30th Sep, 2017

Another Worst Week Ever

The odious Donald Trump continues to wreak havoc on any remaining shreds of decency and integrity once associated with the American presidency. Self-interested manipulation is his hallmark; words and tweets are simply a means to agitate and inflame his base. He is a master at controlling the narrative, reshuffling the facts into a useful and purposeful fantasy that casts him as the hero and whoever is in the way of his ignominious procession as the villain of the day. Thus, in his telling, those who stand for the rights of African Americans not to be harassed by police are disrespecting the flag and our military. And, Puerto Ricans, reeling from a catastrophe of epic proportions, with no water, food or fuel, “want everything done for them.”  Blaming the victim is standard fare in the world of Trump, especially if those victims are darker hued than the Orange Monster himself.

We keep hearing how this was the “worst week yet” for the Trump administration. And yet he goes on and on, seemingly impervious to the setbacks and the scandals. The creepy Cult of Trump continues to see sweet-smelling roses blooming, while the much-beleaguered rest of us see a noxious and invasive species destroying the political, cultural, and legal landscape.

Astrologically, extreme stress will continue for Trump through October, and to some degree until November 12.  Then he gets a measure of relief until a two-month stretch from March 9 to May 7, 2018. At the moment, transiting Saturn is opposite his Sun (22Gemini56), from September 26 through October 12. We can assume the bad reviews about Puerto Rico will continue, as well as the likelihood of some significant difficulties for his tax plan and other endeavors. With transiting Saturn returning to its natal position in the Inaugural chart (23Sagittarius37) and then squaring Inaugural Mars (24Pisces22) and semisquare Inaugural Moon (9Scorpio22) from October 4 through October 29, we can further expect massive resistance – legally, legislatively, and by protest – to his agenda, impacting him through October. In addition, transiting Uranus will be making its final square to the Inaugural MC (26Capricorn13), also through most of October, bringing unanticipated and sudden complications, perhaps including new initiatives and revelations from the Mueller investigation.

It should be mentioned that transits from Saturn are most traumatic for those who do not exercise discipline, conscientiousness, and care.  Humility, service to others, and careful attention to detail will make these challenges far easier, while a cavalier, superficial and self-promoting attitude will make a Saturn transit exceedingly difficult and frustrating. Trump’s lack of attention to the details of his health care plan and now his tax plan, as well as his lack of focus and attentiveness to the crisis in Puerto Rico are examples of the kind of circumstances that will create failure during a Saturn transit. Grandiose posturing with little substance to back it up will be revealed every time.


The wedding last weekend was fabulous. Everything went perfectly. Sorry the current post is rather short. Too much going on in my life.

Starlight, given all the fear about a possible nuclear war with North Korea, do you see any astrological indications of such a horror?

Congratulations on a perfect wedding, Nancy.

Thank you for this post.


Quality, not quantity, matters. Thank you. Additionally, I am happy that the wedding went well. Mazel tov!


Never apologize for taking time to enjoy your family or anything else you do. We consider the time and info. You give us here a gift.

Thank you Nancy for all you do.


Many Thanks for your astrological/political insights. No need to apologize for the brevity. Your expertise is well appreciated.

Also, I’m happy the wedding, etc. went well. Congratulations to the happy couple! May their happiness grow continually and their marriage be as joyful and successful as were the wedding celebrations!

Trump Accused of Burying Research Showing Trickle-Down Tax Cuts Just ‘Snake Oil’ Scam


Thanks Nancy! So glad to hear the big event went off well.

Regarding Trump and the NFL – its about money and gladiator mentality, not sports – seems NFL is now an extended part of the money making military-industrial complex hidden handouts. Your tax dollars at work? No wonder he’s being so loudmouthed.

Glad that the joyous event went off perfectly.

No need for an apology when real life takes precedence over sharing your knowledge with us.

How are you going to post when your grandchild is sitting on your keyboard?:)


“The human body needs food and water to survive. A human can go for more than three weeks without food (Mahatma Gandhi survived 21 days of complete starvation), but water is a different story.

“The maximum time an individual can go without water seems to be a week — an estimate that would certainly be shorter in difficult conditions, like broiling heat.

The week limit is based on observations of people at the end of their lives, when food and water intake has been stopped, Randall K. Packer, a professor of biology at George Washington University told Maggie Fox of NBC News last year.

[b]However, one week is a generous estimate. Three to four days would be more typical.”[/b]

By: Eliseo on September 26th, 2017 at 2:47 am

“I’ve heard two different news commentators state that DJT is getting angrier and angrier. My knowledge of medical astrology is fairly meager. Does anyone see 45 having a mental melt down or stroke? I strongly suspect he is far more vulnerable to a mental breakdown or any of several brain related medical problems thanmost realize.”

The backlash from the worldwide public display of his lack of compassion and empathy and ineptness to deal with a humanitarian disaster and his inability to understand how the total destruction of a system’s power and water and food supply leaves those surviving to recover the best they can with their bare hands while simultaneously finding food and water for them and theirs to survive will not fade away. This worldwide revalation is starting to peak just 10 days before the exact opposition of Saturn to his natal Sun in longitude (Oct 10) at which there will be a transiting TSquare comprised of the Moon (Cnj), Mars (Sq), and Saturn (Opp) to his natal Sun. That day will see transit Saturn/Pluto midpoint exactly square (within 04 arcminutes) his natal Neptune.


trump’s natal Neptune is at 185°57′. It has been, and will be, squared for months by the midpoint of transiting Saturn and Pluto. It is this aspect, I believe, that is shining a light on his activities.

But all is not over because transit Saturn will oppose his precessed Sun on Oct 23rd and possibly be triggered the next day when joined by the transiting Moon.


How are you feeling about the chances of Trump resigning or being forced out by the investigations or health issues? Was it Sept. or Oct that you said was the best chance, and if he survived that time, we were likely stuck with him?

Should be revelation not revalation.

“Nelson Rosario’s Dad in Puerto Rico wants him to share one fact.”


“There’s a medical center down here, and everyone that was in the Intensive Care Unit, died. Everyone. That’s just one detail.”

And …

“It, almost certainly, is about to get worse.”


interesting perspective from Ed Tamplin this week
– US, its ‘manifest destiny’ doctrine, and the 1898 Spanish war.

New post up by Linda Schurman

Neptune vs. Saturn: The United States of Fantasy vs The United States of Reality:

Marjorie Orr appears to think that the Dem candidate may win the Dec 12 special election for Jeff Sessions seat

Weddings can be so darned much fun, especially of those we love so deeply. And, I agree with Bob about grandchildren. (Got a great chuckle from that.) Now that I’m not several states away I can see and be with them. And yes, I ask them for their beliefs, and why. And yes, I’m shrinking, maybe that’s why my grandsons will soon eclipse me in height and they’re not even teens yet. Sigh.

Regarding Trump. What baffles me is those calling him out have been and are eviscerated by him and his other as*-kissing minions. Do those so-called supporters not care that he’s a liar? Not care that his lies are butchering the constitutions, their dreams? What is it that they believe? How is it that when one has lived in this world, and been exposed to their own family tragedies, or challenges that somehow those aspects of everyone’s life is different from their own?

I know I’ve been scratching my head wondering just what it is I can do besides use my mouth, my vote, my pen etc. to ask these questions, to dig for answers. That’s part of the anxiety I (and so many others) are experiencing. The antidote for Trump’s poison are not working. I agree wholeheartedly with San Juan’s mayor. He’s killing people (the planet, the other sentient beings sharing the planet with humans.). He just doesn’t care.

By the way, thank you. This may have been short, but it was jam packed with your knowledge, wisdom, and compassion.

Congratulations on the wedding Nancy! Nice to hear happy news!

I’m grateful for the new post; I check in regularly to get your latest. You help me cope with this strange new world that’s been foisted on us. Uncanny how much events have mirrored your analysis. Thank you for sharing your knowledge & wisdom. It helps.

Teresa – I am not so hopeful in the short term. I always worried that the crush of difficult planets this summer and fall didn’t give enough time for the Mueller probe to play out. I am not looking at the chart right now, but Pence has a lot of turmoil and changes in his chart next year. I will have to take a closer look and combine with the Swamp Monster’s chart. What is so concerning is that things no one else could ever have survived just roll off of Trump’s back, day after day, as he skillfully changes the subject and we take the bait.

The one hope I have is that in the Victim/Persecutor/Rescuer triangle, eventually the Rescuer gets turned into the Victim, when the “unrescued” former Victim starts to get mad at his his supposed Rescuer. In other words, watch for Trump’s base to start to get furious at him when they realize he isn’t making things better for them and perhaps is making things worse.

Thank you, everyone for your kind wishes and thoughts!!

Duchess, regarding war, there are a few times when it could be indicated. The Pluto transit quincunx US Mars, first hits from late February through late April 2018 is the first such period. With tr Uranus trine Trump’s Mars (conjunct solar arc Uranus) late February and March, that could be a dangerous time for impulsive aggression from Idiotman.

A much more problematic time for aggressive action comes in 2019, when tr Uranus is stationary semisquare US Mars and conjunct US North Node, while at the same time tr Pluto returns to quincunx US Mars. Late June to early September 2019 are the danger zone. August through October that year looks very stressful for the US, with tr Saturn square to natal Saturn, suggesting a sharp rebuke to our status as a superpower overstepping its appropriate boundaries. Also pr US Moon square natal Saturn mid August to mid September. Taken together these imply starting a war that causes more trouble and suffering then solutions. I cannot say if it is nuclear or not.

Health Insurance (CHIP) For 9 Million Kids On The Line As Congress Fails To Meet Deadline



“Also pr US Moon square natal Saturn mid August to mid September.”

re: P/US Moon 2019 (? @14 Cancer ?)

square (inner tension – must turn a corner to resolve)

Mundane Saturn:


Saturn – Signifies land owners, farmers, mine operators, elderly persons, public buildings, national calamities, scarcities. It rules minor state execs, law enforcement agencies, state run businesses and corporations. Saturn represents the conservative side of society and governs justice, order, systems and prudence. In a Lunation, Saturn often shows where there is the devil to pay, associated with misfortune or lack, especially when angular or afflicted. If in favorable aspect Saturn stabilizes, strengthens, promotes safety and thrift, indicating conservative actions and responsible attitudes.

continued 2019

‘The Long March 2019’

April 2019 (T/Pl23CP SRX, April 23, 2019)
August 2019 *
Sept 2019 *

Oct 2019

T/Pluto SD @20 Capricorn, October 03, 2019

In mundane cycles that apply to collective humanity and are thus relevant for all of us, the angular relationships we track occur between two moving bodies in the heavens, rather than one moving body revolving around a fixed point. The major transits within those collective cycles seem to require much greater allowable orbs. This is especially true of the ten outer-planet cycles. When assessing the active or effective period of transits in those cycles, an orb of 10° is typically allowed (and some astrologers use an even larger orb of 15° for certain angles).


If we apply 10° orbs to the Uranus–Pluto First Quarter square, then the “effective” period of the transit increases dramatically. The not-quite three years from first exact pass to last (June 2012 through March 2015) is extended to almost 13 years (May 2007 through March 2020), an addition of five years on either side of the precise alignment. The study of history that other astrologers and I have undertaken, where we note relevant correspondences between real events and/or developments in civilization and the symbolic implications of a given outer-planet transit, confirms the necessity and wisdom of using wider orbs. (Note: In this commentary, I’ve used 10° orbs for major transits and quarterly phases, and 5° orbs for minor transits and secondary phases.)

Stages of Correspondence
In the case of the transiting Uranus–Pluto square, the period of the initial five years (2007–12) represented the time of “setting up the game board.” In the classic Parker Brothers game, Monopoly, this would mean choosing the players’ pieces, doling out the money, and shuffling the Chance and Community Chest cards. All of that is “set-up” and precedes the first roll of the dice.

The period of precise mathematical alignment (mid 2012 to early 2015) then represents the “cooking” phase, where the symbolism “heats up” to critical mass.

Taken together, these two periods (2007–15) comprise getting the Uranus–Pluto show on the road, so to speak. Over those eight years, we have seen many different events and developments in civilization that correlate well with the emerging Uranus–Pluto symbolism.

—– the past eight years should be considered precursors — the equivalent of setting up the Uranus–Pluto game board for more dramatic, important, and far-reaching developments that are likely to occur in the second half of the decade, from 2016 to 2020. What’s happened so far is only the falling of the initial dominoes in the chain. We can expect much more over the coming 4–5 years, which will then, in turn, set the stage for, and define the terms of, the serious work humans will face in the 2020s and beyond, if we are to continue evolving as a species.

continued – UR-PL

Uranus semi-square Neptune
Effective period: June 2016 – April 2021
Five exact passes: Aug. 11, 2017; Oct. 7, 2017; June 16, 2018; Dec. 15, 2018; May 2, 2019
(entering the Crescent phase)

Pinwheel This is the “magical technology” cycle. The question is: Can the roughly 200-year drunken party of the Industrial Age, with its constant theme of technological innovation, continue via further discovery and synthesis of new, “cleaner,” and more sustainable technologies? Or will the end of cheap, easily accessible fossil fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas) and the cumulative environmental damage they have produced signal the demise of civilization as we have come to know it?


Uranus in Taurus

Thanks, Alex and Jessica Murray too. http://mothersky.com/2017/08/the-other-side-part-one/

Thanks, Nancy – your comments may be brief, but this note hits bang on: “yet he goes on and on, seemingly impervious to the setbacks and the scandals”. It really is remarkable how impervious he seems to be to the chaos he is causing, both directly and indirectly.

But the thing is, he is only one human being. All the rest of it is done by his supporters, the political party structure, and the people who are unwilling to resist – the ones who have bought in to the narrative. Which leaves all the rest, who might take action or speak out, but who don’t. They largely seem quiet, despite the substantial protests that have erupted in the press and elsewhere. It appears there are a huge number of people in the US who are not engaged, don’t care, or waiting to see how it turns out, or ignoring it deliberately.

This is the part that puzzles me. I suspect it is due to our self-indulgent society, the huge gap between rich and poor which makes for separate worlds, even things like the fact that people have much less contact with each other as we live in cars and computer silos day to day. There is also the pervasive, delusional lure of the media. It’s the detached mass-culture aspect that intrigues me more and more, not only DT himself. In that sense, he’s not the story, we are.

Wow, alex, I’m glad the “cooking” stage is behind us! Thanks for sharing the Uranus-Pluto info, and I agree with the orb extension – we won’t be clear of their square(s) until the transiting Jupiter and transiting Saturn make their conjunctions/squares to these guys and start their own new cycle.

The birth chart for Puerto Rico has Neptune at 19+ Libra (where trans. Jupiter was the day before the Leo total solar eclipse) and it is sextile Puerto Rico’s natal Pluto at 20+ Leo (where trans. Mars was at the Leo eclipse).

Trans. Jupiter at the time of the total eclipse was conjunct the U.S. Juno (not equal) and trans. Jupiter was – at the eclipse – in a T-square with trans. Ceres opposite trans. Pluto. That would put Puerto Rico’s natal Neptune (conjunct U.S Juno and transiting Jupiter) also in a T-square with the eclipse Pluto-opposite-Ceres.

Puerto Rico’s natal Mercury and Trump’s natal Mars are both at 26+ Leo. Transiting Sedna (drowning) at 26+ Taurus was square both PR’s Mercury and Trump’s Mars at the time of the Eclipse and right now as well. Transiting Sedna was opposite transiting Typhon in Scorpio at the time of the Eclipse.

Puerto Rico’s natal Mars at 12+ Scorpio squares its own natal Venus at 11+ Leo (conjunct Trump’s Pluto at 10+ Leo), and at the time of the total solar eclipse trans. Pallas (planning, strategy) in Taurus was exactly opposite Puerto Rico’s natal Mars in Scorpio.

This eclipse Pallas and PR’s natal Mars and PR’s natal Venus (+Trump’s natal Pluto) formed a T-square. PR’s Venus and Trump’s Pluto then were square both the eclipse Pallas (strategy) and Puerto Rico’s Mars. This is enough to cause the kerfuffle between San Juan’s mayor and Trump I think.

The August total solar eclipse in Leo had a very active Uranus (square the eclipse, in a Boomerang with Chiron, Sedna and Typhon) and a very active Pluto (opposite Ceres, square Jupiter).

Back in the ’60’s when Uranus and Pluto started their cycle, they were, in all 3 of their conjunctions in Virgo, always sextile Neptune in Scorpio. Neptune’s exact degrees in those sextiles were 18+, 19+ and 21+ Scorpio and all 3 degrees square the Puerto Rico natal Pluto in Leo.

That’s the Puerto Rico Pluto that was conjunct the eclipse Mars and sextile the eclipse Jupiter that was conjunct Puerto Rico’s Neptune in Libra and the U.S. natal Juno (who symbolizes being less-than-equal, and who is a defender of the disenfranchised). That U.S. Juno opposes U.S. Chiron who symbolizes wounding, healing and teaching.

The transiting Pluto and Uranus may have a spread of over 10 degrees between being exactly square right now but they are still influencing the patterns of our (humanity, particularly in the U.S.) learning process. Puerto Rico, primarily through its natal Pluto, channels the Uranus-Pluto curriculum du jour. The beat goes on.

Alex, thanks for your comments re. orbs. It is a subject that really deserves more attention. It is one of those “professional judgement” areas that are so troublesome in every area of life (including medicine, law, engineering, etc.). I don’t know much theory behind mundane astrology, but certainly in personal astrology it has seemed to me that the smaller the orbs, the better the results can be (but the chance that you might hit it wrong and look like a horses ass gets more critical too!). Generalities (including this one) are safer, but less useful in delineation.

Larger orbs contradict precision in prediction, but they make you consider cycles and trends from a broader perspective. Question is, where to draw the line as to usefulness (you can see I must have some Capricorn!). So, I’m not saying there is no merit, but when orbs are expanded, it becomes much more difficult to pin anything down. It becomes a FIELD of possibilities, not a choice between a few that can be defined, and the interpretations follow accordingly.

Ignoring the fact that most people in science have nothing but scorn for astrology, it still seems sensible that approaches that work in science should be used in astrology, too, to the extent that the scientific way adds value. Thus, when orbs get really big, the statistics hugely expand the number of different possible results, which tends to negate the usefulness of astrology in pointing to the events or trends that are most likely to happen in actuality. Probabilities underlie a big part of astrological thought and assumptions, even though they are not discussed as such (although you can find a lot on the topic on the net, for example: https://www.quora.com/Is-there-any-statistical-evidence-in-support-of-astrology-Have-there-ever-been-any-attempts-at-scientific-controlled-experiments-to-statistically-test-astrological-predictions).

Given that it is impossible to know in advance exactly what WILL happen, it seems more useful (to me) to look at a narrower range of what CAN happen (and thus use narrower orbs), where analysis can be more precise and hence more meaningful, because the possibilities can be more closely described and timed. If the range of possibilities is very large and the time for aspects to play out is very long, there may be trends that show up but it becomes virtually impossible to pick anything specific out of it.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding! I’m not suggesting that traditional approaches should be ditched. However, the framework of astrology, including the reasons for using orbs, should get more attention. Thanks again for your thought provoking post.

When Hate Was Allowed To Prevail


Holocaust Memorial

This is indeed a time, once again, epitomized by this quote:

“It has been said that for evil men to accomplish their purpose it is only necessary that good men should do nothing.”

There are many citations for variations of quote, but the origins seem to come from “1770 the Irish statesman and philosopher Edmund Burke wrote about the need for good men to associate to oppose the cabals of bad men.”

Oral arguments are scheduled in NY on Oct 18th regarding the lawsuit brought by a group of esteemed lawyers against trump’s empire as it pertains to the emoluments clause. The “govt” is trying to get the case dismissed.

Trumps version of Marie Antoinette’s ‘let them eat cake’?

Fix the Cliff


Regarding the astrological indicators for war, the latest developments aren’t very re-assuring. Trump just ruled out all negotiations with North Korea…..

Trump Contradicts Tillerson On North Korea, The Latest In A Series Of Put-Downs

Washington Post
October 1, 2017

President Trump, not for the first time, publicly contradicted his chief diplomat on a major foreign policy issue Sunday, saying via Twitter that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was “wasting his time trying to negotiate with Little Rocket Man.”

Using his nickname for North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, and apparently warning again of a U.S. military response to its escalating nuclear threat, Trump advised, “Save your energy, Rex, we’ll do what has to be done.”

And that brings us to a potential flashpoint……

North Korea WARNING: Japan Terrified Of Huge Provocation On October 10

JAPAN has chillingly warned North Korea are planning to ratchet up provocation in just days.

Daily Express
Sept 29, 2017

Defence minister Itsunori Onodera urged caution as Japan’s start of lower house election campaigns coincides with one of the regime’s main anniversaries.

Kim Jong-un’s reclusive regime is known to mark significant events with massive weapons tests – such as on September 9 last year, North Korea’s founding anniversary, when the state conducted its fifth nuclear test.

Mr Onodera said October 10 marks the beginning of the North Korean communist party and says he is worried the regime will stage another test.



Astrologically, this occurs at the time of the Mars-Saturn square (exact October 11th); hitting key points in the US/Trump/No. Korean charts.

The October 19th New Moon-Uranus opposition in exact sextile-trine to Trump’s natal Mars…..

Will Trump retaliate militarily; simultaneously using the tense to fire Robert Mueller and thus conveniently shut down martial law?

Sorry. That was incomplete. I prematurely hit the submit comment key. That last paragraph should read…

Will Trump retaliate militarily, using the tense situation with North Korea to fire Robert Mueller, thus conveniently shutting down the Russian investigation? Stranger things have happened. It looks like the classic Wag The Dog scenario in the making.

The URL link to the September 25th Newscope article posted earlier (without the accompanying text) helps to put things into context.
Here’s why the Mueller investigation could reach a dramatic showdown in mid October….

Robert Mueller’s Investigation Accelerates

One rapidly evolving situation that’s likely to break into the news during the dramatic October 19 New Moon is Robert Mueller’s investigation. Experts on independent prosecutors say that Mueller has an aggressive timeline since he doesn’t want to get bogged down, as happened during the Clinton investigation. His team has already issued subpoenas, demanded documents from the White House, and taken testimony under oath.

As described last June*, Mueller was born with his Venus at 26º Leo (August 7, 1944; New York, NY; time unknown), a placement now being squared by his progressed Venus at 26º Scorpio. Natally, he also has his Lunar Node axis at 26º Cancer/Capricorn, heightening the importance of this degree. Most significantly, his progressed Sun is now at 26º Libra – exactly in line with the October 19 New Moon-opposite-Uranus.

This week, transiting Jupiter and Uranus oppose each other near the same degree, foreshadowing what we can expect as the October 19 New Moon approaches. The latest development that we know about is that Mueller plans on indicting Paul Manafort (April 1, 1949) in the hopes that he will turn on Trump. Manafort’s chart is under major stress now, and it’s noteworthy that his Lunar Axis is at 26º Aries/Libra.

And of course Trump has several placements being activated by the current Jupiter-Uranus opposition and the October 19 New Moon. His progressed Ascendant is at 27º Libra, and his Mars is at 26º Leo. The recent Solar Eclipse activated his Mars, and the October 19 New Moon is perfectly sextile to his Mars. This infers action of some sort, and several pundits have predicted that Trump will “pull a Nixon”, meaning, he’ll fire Mueller.


. . breaking news. . . multiple shootings on Las Vegas strip. Wasn’t that where OJ was going after he got out of prison?

Las Vegas natal Sun 24+ Taurus, right on Trump’s MC.

Las Vegas natal Venus 28+ Aries, natal Mercury 29+ Aries. Trans. Uranus now at 27+ Aries rx. Solar Eclipse Uranus was at 28+ Aries rx.

Not heard yet when shooting started, possibly about 1:45 AM. Don’t have accurate birth time for Las Vegas; Astrotheme says 10 AM.

Las Vegas natal Neptune at 6+ Cancer as trans. Juno (less than equal) opposes it at 6+ Capricorn.

Las Vegas natal Juno-Jupiter (more than enough) conjunction at 15+ Taurus opposite natal Mars at 15+ Scorpio. Sept. 20 Virgo New Moon chart has Pallas (planner) at 14 Taurus retrograde. At the New Moon she was in a grand trine with Pluto (16+ Capricorn) and Mercury (12+ Virgo). Trans. Venus now at 15+ Virgo is trine Vegas natal Juno-Jupiter conjunction and sextile Vegas Mars.

Transiting Ceres (2+ Leo) is the apex point of a Yod when combined with Las Vegas sextile between Saturn in Pisces and Uranus in Capricorn.

Los Vegas shooting started 10:08 PM (local)

Chart for shooting:
MC 1+ Pisces (conjunct Vegas natal Saturn 2+ Pisces)

Ascendant 21+ Gemini rising (conjunct U.S. natal Mars), descendant 21+ Sagittarius, transiting Saturn 22+ Sagittarius

Moon 25+ Aquarius conjunct U.S natal Moon-Pallas conjunction (27-26+ Aquarius)

Trans. Jupiter in Libra opposite trans. Uranus in Aries T-square U.S. natal Pluto in Capricorn

Trans. Venus-Mars conjunction in Virgo trine trans. Pluto in Capricorn trine Vegas Jupiter-Juno conjunction in Taurus.



Paul Ryan On Trump’s Racism, ‘I Know His Heart’s In The Right Place’

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), Healthcare, Food, Shelter Are Privileges, Not Rights

continued – WI

GOP’s Rigid Wisconsin’s Voter ID Law Tilted the 2016 Election Enough for Trump to Win

Mary Bottari / PR Watch

Last one . . .
Las Vegas natal Neptune 6 Cancer sextile Las Vegas North Node at 6+ Virgo forms a Yod with the U.S. natal South Node (release) and natal Pholus (small cause, big effect) at 6+ Aquarius.

In the Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart (May 2000) Neptune (dissolve, confusion, drugs) was at 6+ Aquarius.

Must get some sleep.

kiwi – Calling this Trump’s “let them eat cake” moment is perfect.

Watch October 9 and 10 for Mars/Saturn square right on Trump’s Sun. Big trouble for him then.

Elisabeth Grace confirming what Nancy says about the 9th.



Enters Libra – September 10, 2016 Leaves Libra – October 10, 2017

The most important astrological event of this autumn is Jupiter entering Scorpio, on October 10th.

The Octobre horoscope 2017 shows that this month we have one of the luckies aspects of the year, Sun conjunct Jupiter. This happens on October 26 (sometimes felt strongly the day before or after, too).

Do any of you esteemed astrologers have any sense of the emoluments clause courtcase which is due for oral arguments to be heard on the 18th?
Jerry, if the 19th shows stress for trump, do you think this case could be part of it too?

Here is a comment from NYT’s:

“If I hear one more politician say “My thoughts and prayers are with the victims,” I’m going to take a gun out and shoot my radio. Politicians’ job is to legislate, not to pray. Do your job: gun control! Gun control! Gun control! Start with assault rifles. A weapon intended to mow down scores of people has no reason to be sold to civilians, if it has any reason to be sold at all.”

Here is what Marjorie Orr wrote:


Tom Petty
20 October 1950 – 2 October 2017

I see much irony in the NYTimes commentator’s statement about SHOOTING their radio while simultaneously advocating gun control.

A major problem with proposed gun control legislation to date has been the abysmal ignorance of legislators with firearms, how they work, and the psychology of gun owners. This has often led to legislative proposals which if implemented would have the opposite of the desired effect.

Most legislators have so far been unable to tell the difference between a carbine and a true assault rifle. This is compounded by the fact that more and more hunting rifles look cosmetically like assault rifles. Why? Two reasons: (A) the assault rifle style is more ergonomic. (B) they sell better.

Furthermore, as legislators know so little about guns, they consistently use very incorrect and misleading terminology. This in turn alienates members of the gun rights community who come to see the legislators as foolish ignoramuses.

So far, most all gun control legislation in the USA has been ineffective. In part, the reason has been much gun legislation has been, and is unenforceable. That’s not to say rational legislation is unnecessary. We DO need some rational restrictions. As one example, universal background checks combined with a strong mental health component of medicare for all might help. But so far, the passions have been so extreme that neither side of the parties concerned have been remotely rational, and they tend to demonize one another.

One notable exception has been Bernie Sanders. Although Bernie also used very wrong and misleading terminology when referring to types of firearms, he at least has been able to make deals, compromises with the NRA which made sense.

(BTW, the NRA does NOT represent most gun owners. It represents the gun manufacturers, and an increasing number of gun owners are disgusted with the dogmatic, policies and politics of the NRA. Even so, 75 to 80 % of NRA members, depending on which poll you follow, are FOR universal background checks, a proposal the NRA adamantly is against. Most gun owners are as concerned as the rest of the population with the unnecessary violence in our society. They don’t want felons or mental patients legally buying guns. But the latter part about mental patients gets into privacy issues, a complicating legal hang-up in many states. Also, NRA members tell me their numbers are actually declining as members “defect” to other organizations to represent them.)

I hear your frustration, or at last that of the commentator at the NYTimes. But I don’t think we will solve this until we get a very different set of state and congressional leaders, legislators who respect the 2nd Amendment, but also realize that in no way is it, or any of the other amendments in the Bill of Rights, absolute. There are always reasonable limitations.

Just released… Tom Pettys condition… unclear…


Dear Nancy, Thank you so much…I love your website and the wealth of Astrological knowledge & discussions. I’ve been without a computer for a month. And this latest crisis is especially unsettling…how much it feels like shades of 9/11.

Divert, Divide, Destroy


So Tom Petty’s fate is still unknown….CBS erroneously reported he was dead. No one will confirm what happened.


Rolling Stone and his family confirm Tom Petty died at 8:40 PM PDT.


Angry Birds Are Ripping $80,000 Drones Out of the Sky

Pushing Hatred!
Facebook and Google promote Politicized Fake News about Las Vegas shooter: The spread of Rlghtwing blogs, claiming the Shooter was an Anti-Trump Liberal, on to mainstream platforms is the latest example of hyper-partisan trolling after a tragedy! https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/oct/02/las-vegas-shooting-facebook-google-fake-news-shooter

Hey Patty, I wondered where you were; glad you are back.

Regarding the Kim Jong Un kerfuffle, I believe it is ostensibly the result of the transiting Uranus-Neptune semi-square, exact on October 7th.

Since the only thing we know for sure about Kim’s chart is that his natal Sun is about 16 degrees of Capricorn, and of course, that’s where trans. Pluto has been and where it stationed direct. But Pluto is now moving forward, so perhaps there will be a lessening of that particular tension.

I say that because the exact conjunction between Venus and Mars in Virgo is on Oct 5th, the same day as the Aries Full Moon, and that conjunction trines the U.S. natal Vesta (what we invest in) in Taurus and they all trine transiting Pluto in Capricorn, which still conjuncts Kim’s Sun, and the Venus-Mars cycle (effect) will last for a couple of years . . . .

What’s more, trans. Uranus and trans. Jupiter’s opposition of late has been T-square the U.S. Pluto, and while trans. Uranus semi-squares transiting Neptune, trans. Jupiter has been sesqui-quadrate trans. Neptune. All these aspects are going to separate and become less potent as trans. Jupiter (excessive) heads for Scorpio.

Also as Neptune retrograde backs off the square to the U.S. natal ascendant (12+ Sagittarius) somewhat, the impending doom we feel (H-bombs from N. Korea) should also lessen.

Just a thought.

Something else about transiting Neptune; while it make a rather wide sextile to transiting Pluto (almost 5 degrees shy of 60 deg. spread) it is 45 degrees from the U.S. natal Pluto. Trans. Neptune then is semi-square trans. Uranus in Aries and semi-square U.S. Pluto.

While trans. Neptune is in the 3rd house of the U.S. natal chart (Sagittarius rising) communication will be unclear, misleading, even downright lies. At the moment of these semi-squares between trans. Neptune and trans. Uranus, and trans. Neptune and U.S. Pluto these unclear communications (and that includes news reports, emails, testimonies, etc.) will have to be checked and double checked for accuracy.

No doubt Mueller has done just that but it’s must be like wading through a swamp waist high for him. Fortunately the T-square to the U.S. Pluto from opposing transiting Uranus and Jupiter is on the wane and his natal Mars-Chiron (16+ Virgo) is getting some good trine vibes from trans. Pluto. I feel sure his digging will be rewarding for the country.

Of The 527 Injured In Vegas, How Many Have Health Insurance?

More than two thirds of gunshot victims admitted to American hospitals are covered by Medicaid, or don’t have health insurance at all.


Thanks Barb. Re: Mueller, why isn’t he listed on Astrotheme? The GOP must be working against him: “Mueller Tasks an Adviser With Getting Ahead of Pre-Emptive Pardons” https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-10-03/mueller-tasks-adviser-with-getting-ahead-of-pre-emptive-pardons

Bump Stocks
Definitely need to be outlawed. I think we can persuade the majority of the Am. public on this one, but will Congress actually pass such a law?

patty, try astrodienst at http://www.astro.com to get a chart for Robert Mueller. Thanks for the link to the Mueller info.

alex, thanks for the article by Charles Blow. I really like that guy.

When transiting Jupiter enters the sign of Scorpio on October 10th he will, as Lynn Hayes puts it, “enter the sign that represents the truth with a capital T.”

The chart for this Jupiter ingress into Scorpio is incredible. Mars at 22+ Virgo will be conjunct the U.S. natal Neptune also at 22+ Virgo. The capital T in this case represents this chart’s Mars T-square the opposition between the same charts Moon (21+ Gemini) and Saturn (22+ Sagittarius).

Not only does the Moon in the Jupiter-ingress-into-Scorpio chart conjunct the U.S. Mars and Trump’s Sun, the chart’s Saturn conjuncts Trump’s Moon while squaring the U.S. natal Neptune in Virgo.

That’s what I call incredible. Then there is this; the chart for the Las Vegas shooting had its ascendant at 21+ Gemini and the descendant at 21+ Sagittarius. (PlanetWaves has the chart for the Las Vegas shooting in an article entitled “A Proxy War On The People).

We might assume then that Lynn’s assessment of the Scorpio influence on transiting Jupiter will reveal the Truth about the U.S. natal square between Mars and Neptune, the Truth about the Las Vegas shooting and the Truth about Trump’s Sun-Moon (full moon) aspect.

“Brutal honesty and direct confrontation are highlighted when dealing with the Scorpio influence – anything superficial or artificial is quickly penetrated with the Scorpionic laser eye for the truth.”

Those of us anxious to see what Mueller and his team have unearthed will come to appreciate this man’s natal conjunction of Mars-Chiron (16+ Virgo) which is now being trined by transiting Pluto (16+ Capricorn).

The conjunction between trans. Venus and Mars at 19+ Virgo that takes place tomorrow, October 5th, the same day as the Aries Full Moon, will be just 3 degrees from Mueller’s conjunction of Mars-Chiron. It too will trine transiting Pluto and complete a grand earth trine with the U.S natal Vesta (what is invested in) at 19+ Taurus.

The Venus-Mars conjunction/cycle influence will last for 2 years while the transit of Jupiter through Scorpio will only last until November 2018, whereupon it will enter its home sign of Sagittarius.

In the days leading up to that transition Jupiter makes from Scorpio to Sagittarius, the transiting North Node will trine transiting Jupiter; the North Node having just left the sign of Leo will be at 29+ Cancer, Jupiter will be at 29+ Scorpio and transiting Uranus retrograde will be at 29+ Aries and square the transiting nodes.

At that time in November 2018, transiting Saturn will oppose the U.S. natal Jupiter, transiting retrograde Neptune – soon to station direct – will exactly trine the U.S natal Sun.

All in all, the transit of Jupiter through the sign of Scorpio is likely to reveal shocking but truthful information that will also be transformative. Brace yourselves.



RE: Mueller [will come to appreciate this man’s natal conjunction of Mars-Chiron 16+ Virgo which is now being trined by transiting Pluto 16+ Capricorn]

Q: Do you happen to recognize the 16 degree of Taurus in any investigation hallmark charts initiated by Mueller – or – does that 16 degree Taurus stand out in any upcoming time frame charts you are examining?

The premise of the article ‘Proxy War on the People’ I think relates to the Grand Earth Trine associated with Mueller’s kinetic astro-cycles.

As I was reading your upthread post I had a vivid image of Mueller’s Earth Trine as an analogy for the improved precision in timekeeping with the emergence of quartz crystal driven clocks and the growth of its utility during WWII.

To me it seems the Mueller Grand Earth Trine to be a ‘quartz crystal emergence moment’ of the scale and scope exhibited in the situations associated with ‘The Proxy War on the People’.

My understanding of the historic significance: Mueller Grand Earth Trine as a notable signal for collective truth that will make sense to us all amid the period of ‘vapors and political smoke’ from the ‘Great
Orange’ regression.

Internals of Quartz Clock Mechanisms


Crystals Go To War

Barb, maybe, just maybe, one of the brutal truths (think multiple outcomes of Jupiter in Scorpio) is the the reason for the resistance by congress to create laws limiting the purchases of certain guns and ammo. Dare I suggest that many of those congressional reps, in addition to NRA membership, benefit financially from gun and ammo stock. And, they just made off with another jackpot. Apparently, as in all cases, sales are up and brisk.

Whoever keeps protecting this facet of life is complicit in the murder of millions. Aide and abet.
I wrote to Rachel with this question. Maybe she or ProPublica or Amy Goodwin can dig a little deeper than I.

Is Tillerson the next to go? He reportedly called Trump “a moron” while speaking to the Pentagon sometime this summer. But it’s out in the press today. In Marjorie Orr’s post from April, she said: “He [Tillerson] looks to be facing major losses in Sept/Oct which can even sometimes amount to loss of job, though there’s nothing on his relationship chart (without time) with Trump suggesting any split.”



The Nevada GOP’s trying to undo election results it doesn’t like—and Democrats are moving to stop it

By Carolyn Fiddler
Wednesday Oct 04, 2017 · 7:01 AM PDT

As analysis after analysis demonstrates that the Trump-GOP tax plan would be a massive boon for the rich at the expense of low-income and middle class families, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) took to the floor of the Senate on Tuesday to denounce the president’s “disgraceful” and “pathetic” proposals that would “make a very bad situation worse.”

“This proposal would cause devastating economic pain for tens of millions of Americans” ~ Senator Bernie Sanders



Fraud. Bribery. Incompetence. The military’s use of contractors adds to a legacy of environmental damage.


Alex, Absolutely. After Trump’s Tax Plan was released, while Reading WSJ Comments, shockingly 9-out-of-ten comments said: ‘What the Hell…These Tax Cuts are for the Ultra Rich, not for those of us struggling to achieve!’

Must see: Trump’s Business of Corruption
Adam Davidson follows the money trail in one of the President’s past deals all the way to Vladimir Putin.


Does anyone feel like the world is as heavy and oppressive as I do? Like it’s just crushing right now and has been for a while?

Feel the overwhelming and frustrating sense that we have to do something — surely there’s something we can do to wake people up and get them to open their eyes and see the truth about so many things and go to work to make things better? That we absolutely have to? Because doing nothing is simply not acceptable?

I’m exercising. I’m close to taking some anti-anxiety meds I haven’t touched since my daughter ended up in a mental hospital over Christmas when she left her husband and disappeared in an airport for 24 hours after missing her plane and tried to cut an artery, which I know will bring me down a notch. But I don’t pop pills like that often, and even when I do, it’s one or two and then no more for months. So, I don’t quite think that’s the answer.

I just can’t believe our world is full of so many people who seem to care nothing for anyone but themselves and can look at Donald Trump and think he’s a Christian and on their side and going to do the right thing for our country. How can the world be this bad?

Maybe it’s my age. I’m 54. Maybe this is why older people get grumpy and sad and are always talking about the good old days and how much better they were. God, I hope it’s not that for me. But the number of people, especially, who have such a one-track mind on gun violence … They freak out people saying we don’t need the kind of kit that converts a semi-automatic weapon to an automatic. Like that’s some horrible imposition to their rights. That they can’t have an automatic weapon, only a semi-automatic.

Teresa Hill,
In answer to your question: YES!
But unlike you, I have the feeling that our actions may be mostly useless, that powerful people controlled by powerful forces beyond their comprehension will do whatever they will do until they exhaust and destroy themselves.

It will be up to us to pick up the broken pieces they have destroyed and begin anew. I somehow feel that only then will our actions be meaningful.

I know some may be horrified by doing “nothing” but there is a time to gather inner strength for the time to come. None of this is rational for me, just my personal feeling/intuition. It may not apply to others.

Teresa, a YES from this part of the world too.
My solution? Do the very best you can to improve the integrity of your own sphere of influence: demanding integrity and truth from oneself as well as from those closest, as well as each of us consciously living closer to our sources of “god” and nature cycles.
Bullies like to perpetuate a sense of helplessness in their victims – don’t give in – create your own sense of power in small ways.

It is the evil of lies and greed and alternate realities that have taken over – and like Eliseo, I think likely it will not end until the whole bubble of lies collapses upon itself.
Think, 23rd psalm.
Hold the vision, for there lives immense power within.

Gotta love this pic
Cher thinks trump is like marie Antoinette too (scroll down)

Teresa, yes, I too feel similar to you. Kiwi has offered sage advice.

God Theresa I feel you so so mush me you echo me….

What do the crazies at Infowars and Breitbart think about Trumps tax plan, anyone know, I am curious how they even try to justify it..

to Teresa and all who resonate with her words, it is, believe-it-or-not, a natural, universal process of getting human beings to raise their consciousness level by scrambling their feelings and their thought processes in order to awaken their other innate gifts; gifts we don’t even have a name for because they have been dormant up until now.

I had been working on a reply to alex, off and on, for several hours, many paragraphs long, involving many, many charts of cycles and events and somehow it all disappeared. What a blessing for you all. I’ll get back later alex.

I do believe in astrology with all my heart and soul. If one can allow room for another (human) sense to participate with the mind in arriving at answers and/or meanings to the confusion we are experiencing, the madness of it all, astrology in its many iterations can explain, explain, explain.

But do we have time for that? Hell no, What we want is reassurance that this will pass and sanity will return. Right Now.

What my sense of what’s coming (thank you astrology) tells me is that what we are experiencing – assaults on our status quo via hurricanes, mass killings, bizarre election results, fake news – is part of a process to break our defenses down in order to get us to come together in search of answers and comfort.

Only then will we reason together, find middle ground and make peace our priority, a value that has been lost in the chaos of defensiveness and fear.

No charts, no connective lines to this cycle or that event, just an awareness that the old way of life is passing and a new way of life is emerging and we will be all the better for it.

“It is the evil of lies and greed and alternate realities that have taken over”

Greed in its most extreme form is a process addiction. Addictions lead to lies and alternate realities. Often when we speak of enemies, we are also speaking about ourselves. When DJT spoke of Kim Jong Un being on a suicidal path, he was unconsciously talking about himself.

“it will not end until the whole bubble of lies collapses upon itself.” Our plutocrats and their followers are a motley and diverse crew, most of them different from the WWII Nazis in many respects, but like the Nazis, determined as blood and iron to accomplish their goals. They will not learn whatever lessons they need to learn until and unless they crash and burn. Self-immolation is their destiny, but in the process many innocents will burn as well.

It is our duty to do whatever we can to obstruct and oppose this evil regime, and to save as much as possible of the good things they seek to destroy. In the face of such immense power there is only so much we can do. There is also a time to stay centered and stay out of the way of these greed-blind fools, lest we be trampled as they race like lemmings into the abyss.

We are Cassandras. The Trojans ignore our
plaintive warnings, arrogantly choosing to believe they are “fake news.” I am sad beyond sadness, but not confused. My clarity deepens my sadness, for it is not difficult to know in a general sense what is coming. We just don’t know yet how precisely it will manifest.

As best I can tell the shooter was born on April 9, 1953. (Lynn Hayes has a chart but it’s too small to read on my computer but when I enlarge it it’s too blurry.) If so, his Jupiter is conjunct the degree right after the degree of the start of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle in 2000, which was 22+ Taurus.

This natal Jupiter would sextile his natal Mercury in Pisces (that opposes U.S. Neptune and squares U.S. Mars) and with his natal Neptune in Libra it creates a Yod.

Add in his natal Venus in Aries (on midpoint between trans. Uranus and trans. Eris) and you have a bigtime Boomerang.

That suggests to me that he was a tool for a societal mission.

alex, the article on Planet Waves “The Proxy War on the People” has been removed or something’s wrong with the website, or maybe I’m just being blocked. I don’t recall what else the article covered besides the chart for the shooting.

If there is some kind of grand trine associated with Mueller’s chart(s) I’m unaware of it, but there is an active cycle whose start degree conjuncts his natal conjunction of Mars-Chiron at 16+ Virgo, which is the Uranus-Pluto conjunctions on and near 16+ Virgo that took place in 1966 and 65.

Your “quartz crystal emergence moment” theory sounds quite profound and I hope to get a chance to re-read (all) of the missing article (having been drawn to its shooting chart alone).

There is another cycle that Mueller could be tapping into, the Neptune-Uranus cycle which began in 1993 at or near 18+ Capricorn (3 conjunctions) which would trine his Mars-Chiron in Virgo.

The 3rd conjunction between Neptune and Uranus had Ceres at 28+ Aries opposite Jupiter at 26+ Libra. This would have been stimulated by the recent opposition between transiting Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries (which formed a grand cross with Mueller’s North and South nodes)

Then there is the 1st (of 3) conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus on the Aries Point on June 8, 2010, that had the Moon at 27+ Aries which also T-squared Mueller’s natal nodes. That Moon on June 8, 2010 aspected the same chart’s Neptune, Chiron, Mercury, Juno, Mars, Saturn and Ceres, as well as the U.S natal Moon and Pluto. And now transiting Uranus is conjunct that Moon (that T-squares Mueller’s Nodes).

Since Ceres is part of the setup in both the Jupiter-Uranus cycle and the Neptune-Uranus cycle I mention, I checked her Discovery Chart and, in addition to her being discovered just one degree from the start degree of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle (exactly like the shooter’s possible natal Jupiter, oddly enough), her chart has Saturn at 23+ Leo.

Mueller’s natal Ceres is also at 23+ Leo. The transiting North Node is now at 23+ Leo too. You can’t make this stuff up.

This very forum helps me to keep hopeful. And yes, Teresa, I have been feeling the same oppression. I am keenly aware of others pain and confusion as well, like your own. My challenge continues to be stopping the fall into debilitating depression. Like Elesio I wonder if the object of contagious greed is to tip the balance so radically that we all begin to align with those working to aright it. No wonder so many of us voted for Bernie Sanders, for instance.

And Barb, thank you for your continued faith that we will come to find this balance, that we are living in the final throws of a system that is entirely broken. And, that a new energy is being birthed.

P.S. Ceres in the Uranus-Pluto chart (2nd of 3) was at 29+ Aries, one degree from where she was at the Uranus-Neptune chart (3rd of 3) which was 28+ Aries. In the Uranus-Jupiter chart (1st of 3) the Moon was at 27+ Aries (sextile Ceres at 29+ Sagittarius) and now transiting Uranus at 27+ Aries -who stationed retrograde just before getting to 29+ Aries – will (and has already IMO) activate all of those charts/cycles.

Presently, transiting Ceres is in Leo and is approaching the U.S. natal North Node (on the 12th).

PS#2 I posted a link to Lynn Hayes’ chart for the shooter but it is (apparently) lost in space or hung up in moderation (although I didn’t get a notice as such). If anyone is interested I will try again later.

Mundane Earth Issues: Robert Mueller

Mundane Interpretations: An interpretation of Astrology in terms of world trends, the destinies of nations and large groups of individuals

Mundane Venus in Taurus (diplomacy, decorum, negotiations, national resources and finances through bankers, financial institutions)

.Transiting Venus @16 Taurus ( June 22,2017)

.Natal conjunction of Mars-Chiron at 16+ Virgo – Robert Mueller

Transiting Pluto @16 Capricorn (1/1/2017)
Transiting Pluto @16CP (9.5.2017 to 10.22.2017)

By Synastry Robert Mueller Grand Earth Trine formed with his natal Mars-Chiron conjunction

On June 23, 2017, Trump stated that members of Mueller’s team were “all Hillary Clinton supporters, some of them worked for Hillary Clinton.” PolitiFact rated Trump’s claim “Mostly False”.


Stephen Paddock Bought 33 Guns in 12 Months.

The Nation

As reported in the Washington Post yesterday, “…as Tillerson has traveled the globe, Trump believes his top diplomat often seems more concerned with what the world thinks of the United States than with tending to the president’s personal image.” Trump in a nutshell.

When Karen F wrote this just above –

“And Barb, thank you for your continued faith that we will come to find this balance, that we are living in the final throws of a system that is entirely broken. And, that a new energy is being birthed.”

– it brought to mind the fact that pluto has been opposing the U.S.’s Sibley chart over the past decade, most recently the sun. This has furthered a breaking down process that may culminate in the U.S. pluto return in 2020 (?). It ain’t pretty but, as barbk intimates, we may be regenerating into something far superior.

On a much more pressing note (for me, anyway), it looks like NOLA may not have lucked out after all, as the Nat’l Hurricane Center has us and MS in the cone of “Hurricane Nate” (not yet a hurricane), slated to arrive Sunday morning at 8 a.m. (unless it weakens for some reason).

My husband and my stepson went to a great deal of trouble putting up a “Succah” on our raised deck (over the carport accessed from the kitchen). It’s a 3-walled hut covered with palmetto leaves that commemorate the Jewish holiday of Succot and the fall harvest. We hang all kinds of colorful fruit and veggies from it on strings (orange & yellow bell peppers, green and red chilli peppers, tiny orange pumpkins, small apples). You’re supposed to eat all meals in it and we had our first one there last night, with a few guests. If Nate materializes, I know what we’ll be doing Saturday night: taking it all down!

It is a beautiful tradition celebrated also in many varieties of African Christianity, as well as by Semitic neoPagans. Here’s hoping you don’t have to take that construction down to accommodate Mr. Nate.

Miley Cyrus & Tonight Show’s Female Writers Read Thank You Notes to Hillary Clinton



I would never wish these feelings onto anyone else, but I do find much comfort in knowing I’m not alone in them.

Also find much comfort in this site and all of you here. I do hope you’re right — that this is a necessary shake up to bring us to a better place. I do think global warming is so much about that — putting us into a position where we have to fight for and take care of and cooperate with each other in order to survive the changes on our planet. The recent hurricanes have certainly brought out those things in some people.

I have such admiration for Texas, for all those people showing up with their boats of all kinds, or even their floats, anything that could float, and bringing people to safety. It was a beautiful thing.

And today, I hear that even some Republicans might be willing to ban those kits that convert semi automatics to full automatics. Maybe they’re lying. Maybe they won’t do it. But I’m still surprised and have a little hope on that issue.

I get a sense that even the people parroting the same NRA excuses they’ve always used have been shaken by this even, and if they sound more strident or are on a hair-trigger of anger in response to anything anyone says about this issue, it’s because they’re waking up and inside they know they’re wrong and are finding it hard to admit just how wrong they’ve been and how much destruction has gone on because they’ve been so wrong on the issue.

I also wanted to say that my daughter, who I’ve written about here before, most recently during her Thanksgiving/Christmas meltdown, has been doing well.

She seemed to stabilize quickly on her new medication and seemed remarkably normal, fast, after Christmas. (She tried to cut her femoral artery. I see the scar every time she wears a pair of shorts. It’s been a tough year.) I wondered if she have been having her first schizophrenic break (she just turned 24 in April) and if she’d ever be a remotely normal, functioning adult.

Her current doctors believe she’s bipolar, although I still think it’s a pretty mild case and that she seems to have embraced her diagnosis as an excuse for why she’s simply unable to do any kind of work. I believe she’s much more capable than she believes she is.

But anyway, it’s October. We’ve almost made it through 2017. I consulted an astrologer I’ve know for some time about her in January who told me she had horrendous aspects this entire year, but if she could make it through 2017, she’d likely survive and be okay. Also that May and either August or September would be good indicators of whether she could pull herself together.

Well, it’s August. We haven’t had any really scary stuff since back in January. I’m taking those things as a sign that she’ll be okay. So, I’m grateful and relieved about our own little family, if not the big, often scary world.

I have been waiting to post this for about a week (was going to post it about 3 weeks from now). On Nov 4 at about 3 pm, EDT my Republican Party chart’s progressed Sun at 264°34′ will be conjoined by transit Saturn at 264°34′. My thinking is that tRump will serve up more behavior and/or lies so damaging to the party that will not be tolerated by them as they are forced to accept the truth of the news and polls similar to this one as we enter campaign season for the mid-term elections and a public rift will take place. Probably not a complete disengagement but an unmistakeable one following so close after Saturn’s opposition to his natal Sun on Oct 10th and to his precessed Sun on Oct 23rd. Remember those are dates when aspects will be exact but they will be the same as exact for all intents and purposes for days before. In fact they are now and will be growing stronger day by day.

Poll: GOP’s popularity ‘is in freefall’

“Registered voters are increasingly turning away from the Republican Party and looking to the Democrats to solve America’s biggest problems, according to a new poll.”


“A little love that slowly grows and grows, not one that comes and goes …”

“That’s All I Want from You” by Fritz Rotter (writing as “M. Rotha”), published in 1955.

Very glad to read the good news about Laura, Teresa. I have said a special prayer for her.

Best wishes from my heart.

Dear Teresa, Know that all of us here are surrounding you with love and strength just like a hug. I too am experiencing great stress with one of my adult children. Just keep sending your Daughter Love.
(I have Twin Son’s, and so wish I had a Daughter!)

This is Totally Crazy: “More evidence that Donald Trump is the weakest president in modern history: There were reports Wednesday that he is unable to fire Secretary of State Rex Tillerson because Tillerson is part of a “Suicide Pact” with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Defense Secretary James Mattis, in which All Three Would Leave if Trump threatened to fire any of them.

For the longest 9 months many of us have experienced (outside of waiting for bundles of joy). Just remember ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff” [you know who] and “It’s all small stuff.” From a certain perspective.

“I know it’s not my fault, I did my best
God knows this heart of mine could use a rest
But more and more I find the dreams I left behind
Are somehow too real to replace”

(Last Night) I Didn’t Get To Sleep At All
Written By Tony Macaulay

For the longest 9 months many of us have experienced (outside of waiting for bundles of joy). Just remember ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff” [you know who] and “It’s all small stuff.” From a certain perspective.

“I know it’s not my fault, I did my best
God knows this heart of mine could use a rest
But more and more I find the dreams I left behind are somehow too real to replace”

(Last Night) I Didn’t Get To Sleep At All
Written By Tony Macaulay

I have not posted here for awhile..but have read off and on, the posts, for many, many years.

I would like to thank you for the posts of deep sympathy you have all conveyed regarding what I call the Las Vegas massacre. I will leave you with this:

“Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”

Hi Salemone! Nice to see you.

As we run up to the Oct. 11th Mars-Saturn square the following cryptic remarks by Trump sound rather ominous………….

Trump Suggests Meeting With Military Leaders May Be ‘Calm Before The Storm,’ Tells Reporters They Will “Find Out” What He Means

The president is currently making decisions related to Iran and North Korea policy


Anyone have a clue what Trump is referring to?

If it’s North Korea, we may have some explosive developments beginning with the October 17th Mars-Uranus quincunx and the October 19th New Moon-Uranus opposition. The latter is precisely sextile-trine Trump’s natal Mars.

Astrologer Robert Cosmar makes an interesting observation that in addition to tr. Pluto’s current conjunction to No. Korean leader’s natal Sun, but his progr. Sun is making an exact conjunction to his natal Mars on October 17th……

How Far Will Kim Jong Un Go?


As an afterthought, I think our benevolent Mr. Trump realizes the gravity of the Mueller investigation and the threat it poses to his presidency. Using the military options as a diversion, the infamous Wag The Dog scenario does seem like an honorable way out of the mess. I think he fancies a nation at war. Nothing like a war to get the adrenalin going.

“The calm before the storm”
45 needs to be removed from office ASAP even if we get Dominionist VP Pence as president. I feel like I’m on a 19th century wooden sailing ship headed straight for very large, rugged and sharp rocks.

Forgot to mention the joint US/South Korean naval exercises in the South China Sea in close proximity to No. Korea scheduled to take place in mid October. Another potential flashpoint?

US Aircraft Carrier Expected In Korea For Joint Exercise This Month


Fox news senior political analyst Brit Hume speculates it could be about North Korea…….

Trump With Military Leaders: This Is Calm Before The Storm

Video 4 min 55 sec


Storm Coming


Trump Rolls Back Obama’s Birth Control Coverage Rule
Now any woman’s boss can object to covering contraception on moral grounds.

Effective Immediately

employers with a ‘moral objection’ to birth control can decide not to cover it for their employees.

Trump Offered His Ex-Wife The Ambassadorship To Czech Republic



Global Citizen Forum

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I think the “storm” that Trump is planning has to do with firing Tillerson and God knows who else. I have no love for someone who was the CEO of Exxon, and cannot imagine how he could have been chosen as Secretary of State (he may have managerial/executive experience but has 0 experience in foreign affairs), but at least he conducted himself with dignity and had the sense to keep his mouth shut. And the beat goes on…

Sharon, I think Tillerson was chosen because Trump wanted to run the US like a corrupt global business empire and Tillerson seemed to fit the bill – that he turned out to more of an independent free thinker, perhaps with a tad more integrity than Trump thought, is more than he can handle. The really scary part is, if fired, who are the candidates to replace him? Jared? The right wing nuts like Pat Robertson have been ‘praying’ through his 700 club for the decimation of the state department since the 90’s. I remember catching one morning a 700club clip of him saying he wished a bomb would go off at foggy bottom. (Were they interfering with his missionary work – aka, diamond mining enterprise in Africa?) If anyone had forgotten he wanted to be president in 1988 and IMO, is corrupt as they come – in true antichrist fashion.

I’m still so dismayed that the ‘news media’ as a whole continue to act like lemmings, with few probing into the story behind the story. They pander to the “office of the presidency” behind which Trump the odious hides. Then I look to astrology and remember that the redo of large enterprises with Pluto at the helm, must surely include the entity collectively known as “the media”

I think the only thing we can do now is, Hunker down and hone our own survival skills until this deadly ‘Hurricane Trump’ passes. Then will come the rebuilding. And think, while we are hunkering, how will we rebuild for the highest good of all? Look at the opportunities for humanity rather than being tempted to sink into despair.

One other thing that comes to mind is, many people really do not know what they want other than their small circle of daily life and are happy to lead a sort of lemming life. Perhaps when this is over, more of the lemmings will at least recognize ‘we certainly don’t want that again’

The progress of humanity over the ages has always come with a heavy price.

interesting words from Marjorie Orr on Trump and the Supreme Court

food for thought connections

Thank you, kiwi.

“Trump advisers and allies are floating the idea of replacing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson with CIA Director Mike Pompeo, age 53 — someone who’s already around the table in the Situation Room, and could make the switch without chaos.”

GOP attempting to destroy Mueller: http://www.wnd.com/2017/10/lawsuit-demands-mueller-reveal-spending-on-russia-probe/

Patty, if you read the “fine print” this action is from “judicial watch” whose sole purpose of existence is to sue.
Started by one Larry Klayman, the organization continues with a collection of like minded rabid right wingers

Four Groups Have Already Said They’ll Sue The Trump Administration Over Its New Birth Control Rules

Four groups said they would file lawsuits over the administration’s new rules allowing employers to drop contraception coverage as soon as Friday. The Attorney General of California said he was “in talks” with other states about suing over the new regulations as well.


Reading your comments, Starlight Community, and speculating about the future, I realized how downright odd. Much about Trump has been scripted (by Trump). We keep watching, some admiring of the sheer bravado, part of which got him elected, part of which was used by other villainous characters feigning loyalty to Trump’s “brand.”

In addition, I remember the hoopla about Facebook, the next best thing since apple pie. I could not see for the life of me why I would want to reveal anything to be marketed to. I eventually joined, and my worst thoughts about it were confirmed. A social network? That’s the only selling point.

This in turn has fueled my concern for AI. How easy it is and will be to uncover every minute of anyone’s life. Those scientists and inventors who are now touting the next “apple pie” are NOT telling us for what purpose other than to help human kind. Not so fast, in fact, here’s another reason we must question the prevailing trend. Maybe more so. Trump has a shelf life. AI, well, that’s something else entirely.

Karen, we have been warned about AI by the likes of Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk. Like everything else, it’s a double-edged sword, but it sounds like it has the potential to be far more dangerous.


I used to wish so much that I only had sons. Guess the grass is always greener. I hope yours get better. Used to think it was so hard to be a parent and have to do the hard things you know are right, and then I realized, it’s so much worse when things are hard and you have no idea what the best thing to do is.

Thank you so much. She’s very lucky to have had so many of my friends praying for her over the years. Honestly, it’s a miracle she’s still alive.

Marjorie Orr is amazing at ferreting out birth info.
Her latest, on the LV shooter, shows a copy of his birth cert alongside charts.

Dear Teresa, Do you know what they say?
“A Son is Yours till he takes a Wife…
But a Daughter is yours for the rest of your life”.

Also, This is just far too Bizarre not to share:
“Trump Is the Star of These Bizarre Victorian Novels “http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/10/07/baron-trump-novels-victorian-215689

Also @: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4754000/Late-1800-s-books-spooky-connections-present-day-Trumps.html

Rachel Maddow interviewed in the New Yorker:

“Trump, she said, “doesn’t just merely distract people, he disgusts people. He breaks the bounds of decency. Breaks the bounds of what people generally agree are the moral rules for engagement in public discourse.” The extremity of Trump’s offensiveness forces us to take the bait, to “weigh in as being opposed to this vile thing. . . . With a normal politician’s normal political distraction, almost all of us will just observe it, right? We’re either distracted by it or we’re not. This guy’s strategy, though, it is really different. It’s to sort of tap on the glass of your moral compass—‘Is this thing on?’ To try to make you feel implicated by your silence.” She went on to speak of the damage Trump does with his “nuclear version of a conventional political tactic.” She said, “The thing he damages is something he neither owns nor particularly values, in the abstract, at least. The thing he hurts is the Presidency and by extension the standing of the United States of America.”

ed tamplin this week – hows this for astro resonance!
“Coincidentally, Paddock’s birthday, April 9 1953 at 11.05 am in Clinton, Iowa, matches the calendar formation date of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/ISIS) of April 9 2013. “

If you have a planet or angle around 20-22 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces that part of your horoscope will be feeling the charge from Venus & Mars, along with the frustrating squeeze of Saturn.

The Mars-Neptune square in the U.S horoscope at 20 Gemini and 22 Virgo, respectively, is now being triggered –literally — by transiting Mars at 20 Virgo and Saturn at 22 Sagittarius. Mars square Neptune is reflected in America’s idealization (Neptune) of guns (Mars). Its worst potential is reflected in the massacre in Las Vegas.



22 degree (fanciful impossible dream, utopian, unfeasible)


After studying Natal Paddock chart I believe the time of birth is accurate ( sometimes hospital round up or down to the quarter hour and family memories can be faulty) He has a Natal Cardinal Cross.

Natal Stephen Paddock
ASC 22 Cancer
DES 22 Capricorn

Admetos 22 Aries
Saturn 22 Libra
Moon 22 Aquarius
Mercury 22 Pisces

Mystic rectangle by transiting synastry (combination of tense and harmonious aspects)

When mystic rectangle occurs as a transit we are given an opportunity to use of our gifts.

Stephen Paddock is described by others that knew him as an intelligence METHODICAL man.

Natal Mystic Rectangle (with Transiting Synastry 10.1.2017)

Natal North Node 09 Libra
Natal Zeus 07 Aries
Natal South Node 09 Leo
Natal Quaoar 09 Libra

Alex, in case you missed it, I posted a link upthread that shows his actual birth cert – date and time = apr 9, 53, 11.05am

Kiwi wrote: “Coincidentally, Paddock’s birthday, April 9 1953 at 11.05 am in Clinton, Iowa, matches the calendar formation date of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/ISIS) of April 9 2013. “
Wow, Mind Blowing Fact Kiwi!

my astro.com work chart for Natal Stephen Paddock time of birth is 11:05AM

continued- what I was saying upthread is that sometimes hospitals round up – such as –

birth 11.08 am up to 11:10
birth 11.11 am down to 11:10

ect etc etc

but after studying the 11:05AM I found it to match the natural character of Stephen Paddock

for instance – – his twelve house gemini points & planets (Gemini, restless, never statisfied

for instance – – his third house virgo points & planets ( Virgo, over critical)

for instance – – his ASC 22CA / DES22CP

for instance – – his eighth house moon – opposite his second house pluto

we’re on the same page alex 🙂

another article on the LV shooting


Grand Hexagon by Transiting Synastry

Shooting Vesta 07 Libra
Shooting Part Fortune 07 Virgo
Shooting Juno 06 Capricorn
Natal Eris 07 Aries – PADDOCK
Shooting IC 00 Pisces
Natal Varuna 05 Taurus – PADDOCK

JillG – I think in large part “we” were played because we allowed ourselves to be sucked in to the overly gossipy dramatic and gotcha stories hook line and sinker, with amazing gullibility. For instance, my US brother-in-law was one of the worst at believing all the outrageous anti Hillary stories that were posted thru facebook. I remember even on this site I was chastised for calling out some of the more patently false stories and links that some were posting. As I said then, when consuming news, check the source thoroughly, and always apply a healthy dose of logic and common sense.

And speaking of facebook and online news sites, be careful about some of those posts that have personality quizzes etc. and tease stories that get you to click multiple times to read the entire thing My computer guy has told me that some of those sites have malware attached to ads that can mine data viewing habits etc – and just today, my malwarebytes program blocked a few malicious sites from some facebook articles.

NZ just elected to parliament a woman who is a middle eastern refugee – thoughtful read. Too bad those who need to read, wont.

“always apply a healthy dose of logic and common sense.”

Well, of course…but a growing number/percentage of our population do not possess much common sense and either have very little skill or experience with logic, or outright reject logic as it leads them to conclusions they don’t like.

Hope everyone here is safe now that transiting Neptune has moved off the degree that squares U.S. Sagittarius ascendant. Transiting Venus this morning conjuncts the U.S. natal Neptune, with transiting Mars right behind her. Relief and repair.

Transiting Sun and Mercury are now one degree past their conjunction with U.S. natal Saturn; partnering to prepare-for-the-worst seems to have paid off.

Even transiting Uranus is backing slightly off its square to U.S. natal Pluto, so take a deep breath now as we prepare ourselves for tomorrow’s exact transiting Mercury-Pluto square, exact transiting Sun-Pluto square, Tuesday’s ingress of transiting Jupiter into Scorpio, and Wednesday’s exact transiting Mars-conjunct U.S. natal Neptune-square-transiting Saturn. These ARE testing times for all of us.

This morning’s trans. Venus-conjunct-U.S. natal Neptune-square trans. Saturn is saying it was (will be) costly for some of us no doubt, but it could have been worse if the weatherman is telling us the truth.

The Aries Full Moon 3 days ago was square the U.S. natal Sun in Cancer but trine the U.S. natal Sagittarius ascendant. She will be testing the emotional endurance of the U.S. all month while providing a kind of spiritual support to our sense of self-esteem.

Aries FM was the landing place for the combined Yod energy (trans. Neptune-sextile-trans Pallas-both quincunx trans. Sun-Mercury-Vesta, opposite Moon) making her the Boom in the Boomerang of this full moon chart. Trans. Full Moon in Aries was particularly important in offsetting the trans. Neptune-square-U.S. ascendant that has be-deviled us all through September.

This process, Neptune-square U.S. ascendant, is part of an overall plan which is part of an even greater strategy to make us (the U.S. people) more malleable and receptive to transformation. The Full Moon chart’s trine between Venus-Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn forms a grand trine (great ease and flow of energy) with the U.S natal Vesta in Taurus. It is she who will give us the where-with-all to forge ahead with confidence.

I stumbled onto this nugget of info: on November 18th the transiting Sun (26 Scorpio 13) will oppose transiting Sedna (26 Taurus 13 retrograde). This is Big. The aspect seems to say “holdfast” to the truth of personal emotional suffering and wait for the right time to release and reveal (thanks Melanie Reinhart!).

This opposition between trans. Sun and trans. Sedna comes four days after the anniversary of her discovery on November 14, 2003. For the 13 years since she was officially named (on September 28, 2004), Sedna has eluded a clear (or positive) symbolism that can be applied to personal or event charts.

By this time next year, transiting Sedna will be exactly square the U.S. Moon in Aquarius and exactly trine the U.S. Pluto in Capricorn. We know Sedna’s myth; about her suffering and eventual authority over the sea life that provided sustenance for the Inuit people. Her people came to respect her for that power, where before her tragic death (and rebirth) she was scorned; sometimes for her vanity and sometimes for her reluctance to follow traditional roles. Sound familiar?

During the coming year we have this opportunity to observe Sedna’s influence (or lack of) on the U.S. and even individuals. When she was discovered there was a Yod going on between a sextile of Neptune in Aquarius and Vesta-conjunct-Venus in Sagittarius,all of them quincunx Saturn in Cancer (conjunct U.S. natal Sun). That’s Sedna’s platform; her agenda.

This Sedna Discovery chart’s Saturn in Cancer was opposite Chiron in Capricorn who was stimulating the U.S. natal square between Sun in Cancer-square-Saturn in Libra. Transiting Uranus on the day that Sedna was discovered was in Aquarius conjunct the U.S. natal Moon.

This element of Uranus to U.S. Moon in Sedna’s makeup (birth chart) and her Neptune patterns (there are 2 Yod-to-Boomerang aspects this chart’s Neptune is involved in) and Sedna’s own quincunx to Pluto (she in Taurus he in Sagittarius) while sextile the Sedna chart’s Moon in Cancer (implies a coordinated effort to help facilitate the universal upgrades we are now experiencing (this combination of planets creates a Yod with Pluto at the apex).

Right now transiting Neptune is conjunct the Mars in Pisces in Sedna’s birth chart. Can we not see the implication here? Sedna’s natal Mars was the Boomerang point of a Yod between her natal chart’s Neptune in Aquarius sextile natal Pallas in Aries, both quincunx natal Jupiter in Virgo who was opposite natal Mars, where transiting Neptune is now.

We are under so much Neptune influence right now it might be difficult to see, but the overall Sedna influence – at least as far as the recent weather is concerned – has a quality of “you didn’t respect me before but you damn well better respect me now” about it.

One last note – I promise – is about a trine between the Taurus North Node in Sedna’s chart and nasty Nessus in Capricorn which completes a grand trine when joined to the U.S. natal Neptune (where transiting Venus and Mars are right now).

Nasty Nessus in Sedna’s chart opposes Ceres (Mother Nature) in Cancer in Sedna’s chart and that Ceres is conjunct the U.S. Mercury, as well as Trump’s natal Saturn and Venus. I can’t help but see all these (rediscovered) goddesses as divine guidance toward a (re)balancing of the extreme polarities we have reached in modern society as well as more primitive societies. It’s all about consciousness raising.

Texas A&M to host all five living former U.S. presidents for hurricane relief event https://www.texastribune.org/2017/10/04/m-host-all-five-living-former-us-presidents-harvey-benefit/?utm_campaign=trib-social&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_content=1507319721

Like many of you have expressed, I’m having a hard time dealing with the nearly constant outrageous things said and tweeted and perpetrated by Trump and his administration. I have sometimes had to just tune everything out for awhile, which helps until the next awful thing. Anyway, a friend of mine shared this article that I thought was wise and may be helpful.

“Outrage and disdain waste mental energy — and feed into a narrative that sustains the president.”

FYI: Texas A & M has permanent office for Herbert Walker Bush and there’s big CIA headquarters at Texas A & M



Great info about Sedna…. your spiritual POV about influence 2017/2018 for transit/aspects to Sedna hopefully speaks to a better near future.

From POV mundane-astro here is what struck me:

a) Sedna discovery chart: Uranus conjunct US Moon

(strong) Sedna discovery chart: Saturn conjunct US Sun (/strong)

b) this time next year Sedna (taurus) will square US Moon (aquarius)

SEDNA & US Power/Authority SU-SA: surveillance of everybody UR AQ cnj US Moon AQ


These nations coordinate their efforts to facilitate surveillance of everybody

Background: US Moon in Aquarius (Sedna discovery chart – – UR AQ cnj US Moon AQ)

2018 Transiting Sedna in Taurus

.square (tensions which have to ‘turn a corner’ to be resolved)

US Moon in Aquarius

In 1928 he published Emotions of Normal People, which elaborated the DISC Theory. Marston viewed people behaving along two axes, with their attention being either passive or active, depending on the individual’s perception of his or her environment as either favorable or antagonistic.

By placing the axes at right angles, four quadrants form with each describing a behavioral pattern:

Dominance produces activity in an antagonistic environment

Inducement produces activity in a favorable environment

Submission produces passivity in a favorable environment

Compliance produces passivity in an antagonistic environment.


Professor Marston

DOB May 9, 1893 Saugus, Massachusetts

Sedna Discovery Chart

14 November 2003 at 06:32 (= 06:32 AM )

Place Palomar Mountain CA, 33n19, 116w52

“Sedna swims into your life to tell you to stop being a victim. The way to wholeness is to recognize how you’ve been caught up in and are living the victim archetype, then to change the pattern by empowering yourself. Are you fond of saying, “Why is this happening to me?” Don’t get stuck in the “why”. … Sedna says we have all been victimized by something, by patriarchal institutions, discrimination based on race, gender, sexual preference, religion, or color. She encourages you to claim your power “ [Lynn Koiner]


Horoscope for Sedna Discovery

continued –


Eliseo, Lack of logic and common sense in too many – exactly. This may sound harsh, but they do say ‘America gets the president it deserves’
Id say the notion overall is downright scary.

Kiwi, Got that Russia article off of Randi Rhodes Homework page. I know she does her own reading and research before she posts anything. Her conclusions are always spot-on. Got to her website and see the articles about the really outrageous stores started by Russian trolls.

Another worrisome thing for me is I live almost directly 12+ miles north of the Ft Lewis McChord airbase and I’ve recently been awakened before dawn because of military transports flying overhead. The same pattern occurred before the Iraq war started. My fantasy is that the generals are hiding everything from our unstable prez. >sign<

JillG – yes, I like Randy. My comment was simply based on my observation that too many americans are way too gullible.

Natal Saturn is conjunct the Nadir in Paddock’s natal chart. Saturn’s conjunction with natal Neptune means the combination acts as one in occurrences in his life and is always present in the back round.




I presume you must live in northern Tacoma, an area I know well. I’m in Texas right now teaching college students, but hope to return to Olympia within a few months. I’m trying to make enough money here to go home to my beloved wife, whom I’ve not seen for over three years, (Pluto transiting my 7th house)

I have a pal who is a former FBI agent who maintains connections with the intelligence community. My late comedy radio partner was also deeply connected to intelligence work. My FBI pal tells me there is no way the intel folks could possibly trust 45, as their lives depend on secrecy. 45 has a tendency to spill the beans at the drop of a hat, particularly when he is around Russians.

My friend tells me he has no doubt they are withholding information from him, BUT he says they are keeping VP Pence more appraised as he is a statutory member of the National Security Council, AND is considered more trustworthy in the context of security matters.

The transports flying overhead are in all probability part of a readiness exercise. Let us hope they are not part of the storm DJT mentioned in his comment about the “calm before the storm,” especially if it is a preemptive and unnecessary war with N. Korea…And we thought GWB’s Iraq war was the gravest military/political blunder in Am. history!

Although moral philosopher and New Zealand intelligence researcher, James Flynn maintains IQ’s have been going up with each generation, (the so called Flynn effect) I am skeptical. I see, at least in the USA, critical thinking skills and IQ as having declined over the last several decades.

The USA, which already was infected with anti-intellectual bias, seems to me to have worsened in this regard, having been culturally Dixie-fied more and more over the last several decades. Furthermore, IQ does not measure depth. I’ve known some with Mensa level IQ’s who were about an inch deep.

We seem to be entertaining ourselves to death. Rome had lead lined chalices and plates. We have television, video on demand, and our insidiously addictive cell phones. Doesn’t anyone actually read anymore?!?!

Has anyone compared DJT’s natal or progressed chart to the progressed USA chart? I’m thinking a good look at our Am. progressed retrograde Mars compared to DJT’s chart might be fruitful.

There are a number of international actions 45 is contemplating which would set back the USA for decades, diminishing the office of the presidency as well as our international standing, rendering us a nation NO ONE would be willing to follow for the next 70-80 years, until such time as our progressed Mars goes direct.

I hear you Eliseo! Yes!
I think the education system as a whole has devolved to just ticking boxes to pass exams, rather than presenting reasoned and well thought thru arguments.
I think perhaps, focusing solely on ‘higher education’ rather than recognizing that some people learn better thru practical skill development such as through apprenticeship programs, have had unintended consequences. As it is now, manual skills and practicality are demeaned in favour ‘degrees’ which may or may not indicate ‘worldly intelligence.’ I remember years ago trying to teach an engineer how to sail – I failed – only because the engineer could not grasp the concept of ‘feeling’ which way the wind was coming from. My dad had an expression for such people – “educated idiots.”
I am sure you do not fall into that category, but too many do.

YES! Although I am skeptical of Flynn’s assertions our IQ’s have increased, I do agree with his assertion in his 2010 book The Torchlight List, that a person can learn more from reading great works of literature than they can from going to a university. Also, the trend (in harmony with the desires of our corporations) is toward training and away from actual education. A PhD engineer may well be a highly trained person, but not necessarily a truly educated one.

Nevertheless, I agree with you we need more apprenticeship programs. I think we all learn more deeply when we combine the actual doing with study, reasoning, logic, and intuition.

Currently I have my students researching the brain differences between reading from an actual book vs an ebook, and from seeing a movie or video. Sadly, ALL of my young freshmen at the technical college where I teach confess they don’t read. Only one student, in her late 30’s or early 40’s tells me she actually reads books. When I taught at the university down the road a bit the statistics were a bit better. My freshmen there were a bit more intellectually curious and involved.

Bravo alex; the Five Eyes linked to Sedna’s Uranus-conjunct-U.S. Moon in Aquarius is just perfect because U.S. Moon and Sedna’s Uranus in Aquarius are also the T in a T-square with Sedna’s Discovery chart’s nodes in Taurus North) and Scorpio (South). Transiting Sedna is just 2 degrees away from reaching her own chart’s North Node.

Those nodes also T-square the August Great American Eclipse in Leo, as well as the U.S. Moon in Aquarius and Trump’s ascendant/Mars midpoint in Leo. Sedna is coming into her own in a very timely (Saturn) fashion, as transiting Neptune, now conjunct Sedna’s natal Mars in Pisces is also trine Sedna’s Saturn-conjunct-U.S. natal Sun in Cancer.

Interestingly, the conjunctions between Uranus and Pluto in the 60’s (the last two anyway) also had the transiting North Node in Taurus and the South node in Scorpio, and in the 2nd Uranus-Pluto conjunction it was Venus who was conjunct the U.S. Moon in Aquarius, just as she will do in the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January 2020 !

All hail Sedna, patroness of the seas and all who dwell there.

stories like this to me are encouraging – out of disaster, innovation.

Eliseo, kiwi: re your education discussion:

I’ve noticed with this generation of violin and viola students (who I teach), their knuckles of their hands are as if they are glued together — it’s very hard to get them to move one finger independently, they all resort to moving one finger with the push of the knuckle of an adjacent finger. I attribute it to the positions their hands are in when they use an Iphone. But can you imagine what this inability to use their fingers implies for brain development?

As for concentration, poor dears, they have none to speak of. Maybe a few seconds, and then they space out.

My disgust and anxiety rises.

If DJT revokes the Iran treaty, the world will be on the road to WWIII. From the moment of his rejection the dominoes will begin to tumble. In the long run Shia Iran will go back to enriching uranium and building bombs. The Sunni Saudis will then want the bomb to counter Iran. The Israelis already have the bomb, and the Turks have NATO missiles. And don’t we all know how wonderfully well all these folks get along!?!

A war with N. Korea will get thousands if not millions of civilians killed in N. and S. Korea as well as possibly Japan depending on where the N. Koreans fire their missiles. They could also hit the US with missiles. The Seoul area alone = 25+ million.

The Chinese and Russians would demand the USA be removed from its permanent position on the UN Security Council, condemnation of the US as a war criminal state, mandatory withdrawal from our many worldwide bases, and radical disarmament. The USA would be treated like Germany at the end of WWII. We would be regarded as an untrustworthy pariah state for decades. And we all know how well and fairly the authoritarian Russians and Chinese would run the world, now don’t we?!?

Tillerson was entirely too kind when he referred to 45 as an “effing moron.”

In addition to the October 19th Libra New Moon’s exact opposition to the transiting Uranus (26+ Aries rx) it will also square the U.S. natal Pluto (27+ Capricorn) and trine the U.S. Moon (27+ Aquarius) which is conjunct U.S. Pallas (26+ Aquarius).

Robert Mueller’s natal South Node at 27+ Capricorn is conjunct the U.S. natal Pluto and will also square the Libra New Moon. Adding the Mueller North Node (27+ Cancer) and the transiting Uranus (26+ Aries rx) completes a grand cross (4 squares) in cardinal (action) signs.

Breaking the stranglehold of this pattern is the Libra New Moon chart’s Mars (28+ Virgo) that trines the Libra New Moon chart’s Sedna (26+ Taurus) and they complete a grand trine to the U.S. Pluto and Mueller’s South Node (which symbolizes what he can do in his sleep because he’s done it so much) at 27+ Capricorn.

Because the Libra NM on October 19th has Chiron (25+ Pisces rx) opposite the NM’s Mars in Virgo, this grand trine (NM’s Mars, US Pluto+Mueller’s SN, NM’s Sedna) becomes what is known as a Kite formation. This 4th planet opposing the NM Mars effectively makes NM Mars the focal point of the grand trine, adding motivation.

Here’s where it gets really interesting. In the October 19th Full Moon chart, Uranus in Aries is sextile the U.S. natal Moon (U.S. people) at 27+ Aquarius and this sextile forms a Yod with the New Moon’s Mars in Virgo at the apex of the Yod, the part that has to adjust. The Yod turns into a Boomerang with the NM’s Chiron opposite Mars.

Chiron functions as a go-between in matters that the outer planets want to convey to the inner planets, a kind of bridge. The Boom planet in a Boomerang (this time Chiron) receives all the energy of the Yod and chooses where it will be sent.

This means that the Libra New Moon Mars in Virgo participates in both a Yod-turned-Boomerang pattern and a grand trine pattern (when adding in the U.S. Pluto and Mueller’s South Node) that becomes a Kite pattern. The New Moon Mars is in an uncomfortable position where it has to adjust, but it is also supported by its grand trine with New Moon Sedna and U.S. Pluto/Mueller SN. In both patterns Mars is front and center.

This New Moon Mars at 28+ Virgo also activates the U.S. natal Vesta Return chart’s (dtd 4/23/16) descendant (the “other”; be it partner or open enemy), also at 28+ Virgo. This chart is effective until trans. Vesta returns to conjunct U.S. Vesta in 2020. Vesta is extremely focused and symbolizes what one invests in.

Among the interesting points in the U.S. Vesta’s Return chart is Mars at 8+ Sagittarius opposing the U.S. natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini, thus activating the cycle between Neptune and Pluto which began at 8+ Gemini. In the chart for that cycle between Neptune and Pluto that started in 1891, Uranus was at 27+ Libra and square Venus at 27+ Cancer.

The Libra New Moon chart’s Uranus at 26+ Aries rx is opposite the Neptune-Pluto chart’s Uranus at 27+ Libra and the two of them form a grand cross with the U.S. Pluto + Mueller SN in Capricorn and the Venus in the Neptune-Pluto chart at 27+ Cancer which conjuncts Mueller’s North Node.

So, we are engaging the energies of the Neptune-Pluto cycle (conjunct US Uranus), the US Vesta Return cycle in which Mars squares U.S Uranus, as well as the actual Uranus-Pluto cycle which is in the final throes of its opening square(s). All this energy is embedded in the Libra New Moon on October 19th, along with the “relationship” between Robert Mueller and the U.S. natal chart.

Robert Mueller does have a stellium of planets in the sign of Virgo that lends oomph to the Libra New Moon chart’s Mars in Virgo. They include his Mars-Chiron conjunction (that transiting Pluto trines) as well as his Jupiter and Mercury.

The New Moon may, on a conscious level, be about balance, relationship, justice, all Libra stuff, but it is the somewhat behind-the-scenes Mars in Virgo that is the guy to watch in this New Moon period. This is a big step – for the U.S. – in culminating activities that began over a century ago. For what it’s worth, Mueller’s natal Pluto (uncover, rebirth) at 8+ Leo (dramatize) is sextile the U.S. natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini (the facts)

The ruler of Virgo AND Gemini, Mercury, is conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio, exact the day before the Libra New Moon. It is the one and only conjunction between them in their new cycle that will end in October 2018 when another new cycle between them begins at 7+ Scorpio. This should be an asset for Mueller’s natal Mercury-Jupiter in Virgo., as well as his Neptune in Libra.

Appearances may be deceiving, and Libra is big on appearances, but don’t be fooled. There will no doubt be shocking revelations, breakthroughs and a lot of technology (Uranus stuff) involvement that rises to the surface when the Libra New Moon takes over the astrology this month.

(Later I will take a closer look at the new Mercury-Jupiter cycle which conjuncts the U.S. natal Hades)



Trump called Chuck Schumer to make an Obamacare deal. The answer was no.

By Joan McCarter
Monday Oct 09, 2017 · 9:03 AM PDT


Bernie and Jayapal Introduce College-For-All Bill; Rally of Watch Parties Scheduled for October 10.

By TomP
Monday Oct 09, 2017 · 8:33 AM PDT

great article fierywoman – bravo to you music teachers! The ultimate ‘apprentice program’ – practical skills coupled with theory – getting the neural pathways stimulated with all sorts of awesome ‘side effects!

Many Thanks, Barbk, You are Amazing!

Eliseo Wrote: “If DJT revokes the Iran treaty, the world will be on the road to WWIII. From the moment of his rejection the dominoes will begin to tumble. In the long run Shia Iran will go back to enriching uranium and building bombs. The Sunni Saudis will then want the bomb to counter Iran. The Israelis already have the bomb, and the Turks have NATO missiles. And don’t we all know how wonderfully well all these folks get along!?!”

Absolutely Eliseo, it’s my Greatest Fear!
Imagine they all sit down at a Big Table…
And Share Video’s of each Beautiful Country.
“Don’t Tell My Mother I’m in Iran”

Several eclipses in the year prior to the massacre in Las Vegas had tight connections to the killer’s natal chart. Here is one of them.


I posted this more than 24 hrs ago. It went to moderation as it contained 3 links. I am breaking it to post it now.

Natal Saturn is conjunct the Nadir in Paddock’s natal chart. Saturn’s conjunction with natal Neptune means the combination acts as one in occurrences in his life and is always present in the back round.



And this:


The fires in California. Anything astrological? Will the natural disaster never end?

Every day brings mass death & destruction…don’t mean to be Debbie Downer but it’s hard to face. The prospect of this getting worse is not for the faint of heart. I thought that, as the Age of Aquarius dawned, “love will heal the planet” and “truth will steer the stars” (without looking it up – I think those are the lyrics).

The lyrics are below, except for the numerous repetitions of Let the Sun shine in, etc.

I’ve always thought it odd the lyricist wrote “And Jupiter aligns with Mars.” To my understanding, an alignment is a conjunction. A Jupiter/Mars conjunction represents the Roman soldier, and war, not peace. It was a beautiful song, especially the rest of it which embodied very noble aspirations, but IMHO the writer was astrologically naïve.

As far as your feelings. I suspect everyone on the blog feels the same way. I remember the Cuban missile crisis very clearly. Every day seems like that crisis which lasted slightly more than two weeks, but unlike that crisis this one seems to never end and may be ongoing until 45 leaves office. I think that although we may be on the cusp of the change from one age to another, the true age of Aquarius is likely a couple of 100 years away.

Meanwhile, I hear, feel, and share your disappointment.
A woman president in our lifetime:
hasn’t happened.
True peace in our lifetime:
hasn’t happened.
Amos’s vision that justice would flow like waters, and righteousness like an ever flowing stream: hasn’t happened.

Sensitive, empathic, caring people have longed for these things for centuries. We are closer, I believe, but still not there. If we don’t obliterate ourselves, I believe we will eventually achieve it. Who knows whether it will be within our lifetime?

When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius
Age of Aquarius
Aquarius! Aquarius!

Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions

Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revelation
And the mind’s true liberation
Aquarius! Aquarius!

When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius
Age of Aquarius
Aquarius! Aquarius!

Let the sun shine, Let the sun shine in
The sun shine in
Let the sun shine, Let the sun shine in
The sun shine in

Thank you, Eliseo. The lyrics and music truly are uplifting, transcendent, beautiful. May mankind together with the Creator make it so.

And, speaking of education, there are those who want it so much that they would die for it. Malala started her academic career at Oxford today!! When there are people like her on earth, who so appreciate education and get it (and I suspect a lot of Muslim women do, among other folks) – then all is not lost!


Sharon, I keep hoping and praying, indeed trusting, that the old cliché is really true “its always darkest before the dawn”

Aww Sharon, sometimes you have to look for that silver lining; New Orleans escaped the hurricane so you and your neighbors have that blessing to be thankful for.

Yes, I KNOW you know that, and I agree, it is always something these days. For weeks and weeks I’ve sobbed every day over news videos of the personal tragedies from hurricanes, shootings, fires and then more hurricane destruction. You’re right, the faint of heart will not endure, but you will and I’m pretty sure I will too.

There is something about tragedy and grief that can either soften one’s defenses and cause them to share feelings with others or it can make one defensive and bitter and withdrawn. If there is nothing to heal then how can the Age of Aquarius ever heal the planet?

If I were asked to explain the reason for suffering as we see now in the U.S., suffering still relatively minor compared to Syrian refugees and other displaced people, I would have to say it must be to make us conscious of what is of true value. It is to make us – as a whole – realize what is most important in the grand scheme of things.

I believe it will pass when we the people have had enough time to re-evaluate our priorities. When Venus and Mars made their conjunction at 19+ Virgo the other day they were trine the U.S. natal Vesta at 19+ Taurus. Vesta symbolizes what is invested in and Taurus is about material things. Venus and Mars were also square the U.S. Mars at 21+ Gemini – not just a Mars square Mars, but a Mars and Venus square Mars.

My sense is that Mother Nature actually pulled her punch with this last hurricane and I think that because Venus was there to soften the blow to the U.S. Mars rather than a pure Mars-square-Mars transit.

I also happen to think that Uranus represents more than just smart phones and other amazing technological wonders. I think Uranus is a speedup of experience, where people don’t have Time (Saturn) to adjust their feelings and their minds to the rapid-fire experiences facing them. It is frightening and overwhelming to most of us to lose our bearings, our belongings, our dreams and sometimes even our loved ones.

In late August the total solar eclipse in Leo opposed the U.S. Moon in Aquarius and most of the trauma and tragedy we have experienced of late can be traced back to that phenomenon, IMO. Much has been written by astrologers about that eclipse, most of it observing the effect of how transiting Uranus in Aries was trine the eclipse in Leo.

Not so much written about the Leo eclipse chart’s transiting Mercury in Virgo that squared the U.S. Uranus in Gemini though, an extremely sensitive point in the U.S. natal chart.

It was the same degree where the present Pluto-Neptune conjunction took place many years ago that started this present cycle between them; conjunct the U.S. Uranus in Gemini. The eclipse chart’s Mercury awakened that heavy-duty cycle of Neptune and Pluto which is married to the U.S. natal Uranus which symbolizes a speeding up time.

One interesting observation about that conjunction on August 2, 1891 between Neptune and Pluto was the other conjunction of Chiron and Mars both at 8+ Leo that sextiled the Neptune and Pluto at 8+ Gemini (that was conjunct the U.S. Uranus). Remarkably, Robert Mueller has natal Pluto at 8+ Leo and he also has a natal conjunction between Chiron and Mars. His conjunction of Chiron and Mars was in Virgo though, and is now being trined by transiting Pluto in Capricorn.

Robert Mueller also has a South Node that conjuncts the U.S. natal Pluto in Capricorn. I find all of that uncanny, but that’s how these long cycles between planets operate; they patiently wait for the right time and the right person to trigger their powerful energies.

This cycle between two outer planets was primed and waiting for moments in time where transits would affect the U.S. Uranus (awakening, shock, inventiveness, speeded up time, etc.) which would trigger the powerful energies they carried symbols of in their conjunction chart.

One of those planets in the Pluto-Neptune chart was the Moon at 16+ Cancer that trined that chart’s Jupiter at 16+ Pisces which opposed that chart’s Saturn at 15+ Virgo. The August total eclipse chart’s Pluto at 17+ Capricorn retrograde opposed the eclipse chart’s Ceres at 17+ Cancer.

That August solar eclipse chart’s Pluto also was opposite the Moon (symbolizing the masses) in the Neptune-Pluto chart at 16+ Cancer which trined Jupiter who opposed Saturn, and that opposition between Jupiter and Saturn symbolized a crucial time for society in their cycle back in the 1890’s.

That cycle-within-a-cycle, Jupiter and Saturn’s, was triggered anew by the 2017 solar eclipse opposition between Pluto and Ceres and the rain and the wind came, affecting the social structures of this society, the U.S. society, making the People and its Government; ie. Society, aware of its shortcomings.

I see this then as we who are living right now in 2017 are a cog in the mechanics, a piece of the puzzle in the evolution of human beings. My dad would have said “it’s our time in the barrel”, a punch line in a very old joke where people would take turns climbing into a barrel that was pushed into the Niagara Falls. (You had to be there to appreciate the humor.)

These are growing pains and future generations will profit from our experiences, as will we.


One critical factor left out in your summation…..

the October 19th New Moon-Uranus opposition is in exact sextile-trine to Trump’s natal Mars. It also straddles Trump’s progr. Jupiter and progr. asc – desc degrees. It’s possible Trump will initiate a war at this juncture. Watch for a possible false flag attack (staged to appear as though it was perpetrated by No. Korea?) in the South China sea leading up to this Libra New Moon, either on the 17th or 18th. This coincides with the US/South Korean naval exercises in that region slated to begin October 15th.

Additionally, Michael Wolfstar in his October 9th entry uses a few simple calculations on why North Korea may be implicated in this high stakes looming confrontation…..

NewsScope for October 9, 2017
By Michael Wolfstar

“The Calm before the Storm”

Last week media pundits were pondering what Trump meant when he said that this was “the calm before the storm.” He was on his way to a dinner, and paused for a group photo with his top generals. Was this an ominous hint that something big was about to unfold, or just Trump showmanship? The Washington Post reporter noted the time: 7:18 pm.*

A chart set for this moment (October 5, 2017; Washington DC) can be interpreted like a horary or event chart. Is it something or nothing? With Uranus conjunct the Ascendant at 28º Aries, astrologers would say that the surrounding circumstances are late in the developing process and verging on imminent change. Jupiter opposes the Ascendant and Uranus, and all three of these placements align with Trump’s progressed Ascendant at 27º Libra.

Most ominously, Pluto conjoins the Midheaven and just turned direct at 17º Capricorn.



Is there a striking similarity to the run-up to the 2003 Iraqi war? This author seems to think so…..

Diplomats Fear Trump Is Tweeting the United States into War

Vanity Fair

“I have this bad gut feeling that they really want conflict on this,” one State Department staffer said. “It is a sort of wag-the-dog” situation.

Donald Trump continued to test the limits of his “madman theory” of foreign affairs over the weekend. Less than a week after he dismissed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s diplomatic efforts in the region as fruitless, Trump fired off a series of tweets that seemed to suggest the only option left to curtail the North Korean nuclear threat is military action. After lamenting that the North Korean government has been making “fools of U.S. negotiators for 25 years,” the president wrote on Saturday, “Sorry, but only one thing will work!” He declined to say what that “one thing” is, leaving the White House press corps and Kim Jong Un, a 33-year-old political neophyte with perhaps half-a-dozen nuclear weapons, to guess.

Behind the scenes, U.S. diplomats have been scrambling to open negotiations with Pyongyang. But Trump, who tweeted last week that Tillerson is “wasting his time trying to negotiate with Little Rocket Man,” seems intent on war. “I have this bad gut feeling that they really want conflict on this. That they are pushing hard,” the current State staffer told me, comparing the administration’s rhetoric to the lead-up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq. “I feel like this is a similar situation, they want to do something in North Korea because it is a sort of wag the dog or kill the messenger and they are kind of trying to force-fit it.”



You make some very good points. It seems to me DJT is hotly intent on war no matter what. If it is not with N. Korea, it could be with someone else. He appears to need war to vent his unfathomably deep rage. Any diplomacy done to prevent war is most assuredly a feint. I don’t think he will be stopped but by removal from office.

Eliseo…”unfathomably deep rage” and a need to dominate, insecurities that he has ignored for so long he’s twisted them into unwieldy knots. His braggadocio will not allow him back away from complexities he knows nothing about. In fact, he has stated more than once that he’s smarter than all of is.

I weep with empathy and shame for all of us on the butt end of his depravity and there are so many. The strength of the the tsunami Trump is creating will fall hardest on him.

One last thing. Will, are you all right? Were you not living in Santa Rosa or have I not remembered correctly? I haven’t seen any of your clever posts recently, but you were looming large in my thoughts yesterday.


In reply to your comment…

“…..It seems to me DJT is hotly intent on war no matter what. If it is not with N. Korea, it could be with someone else. He appears to need war to vent his unfathomably deep rage.”

According to knowledgeable White House sources, the mood in the oval office is becoming increasingly untenable. It’s being described as a pressure cooker without any constructive outlet and chararacterized by Senator Bob Corker as a very dangerous situation…

A ‘Pressure Cooker’: Trump’s Frustration And Fury Rupture Alliances, Threaten Agenda

Washington Post
October 9, 2017

Frustrated by his Cabinet and angry that he has not received enough credit for his handling of three successive hurricanes, President Trump is now lashing out, rupturing alliances and imperiling his legislative agenda, numerous White House officials and outside advisers said Monday.

In a matter of days, Trump has torched bridges all around him, nearly imploded an informal deal with Democrats to protect young undocumented immigrants brought to the country as children, and plunged himself into the culture wars on issues ranging from birth control to the national anthem.



Agnus Dei, for chorus


Grego Allegri
The Miserere is one of the most often-recorded examples of late Renaissance music, although it was actually written during the chronological confines of the Baroque era; in this regard it is representative of the music of the Roman School of composers, who were stylistically conservative.

The work acquired a considerable reputation for mystery and inaccessibility between the time of its composition and the era of modern recording; the Vatican, wanting to preserve its aura of mystery, forbade copies, threatening any publication or attempted copy with excommunication.

They were not prepared, however, for a special visit in 1770 from a 14-year-old named Wolfgang Amadeu Mozart, who, on a trip to Rome with his father, heard it but twice and transcribed it faithfully from memory, thus creating the first known unauthorised copy.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Horoscope
DOB 1.27.1756 (8:00PM), Salzburg Austria

(N/Saturn 01 AQ) Natal Sun 07 Aquarius (N/Mercury 08AQ)


ASC 12 Virgo
North Node 12 Virgo – 1rst House

DES 12 Pisces
South Node 12 Pisces – 7TH House
Uranus 13 Pisces



Behind the Scenes

No doubt about it Jerry, war talk has been in the air due to Trump’s proclivity to come across as a fearsome threat to one’s safety. As I recall, in the video of Trump’s photo opp with the generals, he said “this could be the calm before the storm” rather than “this IS the calm before the storm”.

A couple of astrological indicators keeps me hopeful that war is more a rattling of sabers than an imminent reality. . .

1. Trump’s Sun/Uranus-Moon opposition is in mutable signs and his Mars/ascendant is in a fixed sign. Only his natal Chiron/Juno-conjunct-U.S. natal Saturn seems likely to instigate war because they are in a cardinal sign and only cardinal signs start things. Mutable signs symbolize transition and fixed signs are reluctant to change the status quo.

2. For years transiting Eris (who loved to see discord lead to war) has been in a quincunx to the U.S. natal Neptune in Virgo and a square to the U.S. natal Mercury in Cancer. This combination surely foments talk (and fear) of war.

Trump’s entire life has moved on the power of words to propel him out of one situation and into another situation. He is doing what he does best; letting his motor-mouth plant ideas that sometimes take root but most of the time do not.

About the time transiting Eris stationed retrograde in July, she was about 20 arc minutes from an exact square to the U.S. natal Mercury at the time, Trump was talking about imposing more sanctions on Iran which increased the talk of risking possible war. It was the Eris factor.

Because Trump’s natal Saturn and Venus (in cardinal sign Cancer) are conjunct the U.S. Mercury, Trump’s Saturn and Venus are also picking up the vibes of the transiting Eris square. Fomenting discord, that’s what Eris does.

Something I just noticed in the October 5th Full Moon chart was that Transiting Eris (23+ Aries retrograde) was sextile the South Node (23+ Aquarius) and both were quincunx the U.S. Neptune (22+ Virgo) thus forming a Yod.

Also, the Full Moon chart’s Saturn (22+ Sagittarius) was exactly square the U.S. Neptune while the Full Moon’s Chiron (25+ Pisces retrograde) opposed the U.S. Neptune.

This put the U.S. Neptune in Virgo at the Yod apex point – a Yod (adjustment required) that turned into a Boomerang with the addition of transiting Chiron, while U.S. Neptune, at the same time, was being squared by the Full Moon Saturn, which was also a T-square when Chiron is added.

That’s a helluva lot of pressure on the U.S. Neptune . . apex of Yod, part of Boomerang and part of a T-square, all at the same time. Sleight of hand seems a likely option. Don’t assume anything you see or hear as being true until verified.

Meanwhile, at the time of the New Moon on October 5th, trans. Mars and Venus were starting their new cycle (2 year) just 3 degrees away from U.S. Neptune. This means that the T-square between US Neptune opposite trans. Chiron squared by trans. Saturn will be part of the Mars-Venus cycle, as will the grand trine between Mars-Venus in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn and U.S. Vesta in Taurus.

Right now trans. Jupiter readies himself to ingress into Scorpio and when he does so he will oppose the U.S. natal Arachne at 1+ Taurus. Arachne is the spider who weaves award-winning webs. Webs are binding.

Mythical Arachne was a fine (human) seamstress before she irritated Pallas who turned her into a spider. The Full Moon chart’s Pallas (11+ Taurus retrograde) sextiles the Full Moon Neptune (12+ Pisces retrograde) and they form a Yod to the Full Moon chart’s Sun (12+ Libra conjunct US Saturn and square US Sun).

Is it any wonder that we are all verging on some kind of breakdown? Logic will not be a reliable tool during this lunar cycle. Magic, yes, logic, no.

Think of it as being in a hall of mirrors, like at a carnival, where it appears as if someone is right in front of you when really they are behind you and off to the side. Drugs and alcohol will probably only make it worse.

Thanks, kiwi, barb, Eliseo. In a general sense, there is always a silver lining and I am VERY grateful that New Orleans was missed. It’s just hard seeing what happened to the areas that got hit by the other hurricanes, the flooding, the forest fires, and mud slides. Summer seems to be an especially rough time for climate damage. And, yes, others are suffering even more than we are in the U.S. due to war, displacement, rape, torture. People have reminded me about the purification and cleansing processes of nature and the chance to start anew. My belief in rebirth, regeneration, and knowing that this cycle of life is the natural law, is a major consolation and harbinger of joy and hope. Suffering is hard to witness, even though I know it will bring something better ultimately for all that suffer, that we come here for a reason, and our soul journey continues on. And, of course, I always think about the animals. I remember a FB post a mother put up of her little son, maybe 6 or 7 y.o., crying while talking about the cruelty in the world, and when he got to the baby animals, he burst out in even more sobbing. I knew exactly how he felt.

Another factor at play with Hurricane Trump that has not been discussed recently, is that he is also being propped up by those holy rollers in high places, aka dominionists, who are chomping at the bit to bring about ‘armageddon’ – for years they have been brainwashed to believe only they, “the true believers” will be saved.

So absolutely true, Kiwi!

Good point kiwi. Something I am recalling from the early days of learning astrology are the “down side” of signs. With the observations among the newsroom types about Trump’s “moods” and “feelings”, and with Trump’s Moon (moods, feelings) in Sagittarius I remember the catch phrases of “open mouth, insert foot” and “don’t fence me in” being associated with Sagittarius.

If one is born at the time of an eclipsed Moon, does it stand to reason that the emotions of this individual would be blocked in the early years and then later in life they would surface and become more expressive? I have no idea.

Exactly Kiwi! Trump is a Loose Cannon who believes all he touches turns to GOLD.
“(CNN): Donald Trump has a grandiose view of himself and his centrality to, well, everything”.

Trump actually claims HE Invented Fake News!

Tillerson was correct!



Trump Obstructed Justice in Russia Investigation and Could Be Impeached, New Think Tank Report Claims

By Melina Delkic On 10/10/17 at 12:55 PM


South Korea ‘Blackout Bombs’ Can Take Down Pyongyang Without Firing a Shot

By Sofia Lotto Persio On 10/9/17 at 6:25 AM

“BUSTED: Secretary of State hopeful John Bolton caught walking into White House as Trump meets with Tillerson”

“John Bolton, a controversial former acting ambassador to the United Nations, was seen entering the White House West Wing on Tuesday as President Donald Trump was meeting with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Bolton, whose name has been floated as a replacement for Tillerson, drew the ire of Democrats in 2006 when President George W. Bush expressed intentions to nominate him as ambassador to the United Nations. Bush eventually made Bolton the acting ambassador after Democrats hinted that they would derail his nomination.

Earlier this year, Bolton complained that he was no longer being allowed to visit the White House for an audience with the president.

But that dry spell appears to have recently ended for Bolton after reports suggested that Tillerson called Trump a “moron” and threatened to quit.”


Try this link…can’t check it due to no preview of post,


A comment from the NYT’s:

“How many Republicans will take to be burned or flooded out of their homes before they get the faint intuition that maybe the scientists are not pushing fake news about global warming. What is fake about seeing smoldering embers where your house used to be?”

I am trying to avoid the Harvey Weinstein gossip but am noticing some of it. His wife, who he said had agreed to stand with him, now is announcing she is leaving him and she feels for the women to whom he caused suffering. I hope some good comes out of all this. It is certainly empowering to women. I was wondering what happened to him astrologically that caused the heavens to rain down upon him this week. It sounded like either Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, or Mars were involved, separately or in combo. I glanced at his chart and nothing jumped out at me so maybe it has to do with progressions, arcs, midpoints. Not to fear, however, Marjorie Orr has addressed it a bit, as would be expected.

It appears to be part of a pattern larger than any one of the several people accused, Cosby, Weinstein, Trump, etc.

I agree, Eliseo (and don’t forget Bill Clinton). At one time, the pattern was almost acceptable, and still is to some extent, but it has been gradually changing. I guess it works both ways. There are women who denigrate men, and there are men whose moral code would never let them do that. Maybe it come from insecurity and having to prove oneself – a lack of self respect and a desire to have the most toys, the most conquests.

I also want to say that the contrast between Weinstein’s wife and Hillary won’t escape people.

“Conquests” is the key word, and unfortunately it is the pervasive and verbally unconscious modality of sexuality within our culture.

Even among people who love one another deeply, many think of their sexuality in a predatory modality. Were we to have our heads on straight we would think/feel of our sexuality in the modality of nurturance, not conquest.

When our spirituality is in alignment with our sexuality, sexual acts are a sharing, not something we do “TO” someone else, but something we do “WITH” another.

The common, albeit damning phrase is make love “TO” you, etc. We are so nervous and afraid, sufficiently erotophobic, that we don’t properly teach our boys and girls how to think intelligently or humanely about our sexuality.

Sharon, Weinstein is part of a larger pattern alright. We see it in his natal chart with his natal Jupiter conjunct the U.S. natal Chiron opposite his natal Neptune conjunct the U.S. natal Juno. The transits in the last year of Uranus to the U.S. Chiron (and Weinstein’s Jupiter), and of transiting Jupiter to the U.S. Juno (and Weinstein’s Neptune) hint at the greater picture.

The Jupiter-Uranus cycle began at 0+ Aries, where transiting Salacia is right now. That chart’s Mars at 0+ Virgo opposes Chiron at 0+ Pisces and Weinstein’s natal North Node is also at 0+ Pisces.

Transiting Nessus (abuse of power) is approaching Weinstein’s natal Venus at 3+ Pisces for the 2nd of 3 conjunctions. The cycle between Neptune and Pluto that started in 1891 had the North Node at 3+ Gemini opposite the South Node at 3+ Sagittarius and right now transiting Nessus and Weinstein’s natal Venus form a T-square to that cycle’s nodes.

That same Neptune-Pluto chart had Mercury at 3+ Virgo completing a grand cross with the same chart’s nodes and Weinstein’s Venus (+ trans. Nessus). One month ago transiting Mars was at 3+ Virgo, just days before the 3rd and final conjunction between trans. Mercury and Mars officially started their new 2 year cycle.

The chart for that Mercury-Mars cycle that started last month had Juno (9+ Capricorn) opposite Weinstein’s natal Uranus at 9+ Cancer. I believe it indicates that he will be the poster child for an all out feminist revolt against sexual abuse because Juno in that chart trines Pallas in that chart at 9+ Taurus. Plus, there is a tight grand trine between Venus, the Galactic Center and Uranus that will carry forward the energy of this Mercury-Mars cycle for 2 years.

There are more examples but bottom line (IMO) is that the larger picture which is of the Universe’s making is to balance the out-of-balance polarity between men and women, which is part of a greater polarization problem (rich vs. poor, machine vs. nature, etc.). This is being done in incremental steps, but with transiting Jupiter moving into Scorpio we may see much more of it in the coming year.

the latest from Raye Robertson
“Yes, the Cosmos is being a bit heavy-handed with “We the People” these days, and the constant state of crisis is becoming quite exhausting.”

A booster shot. Uplifting. Please take the time to watch and remember 44 is still with us.


We Are One. The Obama Inaugural Celebration


Beyonce – America the Beautiful Live @ Obama Inaugural Concert, 2008 [HD]


Jules Mouquet-La Flute De Pan
1st mvt, Pan and the Shepherds
Played by James Galway on the flute


James Galway Horoscope


continued – 38 D Minor


D- Major


Secret Garden

D- Minor


The Santa Rosa Fire was only One-Hour drive north from where we live in the S.F. East Bay. The smell of burning structures & chemicals was horrible.

As far as we know the U.S. has never before experienced a stolen Presidential Election in U.S. History. And it makes me wonder what kind of Evil the Republican Party conjured up using Russian Tactics to weaken our Election.
It’s almost looking as if when Russia tampered with our Election, the negativity has Backfired directly on the GOP!

Look at this President and his Party in shambles.
Almost every day they encounter a new disaster.

We now have a ‘Fake President’ who never won The American Presidential Election in a Fair and Honest Election.
We should refer to The Fake President Trump!

The secret history of Trump – (C-span book promo, very informative – a must watch if you can stomach the subject)


Trump threatens to target licenses of ‘NBC and the Networks’ after nuclear arsenal report

The White House just got a formidable new opponent in the fight over women’s rights.

On Wednesday morning, the nonprofit National Women’s Law Center announced its new Legal Network for Gender Equity ? staffed by 73 lawyers ? meant to aggressively defend women and girls from sex discrimination in the workplace, in schools and in the health care system.

The network’s lawyers will take on cases, collect data on sex discrimination and share resources on key legal developments in this area of law.


The administration’s assaults on the rights of women and girls include: the Department of Health and Human Services’ far-reaching new rules that roll back the Affordable Care Act’s birth control benefit by extending exemptions that allow employers who claim religious or moral objections to refuse to provide birth control coverage to their employees; the Department of Education’s recent revoking of the 2011 Title IX sexual assault guidance, which will discourage students from reporting sexual assault, create uncertainty for schools on how to follow the law, and make campuses less safe; the Office of Management and Budget’s decision to halt the EEO-1 equal pay data collection, which required large companies to confidentially report to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission information about what they pay their employees by job category, sex, race, and ethnicity; the Department of Justice’s recent announcement that LGBT individuals should be excluded from federal sex discrimination protections—counter to prevailing legal trends; and the Department of Labor’s proposal to eliminate the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, which enforces the equal opportunity laws that apply to federal contractors.



Don’t forget about the stolen election of 2000.

In just 3 weeks the sexual predator-in-chief takes another vacation.

Trump to travel to Asia Nov. 3-14.

Nov 9 transit Saturn sq inaug Mars
Nov 9 Sibly prog Moon cnj tRump N Moon
Nov 13 tRump prog Moon cnj prog Saturn/Pluto MP
Nov 14 Sibly prog Moon opp Sibly Mars
Nov 15 transit Mars cnj Sibly Saturn

It seems to me that the continuing revelations of sexual predators are stand-ins for Trump who has so far gotten away with his sexual misconduct. There are tapes out there that will further give light to his debauchery. Women are mad and will not take this exploitation any more. More men will fall but I am not sure if Trump’s tapes will come out or if there are courageous women who will speak out as to what he has done. But I do believe Trump is worried as to what might come out about him. He golfs to try to run from his frustration. I keep wondering how long will this craziness go on. I know I am not alone in this thought.

I remember last summer when somone posted a prediction from a Vedic Astrologer that basically said women would defeat Trump. I initially thought this was about the election, then the Women’s March, but now maybe his history of sexual misconduct will be the end of him.

I can’t understand why he wasn’t taken down last fall?

Its going to be a real GOP Slugfest:
I’ll bring the popcorn.
Bannon has a target list and its aim is the GOP


Exactly, Ja! The 2000 Election was stolen so that G.W.Bush & Cheney could justify Middle Eastern intervention. I was an American Airline Stewardess (in another lifetime) my intuition says 9/11 was an Israel/Rightwing snow-job that accomplished nothing positive and spread even greater evil. Perhaps that’s why they enjoy Trump so much, he so easily distracts the people.

Ja: Very interesting statement that sexual misconduct will bring Trump down. I think everytime one of these men go down, Trump goes down with them. He is the catalyst of these events and is connected to them. Jupiter in Scorpio is certainly bringing out of the dark the long awaited sexual misconduct overdue.

We also know from long experience with North Korea that their response to any bluster is to have the last word, and to escalate where possible. If we want to strengthen stability in Northeast Asia, raising tensions by exchanging escalating threats hardly seems the right way to proceed.


I know a lot of people here follow this but I thought this week was particularly interesting, I would love to have some of the astrologers here talk about what Jupiter being in Scorpio now means !



Is a Cruel Joke

Donald-Duck Trump is about to loose it. That statement keeps popping up in my awareness simply because of his increasingly provocative bullying. Other actions both subtle and overt add to this sense of a man lost in a world of his own making. Any comments?

If the above becomes manifest, it means further degradation to the US. PBS had an interesting guest EU Foreign Policy chief Mogherinihttp://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/trump-retreat-iran-deal-damage-trust-u-s-dealmaking-eu-ally-says/ regarding the issue of trust and the UN Iraq resolution. There is more further evidence of our tumble including that of China telling Trump to back off on N. Korea. Every service person must vow to defend the constitution of the US. So too do our representatives, not the flag, not the president but THE CONSTITUTION. We must keep reminding them that this is their duty! If we the people do not act to remove this president who will?

Please ignore my grammar this morning. I didn’t proof.

“Came the dawn” my daddy was fond of saying when the meaning of something would become apparent. Before there was a total solar eclipse in August, there was a lunar eclipse. During the week following that lunar eclipse six different planets/minor bodies would pass through the 11+ degree of their respective signs and aspect a degree I’ve been fascinated with for at least the last 5 years.

The 3 outer planets, Pluto, Uranus and Neptune began their journeys through the signs they now occupy between January 2008 and February 2012. These planets take a long time to move through a sign and that meant that for 6 years they would each occupy the sign they were in while the other two planets stayed in their same signs; a rather consistent charge of energy emitted by the threesome.

For those 6 years, from February 2012 to May, 2018, these outer planets have and will continue to influence the inner planets, starting with Saturn and Jupiter; the same 2 planets that, together, symbolize, through their ongoing cycles with each other, how governments and societies develop, prioritize and/or breakdown.

The 3 outer planets had one thing in common, a degree they all shared (at the time of their 2nd ingress into the signs they would occupy for so long) which indicated (to me anyway) a mutual focal point where their “agendas” would converge.

These three charts for the 2nd ingress of (1) Pluto into Capricorn, (2) Uranus into Aries and (3) Neptune into Pisces, each had a symbolic presence occupying the 11+ degree of Aquarius. Whenever I would find a chart of an individual or an event that also had an astrological symbol at 11+ Aquarius I thought it must surely relate to this outer planet energy in some way.

For the week that followed the August 7, 2017, Lunar Eclipse, the 7 transiting bodies of Mars, Ceres, Mercury, Venus, Vesta and Pallas would aspect each other and also aspect that 11+ degree in Aquarius that the 3 outer planets were committed to sharing their influence into.

All this aspect activity took place in the light, or lack of, the eclipsed Moon in Aquarius, just 4 degrees away from the degree that Pluto, Uranus and Neptune had in common. The dawn came for me when I thought about how the outer planets energy might be getting through to the inner and/or minor planets which were aspecting the common degree of 11+ Aquarius.

Inner or personal planets (Mercury, Mars, Venus) are those symbols of energies most readily experienced by human nature. While the brunt force of the outer planets, Pluto, Uranus and Neptune are normally experienced on a collective level, I believe this commonality between them, the 11+ Aquarius degree, so close to the eclipsed Moon at 15+ Aquarius, afforded humanity a rare, up-close and personal opportunity to get a direct hit, rather than a filtered down effect of the outer planet influences in this time of transformation and evolution.

Add in the newer influences symbolized by the dwarf planet Ceres and the asteroids Vesta and Pallas, each having a definite yin characteristic, and you get a short-cut; a direct hit of the transformational powers that would otherwise have to wait for the trickle down effect.

I believe we are overwhelmed, each in his or her own way, by this phenomenon. We have always had an interface between our personal selves and the social/cultural level regarding outer planet influences, except of course when we have outer planet transits to our own charts. But this. . . this is happening to all of us all at the same time.

If we can accept this premise, that what seems insane and the world gone mad is just a speeded up evolutionary change that doesn’t seem normal or natural, maybe it might lessen the fear of that change.

Right now I don’t remember the length of time that moon eclipses maintain their influence, but it’s in months rather than years like a solar eclipse influence, however, I’d venture to say that we are still in it. Just one week ago the Aries Full Moon chart had Pallas at 11+ Taurus retrograde, very close to where she was at the August lunar Eclipse, and square the degree where Uranus, Pluto and Neptune share a mutual pact, 11+ Aquarius.

Could it be that transiting Pallas – the warrior whose specialty was strategy and planning – is “challenging” (what squares do) the powers invested into 11+ Aquarius by Pluto, Neptune and Uranus? Pallas in last week’s Full Moon chart also sextiled Neptune in Pisces and together they formed a Yod to the transiting Sun and Mercury in Libra. Sun being opposite transiting Full Moon made the Yod transform into a Boomerang.

That full moon then at 12+Aries, had direct access to the U.S. natal Sun (square) and the U.S. natal Saturn (opposition), not to mention all of us who have planets in the 10 to 14 degree range of any sign in our birth charts, and the Moon in any chart deals in emotions.

These are far-reaching influences then and they all come back to that 11+ degree of Aquarius that Uranus, Neptune and Pluto have a say in for the remaining time they stay in their present signs. And what influences would they be?

For Pluto it was the conjunction of the North Node and Nessus at 11+ Aquarius, for Uranus it was Venus at 11+ Aquarius, and for Neptune it was Mercury at 11+ Aquarius.

If we take the present Full Moon’s retrograde Pallas, a female warrior who strategizes, and then pit her square against the 3 outer planets degree of 11+ Aquarius,
(and don’t forget Pallas in the FM chart is also forming a Yod with the Sun and Mercury in Libra at the apex demanding adjustment, and they trine that Aquarius degree that resonates with outer planet influence)
. . well then, I think of Harvey Weinstein.

Furthering this hypothesis, the Yod turns into a Boomerang that ends with the Full Moon in Aries as the final point where all the combined Yod energy winds up. That Full Moon in Aries (symbol of mothers, etc.) sextiles the outer planet-charged degree of 11+ Aquarius and you get a full-on rebellion from outraged women and supportive men.

Think about it; the 11+ Aquarius degree reeks of the Pluto chart’s Nessus (rapist) and North Node (path forward), along with Neptune’s contribution of Mercury (news, communication) and Uranus’ contribution of Venus (what is valued) and you get an outraged society ready to take action a lot quicker than what would normally be a process to take down a jerk like Weinstein. That’s the outer planet effect.

Hoping this sheds some light on why we feel the way we do.

Randy Bryce For Senate

“My values are my neighbors’ values, and we know that Washington has gotten way off track. Whether it’s healthcare or jobs, national security or education, our democracy or the environment – there’s not one issue where Paul Ryan and Donald Trump are headed in the right direction. It’s time for a change in Congress.”



Randy Bryce is running against Paul Ryan……

he has good campaign video

Oh Barb K. THANK YOU! Everything I’ve been feeling, and seeing now makes sense. Your words out-lined me. They defined my thoughts into understanding my unbearable emotions.(tightened chest, inability to breathe) Feeling the need to be responsible for change, yet knowing I needed to understand all(me) first. Birthday coming 11-9-1950. It’s like a do-over at 66! As difficult as things are…I’m now glad to be here, on Earth. In love.

Women’s March Convention


Orangie signed executive orders today intended to siphon off healthy Obamacare enrollees into skimpy cheaper plans.

The order will loosen rules for what these plans have to cover and who they have to cover, like people with pre-existing conditions.

The cumulative effect of the new rules he’s ordering will be to damage Obamacare’s regulated markets, leaving just the sickest, most expensive patients there. l

He’s got a three-bladed hatchet that he’s taking to the law, one that will make it easier for people to create “association health plans” and exempt those plans from some of the rules that apply to other plans.

He’ll also extend the lifespan of already existing short-term medical insurance, low-cost plans that offer limited protection. Now they’re limited at three months but he’s likely to extend that to 12 months and make them renewable.

Finally he’s expected to allow people to use accounts known as Health Reimbursement Accounts to pay for premiums. This would allow companies to use pre-tax dollars to help workers pay for premiums, not just other out-of-pocket costs.

The most consequential and damaging element of this is the AHP expansion, allowing small businesses, trade associations, and as-of-yet undefined others to group together to purchase health insurance that would be exempt from some of the existing Obamacare rules.

Plans would be exempt from covering all of the essential health benefits now required, like prescription drug coverage, or maternity or mental health care. The plans would be much cheaper, pulling small business and other groups out of the Obamacare markets, leaving the sick people—and the ones who need more comprehensive coverage—in those markets, where premiums would get more and more expensive.

Republicans are bent on dragging us back to the days when insurance companies decided who lived or died.

Mind Boogling Leap


OOPS: Rick Perry calls Puerto Rico a ‘country’ during Congressional hearing

‘Poverty is a state of mind’: Ben Carson victim-blames poor and says ‘a savior’ is the solution

Florida Republican defends Rick Scott’s hurricane response: ‘Eventually everyone in that nursing home will die’

Eric Francis:


Most likely many here have read this explosive Vanity Fair article by now…….

“I Hate Everyone in the White House!”: Trump Seethes as Advisers Fear the President Is “Unraveling”

Vanity Fair
October 11, 2017

In recent days, I’ve spoken with a half dozen prominent Republicans and Trump advisers, and they all describe a White House in crisis as advisers struggle to contain a president who seems to be increasingly unfocused and consumed by dark moods.



So the question is, when do things actually unravel to the point of no return?

I thought the upcoming October 19th New Moon-Uranus opposition would do it, but reading the news at this point in time, that appears to be premature. Could the Oct 19th New Moon introduce a new twist in the Mueller investigation as Michael Wolfstar from Newscope seems to suggest?

The November 18th New Moon at 26 Scorpio in square to Trump’s natal Mars (26 Leo) and the Aug. 21st solar eclipse (28 Leo) with tr. Saturn at 26 Sag simultaneously forming a trine to those same degrees. Would that tip scales? Either a war on the Korean peninsula or a messy political firestorm?

One things for sure, Trumpo’s presidency is becoming increasingly untenable as Republican’s become more vocal in their outrage…….

Trump Threatens Not To Do His Job — When Is Enough, Enough?

Washington Post
October 12, 2017

Our constitutional system designates the president as the person to execute the laws. Congress passes them, the president signs them, and then he is obligated to enforce them. His oath is clear on this point: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” What if he won’t or cannot execute his duties and/or cannot preserve, protect and defend the Constitution? The Constitution says the remedy is impeachment.

Within the past 24 hours we’ve seen the president threaten to ignore or violate the First Amendment and threaten a group of Americans with denial of service to which they are legally entitled.

On Wednesday, President Trump said he found it “disgusting” that the press can write what it wants and suggested that NBC’s “license” be revoked for “fake news.” (After nine months, he still has no idea how the government works and what various agencies, commissions and departments do.) In response, Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) tweeted a statement reading: “Mr. President: Words spoken by the President of the United States matter. Are you tonight recanting of the oath you took on January 20th to preserve, protect, and defend the First Amendment?” I asked Sasse by tweet and through his office if Sasse thinks Trump has renounced his oath, and if so whether he would favor impeachment. Neither Sasse nor his office would reply.



PS Forgot to mention: the November 18th New Moon contains a waxing Mars-Pluto square (exact Nov 19th) which could shake things up.

I admire your attitude Pat; two of your natal planets, when combined with transiting Uranus, form a Yod which then becomes a Boomerang when you add in transiting Chiron. With trans. Chiron at the receiving end of this energy pattern (and conjunct a point in your nativity) it could account for this sense of responsibility you have been feeling as Chiron is a healing symbol. Chiron acts as a bridge between outer planet energy and inner planet energy.

It appears you have a strong affinity with the U.S. and its people. Rest assured that you will find your calling, probably sometime after your birthday. Let us know about it when you can.

Astrotheme did an amazing/more educational Harvey Weinstein Report: https://www.astrotheme.com/astrology/Harvey_Weinstein
Interestingly, many of we Baby Boomer’s grew up experiencing Weinstein-type aggression as young women. Hopefully Weinstein’s evil will inspire a quantum jump and equalization/strength for Women.

The Oxford Astrologer:


$7 billion dollar cut

Trump will scrap critical Obamacare subsidy

Scrapping the payments to insurers, which could happen almost immediately.



You might have heard of the Office of the Attending Physician, Congress’s and the Supreme Court’s special medical home, where for the annual fee of a little more than $600, Members of Congress can get all of their routine medical care, including x-rays, lab work, and referrals. It even coordinates when specialist care is needed, bringing doctors to the capitol and often with no additional charge. Pretty darned sweet deal, huh, for all those Republicans whose number one goal is to take health care away from pretty much everyone else.

But that’s not all. There’s another pretty sweet deal involved here, where members can also get all their prescription drugs provided from that office. The drugs are brought to the Hill almost daily from the local pharmacy, Grubb’s. That’s where it gets kind of interesting for the pharmacist.


Wouldn’t it be nice, congressional pharmacy edition

By Joan McCarter
Thursday Oct 12, 2017 · 7:16 PM PDT

Gravity Light


By: patty on October 12th, 2017 at 8:42 pm

“… many of we Baby Boomer’s grew up experiencing Weinstein-type aggression as young women. Hopefully Weinstein’s evil will inspire a quantum jump and equalization/strength for Women.”

Until then patty, perhaps some wisdom from the old ways:

Rooster Cogburn: “You know more about the Lord and His Good Book than about men.”

Eula Goodnight: “My good fortune. I know enough about men to steer clear of them. I had no hankerin’ to have one of my own. And no desire to produce more.”

Well….. we’ve navigated our way through the Mars-Saturn square over the past week with its attendant adverse astrological aspects to both the Donald Trump and US natal charts. Not as dramatic as one would expect. One thing is becoming clear however The chaos emanating from the West Wing of the White House is slowly ebbing away at Trump’s ability to function effectively. Perhaps additional bizarre behavior to come on the 19th?

Has anyone looked at the November 18th New Moon aspects? Mars at 16 ’51 Libra precisely conjoins Trump’s progressed Venus (physical well-being?) and his natal Jupiter (17 ’27 Libra) in square to tr. Pluto 17 ’28 Capr. and trine to natal Uranus (17 ’53 Gemini). The New Moon itself (26 ’19 Scorpio) in square to Trump’s natal Mars (26 ’46 Leo) also has tr. Saturn (26 ’22 Sag) trine natal Mars. Tr. Uranus at 25 ’23 Aries is in close quincunx to the New Moon. Lots of intense celestial activity there. Here’s the Nov. 18th New Moon chart for quick reference (calculated for GMT)……


Anyone care to hazard a guess? Are we looking at a war, assassination – or both?

Ja, thank you for the link to the Oxford Astrologer’s piece on Jupiter into Scorpio. Sweet Jesus, what a chart it is; transiting Mars conjunct U.S. Neptune and transiting Moon conjunct U.S. natal Mars. Need I say more?

Okay, for a chart set in Washington DC, Jupiter is in the 12th house of secrets and Scorpio is rising. Not enough?

The ascendant at 11+ Scorpio and the descendent at 11+ Taurus are T-squared by the degree where the Uranus, Pluto, Neptune ingress chart’s all offer up some of their own lucre, while transiting Neptune trines the ascendant and sextiles the descendant.

This chart’s Vesta at 11+ Libra is the apex of a Yod with the sextile between Neptune in Pisces and Pallas in Taurus, and Vesta is trine the 3 outer planet’s shared degree of 11+ Aquarius.

This chart for Jupiter’s ingress into Scorpio, where the Moon conjuncts the U.S. Mars at 21 Gemini, well she also opposes the same chart’s Saturn at 22+ Sagittarius (very near Trump’s Moon-South Node) and both of them square the transiting Mars-conjunct U.S. natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo.

Although much of this chart is clear as a bell, there is so much to think about. Perhaps by the time Jupiter is half-way through Scorpio I will have a fair idea of what this all means.

Jerry and alec, thank you for your posts. It’s more proof positive that our inane president is also quite insane. The performance by Kelly yesterday was, I believe, seeking to calm the waves from this insane president’s storm. The entire country (its peoples) need a antidote. (Thank you Barb for your far-sighted posts regarding this heads-up time.)

And almost happy birthday pat evans! I too am a baby boomer, and feel that sense of responsibility keenly.

Democratic leaders blasted the administration on Thursday night over President Trump’s decision to end key payments to insurers offering ObamaCare coverage, calling the move “spiteful.” “Sadly, instead of working to lower health costs for Americans, it seems President Trump will singlehandedly hike Americans’ health premiums,” Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said in a joint statement. (Byrnes, 10/12)

Legal Challenges to Executive Orders


barbK, that 11th degree keeps coming up and I remember we did an informal study here of which political leaders in the spotlight had something at 11 degrees of Aquarius. Ryan and McConnell definitely did as well as quite a few others (for whatever that’s worth). Anyway, the Jupiter ingress in Scorpio chart is VERY interesting and, even I, with my limited knowledge of astrology (with all my Pisces, I’m not that detail oriented) see the hints of war and the blockages to Trump. As far as Trump goes, it almost seems like there is a systematic effort being engineered by those behind the scenes, or the Universe or both, to guide a build up to the point where he will have to be removed, most likely by the 25th Amendment because that would be easier than impeaching (or he will withdraw himself).

And speaking of being a Baby Boomer, and contending with aggressions by certain males, things have changed but not evolved enough.

I think I brought up here before why the Title IX guidance, which seems to have been done with every intention of protecting college women whose reports of sexual assault were ignored or who were afraid to report them in the first place, is so controversial. Unlike criminal charges, there is no preponderance of evidence requirement so college males can have their reputation and career ruined in some fashion just by being accused, so if a female decides to lie or exaggerate or change the story (as the girl in the Rolling Stone article did which really hurt all women), that is accepted and action is taken (my understanding of it). Young males, kicked out of college programs, have sued and won. Therefore, that law needed to be fixed but it’s tricky since it’s often based on one person’s word against the other. The majority of culprits who are doing the assaulting often turn out to be fraternity guys. My stepson, who is a men’s rights advocate, moved to the right due to this and other issues that are unfair to males rights, so that is an area that needs to be looked at by the Democrats and Liberals in order to create more equity for both sexes.

The Sound of Science

A parody on the Simon & Garfunkle song describing the eccentricities of Donald Trump


“Unlike criminal charges, there is no preponderance of evidence requirement so college males can have their reputation and career ruined in some fashion just by being accused, so if a female decides to lie or exaggerate or change the story (as the girl in the Rolling Stone article did which really hurt all women), that is accepted and action is taken (my understanding of it).”

Most men do not behave like Harvey Weinstein, but those that do, not only damage women but other more innocent men as well. The HW’s within our species poison the well of relationships between men and women. When men cannot or will not control themselves, living in a cloud of testosterone fueled, confused, cultural sexual entitlement, they obviously need to be re-directed and deeply re-educated.

But I’ve also seen the over-reaction, particularly during the 1990’s when I was working in the mental health field, primarily in psychiatric hospitals. That period was marked not only by the “Satanic Panic” but also by a plethora of complaints of sexual abuse suddenly “remembered” but purportedly long buried in the psyche. Some of these complaints were valid, but many were later discovered to be cases of false memory syndrome.

Many therapists, somehow unfamiliar with the earliest work on hypnosis by Freud and later psychoanalysts, naively believed that all things reported under hypnosis had to be true. We’ve learned that not to be the case. Hypnosis CAN access old memories, but also utilizes the deeper creative mind. In other words, under hypnosis we also make things up.

When I was going through hypnotherapy training, I “accessed” a long buried memory of a fall from the time I was about one year old. However, when I checked out the real history I discovered my memory was entirely false. Perhaps from the unconscious prompting of the therapist, within the hypnotic trance I made up the episode without realizing it.

Back to your original statement in the context of Title IX guidance, I’ve seen misbehaving men and women rightly confronted with their mischief, but also seen reputations permanently ruined, and innocent people go to jail. In one of the worst cases, an innocent father convicted of sexual abuse of his son, went to prison. But there was no abuse. The boy accused his father to stop him from interfering with his drug business. When the new evidence surfaced, the court refused to hear it. Mere accusation with flimsy to no evidence has often been enough to bring down the accused, especially if he is a male.

I want to see the real sexual predators, like Weinstein, Cosby, et. al. confronted and dealt with appropriately. But we also need to recognize we live in a sexually paranoid, erotophobic society. We live in a climate of artificial sexual scarcity so that we can use sex to sell all sorts of things. It’s part of our brand of capitalism.

We also cultivate unnecessary sexual anxiety (often through religion) in the mistaken belief this will enable our self-control. Most importantly, we are mis-educated as to our sexual nature, therefore pairing our sexuality with our predatory instincts, as opposed to our nurturant propensities.

We are a very long way from true gender equality and I do not believe we will get there until we also find our sexual sanity.



not the change


Just FYI

One astrologer’s interpretation of why Stephen Paddock killed 58 and wounded 500+ people in Las Vegas.


A collegue sent this to me and I thought to share it with all of you.

“Healing what is present within you is what will heal the world.

Ultimately, our work is to find peace in the midst of violence – to find healing in the midst of suffering – and to find a way to take compassionate action in the midst of impossibility.

And healing the world and healing your personal challenges are connected. In fact, it’s the same practice. So today, please set your intention for compassion and healing through your regular practice. There are potent energies in collective action…..collective reflection. These will be equally beneficial for personal as well as universal healing. Set your highest vision for healing yourself, your country, humanity, and Planet Earth.”

Ja , thanks for posting – VERY important!

“If there is righteousness in the heart, there will be beauty in the character.
If there is beauty in the character, there will be harmony in the home.
If there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nations.
When there is order in the nations, there will peace in the world.”

Eliseo, The Title IX guidance that applied to universities, as I understand it, doesn’t require any evidence against the person accused, only the word of the accuser, and they may lie. I am surprised that the case you cited didn’t require evidence only the word of the son. Doesn’t criminal court differ in that respect?

That was in WA state in the early 90’s. Honestly, I don’t recall all the details of the case. I do remember my supervisor and I working hard to persuade the court to reopen the case, but to no avail. It was peculiar. When the accuser, an adolescent made the accusations, the police, etc. Believed him. But when he later confessed he had lied they said he was lying because he was a mental patient. I’ve observed confessions many times. His was real.

Putin’s even had enough of Hurricane Trump!


Robert Reich: The Unraveling of Donald J. Trump
By Robert Reich

October 13, 2017

Last week, Senator Bob Corker, the Republican chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, charged in an interview with the New York Times that Trump was treating his office like “a reality show,” with reckless threats toward other countries that could set the nation “on the path to World War III.”

Corker said he was concerned about Trump. “He would have to concern anyone who cares about our nation,” Corker said, adding that “the vast majority of our caucus understands what we’re dealing with here … the volatility that we’re dealing with and the tremendous amount of work that it takes by people around him to keep him in the middle of the road.”

Corker’s interview was followed by a report from Gabriel Sherman of Vanity Fair, who wrote that the situation has gotten so out of control that Trump’s chief of staff, John Kelly, and Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis have discussed ways to stop Trump should he order a nuclear attack.



Democrats Are Launching A Legal Fight To Save Obamacare’s Subsidy Payments

Attorneys general from 18 states and the District of Columbia filed a new lawsuit on Friday.


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