19th Jun, 2018

Thug Administration

A shiv in the gut and a menacing threat of far worse, or else be his bitch. This is how Donald Trump gets his way in the world.  We have seen it time and again. He destroyed DACA which would only be fixed if he got his way on the wall and immigration policy. Since that hasn’t worked, we now have the systematic and soul-crushing separation of children from their distraught parents at the southern border. He calls it leverage. I call it a shiv in the soul of the nation.

We have also seen this thug tactic play out in the realm of international trade. Trump puts more and more punishing tariffs on our imports, all with the plan that the pain will be so great for our competitors, including our staunchest allies, that they will bend to his will and drop all of their own protectionism.

Or he threatens “fire and fury” will rain down on North Korea if they don’t agree to total denuclearization. Of course, in that case, the brutish American conman may have been outsmarted by vague promises and a better con from the wily North Korean dictator with the cool haircut. Only time will tell.

And finally, we witness Trump’s shiv in the form of his vicious tweetstorms attacking anyone who doesn’t jump to do his bidding and unqualifiedly sing his praises. If all resistance is not quashed by the first strike, he will attempt career-ending political annihilation. The few Republicans in Congress who have spoken out against him are now moving toward the dustbin of history, as their final term in public office comes to an ignominious end.

Like all good mob bosses before him, Trump blames his victims and his enemies for his own malevolent deeds. If only you had paid your protection money, your store wouldn’t have been burned and your daughter wouldn’t have been raped. If only the Democrats had been completely acquiescent to Trump’s will on immigration, irrespective of their moral principles and ideals, then we wouldn’t have this messy issue at the border. It is somehow the Democrats fault that Trump created and instituted these heinous criminal acts against asylum seekers and their children.

Personally, I am tired of hearing mealy-mouthed politicians saying “This is not who we are.” Yes, it is who we are. We elected Donald Trump, and, thus far, nothing is getting in the way of his path of destruction. The collateral damage continues to grow: the broken and traumatized families at the border; the numerous non-criminal immigrants expelled by ICE; those who are hungry or need health care and are finding their sources diminishing or drying up;  those negatively impacted by the tariff war that is just beginning to unfold;  and the purposefully harsher treatment for those involved with the justice system for even minor infractions.

Donald Trump is a sick man, blinded by narcissism, rage, paranoia, and racism. Everything he does is filtered through the distortion of his grandiosity and conspiracy theories. And it is out of this tainted well that all US policy is now conceived. The only question we should be asking is how we push back hard enough to stop it.


The widespread and angry grass roots response to the vicious separation of children from their asylum seeking parents at the border is seen in the Inaugural chart by the protracted transit of Mars (stationary at 9 Aquarius) in aspect to the natal Mars (24Pisces21) square to natal Saturn (23Sagittarius30) in which both planets are in minor hard aspect to the natal Moon (9Scorpio22). This transit extends from June 10 to July 7 and is especially potent from June 15 to June 26. This same configuration was activated during the last 10 days of January 2017 by transiting Saturn moving to the exact square with natal Mars, pointing to the angry popular energy behind the Women’s March and the sweeping backlash against Trump’s initial attempt at a Muslim ban.

In the near term, there are certainly periods of difficulty for the Thug in chief. The current Saturn square to his Neptune (5Libra51) from June 14 through June 27 points to the escalating push-back to his grandiose schemes at the border and perhaps the stress created by the lawsuit against the Trump foundation or possibly some new damaging revelations from the Mueller probe. It will tend to bring repercussions (Saturn) to some of his more egregious lies and delusions (Neptune). Moreover, transiting Saturn will be opposite the Sun in the Trump/US composite chart (3Cancer08) from July 22 to August 10 and September 6 to October 4, suggesting some frustration and diminishment in his popular support.

But on the whole, I would say that Trump has some protection, astrologically speaking, roughly through May 2019. This is due to his progressed Sun semisquare natal Jupiter through early March 2019, followed by transiting Jupiter aspecting his natal Sun, Moon, and Node through May 2019.  (This latter transit comes back for one final pass the second half of October 2019).

It is the end of July 2019, however, that will see the shift into a period of diminishment and difficulty for Trump that will continue through 2020.  The Saturn station from July 28 through October 23, 2019, will be semisquare to Trump’s Ascendant (29Leo55), opposite the US/Trump composite Venus (14Cancer25), and square to US Saturn (14Libra48). The US will be experiencing a profound loss of prestige and respect in the world (Saturn square US 10th house Saturn), while Trump himself will receive a great deal of the blame and lose a lot of support, with no protective aspect to offset this trend.  By 2020, he will be under transiting Pluto opposite his Saturn (23Cancer49) and transiting Saturn opposite his Venus (2425Cancer44) covering much of the year. It is hard not to see enormous difficulties and a general lack of support during that time.

For now, the battle is about holding the line as much as possible, minimizing the damage from Trump’s policies by getting court injunctions and other legal hindrances to come into play. If by some miracle we can get the House and the Senate to agree to push back against the more egregious decisions of Trump, Inc. so much the better, but I am not holding my breath.

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Nancy, that is your best yet. Couldn’t/won’t you send it to The Washington Post for possible publication, pls. The New York Times might also publis it. More people need to read your thoughts. They are so right on. Thank you.

As a nation we are getting close to bottom here, spiritually. As of today, we’re withdrawing from the UN’s Council on Human Rights. The situation at the border fills me with unspeakable rage.

Nancy, I think by the timing you suggest the effects of the trade war with China will be in full swing and we’ll face an out and out recession by spring of 2019. Gas prices will be over the roof even more.

We have often been an arrogant nation, and we’re going to be brought to heel by an arrogant buffoon. I will relish his downfall.

I don’t know how we can survive another year of this. Looking around today, you think — surely this is the bottom. We can’t go any lower. He can’t go any lower.

How many times have we said this, and he always manages to go even lower.

Thanks, Nancy. A glimmer of hope if we can survive. I have long thought that the beginning of 2019 is when his true demise will begin when Pluto the wrecking ball is within a degree of opposition to his Saturn and the final end will as you say, will come in early 2020 with both Pluto opposite Saturn and Saturn opposite Saturn. His rigid ego will not survive this double whammy. However, God knows what he can do between now and then.

An immediate worry is the SCOTUS decision on Ohio last week. It allows SOS to remove voters if they have not voted in the past two elections. Ohio has selectively chosen Democratic strongholds to enforce this and estimates are as high as two million voters have been purged. Republican SOS in other swing states is also purging before the 18 elections. If you know of anyone who has not voted in a recent election, please ask them to contact their Bd of Election to ensure they are still in the system. If they have been purged, they must reregister. This is a big deal. The GOP along wth their 5 buddies on the Supreme Ct are hoping to prevent enough of us from voting to stop any blue wave.

God forbid he’s around until 2020. It’s already unbearable. Unfortunately, I do not see any legislative courage or advantage on the horizon until the mid-term elections. In the meantime, I wish the dems would take some lessons in how to be fierce from Michael Avenatti or from those formidable fearless kids from Parkland, FL.

As for astrological protection, yes Trump really does have a lot going for him: 40% or so of our population drank his kool aid; the entire complicit and corrupt GOP dares not cross him; all of Fox news (except now and then for Shep Smith), and, of course, the supreme court.

Trump’s threats of tariffs and trade wars, our engorged deficit and inflation point to the economy as his most vulnerable area. Pain in the wallet of Trump’s voters will definitely tarnish his appeal. I personally don’t trust the ecoomy to be as strong and bullet proof as Trump makes it out to be. Even more I don’t think Trump has any idea how much he turns off global purchasers. I’m already getting messages about boycotting U.S. products from my FB friends in Canada and in the UK. Who will buy our Iphones? Who will drink our Starbucks. Who will come to visit our sad country? I guess we’re all going to see first hand whether our democracy fails under the weight of Trump or stumbles along and gets back on track.

Thanks Starlight. Even though I’m always looking for the hope of you-know-who’s pending exit, I thoroughly enjoy your smart, insightful posts.

Bailey – Feel free to send what I write to any of your friends, with or without the astrology part. But once I post it here, I can’t send it to any newspaper. They make you swear it has never been seen by anyone before.

As always, thanks Nancy.
It certainly seems as if the country is still in ‘hurricane mode’ for a while yet. However, I do believe the rebuilding will be made with more sustainable foundations, and it is those solid foundations where our attention must be placed. Despite the hardship and horror, many are being shaken out of their complacency, which can only be a good thing in the big picture. For instance, I actually see a possible long term benefit to the Ohio voting supreme ‘use it or lose it’ ruling – Im hoping that maybe it will serve to encourage more people to routinely vote instead of sitting on the sidelines! And all this chaos is serving to show the actual effects of a dysfunctional dictatorial govt, up close and personal. And that increased civic knowledge and participation can only be healthy for democracy in the long run.

Thank you Nancy.
My stomach dropped thinking we have to deal with this monster for yet another year…or two.
Being on the front line here in Texas with the monsters baby jails, I can tell you the anger is mounting. Houston’s mayor today said “We stand as one” and wont continue to enable this to go on…
I just cant stand this monster.

Brilliant Nancy! And Thank You for this very Sacred meeting place.
Look who’s freaking-out re: Family Separation:
Ted Cruz says he’s going to introduce “emergency” legislation to stop family separation!”
Meanwhile…Texas Republicans are losing faith in
Cruz! Enter: Democrat Beto O’Rourke!
We should really be sending these Democrats, if not donations…prayers and positive energy.


Thank you! for your passion and your brillance. We are lucky to have you guiding us through this insane madness. Talking us through this insanely evil period in history, in the eloquent way you do, makes it a tad more bearable. I am grateful.

Thankyou Nancy for your cogent insights.

Rachel reports the Trump administration regards the outrage over the border practice of separating children from their parents as a positive thing. They are delighted so many are outraged, believing the majority of voters are racist and harsh and will vote R. in November as a response to their immigration policies.

I have an alternate theory. I strongly suspect the Trumpists hope to provoke liberals into violence. All it would take would be one violent act purportedly by a liberal for the Trump administration to impose martial law. I think that’s what they’d really like to do. Martial law would enable them to detain anyone who disagrees with them and suspend the 2018 election.

Teresa Hill,
About can’t get any worse, at bottom, etc.
I’ve thought that so many times for several years now.

In 2012 when Rick Santorum claimed that if Obama was elected we would have a “French Revolution with guillotines” and “persecution of conservatives,” I thought surely the R’s could not come up with a crazier or more absurd candidate. But with each election they’ve become more and more crazy, more and more absurd, more and more genuinely fascist.

I think Santorum unintentionally revealed what the far right R’s really want, perhaps unconsciously. They want violence and chaos. That will give them the “excuse” they need to impose genuine martial/fascist rule in the guise of restoring “order.”

For anyone interested, Matthew Ward has a new message out today. He says that the “deterrent policy will end imminently.” The delays in asylum requests etc. will take longer. Barb K I think you would resonate with his message.

A sincere Thank You to all well wishers about the loss of my family.

From Nancy’s last blog – “This Uranus transit square the Inaugural Sun, which suggests unilateral and disruptive presidential action, will return from
September 20 to October 18, 2018, and March 1 to March 23, 2019.”

The first period occurs when transit Saturn is within 1 degree of a conjunction with Sibly’s progressed Moon (September 13 through October 12). What ever tRump does may finally get the citizenry to decide to vote out many Republicans in the fast approaching midterm elections.

If that happens he will lose much of his support for the remainder of his term (if he gets to serve more than just another 13 months). He may hold office for those months but be de-fanged and be not much more than a figurehead as Republican pols fear a backlash taking them out in the next election if they align with him.

I’ve found the centaur Asbolus usually expresses positively when involved in aspects in transit but right now trans. Asbolus is conjunct Trump’s natal Uranus.

Phil Sedgwick describes the negative side of this centaur as “lack of sensibility, blind action, failing to follow instincts, intuitions, omens or sensors, easily intoxicated, unable to receive advise from self or others”. In other words, Trump has snapped and needs to be committed.

Thank you so much Nancy, I’ve just realized that the Inauguration Moon (9+ Scorpio) is the same degree as the Moon was in the Mars-Saturn conjunction chart, both square the degree of transiting Mars’ station rx next Tuesday (9+ Aquarius). It will stop just one degree short of an exact opposition to Trump’s Pluto (10+ Leo).

You are so right, Donald Trump is a sick man – a very sick man. Surely some group of physicians is authorized to determine his inability (due to madness) to govern the country and (for his own safety) needs to be put in a padded cell.

That would fit in with Bob’s assessment based on your last thread, “This Uranus transit square Inaugural Sun . .” observation.

Thank you Bailey for the tip on Matthew Ward’s latest message. I’ve not kept up with him since he (his mom) wrote that Bernie would become President. Surely they didn’t see all the influences involved back then, but who did? I hope they are right about all the children, including the survivors of school shootings.

Sorry I forgot to add:


My thoughts are with you, Bob.

Here in Ohio, Richard Cordray has a slight lead in our gubernatorial race vs. Mike DeWine, despite DeWine’s 2:1 advantage in funds. If Cordray wins, the Democrats would reclaim the Ohio Governorship after 8 years of Republican control under John Kasich. This state has long been a stronghold of the Republicans, although a large part of that has been due to the almost total incompetence of the state Democratic party. We might get a break this year with Corday and an assist from national Democrats, including Obama, although with the Supreme Court decision allowing the Sec. of State to purge voter rolls, it is evident that the Republicans are digging in their heels to hold on with everything they’ve got. GOTV and advanced registration will be imperative for the Dems this year.

Funny thing about this holding-on to power business, however. The tighter you clutch onto it, the more it slips through your grasp. Conservative Republicans in their desperation to hold onto power at any cost are setting in motion longer-range forces that will seal the fate of their party and their lot as a political force. Trump is only accelerating that process, causing more and more of what we would consider to be “sensible” members of the party to fall away in spirit, if not yet in name. By the time he is done, there won’t be much left of the GOP as we know it. Serious voting reforms to allow for proportional representation and multi-party-style elections could actually deliver a desperately needed Coup de Grace to the deeply sick and emotionally twisted entity birthed as an abolitionist party on July 6, 1854.

As for the Pluto-Eris cycle to the birth and evolution of the modern industrial era. December 17, 1756 was the one and only conjunction of these two outer planets at 19 Sag. Around this time, the first water-powered mills in England came into operation. A global-reaching revolution in manufacturing and industry would ensue. The opening square in the early 1910s presaged the first World War, powered by industry and modern technology on a mass scale when Pluto was in late Gemini and Eris was in late Pisces. The opposition (Pluto in Libra, Eris in Aries) coincided with the energy crisis of the 1970s and the severe economic dislocation in the U.S. Industrial Belt, as Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Youngstown, Buffalo and many other cities suffered wave upon wave of factory closings and the resulting job losses and unemployment. None of these cities has fully recovered to pre-1970 levels since. The closing square is nearly upon us now, with Pluto and Eris squaring each other in the early 2020s. Another epic shift is sure to follow, and this one seems likely to fundamentally challenge corporate capitalism as currently practiced.

I think there’s a silver-lining in the Trump presidency, in that US institutions have become bloated and ineffective; and that Trump’s antics give those institutions a ‘stress test’ – like the ones given to banks.

Maybe all our Trump-problems will ironically save democracy by ultimately strengthening our institutions? A trial-by-fire, though, to be sure.

Dean W., I suspect it’s even more than a silver lining; I believe it is Trump’s “purpose”. Not that he is aware of serving any purpose for the greater good. Far from it. He appears to be serving only his own interests. What a fool.

With these new giant mergers, I am a little worried about the corporate private sectors, but I am also holding on to the hope that those occurring in the communications and entertainment sectors involve companies that lean Left, and that their actions will mark them as stewards of the planet.

Good stewards, that is 🙂

Thank you Nancy.

Here is Ralfee Finn today:


Thank you, Nancy. Your site is such a valuable and supportive forum for this intense time of change.

I heard something shocking at a gathering last weekend (which maybe isn’t new to others here):
that the Trump supporters (regular people living regular lives; not the crazies) see us non-supporters as being just as delusional and off-base as we see them!
This made me think about the metaphysical idea of the post-2012 world, new earth splitting off from the old one, people living in such different realities. I’m not sure it helps to fight back in the old way; it could just engage us in the old reality, feeding and continuing it.

I’ve seen a change in our ability to meet the challenge with more authentic truth and empowerment. I’ve seen examples of this in many ways, on this and other news sites, and in the actions of others. And how the bad things can be used for the good. This is very hopeful to me. When I see this, it sparks my world like a beacon. Dare I say, it can be fascinating to watch the unfoldment of this amazing change. IMHO the outcome is inevitable (already determined at a larger level). We help by expecting it.

Thanks Nancy, for the heads up – I will try to pace myself. The loss of our reputation in the world is EXACTLY what Trump’s owner (Mr. Putin) wants. I think Trump knows his days are numbered and he is rushing to trash the place before he exits.

Now I understand from an astro pov why his poll numbers keep improving. I don’t think they are all rigged. I think Trump has rigged a lot of people’s thinking and brought them over to the dark side. It happens!

Everyday I try to remember the importance of protecting our good hearts. I try to remember the power of kindness. I wouldn’t want to have Trump’s mind for anything in the world.

I was hoping that Mars retro will undo this war Trump has started on immigrant families. Could it be?

Don’t forget the big picture. We can make history with our undefeated goodness. That’s what really shines in times like these. PEACE y’all!

Breaking News . . .Immigrant children will no longer be separated from their families, effective imminently (per executive order), but children already being held will take longer to reunite with family. Blah, blah, blah, blah . . . .

Ripley, interesting theory re: retro Mars, thanks.

lightcolorfire, thanks for your thoughts on new world split off, ie. different realities, very astute.

BarbK, Matthew had that one right.

Transiting Makemake (2+ Libra) on the US natal chart’s MC opposes transiting Chiron (2+ Aries) on the US chart’s descendant. Little history of the myth of Makemake (of Easter Island) is left due to the destruction brought on by ongoing quarrels between tribes.

However he was a god with the head of a bird and a traditional festival was held around a competition between men to climb difficult cliffs and steal a rare bird egg (laid by birds that came there for that purpose only) and bring it back intact.

That alone lends itself to the story of US authorities stealing young babies of immigrants.

So Makemake, symbolizing the stealing of bird eggs is now on the US midheaven (MC) and is opposite Chiron on the nadir of the US chart, and Chiron always brings attention – through wounding – of something we need to be aware of.

The IC / nadir of a chart is the roots of a chart and we are those roots. Good job Makemake and Chiron!

So he did Bailey, so he did.

However, I had my money on Neptune stationing retrograde, Uranus, Black Moon Lilith and Ceres (and the Mars-Saturn conjunction with the grand water trine) as I said on the last thread (June 17, 9:19 PM).

Astrology is always dependable, but sometimes may be misunderstood.

Speaking of misunderstood astrology I was incorrect earlier today when I said transiting Chiron was on the US descendant when I meant to say Chiron was on the IC.

Also, on the previous thread I said that Chiron and Pallas in the Mars-Saturn chart formed a Yod to the US MC and I have no idea why I said that.

Chiron was opposite the US MC and Pallas was trine the US MC. Pallas and Chiron DID form a Yod to the US natal Hades which has forced US Hades to “shift”, much to my relief, and I’m sure it was on full display to the rest of the world, despite Hades not (technically) being on the US MC.

Thank you, Starlight, for your considerable hep in these trying times. The Saturn-Venus opposition in the US chart is causing psychic pain to anyone with a heart.
Here in Canada, Justin Trudeau called the separation of families deplorable but was quickly reminded of the Canadian government’s policy of separation of native families for over a century. We also learned that pot will be legal across Canada on October 17; reactions are mixed. This may not help Trudeau get re-elected next year.
Canada should be increasingly in the news over the coming years as the Saturn-Pluto conjunction directly hits its independence chart of 11 December 1931 (not the 1867 chart that is commonly used). That independence chart has a Saturn-Uranus-Pluto T-square. I don’t expect our trade relations to improve soon. In fact, on Canada day, July 1, a new set of Canadian tariffs on US tariffs will go into effect, which could of course provoke Trumpian counter-measures.

In order for humanity to raise into a higher state of consciousness, it has to pass the tests. I think we just passed a test here in America and collectively.

Trump’s Mexican-Mistake was all about keeping America More White!
“Young Conservative Women find their safe space at Right-wing Leadership Summit”:

This is quite a story:

Steve Schmidt, Longtime G.O.P. Strategist, Quits ‘Corrupt’ and ‘Immoral’ Party


Yes, barbk, I see your point regarding Trump’s ‘purpose.’

Also, lightcolorfire (great handle!), your observation regarding the ‘left’ and the ‘right’ looking at one another as ‘delusional,’ brought an idea to mind –

That the internet – as well as today’s demographically-targeted mass-media – generate alternative fact-bases from which many people are drawing disparate, and highly biased, conclusions.

The public used to get all its info from reasonably homogeneous sources; today, though, one can find a media-reflection of even the most arcane theory, or personally-held belief.

I find this trend worrying, because today’s media-landscape is actively undermining the ability of citizens to think critically.

“a harsh streak of cruelty in his character as well as a tendency to attract disasters.”


“an ignorant people can never remain a free people”
Justice Souter 2012 speech on the dangers of civic ignorance

Thank you Uranus for your semi-square to Neptune last Saturday (June 16. 2018), just after the Sun made a conjunction with your own discovery degree; a discovery date when Chiron was at 3+ Taurus, the same degree where Chiron would be when he, Chiron would be when discovered almost 200 years later.

Amazingly, right now you yourself are so close to that degree where Chiron was when it was discovered and where it was when you were discovered, but alas, for us, you won’t reach that degree until next May because of your retrograde. Still. I’m sure it will be a special time for us human beings when you do get there.

I say that because you are so instrumental in our (human) consciousness awakening but I can understand why things must move in an orderly pace, even though that is not your nature. Still, the Sun as symbol of consciousness, conjunct your discovery degree draws my attention to the chart for your discovery and that is revealing in itself.

For example, you were opposite Mars, and the Sun was T-square you both. I assume then that this T-square between you and Mars and Sun at your discovery was the prime purpose of your discovery.

So here we are, going through the process of what your discovery chart story tells us through that T-square. Consciousness, symbolized by Sun, will be what resolves the opposition between aggression (Mars) and freedom (you).

You were also trine Pallas at that time and she symbolizes the feminine perspective of problem solving – great idea!

I notice too that Moon in your discovery chart was where the Moon was when Mars and Saturn started their cycle recently, 9+ Scorpio. Was that on purpose? I suspect so since the Moon was in that same degree when our present president here in the USA was inaugurated. Is that also part of your strategy? Something about our president?

I noticed too that Pluto in your discovery chart was conjunct the US natal South Node and the US natal centaur Pholus all at 6+ Aquarius. Can I assume then that your purpose (in being discovered) has something to do with digging (Pluto) through our past (South Node) will cause a brouhaha (Pholus) the likes of which hasn’t been seen ever?

Well, you don’t have to lay out your plans to me of course, but I will be watching you Uranus; your semi-square with Neptune has been almost transparent and now the emotions of the “masses” have been sufficiently aroused. Your discovery chart’s sextile between Mars (who you opposed) and Pallas (who you trined) forms a Yod to US natal Mercury, Trump’s Venus and Saturn, and boy are they adjusting as fast as they can right now.

I think I’ve got you figured out Uranus, and I love it!

Check this:

Michael Bloomberg Will Spend $80 Million on the Midterms. His Goal: Flip the House for the Democrats


Bruce Springsteen Speaks Out About the “Disgracefully Inhumane and Un-American” Scenes at the Border


barbk, that was so cool.

On a more simplistic note, with the sign that the sun is transiting changing to cancer and, with the U.S. having the sun, venus and mercury there, as well as Trump having mercury, venus and saturn in cancer, it is no small wonder that many in the country were deeply disturbed and up in arms at the un-nurturing way the U.S. has been behaving. If there is one thing the U.S. does, besides iconicizing mom, Chevolets and apple pie, it is acting on the foundational principle of helping and nurturing others. Under Trump it has been different. I wonder how Saturn’s transit will affect this foundational ethic of ours?

Happy Solstice everyone!
Top news here – our PM has been in labor all day – no news announcement yet, but surely it will be a longest night baby.

This isn’t over. Anyone protesting, donating money, calling rep and senators….keep up the pressure.

The idiot man-child’s EO doesn’t fix the current situation, or do much of anything. Just a signature show (as usual for him).

Meanwhile reports of scared, sad children being shipped all over the country, by plane:



They have no plan in place to reunite the children with their parents.

HHS still won’t allow media to tour these facilities, to see conditions, without two weeks notice. Why? What are they hiding?

Reports (via lawsuits) of children beaten and/or drugged.

I found a video leaked to the public, very disturbing, of girls being smuggled out of a building in the middle of the night.

….it’s not over.

Just saw the news on New Zealand…

Congratulations to PM on birth of baby girl!

So nice to have some uplifting news, for a change.

Thanks, Dean W.!

Yes, the media is another major institution whose dysfunctions need to be dismantled.

I read a great opinion article somewhere recently (on Daily Kos maybe?) about how news people should STOP reporting on what others say about what’s happening, which only serves to make it seem verified, empower it. That instead they should only try to report the facts of the issue.

If anyone would like to join the Nationwide protest being held on Saturday June 30th, here is a link to find out the closest location to you.


Sharon, you wrote that many in the country were (and continue to be) disturbed and up in arms at the un-nuturing way the U.S. has been behaving. Those “many” include large numbers of people who for decades have left the driving of our country to elected government officials while they pursue their own personal and family goals. Which is fine.

Meanwhile the 7 squares of transiting Uranus and Pluto that transpired between June 2012 and March 2015 symbolized an undermining of foundations that had been taking place, not only of governments around the world but other institutions as well.

In the USA, behind the scenes and below the surface there were destructive events destabilizing core services most people in the U.S. had taken for granted all their adult lives. The stress level in general was mounting and only here and there were there specific incidents, such as the Flint Michigan water supply tainted with lead, that surfaced into the public’s consciousness.

Since most of what Pluto and Uranus symbolize happens on a level not readily recognized by the average citizen, these incidents were not readily seen as a unified problem. What Saturn is doing now that it is in Capricorn is focusing on the causes of problems and finding how they are linked together. It appears the (US government) system was so obsolete it wasn’t able to function efficiently anymore without drastic action.

As I see it, Trump is dismantling the system (for all the wrong reasons) because it needs to be re-designed in order to address the problems uncovered during the Uranus-Pluto squares period; a followup on the Uranus-Pluto conjunctions that took place in Virgo (service) in the ’60’s.

He may not be the most polished tool in the toolbox, but Trump is the Uranus-Pluto solution to the problem – the fastest way to demolish a government.

He certainly does not take tender feelings into consideration, regardless of his intercepted Cancer planets in his 11th house. His eclipsed natal Moon in the 4th house also seems designed to shield him from emotional considerations. As a tool of the Universe he’s designed to do a job for the Universe; quickly.

The hidden blessing in this trashing of the US government is that the People are awakening to what is of real and lasting value; security, family, love, trust, fairness, decency, equality, health and more, in no special order. All this is inherent within the US natal birth chart. Until all the diseased parts of the body have been removed the body won’t heal and that will take a while, but not as long as it would without Trump.

It is believed by many that we chose to be born at this time of upheaval; that it is an accelerated time of human evolution and that a better world – healthier, kinder, smarter – is coming even in our lifetimes, but we have to work hard for it. Well, that’s Saturn’s gig; hard work and a big payoff.

Interestingly, transiting Photographica (asteroid) is at 17+ Libra and conjunct the US PROGRESSED Mars (action). the Constitution’s natal Neptune (compassion), and Trump’s natal Jupiter (understanding).

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. One picture of a little girl crying is worth five thousand words or more I’d say.


Check out the cover of the newest issue of Time magazine:


barbk, Trump is definitely a tool alright.
I agree though, the destruction of the US government has been accelerated under this awful person, and perhaps on the back end we will be better off as a country, well after our Pluto Return is exact in just a few years. But first, the destruction and tear down of our systems and structures, with Neptune’s dissolving influence (tNeptune opposition the U.S. natal Neptune) shifting and challenging our perceptions of the US as well.

I’ll be honest–I suspect our Uranus Return in 2027/8 will be what really pivots our longer-term trajectory as a nation post-2022. A breakup of some kind is certainly possible. That may be a worse case scenario. The higher form of that, however, might be a reorganization of the country around novel ideas of some kind. Metropolitan areas or regions that supersede the authority of states for example. For certain, many things will change in the US to reflect the times.

border patrol hands off apprehended people to profiteers who benefit from misery.
This whole public/private profit collaboration is obscene – and also serves to put in place an opaque layer of non accountability for governmental actions.

I can’t believe this can someone help me out with an explanation? Written on the back of Flotus’ coat were the words I DON’T CARE. DO U? I thought it was a photoshop but apparently it is real.

Barbk – thank you for all the time you spend writing to educate the rest of us . . . . .
I was wondering what your feeling is regarding how the usa progressed retrograde mars fits into all that is happening on so many fronts.

Buckeye, thank you and yes, of course Neptune is the third leg of this transformation. No question they are linked together.

Even in the Uranus-Pluto conjunctions in Virgo, Neptune in Scorpio was always sextile them, always opposite the US natal Vesta in Taurus, wearing away the focusing ability of Vesta, blurring the credibility of the US reputation.

In September trans. Jupiter will be crossing over those Neptune degrees of the 60’s again and bring back the light of US Vesta (what we invest in).

What is happening – through Trump – is a revved up transformation in our perceptions. What he does is despicable as we evaluate what he does through our long held values and traditions; something else he is trashing.

Nancy, this is the first I’d heard of the drugging of the children, and just now I heard Wolf mention it. Yet another example of the (negative) Neptune Effect. The horror of it all is wearing away all our resolve to stay intact as a People who want to believe in our government.

Trilby, priceless! The little asteroids are gaining ground in widening our understanding of the nuances of astrology.

In this case transiting Photographica (Time cover) captures the progressed US Mars (bully vs. baby) and also the Constitution’s Neptune (protect the defenseless) while furthering Trump’s understanding (Trump’s Jupiter) of how the Majority of Americans view his actions.

All this is strengthening our resolve to get our country back, this time not just an idealistically great country, but in reality as the land of the free and the home of the brave.

(sorry, I was born on the 4th of the July)

Kiwi it looks like we posted just around the same minute. I don’t get it either.

Sarah Kendzior wrote that the coat is a distraction from the children being injected with drugs. She feels that is where the focus should be. She also says that it is a common tactic for them to “do something disgusting but not illegal” to shift focus. I get it now. I don’t want to, but I do.

Thank you, barbk.

Here is more of the story.


kiwi, Mars, like all the planets, has positive and negative expressions. US progressed Mars (17+ Libra rx) is drawing attention to that element of our society that exists, less and less, under the radar of many of us, and, for now, in the form of Trump at his most grandiose (before his base) where his natal Jupiter is on full display. In other words US prog. Mars (retrograde) is revealing something we need to be conscious of.

I think it will – in the not too distant future- show up as instigating the process to reunite the immigrant children (held by our government) with their families. US progressed Mars conjuncts US Constitution Neptune and if the government (in its present iteration) can’t do it, the churches and the People will.

17+ Libra is in the US natal chart’s 10th house. This is not something that we can hide from the world; it is who we are. Yet another opportunity to embolden our resolve to grow beyond this tragic time.

>Sarah Kendzior wrote that the coat is a distraction from the children being injected with drugs.

Well, that definitely follows the playbook.

I can’t come up with any other explanation that isn’t bizarre, except maybe that she never wants to have to be seen in public doing anything to help Trump and maybe this is a way for her to dare him to try to make her do another appearance like this. (Maybe I’m giving her too much credit, but it’s so easy to think of her despising him and feeling trapped in the role she now has.)

RE: Melania
In the book, Fire and Fury, she is described as having “cried her eyes out” upon learning her husband had won.

Before he ran she begged him not to. He assured her he couldn’t possibly win, nor did he plan to. Post-election he was dazed, shocked and disappointed.

This is consistent with what was in his chart for the day after the election and surely is what led most astrologers to conclude he was going to lose. For about 24+ hours he WAS unhappy! But he recovered, concluding that it must be his “destiny” that “Divine Providence” had put him in place to be president.

Is Melania unhappy? Under tremendous stress? Probably desiring to divorce him? You Betcha! But DJT essentially “owns” her. He has her parents ensconced on an entire floor of the Trump tower and has taken all sorts of measures to assure her compliance with his will. She can’t move in any particular direction without his say so, or suffer severe retribution. She is trapped in a golden cage.

And of course, as we all know the story is not yet finished, but I’d bet that years from now it will make one hell of a drama story on par with the Greek tragedies.

Uh guys…the idiot man child tweeted about “the jacket,” claiming it was her message to the media.

Isn’t it obvious?
“He” made Melanie wear that jacket, so he could lash out, again, (through her jacket) for all the bad press he’s getting. Her “visit” to the border was staged for him alone, and a way to improve his “press.”

His wife is nothing more to him than a prop, a walking billboard for him to display his childish, petty messages, and to occasionally trot out, to try to fix his pr.

thanks for your comments on usa progressed mars Barbk.
It also occurs to me that this issue of disruption resulting in parents and kids fleeing violence must have a broad generational astro signature too – whether it be in the middle east, Africa, central America, usa shootings etc.

Lexi, it is so obvious the only thing he cares about is his image. He has no intention of fixing the base issue of children in harms way, only his popularity poll.

For a short while, I was beginning to think better of Melania…she seemed independent and proud. All I can think is that Uranus is getting to her already as wearing that jacket is a little freaky and out-of-character. She may be superficial and materialistic but she is a mother and appears to be a descent one.

lightcolorfire – Cool observation! Yes, it also makes sense to me that ‘news’ should be the reporting of facts, and not a rehash of opinions about opinions about the facts :>)

There is still good in the world. We rend to lose sight of it at times like these. Here is a dose of it to sooth this current assault on our hearts and minds.

Nana Mouskouri – Song for Liberty


‘tend to lose sight of it’ not rend.

Dear Bob, Trump is agitating shock and negativity over America’s heart & soul. History won’t ever speak well of him. The Nana Mouskouri piece was a beautifully calming bridge over very troubled waters. Thank You.

Hi kiwi,
How are things in your end of the world?

Lexi, it is so obvious the only thing he cares about is his image. He has no intention of fixing the base issue of children in harms way, only his popularity poll.

Well said.
It’s like he didn’t develop beyond He’s obsessed with the superficial—what’s said about him in the press, people being loyal to him, and the applause he gets at his hate rallies.

Appalling (but not shocking) that he basically used his wife as a billboard, to attack the press, while the nation showed concern for suffering children.

Thanks Ja, of course somebody had to be making money off the misfortune of these kids.

Kiwi, many astrologers associate the Uranus-Pluto squares to the mass migrations into Europe, as well as the Syrian refugees fleeing their country.

Ugh. My post should say, “it’s like he didn’t develop beyond adolescence.”

Darn auto-correct. Why is it called that, when it makes my posts wrong/incorrect?

Appreciate the reminder and song! There’s a great deal of good still in this world. By writing this, I’m also reminding myself. As you said, with so much negative, it’s easy to lose focus and not see the good.

The outpouring of love, concern, and support for the migrant families….the work of the parkland students….protestors…donators…people who silently, quietly, anonymously pray daily for our world to be righted…the lovely folks here who put so much time and effort into astrology charts (Bob, barbk, Nancy of course) …thank you, all!

In appreciation,

Lexi, we will win in the end.

tRump’s time in control will come to an end whether by forced removal or by law.

Then we will have to get right to work dismantling everything he has put in place and restoring things he has dismantled.

Along the way hopefully new laws, or amendments to existing laws, will see that measures are in place to override decisions by the president, the congress, or even by the supreme court, in special votes by the voters of the country when the majority does not agree with an action imposed by one of the three sections of the government.

Would voters let offshore accounts remain without substantial penalty? How about subsidies to multinational corporations? Doing away with governing bodies duly elected by voters as has been done in Michigan.

This has been a hard lesson but one that has awakened more of the voting (and soon to be) citizenry to become active in preserving our democracy.

There are many good ideas for restructuring our laws at every level. Hopefully they will be heard and perhaps put in place after we move beyond tRump.

OMG, I just checked the US natal chart to see where Hidalgo* was and it is at 7+ Sagittarius rx and opposite US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini!

This means US natal Hidalgo is also square US natal Ceres at 8+ Pisces (conjunct US Nessus 9+ Pisces, conjunct US natal Child 10+ Pisces).

At this time transiting Nessus (means abuse of power) is conjunct US natal Nessus and trans. Nessus stationed retrograde (rx) while in the same degree as US natal Nessus. This is the long, long beginning of the US Nessus Return.

This combined symbolism is the most overt and explicit astrological symbolism I’ve seen in over 40 years – and it has been right under our noses all this time.

Right now transiting Hidalgo is at 13+ Taurus opposite transiting Jupiter rx at 13+ Scorpio which is trine the USA Sun at 13+ Cancer. Be still my heart.

*Born in 1753 in Mexico, Hidalgo was a priest who was deeply concerned for the people who were being oppressed by the Spaniards. He led a crusade to free Mexico from the Spanish rule but was killed, after which Mexico won its freedom.

Hidalgo was, and still is, a saint-like figure to the Mexican people. An asteroid is named after him.

I appreciate YOU lexi; and thank you Bob for your comment so full of great ideas.

Could this be a thing?


Maybe just fake news, but alternet is not too bad.

its pretty bad when ex cia director Hayden is now speaking out saying ‘Im scared of America’ meaning “the skies are darkening and I want to send up a flare’ and comparing trump populism to 1933 hitler precursor elements.

BarbK, for this reader who knows nothing about the significance of asteroids, would you pls. translate the meaning of what has been “right under our noses”.

Bailey, thank you for your question. I hope you won’t be disappointed by my answer which is:

The US natal chart has been “right under my nose” literally, for decades, and yet I never had written in the placement of the asteroid Hidalgo. There are hundreds of asteroids whose names are NOT on my hard copy of the US chart but probably about 40 that are. Thus they are crammed into what used to be blank spaces around the printed chart itself.

Until now I had not been captured by the story of Hidalgo as it related with the US natal chart – yet.

I was aware of the story of Hidalgo though and had found it useful in various event charts. Only today, while watching something on TV transpiring on the Mexico border re: these kids without parents, did Hidalgo pop into my mind.

I figured it was a signal for me to pass on the info to others who might be intrigued by it as I was. Bear in mind Uranus was not discovered (nor Hidalgo I presume, or Ceres, Nessus and Child) until almost 5 years after the USA was born.

If astrologers had any say re: the birth of the USA, the Uranus, Hidalgo et al pattern was not a factor in the decision. It is now though.

I wonder if Melania’s jacket will be her Marie Antoinette “let them eat cake” moment

If Melania truly attempted suicide, this could explain the bizarre message on her jacket…as it shows a lack of stability and a psychopathic lack of compassion (to me).

Bailey, it occurred (belatedly) to me you would be more interested in what the T-square in the US chart between Uranus, Hidalgo and Ceres means than the condition of my hard copy of the US birth chart, so I’m back with more on the subject.

In any T-square there is what’s called an “open leg” and in this case it would be in Virgo since Ceres is in Pisces and Uranus is in Gemini and Hidalgo is in Sagittarius. If there were a body in Virgo within orb of the US bodies in the other mutable signs, and there is, it becomes a grand cross.

Although both a T-square and a grand cross are made up of stressful aspects (squares and oppositions) a grand cross affords more balance and perspective then a T-square. The signs Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius and Virgo are the mutable signs so they suggest a transitional (more flexible) mode of operation, as opposed to cardinal signs which initiate and fixed signs that stand their ground.

As they represent the US, natal Uranus (symbol of energy that transends and breaks through normal thinking) and natal Ceres (symbol of nurturing) and natal Hidalgo (symbol of all things about Mexico and bravery) are at odds since (probably) the git go.

For some time now transiting Orcus (a trans Neptunian object – TNO) has been at 8+ Virgo, and Orcus was named for a god of the underworld. Orcus has similarities to Pluto but is more detached in his operation which is, for both of them, some form of death and rebirth – or transformation.

Due to transiting Orcus’ long stay in the 4th (empty) leg of the US T-square between Uranus, Ceres and Hidalgo, we have the opportunity to transform the lifelong dilemma the US has had between Mexicans, its nurturing ability and a necessary leap of consciousness. But it’s not that simple.

US Uranus is tied to the extraordinarily long cycle between Neptune and Pluto, as well as the extraordinarily short cycle between Saturn and Mars happening now. The window of opportunity they have provided is upon us and Trump is key (unbeknownst to him) in making it (the transformation) happen.

He fans the flame after stoking the fire that awakens those among us who have given away their birthright of participation in our governing choices. The more he stokes and fans the more we react with outrage, caring and courage.

Other factors are helping (the USA) besides this grand cross, the Neptune-Pluto and the Saturn-Mars cycles, some of which have been noted (like the Inaugural chart) by Nancy and others. I’ve stumbled (thank you Universe) onto one I will mention before I fall asleep.

The discovery of Pluto at 17+ Cancer (square Trump’s natal Jupiter, US Constitution’s signing chart’s Neptune and US progressed Mars rx) had the Mars at 9+ Aquarius. This Mars in the Pluto discovery chart squares the Inaugural chart’s Moon at 9+ Scorpio.

The Pluto chart’s Mars is in the same degree where transiting Mars is right now and where it will soon station retrograde. The Pluto chart’s Mars (9+ Aquarius) was sextile the Pluto chart’s Uranus at 9+ Aries which was square the Pluto chart’s Saturn at 8 Capricorn 57.

That’s the same degree, 8+ Capricorn, that Saturn and Mars started their cycle recently; the degree opposite Trump’s Mercury at 8+ Capricorn.

Thankfully the gods and goddesses are with us on this transformation-evolution thing and we don’t want to blow it.

BarbK, that’s much better, thank you. I do know about T-squares. I have one with Jupiter in Gemini in the 9th, Neptune in Virgo (12th), and Venus in Sag (3rd). The empty leg, of course, in the 6th, Pisces.

I don’t consider myself dumb but I don’t know how you manage to keep so much info involving interacting charts straight.

Thank you so much. I hope you were able to get a good night’s sleep.


I’m not so sure about psychopathy, but the primitive scrawling on Melania’s coat was certainly shocking and bizarre.

Marjorie Orr:



All the fumbling and incompetence is reminiscent of Katrina, while the coming immigrant camps are more reminiscent of the Japanese internment camps. And the separation of families is beginning to smell like the Nazis. Pick your poison.

Nancy, Rachel Maddow began her show 2 nights ago, which was about the negligence and hard-hearted stance of the Trump administration towards the immigrant children and families, with a long clip of New Orleans during Katrina, interwoven with Condoleza Rice’s trip to NYC, buying expensive shoes and seeing “Spamalot”. The point was well made. And, apparently, one of the migrant camps is located right near one of the Japanese internment camps.

I just hope the U.S. voters can get it right – and vote with a sane balance of heart and mind. The financial problems that many middle-class citizens will experience down the road, based on these these new tariffs, may wake people up.

I like Majorie Orr’s explanation of Melania’s jacket as, from her actions since the beginning of the Trump administration, she’s been progressively holding her ground as much as possible (as fixed signs will do, per barbk). Maybe the jacket statement WAS her trolling her husband, as I have a lot of trouble seeing it as an expression of her own feelings. And if it was, it is the passive-aggressive statement of a truly furious woman.

On,y thing missing is, “heluva job, Brownie” and a po’d Anderson Cooper in front of one of the facilities. I’ll not soon forget Cooper’s coverage of Katrina.

LOL@ “let them eat cake moment.”


Your post is everything I’m hoping for! So thank you for that!

…well, that and a trump family perp walk.

But i’ll settle for something resembling this (from Russia, with Love):


Oh, and now w/his baby prison shenanigans, can we send the idiot man-child, Nielsen, Sessions, Miller, and any other co-conspirators to The Hague for crimes against humanity?

SharonK, I believe Melania’s jacket statement was to Donald T about her life (being alive). It’s the only thing that seems to make sense.

In the history of this country, perhaps no one more than Trump deserves to have his ego smashed and utterly destroyed by being made to do a perp walk and being treated as a common criminal suspect.

The day it happens to DJT is the day we may finally also be turning the tide against the notion that the rich can do and get away with whatever they please because of their money. I’m looking at you Charles Koch.

With Pluto now at 20 Cap, we are seeing more naked grabs for power by the rich elites, but this also sets the table for their eventual tremendous downfall when Pluto finally exits Capricorn for Aquarius. Capricorn can climb to great heights only to fall off a cliff into a ravine a la Wile E. Coyote when it overreaches.

BarbK, I’ve tried twice to thank you for your elaborated explanation which certainly helped. I, too, have a T-square in the same signs. My empty leg is in Pisces in my 6th house.

I hope this goes through. Problems w/my iPad.

“White House press secretary Sarah Sanders was told to leave a Lexington, Virginia, restaurant Friday night, she said on Twitter Saturday morning. Sanders said the owner of the Red Hen in the Shenandoah Valley asked her to leave because she works for President Trump”. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/sarah-sanders-says-red-hen-virginia-restaurant-owner-told-her-to-leave-2018-06-23/

Robert Mueller may be preparing to wind down the special counsel investigation into possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia and hand off at least one prosecution following the probe’s conclusion:

Wow! This is the most Saturday action I’ve seen for a while . .even Nancy herself checked in! Thanks for sharing all these great comments.

Question: Has anyone heard from alex? Maybe she’s on vacation but I’m getting a little concerned by her absence.

I wasn’t going to weigh in on Melania’s message coat but I changed my mind after reading Sharon’s thought that it doesn’t seem like something she would express. My thought was that Trump bullied her into wearing it.

Thanks Bailey, some things I’ve embedded in my memory forever, but mostly the cycles are just my passion.

It could be much more difficult than Neptune, Jupiter and Venus but I can sympathize with you; I have Neptune square Venus and that’s hard enough!

What I really appreciate are all the astrologers who specialize in midpoints and progressions and other astro specialties that I don’t work with much. There are so many avenues to travel down in the astrology world that none of us who love it can cover it all. I’m just glad we can learn from each other.

Again, thanks for all the comments, company and links on this very active summer Saturday.

June 21, 2018

Linda G the Comanche Psychic

When will the children be home with their families?


She tells of a psychic she says is better than her.

June 23, 2018

Linda G the Comanche Psychic


Buckeye you may really like this. She says tRump will leave in disgrace.

Her prediction about interference in the midterms is what I saw in the charts this morning. They will try but not be successful.

Joni Patry

June 2018 Predictions: Awakening to a New Reality

If you apply what she says in the first 16 minutes to the border situation she gets an “A”.

Link to Patry:


I hope I am not violating any rule by posting this.

“He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them. And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me. If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.”

~ Matthew 18:2-6

Did anyone catch my purloined spoonerism a while back?

So, Bob, d’ya s’pose the sea level is about to rise dramatically in the near future with all those millstones about to be thrown in (with bodies attached)?
BTW, I’m sure Lois Rodden (a friend) would have loved the way you work (you described your methodology a few weeks ago.)

fieryone, we should make the millstones out of water soluble material so that in time the only evidence left will be the chains and the bones.

I am deeply flattered by your comment including my work in the same sentence as the great Lois Rodden.

I use a method that has worked well for me for many years. The main step being verification of data to be used (that may be spread by others) as much as is possible and identifying speculative data as such.

Has anybody heard from Alex or Karen F?

Fireywoman, I took Astrology Lesson’s from Lois Rodden when I lived in So CA. She was a wonderful sharp-as-a-tack Gemini and what a tremendous contrabution she’s made for the future of Astrology!
From our local Newspaper.
ABC is going forward with a new TV Show totally without Roseanne Barr. How will the spinoff writers explain Roseanne’s absence?
“We have a few ideas that we’ve put into a poll, and now we’re asking you to weigh in and tell us which one you like best”
How will Roseanne’s Barr’s Absence Be Explained?
Vote in this online Poll at: bayareane.ws/2kgFRVq

what a cluster**** on all fronts

From the economist – usa is officially a “flawed democracy”

I’ve wondered about Alec as well, Bob. I’m still re-covering and re-uniting with myself. To help speed this process? Starlight News and the family of posters. Thug Administration is profound, Nancy. I had spine chills reading.

Hugs to you all

Oh my, Alex hasn’t posted in at least a week or 2.

Alex, please check in, we miss you.

Bob, I love your Biblical quote, and fierywoman, your dark humor.

At first i thought the jacket was photo-shopped. Once it was verified, my first impression was that it reflected trump’s attitude — with her taking that trip in defiance of him. The trip was her answer to the question on the jacket: ” Yes! And this is how im showing you and everyone else that I do care.” It made sense to her. She just didnt realize how Many different ways it could/would be read. It backfired on her. Just like the “Be Best” slogan. She doesnt have good advisors or Pr people around her.

So good to hear from you Karen. God speed your mending.

Stardust, why would you say the trip was in defianace of him? Why is in when Melania shows us who she is people excuse her. Her review of the internment camp she visited for these refugees was that it was nice. The whole thing was a stage photo-op to give her husband coverage. This adult woman behaves and acts like a truculant, immature teenage, lacking in good sence. She is a birther. She wore a pussybow blouse afer her husband declared he could grab any pussy he felt. The message of wearing the blouse says, I don’t care.
If she is unhappy in her marriage, she should address the issuses privately or leave! Don’t visit the skankiness of their marriage upon us.

She has rarely been defiant of HIM and seeminly supports his evil and insane behavior. First, second and last, she is a birther!

Me Ne frego which means I don’t care in Italian was used by Mussolini’s blackshirts and has been readopted by the new wave of facists in Italy right now. The Guardian has an article which notes that some of the new wave facists in Italy right now are having the phrase tattooed on their neck.

“Suffer the little children and forbid them not to come unto me.”


Bob, before I get my hopes too high, does Linda G have a pretty good track record of being right? I’m counting on you and your September prediction and Linda G for Trump leaving in disgrace. God help us all.

Melania’s Zara jacket is last year’s fashion for TEENAGERS not middle aged Moms.

Zara has done items with swastikas, blackamoor head jewelry and Pepe the Racist Frog. “I Don’t Care” is actually a slogan from Mussolini. So that company has a long history of pandering the racists.

I doubt Melanie picked out that jacket but she sure as hell didn’t wear it to get at Trump. She may hate him, but she is just as vile as he is. She didn’t even see any babies, let alone hold one and she just ended up carrying water for these fascists.

FFS, when someone tells you who they are, believe them. Stop trying to soften Melania’s ugliness.



Bailey, I have no idea about Lind G’s track record. I only know that her statements and my charts about tRump and various members of this administration point in the same direction. As times progress I believe Mueller will ensnare many who will trade testimony against tRump to lighten their sentences. But Democrats do not have the muscle to remove him from office. They will have to wait until they can control 1 segment of the Congress (probably the House) and then charge him with ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ and get a block of Republican senators to agree to vote for impeachment with them to begin the process of removing him from office. To get the senators might require irrefutable proof of collusion or conspiracy with Russia, such done at his order or with his knowledge.

My charts for Melania just prior to her hospitalization could be interpreted as indicating a physical assault. Such an event could have required an extended stay even if bruises were in places not seen but physical damage done needed time to heal. That is only 1 possible interpretation and is speculative which is why I did not present it.

Dems will not have political muscle until possibly January of 2019. That year will be highly contentious for tRump and will probably result in his removal from office. Along the way discoveries will lead to indictments, prosecutions and convictions of many in his circle. I still think that January 13, 2020, is the day most likely to be when you make him take the perp walk from the Oval Office.

Adieu mon ami.

Transiting Pluto is holding steady in its position to squaring US Chiron and US Juno right now. Pluto’s job is to bring up to the surface all the cancer that has sickened the US body for so long. By doing so it regenerates the body’s natural healing ability.

The reason that the Pluto effect is called death and rebirth is that while Pluto works its magic, bringing cancerous material to the surface, the body feels like it is dying. It can cause the body to fear it won’t survive. Once this part is accomplished, the cancerous part, then the “rebirth” part takes over.

The USA has not yet reached the rebirth-ing stage but much of the cancer has been brought to the surface (of consciousness), with much more to come. It is intense now due to transiting Pluto being T-square US Chiron in Aries opposite US Juno in Libra. Astrologically, Juno symbolizes unjustified inequality and those people who are judged so.

At the other end of the spectrum is US Chiron and Chiron symbolizes multiple things like healing, teaching and endurance (of pain).

Chiron also serves as a bridge to carry us from one state of mind to a higher consciousness. We must endure the pain of this purging by transiting Pluto if we are to reach the higher consciousness on the other side of Pluto’s transit to the US natal chart’s opposition between Chiron and Juno.

The US natal Juno at 20+ Libra is just 3 degrees from the US progressed Mars, the US Constitution’s Neptune and Trump’s natal Jupiter, all at 17+ Libra. Therefore transiting Pluto has been affecting a square (challenge) to those 3 points (US prog. Mars, US Constitution Neptune and Trump’s Jupiter) for some time now.

Transiting Pluto was at 17+ Capricorn and exactly square those 3 different planets in 3 different charts first in March, April, May and June 1-3, 2016, which included a station retrograde in that degree. This was right before the Conventions in July, 2016.

Pluto next reached 17+ Capricorn in direct motion in January 2017, and as seen in the Inauguration chart when it sextiled Venus at 17+ Pisces (which squared Trump’s natal Uranus at 17+ Gemini.

In hindsight we can conclude that the Inauguration astrology had a suggestion of challenge to Trump’s aspirations (Pluto square his Jupiter) the US Constitution (Pluto square the Constitution Neptune) and the expression of America’s fury (Pluto square US progressed Mars).

Following the Inauguration, transiting Jupiter made a second pass over 17+ Libra in April (the first was in December 2016), and then in mid July through early September, 2017, transiting retrograde Pluto again exactly squared the Constitution’s Neptune, US progressed Mars and Trump’s Jupiter. In late October through early December 2017, Pluto, by then direct, made its last exact square to those 3 Libra planets at 17+ degrees.

In the meantime transiting Jupiter had moved from Libra to Scorpio and in January, 2018, it conjoined transiting Mars (a new Mars 2-year cycle was born) at 17+ degrees where they sextiled the transiting Venus-Sun-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn that was square Trump’s Jupiter, the prog. US Mars and the US Constitution Neptune.

In the chart for that 2-year long cycle between Mars and Jupiter, Mercury (24+ Sagittarius) was square the Moon (23+ Virgo that was conjunct US Neptune at 22+ Virgo) and trine Uranus (24+ Aries), as well as the ascendant for that chart (set in DC) at 23+ Leo. The media news outlets went wild with that grand trine in fire signs.

We mustn’t lose sight of the multiple steps in this purging process as symbolized by the transiting planets. In the month of July, transiting Jupiter will station direct in an exact trine to the US natal Sun as transiting Pluto completes its T-square to the US Chiron-Juno opposition with its own grandstand opposition to a solar eclipse in Cancer. This creates a grand cross for the US chart and eclipses have a long shelf life.

The transiting North Node continues to hover over the US natal North node (both at 6+ Leo) in July, bringing ample opportunity to realign with it’s evolutionary path. By the end of July, Mars will conjunct a total eclipse of the Moon in Aquarius as a super strong transiting-direct Jupiter continues to trine the US natal Sun.

Although no exact trine is reached between transiting Saturn and Uranus, by mid August they are just arc minutes from it, Saturn at 2+ Capricorn and Uranus at 2+ Taurus (and off of US Arachne – the webmaker at 1+ Taurus). It is a process not accomplished hastily, but with each step securing a foothold in the patient’s recovery.

An important point I left out in the above response (perhaps it deserves extra scrutiny) was that when Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio were sextile Sun-Venus-Pluto in Capricorn on January 6, 2018, they formed a Yod to Trump’s natal Uranus in Gemini. This is what has been pressuring Trump to adjust then re-adjust his decisions, beyond the normal range of Gemini flexibility.

I would also want to acknowledge transiting Mars whose conjunctions (and new cycle starts) with (1st) transiting Jupiter, and (2nd) transiting Saturn, have given impetus to the transformation necessary in societies (as seen in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle), especially the US society.

The incredible synchronicity of planetary movement to planets in various charts of humans, countries and events never ceases to astound and humble me.

Right now transiting Pallas at 20+ Cancer opposes transiting Pluto at 20+ Capricorn and together they form a grand cross with US Chiron at 20+ Aries opposite US Juno at 20+ Libra. Pallas is the strategist. This could be awesome to watch unfold.

Nancy, your interpretation is one way of looking at it. Even though Trump spun it that way, it may be true, but it just doesn’t sit right with me. She knew those words would be associated with what she was doing. Visiting the children AFTER Trump had already signed the executive order to stop separating families was appropriate. Even if she had visited them before he signed it and it appeared that she was acting in resistance to him, that slogan still wouldn’t have made sense to me. I’m trying to put myself in her shoes and follow her thought & emotional processes but she is not a stupid woman. However, I guess it’s possible that she was making a statement of resistance to the press, etc.

Comment from nyt’s:


” Piling on Trump day after day diverts Democrats and their candidates from putting forth compelling alternatives to his policies, including those that would appeal to his base. If there was ever a time to let cooler heads prevail, this is it.

Bob, thank you so much for your detailed forecast of the demise of tRump. The unraveling is going to be spellbinding. I just hope the Dems and all of us take that opportunity to create the world we want to live in.
Thank you again, Bob.

Joni Patry looks like she got assaulted by a peach smoothy.

Will, that was so funny….especially coming on the tail of this little politically & religiously incorrect, outragious gem that I had just seen & was chuckling over.


Also, read the comments…

Ja, I have not read the NYT article, but I absolutely agree that the need to focus on alternative solutions is paramount.

In the last couple of days I came across some old interviews of Trevor Noah who took over from John Stewart on the Daily Show. His story has mesmerized me and I am impressed with his profound insights. For those who have not heard his story, here is a clip to an interview by Cory Booker promoting his book “Born a Crime” – subject of racism abuse etc etc etc is very topical today. (long 1.5hrs)

An amusing photo circulating the social media outlets…….



That photo has mass appeal, no doubt. Fabulous!


Loving the Carry image tweet!

Oh gosh, Jerry & Will, more black humor. I love that one, too. It’s just funny. All of you need to check these out and, after you view Jim Carey’s latest cartoon above, scroll down and read the comments and other cartoons posted…they are definitely worth reading (although posters do express shock at Carey’s image).

Hi Will,

Ordinarily one considers death as a serious matter; not to be joked about. But in this case, I agree, the photo has a bit of dark satire that would likely appeal to many.

Up till now, I haven’t come across any discussions in the main stream astrological community on the upcoming July 27th Mars-Uranus-Nodes lunar eclipse t square with its potential impact on the progressed Saturn of both Trump and the US (2 ’52 Leo and 3 ’01 Scorpio respectively). Retrograde Mars will be out of bounds at this point, contributing to an extra dangerous and unpredictable situation. Simultaneously, transiting Saturn forms an exact quicunx to Trump’s progressed Saturn. There’s a lot to take in and digest when looking at this lunar eclipse. The implications and interpretations could certainly be varied. What comes to my mind is this….. would this indicate an end to the Trump administration or worse? Any thoughts out there?

Perhaps Nancy could bring it up for discussion as we draw closer to the mid to late July period.

Here’s the July 27th lunar eclipse chart for quick reference…..


I don’t know how accurate these psychic tarot card readers are on youtube. Nevertheless, one tarot reader in particular examines the upcoming Putin-Trump meeting for mid July. What she said seems to fit in with the astrological aspects. Essentially that Putin has the so-called “pee pee video tapes” in his possession and in addition; a video of Trump sexually cavorting with underage teenage girls. This tarot reader seems to feel Trump will be blackmailed under threat of these videos being released unless Trump complies with Putins demands. One of the demands would be for Trump to allow the Russians access to a US military base in California for their clandestine operations. Trump will refuse and consequently those tapes will be released. She expects all hell to break loose beginning mid to late July as a result of the fallout from these tapes being made available to the public. The July 13th solar eclipse (20 Cancer) in exact opposition to Pluto (20 Capricorn) will be triggering the US Chiron-Juno opposition (20 Aries- Libra). This is what astrologer Mark Lerner has to say about the US natal Chiron-Juno opposition….

“America’s Chiron is exactly opposite our natal Juno, and Juno – the smallest of the four main asteroids — when functioning negatively signifies rage and terrorism by the dis-empowered and belittled”

“This Was the Week That Finally Broke Trump’s Spell! He was defeated by the two things he hates most: immigrants, and the media. Once a president who stood astride the media narrative like an orange god, simultaneously captivating and revolting the nation’s press corps, Trump was no match for images of crying children torn from their mothers. His seemingly magical ability to change the subject vanished, and the arsenal of his weapons of mass distraction were duds. Everyone in Washington noticed. One House member spoke to me on background Wednesday night and said, “This mistake broke the spell.”


Gut-wrenching details on how parents were separated from their children. “Border officials told parents they’d see their children when they got back from court. But when they returned, their children were gone.”

Read it all: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/separated-immigrant-children-are-all-over-the-us-now-far-from-parents-who-dont-know-where-they-are/2018/06/24/c9bc5ba6-7568-11e8-805c-4b67019fcfe4_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.28148d5606cd

By: Jerry on June 25th, 2018 at 6:24 am

“Nevertheless, one tarot reader in particular examines the upcoming Putin-Trump meeting for mid July. What she said seems to fit in with the astrological aspects. Essentially that Putin has the so-called “pee pee video tapes” in his possession and in addition; a video of Trump sexually cavorting with underage teenage girls. This tarot reader seems to feel Trump will be blackmailed under threat of these videos being released unless Trump complies with Putins demands.”

Link please Jerry

By: Jerry on June 25th, 2018 at 6:24 am

“Nevertheless, one tarot reader in particular examines the upcoming Putin-Trump meeting for mid July. What she said seems to fit in with the astrological aspects. Essentially that Putin has the so-called “pee pee video tapes” in his possession and in addition; a video of Trump sexually cavorting with underage teenage girls. This tarot reader seems to feel Trump will be blackmailed under threat of these videos being released unless Trump complies with Putins demands.”

Link please Jerry.

I am not Jerry. But he is referencing Rosie’s recent video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4MXbIw-wj8

Break your heart.


No mercy when we have control of Washington.

Hi Bob,

The card reader seems sincere enough. I can’t vouch for her accuracy though. Here’s the link:

290. Trump & Putin meeting. Will Putin release the Pee-Pee Tape?


Interestingly, Putin’s natal Uranus-Neptune square at 18 ’24 Cancer – 21 ’09 Libra will be impacted by the July 13th solar eclipse. It should be fascinating to watch how this all plays out.

Atul Gawande:

“Making systems work, whether in health care, education, climate change, making a pathway out of poverty is the great task of our generation as a whole.”


Grief Jerry,

No reflection upon you – but that card reader is about 10 cards short of a deck; absolutely obnoxious.

My take is that even if Putin does have a pee-pee tape, it won’t even matter bearing in mind the trove of immoral and depraved words and behavior that have come out of this monster. I believe Trump doesn’t attack or challenge Putin because Trump wants to BE Putin. The power, the corruption, the gilded everything, the debauchery, using fear and intimidation to bully and win at whatever cost. I think Putin is Trump’s idealized imago. The only thing that will turn his followers against him is a big market melt-down – that’s when Republicans will flip like the whores most of them are – its all about the Benjamins. That’s my read.

From Esquire: “The country’s head is clearing. The country’s vision is coming back into focus and it can see for the first time the length and breadth of the damage it has done to itself.” I hope this is true.

Is Neptune clearing out of the scene? At least for Trump personally. Looking back on Nancy’s prediction for the latter part of June: “It will tend to bring repercussions (Saturn) to some of his more egregious lies and delusions (Neptune).”

“Instead of trump sneering and slurring Elizabeth Warren, perhaps he should have a long talk with her on these matters because I know that she knows more about this economy than he does.”


Hi Will,

Ten cards short of a full deck. Very cute. Yes. It’s an understandable reaction. I kind of agree. It may take a little effort to ignore the theatrics and just listen to what is being said. I would not rule out her conclusions based on appearance. Trump’s consistently bizarre endorsements of Putin in spite of all the human rights violations becomes more comprehensible if there is damaging incriminating evidence being held against him.

Contrary to your assertion that nothing could touch Trump however, I would have to respectively disagree. A controversial video containing graphic footage of Trump having sex with under-age teenage girls could be a game-changer. Statutory rape (having sex with a minor) is a serious offense in the US oftentimes punishable by mandatory jail sentences. Trump would have an enormous PR problem of monumental proportions if there was that kind of irrefutable proof hanging over his head. It would effectively render him powerless as a leader to continue on. The card reader also had the impression Putin has incriminating voice recordings of Trump/ Putin conversations that make it clear there was collusion.


I didn’t assert that nothing could touch Trump; the point I am making is that if that disgusting tape of him with Billy Bush re: “grab them by the…” didn’t set into motion grounds to dismiss him as a candidate, I don’t think seeing a tape of him watching prostitutes urinate on each other will do much to malign his character………..unless it is a tape of him actually doing the nasty with the sex-workers. But even then, if he’s in another country where laws are ostensibly not being broken, that could be a loophole. Like Gotti, he seems like a reiteration of “The Teflon Don.”


I don’t know if there’s anything that could break the spell Trump fans are under. Evangelicals have taken to saying they don’t care what else he’s done — the work he’s doing for our country is too important. It makes them okay with overlooking every bad thing he’s done or said.

(I have no idea what that great, important work he’s doing is.)

May 26, Rosie (Tarot Politics) summary of reading: “However the children appeared to be indeed, in some sort of the facility in the Midwest that looks like a prison or yes some sort of prison or detention center something like that that isn’t meant for children because the children we’re talking about here or very small like 4,5,6 years old okay I don’t think there are prisons for children but that’s what it looks like.”

I believe May 26 was before the “facilities” for young children all over the US were known about publicly.

Yes, Rosie has a unique way of presenting what she sees. I think it’s how she channels and releases her anger and horror at what she sees.

FYI Lena Rodriguez, Linda G and Kirsten Langsten are
fans of hers.


Your Trump predictions are sweet words on my screen, that we can look forward to sanity and a long legal road for Trump and his band of deplorables. I’d be happy to see Ivanka and her perfect life disrupted. Will they get the message?
Trump taught his kids ruthlessness,bad business practices, dishonesty works and that the rule of law is for everyone else except them.
Hope the stars teach him and his whole family that the golden rule matters.
Our system of doing the right thing for the public good matters. Hopefully our kids will recover long enough to buy back into “honesty is the best policy”

I hope I don’t sound Polly-Anna but it has worked for America’s image and taught to my kids.


I thought Alex was a man, now why I thought that, who knows?

Yes I miss his tips and links. Nice person.

The moment the Red Hen restaurant refused service to Sarah Huckabee Sanders may have been a turning point, an escalation of the conflict between Americans with integrity and those without. IMO playing “nice” with fascists only emboldens them as they interpret “nice” as weakness. DJT & Co., revealed themselves quite nakedly with this debacle re: children separated from their parents.

Maxine Waters shows why the Sarah Huckabee Sanders-Red Hen story is extremely important

“…the Sanders-Red Hen situation has unearthed (or perhaps vivified) a growing sentiment in our society. It is seen in liberals and opponents of President Trump who are done with playing nice. It is apparent as the Democratic Party gradually sheds Michelle Obama’s declaration that “When they go low, we go high” and trading it for “We fight fire with fire.” It is borne of frustration and a lack of results after abiding by the norms of political discourse while Trump and his allies run roughshod over all the old rules.”

“BREAKING: Robert Mueller has obtained the phone and computer of Erik Prince, founder of the private security company Blackwater and Betsy DeVos’s brother, who was reportedly under investigation for attempting to set up a secret backchannel between the Trump administration and the Kremlin.”

The Hill

“BREAKING: Robert Mueller has obtained the phone and computer of Erik Prince, founder of the private security company Blackwater and Betsy DeVos’s brother, who was reportedly under investigation for attempting to set up a secret backchannel between the Trump administration and the Kremlin.”

The Hill

LG, I assumed alex was a guy for a while as well. At some point she wrote something that clarified she was not.

Nancy, could you email her to see if she responds? Probably a computer/internet problem is all that’s keeping her away.

Hi guys, I am part of a group that is creating a coin (crypto currency) that’s sole purpose would be to raise money to fund groups and organizations that are opposing this administration. That would include humanitarian efforts, i.e. helping imagrants get/kept there children, organizations like Planned Parenthood and/or political campaigns for the coming elections state and Federal level. Whatever and whereever that help needs to happen. That said, I know this is a turbulent time astrology. I was wondering if anyone had an opinion if this was a good time to launch it. I know that to do this right is a big deal and I am not asking that just an opinion…. good time or not?

Elisabeth Grace


Linda G

May 12, 2018 – Does not see Pence becoming Prez, does not see impeachment


Trump will be removed – Posted June 9


I was searching info and came across this piece. I wish you all would upvote (when relevent) this subject, no need to sign-in. This family has their fingers in way too many aspects of or nation. Meuller needs to seriously hold this guy’s feet to the fire!:



“Yes, Rosie has a unique way of presenting what she sees. I think it’s how she channels and releases her anger and horror at what she sees.”

You’d think I’d have enough patience for this. Mea culpa!


Your 12:21pm Esquire post is refreshing.


Your 2:15pm post resonates with me.

Jerry, thanks for your notes (and Mark Lerner’s) this morning on the US natal chart’s Chiron-Juno opposition that is part of a grand cross with the July 12 solar eclipse opposite Pluto. I was seeing US Juno as symbolizing the immigrants presently at the Mexico border as well as others who have come from other countries who have been treated as second-class citizens.

The grand trine in this eclipse chart between Saturn in Capricorn, Uranus-Juno in Taurus and Venus- Ceres in Virgo will aspect the US Venus and Jupiter in Cancer (opposite transiting Saturn) turning it into a Kite pattern with trans. Saturn in Capricorn the focus point of the grand trine.

This synchronous grand cross-grand trine turned kite should have a motivational impact off the charts within the US for months. Transiting Mars in Aquarius will still be in orb of a trine to US Uranus in Gemini, so social media as well as MSM will provide full coverage.

The Neptune-Pluto cycle is strongly influencing this eclipse, primarily through transiting Neptune retrograde who conjuncts the Jupiter (opposite Saturn) in that cycle’s chart.

Also the Mercury in the Neptune-Pluto chart conjuncts the Venus (who conjuncts Ceres and is part of the grand trine) in the July solar eclipse showing that a lot of emphasis on values and the power of the Feminine will be on display.

Some Thoughts:
I often tell friends to “keep their antennae highly polished,” ignoring the fact that sometimes we pay a heavy price for such sensitivity. Those of us at the fourth level of empathy, and/or highly intuitive or psychically sensitive know of what I speak.

Yesterday around 5PM I was suddenly struck with a deep and profound sense of sadness which is with me yet. We all have our personal worries, but when compounded with knowledge of what is happening within this nation, and around the world, the resurgent fascism challenging our basic moral values, the corporatocracies gaining more and more control over our lives, the suffering children and parents on the border, etc. it can be too much to bear.

As Trump & Co. were “delighted” at the outrage over children separated from their parents and families at the border, I am convinced they would also be delighted were one of their red capped supporters or any one of their officials inadvertently harmed or killed during or as a result of an anti-trump demonstration. Any old excuse to blame the tragedy on Liberals and declare martial law.

I read a story (I don’t recall which newspaper) which stated our border agents were offering a “deal” to immigrant parents in which if they voluntarily deported they could have their children back. WOW! What a deal?!?!!! Reminds me of WWII Nazis.

DJT seems to need strife, rage, and chaos to function and he is remaking the USA in his own image. Protestors in S. Texas showed up to place their hands against the bus windows to give emotional support to the children inside, but I’m told some red caps also showed up to confront the protestors. I’m told a scuffle ensued, but got no word on injuries.

Again, it would not take much for Trump to declare martial law, and the Texas/Mexico border would be a good bet. My thinking partner believes that is precisely what Trump is planning, to use an incident to deploy soldiers to border counties to implement martial law. I’m sure he would like to have it for the entire country, but you have to start somewhere!

My sadness continues.

Ah, Will, I know you are in the same agent provocateur league as I am, so when I read you I knew that that was where you were coming from!
I had the same WTF reaction when I first heard her, too, but she had such stellar shout-outs from people who are very interesting to me so I kept listening. Now her theatrics are very endearing to me. (I especially love her Mueller’s lion hiss!)
On one of the Linda G’s, she starts rapping what she sees and then starts giggling and says: OMG I’m turning into Rosie!

The Jupiter-Mars conjunction (Jan. 6, 2018) is more potent than I realized when I described it on Sunday. I had not added in the centaurs and asteroids at that time so was unaware that Chiron was opposed the Virgo Moon that squared Mercury in Sagittarius.

This T-square in the chart for the Mars-Jupiter cycle formed a grand cross to Trump’s Sun and US Mars in Gemini.

Also it turns out that Ceres (mother who had her daughter taken from her) was conjunct the North Node (path forward) in Leo (drama) that squared Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio, who were sextile the Venus, Sun, Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. This sextile, as I said on Sunday, formed a Yod to Trump’s Uranus, and that would be the part which had to adjust.

I believe this astrology contributes to our understanding as to why Trump had to renege on his separation of families edict.

I want to note that the 2 Mars cycles – one with Jupiter and one with Saturn – each lasting two years, point to much havoc in Trump’s life (birth chart), and in both cycle’s it is the Moon (the People) that contributes much of the friction that makes him miserable during those years.

It is also remarkable how many cycles between planets directly affect Trump in an unpleasant way; Uranus and Pluto were square Trump’s Uranus while Neptune and Uranus were square his Jupiter (as well as US progressed Mars and the US Constitution’s Neptune).

It seems obvious then that the Universe had been planning for his arrival since he is serving as a catalyst for much needed change; a redirection of the US projection into the future.

Painful as it is for us to live in this upheaval, it will become the stuff of history that will thrill readers far into the future.

This may explain why Linda G was so floored by his reading.

Thomas John shares 2018 predictions for the audience



According to the Steele Dossier, Vladmir Putin had taken a personal, active interest in cultivating and grooming Trump as a potential US presidential candidate for over 5 years. The notion that Putin’s motives were altruistic and that there were no attempts to compile compromising information on Trump may be a bit naive. After all is said and done, Putin has a reputation for being a cold hearted, cut-throat dictator with no moral compass. His ambitions are to become the worlds dominating power. It is being alleged that Putin’s primary aim in his dealings with Trump was extortion and blackmail. An excerpt from the summary on the dossier extracted from the Moscow Project Report begins as follows……

“…..Russian regime has been cultivating, supporting and assisting TRUMP for at least 5 years. Aim, endorsed by PUTIN, has been to encourage splits and divisions in western alliance

So far TRUMP has declined various sweetener real estate business deals offered him in Russia in order to further the Kremlin’s cultivation of him. However he and his inner circle have accepted a regular flow of intelligence from the Kremlin, including on his Democratic and other political rivals

Former top Russian intelligence officer claims FSB (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation) has compromised TRUMP through his activities in Moscow sufficiently to be able to blackmail him. According to several knowledgeable sources, his conduct in Moscow has included [REDACTED BY THE MOSCOW PROJECT] arranged/ monitored by the FSB.

The full article article entitled: The Steele Dossier – The Moscow Project can be read here…..


I suspect Putin’s Neptune (web of secrecy) at 21 ’09 Libra in square to his natal Uranus (unexpected disclosures) at 18 ’23 Cancer will come into play at the time of the July 13th Lunar eclipse – Pluto opposition (the underworld).

Eliseo – Thank you for your heartwarming, and affirming post. Also, yesterday, in the early evening, I, too, began to experience a serious bout of sadness regarding the state of affairs (or, more precisely, due to the current affairs-of-state) – and at just the time you’d mentioned. I think something is in-the-air!

Janet and Robin:
Just wanted to express support for both of you, re: Melania.

Given that the right (mostly male media dudes, sprinkled with some of the same on the left)….continues to insist the left (especially women, glbt’s, and people of color) are so, “shameful and incivil,” I think it’s very important to show support for others’ expressions of dissent.

So, thank you both for speaking out, I agree. But even if I didn’t agree, I’d want to encourage you both.


Marjorie orr has weighed in on Melania today “product of an authoritarian system”

“We Have a Crisis of Democracy, Not Manners!

Excerpt: It’s a little more complicated when the professional racist is the president of the United States. The norms of our political life require a degree of bipartisan forbearance. But treating members of Donald Trump’s administration as ordinary public officials rather than pariahs does more to normalize bigotry than exercising alongside a white separatist.”


EXPLOSIVE: “Still trying to process today’s news that the attorney for Paul Manafort’s ex-boss (Putin pal Oleg Deripaska) went to Trump asking for a deal for Julian Assange—whose crimes gave Trump the election—and Trump said yes. Then Comey intervened, and then Trump fired Comey. Oh my god.” Seth Abramson on Twitter

Full report on The Hill.com


Thank you. I noticed a couple of typos in my post, but unfortunately I cannot correct. Thanks again.

I found this very enlightening https://mobile.twitter.com/RinChupeco/status/1011459751660552192?s=19

That Rin Chupeco thread was excellent and echo Eliseo’s last remarks.


Thank you for the link to the Moscow Project. Clearly you are following this closely. The question that comes up for me is that if Putin has indeed been grooming Trump for some 5 years, why would he have any interest in black-mailing him with wee-wee footage? Why would Vlad threaten to nuke his pet project? Seems counter-intuitive.

To Pee or not to Pee.

Not to beat a dead horse . . .

Linda G’s reading on “The Jacket” is interesting. Starts at about One minute, 50 seconds into the video she made on June 23rd:
(Actually the whole video is interesting. About 20 minutes)

I have no argument with Janet Robin et al. Because we dont have all the facts, no one can know WHY she did what she did. Its all conjecture. We all do know, however, that it was incredibly inappropriate, tone deaf and just plain weird – – at best.

Dear To Pee Or Not To Pee,

From what I have gathered, it’s not confined to just those tapes. There’s a wide range of illegal financial activities Trump allegedly has had with Russian oligarchs and the Russian mafia that go back decades. It involves such nefarious activities as money laundering, bribes, kickbacks etc.

The following article explores the details and nuances…..

Does Russia Have Leverage Over Trump?
An interview with Diana Pilipenko on Moscow’s potential kompromat.

“…….. The essence of Pilipenko’s argument is that after a series of bankruptcy filings and other financial difficulties in the 1990s and 2000s, Trump had a desperate need for “alternative financing,” since US banks were treating him as a bad risk. This, happily for Trump, coincided with a tidal wave of Russian cash flowing westward—some of it legal capital flight, and some of it illegal, money-laundered riches. And because Trump didn’t bother with the sort of due diligence that other developers routinely carry out, she says, he got himself entangled with various shady and less-than-honorable partners from Russia, Kazakhstan, and elsewhere.



You ask, what does Putin hope to gain by “kompromat” or extortion? Everything……….

President Trump holds the distinguished position of being the “leader of the free world”. If Trump is vulnerable to blackmail i.e. being malleable to instructions from the Kremlin, essentially being “Putin’s puppet”, the world will be taking its lead and decisions from the Kremlin. Trump deciding to arbitrarily not implement pre-existing sanctions against Russia last year is one such example. More recently, Trump arrogantly, defiantly dismissing US’s valuable allies with obvious hostility during the recent June G7 summit and then to make matters worse insisting that Russia should be able to rejoin the elite club, reverting it back to the G8 status quo is another example. It is well known Putin wants to do defang and eventually eliminate the NATO alliance. He is going to great lengths to influence Trump in that direction.

Our beloved president is obviously intent on carrying out Russia’s bidding. Doesn’t that ring alarm bells in your head? It is all so very odd and frightening. It is a very dangerous path which puts into serious jeopardy US security interests. Trump has rightly earned the distinction of being called the Manchurian Candidate and the unsuspecting American public will have to suffer the consequences of his actions.

Typo. Read instead: “Putin wants to defang”

What do those more knowledgeable in astrology, think of Kamala Harris’s future based on her chart?


Today – two more ultra-conservative decisions from SCOTUS. If Mueller seeks to subpoena Trump, he likely knows he has the court in his pocket. Makes it clearer why McConnel would never allow Obama to put Garland on the Court. If we ever come back from this brink, we need to expand the court to 11 or make the Gorsuch appointment void given Russia put Trump into office.

Important article from the Irish Times:


Sharon – That was not my post you were responding to but Stardust’s post. (6/24 at 6;23 pm and 6/24 at 10:45 am).

Thanks, Nancy. The Irish Times article really sums it up. They are like Bush Jr. They seem incompetent but are fully focused on the matters that concern them – transforming our nation from a caring one to one of mass indifference, all the while profiting handsomely from the process.

RE: the Rin Chupeco thread.
Marcos permanently jailed all the statehood party politicians and activists. Most of them died in prison, some under mysterious circumstances.

Had Am. Policy been to actually support true democracy in the Philippines there is a good chance they would have become a state of the USA several decades ago. But the more conservative forces within our establishment were also supported by folks who were uncomfortable with admitting more “Brown People” as citizens.

The long run strategic advantage of having the Philippines as a state would have been enormous and would have benefited all concerned. But as so often has occured in our culture, racism trumped reason and small thinking.

” . .it typically comes to power with about 40% support . .” and

“You have to undermine moral boundaries . .”

Thanks Nancy. Very timely.

Well the cancerous oozy pus is rising quite nicely now but even more must come out before Pluto’s first stage is ready to give way to the 2nd re-birthing stage.

Transiting Mars is stationing retrograde – exact just hours from now. Two months ago Mars and Pluto exacted their conjunction and yet another 2 year cycle started, the 3rd in 4 months initiated by transiting Mars.

First it was with Jupiter, then Saturn and then Pluto. Mars rules surgery and surgeons. Now the surgeon will review the patient’s condition (the USA) for 2 months (Mars retrograde) and make adjustments where necessary.

By the time Mars gets back to this position he is in now, 9+ Aquarius, it will be October at the time of the Libra New Moon that conjuncts Trump’s Neptune-Juno and the US natal Saturn.

Will the patient be ready for stage 2 of the Pluto re-birthing process? We should know for sure one month later when Americans go to the polls (or not).

Meanwhile, in September the New Moon might give us a clue as it will take place where Uranus and Pluto began their cycle back in the ’60’s. You know, when Pallas, Mercury, Saturn and Chiron in Pisces were all square Trump’s Sun and the US Mars, and opposite US Neptune? That cycle.

Thanks, Nancy…I missed that.

Eliseo, I had no idea about the possibility of the Phillipines becoming a U.S. state!

I just want to say that kicking out Sarah Sanders from the restaurant and what Maxine Waters said is not helping us! It adds fuel to the fire and makes it look like Liberals are willing to harass and be violent when the proportion is SO much more in favor of those on the Right.

Jerry, Trump is not the Manchurian Candidate. He is the Manchurian President, aka the Orange Spy, a clear and present danger to the security of the free world.
In Canada last week, he got 11% support in a poll, with 81% opposed. Wish it were so in the US.
I also saw Justin Trudeau get 49% in a US poll, compared to Trump’s 42%.

Sharon K, they told the Jews to be nice to the Nazi’s in the late 1920s. Being civil to the Trumpsters emboldens them to do more horrific acts.

Sharon, I agree that the sarah restaurant and Maxine anger incidents are not helping.
It seems that the trumpist crowd feeds on lower anger energy like vampires and it only serves to make them stronger.
Revenge is best served cold with a well planned strategy. We must act smarter, not angrier.

I think you are right silcominc. You can look back at the NYT and read articles which ask Jewish people to be more civil and not rock the boat. The NYT also wrote that if the Jewish people would be more civil Hitler would not be so hard on them. Unbelievable to read that now.

I think everyone with an ounce of empathy will have PTSD after this is over. It will take a while to heal.

The latest from the supreme court is a real blow. Someone wrote that their biggest regret was not taking to the street when M M held up Merrick Garlands nomination and stole the seat. I think that is true. It is also true that President Obama was right. He could not do it all himself.

Re: Trump’s Muslin Ban “Let us not forget the Congress can rewrite the Supreme Courts decisions into law. GET OUT WORD, and THE VOTE.”

Comment by Cher Davis

I think that there is a very big difference in being polite as the manifestation of cowering out of fear and intimidation, and being polite in order to stay strongly in the political game while working diligently to set in place a coherent and practical plan to overcome the demon.
The teachers in school that ranted at misbehaving kids were far less effective than the teachers that had developed a well honed strong ‘look’ that made kids shrink in shame.

A bit of levity I bring to the table: another Jim Carrey image


Perception of time is a funny thing; on one hand I feel like the World Remote is set on ‘fast forward’ but at the same time I feel like the energy of the day is like slogging through mud.

With 6 planets in Retrograde motion (Review Revise Repair Reconnoiter) I feel like the lesson is making certain to really scrub out the gunk. ‘Pay attention!’ says the study hall monitor of Olde

In a perfect world, which runs on the rule of law, of course Gorsach’s tenure as a SCJ would be voided and Merrick Garland would be sworn in, as he was clearly the last nominee to be put forth by a legitimate american president.

However, we do not live in that perfect world, because Mitch McConnell sought to undermine the process at every step he could.

This begs the question — what do we do with the (unwitting?) collaborators, those who where not in on the big secret of Trump’s puppet campaign but by their unscrupulous actions, aided the agenda of a hostile foreign power that was trying to wrest control of America out from under the body politic?

(more to the point, does someone like Paul Ryan actually feel shame?)

“Stephen Miller is the author of the travel ban. He’s also the architect of zero-tolerance immigration; ditto, separating kids from families. He’s 32 years old and having the time of his life – drafting the pessimistic Inaugural address and most likely the soundbites for Trump’s political rallies to inspire the “base.”


Thank you, Starlight, for the article in the Irish Times. I have found on your page many illuminating ideas and links over the years. I thank all posters.
Virgo, the comment on the Kamala Harris chart ln the Mountain Astrologer failed to mention the US Moon. Many astrologers believe a connection between a candidate’s chart and the US Moon (representing the people) is essential or at least a great help for success. The US Moon is in late Aquarius. Her Saturn on her MC at 28 Aquarius is interesting. If elected, she would be seen as a serious, hard-working, perhaps exacting President. Of course, any President who follows Trump would probably inherit a disaster, i.e. a depression, a major trade war, a decline in living standards, or worse. Perhaps she would be the person needed to lead the world through hard times and to ask for sacrifice. It is clear also she will be in a major crisis in early 2020 with a Saturn-Pluto conjunction in her 8th house square her Sun and Moon opposition. Her Virgo and Scorpio planets, plus her Mars in Leo in good aspect to the Sun and Moon (just like Trump), give her strength. A person to watch. I wish her well.

Thank-you, Andre

One further note on Kamala Harris. Since both her Sun and Moon are in favorable aspects to the US Moon, she would likely have the sympathy and support of the people despite the burdens of her Presidency. Also, her major crisis in 2020 could mean her involvement in the fall of the Manchurian President, which should take place at that time and make both him and Pence unelectable. It could also make her candidacy quite difficult and test her mettle as never before: being black and a woman will of couse attract the hatred of rabid Trumpians, who might be even more dangerous once their idol has been toppled. Trump, like Berlusconi, may not have left the political scene entirely or the media and arouse much bitterness for the rest of his life. Those who put faith in the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in late 2020 should remember it will square Uranus, which probably means volatility, strong resistance to positive change but also spectacular breakthroughs. If she is elected in 2020, her first term would be hard and dramatic as she will also have to contend with the US Pluto return. She would clearly be fighting formidable enemies, especially in the 1%. If re-elected, her second term would be more forward-looking and progressive, since the US Presidency chart of 2024 is more hopeful (as Bob and others have indicated). But she would still have to deal with the US Uranus return in 2027-2028, which will clearly be itself a major historical event which will redirect the US. All in all, she could be a transformational President, more so than Obama, and could help to heal the US and the world after Trump. Finally, she spent some of her formative years in Montreal where I live, which should make her friendlier to Canada. Canada will itself undergo a major transformation, as yet unseen, starting in 2020.

Do you guys love Steve Schmidt as much as I do? I know only that he was born on September 8, 1970, giving him a retrograde Mercury at 23+ Virgo that conjuncts the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo.

Steve’s natal Mercury trines his own natal Saturn at 22+ Taurus which is where the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle started.

His natal Uranus at 7+ Libra trines the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini which today’s transiting Mars at 9+ Aquarius – stationing retrograde – completes a grand trine with.

I’m hoping he forms a new party built on his own morals and values; not Republican, not Democrat.

Transiting Chiron won’t reach 3 degrees of Aries before it goes retrograde, but it will be there by next April, 2019, and when it does Steve Schmidt’s natal sextile between Mars at 3+ Virgo and Jupiter at 3+ Scorpio will put transiting Chiron (in Aries the sign of new starts) at the apex of a Yod.

It might just produce the kind of “adjustment” that takes the good qualities of the old Dem and Pub parties to form a new party for Americans who are fed up with their present choices.

Transiting Uranus at 2+ Taurus in mid April will oppose Schmidt’s conjunction of Jupiter (3+ Scorpio) and Venus (1+ Scorpio) while it trines his natal Virgo Mars.

If he continues to get the publicity he’s had for the last few months, and with the 3 new cycles that trans. Mars (rules Aries) has just started with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto lasting only 2 years each but supporting such a move, it would provide incentive for disgruntled Americans to vote.

Knowing just this little about Steve tells me he is a straight shooter, loves his country and is a man for the times. Stranger things have happened.

On the subject of China, a major trade war could make a deal with North Korea impossible, since North Korea and China are obviously closely aligned. Also, China has made increasingly threatening noises toward Taiwan, which have passed under the radar in the US. China even made live-fire military exercices off the coast of Taiwan recently. If China were to attack Taiwan, this is a conflict the US would likely lose, with its Mars currently retrograde for decades. I would not be surprised if Trump tried a shooting war in order to cling to power. He will clearly take the world to a major disaster before he is done. Think 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and the Great Recession, roll them into one and multiply by ten. The President who has to clean the mess left by a narcissistic Alpha-male with authoritarian tendencies will of course be a woman.

Yep. Bullies typically mistake kindness for weakness. Idiot man-child’s admiration for human rights abusers and dictators, doesn’t suggest we survive this by “playing nice” with them. History of dictatorships has taught us that much.

NYT continues to be complicit in some truly horrific moments in history, like the Holocaust. Has anyone forgotten the NYT’s Judith Miller, and her role in the WMD lie?

I agree, Obama needed more support from the citizens (us), including public protests over the stolen SCOTUS seat. It’s great (IMO) that citizens now recognize this. But, no one should kick themselves about not doing it, at the time.

When people know better, they do better. Many then, took our democracy for granted. tRump and what’s happening now, has awakened many from their slumber. I don’t think we’ll make that mistake again.

To Everyone, Might Romney become POTUS in 2020? What does his chart suggest? Thanks, Prof. Marc Bertonasco

To Everyone, Might Romney become POTUS in 2020? What does his chart suggest? Thanks, Prof. Marc Bertonasco

Came across this from 1934.

Thought I was fascinating that we are having a similar conversation today.

Sorry for the pay wall it happened when I copied the link.

Andre, thanks for the link. Really interesting.

This is certainly good news.

This is certainly good news.

MANY THANKS! for that very cogent Irish Times piece. I am drawing attention to it to as many as possible. Fintan O’Toole really nailed what is really going on as opposed to mere superficial perception.

Several years ago I read Eric Alan Meece’s, Horoscope For The New Millennium, an extraordinarily compelling and comprehensive book in which the author predicted a possible break-up of the United States in the 20’s. Astrologically I don’t see that, but I have not anything near the expertise of Mr. Meece. Logically and intuitively I do see a possibility of some very serious and widespread local and international chaos and conflict, at least some of it quite violent before we get beyond our Uranus return in 2028.

I’m curious. Have you read or are you familiar with Meece’s tome? Have you any opinions about his work?

I sincerely hope I am wrong, but I think it not farfetched to assume the order will either be ignored or openly defied. We are not dealing with “normal” here wherein the federal judiciary has the final say.


Another potential flash-point just under the radar at the moment but could erupt into a major crisis in the next couple of weeks is Iran’s street protests. The July 12th lunar eclipse in opposition to Pluto will be t squaring Iran’s natal Pluto (both the Feb 1st and April 1st, ’79 charts). This could be a major geo-political development……

In Tehran, Economic Protests Flare As Iran’s Currency Plunges

June 26, 2018

Iran’s capital has been racked by protests this week over a plunge in the value of the country’s currency, the rial. Crowds at one point shut down Tehran’s sprawling Grand Bazaar, an economic center and a place where the 1979 revolution gained footing.

Protesters called for shop owners to close their businesses as the demonstrations ramped up on Monday. They marched to the gates of Iran’s parliament, and police tried to quell them with what multiple news outlets said appeared to be tear gas. Videos purportedly showing clashes between security forces and protesters were put up online Tuesday. BBC Persian posted footage of people running as security forces approached.



Echoes Of The Revolution, But Will Iran’s Protests Bring Down The Regime?

The Jerusalem Post
June 26, 2018

For David Menashri, Professor Emeritus at Tel Aviv University and a leading expert on Iran, this news has a familiar resonance.

“Two years before the Islamic Revolution, I lived in Iran,” Menashri told The Jerusalem Post. “I saw what was bothering the Iranian people. The country was rich and the people were poor. And it’s repeating now.”

“It was a revolution for bread and liberty, welfare and freedom,” he said. “Forty years later, there is no greater liberty or more freedom in Iran today than there was under the Shah – which was no democracy. Under the Shah to speak against the government was a crime; today to speak against them is a sin.”

This week’s demonstrations, the biggest in Iran since 2012, were sparked by rising prices and the plummeting value of Iran’s currency, the rial. It sank as low as 90,000 against the dollar in the unofficial market on Monday from 87,000 on Sunday and around 75,500 last Thursday, according to foreign exchange website Bonbast.com. At the end of last year, the rial stood at 42,890.”


July 2018 Predictions: A World Out of Control, Shocking Revelations and Scandals by Joni Patry

Video: 25 min. 44 sec.


“The White House is blocking off three days on the back end of Trump’s upcoming mid-July trip to the United Kingdom and Brussels, leaving room for a potential summit with Putin. Helsinki is the current frontrunner venue.”

https://www.politico.com/…/trump-putin-meeting-helsinki… …

“Putin’s state media is already using the impending summit as a propaganda victory. Only time will tell just how much of our security and transatlantic unity will be given away in exchange for empty promises of “cooperation” with our sworn enemy.”

#Russia’s state TV: The host, Vladimir Soloviev, who frequently boasts of being friends with Putin, jokes that perhaps Trump and his representatives are traveling to Russia “to make deals with our hackers, so they can rig the midterms in favor of Trump’s team.”

#Russia Julia Davis on Twitter

@SteveSchmidtSES says and I paraphrase that Trump’s political ban is a gift to BinLadin who wanted a war between the East & West and that this will increase terrorism not decrease it.

Steve Schmidt to Brit Hume, “What say you Brit? Looks like more hypocrisy from someone associated with American state TV and one of the most corrupt public companies in the country. Bin Laden had a strategy. It was to create world war between Muslims and the west. Read and travel more. @brithume”

Re: SCOTUS and Gorsuch.
Who saw McConnell’s Twitter Post yesterday, gloating, soon after announcement of the SCOTUS decision on the travel ban?

Tacky, petty, and quite childish, imho.

Wonder how Gorsuch might feel about that (if he sees it)…? Of basically being thought of as “their guy,” the ringer, who’ll deliver the decisions they most desire?

Also wonder how his mercury retrograde hearings and confirmation will effect Gorsuch and his seat? Time will tell….

Harvard professor on “public shaming,” of the tRump henchmen (and women):

Public shaming has an important role. When the members of the government and when a government crosses the line and engages in unacceptable and some cases illegal and immoral behavior, they should be shamed,” he said.

“This is not the government taking action to bar people from restaurants. This is essentially society itself engaging in shaming of people who arguably ought to be shamed. This is not a normal situation, this is not normal politics descending into some type of illegitimate incivility.”

Levitsky said it’s not just understandable, but “probably healthy.”

for link to article and audio from interview:

Levitsky is co-author of How Democracies Die.

Eliseo, I am beginning to see your points as somewhat more realistic possibilities….but I do hope you’re wrong and that we have enough sensible people in this country of good will!

July is when things turn for the worse. There will be a critical NATO summit on July 12, on the solar eclipse conjunct Pluto. This will be followed by the Manchurian President’s visit to the UK and the Queen, who obviously dislikes him. Mass demonstrations are expected in London. Next, the Orange Spy meets his controller in Helsinki. He will follow orders and increasingly disrupt the Western alliance and the world economy. Putin believes in an interest-based nationalistic world without Western ideals. Through Trump, he is taking us straight to 1984. Putin rigged both the US elections and the Brexit vote. He tried to sway the French presidential elections but failed.
Thank God Democratic women are candidates in record numbers. They will restore sanity and humanity to the US, and bring progressive ideas. Astrologically, the Saturn-Pluto and Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions in 2020 are conjunct Ceres, which in my view means goodness in politics through women. All this will be square Eris, again bringing excluded, angry women to rise. There will be great resistance from the Right, but progressives will triumph with Neptune in Pisces, which was last seen at the inception of socialism. So I think a stronger version of Obamacare and lower college tuition will come to the United States.

Judge: Prosecutors about to get most Cohen raid materials




And now ‘The Iceman Cometh’ for tRump ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’. His supporters are denizens of Harry Hope’s place.

Here in Canada, it was revealed yesterday the 25% tariff on car exports to the US which will soon be announced by the Manchurian President will devastate the manufacturing heartland in Ontario, but also hurt the American industrial base in Northeastern US because the factories on both sides of the border work together through NAFTA. Real economic hardship will soon take place in both countries, although the American economy is 10 times the size of Canada’s and much less dependent on foreign trade. Harley-Davidson is just the beginning. Just as Brexit will bring devastation to the British economy, the Orange President’s trade wars will damage his own supporters. The madness will soon increase, but a turning point approaches.

SHOCKING! “A Judge just sharply rebuked Trump’s cruelty and incompetence” “The ruling from U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw enjoins the government from detaining people separate from their minor children, absent evidence that the parents pose a threat to them, and requires the government to reunite all separated children under 5 years old with their parents in 14 days, and all children over 5 in 30 days”. https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/plum-line/wp/2018/06/27/a-judge-just-sharply-rebuked-trumps-cruelty-and-incompetence/?utm_term=.527b13fed211


I really appreciate your voice here. These are not normal times. Violence is NEVER acceptable, but resistance from the public is not only necessary, it is mandatory.

Upthread, you talked about the NYT’s complicity in horrific historical moments. Let’s add that they lambasted Martin Luther King. To them, he was a trouble maker. And most recent, a couple months ago, their healine reads: “Trump Reinvents the Presidency.” These writers are wordsmith, they understand the power of words. That headline screams a positive take on what he’s doing. Were they not complicit with this adminstration, the headline would have read something like this, which closer resembles the truth: “Trump Dismantles the Presidency.”

In times like these, truth to power is mandatory.

Entire Neil Gorsuch swearing-in ceremony


Many Saturn transits to swearing in chart coming up before January 2020: To Desc, Moon, Jupiter, Pluto, Sun, Uranus.

Swearing in MC 350°55′. Swearing in Saturn/Pluto midpoint sets 350°35′.

Swearing in Moon 194°06′; Sibly Saturn 194°36′.

East Point (exact 90° square to the MC) 80°55′, Sibly Mars 80°35′.


A tweet from John Lewis:

John Lewis

Do not get lost in a sea of despair. Be hopeful, be optimistic. Our struggle is not the struggle of a day, a week, a month, or a year, it is the struggle of a lifetime. Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble. #goodtrouble
11:15 AM – Jun 27, 2018

Ralfee Finn:


Trump is as Batshit-Crazy as You Think: Andrew Sullivan

Excerpt: “The president believes what he wants to believe, creates a reality that fits his delusions, and then insists, with extraordinary energy and stamina, that his delusions are the truth. His psychological illness, moreover, is capable of outlasting anyone else’s mental health. Objective reality that contradicts his delusions is discounted as “fake news” propagated by “our country’s greatest enemy,” i.e., reporters. If someone behaved like this in my actual life, if someone kept insisting that the sea was red and the sky green, I’d assume they were a few sandwiches short of a picnic. It’s vital for us to remember this every day: Almost no one else in public life is so openly living in his own disturbed world. ”


“President Trump & former Fox News co-president Bill Shine have discussed him becoming the next White House communications director” https://cnn.it/2yO2rAu

“Bill Shine covered up BillOReilly’s sexual harassment for years so he will fit in nicely in the “Grab Em By The *****/Rob Porter is an honorable man Whitehouse” Tweet @Timodc

Interesting Psychic Violetta take on the Russian pop video released the other day (“You Really Got Me”) with a link to the video in the comments:


The world is really tugging at me right now, as I know it’s doing to so many of us now. Which made me think about cord cutting and if you all know about it and could find it helpful.

It’s a meditation, and I’m sure there are ones you can listen to and follow along on the net, but it’s pretty simple.

People and situations attach themselves to us energetically, like a cord that stretches from their bodies to ours and hangs on. Think of them as energy vampires to us. They have a problem, and they tug on us and bring us down and want us to fix it. Or maybe we just really want to fix certain things (children in cages, maybe).

And moving with all these things attached to us is like trying to walk while dragging a bunch of weights.

How do you fix that? You simply cut the cords. you can do it with anything you want. Giant scissors, a sword, a chainsaw — whatever you feel you need.

Just close your eyes and breathe deeply. Visualize your body. See the cords attached to you. You don’t even have to visual whose cord or what issue the cord belongs to. Just see them. Feel the weight of them.

Then cut them. Any tool you need. See those tools slicing through the cords. See them falling away from your body until you’re free of all of them. Feel how light your body seems.

You might then ask for divine protection — anything you believe in. A suit of armor. A bubble. Sparkling light. A color — any one that feels good to you. Surround your body with that and feel protected and safe.

That’s it. Very simple. The cords will come back. You can cut them every night before you go to bed, if you need to.

It’s not an aggressive or mean action. It’s simply saying your body is your own. Your space is your own. Your energy is your own, and you’re protecting all those things. You’re entitled to.

Anthony Kennedy has announced his retirement from the Supreme Court as of July 31. It will be Trumps court. Trumps judicial system.

Teresa Hill, That is a great way, works great! Another protective thing to do is: when you sleep, light a candle in front of a mirror and send any negative engery back to where it came. We are often overloaded with this kind of energy even when not ‘connected’ to it. This is a gentle way to block it, and turn it around, back to the creator/released/sender.

“Sen Jeff Flake plans to block President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees until Senate Republican leaders allow a vote on legislation aimed at restricting the president’s authority to impose tariffs. Let’s see if the Senator actually follows through. “? Greg Sarafan on Twitter

I like to put a circle of protection of white light around my loved ones, myself, their car or homes. Chanting Om is a form of protection. Being kind, compassionate also helps to keep one’s aura strong.

Thoughts on Justice Kennedy’s birth chart (July 23, 1936, 11:28 PM, Sacramento, CA):

* natal Chiron 20+ Gemini is conjunct US natal Mars 21+ Gemini and Trump natal Sun 22+ Gemini, square US natal Neptune 22+ Pisces

* natal Pluto 27+ Cancer opposite US natal Pluto 27+ Capricorn

* natal Juno (partner with less power) 6+ Leo conjunct US natal north node 6+ Leo, and present transiting NN 6+ Leo

It would appear Justice Kennedy’s natal Pluto at 27+ Cancer, where transiting Mercury is now, and both oppose US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn takes it beyond the realm of the personal.

Justice Kennedy’s natal Juno (where transiting North Node is now and the US North Node too) was another deciding factor in his announcement today. This is an opportunity disguised as a tragedy.

There are 2 grand trines in the Summer Solstice (June 21); one between Neptune, Mercury+Pallas, and Jupiter in the water signs and the other between Juno, Ceres and Vesta in the fire signs.

This chart will be effective until September 21 and that means there is a lot of feminine energy circulating; the emotional (mostly fear) energy of the water grand trine and the “goddesses in accord” in the fire grand trine.

All this period, June through September, almost everything goes against the grain of the logical, reality-based left brain functioning we have been accustomed to, based on this solstice chart.

It works to “our” advantage though if we can rise above the addiction to logic we all have. For example, the fear of losing abortion rights should get a lot of younger Democrat women (go Alexandria!) nominated AND elected once it gets to the (female) voters that the change in the Supreme Court could mean the end of that right.

The appealing to the feelings (those kids STILL haven’t been reunited with their moms!!!) of US citizens has already proven to get them riled up so it should get most of them to the polls in November.

We must channel our feelings away from despair and into a more productive use. This is part of our evolution process; a balancing of left brain-right brain functions. That’s what Trump has done with his base; he appeals to their emotions, not their common sense.

I don’t know if these new Reps (and Senators) will be sworn in on January 21, 2019, but if they are, Venus will conjunct Jupiter (increase) at 15+ Sagittarius (conjunct the Great Attractor at 14+ Sagittarius). Venus and Jupiter will square Neptune in Pisces but trine Mars in Aries.

Transiting Saturn (13+ Capricorn) opposes US natal Sun in Cancer but will sextile trans. Neptune in Pisces (who trines US Sun). Saturn will also square trans. Mars in Aries who opposes US natal Saturn in Libra.

The South Node (possible release of some outworn tradition or habit) in Capricorn at that time will conjunct both trans. Mercury (communication) and the US natal Pluto (power). Transiting Uranus in Aries will square all 3.

Transiting Mercury in Capricorn will be opposite where he is today, conjunct Justice Kennedy’s Pluto, shy about 2 degrees. There might just be a connection between his retirement and the next swearing in of new Congress members.

Barbk, I love your insights on this opportunity disguised as tragedy–but the new Congress will be sworn in on January 3, 2019, at noon, ET. That’s what I want to see a chart for.

barbk, what you said made me think of what Lorna Bevan wrote in her newsletter.

” brace yourself for a surreal ride through July and August – your physical, mental and emotional
bodies are still grasping for an old reality which has been deleted. The back and forth activation of
Chiron and Uranus across the cusps of Pisces/Aries and Aries/Taurus combined with a summer of
retrogrades is creating a strange but liberating hang-time between expired lower timelines –
dissolving platforms – and a fully anchored new reality. This is potentially one of the most exciting,
inspiring and creative times of your life but only if you choose to accelerate your big leap from New
Age light chasing to embodiment. It’s the heading back towards higher Home journey when you go
through the process of collecting all your other aspects and selves scattered throughout different
timelines and/or dimensions that are to be embodied by you now.”

If reality is indeed changing for all, it seems to me that liberals and free thinkers will be able to adapt to those changes much easier than the fearful, rigid, trump cultists. I wonder what will happen when they realize their perception of ‘reality’ is no more.

Ja, it warms my heart that you would link me to Lorna’s thoughts. Thanks so much for the excerpt.

Thanks Gina, I searched but couldn’t find it. Will get right on the Jan. 3 chart!

kiwi, we free-thinkers will adapt more easily to the new world, the Trump cultists probably won’t even make the cut, alas.

This video from Violetta is very interesting, particularly because she explains why this music video released by a Russian musician is so unusual and meaningful. Without her reminder of life in a communist country, I wouldn’t have paid it much attention or even known about it at all. Whether you like the card reading, the first part about the video is fascinating. Are they blackmailing trump? Does he even understand what’s going on? And just what happens next.

Sorry, it may not show up as a link, just cut and paste into the browser. I may have done that wrong.

I needed this after reading that Supreme Court Justice Kennedy is retiring. I need some hope because right now some of the dire predictions above seem not only possible, but possibly not dire enough. This is a hard time to be even moderately liberal in this world. May we learn these lessons quickly.

Casey, the most significant thing (IMO) Violetta said in her video was that this music vid could never have been released in Russia without Putin’s OK. I think Agalarov and Putin are trolling Trump, trying to make him nervous. “Never forget that we own you.”


I just read something fascinating. Apparently Kennedy’s kids are involved with Peter Theil and JK and the 666 building. One of Kennedy’s kids is involved in real estate and was somehow involved in the bailout of 666 in NYC.

His other son is a lawyer involved with tech, hence the association with Thiel.

Sharon K,
Amen! Amen! Amen!


FOR oxthecat … Kennedy’s kids

Thanks, I just saw a little blurb in my twitter feed I had not read the article. Very interesting.

Thank You, Barbk! For sharing so much thought provoking knowledge with us
WINNING DEMOCRAT: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:
Isn’t She Beautiful? I’m so proud of her accomplishments….The tide is turning!
Yes, Cimablok, Trump is now shaking in his Boots! Let’s keep sending him pressure! He will Crack!

A North Korean general was executed a few days ago because he believed peace was at hand. Pluto is sitting on my Sun right now. Why am I no longer surprised by everyday horror?


The January 3rd swearing in chart still supports the abundance of feminine energy of the present Summer Solstice; more on that in a minute.

The Jan 3 swearing in chart does not have the trans. Saturn-square-Mars aspect that completes a grand cross with US natal Sun-square-Saturn that the Jan 21 chart had, which is a relief.

Jan. 3 has the Sun in Capricorn opposite US Sun in Cancer, rather than trans. Saturn opposite US Sun. Trans. Neptune will still trine US Sun and also now sextile trans. Sun, also a relief.

Instead of trans. Jupiter-conjunct-Venus-conjunct the Great Attractor square trans. Mars, we now have trans. Jupiter conjunct US natal chart ascendant, both at 12+ Sagittarius that conjuncts Moon at 16+ Sagittarius with the Great Attractor at 14+ Sagittarius in between. No trans. Mars in this setup.

Instead, trans. Mars is on the Aries Point at 1+ Aries (and the US natal chart’s IC, where trans Chiron was earlier this month. Mars (ruler of Aries) on the Aries Point represents a significant amount of anger and aggression is likely and on public display in early January.

Trans. Vesta at 15+ Aquarius on Jan. 3 sextiles trans. Moon at 16+ Sagittarius (+ trans Jupiter+US ascendant+ GA) which forms a Yod to US Sun at 13+ Cancer. A Yod is made up of 2 quincunxes.

Here is what the great astrologer Maya del Mar (now deceased) said about quincunxes back in July 2005.
“Quincunxes connect, by aspect, signs and modalities which have no particular affinity for one another. Yet they must act together. Therefore constant awareness and adjustments are necessary.”

A quincunx in the Swearing In chart of Jan. 3 between Uranus in Aries and Venus in Scorpio, with all the major planets in between them (in a 150 degree space) will probably result in such an adjustment.

Maya also said this about Yods while writing about a specific incident that seems to relate to the Jan 3 yod between Vesta and Moon and US Sun . . . “This is a typical Yod situation. Something happens suddenly which results in major change. It is like a stroke of fate. Adjustments are necessary to live with the new situation.”

This is enough about the January 3 Swearing In chart (there is more) to show a bumpy road ahead with a lot of feminine influence regarding US government policy making; wouldn’t want to miss it myself.

PS: You can read Maya’s full article at Daykeeper Journal, Maya’s archives under July, 2005, “Quincunxes, Yods and Patience


You’ve probably been feeling Pluto conjunct your son for the last year or so, huh? You’ll be a whole new person when its done transforming. Stay strong.


Your curatorial skills with readers is formidable. Sure beats listening to the pols.

Hey, hey,

A suit brought by the New York Attorney General, which is set to be heard just before the midterm elections, charges that the Donald J. Trump Foundation has been used to enrich and benefit the Trump family.


Here’s the Song/Video Violetta was referring to:
“Emin Agalarov, Trump-Connected Russian Pop Singer, Trolls The World With New Video” Got Me Good:
My Taurus Sun really feeling that Uranus Kiss!

Here’s the video Violetta referred to:
“Emin Agalarov, Trump-Connected Russian Pop Singer, Trolls The World With New Video”

President Donald Trump And Russian Leader Vladimir Putin To Meet July 16 In Helsinki

The July 16th meeting is astrologically significant from various angles. First, here’s a vedic astrologers take on the waxing Mars/South Node conjunction for July 16th. It was posted 6 days ago…..



My own personal read on this is that tr. Mars conjunction to the US South Node AND transiting South Node, essentially the US Nodal Return (6 ’35 Aq-Leo) occurs every 19 years. It forms an exact sesquiquadrate/ semi-square to the US Mars and Russia’s natal Sun (21 Gemini). The last time the nodes were in this same position occurred in mid November 1999 roughly about the same time that Putin began to assume the reins of power over Russia.

Mid July 2018

I suspect Putin is going to serve Trump an ultimatum during this meeting and it won’t bode well for either country. It will be blackmail and extortion at the highest levels of government. It should be interesting to watch how all this unfolds.

Hi Janet,

I appreciate your voice here, too!

Such a ridiculous headline by the NYT. (Sigh) But consistent, on their part. I found (and have since misplaced) the link to a NYT archived article, like we talked about yesterday (from the 1930’s Holocaust period).

If I find it, again—I promise to share the link.

Honestly, I’ve given up on the NYT, speaking truth to power. They’re happy to get (and write) their scoops, that give them praise and Pulitzer nominations. But they refuse to call this admin. out appropriately.

NYT defended their profile of a “Nazi in the Heartland” for crying out loud. Oh and they rolled out the red carpet for Bannon. Smh.

Thank you so much for the uplifting quote/Tweet from John Lewis!

Though not as uplifting, I’ve linked tweets that validate your prior posts here. She was born in the Philippines, during the Marcos regime.

Very informative read! I hope others here will also consider her wise words.


Thanks for that link Lexi. The woman speaks the truth.

“White people, journalists who insist on civility- you seem to think civility is a common ground you share with opponents like Trump et al. Here’s a clue – whenever you offer these assholes middle ground, they will invade that space & then claim you never gave them ground at all.”

I woke up this morning with ‘Mother, Jugs and Speed; going through my head.!?

Then thought of many families having 3 generations voting this year mothers, kids and grandmothers. An unknown factor in the midterms. Could the influx of newly involved women and young people be enough to pry the Senate out of RepublicOn control?

We will get the House. If we get the Senate too it’s all over for the trumpsters and their ass ociates.

The Dems dare not let the vote for a new Justice take place before the midterms. If they do, they should be voted out of office. We need to make this clear starting today.

Putin will promise the blackmailed scumbag that he will make sure the RepubliCons will keep control of the Senate, insuring his SC appointees confirmation and that no impeachment attempts will succeed. Then, knowing that increased surveillance might prevent that from being true (it will), will demand tRump do something he wants before the election takes place or at least before January when a new Congress will be sworn in.

Putin’s chart sucks on January 13, 2020, too.


Thank you for the link! These voices must be heard to show what we are up against.

Lexi, Thank you for posting this again.

Everyone, I f you haven’t read it, please, please read it. If you have read it, please read it again. It is clear and comes from actual experenice. Experenice most of us have not had, until now.

“Mitch M. is worried about Citizens United. He cares not one whit about women’s rights or marriage equality. It is much more about money than rights. PLEASE start talking about this aspect! I say that as someone who has marched since the 70s.” TrishE on Twitter

Thank you chrys for posting that Politico article from last year.

Clearly, Trump knew his fate would be decided before the Supreme’s and he wanted to be sure of his acquittal. This vast conspiracy of treason is so widespread – evangelicals, Russians, trumps corrupt family and minion. I am not sure if Mueller will be able to do anything and I am concerned that marches and gatherings do nothing. I am struggling to figure out what we can do that will affect a real change.

Even voting in Nov. — which we need to do — may not matter if they have removed millions of Democrats from the voting rolls. If you have not, please contact your Dept of Elections to be sure you are fully registered and able to vote.

There is this from 2014 that talks about the alliance of evangelicals and putin.


and this from 2016


has anyone done Mitch M chart

I think he has a mars Saturn conjunction in taurus

Mike Huckabee claim of protest against his daughter’s family mostly lies.


Lying liar.

Like daughter; like father.

er. uhm. uh.

3 pm, EDT

“Hitting the fan now.at the Hart Senate building. Police have shown up.”

“Women are sitting down. Press is being kicked out. Police are now arresting people.”

“About 100 people arrested in immigration protest at Capitol Hill” (from CNN)


UPDATE! Thu Jun 28, 2018, 05:37 PM

Nearly 600 protesters at Women’s March arrested on Capitol Hill


Eric Francis:

“As Mars stationed retrograde in Aquarius for the first time since 1971, and the Moon reached full phase in Capricorn, it was a banner week in American civic life.”



My PDAL for McConnell at 9 am, EDT, yesterday in Washington has the MC at 300°03′ with his progressed Sun (fom my speculative chart for him) on it’s Asc at 300°09′ and it’s Jupiter on the Desc at 299°18′.

My secondary progressed chart for him had transit Jupiter on it’s Asc with it’s Moon on the IC.

Will, thank you. Much appreciated.

After A Billboard Urged Liberals To Leave Texas, An Amarillo Resident Fought Back With Positivity

This may be a portent. In mid-June, a billboard six miles out of Vega, Texas, on the I-40 Eastbound, read: “Liberals, please continue on I-40 until you have left our GREAT STATE OF TEXAS.”

It was very unpopular and replaced with a sign which read: “Texas is for everyone — not for bigotry. Welcome, Y’all! The People of Amarillo.”

“While Donald Trump won the state by nine points in the 2016 election — seven points less than Mitt Romney in 2012 — the immigration debate and rising Latinx population could turn the state blue in the next presidential election.”

“An April 2017 Lyceum poll found that 63% of Texans support allowing illegal immigrants in the U.S. to become citizens, and 61% oppose Trump’s border wall proposal.”

“A Quinnipiac poll found that Trump had a 43% approval rating in the state as of April 2017.”


Wow, the Patriarchy is reacting to its demise in the typical fallback unconscious reactive way – a ferocious roar from the king of the jungle, usually enough to keep the vultures away – for a while.

Watching the House Pubs grill Rosenstein today shows just how desperate they are and how aware they are that their days of power are numbered.

chrys, thanks so much for your link to the Politico story last night re: Justice Kennedy’s kids. It is not a stretch to imagine Trump pressuring, even with bribery, Kennedy to retire before the midterm elections, much the way he tried to influence James Comey (behind closed doors).

It behooves us all to remember that transiting Neptune is in the US natal chart’s third house, indicating that what we read, watch and hear from other sources always has on the lens of incoherence, confusion and deception between the speaker and the listener.

I can’t tell you what the purpose for that is unless it’s to reduce all communication to a single denominator – sort of like the Tower of Babel did. What I am sure of is that there IS a purpose; even if it’s just to wear us all out, forcing us to start all over.

Here’s more evidence of the connection between Trump and Kennedy’s son.


Don’t give up, everyone. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Every day I envision Trump broken and humiliated behind bars. His enablers, McConnell and others, are disgraced and rotting in their own cells.

The rich who supported them have gone bankrupt and have lost all of their power. Tyrants like Charles Koch and Sheldon Adelson are broken and defeated men who spend their last days as beggars among the common masses they so loathe and sought to lord over through deceit and manipulation.

None of them will go on forever, or even for as long as it seems. Ghandi himself said that, too.

Apologies for the misspell of Gandhi’s name. Here’s the quote I am referencing. We should all carry this in our hearts in these intolerable times.

When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it–always.
Mahatma Gandhi

Thank you Sharon. So, gaming the Supreme Court – the one government body I thought was above it all – has fallen to this low level that all other government bodies had already fallen to. How could I be so naive.

It makes sense now; why we either start over with an updated Constitution, or become a transformed country with a conscience, or sink into the sea like Atlantis.

Hmm . . . US natal Atlantis is at 18+ Taurus, conjunct US natal Vesta (what we invest in) at 19+ Taurus. Transiting Pluto in Capricorn will make its final trine to US natal Atlantis and Vesta starting mid July and ending in mid December.

The first pass of transiting Pluto trine US Atlantis-Vesta was February 2017 through mid July 2017 including a station retrograde in April, 2017.

The second pass of trans. Pluto trine US Atlantis-Vesta was in December 2017 through early February 2018. Now, this final pass of transiting Pluto in 18-19 degrees of Capricorn is our last chance to take advantage of Pluto’s transformative power.

Hopefully, when transiting Mars (the surgeon) returns in October, 2018, to the degree where it stationed retrograde (9+ Aquarius), we will be ready for stage 2 of Pluto’s process; the re-birthing.

The New Moon in October conjuncts the US natal Saturn and Trump’s Chiron-Juno (not Trump’s Neptune-Juno as I wrote up-thread) and this might signal the start of the stage 2 Pluto Effect, one month before the midterm elections. That sounds about right.


“When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it–always.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Thank you for posting a quote I often take refuge in.

Bob, Janet, Henri—you’re all welcome!

Hey Bob,
Huckabee lied…about his daughter being victimized?!
While migrant children have actually been exploited by Sara’s morally corrupt boss, as a bargaining chip, to fund his ridiculous wall.

Ugh. May the hell Huckabee damns the rest of us to, exist, so one day he can go there.

Canada Targets Whiskey, Toilet Paper in Trump Tariff Response

From mustard to motorboats, Canada’s about to fire back against Donald Trump on its national holiday. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will mark Canada’s 151st birthday Sunday by imposing tariffs on about C$19.4 billion ($14.6 billion) worth of U.S. imports in response to American levies on Canadian steel and aluminum that went into effect a month ago.


>Every day I envision Trump broken and humiliated behind bars. His enablers, McConnell and others, are disgraced and rotting in their own cells.

This is so much more my style — revenge, karma, humiliation, defeat. (I try to work on that and be more positive, and then I just get furious and go for destruction of people like him.)

barbk, SCOTUS is a cesspool. Their Bush v Gore decision in 2000 was an abomination. The conservative block has been at it ever since.

Our problem was that we did not take to the streets after that egregious decision. And that emboldened the right and they have been on a roll ever since.

If we get through this, we need to either void all that Trump has done or expand the judiciary to dilute the impact of his crazies – expand SCOTUS to 11 and add 300 more Federal Judges.

Trump has plans to remove Trudeau as Canadian PM. This CBC story talks about Adelson and his close ties to Harper who will be visiting the White House in the coming weeks.


More on Kennedy’s son and connection to Trump. “…he worked closely with Mr. Trump when he was a real estate developer, according to two people with knowledge of his role. During Mr. Kennedy’s tenure, Deutsche Bank became Mr. Trump’s most important lender, dispensing well over $1 billion in loans to him for the renovation and construction of skyscrapers in New York and Chicago at a time other mainstream banks were wary of doing business with him because of his troubled business history.”


Bob- will we see Mitch gaining weight ?

Any other thoughts on his chart for the fall


silcominc, would expanding the judiciary come about through a decision of Congress? If so, that could be one result of the Yod in the January 3, 2019, swearing in of Congress chart.

The Moon (the people) will sextile Vesta (what is invested in) putting US natal Sun (giver of life) at the apex of a Yod; thus US Sun having to “adjust” to new situations.

Also, the swearing in chart has Mars on the Aries Point (and US natal chart IC) and Jupiter conjunct the US natal chart ascendant, which promises increase (Jupiter), possibly in law (Sagittarius), that affects the world (Mars on Aries Point).

In the swearing in chart transiting Neptune will trine the US Sun and sextile transiting Sun opposite US Sun (so it will be the half-way point in the 2018 US Solar Return cycle).

Also the swearing in chart has Uranus in Aries trine Mercury and the Galactic Center in Sagittarius AND trine the 2017 Great American Solar Eclipse in Leo with its long shelf life.

The US Solar Return (July 5, 2018, 5:36 AM EDT) has 2 different grand trines and an important opposition I would like to reiterate.

First trine is between Sun in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces.

Second trine is between Saturn in Capricorn, Uranus-Pallas in Taurus and Ceres in Virgo.

The solar return opposition between Mercury in Leo (sextile US Uranus in Gemini) and Mars in Aquarius (trine US Uranus) suggests a difference between “talk” and “action” that will be settled in an “unexpected” way.

In addition, the US solar return has a Moon-Chiron conjunction at 2+ Aries on the US natal chart IC!

These two charts, the 2019 swearing in chart and the 2018 US solar return chart, just off the top, show an increase in attention to women’s issues and an increase in unexpected (Uranus) breakthroughs in the United States of America that will affect the world (Mars in the Aries Point).

barbk, that is very scary. I was thinking we could try to do this if Dems are ever able to take back our government and our nation (the Presidency and the Congress). We would do it to dilute trump’s extremist reactionary picks. If Congress passed such a bill and the President signed it, it would be law. However, what is scary is that they (the trumpista’s) want to do this now to dilute the impact all of the popularly elected President’s chocies. Ours is a return to sanity and their’s is a turn to total fascism. If Trump were to do this now, it would mean they control all branches of government and we have no recourse but to take to the streets but the outcomes would not be good.

I know many of you say trump will be taken down but I must confess that I am more worried now than ever before. Trump’s political appointees are using loyalty and litmus tests to cleanse all of the Federal department’s. We have never seen a case of loyalty to a person and not the constitution. If we are ever able to retake the government with popularly elected officials in fair elections, it will take generations to rebuild and like a lot you, I may not live long enough to see any of that.

It’s going to be a long, hot summer in more ways than one. All of a sudden, the stakes have risen.

“Trump’s relationship with Putin is very enmeshed with a composite power-hungry Sun Pluto conjunction, so very much a bond with one dominant partner. If birth times are accurate there’s also a composite Yod of Sun Pluto sextile Neptune inconjunct Moon which would suggest a contact which will have fateful consequences for both.”


Push the furniture up against the wall and let it all hang out!

Awesome music collage of dancing clips from 292 movies !!


Up until a couple of years ago I could still hit the floor on both knees and pop up smoothly. Can still do it but not so smooth.

Took me a week and a half to decide to check this link out. My happy button is glad I did.

Well, don’t be scared silcominc, these 2 charts have a lot of energy supporting much longer cycles (Neptune-Pluto especially) that are about the evolution of Man and Man’s societies.

Suppose the Dems do take the House this November 2018, and they hold those seats until the November election 2020. Even if Trump DOES get his second Supreme before this election, why would he feel a need to increase the number of Supremes? He will already have the majority.

If the Dems hold the House (assuming they have it) in the Nov. 2020 election, and a Democrat is elected President in 2020, wouldn’t the House then give the increase to 11 Supremes a thumbs up?

I’m out of my element in how laws are changed, but it seems to me that the US Solar Return (July 2018 through June 2019) and the Jan. 2019 swearing in charts both support a greater balancing rather than an increasingly polarized climate.

With Chiron conjunct the Moon (at the IC of the US natal chart) in this US Solar Return there is a promise of an awakening of “the people”. The “wound” will make them aware and the action taken (Aries) will be to relieve the pain.

Solar Return Ceres (2+ Virgo) is quincunx Moon and Chiron in Aries so, as Maya del Mar says “constant awareness and adjustments are necessary”. Solar Return chart’s Ceres in Virgo will also trine Uranus and Pallas the Planner in Taurus.

I am convinced that Uranus and Chiron are a team (traveling approx 30 degrees apart for the last 10 years) and as Ceres trines Uranus-Pallas, while also in a quincunx with Chiron-Moon, she will facilitate these adjustments (quincunx) with an ease not normally found in a quincunx alone. The secret ingredient is the Feminine (Moon, Ceres, Pallas).

We are all scared because any bully is scary, but we come together because this bully is designed to bring us together in order to save our country. He has made us angry and we, together, will outwit him and, in the end, our country will be better for it.

“So to recap: Healthy, lifetime appointee Justice Kennedy randomly steps down days before stunning NYT report linking him, his financier son & Russia-connected Deutsche Bank to Trump & a billion dollar loan deal and no one in any party finds this at all fishy? Hello, anyone?”

Rogue WH Snr Advisor on Twitter

“Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are the enablers of the most corrupt, demagogic and evil administration in the history of the Republic. Trump makes Nixon seem patriotic by comparison.”


She’s hanging in ther. Hang in with her.

RBG – Official Trailer


I LOVE dance films—thank you!

If I’m reading your analysis correctly, it sounds quite hopeful. Thank you for that!

Thank you for all your great astrological insights. To the regulars on this site, I appreciate reading your take on American issues. Good luck with what seems to be a country on the precipice revolution. For those that enjoy intellectual discussions on freedom of speech, political structure and the post-modernist influence on our lives, tune into any of the youtube videos featuring JORDAN PETERSEN, a Canadian Tour de Force with an incredible mind, and thought-provoking views on modern day life. Enjoy……and remember it is always darkest before the dawn.


Thanks! You gave me the best smile of the day!

2017: Republican Party Now Having Its Neptune Return
Republican Party Founded March 20, 1854 with Neptune @14Pisces01

The Republican Party’s Neptune Return/s 2017–2018:

1. May 17, 2017

2. July 16, 2017 Rx (the current return)

3. March 7, 2018

4. October 20, 2018 Rx

5. December 29, 2018

Sorry if I confused you – I know Trump would not increase the Supreme Ct but he could expand the Federal Judiciary everywhere else and thereby dilute the real judges that are currently on the bench.


I do hope that justice prevails as you point out. But when I see things, like Angellight mentioned, I get very worried. Trump’s circle began courting Kennedy even before he was elected. They knew that it would end up at the Court and they needed a second justice to take the trump loyalty oath.

Bob, It’s very cool that you can still dance like that!

I’m at my 50th HS reunion this weekend in the area of NJ where I grew up. I have known about this for at least a year or more, and there were fears and nervousness involved, but everyone has been delightful, both at the lunch and the meet and greet tonight (pizza & salad). Tomorrow night is the main event where dancing to 50s, 60s & 70s music will be the order of the day. I will then visit family & friends for the next few days. Interestingly, my 11th house begins at 20 or so Aries but it wasn’t until Uranus entered Taurus and sextiled my sun that these meaningful friendship and people connections and reconnections started taking place. Astrology works!

Getting back to Uranus, let’s see what surprises it has in store for our political future. May it stir up conservative Taurus. Trump said that he has 2 women on his list of mostly conservative judicial candidates. I wonder what he meant by mostly conservative and whether he is just BSing.

I personally use the July 6, 1854 (Jackson, MI) chart for the Republican Party which puts Neptune at 15°53 Pisces. The Cancer Sun-Scorpio Moon placements over the Pisces Sun-Sag Moon placements in the Feb 20 chart really nail a lot more of the GOP’s pathologies, particularly their all-or-nothing lust for power (Scorpio) and tribalist urges (Cancer), as well as their claim to patriotism and being the “true patriots and rightful stewards” of the US with the July 6 Sun closely conjunct the US Sun (July 4). I’m not necessarily negating the Feb 20 chart, but it doesn’t seem to tell the whole story.

But all the same, they are definitely experiencing their Neptune Return right now. The party has almost completely given itself over to Trump with little regard for the long term consequences of such a choice. One way or another, he won’t last forever, and they will pay a heavy price for all of their capitulations to him.

Neptune does have a certain way of dissolving your foundations such that one day you put your foot through the floor and find that the foundation beneath you has completely rotted away. Such a time comes for the Republican Party, and they could very well cease to exist. It would help a great deal though if the US embraced reforms that allow third and fourth parties to successfully emerge and challenge the status quo. Perhaps such a shift takes place after Pluto enters Aquarius.

RE: Supreme Court
FDR tried to increase the number of justices on the bench. Did not work, and he had a 2/3 Dem majority in Congress.

silcominc, I guess I have a lot to learn about how the judiciary part of government works and I’m glad you are so knowledgeable on the subject. I would like to learn more about how “Trump’s circle began courting Kennedy even before he was elected” though.

Thank you Lexi, you make me hopeful!

A rough chart for Rod Rosenstein (no birth time) shows remarkable affinity with Trump and the US, his natal Gemini North Node being conjunct the US natal Mars and Trump’s natal Sun.

He has the famous conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in Virgo opposite his natal Chiron in Pisces which transiting Neptune conjuncts. Neptune is super powerful due to its recent station so has been in the same degree all month – conjunct Rod’s Chiron and opposite his Uranus and Pluto.

Transiting Neptune and Rod’s Chiron also sextile Rod’s natal Jupiter in Taurus so you know the House Judiciary Committee grilling on Thursday has empowered him with a missionary zeal (a Jupiter thing) to protect Mueller’s investigation with all he’s got.

Transiting Jupiter will again oppose Rod’s natal Jupiter in late August and conjunct his natal Scorpio Neptune in September. His natal Capricorn Sun trines both his Jupiter and his Pluto-Uranus conjunction, and by the time transiting Saturn and Pluto (and Mercury) make their conjunction in January, 2020 it will be just one degree away from Rod’s Sun.

Rod Rosenstein is playing a pivotal role in this unfolding drama, but you didn’t need astrology to tell you that, did you? With transiting Neptune stationing opposite the ’60’s Uranus-Pluto conjunctions (as well as Mueller’s natal Mars-Chiron conjunction) it helps us to understand the scope of this investigation in historical terms.

It isn’t the only outer planet cycle that has brought us to this crisis point, and we are all part of the Big Picture Puzzle these cycles are gradually bringing into focus. Trust the Universe and the people it has picked to change our world for the better. Much, much better!

A Rough Ride for Rod Rosenstein

at https://www.goodgollyastrology.com/68-general-astrology-articles-on-gga/1199-a-rough-ride-for-rod-rosenstein.html

The main transit impacting Rosenstein’s horoscope right now (at least as far as we can see without a time of birth) is a trine by transiting Uranus to his natal Venus and Mercury.

If I correctly understand your posts up to now, all of this slime, corruption, hatred, and just general ICK in our govt. has to all come out, and be brought into the light, so it can change (for the better). Do correct me, if my understanding is inaccurate.

All these court rulings from SCOTUS favoring the lawless corrupt one?

It stands to reason (imho) that SCOTUS would also be part of this—and their “darkness” would be brought to the light, so it can be rectified for the greater good.

Speaking of SCOTUS ick being brought to light…who caught this b’day tweet from mango man to Clarence Thomas, weeks prior to his “positive court rulings.” Coincidence?


Behind the scenes with the directors of the hit new Ruth Bader Ginsburg doc ‘RBG’


Rosenstein’s busy progressed Sun.


Eliseo, FDR threatened to increase the number of Justices in the Thirties because the Supreme Court was stonewalling against the New Deal. He didn’t need to follow through because SCOTUS basically capitulated after he was re-elected to a second term. Legal historians call it «the switch in time that saved nine.» A Democratic president elected in 2020 would have the same problem until the US Pluto return has passed. Let us not forget that Jupiter will be conjunct Pluto three times in 2020 at or near the degree of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, so while the latter will empower conservatives on the Supreme Court and elsewhere, the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunctions will provide better governance. It will be a fight to the finish, but I believe the left will prevail because all this will be sextile Neptune in Pisces, the strongest placement for compassion and socialism. The Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the Sixties cannot be fully understood without taking in the sextile to Neptune in Scorpio, which transformed and elevated human sexuality, and provided collective inspiration through death (JFK, RFK, MLK). In the same way, one cannot fully understand the many conjunctions of 2020 without Neptune in Pisces.

Speaking of Neptune, remember too that the US will be experiencing its half-Neptune return at the same time it is experiencing its Pluto return.

Time to make a big adjustment to the American Dream as it has been since World War II. Pisces suggests that we have an opportunity to shift towards greater inclusivity and away from selectivity and discrimination (Virgo).

A youthful and diverse generation rises to oppose a homogenous power establishment that won’t go quietly and relinquish its chokehold on power.

Pluto moving into Aquarius soon afterwards also suggests a massive, fated reckoning for those aging Pluto in Leo boomers still clinging to power who have wielded it in selfish and shortsighted ways. Strongman authoritarianism meets its match in empowered, organized groups emerging from the grassroots of society.

Youth and hopeful visions of a better future triumph over the fearfulness and cowardice of old men who fear their own inevitable end and negation of the power and control they have so selfishly wielded in life. Trump, the Kochs, Murdoch, Adelson. All of them are on borrowed time, but they behave as if there’s something they can do about it. They cannot, and their mortality is very clearly driving them mad. In the end, they will lose everything. This is fact, and there’s nothing at all that they can do about it.

From The Washington Post: “Trump gets to fill Kennedy’s seat — and it’s all thanks to Harry Reid”
Read The Great Comments:

Please send Ginsburg good wishes & strength:
A Behind the scenes with the directors of the hit new Ruth Bader Ginsburg doc ‘RBG’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScRpcNcR0SY

This is MAJOR NEWS and yet not a headlining event!



“As Russian officials see it, a one-on-one meeting is an opportunity to overcome those meddlesome bodies and make a direct appeal, an approach that fits the habits and beliefs of the Russian ruling élite—they understand and know how to deal with individuals, less so institutions, with their amorphous centers of power and internal checks and balances”

The link doesn’t show the whole article so I have copied most of it from a PDF I made. Note the 4:52 pm time for the article. I used 4:48 pm for the appointment chart.


May 17, 2017, 4:52 p.m.
Special counsel named to head Russia investigation; White House caught by surprise
Joseph Tanfani, Noah Bierman and Brian Bennett

“Rosenstein, who is overseeing the Russia investigation because Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions recused himself, did not inform either the White House or Sessions about the decision until after he had signed the order appointing Mueller, according to a Justice Department spokesperson who spoke on condition of anonymity.

About half an hour before the order was made public, a Justice Department official informed White House Counsel Don McGahn. Trump spokesman Sean Spicer abruptly left a scheduled meeting with reporters as White House aides huddled to draft a response.”

Chart: https://i.imgur.com/wx2CpZB.gif

Order appointing Mueller chart IC 290°42′.

Pluto (290°18′) stations on it on September 30. The midpoint of transiting Mars and Saturn is there with Pluto. Transit Uranus is on appointment Mercury and transit Mercury is on appointment Jupiter. Could all of that herald the end of, or revealing announcement of, Mueller’s investigation?

Perhaps you missed these wonderful photos of Marches around the country today.


Fascinating! Many Thanks for your comments re: FDR & the Supremes.

Buckeyshadow, that’s fascinating and makes a lot of sense. I suppose I should know, but what is the timing on all of this? 2020?


2020 begins with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction at 22 Cap in January, and it ends with the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction at 0 Aquarius in December. The Saturn-Pluto cycle deals with the expression of reactionary conservative authoritarianism, whereas Jupiter-Saturn is a major 20-year socio-economic cycle. The year thus begins with the zenith of far-right authoritarian extremism, and ends with the planting of the seeds of new ideas that will germinate into new social and economic movements the far right authoritarian regimes will not be able to stop.

What Jupiter and Saturn plant at 0 Aqu also gets amped up considerably when Pluto arrives at the same point 3 years later, which it will cross several times it transitions out of Capricorn and into Aquarius. At the same time, many corporations and government structures are going to be tumbling down by the time Pluto leaves Cap, having pushed themselves–or being pushed–to the breaking point in the mad grab by their rulers for power.

It’s already evident that the US government itself is in peril under the Trump regime, but our Pluto Return makes the impending backdrop of transits and shifting energies even more significant.

The US could very well perish as a country at this time, but it could also be reborn as well, in some form or another. The deep flaws and shortcomings of our present system of government are certainly being laid bare now for all to see, and these aren’t something that electing a Democratic President and Congress alone are going to magically fix.

It’s going to take a much more involved and sustained effort by people at the grassroots, which we will see much more of as the energies shift from a Saturn/Capricorn emphasis to one highlighted by Uranus/Aquarius in the 2020s. We need an updated approach to Democracy for the 21st Century world and stop telling ourselves that the framers had all of the answers in the 18th century when clearly they didn’t. Though they were revolutionaries, they were also men of the time and world in which they lived, a world that has long since passed.

Our big problem in the US is that we so revere the ways of the past and so fear the imperatives of the future and now that we are empowering those very reactionary conservative forces that would destroy us completely just to preserve that which cannot possibly be sustained. Pluto in Cap speaks to this destruction as our fate as a country if we continue to live in denial of our shadow, and all of the prices we pay for doing so.

Buckeye, you are a prince.
Andre, thank you too for the FDR and Uranus-Pluto information.

So many great comments, thank you all!
Lexi, SCOTUS too.

Friday July 20th, 2018: The Firing of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller?

Immediately following the July 16th Helsinki Putin-Trump meeting, there is an exact Mars/South Node conjunction at 5 ’56 Aquarius on July 20th. It is not inconceivable Putin will place an inordinate amount of pressure on Trump under the threat of blackmail to take action to relieve the economic sanctions against Russia. Will the firing of Mueller, in the hope of effectively ending the Russian investigation, untie Trump’s hands to dismantle those sanctions? That could certainly be one interpretation.

The potential scenario goes like this…. Trump devises a way to summarily dismiss Mueller under some fabricated pretext. Astrologically, the July 20th Mars/South Node conjunction precisely quincunxes Mueller’s natal Saturn (5 ’59 Cancer). Would this indicate a dismissal and the beginnings of a constitutional crisis? The Mars/South Node conj. closely conjoins the US South
Node. The timing is plausible as it is heading into the weekend wherein US Congress will not be in session. This is the pre-cursor to the July 27th lunar eclipse as one astrologer explains it….

Passing Through Alchemical Fire

Mars Rx Conjunct The Lunar South Node

“…… The July 20th conjunction of Mars and the lunar south node will occur at 5° Aquarius 56’. On that day, a fixed grand cross is formed. Mars Retrograde in Aquarius squares the Moon, Jupiter, and Uranus, and opposes the Sun. The Sun in Cancer conjoins Pallas Athene and the Lunar North Node in Leo. The placement of the Sun by sign, house, and aspect reveals the nature of our life purpose. With the lunar north node in Leo, new potentials will be revealed and awakened to actualize our life purpose. The Moon in Scorpio rules the Sun’s current sign. The Moon and Jupiter in Scorpio oppose Uranus in Taurus. The two oppositions square each other.

This conjunction occurs in the midst of the eclipse cycle, only 1 week before the total lunar eclipse on July 27, 2018. The archetype of this cross is doubled in on itself as the Moon is the ruler of the Sun.



To follow up on the above post, a concrete pathway to firing Robert Mueller is to first eliminate Jeff Sessions. Jeff Sessions with natal Saturn at 7 Leo would indeed be in the line of fire with that Mars/South Node opposition. so, here’s how it would be done…….

How Trump Could Get Scott Pruitt to Fire Robert Mueller

The National Interest
June 11, 2018

In the middle of a juicy New York Times report about palace intrigue and ongoing staff dysfunction in the Trump administration is a revelation of potentially vast significance. The story notes that Trump has ignored his chief of staff and many of his putative top advisers to seek the informal advice of his true confidants. One of those confidants is Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt. “The two speak frequently,” the Times reports, “and the president enjoys discussing his negative view of Jeff Sessions, the attorney general, with the embattled E.P.A. leader.”

The importance of this anecdote is not merely that Trump is standing behind his comically scandal-tarred EPA head. It’s that it suggests he and Pruitt may be scheming to shut down the Mueller investigation.

If Trump had an easy and risk-free way to stop Mueller, he would have done it already. His biggest problem is Sessions, the attorney general, who has infuriated Trump by recusing himself from the Mueller investigation and failing to prosecute Trump’s enemies. Trump’s main barrier to replacing Sessions is the difficulty of winning Senate confirmation for the kind of toady Trump craves.

The straightest shot he has is by using something called the Federal Vacancies Reform Act. This 1998 law allows Trump to fill a vacated Cabinet position with any person who has been confirmed by the Senate for another position. So, if Sessions were to leave — how he leaves could matter a lot, but put that aside for the moment — Trump could install, say, Pruitt in his place, since the Senate already confirmed Pruitt for EPA administrator. And Pruitt could serve for up to 210 days without Senate confirmation — long enough to fire Mueller and all his staff.



BuckeyeShadow and Andre thank you for your thoughtful, encouraging outlooks. They give me great hope.

Jerry, you never fail to find the doomsday outlook. I can’t even read it.

Have any of you looked at the latest Steve Judd video on July? Wow, it’s dark!

To Buckeye’s point about grassroots efforts for a 21st century democracy, see this post on the success of several young women democratic socialists.

The Millennial Socialists Are Coming https://nyti.ms/2lLaRPA

Neptune in Pisces is also about the liberalization of drugs. Pot becomes legal in Vermont today, and will be legal across Canada October 17. Here in Quebec, there will be government pot stores and it will be legal to order online. In the US, there will soon be 20 states who will have legalized pot in full or in part.
Finally, Neptune in Pisces will bring the beginning of the end of the world economy’s dependence on oil. Oil became commercial in the 1840s the last time Neptune was in Pisces, which is also when that planet was discovered. A major crash could come if the overvalued oil assets are left in the ground because of a drop in demand, as some economists have suggested. Advances in technology are gradually leaving coal and oil behind, and there is nothing Trump or the GOP can do about it. This overvaluation would have major political implications for oil-producing countries such as Saudi Arabia, Russia, the USA and Canada.

Hi Bailey,

I’m glad you pointed that out. Personally speaking, I think we live in exceptional. exciting times. Trump is systematically tearing down everything we hold dear and sacrosanct. It’s a fact. There are many who would regard that nothing short of terrifying. And then there are others (such as myself) who are inclined to take a different view. Although there is naturally, a concern in all of these current developments, ultimately it is only when the old, outdated methods and views are discarded such as hate, divisiveness, political infighting etc, etc that we can ultimately discover something truly meaningful and lasting.

What comes to mind is the question put to the well known spiritual teacher J Krishnamurti just before the onset of world war two. A person asked:

How can we solve our present political chaos and the crisis in the world? Is there anything an individual can do to stop the impending war?

Krishnamurti: War is the spectacular and bloody projection of our everyday life, is it not?

War is merely an outward expression of our inward state, an enlargement of our daily action. It is more spectacular, more bloody, more destructive, but it is the collective result of our individual activities. Therefore, you and I are responsible for war and what can we do to stop it? Obviously the ever-impending war cannot be stopped by you and me, because it is already in movement; it is already taking place, though at present chiefly on the psychological level. As it is already in movement, it cannot be stopped- the issues are too many, too great, and are already committed. But you and I, seeing that the house is on fire, can understand the causes of that fire, can go away from it and build in a new place with different materials that are not combustible, that will not produce other wars. That is all that we can do. You and I can see what creates wars, and if we are interested in stopping wars, then we can begin to transform ourselves, who are the causes of war.



“What’s interesting is Trump’s relationship with SCOTUS. It’s not remotely harmonious with a composite Mars square Saturn Venus. It’s on a downer at the moment with tr Saturn square the composite Jupiter for a few days; is generally in a tense tug of war through 2017/18 with tr Pluto square the composite Sun and trine the composite Saturn/Pluto; agitated in March 2018; and facing more obstacles in 2019. So he won’t get all the decisions he fancies despite his appointment of Gorsuch.”


Listen Live to my Favorite Talk Show Host:
Pat Thurston: Sharp as a Tack!

This one’s for Ja and other Lorna Bevin fans.

Lorna says, about the back and forth transits by Uranus and Chiron over the cusps between Pisces and Aries (Chiron) and Aries-Taurus (Uranus), that it is “potentially one of the most exciting, inspiring and creative times of your life . . .”

When Uranus and Chiron began their cycle there were many interesting aspects but I start with the North Node at 8+ Capricorn which is where Saturn stationed retrograde, and where Mars was conjunct Saturn recently.

If the North Node was at 8+ Cap in the chart for the Uranus and Chiron conjunction then the South Node was at 8+ Cancer, the degree of Trump’s natal Mercury.

South Nodes describe a talent or characteristic developed to perfection but which doesn’t serve growth for the person or country or cycle whose chart it is in. It (the South Node in the Uranus-Chiron cycle chart) was saying that this 8+ Cancer is NOT going anywhere and, in order to grow, the way to go is through the North Node at 8+ Capricorn.

It was saying, this Uranus-Chiron cycle chart, that 8+ Cancer (or thinking like Trump’s) should be dropped in favor of the North Node at 8+ Capricorn, where the Saturn-Mars cycle started, would be the way forward.

This link between the present Saturn-Mars 2 year cycle to the ongoing Uranus-Chiron cycle, already 120 years old, suggests a relatively brief partnership intended to get the world off of the South Node (symbolized by Trump’s Mercury) path and on to the North Node (where Saturn was when Mars conjoined him on April 2nd, and where Saturn will return for a 3rd time this December, after mid-terms.)

Another planet in the Uranus-Chiron chart was Ceres at 17+ Libra, the same degree as the progressed US Mars, the US Constitution chart’s Neptune and Trump’s natal Jupiter. This was 120 years ago, remember. Ceres of course was the goddess who fought to have her stolen daughter returned to her; a familiar story theme these days. We too have had our country stolen by the 1%.

This conjunction between Uranus and Chiron that took place 120 years ago in which the two participants have been traveling in semisextile for 10 years now, are giving us an opportunity for an exciting, inspiring and creative period as they each travel over the cusps of 3 signs Pisces/Aries and Aries/Taurus, likely, in order to come up with a new way of thinking (and communicating) that isn’t Trump’s way of thinking (and communicating).

Other assistance as revealed in the Uranus-Chiron chart might be found in its Moon at 20+ Cancer (where transiting Pallas the Planner was a few days ago when Justice Kennedy announced his resignation) that transiting Pluto opposes. This Moon, like transiting Pluto, was T-square the US natal chart’s opposition between Chiron and Juno. A grand cross when considered altogether – sort of like two bulls locking horns.

There is also Nessus in the Uranus-Chiron chart at 8+ Pisces, conjunct US natal Ceres and square US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini. As the symbol of abuse of power, this Nessus in the Uranus-Chiron chart speaks to the present border crisis.

This same Nessus in Pisces in the Uranus-Chiron cycle was also sextile the North Node at 8+ Capricorn in the Uranus-Chiron chart and formed a Yod to that chart’s Mars at 8+ Leo where Mueller’s Pluto is. Transiting Mars in Aquarius just opposed that Leo Mars and is coming back again, a Boomerang pattern.

This Mars (and Mueller’s Pluto) in Leo sextile US natal Uranus in Gemini (replicating the pattern found in the Neptune-Pluto cycle) which in turn forms a Yod to the North Node in Capricorn (where we started) that opposes Trump’s Mercury in Cancer (and now we have a Boomerang, again, 2 bulls, 2 Boomerangs locking horns).

At least 2 major cycles then, Uranus and Chiron, and Neptune and Pluto, have targeted Trump as the catalyst in some major transforming in the USA. Exciting inspiring and creative times indeed.

Charts like this one between Chiron and Uranus can show the WHY of the complexity of these times better than they show the outcomes. It will show where support for positive change can be found too. Just knowing that should give us optomisim.

As a lifelong Dem. Socialist I am heartened by the Neptune in Pisces effect reinvigorating various Dem. Socialist organizations. The notion that Neptune in Pisces signals the end of the domination of the oil companies is a pretty big plus as well. Thank You for bringing that to our attention!

I note Neptune entered Aries on 13 April 1861, the day Fort Sumter fell to The Confederacy. It will again enter Aries firstly I think in the spring of 2025 and re-enter Aries for a thirteen-year period on 26 January 2026. It is natural for some to be concerned that period might begin a new civil war, but several planets will be in Aquarius on that date which impels me to give it a more positive interpretation. What is your interpretation?

BTW, I really value your insights and clarity! I can’t speak for others, but I truly appreciate your cogent contributions to this blog.

Great insights as always too, barbk.

A couple more things I meant to share with my last post:

I fully anticipate a substantial socioeconomic shift within society to take place with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0 Aquarius in December 2020, bearing in mind that this new cycle begins a shift into Air signs from Earth for the next two centuries for the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions. We actually received a preview of this larger shift during the 1980-2000 cycle when Jupiter and Saturn met in Libra before one last conjunction in Earth (Taurus) in 2000 for the next six centuries. It isn’t a coincidence that the 1980-2000 period saw the dawn of the Information Age and the rise of the Internet, Air being associated with communication, ideas and technology, among other things. The current Earth cycle then, no surprise, has briefly returned the focus to property ownership, oil and coal extraction, production and trade of tangibles, and so on. But it is much more a retrospective at this point, a once-more-around-the-track than it is a true new beginning in these areas, owing to the pending elemental shift. It’s not difficult to see, for example, that Trump’s hard stance against solar power and renewable energy will inevitably backfire against him and be undone in ways yet to be seen as the energy of the times shifts away from Earth to Air.

I fully anticipate that we will see the rise of communes/communal living and co-ops becoming much more common and widespread during the next cycle starting in 2020. People will begin to focus less on property ownership and top-down economics. Aquarius rules groups and networks, both of which will be empowered dramatically when Pluto also arrives in Aquarius starting in 2023.

Lastly, for those reeling from the stifling rise of aggressive authoritarian conservatism, take heart: the Capricorn/Saturn energy is also near its zenith, but its adherents have been sowing the seeds all along for its undoing. Within 20 years, we will see the powerful rise of a “Green Revolution” which will be well underway at this time. It may or may not literally involve the Green Party, but it will certainly emerge as an impassioned response to a worsening climate and all of the accompanying effects that the corporate-conservative reign has fought so desperately to get us to ignore. They know that if the people knew how bad things are and about the corporations and Wall Street’s role in them being so bad, the people would rally to clean their clocks. Misinformation and divisiveness do not suit the people well at all, but they certainly make corporate leaders happy, knowing that we are right where they want us. This, too, will pass, however.

Mexico has elected Left Winger Andrés Manuel López Obrador by a landslide.

“Retired teacher Susana Zuniga beamed and said the country was experiencing a moment similar to the Mexican Revolution a century ago.”


Jerry, yes yes. Love your post quoting Krishnamurti’s wisdom. A true way to heal the world is for each individual to do their own work toward inner healing and peace. Then, BEING truth and peace, reflected in the world “out there”. We are gradually learning that this is how we create.


I’ve been watching the tiny house trend, and I think this is going to bring a reversal of the crazy trend of bigger and bigger houses here. The current average size home in the US is about 2400 square feet, I believe, which is ridiculous in terms of affordability for average Americans. And 1200 square feet each for two people … it’s like we don’t want to see each other in our own houses.

I’m not saying we should all live in 250 square feet. But people can live in 600, 800, 1,000 square feet, and I think it’s the key to affordable housing.

It’s become a dirty word in America, thanks to housing projects. But I think if we move toward ownership of smaller houses, we’ll have communities where people are happy to be and take good care of their neighborhoods and their houses.

Building costs will vary a lot by area of the country, but if you use $125 a square foot, you can build 800 square feet for about $100,000, and the principle and interest payment on a $95,000 loan (with $5,000 down) is less than $500 a month.

Tons of people would see that as a bargain. A great bargain. Builders don’t want to build them because the profit margins are small. They only want to build houses for middle and mostly upper class Americans.

But working with organizations like Habitat for Humanity, I think we could see the housing market change drastically for the better by building what we used to think of as starter homes.

It could be worse; this mild madness in the USA.

Transiting Neptune could be SQUARE the US natal Sun instead of TRINE it, but that’s the role of Neptune in this Great Outer Planet Experiment, a gentle unhinging.

It was the Squares from Uranus and the Oppositions from Pluto that beat us (US) to a pulp before Neptune came along to relax our dependency or Normalcy. We needed to be pliable for this plan to work.

I have lived in a 700 sq. ft. condo for over 32 years – alone – and it’s worked for me Teresa. Like Buckeye said, ” . . communes/communal living and co-ops becoming much more common and widespread during the next (Jupiter-Saturn) cycle”; the Age of Aquarius is but a moment away.

The US Solar Return, a snapshot of the coming year for this country, has a built-in grand trine between Sun, Jupiter and Neptune, a gentle increase in the “depth” (Scorpio) of “understanding” (Jupiter) through a “release of the material” (Neptune in Pisces).

With Pallas the Planner conjunct Uranus in Taurus, trine Ceres in Virgo, trine Saturn in Capricorn, the US has a second grand trine in practical earth signs this coming year. The gods and goddesses are making it as easy a transition as is possible, considering the level of dysfunction we had reached.

The US solar return Moon (the US People) is conjunct Chiron in Aries (new beginnings) so there will be a healing through wounding in order to become aware of what we we had become and where it was leading.

We can explore this chart more in the coming days and months but it’s almost time to cut the cake; Happy Birthday USA.

ja – that POTUS’ relationship with SCOTUS isn’t harmonious is probably an indicator that he’s been strong arming at least one of them, much like the Mob does.

Happy Birthday America.

This is a story from the Irish Times that we are already down the road of total fascism and another that talks about the need for paper ballots.


Also, if you know any democrat or independent that lives in a state that has a Republican Secretary of State, please tell them to contact their Bd of Elections to confirm that they are registered to vote. There are stories about SOS’s pulling any Dems who have not voted in the past two election cycles off the ballots. They are required to send a postcard and wait ten days but as we have seen before, that is just a formality to disenfranchisement.

sorry, the link for paper ballots is not working. If I can get a working link I will resend.

Michael Cohen’s Black Moon Lilith at 16+ Pisces is joined by transiting (barely moved since stationing) Neptune and both oppose Michael’s natal Pluto-Uranus in Virgo. Transiting Ceres (nurture) is conjunct his Sun in Virgo and transiting Uranus in Taurus is trine both.

Then there’s his natal Neptune + natal South Node in Scorpio that is sextile transiting Pluto in Capricorn and they form a Yod to Trump’s natal Sun-Uranus in Gemini. And still they wonder why Cohen’s selling out Trump. Hint to the world: The Uranus-Pluto conjunctions (like Cohen’s Black Moon Lilith) square Trump’s natal Uranus.

Re smaller living spaces: there’s a LOT that’s very exciting AND aesthetic AND environmentally positive at better and better prices. The mega problem is that the land is so expensive.
I’m thinking the communal thing re tiny houses could be that people band together to buy land to put their tiny/smallish houses on. I read about a trailer park (someplace like Colorado?) where the trailer owners banded together and bought out the trailer park owner and now run the ‘park as a group.

I have a couple of books by Sarah Susanka, author of ‘the not so big house’
She has some good ideas for those thinking along those lines

Interesting talk about houses and downsizing and new trends, i read somewhere that this too is part of the Uranus In Taurus transit, what do y’all think?

Also, i saw a lot of complaints about not enough being made in the MSM nor by politicians about the Saturday marches, seems like the media is a huge part of this normalization of trump problem. They actually had an article in the times i think about his family values, WTF? And the ownership of so many by billionaire Sinclair seems to be a huge problem.

Still keeping the hope and encouraged by so many here!

Elisabeth Grace:


“Its focus on material concerns is well-taken, especially with the streamlining patterns we are just beginning to feel in the horoscope of the US. Yea verily, there is more streamlining in store — to be further addressed soon.”


“I considered Jim Jordan a friend,” Mike DiSabato, a former wrestler, says. “But at the end of the day, he is absolutely lying if he says he doesn’t know what was going on.”

Jim Jordan accused of turning blind eye to sexual abuse as Ohio State wrestling coach


(Shaking head in disgust)
So ole Jim has a history of looking the other way on crimes. Makes that farce of him yelling at Rod Rosenstein all the more ridiculous and shameful (for him). Gop looking more and more like the party of criminal enablers.

Lexi, that reminds me of ex wrestling coach and ex Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, who was found out long after he committed his crimes but put away for a financial crime instead of for molesting students.

What is it with these possibly closeted Republicans anyway? Is it a qualification for the job of Speaker, either molesting or lying? A person might wonder what all Jordan has to hide. Spouting off about what he’d do if the guy “tried anything with him” is suspect and diversionary

I hope he gets found out. These sick Rs have no business polluting our government.

I dabble in astrology, so what I come up with is more “conversational” than “fluent “. I have a Time Passages app on my phone that I enjoy and it has a “compare charts” feature. For the heck of it I compared the Sibley chart with Trump’s and there is an almost perfect score for compatibility in each of the 7 scales. It’s totally scary and mind blowing.
I have just a few charts of political office holders, so nothing exhaustive but Connor Lamb, the Dem House Rep from PA scores very well with two 7s out of 10, on the scales with the rest 9s and 10s. Kamala Harris is ok but Kirsten Gillibrand scores much better than Kamala. Now I’m excited about checking out others with the Sibley chart.

Very interesting, Frank. Thank you 🙂

My charts say to me that Cohen clinches his deal on Sunday, July 8th, and Monday, July 9th, is a bad day at Black Rock for the Dumpster.

After Manafort and Cohen who (up high) is there to get under oath. If Mueller’s investigation ends in late September I think it will do so without tRump having sat down with Mueller.

After watching this, I’m in shock! All our family members who experienced the past are not here to warn us. And the Rich are laughing all the way to the bank!
Hillary Clinton was not ideal, but I doubt she would have let this happen to us. So they destroyed her.
I honestly don’t even think Meuller will take Trump down, the Rich are too happy with all their gluttony!

“The Coming Collapse of the American Economic System with Richar Wolff”:

Oh, Bob, I hope you are right about Cohen and the Dumpster.

A setback for tRump Bailey but not kicking his door in yet. That will come in 2019. Uh, maybe December of this year.

I’m with you on the housing trend. So many of our socioeconomic problems in the US today can be linked back to the post-WWII focus on single-use construction and the sprawl needed to allow for such big plots and wasteful use of land. Levittown-style suburbia became a one-size-fits-all idealized solution to our housing needs, turning the entire history of mixed-use construction and socially-oriented development on its ear.

Everyone gets to live disconnected from each other inside their own “little” box made of ticky-tacky, and drive around to get to one place in another inside a metal box. And we wonder why Americans as a people are so alienated from each other these days, and why we have school shootings, divisive, xenophobic political figures rising to prominence, etc? Our social arrangements support such pathologies, not necessarily the other way around.

I could attribute some of this need for excessive space in our living arrangements to our Aquarius Moon in the US chart, but that doesn’t entirely seem like the real culprit here. We didn’t get to such a point until after WWII, and not long following the first US Neptune Return in 1941 at that (e.g. “The American Dream”). At the very least, I see it as a very negative expression of the energy. A much more positive expression would be the town or community square with a diverse, socially engaged and politically involved population. There’s certainly also a bit of a Neptunian twist here on the American Dream and its origins.

Neptune will be opposing its natal position in 2022-23, at the same time as our Pluto Return, so it seems we are due for a great rethinking of the American Dream as represented by owning a piece of sprawling, spaced-out, car-dependent suburbia. Although suburban development has continued fairly apace since Pluto entered Capricorn, there has been a significant shift in development focus away from the outskirts and fringes of cities (Pluto in Sagittarius) to the central city; close-knit spaces in the central city are coming back en vogue, and more besides are being built now.

I suspect this trend will continue, even after Pluto exits Capricorn for this cycle, but the development trend will shift more towards the re-claiming and re-development of town and community squares as shared commons. If your neighborhood doesn’t already have a town square or commons, it might very well see one built before Pluto leaves Aquarius. I also continue to believe that communal arrangements in publicly owned or co-operative spaces will become a new trend. Some, no doubt, could very well involve allotments of McMansions in certain stretches of suburbia.

The trend for Big houses was simply because we had to have somewhere to put all that Stuff that company marketers told us we absolutely had to buy to ‘keep up with the joneses’!
Silly us.
Less house and ‘stuff’ means more time to enjoy living with nature and/or people!

OMG – look what they are trying to do to polish court!

kiwi, you are so sage; “keeping up with the Jones”. Thanks too for the Poland Protest article. The old dying Patriarchy is not going down without a fight. Oh well, nobody said it would be easy.

As usual, I’m running on pure speculation here. According to various political estimations, it appears as though the Trump timeline for events to come to a constitutional crisis may be more drawn out than previously thought, perhaps over a period of months rather than weeks. No doubt the July eclipses will provide the catalyst for things to intensify (more indictments?) and the looming trade wars may take time to build and coalesce as well. Oftentimes it takes transiting Mars to trigger an eclipse and in this particular situation, the case can be made for events to fully manifest at the time of the September 26th-27th Mars/South Node conjunction because simultaneously this conjunction is right on the July 27th, 2018 lunar eclipse degree.

Here’s a vedic astrological analysis of those aspects…..

Mars Ammunition Dump Degree Conjunction With South Node Ketu In June, July and Sept. 2018


barbk, Is today your Birthday?

Here is Ralfee Finn:



About the whole constitutional crisis — a dairy at Dailykos reminded us that there’s one that’s much closer.

On June 27th, a California US District Court Judge ordered the Trump administration to reunite detained immigrants with their families — within 14 days for children under 6 and 30 days for the older children.

That gives them until July 13th, I believe, and I don’t know if they even have a plan to do it, much less go carry it out.

So, the administration could be ruled in contempt of court on July 13th. They could also appeal to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to stay the order, and if they don’t get what they want there, appeal to the Supreme Court.

With anything Trump, I expect defiance and incompetence, so it’s no telling what will happen. But July 13th was already supposed to be a difficult day.


Wow, “surviving a bad acid trip”, now that’s calling a spade a spade Ja!

It’s my b’day and I’ll cry if I want to, and fortunately – except for a wisdom tooth vying for my attention, (talk about “irritating old issues”) I don’t want to.

It’s an unusual birthday this year as I get to kick back, stay in my jammies all day if I want, eat whatever I please (if wisdom tooth allows) and nap whenever I desire, but don’t tell anyone!

At least I don’t have to get through the trials of the next 2 months by myself; the Mars retrograde and square Uranus and those day’am eclipses. We’re all in that together!

Have a safe and happy 4th of July everybody

Happy b’day, Barb. Isn’t this a 22 year for you? Well, that’s a biggie. Go forth and manifest all the good stuff you tell is going to happen??

Sorry….tell us is going….

Happy Happy Birthday Barbk!
Make it a Great One! Enjoy!

Indeed -Happy Birthday Tell Us!

22! How was your first year of adulthood? 🙂

PS – This is bikini weather – not jammies. What is the temp where you are?


“As the pressures build this week, there is always the choice to lash out, thoughtlessly compounding the divisiveness and extremism that will guarantee a world of fears, hatreds, ignorance, and powerlessness.

Or we can begin to bridge our differences — practicing clear thought, gentle speech, and measured magnanimity. With Temperance, then, let us walk our talk in wisdom and peace.”

Happy B’Day, Barbk, Our Precious Gal of Knowledge!
Here’s a thought provoking piece:
‘How Conservatives Weaponized the First Amendment’. (with 1481 Comments)


Happy Birthday, Barb! It may be an unusual one in the way you’re spending it this year, but dang, girl!… sounds positively wonderful to me! May your year be filled with blessings all around you; may your days be filled with love and wonderful surprise, and may each night surround you with peace.

And if you can find the secret to the latter, clue me in on the schema, m’kay? (LOL)


I just discovered that I never finished replying to your June 29 post. I may have been distracted after beginning and then never got back to finish.

Your post:

By: chrys on June 29th, 2018
at 2:02 pm

My sort saved at 8:15 pm, June 29, EDT. The screen grab was taken at 6:30 pm.

The difficult transits by Saturn are all to midpoints and not accompanied by a 1 to 1 aspect from a transit to either a natal or progressed planet. Because of that I do not expect any major setbacks from them.

With precession corrections the first block will be squared by transit Saturn from it’s station on September 8th, 2018 through January 3rd, 2019.


Ven/Ura 01°Ar04 Sun/Ura 13°Ar55
Mer/Mar 01°Ar38 Sun/Jup 21°Ar34
Mer/Sat 02°Ar06
Mon/Sun 02°Ar34
Mer/Ura 04°Ar09
Ven/Jup 08°Ar43
Sun/Mar 11°Ar25
Mer/Jup 11°Ar48
Sun/Sat 11°Ar52

What did you want for : “Bob- will we see Mitch gaining weight ?” ?


So the period of what I hope as challenging for McConnell runs roughly during the high campaign activity for midterms all the way through swearing in of new Congress?


Have an amazing birthday and year! Thank you for all you do; your work is much appreciated.

Where to start. . hmm, It’s been a great day actually, and I accomplished nada. It reached 95 degrees outside while inside – where I was – it was 74 degrees and I didn’t break a sweat I promise.

Dream on, 22 year olds, today I hit 79 seriously blessed years of age and am alive to tell about it. Thanks Bailey, Kiwi and Bob for the shout out.

Ja, the pieces seem to be coming together; while I read that great Owl’s Daughter link you provided, the vision of Chiron as the “maverick” appeared.

Checking back to the 2016 Election Day chart, trans. retrograde Chiron in Pisces had just completed his 2nd of 3 passes opposite US Neptune in Virgo and square US Mars and Trump’s Sun in Gemini. Chiron’s 3rd pass in direct motion over those points came in January and February, including Inauguration Day.

Recall that Trump’s natal Chiron is in the same degree as the US natal Saturn (government), 14+ Libra, which transiting Jupiter has passed over twice and will soon make its 3rd and final conjunction for 12 years hence.

Admittedly, “maverick” is not the first word that comes to mind when I hear or see the word Chiron. Until now anyway.

Maverick implies going against the “norms” of society, polite or otherwise. I believe it is this “maverick” (if not downright dangerous) spirit that had gripped a large percentage of the US public at election time in 2016 and is still potent.

However, as transiting Jupiter completes its last conjunctions to Trump’s Chiron and the US Saturn, that maverick spirit may just be too much for even those enamored with Trump’s disregard for temperance, in lieu of the upcoming Mars-square-Uranus and those pesky eclipses.

I’m even more convinced now that Chiron and Uranus are in league regarding this transformation process the USA is undergoing. Still it is all 3 of the outer “collective” planets to be considered in this project, and the Maverick Chiron too.

Off to watch the fireworks!

Happy Birthday!
May the rest of your life be happy and healthy. May we all live to see 45 and all of his ilk swept away by a newer, better America.


Happy Birthday

To all: Seems like a good day to say thank you to everyone here. Can’t imagine making it through the Trump presidency so far without all of you.

And … you know … we still have a country. Damaged, but we’re still here. We’ve gotten through a lot of really awful things. We’ve had presidents assassinated. We got through that. We’re tough.


Happy turn around the sun and Here’s to dancing while fireworks burst in air!!

Glad you’re having a Happy Birthday, Barbk! Wishing you ongoing and abundant blessings of health, inspiration, productivity, love & success. You hardly seem 79 – your mind and spirit are so young, strong & healthy. You inspire us to see beyond the current trauma drama and have perspective on where the movements of the earth and planets are taking us as we travel through the layers and dimensions of time and space. (Kinda like “The Twightlight Zone” but much better.) xoxooxxox

Lead taken from a DU post.

A Reading of The Declaration of Independence



Red Skelton’s Pledge of Allegiance


That’s right Fe and there are quite a few other Rethug charts having difficult times then also. That is why I see black days for the Right in December. That is, AFTER THE ELECTION!

Buon Compleanno, Barb! A true daughter of Independence Day!

I stayed in one of those tiny houses; so small I had to go outside to change my mind.

Why is this little Man Sitting in our White House?

“Last August, Trump was finishing off a meeting in the Oval Office to discuss new sanctions against Venezuela. At the end of the talks, Trump shocked aides and senior administration officials by bluntly asking Why can’t the U.S. just invade the country?
In an exchange that lasted about five minutes, National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson — who were both stunned by the suggestion — pushed back against the idea, according to the Associated Press. They explained that military action would likely alienate Latin American governments who were working together to punish and ostracize Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro.

Trump nonetheless persisted. He pointed to the successful invasions of Panama and Grenada during the 1980s — countries which, together, have about 13 percent of Venezuela’s population — as examples of successful military interventions in the region. The next day, Trump announced that a “military option” was possible in Venezuela.

But Congress was not about to authorize war against Venezuela and Caracas immediately called talk of military escalation “an act of craziness.”

(Think Progress is having Free Speech Difficulties.
Now that they’ve got their Puppet in place…
expect this to happen extensively)


So sorry that I missed your special day—happy belated birthday, barbk!


Wow…I almost forgot about Hastert. But the similarities (both wrestlers, liars, gop) can’t be denied. Plus, Jordan wanted to challenge Kevin McCarthy for House speaker.

The wrestlers have come out against Jordan, insisting he knew. This may get interesting.

“Jim knew this — there’s no ifs, ands or buts,” Michael DiSabato, one of the former wrestlers named in the NBC account, said Tuesday in an interview. “It boggles my mind that he would take the position that he’s taken.”


Cohen replied, “To be crystal clear, my wife, my daughter and my son, and this country have my first loyalty.” He also gave other signs that he was no longer interested in publicly proclaiming his loyalty to the President, saying that Trump was wrong to call the ongoing Mueller investigation a “witch hunt” and to disparage the F.B.I. for investigating Cohen.


Glad to hear that about Michael Cohen. He might redeem himself a little yet (and that is largely his intention).

Will, your Henny Youngman/Rodney Dangerfield/Milton Berle one-liner did not go unnoticed by me! It gave me a chuckle!

To me, Jim Jordan has always had a significant creepiness factor about him. IMO ‘let the mud fly thick and fast.’

Months back I suspected Avenatti’s media tours were to get name recognition. This announcement makes sense – http://www.star4cast.ca/michael-avenatti-a-fiery-aquarius-with-his-teeth-into-trump/

Mueller Taps More Prosecutors to Help With Growing Trump Probe

Source: Bloomberg

Read the comments too.


Good call Sharon. I knew that had a familiar ring to it.

Putin will ask tRump to deliver something (probably removal of sanctions) before either the election or the swearing in of the new Congress. Probably the latter as it then will not have an effect on voters in the election.

If he does the backlash could explain the many afflicted right wing charts I see in December.

Lexi, if Paterno had to pay, then Jordan will have to pay. If my Scorpio spidey sense is right, he knew and maybe more than just knew. My sense sniffed out Hastert the wrestling coach long before the news went public. Those are the jobs they like to hold.

I don’t think Paterno knew what was going on with his coach. I think maybe he wouldn’t let himself know because the victims didn’t have the forum these wrestlers have and Jerrry was a friend. It was easier to look away then.

A lot of the administration’s reality show stories are forgotten because they’re coming so fast, like out of a fire hose. But this story is sexy, in the journalistic sense, and maybe it’ll catch on. Especially if Jordan keeps drawing attention to himself. They need someone to replace Pruitt, now that he’s fallen on his rubber sword, and Jordan could be a big potential target.

“What kind of Independence Day was this, while our government separates children from their asylum seeking parents?”


Absolutely, ja! wrote:
“What kind of Independence Day was this, while our government separates children from their asylum seeking parents?”
We are experiencing an apocalyptic period of Amrican History!

Imagine how Robert Mueller must be feeling; earlier today Mercury was conjunct his natal Pluto at 8+ Leo.

Add to that transiting Neptune at 16+ Pisces opposes his natal Chiron-Mars at 16+ Virgo. Transiting Pluto at 20+ Capricorn is conjunct his natal Pholus (small cause, big effect) as transiting Chiron at 2+ Aries opposes his natal Neptune at 2+ Libra. Trans. Chiron may even be conjunct his natal Moon!

Transiting Uranus at 2+ Taurus trines Mueller’s natal Jupiter at 2+ Virgo, while transiting Saturn (5+ Capricorn) opposes his natal Saturn (5+ Cancer).

Although transiting retrograde Jupiter (13+ Scorpio) no longer squares his natal Sun (14+ Leo), it will be back soon enough. Meanwhile, transiting retrograde Mars at 8+ Aquarius opposes his natal Pluto at 8+ Leo (where transiting Mercury was earlier). This one will be back too.

Oh well tomorrow, Friday, transiting Venus will conjunct his natal Venus at 26+ Leo and things will look better than ever. Good old Venus.

Thank you for your lovely birthday wishes Patty, Slight KC, Janet, Eliseo, Teresa, Fe, Sharon, will, Lexi . . .very grateful to you all!

I should add that transiting Juno conjuncts transiting Uranus at 2+ Taurus in a trine to Mueller’s Jupiter, and transiting Astraea (I will never leave you) at 2+ Aries conjuncts trans. Chiron in opposing Mueller’s Neptune (and possibly conjoins his Moon as well.

Looking ahead to the opportunities for seeing the teamwork of Uranus and Chiron in action, the Solar Eclipse on July 12 might give us a glimpse as one squares Saturn (Chiron) and the other trines Saturn (Uranus). However, the Big Show centers on the eclipsed Sun opposite Pluto that creates a grand cross to the US Chiron opposite US Juno.

A much better opportunity I bet will be at the July 27 Lunar Eclipse when they make those same aspects to transiting Saturn, but they also both aspect transit Mars, who conjuncts the eclipsed Moon, but this time Chiron will sextile Moon-Mars in Aquarius and Uranus will square Moon-Mars.

Will Chiron play the maverick role “to hell with the rules” or will he bring on a painful learning experience, or maybe both? Whatever, he will be working in concert with what Uranus is doing (to Saturn and the Mars-Moon conjunction). It might be a “good cop” – “bad cop” scenario or some other kind of alternative choice, like what Cohen is faced with.

Expect to see repeat performances from Uranus and Chiron in August as they focus on transiting Saturn, all three retrograde. It seems like a maneuvering process; appearing to give alternative choices but actually leading to only one conclusion. We shall see.

Thanks, Barb. Regarding Cohen, I think he is consciously or subconsciously giving Trump a message — pardon me or else!

The daily drumbeat of toxic publicity finally turned the president against his E.P.A. chief. “It’s one thing after another with this guy,” Mr. Trump told a friend recently.


“Oh dearest darling Trumpy! @realdonaldtRUMP!

Have you seen what’s trending? Lanny Davis (represented Clinton & very close to Clinton family) is now representing Cohen, Cohen’s not just flipping on you, he’s flipping you the bird while he’s at it! Womp! Womp!”

Anti Trump on Twitter

Love extended birthdays. Hope you do as well, barbk. This greeting is late but not my thanks for the timely gifts you share.

Yes, happy late bday Barb. I do so appreciate your big picture wisdom. Many more happy returns to you.

Late birthday wishes to barbk! Many, many happy returns.

Ed Schultz passed away today.

“Schultz hosted “The Ed Show” on MSNBC from 2009 to 2015. His radio show, “The Ed Schultz Show” ran from 2004 to 2014. He began his career as a local sportscaster and then conservative radio show host out of Fargo, N.D. According to Shultz’s former employer, WDAY, he even considered a run for Congress as a Republican in 1994 after becoming tired of “socialist” politics.” USA Today

barbk, you had a birthday! May your every wish come true. And I can imagine what one of them is…

Got this today in Janet Kane’s newsletter about Trump’s birth time and the August eclipse. She doesn’t say anything else about her source.:

“I’ve heard from an astrologer who says that President Trump doesn’t use the Birth Chart we have all been using showing a birth time of 10:54 AM EDT which was taken from his Birth Certificate. He uses a time of 9:51 AM.
I hate it when there is a dispute in a U. S. President’s chart. He is the leader of the country and we can do a lot of accurate forecasting for the U.S. if we have the right time. I have redone his birth chart for 9:51 AM and he has 18 Leo rising. That means that this eclipse will be right on his ascendant. That is a big deal. Anytime an eclipse hits an angle (Ascendant, Midheaven, IC or Descent) it creates a major impact. The ascendant rules the immediate surrounds of a person including his body. An eclipse here can indicate health issues, a move or change in the people surround you. So with this eclipse, we may be able to see if the 9:51 AM birth time is correct.”

Theresa, I had to check the eclipse dates. I found that you are referring to the August 11 solar eclipse. I have a few planets at 18 Leo and one at 17 Aquarius so I took notice. These fall in my 2nd and 8th houses…..should be interesting. I hope I don’t lose all of my money but that the opposite happens – a financial increase 🙂 Thanks for the heads up.


Yes, sorry. I should have said. The Aug. 11th eclipse. Hits a lot of personal planets for my immediate family, too. Also my 2nd and 8th Houses, so we’re in this together.

The sun will be sitting right between the first degree of my 8th house and my natal Mars at 15 and 19 Leo. 8th House stuff always kind of freaks me out. Opposes my wild child’s natal Saturn and my husband’s natal Venus and Chiron. She’s like a cat with 9 lives, but she’s used up a bunch of them.

I understand. Let’s make a pact to think positive, Theresa…after all it involves the sun in Leo. May very sunny things manifest from this eclipse (hmmm…..including the fall of kings?) xooxoxxo


If I can’t manage that, I’ll just exercise harder. It’s saving me from Trump mania. (Mostly.) And my daughter a Leo rising, so I’ll take that as a good sign.

New Linda G, where she begins by saying, Oh by the way I’m wearing prison stripes in honor of Trump today …

xoxo starlighters

Sharon, you are probably right about Cohen. In this dog-eat-dog time in history, where those who survive only because of the Patriarchy, where abuse runs rampant from those going down for the count, threats are a common crutch.

The brand new US Solar Return chart has Mars at 8+ Aquarius (trine US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini) while opposite Mercury at 8+ Leo (sextile US natal Uranus) where Mueller’s Pluto is.

Mercury is considered the lower (not as smart or quick) octave of Uranus, while Aquarius (an air sign) is co-ruled by Uranus. We can detect a subtle theme during the next 12 months while this new solar return chart is effective: Words Count – Kick it up a notch. Uranus is watching.

For example, this neanderthal creep, Jim Jordan inappropriately lashing out at Rosenstein has brought unwanted scrutiny upon himself. Not cool Jim; abusers are losers in this new age. Clean up your act or get out of the game.

While this chart’s Mercury is in Leo, the sign most likely to display acts of bravado without benefit of forethought, it does tend to bring out the nascent (early developed) bullying tendencies which could provide Mueller’s natal Pluto (also where the US solar return Mercury is) some leverage in his work. After all, it DOES sextile US Uranus in Gemini, a sign very familiar with the ways of Mercury!

Loved it Karen – another long and much needed nap! Thank you for your thoughtfulness as well lightcolorfire, fierywoman and arbo (I bet you can).

Ex-Republican Operative Steve Schmidt: ‘The Party of Trump Must Be Obliterated. Annihilated. Destroyed’
“A candid conversation with the former GOP power player”

Did anyone else think it ultra peculiar, to the 10th power, that rethug senators should fawn all over Russians subserviently on the very eve of US independence day?
If they were going to visit legitimately, surely they could have avoided the symbolism of that particular day?

Looking at the states represented by the US delegation meeting in Russia, one thing is clear – the thing they all have in common is oil – either production or shipping ports. Montana, Dakotas, Wisconsin, Kansas, texas, Louisiana.
I wonder if this has anything to do with the recent uptick in Russia’s oil production?

Just think about this for a few minutes:

Cohen – natal Pluto at 17+ Virgo, natal Uranus 18+ Virgo

Mueller – natal Mars-Chiron at 16+ Virgo

Transiting Neptune at 16+ Pisces from May 8, 2018 through August 1, 2018 (including a station retrograde), opposes Mueller’s Mars-Chiron, and will return to 16+ Pisces on March 3, 2019.

From that point Neptune moves to 17+ Pisces on March 30 and then 18+ Pisces on May 1 (opposite Cohen’s Pluto and Uranus), stationing retrograde June 21, 2019, moving back through 18, 17. 16 Pisces and stationing at 15+ Pisces in late November, 2019.

From there, Nov. 2019, Neptune moves forward from 15+ Pisces through 16, 17, 18, 19, 20+ Pisces again, stationing retro again in late June, 2020. Mark your calendar.

Neptune will retrograde as far back as 18+ Pisces (opposite Cohen’s Uranus) in November 2020, but never, never to again, in his lifetime, reach an opposition to Mueller’s Mars-Chiron at 16+ Virgo.

By then we will have elected a President; Mueller’s mission will have been completed and an eclipsed Moon will conjunct US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini.

In December, 2020, a new era starts with the Saturn-Jupiter cycle (0+ Aquarius) following the new Pluto-Jupiter and the new Saturn-Pluto cycles.

By the end of March 2020 transiting Mars will start three new 2-year cycles, one with Jupiter and one with Saturn and one with Pluto, that will end the cycles he started this year with Jupiter and Saturn and Pluto.

Here’s why this is important.

1. The Mars-Jupiter conjunction (Jan. 6, 2018) was sextile the Venus-Sun-Pluto conjunction that together formed a Yod to Trump’s natal Uranus which had to adjust (think separating mothers and babies). Ceres was conjunct the North Node and square Jupiter-Mars.

2. The Mars-Saturn conjunction (April 2, 2018) opposed Trump’s natal Mercury.

3. The Mars-Pluto conjunction (April 26, 2018) trined the Moon (the masses) that was T-square Trump’s Sun- Moon opposition. (That Moon also opposed US Neptune and squared US Mars.)

These 3 cycles that started this year and that will end in 2020 are symbolizing (a large part of) the process of re-shaping (aka destabilizing) Trump who is re-shaping our country (and all of us).

Apparently this would be the last opportunity before the new Jupiter-Saturn, the new Jupiter-Pluto, and the new Saturn-Pluto cycles took effect, the shortest of those being the 12+ years of Jupiter and Pluto’s cycle.

All this stems from the Uranus-Pluto cycle of the ’60’s which Cohen (and Rosenstein) represent.

During that period of Pluto-Uranus conjunctions trans. Saturn (stability) opposed the US natal Neptune and squared the US natal Mars. The intent was destabilization.

I believe this period we are going through now will conclude the work of the 7 squares transiting Uranus-square-transiting Pluto made to the US natal square between Sun and Saturn.

Patty, thanks for the Steve Schmidt piece.
kiwi, I bet that’s what Putin wanted. What a prick.

Putin progressed Moon conjunct progressed Neptune Aug 8 – Longitude; Oct 22 – RA, conjunct progressed Saturn September 19 – Longitude; December 11 – RA.


Trump Being Ugly – June 30, 20:04


Putin’s Health, Pruitt, Rosenstein – July 4, 29:46


Linda G

Happy 4th to my wonderful friends!! – July 4, 31:14


David Johnson – Don’t know anything about him.

Trump in the next few months: on 7-3-18 at 1 34 PM.


Best for me after about 13:45 minute mark. If tRump is Putin’s asset and gets hospitalized in the next several months he might not be able to follow his handler’s orders. That could explain Putin’s progressed Moon.

Bob — David Johnson is a new friend of Lena Rodriguez (they have a few readings where they’re together on youtube.)

I’m getting reports from several sources that many aware people were very depressed on July 4th, knowing the executive branch of our federal government is fascist and the majority in congress is in collusion with same, the SC to possibly fall in line soon as well.

A few yesterday and today came by to talk with me about their feelings, echoing what I was hearing from other sources. Some have of course seen the analogy between early 1930’s Germany and today’s USA, but others, particularly those who grew up in Fundamentalist homes related more to occupied France, more than one realizing they cannot trust one or more family members to NOT turn them in as anti-Trumpists, if and when fascist power becomes more consolidated.

The Trumpists are in a very early stage of fascist-izing our society and culture. My feeling is they will ultimately fail out of stupidly and sheer incompetence.

Meanwhile, I’ve never seen so many young adults so scared and bewildered. They come to me for advice and comfort, but I have little to give them.

Feelings of despair, fear and shame are running deep here in Texas amongst those souls who’ve kept their antennae highly polished.

Eliseo – I think your most recent post best encapsulates the feelings of many millions of people, both here in the US, and also around the planet.

Along that line, I have a loving, intuitive friend who, through constant exposure to internet conspiracy-sites, has become pro-Trump to the point that she now refuses to explain her beliefs, because, as she puts it, “Liberals can’t understand.”

It’s like the Trumpets (my name for Trump supporters) have gone off and joined a cult, and logic is lost on them!

Eliseo, I am feeling it too. We need a smart courageous Frodo and friends amidst this gathering darkness

Eliseo and Dean W.

It’s okay to be fearful, but it’s what people choose to do with that fear that actually counts.

In the past, too many people made up their minds that “it didn’t matter” who they voted for in the elections and stayed home.

We all know the outcome of this thinking during 2016. Too many people who should have known better took Clinton’s election as a given, believing that Trump didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of being elected.

And then hell froze over.

What I tell the young people I know and meet is to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE in each and every election like your life depends on it, because IT DOES. So many take this to be hyperbole, but I get them to consider all the ways in which our lives have already been affected because of Trump and Republican control of govt. I get them to think in terms of MISERY rather than DEATH, which is what most people tend to jump to. Most of us hopefully won’t die because of Trump’s idiocy, but most of us will be adversely affected in some way by it, and we won’t soon recover from it.

Authoritarian Reactionary Conservatives in the US are vastly outnumbered. They have realized this fact, however, and have used every hook, crook, and dirty trick in the book to amass and consolidate their power. As fearful as we are of what they are capable of doing with such power, they are most assuredly even more terrified of us, those whom are different than them in multiple respects and whom they fear being overtaken by, which each child born within a new and more racially diverse generation–the most diverse ever in US history, with each immigrant’s entry, with every teen who comes out of the closet as gay, with every adult who turns their back on and walks away from a violently hypocritical Christianity that condones family separation but embraces a sleazy, gutless con man as if he were the Messiah.

Honestly, the conservatives in power now, including the elites behind them, are little more than bullies, and most bullies are cowards. While it is usually better to ignore a bully, because facing one gives them power, in this case I believe the opposite is what is needed because of the power they wield, and the imperative to bring it to heel.

Stand up to them. Face them. Challenge them directly for their control of power, and do it relentlessly. Fight fire with fire, but set ourselves apart from them in that firefight by acting the name of higher humanity and saving the planet from avarice and a toxic conservative methodology run amok.

Band together, stand together, and fight back to win. Saturn-Pluto and the fascism they suggest is only temporary, but what comes up after that really is up to us.

Wise words! I agree with you.

Yes, but WE need to be Frodo at every opportunity. I know. Easier said than done. It’s not easy to have such courage, but we have no other viable or good choice.

Dean W.
Logic is lost on many today it seems to me, including many Liberals, although not nearly as much as what obtains today with our so called Conservatives.

I see too many Liberals ignoring good evidence, suspending critical thinking skills, using “Liberalism” as an identity rather than a philosophy.

In the 60’s I was active in the civil rights movement and anti Vietnam war movement. But I saw many on the Left go nuts with absolutism and dogmatism, their passion exceeding their reasonableness, becoming more anti-American than anti-war.

Today the majority of the nuts are on the Right demonizing Liberals and anyone else who disagrees with them.

I believe we have to listen to one another’s views but especially one another’s fears (even when privately we think those fears crazy) if we are ever to understand one another or regain our sanity. Another easier said than done.


Eliseo, I so agree that we all need to conjure up that Frodo within each of us!
But we also need a Frodo leader/cheerleader for the more timid souls among us. 🙂

Eliseo, I so agree we need to bring forth the Frodo within each of us!
But we also need a Frodo cheerleader for the more timid among us

The latest from Raye Robertson

kiwi, thank you so much for the Raye Robertson link. I was unaware (or had forgotten) that the Russia chart had Chiron at 8+ Leo. It is the missing link.

8+ Leo is a major component of the Neptune-Pluto cycle. It is where the Mars-Chiron conjunction was which sextiled the Neptune-Pluto conjunction at 8+ Gemini that was conjunct US natal Uranus.

8+ Leo is also where Mueller’s natal Pluto is as well. “Coincidentally”, Mueller also has a natal Mars-Chiron conjunction that connects him to Cohen’s natal Uranus-Pluto conjunction, and the Uranus-Pluto cycle itself.

So, a direct connection between two major, ongoing cycles, Neptune-Pluto and Uranus-Pluto, a direct connection between Russia and USA charts, and a direct connection between Mueller and Cohen who is directly connected to Trump. All of these entities linked astrologically, one to another.

How much simpler could it be?

BuckeyeShadow, you make a lot of sense. Glad you are talking to youth. In my surroundings I find women in the 40 to 50 yr. old range who are strangely apolitical. I keep trying to convince those I know that their vote and their voice counts but I’m not at all sure that I’m making any progress. It’s as though they live in or think they live in a bubble.


Re: “Stand up to them….from avarice and a toxic conservative methodology run amok.” well said.

One of my philosopher teachers when speaking about wisdom and not fighting fire with fire, ended the discussion with a caveat, “ever once in a while, one has to hiss, because it’s the correction action for the situation.” Further, sometimes, it takes a thorn to remove a thorn.


“Jim Jordan is one of the most outstanding people I’ve met since I’ve been in Washington,” Mr. Trump told reporters on Thursday. “I believe him 100 percent. No question in my mind.”

Wow, BuckeyeShadow…You said that eloquently!

I was born into an extremely political family, with a Grandfather (Papa) who was a beloved Mayor during the Depression. You can still look up his name on the net and read of his accomplishments…’Arthur Prestine’.
After every Sunday family dinner we would sit around the dining table talking politics for hours and hours.

Recently, I found a blurb re: how Paul Manafort had a political Father in Syracuse NY and how their family would sit around finding ways to cheat the town people and enrich their family.

When you grow up in a political family you really do learn the importance of Voting.
That’s the kind of enthusiasm we need to rekindle now in the Democratic Party and in America.

One of Papa’s expressions was:
“Democrats Help Those Who Need Help…
…Republicans Help Those Who Don’t Need Help”
Any great ideas on how can we inspire our Voters?

sorry for the double post upthread. It seemed that the first one had disappeared into the ether so I reposted. Then this morning, voila, it appeared!

Ed Tamplin this week

According to Linda G., Jordan is going down.

None too soon for me.

David Johnson’s channelings are really hopeful and exciting….I particularly liked this one about justice being served and collusion proved.


and this one talks about who will be the next president,


Great comments above from all the smart people on this blog…

Patty, I LOVE your grandfather’s saying….I feel exactly the same way.

I’ve been watching more David Johnson channelilngs and they are basically very, very positive and feel true.

Did he collude and will he be impeached?


And the next president will be –


PS: This was my 2nd post in a row on the same thing – the first one disappeared like kiwi’s, so it may materialize tomorrow a.m. — and, I also hope to wake up tomorrow and see the first of the rescued boys since it is now about 11:35 a.m. Sunday in Thailand, and the rescue has been underway for a while now.

Don’t know if any of you have seen this, recorded last year. Oprah interviewing Gary Zukav
Good tools to bring out the Frodo within

Sharon K, kiwi, I also had a post that disappeared about 2-3 weeks ago…

“The whole world is standing and witnessing the fight into the Light of Day (Scorpio).” in the following (symbolic) process — “In Thailand two hours ago the “12 disciples and the teacher” have been started to be rescued from the Cave of Initiation”. The trip to the cave where the group is trapped takes about six hours and back about five hours. The plan is to rescue 3 children per day so the process would take about three days. Let us unite our inner (esoteric) work for helping in this symbolic process – helping humanity to take the First Initiation from the chaotic situation (mud) caused by the emotional upheavals (water) and to conquer the first steps towards the Spiritual Kingdom from the prison of matter (stony cave). Bringing the boys out from the dangers of darkness and deceasing oxygen (air – buddhi). This process have a great symbolic meaning. The whole world is standing and witnessing the fight into the Light of Day (Scorpio).”

The above letter from Esoteric and Spiritual Teacher, Tuija Robbins

Let our sounding of the Om be a magical call into the heavens to bring about the energies of healing and restoration for the Earth and humanity.


Thank you for the Ed Tamplin link for July 13; right on the nub.

Kiwi, I cannot thank you enough for posting that link to Oprah’s interview with Gary Zukav. I must go back and reread the book of his that I read so many years ago. It’s so much more meaningful to me listening to that conversation. Wow! And thank you again.

Interesting how the whole world –including many Americans — is pulling for the soccer team boys to be rescued, while in the US, we sit in a country with thousands of children taken from their parents and held hostage.

We don’t need expert cave divers and oxygen and treacherous trips underground to save those other children.

You know, regarding the people who don’t seem to be interested in politics, I want to say, not to worry.

I, myself, have always been apolitical. I think there is good and bad on both sides. I just want truth and higher justice. If fit weren’t for the astrological take on things, if it weren’t for this site, and you good people, I wouldn’t be able to take part either. It’s the big picture view of things that gives me hope, makes me feel fascinated to see how it will all play out. From this broader perspective I can pay attention, participate to the degree it feels right for me. Sometimes I find that the best I can do to help is merely to hold space for a good outcome.

But I understand when others don’t want to get involved. Some people are better off to stay out of it if it only causes them despair– a state which doesn’t help anything or anyone. Sometimes the best way to “help” (oneself and the situation) is to remain neutral, because we know that one of the symptoms of the “disease” is extreme polarizing.

kiwi, ditto will; the Tamplin piece is right on, and I especially appreciate the “Make America Great Again” chart with it’s Uranus conjunct US natal Chiron.

Also, for anyone who might not realize it, the aspect of 150 degrees separation between planets is known either as a quincunx or an inconjunct (as Tamplin calls it). Two of them can produce a Yod and the August 11th eclipse makes a quincunx/inconjunct with Pluto.

In fact, since Pluto is technically now in a sextile with Neptune (less than 4 degrees from exact), both of them will form a quincunx (inconjunct) to the eclipsed Sun in Leo (that squares trans. Juno in Taurus, just 2 degrees from US natal Vesta which trans. Pluto trines). This is one helluva complicated eclipse, especially for the USA, because Pallas and Mercury (and Moon of course) are conjunct the eclipsed Sun. How could it not be?

Even though it comes a month after this Thursday’s eclipse that opposes Pluto (which forms a grand cross with US natal Chiron opposite US natal Juno), the August 11 solar eclipse deserves a heads up due to its complexity. I will personally be checking back to this a month from now because I can’t remember it that long!

First of all there are lots of trines;
1) Neptune, Jupiter, US natal Sun; a grand trine
2) Pluto, Juno (+ US Vesta) and Ceres (+ US Neptune); another grand trine

There is a T-square between Chiron in Aries (on US chart’s IC) opposite Venus in Libra (near US chart’s MC and 1 degree past a square to US natal Venus), both of whom will be squared by Saturn in Capricorn (opposite US Venus). For us it will effectively be a grand cross in cardinal (initiation) signs and will question our true values against what our values will appear to be to the world (Venus on US MC).

The August 11 Eclipse chart’s Mars and Black Moon Lilith will be at 0+ Aquarius, highlighting the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction starting point of their 20 year cycle (and a new era in the ongoing story of these cycles due to it being in an air sign after a long absence).

Mars and BML will not be far from the transiting Aquarius South Node, and the US South Node and the US natal Pholus (small cause, big effect – as in 1 lit match causing a forest fire). The transiting Leo North Node will be one degree past natal US North Node (which is where trans. NN is right now).

PS – Pallas at 17+ Leo not only conjuncts the eclipsed Sun (18+ Leo), she is sextile Trump’s Uranus (17+ Gemini) and Trump’s Jupiter (+ US Constitution’s Neptune and US progressed Mars rx) at 17+ Libra.

Sharon K, thank you for the David Johnson channelings. They are heartening and they make sense. The prediction that Adam Schiff would become the next president after Trump and Pence are forced to resign following proof of collusion could only happen if Schiff becomes the next Speaker. He would then be third in line for the Presidency.

Eliseo, thank you for your July 2 posting. I was away for a few days in the mountains north of Montreal to escape a record heat wave that killed 60 people in Quebec. We are used to harsh winters here, not so much to 100-degree weather for a week. Global warming means Canada needs more air conditioning.

Eliseo, you asked me about Neptune in Aries in 2025 just before the next US Uranus return. I thought long and hard about this and checked Neptune and Pluto transits for every Uranus return. Some interesting but tentative observations emerged.

First, as you know, each Uranus return brought a war for the survival of the United States. The first was the War of Independence, the second was the Civil War, the third was World War II. The next begins in the late 2020s. What is clear here is a progression from the birth of a new major country filled with ideals, through consolidation of a nation by erasing the birth defect of slavery, and finally becoming a superpower bringing a new international order and leading the free world. What could be the next stage? Two thoughts come to mind. It could be war in space for the first time with Pluto in Aquarius. It could also be the defeat of a major totalitarian state, or a combination of such (perhaps Russia and China), who represent a critical threat to freedom and democracy worldwide. This war then would be about extending democracy to most of the planet. I believe India would play a very important role. Note that I think that at this time Trump will be only a very painful memory, and that the country will be governed by Democratic Presidents for many years.

Second, I found that when Uranus is in Gemini, Neptune is always in Aries or Libra. In 1776, Neptune was in Virgo but entered Libra soon after. During the Civil War, Neptune was in Aries. In 1944, at D-Day, it had just entered Libra. In 2025, it will enter Aries. Uranus was therefore always trine or sextile Neptune, which in my view helped to achieve a successful outcome. The difference between Neptune in Libra and Neptune in Aries, IMHO, is that in Libra Neptune brings a peace that elevates the world. This would be exemplified by the Treaty of Paris of 1783 which formally brought the US into being and therefore changed world history, and by the creation of the United Nations in 1945. Neptune in Aries, again in my tentative and deeply humble view, brings elevation through actual fighting, as exemplified by the Gettysburg Address or by a head wound (Lincoln). A nation was forever transformed and improved through ground-breaking (Aries) sacrifice (Neptune). Neptune in Pisces had brought many humanitarian campaigns to end slavery, but it took Neptune in Aries to do it. Perhaps this time humanity doesn’t need actual war to evolve, but evolve it must.

Third, I found Pluto placements during Uranus in Gemini to be significant as well. Pluto was of course in late Capricorn in 1776, but soon entered Aquarius during the War of Independence. Pluto was in the opposite sign, Leo, during WW II. Pluto will be in Aquarius during the next Uranus return. This is also a symbol of success as it will trine Uranus. Pluto in Aquarius brings hope to the sisterhood of humanity (it was once called the brotherhood of man, but that was another time). This next war, if it must happen, will again ennoble humanity. Pluto in Leo made the US the Sun-King of the world. This has served its purpose, as the Trump era is here to attest. Pluto in Aquarius will make the US again a valuable citizen of the world. In 1944, Uranus in Gemini was sextile Pluto in Leo and trine Neptune in Libra. In 2026-27, Uranus in Gemini will be sextile Neptune in Aries and trine Pluto in Aquarius. There should be the same hopeful effect for most people in the US and the world.

Fourth, the only exceptional Pluto placement was Pluto in Taurus during the Civil War, square the US Moon. This made this conflict exceptionally brutal and emotional for the American people, more so than the others. Fortunately, this aspect will not be present next time around.

Finally, one should not forget progressed Mars retrograde which will be with the US for the first time for decades to come. This could mean a number of things. A war of choice, such as the invasion of Irak, should be avoided at all costs,as it would probably lead to disaster. The next war would be more defensive, and would not involve the acquisition of new territory. The outcome could be more uncertain, and some offensive action could fail. Also, the help of other nations could be more needed and substantial. But I would still be optimistic for the long term.

I think the story of the next Uranus return might be that after having faced off possible tyranny from within, the US will be confronted to a greater extent than ever from possible tyranny from the outside. It can and will win if it returns to the community of nations it did so much to create. The result will be a better and closer world.

If interested: My favorite local Talk Radio, KGO is on live RIGHT NOW!
You can listen on the Internet.
John Rothmann worked for Richard Nixon during his Impeachment…He’s very well informed.
And Pat Thurston (Mother of Triplets) former FBI.
Their programs are very infomative, interesting and great fun!

Very interesting, Andre…thank you so much.

And, ps., I wasn’t the first to post David Johnson’s channeling. When I went to look at the one posted, these others were available so I watched them out of curiosity and was so glad I did. It seemed that Johnson didn’t realize that the Speaker of the House is 3rd up for the presidency and was fumbling with the possible connection to Schiff. He almost had it. At the same time, he sees that Bernie will play a very strong and powerful role. He didn’t think Bernie would be the president but probably the president (meaning VP of the U.S.) or president pro temp of the Senate, McConnell’s current role. It all sounds so feasible. I think Schiff would make an excellent president whether or not he is re-elected after assuming the role. He would also be, as far as I know (meaning sometime ancestry is hidden), the first Jewish president of the U.S. Stay tuned.

Schiff was born 6/22/60 in Framingham, MA

You guys correct me if I’m wrong but this is what I see in at rough draft of Schiff’s chart:

Schiff has mars at 0 Taurus (now being hit by Uranus)’ Uranus at 18 Leo, the degree of the 8/11/18 solar eclipse. His NN, I believe, is around 19 Virgo (so Neptune will get to his SN in a few years); his sun & venus are 0 cancer (trined by 2 Pisces), near the U.S. venus & jupite (3 & 5 cancer- will he heal the U.S?); his mercury is 25 cancer conj the U.S. mercury at 24, AND he has Jupiter at 28 Sag, which falls into the U.S.’s Sibley chart’s first house and in a good relationship with that chart’s moon (he will have a Jupiter return in Nov. 2019 just before Jupiter changes signs to Cap). Maybe he’ll give Rachel Maddow an appt. – he’s always on her show.

Could the second set of poisonings in England have been meant as a warning to tRump from Putin of his possible future if he does not do Putin’s upcoming bidding?

The effect of such a suggestion on the resident fool’s mind would probably be profound, forget about how or if such a poisoning could actually happen.

UK police say woman poisoned with nerve agent in southern England has died


Here is something that was pointed out to me as an addition to Andre’s interesting email:

Excerpt from 2018 Truth Power Freedom report by Dana Mrkich


Following is a list of all primary events that took place during the Revolutionary, and beginning of Independence, period. Indicates the degree Pluto was on during those events, and when it will be on the same degree again. We are currently on the cusp now, and it will be a 20+ year Pluto Return process.

1773 Pluto in Capricorn 210
Boston Tea Party protesting British Parliament’s tax on tea
Pluto returns to this degree: 2019

1775 Pluto in Capricorn 260
American Revolutionary War begins, the 13 colonies fight for independence from British Empire
Pluto returns to this degree: 2021

1775 Pluto in Capricorn 27o
Declaration of Independence, 13 colonies asserting themselves as a new nation–the United States of America
Pluto returns to this degree: 2022

1778 Pluto enters Aquarius 00
Turning point of Revolutionary War. Until then it was still thought that Britain could win. France joins US as allies.
Pluto returns to this degree: 2024

1783 Pluto in Aquarius 80
War ends, US independence recognized
Pluto returns to this degree: 2028

1789 Pluto in Aquarius 170
US Constitution and Bill of Rights (first 10 amendments) submitted
Pluto returns to this degree: 2034-2035

1790 Pluto in Aquarius 200
US Constitution and Bill of Rights adopted
Pluto returns to this degree: 2036-2037

It seems to me that the revolutionary war was motivated by money/economics, rather than that vague definition of ‘personal freedom’ or ‘political party allegiance’. It was educated small business owners versus big global corporate monied interests who had been created as protectionist charters by the govt of the day.
Lets not kid ourselves, the problem is once again big global corp greed being protected by wealthy sycophantic courtiers/lawmakers who look upon ‘social’ justice with disdain.
Dems need to use simple direct messaging and call a spade a spade. Enough with the touchy-feely talk -we are battling lies, greed, and ignorance/stupidity. ‘Human rights’ will become a given once those have been overcome.
High on the list is getting obscene profit corps out of government activities.

BuckeyeShadow – It’s great you’re motivating young folks to vote! I, too, do just that, as often as I can; but, I have noticed that people in their twenties, and early-thirties, seem overly tied to their iDevices to care about the world around them – and they are a large voting-block.

Eliseo – I agree; Liberals can get too caught-up in philosophical dramas over dogma; but, what concerns me even more, is how so many of today’s Conservatives are actively working to dismantle the rule-of-law.

Dean W,
“what concerns me even more, is how so many of today’s Conservatives are actively working to dismantle the rule-of-law.”

“Dems need to use simple direct messaging and call a spade a spade. Enough with the touchy-feely talk -we are battling lies, greed, and ignorance/stupidity. ‘Human rights’ will become a given once those have been overcome.
High on the list is getting obscene profit corps out of government activities.”

AMEN to this, kiwi, and I know you agree, Eliseo. I think people also will need to see the evidence in front of their eyes. In one of my social work classes, we did a study of poverty and how it was handled in Britain and transferred to the colonies, which adopted the English poor laws. There seems to have ALWAYS been some sort of looking down on the poor and sense of them not taking care of themselves and being lazy, etc. If someone was “able bodied”, they didn’t deserve help (no matter what else was going on). These kinds of stereotypes seem to die hard, especially in the good ole U.S.A. where we seem to think anyone can be and do anything they want! Of course, there is a lot more freedom and opportunity but people do have limitations and some need help and a boost. It gets me SO angry that just because some milk the system (and, really, jobs and opportunities are just not that plentiful), it is generalized to all.

Sharon, I finally got to watch the 1st David Johnson channeling and I’m sooo glad I did!

He talks about lots of video being found against Trump and I had found a grand trine in the Chiron-Mars conjunction’cycle chart (Jan. 16. 2017) between Mercury in Capricorn, the North Node in Virgo and Photographica in Taurus. This news must pertain to that grand trine.

Transiting Uranus will finally reach that degree (where Photographica was in the Mars-Chiron chart) in late May, 2019, in the midst of a period when trans. Saturn in Capricorn squares Trump’s Jupiter + US progressed Mars and US Constitution’s Neptune in Libra.

It will be when transiting Neptune in Pisces squares Trump’s Uranus in Gemini too, and all this is happening in between the 1st and 2nd exact sextile between trans. Saturn and Neptune, AND after the swearing in ceremony of the new US Congress.

Thank you so much for posting that link. I’m so happy!


Most interesting tracking of Uranus and Pluto in the U.S. chart; fascinating! Thank you very much.

Re: Adam Schiff:

Decent, smart, well-tempered man – but I don’t think he has the personality to be president. Whomever may succeed l’ enfant terrible is going to have to have a big commanding personality, loaded with charisma. I am going out a limb to put forth Hillary Clinton for POTUS with Kamala Harris as VP. I don’t think anybody else has anything close enought to the “it” factor.

I’m going total Linda Comanche intuitive here, without the cards; nothing more.

Brilliant! Fascinating! Heartening! Thank You!

Sharon K,
Many Thanks for that timeline. Very Helpful!

Sharon K,
“There seems to have ALWAYS been some sort of looking down on the poor…”

Always, yes but it became far more highly focused with the advent of Calvinism. One of the dictums of Calvinism is that the surest sign of the FAVOR of God is prosperity. IF that is true, the logical corollary, a very deep but unspoken belief is therefore the surest sign of the DISFAVOR of God is poverty.

Once you go there you can fill in the blank substituting any other type of “poverty” you feel like, i.e. not our color, don’t have technology, are uneducated, wear their hair funny, wear weird clothes, wear NO clothes, don’t speak our language, have a funny accent, etc.

The UK got pretty fed up with their Calvinists (they were obnoxious) which is why they left, emigrating especially to what became the USA (pilgrims) and also especially to South Africa. The Republic of SA and the USA continue to have the lion’s share of Calvinists and Calvinist influenced sects and denominations accompanied by political attitudes in harmony with that poisoned theology.

Although they do a lot of measuring,
“Conservative” economic theory is at its core Calvinist thought dressed up in pseudo-scientific gobbledygook.

Just out on late night TV:
Meuller is ready to Subpoena Trump.
But, Rudy says no-way!
Can Mueller subpoena Trump?
Legal experts say yes — but it’s tricky.

Watch 1998 Rudy Giuliani Completely Torpedo 2018 Rudy Giuliani’s Trump Arguments

Rudy’s Bottom Teeth. Did Rudy think no one would ever notice his bottom teeth?

“I don’t think anybody else has anything close enough to the “it” factor.”

I’m not sure what you mean by the “it” factor. To me, the “it” I prefer is the ability and willingness to allay and calm conservative fears, while simultaneously leading the country into a more just, honest and progressive era. I respect your personal feeling, but I don’t see HRC or KH as having that.

For that matter, although I feel Donald Duck would be better than Donald Trump, I’m having trouble with most Democrats as of late. In the words of a friend who recently ran as a Dem for a judgeship here locally, “the Republicans have gone Batsh*t crazy.” Personally, I see the Dems as crazy, just much less so than the R’s.

A good example is Elizabeth Warren. She is to me amazingly charismatic and on target when she talks about financial, economic, banking and corporation issues, but I have profound misgivings on her energy and criminal justice views. And of course she scares the P*ss out of many voters.

I’d really like to see someone rise in Am. politics who can bridge this damnable polarization, who can lead us beyond all the crazy demonization. Our Founders certainly wanted representative democracy, but also feared the “tyranny of the majority.” I feel we need to return to the more pragmatic politics of decades ago in which both sides respected one another and were willing to make compromises for the sake of the country.

In the words of a friend who recently ran as a Dem for a judgeship here locally, “the Republicans have gone Batsh*t crazy.” Personally, I see the Dems as crazy, just much less so than the R’s. The Dems have the virtue of compassion, but IMHO are lacking in wisdom, whereas the R’s seem to have neither compassion or wisdom.

Lena R. she is saying, September for Mueller to release the report..


*Will there be a statue of Robert Mueller in Washington some day for saving the Republic?!

Also, in regards to David’s video on the next president, he said at one point, maybe Schiff is president first and then Bernie. That scenario could happen if the D’s take the house and make Adam S. the speaker and then as Will said, and I agree I don’t think he has the personality to be president. But would play a significant role in calming the waters after the hurricane with his very calm temperament. I could easily see him not wanting to run for the 2020 election and I feel strongly that Bernie will run again. That would make perfect sense how Schiff could be president first and then Bernie. .. just my own thoughts when I watched the video.

Hopefully, David Johnson’s information is as close as possible to the truth. I can see much of happening. Mueller has been pretty tight-lipped and I can see where he would want to keep things low-profile, barb. Possibly, the scenario would be keeping these indictments away from the press and leaked to the public (ha!), with Trump getting hospitalized and that being used as a reason for his exit, but what about Pence (who has been pretty low-key himself lately)? Then, as you’ve suggested, Elizabeth, with the Dems taking the House in November, Schiff steps in until the actual election a year later. He is having his Jupiter return then, for whatever that is worth, so we shall see what that means for the country, but he should be happy with the results. Unfortunately, the “it” factor IS a factor in our leaders, e.g., Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, even Obama had it although he may not have been tough enough (but he seemed pretty ethical). Either way, I think Schiff probably has what it takes, from what I know of him, to be a very good decision maker and leader. Bernie, of course, has the “it” factor but, as Johnson says, his age may be a factor — we’ll see. And this moralistic Calvinism has got to go. The farmers, who get their own kind of welfare (as someone said either here or on DU), are beginning to get a taste of the consequences of their actions. We just have to find the middle ground, as Eliseo said, so that the common man & woman can work together to have a healthy economy and get along with each other. I think what Trump is doing has to go far enough for people to welcome the benefits of Democratic Socialism, based on a strong economy. What do you guys think?

Michael Wolfstar:


” Putin is insisting that they meet by themselves, without aides. The SuperMoon Lunar Eclipse on July 27 activates 3º of fixed signs, with the Sun, Moon, Mars, and Uranus all occupying this degree area – the same degree as Putin’s Scorpio Ascendant.”

>I’m not sure what you mean by the “it” factor. To me, the “it” I prefer is the ability and willingness to allay and calm conservative fears, while simultaneously leading the country into a more just, honest and progressive era.

If they were living in a reality-based community, yes — calming conservative fears would be a great trait in a leader. But the fear machine is the biggest thing conservatives have going for them, and they stoke it with all they’ve got.

And as much as it sounds like a superficial trait, the “it” factor, I think, is the ability to inspire people, to make them believe in you and the chance you want to make. I think that’s leadership at its most basic.

It takes a ton of volunteers to run a campaign and a ton of money. You have to be able to convince all those people to work hard for you and give them your money. You have to convince them to go register, if they’re not already, and to get themselves to the polls on election day.

People don’t do that if they don’t believe in you. They may do the hold-their-nose-and-vote thing. That will get hardcore Democrats to the polls. But you have to have more than those people to win. You have to convince people that you see their problems and care about them and will work to fix them.

The Liberal Backlash is Coming http://prospect.org/article/liberal-backlash-coming

Or how Trump’s one true legacy will be the fomenting of a poweful liberal movement against the Republican Party and the establisment Conservative power grab via the Supreme Court. I expect this to fully burst out into the open by the time Pluto enters Aquarius, but real seeds are going to take root during the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction at 0 Aquarius in December 2020.

Make no mistake. Elitists and rich Conservative backers of Trump and the GOP are going to pay a very, very high price for their immodesty and avarice in the coming decades.

Eclipse season hits world leaders early: Brexit leaders in meltdown and resigning in England.


Why couldn’t it be Trump?


let me flesh out the “it factor” implied in my post. It is charisma, potency of personality and the ability to convey a vibrant vision for a future of the nation. I spent 35 years in Los Angeles around many big, talented personalities – producing, casting, coaching and acting/writing. I have developed a fairly good barometer for recognizing someone who has that essential je ne sais quoi. I think HRC still has plenty of that going on. America loves a story of redemption – and what greater redemption than that of rising from the ashes of having been beaten down by an amoral. corrupt and degrading thug. This is the story-line of legends. I think it would sell well. Kamala Harris is a formidable political talent; she is fearless, she is a person of color, she has strong progressive leanings and she has star-like attraction; she also has that Northern California factor which is a great counterpart to HRC’s Midwestern and East Coast sensibility. I like Elizabeth Warren a lot – but I don’t see her as having broad enough appeal beyond New England liberals; I also do not believe she has that calming factor you allude to.

Its simply my take at this time – nothing to argue over – just a combination of experience and intuitive speculation.


Hillary? Really? I think of her as the workhorse. (For lack of a better word. Not implying anything about her appearance.)

She’s the girl who got straight As in school, always did every bit of her homework. She’d over-prepare for everything, could quote stats to you for days. You won’t find anyone who studies harder and tries harder to be ready to handle anything that comes along. She’s calm and steady and what we should want in a president, but she’s a little bit dull.

Bill had the “it” thing. He could make people want to listen to him, to follow him, to believe in him, but he didn’t have the discipline Hillary has. He was incredibly careless with the power we gave him. Hillary soldiered on.

Hit send too soon.

Meant to add: she’s the one we should want. The smart, steady, if maybe a little boring one. We keep going for the “it” thing.

(I know, I just argued that “it” thing matters, and I do believe being able to inspire others does matter a lot. We just need that along with the smart, disciplined, careful approach of Hillary.)


I think HRC’s “vision” would be her ability to rise again against the most vicious and predatory rival. She is unquestionably still one of most famous women in the world. At this point, other than a health threat, what trouble can’t she surmount? Yes, she is a work-horse policy-wonk because she has discipline and dedication. She’s got plenty of scars – but I think she could do the job third time ’round. Redemption against the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’ packs a mythical punch. That’s what I’m feeling.

I’m not feeling any juice in the Dem or Progressives quarters who has enough profile.


I’m not saying she wouldn’t do a great job. I think she would. I just don’t think she has the “it” factor.

I also think she tends to be too careful, which is not a bad quality in a president, but makes her seem like she’s trying not to really say anything, not to take a stand. (She’s gotten better at this since Trump beat her in the electoral college.) But she can come off sounding so serious and careful, it seems like she has no passion for issues.

Like I said, she’s the workhorse. She’d get the job done.

I go back and forth about 2020. Is it a year to show that Democrats can be the grown-ups, sane and not too out there on the political spectrum to draw in the middle of the road voters who are disgusted with Trump? Or go for big, bold ideas and fight like crazy to define ourselves as progressives ready to change a country that desperately needs change?

I don’t know. I had a choice like that among primary candidates in my state. In both cases, it went to a run-off. Bold won the initial primary but didn’t get a majority. Careful won both run-offs.


Sure, I get you.

So, who do you see as viable candidates to oppose the Orange Crush in 2020?

Excellent article that puts all the pieces together to show that Trump is Putin’s boy and the Russians really are calling the shots. It has this great line:

Most Republicans would rather win an election with Putin’s help than lose one without it.


Well Buckeye. I want to thank you for providing the link to the liberal backlash story. It has given me a mini epiphany regarding 4 recently started Mars cycles and their purpose in this revolution against what we can call, for convenience, the Patriarchy.

The anger in the backlash is a product of Mars energy, and Mars was conjunct Chiron (Jan. 16, 2017), Jupiter (Jan. 6, 2018), Saturn (April 2, 2018) and Pluto (April 26, 2018).

Each of these conjunctions have produced a cycle of about 2 years in duration. Each cycle was designed to produce an emotional response: Mars with CHIRON opposed the Moon in Virgo which created a grand cross with Trump’s Sun-Moon opposition that included the US Mars conjunct Trump’s Sun in Gemini.

Mars with JUPITER in Scorpio sextiled Sun-Venus-Pluto in Capricorn that together formed a Yod to Trump’s Sun in Gemini (+ US Mars) requiring it to shift. Trump’s Sun was sextile trans. Ceres + North Node in Leo, creating a Yod to the Sun-Venus-Pluto in Capricorn who also had to shift. This Pluto group trined US natal Vesta (what we invest ourselves in) in Taurus.

US Vesta in Taurus was opposite the JUPITER-Mars conjunction in Scorpio which created a grand cross with the North (Leo) node + Ceres opposite the South (Aquarius) Node.

Mars with SATURN in Capricorn was opposite Trump’s Mercury in Cancer and Mars-Saturn was sextile the Moon in Scorpio too. Their sextile formed a Yod to US natal Uranus in Gemini (the birthplace of the Neptune-Pluto cycle in progress). This Mars-Saturn conjunction was conjunct the US natal Eris as well.

The Mars-SATURN conjunction was the only one of the four that did not have a Moon in Virgo conjunct US natal Neptune!

Finally, the Mars-PLUTO conjunction in Capricorn was trine the Moon in Virgo (conjunct US natal Neptune and square US Mars and Trump’s Sun in Gemini) and trine the US natal Vesta in Taurus as well. This Mars-Pluto conjunction was also trine the start degree of the present cycle between Jupiter and Saturn in Taurus *(which was square Uranus).

At the time of the Mars-PLUTO cycle start, the US was having a Nessus (abuse of power) Return, when a transiting Nessus conjuncts a natal Nessus.

At the time, Nessus in Pisces was sextile Saturn in Capricorn and they formed a Yod to Ceres (mother searching for her daughter) who was conjunct the North Node (opportunity) in Leo. Nessus was also conjunct US NATAL Ceres and square US natal Uranus (where the Neptune-Pluto cycle started).

The Mars-CHIRON cycle will be completed at the end of this year, at the end of Pisces. The other three Mars cycles will end in March, 2020.

Although these Mars cycles of short duration contribute enormously to the anger component of the backlash in specific ways, it is the powerful outer planets symbolizing collective drives that alone create the maelstrom driving this revolution to Evolve.

*Uranus squared Jupiter-Saturn in the start of their cycle in 2000 guaranteeing upheaval in governments world-wide for the next 20 years.

Because the US progressed Mercury recently stationed direct in the same degree as that Uranus (revolution) in Aquarius – which was square the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (governments and societies) in Taurus (values, finance) – the US thinking and communicating processes (US progressed Mercury station) were destined to revolt during the period of this Jupiter-Saturn cycle. Que sera sera.

David Johnson says the Supreme Court is safe! Watch – it will make you feel good.

Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee 7 7 18 at 2 45 PM



I would be at least a little curious to look at HRC’s chart in 2020.

But truthfully, what’s needed in the Democratic Party now is a crop of younger, much less corporate-bound, much more energetic and charismatic candidates who can inspire and rally massive opposition to Trump and the Republicans’ giddy and incredibly shortsighted overreach.

Clinton just isn’t that candidate. If she were in the first place, Trump would be little more now than a footnote in political history. She had an opportunity to crush his ginormous ego, fending him off from something that both he and the world were completely unprepared for. I don’t get the sense that there’s going to be a window for another such opportunity.

Watching that last video made me feel good like this used to. Gotta go with it. It popped into my head right after watching the video.

Big Bopper – Chantilly Lace


Kavenaugh was picked up by a limo and had a security detail just a few minutes ago.
Given the reality show flavor of this appointment it could be a head fake but he is the person who wrote that a sitting President could not be indicted.

He is the establishment candidate so they may be trying to court Collins if it is him.

Will, I couldn’t go through it with Hillary again. I think that window is closed. She has too many enemies & there are too many conspiracy theories and fake news that people embrace. It is just way too easy to make her look bad….they started to trash her rep many years ago but then again in earnest 1-2 yrs before the election. Remember Dinesh D’Souza’s horrible books about her, and now Trump goes & pardon’s him. I wonder what he’s planning to write next? I guess he’ll wait to see who’s running. Your and Theresa’s points about Hillary’s strengths are well taken but, again, it’s too easy to push her down the Rabbit hole. I think we need someone fresh whomever that may be. If it’s a man, so be it. I’m not crazy over Warren but could get behind her as VP. Same for Harris. If the candidate is a man it might be better to get us over the mysogyny hump. I think that even Johnson said that it might be better to have a male as the next Dem candidate. At the same time, he continued to see women’s stars rising in politics.

Thank You for your clarification. I value your thoughts, even when we disagree.

There is no doubt HRC is very smart and qualified for the job. But I feel she is too beholden to the corporations and we need younger leadership. I’m not sure she could win the popular vote again, but that would depend on a number of presently unknown factors.

Considering how HRC has been demonized and the treatment she received from the Donald, I would however be very pleased to see her slap him silly and kick him so hard in the groin that his voice moves up permanently by two octaves. (Actually I wouldn’t mind seeing every woman he’s ever abused slap him as well.)

After we’ve got him down, it would be Obama’s turn. Our former pres. could then inject him with a serum which would permanently turn his skin very, very dark black and upon his forehead tattoo his birth certificate.

Last but not least would be Comey’s and Mueller’s turn. Like Hester Pryne’s scarlet letter, the Donald needs to have a giant red “T” for treason tattooed to his chest and be required to wear one on his prison overalls as well.


“One Billion Rising flash mob” F**K YOU to the orange sexual predator in chief for mocking #MeToo


After watching David Johnson’s video “Chantilly Lace” popped into my head because of the “oh baby that’s what I like” line.

Hello everybody, Does anyone have the precise timing of Trump’s announcement of the SCOTUS pick tonight? I purposely wasn’t watching Trump tonight, but I noticed that the timing would make a big difference, between a late Capricorn ascendant and and Aquarius ascendant. Thanks!


I wish I saw a clear front-runner for 2020. Now’s the time. I feel like finding all of them and saying, “Okay, show us what you’ve got. Right now. Lead us through this mess, and you’ll deserve the nomination.”

I am really proud of all the Democrats who showed up and tried to or actually got inside the detention centers holding the stolen children. I think Elizabeth Warren is really good at speaking clearly, plainly and strongly to any idiocy the right comes up with. I think she’s intelligent and determined. But I think she comes across as … I’ll sound sexist here, and I don’t think it’s that. More that Massachusetts reserve. We want to feel like people care, and I believe she does, but I don’t think she comes across as … warm is the best word I can come up with. She has that policy wonk thing of Hillary’s. Over-prepared and critical. I don’t think we need another Hillary or Hillary-like candidate.

I’ve heard Corey Booker’s name mentioned. He’s impressed me at times. I’ve seen Adam Schiff trying hard, but not seeming to get anywhere against Trumpers.

I hope someone steps up big-time.

A Thought Provoking Theory:

“Will Trump Be Meeting With His Counterpart —
Or His Handler?”
A plausible theory of mind-boggling collusion”
Clip: It would mean the Russia scandal began far earlier than conventionally understood and ended later — indeed, is still happening. As Trump arranges to meet face-to-face and privately with Vladimir Putin later this month, the collusion between the two men metastasizing from a dark accusation into an open alliance, it would be dangerous not to consider the possibility that the summit is less a negotiation between two heads of state than a meeting between a Russian-Intelligence asset and his handler.


CNN, helpfully, posted a clip on YouTube with a running clock at the top right and a flash that said this was a live announcement.

(I must love you all a lot, because I listened to a few minutes of the Orange Menace to get this.)

It was a few seconds before the clock ticked over to 9:06 p.m. Eastern when Trump said the name. Maybe 9:05:55.

You can see it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8q1XkKS9lI

Trump seemed to be focusing hard on trying to pronounce the tricky names correctly and still sounded like he was failing.


“After we’ve got him down, it would be Obama’s turn. Our former pres. could then inject him with a serum which would permanently turn his skin very, very dark black and upon his forehead tattoo his birth certificate.”

Now that’s quite a delicious vision!

Hi BuckeyeShadow,

I certainly understand your disappointment with HRC and her corporate connections (although in todays world everything seems to be branded and corporatized). That being said, are there any candidates in the body politic that you see as having the proverbial right stuff? Curious.


You wrote:

“Eclipse season hits world leaders early: Brexit leaders in meltdown and resigning in England.

Why couldn’t it be Trump?”

If you accept vedic astrology as a legitimate approach, Vedic astrologer Sam Geppi seems to feel that because the July 13th solar eclipse (20 Cancer) conjuncts Trump’s Saturn/Venus placements (23/ 25 Cancer) this eclipse will in fact have a major impact on Trump. Vedic astrology tends to give wider orbs of influence to eclipses. Mind you, he doesn’t even mention the eclipses opposition to Pluto. Western astrologers tend to give a three degree orb of influence to eclipses which in this case would indeed affect Trump’s natal Saturn……

July 2018 – Trump / Women Problems – Spiritual Growth Social Unrest by Sam Geppi


RE: “I think what Trump is doing has to go far enough for people to welcome the benefits of Democratic Socialism, based on a strong economy. What do you guys think?”

For a number of reasons I suspect that is precisely where we are going. FDR foresaw the need for and proposed an economic bill of rights in his last term of office but due to his failing health (and eventual death) could not implement it.

In 2013 French economist, Thomas Piketty published his worldwide bestseller, Capital in the Twenty-First Century. His work is widely respected and gradually becoming more so among professional economists. That means more intellectuals are open to socialistic solutions to problems.

Piketty also demonstrated well the younger generations who did not grow up during the cold war are much friendlier to socialistic ideas. I’ve personally seen this in my students and in a number of young adults I’ve met recently. For these young folks the stigma of “better dead than red” is gone.

Amazingly, at my conservative university there is now a chapter of DSA, the Democratic Socialists of America. Many of these folks are ardent admirers of Bernie Sanders, although Bernie is in reality a Social Democrat, not a Democratic Socialist.

The definition of socialism has been considerably broadened over the last 100 years. Hardly anyone today in socialist circles defines a socialist economy as one in which the government alone owns the means of production.

After the Soviet fiasco, collectivist thought became less popular. Communistic socialists have finally realized what Democratic Socialists knew all along. You don’t need soviet style commissars as ideological overseers. Dairy farmers as an example can form a cooperative, don’t need a government agent to boss them around and don’t want to be preached too. They don’t want to have to please an ideologue…”Yes Commissar, all our cows are good, dedicated communists!”

Many, especially in the USA recognize that the government is not always the best representative of the people, that people can organize into cooperatives and employee owned businesses on their own without government interference. Nevertheless, federal tax law could accelerate that process.

Slowly it dawns on more minds that credit unions, libraries, fire departments, police departments, sheriff’s departments, state owned schools and universities and road building and maintenance are of course all socialist institutions, but without socialist dogma.

It is also gradually dawning on many minds, much to the chagrin of limited government conservatives, that neither business corporations, nor small governments can successfully tackle the issues of climate change. CC is just too big.

Lord Acton is famous for having said that “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” We have long applied that to political power, but our plutocrats are busy proving it to be equally true of financial power. Trump’s role is to accelerate that process and bring it to its absurd and dark conclusion for all to see. Too many of our species are sufficiently obtuse as to be unable to see the economic truth of the dictum unless they endure personal suffering as a result of that deep corruption.

FDR started his first administration certainly NOT as a socialist, but as an open minded, pragmatic moderate who would try just about anything to alleviate the suffering caused by the Great Depression. Gradually, as a result of all sorts of economic experimentation, some successes and some failures, he moved leftward eventually proposing the aforementioned economic bill of rights.

Thanks to Mr. Trump, and the greed-head plutocrat addicts now running this country, I think we’ll get that economic bill of rights and several other necessary constitutional amendments as Pluto passes through Aquarius some years from now and we experience our Uranus return.

We’ll get a mixed economy in which corporations are re-defined as non-persons as they were before 1876, must get re-chartered every few years and prove to the government they are acting in the public interest, more employee owned businesses and cooperatives and a far more fair tax structure than we’ve had before.

But Trump and the plutocrats are and will not only manifest domestic chaos and economic and financial suffering, but are also doing a great job of setting up the world for another truly terrible world war. Fortunately, unlike post WWI Germany the USA has the best geography of any nation, a highly developed economy and technology even at its worst, and a very long history of representative democracy and the rule of English common law.

Clear thinking citizens will rebel either through the ballot box (hopefully) and/or by other more radical means. I think we’ll get through all of the coming darkness, but there will of course be tragedies and causalities.

I believe our Canadian friend in Quebec has stated it best. “I think the story of the next Uranus return might be that after having faced off possible tyranny from within, the US will be confronted to a greater extent than ever from possible tyranny from the outside. It can and will win if it returns to the community of nations it did so much to create. The result will be a better and closer world.”

Teresa Hill — he sounded like he was very winded. And his way of saying a sentence sounded like those computer robot readings.
Eliseo — remember that survey a few years ago where they asked Americans to identify the social systems described in the survey and they kept thinking that Scandinavian social democracies were what we have here in the US?
Isn’t Vedic astrology more geared toward prognostication than western astrology is?
Will — I’m just visualizing he who shall not be named in that photoshop pic where he has short grey hair and an orange jumpsuit with his hands shackled in front of him.
Rosie’s been on a roll the last few days if anyone’s interested.

No, I don’t recall that survey. Have you a link to it?

RE: A Thought Provoking Theory.
It is indeed “A plausible theory of mind-boggling collusion”

Also, I was unaware DJT actually tried to persuade Emmanuel Macron that France should leave the EU. That was startling!

In all the years I worked in the mental health system and in the criminal justice system, having to testify in court a zillion times I don’t know that I’ve ever seen anyone who more clearly had something to hide and was so obviously guilty.

Eliseo, think of it… All the Monetary Changes Trump brought to Europe were Financial benefits for Putin.
But Trumps recent sad and vicious cruelty to Mother’s, their Babies & Children could only considered the Work of The Devil! Pray Mueller will stop this Evil man!

Eliseo — sorry, no link.

New post up:


Teresa, thank you! For the Kavanaugh nomination, for 9:05’55” pm on July 9 in Washington DC, the ascendant then is 27 Ca 35. Saturn, the ruler of the 1st is retrograde in the 12th. Jupiter is at the midheaven. Are there secrets to come out later?