17th Mar, 2018

Trump Unrestrained

Besides some pernicious regulatory rollbacks and several unenlightened judicial appointments, the first year in the reign of Disgraceful Donnie brought us mostly his obnoxious and inappropriate verbiage, bragging about himself and imperiously attacking any who didn’t bow down to his greatness. But now that we are well into year two, the defiler of the Oval Office has thrown off whatever minimal shackles might have held him back. He has gotten increasingly comfortable and ever more daring in exercising his presidential prerogatives. Not even his top advisors have a say in restraining his impulses anymore, and subordinates are vulnerable to his vicious rage attacks or even loss of employment if they offer less than worshipful praise and wholehearted support. Even worse, his short-sighted narcissism and self-serving compulsions are now bleeding unhindered into substantial policies – economic, environmental, and foreign – and the extensive damage is piling up at an alarming rate.

Indeed, the momentum of his recklessness in both policy and behavior is now spiraling out of control. The recent tax cuts for the rich (and another one is planned in the near future) are hollowing out the Treasury, leaving little for the rainy-day fund we will clearly need for the next downturn. For those not blinded or simply cowed by Trump’s snake oil bluster, the mounting inflation induced by his tariffs and the short-sighted melting of the economy’s regulatory glue into gold can only signal some form of disaster down the road. Moreover, conducting foreign policy by gratuitous insult and impulsive pandering is also likely to result in a major calamity. With thoughtless abandon, Trump insults allies at random moments and even brags about lying to a foreign leader. Again with little thought or plan, he has increased the stature of North Korea’s dictator by agreeing to meet, while cravenly standing down in the face of multi-layered Russian aggression against the US.   The full story of his Manchurian presidency is yet to be told.

In the meantime, the last remaining adults in the administration are either being jettisoned (Tillerson and possibly McMaster) or co-opted (Kelly). Bringing Mini-Trump Mike Pompeo into the State Department will only fan the flames of Trump’s already dangerous belligerent instincts. And the rumor that anti-UN war-monger John Bolton might replace H.R. McMaster as National Security Advisor is nothing short of horrifying. If that nightmare comes to pass, expect a foreign policy with one setting: aggression. Diplomacy will become the lost art of the last Century.

As I have mentioned in previous writing, Trump is currently under a Uranus transit trine to his natal Mars/solar arc progressed Uranus (26Leo47). This transit runs from February 26 through March 19 and is intensifying Despicable Donnie’s already robust tendency for impulsive combativeness, impervious to the demands or concerns of others. During this period, we have seen him agree, with no previous planning or discussion, to meet with Kim Jong Un in the near future; precipitously fire Rex Tillerson by tweet; and randomly and unexpectedly put forth draconian tariffs on aluminum and steel imports, potentially sparking a trade war and a tsunami of economic dislocation. We can clearly see the combination of the sudden, unexpected and anti-traditional heedlessness of Uranus combined with the aggression and impatience of Mars. The only good news is that this particularly potent activation of the solar arc Uranus/Mars progression is over in a few days (March 19). The bad news is that this progression, which intensifies his generally impulsive and pugnacious attitude, will continue to wax in strength through July 1. It can be triggered by other, briefer transits, although none will be as long lasting or dangerous as the current three-week Uranus trine.

As of March 20, the 2018 Spring Equinox chart will go into effect, describing conditions for the coming year. Drawn for Washington, DC, and therefore specifically impacting the US, the Spring chart has Saturn (8Capricorn29) exactly conjunct the Descendant (8Capricorn20). By transit, Saturn will remain in that position through May 20, and will be further intensified by transits from the Sun, Mars, and Mercury from March 28 through April 5.

Essentially, Saturn conjunct the Descendant suggests trouble with partners, allies, and known adversaries. During the entire Saturn station from March 20 through May 20, we may see burdensome and stressful interactions and challenges, causing upset and sorrow in the US. Certainly, one possibility would be the harsh unfolding of an escalating trade war due to Trump’s ill-conceived tariff action. Expanding trouble with Russia is another possibility. Again, March 28 through April 5 is likely to be particularly difficult.

The current Saturn station is also opposite Trump’s Mercury (8Cancer52), as well as well as conjunct the Sun (8Capricorn28) in the chart of our new Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo (12/30/63).  Both men will be feeling the strain of these unfolding and challenging events through mid-May.

And finally, the more combative stance of the US on the world stage also shows up in the US chart with the transit of Pluto quincunx US Mars from February 22 through April 24, likely further set off by some aggressive action with the Mars/Pluto conjunction on April 25 to 26.  The current posture on tariffs may be seen in connection with this transit.

Of greater concern is the return of this Pluto transit quincunx US Mars (21Gemini23) in 2019. We will see this energy again during much of January 2019, but more significantly from June 24 to August 5, 2019, when it will be greatly intensified by the concurrent transit of Uranus semisquare US Mars from June 15 to September 9. We can expect extremely belligerent and militant action coming from the US during that period (late June to early September 2019) with likely extremely negative consequences for the country in response. This difficult period shows up clearly by the stationing transit of Saturn square US Saturn (August through October 2019) and the progression of US Moon square natal US Saturn (14Libra48) from mid-August to mid-September 2019. These configurations point to a time of decreasing reputation and power on the world stage (US 10th house Saturn), as well as a general time of sorrow and loss in the US (Moon/Saturn).  Whatever it is that unfolds during that period, it will be remembered as the result of a manipulated and seduced populace allowing an unhinged tin pot dictator squatting rights in the Oval Office, with a flaccid Congress unwilling or unable to restrain him.

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Putin and Trump are attempting to turn the US into a failed state.

Starlight, your powerful words should be a call to arms for everyone interested in keeping this democracy from being dismantled before our eyes. I look around the world and see these mafia type of autocrats taking over governments and the wretched right wingers in every land (and in our congress) complicit. You have such insight and all the astrological data to back it up. You words paint a dire picture and that continues to be a wake up call to world citizens to step up with the kids and take back democracy. Thank you as always.

Oh boy, oh boy, I love the way you write when you get fired up Nancy. Uranus trine natal Mars et al is true-to-form for all the world to see in this man. Astrology 101! So glad we have your foresight re: Saturn’s position as it relates to Trump and Pompeo (and all the rest of the coming astrology); priceless.

Trump has effectively brought the government down to his own level, the gutter. Adding to Pluto’s effect on US Mars is US PROGRESSED Mars conjunct Trump’s Jupiter and the Constitution chart’s Neptune (all at 17+ Libra). Quite a challenge for the US huddled masses and the flaccid Congress.

By the way, I didn’t know Comey was coming out with a book. April 18 is the release date and Sun will conjunct Uranus at 28+ Aries. What do we know about that?

Exquisite prose, Nancy. More importantly, a strident warning, one you’ve been issuing since Trump installed himself as king. The America of “we the people” governed by a constitution, is at a tipping or pivotal point. I agree with connimac that we must sign on with those young adults who are in the midst of war with a right-wing gun toting element with far too much power.

We’ve become a “soul sick” nation, battered mentally, physically, and spiritually. Our “worth” is questioned. Our ability to earn a basic income is under continued assault. Spirituality is determined by mega churches exempt from taxes as parishioners fatten the coffers.

Trump’s behavior is corrupt and appalling. I believe, however, despite the “flaccid Congress” Trump will fall, and hard. There are those speaking out (like McCaffrey) and more to come. Too, it may be a so-called “porn star” who becomes the greatest hero of our time. Now wouldn’t that be somethin’.

Wow Nancy, Thank You! Republicans are playing more dirty vicious politics than I’ve ever seen before.

“The Only Relevant Known Fact About McCabe’s Firing Is That He Is a *Key Witness* Against Trump”

Thanks Nancy for the warning. It seems, buckle up we’re in for a bumpy ride, is the topic for the near future.

Marjorie Orr has also just written on the topic of Trump, McCabe etc

Will, What was your original question re: Taurus Sun?
I have 14-degrees Taurus Rising. Will something big be hitting me that I should anticipate?

Anyone care to take a look at Michael Avenatti (stormy’s lawyer) and opine on his upcoming chances of success?
Born Sacramento CA, Feb 16 1971


“The recent tax cuts for the rich (and another one is planned in the near future) are hollowing out the Treasury, leaving little for the rainy-day fund we will clearly need for the next downturn. For those not blinded or simply cowed by Trump’s snake oil bluster, the mounting inflation induced by his tariffs and the short-sighted melting of the economy’s regulatory glue into gold can only signal some form of disaster down the road.”

That’s a wrap.

Glad to see your passion stirred!

Trump’s lumbering lunacy like that of a petulant two-year-old appears to have no end in the foreseeable future. It is normal for those of us with a conscience to feel hopeless and powerless during times like this. Nonetheless, I take some refuge in the following words of one very wise man:

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it–always.”

? Mahatma Gandhi

Stay strong, peeps!

I wonder if another angle to McCabe’s firing is, perhaps, organized crime’s overall agenda of discrediting the entity of the fbi so they can continue to wreak havoc around the globe with nobody to stand in their way? Is there a chart for the fbi?
I still feel this is way bigger than trump – he’s just the useful idiot.

The really bad times are beginning to come more frequently for this punishment of a president we are enduring.

Big ones in April, May and June. The one in May might be daily for more than a week.

Yeah, peeps.

Elvis Presley – (You’re The) Devil in Disguise


You look like an angel
Walk like an angel
Talk like an angel
But I got wise
You’re the devil in disguise
Oh yes you are
The devil in disguise


And why would it be any different this time around? Presidents/CEOs/prime-ministers etc, in our age are all propped up and controlled by shadowy, behind-the-scenes Plutocrats.


Hemorrhoid Breath is indeed one big box of awful karma for us, for his followers and for himself.

So it isn’t going to get any better, is it, Nancy? How is this idiot of a tyrant prevailing?

True Will. Its just that this time feels much darker. The concept of pushing forward an agenda out of a sense of a ‘gentlemanly’ Noblesse Oblige is far different than underworld greed and worse.

If Trump

Donald Trump Just Lashed Out at Andrew McCabe Again on Twitter. This Time, James Comey Responded.
Here Is Andrew McCabe’s Full Statement. https://www.motherjones.com/kevin-drum/2018/03/andrew-mccabe-full-statement-everyone-should-read-it-3/

Pat Thurston (former FBI is on right now)


No doubt – it is quintessentially grosser with this crazed fool; he has the unique ability to pull the entire nation – the whole globe, a bottomless pit of doubt, dishonesty and instability.

What makes me weep is that he told everyone who he was and showed everyone by the way he has always behaved—and they did not believe him!


“Sessions was nominated by Trump for the post of U.S. Attorney General. He was confirmed on February 8, 2017, with a 52–47 vote in the Senate, and was sworn in on February 9, 2017.”

Feb 9, 2017, White House, noon: Saturn 265°00′ (265° – 180° = 85°).


Attorney General Swearing-in Ceremony

Oval Office, White House, Washington, District of Columbia, United States
First Aired: Feb 09, 2017 | 11:15am EST | C-SPAN.org

FBI: https://www.fbi.gov/history/brief-history

“It all started with a short memo, dated July 26, 1908, and signed by Charles J. Bonaparte, Attorney General, describing a “regular force of special agents” available to investigate certain cases of the Department of Justice. This memo is celebrated as the official birth of the Federal Bureau of Investigation—known throughout the world today as the FBI.”

July 26, 1908, noon, White House: Pluto 85°03′. Transit Saturn opposite on Sessions’ swearing in.

Disregard my last post.

From C-SPAN:

Attorney General Swearing-in Ceremony

Oval Office, White House, Washington, District of Columbia, United States
First Aired: Feb 09, 2017 | 11:15am EST | C-SPAN.org


“Sessions was nominated by Trump for the post of U.S. Attorney General. He was confirmed on February 8, 2017, with a 52–47 vote in the Senate, and was sworn in on February 9, 2017.”

February 9, 2017, White House, 11:15 am: Saturn 265°00′ (265° – 180° = 85°)

FBI: https://www.fbi.gov/history/brief-history

“It all started with a short memo, dated July 26, 1908, and signed by Charles J. Bonaparte, Attorney General, describing a “regular force of special agents” available to investigate certain cases of the Department of Justice. This memo is celebrated as the official birth of the Federal Bureau of Investigation—known throughout the world today as the FBI.”

July 26, 1908, noon, White House: Pluto 85°03′.

On Sessions’ swearing in transit Saturn was opposite FBI Pluto. No love lost between the 2 entity’s.

Well, this all sounds so sad and hopeless. Is that how anyone here feels? Hopeless? If so I hope it is temporary, like when someone or something we love dies and we grieve the loss. Sort of a stronger version of how we feel when our team loses the most important game of the century. We get past it.

I wonder how the very 1st woman who gave birth to the 1st human baby must have felt. Do you suppose there was such a woman? If so she might have felt like she was falling apart, if nobody was there to tell her otherwise.

I believe we (humanity in general, USA in particular) are birthing a brand new world (country) and we don’t know anybody who has done that recently. The rule book doesn’t have instructions on birthing a nation, and nobody told us this was going to happen on our watch.

For sure we are reevaluating our priorities (values) almost daily now – we can’t take anything for granted like we did a decade ago. Who would have thought Kids-Are-Us would fold its tent and disappear forever?

It is from this kind of chaos that new things are born. Transiting TNO (trans neptunian object) Chaos is at 21+ Gemini conjunct the US natal Mars right now, and a month from now it will conjunct Trump’s natal Sun and square US natal Neptune in Virgo.

A month from now (when Chaos conjuncts Trump’s Sun) transiting Sun and transiting Uranus will be conjunct at the end of Aries (new beginnings) and transiting Chiron will be conjunct the Aries Point (the personal is political). Before that, the Spring Equinox is when the Sun is at 0 Aries. Opportunities abound for new starts.

I don’t think we have been left in the lurch by the Universe; rather we are going through a metamorphosis; painful for mom and painful for the baby but usually survivable for both.

kiwi, the FBI born July 26, 1906, with Moon-conjunct-Neptune, Mercury, Venus, and North Node, all in the 1st fifteen degrees of Cancer, and opposed by Uranus in Capricorn.

I’m sorry, Bob’s right, it’s 1906 not 1908 for the birth of the FBI.

1908 not 1906. sigh


“I wonder how the very 1st woman who gave birth to the 1st human baby must have felt. Do you suppose there was such a woman? If so she might have felt like she was falling apart, if nobody was there to tell her otherwise.”

Creative supposition – fantastic!

Sessions Speculative Birth Place


Sessions Speculative DC


Barb, i love what you wrote. Seeing what trump has been teeeting since yesterday beings up feelings of rage, against him, and the spineless republicans who are letting this happen. He clearly is driving the support in his base and to kill the Mueller investigation and they will just let him. I do feel hopeless too and afraid that he’s going to get away with it. How did we get to this?

Barb K, I’m so thankful that you always see this as the dark before the light. I think the time is coming when we will look back at all of this as a horrible time with a horrible man who eventually fell on his sword and was silenced. And then the Sun came out again and the earth looked more beautiful than ever before.

I wish it were so simple, Bailey. Removing Trump is not the answer to the many right wing people who do things like invade FB data to manipulate voters, etc. Or the Russians (and Chinese) trying to weaken us. We KNOW they are trying to weaken us so why in the world would people who believe they are so patriotic (and religious, Patty) support those who LIKE Putin and work with him and his circle!!!?? The Rabbit hole indeed! However, I choose to agree with barb that a great awakening is coming as the pendulum does swing the other way.

Sharon, I agree. I just saw Trump falling on his sword as symbolic of a great awakening. Sorry I didn’t explain better.

Sharon, I agree. I just saw Trump falling on his sword as symbolic of a great awakening. Sorry I didn’t explain better.

Marjorie’s latest on the players du jour


Umm … astrologers have been talking about the coming of the chaotic times we’re now in since at least the 1990’s … it’s not like we didn’t know it was coming.
It is, though, an “interesting time” I am not particularly enjoying living through!
Thanks, Barb K, for the wise words.

LAUGHTER Is The Best Medicine!

If you missed last night’s SNL: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/arts-and-entertainment/wp/2018/03/18/between-betsy-devos-jeff-sessions-and-rex-tillerson-snl-sure-had-a-lot-to-work-with-this-week/?utm_term=.266156e524bc

Also, My friend, Pat Thurston’s Talk Show is on tonight from 4-7pm pst. I hope to ask Tom Steyer if he would help promote Pat’s Program for a National Radio Show. We could add Randy Rhodes and other’s. An All Female Talk Radio Show…maybe.

Listen to Pat Thurston tonight if your interested:

RightWing Talk Radio promoted Conservative’s to became so politically involved. We need to do the same thing….with The Truth!

Another friend of mine created this video:
Jen Senko. “The Brainwashing of My Dad”

Rough 2019 for the cabal after the midterms.

2017 Inaug WH – Natal Chart

Sat Cnj Plu Feb 27 2019 Na
Sat Cnj Plu Feb 28 2019 Sp

Sat Cnj Plu Jul 2 2019 Sp
Sat Cnj Plu Jul 4 2019 Na

Sat Cnj Plu Nov 27 2019 Na
Sat Cnj Plu Nov 28 2019 Sp

*** END REPORT ***

Sessions Sworn In – Natal Chart

Sat Cnj Plu Mar 6 2019 Na
Sat Cnj Plu Mar 7 2019 Sp

Sat Cnj Plu Jun 24 2019 Sp
Sat Cnj Plu Jun 25 2019 Na

Sat Cnj Plu Dec 3 2019 Na
Sat Cnj Plu Dec 4 2019 Sp

*** END REPORT ***

Kiwi, the latest from Marjorie Orr is nothing short of depressing. I’m sorry I read it. Sounds like Trmp will continue doing what he’s done all of his life with no consequences whatsoever. Perhaps the only salvation for us is for the Repubs in the House and Senate to find the spines that they’ve lost. A long shot, I know, but we can hope.

Sharon has a point, “we KNOW they are trying to weaken us..” and this “knowing” is spread like the 100th monkey phenomenon – IF enough of us are aware that is. I believe the Knowing has survived because of the media (Mercury/Jupiter*) cycle. The media has kept this knowledge circulating ONLY because Trump became president.

Or said another way, many, many US citizens would not be aware; would not know “they are trying to weaken us” . .at least not as fast as they have with Trump front and center.

The Knowing had to survive in the minds of the least political savvy among us in order to penetrate deep enough to stay at the conscious level of the mass mind of our society.

Because we astrology types know that US PROGRESSED Mercury stationed direct, after years of retrograde motion, at 20+ Aquarius, and because the present cycle of Jupiter-Saturn (a cycle about society change) had a chart that put Uranus at 20+ Aquarius (and square the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction), we knew this (Saturn/Jupiter) cycle would affect the USA by shocking (Uranus) the collective US mind and media (progressed US Mercury) on to a new level of consciousness. And so it has.

Had it not been for Trump in the White House, would those least politically savvy US minds (30% of the electorate I’m guessing) have ever been exposed to (let alone grasped) the knowledge that our election results were manipulated by foreign agents?

To achieve real change (evolution) we have to have that 100th monkey on board. I think we are pretty close to that, thanks to (goddess help us all) the Trump Saga.

*The present Mercury/Jupiter cycle started last October at 1+ Scorpio, conjunct the US natal Hades at 0+ Scorpio (so awful we don’t want to look), and the Moon at 8+ Libra (people) was trine the US natal Uranus (revelation) at 8+ Gemini.

The next Mercury/Jupiter cycle will start on Oct. 29, 2018 at 27+ Scorpio, square US natal Moon (people) and sextile US Pluto (transformation), with Mars (action) at 19+ Aquarius, one degree from US progressed Mercury (media/minds) and one degree from Uranus (breakthrough) in the Jupiter/Saturn (society) cycle chart.

There will also be a grand (fixed) cross between Uranus (0+ Taurus) opposite Venus (values) at 1+ Scorpio (conjunct the present Mercury/Jupiter cycle start) and the Nodes, North at 0+ Leo and South at 0+ Aquarius. It sounds like a continuation of this present Mercury/Jupiter cycle reaching a climactic/cross-road/decision point (grand cross).

More creative supposition, just for you will 🙂

Thank you, Nancy.

More unrestrained behavior.

“Can we just say it?

Facebook is evil.

Its entire raison d’etre is the balkanization of communities and nations in pursuit of financial profit. It monetizes and sells the most intimate details of private human relationships. It conflates human friendship and sincerely political beliefs with unrestrained consumerism and campaigns of disinformation.

Facebook revels in the glories of unrepentant and unrestrained narcissism. It captures us and seduces us and then uses us for its own very specific ends. It elevates the id and destroys the super-ego. It gives mendacious trolls the powers to usurp our democratic freedoms.

Isn’t it time for us to stand up as thinking, self aware citizens and just say no?”



Marjorie Orr does not see much good for Enfante Terrible in 2019; that does not bode well for a second term.

Eat. Pray. Eat Some More.

When I start to freak, I do take heart in the fact that people like Lindsay Graham says firing Mueller will be Trump’s end.

Y’all probably saw this tweet from former CIA director John Brennan:

The full extent of your venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history. You may scapegoat Andy McCabe, but you will not destroy America…America will triumph over you. https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/974859881827258369

April is going to be a rocking and rolling astro month.

I feel like a human yo–yo. Barb had me up, Marjorie had me down, Barb picked me up again. Thank you, Barb. You are light years ahead of me when it comes to Astrology and I can’t remember most of what you say about the position of the planets. When you interpret the transits, progressions, yods, etc. I find it uplifting and a gift for all of us.

Will, thanks for reminding me that second term doesn’t seem likely for l’Enfante Terrible. I’ll let someone else do all of that eating? Short frequent prayers work for me,however. Thanks.

I think in these times of uncertainty and chaos we all must strive, as hard as it is at times, to hold the clear vision of honest ethics, love and foresightful wisdom, and to avoid as much as possible being sucked into the dark mire of trumpsworld.
I keep thinking of the pure heart of Frodo vs the evil eye of Sauron

On many levels, Trump is only as powerful as any one of us make him. When we are in a state of mindfulness, we take the power we have given to him in our anger, hopelessness and hatred back with love, kindness and creativity. We each have the capacity to generate love and strength or surrender to weakness, domination and victimhood.

Yes – love – yes the power of love. Yes go see the Wrinkle In Time and become a love warrior.

Yes to wisdom and compassion. Yes to the big picture. Yes to keeping informed and centered and holding the stars and not letting the nastiness turn us nasty.


Even if Trump was gone, I still can’t get over how many Americans voted for him. Who either bought every one of his lies or simply didn’t care if he was lying, because they can’t be bothered with facts and they don’t believe in science and they’re easily made fools of over and over again.

How can people not see that we’ll never be a great country with sucky education, college that involves ridiculous debt, with so many people living in poverty because wages have not kept pace with the cost of living. And those are just a few things that are so wrong, yet seem so simple to me.

These people don’t even believe in history, because it’s easy to either remember or look up the things that have happened before when political parties have done various things. The economy is better under Democrats. Tax Cuts for the wealthy don’t trickle down. Wars are expensive and must be paid for somehow. When we banned assault weapons for several years in America, shootings went down by more than a third. It shouldn’t be that hard for people to see and accept historical facts, but it is.

Our willful ignorance, our refusal to acknowledge certain facts … what kind of hope can we have as a country when so many people are like this?

Will, in checking it out, a 7 year is one that highlights reflection, going within, introspection and writing. Have you ever had any of your writing published for the public or others to read, e.g., in a blog or opinion piece?

Nancy, although it looks to be a rocky ride, your writing is still top notch and I enjoy it so much.


Very well said! The feeling that one is a hapless victim to circumstances can get awfully old over time. Reclaiming oneself and rising above the fray is the only sane way to go; a healthy lesson we as a nation will have to learn (I include myself in this): a very important and exciting discovery we are embarking on.

One US senator suggested that Trump’s weekend tweets, hinting that he was contemplating firing Mueller is simply testing the waters among his Republican supporters in Congress, to see if they have his back in doing the dirty deed. Although there will be vehement protests among the likes of Lindsey Graham and Jeff Flake, there are others in the ranks that think the investigation has gone on far too long.

Digressing to an earlier post, the most logical time frame for the firing would have to be from April 2nd – 4th. The powerful “out of bounds” Mars conjunct Saturn forms an opposition to Trump’s natal Mercury, quincunx to Robert Mueller’s Pluto (an ending?) and quincunx to the US natal Uranus.

Putin wins election by big margin


Teresa Hill–Simply put, there are more of them than there are of us. So, we gotta work harder? IDK

Putin poisons or imprisons his opponents and they disappear.

I don’t call that an election. Why does he bother to ‘run’?

I don’t believe Trump ‘won’ his election either.

All evidence leaked out of the Mueller investigation points that and the organgutan had help. Judging by how he’s handled himself once given the reins proves his incompetence. Loser Loser Loser.

He’s as awful as he was as a businessman and dangerous for the nation and the world. That is my main worry.

What will it take for the Congress to flex their collective power? AT this point I’m inclined to believe that the illuminati will be forced to step in and the shadow government to save the republic.

There is too much convincing evidence to the contrary to have fairly elected this toad in the White House and that he had help from the little Putin.

There is too much evidence to deny it.

love & expecto patronum.


Regarding Trump’s ability to wade through the complexities of the Russian investigation you wrote:

“……I do feel hopeless too and afraid that he’s going to get away with it. How did we get to this?”

Just an opinion mind you, but I think the answer to your concerns is embedded in the title to this thread:

“Trump Unrestrained”

In other words, left to his own devices, Trump is his own worst enemy. He is guided by gut emotion (read: anger, revenge, greed and all the rest of it), which doesn’t function well in a democratic society with all its checks and balances. The more Trump reacts out of instinct the deeper the quagmire of legal difficulties.

Trump’s most admired leader – Russian president Vladmir Putin managed to win a fourth term because the Russian mind-set is driven by an autocratic way of thinking. The American political system and psychological persona on the other hand has an independent streak making it difficult if not impossible to acquiesce to dictatorship. In summation; the Truth will win in the end.


Tutti fumare, niente arrosta, si?

Jerry, I don’t believe Putin admires Trump. Instead, Putin uses Trump’s weaknesses including Trump’s bottomless need (the “greatest, the best, etc.) to be elevated. The US has long been a target of Russia and Putin is attempting to deliver a blow from which we cede the constitution and rule of law.

So many players wearing intentional blinders (untoward wealth) have been complicit in our undoing including congress, FB, and those like the Koch brothers, When you consider the US population, it is evident that we too have been forced into compliance. One of the signpost I recall with dismay was the dismantling of retirement system. The switch to IRAs thrust millions into a world we knew nothing about.

Restraint is not the strong suit of capitalism. Trump is prime example of capitalism’s excesses. The result may not be all that bad. (There is increased talk and experimental application of a guaranteed income, for example.)

Hi Karen F,

Sorry. I meant to say: ‘the leader that Trump most admires’.

About Putin having Trump over a barrel (if I can use that expression; meaning – in a position of vulnerability, weakness, or powerlessness)…….

Yes. I would go further to say, more than likely Putin has incriminating evidence on Trump. You know; the blackmail factor. What else can explain Trump’s enormous deference to Putin? That fact alone, that Putin is calling the shots is rather frightening. Welcome to the new reality tv show – Mr. Donald Trump – The Manchurian Candidate.

Reading some of the recent posts has been a bummer.

I like to help people but there are many that I cannot, some of the posters here are some of them. What little I can do is to post when members of the current administration are going to face difficult times and a possible end date for their reign. Infrequently I post about some good news or something that is lighthearted to perhaps coax a chuckle, a smile, or maybe even a laugh from someone who is having a down day.

Some may think I do not take our political troubles seriously but I do. What I also do is try to put my difficulties in perspective by comparing them to most of the people on the face of the earth. I have a non-leaking roof over my head, a bed to sleep in, enough food to eat every day, unpolluted drinking water, running water, electricity, a telephone, the internet and a computer to access it with, mail delivery, paved sidewalks to walk on, paved streets to cross (or walk on if need be) warning systems for approaching storms or floods, snow removal after massive storms, police and fire departments to call if necessary, churches, food banks, and other organizations to approach for help if I cannot do for myself.

I am not well off in the eyes of most people. I do not have family to call on for help of any kind, not even just a shoulder to cry on. But I have good health and all of the things I mentioned above. Thankfully I do not have to, nor do I choose to, make use of any of the available help (food stamps, free health clinics, assistance with my heating expenses, a free telephone!, rental assistance, and who knows what else). I live very frugally on a Social Security check (not even as much as what the average is said to be) that is enough to pay my few bills, have savings and help others (some who are better off financially than I am) with outright gifts to help them with finances [thousands of dollars since I stopped smoking – January 8, 2012] or donate to charities such as the wounded vets, organizations that are helping the survivors in Puerto Rico, and others. If the money was going up in smoke for longer than half a century I guess I didn’t need it for essentials. I do have a problem that I live with daily but might eliminate if I chose to have surgery (don;t know for sure because I do not go to see doctors unless something really beats me down – last time I went to make an appointment with the VA I found out it had been 12 years since I was there). As a result I live with low grade pain daily but it is not so severe that I cannot live with it. My landlord has raised the rent every year for the past 7, far outstripping the increases in Social Security. I do not live in a rent assisted facility. I may have to move soon.

Enough about me (more than, I suspect). I do not mean to insult or hurt anybody’s feelings, really just wanted to say that I am better off than most people on the face of the earth and this administration is not going to change that. I still have more blessings than I remember to give thanks for. Just trying to put things in perspective.

Where I live. https://i.imgur.com/ev86Xfk.gif

Security keypad on the entrance. I chose to live on the upper level for additional security.

I have faith & hope in the younger generation. I have hope & faith in the mid-term elections which will will sweep the GOP out of majority and get Dems in who will Do something to put a break on Trump and his tearing down our democracy for Putin. Stay positive. Think positive. Pray positive. Meditate positive. Hold the Earth and her people in the light. Work with love and not hate. Keep your frequency high. That is key in overcoming these dark times. All will be well.

Conservative pundit on MSNBC’s Stephanie Rhule’s program this morning said that Trump will fire Mueller and the Republican Congress will do nothing. He is right.

The USA’s Pluto return is coming and it is only going to get uglier.

Thank you, Bob.

on another note, “This story has legs”



Good to see your gift for astrology and fine word-smithing here.


Sometimes it’s good to just let it all out; to express yourself. No time better than a Pisces New Moon I’d guess, especially when it conjuncts Chiron.

We here come together because we love the way Nancy expresses the picture of the state of affairs as seen through astrology’s perspective. From what I’ve read (and written) since Nancy’s New Pisces Moon on Saturday essay, it appears we’ve had a belly full of the way things are in the US government and institutions of all kind.

The “job” of Pisces, as I perceive it, is to wear down the resistance to escape (keyword) the mundane world; enough of the brave face – we just can’t take any more. It is the last sign of 12 signs that complete a cycle before a new cycle begins. I would gather that a Pisces New Moon conjunct Chiron would denote an escape from a painful situation.

Since Chiron (and thus the New Moon) squares Mars in Sagittarius this escape would include volatility or urgency or perhaps both. “I’m mad as hell and I won’t take it anymore”. But Mars isn’t alone; he travels with Vesta near by and they not only square the New Moon/Chiron, they trine Uranus in Aries. The plot thickens.

Two notes about Mars/Vesta: 1) they conjunct the Galactic Center (source of wisdom provided by the Universe), and 2) they resonate (by trine) with the Leo solar eclipse from last August. In effect, this produces the kind of energy found in a grand (fire) trine. In this case, Vesta adds a note of reason. She’s the goddess of the hearth and the keeper of the flame.

So Mars provides the fire, Vesta keeps it alive and the Galactic Center provides instructions on how to use it to its best advantage.

Teamed with Uranus (break through obstacles) and the power of the American Eclipse, this trio in Sagittarius being challenged (square NM) to escape some painful problem(s) indicates the time is ripe for a new (revolutionary) plan of action. Welcome sweet springtime.

Hi Bob,

A very simple but rich life to be sure. Sharing as you did, reminded me of the points outlined by Meher Baba on how to love God. If interested, here are the points:

“To love God in the most practical way is to love our fellow beings. If we feel for others in the same way as we feel for our own dear ones, we love God.

If instead of seeing faults in others we look within ourselves we are loving God.

If instead of robbing others to help ourselves, we rob ourselves to help others, we are loving God.

If we suffer in the suffering of others, and feel happy in the happiness of others, we are loving God.

If instead of worrying over our own misfortunes, we think of ourselves more fortunate than many, many others, we are loving God.

If we endure our lot with patience and contentment, accepting it as His Will, we are loving God.

If we understand and feel that the greatest act of devotion and worship to God is not to hurt or harm any of His beings, we are loving God.

To love God as He ought to be loved, we must live for God and die for God, knowing that the goal of all life is to love God, and find Him as our own Self.”

Thanks Will,

I enjoy your contributions as well. I think you were absent for a while? Welcome back. We are very fortunate to have Nancy’s insight and guiding hand in this discussion group.

Bob, thank you for sharing. Your points are well taken. Time and time again (including in my own life), I have observed the peace that comes with a modest, simple, easy to manage life, but does not come with wealth. Although there are wealthy people who are huge benefactors and practice the Golden Rule, wealth brings a lot of complexity (at least I would think it does most of the time).

Separately, in the link Ja posted to Neptune Cafe’s Stormy Daniels chart analysis (“this story has legs”), there are some writings about Stephen Hawking underneath, both his chart and his quotes. that are in line with Bob’s post. If some of us re-incarnate to serve mankind at a high level, Hawking was one of those. Bob deals with chronic pain as others here do. Imagine what Hawking dealt with, and with such grace (which it took him time to acquire earlier in life, for those who saw the award winning film of his life that came out a few years ago). An attempt is made to explain his life through his chart but, as we know (and I believe Bob made that point recently), it is the individual who creates his life and destiny using the planetary aspects dealt to him/her.

Try Global Criminal Conspiracy:

Cambridge Analytica, the Mercer’s and Bannon stung by British sting on Cambridge Analytica:


Robert Mercer: The Billionaire Behind Donald Trump:http://www.wbur.org/hereandnow/2017/03/30/robert-mercer-trump

‘The Billionnaire Who Saved Donald’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5lmd2bTnL8

“Bottom line – you need to be getting your news from somewhere other than Facebook, InfoWars, Breitbart, and Fox. These organizations are now “all the same” in that they peddle lies, propaganda, fear, and very importantly, a lot of hatred. Expect truth, or goodness/compassion from them at your peril.

Spewing poison is making a lot of people very rich – don’t expect it to end anytime soon.”



Synchronicity in the universe? CNN is not running a series Trump Unleashed.

err, CNN IS running a series Trump Unleashed

Will, I was hoping you would reply to my question regarding your mention of what’s up and coming for Taurus? You had mentioned a blurb, but I was unable to find your comment.
Thank You, Will (as I have Taurus Rising)


I did a google search and couldn’t find it. Do you have a link?

Here is something inspiring:


What more does this man need to do before his base wakes up and says enough?

Will: Trump: tutto fumo, niente arrosto for sure!
Happy Birthday!

Oh, there’s another: Zucca vuota fa tanto rumore. (Zucca is slang for someone’s head.) Or maybe Trump’s head is full of fumo. Sigh. His level of profound stupidity and ignorance blows my mind.

Trump is running the country like he ran his businesses. Russian money bailed him out then and Russia saw to it that he won the election later, with the help of the far right, and he is stuck in their clutches, madly and desperately trying to prove he has some power — mainly through negative tweets and firing people (and in the case of McCabe, ruining his retirement). May they all get what they deserve (including the Russian mafia and that means Putin as well – I would love to see someone or something wipe that smirk off his face).


Sorry to have missed your question; I was referring to Uranus moving into Taurus mid May.


The “Trump Unleashed” is an ad being run on CNN tv broadcasts. Its either a Jake Tapper or Anderson Cooper “special.”

I am loving the discussions now beginning on media about how the public has been manipulated by data mining to evoke their fears for the purpose of political control. Hopefully it will penetrate and awaken the more rational minds in society going forward, hopefully a majority.


Ahhh, Zucco as in zucchini as in gourd-head. Me likey!



Sharon K, Karen F, Angellight, Elizabeth, Bob, Patty, Ripley, Will, Kiwi, Janet, Diana, Alex, Barb K,

Many Thanks to you all for your kind thoughts, healing prayers, thoughts, spells, etc.
My X-Rays and the MRI showed I have a serious problem with my left shoulder rotator cuff, as well as damage to cervical vertebrae, including bone spurs, narrowing of the central spinal channel and the nerve passageways affecting my left arm. The injury to my shoulder is more recent, but the injuries to my vertebrae are older, plus some deterioration over the years. We’re not sure how far back the neck injuries go, possibly as far back as the 1960’s when I was involved in the Civil Rights movement, possibly some years later in my work with various violent mental patients. (Worst example: One January 1st in the early 80’s I stopped a young man from setting himself on fire. Unfortunately, he was a champion boxer who thanked me with his fists. I went to the hospital. He went to juvenile detention.)

On April 2 I’ll consult with a doc to see if non-surgical remedies are available, and/or if I could or should postpone any necessary surgery, until after I return home to WA state, hopefully in early summer. I don’t have much of a support system here and would need to get the surgery over 100 miles away. AND I’m facing an additional dilemma. I have to get everything out of my late mother’s house by end of June; that includes somewhere around 11,000 books, some heavy furniture, and too many other items to mention, and with no help. I don’t have complete use of my left arm and don’t have enough money to pay anyone to assist. For the time being, I have to live on social security alone. Furthermore, in my condition I’m not sure I can drive the long distance, some 2600 miles on the summer route, while pulling a trailer full of books, etc. …at least not by myself.

My most recent thoughts re: the treason/constitutional crisis gradually being revealed. Orange man feels to me like Charles I, (19 November 1600 – 30 January 1649), an exceptionally obtuse but nevertheless far more honorable and better leader than Mr. DJT. Unlike 45, Charles was not a crook, but of course was beheaded, a martyr to his pig-headed ideas. Mr. Pence feels like Oliver Cromwell, (25 April 1599 – 3 September 1658). What a pair!

Again, Many thanks for all of the kind thoughts, healing energies and visualizations directed my way.

Lovely to hear from you Eliseo.
Godspeed with your challenges ahead. Will be ‘thinking’ of you. xxx

Eliseo, it’s always darkest before the dawn, so hang in there. Sending love and light.

Ja, thanks for the Facebook chart. Wish there was a reliable chart for Cambridge Analytica. I noticed in the Facebook birth chart that Black Moon Lilith (9+ Gemini) is very close to the US natal Uranus (8+ Gemini) which seems appropriate.

It seems there are so many crooks in our country (really the whole world) now crawling out of the woodwork; the new bug spray is really working!

Happy Spring (Aries Sun) Equinox to all.


Lovely, and so nice to hear from you. I am wishing the universe intervenes on your behalf soon. xxx

Bailey, you’re welcome. Don’t worry, I can’t remember most of what I say about planet positions either. Nancy’s blogs get frequent reviews by me for just that reason (and other reasons too)!


I have some idea of the physical pain you are enduring; and then the grief over the passing of your mother as well as the violence of financial strain….may strength and healing and hope light your path.


I have some idea of the physical pain you are enduring; and then the grief over the passing of your mother as well as the violence of financial strain….may strength and healing and hope light your path.


Happy Solar Return, Equinox Man! All the best of everything to you!

I think everyone should stop using Facebook for just one day and really turn things on it’s head. People don’t realize how much power they hold.

Ja, I had a FB account that I did not use. Late last year when news was emerging that FB was closely associted w/Trump, I deleted my account. And I agree, people should take their power back and at the very least, stop using in for just one day. A better thing would be is to delete their account.

Oh, Dear Eliseo, We surround you with Love, Strength and Healing. Betty Davis once said: “Getting Old Ain’t for Sissies” Are your Mother’s things near Seattle WA? Because I have a wonderful Son there who I know would help you…perhaps he and his entire Soccer Team could all help.
My other son (they’re Twins) is an Antique Dealer. Do you have things from your Mom you intend to sell? Do let me know. Relax now and feel the Love we are all sending to you.

About a year ago, ProPublica and NPR launched Lost Mothers, a project investigating the dangers of pregnancy and childbirth in the U.S. We soon learned that the U.S. was one of the most dangerous countries in the developed world to give birth. About 700 to 900 women die each year from pregnancy- or childbirth-related complications. For each woman who dies, more than 70 nearly die.


Eliseo, I hope you feel better after your doctor’s appointment (physically, mentally, emotionally) in that you’ll know more about what you’re dealing with and possible treatments. Of course, there are always somewhat alternative ones. As I have said before, ad nauseum, swimming (and I’m not a good swimmer) has helped me with physical issues, as it eliminates the weight of gravity, keeps you buoyant, increases circulation and strength. I wish you much success in creating a plan that falls into place perfectly for you. Maybe several small estate or yard sales could help (broken down by categories of things?) you dispose of things over the next 2+ months? Maybe one of your friends, neighbors, relatives could help? Sending love, light, energy and prayers your way for the strength and momentum to move things along and the patience to also let life take it’s course 🙂 xo

Happy Birthday again, Will, and to you, Jackson, as well. I hope this year brings you both many blessings, many good things.

Thank you, Sharon!

I have a theory about how all the infiltration of (US) social media started but it’s complicated and I don’t know when (if ever!) I will get to the bottom if it.

The US natal chart’s Moon (US People) in Aquarius is quincunx (need to adjust) the US Mercury (media) in Cancer, and US Moon is also in a (bit wide) quincunx with US Neptune (idealism) in Virgo, and because US Mercury and US Neptune are sextile they complete a Yod with US Moon.

In 2009-10 there was a (repeated) conjunction between transiting Neptune, transiting Jupiter and transiting Chiron – all 3 of them conjunct US natal Moon. Therefore all 3 (transiting Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron) were at the apex of a Yod with US Mercury and Neptune, just like US Moon is. This is when I suspect the infiltration began. Smart phones were everywhere.

The charts for the transiting planets as they exacted their conjunctions with one another in late Aquarius always sextiled something in Sagittarius, the Galactic Center (source of universal wisdom coming from a higher dimension than what we mortals occupy).

These transiting conjunctions + US natal Moon in Aquarius and sextile the Galactic Center in Sagittarius formed a Yod with US Mercury in Cancer. This put US Mercury (and US Moon too) consciously in the awkward positions of participating in the same 2 Yods – each of them either in the sextile part or the apex part of those Yods.

This meant there was (is) constant adapting (quincunx) between them, trying to find a balance that would work for both the US media (Mercury) and the US people (Moon).

As each of these 3 trans. planets started a new cycle with each other (and with US Moon) they were initiating a new era for the USA. Six new cycles in all (US Moon with each of the transiting planets – and a Jupiter-Neptune, Jupiter-Chiron and Neptune-Chiron cycle) began a transformation process that would affect how the US People saw themselves, each other and their place in the world and in their own society. None of the cycles has completed yet.

On the contrary, transiting Jupiter, the fastest moving of the three, won’t start his new cycle with US Moon until after the 2020 Saturn/Jupiter cycle starts. After that he will eventually conjunct transiting Neptune and Chiron.

All these consciousness expanding events (for the US) open us (the USA) to untested experiences, giving potentially more power to US citizens who, for the most part, are unschooled in how to use that power. We are testing that power now in numerous ways but always with that natal see-saw effect between the People (Aquarius Moon) and the Media (Cancer Mercury) and of course always with our Idealism (Virgo Neptune) in tow.

With Neptune involved it can be idealism or it can be illusion. It can also involve illegitimacy or intoxication as well. Somewhere along the line, after the deluge of advertising I suppose, the outsiders (Jupiter? It rules foreign places) began their insidious takeover of fertile minds with their versions of the truth.

US Moon lies near the cusp of the US natal chart (Sagittarius rising) 3rd house cusp, a house which deals with all things that relate to communication. Back at the time of the triple conjunctions trans. Jupiter brought the influence of networks to this 3rd house, trans. Neptune brought untruths and confusion and Chiron brought lots of wounding. It’s only gotten worse.

I still believe there is a purpose for this madness but we aren’t there at the place when all will be made clear. Keeping the faith though; it will happen.

Jackson, and if I remember correctly, Will too?
Happy Happy Birthday – make it a great one!

Regarding facebook – I think its a bit like TV – depends on how selectively you use it – (e.g. trash and violence or BBC classic interviews and clever writing.)
I use mine strictly for connections with known close family and friends located in distant corners of the globe, and our local community, member noticeboard, and will continue to do so.
I endeavor not to bite on anything political. Sometimes I get sucked into a comment, but not often. And I block any sites that keep coming up without my pre-acceptance.
From what my computer guy told me, targeting from data mining is gathered from those personality quizzes etc that people get sucked into doing for ‘fun’ as well as ‘stories’ that take you to a myriad of ‘rabbit hole’ pages. They can also be a vehicle for hidden malware that can be installed on your computer.
He said, avoid them like the plague.

Bob, Jerry. Loved your posts, gave your comments a great deal of thought.

Delicious birthday wishes, Will and Jackson! I saluted with Cabernet.

FB does not hold my attention on several levels. Phone calls or letters are far more satisfying. Too, I felt the sinister elements of FB without being able to pinpoint that feeling several years ago. Now I know why. I have the same feeling about AI in all its forms.

Eliseo, your experiences hurt, and are shared. Discussed aging with my doc who indicated that he was not looking forward to it given the challenges. So, in many ways we are warriors in a hand-to-hand battle. When it seems the darkest (the physical pain coupled with the psychic and mental strains) I often find myself chuckling because “we don’t get outta here alive.” I also make certain I speak with others about a subject that we collectively find taboo. If we ignore death, it won’t happen? Maybe that’s why the youth are so outspoken. They’ve met death. It’s part and parcel of their lives. Seems there’s similarity in this with those of us who protested Vietnam and the unnecessary deaths of our friends and family on behalf of terribly misguided policies. (I’m being nice.) I continue to send big (but gentle) hugs your way, and hope help is on the way.

Will, Jackson, Happy Happy Birthday. Wishing you a year filled with much love, good health and lots of laughter.

A good editorial from nyt’s

“There is much to be admired in this editorial but it lacks the core issue of what drives paid media; money. Face it, during the campaign season,Trump drove ratings which drove revenue and profits. His every outlandish and false statement needed to be covered because they drove ratings and were, for a time, newsworthy. But are they still? Are they part of “all the news that is fit to print?”



It certainly sounds like you are getting it from every angle, physically and emotionally. I was in a very bad way a few years ago and I came by a message that resonated very deeply with me.

“Being a human is the hardest thing I have ever had to do.”

They don’t call this “earth school” for nothing. Sigh* Life can be so overwhelming and when it is accompanied by physical and emotional pain it can be treacherous. I am sorry to hear all that you are struggling with and I hope that you are feeling better soon and the universe supports you and sends you the support you need to help you move through all that is ahead of you. Peace and light to you.

*Pence and Cromwell.. of course! Yes, that is exactly who he is! You nailed it!

I keep thinking of Trump as Andrew Johnson.

Ja, are you in N Carolina? (Beth Owls Daughter connection). I am.

Elizabeth, you and Eliseo reminded me of a workshop I attended last week on reincarnation. We covered the major evidence including the work of Dr. Ian Stevenson:



“Born Again…” is a more recent book about his work which is still being pursued by Dr. Walter Semkiw. Dr. Semkiw is also working with Kevin Ryerson, (best known for being Shirley MacLaine’s psychic) who channels Ahtun-Re, an Egyptian.

Anyway, the guy who gave the workshop knows all of these people, and has had readings with Ryerson. Apparently, he has learned that Trump spent a previous life as Nero, who also loved gold leaf! It’s kind of plausible!

I take it with a little salt, but I do believe in reincarnation and, in the book “Born Again:…”, they to match current well-known people and not so well-known (a Swedish woman who has shown evidence that she was Anne Frank) with past well-known people and the likenesses are there.

Apparently, not only do we reunite with our soul group, or just with people we’ve known, but, when we reincarnate, we have similar facial architecture, personality and character traits, interests and hobbies, etc. Makes sense…

He showed us video clips on the above (and also quantum physics, to draw another scientific link), and the very best one is the talk given by Robert Snow, a 30-yr police detective who ended up as a police captain) whose previous life was covered in “Born Again:….”. He is a very, very entertaining speaker and tells a great story about how he found out about his past lives, particularly one as Carroll Beckwith, and was able to corroborate it, which turned his whole belief system upside down!


No, my mother lived in SE Texas. I’m at her house now. Originally my wife and I moved from Olympia, WA down here to Texas to take care of my ailing mother who eventually died.

While here I took a teaching position and finished some long lost graduate work. But Su, my wife (a former Microsoft employee) could not find a good job here, and over 3 years ago had to go back to Olympia to take care of HER ailing mother.

Meanwhile, Su has been diagnosed as terminally ill with a hereditary liver disease but we believe she has a few years left. In July it will be 4 years since I’ve seen her. We are both unhappy about this long unwanted separation.

I suppose the above is consistent with transiting Pluto in my 7th House, and Su’s 12th House for the last few years. Presently, Pluto has moved into my 8th House but will retrograde back into the 7th on 8 August 2018. Pluto re-enters my 8th on 19 November 2018.

I appreciate the offer of your son’s assistance, but I have to move most of what we intend to keep into temporary storage in San Antonio, 300 miles west of here. I hope to move our most important books, our computers, musical instruments, two special made bicycles, and my dog to Olympia, and retrieve the rest from San Antonio a few months later.

I will need help unloading in Olympia, but that’s a good 60-ish miles S. of the Emerald city. Also, unlike my previous numerous long distance driving trips, I’ll need someone to share the driving, in part due to my shoulder and neck problems, but also as in the past year I’ve had some unusual sleep difficulties. I don’t want to fall asleep while driving.

And YES, we intend to sell my mother’s antiques and some of Su’s and my possessions, but can’t presently as the house is too crowded with boxes, my mother’s junk, etc. The only way anyone can walk through the house is sideways, like a crab. There is no way anyone could see the antiques until and unless a number of those boxes are removed. It’s a weird situation.

Many Thanks for your healing thoughts and well wishes.

Andrew Johnson was a racist, (what White male wasn’t back then?) and a mediocre to poor politician, but he wasn’t a crook. But like AJ, DJT will likely be impeached. More thoughts later.

Eliseo — light and love and healing to you — I’m sure these services exist in other parts of the country, but here around Seattle there are all kinds of ways that people would (happily) pick up your junk for free: craigslist, freecycle, my neighbor (probably others too). St Vincent de Paul picked up three large teak (fake!) pieces.
I only became aware of them after I’d paid beaucoup bucks to have stuff hauled, and hurt and thoroughly exhausted myself hauling many many carloads of stuff to Goodwill and the public library. It would be worth your energy to look in to it.

“I don’t have much of a support system here … I have to get everything out of my late mother’s house by end of June; … in my condition I’m not sure I can drive the long distance, … .”

Eliseo, do you have friends that can help you with the physical challenges you face? You can approach organizations, churches, social clubs, to ask for help. If they cannot help perhaps they can recommend or even put you in touch with people or groups that do help people in need of assistance.

Packing and loading 11,000 books is a large undertaking requiring strength and some dexterity to accomplish. Without the full use of both arms I do not think you can do it. Even if you had the money to ship them you would still have to pack and get them to a shipping facility. I do not think you will be reading or using those books. If not, perhaps it is time to part ways with them. If you are going to move or ship heavy furniture you most definitely will need help.

We can all brainstorm to suggest possible ways to help.

Just read the new posts above mine. Minds thinking alike.

Eliseo: also: Nextdoor.
To let go of stuff I found Mari Kondo’s question: “does it spark joy?” to be a quick decision maker.

The drive from Texas to Washington could take 1 1/2 to 2 days or 3 if stopping to sleep. Could a family member or friend come down (fly bus, or train) to help with the drive on a weekend or an extended one if a day off from work (vacation or emergency leave on a Friday or Monday) was taken.

kiwi, re: Facebook (and TV), it’s how you use it. I so agree with you. Listening to this discussion (on TV) it became clear (to me) that Facebook (and TV and smart phones and the Internet in general) is, for many people, addictive. That makes it a Neptune thing, and possibly a Great Attractor (14+ Sagittarius) thing too.

Time magazine devoted an entire issue (March 5) to the opioid addiction in the US, they might do the same – some day – to the social media addiction.
With transiting Neptune trine the US natal Sun and conjunct the progressed US Sun, widespread addiction to something was bound to happen.

Hi Sassy Grace,

I’m in San Diego.

Transiting Neptune (14+ Pisces) is square the Great Attractor (14+ Sagittarius).

Putin’s Sun is conjunct the Sibly chart’s Saturn and square it’s Sun in longitude.

I put in for hard Saturn transits (Conjunction, Square, and Opposition) to my chart for Putin beginning now and going on for 4 years.

The results did not begin until January of 2019, ended January 31, 2020 for the following points, – his Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Sun and MC – except for a lone square to his natal Mercury on January 21, 2020. After January 31, 2020, there is a year long break until January of 2021. Most of the big hitters are in 2019 (13 in 2019, 3 in January 2020) – the same time as in tRump’s inaugural chart.

On September 18, 2019, Saturn will station direct opposite the Sibly Sun, Nixon’s resignation Sun, my GOP chart’s Sun, and square Putin’s natal Sun. Mars will be activating Sibly Mars and Neptune; Pluto will trine Sibly Neptune. Transit Saturn will also make those aspects on January 26, August 26, and October 10, 2019 but I think the stationary period will be most difficult. The dates will be different when measured in right ascension.

Perhaps Congress will really get after Putin once the new Congress begins in January 2019.


Eliseo, We are all thinking of you…
Fierywoman’s idea may perhaps be very wise…
“Don’t hesitate to “Let It Go”.

I Just ame across this…interesting:
“How does Cambridge Analytica fit into Russia’s web of connections to Trump?”


Ja, thanks so very much for this link. The world is waking up, difficult though it may be. Loved this old Silicon Valley adage “When the product is free, you’re the product”.

Karen F.

Thanks each one of you for your kind birtthday wishes yesterday.

the Cambridge Analytica affair brings up an angle that nobody in the media is coherently speaking about beyond the ‘aint it awful’ discussion.

The main problem is these trans-national global for-profit companies, with multinational employees in top positions, and multinational shareholders, in many instances have allegiance and fealty to no country – nobody but themselves and their profit motives. And their gdp and influence is bigger than some countries! That’s where the wisdom of national and international laws going forward need to focus – who will be the cop when it comes to sorting out which political and commercial law is to be enforced?
We now have world-wide ether connections and commercially porous borders, but the current international laws allow so much to slip thru the gaps in this new frontier.

Barbk – have you ever looked at the internet chart to glean insights?
Astro.com has sept 2 1969 los angeles, but gives it a C rating.

The New York Times
Breaking News Alert
March 21, 2018
NYTimes.com »

President Trump will hit China with at least $50 billion in tariffs and penalties for the theft of trade secrets that costs the U.S. billions
Wednesday, March 21, 2018 8:37 PM EDT
President Trump on Thursday plans to announce at least $50 billion worth of annual tariffs and other penalties on China for its theft of technology and trade secrets, which administration officials say has robbed American companies of billions of dollars in revenue and killed thousands of jobs.
The measures would mark Mr. Trump’s most aggressive move yet against a fast-rising economic rival that he has accused of preying on the United States.
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Good points about multi-national corporations, kiwi. Facebook is an example and I’ve always thought they were at least trying to be ethical. I guess I’ve had blinders on.

Eliseo, what is in those boxes? (Rhetorical question) Maybe a friend can just help you move them to the side so you can start selling things off, one-by-one or a few at a time. I would just say don’t make it sound too valuable and be careful who you let in.

Maybe it’s worthwhile to grab a willing friend to make a dry run up to Olympia (in the near future) to bring the valuable stuff up there before you start allowing strangers in? Then you’d get to see your wife, too. Just ideas. I know that Mars will go retrograde in a number of weeks which, I guess, can be a good time for packing, selling, etc. I have this idea that when Uranus changes signs some new, alive energy will blow in, and Taurus rules possessions, so…

From what you just said, it does sound kind of overwhelming. You know what they say about every journey starting with the first step. Please keep posting, so you can keep feeling the energy here.

Many Thanks to all for your positive thoughts.

Will, a belated Happy Birthday to you!

I’ll get back to you all tomorrow.

Birthday wishes to Will and Jackson and anyone else I missed. Hope you had good times. Mine was in January.

Several years ago I forgot my own had passed for a few days. Didn’t make me any younger.

For all:

“Young At Heart” by Caryolyn Leigh


Among others, she also wrote or collaborated on:

The Best Is Yet To Come
Hey Look Me Over
How Little It Matters, How Little We Know
I Won’t Grow Up (for that forever young guy)

And a belated b’day present. for those who still count, observe, celebrate, endure, and remember them:

Nothing to do with b’days. Sometimes I get sidetracked.



Internet and Astrology
The Internet’s natal charts

“This article presents the history related to the birth of the internet, outlining the two key dates and times that may be used for the natal chart of the internet.”

“From a personal communication with Professor Leonard Kleinrock, I learned that it was mid-morning Pacific Time; he estimated it to about 10:00 am.

This is the moment that marks the physical birth of the Internet.

September 2, 1969, approx. 10:00 am PDT, Los Angeles, CA”

And the internet as we know it today with the ability to send and receive files globally.


The birth of the web


“On August 6, 1991, people outside of CERN got access to the web as a public Internet service for the first time.”

I have a screen grab from the alternet years ago of Tim Berner’s Lee’S message for that date timed at 14:56:20 GMT.



kiwi and Bob – From “The Birth of the Web” article (one of Bob’s links) I went with this line for a chart for USA users: “On 30 April 1993 CERN put the World Wide Web software in the public domain.”

Neptune at 21+Capricorn rx and Uranus at 22+ Capricorn rx were sextile Pluto at 24+ Scorpio rx. Together they formed a Yod with US natal chart’s Mars at 21+ Gemini, who was forced to adjust/adapt. This makes sense.

But wait, there’s more: This chart has Mercury at 23+ Aries which sextiles the USA natal Mars at 21+ Gemini and this combination forms a Yod to the WWW chart’s natal Pluto at 24+ Scorpio rx., a body no more likely to want to adjust/adapt than US natal Mars.

Two weeks ago transiting Jupiter stationed retrograde at 23+ Scorpio, one degree before a conjunction with the WWW chart’s Pluto. Transiting Jupiter will reach 24+ Scorpio and the WWW chart’s Pluto in October, just before the mid-terms. This should be a good thing don’t you think?

A saving grace (IMO) in the WWW chart is that the North Node at 12+ Sagittarius conjuncts the US natal chart’s ascendant.

This chart, driven primarily by outer planet energy, seems partial to keeping the USA alive and well. Despite the yod formations requiring adjustments, it would suggest the Internet and the USA will be together for a long, long time. After all, US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo) trines the chart’s Neptune/Uranus conjunction and sextiles its Pluto in Scorpio.

Will, if I’ve not already wished you (and Jackson) a happy birthday, please accept my belated good wishes!


Thank you very much for your birthday wishes.


Sinatra – incomparable.

Trippy clip I got from my cousin this am.

Graham Hancock:
The Great Pyramids

Thank you, barbk!

And thank you, Bob.

I see I really chopped up Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s name above. I was in a maze of open windows. And I don’t know how to tweet. Or use Instagram, Snap Chat or Facebook.

Thank you for the Graham Hancock video Will.

The inclusion of precession is at 2:30 to 2:46 of the video. It is essential to the pyramid’s alignment.

It is this factor that is accounted for in Western Sidereal astrology and yields the very accurate progressed lunar return charts I have discovered.

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! With data as recent as 2017.

Do not leave before 40:25 and the next few minutes after that!

New Graham Hancock Archaeological Evidence of Advanced Civilizations [FULL VIDEO] 55:04


I don’t think the Saturday March For Our Lives by students will suffer from the Mercury retrograde, or the exact trans. Sun in Aries square trans. Mars in Capricorn that will oppose the trans. Moon in Cancer (which will be conjunct the US natal Venus/Jupiter).

The Sun will also be trine trans Ceres (nurturer) in Leo which is now direct and very close to the US natal chart’s North Node (6+ Leo).

Transiting Jupiter (rx) and transiting Pluto are still making a Yod to the US Mars is Gemini, and transiting Uranus sextiles (supports) the US Moon (US people) while square (challenging) the US Pluto (entrenched power) and trine (very supportive) trans. Vesta in Sagittarius (conjunct the Galactic Center).

Their powerful message will be very moving since trans. North Node in Leo sextiles US natal Saturn in Libra and they form a Yod with trans. Neptune and Juno in Pisces at the mid-heaven of Saturday’s March For Our Lives chart (in Washington DC at 12 Noon).

The chart for the present Jupiter/Mercury cycle (that began in Scorpio conjunct the US natal Hades) has a North Node at 22 Leo 22 which transiting Venus (21 Aries 55) will trine meaning media coverage should have a positive effect on this cause.

Pic of the day.


Thank you, barbk.

This is scary.


Ja, so true…so sad. Conditt only killed Blacks.
Here’s a piece from the NYT:
Who Is Mark Conditt, the Suspected Austin Serial Bomber?https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/21/us/mark-anthony-conditt-austin-bomber.html?hp&action=click&pgtype=Homepage&clickSource=story-heading&module=first-column-region&region=top-news&WT.nav=top-news

Happy Birthday to all of you I may have missed.

I have a confession to make:
My Husband is a Republican and avid FOX Viewer!
This morning we had a huge disagreement, he does not believe that Mueller is a Republican. FOX must be pushing this misinformation or selectively not reporting the truth. Which only conjures up more vitriol and hatred towards Dems.
I’m tempted to write to our local Newspaper. Beware: Fox News is not informing their viewers that Bob Mueller is himself a long time Republican.

Eliseo, I will certainly put you in my prayers and healing light meditational work. Align and call on your guardian Angel and the healing angels so ready to help us if we reach out. Spiritual and healing blessings sent your way.

Since the 80’s the R’s have been much crazier, but neither side seems to be willing to sincerely listen to the other sides legitimate and/or not so legitimate fears. Demonization by one side followed by demonization from the other.

Inch by inch we move closer to a schism or some kind of civil war or conflict. I haven’t seen so much shallow, magical, and uncritical thinking and deep, widespread insanity since 1968.

To Angellight & All the rest of you well wishers:
(So many of you it is hard to keep track)

Many Thanks for your healing thoughts and prayers. All is greatly appreciated.

regarding the bomber – such a sad outcome for all – the corrupt theology being dictated by so many fervent holyrollers to young and gullible minds has a lot to answer for.

Eric Francis:

“My take is that Daniels is a one-woman sexual revolution, which is being aimed at the presidency. If there is any justice, Trump will be undone by a woman. ”


Has Trump Already Sealed the GOP’s Fate in 2018?


“In each midterm since 1994, 82 percent to 86 percent of the voters who disapproved of the incumbent president voted against his party’s House candidates, exit polls found.

That effect may be even more intense under Trump because such a high proportion of those who disapprove of him do so strongly: …”

“For congressional Republicans, the choice to tie themselves to Trump now looks irreversible.”

Happy belated birthday wishes to Will, Jackson, and Bob–and to anyone else I missed.

I think I’m getting whiplash from the news that John Bolton is replacing H.R. McMaster as National Security Advisor. Am I stating the obvious about the significance of this truly terrifying news on the day of a Mercury station? Thoughts?

Rachel is giving the litany of events on today’s news, all on a Mercury station. This can’t end well.

Ja, I always appreciate your contributions and in this one Eric notes that Trump “reeks with guilt and embarrassment”. I’ve come to associate Neptune with guilt, shame and remorse among other things. Neptune in Trump’s chart is at 5+ Libra retrograde (ruled by Venus who is conjunct Saturn in Trump’s chart) and his Neptune is square his natal Mercury at 8+ Cancer.

Right now transiting Saturn at 8+ Capricorn opposes Trump’s Mercury, as Nancy points out, for some time to come. On April 2nd transiting Mars will join transiting Saturn at 8 Capricorn 57 to start a 2+ year cycle that will impact Trump’s Mercury that squares his Neptune (which is capable of creating a sense of guilt).

Because Venus rules Libra, the sign Trump’s natal Neptune occupies, his natal Venus (and his natal Saturn) – being conjunct the US natal Mercury – will get full news coverage until nobody cares anymore.

Since US Mercury sextiles US Neptune, I sense we will all share a sense of guilt, shame and remorse for some time.

Considering DJT’s recent departures and appointments, I now see a WWIII as inevitable unless 45 is removed asap.

News flash: Guccifer 2.0 was actually a Russian military spy. Roger Stone is, shall we say, “over a barrel”.

I’m reading the Eric Frances article about Stormy and noted that Stephanie Iris Weiss got her birth data by asking her via Twitter. Someone posted an article featuring Stephanie here in the last couple of months. I don’t know if any of you remember her but she used to post here regularly, under her first name, particularly that summer of the Occupy movement. Anyway, let me get back to Eric Frances’s great and insightful astrological writing!

Writing about Stormy and the kids who are protesting guns and who are gonna march this weekend (among others), Eric Frances ends with: “A woman who fully claims her sexuality, and young people who claim their voice and their right to speak: those are the things that have been missing, among a few others we may yet discover.” I have been excited about this weekend’s events for a few weeks now for reasons of the march on Saturday and the 60 Minutes interview on Sunday. Can’t wait!

Just catching up on the thread. I think, kiwi, that once you accept a belief system where there is only one path to God and everyone else is under the influence of the devil, then there is an acceptable rationale for killing, and that’s to get rid of the evil. It IS certainly very scary, Ja. I remember the militias I used to read about maybe 40 years ago, stock piling weapons and survival/camping food and gear and this is an offshoot of that, now motored by a belief system that they are living God’s truth….not very dissimilar from jihadists.

Bob, thanks for all the great posts. That Sinatra/Carson/Rickles one made me laugh a lot (they are from my mother & her 3 sisters’ era and I grew up on them). And by the way, Happy Belated Birthday! May you always have the joy that you bring us here, and thank you again for the great astrological information.

Barb, so glad to hear that the planets are with these great kids. I saw them on Rachel’s show yesterday and they have so much self-possession. They are truly answering a calling. It does remind me of the calling of those who protested in the ’60s, first for civil rights, then against the horror of the Viet Nam war. Yes, Eliseo, there was a certain amount of magical and critical thinking but there was also the clear-thinking ideals of youth, driven by anger, and the desire for truth and a better world, and the power of that movement is felt through today (imho). So glad the “millennials” are picking up the reins.


Fox news is considered ‘ENTERTAINMENT’ as decided by the SCOTUS.

I think they should run a message line on the screen stating so. “FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES”

Many people don’t know this fact.

Now that DeGenova and Victoria Toensing are going to be LIARS for the president, it is imperative that we pray that the investigation quickly turn over the report to the Congress so that they may pass judgement on the fate of the nation.

On Rachel’s show tonight then US Atty, DeGenova defended a US Senator in the 80s on the charges of sexual assault on a young girl.

De Genova repeatedly said that there was nothing to prosecute him over when she filed a complaint he drugged a young girl’s drink and she he fondled her.

The Seattle Times investigated the story, when the senator was up for re-election and 8 women came forward with the same story and he suspended his campaign.

He has since died, and we have a female senator, Patty Murray.

We have now a delusional husband and wife team i the White HOuse going to defend the president in the court of public opinion. Are we becoming insane as a society? Are we there yet?

Its crazy. God Help us if there is one.

I’m thinking if Merc R. has its way, Bolton will be in and out as NSA.

Rachel Maddow said a couple of times tonight that something has changed since about 3 weeks ago, or words to that effect. That would be reflected in the Full Moon on March 1st one would imagine, so I looked and here’s what I saw.

Full Moon Jupiter (23+ Scorpio) was sextile Full Moon Pluto (20+ Capricorn) and together they were putting pressure on Trump’s natal Sun (22+ Gemini) and the US natal chart’s Mars (21+ Gemini). Yeah, a Yod with Trump’s Sun and US Mars in the apex point opposite the Full Moon’s Mars and Vesta (20, 19+ Sagittarius) turning it into a Boomerang.

That FM Mars/Vesta in Sagittarius was also sextile US natal Juno at 20+ Libra and this sextile, when hooked up with US natal Vesta at 19+ Taurus became another Yod that turned into a Boomerang with the addition of FM Jupiter at 23+ Scorpio, which is where the 1st Yod started.

These two overlapping yods-turned-boomerangs from combined planets from 2 different charts (Full Moon and US natal) reinforce each other’s potency. But it didn’t end there.

US natal Vesta in Taurus was sextile the Full Moon chart’s Mercury/Venus (22/23 Pisces) that formed a Yod with US Juno in Libra who opposed US Chiron at 20+ Aries to make yet another Boomerang (#3).

It gets worse. US Chiron in Aries sextiles US PROGRESSED Mercury at 20+ Aquarius that becomes a Yod with US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo. Opposite US natal Neptune is the Full Moon charts Mercury/Venus (22/23 Pisces) who complete the 4th Boomerang. And there is one more . .

US PROG. Mercury in Aquarius sextiles Full Moon’s Mars/Vesta in Sagittarius which completes a Yod to US natal Mercury (24+ Cancer) that Trump’s Venus/Saturn conjuncts. US Mercury opposes the Full Moon Pluto in Capricorn which would be the 5th Boomerang.

Only one sign remains aloof from this multiple Boomerang setup between the March 1st Full Moon chart and the US natal and US progressed charts, and that is Leo. Actually the US progressed Karma is at 24+ Leo but I don’t have the fortitude to lay out that 6th Boomerang; karma being karma (but it ends in Aquarius).

Rachel was right something happened 3 weeks ago and who knows where all he pieces will fall.


I think the period you’re talking about is when Mueller formally requested information on the Trump Organization from the White House, and all Trump could tweet was “WITCH HUNT”. That puts it around 2/28.

I got that from a Rachel broadcast from earlier this month.

If so that could explain the drip-drip-dripping legal exodus from the White House.

As the old structure burns, what new structure are we putting in place? Tomorrow I plan to go out and support the kids as they march, and cap off the weekend with a great Sunday dinner with the family, followed by a bowl of popcorn, CBS, and the Stormy show.

Is anyone suspicious of a “false flag” operation with Bolton on board, and the new bulldog attorney?

Will, Bolton was appointed BEFORE Merc retro ?significant??
Bolton is a Scorpion Rat, Nov 20 1948, so far I can’t google a birth chart for him. He is not in Rodin’s list. Sally McDonald had his number back in 2004 06? Too bad astrolworld archives are not available after 2003……He is the single most dangerous thing that has happened politically at the moment……….Forget the Russians……

OMG. We are so f***ed! Most of the sane qualified adults in Trump’s admin are gone. Pompeo and Bolton are both war hawks, and Bolton is crazier than Trump (if that’s even possible). Then we have Larry Kudlow as Trump’s new chief economic advisor, who the Washington Post identified as the absolute worst predictor of economic outcomes in U.S. history.

This is not good folks. We’re all watching Trump write a book entitled “How I Single-handedly Brought the USA to its knees.”

In the meantime, Trump continues to thrive — despite his trouble with Mueller, despite his trouble wih women, despite clearly being Putin’s bitch, despite every ignorant thing Trump says and does. I honestly don’t get it. It’s horrifying.

Karen F,

That thought did occur to me. Bolton assumes office April 9th. With a DOB of November 20, 1948 he has natal Pluto at 8 ’36 Capr very close to where Saturn will be stationing in mid April.

Nancy wrote in this thread:

“….the rumor that anti-UN war-monger John Bolton might replace H.R. McMaster as National Security Advisor is nothing short of horrifying. If that nightmare comes to pass, expect a foreign policy with one setting: aggression. Diplomacy will become the lost art of the last Century.”

The mid April astrological aspects are worth noting…..

There’s an exact Jupiter-Pluto sextile (21 Scorpio-Capr.) in yod formation (double quincunx) to the US Mars (21 Gemini) on April 14th followed by the April 16th New Moon/ Uranus conjunction (26/28 Aries) in trine to Trump’s Mars and last years Aug. 21st solar eclipse degree (26/28 Leo).

The US-China trade war now in its formative stages…… could that be a smokescreen or a diversion?

So sorry. My mistake. I got that wrong. Bolton has stationary natal Pluto at 16 ’33 Leo.

However, one interesting nugget looking at his chart. He has a very close Jupiter-Uranus opposition (29 Gemini-0 Capricorn). It was activated by the March 20th Spring Equinox – Mars square (0 Aries-1 Capr.). A harbinger of things to come?



Friday is driven by the Moon in Gemini, seeking the buzz, buzz, buzz of who, what, when and where. But remember — Mercury is REtrograde — so be careful about believing what you hear!

The impulse to act and/or lash out is especially heightened over the next few days. On Friday at 7:13 PM ET, potent Pluto squares Venus in Aries. Be especially mindful of the potential for emotional overkill, power plays and witchy-bitchy women. The sign of the Ram is a tough placement for Venus, often suggesting a consummate flirt with an overwhelming need for approval and great sensitivity to rejection. On the plus side, this aspect can also suggest passion of the juiciest kind.

Moon enters Cancer on SATURDAY at 4:53 AM ET, after a five hour void. A Cancer Moon suggests a need to build and preserve emotional/family/home/homeland security — but that need may well be fraught with conflict. Why? Because at 11:35 AM ET we’ll have a clash between the me-me-me Aries Sun and the family-centric Cancer Moon, with an added dose of provocation from warrior Mars. Minutes later, at 12:08 PM ET, Mars squares the Sun. If you’ve got a planet or angle around 4 degrees of Aries, Capricorn, Libra or Cancer do something productive with those high-octane physical and creative urges.

SUNDAY features the Moon’s weekly clash with Pluto at 4:41 PM ET, followed by Uranus at 2:58 AM ET on MONDAY. Pluto suggests power plays and emotional catharses; Uranus suggests upsets to the status quo. Well that should give us something to talk about that morning. No sleeping in — the Moon will be void at 2:58 AM ET, but it roars into regal Leo at 7:45 AM ET.”

Jerry, how could Bolton have natal Pluto in Capricorn when I was born in 1941 and my natal Pluto is 5 degrees Leo?

Sorry, I see correction, Jerry.

Thanks, Ja, for posting Grace Astrology. I love her stuff. So, 4:41 PM ET is when Pluto clashes with the moon (just 2 hrs before 60 Minutes), bringing power plays and emotional catharses, and Uranus clashes with the moon 2:58 ET on Monday, with the moon entering Leo Monday morning. Since the moon moves fast, a day or so later it will activate Donny Darko’s mars, ascendant, Regulus star placement.

Either way, Monday morning “around the water cooler” should be very interesting and Donny should be generating a high-volume Tweet storm in the coming days, OR a major dramatic distraction.

Re Bolton’s propensity for war, and the other new high level staff Trump is surrounding himself with, Congress better get cracking and put some controls in place.

Thanks Fe, I’ve no doubt that was what triggered Trump’s behavior/reaction for the following 3+ weeks (natal Sun being pressured by transiting Pluto and Jupiter). Right now transiting Chaos is also conjunct his Sun and very soon transiting Child will be exactly conjunct his Uranus.

As for those structures coming down, it’s affecting every part of our life and, for now, we must look for alternative answers which forces us to become creative. It is the stimulus we complacent humans need to find solutions. Death and rebirth. May we live in interesting times, indeed.

The kids are inspiring aren’t they? Not so weary and beat down like most adults have become. They will make things happen. This is Uranus coming to the sign of values, Taurus.

I kind of wondered about that Mercury retrograde station occurring just a scant one day before the US budget deal was set to expire (Friday midnight)…….

Thursday March 22nd 7:19 pm EST/ Mercury stations retrograde at 16 ’54 Aries in square to the 115th US Congress Pluto (17 ’36 Capr.).

Congress Passes Mammoth Spending Bill, Averts Shutdown

The $1.3 trillion budget bill now goes to President Donald Trump for his signature

Washington Post

WASHINGTON—The Senate passed a $1.3 trillion spending bill early Friday, acting to avert a government shutdown with less than 24 hours to spare and bringing to a close a messy negotiating process over the sprawling measure

And then that all too dreaded Trump tweet hits the airways…..

Why Is Trump Threatening To Veto A Spending Bill Hours Before A Shutdown Deadline?

Washington Post
March 23, 2018

Congress thought it had averted a shutdown Thursday night. Then, President Trump did this, hours before the government could shut down at midnight Friday:

“I am considering a VETO of the Omnibus Spending Bill based on the fact that the 800,000 plus DACA recipients have been totally abandoned by the Democrats (not even mentioned in Bill) and the BORDER WALL, which is desperately needed for our National Defense, is not fully funded.”

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 23, 2018

Trump says he is “considering” vetoing the $1.3 trillion spending bill that the Senate stayed up late Thursday to get to his desk because he didn’t get the deal he wanted on immigration.

If Trump vetoes the bill, Congress has two options: Start over, or try to override his veto. It’s not clear either would happen before the deadline for a shutdown Friday. It’s also not clear what Trump gets out of this last-minute line in the sand. If he backs down, he’ll look like he made an empty threat and got nothing for it. If he doesn’t back down, the government could shut down for the third time this year under his watch.

So what is Trump thinking? Here are some likely scenarios, based on how he’s handled these negotiations in the past……



Thank you for the kind words Sharon K. Could you see me blush way down yonder in Nawleens?

Thank you, Sharon, I was thinking the same thing about the water cooler.

Jerry, I believe the issue is that Trump isn’t thinking, he’s acting out.

Will, My fingers are crossed that the MR see’s the end of Bolton.

A well meaning “Bless Your Heart” to you Sharon and a link to help you if you’re still talking like a Yankee.


I think I *still* have an ulcer from when Bolton had a job in the Whitehouse the first time around.

Im just gonna keep the Mercury Rx in mind and act like it’ll boot him when Mercury goes back to direct. \o/

So between the 3 wars Trump is facing (legal w/ Mueller, econ w/ China and Iran/N Korea nuclear armament )

… what do we think is gonna spark off when Uranus shifts from Aries over to Taurus?

The stock market has already taken a nose dive with this tariff business, is the Dow even gonna remain solvent in mid May?

As a general FYI – Saturday’s march is not the last mass event that students are organizing regarding gun violence. There will also be an event on April 20th, which will be the Columbine shooting’s 19th anniversary.

Really proud of the Pluto in Sagittarius generation right now, but I’ve been nursing a lot of hope for what these kids will be able to accomplish, and have already.

Looking forward to the speeches tomorrow, Aquarian Moon. Judging by their expressions when I see these young leaders interviewed, and on the cover of Time yesterday, they mean business and will not back down. Like Barb says, there will be a revolution in values and I hope the country goes back to truthful ones that are also realistic and kind, and not the hypocritical sh*t I see.

Bob, are you a Southerner? I have heard bless your heart said here and there, but rarely here in New Orleans. I have noticed it can be really hypocritical when uttered after stating some trashy gossip about someone, but it can also be sincere.

So, you’re welcome, and bless your heart, too.

Thank you, Ja, for posting the Eric Francis blog. I am still laughing. And I needed that laugh today.

Uranus sextuplets natal Moon in Sibley chart peaks tomorrow and Sunday, in time for March for Our Lives… Amazing!
Transiting Uranus in strong sextile with natal Moon
(forming, 0.1 degrees)

This transit is strongest
Apr 26, 2017 – Nov 25, 2017
Feb 8, 2018 – Apr 30, 2018
Nov 30, 2018 – Feb 12, 2019
(see details below)
The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections.

Your feelings are expressing themselves to you in ways you never before dreamed possible. This could be the beginning of a major breakthrough, the first step in actually coming to terms with emotions long buried in your unconscious. This new awareness of your feelings could come to you from within or through meeting new people who are able to bring out your emotions at this time. Some other ways that this important transit could manifest in your life: you may get in better touch with the feminine side of your nature; you may find yourself feeling restless and bored with your current dwelling or home life, leading you to make changes in your home environment; your close personal relationships may alter; you may have insights that force you into a new way of seeing your relationship with your mother. Even if these changes seem disruptive they usually work out for the best in the overall process of your life development. These changes may provide insights that will be the seeds for your future emotional development. Some new part of yourself is struggling to break free to the surface of your personality.

This transit is strongest (within 2 degrees) from Apr 26, 2017 – Nov 25, 2017, especially Jun 4, 2017, Oct 3, 2017 R;
from Feb 8, 2018 – Apr 30, 2018, especially Mar 25, 2018;
from Nov 30, 2018 – Feb 12, 2019, no exact.
On 3/23/2018: Transiting Uranus in strong sextile (forming, 0.1 degrees) with natal Moon.

Marjorie on Bolton
” looking surprisingly stressed and undermined this year for a man who has just been handed a prized job”

wow, this is interesting – word is Bolton interacted with Cambridge Analytica ……

This Trump Puppet Scam was the plan all along. “Bolton Was Early Beneficiary of Cambridge Analytica’s Facebook Data”

‘If the world knew what [Mercer] was trying to do, they wouldn’t stand for it.

regarding the comment upthread about something changing about 3 weeks ago, apparently John Bolton was seen at the white house on the evening of march 6th.

Check out this disturbing look at what Facebook knows about anyone with an account: https://techcrunch.com/2018/03/23/facebook-knows-literally-everything-about-you/

As a postscript on Marjorie’s John Bolton reading that kiwi just posted above, Marjorie reminds us that she previously wrote that “Trump’s relationship charts with both Republican charts, 22 Feb 1856 and 28 Feb 1854, are moving into rocky territory.”

Sharon, I mean aww shucks ma’am, I was born in Bloody Kansas but moved to Wisconsin at about 3 years of age and to Illinois after the service and still here captivated by the state politics. Are there any states with more ex-governors serving or having served time in the pen?

Machine? What machine? Richard Joseph Daley, mayor of Chicago for 21 years. His son, Richard M. Daley, mayor of Chicago for 22 years. That toddlin’ town.

Machine? What machine? Richard J. Daley, mayor of Chicago for 21 years. His son, Richard M. Daley, mayor of Chicago for 22 years.

Frank Sinatra – Chicago




It really makes you wonder who is running the show?

I know it ain’t Trump.

the irony is, Bolton is the epitome of a ‘deep state player’ as it gets! He’s been a hawk voice behind the scenes since dodging Vietnam active service. Apparently was a classmate of Clarence Thomas at Yale.

Bolton former activities reminds me of another creepy character we haven’t heard from in a long time – ‘prince of darkness’ Richard Perle …. would not surprise me if he’s putting in his 2 cents worth under cover of darkness too.

In addition to Trump’s opening salvo on a looming trade war with China and a host of other countries, come Monday morning, the markets could be in for a real shock……

China’s Death Blow To The Petrodollar Just A Few Day’s Away

Commodity Trade
March 23, 2018

If you leave your sliding glass door open, you might let in a stray cat, raccoon, or bugs without knowing it.

Some intruders are worse than others. All can be annoying. But let in a thief, who robs your home… and it only takes that one time to change your life forever.

The U.S. has essentially left their “sliding glass door” open, and on MARCH 26 China is set to become the intruder that may very well deal a death blow to the dollar.

China Prepares Death Blow to the Dollar

On March 26 China will finally launch a yuan-dominated oil futures contract. Over the last decade there have been a number of “false-starts,” but this time the contract has gotten approval from China’s State Council.

With that approval, the “petroyuan” will become real and China will set out to challenge the “petrodollar” for dominance. Adam Levinson, managing partner and chief investment officer at hedge fund manager Graticule Asset Management Asia (GAMA), already warned last year that China launching a yuan-denominated oil futures contract will shock those investors who have not been paying attention.

This could be a death blow for an already weakening US dollar, and the rise of the yuan as the dominant world currency.

But this isn’t just some slow, news day “fad” that will fizzle in a few days.



stars over Washington – Bolton trump synastry grid

John BOlton Natal Chart


oops what I meant to type is:

(correction) chart for day Bolton begins officially

John Bolton’s NATAL MIDPOINT SUN/MARS @ 11-12 Sagittarius
.conjunct USA ASC 12 Sagittarius

Bolton’s Natal Semi-Sextile Kite

Mars 25 Sagittarius
Pholus 25 Capricorn
Sun (Chiron) 28 Scorpio


Orcus 23 Gemini (Uranus 29GE)

Orcus by Jeremy Neal (Amazon Books)

Orcus (unconscious challenging compulsions and drives, willing executioner with heart of stone)

Never Again is one of the more outstanding events I have ever seen/heard. Children so outspoken and articulate that my own young life pales. The last I had “thrills” like this was the during the march on D.C. in ’69.

What a difference a day makes!!

“Today witnessing the determination,initiative, perseverance and strong voices of young people ALL Over the World (over 800,000 alone in my home state of Minnesota!) I am filled with hope for our country. These young people who are members of wide spectrum of cultures and communities have united and embraced their power. They are leading the way. WE THE PEOPLE can turn the tide and defeat and successfully move this country forward in positive, life sustaining ways… I feel absolutely positively energized…that our country will sustain as a nation FOR THE PEOPLE and BY THE PEOPLE. All of us, older American Citizens must embrace the courage, vision and voice generated by the youth of this planet.”

Ja….Yes! What a Difference!
We Boomer’s have fought and dreamed of this day for dacades! We could never have done this alone, but these Kids know we elder’s are behind them and sending them strength. I can’t stop crying/shaking.
Finally….This Day Has Come!
Pray that Conservatives also will now see the Light!

Just got home from the DC Never Again rally. Wow! Just wow!!

I was struck by the merging of the anti-school shooting issue with the anti-street violence issue and the coming together on all those fronts. Very powerful to see all these people share the stage on essentially the same issue – the ravages of gun violence.

I was also struck by how little Trump was mentioned. Instead, the focus was the politicians, especially the GOP, who are toadies for the NRA. The focus was to vote them out. I think this is an important shift. I am imagining some of them freaking out right around now.

I also thought the coming together in the crowd of the young generation with the older, baby boomers, i.e. the protesters of days past, was striking. Jennifer Hudson ending the whole thing with an updated version of an old Bob Dylan song was especially poignant.

Eliseo… check out whether there are any auction houses in the area. Up here, I know of a couple of them that move the antiques, etc., to their place of auction, display them, etc, for a percentage of the sales price, rather than a “payment up front.” That could help off-load AND give you some cash, while not requiring immediate out-go on your part.

If you’re in part of the Galveston area, you might have a chance with all the antebellum atmosphere.

I am SO sorry to hear of your pain issues, both emotional and physical. While you’ve known for a while your mother was failing, the loss of a parent is never easy. I wish I could help more than just long-distance hugs and love, but you have those without saying. Good luck with Su, her situation and her mother. I hope you’re back together soon. You both need each other now, more than ever.

John Bolton is a neoconservative who has been serving the causes of the New Right since the early 1980s.

Unlike most neocons, who tend to stay in ivory towers and think tanks, Bolton has worked within the political structure since his college days. It is said that his political views have not changed since his teens when he supported Barry Goldwater’s presidential bid.

Attending Yale Law School, he befriended Clarence Thomas and others in the new Federalist Society (a group that seeks to abolish the Securities Exchange Commission and curtail the powers of the EPA, among other goals).

His actions after the 2000 election, when he effectively stopped the recount in Miami-Dade, resulted in Dick Cheney’s saying that Bolton can have “anything he wants” in the new administration.


Thank you for sharing Nancy, How inspiring, it’s so good to feel this way today!

In these days of awful news, it is SO heartwarming to see these kids of all stripes and backgrounds working together in love, harmony, and wisdom, with united conviction of purpose FOR a better ‘normal’ world.
Maybe their next goal will be to work toward eliminating conditions that force kids to grow up in war zones. Lets pray stock prices of gun manufacturers continue to slide.

An interesting read, especially in the context/overlay with the many trump cohorts Russian connections, both known and as yet unknown.

I’m loving imagining politicians freaking out Nancy!

ed tamplin this week

Vis a vi what you guys have said above (and how exciting, Nancy, for you to have been there), I, too, was in awe of the poise, confidence, passion, eloquence, and commitment evidenced by those who participated on the stage today, from the younger children such as the 11 y.o. old girl who was there to represent her peers, and MLK’s granddaughter, to the seniors from MSD HS in Parkland, who were particularly bright and impressive (better speakers who came prepared with better speeches than most adults). I was able to figure out and/or read that MSD is located in an affluent community and it’s an excellent school that turns out the type of kids we saw. CNN said they owned their privilege and, between their tweets and speeches, it was clear that they knew that they were children of a privileged environment that offered them an excellent education, which include the training in debate and theater that prepared them to be the speakers that they are, and they owned that. All of the violence these last many years in public housing and economically distressed areas has a “blame the victim” meme, but what about the kids, single parents, and families who are forced to live under those conditions who want nothing to do with violence, but want to work their way up and out, and who are sometimes accidentally shot, injured, and threatened, because they are in the wrong place at the wrong time!? This was part of today’s wake-up call. I also had to laugh that the speakers kept saying this wasn’t a blue vs. red or a political issue, but, while we’re at it, let’s vote them out in November if they stay stuck in their corrupt, NRA-supporting stances (and it sounded like young people were registered to vote today). It was such a refreshing day. I feel like my soul has been pierced and washed clean. I was at the march on DC in 1969 and participated in many, many, what we liked to call “rap sessions” about what was wrong with the U.S. in those days, and what I saw today was that much better.


Never Again

A report from The New York Times depicts the President as a man completely unhinged in control of the White House. I wonder what Paul Ryan must be thinking…….

After Another Week of Chaos, Trump Repairs to Palm Beach. No One Knows What Comes Next.

New York Times
March 23, 2018

PALM BEACH, Fla. — President Trump decamped to his oceanfront estate here on Friday after a head-spinning series of presidential decisions on national security, trade and the budget that left the capital reeling and his advisers nervous about what comes next.

The decisions attested to a president riled up by cable news and unbound. Mr. Trump appeared heedless of his staff, unconcerned about Washington decorum, or the latest stock market dive, and confident of his instincts. He seemed determined to set the agenda himself, even if that agenda looked like a White House in disarray.

Inside the West Wing, aides described an atmosphere of bewildered resignation as they grappled with the all-too-familiar task of predicting and reacting in real time to Mr. Trump’s shifting moods.

Aides said there was no grand strategy to the president’s actions, and that he got up each morning this week not knowing what he would do. Much as he did as a New York businessman at Trump Tower, Mr. Trump watched television, reacted to what he saw on television and then reacted to the reaction.

Aides said he was still testing his limits as president while also feeling embattled by incoming fire — from Congress, the Russia investigation, foreign entanglements, a potential trade war and a pornographic film actress and a Playboy model who said they had affairs with Mr. Trump and were paid to keep quiet.

The president, furious over the failure of Congress to pay for his wall on the southern border with Mexico, began Friday by threatening in a Twitter post shortly before 9 a.m. to veto a $1.3 trillion spending bill passed hours earlier by Congress. That raised the specter of another government shutdown at midnight, this one precipitated entirely by Mr. Trump.



More volatility in financial markets are expected next week with US-China tensions escalating over trade tarriff’s. Several dates are emerging that might be worth watching.

1) The April 2nd Mars/Saturn conjunction (8 Capr.). It will be in square to China’s Sun (7 Libra) and in opposition to Trump’s natal Mercury (8 Cancer).

2) April 11th. Tr. Sun at 21 Aries in square to tr. Pluto/ China’s natal Jupiter (21/22 Cap.) and in quincunx to tr. Jupiter (21 Scorpio).

3) The April 16th New Moon/ Uranus conjunction (26/28 Aries). This aspect has been discussed before, but one reason I suspect this New Moon could see a precipitous fall in the value of the US dollar (China aggressively liquidating it’s US treasury holdings?) is that tr. Uranus will be in exact opposition to the US dollar’s Jupiter/Neptune conjunction (28 Libra).

The US Dollar Chart

The Coinage Act or the Mint Act, passed by the United States Congress on April 2, 1792, created the United States dollar as the country’s standard unit of money, established the United States Mint, and regulated the coinage of the United States.

– Wikipedia

The U.S. Dollar horoscope is based on the Coinage Act, passed by the United States Congress on April 2, 1792, time unknown – set for 12:00 pm, in Philadelphia, PA which established the United States Mint and regulated the coinage of the United States. This act also established the dollar as the unit of money in the United States, declared it to be lawful tender, and created a decimal system for U.S. currency.

– William Stickevers

Here’s the chart……


I could quote many of the posts here to support this view but will just make reference to their messages to save time and space.

The Sidereal based Capsolar for DC better describes the “March For Our Lives” event than the hot out of the oven Tropical Aries Ingress chart. The Capsolar has the ‘No place to hide, up against the wall, owning it, truth to power’, Sun/Pluto midpoint exactly on the IC and the Mercury/Venus midpoint exactly on the Nadir reflecting the message delivered peacefully in an event populated mostly by women and children.
The Aries Ingress for DC (usually recipient of many interpretive posts but nary a one this year) has ambiguous Neptune on the MC and the violence depicting Mars/Saturn midpoint on the Desc.

2018 precession corrected Capsolar in DC


2018 Tropical Aries Ingress in DC


Thanks Bob, I find your chart’s MC (?) and IC with its corresponding midpoints remarkable. What I note from the 12 Noon chart for yesterday’s rally are its planets that set off the US natal chart’s square between Neptune and Mars via the combined charts 3 yods that demand adjustment (adaptation).

The transit between Jupiter sextile the transit of Pluto with the “Finger of God” at the US MARS would be #1, and the US natal Neptune sextile transiting Jupiter with the Finger of God on transiting VENUS was #2.

The 3rd Yod made up of the 3 Finger of God points (apex of each yod) combines transiting Venus sextile the US Mars placing the Finger of God on transiting JUPITER.

What this gives us is a simple directive to take action (US Mars) regarding our values (transiting Venus) to adjust (yod apex) our understanding (transiting Jupiter) as to who benefits from the 2nd Amendment and why it needs to be re-framed.

Other charts I use for discovery regarding events but seldom post are the progressed Cap or Canlunar charts. Here is the progressed Caplunar for the MFOL. It has the Sibly Mars and Neptune exactly on it’s MC and Asc. The administration and many in Congress must have been terrified seeing democracy in action and hearing about voter registration for the young people who were chanting “Vote them out!”

I think that both Sidereal and Tropical charts work but it is difficult to know when to apply each. Overall I find the Sidereal or precession corrected charts more revealing.


In Russia, civilians are not allowed to possess handguns or automatic weapons, and maximum penalty for possession of a firearm is 8 years in prison. Yet, Putin is funneling millions of dollars to @NRA to fight gun control in US.”
#NeverAgain http://www.gunpolicy.org/firearms/region/russia

From Twitter

Those young people March for Our Lives, are the “ones we have been waiting for.” They will make much great change in many areas, not just gun control.

what an informative site angellite (gunpolicy.org) – I notice research was done by university of Sydney.

Starlight, I believe you R right that GOP are definitely freaking out. Al Sharpton wanted to speak but they said no one over 19 to speak since the older generation had failed them. This is definitely a God-driven movement and all of us who are witnessing this are in awe or in fear.


*”Guns don’t kill people. Congress kills people.”
*”The right to own assault weapon doesn’t outweigh my right to live.”
*”2d Amdt written when Blacks were 3/5th.Times change.”


Eliseo, you are still in my prayers accompanied with sending you healing light and connection with healing angels. May the light of love support you at this time.


That’s exactly what I wrote to them on Facebook: We (my generation) have failed you. No other way to put it. We failed them in so many different ways.

And I still have friends doing that holier than thou thing where they talk about the real problem is that this generations of teens and college students have no respect for adults.

Why would they? We thoroughly screwed up the world. We failed at the most basic thing of leaving our children’s generations lives better than our own.

Hope they make a Movie of this brave husband & wife team, before they’re gone: “Serge and Beate Klarsfeld are not only Europe’s most famous Nazi Hunters. For more than five decades, they’ve also been the vigilante enforcers of the continent’s moral conscience”.

Especially with this new growing Evil:
‘Let them call you racists’: Steve Bannon

Teresa Hill: That was beautiful your sentiment on your FB page that our generation has failed them. But now we have hope.

‘Spring Break’ may have new meaning for tRump and Mad Malaria. And Little Marco.


I think we have. So badly. It’s shameful. We’ve failed ourselves, too.

I just read on Democratic Underground that Remington, America’s oldest gun production company is going out of business! I guess they are reading the writing on the wall.

Apparently, the company is not out of business yet. It’s filed for bankruptcy to reduce debt.

Remington filed for chapter 11 (reorganization) in feb. At this stage they’re just moving the deck chairs and performing magical financial tricks.

“We are very concerned that Remington will be unable to refinance debt that comes due in April 2019 given its weak operating performance and high financial leverage,” said Kevin Cassidy, the senior credit officer at Moody’s Investors Service.

On Monday, Remington said it had reached a restructuring agreement with creditors that would enable the company to write off $700 million of the company’s estimated $950 million debt.”

Remington creditors = jp morgan, Franklin – private equity etc
More investment bank shenanigans?

Eric Francis:

“For whatever reasons, these young people are especially sensitive to the incoming influence of the Uranus-Eris conjunction that is happening now. For a historic precedent, consider the way in which those with Pluto in Leo were sensitive to the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the mid-1960s.”


check out this link, the photo is amazing.


From Planet Waves, “Something unprecedented is occurring: the survivors of a mass shooting are rising up against an absurd cultural norm. They are speaking in a clear voice, undaunted by the prospect of failure.Most significantly, they are willing to be confrontational. We have not seen anything like this in a long, long time. We may indeed be witnessing something new.”

Yes, we are witnessing some new but has been prophesized, when the Soul of humanity begins to take over the personalities as witnessed in these young people.

Phillip Lindsay states in his newsletter that this is the Power of Uranus, he says it is “Interesting to note that alot of the MSM in the USA gave very moderate coverage of this spectacular turnout, even describing “thousands” marching instead of “millions”. Huff Post was the most generous that I saw, whilst on the Fox news website, there is absolutely no mention of the event!! Unbelievable…”

They are so cowardly to not report the event, sucking up to the extremist part of their base. I saw a news item on FB where a dad is training his 6 y.o. (and it sounds like good training) to shoot and have her gun in her purse in school. Apparently this is not unusual among the gun cult.

Most of the young people we saw on Saturday’s rally never experienced life in the U.S. before 9/11- a period of time when the average (US) person went about their day never dreaming such an assault on US soil could happen. But their parents did and it affected their sense of safety for their families.

Many of the young people we watched give such impassioned speeches were born with natal Pluto on or near the US natal chart’s ascendant of 12+ Sagittarius (like it was on September 11, 2001) and those kids might even have a natal Saturn in Gemini opposite that Pluto, as it was on 9/11. They were born to transform this country.

Those same young people have Neptune in their birth charts on or near the US natal chart’s South Node at 6+ Aquarius, as it was on 9/11, and they were born to dissolve the old patterns of this country that no longer serve a purpose. They would have their natal Neptune’s conjunct the US natal chart’s Pholus too, a symbol known to mean a small cause that would bring on a huge response involving aggressive reactions.

Those same young people likely have their natal chart’s Uranus on or near the degree where the US progressed Mercury in Aquarius is, the degree where Uranus was at the time of the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in 2000, the start of a cycle in which the revolutionary Uranus would challenge the status quo of this society.

Is it any wonder then that, 17+ years after that traumatic event took place, another (relatively small by comparison) traumatic event for those 17+ year kids would spark a revolt around the world to prevent such violence? Is there a more logical explanation for this phenomenon?

Here is Elisabeth Grace,



Kiwi usually posts Raye Robertson. As usual Raye’s words are thought provoking, and echoes some of themes you’ve been exploring, Barb.

High school students in Wisconsin on Sunday began their 50-mile march from the state’s capital to GOP Speaker Paul Ryan’s hometown to call for action on gun control.

The students planned the “March for Our Lives: 50 Miles More” to take place the day after hundreds of thousands of young people gathered in every U.S. state to demand action on school safety and gun control.


March For Our Lives Pluto conjunct NRA progressed Saturn (NRA natal done for noon in Albany NY, relocated to DC).

NRA (Noon in Albany) – Sec.Prog. Q2 Mean Quotidian
Mar 24 2018, 1:00 pm, EDT +4:00
White House Dist of Columbia 38°N53’50” 077°W02’13”

Saturn 292°39′

March For Our Lives – Natal Chart
Mar 24 2018, 12:00 pm, EDT +4:00
White House Dist of Columbia 38°N53’50” 077°W02’13”

Pluto 292°44′

Progression to noon is the same for the NRA chart as it was for 1 pm.

Prices for each of the 20 most-prescribed brand-name drugs for seniors have increased dramatically every year for the past five years, according to a new report released by Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.)


[strike]Run, Forrest, Run![/strike]

Go Stormy! Go!

Elizabeth Warren Has A Plan To Make Health Care Coverage Cheaper And More Reliable
The Massachusetts senator’s new bill would increase consumer subsidies and force insurers to accept tougher rules.


I don’t think Trump can last much longer. There are rumors that b/c Paul Ryan has not announced that he will run for re-election that he may not. GOP are starting to weary of Trump now due to Stormy & the chaotic conditions of his presidency. How they wonder, can they be the values party when their Prez is amoral, they can’t.

“The young ones born at the turn of the century are beginning to make their presence felt and with them a new human force is rising up even as the structures and systems of the passing civilisation fail through self-interest and the natural world breaks under the weight of exploitation. This new force is reforming the substance of the dissolving forms into something new and glorious if only glimpsed as yet in momentary flashes of insight. While the new world is still forming it is critical to its successful birth that we give it our full attention – our directed energies – lest it fail through our lack of focus and will-power. It can be all too easy to slide back into the old patterns and values that have so governed humankind over the millennia that they have crystallised and cemented their hold on our consciousness and habitual living. But the new generation has been born into a global world and are already globally conscious and active. They think in larger proportions like the stone-mason in the old parable:”


I still get chills, my heart fills, tears keep coming.

The young are spearheading this movement as we stand behind them. Should any attack them I like to think we would stand in front of, or along side of, them and besides our votes we can use the power of our spending dollars (boycotts of companies or their products) to punish those who would do so.


“Gonzalez received a call from a teacher who had seen some television interviews she had done.

The 18-year-old senior learned that a school board member wanted to speak with her. She began dreading the call.

“Of course, my initial thought as a student was, ‘A school official wants to talk to me? What did I do wrong? Oh god!’” she recalls to PEOPLE.”


“In her voice, in her fury, and in her strength, González reminds us that no one in this nation is powerless and that anyone can effect change if they get angry, get loud, and get active. And that is exactly the reminder this country needs right now.”

These young people are savvy and after they have achieved their aims regarding gun laws, or perhaps during their quest, they will realize or find out that they can form a veto proof Congress for a long time to come and thereby put in place more laws good for the average citizen instead of some that favor special interests. Just as they will do regarding sensible gun legislation. At some point in time they will align with one of the major political party’s.

“BREAKING: Retired Republican Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens is calling on lawmakers to repeal the Second Amendment, saying it has been misinterpreted for decades.” – The @thehill

Spanky. Spanky.

Thanks to Stormy Daniels I now know how to interpret the Saturn-Venus conjunction on tRump’s chart.

Bob, “spanky, spanky” has me grinning ear to ear. Thanks for the chuckle!

Angelight, best news ever; Justice Stevens call for repealing the 2nd amandment!

The US ordered the expulsion of 60 Russian diplomats and the closing of the Seattle Russian Embassy by April 2nd in response to the latest tit for tat diplomatic embroglio. Russia has threatened harsh retaliation.

The astrology of it is interesting. As mentioned in an earlier post, the upcoming April 2nd Mars/Saturn conjunction (8 Capr.) forms an intense t square to Russia’s natal Uranus-Mars square (8 Capr. – Libra) and Trump’s Mercury (8 Cancer). Should we anticipate an intense Cold War coming on? I can feel the fever slowly taking over already. To continue with the narrative posted last month…….

……….This upcoming Mars/Saturn conjunction makes direct hits to three of the seven Pluto-Uranus square series that took place 2012 -2015 with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. The following are three of those dates……

1) June 24, 2012 (8 ’24 Aries-Capr.)

2) September 19, 2012 (6 ’57 Aries-Capr.)

3) November 1, 2013 (9 ’26 Aries-Capr.)

To bring that into bold relief, astrologer Allison Rae fills in the details on the astrological conditions for the Mars/Saturn conjunction in early April:

The Astrology of 2018: A Personal And Collective Call To Consciousness

If you look hard enough, every problem contains its own solution. I’ve been studying the astrology of 2018 for awhile now, and at first it seemed pretty bleak. The global transformation initiated during the long Uranus-Pluto square of 2012-2015 will be reactivated by transit in the new year, which means we’ll have another round of life-changing crises and drama.

Then the remedy – the transformative facilitators – in this next phase emerged. Jupiter, Venus and Chiron show the way to our ultimate healing and transformation.

Planetary transits and eclipses in 2018 paint a hopeful image of transcendent evolution…if we
participate. Deep and lasting changes are in process within every aspect of society. Our environmental, social, cultural, academic, economic, scientific and spiritual values are at stake. This period of purification, the Great Awakening, has been prophesied since ancient times.

The Period Of High Alert Is Late March Through Mid-April.

Although the exact alignment wrapped up in 2015, we’re still in the midst of a global transformation heralded by the long Uranus-Pluto square a few years ago. That alignment will be reactivated in 2018 with Saturn, Mars, Venus and Mercury transiting the sensitive degrees of the exact squares (8-16 degrees Aries/Capricorn). The most intense period will be late March through mid-April.

Slowly and steadily, Pluto relates to necessary and deep changes that further our evolution both personally and collectively. Revolutionary Uranus heralds sudden, unexpected events (or people) that bring about the needed transformation.

Shakedown. Breakdown. Think about all that’s happened in your life and in the world since 2012, or even 2015.

The long square marked the completion of the first quarter of a cycle that began with the conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in the early 1960s. Fast forward 40+ years and the same themes are up today: The Love-and-Peacers are going head- to-head with The Establishment. Leaders of the old school are hanging on tight to outdated ways as the inevitable forces of social change press forward to reshape humanity’s experience in more egalitarian ways.


Jerry, thanks for keeping our eye on the source astrology as it pertains to the present unfolding events. With so much going on (winds blowing every which way) I personally appreciate reading all astrological perspectives.

Admittedly, it can be overwhelming (in volume alone) but it is within these 7 squares between Uranus and Pluto – the followup on their original conjunctions in the ’60’s – that best explain the “why” of our present chaos. There really is a method to the madness.

For example, their 3rd square on May 20, 2013 (not on your short list) with Pluto at 11 Cap 14 and Uranus at 11 Aries 14 had trans. Jupiter at 21+ Gemini conjunct the US natal Mars exactly, and trans. Mars at 22+ Taurus exactly conjunct the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction of 2000, which started their present cycle that’s due to expire in 2020.

The chart for this particular square (of 7) between Pluto and Uranus also had the Moon (symbolizing the People and their mood) at 2+ Libra conjunct the US natal chart’s MC (and the Super Galactic Center AND Mueller’s natal Neptune).

That Moon (symbolizing people) in Libra was trine the same chart’s Sun (symbolizing consciousness) at 0+ Gemini. How ’bout them apples?

Here’s where the 3 most recognized centaurs were in that specific chart; Chiron at 13+ Pisces where the present transiting Neptune was most of this past February and through March 6th.

Pholus (small cause, big effect) in this same chart was at 21+ Sagittarius rx and opposite the US natal Mars in Gemini and square the US natal Neptune in Virgo.

Nessus (abuse of power) at 28+ Aquarius was one degree past the US Moon (US people and their moods) and last month’s solar eclipse. Enough to shed some light on the March For Our Lives Protest.

Put the symbolism together and it could be read as:
> an explosion (Jupiter) of US anger (US Mars);

>Anger that would take place in the Jupiter/Saturn cycle between 2000 and 2020 (Mars conjunct the start of that cycle) such as from the 9-11 attack, multiple mass shootings, Russian intervention in US election and so on;

> the US people (Moon) are now seen around the world (US MC) as activating their anger consciously (Moon trine Sun) through protest and media exposure (Gemini and Libra);

> Compassion (Neptune) for their suffering (Chiron) brought on by a group of high school kids who lost friends in a mass shooting at their school . .

>activated the US natal chart’s Mars-square-Neptune (Pholus) . .

>which stemmed from the American People (Moon) no longer being willing to stand the abuse (Nessus) and therefore taking that message to their government.

That’s one person’s way of interpreting the symbols and there could be others just as valid, if not more so. The point is that we (as a species) aren’t being punished so much as we are being pushed to evolve to a higher level of consciousness than where we have been for many centuries.

Surely we can all see that by now. We are growing by leaps and bounds.

Thank you, barbk.

As you all know, I don’t know a lot about Astrology, but that doesn’t stop me from asking questions. My question is about the 9th House which I believe has to do with the law. If that’s the case, what does Trump’s natal chart say about his spending most of his life being sued or suing and especially what impact do the planets have on that house at this time.

My second question about the 9th House probably has more to do with its ruler. So many black men are and have been shot and killed by “the law” or policemen who are not held accountable. Is their some ongoing astrological transit or progression that can explain this? Or does it all go back to when we first brought slaves here?

Beth Owl’s Daughter

“In this, which countless millions call “Holy Week,” let us — in the name of all that is holy — vow to wage peace.”


I know I wasn’t alone as I watched, tears streaming down my face on Saturday as these kids one after another spoke so eloquently, passionately with words that struck not just our hearts but our souls.

They are as MLK’s granddaughter said, “Going to be a great generation”. We the “ME” generation have been asleep at the wheel and they who are being coined the “WE” generation are brave and courageous and wise beyond their years and I for one am grateful they are here. They are going to change the world.. I truly believe they will. Not just because they want to but because, in the words of Angela Davis, they refuse to accept the things they have been told they cannot change and are going to change the things they cannot accept. Most of all because they have a deep sense of believing they can. Magic kids indeed.

Please take a moment to read this article..

“The truth is these kids didn’t spontaneously erupt from Florida a month ago. They have been deconstructing the bullshit of our generations for their entire lives, and now they’re ready.

Not for nothing, these are the kids that were born, literally, in the months after September 11, 2001. They came into a world at war. They grew up in the shadow of ever-threatening “Red Alert Levels” and endless “Active Shooter Drills” and the ubiquity of “Rekt” videos on 4Chan. They did not know one day of school before Columbine. They did not know one day of life without the threat of terrorism. They have not known one day of their nation in peace. Like it or not, they have lived every day of their lives, twenty-four-seven, on the battlefield.”


This for BarbK & all, on Sedna – a powerful story:


The recording of the interview is ~6 min and the segment on the myth is at about 3:20 min. Her story about Sedna is worth a listen.

Thank you Ja, and thank you for Beth Owl’s Daughter piece, so very poignant. Congress, repeal the 2nd amendment and write a new one.

Bailey, odd that you should ask about the 9th house in astrology because at the time you posted your questions transiting Neptune was exactly – to the minute – quincunx (symbol of a necessity for adjustment) US natal Saturn, symbolizing fear as well as containment, who squares (challenges) US natal Sun which rules the US natal chart’s 9th house (which has to do with law, among many other things like higher education, philosophy, religion and so on).

Trump’s natal 9th house has no major planets within it but is ruled by his natal Mars. I would not attempt to answer your question about his lawsuits without a lot of research (for which I have no time), but I can tell you he has transiting Uranus there as well as transiting Eris who loves to create discord.

As for the indiscriminate shooting of black men in this country by policemen not held accountable for it, there are charts of planetary cycles that could apply to these failed accountabilities in our justice system but, again, it would take a lot of work to explain through astrology.

I think the US natal chart would include this failure in the multi-meanings of the natal Chiron-Juno opposition combined with the US chart’s failings represented by its square between Mars and Neptune.

If we can weather this charade of a presidency, I believe many of the US failures (represented in the natal chart) will see improvement, if not a complete reversal. It is an age old problem, discrimination, and it’s been around long before this country’s slave trade was initiated, and it is rooted in (often subconscious) fear, which can be a Neptune thing too.

Thanks Barb. Very interesting. Thank you very much.

Elizabeth: Powerful article.

Ja, yes, let us make a vow to wage peace.


Love — She was Shield and Amour, Sword and the Rose of the world. Love — She was the only Law, entitled to subordinate all existing norms and rules to herself. Love — She is always right, because she comes from the Heart, blazes with the fire of Divine Wisdom. Love waits. She waits for everyone, patiently loyal to all who comes to her. She prepares everyone a generous gift, and one who comes to her receives one’s own little touch of warmth, a treasure that cannot be gauged by any measure. Love cannot be betrayed; She does not brook treachery nor is she ever fickle toward those whom she loves. She is fiercely obedient to her own written law — to love, — and her love is Eternal.”

‘The Book of Secret Wisdom: The Prophetic Record of Human Destiny and Evolution’ by Zinovia Dushkova

An inspiring, moving testimony by “Mr. Rogers” on the vital necessity of childrens educational television programing that was about to be defunded…..

May 1, 1969: Fred Rogers testifies before the Senate Subcommittee on Communications

Video: 6 min. 50 sec.


Thanks Beowulfie, finally got to listen to the Sedna piece. Pretty cool about the varied colored puppies – I’d never heard that part of the myth!

Concern is building that Trump may have nefarious plans in place during the US Congress annual two week spring recess (March 24th – April 8th 2018)

Russia Probe: Democrats Fear Trump Will Fire Mueller While Congress Is On Two-Week Break

USA Today
March 22, 2018

WASHINGTON — House Democrats said Thursday they fear President Trump will take action during the two-week congressional recess to fire special counsel Robert Mueller or otherwise derail the Russia investigation.

Trump’s escalating verbal attacks against Mueller are stirring speculation on Capitol Hill that Trump could use the recess to fire Mueller or fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and replace them with people who would either dismiss the special prosecutor or undermine his investigation.



Marjorrie Orr in her March 18th column entitled: “Oval Office Knee Deep In Lawyers“ suspects one of the targets could be Rod Rosenstein, and it could be in April……..

“Round and round the mulberry bush and so the tension mounts. Will Trump fire Mueller now that he is daring to go where no man has before, into the Trump business finances; or fire Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General, to insert a more pliable yes-man to do the dirty for him?

……….Rod Rosenstein (13 January 1965), could go in April with tr Saturn square his Jupiter/Saturn midpoint which sometimes accompanies job losses.”


The April 2nd Mars/Saturn conjunction (8 ’57 Capricorn) closely squares Rosenstein’s Jupiter/Saturn midpoint – 9 ’19 Aries (Jupiter- 16 ’07 Taurus – Saturn- 2 ’32 Pisces). Should be interesting to watch for any major developments in the next week or so.


All 22 Female Senators Push Congress On Sexual Harassment Reform

The bipartisan group says it’s “unacceptable” that the Senate has failed to fix sexual harassment policies involving lawmakers and staffers.

I guess the ladies are passionate about being women.



Paul Ryan Retirement Rumors

By IronStache
Wednesday Mar 28, 2018 · 9:29 AM PDT

Nancy wrote: “Stressful events triggered between March 28 and April 5 by transits from the Sun, Mars and Mercury” You can feel it coming! Thanks Nancy!

Washington Post seems to be free reading this page and the next one:

Congress just voted to let internet providers sell your browsing history:

I know the children have been leading lately but …


Teen Is Hopelessly Confused By Rotary Phone, Gets Roasted By Her Grandma

Here is a comment I feel good about’

“Let’s see the bright side here. Mr. Mueller is a very very smart guy with unimpeachable (sorry – couldn’t resist) ethics and life. He is being thorough and painstaking. Right guy, right place. He will work until he is done and when he is done, watch out. Til then, we can be patient.”


Last Saturday, 24 March I was a delegate at our County Democratic Convention. While there, I had a lengthy discussion with our former congressman, who was gerrymandered out of his seat. He and I went to the same high school and college and had many of the same teachers. We are both deeply concerned about Trump’s several mistakes in the middle east laying the ground for a devastating and possibly worldwide war.

We agreed that if Trump negates the Iran treaty, they’ll go ahead and develop nuclear weapons. If Shiite Iran has nukes, the Sunni oriented Saudis will want and develop them as well. Culturally, the Shia/Sunni schism is about where the Protestant/Catholic antipathy was 500-600 years ago. They are quite willing to kill one another in the name of God, and in large numbers.

Meanwhile, Turkey as a member of NATO already has nuclear tipped missiles, as does Israel. Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia each want to be “top dog” in the region. Furthermore, the Israelis have plainly stated that if Iran develops nukes they’ll take them out just as they did in Iraq in Operation Opera, AKA Operation Babylon 7 June 1981, and in Syria in Operation Outside the Box 6 September 2007.

What could possibly go wrong?

A few weeks ago, a history professor colleague and I had a friendly argument as to whether Buchanan or Trump would prove to be the worst president. I argued for Buchanan as he did not take the necessary steps to prevent or ameliorate the coming civil war, therefore resulting in a massive number of American deaths. My colleague believes Trump will prove the worst. As of the last two weeks I’ve become convinced my friend was probably correct. My only caveat is Mr. Pence could easily be worse than Trump.

When I contemplate a possible Pence presidency I am reminded of Canadian author Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel, The Handmaid’s Tale. When I think of the Trump presidency I think of Sinclair Lewis’s 1935 political novel, It Can’t Happen Here. President Berzelius “Buzz” Windrip easily compares to 45.

Students Marched 50 Miles to Paul Ryan’s district.

“Paul Ryan, the people of your district ? students, parents, gun owners, veterans, hunters, Republicans and Democrats alike ? are shouting for you to do something,” Bryce said in the statement. “I echo the students in calling for common-sense gun reform, including a ban on all military assault rifles.”


It’s important to remember, the January 31, 2018 lunar eclipse (11 ’37 Leo) made a direct hit to Trump’s natal Pluto/progressed Moon conjunction (10 ’03/ 10 18 Leo). So, what was going on around late Jan/ early Feb?


There was deep concern and anxiety among many that Trump was about to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein over the newly released Nunes memo (released Feb. 2nd). Here’s an interview with former Senior Advisor To Pres. Obama – David Axelrod analyzing the implications of Trump’s hints of a possible firing of Rod Rosenstein….

Trump On If He’s Likely To Fire Rosenstein After Memo: “YOU FIGURE THAT ONE OUT”

Video: 4 min 16 sec



April 7th has tr. Mars (11 ’37 Capricorn) in quincunx to the Jan. 31st eclipse with waxing North Node (11 ’46 Leo) coming close to exact conjunction. If ‘the Donald’ does indeed fire Rosenstein, the trigger to an all out constitutional crisis could come as early as April 10th when the North Node exactly conjoins the 1/31/18 eclipse degree in opposition to the Moon (11 ’37 Aquarius) and in t square to tr. Venus (12 ’21 Taurus). Trump’s natal Pluto (10 ’03 Leo) conjunct progressed Moon (12 ’58 Leo)/ progressed Pluto (12 ’01 Leo) in close sextile to progressed Mars (10 ’04 Libra) are all in the line of fire.

If Ryan does not run, or is defeated, I have read that Mueller has enough to oust both tRump and Pence.


1. Vice President Pence

2. House Speaker Paul Ryan

3. President pro tempore of the Senate Orrin Hatch

4. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

5. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin

6. Defense Secretary James Mattis

7. Attorney General Jeff Sessions

8. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke

9. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue

10. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross

Early April stress days will soon be here to ratchet up the pressure on tRump’s psyche. It may result in whatever may come from April 18th through the 23rd. The hits are going to keep coming faster and faster.

Just so you know, I have not signed an NDA with tRump nor has he offered me large (or even small) amounts of money for anything. I don’t do spankings.


Re: April 18th – 23rd. What astrological aspects are you looking at?

The topic was discussed at length on yesterday’s Rachel Maddow show……

Senate Democrats Ask DoJ Officials To Protect Mueller From President Trump | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Video: 20 min 11 sec.


News from the first of the Saturn transits (square Sun) to Trump’s Mercury:

direct connection between campaign and Russian intelligence;

inability to get a lawyer and a laughing stock because of it;

Stormy Daniels pushing for him be put under oath and continuing to up the ante;

silence and fear (Saturn) over Stormy and other legal issues;

news of possibly offered pardons/new obstruction evidence.

More to come over next few days, through the 6th.

Also this is not getting enough coverage but is really upsetting me:

Please spread it around.

Short answer Jerry; the square of transiting Saturn to tRump’s progressed Mars in right ascension.

Long answer:

Bad news for him has accelerated since the aspect came within 3° and tightened more with the passage of time. The climax may be in April but the aspect repeats 2 more times extending into 2019; the last exact aspect occurring December 11. I extend the influence orb by 3° which takes it into 2019.

When retrograde Saturn moves more than 3° from a square to his progressed Mars it is in 3° of an exact square to his natal Neptune. The 2 aspects overlap for months. When Saturn stations direct in early September it will do so at that 3° orb, meaning that it will be in effective orb for months. Those transits are why I said this period would mark the beginning of tRump’s downfall. By 2019, he is fully engulfed and out in January of 2020.

Check this!


By: Bob on February 28th, 2018
at 12:17 am

“This period of time marks the beginning of tRump’s downfall. Do not expect it to take place overnight. Remember a year ago when I said it was most likely to take
until January of 2020. These investigations take time as the past year has shown.”

Oh Bob, I really hope you are correct.

A California judge has denied Stormy Daniels’ Motion to Depose Trump! I am not sure why; I believe judge said the time was not now. They could try at a later time!

Taken from Talking Points Memo

“In the ruling, the judge wrote that Daniels’ motion to depose Trump and Cohen was “premature,” suggesting that her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, could refile the motion at a later date. The judge wrote that Daniels cannot seek to depose Trump and Cohen until Cohen files a petition to move the case to arbitration. Lawyers representing Trump and Cohen have said that they will push to move the case to private arbitration, but have not yet submitted the filing.”

I find your analyses very cogent.
Do you see Mr. Pence becoming president?

Also, I’m concerned that in reaction to Trumpism our body politic will lurch too far to the Left, and I say that as a lifelong Social Democrat.

I do not believe any particular ideology has a monopoly on truth. All ideologies are flawed as they are merely mental maps based on our incomplete and often inadequate knowledge and interpretation.


Hmm. Looks like a purely procedural thing to me. Court is full of procedural issues, much like rules of etiquette. There’s just a certain way and order in which things are done. There may have been something in the original NDA that stipulated how it could be challenged or amended. And the judge said Stormy’s attorney could refile. Could be his move to file in the first place was merely to signal to Trump that he was going to be aggressive and try to make this as public as possible. If Trump freaks over the possibility of being deposed in public, he might lash out on Twitter and reveal something he shouldn’t or panic and get his lawyer to do something stupid. Trump’s easy to bait.

nyt’s opinion piece on facebook:

” We now are cognizant of their real agenda, gain as much information as possible from their users and sell it to the highest bidder. Which is an egregious violation of our privacy. They need to be held accountable and fined.”



This is on you.

If my speculative chart for Pence is correct he has a good chance of that on October 14 (a Sunday) between 9 and 11 am.

After what the Left has been and will have been through there is a strong chance that an initial reaction after gaining majority would be to overreach in a haste to regain what has been lost or altered.

I hope that calmer heads, an influx of female members and young neophytes in the Congress would quickly get the party back on a righteous course.

Wishing Fierywoman a most joyous Solar Return – all the best, wise one!

Looking at the charts for tRump, Mueller, his appointment, and my own, for Oct 14, 2018, I see re-in-forcing aspects perhaps reflecting Pence moving up. But as I said before I do not see him running in 2020.

There is one positive aspect for tRump. I wonder if he could escape by resigning and take a lot of our money with him somehow?

Whatever, he still faces 2019 aspects concerning his inauguration and the triple threat in January 2020. Perhaps legal matters if not connected to removal from office.

I appreciate your work.
My FBI pal tells me our intelligence agencies are keeping a very, very, very close watch on Mr. 45 and all his associates.

Eliseo, Music to my ears.

So good to see you posting, Eliseo!
Did you all catch GOP’s Laura Ingraham’s Viciousness?
(It seems the Devil Himself is controlling the GOP)

“Fox host sorry for Parkland student slam, loses ads”

Is there any connection between Russia, Murdoch
and Fox News?

Tom Steyers Building Death Star?


Thanks Nancy, Saturn is making it real.

The Washington Post article IS scary but even more so are many of the commenters. I DID like the one called think-before-you-post though!

Happy Birthday, Firewoman! Have a wonderful birthday and year. Love those Aries sun signs! (My husband, one of my childhood best friends, my grandmother, Will and Jackson — just very smart, confident, irrepressible people!)

Transiting Nessus (abuse of power as a stimulus to raise consciousness) now at 8+ Pisces is conjunct US natal Ceres (symbolizing the forces of Mother Nature, as well as all forms of nurturing) also at 8+ Pisces, and square US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini in the US natal chart’s 6th house of service. This will create even more shocking revelations of the abuse of power by this present government leadership.

(US Uranus shares the same degree as the beginning of the cycle between Pluto and Neptune. It is also the same degree where Pholus [small cause, big effect] was in the chart for the start of the Neptune/Saturn cycle.)

Transiting Nessus in Pisces (+ US Ceres) will also be trine (in accord with) Trump’s natal Mercury at 8+ Cancer and sextile (also in accord but not as much as a trine) transiting Saturn (and in a few days transiting Mars too) at 8+ Capricorn, opposing Trump’s Mercury.

The abhorrent and offensive tactics of Trump’s words are a means to awaken even the most reluctant of us to see what a really bad President can conjure up (and what lies in the hearts of a lot of Americans). These are the dying gasps of the Patriarchy being exposed to the light of day.

It is also a test of Humanity to see if we are truly ready to evolve out of a duality of consciousness and into a consciousness of unity. Brace yourselves to the onslaught of outrageous tweets; it is a sign the medicine is working – bringing the putrid poison to the surface and exposing it to the Light. Maybe that’s where the saying “It’s always darkest before dawn” comes from.

Fierywoman, apparently you have a fiery Sun and a recent birthday I missed hearing about. Many happy “returns” and thank you for your kind words up thread (which I DID just catch belatedly).

Will, BarbK and SharonK, Many, many thanks for your much appreciated wishes.
For the record, not only is my Sun fiery, but also Moon Mercury Mars and Pluto (all except the Sun are in a Grand trine which is actually a kite.) So now you understand the name!

Whew…Fireywoman….you must be unstoppable. No wonder you are a musician. That’s a great place to channel all that passion and I’d love to hear you play.


Fierywoman has played with the greatest symphonies in the world – she is a virtuoso, a wonderful tarot reader and a mentor to many young people .

Things are heating up in the mid east…….

Israeli Stealth Fighters Fly Over Iran Amid Speculation Of Imminent War

March 29, 2018

“……. if Israel is looking for a military conflict spark, whether legitimate or “false flag”, it may get this opportunity as soon as tomorrow, when the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas is reportedly planning a mass demonstration along Israel’s border on Friday, prompting fears of a new war with the Jewish state ahead of the Passover holiday, according to regional experts and U.S. officials who say they are closely monitoring the situation.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, following a recent military exercise described by observers as “unprecedented,” Hamas leaders called for some 100,000 Gaza Strip resident to engage in six weeks of mass demonstrations along the Israeli border as Jewish families gear up for the Passover holiday, which begins Friday evening.

Regional experts closely tracking the situation say the demonstrations are meant as cover for a mass military campaign to swarm Israel’s border and stoke violence against the Jewish state.”



The Latest: 12 killed, 1,000 Hurt In Israel-Gaza Clashes

Washington Post
March 30, 2018


Tr. North Node is currently conjoining Israel’s Pluto (12 Leo). On April 12th tr. Mars at 12 Capricorn will quincunx that degree. Interestingly, the 2006 Israeli-Lebanon war gathered its initial spark when tr. Mars formed a conjunction to Israels Pluto on June 25th that precipitated the 2006 Lebanon war the following month…..

The following info was extracted from Wikipedia:

“June 25, 2006 Hamas cross-border raid: a group of Hamas militants infiltrate an Israeli army post on the Israeli side of the southern Gaza Strip border after crossing through an underground tunnel near the Kerem Shalom border, kill two IDF soldiers and manage to capture and abduct the IDF soldier Gilad Shalit back into the Gaza Strip. Shalit has been held as a prisoner in the Gaza Strip by Hamas since then. During the attack, two Palestinian militants involved in the attack were also killed.”

– End of Quote –

The April 16th, ’18 New Moon/Uranus conjunction (26/28 Aries) forms a trine to both US Pres. Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Mars (26 Leo) AND Israel’s Mars (28 Leo). That’s a lot of Marsy energy. Will Donald Trump finally find his much needed distraction from that relentless Mueller investigation, join forces with Israel and wage a war against Iran in mid April?

The Evil Empire rises once more.
Name of Russia’s new deadliest of warheads;

Satan II

Are we surprised?

Will, thanks for letting us know about Fierywoman. That’s amazing and impressive. Kudos to you, Fierywoman!

Jerry…I sure hope that doesn’t happen.

May everyone have a blessed weekend filled with the message of love and peace that imbues all world religions.

And I mean that about the mentoring and tarot as well as the music.

May I add my best wishes to you fierywoman! May your new year be awesome!


A toast to you fierywoman! A very happy solar return. Hope your “read” on your year is dang good one!

The sextile between transiting Jupiter (retrograde) in Scorpio and transiting Pluto in Capricorn in the Pisces New Moon chart and the Equinox chart – which formed a Yod to the US natal Mars (and Trump’s natal Sun) in Gemini – has only gotten tighter in tomorrow’s Libra Full Moon chart.

This Yod was expressed in the March For Our Lives chart, halfway between the Pisces New Moon and the Libra Full Moon, as a protest against guns used to wantonly kill innocents. Now the protest is against police using guns to kill an innocent unarmed man in his back yard. It is incumbent upon the US Mars to change; to adjust to the times – it is up to Trump to carry out that duty in the eyes of much of our society.

This trans. Jupiter sextile trans. Pluto and their participation in a yod pattern (with US natal Mars and Trump’s Sun) will remain in effect through April (Scorpio full Moon chart has trans. Mars conjunct trans. Pluto (and trine US Neptune).

Even the chart for Chiron’s first entry into Aries will feature this Jupiter-Pluto pattern, with a conjunction of Moon and Venus (both symbolize women) in Taurus (at the start point of the Jupiter/Saturn cycle) that both oppose the Chiron chart’s Jupiter and trine its Pluto – AND THEY FORM A GRAND TRINE WITH U.S. NEPTUNE IN VIRGO AND TRANS. PLUTO (which is extraordinary IMO).

It will become a big part of the mission of Chiron – while in Aries – to keep the pressure on US natal Mars until this change (adjustment) is achieved.

Then when transiting Uranus enters Taurus (the 1st time) just hours after the Taurus New Moon on May 15th, the transiting Pluto (21+ Capricorn rx) will still be quincunx US natal Mars (21+ Gemini) although trans. Jupiter (17+ Scorpio rx) will put less pressure on US Mars.

That pressure will come back after Jupiter stations direct (July) and returns to 21+ Scorpio, just as trans. Pluto stations direct in late September.

It will be just over a month later when we go to the polls to vote for people who will address the gun violence in America perpetrated by mad men, police or anyone else with an agenda, hidden or otherwise.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Chiron in Aries:


I join the choristers wishing you a Happy Birthday Fierywoman. Have a happy, healthy year!

Thank you, Bob! Oh yeah, and my Sun is (partile) conjunct Eris!


To Will, fierywoman and all you Aries folks:
I wish you all a belated happy solar return!

Fierywoman, now I know the meaning of the name :).

Happy, Happy Birthday and a really awesome year to you.

Thank you, Janet!

And thank you Eliseo — we’re still having a coffee when you get up to the Pac NW, right?

Of course! I recall you live in Redmond? I was in Bellevue for a few years. When I return to the Olympia, I’m likely to have some business in Bellevue.

By ***** Mahala Gayle ***** Planet Alert

” There will be three planets in Capricorn at this full moon. They are Mars, Saturn, and Pluto. Capricorn rules governments and their leaders. Mars conjunct Saturn is the energy of professional problems, frustrations, and is likely to activate legal battles and conflicts with authorities and government agencies. If you have this aspect in your personal chart you may be subject to hardships, physical danger, or even arrest.

In Donald Trump’s chart his Mercury is on 8 degrees Cancer. This upcoming aspect will be on 8 degrees Capricorn which is in exact opposition to his Mercury. He will be feeling this energy very strongly and it is not the best energy for him. When Saturn opposes your Mercury it brings up legal difficulties that can lead to depression and could cause ill health. Adverse publicity is likely to affect his status and reputation. This energy will be in effect until the full moon of April 29, 2018 when Mars will be conjunct Pluto and oppose Trump’s Saturn. This is very strong energy.”


Andrew Ross Sorkin
DOB 2.19.1977


2018 Solar Arc Sun 11 Aries
Uranus 11 Scorpio (Ixion 11SC)
Saturn 12 Leo

Gaza – ‘A Moral Calamity’ For Israel
by Marjorie Orr

12 Palestinians have been killed and dozens wounded as 30,000 gather on the Gaza-Israel Border for peaceful demonstrations for the ‘March of Return’ running for six weeks. May marks the 70th anniversary of the founding Israel and what the Palestinians call ‘Nakba Day’ – the day of catastrophe, when three quarters of a million Palestinians were expelled and forced to flee their homes, becoming lifetime refugees. 250,000 of those uprooted flooded into Gaza.

Haaretz, the liberal Israeli newspaper, describes Gaza as the largest open-air prison in the world and ‘a moral calamity for Israel.’ Even military leader Moshe Dayan in the 1950s understood what they had done: “What we can say against their terrible hatred of us? For eight years, they have sat in the refugee camps of Gaza, and have watched how, before their very eyes, we have turned their lands and villages, where they and their forefathers dwelled, into our home.” Jean-Paul Sartre visiting in the 1960s was appalled by the refugee camps. He told an Israeli politician that “they will be a heavy burden on Israel’s future.”

The sense in Israel is that this is what the leaders have always most feared: ‘The marching of uprooted Palestinian refugees on Israel.’ Although intended to be peaceful, the risk of escalation is high; and Trump’s crass decision to declare Jerusalem capital of Israel has only exacerbated an impossible situation where the Palestinians have nothing to lose.


The Israel chart does look on high alert with tr Uranus moving to trine the Mars in Leo from April 12th till late month and returning into early 2019. Uranus Mars is explosive, overly-excitable with rash decisions likely. The Solar Arc Saturn is also conjunct the Israel Ascendant bringing a sombre mood and with Solar Arc Pluto following so there will be a bleak obstinacy prevailing in the years after. Tr Uranus opposing the Mars/Jupiter midpoint until mid April will bring hasty decisions, maybe not wise ones; with pushy confidence in June though confusions and uncertainty after that.




should read


2018 Solar Arc Sun 11 Aries
Uranus 11 Scorpio (Ixion 11SC)
Phaedra 08 Virgo


Ed Tamplin this week – the rise and fall of empires

By: Anne’s Aunt on March 15th, 2018 at 2:53 pm

“Bob, your March 11 post is right on. There is such a thing as ‘free will’ and we can choose how to use influences, talents, skills etc. Thank you for that post.”

Thank you AA. I am glad you are aware of those possibilities.

Dee Nile.

Not able to square with the chaste one’s dates not matching tRump’s I had to find a way to remove myself from the mess I had made for myself.

Pence has a Saturn return coming up on July 7 which I shall use to my advantage in a tap dance that would make Billy Flynn (the Richard Gere one) proud. THEY BOTH REACHED FOR THE GUN!

tRump fires Mueller in April, May, or June. This exceeds monsieur Pence’s capacity for denial and may prove fatal for the tweeter in the future (like on Oct 14). The pols start coming after the orange one. Pence knows his shenanigans will be found out in the process but holds on to see how things unfold. By October he sees the writing on the wall and has formulated a plan to save himself by resigning. What I originally thought was possibly his ascendancy to the presidency (his Jupiter return on Oct 14) turns out to be his resigning in order to remove himself from arrest and prosecution by the unrelenting Bob Mueller and his band of Eliot Ness’s. The move leaves tRump alone to face the music on January 13, 2020.

Thanks kiwi for the Ed Tamplin link, where I learned that Stormy Daniels’ birth chart MC (11+ Libra) is where the Full Moon (10+ Libra) was yesterday.

Also I learned from that link that the chart for the deaths of the former spy and his daughter in the UK had aggressive Mars (22+ Sagittarius) exactly square the US natal chart’s 9th house (of foreign doings) Neptune (22+ Virgo) and opposite Trump’s natal Gemini Sun.

Factor in that (at that time) transiting Mercury (news) and Venus (values) were conjunct at 27+ Pisces and sextile US natal Pluto (27+ Capricorn), along with some other interesting aspects. Could it be there are ties to the USA in this deed?

I can’t help but wonder if we (US people) are being played again, as in the weapons-of-mass-destruction ploy so long ago. Guess I’m over reacting but it’s hard to know who to trust.

According to the following Washington Post article, Donald J Trump is on his own. Left to his own devices, its frightening to contemplate what would happen when Trump would be confronted with the next geo-political crisis. Apparently Chief of Staff John Kelley has been sidelined. He’s no longer a serious influence…….

‘Tired Of The Wait Game’: White House Stabilizers Gone, Trump Calling His Own Shots

Washington Post
March 31, 2018

PALM BEACH, Fla. — President Trump began the past workweek cutting into steaks at the White House residence on Monday night with his political soldiers, including former advisers Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie, strategist Brad Parscale, and son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner.

He ended it dining on the gilded patio of his Mar-a-Lago estate with eccentric boxing promoter Don King, who said he vented to the president about the Stormy Daniels saga. “It’s just utterly ridiculous,” King said he told a nodding Trump on Thursday evening as the president began his holiday weekend in Palm Beach.

Nowhere to be seen was John F. Kelly, the beleaguered White House chief of staff and overall disciplinarian — nor were the handful of advisers regarded as moderating forces eager to restrain the president from acting impulsively, who have resigned or been fired.

The gatherings neatly illustrated an inflection point for the Trump presidency. Fourteen months into the job, Trump is increasingly defiant and singularly directing his administration with the same rapid and brutal style he honed leading his real estate and branding empire.

Trump is making hasty decisions that jolt markets and shock leaders and experts — including those on his own staff. Some confidants are concerned about the situation, while others, unworried, characterize him as unleashed.



I believe the Mueller investigation will get a big boost in October when, at the time around the Taurus Full Moon, transiting Jupiter in Scorpio reaches opposition to the Mueller Investigation chart’s Sun in Taurus (chart date is May 17, 2017).

That Sun formed a T-square to the north and south nodes in the same chart, indicating a major decision would have to be made. The North Node (in Leo) trines Uranus (in Aries) and Saturn (in Sagittarius) in the same chart, and Saturn was conjunct the highly influential Galactic Center at the time.

Something that could also influence that decision would be testimony by Andrew McCabe whose natal chart’s Mercury/Mars conjunction in Taurus is one degree from the Mueller assignment chart’s Sun and his natal chart’s Neptune in Scorpio is opposite that same Sun.

Transiting Jupiter will conjunct McCabe’s natal Neptune about one week before the Taurus Full Moon which features the Moon conjunct retrograde Uranus on his way back to Aries for a brief visit. The Sun in Scorpio opposite the Full Moon and Uranus will form a grand cross with the transiting nodes in Leo and Aquarius, adding to the tension.

Of interest, transiting Sedna will also conjunct the Mueller assignment chart’s Sun in Taurus and will be opposed by transiting Jupiter. I’m guessing she’s going to want her hair combed using a very fine toothed comb.

There’s also another grand trine in the Mueller assignment chart between Mars in Gemini and Moon in Aquarius and Jupiter in Libra (who is conjunct the US natal Saturn and Trump’s natal Chiron/Juno). Saturn symbolizes authority figures as well as restriction. Maybe Trump is gonna get locked up (figuratively anyway)!

Just read today that Iowa pig farmers expect to lose money due to Trump’s Chinese tariffs and will abandon Trump if this happens. Also, today Trump tweeted that there are Caravans marching to the U.S. border from Mexico, the law is too liberal as to how to handle them, and no more DACA deal (in all caps)!

I guess these are signs of him being unleashed, Jerry.

barb, the Russians have killed so called “spies” before using a variety of methods and chemicals. Are you saying that the astrology shows that this time it could have been a false flag opp?

Barb, there can’t be a death chart for Serge Skripal and his daughter because they have not died yet. She, according to reports, has been improving rapidly and may talk to investigators soon.

Okay, okay, so no death chart (so sorry my bad), but a chart for when their bodies (still alive) were discovered can be found in kiwi’s link to Ed Tamplin under the heading “Political Astrology” – date for chart is March 4, 2018.

I’m only saying that the astrology of this Bodies Found chart makes me suspicious that the US might have ties based on this Bodies Found chart’s connections to US natal chart (US natal Neptune in house of foreigners squared by transiting Mars in Sagittarius [foreigners], among several other things). That’s all, just suspicions. We’ve been lied to before.

Barbk – regarding your suspicions of a ‘false flag’ – my immediate thought goes more to actions caused by international organized crime networks safely nestled within legitimate government entities. Do they have something on Putin as well as Trump? Who knows. And perhaps we will never know. It’s all about who can amass the most money and most power, as well as revenge.
Even more important to demand individual integrity from ourselves and everyone in our orbit of influence. If trust in traditional government by the people is allowed to wane, they gain more power to grab influence behind the scenes.

Barbk, have you ever looked at Sheldon Adelson’s chart? I have my suspicions that he may be knee deep in corrupt influence.

Thanks kiwi, that sounds plausible; there’s a grand trine in the Bodies Found chart between Jupiter and Eris and US Neptune, and . .

Mercury, Venus and Chiron (all at 27+ Pisces) sextile US Pluto in Cap which then quincunx the chart’s ascendant at 27+ Leo (and August 2017 eclipse and Trump’s Mars/asc.) making a Yod which then . .

turns into a Boomerang with the chart’s descendant at 27+ Aquarius + US Moon + February 2018 eclipse.

Icing on the “cap” is Uranus who was square US Pluto (in Cap) while also in a grand trine with the Leo ascendant and the Galactic Center in Sagittarius. Something’s going on here regarding USA; it can’t all be coincidence.

This sounds intriguing, Sheldon Adelson; I took a quick look and he does have natal Jupiter exactly conjunct US Neptune (22+ Virgo) so it squares US Mars too. Right now he is having a Uranus Return (27+ Aries) so his natal Uranus squares the US Pluto too.

His natal Neptune (8+ Virgo) squares US natal Uranus in Gemini and his natal Pluto conjuncts US natal Mercury in Cancer, which sextiles his Jupiter (conjunct US Neptune). Lots to unpack and I think the Uranus Return might be stressing him to the max. Either way he is in lock step with US chart through his outer planets.

January’s total lunar eclipse was conjunct his natal Sun at 11+ Leo which should be looked at more closely.

Michael Wolfstar:


Steve Judd.. Global April.

“The world is heading into a really crazy place.”


I just want to ask the astrologers if it is possible that the end of Trump’s presidency is coming sooner than January 2020. Could that possibly be what is coming in May is the end and that what is coming in January 2020 is the conclusion of all the consequences of his actions? TY

I like Steve Judd’s advice for for April, Elizabeth: be assertive and protective but not aggressive and confrontational. Apparently, April’s aspects cause an escalation that’s leading to considerable world changes in May, all of which will be resolved by Sept., according to Steve. Having watched the video, I see what your question refers to.

He also comments that we should not let our buttons be pushed, especially for those more directly affected — ALWAYS good advice!

He also comments that we should not let our buttons be pushed, especially for those more directly affected — ALWAYS good advice!

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