to manipulate and gaslight others whenever apt.”

I have been an ardent Dem. Socialist-feminist since age 12. Practically everyone, male and female in the social science and humanities departments at my university are ardent feminists as well. Nevertheless, one professor in particular at my university fits your description above. Whenever any male person disagrees with her on any issue, she automatically cries foul and vociferously accuses them of sexism, fascism, etc. Unfortunately, through her bullying she has gained a great deal of power. All of our equalitarian faculty, male and female are afraid of her.

Eliseo, I saw that interview with anna marie cox and thought she imparted a great perspective on things.
On the other topic, sadly, often with powerful female bullies they are simply closet man haters. Perhaps because Im a woman Ive felt compelled on occasion to call out more than one on their bully tactics and double standards. They need to learn, Feminist equality does not mean female superior or dominant.
I suspect that person may be overcompensating for a deep inner unworthiness, overreacting to any perceived criticism. Secure people don’t bully. Call her on it!

Eliseo, further to that last thought, maybe she has a borderline personality disorder – (experience with my ex daughter in law. They keep everyone on eggshells to remain in control. Not much to be done except disengage where possible.)

My charts for tRump show every day from Sep 19 (Wed) through Sep 24 (Mon) is stressful.

The possibility that Christine Blasey Ford’s allegation’s could deny him his SCOTUS protector has him so rattled he can’t think straight. Especially if public pressure demands and forces an FBI investigation of the allegations that may delay seating a justice to the court until after the next congress is sworn in.

He is toast – a walking dead man.

My charts for tRump show every day from Sep 19 (Wed) through Sep 24 (Mon) is stressful.

The possibility that Christine Blasey Ford’s allegation’s could deny him his SCOTUS protector has him so rattled he can’t think straight. Especially if public pressure demands and forces an FBI investigation of the allegations that may delay seating a justice to the court until after the next congress is sworn in.

He is toast – a walking dead man.

RE: closet man haters. Yep, too many of those, but IMHO we also have even more male women haters. I see it in the clothing and shoes women wear, designed of course by men.

I understand why people develop these hatreds, but I’ve always though it was crazy even back in elementary school when the other boys were going “ewwwwww girls!”

I’ve always liked women for who they were and felt that dislike for ANYONE, BECAUSE they were different was just plain crazy. Although it was extremely socially unacceptable at the time, when I was in a High School my best friend was female. Needless to say, we were both considered very weird. We are still good platonic friends unto this day.

As to the bully gal at my university, fortunately she is not in my department. I haven’t had to deal with her in meetings. But for me it is no problem as I’m not teaching this semester; I’m working on my late mother’s house to get it ready for sale and am preparing to move back to my adopted home, the Pacific Northwest.

Eliseo, growing up around sailboats with gender neutral crews instilled in me no sense of ‘mandated’ male/female roles. I was expected to pull my weight just like the guys and I was treated with respect for my work and skills, sharing roles whether in the galley or changing sails in heavy winds. A healthy upbringing imo.
It was not till I moved to the states that I understood why the womens movement became so necessary – I was quite shocked when, assisting board passengers in the early 70s on our charter beach cat, a texan male refused my hand offered to steady him, and said haughtily ‘I will not be helped by a woman’ LOL! It became clear to me in an instant the barriers many US women faced. Some found it hard to believe that I had a coast guard captain’s license.
Years later in the early 2000’s with our construction business I answered the phone and some guy insisted on speaking to the boss – I replied, can I help you? When he repeated his request I said, ‘whats the matter, don’t you like lady bosses’ he got very flustered, stammered and then hung up. I was highly amused. LOL

Am looking forward to hearing of the stories associated with your pending new adventures in the PNW. Cheers!

LOL! I suppose the fellow must have been pretty embarrassed. It does indeed sound like you had a pretty healthy upbringing. I’m sure you are aware NZ was the first nation to extend the vote to women? I seriously considered moving to NZ decades ago. I’ve never quite fit I here in the US. But karmic ties are difficult to negotiate.

I’ll be glad to share my stories with you re: my PNW adventures, plus my fiction, nonfiction and poetry and songs. Although I’ll likely be working for WA state in Olympia, my REAL focus will be developing, publishing, and selling my novels, poetry, essays, etc.

I look forward to going home. I’ve been stuck here with heavy responsibilities and haven’t seen my wife for 4 years. Pluto goes into my 8th in November. I hope by then the energies that be allow me to please, please, please go home.

Love the “background” posts Kiwi and Eliseo!

Another new Diary entry


Kiwi and Eliseo,

The threads started at 11:31pm and ending 8:07am between the two of you have been culturally informative. Both of you also offered insightful truths with your analysis of women bullies. Good reading.

Bob, thank you always for the reassurance that the mad man will be held accountable, in some way: “He is toast – a walking dead man.”

Thank you Janet.

The following transits to a noon chart for kavanaugh suggest he may see his hope for a confirmation fading away. An indication that Democrats take control of at least one house of Congress.


Kavanaugh – Natal Chart
February 12 1965, 12:00 pm, EST +5:00

Sun – 23°Aq47’06” (24°31′)

Uranus – 13°Vi36’27” R (14°20′)
Pluto – 15°Vi34’19” R (16°18′)

Kavanaugh – Sec.Prog. Q2 Mean Quotidian
November 6 2018, 11:00 pm, EST +5:00

Mars – 09°Vi42’44” R (10°27′)
Saturn – 12°Pi16’49” (13°01′)
Uranus – 11°Vi24’30” R (12°09′)
Pluto – 14°Vi13’29” R (14°57′)

Transits November 6 2018, 11:00 pm, EST +5:00

Mars – 24°Aq43’48” – conjunct natal Sun

Neptune – 13°Pi47’03” RS – opposite natal and progressed
Uranus’ and Pluto’s and conjunct progressed Saturn

By: Diana on September 17th, 2018 at 10:51 pm

“Sorry, it appeared again”

Oh please Diana – the sweet mysteries of life!

Like who was the young guy??? Do you live in a tree?


In the the Ford/Kavanaugh revelations, aren’t we approaching a Saturn Return from the time of the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill hearings ?

” In Kavanaugh’s horoscope (birth time unknown), we note that transiting Jupiter has moved on to his natal Neptune, suggesting an expansion of ideals, faith, spirits of all kinds and scandal.”


Please share this widely. Rolling Stone reporter is digging up the stuff thew Republicans want hidden on Kavanaugh!


Fe- Thank you so much for Rolling Stones Reporter’s coverage of Kavanaugh.

Rosie from Tarot Politics just put out a guided meditation to protect Christine Blasey Ford. It’s short
and heartfelt. If it talks to you, spread it around:

wow fierywoman, that meditation was awesome! Thanks for the link!
Interesting you mention Saturn return for the Thomas confirmation process – Rachel highlighted Anita’s testimony on her show either last night or the night before.

Rachael interview with Hillary tonight
imo worth watching to get you thinking beyond immediate dramas of the day . . . . .

Kiwi, I l-o-v-e-d your tale of working on sailboats. I used to have a violin student who was terrified of making any kind of sound. Then I saw a pic of her atop a tall mast (I knew she and her family were seriously into sailing) and I said, F— how can you climb a mast like that and you’re afraid to make a sound on the violin? She giggled and said that the ship owners were scared to go up themselves so they paid her $50… She eventually discovered she was comfortable playing Irish tunes at night when everyone was docked but the classical stuff made her crazy — which was fine with me!
kiwi, i just want to say that I cherish all that you contribute here. Blessings, peace, “golden orbs”!

Hillary is not my favorite Dem. She and I have some fairly deep policy disagreements, BUT I have tremendous respect for her intelligence, competence, and professionalism.

I agree with you re: Rachel’s interview with her. HRC was very prescient. Her assertion Trump might reject the results of the mid-term election (FAKE NEWS! RIGGED ELECTION!) and/or fire a plethora of cabinet and administration members makes perfectly good sense. Hillary was remarkably clear and prudent in her thinking. It is an interview worth seeing. We do indeed need to keep looking ahead beyond the bizarre dramas we behold, now so often presenting themselves to us.

Meanwhile, we are losing time. The underlying theme of both H. Clinton’s and Obama’s recent statements is this:

We are focused on the malignant shenanigans of an existentially absurd presidency and an R. party which has abandoned its own principles in an addictive and transparently dishonest attempt to maintain power. We are therefore not focused on the pressing problems we need to squarely face.

Bob, Hee Hee thank you for the Paul anka song, I definitely like it better than dirty Diana by Michael Jackson !

Kiwi i agree with fiery woman i loved your sailing story, just great.. and so true what you say about the US and the attitude toward women here !

Omg, if they go ahead and vote for Kavanaugh, i so hope it backfires on them!

Even if the R’s win this one, I feel it will really be a serious loss. The way things are setting up, I don’t see how it could be otherwise.

Bob, trump is toast, Kavanaugh is toast. the Republicans are toast it appears, from a look at the US Solar Return. Where to start?

Nessus (abuse of power) is conjunct US natal Nessus (9+ Pisces). The midpoint between Nessus and Neptune in the US Solar Return chart is about 13 Pisces and trines US natal-SR Sun in Cancer and SR Jupiter at 13+ Scorpio.

Sedna in Taurus sextiles Pallas in Cancer and they form a Yod to Vesta and Pholus and the Galactic Center. Oh yeah.

Vesta (24+ Sagittarius) then trines Eris (24+ Aries) and Venus (24+ Leo). This grand trine of ladies has an agenda. The discovery degree of Uranus (24+ Gemini) opposes Vesta (the Workaholic) in the US SR chart puts her in charge and with even just a hint of Uranus it will be explosive.

Uranus in the US SR chart (2+ Taurus) conjunct Pallas (the Strategist) at 1+ Taurus oppose the US natal Hades (0+ Scorpio) meaning a showdown is coming in the US this year.

Mars (aggression) in the US SR chart at 8+ Aquarius retro. conjuncts the South Node at 6+ Aquarius which conjuncts the US natal South Node (what doesn’t work anymore, such as men getting away with abusing women) and the US natal Pholus (small cause, big effect). The Saturn-Jupiter cycle – soon to come to an end – has Neptune (obfuscation) at 6+ Aquarius too.

Transiting Mars will reach 6+ Aquarius by October 1st.

This SR Mars also trines the US natal Uranus in Gemini promising a breakthrough. This Mars also opposes Mercury (8+ Leo) in the same SR chart and that Mercury sextiles US Uranus and it is the ruler of the sign US natal Uranus is in.

Then there is transiting Saturn (2+ Capricorn) that exactly trines the US SR chart’s Ceres (2+ Virgo) and the Uranus + Pallas in Taurus. I feel the earth move under my feet; I feel the sky tumbling down.


Thank you for the link. I have been raging as I watch snips of Rethugs trying to justify a rush to rape Mrs Ford in order to accommodate that worthless traitor to her country and ours that she is bravely trying to protect in a manner none of them have probably never done.

I don’t know if it is the length of time we have endured this cretin or just that I have reached my limit with all of those bastards that lied to get elected, then swore an oath to protect and serve, and are not living up to their lies and oath but I will not post my most hateful thoughts about them.

This is the most thankful I have ever been for this site and all who post here. My heart embraces all of you.

This keeps intruding on my mind of late –
“blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth”
(meek – meaning gentle, kind, humble of heart, exhibiting self control)

I think kavanaugh’s accuser is one of the meek ones.

I feel the same way. Never have I been more grateful for the existence of this site and the good people who inhabit it and post here. Most of all, my thankfulness goes to Nancy, without whom this community would not have come into being.

The anxiety Orange Man and and his peculiarly loyal cardre of regressive R’s brings forth within me is at least somewhat ameliorated by the goodheartedness expressed here.

Thank You, Nancy! Thank You All of You! Blessings to All.

“As you move through the coming weeks, try to keep in mind the magnitude of the astrological thresholds we are currently moving through.”


Thanks so very much ja, she really sees the Big Pix that’s so hard to remember as we struggle with what’s now our everyday reality.

Just this morning I was thinking how we all still try to format our routines to the old reality (based on the old, reliable structures), something we took for granted just like we take for granted the Sun will rise in the East every day.

“The day-to-day flux of life is so erratic that what’s also necessary is the willingness to let go of the emotional, mental, and even spiritual desire for specific outcomes.”


Barbk, I was thinking how much you and Ralfee’s posts resonate with one another.


“Most of all, my thankfulness goes to Nancy, without whom this community would not have come into being”


The Comanche psychic said that Kavanaugh may be confirmed…but then she saw a hand on his shoulder pull him back.. not so fast. That vision resonates strongly with me.


A date of November 28, 1966 has been posted in a thread (no confirmation or source) on Astro.dienst as the birth date of Dr. Ford.

When posting a synastry of noon charts for her and Kavanaugh there is a Mars on Mars (her 27°05′ Virgo – him 26°38′ Virgo) and a square of his Saturn (5°56′ Pisces) to her Sun (6°01′ Sag). His Mars/Pluto midpoint opposes her Saturn.

Transiting Neptune that summer squared her Saturn and his Mars/Pluto midpoint that opposed it.

That November date progressed to now has Sun opposite Jupiter with the Sun on Sibly Pluto and Jupiter opposite.

“That summer” was 1982. She was 15 until November if the date is valid.

Good grief! 15 years old. Thanks Bob.

Linda Comanche read Kavanaugh twice. The second time she saw a 2nd person coming forward after Dr. Ford. She did not see Dr. Ford coming forward by herself. While we are on the subject, I am getting very tired of MSNBC having all of these political experts telling Dr. Ford what to do. At this point, I could care less. I only want Dr. Ford to do what she feels comfortable doing. I find Susan Collins particularly annoying. “[Coming forward] would only be fair to Judge Kavanaugh, ” states Susan Collins. Who is she kidding? Kavanaugh is afraid of an FBI investigation, and if Dr. Ford showed up for the hearing, they would skewer her, in “a nice way, of course and on tape.”

Virgo do you think then that she got it wrong or that the second person is on the way? I like her.

I agree with you about being tired of people telling her what to do. I was the victim of a group of vicious bullies and I can tell you that it is very scary. Easy to sit on the sidelines and say c’mon you can do it.

Feel the same about S Collins. I do not think she is running in 2020. No way. Her husband is a DC lobbyist with ties to Russia. Take it from there.

Agree too about this being a trap for Dr Ford. Total trap. They will have K prepared for any and all questions. This is McGrath’s? swan song and the jewel in his crown.

Chris Matthews just said they should slow down because if they confirm him and something else comes up… He is pretty plugged in I guess I wonder what he knows.

That date has Saturn (22+ Pisces) exactly opposite the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo (and square Trump’s Sun at 22+ Gemini). Saturn was opposite Uranus (23+ Virgo) and Pluto (20+ Virgo) at the time.

From an historical perspective it works.

Oxthecat: All of the youtube psychics have said pretty much the same thing. Kavanaugh doesn’t get confirmed. I think that Linda initially saw Kavanaugh as confirmed is probably related to the inevitability with which all of the Republicans regard him. I don’t know if the 2nd person is on the way. I know someone emerged today who was a year behind Dr. Ford in school and heard gossip about the incident while a student, but she is not an eyewitness. Everyone sees Collins and Murkowski as the spoilers for Kavanaugh. Have you noticed the way Kavanaugh smiles when he is lying. An example was his lie to Senator Leahy about the stolen Democratic emails.

. . and this; a Nov. 28, 1966 birth has natal Neptune in Scorpio sextile natal Uranus-Pluto in Virgo that forms a Yod to US natal Chiron (20+ Aries) that then becomes a Boomerang when US natal Juno (defends the disenfranchised) at 20+ Libra is added.

Right now trans. Photographica (a picture of the moment) is conjunct trans. Jupiter (both at 20+ Scorpio) symbolizing understanding, and they square (challenge!) the Uranus (20+ Aquarius) in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle, plus the US progressed Mercury (20+ Aquarius), which symbolizes where the Collective thinking in the US is now.

Right. A smile is recognition. He recognizes what is being said to him. He knew what Leahy said was true.

I saw that facebook post. She seems to not want anything to do with this and I can’t say that I blame her.

A friend of Dr Ford’s was just on with Chris Hayes. Very credible. Very good. Hope more of her friends speak out.

Hard to say what will happen. I hope all the psychics are right.

Oxthecat- I saw the friend and her conversation with Chris Hayes made me smile. I hope all the psychics are right also.

New slogan in comments section of Washington Post:
Grab’em by the mid-terms!

Why does the media continue to assert that McConnell is such a “brilliant strategist”?

I fail to see what’s smart or strategic about inadvertently introducing an entirely new generation to the Anita Hill/Thomas hearings. To informing that generation that a sexual harasser sits on the Supreme Court.

Is it somehow an act of genius to awaken the rage of millions of women who had tried to forget that awful chapter in history?

Is it clever that they walk through the halls of senate, saying dismissive, blatantly sexist things to reporters seeking comment, about women, victims, and assault?

Seems incredibly dumb and myopic, imho.

If the dumpster fire that is Kavanaugh is placed, I may be wrong, but I don’t see it ending well…for them.

This just in posted on the Democratic Underground.


This just in from the Democratic Underground/ Canadian Broadcast

Read more:


What happened at Georgetown Prep, is NOT staying at Georgetown prep.


In other news, Claire McCaskill is a “no” on Kavanaugh:


I, and some of my friends, are starting a letter writing campaign to the Republican senators. Robert Costa says the one thing the R’s are worried about is getting women so angry they vote for the D’s. I only write 3 lines per senator.

19th Sept:
“Today marks the 125th anniversary of the Electoral Act 1893 being passed into law, thus making New Zealand the first self-governing country in the world in which women had the right to vote in parliamentary elections”

These are Sister’s we should get to know!
Perhaps they’re interested in Astrology:
Simon sisters among top political donors nationwide
https://www.ibj.com/topics/3207-democratic-partyThe women, who are daughters of the late Simon Property Group Inc. co-founder Melvin Simon, donate exclusively to Democratic candidates and left-leaning groups. The 2018 election cycle includes any donations since November 2016.

Dr. Blasey Ford can file a complaint with Maryland police. There is no statute of limitations for sexual assault in Maryland, and Drumpf could not pardon a state crime. She also could appear on 60 minutes. She has ways to sink the Kavanaugh nomination even if she chooses not to testify in a sham hearing in Washington.


Is it appropriate then to say “Happy Suffrage Day”?

Andre- It is really hard for Blasey-Ford. Death threats, etc. When you have been abused, it is so much easier to be anonymous. I thought there was no statue of limitations also, but there is of 1-2 years for assault attempt only.
By the way, I looked at my nonprofessional Astrodienst chart for Chief Justice Roberts thinking that I might have a clue about Kavanaugh. Apparently they all want this conservative judicial majority. Roberts has Saturn square Mars until Dec. 2018 and Saturn square Ascendant until Oct. 2019. From 2020 on, his chart is very bad.

First of all, Lamis thank you so much for the news about the newly discovered “Super Earth” planet (not so far away). How exciting is that?

Lexi, I guess “smart” and “brilliant” are not words reserved for well-meaning folks alone. Even the most dastardly among us like MM can exhibit those qualities, although I would describe him more as conniving and cunning.

I’m becoming more aware (conscious) of how we express our communal (collective) energies as symbolized by the outer (really out there) planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. For the most part we don’t identify with these drives on a personal level, and yet, they burst out of us at certain times with amazing strength. Really we are all One and can feel and express that at certain times.

When one or more of the outer planets aspects one or more of the personal planets (Sun-Moon through Mars) and/or the social planets (Jupiter and Saturn), a rather primitive expression of energy comes to the surface of us as individuals. This can be seen in the transits but also in individual birth charts.

The alleged birth time for Dr. Ford is a classic example of how an individual (possibly born for the purpose) can trigger such mass reactions.

The USA was born with challenges (call them flaws if you like) and one of them was symbolized by Chiron opposite Juno, although they had not been discovered yet.

The cycle of the outer planets Uranus and Neptune that began in the ’60’s leaned heavily on transiting Neptune at the time to wield their power over we mortals. Neptune was in Scorpio and sextile Uranus and Pluto in Virgo.

They formed a Yod-turned-Boomerang with US Chiron and Juno, a complex astrological pattern of energies that, in the end, is fully expressed by the planet or other transiting body in the Boomerang position. In this case that would be US natal Juno. Juno symbolizes the not-equal partner and she is a defender of the disenfranchised

At the time of the alleged birth of Dr. Ford, the Uranus-Pluto conjunction was sextile Neptune and transiting Vesta (the workaholic, also what we invest in) was at 20+ Libra, the same degree that the US natal Juno occupies.

Either Dr. Ford was targeted for this purpose (symbolizing US Juno) or she volunteered for the job (before birth of course) or some combination of karma and dharma brought her to the place she finds herself in now. The purpose was to be a consciousness stimulant for American citizens (voters).

We all relate to her trauma in the summer of ’82 (thx Bob). She was the perfect foil for the Uranus-conjunct-Pluto sextile Neptune – aspecting the US natal Chiron-Juno opposition. It’s a group thing; a collective reaction designed to change the status quo. It’s working.

Kiwi, the more I know about New Zealand, the more I wish I lived there.

Certainly Eliseo!
Caseym, like anywhere there are plusses and minuses with day to day life here. Imo, mostly plusses, but the grass isn’t always greener over the fence – problems are here too.

Mueller is a Republican…
Is that why we hear nothing re: Russia helping Trump steal that Election? Why the delay?
NYT has a piece: “The Plot to Subert an Election”

Patience Patty. My feeling has always been this is about dirty money and dishonesty influencing politicians of all stripes rather than party per se – (its just that the repubs these days are the most corrupt bunch). I think Mueller is after corrupt global influences and webs, and about protecting the constitution, rather than a focus on tribal political affiliations.
Spilling the beans to soon will just end up with everyone holding an empty basket, and many people have an huge agenda to engineer just that.

Marjorie has written on Ford. also, scroll down to the comment section

another thought: sad that media etc is focusing on just the sex thing by a drunk teenager, instead of the good chance that a ‘respected’ judge might be lying these many years later.
Disqualification is about the lie under oath, people.
The responses remind me so much of the mindsets that allowed white privileged men to get away with wife beating and lies because they were ‘upstanding members of the community’.

RE: “The responses remind me so much of the mindsets that allowed white privileged men to get away with wife beating and lies because they were ‘upstanding members of the community’.”

That’s the way I read this as well. I agree the man is a “creep” but for different reasons from the me-too folks. AND, the lying under oath by itself should be enough to have him removed from his position as a federal judge and possibly have him disbarred.

Both parties are hypocritical, but the R’s have sunk to a level of constitutional and moral depravity beyond anything we’ve ever imagined in their willingness to knowingly place candidates with practically zero virtue, with abusive and/or criminal histories in high position in order to fulfill the mandates of their ideology and fulfill their agenda. Party first! Ideology first! Money Mine! Country…nevermind.

Eliseo, and kiwi – great posts!

I recently had a discussion with a Trump-supporter, and they’re coming from exactly the perspective you’re talking about: The end justifying the means.

I hope if more women are out there who’ve been treated inappropriately by Kavanaugh, that they come forward posthaste!

Dear Kiwi, you are both very wise and very kind.
I so want The Russian Truth to be out!
They destoryed Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Run.
I realize Hillary Clinton wasn’t perfect…
Will Any Woman Ever Be Perfect?
But the following shows that Mueller is progressing, and that’s finally positive.

“Mueller may have evidence corroborating a key dossier allegation about Michael Cohen and Russian collusion” With a very extensive report: https://www.businessinsider.com/mueller-michael-cohen-prague-dossier-evidence-2018-4

“The scrutiny on Dr. Blasey is more intense than what Ms. Kendall faced, because it involves not just power and money but politics, too. The stakes are enormous: The outcome of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing will set the direction of the Supreme Court for a generation.”


In a remarkable coincidence the 2 news makers of the day, Michael Cohen and Dr. Ford, were both born in 1966, the year the Uranus-Pluto cycle got underway. Both their natal charts (Ford’s birth date has yet to be verified) has that conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in Virgo sextilel Neptune in Scorpio which in turn activates the US natal chart’s Chiron opposite Juno.

Cohen’s natal South Node conjuncts his natal Neptune while Ford’s natal South Node conjuncts her natal Mercury which conjuncts her natal Neptune.

Last week transiting Jupiter was conjunct Cohen’s natal South Node and Neptune while trans Jupiter started this month conjunct Ford’s South Node + Mercury and will end the month conjunct her natal Neptune. In other words, this month trans. Jupiter in Scorpio has been conjunct the Neptune that was sextile the Uranus-Pluto conjunction that took place in 1965-66. What’s going on?

South Nodes in a chart symbolize what has been perfected by the chart owner but no longer serves the owner in a positive manner. However, if it is given away, so to speak, it can benefit in another way. They both, Cowen and Ford, seem willing to give away something to the US government; information. That information has caused them pain but it might start a healing process for both of them.

In the case of the Uranus-Pluto cycle itself, trans. Jupiter has been activating the Neptune function which was sextile (enabling) Uranus and Pluto back in 1966. Now, together, they all have directly energized the opposition of US Chiron to US Juno who complete the Boomerang pattern I described earlier.

Each in their own way both Cohen and Ford exemplify the Juno symbolism of the partner that was not treated as equal to the other partner. For Cohen that partner would be Trump. For Ford she has not been treated equal to Kavanaugh by the Republicans who sit in judgement of them.

This is the wound symbolized by US Chiron in Aries projected onto US Juno in Libra. In 2024 US Chiron will have a 50 year Return (trans. Chiron conjuncts US Chiron), right after trans Chiron conjuncts a total Solar Eclipse in April, and right after trans Jupiter and Uranus begin their new cycle. By then we might have started a national healing regarding inequality.

I believe that because in less than 6 months a New Moon at 15+ Pisces conjuncts transiting Neptune at 16+ Pisces, which conjuncts Cohen’s natal Black Moon Lilith which opposes his natal Uranus-Pluto conjunction.

That same New Moon and Neptune in Pisces will also trine Dr. Ford’s natal Mercury and South Node in Scorpio which might finally release her from years of trauma. That’s what I’m hoping for anyway.

Many Thanks for that business insider link!

Also, please recall that one of the 8 or so occupations/professions I have practiced so far in my lifetime was that of criminal investigator. I therefore may be approaching our present and bizarre political dramas somewhat differently from many.

We all (at least on this blog) want Russian malfeasance to be revealed and connections and collusion between Trump & Co. and the Russians exposed. But we need be patient. This, more than any case I‘ve ever been familiar with must be handled with supreme and extreme delicacy. The immense circumstances of our dilemma are beyond anything we might have imagined, the potential of which must not be underestimated.

Consider this: Mueller & his people are investigating what will likely be regarded as the deepest, most insidious, most complex and interconnected spider’s web of treason ever perpetuated on the United States, as well as upon the rest of the world at large. The criminal conspiracy he is plumbing is exponentially larger than ALL of our previous scandals and episodes of treason put together throughout our American history.

Furthermore, Russian interference in our election is connected to election interference and manipulation in several other countries. That web of criminality likely extends deeply into the R. party and of course into the presidency of DJT.

In other words, this may well be the biggest criminal case in modern history. Mr. Mueller and company cannot afford to err. They are in opposition to extraordinarily powerful forces. We must not underestimate the fascist potential and propensities of Mr. Trump and his demagogued followers, or of the Russian kleptocracy under Mr. Putin.

So far, to our knowledge, Mr. Trump has not employed murder as part of his toolkit, but we know Mr. Putin certainly has. Mueller and his team have no choice but to get it 100% completely right before they carefully present their evidence. Not only is the Constitution of the United States at stake here, but also potentially the very lives of the investigators themselves.

IF…IF Mueller and his team perform their duties properly and without interference, we may well see a large number of R. operatives and R. senators, congressmen, and congresswomen arrested, tried, and jailed. But the case they present must be absolutely irreproachable, and convincing to the majority of Americans, our military establishment, and the world abroad.

If Mueller and his team are too impetuous, or if they make any mistakes which might be challenged legally, etc., or if there is anything the R’s can use to cast reasonable doubt on their conclusions, methods, or evidence, doubt which can be used to manipulate enough American citizens, Mueller and his team, plus many others could find themselves hanging by a rope, or facing firing squads at the behest of an angry demagogued public or perhaps our government gone awry.

Recall that we are facing our Pluto and Uranus returns not simultaneously, but certainly within less than a decade of one another. Also, (and I do not claim to understand the full significance) but sometime in 2022 we, (meaning the entire world) will witness for several months a spectacular and very bright red nova explosion in the constellation Cygnus, the result of a collision and merging between two stars which occurred 1,800 years ago. It will appear to us as a bright and shining ruby in our sky, the meaning of which many will ponder. It is of utmost importance we continue to pay attention to the interpretations of Nancy and the excellent and scholarly astrologers who post here.

Meanwhile, Mueller and his team need not only our patience, but our fervent and sincere prayers.

Saturn-Pluto aspects have a dark side. The alleged assault by Brett Kavanaugh on Dr. Blasey Ford occurred in 1982. That was of course the time of the last Saturn-Pluto conjunction. We are nearing the next such conjunction in January 2020. On October 1, Pluto will turn direct and enter its approach to that conjunction. The meaning of the conjunction should become clearer. The last one was about culture wars, the Reagan conservative counter-revolution, the beginning of the war in Afghanistan, the rise of the Taliban and the Iran-Iraq war. The next one, being in Capricorn, will underline the rot in major political institutions and an extreme form of conservatism. If Kavanaugh is confirmed, the legitimacy of the US Supreme court will be in doubt for many years. If he is not, there will still be a major cultural war in the US.

Andre – even darker The AIDS crisis began in 1981 –

Eric Francis:

“The Full Moon is conjunct Chiron and square Saturn, which means it’s rich with “character building” aspects — something we’ve experienced a lot of lately, perhaps a bit too much.”


Chrys & Andre,
If memory serves, two Pluto cycles before in the early 1500’s we have the beginning of syphilis.

I think the effects of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 1982 began to be felt in late 1980, with the election of Ronald Reagan in November and the assassination of John Lennon in December. I remember distinctly feeling at the time that the party begun in the Sixties and lasting through the Seventies was suddenly over. Then, as Chrys mentions, there came AIDS and a haunting collective fear of nuclear war in the final mad arms race before the fall of the USSR. The Eighties were a dark time with the celebration of greed, banking deregulation and materialism which has lasted to this day. It felt like the lights had gone out.

Astrologically, the conjunction was in late Libra which means it blotted out the ideals and vision of the Neptune in Libra generation which had come of age during the Sixties and Seventies. These were partly revived during the passage of Neptune in Aquarius and Pluto in Sagittarius in the Nineties. Of course, the Saturn-Pluto opposition of 2001 brought 9/11 and the neocons, which was another step back historically.

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 2020 in late Capricorn will be square the conjunction of 1982, which might mean some events of that time will be challenged and revisited. We are beginning to feel its effects now. Next week’s square of the Moon in Aries square a stationing Pluto will be significant. That may be the day of Dr. Ford’s testimony.

I am hoping the fact that Saturn-Pluto will also be conjunct Ceres and Jupiter in 2020 will make this conjunction more positive than the last one.

Andre, I am so pleased you wrote about the Saturn-Pluto conjunction (as you have done before) in regard to the Kavanaugh-Ford incident. Thank you.

It made me remember that on the day of the midterm election the Moon will conjunct the Venus-Ceres conjunction which will be conjunct the 1982 conjunction between Saturn and Pluto, 27+ Libra.

This degree was also where Uranus was at the Neptune-Pluto conjunction in 1891, and Uranus was square Venus (values) at 27+ Cancer who was opposite the US natal Pluto in Capricorn.

Even Omorosa has something at 27+ Libra (don’t remember now what it was). I needed to see what the Sabian Symbol is for 28 Libra. A MAN BECOMING AWARE OF SPIRITUAL FORCES SURROUNDING AND ASSISTING HIM

Dane Rudhyar said that this awareness “produces a state of inner assurance”.

If so, this degree is being brought to our consciousness on election day by Venus and Ceres (+ Moon), backed by two cycles involving outer planets (the Collective), and I’m betting this means that the women voters (with inner assurance) will turn up to vote in record numbers.

Indeed, those other planets that accompany the Saturn-Pluto conjunction are a hopeful sign Andre, I agree with you.

They too are starting new cycles (new conjunctions), all of them much shorter in duration compared to the Saturn-Pluto cycle, and my take on it is a spreading out of a theme inherent in the chart for the Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

There will be a Ceres-Saturn cycle, a Ceres-Pluto cycle, a Ceres-Sun cycle, a Sun-Pluto cycle, a Sun-Saturn cycle, a Mercury-Pluto cycle, a Mercury-Saturn cycle, a Mercury-Ceres cycle, and so the energy is parsed out over time and through various modes of operation.

Each one of them will include an opposition to transiting Arachne (makes webs; binding connections) and the US natal Mercury (communicates) in Cancer as well as a trine to the US natal Neptune (dream maker; shift in consciousness) in Virgo.

In each case of these spin-off cycles most will only last around one year – the approximate length of time before the “old” Jupiter-Saturn cycle ends and the new one starts. I think of these shorter cycles as bridging the time/space from when Saturn conjuncts Pluto (Jan 12, 2020) to when Saturn ends its present cycle with Jupiter (Dec 21, 2020) . . . . a kind of weaning or adjusting process.

By the end of 2020 Americans – well many Americans – will have hopefully adapted to the new Saturn-Pluto pace of life. Each of these “bridge” cycles that start within a day or so of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction will carry a grand trine between Uranus (breakthrough) at 2+ Taurus, Pholus (small cause, big effect) at 2+Cap and Transpluto (becoming whole) at 2+ Virgo. This could be a major theme during the period between January and December, 2020.

Eliseo, thank you for your post on September 21st,
at 2:47 am. It is one of the most cogent and smart overviews of the mess we are witnessing. You are right. They do need our prayers as the Trump/Putin syndicate will do all they can to stop this investigation and the indictments that will follow.

barbk, my natal Neptune is at 28 Libra square Chiron at 28 Capricorn and sextile my Moon at 28 Leo. Thank you for the Sabian symbol; it is apt. Since Neptune is in the 10th house and my most elevated planet, the conjunction of 1982 had a major impact on both my career and my marriage (Libra). The next conjunction will be near my Sun at 20 Capricorn in my second house.

One further note. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction will bring seeds which will bear fruit, good or ill, at the next opposition in the 2040s, just as the appearance of the Taliban and the war in Afghanistan in the early 80s bore the fruit called 9/11 in 2001.

What a stressful period of history! Thank for all for your thought provoking comments!

Eliseo, I receive Business Insider Free, you should sign up…here’s their latest Front Page:
‘We’re in the fourth quarter’: James Comey says Mueller may be about to finish his investigation into Trump”. https://www.businessinsider.com

Rod Rosenstein has natal Saturn at 2+ Pisces.

Transiting Saturn and transiting Uranus and transiting Transpluto form a grand trine and since Rod Rosenstein’s natal Saturn opposes trans. Transpluto, it (Transpluto) is the focal point of the grand trine (at least for Rod and all of us who admire what he’s doing; protecting the Mueller investigation).

I would surmise that Transpluto (2+ Virgo) which symbolizes becoming whole, will be fortified in this process with fixed star Regulus now at 0+ Virgo who will provide courage. This bodes well for Rod during this time of being attacked by Trump and his supporters. This too shall pass.

Can someone who is able to communicate with senate dems and/or perhaps Rachael, please persuade them to focus publicly on the issue of whether Kavanaugh LIES, rather than the sex salaciousness per se.
If the allegations are proven true, it is the current LIE that matters more than a bad deed by a 17yr old!!!!!
It wouldn’t hurt to add (for the hypocritical Christian right’s benefit) “Lying lips are an abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are his delight.” Proverbs 12:22

The media IS frustrating! They follow the “sexiest” most sensational narratives, often based on false assumptions rather than more fruitful narratives which actually serve the public. We mustn’t forget they too are corporations without conscience.

Pluto in Capricorn affects them too!

“This is a time to look back at all the things and people we have to be thankful for. It is also a time to take stock of ourselves, and see how much we have grown and changed throughout the year.”


Check this kiwi!


You are very welcome.

It is easy for we Americans to be naïve re: our politics. We have our ups and downs, but since the civil war and reconstruction period we’ve had relative stability, especially compared to many other nations.

It is difficult for us to imagine our elected and/or appointed leaders acting in bad faith, much less committing and/or colluding with treason. But, here it is.

pass it on . . . . .
“Why the rush? Does the country really want to risk the possibility that its newest supreme court justice might later be proven to be a blatant sinful liar? ”

No wonder there is apathy – too many accepting the fact that leaders of society lie. There is a deep sickness within when lying becomes OK.

I echo your comment, silcominc, on Eliseo’s post. Eliseo, your summary was masterful. Thanks so much!

Our situation is both very scary and quite saddening. This “gate” makes watergate, the teapot dome scandal, the several stolen elections, and all the other “gates” all put together seem like a pleasant picnic in the park on a nice comfortable spring day.

I hope/pray barbk and Andre’s views are correct, that we will get through this, and the experience will both strengthen and renew our democracy.

Thank You for your kind words. I hope my analysis clarifies our understanding of what is at stake for all in this community. Glad to be (hopefully) of some help.

Eliseo, I too want to thank you for your comment re: Mueller’s investigation on the “spider’s web of treason”. Right now transiting Arachne (web maker) and Teharonhiawako (whom I call “the good twin” who combats evil) and Neptune are all conjunct in Pisces and all are retrograde. They oppose Mueller’s natal Mercury in Virgo and square his natal Uranus in Gemini. (No surprises there) They also trine the US natal Sun in Cancer.

This might be a lead on understanding the complexity Mueller faces; the “good” mixed with the “fogginess” trapped within a complex web takes time to unravel. I will keep my eye on that.

Andre, I’m glad the Sabian symbol was helpful to you. With your planetary setup you have a finger on the pulse of the US natal chart’s Moon and Pluto and I doubt that’s just a coincidence. As goes the Country, so goes Andre.

I keep trying to post this so I apologize if it turns up as multiple posts.

As you probably already know, Ford accepted the invitation to testify next week (as I knew she would). She must have met the 2:30 p.m. ET deadline given to her. Politico published the news at 2:45 p.m.


I read that she is going to drive cross country from CA to DC which will take her 3 days. Possibly that is for privacy purposes.

Marjorie Orr wrote this today about Stephen King’s chart. He has a natal Saturn-Pluto conjunction:

«Saturn Pluto is drawn to the dark side – Pluto, lord of the underworld and Saturn, the grim reaper, combining to focus interest not just on the worst side of humanity; but also, in its guise as the black magician, to connect to fantasy and the supernatural. All of that channelled through his driving planet Mercury.»

The Eighties were dark not only because of that conjunction in 1982-83, but also because Pluto entered its own dark sign of Scorpio in 1984. On the plus side, we had the Stephen King and Harry Potter novels.

This time, the conjunction will be followed by Pluto’s entry into Aquarius, a more hopeful sign, but we must remember every sign has its positive and negative sides.

Barbk, I am touched by your very kind words. I hope to be of service in this difficult time.

Sharon K, I believe Dr. Ford is driving because she has a fear of flying, which appears to be tied to the assault she endured in 1982. She apparently insisted on an exit outside for every room in the new house her husband built. An airplane for her is the ultimate enclosed space. She has been wounded by her experience.

Transiting Sedna in late Taurus has been square the US Moon for years. It is a very slow-moving asteroid. Sedna is about female trauma inflicted by a powerful male that is deeply felt by the people of the United States (the Moon). But the myth of Sedna (a horrifying and cruel tale of Inuit origin) is also about a great increase in female power at a much deeper level. I haven’t seen Dr. Ford’s chart, but it probably somehow ties into this. I only know she is a Sagittarius with Moon in Gemini born at the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of 1966, which means her Sun and Moon were both square Saturn-Chiron in Pisces. Chiron is finishing this year its first return to Pisces since that time, which probably brings up emotional pain but gives her the opportunity to heal and to help others. These planets resonate with me as my own Mars at 27 Pisces near my IC was deeply hurt during my childhood at the time. It is time for both of us to speak.

One final word. I have natal Saturn at 19 Scorpio conjunct Lilith (the black Moon) at 23 Scorpio square Pluto at 26 Leo and the Moon at 28 Leo. I know all about the dark side in myself and others. I’ve been there. As my own mother is now slowly dying (the Moon) while in her third Saturn return (she was born in a Saturn-Pluto opposition in a T-square with Uranus in Aries), I have to forgive both her dark side (I have long considered her dark) and my own, while my siblings stay away. This a time of great and powerful healing, and I deeply empathize with Dr. Ford, who I hope will do many women and some men much good.

Thanks for your appreciation. I had no idea my “spider’s web of treason” metaphor was so astrologically appropriate! Many Thanks for all that you contribute here.

Good to see you post again. here’s hoping you had a good Rosh Hashanah.

I’ve done that drive. It is well over 2800 miles from Palo Alto to WA. DC. Three days is really pushing it. Four or Five is far more reasonable unless she has a couple of people taking turns driving her 24 hours a day.

Also, the lady has a pretty impressive academic background and has published a number of important psych papers. I’m guessing she is very articulate and the committee R’s will regret ever having placed themselves in the position of being her adversary.

Andre, thanks for the explanation. It makes so much sense. What is not being talked about enough in mainstream media, imho, is the fact that male physical strength, especially when the person is an athlete (which Kavanaugh was) can be extremely intimidating. Mark Judge’s quote about “the awesome power, the wonderful beauty, of uncontrollable male passion” only serves to reinforce that impression. It is not just a frat party, teenage boys will be boys, women know what they are getting into when they are drinking and go into a room alone with a male situation. There is a line that is crossed when someone subjects a woman to being force against their will and he obviously crossed it. The problem might be that its her word against his (unless first- or second-hand witnesses come forth and, even better, other accusers). Even if that is the case, I agree that her testimony will be articulate and convincing. I am wondering if it will be televised.

Eliseo, thank you. My Yom Kippur was a bit challenging but I got through it and felt better afterword (sometimes I actually enjoy it and feel a strong and spiritual while going through it). I must confess that I snuck a look at the online news re Dr. Ford and Kavanaugh during it. I have been following all of yours and everyone else’s posts here and appreciating the quality while commenting briefly some times.

Thank you for some of the information on Dr. Ford and her challenges with flying and such due to the resulting trauma she has experienced. I wonder why we are not hearing about this in the main stream media. It puts more of her requests into understandable perspective.

“The fate of his nomination and the Senate’s treatment of his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, who said Saturday she was willing to testify in the coming week, have the makings of a pivot point in American politics”


As of right now, a “tentative deal has been reached for Dr. Blasey to testify on Thursday, the circumstances of which are still under discussion.

“tentative deal”

I have now seen Dr. Ford’s chart on Marjorie Orr’s site. The time was set for noon on the West Coast for some reason. I believe she was born in D.C. Still there is much information there. Her Moon is in a tight T-square with the Saturn-Chiron conjunction opposite the Uranus-Pluto of that era. Her Mercury, interestingly, had just stationed direct in Scorpio. Her current Chiron return reactivated her T-square.

There are compelling articles about her life and that of Mark Judge in the Washington Post. She was described as a bright and witty girl before the trauma (Moon in Gemini) but afterwards she dropped out of sight for some years and reinvented herself in California. One of her two master’s degrees was on the relation between trauma and depression. She was so upset by Kavanaugh’s nomination that she considered moving to New Zealand. She tried to stay far away from Kavanaugh until she couldn’t.

If she is as articulate as she can be and stands up to the pressure, I think he can say goodbye to the Supreme Court. The fallout from her testimony could be incalculable.

Interestingly, Dr. Fprd’s Mars 27+ Virgo (and Kavanaugh’s Mars at 26+ Virgo rx) trine transiting Sedna (27+ Taurus) and the US natal Pluto (27+ Capricorn), symbol of transformation.

It could be that this grand trine symbolizes that it’s finally time to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) so that the US Constitution clearly states that women have complete equal rights to men.

Back in 1776 when the US was born, the Super Galactic Center (a black hole) was located at 27+ Virgo (it is now at 1+ Libra and conjunct the US natal chart’s MC [achievements]). The Super Galactic Center has an extraordinary power of attraction and at this momentous time of change, women are more involved (and more powerful) than even in the ’60’s.

I suspect this Kavanaugh-Ford showdown (tied to the US natal chart’s SGC) will galvanize American women to not only vote for women rep’s, but demand that the ERA finally become part of the US Constitution.

The US Constitution birth chart has Juno (unequal partner) at 27+ Gemini square Dr. Ford’s (and Kavanaugh’s) natal Mars as well as the US chart’s (and the Constitution’s chart) SGC.

The Constitution chart’s Juno also trines the US natal chart’s Moon at 27+ Aquarius (being squared by transiting Sedna at 27+ Taurus) and trans. Venus + Ceres + Moon (27+ Libra) on midterm election day.

Sedna symbolizes not only respect for women (or else!), she specifically represents abused women. She is also one of several symbols related to the global warming (climate change) awareness movement.

Here’s hoping you are correct. The ERA should have been passed and become part of our Constitution long ago. No one is talking about it now, but perhaps with the astrology aspects coming within the next ten years we can make it happen. Sign me up!


I keep thinking of Mercury in Scorpio as a surgeon’s deftness in removing a tumor. Which may be exactly what her testimony will be.

Professor Christine Blasey Ford – DOB November 28, 1966 Palo Alto, Ca. (12 pm/ time unknown).

In “late July” Senator Dianne Feinstein received a confidential letter from Christine alleging Judge Kavanaugh of brutal sexual assault. That time period closely coincided with the July 27th lunar eclipse (4 ’44 Aquarius) in opposition to Professor Ford’s natal near stationary Jupiter (4 ’23 Aquarius). What is absolutely astonishing about the Kavanaugh/ Ford hearing now scheduled for 10 am Thursday September 27th is that within two hours of the commencement of the hearing, there will be a Moon-Mars square at 11:52 am (4 ’41 Taurus – Aquarius). It will trigger the powerful July 27th lunar eclipse (4 ’44 Aquarius) and Christine Ford’s near stationary natal Jupiter (4 ’23 Leo). Based on those aspects alone I suspect Professor Ford’s appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee will be electrifying and most likely a game changer.

With that scenario in mind, a derailed Kavanaugh nomination will undoubtedly leave Trump in a vulnerable position for impeachment if the trend continues in a possible Democratic take-over of the Senate and House in the November mid terms.

Considering Trumps threatening rhetoric remarks as of late in firing US Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in a not so veiled desire to shut down the Russian investigation, crunch time could come as early as September 30th the day Pluto goes stationary direct. Trump has been threatening a September 30th US government shutdown for quite some time. Would he use the government shutdown as a distraction and ruse to summarily dismiss Rosenstein? Would Special Counsel Robert Mueller react and pull out all the stops with scores of indictments and arrests? The astrological aspects suggest some major developments unfolding at this time. Pluto stationary direct at 18 ’45 Capricorn will be activating the July 12th solar eclipse (in opposition to Pluto at 20 Cancer – Capricorn). One needs to keep in mind, Mueller indicted 12 Russian agents the same day of the July 12th eclipse. Furthermore, the Sept 30th stationary Pluto will quincunx the August 11th, 2018 solar eclipse (18 ’41 Leo), quincunx Trumps natal Uranus (17 ’53 Gemini) and square natal Jupiter (17 ’27 Libra). Should we expect the firing of Rosenstein and consequently the FBI stepping in and instituting a bewildering amount of indictments and arrests next Sunday night/ Monday morning (Sept 30th – Oct. 1st)? Stay tuned.

Sorry about that. Read instead: “……. in opposition to Professor Ford’s natal near stationary Jupiter (4 ’23 LEO).


” The rules (or lack thereof) dictating a hearing, coupled with the spectacle-like nature of the event, make for one of the most high-pressure climates in Washington. All of which is only compounded by the fact that Ford would be testifying about something deeply personal and intimate.”

There appears but two rather obscure photos of Dr. Christine Ford; one from a high school year book and one of her wearing dark sunglasses. Is it not at least odd that in this 21st century of ubiquitous cellphone cameras and social media, there are virtually no other photos available of this Stanford University professor, wife, daughter and mother? I wonder if this might speak to one who has adopted a hyper-vigilant, protective posture regarding public exposure? If so, this kind of privacy cues with one who has endured profoundly-deep traumatic experience. It is more often than not that victims of humiliating, brutal sexual assault she

has asserted against Kavanaugh will seek refuge in intense privacy by keeping a very low public profile in order to protect against drawing attention and/or triggering the traumatic event.

I can’t wait for this!

“Vice President Sean Hannity has just advised P45 not to fire anyone. Do you think that Mr. Hannity’s horoscope has planets at the Aries Point? It does. And transiting Saturn will be putting the squeeze on it very soon.”


My fellow bloggers,
I was in a conversation today (at first unknowingly) with a Trump supporter. He said he was a “patriot” (meaning anyone who disagrees with him is not patriotic), that he was a lifelong democrat but voted for Trump and that Mr. T had done more good for this nation than all our previous presidents combined.

I walked out mid conversation.

Upon reflection, it occurs to me the fellow I spoke with suffers from the Dunning–Kruger effect. He is so uninformed and misinformed, he has no idea or capacity to realize he is uninformed and misinformed. Furthermore, it is obvious to most of us, Mr. T suffers from the same problem. In other words Mr. T is a near perfect representative of other Dunning-Kruger people.

The question I ask myself, both historically and astrologically is how we’ve ended up with so many of these folks. Have we always had them? Are they reincarnated Confederates? Can this be fixed?

Some of you scholar/astrologers have noted the “Neptune effect.” I suspect the Dunning-Kruger effect on our political history is related to that Neptune effect and that it occurs cyclically. Offhand, as an example I recall the Know-Nothings of the 19th century.

So here is my question: Do we have an astrological equivalent to the Dunning-Kruger effect?

David Johnson on DR Blasey-Ford

She may have a surprise for us.

Christine Blazey Ford on 9 20 18 at 12 55 PM

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66QBOzdbFh4 14:34

Have not finished watching others – in a hurry to get this posted.

Bravo Jerry, it IS astonishing. In fact, astrology never ceases to astonish me, the deeper you dig the more it is true. Thank you.

will, very astute observation. Thank you too!

ja, Thanks for grace astrology, including the dig on NYT. Her “pig waste” comment reminded me that the New Moon we are still under the spell of (Sept. 9 at 17+ Virgo) squared Trump’s (Mr. Germ-a-phobic) natal Uranus at 17+ Gemini as well as being opposite transiting Neptune in Pisces.

At the time of that NM, transiting Venus (values) was in the same degree as the US natal Hades (0+ Scorpio). We hate thinking about pig waste in the water and everywhere else (an example of the symbol of Hades).

She also provided Hannity’s birth chart (birth time and all) that shows his ascendant (“me”) and descendant (“my other”) are T-squared by the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini.

Therefore, not only does Hannity’s ascendant share the same degree as the US natal Ceres (8+ Pisces, which conjuncts the US natal Nessus-aka abuse of power at 9+ Pisces), but also the very active Neptune-Pluto cycle that started at 8+ Gemini is having its way with him too. Astrology IS astonishing, proof positive.

Watch his reading on Eleanor R! Cherchez la fem! 20:50

off topic:
NZ PM in NY for UN assembly gathering. Gave speech at ‘social good summit’ on women’s vote; focus on children’s good education and health, lift from poverty

Thank you for the post and link kiwi.

Women around the world are coming to the front.

I could not find a video of her speech. It may be just too early for one to be posted.

Will, I saw a third picture of Dr. Ford at an angle, on her surfboard, still wearing sunglasses. I think you are absolutely right about the lack of photographs. Apparently, surfing was essential to her mental health. Also, Marjorie Orr describes her chart as troubled, but clearly also articulate since she has over 50 scientific publications, teaches graduate students and has made numerous academic presentations. She is brilliant but appears wounded.

Eliseo, I think massive political ignorance can be attributed to two problematic aspects in the US chart: Mars square Neptune (which I would interpret as anger and resentment caused by delusion or deception), and Pluto opposite Mercury (the powers that be against a clear understanding based on rational thought). Both these aspects are currently emphasized by the heavy transits of Neptune and Pluto until 2023. There may of course be something else going on astrologically as well.

At Dr. Ford’s birth, Sedna (female trauma from a powerful male) was at 29 Aries, square both US Pluto in Capricorn and US Constitution Uranus in Cancer. The current Pluto and Uranus transits both underline this placement. Transiting Sedna in late Taurus is now trine US Pluto and sextile Constitution Uranus but square US Moon, which brings the opportunity for positive political and constitutional change through an emotional impact on the American people.

Obviously not everybody with this Sedna placement would have such an impact. It is difficult to say more without the time of birth.

Here’s a TREAT you must experience. From The NYT: (Use your Headphones!)
Listen to Some of the Best Sounds from all over the world:

Eliseo, although I know nothing about the Dunning-Kruger Effect (yet) I do know that we are in a period of increasing consciousness and that consciousness includes becoming much more aware of others, including those we normally don’t associate with.

Personally, I’ve wondered for decades how many uninformed and/or misinformed there were in this country and, thanks to Trump and polling numbers, I gather it’s about 30 to 45% of us. That’s got to change.

Some of those people just haven’t been exposed to the truth or maybe I should say facts. Some just refuse to expand their consciousness or are incapable of it; some just want to rebel against those who they sense have power over them, and some are just delusional. When we as a nation demand that excellent education for the young must be a priority we will lessen that 30 to 45% figure a great deal I feel sure.

That education is an astrological third house feature and the US natal 3rd house with Aquarius on the cusp would be ruled by the US Saturn (traditional ruler) and the US Uranus (modern ruler), both of whom have challenges (Saturn squared by Sun and Uranus squared by Ceres-Nessus-Child).

Both of these planets, US Saturn and Uranus, are in air signs associated with mental activity but have too wide an orb (6+ degrees) for what would normally be considered a trine. But lets pretend they at least have a sense a camaraderie regarding their roles as rulers of the education of young children.

Some background: US natal Saturn’s last return (August 28, 2011 – 3rd of 3) had him in the opposite sign from Uranus (Aries) with their transiting oppositions (5 of them) taking place between 2008 and 2010. The transiting Saturn and Uranus then made 3 exact trines, one in December, 2016 and one in May 2017 and one in Nov. 2017. They came close to a 4th trine last August and early this month while both in retrograde, but were shy a few arc minutes from perfecting. There has been (and still is I believe) a rare sense of harmony between them.

The last US natal Uranus Return took place in May, 1944, and believe it or not, the transiting Sun was ALSO at 8+ Gemini. This US natal Uranus Return chart was in a Bundle type pattern, meaning extremely focused in one area (that included shock) to the detriment of the rest of the zodiac. This was before World War 2 had ended and only days before D-Day.

This mentality (defensive) state of the US natal Uranus must still linger within many US families regarding some (if not all) foreigners and the US borders. It will be another 10 years before the next US Uranus Return and that one will have trans. Uranus trine trans. Pluto in Aquarius.

I sympathize with you re: the conversation with the Trump supporter and am glad you didn’t try to argue with him. We are (as a whole) in transition. Yes, Neptune is facilitating this and yes, Neptune symbolizes delusion and confusion – sometimes required in transition periods, and yes, US Neptune is in the US chart’s 9th house of foreigners and higher learning and religious extremists.

I’m not sure what all the “Neptune Effect” umbrella covers and am not familiar with the Dunning-Kruger symptoms yet, but I’m guessing there is a connection between them.

I do believe that God and the Universe have provided a language (we call it astrology) to help us understand what’s happening at any given point in time.

I believe there are psychics and channelers and astrologers so gifted that they can help us cope with the day-to-day events that shock our sensibilities, at least until we reach a point in our collective consciousness where we share some important goals for our country, the biosphere, our values and for humanity in general.

In the meantime we (here at Nancy’s blog anyway) have each other.

Fascinating Andre, that transit of Uranus over her natal Sedna (which will be back November through early March) was integral to her coming forward. We are learning so much about Sedna; thanks!

barbk & Andre,
Many Thanks for your insights and knowledge! You’ve both given me some new keys and lines of research to plumb.

A reasonably good explanation of the Dunning-Kruger effect is at Wikipedia.

In addition to whatever organic brain disorder and/or mental illnesses he might possibly have, DJT is a clear example of Dunning-Kruger as well as the Peter Principle.

He is so ignorant and incompetent he is unable to recognize how ignorant and incompetent he really is. And although competent as a real estate developer, albeit a crooked one, he has risen to a level beyond his competence and expertise, i.e. the Peter Principle.

Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer set to report a new twist in the BK confirmation.

Interesting times

I’m not caught up with everything here, above, but just wanted to note (in case no one did above) that Dr. Blasey testifies first and the hearing begins at 10 a.m. We’ll have to see how much time the preliminaries take.

Now there is another reporter represented by Michael Avenatti. That makes 3.

Whoa, somebody warned us a 2nd accuser was coming out, now there might be a third (according to Stormy’s lawyer, Avenatti). Well, it is hurricane season after all.

I think Murkowski will vote against Kavanaugh due to trans. Pallas affecting a pattern in her natal chart.

Thanks Eliseo, I guess ignorance is bliss only for the ignorant!

Thanks for the start time of the hearing Sharon; Venus rising on the ascendant, Ceres conjunct Mercury.

Also, in the New Yorker article, a friend of Mark Judge’s describes his behavior with women, his friends, and alcohol while a student at Georgetown Prep.

It would seem Jupiters last 10 degrees in Scorpio is about to finish what it started. Helped by the current Venus 2018 retrograde cycle. Gotta love Astrology and the Universe.


I think a combination involving Saturn with Neptune and/or Pluto, the three of them, or any of them, or any combination of them with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, or in tight aspect to an angle of a chart could result in such a personality pathology. Even if not in aspect with an angle there will be times when the aspect must be expressed when brought to prominence in some manner (transits or progressions).

What motivates it? Ego. No one likes to be put down for any reason.

Some combinations for tRump:

Sun/Saturn midpoint 99°01′ conjunct Mercury at 99°47′

Sun/Neptune midpoint 134°04′ conjunct Pluto at 134°21′

Moon/Mars midpoint 204°56′ square Saturn at 115°43′

Moon/Neptune midpoint 223°11′ square Pluto at 134°21′

The Linda G the Comanche psychic nailed it. She said other people would come out after Ford. Very good. Impressive.

Here’s what Avenatti has to say: https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2018/9/23/1798119/-Avenatti-multiple-house-parties-women-targeted-w-alcohol-drugs-for-gang-rape

My guess is that Trump will pull the nomination and then blame the Democrats for their partisan attacks. It is hard to see this nomination being sustainable with all of these accusations.

Interesting that all this is coming with Saturn opposition to the US Venus: i.e., old conservative men against US women.

“While at Yale, Kavanaugh became a member of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity, or “DKE,” which several students said was known for its wild and, in the view of some critics, misogynistic parties. Kavanaugh was also a member of an all-male secret society, Truth and Courage, which was popularly known by the nickname “Tit and Clit.”

Apart from the specific allegations, the quote above from the New Yorker says it all.

Also, the pattern is obvious. Why would it be necessary for Kavanaugh to (loudly and obviously) cart out all those girls and women he purportedly coaches, or has trained, or all the R. women who vouch for his character if he was truly a supporter of women’s rights? They did this obviously so that it could be claimed what a champion he was and is for women when he casts the vote overturning Roe vs Wade.

But IMO his financial and political views are at least equally dangerous to the nation. Considering his views on presidential powers, his presence on the court would open the door for DJT & the R’s to go full bore fascist.

The behavior described in the links above at dailykos and the New Yorker make me want to resign from my half of the human race. Such men as these give malekind a bad name.

Meanwhile, I think its time all our Lady Senators conduct a slap fest. One by one each and all of them need to slap Grassly and Hatch on both sides of the face as hard as humanly possible and as many times as necessary until they are unconscious.

A huge point is that the Republicans knew about the second accuser and their response was to shift into overdrive to confirm K.

Michael Wolfstar:

“Many commentators have noted the similarities between the 1991 confirmation hearings of Clarence Thomas and the current hearings regarding Brett Kavanaugh.”


I finally heard someone on AM Joy say – Kavanaugh’s fitness to sit on the supreme court is more about the perjury than the teenage sex.
I think if dems play the sex victim too much it may backfire. They need to focus on Truth vs Lie under oath.

I miss this smart, articulate, down-to-earth, first lady

RBG…Ruth Ginsburg is most unhappy:
“Ruth Bader Ginsburg Criticizes Treatment Of Kavanaugh During SCOTUS Hearings, “Highly Partisan Show” With Cruel Comments:

An excellent analysis. The Forbes author states there now is a “greater than zero” chance Kav will not be confirmed.

Kavanaugh: How The Republican Leadership Broke The Four Rules Of Crisis Management


Quintessential hubris, hypocrisy and cowardice.


Mr. O’Reilly, for God’s sake, please…………..
stop breathing!

Breaking news.. Rosenstein summoned to the White House, expected to be fired.. rumored he already gave his resignation to Kelly.


What happens now?!

re: Rosenstein, etc.: I wonder if all this fits into Nancy’s observation about Jupiter transits protecting DT through April of next year. And with Michael Wolfstar’s prediction of the likelihood of an “October surprise,” this is telling me that the Russians are now hard at work on meddling in this year’s election. Which may be stating the obvious, but I digress.

While I find that Michael Wolfstar O’Reilly tends to lean a little to the right in his observations, it’s hard to argue with his interpretations when he’s been accurate in the past.

That said, if the Rs somehow retain Congress in November, the pundits may say that Democrats overplayed their hand. I’ll suspect the Russians.

Most Americans don’t want the agenda that the Republicans are planning for us. Most Americans don’t want to be shock-doctrined every day of their lives. Most Americans don’t want to keep hearing that they’re what is wrong with America, and that their views are to be viewed with suspicion. But that’s what we’re getting.

How much of a critical mass are we going to need to stop this not-so-slow-moving crazy train? Are there some short-term transits that give us hope for this year? Or are we going to have to keep waiting for next year? Or 2020? Or 2024?

Transiting Neptune is exactly opposite Rosenstein’s natal Uranus.

Rosenstein not yet fired or resigned. He and Trump will meet on Thursday; the day of the Kavanaugh Hearing!

This latest Kavanaugh accusation that has come forth, is very suspect since the lady was not really sure if it was indeed Kavanaugh or not. This can bolster and set up a claim of Trump’s false news scenario and that would favor Kavanaugh instead of harming him.

“Trump’s people leaked Rosenstein is resigning to Axios, then stage the high action drama of Rosenstein meeting with Kelly at the WH. Then holds off the outcome until the next episode on Thursday. A well choreographed reality-TV show -pay attention to how we are being manipulated!” Amy Siskind on Twitter

Ah–Neptune in action!


Yes. A Thursday Trump-Rosenstein meeting after the President returns Washington – the same day as the high profile Kavanaugh hearing – a convenient but very dangerous distraction to fire him? Mars will be exactly conjunct the powerful July 27th lunar eclipse on Thursday 3:52 pm in Washington DC.

Astrology of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse July 27 2018. Thunder and Lightening. Bucking Hell!!! by Louise Edington

On July 27th at 2.20pm MDT (timeanddate.com for local times) we have the second of three Eclipses in this season at 4? 44′ Aquarius.

A Lunar Eclipse is a Full Moon and this one is total with a close conjunction to the South Node. Since this is a Full Moon this means that the Moon is conjunct the South Node and the Sun is opposing the Moon and conjunct the North Node in Leo.

For this Eclipse, the Moon is also in a tight conjunction with Retrograde Mars who is still out of bounds and, therefore, still causing all kinds of disruptions as he so desperately wants to go rogue but his retrograde motion is slowing him down.

What could go wrong? Mars likes forward, action oriented movement and likes to be direct. This makes this Eclipse even more intense than a usual blood red Moon.

Add in the fact that Mercury turns retrograde at 23? Leo the day before this Eclipse and holy wow the energy is going to be wonky. The Eclipse is 1 hr 23 mins, the longest this century.

Things are definitely coming up to BE Eclipsed.



Meet Noel Francisco, The Man Who Could Oversee The Mueller Probe After Rosenstein

The solicitor general has argued for broad executive powers.

September 24, 2018


24 SEP 2018 AT 10:28 ET

A new report from the Montgomery County Sentinel claims that investigators in the county are looking into allegations from what could be a potential fourth accuser against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Specifically, investigators say that an anonymous witness came forward over the weekend to level charges against Kavanaugh that date back to his senior year in high school.

However, the Sentinel’s sources would not describe the specific nature of the charges, and would only say that they were examining them at this time.

If the allegations are credible, they would mark the fourth woman to accuse Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct.

Read more: https://www.rawstory.com/2018/09/montgomery-county-investigators-looking-allegations-potential-fourth-kavanaugh-accuser-report/

Jerry: Thanks for the Heads up, that if he fires him ,it will be dangerous for Trump and the country, thunder and lightning. Duck for cover.

“Mueller’s fate has never looked more precarious than it does today, and he would be foolish to think that the Republicans in Congress would do anything to protect him.”


Angellight, I think Deborah Ramirez’s story holds up as she describes a process of carefully searching her memory and putting together pieces of what happening in a way that confirmed to her that it was BK. Someone is quoted as saying that an individual ran down the hall shouting that BK just put his penis in Debbie’s face. However, the sum total of all who come forward will help in this investigation and all of these can be investigated in MD, so that’s an incentive to cancel K.’s nomination (to save face, he’ll be allowed to withdraw).

People were saying on DU that this was definitely karma in action as BK wanted Starr to query Clinton in great depth about the sexual activities with ML, in a manner that was not necessary.

Will the Trump/Rosenstein meeting and probable firing or resignation “eclipse” the K. hearing? Nah! They will both be big news but I think the K. testimonies will be bigger (and the media will react according to their leanings). However, protests should be forthcoming regarding both (?)

kiwi, you have great points about K’s perjury and his narrow stands on issues; however, scandal is always a lot more attention getting and this one hits the heart of the I just don’t see how, at this point, K. can be voted in. He just needs 2 Republicans to vote “no”, right?

Wolfstar’s article about the venus’s retro in Scorpio in Oct. which, along with other aspects, will bring the male-female sex battle to a head for a month, makes perfect sense to me, especially as a consequence of the Me Too movement. Women and, hopefully males, should be gaining much awareness from these situations, there will be resentment coming out towards each other and, again, protests but, I hope, no violence.

I didn’t finish my thought in the 4th paragraph. I meant to say something along the lines of: this scandal speaks to the heart of the male-female sexual battle these days, as reflected by conservative and liberal positions. I also meant to write “happened”, not “happening” in the first sentence.

Hi Sharon, keep in mind, bottom line, perjury is a legal definition, hard to deny in the present; old sex scandal is about public opinion, subject to changable individual beliefs.

The Democrats will have to do something with the perjury issue, though, to make it real, right? Maybe they are working on that behind the scenes right now. K. testifying is also a big risk that he might perjure himself so it is a maneuver to make him look innocent. It will be interesting as to how he handles the testimony.

A DU poster heard Ronan Farrow on CNN today and paraphrases what he said. It sounds like the Republicans knew of the Deborah Ramirez allegations and corroboration last week. Here is what the post says:

“Ronan Farrow on CNN now is laying it out.

Deborah Ramirez’s account corroborated by Yale classmates who heard about the incident immediately after it happened. Farrow and Mayer spoke with classmates who independently discussed the same fact pattern with Farrow given by Ms. Ramirez. There is an email chain of Yale alumni talking about the incident prior to Dr. Blasey Ford coming forward.

He said that the corroboration of Ms. Ramirez’s allegation is a very high bar that is rarely meet.

He also said there are other things that they left out.

Farrow also says there was a ‘wide group’ of people in Washington, both democratic and republican staffers, who knew of these allegations last week.”

Brett Kavanaugh and the Supreme Court’s looming legitimacy crisis


Here’s a dark equation:
(A) Clarence Thomas, AKA “the silent justice” and believed to be a sexual harasser is already on the court.

(B) If Kavanaugh is confirmed we will have a sexual predator on the court appointed by a sexual predator, serving with a sexual harasser.

(C) Neil Gorsuch occupies a stolen seat on the bench, which should have gone to Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland.

(D) Kavanaugh, or any other Trump appointee if Kav is not confirmed WILL vote as part of a new “conservative” majority to overturn Roe v Wade.

(A) + (B) + (C) + (D) = a very serious mess. IMO, it is becoming clearer that IF we have another civil war we know what it will be about.

Furthermore, we might have red states passing laws that if you travel to a blue state for an abortion you are guilty of murder. If you transport your female friend, sister, daughter, wife, mother, etc. for such purpose you might be charged with kidnapping. (See Mann Act, passed June 25, 1910)


In the long run I don’t see how these old, hypocritical sexist men can maintain such gender tyranny against the rising tide of assertive women and their loving male allies. But in the mean time, things might get pretty mean.

It’s true, Rosenstein has natal Ceres at 5+ Aquarius meaning he has transiting Mars (in today’s New Moon chart) breathing down his (umm her) neck.

All his major planets except Saturn are in very stable Earth signs IF he was born at Noon.

On the other hand, if he were born, oh say 3 PM, his Moon would be in Gemini, and that sounds more likely to me. Recall his sarcastic humor (as seen on a tape on MSNBC yesterday; sooo Gemini!).

It would also mean that transiting Mars (conjunct his natal Ceres) has been trine his Moon in Gemini.
That natal Moon in Gemini (if Rod was born in the afternoon) would be in a tight orb conjunction with today’s full moon chart’s Juno (2nd best) at 29+ Taurus or a tighter conjunction with her if born at Noon or earlier.

This Juno in today’s Full Moon chart is sextile Full Moon (1+ Aries) who is conjunct Chiron (0+ Aries rx). This means Rod’s natal Moon is trine the Sun at 1+ Libra (opposite the Full Moon) which is conjunct the US natal chart’s MC (how the world sees us).

It also means that the sextile between today’s Juno (less than equal) + Rob’s Moon with today’s FM + Chiron forms a Ypd to the US natal Hades at 0+ Scorpio (and also the present Mercury-Jupiter cycle that started at 1+ Scorpio) (and also the Sun in the Neptune-Uranus cycle chart at 0+ Scorpio).

Because today’s FM chart’s Uranus in Taurus opposes all that Scorpio stuff (US Hades, Mercury-Jupiter cycle start, Sun in Neptune-Uranus chart), it means the Yod made up of Full Moon (+ Chiron) sextile today’s Juno (+ Rod’s Moon) and “all that Scorpio stuff” is committed to a Boomerang pattern for the duration of today’s Full Moon effectiveness.

That will end at the New Moon on October 8th.

I believe we are all worked up today due to all the Scorpio stuff, starting with what is too unpleasant to look at (US Hades) such as losing Rod Rosenstein.

I believe Rod will be okay; he has so much stability (earth) he will land on his feet despite Trump’s threats and despite the smear attempt.

Rod’s natal Saturn in Pisces opposes transiting Transpluto (the road to becoming whole) in Virgo, which is in a grand trine with Uranus in Taurus and Saturn (and now Vesta) in Capricorn, putting Rod’s natal Saturn in the position where it determines the focal point of the grand trine.

This transiting grand trine (with Uranus), along with Uranus’ role as the Boom in the Boomerang in today’s Full Moon chart (+ other cycles + US Hades) means we will be shocked, surprised and maybe even freed.

That much power (even if it is unconscious power) would make many normal people giddy. Even so, Rod Rosenstein is one level-headed guy, albeit he probably has a Gemini Moon.


(((Hug))). Thank you for the comfort: “I believe Rod will be okay; he has so much stability (earth) he will land on his feet despite Trump’s threats and despite the smear attempt.”

Many of us are anxious because we realize firing Rod may mean the end of the Mueller investigation.

Eliseo wrote: Furthermore, we might have red states passing laws that if you travel to a blue state for an abortion you are guilty of murder. If you transport your female friend, sister, daughter, wife, mother, etc. for such purpose you might be charged with kidnapping. (See Mann Act, passed June 25, 1910)

Eliseo, I think of this Judicial experience/fight of today as being perhaps a breakthrough for Woman.

Just look what’s happening now in Ireland:
“Ireland Plans To Offer Abortions For Free, As Ban Is Officially Repealed!”

Historically in Ireland, unwanted babies were given to the Catholic Church to raise and many years later they sadly discovered thousands of graves where Ireland’s unwanted children were buried.
But look at Ireland today:

Ireland Plans To Offer Abortions For Free, As Ban Is Officially Repealed



Chart: https://i.imgur.com/wx2CpZB.gif

Order appointing Mueller chart IC 290°42′.

Pluto (290°18′) stations on it on September 30. The midpoint of transiting Mars and Saturn is there with Pluto. Transit Uranus is on appointment Mercury and transit Mercury is on appointment Jupiter. Could all of that herald the end of, or revealing announcement of, Mueller’s investigation?

I certainly hope you are correct in your assessment. But I don’t see the Right giving up the fight anytime soon. They’ll continue with their anti-female agenda as long as it takes. And I’m not sure how we can cool their ardor, or make them see reason. We probably can’t. They’ll likely have to come to it on their own; I just can’t imagine how that might occur.

Also, should Kavanaugh NOT be confirmed, I’m sure the R’s will want to confirm another anti-roe v wade justice.

In his video last Thursday, David Johnson stated that the Ford hearing would not take place today (Monday), as was then expected, but this Thursday. This now appears to be correct.

He added that Dr. Ford is deeply troubled and would bring additional shocking information. She would be convincing even to GOP senators. He says Kavanaugh’s nomination will fail next week.

In another video posted last Friday, he stated he was channelling Eleanor Roosevelt. The message was uplifting and cited personal details of ER’s life.
He reiterated that no way would Kavanaugh be confirmed. He also strangely added that a «somewhat trashy woman» was blackmailing Kavanaugh over a sexual matter, and that this would partly come out. Finally, he stated he actively disliked grown women, carried a lot of anger, would hurt women at the Supreme Court, and his wife was beginning to doubt him because she had heard things as well.

This man should quit now before his life is destroyed.

If Mueller is as smart as he is supposed to be, I vote for a revealing announcement, Bob, to be made before Trump can upend the investigation.

Eliseo, I just read that Gorsuch also graduated from Georgetown Prep, as did the head of the Federal Bank.

And here’s another little tasty tidbit that you might not have seen yet — a statement from Kavanaugh’s freshman year roommate who believes that what Debbie Rodriguez said was probably true.

In line with what you just quoted David Johnson as saying, Andre, that Kavanaugh carries a lot of anger — his freshman roommate did say that he would get belligerent and aggressive when drunk. I imagine that the hearing will be uncomfortable for him.

Is there time for Trump to push through another nominee before the midterms?

Kavanaugh currently does not have the votes for confirmation. Many GOP senators are waiting until Thursday to decide. Senator Collins said that Debbie Ramirez should testify as well.


I don’t see how this is possible, but according to Linda G, things are not going to go our way for a spell. Rod Rosenstein going and possibly Sessions, but also Kavanaugh being voted in! This was given in an emergency reading 10 hours ago.

Video for linda g the comanche psychic latest video? 2:31

The battle of the psychics is on. We shall soon see who wins that one.

I’m still trying to absorb the NYT “revelation” about Rosenstein. Soooooo convenient an article to set the R’s into a tizzy of “fire him, fire him.” Who really was behind it, and why for heaven’s sake did the NYT publish it…they weren’t entirely accurate, they did not point out like the Washington Post did, that it was said in context of a surrounding conversation and was a sarcastic statement. I now I’m not sure whether Rosentstein told the White House he was resigning, or whether he siad he’s not going anywhere until Trump fires him. And who called him to the White House. Did he go of his own accord, or was he “summoned.” One gets conflicting stories all around…

By: Lamis Faris on September 24th, 2018 at 11:53 pm

“I don’t see how this is possible, but according to Linda G, things are not going to go our way for a spell.”

By: Bob on June 20th, 2018 at 12:39 am

“… transit Saturn is within 1 degree of a conjunction with Sibly’s progressed Moon (September 13 through October 12). What ever tRump does may finally get the citizenry to decide to vote out many Republicans in the fast approaching midterm elections.

If that happens he will lose much of his support for the remainder of his term (if he gets to serve more than just another 13 months). He may hold office for those months but be de-fanged and be not much more than a figurehead as Republican pols fear a backlash taking them out in the next election if they align with him.”

For reasons that are only partially clear, DJT seems to listen to and heed the advice of Sean Hannity. SH & other right wing pundits have strongly advised to NOT fire Rosenstein.

Yesterday’s Full Moon square Saturn brought us the Rosenstein saga and the Kavanaugh interview. The Moon will square stationing Pluto this evening. That should bring other heavy political news.

How Russia Helped Swing the Election for Trump

A meticulous analysis of online activity during the 2016 campaign makes a powerful case that targeted cyberattacks by hackers and trolls were decisive.
By Jane Mayer


Jane Mayer bases her New Yorker essay in large part on the new book
Cyberwar: How Russian Hackers and Trolls Helped Elect a President What We Don’t, Can’t, and Do Know
by Kathleen Hall Jamieson

I know many of you follow several of the tarot readers, psychic/mediums as i do. Don’t know if anyone watches, “Readings By The Empress”.. I have recently watched a few and this one seemed spot on for Pence. Thought I would share if anyone is interested..


We know tRump wants kavanaugh on the SC bench because he is his get out of jail free card.


Judiciary Committee sets date for vote on Kavanaugh confirmation
By Alex Swoyer – The Washington Times – Tuesday, September 4, 2018

“Senate Republicans laid out a fast schedule Tuesday for action on Judge Brett Kavanaugh, setting up a Sept. 20 vote in committee which would be followed by action on the full Senate floor the final week of the month.

Barring hiccups, that schedule would put Judge Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court before its Oct. 1 start of the new session.

…and the first vote is scheduled for Sept. 13. But under committee rules Democrats are allowed to delay that one week, meaning the actual vote will likely be Sept. 20.”

The vote setting the date to Sep 20 was made on Sep 13, the same day Saturn began it’s 1 month tracking within 1 degree of the Sibly chart’s progressed Moon.

Sharon K: I certainly hope you are right when you state: “I think Deborah Ramirez’s story holds up as she describes a process of carefully searching her memory and putting together pieces of what happening in a way that confirmed to her that it was BK. Someone is quoted as saying that an individual ran down the hall shouting that BK just put his penis in Debbie’s face. However, the sum total of all who come forward will help in this investigation and all of these can be investigated in MD, so that’s an incentive to cancel K.’s nomination (to save face, he’ll be allowed to withdraw).” And, yes, I too, believe it is karma due to his prior actions in the Clinton matter.

ANDRE: Do you have the David Johnson site or link? Very interesting how accurate he seems to be.

Linda G. said Kavanaugh either gets it or it looks like he’s gotten in and at the last minute, it’s snatched away from him.

Maybe he’s confirmed by the Senate and between the vote and the time he’s seated, he’s charged by a law enforcement agency with sexual assault.


Supreme Court set to begin new term with empty seat amid Kavanaugh uncertainty

“Regardless of whether Senate Republicans succeed in confirming embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, it is increasingly likely that procedural hurdles will prevent him from taking his seat on the bench prior to the start of the court’s term Oct. 1 — a fixed date set by federal law.”

“KAVANAUGH: ‘I’M NOT GOING ANYWHERE’ In a Fox News interview, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh said he’s “not going anywhere” and continued to deny the sexual assault allegations against him.

This is not the timbre of a balanced, thoughtful or insightful man. Where is his sense of humility and acceptance of the due process of the law? This is the comment of an arrogant little shit-ass who thinks he entitled to a slam dunk confirmation with backing of the Good Old Boys club. There is hardly a scintilla of doubt in my mind that Kavanaugh is corrupt and dishonest.

His confirmation would be a travesty for the future of this nation.

That Kavanaugh actually allowed for an “interview” with Fox News is the nail in the proverbial coffin for me.

I have a tentative chart for kavanaugh based on his public nomination.

I do not like what it shows for September 27 so I hope it should have been based on when he was presented the nomination in private as that could hold the good angles for then but have negatively aspected angles for the 27th.

Dem leadership must be on guard for Rethug quick vote tactics on that day. Like one taken the moment Dr Ford is finished testifying and a final one immediately following that (if either is legally possible).

Saturn at kavanaugh’s public announcement was at 275°21′ of RA and at 4°57′ Capricorn in longitude. It will transit that RA on Oct 31 and that longitude on Nov 1 just before the midterm election and just arcminutes away from pence’s Saturn return and square to tRump’s natal Neptune (exact dates for RA or longitude aspects are Nov 2nd and 3rd for pence, 7th and 11th for tRump).

The Aries (lead the charge) Full Moon chart, after further examination, has surprised me with its subtle detail for a period covering just 2 weeks of influence. It’s square with Saturn (restrict) and Vesta (invest) and its conjunction with Chiron being the primary aspect of the Full Moon’s worldly influence.

It could be though that Rod Rosenstein’s birth chart will tailor this Full Moon specifically for the United States.

I mentioned yesterday the Full Moon’s grand trine between Uranus in Taurus, Saturn + Vesta in Capricorn, and Transpluto in Virgo, which Rod’s natal Saturn in Pisces opposes. Think of a grand trine as a powerful swirling wind that can’t be easily stopped.

With a 4th planet (in this case Rod’s Saturn) opposite one of the 3 (in this case Transpluto), this planet becomes the focal point of the grand trine (now a Kite pattern) energy, from which some meaning (for the swirling wind) can be determined. In other words, why is it happening? How did it get started?

In the New Moon chart, when set in Washington DC, Transpluto is in the 4th house, home base. In the US natal chart this Transpluto is now in the 9th house of religion, higher learning, networking, foreigners. Together this could be seen as the swirling wind began here at home in the US and focuses on our relationship with allies in other countries, religious beliefs, networking and college.

Then there is the New Aries Moon + Chiron that sextiles the NM chart’s Mars (which rules Aries) + South Node + Black Moon Lilith (that’s conjunct Rod’s natal Ceres), and as well the US natal South Node which is conjunct the US natal Pholus (small cause results in a big effect), all of them in Aquarius.

This New Moon sextile (+ US South Node and Pholus + Rod’s Ceres) form a Yod to Transpluto in Virgo, and because Rod’s natal Saturn in Pisces opposes this Transpluto in the NM chart, it becomes a Boomerang pattern.

Here’s how that works: First an adjustment takes place by Transpluto (process of becoming whole) in Virgo, due to its position at the apex of the Yod. Then that accumulated energy of the Yod is forwarded in its entirety to Rod’s Saturn in Pisces. That will take some unpacking but, suffice it to say, Rod’s Saturn is getting a double whammy of “becoming whole” for the USA. Hang in there Rod.

The fact that the FM chart’s Uranus in Taurus is part of the grand trine – turned – Kite, and as well, part of the Boomerang (due to its opposition to US Hades) which I wrote about yesterday, there will be a lot of unexpected results, dramatic in nature (Uranus transiting in the 5th house of the US chart), during the next 2 weeks (when the Libra New Moon starts a new lunar cycle).

He, Rosenstein, might go down in history as saving the USA from its historical flaws (as summarized by its natal Hades). I might have thought of a natal Saturn in Pisces as “weak” at one time, but now I think it could be seen as navigating a tidy end (Pisces) to matters that don’t serve the “becoming whole” process.

Just thought everyone would like to know that MSNBC is now reporting three undecided on Kavanaugh. Flake, Murkowski, and Collins.

Angellight, just go to YouTube and search on david johnson. Another key word might be channeling.

Although allegations are coming out and being backed up, I don’t know if it’s enough. Maybe only being charged with a crime will do it. They are determined to push him through. There are other complicating factors in the battle of perception: 1) he probably appeared clean and convincing in the Fox interview last night; 2) the sexual assault and/or misbehavior allegations are coming out now, right before the vote, so it does look like there is a political agenda (I didn’t say they weren’t true, but both motivations can apply); 3) for many people (particularly males but conservative women, too, especially the religious ones who think Kavanaugh and his family are so pure and are being wronged, young males doing that kind of thing, especially 35 years ago, is just not that bad.

Let’s hope David Johnson is right about Ford’s testimony. It may not stop the vote but it may influence the public strongly. Thursday will be dramatic. Now I’m going back to read a little more of Bob and Barb’s analysis above, as well as the Cosby punishment.

By: will on September 25th, 2018 at 1:05 pm

“…an arrogant little shit-ass …”

So you knew him in prep school, Will? 🙂



Saturn is on the East point (an exact 90° square to the MC) on Oct 31 in longitude and Nov 1 in RA – matching up with negative transits for tRump and pence at that time.

Psychic Violetta


Lena Rodriguez


Last link is repeat of Violetta.

Correct link for Lena:


Bob Corker just told someone that the Senators have been told they will be required to stay over the weekend to push this through.

That may mean that they are not going to vote on the 27th or it could be a head fake.

Thanks for all you do and the links Bob.

…or they may be trying to rush the committee vote on Thursday, debate it on Friday, and force a full Senate vote on Saturday. But I don’t think the full Senate will vote unless they think they have the votes.

Thank you ox. Good to ‘see’ you gain.

“Just thought everyone would like to know that MSNBC is now reporting three undecided on Kavanaugh. Flake, Murkowski, and Collins.”

Thanks Virgo. Go twist some more arms.


“By: will on September 25th, 2018 at 1:05 pm

“…an arrogant little shit-ass …”

So you knew him in prep school, Will?

Laughing here, Bob. To be candid, I went to a Jesuit College Preparatory Academy for my first two years of high school- Loyola Academy, to be exact (worst years of my ilfe!) Ergo, I am a bit more tuned-in to the ethos of that culture than the average man on the street. The core of my assessment of Kavanaugh is based upon carefully listening to what he says – but then much more importantly, what isn’t being said by his words but by his inflections and all of the non-verbal cues and micro-expressions.

He’s corrupt; not fit for the SCOTUS.

Bob, I personally would use when he was offered the nomination as the event chart. At least that is how I have always understood it. That the beginning was when the event first became real. Just my understanding. Thanks for all yours and everyone else work opinions and thoughts here. This is my go to spot when everything looks dark. I am hoping the Kavanuagh nomination goes away real quick, (although it doesn’t seem like it wil) I am exhausted by being triggered by it all. Yet that leads to the realization that they still have rime to confirm someone ideology just as bad.
As a side question has anyone ever looked closely at Gorsuch? He was in the same school at the same time, classmate of Kavanuagh…

I wonder if this will go anywhere!

” As turmoil grows over sexual misconduct allegations against Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, casting doubts over his confirmation to the Supreme Court, a group of Mormon women is calling on senators to suspend his confirmation proceedings until a thorough investigation is completed.”


I have a tentative chart for McConnell. Can’t use the angles or Moon but aspects to the Sun, planets, their progressions, and most midpoints are alright.

He has a stellium of Mars, Saturn, and Uranus.

He may not have the votes to approve kav-naught and be feverishly trying to get them as the midterm voting date looms. Judging the aspects for tRump, pence, kav-naught, and him together at the end of October I do not think he will get them.

Transiting Mars square to McConnell’s stellium in RA:

Square Mars Oct 20
Square Saturn Oct 24
Square Uranus Oct 31

Can donald sue me for starting to make up names?

That is almost a week before the election. Could the Rethungs get tRump to withdraw the nomination before the election?

I attended a Girls Catholic School and we dated the Catholic Boys School, but nothing like this took place. This American crisis has captured the interest of people from all around the world!
The New York Times has a piece on this subject today, even with comments from other nations…it’s free to read: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/24/business/brett-kavanaugh-yearbook-renate.html#commentsContainer

Sharon K and Bob: Thank you for the link(s).

Watch The United Nations Laugh at Trump:
“Trump urges world to reject globalism in UN speech that draws mocking laughter”

How to humiliate a woman:
The ugly lesson of Brett Kavanaugh’s yearbook:

Amid Kavanaugh Allegations, Rethinking The Common Refrain ‘Boys Will Be Boys’


GREAT BRILLIANT Interview! with Dr. Chris Leek, a sociologist at the University of Northern Colorado.

He is president of the American Men’s Studies Association and author of the forthcoming book “Boy oh Boy,” a collection of 30 coming-of-age stories from successful male figures.

When I heard this man talk today, I was thrilled. I’ve been saying what he said today for decades, though his remarks were the result of his research. For at least all of my lifetime, we’ve not been raising our boys wisely or for their best interest or the interest of society at large.

It’s coming! The Blue Wave. The Pink Wave! The buh-bye wave from the u no hoo’s.

Get thee to this prep school. Take the sig other for a spin around the floor and practice your vocals (get ready for this November, this coming January, November 2020, January 2021, and …!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l39Wa34d7NE – 3:06

And again. Gonna go ’til ya get it right. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbevg8lxiE0 – 3:10

OK. Wind it up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beF3WV2GHgk – 3:04

Oh, alright. But this is the last one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hf53oFb4IKA – 3:32

Now go have a lemonade or Sarsaparilla.

McConnell deserves the absolute worst political undoing that could possibly befall a man of his position. Maybe no other elected official better epitomizes the smug, shame-less, win-at-all-costs attitude of the Republican Party than him. He is completely disgusting as a human being, even more so than DJT, but perhaps only to the extent that the relative competence of the former exceeds that of the latter.

As for DJT’s speech to the UN, the LOL response by the other world leaders was a fitting rebuke of the POTUS office holder, a man who in his own very special way represents the epitome of American know-nothingness masquerading as some bastardized model of righteousness, steeped in an absurd degree of hypocrisy. Such incidents are often seen in retrospect as watershed moments in history.

Post not showing breaking it in 2 because of links.

It’s comimg! The Blue Wave. The Pink Wave! The buh-bye wave from the u no who’s.

Get thee to this prep school. Take the sig other for a spin around the floor and practice your vocals (get ready for this November, this coming January, November 2020, January 2021, and …!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l39Wa34d7NE 3:06

And again. Gonna go ’til ya get it right. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbevg8lxiE0 3:10

OK. Wind it up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beF3WV2GHgk 3:04

Oh, alright. But this is the last one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hf53oFb4IKA 3:32

Now go have a lemonade or Sarsaparilla.

I listened to Violetta again. She said Kavanaugh will not have enough support because ” He is not a leader. He will let Trump lead him.” I am thinking about all of the repetitive republican talking points in Kavanaugh’s Fox interview vs. Dr. Blasey Ford, who is accustomed to lecturing to graduate students and spontaneously responding to their questions and reactions.


As of now, vote on K scheduled for 9:30 a.m. on Friday, 9/28.

“I am thinking about all of the repetitive republican talking points in Kavanaugh’s Fox interview vs. Dr. Blasey Ford, who is accustomed to lecturing to graduate students and spontaneously responding to their questions and reactions.”

Makes perfect sense. You nailed it!

There’s no stopping the women!

New Zealand PM brings baby to UN


If my chart for kav-naught is right or close it favors him at the time of the Friday vote.

The PDAL has his progressed Jupiter right on the Asc.

BuckeyeShadow, Shadow,

“McConnell deserves the absolute worst political undoing that could possibly befall a man of his position. Maybe no other elected official better epitomizes the smug, shame-less, win-at-all-costs attitude of the Republican Party than him. He is completely disgusting as a human being, even more so than DJT, but perhaps only to the extent that the relative competence of the former exceeds that of the latter.

As for DJT’s speech to the UN, the LOL response by the other world leaders was a fitting rebuke of the POTUS office holder, a man who in his own very special way represents the epitome of American know-nothingness masquerading as some bastardized model of righteousness, steeped in an absurd degree of hypocrisy. Such incidents are often seen in retrospect as watershed moments in history.”


But his PDAL for Nov 1 does not look good for him. He may explode. Goes with the other charts for then.

The vote out of committee is Friday when Kavanaugh’s chart is good. The final vote for the entire senate is scheduled for Tuesday Oct. 1. How is Kavanaugh’s chart then?

Also, Bob, Grassley just communicated that it may not happen Fri @ 9:30 after all. It depends if all senators are ready. Lisa M said she’d like to hear the 2nd accuser testify before the committee.

Bob, it seems to be going the way you where thinking… https://www.cnn.com/2018/09/25/politics/senate-judiciary-committee-sets-kavanaugh-vote/index.html

There us a very good article on Out Of Bounds moons by Forrest Astrology;


There are some valuable insights in the article regarding if one applies the insights to both Ford and Kavanaugh, particularly Kavanaugh whose Moon Sextiles his Pluto/Moon natal conjunction.

The reason I mention this is that both Christine Blasey Ford and Kavanaugh both have one. Her’s is at 14 Gemini with a declination of 25 Dgr 04 mn and his is at 7 Cancer 47 with a declination 24 Dgr 41 mn.

Also interesting to me is that Ford’s Ceres is also out of bounds at 4 Can 58 with a declination of 24 Dgr 29 mn.

In Kavanaugh’s Solar Return chart for Feb. 12th, 2018 (based on a 12:00 noon chart), there isn’t much to affirm success at his election to the Supreme Court! The 10th house blisters with Saturn, Moon and Pluto. Saturn opposes his natal Moon. There are some other indicators- some heavy 12th house 6th house oppositions which include Chiron in the 12th which opposes his natal Mars in the 6th: Chiron at 26 Pisces, Mars at 26 Virgo. Still, I am not a psychic, and from my previous perusal of Linda G’s posts and David Johnson who are in disagreement on this issue, I just thought I would muddy the waters a little more.

Less than 3% of the population in North Carolina had flood insurance. Florence’s rage and the aftermath will be felt for years. I am always amazed that those that live on Mother Nature’s playground choose to feel they are safe and dont need any flood insurance. As of tonight, another storm is off their coast that will bring more rain, aggravating their already overflowing rivers.
With Trump stealing money from FEMA and giving it to ICE to build children’s concentration camps several hours south of me, those that lost homes and businesses will be very surprised when they realize they have been violated twice – once by Mother Nature the other by Man (Trump). No help for them.
I live off the Gulf of Mexico I know the how we play Hurricane Roulette every summer. We are still rebuilding from Harvey. But, we have insurance cuz there aint no insurance from the baffoon who throws paper towels

Bob, thanks for posting on the NZ PM at UN.
Nobody in the media is focused on it, but I do want to say, this is one facet of what equal rights looks like – Jacinda’s partner agreed to change his life and be a mister mum when she learned after being elected that she was pregnant – hats off to him!! And we’re all very proud of her.
(I wonder how the holy rollers are taking it that they’re not ‘married’ but ‘living in sin’ . . . LOL)

This freaks me out; Rosenstein and Kavanaugh were born one month apart. Even their Mars’ are only 5 arc minutes apart but Kavanaugh’s is retrograde.

Ain’t that something?

Perhaps it’s their Neptune’s (19+ Scorpio) that have thrust both of them into the limelight at the same time; transiting Jupiter was in this degree from Sept. 13 to Sept. 19. Transiting Pluto is sextile those natal Neptunes now.

Each has an opposition between Jupiter in Taurus and Neptune in Scorpio, both considered rulers of Pisces.

Transiting Sun was conjunct their Uranus-Pluto conjunctions early this month too. Transiting Pluto and Uranus are in a biseptile aspect (forks in the road of destiny) now so that cycle is active.

What a difference a month makes.

Rosenstein 1/13/65
Kavanaugh 2/12/65

BuckeyeShadow – Your descriptor of Trump is a linguistic gem!

“…a man who in his own very special way represents the epitome of American know-nothingness masquerading as some bastardized model of righteousness, steeped in an absurd degree of hypocrisy…”

4chan on twitter claims to have punk’d M. Avanatti on the revelation that there is another female waiting to come forth in the SCOTUS circus and had to lock his twitter comments

I can’t find any more info other than what is on a right wing Russian troll site. Avenatti denies it, but I can’t wait for THAT. geez.

a glimmer of attitude change perhaps?
Smith & Wesson shareholders vote to issue a report on gun violence, safety. “The major gun manufacturer is the second to face pressure from investors in recent months, amid renewed attention on daily bloodshed and mass shootings”


I echo Dean W. Great writing! Thank You!

“a glimmer of attitude change perhaps?”

No, not really. It doesn’t surprise me in the lease that S&W shareholders are concerned. The public perception of gun owners created by some misguided Liberals and fomented by our shallow, sensation loving media is almost entirely wrong.

Multiple reliable polls show as one example, over 70% of NRA members are very much for universal background checks, but the “leadership” of the NRA is totally against that. WHY? Because the NRA no longer represents its members. It represents gun manufacturers instead.

There are several ideologically driven false narratives, some embraced by the Left, and others embraced by the Right, having little to nothing to do with evidence and/or facts which have long contended for our respective passions. We rarely make progress when arguments on both sides are so severely flawed.

Generally, gun owners are men and women who are parents and grandparents like everyone else and are just as concerned and just as upset as everyone else with the cultural phenomena of mass shootings at our schools and the gang violence in our inner cities. Unlike Mr. Wayne LaPierre, they are not belligerent fools who blindly reject any, and all suggestions as to how to reduce gun violence.

Mr. Wayne LaPierre is universally disliked and disrespected by NRA members, especially because of his lack of empathy for victims and their families when mass shootings occur. There was an unsuccessful “coup” against Mr. LaPierre a few months ago, but unfortunately, he still “leads” the organization. We can reasonably expect there will be another “coup”, this time most likely successful.

Meanwhile, NRA members have been leaving the organization, supporting instead Gun Owners of America, The Liberal Gun Club, Jews For the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, (JPFO) and other growing organizations. And shareholders of the gun manufacturing companies are awfully tired of the CEO’s and boards reticence to properly address the various issues re: the misuse of their products.

(1) The depravity is unfathomable. If what Ms. Swetnick claims is true, (and I strongly suspect it is) Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge need to serve very, very long, if not life sentences in prison.


(2) There is also resonance between the mob boss ethos that “flipping is dishonorable,” and is so “unfair” it “almost ought to be outlawed,” and Kavanaugh’s belief that the president is above the law. I suppose it makes sense that a crooked businessman and sexual predator would appoint another criminal, sexual predator to the court.

It just blows my mind to bits that we’ve come to this, that an obviously deeply depraved character is our president, that he appoints people to office that are essentially his clones, and that such a large minority of our population believes he is the nation’s god appointed savior.

Well said Eliseo, it totally blows my mind too, and sickens me at the same time!


AMEN! I agree with Diana, well said. I am just sick to my stomach at the depravity of the mindset of the pResident and the republicans.

I would not be surprised if a certain percentage of males now serving in office, as well as Congress, didn’t have incidents previously in life that parallel to some degree the earlier life of Brett Kavanaugh, at least to the extent that allow them to empathize with him and downplay what happened to the women involved.

Did anyone happen to see Kamala Harris question Kavanaugh at the hearing? You can watch it here.


“No matter what happens on Thursday and in the days to come, I hope people will remember what the Kavanaugh nomination looked like at the close of the initial hearing.”


Sharon K,
My wife went to college with a fellow who after graduation became very wealthy and became a quite active VIP behind the scenes in Dem politics. After getting his doctorate at the Sorbonne, he practiced international law in WA DC and was a good friend of Bill & Hillary Clinton, Sonny Bono, and more than one of our supreme court justices. He was very connected! He knew all “the dirt” good and bad that was occurring in WA DC.

Fortunately, he remained loyal to his friends of lesser financial status and as my wife’s father had died, he walked her down the aisle at our wedding. Until he died he called us about once a month and usually made a point of visiting with us for a few days in person twice a year.

During those visits he revealed to us all the crazy going on in WA DC and always knew what scandals would be in the headlines some months hence.

According to him, it is not just a small percentage of males in office, and in Congress, but quite a large number who behaved like Kavanaugh and Mark Judge as adolescents and young men,

AND continue to do so NOW as older men!

The tawdry published stories about Newt Gingrich as one example, were not only true but merely the “tip of the iceberg.”

YES! They not only empathize with Kavanaugh but identify with him as “just one of us,” because behaviorally, HE IS!

I don’t believe I have ever seen a television ad (ABC) run to campaign for a SCOTUS nominee before one for Kavanaugh this morning – “Never happened” was the take away as he was surrounded by a bevy of bleached blonde way, way Christy-looking white woman who said, “It is impossible for him to have done anything like this.”

This is a whole world of smarm and harm.

Eliseo, along those lines, here’s what Avenatti just tweeted:

Michael Avenatti
.@realDonaldTrump @ChuckGrassley @LindseyGrahamSC – Are you three privileged, white men calling my client Julie a liar? How dare you attack a sexual assault victim. She has risked her life to do the right thing. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Your actions are disgraceful.

2:14 PM – Sep 26, 2018

As you implied, they demean, minimize, dismiss the claims of these women because they are Privileged. White. Males. Put all 3 together and you get guys who don’t care, who disrespect and, sometimes, exploit women.

It’s an old archtype that doesn’t seem to die easily – the conquering male warriors (athletes?) swooping in, raping and plundering, and kidnapping those who are weaker, more innocent.

“The program was simple: Trump chose judges screened by the conservative Federalist Society, the Republican Senate confirmed them, and Fox News supported them. ”


Sharon K,
It’s an old archetype that needs to die. Sex can be an act of sharing and nurturance, or it can be a predatory act of conquest. If we learn to think of it as conquest, our behavior follows suit. If we learn to think of it as nurturance, likewise.

Unfortunately, our cultural bias is that of conquest. Our prepositions reveal our attitudes. Are we making love “TO” or “WITH” our partner. Our popular songs say we want to “make sweet love TO” our lover, as though she or he is an object or device to be “turned on.” I don’t recall anone singing I want to make love “WITH” you. But if it is consensual, it is a sharing, an act of deep nurturance, a With, not a To.

DT’s press conference today was horrifying.

“What more do we need to see to realize that Donald Trump should be removed from office immediately?

These are not the actions of a president – this is a middle-school bully throwing a tantrum. This is a petty tyrant out of his depth. The Republican Party has shown itself to be no better. They aren’t reining him in – they’re enabling him.”


The Aries Moon square stationing Pluto this morning was pivotal. Kavanaugh is now three-quarters gone. His nomination will be over when the Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto next week.

Watch GOP senators flounder aimlessly over the next few days as they slowly realize their party is mortally wounded.

For Kavanaugh, this will be far from over. His carrier and his family are now irretrievably damaged. I have compassion for his wife and daughters, but his victims come first.

There will be criminal charges filed against him, and he will eventually wear chains and join Bill Cosby in jail. The Bad President will follow.

We are now seeing more clearly the meaning of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction as both planets are turning direct. If you think this Pluto station is dark and intense, wait until the next one in October 2019, and those for three years after. The Senate, the Supreme Court and the Presidency will be never be the same.

As I was listening to Dark 45 today, I thought: «He doesn’t realize he’s going down.» I thought of August 8, 1974 and wondered if he would go in a helicopter as well. He will never name a Supreme Court Justice again.

The next Supreme Court Justice to be confirmed will be Merrick Garland.

Eliseo, very true…these are all part of the long time male/female dynamic that we thought had been changing since the ’70s hippy and 2nd wave feminist movements, when male-female relations became equalized partnerships (for some). But we see the patriarchy holding tough, as expressed at a lower level with guns and the macho MAG war cry (and I have nothing against the U.S. being strong and healthy in its diversity). Then along comes the Me Too movement and that wave has now washed over society, encompassing K. Interesting social trends (and a little frightening, too).


Andre, It would be amazing if your words are prescient and this manifests! Thanks for the astrological explanation additional to Starlight’s, and to Barb, Bob, Jerry, Lamis Farris & the others as well. It’s not my forte but I haven’t forgotten that this is a mundane astrology site.

Here is an article written by Jessica Murray in 1997 that sheds light on where we are today. It’s short.

“The Great Mother seems to be returning in mass consciousness, or, better said, we are returning to Her.”


Actually, I see guns as a separate issue, but generally you are right, and it IS frightening. It is also a species wide problem. There are two choices in life. We can be predators or nurturers.

We continue to glorify predation in our sports, our choice of automobiles, movies, video games, etc. Think of all the sports teams and cars named after predatory animals. We continue to falsely equate peace loving with weakness and war making as strength.

I guess what I’m about to say is a big duh! I’m not advocating pacifism. I believe we need to be realistic, aware of the predatory propensities of our fellow humans and be prepared personally, in our homes, and as a nation for any trouble, should it arise. But always, the way of wisdom is to seek peace first, within ourselves and with our fellow humans and the other species with which we share this planet. I suppose though it is obvious to us, it is not to so many millions. And the potential is the destruction of all of us. But we’ve known that all our baby boomer lives.

She goes on: “And we have learned something during our adventures away from her.”

Try this instead.


okay, one more try. If it doesn’t work this time you probably aren’t supposed to read it.


Listening to Rachael Maddow. There are actually 5 accusers I believe, but at least 4.

Kavanaugh = Toast


My progressed anlunars for kavanaugh from Friday, September 28th through Monday, October 1 (the beginning of the Supreme Court’s next term are attached. They are all located to the Capitol building and timed to 9:30 am, EDT, of each day with his progressed natal located and timed the same around them.

I posted them there because the site allows one to upload images from your computer. They are just temps and I did not want to upset prior links in IMGUR by posting them and then deleting them.

I replaced the PDAL for Oct 1 with 1 for the evening before.

The content of your 8:19 PM Post intuitively feels very much on target, and correct. What is amazing to me is the seeming (and to me intensely puzzling) lack of self-awareness among the R. senators. They really don’t appear to yet be aware of how deeply they are wounding themselves.

But of course, the mortal wound was struck long ago, when the R. party nominated the Donald. Sometimes when you win, you lose. Sometimes when you lose, you win.

Many Thanks for your interesting analysis!


Trump repeats lie that women who accused him of sexual misconduct were ‘paid.’

Can be read on Huffington Post but the above link has many more links to news stories.

Eliseo, my husband has told me many times that he remembers a very different NRA when he was growing up. He remembers an organization that was not political and was focused primarily on promoting and teaching safety. I also remember reading that the NRA was “hijacked” by a group of radical members at their 1977 convention in something called “the Cincinnati Revolt”. If you Google that, plenty of articles come up about that event.

Sassy Grace,
Your husband is correct. The NRA was very much like what the Civilian Marksmanship Program is today.

In part, because of my former connection with the criminal justice system I know a number of NRA members, as well as a number of gun owners, law enforcement officers, target shooters etc. who want nothing to do with the NRA. But even the members I know complain how the org has become too political. The feeling is they are ultimately compromising the people’s gun rights with their absurd extremism, the result of which will be the opposite of NRA stated goals.

Thanks for the Jessica Murray link! I’ve read her work, but it was quite a while back. It is good to consider her ideas again.

I note she relies to some degree on the work of Riane Eisler. RE’s historical theories have been largely disproven, but her sociological analysis is considered valuable and highly respected. Most useful are her partnership vs domination and cultural transformation conceptual frameworks.

Eliseo, I knew Riane Eisler’s name sounded familiar so I looked her up. I read “The Chalice and the Blade” maybe 10 years ago and never forgot it. It’s an excellent book and great commentary on how desperately we need feminine, nuturing, peaceful, artistic, “chalice” values in this world and how the greatest flowerings of civilization were imbued with it (instead of “the blade”). I think I mentioned it here several years back and you and maybe others responded that you were familiar with it.

Oh my, Kavanaugh’s first date with his wife was sept 10 2001. What an omen.
They met as white house staff and married in 2004. He would have been 39, she 30.
Her birthdate is 4/11/74; his is 2/12/65.
She was GW Bush’s personal secretary since 96 in texas, until 2004.
I wonder if he thought pursuing her would be good for his career connections?

kav-naught has an anlunar coming in this evening. Because of that I decided not to do the one that covered the few hours before it begins. With the introduction of more accusers I decided to check it. The results prompted me to check tRump’s chart for the same time.

The bottom may fall out about 3:30 pm, EDT, for them.

Sharon K,
RE: the Think piece.

The Fear Driving Conservative Support for Kavanaugh
Republicans worry that liberals are rewriting America’s moral code.
Peter Beinart


“It’s remarkable: The more women accuse of Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct, the more committed to his confirmation conservatives become. On Monday, after Deborah Ramirez became the second woman to accuse Kavanaugh of wrongdoing, the New York Times columnist Ross Douthat noted that among conservatives, the belief that Kavanaugh is innocent “actually gained momentum and support on the basis of the second allegation.” Over the course of Thursday, conservatives responded to the allegations of a third woman, Julie Swetnick, by again doubling down.”

“Liberals fear that if they lose the Kavanaugh fight, minorities, women, and the poor will lose basic rights. Conservatives, by contrast, fear a kind of cultural delegitimization—a liberal rewriting of America’s moral code so that conservatives are forever deemed too sexist or racist to hold jobs like associate justice of the Supreme Court.”

Thanks for the Atlantic article. On the one hand, it feels as though this is the last push of the dinosaurs and yet at the same time, it does feel as though we are in the midst of a civil war, not just this country but around the developed world – between nationalistic views and those of inclusion. This civil war is being waged as the world prepares for the largest human migration in history as more than two-thirds of the world’s population will need to be resettled due to rising sea levels. This migration was thought to occur in the far distant future but it is becoming clear that it will likely happen in the next fifty years.


“…it feels as though this is the last push of the dinosaurs and yet at the same time, it does feel as though we are in the midst of a civil war, not just this country but around the developed world – between nationalistic views and those of inclusion.”

I feel precisely the same way as do you.

Also, I’ve studied climate change since the 1960’s when I was in HS. You mentioned the largest human migration in history due to rising sea levels. And yes, I personally believe it will take place far sooner than what has been expected. I have no doubt the land I’m temporarily residing at here in SE Texas will be under water, I believe likely within the next 12-15 years. We will also need to establish a new capital, as major portions of WA DC will be under water.

I’ve argued for years the safest places for Americans will be in the extreme NE USA, the Great Lakes areas, and the Pacific Northwest. Of course, many have called me crazy, these past decades. You may find the article at the link below interesting.



Eric Francis posted the chart for Kavanaugh’s swear in just now:


Time was 3:11:09 pm EDT.

Apparently, right now Kav-NOT is blowing up on national AND international TV.

Bob, bottom is here.

I’m glad you found something of interest in Jessica Murray’s article Eliseo. I wanted to share it because it seemed relevant to what is happening now, specifically regarding the demeaning of Dr. Ford by some Republicans, the President (no surprise there) and most likely, Judge Kavanaugh.

The story Jessica recounts is about the whole process that the human race has gone through, from a “matrilineal” form of society to a “patriarchal” form of society, and now we are in the process of yet another shift that would encompass the best of the two previous ages; a new age some have come to refer as the Age of Aquarius.

She notes the Patriarchy period has allowed the development of the Individual, but humanity lost the “honoring of nature” in the process. These times are awakening us to what has been lost, including awareness of why the weather is devastating cities and why women must be seen as equal to men, and treated with respect.

Jessica quotes Richard Tarnas “Patriarchy is best understood as the 5,000-year birth-canal of the Great Mother Goddess.” She also references
Eisler, Jung, Descartes, Galileo, Newton and Einstein, as she explains how we got from there to now (1997) when she wrote this. It is her own ability to communicate and her grasp of astrological cycles, however, that makes it such a good read.

When she wrote it in 1997, Jupiter was conjunct Uranus, and starting a new cycle. It was completed in June, 2010, when Jupiter and Uranus started a new cycle at 0+ Aries (The Aries Point), where transiting retrograde Chiron was day before yesterday, and where it will return in direct motion next February.

That new Jupiter-Uranus cycle also had Mars (aggression) in Virgo quincunx (need to adjust) Jupiter and Uranus (on the Aries Point). Mercury was at 27+ Taurus where transiting Sedna (abused woman under water) is right now. The Sun was conjunct Trump’s natal Uranus, 17+ Gemini. This seems a fitting time for this latest Jupiter-Uranus cycle’s story to come forth.

I hope others will gain some insight from reading this piece written 21 years ago. It will help to understand where we (as a whole) are today.

K’s anger is definitely going to work against him. He is understandably upset, but it shows a lack of control, the kind of lack of control that goes with what he has been accused of including gambling, drinking, sexual assault. He has definitely hurt himself. His opening statement put him in a pretty good light but his on- the-spot answers today has undone that impression

Lindsey isn’t looking too good either.


The anger springs from a man who is facing real consequences for his actions for the first time in his whole, entitled life.

Now I have additional concerns. K thinks the Clintons are involved in this? He includes conspiracy theories in his opening statement! For all of his claims of open-mindedness and neutrality, he picked Fox News to interview him? WTF!?!

K is right about one thing – the hearing is a circus.

Years ago after I left mental health work and was seeking employment in the criminal justice system as an investigator, I applied with a number of attorney’s offices in Seattle. But they (all males) weren’t interested in hiring an intelligent, perceptive, knowledgeable 40 something guy like me.

No, they all wanted stereotypically beautiful, model looking gals in their mid to late 20’s, but no gals over 30. An acquaintance took me aside to explain they “needed” those gals as they had the power of “female persuasion” with clients. Therefore, I wasn’t qualified.

Based on my experience, what is below is not surprising. We all can read between the lines.

More damning inferences:

‘No accident’ Brett Kavanaugh’s female law clerks ‘looked like models’, Yale professor told students
Guardian learns Amy Chua said she would advise students on their physical looks to help win post in Kavanaugh’s chambers


David Johnson is so right about K. being angry. I had to stop listening.

I am finding Kavanaugh’s testimony as hard to watch as Dr. Ford’s was. What a rough hearing, with both parties taking a very accusatory partisan stance. I heard that Trump was very worried after Ford testified but is pleased with the fighting-back spirit shown by Kavanaugh. He might just pull this off, but I don’t know how. He obviously has a short fuse and is impatient and somewhat rude. I guess that’s ok because he’s a male?

And, he and the Republicans are totally avoiding the idea of an impartial FBI investigation or of having Mark Judge testify. They will obviously go forward with a committee vote tomorrow morning, as scheduled.

Richard Tarnas = one of my favorite authors!

“The anger springs from a man who is facing real consequences for his actions for the first time in his whole, entitled life.”

YES! ENTITLED Sons of entitled Sons! I’ve seen so many like him. They not only abuse women, they also bully, demean, and shame the nice guys, those of us who are not athletes, those of us who actually make an effort to be kind, caring, respectful and compassionate.

When I was in HS, I was an actor, a singer, poet and musician. But of course, our entitled jocks assumed that if you were a music major, drama major, a writer, intellectual, etc. AND male, you by default had to be Gay, therefore deserving of having the crap beat out of you.

I wasn’t Gay, but got the crap beat out of me anyway. AND, just like the girls, when we were abused, physically or otherwise, we were too ashamed to let anyone know, too ashamed to talk about it. It wasn’t considered masculine to complain about such things anyway.

It’s not just women who are tired of these well off, White, laughing predators, the entitled sons of entitled sons, but White guys like me who have also been abused.

I’d like to see Kavanaugh bunking with Bill Cosby. Maybe we can put Clarence Thomas and DJ Trump in the same cell with them. My wife says it might be better to send Trump to Russia. But I feel certain the Russians would find him to be such a pain, they would surely poison him.

What? You mean Kavanaugh’s anger is for real? I thought it was all Trump’s coaching! Lindsey’s anger too; he looked like a raccoon who’s been cornered in the attic – not at all happy.

Me too Sharon, hard to watch this stuff but there’s nothing else on except horror movies and shopping networks.

Two separate thoughts:

(1) The story that pushes my buttons the most is about the use of Quaaludes and alcohol to get a gal into such shape she can’t say no to the 20 or so guys waiting their turn.

(2) “Lock her up!” “Lock her up!” they chanted. Never in my life have I seen such a clear case of projection of the collective shadow self. It reminds me of what the Nazis did against the Jews.

Our current political situation IS a horror movie!

Senator Mazie Hirono just asked Brett if temperament is a major factor in a SC Justice, and he said yes! He has not displayed good temperament today, but poor impulse control. Interestingly, he uses up much of the Democrat committee members’ time with his interruptions, does not interrupt the Republicans at all, and no one has commented on that! However, it does seem that the “pasty white men” (Graham, Cornyn, Hatch, etc.) looked very smug and pleased with themselves a few moments ago. Things have shifted a bit in their favor and they are proud of themselves.

Eliseo, I like the idea of sending Trump to Russia. They would have nothing but contempt for him.

If they do take a vote tomorrow and they confirm him, what do we do? Nothing as we did when they chose Bush over counting the votes? At what point do we say enough?

Confirmed or not, I feel he will be charged w/attempted rape as a minimum pretty soon. If confirmed we’ll need to impeach him as soon as practical.

Eight is Enough! At least until we get Pence and Trump out. Time to stop being so nice to the R’s. If they want to ignore Merrick Garland, for 11 months, we can hold up any appointments to anything and all for as long as it takes.

GOP will pay; especially if they confirm another damaged and sex-sandaled man to this high court; men who are supposed to be ethical and moral. He has no polygraph, no FBI check on these allegations and does not want his witness to testify. Hiding something.

The vote tomorrow just takes this out of this hearing and takes it to the full Senate at a later date Even if Jeff Flake votes against this it will still go to the Senate, which is what I expect, given his statement about doubt and his national aspirations..

I still think that Linda G had the right vision, it looks like he will be confirmed and then a hand grabs his shoulder and says wait a minute. That resonates with me., always has. I think something else is coming.

Yes Fe,

3:30 was within several minutes of when kav choked up (put on a show).

I do not think tRump was pleased to see that display in front of the world.

Charts are on other site with others.

Yes Fe,

3:30 was within several minutes of when kav first choked up (put on a show).

I do not think tRump was pleased to see that display in front of the world.

Trump doesn’t care. He’s pleased overall, extremely so. Disappointing. K. lied but he was convincing enough that they can live with themselves for voting for him…especially all the emphasis on Yale and his athletic success. Sigh. He rarely answered any questions directly, he was very rude to the Democrats, eating up much of their time with his interruptions but not interrupting Republicans. He obviously has a terrible temperament under the surface. Maybe at the last moment, someone will either change their vote or not be able to show up.

Eric Francis:
“The notion that Evangelical Christians would pressure Trump into delivering this nomination, and the fact that he would respond by leaving Kavanaugh’s nomination live through this insanity, tells us something about who is really running the country at the moment. It’s telling us something about the agenda of an actual patriarchy, a theocracy, and what has been referred to in the past as the American Taliban.”


This is a comment from NYT’s that I agree with.

“Judge Kavanaugh’s performance at this hearing was everything but what we would expect from a Supreme Court Justice. He was belligerent and rude to a lot of the Democratic Senators on the Committee. Further, he showed his partisan attitude when he spoke of the allegations being a leftwing conspiracy. I found his responses to Mr. Kennedy not straight forward. He seemed to be hedging. Especially his question regarding Ms. Ramirez.”

I agree, too, ja. I saw him hedge on Kennedy’s question. It figures that it would be my Senator who would ask him if he believes in God and then ask him to look him in the eye and answer truthfully — and Kennedy let him duck the question and not give a straight forward “no” – that it didn’t happen with Ford.

What happened to Rod Rosenstein? Did anybody hear his name mentioned today?

Mtg postponed next week by order of the “King” who can do and say anything he wants to. Apparently, he was orchestrating the Republican comments and the fact that Lindsey reclaimed his time and they dumped the 3rd party sexual crimes prosecutor and all made their own comments how everything was the democrats’ faut.

Transiting Pandora was conjunct US natal Pluto today.

New accusations aside they want him on the court before October 1st so he have a vote on Gamble. If they decide that being tried in a state and federal court is double jeopardy I think it will blow up the PM plea deal.

I am not sure about this so I am open to any other information but this looks right to me.

Is it possible that Lindsey Graham is playing a different game; that he is currying favour with Trump in order to expose him in the long term; that he & McCain knew Trump was a traitor & worked out some way (maybe by Graham becoming Attorney General) to achieve this

Thanks Sharon.

Yeah, I thought Trump orchestrated (at least) Kavanaugh and Lindsey Graham. Now we watch the tapes and rehash the whole day, comment by comment for at least 2 weeks.

It will cost the Republicans big-time on Election Day. Few women like a bully and on Election Day Venus-Ceres-Moon will conjunct each other and activate two MAJOR cycles . . . and they trine the US Moon while they square US Pluto that day.

When will they ever learn. Watching the Patriarchy crash and burn.

Wow, that’s good Kazza. Really, really good!

This from Josh Dawsey at WaPo a few minutes ago….Trump has little cachet with Republican members on the fence. George W. Bush has instead been calling some senators to whip votes for Kavanaugh.


Eliseo, and silcominc – Great observations! I heartily agree – and since humans are so greed-driven, people planet-wide might be ‘acting out’ as they start to fathom that the haymaker-days of easy-resources are something now only seen in humanity’s rearview mirror.

Before the committee members met tonight, the 4 undecided senators met: Collins, Murkowski, Manchin, and Flake.

Frankly, despite all the theatre, I don’t think the needle has moved much. I am going to spend some more time writing the relevant senators again to bleat and plead NOOOOOOOO.

O, by the way asteroid Dejanira sits at 3 Pisces 53 in his natal chart, 2 degrees away from his natal Saturn. So, if we got a repeat of “Poor me, I’m the abused victim about to shatter into tears” replay from the Thomas hearings, the whole act was reinforced by Dejanira.

Dejanira/Saturn , in turn, square his natal Nessus at 4 Gemini 32. Also, he Saturn square to asteroid Nessus might help fill out the picture of what we saw today…pounding of fist to almost tears to contempt.

Looks like they will vote to push Kavanaugh nomination to full senate and then he might be confirmed Saturday but what is really amazing is the lack of veneer. These white conservatives have always done horrible things but always with a modicum of civility. Watching the hearing today I realized how the veneer of civility is gone. The reptiles are showing their true colors.

“This is a civil war between the America that was and the America that will be.”

Eugene Robinson

Mark Judge born Sep 24, 1964. His solar return this year has a square between the Sun and Saturn. It also has Jupiter opposite progressed natal Jupiter. The Saturday after Thanksgiving Neptune goes stationary direct opposite his Virgo stellium with transiting Mars opposite secondary progressed Mars.

I see a fix for the process of appointing supreme court justices. Require a 2/3 yes for senate confirmation.

At the end of the day this is what the Republican have been working towards – for over forty years. No amount of bad press will stop them now. My God, they’ve reached the promise land – it’s done! They have more money than they’ve ever dreamed of and more than a generation of their children will ever need. Lindsay showed his colors today. He’s bought and paid for. Who would of ever thought it possible that a Supreme Court nominee would be the one to
bring about a constitutional crisis?

If my chart for Nav-naught is correct the Pluto station on September 30 is square his Neptune/Pluto midpoint (within 00°03′). Saturn squares it’s DC MC on November 1, squares his Sun/Jupiter midpoint on November 4, his Sun/Neptune midpoint on November 16, and Neptune stations opposite his Virgo stellium on November 24, then gets joined in that opposition on December 7.

The midterm elections may decide his future dragged out through 2019.


“This is a civil war between the America that was and the America that will be.”

Eugene Robinson

The inevitability of all-out civil war was the very notion that that sprung from my mind as I watched the incredulous spectacle that was the Senate hearing today with Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh. The dishonest, defensive, hostile and paranoid comments by Kavanaugh were noting short of psychotic. His performance today rendered him utterly and completely lacking the mettle for a Supreme Court Justice. He isn’t even worthy of his present seat on the court of appeals.

I can only hold out the hope that a handful of Republican Senators with a conscience will do the right think and vote against Kavanaugh.

See my Sept. 24, 5:52 pm posting.

Kavanaugh – Natal Relocated

Sat Sqr Sun Feb 24 2019 17°Cp19′ D Tr Sp
Sat Sqr Sun Jul 3 2019 17°Cp40′ R Tr Sp
Sat Sqr Sun Dec 1 2019 18°Cp05′ D Tr Sp

Gorsuch’s natal, progressed, confirmation, and swearing in charts all have points that will be squared by transits from Saturn in 2019.

The transits against tRump, kav-naught, and Gorsuch will not be denied next year.

American Bar Association calls for FBI investigation into Kavanaugh allegations, delay in confirmation votes !

“The ABA said it’s jumping in now because its leaders believe the Senate must remain “an institution that will reliably follow the law and not politics,” according to CNN. “Each appointment to our nation’s Highest Court (as with all others) is simply too important to rush to a vote,” Carlson continued. “Deciding to proceed without conducting additional investigation would not only have a lasting impact on the Senate’s reputation, but it will also negatively affect the great trust necessary for the American people to have in the Supreme Court.”



A must read. Exactly how i feel and am sure most of you here.

I feel sad and depressed this morning .

Thank you Nancy for giving me a place to vent my anger and frustration.

“The teary moments from Brett Kavanaugh are going to be a sad joke among millennials for decades. To even think of Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court Justice is bitterly laughable. The man came across as a sobbing goat who lies and disrespects people for his own benefit. That’s the real point here. If Republicans appoint a privileged white boy with a partisan record, a checkered past, and zero credibility, they will lose a generation and more. They might win the court but no one under 35 who isn’t a racist misogynist is ever going to vote for them.”


Flake says he will vote for Kavanaugh.

The American Bar Association recommends postponing Kavanaugh vote until FBI investigates. They absolutely call for the FBI to investigate. Personally, I’m hoping they disbarr the laughing predator.

This was very powerful and compelling by Sen Whitehouse

WATCH: Sen. Whitehouse reviews Judge Kavanuagh’s calendar, and discusses what information an FBI investigation could potentially review and uncover.


Starlight, How is David doing?

“GOP to women: Your pain is not our problem. Your bodies are not your own. Your voice at its strongest is still weaker than any man’s, no matter how sniveling and snide. We are here to protect the order, an old order, in which men rule, even when unruly and reprobate. #Patriarchy”

via @Charles M. Blow

Sharon K,

Thank you for asking Starlight about David. It reminds us that we are sending healing thoughts to a member of our blog family.

Right now:
Here’s what -think- is happening
Sasse, Whitehouse & Leahy walked out at the same time this was after a 20+ minute extended convo, at one one Leahy fist pounded Sasse & said thank you
Pretty sure

Via Senator Flake:

BREAKING: Senators discussing plan for FBI investigation lasting no more than one week and delaying #Kananaugh vote… word is Republicans DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH VOTES TO CONFIRM. @CNNPolitics https://cnn.it/2InFEfZ

As for the timing of what we witnessed happening in US government (institutions) yesterday (9/27/18), the chart for the Aries Full Moon (9/24/18) has Pluto at 18 Capricorn 45 retrograde. It was square the progressed US Mars, the US Constitution Neptune and Trump’s natal Jupiter – all three at 17+ Libra.

There was also the Full Moon chart’s asteroid Pandora (let it all out) at 26-27 Capricorn conjunct US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn.

There was also the grand trine in the FM chart between Saturn (discipline) conjunct Vesta (focus) both at 2+ Capricorn, and Uranus (shocking; breakthrough) retrograde at 1+ Taurus rx, and hypothetical Transpluto (process to wholeness) at 2+ Virgo.

Outside influence on the grand trine in the Aries Full Moon chart came from the US natal Hades (Uranian Point) at 0+ Scorpio – a symbol of what disgusts us but needs to be “cleaned up”. US Hades is opposed by transiting Uranus these days.

The Full Moon Mercury (and Trump’s natal retrograde Neptune, both at 5+ Libra) squared US natal Jupiter (5+ Cancer). The FM Mercury was conjunct the FM Sun (opposite the Full Moon) and also FM Ceres (8+ Libra) that trined US natal Uranus (8+ Gemini). Full Moon Mercury was pushing a lot of buttons yesterday.

This FM Mercury (communication) was also trine the FM Black Moon Lilith (primitive impulses, scourged woman) at 5+ Aquarius who was conjunct the FM South Node (release) at 4+ Aquarius and FM Mars (attack) at 3+ Aquarius. Aquarius symbolizes mental energy as opposed to physical energy.

This FM Black Moon Lilith also conjuncts the US natal South Node (what’s ready to be released) and the US natal Pholus (small cause, big effect) both at 6+ Aquarius.

The FM chart’s Venus (values) at 8+ Scorpio was quincunx (adjustment) the US natal Uranus (disrupt) and trine Trump’s Mercury (mentality) at 8+ Cancer.

The FM chart’s Jupiter (justice) at 21+ Scorpio was quincunx US natal Mars (action) and Kavanaugh’s North Node (path forward) at 21+ Gemini and Trump’s natal Sun (consciousness) at 22+ Gemini.

These quincunxes imply adjustments needed in order to move through the process toward achieving wholeness (Transpluto trine Uranus trine Saturn + Vesta). Call it growing pains.

“If only Flake asks for a one-week delay for the #FBI to investigate #Kavanaugh, McConnell still has the votes, if Collins + Murkowski are “yes.”.

FLOOD their offices with calls

@SenatorCollins: 202-224-2523
@lisamurkowski: 202-224-6665”

Via @Dr. Dena Grayson

When I saw Kavanaugh’s tyrannical, self-pittying screed yesterday, I laughed heartily, recalling fellow Starlightnews contributer, Jackson Griffith using the phrase,

“All butt-hurt”

Levity. Can’t beat it with a stick.

Hope you are faring better than well, Jackson.

When I saw Kavanaugh before the senate judiciary committee, after Dr. Blasey Ford, I had to blink. At first, I thought he was performing a Saturday Night Live skit- with all the yelling, crying, and interrupting. Later, I couldn’t help thinking maybe he had depended upon a little bit of liquid courage before his performance.

Will and Virgo, he was also quoting Thomas in his hearing with Anita Hill, I kid you not.
It interesting to me that Bob had said that he had a Jupiter transit on Fri. That was favorable. And it was, since the nomination was advanced to the floor, yet it will expand the investigation… in both ways very Jupiter.

Yup, shot himself in the foot! “I’ll do anything the committee wants me to do (whine, whine, snivel, snivel).”

Well, maybe now, the COMMITTEE wants an FBI investigation. I’ll bet he’s fouling his pants right now with his “very sensitive stomach!”

As the Facebook post goes, “Welcome to the Karma Cafe…”

This is really funny.
Kavenaugh meets Plup Fiction

kav-naught has had and will have for a while the emotion negative transit Saturn opposite his Moon in my chart for him. On Thursday Saturn was at 273°10′ opposite natal Moon at 92°32′. (273°10′ – 180° = 93°10′ – opposition within 1° – opposition precession corrected on October 1. Still within orb of influence a little longer ). Maybe his tears were real, born out of fear by multiple accusers coming forth and not sure how Senators would react.

This is a large amount of data to verify so I am presenting aspects in longitude not RA. I may get to the RA and specific dates for both later.

The battle for the heart and soul of the nation was begun on September 6th, 2018, when Saturn stationed square the Sibly (in DC) precession corrected MC and Mars was conjunct precession corrected Pluto.

The groundwork for the Sibly chart Pluto return will be laid in a series of battles leading up to the return proper. Saturn will oppose Sibly Sun once and Sibly Sun 3 times, and precession corrected Sibly Sun and square precession corrected Sibly Saturn 3 times each in 2019 prior to conjoining (both modes of measurement) Pluto 3 times in 2020. It may end with the 3 Pluto returns in 2022 or the 3 precession corrected Pluto returns in 2024.

Buckle up! 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2024. What about 2023? Saturn conjunct Sibly Moon once. 3 times for precession corrected Moon.

Don’t expect much to favor changing things before a new Congress is sworn in come January of 2019 but battles will surround the Saturn opposition of Sibly Sun on January 17th and square of Sibly Saturn on the 30th (February 17th and March 6th fpr precession corrected) to start the long wae ahead.It is going to be intense and it is going to be hard. Those in control want to remain there.

But what else do we have to do?

This is a large amount of data to verify so I am presenting aspects in longitude not RA. I may get to the RA and specific dates for both later.

The battle for the heart and soul of the nation was begun on September 6th, 2018, when Saturn stationed square the Sibly (in DC) precession corrected MC and Mars was conjunct precession corrected Pluto.

The groundwork for the Sibly chart Pluto return will be laid in a series of battles leading up to the return proper. Saturn will oppose Sibly Sun once and Sibly Sun 3 times, and precession corrected Sibly Sun and square precession corrected Sibly Saturn 3 times each in 2019 prior to conjoining (both modes of measurement) Pluto 3 times in 2020. It may end with the 3 Pluto returns in 2022 or the 3 precession corrected Pluto returns in 2024.

Buckle up! 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2024. What about 2023? Saturn conjunct Sibly Moon once. 3 times for precession corrected Moon.

Don’t expect much to favor changing things before a new Congress is sworn in come January of 2019 but battles will surround the Saturn opposition of Sibly Sun on January 17th and square of Sibly Saturn on the 30th (February 17th and March 6th fpr precession corrected) to start the long wae ahead.It is going to be intense and it is going to be hard. Those in control want to remain there.

But what else do we have to do?

“… Saturn will oppose Sibly Sun once and Sibly Sun 3 times…” should read “and Sibly SATURN 3 times…”

Linda G’s latest video is up — very uplifting, very hopeful!


What does the transit of Sibly Moon by Saturn in 2023 mean?

We will put these uppity women in their place or they will assume the cloak of responsibility for running the country after the 2022 midterms give them the majority in both houses of Congress.

Uh, maybe those are both the same thing.

kiwi are you OK?

For stateside posters – kiwi is

17 Hrs ahead of you if you are in the Eastern Time Zone

18 if you are in Central Time Zone.

19 if you are in Mountain Time Zone

20 if you are in Pacific Time Zone

23 if you are in AHST

Second correction to transit of Saturn to Sibly chart. Should read “and SQUARE Sibly SATURN 3 times…”

Just watched Linda G. She said JFK said the Blue Wave is not going to be as big as we are hoping for but it will be big enough. That squares with my tRump chart for election night. We get the House but not the Senate and many races are close.

I like how she laughs and cheers about some GOP misfortunes (not in this video), says we shouldn’t …then does again. 🙂

Does this not sound like Saturn in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus? Just one week? One week only to let the FBI investigate?


Your bottom falling out moment for Kavnaught has proven correct, with accounts of the Durbin moment playing over and over again.

It was so bad Graham turned himself inside out to distract us from how much K looked like he was terrified of the perjury he was about to commit.

Good job!


Loved the Freudian slip: “….Kavanaught.””

Bob & everyone, We better pray that we do get the Senate because the Senate controls the SC.

In my long post of aspects above I left out the Saturn conjunct precession corrected secondary progressed Pluto in January 2021.

Handling many aspects and modes at one time can be confusing.

The Vedic astrologer that everyone liked during the 2016 campaign feels like BK will not make it to the Supreme court. He rectified his birth time as 6:04 am. This information is from his facebook page. Gurmet Singh?

I keep thinking about John Roberts. Is he such a true believer that he wants BK no matter what? I thought he cared about his legacy and the legacy of the court. John Roberts Jan 27th 1955 Buffalo NY. No time.

Elisabeth Grace, “what just happened”


Dear Nancy, Thank you for the shelter from this storm! With hope that David is improving, you are both in our thoughts and prayers.
The Comments here are my saving grace.
One piece of positive and shocking news:
“Judge: Congressional Democrats can Sue Trump over Emoluments”:
But Where Is Robert Mueller?

The FBI wasted no time getting started with its investigation: https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2018/9/28/1799881/-LA-Times-FBI-tonight-contacted-one-ofKavanaugh-s-other-accusers-to-schedule-interviews-immediately

Teresa Hill

“The FBI wasted no time getting started with its investigation”


My concern now is that (God Forbid!) Kavanaugh gets cleared and seated SCOTUS; imagine the broad, venomous rage he will exercise to exact revenge against any progressive, liberal or even centrist cause.

Grief FBI – Godspeed!


I didn’t realize this, but apparently you can impeach a Supreme Court justice. I don’t like the precedence it sets, because we really can’t spend all our time impeaching or trying to impeach presidents and justices. But I’ve read that if the Democrats win enough seats in November, they could open an investigation into Kavanaugh’s lies under oath, and it sure seems like he did a lot of that. Silly, easily-proven things, like saying it was legal for him to drink at 18, when the Maryland drinking age was 21.

I think we all remember how long we had to wait before we could order our first legal drink. It’s a rite of passage.

And I can’t imagine anyone caring about him drinking when he was under 21. So why lie?

When he talked about how he had to work too hard on the football team to be able to drink and still handle the workouts. We all went to high school. I think we all knew good athletes who partied.

All the stuff he put on his yearbook page about drinking and sex, that he claims wasn’t what it clearly implies. It makes me think he lies all the time.

This re-opened investigation will take us up to the New Moon on October 8th. That New Moon at 15+ Libra conjuncts Ceres (what did you do to my daughter) at 14+ Libra, which conjuncts US natal Saturn at 14+ Libra, is square US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer. This will pacify the country’s duty-bound nature but challenge it’s need for family privacy and protection. Who knows if this could happen to us, we might be wondering.

On the other hand, the October 8th Neptune (at 14+ Pisces) and Venus (at 10+ Scorpio) both trine the US natal Cancer Sun, assuring us we are safe and protecting our values. Neptune at the time of the Libra New Moon (+ Ceres + US Saturn) will force (quincunx) those energies to adapt their investigative tactics, probably because clarity will be at a premium.

Meanwhile the sextile in this New Moon chart between wounded Chiron (29+ Pisces rx) and 2nd best Juno (0+ Gemini) keep the pressure on the repulsive US natal Hades (0+ Scorpio) to adjust to the demands (having to do with equality) of this Yod.

In turn, US Hades projects (opposes) all that pressure onto the New Moon chart’s Uranus at 1+ Taurus rx (a Boomerang) which is midway between the New Moon chart’s sextiling Chiron and Juno.

Might some unexpected resolution to the unsolvable differences be found on another level of consciousness?

Uranus will still be in orb of a trine with Saturn so perhaps another agreement of some kind can be reached – similar to the one like the GOP’s agreement for another week of investigation before Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

By the time the 2 week period of this Libra New Moon gives way to the Oct. 24 Full Moon at 1+ Taurus (that conjuncts Uranus at 0 Taurus rx) opposite US Hades at 0+ Scorpio (conjunct Sun 1+ Scorpio), we might have a breakthrough.

Step by step we forge a path to reconciliation.

Kavanaught may be a huge destration for worse:

With Nation Transfixed By Kavanaugh Monstrosity, House GOP Votes to Give Rich Another $3 Trillion in Tax Cuts!!!

DEVASTATING: The World America Made—and Trump Wants to Unmake: https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2018/09/28/donald-trump-unga-liberal-world-order-220738

Hi Bob, Everything aok in this part of the world. Thanks for asking.
Spring has sprung and I am enjoying the longer days and sunny weather to get my garden in shape. Good grounding energy to counteract the kavanaugh madness.

This was posted on facebook – a juxtaposition of Trump & Jacinda’s speeches at the UN. Her keyword – kindness.

Will Wheaton on Kavirginaugh… from his FB page – Democratic Underground

Excerpts: “Another thing about Kavanaugh’s meltdown/tantrum in front of the SJC today, that I can’t stop thinking about: lost in the theatrics of his performance is the shocking reality, on full display, that he is not a neutral arbiter of the law. If you listen to the things he said and the specific language he used, it’s undeniable that he is a right wing partisan who is not particularly different from the right wing activists we see masquerading as hosts on Fox News Channel.

Everything about him is terrible. He’s *clearly* a rich prep school kid who has never been told “no” in his life, and we saw today what happens whenever someone tries to tell him no. It wasn’t particularly difficult to see this guy as a belligerent drunk who won’t take no for an answer. You could clearly see it in his ranting and raving, his angry yelling at a female senator, and his overwhelming, palpable sense of entitlement.”

https://democraticunderground.com/100211201257 via @demunderground

The Devil’s Triangle is NOT a drinking game. Kavanaugh lied.

“—skies” means brewskies, and everybody knows it. Kavanaugh lied.

“Boof” means taking in alcohol anally. Kavanaugh lied.

“FFFF” is an acronym for Find them, French them, Feel them, Finger them, F*ck them, Forget them.” Kavanaugh claimed this was not an acronym, but rather a play on a friend with a verbal tic who “wound up” his F’s before saying the F-word. Kavanaugh lied. …


“Sn Whitehouse lays out how Judge Kavanaugh’s own calendars may be powerful corroborating evidence that the assault happened, that it happened that day and that it happened in that place.”



Per Will Wheaton

“He’s *clearly* a rich prep school kid who has never been told “no” in his life, and we saw today what happens whenever someone tries to tell him no. It wasn’t particularly difficult to see this guy as a belligerent drunk who won’t take no for an answer. You could clearly see it in his ranting and raving, his angry yelling at a female senator, and his overwhelming, palpable sense of entitlement.”

All butt-hurt because anyone would have the unmitigated gall to question him – such the arrogant little tyrant

Teresa Hill,

I had no idea a Supreme Court Justice could be impeached. Fascinating!


Happy Spring!

Breathe deeply. In and out. Keep your mind calm, cool and collected. Keep your emotions balanced.

It will be OK. Kavanaugh will soon be gone. He will not make it to the Supreme Court.Truth and justice will prevail.



Thank you.

It appears that it is too late for Kavanaugh. If nothing else, even if the FBI does not come up with anything substantive, the collection of lies he came out with during his testimony will undermine him I would think. It’s obvious who coached him – the Liar in Chief. If he can lie so much on a daily basis, K must figure that his lies are acceptable.

But we must still keep the Senate to prevent another Conservative. They may pick a more subtle one than K. but they will get someone to vote with the Conservatives much of the time.

Lindsey Graham revealed his true colors and, by association, those of his comrades. With Scalia’s seat left open a little over a year and Garland almost completely ignored, Graham’s diabolic outburst was nothing but false, theatrical indignation, poor sportsmanship, & an expression of the Republican’s absolutely double standard. I’ll bet it swayed some independents and honorable Republicans.

For what it’s worth:


Did you watch Prime Minister Ardern on Colbert?

Well that’s what I thought too Sharon! Both Kavanaugh and Lindsey were surely coached and directed by Trump in those show-of-force theatrics on Friday.

Completely out of character, at least for Lindsey as we have observed him for decades. The other one didn’t seem comfortable in the role either. Dear Lord, have they completely lost their minds to stoop to such drama? What price power!


“What price power!” Indeed!

“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
– Lord Acton –

Because power is an addiction, a process addiction, very much like gambling.

Sharon, I don’t think we have a strong chance of taking the Senate this election but may between it and 2020.

If another justice is confirmed in that time he may have a short career (along with Gorsuch) if we can force tRump out, take the Senate in 2020, and then annul his residency and everything he created, installed or signed into law during it.

Let your eyes twinkle thinking of a Democratic president adding 2 justices to go with RBG, Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, and Stephen Breyer. (6-3, until you get tired of winning)

My dream would be a tied senate. 50 to 50. Then we would need to pick up only one Republican to defeat the nonsensical proposals.

Diana, just found your link to Aquarium Age you posted yesterday. Thank you so much!

Ralphee says “We think we are in 2018 but everything that’s happening is the prelude to what’s about to occur – and that time frame (is 2020) to 2022.”

” . . we are currently in the midst of a monumental catharsis that reaches a crescendo in approximately three years.”

Recommend everyone read the whole piece and be sure to fasten your seat belt.


RE: “FFFF” is an acronym”…
WOW! How well I remember that one. But I haven’t heard it in decades.

For a short while when I was in HS, I hung out with some boys with whom I listened to Beatle records. But then they kept repeating the “FFFFF” mantra which I had never hard of. When they told me what it meant, I was frankly shocked, and said, “but shouldn’t we make friends with them first?” They laughed uproariously.

Pretty soon, I disassociated from those fellows, just not my kind of guys. And I don’t believe ANY of them were really effing anyone. It was all toxic macho silliness and bravado. Nevertheless, I didn’t like the attitude.

I was lucky though. Some college gals really liked me. Maybe it was because I was already involved in the civil rights and anti-war movements? Maybe it was because we had read the same novels? I’m not really sure, but by the time I was 14 they made sure I was part of their local college social circles. I had been as it were, “adopted.”

The parties therefore I attended while in HS were all college parties. Those were really nice kids, all intellectuals who weren’t into excessive drinking, or excessive anything. I didn’t drink at all until I was 21, although the drinking age had been lowered to 18. I just wasn’t interested in drinking all that much. I’m still that way. By 14 I had my driver’s license. My college friends, though they never drank to excess, used me as their designated driver because I was always sober.

My college friends treated me with kindness, respect and an odd sort of deference. Many of my HS classmates were very much like B. Kavanaugh, and some of them said they wanted to kill me. Bullies, too many of them. And I had some really bad experiences with them. Maybe that’s why I identify so much with Ms. C. B. Ford and the other ladies.

I sincerely hope Mr. Kavanaugh goes to jail for a very long time.

I too hope for a 50/50 senate. I would like to see an overwhelming Dem majority in the House, but considering the passions of our time, I’m concerned the Dems may go too far if not constrained somewhat.

There is virtue in HEALTHY, REAL conservatism, (not the angry, reactionary, hate filled nonsense that passes for modern conservatism) just as there is virtue in HEALTHY Liberalism.

I believe both ideologies in there current form are outdated, but apart from that, both sides need the other for psychological balance.

In the nyt’s editorial today:

“Mr. Judge’s former girlfriend, Elizabeth Rasor, has also said that she would be willing to testify to the F.B.I. that Mr. Judge is lying when he says he can’t recall any incidents like this.”



I agree. There are worse things than a gridlocked government at this point.

But I also worry about the imperatives that are going unaddressed with regards to our climate that do have serious implications for the future of humanity, if not all life on this planet. A bunch of filthy rich old white guys fiercely pining for the hyper-idealized 1950s of their youth, and doing everything possible to stop the forward march of time, is conservatism in its most asinine and bankrupt manifestation. The 1950s are long gone. Good riddance! We need to be much more concerned about our survival in the world of the 2050s and beyond. We need courage and conviction, and enough of this sad culture of man-childishness represented by the likes of Kavanaugh and his advocates.

Charles Koch in particular should be forced to forfeit his entire fortune in damages for all the trouble he and his extremely selfish “I DON’T WANNA PAY A DIME IN TAXES” libertarian ideology have caused for the world. I do find it interesting that his Uranus Return is in 2020, with Uranus also opposing his Scorpio Sun then.

I see a rebellion soon mounting against the billionaires and elites of the world who have gotten away with far too much, for far too long.

Pluto in Capricorn Squaring Eris in Aries is also approaching too. The establishment will indeed be fighting with everything it has to stay in power, and that’s ultimately a good thing, because it’s going to exhaust all of its resources and energy to the point of total collapse by the time Pluto leaves Capricorn. The more they struggle, the more they hasten their own downfall.

Ed Tamplin’s thoughts today go to, what else, the hot topic of the week.
His last sentence ….. “Keep an eye this week on Thursday October 4, as Trump’s the transit of Mars comes to sesquisquare and embolden Trump’s Sun, plus the transit of the Sun joins his progressed Mars. Hasty and impulsive actions on overload. Constitutional crisis round three! It certainly looks that way.”

U.S. Drops To 27th In The World For Education And Health Care
In 1990, the U.S. was ranked sixth in “human capital,” based on a person’s expected productive years of work. Now it’s 27th.


Looks like the FBI investigation may be a sham. Don Mc is overseeing and keeping a tight rein on who can be interviewed.

Time will tell.

We evidently think quite a bit alike. There is probably a great deal of harmony between our charts.

Too many of us have not yet awakened to the new, true reality of climate change, some for political and/or economic philosophical reasons, some for theological reasons, and some out of pure selfishness. Although real Conservatives have long been correctly concerned about the profound potential for abuse of big government, the mega-corporations and now even more so, climate change makes those moot points. There is no way small government can effectively address climate change and it’s perils, or the predations of big business.

The truth is humanity has not encountered anything as dangerous since the Toba explosion some 74,000 years ago. I suspect that within the next 12 years, (and certaintly by 2050) one or more climate events will turn our politics upside down and bury forever climate change denial in the annals of history. That wouldn’t take much. It’s not beyond plausibility a big piece of the west antarctic shelf, or Greenland ice pack could cause a tsunami or sudden and significant sea level rise. Or it could be a plethora of serious hurricanes.

Whatever it will be, I strongly suspect our previous commitments to Liberal or Conservative paradigms will seem as childish as tic tac toe, and pin the tail on the donkey. I feel we’ll likely make the transition in the late 20’s or early 30’s. I base that in part on my and others lucid visions experienced in the very early 1970’s, on my small understanding of astrological cycles, on my people reading skills, and what I read in the science journals.

We should have seen this coming:
The Big Rich-Wealthy American’s Bought The GOP!

‘The GOP Has No New Ideas Because Elderly Billionaires Own Its Brain’:

They bought America while we weren’t watching:

The great Marty Balin just passed-on. Anyone remember his song from The Jefferson Starship –
That’s exactly what Dems need right now: Miracles!
It should be our new Theme Song!

Song: “Miracles” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nzzjwZGt6I

just came across this – another arm of the tangled web of gop/trump corruption????

“The Ohio vice squad that arrested Stormy Daniels at a Columbus strip club this summer is now under federal investigation.”

kiwi, just thought I’d mention that the Moon in Ed Tamplin’s chart for Dr. Ford’s testimony at 3+ Taurus is the same degree Chiron was in when it was discovered.

It is also where Chiron was when Uranus was discovered!

The Moon in Taurus (with Chiron undertones) in the testimony chart was T-square the transiting North Node in Leo and South Node in Aquarius that was conjunct Mars.

The South Node was also 3 degrees from the US South Node and south nodes symbolize characteristics that no longer contribute to growth in a positive way. Conjunct Mars that would mean aggressive and dispassionate (Aquarius) behavior.

Just Look at what YouTube is now doing:
The GOP beginning to control our Information & News.

Kamala Harris Mouths Off On Senate Floor
Condoleezza Rice Smacks Her Down Hard:

White House protecting Kavanaugh from Julie Sweatnik’s allegations by preventing FBI from investigating them. She is Michael Avenatti’s client. I still think FBI will find something on Kavanaugh. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/white-house-limits-scope-fbi-s-investigation-allegations-against-brett-n915061

My FBI/Attorney pal suspects that if Kavanaugh is not confirmed, Trump will appoint an extreme far right woman to the court, someone who will be harder for Dems to oppose or prevent from confirmation.

Virgo Linda G and Lisa R both have new readings up today. I think the FBI will find something. What rings true to me is that they have tried to narrow the scope of the assault allegations but they cannot narrow the scope of the lies during the interview. I think that is what will be more conclusive than the assaults. I could be wrong but that is what I think right now.

Someone wrote I don’t think I would get the job if I cried during the interview and told them how much I liked beer.

Kav doesn’t wear a wedding band.
that strikes me as odd for a man who wants to appear to sit in the highest court

Matt Damon played Kavanaugh tonight in a skit on SNL that CNN posted. When you open the article, scroll down a bit to watch the video. Cracked me up!


One of the prime issues of our time, is why people no longer allow facts to challenge their current viewpoints?

This question has vexed me; but, a recent post on another site gave me at least a partial answer to my query –

Being ‘wrong’ threatens one’s sense-of-identity; so, people generally choose to side with their ego – especially on core-issues, like religion, and politics.

Also, doing so, to their mind, will curry favor with their ‘god,’ which raises their chance of getting into ‘heaven.’

Welcome back, Todd 🙂

This is interesting.


Elizabeth Warren:

““It’s time for women to go to Washington and fix our broken government, and that includes a woman at the top.”


Although this SC issue has powerfully reinvigorated the women’s movement (painful as it might be), I’m worried the Republicans will force Kavanaugh through after congratulating themselves that he passed the FBI expanded b.g. check, deliberately limited by them. I don’t care what BS Trump espouses about it. After the leak about the WH limiting it, Trump has now said that Congress is directing it. We know that means the Republicans on the Judiciary Committee. Sigh. They have their minds made up to force him through and, as Trump said, are probably looking at this as “a blessing in disguise”. Sigh. The real blessing in disguise here is that if he does get confirmed (and I think the Tarot readers on You Tube think he might), it will further strengthen the women’s movement and all kinds of women will stand up, information will come out, law suits will follow, etc. It is not a happy fight and it will be contentious, with Republicans still holding power for the next 3 months, and venus retrograde from
October 5th at 10° Scorpio, through November 15th at 25° Libra. I would think Kavanaugh being confirmed would impact the midterms that much more with female candidates and pro-female male candidates winning (except in Red states). What do you all think?

Todd, your blueprint of Timmy’s house could theoretically help somewhat, especially if based on the actual house he lived in. On the other hand, many homes might have a bathroom at the top of the stairs across from a bedroom, etc. (I have a very investigative nature with pluto on my Leo moon opposing mercury in aquarius). Good luck but don’t expect too much. We might not be able to stop this right now.

It IS interesting ja, and I tell you all these charts are – to me – like pieces of a puzzle.

Take this chart’s Chiron 29+ Pisces sextile Juno 29+ Taurus and see the possibilities:

US Saturn Return chart August 28, 2011
(Pallas was at 29+ Capricorn and this Dr. Ford testimony chart’s Juno trines it. US Saturn Return Pallas also sextiles the Ford chart’s Chiron. The Saturn Return Neptune at 29+ Aquarius squares the Ford Testimony Juno in Taurus.)

Then there’s the US Constitution chart September 17, 1787
(Constitution Uranus is at 29+ Cancer but the US Saturn Return chart Pallas in Cap opposes it. However, the Ford Testimony Chiron trines the US Constitution Uranus and the Ford chart’s Juno sextiles it.)

This is just a small portion of what’s in play during the present period and I won’t attempt to figure it out now.

Other cycles are affected by both Ford and Kavanaugh testimony charts but I note these two planets, Chiron and Juno, because they are in critical degrees which indicate finality of something associated with the sign the critical degree is in (Pisces and Taurus) and the planet that occupies it (Chiron and Juno).

Same goes for the two example charts; the US natal Saturn Return and the US Constitution.

In the Saturn Return chart, critical degree Pallas and Neptune were both part of a Yod-turned-Boomerang that included Ceres in Pisces and Moon in Leo, with Neptune in Aquarius catching all the energy of the other 3 planets.

Neptune in this powerful position (in US Saturn Return) then must reckon with all this Aquarius energy + all the other energy coming at him from the Yod between Pallas, Ceres and Moon in the Saturn Return chart . . .because of its critical degree position.

The testimony chart’s Juno (treated as 2nd class) in Taurus will affect that decision-making process on the shoulders of the Saturn Return’s Neptune (deception or compassion) in Aquarius.

In turn, the Saturn Return Neptune at 29+ Aquarius will affect how the Constitution chart’s Uranus (in the critical degree of 29+ Cancer) is determined because it will be quincunx (make adjistments) that Uranus.

These Ford Testimony chart planets are wild cards in how and in what ways the US Saturn’s new cycle (effective till the next conjunction between trans. Saturn and US Saturn) and the evolution of the US Constitution play out.

This period being developed by numerous events, including the Ford-Kavanaugh debacle,will likely, in the end, be pieces of a puzzle picture which will affect the future of the US Constitution.

James Comey: The F.B.I. Can Do This.
Despite limitations and partisan attacks, the bureau can find out a lot about the Kavanaugh accusations in a week:
(Don’t miss following Comments)

Wow, thank you very much barbk!

For me its about the adult lies at all levels, and utter hypocrisy from the holy rollers, not necessarily the misbehaviour of a teenage boy.

I wonder how many rank and file evangelicals actually know and practice their bible? Too many ‘speak with forked tongue’ and forget that US law is, at its core, formulated from a 10 commandments base derived from English common law, and includes a mandate for truth telling.

“Lying is a huge issue for many people, including Christians. “Thou shall not lie” is one of the ten commandments, but even Christians have trouble with this commandment”

I wonder how the current religious right leaders such as graham & co would react when interviewed about condoning the lies?

This is just one of many references to lying in the good book, to cite back to the holier than thou folks where appropriate – seems particularly fitting for our times:
Jeremiah 6:13-15: For from the least of them even to the greatest of them, Everyone is greedy for gain, And from the prophet even to the priest Everyone deals falsely. They have healed the brokenness of My people superficially, Saying, ‘Peace, peace,’ But there is no peace. Were they ashamed because of the abomination they have done? They were not even ashamed at all; They did not even know how to blush. Therefore they shall fall among those who fall; At the time that I punish them, They shall be cast down, says the LORD.

Sharon K,
RE: your 12:14 pm posting
My feeling is whether or not K is confirmed, the R’s by their behavior have motivated women and pro-female men to turn out in greater numbers to vote in the mid-terms both in blue and red states.

The problem I see is the dispute over Kav may not be the end, but the beginning of a long series of intense partisan fights which may rip us apart. If Kav is not confirmed, and the R’s hold the Senate in the midterm election, Mr. T will likely appoint someone else who as a minimum will represent a vote to overturn Roe v Wade.

IMHO, the unfortunate reality is that although they are a minority, those who want to overturn Roe v Wade have far more energy and are far more determined than those who want to retain abortion rights for women. They see themselves as latter day abolitionists with G-d on their side. Such people determined as are these usually eventually win.

If they eventually win, we’ll have a pretty awful and messy situation. Blue states will allow abortion. Red states will call it murder, arrest women returning from a blue state abortion, and use the Mann act against anyone who assists them.

A far right court might also overturn the 2015 SC Obergefell v. Hodges decision legalizing Gay marriage, and make several other regressive decisions. Such decisions would be a real nightmare further dividing and polarizing our population.

We can avoid such a mess if we stay motivated, clear minded and get the vote out in every coming election for the next several years. But the other side will be motivated as well. That likely means the 2018, 2020, 2022, 2024, 2026, and 2028 elections will be unusually intense and far more acrimonious than has been the case in our past.

RE: your 3:07 pm posting
Interesting analysis!
“This period being developed by numerous events, including the Ford-Kavanaugh debacle, will likely, in the end, be pieces of a puzzle picture which will affect the future of the US Constitution.”

Have you any insight as to how the Constitution might be affected? Perhaps it will reignite the move to pass the ERA?

Sharon K,
Another thought RE: your 12:14 pm posting

The “blessing in disguise” here may be a positive shift in the long run within “boy culture.”

It is obvious to just about everyone Ms. Ford was telling the truth. And although Mr. K has lied about so very many things, he may well have been telling what he perceives to be the truth regarding the assault.

He either doesn’t remember the incident due to his drunken state, or more probably the incident for him was ordinary and unremarkable. No telling what the intentions were within his drunken brain. Those intentions may have been fairly vague. Had she allowed it, he might have “gone all the way.” Had circumstances been slightly different it might indeed have been a rape.

But it may have been a typically toxic male example of let’s play with her mind horseplay. Unfortunately, careless, and cruel brutality is still very much an accepted part of toxic boy culture, especially among athletes. Kavanaugh & Mark Judge’s behaviors were clearly way “over the line” to any right thinking boy or man.

Unfortunately, we don’t have all males on board with the idea of treating EVERYONE with kindness and respect in great part because our models of masculinity are so skewed. When we poll people as to what are the characteristics of a truly “good” man they are entirely different and antithetical to what people think is a “masculine” man.

Maybe, hopefully, the Ford/Kavanaugh scenario will stimulate a change for the positive in boy culture. We need to raise our boys with better standards. The notion that it is OK to look the other way as “boys will be boys” meaning cruel and sadistic bullies needs to die.

Kavanaugh and Ford might both be telling the truth. And that says something profoundly troubling about our world.


Patty, Thank you for the Comey piece.


Great points, and I agree. We are at the very least on the same wavelength.

I do think too that we are in for a “Black Swan” weather/climate event in the not-too-far-off future that turns the current right/left political paradigm on its ear. Matters like abortion, gay rights/marriage, and immigration should have been settled long ago, and are fairly trivial (though still important) compared to what we face as a civilization.

Yet we have a backwards-gazing political class across both major parties, and a substantial senior generation, both of which are by and large still very much obsessed with fighting endlessly rehashed ideological culture wars as if their lives depended on convincing everyone else that their side is right.

“So what?” I say to that. You can bury the hatchet and ensure your kids and grandkids have a planet they can live on, or you can be right and dead–and no one will be left to care one way or another. Which one really matters here?

Pluto in Aquarius from 2023/4 to 2044 does have connotations of a massive new technological revolution full of unprecedented breakthroughs for sure, but underlying this is a plutonian imperative for humanity to justify our continued existence on this planet, or else perish by seeds of our own undoing.

I’ve long looked to Pluto in Pisces and the accompanying opposition from Uranus in Virgo in 2046-48 as a time of reckoning for our civilization, particularly if we continue to behave ignorantly and foolishly in the face of all the evidence suggesting that our climate is changing, and that we are the cause of it. The 1965 conjunction in Virgo was our big heads-up as to what was potentially coming and how we could respond to it. We’ve just had our check-point with the Uranus-Pluto square of 2012-15…

I think during the upcoming Aquarius Pluto period, we will see some truly unsettling events unfold, like water scarcity in some of the more arid parts of the world, including the American West. Vastly overbuilt cities like Phoenix and Las Vegas may have to be abandoned due to acute water shortages, which would displace tens of millions of people and force them to relocate elsewhere within the US.

There are some astrologers, like Linda Schurman (www.soothesayer.com), who believe that the “cold” nature of Aquarius may somehow offer us a bit of a reprieve from an otherwise ghastly trend of escalating global temperatures and deteriorating conditions that could render parts of the planet uninhabitable for humans for the first time in recorded history. I also see this period as a window granted to us by the universe to get our affairs in order, stop arguing over trivial things to stroke our own egos, and DO SOMETHING.

Buckeye Shadow, VERY powerful commentary.

This article helps explain the goofy (and scary) behavior of Lindsey Graham, and the behavior of other key Republicans as DrumpfCo grinds on. Russian oligarch campaign contributions in the millions to a few Republicans came with an enormous, price–transformation of our government into something that’s contrary to democracy.

Welcome to the Whistle Stop Cafe Mr kav-naught. I’d like you to meet Idgie the bee chahma and all her friends. They’d like to make you real comfortable real soon. Would you like some fried green tomatoes?

Maybe you’d like to hep us make the sauce for our bar-bee-q.

Oh, here comes Towanda!

Michael Wolfstar:

“Transiting Venus has stopped at 9º Scorpio as it prepares to enter its retrograde phase on October 5. At this location, Venus is exactly sextile Flake’s Sun, activating his role as a mediator between the two political parties.”



The Moon enters Cancer this afternoon EST. It will be a difficult two-day transit for sensitive souls. First, it will join US Venus and oppose Saturn late afternoon and early evening. More bad news concerning women. Then, it will join Kavanaugh’s natal Moon at 7 Cancer. He should feel trapped and insecure. Tomorrow afternoon and evening will be worse when the Moon opposes stationing Pluto. This could bring up additional horrifying information, hopefully the final nail in K’s nomination.

From Neptune Cafe:
October 1,
at 11:52am mars cojoins mean black moon lilith at 6’15 aquarius, aligning the will and drive with the fierce Dark Feminine. this powerhouse of an aspect can be seen in the maelstrom of the politic news right now regarding kavanaguh and dr. ford.
the warrior aligned with the Dark Goddess is a force to be reckoned with! the shadow of this can be the anger and rage that explodes on both sides- from women who have been assaulted by men and by the men who have done the assaulting and the response to the shame that arises when they are called on it. lets pray that this kind of astrology starts bringing to the surface the real issues that need to be addressed right now. women need to get in touch with their rage and grief- and men need to get in touch with their shame. until this happens and is processed in a healthy way (shadow work people!) healing cannot truly happen.

New post up:


Seems like alpha males are getting betarized these days as victim consciousness comes to the forefront viz a viz Chrion in Pisces. The Piscean Age, a cycle of Patriarchy is coming to a close. The final denouement will be Jan 2020 as the Capricon stellium puts a cap on power elitist wield with impunity. Will Pluto drain the swamp?