13th Apr, 2018

Whispers of War

Whispers of War

While the gathering storm of a multitude of legal entanglements tightens its grip, the Tantruming Toddler who occupies the Oval Office looks for avenues in which to vent his rage and distract the masses. Between the FBI raid on Michael Cohen and the release of the Comey book, Trump is almost literally frothing at the mouth. His tweets sound more like fingernails on a chalkboard and are so over the top that they would embarrass a schoolyard bully. Of greater concern, are his threats to send missiles into Syria, angrily warning Russia to get ready for the onslaught.

For the moment, at least, Trump has pulled back somewhat on the menacing verbal assaults on Putin for his partnership with Assad, instead allowing wiser heads to actually plan for a response to the recent use of chemical weapons.  But the well-known, rage-filled impulsiveness of our commander-in-chief has the world terrified of a new escalation in Syria, where the growing conflagration is already edging toward a proxy war between Russia, the US, and Iran.

Of interest astrologically, is the first crossing of Pluto in quincunx to US Mars, stopping 6 minutes shy of exact on April 24 and then diminishing quickly. This has stirred up the more aggressive posturing of the nation, especially with the transit of Jupiter, also quincunx US Mars (21Gemini23) from April 1 to April 13. Although the impact of the Pluto transit will decrease after April 24, the Mars/Pluto conjunction of April 25 to April 26 is likely to give it one last punch. This period from late February through April 26 is giving us a taste of the increased military stance the US will be taking as transiting Pluto crosses and recrosses its quincunx to US Mars through 2019. In addition to April 2018, we can expect this heightened aggression from late December 2018 through January 25, 2019, as well as from late June through August 5, 2019, and October and November 2019.

The current Pluto/Mars configuration is occurring at the same time the Saturn station slowly makes its opposition to Trump’s Mercury (8Cancer52), a very stressful transit which runs from March 9 to May 7. This is becoming a period of ongoing difficulty, frustration, and peril for Trump, bringing increasing legal entanglements, challenges, and embarrassments, as well as the FBI scrutiny of his consigliere Michael Cohen, Trump’s Mafioso-like “fixer.”  The Saturn transit here suggests that any impulsive or exaggerated responses to any situation will have an adverse impact. Ideally, Trump’s attitude and actions should be thoughtful, measured, and cautious, but these traits seem almost oxymoronic when used in the conjunction with Donald Trump. In any event, any military action up to April 26 will also be under this Saturn aspect in Trump’s chart and should be done with the utmost caution and care. Otherwise, major complications and trouble are sure to follow into early May.


Eliseo: Below is a tweet from David Hogg, one of the young people leading the movement for gun control.

“We all have different opinions and beliefs but at the end of the day we are only going to be able to save lives by working together. This year I’m going to promote love and justice so that in this great country we can all grow together and love together as Americans. #LoveAll” David Hogg

In his fight, and also many of the others associated with this movement, have been preaching about love, unity, brotherhood and community. These young people are the reason I have hope and you should too.

Thank you Starlight for the above post. I agree that these times are very perilous and your poetic analysis of Trump in the first paragraph is very troublesome. We don’t know what he might do in this condition.

Also, Interesting that Trump now wants to get back into the TTP.

Should be TPP, Trans Pacific Partnership, Trump now wants to join after being very critical of it during his campaign.

We have now entered into the police state many in the astrological world have previewed. It is no longer talk, as we can look to the WH and see the thugs and mobsters who are now are the lords over the departments meant to protect it’s citizens. Like Nancy and many others I am sick to my core. Mostly because all I feel is being done, is nothing. It’s as all I can do is sit on the sidelines and witness. This seems unacceptable. I am 63 yrs in age and my DNA understands and knows the horrors that happen in such a world.

Elizabeth – “It is enlightening as well as incredibly discouraging at the idea that we will never be able to have human harmony because we will never all be on the same level.”

That is how it has been since the beginning of species (Cain and Able showed us that – at least the story did) and we are still here and I think we will continue to be. “And that’s showbiz…Kid!”

“… the well-known, rage-filled impulsiveness of our commander-in-chief …”. If he were to slip into madness by degrees we would likely not know of his mental condition until it manifested in a continuous unexplainable break from what would be construed as sanity.


Amen! Merci!

Again many thanks for your cogent analysis. But especially, many thanks for providing this forum, a haven from the raging storm “outside” .

Lean On Me Bill Withers Soul Train 1974


Many Thanks Nancy, as always!

And thanks angellight for posting david hogg’s quote. He is an inspiration for us all. I pray that he has a healing effect on society in years to come. Has anyone looked at his chart? I wonder if he has an almost destined leadership role? Hope springs eternal.

And thanks Eliseo for introducing me to the thoughts of Kohlberg.
Lots to ponder.

I’ve gone through several vocations and professions, actor, singer, broadcaster (radio comedy and radio news) pastor of an extremely progressive church, 19 years as mental health counselor, criminal investigator in Seattle, and as of late English professor. I remain (sporadically) a poet and singer/songwriter.

I’m not an economics professor. However, I’ve sporadically studied economics all my life, having decided at age 12 I was a democratic socialist. I also have reasonably good knowledge in several other academic areas. (I’d rather be teaching history or biology, but lately they hire me to teach English)

As for Dr. Wolff, I’m not overly familiar with his work but very much agree with him on some basic points. Like Dr. Wolff, I’ve long advocated a more democratic economic system, with more employee ownership, with worker cooperatives as alternatives to our present authoritarian capitalist system.

Some call this “economic democracy.” Others call it “cooperative capitalism” or “market socialism.” There are various theories, and much differing nuance as to how to implement and maintain such a system.

I’ve not sufficiently studied Wolff’s work so as to know how deep might be our level of agreement, or any possible disagreement. Wolff is a type of Marxist. Although I accept some (not all) Marxist ideas, I have never seen myself as sufficiently materialistic to call myself a Marxist. Generally, Marxists don’t take into consideration the spiritual dimension. I don’t know where Wolff stands in relation to such ideas.

But the basic idea of ED is to get away from state control or from the control of any economic elites, to put the means of production into the hands of the actual workers. Dairy farmers as an example don’t need some bureaucratic, soviet style commissar to tell them how to run their business. They can form a cooperative and compete successfully in the marketplace.

Economic democracy is therefore very different from classical (collectivist) state socialism in that there is a recognition the state is not always the best representative of the people, but also different from the corporate variety of capitalism now practiced in the USA and much of the rest of the world. ED maintains our present marketing system and creative entrepreneurial spirit, but in a more humane and democratic context.

Ahhh Thanks Bob! I needed that 🙂

Prof. Marc F. Bertonasco, Ph.D., Sharon K. and Eliseo, I wrote a message to each of you at the end of the last thread if you did not see it.

Angellight .. thank you.. David Hogg is going to bring some much needed light into this world, as well as many of the “WE” generation.

Nancy, as always, thank you.

Whispers of War is well done, Nancy. Succinct and precisely describing the astrology of what we’re all seeing. War (in some cases covert) and being waged against the nation, and primarily, the constitution. Every ancillary action committed by this administration is cringe worthy, last but not least, the war against minorities and immigrants. It’s all downright cruel.

I’m glad today’s youth are taking this on with gusto. I wonder if others were saying the same about the sixties generation?

Today’s nyt’s:

“Broidy, Cohen and Steve Wynn…it seems a close look should be given to major Republican National Committee fundraisers. All three are under legal scrutiny. All three are key figures in the GOP fundraising and donor universes.

Small wonder so many leading GOP lawmakers are leaving office. How dirty is the RNC? Is Trump’s pardon of Scooter Libby a promise of protection to Republican donors and fundraisers?”




Thanks for the post. Looks as though Mueller’s pulling no punches in the Cohen raid, and Avenatti giving Trump the one-two punch is forcing the Republicans out from under the rock. They are proving what we’ve known all along. They’re slimeballs from top to bottom.

Thank you Nancy.

My head is spinning this week.

I think Pence is going to go down.

Eliseo, Thank you. I don’t know how I missed your response to me before I posted?

I understand it’s not your area of expertise, however i appreciate your insights. Being in my early 50’s I was still in the Socialism is a dirty word generation (although I suspected it wasn’t). It was always pitched in education as the enemy of democracy and that only capitalism was compatible with true democracy. After watching some of Wolff’s podcast it seems clear to me that unfettered capitalism is the true enemy of democracy. I quite like the idea of cooperative businesses.

What I think he has most made me understand is there are so many different forms of both capitalism and socialism, that it is impossible to make broad statements about either. I think as everything in life be it personal or collective that it’s always about finding the balance. I don’t want government to own the means of production but I do want a government to ensure the physical health and education of the citizens.

Richard Wolff was interviewed recently by Chris Hedges (another one I have watched a lot of his videos) on his podcast if you are interested.

I had a lot more I wanted to add.. I have to run, but thank you for listening.

As always you give me a lot to ponder, Eliseo.

So nice to see you posting again.. I hope this means you are feeling better and doing well.

Thanks, Nancy, for posting this. We can only hope that Trump is just posturing as he’s done a lot of that since he came on the political scene — in fact posturing describes almost everything he’s said (and much of which he’s done as he walks it back).

Thanks for your response, Elizabeth. I greatly fear a theocracy as it goes beyond reason.

For those who think Trump is going to pardon Libby as a message to everyone that he can/will also do this with Mueller’s targets, Valerie Plume agrees with you, and so does the journalist who leaked her identity.


Rather, I should say, who published Libby’s leak. Even George W. would not pardon him against Cheney’s wishes as was said on the last thread. It speaks well for George even if he was stupid and corrupt in other ways that I consider just as bad as Trump (or almost).

Oxymoronic indeed Nancy, if transiting Saturn can’t curb Trump’s mind/mouth he might blow up like a 4th of July fireworks display!

Besides trans. Pluto and transiting Jupiter pressuring US natal Mars (and Trump’s Sun/Moon), transiting Uranus is in orb of making a septile (division by 7) to US Mars (that conjuncts Trump’s Sun), which is what Robert Wilkinson (Aquarius Papers) calls a “fork in the road of destiny” aspect. I’ve decided it’s time to make a chart for this year’s US solar return.

Amazingly, the Sun is rising in this chart and it’s precisely trine Jupiter in Scorpio in the 5th house.

The Moon in the 10th house at 2+ Aries is conjunct transiting Chiron at 2+ Aries. Transiting Uranus in the 11th house at 2+ Taurus trines Ceres at 2+ Virgo in the 3rd house of this solar return chart but opposes transiting Typhon (think typhoon), a trans neptunian object (“TNO”) at 2+ Scorpio who will be very close to US natal Hades at 0+ Scorpio.

US natal Venus at 3+ Cancer will also be affected by this solar return Moon/Chiron square and sextile with solar return Uranus.

Then there is this to ponder; the solar return Mercury at 8+ Leo (conjunct Mueller’s Pluto) opposite solar return Mars at 8+ Aquarius (that trines US Uranus) which will, by then, quincunx Trump’s beleaguered natal Mercury in Cancer – suggesting some adjustment must take place in his thinking. Fat chance of that.

However, the US solar return Neptune near the MC of this chart will be retrograde, having stationed in June just one degree shy of a square to Trump’s natal Uranus. That square won’t be completed until the end of March (and all of April), 2019. Still it will be close enough in this solar return chart to signify some likely meltdown in Trump’s defiance and bluster.

ja, thanks so much for the link on the previous thread re: the 29th degree; fascinating stuff coming our way what with Chiron and Uranus in the 29th “threshold” degree of their present signs.


Remember what Rachel Maddow said last night on her show.

Hang tight, stay alert and take care of you and your community.

We will pull through this. It’s a birth that has begun in darkness bringing to light what matters or should matter from here on out. We are changing for the light.

Mr. Trump’s action does nothing to change the past.

“But it might change the lives or convictions of people whom President Trump does know: his own personal firewall. By pardoning Mr. Libby, Mr. Trump sends a message to Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen and any of his other close aides who are facing or may face potential prosecution pursuant to the investigation by Robert Mueller, the special counsel.”


Sources: Mueller Has Evidence Cohen Was In Prague In 2016, Confirming Part Of Dossier

April 13, 2018


The Justice Department special counsel has evidence that Donald Trump’s personal lawyer and confidant, Michael Cohen, secretly made a late-summer trip to Prague during the 2016 presidential campaign, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

Confirmation of the trip would lend credence to a retired British spy’s report that Cohen strategized there with a powerful Kremlin figure about Russian meddling in the U.S. election.

It would also be one of the most significant developments thus far in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of whether the Trump campaign and the Kremlin worked together to help Trump win the White House. Undercutting Trump’s repeated pronouncements that “there is no evidence of collusion,” it also could ratchet up the stakes if the president tries, as he has intimated he might for months, to order Mueller’s firing.

Trump’s threats to fire Mueller or the deputy attorney general overseeing the investigation, Rod Rosenstein, grew louder this week when the FBI raided Cohen’s home, hotel room and office on Monday. The raid was unrelated to the Trump-Russia collusion probe, but instead focused on payments made to women who have said they had sexual relationships with Trump.



Want some relief from the incessantly bad political news?

This is my favorite version of the song. Shenandoah, by Cowboy Nation

I find it very calming.


“Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford said … . Russia was not notified before launching airstrikes against Syria, Dunford said, adding no additional strikes are planned.”

My charts for tRump and Putin show high stress for the 14th in Washington and 14th and 15th in Moscow.

You will note that the military strike came with the exact Jupiter/Pluto/US Mars yod at 21degrees~23minutes, give or take a minute.

I also got an overwhelming sense of John Bolton’s fingerprints on the first part of Trump’s speech last night (maybe three minutes). It was more intelligent and more focused than usual, almost presidential, until Trump started sounding more like himself, rambling and posturing.

Noted Nancy; and thank you. As I am seeing it . .

The US Mars is in the US natal chart’s (Sagittarius rising) 7th house (partner or open enemy). Trump’s Sun is conjunct US Mars. US Mars at the yod apex had to “adjust” under pressure.

Transiting Jupiter (expand and/or understanding and/or entitlement) in either the US natal chart’s 11th house (friends/groups) on the cusp of 12th – or in 12th house (working behind closed doors or confinement ??) sextile (working with) transiting Pluto (transform through destruction) in US natal chart’s 2nd house (values such as personal finances). This is what puts US Mars under pressure to adjust.

I don’t know how close it was but transiting Mars was sextile transiting Neptune (compassion and/or confusion and/or poison) too.

Also, the present US solar return chart (started July 2017) has 22+ Gemini (Trump’s Sun) on the IC/nadir and Jupiter at 14+ Libra (in 7th house) conjunct US natal chart Saturn and Trump’s natal Chiron/Juno. This solar return Jupiter was quincunx the solar return Neptune at 14+ Pisces in the 12th house near the ascendant.

Also, just remembered that US progressed (retrograde) Mars is conjunct Trump’s natal Jupiter. both at 17+ Libra, and Libra can signify war as well as peace.

Also in the present US solar return chart, Neptune at 14+ Pisces was square the Great Attractor at 14+ Sagittarius (a great magnetic draw that can become irresistible), while solar return Jupiter (and US natal Saturn and Trump’s Chiron) at 14+ Libra was sextile the GA.

Trump’s natal Chiron and Jupiter are separated by less than 3 degrees.

Thanks Bob, if there’s proof that Cohen was there in 2016, then it’s a wrap (as they say in the film and broadcast world). Be still my heart.


“A useless, lethal strike for distraction’s sake, employed before investigations are complete, naturally, and more profits for the war industries. How long before he pushes us over the line into a real face-to-face war with Russia? I never thought I would find myself wondering if we need to count on Vladimir Putin to have better sense because Donald Trump clearly has none.”


Twenty four hours ago transiting Sun was conjunct transiting Eris, goddess of discord, who loves to provoke war. She must be happy.

I remember that Syria made a deal with Obama to destroy its chemical weapon stockpile (hahahah, as if they would destroy it all). Now I read that all humans were evacuated from military bases that were struck earlier in the week. As great as they is, isn’t it possible they also moved their chemical weapons? I think it’s a great idea to send love and peace to the situation and, particularly, to the Syrian people, but I have to say that I really dislike Putin and Assad and I don’t see any amount of love vibrations changing them (ye of little faith). On the other hand, Syrians were congregating in the town centers in Damascus, blowing their horns patriotically. I guess no matter what, the U.S., UK, France joint attack will not be a victory. However, I do like that we stood up against Putin and that his resolution to condemn the U.S. act at the UN failed by vote, not because the U.S. vetoed it.

Eliseo, a beautiful rendition of a beautiful song. I liked the instrumental part more than the singing…and if you think this was great, listen to Sissel Kyrkjebo’s version that follows it. Apparently, she is Norway’s premiere soprano and a huge international success.

Marjorie Orr on Syria attack

Ed Tamplin this week

just noting:
the Dominionists, aka those supporting Trump, are hell bent on allowing/forcing what they see as ‘Armageddon’ because that hastens the prophecy that Christ will return to rule the world following the ultimate battle between good and evil.
The good/evil prophecy may be valid, (what else explains this craziness we are experiencing?) but I think these holy-roller prosperity-theology nutters will be very disappointed when they discover they are far from being the chosen few.
In the meantime, I hold fast to Christ’s blessings /words of wisdom at his sermon on the mount.

The attack on Syria may yield only a tiny bump in approval for tRump but he will use anything to justify his actions. The wheel of justice (Robert Mueller) grinds closer during the week. Time for another desperate action to stop him.

Saturday, April 21, 9 pm, EDT, transit Mars conjunct Rosenstein swearing in Pluto. Possible firing (by tRump?) between 9 pm on the 21st and 3 pm on the 22nd.

thanks Eliseo and Sharon for Shenandoah.
Sissel is stunning.

Yes, thank you both for the Shenandoah.links. I rushed back to view them again to try and heal my heart after coming across this horror.


https://img.huffingtonpost.com/asset/5accc0b61f0000260616cc8b.jpeg?ops=scalefit_720_noupscale A Syrian child receives medical treatment after the chemical attack on Douma

Tamplin says that the 3rd week of April is notoriously violent in American history and gives many examples to prove that.

It’s not just the nut ball variety of Christians who are “allowing/forcing” ‘Armageddon’ because that somehow hastens prophecies of the end of the world, Christ’s return, etc. Within some sects of Islam, especially with the Shia “twelvers” we have similar beliefs. They await the return of the “hidden imam.”

Whether it is the return of the Christ, the “hidden imam” or perhaps the Madhi, all concerned believe sufficient chaos and violence will hasten the glorious end in which G-d will dispatch all those who disagree with them, ushering in the radiant reign of G-d on Earth.

It’s all very geocentric under a very tyrannical g-d manifesting in very physical, materialistic form. And many therefore evidently believe in case of nuclear war they (the saved) will somehow be immune under divine protection.

I’ve been deeply concerned about these folks since childhood, especially were they ever to gain power. We are almost there. I’m not sure how we’re going to dodge this bullet, but doing so surely involves keeping our antennae highly polished.

Yep! Ed T. takes April pretty seriously, noting the many violent events of several Aprils and that the Mercury/Mars cycles for 2018, are a repeat of 1939.

Although he focuses primarily on the USA he doesn’t mention the most salient difference. The US at that time had competent, aware leadership in the oval office and in the congress. By May 10, 1940, so did the UK.

Just came across this –
while the media and everyone is focusing on the Trump Circusmaster, McConnel seems to be beavering away steadily.
Surprise – he just introduced a bill to legalize hemp as an agro product – http://www.bostonherald.com/business/business_markets/2018/03/mcconnell_looks_to_complete_hemps_comeback_as_crop

Sharon, Kiwi,
Sissel Kyrkjebo is stunning indeed!

If I can ever get home I hope to record my own version of Shenandoah. The Cowboy Nation version appeals to me as I sing baritone, but I’ll arrange it using bass, either a 6 string or 12 string acoustic baritone guitar, acoustic 12 string standard guitar, mandolin, and electric guitar lead. I may use cello as well.

In this era of incessantly bad political news we could use more music like this, music that heals. If I can ever get home I need to return to recording my poetry and songs, publishing my essays and finishing my novels.

Pluto transiting my 7th has been pretty heavy on my heart the last few years, keeping me away from my wife, and from any musical/poetry partners. Establishing any new lasting friendships/partners of any kind has nigh been impossible. But Pluto is now in my 8th, will retrograde one final time into my 7th August 8th, and finally re-enter my 8th November 19th.
I’ve been away from home for too, too long.

A fascinating discussion with Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti regarding the implications of Michael Cohen’s secret tapes and other relevant material exposing the President’s misdeeds……

New FBI Plan To Expose Trump’s Secret Talks With His Lawyer

Video: 15 min. 37 sec.


The US solar return chart puts Ceres into an influential position for the time between July 2018 and June 2019. At 2+ Virgo she will trine the solar return Uranus at 2+ Taurus (and Juno at 1+ Taurus), while she will quincunx the Moon and Chiron at 2+ Aries.

Ceres is about nurturing and renewal and Virgo is about fixing; Uranus is about breakthroughs and Taurus is about values. So, in a nutshell, nurturing and renewal while fixing things – as breakthroughs in values take place – is what Ceres will be about.

While Ceres (in this case) will aid Uranus in his revolution of (US) values, she will contest/check the Moon/Chiron impulses (Aries) so that adjustments can be reached in this turbulent time.

On the other hand, asteroid Astraea joins the Moon and Chiron at 2+ Aries, and this goddess in myth was the last of the immortals to leave Earth when things got ugly (ending the golden age). My key phrase for her is: I will never leave you.

Astraea is associated with justice and a revival of culture, as well as not giving up hope, so with the Moon and Chiron (in the US solar return chart for 2018) at the IC (root) of the US NATAL chart, a possible renewal of family values seems possible.

I believe this goddess Astraea is here (conjunct Moon and Chiron in the upcoming US solar return) to help with the attempts to heal (Chiron) feelings (Moon) within the US “family” (US NATAL chart’s IC), as it is jolted into a total upheaval (Uranus) of its value system (Taurus) – AND the possible thwarting (quincunx Ceres) of those attempts. She will never leave us.

We are going to need all the help we can get from the gods and goddesses during the next 8 years.

“The new moon at 26’02 aries is exact at 6:57pm, initiating us into a new lunar cycle that is focused on action, liberation, freedom and change! this new moon is conjunct uranus- the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener! it’s an exceptional new moon for massive change! with the ruler of the new moon being mars in capricorn heading to pluto (exact in a few days)- huge transformation and evolution is possible right now. but we want to harness the power of change so that we are wielding it wisely. this new moon is widely square pluto- so it may require letting go of something/letting something die in order to move forward into new directions.”


Let’s hope the author is right in his conclusions. Excellent article:


Thank you Nancy for another great article.

This guy may be on to something:


I’m sorry I didn’t see your post before I added mine.

Watch wonderful video from last night SNL:


Thanks Ja, that “letting go of something/letting something die” is also a theme of the function of a south node. In this New Moon-conjunct-Uranus happening this evening at 9:57 PM EDT, the South Node is at 11+ Aquarius – the degree where the outer planets share a common cause (while in their present signs).

With the emphasis on Uranus and only weeks left in Aries for him, this NM chart’s South Node might see an unexpected Uranian display of “letting go”. It was Venus who was at 11+ Aquarius at the 2nd ingress of Uranus into Aries.

I would expect then, that an unexpected (Uranus) Venus gesture would lead this “letting go – letting die” (if it happens) followed by Mercury (Neptune’s contribution) and Nessus/North node (Pluto’s contribution) attributes bringing up the rear, in the expression of this New Moon south node.

In the April New Moon-conjunct-Uranus chart, when set in DC, the south node is in the 3rd house; so maybe it has to do with state governments that are resisting teachers on strike and/or schools getting needed funding that will be let go. One never knows what to expect with Uranus!

. . I should say “schools NOT getting needed funding that will be let go.”

Funny SNL Clip, Nancy! Hope everyone cought it!

Although, the strangest thing…SNL was totally muted sound on my TV! The Commercials were loud, but the program was muted.
Any ideas for who I should report this to?

“Why do we tolerate the threat of another world war in our name? Why do we allow lies that justify this risk?
The scale of our indoctrination, wrote Harold Pinter, is a “brilliant, even witty, highly successful act of hypnosis”, as if the truth “never happened even while it was happening”.
In Ukraine, the US is dragging us towards war with Russia”

I agree with this commenter in nyt’s:

“The unseemliness of Mr. Comey’s “tell all” book, not to mention Trump’s shockingly crass and decidedly unpresidential (but utterly predictable) response is deeply ironic. It was Comey’s grossly inappropriate announcement just days before the election that the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s unsecured emails had been reopened that, in all likelihood, resulted in victory for Trump. To his everlasting discredit, Comey failed to apprise the public that Trump’s campaign was simultaneously being investigated for possible collusion with Russian operatives even before Clinton’s investigation was reopened. This “oversight” stands as perhaps the greatest omission in American history. Let us hope that Comey’s book, in addition to excoriating the man he delivered to the White House, will shed some badly needed light on his inexplicable and otherwise irresponsible behavior. Early excerpts from his book as to the “logic” Comey applied to the situation, i.e., he thought Hillary would win, hardly absolve him of his abysmally poor judgment.”


Eric Francis,

“Chiron’s sign changes are always significant, in that they often arrive with immediate shifts in the social climate and turning points in history. What may have seemed impossible in one moment of time is suddenly the thing that’s happening in another.”


If you’re interested. Pat Thurston (Former FBI).
And John Rothmann former Member Richard Nixon’s Presidential Team during his Impeachment.
They have a Radio Show in San Francisco:
Saturday and Sunday Night’s…It’s always spirited!
Click-on Listen Live: Check Schedule PST http://www.kgoradio.com/programmingschedule/
(please let me know if you have difficulty listening)

Eliseo, I, too, hope that you get back home asap. It sounds like things are falling into place and taking a shape that will facilitate that for you.

Regarding Chiron’s move into Aries in tandem with Uranus’ move into Taurus, I can’t help but feel these two – one an outer planet that affects us on a collective level, the other a centaur who functions as a bridge between two levels of consciousness – are (and have since at least as far back as when Pluto first entered Capricorn in January 2008) trying to ease humanity through an evolutionary crisis.

Not only do these two maintain a kind of balance – a semisextile, the other transiting planets when aspecting one of them will also aspect the second one – two different aspects – at the same time. I believe that in many cases this mutes the shock of Uranus aspects into a more manageable reaction with Chiron aspects; we can then deal with what shocks us on a level we are familiar with; reality.

When Chiron reaches the 0 degree of Aries, the Sun will be at 27+ Aries and Uranus will be at 28+ Aries and both Sun and Uranus will square US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn. Chiron will still be in orb of a sextile with US Pluto though.

Sun and Uranus will also be sextile US natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius when Chiron reaches 0 Aries, close to midway between US Moon and transiting Sun/Uranus, hopefully deflecting any intense (over) reactions to the day’s events.

I don’t know how long this camaraderie will last between Uranus and Chiron but I believe it is a gift from some source that cares about the future of our planet and our species.

I wish that were true. Some offers were made while Mercury was retrograde which have evidently fallen through.

Things haven’t exactly fallen into place, but there are hints they might if I keep working the problem. I’m functioning under the “Field of Dreams” axiom, “If you build it, they will come.” I’m slowly reorganizing and cleaning in the hopes I’ll eventually get help going through and moving the several hundred boxes, heavy oak furniture, etc. If I can clear enough space, I might be able to sell a few items.

Meanwhile, a specialist read my X-Rays and MRI results, and determined I can postpone any spinal surgery until after I get home. But as of the moment my neck, left shoulder and left arm are giving me more trouble than anyone would want. The pain really does tire me out.

Before I make the long, not quite 3000-ish mile journey, the Docs recommend an epidural shot of cortisone into my neck, but it involves being knocked out for quite a while with the anesthesia. I don’t have anyone here who can care for me for the required 24 hours after the shot is administered.

Also, still haven’t found anyone willing to take my two cats.

And even if she was able to fly down to help, Sulu can’t as she’s busy taking care of her mother who recently broke her arm and nose. She can’t really take off any more from work, and she describes her mother as hysterical with pain much of the time. Also, Su is having to run her mother’s business AND do her own job for the state simultaneously.

Sorry to hear of your pain Eliseo. Have you looked into pain management thru a good acupuncturist?

interesting – Marjorie orr writes on ‘understanding putin’s M.O.’


“When transiting Uranus enters Taurus on May 15, it marks a new phase in geopolitical developments. What makes this sign change abrupt and crisis-oriented is that on May 16, transiting Mars enters Aquarius, squaring Uranus in the process. This configuration is activating Cohen’s Mars at 0º Leo, creating a powerful fixed T-square. Cohen’s progressed Juno is also at 0º Leo, representing his alliance with Trump. The stress of this transiting Mars-Uranus square puts tremendous pressure on their partnership.”

We all have heard the quote “that Energy follows thought.” But how many of us really believe it. I think we are more powerful that we give ourselves credit for and especially in group form. How many have heard of the Great Invocation? A prayer reportedly to do much good if used daily with focus and intention. It takes very little time and we need more people to use it, if they would. Could do much to push back the forces of darkness.

“The Great Invocation is a World Prayer, an invocation for light and love, and is used globally as act of service to humanity to aid the Plan of God to find full expression on Earth.”

“From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.
From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ* return to Earth.
From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men –
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.
From the centre which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.
Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.”

Thank you, if you decide to use this prayer as often as you can.

Excerpt, April Planet Alert

“The old needs to go out before the new can come in and we are going through that process right now. It would be nice to use our power to create a world of love and peace. Out of chaos comes a new reality. Have you ever added up the letters in Trump’s name? The name Trump adds up to the number 16 which is the Tower Struck with lightning in the Tarot cards. He is doing a good job of manifesting chaos so a new creation can come out of this energy.

Keep calm as we move through this very intense energy. Release any anger you may still have inside of you and be grateful for everything you have. Create an attitude of gratitude, take a walk in nature. Talk to the trees and tell them you love them. Raise your frequency so we can finish moving into the higher frequency world. The wave of love is still on its way. So Be It.”

Web Site: http://www.Mahalasastrology.com

angellight – thanks for sharing the great invocation


The names of Michael Cohen’s clients have been revealed. Two we know: Trump and Broidy.

The third (drum roll, please!)…Sean Hannity!

Have fun, astrologers!!

Sean Hannity!
That is SO weirdly funny.
Hannity is (of course, makes sense) part of “the family.”

my my my, the plot thickens – Cohen is Hannity’s lawyer too.

sorry for the double news, got called away before I hit the send button LOL

So what was the payoff I wonder?
“Hannity responded to the news on Twitter on Monday, saying that, while he did turn to Cohen for advice, he was not an official client. “Michael Cohen has never represented me in any matter,” he wrote. “I never retained him, received an invoice, or paid legal fees. I have occasionally had brief discussions with him about legal questions about which I wanted his input and perspective.”

Angellight, Absolutely! We have great strength right now to make that leap. With Parkland Kids and we old Boomer’s on same wave-length: We could reach a much higher/more positive frequency for America….

Remember The Love:WOODSTOCK ’69 FRIDAY Part 1
(America evolved and life was never quite the same after that)

I knew Fox and Russia had a something going on.

I want to see Hannity go from this.


“The disclosure came in a hearing where Judge Kimba Wood also ordered prosecutors to turn over material seized in a raid last week to Cohen’s legal team …”

Kimba has been a busy lady. Along with other accomplishments she matches tRump in marches down the aisle and was once named as ‘The Other Woman’.


“Kimba Maureen Wood

“Judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York

“In office April 20, 1988 – June 1, 2009

“Appointed by Ronald Reagan

“Senior Judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York

“Assumed office June 1, 2009

“She became one of the first women to break into the all-male world of anti-trust law.[1][4]

“In response, Wood wrote that Epstein would be permitted to attend the bris, but that “if a daughter is born, there will be a public celebration in court, with readings from poetry celebrating girls and women.”[16]

“In April 2018, Wood was assigned to preside over motions arising out of the search pursuant to warrant of the home and office of Michael Cohen, a personal attorney for Donald Trump

Bolding in last sentence by me.

Tired of reading about Donald? Here come de judge.


Peyton Place. No, make that “High Society” Peyton Place.



“… quiet dinner dates …
“… weekend visits …
“… retreat … worth an estimated $860,000 …
“… along with … $1 million condo on Central Park West …
“… miffed … recently sank more than $450,000 into a one-bedroom condominium …”.


10:14 am today

“Trump lawyer forced to reveal Hannity connection”

Approximate time for order – around time of the article – 10:14 am, EDT or shortly before.


“Wood didn’t immediately rule on the requests to block the prosecutors’ review, but set a 10 a.m. deadline Monday for Cohen to identify the clients whose materials could be in the seized records. She also ordered Cohen to appear at 2 p.m. Monday for a further hearing on the issue.”

In the same article note a filing took place on Sunday. These cases are certainly non-stop. Sleep deprivation ahead.

“On Sunday, Mr Trump’s lawyers asked a judge to let him preview the files.

A lawyer for Mr Trump, Joanna Hendon, asked in a filing on Sunday to be allowed to review documents that in any way relate to the president, … .”

And Stormy may have several bodyguards in picture of her leaving the hearing.

Also: “Photographers knocked over barricades outside the courthouse as they scrambled to get pictures of Daniels, … .”

Aren’t you our source for the January 2020 date for a downfall for DJT?

As things are moving so very fast, I’m beginning to wonder (presuming your timetable is roughly correct) if Mr. T will leave office sooner, perhaps in the next few months, and perhaps be convicted in court after leaving office, or possibly go to prison in that January 2020 time period.

Not much has changed.


Flying Fickle Finger of Fate #1 9/18/68

judge for the tRump gang



In this political/astrological environment I fear for the safety for Mueller, Comey, S. Daniels and her attorney, etc. It would be shocking, but not surprising if some fanatical DJT supporter decided to assassinate one or more of the above.

I’m not ready for Pence, though.

In the chart for the US Constitution (Sept. 17, 1787, 4 PM, Philadelphia, PA) Uranus is at 29+ Cancer while transiting Uranus is now at 28+ Aries, just 2 weeks away from an exact square with it. This would qualify as a Constitutional Crisis aspect it seems to me.

However, there is also this in the Constitution chart; the MC is at 29+ Scorpio and trines the same chart’s Uranus, so transiting Chiron at 29+ Pisces would make a grand trine with the Constitution chart’s MC and Uranus. Is it possible then that this transit of Chiron could be a buffer to lessen the negative impact of transiting Uranus in square with the Constitution’s Uranus?

Is it possible that what seems a threatening breakdown in the US Constitution is merely a fork in the road of destiny?

The aspect called a septile (separating planets by 51+ degrees) is what Robert Wilkinson calls a “fork in the road of destiny”; right now transiting Chiron is septile the ascendant of the US Constitution chart at 8+ Aquarius, which trines the US natal chart’s Uranus at 8+ Gemini. Right now US Uranus is exuding the energy of the Neptune/Pluto conjunction that started their cycle in the degree where US Uranus resides.

This link then, between the US natal chart and the US Constitution chart (and the multiple transiting outer planet aspects they are experiencing – trans. Neptune is opposing the Constitution’s Venus), strengthens both and suggests a greater unity of purpose when considered as a team. Consider also the trine between the Constitution chart’s Pluto at 14+ Aquarius and the US natal chart’s Saturn at 13+ Libra. That is power.

I believe our country is growing in several ways, including in its wisdom and consciousness. We should not doubt its strength to overcome these weak points (aspects) built into these two charts, they only make us greater.

Yes I am the source. The transits at that time are the strongest negative transits, by far, to hit tRump’s chart in the coming 21 months.

Timing will be slowed as shown in the court proceedings regarding the Cohen seizures. Getting beyond just them will take weeks or possibly months and that is only one set of evidence to be dealt with. Hearings will last for months once they are begun.

tRump was going to meet with Mueller within 2 or 3 weeks back in January. We are almost 3 months later and don’t know if it will even happen.

“t is the press, above all, which wages a positively fanatical and slanderous struggle, tearing down everything which can be regarded as a support of national independence, cultural elevation, and the economic independence of the nation.
Who said this? Read the answer below…”



I “invoke” ever day. Powerful.

ja, most grateful for the owl’s daughter link.

Great comment from nyt’s:

“The Trump administration’s collaboration with Fox News to spread pro-administration propaganda to the American public is well recognized. However, the details of how the WH communicates with Fox, the nature of their planning and strategy sessions, remains obscure. It is not inconceivable that Mr. Cohen is a vital go-between, an important vehicle for colluding with Fox to promulgate public broadcasting of the often false and misleading hype that has so effectively propped up the president for Fox viewers. Now that we know about the direct involvement of Mr Hannity with Mr Cohen, we may speculate that the the details of how the Fox/WH propaganda machine works may come to light in the documents now seized from Mr Cohen by the Justice Department.

If so, it is not surprising that the attorneys for Mr Cohen would put out Mr Hannity as being a legal client of Mr Cohen, the purpose being to suppress public knowledge of communication between the two because it is privileged. However, the relationship is most likely not attorney/client, in which case the public may eventually get valuable insight into the workings of the Fox propaganda machine, an insight that Fox will lament but that some of the rest of us will find most interesting.”


If someone would learn my technique they could produce the progressed lunars I do.

I am not getting any younger and may not be here much longer.

With yesterday’s developments tRump is living hell on earth right now. My charts show this and I targeted this time beginning last December because of them.

By: Bob on April 10th, 2018, at 10:59 am

By: Bob on February 28th, 2018, at 12:17 am
“This period of time marks the beginning of tRump’s downfall.”

By: Bob on March 17th, 2018, at 8:47 pm
“The really bad times are beginning to come more frequently for this punishment of a president we are enduring.”

By: Bob on March 29th, 2018, at 1:13 am
“Early April stress days will soon be here to ratchet up the pressure on tRump’s psyche. It may result in whatever may come from April 18th through the 23rd. The hits are going to keep coming faster and faster.”

By: Bob on April 10th, 2018, at 12:08 pm

By: Bob on December 26th, 2017, at 10:36 am
“. . . back and forth until April 17 when tRump may order a crime more serious than anything he was associated with before then. It may prove fatal for him in the future. Schneiderman should be protected. Saturn stations on his Sun on April 17.”

Saturn barely moves between April 14 through April 22.


Your concerns are well founded, given someone burned down the Alabama home of one of Roy Moore’s (now adult) victims. Highly likely it was one of djt’s unhinged supporters.

Was very glad to see Ms. Daniels with two bodyguards yesterday at court. Hoping her attorney, Mr Avenatti also obtains security support. I’ve never seen Mr. Mueller without security surrounding him.

Hey Bob,
Hoping (and praying) AG Schneiderman gets support/protection, if he doesn’t have it already.

One of the creepiest things I ever read was the orange menace seeming to brag that one of his security guys would kill for him. I mean, he said this in front of a writer, as if having thugs willing to murder on one’s behalf is an admirable thing.

Patty: I think you are right, that we are making great leaps into greater light and love on this planet.

Will: I believe you also posted the Great Invocation a while back.

Kiwi: You are welcome. Yes, the whole matter of Hannity is very mysterious but I guess it will be revealed sooner than later since NY prosecutors are in receipt of Cohen’s entire papers, computer, phones, etc. It is all beginning to unravel.

“The revelation that Michael Cohen’s mysterious third client was Fox News commentator Sean Hannity was amusing to everyone—except Hannity, Cohen, and Donald Trump. With Trump and Hannity forming an Elliot Broidy sandwich, it’s become clear that the sort of “fixing” that occupied Cohen much of the time was following around these men to pay off the multiple women who they cheated with, cheated on, and left when inconveniently pregnant. And when Cohen wasn’t playing clean up crew to this upstanding trio of conservative Republican family men, he was … involved in some very shady real estate deals and helping to write a Russia-friendly plan for Ukraine. ”


Bob, I’m so glad you reposted your earlier predictions. I thought this was about the time when you said, “the hits just keep coming”. Thank you.


Hoping you have many, many more years. We always want to hold on to our bright stars! 🙂

Thank you also for your spot on time lines. Keep them coming. Much appreciaton.

Angellight and Will, I too say that great invocation at least once every day and try to align with all the others who are joining together to help shift the energies of this plane. Looks rough out there now as all the old destructive patterns are rising to the surface to be eliminated, but I am at the same time so hopeful that the best is yet to come as Browning said, and we are helping to create it. Thanks for posting the invocation, Angellight. You’re braver than I!

Sanders’ Bill Takes Aim at Big Pharma, Threatens Executives Who Lied About Dangers of Opioids with Jail Time


Well Bob, I don’t doubt you that Trump is living hell on earth right now, but remember, astrologers should never try to predict their own demise – it can’t be done objectively.

These times are tough for all of us – especially us oldsters (I’m almost 79 myself) – due to the transformational-evolutionary-biological changes taking place within our earth and in the human species.

We need your perspective (and great technique) in drawing astrological conclusions; I have long believed that technology has influenced the development of myriad astrologers, with their varying perspectives and techniques, for this very reason; evolution.

Whose to say that astrology is based on false premises when so much of what we are told is not truthful; so patently false and politically motivated that we need the guidance of an unbiased Universe speaking to us through the planets and stars. We have a purpose or we would not be here now. Courage dear Bob.

I like the idea of Michael Cohen being the middleman between Trump and Fox’s Hannity, what with his natal (August 25, 1966) Pluto square Trump’s natal Uranus but his natal Mercury sextile Trump’s Uranus, while it also makes a T-square to his own natal Neptune/South Node opposite his natal North Node. It’s the role he was born to play.

Cohen’s Pluto is one degree behind his natal Uranus. The cycle that began with Uranus-Pluto conjunctions in the ’60’s was sextile transiting Neptune who always has influenced this cycle’s purpose; transformation. Transiting Saturn was always in Pisces during the 3 exact conjunctions of Uranus and Pluto, the sign where transiting Neptune has been since the start of the 7 squares between trans. Uranus and Pluto (2012-15).

What Saturn brings into form Neptune eventually erodes and that is happening now. Cohen’s Saturn (28+ Pisces) is quincunx Trump’s Mars/ascendant (26-29 Leo) demanding adjustments between them. Transiting Chiron has recently been conjunct Cohen’s Saturn and won’t return for 50+ years.

Transiting Neptune won’t reach 28+ Pisces until April, 2024, just as a total solar eclipse and transiting Chiron will conjunct the US natal Chiron in Aries; the mother of all Chiron Returns. That’s just 6 years until Cohen’s natal Saturn dissolves into a puddle of something none of us will recognize.

Oh, and what about this; the coming US Solar Return chart has Mars at 8+ Aquarius conjunct the US Constitution chart’s ascendant at 8+ Aquarius, opposite the US Solar Return chart’s Mercury at 8+ Leo, and conjunct the Constitution chart’s descendant at 8+ Leo, AND Mueller’s natal Pluto at 8+ Leo. What do you make of that Bob?

I am not predicting my own death. Just stating what will someday be true. There will come a time when I do not, or perhaps cannot, work charts anymore. That could come tomorrow or in 20 or 30 years. Right now I almost always feel good (the varying hip discomfort notwithstanding), just don’t have the energy I used to and my memory is not as sharp. But for an old guy with a bad diet, no exercise, and who smoked for over half a century (I don’t cough or spit) I feel good.

This technique almost always demonstrates what planets and/or midpoints will be seen as active for a person, entity, or location at any moment or within a 2 hour window before or after a moment. The 2 hours moves the chart’s MC 1 degree forward or back. Any aspect or planet right on any angle (MC, IC, Asc, Desc, East point, West Point, Zenith or Nadir) or within 1 degree of exactness is certainly well within consideration by almost all astrologers – many using orbs of up to 10 degrees while with this technique I use 2 degrees for consideration because of a possible wrong event time or an inexact location.

It is the most accurate timer in astrological history – pointing to a specific day and within a 4 hour window at most on that day, not needing a buffer of 2 or 3 days. It also explains why the date of exactness of an aspect does not always coincide with an event but when the progressed angle of a lunar return sweeps that point it manifests. Because of it’s timing accuracy I believe it is an excellent rectifying tool not needing more than 1 event (unlike the standard technique used forever), but using as many as can be provided, to find a birth time within minutes of correctness.

Mighty big claims and I stand by them, having used them for more than 40 years.

conmimac: Not brave, just desperate maybe that we get through this mess as quickly as we can. Thanks for using the invocation. It does work.

By: barbk on April 17th, 2018, at 2:30 pm

Oh, and what about this; the coming US Solar Return chart has Mars at 8+ Aquarius conjunct the US Constitution chart’s ascendant at 8+ Aquarius, opposite the US Solar Return chart’s Mercury at 8+ Leo, and conjunct the Constitution chart’s descendant at 8+ Leo, AND Mueller’s natal Pluto at 8+ Leo. What do you make of that Bob?


We would have to use the same charts to get the same results. My chart for the constitution is different and I use precession corrected charts (personal and mundane).

United States Constitution approved. My 2nd choice after Sibly. Congress notified July 2?

21 June 1788
~1:00 pm LAT
Old North Meeting House
Near corner of Church Street and Bouton Street
Concord, NH 03301
N 43°12′ 52″ W 71°32′ 29″
eqt ~1.3 minutes = 1:01 pm LMT

Source: Birth of the Federal Constitution, by Joseph Burbeen Walker, 1888, page 54.

The Constitution was to become law with the approval of nine of the states, and New Hampshire was that state.

Location of the historical marker:
Walker School is in the background of the photo.

Location on Acme Mapper:

See also: http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~vtwindha/nhsp/nhspv10_toc.htm

When we return to the White House….
We need to take this country into full gear.
I suspect Hannity was looking for ways to Brainwash people. How should he push the issues and what scares people most? FOX Pushes FEAR: For Control.

JAMES COMEY, an odd bird, yet, I believe he’s pure of heart: 5-FAST FACTS:
Kimba Wood and James Comey:

We should be focusing on ways to Inspire the people. (Total Opposite of FOX)

May God Bless You, Bob…you are one of the good guys 🙂

Chris Hayes was great tonight with Eric.Holder

If any of our astrologers has some free time, and is willing to take this on, could someone PLEASE do a chart on sea.n hann1ty (mis-typed on purpose so no one searching his name will be led to this site).

Here’s why I’d like to read what’s forecasted for him:

Hann.1ty’s rising role in Trump world: he basically has a desk in the place.


Also, earlier McConnell refused to bring a vote to the senate floor to protect Mueller; his chart may also be useful.


Thanks so much in advance!

McConnell is a obstructive anarchist who does not believe in democracy

Speaker Paul Ryan wants you to know that it is not his fault at all that we’re going to have a trillion-dollar deficit. It’s the fault of old people. Because of course it is. It’s Paul Ryan.


Ryan: No way to avoid trillion-dollar deficits because of all the old people

Joan McCarter
Daily Kos Staff
Tuesday April 17, 2018 · 7:10 PM PDT


We would have to use the same charts to get the same results. My chart for the constitution is different and I use precession corrected charts (personal and mundane).

United States Constitution approved. My 2nd choice after Sibly. Congress notified July 2?

21 June 1788
~1:00 pm LAT
Old North Meeting House
Near corner of Church Street and Bouton Street
Concord, NH 03301
N 43°12′ 52″ W 71°32′ 29″
eqt ~1.3 minutes = 1:01 pm LMT

Source: Birth of the Federal Constitution, by Joseph Burbeen Walker, 1888, page 54.

The Constitution was to become law with the approval of nine of the states, and New Hampshire was that state.

Location of the historical marker:
Walker School is in the background of the photo.

Also for the ratification:

Location on Acme Mapper:

See also: http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~vtwindha/nhsp/nhspv10_toc.htm

So what do you think of Eric Holder as President? I love it; his Sun at 0+ Aquarius will be conjunct the 2020 Jupiter/Saturn conjunction.

Bob, duly noted – and I’m relieved to know I and others misinterpreted you earlier.

Now that Chiron has left Pisces some (if not a lot) of that confusion and chaos we have been swimming in will vacate the ethers we have been breathing for years now.

Not that Pisces isn’t a wonderful sign. It provides the atmosphere where creative ideas are born; a chaotic atmosphere found at the end of one cycle and just before a new one begins.

With trans. Chiron in Aries now, new ideas will come forward and with Eric Holder testing the waters (he was on Trevor Noah show too) regarding a run for the presidency, that could be one of them.

The recorded ratification of the Constitution.



Barbara Bush died earlier today. She may have had her faults, but in comparison to the thug cult today she had class, together with downright liberal views on women’s and gender equality, and abortion. Maybe she can lend support from the other side!

The full moon April 29 falls at 9º Scorpio decan 1. The full moon April 2018 astrology is the most complex web of aspects I have seen in a long time! There is a T-square with Ceres conjunct the north node at 10º Leo. Two learning triangles connected in what the Hubers call a trapeze and the Moon forms the base of a Yod to Venus also. Not only that, but if you look carefully in the chart below, there is also a pentagram buried in that lot also.



Ralfee Finn:


By: Eliseo on April 16th, 2018, at 11:18 pm

“As things are moving so very fast, I’m beginning to wonder (presuming your timetable is roughly correct) if Mr. T will leave office sooner, perhaps in the next few months, and perhaps be convicted in court after leaving office, or possibly go to prison in that January 2020 time period.”

Eliseo, I thought that I had once posted that very possibility although I can’t find it now. But that was the only time I suggested that scenario as opposed to the many times I pointed to January 2020.

tRump is fuming right now. Has been since about 3 pm, will continue all night.


New York Attorney General Seeks Power to Bypass Presidential Pardons

the latest from Raye Robertson

“How many tails to wag a dog? The astrology of missiles over Syria
If you aren’t too exhausted by this past week’s news to care, it’s been a great week for mundane astrologers to strut their stuff.”


guess who shares a dec 30 birthday with sean?:
mike pompeo and the old ussr.

Cohen natal Neptune/Pluto midpoint 201°02′. Progressed Sun at 201°07′ when Pluto goes stationary (2 am, April 22nd to 6 pm April 23rd).

Progressed Neptune/Pluto at 202°32′ when transit Pluto stations square at 292°58′ then.

Transit Pluto not more than 1 degree away from exact from December 25, 2017 through February 5, 2019!

Would you want Pluto making those squares every day for more than 13 months?


Re: Michael Cohen, from Michael Wolfstar’s latest Newscope column……

“…..When transiting Uranus enters Taurus on May 15, it marks a new phase in geopolitical developments. What makes this sign change abrupt and crisis-oriented is that on May 16, transiting Mars enters Aquarius, squaring Uranus in the process. This configuration is activating Cohen’s Mars at 0º Leo, creating a powerful fixed T-square. Cohen’s progressed Juno is also at 0º Leo, representing his alliance with Trump. The stress of this transiting Mars-Uranus square puts tremendous pressure on their partnership.”


While browsing through the astrological aspects for May and June, I noticed the upcoming G7 meeting in Quebec Canada (June 8 -9) happens to coincide with an exact Mars/ South Node conjunction (8 ’12 Capricorn) right on Russia’s Uranus. The June 13th New Moon (22 ’44 Gemini) will then form a close sesqui-square to this Mars/South Node conj. The June 13th New Moon is within 11 minutes of Trump’s Sun (22 ’55 Gemini) in close proximity to Trump’s progressed Uranus (21 ’17 Gemini), the US Mars (21 ’22 Gemini) and Russia’s Sun (21 ’10 Gemini). This degree are all in sesqui-square to the Mars/ South Node conjunction. Might there be new startling revelations in the Russian investigation around that time?

An addendum to the above……

Rport: President Donald Trump Warned Michael Cohen Will Flip If Charged | The Last Word | MSNBC

Video 9 min. 34 sec.


Someone, I’m not sure who, predicted that McCabe had some difficult times ahead. It sure looks like that’s what he’s facing. It seems so unfair.

The Predatory Archetype

(treacherous, threatening, dangerous)


The Waxing Moon transits Gemini from April 18 to 21, during the Gemini Crescent Moon Phase

GEMINI, Moon of mental flexibility and communication


I admit I sometimes denigrate the sign of Gemini – likely due to personal relationships I’ve had with those who have a natal Sun in that sign (I have Venus in Gemini) – and that is short-sighted on my part. Without Gemini (the sign) how would we gather all the tidbits of information on a topic and then switch to another topic without losing interest in the 1st topic? Gemini is nothing if not mentally ambidextrous.

I was astonished to learn that both George Bush Sr. and his wife Barbara were Gemini’s and had stayed together for so long; totally out of character one would think. But then, Barbara had natal Ceres conjunct her Sun and her husband’s Sun too. I’m sure that gave her staying power.

Barbara also had a remarkable Boomerang pattern in her natal chart; a Yod whose apex point planet has an opposition planet that becomes the target of the combined energy of the Yod. It was made up of the sextile between her Ceres/Sun in Gemini and Neptune in Leo which then formed a Yod to her natal Jupiter + Moon in Capricorn at the apex. Opposite the Yod’s apex was Barbara’s natal Mars in Cancer.

This Boomerang pattern probably earned her the nickname (from her kids) of The Enforcer.

The sign Gemini is associated with the 3rd house of any chart of course, and as of late I find I’ve been short-changing its symbolism too, I suppose because of the subject matter we usually talk about here on Starlight News; the “latest news” in politics. In fact, another symbol associated with the 3rd house is “brothers and sisters”, usually reserved for discussion of a person’s chart, rather than a country’s chart.

This came to my attention when I realized that transiting Chiron had left the 3rd house of the US natal (Sibley) chart when it left the sign of Pisces the other day. It made me realize that “brothers and sisters” might refer to family members or co-workers, as well as neighbors in this context (the USA chart).

Chiron’s association with pain and wounding is part of the consciousness raising effort it represents. The 2016 election left many of us wounded by differences we had with friends and family re: the candidates, some of which have not yet been resolved.

In the wake of Chiron in Pisces, in the 3rd house of the US natal chart, I am hoping the national level of consciousness has sufficiently been raised by Chiron’s transit during the last 7+ years to make it worthwhile.


Predatory Revenge Bomber

DOB 3.24.1935 (Hypothetical Time 12:16PM)

Cardinal Grand Cross by Synastry

N/Admetos 12 Aries
Hypothetical ASC 11 Cancer
N/Pholus 11 Capricorn
Hypothetical DES 11 Capricorn
Fixed Star Alchita 12 Libra (crafty, agitator, aggressive vengefulness)


N/Sun 03 Aries (N/Eris 03AR)
N/Ixion 00 Libra


N/Jupiter 22 Scorpio
N/Moon 24 Scorpio


N/Uranus 29 Aries
N/Venus 02 Taurus

Water Grand Cross by Synasatry

N/Vulkanus 14 Gemini
Fixed Star Alchita 12 Libra
N/Vesta 14 Aquarius


Walter Moody Jr.

Moody built shrapnel-sheathed bombs hidden in packages rigged to explode when opened. In 1989, one of those bombs killed 11th Circuit Judge Robert S. Vance at his home in Mountain Brook, Ala., and two days later, another bomb killed civil rights attorney Robert E. Robinson at his office in Savannah, Ga. The Alabama bomb also seriously injured the judge’s wife, Helen Vance.

Around the time of the attacks, an Atlanta television station received a letter threatening more attacks on judges, attorneys and NAACP leader


Predatory Capitalism and the System’s Denial in the Face of Truth

Contemporary capitalism is characterized by a political economy which revolves around finance capital, is based on a savage form of free market fundamentalism, and thrives on a wave of globalizing processes and global financial networks that have produced global economic oligarchies with the capacity to influence the shaping of policymaking across nations.


alex, something I’d not noticed before in Holder’s chart before (in addition to the requisite connection to US Moon) is a Boomerang.

Take his natal sextile between Pluto in Leo and Neptune in Libra (that conjuncts the US natal Juno which opposes US natal Chiron), add his natal North Node in Pisces and you have a Yod. Then add his natal South Node (just 3 degrees from US natal Neptune) in Virgo and Boom!

I think this could really happen in 2020. Thanks for posting his chart here; never too early to start comparing the Election Day transits to it, right?

Breaking news:


“Putin has declared a propaganda and cyber war on the United States of America. Americans who are OK with this are traitors and don’t deserve to be citizens of this great nation.”


DNC sues Trump’s campaign, Russia and WikiLeaks over 2016 election interference

Ive had the distinct impression from comments made by stormy’s lawyer of late that hes willing to go the distance, pro bono, because for him it seems an added hidden agenda is about the overall corruptness, as well as stormy. (I think he has supported dem candidates in the past)

Perhaps in a like fashion, as a backup strategy for Muller et al, the Dems are filing this lawsuit as another arrow in the bow aimed at this corrupt cabal. Does anyone know if it was a federal or NY state filing?


Federal. This is why I think DNC filed it.

“The Dems just filed an insurance policy guaranteeing that if Mueller is fired and his files confiscated by Sessions’ and buried inside the Department of Justice, the Trump campaign and those who willingly encouraged and accepted Russian interference and assistance to elect Trump will still be called to account. Trump is probably apoplectic that the DNC has adopted his trademark tool, but this lawsuit, unlike most of Trump’s, has merit.”


“Here’s a link to the actual complaint itself, instead of 20 screaming headlines saying the same thing: “

Thanks Bob for ‘the horses mouth’
Very Interesting that all are named, and they are filing on RICO grounds, among others! “the trump campaign was the racketeering enterprise”
I thought it might be NY in order to keep it from Trump’s reach at this point in time.
I wonder if by naming the trump campaign and trump associates, as an entity, that would exclude Guilliani’s presence on any legal team because he at one point was one of the campaign’s faces?

I should have clarified re guilliani – legal team for this specific case.

The lawyer who filed the lawsuit

May 7th looks to be a possible day to watch regarding the Trump Saga. The transits will activate the Neptune/Pluto cycle in a big way, starting with Neptune who will reach 16 degrees of Pisces that day.

When Neptune and Pluto started their present cycle Jupiter was at 16+ Pisces (retrograde) opposite Saturn at 15+ Virgo while also trine the Moon at 16+ Cancer. Transiting Neptune will also be one degree away from an exact square to Trump’s natal Uranus in Gemini.

Neptune will also be squared by Venus at 15+ Gemini that day, the same degree she was in when, on June 5, 2012, she crossed the face of the Sun (as seen from Earth) in what is called an occultation of the Sun. This is an extremely rare aspect and it will take more than 100 years before it happens again (2117).

Many feel (including me) it symbolized the rise of the feminine principle among other things, so it is an important degree in the zodiac for Venus to be in on May 7th, square Neptune (Neptune being at the degree where Jupiter was when it opposed Saturn at the start of the Neptune/Pluto cycle).

Jupiter and Saturn at that time (the Neptune/Pluto cycle start) were half way through their 20 year cycle, a repeating cycle that symbolizes the ongoing changes in societies.

Also happening on May 7th, Neptune (16 Pisces) will sextile the Sun (17 Taurus) and that will put Trump’s natal Jupiter (17 Libra) and US progressed Mars retrograde (17 Libra) and the US Constitution (signing date Sept. 17, 1787) chart’s Neptune (17 Libra) at the apex of a Yod (with May 7th Neptune-sextile-Sun), the part that must adjust to present situations.

Be aware of shifting positions (Trump, US progressed Mars, ambiguity in US Constitution) on and around May 7th.

Transiting retrograde Saturn at 8+ Capricorn on May 7th will conjunct Hybris (hubris) who (in the Neptune-Pluto cycle chart) was also at the apex of a Yod, this one with the sextile formed between Pluto/Neptune in Gemini and Mars/Chiron in Leo. So trans. Saturn will (continue to) activate the Neptune-Pluto cycle energy. Transiting Saturn has been and will continue to oppose Trump’s Mercury in Cancer for a while.

The greatest affect the Neptune/Pluto cycle has on the USA is of course on the US birth chart’s Uranus at 8+ Gemini, because that’s where their cycle started. Uranus is the Awakener.

It would appear that fruition of that Neptune/Pluto cycle’s intent and purpose is nigh – at least as it relates to the USA – bringing together May 7th’s Venus (again in the historic degree of her occultation of the Sun) as she squares transiting Neptune (as he unlocks the Jupiter-opposite-Saturn portion of the Neptune/Pluto cycle; a cycle linked to the transforming power of USA’s natal Uranus).


Guillemo del Toro

DOB 10/9/1964

Water Grand Trine

N/Orcus 14 Cancer
N/Neptune 16 Scorpio
N/Pholus 16 Aquarius

Fixed Grand Cross

N/Hades 13 Taurus
N/Mars 14 Leo
N/Neptune 16 Scorpio
N/Pholus 16 Aquarius


N/Sun 16 Libra
N/Poseidon 16 Libra


N/Admetos 29 Aries
N/Sedna 29 Aries


N/Vulkanus 01 Cancer
N/Ceres 01 Capricorn

Mutable Grand Cross

N/Kronos 03 Gemini (N/Nessus 03 Gemini)
N/Venus 04 Virgo
N/Moon (noon) 03 Sagittarius
N/Vesta 04 Pisces

Back in the BC days, the Roman calendar had three named days:

The Kalends (the first day of the month)
The Nones (the fifth or seventh day of the month)
The Ides (which fell in the middle of the month usually between the 13th and 15th).

tRump should have been warned about the ides of April, May, and June.

Uranus has just crossed the threshold of my 4th house, and I thought you guys would like to know that just in the last week or so, our daughter got engaged, someone broke into our garage and stole a few things, but left a lot behind. I think one of the dogs must have started barking and scared them away. And the nice couple in our rental house have gone beyond three strikes in paying their rent and utilities. I hate it, but I think we’re going to have to evict them. 🙁

My husband’s job is still way too stressful, and if we could get decent, affordable health care, he could retire. Not happening in the US. I keep telling him we could rent our house here and live more cheaply abroad and have good, affordable health care, but so far he’s unwilling to leave the US.

May be that I visited England and France last year and loved them, and i’m Now on the mailing list for Americans who want to live abroad.


Guillermo del Toro

should read:

Water Grand Trine

N/Orcus 14 Cancer
N/Neptune 16 Scorpio
N/Chiron 15 Pisces

Thanks for the hannity info., Jackson.

guess who shares a dec 30 birthday with sean?:
mike pompeo and the old ussr.

Whoa, kiwi…that’s very interesting!

Lexi, and Don Jr’s birthday is the very next day.

and speaking of Rudy …..
first, Marjorie http://www.star4cast.ca/rudy-guiliani-an-ego-the-size-of-trumps/

second, dirty boy ( you have the courage to stomach!!!) LOL

Alex, thank you for Guillermo del Toro’s information. Now I understand why he was drawn to make The Shape of Water! LOL…I don’t really understand but a grand water trine must have helped.

So after deeper contemplation (for me anyway) regarding the Neptune/Pluto conjunction – both the outermost (known) planets (yes, I include Pluto) in our solar system – I understand it’s about slow transformation of planet Earth and all that lives on it; reaching certain points in that transformation (like now) when it erupts (they are/were conjunct US Uranus after all) in certain places (like here).

Their cycle began in Gemini, not known for depth but for breadth; for forms of communication, and talk (sometimes glib talk) and voluminous details.

In this country’s chart they were conjunct it’s natal Uranus, associated with inventions and electricity; things like TV’s, computers and such. Pluto works out of sight for long periods until it is ready to surface with all its power, while Neptune works well through dreams or mind altering influences such as drugs and/or madness and/or film.

They, Pluto and Neptune, utilized the power of a simultaneous conjunction between Chiron and Mars (and nearby Sun) in Leo back then when they began their mission. Chiron provided the bridge between present consciousness (symbolized by visible planets) on Earth, and the higher consciousness of Pluto and Neptune which it (Chiron)was sextile to.

Mars provided the activation of this process and Leo (fixed fire) provided the stabilizing (and enduring) influence, and the drama for this ongoing mission, ie. acts of war and aggression. Nearby Sun provided the ability, over time, to become conscious of what was taking place and why it was necessary, and it will continue to do so.

I think the Moon in the Neptune/Pluto cycle’s start chart symbolizes women and the influence they would exert during this long process. Moon was in Cancer, the sign she rules, and trine Jupiter and sextile Saturn who was opposite Jupiter.

This positioning with the planets who, together, symbolize the changing trends in how a society operates, and the Moon’s own symbolizing of feelings, adds clarity to the overall purpose and goal of the Neptune-Pluto cycle which is still in its infancy. Feelings must co-exist with the mind if we are to be healthy and fit, more so now than ever.

Sharon K

Grand Water Trine:

Grand Trine in the water elements promotes the flow of emotions and builds empathy with others. ( great creativity; understands power of the subconscious mind )

Insight works from the inside out to either empower or overwhelm. Audacity stimulates a similar response from the outside in.

Len Wallick

lenwallick (at) gmail (dot) com

“It seems apparent from reliable sources that Mike Pompeo did NOT serve in the first Gulf War, but nearly half of his public bios–including his Wikipedia page–and contemporary write-ups claim he did. Is this something he’s been content to leave uncorrected? ”

“CIA has now confirmed publicly that Pompeo did NOT serve in the Gulf War. Any examples of Pompeo saying or even suggesting otherwise over the years would be of extreme interest to Members of Congress set to vote on his nomination next week. (@LexisNexis)”

Tweet from @Nedprice

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