29th Aug, 2017


The fourth most populated American city is now drowning, as the evaporation of a warming Gulf of Mexico gets turbocharged and then mercilessly unleashed by a hurricane’s massive storm system. Millions of citizens are watching their homes slowly submerge into devastation, while the floodwaters continue to rise, day after day. At the moment, the crisis is extreme and acute, but we can hope it eventually will reignite a discussion of the effects of climate change and how best to insulate ourselves from its effects as well as minimize its impact in the coming years. Of course, even this might be a herculean task given our troglodyte administration.

Meanwhile, as the nation’s gaze remains focused on Houston, the Mueller investigation creeps onward, and Mandarin Mussolini gleefully trumpets his vicious racism practically unhindered. Essentially pissing on the constitution and its revered “rule of law”, Trump has boldly pardoned former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, renowned for his profligate roundups of any “brown people” he suspected might be illegal, as well as his dire mistreatment of those he incarcerated in his “concentration camps”, all despite the court’s clear prohibition of these actions. And, of course, Trump has also doubled down on his obvious discrimination against transgender individuals who want to serve in the military. We can be hopeful for some legal action against this to wind its way through the courts, but it will still vastly complicate the already complicated and difficult lives of those affected.

As mentioned previously, a full solar eclipse has historically been seen by astrologers as a predictor of catastrophe in the nations where it is most visible. The harsh reality of Houston, and soon perhaps Louisiana, only days after the August 21 eclipse seems to corroborate this theory of prediction. Whether there will be other severe and dangerous events over the next 12 months, as the dark omen of the eclipse remains in effect, is as yet unknown. In the meantime, the Mercury station will be sitting on the eclipse degree (28Leo53) from September 1 through September 8, while transiting Mars will also cross the eclipse degree from September 1 through September 3. It is quite possible the situation in Houston will become even more dire and bogged down (Mercury station) during this period, or another extremely stressful and dangerous situation will emerge during this time, as both of these transits will tend to trigger the difficult ramifications of the eclipse.

In the US chart, we are in the last two weeks of the protracted Saturn station opposite US Mars (21Gemini23), which moves to exact on September 10.  The morning of August 30 will also bring the transiting Moon into a conjunction with transiting Saturn, likely causing some acute and painful manifestation of this transit. Generally, a Saturn station on a US planet brings some kind of extreme stress and difficulty to some segment of the population, and, coming so soon after the recent eclipse, this event has moved into catastrophic proportion. In this situation, Saturn sits opposite US Mars, the planet of activity, energy, and war.  Moreover, Mars rules the 4th house in the US chart, which describes the home and emotional roots. The Texas flooding has damaged, and in many instances destroyed, the homes of many Americans, as well as restricting and damaging the nation’s Oil refineries (energy infrastructure). With the Mercury and Mars transits to the eclipse point during the first eight days of September, while we are also under an ever tightening Saturn transit opposite US Mars, we may expect further dangerous and shattering events, although whether they are a continuation and exacerbation of the current crisis in Texas or something entirely unrelated, such as a confrontation with North Korea, or both, remains to be seen.

In addition, the precise one-degree orbed waxing transit of Mars to Donald Trump’s Mars will run from around 2 PM (EDT), Tuesday, August 29, to about 4:15 AM, Thursday, August 31.  This is a period during which Trump will be extremely active, irritable, and more prone than usual for precipitous action. This is also the last few days of the waxing Saturn transit across his Moon (21Sagittarius12), triggered by the Moon on Wednesday morning. So he is especially upset, and feeling unjustly attacked, while also angered by Mars, during these few days.

And finally, if we look at the Inaugural chart during these same few days, we find the tertiary Moon from August 27 to August 30, activating the very stressful Saturn/Mars square, which also is in minor hard aspect to the natal Moon in this chart of the Trump administration. This tertiary progression also points to some kind of crisis in which Trump’s actions are frustrated and insufficient (Saturn square Mars) and people are angry and upset (Saturn semisquare Moon and Mars sesquiquadrate Moon). And whatever these few days bring, they are followed by the long, slow, stuckness of the Mercury station, likely triggering the dark omen of the eclipse.

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Thank you Nancy for your writing and insights, it’s appreciated.

Thank You Nancy.
I too am hoping the storm will serve as a wake-up call RE: climate change. I’ve studied the issue beginning in the 1960’s and have long been of the opinion the various catastrophes, droughts, desertification, sea level rise, extreme temperatures, etc. will manifest far sooner than expected. Houston is one of many places extremely vulnerable to the process. Perhaps Harvey will be a dark blessing in disguise.

Were that this were true!
Iceland Bans American Televangelists
The Icelandic Psychological Defense Act (IPDA)


How about Joel Einstein, or whatever his name is, not allowing his mega church to be used as a shelter. Me thinks he doesn’t seem to be inclined to practice what he preaches.

Wow Nancy, great read and suspense….,

Bailey, Joel Olsteen has now opened Lakewood Church due to the shaming he received on FB, Twitter, social media.

Thank you Nancy!! I had to look up “troglodyte” – a person who is being deliberately ignorant or old-fashioned. How true!! I have felt that I’m caught in an alternate reality since 1999 when Al Gore “lost” the election. Anyway hope all you Texans are safe and sound (as well as you can be) and our country will start to fight for a more global awareness of climate change. I love all of you here and learn every day!!

Thanks Nancy, you paint a picture reminiscent of dominos falling over in a pre-planned pattern, one at a time but with barely a pause in between them. It is almost hypnotic to witness; surreal.

By tracing the connections between the Jupiter-Saturn cycle and the present square between trans. Uranus and the U.S. natal Pluto we get a glimpse of how the Universe operates in coaxing humanity, en masse, to leap forward in its path to enlightenment, or at least just get a little smarter.

The stationing direct Saturn (last Fri. morning) and its exact sextile to trans. Jupiter (past Sunday morning) was important in their ongoing cycle, particularly because it put them into a Yod pattern with the degree from whence they began their cycle. From here it looks like a change order from the original plan. Fine-tuning is sooo Saturn!

If trans. Saturn opposes U.S. Mars then trans. Jupiter is trine U.S. Mars, rechanneling and repurposing the U.S. Martian energy in ways we had almost forgotten. Helping one another.

As Jupiter and Saturn separate from their sextile they will maintain the Yod pattern with their starting degree for a week or two. Simultaneous is the transit of Saturn exactly square U.S. Neptune in Virgo and trans. Jupiter semi-sextile U.S. Neptune who was trine, to the degree, the Jupiter-Saturn cycle start at 22+ Taurus in the year 2000. All the better to facilitate your “adjustment” my dear.

That cycle start, when charted from Washington, DC, had for its ascendant the same degree as last weeks solar eclipse, 28+ Leo. For 17 years we (USA) have been preparing for this moment; a test of our true values.

I believe we will see that taking shape come September 22 when trans. Uranus exacts his square (the 2nd of 3) to the U.S natal Pluto at 27 Capricorn 33. Perhaps a wee genuflect from the powers-that-be (“powers” for a while anyway) to the awesomeness of Mother Nature.

As a side note, a story in TIME (issue August 21, 2017) about Gen. John Kelly, this line resonated: “In moments of crisis, American political leaders have often turned to the nation’s military brass to guide the country with clear thinking.” I believe they (TIME writers) were referring to the U.S progressed retrograde Mars (17+ Libra) which is being squared by transiting Pluto at 17+ Capricorn.

Latest addition to my Favorite Nancy’s Words list: “troglodyte administration”. Thanks!

Laurie, interestingly enough, it was Al Gore who said recently on Chris Hayes, Stephen Colbert and maybe Trevo, Noah, that we should expect to see more “rain bombs” like Storm Sandy in NY and NJ. Looks to me like he was right on and that’s essentially what Harvey has produced.

Angel light (spellcheck insists on two words), thanks for the info on Joel Olstein. Good for the light-filled shakers.

The big deadline is Sept. 30.

Congress needs to pass legislation to keep the government funded beyond that date. Otherwise, it will shut down. That day is also when the National Flood Insurance Program’s authorization expires.


OK, now we have flooding. My house is one of a series of islands. I don’t think the water will actually get into the house as it is on piers over two feet, but I could be underestimating Mother Nature. For the present, 5:29 PM CDT I have electricity and running water. Hope that continues. Looks like I’m going nowhere without a boat.

Sending you Light and Love Eliseo. All will be well.

Nancy, Welcome Back!
What a wonderful husband who takes you on vacation. You are fortunate.
(My husband won’t budge)
As Bailey said Sending Light, Love & Positive Thoughts to you Eliseo.

Wishing you all the best Elisio, keep safe!

Thanks so much, Nancy, for explaining the seemingly unexplainable to us (me!). I just can’t get my head around the troglodyte’s (brilliant!) actions today – treating his visit to Texas like one of his rallies (“What a crowd, what a turnout…”). Disgusting. Anywho, I’m so grateful that I can still come here to Starlight News and get a clearer picture of these strange times we live in. Thanks again!

Eliseo, According to weather.com, you will be getting a lot of rain through tomorrow morning and then you’ll be out of the woods. I don’t know when the water will recede but, hopefully, you won’t be boxed in by it. I had read a news items that made me worry about Beaumont and it would be amusing if it all weren’t so worrisome. There is a snake/alligator water refuge in Beaumont where the water is just about to top the fence and if it keeps rising, the critters will wash over the fence into the general flood. Do you know anything about this?

Here’s the weather.com link –


We had about 16 inches of water here in my neighborhood, but late this afternoon the waters receded seriously. They are now rising again. At this point (10:47 PM) we have about 3-4 inches of water in my front yard. I expect that to rise, but more seriously we are expecting very high winds which could again knock out our electrical power.

I don’t know anything about alligators and snakes here, but further north 29 miles away, my brother is dealing with snakes seeking higher ground on his property. At least one of them was a cotton mouth water moccasin.

As long as I have electricity and internet I will stay in touch with you either through the blog, or personally by email. I hope by the time the storm reaches you it will have become a mere kitten rather than a lion.

May ALL be safe in the area of focus of this storm, and may we all learn whatever necessary lessons therefrom derived.

Houston Hazards Multiply As Flooding Worsens | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC Aug. 29, 2017

Stephanie Gosk, NBC News correspondent, talks with Rachel Maddow about the emergency response to the crisis in Houston as flood waters push dams and levees to their limits and a chemical plant is being watched for potential explosion as safety systems lose power.

Video: 19 min 32 sec


from Democracy Now – Juan Gonzalez on Amy Goodman:

Concern is also growing over the environmental impact of the storm. The Houston area is home to more than a dozen oil refineries. The group Air Alliance Houston is warning the shutdown of the petrochemical plants will send more than one million pounds of harmful pollution into the air. Residents of Houston’s industrial communities are already reporting unbearable chemical-like smells coming from the many plants nearby. According to Bryan Parras, an activist at the environmental justice group t.e.j.a.s., “Fenceline communities can’t leave or evacuate, so they are literally getting gassed by these chemicals.” The communities closest to these sites in Houston are disproportionately low income and minority.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, a massive fuel storage tank at Kinder Morgan’s Pasadena terminal began spilling after being toppled in the storm. The tank held 6.3 million gallons of gasoline, but it is unclear how much of that leaked. And in the city of La Porte, residents were asked to go to the nearest shelter, close doors and windows after a chemical spill was reported last night.

Nancy – thanks for alerting us to this tragic disaster that is not over yet – can you tell us what is next???

I’m about 90 miles ENE of Houston. The waters have receded so much it looks like a normal rainy day, except for the debris strewn about from the flood. Water did not enter my house and I have running tap water and electrical power.

Practically the entire Texas Gulf Coast consists of refineries and various chemical plants, some of which contain chemicals in delicate balance.
In Crosby, about 64 miles away, they process chemicals which must be kept very cold to avoid explosion. Unfortunately, the backup generators that power that refrigeration failed when drowned.

The havoc may continue if such systems fail, gases leak and poison nearby residents, and of course possible fires and explosions. Teams are deployed to prevent such disasters, now that the waters have receded here, but that’s not universal. There are places like Houston, where the waters may not recede for days, thereby preventing access.

This is not over yet. It is also a mirror reflecting future sea level rise, unless the business community awakens to climate change.

Transiting asteroid Atropos (endings) at 25 Leo 51 is conjunct Trump’s natal Mars at 26+ Leo. It would appear that Trump’s energy level and self-aggrandizing mode-of-operation will run out of steam for the time being.

Squared by transiting Arachne, the web-maker at 25+ Scorpio (tightening) he could be experiencing physical or psychological restriction, perhaps overwhelmed by the enormity of the scope of Harvey’s (solar eclipse) devastation.

At this moment 10:20 AM, transiting Moon conjuncts transiting Saturn who is conjunct Trump’s Moon/South Node that opposes his natal Sun. This added emotional (Moon) influence is taking its toll.

Transiting Mars in Leo is less than 24 hours away from an exact opposition to the U.S. Moon (U.S. People) in Aquarius and Mars usually expresses himself ahead of time. Trans. Mars will reach the total solar eclipse degree on Friday. It’s a lot of pressure for such an old man.

Benjamin Wittes on Chris Hayes calling for impeachment:


I am wondering if next week, with all the eclipse activation, will bring issues/toxic pollution relating to the damaged chemical and oil plants in Texas.

Texas has very few environmental regulations and the area being hit has one of the highest concentrations of chemical factories and super fund sites in the US. One must imagine that the pollution and toxic mess will be on a scale we have never seen before.

Thank you so much Nancy/Starlight. I always look forward to your posts. Why? Your pen name says it all.

In mid-August, Trump and his Secy of Transportation, Elaine Chao (McConnell’s wife) just undid Obama’s regulations that require infrastructure projects like roads and bridges to have the resilience to withstand the consequences of climate change and rising sea levels. See Bill Moyer’s article below.

Count this as yet another unnoticed example of Trumps intention to deconstruct/deregulate our government. Along this theme, critics note that Houston’s no zoning policy allowed businesses and home owners to build on and to over populate known flood zones. Even more, some of these businesses warehouse highly dangerous products that have the potential to do extensive damage to the gulf region.

Perhaps this will create awareness about the need for a strong federal government with sane regulations??


Trump Voters Growing Impatient With the President, Focus Group Reveals

“Someone in the group described Mr. Trump as lacking in empathy. Another said the president is “dividing the country with Twitter. Tweet after tweet after tweet. And he openly lies with misinformation based on Twitter.” And another attendee said the president uses Twitter as a “weapon” against enemies.


Dianne Feinstein’s Shocking Remark:
“Donald Trump Could Be “A Good President”:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfpVR-tCsHM
Wonderful Dianne Feinstein Interview (when you have time):

I see now that the chemical plant near Houston that has been abandoned because of rising floodwaters is expected to catch fire or even explode.

Things will probably get much, much worse in the Houston area over the next few days or weeks.



Welcome back Nancy. “THATHN” good song, thanks for sharing.

Be safe Eliseo. Peace

Regarding Feinstein’s comment that Trump could be a “good president”, I will quote my much beloved step-father:

“If I had wheels, I’d be a trolley car.”

Fox New has an article about here dialing that comment back and reiterating her real feelings, Nancy. It sounds like she was trying to encourage him to get it together. She’s a bit naive.


No question, disasters like what is happening in Texas have an enormous effect on our emotions. It triggers sympathy, fear, tears, compassion, all related to our emotions. Of the 3 outer planets that symbolically appear (to astrologers) to be forging, structuring and clearing a path that is leading humanity to a higher level of consciousness, it is Neptune that provides us the Harvey component of that path paving.

Nancy has informed us that transiting Neptune is, has been, conjunct the U.S. progressed Sun in Pisces. Neptune and Pisces are all about water. Sun is about consciousness.

All 3 of the outer transiting planets came into their present sign once, backed out (retrograde) and then later reentered the new sign again. I’ve nurtured a theory that each of those planets took a survey of the situation on their 1st entry, left to regroup and then returned again with a plan to counter-balance, or rectify a problem spotted on their 1st survey visit.

Transiting Neptune was confronted with a remarkable situation on his 1st entry into Pisces on April 4, 2011. Three new cycles made up of 3 conjunctions, all in the sign of Aries, accounted for 6 of the 10 major transiting planets. Transiting Saturn in Libra opposed one of the conjunctions (Sun-Jupiter) in Aries. Of the 3 major planets remaining, Pluto in Capricorn sextiled Venus in Pisces, 9 degrees ahead of Neptune.

This 1st ingress of Neptune in Pisces then consisted of 3 conjunctions, 1 sextile and one opposition. Period. The transiting opposition between Saturn in Libra and Sun-Jupiter in Aries formed a T-square with the U.S. Sun in Cancer with trans. Saturn conjunct the U.S. Saturn, ie. the U.S. Saturn Return.

I reasoned that the problem to be solved (by Neptune) had to do with the U.S., specifically its square between natal Sun and Saturn.

By the time transiting Neptune returned to Pisces on February 3 2012, the transiting North Node was conjunct the U.S. ascendant (12+ Sagittarius) and was sextile transiting Mercury in Aquarius at 11+ degrees; the degree and sign where all 3 transiting outer planets had major representation in their charts for their 2nd entries into those new signs.

This sextile between Mercury in Aquarius and the NN in Sagittarius formed a Yod to the U.S. Sun at 13+ Cancer. It was deemed (or so it appears to me) that the U.S. Sun needed to adjust in some way and it would be the transiting Neptune that would determine how that would happen. In both of Neptune’s ingresses into Pisces, the U.S. natal Sun was targeted.

There was another pattern in Neptune’s 2nd “fix-it” entry into Pisces on Feb. 3, 2012, a T-square between Venus at 24+ Pisces (Neptune’s sign) opposite Mars at 22+ Virgo (conjunct U.S. natal Neptune) and t-squared by the Moon at 24+ Gemini (the Uranus discovery degree).

Briefly, this appears to be polarization (Mars opposite Venus) needing intervention by the People (Moon) through shocking methods (Uranus), use of technology (Uranus) and communication (Gemini). the result (so far) is northing short of miraculous.

Transiting Jupiter was also sextile transiting Neptune on his 2nd entry into Pisces chart. Their own cycle, Jupiter and Neptune, had famously begun with their conjunction, along with Chiron, atop the U.S. natal Moon-Pallas in Aquarius in 2009. This ingress into Pisces by Neptune would include the support of Jupiter and a furthering of their “mission” to heal and raise the consciousness of the U.S. masses (U.S. Moon).

An Aquarian Moon is notorious for squelching emotions (emotions being what a Moon is supposed to supply) in favor of a dry mental approach to situations such as a major super flooding of one’s own country.

Neptune’s transit (along with Jupiter’s and Chiron’s transit) to U.S. natal Moon began a period of opening up the feelings of the U.S. People I believe. It would come about through commonly expressed grief over random tragedies, major oil spills, school shootings, violent storms and now the disaster in Texas.

Of course, Neptune is only one of the 3 outer planets that symbolize consciousness beyond what we normally experience here on Planet Earth. As I have an Aquarian natal Moon myself, I can’t help but be conscious of this eroding of the boundaries of the U.S. natal Aquarian Moon’s defenses against extravagant displays of emotion.

Non-stop sobbing, in itself, is a great release of tension (works for me!), but taking charge of solving the problems created by disaster is very Aquarian. And yet, what we see on TV (or perhaps like some here at Nancy’s blog, directly face-to-face) and via other news sources, is a remarkable display of compassion by the providers of help to those who need help.

The other outer planets, Uranus and Pluto have their methods, but this time, this Harvey time, it is Neptune’s influence that has surfaced and taken charge. For the moment anyhow, we are all one.

I enjoyed that analysis, barb. I remember that during Katrina, Uranus was in Pisces and when I just looked, it was opposing the sun in Virgo, with venus conjunct jupiter in Libra (which may have marked it as an event that brought great unity and caring for others, as that’s what happened). I then looked back at Hurricane Andrew and noticed that venus & jupiter were conjunct in Virgo and trining a uranus/neptune conjunction in Capricorn. Lots of rebuilding happened after Andrew flattered so many buildings in S. Miami and Homestead with its tornados.

I do, think, however, that the Neptunian factor and its affect on Texas is very strong, both in the immense deluge and in the quick reactions of first responders, volunteers, and residents/neighbors, and the rest of the country. Here in SE Louisiana, lots of money, and, also, supplies are being collected for transport to Texas and I’ve heard from so many organizations, for animals as well as people.

General Honore, who coordinated rescue & recovery efforts after Hurricane Katrina points out the weaknesses in the response to Harvey: 1) the old & sick should have been evacuated earlier; 2) the state cannot handle something this big and the military should have been involved much earlier; 3) 100 helicopters should have been ready to go… and I can think of more screw-ups.


Eliseo… just remember, “no man is an island”… despite the little islands dotting the flood. Hope your utilities stay up and running. Be careful…

Thank You to all of you well wishers and those concerned for my safety.

The waters have receded and I am fine. I ventured out today, (Wednesday, 30 August) to obtain supplies but it was a wild goose chase. The supermarkets were closed and some streets and highways were too inundated with water to be passable. I returned home with no supplies.

When I see video of Port Arthur or of Houston, I conclude it will take quite a long time for recovery to fully occur. The disaster serves I think to expose the insanity of an ideology which (A) denies global warming, (90+ degree water in the Gulf of Mexico which served as fuel for the storm) and (B) allowing petrochemical corporations to function secretively, and with such lax and pitifully inadequate regulation.

My main concerns presently are the nearby refineries and possible fires, explosions, etc., which could kill or injure large numbers. We are surrounded by them.

Across the highway from the college where I teach there is one of many petrochemical plants. Down that same highway going south about 16 miles to Port Arthur is the largest refinery in the USA. Currently, Pt. Arthur is inundated with about 4 feet of water. There are so many oil and gas related and chemical refineries around here it is hard to keep track of all of them.

An Arkema plant is about 60 miles away as the crow flies. We have a local Arkema plant as well, but the former one was featured on Rachel Maddow’s show. That’s the one we fully expect to go BOOM! any day now.

I hope this doesn’t happen, but it is quite possible Crosby, Texas, (population, 2,299 in 2010) could disappear from the face of the earth within the next few days. I understand folks within 1.5 miles from the plant have been evacuated, but evacuation in Texas is not mandatory.

Meanwhile, locals here seem oblivious to the potential dangers of compromised chemical plants. Memory seems to have faded of the Texas City disaster of 16 April 1947 in which over 580 people were killed, including all but one of the entire Texas City fire department.

I suppose Neptune shall have his revenge.

Not good – prayers for people located anywhere near the Arkema site, though it says that Harris County ordered the evacuation of residents in a 1.5-mile radius of the plant that makes organic chemicals. Hope that is far enough!



No way to know if these twitter comments by the readers are accurate as to the facts re. the potential at Arkema, but you would think the authorities would make it a FIRST priority to say what would be a safe distance from a possible explosion. For what it’s worth:


Arkema site information on potentials:


OMG – the potential is worse than imagined. See WaPo article & the comments to it – one comment below:

“…..The company says that they dont have to tell and the law in Texas says the same. In fact the current governor who was AG during the last explosion a few years ago passed a law saying that NOBODY had the right to know where chemicals were stored or manufactured”


Thanks for your input Sharon, amazing isn’t it, how these shifts in our reality, coincide with the transits of the outer planets to inner planets – those planets that we can see with the naked eye.

I too checked on when trans. Saturn was conjunct U.S. Saturn in Libra and opposite trans. Jupiter-conjunct-Sun. At the time of the 1st ingress of Neptune into Pisces it was a few days after the 2nd of 3 exact conjunctions transiting Saturn made to U.S. Saturn.

In each of the 3 precise passes trans. Saturn made to U.S Saturn (in 2010-11) the transiting Neptune was within a degree or two of the U.S. Moon. This means that the U.S Saturn Return, effective from December 2010 through to October 2040, will carry the residue energy of a Neptune-conjunct-U.S. Moon influence.

No doubt other cycles and aspects will temper that influence in the coming decades, but overall, the U.S. Moon (U.S. people) will express that Neptune quality. Lately we’ve seeing it expressed in the prolific use of drugs, addiction to film and other media. Now though, we’re seeing it expressed as compassion in the response to Harvey’s devastation.

Sad to say it may take more tragedy for compassion to become an everyday expression of the American People. But when it becomes automatic in the People it will show up in the choices the People make when they elect who is to represent them in government.

All part of the evolutionary process.

Last item found on Arkema:

“Harris county fire marshal spokeswoman Rachel Moreno said:

It’s a concerning situation, yes. But the facility is surrounded by water right now so we don’t anticipate the fire going anywhere.”

Arkema’s plant is required to develop and submit a risk management plan to the US Environmental Protection Agency, because it has large amounts of sulphur dioxide, a toxic chemical, and methylpropene, a flammable gas. The plans are supposed to detail the effects of a potential release, evaluate worst-case scenarios and explain a company’s response.

In its most recently available submission from 2014, Arkema said potentially 1.1 million residents could be impacted over a distance of 23 miles in a worse case.

But, Arkema added, it was using “multiple layers of preventative and mitigation measures” at the plant, including steps to reduce the amount of substances released, and that made the worst case “very unlikely”.”


This is a great NYT summary of the toxic soup forming in Houston:


Officials in Houston are just beginning to grapple with the health and environmental risks that lurk in the waters dumped by Hurricane Harvey, a stew of toxic chemicals, sewage, debris and waste that still floods much of the city.

Flooded sewers are stoking fears of cholera, typhoid and other infectious diseases. Runoff from the city’s sprawling petroleum and chemicals complex contains any number of hazardous compounds. Lead, arsenic and other toxic and carcinogenic elements may be leaching from some two dozen Superfund sites in the Houston area.

The real source of the cost of Harvey is deregulation Texas style:


I’m not an astrologer but I enjoy following this blog. My question is from the little I do know about astrology isn’t Neptune concerned with water, underground, gases and chemicals? Is Neptune’s placement right now responsible for much of what is happening. If this question is too mundane , just ignore it, pls. Thanks.

Neptune also rules gases, chemicals and other “ephemeral” things.

And the dead zone in the Gulf is already the size of New Jersey before the tidalwave of poison washes in.


Here’s a few references – drugs are another thing that Neptune rules. Often Neptune’s influence is very undermining of consciousness and health – like fame for instance – it has its exciting or useful side and its destructive side.



“Sad to say it may take more tragedy for compassion to become an everyday expression of the American People. But when it becomes automatic in the People it will show up in the choices the People make when they elect who is to represent them in government.

All part of the evolutionary process.”

Profound, barbk! Thank you for your insight!

As always, thank you, starlight, for your wisdom , your knowledge, and this blog!

Ralfee Finn:


Such a flawed and spiteful man which will be a part of his undoing!! Can’t happen soon enough!


Every time I hear the word “regulations” come out of the mouth of a TV commentator I think “Saturn”.

With the long, long transit of Saturn (in Big Picture Sagittarius) opposite U.S. Mars in Gemini (talk) and square U.S. Neptune in Virgo (work) it needs no further explanation does it? If regulations had been followed the city of Houston would not have been so extraordinarily vulnerable to Harvey.

When I hear the words “Mueller’s tapestry” spoken by a reporter I think of Mueller’s natal Arachne conjunct the U.S. MC.

Right now transiting Arachne is at 26+ Leo, conjunct Mueller’s Venus, and both of them just two degrees from the August Total Solar Eclipse at 28+ Leo.

This then is the obvious take-away for the U.S. regarding the Leo Solar Eclipse; Harvey and Mueller. The number 2 is associated with Mercury because of the twins symbolism. Mercury (2 stories) in the Leo solar eclipse at 8+ Virgo retrograde was square the U.S. natal Uranus (shock) at 8+ Gemini (2 stories).

Transiting Mercury will return to the degree that squares the U.S. Uranus in September shortly after he conjuncts Mars at 7+ Virgo, the 3rd of their 3 conjunctions that concludes the beginning of their new cycle.

The 1st conjunction between Mercury and Mars in June at 15+ Cancer was square trans. Jupiter in Libra (who was conjunct U.S. Saturn and square U.S. Sun) and opposite trans. Pluto in Capricorn (who was trine U.S. Vesta, symbol of focus). A T-square like this leaves no stone unturned and with Mueller on board we could expect surprises (August eclipse Mercury square U.S. Uranus)

Transiting Mercury and Mars in Cancer at their 1st conjunction not only were conjunct the U.S. Sun but also trine the transiting retrograde Neptune in Pisces.

At the 1st conjunction between Mercury and Mars in June transiting retrograde Arachne at 17+ Scorpio was making her web around a powerful grand water trine she shared with transiting Mercury/Mars in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces. Tapestry indeed.

On September 16th at 3:01 PM EDT, transiting Mercury and transiting Mars will officially complete the start their new cycle that will end in June, 2019, and transiting Saturn will STILL BE opposite the U.S. natal Mars and square U.S. natal Neptune.

Transiting Neptune will be square the U.S Sagittarius ascendant ostensibly washing away any and all the delusions of Trump’s tweety little threats. Transiting Pluto will be preparing to station-direct and again square Trump’s natal Jupiter in late October.

The Leo Solar Eclipse will mean many things to many people all over the world, but for the U.S. we know of at least two mistakes that will be addressed and fixed. The error of eliminating regulations and the election of Trump.

Two squares in the U.S. chart, Sun with Saturn and Mars with Neptune have contributed to these problems and hopefully our nation will grow in wisdom having tackled these challenges.

I diedn’t know the Red Cross was a scam.


I do not believe the Red Cross is a scam. They are doing very great work in Texas; feeding thousands of people, clothes, shelter. There will always be people who want to bring down that which is good. Just like the U.N. There are people who are critical of the U.N., which also does much good around the world.

Did anyone see the disgusting interview with kelly Anne Conway on cnn, with Cuomo I think is his name, where she literally shunned him for asking about whether people will now talk about climate change, basically said it was an insensitive comment because people were suffering. The whole interview was soooooo frustrating !

Let’s not forget about Eliseo and Emmyrose – they need support, prayers, light, energy

Yes , sending Elisio and Emmyrose lots of light and blessings and prayers, our thoughts are with you both!

I’m with you Angellight, that article from Planet Waves did not site any proof about the claim that the Red Cross was a scam.

I found another clue regarding water in the Neptune fix-it chart (2nd ingress into Pisces). Transiting Sedna at the time (Feb 3, 2012) was at 22+ Taurus, the same degree as the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. That conjunction in 2000 was a gauge of coming events related to societies and cultures for the cycle’s life-span of 20 years.

Sedna at Neptune’s ingress (#2) into Pisces in 2012 was trine Mars at 22+ Virgo. Mars was opposite Venus in Pisces and they were T-square Moon at 24+ Gemini, the degree where Uranus (the awakener) was when discovered.

In addition to being trine transiting Mars, transiting Sedna was also exactly trine the U.S. Neptune in Virgo, the same U.S. Neptune that is now being squared by transiting Saturn in Sagittarius.

The Inuit tribes depended on the goddess of water, Sedna, as well as fearing her. Although I’ve never heard anything in myth about her involvement in flooding, it is understood that she expected help in managing her hair in return for providing sea life for nourishing the tribes.

Perhaps the fact that Sedna lost her own fingers due to the ruthless attack from her father has a parallel in the ruthless withdrawal of building regulations in Texas. Both risk danger to the People due to the thoughtless and selfish concerns of caretakers.

Sedna’s demand (and veiled threat) that for feeding the people somebody would have to comb her hair because she couldn’t do it herself is like the threat of unregulated building and chemical production, it can bite you in the ass if you don’t conform.

Thank you connimac!

Bailey you are right about Neptune’s influence, not just transiting but in the U.S. natal chart too.

Also, when transiting Neptune (water) and Uranus (unplanned) were conjunct (#3 of 3) in Capricorn (structures) in 1993 they were sextile Mercury at 22+ Scorpio that in turn formed a Yod to U.S. natal Mars in Gemini. Now trans. Saturn opposes that U.S. Mars and all the energy of the Yod (Neptune, Uranus, Mercury + U.S. Mars) lands in transiting Saturn’s lap and you can see what he’s done with it. He’s making us aware of our weaknesses.

Neptune and Pluto when they were conjunct in 1891, another cycle that is still going, were conjunct the U.S. natal Uranus in Gemini. Last year transiting Neptune and now the transiting Mercury-Mars cycle stimulate that Neptune-Pluto energy. In other words, the outer planets, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto are a team and they have a mission; raising the consciousness of humanity.

I think the meme that the red cross is a scam comes from many years back (around the time that bob dole’s wife headed the organization) and the complaint was that the administrative expenses were really top-heavy and not enough of the donations were going to where they were needed, which happens often in non-profits. I seem to remember that serious reviews were undertaken at the time to address and fix those complaints, but I have not followed the topic these many years since, so am unaware of whether recent abuses have again crept in, or not.

Sorry to joke at a time like this, but it strikes me that Harvey is Trump’s perfect storm –
“Biggest you’ve ever seen; its gonna be ‘uuuuuuge; nobody has ever had to deal with a storm like this” etc etc etc.

~ per Planetwaves.net:

a) Sunday Sept 3rd
b) Tuesday Sept 5th
c) Wednesday Sept 6th

Background: Mercury turns direct

Direct means “forward.” The day Mercury turns direct again (along with the few days leading up to it) may be characterized by a kind of urgency to finish up any clearing/cleaning up you haven’t done yet. That applies to your conversations as well as your closets. When Mercury turns direct we leave the introspective period behind.

a) Mercury exact conjunction with Mars (at the August 21 eclipse degree)

The conjunction of Mercury and Mars is at 5:37 am EDT on Sunday, Sept. 3. At 28 degrees of Leo 44 arc minutes.

b) Mercury stations direct at 7:29 am EDT on Tuesday, Sept. 5 at 28 degrees of Leo and 25 arc minutes (at the August 21 eclipse degree)

c) This happens synchronized with the Pisces Full Moon, which takes place at 3:03 am EDT on Wednesday, Sept. 6. Nothing says “water” like the Pisces Moon.


The Full Moon on 6 September 2017 falls at 14º Pisces decan 2.

Pisces decan 2 is a Jupiter ruled decan and the most liquid area of Pisces, which means it also risks being the most toxic.

This Full Moon then will be supremely absorbent of its environment, so can work positively or negatively.

The most criminal and slimy of individuals could turn this great power into something quite nefarious.

With Pisces decan 2 the evolutionary state of the soul is paramount, this Full Moon will absorb toxins just as well as it can absorb love and bliss.


Asteroid 3122 Florence, which will pass by Earth at a safe distance tomorrow morning

Sept 1, 2017

Minor Asteroid Florence
18 degrees Aquarius

With the focus on recovery from Harvey things may go relatively quiet for tRump in September but refresh with a vengeance in Oct and Nov.

I would not be surprised if he orchestrates a distraction around Thanksgiving.


RNC chief of staff resigns amid rash of departures

Sara Armstrong is the sixth staffer to exit in the past month.

08/31/2017 01:42 PM EDT
Updated 08/31/2017 08:42 PM EDT


I refrained from posting regarding Harvey’s effects on posters, Texas, and the country in order to not contribute to a possible glut. I did say prayers for the well being and recovery for all.

Irma Turning Into Monster Hurricane: “Highest Windspeed Forecasts I’ve Ever Seen”

Aug 31, 2017

Hurricane Irma continues to strengthen much faster than pretty much any computer model predicted as of yesterday or even this morning. Per the National Hurricane Center’s (NHC) latest update, Irma is currently a Cat-3 storm with sustained winds of 115 mph but is expected to strengthen to a devastating Cat-5 with winds that could top out at 180 mph or more. Here is the latest from the NHC as of 5PM EST:

…….As of now, Irma remains in the far eastern Atlantic ocean and is moving west at roughly 11.5 mph. Based on current projections, the storm will make its first landfall in the eastern Caribbean sometime toward the middle of next week.

Longer term computer models still vary widely but suggest that Irma will make landfall in the U.S. either in the Gulf of Mexico or Florida. Meteorological Scientist Michael Ventrice of the Weather Channel is forecasting windspeeds of up to 180 mph, which he described as the “highest windspeed forecasts I’ve ever seen in my 10 yrs of Atlantic hurricane forecasting.”



One model speculates Hurricane Irma can hit NYC on 9/11. Take a look……….

Could IRMA Be The First Category 6 Hurricane? 180 mp/h Windspeed


A summery of Trump’s misery from the Saturn station onhis Moon, now about to end. (other aspects will come to aggravate him but this one was especially miserable)


At least the recent Mars transit to his Mars didn’t start a war, but I think he was really angry that his posturing in Texas got such bad reviews and that Pence upstaged him by acting like a normal, human being in response to people’s suffering. Also, there were the North Korean missile to which Trump replied diplomacy was useless (later countermanded by wiser heads).

And finally, my son was quoted in a front page NYT article:


Here is the quote, towards the end of the article:

Those rules — which would require companies to undergo third-party audits of their safety measures, make more information available to emergency responders and study more effective ways to keep hazards in check — could help make future accidents less likely, said Gordon Sommers, an attorney at the environmental group Earthjustice.

One critical upgrade at chemical plants that might have been spurred by the new rules would have been developing better backup power systems that could withstand flooding and other disasters, Mr. Sommers said.

“It’s a very good illustration of why rules are important,” he added. “It’s certainly not the last hurricane Texas is going to face. It’s not the last time there’s going to be accidents at chemical plants.”

Starlight, great minds run in the family. Thank you for your generosity.

Congratulations and thank you, Nancy. You must be so proud of your son.

On another note, Pence upstaging his boss, could get him into trouble.

alex, thanks for bringing our attention to the middle (2nd of 3) conjunction between transiting Mercury and Mars. Normally when 3 conjunctions take place between 2 planets in initiating a cycle between them, the middle conjunction is given short shrift (guilty!)

Three conjunctions as opposed to one conjunction to start a cycle is due to one of the planets turning retrograde and then turning back to move direct again and then catching up to the other planet. It suggests a period of contemplation before the cycle actually gets started.

That is what transiting Mercury is doing between the 1st conjunction on June 28 and the 3rd one coming up on September 16th. This middle conjunction between Mercury and Mars (this Sunday) is exceptional though and must be intently focused on. Get out your Vesta glasses.

The fact that trans. Mercury will be in the process of stationing direct and therefore stronger than usual (more potent due to the lack of movement), plus the 2nd conjunction of Mercury-Mars being in the same degree of the solar eclipse that was less than two weeks earlier, potentially expands the influence of this middle conjunction.

Add to that their trine to transiting Uranus at the Full Moon next Wednesday and their opposition to the U.S. natal Moon and we are looking at a major reboot of the Leo Eclipse and its shocking impact on the US people.

Let me start the comment on the chart for the Mercury-Mars conjunction #2 (Sunday, September 3, 5:38 AM, DC) by observing that the MC is at 22+ Taurus, the degree of the Saturn-Jupiter cycle start in year 2000, a cycle overwhelmingly about Uranus-square-Jupiter and Saturn.

Next observation is that Mercury and Mars are on the ASCENDANT of the chart, making it most observable and influential. The Sun in the 1st house is opposite the Neptune in the 7th house and they complete a grand cross with the U.S. Sagittarius ascendant and Gemini descendant. Had you not drawn attention to this 2nd conjunction of Mercury-Mars, I would have missed this, my friend.

With Mercury-Mars on the ascendant of their 2nd conjunction chart when set in DC, it puts the U.S natal Moon-Pallas on the descendant, the partnership house, the Other. Transiting Uranus (trine Mercury-Mars and sextile U.S. Moon-Pallas) is in the 9th house (higher learning, philosophy, networking, foreign things).

This chart’s Moon at 6+ Aquarius is conjunct the U.S South Node and U.S natal Pholus (small cause, big effect). It is also where Neptune was at the time of the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle start.

With transiting Saturn (opposite U.S. Mars and square U.S Neptune) still sextile transiting Jupiter, and they, Saturn and Jupiter still form a Yod to the MC of this chart which is also the Jupiter-Saturn cycle start degree, 22+ Taurus, we can’t overlook the connection between the Jupiter-Saturn cycle and the present solar eclipse effect that trans. Mercury-Mars will put right in our faces.

This is the Universe beating Humanity (at least in the U.S.) over the head with a brick bat. One possibility I draw from this is a disruption in communication (Mercury/communication + Mars/disruption on eclipse [blackout] degree, and the chart’s Sun-Neptune opposition in grand cross with U.S. ascendant/descendant + Uranus in the 9th) . .

. . likely averted before major catastrophic shutdown happens (thanks to Jupiter-Saturn sextile). A loss of smart phone access would be a real wakeup call.

. . also transiting Chiron in Pisces will sextile U.S. natal Pluto in Capricorn and they will form a Yod to the transiting Mercury-conjunct-Mars that conjuncts the solar eclipse degree of 28+ Leo.

. . .that opposes the U.S. natal Moon in Aquarius.

Barbk, it’s long been my personal experience that the second (retrograde) part of a triple transit is the most intense, or at least the one most keenly felt.


Amazing astrology; merci beaucoup. Hope you are kvelling over your boy’s “10th-house” moment.

Godspeed to Eliseo and all those affected by Harvey.

According to Charity Watch the American Red Cross has a B+ rating. https://www.charitywatch.org/top-rated-charities

Since there are –
“190 National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies around the world, with more currently being formed.”
– I would venture to say that all divisions would not have the same level of honesty or accountability, and therefore should not all be painted with the same broad brush without a more targeted investigation of the chapter concerned.

Nancy, you must be proud. Gordon’s eloquent quote leaving his mark on the world could greatly inspire his future success.

“So what kind of President would Mike Pence be?”

While in a local Shop I heard several intelligent women speaking of this:
Regarding September 23 2017…
Something about a ‘Women’.

Thank you Jackson, that’s very interesting. I have used the middle conjunction as a transition period between the 1st and 3rd conjunction up until now. That was because the retro planet in the middle conjunction was still “reflecting”. Now, however, I will be on the lookout for the emotional element or an intense feeling sensation from my surroundings or from the media reports at these middle conjunctions.

I found another aspect setup in the middle Mercury-Mars conjunction tomorrow (9/3); transiting Sedna at 26+ Taurus will T-square transiting Mercury-Mars in Leo which opposes the U.S. Moon in Aquarius. I just wrote about her the other day in the Neptune ingress chart piece and now, I suspect, there will be more water “retaliation”, at least between this Mercury-Mars conjunction and the 3rd one later in September.

This middle conjunction with it’s Sun in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces is ripe with meaningful consciousness-building and the Sun-Neptune are forming a grand cross with the U.S. asc.-desc. axis. I’m pretty sure the “masses” will demand action from the Republican Congress to remedy the flood problem(s) and by election time next year the Dems could pull off a big win if they play their cards right

Eliseo (or anyone up-to-date on AI), do you have a particular study(ies) or book(s) regarding AI that you recommend?

Am believing that all is well with you and family, Eliseo.

Cultural Gravity


‘This Is Sabotage’: Trump Cuts Obamacare Outreach Budget By 90%

“This is not letting the law fail, this is making the law fail.”





Hurricane Harvey
Hurricane Harvey: Emergency Disaster Response

For every $10 you donate today, we can provide $200 in aid—that’s the power of giving to Americares.




Thank you, Bob.

Weekend Forecast by Elisabeth Grace.



Trump reconsiders hasty flood rules roll back.

Ja, thanks for the Elizabeth Grace link.

Jackson, here’s another example of a potent 2nd conjunction (out of 3) chart, the Uranus-Pluto one on April 4, 1966. It had Jupiter in the Uranus-Discovery-degree, 24+ Gemini, sextile Mars in the same degree as the U.S. Chiron, 20+ Aries, and they formed a Yod to Neptune at 21+ Scorpio.

That Neptune was opposite where the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn would take place in 2000, 22+ Taurus.

Uranus and Pluto were at 16+ Virgo (both retrograde) in that chart and in orb of a sextile with Neptune in Scorpio. Now transiting retrograde Pluto is re-activating that chart’s energy patterns by trine and makes a powerful station direct late September in that trine to the conjunction of himself and Uranus.

Neptune in that chart, as I said, opposing the present cycle startup of Jupiter + Saturn (a cycle reflecting the movements of cultures and societies), affects us all on a level not normally directly accessible to human consciousness. However, transiting Jupiter will reach that degree where Neptune was in 1966 starting in January, 2018, and the human consciousness DOES relate to Jupiter’s vibes.

I can attest to the intensity we are experiencing, thanks to transiting Pluto’s channeling the energies of the 2nd of 3 conjunctions between Uranus and Pluto. Thanks for making me aware Jackson.

I believe Neptune’s vibrations, no matter the source of its energy – be it transiting, natal or from active cycles – is most evident within societies in the field of politics, weather upheaval and behavior patterns. Trump’s natal Neptune at 5+ Libra squares the U.S. Jupiter at 5+ Cancer and Jupiter is one of the foundational symbols of a society.

Neptune is about escaping from reality among other things and Trump seems to want to escape from the realities of his role as President, a role that is a serious foundational part of our society.

Our country’s natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo was opposite Chiron and Saturn and Mercury, all at 22+ Pisces in the Uranus-Pluto conjunction #2 chart. The 2nd of 3 conjunctions. Not only did this threesome (+ Pallas at 21+ Pisces) oppose the U.S. Neptune in Virgo, they squared the Jupiter of the Uranus-Pluto #2 conjunction, a Jupiter that was conjunct the Uranus (awakening) degree.

Well, I’ve made my point, I’ll leave it there. For now.

I take that back. Correction: Chiron in the 2nd Uranus-Pluto conjunction chart was at 23+ Pisces, not 22+ Pisces. However Saturn and Mercury were 9 arc minutes from their exact conjunction at 22+ Pisces.
(my notes have Hillary’s Moon at 22+ Pisces and Bernie’s South Node at 22+ Pisces)

Nancy, your son is doing extremely important work! Many thanks go out to him….you raised him right! 🙂

A possible interpretation for the Aug 21 solar eclipse effects for America’s citizens, it’s president, and it’s governing body. Possible long term implications for the general and presidential elections coming up.



How it started!

“Robert C. “Bob” Macauley was founder and chairman of Americares, … ”

“A fair trade, his wife Leila comments, “The bank got the house and Bob got the kids.” ”


scary reading this week from ed tamplin.
For once I hope his take on astro patterns are wrong

omg – jeff sessions saying Harvey is proof police need to be militarized

As to be expected, North Korea just detonated another nuclear device today (believed to be a hydrogen bomb) just as Mars conjoined the near stationary Mercury right on the Aug 21, 2017 solar eclipse degree and North Korea’s natal Saturn….

Earthquake hits North Korea amid fears Kim Jong-un has tested ‘super explosive hydrogen bomb’


Should we expect a Donald Trump reply to this new No. Korean transgression when Mercury goes direct on September 5th?

Eyes are now on Hurricane Irma. Will this hurricane hit the US east coast on Sept. 8th when tr. Mars at 1 Virgo (conjunct Donald Trump’s progressed Sun) forms a sequi-quadrate to tr. Pluto?


President Trump, as early as Friday, is expected to announce plans to end the Obama administration program that gave a deportation reprieve to hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants.



Less than 2 1/2 years from now transiting Saturn will end its present cycle with transiting Pluto that began on November 7, 1982. That conjunction at 27+ Libra was trine the U.S. Moon in Aquarius but square the U.S. Pluto in Capricorn. Libra is first associated with harmony, but if that doesn’t work . . . Kim Jong Un’s natal Mars is at 28+ Libra.

At the time Pluto and Saturn made that one-time-only conjunction it was sextile Neptune at 25+ Sagittarius (the Galactic Center was at 26+ Sagittarius then). This Pluto-Saturn sextile with Neptune formed a Yod to Chiron who was at 25+ Taurus (retrograde). Trump’s MC is at 24+ Taurus. Transiting Sedna is at 26+ Taurus retrograde.

This present cycle of Pluto-Saturn has Chiron
at the midpoint of Trump’s MC and transiting Sedna, she who had had a belly-full of untrustworthy men by the time she became the Inuit people’s ruler of the sea. She was not known to be charitable but she could be coaxed.

At the present time trans. Uranus at 28+ Aries retrograde is opposite that Pluto-Saturn conjunction in Libra and they are T-squared by U.S Pluto in Capricorn. The tension is palpable.

The present conjunction between Mars and Mercury at 28+ Leo is sextile the Pluto-Saturn conjunction in Libra and of course, the transiting Galactic Center in Sagittarius is also sextile that Pluto-Saturn conjunction. This is a transiting support team, a green-light if you will, for the present Saturn-Pluto cycle that will end in less than 2 1/2 years.

It is the present transiting conjunction of Mars and Mercury, conjunct the Leo solar eclipse degree (+ Trump’s Mars/asc) that squares the Pluto-
Saturn cycle’s Chiron in Taurus (conjunct Trump’s MC & trans. Sedna) which is fueling the macho sabre rattling from the U.S. for the most part.

Chiron (in the Pluto-Saturn cycle) must adjust in some way, due to the apex position of the Yod he is in.

That same Chiron at 25+ Taurus is also square the U.S Moon in Aquarius. This normally would leave precious little wiggle room for Chiron in the Saturn-Pluto cycle chart, but because Saturn and Pluto in that chart at 27+ Libra are trine the U.S. Moon, the U.S. People (U.S. Moon) will, for the most part, be in harmony with the saber-rattling, macho-man stance. That’s my guess anyway.

The U.S Pluto in Capricorn, for its part, is cool with that Chiron in Taurus, the same Chiron that conjuncts Trump’s MC and the transiting uncompromising Sedna. Will Trump and Sedna provide a little wiggle room for Chiron? Well, there is one more conjunction between Mercury (talk) and Mars action) this month, after Mercury stations direct. Let the games begin.

Trump Wants To Put A Former Coal Executive In Charge Of Mine Safety

The company the nominee used to run was cited for dangerous practices numerous times.


I know I am going against a very strong tide, but I think with Mercury retrograde, people did not actually read Joel Osteen’s original comment about the status of the Lakewood Church in Houston. He tweeted that the church was “not accessible”. He never said the church was closed or said they were refusing to take people. The parking garage was flooded so perhaps the church was not accessible. With a skeleton staff on hand of about 4 people, perhaps they were not ready to take people. This same church group (in a different location) took in 5,000 people during a previous storm. So the whole story never made sense to me. Once the church was more organized, they started taking literally busloads of people. But of course, THAT never made the news. And people continued to pile on. I saw people complaining on Facebook that the church passed a collection plate to the displaced Houstonians in the church. What the church had done was hold their regularly scheduled Saturday evening service. Every single church service I have been to means a collection plate is going to be passed. So people complained when Lakewood “did not act like a church” and then they complained when Lakewood DID act like a church. Today I saw a Facebook post that Osteen was checking the tithe records of everyone who came into the church. This post was from “Action News 3”. There is no Action News 3. Not in Houston. Not anywhere. The post had no news logo. The post had sex ads at the bottom. I do not know of any news organization (or legitimate business) that will sell sex ads to it’s webpage. Yet people were ignoring all the signals this was a fake news item and with glee, continued to demonize Joel Osteen. I am not a fan of Osteen. I don’t condone his lavish lifestyle. I guess I am just astonished – although in this day & age I don’t know why – people across the country chose to focus on Joel Osteen, his religion, and his church. However, the Aug 21 eclipse took place in the U.S. 9th house – so perhaps it is no surprise that this one pastor became a lightning rod for the anger of the people.

With Hurricane Harvey ravaging Texas and Hurricane Irma moving towards the east coast, I was reading about FEMA’s legendary poor response to natural disasters. Hurricane Andrew & Hurricane Katrina are probably the most famous examples.

Ironically, at the same time, I was listening to a book called “Raven Rock: The Story of the U.S. Government’s Secret Plan to Save Itself–While the Rest of Us Die”.

The book is about the secret plans the U.S. government has made to protect the men & women in the 3 branches of government in case of a nuclear war. The belief is that at least the U.S. would have some “Continuity of Government” (COG).

In chapter 15 of the book, I learned that FEMA was formed NOT to help U.S. citizens in a natural disaster. That was the cover story. FEMA was formed to organize all the entities that would be needed to continue the government should the nation be subject to a nuclear attack.

FEMA’s money shows up in the U.S. budget but it is also funded from what is known as the “black budget”: expenditures of the U.S. government known only to a select few. For every public $1 in funding, the “black budget” provides FEMA $12.

Call me cynical, but this news did not surprise me at all.

I appreciate the analysis on Osteen
It’s hard for us to know what was indeed facts or not regarding this particular situation.
Maybe the outrage is just a reflection of the collective emotions , realizing that this trend towards religious authority just has to give way to something more true and real …….

Barbk, Do you foresee some type of Civil War? White Republican’s are not very happy:
“White Elephant Trump has never been less popular—and never more clearly the head of a party of racial resentment”.

Not sure what I’d look for to see war Patty; what I do see is an intensive pressure building to get the masses aware of how corruption has infiltrated the many systems of society, including the political one.

I’m not an authority on the subject of war but it seems to me that usually the masses don’t start them, profiteers do. Masses can and do start revolutions against injustice, or perceived injustices based in fear. If we, as a society, can eliminate things like poverty and inequality and reduce fear of widespread abuses of justice, there would be little incentive (from the masses) to go to war.

What I see, astrologically, is a persistent exposure of corruption in powerful groups such as Big Oil and Big Pharma and Big Banking. Once the masses understand how they are being manipulated and deceived they either clean up the government through their voting power or they give up and become herd animals.

White Republicans and their ilk sense that their way of life is becoming extinct. Sometimes I gasp at movies that portray past periods in history, say back in the heyday of Rome, because of how they portray men in power treating women, or other men in lower classes, or from other societies. We have come such a long way in reducing that patriarchal mentality its shocking to be reminded of how bad it once was. The media makes money showing brutality and as long as there is an appetite for it they won’t stop.

It is the last gasp of the Confederate mindset we see clinging to those memories of superiority over others that makes news. I don’t think it is growing so much as it is being flushed out into the open, as any bodily infection must in order to heal.

I believe the progressed U.S. Moon is now conjunct the U.S. natal chart ascendant, 12+ Sagittarius. If that is correct it would greatly contribute to the mood of the country regarding the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey.


Hurricane Irma Forecast To Be In Florida On Friday


Hurricane Irma, a potential category 4 or 5 could make a direct hit on Miami when it makes landfall. As mentioned earlier; Friday September 8th has Mars conjunct Pres. Trump’s progressed Sun sesquiquadrate Pluto.

Hurricane IRMA Predicted To Make A Direct HIT On Miami Florida


I’d say Miami should be prepared but if you look at the cone projected by the Nat’l Hurricane Center, it looks like it will go south of South FLorida and keep going towards the Gulf, so South FL AND Gulf states will be affected; the question is how much. It looks like it’s going to go ashore at the west LA/east TX border to me, but of course they will have a better idea in a few more days. Selfishly, I don’t want it to impact NOLA, but I certainly DON’T want it to impact the Houston/Beaumont/Port Arthur area either!!!

North Korea: stop me if you dare

For those of you who have inquired privately and those of you who otherwise post here, I’m OK. My house was very minimally affected by the hurricane. Water did not enter my house. Furthermore, although I was prepared with emergency supplies, I did not need them so much. I have plenty of water, electricity, food, etc.

Helicopters fly over with great regularity, and technically, we are still surrounded by water, i.e. a temporary island. Nevertheless, things are slowly returning to “normal”, though I’m sure things can never truly be the same.

Hope all of you are well, especially those who have been in the path of these storms.

while all eyes in the US are on Texas, Bangladesh and surrounding areas are facing an even greater nightmare – 1200+ dead, 41million+ affected

this cool website shows current winds – view is centered on Irma


PS: on the link above, you can rotate the globe with your mouse.

great to hear you have not been affected too badly Eliseo. Thanks for the update

truthout article on “Houston, bangladesh & global warming”

Massive black hole discovered near heart of the Milky Way

Astronomers find evidence of enormous black hole one hundred thousand times more massive than the sun in a gas cloud near the galaxy’s centre


The days surrounding Nov 13 may involve some of the change the Aug 21 eclipse foreshadowed for tRump and the country.

On Nov 13th tRump’s secondary progressed Moon is conjunct his secondary progressed Saturn/Pluto midpoint as Sibly’s secondary progressed Moon is conjunct his natal Moon, both being opposite the Sibly natal Mars.

Many aspects in longitude and right ascension to Sibly points and planets by transits and angle progressions during those days. Two of the darkest are transit Mars conjunct sibly Saturn and transit Saturn square Sibly natal Neptune in right ascension.

Glad to hear that you have been spared severe consequences as a result of the storm Eliseo. My prayers for all affected to any degree.

Eliseo, stay safe!

The polls, the polls (still & ever)….Gallop is presently in the mid-30’s for Trump (refer the main website: fivethirtyeight.com). If more such dropping polls follow, Trump’s approval could approach the danger zone of anything below 30%. Which would put enormous pressure on the Republican congress (looking to 2018) to diverge from Trump in order for officials to save their own elected skins. In any case, it’s a long game.

Mid-September (after Irma) may tell a tale. Irma would however be a terrible price to pay, if it hits Florida (pray not, but looking dicey). According to Nancy, “In the US chart, we are in the last two weeks of the protracted Saturn station opposite US Mars (21Gemini23), which moves to exact on September 10”.


“……And Trump’s ratings are already fairly low to begin with, with roughly three Americans disapproving of Trump’s performance for every two who approve of him — so he doesn’t have all that many more voters to turn off. Still, if you’re looking to estimate when Trump really might hit a floor, somewhere in the low-to-mid-20s is a pretty good guess. There’s quite a bit of evidence that points in this direction:” ……”Presidential approval ratings shift by a median of 13 percentage points between this point in their terms and the midterm elections — which means that if he’s at 37 percent now, Trump could very easily be at 50 percent in November of 2018 — or at 24 percent.“ (for the rest, see link)

Also see:


My father-in-law was from the prairies and used to say “dirty irma!” whenever something went wrong. Where he got the saying is beyond knowing (and no offense meant to Irmas everywhere), but it sure fits at the moment. Here is Zero Hedge (admittedly a site that tends to be rather alarmist about a lot of things). Let’s hope Irma proves to be a good girl instead.


There is a cycle that is impacting the U.S. and I just realized it this AM. Morning Joe (MSNBC) had a panel discussion featuring a guy who wrote a book. I will get the details if anyone is curious, but the book has Fantasy in the title and is about the history of the U.S. being very vulnerable to con men. I thought of Neptune.

Long story short, the cycle of Neptune (fantasy) and Saturn (reality) foretells of a time of transformation for the U.S.

Saturn and Neptune met on March 3, 1989, in their first of 3 conjunctions, when the Sun was at 12+ Pisces, where transiting Neptune is right now and where the U.S. progressed Sun is right now. It is a degree that squares the U.S. ascendant.

The North Node was conjunct Venus at 4+ Pisces (where transiting centaur Nessus – whose style of consciousness raising utilizes tools like revenge and poison to make a point – was around March 2016, during the Republican debates).

In this chart for the 1st of 3 meetings between Saturn and Neptune the 3 primary centaurs were impacting the U.S. natal birth chart (Sagittarius rising). (a) Chiron at 1+ Cancer was square the MC (1+ Libra) and the IC (1+ Aries), (b) Pholus was conjunct the U.S. Uranus, both at 8+ Gemini and (c) Nessus was conjunct the U.S. Neptune, both at 22+ Virgo.

Centaurs are understood to facilitate a dialogue between the outer planets (Neptune, Pluto, Uranus) with the inner planets, Saturn and Jupiter for the most part. On their own, the outer planets appear to create havoc for no conceivable (to us) purpose; things like hurricane devastation and other natural disasters or the collapse of law and order or rogue countries threatening war. The centaurs provide a way of connecting these outer and inner symbols of events and making them understandable.

At this moment transiting Saturn at 21+ Sagittarius opposes U.S. Mars at 21+ Gemini and they both are square the U.S. natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo. This is activating the Saturn-Neptune cycle’s Nessus power also at 22+ Virgo.

This T-square (trans. Saturn, U.S. Mars, U.S. Neptune + Nessus in the Saturn-Neptune cycle) produces an atmosphere of deception tinged with over-the-top meanness and it gets our attention. That’s the job of centaurs, to get our attention.

Back when the debates were happening, when Trump was wiping up the floor with various Republican candidates, transiting Nessus (foul play) was activating the Saturn-Neptune chart’s Venus-conjunct-North Node at 4+ Pisces and they were sextile the same chart’s Uranus at 4+ Capricorn. Uranus is full of surprises.

Last February transiting Juno (unequal partner) reached 4+ Capricorn (conjunct the above Uranus in the Saturn-Neptune cycle chart), stationed retrograde later and came back to 4+ Capricorn again in early August. Now that she’s stationed direct she will return for a 3rd time in the 2nd half of this month. I believe this symbolism is indicative of North Korea’s belligerent behavior of late.

Kim Jong Un’s natal Venus at 8+ Sagittarius (possibly square his Moon in Pisces) is opposite the U.S. Uranus at 8+ Gemini, the same degree as Pholus in the Saturn-Neptune chart. Pholus has the reputation of starting something that seems small but then turns into a full blown disaster.

I believe a study of the Saturn-Neptune cycle would reveal solutions to this dilemma and perhaps others. Transiting Saturn and transiting Neptune completed their squares in 2016 but will begin the series of trines in 2019 suggesting accord could possibly be reached in the N. Korea matter.

P.S. Transiting Nessus will return to 4+ Pisces, in retrograde motion, in October. Nessus will then station direct at 4+ Pisces in mid November. This will activate the Saturn-Neptune cycle’s chart (3/3/89) through its sextile between Venus+NN at 4+ Pisces and Uranus at 4+ Capricorn.

Here is a chart I found online for Kim Un Yong, Barb.

According to it, his moon is at 10 Scorpio (so tomorrow’s full moon/neptune conjunction in Pisces will trine it — may it give him some insight and compassion)…

His chart seems to reflect what we know of him: unfeeling, motivated by power, and vengeful.

Trump’s Pick To Head NASA Doesn’t Believe Humans Cause Climate Change

Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-Okla.) could stymie the agency’s research on global warming.

Well Sharon, my chart for Kim (Neptune Café Archives) is for January 8, 1984 at 7 AM and your chart for Kim (Astro Data Bank) is for January 8, 1983 at Noon so it seems an effort in futility on my part.

Well, I did read that there is disagreement on his birth date (I guess it’s the year)….maybe looking further on the internet will resolve it or someone here knows something. I think we did discuss this discrepancy in the past but I don’t remember what happened (but your analyses are never futile as they are so interesting and your date might be right, although I can see why you would think Astro Data Bank might be more reliable).

Natal James Howard

2017 Solar Arc Sun 24 Leo
Natal Zeus 24 Leo


Natal Venus 02 Leo
Natal Pholus 01 Aquarius


Harvey turned his wrath on Houston and I believe we were under a Grand Trine of water.
So far 1 million are displaced
60 dead
1 in ever 10 structures damaged
and that’s just Houston…this does not incorporate Beaumont/Port Arthur or South Texas (Rockport/Corpus Christi)
It will take years for us to rebuild.
The upside:
Unnamed heroes came out in boats
to rescue the elderly and disabled
Mosques opened their doors to everyone
Churches came to the aid of Synagogues and Mosques and visa versa
(They didn’t have to be asked by the City – as Joel Olsteen lamented “I wasn’t asked.”) But I want to dwell on the positive
White, African American and Hispanic were together
I’ve been thru 4 hurricanes and 3 intense tropical storm (Harvey being the worst) yet I saw the best in everyone.
Our mayor wouldn’t take trumps’ calls and made Houston a sanctuary safe city in all shelters
I got equipment that was needed to shelters by not having to deal with bureaucratic organizations…
I am helping parents who have children with disabilities into school districts because they were displaced.
Texas is working it.
Then today…Trump comes out with his DACA BS…did I mention one person who was DACA died while trying to save others?

Texans came together.
Now, we must come together and get rid of this racist lunatic – because we will protect our DACA brothers and sisters in Texas.

I spoke to two politicians who said they are leaving the tea party!!!
I also heard people say that “the media isn’t fake – they saved my life with information”
The tide is turning – no pun intended…

I pray for my sisters and brothers in Florida…

maybe it will only hit maralago? karma

Emmyrose – so articular and inspiring.

Thank you for posting and for all the good you are doing.

Let us know if you know of any groups who it would be really helpful to donate to.

God Bless you and everyone who was a victim of Harvey and who will be affected by Irma. New Orleans came back. Miami came back after Hurricane Andrew. NY came back after Sandy. It takes a minimum of 3 years but things steadily improve and people get in touch with what’s real and important, and some come out in a better place due to the help received. However, it is hard. As beautiful and indomitable as we humans are, the suffering is sad and undeserved.

I am really worried for P.R., Cuba, any island that will feel the brunt of Rachael and, of course, Miami, the rest of FL and anywhere else on the Gulf Coast.

Watching Rachael now cover the protests against the DACA suspension. I think so many people are going to come together in protest that it may not ultimately happen. Trump is already saying that in 6 mo., he will revisit it. Ryan had the nerve today to say that Trump is fulfilling his campaign promises as if it’s a good thing.

RE: your inquiry about possible civil war.
I’m not any kind of expert astrologer. I’ve studied it and “played” with it for several decades, but do not regard myself as a professional.

However, I do have experience with the recurring issue of racial strife. In the 1960’s I was involved in the Civil Rights Movement while I was in Junior HS and Senior HS, for which I was persecuted, humiliated, beaten up on a few occasions, and called a number of ugly names, amongst which “race traitor.”

I grew up with a number of fellows, classmates who fancied themselves as “neo-confederates,” white guys who studied the civil war, proudly waved the confederate battle flag, and in their discussions re-fought each battle mentally to determine how the South might have won rather than lost. They were idealists, albeit in a retro kind of way. They are part of what historians call “the religion of the lost cause.”

Jack Morgan, the campaign consultant mentioned in the article you cited, very much reminds me of those boys I went to high school with. An evangelical preacher, he has warned that the country is on the “brink of civil war” and that “communists are behind the effort to take down Confederate statues.”

I’ve heard this kind of talk for decades. These fellows warn of impending race war and civil war, because that is what they deeply desire, not because it is any way probable. IMHO, it isn’t.

As we adjust to a new demographic reality, I have no doubt we are in for a possibly extended period of various forms of civil strife, some of which may turn violent, but I personally believe the opportunities for outright secession of states has passed twice recently, and likely will not occur again.

The first time was in 2008 when Barack Obama was elected. The neo-confederates threatened, but did not secede. Their R. representatives in Congress chose instead a path of obstructionism.

The second time was in the last election. HRC was so extraordinarily demonized over the decades, that paranoid, propagandized, and deeply misinformed working class citizens voted against their own interest, (and that of their daughters) actually thinking DJT was the lesser of “two evils.”

I think it probable there would have been some kind of violent rebellion had Hillary won the election. In any case, and as a minimum I believe she would have had a miserably frustrating, unsuccessful one term presidency working against a vehemently obstructionist congress who hates her beyond all reason.

It’s true we are in for a “bumpy ride,” but I don’t see actual secessionist civil war in the cards. Oddly, thanks to Dylann Roof, and those fantasy prone alt-righters who marched in Charlottesville, those old confederate statues are coming down faster and sooner, rather than later. Those statues are dying archetypes in stone, no longer useful, (if they ever were). …and think of it. Every day we are a bit closer to Pluto moving into Aquarius.

I agree with barbK’s assessment. Trump is a tool, a device, a man on the wrong side of history through which we see our own dark side, and move toward transcendence. That’s not to say he isn’t dangerous, but what meaning has true spiritual growth without risk, sacrifice, and loss?

Just noticed something interesting. Cannot post photos here but compare the eye of Hurricane Irma to the photos of the Aug 21 solar eclipse.

As above, so below.

I’m staying as safe as I can here. A few months from now I hope to return home to WA.

To ALL who were concerned: Thank You. I’m OK.

Interesting interview on Lawrence O’Donnell with Kurt Andersen, author of
Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire: A 500-Year History

I can’t help thinking Neptune! Neptune! Neptune!

Glad you are OK.
Are you in the Houston area?

Emmyrose, thank you for giving us an on-the-ground look at those giving hands and hearts to care for those who have been entirely wiped out. . .”the kindness of strangers…”

The several storms altering our consciousness (as Barb points out) include a president who is unfit to preside, a psychic storm that defies humanity, logic, or emotion. I haven’t become numb, if anything I’m bolstered by those who are coming wide awake with the awareness that we the people are the ones who govern our own lives, our own thoughts, and our responsibilities to one another. If we haven’t gotten the point, we will. This latest catastrophic storm will further trigger this point. My hope is that we listen to those who keep insisting that we need to negotiate with North Korea. What is it do they truly want?

Eliseo, that’s the book and the author I was referring to in my comment yesterday at 10:47 AM. He was on Morning Joe too and it was screaming (to me) Neptune! That’s when I got out the chart for the Neptune-Saturn cycle and there it was: Nessus, Chiron and Pholus!

There was the Sun at 12+ Pisces in that chart, conjunct the presently transiting Neptune and conjunct the U.S. progressed Sun and conjunct the full moon at 13+ Pisces!

Glad to hear you dodged the worst of Harvey and are okay.

Karen F, well said; I really like the “psychic storm” reference. As for N. Korea, if Kim isn’t being threatened by someone to behave the way he is doing (as someone inferred) then it must be a mad desire to be seen as an equal to USA and China and even Russia. Totally crazy. Even so, he is part of the awakening process.

I guess we have to accept that there are people in this country that won’t wise up unless the crap is scared out of them. It is the Neptune effect; total chaos. Why else would these two mad men be in the positions they are in; leaders of their countries? We are being forced to get involved or be annihilated.

Thanks for your informative post on Houston, Starlight. Even after Irma, we’re faced with overwhelming odds of setting things right.

This month’s issue of Vanity Fair has an excellent detailed article outlining the catastrophic dysfunction of the Department of Energy. If you want to know what’s wrong with America, it’s all here:


This is the correct link to the Vanity Fair article:


Eliseo: Stay strong and: at least up here in WA they know how to funnel the water to make electricity!

The Case for ‘Giving Every American a Pony’ Hillary Clinton’s upcoming tell-all on her presidential campaign, What Happened: http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2017/09/the-case-for-giving-every-american-a-pony.html


At 11 a.m. (ET) yesterday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Trump administration had rescinded the DACA policy that extended protections to nearly 1 million Dreamers.

On this we are in sync! I didn’t realize you had seen the same author and were referring to the same book.

RE: “I guess we have to accept that there are people in this country that won’t wise up unless the crap is scared out of them. It is the Neptune effect; total chaos…. We are being forced to get involved or be annihilated.”

Yep! Unfortunately, that’s it!…people at various levels of consciousness.

A friend and colleague, a history professor who writes books on slavery, said to me a couple of years ago that he thought maybe the “Right” would have to actually obtain power to learn how impractical and unworkable were many of their most cherished ideas. Same is evidently true of the Trumpists.

Ideological idolatry, seeing what you want to see rather than reality is now pandemic. Both the Left and Right do it, but at this point in our history the “Right” is especially and more deeply involved in the delusion.

Neptune is singing his siren song louder than our ears can imagine.

SassyGrace, you are so right about the Eye of Irma and the Eclipse.

Emmyrose, beautifully stated on Harvey and Texas.

Eliseo, I suspect – or maybe I just wonder if – our astrology isn’t becoming more obvious; less mysterious, all the better to understand the times we are living through. This very-blatantly-influenced-by-Neptune book is a case in point.

There is a transiting sextile between Saturn and Jupiter that, together with the degree where their cycle began, points directly to the cycle itself as a bell-to-be-rung in 2017. It is this Yod, the transiting Jupiter-Saturn sextile, with both planets quincunx their cycle’s starting point 22+ Taurus, where change (adjustment) must come about.

That chart, May 28, 1:04 PM, Washington DC, has Mars at 17+ Gemini conjunct Trump’s Uranus.

That chart’s Lachesis – not the sister that spun the thread nor the sister that cut the thread, but the sister that determined the thread’s destiny – was at 17+ Aquarius.

When we take the Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s trine between Mars in Gemini (conjunct Trump’s Uranus) and Lachesis in Aquarius, and add Trump’s natal Jupiter at 17+ Libra (where transiting Jupiter was just last month) it is a grand air trine that provides a current of air the likes of a hurricane’s force. Unstoppable.

The Mercury in this Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart was at 27+ Gemini, opposite the Galactic Center in Sagittarius. If we look at the grand trine between the recent solar eclipse (28+ Leo) and transiting Uranus (28+ Aries) and the Galactic Center (27+ Sagittarius) and then add this Mercury in Gemini (that opposes the GC) it becomes a Kite pattern.

This 2000 chart’s Mercury then puts the fire grand trine energy (as depicted in the total solar eclipse chart) under the guidance of the GC which Mercury in the Jupiter-Saturn chart opposes. This is called a Kite formation.

What I’m saying is that without looking closely at the Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart, which transiting Jupiter and Saturn are going to great pains to make us do, we might not understand the great forces . . .

(the trine in that chart [Mars-Lachesis] which Trump’s Jupiter makes into a grand trine, and the grand fire trine of the Eclipse chart that the Jupiter-Saturn chart’s Mercury gives focus to)

. . and we would surely believe that the world had gone mad. It is a blueprint, this Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart of 2000. A blueprint that can’t be totally revealed until we take into consideration the present “time”. Who could have guessed in 2000 that the Twin Towers would be demolished and that the U.S. would elect Donald Trump to be President?

Now, finally, the cycle of Jupiter and Saturn is revealing its secrets.

Personally, I’ve focused on the square of Uranus to the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction for over 16 years now. I didn’t take into consideration that the South Node (25+ Capricorn) of that chart was conjunct the U.S. natal Pluto, suggesting something regarding Pluto’s symbolism in the U.S. needed to stop and be rejected (a South Node thing) in favor of something akin to the North Node (25+ Cancer) path which was conjunct the U.S. natal Mercury.

That might mean dropping the way voting districts are determined for instance.

This would fit with the Jupiter-Saturn chart’s Mercury opposite the GC in its Grand Trine with the Eclipse Sun and transiting Uranus pattern; by putting the focus on the GC (our source point of Universal understanding) we could re-align the voting districts into a more fair distribution between political parties, a job perfect for Mercury in Gemini in the Jupiter-Saturn chart. A Mercury that trines the U.S. Moon in Aquarius.

We could come up with many more examples. What appears to be chaos IS chaos, but chaos is what our creativity genes use to solve ancient problems.

The transiting Jupiter and Saturn are telling us it is time to shift our stubborn Taurus concepts of 2000 and make hay while chaos and confusion provides a break in the rigidity that has taken hold of our government institutions. Look for new blood in the coming elections; people willing to challenge elected congress members, bought and paid for with corporate $$.

We aren’t going mad, we are just awakening. Fantasies don’t have to be impossible dreams, they can be the foundation for a greater good. Neptune isn’t just madness, drugs and theater, he symbolizes our link to the spirituality and creativity we were each born with. Now that we are awakening let’s dream a little.

Did any of you hear about Zello, the app that turns your phone into a walkie-talkie if cell service is down.

I see Jose is right on the heels of Irma

And a third hurricane behind them both, following the same path.

Eliseo – I live off Galveston Bay. My home is 25 feet up. I’m no fool I live on Mother Nature’s playground. My little city did not fare well. Most homes are at sea level or a bit above
I did lose my little boat – but I figured I would sacrifice it and give it back to Neptune in exchange for my home. Fair deal.
I was fortunate to get out to do pre-disaster work before the storm & after (still) so I didn’t worry about my home. Even though we were under and still under curfew I had no problems getting about. Its hard to get into Beaumont to get supplies to the underserved..but we’re trying.
But many of my friends in Houston & around here and my family in Port Arthur lost everything.
Lawsuits are beginning to fly with those homes around the reservoirs…
And to add to our misery, we are saddened about daca because we know trump is using them as an excuse for the wall….which no one in their right mind in Texas wants.

How about this for irony? Irma, a Hispanic name wipes out Maralago?
Will he hire illegal Mexicans to rebuild?

Jose may affect the Lesser Antilles sadly but will then go out to sea

Katia is about to hit Mexico (Veracruz area)

Some sleepless nights for Florida and East coast…stay safe…
Can we have anymore fun? (sarcasm)

The other hurricane, Katia, looks like it might be headed for mexico city

I noticed was so much bogus info on facebook in the election season that some people I know were believing hook, line, and sinker.
So this is an interesting development – “Report: Facebook Turns Over Election Ad Data To Special Counsel Robert Mueller”

Sadly We’re coming apart…
Hope you are able to read this:
‘Political Divisions in U.S. Are Widening, Long-Lasting, Poll Shows ‘WSJ/NBC News survey indicates a wide split on cultural, economic issues’

“Right now,” Sanders concluded, “it’s appropriate to look forward and not backward.”

“I’m working overtime now to see we overturn Trump’s decision on DACA, pass a $15-an-hour minimum wage, and next week I’ll be offering a Medicare-for-all single-payer system,” Sanders said.


Another aspect setup in the August 21 eclipse chart puts the U.S. natal chart’s Saturn in Libra at the apex point of a Yod. This setup would be the sextile between eclipse chart Neptune at 13+ Pisces and eclipse chart Pallas (the Planner) at 12+ Taurus. The apex of a Yod (in this case U.S Saturn) must make an adjustment.

If we look at eclipse Neptune in Pisces as the present hurricane blitz and eclipse Pallas in Taurus as the financial toll, and both of them quincunx the U.S. Saturn in Libra symbolizing the U.S. government it makes perfect sense. Saturn the government will have to adjust, and adjust, and adjust its aid package(s) to the areas that are devastated by the hurricanes.

Recently I noted the sextile between transiting Saturn and Jupiter forming a Yod to the degree where the Saturn-Jupiter cycle started in 2000. That degree, 22+ Taurus, also plays a role in the total solar eclipse chart. It forms a trine to the U.S. natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo and the eclipse chart Pluto at 17+ Capricorn.

Opposite the eclipse chart’s Pluto is the eclipse chart’s Ceres at 17+ Cancer. This makes the grand earth trine (eclipse Pluto, the degree of Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, and U.S. Neptune) morph into a Kite pattern with the focus on eclipse Pluto in Capricorn. In other words, eclipse Pluto is running the show thanks to Mother Nature (eclipse Ceres).

Eclipse Jupiter at 20+ Libra not only forms a T-square to the Eclipse Pluto opposite Eclipse Ceres, it conjuncts the U.S natal Juno (supporter of the disenfranchised), also at 20+ Libra, and the U.S. Juno opposes the U.S. Chiron at 20+ Aries.

This makes the eclipse opposition between Pluto and Ceres more complex (for the U.S.) since it is now part of a grand cardinal cross with the U.S. Chiron-Juno opposition. Four squares and two oppositions; a tough nut to crack.

Eclipse Chiron at 27+ Pisces, as stated some time back, was sextile eclipse Sedna (Inuit sea goddess) at 26+ Taurus and together they formed a Yod to Eclipse Typhon at 28+ Libra. Since Typhon was at the apex point of this Yod it had to adjust and that befuddles anyone trying to predict where the hurricanes will hit land.

Because the eclipse Pluto in Capricorn also trines both the U.S. Vesta (investment) in Taurus and the eclipse Vesta in Virgo, another strong current of energy in earth signs is set in motion. Just as Ceres focused the grand trine (between U.S. Neptune and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction degree and Pluto) onto Pluto . .

. . she does the same for this secondary grand trine between Pluto and U.S. Vesta and transiting Vesta. In other words transiting/eclipse Pluto is the focal point of two grand trines that affect only the U.S.A.

Perhaps we can then better understand how the grand fire trine of the eclipse is operating, the one between Sun-Moon in Leo, Uranus in Aries and the Galactic Center in Sagittarius; a grand fire trine that became a Kite when the eclipse Typhon in Libra (opposite trans. Uranus) was added.

In this scenario, but only for the U.S., there are 3 grand trines operating; two focus on Pluto and the 3rd one on Uranus. This is by no means a coincidence of course, it is a divine plan.

Could it be that the force of nature is causing the U.S.A. government to focus on immediate problems to solve leaving little time or energy to quibble about stupid stuff like cutting taxes for the rich?

Could it also cause many more U.S citizens to become aware of how much their nation’s government is depended on to come to the aid of devastated communities and how much those communities depend on that government?

The Universe works in mysterious ways. Probably just as well I’m guessing.

Today’s Charles Blow took my breath away:


latest map at noaa on Irma and Jose

The discovery of boron in the Gale Crater on Mars has given scientists a clue to the potential of life having once existed on the Red Planet.


I looked at a chart from Astrotheme for Miami, Florida, that doesn’t say the source of birth info, but the ascendant given for 12:01 PM, July 28, 1896, is 28+ Libra, which transiting Uranus at 27+ Aries retrograde (on the descendant) opposes. The Miami natal Sun conjuncts the U.S. natal North Node (opportunity) at 6+ Leo.

Miami’s natal Mars at 18+ Taurus is in the 7th house of the “other” or “known enemies”. At about 9:30 PM tomorrow (Friday) night in Miami, transiting Pluto will be near the Miami MC (midheaven) at 16 Capricorn 56 retrograde, trine Miami’s Mars.

Transiting Uranus will be near the ascendant at 27 Aries 58 retrograde and the transiting Sun at 17 Virgo 32 will be near the 6th house cusp.

Transiting Pluto and transiting Sun will form a grand earth trine with Miami’s natal Mars Friday night.

Transiting Saturn at 21+ Sagittarius will square the Miami Moon at 21+ Pisces, transiting Venus will square Miami’s Mars in Taurus but will have just been conjunct Miami’s natal Jupiter. Trans. Venus will also have just been quincunx (adjust) transiting Pluto on the Miami MC.

Transiting Jupiter on Friday night at 23+ Libra will conjunct Miami’s natal Chiron at 22+ Libra. This transiting Jupiter is sextile the transiting Saturn and they form a Yod with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 22+ Taurus which is 4 degrees from Miami’s natal Mars.

Make of it what you will but my immediate sense is that Irma won’t be as dire as feared for Miami but it will suffer damage. I will continue to ponder and pray.

barbk – based on what the latest noaa website is indicating, I agree that Irma may not be quite as bad as feared for florida. Lets hope so. Even if downgraded to a Storm though, Storm winds and surge can still pack quite a punch.

I’m in the Carolinas. Bottle water has already sold out! Unreal. I have a gut feeling that S. Carolina -where the eclipse exited the US – may get a punch from Irma.

I saw a map indicating spots out west where all the fires are, many of them clustered in Oregon and then fanning out west from there. It struck me how similar it looked to the eclipse map for that area.


My childhood stomping ground, the Columbia Gorge, has been ravaged by fires these past five days.


Very challenging.


Buy ziplock freezer bags and fill them with water, then put in your freezer. They keep your food cold, and as they thaw out, you have drinking water. Buy baby wipes, so you can clean up a little. Fill bathtub with water for your pets, to clean with and to flush your toilet.

I should have added that Miami’s natal Pholus (small cause, big effect) was at 22+ Taurus, the degree of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction and the apex point for the Yod it makes with transiting Jupiter and transiting Saturn.

Also, Miami’s natal Nessus at 6+ Pisces is one degree ahead of the transiting Nessus at 5+ Pisces retrograde at this time. Transiting Nessus will conjunct Miami’s natal Nessus for the 3rd time early in 2018.

Then there is the September 6th Full Moon at 13+ Pisces conjunct Neptune at 12+ Pisces which is trine the Miami natal Saturn at 12+ Scorpio which would seem to take some of the sting out of Irma, for Miami anyway.

Ripley, you make a good point regarding the path of the solar eclipse. It might indicate Irma or another hurricane’s landing there in South Carolina.

8.4 earthquake just hit off Mexican coast, on the pacific side.

Mexico just had an 8.1 earthquake which is triggering tsunami warnings. Earthquake was centered about 250-300 miles directly south of where Hurricane Katia is making landfall, on the other side of Mexico’s landmass, just offshore. Related?

Checking out various sources on Irma and found these links that were recommended in a NYTimes article:


………Regardless of its strength at final landfall, Irma has the potential to generate a catastrophic storm surge across the Southeast coast from northern Florida to South Carolina. Under almost all track scenarios for Irma, the vast amount of water being pushed northwest by the storm is expected to slam into the Southeast coast and produce a devastating storm surge. Even if Irma’s winds decrease as expected by Monday, this water will already be in motion, packed with tremendous momentum. From our Wednesday PM post on the storm surge potential: “Even areas up to a hundred miles to the north of where the center makes landfall could potentially see record storm surges. The area of most concern is the northern coast of Florida, the coast of Georgia, and the southern coast of South Carolina, due to the concave shape of the coast, which will act to funnel and concentrate the storm surge to ridiculous heights.” See our Wednesday post for more details.


……..If we look at wunderground’s storm surge maps for the U.S. East Coast, we see that in a worst-case Category 3 hurricane hitting at high tide, the storm tide (the combined effect of the storm surge and the tide) ranges from 17 – 20’ above ground along the northern coast of Florida, and 18 – 23 feet above ground along the Georgia coast. If Irma is a Cat 4, these numbers increase to 22 – 28 feet for the coast of Georgia. This is a Katrina-level storm surge, the kind that causes incredible destruction and mass casualties among those foolish enough to refuse to evacuate.

Looking at the chart for Hurricane Katrina I see that transiting Pluto was at 21+ Sagittarius retrograde and opposite the U.S. Mars at 21+ Gemini which squares the U.S. Neptune at 22+ Virgo. That was on August 29, 2005.

Now it is September, 2017, and it is transiting Saturn at 21+ Sagittarius. So, is it the U.S. Mars or is it the U.S Neptune that squares the U.S. Mars, or is it the combination of the two that draws these violent winds over the sea and onto the U.S. shore?

Transiting retrograde Chiron at the time of Katrina was conjunct the U.S. retrograde Pluto in Capricorn and transiting retrograde Uranus in Pisces (conjunct U.S. Ceres) was square U.S. Uranus in Gemini.

Now transiting retrograde Uranus in Aries squares the retrograde U.S. Pluto and transiting retrograde Chiron in Pisces is sextile retrograde U.S. Pluto. The TNO Orcus at 8+ Virgo (opposite U.S Ceres and where Uranus was at the time of Katrina) is square the U.S Uranus at 8+ Gemini.

I’m sensing a theme here. U.S. Neptune, Pluto and Uranus are activated by transits during times when super raging hurricanes set upon the U.S.

All 3 outer planets in the U.S chart (Pluto, Uranus, Neptune) make hard aspects to another U.S. planet; Pluto opposes Mercury, Neptune squares Mars and Uranus squares Ceres.

I believe it is these other U.S. planets, the non-outer planets that are being targeted by the monster storms; U.S. Mercury (communication), U.S. Mars (action packed) and U.S. Ceres (nurturer). Think about it.

Back to the charts.

Marjorie Orr:


Ja – oh my….

Thank you all for your hurricane tips. And I thought I knew them all from growing up in New Orleans. Of course, we did not have baby wipes back then. We would tape the windows, fill every pot, sink, tub with water and put a friend’s canoe on the porch. I’m feeling it for Florida – not easy being a peninsula!

A very sobering comment from a neighbor of mine who wrote in the Times this morning.

“Truly heartbreaking but this is the new normal for the Caribbean and the US Gulf and Southeast coastal states. All of this was modeled by climate scientists based on hard data and science. It is truly horrifying that so many in our government reject science for beliefs based on their personal and friends’ economic agendas. That is, based on nothing at all. It is sad that so many trust these cretins who have no idea what they’re talking about. It would fine if they were just those big mouths in the corner bar but these guys actually formulate public policy. Our nation’s power and economy were built on the foundations of real science. It will be our nation’s downfall to reject science.”

We really do need Al Gore!

Sharon K, I just installed Zello. Thanks

TAMPA, September 6, 2017 – Following rigorous scientific wind testing on a full-scale, 1,400 square foot single-story home in its unique laboratory this summer, the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) has important new guidance for all homeowners preparing for major wind storms such as Hurricane Irma: close all interior doors, in addition to all windows and exterior doors.

High winds, such as those currently expected from Hurricane Irma, place homes under intense pressure. Wind entering the home through an open or broken window, can create strong upward pressure on the roof. Closing interior doors helps compartmentalize the pressure inside the home into smaller areas reducing the overall force on the roof structure, which gives the roof a better chance of staying intact.

For those here that may be interested, just received this email – guided online meditation on 9/09 at 9am – sending love to help release Irma’s energy. Hope this link works.


Anita, I later found out that you do need internet service or 2G Lite to work Zello, so it may not be so accessible in a storm. It’s good, though, if there is cell service interruption but internet service is available. Oh well, it sounded good but I guess it was too good to be true! Are you in the path of any of the storm path or were you in the Houston area? Forgive me if you’ve already said so as I have forgotten.

I am just distraught over what’s going to happen to FL, my home of almost 30 years (S. FL) and I’m worried about my relatives and friends who aren’t evacuating (but talked one set at least into coming up with a better, more protective plan)!

Trumps St martin property likely flattened; maralargo evacuated.

Sharon K, thanks for the info in Zello (interesting app) . No I’m not in any of the hurricane paths.


It is so gripping, reading about hurricane Irma and watching videos on the coming wind & water. I note that the blog has gone very quiet. Not much to say I guess. It is fascinating, horrifying and shocking, though it hasn’t even all happened yet.

Hoping and praying that people in FL, GA and the islands prior to them it will be ok. Texas was already bad enough. But seeing videos about the huge amount of real estate development in areas that are swampland or shorelines barely a few feet above the waterline in normal times makes one think that common sense and caution were ignored by governments, authorities, contractors and insurance companies for the sake of profits. Never mind the controversy over global warming in the political arena vs. scientists. Climate doesn’t care. In human nature vs. Mother Nature, guess who always wins!

Anyway, I’ve looked at various charts and came up empty – nothing really convinces me that astrology has any predictive value for such massive events. Nothing obvious indicates natural disasters. The eclipse is about the only thing with a tradition as an indicator, and even then (assuming you buy the premise behind eclipses) it can be a political or man-made disaster, rather than a natural one.

So, I’d say astrology is not a good tool for this kind of thing. Hurricanes affect too many lives at once. It seems astrology works best through the window of a human life or a few (when the astrologer has the skill and insight, together with accurate times). There is no birth time for a hurricane!

I value all the comments that have been made by Nancy, Barbk and others, but it still seems to me that you could not bet in advance on any of it when it comes to nature. Only looking backward seems to give some insight via astrology and even that is a scramble for disasters like hurricanes, floods, earthquakes etc. as opposed to man-made ones (like BP, for example). If any of you feel otherwise, I would be interested to learn what you have to say and what you think the key indicators would be.


Well, there you go Beowulfie, “nothing obvious indicates natural disasters”, key word being obvious.

Yet, many who study the astrology of these kinds of natural events over a long period of time know what to look for. You have to know your symbolism, and I agree with you in that specific communities and hours of the day aren’t easily ascertained with astrology charts . . .

unless you are willing to devote an enormous amount of time in studying, usually examining a number of charts. For example Nancy uses the Inauguration chart as well as personal charts and transits and progressions to come up with quite accurate dates for her predictions. Why else would we be here?

I’ve found any number of indicators of nature’s unpredictable and violent expression just from the August 21 eclipse chart alone. Add to that specific charts of places and charts for active cycles and then utilize the 6th sense one relies on to come up with predictions and its amazing just how clear the ancient art of astrology can be.

Personally, I’ve been pointing out indicators of violent natural events such as hard aspects involving Ceres, Typhon, Sedna, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, Chiron for weeks and weeks. The study of astrology is not for slackers. Like learning to play the violin, astrology takes years and years to grasp the rhythm and flow of the art to where it pleases the ears of others.

David, I think Al Gore will be getting his message out a lot in the coming months. Looking at his chart with its Uranus at 22+ Gemini (opposite U.S. Mars, square U.S. Neptune and conjunct Trump’s Sun) and seeing how transiting Saturn will be exactly opposite Gore’s natal Uranus by the end of September, he should be quite influential.

Al Gore’s natal Jupiter at 28+ Sagittarius not only is conjunct the Galactic Center, it is trine the August 21 total solar eclipse at 28+ Leo and the transiting Uranus at 28+ Aries.

Also, his natal Ceres (mother earth) in Taurus is conjunct the U.S. natal Vesta (what we invest in and focus on) and that combination (Vesta and Ceres being sisters) will be blessed by a trine from transiting Pluto in Capricorn most of 2018.

For every season there is a reason.

Barb, my husband has those same aspects….I hope he also continues to get his message out!

Barb, I always read your posts. I’m wondering since the solar eclipse path began near Portland, Oregon, might there be potential for a massive earthquake on or near the path (Seattle? Portland) in the next few months. It’s just as scary for us as I imagine a cat 5 hurricane is to the east coast.

New post up:


oops . .Gore’s Uranus is conjunct U.S. Mars, etc., not opposite it. Guess I was up too late when I wrote that. Thanks Sharon and good luck to your husband too!

Personally, fatigue has set in with me, regarding the assault from Mother Nature, the media coverage, following the fatigue from Trump madness by the media coverage . . .

Is it just an age-related thing or is everyone not-in-the-path-of-Irma, or those who were hit by Harvey, or by Sandy for that matter; are we all in fatigue mode? Surely it’s not just me. I’m going to blame it on the eclipse (opposite U.S. Moon)

I live in Kentucky for Pete’s sake and the last couple of days I’ve absent-mindedly wondered if even I should go out to the grocery and stock up on bottled water, etc. It’s really getting to me. Stress.

Yet I can’t NOT LOOK. My heart breaks for these poor people who have lost so much or fear they will in the coming days. There is only so much the human psyche/body/mind can take and I suppose that’s the purpose behind all this disaster. Breaking down the resistance to feeling. Feelings of separation; yeah that’s it, the Neptune effect.

It’s Neptune being stoked up by the solar eclipse. Neptune trine the U.S. Sun. Saturn square U.S. Neptune.

Of course, why couldn’t I see that. Like everyone else who maintains a sense of individuality, I’ve developed a resistance to the madness that has surrounded us all for so long now. Neptune has a leveling effect and wears down that resistance to being aware that we are all one. We have to feel it, not just think it.

Or maybe it’s just me.