31st Aug, 2018


Sorry I haven’t been on for a while, but David has been in the hospital and had three surgeries this summer. I am hoping this whole mess is almost over. FYI, Pluto has been crossing his 6th house Sun/Mars conjunction.

Anyway, as I am sure you have all noticed, the Mars station is now quincunx Trump’s Ascendant and will continue through around September 8. As many commentators have noted, he can barely contain his fury. Unhinged hardly describes it. Also, with the Saturn station very near opposition the US Venus, we have lost one of Amercia’s modern heroes, John McCain. His death feels like the final nail in the coffin of any vestige of Republican integrity and decency, and throws an even starker glare on the utter corruption and general vileness of the current party in power.


The comments weren’t working on the last thread. Let’s hope they work again now.

Thank you very much Nancy,

Very sorry about your husband’s health challenges.

Oh dear. I hope David’s recovery is swift. My love to you and your familia.


I too am sending hopeful and positive thoughts that David’s recovery is swift and complete. Love to you and your family.

Praying for David’s full and complete recovery, Nancy. Please relax, rest, and take all the time you need.

I have 4 friends who have had to have surgeries in the past 2 weeks.

Everyone be at peace and may everything be quiet and calm this Labor Day weekend (and always).

New poll comes out again Trump but supports Mueller and Sessions.


I’m guessing you lived off and on at the hospital during David’s challenges. I’m hoping that both of you are now home, where recovery and healing are far faster.

Watching off and on McCain’s and Aretha’s farewells. Both will be missed well into the future. But, damn, that little devil was sitting on my shoulder. I wanted to throw rotten apples at McConnell and Ryan, rotten tomatoes at Pence. There words were poison for none of the three will apply that McCain act of grit in honor of the constitution, or one another.

Sending you and David great good light

Sending light and love to you and David.

Good grief, Starlight! That’s hard on David and you!

Speedy, joyful recovery. You are in my intentions.

I have said a prayer that David heals quickly and completely.

I know we touched foils a time or two but I certainly will not wish hardship on him. Come on spirits and guides, help him.

Nancy, I hope your husband continues to mend.

Do you plan to write about Beto O’Rourke in the coming weeks? I’d love to hear about his prospects for this fall and even for 2020.

Light and Love to you and David.

RE: your August 30th, 2018 – 10:10 am posting
I like the term “Regressive Left” as opposed to “Progressive Left” to refer to the shallow,
uber-authoritarian campus Leftists who’ve been harassing our Liberals. Thank You!


So sorry to hear about David. Hope is all on the mend and with time all will be better.

An etymological speculation:

The word trump in British and American English has the same AND different meanings. In Am. & Br. English trump can be a noun, as in the “trump” referring to the card, an adjective as in the “trump card”, and a verb also in card playing, “to trump” meaning to out rank another card. Generally, it means to excel, surpass, or outdo, but is also used in the phrase “trump up” meaning to fabricate, to accuse someone dishonestly or deceitfully. But in Br. English alone it is also a rude word meaning “to fart”, which I’m told has become the primary usage in the UK.

I have a feeling that after the Trump era is over, the card playing and tarot usage will diminish to nothing.

Future dictionaries may read as follows:

(1) noun, a person who is a traitor (see quisling)

(2) noun, a boorish, vulgar, untrustworthy person, a sexual predator

(3) noun, a person subject to the peter principle, i.e. someone who has risen in a hierarchy to their level of incompetence

(4) noun, a person suffering from the Dunning-Kruger effect, i.e. someone so inept, incompetent, ignorant, or unintelligent they do not have the capacity to realize how inept, incompetent, ignorant or unintelligent they really are

(5) verb, as in “to trump” to alienate all of ones friends to the point of transforming them into enemies.

(6) verb, as in “to trump up” to fabricate tales with which to accuse someone dishonestly or deceitfully.

(7) verb, to behave disgracefully and with narcissism, like former American president Donald John Trump


On Aug 30, at 1:56 p.m., in Nancy’s prior post, you gave a very comprehensive overview of the problems teachers face in higher ed, and the fact that they are between a rock and a hard place (students with extremist right or left views, students who expect kid glove treatment, the corporatization of higher ed, the lack of job security and benefits for faculty, and the decline of tenured positions.

I want to encourage you to turn it into an opinion piece and submit it for publication. I also wanted to make a few comments, (and maybe some here may have feedback or will go back & read it).

Other things going on in higher ed: some teachers are encouraged to push students along, not set the bar too high or be too hard on them, so they’ll pass. In many cases, teachers have to remediate English and writing in addition to their own fields, as students are not learning it in middle and high school.

What you call the 4th problem (students wanting to be treated with kid gloves) is a particularly interesting phenomenon to me. I don’t know the contributing factors but here are some possibilities:

– Too much affluence
– Helicopter parents
– The trend of extending adolescence and young adulthood so young people get stuck in an what Erikson called an “identity moratorium”: they explore but don’t commit – to careers or marriage.
– Availability of information, no need to work or wait for it — just Google it! Makes life too easy.

I think about my parent’s generation (“the greatest generation”) where roles were prescribed, but they learned responsibility, a quality without which it is hard to mature. I like the trend towards being happy, getting in touch with yourself, expressing who you are, but I think something may have been lost and young people may have unrealistic expectations.

Steve Judd is back from what sounds like pretty serious surgery and muses about astrology — very cogent and very beautiful:

Nancy –

Sending good healing wishes for David – and you


I’m so sorry to hear about your husbands repeat surgeries Nancy, I too hope the worst is over and that he is on the mend – and you too.

I agree, the death of John McCain does seem to be the end of the Republican Part as it was before. So many US institutions are faltering as Pluto pushes through Capricorn, but knowing that this is to be expected doesn’t make it easy to deal with its reality.

I marvel at the Senator’s “stagecraft” in planning his own funeral arrangements; having a natal Venus conjunct US natal Neptune helps I’m sure! Transiting Neptune, transiting Jupiter both trine the US natal Sun as we honor the passing of two icons of American culture, Aretha Franklin and Sen. McCain, seems to have touched a common chord in our consciousness from two different perspectives. I believe it will help bring us together.

Beautifully stated, Barb. Thank you.

That’s what I’m hoping for, too, Barb. I heard some of the speakers at the memorial service at the Nat’l Cathedral today, and thought it was remarkable that Joseph Lieberman addressed McCain’s vote against dismantling the ACA, when he was alluding to the bipartisanship in both parties (smart move), although he mostly told McCain stories. I’m not sure there were any Republicans at Aretha’s funeral, though. I watched a Fox News video about the highlights. I plan to watch the whole thing as it looked amazing.

My sentiments as well. You nailed it well. The new approval/disapproval statistics are out, and the polls are not good for the Don.

It appears the focus on the life of John McCain contrasts so dramatically with that of 45, that many are waking to the negative reality of 45. I also expect that when it is revealed that over several secades there were hundreds more than merely the porn star and playboy bunny, and he paid for some of them to have abortions he will finally lose the evangelicals and fundamentalists.

In case anyone missed this:

“America of John McCain has no need to be made great again because it was always great.”


Eliseo, how about to Drumpf, a verb, meaning to gaslight with so-called alternative facts.

I have been trying to remember where i read the Uranus in Gemini thing with no luck sadly. I remember too that there was mention of how this whole sex change transgender and all the other stuff that is done physically of which i am quite ignorant on, how it will become a huge medical field since these people are in effect customers for life because of the hormones they continuously need. Something like that. Also that it will just be so much more normal to identify in ways that are not typical male or female. It’s already starting to happen.

Eliseo. That was absolutely brilliant about the word trump. Truly. Yes i think that the trump card being such a good thing needs to have it’s name changed. All your ideas were brilliant. And drumpf Andre was if cihrse the trump family’s real name.

Eliseo here’s a clip of the term from Wikipedia

Regressive left” (also formulated as “regressive liberals” and “regressive leftists”) describes a section of left-wing politics accused of holding paradoxical, reactionary views by their tolerance of illiberal principles and ideologies, particularly identity politics (emphasis on group identities like race and gender, rather than on the individual)[1], and opposition to free speech[2] for the sake of multiculturalism and cultural relativism.

British political activist Maajid Nawaz,[note 1][4] American political talk-show hosts such as Bill Maher[5] and Dave Rubin,[note 2] as well as New Atheist writers like Sam Harris[note 3] and Richard Dawkins[5] are among those who have used the term.

Today’s funeral was without a doubt in some many ways from all the speakers a clear admonishment about this awful Trumpian politics.

Jared and ivanka sure had some balls to go there. Agent orange was golfing and tweeting like a madman about the FBI AND Canada. Truly shameful. He has no class whatsoever.

The music was beautiful. I wish it could be the start of a change or a return to normalcy. Putting America first again instead of the awful MAGA slogan

The Saturn station this week has a sobering effect on us all, especially Capricorns or those born with Saturn in Capricorn experiencing a Saturn return. Events in coming days, particularly the Kavanaugh hearings, should allow us to see more clearly what the Saturn-Pluto conjunction will be about in January 2020. It seems it might involve both the Supreme Court and the President. It will almost certainly impact Rod Rosenstein as well, since the conjunction will itself be on his Sun.

The present Saturn station brings sadness to the US with the funerals of beloved figures since it opposes the US Venus, as Starlight has noted. Next year, the station will oppose the US Sun, which should be a critical moment for the President.

Saturn will also oppose Canada’s Sun, which will put Prime Minister Trudeau under increasing pressure. He is up for re-election in October 2019, and is himself a Capricorn. Transits of Saturn in Capricorn have historically been turning points for Canada. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction could bring a major crisis, whether or not NAFTA is terminated.

I think Senate Republicans will turn against Drumpf when he makes a serious economic blunder, which is bound to happen sooner rather than later, and indeed is already under way.

It is interesting that transiting Neptune will oppose Mueller’s Mars through 2019. This may make him more subtle and intuitive. For example, he might wait to see if Kavanaugh is confirmed, or promises to recuse himself in any Russia case, before he decides if he will fight 45 all the way to the Supreme Court over a subpoena. Back in 1974, Nixon resigned days after a Supreme Court 8-0 decision that ordered him to turn over his tapes. Eight judges took part in that decision because the ninth, Chief Justice Rehnquist, recused himself for the reason that he had worked for Nixon. AG Sessions of course recused himself from the oversight of the Mueller investigation because he had worked for the Drumpf campaign. Similarly, Kavanaugh should recuse himself in advance because he both worked for Kenneth Starr, the Special Counsel who investigated President Clinton, and Bush 43 in the White House Counsel’s office. It seems he advocated an aggressive questioning of Clinton but was much more supportive of presidential immunity when a Republican President was involved. Such a partisan judge should have no business on the Supreme Court.

If I were Mueller, and Kavanaugh was confirmed without a recusal, I would not trust this Supreme Court despite the 1974 decision. He may do better if he avoids it altogether and simply refer matters to the coming Democrat House and to public opinion. He must also consider what precedent the present SCOTUS might set for future Special Counsels. For these reasons, he may decide to leave Giuliani dangling in preparation for a fight that will not happen, and simply state in his report that the refusal of the President to sit down for an interview under acceptable conditions is a clear sign of obstruction of justice, which was the first ground in the articles of impeachment drawn up for Nixon and Clinton. However, Mueller may not be able to avoid going to the Supreme Court if an indicted defendant, such as Roger Stone, decides to fight him to the end. Of if Mueller decides a pardon of Manafort and Stone, or the firing of Rosenstein, is an abuse of power by the President.

In any event, it is clear this mother of US constitutional crises will only escalate in coming months and culminate in early 2020.


Perfect: Eliseo, how about to Drumpf, a verb, meaning to gaslight with so-called alternative facts.

We need to get this out into the world until everyone is using it.

It is interesting to see that the New Moon chart for September 9th continues to resonate with John McCain’s birth chart (the Full Moon the day after he died was just 3 deg. from his ascendant). Mercury (conversation, news) in the NM chart at 6+ Virgo conjuncts John’s natal Sun while his natal Mercury at 2+ Libra conjuncts the New Moon Ceres at 1+ Libra, the same degree as the US natal chart’s MC (what’s most visible).

The New Moon at 17 Virgo conjuncts McCain’s natal Neptune at 16+ Virgo, while squaring Trump’s natal Uranus at 17+ Gemini, continuing the thorn-in-the side effect that McCain’s death has created for Trump. Sad.

Transiting Ceres (nurture) and McCain’s Mercury (conjunct US chart’s MC) in the New Moon chart will oppose transiting Chiron (conjunct US chart’s IC) suggesting the wound (at US roots) of the loss of a US hero continues to occupy a fair share of the news cycle. This only continues to exasperate Trump.

Then there is the US natal Vesta (what is invested in) at 19+ Taurus that is trined by trans. Pluto in Capricorn and trans. New Moon(+ Sun) in Virgo that conjuncts McCains natal Neptune, forming a grand trine, a nonstop source of powerful energy.

This grand trine gets a focal point due to the transiting Neptune in Pisces opposite the New Moon + McCain’s Neptune in Virgo, and that is called a Boomerang. Since McCain’s Neptune (compassion) and the Virgo New Moon square Trump’s Uranus in Gemini it only exacerbates Trump’s anger.

Don’t you know John McCain is smiling over this ironic coincidence right now?

John McCain gave us a great gift, and so did his daughter today.

To avoid the unsavory appearance of political interference, the unspoken rule that the Special Counsel abstain from decisive overt actions 60 days prior to the midterm elections; according to my calculations kicks in at 12 am Friday September 7th. In other words, if Mueller feels it necessary to carry out any arrests or indictments involved in the Russian investigation, it would have to be done no later than Thursday September 6th……

Anticipation Builds Around Mueller As 60-day Election Window Nears

The cutoff is not a hard and fast rule, but some former prosecutors expect Mueller to bend over backward to avoid taking steps that might be construed as improper before the midterms.

August 30, 2018

The window closes next week for special counsel Robert Mueller to take any more bombshell actions before midterm season officially kicks off, and people in the president’s orbit and across Washington are watching with heightened anticipation that a final pre-election surprise could come soon.



Astrologically, the date of Thursday September 6th presents some significant, compelling aspects. For one, the moon at 2 Leo conjoins the nodes (destiny points) at 3 Leo-Aquarius in square to Uranus (the planet of surprises) at 2 Taurus – in sextile-trine to stationary Saturn (2 Capricorn). Stationary Saturn in its own ruling sign of structure and the rule of law is at its most powerful. We also have Mars (29 Capricorn) in quincunx to Trump’s ascendant (29 Leo) and last years solar eclipse degree. And finally tr. Jupiter (17 ‘59 Scorpio) sextile tr. Pluto (18 ’53 Capricorn) forming a double quincunx (finger of God aspect) to Trump’s natal Uranus (17 ’53 Gemini). Possible major developments on this day.

Another expressive and expansive look at Senator McCain and his lasting impact on the nation.

Jerry! Thank you for your work and I eagerly await what may transpire on Sept 6!

“Donald Trump’s name was never mentioned. It didn’t have to be.”



I just read that an hour ago. Love it. Never said his name, so why are all his fans upset about him being dissed at the funeral? Must have recognized him as having the opposite of the values mentioned.

“New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood discusses with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour her decision to Sue President Donald Trump’s charitable foundation along with its directors — the President, his sons Eric and Donald Jr. and daughter Ivanka, alleging they violated state and federal”

Don’t miss: RBG. “Ruth Bader Ginsburg”
Making its television debut Monday 9 p.m. on CNN

Saw RBG & highly recommend it. I’ll watch it again tomorrow with my husband (8 p.m. CT)

I was talking on the phone to my brother and he was getting worked up over the gun issue; all those kids getting killed in their schools, and he wanted to know, astrologically, when we (USA) were going to fix it.

Well . . , I said astrology could probably tell us, but I, for one, wasn’t at a high enough consciousness level to be able to read it (astrology) yet; that it would be shown in the cycles between outer planets but we (as a whole) might not be ready to “see” it yet. “I wish I could” I told him. Then I took a nap.

It bothered me of course, that he was that upset. It apparently didn’t help that I told him it would take several things; such as who we sent to Congress, etc., and how they responded to the bribes from the NRC; how their constituents felt about the 2nd amendment (which he thinks Congress should just abolish . .he’s a Virgo). It got me to thinking though.

If my brother was that distraught then there are probably enough other US citizens ready to do whatever it takes to make our kids (and the rest of us) safer in this country, so I got a bunch of charts and started to look for clues in them.

The upcoming Jupiter-Saturn cycle start (12/21/2020, 1:22 PM EST, DC) takes place about 23 hours after the US natal Ceres Return (12/20, 2:55 PM, DC). Ceres symbolizes parents concerned about their kids for one thing.

The 2020 US Ceres Return takes place on the same day that Mercury conjuncts the Sun, and the Moon conjuncts Neptune, and the day before Mars conjuncts Eris, and of course, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.

These 4 sets of conjunctions appear in the chart for the US Ceres Return in December 2020, that takes place just hours before the Winter Solstice, which was just hours before the Mars-Eris conjunction and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction that would start a 20 year cycle. It got me to thinking.

If this many new cycles were taking place at the same time it could be that something extraordinary was about to take place; like a rise in human consciousness for example. The 20 year Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart, the charts for the winter solstice and the Mars-Eris cycle, as well as the US Ceres Return are all going to share a lot of the same astro info. They all start right after the Presidential election in November 2020.

This got me to thinking; transiting Neptune (which the Moon would conjunct between the Ceres Return and the Winter Solstice) would be square the North and South Nodes in all those charts, symbolizing a time has come to choose the path forward (North Node) or stay stuck (South Node) in unproductive activity.

One problem, that North Node will be about to conjunct Trump’s natal Uranus in Gemini.

There’s something else though; Neptune in Pisces will be exactly opposite Vesta (investment) in Virgo in all those charts, meaning a grand cross in All Those Charts! Hmm. It’s too soon for me to figure out what this could mean.

The present Jupiter-Saturn cycle that started in 2000 had Mars exactly conjunct Trump’s Uranus, 17+ Gemini, and that Jupiter-Saturn conjunction took place at 22+ Taurus which was trine the US natal chart’s Neptune at 22+ Virgo.

To me this seemed to say that this present Jupiter-Saturn cycle has been about facilitating US Neptune (be it drug use, illusions, madness or compassion, art and the dissolution of things). Trump’s Uranus would play a part in all this.

This got me to thinking; the NEW 35+ year Saturn-Pluto cycle that starts January 12, 2020, ALSO trines the US natal Neptune AND the Jupiter-Saturn cycle that will end in December, 2020.

So, from January 2020 through December 2020 (give or take a week or so) an election year, the US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo) will be supported by two separate cycles; the present Saturn-Jupiter at 22+ Taurus and Saturn-Pluto at 22+ Capricorn – a grand trine in earth signs designed to do what you may ask? Several things at the same time I’d venture to say.

We have a lot of problems here in America and there are no easy answers to solve them but a lot of people seem determined to try anyway. First, we have to dissolve the divides between us. That’s a Neptune job.

When Saturn and Pluto come together in January 2020, they won’t be alone. The Sun (consciousness), Ceres (parenting) and Mercury (communicating) will huddle around Saturn and Pluto in an extraordinary stellium with a purpose. They will be opposed by little Arachne the web-maker, in Cancer (the Family), who will be 2 degrees away from the US natal chart’s Mercury (24+ Cancer) the Communicator.

If you combine this Saturn-Pluto cycle setup with the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle, and the US natal Neptune (that squares US Mars and Trump’s Sun), you get (for one year only) an extraordinary grand trine-becomes-Kite formation, pointing to the Saturn-Pluto + friends as the focal point.

I could be wrong but I believe a lot of US problems will be whittled down in size during that year between January-December, 2020. It’s a lot to think about.

I second Sharon K’ endorsement of RGB double recommended. Learned a whole lot that I never knew.

Andre & Teresa Hill,

I think it better to stick with trump as opposed to drumpf. But I like that addendum.

Therefore, I offer this in addition to my original seven.

(8) verb, to psychologically manipulate an individual or group using persistent lies, denial, misdirection, contradiction, and “alternative facts” for the purpose of leading the victim to doubt their memory, perception, and sanity, thereby undermining the victims balance and ability to function or respond adequately to other actions by the manipulator

RE: “Yes, I think that the trump card being such a good thing needs to have it’s name changed.

I suggest from the Latin supero.

“Trump’s poll numbers are especially dismal among women voters, with a whopping 76% in the 18-to-34 age group having a “very unfavorable” opinion or worse.”


Josh Marshall on Talking Points Memo today:

All of this suggests that the pace of events is likely to accelerate and become more kinetic, volatile and potentially dangerous.

So sorry to learn of David’s health issues Nancy. Hoping challenges of the past few months are now behind you both!

How apt!!
Online etymology for the verb Trump says, – “fabricate, devise,” 1690s, from trump “deceive, cheat” (1510s), from Middle English trumpen (late 14c.), from Old French tromper “to deceive,” of uncertain origin. Apparently from se tromper de “to mock,” from Old French tromper “to blow a trumpet.” Brachet explains this as “to play the horn, alluding to quacks and mountebanks, who attracted the public by blowing a horn, and then cheated them into buying ….”


Anyone see RBG tonight?

Nothing about DJT’s high disapproval numbers in the younger demographics should surprise anyone. They are by and large a diverse and accepting generation, perhaps the most so in US history, and he is doing everything possible to push their buttons with his incessant hate talk against minorities, misogyny, anti-gay and anti-immigration policies. What has he done for them? Not a thing.

If they show up to vote in November, he will very likely be facing even more investigations and impeachment by a Democratic House.


“If they show up to vote in November, he will very likely be facing even more investigations and impeachment by a Democratic House.”

Aye, but there’s the rub. Will be motivated enough to even bother to get themselves to the voting booths?

The Parkland generation (the seniors and graduates) will show up! So many people are so outraged that we have such an inept jerk as our president. I am sure they will vote. Whether or not we get the House back, I believe we will get pretty close. As far as the Senate, I don’t see any reason why we wouldn’t.

kiwi, thanks for that remarkable info; we may have been ignorant but can’t say we weren’t warned!

Sharon, I will catch RBG tonight, okay? Thanks for the reminder.

Regarding the “Parkland generation”, anyone 18 years old now was born around the time of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in May 2000. That took place at 22+ Taurus and was trine the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo (which squares [challenges] Trump’s Sun and US natal Mars in Gemini).

They would also have natal Neptune on or near the US natal South node (eliminate what doesn’t promote growth) and the US natal Pholus (small cause, big effect) in Aquarius.

The midterm election this November will have the transiting Scorpio Sun trine transiting Neptune in Pisces and both trine the US Cancer Sun.

The US natal Jupiter Return (July 22, 2013) had Jupiter in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces and trine Saturn (institutions) in Scorpio. It also had Mercury (votes) conjunct US natal Sun in Cancer square Uranus (suprise!) in Aries (trine US natal chart ascendant in Sagittarius). It also had Sun in Cancer opposite Moon in Capricorn.

Right now transiting Neptune (obliterates boundaries) trines transiting Jupiter (excess) and we all probably have some area of our life in which there is just too much (Jupiter) of something going on that seems to have no limits (Neptune).

These first-time voters (18 years old) are so programmed to upend society (Uranus was square Jupiter and Saturn when they were born), and society (as a whole) is so in need of some containment of the madness (negative Neptune trine negative Jupiter) that these 18 year olds almost seem to be a gift from the gods and goddesses don’t they?

Neptune works in mysterious ways.

I agree about the young people generally being way more accepting, however i fear that most of them won’t vote. I look at my sons friends and i will inquire, they’re all 18 to 21 but i would bet my money that most of them won’t vote, and unfortunately not being American, my family can’t. I was discussing with one of them why i hope that Rick Scott doesn’t get in the Senate and he said he didn’t care because it doesn’t affect him. Of course i tried to explain that it does , but i could tell it made no difference.

These young friends of my son are all in college, very well educated, amazing kids, but they are all distracted with their life, they don’t follow politics and they don’t get it. They don’t like trump but they hear their parents talk about how the tax cuts were a good thing .

Where i live, though many would say they don’t like trump (of course many are totally brainwashed and do), they’re mostly republican and they WILL voted for him, that’s the sad reality and that’s why if he’s still around in 2020 , and the Dems don’t get a great candidate, Agent Orange could very well win!

But getting back to the midterms, even for people in their twenties, like our employees , i wonder how many will vote. Unless it is fostered through home , many of them are too busy, and too distracted to realise the importance of voting.

On another note, Three recent tweets from Avenatti

‘And people ask me why I am seriously considering running for President…

Joe is right. Enough with the Dems getting outplayed. Our republic is at risk. If you are not a real fighter, then you need to get out of the way for someone that is’

‘Newsflash – the Senate judiciary comm members knew long before last night that there were thousands of docs yet to be turned over. They should have been making this an issue on every media outlet they could find & seeking to delay the hearing. Outrage this morning is not enough.’

‘I wish the public knew how many times bookers from networks have told me that they can’t get dem politicians to go on camera because they are too frightened of making a mistake or offending someone. I hear it all the time. And then we wonder why the public has a skewed view?’

Did you guys see that Avenatti is having his own rally in Texas when trump is down there promoting Ted Cruz, he named it ‘Don’t mess with America’

Nancy: wow, 3 surgeries, best wishes for strength in trying times.

In the words of Shakah Kahn : I feel for you.

“pallas moves out of leo and into virgo at 3:40am, shifting the asteroid Goddess of Wisdom and Intelligence into a mercury ruled sign that is all about intelligence, discernment and clarity. pallas in virgo calls for precision, attention and detail-orientation. pallas aligns with the royal fixed star of leadership- regulus who just precessed into virgo in 2012. this shift heralds a shift in leadership- with people who are dedicated to the earth and to being of service rising into positions of power. if you don’t see this happening yet don’t worry regulus is in virgo for 2000 years and it will take a bit of time to fully activate the transit.”


Nancy, I hope all is well with your husband and that he will experience complete recovery from his illness. All the best.

A fascinating glimpse into Bob Woodward’s new book: Fear: Trump in the White House…..

Bob Woodward’s New Book Reveals A ‘Nervous Breakdown’ of Trump’s Presidency

Washington Post
Sept 4, 2018


Bob Woodward’s new book reveals a ‘nervous breakdown’ of Trump’s presidency

Maggie Haberman
?” BOB WOODWARD quotes John Kelly in his new book as saying of POTUS: “He’s an idiot. It’s pointless to try to convince him of anything. He’s gone off the rails. We’re in Crazytown. I don’t even know why any of us are here. This is the worst job I’ve ever had.” Via @washingtonpost

“More It’s worse than it seems and it already seems quite out of hand, in the new Woodward book “Fear,” which Woodward colleagues

@PhilipRucker and @costareports break down in detail”


“Kelly describes Trump as an “idiot” and “unhinged,” Woodward reports. Mattis describes Trump as having the understanding of “a fifth or sixth grader.” Dowd describes Trump as “a fucking liar,” and would end up in “orange jump suit” if he talks to Mueller “https://www.cnn.com/2018/09/04/politics/bob-woodward-book-donald-trump-fear/index.html …

Kiwi, the word TROMPER in French is still in everyday use. It is quite common. It means to deceive. JE ME SUIS TROMPÉ means I made a mistake. Literally, I trumped myself.

“So full of artless jealousy is guilt, It spills itself in fearing to be spilt.”

It well describes Mr. T, but I found it to be consistently true in my experience as a criminal investigator.

SharonK and barbk,

My experience with most of the voting-age young adults aligns with Diana’s. If there isn’t an app to cast their vote on their cell-phones, they are probably not going to show up. And if their parents are paying for their college/university tuition and their cars, car insurance and health insurance and co-pays, they probably are hearing something like ‘Trump’s tax cuts are good.’

SharonK and barbk, I very much hope your belief that the young ones will vote, and do so in the right direction proves my doubts terribly wrong.


You may have just hit on a brilliant idea — the voting app. I wonder if there already is one.

I found one that candidates can buy to use with their voters: http://www.moonshadowmobile.com/products/strike-list-gotv-get-out-the-vote-mobile-app/

But I didn’t find one that you can use to check if you’re registered or which candidates you can vote for and to remind you when to vote.

I too hope younger voters turn out in large numbers at the November midterm election, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on the matter. My experience with college students, all of whom are voting-age, is in line with those of you who have expressed less confidence in this younger generations’ reliability.

Although this generation is far more progressive generally, more of them embracing Dem. Socialism than I’ve seen in my lifetime, I do not expect most of them to actually follow through at the polls.

Also, I’ve seen no evidence this younger generation is similar to those passionate activists from MSD High School in Parkland, Florida. If anything, I suspect the Parkland students are an anomaly.

Nevertheless, if 18 to 25 year-olds turn out for the midterms in great numbers for the Dems I will be exceedingly pleased. But please don’t misinterpret. I not only hope, but see the probability that “blue wave” may become a tsunami by November, regardless of whether younger voters actually show up at the polls.

Will & Teresa,

No doubt there are those young people with higher consciousness, and a more highly developed sense of social responsibility and leadership. For some reason, they exist at Parkland, so something about the learning and social environment, and their parenting, nurtured these qualities. These particular people have been so exemplary and have shown so much ability to motivate others. There have to be more like them in their generation and others. Remember the indigo and crystal children who are said to have been born to speed up human evolution? I don’t know how long it will take or whether evolved humans will triumph over all of the evil in this world but the idea is very inspiring and I believe we are moving in that direction.

Teresa, great idea about those apps.

Eliseo, I just read your post, and I think it will take time as leadership is needed in all age groups but particularly for the young…but they catch on fast, don’t they?

Sharon, your very cogent remarks (1:21 AM) are appreciated, and while I know nobody of high school age (or any recent HS grads) personally, I maintain that their births at the time of the Jupiter-Saturn – square – Uranus event (circa 2000), will produce in them a tendency to rebel against the status quo (Jupiter-Saturn in Taurus). If it doesn’t materialize at the ballot box it will in their spending habits and/or through demonstrations against the encroachment of Big Business against Mother Nature.

I won’t get to see the Ginsburg piece until Sunday but look forward to it (was confused about what day it was yesterday AM!!)

What doesn’t seem apparent to us right now, I believe, will become so on the day of the midterm election, and the Moon-Ceres-Venus conjunction at 27+ Libra is why I think that. These 3 symbols represent love and caring and respect for the Earth and its inhabitants, and 27+ Libra is meaningful, esp. for the USA. It trines the US Moon (People) and squares the US Pluto (Power).

Two of the most active cycles going on right now have 27+ Libra prominent; the Pluto-Saturn conjunction took place in that degree, and at the Pluto-Neptune conjunction. Uranus was at 27+ Libra.

For good measure, Omarosa’s natal Uranus is at 27+ Libra too.

To have Venus and Ceres, and briefly the Moon, at 27+ Libra is unmistakably a message calling forth the energies of these two cycles.

Pluto and Saturn at 27+ Libra were sextile Neptune (and the Galactic Center) in Sagittarius and they formed a Yod to Chiron in Taurus (very near the presently transiting Sedna and Trump’s MC). Transiting Jupiter in Scorpio will be opposing that Chiron (and Sedna and Trump’s MC) in the weeks before the midterm election, creating a Boomerang pattern. Transiting Jupiter (24 – 27 Scorpio) will activate the Pluto-SATURN cycle energy, just in time to affect the consciousness of the US electorate before voting day.

In the chart for the Pluto-NEPTUNE cycle (which started conjunct the US natal Uranus at the time) trans. Uranus (27+ Libra) was square trans. Venus (27+ Cancer) who was opposite US natal Pluto (27+ Capricorn), thus creating a T-square of utmost importance.

The triple goddess conjunction (Moon, Venus, Ceres) on midterm election day will call forth the power of the Pluto-Neptune cycle AND the Pluto-Saturn cycle energies; a mandate and referendum largely regarding the abuse of power by the present government leadership.

There WILL be change, mark my words.

Today transiting asteroids Isis (she who finds all the scattered pieces and puts them together) and transiting Apollo (he who speaks the truth) are conjunct each other at 8+ Leo, as well as conjunct Mueller’s natal Pluto (8+ Leo), and the Mars-Chiron conjunction (8+ Leo) in the Pluto-Neptune conjunction (8+ Gemini) chart, which conjuncts US natal Uranus.

Maybe we might get news of it but I think for sure Mr. Mueller is quite pleased today.

In the Pluto-Neptune cycle chart Mars-Chiron (8+ Leo) was sextile Pluto-Neptune (8+ Gemini) and formed a Yod to asteroid Hybris (hubris) at 8+ Capricorn who was/is forced to adjust.

At the time Cohen was making his plea and Manafort’s jury reached their decision (both on August 21 about 4:30 PM) the Moon was at 8+ Capricorn.

It is likely Mueller’s investigation has found fertile ground from those events and the pieces are coming together as a true picture regarding Trump’s role in the Russian Interference in US 2016 Election results.

tRump has a progressed New Moon coming in his natal chart in 2019.

Charts for it in right ascension and in longitude:

tR Prog natal NM RA


tR prog natal NM Longitude


Padded walls?

Bill Herbst has a terrific new essay out:

The Bill Herbst astrological essay (not all of his are astrological lately), posted by Frank, is very good. Recommend!

Barb, thank you, and I am thrilled to hear things are falling in place for Mueller behind the scenes (which is what I have been picturing, since he is an effective, highly experienced Leo/Virgo). I also read with much interest your 7:04 a.m. post.

Can you please comment on Imran khan oath taking chart Thanx and how it’s related to pakistan progress and US
18th Aug 10:23am Islamabad pakistan
And how would be his five year term.

OMG, have you read or heard about the NYT op-ed from an anonymous Trump Administration official?

OMG is right. This is unbelievable.

I can hardly wait for part two of Bill Herbst’s essay!

Heads up, mayhem breaking out both at Kavanaugh hearing AND on NYT. Apparently a anonymous writer broke loose with insider info on Trump aides considering whether or not the 25th amendment should be evoked. Hmmmmm, Bob you may have just nailed it with “padded walls”.

Just read it. (Sigh) Just like Republicans in Congress. We know what he is, but we’ll put up with him because we can get some things we like passed.

Thanks Sharon. re: the 27+ Libra degree comment, Venus is in that degree right now. She will retrograde soon and will return again to that degree, in retrograde, on Election Day.

Trump’s rant on tape now; trans. Mercury is on his ascendant (29+ Leo) and trans. Jupiter is quincunx (adjustment) his natal Uranus (17+ Gemini). Sigh

Here’s the NYT Op-ed article:

Resistance Inside the Trump Administration
I work for the president but like-minded colleagues and I have vowed to thwart parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations.

Sept. 5, 2018
President Trump at an event in August at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J.
President Trump at an event in August at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J.CreditTom Brenner for The New York Times
The Times today is taking the rare step of publishing an anonymous Op-Ed essay. We have done so at the request of the author, a senior official in the Trump administration whose identity is known to us and whose job would be jeopardized by its disclosure. We believe publishing this essay anonymously is the only way to deliver an important perspective to our readers. We invite you to submit a question about the essay or our vetting process here.

President Trump is facing a test to his presidency unlike any faced by a modern American leader.

It’s not just that the special counsel looms large. Or that the country is bitterly divided over Mr. Trump’s leadership. Or even that his party might well lose the House to an opposition hellbent on his downfall.

The dilemma — which he does not fully grasp — is that many of the senior officials in his own administration are working diligently from within to frustrate parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations.

I would know. I am one of them.

To be clear, ours is not the popular “resistance” of the left. We want the administration to succeed and think that many of its policies have already made America safer and more prosperous.

But we believe our first duty is to this country, and the president continues to act in a manner that is detrimental to the health of our republic.

That is why many Trump appointees have vowed to do what we can to preserve our democratic institutions while thwarting Mr. Trump’s more misguided impulses until he is out of office.

I don’t think it is “ego” that keeps the anonymous author of the NYT op-ed from coming forward, I think he is prolonging his job so as to be a check on Trump’s actions.

Transiting Askalaphus (the tattle-tale) at 20+ Capricorn retrograde (conjunct trans. Pluto at 18+ Cap rx) is square the US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries that opposes the US natal Juno (less than equal partner) at 20+ Libra.

Bottom line, it is the Neptune (madness)-Pluto (death and rebirth) conjunction with the US natal Uranus (breakthrough) at 8+ Gemini (broadcasting), a cycle that has existed since 1891.

Transiting Hades (Uranian point, “points of energy”) at 8+ Cancer is conjunct Trump’s natal Mercury at 8+ Cancer.

I didn’t take it like that Teresa. Sure, this senior official is a Conservative and espouses a Conservative philosophy, so he is pro free-market, freedom of speech, and democracy, but so am I. I don’t go as far as he does in that I believe strongly in the right government regularly and protections for the environment and civil rights, and am anti-Citizens United and the dismantling of the voting rights protections. However, the great thing about the article is that the guy wants everyone to know that most of those within the administration are on guard and working hard to protect the world against Trump’s ineptitude and mental delusions. I also like what he says about uniting as Americans and his admiration for McCain. I’m wondering if Trump will figure out who it is and who he’ll punish and torture to get to the truth. It’s definitely another nail.

By the way, first thing tomorrow, I’m going to call my 2 Republican Senators to tell them to vote against Kavanaugh. Anyone have any compelling reasons I can mention besides being pro-choice, the fact that so many documents were released at the last minute and so many others are help back, and that he was chosen by a president who may have colluded with the Russians? (Actually, there is an investigation; it’s not specifically Trump who is being investigated, am I right?)


“..in the right government regulations!” — not “regularly” “held back”, not “help”

Barb, we know the op-ed pleases Mueller. Let’s hope it was something that much more substantial regarding collusion or violation of the Rico Act (?) that happened to please him today.

Here is a good comment from the op-ed piece that I agree with.

“The anonymous Trump official’s letter does not impress me. If they truly cared about our country, they would not be able to work in this Administration. The letter writer mentioned the “good things” the Trump Administration has done such as deregulation, tax reform, and a robust military. The deregulation has helped companies pollute and further endanger our environment, tax reform has mainly helped the wealthy, and we spend an inordinate amount of money on the military to the detriment of social programs, education, and infrastructure, for example. Where is the letter writer’s outrage about Trump’s attacks on the press, attacks on immigrants, on trying to use the Justice Department like it’s his own legal department, on Trump’s racist and misogynist comments, his divisiveness, and the fact that Trump is an unindited co-conspirator? So, this anonymous letter writing shouldn’t be preaching to us about being an American and how we should be thankful they are a resistor within the Administration. They are selling their soul because they and others can work around Trump to get their policies and judges passed.”

This is a MUST Read! Both our Dem & R. politicians seem to not have a clue, i.e. zero understanding of 21st century issues. Their ideologies IMHO reflect 19th century thinking, not 20th & not 21st!

Why Technology Favors Tyranny
Artificial intelligence could erase many practical advantages of democracy, and erode the ideals of liberty and equality. It will further concentrate power among a small elite if we don’t take steps to stop it.
Yuval Noah Harari OCTOBER 2018 ISSUE



THE BIGGEST AND MOST FRIGHTENING impact of the AI revolution might be on the relative efficiency of democracies and dictatorships. Historically, autocracies have faced crippling handicaps in regard to innovation and economic growth. In the late 20th century, democracies usually outperformed dictatorships, because they were far better at processing information. We tend to think about the conflict between democracy and dictatorship as a conflict between two different ethical systems, but it is actually a conflict between two different data-processing systems. Democracy distributes the power to process information and make decisions among many people and institutions, whereas dictatorship concentrates information and power in one place. Given 20th-century technology, it was inefficient to concentrate too much information and power in one place. Nobody had the ability to process all available information fast enough and make the right decisions. This is one reason the Soviet Union made far worse decisions than the United States, and why the Soviet economy lagged far behind the American economy.

However, artificial intelligence may soon swing the pendulum in the opposite direction. AI makes it possible to process enormous amounts of information centrally. In fact, it might make centralized systems far more efficient than diffuse systems, because machine learning works better when the machine has more information to analyze. If you disregard all privacy concerns and concentrate all the information relating to a billion people in one database, you’ll wind up with much better algorithms than if you respect individual privacy and have in your database only partial information on a million people. An authoritarian government that orders all its citizens to have their DNA sequenced and to share their medical data with some central authority would gain an immense advantage in genetics and medical research over societies in which medical data are strictly private. The main handicap of authoritarian regimes in the 20th century—the desire to concentrate all information and power in one place—may become their decisive advantage in the 21st century.

CAN PARLIAMENTS AND POLITICAL PARTIES overcome these challenges and forestall the darker scenarios? At the current moment this does not seem likely. Technological disruption is not even a leading item on the political agenda. During the 2016 U.S. presidential race, the main reference to disruptive technology concerned Hillary Clinton’s email debacle, and despite all the talk about job loss, neither candidate directly addressed the potential impact of automation. Donald Trump warned voters that Mexicans would take their jobs, and that the U.S. should therefore build a wall on its southern border. He never warned voters that algorithms would take their jobs, nor did he suggest building a firewall around California.


Interesting David Johnson channeling. 17 minutes of why Kavanaugh won’t be confirmed. Hope his information is right!

Sharon K,
If he is confirmed (and even if he isn’t) we will have to take a radical, but I believe reasonable step when we regain power and Russian collusion is proven.

We will need to declare all SC and other appointments, laws and executive orders signed, etc. by DJT as null & void as he is an illegitimately elected president. This may produce an Avignon Papacy type of SC, but I believe it nevertheless will need be done.

Wow those were some very interesting recent comment., now catching up ! Ja i agree with those comments too ! Well said .
I think but could be wrong that where the parkland students are in Florida is a very democratic area which would explain the fact that they are more enlightened , trying not to sound smug or snobbish but it’s just that the thinking i believe is more life affirming ,self aware thinking with more respect for diversity and the planet

And to end , i was inspired by McCain i think that the new slogan for all Americans right now should be PUT AMERICA FIRST AGAIN #PAFA

“…I think that the new slogan for all Americans right now should be PUT AMERICA FIRST AGAIN #PAFA”

Perfect! I like it!

Also, we now have our “deep throat” whomever wrote the Op-Ed for the NY Times.

Dear Frank,
Thank you so much for the kindness of sharing that Op-ed letter with us!
I suspect there may be even more letter’s coming.

Highly unlikely that the 45th’s presidency will be annulled lest it was the will of both chambers of commerce and the Supreme Court. If he is forced to leave office, (voluntarily or as part of a pardon deal) the way it would more likely play out is Pence stepping in and pardoning T-rump just like Gerald Ford stepped in and pardoned Nixon. An annulment of the T-Presidency would wreak havoc on the government, the country and the markets. Doubtful that’s going to happen.

I’m doubtful as well, but it would be just, particularly after we learn for sure the Russians affected the outcome of the election.


Just it would be – I so agree.

tRump and Republican controlled Congress recognized or widely called out by the MSM.

My favored Q2 Mean Quotidian progressed angles that I ALWAYS use.

tR secondary progressed MC at time of September 6 Saturn station: 203°09′.

115th Congress progressed MC at the same time: 202°08′.

Stationing Saturn on Asc at 202°29′.

Now I have to go write another op-ed for the NYT.

Wow, this entire Election seemed too well planned.
They couldn’t have done all this damage with a sharper President, they had to have a stooge like Trump. And Russian help!
The American People must learn the truth!

“How Brett Kavanaugh Made Russian Election Interference Easier and Robert Mueller’s Job Harder”
The Supreme Court nominee gutted part of a law that prevented foreign influence in US elections.
Republican’s must think we’re totally stupid!


Sharon K, David Johnson categorically says that Kavanaugh won’t be confirmed. He says that some Republican senators will grow a conscience and do not want to go back to backroom abortions. He mentioned specifically Senators Collins and Murkowski. Others will want to avoid investigations for decades on the unfair process surrounding this nomination. They will be afraid that Democrats will annul Kavanaugh’s appointment when they are back in the majority. Finally, he says the Fake President’s problems and tweets will overwhelm the nomination process.

Saturn’s station today brings to the fore a particularly serious situation involving major political institutions such as the Supreme Court and the Presidency. The Mars-Uranus square on the 18th will take place only two days before the final vote. There should be surprises then.

I keep thinking about the Saturn station a year from now directly opposite the US Sun, which will bring everything to a head. Drumpf declared his candidacy when Pluto opposed the US Sun.

I think this is also a test for Johnson’s credibility. After initially stating in July Kavanaugh wouldn’t be confirmed, he seemed to hedge his bets in August when he said there was a slight chance he would be. He has now come back to a clearer prediction. If he is right about this, then his other prediction that Schiff would be President when Drumpf and Pence both resign will have greater weight in my view. Before that, the Dems would need to take the House and choose Schiff as their Speaker. We shall soon see.

The US Constitution’s birth chart (9/17/1787) has Uranus at 29 Cancer 10 which means it is even more tightly opposed the US natal Pluto than the US natal Mercury is, but why quibble.

The point is that transiting Uranus was exactly square the US Constitution chart’s natal Uranus in late April this year, through mid May, and will return to 29+ Aries in retrograde on the late evening of the midterm elections.

Transiting Uranus on election day (Nov. 6, 2018) will then be square both the transiting Moon’s Nodes; the North Node at 29+ Cancer, the South Node at 29+ Capricorn, signifying a crossroads decision. The transiting North Node will conjunct the US Constitution’s natal Uranus and both will trine transiting Jupiter (beyond sufficient) at 29+ Scorpio (investigation).

Transiting Uranus in Aries will also oppose transiting Venus retrograde and transiting Ceres, both at 27+ Libra as I expanded on yesterday.

So, the grand cardinal cross between transiting Uranus in ARIES, and the North Node + Constitution’s Uranus in CANCER, and the South Node in CAPRICORN (+ US natal Pluto), and transiting Venus & Ceres in LIBRA is nothing short of a crisis in consciousness for the US Electorate.

Transiting Uranus will end its retrograde in January, 2019 (28+ Aries) and reach 29+ Aries (direct) again in February when it will be joined by transiting Mars (charge ahead) to start a new two year cycle (just enough time to cover the newly elected Representatives). They will be conjunct the US Constitution’s Uranus, all at 29+ Aries. Can you just imagine what that might produce?

Sorry, my bad. Transiting Uranus and transiting Mars won’t conjunct the Constitution’s Uranus next February, they will square it.

“Now I have to go write another op-ed for the NYT.”


Now I have to fawn over you!

This morning Senator Booker outed Committee classified emails from Kavanaugh and was threatened with expulsion by Sen. Cornyn of TX. Senators Harris, Durbin, Feinstein, Hirono supported Booker, willing to face being ousted. (Which won’t happen–you need 67 votes from Senate to do that)

It all makes sense, as in the seams coming undone with this sham of a SCOTUS confirmation hearing.

The dog poo in a bag is close to getting opened. And exposing it to oxygen will cause it to self-ignite!

It appears Sen Cory Booker has located some of the Dem Party’s spine if not his own, in leaking emails that pertain to Kavanugh’s views on racial profiling.

Ha! Fe! Maybe wait until January 2020.

If the committee’s vote about Kavanaugh’s nomination is on September 20 my chart for tRump on that day is very (very) negative . It has his secondary progressed Mars and Neptune straddling the Asc and the return’s Saturn and Pluto straddling the IC.

I just read an old newsweek article that said it was Manafort who pushed for Pence to be selected as VP. If true, I have to wonder why – what was behind that agenda?

Marjorie on Kavanaugh

The Dems are fighting back!!! I am absolutely thrilled!!! May that spine grow stronger & stronger!

Good job, Bob, on that op-ed. I knew I liked you for good reason. Of course, you had to fudge the part about liking some of what the president has done (who knows – he may really have done a little “something” right –)

Found this on DU just now. Along the line of badass women like Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, RBG, Maxine Waters (where is she, by the way?), we now have another extremely worthy one – Kamala Harris!


Dear Nancy, I hope your husband has been improving.
I wish I could be of help to you in some way.

My own very argumentative Republican Husband is sixteen years older than I and already I have a taste of the difficult eventual future I will encounter.

Please know Nancy, I send much love, strength and positive thoughts your way.

Sharon K and all,

I was joking when I [posted that line about writing another op-ed. I don’t have staff to polish my contributions. Sure wish I had it in me to write the first one though.

That it came from somebody inside of the administration sends an important message to the inhumane resident’s base. Chip, chip. chip until Mr Mueller’s exposé and Democrats control at least one house of Congress

Bob! LOL

The R. Party has evolved into a criminal organization, a sociopathic beast in the image of their gods, i.e. the corporations.

I’m very tired of timid Dems. Playing polite and nice with the beast is regressive. It’s called losing.

The behavior of the Dem senators leaking info and questioning Kavanaugh give me hope.


Thank you for posting the Newsweek piece re: Manafort and Pence connection. Most intriguing.

Even though the attribution of this quote to Gandhi has been questioned, it seems most appropriate to all of those “Christy” fundamentalists.

” I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

Just gonna leave this here. So hoping it pays dividends and he has to go away.

It is amazing how the MSM asks when the GOP Congress will wake up and act. What they seem to miss that they are very awake and will stand behind DT until the end. They know this is the last chance to create American apartheid. So long as they can hold us all back through their extremist judges and their racist voter ID laws and closing inner-city voting precincts, they think they can push us back to a 17th century America where only white men who own land could vote and decide their fates. That is the essence of the Federalist Society of which Kavanaugh is a member along with four current members of SCOTUS. It gives them (they think) carte blanche to control our laws and undue all that many of us here have spent our lives helping to build.

re: your 12:25 am posting
YOU NAILED IT! 100% correct! A+: Especially the part about this being the last chance to create American apartheid.

“It is amazing how the MSM asks when the GOP Congress will wake up and act. What they seem to miss that they are very awake and will stand behind DT until the end.”

I suspect they “miss” that on purpose. It is a convenient way of NOT having to state the real truth, that the R. Party is involved in an illegal, unconstitutional, anti-democratic criminal conspiracy, therefore less likely to alienate more conservative viewers or their corporate sponsors.

Eliseo, once Kavanaugh is installed, what they are doing to derail democracy will no longer be illegal – voter id laws, flagrant gerrymandering, shutting the polls early in areas that don’t vote the way they want – all that will be ruled fair and legal under the Federalist’s Supreme Court. And the Russian’s will ensure the elections are what the ruling mob wants. All the pieces are moving into place.

Of course you are correct again.

I am haunted by doubts as to the meaning of the US progressed retrograde Mars which lasts into the 2080’s. Despite the various musings about Pluto moving into Aquarius in 2023, I sometimes wonder if the retrograde Mars means a long, undemocratic, fascist period.

The American Revolution was illegal. We may have to revolt again. Let us hope Kavanaugh is NOT confirmed and installed.

Silcominc, elisio

Can’t sleep so decided to come here, your latest posts are chilling. I feel afraid reading them and filled with doom…

Is there no hope?

‘Lodestar’ Linked To Pence, Meanwhile Trump Rages ‘Turn Him/Her Over To Government At Once!’

*Lodestar* is a very odd word to use but yet Mike Pence used it during this CBS interview.

https://www.cbsnews.com/news/mike-pence-pledges-proper-separation-donald-trump-business-empire/ …https://dailysoundandfury.com/lodestar-linked-to-pence-meanwhile-trump-rages-turn-him-her-over-to-government-at-once/?omhide=true&utm_source=newsletter-232&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=tti

Top Trump officials deny writing explosive op-ed:
‘Not mine’, ‘No’, ‘Laughable’
Denials come as Trump lashes out over anonymous account published by the New York Times, which describes an internal White House ‘resistance’ against the President


I suspect apsolutely Pence: Born June 7, 1959

YES! There is hope!
It wasn’t my intention of frightening anyone. I just believe it is prudent to look at all possibilities so as to be prepared as possible.

My background is somewhat different from many here on this blog. Although I’m now a university instructor, I’ve gone through about eight occupations. When I was a mental health professional I dealt with a goodly number of violent patients. In that context I interviewed 100’s.

After a number of years I continued doing interviews, but as a criminal investigator. Again I dealt with a number of violent offenders. Such work opens one’s mind to the psyches and intentions of people very different from the very civilized, kind sweet folks who inhabit this excellent blog.

Before all that I grew up here in the South where there are to this day a number of hard core Texas secessionists. I know how these people think, whether they be Fundamentalist Christo-Fascists, Trumpists, or other varieties of Right Wingers. Though they are a minority, their passion to impose (if necessary by force) what they believe is right and proper on what they see as the errant majority knows no bounds.

There are rattlesnakes within our midst, but they’ve always been there, from the beginning of the Republic. We can only defeat them and keep them at bay by coldly and rationally observing them and constantly being prepared for the worst while working our tails off to create and maintain a kinder, more just and compassionate society.

Let us not forget the lessons of WWII. We exist at least at six different levels of ethical and spiritual maturity. Many do not respond well to reason or kindness. The American Right is gradually becoming increasingly fascistic. We must not rule out the possibility of having to deal with them as we did with the fascists of WWII.

There is hope! Events, (some of them natural) and careful maneuvering may well enable us to throw a few tons of very cold water on their hot souls, cooling their ardor sufficiently to avoid civil war or other insurrection.

Take into consideration how lucky we are that Trump and the Trumpists are so very incompetent. They are doing a wonderful job of making a bad name for the Right and for Republicans generally. In a sense, by compulsively sticking with Trump, the R’s are committing slow political suicide. They are actually moving the majority of Americans Leftward! If we are wise we can win this, though we may well go through a few years of serious hardship before we arrive at “the promised land.”

When I said we were lucky T is so incompetent, I did not mean to ignore or minimize the suffering and mayhem he is causing.

I’m sure it will get worse before it gets better, but it will get better I believe within our lifetime. We will likely spend the next several decades fixing all that the Donald broke.


You have hit the nail on head: “The R. Party has evolved into a criminal organization, a sociopathic beast in the image of their gods, i.e. the corporations.”

Your analysis is as clear as day, yet the msm keeps asking why Congress will not act. Congress will not act because they are the criminals.

I am hopeful that the Dems will get their courage from Senators like Kamala, Leahy, and Booker.

Nancy, a follow-up: I am hoping that you and David are feeling and having reasons to be hopeful.

I would posit that the Trump administration is competent in one key arena: appointing conservative persons to lifetime federal judiciary positions. They are of course just taking advantage of the the careful work of McConnell’s ilk who absolutely refused to let Obama appoint any such judges to the federal court systems, for *years*, holding out for the next Republican president in the Oval Office.


There is real hope in that we take back at least one house of Congress this fall. Now more than ever we need to mobilize and vote. There are more of us then them and they seem to bank on our short attention spans and the idea that the masses will be focused on a new iPhone or movie than bother to vote or watch the horrors they are inflicting..

Well I do feel better now, thanks for the responses everyone. Eliseo, what a fascinating life you have led, wow, would love to meet you in person and chat. You are very wise indeed. And I know what you meant about us being lucky that the Trump administration is so very bad and incompetent , and that it could be even worse. I was thinking yesterday that I don’t really think he expected to win, remember how much right before elections he was going on about the system being rigged? And then of course it was all about his most amazing electoral victory, not to mention he would have won the popular vote too if all those millions of illegals didn’t vote!

He’s really a madman and a self serving malicious charlatan. It makes me so upset that my Mum is so much in the bubble of Fox News. The last time my brother was here he sat down and asked her why she likes Trump, but did it in a very non combative way (which unfortunately I am not capable of), just really trying to let her talk. The crux of it was that she thinks Trump is a kind man who really loves America and wants the best for America and is taking her in the right direction . When I went to visit her two days ago, there was a photo of Drumph being inaugurated on her mantel and it was all I could do not to say something, like how could you like this man who has caused and is causing so much harm, especially to the environment you say you love, who has no morals, who lies constantly , who cheats on his wife and then pays off porn stars and models, who bullies everyone, who is impulsive and acts like a toddler and on an on?

But I didn’t, because its not worth it and she’s my mother and we get along great in every other respect and she’s going through such a hard time with my Dad and Alzheimers and is sacrificing so much for him without complaint . Life is too short!

Yes Silcominc, wouldn’t it be great indeed if the Dems took the House and the Senate? I really hope the voting numbers will be far greater than for the Right . And I agree so much with what Eliseo said that the far Right and Trump are giving such a bad name to the Republicans Republicans that its like a slow suicide and driving people towards the Left. We just have to hope that they can be stopped soon, also it is still my hope that the Left doesnt blow it by moving too far to the Left. The socialism card really works, for example, that last time by California Sister in Law was here, she asked my mum what she thought of Kamal Harris and my mum immediately said she wants to give away everything for free. Because of course thats what she hears on Faux News.

Finally , Avenatti is tweeting that Cory Booker and Kamala need to finish the job they started , I’ll copy and paste the tweet here. Regarding anonymous, I somehow dont think its Pence, it might even be Kellyeanne who knows, she loves to talk about the great deregulations and tax cuts and her husband is not a fan of Agent Orange.

Here are the tweets from Avenatti:

‘They must have hard evidence of this supposed communication by Kavanaugh. I’m sure they do bc otherwise Harris would not have done what she did in light of the cardinal rule: Don’t over promise to the jury and then not deliver bc you will lose all credibility and be crucified.’

‘I sincerely hope (1) those four docs that were released this morning by Mr. Booker really were still confidential, so he can prove the GOP is lying and (2) that Ms. Harris discloses the evidence of the communications she suggested last night exists and then eviscerates Kavanaugh.’

‘When I first started trying cases, my mentor taught me two basic things: 1. Never overpromise & suggest to the jury that you have evidence when you don’t (i.e. get over the tips of your skis) and 2. Never get caught trying to deceive the jury. Words to live by in life as well.’

Happy Friday everyone, I am so happy to be part of this group, its very important to me. Nancy, I hope all is going well with your husband David, thanks for creating this wonderful forum.

We here on “ground zero” see and experience what the Transformation, or the Evolution, or the End of the Patriarchy, or the Ascension Process (AP) looks like up close and personal and it IS scary (Pluto) and/or maddening (Neptune) and/or shocking (Uranus). But, astrology can see the same thing from a greater distance; as part of a plan, or a revolution, or a birthing of something new.

The two most elevated (keyword) major planets in the US natal chart are Neptune in the 9th house of understanding and Saturn in the 10th house of achievement, and they symbolize two different perspectives; reality (Saturn) and possibility (Neptune). They straddle the chart’s MC (outcome) and they are 22 degrees apart.

The number 22 has a positive spiritual meaning, a subject I’m not schooled in but I do know 2 implies duality or division. We live in a world of duality (man-woman, good-bad, hot-cold, rich-poor) and “right now” would seem to be an example of duality at its worst; extreme divisiveness. There is purpose in that, which, from our present perspective (ground zero), is not easy to comprehend.

Astrology can help, from its perspective though. For example the conjunction(s) of transiting Neptune and Saturn in 1989 show a blueprint of a plan for the course of their cycle. Right now trans. Saturn and trans. Neptune are 73 degrees apart, with Saturn closing in on Neptune.

A quintile aspect is two planets 72 degrees apart and is a division (of a 360 deg. circle) by five. It behaves somewhat like a muted trine; it provides opportunity. Believe it or not, transiting Neptune and transiting Saturn are symbolizing that now is an opportune time to evolve.

If you believe, as I do, that we are here (incarnate on Earth) for a purpose, to leave behind the world of duality and move forward and upward into the world (perspective) of unity (reality + possibility), then you must accept that these shocking and maddening and scary times have a good purpose, even if you can’t comprehend that purpose right now.

In the US natal chart Neptune (illusion, faith) is at 22+ Virgo and Uranus (shocking breakthrough) is at 8+ Gemini. In the Neptune-Saturn cycle chart (March 3, 1989) the centaur Nessus (abuse of power) is at 22+ Virgo and the centaur Pholus (small cause, big dramatic effect) is at 8+ Gemini. How fitting – abuse of power is an illusion and a small cause will become a shocking breakthrough.

Centaurs symbolize a bridge or a facilitator between levels of consciousness while outer planets (Neptune, Uranus and Pluto) symbolize activity and energy being delivered on a collective level (nothing personal!). Because the present Neptune-Saturn cycle started with centaurs conjunct the US natal chart’s Neptune and Uranus, this country has been designated to act out or demonstrate just how the plan (to evolve) works.

It may look like we Americans are a bad example (to the rest of the world and ourselves) of humanity right now, but – in time (a duality thing) – we will be exemplars for the rest of the world (if not the Universe!) on how to move into a higher level of consciousness; stewards of the planet’s wildlife, resources (air, water, land) and how to treat each other with respect and love.

Keep the faith; we are here on purpose to do good things.

Barb, in numerology, 22, like 11, is a master number.

Jon Stewart on FOX News at 3 PM today.

Right now transiting Jupiter in Scorpio is sextile transiting Pluto in Capricorn and this sextile of trans. Jupiter (wisdom) and trans. Pluto (transformation) form a Yod to Uranus in Trump’s chart and it is exactly that part of the Yod that must adjust.

Usually, Uranus energy is not acknowledged directly to the consciousness of an individual. Rather, it is perceived as a shock to the individual (esp. someone at Trump’s level of consciousness). It is in fact an instantaneous breakthrough in awareness.

The last 4 days have produced Woodward’s new book, the anonymous op-ed in the NYT, and now Obama’s speech . . and who knows what Jon Stewart on Fox News will deliver. Most likely an instantaneous breakthrough in consciousness for Trump I’m guessing.

At this very moment transiting Moon in Leo is sextile Trump’s natal (adjusting) Uranus in Gemini and transiting Pluto in Capricorn supplies the apex to complete a Yod with this sextile, with Pluto also making an adjustment. A volcano-like explosion is how it has been described lately, but now with a lot more feeling (Moon) I suspect. A rabid dog foaming at the mouth is how I’m picturing it.

Donna Shalala, just coming off her stint as president of the U. of Miami (I met her when she came aboard the year before I left, after 20 yrs of employment there), she won the primary last week and is a Dem candidate for U.S. House. She was also HHS for 8 yrs under Clinton. She sure set Gov. Scott of FL straight here with this tweet!


Donna Shalala, just coming off her stint as president of the U. of Miami (I met her when she came aboard the year before I left, after 20 yrs of employment there), she won the primary last week and is a Dem candidate for U.S. House. She was also HHS for 8 yrs under Clinton. She sure set Gov. Scott of FL straight here with this tweet!


Oops, thought I’d lost the first one. Well, it was that good that it deserves to be mentioned twice!

Sending good health wishes to David. Nancy, I’m amazed at what you have dealt with this summer, and that you’ve managed to find some time and energy to post on this blog, and the insight that you have for us. You nailed the indication for DT’s rage over the past few weeks: I note that tomorrow, 9/8, is the last day of that transit.

I don’t know about David Johnson’s predictions, or the next couple months–let alone the end of patriarchy (as Brett Kavanaugh’s likely elevation to the Supreme Court hardly seems like the end of patriarchy to me, in the short run, anyway). I believe that any ability to reverse the current tide will be over time: not soon enough for me, but I’ll wait. That period when DT’s Jupiter transits fade, May 2019, can’t come fast enough! My hope is that we won’t have to wait till then for something good to happen.

I read the insights here, and go from being hopeful to hope fading and back again. I suspect I’m not alone here. Is there anything else we should look for in the next few months–other than voting like our lives depend on it?

…which they do, Gina. Well said!

This one is for Eliseo…a hysterical video of a guy in a plaid shirt making faces and laughing on camera right behind Trump at a rally. They eventually asked he & his friend to leave and replaced him with 2 smiling, all-American-looking white girls. It was too late. It turns out the plaid-shirt guy is a Social Democrat!



He’s a senior at a Billings, MT HS and had a Democratic Socialists of America sticker on his shirt!

Obama’s speech today!
As I’ve stated before, Obama is not done. I remain convinced his post-presidency will be far more important than his presidency.

Very encouraged by turnout for O’Bama’s speech at U of Illinois in Champaign/Urbana – a staunch republican stronghold for the GOP.


I can’t think of anything more stressful than when someone we love is sick. I’m very sorry to hear what you’ve been going through, and hope soon your husband is well, that you’ll get some rest, and some peace of mind.

Sending you good vibes and healing thoughts.

Hoping you’ll both be well soon,

Sharon K,
RE: your 9:36 pm posting
That was GREAT! Thank You!
I met Michael Harrington in the early 1980’s and have supported the DSA from its beginnings in 1982.. Plaid shirt guy is a DSA member although he is in reality a social democrat, not a democratic socialist. It is interesting he gained his spot behind 45 out of random chance.

I again extend to you, your husband and family my positive and healing thoughts and prayers. I am concerned we’ve not heard from you since 31 August, but I’m sure you have more important “fish to fry”. Blessings. Namaste.

I’ve searched but only found snippets of Obama’s Sept. 7 speech at the U. of Illinois, Urbana. Has anyone found a link to the entire speech?

Eliseo, is this what you’re looking for?


Venus and Jupiter May Meddle With Earth’s Orbit and Climate


I’ve long been convinced astrological effects are physical in origin. If we are in truth electromagnetic beings in biochemical clothing, and objects moving within our solar system affect the magnetosphere of the earth, it is logical we as electromagnetic beings are also affected, albeit differently for each individual depending on place, time, etc.

The Smithsonian article is at least a very small beginning. We of the astrological community WILL IN TIME BE VINDICATED!

YES! Thank You.

Although of course so many were happy about Obama’s speech, i was amazed to see the hatred from the right, people like Ben Shapiro writing an article saying that Obama’s lecturing us for eight years is how we got Trump in the first place and other such nonsense. They were even saying that this could energize voters on the right for november.

Incredible, it’s really like we are living in two alternate realities!

Oh , and they’re complaining bitterly, especially on Fox of course, about Obama breaking norms by criticizing Trump.

The hypocrisy is astounding, trump has broken EVERY in his Presidency so far, making a mockery of something that should be held sacred, the job of POTUS .

Yesterday he said he could bring out the ruination of Canada. My God he’s an imbecile.

Two alternate realities indeed!

Both Dems and R’s are poisoned by false narratives, but for every false narrative Dems have internalized, the R’s have internalized 20.

Although I’m not sure off hand as to which psychiatric diagnosis would be appropriate or accurate, if the R. party was an individual I’m pretty sure it would need to be hospitalized, maybe even for a very long time. Additionally, anti-psychotic drugs + the finance and power equivalent of methadone might also be appropriate.

If the Dems were one person, an hour of psychotherapy every two weeks would be sufficient. No hospitalization or drugs required.

Sharon K,
To you and Myron:
Blessings, Shanah Tovah Umetukah

Well said, Eliseo. The GOP is indeed psychotic. The Dems on the other hand just seem depressed.

Andy Borowitz does hilarious political satire:


He will be appearing at the New Yorker Festival in October with his guest Adam Schiff, who will at least be the next chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Democrats would do well to select Schiff as their next Speaker as this would signal that a new generation of leaders is on the way. Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, Bernie Sanders,
Joe Biden are in their late seventies. Senators Feinstein and Leahy are in their eighties. Time for some new blood to finish the fight against Fake 45 and the Repugnants (great name for a band).

Eliseo is right regarding Dems and Pubs being under the influence of false narratives now; it’s the Neptune Effect, showing some similarity to the way the people were confused in the story of the Tower of Babel.

The Neptune Effect is an intensification of the polarization found in this 3rd dimension we live in; we human beings feel the need to go to extremes (left or right, high or low) in order to overcome the destructiveness we see as intrinsic in the opposite polarized viewpoint from our own point of view. It can happen to any of us at any point and it is fueled by fear of losing what is normal and correct (in our view) although not always fair.

It would appear to be a tactic forcing us to seek a greater power than our self to fortify our own belief in what is right and wrong, such as a religion. Behind it all is the partially (or totally) unconscious fear that we might be wrong in our viewpoint.

The positive side of this fog of Neptune or Uncertainty drives the Collective Consciousness to seek higher ground whether we, as individuals, are aware of it or not. Gina is right; we can’t see what the future looks like from where we are right now. All indications of the direction we are heading (according to what we “know” based on “reports”) appear to thwart progress, but looks can deceive. Ask the makeup industry!

There is another element to Neptune besides negative confusion and it’s called positive belief, or optimism, and it allows for uncertainty. When Neptune is paired with Saturn there has to be a balance (of influence) between them for a successful outcome. It takes time (Saturn’s part) and a measure of faith (Neptune’s part).

Doing this “rising to a new level” on Saturn’s (reality) terms takes a fair amount of time. Neptune too takes its time in wearing down resistance, like ocean waves against the rocks.

We all know and appreciate that kindness is a good thing and that kindness is one face of love. When you feel anxious, fearful or depressed and/or hopeless, do something kind for someone, or an animal, or a cause, and see if that doesn’t make you feel better. We are moving into a better place whether you sense it or not.

And remember, it isn’t just Saturn and Neptune working on this massive project to move us to a higher level of consciousness. There is also Uranus who can change things in an instant. Pluto transforms and Jupiter opens us up, and myriads of symbolic energies astrology has given names to (like Chiron and Ceres for example) are hard at work on this very same project.

Let the chips fall where they may, and believe that we are being supported by a greater power than any Dem or Pub in office right now.

“Let the chips fall where they may, and believe that we are being supported by a greater power than any Dem or Pub in office right now.”

Barb, this rings true in my heart.

Eliseo, thank you very much for the wishes, and for getting the phrase right. I don’t even use “Umetukah” when I wish people L’Shana Tova, so I looked it up.

Shana = year
Tova = good

Umetukah = and sweet (u = and; metukah = sweet)

May everyone here and on our planet in their daily lives and beyond have a good, sweet, peaceful, healthy and happy year!


An article to complement the previous article regarding Kavanaugh’s lying. He also may have a gambling habit.

I listened/watched most of Obama’s speech at UI-C/U yesterday, and it was a balm on my spirit to hear such articulation in his soothing voice again.

It’s such a treat and a clarion call to civic-mindedness that I heartily recommend digging up the full length video with some headphones at the ready.

Note that tRump’s Saturn had already been squared by the midpoint of transiting Saturn and Pluto for months at the time of the piece (March of 2017). His stress level had been in a heightened state for some time but looking at his birth chart (specifically the Sun-Moon-Mars paran) I think he has always lived in such a state that is just exacerbated at times by transits or progressions and is reflected in behavior beyond what might be considered his norm during those times.

His overbearing paran is present when a chart’s MC is around 330° (Moon on the Desc: 328°48′; Mars on the IC: 329°26′; Sun on the Asc: 330°37′). The Sibly chart Moon (the nation’s psyche?) is at 330°02′.

After living in such a state almost , or perhaps really, constantly for about 2 years his pathological state may be …?

“Republicans Close To Trump Say President Is Showing Signs Of Mental Illness


Starlight News Blog » King of the Swamp Monsters
By: Bob on March 21st, 2017 at 4:48 pm

trump’s natal Neptune is at 185°57? of right ascension. It has been, and will be, squared for months by the midpoint of transiting Saturn and Pluto.”

Denise Seigel has a new you tube video up. She feels something big is coming out about Kavanaugh and he may not have smooth sailing on this nomination. She feels that the information could be coming very soon.

Something about a good Jupiter aspect being overshadowed by a Neptune aspect.?

Dear Oxthecat: I watched Siegel’s video. I think I remember that if the information doesn’t come out about Kavanaugh now, it will next year or in 2020. There is no birth time for him, so it is hard to predict, but people don’t just rack up $60,000-100, 000 debt for vague reasons, when they have good incomes. I had read about his debts (see Slate article I posted) and I thought the offered explanation that he bought baseball tickets for his friends was fishy. The Slate article said one of his emails, found in the recent document dump, alludes to a bet he made. If no big news comes out now, could we be hearing about a gambling problem in the future?

RE: those false narratives.
I notice Dems and R’s enter into false narratives and consequent rigid extremism on a cyclical basis. It is also noticeable an extreme position begets an equally or more extreme position on the other side.

Furthermore, both sides tend to confuse and conflate intensity with clarity. We become convinced of the utter wrongness of our opponent’s position and the absolute and complete rightness of ours. We think our position is crystal clear when in reality the intensity of our feeling blinds us to evidence and facts we prefer unconsciously not to see or hear.

I’ve seen both Dems and R’s do this so, so many times, it being more likely the more emotional the issue. And when the issue is fraught with such emotion both sides are more likely to be horribly misguided in their approach creating “solutions” which make us feel good but are in reality almost entirely ineffective or counterproductive.

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, I see the development of and commitment to these false narratives occurring on a cyclical basis. For a while, one party in our duopoly will be more rational than the other, but at a later time it is reversed. In the late 1960’s the Left became extraordinarily self-righteous and went a bit crazy. Today the Right has gone off the rails, many embracing some awfully peculiar conspiracy theories.

I get what you are saying about the Neptune effect, and it certainly makes a lot of sense. But do you identify something different in the respective astrological signatures of the two parties which matches the cycles of rationality and delusion we see in their histories?

Hello Virgo. I must have missed the 2020 part. She just put the video up yesterday and I did not see the video until today.

I also read the Media Matters article. Brock wrote that they were all together when Starr was after Clinton and when Hillary came on a tv screen that Kavanaugh mouthed the word bitch.

I think we saw the real guy when he refused to shake hands with the grieving father.

Time will tell.

ed tamplin today talking Neptune and usa SP sun:

“It’s rare! Since May 1 2016 through to January 7 2019, deceptive Neptune will complete a series of seven conjunctions to the United States Secondary Progressed Sun. This is the only time that this has happened in the history of the USA, from its birth of July 4 1776. It won’t happen again until 2311, should the Union survive”

His ‘pie in the sky’ paragraph is good for a laugh

“The royalists of the economic order have conceded that political freedom was the business of the government, but they have maintained that economic slavery was nobody’s business. They granted that the government could protect the citizen in his right to vote, but they denied that the government could do anything to protect the citizen in his right to work and his right to live,” Roosevelt said.

“Today we stand committed to the proposition that freedom is no half-and-half affair. If the average citizen is guaranteed equal opportunity in the polling place, he must have equal opportunity in the market place. These economic royalists complain that we seek to overthrow the institutions of America. What they really complain of is that we seek to take away their power. Our allegiance to American institutions requires the overthrow of this kind of power. In vain they seek to hide behind the flag and the Constitution. In their blindness they forget what the flag and the Constitution stand for. Now, as always, they stand for democracy, not tyranny; for freedom, not subjection; and against a dictatorship by mob rule and the over-privileged alike.”

FDR 1936

That’s an avenue I’ve not traveled down yet Eliseo, but thanks for sharing your observations. Likely, the murder of the Democrat President JFK, and the Uranus-Pluto conjunctions in the 1960’s had an effect on the sensibilities of the Democrats.

Due to the rigorous development of left brain functions (at the cost of right brain function development) during past centuries, our emotional dexterity has suffered. Perhaps the Cosmos is providing a workout for feelings via political party affiliation in an attempt to balance them. In any case, it feels overdone.

There needs to be greater flexibility in our societies as to expressing our feelings in an appropriate manner.

In any case, it would seem that Trump has provided a kind of outlet (efficient but not so appropriate) to express rage. Perhaps it is a last ditch attempt (by the Universe) to get centuries of backed up feelings out into the open air – a kind of surgical process to begin the healing. That would make it a Pluto/Mars function I believe. We could start there.

The present Mars-Pluto cycle started on April 26, 2018, at 21+ Capricorn, which trined the transiting Moon (feelings) at 21+ Virgo (which was conjunct the US natal Neptune [meaning without boundaries] at 22+ Virgo).

The US natal Vesta (what we invest in) at 19+ Taurus and the present cycle between Saturn-Jupiter (societal evolution) that started at 22+ Taurus would, together, create a composite grand earth trine to the transiting Mars-Pluto conjunction (and its 2 year cycle) and that chart’s Moon (conjunct US Neptune).

Transiting Jupiter, now at 18+ Scorpio will soon oppose US natal Vesta at 19+ Taurus (exact on Monday, Sept. 17) and this opposition serves to appoint US Vesta (+ the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction) as the titular focal point of the composite grand trine I’ve outlined here. Exactly what do we Americans invest ourselves in? Justice?

A force to be reckoned with is any grand trine. The charts involved in this one, the Mars-Pluto cycle, the US natal, the Saturn-Jupiter cycle, extend the complexity of its meaning and purpose, but the 3 points of the grand trine in Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus tell us that it is entrenched (fixed) energy.

This rather pleases me because, in the Mars-Pluto chart (April 26, 2018), Jupiter was ALSO at 19+ Scorpio retrograde. So when, on Monday, Sept. 17, trans. Jupiter makes its 3rd and final opposition to US natal Vesta in Taurus for another 12 years, it will be a teaching (Jupiter) moment, compliments of the Universe ( and the 2018 Mars-Pluto conjunction). But that’s enough exploration for one night. Mark your calendars.

Thanks! That was interesting.

It feels like Dems are finally rediscovering themselves. Perhaps it took a wannabe despot like Mr. T to push many out of their complacency?

The most striking thing about Obama’s most recent speech at U-of-I was his embrace of “medicare for all,” and the idea of having workers on corporate boards. If Obama approves, that means it has gone mainstream within Dem ranks. As Bernie would say, “That’s YUGE!”

Wonderful, wonderful posts!

And to add a twist to the evidence of significant change on planet earth is Kamala Harris’s questioning of Kavanaugh regarding laws governing the male body. https://www.youtube.com/embed/SfitQxGJpOA?modestbranding=1&autoplay=true&enablejsapi=1&rel=0

This signals to me the feminine challenging the masculine exaggeration of dominance in religion, and governance. This energy is highly significant and will power the coming changes not only for the US but throughout the world.

Another interesting example of the feminine challenging the masculine was Serena William’s assertive challenging and talking back to the official giving her penalties at the U.S. Open yesterday which, of course, ended up costing her the game and her chances for the title. She felt the calls were unfair, the first penalty being that her coach was giving her signals from the stand — not very hidden ones — which she may or may not have seen, and it went downhill from there, ending with her breaking her racket and calling the official a thief. Her outburst may have been unprofessional but she has said since that these calls were sexist as, all these years, she has seen male players do worse during these matches and not get penalized. Unfortunately, this somewhat blighted the win for the 20 y.o. Japanese woman who won the title, a first time title for both her and her country. I felt bad seeing her unhappiness and tears while accepting the awards. I didn’t watch the match itself but did hear that her playing was very dominant and that she deserved the win.

Hurricane Florence is heading for the south-east / mid-Atlantic coast. Does anyone see anything in the US chart that would indicate this? I ask since the models show what could be a catastrophic event with massive flooding lasting into the following week.

Sharon K,

Serena, also, after the match, during the trophy presentation, when the crowd started to boo the young girl — who’s said Serena’s long been her idol — went and put her arm around the girl and told the crowd to stop booing, that they all needed to celebrate her victory. I was proud of her.

Hurricane Florence could be big trouble given we are now under the Saturn transit opposite US Venus until October 2. This will be exacerbated by the Mars/Uranus square from the 14th to the 19th. Storms over the next few weeks could be quite bad.

David is slowly recovering but still in a lot of pain. Thank you, everyone, for your support and kind words.

silcominc, it is understandably concerning to feel under siege by Mother Nature and today’s New Moon in the sign of Virgo is not reassuring, but thanks for the Heads Up.

Transiting Neptune at 15+ Pisces retrograde is conjunct the US natal Sedna (Inuit goddess who rules the seas and the life in it) at 15+ Pisces and both oppose the New Moon (and Sun) at 17+ Virgo.

In turn the Virgo NM is trine Pluto (18+ Capricorn retro) which trines the US natal Vesta (what we invest in) at 19+ Taurus. This is eerily reminiscent of the chart for the Mars-Pluto conjunction (if you believe in coincidence) that I wrote about earlier this AM.

All total, we have here what’s called a Kite pattern where one planet in a grand trine is opposed by a 4th planet, in this case trans. Neptune (water, without boundaries) and US Sedna (goddess of water, with a bit of a chip on her shoulder) opposes the New Virgo (service to others) Moon.

There’s another grand trine in earth signs between Uranus (unexpected) at 2+ Taurus retro and Saturn 2+ Capricorn (still stationing from recent direct move forward) and Pallas (the strategist) at 2+ Virgo. The US natal Venus at 3+ Cancer opposes transiting Saturn which Nancy wrote about on the last thread.

There is also Ceres (mother nature) at 1+ Libra (on the US MC) opposite Chiron (wounding draws attention to problem) at 0+ Aries rx in today’s Virgo New Moon chart. Saturn (grim but resolute) at 2+ Cap makes it a T-square and US Venus at 3+ Cancer makes it a grand cross in Cardinal (action) signs.

Need I go on? Grand trines symbolize unstoppable energy flows while a cardinal grand cross symbolizes stressful blockages of energy that can’t take action (cardinal) without disruption.

The good news is that transiting Venus (values, love, money) at 0+ Scorpio (shared resources) is sextile Saturn and sextile Pallas and trine US natal Venus. She is also conjunct the US natal Hades (unbearable to look at) to the degree. Courage, and batten down the hatches everyone.

oops, sorry I did not see your response Nancy but glad to hear David is at least on the mend.

Senator Susan Collins of Maine said on Friday she hasn’t made up her mind about confirming Kavanaugh. David Johnson predicted she would go through much soul-searching but would end up opposing Kavanaugh with Senator Murkowski from Alaska.

I actually wrote Senator Collins on Thursday. I told her that I am a retired Canadian constitutional lawyer, and for Kavanaugh to state that Roe v. Wade is settled law is deeply misleading because supreme courts in the US and Canada overturn settled law every year. That is how major decisions, good or bad, are made.

I added that Maine is part of the family in Quebec because so many of us have spent summers or have relatives there. I told her that, although male, I am strongly pro-choice and I remember the time when abortion was illegal in Canada and young Canadian women went over the border in New York to get one (including my girlfriend and I when we were both 19). I said that although American women would surely be treated in Canada as professionally and respectfully as we were in the US, that would not be the better solution. I hope this helps.


Relieved and happy to hear that David is on the mend. An inch at a time. Everyday in everyway, David gets stronger and stronger!

Good news, Nancy. Sorry to hear that David is still in pain. May he be pain free and at ease in the coming days and have a complete healing.

Theresa, I saw that, too, and also could see how torn Serena was. I thought she did the right thing by telling the crowd to stop booing and accept Nadia because she earned the victory, but I could also see that Serena was crushed and angry (rightly). She wanted to lose or win fair and square and it was a very competitive match. The question is if it’s illegal to coach her from the stands, why did her coach do it.

Andre, what a great letter. I hope David Johnson was right.

Have you seen Serina Williams Birth Chart?
Her Chart looks just like her actions on the Court:

Nancy, I’m so happy David is improving.
I have an idea for an Experiment:
For today and for a while…
Let us double down on sending healing thoughts to Nancy’s husband, David.
Think: David is feeling Stronger and Improving.
Send a healing thought…your own prayer.

If landfall is near Charleston, SC (nearest metro location to Aug 21, 2017 SE) It could be shortly before Sunrise [6:30, about 36 minutes before, cloud covered] on Thursday, September 13th and be intense for 3 days – 13th, 14th, and 15th. The timing would be earlier or later for locations North or South of Charleston.




Capital Weather Gang

“Where the storm makes landfall has implications on where the strongest winds and biggest rise in water at the coast occurs, but strong winds and extreme rainfall could occur at great distances from the landfall location. Keeping this in mind, here is the likelihood of landfall at different locations based on our evaluation of model data:

60 percent in the Carolinas.
15 percent between Virginia and Southern New England.
15 percent offshore.
10 percent between North Florida and Georgia.”

Prayers for David done.

Thank you Andre.

Healing thoughts heading your way, David. The battle with pain can be all consuming. You long for release, thus my thoughts will centered on just that. Have a friend who has been practicing meditation. It helps. I’m guessing Will would concur.

Visualizing David surrounding by bright, white, intense healing light, penetrating all cells of his being and aligning all his etheric, spiritual, soul, emotional, cognitive and physical body

Great & loving suggestion, Patty.

We have to also pray that Hurricane Florence weakens and dissipates!

I once concentrated on a small cloud in the sky and believe I dissolved it…but I think the cloud energy came back later in another cloud form in the same location.

Thanks for posting Serena’s chart, Patty. I see t Jupiter was conj her natal venus and t uranus conj her ascendant, with pluto conj her MC.

Andre, what a beautiful letter to Sen. Collins! As an American woman, I thank you.

Another angle to yesterday’s New Moon at 17 Virgo is how it meshes with the Neptune-Uranus cycle.

The 3 conjunctions between Neptune and Uranus in 1993 took place at 18-19 Capricorn, where transiting Pluto is now activating that cycle, and where it will station direct on September 30.

In their final conjunction Neptune and Uranus were sextile Mars at 19+ Scorpio (where trans. Jupiter will be next Monday further activating that cycle) and opposite the US natal Vesta at 19+ Taurus.

That chart includes an opposition between Ceres (Mother Nature) at 28+ Aries rx opposite Jupiter at 26+ Libra.

In the Mars-Pluto conjunction last April, Uranus was at 28+ Aries and trans. Uranus will return to that degree and station direct in January, 2019, further activating Ceres in the Neptune-Uranus cycle. This recent Mars-Pluto conjunction took place when transiting Jupiter was at 19+ Scorpio for the 2nd time (and opposite US natal Vesta) and where Mars was in the Neptune-Uranus chart.

It is also when Ceres (9+ Leo) was at the apex (must adjust) of a Yod with Saturn (9+ Cap) sextile the centaur Nessus (9+ Pisces) which symbolizes abuse of power. Ceres was also trine Mercury (media) at 9+ Aries who was was square Saturn (government or President). Stormy or Amarosa maybe?

The direct line connecting yesterday’s New Moon to the Mars-Pluto cycle chart – and now the Neptune-Uranus cycle, is that they all have a connection to the US natal chart’s Vesta at 19+ Taurus.

All 3 charts (yesterday’s NM, the Neptune-Uranus conjunction, the Mars-Pluto conjunction) also had Ceres in a compromising position (Yesterday she was opposite Chiron and square Saturn).

I can see how both of these sister goddesses could be associated with the effects of major storms, or stolen children, or RBG and other women who stand up for their rights.

Ceres was noted for going to great lengths to achieve justice as well as for the cycles of nature’s food crops, and Vesta symbolized the guardianship of family and community by keeping the hearth fire burning in spite of all threats. Both were noted for their independence rather than for who they might have been married to.

When US natal Vesta had her “return” in 2016 she was opposite the Moon (family) in Scorpio, where transiting Jupiter is now (exact in the last days of August). She was also in a grand trine with Pluto in Capricorn and the North Node in Virgo (and US natal Neptune), much the way she is in a grand trine right now.

It is possible that Hurricane Florence symbolizes the challenges to (and the endurance of) US natal Vesta, and trans. Ceres as seen in these 3 cycles (yesterday’s NM, Neptune-Uranus, Mars-Pluto).

This is the latest from Weather Underground — that there are some indications steering currents may cause Florence to stall on landfall or near landfall, which would cause disastrous flooding.

” Rainfall Impact: Florence could not only produce heavy rain along the coast, but also farther inland across the Carolinas and mid-Atlantic. That heavy rain threat may last for days if Florence stalls out into next weekend or early next week, as suggested by some forecast guidance. If that stall occurs, disastrous flooding could occur in some areas.”


This is what happened in Texas ten or fifteen years ago. A hurricane stalled over the hill country and they had flooding of Biblical proportions.

Hurricanes carry huge amounts of rain, and they need to maintain forward motion or they sit and dump all that rain in one place.

cool website for real time tracking of Florence. – Play with it to magnify/rotate globe, etc. click earth button for more info


Please stock up on some non-perishable food and some water, at least. And extras of stuff you need to take care of your recovering husband.

This is a really big storm, and you may see flooding and downed trees.

Trump’s birth chart is likely to betray him when transiting Jupiter reaches 24 Scorpio on Wednesday, October 10 through October 15, because transiting Jupiter will conjunct his chart’s IC, the roots of his being.

Normally I would see this as a fortunate transit but trans. Jupiter will also conjunct Pluto in the Neptune-Uranus conjunction chart that took place on October 24, 1993, and that Pluto was square Saturn at 23+ Aquarius at that time.

On October 10 and 11 transiting Sun will conjunct the US Constitution chart’s Neptune and the US Progressed Mars and Trump’s natal Jupiter, all at 17+ Libra. This looks like overreach on Trump’s part becomes open knowledge.

On October 10th transiting Moon will conjunct trans. Mercury and both will conjunct US natal Hades at 0+ Scorpio. This leads me to believe news (Mercury) of something repulsive (Hades) in nature will bring on an emotional (Moon) reaction from the Public (Moon).

Mercury and Moon will move on shortly after their conjunction to oppose Uranus at 1+ Taurus and likely this will reveal something of a shocking nature. Since trans Venus and trans. Mars will be square that day that shocking news might be about a romance or money venture (Venus) under attack (Mars), which might not bode well for the Trump family.

In the Neptune-Uranus chart, Saturn was conjunct Pallas (the Strategist) at 22+ Aquarius and Pluto (conjunct Trump’s IC) was conjunct Mercury (the Messenger – meetings, phone calls) at 22+ Scorpio, both aspecting US natal Neptune and Trump’s natal Sun to the degree. It suggests poor planning to me but there are many variables possible. My gut (or some other internal organ) says Don Jr. could be involved in this one.


Thank you for the link to the Smithsonian article – amazing and encouraging.

Glad to hear some good news regarding David. Nonetheless, you must be exhausted by now. Know that yours and David’s well being remain in my meditations.

Andre, thank you for your critique of the Supreme Court. And I second Fierywoman’s compliments on your letter to Collins.

A bright and very politically-astute friend wrote me over the weekend, stating that he is convinced that the reason McConnell and Ryan have been so obviously silent since the walls are closing in on the WH is because they are complicit in fostering an alliance between Trump, the NRA and Russian operatives to bring down HRC.

My friend Chip’s words exactly:

“I am convinced that the entire Republican Campaign, in 2016 was funded by the Russians through the NRA. One of the reasons that Ryan and McConnell are so quiet about everything. There’s exposure all the way around if that be the case. There has to be a reason for the inaction. Note with the Kavanaugh appointment that with all the revelations there’s not one word of opposition from the Republicans. Something is very rotten in Denmark and the Republicans, none of them, want this investigation to go on.”

Will: I think your friend Chip’s thoughts are exactly right.

Kiwi: Really cool weather site.

Kiwi, thank you for posting the website with the winds. I had forgotten about that site since I was living in New Mexico for awhile and didn’t need it!

Now back in North Carolina and preparing for the storm. Lived in Okinawa, Florida, and the Carolinas so have been through many of them including Hugo and Andrew. This one definitely has our attention.

Would the “approximately ten to twelve trial days” be Mondays through Fridays only and begin on September 24? If so, it winds up in early October.

Manafort Trial

News, Analysis and Opinion from POLITICO

“Mueller team shortens estimate for length of second Manafort trial

08/24/2018 11:28 PM EDT

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team is shaving its estimate for the length of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s upcoming trial, projecting that the prosecution case could be completed in as little as two weeks.

“The government anticipates that its case-in-chief will last approximately ten to twelve trial days,” prosecutors wrote in a filing Friday evening in U.S. District Court in Washington.”

“Judge pushes back start of Manafort’s next trial

08/28/2018 11:30 AM EDT
Updated 08/28/2018 02:53 PM EDT

U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson said Tuesday that the arguments by both sides will take place on Sept. 24, but she kept in place the existing Sept. 17 date to begin jury selection.”


I agree w/your friend, Chip. I have also wondered, we can’t be the only ones thinking this. And if so, can’t and won’t the FBI and other such agencies do something to ferret this out.

The timing for the wind up of Manafort’s trial may fall in barbk’s September 11th, 2018, at 2:14 am post or set the stage for tRump’s experience during that it.




“Tropical storm winds are forecast to hit the region sometime Thursday morning, with landfall occurring late Thursday night. Once the storm makes landfall, McMaster said, it’s expected to move slowly, dumping extreme amounts of rain likely to cause flooding.”

Louise Mensch had been saying all along that they were all implicated and would be taken down, and Orin Hatch would secede Ryan as President Pro Temp of the Senate for the line of succession for the U.S. presidency. Now we will have a changing of the guard after the mid-term. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Meanwhile, be safe Sassy Grace and everyone else in the storm’s path and/or who will get residual effects. Looking at it now on the weather channel, at t his moment it does not look as tightly organized.

Keep praying that it weakens, dissolves, and falls apart.

Nancy, may David have a full and complete recovery.

“… It suggests poor planning to me but there are many variables possible. My gut (or some other internal organ) says Don Jr. could be involved in this one.”


Agree with you. My hunch for the last two months is that he will be the first one to take the blow in the Russia affair that will have tragic significance to Trump.

Junior has been very low-key this last month. And he was the one who was setting up the meeting between the campaign and the Russians.

If what you say is true, BarbK: I love it!

Dear Nancy,
My Internet connection was offline all Sunday & Monday until just now. How frustrating!

Especially since I was hoping our thoughts for David may have had brought him some healing strength.

This last weekend did you notice any improvement for David?
The Virgo New Moon will also be healing.
Let us keep David and Nancy in all our thoughts.

Any astrology on Hurricane Florence? I am from New Orleans and live in North Carolina. At least now I am above sea-level. Still…what a storm she is!

Ripley, I’ll take a shot; Florence “emerged” on August 30 when the Sun was at 7+ Virgo making no major aspects to major planets at the time.

That degree is found in the US natal 9th house associated with higher learning, belief systems and connecting with others unlike ourselves. The Florence Sun DOES oppose the US natal Ceres (Mother Nature) in Pisces and squares the US natal Uranus (breakthrough in consciousness) in Gemini.

The Florence Virgo Sun is ruled by the Florence Mercury (thinking) at 19+ Leo which is quincunx (requires adjustment) the Florence Pluto (power) in Capricorn, but square the Florence Jupiter (understand) in Scorpio (which is conjunct the chart’s Deucalion, associated with the biblical Great Flood and mythically similar to the story of Noah).

Most interesting in the Florence birth chart is the grand trine between Mars (force) in Capricorn (and US natal Pluto) and Ceres (Nature) in Virgo and Sedna (water) in Taurus. Mars is also conjunct Siwa in this chart, a symbol of a catabolic process that precedes insight.

All in all, the Florence hurricane seems born to make us wiser in some way, much like many events during recent times. We are going through a learning process – apparently gauged to reach the lowest common denominator. If I were where you are I’d be heading for high, high ground. Good luck my friend!

Bob and Fe, always appreciate confirmation of what I sense is happening; many thanks to you both.

“Keep praying that it weakens, dissolves, and falls apart.
Nancy, may David have a full and complete recovery.”


Re Repugs taking Russian money: Psychic Violetta was asked many months ago (by her son) what percentage of the US legislators had taken Russian money. She immediately answered, “25%.” Her son was startled to hear such a clear answer so fast (if you follow her, you know she can be v-e-r-y metaphorical!) and she laughed and drew a circle in the air with a quarter cut out.
I always think of that story about money and Ryan saying to keep it in the family …

Thank you all! Yes – may our consciousness strengthen and the hurricane weaken!

“Here we have the same pattern, only with Mars (action, aggression), ruler of the 4th House (land, homes) about to meet up with the South Node (destruction) in the 2nd (money; worth). Plus Saturn, ruler of the 2nd House is squaring the Midheaven, suggesting gravitas, structure, authority, scarcity will be prominent. Estimated damage in the wake of Hurricane Florence is in the billions. Oh, and Chiron, the Wounded Healer is almost exactly on the cusp of the 4th House.”


latest noaa Florence advisory. Next one due in about 2 hours

The Grace Astrology comment posted by Ja above was more specifically about Wilmington, NC (although losses in the billions must be about cumulative losses). Grace also does say about Florence that “If it hits land after 5 AM ET on Friday, the Scorpio Moon will be void of course. Perhaps that may be reflected in a bit of wind taken out of its sails? Perhaps, but we wouldn’t be having these extreme weather events if we weren’t doing reckless, short-sighted things like making it easier to release methane into the air.” I hope she’s right about that void of course moon!

Ripley, you be safe and leave if you are near storm or flood areas. As heartbreaking as the losses can be, property and material possessions can be replaced.

I forgot to add that it IS predicted to hit come on shore after 5 a.m. Friday. NHC cone has the time as 2 p.m.

Florence projections have been shifting all day and now there are some models showing it just onshore in Wilmington and stalling there, then drifting southwest along the coast and making landfall in Charleston or maybe as far south as Savannah. Maybe.

Wilmington landfall shows the storm’s path flattening out, coming across the lower part of coastal NC, then into the upper part of SC and being right over me in Greenville, SC, by Sunday night. (I’m 220 miles from the coast and not worried about wind. Rain/flooding might be an issue, but we’ll watch and wait and see.)

Mostly, just wanted to say, keep watching closely if you’re anywhere near Ga, SC, NC, VA … wherever.

If you put the current storm’s eye in the center of South Carolina, it would more than cover the entire state, to give you an idea of what we’re dealing with.

Be safe, Teresa. We have to surround North & South Carolina and everyone on this site potentially affected with powerful white light. Please check in as much as possible.

meanwhile, there is worry that one in the gulf may be forming. Protection prayers need to be widespread

If you look at the earth nullschool site map the water temps are pretty high

kiwi, you’re right. And there is no guarantee Isaac won’t end up in the Gulf. That would put me, Eliseo, Elizabeth in the line of fire (water)

It’s funny that yours is dated 2 a.m. and the one I’m looking at is dated 1:23 a.m., and on my map that “x” on the edge of the Gulf is orange but on yours it’s red already. Of course, with that warm water, I would expect it to form fast…the good news (maybe) is that it might not have time to get too strong? I hope.

By the way, orange means there’s a 40-60% chance of formation into a tropical depression and red means over 60%. Also, if put your cursor over the symbol, it gives you more information.

Here is the link to the map where it’s still orange as of 1:42 a.m. CT.


Although I no longer reside in the Myrtle Beach SC area (I moved abroad seven years ago), I still have a fair amount of friends living there. There has been an intense flurry of personal Facebook/ e mail discussions in recent days on the approaching storm and the mandatory evacuation. My heart is with everyone there during this tense time.

On a different topic, there are two different psychic readers, one of whom had been mentioned in this blog, who indicate Vice President Mike Pence was the one behind the New York Times Op-ed article. There has been wide media speculation that Pence’s favorite expression “lodestar” implicates the VP, the impressions given here for Pence’s plaintive disclosures on the existing chaos in the White House is fascinating to listen to and makes perfect sense. Here they are:

Who Wrote The Times Op-Ed On Trump? by David Johnson

Video 9 min. 12 sec.


Who Wrote The Op-ed In The New York Times? by The Empress

Video: 24 min. 7 sec.


I strongly suspect your friend Chip is correct. There has been quite a lot of “funny business” going on in the NRA for quite some time. I am not an NRA member, but as a Zen target shooter I know many who are. For more than a couple of years there has been a lot of grumbling among members, a lot of dissatisfaction with NRA leadership and their policies.

Over 70% of the members are for universal background checks, a measure the “leadership” adamantly opposes. Members also feel the NRA legal team is fighting the wrong legal battles, focusing only on winnable cases rather than on a basis of principle.

The members generally are pretty unhappy with Wayne La Pierre, so much so there was an “attempted coup” several months, about a year ago. The members don’t like Mr. La Pierre’s arrogant lack of empathy for victims and their families of the various school shootings. Most members are just NOT as radically “conservative” as the “leadership.” They feel they are misrepresented by Mr. La Pierre, and of course they actually are. The primary source of income for the NRA is now from gun manufacturers, not from the members.

The NRA is losing members every year to other gun organizations, the JPFO,(Jews for the Protection of Firearm Ownership), GOA, (Gun Owners of America), The Liberal Gun Club, etc. NRA members complain with disgust to me as to how corrupt their organization has become.

As the primary sources of cash for the organization are now mostly corporate, and you put all the other pieces of the puzzle together, it makes sense they would gladly welcome Russian money and fall into Madame Butina’s traps.

I suspect a number of NRA “leaders” will eventually end up in jail along with some now prominent Republicans and Trump team associates.

Everyone in the eye of the storm or affected, be safe. I am holding a white light for all of you and wishing that you are untouched by Florence and possibly Issac.

Nancy, holding firm healing and speedy recovery thoughs for David.

White light visualization prayers for all of you on our SE coast. May you all be safe and unharmed by the coming storms.

New post up:


I’d like to correct my take on the birth chart for Florence.

Considering the extra margin of influence the Sun (and Moon) are given (wider degree span than the orbiting planets), the Sun on August 30 (using Casablanca, Morocco for birthplace as a guess for “emerging from West Africa”) at 12 Noon, it (the transiting Sun) would easily be in orb of a grand trine with transiting Uranus in Taurus and transiting Saturn in Capricorn.

I believe now – even more so -that Florence’s purpose in life is about adaptation to change on a physical level.

The Moon at Florence’s birth was in Aries (22+ degrees at Noon in Morocco) and opposite Venus in Libra. Florence does have a fiery nature to be sure and that Moon was conjunct Eris the goddess who brought about discord as a result of being excluded.

Herein lies a clue – not to be overlooked – as to the meaning of why this hurricane is visiting our shore.

You might say we (as a whole) brought it on (in a physical sense) as a result of our discord. The divide in the populace is about to manifest and test our values (Moon-Eris opposite Venus) in what really matters. Just a thought . . but wait!

The close (but never to be exact this time around) trine between transiting Uranus and Saturn is a product of the Uranus-Saturn cycle that began in 1988. The 3rd and final conjunction between them at 27+ Sagittarius (where the Galactic Center is now) had the North Node in Pisces (where trans. Neptune is now) trine transiting Pluto in Scorpio and the US natal Sun (+ the 1988 trans. Chiron) in Cancer.

Never has astrology proved to be more clear (to me) in its symbolism. Saturn and Uranus are opposite in meaning and yet they are in trine now and were once in a conjunction. They are saying that if an unsolvable problem occurs on one level it must be solved on a higher level. Hence Florence, an anathema to all life, is taking us to that next level.