2nd Apr, 2018

Boiling Pot

Although the daily firings, scandals, and sleaze are saturating the headlines in the US, unheeded tensions in Israel are escalating. In the past several days, a robust demonstration of Palestinians at the border fence left 15 Palestinians dead and hundreds wounded due to the significantly aggressive response of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF).  A study of Israel’s astrological chart suggests this is the beginning of a period of increased violence through the first few days of June.

Currently, transiting Uranus is trine to natal Mars (28Leo19) in Israel’s chart from March 29 to April 21. This will be joined by the progressed Moon opposite natal Mars from April 17 to May 18 (exact). The overlap of these two configurations will occur from April 17 to April 21, making those particularly dangerous days. In addition, there are further triggers that suggest periods of increased anger and harm. The first of these we have already witnessed at the Palestinian/Israeli border, when transiting Mercury was sesquiquadrate natal Mars on March 30, triggering Uranus trine to natal Mars. The next comes when the Sun crosses the same degree on April 2 to April 3, and the following will bring transiting Mars sesquiquadrate to natal Mars from April 8 to April 10. Moreover, transiting Mercury will trigger the progressed Moon opposition to natal Mars from April 29 to April 30. 

Also of consequence is the first crossing of transiting Uranus to the Descendant of the Israeli chart (00Scorpio53 but possibly a bit earlier) from May 13 to June 3, triggered by a square from Mars May 12 to May 17, exactly as the progressed Moon opposition to Mars becomes exact. Uranus here suggests aggressive, unilateral action, as well as sudden unexpected attacks from May 13 to June 3. The addition of Mars from May 12 to 17 clearly points to another dangerous upsurge in violence.

Although Israel has a long history of strong and successful military action in the face of her enemies, there is concern that she is now in a period of greater challenge, difficulty, and frustration in terms of fulfilling an assertive agenda. In the progressed chart, progressed Saturn has moved into a square with natal Sun (23Taurus41) beginning in June 2017 and waxing to exact in July 2025.  From April 17 to May 12, 2018, the transiting Saturn station will trigger this onerous square by a sesquiquadrate to the natal Sun, thereby manifesting the difficulty and grief of this configuration. Note that as this very stressful Saturn trigger begins to dissipate around May 12, we move into the very strong Mars/Uranus action of May 12 to 17, suggesting significant and unexpected violence from Israel in response to the increased sorrow of the combined Mars (aggression, violence) and Saturn (frustration and difficulty) period from April 17 to May 12.

Unfortunately, the leadership vacuum from Washington, and the Trumpian penchant for grand, ill-conceived, and destabilizing gestures, such as the moving of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, leaves the world much more vulnerable on a number of fronts. Indications are that Israel may prove to be one of many areas where the lack of any tempering guidance or push from the US results in chaos and destruction.

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A very sad and very scary time ahead. There is NOT a single person in the current non-administration who has any idea whatsoever how to help soothe tensions in this fragile part of the world. They, and especially the monster himself and the imbecile son-in-law only know how to inflame and ultimately make things worse.

Nancy, do you see war in the Middle East – given the aspects and the idiots who seized power in this country?

Corruption, Not Russia, Is Trump’s Greatest Political Liability

“Since Trump took office, his pledge to ignore his own interests has been almost forgotten, lost in a disorienting hurricane of endless news. It is not just a morbid joke but a legitimate problem for the opposition that all the bad news about Trump keeps getting obscured by other bad news about Trump. Perhaps the extraordinary civic unrest his presidency has provoked will be enough to give Democrats a historic win in the midterms this fall, but it is easy to be worried. Trump’s approval rating hovers in the low 40s: lower than the average of any other president, yes, but seemingly impervious to an onslaught of scandals that would have sunk any other president, and within spitting range of reelectability.”


News Anchors Reciting Sinclair Propaganda Is Even More Terrifying in Unison

“Over the last week or so, local television news anchors across the the country have joined together to paradoxically warn viewers about the “troubling trend of irresponsible, one-sided news stories plaguing our country.” The identical, seemingly earnest editorial messages paid lip service to the importance of fact-checking and unbiased reporting, but they also complained about “false news” and “fake stories.” If that seems to echo the rhetoric of President Trump, it’s probably because the statement was written by one of his allies.”


We are living in very scary and challenging times.

Thank you, Nancy.

Here is the Sinclair story on CNN.

I am going to repost the Steve Judd -Global April
for anyone who would like to read it.. I had posted it just before Nancy’s new article.

“The world is heading into a really crazy place.”


Here was my follow up question if anyone else would like to weigh in..

Thank you Sharon K. I also watched Maxine Taylor today with her “Trumpology” report for April (I don’t know if she is someone particularly good in the astrology world) but she said the american people have something to be very happy about in May. It just added to my curiosity if other’s thought it were possible. If anyone is interested I would be happy to post her video as well.

Thank you Sharon . I just feel like

Here was the question..

I just want to ask the astrologers if it is possible that the end of Trump’s presidency is coming sooner than January 2020. Could that possibly be what is coming in May is the end and that what is coming in January 2020 is the conclusion of all the consequences of his actions? TY

And Thanks as always to you Nancy for another wonderful article. Your space is a refuge for a lot of people and so much appreciated.

Wow, I didn’t realize Israel’s natal Mars was hit by last summer’s total eclipse at 28+ Leo – until now.

Also now aware that Israel’s Chiron is getting a conjunction from transiting retrograde Jupiter, both at 21+ Scorpio. The natal Chiron opposes Israel’s natal Sun (23+ Taurus) that conjuncts Trump’s MC (24+ Taurus). The nodes in last year’s Leo total eclipse chart was 24+ Leo (north) and 24+ Aquarius (south) which Israel’s Sun and Trump’s MC complete a T-square with. A crossroad decision looming for both.

Because transiting Jupiter (21+ Scorpio rx) is sextile transiting Pluto (21+ Capricorn, and goes retrograde April 22) and they form a Yod to US natal Mars (21+ Gemini and Trump’s Sun (22+ Gemini), this could add to Trump’s “reputation” (MC + natal Sun) for bad decision making.

Israel’s Saturn difficulties (progressed and transiting) might symbolize possible restrictions or withholdings coming from Trump (USA).

On the other hand, today’s chart for the Mars/Saturn 2-year cycle has the Moon (emotional power) at 9+ Scorpio, trine Nessus (abuse of power) at 8+ Pisces, completing a grand trine with Trump’s natal Mercury (expressing the power of emotion and abuse) at 8+ Cancer, providing fuel for a planetary pattern extraordinaire.

This grand trine becomes a Kite since transiting Mars and Saturn oppose Trump’s Mercury, making his message (tweets? headlines?) the focal point. With the sextile between today’s Pluto and Jupiter (conjunct Israel’s natal Chiron) putting pressure on US Mars (and Trump’s Sun) it could affect his reaction to Israel’s problem. It might even be the straw that breaks some poor camel’s back.

Nothing we can do but watch and wait to see how it all plays out in the grand scheme.

I hope this Palestinian march causes Trump to delay (indefinitely) his ridiculous idea to relocate the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, and when Jupiter goes direct and transits Israel’s chiron again, barb, I hope Israel changes tactics and shows both more empathy and sense.

You’re welcome, Elizabeth, and thank you to you, too, and to Nancy, for rolling out this article to update us on the transits.

Here’s a great story shown on 60 Minutes last night about Daniel Barenboim, a native Israel orchestra conductor who has earned Palestinian citizenship by forming an orchestra for Palestinian and Israeli youth 🙂


This next website is about an joint Israeli-Palestinian education effort.


There is hope for a peaceful 2-state solution, maybe more than people realize?

My birthday’s in May. All I want is to see Trump in prison. And Pence. And Ryan. We’ll take that 4th or 5th guy in line. Hatch. Maybe.

When including aspects for the out of norm change of a president It is necessary to look for aspects from faster moving planets that are exact or at least within 1 degree for the timing due to it’s importance in the ongoing affairs of the country. Aspects from slow moving planets, even within 1 degree, could be in play for months so they likely should be exact at the time of the change to be considered. Applying being better than separating.

When Nixon resigned the high points in Jerry Ford’s chart were the transits of Sun Conjunct his natal Mercury, Venus conjunct his Sun/Neptune midpoint and his natal IC, Mercury square his DC MC, transiting Moon was square his natal MC and transiting Jupiter was opposite his progressed Mercury.

From the ‘Big Fellas’, the outers, the nearest being Uranus square natal Sun (within 13′ in right ascension) Neptune opposite his natal Venus (within 44′ in right ascension) – the aspect on his Asc-Desc axis when his natal was located to Philadelphia. Neither being exact but should be entertained after the swifter ones are accounted for.

So much to look for, so little time when trying to keep up with current events (School shootings, leaders of other nations, dealings with other nations, geophysical events, for example).

Very Thought Provoking Nancy…Thank you so much!
Steve Judd says:
“The world’s heading into a really crazy phase”

Partner Series
The Hubble Space Telescope has broken yet another observing record: The famed observatory has found the most distant “ordinary” star ever observed, at an astounding 9 billion light-years from Earth — which means the light scientists see started traveling at least 9 billion years ago. By comparison, the age of the universe is roughly 13.8 billion years.




Astronomers found the star, which is nicknamed Icarus, through gravitational lensing. This phenomenon refers to how a massive galaxy cluster or other object can bend light from objects behind it, making dim objects much brighter from Earth’s perspective.

Usually, this lensing process can magnify objects by up to 50 times, but astronomers got lucky here: The newfound star was magnified more than 2,000 times because a star was briefly passing through the line of sight between Hubble and Icarus, researchers said in a statement from the University of California, Berkeley. This rare glimpse of a faraway star could provide a window into how stars in general evolve;

I just clicked on the link this evening Alex. Watching the video helped me to reconnect with the young people and their strength. Thank you.

We must never disconnect. There are so many videos on YouTube that can help with staying connected or reconnecting.

By: alex on March 24th, 2018, at 11:33 pm.


Never Again

not sure if this is a joke or not ….
Facebook post from eric francis 14hrs ago saying ‘I can now confirm this is true’

think it’s joke:

says Eric Francis was on Meet the Press Sunday… don’t think so

hmmmm thought it might be an april fool’s joke. Couldn’t imagine that it would be anywhere close to being true! I wonder if Eric is in on the joke?

Eric is fond of publishing an April Fool’s Day “story” on April 1st every year. It’s a gotcha!

I consider myself ‘got’ LOL

The Eric Francis piece really reads and feels like an April Fool’s joke.

There was one year he challenged Neil DeGrasse Tyson to a national debate on the validity of astrology as a science.

“State Department confirms that Russia can replace the diplomats, alleged to be intel officers, expelled last week. US “is not requiring the Russian bilateral mission to reduce its total number of personnel” a spox says. New accreditation to be reviewed on a “case-by-case basis.” from twitter @Julian Borger

“Apparently Trump allowed Russia to replace 60 older spies with 60 new ones. This is sheer betrayal to protect and defend the Constitution. What does Putin have on him?” @MalcomNance

A bunch of young people chained themselves to the Israeli consulate in Boston this morning to protest the killings in Gaza and the ongoing occupation. They were all arrested. https://twitter.com/pragmactivist/status/981141830464081920

Ann Coulter wants noting but The Great Trump Wall:
“We want a WALL and we don’t care who pays for it”

Why the Wall Won’t Work:

A really good essay by Terry MacKinnell in great part about the use of Piscean archetypal imagery imposed on our understanding of the age of Aquarius.

Aquarian Age Myths, Fallacies & Distortions

Another excellent essay:
Is This the Age of Aquarius? by Doug Egan


Ralfee Finn:



So far, the transiting Saturn/Mars conjunction in Capricorn (as a starting point of a two + year cycle) appears to apply to the news that US (Homeland Security) will send troops (Nat’l Guard) troops to (Mexico) border. I believe I heard it would start as soon as today. Will confirm or correct if and when I hear or read further.

Transiting Nessus, agent of awakening consciousness (through abuse of power) is at 8+ Pisces and conjunct US natal Ceres (symbol of nurturing) at 8+ Pisces, and trans. Nessus has one degree to go before joining US natal Nessus at 9+ Pisces. All are square US natal Uranus (shock and awe) at 8+ Gemini (communication).

Just heard confirmation (by reporter on MSNBC) that troops to border is imminent. Transiting Damocles (sword hangs overhead by a thread) at 26+ Aquarius is conjunct US natal Pallas (warrior goddess known for strategy/planning) who conjuncts US natal Moon (US people) at 27+ Aquarius.

Right now transiting Ceres (nurture) at 5+ Leo (drama) is about to conjunct the US natal North Node (path forward) at 6+ Leo which is the degree where transiting Neptune was (6+ Leo) at the time of trans. Jupiter’s conjunction with trans. Saturn at 22+ Taurus. Right now trans. Jupiter (retrograde) is, for the second – out of 3 times – opposite that conjunction, at 22+ Scorpio. It’s a reveal all full moon kind of aspect.

Assuming that the “troops on the border” is one of the manifestations of this present cycle between Jupiter and Saturn, I note that cycle’s chart has Sun at 7+ Gemini (conjunct US Uranus at 8+ Gemini) which was trine that same chart’s Neptune at 6+ Aquarius (conjunct US South Node [6+ Aquarius] & Pholus meaning small cause, big effect) . . .

. . and both – Sun and Neptune in the Jupiter/Saturn cycle chart – would make a grand trine to Trump’s retrograde natal Neptune at 5+ Libra. Could this all be an illusion (two Neptune’s) created to excite (Uranus) the consciousness (one Sun conjunct US Uranus) of the (world) populace to (again) divert media attention (Sun in Gemini conjunct US Uranus) away from the US president’s tightening noose regarding the Mueller pronouncement of the president’s position of not being a target – yet?

It’s the oldest ploy of Gemini/Mercury; dodge and weave, dodge and weave.

My guess Mueller was born around 7 PM on August 7, 1944, NY, NY, because it would put his MC in Scorpio, suitable for his professional career.

It would put his natal Mars/Chiron in his 8th house and Pluto (which rules Scorpio with Mars) in his 7th house (the other). It would put his Moon around 3 Aries opposite his natal Neptune, and T-square US Venus (rules Values).

I hear MSNBC has a special on Mueller coming up soon.

Not to over simplify, but….like Mueller, my mother was a Virgo/Leo with a Scorpio influence (mars). Hillary Clinton is a Scorpio/Leo, moon-in-Pisces. My stepson is a Leo/Virgo with Scorpio rising (and a largely Sag 1st house). These people seem to have a lot of energy, cut right through the BS, are very ethical and interested in doing things right and getting to the truth. They mean business!


Great Britain is Now a Fox News Free Zone.

by durrati

Wednesday April 04, 2018 · 8:08 AM PDT

Guess what! The day Mueller was assigned this Russian Interference job, May 17, 2017, transiting Mars was at 17+ Gemini the same degree as Trump’s natal Uranus! (Did I already mention this? If so I’d forgotten about it and I’m pretty sure I would remember something this provocative.) Wow, it was already a great chart to begin with but this looks to “target” Trump after all.

Barbk – another guess what ??

Just learned that Manafort’s court date is set to begin sept 17th, which is reportedly the 231st anniversary of the constitution. WOW


never thought I’d see the day the NRA disarmed.

This may prove to be irrelevant, but I felt I would be remiss not to mention it. A number of psychics, British seer Lindsay Edwards in particular, have predicted Trump’s assassination while on a trip overseas. No specific time frames in any of those pronouncements were given except that Edwards felt October (of last year) could be likely.

Nevertheless, as we had been discussing, the mid April time period does pose some serious risks for the president astrologically. In addition to Trump’s progressed Moon/Pluto conjunction currently in close sextile to progressed Mars, we also have the April 14th Jupiter-Pluto sextile (21 Scorpio-Capricorn) in yod formation to Trump’s progr. Uranus/ US Mars (21 Gemini); with Trump’s natal Moon at the midpoint (21 Sagittarius). This is quickly followed by the April 15th New Moon/ Uranus conjunction (26/ 28 Aries) in trine to Trump’s Mars and last years Aug. 21st solar eclipse degree.

See related article……………

Colombia/Peru: US President Trump To Visit April 13-15

US President Donald Trump to attend the Summit of the Americans conference in Peru on April 13-14 before heading to Colombia on April 15; increased security measures anticipated.



One big mystery to me is 45’s long term personal body guard is no longer at his side. Quietly dismissed or what?

Seems 45 is being isolated from his comfort crew, but why remains the question. He doesn’t seem human to me, almost robotic, perhaps he is.

I don’t recognize my country!

“While sending thousands of U.S. troops to the southern border at the cost of untold millions will naturally play well on Fox News and assuage Trump’s boundless ego, this deployment is absolutely unnecessary.”


LG, that ban beginning June 13 may get national attention according to astrology. It connects with the August 2017 total solar eclipse that spanned the country and tRump’s natal and solar return charts.

“So, beginning June 13, banned assault weapons in Deerfield …”


LG, body guard was fired from WH duties due to some ethics violations — gambling I believe. However, Trump re-hired him for Trump businesses. This was about 2 weeks ago.


Are you asking about the WH “body man,” (as Angellight referenced), or Trump’s long time personal bodyguard, Keith Schiller? The guy frequently seen at his side, and acting as bouncer at Trump rallies, during the 2016 campaign.

If you meant Schiller:
He resigned a while ago, which seemed odd at the time, given his many years with Trump. It was reported that he wanted to return to his prior work, where he could make more money.

Months later Schiller suddenly reappeared, on the RNC payroll making $15,000 a month, from some RNC slush fund. See article link below:


I am just coming up on season 7 of Homeland on Showtime – I am late to this series; nonetheless, I highly recommend it. It is a particularly relevant reflection of our present political zeitgeist.

Well Ja, you’re not alone – undoing a country/society does make it unrecognizable to its citizens, one and all.

We know about Uranus and how unpredictable it can be in a chart or aspect but we humans are never prepared for the tumult it leaves in its wake. Uranus is about large-scale change and it has just completed (or is about to) a tour of the US natal chart’s (Sagittarius rising) 4th house, depending on the version of the chart you look at.

The 4th house of a chart symbolizes home. If a tornado tears through your hometown it is left unrecognizable and something similar to a tornado, only 100 times greater, has passed through our country during the years between 2011 and now.

We can’t blame it all on Trump, but he is an agent of change (used by the powers of the Universe) and he serves a purpose; he makes us (USA) wake up from the routines that Saturn has established over 80 years or so, leaving them in need of replacing.

And so it goes in the material world; we rebuild what has been put asunder, only better than it was before.

If you’re able, tune into Rachel Maddow @ 6pm EST & 6pm PST. Maddow is beating FOX!
“Rachel Maddow Beats Sean Hannity, Takes Title As Most-Watched Cable News Host”

barb, does that mean that in that particular chart, Uranus is coming up on a transit to the 5th house of that U.S. chart? 5th house can equal investing, gambling, etc. Also, children & entertainment, so maybe the Parkland students are offering us a preview of the Uranus effects on children part.

Now that’s good news Patty! She doesn’t follow the same format as most of the other news shows which makes her show a treat for news junkies.

I just found a new “good thing” in the chart for when Mueller was handed the Russian Interference job – it’s Mars at 17+ Gemini not only conjuncts Trump’s natal Uranus, it also trines his natal Jupiter (foreign dealings) at 17+ Libra which is where the US progressed Mars retrograde is, which IMO, means that the US NATAL Mars (that conjuncts Trump’s Sun) is connecting the dots, so to speak.

US NATAL Mars at 21+ Gemini is in the US natal chart’s 7th house of partners or open enemies. Not only does US natal Mars conjunct Trump’s Sun, it conjuncts Russia’s natal Sun, also at 21+ Gemini. (go figure)

Fast forward to 2017-18 PROGRESSED US Mars, now at 17+ Libra (conjunct Trump’s natal Jupiter) where it is also conjunct Putin’s natal Saturn (contain and restrict) at 17+ Libra, AND the US Constitution chart’s natal Neptune (unclear), also at 17+ Libra – and in the 9th house (of foreign relations) – of that Constitution chart.

So with Mueller’s marching orders chart with its Mars at 17+ Gemini – trine US prog. Mars (17+ Libra) + Trump + Putin + Constitution. It is only 4 degrees from US natal Mars + Russia’s Sun at 21+ Gemini and Trump’s Sun at 22+ Gemini too.

Mueller’s natal chart itself has Mars and Chiron at 16+ Virgo square that Assignment chart’s Mars in Gemini and opposite that chart’s Neptune in Pisces. That’s a lot of double talk to wade through.

As it happens, transiting (retrograde) Jupiter in Scorpio will sextile his Mars/Chiron conjunction, 1st in May and again in forward motion in the 2nd half of August (as it trines trans. Neptune no less). Neptune will oppose Mueller’s Mars/Chiron, alas nothing worth while comes easy, but . . .

. . . transiting Uranus (in Taurus) and transiting Saturn (in Capricorn) will be in a GRAND trine (just arc minutes short of exact) with Mueller’s natal Jupiter in Virgo. God and the Universe work in mysterious ways.

Yes Sharon, transiting Uranus is now or soon will be in the US natal chart’s 5th house of creativity (ie. romance, kids, gambling, expression of ideas . .) and yes, the Parkland kids have taken center stage.

Thank you barbk,

“Something is Changing”


Scott Pruitt has a natal Taurus Sun that trines his natal Virgo Pluto which transiting Pluto in Capricorn makes into a grand trine.

His natal Uranus in Virgo and Neptune in Scorpio, both retrograde, are sextile and transiting Uranus in Aries has been quincunx both recently (all of Feb and early March) creating a yod. These aspects describe his easy entrance into his present job and his attempt to endow that position with expensive additions.

However, the apex of this yod, transiting Uranus, was conjunct transiting Eris and she is now making trouble for him.

Pruitt’s Saturn in Aries is conjunct the US natal Chiron and transiting Chiron will conjunct his natal Chiron at 2+ Aries in July then station retrograde there. It looks as if Pruitt is going to get a lesson in Chiron-speak and that won’t be fun, but he will be a better man for it.

Between transiting Eris and transiting Chiron, Pruitt will not get away with raping the EPA.

Scott Pruitt birth date is May 9, 1968, 12:14 PM EDT, Danville, KY

Also, transiting Uranus is one degree from being exactly conjunct his MC at 28+ Aries, surprise!

Barbk’s, when can we expect this lesson in Chiron-speak for Scott Pruitt? I don’t think it can come soon enough. What a $&&$$&$&?!grr!

More Scott Pruitt.

“Embattled EPA chief Scott Pruitt continues to feel the squeeze of Saturn on his natal Libra Moon, as more and more details of his swamp monster corruption are exposed. That’s not going away this year — nor is the tremendous effort in the face of loss suggested by another key pattern. With its comfort and status quo-seeking Taurus driven by a people-pleasing Moon in Libra, Pruitt’s persona is fronted by a regal luxury-loving Leo Ascendant.”


Pr-ewww-it’s need for sign’s he is important is shown in his natal chart.

His Kentucky MC is at 26°16′. His natal Venus/Saturn midpoint at 27°25′ is on it. His Kentucky IC is at 206°16′. His natal Neptune/Pluto midpoint at 205°26′ is on it. The first speaks of unrequited love. He could never get what he didn’t know how to give and the second of an unfathomable feeling all his life that he wasn’t ‘good enough’.

But his Prez loves him (in his way). And in his way he love his Prez. And the Prez loves him for loving him. And he loves the Prez for loving him. And they love each other. And that’s because neither of them got enough love in their childhoods. And that’s showbiz…Kid!

May they do the Cell Block Tango together. Both needing to be the center of attention, they should beware of artistic differences.







He had it coming,
He had it coming,
He only had himself to blame”


Well Bailey, I can say that transiting Uranus to Pruitt’s MC will probably trigger the undoing of this man’s role in the advancement of our society’s awakening. That exact meeting looks to be April 14th but I would never attempt to predict the way Uranus expresses it’s energy.

That said, on April 14th transiting Jupiter and Pluto (21+ Scorpio and Capricorn) will exact their 2nd of 3 sextiles which will (as it does right now) form a Yod to the US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini which conjuncts Trump’s Sun (22+ Gemini). Pruitt’s natal Pluto at 20+ Virgo – just 5 degrees from his natal Uranus (and 2 degrees from US natal Neptune) -squares US Mars and Trump’s Sun. It might behoove Trump to let Pruitt go.

There is also Pruitt’s built in time bomb made up of a Boomerang pattern between his MC opposite IC (28+ Aries/Libra) which his natal Uranus and Neptune sextile complete. In that case the energy will accumulate at his IC (base of chart) and we may not see it publicly (for a while) but, since both his MC and IC also aspect the US natal Moon and Pluto, it will affect the US people (US Moon) and its hidden power (US Pluto) base.

I still think the ingress of Chiron into Aries (at the Aries Point where the personal is political) and its subsequent conjunction to Pruitt’s natal Chiron (in his natal 9th house) will bring the ax down in a more public way; the Chiron speak I spoke of.

Ja’s link to “more Scott Pruitt” notes transiting Saturn (and the recent conjunction of trans Mars and Saturn) in square with Pruitt’s Libra Moon (that trines US Uranus in Gemini but is quincunx US Ceres in Pisces who is being joined by trans. Nessus) and it is further evidence of the intricate plot (of the Universe) to expose what is corrupt in our institutions through public figures. We, as a whole, learn best through telling a story and the Trump Era has many characters in its story.

Another thing transiting Saturn is doing is making a quincunx to Mueller’s natal Pluto (8+ Leo) which sextiles US natal Uranus (8+ Gemini), putting transiting Saturn (as he stations retrograde at 8+ Capricorn) at the apex point of a Yod where something will need to be adjusted.

Because Trump’s Mercury opposes transiting Saturn, the Yod becomes a Boomerang and all the combined energy of the Yod lands on Trump’s Mercury at 8+ Cancer. Eventually all the pieces will come together, as planned.

Marjorie Orr:


Willows Web:


Transiting (retrograde) Jupiter has now moved off the degree that opposes his position in the startup of the present Jupiter/Saturn cycle, and transiting Saturn has moved past the degree where Hybris (hubris) was in the present Pluto/Neptune cycle.
(Hybris was at the apex of a Yod with that chart’s sextile between Pluto/Neptune in Gemini and Mars/Chiron in Leo.)

Pluto and Neptune were conjunct US natal Uranus at the time of their conjunction.

This movement should lessen the pressure (for the US) from these two cycles, although transiting Uranus is still in the degree opposite where he was in the Neptune/Pluto cycle’s chart, so there’s that. Still, some of the madness of this (shall we say) transformation process will ease up for a while, thanks to transiting Jupiter and Saturn.

It is just a brief respite though. The April 15 Aries New Moon will see Uranus off that degree opposite his position in the Neptune/Pluto chart (and square US natal Pluto) but Saturn will be stationing retrograde and soon return to his previous position (8+ Cap) to renew that Neptune/Pluto energy.

Still, a breather is a breather and after all, we are only human. Mercury will also station direct on April 15 and retrace the 12 degrees he backed through since early March for a 3rd and final examination. That should prove productive, at least for Mueller whose (likely) Moon is in Aries where transiting Mercury will start his move forward (at 4+ degrees of Aries and in square with Mueller’s natal Saturn at 5+ Cancer and the US natal Jupiter).

the Aries New Moon may also hold a reveal of sorts (regarding the outer-planet power) in its South node position of 11+ Aquarius. That’s the degree where Uranus, Neptune and Pluto provided some astrological component of their ingress (into their present signs) message in a seemingly mutual effort to advance mankind.

The Sabian Symbol for that degree is of people on different stair steps moving upward, interpreted by Dane Rudhyar as humanity at various levels of consciousness – which I paraphrase here.

It is the last opportunity for Uranus to influence this joint effort as he will soon leave the sign of Aries. Uranus’ contribution was his ingress chart’s Venus at 11+ Aquarius. A south node symbolizes an opportunity to “give away” some attribute which no longer furthers growth of the entity whose south node it is, but would be useful for another entity.

If so, the entity whose south node it is would be a point in time (Aries New Moon) and I’m not clear how that would work, but I’ll be watching for it. For the US it might involve education or communication since it is in the US natal 3rd house.

I hope Mark Zuckerberg does shake things up!

“Mr. Zuckerberg has the power to shake things up. He could bind his company to practices and technologies aimed at a sea change on user privacy and autonomy. Rather than circling the wagons, Facebook can join the cause. If it doesn’t, people should disperse to platforms that will.”


companies in the crosshairs

No wonder trump hates Bezos – apparently Bezos has repeatedly joked about using his rocket company to send Donald Trump into outer space.

Michael Wolfstar:


The current escalating military situation in Syria should warrant some attention. The Syrian coup astrological chart when Bashar Al Assad first assumed power – November 13, 1970 6:08 am EET has its South Node at 28 ’32 Leo conjunct its midheaven. It is right in the cross-hairs of that incoming April 15th New Moon/ Uranus conjunction (26/ 28 Aries) by trine. Here’s the 11/13/70 chart:


First yesterdays news……

Trump: ‘Big Price To Pay’ For Syria Chemical Weapons Attack

The Guardian
April 8, 2018

Donald Trump warned there will be a “big price to pay” for a chemical strike in a rebel-held Damascus suburb that killed at least 42 people on Saturday, as the UK and France called for an urgent meeting of the United Nations security council in reaction to the the attack.

– End of Quote –

All Options On Table After Syria Chemical Attack, White House Says

April 8, 2018

White House homeland security adviser Tom Bossert said on Sunday that nothing should be taken “off the table” after reports of an apparent chemical attack in Syria.

Appearing on ABC’s “This Week,” Bossert said President Donald Trump’s national security team had been reviewing photos and information throughout the night. The incident Saturday in the Damascus suburb of Douma left at least 42 people dead, rescue workers reported, though Syria and Russia denied the use of any chemical weapons.

– End of Quote –

And now today…….

US Denies Syrian State Media Reports of US Missile Attack On Homs Air Base

The Pentagon has denied Syrian claims the US attacked a Homs air base Sunday, hours after President Donald Trump tweeted “Animal Assad” would have a “big price to pay” for an alleged chemical weapons attack in the city of Douma.
The state-run Syrian Arab News Agency claimed Syrian air defenses shot down eight missiles fired at the T-4 airbase early Monday morning local time, in an attack which killed and injured an unspecified number of people.

The base, located in a strategic position between the cities of Homs and Palmyra in Syria’s west, has been a key staging ground for Syrian and Russian aircraft during the war.

Earlier, Syrian State TV said the assault was a “likely attack by the US.”

– End of Quote –

So, what’s really going on? Some conspiracy theorists are suspecting a grand plan is in the works. Allegedly, Trump has Iran in its sights. Will there be a major mid east war in the coming weeks?…

Trump’s Syria “Withdrawal” Was Textbook US Deception

The Millenium Report

April 8, 2018 (Tony Cartalucci – LD) – The US media is now priming the global public for US intervention in Syria following alleged “chemical attacks” carried out in the remaining pocket of US-backed militants in Douma, just northeast of Damascus.

This follows comments made by US President Donald Trump just 3 days ago in which he claimed he had instructed the US military to prepare for a withdrawal from Syria.

US forces had illegally invaded and have since occupied Syrian territory for years, with the Washington Post in its April 4, 2018 article titled, “Trump instructs military to begin planning for withdrawal from Syria,” placing the current number of US troops at approximately 2,000.

However, just days after President Trump expressed a supposed desire to leave Syria, allegations of Syrian government chemical attacks on Douma have provided not only the prefect pretext to delay any withdrawal, but to in fact justify a US-led military intervention directly against the Syrian government.



Fascinating, inside look at Robert Mueller…..

Headliners: MSNBC documentary on Robert Mueller

Video: 33 min. 49 sec.


nyt’s opinion piece on James Comey

“His tragic mistake matters because of the giant consequences for the country. He helped elect the most dangerous, unfit American president of our lifetimes. No matter how brave Comey has since been, no matter how honorable his full career, he can never undo that damage.”



Then there is that pesky problem for Trump;Bezos is the sole proprietor of The Washington Post. Donny Darko probably takes any unflattering op-eds quite personally.

Trump Says ‘Major Decisions’ On Syria Coming In The Next 24-48 Hours


Would that involve a series of missile strikes on or around the 11th? The major astrological aspects however take hold on the 15th with Mercury stationing direct (4 ’46 Aries) opposite Trump’s natal Neptune (5 ’50 Libra). Would that indicate the actions Trump takes will be short-sighted and problematic?

Last month Russia threatened to retaliate if Trump decides to seek some sort of military action in Syria……

Russia Says U.S. Plans To Strike Damascus, Pledges Military Response

March 13, 2018

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia said on Tuesday it had information that the United States planned to bomb the government quarter in Damascus on an invented pretext, and said it would respond militarily if it felt Russian lives were threatened by such an attack.

Valery Gerasimov, head of Russia’s General Staff, said Moscow had information that rebels in the enclave of eastern Ghouta were planning to fake a chemical weapons attack against civilians and blame it on the Syrian army.



Jerry, maybe Russia had insider information that Assad was planning to use chemical weapons; thus, decided to blame the U.S.-backed rebels in advance? How do we find out which side did it? I don’t think that even astrology can tell us, can it? Even if there are clues, they will never delineate specific events.

Sharon, anything is possible – with the current crop of propagandists/liars on all sides its doubtful that we will discover the truth.

Here’s your Mercury storm story for the day:

FBI raids Michael Cohen’s office

The F.B.I. on Monday raided the office of President Trump’s longtime personal lawyer, Michael D. Cohen, seizing records related to several topics including payments to a pornographic-film actress.

Federal prosecutors in Manhattan obtained the search warrant after receiving a referral from the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, according to Mr. Cohen’s lawyer, who called the search “completely inappropriate and unnecessary.” The search does not appear to be directly related to Mr. Mueller’s investigation, but likely resulted from information he had uncovered and gave to prosecutors in New York.


The payments to [Stormy Daniels] are only one of many topics being investigated, according to a person briefed on the search. The F.B.I. also seized emails, tax documents and business records, the person said.

The seized records include communications between Mr. Trump and Mr. Cohen, which would likely require a special team of agents to review because conversations between lawyers and clients are protected from scrutiny in most instances.



Fe, thanks! We are now seeing Trump’s natal Mercury; its opposition from Saturn and Mars, as well as his Sun in its position in the Yod with transiting Pluto sextile Jupiter. He’s sweating bullets on national TV. He is very, very mad (as in angry, as in borderline out-of-control). Who will he ax for this!

Transiting (retrograde) Orcus (punisher of broken oaths) at 8+ Virgo opposite transiting Nessus (abuse of power) at 8+ Pisces both T-squared by US natal Uranus (the unexpected and a breakthrough – a door for example) at 8+ Gemini. This is the Universe talking to us through the language of astrology.

Pence has never positioned himself so close to Trump. Extremely (Religious) Pence will not be easy, but at least he will be an honorable Man: Born June 7, 1959

This is Mueller’s natal Pluto at 8+ Leo sextile US Uranus at 8+ Leo completing a Yod to transiting Saturn at 9+ Capricorn (and stationing retrograde). Transiting Saturn opposes Trump’s Mercury at 8+ Cancer, and altogether that is what’s known in the trade as a Boomerang.

Patty, Pence was brought into the campaign by Paul Manafort. Don’t think for a moment that Pence is honorable or honest. He is not. If Manafort brought in Pence, that means that Putin was involved.

Just saw the news about the FBI raid. Wow. Also read that Trump looked particularly unhinged ranting about it on camera.

Also, regarding the FBI breaking into Cohen’s office and hotel room with a search warrant today, transiting Juno (less-than-equal partner such as Stormy Daniels) at 21+ Pisces is trine transiting Jupiter and sextile transiting Pluto and square US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini, which conjuncts Trump’s Sun at 22+ Gemini. She also opposes US Neptune.

I would again note Mueller’s natal Pholus (small cause – big event) was just transited (conjunct) by Pluto last month, who will be back after it goes retrograde later this month. Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. Transiting weaver of webs, Arachne, is conjunct the US natal Pallas (the strategist), both at 26+ Aquarius.

Transiting Chaos is conjunct Trump’s Sun at 22+ Gemini having just left US Mars at 21+ Gemini, and both trans. Chaos and Trump’s Sun exactly square US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo. Transiting Chaos then also squares transiting Juno in Pisces as well as US Neptune in Virgo which makes sense.

Boy-got to beat it out the office NOW. Rachel’s show is going to be a blast!!

Barb K, so for this astrology novice what does all of that mean in terms of Trump’s ire and possible impact upon Mueller? Sorry, I just can’t follow the above. It does sound like bad news for Cohen who I don’t think will flip but will Trump leave him hanging in the wind?

Just saw the news about the FBI raid. Wow. Also read that Trump looked particularly unhinged ranting about it on camera.

For anyone that missed it….it was exactly as described above. Unhinged ranting and raving, with his arms folded, like a petulant child.

See transcript here:

Try counting all the times he said, “disgrace” or “disgraceful.”

With all due respect, Pence may be sincere, but in no way could he be described as “honorable.” He IS a Christo-Fascist. Fascists “in the name of Jesus” or G-D are still fascists.

Pence may be successful at keeping his pants on in the presence of willing women, but he DOES NOT believe in the Constitution as he is a Dominionist. Dominionists want to abrogate our Constitution in favor of what they call “biblical law.” Pence’s political intentions are to suppress the rights and freedoms guaranteed in our Constitution as he sees America as having become a Sodom and Gomorrah which needs a severe and if necessary violent comeuppance.

Pence is far smoother and far smarter than DJT and has a very developed theo-political worldview (developed in great part by Rev. Rousas John Rushdoony (April 25, 1916 – February 8 2001)
in which you and I, and all on this blog would be considered criminals. (We do practice astrology.)

If pence becomes president he might be seen as a welcome relief because he is more stable and therefore be elected in his own right in 2020. But his philosophy of governance is far more pernicious. He is potentially far more dangerous than Trump. Think of Sinclair Lewis’s novel It Can’t Happen here, and Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale.

Well Bailey, it means the noose is tightening around Trump’s neck. It means the plot is thickening in the saga of the President Trump Era.

It means the battle (between the US Constitution and a band of thugs) over who will be the Deciders of how the USA, our country – the home of the brave – will conduct the process of governing said country.

What we see in the astrology of the moment (from my perspective) is a challenge between an agreed upon set of laws enforced for hundreds of years, and an interloper who has manipulated – with lies – a sizable following of disgruntled citizens (with the help of foreign involvement), to overturn those laws.

What I think the astrology of the moment is leading to is enough agitation to bring this challenge onto a level of consciousness – through theatrics – that reaches the majority of breathing citizens, including the disgruntled ones, so as to improve (change, revise) those century-old laws for the better.

Complacency has led to the encroachment of wrongdoing in the practices of governing and the laws need to be re-addressed for the changing times and the increased awareness (consciousness) of this country’s citizens. Are enough of these US citizens ready to stand up for what’s right or will they succumb to the numbing of complacency? I’m betting that enough will stand up and be counted.

As to what each symbol (planets, centaurs, asteroids, points. etc.) in each aspect in each chart “means” can only be surmised by familiarizing oneself in their symbolism and that differs among those who study astrology. However a general understanding of the direction they (as a group and in their specific aspects with one another) are pushing for can be felt or intuited.

I feel that the time is ripe for a planet-wide leap forward in consciousness, resulting in a leap forward in evolution, based on astrological charts with critical challenges, such as the extraordinary 7 squares between transiting Uranus and Pluto in 2012-2014.

Astrologers who have much experience studying these kinds of challenging aspects can give us a good idea of how they materialize (play out) and I look forward to reading some right here on Starlight News. I’ve already given possible outcomes to some of these aspects in the days leading up to today.

It is a long process though – this growth in consciousness – sometimes we leap ahead and sometimes we fall back. The idea is not to give into despair when we fall, nor think we are finished when we leap forward.

By the way, US natal Uranus is at 8+ Gemini not 8+ Leo as I wrote at 7:05 PM. When US Uranus (8 Gemini) combines with Mueller’s Pluto (8 Leo) expect the unexpected with lots of dramatic sleuthing revealed. It will cause the unalterable Saturn (8+ Capricorn) to alter, and this will affect Trump’s Mercury (8+ Cancer) making him cry he’s being punished unfairly.

Thank you barbk, I agree.

“Complacency has led to the encroachment of wrongdoing in the practices of governing and the laws need to be re-addressed for the changing times and the increased awareness (consciousness) of this country’s citizens.”


The New Moon is conjunct Uranus, the planet of shake-ups, shocks, surprises and breakthroughs, indicating the main theme of the next 29 days will be changes, surprises and shake-ups.
Mercury is turning direct on the same day, and both Saturn and Pluto are about to go retrograde within the coming week. Planets starting or ending their retrograde phase are practically standing still in the heavens (at least from our perspective on earth). That means we experience their energies as very focused, concentrated and strong.
Mars, the ruler of the Aries New Moon, is conjunct the Saturn/Pluto midpoint and square the Mercury/Uranus midpoint. This indicates a big fight for power and control could easily erupt in the outside world.

Some highlights from this weeks Leo Tallarico’s blog…..

Black Panther and Astrology Forecast April 8-14
By Leo Knighton Tallarico

“…….We have been letting you know the importance of that New Moon in Aries (April 15th), which happens to be closely conjunct the awakening lightning of Uranus. It will also be square the deeply transformational Pluto, which we will write more about next week.

So this week, before that New Moon, allow your self to go deeper into your own inner night, so you can release as much psychological baggage as possible. If you are confronted by your past, especially your old stories from the past, do not be afraid it is back in your life again.

It is showing up so you can see it another time before it is purged from the deep well inside your soul.

This is a big and important New Moon in Aries, on the same day as Mercury goes Direct. So lightening your load of old garbage will make you more able to enter your New Chapter without undue restrictions.

On Saturday the 14th, a day before the Aries New Moon, bright inspirational Jupiter is in sextile aspect to the same darkening Pluto.

This sextile forms a Yod or “Finger of God” with the USA natal Mars in Gemini. That Mars in Gemini forms a very close conjunction with Trump’s natal Sun and opposite his natal Moon in Sagittarius.

The Yod forming with the USA Mars symbolizes an important turning point for USA military and police business. And of course Trump with his natal chart is an important player in this turning point.

It is quite revealing that there are important events less than a month after the New Moon in Aries.

There is a summit between North and South Korean presidents in late April and a potential summit between Trump and Kim Jong Un in May. This meeting will bring peace or war to the world

Also in early May the USA and Trump decide whether to continue with the deal struck by President Obama with Iran. If sanctions on Iran are brought back, that will nullify the Iran deal with the USA and bring increased danger in the Middle East. If the deal is kept peace will likely stay intact.

And also in mid May the USA is scheduled to move their embassy to Jerusalem after the recent declaration by president Trump that Jerusalemsy is the eternal Capitol of Israel.

The Palestinians and Muslim world see Jerusalem as their sacred city and claim the eastern half as their Capitol.

So you can see how putting the USA embassy there is a potentially triggering event, one that could bring renewed violence to the region. If Trump turns around and does not build the embassy, there will be a big shift away from war.

So it is easy to see how the Yod represents an important military turning point for the USA.

There are important new beginnings happening one way or another soon after the Yod and New Moon in Aries.”



Starlight, with all that is going on with Syria & now Trump, your title “Boiling Point” was highly predictive.

I second Eliseo’s statement on Pence. I grew up in an evangelical world and I am greatly concerned that people are underestimating his “stability”. People with that level of religious dogma and rigidity are not “stable” in my opinion. Trump in some ways is easier because he wears his crazy openly. I remind people all the time that as much as we want DT out of the white house, that Pence is a fresh new hell that many are mostly unprepared for. When Trump took office, as frightening as it was, we all knew what it was going to be. We all knew and prepared as best we could for the fight we were going to be up against. I am deeply concerned that many people just don’t understand what the Dominionist beliefs are and what dangers it would present.

I would like to think that as we are spiritually journeying collectively through the awakening via the Trump administration that perhaps the Religious right and their world view also need to be “seen” to be rooted out from the places of power within our culture. And if so, perhaps we do need to endure a Pence administration as well.

I surely hope not and would very much like to see Pence involved in the corruption enough to be removed as well or even to resign himself. Manafort was very influential in Pence’s being picked as VP, perhaps their is enough entanglement there to take Pence down with the rest of them, we can only hope.

I just really caution that we be very aware of what Pence represents and that we not see his taking over the presidency (if that were to happen) as a victory, it wont be. I see both of them as different sides of the ego, one narcissistic the other self-righteous. Both presenting very different agendas but both dangerous. The best defense against danger isn’t fear but knowledge.

By: Bob on February 28th, 2018, at 12:17 am

“This period of time marks the beginning of tRump’s downfall.”

By: Bob on March 17th, 2018, at 8:47 pm

“The really bad times are beginning to come more frequently for this punishment of a president we are enduring.”

By: Bob on March 29th, 2018, at 1:13 am

“Early April stress days will soon be here to ratchet up the pressure on tRump’s psyche. It may result in whatever may come from April 18th through the 23rd. The hits are going to keep coming faster and faster.”

Barb K, thank you so very much. That is so helpful and the outcome you expect is the same as mine.

This morning Madeline Albright was on CBS as part of a book tour and talked about Fascism in this country and in others and how leaders can bamboozle the disgruntled. She felt it was time for all of us to wake up and look at the signs, especially congress and the public.

Again, thank you very much

Trump Cancels South America Trip To “Oversee” Syria Military Response

April 10, 2018

At the start of the month we reported that according to White House sources, Trump was pushing for a Nafta deal “over the next two weeks”, which was expected to be unveiled “in principle” at the Summit of the Americas in Peru on April 13-14.

Alas, a Nafta deal announcement will not happen – or anything else for that matter – because moments ago the White House announced that Trump has canceled his South America trip to oversee the US Syria military response, which is expected to be announced – or launched – momentarily.


By: Bob on December 26th, 2017, at 10:36 am

“. . . back and forth until April 17 when tRump may order a crime more serious than anything he was associated with before then. It may prove fatal for him in the future. Schneiderman should be protected. Saturn stations on his Sun on April 17.”

Saturn barely moves between April 14 through April 22.


” ‘I’ve never seen him like this before’: White House sources say Cohen raid ignited Trump’s ‘untethered’ rage
Americans are witnessing the president dealing with his emotional collapse in real time.”

“Friends and close associates to the president told Allen that Trump and his allies are acting out a full cataclysm in real time.”

Trump’s 2 nd H Jupiter at 17 Libra conjuncts Putin’s Saturn at 17 Libra. Can anyone please speak to what this may symbolize regarding Trump’s possible financial dealings and relationship with Putin?

Now we have reports that federal prosecutors in New York have asked Trump’s business to turn over documents relating to the payment to Michael Cohen for Stormy Daniels, which may — I will stress — lead to a raid on the Trump organization, much like the one on Michael Cohen’s home and office yesterday.


Apparently, the Trump organization made a series of payments to Cohen that add up to $129,999 around the same time Cohen paid Stormy Daniels $130,000.

Talk about enraging Trump — seems like that would have to do it.


Nothing to do with astrology, but it is my new favorite calm-down-in-Trump-World thing — a free app for a color game. If you love paying with color, you’ll love this. Soothing, distracting, nice because you stare at pretty colors. I highly recommend it.

You know those long strips you get at paint stores with one color that gets lighter or darker as you move up or down the strip? It’s like a bunch of those. You just move the colors into place.


“Trump in some ways is easier because he wears his crazy openly.”
Precisely! Far Right leaning religionists wear nice suits and tend to behave well in public, hiding their crazy as best they can.

“I see both of them as different sides of the ego, one narcissistic the other self-righteous.”

The nodes in Mueller’s natal chart are at 27+ Cancer (North node) and 27+ Capricorn (South node, which conjuncts US natal Pluto) and, until this morning, transiting Uranus was in the 27+ degree of Aries (for 17 days straight) and in a T-square to Mueller’s natal nodes, giving full vent to the prosecutor’s range of past, present and future skills in this great – and challenging – opportunity of his lifetime.

What we’ve seen at work in Mueller’s style is primarily his South node in Capricorn conjunct US Pluto, and so far it is working. I believe though, there is going to be a change in his style that will utilize his North node in Cancer, his true calling, and this theory is supported by astrology.

There is a specific cycle that is activated in a big way by this Russian Interference investigation – the one between Neptune and Pluto that began in 1891. It started in the 8+ degree of Gemini, the same degree where US natal Uranus is located.

In the chart for that conjunction between Neptune and Pluto, Venus was at 27+ Cancer – the same degree as Mueller’s North node. This Venus was square the same chart’s Uranus who was at 27+ Libra (opposite the present transiting Uranus). Venus rules the sign of Libra so in this chart she has “power” over Uranus, not literally of course, more like sway or influence.

In that same chart for the start of the Neptune/Pluto cycle, Jupiter was at 16+ Pisces retrograde and opposite Saturn at 15+ Virgo. In May, the presently transiting Neptune will reach 16 Pisces, and in June it will station retrograde at that degree and will STAY in that degree until August 2nd. Neptune will return to 16+ Pisces in March 2019.

This is important because Venus is the “lower octave” of Neptune, and we’re looking at a cycle between Neptune and Pluto. We humans don’t easily comprehend the direct influence of Neptune Power but we can easily relate to and with Venus.

Venus rules love, relationship, values and specifically the value of money (alas), and in this Neptune/Pluto chart, Venus was square Uranus at 27+ Libra, the sign of partnership. And until today, transiting Uranus was opposite 27+ Libra at 27+ Aries. Venus rules the sign of Libra.

So, in this cycle Venus is influential on Uranus and she’s also a spokesperson for one of the 2 planets making the cycle, Neptune. She is also near the MC of this chart, 24+ Cancer. The US natal Mercury is also at 24+ Cancer, as are Trump’s Venus at 25+ Cancer and his Saturn at 23+ Cancer. She, this cycle’s Venus, is conjunct Mueller’s North node, remember?

So we have the clues of (1) transiting Neptune – in June activating the Neptune/Pluto cycle’s Jupiter (expand) which was opposite Saturn (contain) – and (2) Mueller’s North node conjunct Venus (in the Neptune/Pluto cycle) who translates for Neptune.

We also have Venus in close proximity to the MC in the Neptune/Pluto chart – which (3) conjuncts US Mercury (data/media) which is conjunct Trump’s Venus (money/affairs of the heart) and Saturn (reputation/structure). So Mueller, following his North node’s directive, could follow the Neptune/Pluto cycle’s Venus and check out the data on Trump’s payout’s to women in order to gain (legitimate) footing into Trump’s financial (business/taxes) records.

Mueller’s natal chart has other connections to this chart for the Neptune/Pluto cycle (dtd. August 2, 1891) besides his North Node; (4) his natal Pluto in Leo conjuncts this chart’s Chiron/Mars that sextiles Neptune/Pluto in Gemini (conjunct US Uranus).

Mueller himself also has (5) a Chiron/Mars conjunction and at 16+ Virgo, they conjunct the Neptune/Pluto chart’s Saturn who opposes that chart’s Jupiter (where transiting Neptune will be this coming May).

This cycle has been active for over 125 years, just waiting for Donald Trump and Robert Mueller (and US Mercury) to bring it’s energy to fruition (although transiting Neptune and Pluto haven’t even completed their first sextile yet, but they come close in 2025). It (I hope) will be transformational, for the USA if not the world.

During the campaign some said that Bill and Hillary C. were “dirty.” But I submit there is no comparison to DJT’s and his associates “dirtiness.” It increasingly appears those attracted to doing business with or partnering with Trump & Co. have no serious moral scruples at all!

Maligning the Clintons as “dirty” is like comparing a single candle flame to Trump & Co.’s huge, raging forest fire of corruption.


Mueller’s peeps are armed with legal search warrants; hence, not exactly a “raid” or illegal break-in. Nonetheless, it is quite the dramatic development.

Teresa Hill – I just read the DailyKos article you linked. First thank you. Second, read the comments folks. Some of them are just hilarious and in the midst of all this, we need to crack a few jokes. If nothing else, the astrology has been dead on about this being an ‘interesting’ month. I think I need to make some popcorn.

And thanks to everyone for the insight and links. Between you and Rachel Maddow, I might just survive this.

barb, thanks for your very well written 11:39 p.m. comment from last night, 4/9/18. I do believe that. It’s very interesting also to trace the wave the started in the ’60s…I don’t know what astro cycles are involved.

Jerry, thanks for your Leo Tallarico blog post. It sounds like peace or war hinge on several meetings and decisions in the next few months. I hope that Trump can be sensible. He tends to back off from things and part of that has to be that his better and more sensible self wins.

Ja, thanks for the Owl’s Daughter astrology blog post. I always appreciate her writing.

Eliseo and Elizabeth — I so agree that we do not know what to expect from Pence but we do know that he will subtly fight to have fundamentalist religion-based decisions prevail. He even remarked a few months ago that abortion won’t exist in the coming years. He appears to be stable, yes, Patty, but don’t forget that Evangelicals want to hasten the “End Times” when Christ comes back! War is part of that picture.

Theresa, I LOVE color and will try that game. Thanks.

Not to malign the real devotees of the ancient rabbi from Galilee, the problem I see with many “Christians” especially Evangelicals, Fundamentalists, and Far Right Dominionists, Christian Reconstructionists, etc. is that they are in love with the dead Jesus, (“He died for our sins.”) but have no use for the living one, i.e. his remarkably generous, and radically compassionate teachings.

RE: Pence.
Sinclair Lewis is reputed to have said: “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”

But we know for sure in 1935 he wrote in “It Can’t Happen Here”: “But he saw too that in America the struggle was befogged by the fact that the worst Fascists were they who disowned the word ‘Fascism’ and preached enslavement to Capitalism under the style of Constitutional and Traditional Native American Liberty.”

All it would take for either Trump or Pence to impose martial law on the nation would be some kind of national emergency, be it real or manufactured. From there, under their aegis the slide into fascism be it Trump’s, or Pence’s pseudo-Christian variety, would be pretty quick.

Although I certainly hope the above never happens, once there, armed insurrection might be necessary to restore the Republic. Lest we forget Kohlberg’s scale of ethical maturity and the excellent feminist reworks of same, it is clear passive resistance does not work against those who lack a conscience. Kohlberg presented us with scientific proof humanity functions in six different and distinct levels of consciousness.

Had the Nazis been in charge of India, we would not today know or revere the name of Gandhi. Had the America as a whole of the 1950’s and 60’s functioned at (Kohlberg’s) level 1 or 2, we likely would not know the name of the Rev. Dr. MLK. Both would surely have been disappeared and erased efficiently.

AND, we know for sure the probability is high DJT, suffering severely from the Dunning-Kruger effect, might well confidently, arrogantly and ignorantly blunder us happily into some real mess, i.e. the aforementioned “national emergency.”

I’m NOT saying this WILL happen. I’m saying we are in danger that it might. It is obvious the next decade through the nation’s Uranus and Pluto returns involves the nation (and the world) learning some profound spiritual lessons and making some equally profound transformations.

How severe the events must be for us to learn those lessons is of course unknown. I pray coming events will not be as severe as I can imagine, but IMHO we must not underestimate how obtuse, hard-headed, and hard-hearted are many within our midst, both domestically and abroad.

Wow eliseo, that was sobering, wise and deep indeed!


Sorry. You’re right. I posted based on the earliest report I read, which said raid, and only later read more thatcharacterized it differently.


Not at all pointing fingers at you; all of the network talking heads have characterized it as a “raid” as well.

A Look At Who Is Behind The Right-Wing Fake News That Spreads On Facebook
I created a pro-Trump Facebook account, was exposed to fake news, and found out where it came from
By Aneela Mirchandani


This is an excellent expose’. It’s a bit long but details how deep this problem goes, something we all need to understand.

How to deal with such consistent vitriolic and insidious propaganda relative to our constitutional tradition of free speech and free press is a real puzzle. It’s not as simple as when Teddy Roosevelt “busted” the Trusts. Even were we to somehow shut it all down, we’d be left with millions of citizens convinced of the propaganda and convinced we were evil anti-Americans betraying the Constitution. They would feel justified in engaging in lynchings of the rest of us.

The problems here presented will take more creativity and intelligence from our leaders than any have so far demonstrated through our history. It’s as if someone discovered a tree they could plant far away which nevertheless sprouted roots under your house destroying the foundation. How to destroy those roots without further weakening the foundation under your house is the conundrum.

The only possible remedy I can think of would be a very broad and deep strengthening of our libel and slander laws equipped with very sharp and long teeth for enforcement.

“Wait wait wait wait wait wait WAIT. So Trump’s personal lawyer was working out of the Squire, Patton & Boggs law offices, who just HAPPEN to be lawyers for Cambridge Analytica, AND are main lobbyists for Russia’s Gazprom oil company? WOW. ”

Tweet from @Twylo

Bipartisan group of senators move to protect Robert Mueller from being fired as Trump criticizes Russia probe


The quality of posts have been and is inspiring. Thank you all.

Then, as if there is enough malfeasance to sink this ship of state, Trump Org is suing various cities for overvaluing his properties in an effort to save millions in taxes. https://www.propublica.org/article/trump-inc-podcast-trump-organization-suing-towns-property-tax-breaks

The above is one of the least crimes committed by Trump, but the forest fire you referenced, Eliseo is spreading.

“Following the investigation of the special counsel, Robert Mueller, is an enduring lesson in humility, and not merely because no one — not the president, not legal analysts or anyone else — has been able to predict what his office will do next. Mr. Mueller is much more than a prosecutor. To many, he has become Mr. Trump’s opposite: an avatar of justice and probity.”



I do love the word raid in connection with Donald Trump and his records.

Sharon, Bailey and Ja, I appreciate your kind thoughts, and Ja, thank you for the NY Times piece by Ms. Jurecic.

After reading that op-ed I had to re-examine the Mars/Saturn conjunction (cycle) chart; using the symbolism of Mars and Saturn in Capricorn as representing Mueller’s investigation and working out from that.

Within the chart itself is Moon at 9+ Scorpio and Nessus at 8+ Pisces, both sextile the Mars/Saturn conjunction. Trump’s natal Mercury (ruler of his Sun sign Gemini) at 8+ Cancer completes a grand trine with the transiting Moon and Nessus while transiting Mars/Saturn opposite Trump’s Mercury in Cancer. Saturn imposes the intention and Mars lights the fire beneath it.

I had been looking at the Mars/Saturn in Capricorn in sextile with Moon in Scorpio as the base of a Yod with US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini, which is a valid pattern by itself, but the broader picture of the grand trine (Nessus, Moon, Trump’s Mercury) in tandem with the Yod gives this cycle complexity and depth and tells an even bigger story.

The shorter story – an activation of the longer story – is Trump’s Mercury, faced with the determination and force of Saturn and Mars (the investigation), joins the venom of Nessus and the irrationality of a Scorpio Moon to become a force of palpable rage. Like a frightened animal backed into a corner.

This irrationality will induce instability of course, and while that happens the Scorpio Moon in this 2-year cycle chart between Mars and Saturn teams up with this conjunction to put pressure on US natal Uranus (known as a Yod) to “adjust”. US Uranus, contrary to what we might expect, has been waiting for more than a century for this moment in time.

The essay by Jurecic notes the rampant corruption (the swamp) in Washington DC politics and this 2 year cycle, IMO, with its pressure on US natal Uranus (channeling the Neptune/Pluto cycle that began in the same degree as US Uranus) will be the impetus for sweeping changes in laws and in the US Constitution in the coming years.

I think that because the Mars/Saturn conjunction (8+ Cap) was sextile Nessus (abuse of power) at 8+ Pisses and they form a Yod with Mueller’s natal Pluto at 8+ Leo, which sextiles US Uranus and conjuncts the US Constitution chart’s descendant. More about that later.

oops . . . Nessus (abuse of power) at 8+ Pisces 🙂

Eliseo, I love your ideas.

In studying recently for my social work licensing test, my knowledge base was refreshed. It was Carol Gilligan who reworked Kohlberg’s moral stages to a more feminist point of view (not radically, but with feminine qualities and perspective included). However, I hold by Kohlberg’s stages, which remind me of Maslow’s 5 stages of human needs that begin with survival and end with self-activation. It used to be said that most of us do not reach the self-activation stage. But what really blew me away when I was studying, was reading that something like 70% of humanity never reach Kohlberg’s top universalist/spiritual level. Most do not go beyond the conformity and authoritarianism stages, and therein lies the problem.

My reason for hope and optimism is that many Republicans, although they hold by the conservative economic approach of putting small government, private business, and supporting the wealthy, above eglatarianism and government service provision those who are not wealthy, seem to be breaking with the authoritarianism and dictatorial approach of Trump and want to protect our democracy. Not only have they spoken out against Trump, they think it is imperative to let Mueller do his job. And the military is capable of staging a coup if Trump (or Pence) were to step towards fascism, even if there are Trump-installed sympathizers among them. I know that you are right and fascism is possible, but in a country like ours, where freedom and democracy is so instilled in our blood, including among the libertarian/Tea Party branches, I think it is difficult for that to happen. There are too many smart people who are used to our form of democracy even if it is no longer pure (maybe it never was). What we have to watch for are the insideous actions they are taken, sometimes at the sly, that are moving us closer. Steve Bannon tried to orchestrate it as did the Mercer’s (a slide toward fascism) and they have been exposed. I hope it doesn’t have to come down to a military coup though.

Karen F,
That “huge, raging forest fire of corruption” evidently has been there for quite a few years. It likely may never have been uncovered had DJT lost the electoral college.

It appears the primary reason Trump ran was to bolster his brand, to broaden the conflagration. Having won, much to his surprise, he obviously views the presidency as his G-d-given opportunity to grow the fire. Surely the man feels blessed as well as cursed. As I am sure he would tweet, “UNFAIR!”

Didn’t realize until today, but James Comey’s first interview before his book release next Tuesday, happens to fall on April 15th.

Hope this is not hype, but he supposedly sat down for a 5 hour interview with George Stephanopoulos and said things like Trump is like a mob boss, answered every question, left people in room stunned.

He’s also scheduled to appear on MSNBC, Fox, CNN, PBS, the View.

Sharon K,
I am grateful for your love. You are a pretty smart gal with good ideas yourself. Men (actually all of us) need wise women to guide us. Myron is a very lucky man!

I recall that most folks never get beyond level 3 or 4. AND the Constitution is written at level 5, beyond the comprehension of 1’s, 2’s, 3’s and 4’s. This conundrum is at the heart of the American experience, a spiritual struggle perhaps unique to the various polities used on our planet.

Lawrence Kohlberg, more so than anyone else inadvertently convinced me that any kind of socialist, capitalist or any other ideological utopia is impossible. Ideologies assume everyone is at the same level of consciousness and ethical maturity, and therefore will make decisions accordingly within a certain patterned framework.

Kohlberg inadvertently showed such assumptions to be false. Yet in the university where I last taught, Economics 101 textbooks start with that very famously touted assumption.

Kohlberg’s work also jives well with Kabbalistic, Western Mystery Tradition, Theosophic, and the Eastern Dharmic religions notions of spiritual evolution through reincarnation.

Obviously human existence is part of the continuum of all life on our planet. If new “monads” are coming into human incarnation for the first time from the animal kingdom they surely can’t start at the deeper levels, no more than any child fresh from the womb can teach calculus or quantum physics in perfectly understandable mature language of the parents.

Good astrologers know that any certain aspect affects individuals according to their spiritual development. Any aspect can and usually does have multiple interpretations. But alas! This is the primary reason scientific types thinking uni-dimensionally disparage astrology as unreliable.

One of the primary reasons…not the only one.
Another one is because they cannot see a causal relationship. But the latter could be rectified by a deeper and better understanding of the relationship between electromagnetism (particularly magnetoreception in animals) and consciousness.

Interesting twitter comment —

“Why is Trump talking tough on Russia & threatening military action just days after he announced the U.S. would exit Syria?

Because he has been advised that Congress would never impeach a President during a time of war.

Trump is sending our men and women to war to save himself!”


Teresa Hill, watching Nicole Wallace today and one of her guests who knows Trump & Cohen personally, can’t think of his name but he often appears on Morn Joe also, said today he was in the same restaurant with Michael Cohen and some people came over to Cohen and kissed his ring. So maybe they are mob bosses or something like that.

great posts all!
Madeleine Albright has her hair on fire doing the TV interview circuit, warning about the dangers of complacency and rise of fascism. Just released book: “Fascism – a warning”

Paul Ryan appears to play the long game. I believe his self-appointed mission is to rescue conservatism from the arms of Trump-Pence. Look for him to run for President in 2020 after Trump’s impeachment and Pence’s short-lived and unpopular presidency. Ryan could defeat President Pence in the primaries and would have a good shot at the White House.


Regarding that tweet: “……he (Trump) has been advised that Congress would never impeach a President during a time of war.”

Either that or Trump got some ideas directly from that 1997 black comedy “Wag The Dog”.

Eliseo and Elizabeth: Thank you for your intelligent comments on Pence. I did not know that he is a dominionist — though I know that Cruz’s father is. However, as governor of Indiana, Mike Pence, under corporate pressure, obediently vetoed his own oppressive legislation! (Pence left the governorship with low approval ratings.) I hope one of our bloggers will examine Pence’s chart. Marjorie Orr writes about Pence from time to time. Currently she sees a “downhill slide” of perhaps 18 months. He will have to cope with Pluto squares to his midheaven and sun. Thank you, Prof. Marc F. Bertonasco, Ph.D.

If hell exists, there’s a place there awaiting Paul Ryan and Mike Pence. I can’t think of many things more evil than calling oneself a Christian while actively working to destroy those Christ upheld—elderly, the poor, women, and children.

The elderly work their entire lives for social security. They EARN it, it’s not an entitlement, evil Koch creep. Paul Ryan is a gigantic phony…and evil….did I already say evil?

Andre, Ryan expressly said he would not run for elected office again, BUT, he also said he would not run for speaker, until his arm was twisted by Boehner (who is now on a marijuana board or something like that – he said he “evolved”).

Eliseo, Su is lucky, too, and I hope you can be together soon!….as we all are lucky here to have found a compatible place to express our ideas, opinions, thoughts and feelings.

I have always resonated with Kohler’s moral model of moral development so I really appreciate it when you bring him up.

Speaking of men and women….I really like the science videos posted by the brilliant Hashem al-Ghaili which he posts on FB a few times a week.
Yesterday’s was about the fact that the Y chromosome (exclusively male, passed from fathers to sons) is thought (but not by all scientists) to be slowly disappearing because it doesn’t participate in gene shuffling as the X chromosome does, which, apparently, creates diversity and allows them to survive. Apparently, the Y chromosome just stays on one track; however, it has developed many “defense mechanisms” to deal with the problem. It made me laugh.

Here’s a link to the video.


Andre: I think you are right and that Paul Ryan will run for President; but he will never make it b/c people will remember that he did not stand up to the atrocities of Trump and fight for democracy. He was very weak or calculating for selfish reason which is contributing to his own downfall. He let Dunes run amuck and call for impeachment of Rosenstein and muddy the Congressional Intell Committee. He served no one but his self.

It should be Devin Nunes instead of Dunes. It’s early for me not yet 5:30 a.m.

omg – fox news is reporting to their unthinking masses that Russian media is warning their people of nuclear war with usa – be afraid be very afraid …………

The cult creatures are in desperation mode it would appear – warning warning warning distract distract distract

“You’re only 48 years old, and you have a long career ahead of you, but how you handle Donald Trump will surely decide how history sees you. So go out in style, Mr. Ryan. You will be doing the country — and your party — a service.”


Russia’s 10,000 mph Syrian Air Defence System Can Destroy 80 Planes At Once As It Shields Tyrant Assad


Trump Dials Back Rhetoric As He Says Syria Attack May Not Happen Soon

Donald J. Trump
?Verified account @realDonaldTrump

Never said when an attack on Syria would take place. Could be very soon or not so soon at all! In any event, the United States, under my Administration, has done a great job of ridding the region of ISIS. Where is our “Thank you America?”

3:15 AM – 12 Apr 2018

May the Forces of Light, Love & Reconstruction be Victorious in Syria.

(If each of us say this short prayer and invocation with intention and faith, much good energy will be directed toward Syria to stem the tide of war.)

Do you ever wonder, as I do, why we-the-people are being exposed to so many details of what once (not so long ago) would have been tightly kept under wraps by our government?

One year ago the transiting asteroid Askalaphus* (I call him the tattletale) was conjunct transiting Saturn and the Galactic Center which is at 27+ Sagittarius and sextile the US Moon (27+ Aquarius). The GC provides access to higher intelligence that humanity is not able to get to on their own.

Now, however, transiting Askalaphus has moved into the same region as US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn which transiting Uranus has been square while Uranus also making a sextile to the US Moon in Aquarius.

What it suggests to me is that we the people (US Moon) are supposed to act as members of the jury in the (very) public “trial” of Donald Trump; through the leaks (Askalaphus), from those close enough to the situation (US Pluto), to members of the Press (media outlets, etc.) who then share their news with the world.

Apparently this was always part of the plan – that the US people would see much of it as it unveiled rather than after all the legal (and mostly secret) transactions between witnesses and the US “agencies” (who work undercover) was finished. This would be Askalaphus (the tattletale) conjunct US Pluto (happenings taking place undercover).

It is also related to transiting Uranus (break through the resistance of the status quo) having been sextile the US Moon (US people) for so long.

It is also suggestive of what transiting Eris was doing during her lengthy sextile with US Mars (and Trump’s Sun) and her quincunx (discomfort) with US natal Neptune, who was sextile transiting retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio making Eris squirm at the apex of a Yod.

Trans. Eris also took part in another Yod (with US Mars) that put transit Jupiter (understanding) at the apex point. It is the association of Eris with US Neptune though that has driven people crazy.

We must all bear witness to the corruption and criminality going on in our country (not just among members of Congress either) so we will vow to never let it happen again; so we will support the coming changes in laws and in the US Constitution that will prevent this corruption and criminality.

*Askalaphus was (as I recall) the gardener in Hades who witnessed Persephone (daughter of Ceres) eating pomegranate seeds and told Pluto about it. As eating anything while “visiting” in Hades was forbidden, this technically prevented her from leaving Hades. Ceres, however would not accept that and succeeded in getting her daughter out of Hades (every year during the growing season) over the protests of Pluto.

Presently transiting Ceres conjuncts the US natal North Node (the path forward that provides opportunities for growth). We are not alone.


I thought we were done when he insulted ‘rocketman’. I’m glad he stfu about him.

He is mildly amusing, like an uncle you want to keep in a locked closet.

Very true Barb, yet thAt article that someone posted yesterday on the person who set up the fake pro trump account and the fake news that they were exposed to was incredible shocking and so many are not aware of real news at all. Very disturbing

Oh and Theresa thanks to you i am addicted to that hue game, on my way to Miami for my brothers wedding and playing it right now lol


I think it’s been good for my blood pressure and overall stress levels.


Seeing all this about the supposedly secret child Trump has. Honestly, I can’t see it mattering to his hardcore supporters.

Angellight, Thank you so much for that Prayer!
I wish our Liberal Message sources, Internet/TV would share these intentions…A mention like: Let us keep thoughts of peace in our heart and send them to Syria. (Conservatives believe only they are the religious/sacred minded).
Also, Thank you Barbk, you are an amazing Gem! Your extensive work is greatly appreciated, savored and contemplated.

And to Nancy…Thank You for your kind generosity of this Sacred Meeting Place.
Experiencing this loving group is to me like a calming medication. Such kindness, evolved wisdom and love I have never before experienced in such a wonderful group.
Starlight News, to me, is like a Precious Diamond in the midst of this crazy Internet Jungle!

Marjorie Orr today has commented on Paul Ryan and Zuckerberg

Prof. Marc F. Bertonasco, Ph.D.,
You are quite welcome.
Below are some links to Pence’s Dominionism. If you “google” (I use startpage as my browser) Mike Pence and Dominionism you get a plethora of links, such as those below. I will have to put these in more than one posting as the system limits the number of links which can be included.

God’s Plan for Mike Pence
Will the vice president—and the religious right—be rewarded for their embrace of Donald Trump?


Dominionism Rising: A Theocratic Movement Hiding in Plain Sight
By Frederick Clarkson


BTW, Clarkson IMHO is our best and most lucid expert on the Religious Right

Mike Pence Dominionist: The Next President of the United States?
Written by Steven Jonas


Mike Pence Will Be the Most Powerful Christian Supremacist in U.S. History
Jeremy Scahill


Where Is Mike Pence’s Faith?
He was an outspoken evangelical. Now Trump’s VP pick hides his beliefs under a bushel.
By Craig Fehrman


The Radical Crusade of Mike Pence
He’s trampled on the rights of women, LGBTQ folks and the poor. Then there’s the incompetence. Meet, quite possibly, the next president


‘Christian Supremacist’ Pence on deck
by Karen Ocamb


Mike Pence Is A Theocrat. His Christian Supremacist Followers Seek To Take Over America. Seriously.


Jerry, thanks for the link to the Tallarcio blog – just now seeing it and appreciate the noting of the yod astrology. Also his remarks about May’s happenings are appreciated. Here’s why . . .

Washington DC will be rife with electricity on May 15, the day of the New Moon that conjuncts Trump’s MC, 24+ Taurus. The ascendant of that NM chart (when set in DC) is 24+ Gemini, the degree where Uranus was when discovered. Transiting Uranus is also just a couple of hours away from entering the sign of Taurus at the time of this New Moon.

These 3 volatile aspects (2 involving Uranus) promise breakthroughs more so than breakdowns, and a clue as to how that might show up is that the transiting North node – at that time (May New Moon) at 8+ Leo – is conjunct Mueller’s natal Pluto.

This NN (+ Mueller’s Pluto) is sextile US natal Uranus (8+ Gemini) which then becomes a Yod to (the part that has to adjust) transiting retro Saturn (8+ Capricorn) which is still opposite Trump’s Mercury (mind/mouth) at 8+ Cancer. This is Boomerang astrology.

There is also a Chiron element to this New Moon chart. Mercury (information) at 3+ Taurus is in the Chiron (healing) discovery degree and transiting Chiron is just barely into new ideas Aries.

Since Trump’s natal Chiron is conjunct the US natal Saturn (and conjunct his own natal Juno) at 14+ Libra we should also look at Venus, who rules both Taurus and Libra, and she will be at 25+ Gemini and conjunct the May NM chart’s ascendant with its Uranus vibe.

Meanwhile transiting Juno at 8+ Aries will be trine the trans. NN and Mueller’s Pluto, and she will sextile the US natal Uranus, and she will square both transiting Saturn and Trump’s Mercury.

Thus Juno (maligned partner) is strong in May, as is Venus (the power of love) so maybe Kim Jong Un and Trump might shake hands (if only to escape Mueller) and shock the world. After all that Boomerang ends with Trump’s Mercury.

Hi barbk, Is there a chance you could look at Pence?

Thank you,


Patty: thank you. I thought it important that we take time out to send good energy to Syria in this very critical and tumultuous time.

Comey – WOW! His book tells all that we know to be true but to have someone of his caliber spell it out so clearly. The book comes out Tuesday but copies have leaked to media outlets this afternoon.

For anyone concerned about Mueller, Rosenstein, and as much as it pains me to write it…Sessions.

Sign up, have a plan…


Oh and p.s.
For those that recall the sins of the GW Bush admin., it was just announced, Trump plans to pardon Scooter Libby. (Sigh)

Be well, All!

Re the libby pardon – I wonder if Bolton is/was his pal (he was very buddy-buddy with cheney & co back in the day) and voila – Bolton now has trumps ear.
Maybe they’re aiming to ensure libby becomes able to work with them behind the scenes again?

RE: The Libby Pardon
I interpret it as a warning, a “shot across the bow,” a demand that Mueller cease and desist as DJT intends on pardoning all concerned.

interesting interview by Nicole Wallace with Stormy’s lawyer – they were just notified today that cohen intends to plead the 5th, and added that Trump has often said, people only plead the 5th if they are guilty.

Re: Libby pardon, kiwi:
I hadn’t even considered this may be indicative of Bolton’s influence—bet you’re right!

Yep. Showing Manafort (and anyone charged in the future) that he can pardon all their crimes. Ugh.

Though, he can’t pardon state crimes, so….

Am I the only one sickened by Scooter getting a pardon? Bad enough GW commuted his sentence, after Cheney demanded a pardon for Libby. Heard old darth Cheney was furious that GW wouldn’t do it.

Ugh; only for you Ja.

Pence has no known birth time within the astrology world but my sense is that he has Libra rising, so I set his chart for 4 PM (for fun) and that assumption gave him a natal Moon at 1+ Cancer and a natal north node at 10+ Libra (in the 12th house associated with Neptune and Pisces) and Libra on the ascendant. Two asteroids – Pallas and Juno – are conjunct his north node.

If this were the case, that Cancer Moon would be in his 9th house with a midheaven (MC) also in Cancer. This seems plausible to me.

His own natal Neptune in Scorpio would be trine his Moon while his natal Mars in Leo exactly squares his Neptune. His natal Mercury at 22+ Gemini squares the US natal Neptune in Virgo and conjuncts US Mars and Trump’s Sun in Gemini. The man has Neptune issues.

This is being compounded by transiting Neptune (15+ Pisces) which is beginning a square to Pence’s natal Sun (16+ Gemini). In other words, Pence does not have a good grasp on reality, IMO, especially now.

The 3 primary centaurs in his chart intrigue me in that his Chiron is in the same degree as the US natal Moon, 27+ Aquarius, so he does have some sense of the mood of the masses, one sided though it may be.

His natal Nessus at 25+ Taurus is one degree from Trump’s MC and next month’s Taurus New Moon – both at 24+ Taurus. Nessus’ myth is best known for leading to the death of Heracles (Hercules) by him giving a cloak to Heracles’ wife, saying it would prevent her husband from strawing away with other women if he wore it.

She bought into that lie, and because the cloak had been soaked in poison, when Heracles put it on it killed him. It should be interesting to see how the May New Moon plays out for Pence.

My favorite of Pence’s 3 centaurs though has to be Pholus at 11+ Aquarius. As Uranus winds up his transit of Aries, the collaboration between the 3 outer planets will likely dissipate after that.

The degree of 11+ Aquarius marks a point in the zodiac where Uranus, Neptune and Pluto joined forces (while in their presently occupied signs) to advance the cause of humanity’s evolution. That’s how I see it anyway.

It might mean that Pence could (unwittingly of course) play a role in that evolution. It would appear as if some small cause (say a Trump melt down) could unleash the public’s rage over some action of Pence’s that would trigger a revolt against its government let’s say.

In turn this revolt could awaken the US to its original values in such a way that brought the People closer to a common purpose. In no way does Pence’s general composition of natal planets suggest such a thing; I only imagine it happening.

Transiting Jupiter will reach his natal Jupiter (24+ Scorpio) in October at the same time it trines US Mercury (24+ Cancer) so he might get a sense of good fortune and some good press but so far I can’t see it leading anywhere. Maybe I’m just not trying hard enough.

Straying away, not strawing away.

No, you are not the only one sickened by Scooter getting a pardon. There is a psychic wrenching in my gut, not only because of the potential pardon but because of the several probable futures I see for the nation and for the world.

The popular opinion here is these are lessons we need to undergo to gain the self-transcendence required for our continuing journey. A very good friend here believes that “freedom and democracy are so instilled in our blood” that they will surely prevail. I hope that is true. But darker forces are also part of the collective American psyche, and have been from the beginning.

I see no guarantee our nobler aspirations and values will prevail. They might. They might not. And if they do, at what cost?

Our universe is an ordered entity, yet paradoxically full of chaos. Some things are destined, yet there is randomness in the universe as well. And so it is within our souls.

The Abrahamic faiths teach us the world is an original blessing. The Dharmic faiths teach us the world is samsara, dukkha. They are both right. Such is both our existential nightmare and sublime, joyful vision.

When one connects all the dots and sees the dark, but logical and looming probabilities, it is easy to see that in real life, not all stories have happy endings. There are no guarantees. The major caveat however is that it is so much easier to see the dire problems arising than to creatively envision good and positive solutions.

Despite my desire to see such positive ultimate outcomes, my heart stops with a jolt, seeing the hubris and incompetence of the mighty, contemplating the suffering of many, knowing that if indeed our situation will get better, it surely must get worse before that happy day.

I therefore cannot help but feel a profound sadness, as each of these bizarre events drip by drip simultaneously poisons and enlightens us.


“When people see the justice of an idea, it spreads like wildfire,” responded Sen. Bernie Sanders. “The American people know that healthcare should be a right.”


Eliseo, ‘I therefore cannot help but feel a profound sadness, as each of these bizarre events drip by drip simultaneously poisons and enlightens us.’

Your last post though sobering was so beautifully worded, i feel your pain and share it…..

Thank you barbk. For your time at my request.


“IF we are ready, willing and able to go into uncharted territory, be bold and courageous and cross that threshold. the 29th degree is a threshold degree and with uranus and chiron- the liberator and healer- crossing over the threshold, we have a chance to move ourselves into a whole new frequency right now. it will take work and it will take awareness. and it will be worth it.”

Prof. Marc F. Bertonasco, Ph.D. thank you, I am glad the conversation has been ongoing about this subject that is so very important to me. The articles that Eliseo posted will give you an even deeper understanding of the dangerous situation we are facing.

Thank you Sharon as well. Pence’s utopia is a pure Theocracy. These people don’t believe in democracy.
To my mind the concern isn’t just those that are truly with him, but those (like some of my family) that see him as a righteous man and would never agree with the depths of his politics but would support him blindly without hesitation. It is the danger of both as you said, it’s not just the social issues of LGBT rights and abortion, it is the end times dogma and their desires to see themselves as the biblical characters that will bring it forth and by whatever means necessary to fulfill that prophecy. They no longer believe give unto Caesar, they want Caesar to bow to God.

Thank you Eliseo as well for your appreciation of my thoughts in my post. Your follow ups on this subject have given me 6 months of study work. I had a epiphany moment when you said, ” Lawrence Kohlberg, more so than anyone else inadvertently convinced me that any kind of socialist, capitalist or any other ideological utopia is impossible. Ideologies assume everyone is at the same level of consciousness and ethical maturity, and therefore will make decisions accordingly within a certain patterned framework.” Of course. This is why we feel like we live in a different universe than the Trump supporters! They are truly living at different consciousness levels. I knew this was true but I couldn’t find a point of reference for what I was feeling! I was not familiar with Kolberg’s theory. It is enlightening as well as incredibly discouraging at the idea that we will never be able to have human harmony because we will never all be on the same level. I feel like I just ate apple when I read that. I want to learn more about it intellectually, but I am worried that emotionally it will be hard to digest.

Unrelated, can I ask you as an economics professor, what your thoughts are of Richard Wolff? I have been watching his podcast and learning a lot about capitalism and socialism, it has been quite educational.

New post:


Eliseo: This is a tweet from David Hogg, one of the young people leading the movement for gun control.

“We all have different opinions and beliefs but at the end of the day we are only going to be able to save lives by working together. This year I’m going to promote love and justice so that in this great country we can all grow together and love together as Americans. #LoveAll”

In his fight, and also many of the others associated with this movement, have been preaching about love, unity, brotherhood and community. These young people are the reason I have hope and you should too.