25th Feb, 2018

Corporate Overlords

Like the proverbial frog slowly being brought to a boil in pot of water, the US has unwittingly moved from a democracy to a corporatocracy. How else to explain that multiple policies which garner large majorities of support by the citizenry are vehemently crushed in favor of schemes enriching and protecting the interests of mega-corporate power?

Last week’s gun tragedy is a prime example. The NRA is merely the visible face of the gun industry and the outlet for their most vociferous propaganda. But the power behind the curtain is those who make a fortune scaring citizens that their guns will be taken away if any Democrat gets near elected office, while, in turn, scaring Republican Congressmen and Senators that they cannot be reelected without gun industry and NRA backing. Never mind that somewhere around 80% or more of the country wants tighter gun restrictions and more robust and consistent background checks. The corporate overlords do not want anything to get in the way of their profits, and thus it is so. Gestures that cancel special credit cards or car rental and hotel discounts from the NRA might be satisfying, but they do not address the real power that is controlling the debate.

Likewise, the pharmaceutical industry makes a fortune on exorbitant medication prices, as well as the widespread opioid epidemic. And yet, it is like walking through molasses uphill to get anything done to bring common sense regulation that benefits the financially struggling and painfully-addicted members of the populace. Or consider the oil and gas industry, which, unregulated, will pollute with abandon despite toxic spills, climate change warnings, and fracking-related earthquakes and water pollution.  But Republicans don’t like to regulate these massive, obscenely rich industries because, you know, we can’t be having the government strangle our freedom, blah, blah, or, more to the point, cut off the spigot of unlimited donations from the fat cats.

It might be useful to remember that one of government’s primary roles is to enforce ethical behavior on the inherent selfishness of unrestricted human activity. Without laws, at least some of the people would rob, cheat, steal, assault, or even drive drunk or speed with impunity. But government has defined boundaries we cannot cross without consequence, and so it becomes enshrined behavior to behave, at least for most of us.

By definition, large corporations are ruled by a focus on the bottom line, and any negative impact of their misdeeds is too many degrees of separation from the decision-makers to garner much interest. Thus, we find a decisive need for regulations to protect the general population from harmful transgressions. Otherwise, the imperatives of a continually growing bottom line will always supersede the wisdom of any self-imposed restrictions that protect and serve the greater good.

Unfortunately, in these days of an American corporatocracy spearheaded by Trump and his cabinet of self-serving billionaires, that is exactly what is happening. Whether it is the sabotaging of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to benefit the banks, enabling the pharmaceutical industry to essentially call the shots at the FDA  and DEA, allowing oil and gas drilling in the national parks and on the shorelines of America, or protecting almost unrestricted gun proliferation in the US, it is always the same underlying theme. Big industry does not want restrictions on their profits, and they have enough of a stranglehold on government through financial power and effective propaganda to get their way.

It seems likely that the underlying tension in this corporate control narrative will continue to build through 2022 as the US moves toward its Pluto return, and to some degree until Pluto completes its journey in Capricorn in 2024.  Pluto describes huge power struggles and is also symbolic of immense, but hidden wealth. In the US chart, Pluto in the 2nd house describes intense efforts to accumulate wealth, particularly for those who already hold financial power. But Pluto also describes the tendency to drive things to such an extreme, to such unbearable tension, that they implode, thereby creating a total transformation, a rebirth, so to speak. And these years of the build-up to the US Pluto return in 2022 are ripe for such an evolution to unfold.

Thus, for example, the current gun tensions in America seem likely to continue to escalate, despite a few minor adjustments, until something so immensely egregious causes the whole reality to come tumbling down. I won’t even hazard a guess as to what that might be. Unfortunately, we got another taste of this process in the past week, though I doubt the current situation will do more than nibble around the edges for now. But the momentum continues to build.

Meanwhile, although the entire Trump administration since day one seems like an ongoing crisis to many, there is cause for concern that something more specific may be brewing and ready to unfold from around March 20 through part or most of May.  It is possible that these challenging events may be preceded by an increase in US/Trump aggression earlier in March.

From February 26 to March 19, we find transiting Uranus trine to Trump’s natal Mars (26Leo41) currently conjunct solar arc Uranus (until July). This will generally stimulate his impulsive, irritable, and easily angered tendencies. March 10 to 11 and March 16 to 17 will have minor transits that will further intensify this volatile tendency.

Moreover, in the US chart, transiting Pluto has now moved into a quincunx to natal Mars (21Gemini23) from February 22 to April 24.This transit will be 6 minutes shy of exact and is likely to be more significant when it returns in 2019. Nonetheless, it is a stimulation of the aggressive and action-prone war planet Mars and may signify an escalation of military action of some kind, especially when transiting Jupiter moves to quincunx US Mars from April 1 to April 13.

Beginning on March 9 and continuing through May 7, Trump moves into a very challenging and stressful period, demanding more discipline and focus than he is normally able to manifest. Transiting Saturn will be making a station opposite his Mercury (8Cancer52) for this entire two month period. Some of this tension may relate to the increasingly oppressive and threatening Mueller investigation, but it seems that some deeply troubling events will be impacting the country as well, especially after March 20.

In astrology, the Spring Equinox chart is seen as the birth chart for the astrological year, and when drawn for the capital city of a country, it will give indications for the coming year for that nation. The March 20, 2018, Spring Chart drawn for Washington, DC, has Saturn (8Capricorn30) almost exactly conjunct the Descendant (8Capricorn20),  where it remains due to planetary station from March 20 through May 20, greatly overlapping the Saturn station opposite Trump’s Mercury. Moreover, in the Spring chart, there is a Sun (00Aries) square to Mars (1Capricorn42) waxing towards a square/conjunction (respectively) to the problematic Saturn/Descendant configuration.  In addition, Mercury (16Aries32) is retrograde and will also cross the square to Saturn/Descendant twice during April.

What this means is that the significant upset and tension described by the Saturn/Descendant combination, both in US relationships with other countries (Descendant) and reflectively experienced directly at home (opposite Ascendant), will be very intensely and problematically exacerbated by concrete and stressful events triggered between March 28 and April 5 by transits from the Sun, Mars and Mercury, and again from April 24 to 25 by Mercury.  The general shadow of these events will remain strong during the entire Saturn station from March 20 through May 20, with Trump deeply embroiled in and stressed by the situation.

The above-described configurations suggest a somber mood in the entire country during late March and April, so it is doubtful they will simply play out politically with one side celebrating the other’s demise. However, as the Saturn station reaches its final impact in May, we do find that transiting Uranus will be making its first crossing square to Inaugural Sun (00Aquarius50), from May 12 to June 1. This transit, by contrast, will bring sudden, swift, and powerful changes and upsets directly to the Trump administration and could suggest significant political turmoil in their wake.

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Always appreciated Nancy!

I think one other power element is not being looked at. The overlords of the overlords.

Publicly traded corporations are actually beholden to their share holders and stake holders. Boycotts and divestment are effective tools for individuals to band together and make change.

PRIVATELY held companies are way less accountable. And PRIVATELY CONTROLLED corporations are not accountable either.

Americans seem simply unaware that the issues at the base of the Russia investigation are about money. Russian oligarchs/plutocrats own the corporations in Russia and they want to expand their control. It is basically an organized crime nation and billionaires across the world are connected. Russian billionaire criminals launder money often by buying real estate – often in the US. Russians are not the only ones tho. That makes the Trump and Kushner families vulnerable to them because of crimes committed together (money laundering for example, but not limited to that). Trump & Kushner families are pawns. They may be large entertaining and bloviating pieces but they are pawns nonetheless. They are not the puppet masters.

This issue is not limited to the US – it is global. Maybe it is time to also use the Scorpio rising chart for the US?

One small example of a corporation that is publicly traded but still PRIVATELY controlled is the Las Vegas Sands Corporation. A bit from wiki: “In 2012, CEO Sheldon Adelson and his family owned approximately 53% of the company.[14] In December 2004, the company completed its initial public offering with the ticker LVS on the New York Stock Exchange at a price of $29 per share.[4] Only 6.8 percent of Las Vegas Sands was put on the market.[4] Adelson maintained 87.9 percent ownership of the company, while its management and directors owned the remaining 5.3 percent.”

Sheldon Adelson is the guy who was the main reason Trump is moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. He may be funding the move too. That corporation is not our ‘overlord’ Adelson is….or his overlord is…. or…..

If Neptune is a higher octave of Venus, and Venus is money, then Neptune is also money (and it does rule oil). Neptune represents dark money of vast power.

Nancy, have you ever thought of submitting what you write before you get into the astrology as an op ed to the WPO or some other newspaper. You write so well and are so perceptive. You need a broader audience or rather a broader audience needs you.

Disgraceful Donny is entirely transparent, seeming to deliver his unedited script without regard to brevity, or the silly contradictions often contained in the same sentence (or are they slogans he believes are clever?).

What strikes me about Corporate Overlords is the small changes corporations make to pacify. Trump is irrelevant to their purposes. If he goes down, some other puppet is already groomed as they continue to sow the seeds of destruction. After ruining the environment, depressing wages, etc., etc. who will be left to pay for those corporate goods, for repairs to infrastructure? Where will we find clean water? Where will we grow our food? It’s not just folly, it’s damned evil.

Thanks Nancy. My long held belief that the “mafia” went “white collar” is becoming obvious to a growing number of citizens, and more importantly, the media. There was a comment on cnbc the other day that they thought Mueller was approaching the case in a similar manner to how the Gambino family was prosecuted.

Anne Ortelee on the NRA & the shooting

Talk about one person making a difference. According to a recent Bloomberg article, the move by companies to sever ties with the NRA began from a single tweet.

“One user, with almost a quarter of a million followers, tagged a slew of brands in his post, including NRA partners Hertz Corp. and LifeLock Inc. “There are only 5 million NRA members but over 300 million of us! Businesses have a choice whose business they prefer,” tweeted another.”


Sheldon Adelson is a monster.

After the corporations take over comes Fascism.

Bailey – I agree with you and have encouraged Nancy to publish her intros more widely!

maybe she will listen to you :-).

I am really worried about this move, promoted by Adelson, to bring the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and the bloodshed that will result. I don’t understand it any more than I understood the invasion of Iraq except to say that it is delusional thinking.

Thank you Nancy, this essay was moving; reminding us all of the past and possible future atrocities of American corporatocracy makes me weep, and yet . . . . you note that transiting Saturn will station at 8+ Capricorn opposite Trump’s Mercury at 8+ Cancer (which rules the sign of his Gemini Sun), and that makes me smile.

You see when transiting Neptune and Pluto were conjunct at 8+ Gemini (and conjunct US Uranus) they were sextile trans. Mars and Chiron at 8+ Leo at the time. In this chart for the Pluto-Neptune conjunction, a relatively unrecognized asteroid named Hybris (symbolizing hubris or arrogance) was at 8+ Capricorn. So all 4 planets in the sextile – Pluto, Neptune, Mars and Chiron – were quincunx Hybris who was at the apex of this multi-layered Yod.

Now you tell us that transiting Saturn – between March 9 and May 7 – this year! – will be at 8+ Capricorn and stationing retrograde. Further you add that this transiting Saturn at 8+ Capricorn will be on the descendant of the upcoming Spring Equinox chart (for DC).

This will be one helluva Saturn station as it will channel all the energy of the Pluto/Neptune conjunction – sextile – Mars/Chiron conjunction as they all quincunx (forced to adjust) this stationing Saturn (corporatocracy) – now at the apex of the Yod, alongside the original Yod apex Hybris in the chart for Neptune and Pluto’s conjunction (1891).

God and the Universe do work in mysterious ways as all that (century+) energy will be hurtled toward Trump’s natal Mercury (8+ Cancer), ruler of his natal Sun, not for just a day but for 2 months!

His Mercury then becomes the final point of a Boomerang pattern where all the participating energies (in the yod-turned-boomerang) join up together.

My, my, I believe, with all my heart, this joining-up will culminate the decades and decades of corporate abuses – possibly with a tweet storm from Trump – or a one-to-one with Mueller and Trump and a tape recorder. We – as a species and as a nation – are in an ongoing process to move forward (upward) in consciousness if we can just hang in there. Never give up the Ship!

“However, as the Saturn station reaches its final impact in May, we do find that transiting Uranus will be making its first crossing square to Inaugural Sun (00Aquarius50), from May 12 to June 1. This transit, by contrast, will bring sudden, swift, and powerful changes and upsets directly to the Trump administration and could suggest significant political turmoil in their wake.”

Absolutely adorable.

Will and others,

Lest we forget, Mr Trump has his progressed Midheaven at 0 Leo in close conjunction to his progressed Saturn (2 Leo). The May 16-17 Mars-Uranus square (0 Aq – 0 Taurus) will be activating those degrees by t square.

The 0 Aquarius degree according to astrologer Eric Francis is highly significant. He writes……..

“To understand the astrology of 2017 (2018/19), it helps to start on December 21, 2020. That’s when Jupiter and Saturn form their once-per-20-year conjunction in the first degree of Aquarius (0 ’29 Aquarius). It seems like a long time from now, though not at the current blinding pace that time is moving.

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is like Mount Rainier if you live in the Seattle area. It’s the biggest, most dominant force on the horizon. With something so vast, it’s not really possible to judge distance or scale—though it’s good to know that it exists, and that we’re all heading toward it.”

The Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions have a prolific history in the annals of US presidential assassinations.

Could there be an assassination attempt in mid May?

In examining one persons chart, astrologer Eileen Nauman noted in her book Medical Astrology:

“progressed Saturn was going to conjunct the midpoint of his natal Midheaven. I’ve frequently seen the Midheaven involved in many serious injuries and/or deaths. In Uranian astrology it is considered the “I” or ego for this lifetime.” She explains in more detail in an article entitled DEATH ASPECTS IN ASTROLOGY;

“A person’s Midheaven is their Ego (outer/conscious) and how they want others to see them. If the Ego gets stepped on the wrong way, projections abound as a result. Uranus is about sudden things happening. They can be catalytic. They can be accidents (but it will be a strange, twisted kind of accident–a ‘dumb’ thing or ‘weird’ thing that occurs).

You cannot “die” on a transit. I can’t tell you how many frightened student astrologers who knew just enough to scare themselves silly, have called me over the years think that their ‘death’ was arriving shortly in the form of a heavy transit from Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto.

No one can die on transit. First, it has to be backed up in the PROGRESSIONS of the person’s chart. And there may be ‘other’ indicators present besides a progression, such as an eclipse, plus a transit. These two or three pieces to the recipe for Death must be in place before something serious and major happens. Nothing major insofar as dying goes, ever happens on JUST a transit. Everything major occurs with progressions. The transit, then, is merely the trigger to catalyze the passing.”

In another case study in the same book Eileen Nauman analyses the following aspects….

“N. Uranus N. Saturn ——–P. Midheaven

The natal Uranus is at the midpoint between his natal Saturn and his progressed Midheaven.

COMMENT: Something catalytic and sudden/unexpected could happen (Uranus) and it hit old patterns of behavior and old ways of reacting/responding (Saturn) and his Ego (Midheaven) got pulled into this. He had a choice as to how he responded. Instead of a mature (Saturn) response, he went into his rebellious teenage temper tantrum (Uranus) and did his Ego trip thing. It got him killed, as a result. Saturn is also about physical manifestation; something occurring in real time in our lives. Saturn helped ground the issue. His choices, however, were his own (he didn’t have to drive off a cliff because he was angry and wanting to get even with his wife), and not the fault of Saturn.

NTERPRETATION: There was lots of choices with this particular midpoint structure. He was given the opportunity to approach this love-relationship problem maturely (Saturn) but he CHOSE (see, there’s that word again….) instead, to become rebellious (Uranus) and “I’ll show you” angry demeanor (Midheaven).


One last note: May 17th – 20th has tr. Sun at 26 – 28 Leo in square to Trump’s natal Mars and the August 21st 2017/ Feb 15th 2018 solar eclipses.

Typo – Read instead: ” May 17th – 20th has tr. Sun at 26 – 28 TAURUS”



Knives finally coming out to fulfill Trump’s vow to slash government
With lawmakers poised next month to approve new priorities for agency funding for the first time in this administration, the bureaucratic bloodletting can officially begin. Dozens of long-standing programs are slated for termination, and every agency, large and small, has submitted a plan to the White House for reorganization.

Michael Wolfstar:


Transit Pluto conjunct NRA progressed Saturn (Noon Chart) and square NRA progressed Neptune on Mar 24, 2018 as they square each other.


Talk about your scandals!

tRump would never think about holding office while preggers and not hitched. Er, um, Would he? (JK, JK, JK :)).

With initials of ja could this be our poster ja? 🙂 More JK.


The Kiwi that Soared | 60 Minutes Australia


60 Minutes: At home with Jacinda Ardern and the ‘first bloke’

“Her present approval rate is around 70 percent and with the whole nation on “baby watch” I imagine it can only rise.”

“There has been a lot of carping criticism from Jacinda’s male political enemies, questioning, “how can you be a mum and run the country?”.

In fact I think the Tories are on a loser here.

Half the population is mothers and the other half has mothers.”

Bob, I wanted to thank you for your chart of the outer planets on the previous thread as they related to the US Saturn Return.

I’m a bit obsessive about the outer planets anyway, and to further the point Nancy makes regarding transiting Saturn at 8+ Capricorn being opposite Trump’s natal Mercury at 8+ Cancer, I want to look back to the chart for the Saturn-Mars conjunction on April 2, 2018, 11:40 AM, at 8 Capricorn 57.

When set for Washington, DC, the ascendant is 8+ Cancer and conjunct Trump’s Mercury, opposite the transiting Saturn-Mars conjunction on the descendant. But that’s not all; the Moon (masses) at 9+ Scorpio will sextile the trans. Mars-Saturn conjunction which will form a Yod to the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini – THAT outer planet. People, this is for April 2nd, a month from now.

This is so dizzying to me I can’t keep up with all it implies; not in my head anyway. Yesterday I wrote about the cycle between Pluto and Neptune that started at 8+ Gemini, with it’s sextile to trans. Chiron-Mars at 8+ Leo (and I now note the conjunction they made with trans. Sun at 10+ Leo, which conjuncts Trump’s natal Pluto).

As an aside, this Neptune-Pluto cycle began in 1891, 45 years after Neptune was discovered in 1846. Neptune was conjunct Saturn at the time of his discovery, both at 25+ Aquarius and both sextile Pluto at 25+ Aries. Neptune’s discovery implies making a dream (Neptune) a reality (Saturn) through transformation (Pluto).

Anyway, the April 2 Mars-Saturn conjunction does more than oppose Trump’s Mercury (although that will probably be the most observable result). It activates the Neptune-Pluto cycle (via April 2nd’s Saturn-Mars at the apex point of a Yod w/ Neptune-Pluto sextile Chiron-Mars in 1891).

By my way of connecting dots the whole Neptune story (as seen in his discovery chart), will (if not already) become the dominant – in your face – theme of these times.

This includes Discovery Neptune-conjunct-Saturn in Aquarius (that conjuncts the US Moon-Pallas), that sextiles the Neptune discovery chart’s Pluto (which is where trans. Uranus is now). This Neptune Discovery chart’s Neptune/Saturn-sextile-Pluto formed a Yod to the Neptune discovery chart’s Mars at 25+ Virgo. Ring a bell for anyone? (Transiting Jupiter was there in August 2016).

It also included Black Moon Lilith at 26+ Leo, conjunct Trump’s natal Mars. Trump’s fans maybe?

It also included the Sun at 1+ Libra conjunct the US natal chart MC.

It also included the North Node at 28+ Libra opposite the South Node at 28+ Aries (where Uranus is now) that is T-square US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn.

If I’ve confused anyone I apologize but there does seem to be a discernible pattern – and purpose – for these crazy, maddening times; a remarkable pattern and purpose and it will make a great movie some day. April 2nd’s conjunction of transiting Saturn and Mars will trigger a US natal Uranus, the Neptune/Pluto cycle and the walls might just come tumblin’ down.

Bob, Jacinda is generally well liked in NZ – even by many in the opposition party.
One of her first responses once she made her pregnancy known was (paraphrasing here) ‘lots of women work while they’re pregnant so why should that be different just because I’m now the PM, and besides that, I’m a great multitasker”

Oh boy, oh boy . . Mueller’s natal Pluto is at 8+ Leo which conjuncts Chiron and Mars in the Neptune/Pluto conjunction (that conjuncts US Uranus) chart; a cycle that will be activated by transiting Saturn’s station at 8+ Capricorn (where Hybris was in the Neptune/Pluto chart).

Said another way, Mueller’s Pluto in Leo sextiles US Uranus in Gemini, a sextile that forms a Yod with transiting Saturn in Capricorn (+ Mars on April 2nd) which then becomes a Boomerang with the addition of Trump’s natal Mercury in Cancer.

Therefore Mueller’s Pluto and the US Uranus and transiting Saturn (+ trans. Mars) and all the power of the Neptune/Pluto cycle (including Hybris/hubris/arrogance) will land on Trump’s natal Mercury on and around April 2nd.

Could you create a chart for that Bob?


I’d be happy if he simply was no longer President. That would be quite satisfactory.

We can be hopeful.

This is all I can do barb. I hope it is helpful. If you want other points added perhaps you can download this, add them, do a screen capture and post it where you want to share it.


You are a magician Bob! tRump Mercury in the Innermost wheel is so euphemistic (on purpose?) Thank you, I love it.

Since this will be a composite Yod-turned-Boomerang, and since the Yod part is a reenactment of the original Yod in the chart of the 1891 Pluto-Neptune conjunction, . . .

and since the only moving (transiting) planets in this pattern are Saturn and Mars in Capricorn, the only time it will be “active” is on or near April 2nd. Unless . . .

the Mars component is dropped and it is transiting Saturn considered alone at the apex of the Yod. If so, the whole period in which Nancy notes that Saturn is at 8+ Capricorn, including the station retrograde (and subsequent return to 8+ Capricorn) will be susceptible to the power of the Boomerang Effect/Pluto-Neptune cycle in whole.

This will start with the (ongoing) cooperative relationship (sextile) between US Uranus (8+ Gemini) and Mueller’s Pluto (8+ Leo) channeling the 1891 Pluto/Neptune (8+ Gemini) sextile the 1891 Chiron/Mars (8+ Leo).

US Uranus and Mueller’s Pluto will each make a quincunx aspect to transiting Saturn (and possibly Mars), where there will be a need to adjust on some level (likely from trans. Saturn in the form of regulations or rules) to achieve successful results (the finger of God points to something to follow).

Uranus is famous for breaking through established order so my guess is that some significant fact-gathering (Uranus in Gemini) by Mueller will not be done in the usual way, however, Mueller’s Pluto will nonetheless, provide the drama associated with the sign Leo.

With the addition of Trump’s Mercury (mental faculties; speaking, listening, thinking, tweeting) providing the Boomerang component, it/he acts like a release valve for the Yod energy (US Uranus, Mueller Pluto, trans. Saturn) and that energy will be distributed as Trump sees fit. I expect it will be full of feeling (his Mercury is in Cancer) and about family.


The April 2nd Mars/Saturn conjunction (8 Capricorn) in quincunx to Robert Mueller’s natal Pluto (8 Leo). What do you suppose that implies? New incriminating evidence surfacing in the Mueller investigation? Trump firing Mueller or perhaps Mueller issuing a subpoena to Trump?

Wisconsin Democrats Sue to Force Scott Walker to Hold Constitutionally Required Elections
As the GOP falters in special elections, two state legislative vacancies have gone unfilled since December.


Jerry, my guess (using Trump’s chart as Bob did) is based on the transiting Mars/Saturn being in his 5th house of kids so the topic could be Jr. or Jared. With Mueller’s Pluto in Trump’s 12th house it will expose some things he doesn’t want known to the Public. It could involve some deal-making . . . I’ll trade you this (info) if you don’t expose that.

It might also have to do with 5th house x-rated shenanigans (ala dossier scandal), but it could also be looked at from the US natal chart, or from the April 2nd transit chart set in DC. Will look into that view soon. The new incriminating evidence could be the US Uranus contribution too.

By channeling the Chiron/Mars energy from the 1891 chart, Mueller’s probing will be painful for Trump, no doubt about it.

It’s not the astrology – it’s the Cubs.

At exactly 00:47 p.m., EDT time, November 3, 2016, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series that had eluded them for 108 years. 6 days later the election was called for tRump.

Just sayin’.


On Tuesday, dozens of sites—including Reddit, Etsy, Tumblr, and Medium—will take part in an internet-wide day of action called Operation #OneMoreVote, which refers to the final vote needed for the Senate to pass a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution that would restore net neutrality by repealing Pai’s plan.

“The CRA is a simple up or down vote on the future of the free and open internet,” Evan Greer, campaign director at Fight for the Future, said in a statement on Monday.

“There are 50 U.S. senators who have a decision to make: are they going to listen to lobbyists who are paid to lie to them, or are they going to listen to their constituents and small businesses in their district? Internet users need net neutrality protections now.”

In an effort to place pressure on members of Congress who have yet to support the CRA, websites will be displaying banners, videos, and other alerts urging Americans “to flood lawmakers with calls, emails, and tweets.”


Can you can feel it coming? As Jude Cowell quotes: Thomas Jefferson, prophet…
“I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that His justice cannot sleep forever.
“DC Horoscopes: Jupiter and Saturn Stations 2018. http://www.starsoverwashington.com


Excellent deduction. Jared Kushner with natal Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 9 ’43/ 10 ’04 Libra may be in the cross-hairs with that April 2nd Mars/Saturn conj (8 ’57 Capr.) square. A Jared Kushner indictment would certainly send shock waves across the Trump administration inner circle……

Jared Kushner Could Be Mueller’s Next Target After Flynn – Here’s Why

The Blaze
Dec. 1, 2017

President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner was identified Friday as the “very senior member” in the charging document against Mike Flynn, formerly Trump’s national security advisor.

What does that mean?

Kushner could be the next official under Special Counsel Mueller’s investigatory microscope after Flynn plead guilty to lying to the FBI as a result of the probe into alleged Russian collusion and interference in the 2016 election.

In the charging document, Flynn admitted that a “very senior member” of the presidential transition team told him to contact Russia. This was the contact that Flynn lied about to the FBI, and plead guilty to.



The FCC said Monday it will auction off access to multiple chunks of wireless spectrum.

Why it matters: It’s part of an aggressive push towards super-fast 5G wireless services, which require new swaths of airwaves to become available to the carriers building the networks.

Show less
The details: The FCC said it wants to hold two auctions — first of the 28 gigahertz band of airwaves and then of the 24 gigahertz band — starting later this year. These airwaves are in the higher frequency bands, meaning signals travel shorter distances and are often used in urban settings.


Incidentally, Jared Kushner has natal Uranus at 28 ’52 Scorpio precisely squared by last years August 21st, 2017 solar eclipse. He could prove to be the key to unlocking the Trump-Russian investigation inquiry.

I’ve been investigating an example of corporate lawlessness known as “brushing” by Amazon’s Chinese suppliers. It’s relatively harmless (relative to Trumpism) but a good example of how mega-corporations don’t report to anyone but themselves.

Article here: ‘Americans Are Receiving Unordered Parcels From Chinese E-Criminals — And Can’t Do Anything To Stop Them’

Jerry, this intensifies the astrology for April – the addition of Kushner’s Jupiter/Saturn in Libra especially.

Transiting Nessus (he who tricked Hercules’ wife into killing her own husband) will reach 8+ Pisces in April and a conjunction with US natal Ceres who squares US natal Uranus in Gemini (where the Pluto/Neptune conjunction took place).

Trans. Saturn in Capricorn will sextile trans. Nessus and create a yod to Mueller’s Pluto in Leo. I think it possible that Trump (who’s Mercury in Cancer will trine trans. Nessus) will try to use some hostage tactic to get Mueller to back off his investigation.

Add in Kushner’s natal Jupiter/Saturn in Libra (that sextiles Mueller’s Pluto in Leo and you create a yod to the trans. Nessus in Pisces. It gets even more complicated.

Kushner’s Jupiter/Saturn squares his father-in-law’s Mercury AND trans. Saturn in Capricorn, yet Kushner’s Saturn/Jupiter trines the US Uranus (and the 1891 conjunction of Pluto and Neptune). It could be the saving grace in this setup; Kushner’s Jupiter/Saturn conjunction.

If it weren’t for the intervention of the Pluto-Neptune cycle (that started with their conjunction to each other and the US natal Uranus) that embraces Mueller’s natal Pluto with additional outer planet power, I might fear the worst.

I don’t however. I do believe Jared will be the key that Mueller seeks but it will open a labyrinth that might overwhelm a less stalwart person than Robert Mueller. But this isn’t just about Trump. It’s about the US system of checks and balances; about the veracity of US elections, and in the end the renewal of faith in this country and its Constitution.

You say Jared has natal Uranus at 28+ Scorpio which both squares US natal Aquarian Moon and the recent solar eclipse as well as last year’s solar eclipse. In the Pluto/Neptune cycle’s chart Venus at 27+ Cancer squared the same chart’s Uranus at 27+ Libra – a challenge to balance the prevailing values. We’re still working on that.

Jared’s natal Scorpio Uranus does a lot of things. In addition to the above, it sextiles the US Pluto (and Mueller’s South Node) in Capricorn and it trines the the Pluto/Neptune cycle chart’s Venus (and Mueller’s North Node) in Cancer. Who knows, Jared Kushner might end up being a hero of sorts.

Maybe when all is said and done the values we defend in this country will have more truth and less hypocrisy, more substance and less hot air. Now wouldn’t that would be refreshing.

Marjorie Orr on the teenagers, with link to slate article


-Give Donald Trump Precisely 5 Percent of Your Mental Energy
– Don’t Waste Time Fighting People Who Don’t Share Your Values and Goals
– They Don’t Seem Hellbent on Having Leaders
– They Expect to Win

I wonder how much Trump’s natal Saturn in Cancer, which is quincunx his natal (eclipsed) Moon in Sagittarius, has contributed to his lack of understanding and empathy and respect for women. Saturn is pretty unlikely to “adjust” even in the best of circumstances and an eclipsed Moon at birth (unseen, unrecognized) isn’t likely to be acknowledged, never mind make an adjustment.

Transiting Jupiter (understanding) will reach Trump’s natal Moon a year from now, just as transiting Saturn in Capricorn makes the 1st of 3 sextiles to transiting Neptune in Pisces. Both will impact his natal Chiron and Juno in Libra that could lift his consciousness regarding women in general and specifically women as wives. Or not.

“I tell you, this so-called administration has scooted through so many loopholes or has simply flouted so many more laws, policies, and traditions that were designed to secure our nation that it is simply astounding. It is going to take decades to correct the damage done by this Swamplandia crew. It will require the passage of many new laws with strict consequences at all levels, including the top, to prevent this type of despicable melee from ever happening again.”



Hicks acknowledges white lies, but won’t talk White House in testimony



Hope Hicks met with special counsel’s team for interviews
By JOHN SANTUCCI Dec 8, 2017, 9:22 PM ET

White House communications director Hope Hicks met with special counsel Robert Mueller’s team for interviews today and Thursday, sources familiar with the matter confirmed to ABC News.


Hope Hicks Oct 21 1988, 1:00 pm, EDT +4:00

Mercury 191°26′ – 11°51′ Libra
Neptune 278°21′ – 7°43′ Capricorn

Hope Hicks – Sec.Prog. Q2 Mean Quotidian Apr 2 2018, 7:00 pm, EDT +4:00

Neptune 279°07′ – 8°26′ Capricorn

Transits Apr 2 2018, 7:00 pm, EDT +4:00

Parans to Mercury 9°02′ – 10°57′ Aries
Parans to Mars 279°57′ – 9°07′ Capricorn
Parans to Saturn 279°41′ – 8°58′ Capricorn

This period of time marks the beginning of tRump’s downfall. Do not expect it to take place overnight. Remember a year ago when I said it was most likely to take until January of 2020. These investigations take time as the past year has shown.

Add Hope Hicks progressed Mars/Pluto midpoint to the list of points to be transited by the Sun, Saturn, and Pluto on January 13, 2020. Her progressed Mars/Pluto midpoint will be at 294°+; transiting Sun, Saturn, and Pluto will all be at 294°+.


Data from that page edited:

In May 2017, for the first time MORE AMERICANS SUPPORTED impeaching Trump (48%) THAN OPPOSED impeaching Trump (41%), those were the same percentages by the end of August 2017. NOTE: MORE BUT NOT A MAJORITY.

In December 2017, Public Policy Polling conducted the FIRST PUBLIC POLL SHOWING MAJORITY SUPPORT FOR IMPEACHMENT (51% support, 42% oppose.

Thanks Ja; Lorna is one of 3 online ladies that keep me alive and moving forward.

March New Moon


On the previous thread I wrote about the chart for the Jupiter-Sedna conjunction in preparation for their opposition which would be the half-way point in their cycle. Trouble is I was writing about a cycle that had already been completed (on May 12, 2012 to be exact).

I was observing aspects that suggested (to me anyway) a change in society’s attitude toward men who are abusive to women. Well, maybe that was true but it was a cycle that was over 6 years ago and the coming opposition between Sedna and Jupiter has a new storyline. I apologize for misleading anyone.

This new cycle’s chart (effective from May 12, 2012 to May, 2024) doubles down on the present cycle between Jupiter and Saturn, both cycles starting at 22+ Taurus. However, Sedna and Jupiter were joined by the Sun at 21 Taurus 58; perhaps indicating a last ditch effort to finish up business before the Jupiter-Saturn cycle ends in 2020.

In this new chart there was a grand trine between Mercury, Mars and Pluto in the earth signs with the US Uranus in Gemini opposite this chart’s Mars in Virgo. Adding US Uranus completed a Kite pattern denoting Mars (men) as the focal point of the grand trine.

Perhaps Sedna wanted to continue the reform of men-abusing-women attitudes in this cycle too. This cycle’s chart for Sedna and Jupiter also had Venus in Gemini trine Saturn in Libra and both trine the US Moon/Pallas in Aquarius, so that continued theme is not so far fetched. We could see evidence of that in October when Jupiter opposes Sedna half-way through their cycle.

Jared Kushner – Noon Chart
Jan 10 1981, 12:00 pm, EST +5:00

Jupiter 189°47′ + 90° = 279°47′
Saturn 189°53′ + 90° = 279°53′

Jared Kushner – Sec.Prog. Q2 Mean Quotidian
Apr 2 2018, 12:00 pm, EST +5:00

Jupiter 189°22′ + 90° = 279°22′
Saturn 189°19′ + 90° = 279°19′

Transits Apr 2 2018 – Event Chart
Apr 2 2018, 12:00 pm, EDT +4:00

Mercury 009°14′
Mars 279°47′
Saturn 279°41′

You are welcome barbk.

The May 15th New Moon at 24 ’36 Taurus conjoins Trump’s natal Midheaven (24 ’10 Taurus) in close semi-square to natal Mercury (8 ’51 Cancer) and in close sesquiquadrate to tr. Saturn (8 ’33 Capr.). This is followed by the May 16th Mars-Uranus square the very next day……..

Astrological Analysis For 2018

Posted on January 21, 2018 by Louis S. Acker

Transiting Uranus remains in Aries until May 16, 2018. Simultaneously Mars enters Aquarius in exact square to Uranus. This is a very dangerous beginning for Uranus entering Taurus. Something sudden and destructive could happen. Taurus is an Earth sign and so relates to the physical geology of Planet Earth. This could be the beginning of major Earth Changes. This is also likely to be the time when the global banking system and economy goes haywire. Economic chaos would be inevitable if there are major Earth changes that destroy coastal cities. brings down the internet, takes down the electrical power grid, destroys major industrial infrastructures, or any combination of any or all of these. Because we are in this instance dealing with fixed signs, it would take a long time, probably many decades for civilization to recover from such disasters. According to the research of terrel of Project Black Star there are two times a year when there is accelerated earthquake and volcanic activity because of the relative positions of Earth in her orbit and the Nibaru brown dwarf system. One of these is in May and one is in November. The one in May of 2018 coincides with Uranus entering Taurus and Mars entering Aquarius.



“Astrology and the NRA…”

“In case you have missed it, I’m re-posting the most recent article by Phillip Lindsay which is filled with amazing insights pertaining to our current events, even if you don’t have an understanding of the more esoteric information. I’ve shown a couple of excerpts which stand out particularly…”


“Following is also an excellent post by astrologer Anne C. Ortelee pertaining to the school shooting last Wednesday in Parkland, Florida, which left 17 Americans dead…”

“Last Week’s Eclipse and the Mendacious NRA”

Bob, thanks for the link to lorrie’s blog – so that’s what shes been up to since she stopped posting at starlight!


Shocker: Democrats’ predictions about the GOP tax cut are coming true

By Paul Waldman
February 27, 2018 at 1:21 PM

“Well, it has been only two months since President Trump signed the bill into law, and we’re already learning what anyone with any sense knew at the time:
Everything Democrats predicted is turning out to be right. Let’s look at this report in the New York Times, which describes how stock buybacks are reaching record levels: . . .”


Trump’s Tax Cuts in Hand, Companies Spend More on Themselves Than on Wages


“This is exactly what Democrats warned would happen. How could Democrats have been so clairvoyant? Do they own a time machine?

Well, no. They applied logic, looked at data and understood history. Republicans, on the other hand, were spinning out a ludicrous fantasy with no basis whatsoever.”

Jerry, I don’t know about that Louis Sacker stuff, although it does make sense that there could be more earthquake activity when Uranus transits Taurus and has hard aspects. He makes a lot of claims without hard evidence (although he says it exists). He seems to imply a breakdown in civilization in the next 7 years. I looked up what was seen under Antartica, which he relates to an ancient race of giants who genetically manipulated and continue to manipulate us and an archeologist linked it to the ancient Sumerians. https://www.theepochtimes.com/uplift/archeologist-

I once read a book about the Raelians (ETs) that seemed quite plausible and the contention was that they created us in the lab through genetic manipulation. So, which is it? And what about the lizard people and the greys, etc.? I just think it is irresponsible of Sacker to throw this stuff around and frighten people. I mean early Spring comes in a few weeks…should I follow his advice and move away from New Orleans? What do you think, since you are the one who posted it?

Hope Hicks resigns the day after testifying before the House Intelligence Committee:



Hope Hicks

Hope Hicks continued

2018 Solar Arc Sun 27 Scorpio
Transiting Chiron 27 Pisces

today’s comment from Marjorie on ‘all the president’s men’

Hope Hicks continued

Grand Water Trine by Synastry

2016 Election Day Venus 25 Cancer


2018 Solar Arc Sun 27SC – HICKS


2.28.18 Transiting Chiron 27 PI

2018 Solar Arc Sun

Saturn transits in right ascension from 1 degree before through 1 degree after tRump’s natal Mercury from March 13 through May 26 and from December 3 through December 20. Of course an orb of 2 or even 3 degrees is very strong. A 3 degree allowance would start the first segment on February 15, 2018, and extend it through June 21 and reset the second period to begin November 15 and go through January 4, 2019.

Those dates will be nearly the same for Saturn to Hope Hicks progressed Neptune.

In opposition to natal Mercury in tRumps chart.


fire, earth,air,water

Looks like good old Hope just finished her Saturn return…


Sorry. I’m unable to follow your train of thought. I see nothing “apocalyptic” or unduly sensationalistic in Louis Acker’s observations. About the ‘seven year’ period Acker cites, with the onset of Uranus’s ingress into Taurus, he is just presenting his opinion on the possibilities. Can you elaborate on what you find objectionable or irresponsible? To clarify, here’s an excerpt from what was written in that article……

“…….It takes Uranus 7 years to transit a sign of the Zodiac. It also takes Saturn 7 years to transit 3 signs or one quadrant of the zodiac. By the time Uranus leaves Taurus and Enters Gemini on July 7, 2025 the old debt based system of worldwide banking and commerce will have been completely disrupted and no longer functioning. The same applies to religious, Banking, corporate, and political power structures, and regimes while Saturn and Pluto are in the Saturn ruled sign of Capricorn. This will reach a critical point when Saturn is conjunct Pluto in January of 2020. Jupiter is also conjunct Pluto in Capricorn between mid march and mid July, and in November of 2020. Attempts to re establish the old economic systems will result in hyper inflation and will fail. Jupiter conjunct Pluto in 2020 also indicates movements to create new more just economic systems, based on a different organizational structure than the old ones. some of these economic experiments will be more successful than others.

In December of 2020 Jupiter is conjunct Saturn at the beginning of Aquarius. The exact Jupiter Saturn conjunction is on December 21, 2020 coinciding with the winter solstice to the very same day. The precise Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is at )0 degrees and 26 minutes of Aquarius. The first beginnings of creating a new more just and people friendly economic-political systems will start to emerge. These new systems will start at the grass roots level in surviving local communities. The Saturn-Pluto, Jupiter-Pluto, And Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions occurring in 2020, make 2020 a very important reset year for all social, economic and Political Systems. Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct every 20 years. The 20 year syndical cycle of Jupiter and Saturn is a major factor used by astrologers to plot economic-political trends. The sign the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction occurs in sets the tone for the next 20 years.”

This is one of the passages I was referring to, Jerry, where he suggests that people leave the coastal areas by early spring of 2018 to avoid being forced to stay there by martial law and dying due to tsunamis, etc. As a matter of fact, he tells people to leave by “early spring” IF earth changes kick in by May of 2018. How does that work when early spring would be March and April

“At a certain point Nibaru would get close enough for everyone to see from their back yard and be imposable to hide any longer. This would be the point at which the government would declare martial law and lock down highways, transportation, and communication infrastructures on the pretext of preventing panic and civil disorder. Anyone who wants to get out of danger areas should leave before that happens or they will be stuck where they are. This is particularly true of coastal areas which would be wiped out by tsunamis in the event of catastrophic earth changes. Anyone living in a danger zone should leave before martial law is declared. If they wait too long they will not be able to leave, and will die. My advice to anyone living in vulnerable coastal areas to move inland to mountainous areas at high elevations and join or form self sufficient communities. If major Earth changes start by May, of 2018 as many researchers suspect then people in dangerous coastal areas should relocate at least by the early spring.”

alex, thanks for the Hope Hicks chart et al. I just noticed that her North Node at 13+ Pisces is where the transiting Neptune (+ US progressed Sun) is also. We probably owe her a debt of gratitude.

I am thinking that she might be represented in the Aquarius Solar Eclipse on Feb. 15 by transiting Saturn at 6+ Capricorn (conjunct her Neptune at 7+ Cap that opposes her Chiron at 7+ Cancer which conjuncts Trump’s Mercury at 8+ Cancer).

It’s because Saturn in the Feb 15 eclipse was sextile Venus at 6+ Pisces (where Hope’s Moon probably is) and the Eclipse chart’s Saturn/Venus (Hope’s Neptune/Moon) sextile forms a Yod-turned Boomerang with the US North Node (6+ Leo) opposite the US South Node + Pholus (6+ Aquarius) which Neptune in the 2000 Saturn/Jupiter conjunction chart conjuncts.

I’m pretty sure she’s overwhelmed at this point what with the historical implications of her chart’s entwining with the US natal chart and the recent solar eclipse (hitting her Sun/Saturn/Uranus as well), not to mention the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle.

If the date(s) she talked to Mueller is known we might be able to see how she served her country (her South Node [release] conjuncts Mueller’s Mercury that is opposite trans. Neptune + US prog. Sun) but for now she needs to get away from the madness while she can and get some rest.


Ok. I understand. After re-reading the article, I gather your specific concern is whether to move to higher ground?

Here’s the quote: “….If major Earth changes start by May, of 2018 as many researchers suspect then people in dangerous coastal areas should relocate at least by the early spring.”

I don’t know how to respond to that. Perhaps your inner intuition is the best guide?

Sharon, Our entries just cross-crossed. I noticed your reply after posting. Give me a moment to read your reply.



there will be mixed reactions US progressed Sun to transiting Neptune conjunct her North Node to her

she is/was/will continue to be a focal point

and Hicks is 29 years old ( first saturn return) national and personal and the test of if she has learned the right stuff for the responsibilities of a next stage in her life and her intentions for that phase….

well ….. big test

Yes. It is certainly a valid concern. One thought emerged when reading your response and that is Acker’s views are just one persons perspective. He did say, if not the Spring of 2018 then May 2019. Obviously, if there are mega earthquakes to hit the US, tsunamis can be expected. That is the risk of living in low lying coastal areas. What does your inner voice say? If prevailing political circumstances become agitated do you have the resources to take a temporary vacation somewhere out of harms way? It’s always good to have contingency plans – just in case.

barbk – from what I have been able to find, Hope Hicks was interviewed by Mueller Dec 7th & 8th.

The 1 pm time I posted for Hope Hicks was just the time I used to place the Sun on the MC of an EDT chart for her. It is not a recorded time.

Jerry, I think you are missing my point. This man is purportedly an astrologer but the only astrology he is basing this advisory about earthquakes and subsequent tsunamis on seems to be that planet X comes closest to earth in May and November at the same time uranus enters Taurus, Mars will be squaring it in Aquarius, and Taurus is an earth sign relating to physical structures. He also links this to ancient records and predictions as if this is hard evidence. He doesn’t even seem to use astrocartography. As far as I know, the facts show that most under-ocean earthquakes occur in the Pacific Rim…something like 80%. I am not sure what he is basing his advice on but you seem to (casually) accept it and ask me to use my intuition based on it (and I do tend to use my intuition but there are also other ideas that could be at play, such as karma and fate). I think he is being irresponsible. I have watched Nancy use predictive mundane astrology and she is responsibly very careful in suggesting what could happen and presents more detailed evidence. I don’t get the idea of suggesting that people evacuate the U.S. coasts because mars in Aquarius will square Uranus in Taurus in May of 2018 when planet X is close to earth.

I know someone posted the other day about the group moms for action i think it called. A group for stricter gun control. Anyway i just wanted to say that preet baharas podcast stay tuned with preet which is really good the latest episode which has the leader speaking and it was really informative. Thought some here might be interested in listening


Ok. Understood. Fair enough. To be honest, when first posting, I primarily focused in on the astrological data and skimmed through the rest. The subject of nibaru, earth changes, the Pleiadians, ET’s and all the rest of it whether true or not seems a little too far removed from everyday life and quickly loses my interest.

Sharon K & Jerry:

It has been my experience that when people who deal in ‘conspiracy theories’ like earth changes or the Pleiadians or the ‘grey men’/ETs and specifically the ” ‘ lizard people/Reptilians’ ” thing … it is generally a good idea to take a step back and consider —

is this thing based on antisemitism? [ the Reptilian thing is totes antisemitic, btw ]

Granted, at first blush it seems odd for the usually innocuous woowoo realm of New Age philosophies, of which astrology gets lumped in with, but it is always best to proceed with caution.

My point is that sometimes things *outside* of the astrology topic circle end up wiggling on over and make a very disconcerting Venn diagram to experience.

Is there a concern when Mars is gonna have a tough aspect to the sign that Uranus rules over when U is having an element change?


Do I want to take advice from the guy who may or may not use old dog whistles for a historically marginalized group?

Gonna take a pass here.

Not trying to pick a fight but we all have to help each other be more responsible for what we help to pass around, particularly while Neptune in Pisces is enjoying the confusion of this “fake news” era.

Anyway, the geological disaster most likely for low lying coastal areas not otherwise on a tectonic ridge boundary would probably be sinkholes, not earthquakes.

[Note: im not actually Jewish but I try to be a good Goy ally all the time not just when I’m on FB]


Ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort faces Sept. 17 trial in D.C.

The Washington Post
Spencer Hsu 1 day ago

My charts for Manny on that day are terrible for him. Could he try to strike a deal for less time by pleading guilty to all charges, negating the need for a trial, and have it fail or would it be too late for that?


Paulie Mananutz has helluva Hobson’s choice(s):

1) Plead guilty and spend a long time for conspiring to commit treason in the Fed pen, or;

2) Plead not guilty and a longer time in the fed pen if convicted, or;

3) Get assassinated by Deripaska’s goons if he walks.

Paulie is definitely hating on life right about now.


JFK’s famous observation, “For of those to whom much is given, much is required” can be found in Luke 12:48: “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required.”

Forward it to Paulie. I don’t have the contacts.:)

From DU:

“BREAKING: Kurt Eichenwald releases spiked NEWSWEEK story on Trump medical health, drug use…”



Excerps from that document as it came out with no paragraph breaks.

“According to medical records obtained by Newsweek, Trump was diagnosed with a “metabolic imbalance” in 1982 by Dr. Joseph Greenberg, a Manhattan endocrinologist.”

” According to a 2007 peer-reviewed study in the American Journal of Managed Care, patients with underlying mental illnesses have a higher incidence of this syndrome.”

I clicked on submit too soon!

“The medical records and interviews with former officials with the Trump Organization reveal that Greenberg gave Trump a prescription for amphetamine derivatives in 1982 to treat his metabolic problem; the records show that Trump continued taking the drugs for a number of years and the former officials said that Trump stopped using them in 1990 at the latest. The derivatives were diethylpropion, known under its brand name as tenuate dospan. These drugs are designed for short-term use; studies have concluded that patients can avoid developing a dependence on the drug if they take it for 25 weeks or less. But Trump continued downing the pills for years.”

“According to the Toxicology Data Network at the National Institutes of Health, diethylpropion has a high risk of dependency and chronic abuse – such as taking it for years – can cause delusions, paranoia, and hyperactivity. Studies in medical journals also report it can result in sleeplessness and impulse control problems, characteristics Trump demonstrated throughout the campaign and in the weeks since his inauguration.”


Yes, much is anticipated.

For Paulie – karma will not just happen. Karma will rain down like cow pies from the sky.

Nibaru is totally fictitious, made up, there is no huge planet on its way to disrupt things on this planet. Anyone who believes in that nonsense has absolutely no credibility of any kind.

JFK Secret Societies Speech (full version) – Address, “The President and the Press,” Before The American Newspaper Publishers Association, 27 April 1961

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdMbmdFOvTs 00:19:43 (Meat at 00:05:20)

Though much has changed since then, there is much that still applies.

(excerpt) President John F. Kennedy speaking about terrorism before the UN General Assembly on September 25, 1961.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rpG2ZM1vi0&list=PLB1292B9C66506E8C&index=3&t=0s 00:01:03



A lot of secrecy involved with the application. Take time to read the short article. I hope media digs out the secrets and outs them.

‘March For Our Lives’ gun-control rally bumped from Mall by ‘talent show’

“A planned rally against mass shootings can’t be held on the Mall later this month because it conflicts with what’s described in a National Park Service permit application as a “talent show.” ”

“. . . the film permit was “from a student group at a local educational institution,” but he wouldn’t name the institution because “applications from educational institutions are withheld from release for privacy reasons,” he wrote in an email.”

Wow, AquarianMoon… learn something new everyday!

Speaking as a non-Jewish but total SciFi geek, I’ve never heard of “lizard people” in reference to the Jewish culture/faith.

I am very familiar with ET’s being presented as everything from short grey’s with large heads, to lizard-looking reptiles of all types. This goes way back to the early days of Sci-Fi and comic books. Psychologically, reptiles have a “eww” factor famous with young kids (for whom comic books were first written, I believe). Was it ever based on cultural derogatory ideas, rather than the author’s basic psychological knowledge of the approach/avoidance favor of reptilian lifeforms?

One of the reasons I ask, is because “V” (movie and series) was such a huge hit – an the epitome of “lizard people,” IMO… but even then I never heard or read of this correlation with Jewish culture, and I’ve had a website/forum since the first DNS’ were being given out to mortal human beings in the 1980’s. Since my entire site is religion based – unorganized religion, at that – I’d assume that would have been discussed at some point. Weird. But then, I just turned 62 on 4 Feb, and I’m caregiving hubby and mom who both had surgery this week. Perhaps my brain has shoved out old info due to all the new medical directions I’ve had to contend with this week! (gryn)

And, btw… the latest incarnation of “lizard people” in Sci-Fi was on Dr. Who. The reptilians had a 2-part episode as the original earth inhabitants (evolved from dinosaurs), and then more recently as Madam Vastra (who I absolutely adored!). As large and, at times, contentious as the Who forums can be, I’m surprised nothing about the derogatory nature of “lizard people” has come up there.

My opinion only, of course… but when dealing with certain fandoms, one group’s derogatory comment (especially if it comes from decades past … and I don’t know if this one does or not)… and the universe created within the minds of authors and fans of specific fantastic genres might not be part of a Venn diagram. They might exist separate and on their own – perhaps with few passings between to raise awareness.

Then again, I will admit, there are more than a few Scifi authors I adore but detest for the way they treat women. I LOVE the Dune series and have every book, even the last one finished by Herbert’s son. But Herbert did not think well of women, if he wasn’t an out-and-out misogynist. So, I absolutely do leave open the possibility of something starting out derogatory that then took on a life of it’s own.

From a Sci-Fi fandom and alternative religious (as well as psychological) point of view (my college degree), I just find it a very fascinating subject of how this paths crosses…

Lizard people or no lizard people, antisemitism IS on the rise. It’s just an archetype that doesn’t die. I was pretty shocked to hear the what Farakin said at a recent gathering of something like 1,000 people…he just came out and called Jews satan and the people in control of everything.

Manefort apparently has a lot of Aries in his chart which gives him confidence, I guess, but he comes off as such a cocky, arrogant, immoral fellow. I honestly think he’s pretty sure he’ll wiggle out of all of this.

Bob, I read the article about the permit problem for the anti-gun march and the fact that the gargantuan mall is already reserved for people who need TWO tables…..I don’t know what will come of all of this but I’m sure the march and rally will come off somehow and be very successful.

Slightkc and Aquarian Moon, I love it: a site all about “unorganized religion” (how about disorganized religion?) and a “goy ally” of the Jewish people. I am Jewish but I’ve always been very ecumenical and love all religions – the pure essence of religions, I should say.

GOP Sen Orrin Hatch: Obamacare supporters are ‘the stupidest, dumbass people I’ve ever met’

I woke up this morning wondering how the 2020 conjunction of transiting Jupiter and Saturn (0+ Aquarius) conjunct US natal Pluto (27+ Capricorn) would affect this country. Who does that?

With all my own problems to deal with why would my 1st thought of the day be about the future of my country? Am I alone in this? Is it just the Virgo Full Moon today that has me preoccupied with details re: the future of the world?

The dynamics of this Full Moon today astound me with details affecting the US natal chart. Aside from the Sun/Neptune conjunction opposite this Full Moon, here are some crazy-making details that target the US chart:

1) Mercury and Venus (22+ and 23+ Pisces) trine Jupiter at 23+ Scorpio and they all grand-trine the US Mercury at 24+ Cancer;

2) the US Neptune (22+ Virgo) trines the US Vesta (19+ Taurus) and they are grand-trined by the Full Moon chart’s Pluto at 20+ Capricorn;

3) Full Moon’s Pluto also T-squares the US chart’s opposition between Chiron (20+ Aries) and Juno (20+ Libra);

4) Full Moon’s Vesta (19+ Sagittarius)-conjunct-Mars (20+ Sagittarius) is sextile US Juno in Libra and together they complete a Yod to US Vesta in Taurus;

5) Full Moon’s Chiron (27+ Pisces) sextiles US Pluto (27+ Cap) that makes a Yod with last August’s total eclipse (the American Eclipse) at 28+ Leo which becomes a Boomerang with the addition of last January’s eclipse (27+ Aquarius) conjunct US Moon;

6) Full Moon’s Ceres (5+ Leo) conjuncts US North Node (6+ Leo) and

7) transiting Neptune (and now the Sun it conjuncts) in Pisces still trines the US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer.

Will it never end? The assault on the complacency of a large part of the constituency of the USA is only increasing in intensity. The rest of us are borderline freak-outs. Just look at all this Neptune/Pisces stuff.

Never mind; the Universe has a plan too intricate with detail for someone with a mind like mine to decipher. We must learn to trust our feelings (aha! That’s why all the Neptune/Pisces stuff!) and intuition and inspiration. I guess maybe I will ponder the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction that will conjunct the US Pluto with an open mind AND heart.

I mean yesterday’s full moon.

Transiting Atlantis (over emphasis on technology, at the expense of empathy, leads to loss of dry land) is at 17+ Libra retrograde (will come back later) which means it is conjunct US progressed Mars,the Neptune in the US Constitution chart and Trump’s Jupiter.

Barb, you are definitely not the only one who wakes thinking of the country, the world ( in addition to those who are in surgery, or cancer treatment, etc.)

You have a heart. You have a care. I would suspect that many on this board wake with similar thoughts.

I have no way to compare this time on earth. There are parts that can be compared to a historic narrative, but so much more that defies explanation (even by astrologers). I have two main thoughts regarding this. The first is akin to a hard fall. Something (or somethings) break. What form this takes? I don’t know. The second thought is already manifesting and that is the terrible price people are paying. Just read an NPR or ProPublica piece about policies and practices which have done nothing to change discrimination. It’s worse especially institutionalized racism. Touch on any subject that benefits humans, and it is being stripped. (I do believe the youth of our time is helping to change this attitude if only because of the power of their vote.)

I am far more emotional about these aberrations than intellectual. Frankly, the only thing I know how to do at this point is give hugs and kindness. It’s a power of its own kind.


NYT: Trump asking John Kelly for help in pushing Ivanka, Kushner out of White House

By Veronica Stracqualursi, CNN
Updated 12:35 PM ET, Fri March 2, 2018

Couldn’t he just say “You’re fired?”

I assume everyone knows Jared Kushner’s Sun is at 20+ Capricorn, where transiting Pluto is right now, but do you know that Jared’s natal South Node is at 10 Aquarius 58, close enough to the degree where the 3 outer planets share a common cause, 11+ Aquarius.

The degree of 11+ Aquarius is where Mercury was when Neptune made its 2nd ingress into Pisces, the degree where Venus was when Uranus made its 2nd ingress into Aries and where Nessus and the North Node were when Pluto made its 2nd ingress into Capricorn. It is a degree that has special focus for the outer planets while they transit in their present signs. I think of it as a shortcut.

Perhaps Jared’s South Node is revealing some outer planet influences, unbeknownst to him, that will shine light on the purpose of their shared symbolism. After all, south node talents are not for the growth of the individual whose chart’s they appear in, but rather to be shared or given away in some form.

Let us hope the story of Jared Kushner will be a lesson for us on what could otherwise only be taught in a dimension that exceeds our present level of comprehension.

Using a more accurate astrological program for EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) progressed calculations, Trump’s progressed midheaven is actually currently standing at 2 ’57 Leo conjunct his progressed Saturn (2 ’50 Leo). Astrologer Robert Cosmar describes it as an immense weight and burden of the office (midheaven) that Trump must be feeling at the moment…..

The catalyst for all this (and the presumably the ending of the Trump presidency?) could very well be the May 20th Moon-Mars opposition (1 ’28 Aq – Leo). It’s right on Trump’s progressed midheaven/ progressed Saturn conjunction degrees (2 ’51 – 3 ’09 Leo) in t square to tr. Uranus (0 ’13 Taurus). See related chart for May 20th……


Trump’s Chaotic White House Has Reached New Levels Of Mayhem, Everyone Is Reporting

The Week
March 3, 2018

Between White House Chief of Staff John Kelly being sidelined over Staff Secretary Rob Porter’s exit, the absence of Porter’s information vetting skills, the looming departures of trusted aide Hope Hicks and maybe other top officials, scandals and security downgrades buffeting Jared Kushner, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s encroaching investigation, President Trump’s already unusually freewheeling White House is on the verge of a chaotic meltdown. Everyone was saying so Thursday:

The Associated Press: “Rattled by two weeks of muddled messages, departures, and spitting matches between the president and his own top officials, Donald Trump is facing a shrinking circle of trusted advisers and a staff that’s grim about any prospect of a reset. … Rarely has a modern president confronted so many crises and controversies across so many fronts at the same time.”

The New York Times: “For 13 months in the Oval Office, and in an unorthodox business career before that, Donald J. Trump has thrived on chaos, using it as an organizing principle and even a management tool. Now the costs of that chaos are becoming starkly clear in the demoralized staff and policy disarray of a wayward White House.”

Axios: “After a crazy 24 hours, sources close to President Trump say he is in a bad place — mad as hell about the internal chaos and the sense that things are unraveling. … Everywhere you look inside this White House, top officials are fighting, fomenting, feuding, or fleeing. … We have never seen top officials this concerned, defeated.”

The Washington Post: “Trump often likes to sow misdirection, running the White House like a never-ending reality show where only he knows the plot. But even by his standards, the day-long period that ended Thursday left some senior aides and Republican lawmakers wondering whether the White House had finally come unmoored, detached from any type of methodology that past presidents have relied on to run the country and lead the largest economy in the world.” Peter Weber


I’ll try to keep this brief; on June 14, 2016 when news broke about the Russians hacking the Dem Party computer files, transiting Neptune was stationing retrograde. Neptune was square transiting Saturn who was conjunct the US ascendant (12+ Sagittarius) and there can be no question that Neptune was a key astrological player in the subterfuge associated with this criminal act.

Background: When Neptune was discovered he was conjunct Saturn (recall the square on 6/14/16) and both were sextile Pluto. This sextile formed a Yod with Mars at the apex of the Yod, the part that has to adjust, and adjust until it can come to terms with the sextiling planets it is associated with. This discovery of Neptune took place in 1846.

Forty five years later Neptune caught up with Pluto and they started the cycle they are in now. They were conjunct the US natal Uranus at the time and they were sextile trans. Chiron and Mars and these planets formed a Yod with trans. asteroid Hybris which I wrote about up thread.

This cycle of Neptune/Pluto will be strongly activated by transiting Saturn soon to be in the degree of 8+ Capricorn. Transiting Mars will conjoin trans. Saturn on April 2nd and they will sextile the trans. Moon at 9+ Scorpio and all 3 will form a Yod to the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini where Neptune/Pluto started this cycle. (Trump’s Mercury opposite trans. Uranus/Mars will reflect this tension)

That means on April 2nd, the element of surprise (US Uranus) will be engaged by the Yod stimulation as well as the whole Neptune-Pluto power cycle that began in a conjunction with US Uranus.

Just after the Conventions (Dem & Pub) in 2016 had ended, transiting Jupiter was doing some fancy footwork that tied into the news of the Russian hacking story that broke 2 months earlier. Jupiter had reached the degree where Mars was at the time Neptune was discovered, setting off the Yod (he was at the apex of) with Neptune/Saturn sextile Pluto in the Neptune Discovery chart.

Jupiter symbolizes foreign countries among other things. Trans. Jupiter in August, 2016, was also quincunx transiting Uranus which is where Pluto was in the Neptune Discovery chart. In effect, trans. Jupiter and Uranus, just after the 2016 conventions, were activating that Neptune discovery with its conjunction between Saturn and Neptune, and all the rest.

I believe the US natal Moon and Pallas in Aquarius (where Neptune and Saturn were at Neptune’s Discovery) . .
sextile transiting (and stationing) Uranus in Aries (conjunct Pluto in the Neptune Discovery chart) in August, 2016, . .
which formed a Yod to transiting Jupiter in Virgo (conjunct Mars in the Neptune Discovery chart) . . .
symbolized the collusion of the Trump Brigade with the Russians who were hacking the hell out of Dem Party’s emails while the US citizens were in shock and/or in a trance.

I feel Mueller either knows this or will soon put the pieces together. Without the aid of astrology even.

The Trump Presidency has clearly entered a death spiral this week. This is as Uranus approaches its final square to US Pluto after having been conjunct Eris. The questions now are how much damage will he do before he crashes and how long will it take? Will he start a major trade war and a shooting war before he goes? Ultimately, this will prove to be the death knell for many outdated ideas, but the damage will take many years to overcome. I believe Mueller and Rosenstein will be seen as heroes for American democracy and the rule of law, but how it all plays out between now and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in early 2020 remains to be seen. The November elections will probably bring a Congress controlled by the Democrats, and impeachment proceedings should be under way this time next year. But will it be too late to prevent disaster?

That’s the question, isn’t it, Andre? The damage has already been excessive. The ingredients for the cake were already there including the sell-out of our republic to corporate enterprises, weakened unions, institutionalized racism, poverty, and a complacent populace. Yes, the democrats may sweep midterm. There’s a lot to undo, and huge challenges to address. I won’t name them all here. I believe, however, we’ll all owe a great deal to this younger generation who are already active and willing to give their energy to just causes. (Almost makes me want to eighteen again.)

Barbk, you have written about the aspects surrounding the Mueller investigation and the karmic dance of all this. I have a question. Nearly every story admits that Russia infiltrated our voting systems in 2016, but all state that results were not impacted. What if they were? What if Russia actually altered votes in five states and moved those to Trump. As a result, he won the electoral college even though he lost the popular vote? Do you see Mueller or anyone acknowledging this potential reality?

Sharon, I wonder if some of the anti jewish sentiment isn’t somehow linked to the sentiments created as a by-product of actions by corrupt jewish mafia activies (eg bugsie siegel types and the cohen family). IMO Sheldon Adelson is highly suspect in this regard, as well as some in the Israeli govt, giving good people of the jewish faith, such as yourself, a very bad name.
One has to wonder if Kushner was schooled within that ‘family of ethics.’
To me it feels similar to many within Christendom today hiding behind legitimate faith to commit their crimes (catholic mafia + evangelical crooks)

That’s one aspect, kiwi, but it goes way back in Europe, as you know. It’s a matter of taking certain negative actions of a representative number of a group (whether religion, ethnicity, race, etc.) and generalizing it to every single member of the group and then making leaps from there. The more educated one is and grounded in the real world and ethics, the less it is done. Of course, the situation with Israel doesn’t help matters but the situation existed long before Israel.

I agree Sharon – the roots are a strain of simplistic tribalism – us good/them bad. The dumbing down of people in this sound-bite marketing age is so toxic.

silcominc, speaking for myself, I hoped for days, weeks maybe, after the election results were in that some error would be discovered and sanity would be restored. Finally I realized that what happened was meant to happen; that the US (as a whole) had to morph out of its fantasy view of life in America and face reality.

Life in the USA has been idyllic for a few, quite good for many, but for a growing number it has been a nightmare for far too long.

Like the question of who was behind the murder of JFK, we may never know the answer to your question. Decades from now, when some semblance of order prevails in our government and the world, when all the emotions have been spent over the rage that now runs rampant, we might learn that the 2016 election results, and thus the Electoral College decision, was based on incorrect information.

I think Mueller will convince the world that the United States is NOT what you see in this Trump presidency; that its Constitution will withstand such heinous crimes now being perpetrated by Trump and his ilk. I hope and pray there are more like Mueller to come forward.

What has resulted (or will, hopefully, in the not too distant future) is an awareness of the disenfranchised; the voting citizens who have been mesmerized by television and film or who lack the understanding (or education) to grasp what is required to run a nation. Once aware, we can work on not letting so many people fall through the cracks.

It is for this reason, the people who have fallen through the cracks, that Trump the US President has manifested. We as a whole have lost sight of our true values of equality, fairness, decency, love and courage, and (as a whole) succumbed to greed and lack of concern for those less fortunate. Now we will/must fight for those lost values and demand them from our government representatives.

When that happens there will be fewer people who turn to drugs to block out reality (a poor example of US Neptune in Virgo square US Mars in Gemini). Fewer murders or assaults on innocent people will result when our society supports the disenfranchised (the homeless, the jobless, the mentally ill, the weak, the elderly, the abused, the crippled, the misunderstood, the discriminated against . . am I forgetting anyone?)

Trump is focusing our energy and our consciousness on what we fear and how to eradicate those fears. Working in groups (Aquarius) to identify problems will be the way we do it from now on. The young people have found purpose in gun control issues, the women have found solidarity in speaking out about abuse.

Other groups will form around specific issues to champion and in turn, support individuals who represent these issues for government positions. Perhaps new political parties will form around these issues. The point/answer is getting involved in what’s important for each of us in a way that brings us into the fold of a community of some kind.

When enough of us do that there will be no more need of Trump types to force us into consciousness. Neptune will have done its job.

Trump’s Brand Is Ayn Rand: A 4 minute 57 sec video presentation by Robert Reich

Few thinkers have had a more profound influence on conservative ideology than Ayn Rand. Her ideas permeate the highest reaches of the Republican Party and the Trump administration. They’ve provided the justification for unbridled selfishness and contempt for the common good……..


barbk@8:20 pm: So-o-o well written! Thanks for making my (similar) thoughts coherent to me.

Interesting Jerry.
The other person Ive been thinking about lately is Nigel Farage of brexit vote fame and the possible meaning of all his interactions with the trump crowd pre-election.
Apparently he is/was ‘a person of interest’ to Mueller.
In Jan he was hit with having to repay ‘misuse of EU funds’ Corrupt, or just another useful idiot?

found this article by Marjorie from last year about “a spiders web of connections”


This guardian article may be ‘old news’, but in light of recent indictments makes interesting reading – “Julian Assange was asked by Cambridge Analytica if he wanted ‘help’ with Hillary Clinton’s stolen emails.”

tRump progressed to March 2 with transits (Mars opposite progressed Uranus and Saturn square progressed Mars).


My progressed demi-anlunar for him indicates every day from then through the 7th being stressful for him.

Are the Republican leaders in congress, such as Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell etc. completely clueless or oblivious to the potential dangers of an unhinged President?……

‘Pure Madness’: Dark Days Inside The White House As Trump Shocks And Rages

Washington Post
March 3, 2018

Inside the White House, aides over the past week have described an air of anxiety and volatility — with an uncontrollable commander in chief at its center.

These are the darkest days in at least half a year, they say, and they worry just how much farther President Trump and his administration may plunge into unrest and malaise before they start to recover. As one official put it: “We haven’t bottomed out.”

Trump is now a president in transition, at times angry and increasingly isolated. He fumes in private that just about every time he looks up at a television screen, the cable news headlines are trumpeting yet another scandal. He voices frustration that son-in-law Jared Kushner has few on-air defenders. He revives old grudges. And he confides to friends that he is uncertain about whom to trust.

Trump’s closest West Wing confidante, Hope Hicks — the communications director who often acted as a de facto Oval Office therapist — announced her resignation last week, leaving behind a team the president views more as paid staff than surrogate family. So concerned are those around Trump that some of the president’s oldest friends have been urging one another to be in touch — the sort of familiar contacts that often lift his spirits.



Thank you Barbk. You have eloquently outlined it.

2019 seems to be a busy year for tRump. Saturn crosses his inaugural Pluto 3 times and his progressed Moon conjoins his progressed Sun (a progressed New Moon).

This Story About How Trump Impulsively Launched A Trade War Is Shocking — And Shockingly Unsurprising

Washington Post
March 2, 2018

NBC just came out with the story you knew was coming: a detailed accounting of how President Trump launched a trade war Thursday. It happened about as you might have expected, with a healthy mix of anger, improvisation and a decided lack of preparation.

The story is shocking, and it confirms basically everything we thought we knew about Trump. Nothing in it is out of character for him, but it does suggest that his tendency to fly off the handle is pretty boundless. It leads to the unmistakable question: If Trump would do this with a trade war, would he also do it with an actual war? That question is not so speculative anymore. Questions about what Trump’s temperament could portend in times of crisis are becoming increasingly real.



We are still 3 weeks out, but it should be interesting to watch the next March 23rd US government shutdown deadline. Mercury stations retrograde the night before (7:19 pm EST) on the 22nd at 16 ’54 Aries in square to the US 115th Congress 1/3/17 charts natal Pluto (17 ’02 Capr.). Here’s the 115th US Congress chart:


Leading up to this Mercury station, the March 20th Aries Equinox (0 Aries) square Mars (1 ’42 Capr.) mirrors almost precisely the Federal Reserve’s Sun (1 ’33 Capr.)-Pluto (0 ’05 Cancer) opposition by square and conjunction. Will Trump precipitate a trade war and a government shutdown as a way of deflecting attention away from the relentless pressures of the Mueller investigation?

Kiwi – Your Marjorie link was really worth the re-visit!

Alex, Fascinating Daily Beast article!

Elizabeth Warren Calls Betsy DeVos “The Worst Secretary Of Education This Country Has Ever Seen”



Grassroots Groups Petition DCCC To ‘Stop Attacking Progressives’
Frustration with House Democrats’ campaign arm is boiling over.

No matter who they are backed by if a Democrat is on the general election ticket vote for them.

As for dealing with Pence if tRump is removed – I don’t think he would start a war with North Korea.

Hey! MSM! How can you pass on a story of national and international interest? A story that would provide free, undreamed of exposure for a little known talent show, it’s organizers, promoters, and participants. Exposure with videos, still shots, and interviews of those involved, and possibly some participants, that derailed the potentially largest anti-NRA demonstration in history. World wide exposure in all or most of formal and social forms of media.Transparency of all involved in order to garner such exposure should not be a problem as it would provide world wide recognition for a group whose aim is to promote the arts in various forms. What well meaning group would refuse such an opportunity?

Perhaps others here can state this in a better form than I have above. My mind is racing and does not want to let me slow my thoughts down right now. I want to say something to the effect that it might not be favorable for the Right if MSM inquires revealed the organization or it’s promoters to be connected to the Republican Party or right wing groups or promoters only and that the application and it’s approval were dated after the date of the march was announced. The GOP could be seen as trying to block democracy in action. A real blow to their election campaigns.

My post above is aimed at the talent show that has bumped the “March for our Lives” anti-gun rally on March 24 from the National Mall.


‘March For Our Lives’ route.


Barbk, I echo the comments of fierywoman and silcominc. Your light-filled commentary perfectly summed up the situation for me too. Well done and thank you!

As predicted, Trump is now in an angry and volatile period as Uranus triggers his natal Mars/solar arc Uranus conjunction:

From February 26 to March 19, we find transiting Uranus trine to Trump’s natal Mars (26Leo41) currently conjunct solar arc Uranus (until July). This will generally stimulate his impulsive, irritable, and easily angered tendencies. March 10 to 11 and March 16 to 17 will have minor transits that will further intensify this volatile tendency.

His rage after Hope Hicks testimony precipitated her resignation. His fury about Kushner and Hicks, etc., supposedly pushed him about the tariffs. Now we will have the fallout from that, including the Market drop on day one. Be sure there are more angry, sudden tantrums to come.

The tr Pluto quincunx to US Mars may be seen in the aggressive tactic of announcing the new tariffs. As of March 9, the Saturn station begins on Trump’s Mercury, and the pressure on him will increase exponentially. The only solution for him will be to act with discipline, compromise, and restraint which it is not at all clear he is capable of doing.

Here’s someone you might want to look at from an astrological perspective: Leonid Valentinovich Blavatnik, now known as Sir Leonard Blavatnik, the Soviet-born oligarch and billionaire who owns Access Industries, and who donated $7.35 million to the Republican Party in 2015-16, including over $2 million to a Republican senatorial reëlection PAC controlled by Mitch McConnell; Blavatnik also donated over $1 million to the Trump inaugural fund. Blavatnik is a former business partner of Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, and is also associated with Russian oligarchs Viktor Vekselberg and Mikhail Fridman (if you have been following the Trump-Russia story, you will recognize these names).

I believe that Blavatnik used the cover of his U.S. citizenship to make large donations to the Republican Party despite his alleged connection to Vladimir Putin, and that his contributarial control of Mitch McConnell explains why McConnell has been and is running interference on any connections between Russia and Trump and other Republicans.

Blavatnik was born on June 14, 1957 in Odessa, U.S.S.R (technically now Ukraine, but under control of Russia after its invasion of Crimea). I don’t have a birth time. More here:


Another time for the 115th Congress.


Times are EST, Capitol Building, District of Columbia:

12:00:53 convened
12:03:46 Quorum responded (Roll no. 1)
14:27:00 Speaker oath of office
14:27:31 Oath administered to House (2:27:31 pm EST)

Using either chart time, transit Saturn/Pluto midpoint will be on the 115th Pluto on the 13th or progressed Pluto on the 14th (both days will be affected) and on January 20, 2019, transit Saturn will transit 115th Sun.

Measurements are in right ascension.

Of course by those dates the 116th Congress will be in session so they may just be dates when disparaging news about the 115th or it’s leaders comes out.


Blavatnik’s birthday is same as Trump’s.
Doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo-doo!

Will, I think Blavatnik may be the linchpin to this whole Trump-Russia mess. He’s been able to buy fealty from McConnell and other Republicans due to the cover provided by his citizenship in the U.S. (and the U.K., where I’m guessing his money helped seed the whole Brexit dog’s breakfast), but his business relationships with Deripaska, Vekselberg, Fridman and other oligarchs aligned with Putin clearly point to where his allegiances most likely lie.

Blavatnik also owns 100 percent of the major label consortium Warner Music Group, which includes the labels Warner Bros./Reprise, Atlantic, Elektra/Asylum, Parlophone (non-Beatles catalog), Rhino, Rykodisc, Restless, and the Angel, Erato, Teldec and Virgin Classics classical music catalogs. As a music lover, that makes me sad.

Jackson – do you suppose his ‘philanthropy’ might have been way to dispose of any ill gotten gains while casting an image of being a good guy? He’s hedging his bets between England and USA it would appear.

What I don’t get is how/why the US ‘govt’ increasingly turns a blind eye to multinational citizenship status for these big international money players. When obtaining usa citizenship an oath must be taken to renounce any and all other allegiances.
“I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America ….”
Means nothing if nobody enforces it.

just listened to anne ortelee’s latest podcast …..
“the cheeto is going to go crazy on the 8th”

Blavatnik’s philanthropy at Oxford University has met with some serious opposition from some academics there, who have stated that his ties to an authoritarian government (Russia) that imprisons and kills critics and journalists should be good reason for Oxford to decline his largesse.

I really don’t know how seriously people like him take their oath of citizenship. From what I can tell, he’s using his as cover to finance the destruction of the American political system from within, by buying politicians who will place Russia’s agenda over our own.

Jackson, thank you for the info you provided on Blavatnik! I think he may be a ‘lymph node’ but not the nexus. From what I can tell Putin is the center of the network of a global network of vastly ‘wealth owners’. ‘Wealth owners’ are now opposing the ‘wealth producers’ (all of us and most of the population of the globe) in a multi-outer planet (and maybe yet to be discovered or named outer-outer planet) network of global power. Putin may not be the real ‘center’ but there might not be an actual ‘real center’ of this network of $$$$$$$$. (=neptune and pluto – vast dark money and power). I don’t even know if mundane astrology of the past can address this in our contemporary day. Please prove my doubts wrong Nancy.

I’ve been looking into both Bader bin Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Farhan al-Saud and his connections to Dmitry E. Rybolovlev. It is just one example how vast fortunes of incredible wealth is moved across the globe with no consideration for nation or any boundaries.


Nancy, please consider taking me off moderation. I promise to play nice. I will never again cross boundaries, which I know I have breached before. I am sincerely sorry for that.

I don’t even know why I keep checking in with astrology and especially your site. Maybe it is because you pretty much allow open debate. I know that astrologers are subject to their own pre-conceptions and prejudices as every other human being on earth is. I was looking for ‘objective truth’ with astrology and physics and the law. I found that none of that owns it. We all hold only a piece of that ‘elephant in the tent’.

But now that your site is not completely dominated by political commenters from the last presidential election, I’ve seen a gradual return to ‘cosmic’ questioning. I am still very interested in that!

I have very much respected and appreciated how you handle your site, astrology and me personally. I believe that those attracted to your site, and especially to being brave enough to actually comment are people who I want to hear and to be able to comment to.


You’ve clearly done some deep plumbing. Great insights! It will be interesting to see how this horrid mess continues to unravel.

Hope Hicks is leaving. Hope had been described as Trump’s last remaining pillar of positive influence and support. Presumably, he now finds himself emotionally isolated. Out of sheer exasperation it appears Trump will be retaliating in a very strange unorthodox fashion. He is keen on starting a trade war.

Several sources indicate he is doubling down on the threat and determined to implement the steel tarriff’s by the end of the week. Interestingly enough, Jupiter stations retrograde (23 Scorpio) on Thursday March 8th in square to the New York Stock Exchange Pluto (23 Aquarius) and trine to Trump’s Saturn (23 Cancer). The end of the week – Sunday March 11th has an exact Mars-Uranus trine at 26 Sag-Aries which forms a wider grand trine to Trump’s natal Mars. A good time to start a trade war…….

Trump’s Tariff Decision Is One Of The Worst Fears About His Presidency Come To Life

Trump was in a bad mood. So he decided to maybe start a trade war.

March 2, 2018

When Donald Trump was running for president, many critics worried about the way he would make decisions while in office. Trump is a man prone to emotional outbursts with little knowledge about public policy issues; it was easy to spin worst-case scenarios in which he might put the country in danger on a whim.

It now looks like those fears are coming to life — that Trump has decided to put the global economy at risk because he was in a pissy mood.

The evidence for this scary-sounding theory comes from a Friday afternoon report published by NBC News, tracing Trump’s recent decision to slap large tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum. These tariffs have already prompted threats of retaliation from America’s leading trade partners; European Union President Jean-Claude Juncker has discussed putting tariffs on blue jeans, bourbon, and Harley-Davidson motorcycles — three iconic American exports. Australian Trade Minister Steven Ciobo is openly warning that Trump’s actions may cause another recession.

So how did Trump come to such a monumental decision? According to NBC’s sources in the White House, it was because he got some bad press:

According to two officials, Trump’s decision to launch a potential trade war was born out of anger at other simmering issues and the result of a broken internal process that has failed to deliver him consensus views that represent the best advice of his team.

On Wednesday evening, the president became “unglued,” in the words of one official familiar with the president’s state of mind.

A trifecta of events had set him off in a way that two officials said they had not seen before: Hope Hicks’ testimony to lawmakers investigating Russia’s interference in the 2016 election, conduct by his embattled attorney general and the treatment of his son-in-law by his chief of staff.

Trump, the two officials said, was angry and gunning for a fight, and he chose a trade war.

Think about that for a second. People inside the White House are telling the press that bad political news caused the president to become “unglued,” and that he decided the best way to respond to that was to launch a trade war. It’s policy making out of sheer emotional pique.

How this dangerous decision-making could become the new normal

Dig deeper into the NBC story and the picture gets even more worrisome. Even after his initial outburst, Trump apparently didn’t bother to consult with his economic and diplomatic advisers on the best way to implement these tariffs. In fact, almost no one important was warned of Trump’s monumental decision before it was made, and the White House did virtually nothing to prepare for the all-too-predictable angry response from foreign leaders:



Trump Friend: Hick’s’ Departure Will Send Trump Into Tailspin CNN

Video 4 min. 6 sec.


Seems to me that it is Wilbur Ross (commerce sec) behind the push for tariffs. 80 year old dinosaur, with protectionist thinking. Didn’t disclose financial ties to Russia before confirmation – that came out in Paradise Papers. He’s also known as the bankruptcy king – made his $$ by being a vulture of struggling manufacturing and steel companies. Stands to gain from his retained interest in steel related us companies.

More on Hicks:


Teacher Strikes. Here’s what teachers have going for them in the March 1st Full Moon chart:

The US Mercury (24+ Cancer) is trine the Full Moon chart’s conjunction of Mercury (22+ Pisces) and Venus (23+ Pisces) and they are trine the Full Moon chart’s Jupiter (23+ Scorpio). Mercury and Jupiter are about Education and Venus is about Values (money, benefits) and they are in the US chart’s 3rd house of Education.

US Neptune (22+ Virgo) opposes the Full Moon chart’s Mercury/Venus conjunction putting them in the spotlight as the driving force of this grand water trine (emotionally driven).

US Neptune in Virgo (service) is in a grand trine himself with Full Moon chart’s Sedna (pushed too far) and US Vesta (what is invested in) both in Taurus. All of them are trine the Full Moon chart’s Pluto in Capricorn (flushing out the toxins in establishments).

Full Moon chart’s Pluto in Capricorn sextiles Full Moon chart’s Jupiter in Scorpio and they form a Yod (forced adjustment) to US Mars (21+ Gemini, ruled by US Mercury in Cancer who sextiles US Neptune in service-directed Virgo)

Since Trump’s unorthodox style of management is not popular with the majority of Americans, and because his back is against the wall, and because his natal Sun is conjunct US Mars in Gemini (ruled by US Mercury which sextiles US Neptune who squares US Mars), perhaps he might step into the fray and break the gridlock between striking teachers and state government. Anything’s possible nowadays.

There is also Chiron (the teacher) in the Full Moon chart at 27+ Pisces, close enough to FM Mercury and Venus to be a conjunct them, who also trines Full Moon Jupiter in Scorpio and US Mercury in Cancer, while he sextiles US Pluto (entrenched power) at 27+ Capricorn.

This adds clout to the focus on Full Moon Mercury and Venus (wounds of the teachers?). Chiron acts as a bridge (between old thinking and new in this case) and he trines Trump’s Venus-Saturn conjunction in Cancer, both of whom conjunct US Mercury. It could be a chain reaction and a win-win for all except the recalcitrant State governments who choose to stonewall the teachers.

Why not?

Right now Pence is going through a Jupiter return. Jupiter goes retro on March 8 at 23°12′ Scorpio. Natal Jupiter at
24°42′ Scorpio, progressed at 22°Sc31′.

Could tRump be put in the rubber room in the next few days? A year ago I noted this time to be highly stressful for him.

*************By: Bob on January 7th, 2017 at 7:52 pm

“I think it is possible that trump may face impeachment proceedings twice with a whitewash the first time (wind up March 5th through March 10th 2018) . . .”

*************By: kiwi on March 4th, 2018 at 10:20 pm

“just listened to anne ortelee’s latest podcast …..
“the cheeto is going to go crazy on the 8th”. ”

*************By: Bob on March 3rd, 2018 at 10:55 pm

“tRump progressed to March 2 with transits (Mars opposite progressed Uranus and Saturn square progressed Mars).


My progressed demi-anlunar for him indicates every day from then through the 7th being stressful for him.”

Don’t want to hear anything about Pence!

Bob, another comment from Marjorie on the White House dramas going forward

Prefer to keep your head in the sand ja?

If tRump goes Pence would be president if he doesn’t go too. He might not be as likely to start military action against North Korea – certainly not as a diversion from the ongoing investigation regarding Russia.

Hobson’s choice – crazy corrupt trump or dominionist holy roller pence.

Hmm. We may have a winner in the thing that drives Trump insane this week.

Former aid, hit with a subpoena from Mueller to produce a lot of e-mails, absolutely flips out on live TV with Katy Tur and claims he’s going to ignore subpoena.

Then starts talking about how he thinks Trump might have “done something.”

Go read the transcript. It’s crazy.

White House staff is probably doing rock/paper/scissors to figure out who has to go tell Trump, and then they’re all going to hide when he starts throwing things.


Kiwi, There will be many more rough patches for this wreck of an administration and its lead character before it’s and his end.

Three heavy ones – Saturn conjunct inauguration Pluto Feb 27 2019, Jul 4 2019, and Nov 27 2019. They follow his progressed Saturn setting on his natal Saturn/Pluto midpoint.

Don’t know if you expert astrologers use the vertex at all, but I notice that pluto will conjunct trumps vertex, exact late march 2019. hmmm
“Vertex activation by transit or synastry heralds the entrance of a person or event that is karmically pointed”

Have you seen this story? I would be terrified to be this woman.


I wonder if U.S. intelligence (CIA? FBI?) is somehow protecting her, Ja.

Sharon, I just saw that CNN was on the story.

former usa Russia expert ‘spies’ interviewed on msnbc said much care is needed going forward – that while part of what she says may be true – the fact that this info has been allowed to get out while she is in effect imprisoned, gives them pause. That she is appealing publicly to the usa govt, who is in effect trump, does not make sense. They think this may be a sort of Trojan horse trove of info.


Andre Braugher

DOB July 1, 1962
Chicago, Illinois


Grand Water Trine

Sun 09 Cancer
Neptune 10 Scorpio
Jupiter 12 Pisces

Sextile Kite

Pluto 07 Virgo
Neptune 10 Scorpio
Sun 09 Cancer


Chiron 10 Pisces
Jupiter 12 Pisces

2017 Solar Arc Sun 04 Virgo
Natal Zeus 03 Virgo

Kite Semi-Sextile

Chiron 10 Pisces
Eris 10 Aries
Saturn 10 Aquarius


Pluto 07 Virgo



Transit Mars conjoined Nunberg’s natal Neptune yesterday.

I have repeatedly described the combination as being connected to the experience of terror. That transit could describe his behavior yesterday. Could that behavior identify him as a likely candidate to crack under intense scrutiny in Mueller’s mind? He still has Saturn’s transit to his natal and progressed Saturn/Pluto midpoints and his natal and progressed Plutos and transit Pluto’s square to natal and progressed Pluto.


A few of the members of the Duty To Warn psychologist group saw Nunberg and believed they were seeing someone self-medicating with a combination of cocaine and then maybe a little Xanax or something like that.

Apparently, Erin Burnett (CNN) told him she smelled alcohol on his breath. There was conjecture on Democratic Underground that he is either bipolar or has a personality disorder (or symptoms thereof). Either way, there was some disturbance and, it seems, that he was unreachable by any media outlets today although they all wanted him on their morning shows, etc. Someone other than Nunberg answered his phone that they thought was his father. His family is providing intervention.

There R a few reports about Carl Ichan selling his stocks in steel days before Trump’s tariff on steel & the fall of stock market. Maddow did a fabulous job on it last night.

I’m on pins and needles about the outcome of the PA special election next week. The Rs are putting everything they have into winning and many people believe Trump’s steel tariff’s is timed to help tip that close election into the R column; after all, it is being held in steel country! With the little bit of astrology I know and by looking at T’s innagural chart, the Republican Party chart and the Democrat Party’s chart I can’t make a prediction. Wondering if anyone with more experience has a better read? Thanks!

another exiled Russian poisoned in the UK

Thanks Bob, really good call on Nunberg; we should re-name all the Neptune-Mars aspects the Nunberger!

Speaking of Mueller, the transit of Neptune has passed its opposition to his natal Mercury (12+ Virgo) and its T-square to the US natal chart’s ascendant/descendant (12+ Sagittarius/Gemini), which effectively created a grand cross in this country. Less obfuscation of what’s factual is now likely to become a reality for all of us.

However, by May, transiting Neptune will oppose Mueller’s natal conjunction of Mars/Chiron at 16+ Virgo and station retrograde there in June. Nunberger? That’s one degree short of squaring Trump’s natal Uranus (17+ Gemini) which won’t take place until late March and all of April, 2019.

By then, transiting Uranus will be in Taurus for the duration, as will Chiron be firmly entrenched in Aries, creating a whole ‘nuther background. Transiting Saturn and Pluto will be a scant 3 degrees apart and both retrograde until September/October, 2019.

During that period of retro Saturn and Pluto, the 2019 US Solar Return takes place and it will include a retro Saturn in Cap square Trump’s Jupiter in Libra, and a retro Jupiter in Sagittarius square a retro Neptune in Pisces that completes a T-square to Trump’s natal Uranus in Gemini (that conjuncts his natal Sun). That retro Saturn will trine Mueller’s Mars/Chiron in Virgo one week later.

The 2019 US Solar Return will also have Neptune sextile Saturn, and the nodes will be in Cancer (North) and Capricorn (South) in a T-square to Trump’s Jupiter in Libra, and Pluto in Capricorn will exactly trine US natal Neptune in Virgo.

(This year’s US Solar Return has a North Node Return [6+ Leo], a grand trine between Sun, Jupiter and Neptune, and Pluto still squares US Chiron opposite US Juno.)

Here we go. Its getting bigger by the day!

This story covers the December 2016 meeting between trump associates and Erik Prince (Betsy DeVosa’ brother and evil overlord of company fka Blackwater).

From the article:

“Nader attended a December 2016 meeting in New York between Emirati officials and members of Trump’s inner circle, and another in January 2017 in the Seychelles islands between the Emiratis and Erik Prince, a Trump associate. Nader was also in the Seychelles when Prince met with a Russian banker, the sources said.”

Link here:

Thank you barbk. The only aspect I can find in Nunberg’s natal chart that might indicate a use of medication is natal Uranus (234°34′) stirring up natal Neptune/Pluto midpoint in right ascension i.e., true body positions in space – (262°46′ + 206°23′ = 469°09′ / 2 = 234°35′). As for his agitated state he is going through progressed Mercury on his progressed Sun/Mars midpoint (Can be seen in both longitude and right ascension).

The die is cast……

Wall Street Alarmed as Cohn Departure Fires Up Trade War Angst

March 7, 2018

* Investor ‘can’t believe this is happening’ as adviser quits

* Three days of gains in jeopardy as investors worry about trade

Peace proved fleeting in markets as investors fretted Gary Cohn leaving the Trump administration prunes it of a key force for stability just as signs of a trade war are multiplying.

U.S. stock futures were on the brink of erasing two days of gains after the former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. executive said he was stepping down as President Donald Trump’s top economic adviser. For traders, it promised another round of turbulence after everything from rising bond yields to protectionist threats caused share volatility to double over the last month.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Michael Purves, Weeden & Co.’s chief global strategist, said by phone. “I wrote up Cohn’s departure this morning as a real risk to consider. I thought it’s like a 35 percent probability event. I was just amazed that Trump is letting this happen.”

The move came as people familiar with the matter said the Trump administration is considering clamping down on Chinese investments in the U.S. and imposing tariffs on a broad range of its imports to punish Beijing for its alleged theft of intellectual property.

“Of all the Trump Administration resignations, this will be the one most meaningful for markets,” said Michael O’Rourke, chief market strategist at JonesTrading Institutional Services. “Cohn was the administration official financial markets had the most confidence in. This opens the environment up to whole new wave of uncertainty. The likelihood of a trade war just jumped dramatically.”



Frank, a cursory look shows a squeaker for the Republican (IMO) but I am under a Mars square to my natal Neptune that day so to go hardline I could wind up with egg on my face.

There are contradictory aspects in both noon charts but more for the Dem in my opinion.

Donald Trump – the chaos president……..

Trump On Turbulence In The West Wing: ‘I Like Conflict’

Fox News
March 6, 2018

President Donald Trump on Tuesday asserted that he likes and wants “conflict” among his aides in the White House, as he pushed back against reports of a dysfunctional West Wing.

“It’s tough,” Trump said about working in the White House, during a joint news conference Tuesday afternoon with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven.

The president said: “I like having two people with different points of view. And I certainly have that. And then I make a decision. But I like watching it. I like seeing it. And I think it’s the best way to go.”



Oh no Bob, you too are coming under the Nunberger aspect; hang in there, it won’t last long.

I can’t help but think that the high-school kids that survived the Florida shootings and the mad-as-hell teachers in W. Virginia have acted from the same astrological influence; transiting Uranus in Aries sextile US Moon/Pallas in Aquarius.

The day after the school shooting that killed 17 people there was a solar eclipse on the degree where the US Natal Moon sits, 27+ Aquarius, a sign associated with Uranus whose energy is often expressed through public demonstrations.

US Moon and US Pallas (the planner/strategist warrior) sit in the US natal chart’s 3rd house of education (grades 1-12). One might see Uranus as co-ruler of Aquarius or the modern ruler of Aquarius, with Saturn as the old ruler and/or co-ruler of Aquarius, which is the sign on the cusp of the 3rd house in the US natal chart (Sagittarius rising). Either Saturn or Uranus, or both rule the US natal chart’s 3rd house.

Last November trans. Saturn and Uranus made the third of 3 trines with each other indicating they are, for now, in harmony. They are both in air (mental) signs in the US natal chart. In the Feb 15 eclipse chart Saturn (6+ Capricorn) was sextile Venus (6+ Pisces, along with Nessus the Centaur). All 3 formed a Yod to the US natal North Node (6+ Leo) and the eclipse chart’s retrograde Ceres.

This Yod made up of eclipse chart planets was empowered by not just the US North Node, but the US South Node at 6+ Aquarius + US centaur Pholus, making it a Boomerang specifically focused on the US alone.

To me this appears to be Saturn and Uranus teaming up; in this case regarding the reform of US schools, grades 1 through 12.

Nobody believes that we’ve heard the last from high school kids on gun reform, and it appears likely the teachers on strike in W. Va. (who got their 5% raise thanks to their protest) will be followed by other teachers in other states (KY and OK look to be next) who will protest for better salaries, schools, supplies or whatever it takes to give US kids the education they deserve.

The astrology of the February solar eclipse in Aquarius is preceded by the Saturn-Jupiter cycle’s chart (set for their conjunction in 2000) which had Neptune at 6+ Aquarius conjunct the US natal South Node+Pholus at 6+ Aquarius. This South Node is the final stop of the Boomerang pattern in last month’s eclipse + US chart.

Boomerangs carry a wallup of energy at their final stop, and with the US South Node + US Pholus (small cause, big effect) having been empowered already by Neptune (in the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction chart) who arouses compassion . . .

. . . whose to say our US schools (grades 1-12) won’t benefit from new gun reform and better paid teachers? Uranus (public demonstrations) was conjunct the US progressed Mercury (schools) at the time he squared (challenged) Saturn and Jupiter (government institutions) in 2000. It’s worth the wait I’d say.

does anyone see 45 actually facing impeachment?

The government seems to dance around his behavior, but no actual court proceedings to remove him ….yet.

I am waiting for the gavel to drop, not from the Rs in the House, but the special council.

Seems to me when Manafort decided to try his case, and not flip, the Special Council had to cast a wider net and get other perpetrators in the president’s orbit.


Bob, thanks for your look into the PA special election. I believed the Dem would win but now that Trump is pushing steel tariffs just in time for that election which happens to be in the heart of steel country, I think the tariffs will tip the election in the Rep column. I really think the whole tarrifs thing is about that election. The Republicans are putting all they have into it. PA is a pivotal state for them as are the rust belt states. I hate politics, it’s been an obsession since I was a kid; giving me hope sometimes but mostly infuriating and depressing. Anyway, I really hope we’re wrong.

Frank and Bob, I don’t know anything about the astrology fort the special election in PA but I don’t think the tariffs will necessarily tip the scales in favor of the R’s. I believe the D candidate is in favor of tariffs for steel also but in a more sensible way. Joe Biden was up there speaking on behalf of D candidate last night or night before. My money is on the D.

Pluto T-square US Chiron-opposite-US Juno; Uranus square US Pluto and Mercury while sextile US Moon; Neptune trine US Sun, square US ascendant and quincunx US Saturn. From early January the 3 (known) outer planets have all transited sensitive points in the US natal chart and chaos has reigned supreme from coast to coast.

Outer planet energies are primarily designed to affect the Collective on a relatively unconscious level. They each have their own territory of the collective unconscious; Pluto goes deep into the material world – think of the Chilean miners rescued after more than 2 months of being trapped deep in the earth. Moon, Ceres and Pluto were conjunct in Capricorn that day, October 13, 2010.

Neptune’s territory is in the deep waters of the collective unconscious; think of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill that began April 20, 2010, and there was much sorrow in the USA. Neptune was conjunct the US Moon in Aquarius.

The sky-god Uranus rules over the collective unconscious that pertains to the Mind. Mercury is a lower (conscious) level of that energy. Recall the Malaysia Airlines flight 370 that disappeared over the South China Sea on March 8, 2014. Jupiter, having just stationed direct in Cancer, was square Uranus in Aries.

These kind of events strike a chord in most human beings as being meaningful in a way they can’t explain. They just KNOW.

For the USA, those 3 outer planets came together when transiting Neptune and transiting Pluto met each other at the same degree where the US natal Uranus resides in 1891. Transiting Uranus at that time was at 27+ Libra and now transiting Uranus will oppose his position back then (when Neptune and Pluto joined the US Uranus) in just 2 weeks time.

When that happens, when trans. Uranus opposes where he was when trans Neptune and trans Pluto hooked up with the US Uranus, he will square the US natal Pluto in Capricorn, just like he did back in 1891, only this time from the other side of the zodiac.

Based on this Pluto/Neptune cycle alone, we see how the outer planets have been infiltrating the US collective unconscious for 125+ years and a time of reckoning is upon us it would seem.

By that I mean that what has been sublimely existing in our collective unconscious (and on the conscious level of some minds) is going to smack us (collectively) in the USA up the side of our head.

Since this smack on the collective US head comes as trans. Jupiter and trans. Pluto are sextile and form a yod to US Mars which conjuncts Trump’s natal Sun . . .

. . . and this is just as trans. Saturn (soon to be joined by trans. Mars) opposes Trump’s natal Mercury, maybe his is the head that will take the US collective smack for all of us.

So there’s more to this Uranus (in the Neptune-Pluto chart) opposite the now transiting Uranus that is T-squared by US Pluto which is;

Venus was opposite the US Pluto at the time when Uranus squared US Pluto and our US Uranus was hosting the transiting Neptune/Pluto conjunction.

Yeah, Venus loves to have fun but more than that Venus symbolizes what is valued, what means the most, respected and honored by most in a collective; consciously or unconsciously. I believe the Lady Venus, in a most unorthodox way, will bring the Trumpster (a symbol of Pluto-ism dug deep into the material world) to his knees in a beg for mercy. A date which will live in infamy.

Bailey, I pray you’re right, that Dem’s gain strength.
This new Nader character from Trump’s can of worms.
Check out the latest in a convoluted Russian probe:
‘Man of mystery’ cooperates with Mueller in Russia probe’ They wanted a Trump Puppet President.


You’re right on it. Mueller us looking at the doings of Mr. Blackwater – Eric Prince–suspected of brokering a back channel agreement between Trump and the Russians before he was even inaugurated.

This arm of the octopus is really going to be interesting.


barbk, I have been through 176 conjunctions, squares, and oppositions of Mars to natal Neptune in my young life. Double that number if you include those aspects to my progressed Neptune. Que será, será; but I am not the man who knows too much. And I don’t have Doris Day.

Getting big pharma and/or maybe doctors in the cross-hairs

A Small Town Louisiana Lawsuit Could Pose A Major Threat To Opioid Manufacturers


“The Mega Lawsuit In Ohio”

“Over the past two years, more than 350 lawsuits have been filed against corporations that manufacture, distribute and retail opioids. Early on, the plaintiffs were individuals. But criminal investigations, like the DOJ’s case that yielded record fines of mega-distributor McKesson, provided hard facts necessary to support civil actions. Soon, public awareness and pressure on elected officials meant that whole states like Oklahoma and South Carolina, along with large cities like Seattle and Chicago, filed their own grievances.”

Baily, I so hope you’re right!

Penny Marshall
DOB October 15, 1943
The Bronx, New York

Kite Semi-Sextile

Ceres 06 Cancer
Uranus 08 Gemini
Pluto 08 Leo


2018 Solar Arc Sun 06 Capricorn

Not sure what aspects you would look for, but with the Mueller investigation closing in on trump and his family, there is a lot of chatter on twitter about trump firing Mueller. Do you astrologers see that?

Bob, I saw that article about the Louisiana anti-opiod lawsuit, apparently using its Napoleonic law code, and was very interested to hear that something good could come of it. LA is usually in the news for crime, major budget problems, and cuts to necessary government funding of public health and education services!


There is a rough patch for Mueller around June 9 through 11 and tRump has some self promoted feel good aspects at the time that quickly fade. It may just coincide with a legal victory for tRump not necessarily Mueller being let go.

Sharon I hope their case succeeds and does not take long to do so.

Thanks Bob. I feel Mueller is Democracy’s only hope.

Frank i think you’re onto something when i googled it a lot of articles say that timing is a factor for the steel tariffs and Pennsylvania special election.
Here’s one

Mueller midday chart with June 11, 2018, transits.


So if this meeting between Kim and Trump takes place, when (in May) do you think it will happen?

The 15th is the New Moon on Trump’s MC (24+ Taurus), and the day Uranus enters Taurus while in square to Mars.

Mercury will be in the Chiron Degree* (3+ Taurus) and Venus will be in the Uranus Degree* (24+ Gemini) on May 15, 2018.

*where they were when discovered

I agree – so much of my hopes are riding on Mueller. Do you worry about the Neptune oppo his Mars transit? The other hope I entertain – though not with much seriousness – is that the tariffs will flip some Repubs.

I listen to pundits discussing possible reasons Trump has for pushing the tariffs. They all talk about him working his base. I DON”T BUY IT – unless you see his base as Russia.

I think he is a total mole troll. The only actions he takes (and doesn’t back track on) are actions to undermine our institutions and weaken our relationships with our allies. Seems like Putin pulling his strings to me!

PLEASE let the truth come out soon.

Ripley we should be meditating/praying that Trump will soon be gonem his instability is damaging America.

Also, something unrelated to politics, yet very interesting…I came across a blurb in my newspaper re: a plan to make a Movie about ‘Heddy Lamarr’, someone I knew nothing about. I did a search and think many of you will agree, her Story is Absolutely Amazing, if you’re interested, check it out:
“Extraordinary Women “Hedy Lamarr”

A ‘simple act of kindness’ goes viral



International Women’s Day


I just saw that Bob & posted it on FB a few minutes ago. The power of social media! A waitress helps a customer and ends up with a scholarship to college!

Meanwhile, here is an interesting breakdown of Mueller’s strategy, that we are aware of, but I like the way it’s described in this Daily Kos piece:


Pardon the “French” in the headline, but this is a frightening thought:


(Sorry. I read one word as something else.)


Wow. Trump thinks he’s doing great. (Of course, he does.) Things are about to get even crazier.

Be on the lookout Sharon K, the y may be headed your way.

“Horrible photos but…I didn’t know they roamed about here.”


The prairie dog is SO cute, Bob. I haven’t heard of any sightings around here but we do get lots of critters since we live next to a very large park and about 2 blocks from the MS river. They very well might live in the area and just haven’t been seen (as opposed to possums, raccoons, sometimes, gators, etc.)

By the time of the Pisces New Moon on March 17, and the Aries Equinox on March 20, transiting Chiron will exactly conjunct Trump’s natal Vesta at 28+ Pisces.

Since Vesta symbolizes the workaholic, what is focused on, dedication to a purpose, and what one invests in, that would be, for Trump, fame, adoration and wealth. We might expect then that Trump could experience some wounding in a week or so regarding his pride or financial holdings.

Natal Vesta falls in Trump’s 8th house of “shared resources” and because the New Moon on March 17 is conjunct trans. Chiron in Pisces and they trine transiting Jupiter in Scorpio (near Trump’s IC/roots-home) as well as the US Mercury in Cancer (which conjuncts Trump’s natal Saturn and Venus in his natal chart’s 11th house of friends), what might that mean? Some further thought is needed.

It’s possible Mueller’s natal Moon might be conjunct Trump’s natal Vesta (if Mueller was born early in the morning), but for sure trans Chiron (and the Pisces New Moon) will be trine Mueller’s conjunction of natal Iris (the messenger), Pallas (the strategist) and North Node (path forward), all at 27+ Cancer.

Trines and grand trines denote ease and cooperation in the flow of energy. They don’t necessarily denote good luck. The US Mercury in Cancer is symbolic of the US Media and other forms of communication. What if Mueller has (thanks to his natal Iris) Trump’s Income Tax forms or other incriminating information? (Trans. Chiron conjunct Trump Vesta trine Mueller No. Node/Pallas/Iris)

What if US Mercury in Cancer (trine trans Jupiter in Scorpio and the Pisces New Moon + Chiron) exposes more things like the porn star’s unsigned agreement to not talk about her relationship with Trump?

What if Melania threatens to leave Trump (natal Vesta in house of shared resources)?

What if all this happens at the same time?

With Pallas (the strategist) at 23-25 Taurus during the New Moon-Equinox period on Trump’s MC (reputation) opposite Jupiter in Scorpio, it puts the Jupiter part of the grand trine (with New Moon/Chiron+Trump Vesta and US Mercury+ Trump Venus/Saturn) in the spotlight, and since Jupiter symbolizes foreign countries/people . . .

I think he will get out of the country.

Barb K, I think you can rest assured that Mueller has all of Trump’s tax records. It will be fascinating to eventually see how how Muellar puts all of the puzzle pieces in place.

Video of the young lady ( Evoni Williams – 18 years young) being recognized for her act of kindness. It also shows the woman who took the picture.


This waitress was just quietly doing the right thing. A viral pic rewarded her in the best way. Sat Mar 10, 2018, 11:55 AM

Has anybody heard from Eliseo? I hope he is well.

For Emma’s friend (and everyone else too)


By: Bob on January 18th, 2018, at 1:11 am

tRump progressed Neptune on January 17, 2018 will be at 7°01? Capricorn, progressed Mars 9°56? at Capricorn. On December 31, 2018 progressed Neptune will be at 7°03? Capricorn, Mars at 10°33? Capricorn.

Below are the dates Saturn can be considered to be conjunct those points in 2018. Allowing a 1° orb before and after exactness will extend the starting and end dates.


more Russia stuff
“Browder, who was deported and had his Moscow investment fund expropriated by corrupt officials, said in an interview (below): ‘The reality is that the entire Russian government is the mafia.’ He describes it as a ‘gangster state.’ And he gave evidence this week to a UK Commons select committee and said: “I believe they want to kill me. They haven’t figured out a way yet where they can kill me and get away with it.” ”

Sailey (Bailey?), he already has me on the edge of my seat!

Bob, I didn’t remember this nugget of info; Trump’s progressed Neptune and Mars (but then I have little mental retention in these days of overloaded access to info), so thank you for re-posting, and Good Grief!

Nancy was so right to suggest Trump is “the poster boy for the unbridled and greedy arrogance of wealth and privilege”. His blatant and coarse displays of such are, apparently, required to get to the most reclusive of us to make the tide (of evolution) finally turn.

Now this compounded force of Trump’s progressed Neptune/Mars opposite his natal Mercury being triggered by transiting Saturn (chickens coming home to roost) and transiting Mars (with gusto) conjunct them, is almost absurd in its overkill. What ever it takes to bring him down.

Perhaps, like the Florida high school massacre, it must strike that certain chord to activate the masses into revolt against the entrenched disease that has overwhelmed the patient (USA).

I have such respect for astrology. When human beings can unravel the various components (charts, progressions, etc.) and see how they weave a pattern uniquely relevant to a specific person or a specific date to tell a specific story, it is humbling. I’m grateful for all here who contribute their thoughts and/or observations.

Alex, in reading your linked mother jones article, and the reporting that indicates Donny made an effort to cosy up to Franklin Graham before the public announcement of his presidential candidacy, I got to wondering about franklin graham’s chart.
Cannot find a time, but birthdate is july 14 1952 Ashville N Carolina.
That puts his sun at 22 Cancer and chiron at 8 cap. Both being now aspected by pluto and Saturn respectively.
I wonder how he will react and influence ‘his flock’ during this period of time?


Not sure who I fear more – the mafia types or the dominionists – perhaps they are one in the same.

I’m in touch with Eliseo, Bob. We became friends and he’s done some website writing for my husband (in case any of you know anyone who has need of a talented writer/teacher, as we all know him as here). He is still dealing with medical & other issues and the tail end of the flu. Sending him love, light, energy and prayers can help.

Will Don Trump jr be indicted on or around March 20th? There is reason to believe this is quite possible. Here’s Don jr’s natal chart:


The March 20th Aries Equinox in square to Mars (0
Aries – 1 ’42 Capr.) forma a larger t square to Trump jr’s Jupiter (29 ’54 Gemini), in quincunx to natal Saturn (0 ’10 Virgo) and sesqui-square to natal Uranus (15 ’18 Scorpio). In that scenario, would Pres.Trump have the daring to exercise his presidential pardon power? The March 22nd Mercury retrograde station at 16 ’54 Aries is in opposition to Don Jr’s natal Pluto (16 ’36 Libra) and in quincunx to natal Uranus (15 ’18 Scorpio). It has been reported the Mueller investigation is thoroughly examining that June 9th, 2016 Trump Tower meeting that incriminates Don Jr……

What Really happened at Trump Tower on June 9, 2016?

February 26, 2018

The answer to this question could be the key to understanding whether Trump’s team colluded with the Russians — or whether the whole Trump-Russia scandal really is, as participants claim, a nothingburger.

Multiple reports have indicated that Robert Mueller’s investigators are still keenly focused on trying to figure out just what happened at that infamous sit-down — and why, exactly, President Donald Trump tried to mislead the public about it.

That focus is warranted. The Trump Tower meeting may be the most suspicious single event we’ve learned of in more than a year of coverage of the Russia scandal.

After receiving a promise of incriminating information about Hillary Clinton plainly said to be from the Russian government, two of Trump’s close family members and his campaign chief agreed to take a meeting to discuss it. Donald Trump Jr. even wrote, “If it’s what you say I love it.” Viewed on its face, it looks a whole lot like smoking-gun evidence of collusion.

Yet still, many months after we learned about the meeting, the facts of what actually happened remain murky. Little documentary evidence has emerged, and those involved maintain that what ended up happening was inconsequential. Team Trump’s account is that it was a tremendously strange screw-up that, by sheer happenstance and bad luck, ended up looking far more incriminating than it in fact was.

Another possibility, though, is that the known story about the meeting is at least in part a cover-up — one that’s been coordinated by all the meetings’ participants, their attorneys, and perhaps the president himself, to hide some more damning truth. (If you think that’s far-fetched, remember that even Steve Bannon thinks that’s likely, saying, “The chance that Don Jr. did not walk these jumos up to his father’s office on the twenty-sixth floor is zero” and “they’re going to crack Don Junior like an egg on national TV.”)

No one at the meeting is known to have “flipped” and become a cooperator for Mueller. Yet one attendee, Paul Manafort, has already been indicted on a litany of serious unrelated charges that could put him into prison for the rest of his life. And Manafort will face even greater pressure to cooperate now that his longtime business partner Rick Gates has flipped.

So let’s review what we know about what happened on that June day — and what still remains murky. The truth could be crucial to Mueller’s investigation.

1) What is this Trump Tower meeting — and why do we care?



Jerry, thank you and looking forward to the read as I’ve been following the Trump Tower meeting and now especially the Mark Carollo connection.

Interesting March forecast from Richard @ Astropro.
Politics is rarely mentioned in his forecasts but this month he goes into Trump and uses those words that light up our eyes, like impeachment and 25th amendment..Hallelujah!

Scroll down


Thank you for the update on Eliseo, Sharon.

Trump and company is becoming more blatant in their disregard for the constitution, feeding and sheltering under the belief that there is no one capable of stopping them. The delusion has spread like the black plague it is. Yet, for some strange reason, I have a (new found) feeling that this is about to be publicly exposed, and in a big way. Reasons could be many including the Trump Tower meeting.

Add N. Korea, China, “Stormy” (what an apt name), trade and the environment to challenges that could blow up in Trump’s face (and unfortunately ours). Then, of course, there’s always the possibility of a Uranian (nuclear?) surprise.

We cannot possibly know the intent of the universe, though we hear whispers interpreted for our understanding by learned astrologers. Thank you, all!


Forgot to mention…. Another reason the potential exists for a significant turning point in the Russian investigation on or around the March 20th date is that this is the day Trump’s progressed Mars (10 ’03 Libra) reaches exact sextile to Trump’s natal Pluto. Here’s an excerpt from the Astrology For Aquarius website that explains the details:

Trump Confronts Pluto: January – March 2018

In Donald Trump’s birthchart Pluto – the planet of coercion, compulsion, subtle force, groups, bureaus, commissions, criminal activity and drastic events – is in house 12.

House 12 is the data-point for life-matters related to secrets, secret activity, hidden agendas, secret enemies, crime, sorrow, disappointment, restriction, isolation, confinement, hospitals, prisons, the FBI and self-undoing.

Self-undoing involves behavior and activity that undermines his life. By bringing about his downfall it results in disappointment and renunciation.

Mars is also in house 12. It’s conjunction the ascendant and marks for powerful aggressive tendencies that he tries to keep secret and hidden away.

House 12 signs for secret activities that Trump does all he can to keep under wraps but it’s above the horizon so the events invariably come to the attention of others.

With Pluto in house 12 Trump’s secret life is subject to coercion and he’s predisposed to experience coercion through groups and secret enemies that endeavor to bring his downfall. And with Mars there he’s predisposed to experience strife and harm through the actions of secret enemies.

And with progressed Pluto and progressed Mercury, Saturn and MC in house 12 it’s the current hot-spot in his chart. It’s where the action is.

Mars and Pluto are activated by progression

The predispositions mapped by Mars and Pluto can only become real-life events when they’re activated by progression. And in August 2016 progressed Mars in house 2 (finances) moved to form a sextile (opportunity) aspect with birthchart Pluto. The aspect reaches peak power on March 20, 2018 and ends in October 2019.

Major events related to this aspect can occur at any time during its time-frame (August 2016-October 2019) but are more inclined to occur near its peak date (March 20, 2018) – particularly if there’s little environmental resistance to the events it marks for and there are strong astrological events stepping up the stimulation.


Add the June 13 New Moon to Mueller’s June aspects. It is on tRump’s natal Sun in longitude and square Mueller’s progressed Mars/Pluto midpoint in longitude.

Thank you for the news about Eliseo Sharon. Sending my well wishes his way too.

Yes Sharon, thanks for the news. Please pass on my best wishes to Eliseo if you are communicating with him. I’ll send energy thru the ether.

Hello everybody.

I don’t post very
often however I love this website and all its contributors for helping me understand astrology more and more, and for that I am very grateful
I have a question:

Can astrology forecast/foretell a person’s demise? and if so what transits and or progressions should be taken into account?

Thank you for your reply

In addition to the June 13 New Moon being Trump’s Solar Return #72, it is also the US natal Nessus Return (2nd of 3 conjunctions of trans. Nessus to US Nessus and they both are in Trump’s 7th house of partners and open enemies).

The New Moon on June 13 will also be the US North Node Return (transiting North Node at 6+ Leo where it sits for over 2 weeks).

Transiting Jupiter and transiting Neptune will be in a grand trine with US natal Sun on June 13, 2018. Transiting Pallas will be exactly conjunct US Sun at that time. She is known as the protectress of the state, among other things.

Pholus and Vesta at 29+ Sagittarius will trine Trump’s ascendant at 29+ Leo; Pholus is associated with small “causes” that turn into “big events” that get out of hand, while Vesta symbolizes investments. I might add that transiting Pluto will still be conjunct Mueller’s natal Pholus.

Transiting Mars in Aquarius (in US natal chart’s 3rd house) will trine US Uranus in Gemini. That should be exciting. Gun regulation perhaps?


Minnie Driver
DOB 31 January 1970 – 05:25h

Natal Pluto 27 Virgo
2018 Solar Arc Sun 28 Pisces
Transiting Chiron 27 Pisces

A post by a very good astrologer. Reading any of her posts is worthwhile and probably educational regarding astrology. She also posts a lot on Astrodienst – https://forum.astro.com/cgi/forum.cgi?lang=e


Richard Houck wrote a very popular and famous astrology book – “The Astrology of Death”. He was wrong about the date of his own death.



Excerpts from my own posts about astrology not being able to specifically predict anything.

“I don’t think there are signatures for anything in astrology. For every world leader, sports champion, movie star, singing legend, astronaut who has been on the Moon, mass murderer, serial killer, or rapist, there are very likely hundreds, if not thousands, perhaps even tens of thousands, of people in the world with same day birth charts having the same aspects, VOC Moons, etc., who did not perform as they did on their most prominent day or during their entire lives.”

“Considering the lives of multiple birth siblings whose birth charts are virtually identical are perhaps the most convincing examples for this argument.”

A. “Your story is a good example that there are no astrological signatures for anything. Not everybody with a chart very similar to that of a movie star, lottery winner, star athlete, mass murderer, serial killer, or any world renowned personality, lives the same life – too bad for me. I was born less than 6 hours later than Neil Diamond.”

“Aspects may indicate tendencies of a certain nature but what those tendencies may be applied to and how they will be played out is up to each individual. Probably not everybody born on the same day as you, with even the same angles as your chart with only the Moon in a different degree because of a different time zone (to get the angles the same or nearly so) became addicted to alcohol, perhaps not to anything at all. On the genetic and astrological scales others with a very similar chart to yours had parents with different genetics and most likely different charts than your parents. As Edgar Cayce said the planets are only influences but they are never stronger than the person’s will.” ”

B. “Let’s expand it beyond twins to sextuplets and the 5th house (of children I think. I haven’t used houses for years.). Will all of them have children on the same day? And what if the multiples are not the same gender – would not the experience involved be physically different for a male and a female twin even if they both became parents on the same day? Expand as much as you desire – multiples will not have the same experiences at the same time and probably not even within days of each other. There are cases of one twin murdering the other.”

C. “In most cases I suspect that it is not the norm for all siblings of multiple births to get sick, get married or divorced, have children, get jobs, lose jobs, buy homes, get foreclosed, have surgeries, be a victim of assault, die, etc, etc, etc, at the same time. How many astrologers could correctly decide what was going to happen to whom, with certainty, no matter how “good” they are perceived to be nor what rate of success they may have demonstrated?”

D. “I have repeatedly stated my position that having only the Sun, Moon, and eight planets to apply to an uncountable number of possible manifestations that there can be no astrological signature for anything, only correspondence noted, and beyond a most likely positive or negative, easy or difficult “prediction” in regards to such correspondences everything after is guesswork.”

E. “Just as no “astrologer” could determine race, gender, body type, sexual preference, or if the subject was a living thing (human, plant, or animal), inanimate object (World Trade Center, Columbia Space Shuttle), or a Presidential term, political entity (New York City), I do not believe effects, other than positive or negative, happy or sad, fortunate or unfortunate, may be postulated. Nor is it possible to determine if an expected experience will be physical or mental. That being said, with some knowledge of the subject of a chart, it is possible to make an “educated guess” that could be considered “in the ballpark”.

“We only have 2 luminaries and 8 planets to indicate an infinite number of possibilities. The best that can be done in reality is to get the date and a time within a 4 hour window if a place is known and to surmise if conditions will be difficult or easy. Anything beyond that is guesswork unless it is known what particular activity a person will be involved in on that date, at that time and place.”

“Remember that we experience life at a physical, psychological, and cellular (such as when a cancer is growing without our knowledge) level, so not all contacts will manifest in a manner we notice.”

“Even with exactness of planetary placements in relationship with the angles or other planets in a chart there is no exact prediction of what will come to pass. If anybody believes otherwise, I have a life span of almost 77 years, a timed birth chart, and have lived through the conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions of all of the outer planets to all of my natal planets and angles and would enjoy their interpretations detailing the experiences of any 1 of those transits. A ballpark of positive or negative, easy or difficult, is all that may be forecast without intuition or a ‘sixth sense’ playing a role. How could it be otherwise when you have but 2 luminaries and 8 planets with which to describe the countless experiences which occur every moment in the world?”

Sending Warm/Healing Hugs to You…Eliseo!

I suspect Putin is the mastermind behind this North Korean Meet-up. Putin absolutely prefers a jackass like Donny Boy sitting in our Whitehouse. If Trump comes back with success, he’ll win the Nobel Prize and we shall never see him Impeached.
Did you catch Trump’s Show last night? He has half the country mesmerized. Yet, When we had an honorable President in offiice this same Rightwing viciously bashed, weakened and spread horrible Fake Lies regarding he and his family.
I cannot understand these Conservatives…
So hateful & totally Un-Christian Like.

thanks bob for the link to the astro forum.
Can’t believe I never noticed it before now!

Has anyone looked at Conor Lamb’s chart? How amazing if he can pull out a win!

My apologies if I missed posts about this.


Many Thanks, Bob. All UP news welcome!

The April 2nd conjunction between Saturn and Mars (also the start of a 2 year cycle between them) is pretty amazing, especially for the number of yods it makes with the US natal planets. Two planets in the April 2nd chart connect to a singleton in the US chart three times:

1) Transiting Mars/Saturn sextile transiting Moon and they all quincunx US Uranus (at apex point)

2) transiting Jupiter sextile trans. Pluto and both quincunx US Mars (+ Trump Sun) at the apex point

3) Transiting Jupiter sextile US Neptune and they quincunx trans. Eris (in apex point)

These yods, in addition to the conjunction of trans. Saturn and Mars (conjunct Trump’s progressed Neptune and Mars) that oppose Trump’s natal Mercury, reveal an exquisite plan (requiring much adjusting in the process) with more than just one objective.

There is more to this chart but I want to just mention one or two more things; transiting Nessus (conjunct US natal Nessus) sextiles transiting Saturn/Mars and they form a Yod with Mueller’s Pluto at the apex. I believe more revelations regarding unsavory conduct among the Powerful will be exposed, perhaps by Mueller.

You see trans. Askalaphus (the tattle tale) and Pandora will be conjunct US natal Pluto and transiting Chiron is sextile all 3 of them in this chart for April 2nd.

They all then produce a Yod to the August 2017 American Eclipse that conjuncts Trump’s natal ascendant and Mars (which opposes the US Moon [+ trans. Damocles] and last month’s solar eclipse making an all-encompassing Boomerang).

With this cycle of Mars and Saturn (that will be active for 2 years) aspecting the transiting Moon, Nessus, Trump’s natal Mercury and his progressed Neptune and Mars, the US natal Uranus, and Mueller’s natal Pluto . . .

. . . and all the other stuff this little cycle contains, the halls of Washington will be reverberating for the next 2 years.

PS: Much of this stems from when transiting Saturn (and later Mars) was conjunct the Galactic Center last year. All part of the Plan.


Re: The April 2nd Saturn/Mars conjunction

I hadn’t noticed that third aspect; Moon at 8 ’56 Scorpio in yod formation to the US Uranus. Good observation. Could it be connected to the ongoing Russian investigation since the Mars/Saturn conj at 8 ’56 Capr. conjoins Russia’s natal Pluto (8 ’16 Capr.) in square to Russia’s natal Mars (8 ’49 Aries)?

Here is Russia’s chart: http://s26.postimg.org/shw9oedjt/Russia_12_6_1990.jpg

Check and verify – I erred when I wrote that Trump’s prog. Neptune and Mars would conjunct trans. Saturn and Mars (in Capricorn) on April 2nd. Trump’s progressed Mars and Neptune are in Libra, not Capricorn so they will square, not conjunct transiting Saturn and Mars on April 2nd, and they will square Trump’s natal Mercury in Cancer, not oppose it.

Looks like his progressed Mars caught up with his progressed Neptune when he was 67, at the same time his progressed Sun caught up with his natal Mars (26+ Leo) around 2013. Wasn’t that when he took his beauty contest to Moscow?

My apologies for the error.

Indeed it could Jerry, indeed it could. Nice catch!!


April 2nd – The midpoint to Trump’s progressed Neptune (7 ’02 Libra) progressed Mars (10 ’03 Libra) stands at 8 ’33 Libra in very close square to the Mars/Saturn conjunction. Good call. Could that signify the beginning of his undoing? LOOK AT April 4th. Tr. Mars at the critical 10 ’03 Capr. degree. it will trigger his progressed Mars (10 ’03 Libra) natal Pluto (10 ’03 Leo) sextile. April 2nd to the 4th are dates worth watching.

A group of aviation disasters occurred in the last 2 days: a crash at the Nepal airport killing at least 49, a Turkish airline went into a mtn in Iran, killing 11 on board, and a helicopter crashed into the East River in NYC, killing all 5 passengers but the pilot ejected. Very sad. The only aspect I see among the planets is mars squaring chiron.

Michael Wolfstar:

I believe Trump’s undoing is already in progress Jerry but I would think your April 4 aspect will bring on a visible (to the Public) unraveling to the man. Thank you for alerting us.

I see the Mars-Saturn conjunction/cycle as an ongoing process in which Trump’s undoing is but one component. On January 21, 2019, there is a total lunar eclipse and trans. Mars will have reached the 1st square of it’s cycle with transiting Saturn. They will complete a grand cross with the square between US Sun and US Saturn at that time.

Their cycle’s purpose/mission, it appears, has to do with ingrained United States problems. (The Saturn/Mars conjunction on April 2 has Pluto sextile Jupiter forming a Yod to US Mars.)

At that January 2019 lunar eclipse, trans. Uranus will have moved just one degree forward from its position at the Mars/Saturn cycle start on April 2, 2018, even though he will have entered the sign of Taurus once and returned to Aries during that time. On both dates trans. Uranus will be square US Pluto in Capricorn and sextile US Moon in Aquarius.

This seems to indicate that Uranus (breakthrough) is a very important part of the Mars/Saturn cycle’s intent/purpose.

A few days before the January 2019 lunar eclipse, transiting Jupiter in Sagittarius (conjunct the Great Attractor*) will square transiting Neptune in Pisces, which will be just days after trans. Jupiter’s conjunction to the US natal ascendant (12+ Sagittarius).

So on the day of the lunar eclipse (Jan, 21) trans. Mars in Aries will square trans. Saturn in Capricorn, but on Jan. 25 Mars will trine transiting Jupiter in Sagittarius who will be just one degree from an exact opposition to Trump’s natal Uranus in Gemini (which trans. Mars will have just sextiled).

This looks like trans. Jupiter is also a major key in the 2+ year Saturn/Mars cycle. (When the Saturn/Mars cycle begins Jupiter will not only sextile trans. Pluto, he will sextile US Neptune and oppose the degree of Jupiter’s cycle start with Saturn in 2000.) One really should draw a picture of these aspects in order to follow the paths they create.

IMO this cycle Mars and Saturn will soon begin has more to do with fixing big US problems (some of which Trump exemplifies) than bringing Trump down. It is one part of a much bigger plan.

* Phil Sedgwick says of the Great Attractor “The enormous gravity of the Great Attractor actually bends light around it. It bends the light so much that a glimpse of what is behind it can be taken. This quality of gravitational lensing provides clear behind the scenes insights, while simultaneously offering other refractive illusions.”

My posts regarding the transits of Mars and Saturn on April 2nd.

“By: Bob on February 28th, 2018 at 12:17 am

Hope Hicks – Sec.Prog. Q2 Mean Quotidian Apr 2 2018, 7:00 pm, EDT +4:00

Neptune 279°07? – 8°26? Capricorn
Transits Apr 2 2018, 7:00 pm, EDT +4:00
Parans to Mercury 9°02? – 10°57? Aries
Parans to Mars 279°57? – 9°07? Capricorn
Parans to Saturn 279°41? – 8°58? Capricorn

This period of time marks the beginning of tRump’s downfall. Do not expect it to take place overnight. Remember a year ago when I said it was most likely to take until January of 2020. These investigations take time as the past year has shown.”


“By: Bob on February 28th, 2018 at 11:38 am.

Jared Kushner – Noon Chart Jan 10 1981, 12:00 pm, EST +5:00

Jupiter 189°47? + 90° = 279°47?
Saturn 189°53? + 90° = 279°53?

Jared Kushner – Sec.Prog. Q2 Mean Quotidian
Apr 2 2018, 12:00 pm, EST +5:00

Jupiter 189°22? + 90° = 279°22?
Saturn 189°19? + 90° = 279°19?

Transits Apr 2 2018 – Event Chart
Apr 2 2018, 12:00 pm, EDT +4:00

Mercury 009°14?
Mars 279°47?
Saturn 279°41? “

Hi Barbk,

Regarding your remarks that we may be seeing the full astrological effects of it by the time the January 2019 eclipse rolls around. My perception of it remains a bit different. I’m inclined to think things are more imminent

On March 8th, Mr. Trump announced steep tariffs on imported steel and aluminum – to be enforced by March 23rd. It appears we are about to embark on a dramatic trade war with unforeseen consequences. The EU, China and a host of other countries are threatening retaliation. The financial markets could suffer enormous losses quite quickly. Unfortunately, with Trump at the helm, determined to strike hard at existing trade imbalances, I don’t have the confidence that we will successfully resolve another potential meltdown such as what happened in September 2008 when Lehman Brothers fell into bankruptcy and threw the worlds financial markets into severe crisis.

The following was posted about a month ago in this blog. Perhaps this could provide some perspective…….

The upcoming Mars/Saturn conjunction makes direct hits to three of the seven Pluto-Uranus square series that took place 2012 -2015 with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. The following are three of those dates……

1) June 24, 2012 (8 ’24 Aries-Capr.)

2) September 19, 2012 (6 ’57 Aries-Capr.)

3) November 1, 2013 (9 ’26 Aries-Capr.)

To bring that into bold relief, astrologer Allison Rae fills in the details on the astrological conditions for the Mars/Saturn conjunction in early April:

The Astrology of 2018: A Personal And Collective Call To Consciousness

If you look hard enough, every problem contains its own solution. I’ve been studying the astrology of 2018 for awhile now, and at first it seemed pretty bleak. The global transformation initiated during the long Uranus-Pluto square of 2012-2015 will be reactivated by transit in the new year, which means we’ll have another round of life-changing crises and drama.

Then the remedy – the transformative facilitators – in this next phase emerged. Jupiter, Venus and Chiron show the way to our ultimate healing and transformation.

Planetary transits and eclipses in 2018 paint a hopeful image of transcendent evolution…if we
participate. Deep and lasting changes are in process within every aspect of society. Our environmental, social, cultural, academic, economic, scientific and spiritual values are at stake. This period of purification, the Great Awakening, has been prophesied since ancient times.

The Period Of High Alert Is Late March Through Mid-April.

Although the exact alignment wrapped up in 2015, we’re still in the midst of a global transformation heralded by the long Uranus-Pluto square a few years ago. That alignment will be reactivated in 2018 with Saturn, Mars, Venus and Mercury transiting the sensitive degrees of the exact squares (8-16 degrees Aries/Capricorn). The most intense period will be late March through mid-April.

Slowly and steadily, Pluto relates to necessary and deep changes that further our evolution both personally and collectively. Revolutionary Uranus heralds sudden, unexpected events (or people) that bring about the needed transformation.

Shakedown. Breakdown. Think about all that’s happened in your life and in the world since 2012, or even 2015.

The long square marked the completion of the first quarter of a cycle that began with the conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in the early 1960s. Fast forward 40+ years and the same themes are up today: The Love-and-Peacers are going head- to-head with The Establishment. Leaders of the old school are hanging on tight to outdated ways as the inevitable forces of social change press forward to reshape humanity’s experience in more egalitarian ways.


More of my posts regarding the transits of Mars and Saturn on April 2nd.

“By: Bob on November 30th, 2017 at 7:04 am: His secondary progressed Moon will conjunct his secondary progressed Pluto on April 3.For most of 2018 transit Saturn will square his secondary progressed Mars, Neptune or their midpoint.”

“By: Bob on December 26th, 2017 at 10:36 am: I was going to wait until after New Years to post these but will begin now as tRump’s progressed Moon has been brought up.


The Apr 3 conjunction seems to be more serious.”

“By: Bob on January 21st, 2018 at 4:51 pm: I was holding off as this is yet to play out but short version – Mueller’s investigation will get closer and closer to tRump in March (mid to late) and may come to a thunderous peak on April 3rd or 4th.”

I just hope that the shutting down of the House investigation with its verdict of no Trump collusion with the Russians is not a precursor to shutting down Mueller’s investigation and making it appear more acceptable! Thoughts?


I see no connection between the pathetic House investigation and what Mueller is doing Sharon; not to say the White House won’t keep trying to shut him down.

A chart for when Mueller was given this assignment, May 17, 2017, had Saturn in Sagittarius (conjunct the Galactic Center) trine Uranus in Aries (where it is now) trine the transiting North Node in Leo (where the 2017 American Eclipse-conjunct-Trump’s ascendant was).

Mueller’s natal Venus in Leo was also trined by Saturn and Uranus that day and the transiting North Node would exactly conjunct his natal Venus the following month. This strikes me as a cooperative effort between Saturn (established order) and Uranus (awakening, breakthrough, cyber intelligence) and the Path Forward (North Node) + Mueller’s Venus, symbol of his values.

Don’t forget that Mueller’s natal Saturn (diligence) is conjunct the US natal chart’s Jupiter (justice) and that too is reassuring for me.

Mueller’s natal Sun (14+ Leo) sextiles his natal Uranus (12+ Gemini) that conjuncts the US natal chart’s descendant (7th house cusp). When transiting Mars gets to 12-14 degrees of Capricorn (April 8-13) and Saturn gets there (Jan. 6 – Feb. 1, 2019) they will complete a Yod to Mueller’s Sun-Uranus sextile. Both of them will activate their (Mars and Saturn) cycle at those times.

That cycle’s chart will feature a sextile between Pluto (dig out) and Jupiter (truth) that forms a Yod with US Mars-conjunct-Trump’s Sun in the part of the Yod that’s forced to adjust to circumstances.

I’m thinking Trump himself could be interviewed by Mueller during those times trans. Mars and/or trans, Saturn completes a Yod to Mueller’s Sun-Uranus sextile.

There is a respect you have to have for the man; never being interviewed by the media and giving the impression of playing his cards close to his vest. Or so it would appear.

He is a Leo after all, and his South Node conjuncts the US natal Pluto, so he is well-connected. I would not be surprised to learn he has planted a few “leaks” on purpose (his Mercury squares his Gemini Uranus which opposes the US ascendant after all).

This keeps the Russian Interference story in the MSM while still cloaked in secrecy; like an ongoing (stay tuned) thriller you don’t want to miss any of. We’re all hooked, especially Trump!

Thanks, barb. Sounds like the forces are with this very strong man who walks in his truth.

In his first visit to San Diego since his inauguration, Trump is expected to head to Otay Mesa on Tuesday for a close-up look at eight prototypes of a wall he said he wants to put up along the country’s southern border with Mexico.

He is not wanted here!


Re: those crashes; we are in the shadow of MercR in Aries; it may be relevant.

I viewed Mr. Smith Goes To Washington starring Jimmy Stewart for the first time on Sunday. For those of you who don’t know, it is one of the great black and white classics of 1939. What amazed me is the remarkable relevance the essential drama of the film has with today’s legislative process on Capitol Hill. If you have not seen it, it is well-worth viewing; it will give you something to cheer about. The the vicious darkness that is U.S. politics is nothing new – its just 80 years since the making of the film.

We must be hopeful and continue to march on with the good fight – it never ends but amazing things do happen, again and again.


I agree. Frank Capra’s expose film on political corruption – Mr. Smith Goes To Washington is just as poignant and relevant today as it was 80 years ago.

An equally brilliant film, a real fascinating spell-binder by Steven Speilberg entitled The Post dwells on the daring risk the Washington Post took on when it published the Pentagon papers and bears an uncanny resemblance to what is presently going on in the Trump White House. Here’s the trailer……


On March 12, Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee decided without consulting Democratic members of the committee to end the probe into Russian interference in the 2016 United States General Election.

Republican Party chart relocated to the White House: July 6, 1854, NS (June 24, 1854, OS), 4:29:27 pm, LMT +5:08:09
White House, District of Columbia,- latitude 38°N53’50”, longitude 077°W02’13”.

GOP Sun at 105°38′. Opposition to it at 105°38′ + 180° = 285°38′.

Transits on March 12, 2018, at 11:00 am, EDT:
Saturn at 278°44′, Pluto at 292°31′. 278°44′ + 292°31′ = 571°15′.

The midpoint of transiting Saturn and Pluto was at 571°15′ / 2 = 285°38′. Exactly opposite the GOP Sun.

Years ago I found the same pattern of negative correspondence active when murderers were performing their horrific acts. The astrology for the announcement says to me the GOP probably knew they were doing a wrong thing when they revealed the cancellation of the investigation.

It has been over 50 years since I watched this movie. It was a treat to see it again.

Watch Mr. Smith Goes to Washington free online – no need to sign up or download anything.

Restored by the Motion Picture Conservation Center


25 seconds of credits before movie begins.

Jupiter stationed retrograde late Thursday night/early Friday morning at 23+ Scorpio which I believe triggered the House (Pubs) to end their Russian Interference investigation.

Jupiter is in orb of a sextile with Pluto at 20+ Capricorn and together they form a Yod with US Mars (21+ Gemini) and Trump’s Sun (22+ Gemini). The adjustment takes place in the Gemini position.

US Neptune (22+ Virgo – details) sextiles transiting Jupiter, trines transiting Pluto, and squares US Mars and Trump’s Sun.

Trump’s Moon (women) in Sagittarius (also squared by US Neptune in Virgo) completes a Boomerang pattern with the above yod. This could be the reason for distraction – a change in the News headlines (away from Stormy). Just a guess.

Rex Tillerson just got fired. Transiting Sun 22+ Pisces opposite US Neptune in Virgo and square US Mars/Trump Sun in Gemini.

More distraction in the news reporting.

Barbk…Yes, Tillerson is gone and he did great damage.
Check NYT

I remember reading Putin had requested Trump not pick Romney for that position.

Whoa! I am not a Tillerson fan…but, he did see Trump as a moron. And he did condemn the Russian poisoning of the UK agent. And he did try to serve as a speed bump for our Disgraceful Donnie Darko.

New info coming in on the firing of Rex Tillerson…. apparently Tillerson was not informed in advance via the usual channels. Trump’s decision was swift and without warning. In fact CNN reports that Tillerson learned of his termination through one of Trump’s tweets! How bizarre is that?

Incidentally, Mike Pompeo, the newly designated Secretary of State has his natal Sun at 8 Capricorn – right in the cross hairs of that powerful April 2nd Mars Saturn conjunction. Here’s Pompeo’s chart:


Remember, Pompeo met with head of Russian Intelligence agencies not long ago. One of whom was banned from entering the USA. Was it a job interview? Congressional Democrats better ask what that meeting was about.

Thank you for your reply masterfully explained “astrology not being able to specifically predict any thing” got it! and thank you for the links.

Does anyone have the Astrology of Conor Lamb? https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2018/03/can-conor-lamb-turn-this-red-pennsylvania-district-blue/555443/
(Send him positive Vibes!)

The loyal adherence of religious conservatives to Donald Trump. The president won four-fifths of the votes of white Evangelical Christians!
Yet Look at the HATEFUL VERY UNCHRISTIAN LIKE Comments from them: http://www.bizpacreview.com/2018/03/13/video-hillary-clinton-tumbles-slips-down-flight-of-stairs-in-india-twice-612939?utm_source=IdealMedia&utm_medium=IdealMedia#

Yes, Will, but it seems like there would be a more disruptive, destructive influence to cause this.

I don’t know, barb…..first the House Committee turns in a premature Russian report, then Tillerson is axed with maybe his condemnation of Russia for poisoning the spy being the last straw. It’s hard to believe getting rid of Mueller isn’t part of some overarching strategy (that appears to be impulsive but may not be). I have to hope and believe that Mueller has a contingency plan in place so the investigation won’t fizzle.

I have a feeling Connor Lamb is going to win today – sure hope so! I hope it’s not one of those too-close-to-call deals.

“Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”! I watched it when I was in film school and have seen it several times since. It can’t help but make you feel proud of some of our American values and the ability of good to triumph over evil, with the help of children! Will that happen again in this day and age as it did in the ’60s. (Ok, we were a little older than the summer camp kids!)

Patty, Tillerson had flaws but at least he stood up to the “moron” and didn’t flinch from expressing his opinions, many of which we agree with. It was just that he brought a business exec’s attitude to a diplomatic position that is far more nuanced!

Will that happen again…as it did in the ’60s? (forgot my question mark). Also, Tillerson had a petro chemical consciousness…

What is going on? My heart is pounding and I have a knot in my stomach. Trump has really become unhinged. I watched Rex Tillerson a few minutes ago. I wasn’t a big fan of his but he has integrity and is a gentleman and did not pander to Trump. I have my doubts about Mike Pompeo. I’m just worried about how far off course Trump will take us.

If Connor Lamb wins tonight that will be reassuring for our chances of a ” blue wave” in November capable of not only blocking Trump’s agenda but of making great strides with a progressive agenda.
Send Connor light, good vibes, positive energy, pls.

Hi Jerry,

Thank you for recommending The Post – will see it in time.


Thank you for posting the link for Mr. Smith Goes to Washington – such a find!

Hi Sharon,

I know what you are saying – I was just spit-balling the shadow of Mercury R.


Check this out – possibly an influence in recent crashes, etc.

G1 (Minor) Geomagnetic Storm Warning Issued – 10 Mar 2018 | NOAA …

G1 (Minor) Geomagnetic Storm Warning Issued – 10 Mar 2018. G1 (Minor) Geomagnetic Storm Warning Issued – 10 Mar 2018. published: Saturday, March 10, 2018 12:01 UTC. G1 (Minor) geomagnetic storm conditions are expected between 10/0025-1200 UTC due to the influence of a passing transient feature. Facebook …

Connor Lamb birthdate june 27 1984.
I notice his sun at 5 cancer, mercury 10 cancer, and venus 8 cancer. – all close to usa sun 13 cancer and Jupiter 5 cancer. Not sure what everything else means, but it strikes me that there must be quite a resonance with the usa chart
His natal Jupiter is at 8 cap which is being affected right now with transit saturn.

Interestingly, new cia chief has same birthdate as Theresa May http://www.star4cast.ca/gina-haspel-cia-black-site-chief-same-date-as-theresa-may/

Transit Jupiter is conjunct the secondary progressed inaugural Moon now reflecting the House Intelligence Committee’s Republican majority action. There will be times when there are positive aspects in the charts of tRump, the Republican Party, or the inauguration, either natal or progressed.

But as all aspects do, they will pass and there will be times when negative aspects prevail in those same charts. Such a time is around April 2nd and 3rd, so today’s joy will be short lived.

Overall the negatives begin to prevail in those charts now and continue to for the next several years.

The shut down of house investigation is so obviously a pure political ploy – according to their own words ‘urgent need to make findings known because voting is already underway in the midterm elections’
I think/hope it will backfire spectacularly.
I suppose though that will ultimately depend on how many people have been gullibly brainwashed by them.

Just wanted to add one observation, the crowd at trump’s rally in Pennsylvania reminded me of a WWW (wrestling) match audience with coached cheers and jeers.

Thank you, Bob. That makes me feel better and so do the early results on Connor Lamb.

Kiwi, what house is that stellum of planets in Cancer in in Lambs chart?

That stellium is getting a Saturn visit by opposition. Not sure what that means for his chances of winning.
I don’t have time tonight to look at his chart, but it will interesting to look at his moon placement and condition – given all that Cancer.

98% vote in – conner lamb in the lead, barely.

Bailey – no birthtime so don’t know house.

I find the present trine right now between transiting North Node (14+ Leo) and the Great Attractor (14+ Sagittarius) a positive sign – in general – of things to come. In fact the March 17 Pisces New Moon chart has Venus and Mercury in Aries in a grand trine with the GA and the North Node.

The GA and the Moon’s nodes (north and south) provide a general meaning applicable to all but vague in specifics.

The GA suggests a powerfully magnetic draw toward something or someone that allows for seeing beyond the obvious. Call it foresight, if you will. It has varying effects, depending on the situation or individual it connects with which can be seen as positive or negative, but illuminating none-the-less.

The Moon’s North and South nodes in a chart suggest past talents that no longer need to be developed (south node) and future opportunities that lead to positive growth (north node).

Tonight the Leo North Node (trine the Great Attractor in Sagittarius) is opposed by transiting Moon (conjunct trans. South Node) in Aquarius, which, in effect, reflects the light of the North Node (opportunities for growth) in a dramatic (Leo) way.

No matter who wins, the voters (Moon) are shining some light (consciousness awakening) on the Path Forward (North node).

On Nov. 6th, 2018, when most mid-term elections are held, the North Node (0+ Leo) and the South Node (0+ Aquarius) will be squared by Moon (at 8 AM, EST) at 0+ Scorpio opposite Uranus at 0+ Taurus. That should be revealing, even without the Great Attractor. However, the grand trine between Sun in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces and US natal Sun in Cancer should (IMO) bring relief to those of who love our country.

At 12:43:20 on RSBN* LIVE am, EDT Conner Lamb came out to claim victory.

*Right Side Broadcasting Network

Conor Lamb just declared victory in PA House race, albeit a very slim margin.

Better than a sharp-stick-in-the-eye.

the fact that Lamb won is especially amazing when one considers that there have been only 2 dems vs 14 repub successive representatives from that district over the past 100yrs

Eliseo–from my mentor, Adina Walker, now passed. There is, just above your head, a golden bowl of healing.
it cannot be depleted. All you need do is reach up–and take as much as you need, as many times as you need, and heal.
Sent to you with great love, Eliseo and to all.

The newly designated Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is strongly aligned with Trump’s hawkish views in its opposition to China’s “unacceptable” trade business practices, especially when it comes to the theft of intellectual property.

With China’s natal Sun at 7 ’46 Libra in t square to Trump’s natal Mercury (8 ’51 Cancer) and Pompeo’s natal Sun (8 ’28 Capricorn) one suspects the April 2nd Mars/Saturn conj. (8 ’57 Capr.) could elicit a retaliatory response. Could China withdraw some of its investments from US treasuries and seriously erode the stability of the US dollar? That would certainly leave stock markets in uncertainty and disarray……….

Trump Is Reportedly Set To Blow A Trade War With China Wide Open

Business Insider
March 14, 2018

* President Donald Trump is reportedly pushing members of his administration to come up with new tariffs and trade restrictions on China.

* The restrictions would be part of an investigation under Section 301 of the the US Trade Act of 1974 that is looking into intellectual property theft by Chinese firms.

* The move would likely spark a swift reaction from China and possibly prompt a trade war between the two countries.



Excerpt in a report from todays’ CNBC economic analyst Jim Cramer

Picking Pompeo As Top US Diplomat Sends A Message To China — ‘You Are Our Enemy’


President Donald Trump’s plan to appoint CIA Director Mike Pompeo as secretary of State sends a startling message to China, CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Tuesday.

“It says to China you are our enemy,” Cramer said on “Squawk on the Street.” “This is about China being our intellectual and economic enemy,” he added. “I think [saying] anything short of that is just a mistake.”

– End of Quote –

Dumping U.S. Debt, A Possible Weapon In Global Trade War

March 3, 2018

NEW YORK (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump’s plan to slap stiff tariffs on imported steel and aluminum has rattled financial markets and stirred fears that some trading partners might retaliate by dumping U.S. Treasuries.

Should China, Japan and other nations, which have recycled their trade dollars through their Treasuries holdings, suddenly decide to whittle them down, markets could be in for a rough ride.

Such a retaliatory move, in the wake of Trump’s first big protectionist action, comes at a time when foreign demand for U.S. debt is seen critical to offset an expected surge in federal borrowing needs, analysts and investors said on Friday.

“The threats are real,” said Kristina Hooper, chief global market strategist at Invesco in New York. “We need more foreign demand, not less.”



Failing to check my work I misspelled Conor Lamb’s name twice in 1 spelling.

Forgot to apply my old building adage – ‘Measure twice, cut once’. They are probably counting the votes twice in PA.


Lamb’s 20 point win, slim as it was, is indeed a significant sea-change in that particular district. We can visualize and work toward a domino-effect on November 6.


Golden bowl of healing just above our heads is a beautiful image. Thank you.

Wow! Thank you PA and thank you Bailey for your optimism!!


This multiple replacement of staff in high-level positions in Trump’s cabinet/government and/or his thinking about it, and leaking news about it, is Trump’s Mercury (8+ Cancer in his 11th house of groups) at work.

This Trump natal Mercury is now opposite transiting Saturn (8+ Capricorn).

This is Trump’s Mercury opposed by transiting Saturn at 8+ Capricorn where Hybris (Hubris) was when Neptune and Pluto were conjunct over a century ago.

That was the start of the Neptune/Pluto cycle – both of whom were conjunct US natal Uranus at 8+Gemini – while at the same moment they were both sextile the Mars/Chiron conjunction at 8+ Leo, more than 100 years ago.

That Mars (anger)/Chiron (wound) conjunction at 8+ Leo was also conjunct the Sun (consciousness) at 10+ Leo that day, and 10+ Leo is where Trump’s natal Pluto (destroy & rebirth) sits in Trump’s birth chart.

Trump’s PLUTO (10+ Leo) sextiles the US natal URANUS (the unexpected) at 8+ Gemini, and that sextile forms a Yod to transiting SATURN (make manifest) at 8+ Capricorn, which calls for adjustment.

This Saturn (in transit) opposes Trump’s natal MERCURY at 8+ Cancer (Family), the end point of a Boomerang pattern, the point which receives the accumulated energy of all participants (PLUTO, URANUS, SATURN, MERCURY) and disperses it according to its will.

The Yod in the chart for the start of the Neptune/Pluto cycle consisting of Neptune/Pluto-sextile-Mars/Chiron-all quincunx-Hybris(hubris) is manifested (by a transit of Saturn) and history will record the US President called Donald Trump fufilled his part in the Neptune/Pluto cycle through the power of his natal Mercury, albeit unconsciously. So simple.

I don’t see Lamb as particularly left wing, but at least he’s not cut from dominionist cloth – his Christianity is far closer to feed the hungry heal the sick, appreciate the workers, thank goodness.

Interesting Barbk re your comment on trumps mercury – I noticed that Conner Lamb’s mercury is in that neighbourhood too at 10 cancer.

Another outlet for the energy of the Neptune/Pluto cycle comes through Mueller’s natal chart in combination with the April 2nd conjunction of Mars to Saturn which starts their 2+ year cycle.

Mueller’s natal Pluto (8+ Leo) also sextiles US natal Uranus (8+ Gemini), where Neptune and Pluto started their cycle long ago. This sextile between Mueller’s Pluto and the US Uranus will complete a Yod with the conjunction between transiting Mars and Saturn at 8+ Capricorn.

Through the “adjustment” of trans. Mars and Saturn, when pressed by US Uranus and Mueller’s Pluto there is, again, Trump’s natal Mercury at 8+ Cancer to make a Boomerang and catch all that turmoil of the Yod (US Uranus, Mueller’s Pluto, trans Mars/Saturn).

Of course, this is going on WITHOUT transiting Mars’ input, but at the arrival of Mars (conjunct trans. Saturn) we also get the trans. Moon (symbolizing the mood of the masses) at 9+ Scorpio that sextiles Mars and Saturn in Cap.

That leads to a Yod with the sextile between Mars/Saturn and Moon all being quincunx US Uranus at 8+ Gemini (at the apex point that will be adjusting). This will be in effect for 2 years.

Because the apex point (US Uranus) of this new Yod is also where the Pluto-Neptune conjunction started their cycle, it could be an adjustment with world-shaking results. As Jerry pointed out up-thread, Russia’s natal Pluto is also at 8+ Capricorn, and conjunct transiting Mars and Saturn.

Will the US (via natal Uranus) join the rebuttal of Russia’s tactics of poisoning citizens in UK by sending home some Russian diplomats living in the USA? Will Mueller nab some of his indicted Russians some way?

Then there is this: the April 2nd Mars/Saturn conjunction chart (cycle) has Pluto (21+ Capricorn) sextile Jupiter (22+ Scorpio rx) that forms a Yod with US Mars (21+ Gemini), Trump’s Sun (22+ Gemini and, wait for it . . . Russia’s Sun (22+ Gemini). You just can’t make this stuff up.

kiwi, I’m sure he will catch some of the flack too.

joke on news this morning ‘it wasn’t a landslide, it was a lambslide’ LOL

Walmart may be building drone army of robot bees to pollinate crops


Oh, you lefties!



Who here has a birthday on February 3, 1984? I want to read your story of the last few years.

From Wikipedia:

“Elizabeth Anne Holmes (/ho?mz/; born February 3, 1984) . . . .” . . . “In 2015, Forbes named Holmes as the youngest self-made female billionaire in the world due to a $9 billion valuation of Theranos.[4] The next year Forbes revised her net value “From $4.5 Billion to Nothing”[5].

[4] and [5] taken from Forbes magazine.

Hi Barbk,

The exact Jupiter-Pluto sextile (21 ’16 Scorpio-Capr.) which coincidentally enough occurs on April 14th (the anniversary of Pres. Lincoln’s assassination) forms a yod to Trump’s progressed Uranus (21 ’19 Gemini). The Jupiter-Pluto midpoint (21 ’16 Sagittarius) by the way is precisely conjunct Trump’s natal Moon (21 ’12 Sag).

So….. with that being said, we have events beginning April 2nd and culminating April 14th: does this suggest the President’s life is in danger come mid April?

PS The April 2nd Mars/Saturn conj. (8 Capr.) in quincunx to Mueller’s natal Pluto (8 Leo); would that indicate the firing of Robert Mueller as Special Counsel?

You’re way ahead of me Jerry! I suppose Trump might be in harm’s way (thanks for the April 14th astrology; fascinating), but I’m leaning toward something along the line of Trump being squeezed into a situation (position) where he is forced to let go of some stance (like Russia isn’t any worse than, say, China) and capitulate to the general Public.

(Trans. Moon, symbol of the masses, on 4/2 in Scorpio sextiles trans. Mars/Saturn in Cap., making a yod to US Uranus in Gemini – but Moon trines his natal Mercury in Cancer opposite trans. Mars/Saturn in Cap.)


Trump capitulating to the general public? Not very likely. Trump is after all, only interested in Trump. Me thinks he would rather fire Robert Mueller, using the imminent trade war (steep steel and aluminum tariffs are scheduled to come into effect March 23rd) – to use a trade war as a smokescreen to shut down the Russian investigation (in the interest of national security). Many people have the impression he wants to consolidate power – not to relinquish it.

Bob, your March 11 post is right on. There is such a thing as ‘free will’ and we can choose how to use influences, talents, skills etc. Thank you for that post.

The countdown to April 2-4 continues:

NY Times:

WASHINGTON — The special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, has subpoenaed the Trump Organization to turn over documents, including some related to Russia, according to two people briefed on the matter. The order is the first known time that the special counsel demanded documents directly related to President Trump’s businesses, bringing the investigation closer to the president.

The breadth of the subpoena was not clear, nor was it clear why Mr. Mueller issued it instead of simply asking for the documents from the company, an umbrella organization that oversees Mr. Trump’s business ventures. In the subpoena, delivered in recent weeks, Mr. Mueller ordered the Trump Organization to hand over all documents related to Russia and other topics he is investigating, the people said.

The subpoena is the latest indication that the investigation, which Mr. Trump’s lawyers once regularly assured him would be completed by now, will drag on for at least several more months. Word of the subpoena comes as Mr. Mueller appears to be broadening his investigation to examine the role foreign money may have played in funding Mr. Trump’s political activities…


Measles warning issued after infected travelers flew to three airports



Trump: ‘That’ll be almost half of the judiciary … appointed by us.’

By Rebecca Pilar Buckwalter Poza
Thursday Mar 15, 2018 · 10:14 AM PDT

someone to watch?
Pence COS

Trump believes he’s so special that he can get away with everything…because he always has.
Conservatives won’t take Mueller’s findings lightly.

So, this may all be the lightening-flash before the Mueller-Trump Storm finally hits:
“Conflict of Interest Watch” (12 Videos)

Kiwi, I just read that article. Very creepy.

No, I didn’t think you would agree Jerry, and you may be right. It is because Trump thinks of himself only that I said it though. If he wants to survive, figuratively (or literally), he may have to give up some thing(s); his back against the wall, if you will forgive me. Did you read Fe’s piece?

I feel that Mueller leaks what he wants to leak and only what he wants to leak. He’s shrewd, that man.

Anyone have any personal-planet conjunctions with transiting Uranus in Taurus this May?

You have a feeling something’s coming with the Trump familia? Like escaping the blast site before the bomb drops?

“Vanessa Trump filed for divorce against her husband Donald Trump Jr. late Thursday in Manhattan Supreme Court.

The president’s daughter-in-law filed for an uncontested proceeding, meaning she’s not expecting a legal battle over custody of the couple’s five children or their assets.

They were married in 2005.

Page Six first reported that they were struggling with marital problems related to Don Jr.’s travels and controversial tweets.”

(check the screenshot in the diary of Vanessa recalling her meeting Don Jr. The last line is a hoot!)


Answering Will’s question:
Uranus will trine my natal Saturn at 0 Capricorn then trine Natal Venus at 2 Virgo. I’m looking forward to it!

To Will again:
Sorry, I see now you said conjunction. ?

will, I have my Part of Fortune at 1 Taurus. Does that count?

The Russians are coming! News of hacking into US power plants infrastructure has now gone public.



That is a very interesting conjunct you have coming up. I am not well versed with fixed stars or planets. I wish I could be informative.

I’ve got a direct Uranus hit coming up with my Venus and Mars at 0 and 1 degree Taurus respectively in 7th house. I have shpilkes but will embrace it fully.


The 1st degree of my 4th house is at 29 Aries, so … unexpected things to do with home and family?

My natal sun is at 19 Taurus, so I’ll get a Uranus conjunction down the road.


I wondered about the timing of the Trump Jr. divorce — if his wife thought she needed to get out and get what money she could before the Trump fortune is gone.

Not sure if she could get a divorce fast enough, before legal bills and indictments and maybe fraud charges or something like that hit the business. But it made me wonder.

Well, crap, Will.

Now I’m reading about Uranus transits to the IC. I think this is a case where ignorance is … not quite bliss, but … better than knowing. 🙁

It’s conjunct my IC on April 11th. Then the damned planet goes retrograde and stations direct in Jan. 2019 a half a degree off my IC.

I like my house. I like it a lot. And my husband, and our home life has been mostly blissful for the last 7 or 8 years. Kids left, and were were alone with dogs, and figured out we still really like each other. And the husband is no trouble to take care of. Being here with him and dogs is so much easier than with him, the dogs and the kids. I’ve been feeling really good and loving my 50s. We’ve had some daughter drama (okay, more serious than that, big scary stuff) but even she seems to have calmed down a lot and figured stuff out and found a really good guy.

Isn’t it bad enough that I live in a country where Donald Trump is president?

Theresa Hill,

I am happy for your contentment. Re: Uranus transits; we can only hope that the Universe knows what he/she/it is doing and live up to the “liberating, innovative and revolutionary” qualities the planet is said to wildly-confer.

Of course the other thing with Uranus is “surprise” and “out-of-the-blue” developments.

All good, ultimately, right?


Make sure your homeowners insurance is paid up, get a reliable contractor and do some remodeling. Make changes that you plan out, don’t wait for something to happen.

Uranus can also be connected to travel or introducing anything new and fresh into your life.


I don”t know if I have your correct time of birth. If I do you have progressed Moon conjunct progressed Saturn and Neptune all opposite progressed Venus in right ascension and on progressed angles on July 21st.

But, the anlunar that begins that same day has return Mercury on the MC and return Jupiter on the Asc. . You may work out any difficulties to your satisfaction.

Very hard for me to make a more direct interpretation with such strong conflicting aspects in play at the same time.

I do not trust anything the tRump’s do.

After a divorce could tRump assets be put in Vanessa’s name to keep them from being taken in legal procedures brought against the tRump’s (Sr and Jr)? In other words, could the divorce be a sham?

Wow, This Nick Ayers is a smooth Southern operator just like Lee Atwater. Pence the Dud would need someone like that to inspire him…’In 2010, Ayers was named as one of Time’s 40 most influential people in politics under the age of 40, highlighting his growing influence in national politics’. I suspect he’ll run for President.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nick_Ayers
Thanks Kiwi!

“Can Mueller Force Trump to testify? I asked 9 legal experts”.Spoiler alert: He can, but it’s complicated.

After watching Lawrence O’Donnell’s show about tRump’s early morning screaming post I looked at my chart for tRump on Feb 26 and I think that may in deed have been the day he received the subpoena demanding his organization documents.

Could that have prompted looking for a way to shield things from Mueller, resulting in this sudden divorce action involving his son? Can Mueller freeze the transfer of any assets, making them ineligible as part of a divorce settlement or even transfer by Sr?

Bob, perhaps Vanessa, at 40 with 5 kids, is just plain sick of the whole trump circus and wants out.

Hi Bob,

Thank you for the head’s-up; sounds gnarly, Dude!

I came to this planet on March 20, 1953 at 6:25pm Chicago, IL.


We bought a little, old brick ranch 7 years ago and have done a ton in renovations and additions. The only thing left we’ve talked about is the back deck, which is in bad shape. Talked about replacing it with a covered porch, which I would love, but I’m much more interested in my husband being able to retire than more house changes.

I have been telling him that we could move abroad and have much lower health care costs — his biggest concern with retiring — and a good standard of living if we rented our house back here and lived partly on that money. But he really doesn’t want to leave the country.


If it’s hitting your venus and mars, maybe a wonderful, really energetic woman will show up in your life? Are you single? I can’t remember.


I am my own wife; but I am totally open to that.

Geez, Vanessa Trump has hired a criminal lawyer for her divorce case. Why would that be?



I’ am a Hermetic Tarot practitioner; I’ve been consistently pulling The Lovers, Two of Cups and The Devil, Death and The Star in the spreads since January. You may be on to something.

Did you see this from Wash. Post?

The Daily 202 Analysis:
President may hire multiple cable news personalities as part of White House shake-up
Trump’s reality television presidency may be getting more star power as he turns to talking heads to join the administration.”

Now there’s a thought; thanks kiwi!

There is a grand trine going on right now that will be a part of tomorrow’s New Moon. The Great Attractor in Sagittarius, the Moon’s North Node in Leo and Mercury in Aries are all at the 14+ degree of those 3 fire signs.

We might see signs of this energy flow in the White House briefing today. Or not. The Great Attractor is in the 1st house of the US natal chart (Sagittarius rising) which is about “self” or how we see ourselves. Mercury in Aries will be in the 4th house of home, family, roots, and the North Node in Leo will be in the 8th house of shared resources.

Mercury is about all kinds of communication (including voting), thinking, reading, viewing, children, while the North Node is about opportunities to forge a new path toward improving our lives. The Great Attractor is about a magnetic draw toward an irresistible person, idea or movement.

This grand trine could apply to us as individuals or as a nation, but there are difficulties inherent in the New Moon chart which is symbolized by Neptune at 14+ Pisces (in the US natal 3rd house of communication). Neptune is square the Great Attractor (GA) right now, which could throw doubt about just what the Great Attractor symbolizes.

In the New (Pisces) Moon chart, the GA is in the 8th house (when set in Washington DC) while Neptune and Mercury (who will be conjunct Venus) and the New Moon itself are in the 12th house adding to the Neptunian effect on the grand trine. The North Node is in the 4th house of this New Moon chart.

This Neptune effect could symbolize confusion or fear, depression, doubt or a spiritual kind of ecstasy. It could also symbolize drugs, dreams, beautiful music or art.

In spite of this Neptune confusion there is the possibility of new insight (GA) that could lead to thinking about where our lives are leading on this present trajectory. This opportunity for change is a gift from the Universe and much needed. We must watch (Mercury) for those opportunities (NN) to make that happen.


Part of that sounds good, but we don’t want you in love with a devil woman who wants to kill you. Unless the death is of your single life, maybe.


Fantastic insight!

Will — my tarot guy in Mexico (Gustavo Rodriguez) taught me that the Devil card (#15) is numerologically is connected to the Lovers (#6) (15=1+5=6) — and that it’s not the Devil keeping the Lovers tied to each other, but they are tying themselves to each other. For you I wish the Death of the Devilish paradigm of relationships in your life, and the emergence (via good old Uranus) of a Star-like Lovers relationship. xoxo

Paul Ryan Celebrates as Court Strikes Down Rule Designed to Protect Retirees from Financial Fraudsters


Get off the Ferris wheel Will you’re going on the roller coaster.

At the same time as the Moon, Saturn, Neptune, and Venus grouped by progression you will be having progressed Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter in a clump (all at about 62°). One day for this to activate is about August 20th.


That is an a rich interpretation about The Devil. I’ll have to check any new women that comes my way for tail and horns.

Grazie mille!


“She’s just a devil woman
With evil on her mind
Beware the devil woman
She’s gonna get you
She’s just a devil woman
With evil on her mind
Beware the devil woman
She’s gonna get you from behind”


Hi, long-time lurker coming out of the shrubbery. Will asked if anyone had personal planets in Taurus that would be hit by Uranus in May.
I have Sun, Moon and Mars in Taurus in the eighth house. Don’t have my chart at hand to tell you the degrees, but here’s my data: I was born May 6, 1951 at 4:26pm in Pasadena, CA.
I’m just the merest dabbler in astrology, so I really don’t know what I should expect this May.
Pluto in Capricorn has been moving through my 4th house for some time, and during this phase I have watched my brother’s marriage implode, lost my mom, had to move out of the family home (which I shared with mom for 15 years), and have become recently estranged from my relatives on mom’s side of the family, who were always a wonderful “second home” to me in the past. Lots of rug-pulls, so to speak, regarding my roots & family (there’s more, but you get the idea).
I’m not ashamed to say the upcoming Uranus hit has me a bit on edge. Am really tired of the upheaval, but I suppose there may be more.


So generous of you to offer me that caveat.
Souncs like Ferris Wheel Bueller’s Day On

Much gratitude, Bob.

Bob, what does 62-degrees mean?

It is the true position (right ascension) of a point is space instead of the longitudinal point shown in horoscopes.

Right ascension is used by scientists in figuring the path of space flights, Moon landing,etc.

Sometimes the 2 measurements are very nearly the same and transits to them using the same measurement used for the point originally fall on the same day but in some cases the timing can be off by days, weeks, or even months. Some aspects shown to take place in longitude never actually occur in reality (timing not good for a Moon landing). I make all of my measurements in right ascension, only sometimes noting a point in longitude for other astrologers.

Positions in right ascension

Sun 061°54′
Difference of 2 degrees from longitude measurement means a 2 day difference in the transit of this point by the Sun, days of difference for a transit by a slower moving body like Saturn.

Mercury 062°55′
Jupiter 061°49′

Positions in longitude

Sun 03°Ge54′
Mercury 04°Ge58′
Jupiter 03°Ge42′

The winter solstice (Dec. 21, 2017) period is coming to a close unceremoniously with the firing of Andrew McCabe. The transiting Sun was conjunct transiting Saturn, both at 0 Capricorn at that Solstice.

That Solstice chart had a Moon at 6+ Aquarius which is conjunct the US natal chart’s South Node (symbol of release) which conjuncts the US natal chart’s Pholus (small cause BIG effect), both also at 6+ Aquarius.

That Solstice Moon was squared by the Solstice chart’s Mars at 7+ Scorpio.

This could also be the work of transiting Neptune that squares transiting Great Attractor (GA), throwing a wrench into the grand trine energy between Mercury, North Node and the GA in my earlier comment.


How do you feel about roller coasters? Will you ride in the first car and hold your hands up the whole time?

Pushed around by a whale (stills from video)

Wonderful story.

When A 25-Ton Whale Wouldn’t Leave Her Alone, She Soon Realized What Would Happen


Our friends.

Fe, my take on Vanessa hiring a criminal attorney says – she wants to dot her i’s and cross her t’s to make sure she is in no way culpable for any of Donny jr’s misdeeds, and to prevent her from being drawn into the trump web of lies.
Reports are she has been very unhappy with his more recent tweets, actions, and public statements. Her dad was a lawyer so my guess would be that perhaps she may be being advised by longtime close family friends?

Will, Wishing you a very happy solar return coming up! You are going into a 7 year (according to Lorrie you begin to feel the vibes of the forthcoming year 3 mo in advance, and continue to feel the themes of the 6 year for 3 more months as it phases out). In astrology, as we know, 7 connects to relationships/partnerships so maybe more confirmation :-)? In numerology, it has other meanings too. Good to see you posting again – I’ve always enjoyed your wit and humor.


That bad, huh?


Thank you very much for the good thoughts and kind words.

Re: 7-year; didn’t see that one coming up on me. Tsuris!


Thank you for the explanation – you are clearly light years beyond me in astrology. I’m thinking that cluster around 1-4 Gemini might be signified by the Lovers.

Lots to learn from you, Bob. Lots.

New post up: