21st Jan, 2018

Shut Down

The big news now is, of course, the government shutdown. In the realm of toxic partisanship, it is known alternatively as the Trump Shutdown or the Schumer Shutdown, or, my favorite from a sign yesterday at the DC Women’s March, the Shithole Shutdown. In my humble opinion, that one ties it all together nicely.

Nonetheless, it was probably inevitable that our two sides, which agree on nothing including reality itself, would come to total paralysis. So here we are. Interestingly, both Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have some strong, optimistic planetary configurations over the next couple of days:  Jupiter opposite Schumer’s Moon and opposite Pelosi’s Venus. So some kind of resolution in favor of the Dems might be possible through the 24th or maybe the 25th. But the energy shifts somewhat around the 24th and 25th, with Venus crossing Paul Ryan’s Venus/Sun conjunction and Jupiter opposing Mitch McConnell’s Mars, suggesting that from the 25th on for a few days, the GOP is happier. In other words, resolution during the final six days of January is slightly but not completely in favor of the Republicans.

If there is no resolution by February, things could get very difficult. Essentially, almost everyone looks miserable. And whether it is still the shutdown or something else, there are some serious stresses impacting our teetering system. Paul Ryan will have his progressed Moon square his progressed Saturn (6Taurus33) for all of February, followed by transiting Saturn square to his Uranus (8Libra40) in March. Mitch McConnell will have transiting Saturn sesquiquadrate his Mars/Saturn conjunction (21-22Taurus) from February 8 to March 1. Both GOP leaders will be frustrated and highly upset over circumstances for the entire month.

Nancy Pelosi will have Saturn sesquiquadrate her Venus (20Taurus16) beginning on January 27 through February 6, followed by Saturn square her Sun (5Aries53), until February 11. In addition, Schumer, will have Saturn sesquiquadrate his Moon (20Taurus17), also from January 27 to February 6.This describes an extremely stressful and challenging period, but of note, it ends weeks before the comparative difficulties on the GOP side end.

As for the odious and shameless creature now defiling the White House, the first 11 days of February will also bring him some significant stress, with transiting Saturn making its first of three crossings square to his Neptune (5Libra21). This suggests some confrontation between reality and his usual lies and delusions. This strain will run parallel the transit of Saturn opposite the US Jupiter (5Cancer56), so perhaps there will be some economic consequences to the shutdown or other financial challenges that must be faced at that time.

Of perhaps greater concern, is the period from late February through mid to late March.  It is during this time that our already rage-addled commander will be infused with more impatience and anger than his usual toxic mix. From February 26 to March 19, transiting Uranus will trine Trump’s Mars (26Leo47), triggering the solar arc Uranus conjunction to his Mars that continues to build until July. This makes him ripe for aggressive, unpredictable and impulsive actions.

In an almost parallel transit (2/25 to 3/12), Saturn will cross the IC (7 ½ Capricorn) and square the Ascendant (7Libra) in the New Year chart drawn for Washington, DC, pointing to some strain experienced in the country at the same time. And finally, the transit of Pluto will make its first quincunx to US Mars (21Gemini23), albeit shy about 6 minutes, from February 22 through April 24. Here we see the country as well as Trump feeling more aggressive, perhaps pushing toward a more assertive foreign policy.

Whatever these stressful situations that include Trump’s hyper aggression and the country’s deep concerns in February and March, they will lead to a very significant strain for the Mandarin Monster in the White House. The Saturn station from March 9 through May 7 will essentially sit opposite Trump’s Mercury (8Cancer52), which is the ruler of his Gemini Sun, North Node, and Uranus. The overlap of depression (Saturn/Mercury) and rage (Uranus/Mars) from March 9 to March 19 seems most likely to create some wild acting out from our Toddler-in- Chief. Thus, more mind-numbing drama, distraction, and destruction can be expected in the coming months. Welcome to 2018.


Wow, things do not look good. What a mess and what does this all mean for our country and how do we find a way out of this mess.

Its Not a Gov’t ShutDown but a Right Wing Coup! from the Nation

“Just as they did in October of 2013, the media is uniformly calling the selective starving of government by Republicans in Congress a “government shutdown.” It is anything but. The term “government shutdown” gives the public the false impression that the entire government is being shut down, when in reality, only a small percentage of the government gets shut down—and for starkly ideological reasons. What we are really facing is a liberal government shutdown—which is to say programs designed to help the vulnerable and poor are gutted, while institutions designed to serve the rich and powerful remain unscathed. ”


Thank you Nancy! God bless us all.

You have been very busy indeed Nancy. And as usual your results are top shelf.

But I can not let the Women’s March’s go by without venting some of the euphoria they have filled me with.


Spent most of the last 30 hours viewing videos and pictures of the most uplifting (for me) heartwarming, political events. Experienced goosebumps over and over again. I may see my dream come true in my lifetime after all. To see the numbers that gathered together yesterday far exceded what I had expected. Women will see for real that they have the numbers to control any election – and they will never forget it. A woman not voting could be looked at as a vote against her children’s (and the children of others) welfare. They may be realizing that now with the threats to the ACA and DACA.

I think there is no doubt that tRump, fighting for his life, and with many rich and powerful corporate cohorts, will make his removal extremely difficult. But he will lose in the end.

Dems will get control of the excutive and legislative branches of government. We will have to be on the lookout for any impeachable offenses that may be committed by Supreme Court justices whose voting history favors the rich and powerful (corporate America). Hard ball.

By Nancy – “The overlap of depression (Saturn/Mercury) and rage (Uranus/Mars) from March 9 to March 19 seems most likely to create some wild acting out from our Toddler-in- Chief. Thus, more mind-numbing drama, distraction, and destruction can be expected in the coming months.”

I was holding off as this is yet to play out but short version – Mueller’s investigation will get closer and closer to tRump in March (mid to late) and may come to a thunderous peak on April 3rd or 4th.

April 2nd Mars and Saturn will be conjunct at 8 Capricorn. This opposes Trump’s Mercury at 8 Cancer and also opposes the US Sun, Venus and Jupiter. With Mars involved we may see some military action.

This winter sounds like a challenging time for politicians Nancy. I’ve read somewhere that transiting Pluto is conjunct his own South Node now (as well as the south nodes of Jupiter and Saturn) so maybe transformation will be achieved when a release of past power structures – structures that used to work but don’t anymore – takes place. This business of Congress kicking the can down the road instead of getting work done in the present seems like a good place to start.

I’m intrigued by February’s solar eclipse that conjuncts the US Moon, the symbol for the US People, and as of now see it linked to the breaking down of the patriarchal system.

For instance, in the chart of Feb.’s Aquarius solar eclipse, Juno and Mercury are conjunct the eclipse (and US Moon and Obama’s south node) which is sextiled by Uranus in Aries. Also, a sextile between Saturn and Venus forms a Yod to the US Leo North Node which becomes a Boomerang when the US Aquarius South Node (+ US natal Pholus + Neptune in the chart for the present cycle of Saturn and Jupiter) are included.

That US south node is where all the energy of that pattern winds up and expresses (manifests) . . . a release of old behavior patterns, masculine in nature most likely, could turn off a lot of voters.

Also, this solar eclipse chart, when set in DC, has Ceres (think mothers and/or Nature) at 8+Leo on the ascendant and square Pallas (warrior strategist) at 9+ Taurus. Also Mars and Vesta will be conjunct the US natal chart’s ascendant at 12+ Sagittarius and located in the eclipse chart’s 5th house of kids.

It sounds or looks like a lot of angry women (or people who value the nurturing quality) will be demonstrating their disappointment (disgust, frustration, anger) with the appalling lack of leadership in Washington DC. Prepare to be moved to action in some form or another.

Thank you Nancy! For this shelter from the storm. Being with others on same Astrological wave length is calming and warm. Every day I cry.
Because this is a bad dream that won’t end.

Jessica Chastain Hosts the Ideal Saturday Night Live Game Show for the Trump Era:

***What Even Matters Anymore***

Jessica Chastain Hosts the Ideal Saturday Night Live Game Show for the Trump Era:
***What Even Matters Anymore*** https://slate.com/culture/2018/01/jessica-chastain-hosts-the-ideal-snl-game-show-for-the-trump-era-what-even-matters-anymore.html

Mueller’s chart anyone?

I’ve been listening to the podcast Slow Burn which is a fascinating review of Watergate with interviews and facts that didn’t always make the headlines back then.

I watched the live hearings as a teenager. It’s fascinating now to listen to this podcast, see the big picture and the amazing bits that almost didn’t come together.

It does give me some hope…this Trump crew is way dumber than the Nixon crew. On the other hand, the Trump crew is way more of a global mob thing. Sending best vibes for this eclipse to bring more to light!

The woman’s march was spectacular. The Batala drummers in NYC were inspiring beyond words. I think that they are on You Tube. I think I will go and watch them again.

I meant Women’s March. Typing too fast.


Billionaire donors delivered a $500,000 payday to Paul Ryan immediately after billionaire tax cuts

By Jen Hayden
Sunday Jan 21, 2018 · 12:06 PM PST

The White House Has A New Voicemail Following The Government Shutdown And It’s…Something

People who attempted to reach the White House’s comment line Saturday were alarmed to hear the new automated message.

Jan 21, 2018

As the federal government shutdown kicked in Saturday, callers to the White House were greeted to a new voicemail message informing them that the administration “cannot answer your call today,” and blaming Democrats for the lack of service.

If you call the White House comment line (202-456-1111) this is the full outgoing message you’ll hear:

“Thank you for calling the White House. Unfortunately, we cannot answer your call today because congressional Democrats are holding government funding —
including funding for our troops and other national security priorities — hostage to an unrelated immigration debate. Due to this obstruction, the government is shut down. In the meantime, you can leave a comment for the president at http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact. We look forward to taking your calls as soon as the government re-opens.”


For those who can access or borrow the Mountain Astrologer magazine, there is a very good article that discusses these troubled times and puts a karmic perspective on Donald Trump and the present “Rahu cycle”, written by Linda Johnsen – she is a Vedic astrologer, but you don’t need to know about that to get the gist of her point of view and conclusions. It is called “The 2016 Election: A Vedic Postmortem”, April 2017, issue #192. Definitely worth a read to go along with Nancy’s cogent comments.

After reading and absorbing your posts from last year, I recall feeling the weight of “hardships.” You have brilliantly outlined the progression of this historic time, but I remain disturbed by it, and your latest post doesn’t dissuade me.

The collective strength of women may get us through these horrendous times. Like Bob, my heart soars thinking of them, and being there in spirit.

Trump’s behaviors can hardly get more erratic and reckless, but like a toddler, he’s going to start throwing himself on the floor kicking and screaming until someone (the people? Mueller? other? all?) take him in hand and exert discipline. It is only a short leap to mutilating animals, or those he considers such especially from “shithole” countries.

Many Thanks for your insights! I must echo Celeste. God bless us all.

One of my oldest and dearest friends called me last night. He lives in California, now declared a sanctuary state, (as are some other states and cities,) and where marijuana is legal. He says the state is very serious in defying federal law enforcement on immigration, the dreamers and marijuana. He is concerned the present federal “shutdown” combined with such issues as above (CA is not the only state defying the fed rules) might (if the shutdown lasts long enough) be the perfect scenario for DJT to declare martial law and call up the National Guard.

He’s afraid we might not have the Nov. 6 2018 election, or it might be fixed. The R’s certainly know by now they are likely to be swept aside, maybe even into the wastebasket of history come November, i.e. motivation to “nip it all in the bud.”

I hope the shutdown is a short one and he is wrong, but his feared scenario seems to me a feasible possibility. I don’t think we’ve gotten to the bottom yet of the darkness in the soul of DJT and/or the R. party.

Hi Nancy,

You wrote: “From February 26 to March 19, transiting Uranus will trine Trump’s Mars (26Leo47), triggering the solar arc Uranus conjunction to his Mars that continues to build until July. This makes him ripe for aggressive, unpredictable and impulsive actions.”

Using the Astrotheme solar arc calculator, it appears the solar arc Uranus in Trump’s chart for mid March registers at 29 ’37 Leo (conjunct Trump’s 29 ’49 Leo asc.).

Exploring this a little further, there is an exact Mars-Uranus trine on March 11th (26 Sag – 26 Aries) which in turn forms a Grand Trine to Trump’s natal Leo (26 Leo). On March 17th tr. Mars will then trine his solar arc Uranus/ natal Asc. conjunction, the day of the Pisces New Moon (26 Pisces). This New Moon essentially will quincunx Trump’s natal Mars. Should we expect something untoward at this point in time (the ascendant in astrology often represents ones physical body, health and/or demeanor)? Here’s the chart for the March 17th New Moon….. https://tinyurl.com/yan3rucu

PS It’s important to note tr. Mars will make an ingress at 0 Capricorn within a few hours of the March 17th Pisces New Moon activating the December 21st, 2017 Winter Solstice (conjunct Saturn). A very potent degree in this quarter.

Thank you, Nancy.

Here is Michael Wolfstar:

Cloture approves CR to February 8th. If no deal on DACA, we’re back to standoff:

Here we go!!!


May I say — “Boy, Nancy — you’re good!”


Seeing that the CHIP program will be funded through continuing resolution deal struck by Dems, reopening government for at least 3 weeks. Immigration vote supposedly promised.

I guess the shutdown wasn’t playing well for Republicans.

women 80% – – leave work at 3:45PM

In checking the New Moon chart for Jan. 16th – a New Moon that was conjunct the US natal Pluto in Capricorn – hoping to find clues to the government shutdown, I noted that transiting Chiron at 25+ Pisces was sextile the New Moon (26+ Cap) and the US Pluto (27+ Cap), as well as the NM chart’s Venus at 28+ Cap.

It was clear that the New Moon involved values issues (Venus) and that these issues would likely open sensitive wounds (Chiron) in the US, since trans. Chiron would soon exact its sextile to US Pluto. By the time of the Virgo Full Moon on March 1st trans. Chiron at 27+ Pisces will exact a sextile to US Pluto.

In that March 1st FM chart Mercury at 22+ Pisces and Venus at 23+ Pisces will oppose US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo. Mercury and Venus in this March 1st FM chart are well within orb of a conjunction with the FM chart’s Chiron in Pisces, and as well, a sextile to Pluto at 20+ Capricorn. This is important to the USA because:

1) trans. Pluto will (and does so now) trine the US natal Neptune in Virgo AND the US natal Vesta at 19+ Virgo which creates a grand earth trine.

2) This puts the March 1st FM chart’s Mercury-Venus-Chiron energy into a Kite pattern (a grand trine + an opposition to one of the planets [in this case US Neptune] in the grand trine) effective for the following 2 weeks. The “focus” (a signature expression of Vesta) then of a grand trine is determined by the grand trine planet that opposes the Kite planet(s) which, again, is US Neptune in this case.

3) Transiting Pluto in the March 1st FM chart is exactly T-square the opposition between Chiron and Juno in the US natal chart, as he is right now. This exacerbates the wounds of the USA as described by US Chiron opposite US Juno, ie. womens rights, the Dreamers and any other disenfranchised group you can name.

So based on this bit of info from the chart of the New Moon that took place 3 days and 3 hours before the gov’t. shutdown (now back open), we have seen the ruthless capabilities of the US natal Pluto, combined with the TRANSITING Pluto’s square to US Chiron and US Juno who oppose each other. As bad as it was, without transiting Venus (values) and trans. Chiron (healing) in the picture, it could have been worse. US citizens are becoming aware just how fragile our stability is.

On March 1st when the Virgo Moon opposes the Pisces Sun (conjunct Neptune!) we should be able to heal some of those wounds buried within the US natal chart (thanks to transiting Pluto and the Mercury-Venus-Chiron conjunction).

“If thousands of people believe in disasters, they will happen — not just because of the thought, but also those who are ignorant take harsh actions upon the skin of the Earth Mother — cutting the trees, pumping out the oil that is the life blood of the planet, setting off bombs. Earth is delicate like a small child. Most people think they can take everything, including the blood of the Earth (oil). Pollution allows harsh energies to assault the Earth, and as people cut trees, the skin of the Earth becomes vulnerable to cosmic energies that penetrate the Earth, leading to further imbalances.”

Remember to Remember, The Mayan Mysteries, Carol E Parrish-Harra

Two things; in last night’s comment I said that transiting Pluto was trine US Neptune and US Vesta, but they are NOT both in Virgo which is what I wrote. US Neptune is in Virgo but US Vesta is in Taurus. So sorry for that.

I’d also like to note that the Supreme Court will hear (and rule on) the DACA situation sooner than expected and that, IMO, is seen partly in the symbolism of US progressed Sun conjunct transiting Neptune in Pisces.

It can also be seen in transiting Uranus (unpredictable) in Aries (a first) – square Trump’s Saturn/Venus conjunction to US natal Mercury (decision to end DACA) in Cancer (home/family).

It is through steps like this one by the Supremes that our Constitution and our laws are to be tested. It will take time to weed out what no longer serves and what must be added in order to strengthen our country (US progressed Mars conjunct Trump’s natal Jupiter which trines Trump’s Uranus).

I see the grand trine between trans. Pluto and US Neptune and US Vesta as facilitating this process/test, and with the focus on US Neptune in Virgo, compassion rules. Keep the faith.

Month After Getting $3.5 Billion Tax Break From Trump, Bank of America Hikes Fees on Poorest Customers



That 30% solar tariff Trump boasts will protect U.S. workers will kill tens of thousands of jobs

By Meteor Blades
Tuesday Jan 23, 2018 · 1:07 PM PST

This is what we need sprouting-up all over America! Maybe Elizabeth Warren next week, even Obama plans to pitch-in to inspire America. Movie Stars & famous people should also bring their energy.

“Sanders to Host Online ‘Medicare for All’ Town Hall Meeting” Tonight:
https://www.commondreams.org/news/2018/01/23/tonight-sanders-host-online-medicare-all-town-hall-meetingThis is “revolutionary,” Sanders said of the approach. “You can have this discussion even if the owners of the big media companies don’t want to have it.”Sen. Bernie Sanders is partnering with online media outlets Tuesday night in order to host a national town hall meeting focused on the growing call for a “Medicare for All” solution that would guarantee care for all Americans and do away with the current for-profit model that makes the U.S. an outlier among the world’s developed nations:


We need Town Hall-type focus on so many things! Companies now plan to exclude BirthControl from Health Care Packages) Is this a return to those horrible days of back-allay’s & Orphanages?
Just imagine if we did these town-hall weekly’s…
like the old fashion “Fireside Chat”

We need new/fresh ideas for how on inspire the American People.
Now Koch’s bought TIME MAG…all those Dr’s Office folks being programmed and brainwashed.

We need creativity, thinking outside the box.
“A Major New Study Shows That Political Polarization Is Mainly A Right-Wing Phenomenon”

Watching cable news today; things seem to be heating up a little for Trump…

Watching cable news today; things seem to be heating up a little for Trump…

Watching cable news today; things seem to be heating up a little for Trump…

Sharon – three times a charm!

Yes, indeed. Heating up. Hopped up. The jig is up? Come on eclipse!

The March 1 Virgo Full Moon, when combined with planets from the US natal chart, produces 2 grand trines. If they were in just one chart it would be called a Star of David pattern.

The combined planets produce 6 sextiles and a number of other patterns that, all-in-all, is quite a remarkable setup. I don’t think this happens often. Here’s how it breaks down:

In the US natal chart Neptune in Virgo, Mercury in Cancer, and Vesta in Taurus are the players while in the Full Moon chart it is the conjunction between Mercury and Venus in Pisces, Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Scorpio.

The grand trines are made up of Pluto in Cap., Neptune in Virgo and Vesta in Taurus in the 1st, and Mercury-Venus in Pisces, Jupiter in Scorpio and Mercury in Cancer.

Both of these grand trines extend into Kite patterns (a 4th planet opposes 1 of the 3 planets in a grand trine) and – in both cases – it is the transiting planets in the FM chart that add the kite quality (the 4th planet) and of course, they trine each other.

These aren’t the only aspects in this FM chart that connect to the US chart either but they almost – ALMOST pale in comparison to the Star.

This full moon follows the solar eclipse conjunct the US natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius on Feb. 15, with its sextile between Saturn in Cap and Venus in Pisces that completes a Yod with US natal North Node in Leo, only 2 degrees from transiting Ceres (Mother Earth). This will be opposite the solar eclipse last August – the so-called American Eclipse – in Leo that brought on all those devastating hurricanes. Ceres was opposite Pluto back then.

It will take (me anyway) some time to get a picture of what this seemingly routine full moon on March 1st that is intertwined so poetically with the US astrology is saying.

I DO see the 2 US planets, Neptune and Mercury, the “focal points” of the 2 grand trines, both connected tightly with Trump’s chart (specifically his Sun-Moon and Saturn-Venus), as the key movers of this experience; the game-changers for the USA and the one’s to watch. Life will never be the same I’m guessing.

From todays Washington Post……

“Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III is seeking to question President Trump IN THE COMING WEEKS (*upper case mine) about his decisions to oust national security adviser Michael Flynn and FBI Director James B. Comey, according to two people familiar with his plans.”

“In the coming weeks” could take us into the mid February solar eclipse period. The Feb 15th eclipse conjuncts the US moon in opposition to last years Aug. 21st solar eclipse and Trump’s n. Mars.

Astrologer Larry Schwimmer enumerates several astrological factors affecting Trump’s chart in the near term….

URANUS square SATURN (Dec/Jan, stations Jan 2)—The release of this unexpected book that has publicly exposed Trump, occurs at the station of this transit. For the past 18 months, Trump has been going through this transiting Uranus (in the 8th House) squaring his Saturn, which is a time of unexpected events that test and challenge him; and disrupt his plans. With Uranus in his 8th House, his psychological issues and erratic behavior are revealed causing others to revise their ideas and beliefs about him. Trump is feeling a tremendous amount of anger and tension; and a desire to break free from all the upsetting people and circumstances around him.

URANUS square Venus. This transit coinciding with the release of this book brings Trump lots of upsets that negatively affect his popularity in the public sphere. More unexpected surprise communications will be revealed in the coming days as this transit becomes more exact in Jan, Feb, March. Expect Trump to be impulsive, angry and volatile and take his “crazy” behavior, actions and communications to a new level.

SATURN square Neptune—Trump will continue to face a great deal of frustration and anxiety that will make him extremely angry and insecure as more secrets are revealed during the three passes of Saturn transiting his Neptune. His health may also be affected (Feb, Jun-Jul, Oct-Nov).

SATURN opposing MERCURY—from Mar, Apr, & May. This is more bad news! The truth comes out and his lies and dishonesty are more fully exposed. This will lead to his removal from office in 2018 or 2019

– End of Quote –

Here’s one description found on the net for tr. Saturn square natal Neptune

“Reality may meet illusions during this time period, especially if you have something to hide. Even if you are transparent in how you present yourself, you may encounter situations that are difficult to comprehend and may involve misunderstandings or even deceptions. Although this cycle can cause difficulties, it also can bring an end to wayward actions that keep you from the truth. Being off center, this period can bring you back in line. Wherever you are unwilling or unable to see things for how they are, situations likely emerge that help you obtain a more accurate picture.

Much depends on how you react to the inescapable facts that may appear now. If you live in a world that requires some duplicity to maintain, you likely will find it a challenge to continue along in the same way. Actually, the more you try to keep up a false façade, the more problems you probably encounter. By accepting what is inevitable and not trying to fight it, you can achieve a clearer grasp of what steps you must take. While sometimes this means resigning yourself to the consequences, it also can signify a deeper awareness of the interconnectedness of everything where one small indiscretion or a seemingly insignificant detail can have a major impact. Circumstances may make you appreciate the importance of honesty and attentiveness in all that you do in order to minimize unintended results.

Sometimes your weaknesses become more apparent, and you may lack the certainty that comes from confidence. It is possible that others take advantage of your condition, or you may steel yourself from having to experience any vulnerability. It is important to come to terms with all elements of yourself, especially your perceived shortcomings. By acknowledging them, you are less likely to become a victim of them. Instead, you can work with your insufficiencies and use them to your advantage rather than have them hold you back from achieving your full potential.

While events can play upon your fears and keep you focused on your insecurities, the prevailing conditions can provide a framework to assess them realistically. By taking an unblinking look at what may underlie any form of unhappiness or disappointment, you can lessen the power of what may have little strength except what you give it through your imagination or inaccurate perspective. This can be a time to really come to terms with what has no definite shape and yet what can have such definite effects. You can put things into the proper context by allowing all elements their place.

Noting Saturn’s opposition to Trump’s n. Mercury we should fast forward to the mid March period

March 8th

Jupiter stations retrograde at 23 Scorpio in sesquiquadrate to Trump’s n. Mercury (8 Cancer)

March 13 – 14

Saturn (8 Capricorn) in t square to tr. Venus (8 Aries) and Trump’s n. Mercury (8 Cancer) and forms an exact semi-square/ sesquiquadrate to the near stationary Jupiter (23 Scorpio). This is all leading up to the March 17th New Moon I had mentioned earlier. In the words of astrologer Larry Schwimmer, the mid March period could lead to the end of the Trump presidency.

Jerry, All I can think is good grief. The idea of Trump’s crazy behavior going to a new level hurts. I’d like to say it defies my imagination but I can come up with some things that would be over the top, even for him. Time will tell. Thanks for the information.

Upon further analysis, scratch the two focal points of the two grand trines made up of a combination of US chart planets and the March 1 Full Moon planets.

Either there are no focal points in either grand trine, OR ALL 6 planets (actually 7 but 2 of them are conjunct each other) in the 2 grand trines are focal points.

My takeaway is that this “event” is all about equality and balance.

The participants in the 2 grand trines are: US Neptune, the Full Moon chart’s Pluto and Jupiter, all 3 considered masculine in nature.

The Full Moon chart’s Venus and the US Vesta are the participants who are feminine in nature.

Mercury in the Full Moon chart (who is conjunct Venus) as well as the US Mercury is/are considered neutral or perhaps both masculine and feminine.

So the two grand trines have no focal points since every planet within the grand trines has a planet (from the other grand trine) opposite it and, unless they are ALL the focal points (of the Kite pattern) they cancel each other out. So weird.

There are 6 participants (really 7 but I count the Full Moon’s conjunction of Venus and Mercury as one) in the 2 grand trines and 3 are masculine in nature, 2 are feminine and 1 is neutral.

The 3 masculine planets oppose either a feminine planet or a neutral planet (or both in the case of US Neptune) from the grand trine they don’t participate in. It is a perfectly balanced set of 3 oppositions (male-female/neutral) between two grand trines; no friction between them for the USA.

However, it IS a Full Moon with a Virgo Moon opposite a Pisces Sun . .that conjuncts Neptune. Mars and Vesta in Sagittarius DO square Mercury and Venus in Pisces in this FM chart. Eris in this FM chart DOES square Pluto and she’s conjunct Uranus. But the overwhelming influence – for the USA alone – is harmony and balance.

Therefore, whatever the prevailing topics for the US of that period between March 1st Full Moon and March 17th New Moon should find acquiescent solutions to any problems based (consciously or unconsciously) on the gender polarity. That includes patriarchy vs. matriarchy.

I’m hoping this is a test trial (trial test?} of higher level consciousness among human beings who have everything to gain by being agreeable with each other. Something I’m looking forward to see played out.

His State of the Union address is Tuesday night, the 30th, and the 31st is supposed to be another very bad day for him.

So … maybe he really bombs the speech? Or says stuff that makes the negotiations about the next government shutdown date get even more difficult.

He still wants his silly wall, and it’s one of the issues they punted on during the last shutdown.

Or maybe Mueller will try to set Trump’s interview for the 31st. That should make Trump really nuts for the State of the Union speech.

Teresa, isn’t there a possibility that it will be another blowhard presentation? How he is the best in all of history, the most successful, the greatest, etc., etc….

Talk about nuts. I believe it can get worse, caseym. He’s becoming unhinged. So are those (the republican “deep-state” folks) who think they’re going to benefit from Trump’s largesse, though he’s never kept his word to anyone. The nutty talk gains in intensity every time Mueller tightens the noose.

Frankly, he may have a meltdown during the state of union address, ESPECIALLY if anyone from the peanut gallery boos. Gee, “you’re a liar” sounds like a good one. Grin.

My fantasy is that while he’s giving his version of the State of the Union, someone baits him from the audience. Watch him go off.

Trump is planing to take “The Fifth”!
In 1990, he invoked his Fifth…Refusing to answer 97 questions in a divorce deposition. But last year, he ripped into Hillary Clinton aides repeatedly for exercising the same privilege during the congressional investigation.
’’Now, it’s Michael Flynn, who is invoking the Fifth, hoping to avoid handing over documents to a Senate panel investigating Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election.

I would love to see him flip out on live TV giving that speech. Can you imagine what he would have done if someone treated I’m like Obama and yelled out that he was a liar?

California sues the Trump administration for rolling back anti-fracking rule



The repeal of Net Neutrality is a hot topic in America, but it can be very difficult to understand. That’s why the BURGER KING® brand created WHOPPER® Neutrality, a social experiment that explains the effects of the repeal of Net Neutrality by putting it in terms anyone can understand: A WHOPPER® sandwich.

This effort aims to help people understand how the repeal of Net Neutrality will impact their lives.

The BURGER KING® brand believes the Internet should be like the WHOPPER® sandwich: the same for everyone.

The week of Feb 11 through 17 may be when tRump has tea with Mr. Mueller. My charts for the Dumpster and the GOP are rough that week.

Where do I sign up for the secret society?

Don’t tell Ron Johnson that I have Hillary’s emails.

tRump’s way out. Take a tack from President Clinton and baffle your opponents. To wit: “It depends on what the meaning of the word collusion is.” while Melania sings stand by your man.

Don’t spit out whatever you are drinking!


Bernie Sanders ‘Medicare for All’ townhall draws 1 million viewers

By wade norris
Wednesday Jan 24, 2018 · 9:43 AM PST

Not sure how much I truly believe Violetta’s Readings.
Yet, something she just said at the end of this one video is most interesting. I’m thinking…
Imagine if we do a group meditation, sending strength to Muller that helps him to find the Key that will uncover all Trump Obstructions and Mistruths.
A national prayer-type/focus for truth, honesty and a Proud Honorable America. Trump is weakening our nation. (Conservatives should concur) Prayers for America.

Latest Psychic Violetta


Attendees quietly planning to walk out of Trump’s speech….sigh. Minuchin weakened the dollar with his comment today that a weaker dollar would be good for our economy…..what a bunch of incompetents.

Trump NLRB Appointee Finds a Way Around Conflict of Interest Rules
William Emanuel has recused himself from ruling on disputes involving his former law firm’s clients — but then used unrelated cases as vehicles to help Republican colleagues accomplish the same thing.


Sanctuary cities threatened with federal subpoenas, so mayors skip meeting with Trump


New HHS Secretary – same story. In the ways that matter most to working families, Alex Azar is just like Tom Price. He’ll support efforts to repeal the ACA, get fewer people covered, and gut Medicaid. The American people deserve better.


This is interesting from Lorna Bevan:

5D Astrology Report February 2018 Eclipsed and Uplevelled

Ja, is there a link to Lorna Bevan. Thanks.

“Helena Roerich wrote: “The star of the Mother of the World is the planet Venus. In 1924 this planet for a short time came unusually near to the Earth. Its rays were poured on Earth, and this created many new powerful and sacred combinations which will yield great results. Many feminine movements were kindled by these powerful rays.”

In June of 2004 and once again in June of 2012 Venus passed directly in front of the disk of the Sun. This passage will not occur again until December 11th, 2117. Can we see these passages of Venus as a sign in the increase of leadership roles of women in preparation for the return of the Lord Maitreya, the Avatar of Synthesis becoming more influential in His mirrored reflection upon the higher Mental Plane10, alongside the next incarnation of the Mother of the World? Can the passages of Venus indicate the physical presence of an Avatar or Tara–or other great spiritual events in the world of humanity?

On a world scale, this suggests that not only during the coming three years which began December 19, 2017, and through the first part of March 8th, 2023, will likely bring a strong battle between the forces of Light and the forces of darkness; the retrogressive forces.13 I believe that the Saturn cycle will bring forth into the public eye many known and unknown leaders, those whose hearts are dedicated to living a life of sacrificial service. Servers dedicated to the upliftment of humanity with a strong desire to save the planet. Servers who will engage in a battle between the forces of Light and the forces of darkness within all seven fields of human endeavor, bringing about a transformation of consciousness into the planet and the hearts of humanity. A time when the New Era of woman will firmly establish itself. “The Great Era is beginning because the spirit understanding is linked with the Mother of the World. The approach of this very great Era is important; it will substantially change life on Earth.”14 A prophecy that is readily coming into manifestation.”

http://wmea-world.org/wmea/ Newsletter for Aquarious

I’d like to see the Feb. Lorna Bevan article too Ja, it’s not at Daykeeper. Where did you read it?

“Private insurance companies are failing the American people. We all know it,” Warren said. “And whatever public alternatives you support, there is no reason on earth for us to continue allowing the health care of the American people to be held hostage by an industry that both attacks any new health care proposals and, at the same time, refuses to do any better.”

Warren’s speech laid out a three-part plan to rein in insurance companies: Crack down on the practice of shifting costs onto consumers; force private insurers to provide coverage as affordable as Medicare and Medicaid; and “call their bluff” if they resist complying with the first two planks.


And here’s a link to her website portal of other reports

“There is no reason on earth for us to continue to allow the healthcare of the American people to be held hostage by an industry that both attacks any new healthcare proposals and at the same time refuses to do anything to fix it.”


Thanks for the Eliz. Warren speech exposing private health insurance co.’s and her plan to “reign” them in alex.

Next Wednesday’s total lunar eclipse will bring the participants of the double grand trine (between transiting and US natal planets) into a 5 degree orb now, except it is Chiron in Pisces standing in for the conjunction between Mercury and Venus in the March 1 Virgo Full Moon version.

Each of these 3 transiting planets, Jupiter in Scorpio, Pluto in Capricorn and Chiron in Pisces, opposes a US natal planet or asteroid; Vesta in Taurus, Mercury in Cancer and Neptune in Virgo.

These 3 sets of oppositions happening simultaneously between the US chart and transiting planets also provides 2 grand trines; 2 US planets and one transiting planet in one grand trine and one US planet with 2 transiting planets in the other. One grand trine is in water signs and the other is in earth signs.

If this isn’t alchemy at work I don’t know what is. Wednesday’s Leo New Moon eclipse is opposite the Sun at 11+ Aquarius, the degree where trans. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto share a bond through their ingress charts for the signs they now occupy. Uranus contributes his Ingress chart’s Venus, Neptune his Ingress Mercury and Pluto his Ingress North Node-conjunct-Nessus.

This dual grand trine pattern will hold into the Solar eclipse that conjuncts the US Moon at 27+ Aquarius on Feb, 15 as well. Also, by then, trans Jupiter (by then at 22+ Scorpio) will exactly oppose the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (22+ Taurus) that started their cycle, the one that ends in December, 2020. In this cycle’s chart, Jupiter and Saturn were square Uranus in the same degree where the US progressed Mercury is, 20+ Aquarius. This would explain much of the radical thinking in today’s climate in the USA.

However, I believe it will be at the March 1st Virgo Full Moon that these synchronized grand trines will be most effective and readily recognized because transiting Mercury at 22+ Pisces, conjunct transiting Venus (23+ Pisces) will exactly oppose US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo), facilitating the grand trine between US Neptune and US Vesta (focus) in Taurus and transiting Pluto in Capricorn.

Of course trans. Mercury (+ trans. Venus) will, in the March 1 Virgo FM chart, already be activating the water grand (emotion) they are in with transiting Jupiter in Scorpio and US natal Mercury which conjuncts Trump’s Saturn-Venus conjunction.

This Virgo FM chart comes 4 days before the (current) DACA deadline.

Something that caught my eye is that on the Serennu dot com listing of M87, another galaxy far, far away (aka as the Super Galactic Center by astrologers) has now arrived at 1 deg. Libra 11 min. 11 sec. The US Sibly chart has 1 Libra 03 at the midheaven.

This symbol of M87 or the Super Galactic Center is noted for it’s extreme magnetic pull or power of attraction. I wonder if the 1-11-11 synchronization is perhaps indicating an increase of powerful otherworldly attraction to our young country. Hmm . .

Thank you, kiwi.

Sorry Janet, I was asleep at the wheel.

Barbk, I signed up for it.

Wow, Maybe Elizabeth Warren and the crude way Trump and the GOP treats her is actually The Key!
She’s got Kindness, Passion and Grit! Let them keep calling her Pocahontos…
And Let the Beautiful Native American Story/History be part of Warren’s unique Candidacy running for President.
Women really are on a roll in so many ways.

Trump Keeps Calling Warren Pocohontos:

Teresa Hill, remember I thought Jan. 25 was a day Elaine Nausman said to circle? You might be right it was the 31st but the breaking news that Trump ordered Don McGann to have the Justice Dept. fire Mueller last June and McGann refused. Makes today (Jan. 25) a day to circle.

Of course they have lots of Hooker’s in Devos!
Melania Trump skips Davos, visits museum and heads to Florida:

Thanks Ja and kiwi.

Ja and Kiwi, thanks for the link.


The reason January 25th was circled as a date of significance is that this was the day tr. Mars (28 Scorpio) squares the great American Eclipse of last August (28 Leo). As we all know, the August 21st eclipse conjoined Trump’s Mars and ascendant.

So astrologically; what was going on last June when Trump ordered the firing of Special Counsel Robert Mueller via White House Counsel Don McGahn and was refused. Tr. Jupiter went stationary direct in June 2017 (13 Libra) in powerful semi-square to the approaching August 21st 2017 eclipse.

This serves as a warning that more revelations will likely be brought to the surface when the February 15, 2018 solar eclipse (27 Aquarius) opposes “the great American Eclipse” of last August.

By: Bob on June 8th, 2017 at 5:37 pm

PS – My charts show that trump will have a grumpy morning on Saturday, June 10, that will probably not make the news but the news may reveal the reason for it.

By: Bob on June 10th, 2017 at 3:14 pm

I think the sexual predator will say in a heartbeat that he will gladly and without persuasion testify under oath (as he did Friday in the Rose Garden) because he has no intention whatsoever of being bound by any oath to tell the truth.

Added January 26, 2018: tRump made the statement about testifying under oath on Friday, June 9, then tried to have Mueller fired hours later. My chart for tRump at 3 pm, Monday, June 12, 2017 (the day Chris Ruddy went to the White House and after leaving made the statement quoted below on PBS regarding his thoughts about tRump’s intentions concerning firing Mueller) has transiting Saturn on the IC. The next day, June 13 at 9 pm the chart has his progressed Mars/Neptune midpoint on the Asc. Progressed Neptune rising at 98°10′. Asc at 99°50′. Progressed Mars rising at 101°42′. Progressed Mars/Neptune midpoint rising at 99°56′. Sometime during that period (June 9 thru 11)was probably when Don McGahn refused his order to fire Mueller; my charts reflecting his fear after failing to achieve that aim.


Why Chris Ruddy floated the idea of firing Bob Mueller
Analysis by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large

Updated 9:29 AM ET, Tue June 13, 2017
Newsmax CEO: Trump considering firing Mueller


You wrote: “Sometime during that period (June 9 thru 11) was probably when Don McGahn refused his order to fire Mueller; my charts reflecting his fear after failing to achieve that aim.”

Tr. Jupiter stationed direct Friday 10:02 am June 9th 2017 (13 ’13 Libra) in semi-square to the approaching Aug. 21st solar eclipse (28 ’52 Leo). That’s a fairly close aspect.

Thank you, Jerry. Very interesting and very helpful. I’m not an astrologer and would never have been able to put y’all of that together. Interesting that we can see in hindsight the significance of transits.

Here is a lengthy, very good comment from nyt’s today.

“He (Trump) is in so far over his head. He doesn’t understand government and he doesn’t understand how law works (except in its twisted version practiced by the likes of Roy Cohn). So he undoubtedly won’t understand why this news story will be eye-popping — even to a population mostly numbed to the multiple shocks to to the nervous system from this presidency.
You see, Mr. President, you’re in office partly because a foreign power unfriendly to us hacked our election in order to undermine your opponent. They succeeded far beyond their initial plans. We the people, yes the people, this is a democracy, have a right to know what went on and who facilitated that historic event. If you had no involvement, as you claim, you should welcome a thorough and credible investigation of the matter — because faith in our elections is important. So, no, you don’t have the right to treat the FBI and the Justice Department like your personal lawyers. They work for us, not for you. You have your own lawyers. These are the people’s lawyers, and you can’t just expect to fire them because you’d rather they not look into things that hurt your “brand.” It doesn’t work that way here in the public sector.
The optics of this, Mr. President, couldn’t be worse. You tried to fire a universally respected Republican career prosecutor not because he did anything wrong, but because he’s doing the job that We The People need him to do, while some semblance of checks and balances still exists.”

Exactly Ja! Trump had the luck of ‘being born into it’. He even enjoyed the pleasure of a Chauffer-Driven Paper Route as a boy.
Yet, Luck runs out eventually and now Trump is learning, you can’t merely wing-it-all forever. Even with all the Mercer’s Money and all Russian help.
‘The Mercer Billionnaire Who Saved Donald Trump’:

Now Trump even asked: Where’s my Roy Cohn?https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2017/06/donald-trump-roy-cohn-relationship

Weird thoughts wend their way thru my mind late on Friday nights. Things like:

TRUMP: Totality of a life incompetent — the Peter Principle Made Manifest

I believe Robert Mueller will be pulling a rabbit out of his hat sometime on or after Wednesday’s Full Moon Eclipse in Leo.

The eclipse itself at 11+ Leo conjuncts the transiting North Node at 14+ Leo which is conjunct’s Mueller’s natal Sun at 14+ Leo. Also active now is Mueller’s natal Pholus (small cause, big effect) at 20+ Capricorn which is conjunct transiting Pluto at 19+ Capricorn – their conjunction exact in just days and in effect for weeks.

Transiting Pluto (and therefore Mueller’s natal Pholus) of course is in a grand trine with the US Vesta (workaholic-focused-keep-the-homefire-burning-invested-in-completion goddess) at 19+ Taurus and the US Neptune at 22+ Virgo.

This grand trine made up of transiting and US natal planets is tied to another grand trine; each planet in this grand trine opposes another planet in the opposite chart . . .

*trans. Pluto opposes US natal Mercury in Cancer
*US natal Vesta opposes trans. Jupiter in Scorpio
*US natal Neptune opposes trans. Chiron in Pisces

Those opposed planets make up the 2nd grand trine. The 1st one (that Mueller’s Pholus-conjunct-trans. Pluto is in) is in earth signs and its energy will manifest in a material way. The 2nd grand trine is in water signs and will manifest its energy in a feeling (emotional) way.

This lunar eclipse on Jan. 31 is the half-way point in the New Moon cycle that started on Jan. 16 at 26+ Capricorn. Mueller’s natal south node and the US natal Pluto were conjunct that New Moon which was also conjunct trans. Venus (values) and they were all square trans. Pallas in Aries.

At the time of that New Moon trans Pluto (and Mueller’s natal Pholus) were sextile transiting Jupiter in Scorpio which opposed US Vesta in Taurus. We begin to see how the transiting planets combine with US planets in an apparently supportive way to bring about specific outcomes.

For example, Pallas is the symbol for strategy and planning, useful in times of war. That’s her role in the patriarchal world anyway. She symbolizes justice and wisdom too, much like her father Jupiter. Trans. Pallas was square to the New Moon (+ trans. Venus + US natal Pluto + Mueller’s natal South Node “what he does well”) and challenged all those she squared (at the time of the Jan. 16 New Moon). That’s her strategy.

Now we come to the Full Eclipsed Moon at 11+ Leo conjunct Ceres, also at 11+ Leo which opposes the transiting Sun at 11+ Aquarius, the same degree in which the 3 outer planets, in their present sign positions, share a common cause. This transiting Sun then taps into that outer planet energy via Neptune’s ingress chart Mercury, Uranus’ ingress chart Venus, and Pluto’s ingress chart Nessus and North Node.

All that potential outer-planet energy is there for the transiting Sun – symbolizing a new conscious awareness – opposite an eclipsed (something hidden) Moon that conjuncts Ceres (the only one who ever made a deal with Pluto) and the North Node, which at that time will be conjunct Mueller’s natal Sun, symbolizing his becoming consciously aware of something new.

Add in the two grand trines (a flow of energy that defies obstruction) and breaking news could become a daily routine. Watch for signs of these planets (and asteroids and centaurs and nodes) in the coming weeks and months as they move us forward.

IMHO, you nailed it; Not a weird thought at all, but true insight.

Through my life I’ve seen mediocre minds rise to the top while the best, most intelligent, and most competent folks languish in 2nd tier jobs at lower pay with little or no recognition. I’ve literally seen this 100’s of times.

I think wealth exacerbates the Peter Principle, case in point Donald J. Trump, perhaps the dumbest person to ever become president.

Barb K, I don’t know how you do it. I have trouble following you let alone assimilating it all. I do know that I’ve been curious to see what Jan. 31st would bring to Mr. tRump’s world and it looks like Mueller has something special for tRump with that rabbit coming out of his hat. tRump appears not to like animals…not cute rabbits nor big dogs.

I know what you mean Bailey, the gods and goddesses leave a lot of breadcrumbs for us to follow but it isn’t always clear where they lead us. I think, for now, that the lunar eclipse + Ceres at 11+ Leo signifies Trump whose natal Pluto is at 10+ Leo. 3 degrees from that eclipsed Moon is the transiting North Node that conjuncts Mueller’s Sun, both at 14+ Leo.

This would be Trump talking to Mueller but Trump “bargaining” with Mueller. Perhaps asking for “no collusion” in exchange for “obstruction” charges. Just a guess. Mueller has the goods on Trump and when Trump finally knows that he’s trapped he will try to bargain for an escape route.

It is because Mueller has natal South Node exactly conjunct the US natal Pluto (the super power of US government) which is where the New Moon was on Jan. 16th, and because transiting Pluto was (and will be for sometime) conjunct Mueller’s natal Pholus and these 2 are part of a grand trine with US natal Neptune and Vesta, that I think Mueller has Trump by the gonads.

The transiting North Node is conjunct Mueller’s natal Sun for chrisakes.

So what your saying Barb K is that instead if Trump grabbing women’s genitals, our hero, Special Counsel will grab Mr, Trump’s and its probably going to hurt…a lot.

This makes my heart sing and soar. Thank you Barb.

Bailey, you’re funny! And Barbk…You’re Amazing!
Here’s Total Lunar Eclipse info from CA: https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/lunar/2018-january-31

I don’t think Trump will go quietly…
He’s had everything he ever wanted handed to him.

Maximal Eclipse visible in Washington DC @ 7:10am exactly as Trump sits down with his Twitter!
The maximum part of the eclipse occurs when the Moon is close under the horizon. The best time to view the eclipse in Washington DC would be around this time.
Since the Moon is near the horizon at this time, we recommend going to a high point or finding an unobstructed area with free sight to West-northwest for the best view of the eclipse.

Some thoughts:
I’ve been reading Fire and Fury. Evidently, Trump ran as a publicity stunt never thinking he would win. It appears he personally did not collude with the Russians, but his family, (excluding Melania who cried her eyes out in profound anguish when he won) did collude. DJT nevertheless behaves as a guilty man, as he has to hide his long standing Russian money laundering business and other various crooked business deals he’s transacted over the length of his career. In all likelihood, this is why he is described as looking as though he had “seen a ghost” upon being told he had won the election. This is also consistent with what most all astrologers saw as Trump being a supremely unhappy man the day after the election. An Oh S–t, “What do I do now?” moment.

I foresee a possibility he’ll be impeached and convicted, but refuse to leave office. In such a scenario I wonder who would have the authority to physically remove him. Such a possibility was never broached in the Constitution.

One of my fears is that the media and/or public will fall in love with President Pence, as he would never “talk dirty” and keep his pants on at all times. But I consistently hear he may be taken down as well. My hope is the entire kit-n-kaboodle of them go to jail.

Eliseo, let’s not look for trouble. Let go of the fears, pls. and imagine what it would be like with the entire administration banished and a special election taking place. Or the a House and Senate all blue or independent and Trump knowing there’s nothing he can do but sneak out the back door and Twitter away.

Patty, a thought regarding “I don’t think Trump will go quietly….He’d had everything he’d every wanted in life,” is exactly why I think he’s weak, and will go, if his people don’t do the fighting for him. He’s been given everything in life, he’s never had to develop, and hone the muscles needed for true survival.

If he gets no help from him goons, he’ll crack like and egg, because there is no there, there. He’s empty and weak!

Marjorie Orr’s take on Joe Kennedy 111 -‘one to watch’

I’ve heard him speak befor. He’s good, passionate and impressive.

Bob, Patty,

Melania has never wanted FLOTUS, and increasingly unhappy.

With the Stormy Daniels pay out is further humiliating her. How much should she take?

I would not be surprised if Melania was getting the paperwork ready to file for divorce.

DT won’t see the end of 2018 as president, IMHO.

I think that when that time comes, Trump will resign rather than be taken down, or there might be a health reason given which might actually be true. The 2018 mid-terms will tell us a lot about the future unless Mueller brings “them” down beforehand.

Don’t Miss: ‘Super Blue Blood Moon’:
Stargazers gear up for rare celestial event
Blue moon, super moon and blood moon combine to create moment not seen in the skies in more than 150 years!


I hope this link works, but needs to be said about immigration. We all know that immigrants that are the right color from Norway are not under seige to leave the US despite their over stayed visas.

I can only hope our worry is about just how quietly DJT will leave office. Like everything with DJT, he will be of two minds about it personally.

I worry more about the cartel behind him – the base, the Russians, the Steve Millers, the Freedom Caucus, the Info Wars and so on.

But, oh yes, I am visualizing it all flushed clean.

I remember how the Astrologers initially saw him as unhappy for the first year after the election and then becoming happier at some point thereafter. On the flip side, Hillary would be happy the first year and then she would be less happy. Now that we’re here, this keeps coming back to me. What could happen now that would relieve his unhappiness? (and conceivably ours as well). We’ve passed the 1 year mark so it seems that it should happen any time now. If he leaves the presidency he will probably be relieved, happy to let it all go. If he’s being blackmailed, then he can’t just quit. If he goes to jail he won’t be happier I’m sure. But there have to be other options.

Or am I totally mis-remembering what I saw. Any thoughts on this folks.

With tRump’s ascending Mars and the long-lasting and now building stress he is experiencing I can easily see the transits to their charts reflecting domestic abuse (or worse) for Melania on March 2nd. Could he be worried that she could provide evidence against him in the Russia investigation?

March 2nd, Mars conjunct tRump natal Moon and opposite progressed Uranus, Saturn square his progressed Neptune.

March 2nd, Saturn opposite Melania’s progressed Mars, Mars opposite her progressed Sun.

March 2nd, Uranus opposite her progressed Jupiter – could she be squeezing him for millions to keep quiet?

When transiting Saturn squares Trump’s natal Neptune starting next week a lot of illusions/delusions will vanish into thin air. Part of that might be his wife. Trump’s natal Neptune is in his natal 2nd house of possessions and his Neptune is in Libra, the sign of marriage.

Patty’s right Bailey, you ARE funny! 🙂

You’re making tRump sore too Bailey.

LG, I wondered about Melania’s quick trip to Palm Beach last Friday and wondered if she went down there to get something that she couldn’t trust anyone else to retrieve. She clearly can’t be happy but going up against him while protecting her son, would certainly require courage. The other wives have kept their silence…part of their settlement agreements, I believe.

Bob, I don’t think Melania would dare go against the Don – a) she loves security and, in her own words ‘he fights back ‘twice as hard’ if she were to go against him.
and b) I have wondered if her father was involved in the Russia connections somehow – perhaps just with the initial introductions – he was pretty affluent/influential back in the soviet communist era, by their standards of the day, from what I understand – a luxury car salesman?
I think she has daddy issues.

Trump’s demons
Being kind, the other day I was trying to think of any positive virtues he has – couldn’t think of one.
On the other hand, he pretty much has all the 7 deadly sins well practiced: covetousness; lust; pride; sloth; gluttony; envy; anger.

Ed Tamplin this week
“The SuperMoon spotlights Barack Obama’s birth Sun, which may bring him back into the news. But it’s Donald Trump who will be feeling the eclipse effects strongly over the next few weeks as the SuperMoon hits his Pluto.”

Here we go, Eileen Nauman about the 31st/Lunar eclipse:

The stunning and shocking force of transiting Uranus is going to square trump’s Venus conjunct Saturn in his 11th house of Hopes, wishes and dreams. Like the major arcana Tower being struck by a lightning bolt, trump will feel his world shattering. In this case, Saturn, the Great Leveler, the Judge of Karma, is going to put coal into his Christmas sock and fill his champagne glass at New Year’s with the ashes of his illegalities. Whatever dreams he had? They are GONE forever, replaced with the brutal, unblinking eye of the lightning bolt of Justice. It is also possible one of his family members will be going to trial sometime later in 2018. All of trump’s lofty, selfish, narcissistic dreams have dissolved in Saturn’s grim reaper judgement.”

And Mueller: ” As 2018 rolls along, with November 2018, the final deciding battle by the voters, Mueller and/or his investigative team, are going to continue to take down the Russian-Trump campaign of traitors who conspired with our age-old enemy, and take down trump, Pence, Paul Ryan and I’m sure, some of the president’s Cabinet, including Tillerson, among others. Trump will be impeached, there is no question. How much of a shake out of Russian traitor-conspirators, is going to be jaw dropping. It may well be that Secretary of Defense Mattis will become our president, replacing all others because he was proven to be one of the few not having their fingers caught in the Russian till.”

The whole thing’s here https://www.facebook.com/eileen.nauman/posts/10213746935521220

Oh, Teresa, thank you. It would appear that all of the astrologers see the same thing. There isn’t any possibility of Teflon in Trump’s chart, is there?

Well Bailey . . . .
There is transiting Jupiter that – in late February – will trine Trump’s natal Saturn, but then stations retrograde in March (becomes temporarily parked).

In other words, transiting Jupiter holds the trine with Trump’s Saturn for several weeks, but does not make it to the trine with his natal Venus until October. It won’t save him from transiting Saturn’s heavy hand or the other transits maligning his native planets though.

Transiting Jupiter during this time will also be conjunct Trump’s IC, the cusp of his 4th house of family and roots (increase in family?) while also opposing transiting Sedna who will (as she has for some time now) be at Trump’s MC, the cusp of his 10th house of career and reputation. Can’t say for sure what that means but I’m working on it.

Sedna was a disappointment to her parents (or at least her father) and went against the expectations of her tribe. Later, after she sank to the bottom of the sea, her tribe became dependent on her good will (which hinged on someone coming down to her level to comb her hair) so that she would provide them with nourishment. Food for thought.

Transiting Uranus (surprise!) will, in late Feb and much of March, trine Trump’s Mars but square his Venus. Trans. Uranus will be in his 9th house of foreigners and I’m hoping it’s a good thing for the Dreamers and the country (natal Mars) but pisses off his base (natal Venus).

The aspects in Melania’s chart are usually associated with physical acts.

“March 2nd, Saturn opposite Melania’s progressed Mars, Mars opposite her progressed Sun.”

Those in tRump’s charts with anger, violence, and depression.

“March 2nd, Mars conjunct tRump natal Moon and opposite progressed Uranus, Saturn square his progressed Neptune.”

I think (others here may explain pro or con) in most cases of domestic violence the justification is in the mind of the perpetrator. No act by the victim is actually necessary. If tRump knows Melania has physical evidence to present against him that would be enough to set him off, no action actually taken or spoken of by her.

The March 2nd aspects in Melania’s chart are usually associated with physical acts.

“March 2nd, Saturn opposite Melania’s progressed Mars, Mars opposite her progressed Sun.”

Those in tRump’s charts with anger, violence, and depression.

“March 2nd, Mars conjunct tRump natal Moon and opposite progressed Uranus, Saturn square his progressed Neptune.”

I think (others here may verify pro or con) in most cases of domestic violence the justification is in the mind of the perpetrator. No act by the victim is actually necessary. If tRump knows Melania has physical evidence to present against him that would be enough to set him off, no action actually taken or spoken of by her.

He may cover his part in anything that happens by having others do his bidding while he is notably someplace else.

I think he has women’s issues.


I just hope everybody’s right and Trump is doomed.


I would think Melania would never have more leverage than she has right now to negotiate against Trump. Would think he’d want very much to get her to remain with him and make some effort to appear that the marriage is okay. Maybe to break whatever prenup they have and get a better settlement. No telling what she knows that he’s done.

I am referencing aspects on the same day to connected charts and the most basic interpretations of those aspects. Astrology.

If you are interested. @4pm Pacific Time:
San Francisco Radio Station KGO has a wonderful Two Hour Radio Program with Pat Thurston (Former FBI Agent) and John Rothmann, (employed by Richard Nixon) long ago.
They Talk-up Current Politics Only:

The RightWing has flooded America with Talk Radio and I think they are brainwashing fellow Americans! Because there is no alternative Liberal Talk Radio whatsoever.
Pat and John should have a National Program, yet there’s no big money like the GOP have.
(None backing like Hitler had)

One example Conservaitve Brainwashing Trailer: “The Brainwashing of My Dad”

If you’re interested in listening or calling up:
Pat and John:

Ok, let me get this straight,

Melania has ” daddy issues” and trump has “women issues”

I think that sums it up Ja
🙂 dysfunction junction

Hi Patty,

Here is another radio station you might be interested in.


There aren’t any openings on the Supreme Court, but that’s not stopping a major conservative group with ties to the billionaire Koch brothers from mobilizing for the next vacancy anyway.

Americans for Prosperity has hired a vice president of judicial strategy who will spearhead the organization’s push for confirmation of a strict constructionist — someone who interprets the Constitution narrowly, avoiding what conservatives see as judicial activistm — when the next opening arises. It’s part of a broader commitment from the influential Koch network to spend heavily on judicial engagement in 2018, and it’s the organization’s most significant move on the issue this year.


Russian Opposition Leader Arrested Amid Election Protests

Washington Post
Jan 28, 2018

MOSCOW — Protesters gathered across Russia on Sunday to support opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s call to boycott the March presidential election, and Navalny himself was arrested while walking to the Moscow demonstration.

Many of the crowds that turned out in generally frigid weather skewed sharply young, apparently reflecting growing discontent…


Fast-forward to April 2nd. The Mars-Saturn conjunction at 8 Capricorn conjoins Putin’s natal Chiron (7 Capr.) and Russia’s natal Uranus. This will square Russia’s natal Mars and opposition leader Alexey Navalny’s natal Pluto both at 8 Libra. The Mars/Saturn conjunction will also be in opposition to Trump’s natal Mercury. Major news stories coming out in the Trump Russia investigation

Have so enjoyed the comments of the past two days. Thanks all. With Uranus and Saturn involved in trump’s mix, I’m almost expecting some whopper quickly followed by a resounding slap.

Jessica Murray from May: “Donald J. Trump is like a figure in an apocalyptic comic strip, created for us by gods(1) who decided we were too slow to get the point via more subtle means.” Perfect.

A comment from Wash. Post in regard to McCabe’s firing. I’m so disgusted!

“As a retired FBI agent, this news is terribly disappointing.

There was a time when the FBI would absorb this kind of political sniping and view it as a sign that it was indeed independent; that it’s work, although performed by people who no doubt had strong political views and opinions of our elected Illuminati (think Nixon, Carter, Clinton, Obama, Bush) none it ever got in the way of delivering a fair, apolitical, investigative result.

Now, in a poisoned political environment where wisps of smoke pass for verifiable truths, the FBI has to defend itself from allegations that are as absurd as the individuals making them.

And for what?

So Rep. Devin Nunes, one of California’s lonely republicans and Trump’s favorite lap poodle, can run around waving some memo as “evidence” that the FBI is corrupt? What a disgusting display of politics and self-promotion.”

Ja, its worse than that. Trump and his GOP flunkies are succeeding at dismantling our institutions and destabilizing our government. They are doing exactly what the oligarchs want – a weak and demoralized America.

Sanders to Deliver Response Following Trump State of the Union
“The very bad news is that Donald Trump is president of the United States.” But the good news, Sanders told supporters on Monday, is that “we are witnessing a revitalization of American democracy with more and more people standing up and fighting back.”


silcominc, it does appear the bastards are succeeding in dismantling all that America has built that matters and it makes my stomach turn.

I don’t think we are seeing it for what it is though; dismantling, yes but only so it can be restructured in a better way. It’s the MO of Neptune and Pisces to create illusions for the sake of collective chaos.

What the GOP flunkies that join Trump have done is to awaken many of us to a sense of revolution and that’s what we need to transform what was outdated and/or corrupt into what functions for the good of all. The times they are achangin’.

Karen, thanks so much for the Jessica Murray quote; spot on!

Ja, Thanks so much for the link to The Eric Francis Radio Program! I love the radio, because you can multitask while you listen and accomplish so much.
I miss Randie Rhodes. If only Dems had the equal financial backing as does the Right Wing!
As much as the CON’s have all the money backing them…I’m positive, absolutely positive we have the blessings of The Angels on our side…only wish those messengers would help and send us more back-up!

I’m glad Bernie is delivering an official response but the TV responder will be Joe Kennedy, right?

I just read in the NYT that Wray has been trying to get McCabe to step-down for months because of the controversy he was generating…..if that’s the case, why was it reported that Wray threatened to resign if Wray was fired….that does sound like he’s playing into their hands. Well, at least he should some integrity/spunk.

Check out this site – it monitors Russian bot activity and the Russians have been working overtime to force the memo release from House Intel GOP. This is really scary folks. Its like we are watching the end of our democratic institutions. And by the way, Trump said he does not plan to implement any new sanctions against russia.

I guess the memo is bad for the Dems then. I thought it was based on flimsy evidence (or maybe none).

Transiting Jupiter is within orb of a trine with transiting Chiron right now although it won’t be exact until early November – when we vote. This is important because when they started their cycle in 2009 they were conjunct the US natal Moon, the astrological symbol of the US People.

One of the things Jupiter symbolizes is abundance, One of the things Chiron can represent is wounding in order to become conscious. Thus began a cycle in 2009 which could be said to bring about an abundance of painful consciousness for the American Public. Perhaps the trine between trans. Jupiter and Chiron will somewhat ease the pain (for the US) of becoming aware.

Trans. Chiron and Jupiter were not alone though when they made their conjunction. Transiting Pandora (pandemonium) and transiting Neptune (confusion) were all at 26+ Aquarius on May 23, 2009. 26+ Aquarius is the degree of the US natal Pallas which symbolizes planning and strategy and US Pallas conjuncts US Moon at 27+ Aquarius.

27+ Aquarius is where the Feb. 15 solar eclipse takes place and that will energize the Chiron-Jupiter cycle with its Pandora and Neptune components totally engaged with the task of blowing the minds of the US People (US Moon).

But wait, what about the warrior goddess (US) Pallas, the great strategist; can she – with her level-headed defense tactics- find a way to see through the dense fog surrounding her (and the US people) that will be created by the solar eclipse and the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune-Pandora cycle activation?

Could, in fact, it be part of her plan; this dense fog? All this confusion made up of lies and treachery; could she be responsible for this madness that has struck the entire country?

Two things to note. First, in the chart for the 2009 conjunction between Jupiter and Chiron had transiting Pallas at 24+ Cancer, conjunct US Mercury at 24+ Cancer and Trump’s natal Saturn (23+ Cancer) and his Venus (25+ Cancer).

This Pallas in the Jupiter-Chiron cycle chart was square the same chart’s Mars-Eris in Aries, and sextile the Mercury-Moon in Taurus (where Trump’s MC is and where trans. Sedna is now).

This Pallas was also trine the Uranus in Pisces in that chart and finally, she was quincunx (adjustment) the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune-Pandora in Aquarius that was conjunct the US Moon-Pallas.

Ah hah. All those aspects (square and quincunx difficult, trine and sextile supportive) will also be activated at the eclipse.

Secondly, in the chart for the coming Feb. 15 solar eclipse (that conjuncts the US Moon-Pallas) there is a grand trine between transiting Jupiter and transiting Chiron and the US Mercury (where Pallas was at the time Jupiter and Chiron perfected their conjunction in 2009). Is it possible then, that the present insanity in the US was planned as a way to get our society awake and ready for an enormous transformation? One that would make us ready for a giant leap forward?

They say there are no coincidences in astrology, only synchronicity.

“Warner tells me “Mueller is getting closer and closer to the truth. And closer and closer to the truth is getting closer and closer to the President.”

MARK WARNER: We’ve has new information that raises more questions”


Replace “has” with “Had”

Think about it:

TODAY, the President was supposed to enforce the Russian sanctions that a bi-partisan Senate voted for 98-2. He didn’t.

Steve Bannon is about to be interviewed THIS WEEK by Mueller.

Nunes memo was released amidst the Andrew McCabe “side-step” from his job. The timing of the memo release was to suggest McCabe was in it for the Democrats.

McCabe is resigning after pressure from FBI Director Christopher Wray. But McCabe is leaving on his own terms — retiring officially in March after he’s used up his paid vacation leave.

The Nunes memo is a MacGuffin — a plot device.

This is all a distraction. The White House and the GOP are in deep and they’re trying to keep from drowning. If Trump could fire Mueller he would have by now.

And he was admitted to having demanded it in June when his own legal counsel said “Nope. Too Nixonian Saturday Night Massacre.”

Every time the bulls&*t rises from Trump and Co., there’s a criminal act hiding behind that wall of crap. Keep focused. Help the Resistance and the Blue Wave.

Stay strong, everyone!

If Trump is found to have pressured Wray to remove McCabe, the obstruction case just gets strronger and stronger.

Fe, I am not sure you can trust Wray. He is not a good guy. At best, he is neutral. We are in way deeper and I do not know how we get out of this.

Silcominc, I agree with you on Wray. He was Christie’s lawyer, Ex-Republican NJ Gov. He managed to make sure Christie’s cell phone disappeared. Consequently there was no proof to charge Christie in part of the George Washington Bridge illegal and spiteful shut down. Christie’s two aides at the time are now serving prison sentence. Wray is dirty in New Jersey Republican politics.

I wonder if Melania has been very busy with a new glam dress fitting for the SOU speech.
How she looks on the day may tell which way the wind is blowing inside the house of drumf.

Bless you Fe, at last – thanks to you – I now know what transiting Sedna on Trump’s MC means:

“The White House and the GOP are in deep and they’re trying to keep from drowning.”

I reiterate, Mueller’s natal South Node conjuncts – to the degree – the US natal chart’s Pluto. He knows where the bodies – all of ’em – are buried.

Transiting North Node at 14+ Leo now exactly conjuncts Mueller’s natal Sun. Mueller’s natal Saturn (protect) exactly conjuncts the US natal Jupiter (justice) both at 5+ Cancer. At their service is transiting Nessus (can fight dirty) in trine at 5+ Pisces so Mueller is ready to meet Trump on his own level.

Then there is transiting Pluto conjunct Mueller’s natal Pholus (remember Fe, small cause big effect?) at 20+ Capricorn. This is one point of a 3-point triangle with US Neptune and US Vesta (what we invest in), a grand trine. The winds of fate are filling Mueller’s sails.

Finally, Mueller’s natal Uranus is conjunct the 7th house cusp of the US birth chart, the house of “the other”, the partner and/or the open enemy. His natal Neptune is conjunct the US chart’s MC (the outcome).

Oh, one last possible clue is Mueller’s Pluto (8+ Leo) which sextiles US natal Uranus (8+ Gemini) and when transiting Saturn reaches 8+ Capricorn it will provide the apex of a Yod (or Finger of God), which replicates the Yod in the Neptune-Pluto cycle of 1891.

In that cycle’s chart it was Neptune and Pluto who were conjunct the US Uranus (8+ Gemini) and they were sextile Mars and Chiron at 8+ Leo (as is Mueller’s Pluto) and they formed a Yod to that chart’s Hybris at 8+ Capricorn, the degree where transiting Saturn will be before the Pisces New Moon of March 17. (Sedna will still conjunct Trump’s MC and so will trans. Pallas!)

This has been coming for well over a century, this trajectory correction, and the Universe seems to have covered all the bases in no uncertain terms. Even the most naive among us will “get it”.

Barbk, thank you, always.

Folks, I keep reading comments on this blog and finding a bias. This is unrealistic. (Please note, I am definitely not a Trump supporter). The stars twinkle equally on the good and the bad and they do not often stack up to favour one side alone, however much we may dislike it.

The fact is that Trump has a strong chart and it clicks with the US chart in many ways that support him. For one, he is unquestionably legally elected. The US is a country based on principles of law, not personal preference (for which the world can be eternally grateful because there haven’t been very many such countries in all of history).

Trump has powerful supporters, including about 40% of the population (most of the time). Nothing to date (NOTHING) has directly threatened him or stuck to him despite his ignorance of world affairs, a dismal legislative record, and an offensive personal style, including comments about pussies, stupid walls, shithole countries, ad nauseum. Until something sticks to him, Trump cannot be impeached and will not be impeached – period.

Elected Republicans in Congress would be crazy to go there and they will pull every trick in the book including some that Nixon never thought of to keep Trump exactly where he is. Like it or not, Trump’s supporters and backers are a formidable force. The 2018 midterms and the 2020 election are going to be a battle for civilization. Unless some shocking and unpredictable event takes place, Trump will not go anywhere until 2020. That’s how it is structured in the US constitution and the laws of the land.

Against all that, people who “hope” that something will remove Trump and replace him with Pence, Ryan, or whoever (anybody) are dreamin’ in Technicolor (IMHO). It just ain’t gonna happen unless Uranus hits him right on the head with a space rock.

No astrologer that I have read has proposed such a drastic event and I haven’t read about one on this blog either. So, hope does not cut it. We are better off learning to understand and focus on the dynamics in Congress because Congress and the state governorships are where the action will be in 2018.

The article on Warner posted by Fe (thank you for the link!) says as much. The Mueller enquiry could conceivably go on for years. A criminal matter is a huge thing and nobody, either Repub or Dem is going to take the country into criminal territory when it comes to the presidency unless the crime can be proven far, far beyond a reasonable doubt.

Mueller has 2 outcomes – he can find complete, irrefutable proof or he has to admit that they found nothing to implicate the President. Yes, they may find lots of other guilty parties, but unless they get the Pres, it’s only a rabbit chase. The thing is, the big prize could elude them in the end and they are not ready to admit that, at least not until after the midterms.

Meanwhile, there is no ‘smoking gun’ – no proof of anything is in sight. Nada. And no amount of “new” information will change that unless it provides the necessary irrefutable proof. If they had found it by now, you would know about it. So they have not found it. Don’t hold your breath.

“Warner says he and the Senate panel remain focused almost exclusively on the initial questions surrounding the Russian election intervention and alleged collusion; the senators have decided that questions surrounding possible Trump obstruction of justice, “because it falls into criminality,” should remain largely in the “purview” of Mueller”.”


Thanks, barbk….I sure hope the truth is revealed.

Until then, I’m wondering, since he is implicated in “the memo” – will Rosenstein be forced to step down so the next Asst AG can fire Mueller (since Sessions is recused)?

Somebody want to look at Rosenstein’s chart? (Jan 13, 1965, in Philadelphia). I’m going to take a stab at it. I did a noon chart for that date and place.


He’s pretty much all earth (crosses his t’s & dots his i’s?) with a sun/moon/mars grand trine late in the earth signs.

He has a uranus/pluto conjunction in mid-virgo opp chiron in mid-Pisces (Neptune is heading for those degrees pretty soon but I didn’t check the dates).

Saturn just went over his merc/venus at 0/1 Cap which reflects the hard time he’s having.

Trump’s sun is conj Rosenstein’s NN at 22 Gemini, so Trump’s 21 Sag moon is on Rosenstein’s SN. (I know 22 Gemini is also prominent in the U.S. chart as barbk always points out — is it the U.S. mars?) Anyway, not sure what that means in this context.

Thanks Beowulfie, I wish I thought you were wrong but I don’t. And even with all these horrible things happening in the background, the 35-40% who believe in Trump will not be shaken because they are not getting the facts. And I wonder if we’re getting the real facts as well. Would we know if we did? So many questions.

Beowulfie, I am in agreement with some of your post. We are looking for sometimes overblown ways to topple this idiot. (I refuse to believe he’s as smart as a fox. What an insult to fox.)

Emphasis must also be given to trump’s explosive, petulant nature. He has no compunction about stepping on anyone’s toes especially so if they’ve robbed him of attention. I do believe some extreme and surprise event involving trump will occur. He has set the stage. He has tempted fate, demanding that his allies align themselves with his success (but equally his failures). After those allies serve trump’s purpose, he throws them under the bus contrary to any promise he’s made them.

He’s a liar. Straight and simple.

What happens if Uranus erupts with another national tragedy that could have been prevented?

By the way Nunes wrote this so-called smoking-gun memo. Fe says it all in her post.

I think it’s entirely possible Trump will be protected, and even the continuous stress that must be taking a toll on his health is something he could weather. However, it is still possible that Mueller can prove that his presidency is illegitimate, due to Russian intervention, to the extent that it will be a stain on he and the Republicans, but may not be able to do anything about it. Hopefully this will happen before the mid-terms. I do not discount at all the aspects and configurations that barbk and others are seeing. Shocking information may be revealed. Diehard Trump supporters will disregard it, or call it fake news or the deep state as they have a confirmation bias and see things selectively (we all do to some degree, but their’s appears to be huge.

Tonight is the SOTU speech. I’m sure it will be a non-event in the sense that Trump will be prepped to say all the positive things and he is learning to be a better statesman as the more he weathers the storms, the stronger or more confident he will get. Tonight is also the blue supermoon for whatever that is worth — so it might not be such a non-event, but it might also cause his speech to be ultimately well-rec’d since he will cross his mars/ascendant in Leo even if it’s after the speech? Maybe someone could weigh in on that (and sorry if I don’t remember previous comments).

“it” will cross his mars/ascendant in Leo, meaning the moon.

I just read a comment on Democratic Underground that said that Wray’s strategy was not to give into Trump, since McCabe was retiring in 2 months anyway. It was to replace him with an even tougher, law-and-order guy, a “mini-Mueller”. His name is Bowditch. We shall see.

Here’s the 411 on Wray. Check out this series of tweets:


As I suspected. The FBI and McCabe knew McCabe was too much of a distraction. Therefore the McCabe retirement in March. He was going to retire ANYWAY.

What’s interesting are this series of tweets that show Wray is an FBI guy, not a Trump guy. And they are not forgetting Comey.


“And they are not forgetting Comey.”


“They are not forgetting what Trump did to Comey.”

On September 18, 2019, Saturn will station Dx opposite Sibly Sun, Nixon’s resignation Sun, and my GOP chart’s Sun. Mars will be activating Sibly Mars and Neptune; Pluto will trine Sibly Neptune. Transiting Saturn will be on tRump’s progressed Asc, his progressed Saturn will square his progressed MC, and transit Mars will square his progressed Uranus.

This is just 116 days before January 13, 2020.

Daily from January 12 through January 16, 2020, finds various charts for tRump hammered by transits. This will be 1 week short of the completion of his elected term. If impeachment, resignation, or health issues remove tRump from office I think it will be in that period. Torn between choosing January 13 or January 16 as day most likely.

tRump natal progressed to January 13, 2020, has the USA total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017, on it’s IC and eclipse Saturn on it’s Desc.

Transiting points on January 13, 2020, at 10 am, EST: The Sun (294°42?), Saturn (294°42′), and Pluto (294°45?) on January 13, 2020.

The transiting trio’s aspects to charts having a natal or progressed point at 294° on January 13, 2020:

George Washington’s inauguration secondary progressed Sun/Pluto midpoint will be at 294°14′.
Transits will be opposite Washington’s inauguration Jupiter at 114°51′.
Ratification of the Constitution (June 21, 1788, 1 pm, LMT, Concord, NH) progressed to January 13, 2020: Transits are opposite ratification progressed Moon at 114°26′ and conjunct the ratification natal Mercury at 114°39′.
Conjunct the Republican Party secondary progressed Mars at 294°18′.
Conjunct the IC at 294°14′ of my rectification of JFK’s birth (which I did in 1976) located in Washington, DC.
Opposite JFK’s secondary progressed Sun at his assassination which was at 114°01′.
Conjunct Nixon’s natal IC located to the White House at 295°51′.
Conjunct the IC of Nixon’s resignation as President, at 294°27?.
Conjunct the zenith of the Watergate arrest’s chart at 294°22′.
Opposite the Watergate arrest chart’s Mars 114°48′.
Opposite tRump’s natal Saturn at 115°43′.
Conjunct tRump’s progressed inauguration MC at 293°28′.
Noon chart for Mercer has a Sun/Saturn midpoint at 114°48?, transits will be opposite at 294°48?.
Transits will square Bannon’s natal Mars/Saturn midpoint at 204°04′ and his secondary progressed Neptune at 204°47?.
Conjunct my Putin chart MC in Moscow (chart made in 2012 [before tRump;s theft]) 294°19′.

Another point for January 13, 2020 is Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s Sun. He was born on January 13 – his 2020 solar return will have Saturn and Pluto on the Sun. That potent trio will also trine his natal Mars/Pluto midpoint. He had better be on the square with these proceedings.

Sessions Sun/Pluto (about 205°03′) and Mars/Saturn (about 203°13′) midpoints will be squared by the Sun, Saturn, and Pluto transits.

My progressed anlunar chart for Tiffany tRump to January 13, 2020, produces another chart with a 294° MC holding the transiting Sun, Saturn, and Pluto. This from a timed birth chart for a family member who seems to be at some distance from the political workings of many other family members.

tRump jr. has secondary progressed Mars (in longitude) on his papa’s natal Saturn.

I agree with you Beowulfie that the the U.S. is a country based on principals of law and because of that base, Trump will be defeated in his attempt to disregard the laws of our country.

No one thought this would be easy; staying within the established law while honoring the office of the Presidency, now occupied by a man who has no respect for that office. This whole exercise will bring out the best in some in our government while exposing the worst in others.

Quite likely it WILL take a year, possibly more to bring him down, but this historical moment will be done with as much dignity as possible, considering the individuals under investigation. We will be stronger as a People and as a Nation when all is said done.

Until then however, we must have confidence in our system of government to handle this awful problem. Donald Trump symbolizes the negative side of our US retrograde Mars as his natal Jupiter is in the same degree. The enemy is within.

There will be a turn to the positive nature of that Mars in Libra in due time. The symbolism of any retrograde planet is review and redo any flaws found during that retrograde.

We need to accept that we are in a transitional time in this country and in the world. The Saturn-Pluto cycle we are in now began at 27+ Libra in 1982, the same degree that Uranus was in at the start of the Neptune-Pluto cycle in 1891. Now we know what that meant.

This present Saturn-Pluto cycle started in a square to the US natal Pluto (27+ Capricorn) and trine the US natal Moon (27+ Aquarius). By the time the new Saturn-Pluto cycle starts in January 2020, this nightmare will be behind us. The new cycle starts when Saturn and Pluto conjoin at 22+ Capricorn, joined by the transiting Sun, Ceres and Mercury, all trine the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo. Venus will be conjunct the US natal Moon. It looks good.

Thank you barbk, I believe you are correct.

World history would be very different without the blood moon eclipse of 1504

Thanks Ja for the Joe Kennedy link.
Just Imagine: A Warren-Kennedy Ticket!

Beowulfie, There is a bias. This is not a Trump friendly group. It is true that Trump has strong aspects to the US chart. Hitler had strong aspects to the German chart.

Trump is involved with Russian oligarchs and that involvement is of a criminal nature. The Steele dossier proves it. Glenn Simpson, the founder of Fusion GPS, told congressional investigators that Steele approached the FBI out of a sense of duty and concern for US national security.

These are not normal times. Trump is a crook who has no regard for law or insitutional norms. At least Nixon created the EPA.

Fe – I can’t thank you enough for that thread on Wray. I feel so much better now.

Dear Leader Trump is a sadistic, narcissistic predator. He is not a great president. He is a great, spoiled brat who is being blackmailed by Russia.

If there is anyone more worthy of going to jail, it would be him and his Russian Oligarch cronies who have bought off and blackmailed Trump and his Republican cronies in Congress.

Trump is now in the process of dismantling government. And if you are following Reddit, you have taken too many red pills to see reality. you have been gaslighted and brainwashed. We here have refused such nonsense.

Fe, Bravo. It needs to be said!

Francine: And may I add to Fe’s list that tRump has failed (as in: big loser) at EVERYTHING he ever did: investing the millions he was given by his father (lost money) — how many bankruptcies? — never pays the people who work for him — his casinos lost money — his vodka — his steak — his wine — his hotels lost 50% last year — cheated on 3 wives — his lawyers will not take a private meeting with him because he lies, always — golf pro who plays with him says he cheats like crazy — etc., etc., etc. — and, judging by your crass comments, you obviously have no real working knowledge of astrology.

Whoa! She’s disappeared!


You must be a sorceress to make the troll vanish!

dear leader had the worst rating in history of any president at the end of his first year in office. Another triumph.

Blazing hot woman may I quote your list on another site? How would you like credit to be shown?

Maybe Francine has has an invisible cloak – the better to stalk you with.

Everyone has a certain amount of bias it’s true, right now its like people are watching the same movie play out , but perceiving totally different ones. The virile comments I am seeing posted on facebook and twitter about the upcoming memo and how its going to bring the Dems down and prove that the investigation is pointless are truly unbelievable to read, as well as their comments about how Trump is so brilliant and has been chosen by God, also the spin is now that the economy is being saved because of Trump as if it hasn’t been on a correct trajectory since Obama. People believe what they want to believe. Its hopeless to think that this division and biases are going to change anytime soon.

Beowolfe I agree with some of your post too, they’re not going to impeach him but I still think something big could come out. Actually what I was wondering and wanted to ask was that if they can get trump for money laundering crimes for example, and prove he’s a criminal , isn’t there some law somewhere , excuse my ignorance that would say that a convicted criminal can’t be a President , or is that since they cant try a sitting President , he cant be convicted. But if something so blatantly criminal came out and it was so obvious to everyone, wouldn’t they then have to impeach?

Anyway I was thinking this and then Silicomic’s post said basically the same thing “Beowulfie, There is a bias. This is not a Trump friendly group. It is true that Trump has strong aspects to the US chart. Hitler had strong aspects to the German chart.

Trump is involved with Russian oligarchs and that involvement is of a criminal nature. The Steele dossier proves it. Glenn Simpson, the founder of Fusion GPS, told congressional investigators that Steele approached the FBI out of a sense of duty and concern for US national security.

These are not normal times. Trump is a crook who has no regard for law or insitutional norms. At least Nixon created the EPA.”

And what about the fact that even though 98 senators voted for the sanctions against Russia, Trump decides no to do it and there is not more outrage. I agree, nothing is normal anymore.

I love your last post Fe. He is dismantling government as best as he can, his supporters dont care because they want to blow up the system anyway.

Beowolfe, he many be the President ‘legally’ (thought we will never be able to quantify how much interference that swayed things took place, and we will never know if machines were hacked because its easier to do than most think I suspect, but I think what is shocking everyone is that he is doing so much illegal things right now, making money off the Presidency for a start, that he should be able to be brought down, however we all know that those in power will not easily give up the reins.

I am depressed. State of the Union , no wonder it was misspelt today by WH, more like state of the Divided tribes.

One last thing, Karen, you mention if there were a domestic attack and this being potentially bad for him, however I truly fear it would be the opposite and strengthen him, there’s nothing like the fear and coming together of a nation in the face of a national tragedy to make people more willing to listen to dear leader since then it is perceived as the right thing to do. He will then become more autocratic and dictatorial probably.

Fe: Personally, I think it was both of us!

Bob: no need for credit, spread it around all you want, but it was very sweet of you to ask! There was a great visual on this subject on DU a few days ago but I couldn’t find it, so I riffed.

If Francine has a cloak she’ll trip over it.


Although I understand your call for hard core realism, but taking the emotions out of the equation, in my estimation, we may be arriving at an end game within the next several months and I say this for several different reasons…….

Mueller Almost Done With Obstruction Part of Trump Probe, Sources Say

January 25, 2018

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is moving at a far faster pace than previously known and appears to be wrapping up at least one key part of his investigation — whether President Donald Trump obstructed justice, according to current and former U.S. officials.

Mueller has quietly moved closer to those around Trump by interviewing Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, National Security Agency Director Michael Rogers, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and former FBI Director James Comey in recent weeks, officials said. His team has also interviewed CIA Director Mike Pompeo, NBC News reported.

Those high-level officials all have some degree of knowledge about events surrounding Trump’s decisions to fire Comey and Michael Flynn, his first national security adviser.

“Clearly the names that are coming out now indicate that we’re into the obstruction of justice side of it,” said Stanley Twardy, a former U.S. attorney for Connecticut who’s now a white-collar criminal defense lawyer at the law firm Day Pitney LLP. “He’s now getting people who are closest to the president, closest to the issues.”



According to a number of different sources including the President himself, Mueller is expected to call on the President for questioning possibly in mid February. This is the same period of the February 15th solar eclipse (27 Aq). The eclipse conjoins the US moon and in opposition to last years August 21st solar eclipse (28 Leo), Trump’s Mars and Mueller’s Venus (26 Leo). I suspect Trump will act out at this point, either by refusing to fully cooperate and/or putting up roadblocks to impede the investigation. After all, Trump’s lawyers are fully aware this is a perjury trap (Trump’s propensity to be loose with the facts) and as Trump has pointed out – it ultimately will be up to the attorneys whether he testifies or not. One of the critical roadblocks and distractions Trump can conjure up is playing fire with another US govt shutdown and the looming debt ceiling crisis. It has been calculated the government will run out of money sometime in late March or early April (the Treasury would have exhausted its “extraordinary measures” effort by that time). And then there is the volatile North Korean situation that can serve as another dangerous distraction. Will he start a war on the Korean peninsula?

CIA: North Korea Only Months Away from Ability to Hit America with Nuclear Weapon

The National Interest
January 25, 2018

The Central Intelligence Agency assesses that North Korea will have a reliable capability to strike at the continental United States in only a few months.

“The way we ought to think about it is reliability,” CIA Director Mike Pompeo told an audience at the American Enterprise Institute on Jan. 23. “Can they reliably deliver the pain which Kim Jong-un wants to be able to deliver to the United States of America?”

Pompeo notes that there is a world of difference between being able to build a rudimentary capability to build an intercontinental ballistic missile armed with a nuclear warhead that can possibly hit the United States if everything goes right versus a reliable weapon that will hit the target every time. Pompeo did seem to concede that North Korea has a rudimentary capability to strike at the American mainland—which seems to contrast slightly with the White House position.



There’s lots of astrological land mines coming that could precipitate conditions for a real constitutional crisis. Specifically I’m looking at the April 2nd Mars/Saturn conjunction (8 Capricorn). This forms an opposition to Trump’s natal Mercury (8 Cancer). Mid April will exasperate matters further with an exact Jupiter-Pluto sextile (21 Scorpio-Sagittarius) forming a yod to the US Mars and Trump’s progressed Uranus (21 Gemini) and Sun (22 Gemini). The April 15th New Moon (26 Aries) conjunct Uranus (28 Aries) in trine to Trump’s Mars (26 Leo) and the August 21st 2018 solar eclipse (28 Leo). There’s much more to discuss on the astrological conditions but I shall have to leave it there for now (I have a pressing engagement). To be continued…….

Barb, K, thank you. That is beautiful. I love that you see the positive and in my mind spiritual view of astrology.

Typo: Read instead “Jupiter-Pluto sextile (21 Scorpio-CAPRICORN)

Hi Jerry & others – points well taken and it is possible (always) that an end game of some kind could happen. But what sort, whose game, whose end, and who might be ousted, or not ousted, are outcomes that are still unknown. Anything else is speculation in such a complex environment. How many charts will it take to figure it out (can be done)?

Meanwhile, it is very hard to live in the vacuum and the suspense is obviously bothering people a lot. I suppose it is only human to fill in the void when frustration and anger are everywhere.

But that’s the thing – we truly don’t know! Filling our idealistic or optimistic hearts and minds with “hope” does not change the present ugly reality into something better. We might as well call it a pig’s ear when it simply can’t be a silk purse. That’s what I mean by realism. It’s not nice, but then we’re not fooling ourselves either.

Regardless, the show will continue until 2018 and then the really big game will play out in 2020.

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy Jerry, I did not realize that Saturn and Mars would conjunct (new 2 year cycle) at 8+ Cap which will supply the (present-day) Yod apex to the Neptune-Pluto cycle start (Aug. 2, 1891). That took place at 8+ Gemini (also where the US Uranus is) and was sextile Chiron-Mars at 8+ Leo (where Mueller’s natal Pluto is). Back then the apex of the Yod was Hybris at 8+ Capricorn.

Once we have the (new) Yod in place then Trump’s natal Mercury at 8+ Cancer turns it – the Yod – into a Boomerang, the point where all the combined energy (dating back to the US birth in 1776 and the Neptune-Pluto cycle that started in 1891) combines into one. That’s powerful stuff.

I believe transiting Mars, when it arrives at 8+Capricorn and conjuncts transiting Saturn, will be the juggernaut that lights up the night sky. (that would come later in April when the New Moon conjuncts Uranus in Aries and squares US Pluto). The hits just keep coming and the fun never ends!

Bailey, thank you; no where to go but up.

Well-done, Fierywoman!

Jerry, I like your homework ie: Mueller probe.

Meanwhile, President Dildo-Breath is going all out for an Academy Award tonight

I turned it on briefly, twice, with the sound off, and his expressions were such a turn-off, so ludicrous and, yes, Hitler-like. At the same time, the dolts and dodos around him were smiling and shaking their heads in agreement. The second time I checked was about 20 minutes ago, with the SOTU speech having been on for more than an hour. Howdy Doody Ryan’s eyes were glazed and but the plastered-on smile was waning. Pence is scary, though, as he keeps that jolly, upbeat expression on his face the whole time and he gives a pretty impression of being real (Ryan’s is not so good).

A pretty good impression of being real…


January 13, 2020 is NOT one week short of the end of Trump’s first term. It’s a year and a week. The next Presidential election will be November 2020, and the next inauguration, be it Trump’s second term or someone else’s first, will be January 20, 2021.

Well, I made myself watch the entire thing – the SOTU address. Surprisingly, it was a muted speech, obviously professionally written and DT did a measured, credible and extremely careful delivery of it. No fireworks, lots of patriotism, and a carefully selected slate of ‘example people’ guaranteed to appeal to the sympathies of almost anyone. The example people are undoubtedly the noble people they appear to be, and that is is something nobody can fault.

The speech referenced ‘In God We Trust’, the military, Guantanamo, taxes, Jerusalem, nukes (more of), NK, immigration policy, etc. – that is, the stuff that has been in the news since day one.

There was nothing on the poor or homeless who pay no taxes because they don’t earn enough to do so, nothing for women, nothing against racism, nothing for the environment, nothing to protect consumers, nothing to address the debt, nothing for education, nothing about NATO, etc. It was what was not said that spoke in contrast to what Trump said.

The speech confirmed the beliefs of Trump’s supporters and did not build confidence in the rest.

When I heard the “In God We Trust” I thought back to my teenage years, hearing Jean Shepard saying, “In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash.”

Yeah Duchess, I was tired. You just wait in the shadows for me. Obvious.

Guess I’ll just stop posting.

Have you ever made a mistake?

Thanks for the correction Duchess. Your contributions are appreciated.

Smoke & Mirrors/ What Democrats fear most. Get rid of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and the game is over. Trump will have a clear shot at firing Mueller……..

Secret Memo Hints at a New Republican Target: Rod Rosenstein

New York Times
Jan 28, 2018

WASHINGTON — A secret, highly contentious Republican memo reveals that Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein approved an application to extend surveillance of a former Trump campaign associate shortly after taking office last spring, according to three people familiar with it.

The renewal shows that the Justice Department under President Trump saw reason to believe that the associate, Carter Page, was acting as a Russian agent. But the reference to Mr. Rosenstein’s actions in the memo — a much-disputed document that paints the investigation into Russian election meddling as tainted from the start — indicates that Republicans may be moving to seize on his role as they seek to undermine the inquiry.

The memo’s primary contention is that F.B.I. and Justice Department officials failed to adequately explain to an intelligence court judge in initially seeking a warrant for surveillance of Mr. Page that they were relying in part on research by an investigator, Christopher Steele, that had been financed by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.
Democrats who have read the document say Republicans have cherry-picked facts to create a misleading and dangerous narrative. But in their efforts to discredit the inquiry, Republicans could potentially use Mr. Rosenstein’s decision to approve the renewal to suggest that he failed to properly vet a highly sensitive application for a warrant to spy on Mr. Page, who served as a Trump foreign policy adviser until September 2016.



The tone of the speech may have been muted, but the underlying message was not.


Nancy, I hope you will let me post again. I know I burnt some bridges with you and I’m sorry about that. Things are different for me now and I’m back on my feet.

Beowulfie both ‘reality’ and ‘hope’ are well referenced in the planets. Maybe our personal planets and transits could help with seeing how we are affected by reality and hope. Then there is how we, individuals, INTERPRET the energies. Usually whether they are seen as constructive or destructive to me and mine. (even Venus, god of love, is also the god of money and can help or hinder) “Constructive and Destructive” lead to “good and bad” and we are then looking at the stars and planets with bias. No one (!) is without bias. We are living human lives and that is to be subjective. There is no reality without hope, and hope can change the future, which is in flux.

Shared, or collective hope is powerful! It can lead to actions in reality like getting informed, becoming involved and voting. It is doing just that for young people. This connecting of the energies of hope and reality thru our god given subjectivity with those of others is one of the great gifts of being born a human.

A comment worthy of sharing from the Union Tribune in regard to the memo-release:

“These Republican “lawmakers” are defying the rule of law as well as the institutions that are imperative strands in the fabric of our democracy. They have hitched their wagon to an irresponsible, ignorant, lying traitor who has denigrated the office of the presidency.

My greatest wish and hope is that our Constitution is strong enough to withstand their reckless behavior and that they will all face impeachment for dereliction of duty and complicity with Russian attempts to undermine our democratic principles.

The lessons of Hitler and Naziism are in our sights once again — something that I never believed would happen in the country that I love and pledge my allegiance to on a daily basis.”

Asked if he had worked with the White House in crafting the #ReleaseTheMemo memo, The Daily Beast reports Devin Nunes’ telling reply.

During Monday’s contentious closed-door committee meeting, Rep. Mike Quigley, a Democrat, asked Nunes point-blank if his staffers had been talking with the White House as they compiled a four-page memo alleging FBI and Justice Department abuses over surveillance of President Trump’s allies in the Russia probe.

According to sources familiar with the exchange, Nunes made a few comments that didn’t answer the question before finally responding, “I’m not answering.”


And now it appears that this latest Nunes generated “scandal” really is a scandal after all—one involving Devin Nunes and the Trump White House in a scheme to deceive the public, damage the FBI, and interfere with the Russia investigation.


The FBI refutes Nunes Memo!


and in other news:

Trey “Benghazigate” Gowdy resigns!

Thanks for the great quote ja, I’d like to know who said it.

Transiting Arachne, the supreme weaver of webs is at 26 Capricorn 59′ 59″ and about to conjunct the US natal Pluto (power base) and Mueller’s natal South Node. Wonder who she’s gonna catch?

barbk, Kathy Cappos Hardy wrote the comment.

Fe, So happy to see the end of TG!

Jerry, do we know that Devin Nunes has progressed Mars at 21+ Gemini conjunct US natal Mars and Trump’s Sun? Just found this from a Marjorie Orr article from last March. This might be old news here and I missed it, but it explains his zealous reporting to Trump. He also has progressed Neptune at 19+ Capricorn and conjunct transiting Pluto.

His whole chart and progressions are something to behold; here it is in case you don’t have:


Thanks Ja, and thanks Fe.

Here is that Orr link spelled correctly (not the way it appeared) so hope it works. If not just google it like I did:
star4cast.ca/devin-nunes-lacking-in intelligence/

barbk, what would that Arachne transit mean for Mueller being that it’s on his South Node? Will he help her do the catching or will he be caught.

Jerry, re Rosenstein, that’s why I posted his chart on 1/30 at 12:54 a.m., along with a few of the transits he is facing, or has just faced (e.g., Saturn just went over his mercury/venus conjunction (first degrees of Capricorn). Maybe you’d like to take a look at it. I didn’t have a time but got the date and place in Wikipedia, inserted it in Astrodienst (astro.com) and shared the link to the chart.

Nope – sorry I guess the only to see this particular article is to google or go to her website.

Sharon, off hand I’d say that Arachne’s web is of Mueller’s making, ie. he’s pulling the “strings”.

On mid-term election day, Nov. 6th, 2018, the Sun will trine the US Sun. The transiting nodes will move into 29+ Cancer (North Node) and 29+ Capricorn (South Node) and transiting Venus at 27+ Libra retrograde will t-square the nodes from her position in the North Bending.

(North Bending relates to North Node and the path forward. A planet in No. Bending will express outwardly, as in voting). Venus is the symbol for values.

Transiting Uranus will have returned (retrograde) to 29+ Aries and oppose Venus in Libra and square the nodes in Cancer and Capricorn. A grand square like this is quite challenging. However the US Moon (US voters) at 27+ Aquarius is in a trine with transiting Venus at 27+ Libra.

27+ Libra is also where Pluto and Saturn met in 1982 to start the cycle we are in that will end in 2020. In the chart for that 1982 conjunction, Pluto and Saturn were sextile Neptune in Sagittarius and this sextile formed a Yod to Chiron at 25+ Taurus. This point in a Yod is the apex of the Yod and that planet at the apex is required to adjust it’s “position”.

Today 25+ Taurus is where transiting Sedna (help, I’m drowning!) is, she who conjuncts Trump’s MC (reputation) at 24+ Taurus. She will be at 26+ Taurus retrograde on Election Day. I believe Trump will have to adjust on some things after the election.

The transiting South Node on Election Day will be at 29+ Capricorn and will conjunct the US Pluto (and Mueller’s natal south node) at 27+ Capricorn 4 weeks later. By then transiting Jupiter will be in his own sign of Sagittarius and by January 3, 2019, he will be on the US natal chart’s ascendant, 12+ Sagittarius. Happy daze might just be here again.

From Marjorie Orr on the Midterms — A deadlocked Congress?

USA Mid-Terms – both party heads sagging

No sooner over one hurdle than another appears. The USA Mid Term elections on November 6 2018 will be more fraught than usual with the world watching to see whether Trump’s chaotic presidency will affect the GOP’s standing. There’s nothing pass remarkable about the day though Jupiter is poised to move out of Scorpio into Sagittarius for the result. Uranus is back at zero Taurus exactly square the Leo North Node, with the Node also about to shift sign, into Cancer that day. Both Saturn and Pluto are in Capricorn, though not conjunct.

The two party chairpersons – Ronna McDaniels (GOP), 19 Jan 1973; and Tom Perez (Dem), 7 Oct 1961, if still in place, might be a hint of what the result is likely to be.

Neither look exactly delirious with joy. Oddly enough both have tr Neptune in hard aspect to their Mars/Saturn midpoint which Ebertin describes as ‘waning powers, inner torment, losses’. Both also have tr Saturn hitting on a Mars midpoint immediately after which is usually a setback.

Of the two, McDaniels looks marginally more upbeat with tr Pluto conjunct her Jupiter/Node which usually brings advantages. But on the other hand she also has tr Uranus square her Solar Arc Saturn and square her Solar Arc Mars, both of which could see a major upset.



Trump refusing to adhere to the rule of law has dire implications. Republicans elsewhere also feel they do not have to follow rule of law. Guess laws only apply to Dems and Ind. but not the GOP.


Hi Sharon,

At a glance, the only thing that I can detect in Rosenstein’s natal chart (Jan 13, 1965 Philadelphia, Pa, time unknown) that could spell trouble is his natal Mercury/Venus conj. at 0/1 Capricorn. Tr. Mars will be going over that significant degree (the 0 Cap. degree of the Dec 21st 2017 Winter Solstice/ Saturn conjunction) in mid March. Some observations were made earlier in this thread concerning the intense astrological aspects for the March 17th New Moon period. Read the January 22nd, 2018 8:57 am entry and the one immediately below that at 9:06 am here……….. http://starlightnews.com/wordpress/2018/01/shut-down/#comment-212247

I think if we add “http://www.” to the link that I tried to leave earlier for Marjorie Orr’s site will get us there. It will probably work for Fe’s link too.

Here is the one for Nunes chart . . .

latest from Raye Robertson

Marjorie Orr’s earlier forecast on midterms

Regarding Marjorie Orr: Great. Shoot me now. I don’t want to live in a world where thieves and grifters rob the rest of us of what little dignity we have left. i’m Pretty close to done. I wish I could emigrate.

So, will the Hope Hicks quote that Junior’s emails will never (be allowed to) get out have legs (as they say in the movie world)?

And Schiff said that the memo that Nunes brought to the president was an edited version that differed from what the committee approved…which leads right into your post, Silcominc. Trump’s disregard for truth, law, respect is so outrageous and blatant that he makes it ok. I saw that the GOP announced plans to ignore the PA Supreme Court’s ruling on throwing out the voting map due to gerrymandering.

Speaking of which, thanks Jerry, for your response. I will read the previous post you referenced. Because I put Rosenstein into my Astrodienst list, I can read his daily forecast and yesterday’s said, per the Mars influence, that he was “seething” inside. Let’see what this ginned-up (I forget who called it that on this site) memo has to say, whether Schiff releases the one they agreed on, and whether Trump tries to use it as an excuse to fire Rosenstein.

So many appointees are fired or leave, and so many elected officials are choosing to get out, and so many positions are left unfilled. This has to be the most dysfunctional presidential administration in history….running a close second behind Bush and Cheney who were also blatant liars.

Jackson, just because Republican leaders look happy and Democratic ones don’t, doesn’t mean that they Republicans do that well. They may be happy because they don’t do as badly as they thought they would. I hope all the millennials, women, minority groups come out and vote, but the gerrymandered maps will be a factor. Obama and Holder are supposed to be working on that.i

Charts located to the Capitol Building and the White House.

Removed http from link to get the post to show and allow other links to work.


Deputized: Rod Rosenstein Sworn in as Sessions’s Number Two – Breitbart 4/30/2017
26 Apr 2017


Rod Rosenstein, the longtime United States Attorney for the District of Maryland, was sworn in Wednesday
evening as Deputy Attorney General, giving Attorney General Jeff Sessions a right-hand man at DOJ.

The swearing in came after Rosenstein’s confirmation by a 94-6 vote of the full Senate Tuesday. Widely seen as a consensus choice, the now-Deputy AG has served in the Justice Department under both Democratic and Republican presidents as a career civil servant since the 1990s. For the last twelve years, he has been the head federal prosecutor for the State of Maryland. Appointed by President George W. Bush, his reputation for fairness and efficacy contributed to his being kept on by both Presidents Obama and Trump — unusual for U.S. Attorneys.

Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein’s Swearing In Ceremony
Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Chart: https://i.imgur.com/f8EjFMG.gif

The link doesn’t show the whole article so I have copied most of it from a PDF I made. Note the 4:52 pm time for the article. I used 4:48 pm for the appointment chart.


May 17, 2017, 4:52 p.m.
Special counsel named to head Russia investigation; White House caught by surprise
Joseph Tanfani, Noah Bierman and Brian Bennett

“Rosenstein, who is overseeing the Russia investigation because Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions recused himself, did not inform either the White House or Sessions about the decision until after he had signed the order appointing Mueller, according to a Justice Department spokesperson who spoke on condition of anonymity.

About half an hour before the order was made public, a Justice Department official informed White House Counsel Don McGahn. Trump spokesman Sean Spicer abruptly left a scheduled meeting with reporters as White House aides huddled to draft a response.”

Chart: https://i.imgur.com/wx2CpZB.gif

Speculative chart for Nunes showing natal and progressed points with transit Saturn on February 1, 2018.


Your posts, Starlighters, are terrific. I’m heartened by the awareness and have begun questioning the po”r”tentialities of this awareness.

We the people are being given a number of options here. The first, of course, is the vote. That vote has already been abrogated. The possibilities of that happening again are 99 to 1, despite the efforts to upend republican redistricting, or the knowledge of Russian interference successes.

The attack on justice has long been planned. So too, the free press.

There is no doubt that some sort of “event” is also planned, one that will alarm the people and insure that we support the ruling cabal. Those who are designated terrorists (though we’ve created them like so many other so-called terrorists) will continued to be grouped into an enemies list.

What is not being considered is the response from the world. The condemnations of this president and his dominion-eyed followers has already begun.

We seem to be caught in the spider’s web, that being the daily assault on the constitution, our resources, and spirits. Despite the distinct markers of trump-inspired takeover of this republic, I believe we are not seeing the possibilities. One may be coming in the form of “foreign” help. Too, the trade/financial imbalances may play a role. The reaction of the stock market to the news of significant corporate entities planning to alter health care was telling.

My stream of consciousness this morning. I truly believe there are significant revolutionary factors that will be divulged and with a little push topple this administration.

Karen, I sure hope you are right. It has to get better. I’ve reached a point where I just want to shut it all out of my awareness.

Bailey, that is where I have been too, and in doing so had a little more clarity.

Have another thought. There’s a reason the great comedians of our time are so loved. We could learn from them. Inserting humor into these dark times is cathartic. For instance, this morning, mention was made of republican saboteurs starting to throw each under the train. My husband had the perfect response — reps grabbing the hair of another, dragging and tossing tossing them over the side of ship, but not Trump. No one will touch his hair. (Maybe because he believes he’ll be raptured.) Grin.

Thanks, Karen.


I was happy to see a couple of heavy hitters in business say they want to try to fix our health care system.

It makes business more expensive for every company in the US than their counterparts abroad. We spend about twice per person as any other developed nation does, which is a huge expensive for American businesses.

I’ve wondered for years why American businesses put up with this, why they haven’t turned on our health care system and demanded better.

Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Thursday demanded that House Speaker Paul Ryan remove Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) from his position on the House Intelligence Community.

In a statement released Thursday, Pelosi slammed Nunes as being “deliberately dishonest” and accused him of leading a “cover up” effort to save President Donald Trump.


Operation Bloody Nose is a limited land invasion of North Korea. It is planned to occur in the near term. It is why Trump’s designated ambassador to South Korea resigned this week. Rumor has it that this is the event that is being planned and can serve as a pretense for the lifting of some if not all civil liberties. Folks, we are in uncharted waters. Never have we had a bunch of crooks running all the various branches of government. If you think the 18 elections will save you, think again. There may not be an 18 election or if there is, who could possibliy trust the outcome knowing the Russians are likely in charge.

Could the Power of the FBI vs. the Power of Trump be laid at the feet of the conjunction between the US Constitution’s chart (9/17/1787) Neptune (17+ Libra) and the Trump Sr. chart Jupiter (17+ Libra rx.) AND the US progressed Mars (17+ Libra rx)?

Is there more to this macho madness that I’ve overlooked? Libra is a sign distinguished by indecision; it simply can’t choose between 2 things, let alone THREE!

Who will decide whose command will determine the future of the Nunes memo; the Justice Dept? Pres. Trump? US public/press? Russia? So much pressure.

Transiting asteroid Alice (in wonderland) at 18+ Aries is, right now, opposite all those 17+ Libra planets. Two days ago at this time, she was at 17 Aries 23, exactly opposite the Trump Jupiter, the US Constitution Neptune and the US progressed Mars See it for what it is, they all are mad as hatters.


The mad hatters in Alice In Wonderland conjures up images of that humorous Red Queen refrain that Trump and his cronies seem to be emulating…..


Love it Jerry! Red being the operative word here…

Barbk have you studied Hope Hicks?
She’s entering the picture quite a lot recently: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2018/02/01/another-trump-aide-is-reportedly-pointing-to-wrongdoing-in-the-russia-investigation/?utm_term=.ec23afb1133f

Even Violetta see’s Hope Hicks as madly in love with D.T. How could she be? For the Money?
Just look at that picture of him, disgraceful:

barb, I just read that after Trump approves it, it goes back to Congress and it’s in their hands! There is a redacted version, apparently, that was formulated in conjunction with the FBI, but an aide said Trump would approve the non-redacted version. As John Kerry said, what a bunch of crooks and liars.

I see that more than one of you echoed Kerry’s words above! Crooks & liars!

There’s even a website:


Dear Cousins: Hail from Canada. It is with deep sadness I watch CNN tonight and the disgraceful conduct of the GOP. It is truly depressing to see a country blessed with so much, spiral into madness. But,…….it is your country, it is your politicians and despite the outrage, you are the only ones who can halt the destruction. Myself and my fellow Canadians wish you the very best. We hope the United States will find its heart and soul and embrace the standards of other progressive nations and reject its obsession with dominance, guns, survival of the fittest and that good government is an oxymoron. Goodness and Peace be with you.

Has anyone looked at Paul Ryan’s chart lately to see what his mood is like around the time of the midterms?
An old interview with Carter Page has him saying (paraphrased) “paul ryan will fix the surveilled info on me”
Since Ryan is the speaker, it is in his power to neuter Nunes, but he chooses to ignore things and enable the nunes memo to be pushed, and in many ways provides cover for the trumpsters.
Astro.com has Ryan’s birth info at 29 January 1970 2.37am Janesville WI
I notice this recent lunar eclipse was pretty close to his sun/venus conjunction

kiwi, Virgo posted this Marjorie Orr piece above that reviews both party’s leaders’ horoscopes in November 2018. Check out what she wrote about Ryan. Overall, what she wrote wasn’t encouraging for us, but I’m not taking it at face value. Maybe Nancy will take a look and see other things that Marjorie left off.


thanks Sharon!

Bob, I hadn’t realized it until you posted the chart for the confirmation of Robert Mueller as special counsel (May 17, 2017) that there was a nearly exact Saturn (26 Sag) Uranus (26 Aries) trine in place. This formed a grand trine to both Trump’s Mars and Mueller’s Venus.

An interesting follow-up to that 5/17/17 Saturn-Uranus trine is the upcoming March 11, 2018 Mars (26 Sag) Uranus (26 Aries) in grand trine to Mueller/ Trump’s Venus/Mars conjunction in identical positions. Some major developments in the Russia investigation at that time?

As noted, the April 2nd Mars/Saturn conjunction (8 Capr.) forms an opposition to Trump’s natal Mercury, but also in simultaneous square to Mueller’s Pluto (8 Libra). The Libra sign symbol is usually depicted as scales that are weighed in order to produce balance and harmony. Are we going to see the firing of special counsel Robert Mueller in early April?

Back in March 2017 Marjorie Orr wrote this article on Roy Cohn, Trump and Algol, which is worth a read. Don’t jump off the bridge when you read it, but it does rather point to the state of disrepute that is operating in the state of the union these days. http://star4cast.ca/trumps-puppet-master-the-algol-ploy/ I’ve looked up this fixed star in the past and it is a good one to understand. Please excuse the length of this post (split it into 2).

Algol is a binary star in the constellation Perseus that has an evil, violent effect. In astronomy it is known as Beta Persei and is a system of 3 stars that is an eclipsing binary. Quite a complex arrangement that fluctuates in brightness about every 3 days. Presently Algol is at 26 Taurus and it moves roughly 1 degree every 72 years. In mythology, Algol is Arabic for a ghoul or demon’s head and in Greek mythology it is associated with the gorgon called Medusa, who is pretty much the female ‘dark side’ personified. The thing to keep in mind about the Medusa/Algol myth is that it is only one part of the major myth of Perseus. Perseus is the half man-half god who symbolizes many aspects of human consciousness in myth. While the Medusa is horrible and powerful, the fear and dread of it works to its own disadvantage as well harming others. One hopes that eventually its evil effect is neutralized as illustrated in the myth.

Algol is always associated with the head and the Medusa myth, too, centers on the head. After Medusa had been slain by Perseus, her severed head wound up as a part of Athena’s shield warrior shield. In effect the head was transformed in its journey from the young Medusa back to Athena in a more powerful, but negative and dangerous form – Athena, whose own person had sprung from the forehead of her father, Zeus. It resembles Eve coming from Adam’s rib only more anti-feminist.

The Greek myth (via Ovid) is that Medusa was a beautiful, young, unmarried, mortal woman who was abducted and raped by the sea god, Poseidon. Poseidon took her to Athena’s temple for the tryst and Medusa went from maidenhood to womanhood in a forceful way in an inappropriate setting (shades of Me-too?). Athena was a confirmed virgin warrior goddess and she was therefore deeply insulted by this illicit sexual act in her sacred temple. As she couldn’t do anything to Poseidon because he was a god like her, Athena took revenge on Medusa and turned her into a horrid screaming woman whose lovely hair became a mass of squirming venomous snakes and whose body became covered in reptilian scales. The new Medusa also acquired an ‘evil eye’ that turned any mortal man who looked directly at her into stone and she was banished to the farthest edge of the world to keep company with 2 equally nasty, but immortal Gorgons (thus matching the 3 Algol stars in the sky, although how the ancients could see there were 3 is a mystery).

In other words, Athena sent Medusa into living hell for messing with Poseidon, not that Medusa could have done anything to prevent it. Medusa’s natural womanhood and fertility was transformed instead into a dreadful power to turn men into stone (petrified, like her). A nasty place for a young woman to wind up, but that’s the Greeks for you – they had a graphic way of illustrating deep human conflicts and psychology like nobody else. You can sympathize with Medusa’s rage (from a safe distance) for her total loss of humanity in such circumstances. But having become as evil as she did, and this being a myth, it was not going to end well for her.

Naturally, a deep, intense myth situation has to have a hero who will resolve the tension, which is where Perseus comes in. Perseus, in his own story, agreed to bring back the head of the gorgon Medusa in a deal with the king so that his mother would not have to enter into a marriage that she didn’t want (are we noticing there is a theme about women in trouble here?). That back story contrasts the non-marriage of Medusa, who had no hope of rescue and is therefore a symbol of purely material existence, with no place for a soul or being a person.

Perseus, as half human-half god was a big notch up from Medusa as he was male, more than human and not horribly trapped. In fact, he received help from the gods and got a sack to hold Medusa’s head, a sword, a magic helmet that made him invisible, winged sandals so that he could fly, and a polished shield in which he could see Medusa’s reflection without looking directly at her. Obviously such gadgets were handy for a male hero who needed to rescue his mother from an unwanted marriage by killing an evil female monster (instead of killing the king who wanted his mother). The helpful gadgets protected Perseus when he cut off the Gorgon’s head and eventually, he brought the severed head back to Athena, who placed it on her shield. Presumably, this was a happy ending and a symbol of the conquered position of women in Greek culture (my interpretation). As a virgin, Athena was not much concerned with the sexual wholeness of women, but she was a powerful lady warrior and a daughter of Zeus.

Donald Trump has Algol on his midheaven. Does it make a difference? He was born in 1946 with his MC at 24 degrees 18’ Taurus, which natal point is approximately 1 degree 7 minutes from Algol (in 1950, Algol was at ~25 Taurus 28’; now it is at ~26 degrees 24’). If something is going to happen where DT might “lose his head” or be toppled, then presumably there might be a close aspect to his MC (career) or his progressed MC from a major negative influence such as Mars, Saturn or the outer planets. Alternatively, to affect his leadership capacity in 10th house Taurus, Algol could also influence the ruler of his 10th, which is Venus at 25 Cancer 44’ in the 11th house of associates. (There is no final dispositor in Trump’s chart so no point going further).

• Trump’s secondary progressed chart (which moves very little) has nothing near either his MC/ Algol points or his natal Venus (ruler of MC) anytime soon.
• Both transiting Pluto and Saturn will oppose Trump’s natal Venus at 25 Cancer and trine his MC/Algol points at 24/25 Taurus early in 2020, at the start of the next election year.
• Pluto will oppose Trump’s natal Venus early in 2021, but transiting Venus will oppose it first, which may soften the situation.
• Transiting Mars will conjunct Trump’s MC/Algol points in Taurus in February 2021, just after the 2020 election. He might suffer some kind of nasty career experience then.
• Transiting Uranus, presently at 25 AriesRx in Trump’s 9th, will not conjunct his MC until June 2024 (which tends to rule out surprise events in 2020 –we will see the result coming?).
• Mars will conjunct his natal Venus in Cancer in June 2021, again after the 2020 election.

That’s about it and therefore it doesn’t look like anything is directly going to trigger Trump’s Algol point or MC or ruler (Venus) until 2020 at the earliest. Looks like he’ll keep going until then. Of course, it is possible that some combination of other aspects and midpoints might provide enough pressure to cause a fall from power sooner, but in any case, the Algol connection may indicate that Trump will be out of power by the inauguration in 2021.

Note: the Algol effect is not necessarily physical injury – it can mean other things, but generally involving the head symbolically at least. So, if you find an aspect to Algol’s position in a chart, don’t be thinking it means an accident to the head will happen just because of that – like most things in astrology it isn’t that simple. In combination with other aspects there can even be a benefit to the person. Algol would be prominent when it is in conjunction, opposition or square to a major planet, with a tight orb (1 degree, not much more, imo).

One more thought – is it possible that DT is supposed to BE the Medusa and the country (karmically) has to find a way to topple him to get the evil out? The country would then put the Medusa head on its shield or armour and be that much stronger. It’s a more positive way to look at it. I believe Barb and others have suggested that DT may have such a function in the celestial scheme. It’s more elevating, but such a “cure” isn’t easy to take! 🙂 not that it is very funny…..

Beowulfie….And Marjorie Orr also writes:
“In December/January 2018 tr Uranus will be whipping up a storm as it crashes into his Sun/Mars, Mercury/Pluto and Venus/Saturn midpoints – 1) impulsive, over-excited, overtaxing strength (military call-up?); 2) Fanatical, Great Mental Strain; 3) emotional stress, acute loneliness.There seems little likelihood of him acquiring any self-control at this late stage and with his Solar Arc Mercury approaching the square to his Uranus over coming months he’s likely to become even more incontinent with his scattergun tantrums. And his Solar Arc Uranus is now on the same degree as his Mars, approaching the exact conjunction in eight months’ time, which is intemperate, hot-headed and determined to prove its machismo by wild actions.

Trump has always called the shots or he walks away from any distastful situation…Not this time!

Havent read the last few responses yet.
But this made me think of what Beowulfe was saying about trump never being impeached probably. Think he’s right.

This article was depressing http://www.latimes.com/opinion/op-ed/la-oe-garber-mueller-report-20180201-story.html

Also, there is an interview with him in the latest podcast called trumpcast for any that are interested. Very intelligent well spoken guy and he really goes into how we may never ever know what mueller knows.

Now that ive read everything it’s all pretty depressing. Karen your post was sobering. I know what you mean about an ‘event’. I truly think that’s whats going to happen and it will strengthen them. Not sure what you mean about foreign help.

In normal life , living in a pretty republican pro trump area what i see is this, most people, especially young are not engaged at all and don’t have a clue what is going on

Then there are those republicans who don’t like trump but are happy about the taxes. Trump is using the whole economy being great thing to his advsntage and it’s working. People really feel that trump has lifter the economy and that the tax breaks are good.

What gets me is that the dems are just not playing their cards right, that whole tax scam passed the way it did with no townhalls , no input from normal people and yet this is barely talked about. It’s just over . Where’s the noise about the trillions more in debt it’s taking us. I am not hardly hearing it.

It’s all super depressing

Excerpt from The New Year – Part 5 – Donald Trump (January 2018) by Bill Attride

“…….In 2018, Trump will experience a double-transit of, 1) Saturn squaring his Neptune, 2) while Saturn opposes his Mercury. This is because one of the most revealing aspects in Trump’s chart, (and which I analyzed as one of his three principal challenges when I examined his chart for the 2017 forecast, which you can read here), is that he was born with Mercury square Neptune. I characterized Trump as someone who could literally say one thing and then say the total opposite without any problem (for him). As I wrote then, “Trump will say anything, and mean nothing”. He will be a fabulist, who will tell stories, make up stories and basically lie to anyone, (and perhaps even to himself).

This toxic relationship, or non-relationship, to the truth is what will be put to the test in 2018. Trump’s mind (Mercury) will feel the opposition of Saturn as his thoughts and words are tested by agents of Reality (Saturn). Meanwhile, the dreams and visions that dance through his head, (Neptune) will also be brought into confrontation with these same agents of Reality (Saturn).

The last time this exact aspect occurred in Trump’s chart was 1989, and this was a period when Trump’s bluffing and self-promotional debt bubble began to burst. He bought the Eastern Airlines Shuttle, re-branding it the Trump Shuttle, only to have it go bankrupt. It was a period when the excesses of the “go-go 80’s” was catching up for many individuals and corporations, especially those whose empires were built on easy money and lots of debt, and many of them would now experience their very own “reversal of fortune”.

Trump’s empire of casinos and real estate went through bankruptcies, and only by massive infusions of monies was he able to avoid total collapse. This is indeed the time that reports point to Trump receiving unusual and very questionable loans from the very banks he owed his debt to, (such as Deutsche Bank, and when bankers were asked is this normal, to give money to a person who is a bad credit risk, they emphatically answered “No!”). And, so began the whispers of sweetheart deals and foreign (Russian) monies being funneled by various shell corporations to prop up the Trump brand. Then as now, there is only one central consideration to focus upon; as in any scandal of the modern era, the prosecutorial mantra will always be, “Follow the Money”.

Spiritually however, the question will forever be, “Did you learn from your mistakes, did you make your amends”? Given the on-going investigations into Trump’s presidential campaign, and the many indications that investigators are “following the money”, it would not be far-fetched to imagine that the wheel of karma is turning once again, and Reality/Saturn is coming once more to pop the web of lies and illusions spun by Trump’s Mercury/Neptune square.

It is more than likely that the various congressional and FBI investigations will reveal not only streams of “dark monies” coming into the 2016 campaign, (both for the Presidential and other campaigns), but that these shadow money flows and sweetheart deals have long been part of Trump, the corrupt core of brand “Trump” from the very beginning.”


Astrology World Predictions: Mars Conjunct Saturn in Capricorn (April 2nd 2018) by GianPaolo Dicocco

(the astrologer’s presentation is a little quirky but very informative)

Video 39 min 25 sec


Jerry/Group: I sure hope Bill Attride is right.

Here it is, folks: https://apps.npr.org/documents/document.html?id=4365344-House-Intel-Memo-On-FISA

Have just begun to read, but wanted to share. Of course, Trump said all those involved with sabotaging him should “be ashamed of themselves.” Really?

Interesting posts, Jerry.

more on the trump/fbi topic from Marjorie
bulldozer meets brickwall

I have to think that if Mueller is fired (by Rosenstein’s replacement? By Trump?), not only will Trump look guilty as hell but that others have been prepared for this contingency and have preserved the incriminating information to be used and/or released. Mueller has been working extremely hard to get everything in place as he knows the pitfalls and risks.

The Nunes document is like reading a gossip column. Trump is innocent. It’s all a setup by Hilary supporters, especially those republicans (Comey, etal) who darkened her election prospects. Hoo boy.

star4cast fits this situation perfectly, Kiwi.

Wishing everyone here a Blessed Imbolc. May this season of cleansing and purification find us coming through the other side of these troubles soon. Until then, I wish for you the loving arms and healing ways of Brigit. Together, we’ll get past these crimes and corruption… and find ourselves stronger for it.

Hey everyone.
I’ve been extremely dysfunctional and ill from old injuries with severe pain and will relatively soon need spinal surgery. Can anyone recommend a good medical astrologer? I’m concerned about timing and place relative to surgery. Many Thanks! Blessings to you all on this Holy Day.

Oh Eliseo, I’m so hoping for your speedy recovery! I believe any number of astrologers could help you. Rule of thumb is no surgery under full moon or moon in Scorpio. That’s far from complete!

Of course. We should have known. Valdimir Putin has his natal Saturn at 17+ Libra and it conjuncts Trump’s natal Jupiter at 17+ Libra which the US progressed Mars retrograde at 17+ Libra is now conjunct.

Since the US Constitution’s birth chart has Neptune at 17+ Libra one might assume our attention should be on that chart since it is over 200 years old. I’m thinking ALL of these planets (natal, progressed) at 17+ Libra are just 3 degrees from the US natal Saturn at 14+ Libra and that’s where we need to focus.

US progressed Mars (now conjunct US Constitution’s Neptune and Trump’s Jupiter and Putin’s Saturn) will continue its retrograde for 60+ more years during which it will conjunct US natal Saturn. I think US retrograde Mars is, right now, giving us a heads up to make adjustments to the constitution so it will prevent something even worse than the Trump era befalling the USA.

US progressed Mars stationed retrograde about 11 years ago (I believe progressed US Black Moon Lilith was conjunct US natal Saturn at the time). US progressed Mars had made a conjunction to US natal Saturn at 14+ Libra about 30 years before that. It would have been around 1976-78.

Gerald Ford was President at that time following Nixon’s resignation over the Watergate scandal. That was our first warning and I feel that if we don’t “fix” the problem now it will only get worse.

Eliseo: This is a medical group on FB with medical astrologers who give their input regularly. You have to join the group. I am sure you would find someone to help you. All the best.


January 24 – 30, 2018
Hello to readers in Norwalk!

As I face the blank page of this week’s astrological missive it’s hard to know just where to begin. I have been overseas for the last year-plus, and out of the barrage of bad news—tuning in only as I wanted or needed to. But for the last several weeks, I have been in New York City, taking in the depth and breadth of Trumpitis—and it’s been an eye-opening experience, if only because I am having a direct experience of just how much of the status quo has evaporated since I’ve been away. I’ve never adhered to the status quo, but neither am I an anarchist. I like order.

Over this last year, I’ve written about the poisonous polarization that brought Mr. Trump to power and how it has infected all aspects of life, not just the political arena. But it’s another thing to witness the toxicity first hand and feel its deleterious effect on almost every aspect of life. My heart hurts from the truth of this great divide—a chasm really—between the people who care about their fellow humans and those who don’t. Daily life resembles a battlefield as too many wrestle, not just with the psychic ramifications of Trumpistan, but also with its deadening actuality.

Yet despite all the negative signals there’s still good news, and this week that’s an important piece of the existential puzzle. On January 15 the CEO of BlackRock, one of the largest public investment firms, announced that it would invest in companies that “serve a social purpose.” The headline of that article in the New York Times was: Contribute to Society, or Risk Losing Our Support. This is a huge shift in traditional capitalist values and it bodes well for the idea that lots of our fellow travelers—from every walk of life, regardless of race, religion, gender, age, or economic status—are waking up to the need for a profound sea-change transformation of values. We may not see the effect of this announcement immediately, but it’s a sure signal that Mr. Trump and his Gang of Hungry Ghosts are walking on the not-so-solid ground of greed. It’s also another indication that he and his mendacious cadre are catalyzing a deep healing process—the Feminist Movement hasn’t been this alive and galvanized into action since the 60’s. And it is not going to quiet down any time soon.



As we contemplate this week’s good news, it’s important to keep in mind that for the next several weeks we’re in the eclipse zone—there’s a lunar eclipse on January 31 and a solar eclipse on February 15. Both eclipses are quite close to the degrees at which the eclipses of August 2017 occurred, and thus they are likely to trigger similar themes and issues—not that the issues have changed all that much since last summer. But eclipses always reveal previously hidden information, and while it is impossible to imagine what still might be revealed, it would be wise to anticipate even more startling developments. During the solar eclipse on February 15, Uranus sextiles both the Sun and the Moon, and because Uranus is the god of startling plot twists, anything goes.

Mars changes Signs on January 26, shifting its focus from the emotional waters of Scorpio into the fiery domain of Sagittarius, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself in a different mindset, one that requires decisive action without much deliberation.

Mercury conjuncts Pluto this week, forming a perfect union that fosters a penetrating intellect that’s unafraid to ask tough questions. Mercury symbolizes the mind, and Pluto signifies the ability to plumb the depths. Together they support the capacity to contemplate complex ideas. Use this influence wisely this week and let it help you move beyond the standard ways of understanding the societal decompensation that’s taking place. We’re still in the middle of a huge cultural healing crisis, and while most of us wish it would end soon, there are still too many people asleep at the wheel of their lives to realize that the Wheel of Life is turning. Do your best to continue your efforts for personal and planetary transformation—and remember…there is good news. Each and every second of each and every day another heart opens to the possibility of caring for our fellow travelers. Social justice is love at the level of the collective. It’s love as a manifestation of our shared lives. It’s love for each and every life form on our shared planet.


I am sorry to hear you are struggling with illness and pain. I do not know any astrologers, however I do know a medium who is a medical intuitive. She is very good. If you are interested, I would be happy to give you the information to contact her for a reading. Hoping you find all the help you need to heal.

Eliseo, my cyber friend may I post your post to a site that might generate a good response?

I have said a prayer for you and send my thoughts for relief your way.

Dear Eliseo, We all surround you with Love and Strength! You have always shown so much kindness to all here on Nancy’s Blog! Rest assured that shall be returned to you! You’re in our thoughts/prayers.

Just came across this site:
Fortunate Surgery DatesPlan your surgery based on
1. The Lunar Cycle
2. Moon Sign
3. Medical Staff
The most important surgery tip is avoid the full Moon! And the 5 days leading up to and the 3 days following the full Moon!


Diana – thank you. That speaks to my heart. We cannot give up hope. But this kind of change takes time. I can hang knowing the universe has an end game.

Eliseo – the owner of the FB group posted by Angellight is Lynn Koiner and she specializes in medical astrology. She has a ton of experience. Best thoughts your way.

Diana, thank you. Very uplifting and informative. Who knew BlackRock would come through that way. There’s hope for sure.

OOPS. just realized that what I posted didnt say it was from Ralfee Finn

Ed tamplin this week
Wow – who knew Nunes was born the same month as the Saturday night massacre & Agnew’s resignation?

Patty, so sorry for the delay re: Hope Hicks and grateful that you called my attention to her because. . .


which conjuncts Trump’s Jupiter, Putin’s Saturn, the US progressed Mars and the US Constitution Neptune. (gasp)

That natal Neptune in Hope’s chart also opposes her natal Jupiter at 14+ Aries which exactly opposes Trump’s Chiron+Juno and US natal Saturn, all at 14+ Libra.

She has natal Moon in late Virgo so it could exactly conjunct the US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo) which sextiles her natal Mars at 22+ Cancer (conjunct US Mercury 24+ Cancer).

That she was under a Neptune influence was apparent even without seeing her chart, but this young woman has apparently been cast for this role by the Universe, IMO. Hollywood is going to have a Field Day with this.

As with most native Leo’s all the world is a stage and Hope is no exception. The Leo lunar eclipse 3 days ago affects her chart this way:

The natal sextile in her chart between Uranus in Cancer and Mercury in Virgo forms a Yod to the transiting Sun in Aquarius which was opposite the eclipsed Moon (which was 3 deg from her Sun and 1 degree from Trump’s Pluto) in Leo.

As the (hidden) eclipsed Moon in Leo opposes the transiting Sun at 11+ Aquarius (which conjuncts the degree of Uranus-in-Aries Venus, the Neptune-in-Pisces Mercury & the Pluto-in-Capricorn Nessus+North Node charts) that Yod then becomes a Boomerang.

There are no ordinary Boomerangs, but this one is over the Moon for real.

Not only was it an eclipsed, blue, blood Leo Moon, it was also (for Hope Hicks) the last stop of a Boomerang (thanks to the trans. Sun in Aquarius) in which that Leo Moon was just 3 degrees from her Leo Sun, which is just one degree from the transiting North Node. That transiting North Node will conjunct her Sun by the end of March.

This isn’t everything of interest in Hope’s nativity but it does reveal that she’s integral as to how the Trump Era plays out. She will shine at the March 31 Libra Full Moon which her natal Uranus at 11+ Cancer squares. My, my, my.

My charts for tRump today indicate him to be distraught, worried, angry, and probably in a state of terror as the release of the memo failed to prove an abuse of authority by the FBI or to vindicate tRump of possible collusion with Russia or obstruction of justice.

This marks an uptick of negative days to come for tRump in my charts. He stirred up a hornet’s nest by trying to discredit the FBI in order to save himself. Without saying so that agency (and possibly others) will probably intensify their search for damning evidence against him.

P.S. It’s his power Patty, his power and his fame that she’s seduced by.

From The Mountain Astrologer:

Medical astrology, rituals and ceremonies are some of Marcia Starck’s specialties.

Visit her at http://earthmedicineways.com/

Thank you, Bob.

$1.50 dollars – $1.4 billion dollars


Paul Ryan’s Deleted Tweet

By IronStache
Saturday Feb 03, 2018 · 3:16 PM PST


I am wondering if you might be interested in the astrology of decumbiture; a chart based upon the onset of an illness. I found the topic covered on U.K. astrologer Deborah Houlding’s website.


I don’t know the exact nature of your spinal surgery, but if it is the new, minimally-invasive endoscopic kind, you might find yourself up and about within hours of your procedure. All the best to you for your surgery and recovery.

What a difference a day makes with the tRUMP, huh? It feels to me like he’s kind of losing his mind. Stock market plunge, his comments on camera and no tweets since perhaps speaks to a tectonic shift.



An amazing list of sexual misdemeanors by prominent people is published in this article in the Canadian Globe & Mail (including Bill Clinton and many others). Most of these people are intelligent high achievers, ambitious and very talented. Did they ever consider what they risked (and have lost)? Likely not, or they would possibly have behaved better. They must have thought they can get away with it – no consequences.


It may be the true meaning of the Medusa/Algol myth that I posted about above – that it is necessary to LOOK at the horrible face to understand the pain of the other person. Until that is done and the pain acknowledged, healing can’t begin. That is the principle behind Native healing circles.

Perseus was protected by not looking directly and looking instead at a reflection, which avoided confronting the terrible damage that was done to Medusa. No healing until the snake’s that twirl around Medusa’s head are SEEN and understood for what they truly express, including the rage. It would certainly be a potent emblem for the current ‘Me-too’ phenomenon.

There’s lots of other pain in the world that should be looked at directly, as well, besides the sexual variety. All of it hurts people (and the environment fits in there too). Karma? Except it sure takes a long time to come around.

Egads, I’ve made a terrible blunder and want to apologize for what I previously wrote about Hope Hicks’ chart; it was the wrong Hicks chart and what I wrote about it should be completely ignored in all respects. My bad.

We all make mistakes, barbk. Do you have a more correct chart for Hicks? What can you analyze from that?

New post up:


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