31st Dec, 2017

Happy New Year to All

Let’s hope the coming year is better than the last. Blessings and warm wishes to all!!


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Interesting take on Trump’s recent interview: that his rambling stream of consciousness is his own self-talk trying to calm himself and convince himself everything is fine.


Happy New Year, everyone.i think it’s safe to say now that we survived 2017. Has anyone ever been happier to see a year end?

I still have trouble believing it happened — that Trump really is our president.

Happy New Year Nancy and to all the posters and readers of Nancy’s blog. Blessings to all.

Blessings to you as well, Nancy and to all for the insights (blessings) shared.

Thanks, Bob. https://www.vox.com/2017/11/30/16517022/impeachment-donald-trump was, most likely, right there in front of me.

This is one heck of a read, by the way. I’ve asked the very question re: impeachment. What I also cannot figure out is why — all of a sudden — those once outspoken republicans seem to have had an about face.

Need a good chuckle? Read the latest NYT re George Papadopoulis and correlate the dates to his Saturn return. (I can only find an August 1987 date for his birth, but Saturn was pretty still all that month at 14 Sadge). Ah, Lord of Karma …

Happy New Year Everyone!!! May we all find the courage to ‘hold’ loving & positive energy thru this time of massive change.

Ed Tamplin: 2018 – Merkel, Turnbull, and of course, Trump + his effect on the globe.

Thank you, Nancy.
From where we are, (hoping it’s more than just wishful thinking) the situation can only get better.
Happy New Year to All.


Had to share this; I read in Time magazine that on May 17 Robert Mueller was given the assignment of investigating the possible Russian interference in the U.S. 2016 election. On that day at 12 Noon (chart for DC) the transiting Moon was at 11+ Aquarius.

That’s the degree that the 3 outer planets, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto each had astrological symbolism located in their ingress charts for the signs they are presently in, Aries, Pisces and Capricorn. Out of the 360 degrees in the zodiac , 11+ Aquarius is where the Moon was on May 17 at noon on Washington DC.

I feel certain the Universe is giving its full support to Mueller (and humanity as a whole) at this time.

There are other connections in the chart but this one stood out: The Moon in Aquarius was sextile Venus in Aries and that sextile to Mueller’s Mercury in Virgo, created a Yod or Finger of God aspect.

Mueller’s Mercury in Virgo T-squares the U.S. ascendant/descendant, is affecting the way Americans see themselves as opposed to “others”, leading me to believe that will be the ultimate benefit of this investigation and possibly the benefit of the whole Trump Experience.

The planets supporting this process, the ones that were at 11+ Aquarius in the outer planet ingress charts for the signs they presently occupy are:

*Venus in the Uranus ingress Aries chart
*Mercury in the Neptune ingress Pisces chart
*North Node and Nessus in the Pluto ingress Capricorn chart.

Together they will provide support and motivate the People (symbolized by Moon at 11+ Aquarius), an energy that is driving the direction of the investigation – which in turn is determining Mueller’s thought processes (natal Mercury) as those processes adjust to each new “fact”.

Venus, the other component of the Yod, the planet which sextiles the Moon in Aquarius, was opposite transiting Jupiter who was conjunct the US Saturn in Libra which squares the US Sun in Cancer. Venus symbolizes values and, in the end, this investigation is all about what the USA values.

All the best to you and yours as well, Nancy. Thank you for all of your amazing work.

Thank you for the Ed Tamplin piece, kiwi.

Happy New Year to all!

“The planet is undergoing a period of erosion and reconstruction. Pluto has been bringing down systems, governments and organizational structures since his transit into Capricorn in 2008. When Saturn reaches Pluto in January 2020 your world will look very different. Saturn seeks to bring foundation and structure to the eroding quality that Pluto has been enacting. What do you personally want to bring into form? What do you want to contribute to the collective energy?”

Full Moon in Cancer tonight + Uranus station tomorrow


Nancy, thank you for this amazing blog.

Wishing you and all the other Starlighters, a Happy, glorious 2018. Blessings to all.

Happy New Year to everyone. Thank you Nancy for everything that you do.

Happy New Year to Nancy and to everyone who reads Starlight News!

What do you all think of the transits for election day, November 6, 2018?

Thank You Nancy for this space wherein like minded people can express themselves as we explore the deeper meanings behind political events.

Happy New Year to All!

From an astrologer/numerologist friend about 2018:

“I will tell you this: 2018 is going to be high drama (Uranus/Moon) and the public (meaning all of you) are going to be electrified/stunned/shocked (Uranus) by things that will start popping off January 1, 2, 2018. This year is going to blast out of this box with its hair on fire and going Mach 3. For example, after doing the transits on trump’s astrology natal chart, I see Mueller handing down indictments 1.17.2018 (circle that date in a red pen). I also said that its likely it will involve Jared Kushner, Don, Jr. and other West Wing people working for trump.”

Also, she thinks April 29th will be date Mueller presents evidence of obstruction of justice to Congress.

She also notes this will be like a year with popcorn — things popping up continually. Great.


A blessed New Year to everyone here. I may not post often, but Nancy and you guys help give me the strength to keep on “keepin’ on” thru these days.

May joy, love, and happiness surround us all; and may all our wishes for humanity and our Mother Earth come to pass.

I am numb and still reeling from last year. Creation willing, I’ll find the strength for this one.
Blessings on ALL. May your year be Loving, Creative, and abound in Kindness.

I spent New Year’s taking care of my sick dog. I wish all of us here, and the entire earth, a year filled with plenty of Blessings, Peace, Happiness, and Miracles!

Thank you, Nancy, for this wonderful forum and meeting place.

Teresa Hill, thank you for the link to your astrologer/numerologist friend. Fascinating and very much in accord with the most recent message from We Are The Arcturians.


She does really interesting stuff. Follow her on Facebook and you’ll see.

Happy New Year. CA is officially a Green State http://www.sfgate.com

Happy New Year All!
Pray this is the year our world totally awakens!
“On its hundredth birthday in 1959, Edward Teller warned the oil industry about global warming”


Iran Horoscope Astrology Prediction
by Jessica Adams

Just like people, countries also have ‘birth’ horoscopes. Beautiful and ancient Iran – home of Persian cats and also cool revolutionary cats – has seen many birth moments in her history, but the astrology chart for Iran which works best – for the current break for freedom – is 1st February 1979. Take a deep breath, because the Supermoon at the end of January 2018 is huge. If you’re going to make just one Iran horoscope astrology prediction – it is this. January 30th, 31st and February 1st 2018 are D-Day. And it’s the start of something that goes on for years….



Ryan Zinke has recommended three major marine monuments be reduced to allow greater commercial fishing, prompting anguish from environmental groups


Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew said the Trump administration’s decision to add a significant amount of debt through last year’s tax legislation is leaving the country broke.

“It’s a ticking time bomb in terms of the debt,” Lew said in a Bloomberg Radio interview with Tom Keene and Jonathan Ferro. “You cannot run a fiscal policy by spending trillions of dollars you don’t have at a time that the economy is doing well.”



we care about everybody and they don’t


ABSOLUTELY PERFECT: Roy Moore’s Jewish lawyer voted for Doug Jones

By Brainwrap
Tuesday Jan 02, 2018 · 1:53 PM PST

A New Year’s Day Parade for ‘Medicare for All’ Signals Energized Battle Ahead in California

“People are hip to faux solutions and incrementalism and are not buying it. They want Medicare for All—and they want it now.”



We Don’t Need Insurance We Need Medicare For All

Could we have ever learned as much about ourselves, the US electorate, in any other way? Could any other person have exposed so much dysfunction within himself than this President? As transiting Pluto (in Trump’s 5th house of creativity and drama) moves away from the square with his natal Jupiter – which trines his natal Uranus (in his 10th house of public exposure) – we say goodbye to the gift from the gods; a picture of just how bad it could get, and just how good we had it before.

Some day we will be grateful for this awareness, painful though it has been to gain it, but hold on, transiting Saturn (now also in Trump’s 5th house of drama and kids and fun) will square Trump’s natal 2nd house Neptune one month from now and that will be amazing to watch. The 2nd house of anyone’s chart describes what the individual values most of all and that usually includes his possessions.

The Trump 2nd house natal Neptune is in Libra the sign of partnership and Libra is associated with the 7th house. Trump’s 7th house is where TRANSITING Neptune is and will remain for the next 7+ years. Neptune dissolves. Will Melania leave him I wonder to myself.

Transiting Saturn will mess with Trump’s natal Neptune off and on through mid November, about the time transiting Mars hits Trump’s 7th house cusp. Days later trans. Mars will square trans. Jupiter who will be in Trump’s natal 4th house of home and family.

By then the transiting North Node (path forward) will be in Trump’s 11th house of friends – in Cancer – and the transiting South Node (release) will be in his 5th house of fun and games – in Capricorn. One can only wonder.

Teresa hill, op-Ed in NYT about Steel’s dossier is probably the shock and awe to which Eileen Nauman was alluding. I’ll have to go back and see what the next date she mentioned was.

Ah! The Power of the Wolf Moon at 2 Cancer kissing the US natal Venus at 3 Cancer.

Rather exciting news published by the NYT about Trump’s money and Dossier. Fusion GPS gave the NYT a bombshell! Pretty revealing, and shames the Rep. Congress for pretending they didn’t know, AND their trying to trash the Russia Investigation by Mueller. The Reps have been lying and obstruction justice.

Wait till the next Super Moon/Eclipse!

I forgot to mention, Fusion GPS wants the full transcript of their testimony to 3 Congressional Committees made public! They are sick and tired of being represented by the Trumpistas.

Shame works.

Jerry, I would be so happy for Iran if Majorie Orr’s predictions manifest as the Aquarius planetary vibes build. I have had a few lovely Iranian friends and have known for years (mostly due to books I’ve read) that so many of the younger people (and Iran’s population is young) resent the religious police and fanaticism. The country has so much potential to be a light unto the world.

Barbk@6:05: “Could we have ever learned as much about ourselves, the US electorate, in any other way? ”
Indeed! Perfectly put.

A good analysis:

Will Donald Trump Destroy the Presidency?
He disdains the rule of law. He’s trampling norms of presidential behavior. And he’s bringing vital institutions down with him.
Jack Goldsmith October 2017 Issue

“Trump is a Frankenstein’s monster of past presidents’ worst attributes: Andrew Jackson’s rage; Millard Fillmore’s bigotry; James Buchanan’s incompetence and spite; Theodore Roosevelt’s self-aggrandizement; Richard Nixon’s paranoia, insecurity, and indifference to law; and Bill Clinton’s lack of self-control and reflexive dishonesty.”

Where will we politically in 2020?

Four Possibilities:
Democratic Decay
DJT has chipped away at our democracy. By 2020 a hollowed out, weakened shell of democracy lingers on.

(2) The Forerunner
DJT has paved the way for a far more polished, more powerful successor with the same ideology, but someone more effective at eroding democracy.

(3) American Authoritarianism
A mass terrorist attack or national security crisis has aided a Trumpian power grab. In the state of emergency a Muslim registry is established and thousands are arbitrarily detained.

(4) A more optimistic view: The Trump Vaccine
Trump is a weakened, ineffective strain of authoritarian populism. Americans have put partisan differences aside to repudiate him. The people affirm the democratic principles which unite the country. Democratic norms which the Donald violated become law which all future presidents must obey

RE: your Dec.6th posting
“I became convinced if Trump served out all four years but was not re-elected, the militia end of the lunatic fringe would start their war. They want it too badly — and they’re looking for any reason, as well as a plan that could give them an “in” for doing some real terrorist damage.”

I am a Zen target shooter, therefore a person who hob-knobs with other gun owners. Many of them are political moderates, some are liberals and/or progressives, and some are conservative. I never advertise the fact that I’ve been a Dem. Socialist from childhood since 1963, or my work for the cause of Civil Rights in the 60’s, or that I am pro-vegetarian; I don’t talk about politics with many, but I listen very, very carefully.

I have friends who are Trump supporters who know I did not vote for him but who nevertheless mistakenly perceive me as one of them, as a fellow conservative. As I was at one time a criminal investigator, and have worked intimately with law enforcement, they often assume I think the way they do about poor people or the accused, immigrants, the LGBT community or people of color.

The Trumpists in this part of Texas are very much like a number of guys with whom I went to high school. “The South Shall Rise Again!” they frequently asserted. And many still fly the Confederate battle flag. They see themselves as heroes, and many would love to get into a fight with those they perceive as “Liberals,” so overly demonized that they would believe they were doing a noble thing in dispatching such “traitors.”

Jill Wine-Banks, Watergate prosecutor and former head of the American Bar Association was on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show tonight. She has come to the same conclusion as have I. She believes “the militia end of the lunatic fringe” might indeed start their war if the eventual impeachment is not bi-partisan and in general agreement as to the facts of the case.

IMHO, I think most Liberals and Progressives have no idea how deep and abiding is the desire of that “lunatic fringe” to “cleanse” and “purge” this nation, or how much they would enjoy it. If it goes that way I believe it will mostly take place in red and purple states. Although I grew up here in Texas, I’ve long thought of the PNW as my true home. I lived there for many years and will return by this summer.

2018 overview


“We will not only intensify the struggle against Trumpism, we will increase our efforts to spread the progressive vision in every corner of the land.” Senator Bernie Sanders 2018

Alaska enjoys balmy temps while rest of the country freezes



Amazon patents a mirror that lets you try on clothes, virtually

New post up:


I recently ran across an article on Kepler College’s site, and it makes a case for Mr. Trump’s commonly used birth time as being possibly intentionally inaccurate.