2nd Jun, 2018

The Real Struggle

The prevailing wisdom is that the polarization of Left versus Right is the underlying problem in the country today. I would like to suggest that a far more pernicious conflict underlies this political divide and threatens to fracture our very foundation.

On the one side of this canyon of discord are those who believe in integrity, honor, public service, and truth.  These are the people whose personal whims are subservient to the rule of law and an abiding sense of decency.  They have a very clear moral compass and draw a very clear line between right and wrong, between truth and falsehood. Their words are anchored in reality and their deeds are anchored in a striving for the greater good in some form.

On the other side of this abyss are those who bend the narrative around their personal and self-serving agenda. Facts become malleable in the facilitation of self-interest; twisted accusations and usefully false explanations pervade everything. In this realm dwells both unbridled racism and viciousness, in no way restrained by any sense of decency or appropriate behavior. In this realm, the healthy boundaries upon which a successful society depends – the boundary between truth and deliberate falsehood, the boundary between the rule of law and covert dishonesty, and the boundary between basic human decency and the acting out of dark and hateful emotions – are a mild encumbrance to be subverted whenever necessary.

The current occupant of the Oval Office clearly falls into this latter group. His overwhelming and toxic presence in the political theater of the last two years has opened up the floodgates for the self-serving lies and the racist onslaught engulfing the body politic and beginning to pervade US policy, both domestically and throughout the world.  Trade policy, environmental policy, and immigration policy, to name only the most obvious, are no longer grounded in reality and the best, forward-looking agenda for the nation, but instead are conceived in conspiracy theories and steeped in spite and false accusations. 

To give credit where it is due, however, we should not forget that the Republican Party had already been perfecting the art of dishonest and distracting narratives in order to further their own agenda long before the reign of Trump. The prevarication that brought us into war in Iraq, the bogus use of “religious freedom”  and other false narratives to effectively threaten Obamacare, and the nonsense that falsely justified the refusal to vote on Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court are only a few of the myriad examples of this process.

Today, the Republican Party in Congress walks shoulder to shoulder with Trump as he wreaks havoc with his countless lies and his rampant narcissism. On a daily basis, a deluge of vicious and self-serving falsehoods stream out of the White House and are then parroted by the Trump minions in Congress and the right-wing media. It seems that only those Republicans who are not running for reelection have the courage to speak truth to power. Indeed, the only agenda for the rest of the GOP is to appeal to the vilest emotions of the base and the greed of their donors. Otherwise, the country be damned.

On the other side of this battle for the soul of the nation are many former Republicans (never Trumpers), many mainstream journalists, and most of the somewhat enfeebled Democrats in Washington.  This group continues to push facts, national interest, and moral clarity as an alternative to the repeated, dark propaganda of the Trumpistas and their metastasizing grip on the country. It is a bold effort to remind Americans of their innate decency and integrity, as well as the founding notion of e pluribus unum, out of many one. It is a stand against the hate and selfishness that has overwhelmed the other side and an effort to bring back the rule of law and our founding moral code of conduct before it is too late.



Astrologically, we have just finished the first crossing of Uranus square to the Inaugural Sun (00Aquarius49) from May 12 to June 1. In this configuration, Uranus intensifies the erratic, unpredictable, willful tendencies already strong in Donald Trump, with his natal Uranus/Node/Sun conjunction opposite the Moon. It should also be noted that Trump’s current precedent-shattering, absolutist attitude is further strengthened in his chart by the multi-year progression of his Node conjunct natal Uranus (17Gemini54) through January 2019.

The first pass of transiting Uranus square to Inaugural Sun over the past three weeks has brought with it several abrupt presidential actions that have caused neck-wrenching shifts (Uranus) in the direction of national policy and norms.  The scheduled summit with North Korea was suddenly terminated only to be just as unexpectedly reinstated days later. Several pardons were precipitously issued without the appropriate vetting and discussion, but instead used as a barely covert message to thwart an investigation.  And finally, new tariffs aimed at our allies were announced, setting off the potential for a devastating trade war over imagined grievances from POTUS’ fevered brain.  This Uranus transit square the Inaugural Sun, which suggests unilateral and disruptive presidential action, will return from September 20 to October 18, 2018, and March 1 to March 23, 2019.

In response to the newly declared tariffs, US allies are extremely irritated, indicated by the transit of Mars to the US South Node (6Aquarius36) from June 1 through June 5.  The tension in our current relationships with other nations is also described by the transit of Saturn quincunx the US North Node from June 1 to June 15. Perhaps the tariff issue will shift again after mid-June given the erratic and unpredictable nature of the Decision Maker in Chief.

On the other hand, the second half of June seems likely to bring with it significant disruption to the administration and uncontained presidential fury. Whether this is about fallout from the tariffs, the Korea summit, the Mueller investigation, or some other unforeseen drama, here is the astrological breakdown.

First and foremost is the protracted Mars station which will be quincunx Trump’s Mercury (8Cancer52) from June 12 to July 4, pushing the chronically irascible Trump into weeks of intensified outrage and irritability. The same Mars station will be triggering the problematic configuration in the Inaugural chart of Mars (24Pisces21) square to Saturn (23Sagittarius30) and in minor hard aspect to the Moon (9Scorpio22). The Mars transit to Inaugural Moon and Mars is not quite exact, but the station in semisquare to Saturn will be extremely potent, from June 10 to July 7.  This seems likely to activate an intensified pushback, both legal and among the citizens, against Trump’s most aggressive policies.  Perhaps we will see some enormous and history-making demonstrations during this period, as well as some Supreme Court announcements not to Trump’s liking.

To add further to the mix during the second half of June, transiting Saturn will oppose the US Jupiter (5Cancer56) from June 12 to June 25 and square Trump’s Neptune (5Libra51) from June 14 to June 27. It is possible we will see Market plunge during this period or some other indication of financial contraction (Saturn to US Jupiter). Moreover, Trump’s more grandiose fantasies (Neptune) will get a painful dose of reality (Saturn).

In spite of all the tumult likely in late June, there may be a window of great anticipation and optimism by Trump, perhaps because of the Korean talks, from June 5 to June 17 when Jupiter opposes the Inaugural Ascendant (14Taurus08). It is possible he will come away thinking he was highly successful, only to have the truth of how he was played by far craftier minds become painfully revealed during the Saturn square to his Neptune that follows. Unfortunately, policy and procedures based in paranoid delusion, impulsiveness, and grandiose fantasy rather than actual facts and thoughtful planning, can lead only to failure when they ultimately crash into the shores of Reality.

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Thanks for this. We need to hold on to our cores like never before. As General Hayden said: this is a democracy’s stress test.

So reminded of that Bruce Willis line in”Live Free or Die Hard”: “We’re not a store, we’re a country”.


Passion, poetry, beautifully crafted into an astrological essay. Thank you and much appreciation for astrologically showing us the lay of the land for the upcoming months.

This was beautiful Nancy, thank you.

The birth chart for Canada has natal Venus at 15+ Gemini sextile natal Neptune at 14+ Aries. It also has natal Saturn at 17+ Scorpio opposite it’s natal Pluto at 15+ Taurus. (July 1, 1867)

Altogether this gives Canada a natal Yod-turned-Boomerang which transiting Venus in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces have not only activated but sent into orbit around the Earth. Trudeau has said Trump’s tariffs are “insulting and unacceptable”.

The Canada birth chart’s true South Node is at 16+ Pisces, where transiting Neptune is right now – trine trans. Venus and Jupiter. South Nodes tell us what’s no longer of service (to the chart’s owner) and Neptune dissolves.

Canada’s natal Pluto (15+ Taurus) is the end point of the Canada chart’s Boomerang pattern (all the combined energy is expressed from this planet) and right now transiting Jupiter at 15+ Scorpio retrograde is exactly opposite Canada’s Pluto.

I would think then that the present transiting grand trine between Jupiter, Venus and Neptune that has activated the easy-going Trudeau/Canada to speak out against Trump (and therefore USA), will inspire other countries to do the same, despite Trump’s ameliorating attempts.

This augments what you said about transiting Mars conjunct the US natal South Node (6+ Aquarius) which is where Neptune was in the chart for the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in 2000. That Neptune was trine the same chart’s Sun in Gemini which was conjunct US natal Uranus.

So far everyone is sticking to script.

Can you tell us when Trump will be gone, and who will replace him? Will Pence become president (please God no). Here is the Constitutionally mandated presidential succession: (copied and pasted).
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.
Senate President Pro Tempore Orrin Hatch (who has announced his retirement).
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.
Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin.
Secretary of Defense James Mattis.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Really excellent essay! Your clarity aligned with your passion to pen one of the better, perhaps one of the best essays you’ve posted on this blog.

In this one you identified what so many are missing, that the divide is not as deep between right and left as we perceive, that the true divide is between those of honor and integrity and those who’ve abandoned such virtues as though they were symptoms of a dread disease. Will we cling to self serving ideology, be it liberal or conservative, during a time of rapidly changing circumstances, or will we instead look squarely at the evidence in light of our deeper principles?

Your last two sentences were particularly cogent and insightful.

“It is possible he will come away thinking he was highly successful, only to have the truth of how he was played by far craftier minds become painfully revealed during the Saturn square to his Neptune that follows. Unfortunately, policy and procedures based in paranoid delusion, impulsiveness, and grandiose fantasy rather than actual facts and thoughtful planning, can lead only to failure when they ultimately crash into the shores of Reality.”

I feel they apply not only to the Donald, but to the millions of his followers as well. Perhaps Trumpers will see the folly of the man during that Saturn square to his Neptune?

Unfortunately for us all, I feel they will not abandon him until he acts or decides something universally catastrophic and harmful to them, something they will be unable to credibly blame on the media, Dems, Liberals, Hillary, Mexicans, etc. How truly egregious and horrible might that decision, action, resulting event, or circumstance might be surely depends on how deep is the delusion within the body politic.

Therefore my prayerful question must remain: How long, O Lord? How long before Trumpers in electoral context think to themselves, “My God, What Have We Done?”

Thank you, Nancy.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Nancy.
As you and Eliseo said, this is where we must as individuals, and then as a society, get back to the point where being truthful and ethical above all else, really matters. Honesty and Integrity as well as altruism, need to be very high in the Dem message/platform.

Dear Nancy, Thank You!
Attempting to head off political war? Meuller told don’t touch it? Watch Dems paint America BLUE next election!
From The Guardian: “Poor Trump ’embarrassed, frankly’ by Mueller investigation, John Kelly (kissing A) says”

Excellent, Nancy!

“On the other side of this abyss are those who bend the narrative around their personal and self-serving agenda. Facts become malleable in the facilitation of self-interest; twisted accusations and usefully false explanations pervade everything. In this realm dwells both unbridled racism and viciousness, in no way restrained by any sense of decency or appropriate behavior. In this realm, the healthy boundaries upon which a successful society depends – the boundary between truth and deliberate falsehood, the boundary between the rule of law and covert dishonesty, and the boundary between basic human decency and the acting out of dark and hateful emotions – are a mild encumbrance to be subverted whenever necessary.”


Thanks, Everyone!! I have been mulling these ideas for a while.

In today’s Wash Post, John Brennan picks up on the same theme.


Good News for Women With Breast Cancer: Many Don’t Need Chemo


“Many women with early-stage breast cancer who would receive chemotherapy under current standards do not actually need it, according to a major international study that is expected to quickly change medical treatment.”

Down the road …

Giuliani threatens to go to court if Mueller subpoenas Trump
By Aris Folley – 06/02/18 10:08 PM EDT

“Rudy Giuliani on Saturday threatened to take special counsel Robert Mueller to court if he attempts to issue a subpoena against President Trump.”

The Full Moon of June 28 (measured in right ascension) located to the White House has the Moon and Saturn on the MC, the Sun on the IC, and, with Saturn, is exactly square tRump’s secondary progressed Neptune; followed shortly by their squares to his progressed Mars/Neptune midpoint and then his progressed Mars.

That FM and Saturn of June 28 fall on the administration’s inaugural Mercury.

This admin is causing many beery wenches (sic)?.

is this good news? Fox particularly, bloom coming off the rose . . . .

This April’s Mars-Saturn conjunction that started their 2+ year cycle at 8+ Capricorn (where transiting Saturn lingers even now in retrograde and where it returns direct in December) affected not just Trump’s natal Mercury at 8+ Cancer, but the Yod in the Neptune-Pluto cycle as well. It may also have stimulated the lengthy Chiron-Saturn cycle that began in 1966.

The Chiron-Saturn conjunction at 23+ Pisces (8 days after Pluto and Uranus exacted a conjunction at 16+ Virgo) had transiting Vesta at 8+ Cancer (conjunct Trump’s Mercury) which was opposite the April 2018 Mars-Saturn conjunction.

Vesta symbolizes what we invest in (stocks, schools, military, allies, etc.) and in Cancer it suggests investing in food, families, homes for starters.

Vesta made no major connection to any major planet at the time of the 1966 Chiron-Saturn cycle start, but since Chiron and Saturn have now completed their cycle’s closing squares (last one in November, 2017) it looks as if she will be called upon via this new Saturn-Mars conjunction she opposes.

I’m saying that this 1966 Vesta, conjunct Trump’s Mercury (she representing the power of Chiron + Saturn), as well as opposing the power of Mars + Saturn, could be forging a kind of connection or bridge between the two cycles – utilizing Trump’s natal Mercury. First thought; what was going on in 1966 re: (1) N. Korea and (2) trade relationships?

Remember Vesta is what is invested in (and focused on) and she was in Cancer (food, families, homes) and who stands to lose if we increase tariffs? Who wins?

The Chiron-Saturn conjunction was also opposite US natal Neptune in Virgo and their opposition forms a T-square (pressure) to Trump’s Sun and US natal Mars in Gemini, where the New Moon will be in 10 days, June 13.

That might be a good time to see 1966 Vesta in action. The transiting North Node and the US natal North Node, both at 6+ Cancer, both pointing the way forward, and just 2 degrees away from 1966 Vesta and Trump’s Mercury, could awaken the Chiron-Saturn mystique, a mix of healing and building energies.

Starlight, thanks for posting the excellent article by John Brennan. Great minds obviously think alike. I’m s just so hard to fathom why seemingly intelligent people don’t see this at all.

Thank you, Nancy.

Here is Michael Wolfstar:


kiwi, I hope Fox crashes and burns in 2020, if not before then.

January 13, 2020 – trump natal Saturn 115°43?, transit Sun at 294°42? opposite, transit Saturn at 294°42? opposite, transit Pluto at 294°45? opposite.

Marriage to Melania chart Saturn is at 114°59′ (114°59′ + 180° = 294°59′).

The progressed wedding chart had tRump’s progressed Mars/Neptune midpoint right on the Asc on the day Stormy first filed a suit against him.

I began a file on tRump, Melania, and their wedding chart in mid May, right after finding out about her hospitalization. My PAL chart for him has his Saturn/Pluto midpoint exactly square it’s MC on May 12, 2 days before she was admitted but with all the irons he has in the fire how it manifested is not clear.

Having trouble posting. It seems like my posts go through, but don’t show up. (Never had that problem there before.)

Trying again — I have happily unsubscribed from Joni’s newsletter. Happy to hear I can take her dismal predictions with a grain of salt.

Here’s a Rolling Stone interview with Chani Nicholas. (I think I discovered her through someone’s recommendation here.)


Elisabeth Grace:


“Mars, Mars and Mars. The planetary symbol for action, anger and assertion is slowing in speed — about to turn retrograde on June 26th. It’s going to be one hot summer, with notable disruption, suggested by an ongoing tension between Mars and Uranus. Think: recklessness, rashness, genetic mutations, accidents involving firearms and airplanes; seismic activity”

Today the transiting Sun (14+ Gemini) will trine the US natal Saturn and Trump’s natal Chiron and natal Juno (all at 14+ Libra). I believe Melania could benefit from this in some way.

Tomorrow transiting Sun will be in the degree (15+ Gemini) where transiting Venus made it’s last occultation of the Sun (called a Venus Transit) on June 5, 2012. She won’t do this again for more than 100 years.

The Mayan calendar was based on the cycle of Venus and that calendar ended in 2012. The Venus Transits always come in pairs, separated by 8 years, and they signify transformational periods. Venus made the 1st of this most recent set of occultations in 2004.

It is believed that this set of Venus Transits represents the rise of the Divine Feminine, or the demise of Patriarchy. Translated, it marks the start of the end of duality consciousness and a beginning of unity consciousness. It suggests solar energy is being supplied for an opening of the human heart chakra to make the transformation (evolution) possible.

Yesterday transiting Sun was conjunct Chiron in the chart of the US Constitution’s Signing at 13+ Gemini. It could be a sign that the healing process has begun. The transiting Sun is trine the Constitution’s natal Pluto at 14+ Aquarius today.

The Constitution chart’s Pluto in Aquarius trines the US natal chart’s Saturn and Trump’s natal Chiron+Juno in Libra. Could it be that Trump is a catalyst for the demise of the Patriarchy and the rise of the Divine Feminine? I don’t think anything would surprise me at this point.


I love Chani Nicholas! She is among a constellation of Black/POC astrologers I regularly keep track of on Twitter.

I heartily follow the school of thought that the more diverse participants of a discipline, the more intellectually rigorous it is.

Something else transiting Sun is doing today is opposing the Great Attractor which is also where the South Node of Uranus is, and the Venus South Node is just a few degrees away, as is the ascendant of the US natal chart.

The thing about the Great Attractor is its extraordinary magnetism, and its ability to bend light. We are all drawn in by the GA and maybe the transiting Sun is giving us a chance to see just where we are heading.

“Yesterday transiting Sun was conjunct Chiron in the chart of the US Constitution’s Signing at 13+ Gemini. It could be a sign that the healing process has begun. The transiting Sun is trine the Constitution’s natal Pluto at 14+ Aquarius today.” — barbk

I saw this, barb, and thought of the new Supreme Court ruling in favor of the baker who refused to make a wedding cake for the gay couple. The Constitution is hurting today! This was NOT how freedom of religion was meant to be interpreted! I hope there is a huge blue wave backlash generated from this!

On the other hand Sharon, at its core, I see the supreme court refusing to intervene in a particular belief system IS in keeping with the constitution of keeping govt out of what is essentially a private religious matter.
If private enterprise chooses to exclude a certain business opportunity because of their particular belief, that should be the end of it and the couple is then free to spend their money with other more cooperative businesses. I think this is more about the freedom of the enterprise system than dictating religious belief.

Wow, Barbk…So many changes of late. A world-wind of equality we never before experienced.
Barb wrote:
“It is believed that this set of Venus Transits represents the rise of the *Divine Feminine*, or the demise of Patriarchy. Translated, it marks the start of the end of duality consciousness and a beginning of unity consciousness”.
“Trump is a catalyst for the demise of the Patriarchy and the rise of the Divine Feminine?
Oh…Let it be”!

Just thinking “out loud” here: On the one hand I take your point about the freedom of a business owner to do business with whom they want, but I’m wondering how far that should go. I see no problem with a business owner deciding not to do business with someone they deem dishonest or unethical, who perhaps has a history of not keeping their end of a contract, but otherwise…I don’t know.

I’m ambivalent about the Supreme Court intervening in belief systems, but currently I see this more like Sharon does.

Hypothetically, what if radical white supremacy was part of the core of my religion? What if I had a restaurant and my religion taught that ALL people of other races had to be excluded from the eating area because they were “unclean?” Should it be lawful for me to exclude Asians and Black people on religious principle?

Contrary to what many Fundamentalists and Evangelicals believe, homosexuality like race is not a choice. In that sense I believe they are at least partially analogous.

I’m of the opinion we probably can’t change deeply held beliefs, regardless of how crazy or superstitious we think they are, but we can legislate (and hopefully enforce) equal treatment laws. Do you think my reasoning flawed?

People I’m dealing with are SO agitated, and frustrated this evening. Intense frustration and not much rationality.

Yes Eliseo, I absolutely do see both sides of the argument which is probably why it got to the supreme court! LOL.
My 2 cents: Since organized religion results in cultural ‘norms’ and those ‘norms’ have changed and will continue to change thru the ages, I still lean toward thinking it is very large double edged sword whenever absolutist legislation gets into the religious-based whim territory of the day. And that, I believe, was likely the basic premise that resulted in the separation of church and state provision in the constitution. I think it was recognized that it was such a thorny issue to define, the writers perhaps thought it unwise to “go there.”
The way that this case was decided may have been because of the private religion factor rather than a purely civil factor.

I guess my thinking is coming from, if a religion/cult belief is in the minority opinion in a community, it will be less effective at dictating/influencing the behaviour of the larger part of that community. And if that religious-opinion business is dependent on that wider community for income, they will soon go broke and be even less effective in spreading their beliefs. I also think that because this was one couple and one business, there was not a multitude within society adversely affected. Im actually surprised that the court agreed to hear the case.

Thank you, Nancy – so wonderful to read your words again. You state the conflicts in a masterful manner. Blessings to you and to all here at Starlight News.

had another thought on the constitution – I wonder if there will be some sort of amendment coming forth regarding abuses of power after the Trump debacle has concluded?

That’s been talked about quite a bit privately in legal circles. Presuming we get to the other side of this, (and I think we will) many expect there will be a plethora of amendments proposed and likely ratified to prevent such abuses of power in the future; probably one regarding campaign financing as well.

There is also likely to be federal legislation passed requiring presidential candidates to do what has not been required but has become custom, such as revealing one’s past taxes, etc.

If the R. party survives there will need be serious reforms as to the process of nomination. That would be good for the Dems as well. But I’m not certain either party will survive as is. In the long run I half expect the R. party to “go out of business” and the Dem party to split into two or more parties.

An amendment I would like to see pertains to democratic responsibilities of voting: a) mandatory voting b) weekend voting c) basic civics class(es) in conjunction with first time registration

kiwi, there will be a number of changes and additions to US Constitutions before all is said and done. This (IMO) is the primary purpose of Trump’s existence. The US progressed Mars and the Constitution chart’s Neptune are conjunct Trump’s natal Jupiter which trines his natal Uranus.

Otherwise the US would continue its downward trajectory into more corruption. It is because of Trump’s desire for the Public’s attention, and the Media’s addiction to his latest audacity, and Our addiction to the media, that the awareness of the need for fixing the Constitution is becoming part of Our (the masses) consciousness.

Just like the nationwide prevalence of sinking highways, usually related to too much water and no where for it to go, only a nationwide infrastructure strategy will make it safe to drive on them again, so too only a nationwide fix of a Constitution will make it safe for US citizens to trust their elected officials again.

(US solar return grand trine between Moon (the Masses) in Scorpio, Chiron (attention-getting wound) in Pisces, Mercury (vehicles and media) in Cancer = too much water and/or too much corruption)

I agree with all of those you proposed. I’ve read several national constitutions. As I recall, the Aussies have mandatory voting. I don’t recall whether NZ has it or not.

We also need one or more forms of proportional representation. Most of all we need to declare that corporations are not legal persons and enact campaign finance reform.

PACS have done more to damage our politics than any of the other causes. The PACS require politicians to toe the ideological line or lose their campaign funding. That means less pragmatism and less reasonable compromise.

It’s also led to discourteous, disrespectful attitudes and behavior between Dems and Rs. I remember a time when both sides regarded the other as patriots with a different point of view who nevertheless put the good of the country first, when they would refer to one another as my honorable and esteemed opponent.

Koch Brothers Take on Trump over Tariffs


David Koch is apparently retiring from the business and politics due to prostate cancer.


He’s the Sun Taurus of the pair (May 3, 1940). His older brother Charles is a Sun Scorpio, and at 83, is on the threshold of his Uranus Return (November 1, 1935). Seems that Uranus may be in the process of divorcing both brothers from the obsessions of their adulthood.

I wish no harm on either man beyond what they’ve wrought for themselves, but I can’t say that I’m sorry to see their reign come to an end. Both are poster children for the evil that is possible when one or two people have too much money and a wicked, self-serving ideology to impose on society. much like the Gospel at gunpoint. I assumed they’d hang on until the end of Pluto’s sojurn through Capricorn as symbols of the arch-conservative capitalist elite that are at once being empowered to survive, yet are also being destroyed from within by their own greed and excess (e.g. Trump). This development, however, is symbolic of Uranus in Taurus, and it suggests bigger upheavals yet to come to the money men and their much vaunted values.

A friend of a friend posted this on facebook regarding the puna eruption. Powerful bittersweet words brought tears to my eyes, and Im mindful that the destruction/beginnings theme applies on so many levels today . . . .

“So much was lost today. So much was created. Endless volumes of transformation. I found myself on the extreme ends of the emotional spectrum all day. To lose champagne ponds and much of Kapoho was a devastating blow, one that will likely only magnify in time. It is a deep wound to suffer for so many of us. Yet… To witness the sheer power, magnitude and mesmerizing beauty of Pele in the lower east rift zone…and to be one of the few lucky enough to film her…was equally as powerful and rewarding. I suppose it is summed up best this way. While shooting Howard Dashefsky’s live stand up for the 10 o’clock news, there amongst still living Ohia trees… with the vibrant reddish orange sky and fissure 8 towering in the background… a pueo flew into the shot and began circling and swooping through the frame. It was magic. I can’t help but think it was not an accident. That maybe it was a reminder of the grace we must all have. That in some way…we may yet all find blessing in what is taking place. It is something I will never forget. And I suppose that is what Pele is doing. She is changing lives in powerful ways. Everyday I spend with her amongst her will…my life is being forever changed too. I am in awe and I am grateful.”


Something is up! Thursday at 2 p.m. EDT (1800 GMT) NASA will conduct a press conference to announce something the NASA rover Curiosity has discovered on Mars. They are being very tight lipped about it.

from Nancy’s essay above:
“the second half of June seems likely to bring with it significant disruption to the administration and uncontained presidential fury.”

Perhaps Mr.T. will learn he really can’t pardon himself, or if he does it will lead to impeachment and other dire consequences? I can’t think of anything that would anger him more than learning he won’t and can’t get away with his various crimes.

Judge sets June 15th hearing on Mueller’s request to send Manafort to jail because of alleged witness tampering.


This comes right after the NK soiree in Singapore.

Yesterday I noted that the transiting Sun would, today, conjunct the degree where Venus in 2012 occulted the Sun at 15+ Gemini. I thought this would be significant in that these rare “Venus Transits” come in pairs (the 2012 one being the second of two) and the next occurrence will be more than 100 years from now.

What I didn’t realize is that the first one of the set of 2 Venus Transits (on June 8, 2004), happened at 17+ Gemini, the same degree of Trump’s natal Uranus. It would seem then that Trump was destined to be instrumental in the “rise of the Divine Feminine”. This would be shocking if not for astrology.

Since I have a theory that it is US progressed Mars (action) initiating change in the US Constitution through Trump’s Jupiter (US prog. Mars conjuncts the Constitution’s Neptune, and both conjunct Trump’s Jupiter), and because Trump’s Jupiter (17+ Libra) trines Trump’s Uranus (17+ Gemini), I believe the 1st Venus occultation of the Sun at 17+ Gemini on June 8, 2004 might shed light on that possibility.

On June 8, 2018, 3 days from now, the Sun (consciousness) will again be conjunct Trump’s Uranus (17+ Gemini) while transiting Mercury (communicate, trade) will conjunct US natal Mars (21+ Gemini).

Meanwhile, transiting Mars at 7+ Aquarius (groups) will be conjunct the transiting South Node (release) and form a trine to US natal Uranus (8+ Gemini). Transiting Mars and transiting South Node will also be one degree away from US natal South Node and US natal Pholus (small cause, big effect) at 6+ Aquarius.

The June 8, 2004 “Venus Transit” chart’s Mars was at 20+ Cancer and the June 8, 2018 (Sun at 17+ Gemini) chart’s Pluto will be at 20+ Capricorn. Each will square the US natal Chiron (20+ Aries) and the US natal Juno (20+ Libra) creating a grand cross over time. What comes to mind are the immigrants separated from their children at the southern US border. (Chiron symbolizes wounding and Juno symbolizes the disenfranchised)

Perhaps some relief will come to those families separated from their children that we can trace back to the rare Venus-occult-Sun transit that was conjunct Trump’s Uranus.

June 15th is also the deadline for ceasing the vetting of the documents and other records seized in the FBI Cohen raid and turned over to the FBI.

and “the records are” turned over to the FBI


We’re probably looking at least at a Constitutional challenge wherein the powers of the Executive branch will be reviewed and probably reined in.


Would be nice if use of the Executive Order invented 9-11 was stopped, then Presidents would have to deal with Congress and the Judiciary, instead of by decree. You know, govern.

invented “after” 9-11.

I need sleep.

Sneaky and ever evil McConnell, cancels August recess, in a obvious effort to stop Senators from campaigning for their midterm seats.

Of course, he claims it’s about pushing through more “judges.”

(eye roll)

More trouble for Trump!

“Now, like everyone else, Trump will watch what happens next in court, and see if Manafort becomes a coöperating witness.”


Apparently Justice Kennedy’s majority dissenting opinion was based on the intolerance shown the baker’s sincere religious believes, although, at the same time, he cautioned against intolerance against gay individuals. I just hope that people do not use it as an excuse for discrimination and cruelty, but I fear some will. However, they can be sued in most circumstances as sexual orientation is one of the protected classes under the civil rights amendments.

I love this piece, Nancy, and as much as I agree with it, I do try to understand the “other approach” of those who are drawn to making America great again. It is traditional and old fashioned, and relates to a feeling of pride in the U.S.’s strength, goodness, leadership, diversity, and virtue, that made us proud to be from this country. A lot of misguided people do not see what is happening and just want to capture and grow that feeling in a simplistic way. I know that chauvinism is not good but at the same time, pride in one’s roots and culture, and an appreciation of it is good, as long as we don’t demean or feel superior to others. It’s complicated, but I try to understand that group who feel this way and who extend it to their religious beliefs and their efforts to live as they believe God wants us to. It’s far from simple.

PS: There is still a glitch that causes us to keep filling in our name and email. Of course, I am glad to do so as it means being part of this family.

Sharon – don’t know who said it but I read a quote once that I think fits the trumpsters perfectly – “Hyper-nationalism and the closing of the mind is also a manifestation of insecurity about one’s place in the world”
Trump has always been able to manipulate the gullible and insecure.
I think the gradual erosion of societal wealth/esteem by the greedy vulture corps/banks/etal at the top, thru decades of marketing signalling ‘you are nobody unless you buy . . (this that or the other thing) has all led to this in varying degees. What they fail to fundamentally realize is that power and esteem always comes from within, not without.
I have long had this almost internal shudder with the “we are the greatest country on earth” mantra, in that overtly boastful manner implying nobody else in the world matters. Sure recipe for a fall somewhere down the track. Real leaders try to build up others, not tear them down.

Looks like Meuller just wants these facts to trickle out:

“The Trump campaign was all about making money”

Thank you Henri. I think credit should go to Uranus entering Taurus for the flurry of consciousness-raising writings that explore how “we got here”.

For almost 3 weeks transiting Uranus opposed the US natal Hades (0+ Scorpio) and we were forced to acknowledge what we found unbearable to acknowledge. US natal Venus, as ruler of the sign of Taurus, is forcing us to focus – through transiting Uranus (opposite US Hades) – onto what it is we really value when it gets right down to it.

With the transiting Venus, then Sun and now Mercury making conjunctions with the two degrees where Venus occulted the Sun, first in 2004 (17+ Gemini) and then 2012 (15+ Gemini), the truth about how we got here and what it really is that makes America great (or not), will become apparent to most of us.

It’s a start. Time magazine has a lengthy piece on how the last 50 years “Broke America” (May 28 issue) which I’ve not finished yet, but it makes clear that the insatiable drive to make more money (at any cost) than what would be needed for a very comfortable life, was the driving force for a number of Americans.

I’m sure the study of the last 50 years of astrology, starting with the 1st Uranus-Pluto conjunction in 1965 (that squared Trump’s natal Uranus) will, in hindsight, be very illuminating.

Maybe it’s the fact that I have mercury in Aquarius and uranus conjunct my ascendant, but I love uranus.

Kiwi, You are right, there is that (the chauvinism & a sense of superiority and looking down on others in the “3rd world countries” – qualities that many in developing countries laugh at and disparage). It’s even in the name we give ourselves – “America”, forgetting about all the other countries in North & South American…but I’m talking about something a little more innocent, something that suffers due to the power mongers: the Frank Capra view of America that includes baseball, mom and apple pie, for some – pick-up trucks and rifles (after all the farmers and hunters and other hard workers originally drove the pick-up trucks and needed rifles), Main street and the mom and pop businesses, the sense of specialness we might feel on the 4th of July. After all, we separated from England for idealistic reasons, we entered two world wars and saved Europe from Hitler and Mussolini in the 2nd one, and we have done much good in the world, supporting the growth and healing of many. However, corruption, greed, and the hunger for power have gotten stronger (as they were in the Guilded Age when corporate capitalism was on the rise, and monopolies ensued) and our image is tarnished – rightfully so. But, many people are still proud of and feel good about the goodness of our country. Maybe Capra was a little much but it’s still fun to watch Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, as Will recently brought up.

You’re right Sharon about the goodness of idealism, without the arrogance. I think when you boil it down, I see the basic difference between the Mr Smith etc. concepts and today has been the coarsening of society, the erosion of manners and politeness; disregard of respect for others. To paraphrase Obama, the ability to disagree without being disagreeable, seems to have been lost.
And that coarseness was always present in less than savory (mob?) characters.

Interestingly, kiwi, I met a woman today who is putting together a college course on civility and social graces/communication (something like that). I told her it’s sorely needed.

bark- Thanks for your comment. I would agree with you… I also think it’s important to look to how we got here to understand what the road ahead will also look like. I have to say I was quite distressed at both parts of what will come next.

I would love to read any links that you find enlightening. On the Uranus conversation… I have always felt that Cryptocurrencies are ruled bu Uranus. Just a feeling. The birth of Bitcoin is Japan18:15:05 GMT on 3 January 2009 I don’t know exactly where since it was released on the internet… Have you (or anyone else) ever looked into this as if they are going to hang around and be part of our world?

I love Uranus too Sharon, it will expose the truth no matter how hard we try to run away from it.

If US natal Mars is in the US chart’s 7th house and if we project what is in our 7th house onto The Other (spouse, partner, open enemy), does that mean we are denying our own Mars and shifting it to The Other?

If PROGRESSED US Mars is in Libra, symbolizing partners, does our progressed Mars manifest as partners being aggressive?

If US progressed (retrograde) Mars means Mars is turned inward does it mean we are aggressive against ourselves?

If US progressed Mars in Libra conjuncts Trump’s natal Jupiter and US natal Mars in Gemini conjuncts Trump’s natal Sun, does it mean Trump is “the other”?

Is proving Trump is in cahoots with “the open enemy” a way for the US to express it’s natal and progressed Mars? Will we always need “an other” to do our Mars thing?

Will Uranus expose us to this truth if it is true?

Around 1926 progressed US Mars was conjunct US natal Neptune, just before the Great Depression started. We were depressed.

Around 1936 progressed US Mars was conjunct progressed US Neptune, just before the start of WW2. We saw ourselves as heroes.

USA was born with natal Mars square natal Neptune; are we still trying to get a realistic understanding of our own Mars energy?

Henri, I will pass on any links worth sharing although much of what I find enlightening I get from you guys!

Re: transiting Uranus and bitcoins, etc., it is the way of the future isn’t it? Bitcoins and more; I’m sure Uranus is symbolic of this new form of exchange.

Transiting Saturn on Jan 3, 2009 was conjunct US natal Neptune, square US natal Mars and opposite transiting Uranus in Pisces which suggested a conundrum for the US was in the making.

However, transiting Venus (money) was sextile transiting Pluto (transform), and at the start of their (annual cycle) in Nov. 2008, with transiting Jupiter in Capricorn (near where trans. Pluto is now) trine trans. Saturn in Virgo, and trans. Uranus sextile Jupiter while opposite Saturn suggests acceptance on one level but resistance by the establishment (Saturn).

Still the Jupiter-trine-Saturn in the chart for the Venus-Pluto cycle at the time of the intro of Bitcoin would give it legs.

Henri, My greatest fear is how FOX and coast to coast Talk Radio has brainwashed so many fellow American’s with Big Propaganda Money…
Telling People:Hate Liberals! Hate your fellow man!

We need some kind of get-together for Liberals…
Something comparable. Perhaps via computer.
Here’s David Koch…Look at what they’ve done already to so many fellow American’s:

The Billionaires’ Tea Party

Well, looks like June 15th is starting to shape up!

(from tortmaster at Daily Kos)

“It is possible that June 15, 2018 will be the day on which Paul Manafort begins spending the rest of his life behind bars. Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager, the person who sat next to Jared Kushner and Donald Trump, Jr. as they plotted with Russian spies to steal an American election, may begin a life sentence in a little over a week’s time.

There are only three somewhat plausible reasons he won’t.

First, there is the possibility that Manafort begins cooperating with the Special Counsel. Second, Donald Trump could pardon him at some point. Third, the judge could decide to allow Manafort to remain in home detention at the hearing on June 15.”


“A friendly reminder: Impeaching Donald Trump will not remove him from office”:
(Thus, barring a truly dramatic change in events, we are likely to see Trump serve out his first term, which doesn’t end until January 20, 2021).

Check out Paul Manafort’s Many Homes: Manafort Indictment Exposes Luxe Real Estate Purchases:

bark- Thanks for the look. I do think crypto will be around and in fact will replace so fiat currencies. But I have Uranus on my mid heaven, so we are quite found of each other. 🙂

patty- Since so many people seem asleep this causes me great concern too. My feeling is that when Mullers report comes out. Or the indictments are released, we will have a type of civil war. That is what this admin. isworking towards. At that point they can call for Marshall,law, and take the country. I am not sure that the 2018 election will not be the last for awhile.

I know there are more of ‘us’ then ‘them’, it just seems to many of ‘us’ are still asleep. So I do believe ‘we’ will win, just that is will take longer and be much, much harder than one hoped for.

I sincerely hope I am wrong, but I definitely see the potential and the possibility for Mr. T. declaring martial law and the necessity of those calling themselves “The Resistance” to take arms and become a “REAL” Resistance very much like the French Resistance of WWII. It is a nightmare scenario, essentially a guerrilla civil war. I pray such necessity never manifests. I am too old to go play soldier, and in this lifetime I’ve seen entirely enough blood. I need not see more.

You pose very interesting and worthwhile questions.
IMHO I believe we probably are trying to get a realistic understanding of our own Mars energy. Combining our Mars energy with positive, benevolent aspirations and noble goals is pretty tricky business. Sometimes we’ve succeeded, and sometimes we havent.

Check this:

“For 10 years, Ralph Peters regularly appeared on Fox News to offer military analysis and insight as one of the cable network’s reliably conservative commenters. But he quit in March in disgust.”


I’m not an astrologer as you all know. While listening to how he is alienating our allies I wondered what is on his third house of communication. Sure enough it’s Scorpio. He keeps stinging himself while trying to sting those who have displeased him in some way. Pretty unevolved

at age 71 I’d say. Its certainly doubtful that he will ever learn forgiveness. And the 4th house of emotional foundations seems to be infected with the foot-in-mouth disease of the negative side of Sagitarius. And the Moon there and his whole “Mother thing”. Well, none of this is new to any of you but it helped me to understand this current resident of our White House and to expect nothing better than what we are seeing now.

Bring on the Dems in November….not just in the House but the Senate as well.

Transiting Jupiter is, right now, exactly where it was when Saturn entered Capricorn on December 19, 2017.

At that time Jupiter at 14 Scorpio 50 was T-square the transiting nodes, North at 15+ Leo and South at 15+ Aquarius, indicating that this transit of Saturn through Capricorn would bring on a decision to either expand on to the path forward (North Node) or to increase running in circles leading no where, or to give something up (South Node).

By echoing the energy of Saturn’s Capricorn mission, transiting Jupiter also reverberates the the energy of Mars who at that time was at 6+ Scorpio and square the US natal chart’s North (6+ Leo) and South (6+ Aquarius). Right now transiting North and South Nodes are only a few days away from being conjunct the US natal nodes.

Also right now transiting Sun conjuncts Trump’s natal Uranus, both at 17+ Gemini which transiting Neptune (16+ Pisces) squares. It is in the hands of the Universe just how Trump will handle this crossroads moment signified by the presently transiting Moon’s nodes, the nodes at the time Saturn entered Capricorn and of course, the US natal nodes.

The Moon was conjunct Pluto at the time of Saturn’s ingress into Capricorn, indicating a volatile and transforming time for emotions, the masses and their sense of security during the period of Saturn’s stay in Capricorn. Something Trump says or does today could affect the People, depending on which way the wind is blowing.

Transiting retrograde Saturn is still in orb of an opposition to Trump’s Mercury, as well as a quincunx with US natal Uranus. Both are totally unpredictable!

So much talk of Manafort: Birth 4/1/49
“The Plot Against America” Americahttps://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2018/03/paul-manafort-american-hustler/550925/
(Of course Trump will Pardon him)

I did Trump’s SR set for Singapore and guess what, his sun, moon and mercury are all in the 12th house of self-undoing. Seems appropriate since he will be there “negotiating” with Kim Jung Un on his Bday.

One of the most important things about Paul Manafort’s birth chart is its sextile between Pluto (14+ Leo rx) and Neptune (13+ Libra rx). These two planets don’t operate on the conscious level but on the level of the Collective, where change happens in an almost seemingly magical way.

When Neptune and Pluto began their present cycle, it was inevitable that change would come to the United States because their cycle began at 8+ Gemini, the degree where the US natal Uranus resides.

Manafort’s Neptune (obfuscation) conjuncts US natal Saturn (institutions, government) and squares US natal Sun (life source). While Manafort’s Neptune-sextile-Pluto aspect “uses” him for Collective purposes, of late transiting Neptune has been quincunx both of these natal planets; 1st in April through August, 2017, then in Feb and March, 2018, and finally Sept. 2018 through early Feb. 2019 being the most exact periods.

While trans Neptune has trined the US Sun in Cancer it has also completed a Yod with Manafort’s natal Pluto and Neptune(+ US Saturn). Ironically (??), Mueller’s natal Sun is conjunct Manafort’s natal Pluto, that sextiles his natal Neptune and US natal Saturn.

So, while transiting Neptune in Pisces is at the apex of a Yod with Manafort’s Neptune (+ US Saturn) and Manafort’s Pluto (+ Mueller’s Sun) he is adjusting, adjusting, adjusting. All for the sake of the Collective – something we don’t quite get on a conscious level. Not yet anyway.

It fascinates me then that the chart for the conjunction between Pluto and Neptune (that started their cycle at the same degree as US natal Uranus) would have an opposition in it . . .

between Jupiter at 16+ Pisces (within orb of being a Yod point with Manafort’s sextile), right where transiting Neptune is at this moment,

. . . and Saturn at 15+ Virgo which just happens to conjunct Mueller’s natal conjunction of Mars and Chiron at 16+ Virgo. They say there are no coincidences in astrology.

The chart for the cycle of Neptune and Pluto also has Mercury at 3+ Virgo in a T-square to the North Node (3+ Gemini) and the South Node (3+ Sagittarius) that conjuncts Mueller’s natal Jupiter at 2+ Virgo. It’s just a matter of time. Perhaps when transiting Uranus trines Mueller’s Jupiter next month?

From Susan Rice:

“If Mr. Putin were calling the shots, he would ensure that America’s reliability is doubted, its commitments broken, its values debased and its image tarnished. He would advise the new president to take a series of steps to advance those aims”


A quote from Anthony Bourdain,

““If I am an advocate for anything, it is to move,” he once mused. “As far as you can, as much as you can. Across the ocean, or simply across the river. Walk in someone else’s shoes or at least eat their food. It’s a plus for everybody.”



Although it may be about his undoing, all that Trump 12th house activity may also represent a spate of Plutocratic criminal activity he sets into motion to achieve a certain underhanded outcome.

Which would lead to his self undoing. Right?


Bush 2 had a natal 12th house sun that unleashed fresh hell on earth -but he finished his two terms and now paints portraits.

Speaking of, I just happened upon this interpretation. The irony.


re Trump’s solar rtn 12th house sun:
I just read another interpretation that said “this year is about soul cleansing. Letting go of negative thoughts, habits, dependencies, ego attachments and worldly concerns. It is about facing karma, paying old debts and learning to surrender your will to a higher power. It is also about healing and release.
Oh, if only . . . . .

Weird. Just yesterday, I said to my spouse, “Spanky McBonespurs doesn’t look right. I can’t look at him anymore….his eyes seem so dark, like deep pools of evil. His presence on tv these days, just creeps me out.”

My spouse: “He doesn’t look like he did even a year ago. He’s losing his hair, you can see big patches missing from that bizarre combover he does, but yeah—he just looks like crap….worse than usual.”

This morning, after his super bizarre G7 speech, John Harwood of CNBC said, “…he did not look well to me….I’m concerned about the president’s state of mind…”

Or was there a reason tRump had two separate physician conceal his true medical background from the public?

Nothing lasts forever.

The nostalgia for baseball, apple pie and wholesomeness as portrayed by ‘Mr Smith Goes to Washington’ (not to mention those hunting rifles) is a specific cultural currency that only a specific segment of America’s population have historically been allowed to trade in.

There has always been a disconnect between the promise of America’s potential and the reality that the disenfranchised actually face.

I do agree that civility seems to have exited stage left on the national level but I’d rather keep what social progress we still have if I had to weigh Leave It To Beaver against Modern Family.


I thought his eyes looked really sunken in from one of the photos and he wasn’t as orange as usual, more pale.

You are right, of course, AquarianMoon, but I am embracing the diversity picture and not the white bread one. Demographics support it.

more to ponder with Ed Tamplin’s comments this week about the Korea summit and past astro correlations

I was saddened about Bordain’s suicide and then about Charles Krauthammer saying he only had a few weeks to live. Please tell me if i am crazy to do this, so my mum who is a trump worshipper i tell her about Charles and she is devastated . I tell her well one thing for sure is he wasn’t a trump fan. She tells me she recently got an email with an article from Krauthammer praising trump. I didn’t say much but this seemed strange seeing as he’s been out of it according to his own words for 10 months, then later i googled some stuff. Turns out there is this article that’s been circulating through email, Facebook, Twitter etc and just generally from conservative platforms citing this article from Charles about an interesting take on trump being a pragmatist . EXCEPT ITS MISATTRIBUTED AND IS REALLY WRITTEN BY A CONSERVATIVE AUTHOR. i am so sick of this type of thing, it’s been circulated millions of times, for what it’s worth i let my mum know and told her she should let the forwarders of said email know, which she won’t, and then i did a search on Twitter and i couldn’t believe how many people were circulating it. So i meticulously replied to each one citing the fact it was false. This makes my blood boil, so i would like to know , am i wasting energy, i just feel like in this post truth era we have to stand up FOR TRUTH. Rant ended now!

If you’re interested in hearing a fantastic radio program on live from here in San Francisco.
Pat Thurston (former FBI Agent)
Abd John Rothmann who was employed by Richard Nixon during his Impeachment.

It’s all Politics and very interesting:
Listen Live:https://www.iheart.com/live/kgo-810-san-francisco-5338/

Diana, sadly your story about standing up for truth is too common – it happens to me with my husband’s rural Pennsylvania connections! They respond with such nonsense. I think they’re all suffering from either a hypnotic trance, or Stockholm syndrome. Cult followers are hard to deprogram.
Nevertheless, I persist where and when I can – sometimes Im more effective if I am not quite so direct and in their face, but to find the right tack is quite a challenge because they have been so brainwashed.

Goddess love ya Diana, you did the right thing. Thanks for sharing here.

Don’t give up Diana!


“The point seems obvious, but it bears repeating: while much of the press, and therefore the country, is preoccupied by the President’s daily outbursts on Twitter and by the leaks and twists of Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, Donald Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress have been aggressively rolling back regulations of all kinds.”

In the spirit of what Diana did, you guys are gonna love this lady – Tiana Smalls and how she got the border agents that stopped & entered an interstate bus to stop harrassing the people on the bus and leave. I just love her spunk. I posted this on FB with a comment that it made me proud to be an American!


You did the right thing.
In barbk’s words, “Goddess love ya.”

When DJT withdrew the USA from the G7, I’m sure Vladimir Putin danced a jig.

Metaphorically, I’m sure ALL of our dead presidents are not just turning but spinning in their graves.

Thanks everyone, it made my morning to read all your uplifting comments! Yes Kiwi, it does seem to be like a brainwashing, a cult, it’s really incredible how gullible so many are , and as you call it, the nonsense they pass around. And this has been going on for years way before Trump. My Mum still think that when Obama was POTUS that people were literally flooding across the border by the thousands because that’s what Fox News told her, and i could tell her all day that Obama deported more people than an president in a long time and that border crossings are actually down and it doesn’t make a scrap of differnce. It’s like people think that the opinion shows on Fox in the night, tucker, Hannity, Ingram and judge Jeanne are NEWS, accurate and that everything else is FOX

I happened to see Trump’s remarks from Canada live because i had put on morning joy, normally i can’t stomach anything he says live and read about it after. The reporters could have done a better job with their questions and missed a real opportunity. It was disturbing to watch, it’s so clear that Trum really doesn’t understand how trade works, and it was also so clear to me how he lies at will, gets away with these lies more and more, getting called out less and less for them and that is truly frightening. The ways he passed blame onto all the previous presidents especially of course Obama was so UnAmerican and it’s also clear that he really thinks he’s the man, he’s so full of himself, so narcissistic, it’s very painful to watch.

I thought it was disgusting when a reporter asked him about how he felt about going into the meetings with tensions between him and the leaders, which all the worlds newspapers and channels are reporting, he asked which station are you from, oh CNN, fake news, they’re the worst he says and go into a tirade about how his relationship with the leaders is a ten, he says this a couple times, always has to repeat himself. Then he ends by saying that the American press is very unfair, says a lot of wrong things and many times don’t report some stories. While i know that the mainstream media could definitely be doing a better job on trump and are normalizing him, i was thinking of Fox and how they literally don’t report stories that are bad about trump and …well anyway,it’s simoly astounding.

There was an article about Romney saying that trump will be re-elected easily because of the fact that people perceive that the economy is good and it’s becaue of him, (and it’s true they do, the narrative is working), and that the Dems will more than likely out up an out of the mainstream candidate. What do you guys think, it’s going to be so important i think that they have a candidate that people from all walks and hopefully some republicans can vote for, else i do feel, and i know this would be true in the area i live, that many republicans may not like trump, but once the economy is going good , they will vote on party and the fact that they like the republican policies, many of the people i know think the tax cuts were a great thing because they help businesses.

Ok, off to read that article about the lad at the border!

Copy and pasted this thread from Twitter because i thought it was on point. Thought i would share it here

Believe it or not, Trump’s insane proclamation that he will keep tariffs in place until there are no more Mercedes on Fifth Avenue gave me a moment of clarity. I think I finally understand Trump’s economic philosophy now. And we are absolutely screwed.

The one thing that you need to understand about Trump is that he is, at his core, a con man with no empathy. Therefore, he assumes that all other people are also con men with no empathy, and every exchange of goods and services that exists in the world is, on some level, a con.

Trump assumes every transaction in the world — between people, businesses, nation-states, even between two different agencies of the same government — has a winner and a loser, a scammer and a sucker. He believes if you’re not ripping someone off, you’re getting ripped off.

From an economist’s perspective, this is complete nonsense. Unless there are major information asymmetries or distortions of market power, and often even then, most transactions are generally to the mutual benefit of both parties.
Otherwise no deals would ever get made.

But Trump — the man who created a fake university, stiffed contractors, hired the mob, and filed for bankruptcy six times — cannot believe his.
So he goes out of his way to cherrypick how he sees the world, so that everything we do looks like either a ripoff or a steal.

It’s not simply that Trump *doesn’t* think the Paris Climate Agreement, Iran nuclear deal, TPP, NAFTA, or luxury cars from Germany are a good deal for America. It’s that he *can’t* think that.
It’s an alien concept to him that a deal other people want with us could also help us.

To Trump’s mind, the mere fact other countries sought out these deals with us, and that their own economies benefit, is unassailable proof we got ripped off.
He can’t see the evidence they helped us too. His mind will only cherry-pick potential ways it could be bad for us.
This is why Trump will never, ever, be able to negotiate with the rest of the world. He doesn’t believe in mutual benefit.
The second anyone tells him “this is your end of the deal” he’ll rip it up. He believes only one party can have an end of the deal, and it shouldn’t be him.
So folks, I hate to tell you this, but he’s only getting started.
He will forego billions, maybe trillions, of dollars in world trade. He will forego bilateral security agreements. And if he ever gets something from another nation it will be by force.

As I said: we’re screwed.

And we’re not just screwed on foreign policy, but domestic. This explains his behavior over DACA, spiking two bipartisan deals even though they were what he asked for.

He assumed if Democrats were willing to talk, his deal wasn’t ripping them off, ergo it would rip him off.

That implies if Democrats win Congress, we are going to enter an all-out legislative standstill like we’ve never before seen.

Our system is entirely reliant on compromise and compromise isn’t compatible with Trump’s beliefs. We will struggle to pass even basic reauthorizations.

So yeah: our nightmare is not going to end until we get this pathological con man out of office.

He is not just bad at being president, he has a defective way of seeing the world that is not compatible with being president.

And we will pay for it.


Excellent. Every bit of good action helps, no matter how pointless it seems.

Diana as an ex New Yorker, your analysis is spot on. I have always been perplexed by the Media for never calling this out. He is a thug and has always conducted himself this way. His behavior is so obvious and that can have all the hope and investment in our belief about how the Universe has this grand design. But I have to wonder if the People of Europe responded in this same way. I think my concern is that there is a total lack of action against what is and what is coming. Let’s remember that a resistance happened.


I think I’ve hit my worst point of the Orange One’s presidency. Taking kids from their parents at the border … I get sick just thinking about it, and I’m find it very hard not to think about it.

There’s an evilness to such a degree in our country that it’s shocking, and I’ve followed politics all my life. I was a small-town newspaper reporter for 7 years straight out of college, covering politics. So I’ve seen a lot of ugliness in politicians, seen things that made me angry and sad and furious, but never anything as bad as this.

About 20 years ago, I started having all sorts of gastrointestinal icky stuff. Had all sorts of tests, because it felt so very physical. No. All psychological, manifesting as GI stuff.

(FYI — Did you know the largest concentration of nerve cells in the body, after the brain, is in your intestines? They need serotonin to work properly, just like your brain does. If you’re ever hit with GI issues that the doctor can’t explain, other than the catch-all IBS, try some antidepressants. They’ll up the serotonin levels in your gut, too.)

Anyway, it’s been 20 years since my gut was this messed up. My depression and anxiety have been very well-controlled for 20 years.

It’s back, and granted, it might be something physical, and I will get it checked out. But I think it’s Trump and the kids at the border and all the people in our country who feel it’s okay to punish children that way.

Teresa, I know this is easier said than done, but turn off the news. It’s addictive watching MSNBC and CNN but try reading some really good novels or get into watching sports. It helps. So does a bit of Rescue Remedy. Try it. Ease into getting away from upsetting news. I’ll bet your GI system will thank you.

Now, if only I could make a total break myself.?

Fox & Friends host slips: Trump’s North Korea summit is a ‘historic meeting between two dictators’.

Diana, I too get frustrated at journalists not treating him to more pointed and substantive questions. And they are all falling into the trap of endlessly replaying his mindless words over and over – they think they are ridiculing him, or giving him ‘fair’ airtime, but in reality they are just repeating their campaign mistakes of allowing him to suck all the oxygen out of the air of reason. More airtime for his hypnotic skills to hit their marks – grrrrrr

As a Canadian, I hope Trump never again sets foot on our soil. Obama was welcome with open arms in our country, the Clintons were respected, but this is truly a despicable and loathsome Ugly American President. How much damage will he do before he’s gone?

@ SharonK — I heartily agree. (And isnt multi-grain supposed to be healthier anyway? ;p)

If there was ever any wonder left as to why Putin would want the Tangerine in Chief where he is, I think we can all take this G6 vs Pouty Child!45 dust up as an instance of return on investment.

Though I do echo the notion that he’s a bit paler looking these days. That tortured pelt from an endangered species on his head looks less yellow than usual, too. Maybe he is spending less time getting spray tanned?

I can’t say I have much optimism for the June 12 meeting between 45 & KJU given the personalities at play, one of whom has vocally insisted he’s going with his gut rather than preparing in any substantial way.

It’s also entirely possible that North Korea could decide that America is superfluous at this point when South Korea has made their own overtures and try to finesse something with the UN if Tangerine in Chief decides to throw another temper tantrum.

I just saw some good news – stoneman douglas kids on a push to get-out-the-vote and registering 1st time voters, said, “we’re making voting cool”


Sadly, I gave up TV news long ago. Not long after Trump took office. Not sure online news is a habit I can break, but I plan to try more yoga, more essential oils, more meditation. I’ve already been exercising longer and harder. I ask myself at some point in my workout, Am I calm enough for Trump’s USA, and usually the answer is no. I keep exercising.

Thankfully, my husband has group health insurance and I have good doctors, so I’ll be okay. I’m just so frustrated. I’ve been a writer my whole life, and it seems like I should be able to write something that helps this situation, that helps people to see it more clearly, and I can’t. That’s another huge frustration.

“a con man with no empathy”
That nails it. In one of my past vocations I interviewed 100’s of prisoners. A large percentage were sociopaths, i.e. people with no conscience, no empathy, no true feeling for others, very much like DJT.

We have a journalism problem. DJT’s narcissism and sociopathy are pretty obvious and his business history clearly demonstrate the pattern. But our media never reported the obvious. Journalists generally don’t see their own biases, and news is now driven by money and ratings rather than the public’S need to be informed.

Hi Teresa,

Belated congratulations on the double nickles. Sorry about the orange one’s gift.

Do you still live in Traveler’s Rest? Please answer at your earliest convenience.

Teresa, I am holding you in the light. The Trump era will pass. Try to focus and visualize on what you want to see not what is right now. I feel for you.

In spite of the behavior of both Trump and Kim, there are astrological reasons to believe they could make headway in bringing peace to Korea and the world.

Kim’s natal Chiron (22+ Taurus) is conjunct the degree of the start point of the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle. At 22+ Aquarius, Kim’s natal Mars squares his natal Chiron but it trines Trump’s natal Sun (22+ Gemini).

This becomes more complex when we add in Kim’s natal Black Moon Lilith (22+ Capricorn) that trines his Chiron (22+ Taurus), and Kim’s BML and Chiron trine completes a grand (Earth) trine with the US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo), which squares Trump’s Sun (22+ Gemini) and the US natal Mars (21+ Gemini).

Only God and the Universe could come up with such a divine plan that would utilize the energies of two such non-normal characters as Trump and Kim.

If we take the grand trine made up of the US natal Neptune and Kim’s natal Chiron and BML, there is harmony (agreement), but Kim’s natal Mars that squares his own natal Chiron shoots Kim himself in his own foot every time.

However, if Trump can charm Kim with his (Trump’s) natal Gemini Sun (+ US Mars) maybe Kim’s Aquarian Mars (that squares his own Chiron and the Jupiter-Saturn cycle degree) will be wooed into falling for the Trump BS.

It’s tricky; Kim’s natal BML in Capricorn opposes Trump’s Saturn in Cancer (+ his Venus and US natal Mercury) and if she whiffs even the slightest scent of deception in the man (via Trump’s Saturn) it could end there.

However she (Kim’s Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn) being trine US Neptune (in Virgo) as well as the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction degree (+ Kim’s own Chiron) in Taurus, just a little finesse and a lot of luck these two assholes could pull it off and the world would – finally – be a safer place.

God (and the Universe and astrology) really do work in mysterious ways, and US Neptune in the 9th house of foreign countries has been known to create a feeling of Utopia . . .just watch a few US movies like Gone With The Wind and you will believe in the magic of Neptune.

“You’ve got to have a dream; if you don’t have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?” (Bloody Mary in South Pacific)

PS – Right now transiting Uranus is in-between an exact opposition to Kim’s natal Pluto (29+ Libra) and an exact square to his Mercury-Venus (2+ Aquarius) conjunction. Timing is everything.

Hi Theresa,

The following is for TR, should be OK for nearby locations.

When Saturn stationed on April 17 it was just over 1 degree from your TR Asc. .

You are about to have peak discomfort of this episode tomorrow I think.

The aspects span from yesterday through this coming Wednesday with Monday (tomorrow) seeming to be the most challenging.

You should be keeping a close eye on your health as the midpoint of transiting Saturn/Pluto is just 1 and 1/2 degrees past opposition to your progressed Sun and will aspect it again after they go direct. Although being exact on January 28 it would have been in effective orb for some days, probably weeks before and after it passed exactness.

Best to you.


PS2 – Transiting Chiron (2+ Aries) makes a trine to Kim’s natal Jupiter (2+ Sagittarius) and a sextile to his Mercury-Venus (2+ Aquarius); let the healing begin.

Teresa Hill,
I too am a writer. I haven’t watched an actual television for the last few years, but I got into the habit of streaming MSNBC for a couple of hours on my computer on weekdays for news.

But…I can’t do it any more. As of the last few weeks I’ve been withdrawing from the news. What news I get is from google news and from this blog. DJT and his minions drive me crazy, but I seem to take it better from reading it as opposed to viewing it.

I’m guessing as much as 2/3 of our citizenry are reacting similarly. My point? You are not alone.

May your symptoms abate soon and may we all enter into that consciousness the Buddhists call “equanimity” and in the Judeo-Christian tradition the “peace that passes all understanding.”

Canada sends message to trump – this is how it’s done . . . “Canada does not conduct its diplomacy through ad hominem attacks … and we refrain particularly from ad hominem attacks when it comes to a close ally,”

I haven’t caught up on the last comments yet but did read Diana’s, Eliseo’s, and Theresa’s and want to say that I’m watching the Tony Awards, hoping I didn’t miss Bruce Springstein’s performance, and the Marjorie Stoneham Douglas kids just sang on stage and got a standing ovation from the entire place. Prior to that their teacher, who took some risks to protect the kids during the shooting and has used drama and music afterwards to help them, got an award. So, take that Donald Trump and company! And “The Band’s Visit”, a musical about 8 Egyptian musicians who accidentally land in an Israeli desert town and end up getting along won best “book” and best male lead awards. Multi-grain indeed, AquariusMoon….a new world is coming!

Meanwhile, John Harwood and others are recognizing that Trump mental health is degenerating.


“And if an immature leader throws the world into chaos, then the world will know whom to blame”- President Xi to Present Obama, regarding the trade philosophies of the soon to be inaugurated Mr. Trump.

The director of “The Band’s Visit” also won a Tony award and for those who read this, the company from the play is going to appear soon, along with Tony Shalhoub, the detective from “Monk”, who must also be in it.

As it turned out, “The Band’s Visit” won 10 Tony awards tonight and Robert DeNiro stole the show and got a standing ovation when he introduced Springstein by saying, “I got one thing to say, F*ck Trump. It’s not even Down with Trump anymore, it’s F*ck Trump.” New Yorkers don’t mince words.

Fantasy often presages reality, especially in politically oriented sci-fi. I’ve noticed that the American film franchise, The Hunger Games (especially Mockingjay, Part 2, released in 2015) presents a world where ruthless ‘President Snow’ could well reflect the current US President.

And ‘Katniss Everdeen,’ the moral straight-arrow, female protagonist, appears to be symbolic of Lady Liberty, herself.

And her love-interest, ‘Peeta Mellark,’ whom Snow brainwashes to try and kill Katniss, could well symbolize a gaslighted American public. Just a fun observation.

To America’s friends in Canada,

I have to apologize for the person in the WH at G7.
He does not represent the majority, so please understand when he is removed by the American judicial system, we can right a wrong. He is not us.

Life will be back to normal for the US and the world.

Marjorie Orr:



Thank you all. Knowing I’m not alone does help. Loaded up on probiotics, already did yoga this morning.

(And I took a nice half a pill before I went to bed last night, thanks to Bob’s tip about today probably being the worst. Getting ahead of the stress and starting the day down a few notches is a big help.)

I will try to envision a kinder, more reasonable America. A good friend who’s a healer told me a couple of years ago, when both my kids were messes to envision them happy, living the lives I hoped they have, and that helped me a lot. I too some photos of them from happier times and put them on my refrigerator. Every time I saw those, I imagined them in happy times again.

Guess I need a small map of America for the refrigerator. Happy America. Reasonable America. Kind America. Maybe America seeing through the fog.

Looking forward to Paul Manafort going to jail this week.

Michael Wolfstar:


Dean W…
Interesting comment re: Hunger Games.
I was at a conference (Dec 1991) where Chicago based film critic Gene Siskel was the lunch speaker. “Silence of the Lambs” had been released that Feb. He made the comment that he believed that our movies were direct reflections of the American collective subconscious. I obviously never forgot Siskel’s observation and perhaps he was right.

And just a moment ago, Dean W, I saw this tweet:
Ana Navarro??Verified account? @ananavarro · 8m8 minutes ago retweeted Sahil Kapur

“Never fails. Every time Trump whacks Sessions, Sessions whacks immigrants. It’s the way he keeps himself in #PresidentSnow’s good graces.”

Dean W – thanks for your comments about movies. I have been thinking along those lines myself of late and have started doing searches on movies being now made/proposed to get see if I can glean some sense of where the mood might be flowing a few years from now. Can’t find any definitive patterns – yet.

I have been advised, several times, not to travel ON my solar return. If traveling to a new location you need to be there at least 24 hours in advance. Trump will not be in Washington DC 24 hours in advance… about 18 give or take, as of the sehedule right now… any one have an opinion… agree/disagree with the 24 hour rule?

Anyone look at Manefort’s chart lately? Might he sentenced (& then pardoned?)?

New Moon in Gemini


“if in doubt DO NOT ACT, that is the wisdom of mars in front end shadow about to go retrograde. if it’s truly meant to be it will work out after summer is over. it can wait. you can wait. you do not want to initiate something during such a karmic time. instead work on the inner processes and things that keep you from moving forward in some key area of life”

Steve Judd on the Singapore summit:

PS tonight’s a Trump binding night for anyone who’s into it.

About these pardons, past and potential future ones, even though it’s in the constitution that the POTUS has pardon powers, it was in no way intended to pardon criminals, but rather people, who after requesting the pardon and who may have been sentenced wrongly, too long, too harsh etc. might get a pardon from POTUS. And the norm was always to have a process with the Justice Department, not just pardon without even a request and with no process? That Trump is disobeying all norms, which are so very integral to a democracy is astounding to say the least and very dangerous, and the fact that relatively little, certainly at least in the MSM, is being made of it should be of grave concern to all citizens. If someone like Manafort, was found guilty and sentenced but then pardoned by 45, and it was pretty clear to everyone that trump was wielding his power inappropriately , wouldn’t that upset the American people and not be taken lightly, i genuinely am curious to know this? What do you guys think?

I definitely think movies and music are reflections of the collective!

Did you see this Diana?

Former Attorney General Eric Holder weighs in:


Diana, I think that those Trump supporters who have been drinking the coolade will buy anything that Trump and Fox News tells them. It’s sad but I heard my college grad nephew tell me he doesn’t like Trump the person but look at the “good he’s done…..get the North Koreans to get rid of their nuclear weapons…no other president was able to do that”. Never mind the fact that that’s not true and nothing has happened yet. I think he’s been brainwashed by his father as has his Mother. It saddens me deeply. If Trump says it was all a setup and Manafort was innocent, I’m afraid that that’s what the Trumpers will believe.

Bailey, I was just looking at that actual subject. Here is a link you can send him. Goes back to Regan.

I looked at it on the 8th at 6:23 pm where I noted that Manafort was (IMO) a vehicle for expressing the energy of the Neptune-Pluto cycle, due to his natal Neptune-Pluto sextile.

However, I did not note then that Manafort’s natal Chiron at 8+ Sagittarius was opposite the conjunction of Neptune and Pluto at 8+ Gemini, which is the same degree as the US natal Uranus. (Manafort’s Chiron in Sagittarius opposite US Uranus in Gemini)

Because the chart for the Neptune-Pluto conjunction (the 1st of 3) also had an opposition between Saturn and Jupiter (cycle re: societies) in it, and right now transiting Neptune is conjunct the Jupiter in that chart,

. . . and because Mueller’s natal conjunction between Mars and Chiron is conjunct the Saturn in that chart, it leaves no doubt in my mind/heart that it (the Neptune-Pluto cycle) is the primary influence of the present zeitgeist.

When transiting Mars was conjunct transiting Saturn at 8+ Capricorn this past April, they too were echoing the energy of Neptune-Pluto conjunction and they opposed Trump’s natal Mercury at 8+ Cancer at the time of their conjunction. The 2 year cycle of Mars and Saturn plays a part in the same operation as the Neptune- Pluto cycle.

Mars and Saturn in Capricorn were sextile the Moon in Scorpio and US Uranus in Gemini (+ the Neptune-Pluto conjunction) completed a Yod. I know, it’s complex. It will be US Uranus making adjustments.

Manafort’s natal Mars at 8+ Aries was T-square that transiting conjunction of Saturn and Mars in Capricorn and Trump’s Mercury in Cancer, as well as trine his own Chiron and sextile US Uranus + the Neptune-Pluto conjunction in Gemini. Manafort’s Mars will facilitate that adjustment that US Uranus will make.

If I had to guess, I’d say Manafort will turn on Trump and save his own ass. (This based on Mueller’s natal chart’s several ties to the Neptune-Pluto chart and those of Manafort’s).

On June 16th, transiting Neptune in Pisces will exactly semi-square transiting Uranus in Taurus. Two days later Neptune stations retrograde on the degree where Jupiter was when it opposed Saturn in the Neptune-Pluto chart, and Neptune will also oppose Mueller’s Mars-Chiron in (just the facts m’am) Virgo.

Transiting Neptune will actually be within 4 degrees orb of a sextile with transiting Pluto when Neptune stations retrograde. They will continue to tighten that sextile until it perfects in July 2026.

Slowly after that we will edge away from this influence (Neptune-Pluto) in which Pluto has brought the hidden and decaying parts of our society to the conscious level and Neptune further dissolves it. There will be 12 exact sextiles between them I believe. The price of healing is arduous but the transformation is worth it.

Thanks for that article Ja, also Bailey you’re right, they have so drunk the koolaid that once trump says he’s innocent they would believe him. I also hear people say things like that, like what you said about not liking trump but he’s doing so much good, it’s just incredible to me, but the propaganda does work it seems. Do they not care what is happening to the deregulating of so much, not caring about state lands, environment or climate change. Foreign diplomacy, stripping down of the state department, dont they see the long term hurt that we are being set up for?

Although i hope that the summit goes well, eveything i read says that the South Korean Leader has been the most instrumental in this meeting though trump has been getting most of the credit. Although i am not taking all the credit away from Trump, i find it disgustingly hypocritical that when Obama said early on in his Presidency he would be just as willing to meet with foes as well as allies, the far right went crazy, have any of you seen the footage from Fox News at this time, it’s unreal, they went on and on about Obama being extremist and weak and willing to talk to dictators, yet when TRUMP does it …… it makes my blood boil, as does those ridiculous commemorative coins!

“Conservatives hated it when Obama said he’d meet with North Korea. Guess what they say now”.

For what it’s worth, transiting Nessus (symbolizing abuse of power) on Saturday, June 9th (the day of the G7 Summit when Trump left), stationed retrograde at 9+ Pisces, conjunct US natal Nessus at 9+ Pisces and will be part of the US natal Nessus Return – a cycle I have no idea of how long it will last (how ever long it takes Nessus to travel once around Earth).

The other thing that drives me nuts about the ‘foreign imports’ and trade balance issues is that everyone blames the ‘other’ country. Nobody, but nobody in the press ever mentions the reason that the imports were there in the first place is largely due to American companies having outsourced labor and moved many of their manufacturing operations to other countries, mostly china, beginning in the 90s. Its economic gaslighting on a grand scale and nobody thinks to put the blame where it belongs – American corporate businessmen like Mitt Romney etal. http://www.jiesworld.com/international_corporations_in_china.htm

Nuts! Nuts! NUTS!
Republican Hypocrisy to the 10th power in Singapore.

Has everyone in the USA forgotten the racist invective and accusations of weakness against Obama relative to our relationship with N. Korea? Imagine what the R’s would have said had Obama met with Kim Jong Un. And I wonder what they’ll say if an agreement is signed which is weaker than what was negotiated and signed with Iran.

And yes, Kiwi from my point of view Mitt Romney should be in jail. So very many corporate criminals in our economic culture. Aggggh!

45 is treating Kim Jong Un far more respectfully than any of our allied leaders, more so than ANY national leader he’s had contact with!

Maybe because KJU and DJT are remarkably alike in pathology?

…and they both have weird haircuts!

I’m starting to have faith in Ben Shapiro, who said: “Obama’s comments in 2008 and 2009 about talking to strongmen “without preconditions,” and his efforts to work with both North Korea and Cuba’s communist governments, were greeted by Conservatives with scorn. So it seemed odd to some on the Right that Trump doing the same was being feted as a Victory for American foreign policy”.
(May Ben Shapiro’s enlightenment grow to see how many Conservatives are doing the US wrong!)

Ben Shapiro has been tweeting negative things about this meeting, to see the comments from the koolaid drinkers is so annoying, they think the summit is the best thing since closed bread and think Ben gone off his rocker. They are very upset with Ben

So it looks like DT will have his Solar Return on Air Force One, flying back from the NK summit. Also, NK summit took place on a dead moon. Nothing will come of it.

Henri, thank you. If I thought there was a slight chance that my nephew would read that info, I’d forward to him. However, while very smart at math, systems, etc., he is dyslexic so reading something that lengthy, meant to show him that his thinking is incorrect, is out of the question.

Oh, gosh. Lost my longer comment. I’ll summarize –

I strongly agree with your last 2 comments, Eliseo. In fact my childhood friend from NJ who has lived in Canada so long, wrote: “The U.S.has a trade surplus with Canada. Trump alienates his allies and meets with a brutal dictator (publicity stunt). He hopes to bail out the Chinese phone company, which people in the State Department routinely spys on the U.S and other countries. He also wants Russia back in the G-6. the Russians have stuff on Trump and that’s why they colluded with him. Hope it comes out some day. Trump has insulted his best friend and neighbor (Canada) and this trade war will hurt his base that voted the nimrod in.”

Not only did I read on CNN this morning that most German cars sold here are made here and employ so many. I also read that the U.S. is now trying to host the next World Cup with Canada & Mexico & has to now learn to play nicer (& they may have to stuff some of their reactions, but that’s politics for you).

Lastly, let’s remember that in some way, shape or form, everything Trump does is for publicity and, after everyone is all shocked, excited, bent out of shape, he has no problem walking it back! That is the thing that saves us and probably frustrates us at his hypocracy most of all.

By “they stuffing their reactions,” I meant Canada & Mexico. Trump routinely stuffs his, then moves on. My husband has that Mars rising in Leo that either Marjorie Orr or Wolfstar spoke of (that someone posted above) & I see how it works. He compartmentalizes and keeps moving, often blowing off accountability (but not in serious matters), not letting it get to him emotionally pretty much.


It’s Primary day in South Carolina, and we have 3 Democrats running for governor and 5 Democrats running for Trey Gowdy’s seat in Congress. That’s got to be a record for SC Dems, and I was excited and proud that we had so many Democrats running and by their stand on the issues and how direct and plain-spoken they’ve been. Gave me hope.

Movies and TV shows are a reflection of the collective unconscious. Didn’t that cartoon show call to Blame Canada?
My best friends are cancelling their summer vacation in the US this summer. Many other Canadians are doing the same. It’s all over the radio in Montreal. Nobody wins a trade war.
We are increasingly in a time of strategic realignment. If Trump ditches NAFTA or even NATO, Canada should join the European Union, with or without the euro. Mexico should do the same. We could then link the EU to the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Trump likes dictators. Good luck with that. He is the George III of our times. His madness should lead true democracies to seek ever closer union.

You make good points Andre, everything and everyone is on the move in some way. Every one and everything has a purpose but it is by no means always obvious. It takes perspective; the marching band on the field forms letters and patterns that are unrecognizable at ground level, but up in the stands it is a spectacular sight to see.

History can do something similar by explaining how we got from there to here, and we realize if “that” had not happened we never would have had “this”. At the time when “that” was happening though, we weren’t even contemplating that “this” was a possibility.

I’m always amazed that a single artist can paint a picture on the side of a building, a picture that he can’t comprehend while in the process until he is a block away and has some perspective. So it is with us now. We have no idea what the hell is happening – we are too close to see any purpose in the chaos. We do have the language of astrology though.

How many times has Nancy or another great astrologer put our minds at ease by showing why certain things happen at a specific time to certain people?

Believing that there is purpose in this tragedy or that unexpected result is not natural for most of us so grief and anger and shock are the immediate responses. If however, the patterns that the planets Neptune, Uranus and Pluto make with each other are given enough leeway, we can begin to decipher a sense of purpose in the chaos they symbolize. It requires patience and an open mind.

For example tomorrow’s Gemini New Moon squares US Neptune in Virgo while US Neptune trines transiting Pluto in Capricorn. Or take July’s Solar Eclipse in Cancer that opposes Pluto in Capricorn to form a grand cross with the US natal Chiron in Aries opposite US Juno in Libra. Much can be read through these planetary symbols alone, but looking hard at the cycles that Pluto, Uranus and Neptune make with each other can give us much needed perspective.

I’m looking at a chart for when Neptune and Pluto were conjunct for the 3rd time out of 3 in 1993 when they – at 18+ Capricorn – were sextile Mars (aggression) at 19+ Scorpio (opposite US natal Vesta), which is the degree where transiting Jupiter was exactly sextile transiting Pluto (in Cap) in January, 2018, at a time when a New Moon was conjunct US natal Pluto in Capricorn and transiting Neptune was square the US natal chart’s ascendant.

That was around the time Hawaii accidentally sent out a missle attack alarm. In part this was choreographed by Neptune and Uranus in 1993.

Overall, that Neptune (confusion)-Uranus (shocking) chart has a Saturn (23+ Aquarius) square Pluto (24+ Taurus) the same degree of Trump’s natal MC (24+ Taurus) along with other clues of coming attractions.

Then there is the 2nd conjunction (of 3) between Uranus and Pluto in 1966 which had the North Node at 25+ Taurus, only days away from being conjunct Trump’s MC while Saturn, Mercury, Chiron and Pallas in Pisces squared Trump’s Sun and opposed the US Neptune. If only we could have known what that would mean 50 years later.

At some point in our lives we will see why this insane man was put in this place where he is destroying our country’s hard-won programs, and we will likely understand what our own purpose is, if we don’t already.

Wow BarbK, truly words of wisdom. Thank you. I can never your astrological examples but the idea that we mere mortals can’t see the big picture is very real and very true I believe. Thank you for reminding us of this.

….never follow your astrological….. Sorry

Thanks, sassygrace, for your neat comment about Ms. Navarro! Also, kiwi, here’s a link I found to a movie site that lists upcoming movies by date: https://www.movieinsider.com/movies/-/2019

SassyGrace – Your remembrance of Gene Siskel’s comment about ‘movies being a reflection of the American collective unconscious’ really hit a cord with me. Thanks!

Has anyone experienced Pluto transiting through their 7th House?

My natal 7th begins at 26degrees 57 minutes of Sagittarius. Obviously, Pluto has been transiting my 7th for the last few years, but is now in the 8th, will retrograde into the 7th on 8 August 2018 and finally re-enter the 8th on 19 November 2018.

I’ve known several others who lost their spouse to death or divorce while Pluto was transiting their 7th, but that has not happened for me.

Unfortunately, my wife and I have been involuntarily separated by about 3000 miles for almost 4 years, as she has been taking care of her elderly mother and I was taking care of mine until my mother died. I’m now taking care of my mother’s estate here in Texas and in all probability will be home in WA state before the end of summer. Needless to say, my wife and I are very much looking forward to being together again. As of July, we will not have seen one another for 4 years. (a manifestation of Pluto in the 7th?)

But there is something else. During this last 5 or so years, I’ve had just about zero success in making new friends, and that trend only broke when Pluto went into my 8th! One possible astrological explanation is that my friends tend to be partners of some kind, intellectually, artistically and/or spiritually.

Notably, my main “thinking partner,” of the last several decades (my wife is my other thinking partner) a fellow professor who teaches at another university 300 miles from my present location, and I are as tight as ever with plans for more mutual research and writing in the next several months. He and I continue to delve deeply into subjects of mutual interest.

My long established partnerships have stayed the course, but new ones have pretty consistently turned to dust.

Has anyone else experienced transiting Pluto through the 7th in a similar way? Does any of this make sense to you good people?

Also, does anyone have any idea what the expected 2022 brick red nova in the constellation Cygnus the swan portends? I note that it will occur the same year as our Am. Pluto return and that it will be extremely bright, visible to the naked eye for up to six months.

Cygnus spans Aquarius and Pisces I believe, but I am clueless as to the possible symbolism of this coming event.

For where precisely in Cygnus the red nova will appear go to

There are two illustrations which show location. The bottom one shows it on the left wing of the bird (on viewers right) as it points downward

When Will Trump Leave the White House? June 27 Full Moon Update!


The astrologer Evon Davis makes some compelling observations on the June 27th Full Moon-Saturn opposition in t square to Trump’s natal Mercury/ natal Neptune. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s natal Saturn at 6 Cancer could certainly be factored into this as it is in opposition to the Full Moon. I suspect major revelations revolving around Paul Manafort will emerge around this time. The Mars station in opposition to Trump and Mueller’s natal Pluto just prior to the Full Moon only adds to the dynamic power of this lunation. And all of this begins with the mid June New Moon (conjunct Trump’s Sun)……

Why June 15, 2018 Could Be an Amazing Day for Paul Manafort, Robert Mueller and Democracy

Daily Kos
June 7, 2018

It is possible that June 15, 2018 will be the day on which Paul Manafort begins spending the rest of his life behind bars. Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager, the person who sat next to Jared Kushner and Donald Trump, Jr. as they plotted with Russian spies to steal an American election, may begin a life sentence in a little over a week’s time.



It was way up in this thread, but i thought i should correct my typos, i was saying that Trump supporters think that the meeting between him and Kim Jung Un is the greatest thing since ‘sliced bread’, not closed bread lol.
Not even sure if that’s an American expression so i must have seemed doubly crazy.

Speaking of the meeting, i refused to watch any news yesterday, what’s the general consensus of how the meeting went and has been perceived, is Trump a hero that will get the Nobel prize or has he been played?

Shapiro is a sexist, homophobic, bigot. He used to work for Bannon at Breitbart, he traffics in racist conspiracy theories (on his present website) and did college “free speech” tours, on the same bill as nazis.

He seemed to think wearing his yarmulke, somehow canceled the hateful things he says.

According to Fox:tRump is a hero, he should get a Nobel—despite the fact most from that network we’re having none of Obama’s diplomacy with Cuba, and the Iran deal.

All the other networks, and a few major papers I read:

tRump is an idiot man-child, suck up, and wanna-be dictator, that gave NK everything, and obtaining nothing for the US.

Most seem to th8nk the idiot man-child got played.

Ugh, sorry—should be “obtained” not obtaining and “thank” not “th8nk.”

Ugh, sorry—should be “obtained” not obtaining and “think” not “th8nk.”

Ralfee Finn:


I too have had Pluto in my 7th for the past many years (Desc @ 29’48 Sagittarius) and it has certainly been transforming my relationships. Many of them I have let go as I realize they don’t jive with who I truly am. But truly, the transformative process has mostly been within ME, as I investigate and know myself more fully and deeply, and recognize how my own patterns of relating to others have not been authentic. Now (Pluto in 8th) it seems to be morphing into being able to show up in a deeper, more authentic, natural and heartful way, which helps to set the tone of what I want to experience (and not feel like it’s pointless and just withdraw). I don’t seek to be fulfilled from relationships the way I used to. Now it’s more about satisfying my deepest needs from within and then seeing what can be created out in the world. An ongoing learning process…

What do the aspects look like for this Friday, June 15? I ask since Manafort is facing his court hearing and Cohen’s attorney’s just left him without counsel. And this Friday is the deadline for Cohen’s court hearing as well. Seems this Friday is going to be an important day in the Russia / Trump story.

Here is an ABC News link about Cohen.


Not sure if this made it but here is the link for Cohen’s attorney’s leaving from ABC

In all honesty, I am going to remain open minded. Apparently, 3 previous presidents made agreements with NK (but not in person) which NK then ignored or broke. It’s not likely this one will work out – but what if it does? If we truly feel this is all part of the “plan” as barbk intimates, than we should always hope for peace with strength and equality. Apparently many countries are resentful & jealous of the U.S. but also rightly angry at our arrogance and damaged and loss of lives we’ve caused. However, there is enough blame to go around and, as far as human rights go, the U.S. is still pretty high on the scale compared to others.

“damage” (or “the damage”), not “damaged”.

I rarely post but Ja’s link ( thank you Ja) re: USA Pluto Return got me wondering what role Trump may play in it? Trump’s 11H Venus at 25.44 Cancer will be opposite transiting Pluto right after the new president will be sworn in after the 2020 election. This looks likely to deeply affect Trump’s need to love and be loved, but more than that I’m wondering how or if this plays a more direct role in our nation’s Pluto Retun that hits just 2-3 years later??

Here’s your breaking news for today.

Cohen’s going to FLIP!


Robert Mueller files request for 150 blank subpoenas in Paul Manafort case
Wednesday, June 13, 2018


“Special counsel Robert Mueller on Wednesday filed a request for 150 blank subpoenas in the Eastern District of Virginia, where former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort lives.”

“The two-page filing reveals little, but says that that each subpoena recipient must appear in the Alexandria, Va., courthouse on July 25 to testify in the case.”

“The 150 blank subpoenas amount to 75 total possible subpoenas — in each case, a subpoena is needed for the witness and another is needed for the defense.”

God/dess bless the Aussies.

“This is an America that is tired of leadership; an America retreating behind its borders; an America turning on friends and allies; an America weary of conflict and burdened by the responsibility and cost of keeping the global peace.”

“Donald Trump is not a President who speaks of the global order, or upholding the principles of liberalism and democracy, who defends free trade.”


“I wholeheartedly agree with you, Mr. Bruni. We all “get” the seething anger. But if we lie down with filth, we’ll get dirty.

Profanity and the language of the street won’t defeat Donald Trump or put him on notice in five months if all we’ve got is untamed anger. Anti-Trumpistas need a solid, determined strategy for making inroads into his hold on Capitol Hill and in competitive statehouse races.

Be cool, people, because Trump isn’t. That’s how we beat him: with smarts, not swear-words. Note to Robert DeNiro: channel Michael Corleone’s cold patience. It worked for him.”


Kim – Don, a neptunian love fest

now this is news that is good to read! If only there were more articles like it!

The last week of September (building through the Summer actually) an act by tRump, or something about a past act of his that comes to light, marks the beginning of an exodus of his support and/or supporters. Hopefully enough to take both houses of Congress from the Republican Party 6 weeks later. That would set the stage for his charts beginning in January of 2019 leading to a change of residence in January a year later.

If he would lose the Congress by a veto proof number of seats it could pass bills into law over any veto he might make. Reversals of many of his acts could begin in January 2019 (after a new Congress is sworn in), 2 years before the next Congress is sworn in and might continue even after that.

Thanks for the Rodney Smith link kiwi. The story made my day.

Requiring 2/3rds of each house of Congress it is not an easy task to overide a veto.


“Since World War II, Congress has overridden dozens of presidential vetoes. This is in part because certain past presidents vetoed far more bills than Obama has. While Obama has only vetoed 12 bills, President Franklin D. Roosevelt vetoed 635 bills – the most bills vetoed by any president in history.”
“Most vetoes in a single complete term: Grover Cleveland, first term, (414)”


VETOES-OVERIDES (Most overides)

Andrew Johnson 21-15
Harry Truman 180-12
Gerald Ford 48-12

OMG Henri – they’ve really drunk the ‘voter fraud’ cool aid. Unbelievable that it could even be contemplated! I wonder who funded the ‘poll’ question.
Ill say this for the rethugs, they are VERY skilled at framing false narratives!

Cohen’s Black Moon Lilith at 16+ Pisces is being visited by transiting Neptune right now and it will soon station in that degree, 16+ Pisces. Opposite Black Moon Lilith (BML) is Cohen’s natal conjunction of Pluto, 17+ Virgo and Uranus, 18+ Virgo who were still tight after their 3rd and final conjunction almost 2 months before Cohen was born.

This opposition between natal BML to natal Pluto-Uranus is being exacerbated by not only transiting Neptune conjunct his BML but also by Mueller’s natal Mars-Chiron at 16+ Virgo conjunct his Pluto-Uranus.

“What a revoltin’ development this is” my dad used to say, a comment often made by a radio character named Riley (in The Life Of Riley). He (my dad) would often use the phrase “damned if you do and damned if you don’t”. Both seem applicable in Cohen’s predicament.

“Between a rock and a hard place” works too.

barbk, I love the way you worked your dad into this last post, what with Father’s Day coming up this weekend. I don’t think he would have approved of Cohen, Trump, Manafort, et al. Neither would have my parents.

You’re right Sharon, he would be dumbfounded by what’s happening these days.

About Cohen’s chart; natal Sedna at 0+ Taurus has been visited by transiting Uranus (came the dawn of consciousness) since mid May through early June. The story goes that Sedna’s cowardly father threw her overboard, broke off her frozen fingers with an oar when she tried to get back in the boat and then he left her to die, much like Trump has left Cohen or so it must seem to Cohen.

Admetos (Uranian Point) is conjunct Sedna in Cohen’s chart and can symbolize depression but also transformation.

Right now transiting retrograde Jupiter is conjunct Cohen’s natal Lachesis (she twists and measures the thread of one’s fate) and natal Nemesis (opponent who enacts revenge), all at 14+ Scorpio.

His natal Orpheus (he who sang so beautifully) conjuncts the Great Attractor (we are drawn in by its incredible gravitational pull) both at 14+ Sagittarius.

Cohen’s natal Askalaphus (the Tattle Tale) is conjunct the US natal chart’s MC (what the world sees) at 1+ Libra.

His natal Hermes (the Trickster) at 18+ Capricorn is where transiting Pluto will be in September and October and where it will station direct midway between.

These are just some of the more subtle influences working on Michael Cohen these days.

Looks like it’s gonna be an auspicious year for him: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/ny-pol-trump-foundation-president-eric-ivanka-donald-jr-underwood-20180614-story.html

comment from nyt’s:

“I am thoroughly ashamed, as an American citizen, that despite irrefutable proof of his dishonesty, corruption, and unabashed greed (not to mention his bigotry, his incitement of violence and his approval of racist and hateful behaviour), tens of millions of Americans continue to support him. And I am astounded by the fact that the Republican members of our Congress, who are sworn in to uphold the law, continue to turn a blind eye to the unlawful and unethical behaviour of the embarrassment that is Donald Trump.”

My own humble observation especially on Trump’s Mercury aspects: He’s doing whatever he can to control the narrative but it’s all very swiftly blowing back on him. Except with his base. But perhaps the word “cult” will begin to take root now that it’s been uttered by Corker.

Trump and his 3 oldest kids are now being sued by NY Attny Gen for Trump Foundation Charity’s extensive and pervasive misuse of funds.

Smallest donation was $7 to cover Boy Scout dues for Trump’s own son. That right there is ugly enough to make at least some people flinch.

Thanks Ja and Robin; Hell hath no fury like an Attorney General scorned.

Before Robert Mueller turned 22 in 1966 there were 3 conjunctions between transiting Uranus and Pluto, two of them were in the same degree as Mueller’s natal conjunction of Mars and Chiron at 16+ Virgo. The other one was at 17+ Virgo.

This anomaly surely must have had a profound effect on him at the time, even more than it did the rest of us who don’t have a Chiron and Mars conjunction.

Still he would have had a few fellow 21 year old’s who would have shared this particularly unique situation – having a natal Mars-Chiron conjunction – during those days of the Uranus-Pluto conjunctions.

During the period of those 3 conjunctions between transiting Uranus and Pluto, transiting Jupiter started out at 1+ Cancer, retrograded into Gemini then was at 11+ Cancer by the 3rd and final conjunction between these 2 outer planets. During that period transiting Jupiter crossed over the US natal Jupiter (called a Jupiter Return) as well as Mueller’s natal Saturn, both at 5+ Cancer. Part of that time transiting Vesta (what is invested in) was also at 5+ Cancer.

Considering what all was going on during that decade I would guess that Mueller, at the tender age of 21, would have hitched his wagon to the future of the US government, consciously or unconsciously, and never looked back. His natal South Node conjuncts the US natal Pluto, possibly indicating a previous lifetime as one of the US powerful.

Right now transiting Neptune, the 3rd outer planet is at 16+ Pisces, opposite Mueller’s Mars-Chiron and the 1965-66 Pluto-Uranus conjunctions. The 3 outer planets are always working in unison even when they are making hard aspects to each other; it’s all about transformation and evolution. Michael Cohen’s Black Moon Lilith is also at 16+ Pisces.

It is no coincidence (or accident) that Mueller was assigned this job. I’d go so far as to say it was even predestined.

What a day. Another good comment from nyt’s, (imo):

“Mr. Comey (similarly to Mr. Blair, in reference to Iraq), is simply unable to bring himself to admit that he made a terrible mistake. That is not an admirable character trait. It is frightening evidence of deeply ingrained arrogance and unaccountability when it comes to a public office.”


Well Ja, if we consider that the FBI birth chart has the Moon and Mercury conjunct Neptune in Cancer opposite Uranus in Capricorn, is it any wonder that an emotionally-driven conclusion would be challenged by a source of energy, devoid of emotion, seeking only an instant, reality-based factual conclusion to complete an investigation?

Perhaps we are witnessing the unraveling of a process that would never have been exposed (Comey’s emotionally arrived at response just before the election) without the “normal” followup (sans emotion, aka the FBI Uranus), had it not been for the Russian interference (mind control) that most likely determined this latest president of the US.

In my opinion, most of the citizens of this country have had their normal everyday composure zapped by events in recent years that renders each of us unpredictable when judged by the old standards of behavior.

My guess is that Comey, for whatever reason, followed the normal FBI process (the Moon, Mercury, Neptune part) but failed to complete the cycle. However, now that it HAS arrived (in the form of the Inspector General report) we have been afforded a glimpse of how it is inside this secretive organization – scary as it is.

The FBI birth chart’s opposition between Neptune and Uranus was the halfway mark of the Neptune (not yet discovered)-Uranus cycle that began circa 1821 at 1+ Capricorn, just as a Jupiter-Saturn cycle was starting conjunct the (still undiscovered) US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries. By 1908 when the FBI was born it was a much different world from our present world.

It might be time for a re-boot of the FBI. A new start and a new chart.

Comey managed to crawl right up his own self-righteous ass. Pathetically poor judgement.

And the Ass-Hat-in-Chief is jumping all over the FBI report on bias toward him in election, crying ‘I told you so.’ O, Fortuna!

Gads! Just when I thought it couldn’t get worse. Hopefully, this is the last bit of wiggle room he ever gets.

Bob, Your prediction about the September Exodus thrills me. Is there any astrological backup? Professor Marc Bertonasco

The Republican/Trumpian “Lock her up!” campaign proved powerfully-successful to destroy Hillary Clinton’s political career.

So, I thought how the slogan
“Take Him Out!” might trip up Trump.
Does suggest impeachment or might it be perceived as implying assassination? I’d kind of like to give it whirl and also remain out of prison. You see, I’ve quite lost my mind at this point and my judgement is clouded by outrage and a need for tangible results.

What say you, fellow Starlighters?

Dear Will, I vote for, “Lock them ALL up!”

Or, “Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.”

I especially like the death and incapable of holding any office parts.

“The Best Nazis”
“I’ve been thinking a lot about Naomi Shulman’s quote, “Nice people made the best Nazis.” The people who just wanted to get along, who looked the other way and ignored politics, “[t]hey were lovely people who turned their heads as their neighbors (and Children) were dragged away.” https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2018/6/14/1771960/-The-Best-Nazis
In the 1920’s My own Grandmother had TB and her children of: 4 Boys and a Baby Girl where taken away to a “Preventoriam” for 6 or 8 years.
The children were never the same.after that.
What a horrible mistake Conservatives are making.


“I especially like the death and incapable of holding any office parts.”

Yeah Baby!

I don’t even hate the Godless idiot – I just want to thrash his oppositionally-defiant yellow-white ass with a fine, snappy hickory switch until it glows like a humiliated set of cheeks. I want to have large women of color grab him by his asshole and fling him down Pennsylvania Avenue like a bowling ball. I want to see him cry in front of crowds and crack his mouth every time he even looks like he’s going to say anything. Then I will have a lasagna and a schmoke and a pancake, take a nap and dream of more creative punishments for him.


The imagery of your 5:07am post gave a well needed delicious smile.

By: Prof. Marc F. Bertonasco, Ph.D. on June 15th, 2018 at 12:48 am

“Bob, Your prediction about the September Exodus thrills me. Is there any astrological backup?”

Prof. there too many aspects to list so I will list the charts they are found in (6).

Using only conjunctions, squares, and oppositions, all within 1 degree of exactness, in the September charts listed below there are so many aspects it would be a mess to list them all (more than 30 at last count – I think more than 40). Most are comprised of Mars, Saturn, or Pluto or some combination of them.

tRump natal with Saturn station, progressed natal with Saturn station, Sibly with Saturn station, progressed Sibly with Saturn station, progressed inauguration chart with transit Mars, Saturn, and the September 24th FM chart, my progressed demi-anlunar with tRump’s natal. Many dates in the month with planets and/or midpoints swept by progressing angles.

Saturn station chart: Thursday, September 6th at 7:08:15 am, EDT.

Finally, “lock them up”


>You see, I’ve quite lost my mind at this point and >my judgement is clouded by outrage and a need >for tangible results.

Hi Will,

This is where I was last week. Come to my house. I have drugs that will not fix the situation, but at least take you down a few notches. You’re welcome any time.

I meant to tell you how grateful I am for you looking at my chart and validating that I was at one of those really icky stress points. And you were right on about Monday being the worst, but it helped me to know I just needed to hang on until Wednesday and some of it would ease. Which it has.

Hi barbk,

Your mention of Robert Mueller having a natal Mars Chiron conjunction caught my eye. I also have Mars conjunct Chiron (in Aquarius in 9th, aspecting practically everything else in my chart by grand sextile).
(I was born in 1958. The late 60’s Uranus-Pluto oppositions was a freaky time for me, being at the beginning of adolescence.)

I’m still discovering what this conjunction means for me. I’ve always been in love with higher truth, finding ways to take action on it, make it real and lived.

I am quietly, profoundly supportive of Robert Mueller, feeling him to be a fellow crusader for truth and justice.


Happy to be of service.

Thank you for the kind words Teresa.

It is not that I am good at timing likely circumstances but the technique I discovered and developed that reveals the progressing chart angles sweeping across or in hard aspect to points and/or planets that are appropriate for the time that happens.

After more than 40 years of using the technique I say that it is correct 99% of the time. It is a mathematical construct that does indeed offer proof that “God does not play dice with the universe.” Writings on that statement should be studied.

For anyone who hasn’t seen the new Melania bot reboot …

Teresa Hill,

Lovely of you to invite me.

I am dealing with two living parents, 8 siblings and 7 in-laws who are rabid Trump supporters. My heart is heavy as I am no longer willing to tolerate their mindless adoration of this mad man who dares to call himself president; why? because it now transcends family members’ mere political persuasion; it speaks to their fundamental values which have become deeply-corrupted, immoral and absent of just about anything that is good and clean and right in the Universe. I am profoundly saddened by their willful ignorance and disrespect for the spirit of the law and even the letter of the law. I no longer feel any connection to my own blood relatives; DNA can no longer bridge this yawning cleft. I am beginning to feel contempt and outrage toward my own family. I don’t know who they are any more. All of my grandparents and great grandparents were staunchly Democratic immigrants from Ireland and Italy. I knew my ancestors and they were hard-working, devoted and morally-decent people. They had compassion for those who were hungry, poor and unfortunate. To believe they are spinning with shame in their crypts is an understatement. Moreover, even my own mother and father were Kennedy Democrats in the 1960’s. Everything changed with Richard Nixon’s win over Humphrey. Almost over-night, they became enfeebled with Nixon’s paranoia and corrupt policies. They didn’t give a damn that me and my brother were both susceptible to the draft for the Viet Nam war.

After many years of working hard to heal my relationship with my ultra-conservative family, I am no longer willing to be part of their lives. It is a dark, heavy, sad time for me. I’m not looking for pity. I just need to make this statement. I am no longer proud of any of my Trump-supporting family members. My skin crawls to be around them because they smell like cowardice and fetid corruption.

People of the Lie.

Its time for a big, painful but necessary change.

Dear Will, As our friend C. said to me many moons ago — now I’m passing it to you — “Seattle would get who you are, what you’re about.” It’s definitely grey up here (although at the moment we are in the blessed season of the year!) but lotsa good peeps up here.

I’m so sad for where you’re at with your family.

“Times change, and with them their demands.”

Hey lightcolorfire, the 60’s (starting with Kennedy’s assassination in ’63) were freaky for all of us who were around back then. As for Chiron aspects – they are a kind of blessing, but it takes a long time to understand that Chiron serves as a bridge to something better. If Mars conjuncts Chiron, then that Mars will be lifted to a higher expression of its energy; if one is open to being lifted. I’m sure you have found that happening throughout your life experiences.

It seems to me that on one hand things are happening so fast I can’t keep up, but on the other hand, things are happening in a kind of slow motion; like the way Trump and his kingdom is disintegrating piece by piece.

This drama taking place at the border, with children being essentially abused by being separated from their parents, looks like some horror film on cable TV. What lengths the Universe is going to in order to wake us up and get our butts to “see” what’s really important and take action.

It is the Gemini New Moon’s conjunction to US Mars and Trump’s Sun – square US Neptune (compassion) in Virgo (service) in the 9th house (foreigners), that brings this latest iteration of consummate evil to our awareness.

We are seeing in this New Moon (2 days ago) the feminine side working on humanity; Juno (21+ Aries) symbolizing the downtrodden is conjunct Eris (23+ Aries) who creates discord to get our attention, and they trine Ceres (distraught mother) at 24+ Leo – all three forming sextiles to the New Moon (at 22+ Gemini) + Trump’s Sun and US natal Mars.

Meanwhile Pallas (the Planner) exactly conjuncts US natal Sun, both at 13+ Cancer in this New Moon chart and both trine transiting Jupiter (14+ Scorpio rx) who trines Neptune at 16+ Pisces and is stationing (super potent) to go retrograde (on June 18), all while it semi-squares Uranus (exact on June 16). Hooray for Hollywood

I expect to see Meryl Streep (Sun in Cancer) any day now, down at the border, holding babies separated from their mommies, begging for Trump to show mercy.

(Meryl’s natal Sun – like Elizabeth Warren’s – is at 0+ Cancer conjunct Uranus and they sextile Meryl’s Saturn + Ceres in Virgo and Meryl’s Jupiter at 0+ Aquarius completes a Yod. This Jupiter is at the part of the Yod that must adjust)

The transit of Chiron into Aries and Uranus into Taurus has stimulated Meryl’s (and therefore Elizabeth’s) chart’s powerful Yod at all its points and she seems (to me) the perfect person to step forward on this particular subject. Her natal Ceres/Saturn in Virgo is being trined by transiting Uranus in Taurus.

She also has natal Pallas (the Planner and warrior) conjunct US natal North Node which is where the transiting North Node is now as well, 6+ Leo. We need a heroine! Roll cameras, action!

Sadly, as this goes on…I’m doubting Meuller will ever Impeach nor Remove Trump:

“One important factor that could stand in the way of Manafort’s striking a plea deal is Trump’s Pardon Power”


Mille grazie for your support as I ring out my sorry-ass hanky.

I do realize that on a higher level “this too shall pass.” Nonetheless, at the moment the sword is going in and twisting, it is difficult to be mindful of such lofty notions. it is hard to be reminded of our powerlessness over the hearts and minds of others, even ones we love so much that we will make repeated Herculean efforts to get through to them. One can only imagine the millions of families throughout history that were split apart by battles of wills and wars of words and swords – like our very own Civil War that split the heart and soul of our nation.

This quote by Thomas Paine hits the mark squarely.

“Arguing with someone who has renounced Reason is like administering medicine to the Dead.”

Elizabeth Warren was on Rachel’s show last night, barb, and I think Larry O’Donnel showed it as a clip, stating that EW had said that she lives everyday filled with terror about the midterms.

Will, that really sucks. I’ve learned to NOT discuss religion and politics with everyone, and especially politics with family. 3 family Democrats, ranging from liberal to moderate, have split from the party. Two of them have done so for very specific issues, feeling they were important enough to warrant supporting Conservatives and Trump (although they admit he has major failings).

Distance yourself if you must, but remember, we all have limited understanding of all of the dynamics at play, and…this too shall pass.

I am trying, of late, to enjoy the common ground and just not talk politics to those who don’t understand.

Just now on FB, someone chimed in on a thread that we should give P. Trump (I can’t write the word next to his name) a chance as he has done more in one year than the past presidents have each done in 8 years apiece. In the next comment, she identified herself as one of the “deployables”.

Enough said.

Some people are just not THAT smart. As Mom Theresa said, love them anyway (or at least, laugh at them).

But, sometimes, you really do need a break. I am taking one right now from a family member and can’t believe I got so lucky to be able to do that.

Well, I wrote “this too shall pass” and posted, before I read your words, Will. I believe that my energy, welfare, and right to a stress-free life is more important than arguing with someone who insists on distorting things. The family member I just mentioned does that every so often and it’s so disappointing because we are getting along well in many other ways. On the other hand, he is from the family I married into, not my family of origin who mostly had reasonable people, and with a few of the others, I just avoided the areas of disagreement, Pisces that I am, as they weren’t often to change, just to arguments. The really hard people to get along with are the ones who, as my cousin likes to say, would rather be right than happy, and will go to great lengths to rationalize why they are right.

weren’t “open” not “often”…

“Spare me the calls for civility – President Trump deserves our Rage “Are we really to believe that the same people who voted for a man who suggested a woman was too ugly to sexually assault now care about a naughty word for female genitalia? The same people who defended a man who said he grabbed women “by the pussy”? Are Americans really supposed to keep quiet and polite as Republicans implement policies that literally rip nursing infants from their mothers’ breasts and are building tented internment camps for children?”
…From The Guardian UK…

Thank you for your Pisces heart, Sharon.

Astrology is amazing stuff; I just checked my transits and noticed that Saturn is conjunct my IC, opposing my MC and squaring my Asc and Descendant…and will be sitting there for a while. Good times.

Uh oh! It was conjunct my descendant last month, then rolled back…I’m waiting for the next installment in Nov., I think.

So Trump thinks the judge was “unfair” to jail Manafort and the witch hunters are going after him for things he did like 12 years ago. I guess Mueller didn’t know there was an expiration date on criminal activity. But, of course, Trump barely knows Manafort and, even if he did know him better, and Manafort flipped, it wouldn’t matter because Trump didn’t do anything (but he will pardon both M. and C. – he has no shame). It’s like a situation comedy on Tee Vee. I’m still chuckling about “deployable”.

Will, while my parents are no longer here. I have 6 sibs with spouses and children and all but one are Dyed-in-the-wool Trump supporters. It saddens me deeply but I’ve learned not to discuss politics with them. You can’t reason with them. They need to evolve at their own pace and we must let them do so. It’s as simple as that.

I just got home from an engagement party of about 70, all family on both sides. We had a wonderful time. Lots of love and no politics. I know some are more intolerant than others but sometimes humor helps.


The avoidance of political discussions and heavy on humor was working – but about two weeks ago, I just can’t be around them any more because those horrid values that they share with T are bleeding through in their words and behavior. With this cardinal cross of Saturn transits, its probably best for me to stay away from them for now.

Thank you for your suggestions.

>I believe that my energy, welfare, and right to a >stress-free life is more important than arguing >with someone who insists on distorting things.

But if we do that, how will all those Trump supporters ever change? I know it’s so hard to talk to them. It’s so frustrating, but something has to change.

Are we powerless to change anything by talking?


Mine are just the same. My sister has one child who was born with a serious birth defect, had his first major surgery at just a few days old, had many more over the years. At one point, he spend 3 solid months in the hospital.

Nearly all of that and the drugs and medical supplies he needs came from Medicare and other government health services. (My sister’s husband left her during the long hospital stay, when they had twins a few months old, the sick son and a six-year-old.) She’s received help from a number of government programs.

She votes Republican. So does my mother. It’s bizarre. I tell them, every government program you benefitted from and your son benefitted from is there because of Democrats. Doesn’t even register.

I just can’t handle it. They vote against their own self-interest. You hear about voters who do that. My family members are among them.

I feel everything you’re feeling — all the frustration, and mine isn’t so much that my family reacts this way, but that so many people in our country do. I don’t see how we ever progress as a country with so many people who don’t believe in science or facts. There’s just no way.

I guess, maybe, when climate change becomes so dire, our choices are either to work together or die. Maybe then. Pretty sad thing to hope for or depend upon.

I keep telling myself, our country survived the Civil War and two world wars. I guess things had to look even more bleak then. (Again, sad comfort.) You think you’re supposed to make progress over the years. Doesn’t seem like we’re doing that.

I feel for you. I know the feeling, albeit in a different way. There are no major political differences within my family but nevertheless for ALL of my life from early childhood to present I’ve felt very strongly I was born into the wrong family. I am extraordinarily different from whom my parents were, or anyone else in my family philosophically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

At times the feeling has been extremely intense, enough so that in the late 80’s I would not speak or communicate with family for about a year. I reconciled with family, but still often get that extreme and deeply misplaced feeling.

It has caused me to look more deeply into the nature of karma and to reject the more conventional and simplistic “new age” notions about karma and related concepts.

Although I’m sure it is no consolation, you are definitely not alone. One of the young men I am mentoring has a similar problem to yours. His Assembly of God, Pentecostal parents voted for Trump, disbelieve in evolution, etc. and frankly from our point of view have some pretty sick values. Fortunately, he gets along great with his wife, but his parents are a continuing difficulty. I help him as much as I can.

At a very young age my friend embraced materialistic atheism as a defense against his parent’s toxic religiosity. Evidently his defense worked pretty well for him emotionally,
intellectually and spiritually. But it was time for him to grow beyond his childhood atheism. I gradually persuaded him to think about deity non-anthropomorphically, to look at spiritual experience in a different way, and led him into the art and science of meditation.

He meditates pretty regularly now, has experienced deeper insights and is now a naturalistic pantheist. Although he continues to be frustrated with his parents, he is more at peace with the issues than 3 or 4 years ago.

I don’t mean to minimize what you are feeling and experiencing. I KNOW how much it hurts. But in recent years I began to put my own deep “family alienation pain” in perspective while counseling young Muslims.

I am not a Muslim, nor could I ever be one, but I am pretty familiar with the Koran, the Hadith and Islamic culture. Both undergraduate and graduate Muslim students began seeking me out a few years back for counseling. There were quite a number of them and they were all facing the same problem.

One young man was pretty typical. He had a PhD and was working on a second one. With tears in his eyes he said to me, “I want to leave the faith, but my wife doesn’t know. What must I do?” He was so afraid. Doubting he could trust his wife to keep silent re: his disbelief, he knew that if he returned for a visit to his country of origin his relatives would kill him if they knew he was an apostate.

Death IS the penalty for apostasy in Islam.
(A secret most are unaware of is the fact that many, many Muslims come to the United States or Canada so they can eventually leave their faith.)

In assisting these students, I began to feel a bit of gratitude, that though my intense sense of family alienation was painful, I at least did not have to face the prospect of execution for having left the Methodist faith by the time I was 12.

I know you are a meditator and have a spiritual practice. But I know that despite such advantages there is a time to withdraw from a toxic environment. I don’t know if any of your Trumpist relatives live with you or near you. I hope not. But perhaps this is a time for you to distance yourself from them however you can. And it doesn’t have to be forever.

It helped me many years ago when my wife and I moved to Seattle. As the crow flies, Seattle is 1925 miles away from where my family of origin was in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Maybe this is a time to reduce communication to the bare minimum and/or possibly work in a distant city. In any case I get the sense you definitely need a break.

As citizens of the USA we can’t completely get away from Trump or his supporters, but it hurts less when we don’t have to face the fact every freaking moment that our family members actually voted for and believe in the man. Maybe, at least for a while, maybe you just need to be somewhere else? Blessings!

Theresa Hill,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and anguish. It is healing to know that there are still wonderful people in this country who are feeling the gravity of our times but still keep keeping on.


Beautiful writing, Brother. Thank you very much for your generous thoughts as well as sharing your suggestions and coping strategies. Although I am a daily meditation practitioner, even getting to that beautiful inner space has been more difficult than ever. I also know that the spiritual dimension is my only refuge.

And so we keep trucking.

Suave como la noche.



“With yet another financial scandal surfacing as the New York AG sues the Trump Foundation and family for misuse of tax-exempt charity funds for personal and political purposes, and a couple of dodgy associates also up on charges, the question is at what point will the right and religious lobby be forced to remove their rose-colored glasses and face the truth about their sinner hero.”

I’ve come to believe that Trump’s lack of empathy and his disdain for women stems from the eclipsed Moon at his birth; he’s out of touch with his own Moon.

Theresa, Trying to change someone or convince them of something head-on can be a very difficult proposition. I think coming in through the back door might work a little better. I guess I listen to my inner voice and trust it to tell me when and how to tell my truth. Go see RBG – you’ll love it. You all will. She gracefully and politely but forcefully, and with resolve, continues to tell the truth and write the dissenting opinions on SC decisions more and more, now that there’s so many Conservatives on the court.

Will, I wasn’t implying that your family wasn’t smart. But, like all of you here, I find it very hard to understand how a smart person could be a Trump supporter. Nevertheless, I think there’s an innocence to these people. They believe in the long-time, Ronald Reagan-style, American values and patriotism, and they think Trump is giving it to them.

IMHO intelligence as our generation has come to understand it is not the issue. The issue is emotional intelligence, a newer concept which I know you are familiar with.

In my experience, those trained in the humanities or social sciences (with the exception of economics) are far better at “reading” people than in other disciplines. In the university English department where I last taught, all but two out of over 50 instructors and professors either voted for Hillary or another candidate other than Trump. Only the two (fundamentalists) in our department voted for Orange man.

I’m close to many in the history department as well. Not one of our history instructors voted for Trump!

Those who research and analyze literature or history think about motives and feelings as well as concepts. A person who is adept at reading other people is less likely to fear them, and fear is an important key in understanding the mind of Trump voters.

Over in the engineering department, they are very good at reading, interpreting, and understanding data, but many are not so good at reading other people. If you can’t read others well, you are less likely to trust them, and more likely to be unable to identify with them. I’ve heard most all of them voted for Trump.

I have a good friend who is ex-military, a retired pilot with whom I’ve often gone target shooting. The man is brilliant! He graduated at the top of his class with his B.S. degree in aeronautics. He is also quite brilliant at teaching the techniques of his vocation and of disciplines in which he is expert. We can talk all day about strategy, technology, scientific subjects, etc. But I don’t generally discuss politics with him. Why? He’s a dyed in the wool Trump supporter. His intelligence is of a more technical sort.

I find also that those who’ve inherited a more negative, or in the western world a Calvinistic view of human nature are also more prone to fall for a guy like Trump. But most importantly, it’s those who have more difficulty (and don’t realize it) with reading others correctly, i.e. with less social and emotional intelligence, even when they are brilliant mathematically, mechanically, or technologically who could not see into Orange man with sufficient depth to realize what a charlatan con-man he is.

It’s no coincidence that the corporations prefer our students study as little or no humanities subjects as possible. They prefer that our students leave that part of their minds undeveloped and instead take only technical courses. The corporations prefer our students be trained but not truly educated, therefore far more easily bamboozled and manipulated.

God forbid they study philosophy, psychology, or logic! They might then develop critical thinking skills with which to see the naked avarice, greed and lust of their ceo’s and boards of directors, all of whom, emperors without clothes.

RE: Trump’s eclipsed moon, lack of empathy and disdain for women. I think you nailed that one! It makes perfect sense.

I’m wondering however what astrologically accounts for his incessant need to prove his masculinity. A man secure in his masculinity does not feel the need to bed every “beautiful” woman he sees. Obviously, Mr. “Can’t Keep His Pants On” has a problem in this area.

Furthermore, his bullying is surely a manifestation of his toxic, immature, distorted idea of masculinity as the right and ability to dominate, prey upon, and humiliate anyone who challenges his fragile ego. Is his Mars somehow deeply afflicted?

Good Morning, Eliseo, et al.!

Well, although I know of exceptions, you have some good points, Eliseo, and Emotional IQ does seem to separate the (real) men from the boys and the (real) women from the girls. I think it has to something to do with empathy and also, one of your favorite people – Kohler. You know, I took an art class at a local institute with the brilliant, talented, owner of the school who shared with us that he thought the ’60s ruined art. What he meant was that classical training had gone out the window in favor of “do your own thing”. People no longer had to learn discipline to master art before they could break the rules intelligently. My point is we need that balance between structure and freedom, mind and heart. Trump-ers (or -sters, or -ettes) need those authority figures to be in control, to control the world for them, and, obviously, we do need some of that. But can they think past that to a more universal, non-authoritarian, non-conventional religion level? There’s the rub.

Why June 27th could be the turning point in the Russian investigation…..

Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort was just carted off to jail yesterday. Speculation whether Manafort will begin cooperating with the Special Counsel has taken on more interest and intensity. Manafort’s natal Venus/Mars conjunction at 7 – 8 Aries is in the cross hairs of that June 27th Full Moon/Saturn conjunction (6 Capricorn). It is strengthened by its opposition and square to Trump’s natal Neptune (5 Libra) natal Mercury (8 Cancer)…….

Here’s Manafort’s chart:


CNN Legal Analyst Explains What Manafort Will Face In Jail — And Why He Won’t Last One Night

Raw Story
June 15, 2018

Now that Paul Manafort has been hauled to jail, the question is whether he’ll flip and who he might flip on—or if he doesn’t have information of value to prosecutors.

Time will tell, but CNN legal analyst Laura Coates does not have a lot of faith in his ability to withstand the stressors of jail.

CNN host Jake Tapper pointed out that it’s easy for defendants to resist cooperating with prosecutors when they’re on the outside. But that all changes the first night. Coates agreed.

“Self-preservation kicks in. There’s something about that orange jumpsuit. Being away from your counsel. Being away from the comfort of home,” Coates said. “Knowing that this particular cage, which is what this is, you can dress it up pretty and call it a cell, but it’s a cage, is all you’re looking at and you know this is all that’s before you, it’s very, very persuasive.”

Coates added that given what inmates go through mentally, like financial strain and mental stress, they’re far more likely to cooperate.



On the other hand, spirituality/without rules can be chaotic, but the best kind of freedom is the internalized kind and that only comes with the right training, guidance and experience (and an openness to universal guidance instead of just dogma). I know everyone here knows this…just trying to bottom-line it. Trumpsters are limited to mostly authoritarian thinking and think the ’60s (Liberals) ruined government. They are happier and safer with the externally-imposed security of authority.

Eliseo, in answer to your question, IMO it is his 12th house (inhibited) Mars, along with his chart’s Midheaven (reputation) ruler Venus conjunct Saturn (restrict).

This along with the Leo macho image he developed early (in order to survive no doubt) and his reliance on his Gemini talent for falsifying the facts (think Hermes the trickster), the “beautiful women” facade conceals the deprivation of his emotional development. Everything about him is a sham.

As for his sway over 40% (give or take) of American voters, they represent the dying out of the patriarchal system (in its many forms) that fears the future; a future that doesn’t guarantee that “they” will (in their minds) remain the superior sex and/or race. Equality is abhorrent to these people even though they have never experienced it.

This isn’t so much evil as it is fear. We all have fears. The good thing about Trump is that he has identified these individuals and brought them out into the open where they are being exposed to alternative views; via family members and various sources of media, etc., these fearful people have a greater chance of getting past their dread of being equal. That fear is alive and well in Trump.

Personally, I believe Trump was “created” for this role. He will get his heart’s desire to be famous in history, while history will get its “breakthrough” by galvanizing the 60% (give or take) into action to overcome the archaic notions of the Patriarchy. We sure ain’t gonna do it on our own!!!

By Election Day 2020, when transiting Jupiter and transiting Pluto in Capricorn trine US natal Neptune in Virgo (that squares US Mars and Trump’s Sun in Gemini), while also T-squaring US Chiron opposite Juno, and as transiting Chiron in Aries squares Trump’s Neptune in Libra . . . and after the New Moon on Halloween, 2020, that opposes transiting Uranus (breakthrough), and the transiting North Node conjuncts US natal Mars, we, the 60% of American voters will shift forward, leaving the (small P) patriarchy to gradually die out from the history of Humanity.

Sorry, Full Moon on Halloween, not New Moon will conjunct, not oppose Uranus.

BarbK, very helpful analysis of patriarchy status. It certainly makes sense just looking at the trumpeters I seem to have all around me. What’s amazing is the women that have bought into this.

First I have posted about this soulless practice because when I think about it or watch reports about it I want to smash something … someone. It has been more than 30 years since I felt like this.


“It is a violation of the 8th Amendment of the Constitution”

“Separating children from their parents is a violation of the 8th Amendment of the Constitution.

The Eighth Amendment (Amendment VIII) of the United States Constitution prohibits the federal government from imposing excessive bail, excessive fines, or cruel and unusual punishments. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that this amendment’s Cruel and Unusual Punishment Clause also applies to the states.”

Trump due to visit UK july 13. Any ideas on how the planet energies might be manifesting for him around then?

ed tamplin: interesting to ponder – eagle, omen, and birthday, etc . . . .

(Hadn’t seen this clip before) https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/video/2015/dec/10/donald-trump-attacked-by-american-bald-eagle-video

Will etal, breathe in all that is good . . .

hope this lady is really tuned in

Bob, if you wish to become even more upset: http://www.palmerreport.com/analysis/stephen-miller-ugly-end/10871/
my stomach is sick and I cannot stop crying. Is there no way to stop the horrors these innocents are going through?

kiwi, Eliseo

Managed a deep meditation today and I felt a shift.
Thank youi for the nudge.


Linda the Comanche reader is a hoot – very simple in her approach but kind of mesmerizing in her own magical way. Thank you for sharing her.

Will — Linda’s got 4 new readings this weekend. I’m also really into Tarot:Politics (Rosie). Glad to share, of course! It calms me.

Kiwi — my gut tells me she (Linda G) is tuned in.

It is the recent Saturn- Mars conjunction that (IMO) has triggered the emotions of the American People over these children separated from their parents; the Moon in Scorpio was sextile Saturn and Mars in Capricorn. Not all by itself of course, but this present cycle between Mars and Saturn – just around 2 years long – is also deeply connected to the much longer cycle between Neptune-Pluto.

The Scorpio Moon (April 2, 2018) at the time of the Mars-Saturn conjunction was trine transiting centaur Nessus (abuse of power) who was conjunct US natal Ceres (distraught mother whose child had been taken by Pluto) at 8+ Pisces.

Transiting Nessus, along with US Ceres was square US Uranus at 8+ Gemini. It was also just a degree away from being conjunct US natal Nessus (the US Nessus “Return”) which is where it is right now.

Centaurs – through their aspects – draw attention to what needs attention – in this case how immigrants are treated by USA, especially by the US government. Nessus uses abuse of power like Chiron uses wounding; it’s what gets our attention.

So Saturn and Mars in Capricorn were sextile Moon in Scorpio and together they formed a Yod to US natal Uranus in Gemini and it is the US Uranus that must adjust, per the rules of Yod-hood.

At the same time the US Uranus is adjusting, it is also triggering the Neptune-Pluto cycle (they were conjunct US Uranus when their cycle started) and since Manafort’s natal Chiron in Sagittarius opposes the US natal Uranus (+ the Neptune-Pluto cycle) . . .

. . it means that both Manafort and the families being separated at the border are both part of the same Big Picture that the shocking US Uranus (+ Neptune-Pluto) is working on right now.

Of course, when Mars and Saturn started their (2 year) cycle they were opposite Trump’s natal Mercury (rules his Sun) so these intricate connections made up of yods and boomerangs, conjunctions, squares, oppositions, sextiles and trines are weaving an intricate pattern making me think of Arachne and Pallas and their weaving skills.

US natal Pallas conjuncts the US natal Moon in Aquarius of course, but the US natal Arachne is at 1+ Taurus which is where transiting Uranus is right now!

There IS a plan – it’s not just madness and chaos, there really is purpose and it is a good purpose. We must all trust and believe we are here right now for a reason and what is collapsing around us will be built stronger and better than before.

Wow, that Woman’s March must have freaked-out the American RightWing!

Now they’re worried about Democratic Women:
“Dems’ Fate in November May Ride on Female Turnout” https://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2018/06/15/dems_fate_in_november_may_ride_on_female_turnout_137283.html

Just Imagine: Thousands of Women & Men marching through Washington crying out these famous words:
“Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses from sh!t-hole contries yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” This country’s greatness and true genius lies in its Diversity”.

Story Behind the Poem on the Statue of Libertyhttps://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2018/01/the-story-behind-the-poem-on-the-statue-of-liberty/550553/

I need to review a post of Nancy’s created before “you know who” took office, or in his early months. If memory serves, Nancy called this….just not by name.

Nancy said summer of 2018, there would be some event that would affect US citizens, causing great sorrow for citizens. I assumed at the time, that meant a terrorist attack, or perhaps “you know who” being hurt somehow (something his groupies would be sad about).

I couldn’t have imagined “the event” would be ripping children from their mother’s arms. (Sigh)

On an “activism note,” Beto O’Rourke is holding a march and vigil today to the tent city holding over 90 children.

Want to help? Try this site, named by Maria Kumar on AM Joy this morning:


Oh and Jeff Sessions was denounced, and told to stop this immediately….by the Methodist church, Sessions is an (alleged) life-long Methodist.

Hi Bob,

I remember interacting with you on DU, my screen name was different there. You’re a kind, compassionate person, so of course you’re angry.

It is a great point that it is indeed a violation of the Constitution. But people like Jeff Sessions don’t consider brown and black children human, therefore the Constitution doesn’t apply to them. For Jeff Sessions, Stephen Miller, tRump, John Kelly…the Constitution is for white men only.

It is why so many fought so hard against Sessions becoming AG. Sessions is evil. This is not hyperbole.

Political pundits wondered aloud, “why does Sessions put up with tRump humiliating him on Twitter?” This is why. This is Sessions dream come true. Coretta Scott King knew Sessions is a hard-core racist, sexist, evil man. Now many others do, too.

Hang in there, friend.

Hi Lexi,

The point in that post is indeed excellent but I cannot take credit for someone else’s work. I only linked to it to spread the news and hope that members of Congress will see the post and follow up by spreading it far and wide using all available media.

The backlash is already enormous in scope and fear of being thrown out of office will drive Congress to stop this ungodly (in spite of using the Bible in an attempt to legitimize it) act.

We need to hold Congress’ feet to the fire on this.

I got so worked up just now I have forgotten more that I wanted to say but the core has been delivered.


Did I hear Linda Comanche imply that Melania’s recent hospital stay was because of a suicide attempt?

Will — yup, that’s what I heard.
“A rough patch …” — makes more sense than a non-life-threatening kidney operation. Especially the subsequent withdrawal from public life.

We all hold out hope that the November races will turn the House and maybe even the Senate. Don;t be so sure.

SCOTUS’s Monday decision to approve Ohio’s right to purge voter rolls of those who have not voted in two or more election cycles is not getting much attention but it should. What has been reported is that Ohio had targeted Democrats and democratic counties for enforcement but not Republican counties. The court did not address this but only their right to purge.

This is a green light to red states to begin removing Dem’s en masse. And now, Sessions has filed suit against Kentucky (and likely more states to follow) requiring them to purge the voter rolls.

This is the most horrific decision since Citizen’s United. It is also giving new understanding to McConnell’s refusal to even consider Garland. They will never get rid of their five seat right wing majoirty. And so long as they have that, they own the Judiciary.

Im getting depressed all over again after seeing a clip where steve bannon has been working overtime to engineer support for fascist leaning candidates all over Europe. Blamed the pope for immigrant problems in European countries. There is no other word for it – he and his cohorts are evil. Shades of Hitler arising. This is getting really serious – to quote Mussolini “fascism should rightly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power”
How will we defeat them?

Kiwi, history teaches us they can only be defeated by a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions. Fascism is irrational. It can only be defeated by force or economic collapse. Trust Trump to take us there. Perhaps humanity will find another way.

I see the Sun in Gemini sextiles Ceres in Leo and forms a Yod to the Mean Apogee (aka Black Moon Lilith) in Capricorn which, in turn, opposes the US natal Mercury in Cancer as well as Trump’s natal Venus-Saturn conjunction.

This is the classical Yod-turned-Boomerang, with the accumulated energy of the participating parties (Sun, Ceres, BML, US Mercury, Trump Saturn-Venus) merging into a single salvo aimed at, in this case, US Mercury, Trump Venus and Saturn, which will determine the final destination of said accumulated energy.

As this is not made up of speedy planets like Moon and Venus, it has already had at least 48 hours to build up intensity.

Tomorrow transiting Neptune in Pisces will station retrograde (so powerful at this time) while square Trump’s natal Uranus in Gemini (while also semi-square transiting Uranus in Taurus who is conjunct US natal Arachne [weaver of webs] and opposite US natal Hades [unbearable to look at]) . .

. . and this will cause Trump to renege on his border instructions to separate parents from children seeking asylum. Wha’duya bet?

Oh, BarbK, I so hope you are right. What we are seeing reminds me of Nazi Germany.

Although I’m not their father, today two young men came to visit me for father’s day. I am mentor to both, and both of them expressed the same feeling you expressed, that America today feels like Germany in 1933-1934.

The older gentleman is 31, and deeply concerned as to how unfair for his wife, a gal from Kosovo, if she has to again go through what she endured in Yugoslavia. She came to the USA thinking it was the land of the free, a land of opportunity, a very stable and safe place.

Everyone I know in four states right now, (other than Trump supporters) tells me of that same haunted feeling, of 1933-1934 Germany right here in the good ole’ USA. I’ve not known a time in my lifetime in which so many were afraid and depressed simultaneously over what is happening politically.

Liberals and Progressives here in Texas are of a different sort. Many I personally know are armed, and are quietly stockpiling more arms and survival supplies “just-in-case” while hoping and praying they don’t have to repeat history as did the French Resistance, and other Resistance forces in Nazi occupied countries. Far more are doing all they can within the Dem party to prevent the Trumpist/Corporatist/Fascists from achieving a complete takeover.

I tend to agree with barbK as to the ultimate, long term outcome of the current madness, but I pray the suffering in the short run will not be what many half expect in darker imagination.

Many who are familiar with the Sinclair Lewis novel, It Can’t Happen Here notice the extraordinarily striking similarities between the fictional character Berzelius “Buzz” Windrip and the nonfictional Donald J. Trump. Lewis based Windrip on Governor/Senator Huey Long.

According to Wikipedia,
“Following the results of the 2016 United States presidential election, sales of It Can’t Happen Here surged significantly, and it appeared on Amazon.com’s list of bestselling books.[7]”


Huey Pierce Long Jr.
Born August 30, 1893 in Winnfield, Louisiana
Died September 10, 1935 (aged 42) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Cause of death was assassination

Donald John Trump
Born June 14, 1946 in New York City

I can really relate to the psychological pain experienced by the children and parents being separated now. The memories from more than 60 years ago have come into sharp focus for me.

In the fall of 1955 my world collapsed when I was separated from my younger sisters and brother (Cathy 9, Carol 7, Gordy 6, Aggie 4) when they were sent to an orphanage and I to a foster home. I had at times taken care of them and shielded them from terrible events while we lived together as family but I could not get them out of that orphanage and reunite us. I went to bed every night for months and months with a band of pain around my chest.

Damn trump. Damn anyone who supports him. Damn the Republican controlled Congress. Damn those who control right wing media outlets.

Unfortunately Fascism/Corporatism cannot be defeated with passive resistance as in MLK and our Civil Rights era or in Gandhi’s efforts to gain independence for India. Gandhi was successful because the British collectively had a conscience. The same was true for the America of the 50’s/60’s.

The German Nazis and Italian fascists had no such moral development. (see Lawrence Kohlberg’s stages of moral development)


Had India existed in the German Nazi empire we would not know today the name or story of Mohandas K. Gandhi.

Even if we defeat the Trumpists at the polls and do so soundly, they will need be dealt with by law enforcement officers. If we don’t defeat them at the polls people of integrity will need to choose whether to acquiesce or fight by whatever means they regard as necessary and ethical.

Corporatists/Fascists don’t and won’t stop until they are either killed or jailed. That also applies to many very rich people in our society who’ve used their immense wealth over the last several decades to undermine our system and eventually replace it with one more of their liking. Mr. T is their man!

We of the western intellectual tradition, especially those of us who share the traditions of English common law, have been half blind for too long. When it comes to politics and governing we give assent to Lord Acton’s statement, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” We have not been able however to put into place the necessary revolution which recognizes the truth of the axiom within the sphere of finance and economics. In the USA our rights as delineated in our Bill of Rights are largely ignored, and in abeyance at the work place.

The American revolution will not be complete until we have successfully applied our constitutional principles to ALL areas of our lives, especially the economic. The same is true for those of the Anglosphere relative to local use of either of a written or unwritten constitution.

I’m with you, Bob and Eliseo.

I have a good friend who is Jewish who told me today that she is seriously thinking of pulling up stakes and moving to Canada. Her family got out of Germany well before Hitler and his brownshirt thugs really got their mass-murder machine started. The fact that she is considering this now really gave me pause. Nevertheless, I encouraged her to stay and that we would fight together. Honestly, I really don’t think there is any place where we can truly escape from the evil, raging ignorance driving this country right now, which threatens to tear it down completely and wreck the entire planet. If humanity is to survive, we need to face it head on, but from all sides at once.

I loathe Trump, and I will no doubt celebrate his final defeat and fall from power, but even he is only a symptom of a much greater problem. The twisted capitalistic root and toxic culture that birthed him must itself be cured and reformed somehow, or eliminated. One way or another, we are definitely in for quite a Pluto Return here in the U.S.

Steve Bannon is like a bad penny that keeps turning up again and again. Just when you think he’s washed up and done for good, he rears his ugly face once again in another place, sowing the seeds of iniquity there and everywhere else he goes. The only good news about him is that he isn’t even half as brilliant as he thinks he is.

Oh, Bob. I’m so very sorry. The orange menace has triggered so many wounded warriors. Sending you healing thoughts and cyber hugs.

Bannon isn’t fooling anyone with this recent act and sudden concern that the Mueller investigation end.

He used to say, “Mueller is a good man, and should be allowed to continue his investigation.” What changed? Bannon being implicated with Cambridge Analytica, and possibly Brexit.

So he turns up to talk to the idiot man child, through the tv, to kiss his butt, and ask that he take down Mueller’s investigation.

If he keeps it up, he’ll find himself facing obstruction charges, too. Maybe (hopefully) more.

The Uranus-Pluto square in the 1930s brought us Hitler and fascism. Pluto was in Cancer then, the sign of the homeland and the people. It brought us the Dustbowl but also the first forms of social security. Pluto this time is in Capricorn, the sign of corporate and governmental power, which, when abused, threatens the security of the people of the Cancer nation that is the USA. All this will not be resolved by 2020, whatever happens to Trump, since the Pluto return occurs in 2022 and Pluto will only leave Capricorn in 2023. There is also the transiting Neptune opposition to natal Neptune and square Mars in the US chart to take into account. Only the 2024 presidential election will put all this behind, but then there is the US Uranus return in 2027 which has always brought violent upheaval in the past (the War of Independence, the Civil War and World War II). Hope springs eternal, but so does human folly.

As a Canadian, I cannot set foot in the US while mothers are separated from their children in the name of the Bible. This is deep madness.
Many Canadians are cancelling their vacations in the US this summer. It won’t have much of an impact, and it will hurt mainly workers and small business. Also, our economies are closely tied and a boycott of American goods some are suggesting is unrealistic. Still, there is the need to do something.
Meanwhile, there is hope at the local level in the US: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-44349211

Thank you Lexi. I will use those memories for inspiration.

So glad to see your posts BuckeyeShadow.

By: Andre on June 18th, 2018 at 9:16 am

“Only the 2024 presidential election will put all this behind, …”

Thanks for the nudge Andre. The 2024 inaugural chart is full of promise for positive, directed change.


“we can expect much more pointed attacks and counter-attacks concerning Trump.”


I’m a bit concerned about the solar eclipse of July 12 opposite Pluto. Pluto is currently on my Sun at 20 Pluto opposite my Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 25 Cancer. Saturn is sitting on my North Node at 5 Cap square my MC at 5 Libra. I also have a Chiron-Mercury conjunction at 28 Cap square natal Neptune at 28 Libra. When Uranus and Neptune were there in the 90s, it was a time of massive overall change in my life that proved highly beneficial and exhilarating, but also created great instability. I wonder what Pluto will bring. Natally, I have a Pluto-Moon conjunction at 28 Leo sextile Neptune as well as two Yods (fingers of God). It’s all coming to a head. I am reminded of the ancient Chinese curse (so-called): «May you live in interesting times.» Sometimes, it all gets too interesting.

I had energy work done Saturday. (Remotely, which wouldn’t have been my first choice, but my daughter recommended her, and she’s both good and inexpensive, if anyone would like some long-distance Reiki.)

Went nuts buying new crystals on Sunday and some sage.

Tried meditating this morning and it went something like this:

Let’s try to send a protective shield to those poor children at the border, one that only love can penetrate. Let’s visualize that. That’s good. A little better.

But I’m so angry. Let’s hold up giant mirrors all around the White House in a ring, and let’s reflect back all the crap spewing out of Trump and his enablers, spew it right back at them.

No, let’s send love to those children. Only love. Love is healing. Love is what they need.

And action. I’m enraged. I need to write and send nasty e-mails to my reps. Those cowards. Those &*$( cowards! I hope they rot in hell.

No, back to love. Maybe the Stoneman kids singing Seasons of Love at the Tony Awards. That’s a beautiful song. About love.

But also about time. A whole year. Will the kids be there for a year? They’d better not be.

Crap on Trump. Literally, I could crap all over the man. I’d love to see him covered in crap. Drowning in it. That might make me feel a little bit better.

Then I gave up on meditating.


I am so sorry you were separated from your siblings. My father had a very tough childhood. Lost his mom when he was about 5, has very few memories of her. His dad married an awful woman, who enjoyed tormenting him and his siblings.

When daddy was 16, the stepmother kicked his little brother (14) out of the house, and daddy refused to let his brother go. So daddy left, too, to take care of him. At 16. With only an 8th grade education and no real job skills. It’s one of my favorite stories about my father. All I know about that time is that he found them a room above a bar that cost $1 a day and they made it somehow.

Your experiences make me glad for the two of them, that daddy was 16 when they were threatened with separation and he could prevent it.

I feel sick about those children at the border. Have for days now. Just sick. And outraged.

Trump’s natal Mercury (8+ Cancer) trines US natal Ceres (8+ Pisces); if anything moves Trump (outside of his own personal desires) it would be enraged mothers (Ceres) in the USA.

When Saturn and Mars made their conjunction (8+ Capricorn) not long ago, opposite Trump’s Mercury, the Moon was at 9+ Scorpio. It is this Moon in Scorpio that trines the US natal Ceres in Pisces that trines Trump’s Mercury in Cancer which creates the Grand Trine currently in effect.

Grand trines enable a kind of energy that has no brakes, and a water grand trine symbolizes an emotional energy swirling madly with no letup.

Since this emotionally driven grand trine involves Trump’s Mercury there will be stories (from Trump and his reps) coming out about criminals using children as shields to get past the US border. This may work with his “base” but it shouldn’t fool the rest of us.

In addition to the grand water trine tying the Mars/Saturn cycle to Trump’s Mercury and the USA Ceres, this Mars-Saturn in Capricorn with it’s Moon in Scorpio formed a Yod to the US natal chart’s Uranus at 8+ Gemini. A Yod (or Finger of God as Andre notes) “points” to something that needs to adjust (or flat out change); in this case it would be Uranus in the US chart.

So, to add to the confusion (or is it subterfuge?) the recently started cycle between Saturn and Mars – with its sextile to Moon pointing to the US Uranus degree, which is also the starting point of the Neptune-Pluto cycle – would likely be a part of what this Finger of God is pointing toward.

It could even be specifically pointing to the opposition between Saturn and Jupiter that is within the Neptune-Pluto conjunction’s chart.

Right now transiting Neptune conjuncts the Jupiter which opposed the Saturn in the chart of Neptune and Pluto’s conjunction.

If Jupiter “expands” and Saturn “restricts” then maybe it’s referring to the US Jupiter (expands) at 5+ Cancer that transiting retrograde Saturn (restricts) in Capricorn now opposes. Robert Mueller’s natal Saturn happens to conjunct the US natal Jupiter.

Or maybe transiting Neptune is pointing out another Jupiter – the one in Mueller’s natal chart that is soon to be trined by transiting Uranus in Taurus. Maybe transiting Neptune is obliquely trying to tell us about a breakthrough (a Uranus thing) about to happen. You don’t really think Neptune would be clear and straight-forward with us do you?

Whatever, there are more things we DON’T know than we DO know at this point. We must wait and wait for Neptune’s retrograde to end (as well as all the other retrogrades to end) to get answers to this conundrum. At least Jupiter will station direct next month – and it will trine the US natal Sun when it does so. That should make us feel better.

Neptune’s answers (and perhaps Mueller’s) will have to wait until March 2019 or later (when it returns to the degree where it is stationing), and when Uranus will have returned to Taurus, and Chiron to Aries.

I can tell you this though; the feminine influence is potent in the Mars-Saturn conjunction chart. We know how powerful the Scorpio Moon was, but
*Venus was in the “Chiron” degree (3+ Taurus),
*Juno was conjunct Neptune,
*Ceres was conjunct the US natal North Node,
*Vesta was conjunct Pholus (small cause, big effect) and they were quincunx Pallas who was sextile Chiron, and these last two, Pallas and Chiron, formed a Yod to the US natal MC (how USA is seen in the world).

It seems then that the power of the Feminine is alive and well and hard at work.

Transiting Isis (she who put all the pieces back together again) is conjunct Trump’s Mercury which was opposite the Mars-Saturn conjunction.

We sure do need the hope and positivity that you bring to this blog. I am concerned that all of the gloom and doom posted here will only attract what is feared.

I agree Bailey, the deluge of “gloom and doom” must be diluted with “hope and positivity” because without “the light” we will become “them”.

Yet another delay in the Sarah Huckabee Sanders press conference . . .this indicates the disarray the White House is in due to the shameful pictures of crying children being on all news outlets, except FOX News. No way to stop the emotional pressure of the grand trine, except to stop the separations between mothers and their children. He will get it eventually.

BarbK, pls. keep stressing the importance of holding “the light.”

The press conference by the Secretary of Homeland Security was a sham. The sounds of children crying is heartbreaking. Some Republican Senators and Congressmen have to find their spines and their hearts. And the American people have to put their iPhones down and pay attention to the news but not on Fox.

Another pattern within the Mars-Saturn conjunction/cycle is the sextile between Pluto (21+ Capricorn) and Jupiter (22+ Scorpio) which forms yet another Yod (Finger of God) with US Mars (21+ Gemini) + Trump Sun (22+ Gemini), with US Mars and Trump Sun at the apex where change must take place. This is the part of the chart that would appear to deal specifically with child (Gemini) abuse (US Mars) and Trump (natal Sun).

It’s all about: *WhiteGenocide*
“Believers argue that WHITE people are being systematically “erased” by their inferiors, and thus require an influx of white babies and new white immigrants (and the exclusion of nonwhite immigrants) to survive”.
To some among these believers, white Americans, and white culture, are threatened by a slow-running “genocide” via demographic replacement. (Indeed, Trump once retweeted someone with the handle “WhiteGenocide,” which refers to this theory.)

Memo re: Zero Tolerance written April 6, 2018 – 4 days after the Mars-Saturn conjunction:

Transiting retrograde Mercury (memo) in Aries was square transiting Saturn (govern) in Capricorn

Transiting Nessus was conjunct US natal Ceres 8+ Pisces, both square US Uranus 8+ Gemini

Transiting Jupiter 21+ Scorpio sextile transiting Pluto 21+ Capricorn both quincunx US natal Mars 21+ Gemini (conjunct Trump Sun 22+ Gemini) with US Mars & Trump Sun at apex of Yod

Transiting Uranus 27+ Aries square US natal Pluto 27+ Capricorn (but trans. Uranus, aka breakthrough god was trine the Galactic Center at 27+ Sagittarius)

Borasisi (Sun which was a fake god of a fake religion made up of lies by a ruler attempting to control his people) at 22+ Pisces was opposite US Neptune at 22+ Virgo, T-squared by US Mars and Trump Sun (which were at apex of Yod). This one says it all.

I have been swinging between rage and grief over this for weeks. I am grateful to every person in here who has posted and has have been discussing our collective American Horror Story.

Beto O’Rourke said tonight on Rachel’s show that what the administration has done is closed the legal ports of entry, not allowing anyone to cross over and touch on American soil, so that anyone who is seeking legal asylum is forced to cross illegally and therefore breaking the law, making it possible for them to prosecute them. Is there anything more evil than to terrorize and victimize innocent children and their parents who are already traumatized by their circumstance, pleading for our help?

I don’t know if anyone else is feeling this, but I am just going to say it. The people who are perpetrating this evil are clearly visible, but the people in this country that not only support this, but are actually cheering it on, are such a low level of consciousness that I am feeling the heaviness of them and it is so oppressive I feel at times like I can barely breathe. I haven’t shared a lot of my personal self in this group as I am not a frequent contributor. I feel like I have no other place to share this, so I am going to say it here. I have struggled with depression most of my life and I don’t know how to move out of it right now. The feeling of anguish that is being experienced by theses children and families is overwhelming. I know I am not alone when I say, the sense of hopelessness and helplessness to be able to do anything to change this is crushing. The one particular little girl that is dressed in red, crying, looking up by the car is wrenching. I burst into tears every time I see her.

I have been watching videos of Linda G and Lena R and Rosie trying to find something to cling to, something to give us a ray of hope that this nightmare will come to an end. They seem to be pointing to September. That is an eternity for these families.

Bob, sending you light and peace as you are confronting your own pain through this.

Will, I so relate to you as most of my friends and family are Republicans and I struggle to not judge them. My brother is a born again Christian. The morning of the election I sent him a text message, as I knew he had voted for Trump, it said, “Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they did.”

“Where the US really starts to get bitterly hostile to the President is from early 2019 till late 2020 with tr Pluto opposition the composite Mars (maybe conjunct the composite Moon); with tr Saturn adding its own chill. And a major turnaround and disruption from Uranus in 2019 as well.”

Marjorie Orr


May you be filled with light and serenity. I too have lived with abandonment issues. I no longer view any streaming news on my computer and I avoid NPR. The only news I can stand anymore is what I read on the net, and I’m having to limit that for my sanity. Blessings.


I feel the unbearableness ofit, too. But I do energy work and one thing that’s made me feel a tiny bit better is running energy through my body and sending it to the border to those children. I envision creating a shield around them to protect them and that the only thing that can penetrate that shield is love, and then I blast them with all the love I can muster. I visualize it in as much detail as possible and call on deity, spirit, whatever to go and help them.

I breathe. I feel powerful. I blast the with love. Just try it.

Another energy sequence that’s easy for balancing your own energy is by holding your fingers. Star with one thumb, wrap the fingers of your other hand around it. Breathe.you may feel a pulse in your thumb. If it’s fast, you’re opening a valve and releasing excess energy. If it’s weak, you’re strengthening it. After a few minutes, hold the opposite thumb. Slowly work you’re way through all your fingers.

Your fingers also represent different emotions. Thumbs are worrying. Index finger is for fear. Middle finger, anger, ring finger sadness, pinky when you feel like you’re trying too hard and not getting anywhere.if you need to, just hold the finger, either hand, that corresponds to the emotion you’re feeling.

Bob and everyone,

Sorry I have been away. Life is moving at about 80 mph and has been for awhile. I lurk when I can, but rarely have much time to string together much of a well-thought-out response. But these times… Time to share or not, I am making space to do so.

We’re definitely edging closer and closer to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, and right on its heels is the Pluto-Eris Square which few astrologers have said much about. I have my own thoughts to share, which I am working on.

May you live in interesting times, indeed. Should also add that Neptune will be opposing the US Natal Neptune at the exact same time Pluto is conjunct the US Natal Pluto.

One thing is clear to me: The Wall Street-Washington nexus and power establishment of the US is on schedule for a death and transformation, brought on by echoes of the same energies that first set it in motion nearly 250 years ago. At the same time, a shift away from the Post-WWII American Dream will also be taking shape. The Uranus Return just a few years later will bring further jolts to the US order and outlook in some unexpected way.

Elizabeth, you know you aren’t alone and that is a giant clue as to why this is happening – in the United States – to people who have known freedom most, if not all their lives, unlike many people in other parts of the world. We share our collective sorrow, our anger, our shock over what has happened to our country’s government, seemingly overnight.

How is it our beloved country could turn into a monster that would inflict cruelty on innocent children? What could possibly be so important that we, as a nation, would do such a despicable thing?

I am grateful for astrology that can explain through symbolism how we arrived at this point; why it is necessary for us all (you are not alone) to become more conscious of what’s been happening for over a hundred years under the radar of normal consciousness. We must all find a way to participate in the awakening of what is called unity consciousness. That means overcoming the (sometimes) latent (sometimes not) fear of “the Other” unlike “Us”.

It is a human trait to be fearful of those outside our personal tribe (nationality, race, religion, sex) but it can and has been overcome by nearly half of humanity at this time, maybe more; I hope much more.

In order to become more conscious it takes a shock to the masses so we will awaken from a kind of slumber as to how institutions like government and corporations have beguiled us into giving up our freedom without suspecting a thing.

We are like children, many of us, trusting that things will be as good or better than they were for our parents and for their parents – without investing ourselves into personally overseeing these corporations and government – often one in the same.

As heartbreaking and shocking as the truth can be, we are being granted an opportunity to take back our “rights” that (due to a lack of awareness) have been usurped by the unscrupulous and greedy among us.

The “outer” planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, as they move through the zodiac sign by sign, are leading the awakening to Truth that will be required for human beings to bring those values we share – such as no separating mother from child – back as guaranteed rights, no questions asked.

Today it is Neptune opening our hearts in the Awakening Process. Uranus and Pluto have and will continue their roles in this process as we take back our rights as US citizens by pursuing the election of honest and decent men and women to government roles. Some of us will participate more in the communities we live in as a way of being involved in the Awakening.

Birth is a painful experience but mostly it is forgotten soon enough by baby and mother. This is like birthing in a way. In time we will forget the pain of this moment but not the lessons we are learning from it.

Thank you Nancy for your talent and wisdom and for this space for us to share our thoughts and feelings. We look forward to your observations on the State of the Union and the astrology behind those observations.

Barb, Thank you. I kept thinking back to the morning after the election and feeling terror as if I had woken up in 1934 Germany. I had hoped it was just my own fear. As we watch this horror unfold, our worst fears of what he was capable of have been realized. I know you are right about the awakening process, but I never could have imagined it would would manifest like this. I am grateful to all of you astrologers here as well as the many gifted psychics and mediums that are helping us all understand there is light coming, there is light at the end of this dark and treacherous tunnel.

Theresa Hill, thank you so much for that suggestion! I did that this morning and Oh my God that was exactly what you said it was, each finger invoked a different feeling, a different emotion. I will continue to do that, it was very comforting and self soothing. Thank you so much! I went to bed last night, sending Reiki to those children, covering them with white light and as you said, “blast them with all the love I can muster.” It helped me feel peaceful and a little bit less helpless that there was something I could do. Love can always do something.


“…The people who are perpetrating this evil are clearly visible, but the people in this country that not only support this, but are actually cheering it on, are such a low level of consciousness that I am feeling the heaviness of them and it is so oppressive I feel at times like I can barely breathe. I haven’t shared a lot of my personal self in this group as I am not a frequent contributor. I feel like I have no other place to share this, so I am going to say it here. I have struggled with depression most of my life and I don’t know how to move out of it right now. The feeling of anguish that is being experienced by theses children and families is overwhelming. I know I am not alone when I say, the sense of hopelessness and helplessness to be able to do anything to change this is crushing. The one particular little girl that is dressed in red, crying, looking up by the car is wrenching. I burst into tears every time I see her.”

I heart you.

Someone needs to TAKE HIM OUT

Thank you, Will. I heart you back.

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