3rd Jan, 2018

The Long View

This past year has been deeply disturbing and profoundly disheartening for a multitude of reasons. We long for a world of opportunity, hope, and sanity, while we struggle to stay afloat in a sea of narrow-minded selfishness and short-sighted cowardice engendered by Republican governance. We desperately hope for the crushing of the Megalomaniacal Monster and his twisted reign of narcissism, manipulation, and greed, while his swath of destruction marches ever onward, administered by his minions from Hell. It is not at all clear that any of this will shift in the near term, but it is useful to look at the longer trends to begin to get a grip on what is happening to us and find a glimmer of hope among the ashes.

The first thing to understand is that the US progressed Sun moved from Aquarius and into Pisces at the end of 2004, where it will remain until November 2034. The previous thirty years, with the US progressed Sun in Aquarius, brought with them unsurpassed technological innovation and scientific advancement, traits very much associated with Aquarius.

With the US progressed Sun now in Pisces, we are in a thirty year period of increased religiosity, as well as thinking ruled more by the shifting emotions of the day than by the fact-based analytical analysis we used to depend on. The country as a whole is less grounded, more emotional, and more prone to deception, illusion, a sense of grievance, and disappointment. Moreover, these difficult traits of the water sign Pisces are very much exacerbated at present while the transit of Neptune is conjunct the US progressed Sun, spanning roughly from late March 2016 through the first half of January 2019.

Thus, from the early months of the 2016 campaign through early January 2019, Americans have been and will continue to be highly susceptible to deception, false and manipulative narratives, unrealistic and ultimately disappointed expectations, and misguided, exaggerated, and changeable emotions. Using this particular frame of understanding, we may hope for some clarity emerging after January 2019, but the real awakening from this shifting, emotional, and rather unmoored state of mind will not come until the US progressed Sun moves into Aries in November 2034, ushering in a real rebirth in the nation’s self-awareness and agenda.

The second issue to be aware of is the building energy of the US Pluto return, which will be exact during much of 2022. Pluto’s placement in a chart describes where we will find an attempt to control and overwhelm all opposition, often leading to enormous power struggles and the tendency to take things to such an extreme that they implode and transform. It is useful to recall that the last time Pluto was in this position, the Declaration of Independence was written, and the 13 original colonies pushed back hard against the overwhelming power of the British Empire. One could say that the British pressed down too hard in their efforts to control their colonists, leading to the revolutionary resistance that led to the birth of a new and independent nation. This may be seen as a classic example of a Plutonian power struggle for survival, one which inexorably led to profound transformation.

In the current situation, the battle coalescing with the coming US Pluto return seems to be between the overwhelming financial and political power of concentrated wealth, especially the big corporations, and the rest of us. With the US natal Pluto in the 2nd house of personal finance and opposite US Mercury in the 8th house of investment and hidden wealth, the obsessive accumulation of wealth is a constant issue in America. As Pluto moves back toward its birth place, this compulsion to amass limitless wealth is on steroids. This unbridled impulse is clearly manifesting through the policies of the Trump administration and the Republican Congress, who bend their collective knee to the demands of their donor class, the uber wealthy and the big corporations. At the top of their wish list is the defanging of all regulation that might impede their profits, as well as the dramatic diminishing of their tax burden.  One need only glance at the new tax law or the destruction of most of the existing environmental and other corporate regulation to see this trend.

As this growing concentration of wealth continues, irrespective of all consequence, it will become so extreme that it will engender its own implosion, and, ultimately, transformation. This will be compounded by Pluto moving from Capricorn into Aquarius, briefly in 2023 and then completely in early 2024. At this point, there will begin to be a major shift in the power structures in the US and the world. The Aquarian dynamic, with Pluto in Aquarius from 2024 through 2043, will move us globally toward working together for common goals, greater diversity, and far more egalitarian social and economic structures. The historical antecedent to this coming era, the last time Pluto was in Aquarius from 1778 to 1798, included not only the final years of the US Revolution (1775 to 1783) and the emergence of the truly revolutionary US Constitution (1787 to 1789), but also the French Revolution (1789 to 1799) and its reverberations throughout the world. As described in Wikipedia:

The (French) Revolution resulted in the suppression of the feudal system, the emancipation of the individual, the greater division of landed property, the abolition of the privileges of noble birth and the nominal establishment of equality. The French Revolution differed from other revolutions in being not merely national, for it aimed at benefiting all humanity.

Thus, we can hope for big changes as Pluto moves through Aquarius beginning in 2024. But this transformation is likely to be precipitated by the extreme manifestation of concentrated wealth and an increasing abuse of power in the final years of Pluto in Capricorn and during the US Pluto return. And who better than Donald Trump to be the poster boy for the unbridled and greedy arrogance of wealth and privilege? I am in no way claiming that Trump will win again in 2020, but certainly the enormous corruption and concentration of wealth he has unleashed will continue for years, as we fight the Plutonian fight for survival against it through the mid to late 2020’s.  For now, we need to begin to truly conceptualize what we want this world to look like in the coming Pluto in Aquarius era. And what exactly will liberty, equality, and fraternity 2.0 mean as the US enters an entirely new cycle by 2035 with the progressed US Sun beginning the zodiac anew in Aries?

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I didn’t realize how much I’ve looked forward to this post until I logged in. The Long View is powerfully evocative. Even if Trump doesn’t make it another year, he’ll have “softened up” the solemnity of the office. The Long View seems to indicate this, and acknowledge the jackals waiting to rip Trump to shreds (Bannon is currently leader of the pack). The next corporatist to hold the office may be more subtle than Trump, but just as venomous.

No more pie in the sky wishful thinking. I will attempt to be more present, and to vision what my grandchildren might wish to achieve. (Right now, even at their young ages, they’re very progressive). That gives me faith, and hope for a better future, someday.

I’m placing bets on the fact that this had to be difficult to write.

Nancy, thanks again for sharing your expertise with the rest of us regarding the long view looking forward.
It occurs to me that the citizens’ antidote to trump and his corruption must come from the bottom up, thru local communities and the states rather than the feds, and it would be interesting to see the astrology of the various more influential states thru this same time period.

Just came across this article which gives me hope that perhaps all is not lost – “States to revive climate panel disbanded by Trump”

Timing the revolution.


I put in for 10 years of Pluto transits to the Sibly chart but there are no major Pluto aspects to the Sibly chart in 2026 or 2027.

Timing in longitude.

SIBLY – Jul 4 1776 NS, 5:10 pm, LMT +5:00:39
Philadelphia PA, 39°N57’08”, 075°W09’51”

Plu Sqr Mar Dec 3 2017 17°Cp53′ D Tr Sp
Plu Tri Nep Feb 28 2019 22°Cp25′ D Tr Na
Plu Tri Nep Jun 22 2019 22°Cp25′ R Tr Na

Plu Tri Nep Jan 1 2020 22°Cp25′ D Tr Na
Plu Opp Mer Feb 27 2020 24°Cp12′ D Tr Na
Plu Opp Mer Jun 26 2020 24°Cp12′ R Tr Na

Plu Opp Mer Jan 1 2021 24°Cp12′ D Tr Na
Plu Tri Nep Feb 27 2021 26°Cp00′ D Tr Sp
Plu Tri Nep Jun 29 2021 25°Cp59′ R Tr Sp

Plu Tri Nep Jan 2 2022 25°Cp59′ D Tr Sp
Plu Cnj Plu Feb 20 2022 27°Cp33′ D Tr Na
Plu Cnj Plu Jul 11 2022 27°Cp33′ R Tr Na
Plu Cnj Plu Dec 28 2022 27°Cp33′ D Tr Na

Plu Cnj Plu Mar 1 2023 29°Cp31′ D Tr Sp
Plu Cnj Plu Jul 5 2023 29°Cp31′ R Tr Sp

Plu Cnj Plu Jan 6 2024 29°Cp32′ D Tr Sp
Plu Tri MC Feb 23 2024 01°Aq03′ D Tr Na
Plu Tri MC Jul 15 2024 01°Aq03′ R Tr Na
Plu Tri MC Dec 31 2024 01°Aq03′ D Tr Na

Plu Sqr Sat Feb 23 2025 02°Aq45′ D Tr Sp
Plu Sqr Sat Jul 19 2025 02°Aq44′ R Tr Sp
Plu Sqr Sat Dec 31 2025 02°Aq43′ D Tr Sp

*** END REPORT ***

Bravo Nancy, your Big Picture is riveting. I especially appreciate your noting the US natal Mercury opposite the US natal Pluto as these days the Media (or as we used to say, “the Press”) is hounding this President unmercifully. Listening to reporters and anchors of news shows is as shocking as reading the President’s tweets; they have entered new territory and show no inclination to “be respectful” toward this President. Truly oppositional! Truly a new plateau in journalism.

Most all the charts for long-term cycles between two planets that are in effect now have some link to the US natal chart, and/or to the Trump chart. The Saturn-Pluto cycle that began with their conjunction in 1982 at 27+ Libra was square the US natal Pluto (and trine the US Moon, symbol of the US People).

Pluto and Saturn were also sextile transiting Neptune in Sagittarius (conjunct the Galactic Center) at this cycle’s start, and they formed a Yod to transiting Chiron in Taurus which was conjunct Trump’s MC. Transiting Chiron at the apex of the Yod was the one that had to adjust. This makes so much sense now.

When the multiple conjunctions between Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter took place conjunct the US Moon in Aquarius back in 2009 and 2010, they were always semi-sextile transiting Uranus in Pisces, where the presently transiting Chiron will be in Feb-April, 2018.

The conjunctions themselves, Jupiter-Neptune, Jupiter-Chiron, Chiron-Neptune, were always opposite Trump’s natal Mars in Leo. The February solar eclipse that conjunct’s the US natal Moon will activate all those cycles, including the Uranus part which transiting Chiron (in Trump’s 7th house) is sitting on. Chiron is a symbol of the teacher as well as wounding and healing.

The world will indeed be watching as the puppet president has his strings yanked by the Universe and the US people will benefit in the long run I’m certain.

Very enlightening post, yet very sobering. I think we all would like to be at the 2035 point NOW, and not 17 years from now. Many Thanks for your cogent insights!

Nancy, you write beautifully. Your post is indeed sobering, and thought provoking. One question your post brings to mind, is how do we survive/endure this in-slow-motion death?

Benjamin Bernstein: 2018 Forecast
This guy has a positive outlook:


Inside Trump’s Two Days of Fury

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump started 2018 in a fury partly fueled by anger at his legal team for offering shifting timelines about when the Russia investigation would end, according to two sources familiar with the President’s mindset.

The anger continued until midday Wednesday as Trump helped draft his blistering break-up letter to former chief strategist Steve Bannon, who offered a scathing attack on Trump and his family’s handling of the Russia investigation.

That followed his taunting tweet Tuesday evening directed at North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, which caught many top administration officials off guard and prompted renewed worry among staff and allies about whether the President fully comprehends the risks he’s taking in provoking adversaries. After Trump’s North Korea broadside, aides inside the White House reached out to some of Trump’s allies seen as having influence over the President to talk to him about his tweets and the risks they carry.



Jan 1st…….. Uranus stations direct at 24 Aries in grand cross cardinal square to Steve Bannon’s nodes (25 Cancer-Capricorn), natal Uranus (22 Cancer) and natal Neptune (25 Libra)…….

Trump Tower meeting with Russians ‘treasonous’, Bannon says in explosive book

* Former White House strategist quoted in Fire and Fury, by Michael Wolff

* Bannon: ‘They’re going to crack Don Junior like an egg on national TV

The Guardian
January 3, 2017

Donald Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon has described the Trump Tower meeting between the president’s son and a group of Russians during the 2016 election campaign as “treasonous” and “unpatriotic”, according to an explosive new book seen by the Guardian.

Bannon, speaking to author Michael Wolff, warned that the investigation into alleged collusion with the Kremlin will focus on money laundering and predicted: “They’re going to crack Don Junior like an egg on national TV.”

Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, reportedly based on more than 200 interviews with the president, his inner circle and players in and around the administration, is one of the most eagerly awaited political books of the year. In it, Wolff lifts the lid on a White House lurching from crisis to crisis amid internecine warfare, with even some of Trump’s closest allies expressing contempt for him.

Bannon, who was chief executive of the Trump campaign in its final three months, then White House chief strategist for seven months before returning to the rightwing Breitbart News, is a central figure in the nasty, cutthroat drama, quoted extensively, often in salty language.

He is particularly scathing about a June 2016 meeting involving Trump’s son Donald Jr, son-in-law Jared Kushner, then campaign chairman Paul Manafort and Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya at Trump Tower in New York. A trusted intermediary had promised documents that would “incriminate” rival Hillary Clinton but instead of alerting the FBI to a potential assault on American democracy by a foreign power, Trump Jr replied in an email: “I love it.”



“fire & fury” from Marjorie
And, for those who might have missed her, Rachael has been full of juicy gossip tidbits for the past two nights.

“America Was Founded On A Revolt Of Corporate Power!” Thom Hartmann


Janet – I wish I had an answer for you. It is easier when Trump is under difficult transits and things are going poorly for him. The last 6 or 7 weeks he has had a respite and managed to get his odious tax plan through. At these times, I find it hard to consume as much news as I once did. It is very noxious to tune in too much.

We have seen Republican overreach in the past and it seems they are doing it again. But with now Saturn in Capricorn, the rest of the tRump term is likely to be stressful, not just politically, for the country. Hopefully, the country will learn what it needs to from these stresses.

Some things I wanted to mention:

The tax bill follows the Neptune theme of the progressed US Sun. In the tax bill chart, Neptune is conjunct the Ascendant and square Mercury. This brings unrealistic expectations and great disillusionment, as well as confusion and chaos. Watch for this to be especially strong from January 6 to February 21 and again at the end of the year from September 18 to December 8, 2018. I would guess, among other things, lawsuits will gum up the works, as well general incompetence in how the bill was written will make itself known, with little thought as to how it can be put into action.

Tr Saturn is about to make its first crossing of US Venus, 1/6 to 1/16. This generally means some kind of sorrow and suffering for some part of the US population in a national and well-covered story. Could be this horrid cold weather will have a major impact. Could be something else. But let us please watch this transit because it will be repeated this coming summer in a protracted station and it will be useful now to get a feel for it.

And finally, Uranus is again in a square to trump’s Venus, and I would say that the shock of what Bannon came up with in Fire and Fury is part of that transit. As if Trump needed something to make him more irritable and unpredictable! This also covers some of the more unexpected attacks of late on Pakistan and North Korea and what ever else he has been tweeting about. This transit is from1/1 to 1/16. More shocks on the way.

The Uranus station square the US Mercury at 24 Cancer is bringing shocking political news as expected. This will increase and culminate with the Uranus-US Pluto square in the spring.

Nancy, I’m not surprised the tax bill chart is under the Neptune influence; the creators sold it as a tax cut for the working class when really it is a boon to the super wealthy and corporations.

Way back in 1891 Neptune and Pluto made the 1st of 3 conjunctions at 8+ Gemini (where US Uranus is) and they were sextile a conjunction between Mars and Chiron at 8+ Leo that was conjunct the Sun (symbolizing consciousness) at 10+ Leo.

Trump’s Pluto is at 10+ Leo.

I believe this means that Trump is (unconsciously) making us (USA) conscious of this cycle’s revolutionary effect on our country.

No doubt this cycle has haunted Trump unconsciously all his life; particularly since the US natal Uranus is semi-sextile his natal Mercury at 8+ Cancer. Trump’s natal asteroid Urania, the Muse of astronomy and astrology, is also at 8+ Gemini and conjunct the US Uranus.

This chart for the 1st of 3 conjunctions between Pluto and Neptune also activates the US natal Pluto since it (the Neptune Pluto chart) has a square between Uranus at 27+ Libra and Venus at 27+ Cancer to which the US Pluto at 27+ Capricorn completes a T-square. Transiting Uranus has already made 2 of its 3 passes over 27+ Aries to complete a grand cross. The final crossing will be in late March and early April, 2018, as transiting Jupiter sextiles the US natal Neptune.

Can’t wait to see how that pans out. It could already be developing at February’s solar eclipse conjunct US Moon since the Neptune-Pluto conjunction chart has Magdalena (tears), Ceres, Hades, Juno and Nessus between 25 and 29 degrees of Aquarius, also conjunct US Moon. The Uranus in this chart does trine this Feb. eclipse and the US Moon if that’s any consolation.

Whatever happens then, late Feb through early April, we will know (if we remember) it has its roots in the Pluto-Neptune conjunction to US Uranus back in 1891.

One last note about this chart, its Jupiter at 16+ Pisces opposed Saturn at 15+ Virgo but trined the Moon at 16+ Cancer. In May and June transiting Neptune reaches 16+ Pisces and stations retrograde, spending over 12 weeks in that degree and activating that Jupiter in the Neptune-Pluto cycle chart.

It won’t return to that degree until March 2019, at which time it will conjunct a New Moon (Sun-Moon) that will have transiting North Node conjunct the US Mercury and Trump’s natal Saturn and Venus. Transiting Mars in that New Moon+ Neptune chart will oppose the US Sun and square the US Saturn as well. The US Neptune in Virgo will be exactly squared by transiting Jupiter in Sagittarius and trined by transiting Pluto in Capricorn Uranus will be entering Taurus for good.

But that’s a year away. Plenty of Neptune vibes til then.

One small shock that might “snowball” (sorry) is what Pakistan just did: it divested from the dollar to the yen for trade purposes. This is a consequence of Trump’s tweet about Pakistan. Will others follow? The U.S. suspended security aid to Pakistan. I don’t know which came first.

I really fear for those without power in the “blizzard” states. Some will have alternative means of staying warm; some may not.

Eliseo, your description of the hard core attitude of some in the South (and also probably scattered throughout the U.S., especially in the Red states) who consider Liberals to be traitors, and worse, is something else that is a little shocking to me and I can see where that feeds into Trumpism, White Nationalism and beyond. It could be problematic in the future. I’m hoping it’s not too widespread.

Stay warm everyone who is in the path of these frigid temperatures!

Is it possible that the US progressed Sun in Pisces would also bring about a greater sense of collective empathy in our country for those most vulnerable, and increasing acceptance of those who are “different” from us? It might also mean a flourishing of the arts, particularly film, drama, and music. And new breakthroughs in healing.

As a Neptunian, I’m familiar with the more difficult characteristics of Pisces that you have described, but I do think we have to take into account the possible benefits of this progression, too, if we are to have hope for our country.


In the few conversations I’ve allowed myself to have with people who I consider smart and reasonable, then discover they’re Republicans — I found that they really don’t know the policy positions Republicans have. If you try to tell them, they usually don’t believe it.

Don’t want to fund children’s health care? Cut funding for health care for pregnant women? No. Not that.

I’ve resorted to sending them links to the Senate or House of Representatives official site where you can look up how each person voted on any bill that comes before each house and begged them to go see for themselves.

The other big thing they fall for is the “both parties are equally bad” argument. Again, I go back to policy. Or I try to. The parties differ on important policy decisions.

Not that I think I’m making a lot of headway, but sometimes I can’t resist trying.

more from Marjorie “Wolff playing trump at his own game”

Thank you for this very informative post, Nancy! Dark years ahead. The bright light is those people who work for the good, many of them young.

Celeste, we create our own reality. If you believe dark years are ahead, that’s probably what you will get. I’m surprised that Nancy has written such a gloomy outlook. I haven’t seen that from any other astrologer.

Brilliant piece Nancy. I needed a fresh dose of sanity and you have provided it beautifully. The news isn’t all good, but we only have 5 more years until Pluto begins to exit Capricorn. I can think in small chunks, that maybe there is an end. I get most of my hope from visiting with millennials who are headed off grid and forming cooperatives to ride this one out. Thanks again

Teresa Hill,

The false equivalency of the parties is the thing that is so incredibly frustrating. It always makes me think of an old saying I once heard..

“The democrats have been known to steal a few train tickets.. but the republicans steal the whole train!

Earlier I left a response regarding how the Pluto-Neptune cycle chart is soon to unleash a lot of energy affecting the US chart but alas, that response is hung up in moderation for the moment. I have another observation regarding the chart that started that cycle but it might not make much sense without the previous comment but I’m gonna tell it now anyway, before I forget.

That chart had Jupiter at 16+ Pisces opposite Saturn at 15+ Virgo, the 2 planets in a chart that reveal the path that societies undergo, or will in the future. In the earlier comment I noted the dates transiting Neptune would arrive at 16+ Pisces but since then realized that Mueller’s natal conjunction between Mars and Chiron at 16+ Virgo would/will/does oppose the Jupiter in the Neptune-Pluto cycle’s chart and will be opposed transiting Neptune when it gets there (16+ Pisces).

The first time that happens – when trans. Neptune gets to 16+ Pisces – is in May and it will affect our society, if not the whole world as shown in the Neptune-Pluto chart. The big thing going on in astrology at that time will be the 2nd of 3 trines between transiting Jupiter and transiting Neptune!

As I see it Mueller will be playing the “role” of Saturn as depicted in the Neptune-Pluto cycle chart. It will oppose transiting Neptune (+ Jupiter in the Neptune- Pluto chart) and sextile TRANSITING Jupiter.

It will also be sesquiquaderate transiting Uranus who has just entered Taurus. The transiting North Node at 8+ Leo at that time will conjunct Mueller’s natal Pluto as well as the conjunction between Mars and Chiron found in the Neptune-Pluto chart (which sextiles Neptune and Pluto and the US natal Uranus). This is powerful stuff coming to a theater near you this Spring.

Perfect Timing Nancy, Thank You!

“You Can’t Make This S— Up”:
My Year Inside Trump’s Insane White House:

Hi Sharon K!
A number of studies have shown Liberals and Progressives are far more comfortable with a greater variety and diversity of opinions, beliefs, acquaintances and friends than are Conservatives. This includes political diversity. Conservatives are much more likely to associate more exclusively with their own kind.

In past decades Cons were less likely to express their opinions in what might be a more diverse group for fear of being labeled as sexist, racist, classist, etc. This began to change in the 80’s under the presidency of RR when I began to hear Cons openly express intense contempt, loathing, disdain, and outright hatred for those “LIBERALS” whom yes, they regard as evil destroyers of the nation.

I’m in a unique position, as due in part to my past professional background, and for other reasons I am sometimes privy to conversations amongst White male & female Southerners whose resentment has been growing throughout much of their lives. They’ve convinced themselves they are the true Patriots while people like you and me are enemies of the Constitution, the Nation, etc.

How many are there? I don’t really know. I’ve done no statistical study, but two things convince me there are far more than we’ve realized, perhaps enough to cause serious trouble were the right circumstances to arise.

(1) The internet has become a very successful means of connection for many of these folks, and
(2) for the last few years in a row the Southern Poverty Law Center has consistently reported the growth of radical hate groups not just in Red states, but Blue ones as well.

I certainly understand your sense of shock. Most Liberals and Progressives don’t see it as necessary to follow this trend. But the Sociologist in me can’t seem to look away. Nor can I fail to place it in several larger contexts.

I believe BarbK is correct that we are “blessed” in a peculiar sense to have DJT as president, as he and his movement are doing a wonderful job of exposing the poisonous sickness within our body politic. We are not likely to heal a malady we are unaware of. But as a practical matter, I’m also concerned with the price of that knowledge.

I suspect we are all (including myself) too focused on the possibility and hope of impeachment and the 2018 mid-term election. It is far more difficult emotionally to focus on the real and increasingly possible danger of American civil insurrection very much like that of the 1865-1876 period, or a possible WWIII, both of which teeter on the paradoxical see-saw of karma and randomness.

Frankly, I think Nancy’s view as expressed in the essay above is the most realistic astrological assessment of the next 17-30 years I’ve heard from any astrologer in quite a long time. She has not shied away from the darker indicators, but also sees the possibility for spiritual/political growth and enlightenment as the USA enters into a different era and different sort of self-identity.

The Gadsden flag is popular among Trumpists, and the Tea partiers before them. For the sake of its own health the snake must shed its skin, but where on the scale the process finds its mean… between violence and non-violence we don’t know yet. And we can’t know until we get there. But I believe we can feel confident this process will take longer than we would like as indicated in Nancy’s cogent analysis.

Amendment to above:
I don’t mean to conflate ALL Conservatives with the cohort of haters ascendant and so prevalent among their party today. There remain many honorable Conservatives who rightly see Liberals as good people with a different point of view. But those sort of Cons are weaker now, many having felt the need to leave the R. Party behind. They are without significant power as they have no political party to represent them.

Thank you Nancy. I will post this later on my FB page and my Twitter feed. All the best in the coming New Year for you and all of us.

This is for those of us who have suspected some kind of organic brain disorder on top of any diagnosis of sociopathy or narcissistic personality disorder.

“At Mar-a-Lago, just before the new year, a heavily made-up Trump failed to recognize a succession of old friends,” Wolff wrote about the president’s trip to his Palm Beach, Florida, resort two weeks ago.


Nancy’s articulate posting is always appreciated. I perked up when she mentioned the French and their revolutionary ways.

Now, I am going to repeat myself. AS A CANADIAN interested in American politics for decades, I am still waiting for an uprising. The French protest more than any other nation and if they don’t like their politicians or leaders they throw them out and sometime they cut their heads off.

Trump’s election was something like that, but once again american ego outweighed principles. We had a similar Trumpian candidate here in Canada running for the Conservative Party. His name is Kevin O’leary from the Shark Tank (a copycat of our show the Dragons Den), but we saw through him and as a result threw him out!

So…….if you don’t want to wait till Pisces enters Aries…pick up your pitchforks and begin the revolution. Spring is just around the corner, and now is the time to organize. Peaceful, well organized, relentless protests demanding a decent government is your right!

“We long for a world of opportunity, hope, and sanity, while we struggle to stay afloat in a sea of narrow-minded selfishness and short-sighted cowardice engendered by Republican governance.”

Ça vaut le coup d’attendre, Starlight. Écriture superbe.

Merci, mon ami talentueux.

The lobbying group that represents some of the nation’s largest companies in Silicon Valley—including Google, Amazon, and Netflix—announced Friday that it would act as “intervernor” in a lawsuit against the FCC’s recent decision to dismantle rules that enshrine net neutrality protections that have governed the web since its creation.

After the FCC submitted its final order on Thursday evening, the Internet Association said it would back legal actions to prevent it from going into effect as well as offering support to legislative efforts also underway.


Wow, I didn’t realize that the US progressed Moon is now at 22+ Sagittarius and has been square the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo.

Nor did I realize the US progressed Mars at 17+Libra rx (DID know it was conjunct Trump’s Jupiter) was opposite US progressed Chiron at 17+ Aries, both of whom were being squared by US progressed Jupiter at 16+ Cancer rx.

Some or all of these progressed planets have been noted on this site I’m sure but I didn’t see it or comprehend its implication until just now and it is jaw-dropping IMO.

And look at this; US prog. Neptune (blurry) at 26+ Virgo sextiles US prog. North Node (opportunity) at 26+ Cancer, both of which are quincunx the US natal Pallas (the Warrior Strategest goddess) at 26+ Aquarius who is conjunct US natal Moon (US People) at 27+ Aquarius. That’s a Yod with US natal Pallas and Moon in the position THAT ABSOLUTELY HAS TO ADJUST. That’s us. That’s now.

This reminded me that a few years ago trans. Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune all met each other in the zodiac where US Moon and Pallas reside. When Jupiter and Chiron exacted their conjunction and started the cycle now in effect it would affect the US Moon, symbol of the US People.

Jupiter and Chiron met in 2009 and at that time Venus was at 17+ Aries, where the US progressed Chiron is now. With the US prog. Mars (and Trump’s Jupiter) at 17+ Libra opposite US prog. Chiron (and Venus in the Jupiter-Chiron cycle) it puts the US progressed Jupiter in Cancer (a T-square) in a position to arbitrate between them and Jupiter symbolizes justice.

This is one example of how Trump serves the Universe. He is bringing the US Mars energy in its negative expression on to a conscious level where it can be dealt with.

One of those ways is expressed through Nessus in the Jupiter-Chiron cycle chart. This Nessus at 17+ Aquarius which trines Trump’s Uranus at 17+ Gemini and Trump’s Jupiter (that conjuncts US prog. Mars) at 17+ Libra.

Looked at that way, the combined Trump and Jupiter-Chiron charts piece together a grand trine which becomes a Kite pattern when the US prog. Chiron (+ the Jupiter-Chiron chart’s Venus) in Aries is added. This 4th planet, US prog. Chiron shines the light on Trump’s Jupiter and the US prog, Mars rx as the focal point of the grand trine. The Nessus component expresses as the Me Too movement. Amazing.

Barb K, forgive my ignorance but what does all of that mean? It’s way beyond my ability to interpret.


Republicans have no more excuses: CBO says five-year extension of CHIP will cost basically nothing

By Joan McCarter
Friday Jan 05, 2018 · 5:00 PM PST

Lizza, this is how they keep the Hate scam going:
“The Republican Party Has Become the Party of Hate”
Bruce Bartlett, an economic historian, was a domestic policy adviser to President Ronald Reagan and a Treasury official under President George H.W. Bush.

By: Bob on December 22nd, 2017 at 7:54 am

Sibly progressed Moon to natal Sibly and tRump natal on December 22nd.


In the big scheme of things 3 charts come together to propel us toward the Sibly Pluto return.

Sibly Mars and Neptune, in place for centuries, joined by Trump’s natal Sun and Moon and both charts triggered by Sibly’s own progressed Moon, setting up Sibly chart’s Pluto return which I believe will be a time of change (revolution if you will) that sees a complete revision of the United States Constitution and changing of laws resulting in the voting citizenry determining the course of the nation in many areas – not a monied or powerfully positioned or connected few.

A few areas that may be affected:

Citizen’s United decision reversed

Publicly funded elections

National voting regulations for all federal elections/positions

Elimination of all electronic voting

Voters determine members of Congress pay, benefits, and work requirements

And many others I am not thinking of at this time.

Bailey, it’s okay to be confounded by astrology aspects because there can be so many outcomes from each aspect but if you can memorize the basic aspects generally, you will have a good grasp on what to expect.

Conjunctions = 2 (or more) planets in the same sign’s degree area, the closer the more effective, mean a merging of the energies represented by each planet. When 2 transiting planets are conjunct it is the beginning of a cycle between them that lasts until they once again come together in the same degree. During their cycle they interact and provide opportunity to fulfill any actions as suggested by the chart drawn for their conjunction.

Squares and oppositions = challenges between the energies of the planets in those aspects when they were last in a conjunction.

Trines and sextiles = cooperation between the energies symbolized by the planets in the aspect, especially as they relate to their shared cycle.

Bob, I should have known you would be the one that would have written about this phenomenon already; thanks for repeating and I agree it is tied to the US Pluto Return so we have a running start to get our bearings. It really helps to be able to see (and understand) why all this is happening.

And it isn’t just affecting the political level of consciousness, it will affect our values (US Pluto in 2nd house) and any (US) 12th house institutions ruled by Pluto like hospitals and prisons.

Just saw Bannon’s natal chart (Google Lynn Hayes) and trans. Pluto is conjunct his natal Chiron which must be intense. His Chiron sextiles his natal Venus-Mercury in Scorpio which forms a Yod or Finger of God pattern with Trump’s natal Uranus in Gemini. That explains the verbal exchange I believe.

His natal Chiron also squares his natal Mars in Libra which is conjunct Trump’s Jupiter and the US progressed Mars. Transiting Pluto thus has been square the US progressed Mars; something else I’m just now picking up on. Better late than never I guess.


DOB March 1, 1950 Long Beach, New York


James Horner

DOB August 14, 1953
Los Angeles, California


You gotta love this guy for trying……..

Trump Defends His Mental Capacity, Calling Himself a ‘Genius’

NY Times
Jan 6, 2017

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

“….Actually, throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart. Crooked Hillary Clinton also played these cards very hard and, as everyone knows, went down in flames. I went from VERY successful businessman, to top T.V. Star to President of the United States (on my first try). I think that would qualify as not smart, but genius….and a very stable genius at that!”


RE: “I went from VERY successful businessman, to top T.V. Star to President of the United States (on my first try). I think that would qualify as not smart, but genius….and a very stable genius at that!”

I think the man must surely be suffering terribly. The emotional circumstances of his childhood had to have been truly terrible. And what is probably coming will be the most profound humiliation.

–And what is probably coming will be the most profound humiliation–

If he’s even capable of comprehending what’s going on. I can’t figure out if I believe he’s so not there mentally or if he’s an evil, manipulative genius. He seems to be both at times.

But the bit in the new book about him not recognizing many long-time friends over Christmas … that makes me think it’s more dementia. He may never understand what’s happening to him.

Seen it up close with my MIL. It’s such an ugly disease.

Someone should remind this swine that he was not a good business man. He and his family were and are grifters. They succeeded through bankruptcies. They took peoples money then didn’t pay them back. To the point where banks would no longer lend them monies. It is finally thru money laundering in the real estate market and Deutch Bank that these crooks gain money. They are successful crooks, so far.

Janet, not likely, but a nice thought – perhaps a federal prison will have a tRump wing because of so many prisoners from that family.

tRump’s natal Saturn/Pluto midpoint is at 125°02′. Saturn of that combination progressed to within 1 degree of it on January 20, 2009 (during President Obama’s first term in office).

One of the probable manifestations in the opinion of Ebertin is “The pursuit of purely egoistic aims.”. In view of subsequent, current, and future aspects to his charts I think it could also accompany a growing chemical imbalance and/or a deepening depression. Saturn’s progression to the midpoint became exact on January 20, 2017. On January 20, 2021, if he is still alive, it will have progressed to 1/2 degree past exact.

There is a new cycle starting today between Jupiter and Mars that will be in effect until March 20, 2020. Mars and Jupiter were sextile Pluto and they formed a Yod to Trump’s Uranus, meaning Trump’s Uranus would have to adjust. Fat chance of that, huh?

Trans. Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio were opposite the US Vesta (what is invested in) in Taurus and they formed a grand cross with the conjunction chart’s ascendant-descendant axis (when set in Washington DC). A fixed grand cross does not give ground easily.

This conjunction between Jupiter and Mars was also sextile an exact Sun-Venus conjunction just 2 degrees from Pluto that adds persuasive power to the Yod’s strength for Trump’s Uranus to adjust, essentially 2 Yods at the same time.

The inherent strength of this chart – its fixity and the super sextile grouping – might surprise us all by providing a shocking Trump about-face.

Consider that this chart’s Moon (symbol of the People) in the 2nd house is just 1 degree from the US natal Neptune in Virgo and she squares this chart’s Mercury in Sagittarius who trines this chart’s Uranus in Aries. That means that during this 2 year cycle there will be a lot of shocking news assaulting the senses of the Public, especially the US Public and especially about their money.

Add to that the US Mercury in Cancer sextiles the Jupiter-Mars chart’s Moon (and the US Neptune) and US Mercury is joined by Trump’s natal Saturn Venus tweet feeds compounding the confusion and illusion.

It is possible then that this Jupiter (the larger truth) and Mars (call to action) conjunction – in Scorpio – supported by Sun, Venus and Pluto – is the forging of a path, a kind of clearing through the BS and it will – in the end – be Trump’s Uranus (and perhaps its trine to his natal Jupiter which conjuncts the US progressed Mars) that brings it about.

In this Jupiter-Mars conjunction chart of today, transiting Chiron, the Healer, opposes the transiting Moon and both square Mercury. The surprise element secreted within this T-square is that the discovery degree of Uranus at 24+ Gemini is only 2 degrees from Trump’s natal Sun and this Uranus Discovery degree completes a grand cross in mutable signs, the signs that signify transition.

Wouldn’t it be amazing then if Trump himself was the key to clearing away the confusion and anger that he fomented by becoming President? Stranger things have happened but only time (Saturn) will tell. Trans. Saturn will be entering Aquarius as this cycle ends.

For all of Trump’s bravura, he must deeply fear that people hate him because he’s afraid of being poisoned.

Nunes trying to stop or discredit Russia investigation. Going after Mueller. Here are Saturn’s hard transits to his noon natal and progressed charts for this year.

Nunes – Noon Chart Oct 1 1973, 12:00 pm, EDT, Capitol Building DC, 38°N53’24”, 077°W00’34”

Sat Opp Sat Jan 23 2018 04°Cp00′ D Tr Sp
Sat Sqr Plu Jan 28 2018 04°Cp27′ D Tr Na
Sat Opp Sat Jan 28 2018 04°Cp32′ D Tr Na
Sat Sqr Plu Feb 12 2018 05°Cp59′ D Tr Sp
Sat Sqr Sun Mar 17 2018 08°Cp20′ D Tr Na
Sat Sqr Sun May 20 2018 08°Cp20′ R Tr Na
Sat Sqr Plu Jun 25 2018 06°Cp00′ R Tr Sp
Sat Opp Sat Jul 15 2018 04°Cp32′ R Tr Na
Sat Sqr Plu Jul 17 2018 04°Cp27′ R Tr Na
Sat Opp Sat Jul 24 2018 03°Cp59′ R Tr Sp
Sat Opp Sat Oct 18 2018 03°Cp58′ D Tr Sp
Sat Sqr Plu Oct 25 2018 04°Cp27′ D Tr Na
Sat Opp Sat Oct 26 2018 04°Cp32′ D Tr Na
Sat Sqr Plu Nov 12 2018 06°Cp01′ D Tr Sp
Sat Sqr Sun Dec 5 2018 08°Cp20′ D Tr Na
Sat Cnj Ven Dec 24 2018 10°Cp28′ D Tr Sp

*** END REPORT ***

My favorite, Pat Thurston is on KGO LIVE Now….
Pat was an FBI Agent in her prior life and she’s brilliant talking Politics…If interested:
Listen Live: http://onlineradiobox.com/us/kgo/?cs=us.kgo&played=1


Very interesting stuff by Lindsey McKenna about what’s coming down on Trump via Pluto (12th house) and Uranus (11th house) and more. Just click on “see more” and scroll down a bit.

On 2nd thought, I think it’s Eileen Nauman’s post and Lindsey McKenna posted it on her FB page.

Teresa Hill,
I suspect it is both.
A sociopath or pathological narcissist is just as prone as anyone else to diseases of the brain.

Fred Trump, DJT’s Dad suffered from Alzheimer’s disease for six years, dying in 1999. The disease certainly runs in the family. Also consider, many physicians believe Adolf Hitler was afflicted with Parkinson’s or a disease with similar symptoms when he died.

When Trump cried out “Where is my Roy Cohn?” was he speaking metaphorically or literally? …perhaps in a demented lapse? Roy Cohn, a Gay man who persecuted Gays, was lawyer for Joseph McCarthy as well as the mentor to young Mr. Donald Trump. Roy Cohn died in 1986 of complications from AIDS, at age 59.

One of my closest friends is a former FBI agent who now is an ACLU attorney. He believes that if things get too hot, (the N. Korea situation as an example) military intelligence will simply not allow Trump to continue as leader. If necessary, he believes they will arrange for him to have a nice, undetectable heart attack.

That little tidbit about Roy Cohn was one I wasn’t familiar with. I believe the twisted hatred of gays is aligned to one’s fear/loathing of their own sexuality; a sordid cover.

And I too have wondered about military intel though I’m not sure about the heart-attack arrangement. Trump must have some inkling of this possibility given his penchant for eating at fast-food restaurants.

Interesting note on the upcoming eclipses; mid February has tr. Mars (13 ’22 Sag) on the US Sibley chart’s asc. in square to an exact tr. Neptune/US progressed US Sun conjunction (13 ’22 Pisces). This is occurring right at the time of the Feb 15th solar eclipse (27 Aq). This Feb 15th solar eclipse conjoins the US Moon in opposition to last years Aug 21st eclipse as well as Trump’s Mars/Asc. degrees. Here’s Ed Tamplin’s observations on the matter……..

“……..The Solar Eclipse of February 15th 2018 is set to oppose Trump’s birth Mars. This is the companion eclipse – it is happening opposite – to the Great American Eclipse of August 2017. It’s extremely important.


You may recall the events around the August eclipse that polarized the USA. The eclipse cut a North/South swathe across the land, tracing geographical Civil War divisions and correlating with similar racial hate propaganda. The flash point was Charlottesville, Virginia and an ugly Unite The Right rally that quickly turned deadly.

The riots took place August 12, with the aftermath broadcast across the globe for weeks to follow. Most of the hullabaloo was centred on the President’s handling of the crisis. Trump waded into the debate as the August 22 Solar Eclipse loomed toward his Ascendant and Mars.

Eclipses change perceptions and if anyone doubted Trump’s racist undertones, or old world beliefs, Charlottesville laid them bare for all to see. Trump reacted aggressively, elevating his war with the media to new heights. As a result, his Gallup Poll approval rating dropped to a record low of 35% with disapproval peaking at 60% and 5% undecided………….


Expect the upcoming February Solar Eclipse opposing Trump’s Mars to find him embroiled in a battle. In this same time frame, the leadership Sun in the progressed horoscope of the USA will also be under severe challenge. This pressure will gradually increase into the April.

One of the immediate possibilities is the progress of Robert Mueller’s Russian interference probe becoming a real threat to his administration. Doubts about the legitimacy of the 2016 election will continue throughout the year ahead. From April 2018 Trump will face mounting opposition from within the conservative establishment.

The President’s counter to this has been to undermine intelligence institutions, like the FBI and any findings contrary to his worldview. Trump’s supporters will work to white ant Mueller’s credibility. This insecurity can be connected to him losing the popular vote by close to three million.

Trump initially complained that electorates were rigged, boasting that his inauguration attendance was the largest ever and that his electoral college win exceeded previous Republicans victories. His defence is invariably a counter attack, with the truth a sacrificial victim.

These obvious fantasies suit ‘gaslighting Neptune’ meeting up with the Secondary Progressed US leadership Sun. It’s a feature of the 2017 that is recurring through 2018. Never before have we seen a national leader so parodied, nor White House press briefings so subject ridicule for presenting ‘alternative facts’.

The dissipating Neptune effect is strong mid February and also comes back around late October and early December. Neptune wears away like lapping water on sandstone. The results are more obvious over time. As this is purely affecting the national chart, it would effect no matter who was occupying head office.


Sharon K, thank you so much for the link to Lindsey McKenna’s post. Very informative and oh how I hope that her interpretation is correct. Justice at last!

Sharon K,

Eileen Nauman is her real name. She and I both wrote for Harlequin way back in the days when they insisted you have a pen name, and hers was Lindsay McKeena.

Hmm. Seems Sessions got the cold shoulder — left behind on the big strategy session this weekend at Camp Davis with Trump, McConnell, Ryan and a ton of others.

Maybe he’s the next one Trump pushes out?


apparently this investigative journalist has outlined what I have suspected for years and years and years . . . . .

meant to add this link about McMafia from Marjorie


Here i want to give u detailed background of pakistan which is real and not from western media. Pure facts
1. India always remained enemy of Pakistan n has aggressive n harsh behaviour since 1947 n always do lobbying against Pakistan n china always remained friend.
2. Before 9/11 there were no terrorist attacks no terrorism inside Pakistan no extremism n major casualities some minor events here n thete.
3. Pakistan always helped Afghanistan with open heart n clear intentions because of muslim countey and helped US in cold war n defeating russians in Afghanistan n US created Mujhaidin Osaama bin Laden and his organization and US fully support financially weapons to Osama to fight with russians just like he n british doing same to syrian rebels
Did Pakistan beg US to do it? Or did US beg pakistan support to defeat russia.
4. Do you all know that US was really despesrate to attack Afganistan that he didnt properly negotiate Mullah Omar n Osama bin laden. Taliban is currently synonimous with terrorist. Mullah omar was leader of taliban org who just brought revolution there established their government in Afghanistan n were trying for peace in afghanistan they never wated to fight with whole world but US imposed war on them.
They didnt have to do anything with terrorist activities around the world.
5. One thing is financial aid n one thing is coalition war fund. US since many times stopped coalition fund which is part of agreement of coalition partners.
And since long v havent received it anyway n thete is no free aid v r receving anyways but Pakistan gave full access to CIA n FBI n nato trucks n trade for free
6. Since this war pakistan is victim of more terrorism attacks n deaths than whole of western countries in total and infinite number of refugees from afghanistan for which pakistan has no support.
7. These terrorist attacks r mainly from afghanistan soil groups backed by India n Israel.
8 CPEC is a long trade path connecting various friend countries port to the way to china helping china pakistan iran. India doesnt like it US doesnt like it. China wants trade in yen ofcourse. This trade path has very ambitious plans and will ofcourse easy access to china ports n ofcourse will damage trade of some countries.
So now u get a real idea thanx for reading.

Bob, thank you for the info on Nunes. Has anyone noticed how this week’s Venus-Sun-Pluto conjunction hits the charts of Kushner and Lindsay Graham square on their Suns (conjunction for Kushner and opposition for Graham)?

Marjorie wrote this in March on Nunes
“So he’s a complicated mix of very battened-down and a considerable risk-taker. And his Saturn is on the focal point of a Yod to Neptune sextile Jupiter, which is a configuration that demands maturity and self-discipline if it is not to self-destruct”

Thanks Celeste, I’m not familiar with the charts of Kushner or Graham; I wonder which degree of Pisces Jared’s Moon is in exactly – either transiting Neptune, Chiron or Nessus could be very close to it!

Looking back at the Jupiter-Saturn cycle that started in 2000, it amazes me how much the outer planets were lined up with the US chart. Pluto was conjunct the US ascendant (Sagittarius rising), Neptune was conjunct the US South Node and the Centaur Pholus, and Uranus was conjunct the degree where US progressed Mercury would station direct and where it has resided for many years during this cycle of Jupiter and Saturn.

All this would transform how the US saw itself juxtaposed with the rest of the world (Pluto), how it communicated (Uranus) and what parts of itself would be jettisoned (Neptune).

The Sun (symbolizing consciousness) in the chart for this cycle was also conjunct the US natal Uranus and trine that Neptune who was conjunct the US South Node and US Pholus, a centaur who’s reputation for creating a big showdown from a small event has been duly noted on several occasions.

I’m hoping the new cycle between Jupiter and Saturn that starts in 2020 is not so focused on our country; enough is enough,

the complete audiobook for Fire and Fury is on youtube,

hear it while its up.

I want to buy 200 million in credit default swaps against the house of tRump finishing it’s term. The almost big short.

“Initial talks underway about Trump interview in Mueller Russia probe”



Steve Judd .. Global 2018

I would love to hear any insight anyone has about his assessment. He gives a lot of configurations that with out his further explanation are beyond my knowledge to interpret what they could indicate.


Remarkable. Trump just announced a postponement of his ‘fake news awards’ to January 17th. The significance of that date was not missed by one astute news reporter who thinks there is going to be another round of indictments on that day and Trump is merely using this event as a diversion………

Donald Trump Unwittingly Tips Off The Date And Time That A Major Trump-Russia Bombshell Will Land

Palmer Report
January 7th

Whenever he and his White House learn that a major bombshell in the Trump-Russia scandal is about to hit the newswires, Donald Trump has a consistent habit of trying to create an arbitrary controversy in order to distract from it.



To remind readers of astrologer Lindsey McKenna’s astrological assessment of possible January 17th indictments and a subsequent firing of Robert Mueller on January 25th, here it is……..

“…..I’ve come to the conclusion that Mueller may well hand down his second set of indictment(s) on 1.17.18. The logical next-step, based upon prior release of indictments on 10.30.2017, would be on Jared Kushner and Don, Jr., and perhaps others.

………Circle this date 1.17.18, in a red pen. Let’s see if it occurs.



Transiting Mars 20 Scorpio – 3rd house
inconjunct trump’s North Node 20 Gemini – 10th house


Transiting Mars 21 Scorpio – 3rd house
Semi-sextile trump’s Moon 21 Sagittarius – 4th house


Transiting Mars 22 Scorpio – 3rd house
Inconjunct trump’s natal Sun 22 Gemini – 10th house

1.17.2018 – 2nd set of indictments from Mueller on Jared Kushner, or possibly Don, Jr. or both family members and others in the 2016 campaign
Transiting Mars 24 Scorpio – 10th house/MC
Opposite trump’s MC/10th house cusp 24 Taurus

Transiting Mars 24 Scorpio – 4th house/IC
Conjuncts trump’s IC/4th house cusp 24 Scorpio

Transiting Mars 24 Scorpio – 3rd house inconjuncts transiting Uranus 24 Aries 9th house (legal)
Trine trump’s Saturn 23 Cancer – 11th house — trump’s Venus conjunct Saturn natally in 11tt
Venus 25 Cancer – 11th house


Transiting Mars 26 Scorpio – 3rd house
Square trump’s natal Mars 26 Leo – 12th house of secrets being revealed

1.25- 26.12.2018 – Trump may try to fire Mueller
NOTE: within the orb of the building lunar eclipse/full moon on 1.31.18, adding a lot of tension and explosive emotions, trump may well come unmoored or unhinged.

Michael Wolfstar:


“Thom Hartmann: Time to Overthrow Our Rulers”

By Thom Hartmann / AlterNet
January 7, 2018, 11:44 AM GMT


THOM: ” The last time the morbidly rich had this much power in American politics was the 1920s, . . . “.

FDR: In 1936, FDR said:

“For out of this modern civilization economic royalists carved new dynasties. New kingdoms were built upon concentration of control over material things. Through new uses of corporations, banks and securities, new machinery of industry and agriculture, of labor and capital—all undreamed of by the Fathers—the whole structure of modern life was impressed into this royal service.

“There was no place among this royalty for our many thousands of small business men and merchants who sought to make a worthy use of the American system of initiative and profit…

“It was natural and perhaps human that the privileged princes of these new economic dynasties, thirsting for power, reached out for control over Government itself.

“They created a new despotism and wrapped it in the robes of legal sanction. In its service new mercenaries sought to regiment the people, their labor, and their property.

“And as a result the average man once more confronts the problem that faced the Minute Man.”

Roosevelt, then the president of the United States, even explicitly called for the “overthrow of this kind of power”:

FDR: “These economic royalists complain that we seek to overthrow the institutions of America. What they really complain of is that we seek to take away their power.

“Our allegiance to American institutions requires the overthrow of this kind of power.

“In vain they seek to hide behind the Flag and the Constitution. In their blindness they forget what the Flag and the Constitution stand for.”

THOM: “Once we reject America’s new self-appointed royalty, with their billionaire and corporate money fouling our system, our elected officials can restore protections for working people – and we can once again see our wages begin to rise like they did for 40 straight years before the advent of Reaganism.

Only then can we bring back rules to keep the oligarch’s poisonous money out of our political system, and begin to break up their control of American business and media so that small- and medium-sized businesses, unions, and local media can once again thrive. And, with them, we can return to something resembling a democracy.”

Anyone watch the Golden Globes? You know a couple of actresses asked everyone to wear black, to show their support for the #MeToo movement of women (and men) coming out and telling their stories of sexual harassment and assault, to say we’re done being silent about these things?

I wasn’t sure what would come of it. I guess I thought a lot of people would, but not all. Was surprised to such a show of solidarity. I didn’t see one actress in any color except black. Yeah, there were a few who had black dresses with a little embellishment in white or sparkles or metallic, but that was it.

Wow. They looked so strong and determined, and they really accomplished their goal of having the silly red carpet reporters ask them not who they were wearing but why they wore black to support the cause. Loved it.

They’ve also started a legal defense fund and raised $15 million for people who are trying to fight back after being assaulted or harassed. So they’re not just about doing something for show.

I’ve also heard some people be dismissive of the actresses who were harassed and assaulted. Things like saying they don’t need the money. They could walk away from bad situations. They’re not the same as victims who have no money and have to have their jobs.

But I think it’s even more compelling because we think of successful actresses as powerful, and they’re showing us that even very powerful women are subjected to the same things others are. That powerful men even feel entitled to treat very powerful women this way.

The Michael Wolfestar article linked above says the U.S. is currently experiencing a rare progressed Saturn aspect: a trine to natal Venus and he says this is why he does not see a financial collapse in the near term but many economists are saying the economic inequality has become so great in the US and the lifiting of regulations will lead to a major economic meltdown this year or next year at the latest. Can anyone weigh in on the astrological signigance of this? It seems harder to get rid of trump if the econmy is doing well.

You and others in the know suggested 1/3/ was going to be significant and it was, the book exposing the inner chaos of the West Wing was out: Fire and Fury.
I’m looking forward to 1/17 also as predicted by you and the other seers here. Thank You…..

I’d also look at the Sun-Venus-Pluto conjunction tomorrow.


Your question regarding the US economy in the immediate term, there are a couple other factors…… Tr. Pluto is forming an opposition to the Federal Reserve’s natal Mars/ Asc degree (18/19 Cancer) in January which mirrors in reverse the October 29, 1929 stock market crash wherein Mercury conjoined stationary Pluto right on the Fed’s 19 Cancer Mars/Asc degree. There could be a noticeable drop in the markets later in the month. According to a number economic experts the US economy is way out of sync (over sold) and may be due for a major correction. It’s only a matter of time.

Expanding on Michael Wolfstar’s observations, I would anticipate a major downturn in February during the eclipses. The January 31st lunar eclipse (11 Leo) is right on Trump’s Pluto/Progr. Moon degree. He could cause a lot of mischief:

“…..Astrologically, Wolff’s explosive, behind-the-scenes look at Trump arrives just as Trump’s progressed Moon is about to conjoin his 12th house Pluto. This major astro-event will be exact on January 24, and emphasizes the dark side of Pluto. Psychologically, this activation of this Pluto placement engages Trump’s paranoia that everyone is out to get him, including the mainstream political establishment, the media, the deep state, and so on.”

I modified my post of January 5th, 9:49 pm, EST on this site to include the following in a post to another site on January 6th, at 11:17 am, CST.

“The U.S. is a democracy in name only. It is (IMO) a sort of modified oligarchy with language and actions allowed to have the general public believe it is a democracy.”

A few areas that may be affected:

“Campaigns restricted to a certain time period, perhaps 6 months.”

National voting regulations “. . . or domestic decisions the public may vote on.”

Voters determine . . . ” (one example – cannot leave Washington before 5 pm Friday [that is 2 pm in the Pacific time zone] and must be at work at 8 am on Monday – catch the Red Eye. It’s about a 6 hour flight – get some sleep to go with your home nap that was from from 7 to 10 pm Sunday). This may require some change but the way it is now some western state members of congress are only available in Washington from mid-day (or mid-afternoon) Monday through mid-day Friday – a perpetual 4 day work week.”

“There may be some stumbling, some over reach, and decisions that have to be modified, reversed, or completely thrown out but change is needed from what exists now and Pluto’s transit to the Sibly chart is the timer of that change IMO.”

Thanks Jerry. There are folks who keep saying the whole capitalist system is about to implode given how bad the imbalance between rich and poor has become but the markets keep going up and up – sort of surreal.

Thank you for participating LG.

Refreshing the Saturn transits to Mueller’s chart:

Saturn to Mueller regular and precessed natal planets

Merged Report:

D: Saturn is Direct in motion; Tr is Transit; Na is Natal; Cp is Capricorn
Degrees and signs are Saturn’s position

Saturn square Neptune January 8th, 2018 – 02°Cp17? D Tr Na
Saturn square Neptune January 17 2018 – 02°Cp17? D pTr Na
Saturn square Neptune January 31 2018 – 04°Cp49? D Tr Sp

Saturn square Neptune February 11 2018 – 04°Cp49? D pTr ppSp
Saturn Opposition Saturn February 12 2018 – 06°Cp00? D Tr Na
Saturn Opposition Saturn February 24 2018 – 06°Cp00? D pTr Na

By evening on January 17th tRump will be getting heavy negatives. Possibly backlash from all but GOP and his core supporters.

@silcominc @Jerry

Well those would be short term factors to consider, no? We (that is to say, the global We) are due for the shift of Uranus from Aries to Taurus in May 2018.

Current US prosperity is still mostly due to Obama’s sober diligence that took years to fully materialize.


There’s a general consensus among savvy investors that the market is way over-inflated and oversold, hence the strategy is to take advantage of a buying opportunity before the market implodes. The same conditions prevailed during the onset of the depression.

Aquarian Moon,

Regarding the 1929 stock market crash, contrary to what you are suggesting, Pluto transits are not short term. If you take a look at an ephemeris for the years 1929 – 1932 (1932 being the height of the depression), Pluto stations at the 19 degree Cancer mark in October 1929 with tr. Mercury reaching its square to Pluto at 19 Libra the day of the crash (here’s the chart: https://tinyurl.com/ybeno69g ). Pluto criss-crossed that sensitive 19 Cancer degree until it stationed direct at 19 ’57 Cancer in April 1932.

As Nancy points out, tr. Saturn in mid January opposes the US Venus (3 Cancer), an indication of economic contraction. The fact that the US budget deadline of Jan 19th looks nowhere near an agreement, there is a strong possibility the US government will shutdown……..

A January Government Shutdown Will Be All About Trump’s Wall…And Could Last Weeks

Jan 7, 2018


It seems to me that as the new cycle start between Mars and Jupiter is conjunct Bannon’s natal Mercury-Venus conjunction in Scorpio that it is symbolic of the new Wolff book, Fire and Fury.

These 2 transiting planets, Mars and Jupiter, and Bannon’s 2 natal planets in Scorpio conjoin in sextiling the transiting Venus, Sun, Pluto planets in Capricorn, which conjunct Bannon’s natal Chiron in Capricorn. They all form a Yod to Trump’s natal Uranus in Gemini, and as I said earlier, that’s the part of a Yod that has to adjust, otherwise there will be much discomfort (for Trump’s Uranus).

It’s one of those convoluted kinds of astro setups; this time this one has the Universe putting Trump’s Gemini Uranus in a position where he must “bend” in order to, shall we say, “save face”. I believe that will require a long face-to-face talk with Mueller.

I say that because Mueller’s natal conjunction between Mars and Chiron in Virgo is trine the transiting triple conjunction between Venus, Sun and Pluto. The Mueller planets also sextile the conjunction between trans. Jupiter and Mars, which begins a new cycle that won’t end until March 2020 (outlined in comment on Jan 6 at 8:29 PM).

I believe there is reason to believe that Mueller will couch his questioning of Trump based on the contents of this book. The chart for the Jupiter-Mars new cycle has Sagittarius Mercury in a T-square with Pisces Chiron opposite the Virgo Moon. What makes this T-square become a grand cross is Bannon’s natal Jupiter at 23+ Gemini.

Without Bannon’s blabber mouth we would have to depend on the Uranus discovery degree (24+ Gemini). Oh wait, Bannon’s Jupiter IS the Uranus component. (Transiting Uranus in Aries is Trine the Bannon Juno (partner, the kind that gets even!) in Leo, and Opposite the Bannon Neptune in Libra, and Sextile his Jupiter in Gemini. among other things.

Do we have a chart on Wolff?

silcominc, Jerry, AquarianMoon: Great you brought this topic up as it is a nagging worry all over the world, not just in the US, as to how the US will eventually deal with its massive overblown debt as well as the mystery of why its markets won’t/don’t crash, no matter what (so far).

Keep in mind that there is nothing to stop a financial bubble from increasing in size as long as there is no pin to pop it. There is no built-in justice to money and there is no “natural” limit to greed.

All factors indicate that pretty much everyone on the planet shares one interest in common (except for some crazies like Kim and Isis): they do not want the US bubble to suddenly burst – ever – because everybody (and I mean everybody) will get hurt. Especially the Chinese do not want that because the US is their golden goose.

That is a simplification of course, but some external factor would need to be the trigger for the bubble to burst. In a multinational world, what is external? Waiting for what?

As long as everybody likes the bubble or at least can live with it, and the music keeps playing, and no new shooting war gets started, the bursting will not come. Certainly not from within the US financial infrastructure, itself.

Speculation increases at a faster pace all the time as to what will finally bring things back to “reality”. That is certainly a Neptune kind of concept. So, financial space is a vacuum – until an economy hits an obstacle, it can theoretically keep expanding forever. To date, I have not read anything or anybody who feels confident to predict the end.

Try reading this link – quite readable:

Of course, climate change is kind of external……

As for the French Revolution, it happened after the US declaration of independence and was somewhat inspired by it, but the French took their revolution too far, don’t you think? Hardly a model for civil (or civilised) change. After the beheadings were over, it caused such a backlash that it took decades to get democratic reforms to take hold as they were intended by the revolutionaries.

For a good but long read that gives a taste of the French Revolution, there’s Hilary Mantel’s 1992 novel, A Place of Greater Safety. It’s about 3 key participants, George Danton, Camille Desmoulins and Maximilien Robespierre (who ran the Reign of Terror). For a more historical approach, try Citizens by Simon Schama (1989). Neither one makes you want that kind of revolution any time soon!

One other thing keeps bugging me – people are so upset about the rich. Lots of reasons, but the fact is, the rich ARE rich and they ain’t going anywhere and most of them just don’t care about the rest of us. The rich have always been with us and always will. The true question is what will the rest of us do?

It’s the poor that’s the problem. Which is easy to see whenever you walk the streets of a big US city (and some Canadian ones). Hardly anybody, rich or middle class, gives out cash to those sidewalk-sleeping, shoeless, toothless, begging, dirty, homeless people, vets or single Moms in food bank lineups who can’t afford to feed their kids, etc. etc.

My question is, why? Why don’t people just feed them and give them a place to stay or wash up? Well, some people do that, but apparently not very many. The streets are full of homeless people. THAT is what bothers me, not the rich (who won’t do anything anyway).

A person doesn’t have to be rich to help the homeless or join an organization that provides services. That is doing politics in person. It works.

But our me-me-me culture is not into doing that. We watch celebrities on TV and cruise the internet (me too) and we run like hell from reality (which is kind of Neptunian). I’m all for more reality when it comes to helping people, and technology (Uranus/Aquarius) won’t fix society because all that doesn’t fix PEOPLE.

If we are to live through the next 10 years, we just have to focus on what we CAN do for others. The more I read about Trump, the more irrelevant he becomes – the only difference I can make is with my own 2 hands. Just my rant of the day.

Barbk – Marjorie gives Wolff’s birthdate as 27 Aug 1953

Beowulfie actually in my own observations every day people do give money. But the problem is that if you’re in a city like NYC that spare change is not enough in 2017 to cover the cost of housing, especially as SRO (single room occupancy) options have vanished:


There’s also the added problem that in a typical day you may see several homeless people (so even if you give $1 per person that you see, that can be $7 a day, or $2,555 a year which most people don’t have).

Also keep in mind that housing options for lower and middle class people are vanishing, so most people themselves are only a pay check away from being homeless.

Also something worth realizing is that many of the homeless aren’t always the people you see asking for money on the street. There’s a population of people who couch surf at friend’s apartments and/or live in AIRB2Bs.

But the real root of homeless in urban settings is the real estate industry via the huge growth of luxury housing at the cost of affordable housing. So in a sense it’s the greed of the 1% who are both profiting and driving the problem.

Added to this in places like NYC the real estate industry spend a great deal of money on political campaigns, so even the most progressive candidates are brought off.

PS Sadly another problem homeless people face in a place like NYC is actual access to public bathrooms. And even something like this is driven by public policy…


we need to listen

Texas mortality rates – – higher than iraq or Russia


“Every single neighbor I’ve had has died of cancer.”


Yes, Michael from NYC, you are right! It’s just that we can do something ‘ourselves’, too, as well as fight the good fight politically by speaking out. A person should not lose sight of one’s own personal power to bring about change for the better.


Who talks like this? ‘You are so lucky that I gave you the privilege’ of voting for me

By Jen Hayden
Tuesday Jan 09, 2018 · 6:56 AM PST

Jeff Bezos is now richer than Iceland, Tunisia, Jamaica, and Estonia combined


‘This Study Should Alarm Everyone’: US Child Mortality Rate 70% Higher Than Other Wealthy Nations



Help Kyrsten Sinema beat Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Disgraced sheriff Joe Arpaio is running for U.S Senate in Arizona, after being convicted of violating a court order to stop illegally detaining and terrorizing the Latino community. We have to act now:

Kyrsten Sinema — a compassionate champion for working people — who’s running against Joe Arpaio and has a real chance to win in November.


The Fusion GPS (company that hired Christopher Steele to do this dossier) transcript of their testimony before congress has been released by Sen. Feinstein. Good for her.

You can download your own copy here: https://www.scribd.com/document/368772718/Glenn-Simpson-Testimony#download

News is coming out like some kind of factory!

Bannon is out as editor-in-chief of Breitbart:


Hey, check this!


The idea of Trump never actually wanting to be President – as reportedly asserted in the book by Michael Wolff (thanks for the chart kiwi!) – isn’t hard for us to believe. It gives new meaning to the US progressed Sun conjunct the transiting Neptune.

There is so much illusion surrounding us these days that it is maybe time to consider if it is all for a purpose. I for one am willing to see the benefit of North and South Korea sitting down together – as grownups (no matter the purpose)- without input from the US. If Trump is deluded then likely so are we.

It’s been a while since I checked on asteroid Alice; she was often helpful in explaining the madness of Wonderland and I wondered where she was on Election Day, Nov. 8, 2016. She was at 28+ Sagittarius, conjunct the Galactic Center (GC) and Venus was pretty close at 25+ Sagittarius.

Alice was also exactly conjunct Quaoar, the Trans Neptunian Object (TNO) who, in myth, would dance and sing deities into being. Trump and his followers may think he is godlike but that’s a result from slipping down the rabbit hole and losing touch with reality.

Icarus, the boy who flew too close to the Sun was also conjunct Alice and Quaoar on Election Day and of course they were all trine Trump’s natal ascendant and the August Total Solar Eclipse last year.

However, the presence of Alice on Election Day at the point on the zodiac where the heart of the Milky Way is found, the Sun of our Sun, could be a sign that just because everyone seems mad as a hatter doesn’t make it a bad thing per se.

On December 11, 2007, transiting Jupiter and Pluto began the cycle we are in now which will end in 2020. They were at 28 Sagittarius 23. This might suggest that a cycle that had the benefit of being blessed by the GC would have a special purpose for humanity and the planet we inhabit.

If that is the case then the 3 sextiles between transiting Jupiter and Pluto this year, the last major aspects between them before the end of their cycle, should be profoundly meaningful.

Next Monday, January 15, the first of the last 3 sextiles between Jupiter and Pluto takes place and it might give the appearance of madness (trans. Ophelia [who went mad in Hamlet] will be square trans. Alice!) but don’t be deceived. It is all part of the master plan.

Three cheers for Diane Fienstein. Releasing that testimony on “the dossier” took guts and I’m so proud of her.

GOP senator says she’ll vote to restore net neutrality rules

One more Republican vote needed to get net neutrality bill through Senate.



Trump not wanting to be President — especially makes sense with what Nancy saw in his chart on election day — that he wasn’t happy, so she and many other astrologers thought he wouldn’t win.

But if he was being blackmailed by the Russians, winning meant he was still caught in that same trap, except with more pressure because he’d be President and the Russians would want even more from him.

I think it fits perfectly. Trump might not have actually wanted the job, but he has too much of an ego (or powers of delusion) not to think he’d do a great job. He’d be the best ever. And everyone would be full of praise for the job he was doing. As a narcissist, could anything be better?

Unless he was being blackmailed by the Russians ….

Trump’s Remarkable Immigration Meeting

The president let the cameras roll as he negotiated a DACA deal with Congress.

The following is a 1 min. 52 sec. video synopsis of that meeting entitled:

Donald J. Trump: The Ultimate Showman


IMO You nailed it!
All that you posted in your 12:53 AM post is not only consistent with astrologers assumptions, but also with the book Fire and Fury.
It all makes so much more sense now. DJT ran for president as a publicity stunt, much as Wolff describes comparing him to the main characters in Mel Brooks The Producers. Having won, the “ghost” he saw may have been very, very Russian indeed!

I agree Teresa, it DOES fit perfectly and Nancy’s perception of Trump’s mood after the election was flawless, it’s just that we all thought he was going to be disappointed from losing, not WINNING! Just goes to show how the planets inform us of what influences are working but not what’s inside someone’s head.

The day after the 2016 election transiting Chiron at 20+ Pisces was T-square Trump’s North and South Nodes (20+ Gemini-Sagittarius) which conjunct his natal Sun in Gemini and his Moon in Sagittarius. This kind of setup symbolizes important decisions to be made regarding one’s life path.

As to the Jupiter-Pluto cycle that began in 2007 at 28+ Sagittarius (which transiting Alice activated on election day), I see that trans. Eris in that cycle chart was at 20+ Aries and conjunct the US natal Chiron in the same degree. She was trine the Jupiter-Pluto chart’s Sun in Sagittarius and sextile its Neptune in Aquarius. Eris symbolizes discord and in trine with Sun symbolizing consciousness, discord would prevail. Eris and Sun both sextile Neptune would suggest confusion on both the discord side and on the conscious side of the Jupiter-Pluto cycle. Ergo the Trump Era.

On election day 2016 transiting Uranus at 21+ Aries and retrograde was activating US Chiron (and the Eris in the Jupiter-Pluto cycle’s chart) leading me to believe that this whole Trump presidency is a lesson in Chiron (bridging). That bridge is from one level of consciousness to another on a higher level. Wounding is part of that lesson.

Elisio & Barbk,

It’s just my faith in Nancy. I kept thinking, Nancy saw him upset and unhappy on election day, so if we assume she’s right — because she almost always is — how could that work? Why would he be upset?

That’s easy. He would be stuck still being blackmailed. That’s what makes being elected President very bad.

And speaking of bad — I’m becoming more convinced it will be something to do with his health that takes him down. And it looks like a physical problem is as likely as a mental one. He looks bad. He’s gained a lot of weight. Did you see the report about his daily schedules? That there’s one public schedule and one real one, and in the real one, he doesn’t even show up in the office until around 11, has various blocks of what they call “executive time,” which probably means more Fox News and tweeting, has maybe two or three meetings/briefings and leaves the office at 4 p.m.?

They can’t even keep him in the office for more than a few hours a day, at not quite a year in office. If it’s this bad now, no way he makes it three more years, even if his legal problems don’t get him.

Then there’s the immigration meeting yesterday where they put him on camera to try to make him look not incapacitated. People had to remind him on camera of his own position on immigration, because he kept agreeing to things that went against his policy.

He has to give the state of the union address in 10 days or so. That’ll be a challenge. And I see now that he’s having a press conference this afternoon. I bet he comes off looking really nuts in that.

Teresa, the only fly in the ointment with that theory is that, if he didn’t want to be president, it gives more validity to his claim that there was ‘no collusion’ – if he didn’t want to win, there would be no motive. However, that does not mean his hands are clean with respect to dirty money motives and manoevering.


But he was being blackmailed. He didn’t have a choice but to cooperate with Russia on all of it.

Trump may have not have wanted to win…
But now the GOP using him as their Puppet…
Trump doesn’t know what the hell he is doing!


Will Democrats finally stand up for America?

RE: that ointment
I’m reading Fire and Fury.
It’s beginning to appear to me that DJT DID NOT HIMSELF collude with the Russians, but his team, family members, and some other high ranking R’s likely did. This would explain why he so adamantly and repeatedly asserts there was no collusion. In his mind, that’s true.

He may not 100% have wanted to win but once he saw how popular he was, I believe he started to shift to wanting it, and the excitement of seeing if he could win, and believing he could “wing it” based on prior experience, became an aphrodsiac for him. And, of course, why would he personally collude?
He may not be all that smart but he would be smart enough to not get his own hands dirty. And, Theresa, I also feel that it’s his health that will get him at some point and it will be a way for him to exit with some shreds of dignity. I’m not positive it will happen, as he seems to have 9 lives like his Leo ascendant might imply, but we’ll see.

Personally, given his focus that week (and day), and what a gigantic, thin-skinned, narcissistic man-baby he is…I took the description of his inaugural misery (by Nancy) literally, and thought it was directly linked to the humiliations he suffered in January.

January brought the release of the dossier and the incredibly humiliating comments on Twitter about “golden showers.” Then his embarrassing inauguration, that lacked Obama’s crowds and A list entertainers. …all things he felt entitled to.

The day of his inauguration, he had to walk past all the empty bleachers, on the parade route, probably a punch in the gut for such a narcissist. The lack of crowds so vexed him, he insisted for weeks/months, it was the greatest crowd ever, and he asked Spicer to lie about the crowds at that first press conference.

His obsession with crowd size alone shows a guy obsessed with “beating the last guy…and winning.” Trump is so obsessed with “not being a loser,” that he cheats at golf, on his taxes, in his businesses, and he cheated on all his girlfriends and wives.

I believe it is more likely he THOUGHT (feared) he may lose, like the polls said he would. But in typical narcissistic fashion, he tried to frame the loss as a win, and something he actually wanted, so he didn’t have to publicly deal with such a humiliation.

Kind of the way he never truly accepted losing the popular vote, and continues to insist he actually won it, or that Hillary cheated (w/no such evidence present).

The Trump family Eric and Javanka and campaign team will go down on conspiracy and possibly treason. Trump will be under RICO investigation for money laundering and racketeering. I think that’s going to be the NY AG Schneiderman’s job!

New York City has filed a lawsuit against five major oil companies, joining a growing list of cities seeking billions of dollars to pay for damages caused by climate change.


New York City sues five major oil companies over the rising cost of climate change

By Craig Hunter
Wednesday Jan 10, 2018 · 4:35 PM PST

From. DAILY KOS – ElizabethCMcLaughlin:

(Is this the direction we’re headed?):
“I am not a Member of Any Organized Political Party. I am a Democrat” -Will Rogers

PS – your chuckle of the day – be sure to listen to the little ’song’ below the photo of Trump toward the bottom of the article, captioned “CBC host @JulieNesrallah sings a selection of tweets”.

“The only witch hunt here is which member of the Trump inner circle is guilty of which crime.”

– Ron Klain on Lawrence O’Donnell’s The Last Word

Ronald A. Klain was Chief of Staff to two U.S. Vice Presidents – Al Gore (1995–99) and Joe Biden (2009–11).

Hmm. Steve Bannon scheduled to testify before House Intelligence Committee next week. And he’s hired a lawyer.


So, there’s one more thing to bring pressure down on Trump around the 17th.

First, using double speak, he contradicts his own policy at the DACA/Immigration meeting (one GOP member said “my head is spinning”).

Now he calls Haiti, African countries, etc., “shithole countries”….

He is getting worse and is definitely losing it.

I read there is something like 40 Republican House Reps who are not running again.


Bannon plans to FULLY COOPERATE with the House Intelligence Committee next week! I wonder what THAT means?!!

Congress Could Reduce the Deficit by Billions by Extending Children’s Insurance Program

The updated price tag for the Children’s Health Insurance Program makes it a “no brainer.”



Excerpts from (note the last paragraph)…..

The Election and the Stars by John Whalen
Nov 8, 2017

“……..I’ve been blogging since November 2016 that I had doubts Trump would be unable to complete a full term as president. The astrological indications favored his election but also showed that his troubles would commence almost immediately upon taking office. The transits of Saturn over his Sun and Moon were signs that his problems would mount as questions would be raised about his connections with Russia and possible collusion with Moscow in the election. As the year progressed a special counsel was appointed and since Robert Muller began his work, the investigation has mushroomed out to include not only campaign irregularities but probes into Trump’s finances, and possible obstruction of justice.

The August total eclipse of the Sun hit Trump’s horoscope very hard, aspecting his Ascendant and Mars. Late summer, as predicted, was a difficult time for his administration, as more revelations concerning his son and son-in-law emerged. More recently, Muller’s probe has resulted in indictments and arrest for top campaign officials Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, and a guilty plea from campaign aide George Papadopoulis.

Trump has managed to keep a lid on everything so far. One way he has managed to do that is to distract the public’s attention by making threats of “fire and fury” against North Korea. He’s currently on an Asian tour where he visited South Korea and plans to meet in Vietnam with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump’s strategy appears to be to keep as many balls in the air as he can, to keep attention away from what is going on in the Russian investigation. So far it has worked. And he can feel safe about remaining in office as long as he holds onto his base, and Republicans control Congress. As long as there is a Republican majority the likelihood of impeachment is pretty small. However, Tuesday’s election must have the Republican anxious. They have seen the results in Virginia. It isn’t enough to keep your distance from Trump, you’ve got to disown his world view and the divisiveness with which he gained and keeps office. If Republicans don’t get the message they will lose big in the mid-term 2018 elections.

Calls for impeachment could come not just from Democrats, but the Republicans themselves, who will see him as a dead weight, pulling them down to defeat. How could this happen?

All it will take is more indictments, arrests, and charges imposed by the special counsel. The August eclipse planted the seed for Trump’s downfall. The next eclipse occurs January 31, 2018. This one is a full moon lunar eclipse that will conjunct Pluto in Trump’s Twelfth house– the house of secrets and self-undoing. Revelations will erupt like a volcano during this period that could present Trump’s greatest challenge to remaining in office. The accusations may not be limited to collusion and obstruction of justice. Don’t forget, there are still the unresolved accusations made by a number of women alleging sexual misconduct. Trump is a pretty resourceful man, capable of pulling off some spectacular surprises, so this could be a very interesting time. The new Moon Solar Eclipse of last August was the time of greatest impact on his horoscope, and only he really knows how hard he was hit. But when the full moon eclipse comes next January, it will all come out.”


From Stephen Colbert – “We just learned that in addition to all the other White House duties, Kushner wants to overhaul America’s prison system,” Colbert said. “Hmmm, I wonder why he’s suddenly so interested in prison conditions?”

On another note – seems to me that Trump, like most people suffering from narcissism, wanted and wants praise. This is exactly the kind of mark the Russian gov. looks for. Easy to manipulate. And then of course there is/was tons to use as kompromat against him. Follow the $.

He was and is a complete tool.

The biggest problem is that the tools in Congress have surrendered their tools to do anything about the tool they are stumbling over to use as their own tool. What a world!


Trump and his FCC lackey, Ajit Pai, just blundered into a very big net neutrality fight

By Joan McCarter
Thursday Jan 11, 2018 · 2:51 PM PST

The scum finally got me. I cried tears of hurt and of white hot anger after finding out about his insufferable remarks.

A link to a very accurate description of this this this!!!!!

“Our President is a stupid, cowardly punk. It is that simple.”


Bob, and all, Trump is much like all those dastardly mutants from history who maimed and murdered freely because of misguided (evil) ideology in order to sip the elixir of power.

This has been one horror after another. Yesterday’s racist comment made me sick to my stomach.

I’m sure all of you have fought these mindless beliefs throughout life, and worked with others who made noise and stood up to bullies. Those have been some of my finest moments, and I trust that those who are playing dumb, or remaining silent will pay a steep price.

Jerry, interesting post on Trump.

“Trump is much like all those dastardly mutants from history who maimed and murdered freely because of misguided (evil) ideology in order to sip the elixir of power.”

Yes. I need to see him as one of those. Middle Ages, he’d have sat back on his horse and watch, after he ordered those he considered beneath him to move forward and fight.

Thank you for that.

I’ve been trying to fine tune how to read Sedna in a chart for a long time now and I think I’m getting a grasp (forgive the pun) thanks to Trump. Sedna has been transiting his natal chart’s MC since at least 2014.

In all the versions I’ve read of the Sedna myth – the Inuit girl who became the sea goddess after her father tossed her out of the boat, breaking off her frozen fingers as she clung to its side – she becomes a goddess of the sea and its inhabitants; a bitter goddess. And who could blame her? Betrayed by her new husband AND her father, she’s pissed.

Transiting Sedna in Taurus not only is on Trump’s MC for all the world to see, but she squares his 12th (hidden) house Mars (anger) in Leo (drama) and sextiles his Saturn-Venus in Cancer that conjuncts the US Mercury.

If we take Trump’s Venus and Saturn combined with the US Mercury we get Trump tweets. If we combine all that with with trans. Sedna (bitterness) and Trump’s midheaven we get public bitter tweets.

If we take all that sextiled stuff and combine it with the Galactic Center (GC) in Sagittarius we get a Yod with a purpose. Think about all the traffic of late in the latter degrees of Sagittarius (Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Venus, Pholus and more) it provides enough stimulation to express all that rage and bitterness in Trump (70+ years worth) which then enrages many in the world.

Even without the GC (radio central for the Universal Mind) the bitterness is spread via US Mercury which transiting Chiron in Pisces (the Healer, or the Wounded or both – or the Teacher, the Bridge, etc.) has been trine for more than a year.

Now trans. Jupiter in Scorpio is coming into a trine to US natal Mercury (and Trump’s Saturn + Venus) too. Note that tran. Chiron and Jupiter will exact a trine with each other at the time of the midterm election in November.

Anyway, I now feel that the Sedna myth came about by Inuit mothers explaining to their kids where their dads had gone, ie. fishing, hunting.

The story has several versions coming from several tribes, but in each case, it is a woman who is betrayed; a women who rules the waters and all that dwells within that water. It is a woman/goddess who sacrifices her fingers to provide whales, seals, etc., to feed the Inuit people and keep them warm.

This is possibly the suppressed Inuit women expressing their (semi-conscious) bitterness over their own betrayals. Now, through Trump, they live again.


Bernie TV – Why We Need a Clean Dream Act Now

By Queries
Friday Jan 12, 2018 · 2:00 PM PST

The contribution made by immigrants and people of color is ignored for centuries, in American society.

Even in light of the abuse of them as president , and used for/at DTs businesses, his sweat shop products sold here in the USA and the employees of his hospitality venues. His disdain is breathtaking in its ignorance of their contribution to his bottom line. Incredible. Unfreakinbelievable.

We could fund almost every safety net program and balance the budget if we trimmed the military spending which is bluster and kabuki for the world to see our military might from the arm chair generals in the Congress.

The country’s debt and the deficit is attributable in part to the weak leadership of those who exploit and enrich themselves at the expense of the rest of us. Oh woe is us. We are sinking fast. I continue to weep for America

“Sweet Psychic Violetta” and her Son have a very interesting new session up:
“How Trump Attracts WEALTH, FAME, AND SUCCESS While Most People Don’t!”

Transiting Juno, defender of the disenfranchised, is at 11+ Aquarius, the degree of cooperation between transiting Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – at least while they are in their present signs – along with transiting Hygeia, the daughter of Asclepius (both associated with healing), and so too is transiting Hermes (another name for Mercury).

I’m seeing this as symbolic of the present outcry (Juno) against Trump’s mindless words (Hermes) regarding his distaste of immigrants coming to the USA from countries primarily occupied by brown or black races, preferring instead white immigrants from Norway.

I see Hygeia’s role in this triple conjunction as symbolic of a nation-wide awareness of a long standing illness entrenched in the US psyche.

It is another example of the purging of our nation’s ills which must take place so that it can evolve into a higher life form. Ghastly to witness but it will take us all – the masses – into a better, higher, wiser level of consciousness.

11+ Aquarius falls in Trump’s natal 6th house of health and fixing things.

Ray Stevens – Everything Is Beautiful


Ed Tamplin this week
The year ahead thru seasonal charts

Food for thought . . . . .
“Authentic Citizens United Movement”

Natal Sun for Hawaii is 28+ Leo, the same degree as last August’s total solar eclipse.

The Hawaii natal Jupiter is at 23+ Scorpio and transiting Mars was at 22+ Scorpio at the time (8:07 am) the alarm went out re: incoming ballistic missile. Transiting Venus was exactly square transiting Uranus.

Transiting Moon at 17+ Sagittarius was trine Hawaii natal Uranus 17+ Leo when the alarm went out, but transiting Psyche at 17+ Scorpio was square Hawaii Uranus. A shocking experience that will leave a mark on those in Hawaii yesterday but all’s well that ends well.

Transiting Mercury at 3+ Capricorn (conjunct trans. Saturn at 2+ Capricorn) was trine Hawaii’s natal Pluto at 3+ Virgo.

Raye Robertson on Diane Feinstein

Raye Robertson’s reading of Feinstein is triumphant, but what a powerful figure! We all owe Feinstein a thank you and a hope that there ARE more like her willing to part the darkness with their penetrating light.

I agree that Ray Robertson’s astrological analysis of Feinstein and the GPS Fusion release chart made for very interesting reading and was a tribute to a very tough and courageous public servant/leader who is also a Pallas Athena warrior/hero figure!

The 2014 elections gave the Republicans control of the Senate (and control of both houses of Congress) for the first time since the 109th Congress. With 248 seats in the House of Representatives and 54 seats in the Senate, this Congress began with the largest Republican majority since the 71st Congress of 1929–1931.

The numbers below are for the beginning of the Congress after it’s swearing in.

71st Congress March 4 1929 to March 4 2931.

Senate had 96 members. 56 Republicans, 39 Democrats, 1 other, no vacancies. Republicans would only have the majority in 10 of the next 62 years.

House had 435 members. 267 Republicans, 163 Democrats, 1 other, 4 vacancies.

73rd Congress March 4, 1933, to January 3, 1935

Senate had 96 members 59 Democrats, 36 Republicans, 1 other. Republicans would only have the majority in 4 of the next 62 years.

311 Democrats, 117 Republicans, 1 other.

From 1933 through 1994 Republicans were in the majority in both houses together only in 1947, 1948, 1953 and 1954. Not even during Reagan’s 2 terms did they control both houses.

If GOP control of congress is taken away in 2020 and a similar period of that party being in the minority in both houses of congress would last for 60 years what a promising future for those 40 years of age and younger through those 60 years (including some not yet born).

We must vote and help others to get out to vote or help them vote by mail.


Trump’s “self-undoing”


I noticed the morning after the 2018 Elections (or evening of, depending on time zone I suppose) there is a New Moon at around 15 Scorpio.

Also Venus is Rx within a couple degrees of the Station-Direct, and Mercury is approaching the Station-Retro and will go retrograde shortly afterward.

Just wondering if these facts have any significance in the bigger picture.

Happy MLK Day to everyone.

Two of his quotes that I feel particularly in need of these days:

-this rings so true for me as we live through these tumultuous times.

“Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will.”

-I struggle to do this everyday, because I know on that deeper level, these people that stir my primal desire to hate, are serving a purpose to bring us all to a higher consciousness.

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”

What an amazing thing this Internet is; I just realized – thanks to the Internet – that the US Constitution’s birthchart (Sept. 17, 1787) has Neptune at 17+ Libra, the same degree where the US progressed Mars is, and the same degree where Trump’s natal Jupiter is. This compounds the effect of transiting Neptune’s conjunction to the US progressed natal Sun, and the effect of both being in Pisces kind of (in a Neptunian way) makes things clear.

We must unravel the weave in order to re-knit the flaws produced by time (Saturn) and history. The wear and tear on this protective garment, the Constitution, needs to be shored up; re-knitted.

The recent new cycle between Mars and Jupiter (starting when they made their conjunction at 17+ Scorpio) seems to confirm this as they were sextile the Sun, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn at the time and that produced a Yod to Trump’s natal Uranus (upend) in Gemini (communicate).

As part and parcel of this 2-year cycle, Mercury (data) in Sagittarius (broaden) opposes TNO Chaos (chaos) in Gemini (communicate) and squares the Moon (emotion/People) in Virgo (facts in order) who opposes Chiron (learn through suffering) in Pisces (unravel).

As it happens, this cycle’s chart has Chaos conjunct Trump’s natal Sun (that conjuncts US natal Mars which squares US natal Neptune in Virgo). This chart also having provided the sextile needed to make a Yod (cause to adjust position) to Trump’s natal Uranus (upend) provides the impetus (and time frame – 2 years) to do the unraveling and begin the re-knitting process.

The present Mars-Jupiter cycle ends on March 20, 2020, as the Spring Equinox takes place and the new Mars-Jupiter cycle begins at 22+ Capricorn.

The present cycle between Saturn and Jupiter will also end in 2020. It began back in 2000 at their conjunction at 22+ Taurus and was trine the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo.

To me this suggests extraordinary coordination on the part of the Cosmos; that this new cycle between Mars and Jupiter that begins in 2020 by forming a grand trine with the old Saturn-Jupiter cycle nearing its end and the US natal Neptune, is as amazing as the Internet, both of which are part of the evolving process of humanity.

You are so insightful and poetic Barbk!

“We must unravel the weave in order to re-knit the flaws produced by time (Saturn) and history”

Trump is certainly the change agent exposing flaws

@Elizabeth, I love your post. Happy MLKJr

Yes, yes! Barbk is very special! She explores realms we pass by. Thanks Barb! And Nancy for this

And Bravo Kiwi…
We need to create a New Vision/new theme for our future, something more truthful/loving/positive than this old Citizens United programming. Look at how the Koch Brother’s and now Trumo have created their vision. (and now they own Time Magazine) We need a new powerful attitude!

The Billionaires’ Tea Party
Negative/Current Brainwashing Koch Bro’s and BIG MONEY Vision: short-2min video:


Hospital, physician groups sound urgent alarm over CHIP defunding

By Joan McCarter
Monday Jan 15, 2018 · 6:00 PM PST

MSNBC host Velshi dumbfounded as Tea Party governor claims health insurance make people unhealthy


Thank you Anita.. I am glad it touched you 🙂

kiwi and patty, I’m grateful for your kind words and support. In looking at today’s New Moon chart for any clues to our next month’s fortunes (or misfortunes); it is all about the USA’s natal Pluto.

No, wait; hear me out. Today’s New Moon at 26+ Capricorn is conjunct transiting Venus (love/values) at 28+ Capricorn and in between them is the US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn. When the NM chart is set in Washington they all fall into the 5th house of kids.

These days the word “kids” brings DACA to mind and those kids are desperate for some good news, something this New Moon may provide. Transiting Pluto, now at 19+ Capricorn, also in the NM chart’s 5th house is again trine the US natal Vesta at 19+ Taurus, and Vesta symbolizes what we invest in. Like kids. She’s all about focus and she also symbolizes the workaholic.

Transiting Pluto is exactly sextile transiting Jupiter at 19+ Scorpio, the sign that Pluto rules. The cycle between trans. Pluto and Jupiter (of which their present sextile marks an important milestone) has in its chart a sextile between Neptune (dreamers) and the Moon (the People), and today transiting (New Moon) Juno (supports the disenfranchised) is exactly half-way between them. That sounds like a good thing; a hopeful thing.

But there is a fly in the ointment; transiting Jupiter (19+ Scorpio) is now opposite the US natal Vesta (19+ Taurus). I believe that symbolizes what we are seeing from the Pubs regarding the ending of the DACA program. But wait; trans. Pluto is sextile that trans. Jupiter and Jupiter is in Pluto’s sign!

Furthermore, trans. Pluto trines US Vesta while also sextiling trans. Jupiter and, with his hand in a velvet glove, I think Pluto could convince Jupiter to see this as a win-win situation. After all Jupiter is associated with foreigners and so is DACA.

Back in April 2016, when transiting Vesta was conjunct the US natal Vesta (called a Vesta Return) there were some very promising aspects in that chart. For one thing, Pholus (small cause, big effect) was at 27+ Sagittarius and conjunct the Galactic Center.

As it happens, the Jupiter-Pluto cycle started in 2007 with these 2 planets joined at 28+ Sagittarius so these two separate events, the US Vesta Return and the Jupiter Pluto cycle start, had something in common: the Galactic Center and a small cause that could result in a big effect.

So, back to today’s New Moon that conjuncts transiting Venus (values) AND the US natal Pluto, all of whom are in the 26-28 degree range of of Capricorn, and they sextile the NM chart’s Mars at 24+ Scorpio AND the NM chart’s Vesta at 0+ Sagittarius.

(Note: these 2, Mars and Vesta will be conjunct in the Solar Eclipse in Feb. that conjuncts the US natal Moon. Mars and Vesta will also be conjunct the US natal ascendant at that time which is 12+ Sagittarius.)

Today’s NM-sextile-Mars connects to the present US Solar Return chart’s Ceres (who had to fight to keep her daughter) and she opposes the US Solar Return chart’s Pholus (small cause big effect).

That connection between today’s New Moon and the US Solar Return produces a Boomerang pattern, when combined, that puts solar return Ceres in the apex of a Yod (must adjust) and solar return Pholus (small cause big effect) at the (combined) Boomerang energy’s final destination.

The US solar return Pholus for the year starting in July, 2017 and ending in July, 2018, is at 27+Sagittarius, the same degree as the Galactic Center (and one degree away from the conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto at their cycle’s start on 2007.) Today’s New Moon will activate all this; the US solar return and the Jupiter-Pluto cycle.

This may not make sense the way I tell it, but by following these bread crumbs I can only surmise that today’s New Moon that conjuncts the US natal Pluto in Capricorn suggests that the DACA kids will be staying in the USA, and it’s all about our country’s natal Pluto and its transformative power.

Thank you, barbk, I hope you are right.

And … Bannon refuses to answer questions before the House intel committee, who promptly slapped him with a subpoena.

Thanks Ja, I hope so too, However, I made an error in the 4th paragraph when speaking about the Jupiter-Pluto cycle’s sextile between Neptune and Moon when I should have said the sextile between Neptune and the Sun (consciousness). That would put transiting (today’s) Juno CONJUNCT that Neptune, not halfway between Neptune and Sun (or as I incorrectly said, the Moon).

So actually it was 2 mistakes, not one. My bad, but today’s Juno conjunct the Jupiter-Pluto chart’s Neptune is much more meaningful than what I incorrectly wrote. Probably should not try to juggle more than 2 charts in my lap at one time!

The latest from Raye Robertson
“To King’s hero on the mountain top, Trump is the troll beneath the bridge. ”
Stumbling on the Mountain: the American Dreamscape on MLK Day 2018

Jeff Flake just spoke out on the floor against Trump and in defense of the Press.

Flake’s natal Mars at 24+ Leo squares his natal Venus at 25+ Scorpio. Right now transiting Mars is at 24+ Scorpio.

Flake’s natal Pluto at 12+ Virgo is being opposed by transiting Neptune at 12+ Pisces. His natal Jupiter at 8+ Pisces is square US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini.


Transiting Venus is conjunct Flake’s South Node (release) at 29+ Capricorn – right now.

Flake’s natal Pluto is square the US ascendant (12+ Sagittarius) and descendant (12+ Gemini), as is transiting Neptune, a grand cross in mutable signs.

Right now transiting Mercury is conjunct transiting Asclepius (the Healer) and transiting Hylonome (grief led to suicide) all at 8+ Capricorn. Jeff Flake’s Sun is at 9+ Capricorn.

Isn’t today the day that Elaine Nausman said to circle on calendar as being problem for Trump? Think its Flake’s comparing him to Stalin?

Or Bannon talking with Mueller.



It is. Think of the last few days. 3 porn stars say he came onto them or offered them money to sleep with him and one was paid $130,000 right before the election with the demand of a signed gag-order.

Someone pointed out that following the banking trail of that $130,000 might take Mueller some very interesting places.

Bannon appeared before the House Intel committee and claimed executive privilege throughout. Immediately got subpoenaed.

We find out Mueller has subpoenaed Bannon to appear before the Grand Jury.

Trump claims he’s grown and inch and only weighs 239, which is silly, but he’s a vain guy and people mocking him will really piss him off. He may have been seeing a quack doctor for years, so seeing a real one, he may have gotten some really bad health news. Wouldn’t surprise me.

And he’s still catching hell for his shithole comment.

Oh — and the government may shut down on Friday.

alex, are those real (American) people responding to Warren or Russian bots? Do people really talk to each other like that on Twitter? My goddess, I’m glad I never took up the habit.

Barbk, Love Jeff Flake…Wish he was a Democrat. (or that more GOP were as gentle as Flake)
Here’s one of the best explainations for the difference between the two Parties:
“Why Liberal Hearts Bleed and Conservatives Don’t”

Teresa Hill, I think Bannon’s agreeing to cooperate with Mueller is probably is probably the sharpest blow to Trump.


I hope he’s agreed to cooperate. But if he is, why was Bannon on the phone with the White House, relaying questions and asking if he was allowed to answer them before the House Intel committee? Because that sounds like a guy who’s still loyal to Trump.

regarding Trump’s weight and comparisons to athlete’s weights –
remember that fat weighs quite a bit less than dense muscle, so a muscular athlete with the same weight would look vastly different than a fat trump.

Teresa Hill, I’m just retelling what has been on late afternoon news. You are talking about Congressional committee hearings. He’s agreed to cooperate with Special Council rather than go before a grand jury. I’m sure MSNBC will cover this tonight.

I know. I just wonder why he’d cooperate with Mueller and supposedly be listening to the White House so carefully about what he can and can not say before the House committee.

He was scheduled to testify before the House committee yesterday and reportedly invoked executive privilege for things it doesn’t cover and had his lawyer on the phone with the White House, relaying the questions he faced and having the White House tell him what he could and could not answer.

Just seems odd. I certainly hope he spills all to Mueller.

Bannon did have one slip-up before the House Intelligence Committee hearing –


On a personal note, I had to say goodbye to my very favorite 13-year dog last Saturday, when Saturday was still within a 2 degree orb of transiting my natal chiron in the 6th house (pets). It was terribly hard and I’m still in deep grief. Saturn is now starting to oppose my natal Uranus at 5 cancer in the 12th. Guess I won’t be in a very good mood for a while and will feel nervous, irritable, high-strung. I know many of you here know what it’s like to lose a special pet with whom you’ve been very close. I found a wonderful website who, free of charge, using a description you write of your pet and photos, does a search on the astral plane for them and reports back to you. Just writing the description was healing.

That’s Saturn, not Saturday, but it’s the appropriate day…

My dear friend… I empathize and sympathize with you entirely. I seem to recall you mentioned to me the illness of your dog a couple of months ago. I am so sorry your four legged friend of the past 13 years has passed. I know what that feels like. If there is any way I can be a help or comfort to you please let me know. Best wishes to Myron as well.

Oh, thank you so much, Eliseo. You already have comforted me with you warm words. Both Myron and I in our own way felt so close to this dog…he was very special, the most special among our 3 dogs (and our charts each show the connections; for one thing, he was born when uranus was transiting my sun). It will take time to heal, as the saying goes, and I’m home a lot now due to the very cold weather here so I feel his presence and think about him. Thank you for your empathy and caring thoughts.

I’m sure you’re getting some of this cold weather, too – have you had any snow? – We’ve had a little, basically during last night. It was 23 at 10 a.m. this morning, colder than it’s ever been in the time I’ve lived here in New Orleans.

How about the rest of you — how are you making out?

Transiting Jupiter is now conjunct Bannon’s natal Venus.

Dear Sharon,

My thoughts and feelings of sympathy are with you at this most sad time.

Last night I was very strongly moved to donate to the http://www.SearchDogFoundation.org.

Hi Sharon, so sorry to hear you are experiencing such a loss. Warm love and hugs to you both

So sorry for your loss Sharon. If you had to have him put to sleep I know you are relieved that he no longer suffers. After 50+ years of a lot of beloved pets passing away, my last 3 cats, all about 15+ years old, died within a 2 year period. My grief was such that I knew I could never ever go through that kind of loss again.

Eventually you will remember your pet without the enormous sorrow you now feel, but with all the love he provided you while with you. Give him the grief that comes with such a loss and eventually you will find yourself able to smile again – without force and with a full heart. Peace.

Thank you Ja, kiwi, and barbk. Shaki first got his diagnosis 3 months ago and as much as that hurt, we elected to not use chemo (as we had with our cat years back) but to take him to a wholistic doctor and completely change his diet and give him supplements to stop the tumor growth, etc. This gave us almost 3 whole months with a very happy dog (he LOVED the food and had a lot of energy) and, although I cried when I thought about losing him, I was also content to live in the present with him. I made all this special food and he became like my child (I haven’t had children), needing daily care. That made it even harder to say goodbye. So, I totally understand and agree, barb. I don’t want to go through this again. Tru Dog, a new raw, dehydrated food company, says that with the right diet a dog can live 20 years, but 13, 15 or 20 years, it all goes too fast.

Ja, that Search Dog group is fantastic and I want to support them too as I promised to give charity in Shaki’s honor.

Jupiter on Bannon’s Venus? Does that mean he’ll get away with everything and come up smelling like a rose?

Sharon K

it means in terms of mundane astrology that Jupiter-Venus aspects have been triggers in the celestial cycles when he has hadsignificant events in life; whereas Paul Ryan has had Saturn aspects as triggers in his celestial cycles when he has significant events in life

tRump progressed Neptune on January 17, 2018 will be at 7°01′ Capricorn, progressed Mars 9°56′ at Capricorn. On December 31, 2018 progressed Neptune will be at 7°03′ Capricorn, Mars at 10°33′ Capricorn.

Below are the dates Saturn can be considered to be conjunct those points in 2018. Allowing a 1° orb before and after exactness will extend the starting and end dates.


Sharon, my thoughts are with you over your loss. Losing our fur kids leaves such a huge hole in our hearts. I know there have been times with mine when I felt like my heart was actually breaking. May your pup race across the Rainbow Bridge, making friends along the way, to fill the time ’til you’re all reunited again.

I’ve got a weird, out-of-left-field question for those so much better than I am at reading the skies…

I read Jeff Flake’s speech and agreed it sounded great, and ideally it’d be regarded as speaking truth to power, but I have a hard time at this point trusting anything coming from the mouth of a republican.

I seem to remember from way back in my old Social Psychology classes that one way to diminish the impact of a minority group was for some in the majority group to start sounding like they’d switched sides — basically, co-opting the minority group’s message and thus diminishing the impact the minority group might have been able to establish.

Does anyone see any kind of hanky-panky around Flake’s message? A scheme of sorts to try to raise the repub’s reputation ahead of the Mid-Terms – maybe separate themselves from the craziest RWNJ in the minds of the mythical electoral “center.”

I know that sounds really cynical, but politics since GWB has had that effect on me. And today gave me the worst case of generalized anxiety I’ve suffered in a long time, for some reason. Thanks, ya’ll!

slighkc – re Flake.
I think flake is a dyed-in-the-wool conservative regarding policy, but is more of an ‘old fashioned’ republican rather than being a lemming trumpster.
I think he comes from a place of having far more integrity than many others in his party these days.
On that note I respect his courage in speaking his mind, even though I disagree with many of his other policy positions.


Sharon, my heartfelt sorrow for your loss. Barbk had great words of comfort. After several losses of beloved pets, they now play a big part of our fond memories.

slightkc, Flake may be behaving as you’ve described, but he hasn’t changed his spots over the years. If only half of this new rabid republican party were as thoughtful (and fiscally conservative as they claim to be) we would have a different congress. Too many have not demonstrated the intelligence to think through the decisions they’re making. In fact, it seems that many — especially the so-called tea partiers — are bent on destruction and undoing everything that helps make this a more equitable country. Whose boots are they licking?

These Trump tainted months have “tried souls.” We’re being asked and tasked to usher in a new age. The abuse, hatred, and heavy-handed horror are aspects that make it difficult to hold on to the knowledge that “this too shall pass.”

my. my, my, hadn’t heard this one
A red-faced Mike Pence had to sit beside his wife at Sunday church listening to his pastor denouncing and condemning Trump for his alleged s***hole remarks, calling them “hurtful, dehumanising, visceral, guttural, ugly.

On January 11, the Trump administration issued a cruel announcement: If you can’t find a job, don’t count on being able to get health care.

Under an unprecedented new policy, the administration will let states kick people off Medicaid for the crime of being unemployed. Instead of providing good jobs to struggling people, the administration is offering threats and tougher times.



I am so sorry for your loss. Most here have stated beautifully how they wish you solace at this time. I wish you comfort.

FBI investigating NRA’s role as money launderer for Russian oligarch to fund Trump and other GOP candidates in 2016:


May I add: WOW.

slightkc, Karen F, and Janet…thank you so much for your wonderful words of comfort. I particularly like the image of Shaki racing over the Rainbow Bridge, making friends along the way, until we are reunited again! My heart, too, felt like it was broken, but I did awake today for the first time feeling more at peace for Shaki and for me.

Jeff Flake: he has presidential aspirations. So does Corey Booker. They are positioning themselves to rise in the party…it seems obvious to me. Jeff Flake has noble ideals and integrity. What he is espousing is normal for anyone (except those of Trump’s ilk), but I still think he would support Paul Ryan’s budget. As kiwi said…”a dyed in the wool Conservative…”

As far as taking health care away from those who don’t have a job – I am not sure that the states will actually do that. It’s very hard to believe as Medicaid is such a fixture in our country. They may make it a requirement to prove they are looking for a job, as they do with unemployment, for those who are able to work. Of course, much of what Trump is doing just reflects the general Republican position but most of them don’t have the guts to promote it and jeopardize their careers so they are happy to have Trump in power – he has no such compunction.

Thanks, Alex, for the explanation. It does sound like Jupiter on Venus will highly his charm and likability or popularity…I hope that doesn’t mean he gets away with a cover-up.

Sharon, trans. Jupiter conjunct Bannon’s Venus might just mean an abundance of relief. Transiting Uranus is still opposite his natal Neptune and T-square his natal nodes so a grand cross in cardinal signs will keep Bannon on a short leash for a while longer.

The upper box in the image in my Saturn transit post above should read “Jan” instead of “Natal” as the positions are for January 17th. The lower box should read “Dec” instead of “Prog” as the positions are for December 31st. The positions shown are all progressed.

When natal Neptune is included and a 1° orb before and after exactness is allowed the inclusive dates for Saturn afflicting tRump’s Mars and Neptune are from February 1st through July 11th, 2018, (every day) and again from October 30th, 2018 through January 2nd, 2019.

Transiting Mars in Scorpio is also square his natal Pluto in Leo so that can’t be much fun.


I’m so sorry about your baby. We love them so much.

Please, oh, please, let the NRA be even dirtier than we ever thought.

Sharon, I know your pain. Someday it will give way to happy memories.

🙁 and </3

Nancy Pelosi shoots down Paul Ryan’s funding bill: ‘This is like a bowl of doggie doo with a cherry on top’

Sharon: Sending you and your family heart healing energy for the loss of your dog.

Thank you Teresa, Bob, and Angelight!

Good for Nancy Pelosi!

I guess Bannon already did get relief in that he doesn’t have to deal with the grand jury (for some reason?)….Hope he will be put on the spot and held there and not be allowed to squirm out of it. There could be some “plea bargaining” type of deal going on but I don’t trust Bannon at all.

It seems to be shaping up as the year of the woman with the avalanche of women declaring their intent to run all over the usa.
And the news from this part of the world is that our new, young, female prime minister is unexpectedly pregnant, due in June. Don’t know if this would be a first for a head of state (other than QE2) or not.


The planet just had its hottest 4 years in recorded history. Trump is dismantling efforts to fight climate change.

I was watching the History Channel’s “Vikings” this evening, and listened to this dialogue. I thought it was relevant to the times, and to your thoughtful discussions:

“What really is to stop him? Nothing… He wants to stay because he wants to be King. Here, he could be King of it all. But first, he has to undermine your authority. He has to turn people against you. That’s what he’s been trying to do. Can you not see? I have seen it from the start. He is trying to provoke a reaction. He wants us all to fall into violence and chaos, from which he can rise to power. We must not give him that satisfaction. We must remain calm.”

Thanks for the opinions on Flake. Like I said, I’m just extremely cynical these days inre Repubs. I did have a thought he might be trying to set himself up for a run as president.

The Repubs refusing to allow Obama to seat a SC judge says to me they knew the fix was in on the coming election. Up to then, I’d have had a hard time believing they could plot that far in advance. That’s probably one of the reasons I’m looking for plots and plans in regards to Flake’s speech.

BTW… no one at work seems particularly upset about an upcoming shutdown this time around. I think we’re all tired of being played as pawns in the Repubs budget games. Besides, we’ve had benefits stripped down and Trump even took half of our measly 2.5% raise to help fund the “wall.” While we remain steadfast and committed to our students (our clients), it’s harder to remain enthusiastic about service to country when your CinC is so willing to sell you down the river. We’re all just trying to go with the flow and keep calm. Small groups gathering for discussion, jokes, and wise-cracking about Trump is proving to quite cathartic – and everyone in my little group is planning their household “todo” lists for the furlough. Funny how many of us are actually looking forward to having the time to get some real work done around our homes! ‘course, we’re figuring Trump will stiff us all on paying for our enforced time off.

Tomorrow ought to be an interesting day around the office…

The Potential For A US Government Shutdown

Coming down to the wire with that January 19th midnight deadline looming for a possible US government shutdown, it’s being reported Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has floated the idea of a five day short term continuing resolution stop-gap funding bill to iron out the remaining differences on immigration reform. That would bring us to the January 25th date wherein tr. Mars at 28 Scorpio squares the August 21st 2017 solar eclipse degree.

We will then be entering eclipse season starting with the January 31st lunar eclipse (11 Leo) conjunct Trump’s Progressed Moon/ natal Pluto. Will this indicate major developments in the Russian investigation? Jared Kushner has his nodes at the 11 Aq./Leo axis. Will Kushner be indicted?

Major astrological activity continues on at the time of the February 15th solar eclipse (27 ’07 Aquarius). The eclipse conjoins the US Moon in opposition to last years Aug. 21st solar eclipse. Two days later – Feb 17th has Mars in close conjunction to the US Sibly ascendant (13 ’22 Sag) in square to the US progressed Sun and tr. Neptune (13 ’22 Pisces). Here’s what Ed Tamplin has to say about that aspect…….

“……Neptune’s constant contacts with the USA’s secondary progressed Sun through 2018. This is coming to exactness by the mid February, which is why I anticipate the whole issue of leadership, and the controversy surrounding it, to go to another level. There could be a big breaking story or announcement round the 16th or 17th.”

Nice work Jerry; trans. Pluto is now within a degree of Kushner’s natal Sun.

Teresa Hill, wasn’t Jan. 25 another date that Elaine Nausman mentioned as being very important?

Jerry, thanks for that info.

If Flake would actually vote against the despicable Republican agenda, rather than just mouthing platitudes, I might be able to respect him. But his recent statements are empty, given his actions. And votes.


I think it was Jan. 31st

So you would be directly affected by the shutdown, slightkc…

Democrats are negotiating with Trump today….I believe something will be cobbled together.

It’s unacceptable that these shut-down showdowns turn up once or maybe twice a year. That is so damn dysfunctional.

Omarosa may have secretly taped White House conversations: report hill.cm/SVYfbpg

Sharon, I too am so sorry for the loss of your beloved dog, I have a dog I love so much and he is already 4 and I agree time passes so fast, I am looking into that True Dog product you mentioned, just ordered some treats and a boost from Amazon. Many thoughts your way!

Hi, Can someone here talk a bit about the Uranus in taurus this coming May and what implications it might have on stock market, money etc.
At least I think its Uranus, I know something is going into Taurus and is going to be big…

For the ladies from everybody real.

Jayna Brown performs “Rise Up” on Americas Got Talent – Golden Buzzer


Andra Day – Rise Up [Live Acoustic Video]

I love you all.

Diana, thank you. Our wholistic vet is a big fan of frozen raw meat, turkey, chicken, the stuff that’s ground up with organs and bones. We also gave him brown rice, steamed and juiced green (with pulp; actually broken down in blender), a raw egg yolk as a snack or with his food. I eat eggs but not meat, yet I was not grossed out by his food and was thrilled to see him eat so heartily. I think his diet (& supplements) kept him in good shape for almost 3 months. Some of the meat/poultry brands I’m talking about come in loaves and can be cut up and put in plastic bags for portions. Tru Dog also has something they call an additive, made with ground up dehydrated meat and you can sprinkle it on anything. I have no idea why he got cancer, but so did our other almost 2 years ago. Is it lead it in the soil from the long time ago lead paint on the house? Some say that kibble is not great because it’s heated when processed and that canned food is better. Anyway, sorry to take up so much space on dog diets. It’s been a daily part of my life for 3 months and I learned so much!

Thanks Bob for the love! Sending it back to you!

Sharon K – yes, like many, I’m directly effected by the shutdowns.

A good many of us… if not most of us… working as civilians in the military branches are former military, ourselves. (I’m ex-Air Force) We joined civil service because we have a strong desire to continue serving this country… to be part of making the great experiment work… to be there for our fellow citizens to help ease their way.

Not everyone is a retiree, tho. We don’t have retiree benefits and TriCare. We’re as hard up as anybody else in this economy. I’m particularly worried about one friend who is only a paycheck away from being evicted. She’s closer to the norm than anything you’ll see printed about Federal Employees. WE are what is the worst part of a Federal shutdown — not whether the Parks stay open or not!

Having said all that, I’m for this shutdown… which is also why I’m willing to give to those I know who’ll need help. As a country, as progressives, we can’t keep getting put into these kinds of Solomon-like situations. And this time I see it as particularly evil – pitting one group of kids over another group of kids. We also can’t keep Fed. departments operating on 1 or 2 month budgets.

But we better not see Trump flying in AF1 to Florida for his grand 50k/person party, or flying anywhere to play golf or lunch in one of his buildings. And the Repubs ought to rethink Davos. Of course, if they ignore how things look, and go ahead with all their hobnobbing, it’ll be great election ad fodder come this summer.

BTW… mcTurtle has said he’ll call for a vote on that horrible House bill at 10pm tonight. I’m assuming that means 10pm eastern.

Meanwhile, I’m working right now to get as much ready for coursework and a workshop in early February before the midnight bell tonight. Wish us luck!

Some thoughts on the impending shutdown:

Transiting retrograde Ceres and the transiting North Node at 14+ Leo
the US Saturn at 14+ Libra (+ Trump’s Chiron and Juno)
and this (double) sextile forms a Yod with
the transiting Neptune (12+ Pisces) and transiting Hildago (13+ Pisces) the warrior, and the US natal Sedna (15+ Pisces) . . AND the US Solar Return chart’s Neptune at 14+ Pisces.

All those I’ve named that are in Pisces are in the position of a Yod that has to adjust to be in step (so to speak) with the Leo and Libra planets.

I can’t parse out all the symbolism on this short notice, but my feeling – what with Neptune blurring the lines – is that the US solar return Neptune (14+ Pisces), who is in a grand trine with solar return (and natal) US Sun at 13+ Cancer, and solar return Arachne (16+ Scorpio), is the one in charge of all this. Arachne the spider weaves a mighty fine web. Promises are being made in DC that must be kept.

The vision of transiting Sedna conjunct Trump’s MC and the US Sedna at the apex of the above Yod gives me the feeling that WOMEN will determine the outcomes during the Trump years, including elections and even whether or not there will be a government shutdown. Sedna gives, but there’s a price to pay.

Sharon K, I’ve been offline the better part of this week, and just read of the loss of your Shaki. I’m heartbroken for you- the loss of a special dog is crushing.

This is a quote that has meant a great deal to me when I’ve lost dearly beloved dogs: “There is a cycle of love and death that shapes the lives of those who choose to travel in the company of animals. It is a cycle unlike any other. To those who have never lived through its turnings and walked its rocky path, our willingness to give our hearts with full knowledge that they will be broken seems incomprehensible. Only we know how small a price we pay for what we receive; our grief, no matter how powerful it may be, is an insufficient measure of the joy we have been given.”
-Suzanne Clothier

Thinking of you.

In case you haven’t noticed, the White House decided to adopt a hard stance against the Democrats immediately following the US government shutdown with the following statement……

“We will not negotiate the status of unlawful immigrants while Democrats hold our lawful citizens hostage over their reckless demands,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement. “This is the behavior of obstructionist losers, not legislators. When Democrats start paying our armed forces and first responders we will reopen negotiations on immigration reform.”

In February, tr. Pluto arrives at the critical 20 Capricorn degree in square to the US Chiron (20 Aries). Tr. Pluto will also at the same time conjunct the Republican charts natal Chiron (20 Capricorn) in t square to the 115th US Congress natal Uranus-Jupiter opposition (20 Aries-21 Libra). Astrologer Raye Robertson writes about the 115th Congress chart in these terms: “The opposition from Uranus (to Jupiter) only makes Republican actions since January 3rd more shocking and reckless, while the square from Sun-Pluto in Saturnian Capricorn reflects the swift, relentless way their attempt to dismantle the Ethics Office……” Enclosed are the respective charts:


…..and the article itself here:

For Better Or Worse: A Rocky Start For The 115th Congress


In Trump’s chart during February, tr. Pluto will be quincunxing his North Node (20 Gemini). One astrologer describes that particular difficult aspect in the following words….

“Pluto Inconjunct North Node: You view society’s norms as unpopular, failing to see that it is your views that are unpopular.”

All of this suggests Trump and his minions will not be amenable to a budget agreement anytime soon. Unfortunately, that kind of hard stance will likely have a negative effect on the robust US economy.

Thank you, DPH, for your caring and for this quote which blows me away. Today is a week since we said goodbye to our dog and that quote really nails the experience of loving a pet so much. i’m going to read it to my husband so we can share it. Thank you again.

Thank you Jerry, I had not realized that the 115th
Congress’ chart held the transiting Uranus-Jupiter opposition that had been conjunct the US natal Chiron-Juno opposition (trans. Uranus conjunct US Chiron and trans. Jupiter conjunct US Juno). My goddess that explains the Women’s Marches, and much more.

Also, that chart has the South Node (4+ Pisces) in the place that transiting centaur Nessus was for so long. In myth Nessus had a way of planting suspicion in someone’s mind that would cause them to turn on that person they suspected with a vengeance. In other words, Nessus brings out the worst in a person. For a purpose though; awareness.

The South Node describes a trait that would have been useful in the past (life) and perfected but no longer serves a good purpose in the individual’s (or entity, in this case, Congress) life. With Nessus there – conjunct the South Node in this chart – that would include treachery.

The South Node in Pisces could very well include delusion and that seems likely given the present Congress. Add Nessus to the picture and delusions becomes mean. A South Node suggests the easy way to deal with situations but a way that should be abandoned in favor of the North Node opportunities that Life provides. That would be 4+ Virgo in the case of Congress. That brings to mind health care, fixing things like broken bridges; stuff like that.

daily kos

Scenes from the Women’s March in L.A. — Official Crowd at 500k

By Doctor Jazz
Saturday Jan 20, 2018 · 3:09 PM PST


Throughout the nation today, Women’s Marches are matching or exceeding the turnout of 2017

By Meteor Blades
Saturday Jan 20, 2018 · 12:20 PM PST


Best Sign:

Grab Them By The Midterms

Sharon K

I understand what you are feeling but I’ve never really gotten over when pets passed on so I don’t like to discuss it.

Bob, Thank you for your kind encouragement for women. We need all the positive/energy we can garner. As the eldest of three girls, I’ve watched my adult twins son’s so easily breeze their way through life…with the advantage of being men.
Yet, it’s changing as we see Women attain more strength/confidence, respect and accomplishments.
Changing very slowly…for the better.
Thank you Bob…we cherish your positive input!

Have you viewed the latest Violetta session?
Her Son is included in this latest video.

I’m working on identifying the astro signature for ‘Devious’


Dr. Harold Frederick Shipman
14 January 1946
Nottingham, England


Cupido. When we look at the effect of Cupido in a chart we are looking at things where companionship and partnerships are the main component. Cupido is a fairly neutral and accommodating planet, so we really need to see what else it’s dancing with in a chart to get a realistic picture of how it is operating.


Natal Dr. Shipman

Grand Earth Trine

Kronos 19 Taurus
Cupido 19 Virgo
Venus 19 Capricorn

Alex, thank you. I appreciate your input very much.

The Pluto-Neptune cycle which I referred to on January 4th had Venus in Cancer opposite US natal Pluto. Nancy has told us the Pluto Return is one of the major issues driving the political scene now and I believe this particular cycle, the one between Pluto and Neptune, could possibly shed light on that coming event.

First of all their conjunction took place in Gemini suggesting their cycle would involve much talk, much data, much questionable honesty and a plethora of subject matter. This is standard when Gemini is involved.

Secondly, Pluto and Neptune are the slowest of the major known planets and this cycle began in 1891, 117+ years ago. It still has more than 375 years to go before these two meet again to begin their next cycle. This isn’t a quick fix despite its beginnings in Gemini.

No doubt many countries have birth charts that resonate with the Neptune-Pluto cycle but none more so than the USA. This cycle began in the same degree as the US natal Uranus; 8+ Gemini, the symbol of revolution.

As I said earlier this month, at the time this cycle began, Neptune and Pluto were sextile Mars and Chiron at 8+ Leo, who were conjunct the Sun at 10+ Leo, the same degree of Trump’s natal Pluto.

Trump himself is oblivious to the fact that he is being used, but we aren’t. Bear in mind that our natal Pluto acts in unconscious ways, responding to unconscious drives, no one’s more so than Trump’s.

If we are to believe, as I do, that the Universe has no motivation to destroy humanity but rather to evolve it, then we are going through growing pains and it can be quite depressing if this isn’t understood.

The conjunction of Pluto and Neptune to the US natal Uranus seems pretty straightforward in its intention. A breakthrough (Uranus) in thinking and communicating (Gemini) is being sought. It (this breakthrough) is being aided by a sextile from the cycle chart’s Mars and Chiron + Sun that conjuncts the Trump natal Pluto, all in Leo, meaning it has a show biz-drama quality meant to grab attention. So far it’s working.

Something I did not mention earlier about this Neptune-Pluto cycle chart is it’s Hybris, an asteroid whose meaning is hubris or excessive pride and/or arrogance. Its placement at 8+ Capricorn retrograde puts it at the apex point of a Yod with the chart’s Neptune-Pluto sextile Chiron-Mars-Sun. That’s the part, the apex, of a Yod that has to adjust until it is in sync with the other members of the Yod pattern.

During the last 3 weeks transiting Sun, Venus and Mercury have been at 8+ Capricorn and conjunct this Hybris in the chart for the Neptune-Pluto cycle, the cycle that started in the degree of the US natal Uranus. (see New Moon chart for Jan. 16 with Mercury at 8+ Cap)

These transits have activated that cycle and I would imagine most of us have witnessed the adjusting required of a Yod apex point, not to mention the hubris.

Transiting Saturn himself will conjoin this Hybris at 8+ Capricorn in March and April, and in May moving retrograde, and finally in direct motion, in December this year, after the elections.

During that time transiting Uranus will leave Aries briefly and enter Taurus, only to back out and return to Aries, giving us a brief taste of financial upheavals (and other Taurus matters) to expect from trans. Uranus in Taurus. This brings us back to the Neptune-Pluto cycle with its chart’s Venus (who rules Taurus) opposite the US natal Pluto.

This March transiting Uranus will square the Venus in Cancer who, in the chart for the Neptune-Pluto cycle start (that conjuncts US natal Uranus) was also square Uranus in Libra of that chart.

This means that transiting Uranus at 27+ Aries will oppose the Neptune-Pluto chart’s Uranus at 27+ Libra, both squaring the Neptune-Pluto chart’s Venus at 27+ Cancer, and she of course opposes the US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn. This is called a grand cross in cardinal signs. It’s difficult energy to work with.

It will definitely get our attention but we might not know why (astrologically) without remembering the chart for the Neptune-Pluto conjunction that started its new cycle in 1891 while harnessed to the US Uranus in Gemini.

I would also like to say that though this cycle, this long, long cycle between Neptune and Pluto DOES beat up on the US Pluto, it is quite respectful of the US natal Moon who, at 27+ Aquarius, symbolizes the US People.

There is a group of supportive minor bodies in the Neptune Pluto chart in that area of Aquarius, Ceres being one of them, and the chart’s Uranus in Libra is trine the US Moon. I’m confident we will survive and be better for it all.

As many have noted; the US Government shutdown coincides with the one year anniversary of Trump’s first day in office. Trump was forced to cancel his triumphant return to his Mara Lago estate in Florida for the celebrations that same evening. Is that a cosmic hint of things to come?

“Both Sides Are Dug In”: Why This Government Shutdown Could Last A Long Time

Jan 20, 2018


Excerpt from Business Insider January 9, ’18

Congress May Be Getting Ready To Create A Whopper Of A Fiscal Cliff

“……..According to the Congressional Budget Office , the extraordinary measures will run out in late March or early April.

The Bipartisan Policy Center projected the so-called “x-date” at which the measures would be exhausted is sometime in March.

Not suspending or increasing the debt ceiling by the “x-date” could result in a technical default for the US government – and cause a global economic disaster.

Greg Valliere, chief strategist at Horizon Global Investments, said this theme might play out for much of the year’s first quarter.

“With no sign of agreement between the President and Congress on most issues, there’s one logical result for the White House – playing defense, reacting to deadlines as they arise, rather than unveiling new policy initiatives,” Valliere said. “And the deadlines will come fast and furious in the next few weeks – deadlines on the budget and debt ceiling, deadlines on the Iranian nuclear deal, deadlines on the ‘dreamers.'”


U.S. Debt-Limit Countdown: What Investors Will Scrutinize

January 11, 2018

Drop-dead date is a ‘moving target,’ Jefferies economist says

Deadline may be anywhere from late February to early April


Checking the ephemeris in March for any indication of a possible dramatic downturn in the economy I noticed Jupiter’s retrograde station of March 8th (23 ’13 Scorpio). It opposes the May 28, 2000 Jupiter/Saturn conj. (22 ’43 Taurus) in square to the New York Stock exchange Pluto (23 ’31 Aq). Saturn goes on to semi-square Jupiter on March 14th.

Interestingly Ed Tamplin addresses this aspect in his blog….

JUPITER AND SATURN WANING SEMISQUARE – Exact December 22 2017, March 14 2018, September 3 2018.

Trump’s predictable declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, continues the pattern of this security conscious, land focussed Taurean cycle. It seems to set the scene for December and the first quarter of 2018.

Look to significant developments around the aforementioned dates. With one pivotal provision. The second semisquare of March 14 2018, brings Jupiter to 23 of Scorpio, opposing the degree where the whole cycle began. This makes mid-March a most important time.

……. I have written before that Israel’s Mars, Netanyahu’s Mars and Trump’s Mars are all positioned in the late degrees of Leo. Mars is the militaristic planet. On February 15 2018 an Aquarian Solar Eclipse will oppose the Mars degree of all three. This reinforces the crucial time frame above.”


The Jupiter station in March activating the Jupiter-Saturn conj of May 2000 could be significant. One astrologer offers his opinion on the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction cycle and what it entails…..

Saturn – Jupiter Conjunctions Then And Now

In astrology Saturn rules the principle of contraction along with structure, organization, and responsibility. Jupiter governs expansion along with growth, opportunity and travel. Contraction and expansion are opposite principles and located in Taurus ruling economics and the money supply, action will be taken to eliminate waste as a new 20 year economic cycle begins.

The last Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Taurus took place in 1940 at the onset of World War II. During and after the war the United States economy went into a period of tremendous economic growth and prosperity. There was also a shortage of goods and food products because of rationing and these were difficult to come by as no new automobiles were made, few new houses built and less variety of foodstuffs available as most production went into the war effort. Immediately after the war it was still difficult to find homes and various products and a tremendous boom occurred providing these to a very receptive public.

With this aspect shifts are likely in areas that govern banking and finance. Already Internet banking has become commonplace and during the next 20 years more likely the option of choice. This doesn’t necessarily indicate a recession just a shift in attitude in economic policies. In the past the Jupiter Saturn conjunction has taken place around the time of recessions. The 1980 conjunction and election of Ronald Reagan brought the end of a recession and sky high interest rates but escalated US debt and trade imbalances.




Kronos in Astrology: The planet of all things high up, literally and figuratively.

Dr. Harold Frederick Shipman
14 January 1946
Nottingham, England

Natal Dr. Shipman

Grand Earth Trine

Kronos 19 Taurus
Cupido 19 Virgo
Venus 19 Capricorn

continued from upthread

continued : Dr. Harold Shipman

Mundane Venus ( malignantly anti-social, evil )

Malignant definition: term for things or conditions that threaten life or well-being. Malignant is the opposite of benign.

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