10th Jul, 2018

Affirmation in the Face of Carnage

It is a dark and difficult time for many in America, as we watch our once-coveted democracy fracture into the rubbish heap of history. He who feeds on the death of civility, decency, and honor, who thrives on the destruction of people’s lives, and who exults in the American Carnage of his own creation is now in charge, with little significant push back. Only those under the hypnotic thrall of the Buzzard King are celebrating.

It is time to stand up loudly and clearly for what we believe in and not get dragged into a battle for a Supreme Court justice that we cannot win.  Instead, let us focus on articulating our agenda: the protection of the environment against the pollution of industry; the cultivation of free trade and alliances which have only made us stronger over the decades; the treatment of all of our fellow human beings, including those seeking a better and safer life on our shores, with honor and respect;  women’s right to choose what happens to their own bodies; the end of voter suppression for selfish political goals; and a nation based on the rule of law that also demands adherence from those with political or financial power.  In short, a nation built on decency, ethics, and laws, not tyranny, petty grievances, and selfishness. Surely, the Democrats can enunciate something like that!


As might be expected, the astrological indications for the next two and half years suggest a great deal of stress in the US. Transiting Saturn continues its journey through Capricorn, harshly impacting the US Venus, Jupiter, Sun, Saturn, Mercury and Pluto through November 2020, while transiting Pluto will be opposing US Mercury in 2020 and 2021, as well as returning to its own position in 2022. Cumulatively, these configurations point to contraction, stress and sorrow (Saturn) though November 2020, and profound strain followed by transformation (Pluto) of the corporate and trade structure (natal Mercury/Pluto opposition) though 2022. We will emerge in some ways altered and very much humbled.

In the immediate future, the US is entering a time of diminished respect and potency in the world, as the US progressed Sun moves into a quincunx with US 10th house Saturn (14Libra48) from now through early August 2019.  In addition, the transit of Saturn opposite US Venus (3Cancer06) will be in full force from July 22 through October 2, although we are already feeling its effect in July. This transit suggests feelings of deep sorrow and upset in some segment of the population, compounded by the issue becoming a painful national story.  At present, this building configuration is manifesting in the horrid saga of immigrant children snatched from their parents at the border and the abysmal incompetence and heartlessness of the Trump administration in its inability and covert unwillingness to reverse this child abuse despite a court order.

Expect these feelings of grief, loss, and distress to increase over this or another story over the next few months as Saturn essentially sits on the opposition degree to US Venus for two and a half months.  This painful configuration is likely to be triggered from July 26 through August 2 by the transit of Mars square to transiting Uranus, with Mars during much of that time quincunx US Venus. We can expect some act of violence or forceful weather-related event or events to cause significant turmoil and upset at that time.

Ironically, the Trump administration is enjoying the transit of Jupiter opposite the Ascendant (14Taurus06) of the Inaugural chart from June 5 to August 2, enabling Trump and his minions to feel successful and thriving despite huge flashing red lights to the contrary. The current Supreme Court nomination, the success of the Muslim ban in court, and the likely false perception of success in the coming Putin meeting all tend to feed this grandiose and over-confident narrative. But transiting Neptune is presently in a semisquare with the Inaugural Sun (00Aquarius50) from June 18 to August 7, pointing to the delusional nature of all that seems currently to be going in the administration’s favor. Eventually, reality will catch up with a big, loud Boom!

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Hopefully that boom is the sound of Mueller’s press conference announcing charges against the Trump crime family in collusion with Putin.

Near the bottom of the last thread, someone asked the exact time of Trump’s announcement of his Supreme Court nominee.

Found a clip of CNN carrying it live with a time stamp. Trump said the name just a few seconds before 9:06 p.m. About 9:05:55

Nancy – the question of whether to fight what may be an unwinnable fight is a big one. I had vacillated about this. The potential for very many people to get hurt by the court is very real. Kavanaugh may or may not be bad – I think he will be very bad – as you yourself have stated – and I agree – he has been touched by the monster himself and is now infected for all intents and purposes. Mitch is a son of a bitch. Pence is worse. Why give them a pass. I wouldn’t and I now think we should fight this every step of the way. If nothing else it might help turn out our voters in November.

Thanks, Nancy (I think) for this article. It does sound like they (the Trumpistas) are not going anywhere soon. Some of the treasonous senators upon their return from Russia are suggesting we go easy on sanctions (surprise). And then there is this, the grand bargain. What is coming clear is how far back all of this has been brewing.


What’s happening and coming is heartbreaking in everyway. Brava to you Starlight/Nancy for so smartly articulating a national agenda for us. I sincerely wish we had strong leadership to make a clear and passionate case like this for our country. For now, it seems we’re stuck with a hand that has no face cards. Hurry hurry Bob Mueller.

Nancy, It might be possible that the hardship this summer for the U.S. might also be the truth coming out about Trump and the Republicans, and that, even while this Jupiterian gloss that gives them some wins is applying, they will have a fight on their hands and have to hang tough while their structure continues to erode. One can hope.

Schiff has an exact Saturn opp to his sun 0’34” cancer) in the first few weeks of Sept. and his venus isn’t all that far away at 0’23”. He will be involved somehow in the fight.

From Marjorie Orr:

“…He’ll face a gruelling grilling, likely to be after the recess because of the amount of documentation to be sifted through in the discovery process. And he will face tough questions over his part in Kenneth Starr’s attempt to prosecute Bill Clinton and his later comment that presidents should be exempt from such, amongst other things.

He’s not looking remotely upbeat this month with tr Neptune square his Mars/Saturn midpoint, perhaps because of the level of hostility he’s facing from Democrats. Tr Neptune then opposes his Pluto in August/early September, then opposes his Uranus/Pluto in September/October and opposes his Uranus thereafter. Plus he has his Solar Arc Mars conjunct his Neptune this year which is generally not favourable for ambitions…”



The time, effort, and knowledge you put into these astrological analysis of our time, show. Thank you. I can only ask for divine intervention, because the political climate seems daunting and perilous.

Another victory for Putin. This is the American lawyer who represented Putin’s bank, Alfa Bank,
in the US. He is about to be confirmed as the head of the Criminal Investigations Unit at the US Dept of Justice.


Boy, I wish YOU were the President Nancy, even if we still had to go through these learning lessons, we would at least understand why.

I am glad you noted the transiting Mars square transiting Uranus, with trans. Mars quincunx US Venus from approx. July 26 through August 2. I looked at the chart for the conjunction between Mars and Uranus (Feb. 26, 2017), noting it took place about 7 1/2 hours after a solar eclipse at 8+ Pisces, conjunct US natal Ceres. Transiting Neptune was at 11+ Pisces at the time.

In the chart for the Mars-Uranus conjunction (22 Aries), Jupiter was in opposition (22+ Libra rx). Also, Eris (discord) was conjunct Mars and Uranus at 22+ Aries. This could be rancorous.

Since transiting Nessus (abuse of power) will be at 8+ Pisces rx, conjunct US Ceres and the Feb 26 2017 eclipse, it could be that the transiting Mars-Uranus square will intensify the immigrant children tragedy and, since Ceres symbolizes Mother Nature as well as a mother’s grief, some torrential weather (Neptune conjunct Eclipse) could also be part of the picture, as you suggested.

With trans. Mars (force) quincunx (adjust) US Venus (values), and trans. Uranus (shock) in Taurus (ruled by Venus) square Mars in Aquarius (groups) while also sextile US Venus in Cancer (families), the result might even force another change in (Trump) policy and/or process regarding the reunion of immigrant parents with their children.

To add to the tumult, transiting Nessus-conjunct-US Ceres (at the time of trans. Mars-square-trans. Uranus) and also the Feb. 2017 eclipse, will square US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini, where the Neptune-Pluto cycle (still in progress) began.

This will also activate another ongoing cycle, the one between Saturn-Neptune that began in 1989. At the time, trans. Pholus (small cause, big event) was conjunct US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini, so in addition to the transits coming up, there will be two ongoing cycles throwing their weight around later this month.

Better to be aware and prepared than to be one of the masses who won’t, I would think.

Note that the Mars Uranus square is in fixed signs (more potent) and protracted, due to Mars’ very slow movement. It could be nasty. It also follows a very brief Sun/Mars opposition. It is hard not to think this will all connect to the simultaneous Saturn transit to US Venus.

“As the Philistine moved closer to attack him, David ran quickly toward the battle line to meet him. 49 Reaching into his bag and taking out a stone, he slung it and struck the Philistine on the forehead. The stone sank into his forehead, and he fell facedown on the ground.

50 So David triumphed over the Philistine with a sling and a stone; without a sword in his hand he struck down the Philistine and killed him.”

Get it?

Will: Love the quote; thank you.

There’s no question Nancy, it is bound to be connected and Saturn’s transit (in Capricorn) opposite US Venus would almost assure that there is no silver lining to be found anywhere. It appears to be taking us to a level of reality we don’t relish going to, and yet, here is transiting (direct) Jupiter in transformative Scorpio, exactly trine the US natal Sun.

For 40 days and nights trans. Jupiter exactly trines the US Cancer Sun. It stationed direct – super strong – yesterday. Surely there must be a pony in here somewhere, what with all this horse s**t knee deep!

And this Jupiter also trines trans. Neptune who occupies the degree where Jupiter was in the Neptune-Pluto cycle start (that was conjunct US Uranus). I feel sure we are on the right track because there are supporting aspects helping get us through the heartbreaking events that keep coming at us.

In the lunar eclipse (Aquarius Moon conjunct South Node and Mars) on July 27th, Pluto (19+ Cap) trines Venus (19+ Virgo) and both trine US natal Vesta (the workaholic) at 19+ Taurus. It looks like this eclipsed Moon + South Node + Mars + US natal South Node (3 – 6 Aquarius) is saying “Let go of something that no longer works” and let Pluto and Venus (and our Vesta) get rid of it for you.

Eclipsed Moon-Mars-South Node are opposite Sun(4+ Leo) and North Node (5+ Leo) and US natal North Node (6+ Leo) that will be revealing opportunities to get us onto the right path.

Transiting Uranus in Taurus is pushing us to get out of our comfort zone and do something reckless. So is transiting maverick Chiron in Aries who provides us a brand new bridge to cross over into some uncharted territory that Jupiter is opening up.

Mars is the symbol of courage too.

David and will,

Thank you, so very much for your posts.

If I may do a tad bit of piggybacking….

What if MLK had said, “…ugh, this is too haaaard! Why bother?! They’ll just throw me back in jail.”

What he, Rosa Parks and the other freedom fighters did, was illegal. They risked jail, beatings, dogs, harassment, even death by lynching…But they did it anyway. Bless them all.

Regarding your last post on the prior entry…

Wow–how did you know? I didn’t suspect he’d ever be involved in something so vile. The way he’s lying….after those men so bravely came forward and said how much they liked him. Smh.

Hoping you are also right about the scandal (and attention to it) growing, in time. Keeps him away from pointless hearings to persecute the DoJ and FBI.

Thank you Nancy.

Here is Ralfee Finn today:


it’s a challenge working through the changes occurring, but made purposeful through education. Your observations contribute to this deep pool of understanding, Nancy. Same applies to all the knowledgeable posters.

My heart cries for those being purposely abused. i can’t help but ask “where are we headed”? Equally, “Where are we returning”?


“It ain’t over till (or until) the fat lady sings”

“IMPORTANT: Tonight, Trump issued an order replacing non-partisan career Administrative Judges — who decide on benefits cases & regulations — with his own political appointees. A HUGE POWER GRAB. I warned about this in a column I wrote last November:”

@Ronald Klain on TWITTER

Thanks Nancy. We have to keep fighting this fight for democracy and for the good of humanity.

Lexi, thank you on your reminders of the fight and hardship of MLK and Rosa Parks and others who joined in that fight.

“Brian Benczkowski represented Russia’s Alfa-Bank and Republicans are trying to quickly confirm him to lead the DOJ Criminal Division that would allow him to oversee the ongoing Russia Probe. The proof of an active conspiracy is literally their own actions.”

RickyDavila on Twitter

Lexi, know about what? If you mean Hastert I sensed something about him before I knew he’d been a wrestling coach. Physically he’d become what people tend to think molesters look like. Perhaps the guilt got to him. He left office looking like Dorian Gray’s portrait. Whatever, he looked like a man who was carrying around a lot of guilt about something. The news he was paying off one of his victims was the final nail in the coffin. I’ll admit that at that point I was holding both a nail and the hammer to pound it in with.

Molesters don’t look like that unless they’re pretty careless or stupid. They work on passing as normal — and some justify what they do as normal — and they take jobs where youngsters are available to them. Not all coaches are molesters, but parents should pay attention to anyone who wants to hang around their kids, just to be sure.

I have a cop friend, Scorpio sun, who tells me I think like a cop. All I can say is that little bells go off. My ascendant is Scorpio plus it’s pretty much all over my chart, according to an excellent astrologer I know. It’s not infallible but it forces me to keep looking when I smell something.

Self-righteousness is another clue. Loudly hollering about religion and their god is another. So are the brave ones who come forward and cause the self-righteousness and cloak of religion to become suspect to everyone.

All I know for sure about Jordan is that there’s a basic dishonesty there. But a lot of Republicans smell of dishonesty and hypocrisy and it presents in so many ways…

Jordan and his minions are attacking the messengers. This is often a diversionary tactic. They protest too much, so to speak. All we can do is keep watching until Jordan’s probable front is removed by public scrutiny. Maybe all there is to his sickness is simple Republican misogyny, which is bad enough and often leads to molestation of adults. Or maybe it’s just the ability to look the other way if that’s the self-serving tack.

I suppose Nancy is echoing the popular idea of vultures and buzzards in this piece but lest we forget the utility of Nature’s janitors — without carrion feeders like vultures and sharks, our world would be overwhelmed with disease vectors and dead things cluttering up the place like an episode of Hoarders.

I admit that I am endeared by the humble Turkey Vulture’s curiosity and personality moreso than the annoying pop up advert style of personality of your average barn owl.

We may not like buzzards or Trump, but they both provide a necessary function.

We must gird our loins to rise up to the challenges this political roughage will deal us.

Also has anyone drawn Brett Kavanaugh’s Solar Return chart for this year?

Someone with that long a politically adjacent career has to have a skeleton or two in his background.

I dont see this happening but the Dems must insist on not letting a sitting President under investigation actually *pick* what will become a judge in his case. Right????

AquariusMoon, I do admire your appreciation of the service that buzzards and vultures provide, while I also agree with Nancy that it is hard to watch them do it (their service) to something you have loved all your life. My synonym for what is transpiring to the USA is of a surgeon removing a cancerous growth, also not fun to watch for most people.

At the time of the US natal chart’s Saturn Return (3 passes in 2010, 11) the series of transiting squares between Pluto and Uranus was underway with trans. Pluto opposite US natal Venus (values) and Jupiter (expansion), and transiting Uranus forming a T-square with all of them. This would become a big part of the syllabus for US natal Saturn’s upcoming 29+ year assignment within the US natal chart’s periphery.

The Saturn Return chart (3rd of 3) also had Mars (the surgeon) square Saturn and only 3 degrees from the US Sun in Cancer. Transiting Sun in Virgo however, was trine Pluto which opposed US Venus-Jupiter in Cancer which the Saturn Return’s Sun in Virgo sextiled.

I take this as meaning that the patient (US or at least US Saturn) was to have surgery in order to save its life, and with the patient’s permission (trans. Sun trine trans. Pluto and trans Mars conjunct US Sun).

However, on another level the Moon in the Saturn Return chart in Leo was opposite the US natal Moon in Aquarius which was 2 degrees from transiting Neptune. Moon symbolizing the People, specifically their feelings, was in a bind.

There is a sextile between the Saturn Return chart’s Pallas (the Planner) in Capricorn and Ceres (the Nurturer) in Pisces and they form a Yod to the Saturn Return Moon in Leo (that conjuncts Trump’s natal Mars). This would require Saturn Return Moon (and Trump’s Mars) to adjust, not an easy thing to accomplish without a lot of drama (Moon in Leo).

In any case, with US natal Moon in Aquarius (conjunct US natal Pallas the Planner and trans. Neptune) opposite the Saturn Return’s Moon (+ Trump Mars), that Yod was converted into a Boomerang, putting ALL the combined energy into the hands of the US People (aka US Moon).

Like it or not, it will be the US People that have an incredible amount of say in just what is removed from the patient, determining whether or not the patient will survive. The US Moon (US People), with its combined Boomerang power of Saturn Return’s Ceres, Pallas, Moon (+ Trump Mars) could, through Saturn power, determine the outcome of this life-threatening crisis.

Other factors indicated in the US Saturn Return to consider is its Venus at 8+ Virgo (where transiting Orcus has been for a long time now) that squares US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini (where Neptune and Pluto hooked up) and opposes US natal Ceres and Nessus in Pisces, and US Nessus is having its own Return now. This could go either way for the patient.

Finally, the South Node in this Saturn Return chart at 20+ Gemini conjuncts US natal Mars (21+ Gemini) that conjuncts Trump’s Sun (22+ Gemini) suggesting it could use some purging too.

I hear the analogy of cancer or vultures – but its one thing to accept the need for a modern skilled surgeon to remove a cancer, and quite another to have doctor/butcher with skills apparently on par with those from the dark ages.
I would be more ready to accept the concept as that agent if I could see that he was really cleaning things up – what I see, is that his brand of treatment is just enlarging the cancer further, and creating a dead wasteland of bones.
Trump acts primarily out of fear – he has no capacity of empathy, or compassion, or love of humanity – therefore, IMO, the true surgeon for genuine healing is yet to be revealed.

Thank You Nancy.
The dark truth is the dark truth.
Excellent work as usual.

I’ve interviewed 100’s if not 1000’s of people in my lifetime, doing intakes and pre-diagnosis at psychiatric hospitals, and as a criminal investigator in Seattle. I’m pretty comfortable chatting up strangers to find out what they believe, think, and dream about. I’m pretty appalled lately that so many know so little of what is going on. They are too busy working their two (sometimes three) jobs to follow the news much.

Meanwhile, most intellectuals realized about the time of the crisis on the Texas/Mexico border that we have a Fascist president who is in the early stages of fascist-izing the various arms and branches of our government and of our culture.

The old saying about someone “turning over in their grave,” all our dead presidents are surely spinning at high speed. Meanwhile I’m meeting a number of “normal” young adult intellectuals all of whom are very, very depressed as they too are aware of who and what Trump truly is.

And I agree kiwi, there is lots to yet be revealed.

Trump is the wakeup, the alarm clock, the clown before main act. Look at the stunned faces on the people in Congress, or the media people when it first began to penetrate our consciousness that he was mad as a hatter. Now look at the faces of our allies as it affects them directly.

You and I and all of us are still in the stunned stage of this process. We (as a whole in the US) have become too divided (polarized) to seek fixes to our problems, so we continue to put off the huge challenges, leaving that job for “others” to do later.

Trump focuses our attention on specifics – like a bulldozer would. We all see what he’s doing and we talk and talk about how awful it is. He should have done this or that, not what he did. Our country’s Mars is in Gemini a gabby sign, not like Capricorn or Aries for example. Even our progressed Mars is in another air sign, Libra, and retrograde, and will be for an enormously long time.

However, our prog. Mars attached itself to Trump’s Jupiter. Why would it do that? Because US prog. Mars is also now conjunct the US Constitution signing chart’s Neptune (think compassion or confusion or drug regulations or just plain crazy). It’s begging us, We The People, to wake up and take charge and Mars is making it happen by empowering the craziest public figure in the country.

Trump’s own natal Mars, however, is in dramatic, showtime Leo, where the Great American Eclipse took place last year. That Leo Eclipse opposed the US natal Moon (the US People) in Aquarius and Trump’s own natal Ophelia (madness) as well.

The Pluto (devastation) in that chart for the Great American Eclipse was opposite the eclipse Ceres (grieving mothers) but trine the eclipse Vesta (what we invest in) in Virgo (service). Both eclipse Pluto and eclipse Vesta formed a grand trine to US natal hardworking Vesta, making it easy to do something tangible (earth signs).

Eclipse Vesta was opposite Eclipse Neptune in Pisces (compassion, compassion, compassion). Think Puerto Rico, think asylum seekers, think tiny children separated from their parents to teach foreigners of a certain color to not come here. The Leo eclipse was saying “Do something about this; this isn’t the way Americans should act.”

The true surgeon is us, we must cut away the diseased parts and heal ourselves. We the People need a plan and US Moon (the US People) conjuncts US Pallas (the Planner). We can do it.
The answers will come but we must snap out of it, this fog we are in, first. Don’t just talk; vote and volunteer. That’s a great starting point.

did anyone watch Rachael tonight? A must see as more pieces fall into view –
she talks about the vilification of former FBI agent Strzok by gop to discredit entire Russia investigation, yet he was actually the go-to-expert in charge of the trail exposing soviet spys embedded in usa for decades, including 2010 indictment for conspirators.

‘Starlightnews’ is our Blessed Shelter from this Horrific Storm. Nancy, Thank You So Much!

Talk About “Be-Best”….
Obama ‘BEST’ President of recent years, Pew Survey Finds: President Barack Obama may no longer be in the Oval Office, but many Americans believe he did “THE BEST JOB” of any President in their lifetime, according to a new Pew Research Center survey.


Appreciate reading your thoughts and analysis on Jordan and Hastert. Very astute observations by you!

You especially seemed to nail Jordan’s self-righteous ranting. I’m just so sad (and angry) for the wrestlers who so bravely shared their truth, only to be dismissed as liars by Jordan and his “freedom caucus” colleagues.

I can’t recall if the GOP gathered their wagons ’round Hastert when his scandal started. But if more comes out about Jordan and what happened to the young men on the team, they may all live to regret backing Jim Jordan so fast.

The latest from Bill Herbst–on Roe v. Wade:


I agree with his sentiments. The Right has indeed lost its mind and must be stopped. They have sold out their own principles and are playing to win for its own sake (and for fear of loss of control since they are authoritarian), but they haven’t been made to pay a price for it yet.

Meanwhile, the Left (or what passes for it) has essentially rolled over and sold out to corporate money. We’re starting to see more people wake up, but it will likely take even bigger shocks like Roe v. Wade being overturned by a SCOTUS stacked with Right Wing justices before more people snap out of their stupor and realize what the hell is going on, and then do something about it.

Honestly, I’d love to see us “reboot” the US with Pluto in Aquarius. Power to the people and social organization, ideally, although our tech obsession could be the dark side and our ultimate undoing of such a placement.

It’s obvious that we’re seeing the absolute worst of Pluto in Capricorn now with Saturn himself thrown in too–ultra-conservatism, corporatism, elitism, and authoritarianism clamping down and choking the life out of everything and everyone that doesn’t belong to the top 1%.

It’s time to slay the terrible fathers who are devouring their kids.

Lexi, Hastert retired in 2007, so the official reaction of the Congress is relatively moot.

One Democratic member, now retired from the Congress, has said that he heard about accusations re the then-former Speaker but said they didn’t appear to be either reliable or serious enough to warrant action. He has said it was because he had no direct knowledge of the events. Members serving at the time have said they heard nothing about it. The response was the same when Hastert was nailed for lying to the FBI about the payments he’d been making to an alleged victim. Nobody knew anything about Hastert.

Of note is the fact that Hastert was beloved in his hometown because he brought them the state wrestling championship in 1976. We all know, of course, that a state wrestling championship is far more important than the lives of the young men that were destroyed by their trusted coach.

When asked why he never spoke up when it was happening, one of the victim’s answer was that no one in town would have believed him.

These things always follow a pattern.

Good article by Bill Herbst, BuckeyeShadow…thank you. I believe his position is that R v W will be overturned and it will be, in effect, the last straw and the motivating factor that finally gets those who oppose living in a combined theocracy and plutocracy (a plutocratic theocracy or vice versa) to ACT.

Trump at NATO:
‘Like Watching Psychiatrists With a Disturbed Child,’
“We have a Fool For a President” Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters, former strategic and military analyst for Fox News, slammed Trump in an interview on the CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360.” He strongly criticized Trump’s behavior saying that: “We’re faced with the real, immediate and perhaps irreparable damage to this greatest of alliances, NATO.” Peters continues, saying that “one thing that Trump is indisputably brilliant at is Propaganda.

I keep seeing in my mind, roman coliseum chariot races and gladiator battles in connection with the current rabid gop types; Modern day wrestling crowds, all screaming for ‘their’ winner. Football games also have that same veil – to win at all costs. Us good, them bad. All tribal/first chakra energy at the core.
What lessons to learn from the fall of rome?

Kiwi, as a follow up to Rachel last night, turn on the TV now (it’s been on all day) to see this farce of house hearings of that same FBI man, Strozok. It is so difficult to listen to and so senseless and so incredibly sad that he is being treated like a criminal. What have we become?

Bailey, its almost as though the gop majority have been duped into being cooperative Russian agents also. If, as Rachael says, people in power were intentionally cultivated over the past 20+ years, maybe so.

Kiwi, that hearing was absolutely mind boggling. That would be a lot of people that would have to have been cultivated but something nefarious is definitely going on.

Bailey, I think the sugar coating for the gop’s cooperation, is gobs of money for personal use above allegiance to country.
“the LOVE of money (aka power/influence) is the root of all evil”

Its even more mind boggling when one considers most of the source of Russian wealth is from raping mother earth of her resources and gifts.
Apparently a russian asbestos company is using trump’s mugshot to promote their product.

Trump testified before Congress after 9/11 that if they had used asbestos in the towers, they’d still be standing. And, yes, they are selling Trump asbestos in Russia.

from Marjorie: Trump Germany and follow the money

If anyone is interested..

This is a Terry Gross interview on Fresh Air with Rev. Rob Schenck. An evangelical pastor that was deeply involved in the pro-life movement for 25 years. He was discussing his book, “Costly Grace” – An Evangelical Minister’s Rediscovery of Faith, Hope and Love.
“Once Militantly Anti-Abortion, Evangelical Minister Now Lives ‘With Regret”

He says of the alliance with Donald Trump, “it has compromised our spiritual and moral integrity. In fact, I titled my chapter on Donald Trump, Donald Trump and the Moral Collapse of American Evangelicalism. I think it’s a Faustian bargain with Donald Trump. And I think it may lead to the demise of american evangelicalism.”


Very interesting! ThankYou for that!
When I put on my sociology hat, and my history of religion hat, with all the data that comprises, plus adding in my intuition, I see the Trump era as the beginning of the end, not the end itself of not just evangelical religiosity, but of all dogmatic religion, not the end of religion, but the end of DOGMATIC religions generally, as well as our Quisling Republican party.

Evangelicalism completely sold itself out for the devil himself. It deserves to perish.

Trump’s child stealing plan began back in the summer of 2017. This article reviews some of the steps and asks how career lawyers at DOJ could allow this. The fact is that many of these career lawyers, along with career officers at other agencies are all leaving en masse. Even if we were able to get rid of Trump and his ilk now, it will take generations to rebuild our government.


The ACLU is now saying it cannot confirm that any of these children have been reunited. The US Govt. is denying access to lawyers and human rights workers.



“Even if we were able to get rid of Trump and his ilk now, it will take generations to rebuild our government.”

Perhaps that is reflected in the USA progressed chart with the retrograde Mars until 2086?

“Trump’s child stealing plan began back in the summer of 2017.”

Again, Leo Solar Eclipse, August 21, 2017:

Ceres 17+ Cancer (square US prog. Mars, Constitution chart’s Neptune and Trump’s Jupiter at 17+ Libra) opposite Pluto 17+ Capricorn

Mercury 8+ Virgo (septile Ceres 17+ Cancer) opposite US Ceres 8+ Pisces (conjunct US Nessus-abuse of power – and Child) .. while also squaring US Uranus 8+ Gemini (and the Neptune-Pluto conjunction) Septile = forks in the road of destiny (Robert Wilkinson, Aquarius Papers)

Uranus 28+ Aries trine Eclipsed (hidden) Sun 28+ Leo (conjunct Trump Mars and ascendant in Leo and opposite US Moon) and square US Pluto 27+ Capricorn


Your very welcome! I have long been a fan of Frank Schaeffer and I wonder if the two have crossed paths at this point?

If we are to truly be moving into a higher vibration, a higher spiritual consciousness, a collective evolution, it is is imperative to cast off these old dogmatic belief systems. I had thought that this process was going to be through Pence, but maybe Pence isn’t even necessary except to have helped put the religious right in this position of, as Rev. Schneck said, “selling one’s soul” in the deal they have made with Trump. I remember as a child being terrified of the book of Revelations. Now, as an adult (even though I will admit I still have residual unresolved trauma) I can look at those words, not so much with that fear but with a deeper understanding of what “the end times” actually means. It isn’t what they think and what is ending isn’t this heathen secularism and humanism they so despise, but rather their tribal, legalistic, dogmatic and dangerous doctrine that has been driving force of so much pain and suffering in the world.

“President Trump refused to take questions from CNN’s Jim Acosta at today’s news conference with PM May: (saying)

“CNN is fake news. I don’t take questions from CNN. John Roberts of Fox. Let’s go to a real network.”

This man is really trying to destroy democracy. He is sickening but beautiful to see the massive demonstrations against “the Ugly American”, Trump.

Omg angelight, when i read your last post with trump refusing to take questions from CNN and what he said about Fox News being a real network, it’s making my blood boil, is just so wrong what is happening !

Fox in the evening isn’t even news at all, it’s just their vile opinion based shows, its disgusting….

My mother goes to sleep every night with Fox on and wakes up to it. It makes me sick. She’s English, so yesterday she tells me that she got nostalgic seeing pics of beautiful England and trump and Melania who she tells me she likes so much and just looked so absolutely stunning

I know i shouldn’t let it get to me but so far i have failed miserably with this. I was so annoyed i txted my sister in law this message

On another note my mum made me sick with going on about how beautiful melanoa looked in England. Like who the hell cares. Yeah she always looks classy. And? A fricking trophy wife who has no marriage.yet is the First Lady so that in its essence is just a farce. But give me a break a trophy wife nude model who still goes on about Obama and birtherism
And had nothing good to say about the border Children and wore a jacket saying i don’t care. The Fox News bubble and people like my mum actually liking people like her just truly sickens me to no end leigh

And her reply

i totally understand. she really just romanticizes them. i don’t know why; nor do i understand why everyone in my family except robert voted for him ITs crazy town

Anyways i just had to vent, it helps to do so

Sorry, i meant to take out ‘fricking’

barbk, that is when they began their baby stealing operations.

silcominc, amazing isn’t it? Fits like a glove. Astrology is the only source of information I trust anymore.

Peter Strzok, the F.B.I. deputy assistant director, undermined the logic of his inquisitors during Thursday’s joint House committee, questioning their motivation, and even their patriotism.


How ’bout that solar eclipse last night!

Uranus and Juno (with the Queen’s Sun sandwiched in between them) in Taurus, trine Saturn in Capricorn, trine Venus and Ceres in Virgo create a grand trine which is providing fodder for the eclipsed Sun’s opposition to Pluto (that makes a grand cross to the opposition between US Chiron in Aries and US Juno in Libra).

Intensifying this, Mueller’s Jupiter, just one degree from the Eclipse Venus and 3 from Eclipse Ceres partakes of this feeding frenzy. Remember Mueller’s natal Pholus (small cause, big effect) at 20+ Capricorn is where the Eclipse Pluto is now. Yummy, yum.

Eclipse Venus, Ceres and Mueller’s Jupiter are also positioned at the apex of a Yod with Eclipse Chiron [wounded] in Aries which sextiles Eclipse South Node [release] in Aquarius (which is still conjunct retro Mars), and this will cause some shifting on the part of Venus + Ceres + Mueller’s Jupiter.

How this affects the eclipse grand trine might be seen when trans. Mars and trans. South Node are exactly conjunct on Friday, July 20th – Fridays being the new “Big-News-Dumps Day.

In any case, we had the thrill of witnessing the Queen’s dismissive court visit of Trump today and a chance to watch Rosenstein (whose North Node at 22+ Gemini conjuncts Trump’s Sun and US natal Mars), fully in control, delivering the latest details of the indictments of the Mueller investigation.

It must be Friday.

Diana, I too cannot see why anyone would or could vote for the con man Trump. Never been successful, really. Businesses failed, bankruptcy. Had to turn to Russia to get loans. Made fun of the disabled and groping, wow!

New Linda G:

Justice Department
Justice Department Verified Account

Today at 11:45AM ET: Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will hold a press conference for a law enforcement announcement. Watch live at justice.gov/live
7:24 AM – 13 Jul 2018

Actual start time was at 12:11 pm in the Robert F. Kennedy Building.



After getting used to this assault you will miss him.

Friday the 13th freebie.


“The FBI informed Maryland officials that the state’s voter registration & election management system operate on a software platform owned by a Russian-financed firm, AltPoint Capital Partners, whose largest investor is a Russian oligarch, Vladimir Potanin.”

Julia Davis on Twitter

‘Evil Has Won’
Pro-American Germans Feel Betrayed!

BERLIN — Klaus Scharioth, who served as Germany’s ambassador to the United States during both George W. Bush’s and Barack Obama’s administrations, was born in 1946, the year after Germany’s surrender in World War II. His earliest impressions of America were of a magnanimous, generous country. Continued:

Thanks for the Linda G link fierywoman.

David Johnson

When will Trump supporters turn on him? 7 13 18 at 1 44 PM


Near the end he says we are going to give a sigh of relief in 6 months. That will be in January when a new Congress is sworn in.


Linda the Comanche,

Heap big ha-ha! Her mojo makes me smile. Unique.


I know some here don’t like royal ‘protocol’ but this behaviour is so not surprising – he just does not care about anyone but himself. Manners, what manners?
“Donald Trump has raised eyebrows across the Commonwealth after his brash approach to meeting Queen Elizabeth.
….. He also walked in front of the Sovereign, which is a big no-no for anyone, even her own family members. Mr Trump didn’t break protocol by turning up exactly on time, but it was considered rude as guests of the Queen are expected to arrive early. ”


did anyone watch this piece by Anderson cooper? No wonder trump tries to tar him with the ‘fake news’ mantra

Warning! Don’t laugh or else … .
You know … .

Taken from Jamie Raskin at Thursday’s Joint House Judiciary and Oversight Committee hearing (paraphrased):

tRump’s Witch hunt is or has been run by:

Attorney General Jeff Session’s, a Republican, appointed by Trump.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, a Republican, appointed by Trump.

FBI Director James Comey, a Republican, appointed by Trump.

FBI Director Christopher Wray, a Republican, appointed by Trump.

Special Council Robert Mueller, a life long Republican.

How prominent Republicans have referred to tRump:

Ted Cruz – ‘a sniveling coward, pathological liar, serial philanderer’.

Marco Rubio – ‘unworthy of being our president’.

Paul Ryan – ‘I am not going to defend Donald Trump, not now, not in the future’.

Rex Tillerson – ‘a moron’.

Scott Pruitt – ‘an empty vessel when it comes to the Constitution’.

Steve Bannon – ‘like an 11 year old child’.

H.R. McMaster – ‘a dope and an idiot with the intelligence of a kindergartner’.

Karl Rove – ‘a complete idiot’.

Duncan Hunter – ‘an a-hole but he’s our a-hole’.

Gary Cohn – ‘an idiot surrounded by clowns’.

Thanks Bob; at last, something I can agree with Republicans on!

Lucky Us… Linda G just posted another video just now 7 minutes ago 🙂


Hey you guys, Trump has natal Apollo conjunct his ascendant at 29 Leo 48. That explains everything.

Apollo is an asteroid and anything it conjuncts is just the greatest whatever – Venus, Moon, Sun, Mercury, ascendant, whatever. People like Trump (what am I saying?), they just can’t help themselves.


ed tamplin this week looks at yesterdays eclipse degree @21 cancer, the day of the Russian spy announcement, and an eclipse degree @20 cancer at the time of the exposure of the 2010 Russian spy exposure. A must read.

Thanks kiwi, Ed Tamplin’s noting of the “Cancer Ingress of the Sun” aka the “Summer Solstice” of 2001 (a couple of months before 911), with its Neptune at 8+ Aquarius rx, is yet another “coincidence” involving the Thursday July 12, 2018 Eclipse, with Mars just one degree away (7+ Aquarius rx) from the 2001 Summer Solstice chart’s Neptune.

Transiting Mars was exactly at the 8+ Aquarius degree two days before the Eclipse but also back at Trump’s birthday and the New Moon conjunct his natal Sun (22+ Gemini) on June 13. At that time both Mars and the trans. South Node were at 8+ Aquarius. It will return there in September.

Remember when we were finding political figures with planets at or around 9 Aquarius, e.g.,

Mitch McConnell: Venus at 5 and Mercury at 11
Paul Ryan: Sun at 9, Venus at 10

I know Nancy has said that the parameters for conjunction is 2 degrees before and after the placement so, except for Paul Ryan, these are loose.

There were many more….any significance?

Sharon, I would love someone to do some undercover digging of McConnell. He behaves as if he is absolutely complicit in some way – e.g. blocking harry Reid’s request to let the public know about Russian hacking, and also blocking scotus vote. There has got to be a big pile of dirt there. Not that any exposure of dirt would necessarily affect his current senate tenure, but it may importantly throw needed shade on his influence. I think theyre holding something over ryan too which would explain why hes been so impotent at reigning in the house nutcases.

I’m with you Kiwi. I think they are all guilty. Someone said that the GOP realized in early 2016 that they could only win with Putin’s help and without it, they would lose. I think that rings true.

Meanwhile Trump tries to throw everyone off Track!
Frequent Liar Trump Engages In New Conspiracy Theories: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2018/05/24/tapper_on_spygate_frequent_liar_trump_engages_in_conspiracy_theories.html
Bret Stephens: “Ideological Affinity” Between Putin And Trump Is More Important Than “Tactical Collusion”

Thanks Barb, this is for you, on Apollo – good connection, especially sitting on the ascendant! There are so many articles on the myth of the god Apollo that it is hard to sort him out, but this article gets to the heart of the matter. If Apollo is about being the greatest, it also fits being a great lover of self who isn’t known to be good to his friends and partners! Apollo was a healer, but he also brought disease, which suits the dual nature of man, i.e. contradictory. Trump to a T, only there isn’t nearly enough of the “great” side by comparison to the disease.


Thanks Beowulfie! At least now we know why he is a boorish slob; now we know why he thinks he is a god. I truly believe he was created to do what he’s doing; dismantling institutions so we MUST rebuild them, taking care this time to remove the easy roads leading to corruption.

This is a “lesson” that everyone must learn, therefore it must be apparent to even the most obtuse among us. Alas, I had no idea there were so many of them, yet another reason for his existence; raising awareness of just who “we” are.

Referring to silcominc on July 13th, 2018
at 12:40 am, “Trump’s child stealing plan began back in the summer of 2017.” This is reminiscent of the part in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, where the head pig, Napoleon, takes puppies away from their mother and they are never seen again. Then when dissent is brewing, the protesters are attacked by vicious dogs. Those puppies were groomed to be Napoleon’s security detail.

Just makes you wonder if something like that might be going on with those kids that were stolen. Very, very creepy.

Elisabeth Grace:


Just heard Trump’s latest unctuous tweet praising Putin for his wonderful hosting of the World Cup. The first thing that came to my mind was “Putiin’s got his bitch.”

Wondering if anyone here on Starlightnews can teach me about what an Ascension Chart is about; is it archaic, reliable, etc?

last night I watched a doco about Ben Bradlee of the Washington post made by/for hbo last year. So many things pertinent to our times. I had no idea that he had been an early personal friend of jack kennedy.

Barb, yes, Apollo as the sun god is the very personification of SUCCESS. He was worshipped in the ancient Greece and all around the world cultures today worship him just as much. DT is the epitome of success if you think of it as only PERSONAL success (remember DT and Melania descending the escalator stairs at Trump Tower when he announced – even then it may have been too late to stop him, he so personified the dream of the big man taking control!).

But the image totally ignores the impact of one person’s success at the expense of the rest of the people who do all the work and suffering. The opposite of success is failure (i.e. not Apollo’s best side). Everybody avoids failure, but that dark road lies ahead if the universe intends to keep its balance. It is the way that people earn their stripes as human beings. We can only hope that DT finds his path to failure asap because he sure needs to grow up!

This could be one of the things that will further trigger the dominoes to fall – a plea deal between Mueller & Cohen!

I want a party strong enough to take on the hard job of cleaning up the mess they’ll leave behind once they are gone,” Ms. Warren declared, all but volunteering for the task.


My FBI/Attorney pal at dinner tonight said he noticed DJT was gaining weight. He wondered if the man might die in office, or simply run out of steam for the job.

Thanks Sharon, the July 12 solar eclipse (20+ Cancer) opposite Pluto (20+ Capricorn) affects by trine Cowen’s natal Neptune + South Node (19+ Scorpio) opposite his North Node (19+ Taurus) which is conjunct the US natal Vesta (19+ Taurus).

Vesta is a workaholic and the Federal Judge going through all Cowen’s documents fits the description of US Vesta in Taurus (material) . .

. . which trines both the July 12 Eclipse Pluto and US natal Neptune in Virgo (detailed facts) which squares Trump’s Sun in Gemini opposite his natal (eclipsed) Moon in Sagittarius . .

. . which is just 2 degrees from the July 12 eclipse chart’s Vesta at 23+ Sagittarius rx . .

. . who was trine Eris [discord] at 24+ Aries who was/is square Cowen’s natal Jupiter at 24+ Cancer . . .

. . which conjuncts the US natal Mercury (data) at 24+ Cancer . .

. . which Trump’s natal Venus (25+ Cancer) and Saturn (23+ Cancer) also conjunct.

“Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!” (transiting Arachne at 22+ Pisces is opposite US Neptune in Virgo and they form a grand cross with Trump’s Gemini Sun and Sagittarius Moon + his Nodes of Fate)

Well summarized Beowulfie, thank you.

While you were sleeping…Donald Trump is Cooked!
New hacking indictments focus questions about Trump campaign ties: http://www.msnbc.com/david-gura/watch/trump-lands-in-helsinki-ahead-of-putin-meeting-1277409859826
Mueller drops 12 more indictments, with more to come

It is stunning that it has come to this. Were it not for transiting Sun conjunct the US Mercury now, the nation would fall silent.

This eclipse Sun opposite Pluto exactly intersecting the US natal chart’s Chiron opposite Juno – who is all about inequality – marks the beginning of an awareness of what we don’t want to be aware of.

Trump is taking the USA down his own path of fear and madness. This is where we must accept our adherence to the past as being severely short sighted regarding the future.

I think Mueller has provided enough information to get us started on revamping the Constitution – shoring up those weaknesses that tie the hands of a government (of the People) to defend itself against the kind of swindle we are witnessing.

Fasten your sealtbelts right now, the turbulence ahead is like nothing we’ve experienced so far.


“Fasten your sealtbelts right now, the turbulence ahead is like nothing we’ve experienced so far.”

I liken that to putting on our walking shoes and marching! This is THE test of our own mettle as Americans and citizens of the world.

You absolutely pinged it, Barbk. This display of madness made me sick to my stomach. Wonder how the “brown shirt” congress responds? Hurrah Trump?
Putin pulled the greatest heist of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Amen Fe. Thank you very much.

On August 25th, the Sun at 2+ Virgo trines Uranus at 2+ Taurus. Five and 1/2 hours later Sun trines Saturn at 2+ Capricorn. Mueller’s natal Jupiter (the Big Picture) is at 2+ Virgo (details in order).

The brand new US Solar Return chart has Ceres at 2+ Virgo trine Uranus at 2+ Taurus conjunct Pallas at 1+ Taurus opposite US natal chart’s Hades at 0+ Scorpio.

Hades symbolizes what is so dreadful we can’t bear to look at it. Well, now we have to look at it. Ceres is a nurturer, helping things grow and thrive. Pallas strategizes and Uranus breaks through walls, ceilings and outdated laws; you name it.

Transiting Mars is now conjunct the US natal chart South Node (6+ Aquarius); something that no longer serves this country must be let go of. Uranus and Saturn rule Aquarius and they are trine each other right now.

Transiting Mars also conjuncts US natal Pholus right now. Pholus symbolizes something seemingly small in nature (opening a bottle of wine for example) that will cause a big brouhaha (a war for example) when it is aspected.

Mars aspecting anything will energize whatever is symbolized by that thing, in this case, US Pholus and US South Node. Aquarius is the sign of the People. Marching is a good place to start.

Everyone who posts here, and is a registered voter, should pick up the phone, call their Senators and Congress people and demand that they find a camera and a mircophone and use strong language condemning what was on display at the news conference between Trump and his boss (Putin).

This news conference made me shake.

You’re not alone Karen, I’m sick to my stomach too. We must not let the insanity go any further without fighting back. I believe things will start popping any moment; Republicans and Trump will run for cover like the vermin they are.

atta girl Janet!

Has another domino fallen? Republicans (and, of course, Democrats) feels Trump has embarrassed and weakened the U.S. in his public pro-Putin, pro-Russia remarks and in his “missed opportunity” to condemn Russian interference. In fact, this entire stunt may have been concocted (my opinion) so Putin could deny interference in a way that Trump thought could help him, as well as help Russia look legitimate.


Sharon K:

Interesting CNN link. Will be fascinating as to which Republicans are silent over the Helsinki “give away” to Putin.

I think they are doing a balancing/juggling act and choosing really carefully about what to criticize him about (since he does butter their bread), and they feel safe with doing it about his treatment of Putin today and attitude towards Russia’s meddling in our election. Some are very critical (especially the ones like McCain, who has guts, and others who won’t be back), others have the attitude of a displeased parent chastizing their child. Putin’s expression in all of the photos I saw (I didn’t watch the news conference) is VERY telling. He is trying pretty hard to look comfortable and keep a neutral face but it looks like he is trying tooo hard. A lot is at stake here for him too and he is trying to carry it off. He is a ruthless man and jockying very hard to be stronger than the U.S. and have the clout to put us in our place.

…and he has the nerve to try to look neutral and truthful when he is anything but…. His expressions are really rather ridiculous, pursing his lips, that ultra guarded look in his beady, slitted eyes, etc.

It is being reported by WAPO that Maria Butina has been charged in US for acting as a Russian Federation agent. She is a guns right advocate, cozy with NRA, and, altho not mentioned in this article, she is alleged to be Putin’s “mysterious daughter.” Will see if i can find anything about this allegation from a reliable source. She appears to be cooperating with govt.

In watching CNN just now, Trump truly looks frightened and shell shocked at the press conference, speaking in a low, depressed voice (at least in the part I viewed). Then, just read this interview with Tony Schwartz, co-author of Art of the Deal who thinks Trump is definitely having a melt-down….but, please, No Pence!


I have found no reliable source stating that Maria Butina is putin’s daughter, so please disregard. Sorry. Should have looked before i posted.

“Warren Is Preparing for 2020…
So Are Biden, Booker, Harris and Sanders”.

Barbk, I do see Warren in our White House?
Perhpas as V.P. first…Can you see Warren’s White House Astrological Potential?

Jamie Dupree@jaimeedupree
Replying to @jamiedupree
“Because Putin arrived late, the 90 minute one-on-one meeting between Trump & Putin started almost an hour behind schedule at 7:15 am ET pic.twitter.com/9G3jelZmFq

5:14 AM – 16 Jul 2018”

Patty, I think Warren is too strident for many white male voters. Biden is probably the best bet in the 4 you mentioned. IMHO.

I so appreciate your take, Bailey! That’s what I love about Warren, she’s such a powerful Woman.
What do you think of a Sanders/Warren Ticket? Sanders would eventually lose strength..but Warren could easily then take over…full speed ahead!

“Bernie Sanders Is Winning Converts. But Primary Victories Remain Elusive”

I’m looking forward to our “Brilliant” Barbk’s Take on a Warren Presidency.

“Donald Trump’s press conference performance in Helsinki rises to & exceeds the threshold of “high crimes & misdemeanors.” It was nothing short of treasonous. Not only were Trump’s comments imbecilic, he is wholly in the pocket of Putin. Republican Patriots: Where are you???”

@John O Brennan on Twitter

David Johnson saw someone with fair complexion winning the next presidency. Although he is not progressive and not my choice, I can see Jeff Flake possibly fitting that profile. Any thoughts?

By: Sharon K on July 16th, 2018 at 4:36 pm

“In watching CNN just now, Trump truly looks frightened and shell shocked at the press conference, speaking in a low, depressed voice … .”


tRump progressed anlunar East Point for Presser was at 292°52′. His progressed anlunar Mars/Saturn midpoint at 293°27′ was on it. It became exact 1 hour in to the presser.

Of the midpoint Mars/Saturn, Donald Bradley in his “Solar and Lunar Returns” says of the combination of the 2, “Mars-Saturn is also the “dirty linen” in one’s life, so beware of the trouble-maker who might make capital out of your darkest secrets.”

His secondary progressed Saturn was exactly on his progressed Desc.

Patty, who knows. 2020 is a long way off. Let’s focus on the 2018 mid-term elections and get as many Dems as possible in both the House and the Senate.

The vedic astrologer I quoted three weeks ago, who singled out the date of July 16th as the beginning of the worst time period for the Trump presidency turned out to be remarkably accurate. The aftermath of the Trump/Putin summit with Trump blatantly ignoring Russia’s meddling in the 2016 US presidential election has sent alarm bells throughout the world.

Here is that June 28th post………

President Donald Trump And Russian Leader Vladimir Putin To Meet July 16 In Helsinki

The July 16th meeting is astrologically significant from various angles. First, here’s a vedic astrologers take on the waxing Mars/South Node conjunction for July 16th. It was posted 6 days ago (before the date for the Trump-Putin summit was selected)…..



My own personal read on this is that tr. Mars conjunction to the US South Node AND transiting South Node, essentially the US Nodal Return (6 ’35 Aq-Leo) occurs every 19 years. It forms an exact sesquiquadrate/ semi-square to the US Mars and Russia’s natal Sun (21 Gemini). The last time the nodes were in this same position occurred in mid November 1999 roughly about the same time that Putin began to assume the reins of power over Russia.

Mid July 2018

I suspect Putin is going to serve Trump an ultimatum during this meeting and it won’t bode well for either country. It will be blackmail and extortion at the highest levels of government. It should be interesting to watch how all this unfolds.

Jerry, I agree this is the turn for the worst for the Treasonous President. It’s all downhill from here. Kavanaugh will not be confirmed, Democrats take back the House, impeachment proceedings begin in January. Also, I believe David Johnson who said the next Democratic speaker who takes over in 6 months won’t be Nancy Pelosi, and will become President after POTUS and Pence are both forced to resign by Senate Republicans in order to avoid impeachment. This may not save Trump from prison as there will be no one to pardon him. Even Gorsuch may be forced to resign because he was named by a treasonous President. It’s going to go that far.

Marjorie’s comments on the ‘meeting’

Patty, I think it’s possible she could run and win the Presidency, but like Bailey said, it’s too early to call right now. It could also be Meryl Streep in the White House since Meryl and Elizabeth were born on the same day.

I’m also thinking that Eric Holder could become US President and one of the reasons is that his natal Sun at 0+ Aquarius is where the 20 year cycle between Jupiter and Saturn will start in December, 2020 (and where the Sun is on Inauguration Day).

Elizabeth Warren and Meryl Streep have their natal Jupiters at 0+ Aquarius too (as does Barack Obama).

Because the feminine astrological symbols have become much more vigorous in the last few years, and the black US president barrier has been overcome, I don’t worry that these old standards (no woman, no black person, no crazy person as US president) hold much of a threat anymore.

The astrological advantage that Eric has is his Mars conjuncts the US natal Aquarius Moon, a connection which does seem to hold water in US presidential elections. Obama’s south node was conjunct and Trump’s Mars was opposite the US Moon. (This might just be a requirement for male candidates though!)

The astrological advantage Elizabeth (and Meryl) has is that her Sun-Uranus (0+ Cancer) conjunction sextiles her Saturn-Ceres (1-2 Virgo) conjunction that forms a Yod to her Jupiter (0+ Aquarius) suggesting adjustments will be natural to her. Elizabeth also has natal Mars (+ natal Mercury) conjunct US natal Uranus (8+ Gemini).

Eric’s Jupiter at 8+ Pisces conjuncts US natal Ceres (nurturer) that squares US natal Uranus. Also his Cancer Moon is likely conjunct the US natal Sun.

Elizabeth’s and Meryl’s natal Juno conjuncts the US natal Sun too. We’ll keep an eye on both (or all three).

FYI, the US Constitution Signing chart (Sept. 17, 1787, 11:27 AM, Philly) has Sun at 24+ Virgo opposite Nessus (abuse of power) at 24+ Pisces rx, T-squared by Jupiter at 25+ Gemini.

In May, June, August, 2016, and in March 2017, transiting Chiron was at 24+ Pisces.

Also, on September 16, 2016, there was a lunar eclipse at 24+ Pisces (conjunct Chiron 22+ Pisces rx) opposite Sun at 24+ Virgo and T-squared by Mars at 23+ Sagittarius. Jupiter at 1+ Libra was conjunct the US natal chart MC! And there is more.

This eclipse was less than two months before the Election and I bet it is related to the Russian Interference being investigated.

My charts say to me that Cohen clinches his deal on Sunday, July 8th, and Monday, July 9th, is a bad day at Black Rock for the Dumpster.

Washington Post, Friday, July 13

“Rosenstein said he briefed Trump earlier this week on the charges.”

tRump left early Tuesday morning, July 10, for Brussels so I am thinking he was informed on the 9th, the bad day at Black Rock.

By: Bob on July 5th, 2018 at 4:32 pm

“Putin will ask tRump to deliver something (probably removal of sanctions) before either the election or the swearing in of the new Congress. Probably the latter as it then will not have an effect on voters in the election.

If he does the backlash could explain the many afflicted right wing charts I see in December.”

If my chart for Putin is right his progressed Moon will conjunct his progressed Neptune Aug 8 in Longitude; Oct 22 in RA, conjunct progressed Saturn September 19 in Longitude; December 11 in RA, perhaps indicating orders to tRump are not filled or proof positive of conspiracy involving tRump and Russia comes to light. Better yet – both happen.

Perhaps today really was the turning point and it will only get worse for the orange sociopath.
I’m amazed that former R. congressman and conservative talk show host Joe Walsh (and other conservatives) are now beginning to see what has been obvious to many of us, that DJT is a traitor.

Excerpts from USA Today, not exactly a Progressive or Liberal news source:

After the news broadcast from Finland, former U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh tweeted that Trump “speaks more favorably of Putin. TRUMP WON’T STAND WITH HIS OWN COUNTRY. That’s it. That should be the final straw. It is for me.”

In a subsequent tweet, Walsh said: “Trump was a traitor today. I cannot & will not support a traitor. No decent American should.”

Frequent critics of the president also tossed around the word “treason.”

Former CIA Director John Brennan, who worked for both President Barack Obama and President George W. Bush, tweeted that Trump’s performance at the Putin news conference “rises to & exceeds the threshold of ‘high crimes & misdemeanors,'” the threshold for impeachment. “It was nothing short of treasonous,” Brennan added.


By: Bob on June 20th, 2018 at 12:39 am

From Nancy’s last blog – “This Uranus transit square the Inaugural Sun, which suggests unilateral and disruptive presidential action, will return from September 20 to October 18, 2018, and March 1 to March 23, 2019.”

The first period occurs when transit Saturn is within 1 degree of a conjunction with Sibly’s progressed Moon (September 13 through October 12). What ever tRump does may finally get the citizenry to decide to vote out many Republicans in the fast approaching midterm elections.

If that happens he will lose much of his support for the remainder of his term (if he gets to serve more than just another 13 months). He may hold office for those months but be de-fanged and be not much more than a figurehead as Republican pols fear a backlash taking them out in the next election if they align with him.

Stardust – I looked at ‘Maria Butina’ photo on rachaels show tonight and searched for photos of mariya putina online to see if there were facial similarities.
Although taken at a younger age there is a noticeable cleft chin, which you can make out even in a childhood photo taken with her sister. Very odd coincidence since not that many people have this kind of chin (apparently around 5%).
IMO the similarities are there with chin and squarish jaw, even though she is now older and has obvious colored hair. Hmmmmm the plot thickens.


“Such behavior by an American president is so perverse, so contrary to American interests and values, that it leads to only one conclusion: Donald Trump is either an asset of Russian intelligence or really enjoys playing one on TV.”

“There is overwhelming evidence that our president, for the first time in our history, is deliberately or through gross negligence or because of his own twisted personality engaged in treasonous behavior — behavior that violates his oath of office to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

“Trump vacated that oath on Monday, and Republicans can no longer run and hide from that fact. Every single Republican lawmaker will be — and should be — asked on the election trail: Are you with Trump and Putin or are you with the CIA, FBI and NSA?”

Thomas Friedman

Whatever your persuasion about HRC, she hit the mark squarely.

October 19th, 2016

CLINTON: Well, that’s because he’d rather have a puppet as president of the United States.
TRUMP: No puppet. No puppet.
CLINTON: And it’s pretty clear…
TRUMP: You’re the puppet!
CLINTON: It’s pretty clear you won’t admit…
TRUMP: No, you’re the puppet.
CLINTON: … that the Russians have engaged in cyberattacks against the United States of America, that you encouraged espionage against our people, that you are willing to spout the Putin line, sign up for his wish list, break up NATO, do whatever he wants to do, and that you continue to get help from him, because he has a very clear favorite in this race.
So I think that this is such an unprecedented situation. We’ve never had a foreign government trying to interfere in our election. We have 17 — 17 intelligence agencies, civilian and military, who have all concluded that these espionage attacks, these cyberattacks, come from the highest levels of the Kremlin and they are designed to influence our election. I find that deeply disturbing.
WALLACE: Secretary Clinton…
CLINTON: And I think it’s time you take a stand…
TRUMP: She has no idea whether it’s Russia, China, or anybody else.
CLINTON: I am not quoting myself.
TRUMP: She has no idea.
CLINTON: I am quoting 17…
TRUMP: Hillary, you have no idea.
CLINTON: … 17 intelligence — do you doubt 17 military and civilian…
TRUMP: And our country has no idea.
CLINTON: … agencies.
TRUMP: Yeah, I doubt it. I doubt it.
CLINTON: Well, he’d rather believe Vladimir Putin than the military and civilian intelligence professionals who are sworn to protect us. I find that just absolutely…
TRUMP: She doesn’t like Putin because Putin has outsmarted her at every step of the way.”


Well said. Thank You for posting the HRC/Trump exchange. Although as a long time Dem Socialist, I hold a profoundly different and partially antithetical political philosophy from HRC, it was obvious to me in 2016 she was qualified and DJT was not for the office of the presidency. Hopefully, others will now see what was obvious to us during the election season.

Will: You and I were probably among the few who believed and defended HRC against those on here who kept trashing her supporting Bernie Sanders.

It was incredible how that unfolded.

We both know who they were, one was Lorrie U. Sweet Lorrie, but has since disappeared. Her website gone too.
Can’t be sure if there were that many rabid Bernie fans, but now could very well been Russian trolls, or bots infiltrating every nook and crannie in cyberspace.

LG – I was incredibly saddened at the extent to which Lorrie was ‘taken in’ by all the anti Hillary nonsense stories. I considered her a friend prior to all that and miss her on this site.

LG and kiwi,

I so agree re: Lorrie and a few others who became rabid haters.


You are welcome.

Will, LG, Kiwi,
I’ve had extensive personal conversations through email way with Lorrie before 2016 and as well a few months ago. I continue receiving emails from her on a semi-regular basis.

With all due respect, I know for a fact that Lorrie despised HRC years before the 2016 election. She may or may not have been affected by propaganda coming out of Russia, but her opinions re: HRC were already substantially set in place.

Unfortunately, HRC was unfairly maligned and demonized for years by the far right before her electoral college loss. The Russians took advantage of and amplified that ongoing process. As brilliant, talented, experienced and qualified to be pres. as is HRC, she appears to have been particularly vulnerable to all that demonization and tended to demonize in return.

But then again, I’m not sure any of us (including myself) could have responded to all that malignant demonization any better. How to deal with such consistent propaganda is a real conundrum.

Unfortunately, the hate machines keep pumping out the garbage. It’s good for their ratings. Also unfortunately, millions continue to believe all the nonsense. Unless we find a way to cool down these purposefully manipulated passions we’ll continue to suffer the consequences, surely meaning other Dem, Liberal, Progressive, Green, Left-Libertarian, and Dem Socialists will be maligned and demonized with equally devastating virulence and bizarre electoral consequence.

Two thoughts:

(1) My guess is that although several R’s have condemned DJT’s behavior in Helsinki, I expect that after a few days they will return to “follow the quisling.”

(2) If Bob’s (and others) timetable is correct, it is quite possible that after Trump & Pence are ousted, Nancy Pelosi could become our first female president. This of course would enrage the far right, and Faux News would surely continue with the demonization game. Has anyone examined or analyzed N. Pelosi’s chart in relation to possible elevation to the presidency?

Will, Thank you so much for that excellent clip of HRC! Clinton would have been brilliant at our helm with a former Presidential Husband by her side…
Just imagine where we would be today!
Perhaps American Men won’t vote for a Woman as yet…but I hope & pray to see it in my lifetime.

Republicans Controllers Vicious thinking 10-steps ahead of us Always. They knew HRC planned to Run for President, so they created their Bengazi Attack for Two Long Years…all to destroy Hillary’s run any way they could!
I believe they even had an actress pretending to be HRC stumbling around, showing clips of a woman unable to climb steps, falling down, while saying: “Clinton is unfit and unable to carry out the Presidency”.

Well, here’s an example of one thing we should plan for: We could go out to every State we may live in and have a several Protests to inform the people:

“Now the Koch Brothers Are Killing Public Transit Projects Around the Country”
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A team of political activists huddled at a Hardee’s one rainy Saturday, wolfing down a breakfast of biscuits and gravy. Then they descended on Antioch, a quiet Nashville suburb, armed with iPads full of voter data and a fiery script. (check out the Comments as well).

The End of All Illusions
Trump said nothing new in Helsinki—but his remarks clarified and distilled into a single frame his appalling disregard for an assault on America.

Trump blew it in Helsinki:

And thank you kind, Barbk…you bring us hope.
This time we must Fight Fire…With Fire!!

Hi Andre,

Referring to that psychic reading video you were mentioning, David Johnson alludes to some major event on or about August 9th involving Putin – perhaps some military aggression connected to Crimea (Ukraine?) that would send shock waves throughout the international community. David seems to feel Putin is determined to humiliate Trump and the US.

So, based on that information and looking at the August 11, 2018 solar eclipse (18 ’41 Leo) one notices it conjoins Trump’s progressed Moon at 17 ’42 Leo, Putin’s South Node 19 ’59 Leo in square to Putin’s natal Jupiter 19 ’45 Taurus and square to Ukraine’s natal Pluto 17 ’45 Scorpio. This eclipse mirrors the August 11, 1999 ‘eclipse of the century’ (18 ’21 Leo) in quincunx to transiting Pluto – 19 ’19 Capricorn. Will Russia invade Ukraine in mid August? According to the following article it’s a very real possibility…….

Russia To Look For Grounds For ‘Legal’ Invasion of Ukraine

February 27, 2018

After Putin’s re-election as president and the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Russia will attempt to provoke an incident in Donbas with mass killings of civilians “by the Kyiv junta.”
This can be used as a reason for the official use of Russian troops as allegedly “peacekeepers,” President of the Strategy XXI Center for Global Studies Mykhailo Honchar said in a comment to Ukrinform.
“I think that in the next few months, most likely after Putin’s re-election and the holding of the World Cup, there will be a threat of a negative scenario, a serious risk that Russia will try to create a new reason for invading Ukraine. This does not mean that they will try to shoot down a passenger plane again. No, it will not work any longer, but they will find an opinion for their scenario, saying that Russia had no choice but to deploy its ‘peacekeepers,'” he said.
Against this background, the expert said that Russian propaganda had repeatedly emphasized the fact that “people of Donbas” are under the threat of “genocide” if the “Kyiv junta” restores its authority throughout the entire territory of Donbas or if peacekeepers are deployed to the region according to the U.S.-Ukrainian proposal. “I think that Russians will provoke a scenario related to the mass destruction by the ‘Kyiv junta’ of the so-called ‘people of Donbas,’ possibly also OSCE observers. Then, taking into account the unwillingness of the UN, the Americans and Europe – Russia will state that it had no option but to deploy its contingent in order to prevent various negative scenarios, and Russians will already stay in Donbas as allegedly ‘peacekeepers,'” Honchar said.



PS One critical factor I forgot to mention…… Russia invaded the Crimea on February 28, 2014 the day Mercury stationed direct at 18 ’10 Aquarius in square to Ukraines natal Pluto (17 ’45 Scorpio). This Mercury station triggered the August 11th, 1999 solar eclipse.

Just noticed…… Ukraine leader Petro Peroshenko’s natal Neptune at 18 ’07 Scorpio in his 12th house (the house of ones undoing) squared by the August 11th eclipse.

Just noticed…… Ukraine president Petro Peroshenko’s natal Neptune at 18 ’07 Scorpio in his 12th house (the house of ones undoing will be squared by the August 11th eclipse.

Here’s his chart:


Sorry for the double post.

I wonder if Putin will do a cyber attack on our electrical grid or air travel system? Nancy talked about major events – maybe weather related. But maybe its a massive cyber attack on our infrastructure?

Will, thank you for posting the exchange between trump and Hillary, i remember it well, but rereading it now is absolutely chilling! Putin’s Puppet indeed…..

Also, Barb, i loved your phrase of old standards for POTUS, like no women, no blacks, no crazy people as president.

We have definitely got past the black barrier once, though i feel the vicious hatred on the right for Obama had a lot to do with racism . I think for now there might not be a black president any time soon.

Definitely with trump we have a crazy man as president, America seems to have crossed into an era of celebrity presidency, trump runs the country like one big reality show . The news cycles have become very entertaining and crazy, even whilst being disheartening and depressing to so many of us.

However, i tend to agree with Patty , i am not sure at all that most Americans, at least over a certain age, are ready for a female president, sad as it is to say. Many many white men are not and also many Republican women of a certain type, also a lot of the evangelicals i am guessing. Although there is a rise in female strength and power, which i think will continue, there is so much conditioning around gender and submissiveness to men etc. etc. that needs to be changed .

A woman like Warren would be a complete disaster IMHO, the right would go crazy. I also think running Bernie would be a complete disaster, both of them would be portrayed by the right as extreme communist crazies.

I think for the Dems to have any shot at taking back the WH, they need a very ‘appealing to both sides’ character, and one that does not come across as too Left. Right now , Biden might be the best bet in my opinion.

But who knows? It could even be Michael Avenatti!!!!

Regarding HRC v. Bernie: it’s clear that Russia supported Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein as well as Trump. That was to split the Democrats and slow their momentum as well as to sew confusion, unease and doubt. It likely worked to suppress Democratic votes overall.


Enjoyed your thoughts Diana, and while I agree with your points 100%, I feel pulled in the direction of getting behind the women seeking office, including a candidate for President in 2020. The feminine side of astro symbolism has leaped forward since Trump’s “win”; one of the hard-to-find positives coming (for now anyway) from that event.

Ever since the bra-burning days so many decades ago (before the Pill, legal abortion and even disposable diapers) the acceptance of women in traditionally men-only positions has gradually become the norm. However, until we get a competent woman as US President, the patriarchal dregs of society feel empowered to be ruthless and untoward.

Now that Trump has been allowed to take up residence in the White House, women have come out in droves to demonstrate for various causes, including the Me Too movement, as well as the border separation of families fiasco. More and more women, many who would not have dreamed of expressing themselves 30 years ago, seem ready to not only march but run for office now.

I understand the play-it-safe approach to picking a candidate, but I fear losing the (women’s) momentum by returning to the tried and true past with a candidate like Joe Biden. Not that he isn’t a dear, but will the young people be motivated by him? I think not.

After the Blue Wave moves into Congress next January, things will look very different from the way they look now. On January 21, 2019, just after midnight, there will be a total lunar eclipse at 0 Leo 51 opposite the Sun at 0 Aquarius 51 that could prove to be explosive with Women Power.

Venus will conjunct the Great Attractor and she will trine Mars who will be square Saturn. Venus will also be conjunct Jupiter, which leads me to believe a woman or several women newly elected to office will come out from the shadows and into the spotlight of the 2020 Presidential election.

No need to decide on a candidate right now. We are going through a transformation process and it is too chaotic to see what’s going to be needed (candidate-wise) a year or two from now. On the other hand Michael Avenatti might work too.

Michael Avenatti is a sharp, gutsy, and very honest guy but I can’t really see him as president. I also think someone too progressive could sow discord. I envision a JFK type (in a certain sense, not in all ways). Maybe a woman, black or Hispanic VP (Corey Booker, Juan Castro? I really like that guy), and after that, a woman president. The country is divided but don’t underestimate the power of the young voter also. The next few elections will bring a lot of people out.

I also want to state, for the record, that Lori has made major contributions and she was merely one of many who favored Bernie, did not like Hillary, and was rightly angry about the revelation that the DNC was behind Hillarye (although I sensed that this was meant by a 3rd part – Russians & Republicans – to divide the Dems). Either way, things are probably unfolding as they should be (right, Barb?).

I second Sharon K: Lorrie was one of many who favored Bernie yet contributed very informative and intelligent information. She is missed.

BarbK, Bob, Jerry:

Linda G keeps seeing Eric Swalwell as a leading Dem contender for the Presidency in 2020.

He’s from the Sacramento region in CA.

DOB: 11/16/80, Sac City, Iowa

Just an aside: I looked at Swalwell’s short wikipedia profile and he graduated from the U. of MD law school for which a childhood playmate of mine was Dean for many years (and our class valdectorian, who also happened to be African American — I graduated in 1968 in NJ from a very diverse and friendly city of about 60,000 people 12 miles outside of NYC). A few years ago, she became the Chancellor of Rutgers U., a very responsible position. We are so proud of her. Unfortunately, she did not make it to our 50th reunion on June 30. I had many reservations about going but was so glad that I did, and also got to spend a week with my closest friends and cousins who are still living there. I was also reminded of how lovely NJ is in the summer! I am now going to look at Swalwell’s chart but look forward to more advanced feedback from the astrologers here.

Eric Swalwell’s chart – he’ll be 38 on Nov. 16.


Unfortunately, Lorrie posted fiendishly-fabricated, destructive and hateful Russian anti-Clinton material with maniacal compulsivity. Her obsession with Sanders obfuscated her higher judgement and common sense. She commited herself to a dark path that was beneath her intelligence and metaphysical interests. I wish her well but I don’t miss her acrid rants and pseudo-facts.

Swalwell is also fair of hair and complexion, and this type of individual was noted by David Johnson as possibly being the next president.

Will, well I have great respect for yours and everyone’s opinions here, I do want to mention that Lori is an intuitive who picked up threads of truth in certain matters. I am in no position to know or judge the underlying truths that we never seem to find out and, although I tend to discount the most outlandish conspiracy theories, I always remain open. I am somewhat intuitive and felt that Hillary would have been a good president, and averted all of this damage, I agree with Eliseo that it would have probably led to bloodshed, that the negative mystique that surrounded Hillary would have been a big problem, and that, as Barb often intimates, things are happening the way they were meant to. Just my humble opinion.

“while” I have great respect…not, “well”

Nancy’s site is the only place I come to voice my fear that we should prepare for the worst, if at all possible.

I see no America first resurgence with this guy in office, a nobody who stole the
intended people’s choice — the real winner HRC

I wish she would take hold of our country.

The guy as president today says he ‘meant to say , I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be Russia behind election meddling”. This of course after the world’s condemnation he’s Putin’s poodle, etc.

He says the Muller investigation is a witch hunt
repeatedly and still does.

damn fool.


Re your upthread 2:31pm post, well said. Further, your post echoed how livid, and then despondent I became after I read some of her posts. There was a maniacal tone to many of her post.

I saw those lights dim…hahahaha! Spirits or spies?

Only fools will buy that n’t added to would, but the confirmation bias is strong for certain people.

Good grief! Have you heard Trump’s explanation as to what he did that confounded the Press? He said ” . .why it WOULD be Russia . .” but should have said “why it WOULDN’T be Russia” in the press conference with Putin.

It just keeps getting worse; White House staff trying to “fix” what Trump has said or done, day after day, covering his tracks when all the world has already witnessed his behavior.

This past Thursday’s solar eclipse in sensitive Cancer was opposite totally insensitive Pluto, and Mars was at it’s closest approach to Earth, making for a volatile atmosphere here on Earth for some time to come. It might be that going back to fix things that took place at an earlier time is not a good idea. Better to move on and let conflicting words fade rather then trying to correct them and keep the conflict going.

I wouldn’t put it past the spirit of Head Goat J Edgar Hoover for being a spiteful SOB with that light show bit.

The people flanking Dear (Orange) Leader at that table seemed quite startled.

Not for the first time do I wonder what reality Trump is experiencing that the rest of us arent, when he expects everyone to take these whoppers he’s peddling at face value:

notice how he avowed *all* of his remarks in Helsinki except that “wouldn’t vs would” bit.

That is the only part that he wanted to clarify!

C’mon, his aides were working all night to come up with that one change that Trump could actually wrap his mind around and express coherently — give them some credit LOL!

“Trump CAN NOT claim he misspoke.

Literally seconds after ‘misspeaking’ he stated:

“I have great confidence in my intel people, but I will tell you, President Putin is extremely strong and powerful in his denial today”

In that Context, He is NOT blaming Putin.


Brian Krassenstein on Twitter

Why was Trump allowed to meet with Putin when under investigation 4 collusion with Russia & then get a private meeting with Russia so they can collude some more?

One part of me thinks it might have been a set-up with a tape secretly placed by intel to record meeting and get the goods on Trump.

As intuitive as Lorrie is/was, I felt at the time she was so stuck in personal bias from the past and hatred of Hillary, that common sense could not prevail. I did wonder at the time whether she identified with some personal hurt and could not move beyond. Her comments just did not seem like the lorrie I had been ‘talking’ with previously thru personal emails. I may be wrong but that’s what I felt.

I really do hope that the dem supporters can get beyond their personal hobby horses this time and unite for the good of all, no matter if there are some aspects of the eventual candidate that are less than personally desirable. Please god, lets not devolve into a mud slingfest, nor fall for the divide and conquer meme again. Lets be proactive and focus on what we want, rather than just being negative anti.


Agreed on Lorrie. She was obsessive about Sanders. It was over the top. When she ran with the Guccifer 2.0 leaks it really started to concern me. That’s when I backed off from Starlight commenting to just lurking.

Hope she is ok. We’ve all been gas lighted and caught up in Neptunian fog since 2016. Time for smoke to clear.

more on trump from Marjorie

she also revisits a previous article on Bill Browder and issues surrounding the magnitsky act because putin mentioned it.

For some much needed laughter:

Fierywoman: thank you for the G and S parody. I needed a chuckle. It was brilliant.

During the run up to the 2016 – I stopped posting as anytime I did – regarding Clinton – there were responses from Lori and also Alex – which at times were not pleasant so I mostly just read since then

Fiery woman, thanks so much. I used to sing G&S. Those were much better lyrics. We all need a laugh today.

By the way, some of you may not know or remember but when Nancy was considering shutting down SLN about 2 yrs ago, but, instead, took a hiatus and left the site open, it was Lori, Barb & I who tried hard to find a way to keep it going and interesting until Nancy came back. We felt she would want to and she is now going strong again. Only giving credit where credit is due.

Bailey I’m so profoundly in awe of anyone who can sing a patter song — whether it’s G & S or Rossini. (I once saw Samuel Ramey, the bass, out sing Marilyn Horne in Rossini’s L’Italiana in Algeria.)
You’re welcome, of course!

Hey Folks
I suggest we move on from revisiting past verbal conflicts with Lorrie. The present situation is painful enough without reliving the hurt, the pain, highs, lows, and ultimate and profound disappointment of 2016.

I find it interesting so many intellectuals dismissed the more “extreme” (but accurate) assessments of DJT’s mental health and/or hypotheses re: his cultivation as a Russian asset, but now are beginning to take those thoughts far more seriously. As a people, our judgement was surely impaired in Neptunian fog in the naive and arrogant belief that
“It Can’t Happen Here.” I feel the fact many are “waking up” is encouraging.

As a nation, the US has endured many “trials by fire” but I think perhaps the present one is very different in that it is deeply humiliating. We are a proud people. Blessed by our geography, resources, and the genius vision of our Founders, we have long believed we have a special destiny in which we maintain a light in the darkness, a beacon to all who love liberty, justice, and equality before the law. Like Lady Liberty, we’ve held that torch high, though we have at times faltered and failed in carrying the burden of our moral purpose.

I believe our brother in Quebec (Andre) and our sister (I think in Kentucky) (barb K) are correct in their interpretation of the coming Pluto and Uranus returns. Surely, through these humbling times our infamous arrogance will be polished, honed, and transformed into the wisdom, compassion, and vision necessary for our self transcendence and continuing journey. As I recall brother Andre stated it, (I’m paraphrasing) having overcome a tyrant within, we will be better able to overcome a greater tyrant without.

My expectation is the R’s will soon return to their addictive game of “follow the Quisling” under the delusion they can continue to use him to maintain power and to slake the greed, dollar lust, and control needs of their corporate masters. In the context of a public awakening to the outright treason of their leader, THIS WILL BE THEIR DOWNFALL! I suspect their lemming like behavior will take them over the cliff and into the dustbin of history.

We’re they remotely rational, they would begin impeachment proceedings immediately, convict 45, and install Pence (or if he is also implicated) Paul Ryan as president. They won’t do any of that of course. They have not the foresight, self understanding, or wisdom.

By 2030, (if not much, much earlier) the R’s will be gone and a humbled, wiser USA with a clearer vision will once again be reborn.


“Hey Folks
I suggest we move on from revisiting past verbal conflicts with Lorrie. The present situation is painful enough without reliving the hurt, the pain, highs, lows, and ultimate and profound disappointment of 2016.”

Eliseo, I don’t think its necessary to attempt to steer the narrative; we’re all intelligent adults here and I think each of us has a right to process issues that are important to us, painful or not.

Bravo Eliseo, “move on” sounds like a winner but I’d like to say that Lorrie’s feelings were hurt (as were alex’s and mine and others) by some of the mean remarks, made by our fellow responders here at SLN, regarding Bernie Sanders during the weeks before the July conventions in 2016.

She, being a prolific reader, retaliated with equally mean remarks written by others about Hillary that she found on other web sites. She would not have done so had she not been provoked into defending him. It’s been a teaching (Chiron) moment for all of us I hope. Be careful which words you repeat as they may hurt others and could come back to hurt you.


“She would not have done so had she not been provoked into defending him.”

I beg to differ with your excuses/rationalizations for Lorrie’s outrageous comments and posts. For someone so well-read as you believed she was (I believe most of us here are also very well-read) she utterly failed to responsibly vet Russian-hackers anti-HRC memes and factoids. When she was confronted by this, she doubled-down with libel, slander and vicious impunity. She became ridiculously defiant and posted blatant falsehoods until her candidate lost – and then she vanished on her own accord.

She’s a tough girl and I’m sure she survived just fine.

Not a scintilla of sympathy from me.
Take that, Chiron.

WOW! Are some at Fox news are turning against DJT?

“Fox News politics editor Chris Stirewalt said in an appearance on Tuesday that it is futile for GOP senators to try to push President Trump into having a more mainstream approach to NATO, stating at one point that Trump is likely to fly into this week’s summit like a “seagull” and “defecate all over everything.”

“He’s going to fly into Brussels like a seagull,” Stirewalt added. “He is going to defecate all over everything — squawk and fly away is what he’s going to do in Brussels.”


I expected no less from you will, thank you.

kiwi, yes! We need to focus on what we want.

barbk, yes! We need to move forward and not get mired in trying to correct the past.

It is indeed true that whatever we focus on and give our energy to is what expands and grows.

I LOVE David Johnson’s messages! Thank you all for turning me on to him. He always ends them with wonderful, comforting words of “not to worry, stay calm, do what you can, things are working out for the best.” Love that guy.

I must say, I am heartened by the subtle change of tone here and at large. We are talking about the future now with so much more positive expectation. I could be fascinating to see how it will all unfold.

Something I read a couple years ago from the very-big-picture perspective (echoing barbk’s perspective): If HRC had won, it would have just been the same old thing; not much would have changed. As it is, we received a Wild Card that allowed everything to be exposed and shifted away from the direction we were going. Chaotic, scary, but ultimately very good. Let’s all see that outcome!

“It” could be fascinating…


You do know me, barbk. Prego.



If I may, I’d like to add to the conversation, not so much about Lorrie but about the larger issue of community. Since the primaries our world has changed. The primaries were a battle ground echoing the Ur square Pl dynamics. I’m more Plutonic and my chart bears this out and with Scorpio/ Sa/Me rising I felt drawn to HRC. I’m guessing Lorrie and many Bernie people were more Ur. I would say that with some exceptions of those with beautiful hearts that many of us tend toward self righteous certitude and with it self righteous anger. I left this site in a huff and I blamed Lorrie.

Since then I’ve been working hard on my own vindictive self righteousness and angry certitude. I don’t like it in others, hated seeing it in myself and sought to transform that in myself.

Since the primaries I think we’ve all had the opportunity to make amends in our own ways and grow up a little more. The dire situation we are facing can only be met if we mend our communities. Frankly, we can’t afford to hold grudges or cling to self righteous certitude because what we are facing demands we overcome our differences and fight together because all of what we hold dear is being attacked and dismantled before our eyes. Our differences will emerge again and our survival will demand we engage with each other more respectfully. Frankly, if we haven’t yet started, we need to.


I think in many ways, many of us are trying to do as you do and have succeeded in working our way through the pain, (vindictiveness for you) that many of us endured here during the primary. The proof is, many of us who left this site because of the sheer ugliness of some of the posts, have returned. I don’t believe we on this site are going to get mired down in the past greivences; many of us here, through our posts have shown ourselves to be emotionally mature and resilient. But, part of getting better and stronger is to acknowlege what occurred here, move on, and hope that vitriolic and frenzied voices don’t emerge again.

As a community, we make amends, we move on, because we understand the road ahead is rough and perilous and we need to stand together, to lean on each other, if we are to arrive successfull.

Thanks Janet, I so hope so, not just here but in all of our communities. The same dynamic on the left is emerging and will likely play out in November and in the primaries with attempts to divide us again. We’ve got to treat each other with respect and rally around whoever takes Trump on.

Frankly Frank, you hit a home run; love the Pluto leaning people vs. the Uranus leaning people observation. Uncanny insight on your part! Janet, you too, you guys make me proud to be human being. It’s working! We are awakening and becoming more conscious. Bless you all, esp. Nancy.



Definitely Nancy, but you are also one of the ones that I am leaning on.

We are in a new ballgame now – and one that Hillary predicted with amazing accuracy –
I believe in looking back can be good to help us – I had many friends who were Pro Bernie out side this site but the conversation never veered toward some of the unfortunate moments -here – that said – we can not approach the pro T people with the same anger but try to get them to see what is really happening – might not be successful – but I think it is best to check out Obama’s speech yesterday celebrating Nelson Mandela’s 100th anniversary of his birth ( which I am happy to say I share my bday with him – an inspiration) – here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=md_l4u-1vRQ

Barbk, thank you! I’m one of your fans and look to your faith in and perspective of a larger evolutionary process; you give me hope!

If I may give this dying horse one last kick…

First, I believe I was the one who asked Nancy if she could keep her blog open and let the responsible people keep it going. And yes, Sharon K, you guys kept it going in a responsible manner and I thank you.

That said, I was also a Bernie supporter who took some heat here during the primary from a few who expressed the opinion that I should back Hillary because she’s a woman — and you all know who you are if you’re not a bot but are honest with yourselves — which is an argument I just don’t buy. It’s a plus, but it’s not the main reason I voted for her in the general election.

Where I live we were safe voting for Sanders in the primary to make the point that we wanted HRC to join us farther over on the left and not impose a no-fly zone over Syria, aka an invitation to war. Plus, I expected trouble from Putin because of her involvement in NATO expansion. But I thought she’d probably handle that well unless the Right pushed her and she caved.

There were rabid pro Hillary people here who I assumed were probably bots. I think I said so then and was ignored in all the fuss, a pretty much standard reaction then at most sites. There was a lot of fuss leveled at me from what I began to suspect were the Russian bots I’d heard about. I still think so.

Now, I’m pretty good at telling people where to get off, but I don’t think that comes naturally to Lorrie, who seems to be a more sensitive soul than I am. I watched her get more vehement and agitated about being told she had to vote for HRC. At the end she reminded me of the character in “The Group” who — watching with binoculars from her New York hotel window for enemy planes — finally falls out the window to her death because she thinks she sees one. But she was imagining it and was blinded to everything else by the binoculars she held in front of her face.

Lorrie wasn’t the only one to go overboard here, although she’s the reigning champion. More than one of you sounded quite a bit like anti Sanders bots yourselves. And maybe some of you were. And are.

This site was invaded during the election. I hope next time that everyone will remember what happens when you refuse to listen to anyone but yourself.

David Johnson not only said Adam Schiff would be President after revelations force both Trump and Pence to resign. He also seemed to say Schiff would name Sanders as his VP. He saw Sanders presiding the Senate.

This could only happen if Schiff becomes Speaker after November instead of Pelosi. Suddenly there would be an unelected Democratic President. We shall soon see.

Johnson also says Kavanaugh will not be confirmed. His main message is all will be well.
One thing is certain: things will continue to deteriorate for Trump, as Nancy has clearly stated. And he will be more and more deluded.

Now is the time to visualize what you want to see next. It is important to reduce inner violence to a minimum. The whole world is watching and most of it is hoping the USA’s better nature will rise again. American citizens have a great responsibility to see justice prevail. Canadians and many others are cheering you on.


Happy Birthday!

This conversation has a distinctly shadow-of-Mercury Retrograde feel to it. Glad we are able to take an honest look back at some of the old scar tissue left behind and shine some healing light on it. Ignoring something will not make it go away.

Better days ahead for all of us.

Arbo – I once posted a link to Sanders ‘ rally in the Bronx – using the word burning – and how members of the Bronx community found that offensive – as the Bronx did Burn many years ago – plus the rally was attended mostly by young people not of color outside the community – And I am not a bot – There were posts calling Clinton a murderer – which were offensive – and Misogynistic – I still think Clinton suffers from that from T
I do not think this site was invaded by Russian bots on either side – I think people got information outside from Bots and shared it according to their preferences and emotions … And now we have Trump and need to figure out a way of sharing information in a more responsible manner – As a side note – at one point I almost quit and Nancy encouraged me to stay to have a more balanced site – as there were not many Clinton supporters – I did until I was too discouraged and left ….. but I always have read Nancy’s posts which are so brilliant

Not many Clinton supporters here? Really? And a second hand bot might as well be a real one. It gets the job done, judging from your reaction to the bullying. But who knows how much of it was reverse psychology.

Personally I think she suffers from 30 years of the Right dumping on her.

Funny how differently people can see things.

Dear Frank, Thank you for helping me illuminate my chart to myself a little bit more today with your thoughts on Ur/Plu (I’m a Sun sq Ur and have Eris (PARTILE) on my Sun.)
(Yeah, the primary ambience around here was quite nasty.)
I totally agree that now is the time to visualize what we want to see next (as a performer, how could I think otherwise?) (And, admittedly, I am forever highly optimistic.) But I recognize that the hatred et alia that has sprung up and out in the open under the Trump effect was there all along — so on some level we get to “thank him” for making us aware of the dreck that needs cleansing.
I have recently become aware of an idea called spiritual bypassing (please forgive me if I don’t explain it well) — it takes the idea of law of attraction and says: that’s all well and good, but until we deal with the shadow involved, no amount of visualizing will make anything come of it. (Whoa… I just had an image of a correlation with the void of course moon.)
Trump and Trumpism made us aware of the shadow in our country — now we get to work our magic.

If I was unkind to any Bernie Sanders supporters here, I apologize. I felt very sure that he would not be the nominee and I also feel he would have been eviscerated by Trump and the Rethugs. Then the anarchic Bernie Brothers movement kicked into motion and was mercilessly destructive toward the Clinton campaign – and that’s when I became staunchly supportive of Clinton and resented those disappointed Bernie supporters who were insistent upon punishing her and the DNC for supporting her as the candidate of choice. It was clear to me that dark, underworld forces were attempting to undermine the elections process and especially the Democratic candidate; at that point I felt a war was waging against a dreadful darkness – and the handful of people here who persisted in militant support of Bernie and destructive sniping at HRC became the objects of my outrage.

Its all water under the proverbial bridge now. Collectively as a nation, we got are karmic comeuppance. We will have to soldier on with a view to brighter, saner and sober days ahead.


In the theme of moving beyond positive thinking — if you want to help Democrats take back the House, this group will pair you with the closest swing district to you, so you can adopt the district and start giving the money and/or volunteer hours you can.


Well said Frank!!!!

Going forward I think we all need to strive to be mindful of our own biases and look them square in the face, deciding are we coming from judgement and blame or our higher love self, while also being willing to DO the earthly hard practical work in front of each of us to move society forward. I think that is what this age is ultimately about.

Arbo, I agree the collective disdain for Hillary is a pure result of ‘salesmanship’ pile on against her since Bill won in ’92. I think that ‘vast right wing conspiracy’ she has referenced is really not too far from the truth. I really like Hillary but I thought Obama better for the time when he was elected. When Trump won I remember thinking the only thing good about it was that she wont have to be the recipient of more arrows, and that with trump as pres. she will eventually be vindicated.

I do believe ‘back in the day’ there were a couple of outside s**tstirrers on this site amping things up intentionally by posting nonsensical links. That certainly contributed to the toxicity back then.
I still feel very sad that Lorrie has chosen to not post these days. Prior to that election cycle from hell, she had much to offer.

Yes Janet and fierywoman,

I so agree – we cannot move forward until we acknowledge the Shadow, debride the wound and process the painful emotions. To be forthright, I felt nothing less than terrified about the concerted efforts to bring down HRC and the DNC during the last election. There were times when I felt prodromal symptoms of a full-tilt panic attack – like walls of waves of lies and outright deception were about to drown me. It became much more than just a heated exchange on political ideology and more about the breath of life itself. Dramatic? Yes, I own that. But its how it felt to me.

Will, let it go. Who cares how you feel. I’m out of here thanks to you. Enough

Hi will. I love you just the way you are.

Poor Bailey. You must be new to the site. You’ll be welcomed back if you choose to try again.


Really, it’s okay.

It’s a family having a discussion over something that really cut deep with some of its members. I strongly feel as Will does, and I hope I can speak for him here by saying, we just want to get it off our chest, and we’ve moved on. This is a site Will and I and others have been on since its inception, we want to do it no harm.

Further, by discussing the bitterness that occurred, Frank introduced an excellent and thought provoking idea about the Plutonian and Uranus energy of the candidates’ supporters. His idea would not have been introduced were it not for the reviewing of what occurred.

Tom Frank : “Trump won because Clinton and the Democrats dismissed the concerns of working people”

As far as I’m concerned, Tom Frank hits the nail right on the head. The Democratic establishment betrayed the working class. Folks like me voted for Jill Stein.


I love you as well, Will.

Adam Shiff Looks Fantastic:
SCHIFF, Adam, a Representative from California; born in Framingham, Norfolk County, Mass., June 22, 1960; B.A., Stanford University, Stanford, Calif., 1982; J.D., Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., 1985; lawyer, private practice; prosecutor, Office of the United States Attorney for the Central District of California, 1987-1993; unsuccessful candidate for election to the California state assembly in 1994; member of the California state senate, 1996-2001; elected as a Democrat to the One Hundred Seventh and to the eight succeeding Congresses (January 3, 2001-present); one of the managers appointed by the House of Representatives in 2009 to conduct the impeachment proceedings of Samuel B. Kent, judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas.

Have we ever had a Brilliant Jewish President?
It’s about time.

I hate being a wet blanket but Adam Schiff’s transits for Nov 4, 2020 has Mars square his Saturn and Saturn opposing his Mercury which is not good if he is our nominee. Sorry folks, I do like him a lot but it just doesn’t look like a successful time.

Oh my goodness, this is wonderful – Nancy must be proud of all of you – and relieved too. Bailey please don’t go. You provide such meaningful thoughtful input and yes, sometimes will goes over the top but he’s our wild child and needs our love like we need his humor.

Arbo and kiwi, your generous attitude toward Lorrie is noted and I’m sure she would appreciate it and would return with multiple links to cogent articles if she were aware of our heartfelt concerns about her.

For all who have expressed themselves today, bless you all and Happy day-late Birthday chrys.

Wow…I don’t recall your ever being here, Frank.
I have never thought of the Democrats as being anything but ‘The Working Class’.

The GOP have numerous BIG Hollywood Celebrities!
And Republicans have always been known as:

It’s a shame to see strife here on Nancy’s Blog.
My favorite Song: ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3jdbFOidds


I don’t recall ever having an exchange with you. Please don’t give me so much power that you would leave everyone else here because of me posting about my feelings. I’m okay with you not caring about my feelings….and I don’t have any authority here.

No hard feelings, truly.

You may very well be in dire need of a good bowel movement.

Patty, I was singing that song Monday night. Thought of posting the lyrics then but got sidetracked when I followed up on the discoveries that got me singing it.

Working with my charts for Putin and Russia I found the MC of my chart for Putin, and the Sun/Moon and Saturn/Uranus midpoints in my chart for Russia will be transited by the January 13, 2020 Sun, Saturn, and Pluto triumvirate. Hand in hand with the charts for tRump and his group.

Happy belated birthday wishes Chrys.

Party at Will’s house.

Oh will…..
Your last line reminds me of something a friend told my blunt father one time “you are like this wonderful cow that gives a huge bucket of delicious milk, but does not notice when she then kicks it over spilling everything”
I get the joke but some don’t xxx

C’mon back Bailey. You can have some cake and wapatoolie too!

Yeah! Party at Will’s house! (And y’all haven’t tasted his amazing cooking like I have!)


No worries – I had a thorough bowel movement on your behalf and got the spring back in your step.

Don’t mind me, really.

Later on, I’ll probably masturbate.

will, you are an incorrigible rascal – LOL 🙂

Hi Patty, I was confused with your comment to me, I think you perhaps meant it for Bruce?

New York Times reporting that 2 weeks before Trump took office, US intelligence officials showed him highly classified info that Putin personally ordered the cyberattack on US elections, showed him e-mails and texts from high-ranking Russian officials, and Trump has ignored it ever since.


Can we hope this is truly the beginning of the end?


Got me!


Still can’t remember how you made that cauliflower with anchovy – but it is unforgettably delicious.

Janet, kiwi, Bob, Fierywoman, Patty, barbk,

would be honored to party with you all.

Teresa, Thanks for that Swing Left link that can be used to find our the closest congressional swing district to help out with money or campaign work. I signed up.

The Bday cake was great – !
thanks for the good wishes, all


Will — I have NO idea what recipe that might have been (that Aries thing of doing something once and then moving on to something else) but I just found this recipe, looks good:

It does sound good, fierywoman, but only 1 clove of garlic? LOL I tend to use a lot at times, it depends. (I like to cook but don’t do it all the time.)

Eliseo, with all the other stuff happening, I want to point out your particularly good post above, on 7/17, at 11:52 p.m. You wrote:

“I find it interesting so many intellectuals dismissed the more “extreme” (but accurate) assessments of DJT’s mental health and/or hypotheses re: his cultivation as a Russian asset, but now are beginning to take those thoughts far more seriously. As a people, our judgement was surely impaired in Neptunian fog in the naive and arrogant belief that
“It Can’t Happen Here.” I feel the fact many are “waking up” is encouraging.

As a nation, the US has endured many “trials by fire” but I think perhaps the present one is very different in that it is deeply humiliating. We are a proud people. Blessed by our geography, resources, and the genius vision of our Founders, we have long believed we have a special destiny in which we maintain a light in the darkness, a beacon to all who love liberty, justice, and equality before the law. Like Lady Liberty, we’ve held that torch high, though we have at times faltered and failed in carrying the burden of our moral purpose.

I believe our brother in Quebec (Andre) and our sister (I think in Kentucky) (barb K) are correct in their interpretation of the coming Pluto and Uranus returns. Surely, through these humbling times our infamous arrogance will be polished, honed, and transformed into the wisdom, compassion, and vision necessary for our self transcendence and continuing journey. As I recall brother Andre stated it, (I’m paraphrasing) having overcome a tyrant within, we will be better able to overcome a greater tyrant without.

My expectation is the R’s will soon return to their addictive game of “follow the Quisling” under the delusion they can continue to use him to maintain power and to slake the greed, dollar lust, and control needs of their corporate masters. In the context of a public awakening to the outright treason of their leader, THIS WILL BE THEIR DOWNFALL! I suspect their lemming like behavior will take them over the cliff and into the dustbin of history.

We’re they remotely rational, they would begin impeachment proceedings immediately, convict 45, and install Pence (or if he is also implicated) Paul Ryan as president. They won’t do any of that of course. They have not the foresight, self understanding, or wisdom.

By 2030, (if not much, much earlier) the R’s will be gone and a humbled, wiser USA with a clearer vision will once again be reborn.”

I especially like the part about the U.S.’s special destiny. As far as the Republicans, they are p-o-l-i-t-c-i-a-n-s! (…as are the Democrats but, for some reason, not as bad in my opinion…maybe goes back to Patty’s grandfather’s saying: the Democrats help people who can’t help themselves, the Republicans help people who can). The Republicans will take any shape they need to to survive, like a snake shedding its skin, and will come up with any explanation possible to cover their asses. Some have more integrity than others but, pure and simple, that’s what they’ll do. As far as the U.S. being reborn like a phoenix in the ashes, after we are humbled by what we are about to experience in the coming years, that is entirely possible.

Oh, Sharon K, no doubt I’d use more garlic!

Thank You for your response.

I agree as a generalization our R’s have lost all moral sense, particularly since the days of R.M. Nixon.

In great part my thoughts follow my intuition. I believe the selection you presented of my writing will probably prove correct. It seems to jive with the astrology.

In 1972 I experienced a complex and extraordinary 3-part vision focused especially upon the years 2000, 2001, (stolen election, the twin towers, etc.) and beyond. Sadly, what I envisioned came true, but there were positive parts as well.

In 2008 I experienced a deep sense of recognition of Barack Obama, a strong intuitive sense of his true role in the world. I felt strongly he would be elected and re-elected, but the primary work he would become famous and renowned for would NOT be his presidency, but for his leadership in an office he would hold some years later, an office as of yet not created. I felt strongly that the presidency would merely be the preparation for the larger role he would eventually play.

DJT & Mr. Putin are working together to weaken, destabilize and perhaps dissolve our various western alliance organizations, such as NATO, the EU, ANZUS, and the OAS. Unfortunately, they’ve had far more success than most thought possible and may well have more success soon.

NATO as an example, is not likely to act unless the USA is on board. Were the Russians to invade and take back the Baltic states (which for sound geopolitical reasons they intensely desire) while Trump is president, NATO’s response without American leadership, would be significantly weaker and perhaps no response at all. That would render the alliance null and void.

Although I’ve long felt the necessity for what I’m about to propose, were any of the above alliances nullified, broken apart, or made irrelevant, a larger alliance, association or perhaps confederation of truly democratic nations would be the appropriate replacement. As of the present, there are about 60 such democratic nations out of the slightly more than 200 nations existing on our planet.

Such an entity would function both as a military alliance under the principle of collective security, but also an economic alliance something like today’s NAFTA. It would NOT be a world government, or United States of Earth, but a cooperative confederation at most in which each nation retains sovereignty. If the United Nations survives the coming 12-13 years, this alliance or confederation could function as a bloc within that peace keeping forum. That 60-ish member alliance would stand united in moral purpose to promote and defend humanist, democratic norms and values against any, and all authoritarian regimes, while also encouraging other cultures to assimilate democratic values and eventually join in.

Like barb K, I feel what has been will be torn down that something better might replace it. I see Barack Obama as essential to the formation of this economic, military, and political alliance, and as its first president, or secretary general or whatever title might be chosen.

As Aquarian influences gradually prevail, authoritarian regimes will be replaced with various forms of democracy. Eventually, (it may take a few 100 years) the organization will include all nations.

Frank, I feel you don’t get quite get it about Adam Schiff. It’s not about his Nov 2020 transits, since he would become an unelected president before that. It’s not at all certain he would even run in 2020. More like a caretaker president for a few months. He could however name a VP who would run (i.e. Bernie Sanders according to David Johnson), thereby increasing the chances for that person.

Personally, I would prefer Kamala Harris, but I have been convinced by some of you a woman candidate in 2020 might prove divisive. What do I know, I’m Canadian, and can’t even vote.

I’ll be voting in Canadian elections next year. Justin will have a harder time, but should be re-elected because of strong support in Quebec for its favorite son. Ontario, our most populated province, just elected a Trump clone who will make it tougher for Trudeau.

“Hey @Maddow; In answer to your question “Did Russia help pick the cabinet?”: Yes. That’s why Putin via Manafort picked Pence (whose brother was an executive in Russia) & he became transition head 5 days after the election & was then Trump/Russia liaison for Kabinet picks.”

@Puesto Loco on Twitter

With his Nelson Mandela Lecture, in Johannesburg on Tuesday, Obama offered the sharpest possible contrast between himself and his successor—between statesman and demagogue.


Proving that we are all living in the Bizarre Timeline and that irony is dead, the 4th Wall is blurring, et cetera, I bring fellow Starlighters this:

Mariia Butina, the red headed Russian spy recently charged for such, actually dressed up as Marvel character Black Widow, whose origin story is being a red headed Russian spy.


Good stuff, Eliseo, and other posters! This is starting to sound more and more like Star Trek (in a good way as it expressed some wonderful ideas). I imagine, given the concepts of good/evil, light/dark, yin/yang, if there won’t always be challenges to overcome. It seems like it’s really hard for countries to find that balance of strength with humanism.

I just read that Israel passed a national state bill today that leaves out equality for Arabs that all former such documents had included. Many Jews disagree with this – it is very orthodox-influenced. However, I understand Israel’s dilemma (but not its solutions). Things are not black and white as people often depict. Whether right nor wrong, Israel was formed as a protective homeland for Jews after the Holocaust, formed in a geographic region in the midst of a sea of Arabs. Jews have been evicted all over the mid-East and absorbed by Israel and other countries (France, the U.S.) but the Palestinians never were. Nevertheless, Israel is not meant to be an apartheid state. However, due to demographics and what appears to be the renewed intention of Palestinians (fueled by Hamas and Israel’s own actions) to take it back, Israel is doubling down on the one-state solution. I would love to see Israel as a humanitarian, cooperative model where both peoples can live together in trust…all people for that matter, as Jerusalem is important to the 3 Abrahamic religions, all of which are based on the Old Testament of the Hebrews. It’s a very painful situation.

Having a Jewish heritage and participating in the traditions, I am still more of a universalist. In social work, the world is no longer seen as a melting pot but as a salad, with distinct ingredients tossed in together and bound by some sort of dressing/seasoning (love?). But to have each nationality/ethnicity/culture/religion as distinct means they cannot be chauvanistic but respectful and accepting of each other. Can mankind ever manage that? Some people might prefer a melting pot where we eventually have one race, one religion, a federation of world states, and peace through strength (Trump had that statement right as I think equal strength is necessary but it doesn’t have to be racheted up). Anyway, Eliseo, I like your ideas very much.

And, yes, Firewoman, experience has shown me that you can never use too much garlic!

And, lastly, I miss Alex. I used to write long posts in one block and she chastized me, so now I break it up into paragraphs.

Of course, I meant Fierywoman!

Barbk (and others) are there any similarities between the Neptune transits now and in 2001? It seems the same delusions that led to two phony wars and other heinous acts of Bush are similar. It is all about deception and pushing an agenda. Though now, it is even more sinister. What is becoming clear is that the whole GOP is guilty. It’s like the Madoff scandal. The people who invested knew it was wrong but they were enjoying the money and did not want to question that. Same with the GOP. They are enjoying getting their judges and deregulation and yet they know it is wrong to align with Putin but don’t want to question it. Not sure what it will take for them to “wake up.”

Well silcominc, before I get into similarities between old fog and new fog, some of us humans won’t wake up at all in our present lifetimes as I understand it; everyone at their own pace.

In 2001 we were early into a brand new Jupiter-Saturn cycle that began with their conjunction in May, 2000, and now we are approaching the end of that cycle in 2020. It is pretty futile to try to pin down Neptune in specific ways, but it is possible to define a Neptune influence within a cycle or Neptune in aspect to another planet or point.

In the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart of 2000, Neptune was conjunct US natal chart’s South Node (and US natal centaur Pholus) at 6+ Aquarius.

Right now transiting Mars is in the vicinity of the US natal South Node-Pholus conjunction. Right now he’s retrograde, having made his first conjunction to US South Node/US Nessus and the Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s Neptune last month, his second pass happened this past week (and right this minute) and his final pass in direct motion will be in early October.

By having Mars (aggression and anger being expressions of Mars energy) transiting a point in a cycle’s chart it will vividly activate that point and that cycle. So, even though the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle (born in 2000) was already active on September 11, 2001, due to transiting Neptune still (or again) at 6+ Aquarius at that time, it is now being reactivated by transiting Mars – right this minute, even as I type and you read.

It is, to a degree, part and parcel, of the same cycle, this particular Neptune influence on the USA.

It is the US natal South Node (old habits, thinking, mannerisms, mores, folkways, systems, etc.) and the US natal Pholus (unintended violent results from an insignificant act) that channels the Neptune influence (arising from Neptune’s position in the presently active Jupiter-Saturn cycle) which was expressed on September 11, 2001, and is now being felt again, thanks to transiting Mars.

So, silcominc, in answer to your question, it isn’t just similar, it is the SAME Neptune influence, accompanied by a transit of Neptune (trine US natal Sun and transiting Jupiter)) and a natal US Neptune periodically expressing itself (trine transiting Pluto at the moment) blurring our sense of reality, deluding some of us and inspiring hope in others.

In fact, if it weren’t for your question, I would not have caught the (not so) very obvious link between 2001 and 2018. Bless you and the transiting Mars in Aquarius! God bless us all!

Excellent dialogue all. Diary of a Mundane Astrologer adds another spotlight on Trump and Putin. https://www.diaryofamundaneastrologer.net/

Thanks, Barbk. It is interesting that four times in the history of the nation the candidate who won the presidential election lost the popular vote but won the electoral college. 1876, 1888, 2000,and 2016. In late November and the first few days of Dec. 2000 Chief Justice Rehnquist along with others on the Court determined that they, and they alone would choose the next President and they then stopped the Florida recount that, by all indications, would have led to Al Gore’s victory. In 2016, DJT won and now, all indications are that the Russian government actively made that happen. Last Friday, Dan Coates warned that right now, the red lights are flashing just as they did before 9/11.

White House announced TODAY that Putin has been invited to the White House this fall!

Putin watched that CBS interview where Trump said Putin attacked the U.S. and Putin ordered Trump to invite him to the White House as pay back! Putin has Trump by the balls.

The 2021 inaugural chart has the NN at 19.04 Ge; Trump’s natal NN is 20.48 Ge.

I’m trying not to jump to naive conclusions because I’m really not that clear on what the Nodes really mean.

Please, would someone who understands the Nodes say a few words on this.

Watching sally Yates on Rachel
Maddie. She so gracoous and measured and intelligent. Has anyone looked into her charts? She would make a solid president i think

Diana, using the USA Sibley Chart, her Sun would exactly conjunct the Sibley Moon. Some astrologers believe that a strong aspect to the USA’s Moon (symbolizing the people) is essential to being elected President; so she’s definitely got that. Her transits though for Nov 4,2020 are mediocre but that is without a birth time so we’re missing transits to the angles, her Moon and information on her 10th H.

Keeping Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court!
Senate confirmation of Trump’s pick is NOT a done deal, and a quick look at the judge’s influences tells you why it shouldn’t be.

Speculation is that a Paul Erickson from south Dakota is the guy tied up with Butina
Looks like he has been knee deep in dirty games, cavorting with all the whose-who in the gop for years.

Thank you so much, Barbk.
We so appreciate watching your brilliance in action.
Please tell us your Birthdate, you deserve a Medal!

It seems now that the Jupiter Saturn cycle 2000, with Uranus in Aquarius that squared the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus, comes down to meaning cyberspace vs. society/government.

Uranus was at 20+ Aquarius at the time of that conjunction in 2000; the same degree where the US progressed Mercury is located.

Something to consider regarding the chart for this Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, when set in Washington DC (May 28, 2000 – 12:04 PM), is its ascendant at 28+ Leo, the same degree as the August 2017 Solar Eclipse, which will still be active.

This ascendant degree (+ eclipse) was sextile Mercury at 27+ Gemini, and that sextile formed a Yod to the Jupiter-Saturn chart’s South Node at 25+ Capricorn, the apex point of the Yod that must adjust (change its position). We are working on that.

This cycle will end in December 2020, but in February 2020, transiting Saturn (the grim reaper) will conjunct the South Node in the gasping-for-air Jupiter/Saturn cycle’s chart, just 20 days after transiting Saturn and transiting Pluto (joined by transiting Mercury) make their conjunction, and as trans. Venus conjuncts the US natal Moon.

I believe that transiting Saturn, fresh off a new cycle start with Pluto, will do the following as it conjuncts the South Node at the apex point of the above mentioned Yod in the dying Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart: It will end something (conjunct South Node).

That dying Jupiter Saturn cycle’s South Node and transiting Saturn, both at 25+ Capricorn, in February 2020, will oppose Trump’s Venus (what he values) at 25+ Cancer which conjuncts the North Node (opportunity) in the dying Jupiter-Saturn cycle. That turns the Yod into a Boomerang where all the combined energy gathers to be dispersed; 25+ Cancer.

Trump’s Venus also conjuncts US Mercury which conjuncts Trump’s Saturn; 3 ducks in a row. So, because the 2017 total eclipse at 28+ Leo happened to conjunct the ascendant of the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart’s ascendant (when set in DC), and because both are so close to Trump’s ascendant and Mars in Leo, it seems prophetic.

There is also Mueller’s natal Siwa (breakthrough process that precedes insight) at 28+Leo, also conjunct the 2017 total solar eclipse with a long shelf life, and the Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart’s ascendant.

By linking the 20 year Jupiter-Saturn cycle to the US natal chart (progressed Mercury and natal Mercury), and Donald Trump’s chart, and the great American eclipse of 2017, a picture of an evolving process that began with the US awakening via the 9/11 Twin Towers disaster, and will end with the cyber attack that resulted in another awakening, a forced awareness of our vulnerability via Donald Trump the US President, apparently in bed with Putin.

Barb K,
Many thanks!
That was one of the more interesting, cogent, and valuable postings you’ve done in quite a while. It is pretty obvious the Jupiter/Saturn cycle has been quite a “player” in Am. History.

Reporter Shows The Links Between The Men Behind Brexit And The Trump Campaign

https://n.pr/2L9enT9 @carolecadwalla


I super-echo Eliseo regarding your 1:33am post!

Many thanks!

Meet Putin’s Top Influencers Behind Russia’s attack on America!


Badder bad day at Black Rock?

Pence has a Saturn return.

tRump’s progressed anlunar has his progressed natal Saturn on the IC opposite return Mars/Pluto midpoint on the MC.

The day is November 2.

No wonder we hear absolutely nothing from the GOP!
“Grand Old Putin Party”
Republicans helped set up Putin’s lobbying operations in America! Is this not Treason? https://thesternfacts.com/tagged/grand-old-putin-party

Robert Meuller Where Are You?

I’m so glad others appreciate the richness of this chart; thank you Eliseo and Janet.

Some (if not all) of the value of a chart, esp. a cycle chart between 2 planets, is only appreciated in hindsight. The perspective of time (like the view of a city from an airplane) reveals patterns not easily perceived before events take place.

What was it I said Patty? I will frame it! Fourth of July, 1939 I was born and made my parents famous for 23 hours.

(My previous comment was deleted Re:
The GOP coordinated Trump’s Russian Connection”)

“The Republican Party Has Become the Party of Hate” The Republican Party today is basically a coalition of grievances united by one single thing: HATRED!

Hatred of immigrants, hatred of minorities, hatred of intellectuals, hatred of gays, feminists and many other groups too numerous to mention. What binds them together is hatred of Democrats because they are welcoming to every group that Republicans reject!

Patty, I totally trust Mueller will reveal his mouse trap all at the perfect time – after he has received a few more irrefutable facts about ‘Russian election meddling’ which is his sole mandate. I think the butina arrest was moved up because of a)trump putin behaviour and b)she was packing her bags. That’s being handled by fbi, but Im sure Mueller and fbi are coordinating. Mueller is not ready yet to present the case in its entirety – it’s that big.
I notice that ‘us person #1’ has not yet been named officially. We are getting closer to the nexus. I wonder who the ‘5 unnamed witnesses’ are?

“The Republican Party Has Become the Party of Hate” The Republican Party today is basically a coalition of grievances united by one single thing: HATRED!”

Which is the principal reason why in the long run they will fail. They will go out of business, probably by 2030 if not far sooner.

They are also very angry as their principled philosophy of smaller or lesser government combined with market solutions has become a largely inappropriate and unworkable means to insure liberty for the individual, or to solve the problems of our day.

Climate change, as one major example (which they must deny as they cling to their philosophy) cannot be dealt with properly or effectively by small government. It is far larger than ALL of our previous wars combined.

Also (like in WWII) not amenable to small government is the challenge of the rising authoritarian powers.

Their philosophy made sense up until the 20th century Great Depression. But now, all they have left is their anger & hate.



Loved it will! Wish my dad were alive to watch; back for a 2nd viewing . . .


The Senate GOP leader is vowing to squeeze Democrats with a vote on Brett Kavanaugh right before the midterms if they don’t back down on their demand for documents.

“Senators said McConnell believes the Democratic base will be “deflated” if they raise hopes of defeating Kavanaugh only to lose just days before the election.”

But if Mueller issues indictments on November 2nd, including one against tRump, could that stop a vote on a potential justice who would possibly rule on an indictment against tRump?

On November 2nd Pence has a Saturn return. That same Saturn squares tRump’s natal Neptune.
tRump’s progressed anlunar has his progressed natal Saturn on the IC opposite return Mars/Pluto midpoint on the MC.

Using a noon chart for Mueller yields transiting Venus on November 2nd conjunct his secondary progressed Sun and Mercury exact in RA and on November 5th in longitude, transit Jupiter conjunct his progressed Venus in RA 6 days before on October 27 and on October 29th in longitude.

Astrologer Denise Siegel makes some interesting observations about the March 20th 1854 Republican charts current Neptune return and simultaneous Uranus conjunction to natal Pluto. She sees these powerful aspects for radical change and even possibly dissolving the Republican party. Here’s her video and analysis……

Trump, Russia, Mueller And The Republicans


Looking ahead, I had noticed the last of the Mars-Uranus squares taking place on September 18th (1 ’52 Aquarius-Taurus) will be heavily impacting the Republican charts natal Pluto (1 ’30 Taurus) while tr. Neptune at 14 ’45 Pisces is in simultaneous close waxing conjunction to natal Neptune (14 ’01 Pisces).

Here’s the Republican Party’s chart for quick reference…….


Whatever the events from mid to late September are, it certainly looks intense.

Breaking News!

The Mewler investigation

Will is a short version of William which is the long form (given name) of Bill which is truncated Billy. Billy Flynn was a Chicago lawyer.

Will, Billy, Chicago, lawyer.

Will is Billy Flynn!


Bob, Will does seem to have a dramatic flare. Anyway, that was a great scene. I never appreciated it that way before (and I think I saw the film). Richard Gere was fantastic as a — loyya!


Indeed we will see a lot of tap-dancing. Its a great scene and a terrific movie. Thanks for the clip!

Great clips Will and Bob! Thanks!

Marjorie has an interesting new post today – revisiting the effects of Uranus etc etc on the UK global over the centuries

Right now transiting Pluto sits upon a Black Hole (19+ Capricorn) which Alex Miller relates to the story of Innana descending into Hades (to see her sister Ereshkigel) where upon she had to give up, first her jewels, then her crown then her robes until she had nothing left.

Eventually Innana returns to Earth with all her possessions, but she had to endure being separated from those things that identified her for a while. Miller compared the transformative Pluto transit (over the Black Hole) to Innana’s journey to hell and back, implying we will return to where we were (before Pluto conjoined the Black Hole), but we will be changed.

He didn’t know about the Trump presidency at the time he wrote this piece in 2009, read the whole thing here:

“Trump-Russia: Republicans trying to KILL-OFF Investigation, says Adam Schiff”
Top Democrat says move against House inquiry is a PLOY TO DAMAGE Mueller-FBI investigation, while Trump declines to rule out pardoning Michael Flynn


My charts for Putin on November 2nd tell me he will not be a happy man on that day.

Putin natal Neptune 200°11′. Square is at 290°11′.

Transit Pluto retrograde is at 290°58′ on August 8th.

Stations at 290°18′ on October 1.

Moves past 290°59′ on November 21.

But the worst is yet to come for him as transiting Pluto will move to square his secondary progressed Neptune and then progressed Saturn. Transiting Pluto has been making those squares within 1 degree since January of 2017 and will be in that range (1°) of a natal or progressed Saturn or Neptune in Putin’s chart through March 30, 2019. By then we are into tRump’s worst year.

Regarding Pluto’s involvement in January of 2017, it was probably when he was informed by tRump of his briefing on January 6 from our intelligence agencies proving Russian interference in the 2016 election and acting attorney general Sally Yates’ warning on January 26 that National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was susceptible to blackmail by the Russian government proving our intelligence knew of Russian involvement already.

The continuous Pluto squares to Putin’s charts say to me that he has been, and still is, frustrated by the failure of all attempts to stop Mueller’s investigation and, in fact, the case against tRump and Russia has been strengthened by the seizing of materials from Manafort and Cohen along with guilty pleas already garnered.

The 2018 midterm elections will see many more nails pounded home in his coffin and the new Congress will see the death of his attempt to take control of America.

Lorrie G is unleashed!

In the last minute she says the U.S. is going to need help from other countries because of so much damage from natural disasters. This a must watch and take notes.

Stone and the Madam


That is Linda G!

Had Lorrie on my mind because of recent posts.


Have a told you lately that I love you…I do. You made my day with your 2:30pm post. I have been feeling down and needed some political hope. Thank you.

Michael Wolfstar:

“July 25 Mercury is turning retrograde at 23º Leo. In Trump’s chart, this astro-event takes place in his 12th house of secrets. In the U.S. horoscope Mercury here happens to be conjunct an unusual array of midpoints (including ME/NE, VE/SA, and AS/UR), making it an extra momentous station. Michael Cohen’s recording of his conversation with Trump concerning his dalliance with Playboy bunny Karen McDougal is a prime example. Cohen may already be cooperating with investigators, and the FBI likely has more of his secret recordings.”


Today’s New York Times:
“Trump Weighs Stripping Security Clearances From Officials Who Criticized Him”
(Comments…Readable without a subscription)
Bob Meuller, Hope you are reading this!


A thought: with trump’s poll numbers inexplicably going up, does anyone have any opinion on whether these polls are being manipulated? Or are the poll takers themselves biased? Either by the way the poll takers are asking the questions, or as yet unknown other persuasive tactics?
The goal being, if the sheeples think more and more people like trump, then he must be ok after all.


It’s so frustrating to hear how high his approval ratings are among Republicans, but in recent polls where people are asked their party affiliation, only 27-29 percent said they’re Republicans. Slightly more said they’re Democrats and more than 40 percent said they’re independents.

So, even if Trump has an 80% approval rating among Republicans, that’s only about 22% of Americans. Still too high, I know, but not as bad as an 80% approval rating sounds.

kiwi, I maintain that the power of trans. Neptune in the US natal 3rd house of communications (+ k-12th grade schools, certain relatives, etc.) fogs up all forms of communication, making it impossible to fully trust or believe in them. I suspect that is, in part, designed to force us to rely on our own intuitive powers to ferret out truth. This is one of the goals of this evolutionary process we are laboring through; balancing the left brain-right brain attributes.

Back when transiting Vesta made a conjunction with US natal Vesta (the Vesta Return, April 23, 2016) at 19+ Taurus, I was amazed by the number of aspects she made at the time within her own Return chart, and the many connections of that chart’s placements with the US natal chart. I just knew the US Vesta would be playing an important role in our country’s unfolding for at least the next 3 1/2 years.

For example in the Lunar Eclipse this Friday she makes an exact grand trine with transiting Pluto in Capricorn and Venus ($$) in Virgo.

Vesta reflects attributes associated with her myth such as focus, dedication, trustworthiness, and as I said a couple of weeks ago, this lunar eclipse suggests a letting go (eclipse South Node conjunct US South Node which conjuncts US Pholus, which conjuncts the Eclipsed Moon that conjuncts eclipse chart’s Mars, all in Aquarius.

Vesta also symbolizes what is invested in such as our (US) children, our welcoming of foreign people seeking refuge from abuse, jobs for all who seek one, social security . . at least that’s what she represented when I was growing up.

With transiting Pluto aspecting US Vesta for some time now, our “investments” have been going through fundamental change. This was reflected in her Return chart where she not only was in a grand trine with Pluto in Cap and the North Node in Virgo (conjunct US natal Neptune), but she was also opposed by the Moon (symbol of the masses) in Scorpio (shared resources).

This configuration, a grand trine with one planet in the grand trine being opposed by a 4th planet, is called a Kite. The 4th planet opposes the focal planet of the grand trine, so in this case, the US Vesta Return, Vesta (the planet of focus) was the focal point of the grand trine with Pluto (transformation) in Capricorn (institutions), and the North Node in Virgo (Service) that conjuncts US natal Neptune.

It seems then that US natal Neptune is assisting in the transforming of US Vesta (whats invested in), along with Pluto and the NN in the Vesta Return chart. We are being discouraged from seeking exactitude in data (US Neptune in Virgo) for the time being.

However, Mueller’s natal Pholus (small cause, big effect) conjuncts transiting Pluto and therefore trines US Vesta in Taurus and US Neptune in Virgo, allowing for the possibility of a big exposure of Truth, leading to a backlash from those who seek to hide the truth. In the meantime, prepare for a big brouhaha when that truth is revealed.

I wouldn’t worry too much about that 80% approval rating among Republicans. That 80% only represents about 22% of actual voters and the demographics are pretty unfavorable both for Fox News and for Republicans.

As older Americans die off Fox viewers are diminishing and Republican ranks are thinning! Furthermore they are not being replaced by younger voters. Younger voters are either opting to label themselves as Independents or as Democrats.

Amazingly, in a very short period of time, i.e. from election day November 2016 to present, the DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) of which I’ve long been a member, grew from about 3000 members to 45,000.

Also amazing (to me) is the fact a DSA chapter was founded at my conservative university here in Texas, an event I never thought possible.

BTW, DSA members typically also work within the Democratic party.

The only younger voters who identify as Republican tend to be Fundamentalists and Evangelicals and frankly their numbers are diminishing as well.

This new “WE” generation is very different from previous ones I’ve had to deal with and pretty different in the memory of our oldest professors who are my colleagues.

for your pleasure:
The Millennial Socialists Are Coming

https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/30/opinion/democratic-socialists-progressive-democratic-party-trump.html?action=click&module=Associated&pgtype=Article&region=Footer&contentCollection=Michelle Goldberg

(Since the article was written, DSA grew from 36,000 to 45,000))

Ideologically, what are these new voters like? Not as radical as many might imagine. Basically, those in the USA who identify as “Dem. Socialist” want to transform the nation into something more like what you already have in your native NZ, but with much more employee ownership of businesses and saner definitions and restraints on corporations.

There is no guarantee we won’t experience some serious violence during this crazy and dark time. I expect it to come. We will nevertheless get through it and I think be a better nation for it.

I seriously believe the R. party will be gone, Gone, GONE within a decade if not sooner and the Dem party likely split into three parties.

Let’s take care of ourselves that we might live long enough to see the coming interesting and profound transformations!

Dear Eliseo, thank you for your uplifting post! Truly, I needed that!

Here is Elisabeth Grace’s forecast for the week:


Thank you, Eliseo, for your post.

Given that both September and October are rather critical points of significance, are we anticipating that there will be events of political significance — an October Surprise (or two?) or some exciting Mueller tidbit come to light?

Further — is there a possibility that either the Manafort or Page trials will be concluded or otherwise an assumed sure thing, by this time in the astrological calendar?

Has anyone drawn up a chart for the start of either of these trials, as I think Manafort’s has been scheduled to start near July 31st.

thanks for your responses Teresa, Barbk, and Eliseo!

Steve Bannon, addicted to aggro

This hateful network has even begun to send ‘speakers’ to Aust & NZ recently, much to the disgust of many


I read in a couple of places that the judge in Manafort’s trial had told both parties he was allowing only 3 weeks for the trial. I’m not sure if that includes jury selection and jury deliberation or not. But if it starts on the last day in July, that should have the trial ending the last week or August.

Although, I have to wonder about a last-minute plea bargain. So many cases get set for trial and end up being settled at the last minute. I’ve also read speculation that Manafort may be much more scared of being poisoned by Putin than anything the US justice system can do to him, so … I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see.

Trump certainly seems unusually unhinged on Twitter the last week or so. Imagine how he’ll be during Manafort’s trial.

Protesters Troll Trump Outside White House With Russian Translator, Signs In Russian

https://hillreporter.com/protesters-troll-trump-outside-white-house-with-russian-translator-4215 via @HillReporter

“The CIA and NSA might know, at least in part, what was said during the private summit meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

US Spies May Have Intercepted Trump/Putin Private Meeting Notes

https://hillreporter.com/us-spies-may-have-intercepted-trump-putin-private-meeting-notes-4334 via @HillReporter

George Orwell couldn’t even anticipate the likes of Trump –

Mainline news sources just announced that the US President is now concerned about Russian meddling in the upcoming US, midterm elections….because he says the Russians are trying to elect Democrats!


And in case anyone thinks this is fake news, here’s Trump’s own tweet (07/24/18, at 8:50 AM):

“I’m very concerned that Russia will be fighting very hard to have an impact on the upcoming Election. Based on the fact that no President has been tougher on Russia than me, they will be pushing very hard for the Democrats. They definitely don’t want Trump!”

And over 30% of the country’s population believes that man. It’s Gaslight Nation!

It drives me nuts that the majority of tv journalists do not give a qualifying push back statement when trump supporting guests say ‘he won the election by a large margin.’
He did NOT win the majority of votes counted, and the underhanded influence for those trump votes cast is still in question!!!!!!!!! Why do they constantly fail to push back on that fact?
Yes he was sworn in and therefore is legitimate today, legally, but how he got there is absolutely still debateable. Its all in the phrasing and anti trump people better seriously up their marketing game.

The reason TV “journalists” don’t confront trump supporting guests when they say ‘he won the election by a large margin.’ is really very simple.
If they confront or correct the guest with the truth, the guest will not return for another interview OR may end the interview in a huff. Soon, R’s will avoid that network entirely.

If a news network keeps “losing” Trump supporting guests, they’ll eventually have no one but anti-Trumpers, which will make them look biased. They will then lose advertisers (who are predominantly conservative) plus their more conservative viewers.

It’s a business involving millions of dollars. They are essentially bullied into playing along so they can stay in business. It’s not fair, but unfortunately the way our pseudo-journalistic system works.

Eliseo, I get what you are saying in order to not be confrontational with a guest, but there can be clever non confrontational ways to clarify facts. They also rerun the ‘he won” meme between themselves even when no trumpster is around.
PS – Rachael segment regarding the military and fact scrubbing is chilling.

Here’s a thought; the US Solar Return 2018 happened, coincidentally, at the time transiting Mars (aggression) and transiting Mercury (words) reached the opposition point in their cycle that started in 2017. This cycle always has a lot of resonance with mainstream media and other delivery forms of news, and an opposition implies an attempt to balance the energies opposing one another. It’s part of the US astrological agenda for the year ahead.

When this brief but personal cycle started last year to took 3 conjunctions to get it going, suggesting a rather complex 2 year cycle ahead for Mars and Mercury.

Their 1st conjunction on January 28 was at 15+ Cancer opposite Pluto at 18+ Capricorn (rx) and square Jupiter at 13+ Libra, highlighting the intense pressure on the US natal square between Sun (13+ Cancer) and Saturn (14+ Libra). The Mercury-Mars conjunction was also trine transiting Neptune at 14+ Pisces. The easy path for Mercury-Mars was deception, illusion, fake news.

The 2nd conjunction between Mercury-Mars was on September 3rd (Mercury was rx) at 28+ Leo, the same degree as the total solar eclipse in August. It was also conjunct the ascendant of their chart when set in Washington DC. Mercury and Mars were in a grand trine with Uranus at 28+ Aries (rx) and the Galactic Center (27+ Sagittarius) and retro Pholus.

The last conjunction that initiated their present cycle was on September 16th at 7+ Virgo just 2 degrees from Orcus (an underworld deity similar to Pluto). Saturn in Sagittarius at the time was opposite US natal Mars (+ Trump’s Sun) in Gemini and square US natal Neptune in Virgo. Trans. Jupiter in Libra was opposite trans. Uranus in Aries and T-square US natal Mercury in Cancer.

It was a minefield for the Warrior and the Trickster, this new cycle start; Mercury’s agility would help in dodging some of the mines but Mars would trip some others, creating chaos. Following the path of the Great American Eclipse was a tough agenda in some ways, what with being opposite the US natal Moon in Aquarius while also at the apex of a Yod with trans. Chiron in Pisces sextile US natal Pluto in Capricorn.

In each of the 3 conjunctions Mars and Mercury made though, Neptune was providing cover. In the 1st chart Neptune was opposite the Virgo Moon. In the 2nd chart Neptune was opposite the Virgo Sun. In the 3rd chart Neptune was opposite Mars and Mercury in Virgo. The message couldn’t be, ahem. more clear. The Universe has us blinded to truth and facts for a reason. Perhaps to exhaust us, or to make us dig deeper than ever before.

Perhaps it is even to give us enough “time” (a Saturn thing) to think through all the angles and possibilities of where we want to go and who we want to be when the fog clears. Next year trans. Saturn will make 3 sextiles to trans. Neptune before it conjuncts Pluto. By then we should be ready.

“Expect the August 11 solar eclipse to reveal even more information about the forces at work during that election, and because of the Moon’s placement, also anticipate that what comes to light also affects what occurs in 2020.” Ralfee Finn


“Perhaps it is even to give us enough “time” (a Saturn thing) to think through all the angles and possibilities of where we want to go and who we want to be when the fog clears. Next year trans. Saturn will make 3 sextiles to trans. Neptune before it conjuncts Pluto. By then we should be ready.”


Being in my sixties, I appreciate the Time Lord Saturn. I would also appreciate the return to reality–please come soon!

Reminder: last year John Bolton called the Russian election interference “an act of war.”

Now as national security adviser he puts out an official statement calling investigation of said act of war “witch hunt.”

Susan Glasser on Twitter

You and I and everyone here at SLN is ready Fe, what a grueling experience the last couple of years has been. Alas, there are a number of us (the Masses) who still need more time to adjust (aka awaken) before we can trust our eyes and ears and each other as routine.

I found another contributor to the ongoing chaos, esp. the “mean” factor that – to me – explains the particularly acrid level of government behavior since the election of Trump. On January 1, 2017, trans. Mars was conjunct trans. Neptune at 9+ Pisces, the degree of the US natal Nessus (abuse of power).

US Nessus (9+ Pisces) conjuncts US natal Ceres (grieving mom) at 8+ Pisces and they square the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini.

This Mars-Neptune cycle’s chart also has Saturn (21+ Sagittarius) conjunct Trump’s Moon, opposite US Mars (21+ Gemini) and Trump’s Sun (22+ Gemini), squared by Chiron (21+ Pisces) who opposes US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo. This appears to be the nexus of the Southern Border policy of the separation of refugees/migrants and their children.

It appears to me this cycle’s purpose – in large part – was to raise awareness of which values matter to the citizens of the USA. This cycle will end on December 7, 2018, the anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day, a day which will live in infamy.

On December 7, 2018, there is also a New Moon at 15+ Sagittarius (conjunct the Great Attractor, 14+ Sagittarius) near the US natal chart ascendant (12+ Sagittarius), that will square the Mars-Neptune conjunction at 13+ Pisces and be part of its new 2 year cycle. We can certainly investigate this later in the Fall.

9 conservative house members just introduced articles of impeachment for Rosenstein
“Cleanup on aisle trump” indeed.

Raye Robertson latest: eclipse connections

All you Intuitives:
Are any of you feeling anything strange today? I’m feeling something oddly and compellingly “stinky” today, but don’t know what it is.


Mercury retrograde today – very unstable everything.

Also moon waxing to full soon.

By: kiwi on July 25th, 2018 at 8:16 pm

“9 conservative house members just introduced articles of impeachment for Rosenstein”

The order very likely came from the main rat. This act says to me his fear is palpable to him and that the end game is near. If you want one of his hats better order it soon.

Better get 2 in case you lose one when in your cups or somebody steals one.

Bob, I just saw a photo of ‘trump 2020 – Keep America great’ banners being sewn in …wait for it …. china.

So how does Rosenstein’s chart look now? It was pretty hair a while back for this period, I think.

My friend was in a restaurant tonight and the female server had a type of seizure or fit. She tried to comfort her but found it very disturbing, kind of like something out of the Exorcist. There was an EMT eating at the restaurant and they called 911. He thought it due to some synthetic trendy drug that’s common now as he has seen this before. My friend is a SWer and therapist and she was freaked out. Maybe it’s related to the heavy-duty aspects coming up for Friday?

Rosenstein should be fine. I’m on my iPad, which makes it harder to grab links and paste them, but there’s a diary at DailyKos that says the impeachment articles were filed in such a way as to not force a vote on them, so they’lljust Sit there for show, and Congress is going on a long recess.

Thanks Will.
Although obvious, I had forgotten we are going into mercury retrograde. I’m getting the feeling some major behind the scenes move, decision or agreement was made today which will be highly disapproved of by majorities.

Also, strange very lucid dreams last night about the nature of subjective vs. objective and Synesthetic Imagination.

Did you see that the green MAGA hats spanky is bringing to the farmers in the Midwest were made in China (of course) and that the Chinese think a green hat means someone is a cuckold.
Rosie (Tarot Politics) sez: no-no-no Rosenstein will not be impeached, period, stop asking already.

fierywoman, that’s what Linda the Comanche Psychic said too.


Yay You! Baci!

Trump has had business plans with Putin for awhile. Raye Robertson (Diary of a Mundane Astrologer) has a deeper look at just what Putin and Trump are attempting to create and why Trump is pulling out of the international trade agreements to establish separate trade deals and tariffs. This makes a great deal of sense in light of Trump’s and Putin’s antics. Problem is the Mueller investigation, the pesky press, and unhappy voters.

Thanks for the link, Kiwi.

Eliseo, I’ve been unplugging purposefully to in order to quell a sense of unease. I could point to all the lies being perpetuated, but my unrest seems to center on a growing inhumanity, the loud voices that perpetuate a myth that purposefully pits human against human. The degradation of the planet we share and inability to break our addiction to earth’s resources. Every day seems to be a death defying act of civility.

Eliseo, FWIW – I had a very ‘wierd’ vision/feeling while in a group meditation earlier in the week. It was like this dance between good and evil, light and dark force essence/beings. That there was some age old ‘agreement’ between them that every so often the evil could prevail in order to bring forth more good in humanity – in other words, the struggle is needed for human development to appreciate and grow and shine their focus toward improving good. Sort of like the pearl in the oyster theory – that damned grain of sand.

“This country needs to send a very clear message on this issue: Without exception, if you commit a serious crime while in office, you go to jail – period.”


(Off Topic)….I have a question:
Jupiter is just about to hit my Rising Sign 14 Scorpio.
It’s also aspecting Venus, Neptune and Pluto.
Could anyone tell me it this is auspicious?


kiwi – Your recent vision feels to me like an internal reflection of what’s currently going on in the outer-world.

Maybe we’re in a time when, as a species, more than a few people might be ready to successfully balance light and dark; and that we’re now all being given the rare chance to open to this universal union?


When Jupiter is making angles to my ascendant, I tend to have a considerable increase in appetite and weight gain. I don’t mind it much. If that feels auspicious to you, enjoy yourself!

It is certainly true that our species needs those “grains of sand” to avoid stasis and continue developing. It might be argued (maybe) that we’ve been provided with increasingly difficult challenges to overcome through history for that purpose. Maybe, maybe what we now see as extraordinarily difficult and onerous politically will be seen as elementary in our future. I hope so.

As the Donald & Company go about undermining and destroying the post WWII world order, maybe we need to be thinking about what might work even better, what we might replace it with, thinking about how a post-Donald world might work best. A problem of course is DJT might stumble the world into a world war in the meantime.

Don’t know what to make of this. Anyone else have an idea?…….

US Preparing To Bomb Iran’s Nuclear Capabilities As Soon As Next Month: Report

July 26, 2018

As the White House convenes a policy meeting on Iran Thursday involving senior Pentagon officials and cabinet advisers under national security adviser John Bolton, and after a week of intense saber-rattling by President Donald Trump and his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani, a new bombshell report by Australia’s ABC says the White House is drawing up plans to strike Iran’s alleged nuclear facilities as early as next month.

Senior figures in the Australia’s Turnbull government have told the ABC they believe the US is prepared to bomb Iran’s nuclear capability. The bombing could be as early as next month. —ABC report

Crucially, Australia is part of the so-called “Five Eyes” global intelligence partners which includes the US, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, and plays in a key role in hosting top-secret facilities that guide American spy satellites.

According to the breaking report, ABC [Australian Broadcasting Corporation] has learned the following based on statements of key senior defense and intelligence officials:



If the above reports prove to be true one has to wonder if John Bolton is the main instigator behind it. It plays right into Trump’s hands for obfuscation in the Mueller probe (the Wag The Dog scenario)…….

Trump’s New Top Security Adviser Wants To Bomb Iran And Tear Up The Nuclear Deal

Business Insider
March 23, 2018

* Former US ambassador to the UN and noted foreign policy hawk John Bolton has been selected by President Donald Trump to become his newest national security advisor.

* Bolton has expressed extremely hawkish views on Iran, including advocating for direct military action against the country and the tearing up of the nuclear deal on multiple occasions.

* Because of his hawkish views, some consider Bolton’s appointment a betrayal of Trump’s base, since he campaigned on a platform of non-intervention.



The logical window for a potential attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities if it were to occur in August could be the August 11, 2018 solar eclipse (18 Aquarius). The eclipse would be in trine to Iran’s natal Pluto (18 Libra) and in square to Iran’s natal Uranus (20 Scorpio).

Here is the April 1, ’79 chart for Iran with accompanying article published in July 2009 by Gary Brand…..

Is Revolution Brewing In Iran?


What is the primary cause of escalating tensions between Tehran and Washington? The first wave of US sanctions is set to be re-imposed by the US on August 6th…….

Iran Threatens To Block Strait of Hormuz Over US Oil Sanctions

President signals Tehran could disrupt shipments, prompting warning from US military

The Guardian
July 5, 2018

A potential confrontation between the US and Iran is brewing in the Strait of Hormuz after Tehran threatened to block the Gulf passageway in retaliation for Washington’s looming sanctions against Iranian oil exports – a threat the US military said would be immediately countered.



Iran Sanctions – August Deadline

Ship Law Log
July 24, 2018

On 8 May 2018, President Trump announced that the United States would withdraw from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (“JCPOA”). In conjunction with that announcement, the President issued a National Security Presidential Memorandum (“NSPM”) directing the re-imposition of certain secondary sanctions, being those that apply to non-US persons even where there is no US nexus. Depending on the economic sector targeted, the particular sanction will be imposed either 90 or 180 days after the President’s announcement (6 August and 5 November, respectively).

Implementation of the first batch of sanctions is rapidly approaching. On 6 August, the United States will re-impose the following secondary sanctions that were lifted as part of the JCPOA:

*Sanctions on the purchase or acquisition of U.S. dollar banknotes by the Government of Iran;

*Sanctions on Iran’s trade in gold or precious metals;

*Sanctions on the direct and indirect sale, supply, or transfer to or from Iran of graphite, raw or semi-finished metals such as aluminium and steel, and software for integrating industrial processes;

*Sanctions on significant transactions related to the purchase or sale of Iranian rials, or the maintenance of significant funds or accounts outside the territory of Iran denominated in Iranian rials;

* Sanctions on the purchase, subscription to, or facilitation of the issuance of sovereign debt; and

* Sanctions on Iran’s automotive sector.



Typo from the 5:38 pm post. Read instead:

August 11, 2018 solar eclipse (18 LEO). The eclipse will be in SEXTILE to Iran’s natal Pluto (18 Libra) square to Iran’s natal Uranus (20 Scorpio) and in close quincunx to tr. Pluto (19 Capricorn).

Unfortunately, and no one know, this could be the cause of the sadness that Nancy saw us experiencing this summer. I hope it isn’t true. From what I remember, some of Iran’s facilities are so deep into the mountains and underground that they would be hard to reach, even with bunker busting bombs, but the whole thought is so terrifying. At the same time (and I don’t think attacking Iran is the answer), I am not so sure Iran hasn’t been secretly working on their nuclear capability and probably have a nuclear bomb already. Separately, late Aug. is prime hurricane season and I always hold my breath a little until mid-Sept., and we also have those horrible wildfires that are not yet under control.

Zero Hedge is a Bulgarian based pro Russia site with a high level conspiracy theory dissemination record. Probably best to not take what they say seriously even if Jerry chooses to go trolling here.

kiwi, Dean W., Eliseo,

Really good and interesting thoughts/ideas. (I love it when the conversation takes this turn.)

Messages that came years ago (and still come):

In this duality realm, the light exposes and brings out the darkness, so that it can be healed. There is a great deal of light coming here at this time, therefore more darkness is being exposed.

Earth is a free-will realm and we are learning about creative power. We can choose in what manner we want to create (through love or not-love). What we focus our energy on is what (and how) we create.

The light is so much more powerful; a good outcome is inevitable, eventually. In the meantime, we work on what we can purely have influence over, making that creative choice for good, from within.

Happy Lunar Eclipse, everyone. I am grateful for this forum to express the truth of one’s being and witness that of others.

Hello, community. I hope it’s OK to post here. I just have a question: Are there any indications that the popular-vote-loser in the WH will continue with this negative streak through the mid-term elections? I mean, one has to admit that the past couple of months have been pretty brutal. I read on a separate website that he will be experiencing a reprieve from Oct to December, which sort of wigs me out. Just wondering. Any insight would be appreciated.

lightcolorfire: The light is very powerful; but down here on this dense Earth plane, material expression and personality desires are a little more powerful until more souls take the light initiations and become Soul infused personalities. We are on our way. And that tide will certainly come in.

What might be thought of by some as the witching hour . . . has arrived; a lunar eclipse accompanied by Mars retrograde, all at the start of the path to the Lion’s Gate (exact on August 8th).

The Aquarius (betterment of mankind) Moon that was just eclipsed has in its chart a grand trine between Mercury (23+ Leo), Vesta (22+ Sagittarius rx) and Eris (24+ Aries rx).

This non-stop ring-of-fire energy will help us shed what the transiting South Node (+ the US natal Aquarius South Node + the US natal Pholus) conjunct eclipsed Moon, conjunct Mars retro are prevailing on us to do . .

. . Let go of our dependence on old beliefs, theories, fears, systems, rules, attitudes, and begin to create (via Leo North Node) new systems not rigid with age. It is Time (Saturn in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus, but square Chiron in Aries) to boldly go where we’ve never gone before.

It is this Age of Aquarius that is now ready to be seeded (eclipsed moon chart’s Ceres in Virgo trine Juno in Taurus while also sextile Jupiter in Scorpio who opposes Juno) with new ideas and new energy. Feel free to explore the possibilities, while chaos rules the present and the old rules of law and etiquette hold little sway.

This grand trine which Eris (who squares US Mercury, aka media – social and mainstream) makes with Vesta (a sense of permanence) and Mercury (fluidity) begs to be heard by both the powerful and the powerless as a call for equality (US Juno opposite US Chiron).

Read about the Lions Gate portal (if you aren’t already familiar with it) here:


Dear Will, Thank’s for your input.
And Thank you, Barbk…
Nataliakuna has Amazingly kind spiritual enengy.
Pray for Iran Peace.

In yesterday’s grand trine (part of the lunar eclipse chart), Eris (discord) squares US natal Mercury and Cohen’s natal Jupiter, both at 24+ Cancer. Eris is trine retrograde Vesta at 22+ Sagittarius which opposes Trump’s natal Sun at 22+ Gemini. Vesta stations direct on August 1st in the same degree, 22+ Sagittarius. Eris and Vesta were trine Mercury the Messenger in Leo in the eclipse chart, and eclipses have a long shelf life.

On August 1st the Sun will conjunct Mueller’s Pluto at 8+ Leo that sextiles the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini. This sextile between Sun/Mueller’s Pluto and US Uranus forms a Yod with transiting centaur Hylonome at 8+ Capricorn, the same degree where transiting Saturn and Mars made a conjunction in April, opposite Trump’s Mercury at 8+ Cancer.

Hylonome symbolizes a process of recovering from grief over losing a loved one. Trans. Hylonome is in the position of this Yod (that includes Mueller’s Pluto sextile US Uranus) which must adjust to uncomfortable circumstances.

Part of that discomfort stems from being in the degree of the Saturn-Mars conjunction in April (the start of a 2+ year cycle between them) that opposed Trump’s Mercury (tapes of Trump and Cohen).

Since Eris symbolizes discord and trans. Eris squares Cowen’s Jupiter (conjunct US Mercury) at the same time she trines trans. Vesta (focus) opposite Trump’s Sun, and Vesta will station direct on August 1st . .

. . I think it’s safe to say that on August 1st the Sun + Mueller’s Pluto (that sextile US Uranus) will probably benefit from trans. Hylonome sitting on the degree of the start of the Saturn-Mars cycle that opposes Trump’s Mercury (no longer secret tapes).

I believe Hylonome represents (in this case) how Cohen feels over the loss of his relationship with Trump, and by giving (uncomfortable) evidence to back up the confiscated material taken from his office, etc. in April (just days after the Mars-Saturn conjunction opposite Trump’s Mercury) it will help him recover from his grief.

We can thank transiting Eris and Vesta and Hylonome if this comes to pass, but in a larger context it is the Neptune-Pluto conjunction that is behind this unfolding picture.

The Neptune-Pluto cycle started at 8+Gemini, conjunct US Uranus. They were sextile Mars and Chiron at 8+ Leo, which conjuncts Mueller’s Pluto.

The Neptune-Pluto sextile Mars-Chiron formed a Yod to Hybris (hubris) at that time which was at 8+ Capricorn, where Saturn and Mars were at the time Cohen’s files were seized – and where Hylonome is now, and will be when trans Vesta (who is now in a grand trine with trans Eris and trans. Mercury) stations direct on August 1st.

At least that’s how I read it.

For a laugh, here’s a link to a group of visual-media professionals who cleverly poke fun at public figures. If you haven’t yet heard of them, the name of the group is, Bad Lip Reading.

They take real news-clips, and comically replace the words that people say – to hilarious effect!

I think the one where they re-dub Mr. Trump’s Inauguration is one of their funniest videos – and it’s received over 39-million views; also, the one where he meets Mr. Kim, is also pretty amusing.

Here’s the YouTube link, if you’d like a giggle or two:


Hi Arbo,

The original news source is ABC News (Australia Broadcasting Corporation). Zerohedge merely picked up the story. They provided a link to the original source. Nothing sinister or conspiratorial about it as you were suggesting. Here’s the article…..

Donald Trump Could Be Ready To Order A Strike Against Iran, Australian Government Figures Say

ABC News
July 27, 2018

Senior figures in the Turnbull Government have told ABC they believe the United States is prepared to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities, perhaps as early as next month, and that Australia is poised to help identify possible targets.

It comes amid intense sabre-rattling by US President Donald Trump and his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani.

The ABC has been told Australian defence facilities would likely play a role in identifying targets in Iran, as would British intelligence agencies.



Thank you Nancy. You’ve reminded me that Stockdale was always too smart for the room…

Thank you, Starlight. for the two thoughtful articles. This nightmare will end before the end of the Insane President’s current term.

Looking ahead to 11/4/2020, the stars lol really good for Sen. Cory Booker and because Uranus is conjuncting his natal Sun I’d say he’s looking at a higher office like VP or an important committee seat or cabinet position. Because his natal chart lacks contact with the Sibley chart’s Moon (the people) I’m reluctant to say Prez.

To my mind he’s an more incrementalist than change agent but maybe slow and steady rather than wrecking ball is what the nation needs. I was disappointed in his vote last year favoring Pharma over allowing drug imports, NJ has a very strong Pharma industry and no doubt he is tied to them.

I’ve looked at many possibilities and so far his is the only one that stands out over the election, also his solar arcs look really good too.

I’d like to also add that I’m more dabbler and less pro when it comes to astrology, so take this all with a big grain of salt 🙂

Yesterday was the lunar eclipse>

news outlets had a photo somebody captured at Reagan International Airport showing Mueller and Donald Trump Jr >

Bob Mueller is closer to foreground as he sits quietly reading a newspaper and Donald Trump Jr is in the back, on line to board while he’s talking on the phone sandwiched between two secret service agents.

Bob Mueller is dressed professionally in a suit with collar open while Jr is wearing a polo shirt, jeans and baseball cap.

Some history.

Obama never raised taxes. He was the largest tax-cutter in presidential history cutting $654 billion in 2 years alone (2011 and 2012). In 2012 Romney admitted Obama didn’t raise taxes. Obama consistently cut taxes, he didn’t raise them. And he turned the economy around in spite of the most obstruction faced by any president in history – the second “Do nothing Congress”.

Taxes: What people forget about Reagan
By Jeanne Sahadi, senior writer September 12, 2010: 8:21 AM ET

What large tax cuts that mostly benefit the well off have rendered.

On August 13, 1981, Reagan signed the Economic Recovery Tax Act but then in 5 of his eight years in office raised income taxes (1982, 1984, 1985, 1986 and 1987). He raised taxes 11 times. His 1981 tax cut contributed to unemployment rising above 10 percent in 1982 and 1983. When he left office he had tripled the Gross Federal Debt from $900 billion to $2.7 trillion. Ford and Carter combined only doubled it. It took 31 years to see the first postwar debt tripling, Reagan did it in just eight.

Tax historian Joseph Thorndike said 2 bills passed in 1982 and 1984 together “constituted the biggest tax increase ever enacted during peacetime.” The U.S. went from being the world’s largest international creditor to the world’s largest debtor nation under Reagan’s leadership.

Trump signed $1.5 trillion tax cut December 22, 2017.

Saturn will transit tRump’s inauguration Pluto 3 times in 2019. It will also oppose Sibly Sun once, square Sibly Saturn 3 times and oppose Sibly Jupiter times in that year. While tRump will reap what he has sown we will too.

Well, here is another contender, but I don’t know if I can see him being success….still, I admire him for wanting to do it..


On the day Cohen’s files were seized, April 9th, the transiting Moon was 3 to 4 degrees of Aquarius, the same degrees that yesterday’s eclipsed Moon and Mars were in.

Cohen’s birth chart for 12 Noon has Moon at 2 Capricorn 18, but if he was born earlier that day (and I think he was) his Moon would be at 1+ Capricorn and that’s the degree where Pholus (small cause, huge result) was on the day transiting Mars was conjunct Saturn, April 2nd, as well as on the day Cohen’s files were seized one week later.

Cohen birth chart then has a connection to the Mars-Saturn cycle and to the astrology of the raid on his office and homes. His Moon.

Chiron was also conjunct Vesta on 4/2 (0+ Cap) and on 4/9 (1+ Cap) and she symbolizes what one is invested in.

The Aquarius lunar eclipse yesterday then has at least one connection to the day Cohen’s office and homes were raided (the Aquarius Moons). The day the Cohen raid took place (4/9) also had Jupiter (21+ Scorpio rx) sextile Pluto (21+ Capricorn) that put US Mars (21+ Gemini) and Trump’s Sun 22+ Gemini) at the apex of a Yod (causing discomfort resulting in shifting);

and likewise, the Mars-Saturn conjunction on 4/2 (which started their 2+ year cycle), a week before the raid, also had that same sextile forming a Yod to US Mars and Trump’s Sun.

This obviously connects the Mars-Saturn conjunction to the Cohen raid as well as connecting to Cohen’s birth chart (Pholus conjunct natal Moon), and those connections to US natal chart’s Mars and Trump’s natal Sun.

The Mars-Saturn conjunction chart also connects to yesterdays lunar eclipse in that the Mars-Saturn chart’s Venus was at 3+ Taurus which is one degree from where Uranus was yesterday and both Venus (in the Saturn-Mars chart) and Uranus (in the lunar eclipse chart) were trine yesterday’s trans. retrograde Saturn at 3+ Capricorn. This is only 2 degrees from where Pholus and Vesta were at the time of the Cohen raid.

Other important points to know about 3+ Taurus is that:
1. Chiron was discovered at 3+ Taurus and Chiron heals
2. When Uranus was discovered, Chiron was at 3+ Taurus
3. Uranus will retrograde before reaching 3+ Taurus but will get there on May 1st, 2019. Mueller investigation fans take note. Transiting Saturn (endings) will be at 20+ Capricorn, conjunct transiting South Node (release) and Mueller’s natal Pholus (small cause, big effect).

Recently I had the urge to pull out and re-read a book I read in the mid 80’s – “In God’s Name” by David Yallop an English investigative journalist, about his delving into the untimely death of Pope John Paul I in 1978, just 33 days after his election.
It outlines events and connections between Church ‘players,’ church policy, Vatican bank, US politics, and mafia through the years. Reading the text again with today’s political climate in mind, it seems to me that this track of thinking might explain today’s blending of politics, ‘church’ control, and dirty money we are dealing with in global trump world. My long held belief ‘the mafia has gone white collar’ continues to be strengthened.
Then just now I see this article with Putin embracing the church in Russia, and his reference to the church as foundation back to the formation of russia – certainly food for thought imo.

Sharon, Holder is my pick to become the next US President. Astrologically his Mars in Aquarius is 2 degrees from the US Moon, a seeming prerequisite (aspects to the US Moon) for a President.

His natal Sun at 0+ Aquarius will conjunct the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, a new 20 year cycle start.

Eric’s Cancer Moon is likely conjunct the US natal Sun. Maybe we will get an exact time for his birth (Jan. 21, 1951, Bronx, NY)

Although he has challenges in his chart – his Jupiter will conjunct Ceres in the 2020 Jupiter-
Saturn chart but is square US natal Uranus, for one. However, his natal Saturn conjuncts the US natal chart MC; very stabilizing.

Very interesting articles, Nancy, Thank You!
I’ll send these on to our local San Francisco Female Radio Talk-Host. Pat Thurston is the only American Liberal Radio Talk-Host speaking for us.

She will be on live tonight at 7pm PST. (And also tomorrow evening)
If interested, check her program tonight:

The reason the RightWing is so misinformed is because they have huge money backing their many outlets like FOX and Bretbart and numerous Talk Show Hosts filling them with total misinformation.
Sadly, too many American’s never hear the other ‘Liberal’ side of American’s Political Story!

Unusual dream last night:
I dreamed Mr. Trump insisted on going to the moon. It was a way of showing off his wealth and I suppose he wanted to be the 13th man to walk on the lunar surface. It was an integral part of his egomania.

That’s funny, Eliseo.

Frank Bruni from the nyt’s:


Eric Holder was on Colbert this week, and I thought he was really impressive. Obviously really smart, confident and plain-spoken. He was so good at talking about what’s going on with Trump in a way that was easy to understand, belittling and so cutting, all while being calm and sounding classy.

I think it’s so hard to find the right tone to use in responding to Republican lies. Not too angry, direct, cutting. I think Holder has it.

If a 3° orb is allowed some of the following aspects to tRump’s chart have been in effect at various times (most of the time) since January 2018 and some will be every day going forward from now into January 2019 (5 1/2 months).

The following are exact dates of maturation but if an orb is allowed every day has at least 1 in effect.

November 7 Saturn square natal Neptune in RA 275°57′

November 11 Saturn square natal Neptune in Long 5°51′ Cap-Lib

November 18 Saturn square progressed Neptune in RA 277°03′

November 23 Saturn square progressed Neptune in Long 7°03′ Cap-Lib

December 11 Saturn square progressed Mars in RA 279°48′

December 24 Saturn square progressed Mars in Long 10°32′ Cap-Lib

The 2017 Inaugural precessed solar return for 2019 has the total lunar eclipse on it’s MC/IC axis; it’s Nadir at 293°25′, Pluto at 293°01′, and Sun/Saturn midpoint at 293°59′. Transit Saturn will be on return Pluto December 31, 2019; the Nadir on January 3, 2020 (for a new Congress); and the return’s Sun/Saturn midpoint January 7, 2020 (just in time for the 3 piper’s [Sun, Saturn and Pluto] transit in opposition to tRump’s natal Saturn on January 13, 2020).

Who will reign next?

Vice President
Speaker of the House
Senate President Pro Tempore
Secretary of State
Secretary of the Treasury
Secretary of Defense
Attorney General

Barbk, Holder’s progressed Pluto conjunctions his natal Mars over the 2020 election, and as you pointed out, that natal Mars also conjuncts the Sibley Moon. Interesting stuff. I looked at his transits for 11/4/2020 and to my eyes I’m not seeing much that is remarkable. That said, I’m more of a student to all of this and trying to learn. Would you please talk to his transits for the election? Also have you looked at Cory Booker’s chart because from my perspective he looks pretty good during that time. He has no contacts with Sibley Moon though, but I was thinking VP. Wondering what you think? Thanks!

What about Kirsten Gillbrand, 12-9-1966


Ja, from what I can tell, her transits for 11/7/2018 are unremarkable which may mean she stays where she is?? but her progressed Mercury, Saturn and Neptune are all about to contact her North Node which seems important to me but I don’t know what it suggests. And that follows Uranus contact with her NN which fades by election time.
I’ll look up who she’s running against to try and glean more.

Pam Gregory’s new video on the August 11th solar eclipse is up. Inspirational, informative, and encouraging from a soul growth perspective as well as personality growth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ti04JPhBJlg

Her July 27th lunar eclipse video still resonates.

Ja, Chele Farley, the R challenging Kirsten Gillibrand has Jupiter trining his natal Jupiter shortly after the midterms and Venus square his Venus right before… I’m very sorry but it doesn’t look good for her.

Chele Farley is a woman, not a man, my bad, sorry.

Hi Frank, Eric Holder’s best shot to get on the Democrat ticket, IMO, will be putting children’s issues, the ecology and women’s rights out front.

His natal Ceres at 28+ Capricorn conjuncts the US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn. His natal Jupiter conjuncts the US natal Ceres at 8+ Pisces, squaring US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini. Time for a breakthrough.

Along with his Moon conjunct the US natal Sun in Cancer and his natal Mars just 2 degrees from the US Aquarius Moon, shows that Eric has an affinity with and for the sensitivities of the US general public.

That said, on November 4, 2020, transiting Saturn at 26+ Capricorn, one degree from the US natal Pluto and 2 degrees from Eric’s natal Ceres could be the determining influence on many serious-minded voters.

Transiting Mercury in Libra will square transiting Saturn. This might be saying there will be those who will challenge the whole voting process and government power, or they fight the notion of women in Congress. Or it might be raining.

Transiting Ceres (environment, children, women) on that day at 29+ Aquarius will conjunct Eric Holder’s natal Mars, just 2 degrees from US natal Moon. And now you tell me his progressed Pluto is there too!

The transiting Moon in late degrees of Gemini most of the day encourages voter turnout and will trine transiting Mercury (voting) and transiting Ceres at some point. We will have a lot to get through between now and then to see if Eric Holder even makes the cut but it looks quite possible, to me anyway.

Trump will attack any woman he perceives as believing she’s strong and powerful. It’s just who he is.

And Teresa, They will never allow a Woman President!
Because “The Rich Men are all in charge”

If you’re interested is watching a stunning video on this lazy Sunday…this will make you realize maybe all we really have are prayers for an Honorable Leader:
(They say Joe Biden with be our next President).
“JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick”

Thanks, Frank.

barbk, I would be so happy if Eric Holder won.

Both the Politico and The Nation articles you posted links to were superb. I’ve sent them on to several others. Thank You!

Trump Rails Against Mueller In Sunday Tweetstorm

July 29, 2018

Washington (CNN) President Donald Trump fired off a series of tweets on Sunday lashing out at the special counsel investigation led by former FBI Director Robert Mueller.

In the tweets, Trump largely resurfaced previous issues he has with the investigation, claiming Mueller personally has conflicts of interest — including a “contentious business relationship” — that should preclude him from running the investigation, accusing Mueller of bringing on too many Democratic investigators, and making a false claim about the origin of the Russia investigation.



The last time Trump went ballistic over Mueller and threatened to fire Mueller was back in June 2017, when his then acting White House Counsel Donald F. McGahn II managed to intervene……

Trump Ordered Mueller Fired, but Backed Off When White House Counsel Threatened to Quit

NY Times
January 25, 2018

WASHINGTON — President Trump ordered the firing last June of Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel overseeing the Russia investigation, according to four people told of the matter, but ultimately backed down after the White House counsel threatened to resign rather than carry out the directive.

The West Wing confrontation marks the first time Mr. Trump is known to have tried to fire the special counsel. Mr. Mueller learned about the episode in recent months as his investigators interviewed current and former senior White House officials in his inquiry into whether the president obstructed justice.

Astrologer Jude Cowell draws some interesting parallels and connections between the May 17, 2017 chart when Special Counsel Robert Mueller had been appointed to oversee the Russian investigation and that of the upcoming August 11, 2018 solar eclipse. Here’s the article:

Robert Mueller appointed May 17, 2017 – w (Aug 11th) 2018 Eclipse


Leading up to the eclipse I couldn’t help but notice the August 9th Moon-Mars opposition at 0 Aquarius-Leo (incidentally black moon lillith is right on that 0 Aquarius Mars degree). This Mars-Moon opposition will conjoin the US Inaugural Sun (0 Aquarius) in square to tr. Uranus (2 Taurus).

Will Trump lash out and try to fire Mueller during the August US Congress recess (recess begins August 6th)? There had been concern expressed in the past that this would present a window of opportunity for Trump…….

Russia probe: Democrats Fear Trump Will Fire Mueller While Congress Is On Two-Week Break

USA Today
March 22, 2018

WASHINGTON — House Democrats said Thursday they fear President Trump will take action during the two-week congressional recess to fire special counsel Robert Mueller or otherwise derail the Russia investigation.

Trump’s escalating verbal attacks against Mueller are stirring speculation on Capitol Hill that Trump could use the recess to fire Mueller or fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and replace them with people who would either dismiss the special prosecutor or undermine his investigation.


Rather than speculate on Holder or others for the next president, why not take a look at the next inauguration chart on January 20, 2021, 12:00 noon and see who out there on the list of possibilities clicks best (or worst) with that chart?

Unless something happens to change the time of the swearing in, it will be a very interesting event indeed.
Moon void of course in the 12th, Lilith on the ascendant.
4 planets in Aquarius including Jupiter, Saturn & Sun in the 10th and Mercury in the 11th.
Pluto in Capricorn on the cusp of the 10th (from the 9th house).
With those planets, it is unlikely to be a female person.
Neptune/ Ceres /Mercury conjunct at 18 degrees Pisces /Aquarius.
Mars conjunct Uranus in Taurus in the 12th.
No planets below the horizon, 14 Taurus on the ascendant/ 14 Scorpio on the descendant, Sun at 0 Aquarius.

Some chart that is! A forceful president indicated – or at least a strongly backed president – with the Sun flanked by Saturn (Aquarius) and Pluto (in Capricorn) – 6 planets in fixed signs, 3 cardinal and 1 mutable. But not too much in touch with the masses, perhaps, with Moon void in the hidden 12th – it rules the house of the homeland (4th /Cancer) from that obscure house.

Find somebody to fit that wild picture and you might identify a winning candidate and party to match! Could be somebody surprising, with Uranus and Mars rising – maybe someone with a military background.

It’s not likely to be Trump because of his age and general unpopularity (even the Koch Bros. are starting to see him as a problem). Also because the connections between his chart and the inauguration are mostly negative ones (lots of squares), which are huge obstacles for him to be overcome.

However, Trump’s natal ascendant and Mars are trine the inaugural (void) Moon at 29 Aries and Trump’s natal midheaven at 24 Taurus is trine the inaugural Pluto at 24 Capricorn. That is worrisome for anti-Trump people, but it may merely reflect the fact that he survived 4 years and will still be as much the centre of attention as the ‘new’ president would be.

The inaugural void Moon in the 12th is intriguing – it is at 29 Aries 03′, less than a minute off exact aspects to Trump’s natal ascendant and Mars. Will that mean that Trump’s bid for #46 will come to nothing (as per the void aspect)? Might all those fixed planets mean the outcome will have been determined (and be obvious to all) well in advance, possibly from behind the scenes (12th)? The inaugural Chiron at 5 Aries is in exact opposition to Trump’s Neptune in Libra in his 2nd.

I’d say it will be Trump’s swan song that January day, but who the new Pres. will be may be a “black swan event”, i.e. a previously unknown person for a candidate(?). Much as I like Biden, I don’t think it will be him. There is nothing very Uranian about him at his age – he is very much known – he doesn’t suit that inaugural Aquarius Sun.

Elon Musk? Aquarius at MC in the inaugural chart and Uranus rising, conjunct Mars. Supported by Hillary or Elizabeth? Venus is widely conjunct Pluto in the 9th. Lots of buzz in the news – Neptune (media), Ceres (women) and Mercury (media again) are in the 11th of political associates. Just a guess…… 🙂

Naaah – Musk wasn’t born in the US….somebody else!

Very Interesting. Thanks!
My intuition has been telling me it will be as you suggested, someone previously unknown. But I also have wondered if perhaps like Post-Nixon we will have a Post-Trump caretaker president for a term before all the astrological “fireworks” of 2018, … perhaps some unusual person acceptable to both sides of the political chasm?

Barbk, thank you; and I have to say that I’m loving your interpretation for voting patterns! This student learns so much from you and others here!

Beowolfie, thank you for your terrific work on the 2021 inaugural chart. I don’t know what this means but Trump’s North Node conjuncts the inaugural North Node. Given his other aspects to the chart and the VOC Moon, I’m wondering if, gods forbid! he’s re elected and then removed?

Thank you, Beowolfie,
What do you see for the midterms?

On another note, here is Newscope:

Thank YOU Frank, we ALL learn so much from each other; that’s what it’s all about. I must say that was quite a catch you made re: the North Node on Inauguration Day conjunct Trump’s North Node. Note too that the transiting North and South nodes are T-squared by transiting Neptune that day.

Curious, I traced the transiting NN back to when it was conjunct the US natal Mars (21+ Gemini) and square US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo) – both of which took place in October, 2020, around the same time transiting retrograde Mars in his own sign Aries was making his 2nd of 3 squares to transiting Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.

I ‘reckon this will probably signal the famous October Surprise that takes place in many election years.

It was prominent in last summers headlines and now is eerily similar to the concerns being expressed in Washington today…..

Will Trump Use The August Recess To Fire Sessions And Mueller? It Might Be The Best Thing He Could Do For The Country

If Trump fires both his attorney general and the special counsel before summer’s end, it could end his presidency

July 28, 2017


If you need a laugh about politics, check out this post on my Facebook page about the candidate who believes in Bigfoot.


Lachesis meets Sedna at 27+ Taurus today.

Mythology tells us Lachesis was one of the three Fates (her sisters were Klotho and Atropos) and she’s the sister who determines the twists and turns and the length of Fate; aka the thread (of life).

In mythology Sedna, a nonconformist, became the goddess of the sea and the life within it, after her father, in fear of his own life, knocked her out of the boat they were escaping in and she drowned.

Transiting Sedna (a Scattered Disk Object) and Lachesis (an asteroid) at 27+ Taurus are square US natal Moon (and Trump’s natal Ophelia [madness] and natal “House” [of Reps?], both asteroids), at 27+ Aquarius, and trine US natal Pluto and Mueller’s natal South Node (been there, done that) at 27+ Capricorn.

This conjunction of Sedna and Lachesis might just be signalling something that relates to the Mueller investigation; a portion of which has possibly been decided (Lachesis) thanks to Cohen’s sense of being thrown overboard (Sedna). Just a feeling.

ja, the midterms are a mixed bag and I wouldn’t venture a definite opinion how the midterms will go. Clearly it will be a referendum on Trump, but what does that say in these crazy times? Running a chart for 11pm, Nov 6, 2018, Washington DC, there are big challenges to Trump’s chart and a few benefits too.

Notably, the midterms transiting Saturn at 5 Capricorn (the rules, the realities) will be square to Trump’s Neptune (illusions, lies) in his 2nd of personal finances – the ‘dream’ hits reality and accountability. Suspicions about the money trail are ongoing via Mueller in any case, and the Capricorn Saturn could be viewed as the business sector, but interestingly it aspects Trump from the 5th of speculation/children. So, maybe Trump will be hit harder by the $ impact on exports and the separated children (5th) than by the Mueller investigation. In fact, the Saturn aspect to Trump’s Neptune at 5-51 Libra Rx won’t be exact until 2 days AFTER the elections. Possibly, Mueller will hold off doing anything radical until after the elections in order to avoid influencing the outcome.

Also the midterm Mars in Aquarius comes at Trump from his 6th house of health, which opposes T’s natal Mars on his ascendant in Leo. Could he have some health problems at that time? Mars is in the 7th of the midterm chart, so Trump will get lots of criticism whether it affects his health or not.

Also, the midterm Mars squares Trump’s midheaven at 24 Taurus. I can’t see this aspect as a ‘win’ for Trump, but the aspect will still be 2 degrees off exact – and timing is everything. So, maybe the Mars ‘attacks’ won’t hit him as hard as they might. The Mars may be associated with his loss on the repeal of the health act, too, (it is in Aquarius, the sign of social progress), which is a drag on Trump’s battered reputation, but it is old news.

The offsetting thing for Trump on the plus side is that there are some aspects circling T’s chart in the 27-29 degree range (his Mars & ascendant) – but, except for the midterm Uranus Rx and Jupiter, they are not exact, or are retrograde – in other words, too soon or too late for Nov. 8th? Maybe people will have vented so much already that they are tired of it all?

There are some aspects in the midterm chart from the asteroids, which is an area that Barb could comment on. For example, Mars is in the midterm 7th conjunct Lilith (open enemies on steroids?). The midterm Venus Rx is conjunct Ceres in Libra – female opposition(?) to the midterm Uranus Rx at the MC.

The midterm Moon is at 8 Scorpio with Sun at 14 Scorpio, inconjunct (150 degrees /separation) the MC Uranus, which sign and aspect can indicate ‘the people’ (Moon in 4th house) are critical of the leadership at the MC. However, as Trump says, “so what”? Everybody has been highly critical for ~2 years already, so that factor may not be enough to flip the house.

Lastly, midterm Jupiter is in the 4th of the homeland exactly inconjunct Uranus at the MC and square to Trump’s ascendant and Mars (29/26 Leo). These may not be comfortable for Trump, but any aspect from Jupiter could help him – or just not connect with the population enough to hurt him.

It’s a toss!

Sorry, meant to say Nov 8th – Nov 6 is the election.

“Suspicions about the money trail are ongoing via Mueller in any case, and the Capricorn Saturn could be viewed as the business sector, but interestingly it aspects Trump from the 5th of speculation/children. “


could Saturn on Trump’s 5th House also mean charges against Don Jr.?

You might get a kick out of adding the fact that Asteroid MUELLERE in the mid-term electon chart is sitting at 17 Cap 17 squaring T’s Natal Jupiter. The asteroid is followed by Vesta at 18 Cap 50, which is turn followed by Pluto at 19 Cap 06. These also square T’s Jupiter. I have always associated Vesta with pretty much what Barbk does, but have also linked her to the Secret Service, CIA, FBI in nation’s charts. She is secretive and deadly. With Pluto next to her, she will dig even deeper, as will he.

I have been watching the stars and planets very closely like the rest of us these last many years.

I agree with Marjorie Orr that T’s 2019 Solar Return looks very, very bleak. I am guessing that the Dem’s take the house this mid-term creating an ever widening net to capture the bloviater-in-chief and his allies, and they will succeed.

In this year’s Solar Return for T, Asteroid MUELLERE sits in his FIRST house at 27 Sag 58. Vesta follows at 29 Sag 54. And sure enough, T has been bedeviled by Mueller throughout. Things are not going to change.

In the US Solar Return Chart, Asteroid TROEMPER sits at 1 Libra 11 followed by Asteroid D’ARREST at 5 Libra 21 in the 4th house. Saturn is squaring these Asteroids right now from the cusp of the 7th of the Solar Return Chart at 5 Cap. I think the Saturn square is an agitating factor which will brew this toxic sludge to the top in 2019.

Hey arbo,

First time I’ve had a chance to check-in. Before I catch up reading here, just wanted to thank you for
(correctly) calling out zero-hedge.

So important in these times, while still under Russian attack to call out bs like that when you see it. You’d be surprised the types of sites that were flooded w/conspiracy theories in 2016, in an effort to suppress the vote.

During the 2016 election, it was disconcerting to see people I considered intelligent, sharing links to their site….and seeming to fall for the garbage written there. …like the Clintons murdered a Haitian govt. official, to protect their sex trafficking from the basement of a pizza parlor. Smh.

Anyway, for anyone interested, details from a site that studies the media:


The “news aggregation” thing they do, helps in lending them an air of credibility, which they quickly destroy, with the outright lies they post as “news.” your.news.wire is also a dumpster fire of conspiracy theories.

To say the January 20, 2021 inaugural chart doesn’t look cheerful would be an understatement. Pluto sitting on the MC of the chart and squaring the moon, and some heavy squares between Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun in Aquarius and Uranus, Mars, and the Moon in Taurus (Moon out of sign in late Aries at the time of the inauguration).

Pluto at 26 squaring the Moon in Aries: The people are definitely openly at odds with the established power structure of the US at this point, a.k.a. the corporations, elite CEOs like Charles Koch, and the Wall St. banksters, but the square by its very nature suggests an impasse. Entrenched rich corporate power elites vs. an increasingly agitated and angry public who perhaps has finally(?) begun to see that the rich corporate elites are not now acting in their best interests, nor have they ever. Pluto on the MC in the context of this country suggests something of a naked power grab by the establishment itself. I do feel that it will be akin to “overplaying their hand” with severe consequences for them to come during the years that follow, as Pluto moves out of Capricorn and into Aquarius. Presuming Trump gets dumped before the 2020 primaries, their lackey will almost certainly be Mike Pence, someone who will serve and carry out their Christo-Fascistic agenda without the bungling loudmouth idiocy that is characteristic of Trump. If Pence doesn’t win, the new president may be a Democrat who shamelessly represents the interests of the corporate establishment to the chagrin of the masses.

There are some real fireworks ahead during this upcoming term, including the US Pluto Return in 2022, transiting Neptune opposition the natal US Neptune in 2022-23, and Pluto moving into Aquarius in 2023-24. This roughly translates as transformation or even the total destruction of the power establishment, a dissolving of the Post-WWII “American Dream” and modern era concept of America itself, and a very choppy transition between the outgoing Pluto in Capricorn era of conservative, corporate authorities and elitist privilege, and the emerging Pluto in Aquarius era of political radicalism (both Far-Left and Far-Right), humanism, leveling of the playing field, and a renewal of democratic ideals.

I suspect that we are going to see a decentralized and more locally-based form of politics and governance emerge during the course of this next term, or at least very strong pressures to enact landmark reforms which then bursts out into the open once Pluto leaves Capricorn. The electoral college and single-member winner take all districts in Congress will be replaced with fairer expressions of democracy. Also, the presidency becomes little more than a ceremonial figurehead head of state position as a result of one of these reforms, instead of the quintessential “super executive” head of state & head of govt. DJT has certainly exposed the fatal flaws of the latter configuration.

Great comments – deep thoughts!

I forgot to say that the Sun in the midterm chart at 14 Scorpio in the 4th is within a degree of a (separating) trine to Neptune Rx at 13-47 Pisces in the 8th. The Moon also trines Neptune (applying from Scorpio) and Mercury squares it (applying from Sagittarius), both more widely.

Neptune is in its own sign of Pisces in the 8th (water) house of secrecy and “other people’s money” (i.e. the 8th is the resources of the 7th house, the “others” of the chart). Water signs involve things not visible on the surface (under water). Hmmmnn.

Mercury goes direct November 25th, then retrograde in June 2019, but it doesn’t hit the 13-47 Pisces degree again. So, we may never know what all happened, though it kind of smells that the Sun, Moon and Mercury are all involved with the illusions of Neptune.

IMO, Pence won’t become President nor will Trump be impeached. The GOP is so deeply entrenched in this Presidency that they can’t dump him now – and it would take more than 2 years to impeach him anyway.

Also, I’m not all enamoured of Aquarius – it is a remote, technological air sign and people don’t really understand it (yet). It could bring a space cadet or an astronaut for a President – or it could mean freedom, or just the freedom to believe you’re free. Time will tell. However, Aquarius could help by bringing the honesty of an accurate and impartial voting system – that would be a good Aquarian thing to do! (So why isn’t it happening yet?). …..and it’s anybody’s guess what will happen to Don Jr. – is there a precise birth time?

New post up. No editorial content only an astrological update.


Thank you Beowulfie, and everyone for your very interesting observations on the mid terms and beyond.

My apologies – wrong planet above – where I said “Mercury goes direct November 25th, then retrograde in June 2019”, it should read Neptune, not Mercury!