9th Sep, 2017

September Madness

The news cycle is so relentless and manic these days that the unrestrainedly furious response I began to write over the DACA repeal is already in the ash heap of history. Bowing to recent applause for his sharp shift in direction, the ever-excitable Trump has just made a deal with “Nancy and Chuck” and written a hopeful tweet to the Dreamers. Who knows what next week might bring from the Unpredictable One. For the moment, I reserve comment.

In the meantime, we are all swept away in the reality of the historically powerful and huge Hurricane Irma following on the heels of the equally historical deluge and destruction of Hurricane Harvey. Despite what weirdo faith poseurs say about “blaming the gays” for these catastrophes, it is notable that they have hit the two most populous Republican states, both of whose governments absolutely deny climate change, refuse any attempts to mitigate its effects, and despise government handouts. Just sayin’.

From an astrological perspective, these two disasters seem to fit into the rubric of the recent full solar eclipse that traversed the sky in the US on August 21. Such an event would have been seen by traditional astrologers as an omen of some form of catastrophe. And here we are, with twin calamities wreaking havoc in both Texas and Florida, the vast and overwhelming devastation of the Caribbean islands, as well as the worst flooding in a decade in South Asia and the strongest earthquake in a century in Mexico, in just the past few days.

Moreover, the long station of Saturn opposite the US Mars (21Gemini23) culminates around mid-day on Sunday, September 10, after which we will begin to see the dissipation of a two-month period of upset and intense stress.  Despite its waning energy, however, this Saturn transit will be triggered late on the 10th to about 1 AM on the 11th by a quincunx from the Moon, as well as during all of September 13, by a square from the Sun, and an opposition from the Moon in the early morning. Expect some difficult news on that day, potentially from the continuing impact of the storm. Nonetheless, the waning energy of this transit suggests some mitigation by the 11th, after 1 AM, perhaps by a downgrade of the storm’s potency or its trajectory moving further west.

Also in the US chart, is the beginning of the Saturn transit square to US Neptune (22Virgo25), from September 11 through October 4. This transit suggests a quelling of any unrealistic military scheming as a healthy dose of reality hits the tendency for American grandiosity. There is also a great deal of fear and anxiety that extends for weeks, which might relate to people being upset by the general state of things, both domestic and foreign, and an acute awareness of the difficulty handling current circumstances in Texas and Florida easily and with dispatch.

Although the US chart improves somewhat after October 4, for our sketchy Oval Office Resident and his Inaugural chart, trouble begins again during the last week of September continuing through November12.  From September 26 to October 12, Saturn will oppose his Sun (22Gemini56), frustrating and blocking his goals and causing him difficulty in any area where he has not been very disciplined and cautious.  This is followed by Saturn quincunx his Saturn (23Cancer48) from October 10 to October 23, and Saturn quincunx his Venus (25Cancer44), from November 1 to November 12, both of which point to intense criticism and negative poll numbers.

The Inaugural chart, which is essentially the chart of the Trump administration, points to significant trouble for the entire month of October, with transiting Saturn returning to its natal position (23Sagittarius37) and then square to Mars (24Pisces22) and semisquare to the Moon (9 Scorpio22). This suggests a very vigorous blocking of his agenda and a potent period of protest against him. Furthermore, transiting Uranus will be square to the Inaugural Midheaven (26Capricorn13) from October 2 through October 26, and given the concurrence of Saturn transits, suggests unexpected, powerful revelations and events that impact this presidency in a negative way. Perhaps Mueller’s efforts will coalesce into an unexpected magic bullet? If not, we may be stuck for the duration of this endless and horrifying roller coaster ride.


Bless you Nancy, the voice of reason and sanity.

From September 26 to October 12, Saturn will oppose his Sun (22Gemini56), frustrating and blocking his goals and causing him difficulty in any area where he has not been very disciplined and cautious. — SO, given that he’s virtually never disciplined or cautious, this could block all that he does ?!?

fierywoman – In a word, yes. I almost included something along those lines, but decided to withhold my snarkiness.

I am particularly interested in what that Uranus square to Inaugural MC will do. If I remember, there were a lot of transformational revelations regarding Russia during the last crossing.

Fiery woman,

That was what struck me — disciplined and cautious from Trump? Then he has no hope of anything going well for him.

From Anne ortelee’s newsletter:

“We saw huge devastation with Hurricane Harvey, and it seems that Irma will be at least as bad. Because there are FOUR planets in Cancer in the US natal chart, I am (reluctantly) expecting two more hurricanes, for a total of four, to strike here, before the Eclipse-aftermath period wraps up on September 18th (when Venus triggers the Solar Eclipse point). I would not be surprised if both Jose and Katia, currently swirling in the Atlantic, made landfall in the US, shortly after Irma does. ”


The drugmaker Allergan announced Friday that it had transferred its patents on a best-selling eye drug to the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe in upstate New York — an unusual gambit to protect the drug from a patent dispute.

Under the deal, which involves the dry-eye drug Restasis, Allergan will pay the tribe $13.75 million. In exchange, the tribe will claim sovereign immunity as grounds to dismiss a patent challenge through a unit of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The tribe will lease the patents back to Allergan, and will receive $15 million in annual royalties as long as the patents remain valid.

The surprising legal move rippled quickly through the pharmaceutical world on Friday, setting off speculation about whether other drug companies would soon follow suit in order to protect their patents from challenges through a patent-review process that the industry despises.




December 1966, Cambridge, MA

December 18, 2011 Los Angeles CA


Katia formed in the Gulf of Mexico and has already made landfall in Mexico. Jose has turned north, more or less in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, not striking the islands that Irma did a number on several days ago. The only thing that seems to be in Jose’s path right now might be Bermuda.

So it looks like we’re catching a break on those two storms, at least.

Who knows what else will happen.

There have been terrible fires in the Pacific Northwest. Maybe those count.


I know right now that Jose is expected to turn out to sea, but it’s still far away.

Also, latest NWS bulletin about Katia says,

RAINFALL: The remnants of Katia are expected to produce additional
rainfall accumulations of 3 to 6 inches over central and northern
Veracruz, eastern Hidalgo, and northern Puebla through this
afternoon. Isolated maximum amounts of 8 inches are possible. This
rainfall will continue the risk of life-threatening flash floods
and mudslides, especially in areas of mountainous terrain.”

So, still a threat, but doesn’t look like one to the US.

Nancy, thank you for putting all of this Neptunian soup into a clearer perspective (the full moon in Pisces conj trans Neptune surely left it’s imprint, plus the mars/mercury aspects to the eclipse degree).

Barb, thank you, too, for your ongoing explanation of the patterns and the aspects to major asteroids. I, too, have the weariness you speak of. My friend attributed it to a large solar flare. It’s been a tough summer for the world. I don’t think the U.S. can bear 2 more hurricanes, Teresa. Katia is dissipating and Jose looks like it’s going away from us. I check the national hurricane center cone projections every 3 hrs during peak hurricane season, as I have done for the last 30 years! I’ve noticed that the most dangerous period seems to be the last week of August, first week of September, give or take a few days. Let’s see if that holds true. I hope what is happening now wakes up those whose eyes are closed to climate change and Trump continues to move away from the traditional Republican stance, should he stay in office. The Mayor of Miami-Dade county, a Republican, just chided the Repubicans by saying “This is the time to talk about climate change.” https://thinkprogress.org/miami-mayor-irma-climate-change-06f79acce55d/

Wow, Nancy. I don’t know how you wrote this with “just the facts, ma’am, just the facts.” I’ve been feeling every bit of the fear others are feeling (I’ve never been able to put a stop to that psychic empathy, but would i want to?)

Trump’s astro outlook/projections do not surprise me in the least. Everything he’s ever done is for show. He’s no more a business man than I am a ballet dancer. And he’s certainly no statesman. What does wrench my heart is the effect he has on those who are, like he, absolutely heartless.


I certainly don’t want two more major disasters. Just posting what Anne said.

Peak hurricane season depends on where you are. August and early September for the gulf coast, mid September to mid October for the Atlantic coast, based on ocean temps and prevailing winds. But that could shift from global warming.

Looking at Starlight’s new post, I wonder if Irma could create major flooding in Tennessee on the 13th. Not as a different storm, but a different and surprising disaster area.

once again Nancy, a great big thanks.

Amid the craziness, this warmed my heart.

” While McKinley Tech students in Washington, D.C., were still settling into a new year of classes Friday, in walked the former president of the United States. “I do believe that most of the problems we have are going to be solved by you.” ”

latest warnings indicate there are tornados forming in Florida’s fort pierce area, ahead of irma

Ed tamplin this week: The Korean War, and 22 degrees Sag

A rather incredible new study from researchers at the University of California has found that climate change could wipe out a third of all parasitic species on Earth by the end of 2070, which would be in many people’s lifetimes. Climate change would destroy parasites like tapeworms, ticks, lice, and fleas, which might sound like a good thing but could upset the balance of the ecosystem in ways we don’t realize.

The study, which took a year and involved analyzing 20 million parasites at the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum of Natural History, indicates that parasites may be the most threatened creature on Earth when it comes to climate change. It’ll be tough to communicate to the public why that’s a bad thing, but there’s no question that it will lead to major problems for the planet.


Thank you, Nancy, so many thanks for everything you write!

The West is on fire, overlooked in all the hurricane reporting. Major, multiple fires in Oregon, Montana, Washington and California. Smoke and ash destroying air quality far beyond the immediate fire damaged areas. Oregon started first and is particularly hard hit, making this non-astrologist wonder about connection to the eclipse since it entered the US in Oregon.

The West is burning, and the South is flooding. How can Republicans keep denying climate change?



Weather Charts


if true, this gives a whole new meaning to the term “anchor babies”

Noooooo. Please don’t let us be “stuck for the duration of this endless and horrifying roller coaster ride.” Unfortunately, despite his many gaffs and challenges, you-know-who is still thriving, and base remains ardent, resilient and ever hopeful.

Thank you, Nancy/Starlight. I always enjoy and appreciate your posts.

Climate Change… anyone denying it (beyond the 25-30% of the population who believes nothing that comes from “learning”) are evil, greedy, self-centered and uncaring of their own families.

‘The ocean is missing’: Irma is so strong it’s sucking the water away from the shore for miles.


BTW… this is not a tsunami. And it has been validated as true; it’s not fake news.

Blew me away… and, being Craft for 40+ years, gave me cold chills to see the blood of the Mother missing. This is so wrong…

Not so much noticed because of Irma, but Trump did something rather unusual by combining the debt ceiling and hurricane relief and passing it with the support of the Dems. Also backing off DACA. All of it interesting, though probably temporary.



Hope somebody can pick up on this. I am dealing with pain in my head so intense it is hard for me to think.

I think new, young, leaders and the younger generations (not just students but all young people, married or single) of the world will force a redistribution of the wealth of the world. We are seeing younger people filling positions of power (Canada, soon England, and from the tone of things soon the U.S. – still to come – Germany, France, and others). The billions can be in touch with each other instantly or within hours if they have to find a work around from being blocked.

Makes sense Bob; young people picking up the reigns, and with their affinity for the newest communication systems means they are ahead of the game compared to their parents generation. Hope you are feeling better by now.

Here at home, with transiting Neptune in the U.S. chart’s 3rd house of communications and of young people, all the while Neptune is exactly square the U.S. ascendant at 12+ Sagittarius, might have some bearing on your theory. No doubt emergency services and other forms of aid have utilized communication methods in ways not dreamed (Neptune!) of 10 years ago.

A FEMA spokesperson on TV remarked on the rapid response to the need for shelters, especially when Irma headed for the west coast of Florida and away from the east coast. Minutes count in times like this.

As an aside, Neptune in the 3rd and square U.S ascendant has successfully stopped the 24-7 coverage of Trump hasn’t it? If for no other reason, he (and we) must be grateful for a distraction from the profane to the real things in life that matter. Is that why we are all so exhausted?

Storm is already moving a bit further west. Saturn transit to US Mars exact around mid day today:

“Moreover, the long station of Saturn opposite the US Mars (21Gemini23) culminates around mid-day on Sunday, September 10, after which we will begin to see the dissipation of a two-month period of upset and intense stress. Despite its waning energy, however, this Saturn transit will be triggered late on the 10th to about 1 AM on the 11th by a quincunx from the Moon, as well as during all of September 13, by a square from the Sun, and an opposition from the Moon in the early morning. Expect some difficult news on that day, potentially from the continuing impact of the storm. Nonetheless, the waning energy of this transit suggests some mitigation by the 11th, after 1 AM, perhaps by a downgrade of the storm’s potency or its trajectory moving further west.

An Inconvenient Sequel:


Much of what you have written stirs palpably in my solar plexus. Schpilkas started early yesterday morning for me, including some troubling dreams and fearful thoughts. Dreamt of massive waves coming on shore and sucling what seemed like thousands of u people out to see….heard what I thought at first were bubbles popping around a swirling drain but upon clearer focus was a bottleneck of human heads cracking against each other.
Woke up shaken.

Am I a ray of sunshine or what?

The video of parts of Tampa Bay empty of water it’s one of the most bazaare sights I have ever seen.

This is how powerful The hurricane is. It’s capable of pulling the water out of Tampa Bay, and after the eye passes, it will push all the water and more back in.

Bob, hope you are feeling a bit better – your thoughts tie in very nicely with Obama’s words to the students at McKinley Tech.

Florida Sheriff To Gun Nuts: Don’t Shoot At Hurricane Irma, Morons
After over 50,000 people join a Facebook group saying they will shoot Irma, a Florida Sheriff’s Department warns them not to.


alex… I just finished reading that item about the gun nuts, and could hardly believe what I was reading! I know they’re over the rainbow with gun freedoms, but sheesh! This is stupidity on so many levels it’s hard to list them all!

Where have all the functioning brain cells gone?!


I think this has something to do with it: fear conditioning


The low road is a pathway which is able to transmit a signal from a stimulus to the thalamus, and then to the amygdala, which then activates a fear-response in the body. … In more developed animals, the high road and the low road work simultaneously to provide both fear-response and perceptual feedback.

Fear conditioning – Wikipedia


speaking of functioning brain cells, trump thinks primarily in terms of selling things, he can’t help himself: regarding Irma, he chose to say – “branding for the coast guard has been helped enormously”

Fans of Fox & Friends lashed out on Sunday after anchor Shepard Smith preempted the final two hours of the Sunday morning show for coverage of Hurricane Irma.


Irma is charging due North, which will take her eye east of Tampa — good news for Tampa — but closer to Orlando than expected, and I have to wonder if the track through Georgia and Tennessee will be farther east than anyone expected.

Forecast still calls for a turn to NNW, but so far, no western motion.

Also, returning home from this storm is bound to be a nightmare, between all the power lines down — no traffic signals — gas shortages and the sheer volume of people who evacuated.

Communities will keep people from returning if they can, if the damage is bad enough. They’ll need to clear streets, do search and rescue, see if buildings have been too damaged to be safe, have hospitals up and running, and people worried about how their homes fared during the storm will be furious being kept away and not knowing.

interesting astro tidbits on the charts of white house players
Sessions going down?
Bannon certainly seems to be biting the dust lately

Here and abroad, Trump’s wealthy backers understand that his populist rhetoric is a masquerade.


Special Advisor to the President on Regulatory Reform

In office
January 20, 2017 – August 18, 2017


Herbert George Wells
DOB: 21 September 1866 at 16:30 (4:30 PM) , Bromley, England,

Natal Boomerang Aspect

Venus 14 Scorpio
Fixed Star Vega 15 Capricorn
Mercury 19 Virgo
Pluto 14 Taurus

Michael Wolfstar:


Kiwi, thanks for letting us know about Obama’s visit to McKinley High School. God bless him.


yod- boomerang

do you recall the name ( female ) astrologer who has nice page on Yod/boomerang… I can’t find her with search engine …we have both posted her several times in the past

Ive been pondering what would come from Irma’s effect on mega wealthy Virgin Airlines Branson, and his ability/capacity to speak to the others in his wealthy sphere of influence as well as govt contacts.
– Marjorie writes about him this morning

Elisabeth Grace:


So I wonder how much of the contemplated federal aid $$$$ will be going to the wealthy to rebuild in the same high risk areas, versus meagre handout $s to those who are living on the bones-of-their-as** already?
It could be very interesting to track – imo the greedy wealthy like trump are among the first to claim tax bene’s while screaming bloody murder about having to pay toward the tax ‘bank’.

alex, here is the link on a printout from 2012; hope it is still viable . .


I just came across this from april – another despicable law passed by trump, under the radar without wide publicity


meaning and interpretation of boomerang is all over the web – I was looking for a specific person who seems to have disappeared and (bother) I can’t recall her name

Beth Owl’s daughter:


Thanks Ja, for the Beth Owl’s Daughter link. I haven’t visited that site in years and although I’m not familiar with the art of Tarot, I respect its divination properties (and those who know how to use them) as much as I do astrology.

The “yods” in Tarot, I’m going to assume, have much in common with the Yods in astrology (sometimes called the Finger of God). I recall that Lorrie U used to write about the meanings of numbers and said the number “22” was a highly spiritual number (as was the number “11”). There are 22 yods in the Tower card.

What I find remarkable about the astrological Yod is that it actually does “point” to a symbol. In two of the Yods in the August 21 eclipse chart one points to the trans-Neptunian object, Typhon, and the other points to Chiron, the healer and/or the wounder, and/or the Teacher. These are patently clear in their meanings in this case and are in concert with the Tarot reading from Owl’s Daughter.

I especially appreciated her noting that those displaced persons from Texas and Florida (due to the disastrous effects of the hurricanes) might better comprehend and relate to the plight of the Syrian refugees and those from other countries fleeing for their lives. It is a big part of the meaning of the total solar eclipse IMO. The Great Awakening.

Thank you, barbk. I have also thought often of the refugees these past two weeks.

barbk, I believe 22 = material manifestation and 11 = spiritual manifestation in numerology. I’ll leave it to you to figure out spiritual manifestation of what. My own thought is that we need to start focusing on what we want to manifest and not on our fears or what we don’t want. Make sense?

Banks, I appreciate the numerology clarification and yes, it does make sense that we should now focus on what we want to manifest rather than what we fear. Good to hear from you.

Watching Rachel Maddow’s story on the connection between FaceBook and Russia made me think of Mercury and wonder where he was in the U.S Solar Return chart. It was me opening a can of worms in that the 2017 solar return for the U.S. is a maze of connections that defies any attempt to make an easy observation of the year for the U.S. between July 2017 and June 2018.

I chose not to tackle it earlier this year and frankly, I’m not ready to do so yet. However, since I was intrigued by Mercury’s role in this cycle, what with the super amount of “news” and data (emails from Donald Jr., dossiers, etc.), I can tell you that the U.S. solar return Mercury has a finger in a lot of pies.

For starters, U.S. solar return Mercury at 28+ Cancer is in a grand trine with solar return Moon in Scorpio and solar return Chiron in Pisces. This Mercury was also making an exact square to solar return Uranus. He was also opposite the U.S. Pluto in Capricorn.

U.S. solar return Mercury rules the sign on the IC (roots from which all else springs) of the U.S. solar return chart, and he rules the descendant (the partner, or the open enemy) of this chart.

U.S. solar return chart’s Mercury influences 2 planets in Gemini, Venus at 0+ Gemini (whom he sextiles) and Ceres at 27+ Gemini ( whom he semi-sextiles). Altogether Mercury in the U.S. solar return chart for this present time is dancing as fast as he can.

Solar Return Mercury is quincunx the centaur Pholus in Sagittarius in this chart and this Pholus is sextile the U.S. natal Moon (the masses) in Aquarius, putting SR Mercury in the Yod apex position where he must shift to accommodate that relationship. Something trickster Mercury can do in his sleep.

It may be the U.S. Sun’s solar return, but it seems that the little sun grazer is the ringmaster in this circus. Did I mention Mercury was opposite U.S. natal Pluto in this year’s solar return chart?

Okay, well then I’ve not yet mentioned that the U.S. Pluto in Capricorn is sextile the Scorpio Moon in the solar return chart and together they form a Yod with solar return Ceres in Gemini, and solar return Mercury rules Gemini so therefore he has a lot to say regarding Ceres in this chart.

I’ll go out on a limb here and say that I think we can consider Ceres, herself a mother figure and a nurturer in general, being in Gemini (communication), could symbolize FaceBook in this instance.

She, Ceres, aka FaceBook, is being pushed to adjust (Ceres being at the apex of the Yod) by U.S. Pluto (powers that be like Mueller maybe?) in Capricorn and the solar return Moon (masses) in Scorpio (secrets) to reveal any influential ties to Russia that might have affected the 2016 election.

Remember this chart’s Mercury has influence over Ceres and as well rules the 7th house of open enemies in this chart. The square in this chart between Uranus (breakthroughs) and Mercury (data), and the addition of the U.S Pluto (hidden secrets of the powerful), turns it into a T-square. If only there were somebody in the Libra quadrant it would be a grand cross in cardinal (action) signs.

Transiting Jupiter will be at 27+ Libra by the end of September, completing the time-lapse U.S. solar return grand cardinal cross, as well as opposing the transiting Uranus in Aries. It’s not just a U.S. solar return thing.

Putin has a natal Pholus (small cause, big effect) at 29+ Capricorn, only 2 degrees from the U.S. natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn which is opposite the U.S. solar return Mercury at 28+ Cancer.

That is my brief but remarkable theory of what one of the multitude of threads of the U.S 2017 solar return chart holds. A coming grand cross, ie. 4 squares, 2 oppositions, that has ties to Russia/Putin (Mercury rules 7th house in solar return.)

Solar return Jupiter (understanding) was at 14+ Libra last July and conjunct the U.S. natal Saturn (established order) at 14+ Libra. This Jupiter squared the U.S. Sun too, and solar return Neptune at 14+ Pisces retrograde was quincunx SR Jupiter. Come January, 2018, the transiting North Node will reach 14+ Leo.

That means in January, the transiting NN will sextile the U.S. solar return Jupiter at 14+ Libra (+U.S. Saturn). Their sextile will form a Yod to the U.S. solar return Neptune in Pisces (necessary to adjust) who trines the U.S natal and solar return Sun. Perhaps something that has been disguised or misrepresented (Neptune) for months and months will then be revealed as false (Neptune) and that revelation will benefit the core principles of the U.S. (SR Neptune trine U.S. Sun).

What do you want to bet me?

There are 3 commonly held Master Numbers 11, 22, and 33. There is also a fourth some of us use – “44.” For me, each of these can be represented not only thru the Tarot and Astrologically, but also thru the Elemental vibrations.

The essence of each Master Number is to gradually grow in your spiritual path, while expressing that growth through mundane manifestation, To be a Seeker after Truth is good; but to not manifest what you learn thru your works on earth truncates the lesson (and your own growth).

Each MN has its own vibration, which would then be expressed differently on earth. “33”, for example, is one the world is failing horribly right now (IMO). It’s the one known as “Christ-consciousness.” It’s expression is self-sacrifice, protection of others, and justice for others… on a global (not community) scale.

Just an FYI– I LOVE Numerology — and I HATE Math! (LOL) Master Numbers are not limited to what I’ve listed above. These are just the most commonly known. Just like there are many degrees to be attained in the Masonic Lodge, there are many steps (MN) to be mastered before the Soul of a Seeker completes it’s journey back to the Godhead.

Thanks slightkc, I visited your website and now I know where to go to get info on numerology!

There is another possible insight in the August 21 solar eclipse chart regarding the present U.S. tragedies. It is the eclipse chart’s exact opposition between Ceres at 17+ Cancer (4 degrees from U.S. natal Sun) and Pluto at 17+ Capricorn retrograde.

They were exactly T-squared by the U.S. PROGRESSED RETROGRADE Mars at 17+ Libra which was conjunct transiting Jupiter at 20+ Libra.

A reminder that Trump’s natal Jupiter is also at 17+ Libra and his natal Uranus (breakthrough) at 17+ Gemini trines both his Jupiter and the U.S.PROGRESSED RETROGRADE Mars.

In the U.S. natal chart 17+ Libra falls in the 10th house (public) on the midpoint between U.S. natal Saturn (integrity) at 14+ Libra and the U.S natal Juno (disempowered) at 20+ Libra, and of course she opposes the U.S. Chiron (pain leads to wisdom) at 20+ Aries.

In the solar eclipse chart TRANSITING Mars was at 20+ Leo (in the U.S. natal 8th house of shared $$ resources) and exactly trine the U.S. Chiron in Aries (U.S. 4th house family ties). Transiting Mars was also exactly sextile Jupiter (expanded wisdom) in Libra who was conjunct the U.S. Juno.

Seems to me to be a lesson in love and values and that brings us to Venus who, in the Leo Solar Eclipse chart was conjunct the U.S. natal Mercury, both at 24+ Cancer in the U.S. 8th house of shared resources.

Barbk, further to your comment about Trump (for which reminder, thank you): “…Trump’s natal Jupiter is also at 17+ Libra and his natal Uranus (breakthrough) at 17+ Gemini trines both his Jupiter and the U.S.PROGRESSED RETROGRADE Mars.”

It is nerve wracking that Trump keeps skipping through the disasters he causes and the ones he doesn’t without any sign of wising up, or evidence of any serious thoughtful consideration of his actions or his role as President. It keeps coming back (in my mind) to that protective Regulus on his ascendant and the natal Jupiter/Uranus combo where even the trouble he causes has a good side for him. In the aspect you point out, there is transiting Jupiter trining the Mars Rx, softening its impact on him.

Don’t know what if anything will ever “get to” him, or if there is even anything in him that can be “got to”. Will the Teflon wear off? The country rages on endlessly about him, but he and his orange hair, blowing hurricanes or whatever, keep marching like it’s all ok! Blah.

In addition to the Great American Eclipse of 2017, other cycles influence our (USA) present times. For example the cycle between SATURN and PLUTO that initiated on Nov. 7th 1982, at 27+ Libra squares the U.S. Pluto (27+ Capricorn) and is opposite the present trans. Uranus (27+ Aries rx). Saturn and Pluto in 1982 were also trine the U.S. natal Moon in Aquarius.

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction in 1982 was sextile Neptune in Sagittarius (where trans. Saturn is now) and they formed a Yod to Chiron in Taurus (where trans. Sedna is now).

Then there is the CHIRON-NEPTUNE cycle that began in February, 2010, at 26+ Aquarius and was conjunct the Sun (symbol of consciousness) at 28+ Aquarius which was opposite last month’s Leo Solar Eclipse. Vesta (what we invest in) in this Chiron-Neptune conjunction chart was opposite them and just one degree from where the Leo Solar Eclipse took place.

On the 24th of this month transiting Jupiter in Libra will oppose the degree where Juno was at the time Chiron and Neptune were conjunct in 2010, 26 Aries 38, (close to opposing where trans. Uranus will be too) and further activate that cycle which began in a conjunction to the U.S. Aquarian Moon.

That means on Sept. 24, trans. Jupiter will also be exactly sextile the U.S natal Pallas at 26+ Aquarius which is conjunct the U.S. Moon at 27+ Aquarius.

Trans. JUPITER will also be activating his own cycle with NEPTUNE which also began at 26+ Aquarius (conjunct U.S. Pallas and U.S. Moon) in May, 2009. Mars was at 26+ Aries at the time and sextiled them. Transiting Uranus retrograde is activating that Mars. (see alex’s article on single payer bill)

Right now trans. Chiron at 26+ Pisces retrograde is at the midpoint of the sextile between Jupiter-Neptune in Aquarius and Mars in Aries back in 2009. That Chiron (wounding, healing) which is transiting right now is conjunct the degree where Uranus was at the time of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, 26+Pisces.

Most likely there are other cycles being activated due to this Leo Solar Eclipse but these 3 have an affinity with the U.S. natal chart and therefore have much input as to how the Leo total eclipse expresses itself.

It helps me to understand how major upheavals come about; not just a whim of Mother Nature or some powerful person wanting more power, it is a confluence of various energies dispersed over decades (sometimes centuries) designed (as in a plan) to bring about changes that support evolution.

We may not comprehend such a vast overview but if it’s true that Saturn rules Time (as I’m sure he does) and that Saturn separates those planets that orbit the Sun from those outer planets more recently “discovered” by Man, then Saturn symbolizes the limited view we have of Life.

Maybe we are in the throes of gaining a much greater view, we mortals. A new age perhaps.

Trans. Saturn will reach the Galactic Center degree late in November, just as trans. Jupiter and Neptune trine one another, and trans. Uranus squares the U.S. Mercury (but trans. Chiron trines U.S. Mercury), and just as trans. Pluto arrives (again) in the degree where the Uranus-Neptune cycle began in 1993 . . .

. . . maybe then we might see further than we ever (as a whole) have seen before. Saturn moves into his own sign of Capricorn just before Christmas and I still believe in Santa.

barbk, Starlight, and others who’ve spent decades studying Astrology… I stand in awe of your depth of knowledge!

barbk, reading your post 6:25 makes my head spin with all the connections, and yet they “feel” true and I can see the energy linkages. A grand plan to open us up to a wider view of the Universe — of Mankind? I hope so; it’s what I’d always viewed the Age of Aquarius ushering us into.

BTW… barbk, if you ever want some info on the Tarot, all the articles, charts, etc., you find on my website are from a book I wrote several years ago. It’s been updated twice since writing, and is due another update soon. Like Astrology, or any of our Arts and Sciences, the more you learn the more you realize how much more there is to know!


Canadian doctor schooled America at Sanders’ Medicare for all announcement

By Egberto Willies
Wednesday Sep 13, 2017 · 1:44 PM PDT

today dailykos

Canadian doctor schooled America at Sanders’ Medicare for all announcement

By Egberto Willies
Wednesday Sep 13, 2017 · 1:44 PM PDT

The Shiftpod was originally created for new age hippies partying at Burning Man, but now they’re being used by refugees and disaster preparedness groups.

Shiftpod creator Christian Weber started by making his shelters for friends headed to Burning Man, but soon realized the innovative pods could provide warmth and safety for displaced people.

So he launched his own company, Advanced Shelter Systems Inc (ASSI), in California, and from the beginning decided to donate one Shiftpod for every 20 sold.


Correction to my comment above, “transiting Jupiter trining the Mars Rx” – in fact, it is Trump’s natal Jupiter Rx (not transit) that is conjunct Sibly progressed Mars Rx at 17 Libra. They are trine to Trump’s natal Uranus in his 10th house of reputation and career. Whatever outrageous thing he does (Uranus), that Jupiter is always there to back him up.

Sorry, it is too easy to bash off a post and not record the chart references correctly. Easier to see it on an actual chart!

In any case, the Sibly prog. Mars Rx is conjunct Trump’s beneficial Jupiter in his 2nd house of personal possessions. Since Sibly prog. Mars is Rx, there will be at least one more conjunction at a later date to Trump’s chart when the Mars goes direct.

Wouldn’t you know, Trump’s property in Florida was not severely affected by the hurricane. Just lucky (Jupiter)? However, his property in the Caribbean was damaged (Uranus). Good with the bad? Well, Trump was born with the exact trine, Jupiter/Uranus, so it fits.



Scott Frederick Turow
DOB April 12, 1949
Chicago, Illinois

Natal Yod

Jupiter 29 Capricorn (Pholus 29CP)


Pallas 28 Gemini (Uranus 27GE)
Saturn 29 Leo

National & Global Protests

August 21, 2017


I have been wondering what might have sparked Bernie Sanders to choose Medicare for All as his focus point in the political revolution; what specific personal thing in his chart narrowed down his selection to this one goal of the many revolutionary goals there are to choose from.

I found his chart buried in the middle of my chart file and long story short, transiting Chiron at 26+ Pisces retrograde is opposite Bernie’s natal Neptune at 26+ Virgo which squares his natal Ceres at 26+ Sagittarius.

The transiting Galactic Center is now at 27+ Sagittarius, but when Bernie was born in 1941 it was at 26+ Sagittarius, and so I believe the nurturing quality of Ceres underlies his drive to make the world a better place.

Because Bernie’s natal Neptune squares his natal Ceres + GC there is a challenge to bring the ethereal qualities of the GC down to the earth plane and normally Neptune wouldn’t be ideal for that job. However, his Neptune is in Virgo (as is the U.S. Neptune) and furthermore it trines his natal Saturn at 28+ Taurus and Saturn is a grounding tool.

Bernie’s natal Saturn in Taurus is conjunct his natal Uranus in Gemini at 0+ degrees,which is anything but grounding. It is the revolt in revolutionary. Something else in Taurus is Bernie’s natal chart descendant (the partner) at 25+ Taurus, just 3 degrees from his natal Saturn (that conjuncts his natal Uranus), which is trine his natal Neptune in Virgo that squares his natal Ceres in Sagittarius that is conjunct the GC.

Now here’s why I think Bernie chose healthcare to drive his revolution. Bernie’s 7th house cusp, the descendant in his chart, is conjunct Trump’s MC at 24+ Taurus and right now transiting Sedna is at 26+ Taurus retrograde. She will be at 25+ Taurus retrograde in mid December. Bernie and Trump as partners (Bernie’s 7th house cusp and Trump’s MC) and Sedna bargaining for what the People Need (you comb my hair and I’ll provide the fish you so desperately need.)

In mid November transiting Saturn will again conjunct Bernie’s natal Ceres and the GC, as will transiting Mercury. Trans. Saturn will be trine trans. Uranus. There will be a trine going on between transiting Jupiter and Neptune, and transiting Pluto will square Trump’s Jupiter and the U.S progressed Mars at 17+ Libra stimulating action – at home.

Transiting Uranus will station direct one degree from Bernie’s Mars in January. Because of these aspects and others, I think Bernie will be invigorated, Trump will be looking for another reason for the applause meter to register favorably for him, and healthcare for all will be a revolutionary act no other U.S. President (in his mind) could have achieved. It’s a win-win.



Friedrich Moser

DOB: December 7, 1969, Gmunden, Austria


Anne Ortelee:
I am (reluctantly) expecting two more hurricanes, for a total of four, to strike here, before the Eclipse-aftermath period wraps up on September 18th (when Venus triggers the Solar Eclipse point).

As of today, we have TWO new storms that just came off the African coast…….

When transiting Mars and Mercury make their 3rd of 3 conjunctions that will finally get this cycle moving forward, the 3 primary centaurs, Chiron, Nessus, Pholus will be performing a choreographed action I’ve not seen since Saturn was conjunct Neptune in 1989.

The centaurs are believed to facilitate communications between the planets found outside Saturn’s orbit with those planets inside his orbit. Who better to do that than Mercury and Mars?

In the chart for their 3rd conjunction tomorrow that initiates the 2 year cycle between them, NESSUS will oppose Mercury and Mars, CHIRON will be at the apex of a Yod he completes with Jupiter and Venus and because he will oppose the Sun as well, it becomes a Boomerang pattern.

Finally, PHOLUS in Sagittarius and conjunct the Galactic Center will trine Uranus in Aries and Venus in Leo. This Venus is 2 degrees from where the solar eclipse took place last month and she will participate in both the Chiron pattern and the Pholus pattern.

This makes Venus (love and values) prime candidate for the lead spokesperson for this 2 year cycle. Other things of note about the chart for this 3rd conjunction of Mercury and Mars is that Jupiter in Libra (part of the Chiron Boomerang pattern) is on the MC (chart set in DC) and opposite Uranus (part of the Pholus pattern) and both of them square U.S Pluto in Capricorn making it a T-square.

With Nessus provoking the Mercury-Mars conjunction, the next couple of years will, not surprisingly, contain dialogue meant to elicit venomous responses. With Mercury and Mars at 7+ Virgo square U.S. Uranus at 8+ Gemini it will be Mercury’s job to focus the reactions from those dialogues and Mars to provide them with punch.

All for a good cause. We are moving toward a goal that requires upheaval of the status quo. It is not a stretch (IMO) to see violent weather as part of the dialogue since Ceres at 27+ Cancer will complete a cardinal cross with transiting Jupiter opposite transiting Uranus and square U.S Pluto in Capricorn whom Ceres will oppose.

But, without the aid of the centaurs, would communication and understanding be possible? I think not. Each in their own way the centaurs open the channels between the personal and the collective, Without that we remain tribal beings making it near impossible to work toward a greater good.


Those two new storms at present aren’t much of anything, so I doubt they’ll be up to hurricane strength (if they even get that strong) in the next four days. Of course, they could certainly build and strike us later on this month, but I honestly think we’re safe from any new hurricane hitting us by the 18th.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if we had a major earthquake some where, or one of the fires out west did terrible damage to life and property. We are in perilous times, and I’m sure the eclipse last month is not done messing with us.

Tropical Depression 14 is one of those storms, Duchess, and here is the cone. It’s moving at 22 mph, not so slow. Let’s pray it curves straight up the Atlantic and stays at sea and far away from land.


With regard to Bernie’s chart, I regret to say that I see it rather differently – not saying that he would not be invigorated at the time, but perhaps too much. It looks (to me) to be a difficult and dangerous time for him. I do not like the progressed Saturn/Uranus conjunction on either side of his 7th cusp, opposed by his progressed midheaven in the last degrees of the 12th house, with transiting Mars applying to conjunct the ascendant, which is opposed by Algol. Somebody might be after his head, i.e. to discredit him. Been wrong many times before, but this does not look great in my book.


RE: Bernie – Progressed (it is widely accepted that …… secondary progressions often indicate slow structural transitions more than specific events;

Natal Uranus 00 Gemini (Natal Saturn 28 Taurus) and Progressed

I enjoy and look forward to the interpretative narratives & POV that you post…. here is the thing
when nationally active politicians on the world stage and their birth times are in question I usually widen the scope to suggest various narrative outcomes…if you don’t mind let me take a crack at it – – I believe P/SA/UR opposed T/MA indicates that the challenges come with some favorable light … and …September 20th New Moon at 27’27 Virgo conjunct Bernie’s Natal Neptune in Virgo…. bringing better understanding of Bernie from the public domain;


Bernie Sanders was born in New York on September 8, 1941. The time of 12:27 pm for the Bernie Sanders horoscope is rated X at Astro Databank, meaning time unknown. It comes from an unnamed, second-hand source.


Fantastic info alex; I’d lost track of Donna since she stopped writing for Dell Horoscope a few years back. Much appreciated!

Thanks, Alex, for the great comments and links. It is always super to get a ‘discussion’ going. We learn so much by sharing different, even opposing, points of view!

It will be interesting to see how it goes for Bernie. As a Canadian I am all for his approach to healthcare! Personally, I hope things turn around and get a whole lot more progressive in the US on the health front, but it appears it won’t happen very fast.

Our healthcare system in Canada is not perfect by any means and there is a trend here, too, to do more care privately. It leaves the poorest people without many choices. However, in the US, it is criminal (IMO) that there is a total lack of care for millions (millions!!!) of people. That is inhumane in the richest country in the world, and stupid. It is also a health hazard for the rest of the population (think of TB and drugs, for example).

Bernie is right, both morally and practically about healthcare. However, there are extraordinarily powerful forces that would rather see him out of business.

There is his 7th house (open enemies) in Taurus, conjunct Algol, and his 12th house (secret enemies) in Scorpio. His ruler of the 7th (Venus) is natally in the 11th (professional associates) and presently in the 2nd (money) by progression.

In January transiting Venus will be at 25 Capricorn, in trine to Bernie’s natal and prog. Neptune in Virgo, in his 10th of career, as well as applying to trine his progressed Saturn and Uranus in the 6/7th. I’m not in favour of seeing every trine as a blessing – a trine can also mean taking the easy route out, which is not necessarily the same as a win. When Venus plays with the outer planets, it’s their agenda, not hers, that wins.

Judging by his natal chart, it is no wonder that Bernie is passionate about causes. And his progressed midheaven is sitting near his ascendant now, in his 12th. Is that some sort of conclusion to his career? Are his supporters politically true believers in his causes, or are they riding the political bus? His progressed Mercury, which rules his Virgo midheaven, is going through his 12th. Mercury in the 12th is hidden news, especially when it’s in Scorpio (a water sign, i.e. mostly not visible). And transiting Mars will conjunct his ascendant in January (assuming correct asc), which could be a jolt.

Yes, there is the problem of Bernie’s uncertain birth time (esp. ascendant), but it is pretty clear that his natal chart sets Bernie up for a lot of fights over his lifetime. He is the Dem leader now, by virtue of a vacuum in the party, whereas before he was one voice in the crowd. Thus, he is a target for negative news (prog. Mercury in the 12th?) and Mercury also rules his 6th of health. He is 76 years old.

Taken together, the natal with the progressed and transit aspects look dicey to me, although it’s hard to say what could trigger what. I just don’t like the overall pattern. I hope I am wrong about this, but it looks like a tough time ahead for Bernie. True, there is transiting Jupiter about to hit his ascendant too. I would not say he will quit fighting!

In sum, there is a lot of pressure and the company Bernie keeps as a leader in his party may not all be his true friends in the cause. You don’t need astrology to see that Bernie’s life has been a series of causes. The outcome remains to be seen.

By the way, Donna Cunningham, sadly passed away in July. There is a brief and touching memorial for Donna by a wonderful long-time astrologer friend of hers, Diana Stone, in the current issue of The Mountain Astrologer. The TMA also has a blog but I don’t see a notice there.


Sorry, meant to say that Venus rules Bernie’s 6th of health in Taurus, not Mercury.

Beowulfie, amen to: “Our healthcare system in Canada is not perfect by any means and there is a trend here, too, to do more care privately. It leaves the poorest people without many choices. However, in the US, it is criminal (IMO) that there is a total lack of care for millions (millions!!!) of people. That is inhumane in the richest country in the world, and stupid. It is also a health hazard for the rest of the population (think of TB and drugs, for example).”
Im back in NZ now and feel exactly the same way regarding our system vs the US!!! Having trained as a nurse in the NZ hospital system, it was quite a shock when I moved to the USA in the 70’s. Who has the capacity to even think about what ‘choice’ is out there if one is really sick? The fine print in health insurance policies boggles the mind of even the healthiest among us! Id far rather my taxes go to help the sick than paying for bombs.

There was an interesting interview this morning on morning joe with filmmaker Ken Burns talking about his new project about the legacy of the Vietnam era – ‘history doesn’t repeat itself but it rhymes’. As well as current politics, topics brought to mind the astro similarities of today

Donna Cunningham died this year on her 75th birthday, according to Marjorie Orr.


I really liked reading her writings.


Re: Evolved

I have found and many astrologers agree that the more evolved an individual is the less they are tied to the unfavorable or limitations associated with their natal charts….

Thanks for the added comments, Kiwi & Alex. Fully agree, Kiwi and Alex, on the ‘evolved’ issue, yes, I’ve heard that said as well. On the other hand, I’ve also heard that people who are dedicated “lightworkers” (as in helping others to realize their potential in various ways) find that the work can be emotionally and physically hard and doing it can attract a lot of others’ misfortunes and pain to themselves. Similar to psychologists and other helping people who may feel overwhelmed by the suffering of their patients, etc.

Honestly, even considering the extent to which religions and philosophers try to support others and address the difficulties (and meaning) of life, I would not venture to say who is ‘evolved’ and who is not. Assuming that mass murderers don’t qualify!

I agree that there seem to be levels of expression in charts, but I haven’t run across any guides that would distinguish one chart from another (have you? Would be interesting). Our egos don’t like to admit it, but we are all vulnerable, and Bernie isn’t saying how evolved he thinks he is. Anyway, it is a beautiful thought and I hope Bernie reaches the heights and takes the US up a notch or two with him.


Came across this 2 year old article by Bill Herbst, (written in sept 2015) about the Pluto Uranus square and other Majors in this era

This bit caught my eye, particularly the last sentence: Jupiter square Pluto – Effective period: Oct. 2016 – Sept. 2017 Three exact passes: Nov. 24, 2016; March 30, 2017; Aug, 4, 2017 (entering the Last Quarter phase)
The phase change into the Last Quarter of the Jupiter–Pluto cycle, starting in the autumn of 2016 and continuing for a year through the summer of 2017, is likely to correspond to an increased recognition of the need for change in addressing various collective problems and concerns. The existing status quo starts to give way to the understanding that something must be done, and quickly. Those in power will begin to get on board with the idea of reform. The challenge here lies in making the changes meaningful by revising the rules, rather than merely reshuffling the pieces on the game board. If the public should become vulnerable to seduction by a political demagogue, this would be the most likely time, although voices of ethical concern may be heard above the din.
Discerning true and mature leadership from huckstering pied pipers becomes a serious issue.”


Venus/Mars (passionately enthusiastic)

Uranus/Pluto midpoint ( brings success, interest in philosophical pursuits)

Neptune/Pluto (mystical approach for the unusual, strong intuition, understanding of the world and people)

~ per Marjorie Orr


Re:geeze you ask tough questions lol

Siding with Trump Against Women, House GOP Rejects Funds for Equal Pay Initiative

No doubt many well known astrologers have noted that Trump’s Sun, Uranus, North Node and Mercury fall in the U.S. natal 7th house of “the other” but I admit I am just now waking up to what that might mean.

Although the U.S. natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini is a full 9 degrees away from Trump’s Uranus at 17+ Gemini, there is a kinda sorta conjunction of purpose; an unleashed, uninhibited freedom of expression through speech (Gemini).

This freedom of speech is, in the U.S. chart, amplified by Uranus’ co-rulership over the 3rd house (communication) with Aquarius on the cusp. With Uranus and Saturn as co-rulers of Aquarius, the U.S. finds itself conflicted with a sense of propriety (Saturn) in speech on the one hand, while wanting to call a spade a spade (Uranus) on the other. At least in government (or political) speak.

There is then a divide within the electorate; those who relish that freedom and those who are dismayed by it. A path exists between the two extremes of being gauche and being politically correct.

Right now though the pendulum has swung to the far side of gaucherie in order to compensate for the overly careful speech we’ve never quite been comfortable with. That overly correct speech often hides the true spirit of the thought being expressed. What’s needed is for the pendulum to settle into some middle ground.

I’m wondering if the November trine between transiting Aquarius rulers Uranus and Saturn (the 3rd in a series of 3) will accomplish that. Saturn at 25+ Sagittarius will be in the U.S. chart’s 1st house (with Sagittarius rising) and Uranus at 25+ Leo in the U.S. 9th house (associated with Sagittarius). This might come about through some transactions between U.S. and foreign countries (or people). Something about the travel ban perhaps?

Right now the transiting nodes are about mid-way between trans. Saturn and Uranus, the south node in Aquarius sextiling both Saturn and Uranus, while the north node in Leo trines both.

At the time of the exact trine between Saturn and Uranus, November 11th, the U.S. Moon at 27+ Aquarius and Trump’s Mars at 26+ Leo will provide that same mid-way balance point between being too gauche (Uranus) and being too politically correct (Saturn).

Transiting Neptune who has been in the U.S 3rd house (communication) now since 2009 has been dissolving the boundaries of speech protocol in this nation. He will be stationing-direct (therefore super strong in his effect) in November and soon after will form an exact trine with transiting Jupiter in Scorpio (in U.S. 11th house, a house associated with Aquarius).

On December 3rd trans. Neptune in Pisces will also be T-square a Full Moon in talky-talk Gemini (in U.S. 7th house) who is opposite the Sun in foreign-ish Sagittarius. That could have a neutralizing effect on the polarized lights, a blurring of their opposition if you will.

This might just signal a time when natal U.S Uranus and the Trump Uranus could find common ground; after all, transiting Neptune (outer planet) and transiting Jupiter (inner planet) will be exactly trine and the transiting Saturn and transiting Uranus will still be in aspect harmony. Miracles do happen.

Barbk, your comments triggered a thought
– the absolute irony of those that are trumpeting “freedom” from the rooftops, are the very same ones who are doing so through promoting authoritarian methods.

You’re right kiwi, it IS ironic! And your comment makes me realize we are experiencing two kinds of phenomenon; (1) the death throes of the patriarchy and (2) the extremes of polarity.

I watched (much of) a program about King Louis XVI of France and his wife Marie-Antoinette today. It was remarkable in how their lifestyle, the royalty elites of then, mirrored the lifestyles of the 1% of today; a callous lack of consciousness as to how the poor lived at the expense of their (the royals) lavish extravagance. Greed IS NOT good.

The other irony barbk, is that in promoting ‘states rights’ over the feds, the pubbies are actually strengthening new laws being promoted in states like CA on sanctuary, health, etc, and diminishing presidential fiat powers.

I wonder if, with more people having the ability to move and communicate freely these days, many may ‘self deport’ from the more draconian states?

And on the voter id nonsense, I actually see that backfiring for them in the long term – nothing like having ‘them’ take something away, to strengthen dem leaning resolve.

But dems sure need to get smarter with their tactics and start responding as one responds to bullies and psychopathic characters, many of whom fill the ranks of the opposition these days. Dems have been like Charlie Brown trying to kick Lucy’s football for way too long. They need to take control of the narrative. Rather than always just responding in the laudable name of ‘fairness’ without remembering who they are dealing with, they continue to set themselves up to be played. That was Obama’s big failing, he forgot you cannot negotiate with someone who has no ethics nor interest in compromise.

Sanders’s Bill Electrifies Growing Single-Payer Movement


Dear barbk,
What were you watching re Louis XVI and Marie?
Thank you for your always wondrous studious observations and analysis. Do you live in KY? I live in SW Ohio. I studied Astrology in Princeton, NJ with Joan Negus and her husband many years ago. Again,
thank you for your contributions. PS Obviously, I’m
a new submitter … well, here goes.

I get the feeling that Dems are getting the message kiwi, and I for one would pick up and move to a state with better benefits for its citizens, wouldn’t you if you lived here?

alex, great article from Truth-out, thank you.

The North Korean/US debacle

A number of people have been looking at the late September/ early October transits with some degree of trepidation. What is most striking is the Sept 28th Jupiter-Uranus opposition (27 Libra-Aries). It is exactly t square to the US Pluto (27 Capr.). Just a few days prior on the 24th there is a Mars-Neptune opposition (12 Virgo-Pisces) forming a harsh semi-square/sesquiqudrate aspect to that Jupiter-Uranus opp. AND Neptune is right on the US Progressed Sun (12 Pisces) – signaling fog and confusion? Furthermore the September 28th Pluto direct station at 16 Capricorn conjoins North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s Sun. This will quickly be trined by the October 1st Mars transit at 16 Virg conjunct North Korea’s natal Sun. Lots of room for miscalculation there especially with Pluto stationing in very close square to Donald Trump’s natal Jupiter (17 Libra). Will Trump foolishly ratchet up the bravado and tension which could conceivably precipitate a North Korean pre-emptive strike on on or about October 1st? Here are two astrological sources that suggest there is reason for concern……

North Korea+United States = War?
by debramoolenaar

Trump and North Korea share bad blood. If North Korea has it in for the US then equally, everything for which North Korea stands gets Trump’s metaphorical ‘goat’. Keywords include: eccentric actions, upset, and excitement. Although the US may be prone to making threats, it does not usually enjoy a taste for war. However, if ever Kim Jong-un felt pressed to prove himself as a capable leader/dictator, it is now; with transiting Pluto making a seriously uncomfortable conjunction with his natal Sun, he is ‘enjoying’ a compulsive and self-destructive energy that will crescendo in late September/October 2017. Those believing that North Korea is not ‘suicidal’, may wish to think again.



Global September by Steve Judd

Video 6 min 14 sec


Jackson, thanks for posting the message.
I liked Donna Cunningham’s writings too.
Clear and simple and profound.

Welcome to our wee community Joyce.

Dear Joyce, so glad you have joined us and yes I’m in KY but born in Columbus, OH so we are neighbors kind of.

I came in late to that program but I’m pretty sure I saw (what I saw) on the Ovation channel, which is new to me. It might be related to the PBS group as some of that programing (PBS) shows up on Ovation. It was presented almost like a history lesson but there were actors (in full costume) playing the parts of the king and queen and all the courtiers and when they spoke it was in French!

So glad to have another astrologer visiting Nancy’s blog; it provides us lots of perspectives on whatever the hot-button topic is, which is usually Nancy’s topic in her blog. However, we do wander a bit off the topic as you may have noticed.

On the subject of US universal health care, the big failing that I see in the discussion thus far, is in addressing the huge subject of the medical lawsuit industry. Nobody is talking on the topic.
That contributes hugely to the overall cost of medical care in the usa. Many medical procedures are done unnecessarily and are due simply to the CYA rule (cover your ass) to negate possible future liability.
I believe, in NZ anyway, costs are able to be lower because (the simple version) law does not allow people to sue for ‘malpractice’ – there are other means in place to deal with genuine malpractice or no-fault mistakes.
Most suits in the US are a) to cover continuing medical costs (unnecessary with universal coverage) or for b) frivolous scams (kicked out the door).

I think until this elephant in the room is addressed adequately, lower costs and universal coverage in the usa will be just a pipe dream.

Kiwi, I think the Republicans have actually brought up medical lawsuits (tort law) quite a few times in the past, but haven’t heard anyone talking about it lately.

Sharon, I did see that pubbies had been trying to push what I understood to be ‘standalone’ legislation, but IMO it needs to go hand in hand with ‘single payer.’ Have you heard anything whether Bernie is addressing this issue at all, or not? If not, maybe someone can quiz him on his views?



Trumpcare’s back, and now it will let insurers jack up premiums as soon as you get sick

Just when you thought your health care was safe…

RE: By: alex on September 17th, 2017 at 8:56 pm


09/15/17 10:43 AM—Updated 09/15/17 12:12 PM

By Steve Benen

“As we discussed the other day, the bill has to get a Congressional Budget Office score, go through committee scrutiny, pass the committee, be subjected to Byrd Rule scrutiny, receive a floor debate, face a series of votes on amendments, and then pass the Senate with 50 votes. From there, the House would have to pass the same bill as-is, or make changes that the Senate would again approve with 50 votes.

All of this will have to happen by Sept. 30 at midnight – which is two weeks from tomorrow.”

Sean Spicer makes an appearance at the Emmys and declares the audience to be the largest audits to ever watch the Emmys. Period.

Melissa McCarthy’s reaction was priceless.


The chart for signing the ACA bill into law (March 29, 2010, 11:55 am, EDT) located to the Capitol Building and progressed to 00:00, October 1, 2017, (secondary progression, Q2, Mean Quotidian angles) has an IC at 359°14′ and it’s progressed Sun/Jupiter midpoint at 359°00′ on it.

The ACA law has it’s natal Sun/Uranus midpoint at 000°04’on that IC.

That IS an amazing chart Bob, the ACA bill (Obamacare) of March 23, 2010, 11:55 am EDT).

It also is connected to the Saturn-Neptune cycle (1st of 3 conjunctions on March 3, 1989, 5:40 AM, Washington DC) in that the Obamacare’s Mercury is in the same degree as the Neptune-Saturn conjunction itself, 11+ Capricorn.

Also, the Saturn-Neptune chart’s Mercury at 19+ Aquarius is conjunct Obamacare’s Nessus, also at 19+ Aquarius. This double Mercury connection between the two charts throws a lot of importance on the details (Mercury) as well as implying a lot of thinking and communicating about the topic of healthcare in the U.S.

One of the details in the ACA/Obamacare chart is that Mercury rules the IC (roots), which is also known as the cusp of the 4th house – the house where Saturn at 1+ Libra is. The U.S. natal chart with Sagittarius rising has 1+ Libra on the MC, which is also the location of the Super Galactic Center (SGC).

Phil Sedgwick says about the SGC that it “maintains the greatest implication of soul retrieval of any point in the Universe.” That would put a heavy influence on the ACA/Obamacare chart’s Saturn (as well as the U.S. MC) to soul-search I would think.

As Mercury in the Saturn-Neptune chart also conjuncts the ascendant of that chart (when set in Washington DC) it means it is going to play a primary role in the cycle. One of those roles of the Saturn-Neptune chart’s Mercury (when the chart is set in DC) is to activate the ACA chart’s Nessus, both of them at 19+ Aquarius.

That the ACA chart’s Nessus opposes that same chart’s Vesta (what is invested in) in Leo and that same chart’s Pallas (the Planner) in Scorpio completes a T-square with them in the ACA/Obamacare chart, it guarantees that a deep (Scorpio) exploration of motivations (that’s what Nessus does) regarding the investment (Vesta) of this plan (Pallas) will ensue, thanks to the Saturn-Neptune cycle.

The ACA chart’s Nessus is also just one degree from the U.S. PROGRESSED Mercury at 20+ Aquarius, which is also the degree where Uranus was in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart (May, 2000) and that Uranus was square the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction itself. That square between Uranus and Jupiter-Saturn has dogged the world for the last 17 years, not just the U.S. healthcare law.

On the other hand, Nessus in the Saturn-Neptune cycle’s chart is conjunct the U.S. natal chart’s Neptune, both at 22+ Virgo. When Nessus is activated in a chart it invariably will be expressed in the nastiest of ways. Among the things Neptune can symbolize is hospitalization. Obamacare is, in part, about hospitalization.

The ACA chart then has expresses the will of the larger cycles (the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle that began in 2000 with ACA chart’s Nessus conjunct Jupiter-Saturn’s cycle Uranus – and – the ACA chart’s Mercury conjunct the Saturn-Neptune conjunction that began that cycle in 1989).

Those cycles are activated in their energy expression by many charts in many countries but – to me – the take-away is that the debate over healthcare in the U.S. is part of a much larger picture than what we actually see going on.

We can’t (at this time in human development) relate to the expression of the outer planets, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, without the aid of the centaurs and that usually means we have to go through unpleasantness until we finally get it (as a whole) because centaurs make us hurt or angry and we pay attention to that.

The ACA law may not endure as it stands but it will nonetheless have served a greater purpose. We will evolve because of it.


Behind the Scenes – Money Monster


Wall Street is a Casino ~ per Robert Reich former Sec of Labor

best line at the emmy’s, courtesy of lilly, dolly, & Jane:
“Back in 1980, in that movie, we refused to be controlled by a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot,” Fonda exclaimed, to which Tomlin responded, “And in 2017 we still refuse to be controlled by a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot,”

Some updates: Trump is under some mild Jupiter through the 25th, so be prepared for him to be more or less nice and get some kudos, especially for the next two days. From the 25th, the next Saturn transit starts, opposite his Sun through 10/12, so once again more frustration and irritability for a few weeks.

On a personal note, my son is getting married this Saturday!!! So I am pretty much unavailable for the week. Lots going on!! i am excited, nervous and a little overwhelmed. But it is all good.


Best wishes to your son and soon to be bride. And Congratulation to your family and the bride’s family on both gaining a new member.


1767: First Solar Collector BuiltEdit event

Swiss scientist Horace de Saussure builds the world’s first solar collector. It is later used by Sir John Herschel to cook food during his South Africa expedition in the 1830s.

September 27, 1816: Scottish Inventor Patents Solar ‘Heat Engine’Edit event
Robert Stirling applies for a patent for his “Economiser” at the Chancery in Edinburgh, Scotland. Stirling, a minister in the Church of England, is an amateur scientist and inventor. His “Economiser” is a “heat engine” that uses the sun’s thermal energy to produce small amounts of power. Lord Kelvin later uses one of Stirling’s working models to demonstrate the value of solar power in his university classes. The “Economiser” is later used as part of the design of the “Dish/Stirling System,” a solar thermal electric technology that concentrates solar energy to produce power.




Sean Spicer is a dangerous liar and should be a pariah. Period.

By Laura Clawson
Monday Sep 18, 2017 · 7:21 AM PDT

Nancy, Wishing your son and his bride great happiness, as well as to both families. Have a great time at the wedding!

Barb, great piece about the ACA. And, from what I know, it made a lot of hospitals solvent as many were in a precarious place after accepting so many ER and other patients who could not pay.

Kiwi, thanks for the Lilly, Dolly, Jane line — it was a great one! I’ll have to google them saying it.



Republican senators are trying to gut your health care. Yes, again.

By Laura Clawson
Monday Sep 18, 2017 · 5:53 AM PDT


Wave good-bye to your pre-existing condition protections under new Trumpcare bill

By Joan McCarter
Monday Sep 18, 2017 · 8:01 AM PDT

They’re not there yet, but Senate Republicans are working hard to get from 49 to 50 votes to pass Graham-Cassidy, their latest plan to strip health coverage from tens of millions of people and rob still-insured people of important protections.

That means it’s time—again—to call your senator and urge him or her not to be the 50th vote that enables Mike Pence to once again show off his special smug tie-breaking smile.

On Friday, Cassidy told reporters his bill has support from as many as 48 or 49 Republicans. “I’m confident we’ll get there on the Republican side,” he said. “People are coming out and saying they are for it, either publicly or privately.”

(202) 224-3121

Once Again, We Have To Beg Our Elected Representatives Not To Kill Us

Republicans will try to pass Obamacare repeal by the end of the month, and this time, they may have the votes.


Be nice to me – Zombie Trumpcare

…Insurers could exclude things like mental health coverage, or maternity care, or substance abuse treatment from plans.

In case you think that wouldn’t happen, an analysis from the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that “75 percent of individual market plans excluded maternity coverage, 45 percent excluded substance use treatment, and 38 percent excluded mental health care” before the ACA.

You bet they’d do it again, if allowed.

Sharon, a great big hug for that observation; the ACA “made a lot of hospitals solvent”.

The ACA chart’s 12th house (confinement) could be considered as representing hospital services and Taurus (about money) is on the ACA chart’s 12th house cusp, therefore Venus (about money) rules the house of hospital services.

If hospitals are seen as a business then we might think of the asteroid Industria as representing hospitals as a business. In the ACA chart Industria is at 26+ Pisces and conjunct the planet Uranus at 26+ Pisces, both in the 10th house of public personification.

As it happens, transiting Chiron is at 26+ Pisces and retrograde, perhaps causing a sense of wounding to the hospitals who have benefited from the ACA law. In this case Uranus would represent a breakthrough in businesses associated with health care.

The ACA chart’s Uranus-Industria in Pisces also sextiles the U.S. natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn; another benefit. However, transiting Saturn in Sagittarius will, in mid November, square the ACA chart’s Uranus-Industria in Pisces pushing the discomfort level up considerably.

Astrology is a fascinating language; again thank you!

Nancy, great news about your son’s upcoming marriage. Congratulations to all!

Like Other ACA Repeal Bills, Cassidy-Graham Plan Would Add Millions to Uninsured, Destabilize Individual Market …

Homeland Security Committee will hold hearing that could push along Graham-Cassidy

Desperate to Uninsure Someone

Republicans Make Last-Gasp Push to Repeal Obamacare

Robert Reich: A Handful of Ultra-Rich Families Are Bleeding the Country Dry

Taxing dynastic wealth is an absolute necessity if we hope to restore our democracy.


Congratulations all around to both families on the upcoming nuptials and best wishes to the happy couple who are the stars of the sure to be spectacular festivities!

The pain in my head has diminished. No longer 20 on a scale of 10 but still quite a bother.

By: Bob on September 1st, 2017 at 3:32 am

” … things may go relatively quiet for tRump in September but refresh with a vengeance in Oct and Nov.

I would not be surprised if he orchestrates a distraction around Thanksgiving.”

Congratulations to Nancy’s son and bride, may their day be filled with joy for all! Much blessings!

Congratulations to your son, and daughter-in-law to be, and to both families. They are getting married on my wife’s and my 30th anniversary of our wedding. Have fun at the ceremonial festivities and best wishes to you all!

Nancy, big congratulations and best wishes for your son in his new life. May your whole family enjoy this special family celebration.

I notice lately a few articles slamming Obama for taking money for speeches. What is left out is, what was the content and context of the speech, as well as indicating what he did with that money.
Lazy journalism these days insist on continuing the ‘gotcha’ style reporting just for the headline.
If he were to give a great speech that makes people think, and if he were to give that money to a deserving charity, why should the headline only be, ‘he took money from really rich people so therefore he must be bad’?

Eliseo, Happy Anniversary! 🙂


From what I saw, most people were out raged. But I took it more as a diss at Trump did anything else, and I’m good with dissing Trump.

Ja, I thought spicer’s appearance was the perfect, slightly amusing, tongue-in-cheek, prelude to the rest of the evening – slamming trumpism.
I think sometimes dems are a bit too quick with their vocal ‘outrage’ – It helps everyone to laugh.
I think his appearance merely means, either he can be bought, or he acknowledges his ridiculous appearance while being trump spokesperson.

Now talking about the’outrage, Kelly Anne and the other pubbies are absolutely also ‘outraged’ by the whole tone of the emmy’s.
Isn’t that great!

Starlight, best wishes for both families on this grand day! May their roads be easy, and the earth light beneath their footsteps!

Hubby and I are celebrating our 32nd anniversary this Thursday (21st). Seems like more than a few of us trend toward those Autumnal Equinox dates!

PS, I thought this year’s emmy’s was pretty much at the very top of my list of emmy viewing over the years.
To make it more about Sean’s minute appearance than about the rest of the priceless moments, diminishes the entirety of the evening.

Theresa Hill and kiwi,

I don’t know what to say, except I see I misspelled appearance.

Ja, I wont hold anything against you LOL

Thanks for your kind comments regarding my astrological concerns about Trump and North Korea – I hope that my suspicion that North Korea will implode from within rather than causing another world war but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

My very best wishes to your son and his bride and to both families. What a Joyous occasion! And, indeed, a much more basic and Real thing than all the nonsense around us. To life!


“…… things may go relatively quiet for trump in September but refresh with a vengeance in Oct and Nov.”

Take a look at the October 19th New Moon…….

At 26 ’35 Libra this New Moon forms an exact opposition to tr. Uranus (26 ’31 Aries). It also forms an extremely tight alignment with Trump’s progressed ascendant (25 ’25 Aries)/ progressed Jupiter (24 ’06 Aries) degrees – in exact sextile-trine to Trump’s natal Mars (26 ’46 Leo) and by default; activating the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse (28 ’52 Leo). A highly accented progr. Jupiter in the 12th house (transition) on the progressed ascendant could denote assassination. See related video…….

Donald Trump and the Astrology of Assassination: A Progressed Chart Analysis


Back in January, one psychic predicted riots, violent protests and total chaos leading up to Trump’s assassination and she saw this happening in October. Could this relate to the Russian investigation? Would Mueller unearth irrefutable evidence of Russian collusion in the 2016 elections and Trump’s refusal to step aside? Here are the related comments……

Donald Trump & My Psychic Predictions



Also note; the October 19th New Moon-Uranus opp. (26 Aries-Libra) will re-activate the Jupiter-Uranus opposition of late September in t square to the US Pluto (27 Capr.).

Without getting into the many methods of ‘taking out’ a president,
45 has so many enemies the supreme evil Russian empire need only find opportunity but is so heavily guarded, that of course we do not hear if there are attempts, for obvious reasons.

Anybody hear about the Sept.23 prediction of “end of times”? Trigger happy No. Korea and a blabber mouth provoking president are competing who will annihilate the world first.
Hell, we would’nt need healthcare

The only good out of the mouth of this president is the humiliating public trashing of Mitch and Paul et al. Those wanna be ‘statesmen’ have been diminished further and as low as Atty. Gen. Jeff Beauregard Sessions, if that is possible. Would they even dare impeach DJT? Umm, no. There is plenty of reason.

Alex, thanks for the heads up on the public messages.

Nancy, Is there anything astologically to indicate the possible fate of Graham-Cassidy?

And congratulations on your son’s nuptials!

Tough October dates for tRump and his inaugural chart. I remember more but distracting pain keeps me from looking further.

Saturn transit to 2017 inaugural Mars/Saturn square:

Sat Cnj Sat Tr-Na Oct 19 2017 23°Sg31′ D 23°Sg31′ D

Sat Sqr Mar Tr-Na Oct 29 2017 24°Sg22′ D 24°Pi22′ D (Nov 9 in RA)

On Oct 24th transit Saturn/Pluto midpoint squares the sexual predator’s natal Neptune in right ascension.

Bob, get well soon,

may I provide some little knowledge from my years as an imaging health professional that might help?

Headaches at advanced age may be symptoms of underlying aneurysm, has been ruled out?

Enjoy your predictions, although I don’t understand all the degrees, on the charts, its enlightening to see the experts who share with the rest of us.

Major earthquake 150 miles from Mexico City, 7.1, plus a minor 3.1 in LA this morning.

Bob, I echo LG’s sentiment, get well soon.

I do enjoy your astrology offerings.

Jerry Brown’s climate coalition now covers 39% of the global economy

Published on 18/09/2017, 3:39pm
California governor’s list of city, state and national governments nears 200 and is shifting climate diplomacy beyond the caprices of national leaders


Thanks to all who have sent well wishes.

I am blessed to have been born into a poor family in America and not one in Mexico, Central America, Africa, the Middle East, or Southeast Asia. Living in a small town in America there is a good chance it has a pharmacy, a grocery store with full shelves, drinking water at the turn of a tap, electricity, state, or Federal agencies in the county to provide assistance for various problems. The system may not be perfect but provides more than most of upwards of 7 billion people on the planet have.

Want to read about me or his orangeness?

I was diagnosed as having an outbreak of Shingles. This probably goes back several years and began with a moldy humidifier filter that brought on Eczema, which brought on the Shingles. Because I have always let the body have a chance to heal itself (I have only had perhaps 3 colds in the last 15 years – nothing else) I did not treat the Eczema for more than a year. Last checkup was 9 years before except for a carpel tunnel episode I corrected with exercises. Was treating it and figured I was just days away from being rid of it when the Shingles broke out. Was prescribed medication for 1 week, have finished taking it. It is clearing and Dr. said it could take everal more weeks to be clear but the pain might persist. Have faith my lifelong strong immune system will rebound.

From online:

“After someone has chicken pox, the varicella virus stays inside the person’s body for life. It has the ability to become dormant (inactive) and hide in nerve tissue. After many years, sometimes during a time of emotional or physical stress, varicella can reappear in the form of a disease called shingles, or herpes zoster. (Herpes zoster is not the same as the herpes simplex virus infection that causes cold sores and genital * sores.)”

“How Long Does Infection Last?

Blisters from shingles typically clear up after 2 to 3 weeks, but nerve pain can linger for weeks or months, sometimes even years.”

I got news for them. I’m not having it. Don’t have the time. This has been under Saturn square natal MC. Still to come – squares to natal Neptune and relocated MC.

In 3 years, 4 months, and 6 days I can celebrate being 80.


You are amazing!

Oh, Bob… shingles are NO fun. I had one minor attack several years ago (on one side of my face) and I remember the pain of it more than I remember the pain of childbirth! I send energies of strength and resolve to add to yours, should you wish it.

And I 2nd Janet.. you are amazing!

My sympathies with the shingles bob!! I had them bad last year and still feel the deep nerve pain from time to time – my doctor said in some people it never completely goes away due to resulting nerve damage. I had good success at the time with acupuncture to stimulate my adrenal glands which had been overworked due to ongoing stresses. My blood readings were quite low. I also find mega doses of vitamin C combined with making sure I drink lots of water has helped. The nerve pain I now feel from time to time only happens when I forget to keep up with that regime, so I look at it as just my body reminding me to drink more water and watch my diet.

Shingles are the reactivation of the varicella virus, pure and simple. Nothing else.

Here’s what we all need to understand: Those of us who got chicken pox, have the varicella virus lurking in our bodies. Those young enough to have gotten the chicken pox vaccine, do not have that virus hanging out.

For a very long time now, people would get chicken pox and most would get over it with few or no complications. But there could be nasty complications, which is essentially why the chicken pox vaccine was developed. All well and good.

However, back in the bad old days when everyone (more or less) got chicken pox, people’s immune system kept on being re-introduced to the varicella virus, and would basically go, “Oh, okay, I know what that is.”

I a world where chicken pox (the varicella virus) isn’t roaming around any more, the dormant virus sort of says, “I’m bored. What can I do?” And that’s when shingles rears its ugly head.

Basically all of us who got chicken pox are at more and more risk of shingles. Which is why the shingles vaccine is a Very Good Thing. It may not prevent a shingles outbreak entirely, but it should reduce the impact of one.

All those lucky young people who’ve gotten the chicken pox vaccine will never be at risk of shingles, lucky them.

I had heard such bad things about the shingles that I went out and got the vaccine 2 years ago – I think it was the first year Medicare paid for it. Sorry about your suffering Bob (and Kiwi). Feel better. How much vitamin C do you take, Kiwi?

To understand the Russia connection:


a website sponsored by Rob Reiner, Morgan Freeman, etc. It was featured on Lawrence O’Donnell and several other news shows.


Afflicted my brother and my niece so bad I got the vaccination a couple of years ago.

Healing thoughts to you Bob. Sorrow for your past suffering Kiwi. Blessings.

And you as well slightkc. Sorry for your past suffering and hope the disease never returns to you. Blessings.

This morning’s New Moon at 27+ Virgo continues the series of new moons that are aspecting the U.S. natal Moon in Aquarius and U.S. natal Pluto in Capricorn. This time the Sun-Moon in Virgo trine the U.S Pluto while at the same time forming a Yod-turned-Boomerang with the U.S. Moon.

That Yod-turned-Boomerang consists of the Virgo Sun-Moon sextile Ceres in Cancer all 3 of them quincunx (150 deg.) the U.S. Moon in Aquarius who opposes Trump’s ascendant/Mars (and the ongoing effects of the Leo solar eclipse).

As the U.S. Moon in Aquarius makes an adjustment (apex of Yod), imposed on it by the New Moon in Virgo and the transiting nurturing Ceres in Cancer, we will see the U.S. People, symbolized by the U.S. Moon, aiming its group (Aquarius) feeling (Moon) on to Trump’s ascendant/Mars in Leo, the end of the trail in this Boomerang.

He is now and will continue to feel the eclipsed sun effect and now the Boomerang position of this Virgo New Moon setup will fine tune that effect.

There are other Boomerangs based within the Virgo New Moon chart: transiting Jupiter in Libra sextiles Trump’s Mars (and the solar eclipse) in Leo which has as it’s Yod apex the trans. Chiron in Pisces. Chiron in turn opposes the Virgo New Moon which is the Boomerang component.

There is also Uranus in the Virgo Moon chart that, from Aries, is sextile the U.S. Moon in Aquarius and this time the New Moon in Virgo is the apex of the Yod while opposite is Chiron in Pisces who now is the Boomerang part.

Let’s not leave out this month’s Yod with U.S. Pluto sextile transiting Chiron with Trump’s Mars (+ solar eclipse degree) at the Yod apex point which of course, opposes the U.S. Moon.

True to Virgo’s reputation, there is going to be much adjusting, fine tuning and flat out fixing going on this month. All the better to ready ourselves for the November Scorpio New Moon that will oppose transiting Sedna in Taurus as they are squared by the U.S. Moon in Aquarius who will be sextiled by transiting Saturn in Sagittarius and trans. Uranus in Aries (who trine each other).

But I get ahead of myself. The intriguing part of October’s Libra New Moon at 26+ degrees will be that it will T-square Mueller’s South Node in Capricorn (and the U.S. Pluto) and his North node in Cancer which will sextile transiting Sedna in Taurus and together they form a Yod to the Galactic Center in Sagittarius.

Transiting Sedna will also sextile Chiron in Pisces and they form a Yod with the New Moon in Libra. So Sedna is in a strategic position and Sedna can hold a grudge.

This is poetic justice I suppose in that by November’s Scorpio New Moon Saturn in Sagittarius will trine Uranus and Pallas in Aries and Trump’s Mars/asc. (+ the solar eclipse) in Leo, bringing it all together. Trans. Saturn will also be the apex of a Yod between Mueller’s North Node in Cancer and Sedna in Taurus.

In the meantime transiting Ceres will have reached Mueller’s natal Sun in Leo (just before the Scorpio New Moon on Nov. 18) and that’s a team I wouldn’t want to mess with. In fact, the mostly unsung goddesses of astrology seem to be coming into their own of late. Hmmm.

Transiting Juno and Pluto will have made their conjunction, finally, about a week before the Scorpio New Moon in November. In December transiting Pallas will retrograde back to less than a degree away from transiting Uranus in Aries, after having been conjunct him last June. I tell ya, the patriarchy is feeling the pressure.


The plot thickens. The Oct. 19th New Moon-Uranus opp. forms a grand cross square to Special Counsel Muellers nodes AND this in sextile-trine to Trump’s Mars! So…….. you think Trump will fire Mueller at this point in time and all hell will beak loose?

Sharon, I take a 2000mg C tab + a B complex, which I forgot to mention earlier, once a day. Now that its a 18months later, I don’t take every day especially if I don’t feel anything. I learned that there are many varieties of the virus and thus the shingles can manifest in different ways in different people – mine was very little on the skin, but felt excruciatingly deep inside – like a knife right through my body from front to back in my left chest area – thought I was having heart issues at first! LOL Been meaning to check with my doctor if she thinks the vaccine would be effective against possible future flare ups at this stage, or not.

I’ve heard that because Mercury was retrograde during the August eclipse, some of the greater and larger effects of the event may be somewhat muted.

Can anyone on the blog verify or confirm that opinion?


Sent Congress A Ransom Note

1772 New Jersey passes bill requiring a license to practice medicine

Sept 26, 1772

In the United States, medical licenses are usually granted by individual states. Only those with medical degrees from schools listed in the AVICENNA Directory for medicine or the FAIMER International Medical Education Directory are permitted to apply for medical licensure.[8]

The federal government does not grant licenses. A physician practicing in a federal facility, federal prison, US Military, and/or an Indian Reservation may have a license from any state, not just the one they are residing in. The practice of “tele-medicine” has made it common for physicians to consult or interpret images and information from a distant location. Some states have special licensure for this.

The licensure process for most physicians takes between 3 and 6 months due to the extensive background checks, educational, training, and historical primary source verifications which are required.

All things Political


US Senator Bernie Sanders in SF on Friday

Fri 1:00 PM PDT ·
750 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94103-3119


Not Dead Yet


Full Committee Hearing
Hearing to Consider the Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson Proposal

Date: Monday, September 25, 2017 Time: 10:00 AM
Location: 215 Dirksen Senate Office Building




Kaiser Newsletter – What you need to know

In an email to supporters Sunday night, Ben Wikler, Washington director of MoveOn.org, warned that the Republican Party “is now a hair’s breadth away — closer than they’ve ever been — to passing a devastating healthcare repeal bill, shredding the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and gutting Medicaid.”

“All we need is one more [vote],” Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) concluded.

MoveOn.org’s Wikler concluded that “massive, unignorable pressure” will be necessary to defeat the Republicans’ “brutal and deadly” act of desperation.

Elizabeth Warren ? @SenWarren
The fight to save heath care isn’t over. Sound the alarm. We need you to fight today & every day until this @SenateGOP bill is dead.

Kamala Harris ? @SenKamalaHarris
The Graham-Cassidy “health care” bill is just more of the same disastrous policy we’ve seen from Republicans. We must beat this thing.

Cory Booker ? @CoryBooker
The threat is real! We must let our voices be heard. Don’t be silent. Help stop this craven repeal of healthcare for millions

Sen. Al Franken ? @SenFranken
?Republican bill to rip away health care from millions is gaining steam.

Brian Schatz ? @brianschatz
They only need to flip 1 vote by end of September to ruin your healthcare. Light up the phones, please. This really is their last chance.

Congratulations Nancy to you and your growing family. God Bless

Dear goddess, Eliseo, in answer to your question, Mercury (retrograde at the solar eclipse) is now direct so it looks to me that although Mercury might appear muted to some it is more likely just delayed things for a couple of weeks.

Mercury (in Virgo) in the solar eclipse chart was square U.S. Uranus (in Gemini) and now Mercury is direct and it’s full steam ahead. Note alex’s comments above re: Dem’s messages (Gemini) re: healthcare (Virgo).

Jerry, have I mentioned here that trans. Chaos is conjunct my natal Venus? No? Well, not only does your observation blow my mind (Mueller’s nodes in a grand cross with October’s New Moon-Uranus opposition) but I also failed to note earlier that Uranus (in Aries) would complete another Boomerang pattern in that same chart. Where will it all end?

Trump fire Mueller? No, that – for sure – wouldn’t be the end and yes I think all hell would break loose (if it hasn’t already). There is going to be so much crap flying around for the next 3 months it is impossible (for me anyway) to keep up with all the details. And the devil is in the details n’est-ce pas?

I look at Mueller’s natal Saturn conjunct U.S. Jupiter and “feel” that this match was made in heaven. I look at Mueller’s Venus-conjunct-Trump’s Mars and think “he’s loving this”. I look at his natal Neptune conjunct the U.S. MC and think “this is gonna make one helluva movie”.

I look at Mueller’s stellium in Virgo (Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Chiron) and know he won’t leave any stone unturned. But then I see his Mercury-square-Uranus, a natal Uranus that conjuncts the U.S. natal descendant (both at 12+ Gemini) and only 4 degrees away from the U.S. natal Uranus and think “this guy is making history”.

The cycle between Saturn and Neptune that starts its life in 1989 with Pholus conjunct the U.S. Uranus and Nessus conjunct the U.S. Neptune is in play. The unconscious is going to become conscious during this cycle. Mueller’s natal Pluto at 8+ Leo sextiles U.S. Uranus at 8+ Gemini and the Saturn-Neptune cycle’s Pholus (small cause, big effect) also at 8+ Gemini.

If Mueller doesn’t complete the task at hand, he will uncover enough information (Gemini) to hang Trump, whose Sun squares U.S. Neptune at 22+ Virgo and the Saturn-Neptune cycle chart’s Nessus also at 22+ Virgo. Crime doesn’t pay.

Wishing you a speedy recovery. I had a horrible case of shingles (hospitalized) about 5 years ago.

The inescapable conclusion is that, on the matter of the Affordable Care Act, the Republican Party is little more than a cult centered around human suffering.

~per esquire.com

Alex: “The inescapable conclusion is that, on the matter of the Affordable Care Act, the Republican Party is little more than a cult centered around human suffering”
Aint it the truth – thanks for sharing.

Marjorie’s latest comment on John Kelly

On the subject of the continuing republican push to sustain their vulture capitalistic version of healthcare, I do wonder if there are shady figures who are ‘making offers they can’t refuse’.
Have mafia types infiltrated every level of society? Politics, banks, insurance, inter-national business operations? They stand to lose gobs of easy money if the medical system were to be ‘socialized’ – it seems they view sick people as just as another commodity to be raped.
Lets hope that Mueller can shine a light on at least some of the unsavoury relationships that exist in high places, and the disinfecting can begin.


San Francisco, Oakland sue oil companies over climate change

Kill The Bill


Organize locally to stand indivisible against Trumpcare


Next Monday – Wednesday

The Senate Finance Committee is slated to hold a hearing on the legislation Monday. GOP aides told The Daily Caller News Foundation a vote-a-rama could come as soon as Wednesday.


Wed – Sept 27TH

4° 4’55 sun virgo
21°54 moon sagittarius
24°29 mercury virgo
8°30 venus virgo
13°42 mars virgo
27° 8 jupiter libra
22° 2 saturn sagittarius
27°25 uranus aries
12°16 neptune pisces
16°51 pluto capricorn
21°59 true node leo
25°11 dk lilith sagitarius
26°12 chiron pisces

Wed 27th – Trumpcare

moon (noon) 21sg
saturn 22sg
dk lilith 25sg


natal sun 22 gemini – Trump
natal moon 21 sagittarius – Trump

Natal Trump



Interesting read from Carl Boudreau:

“From early in the 1970s until roughly 2010, all three outer planets, – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – were all placed in these signs. In other words, for roughly 40 years, from about 1972 to 2010, the combined resources of the three powerful outer planets and 6 influential, administrative signs – Libra thru Pisces – were predominantly in the hands of the 1%, the oligarchic class, so to speak. In 2010-11 Uranus, transitioned into Aries, leaving Neptune and Pluto behind in the oligarchic alignment. Overwhelming astrological support for the 1% ended.”



One Potato Two Potato Three Potato Four Five Potato Six Potato And Alaska More

Did Ben Carson Tell Hurricane Victims ‘Homelessness Is A Gift From Heaven’?



“…….. If Mueller doesn’t complete the task at hand, he will uncover enough information (Gemini) to hang Trump, whose Sun squares U.S. Neptune at 22+ Virgo and the Saturn-Neptune cycle chart’s Nessus also at 22+ Virgo. Crime doesn’t pay.”

Something about that October 7th to 18th window leading up to the October 19th New Moon-Uranus opposition. Of particular note is the Venus-Saturn square on the 8th and the Mars-Saturn square on the 11th (22 Virgo-Sag). Check it out…….

Oct 7, 2017 2:14 AM

Uranus-Neptune semi-square 27 ’01 Aries – 12 Pisces 01

Oct 8, 2017 7:54 AM

Venus-Saturn square 22 ’43 Virgo-22 ’43 Sagittarius

Oct 8, 2017 3:54 PM

Sun-Mercury conjunction 15 ’45 Libra

Oct 8, 2017 11:55 PM

Saturn-North Node trine

22 ’45 Sagittarius-22 ’45 Leo

Oct 9, 2017 7:26 AM

Mercury-Pluto square

16 ’53 Libra-16 ’53 Capricorn

Oct 9, 2017 7:11 PM

Sun-Pluto square 16 ’53 Libra-16 ’53 Capricorn

Oct 11, 2017 8:37 AM

Mars-Saturn square 22 ’55 Virgo-22 ’55 Sagittarius

Oct 11, 2017 4:04 PM

Venus-Uranus quincunx 26 ’51 Virgo-26 ’51 Aries

Oct 15, 2017 2:51 AM

Mercury-Uranus opposition 26 ’42 Libra-26 ’42 Aries

Oct 17, 2017 5:02 AM

Mars-Uranus quincunx 26 ’37 Virgo-26 ’37 Aries

Oct 18, 2017 3:54 AM

Mercury/Jupiter conjunction 1 ’42 Scorpio

Rachel has given us examples of how centaurs Nessus and Pholus work and specifically, how they work in the Saturn-Neptune cycle.

First of all the concept of “abuse of power” is key to understanding the effect of Nessus aspects. The phrase “small cause, big effect” coined by Eric Francis at Planet Waves I believe, is the key to understanding how Pholus operates.

In her show tonight Rachel Maddow outlined a series of newspaper reports regarding Paul Manafort going back to July, 2016. The first story from Washington Post was how the Trump campaign insisted on the gutting of the GOP platform plank re: the anti-Russian stance on Ukraine.

Rachel pointed out how this would be considered a dull assignment for a reporter to cover and yet, as it turns out it provided the 1st clue in where a big story winds up.

In essence this is a Pholus profile, start small, end up big. At that time trans. Pholus was at 25+ Sagittarius rx and trine trans. Uranus (defies rules) at 24+ Aries, who was conjunct trans. Eris (causes discord) at 23+ Aries.

That 1st story in July, 2016 was followed in August, 2016, by a story in the NY Times regarding a secret ledger that involved Manafort, and another story in Politico about Manafort’s man in Kiev, a Russian military intelligence guy named Kilimnik.

If I understood her correctly she implied that having the GOP platform plank re: Russia in Ukraine killed off was payment for services rendered by the Kilimnik person. From what I’ve gathered Manafort is deep in debt.

After that Manafort resigned from the Trump campaign.

In July, 2016 transiting Nessus was at 5+ Pisces and trine the U.S. Jupiter (chart ruler) at 5+ Cancer. By August, 2016, trans. Nessus (abuse of power) was at 4+ Pisces retrograde.

When the Saturn-Neptune cycle began on March 3, 1989, Pholus was conjunct the U.S. Uranus and Nessus was conjunct the U.S. Neptune as I noted in an earlier comment. On that same day, March 3, 1989, transiting Venus ($$$) was conjunct the north node, both at 4+ Pisces, the same degree where Nessus would be in August, 2016, when the Manafort NP reports began.

The implication from this series of NP stories was that Manafort’s “abuse of power” a Nessus trademark, goes back even before the election. Rachel refers to these stories as “paving stones” in a path that leads to a NP story today in the Washington Post about how Manafort offered to give a Russian billionaire “private briefings” on the Trump campaign.

So, something that starts out small, even dull like covering a story about compiling a political platform, can lead to something big. Someone who abuses the power of his position such as attempting to gain financially through illegal means will eventually be noticed.

That is what a transiting Pholus conjunct the U.S. Uranus and a transiting Nessus conjunct the U.S. Neptune, looks like when found in the chart for the beginning of a cycle between Saturn and Neptune.

Now we expand our concept of a Saturn-Neptune cycle by understanding how the U.S. chart is linked to that cycle through these two centaurs.

Perhaps that is because transiting Neptune (in the 3rd house of the U.S natal chart, a house about newspaper stories) is at 12+ Pisces, the same degree where the Sun was when Neptune and Saturn began this cycle in 1989. Perhaps this is what the 3 2016 Saturn-square-Neptune aspects were telling us.

Of course, we know that trans Neptune also conjuncts the U.S. Progressed Sun and the Sun symbolizes consciousness. As Mueller continues to probe through the mountains of data he is gathering, we (as a whole) will continue to become more conscious thanks in large part to transiting Neptune’s presence in the U.S. 3rd house of communications, his conjunction to the U.S. progressed Sun and the Sun in the Neptune-Saturn cycle’s chart.

Wow Jerry, I didn’t see your comment when I last posted; looks action-packed. Especially want to think about the roles that Mercury and Mars are playing now that I’m in deep with their 3 conjunction charts that started this new cycle between them. Thanks for noting; I will check out after I get some sleep!

“Eclipses don’t cause the harm. Rather they define the period during which we can reliably measure a kingdom’s spiritual harmony.”


Astrology per Live Science: at least they are paying attention to a little more than the sun sign….


“The inescapable conclusion is that, on the matter of the Affordable Care Act, the Republican Party is little more than a cult centered around human suffering.”

No, I don’t think so. I don’t believe ALL R’s desire that we suffer, but I do believe they have four cognitive/emotional problems.

(1) They are blinded by their ideology. They think of themselves as the “party of principle.” But their ideological idolatry is so extreme, it blinds them to reality and actual human need.

(2) They are blinded by their greed, beholden to the corporate powers which pay for their campaigns. It is easy for them to rationalize their greed in concert with their economic ideology.

(3) So-called Conservative economic theory is really Calvinism dressed up in economic cloth. Privately, and sometimes publicly they believe the poor are disfavored by G-d, therefore undeserving.

(4) Realizing utopia is impossible, they believe a certain amount of suffering in any system is inevitable and therefore tolerable.

These ideas are nothing new. President Hoover did much too little, much too late to ameliorate the Great Depression because he believed it improper for government to interfere with “natural cycles.” He deplored the suffering, but felt helpless before his ideology, i.e. in a significant sense his G-d.

President Buchanan, regarded as the worst president in Am. History did not take steps to prevent secession and the Civil War, steps historians believe he could have taken but for his belief it was inappropriate for the federal government to act in such a manner.

I surmise many so-called Conservatives are incapable of thinking or behaving more pragmatically because they are emotionally insecure without rigid rules. The rules must be obeyed!… even if adherence to them allows or causes regrettable (and from their point of view, unpreventable) suffering.

To R’s, ObamaCare violates the rules!…as does also any type of socialism like single-payer, which is essentially socialized insurance. The puzzle is why they cannot see when the “letter of the law” upends and overturns the “spirit of the law” for which the law was intended. I hypothesize it may be because they are stuck at level 3 or 4 in Lawrence Kohlberg’s stages of ethical and moral development.

Here is an excellent outline on the Senate, with a classification of where the Senators stand (i.e the ways they might vote):


A Brooklyn federal court judge has ordered a psychiatric exam for “pharma felon” Martin Shkreli, court records show.



Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, thank you again for sharing your October transit observations.

Yes, the transiting Venus and Mercury squares to transiting Saturn (as they, Venus and Mercury) conjunct the U.S. natal Neptune are like pin pricks to inflated balloons IMO. All the aspects you note are relevant (of course) but the drawing in of the U.S. Neptune in TIGHT aspect will draw in the cycle of Saturn and Neptune via it’s Nessus-conjunct-U.S Neptune aspect.

For the last 4 months and through October transiting Uranus has consistently been within one degree of an exact square to the U.S. natal Pluto in Capricorn and an exact sextile with the U.S Moon in Aquarius. I don’t doubt the impact this has had on every sentient being in the country.

In all 3 of the exact conjunctions between transiting Mars and Mercury (June 28, Sept. 9, Sept 16) transiting Uranus in Aries was in these tight aspects to the U.S. Pluto and Moon. At each of these times trans. Uranus was also in a grand trine with the Galactic Center (27+ Sagittarius) and other transiting bodies in Leo. In the 2nd conjunction between Mercury and Mars they themselves were at 28+ Leo!

IMO we are dealing with a Universal directive via the GC to Uranus to either Mercury+Mars, Venus or the North Node at each of the Mercury/Mars conjunctions. Even the Great American Eclipse channels this energy.

This energy or directive manifests in various ways, most obvious would be the unpredictable weather, but it is the Trump presidency and its subsequent Mueller investigation that personifies the Uranian breakthrough, at least from the perspective of the Mercury-Mars cycle, again IMO.

In the chart for the 3rd conjunction of Mercury-Mars the transiting Jupiter (25+ Libra) was on the MC (outcome) for the chart when set in DC.

Jupiter (understanding, justice) was opposite Uranus rx (27+ Aries) who was in a grand trine with Venus in Leo and the Galactic Center in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius. Mercury and Mars were square U.S. natal Uranus, Saturn was opposite U.S. Mars, and Neptune squared U.S. ascendant.

The 3rd and final exact opposition between Uranus and Jupiter comes next Thursday morning (12:24 AM EDT) as trans. Pluto stations direct and as Venus opposes Neptune forming a grand cross with the U.S. natal ascendant (in Sagittarius) and descendant (in Gemini.) I can hardly wait.

However, transiting Uranus, still retrograde will not return in direct motion to this degree until the end of next March. A couple of weeks later there will be a New Moon at 26+ Aries conjunct transiting Uranus. They will square the U.S. natal Pluto and sextile the U.S. natal Moon. The transiting North Node (the path to follow) will be about 1 degree away from a conjunction with Trump’s natal Pluto.


Bernie Sanders Gives Major Foreign Policy Speech: ‘We Share A Common Humanity’

The Senate Republicans’ latest anti-Obamacare bill has bigger goals than destroying the Affordable Care Act and dismantling Medicaid.

This bill aims to blow up the very foundation upon which a national health care system could be built—even if it roils private insurance markets via massive premium hikes for 2018.

This overarching goal—to destroy the health care system’s structural underpinnings that could be used to create a national health care system—was made clear in the opening boasts of the Senate bill’s co-sponsor, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC, when he introduced the bill on the same day Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-VT, introduced a Medicare for All bill.



Natal Chart Lindsey Graham

alex — re the Shkreli exam. You probably remember that during the Vietnam war many tried to get a Section 8 discharge, aka “unfit for military service.” His lawyer probably made the request.

Cassidy’s chart…

Got the date and place off Wikipedia. No time of birth available so I used noon.




1) It passes the buck on health care reform from the national to the state governments

2) It does nothing to stabilize health insurance markets in the short term

3) It would slash funding for states that have made the Affordable Care Act work while increasing funds for states that have refused to do so

4) It will require states to make big changes on an unrealistic time frame

5) It undermines the protections the Affordable Care Act has afforded people with pre-existing conditions

6) In 2027, the program falls off a cliff


Physicians rarely agree on anything as strongly as they do that the Graham-Cassidy health-care bill is harmful.

GOP vs. Reality on Graham-Cassidy


The healthcare of nine million children hangs in the balance


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