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We are now just finishing the first week of the protracted opposition of Saturn to the US Venus (3Cancer06). The first phase began on July 22 and will peak on August 10, thereafter diminishing but remaining in effect through September 5, and then waxing strong again through October 3. This combination of Saturn and Venus brings some contraction to the US economy and threatens our general sense of well-being. This is also a transit of sorrow and loss, already manifesting in the monstrous destruction and loss of life from the California wildfires. With the current transit of Mars square to Uranus from July 28 through August 1, these fires have been raging out of control and are particularly devastating.

In addition, August 8, 9, and 10 will bring triggers to the Saturn/Venus stresses due to transits from the Moon, Venus and the Sun, respectively. There may well be other events of national interest during those days that are perilous and upsetting for a large number of people.

It should be noted that the very same Saturn transit (July 23 to October 4) is also impacting the Trump/US composite chart, the chart of the relationship between Donald Trump and the US. In this chart, the Sun is at 3Cancer08, exactly conjunct the US Venus, which probably accounts for his otherwise unexplained success and popularity among some segment of the population. During this transit, at least some of that support will diminish through early October.

Next year, 2019, will also see a protracted Saturn transit on the Trump/US composite chart, this time conjunct the North Node (13Cancer42) and opposite Venus (14Cancer25), from August 4 to October 13, 2019. This is likely to also be a time when the president’s popularity is under great stress, and resentment builds even among his base.  With the US Saturn at 14Libra48, this 2019 Saturn transit to the Trump/US chart will be mostly simultaneous with transit of Saturn square to US natal Saturn (July 29 to October 22, 2019). This latter transit suggests a significant diminishment of US power and prestige in the world, and perhaps some kind of humiliation on the world stage.

And one final planetary transit of note in the coming month is the Mars station quincunx Trump’s Ascendant (29Leo55) from August 8 through 13 and then again from August 28 through September 11. For a man who is already known for his easily aroused anger and impulsiveness, this does not bode well for those within range of his temper. This transit suggests increased irritability, impatience, and anger, and we can only hope it doesn’t bleed too much into anger-fueled policy and remains focused more on his entourage of devotees and sycophants. Given that the last few days of this Mars transit are simultaneous with the Saturn transit to the Trump/US Sun and the US Venus (September 6 to October 4), however, it seems likely the Trumpian Mars eruptions will not be happily received in the country, at all.


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Re: Mars stationing direct on August 27th (28 ’36 Capricorn) in quincunx to Trumps’ ascendant (29 ’49 Leo). Good observation.

Equally as significant and kind of fascinating, this Mars station will be quincunxing last years August 21, 2017 solar eclipse (28 ’52 Leo) WITHIN A 16 MINUTE ORB. That’s quite close. Could that be a catalyst in awakening ‘The Great American solar eclipse of August 21, 2017’? Here’s a refresher…..

The Great American Eclipse, Total Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017 by Rose Marcus


thanks for the update Nancy!
The first Manafort trial starts today – I wonder if some of trumps anger will be related to info disclosed during trial?

Thank you Nancy.

just watched an interview with the maker of a new film “generation wealth”
Appears to be very timely for the sickness within this celebrity driven generation

Thank you Nancy.

This may not figure into the Aug 8-10 transits but I just read that Aug 11 is the Unite the Right rally in DC on the anniversary of Charlottesville.

Those devastating fires in California and other western states are indeed overwhelming the firefighters with their scope in both territory and length of time in duration. Nancy, you noted it has been intensified by the Mars square Uranus aspect on top of the Saturn opposite US Venus aspect. This made me take another look at the US Solar Return chart.

Uranus (unrestrained/unpredictable) in the Return chart at 2+ Taurus (property), virtually at a stand still and very intense, was trine Ceres (Nature) at 2+ Virgo (service) and they both were trine Saturn (form) retrograde at 5 + Capricorn (institutions) who was opposite US natal Jupiter (expansion) at 5+ Cancer (homeland).

I never would have seen this pattern (grand earth trine becomes kite) as having to do with wildfires, but now I wonder if it isn’t a metaphor (the out of control fires) for what is happening in our out-of-control-run-wild government.

The Moon-conjunct-Chiron at 2+ Aries (the fire fighters) in the Return chart square Saturn, are semisextile Uranus and square US natal chart Venus and Jupiter. Perhaps it is these Wounded (Chiron) People (Moon) who, together, must find a way to put the breaks on the unrestrained government institutions which are threatening to destroy our homeland.

These fires are devastating. I even heard on the radio today that some Firefighters have been commiting suicide. If they die while fighting fires, their family is very well compensated.
Yet, this is not just California.
Sweden recently experienced a horrible fire.
“Sweden fire map: Sweden battles 21 raging wildfires amid worst drought in 74 years”
And then recently, horrific fires in Greece!
What we are experiencing is absolutely Global Warming! (Although Republican’s all say:
There Is No Such Thing!)
Hopefully, a Presidential Candidate will address this.
New Law in CA: All new homes must have Solar Panels! I so pray for BRAVE Presidential leadership.

Aug. 11 also brings the solar eclipse at 18 Leo.

Hi Sharon,

As previously mentioned, the August 11th eclipse closely conjoins Trump’s progressed Moon (17 ’42 Leo) in quincunx to natal Pluto (19 Capr.).

Here’s an excerpt from the Thought Co. astrology website describing Eclipse Aspects To Natal Planets……

Eclipse to Natal Moon

“Hits of your natal Moon to the eclipse bring emotionally churning events or atmospheres. When mother Moon’s light is obscured, you may feel exposed and vulnerable. Events related to your mother, mothering, home, the past, and stability may occur and cause emotional triggers. There could be disruptions on the homefront—something unsettling—that takes time to restore equilibrium.

In a physical sense, that could mean moving homes, going to college, or another symbolic break from “home” and its influence happening. In terms of spirituality, it could mean feeling comfortable in your own skin. There can be epiphanies about the emotional matrices that make up your being, and any breakthroughs take months to integrate.”

Typo: Read instead “….in quincunx to TRANSITING Pluto (19 Capr.).”

Interestingly, the August 27th Mars station conjoins Paul Manafort’s natal Jupiter (28 ’41 Capricorn) in close quincunx to his natal Saturn (0 ’03 Virgo). As previously stated Trump’s ascendant and the 8/21/17 eclipse degrees are also involved in this station. It is estimated the Manafort trial will last about three weeks. Is this an indication Manafort will flip at the end of August? Here’s one article describing some of the above aspects (Manafort’s birth chart included).

What Makes Paul Manafort the Man in Question?


PS In the Planetary Dynamics article provided in the above entry, it points to the the August 7th, 2017 lunar eclipse (15 Aquarius) in opposition to Mueller’s Sun (15 Leo) and Manafort’s natal Pluto (14 Leo).

Fast forward…..

On the same day of the August 27, 2018 Mars station tr. Mercury at 15/16 Leo will conjunct that eclipse and those degrees in square to transiting Jupiter (16 Scorpio). It looks like we may have a major development in the Russian investigation at that point in time.


Your caution regarding the Pluto in Aquarius period to come is certainly warranted. By no means do I suggest that Pluto in Aquarius is going to be entirely happy-happy land, despite the trine from Uranus in Gemini and the sextile from Neptune in Aries we will see to Pluto starting in 2025-6. These aspects suggest the potential for a more harmonious period, at least for a few years time, contrasting in many respects with the current challenging period punctuated by the Uranus-Pluto square, the Uranus-Eris conjunction, the impending Saturn-Pluto Conjunction, and the forthcoming Pluto-Eris square.

The trine between Pluto in Aquarius and Uranus in Gemini itself suggests the occurrence of significant technological breakthroughs, potentially everything from sustainable fusion reactors to sentient AI, to advances in space travel/interplanetary colonization by human beings. Communication, short-distance travel, and education/educational reforms will likely be highlighted during this period. Aquarius/Uranus indicates that there will certainly be some surprises mixed in here–things that we didn’t see coming, or would never have imagined could actually be real. Star Trek-style transporter beams? Warp drive? Floating cities?

There is “good” and “bad” in all things, however. I do think we are on the same page in seeing the subconscious urge for democracy and democratic renewal and reform emerging within the collective from 2023 onward. Aquarius Pluto will bring forth a renewal of democracy throughout our society and around the world itself. However, the challenges it presents alongside it will be with regards to our use/misuse of technology. The Internet itself and robots/drones/AI could be genuine showstoppers for civilization. I don’t anticipate that it will come to that, but I do maintain that there is going to be a general undertone of “survive or die” for humanity and that this may come to the fore in a big way during the 2030s as we see our collective denial and lack of conviction regarding climate change start to play out in our world in a very serious way.

Thank you Nancy; these are very trying and perilous times. Times of danger and intrigue. I only hope there is no assassination of some kind. Lord knows, the spiritual people on this planet are needed to radiate more light and love into the etheric and astral planes of this planet.

Your update, Nancy, reminded me of my interest in astrology years and years ago. That is the outer planets as generational, the inner planets personal. It is why we are in a generational shift, one that has no comparisons in history’s lexicon.

This NPR piece is an example of the things we come to believe, how easily we are manipulated by false narratives. https://www.npr.org/sections/codeswitch/2018/08/01/605084163/why-its-still-ok-to-trash-poor-white-people

Many such false beliefs are under scrutiny. It’s about time.

Buckeye Shadow, it appears the Pluto transit in Pisces is when climate change and sea level rise become acute. Turning points would be the Uranus-Pluto opposition in 2047 and especially the Pluto-Neptune square in 2064. That square makes me shudder as the very core of reality will be challenged as never before for many. Pluto in the water sign of faith will be challenged by Neptune, the Pisces ruling planet. Who said the Age of Pisces is over? We might see mass delusions and the loss of religious bearings but also newly inspired fundamental change. Most of us won’t be alive then, but our children or grandchildren will. It’s less than 50 years away, the time between now and the Sixties. Maybe that is also when humanity is redefined in unfathomable ways.

In the novel Cat’s Cradle, a made-up religion (designed to keep the natives from getting restless) had a deity (the Sun) called Borasisi and he and his wife (the Moon) had children. But because they weren’t up to Borasisi’s standards he banished them and they became the planets, Earth being one of them. The most notable thing about this religion that Borasisi is part of is that it’s made up of lies.

Borasisi, the trans neptunian object (TNO), has been in the vicinity of 20-23 Pisces for over a year and, as a symbol of non-truths, it shouldn’t surprise us that it has been opposite the US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo) and square the US natal Mars (21+ Gemini), and Trump’s natal Sun (22+ Gemini) and Moon (21+ Sagittarius) and his natal nodes (20 Gemini-Sagittarius).

Transiting Borasisi then has been challenging (square and opposition) both the US natal chart and Trump’s natal chart. On July 4, 2017, he was at 22+ Pisces, opposite US Neptune and square Trump’s Sun 22+ Gemini. It might account for all those immigrant children having been banished from their parents.

By election day in 2020 transiting Borasisi will be at 24+ Pisces, hopefully with a lot less impact on US natal Neptune.

Thank you, Nancy.

“Another way to stay positive and sustain hope is knowing—not believing, knowing—that the moral arc of the universe does ultimately bend toward justice.”

Ralfee Finn:


patty, you should research the subject before you spout off about how you “heard on the radio” that firefighters “have been committing suicide.” What you (possibly just carelessly) have suggested is that those who have died in the current fires killed themselves for the insurance. There is accurate information on this, so please try to get it right instead of posting “what you heard.” Please.

I have an uncomfortable closeness to and experience with both the Detwiler and Ferguson fires. I can assure you that neither of those fire fatalities did themselves in. They died protecting us and our property. Your careless claim is worse than a slap in the faces of those they left behind. Capitalizing “firefighters” does not make up for what you have implied about these fine young men who are more than just death stats to me, not to mention to their families.

barbk, I have long suspected that Vonnegut is amusing himself by writing the script for us all.

Jerry, thank you for your post reminding us of the Great American Eclipse of 2017. It has been on my mind a great deal lately but haven’t had time to research.

The fires are devastating and having recently lived in New Mexico, can attest that they are terrifying.

Also take a look at these ecological disasters happening now:

The toxic algae bloom surrounding all of Florida is killing wildlife at an alarming rate. While “red tides” (and in this year’s case, it is also green) happen almost every year they do not last long. This one has been vicious, going into its 10th month. 4,000 dead fish were counted Sunday on Sanibel beaches. Turtles & dolphins are dying. The cause is rising sea temperatures with run-off of toxic chemicals.


On top of that is the news that penguin colonies around the world are being decimated. The World’s largest King Penguin colony has declined by 88% in the last 30 years. The Adelie Penguin colony in Antarctica, a colony of 40,000, had only 2 surviving chicks last year.

The Orca whale seen on social media and in the news this week carrying her dead calf is from an endangered whale pod – that has not had a healthy calf born in three years.

Our planet is in serious trouble.

Back to Eclipses: 2016, 2017, 2018

Checked the timeline of Mueller probe of Trump campaign and Russia.

Aug. 19, 2016 (one year prior to the 2017 eclipse and 13 days before the Sep 11 solar eclipse) – Manafort resigns as Trump’s campaign chairman following news reports of his business dealings in Ukraine.

July 26, 2017 – (12 days before Aug 7 lunar eclipse and 26 days before Aug 21 Great American Eclipse) Federal agents execute a pre-dawn raid of Manafort’s home.

Most assuredly, a great deal of information that would concern Mueller would be uncovered in August 2017 during the eclipses. Would love to know what was uncovered on or around August 21.

July 31, 2018 – Manafort’s trial begins in the midst of the summer 2018 eclipse season (4 days post Jul 27 lunar eclipse and 11 days before Aug 11 eclipse)

Arbo, I’m sure Patty didn’t mean to disparage the bravery of fire fighters. There have been statistics about fire fighters committing suicide(103 in 2017, but not during fires though), as well as police officers. (https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2018/04/11/officers-firefighters-suicides-study/503735002/).
It’s possible Patty heard some conjecture about those statistics and a connection to suicide on the radio. There are outrageous demands placed on fire fighters, particularly during these kinds of wildfires and they experience PTSD and other mental health conditions, as do veterans of wars. Just tragic and frightening for all involved. My heart goes out to you in the distress you are feeling. It is very understandable.

I meant to say, conjecture about those past statistics and a connection to insurance that would protect their families. I can barely fathom what they are going through with the Carr and these other wildfires, as well as those who live in the area and their horrible losses. Firemen (as well as most police) are extremely brave and committed in the sacrifice they are making. My step son, who advocates for men, points out that men in general are almost considered disposable in our society, as they are generally the ones on the front line, and it is only of late that women have joined in but in far lesser numbers.

SassyGrace…thanks for the eclipse info.

What is happening to the earth and its wildlife is a permanent wound in our hearts for many of us.

Think positive, be grateful, and, as Angellight said, send love and light to all dimensions.

Chiming in with SassyGrace ….

the problem with the algae, which is coming from Lake Okeechobee, being fed by agro run off from Big Sugar (among others but by and large its 85% sugar cane) is not that its green scum you have to scrape off of everything and mixing with naturally occurring seasonal red tide.

The algae in question is a specific type — cyanobacteria, bluegreen algae– and it is hypoxic, meaning it depletes the oxygen in the water, thereby killing marine life [and recently taken off the Endangered Species List manatees!!] and for humans specifically, it causes liver failure among other fun side effects. Contact is a bad idea, and even breathing this stuff in is not good.

Marjorie looks at Woodward who has a new book coming out in Sept titled “Fear”
“The book title came from a conversation with Trump during the 2016 campaign when he said: ‘Real power means you can get what you want without having to exert violence. Real power is Fear.’ ”
“Trump is continuing his summer of bad-temper and high angst with tr Uranus still in square to his Mercury/Mars and Venus/Pluto up to publication date. Immediately after tr Uranus returns to square his Saturn/Pluto – self-destructive energy, egotistical, violent.”

BuckeyeShadow, thank you for your further comments! Particularly “Aquarius Pluto will bring forth a renewal of democracy throughout our society and around the world itself. However, the challenges it presents alongside it will be with regards to our use/misuse of technology.”

Agreed! Except, to that, I would add 2 words: Aquarius Pluto will bring forth a DESIRE for a renewal of democracy.

Because right now, the renewal seems to be going the other way around, but one thing is sure – in time we will most certainly desire the renewal and possibly even be desperate to get it!

What actually happens with climate change and political systems, human and animal health, etc. depends entirely on the good people of the planet getting a grip on their priorities and their politics.

So far, the results on that have not been too great. Ask any biologist about the health of the planet. Things need to change radically (Uranus), even for the upper classes and the power people, who are very comfy where they are! How likely is that change to happen unless, world wide, resources take a tumble along with the financial side?

These days that we are living now are approaching the dirty 30’s in the consequences of our human actions. Only it’s worse than dust storms and treks by homeless Okies to California now. I wasn’t alive then, but I knew folks who went through it (my parent’s age group – they also went through 2 world wars).

There is nothing written in the Bible or any other book (including astrology) that says we’re going to end up being better people for all that has happened in the past 70 years. No planet is going to ‘do it’ to us – we are going to do it, whatever “it” is. The end result cannot be determined in advance by anybody but ‘we the people’.

Since WWII, we appear to have been ignoring the lessons of history across the board. Science is new on the scene, but we’re not paying too much attention to the warnings from that either. Kids don’t even KNOW any history these days, that is how little we value it (and people like Betsy are not helping).

My take on the astrology is that all the Aquarian stuff has equal potential for the negative side as much as the positive. Nobody can call it for sure either way at this point in time. Sure, there are good things happening too, but it’s a race – not necessarily a race to the bottom, but winner yet to be determined.

Races are about an awful lot of hard, sustained effort and a determination to succeed and overcome the challenge no matter what – that applies double for something that requires common effort. That is, a lot of people have to put their shoulders to it, not just the football heroes.

Thus far, what we see is little or no common effort, certainly not in politics. What we see is self-interest on a level that is without parallel, everywhere. When did you last hear in politics that we should take care of the sick and the poor and the people with the money will be happy to pay?

Never have so many done so little to make the world a better place. Check out the pollution and the plastic and the radiation – and the poverty of at least 6 billion, mostly uneducated, people.

That message is not part of anything being talked about by Mitch McConnell, D. Trump, Theresa May or even that charmer, Justin Trudeau, never mind Putin or Kim! However, there is nothing preventing the general populace of any country from seeing and understanding these things. They just have to sacrifice a little of their comfort for the common good. But people are stuck and too busy staring at their cell phones.

Personally, I think it will take a major climate incident or global shock of some kind to change the direction the world is taking – which is not the best side of either Pluto or Uranus. That’s my rant for the day!!

Beowolfe, that was an absolute amazing and very wise rant, it resonated deeply with me!

What you said, Sharons S and K. But I feel we all have a responsibility to not be misleading while on our internet soapboxes.

arbo, it IS uncanny how Vonnegut’s novel captures the nature of humanity. I see transiting Borasisi as symbolizing “the MSM” when it comes into a trine with the US natal Mercury (24+ Cancer) in 2020.

Also, at times during 2020, Saturn in Cap will sextile Borasisi in Pisces (August-Oct) forming a Yod to Trump’s Mars in Leo that opposes the US natal Moon in Aquarius (a Boomerang); Power to the People. The North Node in Gemini will trine the US Moon in Aquarius and the South Node in Sagittarius will conjunct the Galactic Center.

Well now AquariusMoon, you have helped explain the role of Sedna (“. . . it depletes the oxygen in the water, thereby killing marine life . .”) and the recent conjunction between Sedna and Lachesis in Taurus, square US natal Moon in Aquarius, while at the same time in a trine with US natal Pluto in Capricorn. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Same to you SassyGrace; the Orca whale carrying her dead baby et al.; bless you for shedding Light on this subject, and on the purpose of Sedna in the astrological pantheon.

Andre & Beowulfie,

So, you know, I’m something of an optimistic pessimist–or is that optimistic pessimist?

I know what civilization is facing is grim. I’ve studied and analyzed the facts for years. The Peak Oil theory, which I still believe is true, took my breath away when I first learned about it through Matt Savinar back in the mid 2000. The forecasts of an oil-deprivation-induced civilizational crash have since come and gone, but what hasn’t gone away is the fact that we are rapidly outstripping and fouling this, our one and only habitable planet, of its resources as if there is no tomorrow. Someday, likely within our lifetimes, tomorrow will indeed arrive, and we will have insufficient resources with which to power ourselves through it.

Despite this, and the very real threat of climate change, disappearing coastlines and runaway global warming, I continue to hope and believe that we will make some unprecedented shift of a spiritual nature in the nick of time, if not sooner, that leads to epic-scale actions in order to mitigate and minimize if not resolve these crises. What else can we do?

As hideous as Trump is and the people who have orchestrated his rise to power, I have personally never seen more people, particularly among our younger generations (e.g. the Parkland kids in Florida), challenging the insufferable status quo ways of doing things and being that the Conservative elitist establishment of this country is fighting at all costs to preserve. I do find that quite encouraging, and it represents the vanguard of what could be a broader shift within the collective towards constructive dialogue and political action for transformational changes.

Conservative elites are terrified of everything that it is that we need to do in order to survive as a species on this planet, because their own position and relative state of comfort and security will likely be lost. Oh, the horror, the horror… that they should ever be made to suffer with the rest of us, the unwashed masses. At their heart they are gutless cowards who have shielded themselves through their money and the power and privilege it affords them. They will not save humanity, and as time goes by, more and more people will not be able to help but see them all exposed for what they are, and also for what they are not and never will be.

Perhaps never again in our lifetimes will a supposed rich man or CEO be elected to high office on the premise that wealth or business credentials automatically equals competent leadership. That’s no small shift, and in fact it will be one of the most powerful lessons for us that we will take away from the Capricorn Pluto period we are presently in. Much as the end of Pluto in Sagittarius saw the collapse of Christianity and its overbearing influence here in the US, the end of Pluto in Capricorn will bring about the end of the era of unchecked conglomerate corporate capitalism and de facto rule over this country and the world by elite CEOs and Wall Street investors. Obviously, not all businesses are going to suddenly die in 2023-24 when Pluto enters Aquarius, but they will face mounting pressures to change the way they do business or else die from this time forward, much as what has happened to Christianity and religion in general, post-Pluto Sagittarius.

I suppose we all wonder how far the madness can go before the illusion, that Trump is a real president, is completely shattered. To many of us it feels very close to happening.

Right now trans. Neptune and trans. Pluto, both retrograde, are just shy 3 1/2 degrees of an exact sextile, and from August 8, when the Sun in Leo is quincunx Neptune (15 Pisces 51 rx), and August 11, when the Sun in Leo is quincunx Pluto (19 Cap 18 rx), there will be an extended version of a Yod playing out, with the transiting Sun (consciousness) in Leo (creative) doing some adjusting.

Robert Mueller’s Solar Return takes place at 9:10 AM EDT on August 7th and that Sun will be exactly, to the minute, conjunct Pallas the Strategist, at 14 Leo 59.

Sun and Pallas in Mueller’s solar return chart will be quincunx Neptune in Pisces, and quincunx Pluto in Capricorn, and square Jupiter in Scorpio. Transiting Jupiter will be trine transiting Neptune.

As always, Mueller’s Sun (and now Pallas) will trine the Great Attractor at 14 Sagittarius 12 (that squares trans. Neptune). There’s something divine and quite irresistible about that Great Attractor.

Mueller’s solar return Moon at 21+ Gemini will conjunct the US natal Mars and Trump’s natal Sun. His solar return Ceres at 16+ Virgo is conjunct his natal Mars-Chiron conjunction at 16+ Virgo. Solar return Uranus at 2+ Taurus will trine his natal Jupiter at 2+ Virgo.

Mueller’s solar return Borasisi at 23+ Pisces rx is close to an exact trine to US natal Mercury (24+ Cancer) and Trump’s Venus (25+ Cancer) and exactly trine Trump’s Saturn (23+ Cancer). It squares Mueller’s SR Moon in Gemini and Trump’s Sun and US Mars too. I note this only to make clear the inter-connections between Mueller, Trump and the USA.

It won’t be easy in this fog of Neptune but I feel sure Mueller’s finest hour will be bringing Trump down in shame.

Something about Borasisi I failed to include in the earlier comment is that when Borasisi gets to 24+ Pisces (starting in April next year) it will form a grand trine with the US Mercury (24+ Cancer) and Trump’s IC (24+ Scorpio). That will continue, off and on for some time after that. Eventually it will all go away and we won’t have to talk about Trump any more.

Great piece Buckeye, thank you.

Andre, you highlighted two major mid-century aspects that have been on my mind for years: The Uranus-Pluto opposition in 2046-48 (Uranus in Virgo to Pluto in Pisces), and the Neptune-Pluto square of 2061-64 (Neptune in Gemini to Pluto in Pisces).

I agree that Pluto in Pisces alone, starting in the mid 2040s, will probably see massive environmental changes the world over, due to storms, flooding, and rising seas. The chemicals we have put into our environment, particularly from practices such as fracking, will also probably also come to the fore in a major way during this time. The return of Uranus to Virgo, where it was during the 1960s and the Uranus-Pluto conjunction, represents in some sense a revisitation of everything we experienced during the 1960s, from equality and civil rights, to alternative healing therapies, spirituality, and environmental awareness.

We’ll need to really have our shit together in all of these areas and more if we are to successfully navigate the world survival challenges that Pisces Pluto in opposition to Virgo Uranus represents. It is fair to say that the 2012-15 period of squares between Capricorn Pluto and Aries Uranus was a major “stress test.” How are we doing? This represents a major test and wake-up call before the opposition.

The thing about oppositions like these is that there is “life before,” and “life after.” How we show up for the Uranus-Pluto opposition will have substantial bearing on what our “after” life (pun intended) will be like.

As for the Neptune-Pluto square in the 2060s, like the Uranus-Pluto square in the 2010s, it represents a major checkpoint/test following the start of the cycle, which in this case took place back during the early 1890s. The 1890-92 Neptune-Pluto conjunction in Gemini represents the “birth” of our modern civilization, one that is globalized and interconnected across our planet. The Neptune-Pluto square will be the first hard aspect these two planets have made with each other since the 1890s conjunction–170 years apart by this point, and also a full cycle return for Neptune back into Gemini, which is itself a significant event.

Ideally, the Neptune-Pluto square of 2061-64 would represent the next stage in this cycle of our modern civilization, a point at which the modern era seeds planted during the 1890s have not only sprouted, but have grown to the point of producing flowers that are in full bloom.

At this stage, we should be witnessing a globalized world that has found a way to put aside many of its differences in favor of commonly shared dreams, ideas and knowledge (Neptune in Gemini).

But perhaps, we fail as a civilization to make it through the challenges leading up to this turning point? Such is indeed possible, and the Neptune-Pluto square under these circumstances manifests as a “failure to launch”–a massive missed opportunity–and a global civilization that is in breakdown as a result.

Instead of evolving to the next level the ideas and knowledge we gained and applied towards global transformation in the years and decades following the Neptune-Pluto square, we instead see our modern ideas and knowledge literally dissolve and become lost to us, and the world slides towards schism and ruin.

A global neo-Atlantis of sorts may be the final result. Against the backdrop of rising sea levels and global warming, that may not be hyperbole.

Three additional noteworthy points:

-Eris enters Taurus during the 2040s. The planet of discord challenging our food/farming and monetary/value systems.

-The next Saturn-Pluto conjunction after our impending 2020 one-off Saturn-Pluto conjunction at 22 Capricorn takes place at 13-14 Pisces in 2053-54. One one hand, this could represent the incorporation of a global state during a planetary emergency as a means of responding to the existential crisis at hand. On the other hand, a darker possibility perhaps, it could symbolize a massive organized grab of whatever resources remain on Earth during a period of imminent collapse and breakdown.

-Pluto enters Aries in 2067. A new Pluto cycle! On the heels of the Neptune-Pluto square, this could represent one of two possibilities. The higher possibility is that we enter and complete the Neptune-Pluto square in a state of unity as a civilization, in which case, we may be blasting-off (literally) to explore new frontiers. I see this as the time when we would seriously begin to expand into the heavens and colonize Mars, the Moon, possibly even a number of asteroids and the moons of planets like Jupiter and Saturn.

The lower possibility? A massive struggle for survival amidst a civilization and environment in total breakdown. The Hobbesian hell scenario of the War of All against All becomes the new prevailing order of the day, relatively speaking, as the coastal cities drown, large swaths of the planet near the equator exceed wet bulb temperatures regularly, rendering them uninhabitable for humans, governments collapse, countries dissolve, and survivors flee for the thawed tundra at the poles.

Thanks, barbk.

The last note in my post above is not my dream world scenario, obviously. Not anyone’s, I hope.

I will be a very old man by the late 2060s. While I would love to see and experience in the flesh all of these transits and to experience Pluto entering Aries–what an energy shift after Pluto in watery Pisces–Whether I am here in body or in spirit by that time as an observer, I truly dread the possibility that we as a species will mindlessly allow our greatest flaws–our prejudices, hatreds, stupid irrational tribalisms, etc. to get the better of us in the end, and fail to act on what seems so obvious that we must do if we are to survive and continue on for generations yet to come.

I would not care to go on living in such a world that is in collapse, where people have lost all hope for a better future, a world far, far worse than the most ill-informed ranting ideologues today–Steve Bannon and his ilk–can conceive of as the end result of their retrograde, nihilistic pursuits and their mad push to these ends.

Obviously, I hold steadfast to my hope for the far better world that is still possible.

In any case, I do see both possibilities still in the making, and I do think there will ultimately be a genuine “tipping point” towards one scenario or the other. The Uranus-Pluto Square wasn’t it, but it is definitely a very serious wake up call, and it does herald the coming Uranus-Pluto opposition as the proverbial line in the sand. We now have less than 30 years before that line is crossed and our collective decision to succeed or succumb collectively becomes apparent.

I’ll say again that there is a spiritual element involved. There always is, always has been, and always will be. For us at this time, the impetus and challenge is all about connecting with spirit, the bigger picture, and our humble place within everything. It’s about putting aside EGO. When we do that individually and collectively, the world around us will shift, and doors will open that we never realized were there in the first place.

Perhaps this is the real reason why such an EGO-maniac like Trump has emerged from our shadow–to teach and inspire us in a roundabout way about our own individual and collective eco-centric ways of doing things, and also of the damage and destruction that is the end result of such spiritually disconnected ways of being. I think people are indeed starting to see that the era of “Me” that took center stage with Pluto in Leo and with the generation carrying that transit signature, must inevitably give way to the era of “We.”

The emergence of new generations bearing the Pluto transit signatures of the four superego/universalist “We” transpersonal signs–Sagittarius, now Capricorn, and Aquarius and Pisces yet to come–will complete this turnover during the coming years.

True, the hour is late, and times are increasingly urgent. But I do see the courageous souls among us now, the young adults in their late teens and 20s, particularly the Pluto in Sag cohort with Uranus in Aquarius, and others still yet to come of age. I can see that they are rolling up their sleeves and digging in for the arduous struggle ahead. Parkland was their wake-up and rallying call, and it is only the beginning.

BuckeyeShadow, great and inspiring writing. Thank you. I will read it again.
Just a few thoughts. If the American rule of law and democratic ideals can fight off not only Trump but the predatory GOP ruling class 1%, this will be a model for the world for the century to come. That would be the lesson learned by the Uranus-Eris-Pluto square. The full story about the renewal of American democracy will not be told before Pluto enters Aquarius. Then, there will be the US Uranus return, which possibly will bring a war for survival against an external enemy, finally the environmental threat which will occupy the latter half of this century. Just as the Uranus-Eris-Pluto square predictably brought destabilizing authoritarian governments but also great new types of leaders such as Obama (who I agree with Eliseo has not finished his work), the Neptune-Pluto square should bring deluded prophets of doom on a greater scale in a time of environmental trauma, but also a renewal of authentic spirituality. There are many tough tests ahead, but also unlimited possibilities.

I love your balanced view and optimism, Andre.

The 1%, privileged elites, corporate moguls, etc. all will suffer considerable loss of power and stature its after Pluto leaves Cap for Aquarius, so the days are already numbered for elitist Conservative Authoritarian rule in this country. There’s absolutely nothing they can do to hold onto their control. The tighter they cling to it, the greater their fall will be.

I am curious to see what the exact Pluto-Eris Square will bring early next decade. I’ve traced each of the hard aspects in our current cycle to major shifts in the Industrial Revolution, which truly started at the Pluto-Eris conjunction in Sag during the 1750s. The opening square with Pluto in Gemini and Eris in Pisces seems to have coincided with WWI and industrial knowledge and technology (Gemini Pluto) going global (Pisces Eris) in the most destructive and disruptive ways possible… on the heels of the paradigm-altering Neptune-Pluto conjunction. The Pluto-Eris opposition from Libra to Aries in the 1970s brought about the energy crisis and massive economic dislocation in the U.S. Industrial Belt (e.g. Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit, Buffalo, etc.), perhaps the most devastating and disruptive attack (Aries Eris) attack against a balanced and empowered (Libra Pluto) economic playing field that this country has witnessed during the recent modern period.

If the disruption-destruction trend holds out, then I suspect we are about to see something novel and overwhelming that literally beats the stuffing out of the power elites and establishment (Pluto in Capricorn). The #MeToo movement leveraging tech in grand fashion to take down the misogynistic Trump, the Kochs, and the GOP and remake the country? It’s entirely plausible.

I kept putting off reading Linda Schurman’s current monthly article for some reason, but I just read it now, and she and I seem to be very well aligned:


I haven’t had the time yet to catch up on the current posts, but in scanning, I noticed Dean’s reference to this Q Anon movement that, per an NPR interview today, embraces Pizzagate & all that goes along with it. I’ve noticed that a certain segment of the left does too & those are the people who will only support a candidate like Bernie because they feel, like Trumpists do, that he is not a part of the corrupted “Deep State” that secretly control everything. It’s a real problem, but especially hurts the Democratic party, because, in that sense, we are more divided then the Republicans.

Great comments all.
Buckeye, the other thing that happened with the pluto eris opposition was that global changing Microsoft was registered Nov 26 1976

Sharon, in the past few days there have been warnings that stirrers targeting all sorts of groups, no matter the pet subject, are becoming active.
The bottom line for all is – be extra aware of ‘gossipy’ methods and angst driven manipulation on all fronts, designed to gin up anger against the ‘other’.
Their prime directive is – divide and conquer.

I am sorry I was unable to comment to Arbo sooner…
Recently my husband insisted he take me to the Emergency Room because one of my ankles was more swollen than the other and after a sonogram it was determened that I had a blood clot.
I’m now taking Xarelto.
Wow…When it rains it pours. I never meant to cause discord or strife here on Nancy’s Blog. I do apologize.


Wow, you got lucky. I am so glad that you are okay. You husband is a good man.

Take care of yourself Patty.

Thanks, Buckeye Shadow, for your very visionary, astrology-based suggestions about the future, and thanks for posting Linda Schuman – she is one of my favorites. Patty, feel better.

Whether Iran’s threat to close the Strait of Hormuz after the first phase of the US sponsored sanctions kicks in on August 6th is just a bluff or not, I can envision Trump instigating some kind of false flag attack in the Gulf as a means to obscuring the encroaching Mueller probe. Such a situation could develop the morning of the 10th with that Mars-Moon opposition (0 Aquarius-Leo) in t square to the near stationary Uranus (2 Taurus). It is right on the US Inaugural Sun (0 Aquarius) and activating Ayatollah Khameini’s Saturn (0 Taurus) Pluto (0 Leo) Mars (1 Aquarius) t square. Ayatollah Khameini is the critical factor in any decisions to close the Strait of Hormuz……….

Iran Waiting For Leader Order To Block Strait of Hormuz: Comdr.

Mehr News Agency
July 31, 2018


I forgot to include Marjorie Orr’s April 26, 2018 commentary on this – complete with Ayatollah Khamenei’s birth chart. Here it is…….

Iran – Moving Towards Boiling Point


Astrologer Lynn Hayes writes about the public emergence of QAnon at the July Lunar Eclipse:


patty! That’s awful and your husband’s a hero.

I don’t think you meant to say what you seemed to be saying, but it’s a good illustration of why we should read what we’re about to post and be sure we ARE saying what we want to say. It’s an old J school trick.

I hope the meds work.

May you be surrounded and infused with healing light.

Patty, so glad you got a timely diagnosis! Here’s to a speedy recovery! Sending healing love.

The NRA claims it is in deep financial trouble threatening its existence because of regulatory pressure from the State of New York. Yay!


Is this an effect of the Pluto-Eris square? Eris in Aries would be troublesome gun-owners versus Pluto in Capricorn, which would be a powerful government.

Trump was saved from ruin by the Russian mob.


Andre, I don’t think Eris represents the NRA. They are still too pro-establishment, and another stick-in-the-mud Pluto in Taurus organization like the Republican Party that has long outlived its expiration date. My take on Eris, at least in Aries, is that it is much more reflective of the emerging warrior feminine in the collective, which the NRA is anything but. Those raging fools aren’t even warrior masculine, honestly.

Elizabeth Grace:
” Just in time for a measurement exact on August 19th between Mercury (mindset) and Uranus (disruption), Omarosa Manigault’s tell-all tome will be released on August 14th. The title: “Unhinged” — an apt reflection of the downside potential of Mercury-Uranus connections.”


A random thought:
I wonder what might be gleaned from looking at the chart of the “United Russia” party – formed Dec 1 2001. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Russia

It is the party of Putin and that suspected mob character, politician/banker, nra supporter, but usually just referred to as an oligarch by the US media – Alexander Torshin who was born 27 Nov 1953.

Ed Tamplin this week looks at next week’s eclipse particularly in relation to china and iran

Linda G, the Comanche Psychic latest post, Aug. 4th. She mixes up a name or two, but the message makes plain to whom she is referring.


Lamis, Thanks for the new Linda G session. I wonder, she being psychic, if transiting Mercury wasn’t aspecting her natal Neptune at the time of her recording. With natal Neptune being the source of her information (I would assume), it could interfere with her trans. Mercury reception, thus getting the names wrong. Been there done that!

Here’s something I caught from the chart for the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction (the present cycle between them); at that time (Oct. 18, 2017) they were at 1+ Scorpio, conjunct the US natal Hades 0+ Scorpio. When trans. Uranus entered Taurus in May it opposed US Hades and in June it opposed the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction. (May is when we first heard about the crying children being separated from their parents on the Mexico border.)

I believe this cycle symbolizes the war on the Press (the Fake News) meme and Trump’s vile attacks on reporters. The annual Mercury-Jupiter cycle can give a general, and sometimes a specific picture of the course communications will travel for the following year (until their next conjunction).

For example, at the Jupiter-Mercury conjunction last October, the Moon (emotions) at 8+ Libra was sextile Ceres (mother separated from child) at 8+ Leo and they formed a Yod to the US natal Ceres at 8+ Pisces which squares US Uranus (breakthrough) at 8+ Gemini.

Right now and earlier this year transiting Nessus (abuse of power) was conjunct US Ceres and at that point in a Yod which must make an adjustment. It was due to press (media) coverage that US citizens became aware of the abuse the Trump government inflicted on immigrant families, and must now rectify.

The next Jupiter-Mercury cycle starts October 29, 2018, at 27+ Scorpio, square US Moon in Aquarius and sextile US Pluto in Capricorn. Because Venus (values) will be at 1+ Scorpio, repeating the conjunction to US natal Hades (for another year due to the new Mercury-Jupiter cycle), and because transiting Uranus will oppose trans. Venus and US Hades, . .

. . .and because the transiting nodes (North at 0+ Leo and South at 0+ Aquarius) will form a grand cross with Venus (+ US Hades) and Uranus, the ongoing cloud of child abuse could translate as a referendum on Trump policies in the midterm election 8 days later.

Voting is a form of communication and since the US Moon (US People) will square the new Mercury-Jupiter conjunction (communicating), it could reflect the values (Venus in the new Jupiter-Mercury cycle continues the old 2017 cycle in the same degree – 1+ Scorpio, and conjunct US Hades) of the People, with Venus opposite Uranus this time.

This is just one cycle of course, and other cycles are influencing us too. Still the fiasco at the southern US border has repulsed a lot of people that might have otherwise been content with the Republican Congress. The Press (MSM) is keeping the “kidnapped children” story alive and will do so until all 500+ children have been reunited with their families or with someone the parent approves of.

Lovely morning, everyone. In case you missed Trump throwing his own son under the bus, here’s his tweet along with the time stamp:

Fake News reporting, a complete fabrication, that I am concerned about the meeting my wonderful son, Donald, had in Trump Tower. This was a meeting to get information on an opponent, totally legal and done all the time in politics – and it went nowhere. I did not know about it!
9:35 AM – 5 Aug 2018

Yes, that’s him saying, we had the meeting, Don Jr. was there to get information on Hillary, but … it was totally legal!!!!

Hope Hicks was spotted boarding AF1 prior to DT Ohio rally

More on Don Jr.


No sympathy for either father or son from me. They dug their own graves through ego. And getting involved in things they should have known better than to touch. If they are panicking, good! It’s long overdue that they face the music for their improprieties.

“The U.S. progressed Sun has been trine the natal Sun for the past year, perhaps protecting Trump from his political rivals and the investigations. However, this is now a waning influence, while the progressed Sun’s hard aspect (the quincunx or 150º) to natal Saturn is getting stronger. This astrological development corresponds to Mueller’s pending indictment as well as Trump’s increasingly shrill complaints about Fake News. This showdown takes us right up to the mid-term elections.”


Growing evidence seems to be mounting that climate change is indeed the most immediate and pressing existential crisis for humanity, consistent with my analysis of the present Uranus-Pluto cycle:

1965-Conjunction: Awakening, Existential Crisis Revealed
2012-15-Square: Test of Priorities
2046-48-Opposition: Existential Crisis and Consequences of Choices Manifest


I do think it’s hardly “game over” yet, but four decades of Reactionary head-in-the-sand Conservatism and an embarrassingly weak progressive-liberal counter movement have cost us a ton of lost time and missed opportunities we will never get back. It’s now no longer a question of whether we can stop climate change, but rather, what will it take to mitigate its worst effects and preserve our civilization.

In this context, the coming Neptune-Pluto Square of 2061-64 could more optimistically be the point at which our civilization reorients itself towards a “caretaker” role for the planet. To this end, I do think it is likely that we will see some carbon and methane atmospheric extraction technologies emerge during the Pluto in Aquarius period that could support us in mitigating the challenges ahead.

Kuttner’s opinion jibes with my charts for tRump on and around January 13, 2020. There are some positive transits in those charts for him but they are few and not as strong as the Sun, Saturn, and Pluto opposition to his natal Saturn. Not wanting to impart news of those weak connections I have not mentioned them until now. I thought they connected to a deal he makes to lessen or avoid some penalty’s as he is removed from office. More than he deserves but perhaps constrained by legal requirements or politicians covering their own asses..

OPINION 08/06/2018 09:11 am ET

Donald Trump Won’t Be The 2020 Republican Nominee, And Other Predictions
Robert Kuttner Columnist


The Republicans

“I will be amazed if Donald Trump is the Republican nominee. The water around him is rising fast, and he is likely to be long gone by 2020, either via impeachment or resignation in a deal that spares him prosecution.”

Finally a good little giggle in my studying the placements of the planets of the Aug. 11th Partial Solar Eclipse on the Blob-in Chief.

All that Leo energy falls in the Blobs 12th house of what is hidden, karma, hospitals and so on and so forth. AND since Mueller has a lot of Leo planets, when you place them around the Blob’s chart, they also fall in the Blob’s 12th house.

Without getting into all the aspects of all the last couple of eclipses which also feature Aquarius and Leo, a couple of heavies stand out. It is as if all these previous eclipses are the peppering prelude to this Aug. 11th eclipse.

The Aug. 11rh eclipse has Pluto making a quincunx aspect to both the Sun and Moon (falling in Blob’s 12th House). And finally, the Blob’s Ceres is in his 6th house at 13 Aquarius 06. The Aug. 11th eclipse features Mercury (Retrograde) at 14 Leo 43 to make a nice opposition from 12th to 6th. A llllllllooooooooooootttttt of information now coming out. Much more to come.

Keep it coming Lamis!


I diggle your giggle.

Most links below have been disabled by removing h from their beginning. Copy links and replace the h to make them work. Or copy entire post and replace the h’s.

Giuliani preparing letter to Mueller expressing ‘real reluctance’ over obstruction questions


If a custom legal system was good enough for Pablo Escobar one should be good enough for tRump, no?


“10 facts reveal the absurdity of Pablo Escobar’s wealth”

Amanda Macias
Sep. 21, 2015, 11:43 AM 4,970,370

“10. He cut a deal with Colombia to be imprisoned, but in a luxurious prison he built and named “La Catedral” — the cathedral.

In 1991, Escobar was incarcerated in his self-designed prison he named “La Catedral.” In the terms of his agreement with the Colombian government, Escobar was allowed to select who was imprisoned with him and who worked in the prison. He could also continue to run his cartel business and receive visitors.

La Catedral was equipped with a soccer field, barbecue pit, and patios and it was nearby another compound he built for his family. Also, the Colombian authorities were not allowed within 3 miles of his prison.”


“U.S. officials noted that similar offers had been floated by cartel leaders in the past. In 1984, they reportedly offered to pay off the Colombian national debt–then estimated at more than $9 billion–if the government would drop charges against them and scrap the country’s extradition treaty with the United States.”


“In the late 1980s he reportedly offered to pay off his country’s debt of $10 billion if he would be exempt from any extradition treaty. … Despite his best efforts, however, even Escobar couldn’t spend all that money, and much of it was stored in warehouses and fields. According to his brother, about 10%, or $2.1 billion, was written off annually—eaten by rats or destroyed by the elements. In some cases, it was simply lost.”

Escobar Says He’ll Surrender if U.S. Protects Family


“At his last jail, the prison compound was guarded by security officers he picked. An outer perimeter was protected by units of the Colombian Army. The billionaire criminal turned that jail into an international trafficking center. Recently released telephone records show that the prisoners placed calls on mobile telephones to Boston, Miami, Madrid and New York.”

This teen was auctioning his pig to fight cancer. Four bidders in a row had their own plans.


Trump’s Vow to Hire the ‘Best People’ Isn’t Panning Out


Secretary of Commerce

Report: Wilbur Ross Accused of Stealing Over $120 Million


Ohio Special Election Results: 12th Congressional District


Danny O’Connor leads by 0.1 percentage points, or 155 votes, over Troy Balderson with 85 percent of precincts fully reporting.

Candidate Party Votes Pct.
D.O’Connor Democrat 85,678 49.7%
Balderson Republican 85,523 49.7
Joe Manchik Green 1,037 0.6

172,238 votes, 85% reporting (501 of 591 precincts)

The race is expected to be close, and both national parties are spending heavily. But whoever loses will get a rematch in the regularly scheduled election in just three months.

Troy Balderson leads by 0.9 percentage points, or 1,754 votes, over Danny O’Connor with 100 percent of precincts fully reporting.

Candidate Party Votes Pct.

Troy Balderson Republican 101,574 50.2%
Danny O’Connor Democrat 99,820 49.3

202,521 votes, 100% reporting (591 of 591 precincts)

The way it will play out in the OH race, according to CNN is the following:

“Where things stand: 100% of precincts have reported, but 100% of the votes have not been counted for the district. Currently, the Ohio Secretary of State reports there are 8,483 outstanding ballots that may be counted.

Here are the latest numbers from Ohio’s Secretary of State: (Note: These numbers can change)

Outstanding absentees: 5,048
Outstanding provisionals: 3,435
As of 11:03 p.m. ET, the margin is .09%

Ohio law mandates that a recount must be performed in a district if the difference between two candidates is 0.5% or less.

The outstanding votes could push the difference either above or below the 0.5% mark. (If the margin is above 0.5%, candidates may still request recounts.)

Balderson (R): 101,566/50.2%
O’Connor (D): 99,800/49.3%

O’Connor fared so much better than anyone really should have expected him to do in such a strongly Republican district. That it is so close should send chills down the spine of national Republican strategists. I’m sure the orange clown will celebrate it anyway. Regardless, It does not bode well for the GOP’s fortunes in November.

Let’s not forget how corruptible the voting machines in Ohio are — and who controls them.

If all 8483 outstanding votes in Sharon’s post are allowed and breaks 55% for the Dem to 45% for the GOP the difference in the final total would be .43699; enough to cause a recount. If the break in the count is 54% for Dems vs 46% for Republicans the difference would be .501800, just out of reach unless that % is rounded off. But if all outstanding ballots are not filled in properly and thus not allowed – who knows? The Shadow? Boris and Natasha?


You can click on the right side of the page that opens to play a 10 minute 15 second recording of his April 18, 1943, broadcast. Except for the war reporting it sounds a lot like some of today’s commentary. My dad tuned him in every evening. Brought to you by Barbasol – made your face sing, not sting.

The Aug 11 eclipse hits Manafort’s natal chart (my speculative) for birthplace hard.

His MC is at 140°02′.

His natal Pluto at 139°13′.

Right ascension of the eclipse is 141°06.

The natal IC (320°02′) holds the eclipse Neptune/Pluto midpoint at 318°07′.

I’m intrigued by the New Moon on March 6, 2019, at 15 Pisces 47 (ruled by Neptune) that is conjunct Neptune and Vesta at 16+ Pisces, largely because Uranus returns to Taurus that same morning. This means that Uranus will be semi-square the New Moon that is one degree away from Neptune and Vesta.

Also trans. Pluto at 22+ Capricorn will be trine US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo, while trans. Jupiter at 22 Sagittarius 29 will square US Neptune. This is an incredible amount of blurriness for the US added to the New Moon effect, and trans. Jupiter will oppose Trump’s natal Sun at 22+ Gemini too.

This New Moon occurs in Trump’s 7th house of partners and/or open enemies. Cohen’s natal Mars at 0+ Leo will be squared by transiting Uranus at 0+ Taurus (which semi-squares the New Moon that conjuncts Neptune that conjuncts Vesta – what is invested in) at the time.

Meanwhile, Mueller’s natal Mars-Chiron conjunction at 16+ Virgo is opposite the Neptune-Vesta conjunction that conjuncts the New Moon in Pisces, a New Moon that is semi-square Uranus on March 6, 2019.

Also transiting Mars (at the time of the New Moon) at 13+ Taurus will sextile the US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer and this creates a Yod with the Great Attractor at 14+ Sagittarius, suggesting a shift of energy, similar to what’s happening today at the Lion’s Gate portal (August 8th).

This could be a big one.


Almost to the day of the Comey firing.

Wow, what an eye opener that was Fe; I’d not looked at a chart for Comey’s firing! Here’s some of what I found was going on among the planets that day:

Mercury (documents) was conjunct Uranus (unexpected) at 25+ Aries and trine Saturn (termination) at 26+ Sagittarius (conjunct the Galactic Center 27+ Sagittarius), and Jupiter (understanding) was conjunct the US natal Saturn (US government) both at 14+ Libra.

The Sun (consciousness) at 19+Taurus was conjunct the US natal Vesta (symbolizing what is invested in such as protecting the US president) and they were trine Pluto (power) at 19+ Capricorn. Gulp!

Mars (warrior) was at 12+ Gemini (conjunct the US natal chart descendant) and conjunct Mueller’s natal Uranus (breakthrough) also at 12+ Gemini, that squares his own natal Mercury (data) at 12+ Virgo.

Mars was square Neptune, 13+ Pisces, that would oppose Mueller’s natal Mercury in Virgo (analyse data), obstructing his gathering of evidence. The Comey firing chart’s Gemini Mars and Mueller’s natal Uranus are opposite the US natal chart’s ascendant (window to the world) at 12+ Sagittarius.

So then, the Comey firing chart’s Neptune in Pisces opposes Mueller’s natal Mercury in Virgo and, together with the Firing chart’s Mars + Mueller’s Uranus in Gemini – which opposes the US natal ascendant in Sagittarius, creates a grand cross (4 squares and 2 oppositions) in mutable (transitional) signs.

Therein lies the backbone of the whole Russian Investigation by Mueller’s Team; the play-by-play public drama that would be provided by the Press; the undercutting efforts by Trump and other Pubs; all coming to pass as a result of the firing of James Comey on May 9, 2017. What a tangled web we weave. (Arachne was conjunct Trump’s natal chart’s IC that day.)

About the current legal standoff; whether Pres. Trump would submit to a personal appearance before Mueller’s Special counsel for questioning, President Trump‘s lawyer Jay Sekulow said Sunday that a big court battle will likely ensue if Special Counsel Robert Mueller subpoenas the president.

“If you get a subpoena, you file what’s called a motion to quash,” Sekulow said on ABC’s This Week. “That will be argued at the District Court, then it would go to the Court of Appeals, then it would go to the Supreme Court of the United States. From the Supreme Court of the United States, it goes back down to the lower courts again.”

First one needs to consider the prevailing political realities regarding that unwritten rule requiring a suspension of indictments or overt judicial moves 60 days prior to national elections (in this case – the mid terms) so as not to unduly influence voting perceptions. That would bring us right up to the September 1st date Trump’s lawyer Rudy Guliani has been alluding to.

As the following article explains; in addition to the obvious stalling on being questioned and risking legal jeopardy (perjury), Donald Trump also appears to be throwing up potential roadblocks with the scheduling of a Putin summit sometime in the Fall – before the midterms. The ploy appears deliberate as the following article explains……

“……Trump might direct that any announced investigative steps or indictments be delayed until after the next meeting with Putin. It is even conceivable that the president would cite national security as the reason for an indefinite delay. Or the president might order action deferred until the “summit” ends and for several weeks afterward to allow “diplomacy to work”— with the effect of pushing any special counsel action deeper into the campaign, when the unwritten “60-day” rule has more bite. Of course, in this second case, it is the president himself who would have chosen to bring Putin to the capital in the weeks before the midterms and created tension with the unwritten rule.

How, then, would Mueller respond? He might feel obligated to respect a delay for as long as the Washington, D.C., summit lasts. But in the event that it became apparent, or highly plausible, that the president was seeking to manipulate the timing of the special counsel’s actions for purposes unrelated to national security, the independence of the investigation would be at risk. Rosenstein and Mueller would then have to insist on that independence—and Trump would have to decide whether to proceed with firing the special counsel, as he once reportedly attempted and, to all appearances, continues to long for.”

Excerpted from the Law Fare Blog website: The Russia Connection

Norms and ‘Unwritten Rules’ Facing the Special Counsel in a Trump Presidency


It seems clear Mueller is intelligent enough to decipher the not so subtle intentions to manipulate and delay the Mueller investigation as long as possible at least until after the midterms. Confirming this strategy, in an interview with CNN, Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Guliani just revealed a startling admission……

“When I first got involved, I would have told you not testifying would be the right legal strategy but then hurt politically,” Giuliani told CNN in a phone interview Wednesday. “Now I’m thinking the continuance of the investigation would actually help because people are getting tired of it, and (the President) needs something to energize his voters because the Democrats look like they’re energized. Nothing would energize (Republicans) more than, ‘Let’s save the President.’ ”

Reviewing the astrological aspects over the next several weeks I’m inclined to believe Mueller will choose to avoid a long drawn out battle over a presidential subpoena that could last for several months. Much more likely, he will proceed with a more creative, effective and bolder move with the indictments of Donald Trump Jr and others by the end of this month. The astrological aspects seem to support that possibility. The primary target of course is Donald Trump Jr. the main brainchild behind the June 2016 meeting at Trump Towers that brought Russia’s nefarious influence into the November 2016 US presidential elections front and center.

Here are the astrological influences at play….

August 26th

The Full Moon at 3 ’12 Pisces conjoins the 2017 US Inaugural chart’s nodes (3 ’55 Pisces-Virgo). Simultaneously the nearly exact Saturn (2 ’38 Capricorn) Uranus (2 ’25 Taurus) trine has a midpoint right on that 3 Pisces Full Moon. Keep in mind Pres Trump’s progressed Sun location at 1 ’59 Virgo will be in the line of fire.

August 27th

Mars stationary direct at 28 ’36 Capricorn will quincunx Donald Trump’s Ascendant (29 ’55 Leo), Donald Trump Jr ‘s natal Saturn (0 ’10 Virgo) and the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse (28 ’52 Leo).

Tr. Mercury at 16 ’40 Leo squares tr. Jupiter at 16 ’40 Scorpio and Trump Jr’s Uranus (15 ’18 Scorpio)/ progressed Uranus (16 ’22 Scorpio) . Curiously, Trump jrs Neptune (16 ’44 Sagittarius) Pluto (16 ’38 Libra) midpoint is right on those tr. Jupiter/natal Uranus 15/16 Scorpio degrees.

August 29th

Mercury transit (18 ’59 Leo) conjoins Trump’s progressed Moon (18 ’22 Leo) as well as the August 11th, 2018 solar eclipse degree (18 ’41 Leo) in quincunx to Pluto at 18 ’59 Capricorn. This is activating both the Jan 20th 2017 US Inaugural Pluto (17 Capr) and natal Pluto in the chart for the inception of the Mueller investigation of May 17, 2017 (19 Capricorn).

All things considered, reading the tiny tea leaves, late August could be a turning point in the Russian investigation and President Trump’s tenure in office.

Jared Kushner is the other primary target in the Mueller investigation…..

Lawmaker Predicts Mueller Will Indict Trump Jr. And Kushner

Video: 4 min 36 sec


Jared Kushner’s astrological chart can be seen here:


What is noticeable in relation to the late August aspects is that Kushner’s natal Uranus at 28 ’52 Scorpio will be sextiled by the Mars station (28 ’36 Scorpio) in precise square (no orb) to last years August 21, 2017 solar eclipse (28 ’52 Leo).

The August 29th Mercury quincunx (18 ’59 Leo) to tr. Pluto (18 ’59 Capr.) has Kushner’s natal Sun within close range of tr. Pluto at 20 ’23 Capr.

CORRECTION. Read instead: “……. will be sextiled by the Mars station (28 ’36 CAPRICORN)”


I think I boobooed. I was referencing your March 6 referenced in the tile above, which is NOT year anniversary of the Comey firing!!

Hello! thank you for a much friendlier comment section! (since the election days, I mean).

I asked this question in the last thread but didn’t see anything in response. Forgive me if I missed it.
BUT…according to this interesting article, “some [Trump’s] support will diminish through early October.” My concerns are that the midterm elections occur in November. Would DJT’s planetary energies be something to look at or would it be better to look at the GOP’s? I am just concerned that he might be a little optimistic after early October. . . What do you experts think?!

Hi Lily, I’m sure we all share your concern regarding the November mid-term elections, and any success for Trump that might affect those election outcomes. I don’t doubt Nancy will be following up soon in the coming weeks and months on how she sees the transits affect Trump’s natal chart, as will other astrology buffs that comment here.

I can tell you this much about the astrology on the midterm election day; the Moon (symbolizing the People) in Libra will start the pre-dawn morning (most of us will still be asleep and dreaming) in a conjunction with transiting Venus and transiting Ceres (27+ Libra), trine to the US natal Moon (27+ Aquarius).

Something that setup will activate is the enormous concern that US citizens feel over the treatment of children separated from their parents by the US government at the southern US border this year.

Later in the day the transiting Moon moves into Scorpio and conjuncts the US natal Hades (0+ Scorpio) and opposes the transiting Uranus (0+ Taurus), and the US voters will not be able to shake off the reminders of the stuff Trump has done that is repulsive to them.

The transiting Moon as it reaches 0 degree of Scorpio will also trigger the transiting Nodes, North at 0 Leo and South at 0 Aquarius, that trans. Uranus (0+ Taurus) – which opposes transiting Moon + US Hades (0+ Scorpio) – will square, thus creating an activated grand cross of the most fixed (committed) nature.

The irony of these two massively influential astrological patterns, taking place on an election day, suggests to me that higher powers (than we mere mortals) are providing support to think with our hearts, and not with hate.

Fe, booboo or not, I’m ever so grateful to you for causing me to check out the Comey Firing chart. What a treasure trove of info it is – a major piece of the big puzzle!!

Charlottesville Revisited

Is it any coincidence we will be experiencing a partial solar eclipse on the one year anniversary of the violent white supremacist Charlottesville, Va. rally of 8/12/18 that resulted in one death and 19 injured? White Supremacist marches and counter protests with the potential for violence are planned in several US cities this weekend……

White Supremacists Are Planning a Second ‘Unite the Right’ Rally in D.C.

The Cut
Aug 9, 2018

Exactly one year after Unite the Right, the violent white-supremacist rally in Charlottesville, many of the same white-nationalist, paramilitary, and other right-wing groups are planning once again to come together for a (second-anniversary) rally — this time, in Washington, D.C. Its purpose, ostensibly, is to “protest civil rights abuses in Charlottesville,” where white supremacists brutally beat a 20-year-old black man and murdered Heather Heyer. (It is unclear what civil rights abuses the organizers think they suffered.)

This year, the event’s organizers are expecting there to be hundreds of people in attendance — but that’s not taking into consideration the number of people who will show up to counterprotest the rally. Below, everything to know about the upcoming demonstration.



Charlottesville Repeat? Alt-Right Rally With Guns Expected to Be Met By Antifa Counter-Protesters In Portland

Aug 3, 2018

As the one year anniversary of a deadly white supremacist march in Charlottesville, Virginia, approaches, some in Oregon fear that an alt-right rally this weekend could become similarly violent.

The rally is scheduled for Saturday and was organized by Patriot Prayer, a conservative group in the area founded by far-right congressional candidate Joey Gibson. The rally had been planned for months, but a last minute location announcement has Portland officials worried the demonstration could become as violent as the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville last August.



CORRECTION Read instead “…….on the one year anniversary of the violent white supremacist Charlottesville, Va. rally of 8/12/ 2017”

An addendum to the above. Film director Spike Lee’s film release Black Klansman is scheduled for today, timed specifically to coincide with the one year anniversary of the Charlottesville rally. Based on a true story, it is a social statement addressing the racial issues prevalent in our society…..

BLACKKKLANSMAN Clips & Trailer (2018) Spike Lee Movie

Video 5 min 17 sec


Thanks, Barbk
Lots to think of. I remain ever hopeful.

While this struggle seems long to us it has been just as long for tRump.

In the beginning he knew he had the upper hand having gained the office of president and having a secret network behind him. But in short order his secrets have been revealed and with Mueller’s investigation are continuing to be uncovered. Now he is on the losing side and he knows it. The end of his days in power is in sight.

Keep on keeping on – we will win.

“We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are;
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”

From Ulysses by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, 1833.

Bravo, Bob!

Right now the transiting asteroid Minerva (the Roman version of Pallas-Athena), noted for her strategic thinking, is trine the Galactic Center and transiting retrograde Mercury. At this time 6 of the 8 major planets that (can appear as moving) retrograde from time to time, are doing so and one of them is Mercury. Thus the suggestion of retrospect regarding recent events seems appropriate, if not necessary.

Both Mercury and Mars will station direct in August, Mercury on the 18th-19th, and Mars on the 27th. Meanwhile, the cable news channels will devote much time going over old news and observing how things have developed since then.

It gives us a pause in the non-stop assault on our minds and emotions, this 6-planet retro period, otherwise we would burn out, numb out and/or opt out from keeping up with the madness.

Transiting Venus and transiting Jupiter, the so-called Benefics, are the only major planets NOT retrograde and I believe our Bob has captured the essence of this combined Venus-Jupiter energy in his 11:57 PM comment. Thanks Bob!

Indeed, thanks Bob!

I sense the shift, too. He is way over his head, and there’s nothing he can do to save himself this time. He made a faustian bargain with the Russians for a credit line to stay in business when he would have been better off losing everything and perhaps learning to survive by the grace and kindness of others. He might not have wound up homeless on the street, but he would have been forced to learn shame and humility firsthand, two life lessons that might provide a path forward for him now from the morass he increasingly finds himself mired in.

Instead, he made a deal with the proverbial devil to continue onward, and now the bill is coming due. Putin and the Russian Mob won’t save him, and Putin himself I believe will likely be brought down as well before all is said and done. Putin is neither the strong man nor is he as invulnerable as he wishes people to believe.

DJT should have never run for President in the first place. But the silver lining may well be that he’s brought up a ton of garbage deep within the national psyche–sexism, racism, homophobia, etc–that may finally get dealt with and purged out of it in a meaningful way, as DJT himself gets purged out of the Executive Branch.

Bob, thank you.

BuckeyeShadow, well said.

Here is a question for astrologers from a novice. Recently, Bill Nelson the democratic FL senator claimed that the 2016 hack of the voting system in our state has rendered our system still accessible to Russia. He got support from a cybersecurity expert on Rachel Maddow’s show, Friday night. Nelson is running against Rick Scott, the Republican governor and Trump friend, who claims he hired cybersecurity experts to “check” our system and all is A-OK. Regardless of the senatorial election or the voting system, I want to know about Rick Scott’s future. Marjorie Orr predicts a decline for Rick Scott, only if birth time correct. http://star4cast.ca/rick-scott-florida-governor-heading-into-a-low/. Prior to becoming governor, Scott was implicated in Medicare fraud, but he took the 5th multiple times and was acquitted as a wealthy man. Rick: Dec 1, 1952; Bloomington, Indiana 4:30am, but the birth time is not certain. Bill: Sept 29 1942; Miami; no birth time. Marjorie Orr sees some sort of decline for Rick Scott if birth time correct. http://star4cast.ca/rick-scott-florida-governor-heading-into-a-lowI Can anyone offer further information?

Before reading the Rick Scott predictions by Marjorie Orr, Virgo, I was coming here to note that Jupiter goes into Sag this Nov. 8, 2 days after election day. Well, Jupiter seems to travel fast at the beginning so it should quickly affect Scott’s sun-mercury conjunction. Need I say more? To me, that means he might probably win. However, Marjorie comes up with many negatives for him, especially if the birth time she has for him is correct…so let’s see how it plays out. I lived in FL for almost 30 years before moving to NOLA. I detest the man, primarily (but there are meany reasons to detest him) because he has allowed the sugar cane industry to release their “run-off” into the Everglades which is the origin of the red algae which ends up as the red tide that is killing the ocean life and the Everglades is being ruined also.

Thank you. I am figuring Scott will get elected. I am hoping for some type of Scott scandal that will force him to step down from his future job in the near future.

I hope so, too, Virgo. From what some of the channelers and Tarot readers on YouTube say, there will be a lot of Republicans who are implicated in corruption whether through NRA donations or other means. We shall see!


“He made a faustian bargain with the Russians for a credit line to stay in business…”

The same thought occurred to me.

David Johnson – Trump/Democrats on 8 8 18 at 1 10 PM

Aug 8 reading not put online until Aug 10

Kavanaugh does not get approved


Linda G the Comanche Psychic

August 11, 2018

Manafort is going down. Swalwell will run. Hurricane will hit Daytona but material damage only. 5 indictments coming up. Steve Miller will turn to save himself. Nunes is toast.


I apologize for yesterday’s error – Mercury was trine the Great Attractor, not the Galactic Center – and Minerva; a grand trine is a grand trine and it’s still in effect.

Both Mercury and Minerva are retrograde and one could surmise that thinking and conversation (Mercury), in hindsight (retro), about an earlier strategy (Minerva), being drawn in by the power of the gravity emitted by the Great Attractor, could be about the reviews of Omorosa’s new book on Trump.

There may be some turbulence in the markets starting next week……

Trump’s Turkey Trade War Sparks Fears of Europe-Wide Recession After Lira Falls By 20% Following The US Doubling Import Tariffs On Turkish Steel And Aluminium

* Warning comes after the Turkish lira fell by an astounding 20 per cent on Friday

* Currency has now halved in value over year – came after US doubled tariffs

* Banks across Europe which have loaned billions to Turkey may now be exposed

Daily Mail
Aug 12, 2018

The fallout from Donald Trump’s trade war with Turkey – which has sent the country’s currency plummeting – may lead to financial turmoil across Europe, experts fear.

The warning comes after the Turkish lira fell by an astounding 20 per cent on Friday. The currency has now halved in value over the past year.

Last week’s freefall followed the US doubling import tariffs on Turkish steel and aluminium.

Turkey’s president Recep Erdogan has hit back hard, saying his country is now in a state of ‘economic war’ with America.

Banks across Europe, which have loaned billions of euros to Turkey, may now be exposed, as businesses there struggle to make repayments.



Bob, May David Johnson and Linda be right-on in their information! Except for Dayton getting hit by a hurricane, these are all excellent developments. I am not sure Swalwell is ready, but let’s see.

When Uranus stations square the US Pluto in early January, a resolution of the current presidential crisis will be in sight. That is likely when a Democratic House of Representatives will take office. Another milestone will be the last day of Uranus in Aries in March. Perhaps that will be when impeachment proceedings will begin.

The last time Uranus ended its square to US Pluto was in the Seventies when Ford pardoned Nixon, which was the end of Watergate.

This time, however, things are more complicated as we also have the Saturn-Pluto conjunction and the US Pluto return, in addition to the Uranus-transiting Pluto square which was a signature event of the Thirties. This is why Trump is worse than Nixon. Final resolution will come when Pluto leaves Capricorn in 2023, presumably when Congress, the White House and the Supreme Court are all in Democratic hands.

Hopefully, future generations will be more enlightened and better prepared for further Uranus-Pluto squares.

This is a fascinating article on the solar satellite launched this morning by NASA. Of course it would take off just after a major eclipse in Leo.


Powerful stuff.


Thank you, Bob!

To Sharon K and Virgo,

Hi, I’m actually the person who asked Astrologer Marjorie Orr if she would do Rick Scott’s natal chart. I found a political astrology blog where they posted Rick Scott’s birth time (they said he was born at 4:30 AM) and I provided that information to Marjorie Orr.

Anyway, I live in Florida and I’m a Democrat. I was deeply concerned when Rick Scott announced he was planning to run for the US Senate this year – he’s been our governor for 8 long years and he’s been AWFUL.

Marjorie Orr did see many setbacks for Rick Scott and she said that even without an accurate birth time, Rick Scott doesn’t appear to have too many lucky aspects this year.

A few days ago, Bill Nelson claimed that Russian operatives have “penetrated” our election systems here in Florida. This concerned me ask well. So, I asked Marjorie Orr again about the election and about Bill Nelson’s reelection chances.

I wasn’t able to get Bill Nelson’s official birth time. I am friends with his son (Nelson Jr.) and some of his campaign volunteers on Facebook…but nobody knows his birth time.

I was told that having something like “transiting Pluto” in one’s natal chart can be an ominous sign so I asked Marjorie if she saw anything like that in Nelson’s chart.

Here was Marjorie Orr’s response:

“He [Bill Nelson] looks set back on his heels a touch with tr Saturn square his Libra Sun Mars at the election and just beyond. So certainly aggravated. But he’s got a couple of lucky fairly minor Jupiters as well and is certainly powering ahead in 2019/2020.
If there is chicanery I’d tend to look for Neptune. Pluto can certainly be frustrating and dis-empowering. But he’s got neither of those.”

Also, I asked my Mother (she’s also astrologer, but she mainly does personal astrology – not so much political) and she took a look at Rick Scott and Bill Nelson on Election Day for around 11pm (Eastern Time) when all of the results are expected to be in.

My Mother saw that Rick Scott’s Moon looks very angry or agitated on Election Day – she said that could possibly be related to an election loss…but it also pertain to something else (maybe Scott bumps his head or somebody says something that upsets him).

All in all, it appears Bill Nelson will certainly have many challenges this year…but it looks like he might just win reelection after all (keeping fingers crossed).

Thanks Karen. See, I totally agree with the Mundane Astrologer; I look at this Leo solar (partial) eclipse as a positive adjustment point in the ongoing zeitgeist, facilitated by the outer planets Pluto, Neptune and Uranus. On the other hand, if I were a Trump supporter – at our (their) present level of (mass) consciousness – I would feel very threatened.

The sextile between trans. Pluto in Cap and transiting Neptune in Pisces, both quincunx the eclipsed Sun-Moon in Leo, creates a rather loose Yod, or Finger of God, putting the eclipsed Sun (+ Moon) at the Yod apex as the part that has to adjust. We need the creative power of Leo to find answers that will lift us above our present perceptions and Neptune and Pluto provide it (the lift) in this chart.

Trans. Pluto trines trans. Ceres and both trine US natal Vesta in Taurus (ruled by Venus symbolizing values). Trans. Neptune trines trans. Jupiter in this chart and both trine US natal Sun in Cancer (ruled by Moon symbolizing the Homeland). By nurturing (Ceres) the Values of our Homeland we rise above (Neptune and Pluto) our present state of consciousness and invest (US Vesta) in what benefits all of us.

Trans. Saturn trine trans. Uranus, co-rule Aquarius (people united) and this rare agreeability between them brings together minds that lean toward certainty (Saturn) and minds that lean toward breakthroughs (Uranus).

Then there is Mars in the eclipse chart at 0+ Aquarius (the same degree as the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction which will begin their new cycle), which is retrograde and will return to this degree around midnight on September 10th.

How appropriate then that transiting Saturn and transiting Uranus (not to make another exact trine for many years from now) will be less than 30 arc minutes from an exact trine on this 17th anniversary of the collapse of the Twin Towers.

It won’t be easy, but I believe historic change will be seeded at this time (Sept 11th), moving us to new levels of (mass) consciousness in the not-so-distant future. It will be just over 2 years before transiting Jupiter and Saturn reach the degree where Mars was in this partial solar eclipse (and on Sept. 11, 2018) and start to harvest the fruit we can barely conceive of now and will soon begin to plant the seeds for.

An equally powerful response to the Mundane Astrologer, Barbk. There are inspiring signs of messing with the inhumane, sticking out a foot to trip the arrogant. Heinous acts keep coming but far more acts of decency and compassion have and continue to sprout up everywhere. When I am able to detach myself from anger, I see the truth and the need to act with love far more clearly.

On another note, I had a dream, made up a new word and woke up laughing. The word was anne-ogynist meaning women who disrespect men.

The Turkish Lira continues to drop today having been exacerbated by Trump’s doubling down of sanctions on the Turkish government last Friday. It’s being described as the European equivalent to the Lehman Bros crisis and worse. The Euro is extremely vulnerable due to various European banks high exposure to Turkish debt (about 260 billion dollars).

The following is an in-depth, well informed discussion with a prominent economic advisor on the current situation……

Turkish Lira Collapse Has Europe Worried And Erdogan Fighting Trump


The Euro (January 1, 1999 Brussels 12 am – see chart: https://tinyurl.com/ybm6x9ha ) has natal Mars at 18 Libra. The August 27th new moon has Venus at 18 Libra conjunct natal Mars in square to tr. Pluto (19 Capr.) with a simultaneous stationary Mars (28 Capr.) sextile to natal Chiron (29 Scorpio) in quincunx to the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse (28 Leo).

Michael Wolfstar:

“Trump Declares Economic War on Turkey”


possible evidence that Israel conducted secret atomic bomb test in 1979

1.8 million people of Mexican descent were deported from the US in the Thirties under the Hoover GOP Administration for stealing white jobs. 60% were American citizens. That was when the last Uranus-Pluto square occurred. Hoover and Trump are two of the worst-ever American Presidents.


financial unease?

“When someone like Manigault Newman is singled out as taking the high road it makes you realize how low the low road really is.”


The Partial Eclipse of Aug. 11, 2018 triggered some key points in Omarosa’s chart.


Her natal Mars at 18 Taurus 39 is conjunct the Juno of the Eclipse chart AND squared by both the Sun and Moon of the Eclipse Chart, both at 18 Leo 42. Her natal Sun conjunct Jupiter at 16 Aquarius and 22 Aquarius are also squared by the Sun, Moon of the Eclipse Chart. The north node of the Eclipse Chart hits her natal Moon at 4 Leo 51 and so on and so forth.

For me, the Juno of the Eclipse Chart at 17 Taurus conjunct Omarosa’s natal Mars at 18 Taurus with all its squares pretty much signals the hidden rage of this fight.

Many Thanks for the link to the NYTimes Omarosa Manigault Newman link. I don’t know all that much about Omarosa; I haven’t watched television for quite a number of years.

If this woman can take Orange Man down, so much the better. Considering how racist, sexist, and misogynistic he is, it seems appropriate a Black woman would be an instrument of his demise.

Thanks for the Amarosa chart Lamis, here is something more to add to your findings . . .

1. Her natal Black Moon Lilith at 19+ Capricorn conjuncts transiting Pluto in the same degree, which trines the US natal Vesta at 19+ Taurus (and eclipse Juno and her own natal Mars).

2. Her natal Borasisi (named for the Sun that was the god of a fictitious religion made up of lies) at 18+ Capricorn conjuncts her natal Black Moon Lilith. Both square Trump’s natal Jupiter, the US progressed Mars and the US Constitution’s natal Neptune, all at 17+ Libra.

3. Her natal Juno at 0+ Aquarius conjuncts the August 11 eclipse chart Mars (+ the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction)

One of my favorite cycles (because of its relevancy to the present period) is between Pluto and Neptune. When it began in 1891, Uranus was at 27+ Libra square Venus at 27+ Cancer. Omarosa’s natal Uranus is also at 27+ Libra.

Omarosa’s natal Sedna (she who was left to drown by her father but then became a goddess) at 2+ Taurus is where transiting Uranus is now and in the eclipse chart. What goes ’round comes ’round.

PS – Transiting Black Moon Lilith is at 0+ Aquarius, conjunct her natal Juno and the eclipse chart’s Mars.

ooops , …reverse that, it should be her natal Mars and eclipse Juno.

A question for you more experienced astrologers:

For 37 years in a row the birth rate has declined in Japan. Astrologically, wouldn’t that be signified by an aspect of some kind to the national natal Moon?

Concomitant with the birth decline the Japanese are also experiencing a national loneliness epidemic which they are attempting to alleviate with robots. The loneliness and the birth decline are related. See below:

Searching For A Cure For Japan’s Loneliness Epidemic

I shuda left well enough alone. Transiting BML, eclipse Mars, Omarosa’s Juno are all at 0+ Aquarius.

Eliseo, I would think a nation’s natal chart Moon aspecting Saturn could imply a low birth rate, but not just during a certain time frame. Some progressed planetary pattern or solar returns could though. Then there is the use of the birth control pill which became very widespread in the ’80’s, at least 37 years ago; that seems more likely.

36 years ago there was the Saturn-Pluto cycle start (coming to an end in January 2020) that had a Leo Moon (family) square Mercury, Sun, Venus, Jupiter in Scorpio (where Jupiter is now) that might temper the birth rate in general.

That same Saturn and Pluto conjunction in Libra was sextile Neptune in Sagittarius, by the way, and they formed a Yod with Chiron in Taurus – conjunct Trump’s MC – at the apex, which would be forced to adjust during the 37 year cycle run. Omarosa’s natal Uranus was conjunct that Saturn and Pluto conjunction. This could lower any country’s birth rate!

As for loneliness, it’s worldwide, not just in Japan of course, and the reasons would differ between younger people and older people.

With old people many of their friends die off and family members too, while younger people, at least in the last 20 years or so, have become dependent on cell phones and computers for companionship; they spend less and less time in physical contact with each other as I understand. Look to the Uranus in the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle – it squared Jupiter and Saturn.

I imagine in Japan, like the USA, the extended family no longer defines the individual’s social circle in the way it did back in the 40’s and 50’s, and that could contribute to loneliness for some. Perhaps the coming 3 new long cycles between Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will provide a more nurturing element for humanity.

Thanks so much for expanding the astrological hits on Omarosa.

Add the August 11th Eclise’s Venus conjunct her natal Pluto. Betrayal, money, power, etc. so close to her natal ascendent at 6 Libra 36 which is in turn hovering over the Blob’s natal Neptune at 5 Libra 51. She was easily seduced by his lies…throughout.

The Blob has just revoked Brennan’s security clearance. The dictator is unfortunately too alive and too well, too powerful and too dangerous!

“The Trump White House gives security clearances to his unqualified relatives. The Trump White House is completely powerless at controlling leaks of sensitive and confidential information by senior officials inside the administration. But Trump is quick to revoke the security clearance of proven and honorable former intelligence officials who just happen to disagree with him. Every petty and petulant action taken by Trump further diminishes his presidency.”


Japan progressed Saturn/Pluto midpoint on WWII surrender natal Venus .

Surrender natal Venus at 125°06′, surrender natal Saturn/Pluto midpoint at 123°57′ (1°09′ less than Venus).

Japan surrender precessed Venus in 1981 was at 125°42, surrender secondary progressed Saturn/Pluto midpoint was at 125°52′ (within plus 00°10′); Japan surrender precessed Venus now at 126°14′, surrender secondary progressed Saturn/Pluto midpoint now is at 126°28′ (within plus 00°14′).

“Love and marriage, love and marriage
Go together like a horse and carriage
Dad was told by mother
You can’t have one, you can´t have none
You can’t have one without the other”

Thanks Sammy Cahn.

You can’t when you’re looking at your phone either.

Elizabeth Warren unveils bold new plan to reshape American capitalism! Yeah!


No worry Barbk, We appreciate your brilliance!
And Thanks Ja…Elizabeth Warren should be V.P. at the very least.

Poor Don Junior…
Attempting to boost Daddy’s Low Poll Numbers:
Donald Trump Jr. deleted a doctored image from his Instagram Friday, which showed his father’s approval rating at 50%…Not The Truthful 45% http://time.com/5364668/donald-trump-jr-fake-poll/

Maybe the Japanese just have to find Love-land.


From the scene in the movie (she does dance step he does – in heels) –

“… we’re going to build a little home for two, or three, or four. or five, or maybe more, in Love-land for me and my gal …)

Your reasoning appears sound. It makes more sense that a progressed planetary pattern would have an effect rather than a shorter aspect to the natal moon. The Saturn-Pluto cycle you mentioned, coming to an end in January 2020, may possibly be the astrological signature we are looking for here.

You are absolutely correct in your assertion this epidemic of loneliness is worldwide, and I personally believe intimately related to the existential dilemma of our time, our diminishing capacity to find meaning in our lives. For most, immersing ourselves in social media, television, cell phone conversation, video games, recreational drugs, and other virtual realities are ways of denying the angst, the sense of meaninglessness, loneliness, and normlessness. The alienation is deep and pervasive, partnering with hidden cognitive dissonance, particularly as found within fundamentalist and Islamic cultures.

One of the more brilliant, prescient books I have ever read was by sociologist, Philip E. Slater, 1927 – 2013, his 1970 bestseller, The Pursuit of Loneliness: American Culture at the Breaking Point. Although one chapter is a bit dated, (about the Vietnam War) I often recommend it to students. It is rare to read a tome full of such profound insight into our time and our society. Interestingly, what Slater wrote about so lucidly and in such depth was anticipated, intuited by Paul McCartney a bit earlier in the immortal Beatles classic, Eleanor Rigby. Good artists tend to do that. But back to my point: The insights Slater shared with the world a half century ago apply today, but more so.

You mentioned the demise of the extended family, and of course that applies not just in Japan, but everywhere modernity is supreme. Ironically, when Republicans talk about “family values” they are referring to the nuclear family of the post WWII era, particularly as it applied to the 1950’s, a short-lived experiment which IMHO has not worked out well. Capitalism has essentially killed off the extended family system, a socio-emotional structure that we’ve lived with for over 200,000 years. Nowadays we attempt to meet our adult emotional needs though one person, our spouse rather than through ALL of the adults and/or friends of the extended family. And we wonder how come we are so unhappy in our pair relationships and divorce so frequently?

Increasing automation, and most new technologies serve the corporations very, very well increasing the distance between the corporation and its customers while simultaneously weakening the power of the average worker. I am not a Luddite, but I certainly see, this combined with the demise of the extended family has deepened the web of dukkha, the suffering, the pain, the sense of dissatisfactoriness we all experience.

As you wrote: “Perhaps the coming 3 new long cycles between Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will provide a more nurturing element for humanity.” I certainly hope so. As our physical climate warms, our emotional climate has become progressively colder.

RE: Elizabeth Warren unveils bold new plan to reshape American capitalism!

I “agree that your legislation takes the critical first steps in realigning our regime of incorporation with its original purposes.”

Original purposes, as in pre Civil War, pre SCOTUS case, Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad Company, 118 U.S. 394 (1886), and all the other egregious Supremes decisions culminating in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, 558 U.S. 310 (2010).

Corporations ORIGINALLY had to re-up their charters with the government on a cyclical basis, at a maximum of 17 years, (less for some types) to insure they were behaving well, i.e. serving the public (that means everyone, not just the shareholders) interests.

As the Civil War ended Lincoln, who before the war had said “That government that governs least governs best.” had reversed his position. He saw the threat to democracy that corporations had become. Theodore Roosevelt saw it as well in 1912 when he ran as a “Progressive” “Bull Moose;” he realized his Trust Busting had not been sufficient. Franklin Roosevelt began to see the light in his fourth term, proposing his Economic Bill of Rights. And Eisenhower saw the menace, warning us all about the Military-Industrial Complex in his farewell presidential address.

Warren seeks to return corporations to their ORIGINAL status, BUT what she proposes needs to be enshrined within the Constitution, NOT merely a new law. Why?

Bit by bit, in the years since WWII corporations have sought to undo the New Deal, (which IMHO did not go far enough.) They have almost succeeded.

The most common delusion Liberals harbor, (especially neo-liberals) is that with proper legislation and regulation capitalists, capitalism, corporations, etc. can be controlled, harnessed for the public good. In the short run this is possible. But, if we’ve learned anything in the last several decades, it is this: In the long run, GREED WILL FIND A WAY.

Warren’s proposal is a GREAT beginning, but in the final analysis, we need to alter the structure of our economy radically, shifting the means of production to the people. No, this doesn’t necessarily mean collectivism. Our present marketing system would work very well with more employee owned businesses, cooperatives, and cooperative corporations.

Despite the fact I disagree with her on some other issues, I LOVE ELIZABETH WARREN! She is the genius we need to begin the reforms of our economy. I am astonished and profoundly pleased she has proposed the Accountable Capitalism Act.

Thank You for bringing her proposal to my attention. I will write EW a letter in response suggesting the Act as constitutional amendment supported by proper legislation to strengthen unions, empower workers/employees, and organize cooperatives.

I doubt the Act can be put into legislation now under R. control, but EW has given us a great template with which to work. By the time Pluto goes into Aquarius perhaps we can make it a reality.

Thanks for the Gene and Judy clip Bob; just don’t make ’em like that anymore.

Eliseo, I too am astonished by the boldness of Elizabeth Warren’s vision and believe it to be a model for much of the world. Perhaps, the Pluto return in the US chart means that capitalism will be reined in by its own excesses. Greed is always self-defeating. Some of what she proposes already exists in Western Europe (workers on corporate boards) and has brought a better standard of living for all. Other proposals exist on a small scale in Canada (housing coops) but need to be revitalized. I believe the outlines of Pluto in Aquarius are slowly emerging mainly through the women and progressives of the Democrats. The midterms will strengthen this trend.

The New Deal was all about Pluto in Cancer (the homeland and the people) in opposition to US Pluto in Capricorn (banking and corporate power). FDR said he was proud of the hatred of the bankers. Pluto in Cancer, supported by the US Sun, Venus and Jupiter in Cancer, won that round after much hardship. US Pluto in Capricorn never gave up and now, as it is joined by transiting Pluto, appears to be poised for its revenge but it will be defeated by itself as it has gone too far. However, it still has some pain to inflict before its lesson is truly learned.


The legendary investor who predicted the last 2 bubbles breaks down how the 9-year bull market will end

Business Insider•August 16, 2018

On the day of the midterm elections Ceres and Venus will be conjunct at 27+ Libra where Omarosa’s natal Uranus is. It is the degree where the SATURN-Pluto cycle began on Nov. 7, 1982 (and will end in January, 2020).

It is also the degree where Uranus was at the time of the NEPTUNE-Pluto conjunction, when Uranus was square Venus at 27+ Cancer, who was opposite the US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn. This cycle incorporates an additional shock element since it took place in the same degree as US natal Uranus (8+ Gemini).

This means the power of a working T-square will be in effect on the day of the midterm election – with transiting Venus and Ceres (+ Omarosa’s Uranus + Uranus in the NEPTUNE-Pluto chart + the SATURN/Pluto conjunction itself) squaring US natal Pluto in Capricorn in opposition to the NEPTUNE-Pluto cycle’s Venus in Cancer.

A T-square demands that a decision be made between this or that. The Uranus factor will make this midterm election something of a breakthrough.

Ceres and Venus on midterm election day (Nov 6th) will also be trine the US natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius. I believe this symbolizes a big turnout of women (and men who support them) voters who will vote against Trump supporting candidates, in part due to Omarosa and in part due to the separation of children from their mothers and/or fathers by the Trump government. In 2020 it will be the 100th year that women have been allowed to vote in the USA – use it or lose it they say.

Add to that the grand cross between the transiting north (0 Leo) and south (0 Aquarius) nodes and transiting Uranus (0 Taurus) opposite transiting Moon + US natal Hades (0 Scorpio), there is a sense of crisis driving American voters regarding the future of their country.

The next day everything changes; the nodes move into new signs, as does Uranus; there will be a new moon in Scorpio and Mercury will be exactly opposite the US natal Uranus (activating the NEPTUNE-Pluto cycle from yet a new vantage point).

The New Moon on November 7 will conjunct the Sun in the 1982 SATURN-Pluto conjunction chart at 15+ Scorpio. That Sun was one of a stellium of planets in Scorpio; Mercury, Sun, Venus and Jupiter, all square the Moon in Leo.

This emphasis on Scorpio (shared resources) might relate to the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio on October 29th that I referenced on August 5th. It too aspects both the US Moon and the US Pluto and will also affect the mood of the electorate.

Michael Cohen’s birthday comes up late this month and his solar return chart has a grand trine between Sun in Virgo, Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Cap.

Also, transiting Pluto 19 Cap trines his natal North Node 19+ Taurus (opposite his natal Neptune and South Node at 19+ Scorpio) and his natal Uranus – Pluto 18 -17 Virgo. That would be a Kite pattern; a grand trine with a 4th planet opposite one of the planets in the grand trine.

It is his North Node that captivates me because it is in the same degree as the US natal Vesta – 19+ Taurus – and I just discovered a very minor aspect, rarely used, between US natal Vesta and US natal Sun – 13+ Cancer – and it’s a positive minor aspect called a tri-vigintile (vigintile x 3) which is a 54 degree spread between planets or points. It is a part of the quintile family of aspects and indicates either hidden or developed uniquely creativity gifts.

In the case of US Vesta (associated with such symbolism as hearth fires where a group or family congregates, or dedication to a service, or intense focus, or something worthy of investment) in Taurus (material things, construction, money and other things of value) in aspect to US Sun (consciousness, life-giving, ego) in Cancer (family, non-public, nurturing) a creative gift (Cohen’s NN + US Vesta) might come in the form of material goods such as incriminating tapes played before a congregated group such as a jury.

Cohen’s natal Black Moon Lilith at 16+ Pisces (where transiting Neptune stationed retrograde in June) opposes Mueller’s natal Mars-Chiron at 16+ Virgo (conjunct Cohen’s natal Pluto-Uranus at 17-18 Virgo that is part of the grand trine between Cohen’s North Node-conjunct US Vesta in Taurus and transiting Pluto in Capricorn).

Transiting Neptune will return to 16 degrees of Pisces in about 7 months. I wonder if we have to wait that long before we find out what Mueller has gleaned from Cohen, or will his trial be then (March 2019)?

It seems like Trump has picked on the wrong guy… https://www.cnn.com/2018/08/16/opinions/trump-picked-on-the-wrong-guy-brennan-bergen/index.html

Don’t have a time but his BD is 9/22/55 North Bergen, NJ

Henri, Brennen’s Black Moon Lilith (21+ Sagittarius) is conjunct Trump’s Moon (21+ Sagittarius).

Dang Barbk! Your post @ 4:25 just proves there’s nothing strange under the sun OR moon. Trump has rabidly bit off more than he can chew.

Bob, can you pls copy & paste the most relevant paragraph from the Jeremy Grantham article, as I can’t get past the subscribe b.s.? Thanks, Sharon

I’m proud to see Gentlemen here complimenting Warren, being a woman, there are already strikes against her and you watch….She’ll to be put through the Vicious GOP WRINGER! She already is:
“Elizabeth Warren’s Batty Plan to Nationalize . . . Everything!!!”

I haven’t yet read the National Review article, but the title gets it completely wrong. EW’s proposed law did NOT include anything at all about nationalization, but only accountability and employee ownership and empowerment.

Presuming we are successful at some point in incorporating EW’s proposals don’t be surprised by violent rebellion. Her proposals would criminalize what most of today’s CEO’s think of as “normal” and acceptable behavior. The corporate class will likely react to EW much as Southern plantation owners did to A. Lincoln.

I really tore the article up. Did not add anything but deleted many paragraph breaks to save space. Will not use editing symbols.

Grantham has now adjusted his market outlook to something far less immediately severe than a bubble-driven crash — but argues considerable pain could still be in store for investors.

Grantham sees this, but he can’t fully talk himself into a dangerous bubble — not since Trump’s trade tensions injected a big dose of skepticism into the market. That’s a far cry from his dot-com and housing bubble calls, in which his level of conviction was through the roof. Just because Grantham’s expectation for a sudden market crash has been muted doesn’t mean stocks will continue climbing indefinitely. He says it simply means the inevitable downturn will be a protracted version of prior meltdowns.

The problem is, there’s no real precedent for a bull market ending in such fashion. But Grantham still ventures to offer a grand prediction — one characterized by regular bouts of moderate turbulence that he says will wear on the psyches of investors. “My guess is — you have an extended, very psychologically painful, long, drawn-out series of stumbles and starts, where you go up 10% and down 15%, up 12% and down 14%,” he said.

“You have this series of nonspectacular, ordinary mini-bear markets that wear away at the P/E, and eventually the economy weakens, and eventually the profit margins go down,” Grantham continued. “It helps drip, drip, drip the market back down. Not with a bang — more with a whimper.” Rather than being spring-loaded to quickly drop, say, 50%, he says it will instead fall 20% to 25% over multiple years. Still, Grantham isn’t ruling out a continuation of January’s dangerous “melt-up.” He says that if the trade war gets resolved or turns out to be less punishing for investors than initially advertised, speculative behavior could come roaring back.


Thanks much, Bob. I will read it in a little while.

The NEWS is interesting today:
-NYU will have free tuition for medical students,
-Omarosa has maybe 200 secret tapes of conversations in the WH and Dump wants her arrested (and one is of the daughter-in-law offering her hush money),
-the Senate voted for a bill in favor of freedom of the press,
-the architect of the Bin Lade raid, a retired navy admiral, told Trump he would be HONORED to have his security clearance revoked and become a member of the group who stood up to his presidency, etc.

I’m wondering if Omarosa (kind of sounds like Obama) is the woman Linda G, the Comanche psychic, saw would bring Trump down…and, after reading what barb saw in her chart, is really seems likely.

And, I felt like the energy was moving forward again for me, and I was able to accomplish things, as of this afternoon, so I checked the planets and saw that mars is maybe slowing down and getting ready to station at 28 Capricorn on the 21st, to be moving forward soon after. And, saturn in early Cap is trine Uranus in early Taurus (don’t know how that ties in).

Aretha Franklin has an interesting chart. She was born during the US Neptune return, which gave great spiritual power to the country during WW II. The current Neptune opposition to the US Neptune is a temporary spiritual weakening for most people in the US.

Her Mercury in Pisces (the mind in the sign of music) is opposite that Neptune. Her Neptune is trine Uranus, which can produce innovative musical genius. She was born three months before Paul McCartney, who couldn’t read music either.

Her career was activated when she was 14 as her first album was recorded. That would be the Uranus-Neptune square of 1955, which occurred at the same time as a Uranus opposition to the US Pluto which brought revolutionary change. Both the civil rights movement and rock and roll came to be at that time. That movement and new forms of music triumphed during the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the Sixties.

The mid-fifties also saw Neptune square the US Pluto, which brought among other things a challenge to US government and corporate power through the arts (music in particular), the nuclear disarmament movement and generally through the birth of the peace and love generation.

She had a commanding and regal stage presence. Her Aries Sun in the 5th house was trine Pluto, her ruling planet. Her Scorpio ascendant gave her the power to transcend great emotional suffering. Uranus and Saturn were in the 7th house of Taurus, the sign of the human voice, which gave her an enduring image of innovation. She was close to MLK and sang at the Inaugurals of three Democratic Presidents.

Her chart reminds of the Uranus-Pluto relation. The Uranus-Pluto opposition in the US also brought great resistance to change. That resistance was overwhelmed in the Sixties, while the current Uranus-Pluto square challenges that progress but will not break it down, although at times it appears so. Progress will only be strengthened in the long run.

The Neptune-Pluto conjunction of the 1890s was the foundation of modern civilization as barbk often writes. It was activated by the Uranus opposition around 1900, which brought Freud, Einstein, the airplane, movies, jazz, in a word the modern world. The Neptune-Pluto conjunction was itself conjunct the US Uranus, which placed the US
at the center of world change until the next Neptune-Pluto conjunction in the 23rd century. This means China’s current civilizational challenge will be defeated, probably during the next US Uranus return in about ten years.

The next Uranus opposition to the US Pluto will occur in 2039, the year of my own Uranus return. I was born in 1955 with Mercury at 0 Aquarius and a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 25 Cancer opposite my Sun so I am comfortable with revolutionary ideas. Transiting Pluto has been sitting on my 20 Capricorn Sun forever so I am more conscious of deeper trends. I am curious as to what major changes will emerge in 2039 and hope to live until then.

That will be followed not by a Uranus-Pluto conjunction, which facilitates change, but by a transiting Uranus-Pluto opposition, which of course resists change to little effect and leads to surprising breakthroughs. The Uranus-Pluto opposition was both softened and deepened the last time by the Neptune-Pluto conjunction. The time before that, the Uranus-Pluto opposition was the signature astrological theme for the French Revolution.

I hope to see all that again in the turbulent and activist 2030s and 2040s. I will be glad to miss however the Neptune-Pluto square of the 2060s.


Thank you for the Aretha Franklin mention!

Andre, Thanks for that interesting, thoughtful piece.

One additional thought. The current transit of Uranus in Taurus, now just beginning, should see the birth of a new generation of innovative singers, particularly as it nears the sextile to creative Neptune in the mid-2020s.

Cohen’s Solar Return chart’s Venus at 17+ Libra will conjunct
1. Trump’s natal Jupiter 17+ Libra
2. US progressed Mars (rx) at 17+ Libra
3. US Constitution Signing chart’s Neptune 17+ Libra

The day after Cohen’s solar return there is going to be a Pisces Full Moon (on August 26), and the Moon (3+ Pisces) will sextile Uranus (2+ Taurus) which, when combined with the US natal chart’s MC (1+ Libra), they form a Yod or Finger of God.

Some kind of adjustment to the US reputation (MC) will take place as a result of this Pisces full moon.

This Yod between Pisces Full Moon and Uranus in Taurus and US natal MC in Libra then becomes a Boomerang when we add the full moon chart’s Chiron (1+ Aries). This is the world (Aries) point we are talking about.

Chiron (on the US IC) is of course opposite the US MC, which conjuncts Mueller’s Neptune (2+ Libra), which means Mueller, via his natal Neptune (being part of the Yod pattern), will have to make some kind of (yod) adjustments too.

However, the final stop in the Yod-turned-Boomerang pattern, where all the combined energy of the Yod participating planets and points combine, is transiting Chiron and the US natal chart’s IC (the base, roots, foundation). It will be experienced as a wounding possibly, but so necessary for healing to take place.

Considering this is a Pisces (Neptunian) Full Moon, which is the halfway marker in the lifespan of the August 11 Leo Solar Eclipse . .
(where the Sun/Moon/Pallas in Leo were ALSO at the apex of a Yod in that chart with the sextile between Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn),
. . means that the Pisces Full Moon on August 26 will reflect the Eclipse’s necessary “adjustment” and all that it entails.

But wait, there’s more. The Leo solar eclipse + Pallas (the strategist) on August 11 just happened to sextile Trump’s Jupiter + US progressed Mars + US Constitution Neptune and, as of August 25, Cohen’s solar return Venus, all at 17+ Libra.

In turn, this Libra grouping (from the Trump natal, US progressed, US Constitution and soon Cohen’s solar return charts) which sextile the August 11 eclipsed Leo Sun/Moon, formed yet ANOTHER Yod with transiting Neptune (chaos, confusion, illusion, dissolution and faith in a higher power) in Pisces at the shifting apex point.

Right now we are witnessing that Neptune (transiting and in the solar eclipse chart on August 11) going through its required “adjustment” as the apex point of the Yod with the Leo eclipse participants (transiting Sun-Moon-Pallas) and the Libra participants (Trump-USA-Cohen). All we can recognize is the Trump natal Jupiter’s contribution though.

These are extremely complex patterns at work due to the August 11 (partial) eclipse, at least for the USA. (The built in Yod -Neptune, Pluto, Sun-at-apex applies to the whole world. The Trump Jupiter et al in Libra sextile Sun in Leo + Neptune in Pisces at apex is mostly a direct hit on the USA)

What we see on the surface (aka news reports) is Neptune, Neptune, Neptune. Omarosa’s revenge, the Manaford trial, Brennen’s rebuttal, but nary a photo or video clip of Cohen so far. I expect that all will change after the Pisces Full Moon on August 26.

PS: The Cohen natal Mercury (17+ Leo) is in the same degree that Pallas was when she was conjunct the August 11 Leo eclipsed Sun at 18+ Leo – AND his Solar Return Venus at 17+ Libra will sextile his natal Mercury (talk, tape, phone calls).

Don’t ever doubt the power of Neptune to defy all reason, including the US Constitution!


There was a former federal prosecutor on MSNBC last night saying Cohen suddenly going silent is a huge sign that he’s now cooperating with Mueller.

Sure hope so.


Interesting perspective. I keep overlooking the fact that Uranus will be in Cancer in the 2030s, from 2032 onward. We also have the Pluto Return of the U.S. Constitution coming up in 2037.

Indeed, many big changes are in store for this Cancerian nation. New amendments to the Constitution, possibly even new government and power structures emerging on more democratic foundations than before. Uranus opposing the U.S. Pluto in Cap isn’t going to tolerate the business-as-usual mentality of the massive corporations and entities that have put them at center stage during Pluto’s current transit of Capricorn, although they have long been at work behind the scenes.

All of this coming after the challenges and upheavals of the next decade.

As for the Uranus-Pluto opposition of 2046-48 I am a bit more concerned about that transit than any other remaining this century, including the square of Neptune-Pluto in 2061-64. If we are well-positioned as a global civilization to face and take on the challenges of our imperiled climate by the time Pluto enters Pisces in 2044, I think we will make it through. Neptune-Pluto will then set the stage for a new civilizational phase extending to the opposition during the mid 22nd century, when Neptune returns to Sag and Pluto returns to Gemini. The square in the early 2060s will draw a dividing line between what we did up until then from 1890 onwards.

If we don’t set ourselves up for success during the Uranus-Pluto Opposition in just under 30 years, the consequences of our misplaced priorities will play out during the next 60 years, up to the next conjunction in 2104, perhaps with our civilization taking a major tumble. Neptune-Pluto in this context could very well express itself as a massive breakdown.

BuckeyeShadow, one final thought on this.

The creative visionaries born in the 2020s will of course be the revolutionaries of the Uranus-Pluto opposition of the 2040s. They may well be born in wartime during a US Uranus return, just like Aretha.

Thanks Theresa, I just saw (TV) a bit along that line; Cohen quiet b/c he’s dealing with the Mueller team. Things will hotten up now that Mercury is stationing to go direct.

Just heard on CNN that when the Mueller Report is done, Trump could make sure it never sees the light of day. Not Congress, not anybody!
Is this possible?

Well Lamis, it seems to me that ever since Trump was recognized as a legitimate president and very little has thwarted him from doing what he wants since then, that there aren’t sufficient laws – forget rules, they are meaningless to him – to control him, then of course, he could prevent (at least his copy of) that report from being released to Congress or the Public.

What he can’t prevent are leaks. Mueller himself could do that. The Fourth Estate will make it their mission to expose it, should it ever come to that.

Trump’s days are numbered. There are no rules anymore. No holds are barred re: processes and procedures that have determined for centuries how this government operates; Saturn trines Uranus for the time being.

I think Trump crossed the line when he messed with the security clearance for Brennan. If Congress won’t stand up to him, the former security bosses will, then the military bosses will and then the gloves come off.

18 August 1920
The 19th Amendment was adopted giving women the right to vote.

“The Coming Green Wave” , perhaps a preview of Uranus entering Taurus?


Eliseo wrote: “Presuming we are successful at some point in incorporating EW’s proposals don’t be surprised by violent rebellion. Her proposals would criminalize what most of today’s CEO’s think of as “normal” and acceptable behavior. The corporate class will likely react to EW much as Southern plantation owners did to A. Lincoln.”
That got me thinking about what some folks said about the 2021 Inaguaration Chart…with Moon, Mars and Uranus conjunct in 12 H of secret enemies and a controlling Sun, MC, Pluto conjunction… EW’s economic and financial reforms would need a strong controlling Fed to implement those changes and would cause backlash and even insurrection. So many possibilities!!

How heartening is news of the Green Wave coming Frank. Thank you for sharing.

Eliseo and Frank,

I am not terribly concerned about the trampled entitlement and elitism complexes of the Kochs, Murdoch, and other CEO-Kings once Pluto moves into Aquarius to stay near the end of 2024, as the Aquarius Pluto energy couldn’t care less about them. It’s much more about leveling the playing field rather than supporting rulers deeply ensconed in their status and privilege, looking down on everyone else from on high and getting what they want.

But while Pluto is in Capricorn, they will continue to push back hard and with considerable success against anything and anyone that threatens to knock them off their thrones. Of course, this isn’t to say that people shouldn’t stand up and fight against them anyway–they should, and they will as the zeitgeist shifts. But just as the churches and religion in general lost a great deal of its power and authority when Pluto left Sagittarius in 2008, corporations and their rulers are due to suffer a similar loss in stature in 2024 when Pluto leaves Capricorn.

Thank you BuckeyeShadow and I resonate with your vision. I was an activist in the 60s and 70s then an HIV/AIDS social worker through Pluto in Scorpio and gratefully retired now, but still active. Even though I feel myself lurching towards despair, frustration and aggravation I know in my heart that the wrecking ball is a necessity to evolutionary change for the better and I just have to say how grateful I am to be alive to participate and witness in this transformational age!

It appears there are many hopeful Pluto in Aquarius aspects beginning to emerge including this innovative idea — wresting control of banking from the titans. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/public-bank-los-angeles_us_5b6bef33e4b0ae32af954495

Frank, re: the coming Green Wave, the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle start (in Dec. 2020) is almost simultaneous with the exact US natal Ceres Return which takes place 20 hours earlier. I will be studying that chart in detail but can tell you now I have a good feeling about it already.

First, there is the tight conjunction of Jupiter-
Saturn (sextile Juno) suggesting a societal accord, and a tight Sun-Mercury (conscious communication) conjunction 2 degrees past the Galactic Center and sextile the US Moon.

Neptune (in both the US Ceres Return and the Jupiter-Saturn cycle start) will T-square the Moon’s north and south nodes, and the Ceres Return Moon herself is less than 2 degrees from a conjunction with Neptune. That suggests a critical decision will be made during this US Ceres cycle – by the People (Moon) under the influence of Neptune (compassion).

The almost identical Jupiter-Saturn cycle start chart has its Moon at 27+ Pisces sextile Sedna at 27+ Taurus (where she is right now) and they both aspect the US natal Moon and US natal Pluto.

The Jupiter-Saturn chart’s Moon and Sedna also form a Yod to the long-running Neptune-Pluto cycle chart’s Uranus (27+ Libra). This is important because Neptune and Pluto at that time (1891) were conjunct the US NATAL Uranus in Gemini which squares US natal Ceres.

Even now as transiting Nessus (abuse of power) sits atop US natal Ceres (8+ Pisces) and squares US natal Uranus (8+ Gemini), he is activating the Neptune-conjunct-Pluto energies. In fact, the Moon in the Ceres Return chart (16+ Pisces conjunct Neptune 18+ Pisces) will conjunct the long running Neptune-Pluto chart’s Jupiter (16+ Pisces conjunct Eris at 19+ Pisces) which was opposite Saturn in Virgo.

16+ Pisces is where transiting Neptune stationed retrograde on June 18th this year.

The utter simplicity (and beauty) of how these (and all) astrological patterns dovetail with one another always takes my breath away.

Thank you very much, Frank, and barbK 🙂 🙂 🙂 The coming Green Wave is something I had not thought about. A bipartisan resurgence against those who see the ugliness, horror and havoc the Trump administration and the Republicans in charge are wreaking for our earth, its ecosystems, wild life, the oceans and atmosphere, and our children’s future would touch me very deeply with happiness, joy and tears.
It reminds me of how I felt when Howard Dean stood up again the Bush administration and the Iraq war *the first public figure to do so), told the truth and took action. He will always be a hero in my mind for doing that, as will John McCain (to a lessor extent) who, although his record is mixed, has been courageous in his telling of the truth on many occasions. The Karma that Trump and the Republicans are creating will be a thing of beauty to marvel at when it comes back at THEM, but many good things will come from it. It is finally getting real.

That didn’t come out right. I started to write one thing and changed it without correcting it fully. Meant to say: A bipartisan resurgence against the ugliness, horror, and havoc the Trump administration and the Republicans in charge are wreaking on our earth, its ecosystems, wild life, the oceans and atmosphere, and our children’s beauty, would touch me very deeply with happiness, joy and tears.

“We all agree that the president’s action regarding John Brennan and the threats of similar actions against other former officials has nothing to do with who should and should not hold security clearances—and everything to do with an attempt to stifle free speech,”


By the time the Saturn/Pluto conjunction opposes the President’s Saturn/Venus conjunction, it will all be history in the making. DT is not the perpetrator, but merely the messenger. The U.S. is long overdue for radical change and when not done voluntarily, then Saturn, our angel of mercy, does it for us. For decades, the US has glorified traits of greed, oppression, and success at all costs. It has taken false pride in its penchant for imposing its ideology on others. Ignored its rampant racism against its black community and has never acknowledged or apologized for enslaving them. Until the American people stand up and admit the horrific crimes they committed against blacks and native americans, the country will never heal and will continue to deteriorate morally and economically. DJT is no more responsible for what is happening than any other president. He is the manifestation of two centuries of moral corruption.

By the way, I hope the full moon in Pisces on 8/28 doesn’t mean a you-know-what. I’ve been through Andrew and Katrina and get nervous in late August/early Sept. for all of the coastal areas involved. It is eerily quiet in the Atlantic.

NYT: White House counsel McGahn cooperated ‘extensively’ with special counsel probe…
This and links considered a BOMBSHELL!
(send a prayer to Mueller)

I read Moon, Mars and Uranus conjunct in 12 H of secret enemies as ominous, but I’m a bit confused about that Sun, MC, Pluto conjunction. As the Sun will be in Aquarius and Pluto won’t be in Aquarius until 2024 I don’t see how you can have a Sun/MC/Pluto conjunction in January of 2021. Did I miss something?

I largely agree with you. But I am concerned about the minions of those oligarchic plutocrats, especially including the workaday Trumpists who IMHO will probably rebel violently when their hero is removed from office. That doesn’t sound like fun to me at all.

“House Republicans KNEW Trump got Illegal help from Putin, they’re on tape laughing about it!”


And we must hold the GOP Accountable.

Eliseo, thanks, took another look and saw more: Plu 24 Cap, MC 27 Cap, Sun 0 Aq, Sat 3 Aq, Jup 7 Aq
Powerful 10 H with Plu in 9H widely conjunct MC

Eliseo, Happy Birthday! Happy Solar Return! May this day and year bring you the blessings of good health, joy, love, and success in all that you do!

I should have known the Pisces Full Moon on August 26 would be confusing enough but it is bewildering beyond my expectations.

I was going to check it for weather related symbolism due to Sharon’s concerns – had already given it a once-over due to Cohen’s solar return the day before – but then got lost in all its patterns;

1) one earth grand trine (Saturn, Uranus, Sun),
2) one fire grand trine (Pallas, Vesta. Eris),
3)another wide grand earth trine (Ceres, Juno and midpoint of Pluto-Mars) – note Juno is in the degree of the present – but soon to end – Jupiter-Saturn cycle; a heads up signal,
4) a sextile (Pluto-Jupiter) becomes a Yod to Trump’s natal Uranus,
5) Moon sextile Uranus becomes a Yod when adding US MC, which then becomes a Boomerang when Full Moon’s Chiron opposite US MC is added,
6) the Moon-Saturn sextile becomes a Yod when North Node (conjunct US natal NN) is added,
7) Black Moon Lilith sextiles Chiron and they form a Yod to the Sun which becomes a Boomerang when the FM in Pisces is added.

There is also the FM chart’s Venus (18+ Libra) (+ Trump’s Jupiter, Cohen’s solar return Venus, US prog. Mars and US Constitution’s Neptune, all at 17+ Libra) sextile Mercury at 14+ Leo, and they form a Yod with Neptune at 15+ Pisces rx whose in the apex of the Yod and has to “adjust” or shift positions previously held.

Have I left anything out? Oh yes, Mars in the FM chart at 28+ Cap (conjunct US natal Pluto at 27+ Cap) is stationing direct. What a chart to bookend the eclipse season.

Sharon, Ceres (right now conjunct US Neptune) will be trine Juno and the midpoint of stationing (powerful) Mars and Pluto in the FM chart, so strong, hot “earth” energy will be a force to contend with in the weeks ahead.

Since Juno will conjunct the degree of the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle start point (and they were square Uranus in airy Aquarius), and that same degree (22+ Taurus) where Juno will be and also where the Saturn-Jupiter cycle started, is also the degree where Jupiter and Sedna hooked up in 2012. This could add the element of water (Sedna) to those hot airy winds. The Sun (consciousness) at 21 Taurus 58 was conjunct Jupiter and Sedna.

In the coming Full Pisces Moon chart Pallas (strategery) at 25+ Leo squares Juno (22+ Taurus), and Pallas is in that grand trine with Eris and Vesta in fire signs. This might put one or the other (the earth grand trine or the fire grand trine) in jeopardy.

Whether we are talking Mother Nature (Ceres) Santa Ana winds or human hot air, there might be a high demand for water (emotional or physical) at some point.

I can’t recommend this program enough.
Live KGO Radio critique re: Trump’s abuse of power:
Listen Live: http://onlineradiobox.com/us/kgo/?cs=us.kgo&played=1

Pat Thurston (Former FBI) and John Rothmann
(John: Employed by Richard Nixon duing Nixion’s Impeachment.

Happy, Happy Birthday, Eliseo.

Happy B-Day, Eliseo, many happy returns.

Happy, Happy Birthday, Eliseo. Wishing you your heart’s desire.

Thank you so much for that review barb. It does not sound like a hurricane but more fires….which makes me very sad. They seem merciless. May there be enough water to quench them.

I hope your new year is full of happiness and good health Eliseo.

Many Thanks to you all for the birthday wishes!
Yesterday and today (18th & 19th) have been relationally superior. Brilliant conversation with close friends of high quality and insights aplenty. Couldn’t ask for better, but now I need a bit of rest.


Happy happy birthday! Get some rest! 😉

Eliseo, when you recuperate from your birthday celebrations I hope you will come back for some of that brilliant conversation with us. Many happy returns!

I agree Sharon, it is sad. We must all become conscious of just how powerful and unpredictable nature can be. In fact, we are in an age; a period in history meant for becoming super conscious, perhaps re-conscious of what we have forgotten as a nation of people.

The more I’ve thought about and discussed with others this present Zietgist in the USA, the more I see the US natal and progressed Mars at the core. Both in air signs, they penetrate our minds relentlessly like machine guns.

US progressed Mercury, now direct, is also in an air sign, 20+ Aquarius, which transiting Mars will conjunct at the end of October. That should be a defining moment in time.

20+ Aquarius is where Uranus was when it squared Saturn-Jupiter (22+ Taurus) at their cycle beginning in 2000. In the chart for that event, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in 2000, Mercury was conjunct Trump’s natal ascendant at 17+ Gemini which was sextile Pallas the strategist at 18+ Leo. How can we ignore this symbolism?

Furthermore, Pallas (18+ Leo) in the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart was halfway between Trump’s natal Jupiter + US prog. Mars + US Constitution Neptune (17+ Libra) and his natal Uranus (17+ Gemini). Pallas in the August 11 Solar Eclipse chart was – once again – at 17+ Leo conjunct the eclipsed Sun+Moon at 18+ Leo, in other words, halfway between Trump’s Uranus and Jupiter. What do you make of this uncanny astrology?

I meant to say in the 5th paragraph “Mercury was conjunct Trump’s natal Uranus (not ascendant)”.

Liz, I think you nailed that 100%. So sad yet so true.

Happy Solar Return, Elisio!

Michael Wolfstar:

Mercury Turns Direct in Trump’s 12th House


Happy Birthday Eliseo! All the Best in the coming year!

In little more than 2 weeks Saturn’s station marks the beginning of the last chapter of tRump’s political journey. After that his downfall picks up steam marked by the midterm elections, then the swearing in of the new Congress. 2019 is a never ending losing struggle by him to remain in office.

Just a guess: September will see his shut down of Mueller’s investigation. In the beginning we will grieve but in the end he who shall not be named will rue the day he did it.


Love your posts. I think Mueller is ready for that very shut down. Tie that in with Brennan’s move to challenge his security clearance revoked, with US intelligence community coming to his support.

Feels like the Army pounding down on Joe McCarthy in the 1950s:

“Have you no decency, sir?”

Very heartening Bob. It certainly makes sense from a non astrological point of view too; Trump HAS to use every last trick to try to evade justice.

I read that Trump just said that he could revoke Mueller’s security clearance if he wanted to, and he (Trump) could run the investigation! Talking through his hat but I guess something is coming. He is certainly going to revoke more security clearances as he has promised (and Bob & Wolfstar imply!)

By: Bob on June 30th, 2018 at 6:28 pm

Chart: https://i.imgur.com/wx2CpZB.gif

Order appointing Mueller chart IC 290°42?.

Pluto (290°18?) stations on it on September 30. The midpoint of transiting Mars and Saturn is there with Pluto. Transit Uranus is on appointment Mercury and transit Mercury is on appointment Jupiter. Could all of that herald the end of, or revealing announcement of, Mueller’s investigation?

UPDATE: If the fool sacks Mueller I think members from both sides of the aisle will work to remove him from office – perhaps spurred on by public pressure.

Trump dares ‘worst CIA director’ Brennan to sue as security row deepens. 177 ex-national security officials sign open letter accusing Trump of revoking Brennan’s clearance for political reasons.
Donald Trump continued to attack the former CIA director John Brennan on Monday, seemingly in response to the release of a remarkable open letter criticizing the president’s decision last week to revoke Brennan’s security clearance.
Much More:

Cohen’s natal Ceres (negotiator) is at 23+ Gemini while his natal Jupiter (Big Picture) is at 24+ Cancer, the same degree as US natal Mercury.

Today’s TRANSITING Ceres at 23+ Virgo squares Cohen’s natal Ceres in Gemini but sextiles his natal Jupiter + US Mercury in Cancer.

Today’s transiting Pallas (strategist) at 22+ Leo sextiles Cohen’s natal Ceres (negotiator) and semisextiles his Jupiter (Big Picture) + US Mercury in Cancer. Today’s transiting Pallas trines transiting Vesta.

Today’s transiting Vesta (investment/focus) at 23+ Sagittarius squares Cohen’s NATAL Ceres (negotiator) in Gemini,and is quincunx (adjust) his natal Jupiter (Big Pix) in Cancer + US Mercury. Transiting Vesta (invest) in Sagittarius squares TRANSITING Ceres (negotiate) in Virgo who was conjunct the US Neptune (dreams) for the last 2 days.

So, will Cohen be successful in his plea deal today?

Must not forget that US Mercury conjuncts Trump’s Venus and Saturn as well as Cohen’s Jupiter (Big Picture). It will be dicey but I think the goddesses favor a plea deal for Cohen. We’ll see.

Sorry, trans. Vesta in Sagittarius opposes Cohen’s Ceres in Gemini, rather than squares it. Trans Vesta opposite Cohen’s Ceres are T-squared by TRANSITING Ceres. It is quite confusing but eventually the ladies will arrive at a conclusion.

Speaking of ladies, I was watching Elizabeth Warren on MSNBC and it occurred to me that if our future wars are going to be cyber, rather than physical, then a woman should now have a better chance – she being not macho – at being elected to the US Presidency.

Well, I believe trans. Pluto is trine Cowen’s natal
North Node and sextile his Neptune and South Node (letting go of something no longer needed). We should know something at 4 PM today (just in time for Nichole’s show)!

“Hmm, plea deals are given in cases to either relax the burden on the court system or get information on a bigger target. In high profile cases, the burden on the court is not really a significant factor, so this can only mean Michael Cohen is providing valuable evidence against a larger criminal case.”


Belated Happy Birthday wishes Eliseo!

So last year for my birthday (today) I got the great American eclipse… not really the best present I have to say. This year so far I’ve gotten Manafort guilty and Cohen’s plea deal… I am hoping this year turns out better…


Indeed! HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I am wishing you a really good year.

Happy Birthday! Happy Solar Return!
May the year grant you far better gifts than that which obtained last year.

Henri. what you have is a solar return with Jupiter-trine-Neptune + Saturn-trine- Uranus + Jupiter-semisquare-Saturn. Happy birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Henri!

“With Tuesday’s convictions in the criminal trial of President Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, has struck another blow in his investigation: five guilty pleas, 32 indicted individuals, 187 charges revealing startling evidence of Russia’s 2016 attack on our democracy, and now the conviction of one of the top operators in the Trump campaign orbit. Mr. Manafort’s conviction on eight separate counts means he could spend the rest of his life in prison.”


I just LOVE THIS Mercury going direct! Won’t change much for our corrupt House, but the way I see it, one piece of turd at a time, layer upon layer, upon layer until the House can’t stand the stench any more.

In some countries. turd is dried and used for fuel. Maybe the House will not be able to stamp out the burning when combustion takes place.

“Mr. Manafort’s conviction should also send chills down the spines of other potential defendants, possibly including the president’s son Donald Trump Jr. and his informal adviser Roger Stone.”

and maybe Jared Kushner!!!

Hmmm (for Lamis) … could dried turd as fuel be the “clean coal” Spanky keeps droning on about?

Henri I am wishing that you get all your birthday wishes!

The August 11 Leo Solar Eclipse had Cohen’s name all over it (maybe Manafort’s too – I’m not familiar with his chart) and the key player was Pluto, but all 3 outer planets took part in bringing Cohen center stage.

Pluto in the Leo solar eclipse was part of a Yod AND a grand trine, both of which directly affected Cohen’s chart; in total, his Pluto-Uranus, his Mercury, his North and South Nodes, his Neptune, his Mars, even his Black Moon Lilith and his Moon were aspected by this solar eclipse.

It is clear to me that Cohen is a major tool in the Universe’s overall plan. Even the eclipse Uranus was trine his natal Sun. Even eclipse Eris squared his Jupiter (+ US Mercury + Trump’s Venus-Saturn).

Astrology can be subtle and discreet. It can also be theatrical and breathtaking when called for. For a dramatic Leo Eclipse, nothing short of a showstopping climax would do. Bring it!

Thank you guys for the birthday wishes… my natal Venus conjucts the USA’s Sun (13+ Cancer)so fingers crossed its a great year for all of us… starting today. ??


Manafort’s birth data: April 1, 1949, New Britain. CT.
Time unknown, so I used 12:00 Noon.

It’s interesting that Manafort couldn’t influence his fate since it was a jury trial but Cohen could have chanced that Trump would pardon him. Apparently he really didn’t believe it or want to take the change.

Pretty good BD presents, Henri! Wishing you great health, and lots of love, happiness, success, prosperity, and peace in your life!

today is certainly a red letter day! As well as cohen and manafort guilt, the first two congressmen to endorse trump were also indicted on insider trading and campaign finance fraud.
Unbelievable that the culture and acceptance of corruption has become so normalized

Squeezing in just in time! Happy birthday Henri!

It was not other news that kept me from earlier wishes but a dentist appointment.

All’s well that ends well, eh ‘enri.

Just in time in CDT.

And this, folks, is why it’s going to be another 2 years before it ends, like it or not (not):


He pointed out that other federal officials who are subject to impeachment, including judges, have been indicted while in office. Courts have rejected the argument that impeachment is the sole remedy for such officials.

But Professor Amar said that presidents were different.

“If you’re going to undo a national election, the body that does that should have a national mandate,” he said. “Even a federal prosecution would follow only from an indictment from a grand jury sitting in one locality.”

…….. In a series of memorandums, the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel concluded that indicting a sitting president would violate the Constitution by undermining his ability to do his job. Those memos, too, though, said the answer was a matter of structure and inference.

“Neither the text nor the history of the Constitution ultimately provided dispositive guidance in determining whether a president is amenable to indictment or criminal prosecution while in office,” a 2000 memo said, summarizing an earlier one. “It therefore based its analysis on more general considerations of constitutional structure.”

……. Even if Mr. Mueller has a measure of discretion, Professor Amar said, the right process for assessing Mr. Trump’s conduct, should it come to that, is the one described in detail in the Constitution: impeachment.

“Much of the recent pontificating about the technical elements of obstruction of justice is quite beside the point,” he said. “Donald Trump is to be judged by the House and the Senate, who are in turn judged on Election Day by the American people more generally.”

Maggie Haberman @maggieNYT

“Trump folks are worried about impeachment more than before. The thinking goes like this: this is something tangible, not a theoretical. And it didn’t come from Mueller. Does not mean it will happen, but this has moved to a different stage in their minds.”


MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: Lanny Davis, Cohen Attorney, Says Michael Cohen Will Tell Robert Mueller of a “Conspiracy to Collude” With Russia That Trump Participated In, Which Conspiracy Involved Him Having Advance Knowledge of Russian Hacking of the DNC

If we have a Congress that does not aid and abet the nimcompoop, we will be better off.

Oh my! Happy birthdays indeed, Eliseo and Henri! Had I a birthday during this time frame, I’d be dancin’ dancin’. For now I have this humble present to give each of you.

Humpty Trumpty
had a big rump
butting into millions of lives until
that prodigioius protuberance
got so large
it toppled him over
never to get up again. (grin)

So many wonderful posts, I just have to say thank you. By the way, fierywoman, I love the moniker Spanky. Might just use that.

The “Swing of Justice “ for your enjoyment:

“The President of the United States is now, formally, implicated in a criminal conspiracy to mislead the American public in order to influence an election. Were he not President, Donald Trump himself would almost certainly be facing charges. This news came in what must be considered the most damaging single hour of a deeply troubled Presidency.”


“Trump’s own chart had the July Cancer Eclipse, in effect for a few months thereafter, conjunct his Saturn which usually means chickens are coming home to roost. The most recent Leo Eclipse hit his 12th house Mars/Pluto midpoint, which is both threatening and likely to evoke strong counter-attacks.”


Boy Oh Boy Lamis, Manafort’s natal Jupiter conjunct his natal Pholus (small cause, big effect) at 28+ Capricorn conjuncts the US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn AND Mueller’s South Node . . .thank you!!

His natal Chiron (8+ Sagittarius) which trines his natal Mars (8+ Aries), also opposes the US natal Uranus (8+ Gemini) and that has kicked off the Neptune-Pluto cycle; be still my heart.

This also means Manafort’s Aries Mars is sextile US Gemini Uranus, and in November, 2017, transiting Jupiter (law) in Scorpio (buried secrets) formed a Yod to this sextile. This was just days after Mueller had indicted Manafort and Rick Gates. Jupiter (law) at the apex of the Yod would have to do some adjusting AND digging.

Add to that Manafort’s natal Pluto conjuncts Mueller’s Sun, both at 14+ Leo, where retrograde Mercury was at the August 11 Solar Eclipse, and where Mercury returns to (direct this time) in this Sunday’s Pisces Full Moon.

With transiting Pluto and Neptune still in orb of a sextile at the Pisces FM, this puts transiting Mercury (documents, etc.) + Manafort’s Pluto + Mueller’s Sun at the apex of a Yod, meaning more adjusting for Manafort and Mueller. (This Yod accompanies the Full Pisces Moon sextile Uranus that forms a Yod with the US MC + Mueller’s Neptune, which I find compelling; confusion mixed with breakthroughs leads to compassion and notoriety).

In November transiting Sedna (left to drown by her father) in Taurus will conjunct Manafort’s natal Juno (lesser partner) making me think there will be no pardon from the President for him. Also, Manafort’s natal Pallas (strategy) conjuncts Trump’s Sun (and US Mars) at 22+ Gemini, which his natal Vesta (what one invests in) opposes.

Again, much appreciate the Manafort birth info Lamis; sorry to be so late to the party.

Karen — use Spanky all you want, I took it from someone, spread the cheer!


Jupiter might for the next two years also be 45’s freedom from the weight of the Presidency and its ensuing scandals.

It could be resignation or health issues. As long as he’s not indicted/impeached, he could be good with that.

It may be others doing the heavy lifting after he crashes the vehicle of the US and world economy. It could also be him having a total breakdown and others take over. In other words, for Trump 2019 could spell RELIEF from the increasingly heavy burden of the presidency.

As I said in response to your earlier post, I hope we will have more Dems in a blue wave that could be an actual check-balance on the over-powerful Child Executive. Let’s work on that!!!


Thanks for your detailed and superb analysis of the Manafort chart which confirms what I had sort of deduced. It helps to have validation.

I was also musing about the Transiting Mercury, just recently going direct, being conjunct to Manafort’s natal Ceres (11 Leo+) and Pluto (14 Leo +) in his first house, all of which are trine to his natal Sun in his 9th which trines his natal Chiron in his 5th.

That grand fire trine does not bode well for him since we have seen from his past behavior the effects of his Sun , Chiron fire trine impel him to rash behavior…a gambler with the laws of any country.

The Ceres, Pluto conjunction in his natal chart in his first house speaks of underworld stuff, secret deals and transactions with the God of the Underworld to get his way. This conjunction squares his natal Moon at 15+ Taurus in his 10th house which is disposed of by his Natal Venus-also in his 9th house at 7 Aries + not far from his natal Mars and Sun.

Other tidbits: Transiting Chiron sits on top of his natal Mercury in the 9th at 0 Aries + and, of course, transiting Saturn at around 2+ Capricorn is giving his Mercury some grief. A nice little square from hell.

When Transiting Mercury reaches 14 Leo in a couple of days, I think we will see some more sludge come up from the deep.

If I have repeated some of your already spoken of trines, forgive.

I get carried away with my own stream of thought despite what others have contributed.

I guess we’ll stay tuned…

Fe, this is in response to your post (5:16 pm), “Jupiter might for the next two years also be 45’s freedom from the weight of the Presidency and its ensuing scandals” – which really got me thinking – and struggling – is it possible to see an outcome to this crazy stuff going on, especially how the midterms will go (via astrology)? Well, no.

I agree there may be changes for DT – ill health is possible, but I don’t think impeachment or a resignation is in the cards, as I said before. The six retrogrades in the transit chart and four in the US Sibly progressed chart are more likely saying that the US isn’t even close to resolving this thing – more like another round of ”déjà vu all over again” once the Rx’s reverse direction.

There is a shifting grand square between Sibly transiting Pluto (19 CapRx), progressed Chiron (17 Aries), progressed Jupiter (15 CancerRx) and progressed Mars (17 LibraRx). The houses are 2, 4, 8 and 10 – so transiting Pluto from the cusp of 2nd versus a progressed T-square between Mars/10, Jupiter/7-cusp of 8, and Chiron/4. Those angles are the nation’s finances, trade and real estate, and debt (trouble in other words, and just about everything that matters in an election). Pluto as a chart handle is not pretty.

DT will surely do some new inflammatory thing to agitate the press and his play to his base even more, but it doesn’t seem a Jupiter transit from the US 11th house (the President’s associates, or Congress) is going to fix much by itself. Especially when transiting Jupiter was square (not easy) to the Aug 11 partial solar eclipse at 18 Leo in the US 8th. The eclipse was also conjunct transiting MercuryRx – unreliable.

Furthermore, Sibly progressed Moon is at a critical degree, having recently gone into Capricorn (now at 0-56’, Aug. 22). The natal Aquarius Moon in the Sibly 3rd rules the US 8th house of debt, sex, scandals etc. (Cancer cusp).

Transiting Mars, now retrograde at 28 Capricorn, was closely conjunct US progressed Pluto at the critical degree of 29 Cap in the 2nd house of the nation’s personal wealth this past weekend (while the Manafort and Cohen juries were deliberating). The judgments may cause a chill in the wealth business, banking etc.

Transiting Mars will go direct on August 27, then conjunct US progressed Pluto again at the end of the first week of September. Mars will then change sign to 0 degrees Aquarius on September 12 (sextile transiting Chiron), at the same time as transiting Saturn (2 Cap in 1st) and Uranus (2 Taurus in 5th) will be trine, and transiting Venus will oppose Uranus.

These aspects, particularly the trine, suggest some smoothing out of the situation, although the sign changes, retrogrades and critical degrees (29/0) make nothing clear.

Right now, while transiting Mars is still Rx, it is square to US progressed Venus at 28 Aries in the 4th, which may be giving the people (4th house) a brief lift (Venus) and Mars is less powerful when Rx. By September 19, transiting Mars at 1-52’ Cap (direct) will reach a square with UranusRx at 1-52 Taurus. That indicates an outright battle at peak campaign season – no holds barred, especially by Mars (attack ads?).

Mars rules the Sibly 4th house (the people, land) and Uranus rules Sibly 3rd house (personal lawyers, the daily press, communicators in general). However, progressed Mars is in the 10th house of the administration and progressed Uranus is in the 6th house of the workers. I assume that Mars is working for Trump and Uranus Rx is working for the common people – but many are pro-Trump.

By November 6, transiting Mars will be at 24 Aquarius (still in the US 2nd), in trine to Trump’s progressed Jupiter (good luck, well heeled backers) at 24 Libra in his 3rd house (his lawyers?). Also, by November 6, transiting Jupiter will be at 29 Scorpio in the US 12th house, square to Trump’s natal 29 Leo Ascendant and his Mars. Transiting Uranus Rx will have backed up to 0 degrees Taurus, conjunct US progressed Venus, on the cusp of the US 4/5th house (people/children). The difference in the inconjunct aspect between Nov. 6 transiting Jupiter and Uranus Rx will be less than 1 degree.

Jupiter at 29 Scorpio is square to Trump’s Ascendant of 29 Leo. Uranus at 0 Taurus is trine to Trump’s Ascendant of 29 Leo.
Meanwhile transiting South Node (karma?) at 0 Aquarius will be conjunct US progressed Pluto in the 2nd house. And transiting Saturn (constraints) will conjunct US progressed Moon (3 Cap) in the 1st house (identity), both of which oppose US natal Venus at 3 Cancer in the 7th of partners and open enemies.

This is just too complicated! Nothing says this election is predictable. It is a squeaker. Although Trump doesn’t seem to come off desperately unhappy. That doesn’t mean the Dems won’t get the House – it may just mean that everybody wins something and Trump gets a pass to stay 2 more years. More Dems would be good; no more Republican majority in both houses of Congress (or at least the House) would be excellent. Some balance of power is necessary and a check on power would be the best for democracy, but that takes a lot of voters who pay attention.

Voters (4th house, the people) in the US are ruled by Capricorn on the cusp, with their planet, Saturn, in the 10 of rulers. The Saturn ruler is supposed to answer to the hard working Capricorn people! But progressed Saturn is Rx in the 11th and transiting Saturn (limits) is opposing US natal Jupiter and Venus in the 7th. The voters’ own resources, 5th house (as opposed to the nation’s resources – 2nd house), are in Taurus, the sign that is most concerned with personal wealth. So, the voters are worried about their own money first.

Imo, the Republicans have too much invested in Trump to let him go quietly into the sunset, especially with Pence in the wings. Besides, it is almost certain that DT would never go quietly! Pence would potentially be even harder to manage in that his opinions are not moveable from his fundamentalist beliefs. The GOP is in a tough spot, but one thing looks sure – there is not going to be a wipeout of all things Republican. If anything, DT’s voters are loyal.

I thought from the start that by the 2nd half of his term, Trump might get ring-fenced by the polarizing issues and that people would manage to “control” him. Some have tried. Not sure it can be done now. All the same, Trump might be in so much do-do that he can’t move for fear (Saturn/Pluto), but fear is farfetched for a narcissist with a royal star on his Ascendant. No choice but wait and see.


Thanks for the response! We shall see with the midterms.


“Uranus at 0 Taurus is trine to Trump’s Ascendant of 29 Leo.”

Aren’t Tarus and Leo square to one another?

I see DT not necessarily being too cheerful after midterms. Especially more so in January.

Also note his staff and family do everything possible to keep news “up” for him. He could very well be kept happy so that he doesn’t nuke a country.

A person can be ‘happy’ and mentally unwell. And the President is unwell in the head. Malignant narcissism is mental illness.

Hey Lamis, I know exactly what you mean about getting carried away by your own “stream of thought” – a very Plutonian effect, and/or a Vesta (focus) thing.

Like you, I see transiting Mercury playing an extremely pivotal role at this time, esp. in the context of the Mueller and Manafort relationship.

Thanks too for noting transiting Chiron conjunct Manafort’s natal Mercury on the Pisces/Aries cusp, and how transiting Saturn in Cap squares them. Very astute. Like Beowulfie says “this [present day astrology] is just too complicated”.

I find that most of us who like to play with astrology use a structure of some kind to draw our conclusions. For me that structure is often provided by the monthly lunar conjunction and opposition to the Sun, and as well, the ongoing cycles between any two planets.

For example in 2009-10 three transiting planets, Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter, made conjunctions with the US natal Moon in Aquarius at the same time they made conjunctions with each other. Three (transiting) cycles began (Jup-Nep, Jup-Chiron, Chiron-Nep) in 2009-10 and in all 3 cycles they began conjunct the US Moon (the US People), thus all 3 will affect the US People for the duration of those cycles.

In all 3 cycle starts transiting Uranus (revolution) in Pisces (dissolution) was semi-sextile US Moon and sextile US Pluto (power) in Capricorn (structure). It would appear Uranus was to have a relatively easy time dismantling US institutions during the time spans of these 3 cycles.

Last year the so called American Solar Eclipse in Leo not only opposed the US Moon (US People), it opposed the starting point of those 3 cycles between Jupiter-Neptune, Jupiter-Chiron and Chiron-Neptune, all of which had Uranus (revolution) in Pisces sextile US natal Pluto (power) in Capricorn.

So then, this Sunday’s Full Moon has Mars stationing in a conjunction to US natal Pluto in Capricorn, while at the same time activating the Uranus in Pisces in all 3 of those 2009-10 cycles (that were conjunct US natal Moon), which was sextile US Pluto. This might explain an otherwise unexplainable reaction from the US population during the following 2 weeks before the next New Moon.

I saw the new cover of Time this morning on TV and thought of Sedna. Have you seen it? Right now Sedna (27+ Taurus) squares the US natal Moon but trines the US natal Pluto. Now that’s stratergy at its finest!

Here’s another example that might prove helpful; in the chart for the Jupiter-Chiron cycle start (that was conjunct the US Moon) Pluto at 2 Capricorn 43 retrograde was precisely where transiting Saturn is right now.

Pluto was at the apex of a Yod with the sextile between the South Node (1 Leo 57) and Sun (2 Gemini 34), meaning Pluto (and thus the now trans. Saturn) would need to adjust in some capacity so as to conform with the positions held by the South Node and Sun in that chart.

What we don’t see in the present (transiting) astrology is the pressure on transiting Saturn coming to him via the Jupiter-Chiron cycle (that was conjunct US Moon [US voters]) via its Pluto.

However, transiting Uranus (2+ Taurus) trines transiting Saturn and both trine the Jupiter-Chiron chart’s Ceres at 5+ Virgo. I suspect transiting Saturn would greatly benefit from a pronto resolution to the border crisis involving children separated from their parents.

When transiting Sun reaches 5+ Virgo (August 28-29 or sooner) and conjuncts Ceres in the Jupiter-Chiron chart (transiting Sun presently trines trans. Uranus and Saturn) that (mother-child reunion) might just happen. Fingers crossed.

“If you think this week was devastating for Trump — as I predicted — you ain’t seen nothing yet. A story should break shortly that will put the final nail in Trump’s coffin. Keep your seatbelt buckled, because this ride is getting even wilder. Stay tuned, my friends. #ImpeachTrump”

by Jon Cooper on Twitter

Beowulfie, I think that your astrology-backed cautionary advice for us to not be over-optimistic (think Hillary, think Bernie) about getting the Republicans out, including Trump, too fast, is definitely a dose of reality that we need to integrate. We know from experience that those Republicans can be pretty sneaky strategists and have tricks up their sleeves (think GWB/Cheney who got away with their horrid agenda for years). I hope you are wrong but I see your points.

Another thing I just read stated that if the Democrats go too Left, too Progressive, too soon or fast, they will lose the gains they have made. This makes sense to me. The U.S. revenue is way down with the tax cut, deficits are way up, Trump has reversed much of what Obama put in place, which in itself was somewhat moderate. All of this has to be resolved before we make extreme changes. When the Dems spearheaded Obamacare, it was the very thing the Repubs needed to make us lose in the midterms. They can easily do that again. Many people had their premiums go way up under Obamacare. Even if it happened in Republican states with limited marketplaces, the Democrats and Obama were blamed. We have to be careful. Only the Republicans seem to be able to get away, to the degree they have, with the extreme things being done and now they have the perfect Scapegoat, who happens to know how to appear very resilient, — DT.

Even though December is rife with action I find it hard to believe tRump will be in jail by Jan 30th.

David Johnson
Published on Aug 21, 2018


What did McGahn tell Mueller about Trump?

All revealed Jan 30th, tRump not there by then, but in jail.

Fe, the aspect is closest to a trine – Uranus will be at 0 Taurus, at the beginning of the sign, and Trump’s Ascendant is at the end of the sign, 29 Leo, so that makes it almost an exact trine. But easy to miss based on the sign information unless you are looking at the actual chart.

Transit Saturn in longitude will square the resident’s natal Neptune on November 11th, progressed Neptune on November 23rd (and progressed in RA on November 18th).

It will square his progressed Mars in RA on December 11th and in longitude on December 24th (when he unwraps his lump of coal).

Now that an economic downturn is in the cards, (due to trumpy enabling greed and graft once again), The Don is using that as his new meme – ‘if you impeach me the economy will crash’
He is certainly a very very slippery opportunistic narcissist.

Missed listing transit Saturn will square natal Neptune in RA on November 7th.

Michael Avenatti tells Lawrence O’Donnell that “This president is in trouble and we’re coming for him” in reaction to Michael Cohen’s guilty plea. Avenatti says he believes he will be able to force the president to testify under oath and that he knows about additional recordings.

Has anyone looked at Avenatti’s chart?
I could not even find his birthdate or wikipedia.

Excellent article on Trump’s legal jeopardy, except that nothing will happen until he’s out of office one way or another (if then):


Another excellent article on Republican legislators’ silence & moral rot:



Thanks for the clarification on the anaretic degree!

Good point, Kiwi….He is preparing for all contingencies! Every day he says something ridiculous and the newscasters reporting it try to treat him somewhat seriously and respectfully. It’s an effort. Today he said very earnestly that flipping should almost be like illegal or something, implying that people will lie to get a plea deal (he said he’s been observing this happen for years). He’s like a “Valley girl”. Unbelievable that so many people still support him. It doesn’t say much for them. At least two people on the Manafort jury for Trumpistas but one couldn’t close her eyes at the evidence that convinced her that Manafort was guilty (even thought she didn’t want him to be guilty – OMG!). The other one could…

…at least two people on the Manafort jury were Trumpistas…

Bob, David Johnson doesn’t say Trump will be in jail on January 30, but that there will be revelations that day that will bring him there.

Michael Avenatti’s birth data:

Feb. 16, Sacramento, CA , 12:00 pm since there is no time given. Noon day chart has Gemini rising and an Aquarius MC with the Sun crossing.

Michael Avenatti

Post by Jim Eshelman » Tue May 15, 2018 6:03 pm

“Michael Avenatti was born February 16, 1971, 10:07 PM PST, Sacramento, CA according to his birth certificate.

The date just became public. I’ve had access to most of this (excluding the time) because he started his legal career in our firm and we have friends in common; but now the whole thing is public.”

Second time posting this. 11:21 pm, CDT

Michael Avenatti

Post by Jim Eshelman » Tue May 15, 2018 6:03 pm

“Michael Avenatti was born February 16, 1971, 10:07 PM PST, Sacramento, CA according to his birth certificate.

The date just became public. I’ve had access to most of this (excluding the time) because he started his legal career in our firm and we have friends in common; but now the whole thing is public.”

Quit F*ing around and post my Avenatti details.

3rd try.

Michael Avenatti

Post by Jim Eshelman » Tue May 15, 2018 6:03 pm

“Michael Avenatti was born February 16, 1971, 10:07 PM PST, Sacramento, CA according to his birth certificate.

The date just became public. I’ve had access to most of this (excluding the time) because he started his legal career in our firm and we have friends in common; but now the whole thing is public.”

I feel so much better since Mercury went direct, and I also feel Mars slowing down to station before it turns direct in a few days. I really felt stuck these last few weeks with so many roadblocks and curves getting in the way of getting things done.

Anyone else feel it?

Thanks for the correct data on Michael Avanatti.

I will redo his chart now.

Has anyone looked at Barbara Underwood’s chart?
Aug 16,1944 Evansville, IL
The psychics who have been saying for months that they keep seeing a woman who takes down Trump are starting to wonder if it’s her.

Thanks for Michael Avenatti Data.
Avenatti is a Street Fighter! A valuable asset to us.
Watch Trump yesterday…He’s so in Love With Himself:
“If I Ever Got Impeached”:


I concur with the “stuckness” of Mars retrograde and the MercR. It has been a very difficult passage. This past week was bonkers with clients changing schedules, no-shows, misspeaking and mishearing. Its been a long, hot, humid oppressive summer in Chicago this year. Yesterday was the first day of clear blue skies in many months; threw up ma’ hands and shouted “Hallelujah!” I think we will all feel better when Mars finally goes direct. Its been messing with my mojo something awful. Hope its a good thing for everyone here…and especially for everyone involved in working to get this Raging Two-Year-Old out of office.

Robert Reich’s proposal: ANNULMENT of Trump’s presidency.


“But impeachment would not remedy Trump’s unconstitutional presidency because it would leave in place his vice president, White House staff and Cabinet, as well as all the executive orders he issued and all the legislation he signed, and the official record of his presidency.

The only way to respond to an unconstitutional presidency is to annul it. Annulment would repeal all of an unconstitutional president’s appointments and executive actions, and would eliminate the official record of the presidency. Annulment would recognize that all such appointments, actions, and records were made without constitutional authority.”


Let the presidential annulment begin!

Thanks for posting.


Lawmakers Select Underwood as Interim Attorney General

The former acting U.S. solicitor general and Manhattan federal prosecutor has been acting attorney general since Eric Schneiderman’s resignation in early May.

By Colby Hamilton | May 22, 2018 at 11:32 AM

Her appointment possibly between 11 and 11:30 AM EDT in Albany NY.


” “I believe this job, at this moment in history, is the most important job I have ever had,” Barbara D. Underwood said after she was confirmed as New York State attorney general in Albany on Tuesday.”

A thought just popped into my head after going through my twitter feed.
First, It looks like the dominoes may be starting to fall on Don the Con, as there are two that have been granted immunity, head of the national enquirer and CFO of the trump business.
The fact that the republicans are not saying a thing in what is basically now a constitutional crisis is unbelievable and truly disgusting.
The McCain family just released a statement saying John McCain has stopped treatment, so obviously the end is imminent.

Could his death somehow , maybe, i know this is wishful thinking, but could it be a catalyst for the Republicans to finally take action against trump?

It seems that somehow trump always being so disrespectful to McCain , and him coming to an end just as it looks like this may be the beginning of the end for trump is auspicious….

Anyway, these are just some of the thoughts rolling around my head!

Sharon K – in response to you comment that you feel so much better since Mercury went direct.

I also feel it. I also feel better now that we are on the other side of the 3 summer eclipses, which helped me come to a major decision. Now that Mercury is moving forward, I need to start acting on that decision. It is a life changing one, but I feel far more calm going into this next phase of my life.

Some more thoughts….

I have noticed such vile reaction against Avenatti saying that if there were not a strong dem candidate that he would run for POTUS.

While i get the fact that we don’t want to get into new territory now that Drumph is POTUS with celebrities like say oprah, or the rock running, i don’t think Avenatti is quite in that category.

People seem to think he is obnoxious, though to me he has never come across as such, he’s smart, And a straight talker but the respect that he has shown stormy Daniels is admirable and the lengths to which he is helping the children at the border also is very telling of his character.

I am not saying that Avenatti should run but one thing i do know is that if the Dems don’t get a candidate to run that is not too far left, (definitely not warren),then trump if he is still around, will get re-elected. And Bernie can seriously mess things up for Dems imo.

I know too many people around here where i live that probably will vote for any republican including trump even though they don’t like him, but if the Dems want to capture the vote of the republicans that would vote against trump, then they need a likes ,e charismatic strong candidate, one that can take on Trump on his own terms, notice trump never mentions Avenatti by name, or Rachel maddow, he’s scared of them i think

My two cents

In view of Trumps escalating threats against Attorney General Jeff Session, we may have just arrived at a tipping point. What a difference a year makes………

Lindsey Graham Just Cleared the Way for Trump to Fire Sessions

The senator who has claimed to support Mueller’s investigation may have just jeopardized it

Rolling Stone
August 23, 2018

In July 2017, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said that if President Trump were to fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions there “will be holy hell to pay.” Sessions is “a rock solid conservative,” Graham said, and Trump’s efforts to “marginalize and humiliate” him are “not going over well in the Senate.” A lot can change in a year. On Thursday, Graham told reporters that the president is “entitled to an attorney general he has faith in,” and that he expects Trump to fire Sessions “sooner rather than later.” He didn’t seem too troubled by the prospect, either, only cautioning the president to wait until after the midterms to axe the man preventing Trump from laying waste to the Witch Hunt.



Looking at Jeff Sessions astrology chart and the upcoming transits, it’s interesting to note that August 31st has a nearly exact Saturn (2 ’20 Taurus) – Uranus (2 ’34 Capricorn) trine right on Sessions Sun (2 ’20 Capricorn). Will Trump fire Sessions on this date? That would certainly trigger a constitutional crisis.

PS. On second thought, if Trump does decide to fire Sessions it could occur on the self imposed September 1st deadline announced by Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani…..

Rudy: We’re Giving Mueller Until September 1 To Interview Trump

Hot Air
Aug 13, 2018


My speculative chart for Barbara Underwood (based on speculative appointment as AG).


Underwood’s natal Mars (speculative) at 22°20′ Virgo squares tRump’s natal Sun-Moon opposition at 22°56′ Gemini and 21°12′ Sagittarius.

I have no doubt DJT will go down fighting, if he is allowed to. The question at this point is not will he go down, but how. He may yet take out Muller, but his own home state of New York seems increasingly poised to step in, should DJT circumvent the federal govt.’s counter-measures against him. But there’s no situation in which he comes out on top.


Linda G keeps saying that everything Trump has done will be undone, even his judicial appointments, which sounds like annulling his presidency. I’d love to think that it would happen, but there’s nothing in the US Constitution or legal precedence for this.

Of course, this would be brand new territory for the US. We could have been here or somewhere near here during Bush V Gore, but we saw how quickly the Supreme Court stepped in to stop the recount.

Can anyone see the Supreme Court now ruling to nullify a presidency? Also, I can’t really see Democrats asking for it to be done, and we know Republicans aren’t. I suppose voters could, but I don’t see that happening, either. I think most people just want this to be over, and they see it happening only through the ballot box, not the courts.

I think when Gore conceded, he was likely thinking, We may never have another Presidential election without court challenges that could go on for months, easily past the date the constitution requires a new president to be sworn in and that it would be years years of chaos in the future that would not be good for the country.

Same thing here about using impeachment. If we impeach Trump and he’s removed from office — which, yeah, is definitely deserved — it’s easy to imagine Republicans endlessly challenging future Democratic presidents with impeachment trials, which would not be good for our country.

I think we have to overwhelm them at the ballot box.

Wonderful! This is for you Diana. Avenatti’s MC conjuncts US natal Mercury in Cancer. US natal Mercury resides in the US natal chart’s 8th house (shared resources) and it rules the US natal 7th house (partner or open enemy).

Avenatti’s MC also conjuncts Trump’s Saturn and Venus. Venus rules TRUMP’S natal 9th house (religion, foreigners. etc.) and his natal 3rd (neighbors, communication) house. (Saturn rules Capricorn which is intercepted in Trump’s 5th house. This may or may not be important.)

Avenatti then could be seen as a voice (US Mercury) for the USA at this moment in history; the bringing down of the Trump presidency.

Avenatti’s natal Uranus (liberation) in Libra conjuncts US natal Saturn (confining, institutions, etc.), the two rulers of Aquarius, and Avenatti’s natal Uranus (+ US Saturn) sextiles his natal Mars in Sagittarius (conjunct the Great Attractor).

This sextile of Avenatti’s Uranus and Mars becomes a Yod with his own natal Saturn in Taurus in his own 7th house, and Saturn at the apex of the Yod must adjust – not an easy thing for anybody’s Saturn. It might be his partner or open enemy (7th house) that adjusts.

Right now transiting Jupiter in Scorpio opposes Avenatti’s Saturn, turning his natal Yod into a Boomerang, with trans. Jupiter at the receiving end getting all the combined energy. Trans. Jupiter trines trans. Neptune and they trine the USA Sun.

Avenatti’s Saturn rules his natal 4th house where his natal Mercury, North Node and Sun – all in Aquarius – reside. They too might reflect the adjustments his natal Saturn has had to make.

In turn, his natal Aquarius Mercury trines his natal Libra Uranus (conjunct US Saturn) which trines his natal Nessus in Gemini. What?

(Interestingly when, in June 2012, trans. Venus occulted the transiting Sun, the second in a series of two, it was at 15+ Gemini, and it was conjunct Avenatti’s natal Nessus in his natal 8th house.)

Again, this natal Nessus + the 2012 Venus-Sun conjunction completes a grand trine with Avenatti’s natal Mercury and natal Uranus. Very powerful stuff and almost impossible to stop.

The Venus-occult-Sun (also called a “Venus Transit”) in 2012 that was conjunct his natal Nessus (abuse of power) which was also (like his natal Nessus) opposed Avenatti’s natal Mars (+ Great Attractor) in Sagittarius, highlighting the Avenatti natal Kite pattern (natal Mercury-Uranus-Nessus-Mars), specifically the (unconscious) natal Nessus in his 8th house.

This opposition of the Love Planet+Sun+natal Nessus to Avenatti’s Mars (+ GA) seems to me to be suggesting an assignment to Avenatti for a very special purpose; but then I digress.

Avenatti’s Sun (conjunct natal Pholus “small cause, big effect”) conjuncts US natal Moon in Aquarius. That would indicate a possible candidacy run for US President.

Enuf for one chart.

Will I’ve been feeling the Mars retro just like you. Basically I’ve been hiding under the covers, but I’m getting really antsy to get up and DO SOMETHING.


I know the feeling. I’ve been moving all along but it feels like I am slogging through a pool of molasses. I am grateful to have a practice and a steady stream of patients; but the re-dos and doubling and tripling of documentation and insurance claims has at times felt crushing.
I am not a professional astrologer, but Mars rules our suns. Hopefully the Red Planet moving forward soon will lighten our load.

Won’t be long. Keep the faith!

This has been too good to be true for us Californians!


Thanks Barb, you’re amazing! I cant understand a lot of it since i am not an astrologer, but it seems somewhat favorable to something big planned for him in this life, we shall see!

Related to what i was saying earlier about a strong Dem candidate, i was just listening to a podcast where they were talking about how the girl who got murdered in Iowa, how the R’s are masterful at taking something like this and making it a cultural moment, apparently they have been sending out videos about how the murderer was an illegal immigrant, even though it is not sure yet if he was. And trump of course went on about it in his rally in Virginia where he acted like it was just a normal day for him and didn’t even mention the two breaking news items Cohen and Manafort, and his base still is chanting lock her up. But, the point was that they were saying that the Dems mess up and that warren and Pelosi didn’t handle it right by kind of brushing it off, warren said she was sorry and then immediately went on to what about the children at border? The speaker then gave an example of a prominent Republican he knows that hates trump and doesn’t want him to get back in but thinks he very well might on being because the Dems will give it to him, make it too easy! god i hope this is not the case but i thnk they have a point. Talk about abolishing ICE is not helpful

And finally, has anyone read or listened Rick Wilson’s book everything trump touches dies? I listened to it and highly recommend it, unlike the title which sounds facetious, it’s a very serious book, a must read or listen. He’s going to be on bill maher tonight with John Brennan, sadly i don’t have HBO but sounds like it will be a good show!

I think we need a 3rd party more now than ever — one that brings together all the sane and reasonable people of good faith and ethics in both parties, and is committed to the good of all the people in the country, whether it’s the purple party, or another symbolic color. This may mean that neither liberal/progressives or right-wing conservatives get to see their most desired goals accomplished right away, but if the goal is a good one, we will eventually get there. And, for what it’s worth, I do not see either Salwell or Avanatti as the Democratic Party Candidate – I actually see someone like Jeff Flake, but not necessarily him, as he is too Conservative. I do think the next president needs to be enough of a moderate to give both sides some of what they want. Some thought that person was DT because that’s what they wanted him to be — an outsider, a good negotiator, someone who couldn’t be bought (ha!). We need the real thing – someone with character and morals like Barack Obama, but who is even better at bringing the 2 parties together.


“The Constitution provides the Senate must have a majority of its members (51) present to conduct business. Without McCain the GOP only has 50. If Schumer is even half of McConnell, he’ll hold all 49 DEM Senators out of the Senate to prevent a vote on Kavanaugh.”

Diana, one thing that the astrology of Avenatti’s chart says to me is that transiting Jupiter (expand, understanding, big picture, foreigners) is benefiting from him (thanks to natal Saturn in Taurus in his 7th house which might refer to his relationship with Stormy Daniels) since his name became a household word. Transiting Jupiter also benefited from his natal Moon and vice versa.

Transiting Jupiter has been trine (easy relation to) transiting Neptune and they both have been trine the US natal Sun. Assuming the birth time is correct, Avenatti’s Moon is at 13+ Scorpio and trines US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer.

Transiting Jupiter was first conjunct Avenatti’s Moon in December, 2017, around the 11th through the 15th. It stationed in March, 2018, and went retrograde, coming back to Avenatti’s natal Moon in June where it lingered – turning direct in July and stayed in the 13+ degree of Scorpio through the end of July.

It was probably this period of transiting Jupiter (conjunct his Moon) trine transiting Neptune trine US Sun that we came to know him to be more than just a lawyer for a porn star.

With his connection to the US natal Moon, etc., I’m sure he could run for his state’s US representative or senator positions and win if he really wanted to, assuming the Dems would not be open to his interest in being president.

He has become known to us for some reason though. Except for Uranus, all the non-personal transiting planets are in the bottom (non-public) part of his chart. That makes me think it will be a while before he becomes a permanent public figure.

Transiting Pluto will be very near his chart’s IC by next April and won’t move away until 2022. That will likely be an intensely personal period for him leaving little time or interest in more public issues.

Transiting Neptune (in his creative 5th house) sextiles his natal Saturn and that could spark some illusions regarding the idea of becoming president. I’m not saying it’s impossible, just not realistic, but what the hell is these days!

RE: your August 24th, 2018 – 10:47 am posting

Were collusion with the Russians conclusively proven, as well as proof the Don would have lost the election otherwise, theoretically a petition for a writ of mandamus seeking to nullify the results of the 2016 U.S. Presidential election could be submitted to the Supremes. Annulment of his election, appointments, signed legislation and orders, etc. would be just, fair and absolutely appropriate.

Unfortunately, there are many in our body politic who would not see it that way, and such a nullification could by default be a prelude to civil war. Post FDR, R’s have been in the congressional minority through most of the decades of the 20th and now 21st century, even when we had a R. president. Their resentment at the tyranny of the majority eventually festered into the blind hatred of and demonization of all they perceive as “Liberal.”

Personally, I would love to see the Don’s political legacy completely annulled, but I cannot at this time foresee a circumstance in which that would be preferred and acceptable to both Dems and R’s. Sad, but true.

Theresa Hill
RE: “Same thing here about using impeachment. If we impeach Trump and he’s removed from office — which, yeah, is definitely deserved — it’s easy to imagine Republicans endlessly challenging future Democratic presidents with impeachment trials, which would not be good for our country.”

Unfortunately, true. When Nixon was in trouble, his removal from office was a bipartisan effort. So far, that has not been the case with the Don.

It concerns me deeply that so many Dems are catching this “impeachment fever.” Yes, it is absolutely true we’ve never had a president more corrupt, more inept, and more deserving of impeachment, conviction and removal from office. The desire for his removal is deeply righteous. Personally, I would like to seem him treated similarly as was Napoleon, banished and imprisoned on a distant and remote island to live out the rest of his days apart from all humanity except for his guards.

Too many on our side of the fence haven’t thought through the possible and probable consequences of a Trump impeachment.

(Scenario 1) He is impeached, but not convicted. This would further divide the nation leaving both Blues and Reds extraordinarily angry. Trump would claim vindication, and further harden his positions and behavior.

(Scenario 2) He is impeached, convicted, and removed from office as more Dems were elected to the Senate in November 2018. As it was a strictly partisan vote same result as above, but with a greater problem. Pence, a genuine Christo-fascist would become president. His policies would be worse than the Don’s, but without the vulgarity, drama, or chaos. His presidency, IMO would end our grand experiment. The USA would morph into a true fascist nation. The only way to restore democracy would be through a Resistance movement using concerted and focused acts of violence. Fascists neither respect nor respond positively to Gandhi or MLK type passive resistance. Had India been part of the German Nazi empire, we would never have heard of M.K. Gandhi. He would have been dispatched early in his career and disappeared from history.

There are several other conceivable scenarios, some of them quite complex. But what all have in common is that without a bipartisan effort, impeachment could multiply our problems rather than alleviate them. Meanwhile, we have an extremely dangerous lunatic in the oval office, a malignant narcissist who may indeed get us all killed.

I’m not totally against impeachment. I’m just concerned that it not be done out of blind passion, that if it is done it needs to proceed slowly and very carefully getting as many R’s and Trump supporters on board as possible in a unified effort.

I agree with you entirely we need a 3rd party, probably a moderate purple party more now than ever. ALL of your points were well taken.

Although in many respects my political philosophy is much further Leftward than most on this blog, I also see a tendency in both parties to ideological blindness, to a kind of political idolatry. I see too much ideological conformity, too little assiduous and diligent examination of evidence and far too little critical thinking on the part of our political representatives at all levels.

I would hope a moderate Purple party might proceed more deliberately, carefully considering proposed solutions to problems regardless of their ideological genesis. I share your hope a leader might emerge capable of hearing both sides, mindful and respectful of both red and blue fears, even when those fears might be privately regarded by him or her as absurd.

Unless some unforeseen events serve to get us all on the same or similar political page, I see no other way of beginning the healing of our deep divisions. We need someone who can lead us to a restoration of trust with those with whom we disagree.

Sharon, your idea of a Third Party, perhaps a Purple Party is brilliant! A group of American’s creating a Third Way, a Kinder Way where we open our hearts and minds to a new wave-length of cooperation and understanding. I’m reading the latest issue of the magazine “Wired” with Mueller on the cover.
Quote: “Mueller voluntered for the Marines in 1966, right after graduating from Princeton. By late 1968 he was a lieutenant leading a combat platoon in Vietnam” America sure could use a President like Mueller! He could tell those rabble rousing Republicans to cool-it and they’d listen to him!

My birth times for various appointment times for Barbara Underwood to New York State AG. 1 minute could be added to the birth times bringing the MC’s closer to Jupiter, moving the Asc’s a little further away from Pluto and tightening the square of progressed natal Pluto to the MC’s.

A 9:15 am appointment event needs a birth time of 7:15 pm, CWT, to yield a progressed demi-anlunar (PDAL) MC at 224°10′ having PDAL Jupiter on the MC at 224°51′, PDAL Pluto on the Asc at 224°05′, and progressed natal Pluto at 134°22′ square the MC.

A 10:15 am event needs a birth time of 7:12 pm, CWT, to yield a PDAL MC at 224°09′.

I went with 11:15 event time (thus the 7:09 pm birth time) because of the 11:32 time of the article about her appointment.

An 11:15 am event needs a 7:09 pm, CWT, birth time to produce a PDAL MC at 224°08′ having PDAL Jupiter at 224°51′ on the MC, PDAL Pluto rising at 224°08′ and progressed natal Pluto at 134°22′ square the MC. All appropriate for “I believe this job, at this moment in history, is the most important job I have ever had,” Barbara D. Underwood said after she was confirmed as New York State attorney general in Albany on Tuesday.”.

The Orange President’s troubles are mounting every day. There is a new story out that he had a child with a housekeeper. David Johnson predicted Melania would soon leave him. This could be a turning point in their marriage.

At the same time, Agent Orange has cancelled Pompeo’s trip to North Korea because of lack of progress on denuclearization. If 45 feels humiliated by Kim Jong-Un because he was fooled, his revenge could be an armed confrontation with NK which would bring in China. This would be the ultimate diversion from impeachment.

Finally, Mitt Romney will be in the Senate after the midterms. Could he become the honorable Republican leader who turns against the President, something Ryan, McConnell and Pence are not?

Eliseo, well put. Patty, thank you. It’s not original, of course. Mueller is a great idea for president. He resonates as someone who is functioning at a higher ethical level and as an inspiring leader, but after what he’s been through with the investigator?
Well, who knows? Re: a third party, I do think that something has to happen, whether it’s enough revelation about Trump’s collusion or misdeeds, or climate change worsening, or a steep economic downturn occurring, that creates enough urgency, that people will turn to each other and work together to find solutions, as we’ve done in the past. I’m talking about reasonable, thinking people and not blind, “us and them” loyalists. Jon Huntsman and Joseph Lieberman tried to move forward with this kind of 3rd party, calling their organization “No Labels”. It never quite took off, maybe because people are dazed and confused, and there isn’t enough urgency yet.

Kavanaugh drafted the articles of impeachment against President Clinton.


If you missed the NYTimes today re: Mueller.
We need more pieces like this that show what a brilliant, outstanding and honorable man Mueller is!
Check out today’s NYT, it’s free to read:

Everytime I go into Conservative Territory attempting to understand where they’re coming from…ALWAYS the first Page is about “The Dossier”
Conservative’s have been lied to and filled with misinformation. We need more info like this NYT’s!

RIP John McCain, man he went fast after stopping treatment.

The other bombshell is that Don J T, has fathered a child, the doorman speaks. Wonder what that does to his current marriage, can’t be good. She’s probably getting the divorce papers ready. This can’t last.
Someone here was right, it has gotten worse for the president. I wish he would just fly away Nixon style.

Patty, after reading your Mueller link (and another link within it) I’ve got a hunch that Mueller’s Sun is in his 8th house. Using the birth time of 3:26 PM,
Aug. 7, 1944, NY, NY, I’ve now got a tentative birth chart for him with his MC in Virgo (near the US natal Neptune), Moon at 1+ Aries (not Pisces) that opposes his natal Neptune at 2+ Libra, both of which line up with the US natal chart’s MC (1+ Libra) and IC (1+ Aries).

His natal Uranus (12+ Gemini) now in his natal 7th house is still on the US natal chart’s descendant. Now he has Sadge on the ascendant. It feels right. Thanks for sharing!

McCain virtually passed away on the Pisces full moon which, I guess, would be opposing his sun (his 82nd BD would have been 8/29). I know he went to a good place and is being escorted by all kinds of benevolent guides, spirits, angels, departed loved ones, and other beautiful souls.

And, in that vein, Ted Kennedy also died on 8/25 — in 2009.

Rest in Peace, Senator John McCain.

Barbk, you amaze me with your brilliance!
“It Would Take Exactly One Senator to Get Trump’s Taxes” What does he owe to Russia? Here’s how a single Senate Republican could begin to unravel the mystery:

Talk about “draining the swamp?” The swamp has been protected by restrained and independent prosecution. On some level we’ve all known that the law is not necessarily on our side. This explains that “feeling.” https://www.propublica.org/article/why-manafort-and-cohen-thought-theyd-get-away-with-it

Raye Robertson’s post corresponds to the above.


Very interesting article by Charles Blow, estimate NYT columnist. He gives great, surrealistic examples of how Trump has taken us down the Rabbit Hole.


esteemed, I meant to write. I was just writing up a budget for something and was estimating amounts – LOL!

Remembering The Life And Legacy Of John McCain

CNN has been airing nonstop coverage of this towering figure who exemplified honesty, dignity and courage in American politics. Especially moving is the HBO special documentary “John McCain/ For Whom The Bell Tolls”. CNN has been airing this documentary every few hours. Here’s the trailer:


We are being told the president prevented the release of a drafted statement from the White House expressing appreciation for John McCain’s service to his country. It’s a stark contrast to the noble traits of McCain and a vivid reminder of the petty, divisive characteristics of the incumbent US president. Was it a snub against Mr. McCain’s personal request that the president not be invited to attend his funeral?

Senator McCain’s body will lie in state at the State capitol rotunda in Washington DC Friday followed by memorial services Saturday afternoon and then final private burial services Sunday at Arlington, Virginia. This is going to be a long week for the likes of Donald Trump who relishes attention. He will be out in the cold amidst a sea of heart-felt eulogies and rememberances coming in from all over the world for Senator John McCain.

As alluded to a couple of weeks ago, late in the evening of Thursday August 30th there is an exact Moon-Uranus conjunction (2 ’20 Taurus) trine Attorney General Jeff Sessions natal Sun (2 ’20 Capricorn) and tr. Saturn (2 ’34 Capricorn). It will also be at the far midpoint of Trump’s progressed Sun (2 ’00 Virgo). Is this a game changer for the Mueller investigation? Will Trump attempt to grab back the headlines and lash out against his opponents and fire Sessions? Will that provoke Bob Mueller to hand down an explosive array of indictments? Next weekend should be very interesting.

Jerry, also the White House flag is no longer at half-mast this morning. Another self-defeating snub.

This Serbian astrologer is interesting. She was referred by Wolfstar this morning. She says 45 has the evil star Algol on the MC, and that all presidents who have had links with Algol in their chart have been impeached or resigned (Andrew Johnson, Nixon, Clinton).


Wolfstar adds JFK’s chart had his Algol activated by an eclipse four months before he was killed.

The Serbian astrologer adds that Pence will be drawn into the scandal that brings Trump down. Both she and Wolfstar caution that the US chart must also be activated for resignation or impeachment to occur. Nixon resigned the day after Saturn was in conjunction to the US Sun at 13 Cancer. Saturn in Capricorn will oppose the US Sun for the first time in January 2019, when the next Congress takes over, and actually station there in September 2019. That Saturn station should be momentous.

Andre, it is during that time when the disaster realizes that he has lost and will begin looking for a deal which he will probably finalize in the days before Thanksgiving. That deal will see his leaving office in January 2020.

An event that precipitates the September 18th date occurs on about July 25th. As posted earlier 2019 finds the wretch in a constant struggle. The July date tells us there is less than 1 year for almost everyone to finally believe he will be put out.


“Do not despair of our present difficulties but believe always in the promise and greatness of America,” McCain wrote before his death Saturday.

Many Thanks for the link to JM’s final letter. It is a very powerful piece.

It will be interesting to see how JM’s death will affect our political direction. Already, the media is contrasting his life to that of the orange man currently residing in the White House. McCain’s decency, compassion, and sense of honor and service are in sharp contradistinction to the pettiness, narcissism, and nasty vindictiveness of DJT.

The funeral will be at the National Cathedral wherein both former presidents G. W. Bush and B. Obama will attend and eulogize. President DJT is not invited. I’m sure all the hoopla re: McCain’s life and death infuriates Mr. T. I’m wondering what he will do to steal back the spotlight.

It is also curious Mr. T has consistently and vehemently criticized McCain before and after his presidency. Pundits are finally seeing the pattern, connecting dots they had previously missed. McCain was consistently highly critical of Putin’s Russia. Another Russia connection that makes us all go Hmmm.

I have a feeling Russian interference in November will be much less than expected, OR conversely if there is interference it will be on behalf of the Democrats. Why? Their ultimate purpose is not to actually assist either party, but to sow chaos within the body politic, culture, etc.

If Democrats overwhelmingly take back the House, and possibly the Senate, there will surely be a plethora of hearings. I’m guessing the Russians reason that those hearings and probable eventual impeachment proceedings will further divide us, i.e. precisely what Mr. Putin wants. More importantly, our focus on Trump, etc. distracts us from the business of the rest of the world. When the cat’s away the mice will certainly play!

The July, September, and November dates in my last 2 posts are all in 2019.

Will Trump fire Jeff Sessions this weekend, even though politically that could be suicidal and against his personal interests? The following article depicts Trump’s present state of mind……

“Trump Is Nuts. This Time Really Feels Different”: Trump Rejects “War Council” Intervention, Goes It Alone

Vanity Fair
August 27, 2018

With his closest allies defecting, the president increasingly trusts only his instincts. He “got joy” from stripping former C.I.A. director John Brennan’s security clearance. And after betrayals by Allen Weisselberg and David Pecker, a former White House official says, Trump “spent the weekend calling people and screaming.”



Eliseo — Spanky may hate McCain because McCain was given the Steele dossier by a retired British diplomat:
Spanky probably knows it contains the truth so he hates McCain for knowing.
I like your idea about the Russians in 2018!

Mother rushed to ER with heart failure today. Surgery tomorrow. Quite sudden. She’s a late Capricorn and this could be triggered by Mars or perhaps the full mood in Pisces (her moon). She asked me to put a pillow over her face tonight in hospital – “I give you full permission and I will be grateful if you do it.”

Oy vey.

Good god Will,

I don’t know the legal ramifications of what your mom is asking you to do, but it sounds like she is under emotional duress and not in a clear state of mind. Is euthanasia legal in certain states? And who determines the outcome of a patient’s welfare? You can be held liable for your moms death if you are not careful.

Since you are asking for various opinions on this, I would suggest that you let her condition take its natural course under direct hospital supervision. Anything else and you’d be playing with fire.


Not asking for opinions. Wouldn’t dream of doing something like that. Truly. Thank you for your concern.

Hi Will,

Just got back from lunch. Yes. Sorry about that. I did get that impression after reading your post a second time around. I had intended to write back to say as much, but your reply arrived before mine. I gather you were just simply expressing your heart-felt concerns.

I don’t know any of the details , but hopefully your mom will recover and things will get back to normal. Am sending love and prayers to your mom for a speedy recovery.

Will, Sorry you are facing challenges in this dance of life. Prayers for you and yours for whatever may come. xxx

Prayers for your mom, you and the rest of your family. Sending you peace of mind, clarity, lucidity.

Many Thanks for the link. I was unaware of McCain’s connection with the Steele dossier. I think another reason 45 hates McCain so much is they represent diametrically opposing values. McCain devoted his life to service to the higher principles embodied in the IDEA of America. DJT has devoted his life entirely to himself.

My hope (and fear) is that Mueller & Co. will expose many more Republican rats using the RICO statutes, enough so to bring the party down permanently. They certainly deserve to “go out of business.”

But I’m also concerned we’ll have to endure a sharp imbalance for a while when and if they really do go the way of the Whigs. Although the R. party has done an excellent job of going nuts, there are some conservative values which I regard as positive and complimentary to Liberal values.

We’ve all (including myself) been so distracted by Trump and the past few years of increasing right wing craziness that we’ve not seen the growing Left wing craziness now particularly manifesting on some of our college campuses.

A goodly number of our students who imagine themselves as “social justice warriors” are embracing some authoritarian notions and practices which are dangerous, notably including attempts to shut down free speech and the free exchange of ideas. I’ve heard this trend is further along in Canada than in the US, but Evergreen State College in Olympia is one example in the USA.

Although I’ve long been a Dem. Socialist I would hope (perhaps naively) fellow Leftists would be more pragmatic and rational. If history is any guide perhaps my expectations are silly.

Will, just before my father died of cancer a few years ago, he also asked me to end his life. I told him I couldn’t do that. The moment passed and he eventually died peacefully. We were close to the end. I only felt love for him and compassion for his suffering despite a difficult childhood due to his alcoholism. He got out of it through the faith he rediscovered in the AA and kept in his old age. May your mother find peace as well.

Eliseo, it is true in Canada we have had instances where honest debate and freedom of expression have been suppressed on university campuses by the radical left. This has happened in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. Canada has not escaped the increasing polarization of public opinion, although thankfully it has not reached the political arena to the extent seen in the US.

Even if the GOP dies because it has become an extremist criminal enterprise, there will still be a need for an honorable conservative voice. Although I support democratic socialism as you do, I do not believe that in the Age of Aquarius the left will always have common sense and healthy values. Einstein said there are two infinite things in nature: the universe and human stupidity. I would add faith, hope, love, kindness and the aspiration for social justice.


(((Hug))). Sending positive and healing thoughts to you, your Mom and family.

Will, I’m sorry to hear and wish you and your mom grace and ease through this time.

Bill Herbst’s latest:


Will, joining in with the others in sending love, light & healing thoughts & prayers to your mom, you, and your family. We are all holding your hands in Spirit.

Will: Prayers and blessings for your mother. Never loose hope. Medical field is doing miraculous things as people are living much longer. Peace to you and your heart.

Will, I have added my prayers asking for peace and comfort for you and your mother in these difficult times. Peace brother.


Hang in there, brother. We’re sending you our love and support.

Will: my heart is with you.

I can sympathize with you will; now you must be the parent to your mom. Be her protector in a sense and let her know you are there for her. I hope the surgery goes well. God Bless.

Michael Beschloss said something yesterday to the effect that John McCain might be more influential regarding public opinion AFTER his death than when he was alive.

John McCain’s natal Mercury (2+ Libra) was conjunct the US natal MC (reputation, “seen in the world as”) at 1″ Libra, and his Mercury was trine his natal Moon at 2+ Aquarius (of the People).

There’s no doubt Americans, like most countries, love their heroes and as transiting Mars returns to 2+ Aquarius in September we could see evidence of that in some reflection of John McCain life.

Right now transiting Saturn at 2+ Capricorn rx squares McCain’s Mercury and the US MC in Libra, while it trines transiting Uranus at 2+ Taurus (which squares McCain’s Aquarius Moon).

I could be wrong but I think (in this case) Trump’s pettiness re: McCain is symbolized by transiting Saturn in Capricorn (in Trump’s 5th house where Capricorn is intercepted, meaning difficult to express). Trump is jealous of McCain’s heroism and high esteem.

Transiting Uranus in Taurus is enabling (trine) transiting Saturn in Cap that opposes Trump’s Solar Return Mercury at 2+ Cancer (which also squares McCain’s natal Libra Mercury + US natal chart’s MC) as it conjuncts the US natal Venus at 3+ Cancer.

This T-square of Trump’s solar return Mercury in Cancer (also US Venus) opposite transiting Saturn in Capricorn, an opposition which is T-squared by McCain’s Mercury (+ US natal MC) in Libra is very irritating for Trump. We’ll see if this irritation could possibly be an energy useful for leverage (triggered by trans Uranus in Taurus and/or trans. Chiron in Aries), by Trump’s enemies, not Trump.

In the August Solar Eclipse chart there was a trine between Neptune (15+ Pisces rx) and Jupiter (14+ Scorpio) and they formed a grand trine to the US natal Sun (13+ Cancer). McCain’s natal Neptune (16+ Virgo) opposed the solar eclipse chart’s Neptune, creating a Kite formation and making transiting Neptune (compassion) the focus of the grand trine. I believe that’s what we are seeing now in the many tributes to McCain on the news networks.

McCain’s natal Chiron (wounding) at 22+ Gemini conjuncts Trump’s natal Sun (22+ Gemini) and both conjunct US natal Mars (hero) at 21+ Gemini. All square US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo which conjuncts McCain’s Venus (23+ Virgo).

This US square between Neptune and Mars was T-squared by the August 11 solar eclipse chart’s Vesta (what we invest in) opposite US Mars (+ Trump’s Sun and McCain’s Chiron) at 22+ Sagittarius, as if to say what are you going to invest in America, the Trump mystique or the McCain mystique?

Well, the present cycle of Jupiter-Saturn started at 22+ Taurus that trines US Neptune (+ McCain’s Venus) and this cycle ends in December 2020. I am hoping that, by the time the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle starts, America will have chosen the McCain mystique as our national hero and dumped the illusion of Trump as any kind of hero.

“Even if the GOP dies because it has become an extremist criminal enterprise, there will still be a need for an honorable conservative voice.”

As a fellow Dem. Socialist who also believes fervently in the exercise of common sense, I agree with you completely. However, I believe you’ve stated it far more succinctly.

I understand the Canadian Left has pushed for legislation vastly expanding the number of usable pronouns and requiring citizens to use them. Is that an exaggeration? Superficially, it appears to be political correctness run amuck. Am I misunderstanding your gender politics?


No worries. Thank you very much for your concerns. I shared it because I thought I was in a surrealistic dream in the hospital last night….a shocking request from a staunch Roman Catholic mother of nine and grandmother and great grandmother of many. It was a very rough night for her; she underwent an emergency brain CAT Scan to rule out a vascular incident as she had an excruciating headache due to lack of blood an 02 to her brain from heart failure. Finally doctor relented and gave her Dilaudid. Scan came back negative and she slept like a baby.

Andre (amazing story about you and your dad), Jerry, Sharon, kiwi, Fe, Bob, Frank, fierywoman, barbk (so true about becoming the parent!) angellight, Janet, Eliseo – huge gratitude to you for your kind concern, light and prayers.

I feel your support and it lifts my heart.


Sounds like she’s merely terrified about what sh’s facing, which I know is a reasonable response. But heart surgery is remarkably routine these days. I have a good friend that I and another friend ended up calling 911 for (after much convincing) and had her taken to the hospital. She was sure it was allergies. Turns out, she had a massive heart attack a few hours after we got her there, so I know it’s really scary. But she survived two different surgeries where the doctors said she had a 1 in 7 chance of surviving, and she’s going strong today. Try to have some faith.


So sorry about your Mom. Hopes and prayers that the surgery goes well and she feels better… it’s scary to suddenly be that sick fragile and vulnerable, for both of you.

Adding to the beautiful chorus sending well wishes to your mother, to you and extended family.

Teresa Hill,

She was having a hard time breathing, a monstrous
headache because of lack of blood-flow to her brain, and she was crawling out of her skin with itching. She was vomiting from the pain; dr. didn’t refused to give her anything for pain as he felt doing so would lower her heart rate even more; he sent her down for an emergency CT Scan of brain to rule out vascular incident. Scan came back clear. He relented and gave her Dilaudid which did wonders for the headache and finally she fell into a deep sleep. She puts up a strong facade for the rest of her brood, but seems to always let her guard down and let me know how she’s really feeling. Today she felt better. Heart surgeons believe she may get sufficient relief from heart catheterization and a pacemaker. She’s undergoing procedures now.

Teresa Hill and Henri,
Thank you for your support and light. Beyond valuable to me and to my mother.


Oh, that’s awful. I just assumed panic. I’ve had friends who freaked out over having to undergo anesthesia. I hope the cath & pacemaker do it for her. Minimally invasive heart surgery is a huge plus.

Eliseo, I don’t know about pronouns but the leftist party here in Quebec has proposed we should stop using the word «patrimony», meaning inheritance or heritage in French according to context. It’s too sexist, they say, and we should only use «matrimony».

They were laughed off, but I’m sure they will come up with more such nonsense.

Quebec French generally has used more non-sexist terms, or feminine words such as actress and authoress and Madam Minister, than Parisian French. Quebec, being North American, is perceived as being a more egalitarian society than France. But still that was going too far.

Sending you Strength, Will.
Republicans are bending over backwards this early on to destroy Candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez!
They realize her fresh enthusiasm is contagious.
Has anyone here studied her Chart?

Florida primary results tonight are interesting. The two that were not supposed to win won. A few months ago, Senator Nelson warned that Russia was in the Florida election systems. His Senate opponent, (a Trump loyalist) called him a crazy old man. And tonight, the two most extreme candidates (a Trump clone) and a very progressive man of color both won their primaries over the machine candidates who were favored.

More on John McCain:


Very Interesting. Thank You. I read Greek and German but within the next few months will be studying French. I appreciate the heads up as to the differences between North American and Parisian French. I have so very much to learn.

The patrimony/matrimony controversy is at least mildly hilarious. Replacing the masculine prefix with a feminine one doesn’t really help a supposed political correctness problem hardly anyone even acknowledges. Besides, matrimony in English only refers to marriage. If one inherited money or property from one’s aunt, mother, sister, or grandmother would we call that matrimony?

The madness on the far right is getting a great deal of attention. But there is also some genuine craziness growing on the Left as well.

I worked very hard in the Am. Civil Rights Movement as an adolescent in the 60’s and have the physical scars and medical conditions to prove it. I’ve been a Dem. Socialist all my life since age 12, but I’m now seeing all sorts of wacky nonsense emanating from Leftward sources, like a few years ago when the Liberal party in the UK Parliament suggested legislation requiring all males to wear dresses for at least 3 days a week. (Oh yeah. That’s enforceable…as IF. I’m sure we’ll all obey and comply with that!) I somehow don’t think that sort of silliness will do anything to alleviate the deep sexism in our culture.

There are several more recent examples that are pretty absurd. I’m not sure astrologically how the signature of this far Left and far Right madness manifests, but I hope it ends relatively soon, perhaps when Pluto goes into Aquarius.

Below are links to two articles on the Leftward madness.

“I’m a liberal professor, and my liberal students terrify me – How a simplistic, unworkable, and ultimately stifling conception of social justice took over the American college campus”
By Edward Schlosser

A Liberal’s Perspective: Evergreen College And The Fascism Of The Illiberal Left

Very interesting, Eliseo, thank you. Of course Trump is seizing on the illiberal left to predict violence if the GOP loses the House. This will be a challenge for the Democrats in coming years. In time, their biggest problem may lie within.

Now that I think of it, there was a proposal last year to add pronouns for the LGBT community. It doesn’t work in English with he or she, but you could theoretically do it in French (possibly Spanish) by combining masculine or feminine pronouns. This proposal was made by French literature professors at the University of Quebec at Montreal, an institution with a known concentration of leftists. I understand they wanted to submit this to the French Academy in Paris, which since Louis XIV has officially supervised the evolution of the French language. There is a similar Academy, mostly made up of established writers and political nominations, in Spain. Good luck with that. The French Academy takes at least a decade to go through words beginning with each single letter of the alphabet, and is extremely conservative.

A reminder that on mid-term election day, Nov. 6th, both Venus (women) and Ceres (distraught mothers) will be conjunct at 27+ Libra. This is important for several reasons:

* 27+ Libra is the degree where Uranus (the unexpected breakthrough) was in the Pluto-Neptune cycle chart, and Pluto-Neptune were conjunct US natal Uranus (unexpected breakthroughs) at 8+ Gemini at the time.

* Uranus in the Pluto-Neptune cycle’s chart was square Venus (values) in the same chart at 27+ Cancer (family).

* US natal Pluto (power) at 27+ Capricorn (government) completes a T-square (opposite Venus and square Uranus) to the Neptune-Pluto cycle chart’s square.

The outer planet cycles, like the Neptune-Pluto cycle, work on long-term change on the Collective level. This Neptune-Pluto cycle chart has several connections to the US natal chart, as well as Trump’s and Muller’s natal charts.

The Neptune-Pluto cycle chart Jupiter at 16+ Pisces was opposite Saturn, the half-way point in a cycle between them, a cycle that describes how societies evolve (or devolve). Jupiter expands growth and Saturn restricts growth.

16+ Pisces is also where transiting Neptune (dissolve) was when it stationed retrograde in June, when We-the-Public first became aware of the Zero Tolerance policy effect.

Transiting Neptune will return to 16+ Pisces in March, 2019, where it will conjunct transiting Vesta (what is invested in) and they will conjunct the New Moon at 15+ Pisces. I believe it will be at this time that some resolution to the problem of those children who are still held by the US government happens; they will be reunited with their parents or a guardian acceptable to the parents.

I believe if the Zero Tolerance policy hasn’t already been dissolved (Neptune back to the degree where Jupiter was in the Neptune-Pluto chart) by then, it will happen at that time. I believe the newly elected Democrats in Congress will make it happen.

“As the rats leave the ship, Mr. Trump and the others invested in maintaining power will hold on tighter and tighter.”



Thank you for your kind words and support.

My mother is feeling quite a bit better as her pulse has gone from 20 to 70. Doc said if she had gone one more day without coming in for treatment, she would not be alive today. Weeks of healing ahead. One day at a time

Thanks to all of your on SLN for your support and prayers. I felt it.

Life is so very fragile.


I also found this article: https://thecoffeelicious.com/im-a-liberal-professor-and-my-conservative-students-terrify-me-f4ce5ece0549

My takeaway from this one & Schlosser’s (fear of liberal students) is that Liberal students subjectivize more and Conservative ones base their opinions on ideology. I’m sure there are elements of both in both groups. The upshot is that critical thinking, objectivity and neutrality are more difficult to teach….positions are more emotion based. It’s tough on college teachers for sure. In some ways, they are our last hope, although political leaders could be of great help, too.

That brings us back to people like John McCain. It’s a shame that his approach is not more common these days. We need it modeled.

Frank Rich: Nixon, Trump, and How a Presidency Ends

Excerpt: “The skids of Trump’s collapse are already being greased by some of the same factors that brought down his role model: profound failings of character, disdain for the law (“If the president does it, that means that it is not illegal,” in Nixon’s notorious post-resignation formulation to David Frost), an inability to retain the loyalty of feuding White House aides who will lawyer up to save their own skins (H.?R. McMaster may bolt faster than the ultimately imprisoned Nixon chief of staff H.?R. Haldeman), and dubious physical health (Trump’s body seems to be bloating in stress as Nixon’s phlebitis-stricken leg did). Further down the road, he’ll no doubt face the desertion of politicians in his own party who hope to cling to power after he’s gone. If the good Lordy hears James Comey’s prayers, there may yet be incriminating tapes as well, Trump’s weirdly worded denial notwithstanding.”


Noticeable shift and sigh of relief as mars prepares to move forward again in at least one important relationship in my life.

Sharon K,
The coffeelicious article by the anonymous Liberal professor + the Schlosser & Evergreen College articles describe the rock and the hard place between which we college instructors now find ourselves. We are being squeezed from both the Left and the Right.

As you said, “critical thinking, objectivity and neutrality are more difficult to teach….” Yes, now more than ever in American educational history.

There are several reasons for this, amongst which:

Firstly, the privatization mania which has progressively afflicted our society has resulted in the corporatization of our colleges and universities.

The drive for profits as the supreme value is entirely antithetical to the traditional ethos of education. It has affected how colleges are governed, and resulted in the admission of many students not qualified or prepared for college. Admitting numerous unqualified students on a probationary basis benefits the bottom line but is essentially a scam. Administrators know most of those students will not “survive” their first semester, but the university has their tuition now anyway. At least half of those probationary students who failed their courses or barely passed will not return for the next semester. Most will not make it through their freshmen year.

Secondly, state legislatures and the federal government give far less support to our universities. In the US we are functioning with almost 80% less federal funding from what obtained in the 1970’s. This increases tuition costs and lowers salaries for our instructors. Tenure is becoming increasingly rare and is being phased out while simultaneously, most MA and PhD level adjuncts are now making far less than one third of what our colleagues earn teaching in our public schools. And we can “fail to be rehired” each semester.

Thirdly, many legislatures and government bodies, particularly in red states are waging a quiet war against us. In Texas most of our legislators and the board of education regard us as “LIBERAL” therefore enemies of the state, all humanity, and of course God “HIMSELF”. They have drastically reduced humanities and social science requirements as they don’t want students “indoctrinated.” They in effect are transforming education merely into training.

I’m upfront about it with my students. I tell them the truth, that corporations fund the politicians who thereby do their bidding, that the corporations would much rather their workers function as biological robots, who never criticize, never complain, and are completely obedient.

I tell them my job is to teach them how to write, think for themselves and become REAL Human Beings, and NOT mindless machines. It seems to work as I’m appealing to their instinctive adolescent desire to rebel, and I’m often told by students I’m the best they’ve ever had.

The fourth and fifth problem lies with the students themselves. About 5 years ago we saw a seemingly sudden change in our incoming freshmen. We noticed a dramatic drop in the level of social and emotional maturity of our students. We were used to teaching young adults, not junior high students. There are several hypotheses as to why this has occurred but no room here to go into them. Suffice it to say we are now dealing with behavior problems we’ve never encountered before, and much too frequently, rude and extremely disrespectful language and attitudes from some students in our classrooms.

The fifth problem is what we’ve discussed somewhat in previous posts. Universities are where our preconceptions are traditionally challenged as we sharpen our thinking skills. I’m reminded of the straw man in The Wizard of Oz who received from the wizard a diploma in “Thinkology”. But so many of our students have become so overly sensitive they interpret any implicit contradiction or disagreement with them as outrageously insulting, abusive, and hurtful, no matter how polite, courteous or accommodating we might be. And we get it from both the Left and the Right.

The result: I’m seeing colleagues retire early so as to avoid this madness. That suits the administration fine as our older professors, having tenure are paid more. We are increasingly left with mostly adjuncts while we are losing our best and most experienced professors.

I interpret all the above as an effect of Pluto in Capricorn, but I’m sure there is more to it than that astrologically. I teach my students to NOT look solely for single causes, to NOT reduce causation to black & white, or either/or, but to always consider multi-causation. Nevertheless, from my perspective, Pluto can’t move into Aquarius quickly enough.

Don McGahn’s Exit Signals an Explosive New Phase in the Russia Probe

Vanity Fair
Aug 29, 2018

With the White House counsel on his way out—and Jeff Sessions likely to follow—Trump is setting in motion a series of changes that could fundamentally alter the balance of power between the Justice Department and the president.



Another astrological date looming large on the horizon is September 4th. Trump had announced the departure of White House counsel Don McGahn after the Senate votes on the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court. Hearings are set to begin Tuesday September 4th. It’s important to remember Mr. McGahn was the primary obstacle in preventing Trump from firing Mueller in June 2017. With McGahn out of the way possibly as early as September 4th with the beginning of the Supreme Court hearings, will Trump try to fire Jeff Sessions the same day? September 4th has an exact Moon opposition to the near stationary Saturn (2 ’32 Cancer-Capricorn) in trine-sextile to Uranus (2 ’15 Taurus). This will be impacting Attorney General Jeff Sessions natal Sun (2 ’20 Capricorn) and the Uranus-Saturn far midpoint of Trump’s progressed Sun (2 ’00 Virgo).

Eliseo, we are currently having a provincial election in Quebec, and according to polls over 60% of 18 to 34 year-olds will be voting for conservative parties. This is unheard of.

Of course, conservative here would mean Democrat in the US. We don’t have the death penalty, we have single-payer health care and pot will be legal in October. Still, the new generation is more to the right than their elders at the same age, and university professors confirm this trend. I guess this is an effect of Pluto in Capricorn.

Haven’t been on for a couple days, firstly i want to send Will support, so sorry about your mother Will and i hope everything turns out alright, life is fragile indeed.

Andre, i am very surprised to hear that so many young people would be voting conservative, i would have thought it would be the opposite, but then as you said, it’s canada.

The students on campus that have been acting up is a disturbing trend, generally the whole radicalization of an element of the Left is not unhealthy, Sam HARRis and others call it the Regressive Left.

Not sure if anyone here has heard of Jordan Peterson, a professor from University of Toronto, he has become very famous now but what initially started his rise to fame was because he objected strongly to the multiple pronouns that Canada was trying to make legal.

The whole transgender and sexuality thing is quite fascinating , i read somewhere that when Uranus goes into Gemini then we can fully expect the transition towards a world where many will identify as not merely male or female but all the variations of types and pronouns etc.

Diana, I would so love to read more about how Uranus going into Gemini may affect gender. If you recall where you’ve read it I would very much appreciate the source. Thanks!