4th Feb, 2018

Disgraceful Donnie

The president is like a rabid dog, viciously growling and noxiously drooling, while his fanged tweets spew out poison in their bite. There is nothing redeeming in his words or actions, no genuine concern for anyone other than himself. He is like a bottomless dark pit of unquenchable need, starkly revealing an all-consuming hunger that ravenously feeds only on self-interest and self-aggrandizement.

Meanwhile, his spreading infection is leaving a dark swath of disease in its wake – both among his GOP colleagues and his worshipful base. Once-stalwart Republicans have completely lost their ethical center, leaving the truth and morality in tatters by the wayside, while they aggressively pursue nakedly partisan advantage with total abandon.  The casualties of this calumny thus far: environmental protection of the land and the water entrusted in our care; all immigrants, both legal and illegal, who feel themselves and their families constantly threatened; essentially all minorities, who are the targets of the newly unrestrained racism in our midst; the financial solvency of the future of the country due to irresponsible tax cuts; and, most recently, the efficacy and respect of federal law enforcement institutions, degraded and demoralized for standing up for the rule of law above the whims and self-protection of a wannabe dictator.

Unfortunately, from an astrological perspective, it seems that the next few years will continue to be stressful. With Saturn in Capricorn and crossing three times in hard aspect with multiple US planets, we are in a period of contraction and diminishment. This was apparent in the past week as transiting Saturn made its first crossing opposite US Jupiter, and the Stock Market plunged. Put simply, Saturn brings contraction, and Jupiter (5Cancer56) symbolizes abundance and prosperity. This transit goes until February 11 and will return during the second half of June and the first 12 days of November.

We are also in a period when conspiracy theories are running rampant, making it nearly impossible to have sane and responsible government and a grounded, well-informed citizenry. In the US chart, this tendency to paranoia and distrust and endless power struggles may be seen in the Mercury (24Cancer12) opposition to Pluto (27Capricorn30). If one accepts the US birth time of 5:13 PM, this Mercury/Pluto opposition is exacerbated by a natal Pluto (27Capricorn30) semisquare to the Ascendant (12Sagittarius59). Thus, this tendency to believe in conspiracies has been with us since our founding.  Moreover, the year 2016 brought the beginning of transiting Uranus in late Aries squaring this aspect, greatly intensifying it, and moving toward its final crossing square to Pluto in early April 2018. After early April, the potency of some of the conspiracies may dim until 2020, when transiting Pluto will be crossing opposite US Mercury and conjunct US Pluto until 2022, intensifying not just the general distrust but also the widespread feeling of power struggle with a deeply entrenched corporatism (2nd house Pluto).  This over-heated financial struggle for dominance will then peak shortly after the 2022 election.

And finally, using the 5:13 PM US chart, transiting Neptune has just finished its last crossing square to the US Ascendant (12Sagittarius59) as of February 7, in the heat of the fevered pitch over Memo-gate.  Although this aspect is now separating, the transit of Neptune to the US progressed Sun (13Pisces22) will continue through February 18, and then recommence in mid-September through mid-January 2019.  This potent Neptune impact brings with it confusion, deception, and illusion, as well as adding to the hyperbolic emotion already existent in the Plutonian conspiracy theories. We can hope for some calming of the crazy after February 18, at least until late summer.

There is also one very significant aspect going on currently in Disgraceful Donnie’s chart, and that is the Saturn transit square to his Neptune (5Libra51) which is almost exactly parallel the Saturn opposition to US Jupiter (5Cancer56). As mentioned, it runs from February1 to February 11, June 14 to June 27, and finally, from November 1 to November 11. Neptune tends to unrealistic expectations to the point of significant self-deception, if not illusion. These tend to come crashing down in the face of reality, especially during a Saturn transit.  And what have we seen in the past several days: the sudden plummeting of an overheated Stock Market and the revelation of the Nunes Memo as a much-hyped nothing burger.  Both of these events have brought crushing disappointment to Delusional Donnie’s magical expectations (Saturn square Neptune). We can, therefore, hope that the repeat of this transit over the time of the 2018 election and the days following will also mark the crushing of Donnie Boy’s unrealistic and self-deceptive expectations, this time regarding the Midterms. Fingers crossed!


Once again Nancy, thanks so much.
If viewed in ‘normal’ political terms, Trump makes no sense. However, if viewed in terms of an organized criminal enterprise, the actions by him & his supporting cast, make perfect sense.
I wish the media would make this point to the public and broadcast it far and wide.

…and toes, as they say.

Bravo, Nancy. Thank you for helping us keep our expectations on track.

Kiwi, may it all come out yet! The astrology of that happened has been mentioned. May the karma manifest.

Personally, from what I’ve read and observed over the years, agree with John Kerry – a bunch of crooks and liars! But there are unethical deeds and crimes among Democrats, too, as we know. It is just a matter of degree. There’s a perception that all’s fair in love and war….and politics, business, legal battles, etc. I still have observed that there are more Democrats who are ethical and honorable, and, of course, Republicans, too, but the current crop is dark and place power over all other values.

Wow, Nancy! Proof you can’t make this stuff up.

Simultaneous to your post, I was wondering who might save us from ourselves. We have all suffered from a loss of humanity over slow frog-boil years and not just the US. The worst of the worst corporate entities have emerged as the world’s movers and shakers with no regard to constitutions, borders, or laws. That a lawless despot emerged in the US should be no surprise. But, it is, and it hurts to believe that we as a people have invited this impostor to overturn a constitution intended to guarantee each of us what have been inalienable rights. Let’s hope we can salvage the tatters and remake what Trump (and incredibly jaded republicans) are gleefully ripping in shreds.

Will France emerge as the US savior again?

…and money of course

Nancy, thank you for your excellent, thought provoking voice through such awful, unchartered times.

I would be very interested in seeing interpretations from the experienced astrologers here, on Sean Hannity’s upcoming trends etc since he is effectively Trump’s propagandist-in-chief. Seems to me that where trump goes Hannity follows, or where Hannity goes trump follows.

According to astro.com Hannity’s data is Dec 30 1961 Franklin square NY 10.30am

Ditto, Kiwi

Completely agree Kiwi, why dont they, for the most part they still try to normalize this man way too much and the average person doesn’t realise that they are dealing with a charlatan/mafia/organised crime individual and his actions make perfect sense as you say when seen in this light They just don’t seem to latch onto this. Every day I pinch myself in shock over what he seems to get away with .

I would love to hear from experienced astrologers about the upcoming , May I think Uranus in taurus and what effect on markets and money it will have for the world…..

Thank you Nancy. Your ‘Trump Starlight Diary’ will be studied by future Astrologers. Just as they studied Astrology blogs from past Hitler’s reign.
What worries me most is the RightWing Brainwashing that is getting close to destroying America. I hear people calling radio saying “I only listen to FOX and Conservative Commentary” That’s Brainwashing!
Democrats should be stressing ‘American Unity and Stronger Together’ “Differences were meant by God not to divide but to enrich” -J.H.Oldham

Thank you, Nancy! And thank God for Donnie’s Saturn Transit!

If you missed this last night: SNL:First Lady

Thanks for the updated look, Nancy! The Saturn square Neptune points you made are of a piece with this bit I just read that several House Republicans on the Intel committee said today that the memo does not vindicate Trump and does not have anything to do with Mueller’s investigation. At least some Republicans are not letting Disgraceful Donnie have his way.


“Differences were meant by God not to divide but to enrich” -J.H.Oldham

Thank you, Patty….great quote.

Former FBI agent, Pat Thurston is on KGO Radio Live right now. Pat’s joined by John Rothmann who was employed by Richard Nixon during his impeachment.

If you are interested listening Live: http://www.kgoradio.com/pat-thurston:
Call in if you wish: 1-415-8080810

Ok, so I’m not even American though i live here and I’m not really into sports, but i was so so happy to see Philly win tonight, i feel like the eagles are such a symbol of protection for America and also with trump backing patriots last year and now this year they didn’t win and eagles came from behind and hopefully this is what will happen In 2018 midterms … a blue wave that will take everyone by surprise!!

Diana, I live in the Philadelphia suburbs and have been an Eagles fan for almost 60 years. I knew the Eagles would win today. It was important that they win and they did. Philadelphia is described as a “blue-collar town”. Those blue-collar fans needed to realize that “if you believe it, you can achieve it.” That’s what I believe we all need to realize. 2018 can be a real turning point for us. Those midterms are the gateway to a bright future for this country but we have to believe it and stop wallowing in how horrible things are…just the way Eagles fans wallowed for years and years that they never had a Super Bowl.

Thank you for reminding me of this.

Diana, here here!

Bailey, I’m so happy for the Eagles and their fans…they played their heart out (I didn’t watch the game but kept checking the scores on my computer). I know how you guys feel because that’s how Saint’s fans felt 2010.

I looked up the aspects AND, according to the dates on Wikipedia, the Patriots seem to now have Jupiter right on their sun! But, they are also having a Saturn return. The Eagles have Jupiter on their Saturn and they sure stayed the course (I think I am right about what I just said; I only took a quick look).


You summed up the mega-malfeasance of
Freak Boy. Thank you for your devotion of time and word-smithing.

I feel the nation adrift – like an anchor-less boat on a riotous sea.

Disgraceful Donnie; hard to believe he is even a member of the human race. Donnie Darko

“The Man Who Sold the World”

Differences: “Siamo tutti diversi ed imperfetti,” from my Venetian shrink: We are all different and we are all imperfect.

interesting quote to keep in mind for these times

“We’re in a free fall into future. We don’t know where we’re going. Things are changing so fast, and always when you’re going through a long tunnel, anxiety comes along. And all you have to do to transform your hell into a paradise is to turn your fall into a voluntary act. It’s a very interesting shift of perspective and that’s all it is… joyful participation in the sorrows and everything changes.” Joseph Campbell.

Kiwi, I love your Joseph Campbell quote.

Diana and Bailey, I’ll use Sharon K’s words: here here!

Thank you, Nancy.

Here is Michael Wolfstar.


Trump is always branding people to great effect with his easily remembered phrasing. I think we need to do that to him. “Disgraceful Donnie” uses one of his favorite words – disgraceful – and turns it back on him. It is pejorative, belittling and easily remembered. Please use it as often as possible and in as many places as possible. Thank you.

There is also: Deceitful Donnie, Traitorous Trump, Defiler Don. But my favorite is Disgraceful Donnie.

Also worth reading:


a link for those who might be interested in participating in Jean Wiley’s ‘Authentic Citizen’s United’
“It is an important time to stay very clear and grounded within your energy and vibration. Many power games are being played out and all but a few of good intention. You tend to this by directing your light, energy and clear understanding of what is right and what is wrong.”

The real reason that McConnell, Ryan and a number of other GOP members of Congress are doing what they can to destroy the Mueller investigation: They’ve been bought off by the same Russian-Ukrainian oligarch who owns Warner Music Group. Leonid “Len” Blavatnik, despite his close ties to Oleg Deripaska, Viktor Vekselberg and Vladimir Putin, gets away with it because he became a U.S. citizen when his family emigrated to the U.S. in the 1970s.





Dow diving even deeper.

I think we need to start and keep using the hashtag WhoWillTrumpBlame?

He always blames someone else. I think people need to be reminded of that. Also, he might see it and it might piss him off.

Works today. Down diving. WhoWillTrumpBlame?




Apparently, Trump was being shown on the screen of one of the cable channels (CNN, I think) talking about the robust economy while another area of the screen was reporting on the Dow’s steep drop. Talk about the emperor wearing no clothes!

On April 24, 2014, the transiting Pluto at 13 Capricorn 34 was exactly square transiting Uranus at 13 Aries 34. Transiting Jupiter was conjunct US natal Sun, both at 13+ Cancer, and they were square transiting Mars who was conjunct US natal Saturn, both at 14+ Libra. All 4 transiting planets and the 2 US natal planets constituted a grand cross plus. Something you don’t get over in a hurry.

This particular exact square between transiting Pluto and Uranus was one of a series of 7 that took place between 2012 and 2015, all of which were within orb of a square/opposition with the US natal square between Sun and Saturn, and this one was just the closest.

Trump’s natal conjunction between Chiron and Juno at 14+ Libra exactly conjuncts US Saturn. His natal Jupiter at 17+ Libra is also within orb of a conjunction with US Saturn as is US progressed Mars at 17+ Libra retrograde.

Right now the transiting asteroid Persephone is at 14+ Libra too. She was – in myth – stolen from her mother Ceres by Pluto. Perhaps symbolic of the markets today.

The point of noting the 7 squares between transiting Pluto and Uranus, the 1st major square(s) since their conjunction(s) in the 60’s, is to remind us of the power of this cycle and its influence on the USA and Donald Trump. It speaks of transformation, revolution and evolution.

The year before the 7 exact squares between Pluto and Uranus began, the US natal Saturn at 14 Libra 48 had a “Return” when transiting Saturn was conjunct it. There were 3 such conjunctions and the 3rd was on August 28, 2011. At the time, Pluto was at 4 Capricorn 58 retrograde and Uranus was at 3 Aries 59 retrograde, and they formed a T-square to the US natal Venus (3+ Cancer) and Jupiter (5+ Cancer). Even then trans. Pluto and Uranus were already at work disrupting the US status quo. This cycle will be effective for about 29 years.

I believe it is this present cycle of US natal Saturn and transiting Saturn that best describes the upending of our values (Venus) and attitudes toward immigrants (Jupiter) which are on full display in the Trump presidency. Remember, when trans. Saturn made its conjunction to US Saturn it also was conjunct Trump’s natal Chiron-Juno.

Sure enough (and after my husband and I talked about this last night) Twisted Hannity blamed the stock market unrest on Obama. I’ll place a bet and probably win that Disgraceful Donny will tweet the same thing. Any takers?

Can’t find Nunes birth time, Kiwi. A noon chart will have to be used. I can say that there is no birth time on my b cert either, but it isn’t usual and I believe my mother had a great deal to do with it. Since I was born sometime around midnight, she created the myth that I was born on father’s day to soften the “blow” that I was the fourth girl.

February 15, 2018 Solar Eclipse In Aquarius
by Rickterscope

Our second eclipse of the year will be a solar eclipse on February 15, and it occurs at 27 degrees and 01 minute Aquarius. Eclipses generally affect the masses – events that affect most people in a large area or even worldwide. Since this eclipse occurs in humanitarian Aquarius, this eclipse could affect new and different types of innovation, originality and/or just being different or unique, and friendships. There could be new innovations and discoveries. Mercury is the lord of this eclipse and it could affect the media and other types of messengers of information, travelers, and educators.

For the US, this eclipse will affect our national debt, joint finances, investments, the stock market, taxation, insurance, pensions, and burial rights/industries and other death related industries. Uranus at the top of the chart indicates surprises and the unexpected. There are both positive and negative indicators as Uranus sextiles the eclipse point and Jupiter is in square aspect. Unique solutions are available, however there are legislative and judicial problems. Overconfidence and/or risk-taking could be a problem – especially as it pertains to real estate and land ownership concerns. Mars is squaring Venus/Neptune in this chart. There are more sexual misconduct scandals and problems on the national stage; and, deception, secrets, and miscommunications are issues. There could be disasters (or war) at sea accompanied by a high death toll; strained relationships. With Jupiter squaring Mercury, some major news stories could be overblown or exaggerated. There could be legislative attempts to rein in the national media or to regulate social media platforms such as Facebook and/or twitter. Pluto is squaring Uranus in this chart as well – indicating rebellion and resistance to a national leader (the President?) and social unrest. Look for more protests and rallies. Juno is conjunct the eclipse point. There could be changes in marriage laws and/or the rights between marriage partners. There could be a high profile marriage or divorce.

This solar eclipse falls opposite of President Trump’s natal Mars and his natal Ascendant. Therefore, this eclipse is directly related to him. This eclipse is related to the August 21, 2018 solar eclipse in Leo that we experienced last year. In this Astrologer’s mind, Trump has not dealt with Mars-type issues well in his life. This could be because Mars falls in his twelfth house but conjunct his Ascendant. He doesn’t seem aware of how his anger issues and his aggressive actions toward others undermine his objectives. Nevertheless, he does have the opportunity to do something unique, surprising, positive, and successful. My guess is that he will sabotage himself. The eclipse occurs in square aspect to his MC and progressed Vertex, so whatever happens is not likely to increase his popularity among the public. This eclipse could indicate his death, however I consider that to be one of the less likely scenarios. A fall from grace is more likely.



The following is a dual chart diagram of last years Aug 21st 2017 solar eclipse (28 Leo) as it squares the New York Stock Exchange Sun (27 Taurus)


The approaching February 15th solar eclipse (27 Aquarius) in t square to last years Aug. 21st eclipse and the NYSE Sun could bring further turbulence on Wall Street.


Thank you for your comment re: the symbolism of the Eagles defeating the Patriots. Had not even thought about it until I read your comment, but certainly gave me something to think about.

Two unique American symbols pitted against each other in a national championship game. The sport itself embroiled in political controversy, fueled by an insane president. Viewership declined in 2017 but mostly in the white male over 55 demographic – trump’s base.

While the Eagle – our national symbol since 1782 – is from nature, a Patriot is a human being capable of twisting reality and truth to support his/her point of view or version of history. I am rooting for nature.

Fly Eagles Fly!!

SassyGrace, I agree I am rooting for nature too, much more powerful! agree totally that these days with all the division and the way the monster keeps purposefully dividing the country, also with the kneeling protests , so many of his base didn’t watch the game because Dear Leader said not to, this is where patriotism becomes exactly what you say, twisting reality to support his/her point of view or versions of history.

I will echo your words:
Fly eagles Fly!!

(Remember when the eagle attacked him too?)

(Remember when the eagle attacked him too?)

Let’s hope that was a warning of things to come for him.

You guys inspired me with the eagle talk, and Diana mentioned the eagle who came after Trump in his office during the campaign.

Which made me think … eagle … Trump … Premonition?

Which made me imagine the eagle coming back and telling Trump, Hey, Forgot to tell you the first time I was here. My name is Robert Mueller.

But that wouldn’t fit on a graphic, so I kept going and came up with one I love, which you’re free to share anywhere and can see here: https://twitter.com/TeresaisinSC

Teresa: I love it !!!
There is something eagle-like about the way Mueller looks.

Perfect, Teresa.

Love it Theresa, I shared it on my twitter fans with hashtags , one of which was #DisgracefulDonnie lol

Quiet day here today, thought i might be seeing some comments about the SpaceX launch, i happened to see it coincidentally, i am in Orlando, i saw the trail, but my husband was on the highway and saw all this fire from the launch , wondered what was going on!

Anyone done a reading on Elon Musk?

Thank you, Teresa, for that graphic!

Elon Musk
Jun 28, 1971
unknown birth time
Pretoria, South Africa

The launch was spectacular, the return of the booster rockets to the Cape was mind-blowing.

Musk spent hundreds of millions of dollars to put a $250,000 Tesla convertible into orbit around the Sun, which is a stunning example of the gulf between the 1 percenters and the rest of us.

As Stephen Colbert just described it: A large phallic rocket blasted off putting a bright red convertible into the dark void. Musk wins “Mid-Life Crisis of the Year” award!!

I’m not sure this is very helpful.


Sassygrace, well expressed , as amazing as it was, a part of me thought that too, what a world we live in with most just barely making ends meet and trapped in a rat race and this tiny one percent with so much able to do something like this! It seems to me now that every system is broken right now , mainly because of lower and greed.

I love what Colbert said …

Maybe someone like musk would get a pass only if his genius somehow ends up serving mankind, we shall see …

Ja that was. very interesting indeed.

You’re very welcome. I had a frustrating day, and that little cartoon made me feel better.

I do see now that Mueller looks a bit like an eagle. 🙁 I was just thinking of him as our American eagle, fiercely defending our country, circling above Trump and ready to swoop in with those big claws of his.

(Please, please, let him swoop in and get Trump.)

Regarding Musk’s rocket – my take on the whole thing was quite different: I thought it was more of a well funded, innovative, attempt at renewables and recycling efforts in the realm of new exploration – renewable rockets and flying cars – WOW
It is also not lost on me something that many here are probably unaware of – we are coming up to the 250th anniversary of Cook’s first voyage of discovery, the precursor for the global immigration and development that followed.
On Feb 18 1768, The Royal Society petitioned King George to fund a scientific expedition to study the transit of Venus: Endeavour set sail from England on that first voyage on 26th August 1768.

Fantastic Cartoon, Teresa!
Disgraceful Donnie’s New Statategy: “I am totally in the clear and I’ve never done anything wrong. I’d be willing to speak to an honest, unbiased investigator. But Mueller is on a partisan witch hunt and he’s out to get me. Under the circumstances, anything I say will be twisted and turned and used in a political impeachment process. So my lawyers tell me that I would be better off keeping my mouth shut. As you all know, I hate to do that — but given Mueller’s bias, it’s my best option. Anyway, it’s what you all would do if Mueller were after you. So I won’t cooperate. I won’t talk to Mueller’s team. And if subpoenaed, I will take the Fifth!”.

Patty. That’s exactly it.
And i noticed two things in the last couple days that are well executed big distractions, the first was calling out democrats for treason…
But more importantly is the latest development with him wanting a military parade and the pentagon are probably going to do it and even Matthis is behind it.
Thing is, it’s so obvious trump wants the adorations and big show of might and salutes, this is getting into really scary autocratic territory . But i can see that he will get his base behind this and maybe some others out of respect for the military and then when something very bad happens like how some of us have been talking about …maybe he’s hoping that he would have stoked something so people will back him.

Also the fact that the R”s are trying to now impeach the judge in the Supreme Court ruling against gerrymandering in Pennsylvania is another scary move.

If only the MSM wouldn’t harp on Trump and what he says all the time and focus on more seroous things like this and the failed to be imposed sanctions.

Kiwi, your take is also valid. Without visionaries like Musk on this planet, we would never have put an outrigger into the ocean.

Then again, the planet may have been better off if we had not.

On a slightly other tack (no pun intended, but not surprised that is the phrase that bubbled up into my consciousness), your comment about global immigration made me think you might find this article on DNA interesting:


One white supremacist who discovered he had African DNA claimed on the white nationalist website Stormfront.com that the testing company was part of a Jewish conspiracy to “defame, confuse and deracinate young whites on a mass level.”

“For me, the number one takeaway is how easily people reject science,” said Anita Foeman, a professor of communication studies who co-directs the DNA Discussion Project, whose respondents are mostly in and around Philadelphia. (In a sample of 217 self-identified European Americans from the project, 22 percent learned that they had African DNA.)

In the article, Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., said ““One of the pleasures I get from doing ‘Finding Your Roots’ is to show that we’re all mixed and that for 50,000 years everybody’s been sleeping with everybody — and that makes me blissfully happy, because my enemy is racism.”

Whatever new world people like Elon Musk create in the future, I hope this is one scourge they can eliminate. It is what we astrologers hope for in the Age of Aquarius. Equality for all human kind.

Dear Eliseo, You’re in my thoughts & prayers.
I keep thinking of you with hopes you are doing well.

Let’s talk about the fact that they’re simultaneously planning to require each adult to work up to 32 hours a week while saying childcare costs wouldn’t be deductible

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) would allow public housing authorities and private owners to require each adult in a household to work up to an average of 32 hours a week.

The elderly and disabled — who make up 55 percent of those receiving federal housing aid — would be exempt from the requirements. Another 26 percent of those receiving assistance are already working, NBC News reported Tuesday. […]

The proposal also recommends rent increases for those receiving the subsidies. Rental contributions would increase to 35 percent of tenants’ income, up from 30 percent. Recipients would also not be allowed to deduct medical and child-care costs from their incomes.

Sassy, to further the conversation on the pros and cons of ideas, in a similar vein I heard someone the other day discussing plastics – the harm caused and whether a ban should be put in place: destructive if abused, but helpful when one considers everything in today’s lifestyle. Just sitting at my desk now Im looking at calculator, mouse, cable connections, printer, phone, lunchbox, formica desktop, etc etc. all derived from plastic.
The takeaway line from the discussion was memorable – we don’t so much have a plastic problem, as we have an enormous carelessness and lack of stewardship problem.

Nancy Pelosi literally standing up for DACA recipients.

Pelosi (D-Calif.) began talking shortly after 10 a.m., using her right as minority leader to speak for as long as she wants. She began by saying that she would lead opposition to a broad two-year budget agreement that includes several Democratic priorities but does not address immigration — the topic that has prolonged the spending debate for several months.

“I have no intention of yielding back,” Pelosi said at 3:41 p.m. Eastern as she neared the six-hour mark of her ongoing remarks.


Eliseo, I read your post on the recent thread. My sympathies for what you are experiencing. Sending healing prayers.

Here is an important comment from the article:

“This movement, along with the movement to overturn Citizens United, provide the biggest bang for the buck to those who desire to fight the Koch family and their anarcho-capitalist movement in this country. Most of my political contributions are invested here. Anarcho-capitalism has established a huge footprint in this country, dating back to the 1960’s with the faux-intellectualism of James M Buchanan and James Kilpatrick, and now with the uber-funding of the Koch’s and their ilk. We have a lot of catching up to do, and need to allocate our political contributions wisely. Rolling back unfair gerrymandering and dark money in politics are our first priorities.”


Pelosi held the floor 8+ hours – the longest uninterrupted floor remarks in House history!

Wednesday Feb 07, 2018 · 12:06 PM PST

Thank you Nancy/Starlight. I always appreciate your insights and analysis.

Unfortunately, disgraceful disastrous Donnie still seems to thrive, perhaps because he’s boosted by the protection and support of the entire GOP and Fox News. Collectively, this trifecta is a daunting and formidable obstacle.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed, toes crossed, arms crossed, legs crossed and anything else I’ve got that Saturn will do what it’s supposed to do and that you-know-who isn’t somehow exempt from astrological influences

As Nancy noted, Trump’s natal Neptune will finish the 1st of 3 passes of its square from transiting Saturn in a couple of days. Since Mueller’s natal Saturn is exactly conjunct the US chart’s Jupiter and both square Trump’s Neptune, they too will finish their 1st of 3 opposition(s) from transiting Saturn this weekend.

What endures between and after the 3 passes of transiting Saturn (moving direct, retrograde and direct again) in challenging aspects to Trump’s Neptune, US Jupiter and Mueller’s Saturn, will be the square of US Jupiter (justice) and Mueller’s Saturn (structure) to Trump’s Neptune (illusion).

Thank you Nancy; you have IMO honed in on the most basic element of the relationship between the USA and Donald Trump.

Some may argue that, no, it is the Trump Sun-conjunct-US Mars-square-US Neptune that signifies the primary connection between these two entities, and I would have agreed before you noted Saturn’s transit a few days ago. Now I believe this pattern (with US Mars) is what (consciously) lured Trump to run but it is his (unconscious) Neptune that will be the magic potion in this time of alchemy and transformation of the United States. Trump is merely the catalyst.

US natal Jupiter (and Mueller’s Saturn) forms a septile aspect to Trump’s natal Mars (which opposes the US natal Moon that the Feb. 15 solar eclipse conjuncts) and Robert Wilkinson says this septile aspect symbolizes a fork in the road of destiny.

Since this septile aspect I’m writing about is half Trump’s and half US’s (+ Mueller), I would say that it is their combined destiny which faces the fork or the choice in direction. Wilkinson uses words like obsessive, compulsive and irrational to describe the resultant behavior of a septile (in this case made up of Trump’s Mars and US Jupiter+ Mueller’s Saturn).

As transiting Saturn opposes US Jupiter it will energize the septile US Jupiter has to Trump’s Mars and exacerbate the (not so latent) Trump irrationality (as well as that of US Congress). Combine this with the grueling square transiting Saturn places on Trump’s natal Neptune and he could just snap.

We shall see this coming November (3rd and final transit of Saturn to his Neptune and US Jupiter).


kiwi, thanks for that perspective on Musk and the 250th anniversary of Cook’s first voyage.

Ja, that really is great news. They had spoken about putting their energies there when Obama first left office and I’m glad to hear it’s going strong.

Kudos to the House Minority Leader, Ms. Nancy Pelosi, for her stamina and commitment, and in 4 inch stiletto heels yet! I am proud of her!

And, so glad this group is sending healing and loving thoughts and vibrations, prayers, and good energy to Eliseo who is a very important and valued person here. May all good things come to you, Eliseo, to support your healing, health, and well being, success and prosperity, as you pursue your goals.

Eliseo, exact sentiment of what Sharon K just wrote to you.

Full healing and health to you.

I am also sending all blessings and support your way too Eliseo…. i hope your health is restored very soon.

Eliseo and all who need healing;

be well

Eliseo, I too wish you a complete healing and a return to your full participation in life. Sending you good vibes toward that end!

Watch all or part of Nancy Pelosi’s 8 hours on the House floor. Many heartwarming dreamers mini-bios.



2018 Election Calendar and Results

The 2018 midterm elections, featuring hundreds of congressional, state and local primaries, will culminate with the Nov. 6 general election to decide whether Democrats can gain control of Congress or if Republicans will keep their hold on the legislative branch.


Brilliant move by Nancy Pelosi. I haven’t watched any of it yet but hope to. Thanks for posting it, Bob.

Venus is transiting my sun right now….good for my ability to express love and caring. Every little bit helps.

After some legal delays, Steven Bannon is scheduled to testify before Mueller’s special counsel “before the end of next week” according to various reliable sources and intends to reveal all that he knows…..

Bannon To Speak With Mueller Investigators Next Week


Remarkably, the timing closely coincides with the Feb. 15th solar eclipse (27 ’07 Aq) of Friday next week. This eclipse conjoins Mercury (25 ’49 Aq), the US natal Moon (27 ’10 Aq) in opposition to Bannon’s natal Pluto (25 ’01 Leo), Trump’s natal Mars (26 ’46 Leo), Mueller’s natal Venus (26 ’26 Leo) and last years Aug 2st solar eclipse (28 ’53 Leo).

Note; the Feb 15th eclipse Mercury (information) conj. the solar eclipse – new revelations? Tr. Uranus at 25 ’23 Aries forms an opposition to Bannon’s natal Neptune (that which is hidden) at 25 ’04 Libra forming a grand cross square to Bannon’s nodes – destiny points (25 ’19 Cancer- Capr).

Here Comes Steve Bannon’s Revenge On Donald Trump

Palmer Report
Jan 15, 2018

Donald Trump has spent the past two weeks destroying the career and life of his former right hand man, Steve Bannon, after Bannon gave a number of negative and accusatory quotes to a new anti-Trump book. Bannon has lost his website, his radio show, and his billionaire backer. With nothing left to lose, Bannon is now just hours away from beginning to get his revenge on Trump in what should be very ugly fashion. (*note: due to white house constraints, the interview had to be been postponed until mid Feb)



My mistake. Steve Bannon’s scheduled appearance will be before the House Senate Intelligence Committee and not as I wrongfully stated Mueller’s special counsel.

Oh no, that’s not good, i thought it was before Mueller, it will be a joke if it’s in the House since the House clearly is not about the truth but protecting Trump. What happened to Muller questioning him then?

well, at least hopefullly the dems will get somewhere with him!


From what I can gather, Bannon’s appearance before the special counsel is still pending? Does anyone have an idea when? It’s unclear to me.

On another front, there’s a whirlwind of uncertainty surrounding Chief of Staff John Kelly. Will the chaos never end?……

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly Finds Himself In A Tough Spot After Top Aide Resigns Following Abuse Allegations

“…… there have been reports of tension between the freewheeling Trump and the buttoned-up Kelly, and the chief of staff has brought criticism on himself for some of his remarks and actions. Kelly, an immigration hardliner, played a key role in killing a bipartisan immigration deal last month, which led to a three-day partial government shutdown. This week, he drew fire for calling some immigrants “too lazy to get off their asses” for not signing up for federal protections.

Kelly’s handling of the Porter situation, including reports that he knew about the allegations for month, has only intensified the scrutiny on his performance.”


Nancy Pelosi begins at about the 1 hour and 4 minute mark in her House appearance.

You can move through the video by clicking on the progress bar in the video.

I would be very surprised if Bannon says anything to hurt or incriminate Donald Trump. He walked back his statement about Trump Jr.’s meeting being treasonous, etc., after it lost him Mercer’s support (which might be back). Bannon has to keep his options open and not isolate himself. He will be very careful.

Maybe it’s time to consider the USA chart with Scorpio rising? That chart has Pluto and Saturn both in the 3rd house of siblings and communication. Uranus in the 6th house of service and health. Neptune – ideals and illusions – just about to move from the 4th house of roots and home to the 5th house of creative output and offspring. Seems fitting. –Hope I got that all right.

Re Bannon. He has a very dangerous needle to thread. He dare not give any relevant info to Nunes’s committee because it would get right back to the white house. Mueller’s team does not leak. Bannon probably has many ulterior motives (revenge?) but one thing about him is that he is whip smart.


You were right the first time. Bannon will not testify before the House Intel Committee. He will be in a private interview with Mueller next week:


Here is is, Kiwi. Raye Robertson’s read on Nunes. Enjoy! http://www.diaryofamundaneastrologer.net/

The untold truth of Rachel Maddow

She once picked up trash. Went for a job at a video store and got turned down because she didn’t know enough about movies.


Tiny URL is https://tinyurl.com/y6vqesyd

Will Delirious, dastardly, dumb, distasteful, disgraceful Donnie now call her ‘trashy Maddow?’ Would he dare?

I doubt that he would want to tangle with a Stanford grad and a Rhodes Scholar to boot, Bob. Rachel is much too smart, classy, and genuine to taken down with this fraud’s tweets. Also, she been #1 in her time slot, beating out even Fox news. He’s just no match for her

My question was tongue in cheek, connimac.

My charts for Nunes based on his driveway presser (March 22, 2017) and the aftermath of the memo release (February 2, 2018).

The West Point (Exact 90° square from the MC) of the birth place chart is at 294°36. The January 13, 2020, transits of the Sun (294°42′), Saturn (294°42′), and Pluto (294°45′) will conjoin it. I did not do the birth place chart until today after checking the 2 events for Washington. Was pleasantly surprised to discover that point.

https://i.imgur.com/I1mfOpb.gif (Both)


My question was tongue in cheek connimac.

*Pelosi Delivers Longest House Speech Since 1909!
Wow, Nancy is a FIGHTER! I called her office today, asked if they would give her a message? He put me directly into Voice Mail, which I wasn’t prepared for. I told her how very proud I am of her speech yesterday, how beautiful she looked and how eloquent she was! (Nancy is 78 years old, may we call all be as productive and sharp when we reach that age) I shared my fear re: the political division in America and how Democrats should be talking-up ‘Unity’. (with the GOP so often mentioning ‘Civil War’) also shared my favorite quote: “Differences were meant by God not to Divide but to Enrich”
If you would like to comment or applaud this very Eloquent and Gentle Lady: http://sfhomeless.wikia.com/wiki/United_States_House_of_Representatives_-_8th_District_-_Nancy_Pelosi
Here’s Nancy in Amazing Action: https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4713575/rep-pelosi-delivers-longest-house-speech-1909

thanks for the info on nunes Karen.

What I really would like to see is upcoming transits and info on Hannity since he is one of the key trump propagandists.

With all the talk of the Trump staffer not getting his security clearance because of past misdeeds, it occurs to me – do presidential candidates have to get a security clearance before any votes can be certified in the primary process leading up to being selected as the party nominee? And what hurdles did Trump have to pass in order to gain his current security clearance? I do wonder if those questions have ever been asked, or delved into, by the press!

kiwi, my January 2020 charts for Hannity are very conflicted. He, and many other right wingers, are going to be forced to face the truth by the Sun, Saturn, and Pluto then. Afflicted natal and progressed Neptunes’ are also prominent for many of them at that time also.

Those charts for Hannity are very “afflicted” not conflicted.

Strike one of the ‘also’s in that post also.

Great, Bob! And I just read about this comment by Republican Rep. Rooney:


— for leaks!


Thanks for the article Fe. That clears up some of the confusion.

Thanks Bob! How do you see things for him this year following the nov election?

“HE WAS F—ING PISSED”: WITH ROB PORTER GONE, THE HEAT ON JOHN KELLY IS INCREASING” Trump is not happy with the chaos; Jared and Ivanka are trying to right the ship; and even Hope Hicks, one of the president’s closest confidantes, is in trouble!

Nunes election night 2018. What is going so wrong? Loses electiom? Gop loses majority in the House?


By: Bob on February 3rd, 2018 at 4:43 pm

“This marks an uptick of negative days to come for tRump in my charts.”

The upticks:

Jan 29 – Sanctions against Russia not imposed

Feb 2 – Nunes memo release

Feb 5 – Stock market correction

Feb 5 – The United States Supreme Court on Monday refused to stop Pennsylvania’s highest court from requiring lawmakers there to redraw the state’s congressional map

Feb 6 – U.S. trade deficit in Trump’s first year soars to 9-year high

Feb 6 – Democrats flip deep-red Missouri state House seat

Feb 7 – Porter revelation and resignation

Feb 9 – Government shutdown

Feb 9? – Dem memo release

The transiting Sun is, right now, at 20+ Aquarius, the same degree as the progressed US Mercury which had been retrograde for over 20 years until recently.

It is also the degree where, in 2000, Uranus was when Jupiter met Saturn to begin their 20 year cycle, and Uranus was square them. In Aquarius. We are still in that cycle between Jupiter and Saturn which ends in December 2020, and Uranus has indeed challenged them these past 17+ years.

If the US progressed Mercury has been retrograde for 20 or more years, then, by ending its retrograde at 20+ Aquarius, it must surely mean the cycle between Jupiter and Saturn (that started 17 years ago) was foretelling the US future, what with its conjunction to the Uranus that squared the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction,.

Jupiter and Saturn together symbolize a cycle showing in what ways societies will develop over a 20 year period. The USA society therefore was destined to be disrupted (Uranus-square-Saturn & Jupiter) through some form of communication (US progressed Mercury) such as voting; a form of communicating if ever there was one.

At this moment transiting Sun conjuncts that US prog. Mercury as well as the Uranus which squared Saturn and Jupiter 17 years ago. If Sun symbolizes “consciousness” and if the ending of a planet’s retrograde period symbolizes an end of a review period, perhaps our (US) society is, finally, ready to move forward.

If 2 government shutdowns in a month reflects disruption and rebellion, both attributed to Uranus, and if voting is symbolized by Mercury, and if squares symbolize challenges, then this government shutdown is a way to get attention to the fact that something needs to change.

Neptune, in the chart for the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, conjuncts the US natal South Node at 6+ Aquarius and Neptune was trine the transiting Sun at that time in 2000. The South Node symbolizes attributes that are honed to perfection but no longer serve the host (who the chart belongs to, in this case the US) on a forward path.

If we think of Neptune as erasing or dissolving in nature and the US South Node as something that needs to be eliminated, and both the Neptune in this chart and the US natal South Node trine the same chart’s Sun (consciousness), the goal appears to be a wake-up call for America.

The Sun in this Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart was at 7+ Gemini which so happens to conjunct the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini (which is the degree where the present Pluto-Neptune cycle started, but that’s a whole other story).

From this we can see that the message of the 2000 conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn for the USA is that we must eliminate some things that have become habitual but that no longer serve our growth, and the easiest way (Neptune + US South Node trine Sun-conjunct US Uranus) to do it will be revolutionary, shocking and totally unplanned.

In less than 3 years a new Jupiter-Saturn cycle will start. In Aquarius. We must clear out those attributes that no longer serve our country’s growth during that time. That much is clear.


By the way, the US progressed Mars that is retrograde (and conjuncts Trump’s natal Jupiter, both at 17+ Libra) is opposite the US progressed Chiron at 17+ Aries. I just found that out and it explains a lot. (US Constitution chart has Neptune at 17+ Libra too.)

More on Elon Musk:


As I just put on FB, this HAS to change (and it isn’t just women)!!! This kid was raped something like 30 times.


I also just read on Democratic Underground a news items posted about a father who beat a social worker who tried to take his baby away and she later died of her injuries. Is it that we’re exposed to more news or is the world that much more violent?

Horrible Sharon. I think these things have always been there (eg the church abuses over the centuries)
We are now in the age where the rot and corruption is bubbling to the surface for all to see. I think the divine purpose is so we can choose, as a society, how we can move forward without such evil. Tall task when the so called leaders among us are the gatekeepers of evil behaviour. (note, I use the word evil here as an antithesis – live, spelled backwards)

Very interesting, kiwi. I never noticed that about live and evil….very profound connection.

Yes, up is down and evil is good, and we are down the Rabbit Hole, I guess.

I love what this guy has to say – embrace your humanity

Are you familiar with this wonderful song?
It’s a magical piece re: Reincarnation
“The Highwaymen”
(W. Nelson, K. Kristofferson, W. Jennings, J. Cash)
While sending this to my son, I wanted to share it: here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFSA8-pxrqc

Thanks for sharing Patty – I’ve always loved that song – so nice to hear it again!


Appreciate the list. You might want to add the following:

WH Counsel Don McGahn just stated Trump won’t be declassifying the Dem memo. Big surprise (yep. Sarcasm from me).


Also breaking:
…another WH employee, David Sorensen, resigned today AFTER he learned the Washington Post planned to an article about him abusing his ex-wife.


As we continue to excavate the dregs of our society (thanks Pluto) we are also uncovering much unseemly conduct among the classes supposedly above such immoral conduct; conduct such as wife beating for example.

I’m starting to get a handle on how this degree that the outer planets share; 11+ degrees of Aquarius. That degree was highlighted by the transiting Sun opposite the eclipsed Moon in Leo nine days ago. For his part Pluto has offered up his (ingress into Capricorn) Nessus, a symbol for the abuse of power, particularly the male vs. female kind of abuse.

The sensitization of a society must, apparently, use shock methods to get the ball rolling. Thus Uranus has offered up his Venus (from his ingress into Aries) in the effort to awaken said society.

The common form of spreading the word of such abuse would be symbolized by Mercury and that is Neptune’s contribution from his ingress into Pisces. The addition of a diffusion of clarity in the facts is a bonus from Neptune, although he would modestly deny this I’m sure.


The president doesn’t need any security clearance and from what I’ve been reading since the Porter story broke, he would never get one from the FBI.
Porter has been working at the WH for over a year without a full security clearance from the FBI due to the claims of physically abusing his ex-wives but was given what;s called an interim clearance from either Trump or someone within his administration.
The FBI does forward to the WH their investigation findings, so a president should certainly be aware of why a person on their staff who works close with them and especially with classified /top secret material(Rob Porter) wasn’t cleared by the FBI.
From what I’ve read the FBI can’t intervene when a person does get interim security clearance after having refused by them a permanent security clearance.
In a normal administration a person with an interim clearance should have it only around 3 months while waiting for their full clearance.
There are about 40 people right now within the Trump admin that are viewing classified info with interim security.

It’s a royal clusterfvck!

An observation: the men deny the women’s accusations and it is THEY who are being smeared, they are the victims. Nevermind, that Rob Porter said he took the photo of the black eye and he never explained why he was being smeared. Same with Roy Moore, same with the president.
Deny in the face of the evidence

The country has lost its moral compass and the bunch in the WH prove it.

Izzy, that’s horrific news if true that a president elect is not required to have a pre-approved security clearance!
A monumental legal oversight?

tRump birth place IC is at 232°00′. Jupiter stations March 9 at 231°09′ – it can be considered to be on it now and for a short time yet still giving him some relief. It will cross it the last time on Oct 11.

Saturn will be opposite Mueller’s natal Saturn on February 12.

Another point of interest in the January 31 Leo Lunar Eclipse chart is that Juno (symbol of the unequal partner) at 19+ Aquarius is square the US natal Vesta (symbol of what is invested in) at 19+ Taurus. Venus rules Taurus and, in this eclipse chart, Venus at 16+ Aquarius is conjunct Juno. I believe this square is what symbolizes the outing of the abusive husbands in the Trump government.

US natal Vesta in Taurus trines this eclipse chart’s Pluto (transformation) at 19+ Capricorn and they both trine US Neptune (compassion) in Virgo to form a powerful grand trine.

Grand trines are quite powerful and a nearly impenetrable source of energy in which the planets involved work in harmony. A lunar eclipse will be effective much longer than a normal full moon.

Combine this with the influence of the outer planets on the degree where the Sun was in this lunar eclipse it could be a giant leap forward for humanity. There is more to come regarding abusive husbands.

Also, transiting Sedna (an abused wife in Inuit mythology) stationed direct (while transiting Trump’s midheaven/MC) two and 1/2 days ago.

“What’s the antidote to rising nationalism, polarization and hate? In this inspiring, poetic talk, Valarie Kaur asks us to reclaim love as a revolutionary act.”

https://ted.com/talks/valarie_kaur_3_lessons_of_revolutionary_love_in_a_time_of_rage?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=tedspread–a … via @TEDTalks

Moving and Inspiring Angellight.
Thanks so much for sharing

Marjorie Orr: white house back in crisis mode

Kiwi, Thank you for the video of Bishop Spong who says “Hell was created to Scare Us”. I was raised Catholic and attended a Boarding School where Young Nun Novitiates entered the Convent and Old Nuns came to die. Never did they scare us with the Fear of Hell. Always the message was: Be Good and Do Good. The School was a magical place on The Niagara River just before Niagara Falls
Here is a short video of the Convent/School I graduated from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=J0f2WmGEbvQ

Bob, you rascal you! You have awakened me to the upcoming opposition between transiting Jupiter and transiting Sedna; she who hovers over Trump’s MC.

In turn, that led to creating a chart for their conjunction (and new cycle start) which took place 28 days before the conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in 2000. I owe you a big one for this.

The Jupiter-Sedna cycle started on April 30, 2000, and Pluto, at the time, was at 12 Sagittarius 21 retrograde and conjunct the US birthchart ascendant. . .it was right under my nose, all this time.

The transiting Moon at this Jupiter-Sedna conjunction was at 18 Pisces 55 and sextile transiting Saturn at 19 Taurus 04 (Saturn was already square Uranus, a prominent feature in the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart).

This sextile between Moon (women) and Saturn (limitations) formed a Yod to Trump’s natal Jupiter at 17+ Libra, the US Constitution’s natal Neptune at 17+ Libra and the present location of the US progressed Mars, also at 17+ Libra!

This presumes that all 3, Trump’s Jupiter, the US Constitution’s Neptune and the progressed US Mars would be forced to make adjustments, uncomfortable though it would be for each of the entities they represented.

Transiting Venus in this Sedna-Jupiter chart was at 28 Aries 52. On August 2, 2017, trans. Uranus stationed retrograde at 28 Aries 32. Trans. Uranus will finally reach 28 Aries 52 (and the Venus of the Sedna-Jupiter cycle) on April 25th, 9 days after it conjuncts the New Moon at 26 Aries 02. Any more Rob Porter’s out there? I’m convinced Sedna symbolizes abused women – at least in this iteration.

On December 11-12 this year trans. Uranus will cross over 28 Aries 52 again in retrograde motion, and again on Jan. 31-Feb. 1, 2019, this time moving in direct motion. Meanwhile I will be working on a chart for the Sedna-Saturn conjunction that took place a bit before this Sedna-Jupiter conjunction.

By the way Venus was square the nodes in this Jupiter-Sedna chart and they were at 28 Cancer 09 (North) and 28 Capricorn 09 (South), the South Node less than a degree from the US natal Pluto, I kid you not. This Venus in the Jupiter-Sedna cycle then also squared US natal Pluto.

patty, thanks for sharing. I notice in that video all the images are of love/learning – crucifixion image absent . I’ve long thought the perpetuation of fear and hate by some religious sects always come from that leader’s need to control.

Wow, Angellight, that is beautiful. We need more of that.

came across this December article that focuses on the relationship dance between Rupert Murdoch and Trump over the years.
In looking up Rupert Murdoch’s chart on astro.com I notice that pluto is now almost exactly conjunct his Saturn at 21 cap.
I wonder how that transit might affect Rupert and thus, perhaps, the resulting fox news’ coverage of trump henceforth?

Ed Tamplin this week on Nixon Watergate Trump: Sun-Jupiter cycle parallels

Bailey, Thank you. That young woman was so inspirational.

Kiwi, yes, had to share. When I listened to her speak with such passion and love after the pain she suffered and was able to forgive; something we need to hear to overcome hate and bigotry.

Approaching the Soul of America Excerpt “The architecture of New York City, that of Wall Street and that of the 9/11 Memorial Plaza present pictures — images if held interiorly — of the Underworld of greed in contrast to the now opening Underworld that may be the true source of the Soul of America! In this blog installment, I will work with the architectural images here and next time I will go more deeply into the imagination of the true soul of America.”


I can’t believe that Trump’s approval ratings are nudging upward. I track them daily – https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/trump-approval-ratings/

Not sure what’s going on. Maybe the Jupiter IC respite Bob wrote of? That and the tax cut plus defense spending that Repubs must be celebrating. I dunno.

But yes – love is revolutionary. Got to protect our good hearts for the long run.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Nancy and how much I/we owe her, so before this period of solar Aquarius is over I want to express my gratitude to her and to the Starlight News blog family.

First of all, no other sign and website owner is as tolerant as Nancy the Aquarian. She never throws any of us off her site because we have strayed so far off topic. It has to be really bad for her to even delete one of our comments. That’s rare in the blog-o-sphere.

Secondly, she has the ability to grasp a thread of sanity – through astrology – in an insane world, which gives us the courage to face our own doubts and fears; at least for awhile. I get the feeling that she carries within her makeup a motherly influence – in spite of the overriding Aquarian influence toward, well, you know, Aquarianism. She’s not so much feeley as she is friendly and, thankfully, somewhat detached from the hysteria that most of us fall prey to.

Perhaps that speaks to a natal Moon strategically placed, or a loaded 4th house, or a planet or two in Cancer, or even a natal Ceres making an important aspect which provides that protective and yet never smothering quality about her writings. We are always free to make – and express – our own observations here at Starlight News.

So here’s to you and yours Nancy; have a joyous solar return and a splendid year going forward. Thanks for all you sacrifice in keeping this site active and open, no matter how crazy it gets, for all these years. It is a true sanctuary from all the madness and we are all enormously grateful.

Barbk, I wholeheartedly agree with you on your statement on the value of Nancy, and how generous her gift of Starlight to us.

Nancy, a glorious solar return. May life be as generous to you as you have been and are to us.

Very well said, Barb! And thank you for reminding us that our dear friend Nancy is having a solar return soon (Feb 16 or 17?!)!

Along the lines of the Valerie Kaur TED talk, for you Gregg Braden fans out there:

(PS thanks, Angellight!)

I agree barbk and I like to send a donation to Nancy for this enriching site.

Thank you, everyone for your kind comments!! My birthday is this coming Friday with an exact solar eclipse on the Sun. At least it is only a partial eclipse, but I am not thrilled about it. If you want to send me a donation, they are always appreciated. Contact me at nancy@starlightnews.com for the address.

In 1966 transiting Chiron and transiting Saturn made a conjunction that started their long cycle at 23+ Pisces. Last year Chiron arrived at that degree where he had met Saturn about 50 years before hand. I suspect that return to the degree where his cycle with Saturn began, a cycle which is still going on, rejuvenated its potency.

There are several reasons why this seems likely. In the chart for this 1966 cycle start, Saturn and Chiron were sextile the North Node at 25+ Taurus, the degree where transiting Sedna, who stationed direct a few days ago, is right now. I believe Sedna is symbolizing (with help from other deities represented by planets and asteroids) the dismantling of the idea that men can get away with spouse abuse.

At the time Chiron and Saturn met in 1966, Pluto and Uranus were starting their cycle too. In this chart for Chiron and Saturn dated April 12, Uranus and Pluto were both at 16+ Virgo retrograde. This makes me see these two cycles working together for a common goal covering many matters.

Another point of interest in this Chiron-Saturn cycle chart is the Moon (symbol of women) was at 27+ Capricorn and exactly conjunct the US natal Pluto.

As trans. Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter move toward their conjunctions with each other in the next couple of years they will start fresh new cycles in societies in general, and especially the USA when Pluto reaches the US Pluto. These new cycles will have new agendas so time is running out for completing the old agendas. The push is on to end a lot of obsolete patterns such as wife beating.

Finally, I want to note the position of the North Node (symbolizing a path forward and opportunities to get on it) in this Chiron-Saturn cycle chart; 25+ Scorpio. Transiting Jupiter will reach that degree that opposes where transiting Sedna is right now in October. Perhaps justice will be served at that time.

27 Aquarius (27LE, 27TA, 27SC)


E-skin stands for electronic skin, a synthetic replica of skin that mimics many properties of real skin such as being soft, malleable, and able to sense touch, air flow, humidity, and temperature and regenerate itself. Zhanan Zou, Yan Li, and Jianliang Xiao from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Chengpu Zhu, Xingfeng Lei, and Wei Zhang form the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado created a thin layer of translucent material that is equipped with sensors



RE: Trump’s ‘upward’ polling, remember fake news? I am sure the Russians are behind that too.

I don’t believe the internet news anymore since it revealed that they are still at it, hacking our American way of life. Do not trust Russians to do the right thing.

The Deplorable Donald won’t follow laws of decency or US rule of laws. Should we expect any better? Yeah, but don’t hold your breath.


I read something today about how fewer and fewer people are identifying themselves as Republicans, so when we read that Trump still has 30-something percent support of Republicans, it may not mean as much as we think.


I read about the electronic skin over the weekend. Wow.


Happy Birthday. I hope the eclipse is too scared of you to mess with you too much.

Also, you should stick a PayPal button on this site. It’s so easy to send people money that way, and then you could be getting donations all the time. Plus, lots of people who aren’t crazy about entering their credit card info. on the net will pay through PayPal because they trust it.

Dear Nancy, Wishing You a Brilliant Birthday and Wonderful Year Ahead! If only we could alll come together and have a real Party!
Please do put up a PayPal Link Nancy, I would feel so much more secure with that option.

Slightly off-topic, but funny………

STAND BY YOUR MAN (Donald Trump) – A Randy Rainbow Song Parody


I would make a paypal donation. Happy Birthday Nancy.

I ditto the paypal suggestion – much easier to send $$ to the other side of the world
🙂 xxx

In May 2000 Jupiter and Saturn started their present cycle. They both had just been conjunct Sedna days earlier but nobody knew it because Sedna hadn’t been discovered yet.

In my haste I failed to realize earlier that this date, May 2000, would not be the most recent cycle between Jupiter (who takes only 12 years to go around the Sun) and Sedna (not yet discovered in 2000). That present cycle between Sedna and Jupiter, which is almost half-way through now, started on May 12, 2012, when they both were at 22 Taurus 52′ 53″.

They were both less than a degree ahead of the transiting Sun at 21 Taurus 58′ 13″.

What I wrote about the Jupiter conjunct Sedna cycle that started in 2000 (before Sedna had been discovered) would have been happening on an unconscious level (for humanity) since we were unconscious of Sedna’s existence at that time. I’m so sorry for my mistake.

What I’ve gleaned from this new (present) cycle between Jupiter and Sedna is that it WILL be conscious since the Sun symbolizes consciousness and the Sun conjuncts the Jupiter-Sedna conjunction. Sedna’s Revenge one might call it.

Just a couple of observations about this present cycle’s chart, one being the sextile between its Pluto at 9+ Capricorn retrograde and Chiron 9+ Pisces which forms a Yod to Trump’s natal Pluto at 10+ Leo means Trump’s Pluto will have to adjust due to this Jupiter-Sedna cycle.

The degree of this Jupiter-Sedna cycle start, 22+ Taurus, is the same degree where the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle began in 2000, a cycle that will continue until the end of 2020.

Sedna may have been unconscious in 2000 but she will have earned her place in astrology’s pantheon of gods and goddesses by the end of 2020.

I think you can get to my paypal with nancy@starlightnews.com
I don’t use it much, but I think that is how you get there. Otherwise, I don’t take credit cards, only checks.


Check out the March 14th Saturn-Jupiter semi-square (8 ’11 Capr. – 23 ’11 Scorpio). Jupiter will have just stationed a few days prior while forming a close opposition to the May 28, 2000 Saturn/Jupiter conj (22 ’43 Taurus). Some astrologers have associated the Jupiter/Saturn conj. in Taurus of May 2000 with that of finances and the stock market. Here’s one analysis citing various dramatic downward trends in financial markets when that sensitive 22 ‘ 43 Taurus degree is adversely affected……

The Financial Markets and the Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction

“…..The importance of planetary conjunctions.

The conjunctions that in my experience are particularly relevant to stock markets are the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (which occurs every twenty years or so)……”



Important to note: the New York Stock Exchange (May 17, 1792 New York, NY 10:10 am) contains a nearly exact Mercury-Uranus square (23 ’46 Taurus – 23 ’31 Aquarius) so it will be heavily impacted at that point in time.

More stock market volatility as we head into March? Congress has until March 23rd, the next funding deadline, to write the legislation to accompany the spending deal that will fund the government for the remainder of the fiscal year. With immigration laws being fiercely contested in Congress (the DACA program is scheduled to expire March 5th), I suspect the March 22nd Mercury retrograde station at 16 ’54 Aries in square to the 115th US Congress natal Pluto (17 ’02 Capr.) will catapult the US government into a more severe protracted shutdown. Lots to look forward to, courtesy of the dysfunctional congress and the Trump administration.

Yes Jerry, thank you; no doubt this cycle of Jupiter and Saturn is rattling the security of the financial world now. I was unaware of their semi-square next month (with that Saturn quincunx US natal Uranus even!) and a potent (stationing) Jupiter opposing the Jupiter-Saturn cycle degree starting point.

I looked at the chart for that semi-square and saw that Jupiter would be trine the Sun in Pisces (who had just opposed US Neptune in Virgo . .hmm) and they both will be trine US Mercury in Cancer. My 1st thought was that whatever will be happening then will be good for some and bad for others.

Since Taurus is about what we value, and in the US that seems primarily to be $$, and because Uranus was square the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction from his position in Aquarius, he would be shaking up our notion of “values” during this 20 year cycle; probably involving some humanitarian crisis issues.

Fixed signs like Taurus don’t relish changes (from Uranus in Aquarius) so something revolutionary would/will be required to bring about a revaluing of our values. I wonder how big a part Neptune (the transiting one and the US natal one) will play.

I see the transiting North Node (14+ Leo) on March 14th will be sextile the US natal Saturn (14+ Libra) and that sextile forms a Yod to the transiting Neptune (14+ Pisces) prompting some kind of shift from Neptune. Problem is, when ISN’T Neptune shifting?

Then there is the square of Chiron in Pisces to Mars in Sagittarius on March 14th that might drop the trading, but trans. Uranus trines that Mars in Sagittarius and they both trine the August solar eclipse in Leo (conjunct Trump’s Mars). When it gets this complicated I suspect I’m deliberately being thrown off track.

Like this for example; transiting Uranus in Aries is coming up to an opposition next month to the 1982 conjunction of Pluto and Saturn at 27+ Libra.

Pluto and Saturn at that time were sextile Neptune at 25+ Sagittarius (where Mars will be in March) and together they formed a Yod to Chiron at 25+ Taurus (where Sedna is right now). I can’t help but wonder, how many other cycles are going to be actively involved in this semi-square between Jupiter and Saturn, and just how many yellow brick roads must we follow to find out what it all means?

Still, one can’t resist the lure (Mars conjuncts the Great Attractor next week) so thanks again for the heads up Jerry.

Best belated wishes for your birthday, Nancy, and many, many more!

It’s been a while and the same old chaos drags on in the WH. I thought a different angle on the usual suspects might be fun to try, although there’s the chance that such a cross-chart recipe can turn into a four layer broccoli cake. I compared the February 12th secondary progressions for Trump, his inauguration, and the US Congress chart to each other and to the transits of the day (but not natal charts). Most significantly, I notice there is a cluster of progressed planets in aspect to transiting Pluto around 20-21 degrees. Pluto is presently at 20 Capricorn in the sky. The three sets of progressions (Trump, Inaugural and Congress) have aspects in a narrow range to Pluto and the main ones form a grand cross (dates approximate and all houses are the progressed ones, not natal):

Transit: Pluto is now at 20Capricorn 10’ (February 12, 2018)
Pluto will be at 20Capricorn 48’ Friday, March 9 and 20Capricorn 52’ March 12, 2018

T. Pluto is transiting (in) the progressed Inaugural 9th house of judges, courts, foreign affairs
T. Pluto squares P. Inaugural Uranus, 20Cancer 48’(12th of secrets /institutions /government), Mar. 9
T. Pluto sextiles (60 degrees) P. Inaugural Chiron at 21Pisces 51’ (in 11th of associates / legislatures)

T. Pluto is transiting (in) progressed Congress 6th house of workers, civil service, armed services
T. Pluto will oppose P. Congress Moon at 20Cancer 52’ (in 12th of secrets etc.), March 12
P. Congress Moon is at 21Scorpio 58 (in 7th), but moving ahead of the other planets
T. Pluto squares P. Congress Neptune at 21Libra 25’ (in 3rd of communications/ public opinion)
T. Pluto sextiles P. Congress Saturn at 20Pisces 06’ (in 8th of debt/ banking /finance)
T. Pluto is semisextile (30 d.) P. Congress Pluto at 19Aquarius 07’ (in 7th of partners/ open enemies)

T. Pluto/P. Inaugural Uranus/P. Congress Moon form a T-square – T. Pluto is lagging and the T aspects will be exact on the dates above
P. Inaugural Uranus (20 Cancer 48’) opposes P. Congress NeptuneRx (21Libra 25) making the cross

That seems to be a lot of close aspects (1-2 degree orb). I take this to mean that the presidency as an institution will be seriously at odds (P. Uranus) with Congress, representing the people (P. Moon w/deceptive Rx Neptune). That might be a new development in the Pres/Congress relationship as until now Congress has not openly disputed Trump’s actions. Either way, together they are dealing with a heavy transiting Pluto in Capricorn from inside and outside the country (per the houses). P. Uranus in the Inauguration chart is in a fire sign (Aries), which fits the tone of the presidency so far. Moon in Cancer (people, land), Neptune Rx in Libra and Saturn in Pisces in the Congress chart indicate the difficult and mistrusting environment that is found there and in the country as a whole.

Things are stuck, at a stalemate, at the same time as there is upheaval (Uranus), with hard feelings by the people (Cancer opposed by Pluto) who don’t really know what is going on (Neptune). Likely it indicates more and stronger protests, but possibly also outright treachery (as though there hasn’t been enough already). Trump’s progressed chart doesn’t seem to say much relative to the other tow, but his own P. Uranus is at 21 Gemini (communications sign), inconjunct (150 degrees) to transiting Pluto, which seems to say that even he is trapped or stuck in the power struggle, or revolution in government(?), and can’t find a way to bully the situation his way.

The Pluto transit will hang around 20-21 degrees from February through June. Then it goes retrograde on April 22 and hits 20Cancer 52’ again about June 4th, then carries on until it goes direct again and reaches the same degree for a last time about January 9, 2019, after the midterms. So, whatever issues are involved will be in dispute for most of the year and it appears once the midterms are done, there may be a new scenario (i.e. Pluto done some of its job of digging up the dirt?). This does not mean anybody knows how the midterms will turn out. Uncertainty (Uranus) is the theme.

In addition to the above, there are other disruptive, undermining transits from Uranus and Neptune, which says that peaceful, responsible, respectable times are not around the corner. Briefly, transiting Uranus is at 25Aries 17 and is going to oppose Trump’s Ascendant at 27Libra 46’ about April 6, 2018. This would undoubtedly be a challenging situation for him, especially since the opposition to an Ascendant always comes from the 7th house of opponents, partners and open enemies (such as Mueller). Perhaps these ‘outside’ influences will put Trump in his place, if not ‘in line’.

Also, transiting Neptune is presently at 13Pisces, transiting Congress’ 8th house of other people’s money and Trump’s personal 5th house of investments, sex and gambling. Neptune will semisextile (30 degrees) the Congress P. Mars at 13Aries 48’ in its 9th of legal matters and inconjunct (150) Trump’s personal P. Mercury at 13Leo 57’ in his 10th house of reputation of CEOs. Neptune transits indicate that nobody will know much of anything going ahead.

That kind of disconnecting, smoke and mirrors situation could mean that Congress will have a legal battle to deal with (Mars in 9th) that’s like nailing jello to the wall (Neptune) and Trump’s reputation as a lying executive (Neptune aspecting his P. Mercury in Leo) and his “you’re fired” decision making capacity (P. Mercury in 10th) could give him a disastrous drubbing that curbs his executive actions.

This will take most of the year to play out – none of it except maybe the Uranus opposition to Trump’s progressed Ascendant in April are the last word on the subject. Neptune will be at 13Pisces 48’ on March 1, 2018, then retrograde back to that degree at the midterm elections, November 5/6, with a final pass to that degree about December 14, 2018. Perhaps the outcomes of some of the midterm contests will not be known until December. What a mess (but, as I’ve said before, I don’t think any of this means that Trump will leave the White House before his term is up in January 2021).

The birth charts progressed to Feb. 12, 2018, 12:00 GMT, are:
Trump’s birth, June 14, 1946, 10:54am DST, Queens NY
Trump’s inaugural, Jan. 20, 2017, noon standard time, Washington DC
US Congress birth, Sep. 13, 1788, 11:00am LMT, New York, NY

Sorry, this is wrong:
P. Congress Moon is at 21Scorpio 58 (in 7th), but moving ahead of the other planets.

It should read: P. Inaugural Moon.

If you’re into it, it’s a Trump binding night tonight.

fierywoman, its not just trump for the binding, its also the entire corrupt cast of supporting actors.

Nancy and others: I have an unsettling question! As you know, the midterm elections will occur under strong Uranian influences. This aspect signals bizarre and unexpected events. Could the unexpected event be Republican victories? I tell myself that Uranus changes the status quo. But what if the change is predictable? Please comment. Professor Marc Bertonasco

I didn’t realise that Wicca or any type of spell-making is implied in “binding” – I had not heard of that before, but I looked it up.

Astrology does base itself on old traditions and symbols, so it’s not far off any of the metaphysical traditions – I can’t argue with that, but it strikes me that actually making spells does not belong. Spells are not open discussion of issues, nor do they relate directly to the valuable kind of understanding that astrology offers (or any of the hard work involved). On that front, for one, I find it hard to accept talk of spells.

I understand that people are deeply committed to (and are entitled to) their true beliefs of every kind – because they really believe them, not tactically use beliefs to manipulate. But using magic to try to influence people and events with totally unknown results in the grand scheme of the universe is not humble enough for me. I’m not religious, but ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ is my belief. Aren’t spells a power move (fits with Pluto)?

Question: how do you know what Trump’s place in the universe is supposed to be, that you are sure he should not be who he is at this moment in time? Please note, I agree that he can do a lot of harm, but he represents many people who are doing good as well.

Prof. Marc F:
Uranus is unpredictability personified – which is why things are unpredictable! Like now. So, probably, the changes are actually not predictable. Acceptance of uncertainty is essential in life and in astrology. Sure, you can want certainty (we all do), but you can’t get it reading posts by amateur astrologers like me! Maybe there’s someone out there who reads Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Eris etc. better…..let us know if you find him or her.

Another state legislative seat in a deep red district was flipped from red to blue today in a special election in FL today! Keep them coming!

Republican politicians are ramping up for a new, sneaky assault: Offering to provide young Americans some relief from crippling student debt and our country’s shameful lack of paid family leave — if they forfeit some of their future Social Security benefits.

The first iteration of this scheme came from Rep. Tom Garrett (R-Va.) who recently introduced the so-called Student Security Act of 2017. This bill would allow young people to pay off a portion of their student loans with their future Social Security benefits. It would force them to choose between financial security in young adulthood and financial security in retirement.


Thom Hartmann: How the GOP Used a Two Santa Clauses Tactic to Con America for Nearly 40 Years
This scam has been killing wages and enriching billionaires for decades.


Wow alex, that Thom Hartmann article blows my mind. I had to do a chart for the day Nixon resigned, August 9, 1974, to see what might have caused (through astrological symbolism) the beginning of the Two Santa Clauses Theory.

Saturn was conjunct the US natal Sun 13+ Cancer.

Venus was conjunct the US Mercury in Cancer and square Uranus in Libra and the Moon in Aries. Venus was also sextile US natal Neptune in Virgo.

Mars at 8+ Virgo squared US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini.

Jupiter at 16+ Pisces squared the North Node at 17+ Sagittarius and the South Node at 17+ Gemini which is the degree where Trump’s Uranus sits.

Pluto in Libra sextiled Neptune in Sagittarius who trined Mercury in Leo (who sextiled US natal Uranus) and squared Mars in Virgo (who was square US natal Uranus).

Pluto in Libra also squared US natal Venus and Jupiter in Cancer

Pluto was near the US natal chart’s MC and Neptune was in the US chart’s 12th house.

For all this activity at Nixon’s departure the most likely seed for the 2 Santa Clauses Theory, IMO, is the Pluto-Neptune sextile.

The US natal Uranus sits in the same degree, 8+ Gemini, where Pluto and Neptune began their cycle and both Neptune and Pluto were in orb of aspecting that degree (as were Mercury and Mars in this chart for Nixon’s resignation).

The underhandedness of the 2 Santa Clauses Theory smacks of Neptune AND Pluto in their most negative form. Their cycle began in the most dual of signs, Gemini.

The Hartman piece is well stated. We’ve talked about this often in our home, the temporary euphoria when one party exerts power and control over a favorite target — the population of taxpayers forced to hand over “money for nothin.”

The critical flaw in thinking, however, no matter the seeming longevity of this Santa-Claus strategy, is an uncounted major player — the environment, the rebellion of earth.

The Me-Too movement could be applied to the earth feminine. She’s been raped long enough. It’s time that she reclaim her power. The men in suits are beginning to have nightmares, that will soon turn to flow-blown terror despite the myth of safety behind gated communities, or hidden underground bunkers. She’s already shaking the ground beneath their well-heeled feet.

Dang, Nancy. Were I closer, I’d make a humongous New-York style cheese cake, crack open a bottle of wine, and celebrate your birthday with you!

So many posters have eloquently stated why you and your words are so special. I can’t add anything else, except my thank-yous.

Put the Unity in Community


Meet Paul Ryan’s Challenger, Randy Bryce


Trump Budget Offers Stark Vision We Cannot Afford to Ignore
While tens of millions of struggling Americans must reduce their already modest standards of living, this budget would widen inequality, worsen poverty and hardship, and further divide the country


The Hartman article is wonderful and so obvious once you read it. It would be awesome if MSNBC and CNN would pick up on this. They seem to beat the same stories to death…now its Porter and Russia

“You watch. The time has come,”


From Astrologer Alan Oken on tomorrows eclipse.

“So now he will receive “Punch 2” of an eclipse “1-2 Punch” but will it be a knock out?

…in the third map, I am also looking at the transit chart for the day of the eclipse but shortly thereafter beginning at 17.39/05.39pm with 26.46 Leo rising exactly conjoined DT’s Mars with the Sun/Moon still eclipsing at 27 Aquarius. If you are so interested, take this time and advance it to 17.55/05.55pm and you will have 29.58 Leo on the transiting Ascendant.

My conclusion is that something rather “eclipsing” and fiery, should take place between 5.39 and 5.55 on the 15th of February in the life of the POTUS.”

Happy Birthday Nancy! Many more!

the ‘job creator’ in chief – “The Trump administration budget proposal would slash the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration by more than $1 billion next year, forcing the agency to cut about 8 percent of jobs. The weather service, part of NOAA, would lose 355 jobs, including 248 forecasting positions.”

smooth move with climate changes afoot – I suppose he intends to bring in privatization, consumer pay plan for that too.

“It’s anti-patriarchy” says Bannon in the article that ja has provided a link to. Many thanks ja.

Karen notes in her comment this AM that Mother Nature is “reclaiming her power”.

The signs are everywhere so that even the dullest of dullards, like Trump for example, will soon realize the times are a’changin.

What is required to pick up on this change is sensitivity, usually attributed to the Moon in astrology. The US Moon (and Nancy’s natal Sun) are featured in Friday’s Solar Eclipse at 27+ Aquarius.

The US Moon symbolizes all of us US citizens in general, but the Moon itself is symbolic of traits usually associated with the feminine nature in humans. Emotions, first and foremost, but Motherhood is what we learn to associate with the Moon symbol as beginning students of astrology.

Mothers are symbolic of The Family; they are thought to represent the binding material that holds a group of people (mostly blood-related) together. Tribes and cults also feature this binding quality. So do nations in times of trouble (Nancy’s phrase; so perfect).

These are such times of trouble and we are all searching, consciously and unconsciously, for something to bind our nation together; some thread of continuity we can all agree on. Some find it in a general agreement that foreigners are out to harm us. A lot of men think (consciously or unconsciously) that Women are out to get them.

This binding quality, in times of trouble, is fear-based; we stick together for safety’s sake. That’s normal. If we are threatened in some large-scale way – say an earthquake – we try to put aside our personal differences for the sake and safety of the Whole.

Transiting Pluto in this Solar Eclipse (that conjuncts US Moon in Aquarius) is uniquely positioned. He trines the US natal Neptune in Virgo and he trines the US natal Vesta in Taurus.

It suggests to me a focus (Vesta) on dissolving (Neptune) and then resolving differences over details (Virgo) for the sake of transforming (Pluto) and preserving certain institutions (Capricorn) such as Congress.

Transiting Pluto in Capricorn is also trine the Taurus degree of the starting point of this Jupiter-Saturn cycle we are in, traditionally associated with society and cultural change.

Transiting Pluto is also trine (just a bit over a 5 degree orb) transiting Sedna in Taurus. By this October transiting Jupiter will exactly oppose transiting Sedna, and by 2020, first transiting Saturn then trans. Jupiter will trine trans. Sedna. This will be society coming to grips with Sedna’s rage, largely over patriarchal social customs.

As the ability to sense (sensitivity = Moon) the outrage of women abused and denigrated increases among the whole of (US) society, the less likely men like Trump and Porter and Roy Moore will reach positions where they can influence government decisions. Change can be difficult but so worth achieving don’t you agree?

At this point I sense this eclipse, for the USA, will be about the mores and folkways of our society and some abrupt changes in consciousness.

So sorry, Thursday’s eclipse, not Friday’s; the one which squares transiting Sedna and conjuncts the US Moon.

This morning I took and passed my social worker licensing test (2 yrs after finishing the graduate program – lots of things derailed me). I am not a clinical social worker at this point but can fully practice in Louisiana and work for someone else or be in practice with a clinical social worker. I’ll be 67 this month (my BD is about a week aafter Nancy’s) and this is a late life career/shot at doing something meaningful and giving back to society (and getting paid for it). I am not going to work immediately but will take at least a month off, after a month of intense work. I’m going to definitely relax for at least a week and try to do easy and pleasurable things.

At the same time, I checked the news very late today and confronted a horror story. I guess it’s the lunar eclipse that brought us yet another school shooting, at a FL middle or high school. There are fatalities. There are no words….just sadness and shock, and prayers for the victims and their loved ones.


Bless you for being willing to do that important work.

Sharon K, Congratulations!

I think I heard that Florida school shooter (17 fatalities) was born in September 1998. If so, Neptune was conjunct the US natal Pluto at the time.

Sharon K, you are to be congratulated and commended for doing something so meaningful. There was a time in my life when everything hit the fan. A friend told me there was no way I could handle all of what had happened and gave me the name of a male psychiatrist and a female clinical social worker. I opted for the social worker. I guess I went to her for about a year and it was time well spent. Just by listening and asking a critical question now and then she helped me see relationships in a very different way.

I’m sure you will do the same for some very fortunate clients. Get some rest and then start healing those in need.


Sept 1998:

neptune conjunct mars


TV station in Seattle buys up $1 million dollars worth of viewers’ medical debt and forgives it

By Walter Einenkel
Wednesday Feb 14, 2018 · 12:24 PM PST

The suspected shooter was identified as Nikolaus de Jesus Cruz, a 19-year-old.

Cruz reportedly began shooting around 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, minutes before the school day’s dismissal.

The Broward Sheriff Department reported that Cruz was arrested and taken into custody at 3:11 p.m.

Amid massacre, a story of courage: Reports say football coach stepped in front of bullets


She said that Mr. Cruz has a brother, Zachary, and that both boys were adopted. Their adoptive father died some years ago, she added.

Ms. Pasciolla said that the boys’ mother, Lynda Cruz, had regular problems with their behavior. On occasion, she said, the mother would resort to calling the police to have them come over to try to talk some sense into her sons.


Congratulations Sharon!

Wishing you much success and spiritual rewards in your endeavors.

At 11 am today transiting Jupiter trined your natal Venus/Jupiter midpoint (351°46′ [N Venus/Jupiter] – 230°21′ [T Jupiter] = 121°25′.

For birth place – progressed MC at 51°04′, progressed Mercury/Venus midpoint at 51°55′.

And transiting Venus trined natal and progressed Uranus.

Happy Birthday Nancy & congrats Sharon

Thank you so much everyone for your good wishes and thank you Bob for letting me know the midpoints…sounds like the planets were helping me. Social work, counseling, therapy, and the other helping professions, including medicine, are are not necessarily easy professions but are very rewarding and can be enjoyable. We have several people here like Nancy and Will and Eliseo who have helped many.

Congratulations Sharon K,

Here is something I found very inspiring today, especially the comments.


Good for you Sharon; I hope you will find much fulfillment in your new career. It is at this time of life one must embrace some endeavor that is not only challenging but that engages one’s sense of making the world a better place. It sounds like you have “found your calling”. Bravo!

I don’t have the heart right now to say more about the latest mass school shooting than that I think that this instance may finally force congress to pass some meaningful gun legislation.

The eclipse Mars is on the Sibly chart Asc located to DC and the eclipse is on the Sibly Moon (representing women in this year of a growing movement of women and the country’s emotions).

I hope my thinking is not just because this horror has hit me harder than any that have gone before it. Learning about it was like an unbelievable punch to the stomach. I reacted physically with my entire body and mind.

People running for election should be questioned on how they would vote on gun legislation to ban the sale of semi-automatic weapons to citizens and their responses used to campaign for or against them. They care more about their position than they do about the safety of voters and voter’s familys.

House Russia investigation has ‘abundance’ of evidence against Trump, says top Democrat!
Adam Schiff said the panel had seen evidence of collusion with Russia and obstruction by Donald Trump’s campaign and administration that is not yet public! It’s getting very close:

Wow Sharon, I’m so proud of you!
That you have accomplished all of this.
I knew you had the Heart of an Angel now you can spread your Wings and Fly!
“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson. Happy Birthday as well!

I know what you mean Bob. I don’t have any desire to examine the astrology surrounding this disaster, although I thank you for reminding me about transiting Mars being at 12+ Sagittarius; shuda seen that coming.

Good idea too about questioning candidates thoroughly re: their stand on semi-automatic weapons. It is disgustingly obvious that no civilian has need of them for hunting game. That’s always the excuse for having them; that and “for protection”.

I think you are right; the timing of the Eclipse on the US Moon (feelings) has us all questioning why we have let this go on for so long. Owning and selling these weapons should be illegal, plain and simple.

I think its going to take women to get anything done on gun control. Maybe another women’s march or female candidates in the 2018 elections. We shall see.

Mothers Against Drunk Drivers did a lot to get laws changed regarding driving while intoxicated. Maybe something like Mothers for Sensible Gun Laws?

Happy birthday, Starlight! Thank you for your wisdom, beautifully expressed insights, and generous spirit. May your day be special! And Sharon, I am so amazed at your accomplishment. You are an inspiration to me. Good luck!

Many happy returns, wonderful Nancy!
And major kudos to Sharon K!

Thank you again for the good wishes and love, everyone. I guess a time does come when the struggle plateaus for a while and we do reap the fruit of our labors!

That Thoreau quote really speaks to me, Patty. Happiness is wonderful (and too rare) but it has to rest on some substance, too.

I like the ideas and astrological insights about the effect of this terrible event in FL yesterday. One HS student tweeted about it and did not mince words. In response to Trump’s tweet about prayers and mental health, she called him a “f*cking piece of sh*” and said something to the effect of I lost friends and teachers. I don’t want your prayers. Do something! And either she or another surviving student said we are children, you are the adult, as in be an adult and take responsibility for protecting us! And, in my opinion, we need a lot more than gun laws as these disturbed people can find weapons somehow. They can gain entry somehow (maybe). We need to focus on this program and have national forums, town halls, so we can approach it from many angles. We need to use technology to sense threats and protect children as well as adults.

Nancy, Thank You so much for providing this wonderful place for us. May you have the Happiest and Healthiest of Birthdays tomorrow!!

Not program, “problem.” And, when I said happiness needs to rest on some substance, I was understating things. We need to create meaning and the best way is to create something good for others in some form: ideas, solutions, comfort, caring, love. We all benefit when our brothers and sisters do.

The year of the Dog!


The Republicans now have a problem as they are so pro-gun and pro-NRA, society will turn against them. The Democrats on the other hand have to emphasize more than just guns as the guns are out there. We have to protect society from them in smart ways while focusing on mental health, anti-bullying, and making sure there are enough resources out there for all, one way or another, as the Republicans are blatantly taking them away.

That’s a really cool article, Ja. I have no problem at all doing what my dogs would do. Having gotten to know dogs well, I admire their character traits!

By the way, I just read that Stormy Daniels has a dress like Monica Lewinska’s and she’s going to have it DNA tests??!!

And Schiff says there is lots of evidence of collusion and obstruction that hasn’t been made public!

Jackson, https://momsdemandaction.org/

We have a record number of women running for office this year. Trump brought enough anger that hopefully, we’ll have a wave of women swept into office.

I heard the news of the shooting, and my first reaction was, I just can’t. I can’t listen to it. I can’t think about it. It’s too much.

But then I was on Facebook, and the reaction felt more blunt and angry than ever before. More than once, I saw, “Fuck you and your thoughts and prayers … ” Which I thought was totally appropriate. Someone called Marco Rubio, who weighted in with his useless thoughts and prayers “Bloody Marco.” Also appropriate. And someone else came back quickly with the fact that the NRA donated $3 million to Rubio in … I can’t remember the timeline.

But the reaction felt more visceral than ever before.

We can hope.

I found the astrology that shows the shooting and eclipse connections to my chart. I believed there had to be strong connections from the intensity of my reaction compared to other horrific shootings of the same kind (particularly Sandy Hook Elementary School where 20 of the victims were very young children).

My natal Pluto is on the ascendant of the eclipse located to my place of residence. Shooting and eclipse Saturn/Pluto midpoints are on my natal Venus. Shooting and eclipse Mars are on my natal Mars. Either my natal or progressed Neptune was on the shooting IC.

Sharon, your news was such a great bright light in the midst of such disregard for humanity, both the shooter and for those who wring their hands and “pray” for the affected while pocketing millions in campaign donations from the NRA.

I have attempted to ask — as I’m sure all of you have — why the second amendment takes precedence over all others? Like all good propaganda the NRA convinces donors of this. The donor dollars are used to knight congressional reps who do their bidding.

I can’t think of one of you who would bring such shame upon yourselves.

You are right, Bailey. Many of us have been fighting this for a long time. It’s time to honor one another and bury the bloated body of the NRA.

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays Nancy with blessings for the year to come.
And Sharon, congratulations on attaining your goal! May your wonderful spirit continue to positively effect all those you come in contact with.

On another note, this tickled my funny bone – Vogue magazine will feature our new prime minister next month and said:
“New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, Is Young, Forward-Looking, and Unabashedly Liberal,” the magazine’s headline read. “Call Her the Anti-Trump.”


CRUZ, NIKOLAS JACOB Inmate Information
Arrest Number-201800014
Arrest Date-02/14/2018
Arresting Agency-PARKLAND
Race W; Sex M
DOB – 09/24/1998
Height 5’07”; Weight 131 lb

Although no further info on Nikolas Cruz’ birthdate has surfaced, other than a police official’s remark that he was born in September, 1998 (info on drivers license), it is possible, if he was born in late September, the transiting North Node (29+ Leo) at that time would have been conjunct the August 2017 eclipse (28+ Leo). If so, this Feb, 15 2018 Eclipse (27+ Aquarius) would conjunct his natal South Node at 29+ Aquarius.

At the Leo eclipse last August Uranus was at 28+
Aries and Chiron was at 27+ Pisces. During the entire month of September, 1998, Neptune was at 29+ Capricorn so Cruz’s natal Neptune (if what the cop said is true) would have been squared (agitated) by Uranus and sextiled (supported) by Chiron at the time of the Leo Eclipse last year.

This suggests a possible 6 month development period (as well as the drive produced by 2 eclipses) for a plan to create mayhem for both Cruz and the US (US Pluto at 27+ Capricorn was also squared by the August eclipse Uranus in Aries and sextiled by Chiron in Pisces).

If Cruz was indeed born in September, 1998, then he, like Trump, is serving as a catalyst for change in the United States since he has natal conjunctions to both the US natal Moon (his South Node) and the US natal Pluto (his Neptune). For that matter, if he was born in September, 1998, his Sun could be conjunct the US Neptune in Virgo and square the US Mars in Gemini.

If that turns out to be true then transiting Eris (21-23 Aries) has been quincunx his Sun-conjunct-US Neptune for years. A quincunx requires an adjustment and Eris symbolizes a delight in the spilling of blood.

Natal Nikolaus Cruz
Mutable Grand Cross

Venus 22 Virgo
Nessus 19 Sagittarius
Pallas 20 Pisces (Jupiter 21PI)
Hades 19 Gemini

Thanks Bob, the 24th puts his Sun at 0 to 1+ degrees of Libra and conjunct the US natal chart (Sagittarius Rising) MC (midheaven).

Forget what I said about his Sun possibly conjunct US Neptune, however his natal Venus does!

There is an exciting (for me anyway) aspect to this eclipse right now that includes transiting Venus at 6+ Pisces sextile transiting Saturn at 6+ Capricorn and they both quincunx US natal North Node (path forward) at 6+ Leo who is at the apex of the Yod they all participate in.

Once the adjusting (of the US North Node) is accepted then consider that this Yod becomes a Boomerang pattern when the US South Node at 6+ Aquarius is factored into the equation. That South Node then becomes the launch pad from which all the combined energy (Eclipse Saturn and Venus and US North Node) is dispersed.

But there’s more; the eclipse chart’s centaur Nessus is conjunct the Eclipse chart’s Venus at 6+ Pisces and the US natal centaur Pholus conjuncts the US natal South Node at 6+ Aquarius. This is a game changer.

The presence of centaurs tells us that outer planet energies are reaching human consciousness via the bridging effect of those said centaurs conjunct non-outer planet contacts, which is what Eclipse Venus in Pisces and US natal South Node in Aquarius are.

What appears to me as a mission (from a higher source than we mere mortals), or at least part of an overall plan to move us up the evolutionary scale, is being executed at this time.

This seemingly pointless massacre may in fact trigger activity that will kick (at least the US people, government and Constitution) up a notch or 3 on the Evolution Ladder. It is happening!

Thanks alex!!!

Natal Saturn at 31°05′ is square natal Neptune at 301°33′; progressed Mars at 156°35′ is square progressed Pluto at 246°22′. These are true no matter where Cruz was born.

His progressed natal Pluto is on the MC of my progressed anlunar for Cruz in Parkland and his progressed natal Mars is square to it. Anlunar Mars is there also. They are exact positions. Last August’s USA eclipse is on the progressed anlunar descendant.

Sibly Mars/Uranus midpoint is on the descendant when the Sibly chart is located to Parkland, FL.

Thank you, Bailey and Karen F.

The potential for this horrific event in FL to shift our evolutionary course seems very possible.

Look at this list the Republicans who take the highest sums of money from the NRA. I have not researched the Democrats but assume there are some who receive NRA donations, but apparently not nearly as much.

The article below, “Thoughts, Prayers, and N.R.A. Funding” was published after the Las Vegas shooting. Although Sessions has come out and talked about really enforcing gun control from now on, will people believe him?


Do you all remember the insane reactions from Conservatives when Sandy Hook took place? The GOP conjured up all kinds of hateful and cruel conspiracy theories and they continured to dwell on that heartbreaking experience spreading pain & heartache stress on the families.
That period of time is when I believe the Vicious ‘Alternative News’ was created to weaken, bash and destroy Obama and Democrats.
I keep thinking something Very Evil is controlling the GOP now and hope and pray this will soon come to pass. The GOP is Brainwashed.
Two Years Ago: ‘Conservatives claim Obama fake-cried about Sandy Hook while announcing his executive order on guns’.

Thank you, Sharon K!

Eric Francis


Mutable Grand Cross ( world stage ) of the highest order:


(in the case of Nikolaus Cruz read the exact opposite meaning/ influence of the qualities and elements of the mutable grand cross)

Reports about Nikolaus Cruz include mention of autism and mental illness. The media reports of his condition are too early or too little to get clear insight of his natal chart characteristics yet.

The description of his behavior after the massacre seem schizophrenic. He went to Subway and MacDonalds shortly thereafter he was apprehended walking on a street.

Chiron (problem/issues with mental health)

Natal Nikolaus Cruz

Chiron 16 Scorpio
Sedna 15 Taurus

Semi-Sextile Kite

(apex) Admetos 19 Taurus
Eris 19 Aries
Hades 18 Gemini


(Hypothetical) Moon 19 Scorpio


Admetos describes inertia, slow motion, and things that go around in a circle like phonograph records and ceiling fans.

In tough aspect, it may make the person nit-picking, inflexible, and narrow-minded.


My speculative chart for Nikolas Cruz has the MC at 288°23′ in Parkland. On the day his mother died transit Pluto at 288°30′ was on it.

For what it’s worth:


Cardinal Grand Cross (world stage) by Synastry – Feb 14 2018

Transiting Pluto 20 Capricorn (2.14.18)
Natal Pholus 20 Libra
Natal Vulkanus 20 Cancer
Natal Eris 19 Aries

continued: Nickolaus Cruz

Cardinal Grand Cross by Synastry

Thanks Ja, I agree with much of the 1st article in your link to Planet Waves, and would add the film and TV exposure of overwhelming violence as major contributors to the mental state of our society, along with the digital devices. Anyone 19 years old now was likely first exposed to television before the Internet.

Nancy’s thoughts on the Parkland, Florida school tragedy would be most welcomed. Personally speaking, what immediately comes to mind is that this tragedy took place right on the heels of the Feb 15th solar eclipse. The eclipse positioned itself precisely on the US Moon (27 Aq) – representing the heart and soul of the American people (it certainly touched a raw nerve in the public outcry for stricter gun control laws). This eclipse was in opposition to last years Aug 21st solar eclipse.

Another bit of news that hasn’t received that much public attention at this juncture coinciding with the eclipse is Steve Bannon’s meetings with the Mueller investigative tribunal this past week. Unlike his non cooperative testimony before the House Intelligence committee using ‘presidential executive privilege’ as a way of evading direct questions, Bannon is obligated to answer all relevant queries in his appearances before the Mueller investigation probe. Remember, Bannon has threatened to exact revenge against the Trump administration, revealing all that he knows if and when he is forced to appear before the special counsel……..

Steve Bannon Met With Mueller Multiple Times Over The Past Week

NBC News
Feb 15, 2018

WASHINGTON — Steve Bannon, who served as President Donald Trump’s chief strategist, was interviewed by special counsel Robert Mueller over multiple days this week, NBC News has learned from two sources familiar with the proceedings.

Bannon spent a total of some 20 hours in conversations with the team led by Mueller, who is investigating possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia as well as other issues that have arisen around the probe.



Steve Bannon To Tell Mueller ‘Everything’ He Knows

New York Post
Feb 6, 2018

Former White House top strategist Steve Bannon is expected to speak to special counsel Robert Mueller’s team investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election and will tell them “everything” he knows, according to a report on Tuesday.

The special counsel is expected to grill Bannon, who also served as Trump campaign chief for several months during the 2016 election, about his time in the White House, including the firings of former National Security adviser Michael Flynn and former FBI Director James Comey, the Associated Press reported.



One year ago…

a new twist to the Trump administrations approach to existing gun laws…..

Trump Signs Bill Revoking Obama-Era Gun Checks for People With Mental Illnesses

NBC News
Feb 28, 2017

President Donald Trump quietly signed a bill into law Tuesday rolling back an Obama-era regulation that made it harder for people with mental illnesses to purchase a gun.




alex, I for one, appreciate the Cruz natal T-square symbolism and the triggering effect that transiting Pluto has had on it; thank you for reporting it here.

Cruz’s natal Vulcanus in Cancer speaks to his sense of feeling crippled but which provides an accompanying talent to forge something of usefulness and/or beauty. Cruz’s natal Vulcanus squares the US natal Chiron (wound that doesn’t heal) in Aries which also conjuncts Cruz’s natal Eris (the Outcast) in Aries.

Cruz’s natal Eris in Aries is opposed by his natal Pholus in Libra (he whose fame stems from taking a simple act and turning it into a fiasco). The US natal Juno (she who symbolizes the less equal partner in a relationship) in Libra is conjunct Cruz’s natal Pholus.

If we see Cruz’s horrendous act as something creative (in his view) it might help those of us not directly involved in the horror, to possibly understand why he was driven to it.

Pluto has a mission to root out that which is corrupt within a body or institution or idea. Right now transiting Pluto in Capricorn completes a T-square to the US natal opposition between Chiron and Juno and the opposition between Cruz’s natal Eris and Pholus while also opposing his natal creative and wounded Vulcanus.

Without going into all the interactions between transiting Pluto to the US chart’s opposition and to the Cruz chart’s T-square, suffice it to say (when all is said and done) something creative AND TRANSFORMING might come from this tragedy. A breakthrough in the stalemate between the powerful NRA and Congress for example.

Sharon, thank you so much for the link to Moms Demand Action against Gun Violence.

What these hypocrites received from the NRA:

Richard Burr

Roy Blunt

Thom Tillis

Cory Gardner

Marco Rubio

Joni Ernst

Rob Portman

Todd Young

Bill Cassidy
$2,861,047https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/10/04/opinion/thoughts-prayers-nra-funding-senators.html …

1:44 PM – Feb 14, 2018

Here’s a re-posting of a Jan 7th entry that quotes Ed Tamplin. It has remarkable resonance to what is currently unfolding………

“……..The Solar Eclipse of February 15th 2018 is set to oppose Trump’s birth Mars. This is the companion eclipse – it is happening opposite – to the Great American Eclipse of August 2017. It’s extremely important.


You may recall the events around the August eclipse that polarized the USA. The eclipse cut a North/South swathe across the land, tracing geographical Civil War divisions and correlating with similar racial hate propaganda. The flash point was Charlottesville, Virginia and an ugly Unite The Right rally that quickly turned deadly.

The riots took place August 12, with the aftermath broadcast across the globe for weeks to follow. Most of the hullabaloo was centred on the President’s handling of the crisis. Trump waded into the debate as the August 22 Solar Eclipse loomed toward his Ascendant and Mars.

Eclipses change perceptions and if anyone doubted Trump’s racist undertones, or old world beliefs, Charlottesville laid them bare for all to see. Trump reacted aggressively, elevating his war with the media to new heights. As a result, his Gallup Poll approval rating dropped to a record low of 35% with disapproval peaking at 60% and 5% undecided………….


Expect the upcoming February Solar Eclipse opposing Trump’s Mars to find him embroiled in a battle. In this same time frame, the leadership Sun in the progressed horoscope of the USA will also be under severe challenge. This pressure will gradually increase into April.

One of the immediate possibilities is the progress of Robert Mueller’s Russian interference probe becoming a real threat to his administration. Doubts about the legitimacy of the 2016 election will continue throughout the year ahead. From April 2018 Trump will face mounting opposition from within the conservative establishment.

The President’s counter to this has been to undermine intelligence institutions, like the FBI and any findings contrary to his worldview. Trump’s supporters will work to white ant Mueller’s credibility. This insecurity can be connected to him losing the popular vote by close to three million.

Trump initially complained that electorates were rigged, boasting that his inauguration attendance was the largest ever and that his electoral college win exceeded previous Republicans victories. His defence is invariably a counter attack, with the truth a sacrificial victim.

These obvious fantasies suit ‘gaslighting Neptune’ meeting up with the Secondary Progressed US leadership Sun. It’s a feature of the 2017 that is recurring through 2018. Never before have we seen a national leader so parodied, nor White House press briefings so subject ridicule for presenting ‘alternative facts’.

The dissipating Neptune effect is strong mid February and also comes back around late October and early December. Neptune wears away like lapping water on sandstone. The results are more obvious over time. As this is purely affecting the national chart, it would effect no matter who was occupying head office.


Trump’s Stormy Daniels Problem Gets Worse

The Hill
Feb 16, 2018

The porn star, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, says she is ready to spill the beans about a 2006 extramarital sexual encounter with the president now that Michael Cohen, the president’s personal attorney, has acknowledged he paid her $130,000 to not discuss the allegations publicly.

Cohen, who spent years leading the legal team at the Trump Organization, has in the past described himself as the president’s “fix-it guy.”

A lawyer for Clifford says Cohen violated their nondisclosure agreement and that she’s preparing to tell the story in full. “Everything is off now and Stormy is going to tell her story,” said Gina Rodriguez, an attorney for Clifford.




Feeling really angry today. Seeing the NRA donations list makes me want to send them dollar bills soaked in blood. (Which I guess might get me arrested, but feels appropriate.)

NRA noon chart Saturn 277°40′, Mars 278°00′. Both square natal Venus at 189°19′.

Transit Saturn conjunct natal Saturn February 25, conjunct natal Mars March 1, square natal Venus March 23. Dates are approximate depending on true positions of points. Saturn will revisit these points through mid December of this year.

Progressed to today: Progressed Neptune 22°33′ squared by progressed Saturn at 292°39′ and progressed Jupiter at 112°48′.

So, Mueller’s Sun at 14 Leo 59 meets the transiting North Node in the Eclipse chart at 14 Leo 59 which trines the Great Attractor and transiting Vesta at 14+ Sagittarius and he produces indictments on 13 Russians for US election interference.

Mueller’s Pholus at 20+ Capricorn is being transited by Pluto; is this the Small Cause that proceeds the unavoidable Big Effect?

Robert Mueller’s natal Neptune and natal Arachne at 2+ Libra are quietly sitting atop the US natal birth chart, tightening the web and waiting for the right time to release further developments. The beat goes on.

What kind of security is this? It’s like they want Chaos!
FBI apologizes, says it failed to probe tip on school shooter Nikolas Cruz! Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/broward/article200523359.html#storylink=cpy

Teresa Hill — yeah, I’m with you. Have you seen the check for NRA enablers that has “thoughts and prayers” on the line where you write in the dollar amount?
BarbK — love your 14’s … don’t you just love how gloriously this stuff (astrology) comes together?


Yes, saw the checks. I love them, but I’m mad enough to want blood-smeared dollar bills.


Women Surround Crying Mom Whose Toddler Was Having A Meltdown At The Airport.

Thanks Bob; I needed that.

I believe transiting Jupiter (22+Scorpio) sextile the US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo) and their subsequent Yod with transiting Eris, goddess of discord (22+ Aries) at the apex of the Yod, was the astrology describing the Mueller indictments revelation, along with the eclipse conjunct US Moon of course.

Did you notice for the past month that Gates and Bannon has been in talks with Mueller and now this indictment of the Russians?

This should tell the nation , that the rumors are TRUE that Russians gamed our elections and tried to sew discourse (A-holes).

The fact that the leader of the free world has said absolutely not one word against the Russians or showing any emotion or outrage indicates that el president is looking more like he’s drunk from the treason fountain.

News shows pundits say this is an act of war.

The indictment kills anymore Nunez nonsense. If they continue further acts against the Fbi, they should also be among those who fall like dominoes behind Hair Furer.

Read the Intercept.com

I wonder if this site was trolled by recruits from the troll farm: I think about Lorrie U who incessantly attacked Hillary and we didn’t get it. She disappeared and her site is no mas.

Pass the pop corn…..


When current news or your life circumstances get you down try this site for a pick up.

Lots of good news

Every day we share good news stories from around the world.


Sunny Skyz

Positive, Upbeat Media. Live. Laugh. Love.

LG, spot on about Lorrie U. She was the main reason I left this site for a year.

Thanks, Bob. I also needed that. We are the toddler, the pregnant mom and the circle of support.

Thanks, LG. Interesting.
And I am going to write my 2 Rep senators – can we NOW make the president impose the sanctions the Congress voted for?

Thanks, eclipse. Makes the personal crap I went through this week much easier!

Thanks, Nancy and all y’all. A lovely circle of support!

You could not have named this insightful piece (Disgraceful Donnie) any better, Nancy!

Wonderful presence of human beings here. Thank you all!

Yes, Ripley, one helluva week here too.

Bob, posting that sorry about the women’s circle and link to good news was a gift. Thank you so much.

if anyone misses Lorrie’s numerology:


Janet and LG, Lorrie is no troll. She just was very pro-Bernie and anti-Hillary. I supported and still support Hillary although I like Bernie very much, but am not sure he would have won at the time due to the label of socialist that would have been tacked onto him (they attached it to Obama and he never claimed to be a social Democrat – people don’t understand that we are a country of social democratic programs but get very fearful and think communism). At the same time, without the super delegates and the hanky panky by the DNC (I am not sure of the extent and I don’t bring it up to stir up sleeping dragons and start the old Bernie-Hillary/DNC fight), Bernie may very well have been the candidate. I don’t think we can say for sure.

Anyway, getting back to Lorrie, she is a friend of this site and worked hard to keep it going while Nancy was on sabbatical. She’s the real thing, is very intuitive and very proficient in numerology, per her website that Alex just posted.

PS: She is also proficient in a number of healing arts (per her website) and was a long-time regular volunteer at an animal shelter. I don’t expect you guys to know that and am not trying to chastise anyone. I just thought I’d clarify more about Lorrie.

For those posting up thread about “moms” that changed society and drunk driving….

There’s a group called “Moms Demand,” which works at the state level to change gun laws. They’ve done a lot of great work, in alignment with, Every Town, a group formed post Sandy Hook. Seriously they’re amazing!

Just this week, Moms Demand worked to kill a Florida state bill, proposed to put guns in their schools.


About this time 2 days ago I wrote about what looks to be an exciting aspect in the solar eclipse chart for Feb. 15; the sextile between Venus+Nessus in Pisces and Saturn in Capricorn.

They formed a Yod to the US natal North Node in Leo which turns into a Boomerang when the US South Node+US Pholus in Aquarius is taken into consideration. I associated this Boomerang pattern with the massacre of 17 innocents leading to a possible breakthrough in gun legislation.

A separate cycle however, the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle, has its chart’s Neptune at 6+ Aquarius too, so this (Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s Neptune-conjunct-US South Node/Pholus) adds dimension to the Boomerang pattern’s energy release possibilities.

With Neptune’s involvement there is going to be less restriction, more artistry and illusion to the Feb. eclipse-driven Boomerang release of energy, so I think the Mueller Russian indictments could be represented by this Boomerang pattern too, not just gun legislation.

I can’t take credit for this but a commentator on one of the cable news channels noted that this release of Russian indictments was laying the groundwork for snaring Trump and Co. further down the road by proving there WAS Russian interference in the US electoral process, and it was not a hoax. First things first.

With this Neptune layer in the Boomerang pattern (and it wasn’t just the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle in which Neptune was conjunct US South Node-Pholus, but the 2000 Jupiter-Sedna cycle too) it takes the action to the outer planet level. Outer planets deal with situations on a Collective level.

The Collective Level of Consciousness can be herd-like or it can be an awakening. Either way there will be a release (South Node of US natal chart) of old patterns (thinking process/tribal reactions) in favor of something more growth oriented. Something which makes the US People (US Moon being eclipsed) feel better about themselves coming to a theater near you.

By the way, Barack Obama’s South Node is also at 27+ Aquarius and targeted by this eclipse.

alex, thanks for Lorrie’s website and I miss her links to great articles as well as her numerology.



A young leader. I think a youth wave us coming to strengthen the Blue Wave.


Emma Gonzalez of Douglas High Calls Out Trump, Politicians & NRA. (Full speech)

Demand a Plan…


I miss the pre-election Lorrie.
I think she got well and truly sucked into all the Russian bot and fake news memes posts on facebook during the election timeframe, believing the most outrageous stories to be true about Hillary. I was quite shocked at some of the things she reposted on facebook at the time.
The one name who I really thought was an stirrer bot, or just very gullible, was that person who said they lived in France – predictably quiet since Donny ‘won’.

Marjorie: Vlad & Hill – not a match made in heaven

Thank you so much for the link. I have a close friend with severe anxiety and depression. I am constantly looking for sites like this for him.

So….. lets be clear. The indictments the Mueller special counsel handed down to 13 Russians one assumes would be difficult to enforce because these people are non American citizens but it does establish the fact that Russian interference was incontrovertible, making it more difficult for Trump to fire Attorney General Rosenstein and Special Counsel Robert Mueller. It’s also an indication that more indictments may be on the way. This is just a first step in laying the groundwork to prove the case of Russia’s gross meddling in the US 2016 presidential elections.

What may be significant is the upcoming April 2nd Mars/Saturn conjunction (8 Capr.). It forms an intense t square to Russia’s natal Uranus-Mars square (8 Capr. – Libra) and Trump’s Mercury (8 Cancer). I would venture to guess early April will bring startling new information into the public spotlight on Trump’s collusion with Russia.

It’s important to remember, Mars will be out of bounds at the time of this April 2nd Mars/Saturn conjunction. How significant that is can be gleaned from the following analysis….

Excerpt from Mars Out Bound by Terra Astrology

“……..History teaches us that we as individuals or society in general don’t know how to behave when we have freedom. Uncontrolled Mars can be a physically bully, It can manifest through aggression, violence, lack of manners and patience… It can provoke unnecessary conflict or start a huge fire which will devour everything, even the person who started it. Just a week after the Mars stepped out of bounds the world saw another act of violence in Manchester Arena bombing on 22nd May 2017. Mars was just a half degree out of bounds. When it was close to its maximum declination around 27 degrees; we saw terrorism in New York on the 11th of September 2001, similarly on the 1st September 1939; the official start of World War II. Final operation Desert storm in the winter of 1991 was happening under Mars out of bounds, and the invasion of Iraq started on the last day of its travel outside the borders on 20th March 2003.

Very rarely do we know how to use moments of freedom. Mars out of bounds is a great example of that. This can be a profoundly motivational moment to start something new which you were postponing for a long time (especially in the area of your home or family relations) or just implode in some act of violence, towards yourself or others.”

Also of importance is that this upcoming Mars/Saturn conjunction makes direct hits to three of the seven Pluto-Uranus square series that took place 2012 -2015 with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. The following are three of those dates……

1) June 24, 2012 (8 ’24 Aries-Capr.)

2) September 19, 2012 (6 ’57 Aries-Capr.)

3) November 1, 2013 (9 ’26 Aries-Capr.)

To bring that into bold relief, astrologer Allison Rae fills in the details on the astrological conditions for the Mars/Saturn conjunction in early April:

The Astrology of 2018: A Personal And Collective Call To Consciousness

If you look hard enough, every problem contains its own solution. I’ve been studying the astrology of 2018 for awhile now, and at first it seemed pretty bleak. The global transformation initiated during the long Uranus-Pluto square of 2012-2015 will be reactivated by transit in the new year, which means we’ll have another round of life-changing crises and drama.

Then the remedy – the transformative facilitators – in this next phase emerged. Jupiter, Venus and Chiron show the way to our ultimate healing and transformation.

Planetary transits and eclipses in 2018 paint a hopeful image of transcendent evolution…if we
participate. Deep and lasting changes are in process within every aspect of society. Our environmental, social, cultural, academic, economic, scientific and spiritual values are at stake. This period of purification, the Great Awakening, has been prophesied since ancient times.

The Period Of High Alert Is Late March Through Mid-April.

Although the exact alignment wrapped up in 2015, we’re still in the midst of a global transformation heralded by the long Uranus-Pluto square a few years ago. That alignment will be reactivated in 2018 with Saturn, Mars, Venus and Mercury transiting the sensitive degrees of the exact squares (8-16 degrees Aries/Capricorn). The most intense period will be late March through mid-April.

Slowly and steadily, Pluto relates to necessary and deep changes that further our evolution both personally and collectively. Revolutionary Uranus heralds sudden, unexpected events (or people) that bring about the needed transformation.

Shakedown. Breakdown. Think about all that’s happened in your life and in the world since 2012, or even 2015.

The long square marked the completion of the first quarter of a cycle that began with the conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in the early 1960s. Fast forward 40+ years and the same themes are up today: The Love-and-Peacers are going head- to-head with The Establishment. Leaders of the old school are hanging on tight to outdated ways as the inevitable forces of social change press forward to reshape humanity’s experience in more egalitarian ways.


Answer to Kiwi’s February 4th, 2018 at 3:53 pm post.

The Mars-Saturn conjunction in early April (2nd and 3rd) is on Hannity’s Sun. What it holds for him may not be public knowledge. Saturn will also conjunct his Sun in May and December.

His charts for midterm election eve and the following day are not positive.

CORRECTION: Read instead “…..It forms an intense t square to Russia’s natal Uranus-Mars square (8 Capr. – ARIES)….”

Thank you very much Jerry, compelling stuff. I like this take of the 2018 astrology by Alison Rae; her perspective is positive as well as daunting.

There are some fascinating things about the chart for the Mars-Saturn conjunction in addition to its effect on Russia’s and Trump’s charts, and the fact that Mars will be out of bounds. Among them Uranus will be exactly square US natal Pluto and exactly sextile US Moon. There is something strangely reassuring about that.

Also, Venus will be conjunct the Chiron Degree, 3+ Taurus, where Chiron was when discovered. Remarkably, Chiron was at 3+ Taurus when Uranus was discovered too. It appears to be the start of a time of (gasp) miracles and wonders.

‘Dog Meat’s Controversial History, From the Ancients to the Winter Olympics’. Pray this issue changes quickly!
It isn’t just modern-day Asia that struggles with the complex issue of dog meat. The practice has popped up around the world for centuries.

The March 20th Spring Equinox set for Wash. DC 12:31 pm:


Note the 0 ’00 Aries Sun in t square to tr. Mars (01 ’42 Capr.), the US Sibley midheaven (1 ’03 Libra) and the December 21st 2017 Winter Equinox/ Saturn conj. (0 Capr.). Tr. Saturn is precisely on the descendant at 8 ’29 Capr………. a prelude to the April 2nd Mars/Saturn conjunction?

The 0 Aries ingress degree will be re-activated by Chiron on April 17th……..

DC Horoscopes: Chiron to Aries Point 2018–2019

Chiron and the Roots of America: What Kind of Nation Are We?

by Jude Cowell

Transiting Chiron conjoins the Aries Point (AP) three times on April 17, 2018, September 25, 2018 (Rx), and February 18, 2019.

It seems to me that any transit to Aries Point is globally significant for multiple reasons, not the least of which because in the US natal horoscope I most often tend to use (July 4, 1776 5:09 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA–IC 00Ari47), the Foundation/Roots/Ending Point (IC) conjoins the Aries Point with 00Libra at Midheaven, two of the four Cardinal World Points of Manifestation. Therefore, Mars, god of war, rules our nation’s founding and our ending through its ruler-ship of Aries. This cosmic condition unfortunately spotlights America’s natal Mars-Neptune square and one assumes the Founding Fathers would not have been as proud of our national Mars in Gemini if they’d been aware of astrological Neptune’s dissolving, undermining, and fraudulent influences upon our country’s actions and motives (Mars). Subsequently, misguided, misdirected, off-the-mark plans and projects have abounded and usually in the realms of war and conflict.

So perhaps we should consider what wounded-wounding Chiron, priestly centaur of healing, blindspots, and the Christ archetype in Astrology, represents when in Mars-ruled Aries while remembering that Chiron orbits between inner Saturn and outer Uranus (past + future = present–be here now!, says Chiron), the planetary pair representing Israel and Palestine as well as old order vs new order–and the tension between them that is causing much turmoil across the world today.



The April 16th New Moon (26 Aries) conjunct Uranus (28 Aries) will be trining Pres. Trump’s natal Mars (26 Leo) and last years August 21st Solar Eclipse (28 Leo). A critical time? Perhaps war?

Sharon, Thanks for what you said about Lorrie. Preferring Bernie over Hillary does not mean you were sucked in by Russians or recruited by a troll farm. Don’t try to invalidate this point of view. I was for Bernie but voted for Hillary in the general and was devastated when she lost.

Awesome work Jerry, just awesome. Is the astrology getting clearer or are you/we astrology types just getting sharper in finding clues? Maybe both.

The Spring Equinox chart you provided with its Saturn-on-Descendant (prelude to Mars-Saturn conjunction) has another big clue in that Saturn will trine Moon in Taurus. I wonder if it could mean government (Saturn) and the People (Moon) in harmony (trine) will lead to infrastructure jobs or some other material benefits (earth signs Cap and Taurus) this Spring?

I’m also intrigued by the Spring Equinox chart’s Mercury-Venus conjunction in Aries. It opposes the US progressed Mars-conjunct-Trump’s natal Jupiter-conjunct-US Constitution chart’s Neptune. Something’s coming to a head this Spring, but I don’t think it’s nuclear war.

“On March 24, the kids and families of March For Our Lives will take to the streets of Washington DC to demand that their lives and safety become a priority and that we end gun violence and mass shootings in our schools today.”
March 24 is a very bad day for tRump’s natal, progressed, inaugural, and progressed anlunar charts.

I think the students speaking out will have their parents proud to stand up for and beside them in taking on the politicians. That day is a Saturday – clear your schedules.

Transit Saturn that day is on the 115th Congress’ Mercury/Pluto midpoint.

I am with Marcia in thanking you Sharon for your posts about Lorrie. I have been busy digging for information on many charts (tRump, inauguration, 115th Congress, Nunes, Hannity, in connection with the horror in Parkland and in rectifying a chart for Nikolas Cruz using 4 events [each event requires 5 or 6 charts to produce the final) and doing a lot of snow shoveling in recent days. At 77 I am not as fast as I used to be.

Like Marcia I was for Bernie but when he was out of the race I voted for Hillary.

The February 14th Parkland murder Saturn/Pluto midpoint (284°15′) was on the 115th Congress Sun (284°48′.

I stopped posting here because of the comments from Lorrie and a few others – including ones saying Hillary was a murderer – As it turns out a lot of the comments fit into what the russian trolls were spreading – this is so very sad and tragic really – the left eating the left – and look where we are now – so very tragic ..

All to destroy an American Presidential Election and install a PUPPET into our White House!
Very interesting:
A former Russian Troll Speaks: ‘It was like being in Orwell’s World’

Thank you for your Moms Demand link Lexi.

And emma, we are all one big family on earth. There is only one race on earth – the human race. Seems like some politicians and business people forget that or know it and just don’t respect it.

Your friend is blessed, fortunate, lucky, or whatever, to have you as a friend.

Bob, thank you for your willingness to parse out the details of many charts in order to make sense out of senseless tragedy. We are all attempting to find out the “why” of why the world around us has gone mad and some of us, like you, actually DO see a path, a thread, a yellow brick road to understanding the madness and possible ways out of it.

Because of you – and others like you attempting to find answers – I believe we will, eventually, achieve a level of sanity and a reason to preserve our societies and the human race. Keep on shoveling brother.

chrys it is tragic. You are so right it was ludicrous for anyone to imply Hillary was a murderer and other insidious accusations of evil intent. I’m 99 and 44/100’ths percent sure it wasn’t Lorrie who repeated such ideas. She was a great defender of Bernie though (as I was) and fought back against scurrilous accusations against him with a vengeance.

If we want to learn from that low point in humanity – the 2016 election period, we must accept our humanness. That includes accepting that our (powerful) feelings can overcome our rationality, given enough time. I agree with what I think you are saying, that Starlight News might have been the victim of Russian trolls. I too had to back away SLN from time to time because it became so hateful (as Trump would say “on both sides”).

Now we see (thank you Mr. Mueller) our emotions were being used to divide us as a nation. Well, we won’t be so naive in the future will we? We will recover from this dastardly deed and be all the stronger for it. Three cheers for the red-white and blue, and all that jazz.

Thanks Bob for taking the time to respond to my question on Hannity. Much appreciated.

BarbK – your defense of Lorrie is admirable. However, I used to be a friend of Lorrie’s on facebook and as I said upthread, I was shocked at some of the ‘news’ that she reposted – I sometimes felt I didn’t know that person anymore. Maybe her account was hacked?

PS, I mostly looked at Bernie and Hillary as “also/and” rather than “either/or”

Wow, Such Power and Passion from FL Student!
This could be the turning point! If America puts our hearts & heads together NOW:
(scroll down a bit to student)
(I don’t even believe we need to be there. Just send your thoughts for positive Gun Control Changes!
It’s like the Hundredth Monkey…we can send thoughts!

Patty, I believe this IS the turning point. I forgot about the 100th monkey theory but I believe that these students will accomplish what our generation failed to do to stop these awful mass shootings and make AR-15’s and similar guns and rifles illegal. It gives me chills and makes me so proud of them. They are smart, articulate and passionate. Our thoughts should support them 100 percent.

for those who may be interested in reading:
Why you are on the planet now
‘It’s about overcoming the fear, and anger, in order to be, to vibrate and to shine.’

Boy, if anyone lately epitomizes that idea of vibrating and shining it is surely Emma Gonzales!

a visual look at the astro aspect comparisons of Watergate and russiagate by ed tamplin

During the primaries I left this site vowing to not return, in large part due to Lorrie’s posts attacking Hillary, but she was not the only one. The site was dominated by Bernie supporters and many regarded Hillary as a corrupt, lying and all around evil woman. So I left rather than feel sickened by the comments but after the election I returned to read only Nancy’s articles, eschewing the comments. Many months after I returned to reading some comments and became a lurker, relieved to not see Lorrie’s comments. Since that time I have patched up a relationship I valued which I broke off; he was a Bernie supporter and. Hillary hater. So I’m fine if Lorrie returned to the site, I may even read rather than skip over her comments.
I hope we on the left, liberals and progressives can heal the breach and move forward because so much hangs in the balance. But I also believe it can’t happen until we look at and rehabilitate our own sense of self righteousness and our sense that we are so right and people who don’t agree are deluded at best.

BarbK and Kiwi – to be clear- the times I posted favourable links for Clinton – or thoughts – a posts was done immediately after to quiet my voice.

I see now that some of the links/ negative posts on Clinton – match what I saw the Russians did post to influence – and there were comments calling Hillary evil – and a few times ( murderer) maybe it was not Lorre – but she posted very aggressive attacks .. I felt that there was no room for a discussion so I left..I was very discouraged that many did not focus on Trunp instead –

The contemporary response to the social media platform reminded me of why I quit using FB or signing on to Twitter, or any number of others. So much of the chatter is just that. Many postings seem an unrealistic portrait of the poster, odd self-congratulatory, or self involved posts with photos as proof of a feat, etc. I still prefer forums, yet my participation has been significantly reduced to Nancy’s site.

Above all, I prefer face-to- face conversations. A glass of wine or beer (or take your pick) and snacks are the icing on that cake.

Finally, each one of us has been duped at one point or another. It’s part of the human desire to belong.

Thanks Bob for the link to March for our Lives. Sent it on to my grandsons.

The end may be in sight for Dirty Donny. Michael Wolfstar on the November 2018 elections: “Jupiter transitioning into Sagittarius represents a moral referendum on Trump’s whirlwind presidency… If the Democrats regain control of Congress – which seems likely under these planetary shifts – we can expect some immediate legal action against Trump’s hold on the presidency. On January 1, 2019, the last Neptune transit to the U.S. progressed Sun takes place, perhaps signaling the beginning of the end to the cloud that hangs over the presidency.”


I just saw an interview with Jill Stein about her views these days on the Russia thing. Was very surprised at her reactions: combative stance toward the democratic party, with not a word about trump/repubs; denial/deflection that any votes may have been tilted to ‘her’ due to Russian shenanigans.
Her interview response did nothing but diminish her in my eyes – IMO akin to, I’m right its not my fault, they’re wrong its everyone else’s fault. I was left with the feeling that she’s totally out of touch, while still carrying huge resentment.

The investigation of Russian interference may have started in 2014 but I suspect the interference itself started in 2013 or even earlier.

The US Solar Return chart (birthday chart) for 2014 had Pluto at 12+ Cap retrograde (on the descendant) opposite Sun at 13 Cancer 19 (on the ascendant) and they were T-squared by Moon at 12+ Libra, which was a significant indication of angst among the citizens in the country.

The solar return Eris (chief sower of discord) in Aries was, of course, sextile US natal Mars in Gemini and quincunx US natal Neptune in Virgo. She was also conjunct transiting South Node (release of patterns and habits that no longer serve progress).

The solar return chart for 2014 had Mars at 20+ Libra conjunct the US natal Juno (less-than-equal partner), also at 20+ Libra, who opposes US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries, who was less than 4 degrees from trans Eris and less than 4 degrees from trans. Uranus at 16+ Aries. Close enough to be impacted by both.

Transiting Uranus (technology) at the time of the US solar return in 2014 was at the apex of a Yod (the part that is under pressure to adjust) from a sextile between trans. Saturn (gov’t) in Scorpio (covert) and Pallas (the strategist) in Virgo (facts).

Meanwhile, the solar return Mercury (communication) in Gemini (doublespeak) was trine the transiting North Node in Libra and sextile the transiting South Node who was conjunct Eris.

This all speaks to intelligence gathering from US government and tampering by Russia.

In 2013, the US solar return chart had Uranus square US Sun and Chiron trine US Sun. This might symbolize that Russian interference has been going on for over 4 years. Solar return chart for 2013 had Nessus (abuse of power) in Aquarius conjunct US natal Moon and sextile the Galactic Center. Together they formed a Yod with transiting Vesta in Cancer who was opposite the US natal Pluto in Capricorn. We could call this a Boomerang pattern.

Another Yod in the 2013 US solar return chart included the Moon (masses) at 9+ Gemini (conjunct US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini) sextile Venus at 9+ Leo (& Trump Pluto at 10+ Leo) to Pluto at 10+ Capricorn at the apex who was within orb of being opposite US Sun (13+ Cancer).

This Yod speaks to the popularity of smart phones, TV etc. among the People and how it would affect the course of transiting Pluto’s coming opposition (as well as transiting Uranus in Aries square) to US natal Sun. Perhaps some of those shootings at the time captured by bystanders might even have been provided by Russian hired help.


Fake videos are on the rise. As they become more realistic, seeing shouldn’t always be believing

By David Pierson

Feb 19, 2018 | 4:00 AM

Pinscreen, a Los Angeles start-up, uses real-time capture technology to make photorealistic avatars. (Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times)

All it takes is a single selfie.
From that static image, an algorithm can quickly create a moving, lifelike avatar: a video not recorded, but fabricated from whole cloth by software.

inRead invented by Teads

With more time, Pinscreen, the Los Angeles start-up behind the technology, believes its renderings will become so accurate they will defy reality.
“You won’t be able to tell,” said Hao Li, a leading researcher on computer-generated video at USC who founded Pinscreen in 2015. “With further deep-learning advancements, especially on mobile devices, we’ll be able to produce completely photoreal avatars in real time.”

The technology is a triumph of computer science that highlights the gains researchers have made in deep neural networks, complex algorithms that loosely mimic the thinking of the human brain.
Similar breakthroughs in artificial intelligence allowed University of Washington researchers to move President Obama’s mouth to match a made-up script and the chipmaker Nvidia to train computers to imagine what roads would look like in different weather.
What used to take a sophisticated Hollywood production company weeks could soon be accomplished in seconds by anyone with a smartphone.
Not available for a video chat? Use your lifelike avatar as a stand-in. Want to insert yourself into a virtual reality game? Upload your picture and have the game render your character.
Those are the benign applications.

Pinscreen’s Hao Li uses the app to superimpose another face onto his body. (Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times)

Now imagine a phony video of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un announcing a missile strike. The White House would have mere minutes to determine whether the clip was genuine and whether it warranted a retaliatory strike.
What about video of a presidential candidate admitting to taking foreign cash? Even if the footage proved fake, the damage could prove irreversible.
In some corners of the internet, people are using open-source software to swap celebrities’ faces into pornographic videos, a phenomenon called Deep Fakes.
It’s not hard to imagine a world in which social media is awash with doctored videos targeting ordinary people to exact revenge, extort or to simply troll.
In that scenario, where Twitter and Facebook are algorithmically flooded with hoaxes, no one could fully believe what they see. Truth, already diminished by Russia’s misinformation campaign and President Trump’s proclivity to label uncomplimentary journalism “fake news,” would be more subjective than ever.
The danger there is not just believing hoaxes, but also dismissing what’s real.
“If anything can be real, nothing is real,” said a Reddit user in a manifesto defending the Deep Fakes forum, which has since been banned for producing porn without consent from the people whose faces were used.
The consequences could be devastating for the notion of evidentiary video, long considered the paradigm of proof given the sophistication required to manipulate it.
“This goes far beyond ‘fake news’ because you are dealing with a medium, video, that we traditionally put a tremendous amount of weight on and trust in,” said David Ryan Polgar, a writer and self-described tech ethicist. “If you look back at what can now be considered the first viral video, it was the witnessing of Rodney King being assaulted that dramatically impacted public opinion. A video is visceral. It is also a medium that seems objective.”
To stop the spread of fake videos, Facebook, Google and Twitter would need to show they can make good on recent promises to police their platforms.
Last week’s indictment of more than a dozen Russian operatives and three Russian companies by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III showed how easily bad actors can exploit the tech companies that dominate our access to information. Silicon Valley was blindsided by the spread of trolls, bots and propaganda — a problem that persists today.
Tech companies have a financial incentive to promote sensational content. And as platforms rather than media companies, they’ve fiercely defended their right to shirk editorial judgment.
Critics question whether Facebook, Google and Twitter are prepared to detect an onslaught of new technology like machine-generated video.
“Platforms are starting to take 2016-style misinformation seriously at some levels,” said Aviv Ovadya, chief technologist at the Center for Social Media Responsibility. “But doing things that scale is much harder.”

Pinscreen employs technology that can be used for chatting or gaming. (Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times)

Fake video “will need to be addressed at a deeper technical infrastructure layer, which is a whole different type of ballgame,” Ovadya said.
(Facebook and Twitter did not respond to interview requests. Google declined to comment.)
The problem today is that there isn’t much in the way of safeguards.
Hany Farid, a digital forensics expert at Dartmouth College who often consults for law enforcement, said watching for blood flow in the face can sometimes determine whether footage is real. Slight imperfections on a pixel level can also reveal whether a clip is genuine.
Over time, though, Farid thinks artificial intelligence will undermine these clues, perpetuating a cat-and-mouse game between algorithms and investigators.
“I’ve been working in this space for two decades and have known about the issue of manipulated video, but it’s never risen to the level where everyone panics,” Farid said. “But this machine-learning-generated video has come out of nowhere and has taken a lot of us by surprise.”
That includes researchers at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The U.S. military’s high-tech research lab, better known as DARPA, meets regularly with experts in media forensics like Farid and Li from Pinscreen. Discussion at a recent get-together in Menlo Park turned to Deep Fakes and ways to detect ultra-realistic fake video. The consensus was bleak.
“There’s basically not much anyone can do right now,” Li said about automated detection tools.
The same conundrum faced the software company Adobe years ago when it became clear that its photo-editing program, Photoshop, was also being used for trickery. The company looked into including tools that could detect if an image had been doctored. But Adobe ultimately abandoned the idea, determining fraudsters could exploit the tool just as easily, said Kevin Connor, a former Adobe executive who now works with Farid.
“I think Photoshop is an overwhelmingly good thing,” Connor said. “But that doesn’t mean a good thing can’t be used for bad.”
Proponents of artificial video say fake imagery is an old problem that’s regularly debunked. Consider the doctored photo that emerged in 2004 of then-presidential candidate John Kerry with Jane Fonda at an anti-Vietnam War rally. Even an 1860 portrait of Abraham Lincoln turned out to be manipulated. The president’s body was replaced with a more heroic-looking John Calhoun.
The chances of stopping technology like computer-generated video from advancing is highly unlikely, experts say.
That means the onus is on those who read the news and those who report it to verify footage the best they can. Students at a young age also need to be taught how to wade through news sources critically, said Nonny de la Pena, an early practitioner of immersive journalism, which often leans on virtual reality.
“To shy away from technology because of fears it can be dangerous is a huge mistake,” she said. “Technology is scary. You’re going to have negative consequences. But the positive potential far outweighs the bad.”
Computer-generated avatars could bolster communication by bringing the subtleties of body language into digital conversation, said Pinscreen’s Li.
“It’s not our purpose to create a technology that people can use for evil,” said Li, who also teaches and conducts research at USC.
Pinscreen’s photo-realistic avatar technology isn’t publicly available yet. The company, which operates out of a Wilshire Boulevard high-rise, is primarily focused on an app that turns ordinary selfies into animated 3-D avatars.
Li, 37, had a hand in developing the technology Apple used to make animojis. The cartoon creature avatars use augmented reality sensors in the iPhone X’s camera to move in tandem with a user’s face.
Li said he’s received overtures from large tech companies about acquiring Pinscreen, but turned them down. He envisions building his own social media app where users can communicate with their playful avatars in computer-generated backdrops.
“The main difference between what we do and Instagram and Snapchat or Facebook is they basically track your face and add things to it,” Li said of the apps’ augmented reality filters. “Our aim is to build an entire CG world.”

To demonstrate its technology, Pinscreen turned a photo of me into a video. Armed with data about human movement, Pinscreen used its deep neural network to plant my head onto what it deemed a 3-D image of me would look like if it were living and breathing.
The process took minutes, about one frame per second. But Li thinks he’ll be able to render lifelike avatars in real time by the end of the year that will also include convincingly realistic hair.
Li, who is German and the son of Taiwanese parents, said the key to preventing a breakdown of trust in video is to build awareness of the capabilities of computer-generated video.
“If you watch ‘Jurassic Park,’ there are no dinosaurs, but they gave you that experience,” he said.
“Of course you can hire any digital effects team to make Donald Trump or Kim Jong Un look like they’re starting a new war if you wanted to,” Li continued. “What’s different now is it becomes very easy to do these things and it can get into the hands of anyone. The important thing is to educate people. People will get used to it just like Photoshop.”

I guess that fits in with Barb’s post, LG, and it’s SO Neptunian, and either very divisive (people can pick and choose what they want to believe and decide it’s right) or it’s a great equalizer in that we will take it all with a grain of salt.

kiw….I fell for Jill Stein and donated to her “recount”. (I imagine she planned to go through with it if it were possible). And, there’s also that photo of her at some kind of dinner with Putin, sitting at his table. I guess the common factor is socialism? And, of course, trying to weaken or bring down the U.S. because the U.S. is the worst country in the world when it comes to subterfuge and deceit, having a “deeeep state”, and commiting atrocities (NOT).

Lots to read here!


Sharon, I think she is basically patriotic, and is mostly correct in that the news media probably twisted the meaning of her presence at that dinner (an unwitting dupe?) What troubled me in the interview was, she was quite agitated/forceful in saying people in this country are ready for a revolution, but she never once mentioned the concept of working together, or ‘the green party’ or their positions – it seemed to be more about ‘me’ and ‘my’.

If the nation is pushed to safeguard the vote, as it is now with the indictments, we should use paper and pencil, and if it takes a week to count who the winner is, then so be it.

It is the only way. Jill Stein, Bernie Sanders all dark horses sudden rise…….very interesting.

Those of us who defended Hillary kept reading of the sudden popularity of these people and while annoying, now stunning

Thanks Ja I learned from Grace that Ronan Farrow
1) has an ascendant that conjuncts the US natal Aquarius Moon and the solar eclipse was on it last Thursday;
2) that HIS natal Moon conjunct his natal MC at 12+ Sagittarius conjuncts the US natal chart’s ascendant;
3) that his natal Jupiter conjuncts the US natal Chiron in Aries and . . .
4) his natal Venus in Capricorn conjuncts the US natal Pluto. And he’s a genius!

17 WTF Items From Donald Trump’s Budget!
He Gave The Rich A Tax Cut –
and now the President’s Budget Takes Aim At The Poor!

At the end of her post, Grace also mentioned a new blog started by a friend, Alexandra Miletta, a college prof who just moved to Rome with her mother, also a college prof but who happens to have Alzheimers. It’s called “Roads to Rome”. I clicked on the link and read two blog entries. I recommend them, especially if you have a personal connection to someone with Alzeimer’s. My mother had dementia so I could relate.

Sharon, kiwi:
Late reading the entries,

Lorrie is the kind of person the indictment said the Russians used to convince unwitting Americans into their POV and to spread the vile. I do not use Facebook and and an increasing number are leaving due to the uncomfortable intrusion. They don’t allow people without accounts to even read pages anymore.

Its so easy to be duped online. There is no way it can be guaranteed who it is or what is being said is true. It is truly scary.

Since my first foray into a deeper look at Pluto generations in astrology and social cycles in the secular field of social sciences, I have been quietly nursing the hope I hold for the Pluto in Sagittarius (~1996-2008) cohort that we see now rising up to tackle the issue of gun violence.

I am so proud of them now, for what they are doing and deeply shamed that my generation, one that also grew up with ridiculous justifications for continued inaction and security theater in the form of Code Red(yellow, black, depending on school system) drills for the danger of an “active shooter” on campus, has not done more.

I see anew just how … toxic it is that we ask this of our children, this constant low level dread in a space that should be where they are safest from physical violence.

This tragedy is oddly personal for me, as I live on Florida’s west coast: I have friends in Miami, Coral Gables, West Palm Beach. Day trips to enclaves like Parkland are common, for most of a landmass you can traverse in 361 miles across.

For the Florida native of a certain environmentally conscious persuasion, Marjorie Stoneman Douglas is for some a personal hero. She is our own Rachel Carson.

Nice post, Aquarian Moon.

kiwi, I heard that New Zealand is facing a cyclone….how might this affect you?

Hi Sharon, thanks for asking. Cyclone Gita has pretty much blown itself out now – didn’t affect where I am in the far north, but lots of rain and gale force winds in the middle of the country. It left a pretty devastating trail though Samoa, then Tonga, then Fiji. Parliament building in tonga more than 100yrs old and withstood many prior hurricanes, was demolished. Stories are still coming in from the more remote islands.

LG – I still use facebook as it is a great way for me to keep in contact with friends and family around the globe. The key is in how you use it. I have a pretty strong BS detector. However, I am astounded by some of the posts from some of the wives of my husband’s old classmates from Pennsylvania – they are well and truly on the trump train and parrot some of the most vile misinformation. I call out their fake stories with truth when I can, but I do have to be careful in how I respond.

Kiwi, glad you are safe.

Welcome to my world. Some of those wives in Pennsylvania are my sisters. I am dumbfounded when I hear some of the things they say. I can say little to nothing….they consider me some sort of a radical I don’t know what. I love them and it saddens me deeply that they are so misguided. One of my brother-in-laws told me at Christmas that he is pleased with the job Trump is doing! He is a very wealthy, otherwise intelligent, religious man. There is no changing their minds.

Regarding discussion of fake videos. I was stunned to see the news of the upcoming Maria Callas tour.

Yes, Callas may have died in 1977, but she will be on tour. Thanks to a hologram. The company used a body double and put Callas’ face on the image. Watch the video. Frightening implications.


this could be an interesting catalyst

Thank you, Aquarian Moon.

I am so overwhelmed with pride for these powerful students of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School.

don’t know about the validity of the background of this story about Putin’s daughter, but if even half the details are true, a whole other nefarious dimension begins to come into focus – WOW

kiwi, Glad to hear you’re safe and Gita has weakened. Sorry to hear about the islands and old Parliament building.

Mid April is fascinating. The April 14th Jupiter-Pluto sextile (21 ’16 Scorpio-Capricorn) is especially poignant because of its yod formation to 1) the US Mars (21 ’22 Gemini) 2) President Trump’s progressed Uranus (21 ’19 Gemini) and 3) Trump’s North Node/Sun midpoint (21 ’52 Gemini). Although Nancy mentions the mid April Pluto quincunx to the US Mars, this yod formation elevates the aspect to a whole different level.

This morning, I noticed astrologer Leo Knighton Tallerico’s comments on this aspect. Here it is…….

What is Real? Astrology Forecast February 18-24

Last week we passed through the second and last eclipse of this Winter 2018 Eclipse Season, a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aquarius.

This Eclipse Season will continue however till about March 8. More shifting tides are coming. More processing of what has been shifting will happen after that until around April 15.

Then events will accelerate after that and new movement forward will begin.

There is a New Moon in Aries conjunct Uranus on April 15. And Mercury that day will go direct after a previous 3 weeks of being Retrograde.

And in the greater world, specifically the USA, Jupiter and Pluto will exactly sextile one another while making a Yod or “finger of god” aspect with the USA Mars.

This will be an important turning point in our world, related to what has been shifting during this Eclipse Season.

In the greater world, a Stock Market mini crash has happened during this Eclipse Season. And though it rebounded last week, the downfall is not over. The mania of the Bull market is seeking to be revitalized, and it will for awhile. Then the market will descend even more than before.

Events in the Middle East have intensified also during this Eclipse Season as Russia, Iran and Syria are getting in a danger zone with Israel and the USA. And the Palestinians are affected by these changes also.

The Korea issue has been calmed down during the Winter Olympics as North Korea and South Korea are more peaceful with one another. But this issue is far from settled.

And right at the Solar Eclipse New Moon, 13 Russians were indicted for tampering with the USA political process. This triggers the cultural battle in the USA, and is the beginning swat of what will become a Watergate kind of investigation into the Trump administration and Trump himself.

Also almost right at the Solar Eclipse there were 2 strong earthquakes and a solar storm directed to the Earth, and more significantly another horrific mass killing at a high school in Florida.

We are not doing anything in this country to remedy this kind of slaughter which is happening more and more often.

And this triggers the culture war in the USA again, as those who want guns to be more regulated are fought by the culture of the NRA, which seeks no controls at all.

It is hard to believe that there are people who see no reason to limit availability of weapons, like AR-14s, that can only be used to kill people, especially as so many innocent people are being murdered now.

So what has been triggered during this Eclipse Season is the stock market and economy; the USA culture wars; the Middle East; and the Koreas.

All of these issues will break open even more soon, especially after April 15.



President Donald Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos released a fiscal 2019 budget Monday that rehashes many of the proposals floated by the White House last year. Among them are plans to ax loan forgiveness for public servants, alter the terms of income-driven student loan repayment and stop paying the interest on low-income students’ loans while they are in school. Those three changes alone could increase the cost of higher education for borrowers by more than $200 billion over the next decade.


It is interesting to note that the most important interval in music, the 5th (the interval Pythagoras based his musical tuning system on), represents the relationship between Earth and Mars


fascinating Alex. My dad taught me to navigate by the celestial bodies when I was 10 sailing around the pacific – doing the calculations and using the nautical almanac became part of my math schoolwork

It is remarkable Frank but there was a time when Kentucky was Democrat country more often than not.

Jerry, thank you for your comment (and link) regarding April’s astrology and especially noting the Yod made up of transiting Jupiter and Pluto to US Mars and Trump’s chart’s points. I will return to reread it and the article linked, but first I would like to talk a moment about yods (sometimes referred to as Fingers of God).

A yod is special in that it takes a sextile, adds to it a couple of quincunxes to a 3rd planet or point which brings the formation to a whole ‘nuther level, as Jerry suggests.

A quincunx is half-way between an opposition (defiance) and a trine (mutuality). A quincunx between two bodies or points is separated by 150 degrees, an opposition by 180 degrees and a trine by 120 degrees.

When 2 planets are sextile (60 deg apart) they are also in mutual agreement (similar to the trine) and when a 3rd planet is quincunx (150 deg. separation) to both planets who are sextile each other, this 3rd planet is put under much pressure to conform.

I liken this to having to decide between mutual agreement or defiance. Usually it turns out to be half-way between. This is my own theory, not that others haven’t come to the same conclusion, but I have no site to link to for confirmation.

Transiting Eris has been quincunx US Neptune for years, sometimes exact, sometimes a degree or two from exact, but always in range of being effective. In this case I see transiting Eris (in Aries) as the Individual and his right to “bear arms” and I see US Neptune (in Virgo) as a nation grieving over the innocent lost lives from rampant gun assaults. Other variations work as well.

Along comes transiting Jupiter in Scorpio and sextiles US Neptune in Virgo (exact in the Feb. 15 solar eclipse-conjunct US natal Moon in Aquarius) which produces a Yod to the transiting Eris in Aries.

Eris by reputation thrills at the sight of spilled blood, but no symbol is all-good or all-bad; it depends on the climate of the relationship to the chart it is in (or makes an aspect to) and the individual (or country) that chart represents as to how she acts. Like the centaur astral bodies, I believe Eris draws attention to something that can be improved on, and she does it in a mean and cruel way which never fails to get attention.

This latest eclipse that fell on the US Moon (feelings) brought transiting Jupiter (great expansion, justice, networking) in Scorpio (depth of feeling, shared resources, secrets) into a quincunx (half cooperative, half defiant) with transiting Eris (discord) to complete a Yod with the Neptune who is in the same chart that the US Moon is in; the USA chart.

Now with 2 quincunxes (one from trans. Jupiter and another from US natal Neptune) transiting Eris is forced to adjust to the circumstances brought about by (1) trans Jupiter’s sextile with US natal Neptune, and (2) the power of a solar eclipse. What’s an errant girl like Eris to do?

She arouses the outrage of teenagers; starting with the high school kids who witnessed a brutal assault by a deranged kid with assault weapons, that’s what she does. These teens in turn arouse adults, weary of hopeless battles with the NRA over previous assaults by deranged shooters. The outraged teens motivate the weary adults to once again threaten or entreat the gov’t reps., who apparently are caught between a rock and a hard place (or are just plain stupid), to do the right thing.

This same transiting Eris, by the way, has been sextile Trump’s natal Gemini Sun (and trine his natal Moon which was eclipsed at birth) so this Yod with trans. Jupiter and US Neptune is compounded by the fact that another Yod made up of her sextile to Trump’s Sun and their quincunx’s to transiting Jupiter syncs up to the 1st yod, adding nuance and complexity to the moment for the USA.

But that’s another story. Suffice it to say that the Universe works in mysterious ways and there is a reason for the Pandemonium we are living in.

Glad you are safe kiwi.

Saturn transits to Manafort’s natals.

Paul Manafort – Noon Chart
Apr 1 1949, 12:00 pm, EST +5:00
White House 38°N53’50”, 077°W02’13”

Saturn square Mars March 17, 2018, – 8°22′ Capricorn

Saturn square Mars May 19, 2018, – 8°22′ Capricorn

Saturn square Mars December 5, 2018, – 8°22′ Capricorn

Saturn square Sun January 3, 2019, – 11°38 Capricorn

Saturn square Neptune January 22, 2019, – 13°52′ Capricorn – This a busy day for the Sibly chart. Transit Mars opposite Sibly Saturn and square Sibly Sun. Transit Saturn opposite Sibly Sun and square Sibly Saturn. Transit Mercury and Uranus aspect Sibly Mercury and Pluto by right ascension.

That Saturn square to Manafort’s Neptune on January 22 is joined by transit Mars opposite to that Neptune.

Of note, transiting Saturn will conjunct US natal Eris (8+ Capricorn) part of March. part of April, part of May and part of December, 2018. Saturn gives form and substance to ideas.

As a new Moon conjuncts Trump’s natal Sun (and transiting Chaos, and US Mars-square US Neptune) just as the transiting North Node conjuncts US natal North Node, and trans. Mercury conjuncts US natal Venus (values), and trans. Uranus makes its first foray into Taurus (ruled by Venus), and trans. Pluto returns to the T-square (that he’s in now) to the US natal opposition between Chiron and Juno (this time in retrograde motion) maybe we will see the great shift in consciousness in the US Congress we long for.

Less than 3 weeks before that New Moon at 22+ Gemini, transiting Jupiter will make the 2nd of 3 exact trines to transiting Neptune, with the 3rd one coming in August, just as transiting Saturn and Uranus come oh-so-close to a perfect 4th trine themselves. Do you believe in miracles?

While top Trump administration officials deny climate change, the intelligence agencies warn global warming can fuel disasters and violent conflicts.


thanks for the kind thoughts Bob and others.

On the climate subject, our current Climate Minister (yes that is one of the governmental portfolios here!) said recent discussions with climate scientists have resulted in floating the idea of adding a category 6 because of the increasing velocity, i.e. stronger than a 5, of hurricanes globally.

Jerry, very interesting .. i have been asking astrologers here to talk about the financial markets particularly i think in May when Uranus goes into Taurus ??? But with no luck lol, do you have more insights into the financial markets globally and in the US this year? Thanks. And to anyone else who wants to chime in 9n this?

Hi Barbk,

Interesting commentary on Eris. Your remarks prompted me to browse the net for further info on Eris. I was startled to discover that the US natal chart has natal Eris right at 8 Capricorn. As you may recall, this is the precise location where the April 2nd Mars/Saturn conjunction will occur (in quincunx to the US natal Uranus – 8 Gemini).

Here is an excerpt from The Astrology of Eris by Doug Walker

“…….Any nation’s chart which has a strongly configured Eris, as in the USA Declaration chart, where Eris opposes the triple conjunction of Sun/Jupiter/Venus, and inconjuncts exactly its natal Uranus, will possess certain qualities: It will be intensely concerned with nurturing and caring; when challenged, it will gladly go to war; and it will be deeply occupied with building new structures. Any influence that attempts to oppose or stop this drive to build the new temple on the site of the old will be challenged head-on until it is destroyed.

…………….Historical astrology has noted for over a century that when various planets get to the 8 ’55, where natal Uranus sits in the Declaration chart, that the USA goes to war. I agree with the 8 degree theory. At least sometimes. I just don’t think its focal point is Uranus.

I believe the focal point of USA wars sits with Eris instead, or to Uranus inconjunct Eris (Eris at 8 degree is in a partile inconjunction to Uranus), and when Eris was activated, those wars ensued. For example, the American Civil war began on April 12, 1861, and yes, Uranus by transit was a few minutes away from that 8 ’55 Gemini natal position. However, transiting Pluto, a war planet, located at 8 Taurus 34?was exactly trine the natal Eris of the Declaration chart, activating the inconjunct between Eris and Uranus. Inconjuncts are an aspect of separation, or on a higher level, an aspect of rearrangement of energies so that things work better. In this case, the rearrangement involved the abolition of slavery and the collapse of the plantation ethic.”


A quick follow-up to the above. Putting things in perspective; in light of the close Uranus/Eris conjunction (21/22 Aries) during the 2016 US presidential elections, what can we expect at the time of the April 2nd Mars/Saturn conj ?……

Astrological Meaning of Eris

Eris Awakens

As the consciousness of humanity awakens and evolves it is very important to incorporate into your astrological readings the meanings and significance of the newly discovered planets. In relying only on the standard, or even traditional planets in your chart interpretation, you will miss out on very important information regarding your life path and future.

Eris has awakened in 2016 through being together in the sky with the planet Uranus. Uranus is the shake it up and change maker of the zodiac. One can see the impact of the awakened Eris throughout the world.

Here is the back ground on Eris. She is called the trouble maker, the goddess of discord, and represents being left out, disregarded and really pissed off about it.

Eris in Mythology, the Primordial Greek goddess of discord, chaos, quarrels and feuds, the spirit of friction, battle-strife and hostility. The role of Eris as the goddess of discord brought dissension and disputes between families and different factions. She played her part in the causes of wars and disharmony and feuds between families and friends, she indirectly started the Trojan War. The conflict began when all the gods and goddesses were invited to the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, save one – Eris. To avenge this slight, Eris threw the golden apple of discord to the guests of the wedding feast. The golden apple had “for the fairest” written on it and Hera and Athena and Aphrodite all claimed it. Paris, the Prince of Troy, awarded it to Aphrodite beginning a chain of events that led to the Trojan War.” (greekmythology.com)

Eris is alive and well on the planet, and is seen through the disenfranchised, left out, and represents where people have been.



scary stuff
Another who led prayers on the call said, “We declare it’s no longer the District of Columbia, it’s the District of Christ!”


unacceptable sacrifices

Eric Francis’s take


You are a treasure Jerry. Thanks for the Eris links that can increase our understanding on how to widen our understanding of this symbol of the Yin side of human nature. And no, I hadn’t connected trans. Mars to the US Eris-trans. Saturn conjunction yet; thank you. That will surely symbolize events to further awaken the Eris component of our human nature.

I can’t help but wonder if the Saturn-Mars-US Eris conjunction on April 2nd won’t lay the groundwork for the June 13 New Moon on Trump’s natal Sun (+ US Mars, etc.). Mars will have transited to 8+ Aquarius by then, semi-sextile US Eris and trine US Uranus. The transiting North Node (path forward) will be conjunct the US natal North Node [a big deal] and trans. Saturn (restriction), by then retrograde, will again be quincunx (under pressure to adjust) both US and transiting North Nodes.

With so much of the US natal chart lit up by this New Moon (trans. Pluto will have returned, in retrograde, to T-square the US Chiron-Juno opposition, and trans. Mercury will be just one degree from exact conjunction to US Venus {values}, and trans. Jupiter coming back to exact another trine to US Sun) and Trump another year older . . . I bet it is about new legislation with teeth re: gun sales. Maybe even gun possession.

One last note re: US natal Eris at 8+ Capricorn is about her sextile with US natal Ceres at 8+ Pisces.

Not only does this compound the Yin Effect in the April 2nd Saturn-Mars-US Eris conjunction, it effectively forms a Yod to US North Node (+ trans. North Node by June 13) which then becomes a Boomerang with the addition of the US South Node (+ transiting South Node) and US natal Pholus (small cause, big effect) that conjuncts US South Node.

Also, Neptune in the present cycle of Jupiter and Saturn conjuncts the US South Node (6+ Aquarius, where trans Mars will have transited one week before the June 13 New Moon). Knowing this ahead of time can better prepare us for the fallout.

With US South Node (what we do well but does not contribute to our evolution) at the point in a Boomerang where all the participating energy (planets) gets released, it could really be the small cause that brings on a really big effect.


I haven’t fully explored it. Some astrologers are indeed looking at the Uranus ingress into Taurus with great interest. Here’s Barbara Goldsmith’s take on it…….

Special: Economic Revolution? | Uranus in Taurus, May 2018

On May 18th, 2018, Uranus, planet of revolution and sudden changes moves into Taurus where it will stay until July 7th, 2025.

Taurus rules our financial systems, the economy, food, agriculture, farming, the land, nature, real estate, banking, physical assets and security. Taurus, and earth sign, is grounded and focused on creating stability.

Uranus, is anything but stable. It challenges the status quo and it’s quite likely that all the above areas that Taurus rules will be subject to sudden shocks and unexpected surprises.

As this is such an important shift with so many potential outcomes, I have done a special video all about it:


PS Steve Judd mentions the Uranus ingress at 0 Taurus square Mars (0 Aq) in mid May in his 2018 video forecast (starting at 3 min 57 sec into the video). He seems to think this event will be quite explosive…….


I noticed the May 16th Mars-Uranus square (0 Aquarius-Taurus) has tr. Neptune close to the midpoint of this square (16 Pisces). Could that indicate a dissolution of the status quo and a spiritual awakening in some way?

Holy cow! It just dawned on me….. 0 degree Aquarius is the location of the US inaugural chart Sun (January 20, 2017)! Tr. Mars conjunct the US Inaugural Sun square Uranus. A big shift in the American presidential administration?

Malefic aspects aside, I do have to say that, although I know it’s not mundane but natal astrology, when uranus moved through Pisces in the early 21st century, with my sun, jupiter, mars, venus, NN and MC in Pisces, encompassing the beginning, middle and end of the sign, I experienced a long period of uranus conjunctions. Although there was some stress and tension and loss, at the same time there were many positive changes and opportunities and love and recognition that came my way. There was some pain, as there always is in in life, but I also felt a strong sense of self-hood, and quite equipped to deal with and manage everything. I share this to point out that that changes in the economic system, banking, agriculture, real estate, and security that this uranus transit will bring, no matter the malefic aspects, should not be all bad and might even be very positive and great.

I am not overlooking what barb and Jerry posted above which are on an overarching mundane level and are infinitely more influential. I was just focusing on the potentially very positive changes coming over the approximately 7 years that uranus will transverse Taurus.

I listened to the Steve Judd 2018 forecast that Jerry posted. I’m a little less inclined to take it seriously after Judd stated that February 2018 would be a quiet month. Quiet?

I just read this and related it to what was written above, and my heart sank. Without checking the exact degrees, we know that Israel’s has several placements in Taurus (including its sun) as well as Leo. Sigh.


…with an emphasis on the “explosive” part that Jerry said Steve Judd noted.

On October 24th there will be a Full Moon at 1+ Taurus opposite the Sun at 1+ Scorpio and they will form a grand (fixed) cross with the North Node at 1+ Leo opposite the South Node at 1+ Aquarius. Something or someone is going to be caught between a rock and a hard place.

Transiting Uranus at 0+ Taurus will conjunct the Full Moon. Two days after this full moon transiting Jupiter in Scorpio will exact his opposition with Sedna in Taurus and they will be T-squared by the US natal Moon in Aquarius. She of course opposes Trump’s Mars in Leo (and last August’s total eclipse) so we will have a grand cross in play. The avenging survivors of the Florida school shooting will likely be involved in some showdown.

As with all full moons, there will be a revelation of something to do with the New Moon 2 weeks earlier which – in this case – was at 15+ Libra, 1 degree from the US natal Saturn at 14+ Libra (and Trump’s Chiron-Juno).

This is no eclipse but it will be powerful, especially for the USA. The October New Moon conjunct the US natal Saturn will affect the structures, businesses, institutions and the governing of the United States. Adding to the focus on these things will be transiting Pluto in Capricorn (the sign Saturn rules), having stationed direct 10 days before the New Moon at 18+ Capricorn.

18+ Capricorn is also where transiting Uranus and Neptune began their present cycle in 1993, so Pluto’s station-direct (powerful due to Pluto’s non movement as he bores into that degree) will intensify that cycle’s effect on this New Moon.

Notably, Uranus and Neptune at that time of their conjunction were sextile Mars (19+ Scorpio) who was conjunct Mercury (22+ Scorpio) who was conjunct Pluto (24+ Scorpio). Transiting Jupiter at the time of the New Moon this coming October will be at 23+ Scorpio.

This means both trans.(and stationing) Pluto (18+ Cap) and Jupiter (23+ Scorpio) will bring forth the influence of the 25 year old Uranus-Neptune cycle onto this New Moon-conjunct US Saturn (+ Trump Chiron/Juno).

Awakening a sleeping giant such as the Neptune-Uranus cycle could catch even astrologers off guard, especially since transiting Neptune will be aspecting US Sun (trine) and US Saturn (quincunx) at this Oct. New Moon. Transiting Uranus will be backing out of Taurus (retrograde) after his initial entry into this sign this coming May.

This is what the Full Moon on Oct. 24 will be reflecting upon then, the results of the New Moon that conjuncts US Saturn (+ Trump Chiron/Juno) while awakening the Uranus-Neptune cycle at the same time.

One important note about the 1993 Uranus-Neptune conjunction (that was sextile the Mars-Mercury-Pluto conjunction) is that they formed a Yod to the US Mars in Gemini (which conjuncts Trump’s natal Sun). I would hazard a guess then that the October 24 Full Moon will have Trump squirming like collard pup.

Will it be about some shocking revelation regarding Trump’s personal life? His business dealings in the past? Our present chaotic government?
All of the above or something new that will unfold in the coming months? Too soon for me to tell.

Jackson, I thought exactly the same thing and didn’t listen to the rest.

Uranus ingress Aries – to the day!

The 2011 earthquake off the Pacific coast of T?hoku was a magnitude 9.0–9.1 undersea megathrust earthquake off the coast of Japan that occurred at 14:46 JST on Friday 11 March 2011, with the epicentre … Wikipedia
Tsunami: Up to 40.5 m (133 ft); in Miyako, Iwate, T?hoku
Date: March 11, 2011
Magnitude: 9
Total damage: $360 billion USD
Areas affected: Japan (shaking, tsunami); Pacific Rim (tsunami)
Max. intensity: IX (Violent)


I agree.. The February 15th solar eclipse conjunct the US Moon (opp. last August’s solar eclipse) precipitated a huge outcry on gun control and alarm over the safety of our schools. Nevertheless, looking further afield in Steve Judd’s 2018 forecast, he mentions the July eclipses. The July 12th solar eclipse precisely opposing Pluto (20 Cancer-Capricorn) is remarkable:


……as well as the July 27th lunar eclipse t square to Mars and Uranus:


Earlier this month I noted the US Saturn Return (when transiting Saturn conjuncts natal Saturn) and how close the square between trans. Uranus and trans. Pluto was, although it would be a year before the 1st of their 7 exact squares took place.

I attributed much of this country’s present problems due to what’s seen in the astrology of this event (the US Saturn Return).

Here is why:

1. Trans Uranus at 3+ Aries in the Saturn Return chart for August 28, 2011, was square US natal Venus (3+ Cancer) and Jupiter (5+ Cancer). This looked like disruption of our values and sense of greatness on the world stage.

2. Trans Pluto (4+ Capricorn) opposed US Venus and Jupiter. This symbolizes a breakdown of our values and greatness.

3. Trans Sun at 4+ Virgo was trine trans. Pluto and sextile US Venus+Jupiter but quincunx trans. Uranus. If Sun symbolizes consciousness and Uranus symbolizes radical and rapid change it could mean that the world (and specifically the US – it’s our Saturn Return!) was going to be forced to “adjust” (quincunx) its consciousness radically and rapidly. (By the same token, transformation of consciousness [trans. Sun] by trans. Pluto would be accomplished with relative ease.)

4) transiting Venus (values) at 8+ Virgo squared (challenged) US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini which is so near the US chart’s 7th house cusp, which is about partners or open enemies. Perhaps this symbolizes a narrowing or cleansing (Virgo) of what might be construed as too open (Uranus) borders.

5) The trans. Moon at 25+ Leo (populism?) was conjunct Trump’s Mars at 26+ Leo and the 2017 eclipse at 28+ Leo which opposed US natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius.

6) Transiting Neptune at 29+ Aquarius was conjunct US natal Moon (ay, there’s the rub) and opposite trans. Moon, Trump’s Mars (and ascendant) and the 2017 eclipse, all of which were/are in Leo.

This should not be taken to mean that the 29 year cycle of transiting Saturn to US natal Saturn was doomed to nothing but pain and suffering but about completing a task. The US Saturn Return chart’s Mercury, Mars and Jupiter made no major aspects to the US natal chart, although its MC at 12+ Gemini DID conjunct the US natal chart’s 7th house cusp (the descendant) and its IC (nadir) was conjunct the US natal chart’s ascendant.

Along with transits and eclipses, I believe it would help us to see this US Saturn Return chart as significant in understanding the overall picture of what is meant to be accomplished by the Saturn Effect.

The returning (US) Saturn was in the 2nd house of this chart and did make 2 aspects at the time; a square to Mars (16+ Cancer) in the 11th house of groups (high school kids perhaps?) and a sesqui-quadrate to Neptune in the 6th house of service.

I wonder if this Neptune to Saturn aspect is designed to lessen the harshness of a full throated Saturn assault (Congress, NRA, media) by means of group emotional responsiveness (this Neptune does conjunct the US natal Aquarian Moon).

barbk, all of the outers (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto – often associated with the subconscious) were active in the Sibly chart during that time also. A chart for you.


Nearly Two Dozen State AGs File Suit to Block FCC’s ‘Illegal’ Net Neutrality Rollback
“Consumers and businesses across the country have the right to a free and open internet, and our coalition of attorneys general won’t stop fighting to protect that right.”


alex, keep meaning to thank you for keeping us informed on net neutrality.

New post up:


Yes, thank you, Alex, for the updates on fighting to keep the internet neutral. I think the lawsuits will make that happen.

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