20th Jul, 2017

From Russia with Love

Lashing out like a sorely wounded animal, Donald Trump is viciously clawing at anyone who gets within range of his darkest secrets. At the moment, this includes the Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the acting FBI director Andrew McCabe, and the Deputy head of the Justice Department Rod Rosenstein, as well as Attorney General Jeff Sessions who upon his recusal enabled Rosenstein to appoint Mueller in the first place.

For decades, Trump has lived a lavish and self-indulgent lifestyle despite a multitude of business failures and bankruptcies. The key to this sordid success is the hundreds of millions, perhaps billions, of dollars that have continually streamed from Russia to Trump, craftily funneled through his labyrinthine real estate empire. In essence, dirty money flows out of Russia, needing to be cleansed, and into properties – posh apartments, magnificent high rises, luxuriant houses, and even gambling casinos – in the Trump name. Trump gets rich and the Russians protect their money. Everyone wins, except for the tiny fact that money laundering is illegal, and Putin, Inc. now has a mountain of dirt on one Donald J. Trump.

Like an old fairy tale come to life, the collusion to bring Trump to the White House just transformed this dirt into a mountain of Russian gold. It is no coincidence that Putin and Trump are always so chummy and that Putin is the only person on the planet that Trump does not say nasty things about and attempt to control. Putin holds Trump’s leash, and Trump will do anything to placate the Russian president and to keep his own financial misdeeds secret.  Putin is running an extortion racket, and Trump is caught in its snare. While the treasonous collusion is merely a subplot in this byzantine drama, the enormous threat to national security is very real.


Way back in December 2016, when it was first revealed that the Russians interfered in our election, not only to sow chaos but specifically to help Trump win, I said that the return of the same planetary configurations the following summer would blow this story wide open with dire consequences. And here we are.  Since late May, difficult planetary configurations have been impacting Trump as the story of Russian involvement continued to unfold (transiting Saturn quincunx his Venus, quincunx his Saturn, opposite his Sun, while his progressed Moon has been conjunct progressed Saturn). As of today through early September, the transiting Saturn station is conjunct Trump’s 4th house Moon (21Sagittarius12).  The fourth house is the house of the family and one’s close emotional connections. Trump’s entire family is now under scrutiny and potential legal jeopardy. Investigations everywhere are heating up.  Saturn stationing on the Moon is a very depressing and upsetting transit, and it will be heavily felt for the next six weeks. Moreover, it will be followed by transiting Saturn again crossing opposite Trump’s Sun (22Gemini56) through October 12 and then quincunx his Saturn and Venus, taking us to November 12. This spells a very dark period for Trump.

At the moment, Trump is like a cornered animal and his claws are coming out in every direction. Over the next week, until July 27, there is a Sun/Mars conjunction, heightening aggression worldwide. In addition, this Sun and Mars transit (6Leo12) will be triggering the transit of Saturn (21Sagittarius12) to Trump’s Moon from July 28 to July 30. We can expect some high drama at this time, with Trump acting very aggressively to try to stamp out his troubles, either through distraction (military) or through unilateral attacks on his inquisitors (possible firings). His final Jupiter return from July 28 to August 4, already square to transiting Pluto, suggests some kind of wild push against boundaries with a distinct megalomaniacal flavor.  Once this passes, the Saturn transit will only tighten its grip for the rest of the month.

The solar eclipse on August 21 is at 28Leo53. Trump’s Ascendant as per the birth time given is 29Leo55. Personally, I feel that the clearest impact for an eclipse will be when it hits within a degree of a sensitive degree in the birth chart. It is easily possible that Trump was born up to perhaps a half a minute earlier, in which case we would have a direct hit of the solar eclipse on his Ascendant.  If so, this configuration can truly spell disaster for Trump, especially when the eclipse point is triggered by both transiting Mercury and transiting Mars during the first week of September. In fact the Mercury station is exactly on the eclipse degree from September 1 through September 8. Moreover, an eclipse can point to powerful and often deeply problematic circumstances up to a year after the actual event.

And finally, the Inaugural chart shows significant trouble all year through October.  The tight Saturn/Mars square in the Inaugural chart, with both in a minor hard aspect to the Moon, describes the constant push back – legal, legislative, and popular – against every effort made by Trump to manifest his agenda. The tertiary progressed Saturn is in an exact square to Mars and semisquare the Moon through October 5. The tertiary Venus is square to Saturn from June 25 to July 27. The tertiary Sun is semisquare to Saturn from August 6 (right after that Jupiter return) through October 1. And the tertiary Moon is likely to activate a few days of intense crisis for Trump when it moves to semisquare both Saturn and Mars and conjunct tertiary Sun from August 27 to September 1 (just before the big triggering of the eclipse). This extraordinary amount of energy focused on the Inaugural Saturn/Mars square will continue to push very hard against everything that Trump tries to do and could potentially bury him, given the other aspects unfolding at the same time.

For now, the sharks are circling, and there is blood in the water. Trump will be fighting back hard, but the financial implications of all that Russian money and all those Russian meetings and the connections to all those banks already under scrutiny for massive Russian money laundering can no longer be ignored. As I have said previously, if he holds onto power through November, we may be stuck with him for the duration. But the noose is tightening. Maybe he will make one of his famous deals and then resign.


Russia is going to be the Big American Eclipse. Amazing times we’re living in. Loss of faith in the US executive branch will shake up markets and international alliances. We’re going to feel that loss of faith in ripples for the next few years.

The US will have to go through a confidence-building exercise for the rest of the world community to bring its integrity back in line for the rest of the world. That means bringing credibility back to our election system, changing the election system itself. The seeds for re-build is there.

A friend of mine who is visionary said this period in our history is about the rise of the Female. You can see Her in The Resistance. She also said that this is a birthing process that begins with darkness over the US. Well, the darkness is upon us, literally and figuratively. Let’s all continue to breathe through this period of labor.

Sigourney Weaver



From Russia With Love is a riveting read and brilliant analysis. Thank you for sharing your top-drawer talent.
This brings a whole new meaning to
Crimson Tide, da?

Very interesting analysis! I find particularly interesting your assessment of the inaugural chart, i.e. “significant trouble all year through October,” and “constant push back – legal, legislative, and popular – against every effort made by Trump to manifest his agenda.”

This indicates to me that had Hillary or Bernie won the election, their presidency would have been extraordinarily and unusually difficult, and possibly unsuccessful.

Considering how unjustly the R’s hate Hillary, I have no doubt she would have been impeached and possibly convicted, albeit on trumped up charges. Imagine, both Clintons impeached. Imagine our first woman president treated so abusively.

As horrible as it is, perhaps having DJT president at this time is the better karmic circumstance. I’m hoping his eventual political demise will open the door for better government, necessary reforms and a new FDR with like minded Congress.

My fear is of DJT replaced by Mr. Pence who I regard as equally or probably more dangerous than his potential predecessor, but in a different manner.

Well I agree that Trump is tied to Russia in many ways – mostly money and moistly illegal. What did he never show his tax returns? But I do not think Russia alone helped the creep win the election. Russian hacking and feeding data to Brad Parscale and Jared Kushner – Project Alamo – helped the creep figure out who to message and what to say. The ideas about immigrants were designed to appeal to the hateful elements in our country. Make America Great Again my ass. It was great under Barack Obama – now it is anything but great. I like what Fe stats above – hopefully this is setting things up for some female leadership – someone to reverse the currents of destruction all around us now. Bottom line for me – good article – clearly Russia helped this maximum creep win but they were a contributing factor – who knows, maybe 5% – but sadly it was enough.

btw now I need a xanax.

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(Sorry. Me being cute by trying to post in Russian.)

I think it better for President DJT to go down for just cause and precipitate a Leftward expansion and rise than for a president Hillary or Bernie to go down unjustly and precipitate a Rightward expansion.

Another stunning post, Nancy. I’m speechless at this point. (Okay, I hear the collective sigh. Grin)

I’ll attempt a reply later when my thoughts are not
a brew of festering anger fueled not only by Trump and Putin, but the defilement of the constitution, Dutch Bank, Exxon, and on and on and on.

You did indeed call this one Nancy; and the drama! OMG how Hollywood is eating this all up right now.

It can also be attributed in part (working within the whole of the grand scheme) of the U.S. progressed RETROGRADE Mars, can’t it? We are at war with and within ourselves.

At 17+ Libra the U.S. progressed retro Mars is conjunct Trump’s natal Jupiter. Transiting Jupiter will make a final conjunction to Trump’s natal Jupiter as Nancy said, and as well, that progressed Mars early in August.

Thank goodness for astrology, and astrologers like you Nancy, who can make sense out of the chaos. If we can just look at Trump & Co. as symbolic of a gigantic growth spurt the U.S. is going through it might make his existence feel less threatening.

Does anyone besides me see the timing of McCain’s brain cancer as a way for the Universe to halt the Trump Healthcare process? He (McCain) may not be a hero to Trump but he is to me. It’s the 2nd time too. The 1st was when he put down that woman who was bad-mouthing Obama. “He’s a decent man” is what he said to her as I recall.

McCain’s natal Saturn is being squared by transiting Saturn but it will stop short of making an exact square when it stations direct just after the solar eclipse next month. However transiting Jupiter at 16+ Sagittarius is being sextiled by transiting Jupiter in Libra and transiting Chiron at 28+ Pisces is trine his natal Saturn at 28+ Cancer as transiting Uranus at 28+ Aries squares it. Transiting asteroid Pallas the Strategist will soon conjunct his natal Uranus at 9+ Taurus (which trines his natal Sun in Virgo).

These are aspects that might symbolize a new treatment for his cancer leading to recovery. I certainly hope and pray for that as I know you all do. I truly regret my recent negative comment about his mind not working so well.

Sorry, transiting Jupiter is not sextile transiting Jupiter but it is sextile McCain’s Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Deutsche Bank turning over Trump documents to Mueller:


On the day Saturn goes into one degree orb of Trump Moon.

I’m glad you mentioned the US progressed retro Mars. I feel astrologers are not giving it enough attention, perhaps because we have so little experience with it in the context of progressed national charts. I feel the progressed retro Mars deserves more study and serious thought.

The fact that the US progressed retro Mars is conjunct Trump’s natal Jupiter and that he will experience his Jupiter return in early August are together very telling! Another indication…It just feels and sounds like a heavily pregnant karmic set of energies working us toward profound and unforeseen transformation.

As for John McCain. I agree with you entirely. I will never forget on more than one occasion he corrected various supporters who expressed fear of Obama in 2008. To one woman he said, “No Mam. No Mam. He’s a decent family man, a citizen that I just happen to have disagreement with on fundamental issues.”

John McCain is an honorable man. Were that we had more like him in our government.

Thank you once again, Starlight/Nancy, for your gifted interpretation and analysis of what’s coming up for our head of state and for our country. Both of Trump’s sons now say they wished their father never ran for president. I’m sure life was a lot easier for them when they were just a couple of very rich and privileged guys who didn’t have to bother with rules or decency. Now every move is watched and every lie is caught. No fun, indeed. Poppy Trump seems particularly vexed that his “good boy,” Trump Jr, is under investigation. So eager for this crime family to be gone. Fingers crossed he does a deal (to keep himself out of jail) and resigns.

Bravissima! Such a joy to have the privilege to read such brilliant thinking so eloquently put. Mwah!!!

The Trumpian tragedy “It is a tale. Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,. Signifying nothing.” Thank you Nancy (and the Bard) for again, throwing out some life line and a glimpse of hope – hope we have something to celebrate at Thanksgiving.


Trump’s lawyers explore pardoning powers and ways to undercut Russia investigation

President Trump’s lawyers are actively building a case against what they believe to be special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s conflicts of interest.

Trump has asked his advisers about his power to pardon aides, family members and even himself in connection with the probe, according to one person.

A second person said Trump’s lawyers have discussed pardoning powers among themselves.

Pres. Ford Gives Full Pardon To Pres. Richard Nixon – 9.8.1974 (White House, DC)



continued – Ford Pardons Nixon

Pardon Horoscope (2:30 PM)


Mutable Grand Cross (world stage)

South Node 14 Gemini
Sun 15 Virgo (Zeus 14 Virgo)
North Node 14 Sagittarius
Jupiter 12 Pisces ( Juno 11PI )

continued – Pardon

Cardinal Grand Cross (world stage)

Chiron 23 Aries
Orcus 25 Cancer
Uranus 25 Libra
Pallas 22 Capricorn

Orcus (broken promises/oaths, uncovers secret paths)


I’m glad your glad Eliseo, so I’m pushing the envelope on Mars; here’s a look at the U.S. Mars Return earlier this year.

At 21 Gemini 23 he, Mars, sextiles Eris at 23+ Aries who is conjunct the Moon at 19+ Aries who is conjunct Pallas at 18+ Aries who is conjunct Isis at 17+ Aries who is conjunct Venus at 16+ Aries. These are symbols I use regularly so I didn’t stretch the inference.

The Mars Return (May 22, 2017, 2:35 PM, DC) chart had Eris (discord) only 3 degrees from Uranus at 26+ Aries, so this bevy of feminine symbolism also has the shock effect (as well as the smart phone effect) supporting the 2 year cycle of the Mars Return effect. That will end when transiting Mars returns to U.S. natal Mars in May 2019.

This sextile between U.S. natal Mars (who has progressed into a retrograde mode) and the Eris, Moon (masses, moods), Pallas (plans, strategies), Isis (pick up the pieces and make whole . or. . ISIS) and Venus (values) group . . all of the same chart . . will be working in concert. And don’t forget Uranus.

Considering the temperament of the ladies involved that might not always be a smooth operation, but with Mars in Gemini it will always involve data, perhaps in the form of gossip, or evidence (new and old), various forms of media communication, sometimes conflicting, sometimes not all that scrupulous (Mercury is the Trickster after all).

Since Mars is at 21+ Gemini in this chart and all the others are in Aries from 16 to 26 degrees, anything passing through Scorpio will complete a Yod formation to this Mars Return chart’s sextile. That would include transiting Mercury around Halloween, transiting Sun mid November and transiting Venus around Thanksgiving.

Trump’s Sun at 22+ Gemini is conjunct the U.S. natal Mars and therefore Trump reflects some of the U.S. Martian qualities, the negative ones for the most part. Being tweeter-in-chief he will, for the next 2 years, lean on the Eris, Moon, Pallas Isis, Venus and the Uranus energies to spew his outrage, but Gemini has two sides, at least two sides and the positive side will be just as vociferous.

Another thing about the U.S. Mars Return chart is it’s Jupiter-Neptune quincunx. Robert Mueller’s natal Leo Sun is also quincunx the transiting Neptune and sextile the Libra Jupiter so this makes a Yod that puts Neptune at 14+ Pisces in a position that will be shifting around a lot. We are getting used to that.

Mueller also has his natal Chiron opposite this shifting transiting Neptune making a Boomerang pattern. I hope this means that a healing will be the result after all the wounding is dealt with.

One last notation regarding the U.S. Mars Return chart, transiting Saturn at 26+ Sagittarius is trine the transiting Uranus at 26+ Aries (and the bevy of beauties he accompanies, ie. Eris, Moon, Pallas, Isis, Venus). That most uncommon trine between Saturn and Uranus is joined by the North Node (the path forward, opportunities) at 28+ Leo (and the solar eclipse and Trump’s ascendant/Mars and Mueller’s Venus) and that my friends is a gift from the gods for the U.S.A. Mars.

P.S. U.S. Mars Return chart’s Vesta (what we invest in) is conjunct the U.S. North Node at 6+ Leo. How sweet it is, although it DOES square the U.S. Mars Return chart’s Mercury at 6+ Taurus, but then words will never kill us.

U.S. progressed Pandora is conjunct Trump’s Uranus at 17+ Gemini.

Fascinating Barb.
Thank You!

Nancy, you are the gift that never fails! Once again, thank you.

Trump talking about pardons at this stage before anyone has been convicted? If true, is that confirmation of his knowing about wrongdoing or what! Another nail in his coffin, silly man.

this is singing to the choir for many – ‘current geopolitical energy’ a narrative on the sorry state we are in – a little, but not much astrology this time from Jean Wiley


CIA chief signals desire for regime change in North Korea


Nancy, it occurred to me as I read the Deutche Bank story what a great education we in the 99% of the country will get thanks to the Trump fiasco. Reading about how (the 1%) borrow $$, the amounts they borrow, exceeds my imagination. I thinking the molecules within a human being must change once you pass a certain level of wealth; I’m certain your values change.

Or maybe I’m just blind to what everyone else has known all along. Thanks for the link and the beginning of my wising up.

Nancy, it occurred to me as I read the Deutche Bank story what a great education we in the 99% of the country will get thanks to the Trump fiasco. Reading about how (the 1%) borrow $$, the amounts they borrow, exceeds my imagination. I’m thinking the molecules within a human being must change once you pass a certain level of wealth; I’m certain your values change.

Or maybe I’m just blind to what everyone else has known all along. Thanks for the link and the beginning of my wising up.


Does Russia have incriminating information on Trump that can bring down the Trump administration if he doesn’t acquiesce to Russia’s agenda and interests?…….

Trump’s Breathtaking Surrender To Russia

Washington Post
July 20, 2017

In the normal course of events, the revelation of attempted collusion with Russia to determine the outcome of a presidential election might cause an administration to overcorrect in the other direction. A president might find ways to confront the range of Russian aggression, including cyber-aggression, if only to avoid the impression of being bought and sold by a strategic rival.

But once again, President Trump — after extended personal contact with Vladimir Putin and the complete surrender to Russian interests in Syria — acts precisely as though he has been bought and sold by a strategic rival. The ignoble cutoff of aid to American proxies means that “Putin won in Syria,” as an administration official was quoted by The?Post. Concessions without reciprocation, made against the better judgment of foreign policy advisers, smack more of payoff than outreach. If this is what Trump’s version of “winning” looks like, what might further victory entail? The re- creation of the Warsaw Pact? The reversion of Alaska to Russian control?

There is nothing normal about an American president’s subservience to Russia’s interests and worldview. It is not the result of some bold, secret, Nixonian foreign policy stratagem — the most laughable possible explanation. Does it come from Trump’s bad case of authoritarianism envy? A fundamental sympathy with European right-wing, anti-democratic populism? An exposure to pressure from his checkered financial history? There are no benign explanations, and the worst ones seem the most plausible.




RE: 17 Degrees Gemini

Mundane Astrology 7TH House (public opinion)

The Descendant for the Nixon Pardon Chart is @ 18 Gemini (time per Smithsonian essay)




The ascendant (ASC) is a point on the ecliptic that rises on the eastern horizon at a particular moment and changes as the Earth rotates on its axis.

The descendant (DEC) is a point where the ecliptic meets the western horizon on the opposite point to the ascendant.

The power of attraction is determined by the line of force between the ascendant, descendant axis.

The signs of the zodiac containing these angular points are important for astrological analysis interpretation.

Is there a legal remedy to this cancer of the soul that is the current administration? Where will it come from? My fear is he will fire anyone who brings charges or is about to so can can wave his tiny manhood around – and pardon everyone who may be convicted. What kind of world is this? Is this what making America great means? My anger, nausea and disgust are out of control. This is all so much worse – so much – than we had with W Bush – I can’t believe it.


Thank you for your wonderful, informative work. Always a treat to see a new post up.


I feel you. I go to bed and hope that this man is gone when I wake up. The anxiety he provokes is unhealthy for the country. I loathe Bush, but am thinking fondly of him over the past 6 months or is it 6 years.


Chiron: Key to The Gemstone File


The 130-page IBT-HoJo Transcript is part of The Gemstone File, a digital library of historic documents that chronicle the chemical industry and its supposed government regulators from about 1930 forward.

The library will be made available for free to the public sometime in the next week.

Mostly emerging from a barn in Oregon and a storage unit in rural New York State, its documents cover numerous agricultural compounds, industrial chemicals and ingredients of household products, all of which are still on the market.

In other words, even though the health and safety studies were voided, the products remained in production. Many products currently in your home could be involved.

Its depositions, memos and scientific records contain many examples of regulatory failure, fraud and deception of the public: proof that what passes for science often is nothing of the kind.

It’s a mine of missing information and details on compounds including Agent Orange, DDT, dioxins, furans, glyphosate, PCBs and other chemicals in your food, under your sink and in your bathroom.

This resource will serve environmental activists, scholars and contamination survivors for generations, particularly as many of the same companies are now involved with genetically modified agriculture.


Climate Issue


Scaramucci on Trump, Aug 2015: “a hack… anti-American… bullies association… don’t like the way he talks about women” http://video.foxbusiness.com/v/4441754680001/?#sp=show-clips

Thank you Nancy for another wonderful article.


Do you think Trump will fire Mueller?

Questions for seasoned astrologers:

Does anyone on the blog know of an historical example in which a nation experienced a progressed retrograde Mars? If there is an example, it would be good for comparison to the USA progressed retro Mars.

I’m thinking Republican weaponized obstructionism against Obama might have been an expression of the progressed retro Mars.

DJT clearly believes the costs outweigh the benefits of the US leading the western coalition. I’m wondering if his abdication of that leadership is also an expression of retro Mars.

As much as I like and respect Bernie, and the other Leftward leaders ascending in the Dem party, I’m concerned that they too might continue this abdication of leadership of the western alliance were they to gain a majority or win the presidency.

Opinions? Interpretations?

Nazi Germany, Eliseo.

Fantastic post, as so many here have said. Thank you, Nancy. It’s so helpful to have such on-point astrological perspective — even though it doesn’t change the crisis events going on, it helps offset some of the anxiety.

I also saw that Bill Herbst has a new post on “President Donald Trump”: http://www.billherbst.com/Comm45.pdf

Dear David,

There is a remedy to cure the cancer you refer to. It is a process over time rather than an overnight wonder RX, although when it is accomplished it may appear to have been an overnight miracle.

If you are a regular reader of this blog you know we, Nancy and her fans, put a lot of stock in astrology. Nancy and others rely on birth charts and transits to them, as well as other tricks of the trade to arrive at conclusions to questions such as yours. Some of that astrological wisdom comes from experience and some of it relies on intuition.

In your case you use the words “My fear” and astrology tells us that fear is symbolized by Saturn and Saturn is all about reality, stability, predictability, order and so on. When our Saturn (the country’s or an individual’s or the transit of Saturn) is in a threatening aspect to another planet it triggers fear and goes into a defensive-protective posture.

Days before the November 2016 U.S. election transiting Mars was conjunct the U.S. natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn. The desire for stability (Saturn) and order (Saturn) was rampant among many voters.

For others the desire for a breakthrough (Uranus) the stagnant status quo (Saturn), an upheaval of the unequal and unfair treatment of citizens was what they were voting for. Nobody was seeing or caring about what those “others” were voting for, we the people were at a stage of complete polarization of views.

Outer planets (Pluto, Uranus, Neptune) work from an agenda that is created by higher levels of consciousness than what we on Planet Earth usually work from. Now we are into a process where – whether we like it or not – we are being pushed into seeing things from a higher perspective than what has been the status quo agenda.

It’s an unconscious thing for the most part and because of that it threatens the Saturn level of consciousness because Saturn represents the outer limit of what we know and see and feel.

The study of astrology is one of the disciplines that allow the individual to get in touch with those higher consciousness agendas. With enough imagination, experience and daring one can “predict” outcomes from challenging planetary aspects (as they appear from our earthly perspective). Without that it can be really scary sometimes.

Astrological cycles (two planets meet and move forward from that meeting until they meet again) used in conjunction with astrological transits (the daily movement of the planets) can provide perspective which can be a useful tool to guide one’s judgment as to outcomes of events. I was led to look at several cycle charts, one of them with Saturn (being the source of fear) and Uranus (disrupter of the status quo) to get a grasp for what you were asking: Is there a cure for this current U.S. administration disease and if so, where will it come from.

In 1988 transiting Uranus and Saturn were together and conjunct what’s known as the Galactic Center at 27+ Sagittarius. This conjunction was 30 degrees from the U.S. Pluto at 27+ Capricorn (a semi-sextile) and 60 degrees from the U.S. Moon at 27+ Aquarius (a sextile).

The Sun in this 3rd of 3 conjunctions between Uranus and Saturn at this brief period in time was in Libra and square the Moon in Capricorn which was conjunct the U.S. Pluto. One could surmise that this cycle (Uranus-Saturn) would be challenging (Sun-Moon square) and would entail transformative (U.S. Pluto) exercises that would raise the consciousness (symbolized by Sun) of the People (symbolized by Moon) of the U.S. (U.S. Pluto).

Something else about this chart. Mercury was at 11+ Libra and Pluto was at 11+ Scorpio and they were in a harmonious aspect, the sextile. This December there is a Full Moon at 11+ Gemini opposite the Sun at 11+ Sagittarius and the transiting Jupiter at this Full Moon will be at 11+ Scorpio and Neptune will be at 11+ Pisces.

For starters the December FM Jupiter will conjunct the Pluto in the 1988 Saturn-Uranus conjunction chart. Jupiter expands and Jupiter understands. Jupiter will be making the Pluto component of the cycle between Saturn (status quo, fear) and Uranus (breakthrough, disruption of status quo) something comprehensible.

Next, Neptune in the December FM chart will trine the Jupiter in the FM chart that is conjunct the Pluto in the Saturn-Uranus cycle. This appears to be understanding (Jupiter) of the Pluto component of the Uranus-Saturn cycle that is kicked up a notch through the power of Neptune. That might be through compassion or some form of health care or an awareness of what had been hidden previously.

Another thing that the FM Neptune does is form a T-square between the Full Moon in Gemini and the Sun in Sagittarius. This will force a resolution of any disagreement between Gemini stuff and Sagittarius stuff that has reached the irreconcilable point. Further help in this dilemma comes from Mercury in Libra in the Saturn-Uranus cycle who will trine the Full Moon in Gemini and sextile the Sun opposite the FM.

Even without a Yod there will be a lot of adjusting going on in December.

This is an example of how astrology can reduce the level of anxiety caused by any perceived threats. It won’t make it go away but it can make it more understandable that it is a necessary step in the process of curing the disease. The best we can do I suppose is to have faith in higher consciousness and remember that we are going through a process of which this administration is but a part, albeit a vital part.

Brilliant Nancy, Thank You So Much!

My Scorpio-Rising feels the viciousness revving up!
I don’t remember ever seeing this level of Hate and Vitriol…Scary!

NRA Ad: ‘The Violence of Lies’

(I think Dana Loesch is a beautiful women but this level of hatred pouring out will take it’s toll, I predict)

Is anyone watching Rachel tonight? Great show. What she says about next week the senate hearings being a turn to spin the narrative towards ten democrats and Russia.

It’s true that you’re already seeing a lot of internet comments from the trump crazies about well what is happening is ok because it’s still better than if we got Hillary.

This newest wapo leak on sessions is no doubt a leak from trump camp so maybe trump could fire sessions, and have a new AG who could possibly fire Muller. They’re looking for a pretext to discharge him.

What are the thoughts here on this? Everything’s getting so crazy yet when I switch to fox it’s like an alternate universe.

Is Helen still around?
And what about Todd, he seemed to know so much about Russia and now not a word….

Anyway thanks Nancy as always !!

Earlier I wrote that Mercury and Pluto in the Saturn-Uranus conjunction chart were sextile which was an error. They are semi-sextile; not a major aspect, but oh how they will steer the activities of December when transiting Jupiter conjuncts the Saturn-Uranus chart’ Pluto.

As well, that chart’s Mercury will play off of the Gemini Full Moon on the 3rd which it will trine. The Sun opposite that Full Moon (which the Saturn-Uranus chart’s Mercury will sextile) will be ablaze with Sagittarian understanding I’m betting.

Yes, Trump Could Pardon Himself. Then All Hell Would Break Loose

It’s never been tried. Here’s how it could blow up his presidency, or blow up the system.

July 21, 2017

This week’s eye-popping constitutional question: Can President Trump pardon himself for criminal wrongdoing? With the Russia scandal swirling more intensely around the White House every week, the Washington Post reported Friday morning that the president might be considering pardoning himself and members of his family as a way of fending off legal consequences for whatever special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation turns up.



How would pardoning himself work Jerry? I can see the ability to pardon family/cohorts. but himself? Presumably if he were found guilty of a crime he would be stripped of the power of office – thus the option of pardoning would no longer be available to him? Or am I missing something

The Nazis were in power from 1933 to 1945. As to the retrograde Mars, are you referring to a progressed chart, or a natal chart for the transition from the Weimar Republic to the Nazi state?

RE: a self-pardon.

Firstly, most legal scholars believe the president does not have the power to pardon him or herself.

Secondly, if a president tried it, it would likely be challenged in court and the Supreme Court would adjudicate.

Thirdly, by definition acceptance of a pardon is an admission of guilt.

Fourthly, if DJT pardoned himself, it would be a strong invitation to the House of Reps. to impeach him. Pardons don’t matter in cases of impeachment.

If DJT pardoned himself and then almost immediately resigned he would be risking prosecution, as the Supremes would probably rule the pardon was invalid constitutionally.

I think the thing to watch is when and how DJT and company maneuver in an attempt to fire Mueller, and most importantly whether they succeed.

The smarter scenario would be for DJT to follow the Nixon/Ford plan and have a President Pence pardon him after resignation.


According to the points enclosed in the article: we’re encroaching in uncharted territory. It’s never been done before. It’s an unknown. Trump out of sheer desperation and self-preservation can try that option, but it could prove to be political suicide. He would most likely be impeached and then leave himself open to criminal charges (Russian money laundering?).

Astrologically, expect some major developments at the time of the early August Jupiter-Pluto square. It is right on Trump’s Jupiter. It is his Jupiter return. Some radical Trump move in the offing from the August 4th Jup-Pl square to the August 7th lunar eclipse?

Having Trump as POTUS has unmasked the Republican party.

He simply gave a bullhorn to their dog whistles and put Pepe the Syphilitic Frog in front as the mascot for their racist Southern Strategy.

The USA has become a tyranny of a minority over a majority and the Authoritarianism is now in full view.

My comparison since last November is the day before Katrina hit NOLA. We all watched on DU as weather forecasters had their hair on fire and the satellite showed the enormous storm bearing down… but NOLA wasn’t evacuated. Not fast enough.

I think things in the USA are either going to reach a crisis and improve or get exponentially much worse.

Dear Barbara – thank you for your lucid response and presentation. You may know that I am Nancy’s husband and suffice it to say that what I know about astrology I know through Nancy. I understand what you say in your post above and can readily believe and get some comfort from such understanding. I am a clinical psychologist and scientist at NIH. But I also know how much we don’t know and how much is probably beyond our capacity to ever know – despite all the hullabaloo about artificial intelligence these days.I only say this to make clear that I do believe there are forces/powers at work driving events. At some point these forces will change direction. Tonight or tomorrow would be a good time to switch up on us humans, and rid us of these very hateful, negative forces that have risen to ascendancy at this moment.

Dear Janet – I too am now fond of W. However it does not offset my hatred of the entire current administration – is it my imagination of has the orange orangutan specifically chosen everyone in his administration to drive us insane? Can you name one decent person in the Executive Branch?

From Aussie astrologer Lyn Birkbeck re: Sabian Symbols of Jul 23 New Moon and Aug 7 Full Moon. (If not familiar, Sabian symbols were produced in 1925 by clairvoyant Elsie Wheeler). Whether you accept them or not, I find it interesting that the symbol for July 23 New Moon is “A Case of Apoplexy” (fit to burst). For Aug 7 the Moon symbol is “A Big Businessman At His Desk” (power and control) and the Sun symbol is “Sunshine After A Storm” (all’s well that ends well”.

FYI: Another source states that Sabian Symbol for 0-1* Leo is “Blood Rushes To A Man’s Head As His Vital Energies Are Mobilized Under The Spur Of Ambition”

New and Full Moons for July/August 2017

The New Moon
This falls on July 23rd, at 09.47 GMT on the 1st degree of Leo. The Sabian Symbol for it is: “A Case Of Apoplexy”. The New Moon sets the tone until the Full Moon a fortnight later which can be seen as the ‘result’ of how we all expressed the promise or potential of the New. Here is an interpretation of this Symbol from The Sabian Symbols – An Astrological Oracle, but, as ever, please endeavour to read what this Sabian Symbol is saying to you personally, perhaps using my interpretation as a prompt to your own intuition if it is not directly applying to your current situation or question, or to the world at large…

“A Case Of Apoplexy”
Fit To Burst
The internal pressure caused by what is happening or about to happen, or by you trying too hard to get what you just think you want, is so great as to incapacitate you in some way.

Perhaps a neurotic need for control brought on, ironically, by a fear of incapacitation.

The importance of letting things be, through believing that there is more than just you keeping everything together. Or of (then) asserting yourself in a calm manner – relaxing into, minute-by-minute, day-by-day, your creative style that is a testament to others of how profound a thing human personality can be.

Be careful of insensitively taxing others, or actually damaging yourself in the pursuit of your desires. Beware ambition, the ‘Devil’s own sin’, for it can be a substitute for feeling loved, and so becomes a ruthless and bottomless pit, leading to some kind of crisis like panic attacks or worse.

Desperation; it is self-defeating. But don’t hold back strong feelings. This Symbol should not be interpreted as predicting a stroke (apoplexy) itself. Rather it is alluding to the negative outcome of needing to be too much in control. This is in itself caused by a distrust of Fate, of allowing things to unfold as they will, and of other people being able to do what you believe only you can do.

Try telling yourself that you can only do so much to control outcomes or whatever is the nature of your concern. You may need to identify what it was in your past that set you on a path of feeling that everything was down to you, and that all hell would break loose if you lost or relinquished control.

Watch out for tensions and headaches or any other signs that you are not relaxing enough into the way things are. Whatever any physical condition might be, you are advised to see it as being related to tension caused by a fear of losing control brought on by that distrust of Fate. “An atheist is a man who has no invisible means of support” (Fosdick)

The coming Full Moon
This falls on August 7th at 18.12 GMT on the 16th degree of Aquarius, with the Sun on the opposite 16th degree of Leo for which the Sabian Symbols are respectively: “A Big Businessman At His Desk” (Moon) and “Sunshine Just After A Storm” (Sun). Bear in mind that a Full Moon is making us aware of something, as the Sun or consciousness is illuminating the Moon or what is unconscious. It is also that ‘result’ of the New Moon described above. The following interpretations are taken from The Sabian Symbols – An Astrological Oracle, helping you to read what these Sabian Symbols are saying to you about your own situation and/or that of the world…

“A Big Businessman At His Desk” (Moon)
Power & Control
Now personal stability and success are or need to be gained and maintained through organizational powers. Or looked at from the other side, the object of your concern may be quite hard to attain, or absolutely out of your reach or league. You should know which – but if it was the latter, then it would only be because you assumed it *was* the latter.

If you keep focussed on gaining or maintaining a sense of position in life that enables you to have things how you like them to be – then eventually that is how it will be. BUT you have to watch out for using material position to seal you off from your emotional life – or because there is a powerful factor in play that you would not care, or would not know how, to deal with. Or this could be the case for someone else who you are involved with.

Viewing this Symbol spiritually, and possibly more usefully, the ultimate reality with regard to your health and fate is that they are down to you. Ultimately, you have to see yourself as being the ‘executive’ in charge of your life and welfare. This means seeing everything that is happening to you as being something you are directly or indirectly responsible for, and as such have some power and control over.

Everything depends upon the power of thought and concentration. Your mind and your body are intimately interconnected. Conversely, avoid leaving yourself to the mercy of those who are ostensibly in command of your situation.

For example, putting yourself totally in the hands of doctors as if your body was a car and they were mechanics. At the same time beware of being too airy-fairy in your spiritual pursuits; you may need to get real.
“The buck stops here” (Truman)

“Sunshine Just After A Storm” (Sun)
All’s Well That Ends Well
There is always a natural and perennial return to health and goodness, peace and stability, after any crisis or necessary release of tension. Reminding us of the optimism and better nature that endures any upset. We can weather the storm in the knowledge that it will pass – and find us feeling lighter, relieved and refreshed.

By the same token it is naïve trying to avoid crises, for in that way one can have to endure an interminable but uneasy peace, or plain boredom – all in the name of safety or conformity.

The cycles of night and day, dark and light, sorrow and joy, illness and health, etc, proceed eternally. They are also interdependent and each serve positive roles in the natural or greater scheme of things.

It is well known that you can survive the darkest period if you can see even a single chink of light in the image of a loved one, in a kind word, in a worthy cause, or in anything else that helps one make it through the night.

Being mindful of the natural fact that it is challenges and pressures that foreshadow a time of great lightness and relief. Trusting and being open to this natural process of crest and trough, tension and release, high and low. “Take away my demons and you take away my angels” (Dante)

Well, David, no, I did not realize you were Nancy’s husband at the time. I saw a name that was unfamiliar and took you as a stranger to these parts. So grateful you did not take offense!

I’m also mighty grateful you recognize the forces or powers that we humans are unable to see and I – only because of astrology – expect they will not switch up until a great majority of us “understand” what has been secretly done to we-the-commoners by the elite or previous governing bodies that lead up to this present dolt.

From history’s standpoint (and even that is in question) it might not take so long, perhaps a few years at most. Its disintegration is apparent to even the most unobservant among us.

It is good to know that our Nancy has such a supportive mate since without her we would be lost in the wilderness.


To your question, zero. And David, as the old saying goes, like attracts like. This man is vile and offensive, He couldn’t attract decency. This is one of the reasons many of us are so darn anxious.

Natal Jeff Sessions


~ circa March 2017

It seems that every time I get ready to discontinue this series another member of the Trump troupe gets into trouble. This time it’s his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. It was revealed a couple of days ago that Sessions had met twice last year with the Russian Ambassador, who is also considered to be a top Russian spy.

This would not be a problem, except for the fact that Session had, under oath, told the committee reviewing his appointment as Attorney General that no such meeting took place.

Grand Fire Trine

Sun 22 Sagittarius
Zeus 22 Leo
Sedna 21 Aries


Mars 27 Sagittarius


Phaedra 25 Gemini (Vulcanus 21GE, Orcus 20GE,Uranus 19GE, N.Node 11 GE)


I have to chuckle ironically every time I hear people, including myself, look to GWB longingly as if he was a model president next to DT (who gives us the DTs)….as, I well remember what a horror show the Bush-Cheney admin was. In fact, Nancy’s site was begun sometime during that era and it one of the only things that brought me solace and hope, and important news about the evidence building against B-C. I don’t know how they can live with themselves, having caused so much waste & destruction, so much murder & destruction, and a domino effect that we see today that has intensified this in the M-E.

Eliseo, good analysis of the way the self-pardoning would play out. You have some good skills there!

meant to say, so much murder and mayhem.

Sean Spicer being interviewed by CNN (very brief) while on the way out… Man does he look like an 100-lb weight has been lifted off him. He was even laughing and smiling, something he almost never did publicly…and he talks about having to have developed a thick skin in order to be able to laugh at himself, something DT could take a lesson from. SS is the healthier one. http://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2017/07/22/sean-spicer-snl-melissa-mccarthy-wxp.hln

Boy am I going to miss Melissa McCarthy’s spoofing of Shawn Spicer, big time. She was wonderful and I laughed until I hurt. They say nothing lasts forever, not even the good stuff. Sad.

alex, thanks for the Jeff Sessions chart. It is fantastic and I’ve not even studied it at length. But . . .

Jeff’s natal Moon is in the vicinity of being conjunct the Neptune-Uranus conjunctions (18+ Cap in the 3rd one) which sextiles his natal Jupiter at 19+ Scorpio, that conjuncts the Neptune-Uranus chart’s Mars also at 19+ Scorpio.

Then he tops if off with has natal Uranus at 19+ Gemini retrograde (so close to Trump’s Sun and U.S. Mars) which completes a natal Yod. A Yod that calls in the power of the Neptune-Uranus cycle.

It doesn’t get any better than this. Thanks again.

All these Trump Characters are uniquely Bizarre…every one of them.

Speaking of our Little Jeffy…

John Rothmann is with Pat Thurston tonight, Right Now….I cannot recommend them enough!

John Rothmann worked closely with Richard Nixon during the last Impeachment.


The Russian Connection: Inside The Attack On Democracy/ A CNN Special Report

Video: 41 min 48 sec


If you’ve not seen this: Unbelievable!
NYT: ‘We have catalogued nearly every outright lie he has told publicly since taking the oath of office’


Re: corrections for Session aspects

oops I mis- typed 12/14 when it is 12/24

should read:

Grand Fire Trine

Admetos 18 Aries
Pluto 13 Leo
Mercury 16 Sagittarius



Phaedra 23 Gemini
Venus 21 Scorpio
Pholus 23 Capricorn


Re: Hades Moon (particularly intensive, instinctively in-touch with sentiments, rhythms, and moods of the collective)

RE: Sessions mistyped

seems I’m unexpectedly still recovering from air conditioning breakdown… the nice ac-tech-guy worked on the furnace, condenser, coils, voltages, the thermostat etc to get me cool again but even day and 1/2 on fans only was really tooooooo hot….my brain was ‘toasted’ for awhile there qeeze;

Sessions (born/lived in Selma, Alabama)


I’m looking at some hypothetical choices for a rectified birth time for Sessions…. beginning with a ‘Hades Moon’ (pluto-moon aspect) narrating his personality…


Making of


Remarkable astrological timing. Congressional vote for stepped up Russian sanctions scheduled for next Tuesday. To be sent to the President’s desk for signature or veto Wednesday July 26th at the time of the Mars/Sun conjunction?

Congress Defies Trump by Agreeing to New Sanctions Against Russia

July 22, 2017

Congressional leaders have reached an agreement on a set of sweeping sanctions against Russia as punishment for meddling in the U.S. election as well as its military aggression, which essentially would prevent President Donald Trump from unilaterally removing sanctions on Russia. The measure, which also allows new sanctions against Iran and North Korea, is scheduled for a vote in the House of Representatives on Tuesday. The Senate passed a previous version of the bill nearly unanimously last month.

The agreement between Republican and Democratic leaders was reached despite the White House’s persistent lobbying against the measure that it says interferes with Executive authority. If approved in Congress, Trump will face a tough choice of whether to veto the bill, which would lead to accusations that he is doing the Kremlin’s bidding, or approve something his administration has opposed. Two senior administration officials told the New York Times they don’t foresee the president vetoing the bill given the current controversy surrounding his campaign’s contacts with Russian officials. But no one is willing to place bets quite yet. “As ever, Mr. Trump retains the capacity to surprise, and this would be his first decision about whether to veto a significant bill,” notes the Times.

Chances of a veto could also be far-fetched considering how it would involve expending political capital without any likely gains. The bill will be considered under an expedited process for uncontroversial legislation that requires a two-thirds majority to pass. That should, at least theoretically, mean the bill will be veto-proof.



A quick follow-up to the above……

The July 26th Sun/Mars conjunction (4 ’13 Leo) forms a close semi-square to Trump’s natal Uranus (17 ’53 Gemini). An indication of a dramatic, unexpected unilateral decision?…….

Sun Conjunct Mars 26 July 2017

by Astrology King

Sun conjunct Mars in the natal chart makes people passionate about asserting their identity. These are people who fight at all costs to be themselves. They will always look after number one, yet they are great in an emergency, fast reactors and focused soldiers. Highly sexed, they enjoy the conquest. Though fantastic initiators, endurance might not be their strong point. Mars is pretty raw and untamed, so they tend to be brash and bold, sometimes vulgar.

There’s no frills or finery with Mars, it’s blunt and to the point. The creative fire of the Sun combined with the forceful speed of Mars makes these people driven and ambitious. They usually get what they desire and don’t react well to rejection. Saying that, their rampant self-assertion is awe-inspiring and they can achieve much if their objectives are honorable. The projection of their sovereignty a marvel to behold.

Transiting Sun conjunct Mars brings an abundance of energy and initiative which must be burnt up in a constructive manner otherwise there can be damaging consequences. If this hot energy were to build up in the body, then it would be spontaneously released without control. Such a release of uncontrolled hot energy would be rapid and destructive, hurting yourself or others. Although the manifestation of this transit can be positive or negative depending on how it is used, I consider it to be generally negative because of the potential for damage.




Thanks for the tip about click bait of some videos on youtube. Per Billy Joel “… when I wore a younger man’s clothes.”

Jerry, many Thanks for that link.
My natal Mars is at zero degrees of Leo in my second house.

This coming Monday, July 24, activists across the country are set to target Democratic lawmakers who have yet to sign off on Rep John Conyers’ Medicare for All legislation.

The nationwide events, coordinated by the group Millions March for Medicare 4 All, are part of a growing call “for America to do for its citizens what literally every other developed nation in the world has had for decades.”


Good summary of why GOP policies are morally and intellectually bankrupt:


As we move into Trump’s megalomaniacal Jupiter return with Pluto in square:


Worst days will be from July 28 to August 4.


~ per RoseAnn DeMoro

Some say public option is the path toward an improved and expanded Medicare for all. It’s not.

Transiting Ceres is conjunct the U.S. natal Jupiter today at 5+ Cancer as transiting Juno and transiting Astraea, both retrograde, oppose them in Capricorn. I will be watching to see if there is any news re: overseas food aid, agriculture expansion, separation between children and parents, drought or flood damage to crops; anything that might help me better understand Ceres symbolism.

alex, what a dreadful experience. We modern humans can’t adapt like we could a hundred years ago. It’s stuff like that (loss of A/C) that makes me wonder how people would survive a nation-wide long-term loss of electricity.Hope you are feeling much better by now.

It would seem Mr. Sessions is a more complex individual than he appears to be!

Nancy, thanks for the heads up on “worst days” and for new links to stoke the fire. I’m trying to pace myself for what’s ahead.

I notice that Sessions has natal Mars (5+ Capricorn) opposite U.S. Jupiter too, which means transiting Juno (less than equal) and Astraea (staying to the end) are conjunct it and transiting Ceres + U.S. Jupiter are opposite it. Trump’s Neptune at 5+ Libra squares all of the above; something that should be factored into the equation. Perhaps that’s all there is to it.

Hi Nancy, Thank you for sharing your gift. It’s reassuring to have a time frame so even though we are going through darkness, there is light that will eventually come through. I would love to be subscribed to your blog but couldn’t find a way to do it. Thanks.


thanks, some older folk like me can’t adjust to either hot or cold – – I have a narrow temp. range that is comfortable outside that tiny range no good…. it is an elderly aging issue…. I had help to get through it which was good

You all probably already know this and written about this, so excuse me if this is redundant…but past eclipses in Leo have had dramatic affects on Trump personally. The 1981 eclipse in Leo and brother Freddie, Jr dies a couple of months later. The 1999 eclipse and Fred Trump, Sr. dies.

There were also overlaps with Trump’s business world at the same time.

I hope the fall is only a political one for DJT!
In my mind, he is just the battering ram that is being used to hack and crack our system.

Given the contact with the US moon in Aquarius, I am very much wondering if the eclipse will expose any techno manipulation of the last presidential election. That’s my greatest concern – more than collusion over hacking into email servers. What about hacking into the vote that may not have left much evidence? If that’s the case, please let the info come out now.

Dear Nancy, your husband’s additional input here is most interesting. Hopefully, we will hear from him more often.

And Ripley, Those are amazing facts regarding Trump and his previous Eclipse history!
And yet, this coming Eclipse should smack Trump’s personal Planets like nothing ever before!

Can you feel the Eclipse coming? Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight:

Pat Thurston’s on tonight KGO 7pm!

This photo is scary enough in terms of trump. But imagine the playbook narrative with Pence calling the shots – they have become a mind-controlled cult. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/praying-in-the-apocalypse_us_597363b4e4b06b511b02c3b8?section=us_politics
It sure feels like the good vs evil “Armageddon” polarity years are not too far removed from the reality of now.

The Great Invocation works to center, ground and protect me every day.

The Great Invocation

From the point of Light within the mind of God, let Light stream forth into the minds of men. May Light descend upon Earth

From the point of Love within the Heart of God, let Love stream into the hearts of men.

From the center where the Will of God is known, let Purpose guide the little wills of men, the Purpose the Masters know and serve.

From the center that we call the race of men is found, let the plan of Love and Light work out, and may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Love and Light and Divine Power restore
the Plan on Earth

Amen Will, Amen.

“It appears we’ll have a vote on Tuesday but we don’t know whether we’ll be voting on the House bill, the first version of the Senate bill, the second version of the Senate bill,” Republican Senator Susan Collins told CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday.


Chuck Schumer Says Senate Democrats Are Open To Single-Payer Health Care

The Democratic party was “too cautious” in the past, he said.

With trans. Venus conjunct U.S. Mars and about to conjunct Trump’s Sun, and with trans. Mercury at 28+ Leo (1 degree from Trump asc.) trine trans. Uranus (the unexpected) at 28+ Aries perhaps we will get some shocking tweet from Trump today, like something nice for example.

2 weeks from today we get the first Aug eclipse, 2 weeks after that the second.

In looking at charts of ardent trump supporters (using timed birth charts) I found that the strongest day for despair in their January 2020 charts was on the 15th or 16th. Then checking for trump and myself I got the same days for strongest results (negative for him, positive for me).

What I noticed that I had not before was that although the 13th had the transiting Sun joining transiting Saturn and Pluto, the Saturn-Pluto combo when joined by some natal or secondary progressed points produced strings of consecutive days of difficulties for him throughout the entire month when swept by the angles of his progressed anlunars.

Something to remember is that the Saturn-Pluto conjunction will be present in everyone’s charts. It will have more impact if it has a direct aspect to a point in a chart such as it’s opposition to trump’s natal Saturn.

ALEC’s Scary Plan For Electing Your Senators

The radical right is intent on destroying democracy as we know it.

ALEC’s “model legislation” would repeal the 17th amendment, end more than a century of American citizens electing U.S. senators at the ballot box, and empower gerrymandered legislatures to choose senators for us, as was the practice in the 18th and 19th centuries.


Tom Malinowski served as assistant secretary of state for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor from 2014 to 2017. The piece referred to below is the most intelligent view of our situation with N. Korea I have encountered. Malinowski outlines a peaceful way out of our situation with N. Korea.

How to Take Down Kim Jong Un
Stop saying there are no good options on North Korea. Here’s how we can end the threat once and for all—without firing a shot.
By Tom Malinowski – July 24, 2017


Anyone looked at Rudy Giuliani’s chart lately? Trump is supposedly thinking of making him Attorney General and probably hoping Rudy will fire Mueller.


The fight on the Senate floor will unfold in stages.

First, the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, said he would move ahead with a procedural vote on Tuesday to take up the health bill that narrowly passed the House in May. He urged his colleagues to do so.

If that vote succeeds, the Senate would then be able to consider numerous amendments, including complete substitutes for the House bill. But it remains unclear what would take its place, and Senate Republican leaders have not said which substitute measure would be considered first.

Under one possible series of events, Mr. McConnell could quickly move to replace the House bill with an entirely new measure to repeal the Affordable Care Act without a replacement.

If that amendment vote fails, as it most likely would, he could move to replace the House bill with a version of the proposal he has been refining for weeks: to repeal the health law while also replacing it.

Senator John Cornyn of Texas, the No. 2 Senate Republican, said there would be “endless amendments” if the procedural hurdle were cleared.

“Everybody will get a vote on everything they want to vote on,” Mr. Cornyn said.


Horoscope Mitch McConnell

Natal & Directed July 20 2017 chart


McCain is returning to the Senate for the healthcare vote….

Trump tweets that Adam Schiff is sleazy when it’s Trump’s picture that’s in the dictionary under that entry. He is so desperate. I loved the way Kushner’s speechwriter (Bannon or the other Alt Right guy) made sure to have him say in his statement: “Donald Trump had a better message and ran a smarter campaign and that is why he won,” Kushner said. “Suggesting otherwise ridicules those who voted for him.” That was a great way to appeal to his base – very slick.

Will, thank you for The Great Invocation. It gave me chills (in a good way).

Call: Tomorrow Is Make Or Break


Interesting news snippet about fire-happy Trump. This is nothing new. It struck me how Trump gained national popularity via the mantra: “You’re fired!” That he believes this behavior is perfectly acceptable as a president adds another log to the “fire” he seems to be using as a measure of loyalty. Either you measure up or I’ll feed you to the fire. This behavior (and others) may contribute to a hard-thrown boomerang effect?

Thank you, Will.

Another theory that dawned on me this morning. It’s not being discussed, at least nationally. That is that Mueller has some hand in Jared Kushner’s careful testimony yesterday. And may today. Could it be that Mueller already has substantial evidence against Kushner? That he is baiting Kushner to make statements that are prosecutable?

I ask these questions because the whole of this dysfunctional presidency is coming unraveled. Reminds me of any wild animal being cornered and fighting to escape death.

Witness the boy-scout debacle. I’m not certain many of them even understand the current threat to the constitution. Add to that the other very odd (and lewd) speech to youth. Reminds of various periods of arousing youth to act violently (and/or disrespectfully) to anyone “against” them.

TUESDAY: What are they voting on?

There are at least four bills that could advance to the Senate floor.

Who wins? Who loses?

We worked with NPR member station reporters and editors to create an interactive Q&A on how key elements of the bills would affect people in different states.


What if the Senate parliamentarian says ‘nope’?

Another potential wrinkle came up late Friday. Julie Rovner with Kaiser Health News reports that the Senate rule-keeper has advised that some key parts of some of the bills could need 60 votes to proceed. They include defunding Planned Parenthood and incentives to have people keep health insurance. Getting 60 votes would require Democratic support, which they won’t get.


How to stop your dog destroying your home when you’re out:


A new idea has surfaced in the last 24 hours about what Senate

Republicans might do if they can’t pass anything else: they might pass a lowest-common denominator plan that only repeals a few pieces of the Affordable Care Act, the parts everyone hates.

“Skinny repeal”: If the Senate votes to start the debate, but it can’t pass either its repeal-and-replace bill or a straight repeal bill, the last move might be something that just gets rid of the individual and employer mandates.



I really don’t want to be on the phone telling any parent that their child might die because of legislation that Republicans might pass.

Nancy says “Maybe he (the Donald) will make one of his famous deals and then resign.”

The New Moon this past Sunday was at 0+ Leo which opposes the degree where trans. Saturn and Jupiter will meet in 2020, 0+ Aquarius. Donald Trump has the asteroid Askalaphus at 0+ Aquarius.

In myth, Askalaphus was a gardener in Hades when Core/Persephone (daughter of Ceres) was kidnapped by Pluto. At the time when the deal was made to release Persephone back to her mom, Askalaphus revealed he had seen Persephone eating some pomegranate seeds, thus invalidating the agreement (that Persephone had not eaten anything while in Hades) which resulted in only a partial release for her.

I see Askalaphus as a change agent for agreements by providing information that was unknown when the agreement was made; a tattle-tale or informant. Perhaps Trump has information (on someone or even himself) that he will release in order to make a deal.

Several other people have natal planets at 0+ Aquarius, among them Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren (born 12 years apart) who both have natal Jupiter at 0+ Aquarius. Trump may have information he is willing to trade in order to keep the worst from happening to him and to his family.

This New Moon makes an out-of-sign square with transiting Uranus (at 28+ Aries) who will station retrograde on August 2nd. Uranus won’t return to that degree until mid April, 2018, when there will be a New Moon at 26+ Aries. At that time the transiting North Node (opportunity) will be about to conjunct Trump’s natal Pluto (10+ Leo).

Also at the time of that New Moon in April, transiting retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio (20+ degrees) will oppose Venus in Taurus (20+ degrees). A powerful (about to station retrograde) transiting Pluto at 21+ Capricorn will trine Venus and sextile Jupiter.

The sextile between Jupiter and Pluto will form a Yod to Trump’s natal North Node in Gemini which is just 2 degrees from his natal Sun. He will feel the push to adjust in some way; his views his opinions, his action.

The transiting, stationing retro Pluto will also form a T-square with the U.S. natal opposition between Chiron in Aries and Juno in Libra which might be a clue as to what this April 2018 New Moon-conjunct-Uranus might be about.

With transiting Uranus having returned to where he is right now (back when he was square the New Moon at 0+ Leo) and being conjunct the April 2018 New Moon (26+ Aries), some shocking kind of breakthrough should be coming forward.

Transiting Chiron will have reached the Aries Point (0+ Aries), a degree that affects the whole world. That Chiron will trine last Sunday’s New Moon at 0+ Leo, and will sextile Obama’s and Warren’s natal Jupiter, the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction degree and Trump’s natal Askalaphus.

Transiting Mars in Capricorn will square Trump’s natal Jupiter in Libra at the April 2018 New Moon while transiting station-direct Mercury at 4+ Aries will be opposite Trump’s Neptune in Libra and squaring the U.S. Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Cancer. Trans. Mercury will be very close to the Chiron on the Aries Point too. It will also be very close to the U.S. natal chart’s IC (roots). I think it will be a good thing.

Is It Possible That President Will Fire Sessions And Mueller While Congress Is In Recess?

July 22, 2017

“Hot off the dark side non press! The latest information that has leaked out of the administration is that trump will wait until the senate goes into recess to fire Session. He then allegedly, will appoint a person who he knows will do his bidding, using the provision that allows a recess appointment, who will follow his directives to fire Mueller! I hate to admit it, as like you, I don’t like conspiracy theories, but this one simply makes too much sense if one looks at trumps history, and understand that S. Bannon is pushing for this to happen. The real fear for me is that while we will hear an uproar, the congress will make a little noise, yet fail to make any steps to correct the problems! Our nation is under siege by a foreign power and the people that have the power to correct the path of this nation are remiss in their responsibility and seem to be willing to sell this nation to the highest bidder!”



The above scenario is not as far-fetched as one may think. Todays’ Washington Post mentions that very same possibility……

Trump Leaves Sessions Twisting In The Wind While Berating Him Publicly

Washington Post
July 25, 2017

“……..Another scenario is that Trump could make a recess appointment, said Steve Vladeck, a professor at the University of Texas School of Law. Under that plan, Trump could choose an attorney general during the August recess who would serve until the end of the next Senate session, which would run to Jan. 3, 2019. That person would have the same authority as someone who is confirmed by the Senate, Vladeck said.”



As has been widely reported; US congress postponed its August recess to the third week in August (beginning Monday August 14th?).

Wednesday August 16th has tr. Mars at 17 ’17 Leo conjunct Trump’s Mars/Pluto midpoint (18 ’24 Leo) in exact quincunx to tr. Pluto (17 ’17 Capricorn). In addition, Trump’s natal Uranus (17 ’53 Gemini) natal Jupiter (17 ’27 Libra) trine happens to be at that 17 Leo midpoint. With Mars conjoining that 17 Leo degree in quincunx to tr. Pluto – should we expect explosive political developments at that time?

There is talk on Democraticundergrond that the Senate will not go into full recess to prevent the Rs from slipping through a recess appointment.

The Rs arent that smart and the D’s are paying attention to this type of shenanigan.

I’m expecting the debate for the healthcare vote will flop with the evil doer 45 and McConnell the turtle, working the phones and making deals with the ultimate unproven deal maker showing us how its done. He has yet to succeeded. He would of fired himself by now.

the motion to proceed has R-votes and will pass… which means at the end of day the result will be horrible or only slightly less horrible cutting millions and millions and millions from health care…..


They will need 60 votes to pass those amendments, which is where Rs are vulnerable, and a good sized handful of R senators are not about to face a re-election year having voted to strip health care from constituents.

“A technical mix-up at a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing today provided a brief but fascinating peek into how lawmakers on both sides of the aisle talk privately among themselves about their esteemed Commander-in-Chief. After the hearing wrapped, Committee Chair and Trumpcare holdout Susan Collins apparently neglected to turn her microphone off, which meant that snippets of her chat with Rhode Island Democrat Jack Reed were inadvertently beamed out for the whole world to enjoy”

And don’t miss:
*Case Closed, America* America*http://www.gq.com/story/susan-collins-hot-mic

A comment from NYT’s expresses how I feel.

“It turns my stomach that John McCain flew all the way to Washington to help the process of eventually destroying health care for millions of Americans. You would think that after getting the top medical care possible for himself that he might have reflected on what type of care he would have gotten if he were either poor or a Senior on a low fixed income from Social Security or Medicaid.
The Republican Party in the name ONLY of giving our so called POTUS a “Win”, has no vision and no care whatsoever for the the least among us despite their overall pretense of having moral values.
It is no wonder they must suppress voting through gerrymandering districts, passing phony I.D. laws and curtailing access to the ballot for all except the highest income classes that are majority Republican. No doubt they will also likely let our Russian made POTUS and his family campaign slide despite either the direct or indirect help they got to win the election from Putin and his criminal fascist cabal direct from Moscow. I never thought our country would fall so low during my lifetime.

I expected this after looking at my progressed PDAL for trump. I think they will pass the “skinny” repeal tomorrow. That should intensify the demonstrations by voters.

Rethugs will then practically be forced to reveal (or finally come up with something to reveal) a definite plan. If they fail to change their stance on certain points final passage will fail as pols will be inundated after this by citizens terrified of losing their only health care insurance.

I think this may disappear as an issue in the Fall.


It’s possible all these rumors of presidential pardons allegedly being discussed behind closed doors is nothing more than a deliberate diversion. It would be political suicide in any event. To all intents and purposes, it appears Pres. Trump is preparing the public for a Jeff Sessions removal. If and when that happens, then watch the fun (note the last paragraph in the extract below – upper case italics mine)…….

Recess Appointments Will Likely Return in 2017, by Sam Wice (from the Yale Journal On Regulation Blog)

After a six-year hiatus, legally valid recess appointments will likely return in 2017. The Constitution gives “[t]he President [the] Power to fill up all Vacancies that may happen during the Recess of the Senate, by granting Commissions which shall expire at the End of their next Session.” In effect, recess appointments give the President the power to bypass, at least temporarily, Senate confirmation of a nominee.

As someone who was in the room where it happened (the Constitution was written) explained, recess appointments were intended to fill necessary, vacant positions when the Senate was unreachable. However, recess appointments are now used primarily to avoid Senate opposition to a candidate. Both President Bush and President Obama successfully used recess appointments to avoid or defer confirmation battles where it appeared a nominee could not obtain a filibuster-proof majority.

Recently, opposing party politics have greatly reduced the opportunities to use recess appointments. By practice, recess appointments now can only be used when both house of Congress and the Presidency are controlled by the same party. If the opposition party controls the Senate, they would deny the President a recess. When the Senate would normally take a recess, the Senate would instead have periodic “pro forma” sessions where a Senator would gavel the Senate open for the day and immediately end the legislative day. Even if the President’s party were to control the Senate, a House of Representatives controlled by the opposing party would use the Constitutional requirement that the Senate cannot adjourn for more than three days without the House of Representatives’ consent to prevent the Senate from going into recess. Thus, the Senate would still have to use pro forma sessions during its unofficial recess.

President Obama tried to claim that these pro forma sessions did not mean the Senate was in session, but he lost that argument 9-0. The Court also held that unless there are unusual circumstances, a Senate recess must last at least 10 days before the President may issue a recess appointment.

With Full Republican Control Of Both Houses of Congress and the Presidency, the Senate will Likely Go In Recess For The First Time Since 2010, And President Trump Will Have The Opportunity To Make Recess Appointments.




On the other hand, I just noticed the CNN article posted in the Democratic Underground you might have been referring to….

Senate Won’t Let Trump Make Recess Appointments

July 25, 2017

Recess appointments let a president install nominees who normally must be OK’d by Senators

GOP leaders plan to continue to follow the practice of holding “pro forma” sessions

(CNN) Senators are planning to continue procedural moves to prevent the Senate from formally adjourning for recess next month in order to prevent President Donald Trump from making recess appointments, when the chamber eventually adjourns through the Labor Day weekend.

Using the threat of a filibuster, Democrats plan to force the Senate to hold pro forma sessions — a practice both parties have carried out to block recess appointments from presidents of opposite party, Democratic and Republican aides say.

Recess appointments let a president install nominees who normally must be confirmed by the Senate; their terms would run through the end of the “next session” of the Senate, but the “pro forma” sessions essentially means the Senate is never in recess.



Don’t mind me. I’m still exploring the nuances here. Consulting Wikipedia on the fine points of Recess Appointments, there have been exceptions that allow the president to over-ride “pro-forma” interventions. The technicalities are many and quite bewildering…..

Recess Appointment


Given Trump’s egocentric mind-set, it’s my personal opinion he will most likely precipitate a constitutional crisis in August…..

Democrats Worried Trump Will Make Recess Appointment To Replace Sessions

Washington Examiner
July 25, 2017

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer warned Tuesday that Democrats are worried President Trump might fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the coming days, and then try to replace him through a recess appointment over the August break, when the Senate is out.



Well, puleease don’t take this too literally, but I just read today that N. Korea threatened that it has the power to cause a nuclear strike in the U.S. Heartland.

Just guess what I thought of??

I don’t scare that easily though and do not buy that it will happen but it did bring up the association in my mind.

There is an interesting astrological phenomenon happening between Monday, August 7 and Sunday August 13 that some here might have an idea about what it means.

Six bodies, either planets or asteroids, will be at 11+ degrees of their respective signs and they will all make an aspect to Mitch McConnell’s Mercury at 11+ Aquarius and his natal Jupiter at 11+ Gemini. None of the transiting bodies are in air signs so none of them will conjunct or trine McConnell’s Mercury and Jupiter.

Those transiting bodies, all at 11+ degrees during the week between August 7 and August 13 are: Mars in Leo, Ceres in Cancer, Mercury in Virgo, Venus in Cancer, Vesta in Virgo and Pallas in Taurus.

They all aspect each other of course, and they all aspect something in each of the 3 outer planet entry charts, the 2nd of 2 entries they made to the sign they now occupy. All 3 outer planets second ingress (entry) charts have something at 11+ Aquarius, the same degree as McConnell’s Mercury. For Uranus it was Venus, for Neptune it was Mercury and for Pluto it was Nessus and the North Node.

I’m thinking that’s a lot of communication between McConnell’s natal Mercury (and Jupiter) pinging back and forth with transiting Mars, Ceres, Mercury, Venus, Vesta and Pallas, not to mention the 3 outer planets influence beaming in from their composite 11+ Aquarius positions to his natal Mercury at 11+ Aquarius.

The transiting Ceres and Venus in Cancer will quincunx McConnell’s Mercury and the composite outer planet representatives at 11+ Aquarius. Transiting Mercury and Vesta will do the same from Virgo. This will put the 11+ Aquarius planets in this particular scenario at the apex of four of Yods, which means a lot, I mean a LOT of adjusting in one week.

Transiting Mars in Leo and transiting Pallas in Taurus will square each other (although the exact aspect will be on August 5th) and while trans. Mars will oppose McConnell’s Aquarian Mercury, trans. Pallas in Taurus will square McConnell’s Mercury. It’s called a T-square.

Meanwhile the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto will be transmitting their messages via their special envoys (either Mercury or Venus or Nessus and the North Node or all of them at once) as these transiting bodies will be pinging off each one of the transits (and each other) that week between August 7 and 13.

I’m thinking this is my BIG MOMENT, the moment when Kentucky’s Mitch McConnell could actually do something (albeit forced or accidental) for the Country (and Planet Earth) that will make Kentuckians shed their shame for sending that man to DC.

I could be way wrong and this might just fizzle out, and yet I’m overwhelmed about the timing of these transits – all aspecting McConnell’s chart and the 3 outer planet ingress charts, within a 7 day span of time. So if the country isn’t blown up by N. Korea, or Planet Earth doesn’t split wide open at the eclipse, it might still be an incredible event and frankly, I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in August. I don’t think you would want to miss it either.

Those among us who study charts may have noticed that the August 21 solar eclipse has no major planets in air signs.

There is an emphasis on Fire (a grand trine) and Earth is well represented (Pluto trines Pallas in Taurus and Vesta in Virgo). Even Water is represented by a trine between Neptune and Ceres, but no Air signs have planet energy and even the South Node (what should be let go) is in Aquarius.

This de-emphasizing of Air in the solar eclipse chart might be due to the week of the lunar eclipse two weeks earlier, the one with the Moon in Aquarius. That’s the week that all the emphasis on the degree of 11+ Aquarius takes place too.

Mitch McConnell was my token example for that, I’m sure there are others, but he’s the one to watch as all those transiting planets – the 3 personal ones, Venus, Mars and Mercury, along with goddess Ceres the dwarf planet and Pallas and Vesta the asteroid goddesses – strike hard at his natal Mercury at 11+ Aquarius.

I’m wondering if this emphasis on airy Aquarius, specifically the 11+ degree one, isn’t sucking all the oxygen out of the air with none left over for the solar eclipse.

A dearth of air in any chart is not a balanced chart. What could cause such a lack of oxygen? Of thinking and communicating? Too much fire? Too much earth and fire? Not quite enough water?

Just for fun I will revisit the Sabian Symbol for the Aquarius degree for Mitch’s Mercury and for the 3 outer planet ingress charts which have representation at that degree . . .


Maybe the air is more rare in those upward stair steps, or maybe other human functions need more development due to the excessive development of the Air function. Maybe that’s why there is no Air in the Solar Eclipse on August 21.

GOP Attack on ‘Our Basic Humanity’

“How many Republicans are out there to answer to the American people why they want to take healthcare away from millions of people who need it?”


Well, I was wrong about no air in the solar eclipse. There IS Jupiter in Libra so I feel better already. That Jupiter is conjunct the U.S. natal Juno that opposes the U.S. Chiron so there’s where the air’s coming from; the disenfranchised which U.S. Juno stands ready to defend.

alex, I thought of Elizabeth Warren on the Capitol steps; she’s a Juno alright. She would probably enjoy seeing MM sweat due to protests over losing health care coverage. Thanks for the link to the Common Dreams article.


I think I usually do a good job of not getting really down about what’s going on in politics. I mean, I’ve lived through George Bush getting elected twice and lying us into the Iraq War. You think … okay, we can make it through anything.

But the health care vote this week … I don’t think I’ve ever felt worse about our country. I used to believe that eventually, intelligence had to win out. The intelligence of our citizens. That we’d start evaluating things on the basis of facts and make intelligent decisions. I no longer believe that. The stupidity is astonishing and demoralizing. I think of the “This is why we can’t have nice things” memes where the dog has just eaten up the couch, and I see it as our country. This is why we can’t have a nice country. We have too many people who are too stupid to make intelligent decisions about the US.

How is everybody else doing?

“After pushing through—on a narrow, party-line vote—a motion to proceed to debating various plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act on Tuesday afternoon, Republicans brought their first plan up for a vote late Tuesday night, only to watch it fail 43 to 57 in a procedural vote.”

This thing is not over. Yet.
Former Speaker of the House John Boehner at a Las Vegas Convention this week said the Rs will NEVER fully replace O’care.

Spoken by a Republican who worked with the other side of the aisle.

Teresa, I’m hoping the special council does a thorough and complete investigation so that even the Republicans on the fence will vote to impeach and remove the POTUS once and for all.

My fear is that if the Ds don’t make huge gains in the Houses, means the Russians have continued to interfere with voter rolls and we will not get fair elections until we fix it so they won’t or. (gasp!) declare war. I hope for the former not the latter of course.

A snip from a piece done back in Sept 2015 on Trump’s astrological strengths and weaknesses.
Does Regulus in Trump’s chart actually hold this much weight?
I hope so but not being an astrologer I chalk it up to wishful thinking.

“Strengths in Donald Trump’s Birth Chart”

“The first thing that stands out from Donald Trump’s birth chart is that he has the royal fixed star, Regulus, conjunct to his Ascendant. Regulus is one of the four Royal Stars of Persia, and the only one known as “The Royal Star,” the Star of Kings, and the “Heart of the Lion” (or Lion’s Heart. Cor Leonis in Italian).

With Regulus on the Ascendant, Donald Trump can’t help but to have a “majestic temperament.”

Donald Trump is extremely lucky to have been born with this honor. Having any of the Royal Fixed Stars on the Ascendant promises power, success, honor, charisma, wealth, and special talents as long as one mandatory condition is met (explained below).

Regulus, in particular, also promises military honors and victory over enemies.[2] This influence is doubled because Donald Trump has Mars near the Ascendant. Mars near Regulus promises honor, fame, strong character, public prominence, and high military command.[2]

Not enough good things can be said about having Regulus conjunct the Ascendant. It makes one courageous, frank, and noble. It allows Donald to see the big picture of things.

“those who have this star prominent are esteemed, commanding, independent, outspoken, great-souled and honor-loving, often wealthy and born leaders of men.”[3]

However, one big condition must be met for Donald Trump to receive all the benefits of Regulus. Donald must avoid revenge. That’s what Regulus requires.

Regulus promises great success if revenge can be avoided.[4] If Donald Trump engages in revenge, Regulus promises a falling from grace.

“If, out of anger or hurt, the person takes revenge, then as promised with all Royal Stars, there is a falling from grace.”[4]

Falling from the grace of Regulus can bring violence, trouble, sickness, and scandal.[2] Regulus can take away all that has been gained. As long as revenge is avoided, the sky is the limit for Donald Trump.”

Link, forgot to post it.

“Donald Trump’s Astrology Strengths and Weaknesses”


DJT regularly and frequently engages in revenge.

I know what you mean Teresa, I’ve been saying, along with many, many others, that we haven’t been educating our kids well enough and there are obvious reasons and not so obvious reasons.

One of the reasons I thought something good could come out of this past presidential election was that we could get a good % read on how many of us lacked the wisdom to pick a good President. Instead what I learned was what % of our citizenry was furious with our government, and, thanks to the Russian hacking, I’m not even sure of that.

From an astrological view it is transiting Saturn in our 1st house (self-awareness) that is making us (as a country) gloomy about ourselves. Transiting Saturn opposes our country’s Mars in Gemini making us angry as well as gloomy. Both transiting Saturn and natal U.S. Mars square the U.S. natal Neptune in Virgo (in the house of higher education) and that makes us gloomy, angry and confused.

One way to look at our situation might resemble the way one might look at a stay in the hospital (dread, fear, depressed), a stay that would eventually lead to curing what ails one. That’s the approach I’m using. Because of astrology (and astrologers )which has helped me see, not just the immediate transits, but how those daily, present transits fit into a longer outlook, it makes perfect sense. In other words, there is a purpose (or method) to the madness.

It could be that the shock and confusion would lead us, as individuals, to rely on one another. If we are all in the dark nobody has a great advantage over everyone else.

We have all heard how Neptune symbolizes a dissolving process and if we accept that what we have is not working then I would think we could agree that it should be dissolved. Trans. Neptune in Pisces is in the U.S. natal 3rd house of grade schools as well as telecommunications. When the old Jupiter-Saturn (society) cycle ends in late 2020 and the new society cycle starts, trans. Neptune will begin an opposition to the U.S. natal Neptune the following year.

If you look at the chart for the new Jupiter-Saturn (society) cycle you will see that transiting Neptune at 18+ Pisces will oppose transiting Vesta at 18+ Virgo and Vesta symbolizes what we invest in. These two, Neptune and Vesta will form a grand cross with the transiting north and south nodes and, for the world, it represents a crossroads choice as to which way to go forward and what to leave behind. Neptune will be in the U.S. grade school house (3rd house), as he is now, and Vesta will be in the higher education house (9th house).

The North Node in the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle (about societies) is in Gemini. North Nodes suggest the path forward and Gemini suggests grade school so it seems to me we are being told that what we need to invest in is grade schools. But the old methods of teaching and learning will have to be dissolved (Neptune) and new creative ways will replace them.

Another possible suggestion in the new society cycle is that Venus (values) at 7+ Sagittarius is square Ceres (nurturing) at 8+ Pisces which is where she is in the U.S. natal chart too. Ceres (in the new society cycle and in the U.S. natal chart) squares the U.S. natal Uranus (breakthrough and new starts) in Gemini, while the new cycle’s Venus (values including $$) in Sagittarius opposes U.S. natal Uranus.

Not surprisingly, not everyone will agree on the best way to start the new education system in this country. Still, we can start thinking about it now.

Here’s another interesting aspect in the next Jupiter-Saturn cycle, the Sun will be at 0+ Capricorn (the winter solstice) and Mercury will be at 1+ Capricorn, suggesting that a new form (Capricorn) of education and communication (Mercury) will be of paramount importance for the following 20 years (length of cycle between Saturn and Jupiter who, together, symbolize societies and cultures and their shifts.

As we go through the stages of grieving the loss of what we cherish about our country, we will also be provided opportunities to sow new seeds for an even greater country than what we have known. To my understanding, that’s why we are all here now, to provide our assistance, knowledge, love of country and whatever else one has to offer in transforming our world into what it can become. Be brave, all is NOT lost.

Teresa Hill,

Feeling and thinking much the same as you. This HC debacle, the Congress, THIS MAN IN THE WH, has me and many of my immediate circle not sleeping well, and feeling much too anxious. We’ve decided to give ourselves a news holiday just to save ourselves. I don’t know who we are (as a country ) anymore. The moral depravity is scary.

BarbK…You take by breath away and put a Tear in my eyes!

Melania’s Boyfriend Hank…
is kind of a Hunk! https://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?fr=yhs-GenieoYaho-fh_ds&hsimp=yhs-fh_ds&hspart=GenieoYaho&p=melania+boyfriend#id=1&vid=f608a0b958400f224dbde30e16c3f939&action=click

Same here, Janet and Teresa. I felt really depressed by everything, the earlier part of this week in particular, though better today. Maybe the fact that the ACA repeal and/or replace gambits keep failing, or maybe just the weather. I also binge-watched a Netflix series that took me somewhere else for awhile (El tiempo entre costuras – mostly in Spanish with English subtitles, beautifully shot and costumed, during a much scarier time [Nazis and Fascists] – I’d read the book in English translation a few years ago, wonderful). Anyway, yes, news holidays are helpful/necessary when it gets to be too much, like when every morning I wake up to more disgusting and disheartening news. Some days it’s better not to look. It’s a shame to have to live this way, but this is what we’re living with at least for now. So important to take care of ourselves first.

Trump is now doing great harm to our fellow American’s.
Will Conservatives wake up and help save us?

Transiting Chiron (healing, wounding, an interface between outer planets communicating with inner planets) is approaching the Obamacare chart’s Uranus at 26 Pisces 56 who was conjunct Industria (symbol for industries, such as Big Pharma, among other things) at 26 Pisces 55.

On September 11th, this year, transiting retrograde Chiron at 26 Pisces 53 – as it overlaps the Obamacare Uranus (+ Industria) – will oppose transiting Vesta (what we invest in) at 26 Virgo 53.

Even now, today, transiting Chiron is within orb of being conjunct that Obamacare chart’s Uranus-Industria and I can’t help but think that the problem with the Senate is linked to this Chiron transit to the Obamacare chart, in part because Uranus was only 6 degrees away from the Obamacare Sun at 2 Aries 55 which was trine Obamacare Mars at 1 Leo 56.

The New Moon this past Sunday was at 0 Leo 44 and conjunct Mars at 1 Leo 52.

We are all aware that big, big money is involved in the decision-making, or should I say the law-making regarding U.S. health care. So who has the most influence over the (in this case) Republicans who cast votes, the health industry or the citizens who elected them to their present jobs? I don’t think it is so much loyalty to the Party as it is job security that influences the voting in Washington.

The Leo New Moon promised us a lot of drama and as I look at that chart for the Leo New Moon with its (out of sign) square to Uranus and its (out of sign) opposition to the U.S. Pluto at 27+ Capricorn and its (out of sign) trine with transiting Chiron, who is about to conjunct the Obamacare Uranus, I see Oscar-worthy performances on a daily basis.

I congratulate the proponents of news holidays (Janet and Les) as the news these days can be not just addictive but also bad for your immune system.

Thank you Patty, and what’s this about Melania’s boyfriend!

Barbk – your interesting comments about Saturn in usa 1st house prompted me to go back and see what was happening in usa the last time Saturn was there –
Voila – 1987 – iran-contra, berlin wall, black Monday, etc etc etc

Uncanny isn’t it kiwi? Astrology is like that.

Something else we can watch is transiting Neptune who stationed retrograde in June at 14 Pisces 16 before reaching a conjunction with Obamacare’s Jupiter at 15 Pisces 18.

That will happen in April, 2018, about the same time that Uranus returns to the degree where he is now and conjuncts the New Moon and as trans. Jupiter at 21+ Scorpio sextiles trans. Pluto at 21+ Capricorn and they make a Yod with the U.S. Mars at 21+ Gemini which is conjunct Trump’s Sun at 22+ Gemini. There’s more about this April New Moon in my comment yesterday about Askalaphus.


Sorry so many of us are feeling so down about the state of the US, but thankful to know I’m not alone.

To me, it’s not so much Trump as it is so many Americans who still support Trump.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions natal Pluto at 13 ’01 Leo (power) will be opposed by the August 7th lunar eclipse (15 ’25 Aq). Tr. Mars will be activating those degrees

Trump Talks Privately About The Idea Of A Recess Appointment To Replace Sessions

Washington Post
July 26, 2017


Jeff Sessions (DOB Dec. 24, 1946) has natal Pluto at

Sorry. I prematurely pressed the submit key. It was a rough draft.

Tr. Mars will by activating those degrees (13 – 15 Leo) from August 10th – 14th.

White House director Scaramucci in an exclusive CNN interview today says the Sessions issue will be resolved in the next week or so. Should be interesting to watch this unfold

The financier Bill Browder has emerged as an unlikely central player in the ongoing investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 elections.

Sergei Magnitsky, an attorney Browder hired to investigate official corruption, died in Russian custody in 2009. Congress subsequently imposed sanctions on the officials it held responsible for his death, passing the Magnitsky Act in 2012.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s government retaliated, among other ways, by suspending American adoptions of Russian children.


A quick follow-up if I may. Tr. Mercury (communication) goes stationary retrograde (11 ’38 Gemini-Sagittarius) during the late evening hours of August 12th in precise square to Jeff Sessions nodes at 11 ’43 Virgo (his destiny points). The Mercury retro station forms a close opposition to tr. Neptune (dissolving of the status quo?) at 13 ’28 Pisces. Here’s the chart….

http://astrologyking.com/wp-content/uploads/mercury-retrograde-august-2017.gif .

Essentially we’re looking at an intense grand cross square to Jeff Sessions nodes. This occurs just as tr. Mars opposes the August 7th eclipse during the early morning hours of Sunday August 13th. Should we expect news of the firing of Jeff Sessions on August 13th the day before the US congressional August recess is scheduled to begin? Any thoughts on this?

My mistake. I got that in reverse. Please read instead:

“……Tr. Mercury (communication) goes stationary retrograde (11 ’38 GEMINI) during the late evening hours of August 12th in precise square to Jeff Sessions nodes at 11 ’43 VIRGO-PISCES (his destiny points).”

Good article on Macron, Trump and the Russian business:


From Euphoria to Muck – Jupiter-Neptune

“Trump is exposing our collective rot.” Very Plutonian. http://talkingpointsmemo.com/edblog/the-darkness-and-the-rot#more-1073375

Have wondered for awhile about insurance and pharmaceutical CEO pay. Well, here’s a sampler.

Kiwi, another riveting excerpt from the Diary of the Mundane Astrologer.

Great posts this morning! I too have felt the depression (literal and figurative) of these extremely frightening events. Yet, there is always the antidote. For instance when I see and hear the vocal protests, I smile. I clap. I’m far more riveted by this then by a little-boy president who wants his own way in his bid to be “beloved” king.

God love you Jerry, I know how it feels. A stationing retrograde Virgo Mercury squares Jeff Session’s Gemini North Node (and Sagittarius South Node) and it would appear that Session’s future hangs in the balance between the details of a picture and the overview of that picture.

When, on September 5th, Mercury “stops” . . (Mercury having been conjunct Mars 2 days earlier – the 2nd of 3 conjunctions they make for the start of their new cycle) . . and stations direct ending his retrograde period, he will conjunct the degree of the August solar eclipse, 28+ Leo. That conjunction and Mercury’s station are all close to Trump’s ascendant and Mars as well.

Since Jupiter plays such a pivotal role in that solar eclipse (T-square the opposition between Pluto and Ceres and also conjunct U.S. natal Juno who opposes U.S Chiron) as well as being trine Session’s natal Uranus in Gemini, I’m guessing the solar eclipse “overview” (Jupiter) carries a bit more weight than the “details” (Mercury).

However the solar eclipse Mercury at 8+ Virgo retrograde DOES square the U.S. Uranus at 8+ Gemini (which greatly affects McConnell’s chart), all of which favors “details” which could sway minds and hearts, including the POTUS.

This Mercury retro period, and knowing Trump’s penchant to swing back and forth on issues, could buy Sessions some time for Trump to mellow, have a change of heart, or even need Sessions for some new dilemma. Or not.

Bottom line, I just don’t know what’s going to happen to Jeff Sessions.

Here is what Marjorie Orr has to say about Sessions:


“If your Senator is saying they’re voting for Skinny Repeal to get to Conference, they’re lying. Whatever passes Senate will pass House,” declared Angel Padilla, policy director for Indivisible, in a Thursday morning tweet.


Can’t say I feel particularly sorry for what sessions is enduring – him quitting would be a huge mistake for himself and the country – but – my mind keeps thinking “sell your soul to the devil and he will always extract a price”

Thanks kiwi, thanks Ja, the country may be experiencing apoplexy at this time but the astrologers seem to be having a field day!

Sessions has:

Progressed Saturn at 2°44′ Leo. Transit by Mars July 24.
Progressed Saturn at 125°10′. Transit by Mars July 24.
Natal Saturn at 7°51′ Leo. Transit by Mars Aug 1.
Natal Saturn at 130°24′. Transit by Mars Aug 1.
Progressed Pluto at 11°30′ Leo. Transit by Mars Aug 7.
Progressed Pluto at 136°03′. Transit by Mars Aug 9.
Natal Pluto at 13°01′ Leo. Transit by Mars Aug 9.
Natal Pluto at 137°36′. Transit by Mars Aug 12.

If trump fires him, I think it will be on August 12.

Transit Saturn came within 3° of trump’s natal Moon on June 3. Certainly an effective orb. (Before that it came to within 3° of opposition to his natal Sun on May 30). It will station on his Moon on August 25, 26, and 27 and not get more than 3° away from it until October 24. That is 144 days or every day without fail for almost 5 months. All during this same time (and continuing until November 11) transit Saturn will be within a 3° orb of opposition to his natal Sun. It was in exact opposition on July 8. That is every day for 166 days, 5 1/2 months, having Saturn in tight opposition to his natal Sun. An overlapping with transit Saturn conjunct natal Moon and an eclipse on his natal Mars and Asc. I think it will be during this time he may have a psychological break.

Well, when you put it like that Bob, Saturn being restriction and all, maybe his wife or someone in his family (4th house, Saturn being conjunct natal Moon) might have him committed, in a presidential way of course. Or maybe she and the kid will leave him to stew in his own juices.

Maybe Mueller is the Saturn squeezing him into a tight(er) space. I see him behaving like a caged wild animal and people avoiding him, sliding his food under the door maybe. Transiting Uranus trines the solar eclipse and is in his 9th house of travel so maybe the family will farm him out to some “retreat” where they can keep him “sedated”. If so he might just survive this one.

Thanks as well for the Sessions Mars transit schedule. August 12 is when transiting Mercury stations retrograde and when transiting Venus will be conjunct the U.S. Sun and transiting Neptune trines them both. Was that a factor in addition to the transiting Mars?

the current admin vulture culture is escalating the oh so predictable internal vicious feeding frenzy.

RE: “sell your soul to the devil and he will always extract a price”

From Jeff Sessions point of view Obama and Hillary were the “devil.” Mr. Sessions thought he was getting on board with a “savior.”

What will be interesting to see is whether his attitude toward Mr. DJT will change or not. Same also for the rest of his loyal supporters. Maybe Trump’s supporters needed to be “hoodwinked” as preparation for some kind of illumination or realization? Although DJT’s presidency undeniably hurts so very many, maybe it is what was required to get people of a certain mentality to later embrace a more progressive point of view. Then again, maybe I’m being naïve?

A new Kennedy dynasty has Hamptons blue bloods buzzing!
“All everybody can talk about is Caroline Kennedy having her eye on another (congressional) run,” says one prominent Hamptons-goer, freshly back from a long weekend out east — and about to embark on another.

Eliseo, I have been thinking along those lines also – that the recent generation(s?) of citizenry have been painfully ignorant of basic civic functioning, and this chaos is serving as a sort of vehicle for some of the press to provide teachable moments which will be beneficial to all in the long run?
Of course that could be just my wishful thinking, and that, as it says in Proverbs 26:11, “As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his foolishness.”

Great pick from Proverbs!

What a contrast between the USA and other English speaking countries! In the rest of the Anglosphere conservatives tout an emphasis on “good government.” In the USA, particularly since Reagan persuaded many to an almost anarchistic perspective, ALL government is thought of as bad by conservatives.

For conservatives, maybe that’s one of the lessons, realizing how foolish is the notion that ALL government is bad and getting back to the more pragmatic, sensible sort of views exemplified by Eisenhower.

Perhaps another lesson, (and Dems need to learn this one as well) is the folly of ideological idolatry. The map is not the territory, and there has never been a perfect map, nor a perfect ideology, be it spiritual or political.

I wonder if this would take off in the usa too?
I see it as being helpful toward rebuilding civic discourse and togetherness from the bottom up

Senate leaders finally unveil their legislation, and plan to vote on it within hours.

Senate leaders were on track for a vote in the wee hours of Friday morning. They believed they were close to the 50 votes they needed to pass it.

Mitch McConnell’s final scam to pass Obamacare repeal begins at midnight




Republicans are about to vote to let 20,000 Americans die without health insurance. Think about that.

The gavel has yet to drop but as it stands CNN live is reporting that 3 Rs, including J. McCain voted NO on the skinny real along with 2 women Collins, and Murkowski have defeated turtle mcconnell.

another defeat for the dealmaker.

he should write a book the art of defeat. McConnel is pathetic

No votes from McCain, Murkowski and Collins have doomed the bill.

barbk, my determining factor was trump’s progressed anlunar coupled with his secondary progressed natal around it, always my first and usually my only determining charts. They are then backed up with the natal around the progressed lunar, then transits around it, then transits around secondary progressed, then transits around natal, and finally natal around progressed and lastly progressed around natal.

The decision to look at a date is triggered by a transit to a natal or progressed natal chart point. Reading is of points swept by the progressed lunar return angles. That transit provides the focus date and time for the progression of the lunar return.

The trigger was a transit to Session’s Pluto which was stationing on the day of his birth and only moved 1 minute of arc (actually 59 seconds) all day but not having a trusted time of birth for him I looked at trump’s chart for feedback.

Combining the two, I chose August 12 as the strongest date (IMO) for action by trump. I saw the week of preceding transits as anxious anticipation on trump’s part wanting to do it against advice from counsel not to.

Great news about the vote!!!

McCain Votes No (6:30am British Summer Time, 1:30am Washington DC)

The Senate effort to repeal Obamacare fails – per The Guardian (UK)

Vote Ascendant: 29Taurus57′ (conjunct Alcyone* in the Pleiades, )
Vote MC: 08Aquarius08′
Vote has a grand square, Venus, Moon, SaturnRx, ChironRx
Vote Mars is conjunct Sun at 04Leo, within 02′
Vote Asc is precisely square Trump’s natal Asc (29Leo56)
Vote SaturnRx at 21Sag51Rx is conjunct Trump’s natal Moon at 21Sag12
*Latinized form of Greek ??????? (Alkyone), derived from the word ?????? (alkyon) meaning “kingfisher”. In Greek myth this name belonged to a daughter of Aeolus and the wife of Ceyx. After her husband was killed in a shipwreck she threw herself into the water, but the gods saved her and turned them both into kingfishers. This is also the name of the brightest of the Pleiades, the seven stars in the constellation Taurus (the weeping sisters).

Trump can cry in his beer.

My goodness what a night! Day! I can rest easier now thanks to Murkowski, Collins and McCain.
Hopefully, the message of working together sinks in.
Watch the Donald disparage these three Senators tomorrow…

Great Vote!
Don’t let them Con America:
Why Does the Kremlin Care So Much About the Magnitsky Act?
Sergei Magnitsky – at the heart of the Russia affaire:

Hope you can read this.
“The Post-Hillary Democrats”
How in God’s name, the Democrats wonder, did we ever lose the 2016 election to HIM?https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-post-obama-democrats-1501106486


As mentioned earlier, the Aug 7th lunar eclipse (15 ’25 Leo) closely conjoins Jeff Sessions natal Pluto (13 ’01 Leo). Tr. Mars will conjunct those degrees from Aug. 11th – 13th. So that brings your August 12th projection right on target.

CORRECTION: The August 7th lunar eclipse is at 15 AQUARIUS. In other words, the Mars transit conjoins Jeff Session’s natal Pluto in opposition to the August 7th eclipse degree from Aug. 11th – 13th.

About the ‘Skinny’ Repeal and Replace vote and how it all went down, including McCain coming in to vote for the Motion to Proceed and then voting ‘Nay’:

From DailyKos:

“That Motion to Proceed vote was a TRAP, he set their ass up

Doing it this way means ALL 3 VERSIONS got voted down and now they need 60 votes. It was an absolutely vicious prison shank to Trump. The Lannisters send their regards motherfucker…….”

Considering the Aquarius (Air) Lunar Eclipse followed by an Air-less Solar Eclipse:

Aquarius is humanity’s collective Higher Self which we’re all evolving towards.

A mirror to that would be Tribalism. Humanity broken into warring groups and zero-sum gain squabbling.

In America, it’s gotten to point that Trump supporters will follow anything if it pisses off liberals regardless of how it impacts themselves. It’s a sort of nihilism.

Air is mentation, analysis and conceptual frameworks. The realm of Universal Principles that undergird reality.

Looking at how the Repeal/Replace fiasco went as McConnell tried to push it through with 15% approval rating while Trump feeds his base with divisive crap on Twitter by appealing to their racism and violent tendencies …

I think maybe, just maybe, America is moving towards breaking down this tribalism and getting ready to smack down the worst of the white nationalists.

And another thing comes to mind on this topic:
Trump supporters feed off victimhood. The Left and the masses are now energized and being pro-active. Organizing. Planning for future. Which is part of Air.

Old habitual patterns are breaking down and new ones are being formed.

Eric Francis on the Eclipse:


And here we are: Jupiter is now within a degree of Trump’s Jupiter with transiting Pluto in square. North Korea has just launched a ballistic missile.

The Moon is moving to conjunct Jupiter through about 6:30 PM today, triggering reckless expansionist megalomania in Orange Hitler.

However, all of the Saturn aspects are also increasingly triggered this weekend: the Sun and Mars will both be sesquiquadrate tr Saturn/Trump’s Moon. So, he may go from bouncing around ideas of military reprisal to stressing over all the restrictions on his action. Or he may act precipitously and then begin to feel the consequences immediately. Jupiter continues through August 4 for him, and he wants a big win and a strong distraction, uncaring of who gets hurt. A dangerous combination.

When Trump tweeted about rejecting Transgendered military personnel- it made his transphobic, bigoted base ecstatic BUT<<<

The DoD and military leadership made it clear they are not responding to Trump's tweet.

It has paved the way to the Top Brass potentially not taking orders from the Commander in Chief Trump.

Thank you Nancy for the up to date crazy going on in our country.

The good of all this is that the Republicans are beginning to side with the Ds at least on losing support and that may translate on getting rid of POTUS Dolt 45.

Who isn’t sick of this idiot by now?

Jerry, scrambling to redo charts here. I inadvertently deleted more than 100 charts in my trump file.

Session’s Pluto is at 137°36′. Eclipse Sun at 137°53′ is right on it. In addition Session’s Saturn/Pluto midpoint is at 134°. Eclipse Mars at 134°31′ is on it.

trump’s progressed anlunar for the 7th, just past 10:30 am, is very active. Will have to compare the two dates later as I have to go.

Indeed, the noose is tightening. Thanks for the play-by-play Nancy!

Something to factor in is that transiting Sun and transiting Mars will be conjunct the U.S. North Node (6+ Leo) for a few days and I’m pretty sure it means help is on the way.

I’ve had this notion that the transiting Neptune in Pisces (a double reference to “behind closed doors” energy) being trine the U.S. Sun in Cancer and quincunx the U.S. Saturn in Libra carries the suggestion that people who have previously run various factions of this country, people even more dismayed (if that’s possible) than we are with the present leadership . . who have no intention of seeing the ship go down without a concerted effort on their part . . have been working on a strategic plan.

Lest we forget, Barack Obama has a natal North Node at 27+ Leo which is just as close to the solar eclipse degree (28+ Leo) as Trump’s ascendant at 29+ Leo. He also has natal Uranus at 25+ Leo where the transiting North Node was just before and after the 4th of July, and furthermore, Obama’s natal Mars is conjunct the U.S. natal Neptune. Contrary to press photos, I don’t think he’s been sipping gin and tonic or water skiing all this time since he left the White House.

Speaking of the 4th of July, the U.S. solar return chart has a grand trine between Venus (and Moon just 2 degrees from her) in Cancer, Mars in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces, and that solar return Chiron is conjunct Obama’s natal Pallas, the strategist. You know, the goddess who was so good at war planning.

Well, that’s my gut feeling and I’m sticking with it.

Robin I like the way you think.

Bob and Jerry, thanks for honing in on this possibility. Everything matters now. August 12.


Businessman Paints Terrifying And Complex Picture Of Putin’s Russia

Yikes, well a correction here, there IS a grand water trine in the U.S. solar return chart but the one I gave above was for the 2016 solar return. Here’s the one for 2017 . . . .

The 2017 Solar Return Moon is in Scorpio, Solar Return Chiron is in Pisces and Solar Return Mercury is in Cancer. This year the SR Moon is one degree from Obama’s MC, with Moon at 29 degrees and Obama’s MC at 28 degrees.

So Obama’s Pallas was working on something last year but this year there is another curious thing he’s got going; transiting Uranus at the time of the U.S. solar return (and where it will be at the solar eclipse) was conjunct Obama’s NATAL Sedna, . . .

. . . while transiting U.S. SOLAR RETURN Sedna (26+ Taurus) is at the midpoint between Trump’s IC (24+ Taurus) and Obama’s IC (28+ Taurus), as it will be at the solar eclipse. What does that mean you might ask, well I’d like to know too.

Sedna’s myth has many versions but they all agree that after her conversion to goddess of all water life, her “people” were dependent on her for nourishment. In this year’s solar return chart Sedna is located opposite the Moon in Scorpio that conjunct’s Obama’s MC. This turns the grand water trine between Moon, Chiron and Mercury into a Boomerang.

All you really need to know about Boomerangs is that the 4th planet (not part of the grand trine) focuses the attention on the planet (in the grand trine) it opposes, in this case the Moon in Scorpio. So this year’s solar return speaks to a powerful energy force, emotional (water) in nature, one that Obama might indeed play a very important part in.

There was of course the grand FIRE trine in the U.S. solar return which we are well aware of that also had a 4th planet and therefore was also a Boomerang. That 4th planet was Ceres in Gemini and she opposed Pholus and Saturn and the Galactic Center in Sagittarius.

With the goddesses of nature and nourishment (Sedna and Ceres) playing very strategic roles in this year’s U.S. astrology, one focused on the watery Moon and the other focused on the fiery Saturn, Pholus, GC, it might involve a need for supplementing the country’s food supplies in some way.

I had been concerned about the minor body named Typhon (named for a big wind over the seas OR Osiris’s very bad brother) in the August solar eclipse chart. Typhon at 28+ Libra will sextile the Leo eclipse and together with Chiron at 27+ Pisces they will form a Yod. I’ve wondered if that might mean a weather-related disaster such as a hurricane that would require medical and other forms of relief for some U.S. citizens.

If that were to happen then the roles of Ceres and Sedna, who drive (give focus to) the two grand trines in the U.S. 2017 solar return chart, becomes clear. But who knows what’s going to come of this particular eclipse and what will be asked from whom. We only know it is meant for a leap forward in the evolving of man’s potential.

Hi Nancy,

I’m beginning to wonder about Orrin Hatch?

Is there a possibility?

Reince Priebus out! Comment from NYT”S

“Even since the June 2015 charade of “forcing” Trump to sign the RNC pledge to support the eventual nominee, Reince Priebus has been constantly on the look for any opportunity to ride coattails. He certainly got lucky with Trump in 2016, taking the WH chief of staff job fully aware of Trump’s instability, constant posturing, and impenetrable incoherence, just to advance his own career. He was one of the first Trump enablers, and now pays the price for that singular disgrace, kicked to the curb in a tweet.”

Trump requires loyalty from everyone but gives none. In fact, he often likes to embarrass and humiliate people as they are pushed out the door. If mini-me Scaramucci’s rant is any indication, Next up.. Bannon.

Thank you Nancy…for leading us through this very traumatic period.

“Anthony Scaramucci’s Wife Has Reportedly Filed for Divorce”: https://www.thecut.com/2017/07/anthony-scaramucci-wife-deidre-ball-divorce.html

Barb, with most major hurricanes hitting their targets in late August (thinking of Andrew & Katrina, the 2 that affected me), your thinking is not so far fetched but I hope and pray it doesn’t happen.

While the Trump administration continues to slide into ever increasing confusion and rancor, we now have for the first time a very serious national security threat at our door-step…….

North Korea Tests a Ballistic Missile That Experts Say Could Hit California

New York Times
July 28, 2017

North Korea tested an intercontinental ballistic missile on Friday that, for the first time, appeared capable of reaching the West Coast of the United States, according to experts — a milestone that American presidents have long declared the United States could not tolerate.

The launch, the second of an intercontinental missile in 24 days, did not answer the question of whether the North has mastered all the technologies necessary to deliver a nuclear weapon to targets in the lower 48 states. But just a few days ago, the Defense Intelligence Agency warned the Trump administration that the North would probably be able to do so within a year, and Friday’s test left little doubt that Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, is speeding toward that goal.



The August 7th lunar eclipse opposes the natal Pluto (nuclear issues) of both North Korea (15 ’32 Leo) and South Korea (14 ’48 Leo). Tr. Mars will trigger those degrees by conjunction in mid August.

The August 21, 2017 solar eclipse conjoins North Korea’s natal Saturn (28 ’50 Leo). Tr. Mars will activate that degree by conjunction in early September.

This is hilarious…..

Stephen Colbert Takes A Front-Stab At Scaramucci’s Phone Interview

Video 14 min. 30 se.


Thanks for verifying the tornado pattern Sharon and I hope it doesn’t happen either. However, with both trans. Ceres (opposite trans. Pluto) and trans. Sedna (in a Yod with trans. Chiron and trans. Typhon, and trine U.S. Pluto while also squaring U.S. Moon) active in the August 21 eclipse, Mother Nature would seem to be unavoidably involved.

Bob, thanks for noting that North Korea’s natal Saturn is taking a direct hit from the Leo solar eclipse on August 21. So, all along, N. Korea’s Saturn has been quincunx the U.S. natal Pluto in Capricorn, that U.S. Pluto which is now being sextiled by transiting Chiron in Pisces (who, in turn, sextiles Sedna by the way, and thereby creates a yod with transiting Typhon in Libra which squares the U.. Pluto!)

Such twists of fate, coming together at a total solar eclipse like this – focusing on the U.S. by the location of its shadow – makes it impossible to pinpoint which point (there are 3 yods thanks to the little Typhon) will bear the brunt.

There is the SUN-MOON in Leo itself at the apex point of a yod with transiting Chiron and U.S. Pluto, the sextile between the Sun-Moon (+ N. Korea’s Saturn + Trump’s asc.) and the transiting Typhon in Libra with the apex point of this Yod being CHIRON in Pisces, and finally transiting Chiron in Pisces sextile transiting Sedna in Taurus forming a Yod with transiting TYPHON acting as the apex point.

Looking at those 3 apex points of the 3 Yods within the August 21 total solar eclipse, (Typhon, Chiron and the eclipsed Sun/Moon itself) would put transiting Chiron as the final, deciding, apex point since all 3 apex points form a yod amongst themselves.

Would I be wrong I wonder, to think that this synchronicity of Yods boiling down to trans. Chiron as the final common denominator of apex points where adjustment (yods being made up of quincunxes which imply adjustment) is demanded, is a way of initiating discussion between transiting Uranus* in Aries(who opposes transiting Typhon in Libra making a Boomerang out of an existing Yod) . .

. . and No. Korea and Trump (both connected to the eclipse that sextiles trans. Uranus)? That would be shocking (Uranus)!

Perhaps a hurricane or some other disaster would hit Korea and the U.S. providing them aid would be one kind of scenario that could stimulate discussion between countries.

*trans. Chiron has been in a semi-sextile with trans. Uranus for years now, which suggests Chiron is acting as interpreter of Uranus-speak for earthlings who only speak the local Saturn-through-Mercury language.

I meant to say that the solar eclipse (+ N. Korea Saturn and Trump’s asc.) trines (not sextiles) transiting Uranus. My apologies.

John McCain’s ‘bipartisan’ speech on the senate floor is worth a listen in its entirety (14 minutes, as posted in the following NYT article on the healthcare vote).



My Dream: A Woman President…
A hand that rocked a cradle.

But…”Generals Love Him. Top Democrats Despise Him. Can He Be President Anyway?”

Seth Moulton Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seth_Moulton

Princess Diana
DOB 7.1.1961 (19:45)
Sandringham England

Natal North Node 29 Leo
Natal South Node 29 Aquarius


Donald Trump isn’t an aberration, he’s the apotheosis of contemporary Republicanism.


Richest Man in the World


Magic of Seven Septiles

Lady Di’s birth chart just tingled with septile aspects. I found that this aspect – made by dividing a circle into sevenths (51°26′) – has something rather inspirational about it.

Diana had seven of these aspects, linking all but two of the planets in her chart. In fact, hers is the best septile chart you will ever see – just as Marilyn Monroe has the best quintile chart you’ll ever see. Queen of Diamonds, Queen of Hearts… The fate of both of these ladies was measured out by three cycles of Jupiter.

In Di’s chart, the septiles are pointing towards the separating Jupiter- Saturn conjunction, an aspect traditionally very much associated with royalty.



“No. Korea and Trump (both connected to the eclipse that sextiles trans. Uranus)? That would be shocking (Uranus)!”

Check out the N. Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s natal chart:


The August 21st solar eclipse (28 ’53 Leo) squares Kim Jong Un’s natal Chiron (28 ’13 Taurus) trines tr. Uranus and tr. Uranus in turn opposes his natal Mars (28 ’19 Libra). Tr. Mars hits all those degrees September 3rd/ 4th (the US labor day period interestingly enough). War on the Korean peninsula is a distinct possibility in early September.

The above URL link to Kim Jong Un’s chart might be inactive. Try this one……….




Samuel Barber

March 9, 1910, West Chester, Pennsylvania

Samuel Barber is one of my favorite composers.

Thanks for the opinion piece by Paul Waldman Nancy, and when he says “. . we should have known it would turn out something like this”, he must have been talking to astrologers.

Not too many astrologers were willing to write that Trump would be elected, nor venture as to say what that would entail if it came to pass, if they were even aware.

It has been discussed and analyzed after the fact though; but I don’t recall anyone discussing the September 2016 Equinox chart, the event that would outline a story for the following quarter of a year (for the world) which would include the U.S. election day of November 8th.

The chart for that Equinox does in fact have some info pertinent to the U.S., starting with the Pluto position. Pluto was about to station direct (4 days later) and quite powerful in his stand-still. He was exactly trine Mercury (ballots) in Virgo who was 2 degrees from the North Node at 12+ Virgo who was square transiting Saturn at 11+ Sagittarius who was one degree from the U.S. ascendant.

That the transiting nodes were making a grand cross with the U.S. ascendant-descendant axis at the time of the Fall Equinox points to a period of critical decision making for the U.S. during the following 3 months. That Saturn was at one of the 4 points making up the grand cross, the U.S. ascendant, and that Mercury was at another one, the North Node, seems opulently clear in hindsight.

Saturn can symbolize a President of a country (or business) as well as a government (or business) of a country. Mercury of course has a range of meanings, all of which have to do with mercurial thought, communication and sometimes dubious decisions, due to Mercury’s rather superficial nature.

But it was the stationing Pluto in the Sept. ’16 Equinox that should have been picked up on but I suppose everyone in the U.S. was distracted with the nonsense going on at the time. Nonsense which might be attributed to the transiting Neptune conjunct the U.S. natal asteroid Child, both at 10+ Pisces, both retrograde. So what was with the trans. Pluto that made it special, besides being powerful in its stationing mode.

Well in hindsight, Pluto at 14 Cap 55 at the Sept. Equinox was exactly square the U.S. Saturn, Trump’s natal Chiron (wound) and Juno (2nd best) all at 14+ Libra. Three days after the Equinox, Pluto would station direct, trans. Sun would conjunct trans. Jupiter at 3+ Libra and they were about as high in the U.S. chart as they could get, the MC. And they would be square the U.S. natal Venus, symbol of values, at 3+ Cancer.

Another tip we could have picked up from the Sept. ’16 Equinox chart was that Uranus (unexpected) at 23+ Aries rx. was sextile the U.S. natal Mars (21+ Gemini) and the transiting Moon (19+ Gemini) who were square the U.S. natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo. These Mars and Moon energies are something the most uneducated and naïve among us can grasp.

I believe that the Equinox Sun-Jupiter in the U.S. natal 10th house and the trans. Saturn on the U.S. ascendant distracted most of us “grownups” from grasping how the diffuse energy of transiting Neptune’s conjunction with U.S. Child (and our U.S. natal Neptune’s awkward relationship with transiting Uranus + Eris) was seeping into the body politic. Was it our “undoing” or was it the only way the Universe could weave together a plan to move us (US) ahead light years in development?

If most kids knew that school would detract from their games and force them to learn what they would need to know in the future, would they go willingly? We are being forced to become aware of situations in our country that heretofore were not normally part of mealtime discourse. We, most of us, just didn’t know how bad it was or how bad it could get.

I don’t believe the feuding between factions will let up until something unifies us, something greater than our personal needs, desires and general safety. Some huge, more powerful event will take precedent like some outer-space-arrival, meteorite or ET, to raise our sights above the immediacy of our own dismays and make us aware of how we need each other.

It could happen in one fell swoop or it could come in stages like eclipses. It is the dawning of Aquarius and I’m afraid we really must let the sun shine in.

although the manner of firing is indicative of trump’s vulture backbiting, I actually never liked Prebus in the least. I think a lot of the republican dysfunction grew under his tenure as head of the RNC.

As far as I recall it was Reince Priebus who dreamed up the idea at the last RNC convention they should have workshops on “how to not appear racist when others think you are.” (They actually conducted such workshops)

Unfortunately for Reince, he never seemed to master that class. In every interview he came off as haughty, and arrogant, and was indignant when it was suggested that either he or his party was racist, classist, sexist, etc.

Many also feel that it was his incompetence which allowed the rise of DJT within the party. On the basis of existing RNC rules, he certainly had just cause on several occasions to oust DJT way before he won the R. nomination, but did not as perhaps he thought the Donald would implode.

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, the puzzle pieces are coming together now, so fast . . . . .Kim’s Mars is conjunct the transiting Typhon in the August 21 Eclipse! He’s the Big Wind, the jealous brat brother of Osiris, he’s destiny’s child this L’il Kim Jong Un.

I dare say you could be right about the long Labor Day weekend. The August Leo solar eclipse and it’s Uranus in Aries is pushing Kim’s “wound” (Chiron) into making the world feel his pain and anger (Mars).

Transiting Pluto will station direct precisely on Kim’s natal Sun, 16+ Capricorn on September 28th, with Moon at 13+ Capricorn opposite U.S. Sun and square U.S. Saturn at 14+ Libra.

The Sun that moment at 5+ Libra squares U.S. Jupiter (excess) at 5+ Cancer. Transiting Juno at 5+ Capricorn makes it a T-square. Earlier that morning, September 28th, transiting Uranus and Jupiter will have made their exact opposition. Hope I’m not repeating stuff you have already noted. I’m truly not making it up.

The Libra Equinox (Big Picture for 3 months) on September 22, 2017, falling between the Labor Day weekend and the Pluto station-direct dates, has Mars in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces and they square Kim’s natal Uranus in Sagittarius, a T-square in fact.

(Have we noted that Kim’s natal Uranus is conjunct his Venus on one side and his south node on the other side and that his Venus exactly opposes the U.S. Uranus?) Kim’s natal Uranus conjuncts the U.S. ascendant. The U.S. natal Uranus opposes Kim’s Venus (which is 3 degrees from his Uranus). Perhaps the U.S. will surprise (Uranus) L’il Kim? Simultaneous bomb-throwing maybe?

I must fall back and regroup. Hope I’ve not mixed up my 2016 Fall equinox info with the 2017 Fall Equinox info!

Teresa Hill, you are so correct.
Why can’t we have it nice here in America? I once believed people were misinformed. Now I believe they are purposely Brainwashed and filled with Hatred for Progressive Ideas:
They Hate The Name, but Love The Help: “Obamacare in Trump Country”

That little guy in Germany would be in total awe of the well-funded Citizens United Obstruction of Truth.
If only Conservatives realized this scam!
Watch David Koch admit their huge investment to influence people.

The man is insane! DJT threatening to end health insurance payments for Congress and millions of other citizens unless Congress gets back to working on “overhauling” Obamacare. He’s threatening congressmen, congresswomen and senators with losing their healthcare? …and he expects to now get greater cooperation from them?

Meanwhile, Senators Lindsey Graham, Dean Heller, and Bill Cassidy are working on a proposal to take tax money raised by Obamacare and send it back to the states in the form of healthcare block grants. They believe this would end Democrats’ drive for a national single-payer healthcare system by putting states in charge.



alex, I’m fascinated by septiles but couldn’t get into the link (something about exceeding bandwith) Too bad. Thanks for info on Di.


RE: http://www.skyscript.co.uk/diana2.html

put the url in a search engine subject line; when it comes up – go to cache to see it

Solar Eclipse Could Bring Trump





“Marjorie Orr, another astrologer, pointed out last November, just four days after the election, that the August eclipse is part of what space scientists know as the Saros series, which has included eclipses in 1909, 1927, 1945, 1963, 1981 and 1999.
Orr noted the major political events in those years: the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the death of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a period of unrest in Chicago that involved bombings and an attempted assassination of President William Taft. “Usually this series places strains on personal relationships, induces hasty decisions on the basis of false information and is associated with tiredness or health problems,” she wrote. “Certainly this eclipse presages violence in one form or another.”

Saros 145 series.

Interesting that astrologer Pam Crane at the website you listed, near the bottom in comments said:

“What even some astrologers don’t yet realise is that Trump’s Ascendant in late Leo is not only conjoined by aggressive, selfish Mars, but also the asteroid ‘America’.”

Nancy absolutely nailed the timing!
Mika on Morning Joe referred to it as “failure Friday”

Dana Perino Predicts Trump’s Brilliant Chess Game: Move Sessions To Head Of DHS To Replace John Kelly

July 29, 2017

President Trump could be playing 4-D chess while the mainstream media is playing checkers.

That’s what Fox News’ Dana Perino suggested when she laid out a brilliant plan that Trump may have been working on for weeks that ultimately led to the ouster of Reince Priebus.

General John Kelly — the widely-respected Secretary of Homeland Security — was just named to replace Priebus as White House chief of staff in an unbelievable shakeup.

While the liberal media is gleefully foaming at the mouth slamming the Trump White House as being in “chaos,” Perino thinks there’s a method to the madness.

“I think that this was all set up for a few weeks because the president has been so upset about Jeff Sessions and his recusal in the Russia investigation,” Perino said on The Five. “The Republicans and conservatives that came to Jeff Sessions’ defense this week all said, ‘But he’s doing the best on the issue we care about most, and that is immigration.’”

Race-baiting Congresswoman Barbara Lee calls 4-star Gen. John Kelly an ‘extremist’

Perino continued: “Well, where can Jeff Sessions do even more on immigration? As the Secretary of Homeland Security. So I think what they’re going to try to do is move Sessions over to DHS, and then how can conservatives complain? And then you have a new AG … who can fire [Robert] Mueller.”




A Russian connection to boot. lol

“916 America is a minor planet orbiting the Sun in the main belt between Mars and Jupiter.

“It was discovered on 7 August 1915 by the Russian astronomer Grigory Nikolaevich Neujmin at Simeis, Russian Empire.
[1] Originally designated 916?I, it was renamed ‘916 America’ on 24 February 1923 after the Council of Astronomers at Pulkovo Observatory decided to commemorate “the friendly relations of the astronomical observatories and astronomers”
.[2] Another possible reason for the name was as a mark of appreciation for the help given during the 1921 Russian famine by the American Relief Administration under the later President Herbert Hoover.[3″]

Thanks, kiwi. A quote from Mundane Astrologer:

“I caught a quick conversation that put a lot of the past week’s White House news into context, although the link eludes me: in a nutshell, the journalist said that Trump has sold the American public on the idea that “shamelessness…is fearlessness.” Again, playing with Neptunian mirrors and distorting reality: if the fish stinks, it stinks!!

What a brutal wake-up call we’re living through!”

24 Oct 2017
Greatest Distance (distance to earth: 6.435 AU)


Jerry, your 5.54 post for sure has a very pro trump spin. To refer to Barbara Lee as ‘race baiting’ in the article is a tell.
I read somewhere that the ‘extremist’ comment by her was made in the context of what she sees as a military creep for the whitehouse with a COS general.

Off in the distance there is another eclipse that will affect the U.S., perhaps even tied to the Big One on August 21. It will take place on November 30, 2020. It will be a lunar eclipse and it will CONJUNCT the U.S. natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini.

The Sun opposite this November 30, 2020 lunar eclipse will conjunct Kim Jong Un’s natal Venus at 8+ Sagittarius and possibly square his natal Moon in Pisces. He may or may not like it.

Kim also has a natal Yod consisting of his Mars in Libra sextile his natal conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune in Sagittarius. All 3 of these natal planets are quincunx Kim’s natal Chiron in Taurus and that Chiron squares the U.S. Moon in Aquarius but trines the U.S. natal Pluto in Capricorn.

If something or someone could help Kim make an adjustment (a quincunx thing) regarding his natal Chiron it likely would be a good thing for everybody.

In the 2020 lunar eclipse chart, Mercury in Scorpio opposes Kim’s natal Chiron in Taurus. The lunar eclipse chart’s Scorpio Mercury will be sextile the lunar eclipse Jupiter and Saturn, only 2 degrees apart from each other, and only 2 or 3 degrees ahead of transiting Pluto, all in Capricorn.

These Capricorn planets, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are trine Kim’s natal Chiron in Taurus. The U.S, natal Pluto is right between the 2020 eclipse Jupiter and Saturn, and also trines Kim’s natal Chiron.

Trans. Jupiter and Saturn will begin their new cycle 3 weeks later at 0+ Aquarius.

The U.S. natal South Node (a habit no longer serving a purpose, might as well give it away) at 6+ Aquarius (and in the path of Jupiter and Saturn in December 2020) is conjunct Kim’s natal Pallas (war strategist). I don’t know what that means but I suspect there is something the U.S. has but doesn’t need and Kim could really use it.

At the time of that lunar eclipse in Nov., 2020, transiting retrograde Uranus in Taurus will square the U.S. South Node (not useful anymore) and the U.S. north node in Leo, and Kim’s natal Pallas in Aquarius.(I have to draw a picture to keep up with this stuff.)

The 2020 lunar eclipse Venus in Scorpio will be approaching (and be within orb of) a trine to the U.S. Sun in Cancer. Scorpio Venus will also oppose Uranus in Taurus in the same lunar eclipse and, per chance Trump is still around, the 2020 lunar eclipse Scorpio Venus will also square the Donald’s Pluto in Leo.

Now Trump’s natal Nessus (bad dude who gets our attention through things like poisoning and rape in order to raise our awareness) is in Taurus and squares Trump’s Pluto but is also conjunct Uranus in the 2020 lunar eclipse chart. I don’t know how that’s going to work out either.

However, that Nessus in Trump’s chart will get a trine from the Mercury in Virgo in the upcoming 2017 Leo solar eclipse on August 21, and that could lead to some villainous deed that the future trans. Uranus, at the time of the lunar eclipse in November 2020, will expose.

You folks who work with details so well might be able to figure out if this means anything we should be aware of.

News from the grapevine: my American ex husband who has been lifetime republican leaning and whose social circle was decidedly pro trump, just emailed me to let me know ‘the end is near’ for trump and to express his thoughts that he feels glad that our son now lives in nz near me.
I nearly fell off my chair!

“Parenting in the age of Trump”

Wow Kiwi, maybe fellow Conservatives are waking up.

Kiwi, I was listening to Pelosi on Fox stand up to Chris Wallace (who is basically the best of them), and Kasinich be interviewed separately, who did not mince words and criticized the extreme bi-partisan efforts of the Republican and, although I know he is jockeying for 2020, I couldn’t help but admire his chutzpah and honesty and said to everyone, HE should have been the Republican candidate. I know someone here (OH-Buckeye?) has pointed out K’s failings but he seems SO normal next to Trump.

Will, I particularly noticed this paragraph from the Newsweek article you posted:

Caves has published perhaps the most thorough analysis. He wrote that the position of the eclipse in relation to the star Al Jabhah traditionally “brings loss and danger,” and that when it involves a military officer—or president—it suggests the possibility of mutiny by soldiers.

“Caves singled out certain dates that could prove significant: October 10, November 21, November 26 and December 17 through 19. It’s ‘possible that there will be a sudden health issue that lands on Trump’s shoulders, pulling him out of the Oval. It’s also quite reasonable to suspect ousting, either through official channels (i.e. impeachment) or a mutiny behind closed doors,’ he wrote. ‘What we can say with reasonable assurance is that these charts, when properly considered, make it difficult to imagine Trump has smooth sailing ahead.’

And, Kiwi, the Diary of a Mundane Astrologer gave a very good analysis of not only McCain but even more so, McConnell, which was very telling.

Jerry, the piece about Trump’s chess game reinforces the manipulations that are going on an the method to the madness but we will get him out whether or not hires a new AG who fires Mueller.

Sharon, I think you mean Gov. Kasich. I would agree with Buckeye, though.

Kucinich was my Rep. until Kasich gerrymandered him out of his seat. He went on to Fox News for the Progressive POV.

It gets confusing!


Who knew?

Congressman John Conyers, Jr. (MI-13) today released the following statement on Republican Senator Steve Daines using Rep. Conyers’ H.R. 676, Medicare for All legislation as a pawn in his scheme to force a vote on Senate Democrats:

“The process by which the Senate is considering changes to our nation’s healthcare plan is a sham, and Senate Democrats are right not to take part in it.

We’ve said all along that Republicans should be holding hearings, soliciting input from the public, and carefully weighing analysis from the Congressional Budget Office.

My proposal is no different. In fact, Medicare for All is far more popular than the status quo or anything Republicans have put forward, with about 60% of Americans in support, so it’s even more deserving of hearings and a CBO score.


Apple, Yes, I meant Kasich. I don’t like everything about him, of course, but he does have the courage to say what has to be said about what his party is doing wrong, no holds barred, and speaks his mind on many things. He’s a politician, yes, and it seems obvious he is going to run again in 2020 but, as far as Republicans go, he is independent and refreshing and such a contrast to Trump.

I agree with you that Governor Kasich would have been a far better choice for the Republicans, but he also drank the far-right “Christian” Kool-Aid. Gov. Kasich wanted to establish a cabinet level position for the promotion of Christianity!

Hi Kiwi,

I wasn’t paying attention. I copied and pasted the first few paragraphs from that article and then provided the link. The sentence (in red letters) you are referring to is actually a hyper-link to an unrelated article. The hyper-link has since changed to another article – check it out. Sorry for the confusion.

PS Dana Perino’s scenario is quite plausible and logical; the most likely outcome in the present stand-off. The following article fills in the details……….

Philip Bump Predicts: Sessions to DHS, Perry to AG, Mueller Out

Daily Kos
July 29, 2017

Not to interrupt everybody’s health care sigh of relief this weekend but appointing John Kelly as chief of staff could well be the first move towards installing a Trump devotee at the Department of Justice to start using law enforcement to protect his allies and jail his rivals like Trump has always wanted.

Personally, I think Scott Pruitt is the more likely pick as the former state attorney general and chief law enforcement officer for the state of Oklahoma but Bump describes how it could work in detail.

“From Philip Bump at the Washington Post:

How Rick Perry could fire Robert Mueller

“The Vacancies Act says that — notwithstanding any kind of other rule, like the regular DOJ succession statute — that the president, and only the president, can appoint an acting head of the Department of Justice to that position as long as that person has been confirmed by the Senate,” Butler explained. “So if there’s another person who works in the federal government whose job requires presidential appointment and then confirmation by the Senate, then that person is entitled to be put in, in this case, as the acting attorney general.”

So, in other words, if Sessions were to resign, President Trump could appoint, say, Rick Perry, the secretary of energy, to be the acting attorney general? “The answer is yes,” Butler said, since Perry has already been appointed by Trump and confirmed by the Senate.

But there’s a catch.




DEFCON attendees hack US voting machines in minutes, exploit multiple vulnerabilities

By Keith Pickering
Saturday Jul 29, 2017 · 8:35 PM PDT

Bernie Sanders Explains how Republicans persuade poor people to vote against their own interests


Hi all, have been very busy for awhile now (Mars-Saturn related) with little time to post, and I don’t see that changing much for awhile. I’ve been somewhat of a lurker, but still keeping up when I can.

I couldn’t help but note Sharon’s post on Kasich. I know Trump makes even GWB look like a much better President(!) than he was, these days, but it is for much the same reason that I say you really don’t want Kasich as President either. Kasich was with Lehman Bros during the 2008 crash, which he brazenly pinned responsibility for on our then-Democratic Governor, whom he narrowly beat in 2010. He’s a Wall Street crook. That alone should be the kicker for him, but Democratic ineptitude here has let him walk away from nearly all accountability.

In any case, I do see why people would want the grounding he seems to offer in these troubling and uncertain times (Taurus Sun, Cap Moon), but its totally a farce, he’s not what we need at all, and if anything represents the problem that needs to be fixed, rather than a solution that doesn’t involve doubling-down on corporate privatization.

As Governor of Ohio, he’s literally been phoning it in since being on the campaign trail last year. The opioid crisis has ravaged this state, filling our county morgues with OD victims, and our education system and its charter school scandals would make Betsy DeVos proud. Where is Kasich? Out trying to position himself to be a frontrunner for 2020 already.

The man is an insufferable, self-righteous jerk on his good days. On all days, he’s hopelessly stuck in the 1950s. I don’t want him to replace Trump. I want him to go somewhere and retire.

Steve Judd..

“For many many people the world is going to be a very different place by the end of August, than it is at the start.”

“By the time we are into the second week of September, I am going to be saying that 85% of the challenges of 2017 are over.”


I don’t know if I can wait until August 21st.


Scarmucci is out!

Dear Barbk, My very favorite, Pat Thurston will be sitting in on KGO today and the rest of this week from 4-7pm PST.
Barb, Would you be willing to be interviewed by Pat regarding this coming Eclipse? How it’s going to hit Trump’s Astrological Planets in a such dramatic way?

I haven’t even run this idea by Pat, but it would make for a fantastic Radio Interview!
Pat will be sitting in for the following Show today,
Click this link if interested:


One quick look at the new White House Chief of Staff’s chart (John F. Kelly – May 11, 1950 Boston, Mass. time unknown), one notices natal Chiron at 20 Sag. It is conjunct Trump’s Moon (21 Sag) in opposition to Trump’s Sun (22 Gemini) and t square to Kelly’s natal Mars (22 Virgo). Tr. Saturn at 21 Sag is bearing down on those those angles in August and September. In addition, the August 7th lunar eclipse will be opposing Kelly’s natal Pluto (15 Leo). This could be a tempestuous relationship, especially if Trump follows through on his threat to fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Special Counsel Mueller……..

Kelly Called Comey To Express Anger Over How Trump Handled His Firing: Report

The Hill
July 30, 2017

New White House chief of staff John Kelly reportedly called former FBI Director James Comey in May to express his anger over how President Trump handled his firing, according to CNN.

Two sources familiar with the conversation said that Kelly told Comey he was even considering resigning over how Trump treated the former FBI director.

“John was angry and hurt by what he saw and the way [Comey] was treated,” one of the sources told CNN.



Patty, that is so flattering, and I thank you for asking. Two reasons why I can’t do it though is that just thinking about it gives me stage fright (I’m more a long write and re-write kind of “talker” rather than an off-the-cuff talker) .

The other reason is that this week has so many conflicting situations, most of them aren’t even pinned down as to timing. It would be fun though to chat astrology with Pat in a non-public setting sometime. Thanks for thinking of me.

Jerry, Kelly’s natal Mars is conjunct Obama’s Mars and the U.S. Neptune! That and the fact that he was angry over Trump’s handling of the Comey firing makes me like this guy a lot so far.

Elizabeth, Jessica Adams says that Trump’s birth time is questionable and I thought that was fairly well established. This worries me! Much of the solar eclipse forecasting hinges on that 29+ Leo degree ascendant and its opposition to the U.S. natal Moon in Aquarius. This eclipse will be a big test of that chart’s validity.

Im not sure why aussie Jessica Adams states trump’s birthtime as questionable – astrodienst gives it an AA rating which seems pretty solid to me.

“Will the veil be lifted allowing us to see into an alternative reality? Or will we pulled further into the madness of an increasingly chaotic world? The Lunar Eclipse at 15 degrees Aquarius/Leo next Monday August 7th sits exactly on the Neptune/Pluto midpoint, which can offer sixth-sense awareness or manic instability. Dion Fortune, a notable White Magician, neatly paraphrased the fine line between the two, writing about ‘those strange byways of the mind that the psychic shares with the psychotic.’”

I understand Barb.
Nancy? Would you be interested in discussing the subject of this coming Eclipse on the Radio? Or anyone else?

Has anyone done John Kelly’s Chart?
He’s a Taurus:

ed tamplin this week: sun mars cycle


Scott Walker’s $3 billion fraud

A self-proclaimed champion of the free market pushes a breathtaking giveaway to a foreign company.


Keep an Eye On Your State’s Congressional Delegation

“President Trump could be playing 4-D chess while the mainstream media is playing checkers.”?

That is genuinely hilarious. Trump has the mental capacity of a tree stump and the political savvy of a sea slug.

If he stays in office for the full four years it will be only because the Republicans willingly want so incompetent a “President” as figurehead.

Much has been expressed here and elsewhere as to the coming August 21 eclipse and the anticipated Trump outcome, if any, over the next few weeks. It’s easy to see from the media how much political hype and angst there is right now, but how to judge it astrologically is a very tall order. You can admire those who are brave enough to risk a try at interpretation, but there is no guarantee it’s right. Aside from birth time uncertainties on charts (didn’t know anyone was questioning Trump’s), there is the question of whose and which chart(s) should be read for the overall situation. There is no single “eclipse chart” that tells the tale. An eclipse happens in many places and for many people over a number of hours. Astrological precision is impossible. Also, the US and Canada having jointly approximately 360 million people (325M/35M) and 7.6M square miles (3.8M/3.8M), there is a lot of room for interpretation!

The only thing for sure is that there will be a partial lunar eclipse on August 7 which will cross Europe and Asia and a solar eclipse on August 21 which will angle across the northern US and southern Canada over a span of a few hours. To keep it in perspective, there will be 85 total lunar eclipses in the 21st Century and 68 total solar eclipses (not counting the partials – refer Wikipedia ). No reason to get into knots about these particular ones!

So, will this time be different than countless other times in earth years? Nobody can possibly know in advance. And it is a truism that astrology works best in the rear view mirror. Eclipses don’t necessarily bring about any event on the actual day of the eclipse even from an astrological perspective and the ‘eclipse effect’ (whatever it might be) may precede the eclipse or hang around for a time after. There is no authoritative book that says what an eclipse effect will be and no specific point in the range of time it happens or any specific people that it may affect that can be predicted. The only thing we have is an ancient Sumerian tradition that an eclipse is bad for “kings” in some way. That may be true some times, but it does not happen every time there is an eclipse. Most people (even kings) notice absolutely nothing.

Therefore, it is good to keep a grip on common sense. Astrologers may reliably look for shifts in power after the fact. Rather than fearing or expecting some shocking (or hopeful) thing to happen in the next 3 weeks, it is best to sit back and watch. Of course, there has already been quite enough high drama, as Nancy said, and shocking stuff in the Trump White House to satisfy any eclipse junkie.

Trump Dictated Son’s Statement on Russian Lawyer Meeting

MSNBC with Brian Williams

Video: 15 minutes 51 seconds


An opinion expressed in the panel discussion from former Chief White House lawyer stating…….

“…..that if the allegations written in the Washington Post are true; that the President intentionally drafted a false statement by his son in connection with a criminal investigation; I think that’s it. He should do the dignified thing and resign his office – if this story is true and give Mike Pence the chance to run the country and calm things down for three and a half years. We’ve had enough. If this is true, that the president drafted a lie in connection with a criminal investigation – he’s got to go.” – End of Quote-

I wonder if all this is related to events leading up to the August 3rd/4th Jupiter-Pluto square which also happens to be Trump’s Jupiter return. Any thoughts?

Very cool graphic of the path of totality in the US for the August 21 solar eclipse.


I think you are right Jerry. The Trump Jupiter Return squared by Pluto is a real spoiler. I would not minimize Neptune’s role in all this drip, drip, dripping away of stability either. Trans. Neptune is only 4 degrees from an exact sextile with trans. Pluto and only 4 degrees from an exact quincunx with trans. Jupiter. He remains in the U.S. natal 3rd house of communication, a guarantee of mixed messages.

Transiting Uranus, being super potent at his station retrograde while squaring U.S. natal Pluto in Cap and sextiling U.S. Moon in Aquarius (and still likely trine Trump’s ascendant and definitely his natal Mars) will assure distraction as would any good dog-and-pony show. Even so, I believe Neptune to be the mastermind behind the scene (Pisces) as he exacts his trine to the U.S. natal Sun on August 13. It’s a team effort.

Makes my kind of glad my cable has been out for over a week.

“My Party Is in Denial About Donald Trump” By Jeff Flake
“We Conservatives mocked Barack Obama’s failure to deliver on his pledge to change the tone in Washington even as we worked to assist with that failure. It was we Conservatives who, upon Obama’s election, stated that our No. 1 priority was not advancing a conservative policy agenda but Making Obama A One-Term President—the corollary to this binary thinking being that his failure would be our success and the fortunes of the citizenry would presumably be sorted out in the meantime. It was we Conservatives who were largely silent when the most egregious and sustained attacks on Obama’s legitimacy were leveled by marginal figures who would later be embraced and legitimized by far too many of us. It was we conservatives who rightly and robustly asserted our constitutional prerogatives as a co-equal branch of government when a Democrat was in the White House but who, despite solemn vows to do the same in the event of a Trump Presidency, have maintained an unnerving silence as instability has ensued. To carry on in the spring of 2017 as if what was happening was anything approaching normalcy required a determined suspension of critical faculties. And tremendous powers of denial”


Re: Your Aug. 1st 1:57 am post.

Can’t argue with that logic. Sit back and watch is certainly a wise suggestion.

There are some on the edge of their seats and not out of any astrological concerns however.

In my previous post, Richard Painter former White House lawyer articulated it quite well. If you haven’t already viewed the video clip, I would suggest fast-forwarding the clip to the 13 min. 14 sec. mark. It is a remarkable, sanguine observation of the obvious. Here’s the link once again……


Thank you Jerry!

Also, for those with a history bent, here is a link that has some info on the ancient origins of astrology (Sumer etc.) where eclipses were a central concern. Can’t vouch for the site more than that as it is new to me.


A follow-up to the post by Izzy on July 26th, 2017 at 4:23 pm. I am in agreement with Izzy’s comment, “However, one big condition must be met for Donald Trump to receive all the benefits of Regulus. Donald must avoid revenge. That’s what Regulus requires. Regulus promises great success if revenge can be avoided. If Donald Trump engages in revenge, Regulus promises a falling from grace.”

All indications are that Donald Trump is headed to disaster. Certainly there is no doubt now that he loves taking revenge, after all the people who have resigned or been chased out. However, I think it is important to consider how drastic the past few weeks have been and what effect they may have on DT, who may be realizing that failure lies ahead. There is the possibility that DT may actually be brought up short enough to change his behavior (yeah, I can hear the jeering…)

If he were to do so, his chances of pulling out of this mess would improve dramatically. He will have the Republican Party to back him (again) if he learns some manners. His appointment of a military disciplinarian as Chief of Staff shows that somebody, maybe even DT himself, is seriously and urgently attending to this need for discipline.

The fact that the eclipse Sun and Moon will be conjunct fixed star Regulus in the Sibly 9th at 28,53’Leo, and that Trump’s natal Ascendant is also conjunct the eclipse Sun/Moon and Regulus, should not be discounted. Certainly his lifestyle fits, even the gold décor! Regulus is the star that rules rulers. The French Sun King, Louis XIV, for example, lived a very long and royal life at golden Versailles.

Louis’s Regulus (Astrodienst) is at the top of his chart in the 9th house, near the career MC, and he reigned over 70 years, from childhood. This was due to his elevated status as well as his willing political associates who kept his power intact for such a long time. In reality, Louis and his minions bankrupted the country and then it went to pieces later in the French Revolution. But nothing touched him during his royal lifetime.

Trump’s Regulus is at the Ascendant/ 1st house, not the MC, which fits his big opinion of himself rather than his accomplishments and reputation like Louis (10th house). Trump’s reputation won’t be as glorious as Louis’s and his tenure will be nowhere near as long. But, Regulus it is still powerful protection. It is too soon to count him out even though his troubles are as enormous as his ego.

“Americans should not be forced to pay the highest prices in the world for a vaccine we spent more than $1 billion to help develop.” —Sen Bernie Sanders

Sanders was joined by Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.) in crafting and unveiling the rule, which the pair of lawmakers “first proposed two decades ago with bipartisan support.” The rule currently has 21 co-sponsors.


Donald is just not good at this Presidenting “thing”.

Tick…tick…tick…just gets better and better. You can’t tell me 45 was ignorant of the law.


“The kernel of the Post report is a much more total and dramatic report of something we knew more tenuously in near contemporaneous reports a month ago: that President Trump had himself been involved in crafting the original statement that his son Don Jr. released in response to the original New York Times report about his June 2016 meeting with that Russia lawyer. That alone represented a stunning failure on the part of his aides. Since they implicated the President in both the knowledge of those events and whatever misstatements were included in the response to them – something with possibly severe legal implications. What the Post now reports is that not only was Trump the apparently sole author of the false statement – he apparently dictated the copy – but that he overruled his top aides and advisors to construct that false statement.”

Full story here:

While fastening my seatbelt (thanks Fe) I found a discreet aspect setup in the August 21 solar eclipse chart worthy of sharing, IMO.

From the git-go I’ve been antsy about transiting Typhon at 28+ Libra opposite transiting Uranus at 28+ Aries in the Great American Eclipse chart. Then I found out that Kim Jong Un has natal Mars at 28+ Libra too and it started to make sense. Maybe he’s the Big Wind of Typhon. Lil Kim wants to play with the big boys and he’s dying to get their attention.

The transiting opposition between Typhon + Kim’s Mars opposite Uranus puts the U.S natal Pluto (27+ Capricorn) in a position of being squared twice at this solar eclipse. This could be a very motivating time for a U.S. government power play. But there’s more.

Kim’s Mars + trans. Typhon in Libra are sextile the eclipse itself at 28+ Leo and when you add in transiting Chiron at 27+ Pisces you have a Yod, a pattern that requires some adjustment at the apex – where trans. Chiron is. Trans. Chiron at the time of the solar eclipse will be sextile the U.S. natal Pluto, he who already have his hands full dealing with his squares to the opposition between trans. Uranus and Kim’s Mars + trans. Typhon.

I’m thinking U.S. Pluto, in order to address 2 problems at the same time (1. square Uranus and Kim’s Mars/trans. Typhon, 2. relieve trans. Chiron of his uncomfortable position at apex of Yod) might be moved to let off some steam. But there’s more.

The August 21 solar eclipse has a grand trine between the eclipse itself in Leo, Uranus in Aries and Pholus (small cause leads to big effect) + Achilles (vulnerable warrior) in Sagittarius. The grand trine has a momentum that’s difficult to stop, but . . .

. . transiting Chiron (who is in the apex of a Yod and has to adjust) is square trans. Pholus and Achilles. Chiron can stop the grand fire trine momentum, if only U.S. natal Pluto (who sextiles trans. Chiron) will just do something.

Boys will be boys and our President is being squeezed hard so he might just be tempted to put Lil Kim in his place. Kim’s toy is nothing compared to the U.S. toys. But wait, there’s something else in this solar eclipse.

Remember Chiron in Pisces was in the apex of a Yod pushing him to adjust. Well, trans. Chiron is also sextile trans. Sedna in Taurus and she’s only a couple of degrees away from Kim Jong Un’s natal Chiron in Taurus. This sextile, trans. Chiron to trans Sedna + Kim’s natal Chiron, form a Yod too. At the apex of THAT yod is trans. Typhon (+ Kim’s Mars) in Libra, and that means Kim’s Mars will have to make some adjustments as well.

Transiting Sedna in Taurus is also square the solar eclipse in Leo, so, like Chiron, she too can put the brakes on the energetic grand fire trine of the August 21 eclipse. Trans. Sedna herself, in Taurus, trines the U.S. natal Pluto in Capricorn – he who is caught in a T-square with the opposing trans. Uranus and trans. Typhon/Kim’s Mars.

It might just be that, in the end, trans. Chiron (who heals) and trans. Sedna (who provides sustenance from the sea) will circumvent any blustering, fire-breathing rage of energies brought on by the grand fire trine between Sun/Moon, Uranus and Pholus/Achilles. Contrary to what you may have heard, diplomacy is NOT dead.

That’s right, Jupiter in Libra (diplomacy) in this eclipse is conjunct the U.S. natal Juno who opposes the U.S. Chiron in Aries. Trans. Jupiter is in a T-square too. Trans. Pluto in Capricorn opposes trans. Ceres in Cancer and this is the situation Jupiter finds himself in.

As if this wasn’t enough intrigue, recall that trans. Pluto in Capricorn has been – for quite a while – trine the U.S. natal Vesta (what we invest in) in Taurus. As it happens trans. Vesta in Virgo is also trine trans. Pluto and the U.S. natal Vesta as well.

Several symbols I’ve mentioned have to do with either sustenance, (Ceres, Sedna) or healing (Chiron) and now, here is transiting Vesta in Virgo (wellness, service) making a trine to trans. Pluto and as well, a trine to the U.S. Vesta. What’s up with this kind of tactic I’m wondering.

One last observation of the Leo Solar Eclipse chart. Transiting Chiron in Pisces sextiles U.S. natal Pluto in Capricorn and they form a Yod to the solar eclipse in Leo. The U.S. natal Moon in Aquarius opposes the Leo eclipse thus rendering the Yod into a Boomerang.

The trans. south node (release or give away) is not too far from the U.S natal Moon. The U.S. Moon, symbol of the U.S. People, as the final resting place for all the energy of this Yod-turned-Boomerang (consisting of Chiron, the solar eclipse, U.S. Pluto and U.S. Moon) determines how and where the combined energy will be dispersed.

Might it not then result in some act of charity, this Great American Solar Eclipse, by the Americans to some other country in dire straits? Beowulfie points out that the eclipse degree, 28+ Leo, falls in the U.S. (Sagittarius rising) chart’s 9th house of foreign countries. Why not? Now wouldn’t that just fly in the face of predictability!

a strange story for some light reading …….

“The internet tends to trump things up, but even this boggles the mind: A series of books from the late 1800s depicts a character named Baron Trump. Oh, and the boy is aided in his quest by a man named Don.”

interview on morning joe today about ‘global citizen festival’ 9/23/17 nyc central park. sounds interesting.

Warm Water Bends Soundwaves Away:


The Adjustment Bureau

We can’t talk here. Meet me on the ferry boat and I’ll answer what I can.

The is something about water that blocks our ability to read your decision tree.

When you make a decision your mind weighs options. We can perceive that. We know when you are going to go off the plan because if we are close enough we can sense when it’s going to happen.

continued –

Freewill is a gift that you’ll never know how to use until you fight for it.

The Wall


alex, many thanks for the piece on Bernie; he’s still my hero. Thanks too for the Mooch piece; hilarious!

Two good articles: The first is about Russia’s real intentions all along – contrary to the naive claims of people like Noam Chomsky – who say Russia only wants peace; the 2nd claims to be a veteran spy’s report that Russia has been cultivating and feeding Trump info for 5 years. We can say this is fake news but I tend to believe it (without definitive proof of course). If this is all basically true, no more denials from the Bernie supporters who claim that progressive/moderates (like myself) want to rush into war with Russia, and the DNC & Hillary are behind everything, and Russia wants to work toward world peace (like China & N. Korea no doubt), but the big, bad Neocons are stopping them.



The solar eclipse in 2020 will be on December 14th, and occur mostly over the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, traversing Chile and Argentina.


Seems to be the eternal problem: Those with good intentions, (Liberals) & (Noam Chomsky) are slow to see the predatory propensities, or true priorities of socio-political carnivores. They assume others are good people deep down, people possessing a sense of honor, just like themselves.

Meanwhile, those with less transcendent motivations (what passes as modern “conservatives”) tend to be at least slightly paranoid. When afraid they can be meaner than a skillet full of rattlesnakes.

Those are only generalizations. There are honorable “straight shootin'” folks on both sides. The “crazies” decades ago in the 60’s were of the Left. The crazies now are on the Right.

The story in the second article is plausible because it fits the pattern of how the Russians have operated for quite a long time…and DJT consistently behaves like a guilty man with something to hide.

Without Putin’s and/or Republican backing, how long can he last?

Can the Age of Trump Spur Medicare for All?
“A single program launched by a single state is better than none. And it just might work.”
By Ann Jones

Good article on Medicare for all. Also interesting that she used astrological metaphors.

“This combination of circumstances — the newly rebellious spirit of the states, the collapse of the corrupt Republican Congress, and the absence of executive leadership (as opposed to tweetstorms) — comes as part of a propitious realignment of astral constellations in America’s natal chart. It suggests an opportunity to change course and take action.”

And… although I’m thinking the age of Trump may be over by the end of the year with Pence becoming president, the continuation of radical republican policies may push us in the opposite direction on several issues and levels by the election of 2020.

Ja, I heard of the appropriately named, bipartisan, ‘problem solver caucus’ which raised in me a glimmer of hope that the adults in the room are finally stepping up.

One thing that I’ve never heard anyone question (except Bernie), is the accepted political remise that, “the private market is the only way forward for the best health care.”
If that is so, then why is the ‘private market’ not booming where govt health care support, thru medicare expansion, has been withheld? All they are doing currently is holding sick people to ransom for pricing leverage.
It sort of reminds me of the crooked Hillary meme being taken as fact because of the 30 year drip fed propaganda has made everyone believe, because they say it, it must be true.
“The private market will fix it” through supply and demand is a total canard if it is for an essential service, rather than for a luxury service. The market proponents must believe health care is indeed a luxury.
Dems need to get much, much smarter on framing the narrative – Bernie has been great and they absolutely need to follow his lead on this.

Marjorie’s take on trump’s pending tax reform push http://star4cast.ca/trumps-tax-reform-rivalling-usain-bolt/


Republicans push forward a bill to take away cheap phones and Internet from low-income families

By Walter Einenkel
Tuesday Aug 01, 2017 · 12:02 PM PDT

I just had another thought – the Russian adoption angle could put a whole new spin on “anchor babies”

Most of this was drafted but not posted before and I updated it after recent events. Referring to barbk’s last post, her asteroid analysis and the N. Korea point of view is worth understanding. For me, classic aspects and chart structure are enough work! Significant events should have major aspects showing at multiple contact points, relating to all 3 levels – natal, progressed and transits. There should be redundancy so the main message comes out several ways. Then, I might believe what I’m seeing and look even further. Basics first. Let me say, too, that I don’t think eclipses (which are transits) are the end all in spite of what the ancients said (they were into fear). Observations:

DISPOSITORS: The Sun at 28Leo53 in the 9th house is the final dispositor of most planets in the August 21 solar eclipse chart so it is the key. Interestingly, the eclipse houses are quite close to the Sibly natal ones, though not exactly as they are 2 separate charts. Thus the eclipse Sun/Moon conjunction falls into the 9th house in both the eclipse and Sibly chart. Besides the Sun, the eclipse chart has 2 other dispositors, MercuryRx and Neptune, but neither has any planets that ‘answer’ to them by rulership (noting that Jupiter is co-ruler of Pisces). Mercury is strong in its own sign at 8Virgo in the 9th house, but it is retrograde and combust the Sun. Neptune is also strong in its own sign at 13Pisces in the 3rd house. Eclipse Neptune has no aspects to Trump’s natal chart, but it is in an easy trine to the Sibly Sun and square the Ascendant. Given that Trump’s natal Ascendant (29Leo56) and Mars (26Leo47) sit conjunct the eclipse Sun/Moon at 28Leo53, it is safe to say this eclipse might affect him ‘bigly’.

MERCURY RX: The eclipse MercuryRx at 8Virgo11Rx sits in Sibly 9th (publishing, media, higher level communications, education, legal matters, foreigners and foreign relations) and square to Sibly Uranus (upheavals) at 8Gemini55 in the 7th house (opponents, partners and open enemies). Mercury goes retrograde on August 13 and direct again on September 5. The Rx fits well with all the unexpected public revelations in the country lately, except by the time of the eclipse all of the current stuff (Scaramucci, etc.) will be ancient history. Undoubtedly more legal communications are to come, probably in dribs and drabs (Rx) throughout the fall. Might these communications originate from 7th/9th house people (like Russians or North Koreans or higher up investigators)? Sure. MercuryRx certainly fits Trump’s testy, unusual relationship with the press. Also, Uranus rules the Sibly 3rd house of communications, writing, siblings etc., so surprises are no surprise in US news.

EMPHASIS ON LEO: There are 4 planets in the eclipse 9th house in Leo, plus the node. Leo is the sign of the ruler or showman (whose private life is unseen or minimal because he is always on stage). The eclipse Sun is conjunct eclipse Moon at 28 Leo, Mars is at 20Leo, near MercuryRx at 8Virgo, plus the North Node at 24Leo. That is a lot of emphasis on Leo and the 9th house. To me, it appears the eclipse is more concerned with legal and diplomatic affairs rather than military action. Also, the eclipse chart’s Gemini/ 7th ruler (opponents, partners) is MercuryRx, which is not very military.

RETROGRADES vs. JUPITER & MARS: One of the things to note is that 4 outer planets in the eclipse chart, except Jupiter and Mars, are retrograde. Only Jupiter and Mars are moving ahead on August 21. Eclipse Jupiter sits at 20 Libra in the 11th house of colleagues, normally a safe, civilized bunch with whom leaders can negotiate things. Eclipse Mars at 20 Leo in the 9th is sextile the Jupiter, thus in harmony with it.

Sibly chart’s natal Jupiter is at 5 Cancer in the 7th of partners and open enemies, which receives a square from eclipse Neptune at 5Libra on August 21. The Neptune contact may indicate something negative or secretive for the nation, but is it about Trump? Likely at the rate things are going, but it remains to be seen. A few days later, on August 23, transiting Mars will sextile Sibly Mars at 21 Gemini, and on August 27 transiting Jupiter will trine Sibly Mars. Some action relating to a military situation may be possible. By that time, transiting SaturnRx will go direct. This would not necessarily be negative for Trump.

Trump’s natal Jupiter is at 17LibraRx. Transiting Jupiter will conjunct his Jupiter on August 4th (a boon to him) and then move to its eclipse position at 20Libra. Since Jupiter is generally a benevolent, expansive influence, I would interpret the Jupiter contacts to be helpful or at least protective to Trump, whether he deserves it or not. Also, the eclipse Jupiter is square Venus at 24Cancer, conjunct Trump’s natal Venus at 25Cancer; again, more supportive than outright destructive.

BRAKES ON, STANDOFF: The main contact to Trump is the eclipse Saturn at 21Sagittarius12Rx – stationary retrograde (stalled out), in Sibly 1st house, conjunct Trump’s Moon. The SaturnRx is EXACTLY conjunct Trump’s natal Moon (personal feelings, motives, etc.) on August 21, closely trine the eclipse Mars and opposite the Sibly Mars. It seems Trump will be unhappy and stressed (Saturn), but with a trine to eclipse Mars it could mean the military or opponents are cooperating with him. On the other hand, the eclipse Saturn is precisely opposite Sibly Mars at 21Gemini23 in Sibly 7th. Oppositions are not normally very friendly, so Trump has resistance from Sibly 7th house “others”. Thus the 2 Mars say slightly different things. Restrictions on Trump are greater (Saturn conjunct) and Sibly Mars is opposed, but he gets along with some Mars people, too. Eclipse Saturn is in Sagittarius which is mutable, ruled by Jupiter (the nice guy) – maybe not the best position to be, but not total destruction either.

Who is/are Mars? Will there be an ‘us against them’ standoff between the people vs. Trump – or will there be an external force vs. Trump while the people have his back? This is not easy to figure out. It could be both, but to me, it appears that somehow, despite all the turmoil, the Republican powers are still supporting Trump against some common enemy (Mars). You can’t say who because Mars in the Sibly chart is an “other” to the US (an opponent or partner) and the Democrats are not an “other” in the US. An “other” is neither the nation itself, nor Trump specifically. Sometimes it is hard to see who is in a chart.

From Trump’s side, it might mean a lot of talk with not much action anyway as SaturnRx can be less effective as a controlling and limiting factor on behaviour. Retrograde is backing up, reconsidering, not taking direct action, and stationery is not doing anything at all. The fact that so many of the eclipse planets are retrograde indicates a general climate of caution in the country (think of foot dragging in Congress) and hesitancy to act harshly or quickly.

TRINES ARE EASIER: The eclipse stationery SaturnRx is in a grand TRINE with the eclipse Sun/Moon and UranusRx. The first corner is SaturnRx in Sibly 1st and Trump’s Moon is conjunct to it like a pot handle. The second corner is Sun/Moon in Sibly 9th (legal matters etc.) and the third is UranusRx in Sibly 4th (home, land, the country). Trines are inherently ‘easy’ but the country is in upheaval – this trine could mean the expression of the eclipse may be softer on Trump than many would wish, but Uranus in the 4th house of home may make it harder on the US as a nation.

MUTABLE ANGLES AND FIRE (or HEAT): Another thing to note in the eclipse chart is that all 4 angles are in mutable signs (Sag Asc, Pisces IC, Gemini Desc, Virgo MC), which indicates conditions that are uncertain, waffling, about to change, as they would not be if the angles were cardinal or fixed. In addition, there are 5 planets in the element of Fire, which can make for a spectacular show, but as there are only 2 planets in earth, Pluto in the 2nd of personal wealth and MercuryRx in the 9th of legal matters, the fire may not burn much. To switch metaphors, there may be more heat than light. Merriam Webster dictionary defines it as “To produce or generate more heat than light means to cause anger without helping to make something better understood”. All of which seems to say fiery volleys, but possibly only verbal ones (Mercury).

MOON VOID OF COURSE: The eclipse chart, if read as a horary, has Moon void of course, which traditionally says nothing will come of it. That is not necessarily true for mundane charts, but void Moon usually means the chart should not be read because conditions are about to change in a major way that current conditions cannot predict – i.e. no classic aspects are left before the Moon changes signs (conjunction, trine, square, opposition, and sextile).

Let’s not forget that an eclipse Moon is exactly conjunct the eclipse Sun (or it would not be an eclipse). Thus, there is no question that the Moon and Sun must be strongly “together” while in the eclipse, like it or not. They are of one mind, or at least the Moon is unable to counter the Sun for the time being. Therefore, somehow things must be aligned with the Sun. Is this a common enemy situation? Trump, despite all of the administration’s problems, could get off easier in that sort of scenario (or not get ousted), even while he is seriously being criticized in the press.

Finally, the subject of the Sibly chart is really the nation as a whole, not just its leader. There is an overall picture of uncertainty, with no clear outcome when the eclipse chart is compared to either Trump or the nation. I’m not sure this is right, but after twisting it every which way, I keep thinking that August 21 may fizzle and the eclipse may just leave everyone to fight another day.

Money Pours In for Sanders’s New Medicare for All Digital Campaign

“Bottom line is: if other countries around the world are providing quality care to all their people, we can do the same.”


And though I’ve lost count of just how many competing bills have come and gone with various tweaks, I can report that there’s still one Republican health care plan standing.

It’s sponsored by Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Bill Cassidy (R-La.), and Dean Heller (R-Nev.), and as Vox explained yesterday, it’s arguably “the most radical” proposal the party has presented to date.

The senators are selling this idea as a compromise plan and say it is a way to return power to states, giving local governments more control over how they spend federal dollars.

But the plan does much more than that.

The proposal would eliminate the health care law’s subsidies for private insurance and end the Medicaid expansion.

The health insurance marketplaces would no longer exist as they are envisioned to continue under other Republican proposals….. Cassidy-Graham would arguably be more disruptive, not less, to the current health care system.

It would let money currently spent on health insurance go toward other programs, providing no guarantee that the Affordable Care Act programs individuals rely on today would continue into the future.


Aug 22, 1998 – Solar Eclipse in 29* Leo (Trump’s ascendant).

Aug 27, 1998 – Interview with Trump aired on “Hardball with Chris Matthews”.

Trump discussed then President Clinton’s impeachment & how he would have handled himself if he were President. Trump said: “Paula Jones is a loser, but the fact is that she may be responsible for bringing down a president indirectly.”

The interview took place mere days after Bill Clinton acknowledged he had an inappropriate relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

And a little bonus on what Trump used to think about Bill Clinton’s accusers is that he once pretty much said the only reason why the then-president got in trouble was because Lewinsky was ugly.

Matthews also asked Trump about his designs on the Presidency:

“Chris Matthews asked Trump if he would ever run for president. Trump said no, “can you imagine how controversial that’d be? You think about [Clinton] with the women. How about me with the women? Can you imagine….” Matthews made a cigar joke, and Trump reconsidered: “Well, they might like my women better, too, you know.”

Has anyone looked closely at Mr. Pence’s chart? Particularly for any signs of when or if he might be elevated to the presidency?

Frankly, I find him as scary and dangerous as DJT, but in a very different way.

Our Next Election Theme:
This is the 1st Debate I’ve watched.
But, check out the end, (starting at 50:00 in). Where Cenk mentions: “That Iraq War Cost America: 1&1/2 Trillion! That money could have given us 20 YEARS OF FREE COLLEGE”.
(Imagine, this might have educated the BabyBoom’s children who would be out there right now making America Great)
BEN SHAPIRO vs CENK UYGUR:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlZXck2o73c

Uranus moves into Taurus in May of 2018. I’m guessing therefore the Nov. 2018 election will be concerned with money and finance. Maybe we’ll look back at the cost of the Iraq war, 1.5 trillion $, and realize Cenk was right, 20 years of free college, OR healthcare for all.

Eliseo, I just said that same thing in a group on FB. I said, before everyone gets excited about the prospect of the nightmare of DT ending.. get prepared for the Nightmare Act 2 with Pence.

Beowulfie (great name), thank you for your comprehensive analysis, but I hope you are wrong and the eclipse helps remove Trump and company.

I was talking to the intuitive I have had readings with maybe once every year or two for at least 25 years. She told me that more people than Trump area going to be removed and I’m pretty sure she was including Pence. When I asked her the question, it was the first time she was prodded to look into this as deeply and she told me that she had never suspected something like this would happen and she was getting goose bumps. Here is hoping that SHE is right, of course!

Sharon k

The possible people who could be swept up in either collusion or a cover-up:
Donald Jr, Eric, Ivanka
I may have forgotten some… lol

There are also NY state investigations that cross with people on this list. Also there is no way of knowing for sure how long it will take.

I am saying possible, because there is no real way of knowing what is going to come from any of these investigations. Personally I hope they all go down

Add money laundering to the list of crimes…

US Orders All Passport Holders Out Of North Korea After September 1



Whether intentional or not on the part of the US State dept., if North Korea perceives a possible imminent US military threat in early September, will they launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike against the US? Astrologically; September 3rd – 5th is the most like window for this to unfold.

Typo/ Read instead: “…. is the most LIKELY window”.

Thanks, Sharon K. Well, I hope things will be better, whoever occupies the WH! Maybe they will smarten up and the whole world will breathe a sigh of relief? I know my astrology skills are at their limit. The more I learn the harder it is to be true to the chart, not just see what I might want to see!

I’m not sure the country could stand another upheaval if Pence were to turn out as bad as Trump, in a different way. Pence is not terrifically open minded from what I’ve read.

An old saying goes, there’s only one thing worse than not getting what you want, and that is getting it. Either way, it ain’t great for America in the short run, whatever the hats say.


Elizabeth Southerland has quit her post at EPA in protest: EPA won’t be able to do the ‘right thing’ under Trump


On the Russia & Putin & Senate hearings topic, this is shocking and definitely worth the time to read!


I certainly hope your intuitive friend is correct!

If justice prevails, all those on your list, plus others we may not have even heard of will go down for treason, OR money laundering, OR accessory to treason.

If Pence becomes president, I believe we will likely be in a far worse situation than what we now face with DJT. Pence is a Dominionist, and the head of the spear of the Christo-Fascist, Very Far Right. Unlike DJT, he is competent and is more likely to get more of his agenda enacted with this Republican Congress.

The only good thing about Pence, (and this is a maybe) is that he might be less likely to get us into a nuclear war. The really bad thing is that he would be far more likely than DJT to create a Reichstag Fire type event with which to impose tighter, dictatorial power over the US.

While working on the chart for the one-and-only conjunction between trans. Jupiter and Pluto (one of the 3 cycles that are coming up for renewal in a couple of years) I uncovered what seemed a strange or at least a rare phenomenon.

Their conjunction on December 11, 2007, had some contact points with the present day astrology such as (1) Uranus was at 14+ Pisces where transiting Neptune recently stationed retrograde, and (2) now trans. Saturn stationed retrograde last April at 27+ Sagittarius, one degree shy of the conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto, 28+ Sagittarius. He’ll get there in December. Here’s what I found intriguing . .

Nine months later transiting Pluto stationed direct at the same degree he had conjoined Jupiter, 28+ Sagittarius. 23 hours before Pluto stationed direct, trans. Jupiter stationed direct and at that time he, Jupiter, at 12+ Capricorn was conjunct the degree of the Moon when the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction took place 9 months earlier. Jupiter (in September 2008 was also opposite U. S. natal Sun and square U.S. natal Saturn).

Meanwhile trans. Jupiter was also squaring trans. Mars, Venus and Mercury that September 2008, who were at 12+ Libra (covering a 3 day spread) and these 3 personal planets were making conjunctions to each other and the U.S. Saturn and squaring the U.S. Sun in Cancer while also squaring transiting Jupiter!

This was the month, September, 2008, when the financial crisis hit the wall and, along with the above idiosyncrasies, Jupiter (in Capricorn) was exactly trine trans. Saturn (in Virgo), exact about 4 hours before Pluto stationed direct. That means that trans. Venus, Mars and Mercury were making semi-sextiles to trans. Saturn (while coming into conjunctions with U.S. natal Saturn).

We can parse out what each of these aspects meant on an individual level, but the fact that they were all happening at that time, Sept. 2008, and that trans. Jupiter and Pluto, then 14 degrees or so apart, were invigorating their brand new cycle (begun just 9 months earlier) with Jupiter sitting on the same degree as the Moon had occupied earlier, and Pluto occupying the same degree where their conjunction had taken place, seems a pretty obvious connection of events.

As transiting Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto move toward the start of 3 new cycles beginning in 2020 we might find some explanations in the charts for the 3 ending cycles as to why what is happening now is happening now.

Just what I found tonight (well this AM I guess) involves one outer “collective” planet (Pluto) the 2 society and cultural planets (Jupiter and Saturn) and 3 personal planets (Mars, Venus, Mercury) and I didn’t even cover the Sun’s trine to Jupiter in that terrible month of financial meltdown.

Plus, I didn’t go into how deeply the U.S. Chiron in Aries is involved in the Jupiter-Pluto cycle either. Maybe later. Hint: trans. Eris was conjunct the U.S. Chiron at the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, as was trans. Hephaistos, and Hybris and 1991 QB1.


The discussion revolving around the Star of Regulus and its conjunction to Donald Trump’s ascendant is an interesting one. Can “the Donald” avoid his life-long obsession with revenge and thereby reap the benefits of success at the time of the August solar eclipse? I’m not as optimistic as you are. Revenge is a major component to who he is and what drives his actions.

Case in point – here’s a Mother Jones article written at the time of the presidential debates last Fall…….

Donald Trump Is Completely Obsessed With Revenge

The debate tonight could be all about payback.

At the second presidential debate, GOP nominee Donald Trump went where no major candidate has gone: He vowed that if elected he would prosecute and imprison his opponent. This promise was a pure act of vengeance and drew much scorn. But Trump’s supporters, who have long rallied around the “lock her up” meme, embraced his declaration. Days later, Trump expanded on his pledge: He said he would also throw Clinton’s lawyers into the hoosegow. And after the New York Times and other media published the accounts of women who said they had been groped, grabbed, and kissed against their will by Trump, the former reality television star threatened payback against his accusers and the press. Next he attacked GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan after the top Republican dared to suggest that the US electoral system worked fine while Trump was claiming it was rigged against him.

Revenge—it’s a big part of Trump’s life. Following the first presidential debate, he spent days of valuable campaign time (and hours of valuable sleep time) slamming Alicia Machado, the former Miss Universe. At other times during this contest, he could not let go of his feud with Rosie O’Donnell. He tried to smear Judge Gonzalo Curiel, the American-born federal judge hearing a fraud case against Trump University, as a “Mexican” unqualified to preside over this litigation. For days, he derided Khizr and Ghazala Khan, the parents of an Army captain killed in Iraq, after Khizr criticized him during a speech at the Democratic convention. He launched misogynistic attacks against Carly Fiorina and Megyn Kelly. Rather than attempt to unify his party after a divisive primary fight, he threatened to finance future campaigns against GOP rivals, most notably Ohio Gov. John Kasich. He encouraged violence against protesters at his rallies. And there were the mean and nasty nicknames: Lyin’ Ted, Little Marco. Why all the insults, bullying, and grudge matches? There is a reason. Trump fervently believes in retaliation. How do we know? Because he has said numerous times that he is driven by revenge and that it is a basic tool to use in business. He is obsessed with payback.

In speeches and public talks, Trump has repeatedly expressed his fondness for retribution. In 2011, he addressed the National Achievers Congress in Sydney, Australia, to explain how he had achieved his success. He noted there were a couple of lessons not taught in business school that successful people must know. At the top of the list was this piece of advice: “Get even with people. If they screw you, screw them back 10 times as hard. I really believe it.”



PS Fast-forward to 1 hour 15 minutes into Rick Levine’s talk. He addresses the above Regulus issue quite succinctly……..

Rick Levine Astrology Forecast for August 2017


Henri – turtle face McConnell must surely be on the list too? There’s bound to be money shenanigans somewhere in his closet.

I still maintain this whole mess has more to do with a web of organized crime in high places, more than traditional old fashioned politics. And it would appear, based on the talent in the team that Mueller is assembling, they are following that angle too.


from the Atlantic article:

“Denis Katsyv was caught by U.S. law enforcement using proceeds from the crime that Sergei Magnitsky uncovered to purchase high-end Manhattan real estate (the case recently settled with the Katsyv’s paying $6 million to the U.S. government). Natalia Veselnitskaya was their lawyer.

The dots connect to Donald J Trump. And, he threw the Russians under the bus signing the bill recently passed by the Houses preventing him from lifting sanctions.

Gret read, thanks !

Apart from any financial misbehavior or organized crime connections:
During the campaign Obama sent an operative to personally brief McConnell and Ryan. They were both informed of the Russian interference, but refused to cooperate with Obama to expose or to stop it. My guess is they knew the interference was to help their guy. Mueller will discern the facts. I’m hoping he exposes ALL parties colluding in the matter, forcing McConnell, Ryan, and Pence + all others to resign.

Jerry, you are totally right – he is a bully and the list of abuses is impressively horrible. Actually, I am not “optimistic”, but people can only wait and see.

It’s possible he could change for the ‘better’ (anyone can, in Christian theory), but DT’s history seriously tips the odds to the ‘never going to happen’ side. But that is not relevant – this isn’t about ethical principles or moral changes of heart – it’s about raw survival. It’s not a Trump TV show anymore, it’s the real thing.

Nancy said in her post that he is like a “sorely wounded animal”. Trump, the man, is in a truly unique position on this planet – he IS the President of the US. That must have sunk in by now and, judging by his scorn for others who don’t make it, being a loser is the thing he fears most. However, he’s not on the upward winner’s path anymore – he did it – he won – he’s at the top! He’s like Alice in Wonderland, in a whole new world, and the only choice at the pinnacle of success is to hold on, or fall down the hole. It could make a guy think real hard about the hazards of his position.

Thus, the dilemma of Regulus – hang on or failure becomes an option. Allies can help you, or push you off the cliff. Revenge becomes very expensive when you are one step from disaster every minute (….why do presidents go gray?). Even Trump, blockhead that he is, must see that. Can he picture himself as a loser? Ouch. Or can he be sensible to keep himself in power? Bet he can, when he must. A man in peril needs friends who won’t push. Revenge isn’t a part of it because in politics you never know who your friends are. Probably for the first time, DT is getting used to needing anybody!

It’s early days. DT has to keep his Republican allies and the public have given him enough support so far. His ego is in good shape. If that lasts, he won’t fall. But what happens if he really becomes the wounded animal? All his bluster covers up a fairly insecure ego and I would not want to be in his shoes at 4am these days (when he is not tweeting). Maybe the tweet rate will start dropping…..

What will he do if his polls nosedive below 30%? He’ll do ANYTHING to hang on to his crown, is what he’ll do. He might even become a changed man. Don’t need astrology for that! LOL

Beowulfie, some time ago I had the thought that the following may apply:
Trump will probably break the system, (leaving others to clean up his mess) then walk away oblivious to the chaos in his wake, with his spin narrative becoming something like “see, I did what I said I would do, I came to shake up the system and I totally succeeded therefore I am the greatest ever” and “I never really wanted to live in that dump of a whitehouse, but somebody had to drain the swamp. That’s done, so now Im going back to my successful beautiful buildings”

From stock market analyst/astrologer Ray Merriman… I’m betting on Trump being Trump and self-destructing rather than rising to the challenge. (Scroll down to his thoughts on Trump and the eclipse). https://new.mmacycles.com/index.php?route=blog/article&category_id=1&article_id=154

Kiwi, do you mean you believe DT will step down and walk away early, or try to stay to 2020? If he bends to nobody, will people push him before he walks? Either way, walking away isn’t glory, even if he were to feel defiant and justified in his own infantile head. That’s hardly the kind of exit that an ego as big as his would want. I think he would rather have his photo taken with all the other ex-Presidents after a full term, and not be like Nixon. Anyway, we’ll soon see if necessity forces him (and his allies) to grow up a little or not. Maybe you’re right and he’ll just pull the FU option.

I’m now thinking that the 9 months in between the exact Pluto-Jupiter conjunction (12/11/07) and the Saturn-trine-Jupiter aspect (9/8/08) – a Jupiter which had reached the degree where the Moon had been in the Pluto-Jupiter conjunction 9 months earlier – was the period (in time) where people (symbolized by Moon) were registering (becoming conscious of) the actual effects of the Pluto-Jupiter conjunction. The coming U.S. recession.

I say that because just before the Saturn-Jupiter trine (an important point in their 20 year cycle) there was a solar eclipse (something hidden) on August 1, 2008, at 9+ Leo (1 degree from Trump’s natal Pluto at 10+ Leo) and it was square transiting Vesta (investment) at 9+ Taurus (conjunct Trump’s natal Nessus at 9+ Taurus) and Taurus is about tangible resources like property.

Nessus is about making one become conscious of something through dirty tricks.

I wonder how Trump fared when the value of property plummeted and developers “had to bend under the housing meltdown” in September, 2008. Putin has natal Juno (partner) at 9+ Aquarius, opposite the August 1, 2008 solar eclipse and Trump’s natal Pluto. Putin’s natal Jupiter at 19+ Taurus is conjunct the U.S. natal Vesta (investment) at 19+ Taurus.

The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction of December 11, 2007, had Neptune at 19+ Aquarius which squared the U.S. Vesta and Putin’s Jupiter at 19+ Taurus. Putin’s natal South Node (best to release what no longer serves) is at 19+ Aquarius.

Russia Accuses US Of ‘Full-Scale Trade War’ After Trump Imposes New Sanctions


The deteriorating Russian/Putin/Trump drama seems to fit the August 3rd astrological aspects. Tr. Jupiter (17 Libra) conjunct Putin’s natal Saturn and Trump’s natal Jupiter is presently squaring tr. Pluto (17 Capricorn).

Right now transiting Mars is at 9+ Leo (where the August 2008 eclipse was) and it squares Trump’s Nessus and opposes Putin’s Juno. On Saturday trans. Mars will exactly conjunct Trump’s natal Pluto in his natal 12th house.

President Trump Will Begin A 17-day August Vacation At His Private Golf Club In New Jersey On Friday, According To The Associated Press.

The Hill
August 3, 2017

Presidents typically take their vacations in August, and the AP reported Thursday that Trump will be no exception and will begin his first official vacation at the end of this week.





Barbk, good point to look at the financial thing & 2008! Are you saying an echo of 2008 is coming? People have been talking another recession being inevitable for so long, but it has not appeared. &Hope it doesn’t!

In my above post, I noted that there are only 2 planets in earth in the eclipse chart, Pluto in the 2nd of personal wealth and MercuryRx in the 9th of legal matters. I looked at Mercury, but not Pluto (& isn’t it funny that Trump went on about sewers in his boy scout speech!)

There is stuff to look at: Pluto is in the Sibly 2nd house of the nation’s wealth at 27Capricorn33Rx and the eclipse Pluto is at 17Capricorn12Rx. The eclipse UranusRx is square to Sibly Pluto at 28Aries32Rx. Surprises are less likely when Uranus is retrograde. Sibly Moon is at 27 Aquarius12, 30 degrees from the Pluto, so there is always some linkage between them.

In the eclipse chart, there is a wide grand square between Pluto at 17Capricorn12Rx, Uranus at 28AriesRx, Venus at 24Cancer and Jupiter at 20Libra. Those are all cardinal signs, so things could move. Eclipse Chiron at 27 Pisces is also at the degree of the Sibly Pluto and Moon and sextile to the Pluto.

The contact between eclipse Uranus and Sibly Pluto might mean there are financial consequences to consider in the eclipse, but right now it’s great for the markets. The eclipse has yet to do its thing. Uranus is still retrograde, going direct in January 2018, and doesn’t hit the eclipse degree again until April 2018.

Les, thanks for the link to Merriman – his comments are always good. Though he tends not make a clear statement on the most likely outcome in his opinion (unless you sign up for his full report).

Enough already. Have to rake the grass in the real world!

West Virginia/Senators

Joe Manchin (D)
Shelley Moore Capito (R)

Trump 2020 focus on West Virginia


President Donald Trump is holding an early August campaign rally in West Virginia.

Trump’s campaign says the event is scheduled for Aug. 3 at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena in Huntington.

Trump held a campaign rally this week in Youngstown, Ohio. The president has been holding campaign-style events in friendly territory to escape Washington and recharge in front of crowds of boisterous supporters.

Trump was in West Virginia earlier this week to address the Boy Scouts’ national jamboree in a speech that was widely panned for its aggressive political rhetoric. The Boy Scouts’ chief executive apologized Thursday to scouting community members who were offended by the speech.


Donald Trump and Ryan Zinke Are Purging Climate Scientists for Telling the Truth

Dozens of senior officials have been reassigned at the Department of the Interior, including Dr. Virginia Burkett, who contributed to the IPCC reports that won the Nobel Peace Prize.



What do we think the hard-core Trump supporters will do if he is removed from office? Because I think they’ll feel even more persecuted. Hope they will turn on Republicans who reject Trump in the end.

Beowulfie – merely saying (voicing a random thought) –
IF he is successfully pushed out, he will do his damndest to use every propaganda tool at his disposal to make it seem like he had it planned that way all along – so that means (in his mind) he is still the greatest president and anyone who says otherwise is just a swamp monster using fake news.

Yes McConnell, DeVos and Eric Prince. I do not think that this will be a ‘Saturday Night Massacure’ kind of thing, but more of a rolling reality with people resigning under indictment or just resigning, or even being fired. Trump being last on the list. So who would actually be the VP if he goes under, instead of just not being elected agin is hard to say.

If they all go down at once, it would be Hatch. The next in line after Hatch would be Mattis.

Unless Thrump quits, something I don’t see happening… but you never know…

Mueller Impanels a Grand Jury!!!! 🙂


Line of succession:

1. VP Pence
2. House speaker Paul Ryan
3. Sen. President Pro Tem Orin Hatch
4. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (who’s been rumored to be considering taking a break or quitting — job’s just too much for him)
5. Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin


So, the question is, how far will Mueller’s investigation go or Congress go — Ryan was definitely briefed on the Russian election tampering prior to the election and refused to do anything, so he could be implicated.

Looked up the “gang of 12” that were briefed on Russia prior to election, and I don’t think Orin Hatch was one of them. Just the Majority and Minority ranking members, Ryan and Nancy Pelosi. So … if Pence and Ryan go down, looks like Orin Hatch.

Teresa Hill-
Tillerson and Mnuchin are between Hatch and Mattis, yet I personally think one way or another they are not going to be there.

Also, depending on how it goes down, it seems at some point the Senate is going to have issues confirming Trumps choices. It could also drag out until after the 2018 elections, and if the R’s lose the Senate, confirmation of anyone could come to a dead stop…


The Washington Post lists it the way I have it above, too.

VP, Speaker of House, President Pro tea of Senate, Secretary of State, Secretary of Treasury


Yes, you are right… just my gut that they won’t be there, and no one will be confirmed to take their place… just a guess on my part. I could be totally and completely wrong about that thought.

The order of secession goes all the way through the cabinet. I honestly don’t know the order after defense, but there is one. ?


You did mention that July 28th to Aug 4th would present a challenge for 45. Well, breaking news, Mueller has just convened a Grand Jury.

Teresa Hill,

I’m sorry, I didn’t see your Mueller post until after I posted. Nonetheless, I’m sure we’re pleased.

Now, we’re hearing reports that the Grand Jury has already issued subpoenas about the famous meeting between Jr., the SIL and others and those Russians offering dirt on Hillary.


No problem. It’s a great day.

It does go all the way through the cabinet. There’s a whole list at the link I posted above.

This is a great read, comparing Nixon & Trump. And Kiwi, the point of view sort of lines up with your comments.

“….But Donald Trump, who lies about facts, does not lie about himself. During his 2016 campaign he presented himself to the country as strictly the enemy of Main Street Republicanism — not a goody two-shoes, not a nice man, not even a gentleman. He presented himself as an aggressive and loutish savior from outside the American political tradition…..Do we need a sign of how great is the fear? Not a single national politician has delivered a broad and memorable speech on the Trump phenomenon and the Russia conspiracy.”


Beowulfie, have not read your bill moyers link yet, but I want to add, I also think he would walk away to concoct his own ‘success story’ rather than face the ignominy of an impeachment process.

Well, the tweeters at Louise Mensch’s twitter page are talking like (and rooting for) the new pres will be Maddog Madison! They call those who are working to bring down Trump & Co “Team Patriot”.

So Trump returns to the WH on 8/21 – thanks for that update, Jerry – can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.

Kiwi, you are a riot!

“Trump will probably break the system, (leaving others to clean up his mess) then walk away
oblivious to the chaos in his wake, with his spin narrative becoming something like
‘see, I did what I said I would do, I came to shake up the system and I totally succeeded therefore I am the greatest ever’ and ‘I never really wanted to live in that dump of a whitehouse, but somebody had to drain the swamp. That’s done, so now Im going back to my successful beautiful buildings’ (sort of like Barbara Bush & her “beautiful mind” – but I’m sure she didn’t mean it exactly the way it came out)

Also – Kiwi – LOVE this one – especially the part about everyone who says otherwise is just a fake news-using swamp monster! LOLOLOL!

“…he will do his damndest to use every propaganda tool at his disposal to make it seem like he had it planned that way all along – so that means (in his mind) he is still the greatest president and anyone who says otherwise is just a swamp monster using fake news.”

Beowulfie, what I’m sensing, based on the path I took starting with the Pluto-Jupiter conjunction in December 2007, that led me to the simultaneous Jupiter station direct (+ trine to Saturn) and the Pluto station direct (and all that they entail) in September 2008, which led me to the solar eclipse New Moon on August 1, 2008, is that . .

Trump may have sold the Russians, specifically Putin, some property that dropped in value during the big U.S. financial crisis . . OR . . Trump needed bailing out and some Russian links to Putin, or Putin himself loaned him a lot of money.

Or both. I sense that this could be when Putin got Trump by the shorthairs and Trump is indebted to Putin, and probably fearful of him too.

With the possibility that Trump could be impeached or, like Nixon, resign before that happens looking at Nov 3, 2020 it does not appear that Pence will even be running (thinking there would be more than 1 possible aspect to either his natal or progressed chart. Nothing close except for transit Neptune at 18°20′ Pisces square natal Sun (noon chart) 16°09′ Gemini. Could he have been driven from office before then or been beaten in the primary races?

Transit Saturn to Pence natals (NOON CHART). All aspects except the last one occur before the mid-term elections in 2018. Looking at other charts (returns, eclipses, etc.) is still to be done.

If there is a massive house cleaning before 2018 the following aspects can be disregarded.

If trump should resign this Fall and Pence assumes the office could the following aspects indicate an ineffective president, constrained by party members not willing to vote for bills that would hurt voters as they campaign for re-election?

In right ascension:

Saturn sextile natal Neptune January 12, 2018
Saturn return February 3, 2018
Saturn trine natal Pluto March 7, 2018

Saturn trine natal Pluto May 30, 2018

Saturn return July 8, 2018
Saturn sextile natal Neptune August 23, 2018
Saturn stations sextile natal Neptune September 19, 2018

Saturn return November 2, 2018

After the Midterms:
Saturn trine natal Pluto Nov 30, 2018

Hidden nugget – the sexual predator may resign this coming October 15th but charts do not look good for Pence either. It may be that nobody will want to take over the mess if they can find away to avoid it (resigning).

“find a way to avoid it”

WV Gov Jim Justice announces at Trump’s rally he will register as a Republican tomorrow.

Jim Justice changes political parties on a whim. He was a registered Republican back in 2011.

Jim’s dad was rich. Like Trump – he inherited his money.

Jim was sent off to military school (Greenbrier Military School) – like Trump. He didn’t last. My husband was his company commander. He said Jim was the dullest knife in the drawer. Could not comprehend the simplest instructions.

Jim went to college on a golf scholarship. He LOVES to golf. After buying The Greenbrier resort (I used to work there), he landed a PGA tournament.

He is so private about his business, there are no signs at his offices. The secretary answers the phone by confirming the phone number the caller dialed. His own children called him paranoid. He supposedly owns more than 47 companies – all privately held. Like Trump.

He built a casino in The Greenbrier. The most God-awful thing I’ve ever seen. Last I heard, it is still operating; however, a friend who works there tells me it is empty most of the time.

Jim does NOT pay his bills – like Trump. He owes over $15 million in taxes. He has been sued for not paying small contractors for their work (he owes millions). Just like Trump. He owes $4.6 million in fines for violations in his coal mines. He is being sued for $3 million for not paying legal fees.

He has his own ties to Russia. He sold his coal mine operation to a Russian firm in 2009 for $436 million. He bought them back in 2015 for $5 million.

Like attracts like. Donald Trump and Jim Justice are definitely two of a kind.

Are you guys hearing about the transcripts of the phone calls between Trump and the president of Mexico as well as the PM of Australia that were leaked!!? MSNBC is spending a lot of time covering this tonight and Trump remarks are very revealing of a very weak man who the Louise Mensch tweeters love to call IMPOSTUS.

The Senate blocked President Trump from being able to make recess appointments on Thursday as lawmakers leave Washington for their summer break.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), doing wrap up for the entire Senate, locked in nine “pro-forma” sessions — brief meetings that normally last roughly a minute.

The move, which requires the agreement of every senator, means the Senate will be in session every three business days throughout the August recess.


Chuckle of the day: does this photo remind you of anyone?


One of the inhabitants of Bouvet island is the Southern Rockhopper Penguin. Also known as the Trømp.

Source of the comment:http://www.volcanocafe.org/the-island-at-the-end-of-the-world-bouvetoya/ ( a great site)


Referring back to Rick Levine’s observations in his Aug. 2017 forecast……. Rick feels the Mars-Jupiter-Saturn sextile-trine configuration (August 20 – 22) has a major role to play during the August 21st eclipse. He seems to think the power of the eclipse will augment this particular aspect significantly.

Expanding on that theme; let’s consider where Jeff Sessions natal Uranus is located. It’s at 19 Sag. It is being opposed by a near stationary Saturn in close sextile-trine to tr. Mars and Jupiter. I would venture to guess Trump will try to shift AG Jeff Sessions into the vacant DHS spot (Department of Homeland Security) as the first order of business when Trump returns to the White House Monday Aug. 21st. There will be a furious political firestorm to deal with if that were to happen of course because it will be perceived as a first step towards the removal of Mueller’s Russian investigation.

Netanyahu – another mars in leo in the firing line

Season 6, Episode 8 ~ per Charlie Epps

Game Theory tells us that is someone’s feeling unfairly wronged, their response is rarely logical.

Check it out. Here’s a hundred dollars. So let’s say a stranger tells you to divide that between the two of us in any way you want.

>Offer $30.00
>$30.00 dollars really?
>No offense but my 401(k) and the economy aren’t seeing eye to eye.
>Ok well according the the Ultimatum game I can either accept or reject this offer. If I reject it neither of us gets anything. But I’m gonna reject it anyway, because if you’re not gonna offer me 50-50 I’m not going to take it.
>So you’re turning down free money because you want to punish me?
>People have a tremendous desire for revenge, even it it’s at the risk of hurting themselves.

continued – Ultimatum Game Theory

Should read:

Game Theory tells us that if someone is feeling unfairly wronged, their response is rarely logical.

People have a tremendous desire for revenge, even if it’s at the risk of hurting themselves.

“It’s difficult these days to focus anywhere but on D.C. and the latest media feeding frenzy…
but an afternoon in our wonderful Detroit Institute of Arts reminded me that I’ve been overlooking some really important stories in the news… ”

Joy keeps saying Rachel has the night off, not that she is on vacation.

Saturn station at 260°29′ on August 25-26 (Opp 80°29′ , square 350°29′) opposing her secondary progressed natal Saturn and square her natal Moon.

Secondary progressed natal Saturn 79°30′. Natal Moon 349°25′.

Because of the components involved these aspects will last for some time and could be triggered by a transit on some other day. Which area of her life is most likely to be affected? Health, relationship or family, professional.


Evolutionary Game Theory

The ultimatum game is important from a sociological perspective, because it illustrates the human unwillingness to accept injustice.

The tendency to refuse small offers may also be seen as relevant to the concept of honour.

The extent to which people are willing to tolerate different distributions of the reward from “cooperative” ventures results in inequality that is, measurably, exponential across the strata of management within large corporations.

In a brain imaging experiment by Sanfey et al., stingy offers (relative to fair and hyperfair offers) differentially activated several brain areas, especially the anterior insular cortex, a region associated with visceral disgust.

If Player 1 in the ultimatum game anticipates this response to a stingy offer, they may be more generous.

An increase in rational decisions in the game has been found among experienced Buddhist meditators.

fMRI data show that meditators recruit the posterior insular cortex (associated with interoception) during unfair offers and show reduced activity in the anterior insular cortex compared to controls.

People whose serotonin levels have been artificially lowered will reject unfair offers more often than players with normal serotonin levels.

People who have ventromedial frontal cortex lesions were found to be more likely to reject unfair offers.

This was suggested to be due to the abstractness and delay of the reward, rather than an increased emotional response to the unfairness of the offer.


Senior diplomat in Beijing embassy resigns over Trump’s climate change decision

David H. Rank, a career Foreign Service officer of 27 years, had been acting ambassador:

The No. 2 diplomat at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing resigned Monday [June 2017] , telling staff his conscience would not permit him to formally notify the Chinese that the United States is withdrawing from the Paris climate accord.


In a recent interview with MSNBC David Rank said that Trump’s withdrawal from Paris Climate Accord was against his own values as a parent.


Donald Trump’s secretary of energy, Rick Perry, once campaigned to abolish the $30 billion agency that he now runs, which oversees everything from our nuclear arsenal to the electrical grid.

The department’s budget is now on the chopping block. But does anyone in the White House really understand what the Department of Energy actually does?

And what a horrible risk it would be to ignore its extraordinary, life-or-death responsibilities?


“The wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine”


Pluto in Capricorn – dragging corruption into the open

Henri – exactly. Someone has finally put to print what I been merely guessing/intuiting for quite some time ……..
Thanks for posting.

(Just posted this on The WSJ…)

“Trump absolutely inspired the Uneducated! And He won the Presidential Election with “America’s Uneducated Voter’s”.
They came from far and wide to finally see someone who was on the Same Wave-Length as themselves finally sitting in our White House!”
Warning: Idocracy Movie Trailer…
Idocracy: The Great Dumbing Down:

Another Idocracy Trailer someone created: (Only the beginning is obnoxiously loud)

As I understand it, the line of succession comes into play only in the event that one or more officials are **simultaneously**taken out of commission. So, if DJT and Pence are both taken out at the same time, i.e., on the same plane that crashes, etc., then Ryan becomes POTUS (which is why VP almost never flies on the same plane as POTUS).

BUT, if Pence is taken out and DJT is still POTUS, Ryan does not automatically become VP; instead, DJT nominates a new VP, who must be confirmed by the Senate. If DJT is taken out first, Pence becomes POTUS, and then he nominates a new VP, who must be confirmed by the Senate. (This is how we got Ford as POTUS: he was nominated for VP when Agnew resigned. Ford then became POTUS when Nixon resigned, and then Ford selected a new VP.)

So with any luck, Mueller will take out Pence first, and the Senate will approve someone who will be a good POTUS. Then when Mueller takes out DJT, we have sanity again.

I agree there are a bunch of Rs who are just as dirty as DJT. This is why it is so important that Mueller gets everyone who’s dirty, not just DJT. And also why it is so important that the Ds retake at least the House and possibly the Senate in the mid-terms.

We would not automatically get Pelosi as POTUS, as some have claimed, but if the Ds are in charge, we would get impeachment (House) and conviction if we also hold the Senate. Otherwise, the Rs will not vote to convict unless the evidence is overwhelming and irrefutable.

Question to those with the charts:

Is there anything in Mueller’s chart that indicates DJT could fire him during the eclipse period?


Very good question.

Here’s Robert Mueller’s chart…..


One noticeable aspect – the August 21st eclipse closely conjoins Mueller’s natal Venus/ Trump’s natal Mars position (both at 26 Leo). One way of interpreting that – it could suggest action (Mars) being taken on another person’s values (Venus). How that manifests at the time of the eclipse is purely speculative. However, considering Trump’s obsessive behavior/ mind-set plus idle vacation time up until the August 21st eclipse date when he resumes work, I would not be surprised if he utilizes most of his free time in plotting Mueller’s exit.

Here’s an explanation of those Eclipse aspects from an astrological website I found online:

Eclipse Aspects to Natal Planets
What Kinds of Changes Can You Expect?

Eclipses That Aspect Venus

Venus is usually associated with confidence, love, and financial excess. A contact with Venus to eclipses can either weaken or strengthen these traits. Perhaps there will be financial issues, relationship challenges, or uncharacteristic self-esteem issues.

On the other hand, your love life could be charged up. A new romance that starts now could have a fated feel, like it came at just the right moment in time. Other big bangs can happen with money, unexpected assistance, new friendships, or a heightened sense of well-being. Also, you could have sudden inspiration to pursue your artistic and creative side.

Eclipses That Aspect Mars

If Mars is triggered by an eclipse, there can be outbursts, both constructive and destructive. The raw energy of Mars rushes out, and if there are underlying conflicts, this could be a time of getting into it. You might have to stand up for yourself if under attack, or find yourself initiating a confrontation yourself.

You could have a surge of physical vitality, with a Mars hit. It could be diverted into arguing, or an ongoing frustration reaches a breaking point. If a situation comes to a head, it could be explosive. And yet, that might be the cosmos way of provoking change that wouldn’t come otherwise. Any eruptions of raw emotion and subsequent actions could take months to sort out.


Given how potentially ruinous Mueller’s work could be for Trump, there should be a pretty strong aspect pattern between their charts, but there’s not much to talk about on a quick look.

If Trump’s natal chart is taken as the inner one (since it is supposedly accurate) and compared to Mueller’s to see which natal planets connect, there is not really anything extraordinary happening.

Mueller’s Venus is at 26Leo27, conjunct Trump’s Ascendant at 29Leo56 and his Mars at 26Leo47. Venus and Mars can generate sparks but hardly earthshaking developments and usually there is some positive attraction (they were ok earlier maybe, but the switch in roles would only show up in other charts that can’t be done).

Mueller has Dark Moon at 29Leo22, which could add a destructive or predatory character to the relationship, which fits, but that alone is insufficient for the situation.

Mueller’s Moon at 28Pisces56 is inaccurate with no birth time and so close to another sign that you can’t say if it would be Aries instead (which might fit better).

In a noon chart Mueller’s Moon is inconjunct Trump’s Mars. Undoubtedly they would not trust each other, but that aspect doesn’t take it to the level of a Grand Jury. The angles would be very important to know.

Mueller’s Saturn at 6Cancer is square Trump’s Neptune at 5Libra51Rx. Saturn is not going to ‘dissolve’ Neptune – more likely Neptune would poison the whole thing. That, too, could work.

Maybe this is one where the asteroids and midpoints have something to offer, but without an approximate (but verifiable) birth time it is sketchy. I would not rely on Mueller’s chart to predict anything.


One consideration that could be added into equation….

The August 7th lunar eclipse (15 Aquarius) opposes Robert Mueller’s Sun (15 Leo). Tr. Mars will conjunct that 15 Leo degree on the 13th. Will there be new surprises and/or disclosures in the Russian investigation on the 13th that will irritate Trump to no end? Stay tuned.

PS The Aug. 13th Mercury retrograde station (11 ’38 Virgo) conjoins Mueller’s natal Mercury (12 Virgo) in square to Mueller’s natal Uranus (12 Gemini). That seems to support the possibility of new and sudden disclosures on the 13th.

Another thing about the investigation (and it does seem multi-pronged and can it morph into something else [?] since we have Trump’s obstruction of justice, his and his family & other Republicans’ seeming money laundering, etc., in addition to the collusion investigation) – – is that Mueller has shored it up with many, many able attorneys and I think we would also have to look at the charts of some of those major players, as well as the chart for Mueller’s appointment, impaneling of the grand jury, etc., wouldn’t we?

New post up: