4th Dec, 2017

Times of Trouble

There is no longer any possibility for a shred of doubt: the GOP’s true constituency is its gold-plated donor class. The voters are simply there to be manipulated by cultural issues and used as cannon fodder.  In the Republicans’ reverse Robin Hood role, unabashedly transparent in their recent tax bill, they have proven themselves utterly corrupt and craven.  As Paul Krugman so succinctly put it: “The entire Republican Party is rotten to the core. Only a massive electoral defeat will prevent the GOP from destroying the country as we know it.”

Unfortunately, the current Senate campaign in Alabama proves the extreme difficulty of accomplishing the thrashing deserved by these self-serving perpetrators.  Serial sexual predator Roy Moore is convincing a huge number of voters, perhaps a majority, that putting a child molester in the Senate is better than bringing in That Democrat (shudder).  Full term abortions! Transgenders exposing themselves to your daughters! Criminals overrunning the borders! Immigrants stealing your country! Let’s all be very afraid. Vote for the GOP to save us no matter how twisted their policies or their actions.  And that, unfortunately, sums up the strategy. The real victims here are the voters themselves who are being lied to, manipulated, and sucked dry so that the plutocrats can further stuff their off-shore accounts and their children’s trust funds.

The one bright spot, astrologically speaking, is that the Senate bill came into being on a Mercury station, just hours before its turn to retrograde motion. This suggests, at least initially, that forward momentum on that version of the bill will be thwarted. Mercury will turn direct again on December 23, so it is possible the bill won’t be synchronized with the House version until after Christmas. Certainly, Mitch McConnell will be stressed through mid-month with Saturn squaring his natal Neptune (29Virgo13), suggesting a painful squashing of some of his more grandiose delusions.

Most significantly, however, is that Saturn will enter Capricorn on December 21, just in time for its conjunction with the Sun on the Winter Solstice (12/21/17, 11:29 AM, in DC). From this seasonal chart alone, we can look forward globally to a stressful three months until the Spring Equinox. With transiting Neptune coming to the Ascendant in the Solstice chart drawn for Washington, DC (14 Pisces), we can additionally expect in the US confusion, delusion, and difficulty effectively dealing with issues from February 7 to March 11. This confusing and debilitating Neptune energy will be further intensified due to transiting Neptune also conjunct US progressed Sun (13Pisces22) from January 15 to February 18, suggesting weak and delusional leadership, as well as unclear national goals or strategy.

Moreover, in the US, Saturn entering Capricorn brings the beginning of three years of this challenging planetary energy progressively impacting the multiple US planets in cardinal signs: Venus, Jupiter, the Sun, Mercury, Pluto and Saturn. This indicates many difficulties, significant complications, and probably financial contraction through December 2020. The first phase of this will be the Saturn opposition to US Venus (3Cancer06) and Jupiter (5Cancer56), three times each, beginning in early January 2018, with the final crossing by mid-November 2018.

Transiting Saturn opposing US Venus and Jupiter seems likely to bring some amount of financial stress and contraction. Moreover, Saturn impacting US Venus usually indicates some form of sorrow or loss impacting a segment of the US population. The concerning time frame for this will be from January 6 to January 16, and likely more problematic, from July 22 through October 2, 2018, when the Saturn station next summer comes close enough to US Venus to suggest a protracted period of emotional and financial strain in the country.

As for the vile and creepy current occupant of the Oval Office, the ongoing weakness, vacuity, grandiosity, and delusional nature of his “leadership”  began during the campaign and continues through January 2019, described by the transit of Neptune to the US progressed Sun. In addition, his normally belligerent nature is intensified at present due to the solar arc progression of Uranus to his natal Mars (26Leo47) through July 2018, which itself is closely conjunct his location chart Ascendant in Washington, DC.  From February 26 through March 19, 2018, the already heightened aggression of the King of the Swamp Monsters will be further intensified by the transit of Uranus, suggesting an upsurge of temper tantrums, combativeness, and viciousness. Not that this is new or unexpected, but it will be worse during those three weeks.

This exceptionally aggressive period may precipitate or at least overlap with a very frustrating and depressing time for Trump described by the Saturn station opposite his Mercury (8Cancer52) from March 9 through May 7. Of greater concern, the additional belligerence in Trump’s chart overlaps with the transit of Pluto quincunx US Mars (21Gemini23) from February 22 to April 24, which may point to some aggressive military action by the US.  The planetary indicators for military action are far more extreme from mid-June to early September 2019, but this time frame from late February to late April 2018 may be a precursor. One can hope that the Saturn station opposite Trump’s Mercury during much of the same period may be enough to thwart his more aggressive impulses. Meanwhile, the roller coaster ride continues, and the Republicans continue their criminal negligence and dereliction of duty to the country, while they party hard with their plutocratic buddies.


Bravo to your amazing ability with words to express the astrological weather vein. Thank you.

Thank you Starlight for taking the time to provide this information.

Thanks Nancy for the update

Re: ‘sadistic’ power mongering inhumane corrupt politicians,


I can’t imagine how difficult for you to step back into the horrific challenges facing this country and so clearly naming them. I can’t hug you, but I can express my gratitude for Times of Trouble.Thank you, Nancy.

What have we become? This seems a reincarnation of circumstances involving various countries ceding to plutocrats, and descending into chaos. It appears as if the constitution and all that it protects is being used as a mud mat.


Why Dreamers are front and center this week sharing their stories

By Gabe Ortiz
Monday Dec 04, 2017 · 11:01 AM PST

Has your boss ever given you a gift card for a job well done? Senate Republicans are cracking down on that kind of luxury:

The bill, for example, prohibits employers from rewarding employees with gift cards so that a reward of, say, $25 or $50 in the form of a gift card doesn’t escape being taxed.
Big banks and oil companies will get tax breaks and even fewer multimillionaires will pay any estate tax—if it’s not repealed altogether—but that $25 to spend at Starbucks that you got at work? Nope. Senate Republicans are not going to let that kind of tax dodging go on.


Senate Republicans get tough on that gift card your boss gave you one time

By Laura Clawson
Monday Dec 04, 2017 · 9:42 AM PST


Trump’s Labor Department wants to let employers pocket workers’ tips

By Laura Clawson
Monday Dec 04, 2017 · 10:28 AM PST

(Darpa) has become the world’s largest funder of “gene drive” research


Thanks Nancy!! I keep holding on to the old adage ‘it’s always darkest before the dawn’
Courage All.

Nancy, thank you for the great update! Also, Goldman Sachs just came out and publicly stated the tax bill won’t do much for the US economy:


Thanks for the Christmas gift Nancy.

Uptick in attempts to embellish the Right or diminish the Left since Flynn’s plea. They are scared.

“Schumer, Pelosi Say They’ll Meet With Trump After WH ‘Reached Out’ To Them”

Sexual predator showed his colors when he tweeted what he believes before the first scheduled meeting.

“Nunes Ramps Up Threats That He’ll Hold DOJ In Contempt Of Congress”

Read: http://talkingpointsmemo.com/muckraker/nunes-contempt-of-congress-trump-emails

“Exclusive: Trump lawyer claims the “President cannot obstruct justice” ”

Of course he can. No one is above the law. If a president, in a fit of pique, murdered someone, he would be subject to prosecution.

Which do you prefer? ” just spending every darn penny they have, whether it’s on booze or women or movies”
Days between dates (Make Nov 6, 2018 a day of shock the Republican party will never forget.)

From: Monday 04 December 2017

To: Tuesday 06 November 2018

337 days or 11 months, 2 days

Let’s change Congress on swearing in day in January of 2019.

Inspired by a ProPublica story in April that described how nursing homes and their pharmacies nationwide throw away hundreds of tons of valuable medicines — and how one Iowa nonprofit successfully recycles them — two states are working to create similar programs.

Other states, including Vermont, are exploring the idea as well.

“All that medicine is perfectly good and perfectly safe,” said Rep. Nicholas Duran, D-Miami, who co-sponsored a bill in Florida modeled on the Iowa program. “Rather than being burned up, it could be put back to some great use.”

ProPublica’s story detailed how the nursing home industry dispenses medication a month at a time, but then is forced to destroy it after patients pass away, stop using it or move out. Some send the drugs to massive regional incinerators or flush them down the toilet, creating environmental concerns.

In Iowa, a program called SafeNetRx retrieves the excess medication, inspects it and dispenses it for free to needy patients. Almost 80,000 Iowans have used SafeNetRx to obtain medication — from cheap antibiotics to cancer drugs worth thousands of dollars per month.


Wow – great article – thanks – what’s happening now conforms that there is evil in the world. Angry beyond belief – the lies – and deceptions – and corruption are disgusting. McConnell can go to hell. He stole all of Barack’s judgeships. Ryan has been a liar from Day One. trmp who is not really a president just a con artist grafter from Queens makes me nauseous.

Thanks for the great article. I am reminded of the ancient Chines curse: “May you live interesting times.”

Yay Nancy! Was afraid we’d lost you. Don’t disappear like that again! Who else gonna walk us through this vale of tears?

Thank you Nancy for another clear reading of where we are.
This seems to be a good example of the mercury station/full moon.

Manafort, meeting with the Russians while on bail indicates to me that he thinks trump will pardon him. Nancy, do you see trump firing Mueller and / or pardoning Manafort and Flynn (and everyone else involved)?

It seems more likely that the spineless GOP is as criminal at DJT and will do nothing to stop the orange monster from taking total control and ending ALL civil liberties.

Thank you, Nancy. We are so appreciative of your time and effort for this site.

Nancy, Barb K., Alex, Bob: The infamous Senate Tax Reform Bill passed under a Mercury/Saturn conjunction. And the Moon WAS VOID OF COURSE! Please comment. Professor Marc Bertonasco.

Welcome back, Nancy.

And look at this:


Prof. Marc F. Bertonasco, Ph.D.

if memory is correct Mars was out of bounds

Nancy, Your brilliant comments are a Guiding Light for us. Thank You So Much!

This could be ‘The Frosting on Trump’s Cake’:
Imagine: Several more women coming forward, at the same time, to hold Trump accountable with complaints of his previous unwanted sexual aggressiveness.

NYT Today:
“Trump’s Female Accusers Feel Forgotten.
A Lawsuit May Change That”

Orin Hatch endorses Roy Moore… the first time I became aware of Orin Hatch was at his appearance at the televised funeral services for Ted Kennedy….. Orin Hatch was smiling, laughing and joking saying one thing but projecting another…. a truly disassociated smug personality


A conversation about the future of the middle class


Surprise! McConnell just broke all those promises Susan Collins got in exchange for her tax vote

By Joan McCarter
Monday Dec 04, 2017 · 1:38 PM PST

Nancy, thank you for this excellent article. I feel sorry for the U.S. and its people, with all of these Saturn oppositions coming up. Hopefully, it will wake more up. I was listening to Alan Dershowitz reinforcing Trump’s lawyer’s position that the president cannot be accused of obstruction of justice and wondered what planet they were living on. Is the president not accountable for his actions? Possibly, he cannot be charged but he can be impeached. Even if not impeached, if the truth comes out, how could he face the country? Of course, he would call it fake news and play the victim.

Here’s the link to that Joan McCarter article Alex referenced, and, Alex, thanks for those 2 great cartoons of Ryan – spot on.




I pledge to oppose any effort to cut taxes for the wealthy and well-connected. Not one penny in tax cuts for millionaires, billionaires, and wealthy corporations.

Storm the Capitol

December 4TH & 5TH


I meant to comment on something posted in the last thread by Alex, I believe: Robert Reich’s statement that the Democratic Party is just a big fund-raising operation and their inability to fix the economy is what pushed Trump into power. I think he’s right. We badly needed a jobs/infrastructure bill, and the Republicans may even try to pull one off; hence all of these petty little cuts on graduate students, on gift cards for God’s sake, and the like, in order to try to bolster revenue since they are giving so much away to the wealthy. If the Democrats had pushed through a successful jobs bill in the first years of Obama’s administration, they would be much more popular (I think) now. In spite of their flaws, they are far, far preferable to the Republicans.


We have until Dec 14 to
save net neutrality.

Regarding the GOP tax bill:

Senate tax bill Mercury was at 269°08′ (29°13′ Sag). Transit Saturn will be conjunct on Wed, Dec 13 (also that date in longitude). Vote Saturn was at 267°44′ (27°55′ Sag) transit Mercury will be conjunct Dec 7 (Dec 6 in longitude).

When I did my charts for the resident and Ryan the predator’s chart was all aglow on the 6th and I thought that Ryan would have the House just rubber stamp the Senate bill to get it passed quickly. Ryan’s chart was full of Neptune and I thought that was because, believing the bill’s passage will cost him enough seat’s to lose control of the House in the midterm elections, he would not really be happy to do that.

My PDAL for the “con artist grafter from Queens” ( great description David) on the 13th has Pluto on the Asc and his secondary progressed Moon/Saturn midpoint square the MC. But he also has secondary progressed Venus/Jupiter midpoint on the PDAL’s Zenith. Concessions may be forced before passage if there is one on that day or aspects apply to 2 different endeavors. Maybe a take what you can get day.

Many Thanks for your cogent insights! I know how hard it is to rise above the “soul crushing” reality we are all experiencing now and do creative work. Whatever existential or personal angst we may have is exacerbated by the sheer immoral craziness that seems to be infecting our culture from top to bottom.

Everyone I know is having a pretty difficult time emotionally and financially. Everyone!

RE: your 12:31 AM posting.
ALL of what you said. AMEN!

Right on schedule. Trump appears to be ready to formally announce Jerusalem on Wednesday as the official capital of Israel. Many governments and intelligence sources are warning that this move could spark violent arab protests and possible terrorism.

The Wednesday Dec 6th astrological aspects are as follows…..

Mercury retrograde conjunct Saturn (28 Sag) in sextile to Mars (28 Libra) in close trine to Trump’s Mars/Asc. degrees, the Aug. 21st solar eclipse and Israel’s Mars (28 Leo).

Lest we forget, Jared Kushner is in charge of mideast affairs. Is he pushing for a volatile situation in the region so that it would take media attention away from his possible indictment?

State Department Warns of Violence Ahead Of Trump Jerusalem Decision

December 4, 2017

The State Department has warned American embassies worldwide to heighten security ahead of a possible announcement Wednesday by President Donald Trump that the U.S. recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The warning — delivered in the past week via two classified cables described by State Department officials — reflects concern that such an announcement could provoke fury in the Arab world even as Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner works to advance long-stalled peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians.



Kushner Has No Idea What He Is Saying About The Middle East

Washington Post
Dec 4, 2017

Jared Kushner may feel special counsel Robert S. Mueller III breathing down his neck, but meanwhile, he continues to demonstrate that he is entirely in over his head and dangerously ignorant on policy matters.



Defend Net Neutrality’s
DEC 13TH Protest to Save Net Neutrality – Washington DC

Public · Hosted by Defend Net Neutrality

Wednesday, December 13 at 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM EST

Federal Communications Commission
445 12th St SW, Washington, District of Columbia 20554

I think we all would like to see the Dems retake the House and if possible even the U.S. Senate Nov. 6, 2018. That, I think would guarantee impeachment of DJT in 2019 and probable conviction or resignation.

But that could have another dark consequence we’ve not thought of. As I ralk to Trumpists and read their “news” I begin to see how many of them are utterly devoted, way beyond reason It could in turn trigger some kind of civil war. Many of the Trumpists, we are learning are so fanatically devoted to him, they may “patriotically” resort to violence, probably very much like in the Reconstruction era.

I sincerely hope I am wrong in my assessment. But DJT’s mantra, “fake news” could convince the Trumpists of the righteousness of their cause.

Nancy, thank you so much for the new post.. so much to process as we all live through this era of the Trump delusion and all the vile underbelly that accompanies it.

I would like to share a post from Dan Rather that I thought would be appreciated here..

When the time comes, and I hope it comes soon, to bury this era of moral rot and the defiling of our communal, social, and democratic norms, the perfect epitaph for the gravestone of this age of unreason should be Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley’s already infamous quote:

“I think not having the estate tax recognizes the people that are investing… as opposed to those that are just spending every darn penny they have, whether it’s on booze or women or movies.”

Grassley’s vision of America, quite frankly, is one I do not recognize. I thought the heart of this great nation was not limited to the ranks of the plutocrats who are whisked through life in chauffeured cars and private jets, whose often inherited riches are passed along to children, many of whom no sacrifice or service is asked. I do not begrudge wealth, but it must come with a humility that money never is completely free of luck. And more importantly, wealth can never be a measure of worth.

I have seen the waitress working the overnight shift at a diner to give her children a better life, and yes maybe even take them to a movie once in awhile – and in her, I see America.

I have seen the public school teachers spending extra time with students who need help and who get no extra pay for their efforts, and in them I see America.

I have seen parents sitting around kitchen tables with stacks of pressing bills and wondering if they can afford a Christmas gift for their children, and in them I see America.

I have seen the young diplomat in a distant foreign capital and the young soldier in a battlefield foxhole, and in them I see America.

I have seen the brilliant graduates of the best law schools who forgo the riches of a corporate firm for the often thankless slog of a district attorney or public defender’s office, and in them I see America.

I have seen the librarian reshelving books, the firefighter, police officer, and paramedic in service in trying times, the social worker helping the elderly and infirm, the youth sports coaches, the PTA presidents, and in them I see America.

I have seen the immigrants working a cash register at a gas station or trimming hedges in the frost of an early fall morning, or driving a cab through rush hour traffic to make better lives for their families, and in them I see America.

I have seen the science students unlocking the mysteries of life late at night in university laboratories for little or no pay, and in them I see America.

I have seen the families struggling with a cancer diagnosis, or dementia in a parent or spouse. Amid the struggles of mortality and dignity, in them I see America.

These, and so many other Americans, have every bit as much claim to a government working for them as the lobbyists and moneyed classes. And yet, the power brokers in Washington today seem deaf to these voices. It is a national disgrace of historic proportions.

And finally, what is so wrong about those who must worry about the cost of a drink with friends, or a date, or a little entertainment, to rephrase Senator Grassley’s demeaning phrasings? Those who can’t afford not to worry about food, shelter, healthcare, education for their children, and all the other costs of modern life, surely they too deserve to be able to spend some of their “darn pennies” on the simple joys of life.

Never mind that almost every reputable economist has called this tax bill a sham of handouts for the rich at the expense of the vast majority of Americans and the future economic health of this nation. Never mind that it is filled with loopholes written by lobbyists. Never mind that the wealthiest already speak with the loudest voices in Washington, and always have. Grassley’s comments open a window to the soul of the current national Republican Party and it it is not pretty. This is not a view of America that i think President Ronald Reagan let alone President Dwight Eisenhower or Teddy Roosevelt would have recognized. This is unadulterated cynicism and a version of top-down class warfare run amok.

Thank you, Elizabeth. Beautiful post.

What are the aspects for the Uranus 2018 sign change from Aries to Taurus???

I know I saw a post about portents of financial doom slated for early to mid May 2018, but I’m curious about what everyone here thinks about that, especially in relation to the US Silby chart.

Thank you, Nancy, for wisely taking time out to recharge your batteries, relighting your lamp, and now sharing what you’re seeing with all of us. As always, beautifully expressed!

Wow! Story today that Mueller demanded Trump banking records from Deutschland bank and got the. That’s one of the few lenders who would still work with him in the most recent years after US banks refused. Trump probably wet his pants today.

Sharon, I may be remembering wrong, but I do have a notion that the Dems tried to push a decent jobs bill thru pretty early, but that it was obstructed/watered down, derided, by the thugs, and was thus less effective than what they wanted. Sort of like in the same vein, the health care issues were compromised from being ideal by the thugs too, so Obama could be blamed for everything.

“When the Democrats regain power, they can reverse this tax reform and raise taxes on bibles, ammunition, and pickup trucks, as well as create a national land tax that applies only to single family home sites over 8000 square feet.

If tax policy is going to become a means to hurt the other side, the Democrats need to go all in when it’s their turn.”


Kiwi, you may be right. I was mostly thinking about the first 2 years of Obama’s 1st term when the Democrats had the majorities.

Eliseo – yes, it’s sure a funky time. It’s like there are attacks coming from many directions and we don’t know how to protect ourselves. If Moore wins, it will be sickening. Trump’s ideas about Jerusalem are completely unnecessary and will definitely cause violence. The tax bill, internet neutrality…all are part of this stressful time. Someone posted a link recently, maybe here, about the full moon and Saturn/Mercury retrograde conjunction squaring Neptune and the resulting surrealism and confusion for the next 2 weeks, contributing to our mood. I look forward to the passing of these aspects.

Teresa, Well, that might lead to Trump firing Mueller – remember that he said that his personal finances were off limits? He can always fall back on that and say he warned Mueller.

Here is a thoughtful article on ‘Three steps Republicans should take to start reining in Trump’. Probably not going to happen, but there are concrete steps that would help, at least. It’s a long slog to 2018 and limits on Trump would preserve some sanity.



Doug Jones takes off the gloves—’Men who hurt little girls should go to jail—not to the U.S. Senate’

By Kerry Eleveld
Tuesday Dec 05, 2017 · 11:23 AM PST

I read a lot of news, all the time. I am not one bit a supporter of DT – he is “deplorable” as a leader, no question of it, but he won anyway. There is no wishing it were not true. Even though I live in Canada and, on the surface would appear to be immune from his actions, that is not possible.

Anything big that happens in the US, happens to Canada too. Being trade partners with complex trade agreements and having increasing numbers of undocumented migrant people crossing into our country, we carefully note the news. We can’t afford not to. We are a huge country geographically, and small in population (about the population of California) and there are many less newsworthy things we share – resources (rivers, for example), financial markets, military cooperation and scientific initiatives, plus many other activities are quietly coordinated with the US. We watch every major move in the border states and in Washington DC with intense interest to (try) stay on top of developments that could significantly affect Canadians too. It is a credit to both countries that for years we have got along so well.

However, with DT, things are different. Canadians are worried. We have both liberal and conservative politicians here and we get pulled in both directions too. Just now it happens that we have Trudeau, who is quite liberal, but not overly much! He is not so liberal that he won’t bend to business interests. We are not going to become Sweden or Norway any time soon. Financial pressures and taxes are a huge issue here as well.

So, it is with some worry, that I read this article in the Washington Post today that says the Dems are readjusting their compass (again) as to Trump and the Mueller investigation. Mueller, of course, will do what he must (and can) do, and the results will be what they will be. The problem does not lie with him, but with the focus of the Dems themselves – are they going to present a clear vision of a different and more fair society to Americans for the 2018 midterm elections? Or are they going on a wild goose chase to find something, anything, they can accuse DT of that might get him out of office, or trapped in a closet? I agree with the article that getting Trump has become an obsession. It would be a desperate move to sustain the fight indefinitely against Trump, not a constructive one. Mueller isn’t going to win elections for anybody and putting all energies into fighting on doesn’t equal a clear Dem majority in the House in 2018 (IMO).

What the Dems need is a leader that is equal to and ‘greater than’ DT. Who is that? I haven’t seen any sight of him or her on the horizon yet! And there is only a year left to go. The article below is definitely written from a right-wing, conservative point of view, but it isn’t radical and I think the author has a good point. He is correct in pointing to the lack of direction in the Dem opposition. Maybe Trump can’t get over Hillary, but the Dems have to get over Trump.

It is a shame that Bernie Sanders is unlikely to be the Dem candidate in 2020 because he really does voice the way to the future for young people, but he should be 20 years younger himself and a lot more attractive to a broad cross section of voters. Personally, I think the best thing would be for a whole lot of Dems to write their representatives for a reprisal of the direction the Dem party is taking and put a lot of pressure on the existing leadership. It would be a start.

Why fight old battles that have already been lost? Focus on the youth and get a platform together that people can understand and relate to. Learn a few lessons from the master communicator, DT, himself – he has power, like it or not (when is the last time you ignored his latest outrage?). He may be crude, but he sure is beating the odds so far.

But there’s no use whining. While I believe DT will be Pres until 2020 (sorry! as posted before, looking at the astrology) and I doubt any amount of pushing is going to get him impeached, it’s not as though the world will cease to be. Unless Mueller has something that would really be a surprise, but that seems unlikely after so much FBI digging has gone on, or we should know about it already, if it was an open and shut case.

A competent leader with a clear vision is necessary for future generations to prosper, and Dems just need to ensure they find one who fits the bill. One that people will vote for and raise the $ for. I mean a real ‘presidential’ candidate (find another Obama, will ya?). Only then will DT pass into history as a bad dream.

Please read the article. Despite the author being clearly Republican in his thinking, he is realistic, IMO. As much as it hurts, realism is a better medicine than pessimism.


One more thought: It would only take Trump to release his tax returns (at last) to get him off the voter hook. Will he finally resort to that? He might – after Mueller is done.

Long ago, I was inspired by an analogy regarding the difference between Dems and Repubs: ‘That we are all sitting in a big bus. Only Dems have Window Seats, the Cons all seated in the center seriously focusing on how they can con the people.
Meanwhile Dems are looking out the window, they see what’s coming up ahead & around the bend. I was reminded of this while watching this discussion of Jerry Brown and Thomas Friedman. It’s frustrating and heart breaking to see half our country disbelieve the seriousness of Climate Change as time is running out. Gov Brown said: “It may be easier to remove them from office than to ever covert them”. If you are interested: https://www.nytimes.com/video/climate/100000005575606/california-jerry-brown-climate-change.html

I have an Indian friend who is very much amused by Trump’s antics. To him Trump seems hell-bent on destroying everything in his path. According to this friend and admittedly, I tend to agree, from a spiritual perspective that could be a good thing. For unless you demolish the old, how can humanity start afresh? The latest debacle centers around the mid east. Looks rather serious……..

Palestinians Declare Three ‘Days of Rage’ Across West Bank; Arab World Outraged

December 5, 2017

Israel heightens security measures in preparation for heavy protest after Trump told Mideast leaders he intends to move the U.S embassy to Jerusalem

Palestinian factions in the West Bank announced on Tuesday that they would carry out three days of protest across the West Bank over U.S. President Donald Trump’s expected decision regarding American policy on Jerusalem.

Trump on Tuesday told Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Jordan’s King Abdullah II he intends to move the American Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The Palestinian factions said protests will start on Wednesday and last until Friday at the very least. According to Palestinian leaders, marches against the decision are being backed by the Palestinian Authority.



Nancy, thank you for another wonderful post. I’m concerned what will happen with the economy when Uranus (shock and instability) enters Taurus (money) in May, 2018. This whole stock market climb makes me very nervous. We’re due for a huge correction, and I feel like with the current squatter, the market is sitting on a house of cards.


Some astrologers are nervously looking at the December 21st Winter Solstice for a possible dramatic drop in the markets. Saturn will have just arrived in its own sign of Capricorn (all things related to business and structure). Saturn’s conjunction to the Solar Solstice at 0 Capricorn could have an enormous adverse affect. With tr. Jupiter in semi-square (15 Scorpio) and the Moon the morning of the 22nd at 15 Aq. in square/semi-square to this configuration….. this could activate the US Federal Reserve charts Pluto-Sun opposition (0 ‘5 Cancer – 1 ’32 Capricorn).

Any number of political factors can contribute to a severe downturn in the economy at this time. US Congress’s inability to reach a budget agreement, the inherent dangers in the current mid-east situation and a nuclear standoff with North Korea are the most obvious ones.

During the same period; in the early evening hours of the 22nd, Mercury stands stationary direct (13 ’00 Sag) right on the US asc. (US Sibly chart) and the Mars-Pluto midpoint (13’22 Sag)…. Whether or not this is the signature of a major terrorist attack on US soil I can’t say; but the Chistmas period does look very volatile, especially for financial markets.


#KillTheBill protests so far: Occupy a GOP rep’s office, speak out against the tax bill. Sit-in outside. Police arrive, speed through 3 warnings, push the press back, and arrest.

Head to another office, then repeat – for over 3 hours now.


Senator Susan Collins

By providing a key vote for tax cuts to billionaires and corporations unfathomably far away on every level from the reality of most Mainers’ lives, she has been deemed “beneath contempt.” Adding insult to injury, she based her vote in part on health care compromises and economic claims that turn out to be specious: Two headlines on her vote describe “promises written in vanishing ink” and ask, “What in the world was Susan Collins thinking?” The result, says one fed-up resident: “This betrayal will not be forgotten.”

Thank you, Beowulfie, for your perspective and your insight. I could not agree more on the needed Democratic path. Misinterpretation (or refusal to accept) this information has just cost us an election. I truly hope that they take the blinders (or ego) off this time around.

cimbalok… I read someplace today we’ve had 3 days where the exchanges closed “down” each of these days. Seems Wall Street isn’t reacting positively to the big Tax Scam, either.

Also read where FEMA is going to be clawing back portions of overtime used by civil servants while fighting the various natural disasters we’ve had this year. It’ll be coming out of future paychecks.

I’ve got a coworker who (I believe) voted for Trump. I’m not sure why… she doesn’t fit the Repug mold, and she’s not a crazy evangelical nut case. Saw her for the first time in a couple of months this afternoon and she looked terrible. They’d killed her department and moved her to an oversight room for classified material. No windows. No relief. She said she finally just gets up and locks the door behind her to get away for a few minutes at a time. (we’re both Vets and now Fed workers) Her aura is blasting out an enormous amount of “gunk”… loneliness, uncertainty, anger, fear, and general wanting to move on, yet still feeling a deep-seated loyalty to serving the Country. Says leaving feels almost like she’s betraying something.

I think there are more like her out there, and they have no idea what’s making them like this. Trump is killing even his own supporters – they just don’t recognize it’s him doing it.

Eliseo – I became convinced if Trump served out all four years but was not re-elected, the militia end of the lunatic fringe would start their war. They want it too badly — and they’re looking for any reason, as well as a plan that could give them an “in” for doing some real terrorist damage. If Trump puts this “private army of spies” together, lead by Blackwater’s Eric Prince – THAT’s when I think the handwriting is on the wall. Our own, personal KGB with the will to kill.

I only wish I wasn’t now such an old fart that no country would let me emigrate. My gypsy feet are feeling pretty restless lately. (sigh)

The Republican “tax reform” bill passed by the United States Senate during the late-night hours last Friday is evil. It has no redeeming social value. It takes money and resources from those who have the least in to further subsidize the rich and corporations. It will worsen those problems its proponents claim it will solve. It is a nightmare. Republicans and others who support this legislation have revealed once again that they lack any human decency or wisdom or sense of civic responsibility.

This evil is facilitated by an extreme rightward turn in American society that has made normal and healthy politics all but impossible.

This evil will kill people and increase human misery so the idle rich and other plutocrats can have even more money. This statement is no exaggeration. It is a plain fact: The Republican tax bill will raise taxes on the poor and working classes in order to give the very richest American hundreds of billions of dollars.


continued –
Republicans from the post-civil rights era to the age of Trump have increasingly been in thrall to “Social Darwinism” and the 19th-century English economist Thomas Malthus. In this paradigm, the real value of individual human beings (and societies) is determined by their economic productivity and financial value as decided by capitalism. This cruel vision treats human beings almost like animal livestock; “social betters” engineer certain outcomes to cull the herd so the most “valuable” and “productive” are nurtured and protected. All others are viewed as parasites who should be removed, exterminated or bred out of existence.

Randy Bryce


Paul Ryan




cimbalok, I a really concerned about that too..

How May 2018 Changes Everything

May 2018 changes everything in astrology – and in your life. No wonder this piggy bank has such a stunned expression on its face. In the space of just a few days, starting on Sunday 13th May, we will be thrown into the biggest revolution of our lives. It will affect taxation. It will affect currency. It will affect the sharemarkets.

Jessica Adams.. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwiCxo_Dv_XXAhUJleAKHVULD7MQFggpMAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.jessicaadams.com%2F2017%2F10%2F25%2Fhow-may-2018-changes-everything%2F&usg=AOvVaw1EaUliG8TUPPTS9G3qA0i9

‘This Is Not a Tax Bill, This Is a Declaration of War’: Nationwide Protests Erupt After GOP Tax Vote
From coast to coast, politicians and concerned citizens demand, “Tax the rich, not the poor.”
By Ilana Novick / AlterNet December 5, 2017, 8:45 AM GMT

Photo Credit: Twitter / IndivisibleMad

“The CEOs in that building are going to be laughing all the way to the bank if this bill passes,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio told an energized crowd in front of the New York Stock Exchange Saturday. At 2am that day, the GOP passed a massive tax cut—a $1.5 trillion wealth transfer from the poorest Americans to the wealthiest—and New Yorkers were enraged.

Hundreds of people stretched across the plaza in front of the Stock Exchange, in the heart of Wall Street, chanting “Kill the bill” and “Tax the rich, not the poor,” so loudly even tourists attempting to take pictures of the George Washington statue in front of the Federal Reserve building were compelled to join in.



Tax experts have finally had a chance to read the Republican tax bill: ‘Holy crap’

By Joan McCarter
Wednesday Dec 06, 2017 · 8:01 AM PST

Thank you for coming back with a powerful message even when it was hard for you to do so.

Here’s an old article from Marjorie on Saturn into Capricorn.

Have been thinking of the up-sides of belt tightening . . . . Out of the depression came ‘the greatest generation’ – necessity is the mother of invention – etc. etc.
With slashes to the social safety net, there will be billions of money taken out of the economy, surely affecting adversely the health of the whole economy. The poor thugs, they are so wedded to their economic pipe dream for the past 30 years, they are failing to take into account the modern world at large. The Robber Baron term is taking on a whole new meaning.

The important thing, kiwi, is that when the economy goes south, no matter the degree to which it happens, that the Republicans are held 100% accountable. It is so unacceptable that they have a way of spinning things to blame Democrats while they continue with their heinous behavior. Look at what’s happening now in our government with those accused of sexual assault. Conyers has stepped down (hopefully his son will win the seat), Franken is being pressured to step down by the Democrats, and just may, and Roy Moore is very close to winning his seat due to the Evangelical mindset in AL (or those right wingers who only vote Republican and were brainwashed about “Liberals”). Frank Schaeffer, whose father helped start the latest Evangelical movement, while the son broke away completely and became progressive, talks about the home schooling and preparation and brainwashing of generations of children who are coming into adulthood. When you think about it: Pence, wealth Christianity, Roy Moore and his 10 Commandments, and, now, the apparent declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel (not the undivided capital, thank God, but the capital – a very nuanced statement to feed Evangelicals and, also, a thumbing of the nose to Iran), it ALL falls into place. This recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has a lot more to it than we see on the suface.

I am beyond discouraged. It is clear that Trump will remain in office, at least through the end of 2020, destroying almost everything in this country that is worthwhile. I’ve recently become glad that I will never have grandchildren.

I think Israel has been corrupted by ‘a den of vipers – moneylenders at the temple gates’ just as much as the rabid right has co-opted Christ’s message of love and compassion.

There is a lot of rumors floating around Roy Moore, one of them is that he’s gay. Is there any indications in your birth chart that speaks to sexual orientation?

Wonderful Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Talking to America. We need much more of this!
They should be giving regular Fireside Chats just like FDR did that so inspired America:
“Our Budget Priorities” (Scroll Down)


Actually, Iran has been exerting a lot of pressure on Israel, more and more lately, and I, personally, have been uncomfortable about it. I don’t think what you’ve said is the whole picture, kiwi. And there are also the people who are genuine zealots, like the zealots in the other Abrahamic religions.

Sharon, I agree my statement is simplistic and that the true picture is vastly more complex, but I do think follow the $$ corruption, is a definite factor also.

Trump signed the Jerusalem Declaration at 1:18 pm and finished signing it as the time on CNN changed to 1:19 pm.

Is anyone familiar with the accuracy of event chart?
If you see one please post it.


Henri – your question about Roy Moore is interesting but impossible to answer. Astrology doesn’t give a clear answer to sexual orientation. Sexuality is profoundly complex and driven by both inherited and environmental factors. All the reputable astrologers I have read say much the same thing – you can’t tell sex (M or F), or its orientation, from a chart.

Some people claim there are “indicators”, but I’d ask them to prove it with good data first. Also, being gay (or not) is much less likely to influence the outcome of public affairs than in the past. Even if he were gay, it’s possible that it might raise sympathy for his “problem” as much as the reverse, although Alabama may not be the most open US state to that.


I know we were all sad when November passed and Trump was still in office, and that you said if he wasn’t gone then, we’d likely be stuck with him for a while.

But so much seemed to happen in November, a lot I bet we don’t even know about yet. I wondered — is it possible that what you saw in the charts is action that happened behind the scenes in November that will eventually lead to the end of Trump’s presidency? And that maybe it won’t take too long?

Kiwi, yes, there is also that. Also, the fact that the announcement was made during mercury retrograde conj Saturn, etc. is undoubtedly significant and means there are serious lessons to come from this particular communication, I’m guessing.

In regard to Nancy’s above discussion, aside from the horror of the current fires in CA which don’t quite fit into her time frame, I just heard announced on MSNBC that Niki Haley has said the U.S. is thinking of not sending its athletes to the Winter Olympics in S. KOREA. The time frame for the Olympics is Feb 9 through 26 and that does fit.

Vis a vi Trump’s announcement today, it is also more credible to expect terrorism at U.S. Embassies and even closer.

Boy, that US-recognize-Jerusalem chart is some chart! It has cardinal angles (Ascendant 5 Aries, Midheaven 2 Capricorn) and a T-square with Uranus Rx in 1st, Moon in Cancer in 5th, Mars in Libra in 7th. Saturn and Mercury Rx are conjunct at 28 Sagittarius in the 9th of religion and beliefs and Uranus Rx is also square Pluto in the 10th and the Saturn/MercuryRx in the 9th. Nothing very quiet and peaceful about all that.

Jupiter, which rules religion, is at 12 Scorpio on the cusp of the 8th (other people’s money), and trine to Neptune at 11 Pisces in the 12th (grand, unknowable institutions, including churches). Pisces is the sign traditionally associated with Christ, and Jupiter and Neptune are the co-rulers of Pisces.

Jupiter is conjunct the fixed star, Acrux, the brightest star in the Southern Cross (it’s shown on the Australian flag). Acrux is one of the most significant of fixed stars and is often associated with Christianity and the concept of the ‘Holy’.

In its list of major fixed stars, Skyscript says of Acrux: (it) “Never rises north of 30°N. Principal star of the constellation of the cross, associated with religion, justice and occultism. Offers a danger of wounds or accidents, and can show heavy responsibilities and suffering associated with personal sacrifice. Can also indicate areas of conflict and pressure, where opposing forces need to be reconciled.”

To top it off, the Saturn/MercuryRx duo is conjunct the fixed star, Eltanin, in the constellation Draco, the dragon, which is associated with the serpent in the Garden of Eden. http://www.skyscript.co.uk/draco.html

I did not make this up! I think I need a second cup of tea……

Next thing, Trump might be heard using the word, ‘crusade’. Yikes, I hope he doesn’t tweet a thing – a nothing burger on this topic would be a gift to mankind.

Sharon K,

Remember when Jimmy Carter pulled our athletes from the Olympics? Wasn’t it the 1980 games. I had to look it up — protest against Russia invading Afghanistan. Odd that it might be happening again and Russia is so much of a factor in US politics right now. That was a big controversy at the time.

Oh, and I forgot to say the most important thing – Moon is in the 5th at 28 Cancer. The Moon is traditionally associated with Islam and rules the 4th house of real estate (Cancer on the cusp). Thus it appears highly relevant to the conflicts over land in Palestine/Israel. Also, the Moon is exactly inconjunct (150 degrees) to Saturn/MercuryRx at 28 Sagittarius in the 9th of religion, near the Midheaven. Somehow, things are not very sympatico in this picture….


Thanks for the info. I didnt think so, but my knowledge is pretty limited. It makes sense. In Alabama, for Moore supporters, it would be worse to be gay or even to have had an affair, than to be just a pedophile. Scary but true.

Nancy & BarbK, I’d love to read what you have to say about the US/Jerusalem chart.

Well, Trump’s decision has been universally condemned. Every country that has addressed the issue is very concerned about its repercussions on the rights of the Palestinian people and on world peace. The result will be the opposite of what Trump intended and Israel will be further isolated until it gets serious about supporting the creation of a Palestinian state. Netanyahu will not be in power much longer, anyway, as it looks like he will be removed for corruption and the next government might be more amenable. That would be the best case scenario but should it occur, I worry about Israel’s future security and about Israel being provoked into war Mercury retrograde conjunct Saturn indeed!

Marjorie has written this ‘Jerusalem – trump wrecker in chief’ , with a “more tomorrow” note.

Trump Administration Circling the Drain?
Ronald Berger gives a vedic astrology take
– Looks like Roy Moore may win
– Expect more breaking scandals in Dec
– Tax bill may face issues during mercury retro

Mueller’s Future in Jyotish – Vedic Astrology
a good overview of Robert Mueller

War on two fronts? A nation divided by entrenched beliefs? David Ignatius has penned several believable novels (I’ve read one so far and have more on the reading docket.) centered on intel communities and activities throughout the world. Trump’s gullibility coupled with his unbridled greed (along with family, associates, and a republican consensus) have presented ideal opportunities for exploitation. Russia, especially since Putin’s reign, has been developing worldwide assets targeting the US.

Ii would be interested to hear from others who might have been wondering if today’s events represent a coup designed to topple this country. That coup seems dangerously present like headlights in a rear view mirror.


The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell 12/5/17

Trump W.H. grilled over reported plan for private spy network

“The Intercept reports the White House is considering creating “a global, private spy network” to report directly to Trump and Mike Pompeo to circumvent Trump’s perceived “deep state” enemies.”

The source – https://theintercept.com/2017/12/04/trump-white-house-weighing-plans-for-private-spies-to-counter-deep-state-enemies/

Secret police!?

Where are Jason Osbourne and Pamela Landy when we need them?

Waterloo Station.

South entrance.

30 minutes.

Come alone.

Denise Siegel:


Beowulfie ,

Thanks so much for the info on the Jerusalem chart and what you see, I will get going reading it in more depth and checking out the fixed stars, much appreciated.

kiw, Thank you for the link to Marjorie,off to read that too.

We should not forget that the horrific eclipse at 29 Leo is still active through August 2018. Currently both Saturn and mars are aspecting it. So it may be that the wildfires are connected to that. Yet another disaster to add to the multitude since the eclipse.

The chart for the Jerusalem proclamation has the Moon square Mars and quincunx Saturn. It is an echo of the Inaugural chart with the Moon/Mars/Saturn configuration. By Sunday, the Moon will move into the square with Saturn, and Mars will be crossing Israel’s Ascendant. Events may escalate further at that point. In the meantime, what a great distraction from Mueller, Deutche Bank, Flynn, et al. And the tax scam. And sexual predator Roy Moore. Much of what Trump does feels like impulsive narcissitic rage over which he has little self control. The timing of this, on the other hand, seems very manipulative.

Al Franken will be resigning “in coming weeks”

Just in from NYT’s


Here are some of the sweet tax cuts Republicans are offering … if you’re already rich

By Laura Clawson
Thursday Dec 07, 2017 · 8:05 AM PST

Thank you Starlight for your insight. You are greatly missed and appreciated.

This from esoteric astrologer Marvin Altley

Well, here we go again. This isn’t going to go well, either for the US or for Israel. On a more positive note, it could eventually be seen as the catalyst for the end of Zionist/neocon influence in Washington. That would be a happy day. More on that at a later date. As far as Trump goes, this is a play for domestic political support, completely ignoring the larger world picture. What we have are several factors: A president who is about to have his financial dealings investigated, Israel’s undue influence over the affairs of the US, a distraction while Congress tries to pass its monstrous tax agenda, distraction as Trump tries to steer attention away from the Russia investigation (which is really a joke. It should be called ‘Israel-gate’ instead of ‘Russia-gate’), and so forth. The chart is pictured. The event chart shows transits of a Mercury/Saturn/Midheaven conjunction square the US Midheaven. That in itself says quite a bit, as in ‘fateful decision’ and ‘classic blunder’. The distraction and deception of the US public is shown by the Neptune square to the US horizon. And the Uranus square to the US Mercury shows the brashness of the act, affecting a host of factors, most notably foreign affairs, legal matters, enemies of the state and alliances.

And lastly, if they are thinking about war with Iran, watch the corporate media closely for the signs. Mid-January is going to be a time of heightened tensions in Washington. Personally, I don’t look for a war with Iran. More likely something in Syria or Jordan, something to make the current president seem somehow ‘more presidential’ and to take the heat off of him. not to be cynical with all this, but this was a really stupid thing to do. There were good reasons why past US presidents hedged on the Jerusalem question. It’s about to get really ‘interesting’.”

I called his office to urge him to stay on.

I hope he changes his mind and stays.


try again…..


Teacher-turned-congressman hilariously grades Mitch McConnell’s tax scam pitch to voters: FAIL

By Jen Hayden
Thursday Dec 07, 2017 · 9:15 AM PST

School of Citizenship and Public Affairs

The Assault On Our Education System In The House And Senate Tax Plans Will Literally Kill
Republicans are making college inaccessible to all who aren’t wealthy, and that will impact our nation gravely


A comment I agree with from nyt’s:

” I applaud the Democratic Party’s actions vis a vis zero tolerance. How refreshing to see a party that does not put Party above all else!
What a difference in the way conservatives react to sexual predation! It’s OK if they do it, but how quick they are to condemn “others”. So glad that Sen Franken made the statement about trump and Moore. It absolutely needed to be said to underline the puritanical “morality” of the GOP.”

At least 3 more Republicans are quitting over this issue, except Trump and Moore of course. One was asked to quit by Ryan who is obviously scurrying to keep up with the Democrats.

As Franken said, it is ironic, especially because I believe he is pretty much being set-up. Read this article and, not only that, there are twitter threads from 2011 that have been published, where Leeann Dweeden (I think that’s her name) was commenting back and forth with Don Jr, along with one or two others.

It’s not that Franken didn’t have to clean up his act. He did, but, as my Republican Senator said, there’s a big difference between coming on to a grown woman and coming on to a child.


The Democrats are using Franken as a sacrificial lamb. They are seizing their chance to look like the party of accountability and high ethical standards next to the Republicans. Ryan can scurry all he wants – it won’t help.

Excellent Reading by Psychic Violetta!

Directly After Violetta: Astrologer Denise Siegel with astounding predictions regarding Trump:

According to reliable sources, the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Org) had its Proclamation of the Independence of Palestine officially declared and signed by Yasser Arafat in Algiers at 12:40 am November 15, 1988. Setting up a chart for that time, it’s interesting to note a powerful natal Mars-Uranus/Saturn square in this chart. Here are the coordinates……

Mars 1 ’51 Aries

Uranus 29 ’01 Sagittarius

Saturn 0 ’15 Capricorn

Note the PLO chart is about to experience its first exact Saturn return later on this month (at the time of the December 21st Winter Solstice) and it is INTENSE with its close conjunction to natal Uranus (one degree orb) in square to natal Mars with tr. Jupiter in semi-square/sesquiquadrate to all three natal aspects – Mars-Uranus-Saturn.

For quick reference, here are astrologer Jamie Partridge’s findings on the Nov 15, 1988 Palestine horoscope…..


Trump’s secretary of everything: Jared Kushner who has zero political experience in foreign affairs has been entrusted to pursue a mideast peace process AND YET happens to be one of the main high profile suspects in the ongoing Russian investigation. To compound the problem, Rex Tillerson the acting US Secretary of State has been bizarrely challenged by a Trump tweeting frenzy suggesting that Tillerson was on his way out to be replaced by current CIA Director Mike Pompeo thus placing Tillerson in an extremely compromising untenable situation. Essentially he has lost most if not all credibility in exerting any political influence in the region. There appears to be no coherent US strategy in addressing the Palestinian unrest which is on the verge of exploding into a third Palestinian uprising/ intifada. December 22nd onwards, with a possible US government shutdown looming (the just announced extension for congressional talks expires midnight on the 22nd. There are no viable solutions in sight); well I guess you can see where all this is heading. The US under Donald Trump’s inept leadership could be in for a long hard winter…..

Intifada: What Is It – And What Would A Third Palestinian Uprising Mean For Israel And The Middle East?

Palestinians and Israelis alike are bracing themselves for Hamas’ declared ‘Day of Rage’ on Friday – but it’s too early to tell whether the anger will spark a new intifada

December 7, 2017

Following Donald Trump’s decision to recognize the contested city of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Hamas’ leader has called on the Palestinian people to rise up in a new intifada.

“We should call for and we should work on launching an intifada in the face of the Zionist enemy,” Ismail Haniyeh said in a speech from Gaza on Thursday.

“This will not stop until the liberation of Jerusalem and the West Bank,” he added.



Republican class warfare at its most egregious

By Jared Bernstein ~ November 6

WAPO Dec 3, 2017

‘This is class warfare’: Tax vote sparks political brawl

Senator Bernie Sanders headed to the airport for an urgent trip across the Midwest, starting at Dayton’s Masonic Temple to try to rally 1,300 supporters against the bill, and telling them they could still defeat it when a conference committee is formed to combine differing House and Senate packages.

“The president was lying to you,” Sanders said. “This is class warfare, and we’re going to stand up and fight.”


Nov 13, 2017 – Top-down class warfare, coupled with false claims to be cutting taxes on the middle class, has been standard G.O.P. operating procedure for a long time. In fact, for policy wonks of a certain age, the current tax debate inspires an overwhelming sense of déjà vu, because many of the tricks Republicans are …

Welcome To The Class War | HuffPost

Nov 25, 2017 – So the tax legislation passed by House Republicans last week shouldn’t really be understood as economic policymaking in any traditional sense. It’s not about stimulating growth or investment or improving incentives. It’s class war. Republicans are assisting the efforts of a very small, very rich faction to take …


Brown University announced Thursday that it will no longer provide loans, only grants, in an effort to help students graduate with less debt.

Starting in the fall of 2018, all students who receive financial aid from the Ivy League university will receive scholarships, which they don’t have to pay back.

The goal is to make the university more affordable and accessible, particularly to middle-income families, said Brown spokesman Brian Clark.



Nov 15, 2017 – “This isn’t just ordinary class warfare; it’s class warfare aimed at perpetuating inequality into the next generation.” ~ Paul Krugman


MN Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton will appoint a new senator who will serve at least until a special election is held in November of 2018, and the seat will be up again for a full six-year term in 2020.

Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar is also up for a regularly-scheduled election next fall as well.

From now on, any updates about Klobuchar’s race will be designated with the tag MN-Sen-A (though we don’t expect her to have much trouble winning a third term), while stories about this special election will be filed under MN-Sen-B.?

Received this e-mail today from Democracy for America:

Thousands of children across the country will be unable to play basketball, join the dance team, or cheerlead this year, because they can’t get an annual physical.

Thousands more will forgo dialysis, surgery, or chemotherapy, because their parents won’t have the money available to fund their treatment.

All of this because Utah Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch is having…

“…a rough time wanting to spend billions and billions and trillions of dollars to help people who won’t help themselves — won’t lift a finger — and expect the federal government to do everything.”
Since its creation in 1997, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) has provided medical care for millions of children throughout the country. Children who, without the program, would have gone without medical treatments for cancer, broken limbs, or even annual physicals.

Now, Republicans in Congress are refusing to reauthorize funding for CHIP, leaving millions of vulnerable children at risk of losing their healthcare.

Congress has an obligation to provide for the healthcare and safety of all Americans, but especially so when it comes to protecting the lives of our kids.

That’s why Democracy for America is calling on Republicans in Congress to reauthorize the CHIP program now — and not use it as political football during short-term spending bill negotiations that could end in a government shutdown this Friday.



Republicans plan to make dark money political attack ads tax deductible for billionaire backers

By Laura Clawson
Friday Dec 08, 2017 · 5:27 AM PST

continued –

Right now, billionaires can pour unlimited secret money into political attack ads. Soon, if congressional Republicans get their way, that secret political attack money will be tax deductible.


“It’s important to note that all economic indicators during the 1st year of a presidency are indicative of the momentum from the policies and governance of the PREVIOUS administration. No doubt, Donald Trump will beat his chest and exclaim this is all due to him. But he has not yet enacted ONE single piece of legislation that has contributed to economic growth in the USA. We’ll see just how much economic improvement and jobs growth is attained in 2018 from this heinous tax bill being cobbled together without sufficient legislation that any *sensible* politician can be proud of.”

It isn’t easy watching the country you love fall down a black hole from which it is not likely to emerge, but that is precisely what happened this past week with the Senate passage of the so-called “tax reform” bill. Bernie Sanders spoke for many when he said it will “go down in history as one of the worst, most unfair pieces of legislation ever passed.”

To which I’d add, not only the worst legislation, but also the most radically transformative passed in our lifetimes. The bill seems to have something to hurt every American, except for the wealthy.



People with rare diseases join cancer patients on the list of those screwed by Republican tax plan

By Laura Clawson
Friday Dec 08, 2017 · 10:26 AM PST


Jeff Flake lies to a dying man about the impact of his tax bill vote

By Joan McCarter
Friday Dec 08, 2017 · 10:01 AM PST

Starlight, you’re spot on! We’re now seeing very big & dangerous distractions coming from Trump.
Did you all catch this: Wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife GinniThomas presenting Award to Terrible Dirty Trickster James Okeefe:
(I’ve been in touch with author Ken Vogel, he plans to run for President)

As California Wildfires Rage, GOP Plots To Take Tax Relief Away From Homeowners


“The FCC’s continual rollback of consumer protections to benefit telephone companies like AT&T and Verizon is unprecedented. This order will harm millions in rural communities, and will especially harm the over 10 million people of color who live in rural communities and who already have fewer resources and face greater obstacles to economic opportunity than their neighbors.”

Consumer Groups Ask Ninth Circuit to Block FCC Broadband Order Downgrading Rural America



The Trump Administration Wants to Take Servers’ Tip Money Right Out of Their Pockets

Trump Didn’t Invite a Single Jewish Democratic Congressperson to the White House Hanukkah Party

Now the Trump Administration Is Ditching a Rule That Would Save People From Dying of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Robert Reich: The GOP’s Whole Economic Model Is One Giant Scam



Paul Ryan wants you to think he cares about those CHIP kids. Don’t buy it

By Joan McCarter
Friday Dec 08, 2017 · 4:16 PM PST

DENTISTS HAVE A THEORY: Did Trump’s Dentures Almost Fall Out During His Big Israel Speech? The president’s oral care appears to leave something to be desired.


Slurred speech – can also be caused by anxiety
“One of the key reasons that some people slur their words is because anxiety makes it so hard to focus their brain”
Maybe that’s why they just announced his upcoming med checkup at Bethesda

Totally the teeth. It looked like they were about to slide right out of his mouth.

His mental slurring however is apparent in EVERY single speech, tweet and twitch.

May December’s astro combination continue to let the truth slide right on out into plain view. Get ready whistleblowers.

Two weeks after the reprieve on the budget that averted a shutdown will come on the Solstice with its Sun/Saturn conjunction and Mercury station. It is hard to see any satisfying result from that. Either we will have a shutdown for a few days or another round of kicking the can down the road.

Patty, Thank you for the links. Very interesting.

Of course Trump’s Evangelical base believes that they’re the “righteous” ones.
Where’s the separation of church and state because I don’t understand how these politicians get away with this religious madness?

“Theological scholar explains horrifying reason Trump’s supporters celebrated Armageddon in Pensacola”

Sarah K. Burris
08 Dec 2017 at 23:40 ET

“In a Pensacola, Florida rally Friday evening, Republican state Senator Doug Broxson suggested to supporters of Donald Trump that the president’s controversial decision to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem may usher in the biblical end times.

“Now, I don’t know about you, but when I heard about Jerusalem — where the King of Kings [applause] where our soon coming King is coming back to Jerusalem, it is because President Trump declared Jerusalem to be capital of Israel,” Broxson predicted. The crowd cheered.

This week, theological scholar Dr. Diana Butler Bass wrote a Twitter thread explaining the link between recognition of Jerusalem, evangelical Christians, and the apocalypse. That is important because rebuilding the Temple is the event that will spark the events of the Book of Revelation and the End Times.”

According to Bass, the counsel of evangelical adviser that Trump surrounds himself with take such “End Times” prophecies literally

“Of all the possible theological dog-whistles to his evangelical base, this is the biggest,” she continued. “Trump is reminding them that he is carrying out God’s will to these Last Days. They’ve been waiting for this, praying for this. They want war in the Middle East. The Battle of Armageddon, at which time Jesus Christ will return to the Earth and vanquish all God’s enemies.”

She warned that for some evangelicals this is considered a “climax of history.”

“And Trump is taking them there. To the promised judgment, to their sure victory. The righteous will be ushered to heaven; the reprobate will be banished to hellfire,” Bass went on. “People believe this. Really believe this. Have given their lives to these ideas, sing about them in their churches, evangelize others, teach them in Sunday schools. And, this morning, with the news of Jerusalem, these people are ecstatic. This is the fulfillment of biblical prophecy. And Donald Trump is not only acting on a campaign promise, but enacting a theological one.”

She went on to explain that the reason many white evangelicals supported Trump to the tune of 80 percent is more than an abortion issue. Many actually believe that Trump is unfolding God’s purpose.

“They believe that Donald Trump is God’s instrument to move us closer to the Rapture, the Judgment, and the End,” she wrote. “Because to them, that’s actually the beginning — the beginning of their reward and heavenly bliss.”

Other religious groups might raise hell about the disruption of peace and stability, but Bass explained that evangelicals don’t care because they’re anticipating peace in another world than the Earth.

“What matters is that Jesus comes back in Judgement,” she continued. “To these sorts of Christians, that Judgment is the only true peace. Everything is phony, deceptive, even evil. Millions of American Christians believe all this. Millions of Trump voters. Sacred history is unfolding right now because of Donald Trump and God. They’ve based their faith, their identity, their purpose, their eternal lives on these ideas. Trust me. There’s no arguing with any of it.”

Dr. Robert Jeffress, the senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas celebrated Jerusalem officially becoming the capital of Israel because it will be where Jesus Christ returns.

“It is the place where Jesus, a Jew himself, was crucified and where he was resurrected. It is the place where he will set foot again on earth at his second coming,” he said in a statement.”




This article in the NYT recounts Trump’s basic schedule, attitudes, daily habits and just reinforces much of what we already know One thing that jumped out at me are the numerous (I think they said 12) diet sodas he drinks daily, the poor diet, the hours of TV news watching, and the probable sleep deficit (5-6 hrs of sleep nightly). These very poor health habits alone, along with the limited belief system and consciousness, explains much about Trump’s behaviors, and are reflected, I’m sure, in his followers.

Thanks, Izzy, for your excerpt of the article. Unfortunate, but it doesn’t surprise me. These religious beliefs are very powerful for those that believe them. For those outside the religion, it is very hard to understand that people can respond so deeply and emotionally to this kind of indoctrination, but having been marginally exposed to it as a young child I can understand how seductive it is.

The rapture idea has some of the same characteristics as radical suicide bombers who believe they will go to heaven for their sacrifice and meet with a bevy of virgins when they get there (I’m probably getting that wrong, but the beliefs are pretty far out). Some fundamentalists are against Islam, but the systems of beliefs have many parallels. The idea being that the person is somehow “chosen” and that there will be a big reward for certain behaviours. The approach is cult-like as it then excludes all others who are not selected or who choose not to belong.

These belief systems are taken very seriously indeed and it is no joke. So, it is no wonder that the believers do not support science or the protection of the environment. They feel they won’t need either science or medicine or the environment very soon. The rest of us are the sad ‘left behinders’, but we don’t count for beans.

In fact, Jesus in the New Testament makes no such promises and his teachings are inclusive of all. The rapture is not in his teachings. The rapture is an add-on – based on the book of Revelations, which nobody has ever claimed was written (or dictated) by Jesus. However, good luck trying to argue with any of the believers about this.

Izzy – that’s it in a nutshell. That’s why they don’t care about the environment or the poor or healthcare for all. They have been lusting after Hell Fire Armageddon for the past generation believing they are the chosen few and everyone else can go to hell. A corrupt theology – Boy are they in for a surprise.
The big problem that I see is that they are indeed tapped into the universal law of manifestation – black magic vs white magic if you will. Sauron vs Frodo analogy. Without a strong group to hold a more pure counter vision to combat this evil, they will be a challenge to overcome.

Izzy, just contemplating the number of those in our governing body who fervently believe this depraved theory. Like Kiwi’s analogy, bringing about the mayhem they vision to prove the theory. What has been bugging me for some time is the oath our reps take (as do all military personnel) to defend the constitution.
Beouwulfie, perplexing isn’t it? I believe there is a passage in revelations, something to the effect that it is not to be interpreted. This seems to tie in with Kiwi’s insight. Watch what you wish for. Oh, and to hell with Jesus’ teachings, yet how odd, without Jesus there is no Christianity.

I grew up in a church like this. There’s a passage in the Bible that says god won’t return to earth until The holy land is in the hands of Christians again. So to believers, it’s one thing defend the holy land and go to war if necessary to tear it away from non-Christians.

How anyone can ignore all the crap Trump does and says and hang onto their belief that he’s religious and doing work for god is beyond me. But that’s the belief.

I also think those people are really in love with the idea of being proven right about the whole god thing and especially all of us heathens being judged and punished.

Rachel Maddow Special MSNBC Trump Right Now!

Tax policy is ultimately a statement of priorities– and Republicans like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are showing us what their priorities are, and it isn’t our veterans.”

The Republican Tax Scam will have serious, even devastating, consequences for the nearly 20% of Americans who have disabilities– greater tax burdens and decreased opportunities.

“People with disabilities already have massive expenses and far less income, on average, than their non-disabled counterparts. Many of their medical necessities– such as long-term care and certain wheelchairs– are not covered by some insurance plans, including Medicare, and can cost an individual tens of thousands of dollars. These services are not just about one’s health; having access to a power wheelchair or in-home care can be the difference between living in an institution or a private residence.

Right now, taxpayers may deduct out-of-pocket medical expenses if they exceed 10% of their adjusted gross income. Notably, 8.8 million people– primarily people with disabilities and seniors, as well as their caregivers– benefited from this important deduction last year.”

But to make life a tad more bearable for overburdened private jet owners, Trump’s and Ryan’s Tax Scam eliminates the out-of-pocket medical expenses deduction.

Los Angeles area Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA), a veteran and an Air Force colonel is the West Coast regional Vice Chair for the DCCC. He told us that “The GOP tax scam will be a disaster for our veterans and our country. It is particularly disgusting that Republicans have proposed repealing tax credits to hire disabled veterans while at the same time giving billionaires and corporations a huge tax cut.



Before You Know It: The Unconscious Reasons We Do What We Do ~ by John A. Bargh

Dr. John Bargh, the world’s leading expert on the unconscious mind, presents a groundbreaking book, twenty years in the making, which gives us an entirely new understanding of the hidden mental processes that secretly govern every aspect of our behavior.

For more than three decades, Dr. John Bargh has been responsible for the revolutionary research into the unconscious mind, research that informed bestsellers like Blink and Thinking Fast and Slow. Now, in what Dr. John Gottman said “will be the most important and exciting book in psychology that has been written in the past twenty years,” Dr. Bargh takes us on an entertaining and enlightening tour of the forces that affect everyday behavior while transforming our understanding of ourselves in profound ways.

The Mideast Status Quo

Could there be a significant development at the time of the December 18th New Moon? Both Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Pres Trump share the same natal Mars degree (26 Leo). The Dec. 18th New Moon at 26 Sag forms a trine to their natal Mars AND the New Moon is in square to Iran’s natal Uranus/Mercury conj. (25/27 Pisces).

Back in September during a Washington DC meeting, Netanyahu successfully persuaded Trump to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear treaty. That change in US policy came to fruition two months later. The next step seems logical enough given that both Netanyahu and Trump are embroiled in political scandal. Here is an article about that September meeting……..

Netanyahu Is Meeting Trump To Push For War With Iran

Huffington Post
Sept. 18, 2017

Today, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet with Donald Trump at the White House and push the U.S. to withdraw from the nuclear accord with Iran. Netanyahu will present an argument that Trump already has come to accept: America’s adherence to the nuclear deal cannot solely depend on Iran’s compliance with the agreement, but also whether Iran’s other policies challenge U.S. national interests.




Natal Milla Jovovich
DOB December 17, 1975 • 17:15
Kyiv, 50°26′ N 30°31′ E



2017 Solar Arc Sun 07 Aquarius

Node (M)Scorpio20°01’6R
Lilith (M)Aries5°14’11




The Fifth Element

Music by Éric Serra


Ed Tamplin this week writes about Jerusalem/Israel, http://www.edtamplin.com/weekly%20horoscopes.htm and finishes with this paragraph

There is one other critical cycle important to this matter. Perhaps even moreso that the one I have described above. It is the cycle that Athenian democracy was born under in 507 BC. The cycle operative in 1215 when the Magna Carta underpinning common law came into being. And the cycle that coincided with the beginning of the break up of the Soviet states.

Establishment Saturn and insurrectionist Uranus were coming together for the first Palestinian Intifada on December 9 1987 to begin their 45 year run. Trump has inadvertently made his announcement during the Saturn return of this cycle. There’s always time for him to balance the bias and declare Jerusalem as also the capital of Palestine. Bet you are holding your breath..waiting for that one? “

In the Republican attack on every last institution, norm, fact and principle that puts up the slightest bit of resistance to Donald Trump, incompetent lying manchild, or in fact puts up even the slightest bit of resistance to the petty whims of anyone else in the party, you can now add the American Bar Association to the list of party enemies. Their crime: Reviewing Trump judicial candidates and publicly noting that several of them are grossly unqualified for judgeships.


Add the American Bar Association to the Republican Party’s ever-growing ‘enemies list’

By Hunter
Sunday Dec 10, 2017 · 1:31 PM PST

I hope all your hearts are filled with the happiness that comes at this time of year. I listen to a local radio station that plays Christmas songs 24/7 from Thanksgiving through Christmas Day with hardly any talk between songs. Let the good vibes that permeate this season fill you with hope. Singing along helps me.


This comment from nyt’s pretty much sums up how I feel.

“I hate it when journalists say Trump is “redefining” the Presidency or the like, because it implies that he is a maverick or something, that he actually has a plan and his “unique” , shall I say, “approach” is something that might be adopted by another in the future. I think it’s pretty obvious he’s just lumbering aling, making it up as he goes along, because he is incapable of doing anything else, and that he doesn’t HAVE A CLUE what he’s doing. Nor does he care to find out what he should be doing or surround himself with people who do and will help him, instead of sycophants and enablers. There is no legitimizing what he is doing. It’s a mess, a travesty, a disaster. It’s embarrassing, and it’s frightening. I think a large majority of people, below their surface outrage, are hanging with clawed fingers onto the hope that we will survive this relatively unscathed and that it won’t get even worse. I know I am. It’s a nightmare. No, even though he had big talk about being a new kind of President, he hasn’t planned it. He’s winging it, and we are at the mercy of his impetuous, narcissistic nature and ignorance. God help us, and the rest of the world, for that matter.”

Thank you Ja for posting this. I too feel this way and assume many of us do too.

I’m saddened by the Conservative attitude of late.
Everywhere I turn I see a vitriolic and hateful responses from Cons. Do they think these hateful reactions will bring us closer?
My Maternal Grandfather was a Mayor in Upstate NewYork for many years and so I feel steeped in the Political wavelength…and I’m fearful at what I see growing across America from our Conservative Brothers and Sisters.
Here’s Trumps Favorite Talk Show Host:
Watch this vitriol in action….
Scary is an understatement!
Judge JeaninPirrohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyZmDpjK4og


Judge Jenine, has had so much plastic surgery, I don’t recognize her lately; when she makes outrageous statements.

(I was born 9 days before Israel became a Nation in May 1948. (I always feel Israel’s sensitivity and I’m feeling so worried now)
Check out an Australian vantage point: Ed Tamplin:
“Was Donald Trump thinking of the children of Gaza when he declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel? Or of Peace at Christmas? Or of his sliding evangelical voter base ahead of an Alabama election. Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem became official with the finish of his signature as the clock shifted from 1.18 pm to 1.19 pm on December 6 2017 Washington”.

Teresa, I believe it is his son in law, Jared who is Jewish, pushing this Middle East incendiary changes. I’m convinced DT doesn’t care about anything, although he hasn’t been tweeting less about ‘rocketman’ lately, so I guess he’s holding back

“May you be a blessing”
In an email from sounds true this morning, this phrase has really resonated with me. May we all BE a blessing in this age of vitriol.
– – – – –

“A few years ago, a Sounds True producer and I had a lovely dinner in an author’s home. Afterwards, we received the following text from the author: “It was great seeing you both. May you be a blessing.”

That wish, “May you be a blessing,” has stuck with me.

We often send blessings or even sign a note “With blessings,” but what does it mean to be a blessing?

For me, it has something to do with our true heart’s motivation and how we conduct ourselves—the way we ourselves can always be a gift to other people.

Recently, I had the honor to interview an 81-year-old Benedictine nun, Sister Joan Chittister, for the Sounds True podcast. Sister Joan defines contemplation as seeing the world the way God sees the world. In our interview, I asked Sister Joan to help me understand this. Her response was, “That’s easy, Tami. Look through the eyes of love. What would love do?”


NASA has indeed called a teleconference for Thursday, Dec. 14 at 1 p.m. EST to announce the “latest Kepler discovery,” according to a Dec. 8 statement


Roy Moore & teen-adult courtship – the age of consent in Alabama is 16.

“Moore’s alleged pursuit of teens speaks to a larger problem related to “church-sanctioned patriarchy” that puts women in submissive child-rearing roles and pushes them toward marriage.”…..”Easter likens the idea of courtship for child marriage to a form of slavery.

….”In many states, she’s too young to get a divorce until she’s 18, so she may be legally trapped in a marriage,” Easter said.”


This Is How Many Billions of Dollars Each of the 15 Richest Families in America Will Save If We Repeal the Estate Tax


8.8 million face a major tax hike if GOP eliminates medical deduction


Between the November 2020 election and the January 2021 inauguration, Jupiter and Saturn move to conjoin at 0 Aquarius, which is the beginning of a Great Mutation in Air signs stretching for two hundred years into the future. It is a new era.


Elisabeth Grace:


OMG January 2019? Is it possible that a person can OD on too many diet cokes? Asking for a friend…

As for the vile and creepy current occupant of the Oval Office, the ongoing weakness, vacuity, grandiosity, and delusional nature of his “leadership” began during the campaign and continues through January 2019, described by the transit of Neptune to the US progressed Sun.


Republicans ratcheting up class war from above with attacks on Medicaid, Medicare, food aid and more

By Laura Clawson
Monday Dec 11, 2017 · 1:31 PM PST

From astrologer Loren Bevan:

“The years from 2018-2023 will be steep stair steps through the connected universe into the Age of Aquarius, when Pluto enters the sign of the Futurist.

These will also be some of the most exciting, interesting and creative times of our lives. Even by recent standards, 2018 will be a year of radical change as no fewer than 4 slow moving transpersonal planets, 3 deep space points, plus the Nodes of Fate enter new signs.

The hot spot world axis Aries Point — where the personal meets the political — is activated over and over by Saturn and Chiron.

There are 5 eclipses instead of the usual 4.

The Yin Earth element replaces Yang Fire.

And all this is not happening in a void but in the churning backwash of the revolutionary Uranus-Eris conjunction, increasing the impact of the digital revolution on consciousness.

New sine wave patterns form, changing the zeitgeist, seeding the watershed Saturn /Pluto conjunction of 2020 — there is no going back, as reality bites. This is the clash of the metaphysical/physical with the tangible/intangible — the big synthesis of practical application of spirituality.

There’s a lot on the line, along with huge potential for progress.” Whoa!!

How The Right Lost Its Mind by Charles Sykes

In How the Right Lost Its Mind, Sykes presents an impassioned, regretful, and deeply thoughtful account of how the American conservative movement came to lose its values. How did a movement that was defined by its belief in limited government, individual liberty, free markets, traditional values, and civility find itself embracing bigotry, political intransigence, demagoguery, and outright falsehood?

How the Right Lost its Mind addresses:
*Why are so many voters so credulous and immune to factual information reported by responsible media?
*Why did conservatives decide to overlook, even embrace, so many of Trump’s outrages, gaffes, conspiracy theories, falsehoods, and smears?

*Can conservatives govern? Or are they content merely to rage?
*How can the right recover its traditional values and persuade a new generation of their worth?


The House version of the GOP tax plan turns churches into political ventures. That might be bad.

By Hunter
Monday Dec 11, 2017 · 3:31 PM PST

THIS might be why the Democrats pressured Franken to step down. It was manipulative and maybe even partly subconscious, but now they can call for investigations of Trump. Not so coincidentally, there was that press conference held today by the women who were sexually assaulted and harassed by Trump planned by someone to come along at the right time.


And, this occurence is really strange…



Eighteen climate scientists from the US and elsewhere have hit the jackpot as France’s president, Emmanuel Macron, awarded them millions of euros in grants to relocate to France for the rest of Donald Trump’s presidential term.


Is Video Showing Roy Moore Speaking Russian, Praising Vladimir Putin Real?

December 11, 2017


Yes, we can verify this is true.


The Guardian News Press Office


An advisor to the Hillary Clinton campaign tweeted out a video involving controversial figure Roy Moore, that’s causing quite a stir on social media.

The advisor, Adam Parkomenko tweeted out the clip December 10, saying the Former Alabama Chief Justice praises Vladimir Putin and speaks Russian the video has since been tweeted out more than twelve thousand times.




Massive ‘Break the Internet’ Revolt This Week to ‘Save Net Neutrality’
Major websites and social media platforms are teaming up for an “epic” online demonstration to show what the web would look like without net neutrality

Slated to begin Tuesday—and continue through to the scheduled vote by the Republican-controlled FCC on Thursday—the “Break the Internet” protest is aimed at showing “the world what the web will look like without net neutrality.”


Robert Reich Reveals the Biggest Threat to American Democracy You’ve Never Heard Of

SLAPP lawsuits are emerging as one of the Trump administration’s most dangerous weapons.


Here’s a two minute excerpt from that Roy Moore interview that is causing such a stir….


Sharon, I agree with you about Franken. Gillibrand is going after Trump.

Pretty wild comment from a New York subway rider:

” On my way home, the subway system was normal. As is my normal routine, I ran through the Times Square station to get to my train, and alarmed nobody by running.

Getting to my building, held the door for a neighbor and we joked around about this failed attempt to terrorize. After describing better ways to have gone about it, we realized that a huge number of we savvy Newyorkahs could have done a better job of it than this fool (not that we would, because we’re basically good people). Laughed about it a bit and wished each other a good night.

So my impression, from talking to people about it at work too, is that most of us in NYC are already over this. Or our fear of the destruction due to Trump is overshadowing it. Regardless, tomorrow look for a heavier police presence (that will encounter no terrorists), and the majority of Newyorkahs just going about our business as usual, and cramming in some holiday shopping to our hectic schedules.

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and a happy and long life to y’all. Don’t let this insanity get to you, is my advice. And when it comes to gifts, it’s the thought that counts.”

Jimmy Kimmel Returns with Baby Billy After Heart Surgery


White House staffers are cracking under the pressure of the Mueller probe: report

The president’s confidence he’ll be exonerated isn’t shared by staff


” “For people, Republicans, allies of the president — I will also tell you, mood-wise, you can’t overstate the paranoia and the concern inside the West Wing about this investigation,” Jackson said.”


Jam packed events day by day. In the midst of it, after reading Kiwi’s post — “May you be a blessing” — I experienced one of those blessing moments. (Thank you, Kiwi.)

In part, I looked at my fears and their origins. I have often viewed them as inverse blessings, but also realized many of those fears were burying my blessings under a mountain of grief. It was very liberating but at the same time a cautionary tale of persisting — giving as much weight to blessings while understanding the hurts being heaped upon the world.

Alex, one of David Ignatius later books — The Director, focuses on the CIA and it’s manipulation of the internet. I would call it probable fiction. I’m midway through, so I’m not quite sure where he’s going, but thus far its a scathing rebuke, and a great read.

https://www.cheatsheet.com/culture/aca-fight-states-devastated-if-obamacare-repealed.html/?a=viewall 1 /

These States Will Be Completely Devastated If Obamacare Is Repealed
December 12, 2017

“… the Urban Institute has published an analysis that details which states would see the biggest impact. … We’ll go through the top 15 … .

15. Washington – … could jump more than 144.1% under a “repeal and replace” scenario.

14. New Jersey – … would jump 149.7% by 2022 … .

13. Vermont – … a 168.6% jump … .

12. New Mexico – If Republicans manage to pass their Senate bill, the number of people without insurance in New Mexico could increase by as much as 175.6%.

11. Ohio – … would increase 178.1% by 2022.

10. Oregon – … could increase by 179.8% by 2022 … .

9. Connecticut – … would increase 180.7% by 2022 … .

8. Rhode Island – … would jump 189.9% … .

7. New Hampshire – … would increase 192.5% … .

6. Michigan – … could grow by 192.6% … .

5. Pennsylvania – … could go up 193% by 2022.

4. Arkansas – … as high as 196.2% — the biggest increase of any states in the South.

3. Washington, D.C. – … increase of 205.8% … .

2. Kentucky – … 227.3% increase … .

1. West Virginia – West Virginia voted for Trump by a higher margin than any other in the country. … increase almost 300% — the biggest jump in the country.


“New sine wave patterns form, changing the zeitgeist, seeding the watershed Saturn /Pluto conjunction of 2020 — there is no going back, as reality bites. This is the clash of the metaphysical/physical with the tangible/intangible — the big synthesis of practical application of spirituality.”

I keep thinking that what we are going through right now is the death spiral of the age we are leaving and that all of the issues surfacing and light being shown on, misogyny, racism, corruption, financial imbalance are all happening so that we can collectively deal with it once and for all. What we ignore festers and what we look at disappears. As difficult as it is, we have been ignoring all of this for way too long and it all needs our attention and energy.

Am I wrong to think that the Trump era is the end not the beginning and that what is actually happening is the clearing out to prepare for what is to come?

I keep envisioning that 2020’s election will usher in the leadership that will bring us that “practical application of spirituality” of cooperation over competition. Resources being used not to fuel the few but to benefit the many with a collective mindset of “WE the people”.

“There’s a lot on the line, along with huge potential for progress.” Whoa!!”

Or is 2020 just an opportunity and we could collectively choose not to take it? I just don’t see how we could continue down this path after 2020 with what is being predicted astrologically.

“The years from 2018-2023 will be steep stair steps through the connected universe into the Age of Aquarius, when Pluto enters the sign of the Futurist.”

Are you suggesting that we could we possibly be continuing the battle until 2024?

Hi Elizabeth,

I was quoting Lorna Bevan.


Hello Ja and thank you for the link 🙂

The Trump White House has excluded LGBT and black reporters from its annual media Christmas party.
It is the first time since President George W. Bush that LGBT reporters have been left off the invite list, and the first time in 20 years that black groups have been excluded. ?


Democrat defeats child molester — New York Times called the race moments ago with Jones up .8.% and 89% of the vote counted.

Someone please tell me this is a turning point for Trump insanity among voters.


Natal Chuck Schumer

2017 Solar Arc Sun 07 Aquarius

Doug Jones won in Alabama!

THANK THE UNIVERSAL WHITE LIGHT! Doug Jones jumped all the hurdles. He won. He won. He won!

Karma is sooooooooooo interesting to watch in action.
And to top it all off, Mitch McConnell is encouraging Doug Jones to join the Republicans in their camp! What is he smoking? NBC is still not calling the race! Ridiculous…

continued – Chuck Schumer

Fixed Grand Cross (world stage)

Pluto 19 Leo
Midheaven 19 Scorpio
Jupiter 29 Aquarius
Moon 20 Taurus

There is almost no popular support for the GOP tax plan:

…one would expect the Trump tax cut bill to be quite popular. And yet, it is actually the most widely-reviled piece of tax legislation in modern American history.

As FiveThirtyEight’s Harry Enten notes, Americans currently view the GOP plan more negatively than they did the tax hikes passed under Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush.


Looking at what just happened in Alabama, US Congressional Republicans must wonder how safe their own seats are.


Congratulations to @GDouglasJones for his great victory. Congratulations to the people of Alabama for doing what few thought they would do. This is a victory not just for Jones and Democrats. It is a victory for justice and decency.

U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman on Tuesday became the first Republican to urge regulators to delay a vote on net neutrality, which would repeal open internet rules adopted two years ago.


Robert Reich: We Can’t Let Trump End Net Neutrality

A corporate power grab as naked as this must be stopped at all costs.



Why We Must Protect Net Neutrality

We have only two days until the FCC votes to kill net neutrality.

The path we go down will be decided for us on Thursday, and the resulting effects may prove tough to pin down precisely. Let’s just hope that, years from now, we won’t have to merely remember when the internet was good.

Wonderful news that Doug Jones won in Alabama! Makes you feel that maybe there is some justice, at least a little. Congrats from Canada!

Confirming the warnings and worst fears of progressives, House Speaker Paul Ryan made it plain this week: the ultimate aim of Republican lawmakers — and their number one priority in January — is to shrink the Medicare program that provides health insurance to the elderly and disabled.

Together, we’re going to repeal and replace Paul Ryan. November 6, 2018.

Thank you,


David Keith
Campaign Manager
Randy Bryce for Congress



Old Sport

Doug Jones quotes MLK in his speech last night..

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”



Why The Hidden Measures Buried In The GOP’s Tax Bill Are Cause For Alarm

Leaked Documents Expose How Corporations Use Spies to Subvert People’s Movements Worldwide
Given what “these companies have gotten away with,” concluded Naomi Klein, it is “no wonder they fear our power.”


E-mail today from U.S. Senator Kamala Harris (D. CA)

Hi, Team —

Last night, the people of Alabama rejected the politics of bigotry and hate and elected a progressive Democrat to the U.S. Senate. It was an historic night and a powerful reminder that Democrats can win anywhere in 2018.

But before we can take a break and celebrate our victory, we have a problem: Republican leaders are planning to wait until January to seat Doug Jones — after we vote again on their tax plan.

This is an outrage. Doug opposes this plan to give massive tax breaks to the top 1% and strip health care from millions of Americans. He should get to vote on it.


Demand McConnell to Seat Doug Jones ‘Immediately’

“Alabama voters deserve to have their voices heard in this fight.”



Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) will hold a press event to demand that Republicans delay a final vote on their tax bill until after Jones is seated.

Ben Wikler of MoveOn.org highlighted this fact Monday morning and urged the tax bill’s opponents to be prepared.

“The GOP will now focus obsessively on passing their tax scam bill before Doug Jones is sworn in,” Wikler concluded. “It’s up to the rest of us to focus just as obsessively on stopping them.”

To: U.S. Congress
From: [Your Name]

No one voted last November to cut our earned benefits. And yet the Senate-passed tax plan would trigger $400 billion in automatic cuts to Medicare. We demand that you reject this disastrous tax plan, which is just the first step toward destroying Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

Social Security Will Be Solvent for the Rest of the Century


Basic income to be given to 84,000 people in Canada

Move is part of $3bn anti-poverty action plan


MoveOn members’ role in Alabama’s Senate election


Theme: Saint Lucia’s Broadcast
Date: December 13th
Time: 8.30pm GMT/UT
3:30 P.M. Eastern Standard Time

Broadcast Link: http://makara.us/04mdr/webinars/broadcast/SaintLuciasDayServiceMeditationBroadcast13Dec17.html
“Today, on the 13th of December, we have a beautiful FESTIVAL of LIGHT; here in the North celebrated as the Day of Santa Lucia. We will, as well have a short broadcast and meditation upon Light; we will be meditating to free ourselves from all earthly bonds just as Saint Lucia was able to sacrifice herself fully (sacrificing her outer sight for inner sight) and, thus, gain freedom from all karma and earthly chains.”

From Michael and Tuija Robbins, The Morya Federation

Roy Moore was talking about a recount – Mercury Retrograde?

Breathtaking Violetta & Son Reading Re: 2018.
Unusually Long…Over 40-Minutes. When you have time to study & digest it. Not for the faint of heart! (Some of it…Seriously brought me Tears)


The Manhattan Project was established* on September 17, 1942 at 10:30 am, in Washington, D.C., when General Leslie Groves was assigned to organize, oversee and develop the atomic bomb. At the time, a powerful conjunction between Saturn and Uranus was taking place in the brain-trust sign of Gemini. The two fires took place under the general influence of transiting Chiron and Pluto opposite the Manhattan Project Saturn.

Mars, the natural ruler of fire, is conjunct the Manhattan Project Ascendant by secondary progression, and this aspect also shows that nuclear-related projects are now being actively promoted. One example: last week IBM introduced the world’s fastest supercomputer, capable of making 12.3 trillion actions per second. Since actual nuclear tests have been banned by treaty, nuclear scientists have resorted to computer simulations. The IBM computer is being sent to the Lawrence Livermore laboratory to simulate nuclear explosions.

You can’t make this stuff up!

Last week I was working with some asteroids and placed them around the election chart of Montgomery Alabama for Dec. 12th, after which I placed that chart around the natal charts of Roy Moore and Doug Jones, respectively.

The stellium of planets in Sag.on that day had the asteroids SENATOR and JONES at 17 Sag 57 and 25 Sag 52 respectively. The asteroid WASHINGTONIA was placed at 1 Cap 04. The asteroid AMERICA was placed at 17 Aries 08. When you place this chart around Doug Jones’ natal chart you find a quite a nice grand fire trine with his natal ascendant.

The same procedure was done Roy Moore’s natal chart.The results were not so lucky. All these asteroids along with the Sag. stellium of planets fell in Moore’s 7th house (house of open enemies and the opposition in politics) which, of course, opposed his 1st house of Gemini. The Asteroid MOORE was at 3 Taurus 35 in Moore’s 12th house opposing the election chart’s Mars at 2 Scorpio.

I started to laugh. Could it really happen? Could the Democrat win in Alabama? I still was faint hearted. The stars were telling me the impossible was about to happen. I didn’t dare make a prediction.

As I said, you can’t make this stuff up.

The Republicans on both houses are beginning to talk back to “Trumpism.” I feel the weltanschauung is changing quite rapidly…fingers crossed.

They’re bucking Trumpism but they want that tax reform so bad they can smell it and they also want to please Trump…otherwise, why did Flake, Collins, McCain crumble and go along with it? …For the sake of the party as well as Trump’s pressuring them. Let’s see what Collins & Flake do now.

repeat from upthread:

To: U.S. Congress
From: [Your Name]

No one voted last November to cut our earned benefits. And yet the Senate-passed tax plan would trigger $400 billion in automatic cuts to Medicare. We demand that you reject this disastrous tax plan, which is just the first step toward destroying Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

If This Bill Passes, People Will Die’: Tax Scam Opponents Rally as GOP Aims for Final Vote Next Week



Susan Collins doubles down on being Mitch McConnell’s dupe over tax bill

By Joan McCarter
Wednesday Dec 13, 2017 · 5:31 PM PST

Seems to be a deaf-ear syndrome in the republican party. The push back on the pay-to-play tax plan, net neutrality, the Rosenberg grilling by table-banging Republicans highlights a palpable fear within the rethug ranks.

Oh, let’s not forget the dirty tricks: https://www.npr.org/2017/12/14/570262688/as-fcc-prepares-net-neutrality-vote-study-finds-millions-of-fake-comments

Leave it to Republican leaders in Congress to combine some of the worst parts of the horrible House and Senate tax bills and produce a true monstrosity.

How bad is the deal announced Wednesday? Let us list some of the many ways.

It hits California taxpayers hard. The tentative compromise reportedly caps the deductions for state and local income or property taxes at $10,000. In 2015, those deductions were worth about $100 billion to nearly 6 million California taxpayers – an average of $16,000 in income taxes and $6,000 for property taxes. The bill also lowers the deduction for mortgage interest to loans of as much as $750,000 from $1 million, which affects states with high housing prices such as California, where more than 4 million taxpayers claim an average of $12,000.

It’s unfair to the middle class. While some families would get lower tax bills, many workers would pay federal taxes at a higher rate than corporations and partnerships.

Benefits for the middle class are uneven and temporary and some families could pay more. The California Budget & Policy Center projects that more than 2 million Californians would end up paying higher taxes.

It threatens people who rely on the Affordable Care Act. Republicans failed to repeal Obamacare, but to help pay for this tax bill, a provision would end the requirement that people have health insurance. That would lead to at least 13 million Americans not having coverage by 2027, including 1.8 million Californians.

It explodes the federal debt. The plan would add about $1.5 trillion in deficits over 10 years. That could lead to deep cuts in social programs as Congress attempts to balance the budget. Most experts dismiss the notion that these tax cuts would pay for themselves through economic growth.

Michael Cohen, Gov. Jerry Brown’s finance director, laid out these “significant concerns” in a letter Wednesday to California’s congressional delegation, and also warned of damage the tax bill would do to the state’s efforts on clean energy and housing for veterans.

Individuals who would be the biggest winners under this bill are the very rich, including President Donald Trump and his family. The top tax rate for individuals would drop from 39.6 percent to 37 percent, and the estate and alternative minimum taxes would be narrowed so they affect fewer high-income taxpayers. Republicans love to criticize any proposal that supposedly redistributes wealth, but this plan actually does – to the super-rich.

Mostly, the bill would be a huge jackpot for big business, which is sitting on billions and billions in cash. The corporate tax rate would be slashed from 35 percent to 21 percent, and there would be no alternative minimum tax for corporations.

House and Senate negotiators, who met in public for the first and only time Wednesday, plan to unveil details of the deal by the end of this week so there can be final votes next week.

They are in a rush to get it done before the swearing-in of Democrat Doug Jones, whose victory in Alabama on Tuesday will narrow the GOP majority in the Senate to 51-49.

Now, the last hope is that enough Republicans come to their senses and vote against what would be the most sweeping rewrite of the federal tax code since the bipartisan 1986 reform.

Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Elk Grove, was one of three California Republicans who voted against the House version last month. He needs to stand up again for the state’s taxpayers, as do the other 13 House Republicans from California.

In typically grandiose, misleading comments at a meeting with GOP leaders on Wednesday, Trump urged them to send him the bill before the holiday recess starts Dec. 22.

At a later White House event, the president trotted out five families who would benefit in different ways and declared he wanted to give Americans a “giant tax cut for Christmas.”

Most Americans, however, know it’s really a big lump of coal. In two polls released this week, support for the GOP tax plan was at only 31 percent and 32 percent – the lowest level of public backing for any major legislation passed in the last three decades, including Obamacare in 2009.

Here’s the bottom line: Trump and Republicans are desperate for any major legislation so they don’t go before voters in 2018 empty-handed. They are willing to go to extreme lengths to lower taxes for wealthy donors and corporate CEOs, even if it means increasing the divide between haves and have-nots and mortgaging our children’s future.



GOP to cut rich people’s taxes even more and end insurance for 13 million people as early as Monday

By Joan McCarter
Thursday Dec 14, 2017 · 7:17 AM PST

check it out


Paul Ryan the granny starving political criminal is going to sneak off after he kills millions of people;

In recent interviews with three dozen people who know the speaker—fellow lawmakers, congressional and administration aides, conservative intellectuals and Republican lobbyists—not a single person believed Ryan will stay in Congress past 2018.


Does anyone have a chart/imsight for today’s disastrous FCC vote on repealing net neutrality? Another sad day in the life of a once-great progressive republic… 🙁

The first lawsuit to save net neutrality was announced minutes after the FCC voted to repeal it



Small farmers who voted for Trump are suing him for taking away Obama-era protections

By Walter Einenkel
Thursday Dec 14, 2017 · 2:18 PM PST

“It sounds like tomorrow (??) may be a “buckle the f**k up” day.”


My charts (trump’s secondary progressed natal, natal demi-solar, Inaugural, progressed inaugural demi-solar, progressed inaugural demi-solar anlunar), and transits to Kushner’s natal (noon) chart support a rough day today for trump and kushner. Consistant with the rumor’s.


Even Paul Ryan Doesn’t Think He Can Beat Randy Bryce

By IronStache
Thursday Dec 14, 2017 · 1:22 PM PST



Alex, re. your post above on “Basic income to be given to 84,000 people in Canada”, it’s a hopeful development in our 2 biggest provinces, but don’t be overly impressed – this is more ‘welfare’ with a new name – the numbers of people they are going to cover don’t nearly cover the need. Someday maybe, but for now there are lots of ‘qualifications’.

Fareed Zakaria on the tax cut:


Also note, as the Mercury station builds and the Sun/Saturn conjunction nears, passage of the tax cut is in question and Roy Moore refuses to concede. The federal budget is also in danger.

State attorneys general line up to sue FCC over net neutrality repeal
Net neutrality supporters will try to reinstate the rules in courts and Congress.




Doubting the intelligence, Trump pursues Putin and leaves a Russian threat unchecked
Nearly a year into his presidency, Trump continues to reject the evidence that Russia waged an unprecedented assault on a pillar of American democracy and supported his run for the White House. Interviews with more than 50 U.S. officials show that the personal insecurities of the president have impaired the government’s response to a national security threat, with Trump resisting or attempting to roll back efforts to hold Moscow to account as he tries to forge a partnership with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

By Greg Miller, Greg Jaffe and Philip Rucker

Today Mueller has transit Mars on natal Mars – anger because of speculation or leak about indictments coming out today?

It looks like he may be come a target by trump soon and it could last all next year. This came up when I looked for Saturn transits to his natal and progressed Saturns and Neptunes for the next 2 years.

Robert Mueller – Natal Chart
Aug 7 1944, 1:00 pm, EWT +4:00 (Time not verified)
White House Dist of Columbia, 38°N53’50”, 077°W02’13”

Sat – Sqr – Nep – Jan 8 2018 – 02°Cp17′ D – Tr – Na
Sat – Sqr – Nep – Jan 31 2018 – 04°Cp49′ D – Tr – Sp
Sat – Opp – Sat – Feb 12 2018 – 06°Cp00′ D – Tr – Na
Sat – Opp – Sat – Jun 25 2018 – 06°Cp00′ R – Tr – Na
Sat – Sqr – Nep – Jul 11 2018 – 04°Cp50′ R – Tr – Sp
Sat – Sqr – Nep – Oct 30 2018 – 04°Cp51′ D – Tr – Sp
Sat – Opp – Sat – Nov 12 2018 – 06°Cp00′ D – Tr – Na
Sat – Opp – Sat – Dec 26 2018 – 10°Cp47′ D – Tr – Sp


I wonder if the Saturn transits will make Mueller’s efforts unsuccessful. There goes that knot again in my stomach. Ugh.

Thank you, Starlight.

What about Marco Rubio throwing a wrench in the works?

Sorry about that, I just saw the latest headlines.

Starlight, Thank you for your link. What happened to our GOP? Seriously what has gotten into Them?
(I’m beginning to believe–It must be The Devil)

More devastation our RightWing are totally ignoring:
Today’s Temp here in the S.F.East Bay: 60Degrees! The Middle of December! There are even Fire Warnings in local News. This torments my Taurus Earth Sun!

(The GOP Focus/Values are all on enriching The Rich…Forget ‘The Least Among Us’)
“Three Things That Wouldn’t Have Happened in 2016 without Climate Change:


“I’d like to quote the great John Cleese who, when asked of his opinion of Mr. Murdoch, simply stated ” He is a destroyer of civilizations”.



Republicans say they will release their final “tax bill” at 5:30pm today. Now is our last chance to stop it. I’ll be fighting this tax scam to the bitter end and need you to join me. Call, post, email and say no to the #GOPTaxScam

Re the Saturn transits of Mueller in 2018: we aging hippies remember long ago when the “limitations, obstacles and boundaries” definition of Saturn crimped our style and we rebelled against it, naively ignorant to the real power of Saturn: the ruler of the bones and the skin, the entity that empowers us to determine our real, very own boundaries. Given Mueller’s age and well documented life’s experiences, I doubt that one more Saturn opp Saturn is really going to pull the rug out from under him, he knows *very* well who he is. And the Saturn/Neptune — as if the man was delusional?!?— I think would only enhance his focus on keeping to what is real: the *structure* of the case he is constructing against Trump & co.

Well fierywoman, that’s the story i choose to believe , because all else seems unthinkable and intolerable !


Republicans Are Voting To Give A Huge Tax Cut To Many Members Of Congress

But they insist they didn’t give that a thought.


UN Expert: GOP Tax Bill Could Turn America Into World’s Most Unequal Society,

The poverty expert delivered a blistering report on inequality and the social safety net in the U.S.


“The American Dream is rapidly becoming the American Illusion,” Alston tweeted, “as the United States now has the lowest rate of social mobility of any of the rich countries.”

The U.N. special rapporteur called out a laundry list of factors that contribute to keeping 1 in 8 Americans ? or 40 million people ? in poverty, including an unreliable health care system, voter disenfranchisement and a criminal justice system that penalizes the poor.

Alston also warned that American democracy is being “steadily undermined” by the rollback of voting rights.

As for the American criminal justice system, the U.N. expert denounced it for essentially criminalizing the lives of the poor.

“What I’ve seen in the U.S. is the dominance of twin narratives: that the rich are enterprising, altruistic, hard-working, and the poor are losers, scammers, who are trying to profit from the system,” Alston said. “That framing of the issues is put forth by politicians to justify massive tax reductions, transfers to the rich, and massive cuts for the poor.”


Phil Alston


According to government statistics, more than 40 million people – more than one in every eight Americans – live in poverty. Almost half of those, 18.5 million, were living in deep poverty with family income below one-half of the poverty line. #USApoverty

Further to your posts, Nancy (for which thank you!), about the Mercury station on December 22/23 and Sun/Saturn conjunct Dec 23, what worries me more than Moore etc. is the looming US financial situation. Will the budget get passed?

The US budget is the country’s wealth (mainly taxes and duties, as well as assets) and the country’s debt (from others). The country’s own money is the 2nd house (cusp =17 Capricorn, ruled by Saturn) and the country’s debt is the 8th house (cusp =17 Cancer, ruled by the Moon). The 1st house (body politic) owns the country’s personal resources, the 2nd house. The 7th house (opponents/partners) shows those who own the debt, which resides in the 8th house of other people’s money. Thus, Saturn and the Moon are the key planets for US national finance.

Natally, Saturn, the ruler of the country’s wealth, sits at 14 Libra in the 10th house of the leader(s)/president, which should mean that a conservative, prudent and fair-minded President is in charge of the country’s wealth (and debt). At this time, US progressed Saturn is at 3 ScorpioRx in the 11th house of associates, professionals and advisors to the President (and it won’t go direct for 120 years). Scorpio is ruled by Mars/Pluto, who are not the most harmonious, unselfish co-rulers, but progressed SaturnRx is being guided by them nonetheless.

At present, Saturn’s co-ruler, Pluto is sitting at 18 Capricorn by transit, in the US 2nd house of wealth. Progressed Pluto is also in the 2nd house at 29 Cap (a critical degree, but progressed Pluto doesn’t change signs to Aquarius until 2049). How appropriate for money! Transiting Mars is sitting in the US 11th house, along with the progressed Saturn. Unquestionably there is a lot of tension going on. The sign on the US 11th house is Scorpio, ruled by Pluto/Mars, which indicates the concern with the country’s money and wealth, especially with both natal and progressed Pluto being in the 2nd house. Are we going in circles yet?

Progressed Mars is presently at 17 Libra Rx in the 10th, at the degree (by #) of the 2nd house cusp (17 Capricorn), and opposed by progressed Chiron at 17 Aries Rx. In this way, Mars and Chiron also put pressure on the 2nd cusp of the country’s money (currency) and wealth overall.

Progressed Saturn (restriction, limits) at 3 Scorpio in the 11th of associates is trine natal Venus at 3 Cancer in the 7th and sextile transiting Saturn/Sun, which are conjunct at 0 Capricorn on Dec. 22. Saturn rules Capricorn and transiting Saturn/Sun will each move toward exact oppositions to natal Venus – by the Sun on Dec 25 and by Saturn on January 15, 2018. Venus rules both the US 10th house of the ruler with its cusp at 2 Libra and the US 5th house of speculation (investment, markets) with its cusp at 0 Taurus. Venus also rules the 6th house of the workers of the country.

So, the transiting Saturn/Sun conjunction on Dec 23 at 0 Capricorn will be pressing on the 5th cusp at about the same time as progressed Saturn Rx at 3 Scorpio Rx is opposing the 5th house cusp from the 11th. I assume this has to do with Congress and finances/markets as the 11th is for associates like Congressmen and the 5th is for speculation and investments. Combined with the 17 degree Mars/Chiron aspects, which relate to the 2nd house cusp, there is pressure on investments, markets and the nation’s wealth. But, pressure does not mean collapse.

Furthermore, transiting Mercury Rx at 13 Sagittarius is sitting right on the US Ascendant on Dec 22, about to go direct, and it is in aspect to both US natal Sun and progressed Sun. Transiting Mercury Rx is square US progressed Sun at 13 Pisces in the 3rd (agreements, contracts) and inconjunct US natal Sun at 13 Cancer in the 7th (opponents, partners). Natal Sun in Cancer in the 7th house rules the 9th of legal matters (& legislation).

With Mercury Rx aspecting both natal and progressed Sun at the same degree, (13), about to change direction, there could be some kind of reversal or trip-up in legislation. Could this mean the tax bill will not pass and/or the budget bill may be held hostage, or may one or both pass? There might be political tit-for-tat if the tax bill does not pass. It’s a stretch, but Trump might let the government funding lapse (out of spite…), although it is a matter for Congress to pass. If this triggers a crisis and the government “runs out” of money (for which Trump would blame anybody but himself), then there should be some serious aspects showing, likely involving Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. I don’t see any of those, at least not serious enough.

Progressed Moon (which often triggers events) is now at 22 Sagittarius in the 1st house (US identity, body politic), square US natal Neptune at 22 Virgo in the 9th of legislation. By Dec 23, this progressed Moon to natal Neptune aspect will have passed exactness, but it will still be within 5 seconds. The Moon ruling the 8th (other people’s money – the national debt), indicates pressure on the debt, especially when progressed Moon is aspecting slippery Neptune, the planet of avoidance and not facing reality, but as the aspect will have perfected and the matter (budget) may have been settled.

US natal Moon rules the 8th house of taxes and other people’s money. The natal Moon is found at 27 Aquarius in the 3rd house of contracts and lawyers. It should be noted that 27 is a very sensitive degree because natal Pluto is at 27 Capricorn. The 2 natal planets always respond together due to the 27 degree correspondence. And guess what? The next transit at 27 degrees to both will come from Venus at 27 Sagittarius in the 1st, which will happen on, ta-daa, December 23! That might provide a bit of joy or relief (Venus) for Christmas. Will it be legislation? I think so.

Last but not least, transiting Jupiter, the planet of benefits and wealth, now at 15 Scorpio in US 11th house, is just going beyond an exact trine to US natal Saturn at 14 Libra 48, in the 10th. It is exact on December 20, but past exact by Dec. 22/23. Are Jupiter’s benefits approaching an end, but for now Jupiter has done its job? Transiting Jupiter is also at the degree of the Moon’s Nodes, which often indicates a ‘meant to be’ kind of development, whatever that may be. For one thing, Jupiter in the 11th may be good for preserving the presidency, if not the reputation of the President personally (but Jupiter may preserve him too, per my prior comments re. Trump seeming to be rather ‘royally’ protected from his own follies).

In summary, on December 22/23 the following aspects will be within a degree, except as noted:
0 degrees – transiting Saturn/Sun trine/sextile to US 5th /11th house cusps
0 degrees – transiting Saturn/Sun trine US progressed SaturnRx in 11th (not exact)
2 degrees – transiting Saturn to square US 4th house cusp (2 Aries) /4th =land, real estate, on Jan. 2
3 degrees – *progressed SaturnRx in 11th trine to natal Venus
3 degrees – transiting Sun will oppose natal Venus on December 25
3 degrees – *transiting Saturn will oppose natal Venus on January 15
13 degrees – transiting MercuryRx conjunct US Ascendant, square progr. Sun, inconjunct natal Sun
14 degrees – transiting Jupiter trine natal Saturn on December 20 (a bill passes Senate?)
15 degrees – transiting Jupiter is at the degree of transiting nodes and trine to progressed JupiterRx
17 degrees* – progressed MarsRx square US 2nd cusp and opposed to progressed Chiron (T-square)
22 degrees* – progressed Moon square US natal Neptune
24 degrees* – transiting Chiron and Uranus trine/inconjunct natal MercuryRx in the 8th
27 degrees – transiting Venus, Dec 23, aspects natal Pluto (30 degrees) and natal Moon (sextile)
*= greater concern

Does this mean something will happen on Dec22/23 or only that conditions are ‘ripening’ for some changes in future? I think it is the latter. Band aids are more likely but an emphasis on continuing financial concerns seems convincing. Certainly the T-square between progressed Mars/Chiron and the US 2nd cusp will develop for decades (natal Mars rules the 4th of home/real estate and co-rules the 11th and 12th). Progressed Mars will retrograde to 2086 (only 69 years to go). Time will tell.

Feedback appreciated & I hope I didn’t screw up the technical bits. Just 16 days to 2018… Merry Christmas & happy holidays everyone!

Oops, 1st sentence in 4th para. should read, ‘At present, progressed Saturn’s co-ruler, Pluto is sitting at 18 Capricorn by transit, in the US 2nd house of wealth’.

Just want to make sure the reasoning behind my earlier post is clearly understood.

I have lived through many aspects from Saturn to each and every point in my chart. While they may have coincided with some difficult times in one area other areas continued as they had been going. While the rug may have been pulled from beneath me in one area in others it had little or no effect and sometimes I may have stumbled but did not fall. My opinion is that the same is true for anyone having ongoing aspects from transiting Saturn in their chart. The coming Saturn aspects in Mueller’s chart might play out in a physical, psychological, or cellular manner. If he is attacked by the GOP it very likely will manifest in a psychological way, (E.g. worry) which may be accompanied by, or followed by, physical symptoms, depending on his ability to fend with such attacks.

The transit of Saturn to Saturn or Neptune is universally deemed by astrologers as coinciding with difficult, sometimes devastating, periods in one’s life. Delusional is someone else’s word with reference to my post that just showed the coming dates of those transits in Mueller’s chart and my opinion that attempts to discredit or remove him from the Russia probe could become more focused or present problems for him at those times.

It is a known fact that tRump has wanted to stop the probe since it began – reference Comey memo detailing his conversation with tRump immediately after a meeting which took place the day after Flynn resigned during which tRump told Comey – “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go …”, Comey’s firing, the statement about the investigation and the firing of Comey on it by tRump to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak (Russia’s ambassador to the United States at the time) the day after firing Comey – “I just fired the head of the F.B.I. … “I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off.” tRump said, according to a summary of the meeting by a Russian journalist read to The New York Times by an American official.

Because of those ongoing attempts regarding the investigation involving Russia I think the premise put forward in my post is very credible.

Most American Farmers Will Be Hurt by the GOP Tax Bill


These Three Lawyers Are Quietly Purging Voter Rolls Across the Country


Despite Active Efforts to Make Child-Rearing Less Affordable, Paul Ryan Urges Americans to Have More Babies


Deliberative and exacting work, Beowulfie. For some time, over this brief march of history, I’ve watched the dissolution of “we the people.” While some legislation lasts only for the term of a president, that legislation always leaves another stain on the character of this country. What bothers me about this transit is that our standing in the world (although tenuous) is now breaching a collapse of trust. Coupled with the erosion of a once viable middle class and the impoverish of the country, an isolationist stance will further push us into a third-world status. This being acting as president is toxic.

Democrats will fight against the giveaway of the peoples’ monies, the un-payable debt, and may soon take the senate and house, but they will have been a handed a crisis. The republicans will blame them for it. You can already hear the narrative. Will “we the people” finally see this for what it is? or shoot-up on the fox-news fix?


Good analysis. The Dec 22nd Mercury station at 13 Sag as you rightly pointed out is right on the US asc but also as I had mentioned earlier the Mars/Pluto midpoint. Because it occurs the same evening as the stated continued resolution extension deadline one has to wonder if this will end in contentious disagreement.

Venus will conjoin Saturn at 0 Capricorn Tues. Dec 26th the day after Christmas when financial markets re-open. It will reactivate the Federal reserve’s Sun-Pluto opposition. Should be an interesting period to see how the markets will react.

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