13th Aug, 2017

Thug in Chief

Something different was in the air in the past week. As Donald Trump promised to rain down “fire and fury” on North Korea, “the likes of which we have never seen,” he seemed to connect with something deeper and even more dangerous than the unstable and angry buffoon we have experienced since the election. His recent vicious, irritable, vengeful persona was replaced by a megalomaniacal grandiosity that left the sane and the responsible amongst us literally shuddering. In proclaiming himself ready to take on, and perhaps take out, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, Donald Trump once again, in his own mind at least, become the great Rescuer, the one man strong enough and courageous enough to destroy this dangerous scourge on mankind.

The Rescuer is, of course, the third corner of the Victim/Persecutor/Rescuer triangle that Donald Trump used with such great effect during his rise to the presidency. Also known as the Karpman Triangle, this comprehensive description of pathological interpersonal relationships helps us to better understand the enormous pull Trump has on his followers and how he manipulates others.

According to Stephen Karpman,those who participate in this form of dysfunction shift from one corner of the triangle to another, as each of the three roles feeds into the other two in a never-ending negative feedback loop. During the presidential campaign, for example, we often heard Rescuer Trump fanning the flames of his followers’ Victimhood while presenting himself as so rich and so powerful that he could literally save them from their misery.  At other times, both during and since the campaign, Trump has joined with his supporters’ sense of grievance as he proclaims his own suffering and victimization, when, for example, he is treated “so unfairly” by the courts or his political opposition  or when the “fake news” always lies about him.  And finally, he is never far from the righteous rage that justifies the Persecutor mentality, in other words, Trump’s extraordinary viciousness and nastiness against all who oppose him or even mildly disagree with him.  Indeed, this is the pattern of all bullies who rationalize their aggression by some form of mistreatment that they perceive has been unfairly perpetrated upon them.

In the past week, Trump seamlessly and with considerable relish stepped into his Rescuer role once again. The extraordinary and powerful Trump, Commander-in-Chief of the greatest military on Earth, was promising to rid us of the Evil Dictator who has bedeviled and threatened the world for decades. Never mind that Kim Jong Un has done nothing other than bluster for years. And never mind the dire consequences of what an actual war on Kim would mean, including the untold number of potential casualties and widespread harm. The one compelling factor is that the narcissistic Trump loves his Rescuer role and the personal grandiosity that it feeds, and that his followers adore that side of him. Meanwhile, an unstable and power-hungry Thug-in-chief is getting a dangerously addictive taste of the almost limitless power at his disposal, and he has chosen an enemy that no one would mourn if he were gone.  What could possibly go wrong.


The astrological indicators of the coming two months are exceptionally troubling. Whether we will reach an armed confrontation or whether we will merely get to the very scary brink is not clear. But there is certainly danger if cooler heads do not prevail. The North Korean chart is drawn for September 10, 1948, in Pyongyang. Both midnight and noon are given as potential birth times. Using either chart, the composite chart drawn with the US chart gives as the Sun at 15 Leo conjunct North Korea’s Pluto (15Leo33), and transited by Mars over the past few days as tensions built. Moreover, composite Saturn is 21Virgo51 and composite Node is 21Gemini24, both experiencing the protracted Saturn station that is also sitting on President Trump’s Moon (21Sagittarius12) and opposite the US Mars (21Gemini23). The Saturn transit bespeaks of enormous and mostly unresolved tension between the two countries through September.

In Kim’s chart, using January 8, 1983, Pyongyang, we find the progressed Sun conjunct natal Mars (22Aquarius35), waxing through mid-October, using the generic noon birth time. This speaks of a very aggressive and martial stance by the North Korean leader at this time. It will be strongly triggered by transiting Mars (22Leo) from August 23 to 24, and by transiting Jupiter (22Libra) from August 29 to September 4. Moreover, there is a several month Pluto station on Kim’s Sun (17Capricorn15) from early July through early November 2017. This describes a very overwhelming, survival-threatening power struggle in which he finds himself. Combined with the Sun/Mars progression, this could be construed to suggest war. One way or another, by the time the Pluto transit is done, the situation for Kim will be significantly altered.

One further indicator for North Korea is the position of natal Saturn (28Leo50) which is almost exactly conjunct the coming solar eclipse (28Leo53), and which will be strongly triggered by Mars and Mercury from August 31 to September 8. More than any other time, it is this period that seems the most dangerous. It is preceded by two transits of Mars that could well unleash significant violence if unconstrained: transiting Mars crossing Donald Trump’s Mars (26Leo47), currently conjunct solar arc Uranus and his location chart Ascendant in Washington, DC, from August 29 to August 31; and transiting Mars crossing the composite US/North Korean Mars (27Leo41) from August 31 to September 1. The last few days in August are clearly marked for having some very significant and angry drama involving Donald Trump. Whether we will be seeing a war with North Korea or some other dramatic event (a lethal mega storm, the precipitous firing of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, or maybe a new level of Trump’s unhinged rage), it seems likely the last few days in August will in some way unleash the power of the eclipse in early September.


Wow, thanks so much Nancy, this article just took my breath! I will be concentrating on peace and serenity and hoping for the best.

A comment from the NYT’s On Trump:

“I am weary of his talk. I am sickened by his tweets. His belligerance is dangerous, and beyond recognition for a human being, or President. When will Congress stand up and unite against the most inept President of our modern history? At the first or last nuclear strike against the United States of America and our allies? When will the media disavow any coverage of this man-child? Our future is now, not later. Look at his American “carnage” in Virginia today. His words expand our nation’s darkest voids. His delusions and paranoia feed all of them, every hour, and every day.”


re: 2020

Al Gore might run 2020 – could be!

2021 Solar Arc Sun 23 Gemini
Natal Uranus 22 Gemini ( Gore )



continued – 2021 Inauguration Chart

South Node 19 Sagittarius – Inauguration


Natal Vertex 19 Sagittarius – Gore

With the Saturn station hitting the Trump/Bannon composite chart, I predicted long ago trouble between them this summer. Now it is coming out.


It’s difficult to keep heart during this time in history. Thank You, Nancy for keeping us updated for I can’t imagine any of this being easy to see or even write about.

Ja, the NYT’s comment was beautifully done.

Today, NPR has story from different time and place. Yet, it seems a warning from the past (as so much history is).


Starlight, thank you so much for the newest entry! I’ll breathe easier (I hope) when this period has passed!

Considering the tragedy yesterday in VA, as well as the previous riots by Nazis, et.al., in SF and SD, could an even larger Nazi event be encompassed by your warning for Aug/Sept — especially if it’s either overtly or covertly given the nod by Trump?

I’m getting the intuitive feeling this situation is coming to a head, one way or another. Trump’s response was too milk-toast, since he knows the Nazis represent his only solid base (when I say Nazis, I mean all the white supremecy groups).

There is an event planned for Sept 11 in Austin TX that hopes to be larger than the one in VA. Kessler say yesterday he plans on organizing more in the coming days in the VA area. Something has to give; the tension is too taut now between the overwhelming majority FOR Diversity, and those (militia-type) groups who see Genocide as a valid political tactic.

Awesome article. Anyone who thinks trump can shift gears and get out of the triangle his base and his personality have locked him in (not to mention bannon and miller and gorka) is crazy. He is a rat in a maze. Actually just a rat!

alex, even so, Warren’s planetary placements alone, without house info, provides much for the imagination. And Gore with Warren is a feast for the creative mind. There was a reason, which I’ve forgotten (hopefully temporarily) for why I thought Warren would be more open to the VP position. I’ll post here if it comes back around.

Nancy, Trump is indeed a textbook case for the Karpman Triangle which, after reading about it from your link, sounds easy to fall into.

I’d hoped September would bring about a quiet spell and the September 6 Pisces Full Moon at 13+ degrees does trine the U.S. Sun but more importantly, it is quincunx the U.S. Saturn.

When the Full Moon chart’s Pallas (the strategist) at 14+ Taurus (which sextiles the Full Moon and who is also quincunx U.S. Saturn) is added in, a Yod is born and puts U.S. Saturn in the position needing to adjust. Saturn is the Establishment.

For years now the U.S. natal chart’s Sun-square-Saturn has been under siege. This time though the greater pressure falls on U.S. Saturn.

Or does it? This is a case of a double Yod chart, since the Full Moon chart’s Venus at 13+ Leo sextiles U.S. Saturn in Libra and their dual quincunxes (aka a Yod) to the Full Moon herself in Pisces puts the onus back on the Full Moon to “adjust”. Full Moon being opposite Sun in Virgo transforms the Yod into a Boomerang. What is this leading to?

Full Moon at 13+ Pisces is conjunct trans. Neptune at 12+ Pisces retrograde who in turn squares the U.S. ascendant at 12+ Sagittarius, as does the transiting Sun in Virgo. This chart tightly aspects the U.S. Sun, Saturn and its ascendant (and descendant). . . . and more. U.S. Moon and Pluto.

The U.S. natal chart is also being influenced by transiting Chiron (27+ Pisces) who sextiles U.S. Pluto (27+ Capricorn) both of whom are quincunx the full moon chart’s Mercury in Leo (which is conjunct the degree of the total eclipse this month and opposite U.S. Moon). Is that Trump being forced to “adjust”? Is he dumping it all on the U.S Moon (the People)?

Not to overlook the importance of this September Full Moon’s influential Uranus at 28+ Aries retrograde; he who sextiles U.S. natal Moon (the People) but squares the U.S. Pluto (power). Yet another lunation to untangle with many moving parts all dependent on which way the wind blows.

We might also want to consider the pros and cons of a grand earth trine between Pluto in Capricorn, Sun in Virgo and Pallas in Taurus. It could serve for some stability because they all make more-or-less cooperative aspects to Moon in unstable Pisces – conjunct elusive and uncommitted Neptune.

This is a grand trine dealing in material world stuff. I’ll trade you this for that kind of stuff. The waffling Pisces Moon-conjunct-Neptune could be swayed and she’s one of the points in one of the yods that needs to adjust. The one that turns into a Boomerang where all the energy of the Yod winds up in the lap of the Virgo Sun that squares the U.S Ascendant (and Descendant).

Lest we forget, transiting (nonflexible) Saturn in Sagittarius will still be opposite the U.S Mars in Gemini. Yet, transiting Jupiter in Libra trines the U.S. Mars while sextile trans. Saturn. Who can we trust?

Well, you might not believe or like this but the transiting Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Libra sextile in the September Full Moon chart forms a Yod to Mitch McConnell’s Saturn in Taurus which is conjunct the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of 2000, the start of the cycle that’s coming to a close.

Mitch’s Saturn has been under the influence of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle for 17 years now and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction’s square to Uranus is part of that influence. Could it possibly mean that the world’s future hangs in the balance of MM’s hands? Personally I doubt it but I also don’t rule it out.

Excellent writing, Nancy as always. Kudos!

I have a friend who is ex-military intelligence, recently retired. Oddly enough, my friend is extremely astute in matters of military strategy and the way Asian dictatorships work, but extraordinarily naïve in analyzing the workings of American political nuance.

He believes Kim has backed himself into a corner rhetorically with his people, his staff and the world at large. He believes that in order to “save face” Kim must attack the US or one or more of its allies.

BUT…Kim is also constrained by the 1961 treaty with China in which China will function as an intervening military ally if N. Korea is attacked, but will be “hands off” if N. Korea acts as the aggressor, as in launching missiles toward Guam.

If Kim attacks the US, S. Korea, or Japan he is on his own, therefore quite likely a “dead man walking.” If he doesn’t attack, his staff, sensing weakness may well institute his assassination and a coup. Either way, my friend believes through his own narcissism, immaturity and egomania, Kim has stumbled precipitously.

I am therefore struck by your statements:

“This describes a very overwhelming, survival-threatening power struggle in which he finds himself. Combined with the Sun/Mars progression, this could be construed to suggest war. One way or another, by the time the Pluto transit is done, the situation for Kim will be significantly altered.”

Could my friend be correct in his assessment? Could the transits, etc. also be construed as a coup, perhaps smiled upon by the present Chinese hierarchy?

Dear Nancy, Absolutely Brilliant!
Thank You So Much!
Here’s info on man who took the of life the young woman:

patty, interesting link. I see the man’s mother is a paraplegic in a wheelchair. I wonder why, and further, I wonder how people are shaped by events in their life – thus if her disability had any effect on him during his formative years?

usa’s time of trouble and strife

Excellent post Nancy, as always. What makes me nervous is that Trump is installing so many military men in high places. A precursor to martial law, perhaps? For our own “protection”, of course.


I thought it was really interesting that pictures posted online led to the identification of one of the assault perpetrators in Charlottesville yesterday (not the guy with the red beard yet though)!


I thought it was really interesting that pictures posted online led to the identification of one of the assault perpetrators in Charlottesville yesterday (not the guy with the red beard yet though)!

My speculative charts for the Charlottesville murderer. Birth place ? His mother said he grew up in Florence, KY.

More aspects than I have annotated.



Fantastic post, Nancy. Thanks! Let’s hope, though, that our country isn’t even more irreparably damaged before Mr. Trump leaves the White House!

But even when he’s out of office, we’ll most likely have a Fundamentalist President in Mr. Pence, which will bring with it a whole new set of ethical and practical concerns.

From astrologer Ronnie Gayle Dryer on the coming eclipse:

“it is quite possible that this eclipse will also bring the revelation and truth of the present Russian inquiry. Concerning the August 21 Eclipse we see that the true North Node (Rahu) has already crossed the eclipse point on May 15 (in orb for about two weeks before and after that date) and since this was the date that fired FBI Director James Comey testified, and revealed things about his meeting with Trump that we did not know, it makes sense to think that when the eclipse occurs on August 21 is that this will be the climax of many of the secrets of the U.S.hacked election that we are trying to reveal. In the world this has much not only to do with Russia but with other governments who may also be embroiled in hacking.”

If Al Gore ran for president it makes sense to have E. Warren as VP. I’m in.

What a ticket! I believed he really won back in 2004(?)

Thank you, BarbK, for your detailed comments on Eliz. Warren at the end of the last post (previous thread)! There are so many possible candidates for 2020 and political events in the US are moving so fast that it is hard to imagine anything “normal” happening these days, never mind as far away as 2020. The past 6 months are already an eternity! How much more will happen before the next elections is beyond imagining after threats over N. Korea, the dreadful events in Virginia, among other scandals and the Mueller investigation. As Nancy said, what could possibly go wrong? I shudder to think.

Here’s an article in the Globe that sums up the Virginia crisis very well:


“Just when we thought the situation with North Korea was threatening to blow, all hell breaks loose in Charlottesville, Virginia, heightening the pre-eclipse drama in these United States and bumping NK right out of the headlines.”



Gabriel Yared – Music and Orchestration


7 October 1949
Beirut, Lebanon

Well, this morning it was announced that China has banned the buying of iron, lead, and coal from NK; and Annonymous has hacked a major white supremist web site (I think it’s called Daily Storm) shut it down in addition to sending allies to “visit” the administrator in Lagos, while GoDaddy who sponsors it kicked them off. Things are moving in the right direction. I hope China can rein in Kim Jong Un.

Gordon Gecko lives. I find it a sad commentary on our country that while things are falling apart in our society the stock market rages on – the wall streeters’ greed is in full on mode.The disconnect between Wall Street (that needs to be occupied again imo) and our actual culture/society/daily lives – is a significant marker of how bad trmp (the orange Voldemort) and his cronies (bannon, gorka, miller) are. In time we will experience a monster recession/depression.

btw Eliseo I am not sure that”saving face” is as much a driver of behavior in Korean culture as it is in Chinese and Japanese cultures.

Well Beowulfie, I agree, and yet that’s what we ask of astrology; we may not “know” the specifics of what will happen tomorrow but we know where the planets will be on any given day years from tomorrow. As the days and years go by, we will know what to watch for thanks to the symbolism of each planet and for events such as eclipses, symbolism that has been honed over centuries in some cases by astrologers like Nancy.

LG, me too.

Thanks Lamis; good catch re: Comey’s testimony and the North Node.

The next few days should be interesting. Crisis mode for WH and Trump, especially Wednesday through Friday (8/16 to 8/18), with the Moon and then Venus activating Saturn on his Moon. And then the Sun on Wednesday triggering the Mars/Saturn square in the Inaugural chart (currently activated by tertiary Sun and Saturn). Friday/Saturday (8/18- early 8/19) Trump has a major rage attack when the Sun crosses his Mars/solar arc Uranus. A small preview to when Mars hits that hot mess 8/29-31.

continued – Gabriel Yared


Cardinal Grand Cross (world stage)

Eris 06 Aries
Uranus 05 Cancer
Mercury 06 Libra
Vesta 01 Capricorn


Midpoint Venus-Mercury
Varuna 01 Taurus (01 Scorpio)

Are Steve Bannon’s White House Days Numbered?


CNN’s Brian Stelter says sources close to the White House and statements by current and former officials indicate that Steve Bannon could be the next high-profile departure from the Trump administration.

Source: CNN


Only problem is……………………………

Trump Firing Bannon Would Set Off Something Close To ‘Apocalypse Now’: Bannon Ally

Raw Story
April 14, 2017

President Donald Trump could face massive blowback if he were to decide to pull the trigger and fire senior White House adviser Steve Bannon, White House and Breitbart insiders are claiming.



The August 25th Saturn station (21 Sag) will be quincunxing Steve Bannon’s Uranus (22 Cancer). Sounds like the perfect time for a storm.

Many Thanks for your comment RE: “saving face” in Korean culture vs. Chinese and Japanese cultures. I’ll need to explore this further.

Dean W.,
You are absolutely correct about that “whole new set of ethical and practical concerns.” Pence is beyond fundamentalist, in that he is a “Dominionist.”

Dominionist “Christians” make fundamentalists seem liberal by comparison. Their goal is to replace the constitution with “biblical law.”

See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dominion_Theology

Eternal Hostility: The Struggle Between Theocracy and Democracy by Frederick Clarkson

My personal view is that Pence is at least as dangerous as DJT, albeit in different ways. My hope is the Russia investigations take him and other high level R’s down along with our orange leader, permanently damaging the R. Party beyond repair. Perhaps then, while Pluto moves into Aquarius, the Dems will split in two and we can again have reasonable debates.

The People Are Awake!
*President’s First Trump Tower Homecoming Met with Mass Protest*

Most Americans want universal healthcare. What are we waiting for? ~ Senator Bernie Sanders

The James Webb Space Telescope is a joint endeavour of Nasa, and the European and Canadian space agencies.

Its launch on a European Ariane rocket is currently scheduled for October 2018.


For many years the U.S. progressed Mercury was in retrograde motion and when it got close to the time for him to station direct he parked on one degree, 20+ Aquarius. We in the U.S. would have strongly “felt” the vibes of that stationing effect around 2013.

The actual station-to-direct pivot for that U.S. progressed Mercury took place this year, 2017 (or maybe late 2016) and U.S. progressed Mercury will remain at 20+ Aquarius through 2020 and into 2021. The end of 2020 is when the new cycle between trans. Jupiter and trans. Saturn will begin as the cycle between them that began in 2000 comes to an end.

When, in 2020, Jupiter and Saturn made their conjunction at 22+ Taurus, they were square trans. Uranus at 20+ Aquarius, the same degree where the U.S. progressed Mercury would be stationing direct about 17 years later.

Fast forward to now when trans. Jupiter and trans. Saturn are preparing to make their last exact sextile in that 17 year old cycle which only has 3 more years to go.

When they do make that exact sextile on August 27th, Saturn will be at 21 Sagittarius 11 and Jupiter will be at 21 Libra 11 and they will both be quincunx the degree where they met to begin their present cycle, 22 Taurus. 43. Yes, it’s a Yod.

As trans. Jupiter and Saturn get closer and closer to their exact sextile the vibrations of that original conjunction between them in 2000 gets stronger and stronger. Particularly sensitive to that cycle’s vibrations is the U.S. progressed Mercury in Aquarius, the degree where the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s Uranus sat in square to Jupiter and Saturn.

Jupiter and Saturn cycles apply to all nations and their governments and cultures, but the astrology of this present cycle has had a tremendous effect on the USA. The Moon at the time of the 2020 cycle start was at 3+ Aries and square the U.S. natal Venus at 3+ Cancer, looking like a challenge to the U.S values on the emotional level.

In that Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart Neptune was at 6+ Aquarius and conjunct the U.S. natal South Node at 6+ Aquarius. A guest on Rachel Maddow’s show tonight, Carol Anderson likened the white supremacy movement to a drug addiction.

If the South Node symbolizes a mode of operation which no longer serves a purpose, such as the belief that the white race is a superior race, and Neptune can symbolize drug addiction then Carol Anderson has clued us in on what’s happening now hasn’t she?

Aquarius can be about the Betterment of Man, about groups and about networks and inventions. Mercury can be about teaching and communication through various means, and Uranus can be about high tech stuff like smart cell phones. Can we see a connection?

The Jupiter-Saturn cycle with its square from Uranus is awakening our minds (progressed U.S. Mercury) to what ails our society (Jupiter-Saturn) through the use of technology (Uranus) as demonstrated between groups (Aquarius) with differing values (U.S. Venus in Cancer) expressed in terms of uncontrolled emotions (Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s Moon in Aries/rage square U.S Venus).

Transiting Neptune, while recently stimulating the U.S. natal square between Sun and Saturn, has softened or blurred or diffused or confused the challenges between what the Sun in Cancer represents and what the Saturn in Libra represents. That’s a good thing as it turns out.

In the meantime, the Neptune in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle has been dissolving the U.S. South Node’s cherished attitudes regarding race until just the remnants of its bitterness remains and fights for life.

What about Pluto you might wonder, where was Pluto when Saturn and Jupiter met in May,2000? Pluto was at 11+ Sagittarius then and about to exact a conjunction with the U.S. natal chart’s ascendant at 12+ Sagittarius (recall 9/11). He was opposite the Sun at 7+ Gemini who was one degree away from an exact conjunction to the U.S. natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini. That would be a consciousness (Sun) raising the likes of which we would never forget.

This Jupiter-Saturn 20 year cycle then would seem to have designated the U.S. for an all-out transformation procedure. Out with the old and in with the new. We may be a young country by European standards but this accelerated growth spurt of the past 17 years, and what looks to be another 3 years to mop up the messes we have made, will have a maturing effect, if it doesn’t kill us all in the process.

As a new Saturn-Jupiter cycle begins and the U.S. progressed Mercury moves ahead we will have completed a crash course in growing up. Yes, there will still be challenges in the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle, Pluto will oppose and Mars will square the U.S natal Mercury, but compared to what the previous 20 year cycle will have wrought, the U.S. will thrive and maybe even rest on a few laurels.

Correction: 3rd paragraph should read “When in 2000 (not 2020) . .

Again, in the 7th paragraph it should read “The Moon at the 2000 cycle start (NOT 2020) . . .

Also, Aquarius isn’t so much about networks, that would be Sagittarius.

Temporary reprieve in the US-North Korean stand-off, however the situation could re-ignite in early September when tr. Mars and stationary Mercury conjunct and activate the August 21st solar eclipse degree…….

North Korean Ruler Stands Down On Threat To Guam

Los Angeles Times
August 15, 2017

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, pictured April 15, 2017, could change his mind “if the Yankees persist in their extremely dangerous reckless actions,” the North Korean statement said.
North Korea’s autocratic ruler has decided not to launch missiles toward Guam, Pyongyang’s state media reported Tuesday, easing the immediate threat of an attack on the U.S. territory in the western Pacific.

The North Korean statement said Kim Jong Un could change his mind “if the Yankees persist in their extremely dangerous reckless actions,” in which case the country’s artillerymen would “wring the windpipes of the Yankees and point daggers at their necks.”

The announcement appeared shortly after Defense Secretary James N. Mattis warned that an attack could quickly escalate to war, although it’s unclear if the developments were linked.

“If they fire at the United States it could escalate into war very quickly,” Mattis told reporters at the Pentagon. “That’s called war, if they shoot at us … You don’t shoot at people in this world unless you want to bear the consequences.”



Eliseo – I see what you’re saying about Mr. Pence. Also, I learned a new word today, ‘Dominionist’ – thanks!

Shudder to think. Is this the inception of a second civil war in the making?

After Violence In Charlottesville, Cities Rush To Take Down Monuments As White Supremacists Gear Up To Fight

Los Angeles Times
August 14, 2017


Protesters In North Carolina Topple Confederate Statue Following Charlottesville Violence

Washington Post
August 14, 2017


Right behind our backs: “Dismantling EPA in secret for the same reason the GOP Health Care Bill was secret”:

“I’m not a Member of any Organized Political Party…
I’m a Democrat” -Will Rogers

Oh my gosh, I’d forgotten that the U.S. natal Pholus, a centaur, was exactly conjunct the U.S. natal South Node, both at 6+ Aquarius, which is where Neptune was at the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.

In myth Pholus served up the sacred wine to Heracles (Hercules) and the scent of the wine aroused the other centaurs into a rage because it was meant for only the centaurs to drink. A terrible battle ensued and most of the centaurs were killed by Heracles. Wherever this centaur is found in a chart is where there could be something that start small but become major event and ends up with much suffering.

In the U.S. natal chart Pholus is conjunct the U.S. South Node (to be given up or given away) and Neptune (wine?) in the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle conjuncts them both. Now that cycle is being activated by the sextile between trans. Jupiter and Saturn.

In doing so I believe the combination of U.S. South Node and the U.S. Pholus and the Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s Neptune is a reenactment of the story of Nessus/forbidden wine in last weekend’s Charlottesville riot over the removal of Confederate statues.

RE: “Shudder to think. Is this the inception of a second civil war in the making?”

I don’t think so. IMHO we may have some serious civil unrest accompanied by sporadic violence, but probably no organized civil war.

Although HRC was obviously far more qualified and a far more worthy candidate than DJT in our 2016 election, as we all know she was nevertheless intensely, mercilessly and unfairly demonized and vilified over the decades. – So much so that I believe had the electoral college voted for her we might well be in real civil war today.

Such is the madness of many who hate and fear her. Southerners similarly overreacted in 1860-61 when Lincoln was elected. As absurdly horrible a president as is DJT, oddly enough I think his election likely afforded us a dodge of that civil war bullet, at least for now.

I think the real test will be when DJT & company go down, for various crimes, and possibly treason. Depending on how it plays out, the real question will be how DJT’s supporters react. Violence or acceptance?

Hopefully, by that time his base will have shrunk considerably. If the case is laid out properly, and the base is sufficiently smaller, I think it probable that very small minority, i.e. Nazis, Neo-Confederates, etc. may be the only or at least primary sources of violence, a criminal and law enforcement matter as opposed to any full fledged civil war.

Just my opinions on the basis of my reasoning, observation, and intuition.

Meanwhile, those statues are coming down, denoting a major shift in consciousness which began in S. Carolina when Dylan Roof murdered his victims in church. I find that significant in that S. Carolina was the first state to secede in 1860, and now the locale where this consciousness change has begun to roll.


The late August Saturn station opposite US Mars could indicate unmitigated anger exploding on to the American streets. There seems to be a pent-up grass-roots frustration out there stemming from the feeling that the white middle class were excluded during the 8 years of the Obama administration. This has been brewing for a long time.

Take a look at this 22 minute Vice documentary……

Watch the ‘VICE News Tonight’ Episode ‘Charlottesville: Race and Terror’

On Saturday hundreds of white nationalists, alt-righters, and neo-Nazis traveled to Charlottesville, Virginia, to participate in the “Unite the Right” rally. By Saturday evening three people were dead—one protester and two police officers—and many more injured.

VICE News Tonight correspondent Elle Reeve went behind the scenes with white nationalist leaders, including Christopher Cantwell, Robert Ray, David Duke, and Matthew Heimbach—as well as counter-protesters. VICE News Tonight also spoke with residents of Charlottesville, members of the Black Lives Matter movement, and the Charlottesville Police.


As a white person from New Hampshire/Massachusetss, and not a history buff, I have only a very hazy memory of Civil War history. So I thought this piece by Josh Marshall on the statues of Robert E. Lee et al was very interesting context.

“Lee is known for one thing: being the key military leader in a violent rebellion against the United States and leading that rebellion to protect slavery… All of these statues date not from the Civil War Era but from the decades of the establishment of Jim Crow, to celebrate the South’s ability to establish an apartheid system on the ruins of the Antebellum slave South. A statue of Lee in uniform, mounted on a horse in a southern town square has only ever had one meaning: white supremacy.”


Jerry, regarding the temporary reprieve by Kim Jung Un, methinks it has something to do with China’s announcement yesterday to ban exports from NK of iron, lead and coal….don’t you?


re: if memory serves

N. Korea does 85% of it trading/getting what it needs from China

I had chills listening to Trump this afternoon. I can only hope that this is the beginning of the end

Eliseo your comment, “Meanwhile, those statues are coming down, denoting a major shift in consciousness which began in S. Carolina when Dylan Roof murdered his victims in church. I find that significant in that S. Carolina was the first state to secede in 1860, and now the locale where this consciousness change has begun to roll.”, is right on.

Attorney Carl Bernstein is reporting on twitter and CNN that

— “Important Republicans/conservs/Intel-military hi-ups increasingly saying in private that @realDonaldTrump is unfit to be president.”

Trump apparently just tweeted: Next thing you know they’ll start taking down the statues of George Washington….

What an A-hole. There is absolutely no comparison.

Alex, China has Jung Un (youngin’?) by the cajones.

“President Trump shared on Twitter a cartoon on Tuesday morning of a train running over a person with a CNN logo covering the person’s head, three days after a fatal collision in Charlottesville, Va. Mr. Trump deleted his retweet minutes later”.

North Korea’s Sun is @17:10 Virgo (Sept.10,1948) which is conj the Oct. 9,1965 Uranus/Pluto conj @ 17:10 Virgo.

Could this conj manifest in any way considering that a country’s Sun represents its leader?

Just threw this into the mix because we could be looking at crunch time and I’ve seen astrologers still referencing to the 60’s conjunction when discussing current events.



I can’t recall where I read it, but it has been reported in the media that North Korea tends to carry out its threats, in retaliation for what it considers extremely provocative joint US/South Korean military exercises; sometimes a week to ten days after the exercises have concluded.

Last years annual US/South Korean Ulchi-Freedom Guardian military exercises from Aug. 22 through Sept. 2, 2016 was swiftly followed by an equally provocative North Korean September 5th missile test and September 9th nuclear detonation. This years annual US/South Korean Ulchi-Freedom Guardian military exercises from Aug. 21 through Aug. 31st is especially intense as the following article explains……

The Upcoming US-South Korea Military Drills Occur Every Year—But Not Amid Tension Like This

August 15, 2017

The upcoming military exercises by the US and South Korea occur every year. What doesn’t: a fiery war of words between North Korea and the US president just ahead of the drills.

Pyongyang has long viewed the “Ulchi-Freedom Guardian” exercises, slated for Aug. 21-31 this year, as preparation for war, not merely for the defense of South Korea as billed. But this year the drills are being preceded by a number of threats and developments unique to 2017, including North Korea testing an intercontinental ballistic missile that can reach the continental US.

As Quartz has written, with tensions high on the Korean Peninsula, a small military incident could rapidly escalate into a full-blown war. Should Pyongyang feel that a “decapitation strike” is imminent, it might choose to move first, Euan Graham, a security analyst with the Lowy Institute for International Policy in Sydney, has said.

Late last week Donald Trump tweeted that “military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded, should North Korea act unwisely.” It’s unclear to what degree the upcoming drills factored into his thinking, but they’ll certainly be on minds in Pyongyang, along with words like “now fully in place.”



Two points: neither my husband nor I are black, Jewish or American, but we both were in tears watching the video footage, shown on CNN, of the white supremacists marching & shouting slurs & threats. So appalling that a ‘civilised’ society should come to this, cheered on by the President.

2nd point: Australian news is running headlines that Trumps’ bid to build a casino in Sydney in the 1980s was blocked because of suspected mob ties.


I guess he has started his rage …

“The next few days should be interesting. Crisis mode for WH and Trump, especially Wednesday through Friday (8/16 to 8/18), with the Moon and then Venus activating Saturn on his Moon. And then the Sun on Wednesday triggering the Mars/Saturn square in the Inaugural chart (currently activated by tertiary Sun and Saturn). Friday/Saturday (8/18- early 8/19) Trump has a major rage attack when the Sun crosses his Mars/solar arc Uranus. A small preview to when Mars hits that hot mess 8/29-31.

Good catch Izzy, that 1st of 3 conjunctions between Uranus and Pluto no doubt would explain why much of what is happening now is happening now. Not only does N. Korea’s astrology activate the Uranus-Pluto cycle through it’s Sun position, transiting Pluto is conjunct N.K’s Sun too.

To top it all off, next Monday’s total solar eclipse will conjunct N.K.’s natal Saturn at 28+ Leo.

There is also N.K’s natal Jupiter (20+ Sagittarius) being impacted by the transiting Saturn station-direct (21+ Sagittarius) which also squares the N.K. Sun (and the Uranus-Pluto conjunctions) in Virgo.

Thus transiting Saturn has symbolically acted to constrain the N.K. Jupiter, while the square between transiting Pluto and transiting Jupiter expressing its energy through the N.K. Sun (conjunct trans. Pluto) further exacerbates the tension and frustration.

All 3 conjunctions between Pluto and Uranus in the ’65-’66 time period were sextile trans. Neptune in Scorpio suggesting an evolutionary purpose to the cycle.

Having just completed 7 squares to each other in the last few years (2012-15) trans. Pluto and Uranus, who were in Capricorn and Aries, would have opened up the N.K. consciousness by being located in the empty half of N.K.s natal chart. That is, all the country’s major planets are on one side of it’s birth chart and transiting Pluto and Uranus were on the opposite side.

This has been N.K.’s way of “expanding itself” beyond the natal confines. With a natal Mercury-Neptune conjunction in Libra directly opposed to transiting Uranus (June 2012-April 2014) and squared by transiting Pluto (Jan. 2012-Feb.2014), N. Korea must have held illusions (natal Neptune) of making a Statement (natal Mercury) about being Equal (Libra).

Now reality (trans. Saturn conjunct natal Jupiter) and exposed flaws in the plan (trans. Pluto conjunct natal Sun) have altered the illusion substantially. The Eclipse will also hold unforetold deterrents to N.K’s grandiose plans I’m hoping.

I no longer have a good running astrology program, therefore I’m only guessing there is karmic resonance between December 20, 1860 when S. Carolina seceded, (the first state to do so) and June 17, 2015, when Dylann Roof murdered his victims at the AME church.

The Dylann Roof murders were the spark that ignited the realization among many Southerners (like Gov. Nikki Haley) that it was time to take down the Confederate battle flag and other symbols (statues, etc.) of the old Confederacy, i.e. Southernern apartheid.

As a curious, White, Texas child in the late 50’s, and upon seeing them for the first time, I remember wondering why we had statues of men clearly guilty of treason. It bothered me enough to ask adults, who had no clue, and to research the matter. My very amateurish historical research was part of the reason I was involved in the civil rights movement when I was in Jr. High and High School.

It seems the US may finally be moving into Pluto’s second stage (of 4) per Rick DiClemente.


Had to go find this comment mid-thread from Starlight:

“The next few days should be interesting. Crisis mode for WH and Trump, especially Wednesday through Friday (8/16 to 8/18), with the Moon and then Venus activating Saturn on his Moon. And then the Sun on Wednesday triggering the Mars/Saturn square in the Inaugural chart (currently activated by tertiary Sun and Saturn). Friday/Saturday (8/18- early 8/19) Trump has a major rage attack when the Sun crosses his Mars/solar arc Uranus. A small preview to when Mars hits that hot mess 8/29-31.”

It’s only Tuesday. Do you see the video of his anger today when answering questions? What in the world is coming in the next few days?

For a few moments today, I thought he looked like he might just walk away from everything. Like it was tempting. We could only hope.

I thought he was going to tell the press to F*#* off. He is SO blind and SO needy and feels SO misunderstood. He is ready to blow. Yeah, and this is just Tuesday. Frightening!

Rachel mentioned this last night:
“Trump’s Business of Corruption”

The political fallout is still reverberating…..

A Trump Meltdown For The Ages

Aug 15, 2017

It was like watching a human Twitter feed.
A combative and unrestrained President Donald Trump opened his authentic political soul, in possibly the most memorable news conference in presidential history, that is certain to become a defining moment of his administration.

It was supposed to be a routine event at Trump Tower in New York to tout the President’s infrastructure plan.

But the session quickly veered off course into one of the most surreal political moments in years as Trump unloaded about the fallout from the weekend’s protests by “alt-right” activists, white supremacists and neo-Nazis in Virginia.
Gesticulating with his right hand, Trump blasted what he called the “alt-left,” protested that he had already condemned neo-Nazis and parroted far-right talking points on the Confederacy.

On the substance, it was a performance that quickly emboldened white nationalist groups and appeared certain to heighten racial tensions and fear in the country.

There’s no chance that Trump’s political team can finesse this one, or walk it back.



Although it is unlikely, our five former living presidents, Carter, Bush 1, Bill Clinton, Bush 2, and Obama should together issue a statement of opinion that DJT is unfit for the presidency.

Anderson Cooper’s segment on CNN, Aug 15, on Trump and Charlottesville is very well done:


“The last few days in August are clearly marked for having some very significant and angry drama involving Donald Trump. Whether we will be seeing a war with North Korea or some other dramatic event (a lethal mega storm, the precipitous firing of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, or maybe a new level of Trump’s unhinged rage), it seems likely the last few days in August will in some way unleash the power of the eclipse in early September.” Nancy, you couldn’t have been more prophetic.

Like this wonderful community of human beings, I too, am beyond appalled. This display of toxicity has repercussions that are going to play out in the days to come. My first thought went to children returning to school. Violence that may be unleashed by those unhinged. How will they act out? Attacks on more churches, mosques, people of color walking on the street? (The DOJ is implicit in this as well. Excellent coverage on NPR this morning.)

I keep wondering too if women (thank you, Barb for pointing out the strong women of myth) take the lead in making certain Trump (who is NOT my president) is forever shamed.

And, if any of you have words of wisdom to offer a granny (and grandpa grumpy) on what we might say or do for our grandchildren, we would be happy to hear it. What do you intend to tell your grandchildren?

Hi Beowulfie,

You probably were unaware, but the segment you posted was only one fourth of the full broadcast. If you want to give full justice to what was discussed you would have to watch the entire program. It’s an eye-opener. Especially poignant and heart-wrenching is black guest/ commentator Van Jones’ sharing his thoughts in the panel discussion. It starts at 18 min. 50 sec. into the video……..


Video 44 minutes 28 seconds


Karen F, I may be the lone ranger here but what this appears to be, to me, this “display of toxicity”, means that the healing process is working. Trump symbolizes (at least in part) what ails this country. Keeping the toxin inside the Body (the U.S.) can mean death; it must be released for the healing to begin.

If we look at the spectrum between male and female, yin and yang, hot and cold, love and hate, rich and poor, off and on, the world is about as polarized as it can get. These energies, male and female, are symbolized by masculine gods and feminine goddesses in myth and in astrology.

Violence and anger for the most part is considered a masculine trait, symbolized by a Mars gone ballistic. It would seem that an influx of feminine symbolism into the astrological picture acts as a balancing effect in the present out-of-control situation. So yes, you are right, women will take on much of the responsibility for this healing effort.

In the world this need for balance is represented in the U.S. by Trump, the epitome of out-of-control masculinity. The feminine principle, like the masculine principle, can be found in both men and women but it is in the individuals who express one end of the polarity or the other where we clearly see the lack of balance.

The rest of the world will be witnessing the drama unfold; the clearing of toxicity that has been building for centuries must happen for real healing to take place. It is not pretty and is quite scary to watch. It is the job of the U.S. natal Pluto Return nearing its exactitude to oversee this healing process which will culminate in early 2023, but it is a team effort. Courage, fortitude, love and prayer will see us through.

A Ukrainian hacker involved with the DNC hack turned himself in to the FBI. (Yay!) Linking NYT article below.


Could this be the something that will anger Grand Wizard tRump? …or something else Russia related?

This is the Republicans’ Munich Moment. They can either stand up and oust him or appease. For now, it looks like appeasement. I hope this meme gets around. Maybe it iwll push them to act.

As I have said, I am leaving town on Saturday 8/19, until Sunday 8/27. The tertiary Inaugural Moon will be conjunct tertiary Sun from 8/27 to 9/1, both semisquare Inaugural Mars and Inaugural Saturn. In other words, trouble for the administration as that Mars/Saturn square lights up. This comes during the Mars transit to Trump’s Mars 8/29 to 8/31. I will be back for most of all that.

But while I am away, the tr Moon will trigger Saturn conjunct Trump’s Moon, etc.: early AM on 8/23. Probably some vicious middle of the night tweets.

We will also see the Moon hitting Trump’s Saturn transit to Moon on August 30 for most of the morning. Another indication that those few days at the end of the month will be devastating and fury inducing for Trump.

Yesterday India celebrated its 70th anniversary of independence. An excellent film was just released depicting those events. It is entitled Viceroy’s House. It is freely available for viewing here……..

Viceroy’s House/ Synopsis

About the inside life of the Viceroy’s House in 1947 during the Partition of India.

The final Viceroy of India, Lord Mountbatten, has to oversee the transition of British India to independence but meets with conflict as the sides clash in the face of monumental changes; i.e., ultimately the division of India into separate Hindu and Muslim countries. Downstairs in the servants quarters, Mountbatten’s new manservant, Jeet falls for the daughter’s assistant, Alia and all manner of obstacles are put in their way.

Click on the following URL link for the live stream movie….


Appeasement indeed!
This is from Matt Latimer, former speechwriter for George W. Bush.

“In the hours that passed since the president’s remarks—in which he seemed to alternately take to task and defend the motives of “both sides” of last weekend’s march in Charlottesville— numerous outlets cited the ensuing bipartisan outrage. The suggestion is that Republicans, too, have taken the president to task.

No, they haven’t. Not most of them. The most prominent GOP officeholders in this country—many of whom I personally know to be good people—have made oblique criticisms of the president on social media or, more often than not, said nothing. That’s not true of everyone—Marco Rubio and Cory Gardner are standouts, for example—but it is depressingly true in general.

And as I’ve talked to many friends in the party, including influential, high-ranking ones, I realize that some of them don’t truly get why what the president has been saying demands condemnation. The president clearly doesn’t get it, either. General John Kelly, the White House chief of staff, obviously does. During Trump’s remarks, he looked like his favorite dog was just hit by the presidential limousine in front of Trump Tower as the president backed up, and ran over it again. Ivanka and Jared get it, too—they let it be known—except they were, sadly, on vacation this week. But the reaction has not been as widespread within the GOP as it should be. As it must be.”


WATCH: White House chief of staff John Kelly reacts to President Trump’s latest remarks on violence in Charlottesville, Virginia:

Dear Nancy, Thank you for all you have done to spark our imagination, enthusiasm and knowledge during this most interesting Astrological period of American History.
Hope your absence is for pleasure. And that you have a most relaxing and beautiful time away from it all.

Dominoes are falling faster…Russian hacker of DNC is now a witness for the FBI:


Astrology affords both foresight and hindsight; astrologers look at a future date and, because of aspects at that future time compared to another chart (be it an individual or an event or a location), will suggest certain possible outcomes at that future date. Then they can prepare non-astrologers for possible opportunities or challenges at that time.

After an event that catches astrologers and everyone else off guard, a look back at pertinent charts can reveal overlooked, or underestimated aspects that could have contributed to the unexpected event. This past week’s event and the volatile reactions of Trump to being chastised for failing to respond appropriately made me want to examine the August 7th lunar eclipse chart.

In that chart Mars only 4 degrees from the Sun in Leo was square Pallas in Taurus who was trine Mercury and Vesta in Virgo. But it was Jupiter in Libra square retrograde Pluto in Capricorn at this lunar Eclipse in Aquarius that set the scene for the world to see.

Starting on the day of the August 7 lunar eclipse and for the following 5 days there were 3 personal planets (Mars, Mercury, Venus) and 1 dwarf planet (Ceres) and 2 asteroids (Pallas and Vesta) that would be aspecting each other. They would also aspect a degree in Aquarius that all 3 of the outer planets, Pluto, Uranus and Neptune – at this time in their present signs – resonate with.

The 11+ degree of Aquarius was occupied in the 2nd ingress charts of the transiting outer planets Pluto, Uranus and Neptune when they entered the signs they are in now, a suggestion that all 3 outer planets shared some point of view or some agenda as they traveled through Capricorn (Pluto), Aries (Uranus) and Pisces (Neptune) simultaneously.

As transiting Mars and transiting Ceres and transiting Pallas and transiting Mercury and transiting Venus and transiting Vesta each aspected the occupants of the mutually held degree in the ingress charts for Pluto, Uranus and Neptune, all 3 outer planets acted in unison.

For Uranus it was the ingress chart’s Venus that would feel the aspects from those 6 transiting bodies, for Neptune it was Mercury that would reverberate to those same transits and for Pluto it would be the combination of the North Node and Nessus that would feel the insistence of Now from those 6 transiting bodies.

In each of the 3 ingress chart’s those bodies at 11+ Aquarius made aspects with something else in the same chart. In the case of Pluto in Capricorn it was Nessus and the North Node at 11+ Aquarius opposite the South node at 11+ Leo that caught my eye because Trump’s natal Pluto is at 10+ Leo. It would put the focus on the U.S.

In the case of Uranus in Aries it was Venus at 11+ Aquarius sextile Jupiter at 10+ Aries which trines Trump’s Pluto at 10+ Leo who is opposite the Uranus ingress chart’s Venus.

For Neptune’s contribution, Mercury at 11+ Aquarius in the chart of his 2nd ingress into Pisces was conjunct the Sun at 14+ Aquarius which trines Trump’s Chiron and Juno at 14+ Libra, who are both conjunct the U.S. natal Saturn also at 14+ Libra. Together they would put the spotlight on activity in the U.S. and specifically its president.

It would be the personal planet Mercury (in the Neptune ingress chart) and Venus (in the Uranus chart) and the centaur Nessus + the North Node (in Pluto’s chart) that would hear/feel the Present moment calling during those 5 days following the lunar eclipse, but it would be the energies of transiting Uranus, Neptune and Pluto that would respond. It would be the day of the alt-right violence and mayhem in Virginia.

Bottom line, this painful exposure of racism and bigotry we have just endured and has been seen by the world has opened our collective eyes. Our present president has exposed his own failings – again – and there is no escaping what measures must be taken to rectify this mess.

The outer planets, in unison, have exposed our Self to our Self, this time through a degree in Aquarius which the Sabian symbols visualize as a “vast staircase” where “people of different types” stand on different steps that “graduate upward”. Rudhyar refers to it as “the natural progression of states of consciousness”. It can’t get much clearer than that.

Nancy, Will you be viewing the Eclipse?

Wishing you happy travels and adventures!

Mark this date on your calendar.

Tuesday August 22nd 7:00 pm Phoenix, Arizona

President Trump will hold a huge rally at the Phoenix Convention Center. The convention center has a seating capacity of approx. 20,000 people. It is being reported that during Trumps visit to Phoenix, he is expected to pardon Arizona Sheriff Apaio, a gesture that could inflame racial social tensions. Astrologically, tr. Mars (21 Leo) will form an exact trine to the nearly stationary Saturn (21 Gemini) right on Trump’s natal Moon. A rather incendiary mix if you ask me………

Phoenix Mayor Fears Donald Trump’s Visit Will ‘Enflame Emotions’ In Wake of Charlottesville Violence

The Telegraph
August 17, 2017

President Donald Trump plans to rally supporters in Phoenix next week, and Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton is not happy about it.

Trump’s campaign announced the event on Wednesday – a day after the president blamed “both sides” for weekend violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, between white supremacists and counter-demonstrators.

The August 22 rally will take place at the Phoenix Convention Center, the campaign said.

“I am disappointed that President Trump has chosen to hold a campaign rally as our nation is still healing from the tragic events in Charlottesville,” Mr Stanton said in a statement Wednesday afternoon. “It is my hope that more sound judgment prevails and that he delays his visit.”

The president has been holding campaign-style events in Trump-friendly areas since he took office. Next week’s rally will be his first in the West.

Trump told Fox News in an interview this week that he may pardon former metro Phoenix Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who recently was convicted in federal court for disobeying a judge’s order to stop his traffic patrols that targeted immigrants. A federal judge ruled in 2013 that Arpaio’s officers had racially profiled Latinos.



CORRECTION: Please read instead “…… Astrologically, tr. Mars (21 Leo) will form an exact trine to the nearly stationary Saturn (21 SAGITTARIUS) right on Trump’s natal Moon.

thank you Starlight for giving light in this dark world. Currently, there are three storms in the Atlantic, so my bet is a “megastorm” by the end of August… Perhaps, Mother Nature will visit Mar-a-lago. Mother Nature sometimes has a nasty sense of humor.

Carl Bernstein on AC360 tonight said military leaders have given up on trump. Is it possible that we may witness a military coup to take back our country from this snake oil salesman? Someone said here that the world will be totally different in two months time.

Marjorie Orr notes interesting correlations in the charts of heather heyer, her killer, and trump.

By: Bob on July 11th, 2017 at 1:04 pm

“as I said that trump’s troubles would go into second gear in June, I now say they will go into high gear in August.”

Not only does this month see trump’s challenges go into high gear it marks the beginning of the end of his reign.

This month he crosses the line he cannot jump back across as politicians go into campaign mode for re-election and begin to noticeably pull away from backing his lies and attacks on just about anything and everything and others.

His core base also dwindles from now on.

Second try to post this.

By: Bob on July 11th, 2017 at 1:04 pm

“as I said that trump’s troubles would go into second gear in June, I now say they will go into high gear in August.”

Not only does this month see trump’s challenges go into high gear it marks the beginning of the end of his reign.

This month he crosses the line he cannot jump back across as politicians go into campaign mode for re-election and begin to noticeably pull away from backing his lies and attacks on just about anything and everything and others.

His core base also dwindles from now on.

As companies distance themselves from the party of a president who will not denounce neo-nazi’s or white supremacists for fear of losing business from being labeled as supporters of those groups, their financial support, first in congressional, then later in presidential campaigns, will dry up and that is when the word will go out in the Republican party to get trump out. That should be in the not too distant future as campaign season is almost upon us. Like always, follow the money.

The coast to coast eclipse path is indicative of major change coming to the country because of this presidency fostered by congresses for the few for too many years. We are getting them down and when we do we must keep our foot on their neck until they have righted the wrongs they have foisted upon us while holding the dollar as their god.

And remember, Supreme Court justices can be impeached.

I just sent this to EJ Dionne after he wrote a column in this AM’s Wash Post that Trump should be censured:

Dear E.J. Dionne,

I think that censure for Donald Trump is no longer enough. If we are honest, he will never become the thoughtful and dignified man we expect in a president. He will never stop being impulsive and driven by his anger and his need for constant revenge against any criticism or opposition. He will never lose his compulsive need for constant praise, irrespective of the source (white nationalists and Putin, for example).

It is time, past time, to oust him. This is the Republicans’ Munich Moment. For now, they are parroting Chamberlain and appeasement. Should they continue, and the Justice Department continue with their numerous policies of containing and mistreating minorities while not even investigating white supremacists, what do you think the next rally and the one after that will look like? 10,000? 20,000? It is time to stop this before it metastasizes further. If the Republicans would look beyond their own fears of the craziest of their base, they would oust him. Otherwise, we should call it what it is: APPEASEMENT, in the well-known tradition of the deservedly maligned and weak Chamberlain.

Thank you

The Charlottesville rally began earlier than scheduled at 8:30 AM on Saturday, August 12th.

The degree shared by the ingress charts for Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries an Neptune in Pisces, 11+ Aquarius, was in the 5th house of creativity in a chart set for that city. Transiting Mercury (communicate) and transiting Vesta (focus) were on the ascendant at 11+ Virgo and trine transiting Pallas (planning) at 11+ Taurus who was in the 9th house of networking and square the 11+ Aquarius degree.

At 8:30 Saturday morning in Charlottesville the transiting Moon at 17+ Aries was in the 8th house square trans. retrograde Pluto at 17+ Capricorn in the 5th house and Moon also opposed trans. Jupiter at 18+ Libra in the 2nd house, forming a T-square. Moon symbolizes emotions.

Last April trans. Pluto stationed retrograde at 19+ Capricorn, the degree of the 1st (of 3) conjunction(s) between Uranus and Neptune that started their present cycle in 1993.

Trans. retrograde Jupiter (expand) at that time (1993) was at 14+ Libra, conjunct the U.S. natal Saturn (restrict) and Trump’s natal Chiron-Juno conjunction, all at 14+ Libra. That is where transiting Jupiter was just last month, conjunct U.S. Saturn. How coincidental.

When Pluto stationed retrograde last April, trans. Venus in Pisces was square trans. Saturn in Sagittarius, and both of them were aspecting the U.S. Moon and U.S. Pluto.

Trans. Pluto at the time of the 1993 Uranus-Neptune conjunction was conjunct Trump’s IC (nadir) in Scorpio and the transiting North Node at 20+ Sagittarius was conjunct his natal Moon and South Node. Was this the first time he considered running for President?

This tragic incident in Charlottesville appears to me to be connected to the Uranus-Neptune cycle, as does Trump himself, and I believe that the Saturday event is part of an overall Universal “plan” or strategy to expose underlying and largely hidden maladies in the U.S. body politic. Trump is a tool for that expose’.

Transiting Pluto will return to the degree where he stationed retrograde (the same degree as the start of the Uranus-Neptune cycle) in January, 2018. Pluto will be sextile Jupiter in Scorpio, at the same time a New Moon will conjunct the U.S. Pluto. That will be followed by an eclipse season.

On January 31, 2018, a total lunar eclipse at 11+ Leo (1 degree from Trump’s Pluto) will oppose the 11+ Aquarius degree that the 3 outer planets have a kinship with. In February, 2018 a solar eclipse conjuncts the U.S. natal Moon in Aquarius. All together it suggests to me either another bout of violence (if nothing has been done to address the problem) or Trump will be vanquished or in the process of being vanquished.

Bravo Nancy!

Well Emmyrose, there is that Boomerang in the August 21 total solar eclipse chart; Typhon (a TNO) at 28+ Libra forms a Yod with Chiron (wound) in Pisces and Sedna (water goddess) in Taurus (and very close to Trump’s IC -his roots).

A Yod becomes a Boomerang when some planet opposes the apex point of the Yod. That would be Uranus at 28+ Aries opposite Typhon. All that energy composed within the Yod is then released by Uranus and Uranus will be trine the eclipsed Sun at 28+ Leo. Fire and brimstone!

Typhon in myth was a super monster and it is where we get the word typhoon meaning a violent tropical storm.

I never would have thought that New Orleans’ brave and controversial removal of 3 Confederate statues (New Orleans has an Afro-American majority and those that I spoke to were not even aware of the statues or their meaning) would start a wave that would lead to Trump’s demise.

I have some mixed feelings about all of this but I guess removal of the statues was necessary to bring racism out of the shadows.

I also have very mixed feelings, as many have voiced here, especially Eliseo, about the prospect of having Pence as president. He will allow the Republican to continue on their agenda in a more stealthy way, he will probably be more popular than Trump, and it will be a slightly different fight. Resist Trump will turn into….Resist Pence? It’s easier to have Trump as the boogie man – he is so outrageous and blatantly racist that he is easy to fight. Even the press…..part of their motivation comes from Trump’s provocation and antagonism towards them. Pence will be polite. The press better not fail us if/when Pence becomes president (assuming he is not indicted and I’m not sure if here is strong enough evidence to do so).

Bob, I agree with you totally….follow the money. When the money starts to dry up the Repubs will want to ditch Trump AND I think they will lose the House and Senate. So, if we get Pence, he will be in a weak position.

Thank you for your work on the 65′-66′ conjunction and especially the Pluto/Uranus squares.

Nancy and All,

Trump and “The Central Park 5” and especially his reactions to the aftermath when these 5 men were exonerated due to a confession and DNA evidence remains the foundation for just how racist this despicable man remains.


Sharon K,

I too have been pondering that prospect. I would be very interested what others think of my conclusion.

We know we are at a turning point in human consciousness. There have been several different issues within the Republican party that have been of particular danger to our democracy.

The first being what is being dealt with now and light is being shown directly on, which is the racist KKK and the Nazi fringe that have been lurking beneath the surface for a very long time. The fact that they took off their hoods is not only relevant to their pride in their cause and their defense of it but is symbolic to their showing the world for who and what they are. Darkness can’t be destroyed without light being shown on it and the light of the world is clearly shining directly on it right now. As frightened as this time in history is, I am heartened to see that the resistance to the hate is literally twice as large (34% approval rating of DT).

The second to my mind is the Dominionist. And while, Donald Trump is the embodiment of the first, Mike Pence is the embodiment of the second. If we are to purge out these ideologies from our culture they apparently have to be given full view or at least this is the path we appear to have collectively chosen.

Is it possible that this is exactly what the universe’s plan is? Could we be looking at ridding ourselves of these belief systems back to back within this four year period leading up to 2020 when as Barbara Goldsmith puts it, “An exciting shift is upon us. In 2020 we are coming to the end of several very long cycles and the dawning of a brand new chapter for humanity.”

A friend works at Univ of Virginia in Charlottesville and sent this info about Aug 12 events. This event was a well planned attack by White Nationalists. Her words:

A few specifics that I learned from a very somber staff meeting with our Dean of Libraries just now. Some of these details may have been available in news reports but they were new to me.

(1) Apparently on Friday night there was a ‘very low level’ request for permission for a group of 20 people to read a speech at the Rotunda. This overture to the University was then bait-and-switched to the march with torches that circled Central Grounds.

(2) During the white nationalists’ intimidating march around Grounds, many UVA police officers were actually located downtown, where they had been seconded to support Charlottesville City police.

(3) On Saturday, there were “several deliberate attempts to spread police thin” through tactics such as fake bomb scares in parts of town away from the main action.

(4) By UVA policy, students and employees are prohibited from carrying firearms on Grounds, but by state law, because this is a public property, people with no University affiliation are allowed open carry without a permit and concealed carry with a permit. UVA can make policy enforceable on its own students and employees but not on the general public….

I am sharing all of this because I think there were several specific, calculated tactics by the white nationalists to leverage our laws and policies against us and to maximize the terrorizing effect of their activities in Charlottesville over the weekend. I believe the white nationalists are not done with us here in Charlottesville and I believe they will target other universities, university towns, and communities with progressive political reputations for similar attacks. I hope that forewarned is forearmed and that by disseminating information about the white nationalists’ tactics we can be better prepared in the future.

This is an old article, but a friend shared it today on FB – a KKK rally was foiled by a bunch of clowns! (Isn’t Saturn associated with clowns? Think I’ve heard that before.) White supremacists feed on hatred, but hate being laughed at. Trump has been a boon for late-night comics, too, and he has no sense of humor – hated it when SNL made fun of him. But humor has been a great stress relief valve for the rest of us.


BarbK thank you for responding! I enjoy your work. I learn so much from you and the rest on here. *Safe & Sane Space*

Harvey has just been declared but that one will come up via Bay of Campeche maybe to Texas. I’m a bit nervous I live literally a foot away from the Gulf of Mexico/Texas. (Don’t judge me I’m the only liberal in my small village)

The second storm deemed “92L” could be the Florida’s…maybe the “boomerang” as you say. Lets hope for a Mar-a-Lago landing…The name would be “IRMA” which is Hispanic and yes, I love irony. Thank you!!!

Emmyrose and others interested – fyi, this is the link for the noaa weather system tracking site
Harvey looks pretty far out right now, but systems are notoriously unpredictable

Yes I work closely with emergency services – thank you….Its been a while that we have seen 3 storms and one Cat 2 (Gert) in the Atlantic. But, I blame Trump 🙂

Barb, You are a Gem! Thanks for all you delve into and share with us. You wrote: “A Yod becomes a Boomerang when some planet opposes the apex point of the Yod. That would be Uranus at 28+ Aries opposite Typhon”…
Barb, I noticed Ivanka and Jared both have natal Uranus at 28!


“The Descendants Of Lee,Jackson and Davis want the Confederate Statues to come down”


“Slate” has a magnificent letter from Jackson’s great-great grandsons that was published today.
A must read,

Link from Slate didn’t work for me.

I’m happy to report that I just hosted an event tonight for Mike Levin, who will be running to unseat Darrell Issa. It was very inspiring to have him speak so articulately about the issues and the need to return to decency.

RE: Carl Bernstein’s statement on AC360 that military leaders have given up on trump.

I also am beginning to wonder, particularly after the statements released by each and all of the joint chiefs of staff to counter the president’s racist remarks, wondering if we may experience a military coup.

If so, it would be the precise opposite of what was expressed in Rod Serling’s script in the movie Seven days in May. In the original 1964 film the plot involved right wing generals planning a coup against a noble, idealistic president. Were the one we anticipate as possible to occur, it would be idealistic generals against a mentally ill, far right president.

On AC 360 Tony Schwartz, co-author (real writer) of The Art of the Deal, has predicted DJT will resign from office and declare victory before the end of the year, possibly in the Fall.

Bravo for your efforts Ja

In October the rest of all the classified JFK assassination files, about 113,000 pages of material is scheduled by law to be released.

I am leaving tomorrow early, so this is likely my last post for a while, unless I manage to post from my phone in case of dramatic events (not impossible).

The night of Orange Voldemort’s Phoenix rally (8/22) will have a waxing Moon square to tr Saturn, which is sitting right on his natal Moon. He will be speaking out of his misery and anger and likely have a really bad reaction to the rally. Either that or he will be upset that the rally is cancelled.

We are currently seeing what the predicted crisis of Wednesday through Friday has been: the reaction to his unhinged news conference of Tuesday. Today and early tomorrow has the Sun on Trump’s natal Mars/solar arc Uranus. So he is extra angry today. Watch for interesting, unhinged tweets. I am sure Corker really ticked him off.

Good for you, Ja, for walking your talk.

Enjoy you travels and time away. Thank you for all you do. May God grant you travelling mercies.

Safe travels but here is something that will start your vacation on a good note:


Bannon out!

Hey! I predicted that he would be out by Friday.

Eliseo, Even if there were to be a military “coup”, I highly doubt that it would look like one and that much of what would happen, would happen from within and that the military, intelligence branches, and legislative branches might work together in a united front. The reason I say that is that the members of the U.S. government won’t want us looking like a “Banana Republic” to the rest of the world….at least that is my initial take on your comments.

Yes, Bannon out; Trump has been saying Bannon has been a source of leaks. I do wonder now if Bannon will go to war with Trump for this betrayal.

Bannon was quoted as saying the alt-right were a bunch of clowns and losers. He thought what he said was off the record.

“Bannon friend says Breitbart ramping up for war against Trump. “It’s now a Democrat White House,” source says.”@Gabrielsherman

By golly you did ja; good on ya!

Some think that Bannon is more of a loose cannon than even Trump. Transiting Uranus, symbol of loose cannons, stationed retrograde on the 3rd, and it was still powerful (stationary) on the 7th when the lunar eclipse (15+ Aquarius) took place, an eclipse that was trine the U.S. Saturn (14+ Libra) as well as Trump’s Chiron (wound) and Juno (partner) in the same degree.

Bannon’s Mars at 16+ Libra and Trump’s Jupiter at 17+ Libra and the lunar eclipse chart’s Jupiter at 17+ Libra were also within orb of a trine to the eclipsed Moon, and because Trump’s Libra Jupiter (and trans. Jupiter) trines Trump’s natal Uranus (17+ Gemini), this recently eclipsed Aquarius Moon created a Grand air trine for him. Grand trines provide unstoppable powerful surges of energy (air energy in this case) that are very difficult to break into.

Because the Full eclipsed Moon was opposite the Sun at 15+ Leo the grand trine in Trump’s chart became a Kite pattern (a 4th planet opposite one of the 3 in a grand trine) making the eclipsed Moon in Aquarius the focus of Trump’s transiting and unstoppable grand trine energy force. The eclipsed full Moon in Aquarius fell in Trump’s 6th house of Service, as in who works for him.

It is possible that Bannon’s natal Moon is in a tight trine with transiting and (at the time of the lunar eclipse) near stationary Uranus in Aries. Even so, his natal Mercury (what he says and thinks) at 15+ Scorpio was T-square this eclipse Moon opposite Sun in Leo. Not ever an easy place to be.

Bottom line, it was Bannon’s natal Mercury that provided the timing of the action, but IMO it was probably transiting station-direct Uranus (revolutionary) in Aries, most likely trine Bannon’s (likely in late Leo) Moon – a symbol of habits and needs – that was foreshadowing the coming total solar eclipse which trans. Uranus will trine.

The Galactic Center at 27+ Sagittarius, believed to be the source of higher levels of universal wisdom, will complete a grand fire trine with the transiting Uranus at 28+ Aries and the Eclipse at 28+ Leo this coming Monday.

Fire signs symbolize inspiration, an energy that comes from an, as yet, unidentified (by science) source. We have all experienced it as individuals, and now we have the opportunity to experience it as a unified group of human beings.

It appears to be providing us a turning point in human evolution, this Great American Eclipse. If only we are wise enough to heed it.

Here’s a good comment from the nyt’s,

“Removing Steve Bannon does not solve the problem of an incompetent President. It simply removes an abettor of his abhorrent behavior.
Trump’s true character was again on display on Tuesday, and removing Bannon doesn’t help us “unsee” what we saw.”

I wonder if he (bannon) knew this was coming and that inspired his recent surprising public comments about the neo-Nazis etc being a bunch of losers, as a trump payback?

Regarding Bannon’s departure, an interesting comment.

“Regardless of whether Mr. Bannon occupies a position in this Administration or not, the orientation towards libertarianism and white supremacy remains. Mr. Bannon is but one visible proponent among many due to his proximity to Mr. Trump. An enlightened commentator aptly characterised Mr. Trump as ‘a clown who brings with him a circus’ and that is what many of us see. By his nature, he is a sideshow and substantively, little more.

The real danger for the majority lies in what cabinet secretaries and Congress are doing to destroy the functioning of government by gutting programmes and regulation. The end they covet is one where wealthy individuals are able to reap untold wealth unfettered by the majority of the population. A war is being waged by capitalism against democracy and it is playing out hidden from view by misleading the public.

Mr.. Trump and his insoluble behaviour is a distraction. When people focus their outrage on him, they miss the real danger, not understanding, for instance, why conservatives are obsessed with gutting the ACA. Being unaware, they do not respond to the litany of actions being taken to weaken social and other programmes benefitting ordinary people, restrictive regulation of business, finance and commerce, and democratic participation and institutions. Taken together, these actions represent a concerted effort to undermine the middle and lower classes.”

RE: avoiding looking like a banana Republic.
Very good point. Thank You!

To my knowledge, Bannon believes WWIII inevitable with China & maybe Russia as well. He was the most pernicious of all the crazy influences on DJT; which is why Saturday Night Live always dressed up an actor playing Bannon as death with the scythe, etc. DJT is crazy enough by himself. Don’t need Bannon or any other war mongering, suicidal maniacs encouraging him.
We may be a bit safer now,… hopefully.
Now if we can get rid of Dominionist Pence and replace him with someone saner before DJT makes his exit…

Thank You for all you do!
Speaking for myself, I am very grateful for this site which you maintain.
Have a good time during your vacation.

Tomorrow, the 19th is my solar return. I wish all of you good times and good health as together we weather this strange season of presidential and political malignancy.


Safe travels and thank you so much for the hard work you do here, and your big hearted generosity for sharing it with us.

On June 28th the conjunction between Mercury and Mars (the 1st of 3) at 15+ Cancer began their new cycle. They were trine Bannon’s natal Mercury at 15+ Scorpio but square his natal Mars at 16+ Libra. At that time of the transiting Mercury-Mars conjunction the North node at 25+ Leo was conjunct Bannon’s natal Pluto.

To me this looks as if destiny (North Node) was utilizing Bannon’s natal Pluto to propel the world forward, at least as it concerns the cycle between Mercury and Mars. The transiting NN conjunct Bannon’s Pluto was part of a transiting T-square between the North and South Nodes and Venus in Taurus who, at 23+ Taurus, was conjunct Trump’s MC at 24+ Taurus. One’s MC is where one is most visible in the eyes of society and the world.

The transiting North Node (then on June 28th and now) along with Bannon’s Pluto, was in Trump’s 12th house, conjunct Trump’s Mars. The 12th house is often referred to the house of self undoing as well as transactions made behind closed doors.

The South Node at 16+ Aquarius (trine Bannon’s natal Mars at 16+ Libra) was then transiting Trump’s 6th house of service (those who serve him) and the south node signifies that which no longer serves to further growth.

I see this then as the public “firing” of Bannon; it is a 6th house thing (as it relates to the Mercury-Mars cycle) but the Trump 12th house implies he continues to meet Bannon behind closed doors, at the cost of his self-undoing.

The 2nd conjunction between trans. Mercury and Mars on September 3rd falls on the degree of the Great American Eclipse, 28+ Leo. Such choreography found only in the heavens.

The 3rd and final conjunction between them for this new cycle will be on September 16th at 7+ Virgo, so close to a square to U.S. Uranus in Gemini, and opposite Neptune at 12+ Pisces who will be exactly square U.S. natal ascendant at 12+ Sagittarius. Transiting Moon will conjunct Trump’s Pluto at 10+ Leo.

It looks as if the 2 year cycle of Mercury and Mars will be quite relevant to the legacy of Trump’s presidency. This cycle will end in June, 2019.

An alternate thought rattling around in my head is that bannon is not really ‘gone’ but merely being put somewhere else out of the limelight so he can continue to wreak havoc from the shadows.

Happy New Year Eliseo!

Eliseo, Happy (early) Birthday. Enjoy your day.

Thank you, Nancy.

Eliseo, Happy Birthday.

Everyone, Enjoy the Eclipse.

Kiwi, You are right. Bannon couldn’t get along with the others and was probably pretty uncomfortable at the West Wing so they came up with a way for him to help Trump begin his news machine. Trump is preparing an exit path and I’m not too happy about the upcoming propaganda.

Eliseo, All the best in health and happiness and success on your birthday manana! I will catch up with you later! xoxo

Interesting article…..

Bannon Is ‘Going Nuclear’

The ousted White House chief strategist is back at Breitbart News, and he’s planning to make mischief.

The Atlantic
August 18, 2017

In firing Steve Bannon, President Trump has lost his chief ideologue, the man who channeled his base and advocated for the populist-nationalist policies that helped propel Trump to victory.

But he has gained an unpredictable and potentially troublesome outside ally who has long experience running a media organization, and an even longer list of enemies with whom he has scores to settle both outside the administration and inside. “Steve is now unchained,” said a source close to Bannon. “Fully unchained.”

“He’s going nuclear,” said another friend. “You have no idea. This is gonna be really fucking bad.”



I can dream: Bannon tells Mueller everything he knows.


Happy, Happy Birthday.

Nancy- have a great vacation. Thank you so much for this site… a safe place to take a breath in.

Eliseo- very happy solar return!! Mine is Monday… don’t know about you but I am finding the lead up to the eclipse a bit overwhelming. Hope your return is energizing in the best of ways, and takes you to higher levels.

Eliseo and Henri: many many happy “returns” !

Henri, Happy/Solar Return/Solar Eclipse Birthday…..Forget about all that you’ve read and just embrace life, love, good health, happiness, and good transitions.

“In Trumpland,” Greenleaf says, “he says A; then he says, I never said A; then he says, I alone can solve this problem of A.”

It’s essentially distractionary tactics, amped up tenfold.


Happy birthday, Eliseo! Didn’t know we are close birthday buddies. Mine is August 18. And Henri, happy birthday to you on Monday.

I’ve also had a rough eclipse lead up to the eclipse, and my healthy son was unexpectedly hospitalized on the morning of my birthday. Wish I’d had an astrological update this year. This happening on my birthday, so close to the eclipse, has me scared.

I took a break posting here because between the news and resistance activities I’ve been overwhelmed. But I do read when I can find the internal bandwidth for it, and I appreciate Nancy’s posts and all your comments immensely!

Happy Birthday shout out to all of our Leos!


Eliseo, Henri, TJ, my grandson, and all the other intrepid Leos — keep charting your own path on your own path. You’ve got the fire, the heart, and (so often) the admiration of those who love you.

I’m hoping what I’m thinking is full of holes, and that is that Bannon can do far more damage out the trenches than in them.

Happy belated birthday wishes and blessings, TJ, and especially for the good health and speedy recovery of your son. How is he doing?


This is actually what I thought would happen, with Donald Trump’s blessings, and Trump will join in when he leaves. This will actually drive the regular Conservatives a little further left, to separate themselves, but what kind of trouble will it cause by riling up the far right?

Happy Birthday Eliseo!
I just knew you must be a Leo Sun you’ve got so much Pizzazz!

Congrats to you Eliseo, Henri and TJ, what remarkable solar returns you are having. Don’t squander them!

Another remarkable chart we are going to soon experience, as a whole, is for the New Moon coming a month after Monday’s total eclipse. It takes place on September 20 and what is happening on and around the total solar eclipse will be feeding into that September New Moon. And I mean feed.

Transiting Ceres will play a serious role as she trines transiting Chiron who will be the recipient of all the combined energy of a Yod between trans. Uranus-sextile-the-U.S. Moon and both quincunx the New Moon in Virgo, which opposes Chiron in Pisces. There are lots of players in that chart that aspect one another, all of ’em at 25-28 degrees of their signs.

For example there is another Yod made up of a sextile between Ceres and the New Moon and they are each quincunx the U.S. natal Moon in Aquarius. Not only that, Ceres is in a grand cross with the U.S. Pluto in Cap, Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Libra. This repeated focus on the U.S. Moon, symbol of the U.S. People, combined with the focus on Ceres (and Chiron) suggests a healing process; a nurturing of humanity’s embattled spirit.

I’m getting the sense that these conspicuous demonstrations coming to America (part of the solar eclipse energy) added to the already burgeoning pushbacks in European countries are components of a process of alchemy meant to bring about a shift in human consciousness.

This September New Moon is so focused on the U.S. natal chart, a New Moon that follows a solar eclipse – the path of which encompasses the entire width of the North American continent – that you’ve got to believe the USA is playing a big role in this shift of consciousness.

In addition to the U.S. Moon and U.S. Pluto, the September New Moon chart’s Saturn will still be opposite the U.S. Mars and square the U.S. Neptune. September’s NM Mercury in Virgo will oppose the transiting Neptune in Pisces and both will square the U.S ascendant in Sagittarius.

These are awesome times and scary too but I’m certain there is a purpose greater than our individual lives separately. We are being asked to have faith is some higher wisdom, the source of all this mayhem and chaos, and perhaps set an example of strength for others, and what love can conquer.

Oh, Barbk, What a fantastic Comment of Information!
What is your Birthdate? You’re so knowledgeable and very generous to share it all with us. Thank You So Much!

You might enjoy this piece from one of my favorite Reads: The Guardian:
“Unlearning the Myth of American Innocence”.
Perhaps, Barbk this is where America is headed. Becoming more humble, kind and less full of ourselves. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/aug/08/unlearning-the-myth-of-american-innocence


The “free speech” alt-right
(nazi/Confederate) rally in Boston today ended early. The fifty alt-right demonstrators were dwarfed by 40,000 counterprotesters.

Ed tamplin this week: The North and the South

Every Aug 21 eclipse planet is in a tight aspect with a planet in the Sibly chart with no orb reaching 4 degrees, the largest being Pluto opposite the Sun at 3°52′.

Aspects from eclipse to SIBLY WH with orb from exactness.

Aspects from eclipse Mon
Mon Opp Mon 1°43′

Aspects from eclipse Sun
Sun Opp Mon 1°43′

Aspects from eclipse Mer
Mer Sxt Jup 2°15′
Mer Sqr Ura 0°44′

Aspects from eclipse Ven
Ven Cnj Mer 0°33′
Ven Sxt Nep 2°20′
Ven Opp Plu 2°48′

Aspects from eclipse Mar
Mar Sxt Mar 0°41′

Aspects from eclipse Jup
Jup Tri Mar 1°11′

Aspects from eclipse Sat
Sat Opp Mar 0°11′
Sat Sqr Nep 1°14′

Aspects from eclipse Ura
Ura Sxt Mon 1°13′
Ura Sqr Plu 0°50′

Aspects from eclipse Nep
Nep Tri Sun 0°05′

Aspects from eclipse Plu
Plu Opp Sun 3°52′
Plu Sqr Sat 2°23′



Henri & TJ,
Happy Birthdays to you both as well.

Kiwi, Anita, JA, Sharon, Janet, Fierywoman, Karen, Patty, and Barbk: Many Thanks from all of you for your warm and good wishes for my birthday. (I hope I’ve not missed anyone)

I’m not having a difficult time, but am going through new beginnings, feeling like rebirth in association with the solar eclipse. Tomorrow the 20th I’ll be having a celebratory dinner with my brother and sister in law. On Monday, the 21st I have my first orientation and faculty meeting for a new teaching position. Classes begin on the 28th, but I’ll begin teaching Tuesday the 29th as I’ll be doing a Tuesday-Thursday schedule.

This feels like the beginning of a new life. A Leo with very late Gemini rising and Moon in Pisces, I’m told my progressed sun has entered Scorpio.

Ed Tamplin is certainly interesting. Do you know where in Australia he is located? I’ve felt connected for a few decades to a group I’ve never met, but in dreams, an esoteric group of some kind associated with Tasmania, especially Hobart.

Ed Tamplin’s associating the eclipse with the cultural and racial North/South divide certainly makes sense, but I also see it as a portent of what is to come environmentally. I’ve read climate science for several decades, beginning in the late 1960’s. IMHO, by 2030 I see much of what is generally below the 40th latitude N as much less habitable, some areas uninhabitable. I expect between now and 2100, if not sooner the United States will lose to climate change a third to half of the territory now consisting of the 48 contiguous states. Practically all of that territory will be below the 40th latitude N which very roughly corresponds to the path of the eclipse. It won’t be a straight line across the map, but a curved one depending on many factors.

By “lose” I don’t mean these areas will disappear, but will become severely depopulated, enough so to lose their status as states per the three stage process outlined in the Am. constitution.

There are a number of “tipping points” we’ve already passed. We can ameliorate and slow the warming process somewhat through right action, but we will nevertheless “lose” some territory to desertification, higher average temperatures, drought, and sea level rise.

As I recall, you reside in the blessed islands of NZ, Auckland I think. NZ will be less impacted than most by the negative effects and deprivations of climate change.

Happy belated Birthday to Henri & TJ and all Leo’s celebrating.

Patty, thank you for your interest and for sharing your comment regarding consciousness shifting/awakening, and yes, the Guardian article was reflective of what I believe we are in the process of achieving.

I was born during the World War II era, a time of high patriotism. My birth certificate says I was born at 12:02 AM on the 4th of July and for the 12 years that followed, my mom always baked a birthday cake for me covered in teeny little American flags.

Like everyone else in my “world”, I bought into the theme that the USA was the greatest country to live in and it would be years before I was exposed to any of its flaws. Even then they were downplayed.

With the U.S. natal Neptune just 9 degrees away from the MC of the U.S natal chart (Sagittarius rising) illusion plays an enormous part in this country’s reputation and so does compassion, and now so does drug addiction. If Neptune influences the U.S.A. persona then so does the U.S. Mars that squares it.

With the U.S. Mars located in the 7th house of The Other it was only natural for us to project our Mars qualities onto other countries or see our Mars only in terms of partnerships.

With the U.S. progressed Mars now retrograde, there is more reviewing and rethinking of history. Our country’s legacy of ruthlessness and aggression runs contrary to the Neptunian mythology my generation (Pluto in Leo) was so steeped in.

Now Trump, with his natal Jupiter conjunct the U.S progressed Mars (17+ Libra), is bringing that legacy to the Big Screen to, IMO, make the U.S. citizenry aware of the totality of who and what we are and have been. It is up to us to decide who we will be going forward.

I believe we will see more evidence of this developing in the coming days following tomorrow’s Great American Eclipse. Once that starts happening it will be easier to grasp the meaning of the New Moon on September 20, a chart rife with potential for the USA to explore its history and come to grips with it. I hear calls for moving statues revering the South’s heroes in the Civil War to museums where the full story can be told. It’s a start.

Happy Birthday also to all the other Leos here.
Eliseo, I think Ed Tamplin lives in the Sydney area, but not totally certain. I live about 150miles north of Auckland in an area called the Bay of Islands.

Starlight: May I ask you to do a quick check on Phoenix, Arizona for Tuesday, August 22nd. Trump is coming here, and I fear it’s going to get ugly. Joe Arpaio is involved and our Latino community is under pressure to answer for the anger and accusations of Trump and Arpaio.

Please let me know how Phoenix fares on Tuesday. <3

Official Phoenix incorporation date: February 25, 1881

To the astrologers here, trump is making an announcement tomorrow night. What can go wrong with this man making a war announcement during a Mercury Retrograde and an eclipse?

More important, happy birthday to all our Leo friends (namely Henri and TJ). I’ve already wished Eliseo happy birthday.

A heads up warning for online news hounds: My computer recently started acting up so called in the ‘doctor’. He told me that there are not so many viruses these days, but an increasing number of malware, ransomware, and other malicious stuff, is being linked to ads and sometimes ‘news’ pieces when you click on them. Be very careful.

mexico, us, Canada, trade

Oh, I don’t know Janet, trans. Mercury square U.S. Uranus maybe? Transiting Uranus trine Trump’s ascendant (+ trans. Sun) and the Galactic Center (GC)? Trans. Pluto square Trump’s Jupiter and the U.S prog. Mars? Trans. Uranus square U.S. Pluto? Trans. Pluto opposite trans. Ceres . . . . .

At 9 PM tomorrow night in DC the Galactic Center will be on the MC, trans. Uranus still trines that place in the heavens and it trines Trump’s ascendant. What ever the man has to say will be under the influence of a higher, more synthesized and comprehending intelligence than what the man speaking the words will know in this lifetime. He is a tool of the Universe.

If we can accept that, if we can accept that the Universe is working toward an evolution of our species – using Trump as one of its tools – then we will not waste our vital energy by allowing him to get under our skin, to raise our blood pressure, to make our stomach churn.

Tomorrow night at 9 PM in DC, the transiting Sun, Trump’s ascendant and natal Mars will be in the 6th house of Service (to the Universe) in a chart set for that moment. Along with the GC on the MC (midheaven) transiting centaur Pholus will also be there. When Pholus is prominent in a chart (like this one) something seemingly innocuous can abruptly change into something terribly disruptive and dangerous.

As transiting Mercury (words, sounds, thinking, data) in Virgo squares the U.S. natal Uranus in Gemini, it also squares the natal Black Moon Lilith of Mitch McConnell and it also opposes the U.S. natal Ceres in Pisces. Transiting Mercury also opposes the transiting Nessus at 6+ Pisces and Nessus can be poisonous. Still, Nessus, like the other centaurs Chiron and Pholus, serves a purpose in raising the consciousness of humanity.

At this moment the U.S. progressed Mercury at 20+ Aquarius is getting a trine from transiting Jupiter (understanding) at 20+ Libra. Trans. Jupiter also conjuncts U.S. natal Juno (wife of Jupiter) and opposes U.S. natal Chiron.

The presently waning cycle of Jupiter and Saturn (about societies and cultures) had Uranus at 20+ Aquarius as he squared Jupiter and Saturn at the onset of this cycle. This multi-pronged approach (Jupiter-Saturn cycle, total solar eclipse, transits, progressions, Trump and more) serves to move us (as a whole) along incrementally to a higher level of consciousness.

You could call it manipulation.

Or you could see it as the Universe giving us a hand up the ladder without all the heavy lifting of slow moving Saturn-ruled-Time. I say let Trump be Trump and lets get on with it.


Thank you for helping me see the bigger picture. I am with you, let him be him and let’s get the show over with, or at least moving.


Regarding this mornings US naval ship collision of the US John McCain, the latest in a series of recent naval mishaps does immediately conjure up conspiracy theories. As was written in the first article you submitted…..

“……. There is already speculation bouncing around social media that this second collision of an Arleigh Burke class destroyer within two months may be an act of cyber warfare. And, as a result, we are facing a new and very dangerous threat. It was recently reported that the Russians have developed a way to spoof a ship’s GPS.”

This comes on the heels of the previous collision in June…….

Conspiracy Theories Spring Up Around the USS Fitzgerald — ACX Crystal Collision

Old Salt Blog
June 19, 2017

The one thing we can say for certain is that we do not have all the facts surrounding the collision between the guided-missile destroyer USS Fitzgerald and the Philippine container ship ACX Crystal . The collision nearly sank the destroyer, killed seven sailors and injured three more, including the ship’s captain. Of course, facts, whether we have them or we don’t, do nothing to inhibit the conspiracy theorists. Conspiracy theories are already developing about the recent collision.

The “American Thinker” blog expresses their concerns in almost apocalyptic terms:

The USS Fitzgerald, an anti-ballistic missile destroyer that was part of the USS Ronald Reagan carrier strike group, will no longer be ready to defend the carrier and other ships from missile attacks launched from North Korea, should push come to shove in the current confrontation with the rogue regime on the threshold of the capability to attack New York, Los Angeles, and our power grid with nuclear missiles. This is an incident that could affect the outcome of a nuclear confrontation of historic moment.

They go to to claim that there was no “collision.” “The truth is that the ACX Crystal, a ship with somewhat murky provenance, rammed into the Fitzgerald with calamitous results.”

Videos on Youtube are also now claiming that the collision was an act of terrorism by North Korea.

Is there any basis for these claims? No, but a delay in reporting the collision does explain some of the crazier ideas being tossed around.



I wonder if tonights announcement by the President which purportedly relates to additional US troop commitments to Afghanistan may also touch on blaming North Korea for this latest Naval fiasco. It is after all the day of the US total eclipse.

I’ve been thinking about that transiting, retrograde Mercury’s path this evening; how it squares U.S. Uranus and opposes U.S. Ceres, and how close transiting Nessus is to U.S. Ceres.

Recall one of the primary associations of the symbol Ceres is the pain of losing one’s child due to some dastardly deed. One of the effects of Trump’s words (Mercury) tonight could be the anguish of the parents of young military people.

Add to that the transiting Ceres is opposite the transiting Pluto, a symbol associated with death. Not too far from transiting Ceres in Cancer is transiting Venus who is conjunct the U.S. NATAL Mercury at 24+ Cancer. Venus is symbolic of love and values and will she, being conjunct the U.S. Mercury, create a more attractive tenor to Trump’s words?

Mercury’s reputation for being a trickster (or flat out liar), and coming from Trump’s lips even more so, would have to have some sweetening (Venus) to pass muster in order to increase sending U.S. troops off to war. Sure enough, trans. Venus (+ U.S. Mercury) will be square transiting Eris in Aries and Eris just loves to create conflict.

Perhaps Trump has an idea of combining his words of increased war participation with increased investment in jobs. Transiting Vesta (investment) in Virgo (work) is trine transiting Pluto in Capricorn and is sextile transiting Venus-conjunct-U.S. Mercury in Cancer.

Keep your eyes and ears ready to catch the trickster, the one in the U.S. chart, and the transiting one that is squaring U.S. Uranus and opposes U.S. Ceres.

“Dear Fellow Students and Friends of Humanity,Tuija and I have decided to offer a short meditation at the time of the Solar Eclipse in Leo. The eclipse occurs at 6:30:06 PM GMT, today, the 21st of August. We will begin our little meditation at 5:45:00 PM GMT. If you do not have other plans for focus on the eclipse and its meaning, then please do join us. You can use the usual ASK Comprehensive. “We hope that focus upon the powerful energies available will be beneficial for all involved. Eclipses can be drastic either for good or ill. Let us use these energies for the GOOD. ” Tujia & Michael Robbins (Morya Federation and Seven Ray Institute

LINK: https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fr20.rs6.net%2Ftn.jsp%3Ff%3D0015yFwAtdS3Nm-zRNRA_3GBX28xtToFVVppTVwe6lIg9DQAoe7l6ptkE49xvDIrTAaUuoX8PywbG5HdETcYi8LRgBpJNvyKdwRdGfqViAVBFNIkzlMcs4MzC1MIHPVdoyy1FHBe_HmZmJp0-eMpj-FbCwDAnr_T2mfRq-7Apr9faU0RZgF5XbL8QpL-xRk-xwhyzngLBTyTfuwPpq4dkDx2mDtfPCbZwoLrlXqfn2JZy8jd8nC3HLKMA%3D%3D%26c%3DaR5BOMDQiHvk5bTo2cRseluiT5KNnEnCg0O9aniff9GeqayXXo45AA%3D%3D%26ch%3DTdLL5HrIV2a58MNlquQLYqfwWbg8Dh4lEiSFxqiVy8mHDpL8ynVidQ%3D%3D&h=ATOlqKCvmqEPmtAKnrGYZgFoT8-HbGYeo10IVZLI6xRSHYV4L_OEbxi5mcJFIlGpDg8u5hBOJh1-wkMwOdrZxUokk15Hn7DKQAnJeW-pbs_TqfoGOyoHUIg7zdZwfa3-bfeXl1DUugo1Uah2a66FhJnjqXX8emnwQnu9QNBCF0Hf1KbI-ICPBU952L22MO38n2m8L3ILkjgDPmQCj8lIgDTu1kgJrNVkrlFqC44hO1tkPb-XkT-Okn59oqmrOj3NUk7SA0j61RcYwv0gWlzEw6bnJ_rEQ41z6rQ

1:45 p.m time for us on the East Coast

The time for the above Solar Eclipse meditation for those on the East Coast will be 1:45 p.m. for anyone who wants to join in. Other time zones you will have to figure out from the EST time. Sorry.

Nancy, have a safe and wonderful trip!

Everyone herein, have a safe and insightful solar eclipse experience.

Happy Birthday to the Leos. Many blessings.

And yes, Trump looked at the sun during the eclipse: http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/trump-looks-at-sun-during-solar-eclipse

Chills of joy watching the eclipse (despite watching the totality on tv). My voice joined with others for this spectacular event.

Kiwi Thanks, This is very troubling…
Imagine Democrats trying to get away with this:
‘Downright “Unconstitutional’: Gorsuch Slammed for Headlining Event at Trump Hotel”

Kiwi, regarding your ‘heads-up’ warning for malware, ransomware, and other malicious crazy stuff now going around!
Recently Someone outright STOLE my Gmail Address…With an Indian Accent, Google said I could retrieve it for a couple $100!
I’m planning to buy a New Apple Computer (with little experience)
Are there ANY suggestions for Security I should add?
I would greatly appreciate any/all wise Computer input and advice.

We lucked out in my town. Clouds were moving in, but left a clear sky to in front of the sun and moon. The darkness was astonishing. I could hear cheers from somewhere, I think from a third of a mile or so away on Main St. A few firecrackers. Temperature drop. The air felt oddly still and thick to me. I was struck by the sense of death and rebirth. The light fades away and then is reborn.

Patty — Did someone with an Indian accent telephone you to tell you your email address had been stolen? (Sounds like the Gmail version of the MS software scam that’s been around for years.)I live in Redmond WA aka MS world headquarters. You should hear some of the jokes the MS engineers play on those scam guys!)

On this day of the rare total solar eclipse that covered the entire US, the slow-moving dwarf planet Haumea entered a new degree, 23+ Libra, a degree that is thought to symbolize the development of a new faculty which can greatly expand consciousness.

Haumea was a big part of Hawaiian mythology, and although we mostly associate her with childbirth, she was a lot like Ceres in that she ruled over (produced) the earth-grown foods and the fish from the sea.

On the day after the September 6th Pisces Full Moon, transiting Jupiter will be exactly conjunct transiting Haumea. In the chart for that Full Moon on September 6th, Jupiter(with Haumea) sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius and they both form a Yod to the degree in Taurus where their cycle – Jupiter and Saturn’s cycle – began in 2000.

It would seem that this cycle, so near the end of its run, is forcing an awareness or greater consciousness regarding the food we eat and is asking for an adjustment of some kind. And it’s not just Haumea pushing for this.

The transiting Ceres in the chart for the Pisces Full Moon at 23+ Cancer will square Jupiter and Haumea in Libra and as well, Eris in Aries. There is a theme then about food, its growth or even its distribution but there apparently is a challenge in the way this is done.

The Full Moon’s Ceres is sextile Vesta in Virgo (a sign associated with Ceres and earth matters) and Vesta is about investment as well as focus and dedication. It would seem that the dollars would favor the Ceres approach, whatever that is.

These two goddesses, Ceres and Vesta, form a Yod to the transiting South Node in Aquarius (south nodes indicate where it is time to end patterns that no longer increase growth). Therefore, the North Node in Leo (indicating the opportunities to move forward) completes a Boomerang pattern.

The transiting North Node with its accumulated energy coming from the Yod group sextiles Jupiter and Haumea in this September 6 FM, but it also trines Eris (that Ceres squares). While oppositions like the one between Eris and Jupiter/Haumea provide a possible coming to terms, squares like that between Eris and Ceres are hard fought battles and usually need some other entity to run interference.

I suggest that other entity might be U.S. Mercury who at 24+ Cancer is only one degree from the Pisces Full Moon chart’s Ceres at 23+ Cancer. U.S. Mercury of course is sextile U.S. Neptune (22+ Virgo) and U.S. Neptune trines the Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s starting point at 22+ Taurus. U.S. Neptune also trines the Vesta in Virgo in this Pisces Full Moon chart.

Wouldn’t it be great if the U.S. Neptune and Mercury were able to settle this potentially difficult situation, for the U.S. anyway. However, transiting Saturn in Sagittarius (whose sextile with trans. Jupiter + Haumea started this whole thing by that Yod they formed with their cycle-starting degree in Taurus) is square the U.S. Neptune.

Well. there’s one more big old Boomerang setup in this September Full Moon chart and it starts with a sextile between Venus at 13+ Leo and the U.S. Saturn at 14+ Libra. Both are quincunx the Full Moon at 13+ Pisces who opposes the same chart’s Sun at 13+ Virgo. That’s the Boomerang but it doesn’t end there.

The Sept. FM chart’s Pallas at 14+ Taurus trines the Sun who is opposite the FM, and both Sun and Pallas are trine Pluto in Capricorn.

Did I mention that the Full Moon was conjunct transiting Neptune? No? Well trans. Neptune sextiles Pallas in Taurus but even better, trans. Neptune and the Full Moon are sextile trans. Pluto too. And trans. Pluto squares U.S. Saturn in Libra who sextiles Venus in Leo . . . .

I know it sounds like something Congress will have to take on if such is the case regarding some issues about how food is grown and/or packaged and provided for human beings here and abroad.

I would also add that the Full Moon (+ Neptune) opposite the Sun in Virgo form a T-square with the U.S. chart’s ascendant in Sagittarius opposite the U.S. descendant in Gemini. The sign that U.S Mercury, tricky Mercury, rules.

But we need to remember, trans. Haumea is in a degree where some new development in consciousness is being born and Haumea is all about birthing babies. We just need to, as a whole, raise our consciousness a little and tough problems like this will be solved like never before.


Bring Him Home by Josh Groban from Les Misérables

twitter Bernie


Can one of the astrologers explain to me how if this eclipse was supposed to be so bad for trump that he has his speech tonight which he is being praised for and is called a high point?

Hi Diana,

Like you, I’ve been pondering what impact this eclipse might have on Trump. Any events and/or indications coinciding with the eclipse?

One thing that stands out is the primary theme of Trump’s address to the nation last night…….

Trump’s Afghan Strategy: ‘Killing Terrorists,’ Not Nation-Building


Notice the emphasis on “killing” rather than any humanitarian considerations.

As Rick Levine points out in his newest video posting (see link below), with the eclipse conjoining Trump’s ascendant, Mars AND interestingly enough the fixed star Regulus, any degree of hate and revenge in ones life, with the Fixed Star Regulus; there will apt to be immense negative consequences, possibly a downfall. Levine points to the early September period when tr. Mars goes over that degree when we could expect to see major developments.

Here is the Rick Levine video…..

Rick Levine: This Eclipse Will Be “The Performance of Our Lives”

Video 25 min 28 sec.




Diana — astrological phenomena doesn’t make events in the “real” world occur the moment the astrological thing happens. In the case of eclipses, many astrologers agree that the effect(s) could occur up to six months from the time of the eclipse.

Thank you jerry and fierywoman, I know that events do take a while, I guess I was a bit bummed out that he had this quasi presidential address on a day like yesterday!

But I know there is always a bigger picture!

Solar Eclipse representing the Eye of Horus looking toward humanity, especially the U.S. and the Initiatory energy for humanity toward greater love and unity. So, Trump was the vessel for that uplifting speech that we have as our goal a more perfect union. Whomever wrote that speech understood the moment that we collectively were experiencing.

Interesting to me that Pisces sun Chelsea defends Pisces sun/son Barron Trump. Barron’s chart indicates, as I remember, a lot of sensitivity but also the need for seclusion, privacy (just my take on it, without checking again). I wonder if he will be part of the generation that heals the earth and its people.


The Wolfstar article that Ja just posted echoes Nancy’s writing that Aug 31-Sept 2, when mercury & mars transit the eclipse point, will overtly express the manifestations of the eclipse that so closely involve Trump and the American people (U.S. moon placement), and will come out as lots of angry communication.

“Creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky, and altogether ooky” The Adams Family.


Interesting that you live in Redmond. I lived in Bellevue for a few years and really enjoyed it. I’m stuck here in Texas for a bit longer, but hope to return home to WA in summer 2018. I don’t know if it still exists, but there used to be a pretty good astrology club that met monthly in Seattle.

Thanks to those who spoke about a “megastorm” – Texas is about to get hit this weekend. Some areas will receive 20-30 inches of rain…

Why Charlottesville?


Angel light …… Initiatory energy for humanity toward a greater love and unity for humanity sounds great. However I am finding it very hard to believe Trump was the vessel for those sentiments.

One day reading through a TelePrompter and saying the right things by someone who wrote some true words doesn’t cut it with him speaking because of how he normally speaks and how vile he has been especially recently.

It seemed that his people wanted him to say the right sentiments after Charlottesville. All well and good and let’s see how he speaks tonight in phonenix.

Trump gets away with everything it seems, people are always so ready to say he has flipped or is Presidential and he has caused so much damage and harm to this country.

Maybe I can’t see the bigger picture but I pray he goes and can’t see how good is working through him the way the hypocritical evangelicals do.

Eliseo, I’m usually teaching (violin and viola) the nights those kinds of meetings take place. I also miss the Northwest Watercolor Society meetings for the same reason (although I’m a member.) But thanks for the thought!

FIERYWOMAN, do you paint watercolors? That’s my absolute favorite medium!

Diana, yes I do.

ja, the oxford astrologer is right on with her assessment of Trump’s role in the great scheme of things. She calls him a “one man cattle prod”, I call him a tool of the Universe. Thanks for the link but it lacked the last “l” in the address. Hopefully, this one should work and everyone will read it:


It IS hard to not want Trump to vanish, but the lessons he invokes must reach the greatest number of people possible, meaning we must feel bad until everyone realizes what he embodies; a reflection of our country’s worst traits going back to the beginning.

We must rectify the wrongs about our country before we can claim to be the greatest. It’s the right thing to do. We don’t want to just be the greatest place to live do we? We want to be the wisest people as well as the freest and most blessed. We want the whole world to be that blessed and when we get our act together, the world will follow suit.

Or this. . .

Can’t be too careful when Mercury is retro.

Speaking of Mercury, it might be time for Mitch McConnell’s natal Mercury to demonstrate the power of the outer planets, esp. when they are working in unison.

Those outer planets, Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, share a degree in their (2nd) ingress chart into the signs they now occupy, 11+ Aquarius. Each of the 3 outer planets have a different transiting body at that degree making it part of the overall picture-intention-plan which is why we look at any ingress chart. It would seem to me that this would be a relatively rare phenomenon, but I’ve never researched it.

Each of the 3 charts above have a particular planetary setup involving the trans. object at 11+ Aquarius which would be an expression of the energy of the particular outer planet whose ingress chart it is in. For an individual to share this phenomenon by also having a planet or point at that degree in their own natal chart is going to resonate to that same energy.

For Mitch it is his natal Mercury at 11+ Aquarius which trines his natal Jupiter at 11+ Gemini. On the day of the Aquarius lunar eclipse (August 7) and for the 6 days following there were 6 transiting bodies, 3 personal planets (Mars, Mercury, Venus) and one dwarf planet (Ceres) and 2 asteroids (Vesta and Pallas) all aspecting each other and all of them would reside at the 11+ degree of their respective signs at some point during that time frame.

All of them would aspect the planet or point in the 3 outer planet ingress charts and all would aspect Mitch McConnell’s Mercury in Aquarius and his Jupiter in Gemini.

Rachel Maddow had a story tonight regarding a story in the New York Times suggesting there is a chance that McConnell will be asked to testify (or at least be interviewed) regarding Trump’s attempt to coerce McConnell into stopping the investigation into (or at least “protecting” him from) the Russian attempt to interfere in the U.S. election.

If McConnell does so, agrees to an interview regarding this bullying by Trump, it will cement the likelihood that Trump’s bullying of Comey will result in impeachment or other punishment of Trump.

It seems likely that of the 3 outer planets, Pluto (whose North Node and Nessus were at 11+ Aquarius at its 2nd ingress into Capricorn) would take the lead on this particular manifestation.

McConnell’s natal Pluto (4+ Leo) is trine his natal Eris at 4+ Aries and I would assume he would get some pleasure from testifying about this because his natal Venus is opposite his natal Pluto and she is sextile his natal Eris. Besides, it’s the kind of thing you would expect from Nessus.

Emmyrose….that is really worrisome! 20 to 30 inches of rain could cause a lot of flooding.

All of us here should be praying for Texas. I just looked it up and it’s the remnants of Tropical Storm Harvey that will be effecting Texas via the Gulf of Mexico after transiting Mexico. We need to pray for southwest LA, too….Eliseo, you stay dry and safe, and anyone else in those areas.

Thank you Barbk. Sorry about the glitch.

In an article in the nyt’s, Mitch doubts if trump can save Presidency. Comment from article,

“The Republicans brought this upon themselves, and I have no pity for them. I have pity for the American public who has to suffer through this, but not for the GOP.

For years, the Republican party has pursued an avenue of political extremism- refusal to compromise at all costs, pushing legislation that the majority of the American people find repellent, shutting down our government in fits of pique, stealing a Supreme Court seat. The worst of all was their unrelenting obstruction and back-stabbing of President Obama, which began on day one of his Presidency.

Now, we have Trump, who regardless of any improvements from this moment forward will go down as one of the worst Presidents in our nation’s history. I hold no accolades for Mitch McConnell, or Lindsay Graham, or Paul Ryan, who might be grumbling now, but have sat on their hands for months, with blank smiles on their faces, regardless of whatever lunacy Trump expressed. You don’t get points for integrity and courage after the fact.

McConnell might not like it, but Donald Trump is the face of the Republican party now, and everything it represents.”

Viola and violin…interesting.
My wife works at viola, and plays classical guitar. She’s in Olympia, (which we now regard as home) taking care of her mother. On May 2 she had a very bad fall, broke her shoulder and has had a pretty hard time playing any music since then.
I play guitar and piano, but have specialized in recent years in baritone guitar. After I return to WA I hope to buy a cello and learn to play it well.

Thanks for the heads up re: the possible storm.
I had no idea.

I loved what Oxford astrologer had to say. She was on target and expressed it beautifully.


RE: “It IS hard to not want Trump to vanish, but the lessons he invokes must reach the greatest number of people possible, meaning we must feel bad until everyone realizes what he embodies; a reflection of our country’s worst traits going back to the beginning.”

I mostly agree with you, but I wonder if it need be everyone. I think a large majority, approaching 2/3 realizes what he embodies. I’m wondering where the tipping point is. 70%? 75%? 85%? or higher?

Steve Bannon unleashed….

Bannon’s natal Pluto at 25 Leo conjoins Pres. Trump’s natal Mars. Will Bannon unleash irreparable damaging information on Trump and Jared Kushner (Kushner’s natal Uranus is at 28 Scorpio) when transiting Mars hits the 25/26 Leo degrees by the end of the month?

Here’s Astrochick’s take on that……

“…….. Steve Bannon’s Moon & Pluto in passionate Leo shows a man who’s ruled by his feelings. He’s provocative and plunges headlong into a dark sea of lunar emotions without fear and with dramatic flair. Highly manipulative, he uses his explosive temper to control others by intimidation.

Bannon’s birth chart reveals Mercury, Venus, and Saturn in intense Scorpio. He’s wicked smart with a sharp tongue and emotionally fueled by jealousy, insecurity, and paranoia.

Since being fired by President Trump on August 18th, Steve Bannon has made several provocative statements about the White House and what the future may hold. In fact, he said he’s ready to wage war on President Trump, Ivanka Trump, and her husband Jared Kushner who he calls Javanka.

Steve Bannon himself told the Weekly Standard that “the Trump Presidency that we fought for, and won, is over. We still have a massive movement,” Bannon continued, “and we will make something of this Trump presidency. But that presidency is over.” In fact, some predict that Steve Bannon wants to get President Trump impeached.

Astrologically speaking, Astrochicks believes that Steve Bannon is a VERY vindictive guy and he’s only happy if he feels like he’s “winning.” He’s privy to quite a few Trump secrets, and he’s not afraid to throw Jared Kushner a Capricorn under the bus.

Our Astrology-Psychic prediction is Steve Bannon will put Jared Kushner in the hot seat by spilling the beans to Robert Mueller. This information could lead to an indictment for President Trump’s son-in-law. As they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

We can expect Steve Bannon to use Breitbart News to torture President Trump and the White House cabinet by waterboarding information and leaking all of his dirty little secrets leading to President Trump’s resignation or impeachment within the next six months.”


Sen. Bernie Sanders Slams Trump At Town Hall: ‘There Are No Nice Nazis’

FYI, transiting asteroid Psyche is now conjunct the US natal mid-heaven in Libra. Prepare for public exposure of our country’s innermost hang-ups and phobias.

Eliseo, I am a violist by profession, but I started on violin and played it until I was 17 (college) and saw the light and switched to viola! My violin skills are above those of my students, so I teach violin until they get to a rather high level (5th-7th position) and then I send them off to someone more advanced.
But to be honest, if I had my druthers, I would have played cello — so, follow that dream!)
And I send fast-healing vibes to your wife (ouch!); those kinds of accidents are a musician’s nightmare.

For the astrologers out there: I won my auditions (1.founding member of Mexico City Phil Orch 2. Orch Maggio Musicale Fiorentino 3. Orch Teatro la Fenice (Venice) 4. Orch Teatro la Fenice: Assistent Principal) when the moon was in my moon sign (Sag) — only, I didn’t know it at the time of the auditions because I wasn’t following astrology at the time!

fierywoman, you are quite accomplished… congratulations, and Eliseo, to you and your wife, too. I love music so very much and am envious of anyone who has the discipline to really master an instrument – I used to play piano a bit and my mother, a virgo with venus in Leo, had an amazing voice. Speaking of which, Jerry, I have a moon/pluto conjunction in Leo and, although I have strong emotions and passions (moderated by a great deal of Pisces and opposed by mercury in Aquarius – which accounts for my cerebral tendencies), I am not exactly like this description of Steve Bannon by….Astrochicks.

“…….. Steve Bannon’s Moon & Pluto in passionate Leo shows a man who’s ruled by his feelings. He’s provocative and plunges headlong into a dark sea of lunar emotions without fear and with dramatic flair. Highly manipulative, he uses his explosive temper to control others by intimidation.”

Eliseo, according to this image at the Nat’l Hurricane Center, you’ll feel the affects of tropical storm Harvey by Sunday or Monday….with winds up to 70 mph, but the hurricane parameter is not so far away from your area (I think). Having been through quite a few hurricanes and storms in FL and LA, let me know if you want some tips (or Emmyrose or anyone else in the target area). Myron has a home battery system based on marine batteries and, although it is somewhat more advanced now, it was fairly easy to put the original one together. This gives us power for some lights, a computer, the refrigerator, for at least a few days and the batteries can be charged in the car.



try adding google autenticator to the security of your account,


Thank you Sharon on the hurricane tip- tomorrow I have the task of making sure those with disabilities and other functional needs are prepared – You plan, Mother Nature laughs.
Crazy storm – some models predict over 20 inches of rain…but no one knows where it’s really going….its kinda like Trump’s brain…a disaster in the making.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes and belated wishes to all the Leo’s here!!!

When I return to WA (possibly in December, but more likely in Summer 2018) I plan to record a CD of my songs and poetry. I may well want to contact you about that time, as I’ll need backup musicians for the project. I’m guessing you know which ones in our area might be the right ones.

Ok, Emmyrose & Eliseo, get to high ground and evacuate if you are told to! This is not meant to scare you but just to tell you to prepare. If you prepared for nothing, it’s better to be safe…


Eliseo, Sorry but I gave up playing in public around 2007. So I really don’t know the community. Why did I stop? Because it wasn’t fun anymore.
But we could do coffee! All best to you and your project.

Trump supporters in their own words:
Squallo, Thank you for your input.
I had 2-Step Phone Call installed!
Fierywoman, I would sign out of my Gmail and often find it wide open! I contacted Gmail asking what was the problem? “Indian Voice: So, So Sorry, your email has been compromised”.
Is there a more secure Internet EMail Service? Thank you all!

I am still at the beach, riding my bike and walking by the ocean every day. Also still watching MSNBC and CNN when I can.

Watch this weekend, especially Sunday to Tuesday, as mars crosses trump’s mars/solar arc Uranus. More big explosive events. When the sun crossed that degree, bannon was out after a very nasty interview in the WSJ. This time, trump is back in D.C. where the configuration is also on his location ascendant. Big fireworks expected. Lots of rage from the rageaholic in chief.

Hurricane Harvey expected to be a major category 3 hurricane by the time it makes landfall in Texas this weekend with 20 inches of rain or more. Some prediction models show rain of up to 40 inches.

No way Trump is ready to handle this.


I got a couple of good photos of the eclipse, which I put up on my Facebook page, if anyone would like to see them. I also reposted a fun video of totality in our downtown park, around a waterfall. You can really see how dark it got here.


Not sure if my last comment is in moderation or not, but I’ll post the link again in my next comment (after this one), as a test, of Trump’s retweet this morning of a glowing bright picture of himself next to a dark downcast Obama, stating “Best Eclipse Ever”. Looks pretty racist to me – his white supremists must love it. The only think Trump is best at is being a con man and imposter.

Nancy, thanks for checking in and updating us. Enjoy your beach vacation!

The storm hitting TX no doubt will add to Trump’s burden but he will use it to appear heroic (if he can) amidst fighting with McConnell and other Republicans.

Teresa, really nice eclipse photos. I would have loved to have been somewhere that got completely dark. I’m still trying to figure out if I’ll have any effects from the eclipse being close enough to oppose my 1 degree Pisces sun.

Patty, I’m so sorry for you! Can’t help with the techie stuff — I’m a total Luddite.

Here’s a different link to “the Best Eclipse Ever” (Not). My original comment may appear later but I’ve already repeated it above.


Of course, Trump didn’t notice that the picture had it backwards – the moon eclipsed the sun so it wouldn’t look bright and sunny, and Obama would be the sun, and Trump would be the moon (and he isn’t worth one of Obama’s little fingers)

Exactly – he had it backwards. But that’s his MO. Asswards. The more asswards, the happier he is. I am just in complete disgust. I protect my mind by only READING the news…and only then when I can handle it.

I don’t have any planets or angles directly affected by solar eclipse, but I’ve had a bizarre headache ever since.

I grew up in NOLA. Thinking of all you in the area. Be safe!

A belated thank you for all of your birthday wishes. Sharon K, I appreciate you asking about my son. We watched the eclipse from inside the hospital, but since then it’s been all uphill and he’s recovering well!

RE: “Is there a more secure Internet EMail Service?”



The cost is very reasonable and you have the option of encrypting your email. That may become more important if we experience a right-wing takeover.

A government shutdown would be a disaster for Republicans. And they might not be able to stop it.

Sen. Susan Collins Discusses If Trump Will Be 2020 Nominee | MSNBC – MSNBC.com

Vanity Fair
The Odds of a Government Shutdown Next Month Are Skyrocketing

Vanity Fair

Is a border wall worth a government *shutdown*?


The real crisis we face is not voter fraud. It is voter suppression.

The page for September 2017 in my Ephemeris for the 21st century (2001 through 2050) is barely legible due to all my notations. Sticky notes over those notations in the book itself have lost their stickiness through constant movement and the one positive is that in a few weeks I can dispose of them.

One of the lines highlighted in that ephemeris is for the Libra Equinox on September 22. At that moment (transiting Sun at 0 Libra 0) Uranus retrograde will be at 27 Aries 33 and square U.S. natal retrograde Pluto at 27 Capricorn 33. Trans. Uranus will also oppose Equinox Jupiter at 26 Libra 15.

Equinox charts, like solstice charts give a forecast of challenges and/or hurdles for the following 3 months when compared with the charts for countries or a specific entity. For example the Cancer Solstice chart for June 21, 2017, had the Moon (emotions, masses) at 18+ Taurus (material value) conjunct the U.S. natal Vesta (focus, what we are invested in) at 19+ Taurus, and both were trine the Solstice chart’s retrograde Pluto (transformation at deep levels) at 18+ Capricorn (institutions).

Also in that Cancer Solstice chart of June 21, 2017, was TRANSITING Vesta at 18+ Leo who squared the Solstice Moon that was conjunct the U.S NATAL Vesta in Taurus, and who also was quincunx (adjust) the Solstice chart’s Pluto. This was our heads up of the Charlottesville incident and others that followed. Our material values, institutional in nature and in which we were emotionally invested in, had to go through a deep level of transformation.

In the upcoming Libra Equinox the Moon at 1+ Scorpio will square Ceres (earth mother) at 29+ Cancer. Moon will also be conjunct Jupiter at 26+ Libra who is opposite Uranus at 27+ Aries and exact-to-the-minute square U.S. Pluto in Capricorn. It suggests that the emotional level will be even higher in the US (water signs involved) through the fall season, and with no wiggle room as you would find in a quincunx.

However, there is a Neptune opposite Mars aspect that works with asteroid Pallas who is a remarkable strategist and that could be a saving grace. I’ll write about that later.

Eliseo, thanks for the startmail info!

Has anyone looked at Erik Prince’s chart? He wants to run Afghanistan (with taxpayer money) and get paid by the Chinese for protecting their trillion dollar mineral rights according to Randi Rhodes homework yesterday.


“The huge mystery, until now, was its purpose – why the ancient scribes carried out the complex task of generating and sorting the numbers on the tablet.

Our research reveals that Plimpton 322 describes the shapes of right-angle triangles using a novel kind of trigonometry based on ratios, not angles and circles. It is a fascinating mathematical work that demonstrates undoubted genius.

“The tablet not only contains the world’s oldest trigonometric table; it is also the only completely accurate trigonometric table, because of the very different Babylonian approach to arithmetic and geometry.

This means it has great relevance for our modern world. Babylonian mathematics may have been out of fashion for more than 3,000 years, but it has possible practical applications in surveying, computer graphics and education. This is a rare example of the ancient world teaching us something new.”

A subdued sexual predator.

I think is the result of last Friday’s meeting at Camp David, where, after his major gaffe of siding with white nationalists and by extension tainting the Republican Party as doing so also, he was bluntly told to zip it or face removal by virtue of enough of them siding with Democrats to impeach him, following which he would be open to legal actions in courts of law.

The eclipse on his Mars neutered it, Saturn stationing exactly on his Moon – it has pierced his consciousness that he is trapped and will not escape reaping what he has sown as the GOP, fearful of losing their jobs and control of the congress and later the White House, have finally been blunt with him . Without the party’s backing he will lose all but his 30 to 40 percent of hard core followers. The eclipse being on his Asc alerting that change has and will continue to come for him.

Make no mistake, his rising Mars will re-awaken as that is his core nature and he will be fighting to stay out of prison but reality (Saturn opposite his Sun) banging on everyone else’s door will overcome his efforts in the end. I think the plan will be laid out that he will be removed from office in some manner but will be fully pardoned to keep him from going to prison and that he will accept those terms.

If more members of the tRump clan were to be pardoned I do not think the American public would stand for it as it would be taken that an entire gang was being allowed to thwart the law and the public would demand some measure of justice for their attempt to take over the country, especially if collusion with Russia to any extent is proven.

Of course it would have been made clear that impeachment would would not be followed by a pardon from a following president.


I intended the info for Patty, but you (and anyone else) are welcome to it.

In my various vocations and professions through the years I’ve dealt with some dangerous people, some of whom I’ve been instrumental in assisting into prison. For this and for political reasons, security is extremely important to me. I know of no email service more secure than startmail, unless we are considering some developed by DARPA.

“Since Jan. 20, Trump’s administration has enthusiastically and systematically undone or uprooted rules, policies and tools that predated his time in office. Below, a list of those changes, roughly organized by subject area.”


Good comments, Bob. Your insights sound very feasible, indeed!

I agree with Sharon, Bob. Your delineations using Mars and now Saturn direct and the possible consequences for Trump are plausible. His speech in Nevada is enough evidence to further alarm the GOP. And, he continues to throw tweet spitballs at those he needs to accomplish anything on the republican wishlist.

Alex, I believe it was you who posted extensively on AI. Thought of you earlier today. I’m wrapping up the second book of my sci-fi series, dealing extensively with the not-so-pleasant consequences of AI.

And Nancy…read any good books while on vacation?

Eliseo, Very much appreciate your excellent input on Email Security. And all other recommendations re: Internet security

Nancy, Your Astrology Site has attracted the kindest, most giving & considerate group of people I have ever encountered on the Net.
So many kind hearts here…
Thank you all!

Totally mind blowing!

“Character building”


In the last five minutes there have been three breaking news stories in the NYT’s,

1) Hurrican Harvey is a Catagory 4

2) Trump pardoned Arpaio

3) NK just fired short range missiles from it’s east coast.

Damn. Hurricane is now a category 4.

With the difficult upcoming aspects yet to come for him, culminating in January of 2020, I do not see tRump surviving even 3 years into his term.



Quote from Ja:
In the last five minutes there have been three breaking news stories in the NYT’s,

….also Sebastian Gorka (nazi), has resigned his White House position.

I’m guessing Thanks to General Kelly for Nazi Gorka.


….and the Mango Mussolini is going through with his military Transgender ban.


Arpaio failed to follow a court order, so much like tRump, Arpaio, saw himself as above the law. Habanero Hitler giving him a pardon, spits in the face of the Judiciary…which may bite him in the butt.

Turns out that transiting Typhon conjunct Kim’s Mars (in the solar eclipse chart) opposite transiting Uranus, all square U.S. natal Pluto wasn’t an “either or”, it was a “both and”.

I remember not so long ago when a Friday night was almost always a slow news night.

As it turns out the Eclipse chart’s trans.Typhon that conjuncts Kim’s natal Mars opposing trans. Uranus, all 3 of them T-square U.S. natal Pluto, is not a case of “either or”, but “both and”.

I’ll have to look for the Arpaio signature in the Eclipse chart. I’m leaning toward the eclipse opposition between Pluto and Ceres that Trump’s natal Jupiter (justice) T-squares but I suspect there’s more to it than that.

Does anyone else remember when a Friday night would almost always guarantee a slow news night?

My thoughts and prayers are for the folks in the path of Harvey.

RE:”Does anyone else remember when a Friday night would almost always guarantee a slow news night?”

Absolutely! YES!

Amazing. I thought that 1st comment had just disappeared so I resent it. Now it appears; a delayed reaction or just Mercury retrograde? hmmm. . .

Hang on Eliseo, we are in for a long night!

I’m keeping track of the hurricane. I’m in the SE part of Texas. No rain so far.

Several leading R’s have condemned the Arpaio pardon as an abuse of the pardon power.

Abuse of power is attributed to the Nessus symbolism; thanks Eliseo, I’m staying up with you and your neighbors.

Did Russians Target Democratic Voters, With Kushner’s Help?http://www.newsweek.com/did-russians-target-dem-voters-kushners-help-613612

Report: Congressional Trump/Russia Probe Looking Into Breitbart And Cambridge Analytica https:

Here’s link for above: https://www.mediamatters.org/blog/2017/05/18/Report-Congressional-TrumpRussia-Probe-Looking-Into-Breitbart-And-Cambridge-Analytica/216551

A Special Relationship & the Birth of Cambridge Analytica Bridging the Atlantic to bring radical nativists of Trump & Brexit together via military tech & ad money, one donation or dataset at a time.

Could Impeachment Investigations all lead to: The Mercer’s?

Donald Trump Sends Message To Robert Mueller Targets With Joe Arpaio Pardon | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

25 Aug 2017

Barbara McQuade, former U.S. attorney, talks with Ari Melber about how people like Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn might interpret Donald Trump’s pardon of Joe Arpaio and how that could weaken Robert Mueller’s leverage on them as witnesses against Trump.

Video: 4 min. 50 sec.


Cecillia Wang, deputy legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union, said in a statement Friday:

“Once again, the president has acted in support of illegal, failed immigration enforcement practices that target people of color and have been struck down by the courts. His pardon of Arpaio is a presidential endorsement of racism.” ~ Cecillia Wang, deputy legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union

Mundane Astrology Symbolism

US Sibley Chart – Bigotry, Racism

Chiron 20 Aries


Juno 20 Libra


Thanks alex, this sort of thing, bigotry and racism, might not be easily pinned down in a chart’s astrology, but in the U.S. natal chart it is. With transiting Jupiter conjunct the U.S. natal Juno (opposite U.S. natal Chiron) this past week it was a veritable spotlight on the subject.

I’m going to keep the faith (until notified otherwise) that Mueller will nail the whole Trump syndicate and that’s partly because of a tiny little spider named Arachne. I was watching an interview on TV where the individual described Mueller’s tactic of surrounding – or drawing a circle around – Manafort’s past business activities and I saw the fine hand of Arachne’s work.

It turns out that Mueller’s natal asteroid Arachne (spiderweb) is exactly conjunct his natal Neptune, both at 2+ Libra. That is one degree past the U.S. natal chart’s MC (final outcome) at 1+ Libra.

As Mueller’s time of birth is not known, his natal Moon could be at 1+ Aries (although a noon birth time would give him a Moon at 28-29 Pisces) and conjunct the U.S. IC, the roots of the U.S. chart. That would put Mueller’s instinctive Moon opposite his natal Neptune-Arachne and the U.S. MC.

As it turns out, the U.S. progressed Isis, she who was able to pull all the pieces together to make a whole, is at 2+ Aries and conjunct the U.S. IC and possibly Mueller’s Moon.

If however, Mueller’s Moon were at 28 Pisces and not so closely opposite his natal Neptune-Arachne, then we have the U.S. solar return chart for July 4, 2017-2018, which has a grand water trine between Moon at 29+ Scorpio trine Mercury at 28+ Cancer and Chiron at 28+ Pisces retrograde, which would be conjunct Mueller’s natal Moon.

In either case there is a strong penchant for stealth and getting to the bottom of things. In the U.S. solar return chart Chiron (possibly conjunct Mueller’s natal Moon), in addition to being part of that grand trine, is also T-square the U.S. solar return opposition between Pholus (starts out small but winds up big) and Ceres (doesn’t take loss lightly).

That same U.S. Solar Return Chiron at 28+ Pisces (+ possible Mueller Moon) is sextile the U.S. natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn and, together, they form a Yod to the just-passed Solar Eclipse degree of 28+ Leo which conjuncts Trump’s ascendant at 29+ Leo. It sounds like a gotcha for Mueller, either way.

have been away for a bit – thoughts are with all in texas.
Thanks for your insights Barbk. As to gauging his actual success with the monster in chief, do you have any insights/feelings as to whether Mueller will be looking pleased or blocked in the coming months or year?

On another note, I am struck as to how much all Donny’s fans look like the same ones would gleefully cheer at a knock-down drag-out wrestling match, purely for the perverse fun of it. I sure wish the media would stop playing clips of his odious voice and begin a visual shun movement. They still keep buying into his need for attention, any attention.

Question for Nancy and any others here with astrology knowledge, interested in responding…

How likely is it the Arpaio pardon may backfire, be reversed, or just not have the intended effect Arpaio and tRump are seeking (keeping Arpaio out of jail)…given it was granted in the midst of a Mercury Retrograde, without going through proper channels (DOJ, etc.).

Also, just learned tRump and Arpaio share the same birthdate.

Marjorie Orr has something on Arpaio. http://star4cast.ca/joe-arpaio-a-sun-gemini-mars-in-taurus-raging-zealot/

I don’t know about the astrology of it, but I saw somewhere that accepting a pardon means admitting guilt, which subjects him to civil suits.

kiwi, I’ll share some things that astrology shows for September and beyond that affects Mueller’s chart as well as the U.S.

I don’t know if Mueller could ever feel good about this whole investigation as it must be a sad thing to witness what has happened to his country, but transiting Pluto will station direct and trine his natal Mars-Chiron conjunction at the end of September. Trans. Mercury will be conjunct his natal Mars-Chiron on the 22nd and both will trine trans. Pluto.

Just hours before Pluto stations direct trans. Jupiter and Uranus will make their 3rd of 3 oppositions and Uranus will be trine Mueller’s Venus in Leo while Jupiter will sextile Mueller’s Venus. Since Mueller’s Venus is conjunct Trump’s Mars and they both oppose the U.S. natal Moon in Aquarius, I am a loss at the moment to understand how that manifests. Could it be a win-win decision about some unexpected revelation?

Also, Mueller’s true North Node at 27+ Cancer opposes the U.S. natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn as well as his own South Node. The opposition between trans. Uranus and Jupiter will form a cardinal cross (4 squares) which, I’m assuming, poses a major crossroads decision for Mueller; does he follow his own NN and turn his back on his country’s Pluto and his own SN?

Remember, trans. Pluto is stationing direct and extremely powerful at that time – AND – it is trine Mueller’s natal Mars-Chiron conjunction in Virgo (work, healing).

I get the impression that Mueller is fulfilling a duty and quite possibly gets no gratification from taking any U.S. President down. Mueller’s natal Saturn is conjunct the U.S. Jupiter in Cancer, and Saturn is about duty while Jupiter is about moral conviction. It could be that what the U.S. country as a whole considers a victory (Jupiter) is for Mueller an obligation fulfilled (Saturn).

Transiting Jupiter will trine the U.S. natal Jupiter and Mueller’s natal Saturn in early November. At that time transiting Saturn and transiting Uranus will make their 3rd and final TRINE and trans. Saturn in Sagittarius will also be square trans. Chiron in Pisces. However, both trans. Saturn and Uranus will form a grand trine with Mueller’s natal Venus.

In other words, in November trans. Jupiter will trine Mueller’s Saturn while trans. Saturn and trans. Uranus will trine Mueller’s Venus. I guess you could call that a sign of success.

The energy in play for the period between September and November is a combination of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle (soon to end), the Jupiter-Pluto cycle (soon to end), the Jupiter-Uranus cycle, the Saturn-Pluto cycle (soon to end) and the Saturn-Uranus cycle.

There are charts that would help us understand why these things are happening the way they are happening but the most interesting cycle to gain insight from is the one that began in the ’60’s between Uranus and Pluto when their conjunctions took place at 16 or 17 degrees of Virgo and were conjunct Mueller’s Mars-Chiron conjunction.

Each of the 3 conjunctions between trans. Uranus and Pluto were accompanied by a sextile to trans. Neptune in Scorpio. This sextile between the 2 outer planets in Virgo and Neptune in Scorpio, when joined with the U.S natal chart’s opposition between Chiron in Aries and Juno in Libra, form a Boomerang pattern and that’s what makes this cycle so interesting to me.

alex noted that one of the associations of the symbolism of the U.S. Chiron-Juno opposition is bigotry and racism. We are in a process of bringing old wounds to the surface where they can be seen and healed. Mars is the Surgeon and Chiron is the Healer and Bob Mueller’s natal Mars-Chiron is transmitting that Uranus-Pluto energy that is transmuting the U.S. sins of the past into a future consciousness of equality.

Is it worth the pain? Of course it is.

60 Minutes Footage Shows Arpaio When He Was Ruthless “Joe the Jailer”

President Trump pardoned former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio. When 60 Minutes met him, he was “the meanest man in the West,” enforcing tough punishment

60 Minutes special segment enclosed in the article/

Video 13 min 38 sec


barb, I sure hope you are right. In the Margaret & Helen piece above, Robert E. Lee is quoted on his position that there should be no statues of him erected to irritate the wounds of war so healing could take place (something like that) but he obviously was not listened to and the wounds are still being irritated, but for good purpose. May the infection be excised.

just saw this on facebook – very clever. The parody project – to the tune of ‘sounds of silence’

Mueller’s pre-natal solar eclipse..
Does it add anything to what you wrote?

By: barbk on August 26th, 2017
at 11:39 pm

“Also, Mueller’s true North Node at 27+ Cancer opposes the U.S. natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn as well as his own South Node. The opposition between trans. Uranus and Jupiter will form a cardinal cross (4 squares) which, I’m assuming, poses a major crossroads decision for Mueller; does he follow his own NN and turn his back on his country’s Pluto and his own SN? ”

July 20, 1944 1:42 AM Sun 27 Can 22 Conjunct Moon 27 Can 22(SE)

Sheriff Arpiao deserved to be called the meanest sheriff in America as he subjected his prisoners to 125 degree temps. in his famous Tent City prison; made the guys wear pink underwear. He demeaned the men to break them for low -level crimes. Most people there were low-level criminals, DUIs or not yet convicted. Under the law, jails should not be punitive, but Tent City seemed that way and most were Hispanic.

Les, my take on a pardon is that he can no longer plea the 5th should he brought up on charges as a result of the pardon.

another great simon and garfunkle tune
about the liar in chief – lie lie lie


The late September aspects as you outlined does seem formidable, especially the Jupiter-Uranus opposition in t square to the US Pluto. This is the same period Trump is threatening a US government shutdown (September 30th) if funding for the proposed Mexican wall is not passed; a non-sequiter for most politicians both in the House and Senate. Will the US government default on its debt and precipitate a major stock market correction at that time?

If so, and there is an unraveling of the Donald Trump presidency around that time, I expect North Korea will take full advantage of the chaos. Note: the October 1st Mars conjoins North Korea’s Sun (16 Virgo) in exact trine to the near stationary Pluto (16 Capr.).

Also note the astrological aspects leading up to this late September time period; the September 20th New Moon (27 Virgo) in quincunx to tr. Uranus (27 Aries). Here’s the Sept. 20th Virgo New Moon chart….


I am watching the documentary, Icarus, on Netflix – which plays like a thriller! All about drug testing, Russian politics, etc.

I read in one of the reviews (I think) that the documentary successfully shows what it’s like when a country (Russia) is run by/like a mafia organization. I know the US is not even close to being “clean”, but Trump is SO mafia that it was chilling to watch this flick at this time in history.

It takes courage to witness, to hold light, to speak truth, to blaze new trails forward, to help each other on, to love.

I sadly keep thinking about Nancy saying that if Trump is still around by October, we may have him for the long haul…

I don’t see anything on the near horizon going to bring him down, Republicans are obviously not going to get rid of him, Muller investigation is going to take time, he is clearly not going to resign and I don’t believe he’s bored at all, he’s lapping up this position and in his madness thinks he is the best President ever!

Depressing I know.

Izzy, I would say that pre-birth eclipse amps up Mueller’s nativity at least twice more than its obvious purpose. If you looked at that eclipse in chart form you saw that it had a concentration of its energy within the span of a square, all 10 major planets within 80 degree of each other. That is called a bundle pattern. Mueller has “focus” in his DNA. Thanks for noting that information, it will make a difference.

How you ask? The concentration of the Sun-Moon-North Node at 27+ Cancer (where Mueller’s North Node is) opposite the U.S. natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn brought to mind an incubator light focused on a fertilized egg. It was just a matter of time before the egg shell would break open and release its contents.

Then, to have the 1944 eclipse chart’s Jupiter in the same degree as the total eclipse 6 days ago seems over the top, almost as if the egg were set to open 73 years later!

Jerry, thank you for making us painfully aware of the late Sept.-early Oct. astro picture. Again, a concentration of planets in the September 20 New Moon chart aspecting the U.S. natal Pluto (AND the U.S. Moon!) is nothing if not a picture of the U.S. destiny unfolding.

The trine between the Virgo New Moon and the U.S. Pluto seems to provide guidance and a path forward (for the U.S.) regarding the grand cross that the U.S. Pluto finds itself in (U.S. Pluto opposite Mueller’s NN and the New Moon’s Ceres in Cancer, along with the opposition between trans. Uranus in Aries and trans. Jupiter in Libra).

That grand cross setup in the Virgo New Moon chart is made up of cardinal signs indicating action taking place, although the Virgo New Moon indicates a transition moment.

My guess is that even now plans are afoot (possibly even between Dems and Pubs) among the legislative body to usurp the President’s power in some legal way.

Constitutional whiz-kids are busy putting together a circuitous strategy that will bind Trump’s hands if not his mouth. Right now transiting Pallas the Planner/Strategist in Taurus is sextile the U.S Sun in Cancer on one side and the transiting Neptune in Pisces (who trines the U.S. Sun) on the other.

The Yod setup from the August 21 solar eclipse, between U.S. Pluto in Cap sextile trans. Chiron in Pisces and both quincunx the solar eclipse in Leo, will still be in play in September (and is still the basis for a Boomerang pattern when considering the U.S Moon in Aquarius opposite the Leo solar eclipse).

One gets an idea of the intricacy and patience Mueller must utilize when we study the complexity of September’s New Moon as well as the August solar eclipse charts. It is a tangled web but not so delicate that it can’t be followed, strand by strand. (Transiting Arachne at 24+ Scorpio is trine the U.S Mercury at 24+ Cancer!)

Joe Arpiao is true evil.



One quick follow-up….. Just noticed the September 24th Mars-Neptune opposition (12 Virgo-Pisces). It will semi-square/ sesquiquadrate the waxing Jupiter-Uranus opposition (26-27 Aries-Libra) and in turn is heavily impacting Trump’s natal Venus (25 Cancer). Venus often signifies a person’s values and or finances. Will Trump’s nefarious, shady money dealings be exposed to the light of day at this point in time?

Did the eclipse bring this Houston flooding event which the weather.com site is stating could be the worst flooding event in U.S. history? Houston is the 4th largest city in the U.S.

And, will this re-open the climate change discussion on a while new level?

What good eyes you have Jerry; transiting Mars will be wading into the thick of it (those aspects of the slower moving planets) and trans. Jupiter will, at 25+ Libra square Trump’s Venus at 25+ Cancer on Sept. 20.

Also you note the Mars-Neptune opposition (exact on September 24) which will make a tight grand cross to the U.S natal ascendant (12+ Sagittarius) and descendant (12+ Gemini) axis, something I’d not seen yet. Something that will make the media folks frantic as the next morning (Sept. 25) trans. Mercury (media) in Virgo will square transiting Saturn who will STILL be conjunct Trump’s Moon/South Node in Sagittarius. Stay tuned.

Sharon I looked at the Houston birth chart (August 24, 1836 per Astrotheme). The Houston natal Sun at 1+ Virgo is less than 2 degrees from the solar eclipse at 28+ Leo.

Making landfall on the 25th, Hurricane Harvey was a most unwelcome guest to the Houston birthday celebration. Houston’s natal Virgo Sun is opposite its natal Uranus at 2+ Pisces so Harvey couldn’t be the first shocking birthday surprise the city has had to endure.

Houston’s natal Venus at 25+ Cancer is in the same degree that Trump’s Venus is, which is one degree past the U.S. natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer, which is where the solar eclipse chart’s Venus was too.

I guess we will have to wait until September when trans. Jupiter in Libra squares Houston’s Venus, Trump’s Venus and the U.S. Mercury and the solar eclipse Venus to see just how and/or if the Jupiter-Uranus opposition will impact Houston.

There’s always hope regarding the climate change discussion. Having experienced the wrath of Mother Nature (transiting Ceres opposite Pluto and T-square Typhon at the August solar eclipse) people tend to be more open to the concept.

Excuse me, make that Houston Sun 3 degrees from the solar eclipse, not 2.

Thanks, barb. Someone in the weather service just said it’s an 1,000 year flood…. Whether true or not, that should wake some people up. Houston is very flat and will continue to flood with heavy rainfall. The mayor decided not to evacuate people, thinking that too many would be on the roads and even get trapped in flash floods. They need a plan though!

Emmyrose & Eliseo, Please check in and let us know how you’re doing…

Sharon, how are things in your neck of the woods? Have you been affected or are you far enough away?

Sharon K,
Doing fine here. I’m about 90 miles NE of Houston, and we benefit from some advantages over Houston.

Firstly, we are a bit higher above sea level. Secondly, slightly over a year ago the city upgraded and drastically overhauled our drainage system. Thirdly, my house is on piers which raise it more than two feet.

Though I’ve seen much rain, I’ve seen no flooding here. Neither have we lost electrical power or running water. Both have continued per normal.

Nevertheless, classes at the college where I’ll be teaching this semester are postponed until Wednesday. We have many local students, as well as many from the Houston area.

Frankly, with the cooler weather and darkness I’ve been catching up on deprived sleep and have spent a good deal of time dreaming.

Ed Tamplin posted a chart for landfall of both Hurricacane Katrina, and Hurricane Harvey. Both arrived on August 25th, but twelve years apart, i.e. one Jupiter cycle. To see the chart you need to scroll about half way down.


AMAZING Barbk! Thank you!
They underestimated the Storm and should have evacuated Huston. This will be Trump’s Katrina! Pray for Texas.
I’m finding intelligent/educated RightWinger’s fighting for Trump!
They’re not just Deplorable’s
They think it deplorable to Impeach.

Eliseo… good to hear from you! I’ve been concerned about your situation. Are you still “put” or have you had to move to higher ground?

We’ve got family in San Antonio we’re waiting to hear from. All the family in LA and MS seem to be okay this time around.

I still so love S. Texas and it hurts to see it hurting like this. My thoughts and energies go out to ya’ll.

If you read this article, rainfall levels in Texas have been increasing over the past several years by a lot and, in fact, Houston had 20+ inches in June 2016 and endured a great deal of flooding. Nothing this bad but still…. In the Slate article it says that the Houston has a laissez faire flood control policy and prioritizes parking lots over flood control. They should have seen this day coming, they could have put some energy into re-engineering the drainage like they did for your city, Eliseo (Glad your situation remains so good and it’s always great to catch up on sleep). It just makes me angry! Houston is the 4th largest city in the U.S. This shouldn’t have happened!!!

Here’s the link!


Kiwi – we expect rain all week but our pumps are in much better shape than they were a few weeks ago (although not 100%) and the city brought in like 20 generators because the power to one of the pump stations had failed at that time, also. If there is any flooding, it shouldn’t be too bad.

I am SO sad for Houston having to go through this. It’s not as if they haven’t had wake-up calls!

I’m not finished venting. New Orleans was complacent and not prepared for Katrina. The last really bad hurricane had occurred 20 years before (Betsy). But Katrina happened and a lot of money was put into re-engineering, strengthening and building up the levees. I thought that just maybe the other areas that were vulnerable might learn something from watching us.

When I was a child, I thought that the adults who were in charge took care of things….it’s sure been a long, discouraging journey to find out that this is not true. People can be lax and irresponsible. In the family I married into I’m sometimes seen as a pain in the ass before I want to plan things in advance and take care of potential negative contingencies and scenarios. We can’t control nature (yet) and we can’t protect ourselves against everything but we can try to fortify our situation as much as possible so we have a fighting chance! I guess climate change is a main example but there is so much more that needs attention and that means raising taxes and putting some political will into it. Why is it that crises have to happen before something is done?

I might have spoken too soon.
We lost electrical power in my neighborhood about 3&1/2 hours ago. Still, no flooding, but the wind is picking up, blowing light weight things about. Indoor temperature is not bad, but considering the humidity and no electricity for AC, it might get pretty hot after sunrise if they don’t get our power restored.

Sharon K,
Adults often neglect to take care of necessary things when it is not profitable. We live in a system that foments selfishness and discourages wisdom and long term thinking. Most business people cannot see or imagine anything beyond the next quarter, while most of the rest of us live paycheck to paycheck.

Thanks for The Parody Project links kiwi.

We had great pop music then. Still works today.

Sharon, glad to hear you and Eliseo are OK.
Im right with you on the planning thing too – envision the best but plan for the worst. That’s why we sailors always have life rafts handy!


Eliseo, I hope you had your power restored by now.

Yes, we have to be more like the tribal elders among the Native American who lived in harmony with nature but planned ahead as well as they could than the marauding, invading Europeans who were looking for gold and resources.

“Currently, Texas’s progressed Neptune and Saturn are at 28º Aquarius and 0º Pisces respectively, also right in line with the Solar Eclipse.”


Music to my ears,

“When the Trump campaign collaboration with the Russians is made clear, Trump and Pence must be impeached.”


OMG – what could possibly go wrong!


The lede is perfection. I think we have the winner winner chicken dinner:

“WASHINGTON — A business associate of President Trump promised in 2015 to engineer a real estate deal with the aid of the president of Russia, Vladimir V. Putin, that he said would help Mr. Trump win the presidency.

The associate, Felix Sater, wrote a series of emails to Mr. Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, in which he boasted about his ties to Mr. Putin and predicted that building a Trump Tower in Moscow would highlight Mr. Trump’s savvy negotiating skills and be a political boon to his candidacy.

“Our boy can become president of the USA and we can engineer it,” Mr. Sater wrote in an email. “I will get all of Putins team to buy in on this, I will manage this process.”

Rachel Maddox’s show will be a real humdinger.

Almost 19 hours, and still no electricity, and can’t get hold of the Entergy folks. Meanwhile, a tiny four legged refugee appeared at my front door seeking asylum from the storm.

BREAKING: North Korea has launched a missile, Japanese govt. warns it is headed towards Northern Japan -Reuters/NHK

I’m guessing that solstices, summer or winter, have a greater impact on the U.S. than on other countries because the U.S. natal chart (with Sagittarius rising) has on its MC/IC axis the degrees of 1+ Libra and 1+ Aries.

Next month’s (Sun at 0 degree) Libra Equinox is no exception. The transiting Sun will be conjunct the U.S. MC at 4:01 pm on September 22nd. Four hours later the transiting Uranus, exact to the degree and minute, will be square the U.S. natal Pluto, and will conjunct the ascendant of a chart SET FOR WASHINGTON DC. The transiting Pluto in Capricorn will be on that chart’s MC.

Something very explosive (and/or unexpected) in nature will affect the U.S. in some way due to the above aspect, that trans. Uranus square to U.S Pluto. All 4 of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) first degree are referred to as “Aries Points” and can initiate action on a world-wide level when being aspected.

At the time of the Libra Equinox at 4:01 PM, the transiting Moon at 1+ Scorpio will have just completed a conjunction to the U.S natal Hades, a symbol of something so unpleasant we would rather not look at it. By 8:05 PM on September 22nd, the transiting Moon by then will be at 3+ Scorpio and trine the U.S natal 7th house Venus in Cancer as well as sextile the transiting Venus at 3+ Virgo.

With trans. Uranus on the ascendant of a chart for 8:05 PM on the day of the September solstice, squaring the U.S. NATAL Pluto to the minute, and with TRANSITING Pluto on the MC of that chart (set for Washington DC) trine the transiting Mercury in Virgo (who is trine the U.S. Vesta in Taurus), one might wonder if all that would be a positive or negative indication.

Even more confounding is the transiting Neptune in Pisces opposite the transiting Mars in Virgo that forms a grand cross with the U.S natal ascendant in Sagittarius opposite the U.S natal descendant in Gemini. The challenge of (and the promise of more) flooding in the Gulf of Mexico region could still be overwhelming the U.S. services (trans. Mars in Virgo) 25 days from now when the Equinox takes place.

Add to that the transiting Jupiter in Libra at the Equinox will be opposite trans. Uranus in Aries and transiting Ceres (mother earth) in Cancer still opposes U.S. Pluto in Capricorn, a grand cross in cardinal signs that defies all attempts to find solutions to its 4 squares and 2 oppositions.

And mustn’t forget that transiting Saturn STILL AT 21+ Sagittarius (all total for 65 days) and exactly opposite the U.S. Mars at 21+ Gemini (square U.S. Neptune at 22+ Virgo) adds to the overwhelm of the U.S. to handle all the challenges.

With all the U.S. problems now and for the foreseeable future – the hapless and dangerous new president, the non-stop flooding, etc. – the U.S. level of tolerance is being stretched to the limit.

But remember, the Equinox Moon in Scorpio (conjunct US Hades) will be trine the U.S. Venus and sextile Equinox Venus in Virgo. That sextile between Equinox Moon and Equinox Venus will form a Yod with the U.S. IC (the roots of the chart) in Aries that opposes the Equinox Sun at 0 Libra which conjuncts the U.S. MC. This could be a very good thing.

Also, the Equinox Chiron in Pisces will sextile the U.S. Pluto in Capricorn (while forming a trine with the Equinox Ceres in Cancer). Their sextile, Equinox Chiron and U.S. Pluto, forms a Yod to the solar eclipse (long period of influence) at 28+ Leo which opposes the U.S. Moon in Aquarius (turning it into a Boomerang). This too can be a good thing.

To anyone who is still reading I say, a lot of power will be dumped into the U.S. MC, symbol of its earned reputation, and the U.S. Moon, symbol of the U.S. people, at the time of the Libra Equinox.

Right now my sense is that it could possibly mean an outpouring of aid from other countries which would bolster the spirits of the U.S People, a reversal of the history where it has been the U.S. coming to the aid of other countries who have suffered great loss.

The Equinox Sun is joined by Equinox Vesta (investment) at 2+ Libra at the U.S. natal MC and they are at the area referred to as the Super Galactic Center, about which Phil Sedgwick says “No more potent point of healing exists than that of the Super-Galactic Center.”

It is imperative that we remember we are in a process of healing. It takes time and we will experience pain at times. Even if the pain gets so great we think we can’t ever recover, don’t give up yet. I believe with all my heart that our country was always destined to lead in a great human shift in consciousness.


Just checking in and asking for white light – prayers – every ounce of energy you can give us.

Houston is a disaster. From Rockport to our area we have seen epic historic flooding, people on roofs, I cant even go into whats going on here because there are no words…I’ve been working evacuating the vulnerable – and every inch of space is open for shelters…Harvey will be making a third landfall into my area tomorrow as a Tropical storm…
THEN another disaster – TRUMP is coming in – haven’t we suffered enough?
He actually said he pardoned Joe A. the same time Harvey was hitting Rockport for “ratings.”

I cant even….thank you for letting me vent.
I gotta go.

BTW I have had 48 inches of rain since Saturday.

Somewhere, I read that any Nation a Solar Eclipse passes, they will be greatly effected. Here in SF Bay area we are having very unusual 100 degree weather all summer long. Insects, Flies and Yellowjackets are totally going haywire. Do you feel it?



In December 2016, Warren gained a seat on the Senate Armed Services Committee, termed by The Boston Globe to be “a high-profile perch on one of the chamber’s most powerful committees” which will “fuel speculation about a possible 2020 bid for president”.

The Statue (of Liberty)

40.6892° N, 74.0445° W

The Girl 2017 – Solar Arc Sun 08 Virgo

A Series of Rooms
T/DK Lilith 23 Aquarius
June 21,2001

Natal Elizabeth Warren

Natal Zeus 23 Leo
Fixed Stars


Emmyrose…thank you for letting us know your personal situation. I am praying and will donate. Let us know if you think of specific ways that we can help. Forget Trump…just focus on working together as a team with your communities. After Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans drew together in a way that was very beautiful and spiritual. So many beautiful stories came out of the storm and its aftermath. It changed New Orleans forever, for the better, and will do the same to Houston. You just have to get through the next few days.



My electricity is restored after 24 hours. It was an uncomfortable inconvenience, but nothing like what many others have endured. My dilemma was very minor by comparison. I am nevertheless grateful neither my house or neighborhood were particularly damaged. We were lucky.

My prayers go out to you Emmyrose, and to all of you affected by this storm.

September Predictions 2017; Floods of Emotion bring Devastation by Joni Patry

Video: 21 min 16 sec


At the time the Saturn-Jupiter cycle began in 2000, the Moon was at 3+ Aries and was sextile Venus at 3+ Gemini. When the trans. Uranus-square-U.S. Pluto aspect takes place on September 22, 2017, the Moon will be at 3+ Scorpio and sextile Venus at 3+ Virgo. These 2 charts are connected by their moon’s and the moon symbolizes the People.

The Moon in the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart completes a Yod when coupled with the Venus-Moon sextile in the trans. Uranus square U.S. Pluto chart. The Moon in the trans. Uranus square U.S Pluto chart completes a Yod when coupled with the Venus-Moon sextile in the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart.

In both cases, the apex point of the Yods is the alternate chart’s Moon. In both cases, it is the People (the Moon) that do the adjusting.

Since May 2000 a lot has happened in the world and much of it has happened here in the U.S. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in 2000 started a new 20 year cycle that will end in 2020. By studying the chart for that event you could see what challenges lay ahead for any society by comparing this chart with any country’s natal chart.

On the other hand a chart for transiting Uranus making an exact square to a country’s natal Pluto is going to be specific for that country alone. By having a precise connection between the two charts there is a suggestion that the specific country having trans. Uranus square its natal Pluto plays a role in the more general picture of a Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart.

When that connection between the 2 events involves the Moons and the Venuses in both charts we are talking about humanity and values.

At the time of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in 2000 (May 28, 12:04 PM, Washington, DC) the Moon at 3+ Aries was in the 8th house of “shared resources” and sextile Venus at 3+ Gemini in the very public 10th house. It would take something at 3+ Scorpio in the 3rd house to complete a Yod. The upcoming trans. Uranus-square-U.S. Pluto chart’s Scorpio Moon (September 22, 8:05 PM, DC) will do just that.

Something to consider regarding the chart for the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, when set in Washington DC, is that the ascendant is at 28+ Leo, the same degree as last week’s total solar eclipse. Back in 2000 few were aware of the importance of that degree.

We might have noted though that the chart’s Mercury at 27+ Gemini was sextile the ascendant degree in Leo and that by adding in the U.S natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn (at the point that has to do the adjusting) it would complete a Yod. Or we might not.

Anyway, now the square between trans. Uranus in Aries to the U.S. Pluto in Capricorn has gotten our attention, thanks to the total solar eclipse that brought Harvey to the U.S shores.

What we have are two charts, one of a cycle and one for an event, two Yods made up of planets from both charts, one took place in 2000 the other takes place in Sept. 2017, both involve a Moon at the apex of the Yods, the part of a Yod that must adjust. Both involve Venus whose purview is Values.

Trust me, it’s not that I enjoy looking for obscure connections; it’s more about the joy of finding the “why” and “when” of inexplicable events such as Hurricane Harvey.

By finding the threads that connect a cycle (the Jupiter-Saturn cycle in this case) to an event or events (the solar eclipse and Harvey) and its extended life through future predictable events (the square between trans. Uranus and the U.S Pluto in this case) can add meaning to what seems meaningless.

Trans. Mercury in Gemini, at that moment when Jupiter-Saturn were conjunct, was also trine the U.S. natal Moon in Aquarius. Communication (Mercury-Gemini) would facilitate the U.S People (U.S. Moon) in many ways throughout the 20 year cycle, but that same Mercury would demand adjustment from U.S. Pluto.

Right now the U.S. People (both the people suffering from the deluge of water brought on by Harvey and the people who have anguished over their neighbors plight have benefited by Mercury’s communication. It has quieted the divisiveness, at least temporarily, in this country and brought us together. It is a study in Values, and that’s the purview of Venus.

The Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart guaranteed that upsets in the status quo of societies would happen because Uranus was square Jupiter and Saturn.

Uranus also hinted that modern inventions would be part of that which upset the status quo. If Harvey had come to the U.S shores before 2000, we would not have had the communication resources we have come to rely on today. Resources that have saved lives in the last few days.

Now the U.S. Pluto is getting a similar jolt from trans. Uranus that the trans. Jupiter-Saturn got from trans. Uranus in 2000. It seems to be connected to The People and their Values and it’s about time U.S. Pluto took note of that.

Eliseo, Emmyrose, Sharon, those part of the Starlight community, and those caught in this historic event…my home, though small, is open to you should you need shelter, a shower, a good meal and a place to vent, or share friendship.

Barb, there is something brewing behind the scenes. A comparison might be made of the emotional turmoil in our country — a teapot getting ready to boil. Trump’s bombastic approach to everything he touches is not the cause, but the heat of the burner. It’s difficult to watch the political gamesmanship. Articles of impeachment should already have been filed…yet few of our government colleagues want to be the first to answer, to hold up a hand when history is teaching.

I woke up really early this morning thinking about Neptune’s ingress into Aries, which will take place at the end of March 2025. I got curious about what happened the last time Neptune moved into Aries, and what sign Neptune was in during the American Civil War, 1861-1865.


Neptune went into Aries on April 14, 1861. The Civil War began when Confederates attacked Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861.

Interesting coincidence?

Karen F….It’s very kind of you to offer shelter at this time. There are those in Texas who sorely need it. We are going to get some rain in the next few days in New Orleans but I I don’t think it’s going to flood. although an unlucky few may get some water if the pumps don’t hold up (the mayor assures us they are up to 90% capacity and he really took the situation seriously). If you lived near me, it would be nice to have coffee and chat though.

Eliseo, I’m so glad you electricity was restored.

Houston will be getting government money and I hope there will be enough in the budget to figure out how to re-engineer their drainage situation. It will take a lot of money but they should now take it very seriously. It’s has the 4th largest population in the U.S. I’ve never been in it but have passed through and was blown away by the 12 lane highways (6 on each side)!

So, Jackson, I guess Neptune on the Aries point somehow impacts the U.S. chart but I don’t have any time to take a look at that myself (besides, there are much more competent astrologers on this site than I). I can see civil strife happening. There are enough extremists on the right and the Antifa will probably grow — unless we have leaders that bring peace instead of division and that goes for leaders of many institutions who are bringing division, including religious ones. Steve Bannon, the Mercers, Trump will be very dangerous if they start a news network, and they probably will. That’s why I believe we have to have strong and somewhat moderate leadership before we move too far in a progressive direction. We live in a age of blame and rage, so the moment the economy suffers or anything goes wrong, the 2 parties place the blame on each other and much of it is very exaggerated, especially by the right. At this point, a 3rd party will just help the other side win. Maybe, just maybe, people will really see what’s going on by 2020 and understand that most Republicans do not have their best interests at heart.

New post up:


Bailey, I too spelled Olsteen wrong. I think it is Osteen. Whatever, we got the drift and now he is saying their church was never closed to the people. What a controversy which will not soon go away.