11th May, 2018

Trump Reality Show


The Trump Reality Show continues to entertain with daily upheaval and undisciplined pronouncements, while in the real world, the Trump administration continues to marinate the country in moral decline and ill-conceived policy. This newly discovered extreme sport of rapidly rolling down the American mountainside may be strangely exhilarating in some sickly twisted way, but it is likely to end painfully in a broken heap.

In the past few days, we have seen Donald Trump unilaterally pull the US from the Iran Nuclear Deal that had been painstakingly crafted by 7 nations in order to restrain the nuclear ambitions of Iran. The potential for multiple, metastasizing complications from this one grandiose and self-indulgent gesture is enormous. Already, Iran feels itself unleashed to be more aggressive with Israel, and hostilities between Israel and the Iranian positions in Syria have exploded. (This increase in violence in Israel was predicted previously on this site.)

In Trump’s chart, we are witnessing in real time the solar arc progressed Uranus conjunct natal Mars (26Leo47), waxing in early July 2018. This progression has exacerbated the irritability and impulsivity of an already unstable chief executive. It has been triggered in the past few days (May 8 to May 10) by a Mars transit during which we have seen the dramatic termination of the Iran deal and a 30-minute abusive tirade in a staff meeting against the Homeland Security Secretary. On May 16 and 17, there will be another trigger, this time from the transiting Sun, likely to induce yet more aggressive and rash action.

We are also just now entering the first crossing of transiting Uranus square to the Inaugural Sun (00Aquarius49) from May 12 to June 1, intensely activated by the protracted square of transiting Mars to transiting Uranus from May 12 to May 16. Thus, May 12 will begin a period of impulsive and unpredictable behavior (Uranus) from this administration through June 1, as well as bringing three weeks of unexpected events impacting the administration which cause a sudden shift in the current terrain. This will be especially intense from May 12 to May 16 due to the Mars/Uranus square, with the president acting very aggressively on May 16 and May 17.

Furthermore, it seems likely that trouble will come in the form of American interactions and relations with our foreign allies and adversaries during the first half of June. From mid-May to mid-June, the transiting Node will conjunct the US natal Node (6Leo36), suggesting somewhat of a reset in relationships. Transiting Saturn will join this configuration from June 1 to June 15, suggesting difficulties in these relationships. This will be further exacerbated from June 1 to June 5 when transiting Mars crosses the US South Node (6Aquarius36), bringing turmoil and anger into the mix.

And finally, the period immediately after the much-heralded June 12 meeting between Trump and Kim Jong Un is mostly fraught with tensions for the administration. Transiting Saturn returns to oppose US Jupiter (5Cancer56) from June 12 to June 25. The previous crossing brought a Stock Market plunge of 700 points, and the return of this aspect signals a financial contraction of some kind. Moreover, the same transit of Saturn will be in square to Trump’s Neptune (5Libra51), which indicates intense anxiety, disappointment, and thwarted expectations. The Mars station from June 12 to July 4 will be quincunx to Trump’s Mercury (8Cancer52), again highlighting his irritability, impatience and anger.

And lastly, the most troublesome aspect in the Inaugural chart will come into play with the same Mars station, this time semisquare Inaugural Saturn (23Sagittarius30) from June 10 to July 7, and further irritated when transiting Mars comes close to square Inaugural Moon (9Scorpio22) and semisquare Inaugural Mars (24Pisces21) from June 15 to June 26. This combination in the Inaugural chart of Saturn, Mars, and the Moon, when triggered as they are in June, points to the administration’s aggressive agenda (Mars) being thwarted (Saturn), as well as responded to by an angry population (Moon). We can expect legal (and possibly legislative) frustrations to the Trump agenda, as well as massive protest marches during this period.

It should be noted that the Jupiter transit opposite the Inaugural Ascendant (14Taurus08) will have an impact from June 5 to June 17 and again in July. This aspect points to the extravagant and grandiose build-up to the Korean talks as well as an attempt to celebrate them afterwards, perhaps with the usual Trumpian campaign style rallies. But the stress from transiting Saturn and Mars will begin to take its toll increasingly and drown out any delusion of great victory that Trump would like to proclaim.


Thanks Nancy for all that you do. Whenever I say thanks it never seems like enough. Your work is greatly appreciated.

Like Humpty-Dumpty, the big-assed orange egg will always set himself up for a great fall. Maybe in July, he will cancel the big military parade on July 4th in his honor, or his Joint Chiefs will.

Nancy, I guess part of this feeds into the tumultuous mid-May prediction by Steve Judd, and, from what you’ve said, Trump will a major part of it.

The baboon will be gone by the Fall or sooner. In my world of biomedical research he is what we call an NHP = non-human primate.

Of concern in mid May is the protracted Mars square to Uranus just as it enters Taurus. But in June, the actual Mars station will trigger the Inaugural configuration that causes Trump indigestion (the Women’s March and the court cases blocking the Muslim ban were part of this in late January 2017). And then Saturn hitting Trump’s Neptune and the US Jupiter, as it did when the Market dropped 700 points during second half of June. So in essence, that is the line up through June.

Alas, in July there is a Jupiter station trine US Sun. Normally, that would be good, but Jupiter to the US Sun often suggests over-expansion, often military. The protracted Saturn station opposite US Venus begins in late july, so too much grandiose posturing may not be a good idea in July. We will see. The thought of a military parade is nauseating but could fit right in with Jupiter trine the Sun..

One day at a time surviving this horror show.

This is getting wilder by the minute. Check out this story at TPM.


Apparently Gleason, a sleazeball lawyer was said to have had dirt on AG Schneiderman as far back as 2013, told Cohen/Trump back then.

Then they held back on using it. Almost as if they were going to hold it over the AGs head, or use at a “In Case of Fire-Break Glass” moment, like the raid on the Cohen properties, perhaps.

Its all speculative, but the Cohengate affair is making 45s administration look like a combination of “The Americans”, “The Sopranos” and Seth Rogen’s “The Interview”.

In other words, spies, mobsters/blackmailers, and morons.

Clarification: The lawyer Gleason went to a journalist who relayed story to Cohen. Few more middlemen.

I’m utterly addicted to following this never ending train crash, I’ve become the much despised “looky-loo”, the plot line is all so much more outrageous than any opera I ever played. Seems like a hybrid between Verdi-Shostakovitch-Der Ferne Klang (can’t remember the composer … but I played it!)
Mille grazie, dear Nancy, for giving all this some shape that we mere mortals can wrap our brains around.

So, hypothetically speaking, if one wanted to get a different perspective on current events … related to The Orange One and potential consequences, would we draw up the Supreme Court’s chart and compare it to Silby & Inaugural charts, plus the Mueller probe chart?

I can’t be the only person wondering what more Mueller could be waiting on, right?

I agree with ox the cat Nancy, we all appreciate your ability to perceive meaning from the transits and the progressions of planets to the various charts (especially that Inauguration chart) and weave a plausible picture of likely events, moods and reactions from the primary players (people, countries, both).

For some reason, there is comfort even in the “bad news” by being braced for it ahead of time and knowing the reason why (and when it will pass). I am particularly grateful to you for noting that transiting Mars will conjunct US natal chart’s South Node at 6+ Aquarius, effective June 1 – June 5.

This is going to activate the Jupiter/Saturn cycle because Neptune in the chart for their conjunction (in 2000) was also at 6+ Aquarius.

Factor in this as well; the US natal South Node is conjunct US natal Pholus (a sure sign of something being blown beyond expectations) and US natal Amycus, also a centaur (seeks fame), along with the transiting Mars, makes this relatively simple trans. Mars-conjunct-US natal South Node more complex than it first appears.

The US South Node is in the US natal chart’s 2nd house of material goods such as property, and other things of value. Transiting Uranus will be in Taurus and Taurus is associated with 2nd house symbolism, ie. money, values. property, etc.

In the Saturn/Jupiter cycle chart, Neptune (conjunct US South Node at 6+ Aquarius) trines the Sun (7+ Gemini) of the same chart which is just one degree from US natal chart’s Uranus (8+ Gemini). So US Uranus trines US South Node.

This cycle is effective for the 20 years between 2000 and 2020, so this Neptune-trine-Sun in the 20 year long Jupiter/Saturn cycle – for the USA – has the added effect of (US) Uranus (shock, disruption, unexpected) to contend with. With the June 2018 transit of Mars conjunct US South Node+Pholus+Amycus,+ trans. South Node, a chain effect of events will kick into gear.

The understanding about South Nodes in any chart is that it represents a skill or talent or institution perfected (over many lifetimes) but which must now be ended in order to develop the North Node possibilities so as to grow in consciousness . . . or maybe just grow up.

As the transiting North Node (NN) approaches the US natal NN, the transiting South Node (SN) approaches the US natal SN (+ Chiron/Amycus) in the US natal chart’s 2nd house. At the same time, transiting SN will also conjunct (activate) the Neptune (trine Sun) of the Jupiter/Saturn cycle, as well as the transiting Mars, and what will all that look and sound like?

The US will either be employing a practice it is good at but which is no longer purposeful, or relinquishing it. Either way, US centaurs Pholus and Amycus will make a big deal out of it and seek glory for it. I suspect it will be relinquishing it. (Trans. SN emphasizes the release inclination and to start a new cycle.) Neptune from the Jupiter/Saturn cycle (nearing its end) will provide a transcendent/releasing quality or maybe just confusion or deceit to the atmosphere.

Transiting Uranus in Taurus (suggesting abrupt change in values and financial dealings) is involved through its relationship to 2nd house issues (also about values and finances) where US natal SN is located. US natal Uranus is also involved because of its trine to US SN in Aquarius, and because the Jupiter/Saturn cycle’s Neptune (conjunct US SN) -trine – Sun (conjunct US Uranus).

Because Uranus and Neptune are tied into this transit of Mars to the US South Node, we are dealing in terms of the Collective (all of us will be affected by what happens when trans. Mars conjuncts US SN).

Because the Saturn/Jupiter cycle is drawn in to this trans Mars/US natal SN conjunction through its Neptune, societies all over the world could be affected by the outcome. Again Neptune works through (and for) the Collective.

At the time trans. Mars conjuncts US South Node (in the US natal chart 2nd house) transiting Neptune (in US chart’s 3rd house of communicating) will be participating in a grand trine with transiting Venus in Cancer (US chart’s 8th house) and transiting Jupiter (retrograde) in Scorpio (US chart’s 11th house). It might be a perfect time to reveal a new plan for banking and/or financing for those regular citizens with their backs to the wall.

Since Uranus and Neptune (in their various forms) are involved in this structure that stems from transiting Mars – conjunct – US South Node, you might wonder if Pluto plays a roll too. Well, transiting Pluto, now retrograde, will station direct on the last day of September at 18+ Capricorn, the same degree of the last conjunction between Neptune and Uranus that started their present cycle in 1993. And that’s the name of that tune.

Many Thanks Nancy! Perfect Title as Trump lives to put on his Really Big Shows.
Question for Astrologers: As a Taurus, I was looking into different articles on ‘What to expect re: Uranus.
It occured to me that Melania will also experience Uranus on her Sun as well. Any Predictions?
Will Melania take Baron & leave The Trumpster? I doubt it because Trump gave her Parents an entire floor in TrumpTower & Security is crucial to Taurus!


Nancy, many, many thanks. And as a couple posters have said, thank you just doesn’t seem enough. It is heartfelt, thank you for such good work!

Thank you Nancy, I have been very eager for your
post. I am most appreciative of receiving this
information so that I can prepare for potential

Thanks Nancy.
Marjorie Orr today mentions echos of your timeline, albeit from a slightly different perspective

Patty, I am the most simplistic of astrologers but I do know that Melania has quite a stellum in Taurus so she will experience change. As someone with many Pisces placements who experienced a uranus transit 14 yrs ago, that lasted 7 years (right before it transited Aires), I can say that a lot of wonderful new opportunities and fresh life energies washed into my life. There were a two unexpected losses but they seemed to fit into the narrative. Life kept moving and kept me busy and I was somehow up to it all (I have sun, mars, venus, jupiter, MH and NN in Pisces.)

In reading Marjorie Orr, I must say that there is a view on the Left that Israel is always the aggressor and her article conveniently leaves out the other side of the picture. No only that, but 500,000 to a million Jews were displaced (or left) Arab lands in 1948, when the partition happened (leaving most of their possession behind). They were taken in by Israel (the whole purpose of their being an Israel in the first place) but countries like Jordan, after attacking Israel on the same day, made the Palestinians live in a refugee camp, and they do to this day. As to what is happening now, Israel has been heavy handed, yes, but not without provocation. Many Palestinians were called by Hamas to be martyrs and they rushed the border, trying to force their way across en masse. They were warned not to do that by Israel. Then, there are the tunnels built from Gaza meant to allow infiltration and kidnapping of Jews etc., many of which have been found and destroyed by Israel. When Israel got involved in war with Lebannon, it was after land had been given back to Lebanon. Land was also given back to Gaza although the borders are policed. But Gaza kept shooting rockets at Israel. Much of the aide given to Gaza went for military purposes instead of building infrastructure. There are always two sides and these are parts of the other side that was completely left out of Majorie’s post. I get a little tired of the one-sided narrative. I have a Palestinian friend whose family has a key to their property. I feel for her and hope they can get it back. However, I do not want to see Israel destroyed or to become less than the haven for Jews that was its original purpose after the Holocaust. I have watched this situation for years as it progressed through various Israeli leaders and am not at all sure that the extremists among the Palestinians, who are lead by Hamas in Gaza, want peace at all, or even their own country. They would like to take Israel back. However, I have read that those in the West Bank do not feel this way but Abbas is trying not to alienate anyone because his leadership is hanging by a thread. Israel, a Taurus-Leo country, doesn’t fool around. They respond hard. However, from what I’ve seen, they do not start these incidences and only began expanding settlements in the past approximately 10 years after getting disgusted. If you read your history, Sharon, who gave Gaza back in a gesture of peace, dismantled settlements and had people removed forcibly.


Giuliani: Don’t expect Trump-Russia interview decision soon

“President Donald Trump and his lawyers likely won’t decide whether he will answer questions from Russia probe investigators until after his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un next month, according to the president’s legal team.”

I am concerned for Mueller and Avenatti during the mid-June time, just after the meeting. They both have hard negative aspects (see my chart for Mueller on IMGUR – Avenatti has the midpoint of transiting Saturn/Pluto on his progressed Mars) while tRump has progressed Asc conjunct progressed Jupiter.

If Mueller (and/or Avenatti) are removed from the scene around June 11-12 tRump would be sprung free (at least for awhile). Pursuit of the Russia investigation and bombshells from Avenatti would come to a screeching halt and the 2 of them might not be replaced by some as zealous, capable, and tenacious, if at all.

But if attempts are made and fail Hell hath no fury.

Sharon, I see it as such a tangled mess as a result of the past 100 years of the victim/rescuer/persecuter cycles of too many, fuelled by an apparent inability to forgive and live lovingly, letting go of grudges and blame. From the larger perspective I see the cycle starting when too many locals were displaced by too many immigrants fleeing their homes, initially in large part due to Russian unrest. But then, should we go further back to the original ‘lost tribes’ diaspora?
Very sadly, I don’t see solutions while ‘My way or the highway’ eye-for-eye attitudes on all sides are bolstered. And the $$$$ motivation by regional influential players is just making things worse.
As you said before, oy vey and oy yoy yoy!

kiwi, as far as I know, those fleeing the pogroms in Russia largely went to the U.S. in droves, with some going to Europe. Those Jews who went to Israel were fleeing the Nazis. I’m not sure I follow your points in that respect. I agree with you about my way or the highway attitudes, but I was making my own point that Israel had started to give back the land (Lebanon, Gaza). However, there are those who do not want Israel to exist as a Jewish state, although the Arabs got the lions share of the land and many Jews who lived in those Arab countries also lost their centuries old homesteads.

Hi Sharon, it is my understanding of the est 2M or so jews escaping Russia, most came to the US, but a sizable number, disruptively so relative to the host population, ended up in what was then know as Palestine, via various places in an increasingly hostile Europe during the decades leading up to and following WW1. WW2 brought another horror.
Nov 2 1917 was the Balfour declaration, which set many things in motion……. and here we are 100 years later ……
sometimes history is slanted by the viewpoint of whomever is recording the details.

Hi Nancy,

Any thoughts on the July 27th total lunar eclipse? The Mars-Uranus-Sun-Moon-Nodes t square forms a very tight Grand Cross square to the US progressed Saturn (3 Scorpio).

Here’s the eclipse chart:


Steve Judd’s timeline for the next week or so:


Ralfee. I really liked what she had to say about Taurus and values

Jerry – I think that Full Moon eclipse will supercharge an already painful Saturn station opposite US Venus. Everything seems to act as a trigger over the course of several days at the end of July and early August. In addition, we will be in the midst of a second, protracted Uranus/Mars square. The current Uranus/Mars square runs from the 12th to the 17th of May. The one in late July, early August includes the Saturn opposition to US Venus and so will more directly affect the US population. Saturn/Venus points to a painful experience of loss for some segment of the US population. it will be a big, national story at the end of July, beginning of August.

Hi kiwi, This chart seems to bear out what you said (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographic_history_of_Palestine_(region).

Before the 1890s, the Jewish population was 3% or less, or just listed as “minority” (for something like 1200 years); in the 1890s, when so many began to emigrate to the U.S. and Europe (France), Jews composed about 10% of the population in Palestine; by 1931, 17%; and by 1947, 32%. Now it is 75%. When Israel became a state, up to 300,000 Palestinians left, and the same thing happened to up to 850,000 to 1 million Jews in the Arab countries. Yes, I can see how the influx of Jews into Palestine was a problem for the indigenous population but I also see how the immensity of the Holocaust got Britain to carve out land for the Jews to create a state. When Hitler rose to power, the Jewish population of Germany was less than 1% but he targeted Jews all over Europe. During the 19th C. “Enlightenment” in Europe, conditions for minorities improved but at the same time, a nationalist movement began which, of course, included xenophobia, similar to what has been going on in the U.S. and Europe today.) I completely empathize with all concerned, except the extremists, and my hope is still for a peaceful resolution of the 2 peoples. And, yes, viewpoint determines history to a large extent. We will never have a perfect, fair picture, but the more viewpoints that are vetted and allowed, the more true and accurate the overall account. My observations have shown that the evolution of extremism (“my way or the highway”) over the years has stood in the way of that. I did mention the overtures made by Israel towards peace. There are those who say that the Clinton peace plan almost got there, but still had a ways to go, and might have successfully reached a resolution, but the efforts were cut short when Clinton’s final term ended. The right of return of Palestinian descendants has always been a sticking point. Monetary compensation was probably offered but not accepted (I’m vague on those details). 🙂 Namaste

Also, I think Marjorie’s account was fair in the last link you posted. However, there is no mention at all of the fact that Israel was attacked by the Arab countries on the very first day (and, again, in ’67 and in ’73). That doesn’t justify extremism and massacres of innocent people but I believe that was happening on both sides.

“The Balfour Declaration chart showed considerable concern and disappointment in 1949/50 as it became clear that the Israeli leaders were intent on belligerent self-protection and territorial expansion, with Arab Palestinians being driven from their homes and in some instances massacred.”

Referring to Nancy’s post about late July, early August, that time of year always strikes fear in my heart as it is the beginning of the peak time of hurricane season in the Atlanta, the Gulf, the Caribbean, and, of late, the Pacific.

Pluto could be reclassified as a planet by astronomers.



Oy Gott.

Looks to be a long, hot summer.

Thank you for your well-honed skills.


I’ll go with the “joy and humour” Judd suggests.


Pluto: evidence that size really doesn’t matter.

Hi again Sharon, my underlying feeling is that the stench of the drive for $$$$$$ and control – corruption on both sides, resulting in a greater haves and have-nots divide, has been the prime underlying cause of much of the misery for the common man regardless of the ethnicity.
Not sure if I mentioned it before or not, but my aunt helped integrate, over a number of years, a Palestinian refugee family here in nz, – language, employment etc etc. The father had worked under Arafat, CFO for money given for hospitals etc – he tried to blow the whistle that money was being illegally diverted from medical purposes to arms purposes and Arafat threw him in jail. He managed to get out and ended up in NZ as a political refugee. Parents are still struggling with our culture a bit, but the kids are really smart and have now graduated from uni and are doing well.

Ed tamplin this week – Uranus into Taurus etc

Jupiter enters Sagittarius on November 8th 2018. This is good news for everyone – even if Jupiter in Scorpio was a great transit thanks to the supportive alignments with the other planets, nothing compares to having Jupiter in its home sign. Zeus, the king of all gods, finally returns to Olympus, finally comes home.

The North Node moves into Cancer on November 7th and South Node in Capricorn. The focus will shift from the masculine, abstract principle of the masculine Leo / Aquarius energy, to the material, nurturing and creative principle of the feminine Cancer / Capricorn energy. The transit will invite us to set healthy boundaries with the world, by releasing the need to always be in the control of our environment.


The 2018 United States elections will be held (for the most part) on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

During this mid-term election year, all 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives and 33 of the 100 seats in the United States Senate will be contested.
38 state and territorial governorships and numerous other state and local elections will also be contested.

Senate elections
Seats contested 33 seats
Map of the 2018 Senate races
Dark blue: Incumbent Democrat
Light blue: Retiring Democrat
Dark red: Incumbent Republican
Light red: Retiring Republican
Yellow: Independent incumbent
Gray: no election



kiwi, that’s a great story. Arafat was well-known for not only diverting money to military instead of infrastructure but also to pocket it. I’m not sure how much or what corruption is going on on the Israeli side but they obviously have their ways of exploiting the situation (although I still think they are not portrayed in a balanced way). It’s a sad, sad situation that (you are right in this sense, I may have misunderstood what you meant) is stuck in a victimization cycle, and the chart tells the tale, but uranus, and then pluto, are apparently going to break that cycle up. I would pray that the changes are political and constructive and do not occur as a result of war and violence.

Sharon, any thoughts on whether Adelson’s push for and offer to fund the new usa embassy in Jerusalem has hidden motives?
IMO this is part of what I mean about gobs of money thru undemocratic (shady?) methods, influencing outcomes in Israel.
There is an awful lot of chatter from the far Christian right at the moment about the fig tree prophecy, correlating 70 years from statehood, and the 2nd coming. I think this is a large motivation as to why they are still blindly backing trump.

SharonK- this will help with what is going on in Israel right now…

Henri, I scanned the article so I may have missed something but there looks to be a lack of someone really good, who can navigate and unite Israel, and have a vision for the future that includes peace with the Palestinians — someone who could offer something creative and different. I guess Uranus will help there. The religious factions are the trouble makers. Israel has a type of parliamentary system that appears to have some good elements of a democracy but you also have to jump through hoops to get enough support and that means comprising your integrity as Netanyahu has been doing. I used to like him at one time as I felt he had Israel’s best interests at heart and wanted to protect Israel, but he has gone way too far and it will backfire. I believe he will be gone soon. Kiwi, I detest Adelson as much as I detest the Koch brothers and others of that ilk. The far right Christian movement is another annoyance as are all religious fanatics who think they know what God wants.

interesting angle on the march to effect change beyond (or despite) capitol hill

This Mothers Day in the US has a decidedly Neptunian cast. The US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo) will be trine the transiting Sun (22+ Taurus) and squared by transiting Venus (22+ Gemini). Things just aren’t perceived in their natural or normal state, whatever that is these days.

Transiting Venus will be conjunct Trump’s natal Sun, having crossed over US Mars yesterday, and transiting Sun is conjunct the Jupiter/Saturn cycle start degree.

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth is feeling a similar vibe as her natal Neptune at 22+ Leo squares the transiting Sun and sextiles transiting Venus, although with transiting Pluto (21+ Capricorn) on her ascendant it predominates her perception of life.

The overall influence of the Jupiter/Saturn cycle being about societies evolving, the US Israel Embassy move will have the most conspicuous effect, while in Britain the Queen’s concerns seem to be about the history-changing royal wedding next Saturday.

Fabulous bit from Bill Maher:

Tomorrow the Embassy in Jerusalem opens with Robert Jeffress speaking. Hard to be more inflammatory if you tried.


It is hard not to expect significant disruption and/or violence from this stupidity falling in the midst of the Mars/Uranus square which is hitting the Israeli Ascendant. The following afternoon, Tuesday,when the Moon reaches the square to Israel’s Mars, now in hard aspect to Israel’s progressed Moon, and triggers the Mars/Uranus square, there are likely to be some nasty events unfolding.

also today’s Anne Applebaum is excellent:


I see that Israel turns 70 years old tomorrow, May 14, the day the American Embassy opens in Jerusalem. I once asked a Jewish colleague who I liked and respected if it was possible to love the Jewish people and all their contributions to humanity, while disapproving of the aggressive stance Israel takes toward its Arab neighbors, especially Palestinians. He said no, you have to love both or neither. This is a psychological dilemma for me. I love Jewish people, but I just can’t get over Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. I would like to celebrate and say “Happy B-day, Israel!” but there’s that prickly issue.

Thanks Nancy, for your insight.

Only a half hour to go now until midnight in Israel, beginning the day of the 14th. Has anyone looked at their solar return for clues of what the year might bring?

Brilliant, Nancy! Here’s the ‘weak’ other side of the coin: “Liberals, You’re Not as Smart as You Think”
By Gerard Alexander: Professor of political science at the University of Virginia. (with NYT comments)

“blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth”
meek= “gentle, quiet, unaggressive; benevolent, kind; courteous, humble, unassuming;”

that leaves trump and his cohorts out don’t you think?

“DUBAI (Reuters) – President Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday that Iran would remain committed to the 2015 nuclear deal if its interests were protected, while his foreign minister hoped the pact could be redesigned without Washington as a member.
The U.S. withdrawal from the accord on Tuesday was a “violation of morals”, Rouhani said in remarks carried by state television.”

any one have any insight on a few congressional elections?

McCaskill born on july 24th 1953 in Rolla
Hawley born Dec 31 1979 in Lexington Missouri

Here’s a very interesting Violetta (Psychic )
Almost A Mother’s Day Card as she studies ‘Ivanka’ & it’s not a pretty picture. (if you missed it)


Glancing at the 5/14/48 4:37 pm EET Israel chart here:


Israel’s Moon/MC at 3 ’55/ 4’43 Leo is in the cross-hairs of that July 27th eclipse.

Trump’s progressed Saturn (2 ’53 Leo) is also heavily impacted. Progressed Saturn adversely affected by tr. Mars, Uranus, Nodes and the eclipse. According to astrologer Eileen Nauman a pronounced Saturn progression can sometimes be an indicator of death. Will this eclipse be a game changer for Trump? Stay tuned.

Jerry, Ivanka and Jarrod are there for the embassy opening – hmmmm
Have you looked at their aspects?

From an article in the Boston Globe on May 12 titled, “When the apocalypse is a feature, not a bug” by Liya Rechtman:
“On Tuesday, thousands of Palestinians are expected to storm a fence along the Gaza-Israeli border, while others plan to march through Bethlehem in what some members of the Palestinian Authority are calling a ‘day of rage.’ Hundreds have already been shot by Israeli soldiers….”

Mars square Uranus that very day, when Trump moves the US embassy to Jerusalem. Yikes.

so get your head around this one: trump to help Chinese telecom . . .
Wanna bet this the under the table payoff to china to ensure kim’s ‘sweet deal’ makes the don look good?


I am very dismayed that your Jewish colleague said what he did. I am genuinely horrified that in recent years Israel has behaved in ways that are frighteningly like Nazi Germany in their treatment of Palestinians.

While I recognize that there can be valid differences of opinion here, it more and more feels to me as if Israel has no remembrance of the Holocaust, and are perpetuating it on Palestinians.

pardon me while I throw up:
Fox News Host says Trump Fulfilled Biblical Prophecy By Moving U.S. Embassy To Jerusalem. Jeanine Pirro also compared Trump to King Cyrus

Duchess of Gadsden,
You are reading my mind & fears.
Is that how it works? Do those who were harmed…
eventually take it out on others?
Also: “Donald Trump’s Mommy Issues”: He may not have bonded successfully with his mother and that made him the adult—and the politician—that he is.

Kiwi, yep, apparently the evangelicals are all into trump fulfilling all these biblical prophecies for them, a major one being the moving of the embassy to Jerusalem. It’s all so crazy how they are so sucked in to this ridiculous cult with its clownish and charlatan leader. Makes me want to throw up too

Starlight, your new post seems promising for more trouble and I hope downfall for Trump, despite some Korean possible triumph. Can’t wait to see him get his come uppance.

Kiwi: You are so right. Helping China to ensure he gets a good deal with N. Korea. A sickening plot but will do no good as Starlight I am sure is accurately predicting. He Trump will fall in a heap.

May 15th Tuesday


Unfortunately, as predicted:


At least 41 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces and almost 1,960 others were wounded after thousands of protesters converged on the razor wire fence between the Gaza Strip and Israel just hours before the U.S. Embassy opened in Jerusalem.

The Israeli Defense Forces accused Hamas of “leading a terrorist operation under the cover of masses of people,” adding that “firebombs and explosive devices” as well as rocks were being thrown towards the barrier.

More to come.

Michael Wolfstar:


” The Middle East is becoming a powder keg.”

The opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem this morning was disgusting display of fetid-to-the-core corruption between Trump and Netanyahu.

Moses finally led the Israelites out of their 40-year plight in the desert; in one gesture, Trump and Netanyahu have just led them back in. A sad day for the Jewish people, Israel, the Palestinians and the world.


“The infamy of these grotesque images will brand America forever, convincing much of the world that America is a monster. Why did Trump engineer this debacle? Why are Americans letting him harm our country and the world in this way, not just supporting the mass murder of innocent civilians but cheering on the murderers, and then bragging about it?”

Steve Judd: The Horoscope of Israel
And what’s up coming: Please Play Nice Israel!
(Don’t know which link)

Steve Judd on Israel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SK17DaorKs

There’s a new very interesting Steve Judd up…
But unable to link it.

Melania hospitalized for ‘kidney condition’
Is she pissed off, and/or manifesting Louise Hay’s definition of “Criticism, disappointment, failure. Shame.”?

alex, thanks for the New Yorker article on Trump vs. Deep State. While heartbreaking and stomach-churning to read at times, I came away with a visual of the US natal chart after reading this line: “a lot of people in the federal government are holding on tight, trying to keep everything going on properly”.

In the US natal chart the Sun (13+ Cancer) is conjunct asteroid Psyche (14+ Cancer). FYI . . transiting Psyche in Scorpio is just about to conjunct transiting Jupiter, both retrograde.

US Sun/Psyche trines US natal chart’s asteroids Lilith (resentment) and Sphinx (secret), both at 14+ Scorpio, where transiting Jupiter will be next month.

In the US natal chart, Sedna at 15+ Pisces (where trans. Neptune was 8 days ago) trines US Sun/Psyche and US Lilith/Sphinx in a grand water trine. The “holding on tight” quote from that article made me think of Sedna.

At the end of this month transiting Jupiter and transiting Neptune will make the 1st of 3 conjunctions in this series, part of their cycle which began with their conjunction (along with transiting Chiron) to the US natal chart’s Moon (27+ Aquarius) and Pallas (26+ Aquarius).

Through astrology I am only provided glimpses of the Universe’s plan and feel privileged for even that. Since transiting Neptune and transiting Jupiter will make this 1st of 3 trines in orb of a trine with US natal Sun+Psyche, it is bringing up – in my psyche (11+ Aquarius) – the possibility that these incidents referenced in the New Yorker story are (1) related to the grand trine of US natal chart’s Sun/Psyche, Lilith/Sphinx and Sedna . .

and (2) relate to the transiting Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunctions to US natal Moon-Pallas in Aquarius. This 2nd possibility seems possible when you consider the chart (May 27, 2009) for the (1st) exact conjunction between trans. Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius when they were sextile the Galactic Center in Sagittarius, and all together, they form a Yod to the trans. Pallas (the Strategist) in Cancer, requiring her to shift.

Now, at this point, well beyond the opposition between Jupiter and Neptune (Sept. 2015) in T-square to US Uranus (as well as the starting point of the Neptune-Pluto cycle), and very soon to complete their cycle’s closing trine(s), the “mission” for starting their cycle conjunct US Moon/Pallas is becoming more evident.

There really IS a method to the madness, this combination of Neptune and Jupiter (and don’t forget Chiron). I think the story of Trump vs. the Deep State reflects the effect Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron had (and continues to have) on the US people (gov’t workers AND voters), including the Russian interference on the US “psyche”, and how we are all hanging on – like Sedna – to what we consider sanity, but which is in fact a transformation.

The dems need to make a really big deal about including ‘integrity’ and ‘truthfulness’ as a prominent part of their platform, targeting every process, whether election, media, welfare, or big business, frauds.
The rabid religious need to be reminded: “The love of money is the root of all evil”
and proverbs 6:16-19 (niv)
“There are six things the Lord hates,
seven that are detestable to him:
haughty eyes,
a lying tongue,
hands that shed innocent blood,
a heart that devises wicked schemes,
feet that are quick to rush into evil,
a false witness who pours out lies
and a person who stirs up conflict in the community.”

Kiwi, your thoughts went exactly where mine did when I heard about Melania’s kidney problem. I think its both “being pissed off” and Louise Hay’s definition of cause, I.e., “”….disappointment,failure and shame….”

Duchess of Gadsden, thank you for confirming what I thought about my respected colleague’s pronouncement about Israel and the Jewish people. Not being Jewish myself, I tend to trust what Jewish people say about the Jews and Israel, but I couldn’t get behind this sentiment.

Kiwi, I believe you hit the nail on the head with Melania being “pissed off”. The body is wise and it often speaks for the person.

Finally, patty, thank you for the link to the article about Trump’s “mommy issues”. Very interesting. For a problem with the mother, I believe you would look for tense aspects to the native’s Moon from the outer planets and Saturn, amirite?

First little hick-up in the royal wedding. Meghan’s dad arranged a photo shoot with some paparazzi (photos have likely earned $100,000 pounds, a Brit newspaper estimated) and will no longer be walking his daughter down the aisle or even attending the wedding.

Totally innocuous stuff — him being measured for a tux, working out, reading about the wedding online, but I guess cashing in sounded too good to him.

(This is like something someone in my family would do, if I ever did anything really newsworthy.)

I feel sorry for her.

Remember a few astrologers I read thanks to reccs here predict that the wedding won’t take place, because of some major even within the royal family.

Teresa, reports I read said he had a heart attack so is unable to attend.

I have to say, the remarks by Jarrod today about the unrest remind me of a bully that intentionally provokes a fight with a weakling, then elicits sympathy for a bruise by saying to everyone ‘see what he did to me, its all his fault’

“On TUESDAY at 7:48 AM ET we’ll have the New Moon at 24 degrees of Taurus, right on P45’s Midheaven. Yes, this next lunar cycle puts his public status in focus — and by extension, that of the United States. We’ll get to the New Moon in a moment.”



He did have what must have been a mild heart attack, but here’s the Toronto Star on the photos and him not attending the wedding.


Here’s another story on the subject Theresa. with so much spin these days, who knows what the real details are. There are a lot of tabloids pushing the ‘bad family’ narrative because, among other issues, her black genes mixing with the royals. Compared to the Cohen & trump type pay-to-play ethics rampant today, this charge seems almost ‘quaint.’
“This is a deeply personal moment for Ms. Markle in the days before her wedding,” a spokesman said. “She and Prince Harry ask again for understanding and respect to be extended to Mr. Markle in this difficult situation.”

Today’s New Moon in Taurus



“The energy of this New Moon seeks stability and order, but this is not likely to occur, at least not for very long.

Uranus, the planet of sudden change, shake-ups and rebellion moves into earthy and security oriented Taurus a little over three hours after the New Moon (10:23am EDT).

As discussed previously, Uranus and Taurus are not a good match… In addition Mars, planet of action, anger and assertion will move into Aquarius later that evening (11:55 pm EDT) and form a challenging square with Uranus which will be in effect through May 16.

This is a volatile combination and indicates that May 15-16 will be a tense and unstable time when conflicts or shake-ups are very likely to arise in some shape or form.”

Kiwi, thank you for the Proverbs reminder and worth repeating on my FB page.

Uranus will be the primary energy in the USA for a while, based on both the Taurus New Moon (a one month influence) and the Uranus ingress Taurus (a 5 1/2 months influence) charts.

US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini will be sextile the (true) north node in both charts at 8+ Leo. Their sextile forms a Yod to transiting Saturn at 8+ Capricorn in both charts which will cause a need for Saturn to adjust to situations. This will be irritating if not downright scary.

Trump’s natal Mercury at 8+ Cancer opposing Saturn in both the Taurus New Moon and Uranus-ingress-Taurus charts, completes a Boomerang pattern, and Trump’s Mercury will determine how and where the combined energy (Saturn, North Node, US Uranus) is utilized. Or so it would appear.

Because the US natal Uranus is the site where the Neptune/Pluto cycle started, and because their conjunction at 8+ Gemini was sextile the Chiron/Mars conjunction at 8+ Leo at the time (and where the transiting North Node is now) and . .

because the asteroid Hybris was at 8+ Capricorn (where trans. Saturn is now) in the Neptune/Pluto chart, we can conclude that at this point, Trump’s natal Mercury at 8+ Cancer has little will (if any) of its own. He’s flying by the seat of his pants.

If we can accept the idea of Trump as an agent of the gods or of the Universe, and see beyond what appears as lunacy, we will lessen the stress on our own physical and mental bodies.

These are challenging times at best – change always is. With this much synchronicity happening
all at once, one has to believe there are reasons for it we are not aware of – yet. Transiting Neptune and Jupiter are in a trine now and this incredible aspect will support all belief systems if we just trust our hearts and believe that Trump is being led to do what he does by a higher intelligence. Who else would do this crazy shit?

Uranus is about speeding up processes; it cuts to the chase, breaking down barriers found in all processes. Uranus is not evil – it symbolizes thinking on a non-polarized level of consciousness, and since time is of the essence right now, Uranus energy appears (to us in our polarized view of life) to be heartless and shocking, without consideration of protocol.

Of late, the cable news channels CNN and MSNBC have devoted much airtime to clips from FOX News which are of Trump or one of his surrogates. This symbolizes Trump’s Mercury too. It is shocking but is it Trump or is it Uranus?

Change can be frightening because we don’t have control (Saturn) and we don’t know how to best prepare ourselves for the unknown. It is a time for faith in something greater than ourselves. Utilize that Neptune – trine – Jupiter; it’s what it’s there for.


Democrats go on the offensive on health care for 2018

Laura Clawson
Daily Kos Staff
Tuesday May 15, 2018 · 8:01 AM PDT

barbk, I really appreciate your BIG picture take on things and I agree with you. I remember many years ago hearing about how as more and more light is anchored here and human enlightenment grows, things will also look darker and more chaotic. What is dark is brought to light; what doesn’t work anymore is meant to fall apart.

Trump is indeed the perfect character to bring it all glaringly out into the open. We want to hate, blame and vilify him, bring him to justice (I am just as disgusted as others). But isn’t he truly the perfect embodiment of a load of disfunction in this world (not just in the U.S.)? We need massive change so badly. We just didn’t expect it to be so offensive!

On the bright side, isn’t it wonderful how so many individuals and groups have awakened from their apathy, feel empowered to take action for what is right and speak truth to power? When the U.S. abdicates its world-policeman role, it seems other nations might step up and decide to do the right thing on their own (which makes sense: in this duality realm, our policing/coercing others not only disempowers them but also sets up many more imbalances because our motives are not pure).

It is the task for all of us to root out our own disfunction and falseness, letting go of what we are not (false ego) in order to be who we truly are. There are a lot of good mirrors out there right now (both dark and light)!

And today is the 15th with Mars/Uranus and Moon all acting together just as North Korea turns the whole mess upside down:

We are also just now entering the first crossing of transiting Uranus square to the Inaugural Sun (00Aquarius49) from May 12 to June 1, intensely activated by the protracted square of transiting Mars to transiting Uranus from May 12 to May 16. Thus, May 12 will begin a period of impulsive and unpredictable behavior (Uranus) from this administration through June 1, as well as bringing three weeks of unexpected events impacting the administration which cause a sudden shift in the current terrain. This will be especially intense from May 12 to May 16 due to the Mars/Uranus square, with the president acting very aggressively on May 16 and May 17.

Okay, so far today:

Korean summit may be off
Small earthquakes (3.5) in Oakland
US blocks UN investigation of Palestinian deaths
Quatar confirms meetings with Trumpsters after making deposit with Trump’s lawyer
Manafort’s efforts to block/delay legal issues shot down in court.

Sorry. I thought I had legitimate sources on the royal wedding thing. I really hope it does take place. I like Harry & Meghan as a couple.

“And today is the 15th with Mars/Uranus and Moon all acting together just as North Korea turns the whole mess upside down…”

Oh well, so much for the Nobel Prize.

Teresa Hill,
Last night we felt that HUGE JOLT, (photos frames on our walls were all moving) not really an Earthquake. We live in Lafayette Ca, North of Oakland.
Teresa, are you also living in CA?

Donald Trump is so worried everyone will think he is fake prez b/c of Russia interference, he goes around calling the news fake which has the real goods on him and will expose him for what he really is. He fears the news.

“Itching For War: Bolton Compares Iran Threat to Sept. 11 Attack”

This is looking so much like the Iraq War!
(With the same Bolton Gansters)

lightcolorfire, thanks for bringing your own light here today; love the “we just didn’t expect it to be so offensive” – truer words were never spoken!

Nancy, I thought about you and that Inaugural Sun the minute I heard the Breaking News about Little Kim reneging on the South Korea meeting. Sometimes Uranus can almost, ALMOST be predictable!

Fe, Sigh, even the best laid plans . . . .

You can also see the fine hand of Chiron in this news; transiting Mercury at 3+ Taurus – the Chiron Discovery degree and trans. Chiron on the US chart’s IC (opposite the US chart’s MC) and square transiting Pholus (small cause, big effect).

Just now on local CA News:
Hawaii Volcano Raises Concerns of Eruptions Along West Coast! https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/california/Hawaii-Volcano-Raises-Concerns-of-Eruptions-Along-West-Coast-482457771.html

Patty, having lived on Hawaii’s volcano island for 33 years, during which time the lava was active somewhere most of the time, I would say that article linking the current eruption to CA is based on someone making a drama story out of a maybe – ‘keep everyone in fear mode its good for the news business!’

Ive seen it all before, friends properties being overrun by lava. I have a good friend who lives about 8 miles from the current phase – troubling for those affected, but everyone who has built in that area always knows in the back of their mind the possibilities that Pele may force them to move

The ‘ring of fire’ that encircles the pacific is constantly evolving/erupting/shaking somewhere and has done so all my lifetime and eons before. Hawaii volcanos mostly have a different direct plumbing system and are not related to the fault lines at the edges of the pacific tectonic plate.

check this link out for latest geological updates

PS – heres the geophys details for the Oakland earthquake

“President Trump is making the world a more dangerous place. Now why would a country simply turn over its nuclear weapons while their adversaries conduct military drills? Trump has already proven the United State’s word is no good when he pulled out the Iran deal. Perhaps giving Trump the Nobel Prize is a little premature as North Korea reconsiders the deal and Israel kills and wounds numerous Palestinians at their border.”


Yes, but there is a major difference. Unlike Iraq, Iran has a defense treaty with Russia, and has been invited to join the CSTO, the Collective Security Treaty Organization, Russia’s counter to NATO.

Is DJT dumb enough, crazy enough, stupid enough to take action (perhaps cruise missiles) which would likely involve war with Russia?
Sadly and unfortunately, YES!

Many Thanks for your astro-analyses, dire though they may be.

My former congressman and I spoke extensively a couple of months ago about the probability Mr. T would renege on the Iran treaty. I had the same conversation with several colleagues in the history and political science departments at the university where I was formerly teaching. ALL shared the opinion as a result of Mr. T’s withdrawal from the agreement we are now probably on the road to WW-III, not immediately but within the next decade.

Thanks Kiwi, I’m not fearful: When ya gotta go…
ya gotta go. I’m with Ron Reagan: Do they run Ron’s Ad across the country? This one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7INIhD9P0Pw
Religious Right must freak-out every time they see it.
Eliseo, Hope you are feeling much better, it’s great to see you posting here more often!

Oh, THAT Ron Reagan…I thought for a moment you meant the former president. Freedom from Religion – I like it!

An 11-year-old girl received a 5-pound note for naming Pluto when it was discovered in 1930.

Wow…Women sweep to Victory in House primaries!
Voters decide key battleground contests in 4 states:

And this morning (5/16) we have this: ‘Senate panel releases Trump Tower meeting transcripts’ CNN

Links from the Trump campaign to Russia are really undeniable at this point, even to the MAGA-morons. Not that they care….

“This is the 2nd day in a row the White House will not hold a press briefing.

The WH continues the tactic of just riding out controversy until it leaves the media without addressing it.

This week:

-John McCain
-North Korea suspending talks
-Israel massacre of Palestinians”

from @TopRopeTravis


“Novartis has said that its former chief executive, Joe Jimenez, entered into the agreement with Mr. Cohen as part of an effort to gain insight into the approach the new administration would take on topics of interest to Novartis, particularly health care.”

An interesting aside….. the July 12th solar eclipse (20 ’41 Cancer) in opposition to tr Pluto (20 Capr.) happens to conjunct NATO’s Mars (21 ’21 Cancer – DOB Aug 24, 1949 11:42 am Wash. DC). It coincides with Pres. Trump attendance at the NATO summit in Brussels (July 11 – 12) followed by his visit to the UK on July 13th.

Will Trump make good on his campaign threats to pull out of NATO and upset the entire western alliance? Anything is possible…….

Trump Threatens To Quit NATO: White House Official

France 24
May 19, 2017

US President Donald Trump would consider leaving the North Atlantic Treaty Organization if member states do not follow through with pledges to increase their annual contributions to the Alliance, a senior White House official said.

The White House official said, on condition of anonymity, that Trump wants to see faster and more concrete developments at NATO.

This explicit threat to leave the 68-year-old Alliance comes ahead of Trump’s international tour, which includes the NATO summit in Brussels next week (May 25th).

“We’ll either see real changes towards NATO or we’ll try to form a different way of going about things”, the senior White House source said.

Full quote from senior White House official on Trump threat to leave #NATO right here: pic.twitter.com/RTbOq2vg1w

— Philip Crowther (@PhilipinDC) 17 mai 2017

“We don’t want to be paying for everyone’s defence”



About this July period, Nancy wrote:

“…..Alas, in July there is a Jupiter station trine US Sun. Normally, that would be good, but Jupiter to the US Sun often suggests over-expansion, often military. The protracted Saturn station opposite US Venus begins in late July, so too much grandiose posturing may not be a good idea in July. We will see. The thought of a military parade is nauseating but could fit right in with Jupiter trine the Sun.” – End of Quote –

Trump Leaves NATO

Carnegie Europe
May 26, 2017

NATO And The EU Had Better Prepare For A Tempestuous Relationship With The U.S. Administration

Carnegie Europe was on the ground at the NATO leaders meeting in Brussels on May 25, giving readers exclusive insights into the high-level event.

What a dinner!

If anyone had hoped that U.S. President Donald Trump would lay off from criticizing NATO allies when the 28 leaders sat down for dinner on May 25, they were in for a big mistake. Just as he harangued them during the official opening ceremony in the alliance’s new headquarters for spending too little on defense—and, by the way, for owing arrears to the United States—he continued in that vein during the meal. It was as if Trump was warning them to pay up, or else.

That “else” is about America’s security guarantee, which it has extended to the country’s European allies ever since NATO was founded back in 1949.

Successive U.S. presidents have never thought of questioning that guarantee. It was in their interests to have a strong transatlantic alliance based on democracy, values, and interests. Nor have successive American presidents questioned the collective defense commitment enshrined in Article 5 of NATO’s founding Washington Treaty. Any ally threatened or under attack is protected by its allies.

Trump apparently made no mention of Article 5 or collective defense in Brussels, not even during the leaders’ dinner. His visit to NATO has left a bitter taste and not a few hurt shoulders. The way that Trump literally pushed his way past Duško Markovi?, the president of Montenegro, in order to be up at the front of the group rather than mingle with leaders rankled not a few diplomats. It’s as if the person who spent the most should be the most prominent.

Trump, who also met EU leaders, left several impressions that, at least for now, do not bode well for relations between the United States and Europe.

The first is that that he sees security in terms of a business transaction.

Yes, the Europeans have taken American security guarantees for granted. They have spent too little on defense. When they do spend, they do little to reduce the number of weapons systems across the continent. The fact that the Europeans have seventeen different main battle tanks, 20 different fighter planes, 29 different destroyers/frigates, and 20 different torpedo systems speaks volumes. These structures are wasteful. They are reducing interoperability, not encouraging it.

So there is plenty of room for criticism and there is plenty of room for efficiencies and pooling and sharing. European finance and defense ministries together need to deal with this wasteful duplication.

But if Trump is linking the level of European defense spending to collective defense then NATO is in serious trouble. Vladimir Putin’s goal of weakening alliance solidarity will be made much easier.



Reports that a bipartisan Senate Intelligence group voted to support US intelligence agency findings that Russia used the NRA to support Trump’s campaign.

NRA spent $11.5 million supporting Trump and another $19 million supporting groups that opposed Hillary.

We’ve had reports of this before. New thing is that Senate group concurs with intelligence agencies. (If only they’d do something about it.)



Trump picks Mitch McConnell’s unqualified brother-in-law to oversee 1.5 million pensions

Laura Clawson
Daily Kos Staff
Wednesday May 16, 2018 · 8:38 AM PDT

Post by Jim Eshelman on Solunars.net Tue May 15, 2018 6:03 pm

“Michael Avenatti was born February 16, 1971, 10:07 PM PST, Sacramento, CA according to his birth certificate.

The date just became public. I’ve had access to most of this (excluding the time) because he started his legal career in our firm and we have friends in common; but now the whole thing is public.”

Bit of a check in on the Uranus Taurus ingress —

* earthquake in Oakland, Ca
*volcanic activity (and hair raising lava footage) in Hawaii
*volcanic activity in Indonesia
*massive storm systems in Continental US

Do we think this is it, geophysically speaking?

Both Fukushima (Aries) and the Deepwater Horizon spill (Pisces) were more or less discrete events and not as spread out as my above list.

Here is story for you:


“Anyone outside of the Trump/Fox/Sinclair bubble, including politicians who have plenty of access to real information if they want it, who still hasn’t figured out that this president is a pathological liar with shady associates and a long history of skirting laws and accountability that should have made him think twice about running for the highest office in the land, not to mention functionally illiterate, bull headed and abusive has to be willfully deaf, dumb and blind. “

Filipino melon grower Denis Miguel was intrigued to hear of a young Indian farmer who in 2011 had broken the world record for growing rice by using an unconventional method of cultivation that needed only half as much water and one-tenth as many seeds but resulted in spectacular yield increases.

Miguel, from Isabela province, had never grown rice before, but he teamed up with a local rice farmer to try out the system. Last year, he reaped the equivalent of 10.8 tons of rice per hectare, or four times as much rice as the farmer usually grew on that land.



Senate Democrats get bill through first vote in fight to save net neutrality

Walter Einenkel
Daily Kos Staff
Wednesday May 16, 2018 · 12:54 PM PDT

Bob, thank you for this birth info on Avenatti and I’ll cut to the chase as to why. He has a classic Bucket Pattern, where only one (Saturn) of the 10 “major” planets occupies half the chart, in this case house 5 through house 10, although natal Chiron IS within this section.

All the other planets, Sun through Jupiter and the 3 outer planets, fall in the 12th through the 4th houses of his natal chart and they constitutes the Bucket part of the pattern, while Saturn symbolizes the Handle of the bucket.

Here are a few quotes from the Marc Edmund Jones book, The Guide To Horoscope Interpretation, regarding the Bucket personality:

1) The bucket type indicates a particular and rather uncompromising direction in the life effort.

2) . . .one with a bucket horoscope is far more apt to adapt his allegiances to lines along which he can make his efforts count for the most.

3) The bucket type at its best reveals the real instructor and inspirer of others, and at its worst the agitator and malcontent.

Not only that but Avenatti has natal Uranus sextile natal Mars and they form a Yod with his Bucket Handle Saturn, increasing the pressure on that planet. This Saturn is also squared by Avenatti’s natal Mercury and opposed by his natal Moon. He is driven.

Transiting Jupiter was conjunct his Moon and opposed his Saturn in December, 2017, and will oppose his Saturn again later this month and conjunct his Moon for the whole month of July as it stations direct.

By late August transiting Jupiter (while trine transiting Neptune) will, for the 3rd time, oppose Avenatti’s natal Saturn.

Meanwhile transiting Neptune is exactly sextile this man’s natal Saturn, even as I type, and will station retrograde in that same degree next month.

I could go on and on, his chart is that compelling, but I won’t. Maybe later; he’s not going anywhere soon!

Tillerson at Virginia military commencement …

“As I reflect upon the state of American democracy,” he told the Class of 2018, “I observe a growing crisis in ethics and integrity.”
Tillerson’s emphasis on integrity echoed his parting words to colleagues at the State Department in March. Then he went even further:
“If our leaders seek to conceal the truth, or we as people become accepting of alternative realities that are no longer grounded in facts, then we as American citizens are on a pathway to relinquishing our freedom.”



Maxine Waters wrote to Treasury (Mnuchin’) in January asking if stuff was scrubbed and 4 months later she has not received a reply. Now it has been found that documents (Suspicious activity reports [SARS]) pertaining to two reports on Cohen are missing from a government database where they are supposed to be kept secure.

Transit Mars conjunct Sec of the Treasury Mnuchin’s natal Saturn on June 12. A very busy day.

Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano erupts, releasing 30,000ft plume of ash

Alex, check out this photo of the ash plume – May 2018, vs May 1924

Here is some good news:


The stunning past 24 hours in Trump-Russia and Michael Cohen news, explained! Must Read:

As of late I’m so disgusted with what goes on in our Fed & state government, I find myself so worn down as to just not be able to watch, listen, or read the news. Trump is un-doing America, doing the bidding of Mr. Putin. He thinks maybe we should withdraw from NATO?!?!!? + so many other issues. It’s all so Nuts, I can’t stand it.

But I also have a growing feeling the eventual Leftwing backlash will do as much harm as good. I see all sides depending too much on ideology and not enough on evidence and critical thinking.

Eliseo, it will indeed be disgusting if Trump is allowed to get away with this malfeasance. The plot thickens, though, with Manefort’s son-in-law now “cooperating”, and the deals with Qatar (and God knows what else Cohen’s slush fund was used for), and the Trump Tower meeting transcript, with more coming.

Perhaps disgusting is too mild a word. The basic principle is that when you let one get away with it, the next one or one soon after will be worse. We allowed Bill Clinton and Bush/Cheney to get away with way too much. And now we have Trump/Pence.

Also, both parties now function like dogmatic religions, a result I believe of the PACS, and the corrupt way campaigns are financed.

I long for the day that the business of governance will return to front and center in the Washington DC.

Evidently, we share some god-awful collective karmic debt to have to endure a leader who was actually voted in by almost half of our electorate. Not watching this horror unfold on TV is hardly enough to keep a healthy psycho-emotional distance; we are immersed in this cesspool.
The nation is tattered and filthy in the scummy wake of the Orange Pustule and his demon minions.
Is it any wonder Mother nature is vomiting volcanic lava and ash?

Spanky Dotard was voted in by half the people who bothered to vote, but something like 42% of eligible voters didn’t vote. So the people who voted Drumpf in are in the 30’s% of the voting public.

I hope it doesn’t happen again, fierywoman, where people sit out an election and give up their right to vote, many because they didn’t get their first choice.

Surely, Hillary would have been better, but I guess people needed to be shown the alternative (I mean those who can actually see it).

Then again, as barbk keeps reminding us, it is all part of the plan that is unfolding. I guess what people are seeing (those who can see it) is their dark side – the side that condones corruption and discriminates against anyone who appears different.

I was at Costco the other day (I hope I’m not repeating myself), sitting at the entrance, waiting for my husband to finish shopping, as, since I had my stepson’s puppy with me, I couldn’t go in and we didn’t want to leave him in the hot car. I know the greeter/card checker and we were chatting – a very friendly guy. As I sat there, for at least 30 minutes, so many beautiful families, of every ethnicity and race (no two were the same color and many were dressed so colorfully) came in, and, all I could say to myself was – wow, this is the future!

As an aside, I recently saw a beautiful, short documentary on Netflix about the famous spiritual leader (& former psychology academic & psychedelic drug advocate), Ram Dass/Richard Alpert and was very touched by his authentic spirituality. Now 87, he had a stroke about 20 years ago. There is another film about it called “Fierce Grace” and he does see the grace in what happened. So – I looked up his chart and it looks to me to be a very powerful one for a spiritual leader. Uranus is conj his sun in Aries at the “true node” (as termed by astro.com; by the way, Ram Dass means “servant of God” but I can see where Ram is very appropriate), jupiter opp pluto (cancer/capricorn), venus opp neptune (pisces/virgo), mars sq mercury (leo/taurus). I just thought it was interesting so I am sharing it here. The world is so different now than it was when people had discovered the spirituality of Eastern religions and Ram Dass seems to truly embody it. https://www.astro.com/cgi/chart.cgi?rs=3;btyp=w2gw;nhor=129

“A panel of New York appeals judges has turned down President Donald Trump’s request to halt a lawsuit filed by a former “Apprentice” contestant who claims Trump made unwelcome sexual advances toward her and then disputed her account of the interactions.”


Another school shooting with students dead….I’m so heartsick. We lock our doors in our home – can’t they lock classroom doors and use metal detectors at the entrance?


“The Democrats are the only chance at sensible gun laws in this country. Give them the Senate and the house in 2018, and pray your family in untouched by assault rifles until then.”

Sharon K, I feel hopeful about the turnout because of the many elections (big and small) that the Dems have “turned” since the election. The Parkland kids have vowed to register their peers to vote, and to GOTV.


Scientists detect oxygen legacy of first stars

Mars and Uranus are still squaring each other right now and we have a terrible school bus accident yesterday in NJ, followed by today’s horrific death and injury of more children and several adults, as well as a plane crash in Cuba of a plane holding 104 individuals which had just taken off.

Really do wsh Meuller would wrap it up.
Have you all seen this artist?

I’m watching the press conference held by various Texas officials and I see real motivation to protect the schools and I feel sure we will see some follow-through, with a multi-pronged plan. To me, having secure schools is critical. One person said that consolidating various entrances into one single entrance where students can file in, passing safety officers, sounds like a good idea (the shooter hid his shotgun under a long coat in 90-degree weather today). B.g. checks and mental health aspects are also critical, as well as outlawing the assault weapon, but the guns are already out there. In my opinion, the schools have to be secured first.

This is not a red/blue, political issue but a people, law & order, mental health issue. Trump’s comments were ineffectual – he said this has gone on for too long. The governor of TX, no matter how right-wing he might be, looks to be someone who will get something done. Schools have to also keep in touch with students and families and parents need to be engaged.

Fierywoman, you are right. There is good reason for optimism.


“Spanky Dotard.” Rolling!

Sharon K,

I too just watched the Ram Dass with Timothy Leary piece last week – a wonderful reminder of why I read most of his books and followed some of his practices. My mentor in graduate physiological psych professors was US federal permission to experiment with LSD and other psychoactive substances.

Oh, those halcyon days.

The US natal Eris, goddess of discord and strife, is at 8+ Capricorn retrograde, where transiting Saturn is and has been for a while now. U.S. natal Eris therefore opposes Donald Trump’s natal Mercury (how he thinks, speaks and connives) at 8+ Cancer. Sorry I’m just now discovering this amazing fact.

This also means that the equally amazing Neptune-Pluto conjunction, which took place at the same degree of the US natal Uranus – 8+ Gemini (1-12 grades of school) – and which was sextile Chiron (wounding) and Mars (violence) at 8+ Leo at the time Neptune and Pluto made their conjunction, is not only forming a Yod with trans. Saturn but likewise with US natal Eris.

So, USA was born with a quincunx (150 degree separation between planets) between natal Uranus (8+ Gemini) and natal Eris (8+ Capricorn), and right now the transiting North Node at 8+ Leo also is quincunx US Eris and also sextile US Uranus.

Even WITHOUT the amazing conjunction of transiting Neptune and Pluto, the US has the innate quincunx between Eris and Uranus being activated by transiting North Node completing a Yod to them, with the pressure on natal Eris (and now trans. Saturn) to adjust, and I believe it is this Texas school shooting (specifically the shooter himself) expressing or manifesting US Eris energy.

With trans. Saturn (rules, laws, US Constitution), now conjunct US natal Eris at the point of a Yod with trans. North Node-sextile-US natal Uranus, the inescapable truth is that the laws must change as well as the 2nd amendment of the US Constitution regarding the bearing of arms.

US Constitution (chart for the signing) has a Neptune (unclear) which the US progressed retrograde Mars (guns) conjuncts, and both are conjunct Trump’s natal Jupiter (understanding, expanding). This combination – Constitution’s Neptune, US prog. Mars, Trump Jupiter – is screaming to us that if gun violence is to be curbed in this country, especially the kind of violence expressed through US natal Eris energy (feeling snubbed), it will be through Trump in some way.

With US natal Eris (+ trans. Saturn) opposite Trump’s Mercury, and the US prog. Mars + US Constitution’s Neptune both conjunct Trump’s Jupiter (which trines his natal Uranus) , there apparently is a Greater Wisdom Plan afoot to, shall we say, cajole or trick this man to somehow – in some way – bring this needed change.

Perhaps it is his get-out-of jail card. I’d settle for that.

Also to be considered is that US natal Ceres (distraught mothers) in Pisces is trine Trump’s Mercury in Cancer, and US Ceres is square US Uranus (cut through red tape) in Gemini and she is quincunx US Eris (and now transiting Saturn) in Capricorn.

Could this mean another march of women (and men) could raise Trump’s awareness (Jupiter)? Not for the sake of the country would Trump-the-deal maker take this kind of action mind you, but as a way to be looked up to (and possibly a way to escape prison) he would I bet. Especially when it is backed by the Neptune-Pluto cycle with its ability to overwhelm mere mortals through patience (very long cycle) and illusion (Neptune) and knowing where the bodies are buried (Pluto).

I told you it was amazing.

So is the US natal Eris @ 8+ Cap by secondary progression?

Will, the one I saw, “Going Home” did not include Leary? (I don’t think it did anyway.) It was a short meditation on Ram Dass “walking his talk”, and learning to live more and more spiritually through accepting his stroke and his dependence on others. It was filmed at his place in Mauri and the film techniques and audio were a lovely complement to the visuals, with Ram Dass narrating. You could sense his deep sense of quiet and acceptance. It was therapeutic for me.

Sharonn K,

Saw “Going Home” also. Bittersweet.

Meuller must be planning a drip…drip…drip…
Hopefully, The GOP who believe this is all
‘A Nothing Burger’…are now reading The News:

“Trump Jr. and Other Aides Met With Gulf Emissary Offering Help to Win Election”:

“F.B.I. Used Informant to Investigate Russia Ties to Campaign, Not to Spy, as Trump Claims”

Nancy, Don’t know if you consider Megan Markle worthy of astrological study…to me, she’s interesting:
“Meghan, Duchess of Sussex” (born Rachel Meghan Markle; August 4, 1981) From The Lily:
“The making of Meghan Markle, a ‘confident mixed-race woman” https://www.thelily.com/the-making-of-meghan-markle-a-confident-mixed-race-woman/

My favorite, Pat Thurston (former FBI agent)
And John Rothmann, (worked for Richard Nixon during Nixion’s Impeachment). Very Interesting!:
Check It Out…Listen Live:

If you wish to call in, the Area Code is 510-8080810

Did you watch the royal wedding? The black American Episcopal Bishop preached a 13 minute sermon on Love, talked a little about poverty and equality and quoted Dr King to England’s aristocracy and a lot of rich people. The African American choir sang Stand By Me and This Little Light Of Mine.

Watched the BBC coverage and some MSNBC. The latter, pure princess/fashion/celebrity sightings.

The BBC given the same number of hours to fill brought in person after person from the different charities that were invited and let them talk about the work they do and what happened when the bride and groom came to visit their charity.

Hello All – haven’t been on for a while and I try to read all your wonderful posts. Still working Hurricane Harvey & preparing the disability community for our upcoming cane season (anyone wanna do a chart on our upcoming season?)

I live 6 miles from Santa Fe High School where 10 students & teachers were slaughtered on Friday & 15 injured. I knew several students & work with many of the responders. Another heartache. And, right on cue, the republican politicians came marching in each trying to outdo each other with ego and air time.
But, the award for stupidity goes to Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick who said “Guns don’t kill people, too many doors do.”

What saved the students that I know, and many others, was the fire alarm that was pulled & teachers yelling “run…just run”. Out the students ran, from the “too many doors” in that school. One young student I know, ran out the nearest door and didn’t stop running until she reached home. It was the “too many doors” that saved lives. Lt. Gov Dan Patrick is in the pocket of the NRA – a doorway for him into Hell.

To add to this trauma, a man with a MAGA hat, American flag and gun in his holster paraded outside the school claiming to show support in making America great again.

A real Trump court jester fool.

However, the best most honest response came from the Police Chief from Houston: Art Acevedo.
“I know some have strong feelings about gun rights but I want you to know I’ve hit rock bottom and I am not interested in your views as it pertains to this issue,” he wrote. “I have never accepted the status-quo in anything I do and I’ve never accepted defeat. And I won’t do it now. “I will continue to speak up and will stand up for what my heart and my God commands me to do, and I assure you he hasn’t instructed me to believe that gun-rights are bestowed by him. “I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve shed tears of sadness, pain and anger,” he wrote. “This isn’t a time for prayers, and study and inaction, it’s a time for prayers, action and the asking of God’s forgiveness for our inaction (especially the elected officials that ran to the cameras today, acted in a solemn manner, called for prayers, and will once again do absolutely nothing).”

22nd school shooting – 23 weeks of school.

there is nothing else to add

I thought ‘the wedding’ was great. A delightful mix of tradition and the new. In many ways I thought it was a symbolic bridge to the future.
The current leader of the American branch of the church of England sure shook things up – picture this – an almost southern revival style talking of love and changing the world, juxtaposed with St Georges chapel at Windsor – centuries of British Royal tradition and protocol, at a Royal Wedding! Had a few of the older royals taken aback, but the younger generation seemed tickled. Amazing. (The energy in st georges chapel itself is awesome, I was there in ’84)
Meghan’s mother was great, quite the depiction of grace and modern times; a black woman sitting in a place of prominence in the chapel, right opposite the queen. And the other person to officiate in the ceremony, the first black women to hold the position of chaplain to the queen. Quite extraordinary.

“KOSMETATOS, ROSEMARIE P who was 30 (born ABT 1970) married 25 MAR 2000 in HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS, U.S.A. a groom named ANTONIOS PAGOURTZIS who was 45 (born ABT 1955).”

“Source: Texas state-wide marriage and divorce indices (public domain)”.

Houston is in Harris County which is Northwest of Galveston County where Santa Fe is.


“Date of Birth (DOB),
Birthday 4th of August, 2001”

I suspect effects of bullying began to take root in 2015 when Saturn crossed his natal Pluto and Mars, opposed his natal Saturn and squared his MC; the effects fomenting for 3 years. The final trigger may have been the conjunction of transit Mars and Saturn on April 2, 2018 enveloped by hard aspects from Mars to many midpoints in the Tropical Zodiacs cardinal signs and accompanied by aspects from transitting Neptune and Pluto. There were too many aspects to go over or even list them all.

My speculative chart for Dimitrios Pagourtzis: 3:35 pm, CDT, Santa Fe. If birthplace is within several hundred miles only the angles would change. MC in Santa Fe – 16°04 Virgo, in Houston – 15°44′ Virgo, in Galveston – 16°20′ Virgo. Asc’s 6° Sag.

Bob, have you noticed how all of these School Shootings are in RED States?
Kiwi, I loved the Wedding as well. Diana would have been very happy. And it touched many Black Hearts.
From NYT:
“Thanks, Meghan Markle, We Needed That”

Kiwi,i agree totally with everything you said, that is exactly how i felt, it’s an evolution of the monarchy happening , very inspirational

A lot of people have a very vocal disdain for the monarchy, but I think, especially with the likes of the me-me-me selfish trump type populist characters that abound these days, thank god for the grace and steadiness of the queen and her sense of overall historical ‘norms’ and responsibilities. Their charitable and humanitarian support, sometimes behind the scenes, is of huge benefit to more people than most people know.

Isn’t it odd that Megan Markel and the horrible Texas School Shooter both share the same August 4th Date?

I meant Birth Date?

Michael Wofstar:


I find it really interesting that Wolfstar is looking at Trump’s solar return because in the past he said he did not believe in them. He made a prediction that Obama would not win re-election without considering Obama’s very good SR chart for that year. When I emailed him about it, he said he didn’t use SR charts because he didn’t believe they were useful.

Higher Ground Productions


The Trump-Russia investigation just got more complex than we ever expected:
http://www.businessinsider.com/trump-jr-trump-tower-meeting-makes-russia-probe-more-complex-2018-5. (yet they say: Nothing to see here)

AGITATION is a result of the Media reporting on Mueller’s investigation of Trump’s campaign regarding the campaign’s possible collusion with foreign countries in the 2016 US Presidential Election, right? The Media is agitating Trump and Trump in turn is agitating his Base against the US Justice Dept., and as well, his non-supporters against he himself.

Eris is symbolic of agitation, Mercury symbolizes media and currently Eris (agitation) at 23 Aries 48 is square (challenging) the US natal Mercury (media) at 24 Cancer 12 rx. As luck would have it, Trump’s natal Saturn and Venus conjunct US natal Mercury.

Using the birth of the US as July 4, 1776, the US natal Mercury (media) has now progressed to 20+ Aquarius where it stationed direct not long ago.

Saturn and Jupiter both symbolize factions of law and justice, and together their cycles symbolize a Greater Picture of how societies evolve in bite-size 20 year segments. Their present cycle (segment) began in 2000 and ends in 2020. At the time Jupiter and Saturn met at 22+ Taurus in 2000, Uranus was at 20+ Aquarius (where US progressed Mercury is now) and square Jupiter and Saturn in Taurus.

You could say then that the world’s system of laws, as symbolized by the present cycle of Jupiter and Saturn (both symbols of law) which were squared by Uranus (where US progressed Mercury [media] is now) has been challenged (square) during the period of 2000-2020, and this challenge is in part due to US Mercury (media).

That greater picture involves all countries and how this present cycle of Saturn and Jupiter affects them individually, so we get (from the chart for that cycle) a broad idea of how the USA is involved in this greater picture.

The Big Picture (Jupiter/Saturn conjunction) chart has Sun at 7+ Gemini which conjuncts the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini. Sun – in this case -would symbolize the general consciousness of world societies so US natal Uranus (breakthroughs) would facilitate that world consciousness during the 2000-2020 period. This Big Picture chart’s Sun was trine the same chart’s Neptune at 6+ Aquarius which happens to conjunct US natal South Node (and US natal centaur Pholus).

This suggests that in the Big Picture (Jupiter-Saturn cycle) during 2000-2020, World Consciousness (Sun in Jupiter-Saturn cycle) would be exposed to a mystifying (Neptune trine Sun in Jupiter-Saturn cycle) experience by the US (US South node+Pholus conjunct that Neptune in the Jupiter/Saturn cycle) due to a release of some kind by the US (US South Node) that would turn into a brouhaha (US South Node conjunct US Pholus).

So as the presently transiting Eris (agitation) squares the US natal Mercury (media) . .

while in the midst of a cycle between Jupiter and Saturn (indicating the evolution of all societies and governments in the world) that symbolically depicts there will be unexpected (Uranus square Jupiter/Saturn) news from the US (prog. US Mercury conjunct the Uranus that squares Jupiter/Saturn) . . .

that will have a world wide effect, we should all marvel and be amazed by the power of this transiting little Eris to change the world by her ability to create agitation.

Your posting re: the wedding inspired me to view it on youtube.

I find myself puzzled by the odd facial reactions to the Bishop’s sermon. I could not tell if it was embarrassment, upper class cynicism, or merely a style they were not accustomed to within a church setting.

The use of the thought of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin by the sermonizer was brilliant. Throughout my life I’ve encouraged Christian clergy (I’ve trained a few) to study and use PTdeC. He represents the beginning, (not the end) of a new and far healthier and intelligent paradigm, a much better path for Christianity as a whole to trod, a path which comfortably unifies the Jesus ethos (compassion) with science and a more Jungian approach to the Chx mythos as a whole.

The recessional journey afterwards in the carriage was also interesting. I felt the fact MM is an American of mixed race descent, and the presence of both Union Jack and Am. flags lining the pathway in Windsor was symbolic of the bond between the USA and the UK despite the current anomalous “hiccup” known as DJT. I felt it boded well for the Anglosphere. One of my many projects is the fomenting of closer economic ties between the English speaking nations forming a sort of economic confederacy, something like NAFTA or the early EEC.

Many Thanks for your commentary re: the wedding and the couple! It was far more interesting than I anticipated.

Eliseo, you hit the nail on your head with your three reasons, it is all three you mention but i think that the fact this would be so alien for them to see a bishop who preaches like that, it went on very long too. 13 whole minutes lol!
I called my mum (who is British but lives here in Orlando too )as everything ended and was gushing about how fantastic it was and she said yes i agree but let me just tell you my opinions of the only things that I (meaning my mother ) didn’t like, the Bishop, she thought he was embarrassing, it was too much , she went on and on, and she could have done without the choir. She made the point of telling me that it was not a racial thing and i was like Mum, it’s totally racist.

To the really old schoolers like her it was a big thing, she does however like Meghan and her mother, at least, i keep teasing her and telling her that if they have a child, i really hoe that the child looks ‘colored’ to use the colonial term, remember i grew up in Trinidad which was of course a British colony.

I too thought the symbolism of America and UK coming together was very poignant and relevant, and this was just refreshing change especially in trump era. I love the royals environmentalism and philanthropy as well i really do!

I also felt that it heightened the difference in that under this administration there is an increase in racism and meanwhile in England , even the royalty , who as an institution are the furthest things that would embrace this, yet they have, they’re evolving. Steve Judd did a little video and talked a bit about how he was proud how multicultural England was and there there really was no overt racism, anyway i am rambling now but the wedding did provide a welcome reprise, of course lol, being a girl i would like that stuff a bit more than the average guy.

Also, on a final note, i think what really got people is that the couple were so obviously really in love and it showed, people always get moved and touched by love, which made the Bishops speech even more relevant.


“Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small;
Though with patience he stands waiting, with exactness grinds he all.”

Eliseo – re Rev Curry – The English, and especially the Royals, are used to a decidedly more reserved demeanor in their Anglican ministers, of which the Queen is the head. So I believe his delivery would have thrown them a bit and they didn’t quite know what to think – that, and he seemed to go on a bit long. There is a lot of history and historical regal customs in that chapel at Windsor Castle going way back to the mid 1300’s – so it was something of a free-form style that the chapel no doubt has never experienced before! LOL
Several former monarchs are buried there, and I understand that QE2 will be laid to rest there also when the time comes.
I thought it was great that Prince Charles seemed to go out of his way to make Doria welcome and included. She surely must have been on overwhelm in that setting.

Meghan walked over the graves of Henry VIII, who founded the Anglican church when Pluto was in Capricorn, and George III, who lost the War of Independence of the United States the last time Pluto was in Capricorn. Both are buried under the center aisle of St. George’s chapel. Both must have turned in their graves. A lot of symbolism to think about. This wedding was about a renewal for the Anglican church and a reconciliation between the monarchy and former victims of slavery under British colonial rule in the US and other former colonies. That is why under the glitter it is a significant event.

Andre i agree with your take on the symbolism and that it was a significant event. A reconciliation between monarch and slavery indeed. Meghan is the perfect one to effect this since she is marrying Harry and not William who will be King , and she has just the look for her to be accepted, biracial but a beauty that honestly let’s face it looks more like them. It would not have worked had she not looked like this, it’s just a brutal fact of the world we live in. Looking more white helped in my opinion

By Am. standards I thought Rev. Curry’s. sermon was about average in length. Also, I wonder if the Royals thought his “All you need is love” message absurd, impractical, etc.

Although I personally agree with his radical message in the context of spiritual evolution, many think we will always be the way we’ve been, i.e. consummate predators. and it’s “better to get mine while I can,” “and the hell with the rest of you.”

ja, thanks for the Owls Daughter piece; very reassuring. I’m off to vote in the Primaries here in KY – Justice will be done.

I did not mean to imply the Royals are radically cynical, but perhaps that they just don’t take religion all that seriously.

No eliseo you in way implied that since you only talked about the bishop. I and
Andre a bit delves into that.

I don’t think that it’s they don’t take religion seriously just that they know their way and are certainly not accustomed to that way or preaching AT ALL Made them feel uncomfortable and embarrassed and self conscious. They are more low
Key and formal

I personally felt it was too long especially when he rambled on about fire.

The Coming Collapse – It is impossible for any doomed population to grasp how fragile the decayed financial, social and political system is on the eve of implosion.

https://goo.gl/hGdcLD via @commondreams

Your comment concerning Meghan Markle’s acceptance by the royals as bi-racial due to her appearance of less African features and more Caucasian features I believe are completely correct. As a bi-racial woman that has always been mistaken for full Caucasian I can attest to being accepted more than my less Caucasian looking cousins. I could visibly see the shock on faces when I introduced my father. Meghan by any standard is a beautiful woman but inherited more of her fathers features with a small but lovely bit of her mother and believe me this has been her pass into the Royal family. But Harry and Meghan’s children could easily inherit the features and skin color from her mother’s genetic side. I will have to smile if that scenario happens. If that does happen then the Royals will actually have to learn real acceptance.

Eliseo, I agree with Diana in that I think the queen in particular takes her religion very seriously – its just that the English are so very much more understated than the American version – she endeavors to live her religion (do good for others behind the scenes) rather than wear it on her sleeve for all to see, as those detestable American dominionists are wont to do of late.
She is a stickler to ensure historical traditions of the monarchy are not lost but carried into the future. But she is also mindful of moving with the times according to what I have read – evolve or die.
She has loosened up considerably in recent years – in years past Harry never would have been granted permission to marry an American divorcee, nor appear with a beard in dress uniform! I suspect she regrets not allowing her sister to marry a divorcee back in the 50s. Her uncle abdicated because of that rule. Ironic since Henry VIII radically changed everything in a flash – divorce was out so he changed the church – decidedly more Trumpian of the day!

Starlight,barbk,Bob, is there something in particular that is triggering Trump’s demands of the DofJ and the meeting that Kelly is going to hold with GOP members only. Can no one stop this lunatic in the White House and his allies? It’s beyond weird, it’s alarming.

$10 million judgment in bankruptcy against Avenatti’s firm who was late in a $2 million payment owed a former colleague. No doubt the judge was in the right-wing/Trumpist column. I wonder how this will affect him. He is a fighter so I don’t think he will succumb.

bankruptcy court, that is.

“The ultimate abuse of office” – Joyce Vance on Trump’s call for meeting (w/o Dems) to review classified documents re: Russia Investigation/Trump campaign.

Transiting Nessus conjunct US natal Nessus (symbol of abuse of power) at 9 Pisces 0. At the time of the Nessus Return on April 26th Mars was conjunct Pluto and Mercury was square Saturn.

I think it is very wise of the dems to make the subject of corruption the up front and center focus for this election.

Bailey, my take is that he is reacting like any cornered rat.

His Mercury is opposite trans. Saturn and his Saturn/Venus is squared by trans. Eris, but there are bigger patterns describing bigger issues into which Trump is caught up, one of them, IMO, is the testing of the strength of our Constitution.

As Trump continues to push our buttons, one of them will finally cause someone to have the courage to challenge him in a court of law. I still think it will probably be Mueller, possibly Obama will have a hand in it too.

We find this latest impudence unbelievably brash which is what it takes to get others worked up to the point of challenging him. Gemini is the sign that tests boundaries. He is scared though and since bullying has got him where he is, he will continue to employ this tactic until the men in white coats cart him off to the funny farm.

Right now transiting Apophis (a bad ass if there ever was one) is conjunct the US natal Jupiter and Mueller’s natal Saturn, and US Jupiter/Mueller’s Saturn square Trump’s Neptune. I believe this transiting asteroid Apophis symbolizes how Mueller and the US Justice Dept (US Jupiter) view Trump.

Then there is the US Constitution chart’s Neptune that conjuncts the US progressed Mars and both of them conjunct Trump’s Jupiter at 17+ Libra which trines Trump’s natal Uranus in Gemini at 17+ degrees. Next year trans. Saturn will exactly square Trump’s Jupiter (and US Constitution Neptune and US progressed Mars) and 26 days later transiting Neptune will square Trump’s Uranus.

Somewhere in that time frame, possibly when the Full Moon in Libra conjuncts the US natal chart’s MC and transiting Chiron conjuncts the Sun (opposite the FM) and the US natal chart’s IC, while the North Node conjuncts the US natal Mercury (+ Trump’s Saturn and Venus) and Pluto trines the US natal Neptune that squares Trump’s Sun . . .

well maybe all the puzzle pieces will come together and that rat will finally meet his fate.

Thank you barbk.

Here is a good read.


Thank you, barbk’s. I heard a description last night of the GOP Senate and Congress as being divided into Trump Allies and those cowering in the corner. I don’t see any of those cowering cowards coming forth to take on the rat. I think it will take a Mueller and perhaps an Obama to capture the cornered rat and uphold the constitution.
Interesting times we are living in.

Ralfee Finn:


Thank YOU ja for your always good reads, and for Ralfee’s noting of how important it is to be mindful of 2020 and how our present-day reactions and responses shape the future.

And thank you Bailey for not flinching when I mentioned Barack Obama’s possible role in the fight for the US Constitution. I would like to point out one of the reasons why I believe this.

Yesterday I noted that next year transiting Pluto would reach an exact trine to US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo. At the same time trans. Pluto will also make an exact trine to the 2000 conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn at 22+ Taurus which is where their present cycle that ends in 2020 started.

Obama’s natal Mars at 22+ Virgo conjuncts the US natal Neptune putting his Mars energy into the grand trine that transiting Pluto (an outer planet that speaks to collective issues) and US natal Neptune (also collective issues) and the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle (a picture of progressing societal evolution) start point. This will take place in Feb-March, 2019, May-July, 2019 and Dec. 2019-Jan. 2020.

US Neptune and Obama’s Mars (22+ Virgo) square Trump’s Sun (22+ Gemini). In the chart for the US Solar Return for July 2019 through June 2020, Pluto at 22+ Capricorn will enable this grand trine with US Neptune + Obama Mars + Jupiter/Saturn cycle. This US solar Return chart also has Saturn conjunct South Node (what to release) at 17+ Capricorn which squares Trump’s natal Jupiter + US Constitution Neptune + US prog. Mars at 17+ Libra.

In the meantime I have no doubt Obama and others are putting together a trap for the witless rat to blunder int; this rat having served his country so well by raising the level of its consciousness after it’s being so gullible in 2016.

Unfortunately for its citizenry, a shroud of secrecy (Neptune) must prevail for the trap to work, so we-the-people must agonize over what will become of our country for a year or two. Keep the faith.

A bit more on Obama is his natal sextile between Neptune (8+Scorpio) and Pluto (6+ Virgo) that are in a good position to work with transiting Saturn (8+ Capricorn) and the US natal Eris (8+ Capricorn) that oppose Trump’s Mercury (8+ Cancer).

It is the US Uranus (8+ Gemini) that the Neptune-Pluto cycle is attached to and its sextile to the transiting North Node (8+ Leo) that are putting pressure on transiting Saturn to adjust or shift (the yod effect) – which isn’t easy for Saturn.

I believe Obama must be working on ways to “help” transiting Saturn (rules, government, etc.) to make that adjustment via his natal Neptune (sextile trans. Saturn) and his natal Pluto (trine trans. Saturn). He is a lawyer, right?

Bailey, Saturn can be considered to be conjunct tRump’s progressed Mars or Neptune during the long period of time from February 13th through June 25th if a 1 degree orb of influence is allowed. That is an indication of possible psychological stress to live with every day for about 4 1/2 months without it letting up. Some days accompanied by other stressful transits being more severe than others. He may lash out wildly trying to find relief from it’s source (Mueller’s investigation).

I’ve been posting here for several years now, and was a reader of this blog long before that, almost from the beginning. For me the most interesting astro-observations you’ve made were above re: Obama’s role with the rat in the oval office and the constitution. That really resonates with me.

Back in the autumn of 2008 I experienced a VERY STRONG intuition that although Obama would be elected twice, his most important role and accomplishments would take place AFTER he left the presidency. I VERY MUCH got the feeling he would do something good, necessary, and of profound importance for the nation and for the world, for which he would be forever remembered and celebrated by all people.

Perhaps I was delusional, engaging in some deep and intense wishful thinking, but I think not. This is not to be worshipful of the man. He’s done a number of things I’ve disagreed with and still do. Nevertheless, I perceive in him a sterling spiritual quality conjoined with a highly developed capacity for self-transcendence.

During his presidency he was oft criticized for his calm demeanor, his lack of what some felt he should have expressed as a righteous anger. He wisely knew his cultural constraints, that such an expression might be misinterpreted and counterproductive coming from a Black man.

But he is no longer president, and I believe the man truly loves the constitution, the nation, and humanity, so much so that such a racist quisling as now occupies the White House might well excite his benevolent and righteous ire. Yes, I can see him coolly, calmly dispatching the foul saboteur with the constitution as his weapon of choice. I can see him effecting the exile of the orange man into the nether regions of history. May it be so!

We all retch at the poison Orangeman has introduced into the body politic. Eventually, perhaps even his supporters will also be consciously sickened by the poison. But worst of all, Captain Chaos rejects the Pax Americana forged at Bretton Woods in July of 1944, and so moves the world ever closer to world war. Thanks to Mr. T., certain dominoes, Iran, Saudia Arabia, Turkey, and Israel are already moving, though we know not the precise configuration or timing in which they will fall.

If Mr. O. and/or Mr. M. are to take him down, I pray it will be in time to prevent the very possible and probable loss of life, the conflagration Mr. T. has set into slow-motion. Every day we closer to the brink, on a cliff from which the fall might well destroy millions. If Mr. M and Mr. O can prevent that, Let It BE!

Yes Eliseo – let it BE!
I believe Obama and Holder are working on the voter access and participation at the states level. I think, if states can collectively out-trump trump, that will be more in line with what the founders envisioned – perhaps the states governors collectively can diminish the effects of a bad president.
The other thing that the founders, Washington in particular, had a disdain for, was party politic factions. Initially they intended that the VP should be the election’s runner up. But human tendency to be tribal …….. and here we are.

I think simply by virtue of how young he and Michelle are; how much money he’ll be able to raise easily; how his background is community organizing; how his campaign made such good use of the internet to build a base of supporters and communicate directly to them; how popular and admired he and Michelle are; and by their sincere commitment to public service, there’s no question that M & M Obama will do wonderful things for our country for decades to come.

I didn’t really think about him working behind the scenes to save us from Trump, because I thought he wouldn’t want to be seen as trying to exert unfair influence not he government he no longer runs. But he was a professor of constitutional law. If there’s anything in the constitution that could be used to rid of us Trump, he’d know it.

And I’m sure he’s frustrated and feels guilty that he didn’t think he could do more to out Trump and the Russians before the election.

I know he had to be very careful. The Republicans had claimed for years he intended to be the imperial president (uhh… Trump) and sneak around and somehow find a reason to delay the election and all that other crap they spouted and so many people are stupid enough to believe.

But I’m sure he wishes he’d done more.

Yes, Eliseo let it be!
On 9/11, While talking with my sister, as the Trade Center was attacked & falling down, I just felt… Bush/Cheney had done that horrendous action only to justify their Iraq War.
(Everytime CON’s are in charge things get very, very dirty). (Expect more Trump Dirt)

‘How the Mueller Investigation ‘Could Play Out for Trump’:https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/05/23/us/politics/trump-mueller-russia.html?hp&action=click&pgtype=Homepage&clickSource=story-heading&module=a-lede-package-region&region=top-news&WT.nav=top-news

“No one I know of has foreseen an America like the one we live in today,” he said. “No one could have imagined that the 21st-century catastrophe to befall the USA, the most debasing of disasters, would appear not, say, in the terrifying guise of an Orwellian Big Brother but in the ominously ridiculous commedia dell’arte figure of the boastful buffoon.”

Writer Philip Roth on Trump

Reported on Hardball that Manafort will be going to trial in July…, we should find out some evidence then. Thank God!

Thanks Eliseo, I think a lot of us felt what you did regarding Obama’s future. His Jupiter at 0+ Aquarius conjunct the next Jupiter-Saturn cycle start would seem to assure this.

It is interesting that while both Gemini and Virgo deal with facts, Gemini is often associated with superficiality and volume, while Virgo is best known for order and validity. Whenever these two signs are conjoined in an astrological pattern it will likely be the Virgo part of the equation that will present coherency.

It is easy to be overwhelmed by Trump’s voluminous (Gemini) word salads designed to distract from topics not favored by Trump, but what US Neptune and Obama’s Mars (in Virgo) are tasked with is cutting through the disorder and clutter of Trump’s mental machinations.

We usually associate Neptune with it’s negative expressions (madness, drug abuse, deceit) found in the world of duality. On a higher level though Neptune sees a world of unity comprised of art, peace and love. When Obama’s natal Mars taps into the energy of US Neptune my bet is he veers toward the higher rather than the lower expression. Still, he’s human so he might be forgiven for fighting fire with fire when it seems necessary.

I’m watching transiting Pluto in this grand trine of trans. Pluto, US Neptune and the Jupiter’Saturn cycle start point next year. As seen in the US Solar Return chart (July 5, 2019) Pluto at 22+ Capricorn will be quincunx the Moon at 21+ Leo and quincunx US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini (and Trump’s Sun at 22+ Gemini).

In theory Pluto would have to adjust, it being at the apex of a Yod. The Moon in the US Solar Return chart symbolizes the US People and, in 2019, they seem in harmony (sextile) with US Mars (+ Trump Sun). With Saturn in this solar return chart conjunct the South Node suggesting a release of something no longer useful, it might be that something or someone related to the government (Saturn) will be let go (South Node). This will be 8 months after the 2018 midterms.

However, the Mars in the US Solar Return chart (2019) at 2+ Leo is conjunct Obama’s natal Mercury at 2+ Leo. Might this set off a chain reaction since this Mars will be semi-square Trump’s Uranus (17+ Gemini) that trines Trump’s Jupiter (17+ Libra) that conjuncts US progressed Mars (rx) and US Constitution’s Neptune?

Suppose trans. Pluto does “adjust” in the US (per the Yod in US solar return). Is that reflected in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s chart? Yes.

#1. The Saturn-Jupiter conjunction was square Uranus and that suggests adjustment world-wide, not just in the USA.

#2. The Saturn-Jupiter conjunction chart has Mars at 17+ Gemini which conjuncts Trump’s Uranus which trines Trump’s Jupiter (that conjuncts US prog. Mars and US Constitution Neptune). This Jupiter-Saturn chart’s Mars (conjunct Trump’s Uranus) is also semi-square US solar return (2019) Mars and Obama’s Mercury – chain reaction.

But it is transiting Pluto’s exact opposition to US natal Mercury in the US natal chart 8th house, first in Feb. 2020, stationing there at 24+ Capricorn in April and in retrograde in that degree through July 4th, and returning to it in late Dec. 2020 through most of January 2021, that will tell us most about the future of the USA. It looks to be all about money and communication.

Nancy will give us a thorough exam of the Inaugural chart following the Presidential Election of 2020, but this much we know now; Pluto will oppose US natal Mercury, Mars will conjunct Uranus at 6+ Taurus (values) and square Jupiter in Aquarius conjunct the US natal South Node (and Pholus in Leo) in the US 2nd house of values. I suspect banking and communication will never be the same in our country.

Thank you so much barbk, Bob and Eliseo. I have faith and there is nothing that would make me happier than to see Obama play a major role in bringing tRump down.

Adam Schiff told Rachel that he was told the Gang of Eight (Dems and Pubs) would be at tomorrow’s meeting re: FBI informant in Trump campaign. This was tonight between 9:40 – 9:44 PM EDT. This changes everything.

Barb, MSNB just had banner across screen saying “gang of 8 NOT invited to meeting with DOJ.” ???


Schiff did tell Rachel that the “Gang of 8” would be invited to the meeting. He just found out, apparently.

Apparently there will be 2 meetings 2 hours apart and Dems won’t be at the 1st meeting, just the 2nd meeting with the gang of 8. We are flying by the seat of our pants; no rules, no protocol.

Uranus (to hell with protocol) 0 Taurus is trine Pholus (a small cause makes for a big effect) 0 Capricorn and Saturn (rules and regs) 8 Capricorn is conjunct US Eris who brings out the worst in everyone.

I thought this was interesting , even though we are already nearly into June


Diana, that was a great astrological piece, by Austin Coppock, about the major movements and cycles of the planets in 2018…beautifully organized and written. Thank you.

Many Thanks for the Austin Coppock link!
I am very impressed with the cogency, clarity and insight he expresses in his astrology. When I return home to the Pacific Northwest, I’ll have to make his acquaintance. He evidently conducts a number of high quality workshops. Also, his writing style is superb! High Quality!

I like this guy, Austin Coppock, thanks Diana!

An observation about Obama’s chart is that transiting Uranus, now in his natal 3rd house (communication) is T-squaring his natal opposition between Jupiter (0+ Aquarius) in his 12th house (behind the scene) and Mercury (2+ Leo) in his 6th house (service).

Since Mercury and the 3rd house both involve “communication” which includes voting, and since Obama’s Jupiter is where transiting Jupiter and Saturn next meet shortly after the next presidential election in 2020, this transit of Uranus will likely jolt him into new territory re: his redistricting efforts with Eric Holder.

I heard Holder say he was thinking about running for the presidency (Trevor Noah, The Daily Show) and he not only has a natal Sun at 0+ Aquarius, he has the requisite natal connection to the US Moon (his natal Mars at 29+ Aquarius). Why not Obama working for Pres. Holder should the opportunity arise?

Glad you guys liked it, i kind of randomly found it and was pleasantly surprised.

Quiet day today on the forum, have a wonderful night my friends, so happy to have found this wonderful site and group of people, thanks Nancy and everyone!

From ‘Business Insider’ who wrote:
‘It’s a f—ing circus’: Experts are floored that White House officials attended highly classified briefings about the Russia probe.
National-security experts and legal experts were “gobsmacked” by senior White House officials’ attendance Thursday at a classified briefing about the Russia investigation and reports that an FBI informant had talked to the Trump campaign’.

So much more: http://www.businessinsider.com/white-house-russia-briefings-classified-experts-react-2018-5?nr_email_referer=1&utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_content=pop_up_russia&pt=385758&ct=Sailthru_BI_Newsletters&mt=8&utm_campaign=New%20Campaign&utm_term=Master%20Russia%20Investigation%20Newsletter

Lorna Bevan:

“There are two extreme events in June which will accelerate your new trajectory: the Super New
Moon + Mars turning retrograde at Max.”


Ja: wow! The Hare in the Moon really shifted somthing inside of me — thanks for the post!

Patty et alia: Have you heard that someone referred to the ambience inside the White House as being a Goat Rodeo? I’d never heard the expression before and LMAO!

xoxo to all


I know military people often refer to really messed up situations as a goat f*ck. Had never heard a goat rodeo, so I went to the Urban Dictionary.

Apparently, there are three different levels of messes referred to as goat-something. (I don’t know why goats. Are they known for being especially stubborn or stupid? Not that I’ve ever heard.) But here it is:

Goat Rope — A really unorganized mess or disaster

Goat F*ck — A monumental screw-up. Requires a serious amount of work to fix it.

Goat Rodeo –A situation that is hopelessly f*cked up. It describes a situation that involves many individuals screw ups, and implies that the f*ck up is already well underway, meaning that there is no hope in stopping the mess. Usually said with a defeated tone.

@ Teresa

Goats are known for being *extremely* stubborn and ornery. Very determined — there’s a reason Capricorn is half-goat!

In High School in the late 60’s everyone was divided into four cliques, Nerds, (intellectuals) Jocks, (athletic crowd) Freaks, (counterculture) and Goat Ropers, (Cowboys & Cowgirls into Country & Western.) I thought it was a mostly a Texas thing, but maybe not.

Teresa, Aquarian Moon & Eliseo: I love it all! A new way to express this madness around us.

Ja I too am grateful for the link to Lorna Bevin’s June report. Especially the part where she infers we should rely more on our intuitive senses.

I say that b/c the New Moon that conjuncts Trump’s Sun and US natal Mars in June intuitively (to me) seems to throw all the power of this New Moon into the US natal chart’s 7th house of partners (and/or open enemies).

Let’s face it, while Trump is holding the reigns it is the US Mars that appears to be running the country and US Mars is squared by US Neptune.

If we think of US Neptune being symbolized by Obama’s natal Mars – both at 22+ Virgo – and US Neptune is in the 9th house of foreign countries, then that leads me to think (or maybe intuit) there is still an open line between Obama and our foreign allies (and possible enemies) that is influencing how US Gemini Mars+Trump’s Sun+US 7th house goes about the country’s business.

Perhaps Obama would speak to, oh say Angela Merkel or Teresa May, who then would speak to France’s Macron who would then call Trump, and suddenly Trump changes his plan with little or no explanation. There might be a method to the madness we can’t see, but we might intuit it.

The asteroid Apollo will conjunct the June New Moon and Apollo was intuitive and wise. This could bode well for our US Mars. The sign Gemini is known to be clever and witty and can juggle multiple ideas at one time. Gemini is adaptable. Perhaps that meeting with Kim scheduled the day before the New Moon on June 13 might work out after all.

There will be a lovely grand trine between trans. Pallas (conjunct US Sun) in Cancer trine Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces at the New Moon on June 13 , and on June 12th too.

Lorna has a wonderful facebook page where you can find her weekly posts. The link that Ja published here is Lorna’s monthly 5d report that used to be free, however she now charges $5 a month for this report. Lorna’s work is high quality and many resonate with it. It feels disrespectful to post her 5d report here. Please visit her facebook page and see if you are called to sign up for her monthly 5d report.

Laura Willow,

I never meant to be disrespectful to Lorna Bevin. I was so inspired by her writing I wanted to share it
with everyone here. I was once unaware of her writing and am now a subscriber. Perhaps others on this site will be interested in subscribing, too.

What Lorna Bevin said about looking inside ourselves is basically what Michelle Obama said recently about not looking for people outside ourselves to fix things for us — we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Nancy , could the Saturn station opposite the US Venus signal another Stock Market crash?

In the July Lunar Eclipse transiting Venus in Virgo will trine transiting Pluto in Capricorn and both will trine US natal Vesta (investments) in Taurus.

Wow, Barbk, What would the date for that be?

Did ya’all see Politico’s piece on George Conway… Kellyanne’s Husband? Fantastic Cast of Characters!

I was looking at Trump’s 2018 Solar Return cast for Washington DC and noted that the SR asc is exactly conjunct his natal moon. This seems significant but I’m not sure how to interpret this. Anyone?

Barb – Yes, it is possible we will see a contraction financially. We may also see some kind of loss or grief due to an event that harms a substantial number of Americans and for which the nation grieves. If we use Sag rising for the US, then the 6th house has Taurus on the cusp so we may see an issue regarding an epidemic of some kind (ebola) or some massive health care issue. Or it could be a general fallout because all of our friends now hate us (natal Venus in the 7th) which impacts the economy. Whatever it is, it seems likely to be stressful for the US.


“we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

Needed that today. Grazie!

Thanks Nancy; geez I don’t know which is worse, a deadly epidemic, an economic meltdown or everybody hating us. Groan.

Patty, Saturn stations direct on September 6th. The July Lunar Eclipse is on the 27th.

The US natal chart will participate in two grand trines with that lunar eclipse; US natal Sun in Cancer will trine Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio, while US natal Vesta in Taurus will trine Pluto in Capricorn and Venus in Virgo. But the eclipsed Moon in Aquarius will conjunct transiting Mars and transiting Saturn will oppose US Venus. Ay, there’s the rub.

Sobering and dare I say a mite frightening words from Ed Tamplin – Mars/War/Trump


Thank-you Barbk for all the you do and all you share with us!

The entire world must believe all American’s are totally IGNORANT!
Check out this one piece today from The Guardian UK. It blew my mind…People from all over the English Speaking world read the Guardian.
And they must think what a disgrace: The U.S. has the most unintelligent human beings on this Earth!
“I work at one of America’s underfunded schools. It’s Falling Apart”


Wondering if the the 6th house impairment might imply a contraction in the work force, perhaps in the health-care sector?

Happy holiday to all Starlighters.

kiwi, I am inclined to think that Uranus as a co-ruler of Aquarius would have some influence on Mars as it transits through Aquarius, and, as Ed Tamplin suggests, it would express in digital form rather than in munitions. A cyber war perhaps. Fewer bodies to be buried.

Even in earth sign Taurus, Uranus still has the power to surprise us. Squares symbolize blockage of energies, and these squares between Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus might suggest blockage in mental pursuits between groups (Aquarius) or in digital networking rather than trying to blow people to bits with bombs. That’s so patriarchal.

RE: The Relationship of Mars & Uranus at the Time of 1st Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima:

Transiting Mars 9+ Gemini (conjunct US natal Uranus 8+ Gemini)

Transiting Uranus 16+ Gemini (7 deg. ahead of Mars)

Transiting Pluto 9+ Leo (sextile trans. Mars and US natal Uranus)

Neptune (4+ Libra and Chiron (1+ Libra) were conjunct US natal MC at 1+ Libra

I don’t think Uranus influenced Mars as much as Pluto did when the US bombed Japan in WW2.

The month before the bombing on August 6, 1945 there was a total solar eclipse (July 9th) with Mars (20+ Taurus) trine Jupiter (21+ Virgo) who was just one degree from US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo).

That day of the eclipse Uranus at 15+ Gemini was semi-sextile the Sun/Moon at 16+ Cancer and Saturn 14+ Cancer (conjunct US Sun 13+ Cancer) that squared US natal Saturn 14+ Libra.

It seems to me that the atom bombs dropped on Japan were more a product of trans. Pluto, a solar eclipse + Saturn that was conjunct US natal Sun and square US Saturn, as well as trans. Neptune and Chiron (yet unknown at the time) conjunct US natal chart MC, rather than transiting Uranus.

barb k,
Your speculation re: Pluto’s influence on the use of the atomic bombs makes sense. The USA experienced our Uranus return as I recall just before D-Day more than a year before the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Furthermore, PLUTONIUM was essential in the later development of the hydrogen bomb.

Well Eliseo, I suppose it could be dependent on your point of view. For the Japanese, Uranus was on the Midheaven in Hiroshima when the bombs fell and that’s what mattered most to them. So we can say the element of shock would be Uranus and the element of destruction would be Pluto and the element of sacrifice would be Neptune & Chiron.

Interesting! ThankYou!
My reference to Uranus return was that it had to do with our changing role, not so much the use of the atomic bomb.

In 1776 our role, or way of thinking of ourselves changed from individual British colonies to united states. 84-ish years later we transitioned from “THESE” United States to “THE” United States. Our next Uranus return was just days before D-Day, when we transitioned to superpower status as “Leader of the Free World.”

Moon/Jupiter in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces trine Venus in Cancer this afternoon, and this is the headline that caught my eye:


A spectacular superfluity of water…

New Linda G (Comanche Psychic) reading — it’s balm for my soul —

This is very interesting and goes along with how and why the country must/will change…

This is a pretty dark vision, but unfortunately, I believe Mr. Hedges is mostly correct. What he recommends at the end of the piece is:

“We must invest our energy in building parallel, popular institutions to protect ourselves and to pit power against power. These parallel institutions, including unions, community development organizations, local currencies, alternative political parties and food cooperatives, will have to be constructed town by town.”

The Coming Collapse
by Chris Hedges

“The Trump administration did not rise, prima facie, like Venus on a half shell from the sea. Donald Trump is the result of a long process of political, cultural and social decay.”

Thank you for posting the Chris Hedges article, I am little afraid to read it, but I am sure he is spot on as he always is.

I couldn’t agree more about Linda G. that one was very comforting. I have been watching everything her and Lena R have been posting!

Jim Carrey has been doing some powerful work through his art and I wanted to share his most recent painting..


I am sick to my stomach at the horror show going on with the separating of families! I am horrified at what has become of our country and this is truly despicable. It all feels like train wreck happening in slow motion that we can not do anything to stop. I am literally shaky and nauseous with anger and sadness and what is happening. For all the things that Trump has done this one is chilling and When Linda G said, he has Hitler energy and he would put people in concentration camps if could, I completely believe it to be true.

Have you all noticed how the Republicans recently, like Mitch McConnel are now saying that they are not worried about a blue wave?

There is also a lot on Twitter about how easy it is to hack voting machines and these new ones with a barcode are no good either.

Do they know that Russia is going to help them win the elections? Sounds crazy but nothing surprises me any more!

Omg, that Chris hedges article was depressing!

And here’s another depressing one


Here is a link to Chris Hedges interview show.

On Contact: The Coming Collapse of the American Economic System with Richard Wolff”


As I write this transiting Sun (7+ Gemini ) sextiles transiting North Node (possibilities) at 7+ Leo and both are quincunx (150 degree separation) to transiting Saturn at 7+ Capricorn retrograde.

Saturn then is in the apex of a Yod consisting of these 3 points. Saturn in Capricorn must adjust in order to appease the sextile of Sun (consciousness) and NN (opportunities to move forward).

Trans Saturn is in the US natal 1st house (we); trans. Sun is in the 6th (service) and trans. NN is in the 8th (shared values). It is the “we” that must adjust to “service” and “shared values”.

What comes to mind are the stories of separating children from parents at the US southern border.

Tomorrow is a Full Moon and this Yod will still be in effect although the Sun will be at 8+ Gemini and that conjuncts the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini in the 6th house of service.

The US natal Uranus also conjuncts the start point of the Neptune-Pluto cycle at 8+ Gemini.

At the time that cycle began Mars and Chiron at 8+ Leo in the US 8th house of shared values (and where the trans. NN is now) were sextile Neptune and Pluto (conjunct US natal Uranus in the 6th house of service) and where the trans. Sun is now.

Even back then, in 1891, the sextile between the conjunctions of Neptune/Pluto and Mars/Chiron formed a Yod with asteroid Hybris (hubris) in Capricorn, where trans. Saturn in the 1st house (we) is now and where Saturn stationed retrograde last month.

Tomorrow’s Full Moon in Sagittarius then repeats the lessons put forth in the centuries-long cycle of Neptune and Pluto; Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. When will we ever learn?

Tomorrow’s Full Moon in Sagittarius (opposite Sun and US Uranus) could surprise and/or shock us as she will be trine the Leo (ruled by Sun) NN.

There is also the transiting Neptune (16+ Pisces) trine transiting Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) at 15+ Scorpio which complete a grand water (emotions) trine with the US natal Sun (13+ Cancer). What more could ask for in the way of compassion?

It seems it is a golden opportunity to fulfill in part the lessons we must learn from the Neptune-Pluto cycle, a cycle devoted to addressing issues on the Collective level. You know, “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”.

There’s another ancient cycle that plays into tomorrow’s Full Moon theme, that of Chiron and Uranus which began in 1898. Their start point was at 4+ Sagittarius and they were 5 degrees from Sun and Venus at 9+ Sagittarius. Since tomorrow’s FM is at 8+ Sagittarius, that alone might be enough to activate the energy of this cycle.

It is the Mars in this chart though that is likely the connection because it is at 8+ Leo, the same degree where Mars and Chiron were at the time Neptune and Pluto began their cycle in 1891 seven years earlier.

Not only that, Mars in the 1898 Chiron/Uranus conjunction chart is also in a Yod with the same chart’s North Node at 8+ Capricorn-sextile Nessus (abuse of power) at 8+ Pisces.

In this Uranus-Chiron chart – replete with associations to the Now – it is Mars in Leo . . .
(returning to his position of 7 years earlier – where he was conjunct Chiron in the Neptune/Pluto cycle start [that was conjunct US Uranus], and as well, the position of the North Node in tomorrow’s Full Moon chart)
. . . who shines the brightest.

And guess who else besides abusive Nessus is at 8+ Pisces? US natal Ceres! the Mother of all abused mothers, Ceres.

In the Chiron/Uranus chart, Pluto at 14+ Gemini was opposite Saturn (and the Great Attractor) at 14+ Sagittarius and they formed a grand cross with the earlier Neptune/Pluto chart’s opposition between Saturn (15+ Virgo) and Jupiter (16+ Pisces), and in tomorrow’s Full Moon, Neptune will be at 16+ Pisces (and trine Jupiter in Scorpio).

I won’t parse out how all this symbolism relates to the present but I will add that tomorrow’s FM chart Mars at 4+ Aquarius will sextile the conjunction of Uranus and Chiron at 4+ Sagittarius (that was so close to Sun and Venus at 9+ Sagittarius) and this could add oomph to tomorrow’s Full Moon at 8+ Sagittarius.

GOP Neptune 347°24′

tRump natal Mars/Neptune midpoint 167°42′

Transit Neptune station June 18, 2018 347°57′

Republican Party stuck in Neptune quicksand; tRump’s broken mind is breaking.

Considering the fact little or nothing is being done about Russian interference with our electoral process, and Republican denial of that interference and/or collusion, I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised by R. confidence that they’ll be OK in the 2018 election. Their smugness about a potential “Blue Wave” should be setting off alarm bells, very loud alarm bells.

I have to share what I thought was hilarious – just watched TV program with David Attenborough talking with the queen in the gardens at Buckingham palace to promote the QCC, Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy, her efforts to ensure land is preserved for trees/rainforest/wildlife in commonwealth countries as her effort to counteract global warming. She’s actually quite witty. Gastly noise started somewhere while they were filming and she said – ‘sounds like Trump’

kiwi, I don’t mean this in a snarky way, but if you didn’t know she was witty until now, I’m sorry to hear it. The wit has been there all along.

People speak of her as if she’s a dull-witted parasite. From the insane publicity about her uncle, the tragedy of her father, the grisly death of Charles’ beloved uncle, the things with her sister on up to the newer tragedy of her daughter-in-law, all in public view, starting with her duties as a child during WWII, she just soldiers on. I’m sure she possesses a sense of humor that has helped her endure her public life. At which, I’d say, she excels.

I mean, it’s not like she pounded on the castle door and demanded to be queen.


Ms. Barr later apologized, but it was too late. In announcing the show’s cancellation, ABC’s entertainment president, Channing Dungey, said in a statement that “Roseanne’s Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values.”

Two questions for those of you who’ve matured in the celestial art:
(1) Do any of you use Ophiuchus in your astrology?
(2) Regarding the issue of self-redemption, would that more likely be a 12th or 8th house issue?
Many Thanks!

I’m part Irish, so a bit of my heart is in Ireland.
I’ve read history on how many unwanted Irish children, because of lack of birth control, were given up to the Catholic church for adoption. But, in time, graves were found on Church property of those many unadopted babies and children.
I believe every Pregnancy should be planned & wanted. Even now, some Republicans (Mike Pence) intends to outlaw Brithcontrol for American Women.
Latest From ‘The Lily’:
“How one woman’s story sparked an abortion rights movement in Ireland”

In Ireland the Church also lost a great deal of credibility when the long history of abuse of those children surfaced. They were evidently mistreated as they were “illegitimate.”

The effort to outlaw birth control is pretty obviously also a means or re-oppressing women (especially their sexuality) and turning back the clock of the sexual revolution. But the sexual revolution has continued on now for over 100 years with various ups and downs but nevertheless continuing. It is not finished, actually barely begun.

Arbo, a family friend was asked to join the queen for lunch on the Britannia when I was a kid and always spoke very highly of her – I’ve always admired her graciousness and tremendous sense of responsibility/duty. The antiroyalists, Rupert Murdoch in particular, have gone out of their way to denigrate her thru media influence.
Although Ive heard her speak ceremonially in person 3 times at Waitangi, Bay of Islands NZ, I’ve never heard her speak so informally before and had not heard her direct, light, dry, humor.

Roseanne – just another example added to the trash-heap of careers littered with Trump’s chaos enablers.

A friend of mine, now long gone was part of the OSS, Office of Strategic Services in WWII, the predecessor of the CIA. When he was stationed in England, during an occasion in which the Royals were entertaining American troops, he danced with Princess Elizabeth and conversed with her quite a bit. Evidently, she had that same sense of humor then as now. My friend really liked her quite a lot.

I heard that Prince Phillip has quite a sense of humour too from a friend of my father’s who had sailed with him, so quite apt that she should have also.
The fact that she was a ‘truck mechanic’ during the war says heaps about her practicality.

I looked up Roseanne Barr’s chart to see if she had any placements that aspect transiting uranus right now but her sun is in 11 degrees of scorpio opposite Jupiter at 16 Taurus and uranus won’t reach those degrees for a while. T Pluto retrograding at 20 cap does oppose the natal uranus at 18 cancer, and t jupiter at 15 scorpio has retrograded over the natal Jupiter and is backing up over her sun sign.

She was tweeting at 3 a.m. in the morning. Apparently, she has upset her producers with her tweets before but this was the last straw. She does seem to be out-of-control and could probably benefit from medication. Maybe she wasn’t ready for the success the revival of her show is bringing to the approx 200 people working for it. Today was the beginning of the writing session for the 2nd season. Sad (as Trump would say).

NZ crafted beer has trump fans angry 🙂

Eliseo and kiwi, she’s good buddies with the Obamas, too.

When Saturn stations on September 6 it will be on Sessions’ natal Sun and transit Neptune will be on his progressed Sun. Both exact within minutes of arc. Transit Mars will be opposite his natal and progressed Saturn and Pluto between September 21 and October 16. Cue the theme from “JAWS”.

The theme is for tRump.

There are times, of late, that I believe symbolism speaks so loudly that even the deaf can hear it. The USA is large enough that whole groups within it can go a lifetime without hearing anything of what other groups are saying.

One such example of astrological symbolism was on election day November 4, 2008, when the transiting South Node was about to conjunct Obama’s natal Sun, while the transiting North Node was conjunct Obama’s natal Pholus. More on that later.

Rosanne is also symbolic of something greater than herself and she serves as a means to raise the consciousness of the Whole – all at once rather than in dribs and drabs. Through her tweet she has exposed the underbelly of fear of the group she represents (as does Trump), a belly which started becoming more conscious as of the election results on November 4, 2008.

I had written here about a Yod taking place in yesterday’s Full Moon between the North Node at 7+ Leo sextile the Sun at 8+ Gemini, both quincunx Saturn at 7+ Capricorn. Well, Rosanne has 7+ Leo on her birth chart’s 7th house cusp – the descendant, symbol of “the other” – which generally is projected on to a partner or open enemy.

The US natal chart’s Uranus at 8+ Gemini is in the 6th house – but very near the US chart descendant – was where the transiting Sun was (opposite yesterday’s Full Moon), and that Sun in Gemini was sextile the trans. North Node and Rosanne’s Descendant (*the other) at 7+ Leo.

Together, the Sun at 8+ Gemini and the North Node at 7+ Leo formed a Yod to transiting Saturn at 7+ Capricorn retrograde, and it would be the intransigent Saturn that would be expected to shift in some way; it’s what yods do – they cause shifts.

This Full Moon is one step in a multi-step process toward (among other things) cleansing the USA of ancient malignancies – in this case, deep seated racism. Little by little the pus is forced to surface where it can be dealt with, bit by bit. It takes time and patience to become conscious but Uranus can cut through much of the red tape.

And so that’s what US natal Uranus (cut to the chase) and transiting Sun (symbolizing consciousness) – opposite Full Moon (expose) did when they teamed up with transiting Saturn (ingrained) in Capricorn (institutions); a step toward healing America.

As for the 2008 election day North Node conjunct Obama’s Pholus (symbol of a small thing causing a huge reaction) it speaks for itself.

On the other hand the South Node conjunct Obama’s Sun, I believe, symbolized the (conscious) start of a releasing of a pattern of mentality which no longer serves a purpose (if it ever did).

That 2008 South Node and Obama’s Sun fall into the US natal chart’s transformative 8th house of shared resources, an effect that continues to this day. Just ask Rosanne.

Thank you, Bbarbk.
Here is an opinion piece from nyt’s:


I have a technical question – contact info required to post here used to be automatically memorized, but not anymore, requiring it to be re-entered for every post. Has something changed? or could something have happened with my computer?

Sincerely wondering if ABC made the decision to work with Roseanne again, during a mercury retrograde?

During her initial ABC series, there was a rumored revolving door of production staff (writers, producers, directors), allegedly due to the toxic and dysfunctional environment fostered by Ms. Barr.

Did ABC convince themselves, ”oh…she’s different now?” Her Twitter feed would have shown them, “yes—she’s changed…for the worst!”

The only explanation that makes sense to me, is if the decision to re-hire her, was made during a mercury retrograde.

Hi kiwi, It’s the same for me requiring re-entry.

Here is a good comment from the nyt’s piece:

Since Roseanne doomed her show with a Tweet, it seems rather appropriate to quote a rather insightful Tweet about the show’s demise:

“It’s almost too on the nose that the fictional Roseanne is a hard-pressed, working-class Trump supporter while the real Roseanne is a rich racist Trump supporter.”

Thanks ja, and regarding Valerie Jarrett’s quote of this being “a teaching moment” speaks to her healthy perspective of seeing this incident as part of a much larger picture.

I’m sure people who lived in the midst of the Civil War also wondered if it would ever end, while we who who have only read about it (or watched Gone With The Wind a dozen times) realize (from our perspective of one and a half centuries later) this trauma in US history served a purpose.

Generations from now people will shake their collective heads at how unconscious human beings were in the 21st century; how cruel and judgmental they could be to each other based on limited knowledge and tribal traditions.

What seems to be a speeding up of teaching moments could be a sign that consciousness is doubling down on its determination to bring all humanity beyond the level of ape consciousness.

Maybe we are having to re-enter our name and email address so as to re-consider what we’ve just said before we submit it!!

Me too with the annoying having to reenter name and email, also, is anyone else having an even more annoying problem with while typing it basically sticking and hanging ?

Check this:


No re-entry necessary now.

This inspired me!


I’ve been experiencing the same necessity to re-enter data, eMail, etc.

“I’m sure people who lived in the midst of the Civil War also wondered if it would ever end,…”

Same with WWII, and how it goes depends a great deal IMO on the level of collective consciousness and the ability to learn from the experience. The Civil War and WWII might have turned out very differently had we not been unconsciously “ready” to learn the lessons.

“Generations from now people will shake their collective heads at how unconscious human beings were in the 21st century; how cruel and judgmental they could be to each other based on limited knowledge and tribal traditions.”

I pray that is so, and work for that end, but have reasonable doubts, nevertheless.

“We’re about to find out just how resilient our institutions are, at home and around the world.”



Anybody read Joni Patry? Her newsletter that came out today about the summer — is one of the most dismal forecasts ever.

More of the volcano, fires, a serious heat wave, stock market dive, assasination attempts, peace talks collapse, government distrust. Basically huge stress and change.

Ive long thought Roseanne did white “trailer trash” behaviour really well. Remember her stint with the off-key national anthem followed by spitting before a televised game, and the heat she took at the time for her seeming disrespect of the anthem? I thought at the time, “you can take the trash out of the trailer and put it in a castle, but its still trash.”

Theresa, is she still a Trump fan that Joni Patry? Also i find that so many of her predictions are wrong.

Coming to think if it, though i do like Steve Judd very much , according to him by the end of May the world would have been a totally different place and i wouldn’t say that has planned out, luckily……..

Well Theresa, Ralfee also predicts a challenging summer….


“I’m sure people who lived in the midst of the Civil War also wondered if it would ever end”


>Coming to think if it, though i do like Steve Judd >very much , according to him by the end of May >the world would have been a totally different >place

That’s what Joni said would happen by the end of summer — a totally different place.

But I am glad to hear she misses a lot. She didn’t say much about Trump, just that we’d hear a lot of disinformation about Trump and Hillary mid-June

Just a thought. It seems to me Mr. T. is not so much a Do-er as an UnDo-er. He breaks agreements, he undoes done deals, is dismantling the post WWII Bretton Woods made world system, and pardons folks previously prosecuted and convicted by his enemies. Like an ancient Pharoah he most of all seeks to erase the legacy of his Black predecessor who humiliated his miniscule racist heart.

Perhaps he will be known (depending on his level of success) as the Great Undoer!

You’re a dear will!

Eliseo, that’s so true – he undo’s (or tries to), especially the Obama triumphs that stick in his craw. Trump is US progressed Mars retrograde on steroids (which conjuncts his natal Jupiter).

His natal astrology also supports the shocking Uranus in the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart, which is the degree where US progressed Mercury is too, and they both square the Jupiter-Saturn (symbolizing societies) conjunction.

In fact there is no plausible reason for his existence except for what he is doing right now. Somebody had to do it and if you put any faith in astrology, it’s his raison d’etra.

Despicable he is, yes, yet he is the catalyst needed to set the USA (even the whole planet) on its new trajectory, and however painful it is for us to endure, in the end it will have been a good and necessary and short-lived episode in history. Much like the Pharaohs and the US Civil War.

I do not disagree Mr. T is perhaps a catalyst we all need to set us on a new and hopefully better trajectory, but not all that he is undoing needs to be undone.

My concern is, at what cost. WWII caused over 50 million military deaths. When we add in the civilian deaths in the concentration camps, the attempted genocides in Asia and Europe, and those from war-related disease and famine the figure is closer to over 80 million.

Today the stakes are far more dangerous as we stare into the face of global warming and with the number of nations with nuclear weapons and bad intentions increasing.

I believe Mr. T is leading the world toward WWIII. He is setting the stage for such a conflict which might occur during his administration, but IMO more likely after he has left the scene. I can easily see that war costing us ten times as many lives as we lost in WWII.

WWII certainly changed our trajectory, but must we repeat the process that we might again change trajectory? We will be exceedingly fortunate if we do NOT have a WWIII. If we do, shall we count ourselves lucky because it was the proximate cause of ONLY a few hundred million deaths, and no more?

If we avoid such a conflict and Mr.T’s insanity somehow sobers us all up, and the fear of such insanity becomes the genesis of a better world order, that will be great. But I see no such guarantee in the stars or in our hearts.

Eliseo, fear will never be the genesis of anything good. Belief that this too shall pass and as barbk has been saying Trump will go so far that people will see the wrong and the tide will turn. That’s the genesis of a better world. Try to see the positive. When it comes to energy, like attracts like.

Fear of tyranny engendered the writing of the United States Constitution. I suppose you believe our Constitution is a bad thing?

No, of course, I don’t believe our Constitution is a bad thing. I also don’t believe it was engendered out of fear but rather a desire for something better. Since neither one of us was there with the authors, let’s just let it go at that.

With all due respect,
I would submit there are rational fears and irrational fears, AND when rational fear is combined with hope, good things often occur.

Trade war with our allies = US economic contraction. Starlight is right again.

The onset of an all out trade war seems to be coalescing. The June 26th Mars retrograde station at 9 Aquarius in square to the NAFTA natal Jupiter (9 Scorpio) comes on the heels of a declared EU retaliatory response for June 20th and a Canadian response July 1st. Here’s the NAFTA chart…..

http://www.williamstickevers.com/images/charts/NAFTA%20-%20Event%20Chart.jpg comes just

Angry Allies Plan To Retaliate Over U.S. Trade Tariffs

Market Watch
June 1, 2018

WASHINGTON — The U.S. will impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Canada, Mexico and the European Union starting on Friday, the Trump administration said, raising the specter of trade war with some of Washington’s closest allies, who said they would retaliate.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday said Ottawa will impose billions of dollars of tariffs on steel, aluminum and a wide range of other U.S. goods, including some food and agricultural products. Canada said it would hold consultations for two weeks before imposing the tariffs on July 1, which would remain until the U.S. levies are removed. Trudeau said the fallout from its moves would be “more significant” than it realizes.

The EU said it is also planning to hit back with billions of dollars of levies on U.S. exports which could go into effect staring June 20 and launch a case against American measures at the World Trade Organization on Friday. “This is protectionism, pure and simple,” the EU’s top executive, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, said Thursday. “We will defend the Union’s interests, in full compliance with international trade law.”



Re: Joni Patry. I had to laugh at the comments about Patry. I just happened to try to listen to her You Tube video this morning. But she mentioned the Southwest airline incident and said “Who would have thought that a woman pilot would have landed the airplane safely?” – I stopped listening. The “woman pilot”, Tammie Jo Shults – as we all know – was commissioned as an Ensign in the Navy 33 years ago. She had a long and distinguished flying career flying many types of aircraft including the F-18. That Patry was astonished that a “woman pilot” could land a crippled airplane was ludicrous. She is not worth my time.

Elisabeth Grace:


If you all remember, Nancy and others stated that we would not recognize the US after June (I believe). Help me out here, Nancy.

Trump’s assault on the constitution is double edged. First, to enrich himself (and family) and then to “rule.” I keep returning to the Hobbit and trilogy as reference.

I miss all of you, and thank you for your insightful posts. Having been in an out of the hospital, I’ve gained even greater appreciation. Remain kind. Remain hopeful. Share smiles. All are elixirs of life.


I’m happily deleting my subscription to Joni’s newsletter, although I have to say that she, too, said basically the same thing as Ralphee Finn — that we will not recognize our world after this summer.

Best wishes that your ailments have been controlled or better yet, healed, Karen.

Healing thoughts to you. Take care. Blessings.

Sassy Grace,
Many Thanks for the story about Joni Patry. I haven’t followed her work all that much and had no idea she was so spectacularly obtuse.

Karen, sharing this smile 🙂 with you. Healing and loving thoughts to you.

Glad you’re back Karen, take care of yourself you hear?

Sassy grace, i too have been totally turned off by Joni patry, she just curdles my blood, i do not take to her at all, call me biased, she gives me the creeps , someone like Steve Judd on the other hand is such a warm sweet Individual! I don’t mean to badtalk but this is my feelings and on this forum i feel safe sharing them!

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how Mercury has rulership over trade. Too often I forget that and focus just on its association with communications, etc., but the times are calling for a re-focus.

US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer is in the 8th house of “shared resources” so it would have direct bearing on trade issues. For some time transiting Eris (sower of discord) in the US natal chart’s 4th house (roots, history, family) has been quincunx US Mercury and she is still in orb of a quincunx with US Neptune in the 9th house of foreign countries. This would put trans. Eris in that position of a Yod (with US Mercury and US Neptune) which would have to do some shifting.

Since Trump’s natal Venus and Saturn both conjunct US Mercury, the tenor of US Mercury’s expression has changed in the last 16 months. I’m thinking the trade war rhetoric is a result of this combination of Trump’s Saturn-Venus and transiting Eris to the US Mercury-Neptune sextile.

Then there is progressed US Mercury (now moving in direct motion) at 20+ Aquarius, the same degree Uranus was in when it was square Jupiter and Saturn at their cycle start in 2000.

Since transiting Uranus has moved into the material sign of Taurus it will express (manifest) in a much more material way such as through manufactured goods. Mercury being about trade, the Jupiter-Saturn cycle (societal changes) will be challenged (squared) by Uranus (in the guise of US Mercury) and that too could symbolize trade war threats.

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