6th Jun, 2017

Remember the Vision

The path of humanity is a razor’s edge path between self-sacrifice and selfishness, between service to the greater good and advantage to self.  This inner struggle is always there, and we are sometimes more pulled in one direction, and sometimes more pulled in the other. All of the great religions focus on the importance of this inner effort and inspire us toward kindness and generosity and a remembrance that we are all children of God, as well as away from the dangers of a dangerously consuming self-absorption.  For example, the Seven Deadly Sins – greed, lust, envy, gluttony, pride, sloth, and wrath – mostly point to the soul-defiling seduction of compulsive, self-obsessed grasping.

Ideally, once the basic needs of food, shelter, and safety are satisfied, we are more readily able to give to others less fortunate or in crisis. But sometimes, people become lost in the inner gesture of taking, and it becomes an overwhelming, never satisfied hunger.

One of the great paradoxes of life is that the more you give and the more you care for others, the happier you are, while the more you are focused on yourself and your bottomless pit of unmet needs, the more miserable you become. If we translate this into the arena of national policy, we can understand that the America that the world loves and respects is the one that gives generously to nations less fortunate or in crisis, welcomes strangers in need of a new home, and supports multilateral efforts to create a healthier, more prosperous, and more peaceful world. The America that is disliked and disrespected, on the other hand, resembles the proverbial Ugly American: loud, brash, arrogant, self-absorbed, and trampling whoever gets in its way.

Although the selfish, ugly American attitude has always been with us, it has never so thoroughly permeated the policy and pronouncements of the Chief Executive and his party as it does today. It is as if a deep and virulent soul sickness is spreading throughout the country, a sickness that is most fully manifest in the Oval Office itself.

In their previous attempts to damage President Obama , as well as their continued support for the current administration, Republicans in Congress have repeatedly put party over Country, no matter the harm these efforts might cause. Manufactured rationalizations are simply fitted to conform to whatever agenda works best for political expedience or the interests of wealthy donors, with little concern about the actual facts on the ground.  Examples of this can be found in Republicans’ distorted health policy, tax policy, and climate policy, to name the most obvious. Moreover, there has been, in Republican circles, a tendency not only to blame the victim, as for example, inferring that poverty is the fault of the lazy, overly dependent poor, but to suggest that the taxpayers are the real victims, somehow exploited by the poor who receive benefits such as food stamps or Medicaid.

Ultimately, the emergence of Donald Trump can be seen as the culmination of this devolution of consciousness and loss of integrity and morality that has been unfolding for years in the modern Republican Party.  There is no longer any compassion or empathy for the poor, the sick, or the hungry, either domestically or globally, in stated American policy.  There is no longer any interest in reining in corporate malfeasance, either financial or environmental. There is no longer any desire to coordinate with allies with an uplifting global agenda. Instead, it seems we are obsessed with how those with needs or who desire cooperation are exploiting us and how we should step away from deeds of concern and kindness and into a defensive, angry, and self-protective crouch.  In short, the inner gesture of the American government and its supporters has become one of selfish grasping, distrust, and spite, and the soul sickness of Donald Trump is rapidly becoming the soul sickness of the nation.

At this juncture in our history and to thwart this deep dysfunction, it is imperative to remember who we are and who we strive to be. Both Republicans and Democrats need to recall and reaffirm the elements of our fundamental and unifying identity. America is a nation of immigrants, a multi-hued thread made stronger by its diversity and ever-reinvigorated roots. It is a wealthy and powerful nation, made great by its generosity and vision, its push toward research, invention, and increasing potential. Moreover, America is a nation that believes in the synergy of alliances, of nations coming together to work towards freedom, democracy, greater decency, and a better future. We need to forcefully hold to this understanding, now more than ever, when there are those who would tarnish or destroy it for their own dark purpose. And we need to elect leaders who can unrelentingly share this vision and fiercely fan its inner fire.



In America’s birth chart, we find the US Sun (13Cancer19) widely conjunct Venus (3Cancer06) and Jupiter (5Cancer56), which suggests a generous, wealthy and successful nation, although the Cancer influence also points to a strong need to pull inward when feeling threatened. The potent Jupiter can additionally bring, at times, a streak of arrogance and self-righteousness..   On the whole, however, this Venus, Sun, Jupiter combination describes wealth, favorability, and optimism.

The Cancer Sun is in a 135 degree aspect with the Aquarian Moon (27Aquarius12) which creates some tension between the self-protective Cancer attitude and the global citizen attitude of the Aquarian Moon. It is the latter that most accurately describes the nation-of-immigrants meme in the American identity. Aquarius is always about working together for the greater good and the “out of many, one” theme immortalized by our founders.

Of great significance at present is that we are moving relentlessly toward the US Pluto return (27Capricorn33), with transiting Pluto moving to conjunct the US natal second house Pluto, culminating in 2022. In my mind, it is this natal second house positon that describes the overwhelming compulsivity of material acquisition that is also a part of the American identity, as well as the immense power of the “plutocrats”, those who are hugely wealthy and never tire of gathering yet more wealth into their personal coffers. The US Pluto return that is building in strength at present points to the growing ascendance of this billionaire class and their increasing dominance of all policy in the near future. It should also be pointed out that Pluto transits tend to bring things to such an extreme that they eventually implode and cause a transformation, so we may find that the Pluto return will herald a shift in this unbalanced power structure that now exists and seems to be intensifying. Pluto transits also cause a profound power struggle to build, and thus we may also see a growing opposition to the global, corporate power wielders over the next few years.

As for Donald Trump, one could say he embodies the rising strength of the US second house Pluto: dominating, relentless, greedy, and grasping. Moreover, there is no doubt that his anti-regulatory and tax policies benefit the super-rich to the exclusion of all else.  In addition, his unhinged behavior, obsessive ruminations, vengefulness, and paranoid thinking are reminiscent of the worst traits associated with Pluto.

The period of growing stress in Trump’s chart and the Inaugural chart has already begun and will continue to intensify throughout the summer and fall, until November 12. Transiting Saturn moves to quincunx his natal Saturn/Venus conjunction during May and June and again in October and early November. It will oppose his Sun and conjunct his Moon from late June to mid-October. Taken together, these suggest loss, dwindling poll numbers, great criticism, frustration, and extreme difficulty.

In addition, most of July through August 8 will bring some expansionistic and potentially reckless actions (transiting Pluto square natal Jupiter), especially from July 28 to August 4 during the final crossing of his Jupiter return. Given the continued Saturn station on his Moon through August, it is very likely his expansive and aggressive actions in late July and early August will not turn out well at all.

As of July 1, the US chart comes under increasing pressure. Some kind of significant crisis for the country seems very likely from July through early October, due to transiting Saturn square to natal Neptune and opposite natal Mars, as well as the progressed Moon semisquare progressed Saturn (mid-July to mid-August). In other words, we will move from the ongoing humiliation of Trump’s self-sabotaging, incompetent, and dysfunctional behavior to an actual crisis with him at the helm. The Saturn station opposite US Mars that coincides with the progressed US Moon/progressed Saturn aspect suggests a situation that causes suffering and loss (Moon/Saturn) combined with an inability to act effectively and decisively (Saturn/Mars) to swiftly remedy circumstances. As I have said previously, the difficulties of the summer and early fall offer the possibility that Trump may be forced to resign. If this doesn’t happen by late October, he may ride out the storm, and we may be stuck with him for quite a while.


Excellent read.

Terrific article. I am now using the adjective “depraved” to describe Trump. As you say he does not represent the America we all know.

Your last paragraph is very powerful and the way forward from the current disaster – a disaster that is the outcome of hatred, racism, sexism, and lies.

One of your most beautifully written posts, Starlight. The conservative reactionaries are loud and strong at this time but underneath they must realize that their self-serving ideology is already dead. The young now are ready to take up the fight that we of the sixties started and see that the new world order based on sharing, brotherhood, and love comes to fruition. I feel confident that while they are more entrenched and noisy that we have the power of All-That-Is on our side. We are ONE! Thank you, Starlight!

Thank you, Nancy, for clearly elucidating what we have to look forward to. Tomorrow and Thursday should bring interesting drama with Rogers testifying tomorrow, and on Thursday, Comey.

For the life of me, no matter how we frame it or rationalize it, I cannot understand the psyches of Trump supporters who seem to be completely in denial and wearing blinders. Many of them are people who are in good financial positions and don’t really know what it’s like to be poor or suffer. Overall, there seems to be a common thread of hatred, distrust, fear, paranoia against “the other” — who appears to be anyone who isn’t a WASP (there’s an old-fashioned term for you). White bread people will not continue to be the marjority. I guess that must feel a little funny to them but giving meaning to skin color is just a social construct. It’s just the old “neanderthal”, xenophobic, “us and them” attitude. Will these people never evolve?

Kudos, Starlight. Very well put.

Thanks Nancy. Beautifully written. Greatly appreciated.

What a magnificent essay Nancy, and I am grateful you wrote it at this time. The Saturn transit and station you speak of that opposes the U.S. Mars also engages the U.S. Neptune in Virgo, a charity/service-for-the-needy kind of symbolism. I’ve come to see the U.S. Neptune as projecting (as in a film) these charitable characteristics upon a screen.

That screen must contrast with the picture in order to see the picture and what better screen than the Donald who’s darkness so contrasts the Light. This man’s Sun square U.S. Neptune (as well as his Moon (opposite his Sun) conjunct U.S. Mars) is the perfect foil for bringing to the surface (consciousness) the negative human traits that need to be weeded out. Those traits are seen most clearly in the choices made for government representation, however they come about (by the People or by other governments).

Brilliant Nancy! Thank You!
As I previously suggested, I hope you will have your words made into book/internet form for future Astrologers to follow the stress/tumult and sadness this President and current Astrological Placements have brought us during this tremendously stressful period of our American History.

Thanks, Everyone! I appreciate the comments.

Many Thanks Nancy.
You write beautifully. Your thoughts are always very much appreciated as is this forum you provide for our sanity.

I have a feeling the period between our two Pluto returns (Declaration of Independence and Implementation of the Constitution) will be the most progressive in our history so far.

D – Day was 73 years ago today. Let us not forget.

Brilliant Nancy! I hope you will submit the non-astro first part to other entities for wide mainstream publication.
Thanks again, you are such a treasure.


Here are More than 400 Officials Trump has Quietly Deployed Across the Government

I’m also feeling echoes of Pluto and Saturn placement from Black Tuesday, October 29 1929.




Trump just took health insurance away from about 13,000 Ohioans

By Joan McCarter
Tuesday Jun 06, 2017 · 11:13 AM PDT


Alabama counties cut 85% of their food stamp participants with no work in sight

By Walter Einenkel
Tuesday Jun 06, 2017 · 11:45 AM PDT

Thank you, Nancy – well said! I hope that as a nation we can ride out T’s ill-conceived actions.

On D-Day, my uncle (my father’s brother) landed on Omaha Beach and was not injured until he fought in the battle of the Bulge. He made up a little diary documenting his company’s movements from the time of D-Day to the liberation of Paris and thereafter. He was part of what Tom Brokaw called the Greatest Generation!

Here is an interesting little article by Stephanie Weiss, who sometimes posts here. She took a look at the charts of everyone surrounding Trump and predicted what their fate might be vis a vi the Great Eclipse this summer (preceded a few weeks before by a lunar eclipse). At that time, Saturn will move out of retrograde into a stationing position, and will also have an influence. Basically she feels Trump, Bannon and Miller are going down hard and Comey will be a major part of that. Pence will be dealing with a lot of changes but she doesn’t know if he will be part of the fall, or if he is assuming the presidency.


And she also sees Sessions in trouble, with some implication that Kushner will experience losses.


Not only are you a gifted astrologer, you are also a gifted writer… absolutely beautiful, brilliant work. Thank you.

Thank you, Starlight. God help us. I hope you-know-who goes before too much more damage is done. What replaces him will only be marginally better; i.e., not a lying lunatic but someone still determined to give tax breaks to the rich and a shit sandwich to everyone else.

For patty regarding HRC.


The geographic center of the United States is a point approximately 20 mi (32 km) north of Belle Fourche, South Dakota (Lat. 44 58 02.07622(N) Long. 103 46 17.60283(W)).

A look at HRC’s chart located to the geographic center of the 50 states may explain how many see her or why it has been easy for the opposition to have their portrayal of her accepted. I have used this technique many times but usually need to use the midpoint of the 48 states for events before 1959.


Upcoming transits concerning Reality Winner.

I am concerned for her well being as Mars will transit opposite her Sun, Uranus, and Neptune shortly while Saturn will be conjunct some nasty midpoints in her chart.

Overzealous law enforcement?

Beautifully written, Starlight! You really should submit the first part of these essays to other forums, media… you write too well to keep it hidden in this one spot on the Web!

I know we’ve been worrying the “expansionistic” expression might be in the form of war – new or old “surge.” But my thoughts are heading in another direction, given the time frame.

Trump… like all the little Repugs and Conservs… wants to contract the Fed gov’t to nothingness; letting “business” pick up the pieces they want to administer, and throwing away the rest. With the (once again) talk of privitizing Air Control, etc., in the news front and center, also comes word that Trump has NOT put anyone in charge of FEMA or NOAA. Yet we’ve already kicked off the hurricane season with a possible tropical storm heading towards the Gulf.

Katrina killed W’s numbers; he never rebounded from that. People died; people were shipped out of LA w/hope of them not returning and the R’s “dream” of gentryfing the 9th Ward held high sway.

A major hurricane hitting the Gulf could be T’s downfall, too. And with no one in charge of FEMA, people are going to be marching to DC if they’re ignored (like so many who suffered H. Sandy). And if the storm is as deadly and as costly as any of these coming ashore globally these last couple of years, well… all it will take for those suffering afterwards is to see Trump turn down foreign aid and assistance — or, worse, see how he underhandedly directs THAT money into his “businesses” … as he does with other charities… and there will be hell to pay.

Between the above possibility, and the Trumpistas calling on alt-right biker gangs for “security” at “protests”… it’s gonna be a powderkeg of a summer. I fear Watts will be remembered as small potatoes if this comes to pass.

okay guys… this is way off the Astrology topic, but I had to share it with you. I’m so hoping there are those among you in the same boat I now find myself in!

Last week I took myself and my elderly mother to the doctor. We now live close to Mom, but an hour away from our doctor (she relocated to KC, dang it!)

Anyway, I ended up sleeping later than I wanted and grabbed a 5-hour energy to deal with the drive and everything. I should have known what that stuff does to my BP, but was more concerned about being alert on the road.

The appt’s went well, but the doc was very concerned about my BP. I’ve never had high BP, but since the first of the year it was trending high. That day, I’m surprised she didn’t put me in the ER! She was attempting to do a second BP reading on me, as I whispered I’d just done an hour drive w/Mom… and I’d downed a 5-hour energy before coming. Who -wouldn’t- have higher BP!

And just then Mom blurts out (as only mothers can!!) “You ought ask her about what she thinks of Trump! You can SEE her BP rise with the mere mention of him!

And sure enough, doc just gave up trying to get any kind of BP reading. She just put the cuff away and told me she was putting me on BP meds until Trump is out of office.

There’s no denying it, AFAIC. Just as Trump is trying to take health care away from everybody, the docs are now telling us HOW ill we’re all becoming just by his being in office!!!

Heaven help me if my daughter’s married a Repub. They’re coming for a visit next week, and I’ve never met him. Guess I ought to ask… forewarned is forearmed, right?! (LOL)

Good story, kc. You do have a way with words. I hope that if he’s a Republican, he’s at least a respectful, intelligent, moderate one….and, I do think caffeine elevates BP. Mine was trending high a few years ago, so I tried cutting down and it did the trick.

God forbid we get a hurricane in the Gulf (or anywhere else; but I live in NOLA), but if any big ones are going to come, late August is the time. I went through Andrew in Miami in ’92 and Katrina in 2005 and both were in late August. Apparently in NOLA, the big one hits about every 20 yrs and it’s only been 12 now since Katrina.

Re: Thursdays Comey hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee

There may be a rather strange astrological similarity to that of the Nixon “Watergate” scandal some 43 years ago…….

Reviewing the ephemeris and the Watergate timeline outlined in Wikipedia, a critical key political development occurred on March 1st, 1974 just as stationary Saturn (27 ’46 Gemini) trine-sextiled tr. Uranus (27 ’27 Libra) and tr. Uranus in turn squared the US natal Pluto (27 ’33 Capricorn)……….

Legal action against Nixon Administration members

On March 1, 1974, a grand jury in Washington, D.C., indicted several former aides of President Nixon, who became known as the “Watergate Seven”—Haldeman, Ehrlichman, Mitchell, Charles Colson, Gordon C. Strachan, Robert Mardian, and Kenneth Parkinson—for conspiring to hinder the Watergate investigation. The grand jury secretly named President Nixon as an unindicted co-conspirator.


Fast-forward to June 13, 2017

Tr. Mercury conjunct the US Sibly chart’s descendant (12 ’30 Gemini) will form a semi-square to tr. Uranus (27 ’30 Aries) in square to the US Pluto (27 ’33 Capricorn). This essentially is Uranus’s opposition to the Watergate scandal in square to the US Pluto.

Should we expect a formal criminal investigation and/or indictments beginning Monday June 13th? Any comments or observations would be most welcomed.

Campaign strategist, Steve Schmidt uttered an interesting comment re: the psychology of DJT. He said that DJT requires one sacrifice his/her integrity in order to prove their loyalty to him. Interesting characteristic.

BP has suddenly become a problem for me as well. DJT has raised the BP for many. You are not alone.

I just listened to an interview with epa’s Pruitt – talk about side step the question at hand! He diverts the topic, deflects and control the conversation – unbelievable! How can one even begin to fathom how to engage in meaningful conversations with these people!!

Stunning, Starlight. Thank you!

Speaking of which, Jerry, anyone see this GREAT photo where a woman named Rosemary returned with a placard to the same spot in front of the federal building where she stood with a similar placard in 1975 – https://twitter.com/brasilmagic/status/839336953560645633?lang=en

Tomorrow at 10 ET starts the testimony to the Senate Intel Comm by Mike Rodgers, Daniel Coats, Rod Rosenstein and more. It should be more than just a warm-up for Thursday.

— and Andrew McCabe

Muller just hired former mob prosecutor – follow the money …….

Dear Nancy, I Love Your Title: Remember the Vision!
It’s what we should be reminding America.

“Reality Winner: NSA contractor and environmentalist repulsed by Trump”

Thank you, Nancy, and all the posters who share the same disbelief, horror and ill-effects of abject cruelty. Despite the mounting evidence that the social and political constructs of the past were disintegrating, I had faith that we as a nation would chose a more humanistic approach to the world on which we depend. Now I wonder whether or not my faith was blind. I continue to struggle with this while, at the same time, being kind, offering a listening ear, nurturing family and friends.

What shocks me, in addition to the “dear leader” who sucks up attention when his thumb isn’t in his mouth, is the growing chasm of indifference, intolerance, and ignorance. Pointing fingers, laying blame on others, is now broadcast as acceptable behavior. The prime example, of course, is Trump, and all those who are recycling and perpetuating bad behaviors in the name of “freedom.”

I need to add that the theme of blaming “the poor” for being takers (primarily of your tax dollars) is an outright lie gleefully perpetrated by egocentric acts of wealth, especially so those corporate entities who are the true beneficiaries of your tax dollars. Any service, and most all goods, require payment. Accessing airwaves, for example requires payment. There are many examples, all of them onerous especially to those who find themselves squeezed into ever-tightening corners.

thanks for the great insight

I did not mention it in the article for this thread, but I have mentioned it before. We are now in the period of transiting Saturn coming back for the second time square to the Inaugural Mars, completing the very tight square in the Inaugural chart. This covers the first half of June , while the Saturn return covers the second half. This is triggering the most difficult and critical aspect in the Inaugural, the Mars/Saturn square with both in minor hard aspect to the Moon. Tr Saturn is also currently semisquare the Inaugural Moon.

What this means is that any attempt at aggression (Mars), including tweets, gets slapped back (Saturn). Frustration, anger, dysfunction are rampant and upsetting (Saturn/Moon). It is good news that the Comey testimony comes in the midst of this transit. By the following evening, (Friday), there is a Moon/Saturn aspect suggesting the bad news for Trump ramps up through Friday, with perhaps another negative news story or some problematic result from the Comey testimony breaking in the afternoon.

Thank you, Nancy. The essay is brilliant and I agree with others that it needs broader coverage..


I was wondering if you ever got a chance to watch that video about Neoliberalism?

No, I haven’t. Would you please repost the website. I’d very much appreciate it. Thanks.

Thanks Nancy for reminding us of that Inauguration Day square between Mars in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius and what it can mean.

That square on Inauguration Day was/is, dare I say, complimentary to the U.S. square between U.S. Mars in Gemini and U.S. Neptune in Virgo which creates a grand cross in mutable signs. No doubt this has been noted by others but I’m just now remembering it.

The addition of transiting Chiron at Inauguration time at 21+ Pisces exactly square U.S. Mars in Gemini is key, key, key. If we can only remember that this is, among other things, a healing process for the U.S., and if we can remain optimistic through Nancy’s words of insight and foresight, we will be way ahead of the rest of the world.

This is an incredibly fortunate time for astrology students to study the effects of Chiron; its healing, wounding, teaching and ability to bridge chasms will be expressed through the media (TV, Internet and other reporting in papers and magazines).

Recall that whatever planet aspects trans. Chiron in Pisces will also aspect transiting Uranus in Aries. They are a transiting twofer. A trine to Chiron from Sun and Mars in Cancer in July will also square Uranus for example.

Be especially observant in September – you students of the art – as the New Moon in Virgo will oppose Chiron in Pisces while Uranus in Aries will sextile the U.S. Moon in Aquarius forming a Yod to the New Moon in Virgo.

Yes, the Virgo New Moon must significantly alter its “position” in some way (that’s the way the Yod apex is affected) but because that New Moon opposes Chiron in Pisces it means Chiron completes a Boomerang pattern (for the U.S.).

One way this could work: Chiron as Boomerang point gets all the energy that the Yod (which was composed of U.S. Moon, transiting Uranus, New Moon in Virgo) contains. So, ironically transiting Chiron in Pisces will himself be sextile the U.S. Pluto in Capricorn and that my friends will complete a Yod with Trump’s ascendant/Mars in Leo. That Yod apex (thumb-sucking Trump, thanks Karen!) will be forced to “adjust”.

While that’s going on (Trump adjusting) U.S. Pluto in Capricorn trines the New Moon in Virgo and they both trine transiting Sedna in Taurus completing a grand Earth trine.

Interestingly enough, transiting Ceres (Mother Earth) in Cancer will oppose U.S. Pluto in Capricorn at the time of the Virgo NM to form what’s called a Kite pattern, putting the onus on U.S. Pluto to do his thing.

Pluto wrecks havoc, which allows transformation to occur. (Thoughts of Paris Accord come to my mind.). With U.S. Pluto trine September’s transiting New Moon and transiting Sedna all in Earth signs, that should work out quite well – in the end – for our planet.

I will be watching for any and all transits to Chiron in the next days and weeks to see just how he expresses through the people and events he connects with.

WASHINGTON ? Former FBI Directer James Comey will testify Thursday that President Donald Trump demanded loyalty and tried to get him to close an investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Full statement:

Here you go Eliseo..


I look forward to your thoughts on it 🙂

Rep Adam Schiff’s tweeted response to the refusal of intelligence heads to comment on Trump this morning:


slightkc I love and needed your story. LOL

Thank you Nancy.

Thank you Starlight for always giving some kind of hope to grab onto. It seems Trump is like Teflon – nothing will get to him. He goes along lying and deceiving and tweeting….

Today’s Intel Senate hearing was so disappointing. They looked like the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse…riding in with lies and dark tales, covering up for the devil himself.
When Senator King asked in frustration “Why don’t you answer our questions?” I could feel his anger.

I truly hope Comey steps up. I know he’s a true blue patriot/boy scout but he needs to do the right thing and bring truth to the light.

Cant lose hope just got to continue to Resist and pray the downfall of tyranny comes soon…..thanks again for your posting.

Go get ’em, Senators Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren!


Mars/Saturn square is like driving with one foot on the gas and one on the brake. Lots of stops and starts, and fits and farts, as it were. Going nowhere fast.


When I first saw the path of the August eclipse last fall, I gasped. It just seemed so clearly like a chasm cut across the US.

(I happen to live in the prime viewing zone in South Carolina.)

The eclipse path is basically across the red states, I believe (excluding OR, where it first crosses the U.S., but OR is sort of purplish, I think)

omg, from what was presented in the msm news today I would say the tension is so thick it is going to blow up the Senate Intelligence Committee room tomorrow. Based on what was read (that I heard) from Comey’s notes, Trump will get fried; he’s toast.

If the film (that will be made at least once) of this historical period were to be presented as fiction and we hadn’t experienced what we have and will have more of, it would seem corny in its exaggeration. I am aghast.

The transiting Moon was in Scorpio, T-square the transiting nodes in Leo and Aquarius, square the U.S. Aquarian Moon, sextile the U.S. Pluto in Capricorn and trine transiting Chiron in Pisces. My sense of the coming weeks/months . . . it will be as shocking as the Kennedy assignation and September 11, 2001.

Barbk, Hope you were correct. I’m hearing just the opposite. Absolutely Nothing will happen to Trump!

Hope this is a growing trend…
Something is destroying the Alt/Right:
“Breitbart News seems to be cleaning house after readers and advertisers drift away”


“Trump Can Commit All the High Crimes He Wants. Republicans Aren’t Going to Impeach Him


Initial Comments on James Comey’s Written Testimony

By Benjamin Wittes
June 7, 2017

James Comey’s seven-page written statement, released by the Senate Intelligence Committee this afternoon in connection with Comey’s impending testimony tomorrow, draws no conclusions, makes no allegations, and indeed, expresses no opinions. It recounts, in spare and simple prose, a set of facts to which Comey is prepared to testify under oath tomorrow. Despite this sparseness, or maybe I should say because of it, it is the most shocking single document compiled about the official conduct of the public duties of any President since the release of the Watergate tapes.



I fear that Comey’s testimony will not hurt Trump that much because what Trump did was, as they say, pretty inappropriate and, probably, unethical, but not illegal. They need more than that to dump him. I would LOVE for them to find out that voter tallies were tampered with in the states where Trump was not expected to win but did by 20,000 or less. I guess we’ll just have to bide our time. This is but a small piece of the mosaic and see what summer (which starts in 2 wks) brings….we know it is definitely not going to be a comfortable time for Trump.

Sharon, I fear that too – he’s a slippery character who has learned the fine art of innuendo which is difficult to prove any one meaning conclusively – he always leaves himself an out.
I fear from a legalistic standpoint, with Chris Christie’s expert help, he will turn out to be another ‘Teflon Don’ – although I do want to add that the original (Gotti) was eventally taken down with the help of the man who Mueller just hired.

Looks like the Republicans are hellbent to pass repeal of Obamacare, and are doing so without hearing and in secret. As if they know they’re running out of time with current White House and attempting to do as much damage while they still can, for their oligarch overlords.

Sharon K, interesting observation (The eclipse path is basically across the red states).

Oregon Democratic primaries went solidly for Sanders with 56% of the vote. In fact, Clinton won just one county in Oregon. In the presidential election, Clinton won 50.07% of the vote. Trump – 39.09%. I would have to surmise that a lot of Sanders voters went for 3rd party candidates. I would have to say Oregon is the least red of the states on the eclipse path.

Interesting that our latest domestic terrorism incident happened in Oregon, a state I never thought I would hear in the news for such an act. Although after reading about the man charged with the crime, he sounds more mentally ill than influenced by terrorists.

Anyway, thanks for the thought. Will be interesting to see what happens.

Tillerson gets a not so great reception in NZ
New York Times correspondent Gardiner Harris said: “I’ve been in motorcades for a couple of years now … I’ve never seen so many people flip the bird at an American motorcade as I saw today”

If anyone is interested.. Charlie Rose interviews the authors of “The Gardens of Democracy” -A new American Story of Citizenship, the economy and the Role of Government.

They discuss the idea that the economy is not a machine rather it is an ecosystem.

Do we want it to be a jungle or a garden?

This strikes me as a change in consciousness that makes me very hopeful that the tide is turning toward a more inclusive and collective ideology in American culture.

“Trump now has his Progressed Moon moving into his 12th for two years and a confidant described him as a lost man: “He now lives within himself, which is a dangerous place for Donald Trump to be”

Patty, I can’t help but feel that Obama’s influence is going to be present tomorrow, but the energy behind this event (Comey’s testimony) goes back further than that. I’m saying that Trump’s role-playing is the result of energies that have been around for several decades. He has brought to the surface of human consciousness, things that have been passing under the radar.

Forgive me for noting a cycle that has been going on since 1993, the Uranus-Neptune conjunction at 18+ Capricorn – where transiting Pluto is now – which started this cycle, and these two planets were sextile Mars at 19+ Scorpio at the time. The day after Comey testifies there will be a Full Moon, a half-way point in a Sun-Moon cycle that began on May 25th.

Friday’s Full Moon is at 18+ Sagittarius and will be opposite the transiting Sun at 18+ Gemini.

If you were to draw a circle and put a dot along the outside rim of the circle where the 1993 Uranus-Neptune conjunction (and the now transiting Pluto) would be on a natural zodiac (18 Capricorn), then put another dot where the 1993 Uranus-Pluto chart’s Mars was (19 Scorpio) and draw two lines from those points on the outer rim of the circle to the center of the circle you would produce a V shaped pie wedge.

Now add to that circle’s outer edge a 3rd dot where the June 9th Full Moon will be, halfway between the 1993 Uranus-Neptune conjunction dot and the 1993 Mars dot, to symbolize the Sagittarius Moon position.

Finally, put a 4th dot for the Gemini Sun along the circle’s rim opposite the dot for the Sagittarius Moon that will take place on Friday and draw a line through the center of the circle to connect these last 2 dots.

It will look kind of like a slingshot with a target and the target is the Full Moon on the day after Comey testifies.

The Friday Full Moon is one of many, many full moons that have taken place since Uranus and Neptune met in 1993, and this coming full moon in Sagittarius is part of that Uranus-Neptune cycle, like all the other full moons that have taken place. However, not all of them will relate so directly to the Mother Cycle if you know what I mean.

There are many, many cycles going on all the time but this particular cycle has direct meaning for the U.S. because the transiting Uranus in Aries right now squares the U.S. natal Pluto and sextiles the U.S. natal Moon, while the transiting Neptune n Pisces itrines the U.S. Sun and is quincunx the U.S. Saturn.

This cycle between Uranus and Neptune has its sights set on the U.S. natal chart. Transiting Pluto already fired the starting gun back in February when he first reached 18+ Capricorn, the degree where Uranus and Neptune began this cycle. Pluto won’t let go of that degree completely until next January.

Back to the drawing board with the slingshot aiming at the Friday Full Moon. The 3 planetary positions that make up the slingshot, the 1993 conjunction between Neptune and Uranus in Capricorn and it’s sextile with Mars in Scorpio and finally the Gemini Sun, a symbol of consciousness, in the Friday Full Moon chart.

That Sun will conjunct Trump’s natal Uranus and North Node and even his natal Sun. That is to say Trump is part of the Yod formation made up of the Capricorn point, the Scorpio point and the Gemini point. The Full Moon provides a target for the slingshot shaped Yod and now it is called a Boomerang pattern.

The Full Moon on Friday will conjunct Trump’s Moon and South Node, with south nodes symbolizing something that should be released because it is no longer working towards growth. A negative Sagittarius South Node might manifest as too much talk, a sense of entitlement or stretching the truth.

If we consider that this Friday’s Full Moon is the half-way point in a Sun-Moon cycle that began on May 25 (a New Moon) which, at the Full Moon will expose to the full light that which began at the dark of the Moon. One of the main highlights of that cycle was a grand trine between Uranus and Saturn and the North Node all in fire signs.

All three of those points were working excessively well together creating an almost impenetrable non-stop flow of energy. However, the New Moon’s Chiron was square the New Moon’s Saturn as well as the New Moon’s Mars that opposed that Saturn. In simple terms, Chiron in Pisces put the brakes on the unstoppable grand trine energy.

I firmly believe that these days transiting Chiron is working in partnership with transiting Uranus (and by the way there is a lovely chart for their cycle which began in 1898 which I won’t discuss now, except to say that it took place at 4+ Sagittarius, which is opposite where the May 25 New Moon took place and opposite where Friday’s New Moon Mercury will be.)

Which reminds me that Obama’s Gemini Moon is just one degree from where that May 25 New Moon took place, and one degree from where this Friday’s Full Moon Mercury will be, all of which form a kind of full moon effect to the Chiron-Uranus union in Sagittarius – which has been going on for almost 120 years now. But that’s another story.

So my sense of how Comey’s testimony affects the tides of change aren’t just a feeling (which is there and very strong) but based on astrology’s ongoing cycles, and its cycles within cycles which, in hindsight are usually quite clear. I just hope I’m interpreting this information without too much chutzpah!

I couldn’t believe the contempt shown to the Committee today. It looked as tho even Burr was embarrassed! And, to his credit, he gave them a thorough explanation afterwards of what was expected if they are called on again. Hopefully if that happens, they’ll be under subpoena; they deserve to be cited for Contempt of Congress!

I absolutely couldn’t stand that Mike Rogers. I knew too many just like him back in my Air Force days. And notice how they each made a point of answering they hadn’t talked to Trump “today”… no one called them on it, tho the “dinner” they’d been invited to was last night! I detest these stupid word games. I daresay we sic Sarah Palin on them. Would serve them right having to try to make sense of all word salad questions! 😉

And I’ll lay odds Angus King is joining us all in the realm of the recently-diagnosed-high-BP realm! I couldn’t believe how red his face got!

There was one other Senator who followed King who got nearly as red faced… and of course McCain just did it all with snark.

But hea… there IS hope! The massively Republican state legislature here killed Brownback’s veto of the KS budget! So… an entire Republican legislature voted in tax increases – and did it mostly by cancelling the Brownback’s tax giveaway to the Koch brothers and other business entities. I agree with whoever made the statement — Look now! Pigs are flying!!!


Daniel Ray Coats (born May 16, 1943) is an American politician who is currently serving as the 5th Director of National Intelligence overall and the first under the Trump Administration. As a member of the Republican Party, Coats previously served as a United States Senator from Indiana from 1989 to 1999, and again from 2011 to 2017, as the United States Ambassador to Germany from 2001 until 2005, and as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from 1981 until 1989. Coats was a member of the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence while serving in the U.S. Senate.


continued – Dan Coates

Cardinal Grand Cross (world stage)

Sedna 21 Aries
Hades 21 Aries
Varuna 22 Aries


Jupiter 21 Cancer


Neptune 29 Libra


Pholus 21 Capricorn


Excellent news, slightkc. That’s what we need, a Republican rebellion! And Sassy Grace, the observation of mostly red states being in the eclipse’s path wasn’t original; in fact, I think someone already posted that here on the last thread.

I remember Bush’s 2 horrible terms. I would grasp onto any hope that he and Cheney’s evil agenda and lies would become widely known and, instead, he seemed to have a teflon coating, too. The only thing that really did him in was the late 2007 recession. Interestingly, the country latched onto the Republicans in response to Clinton’s sexcapades and Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction. So why are they doing it again? For some of the same false moralistic reasons as well as racism. I always thought that Obama should have tackled a jobs bill in his first 2 years instead of health care but the Democrats felt it might be their only opportunity to create national health care and they did the best they could.

Raye Robertson has just posted another article:
Pluto in Leo’s “Last Hurrah” & an Intense Solar Return

“Looking back to last November’s fateful election, I have to say that I was amazed by how—after 8 years of the Pluto-in-Virgo Obama administration—the presidency reverted back in time to the earlier, Pluto-in-Leo generation”

By: Bob on June 1st, 2017 at 2:53 pm

I think trump will sweat bullets but at the end of the day, without corroborating testimony, he will be happy.

Come Monday morning, June 12, he will be sailing along, unaware of what danger lurks just around the corner.

By: Bob on June 1st, 2017 at 3:03 pm

Perhaps not unaware, just happy that he has been able to fend off the piper. That success is going to begin fading away just a few days later but he will remain in denial until near the very end.

By: Bob on May 24th, 2017 at 3:00 pm


What are the odds? James Comey’s natal Ceres (I’ve been robbed) is conjunct the U.S. Moon, 27+ Aquarius . . .

. . . and she is conjunct his natal Chiron (and it hurts) at 28+ Aquarius . . .

. . what’s more, transiting Uranus is exactly conjunct his natal Sedna (I’ll get you back for this daddy) at 27+ Aries.

Comey’s natal Vesta (honest as the day is long) is at 11+ Aquarius, the degree that Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn share in their ingress charts. In other words Comey is a gift from the Universe.

Comey’s natal Pandora (ooops!) is in the same degree as the August total solar eclipse, 28+ Leo. His hard-working Industria is conjunct the U.S. Sun at 13+ Cancer.

Battle stations everybody.

BarbK, I sure hope you are right. Thank you.

At first I thought Comey sounded a bit like a hurt kid, which would act against him, but, after listening for a good part of his testimony, I very much respect and admire his sincerity, his commitment to truth and fairness, and his openness with his feelings. His sense of patriotism and love for the U.S. is certainly inspiring and palatable. This seems to be a cathartic experience for him, and, whether or not, it directly hurts Trump, it sure makes him look like the lying manipulator that he is.

I thought Senator McCain’s questions were extremely biased, mixing up very different and separate issues. He seemed to want to imply HRC was getting a pass for some possible relationship with the Russians. Weird & dishonorable.

Yes, I agree, Eliseo. There is plenty of evidence of meetings between Trump associates and Russians but nothing has been publicized in regard to any meetings between those associated with her campaign and Russians.

You never know what to expect from McCain — he is unpredictable but he will take an unpopular stand and does not always stand with his party.

Sadly, I think the meme that McCain is honorable and able to rise “above” partisanship is a cultivated myth.


Chris Hayes hits the nail on the head. Russia scandal could get Trumpcare passed

By Egberto Willies
Thursday Jun 08, 2017 · 4:00 AM PDT


House to vote to allow the banksters to steal everything again

By Joan McCarter
Thursday Jun 08, 2017 · 7:07 AM PDT

Let’s count the people that the House Trumpcare bill, which Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is fast-tracking in the Senate with some changes, will screw.

There’s the disabled, the children, and even the people with employer-provided insurance. Oh, and the people on Medicare, too it turns out.

The Kaiser Family Foundation took a look at what repealing the Affordable Care Act and replacing it with Trumpcare would do to Medicare, since it would disproportionately hit lower-income people in the 50-64 age bracket. ~ per Joan McCarter

barbk love your insights with asteroids. The placement of Pandora and Industria in my natal chart help clarify some things for me. Thanks.
The current location of t-Uranus, according to Lynda Hill’s Sabian Oracle book, means “A Large Disappointed Audience”. With the t-Pandora opposition we are looking at some people truly “bummed out” with the results of the testimony today.
BTW. Paul Ryan gave a speech at the same time that was full of scary BS. Check it out at c-span.org

I need to ask a question. I sometimes want to share information that is expressed on this site. Is it OK for me to copy/paste directly? It somehow feels like a violation of the privacy of this group and I would never want to do that. I have shared Nancy’s blog with many people but the comment section seems a little more personal to just share without your knowing. I wanted to ask first. Would anyone object to my doing that?

Bob, I had your 2:15 am post in mind specifically.


President Donald Trump announced, through a Twitter message, his intention to nominate Wray to be Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

Wray joined King & Spalding in 2005 as a litigation partner in the firm’s Washington, D.C., and Atlanta offices. King & Spalding clients include Rosneft and Gazprom, two of Russia’s largest state-controlled oil companies; Rosneft has been named in connection with the Donald Trump–Russia dossier controversy.[11][12] Wray represented several Fortune 100 companies and chaired the King & Spalding Special Matters and Government Investigations Practice Group.[2] During his time at King & Spalding, Wray acted as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s personal attorney during the Bridgegate scandal. During the scandal, defense attorneys for a pair of Christie’s inner circle sought access to Christie’s missing cellphone. Two years later, the phone turned up in Wray’s possession.[

Trump has his silver tongued surrogates on the media trail in full force today – vocal heavy hitters Christie & Scaramucci

Elizabeth, (Everyone),

Anybody who wants to copy and paste anything I post, including links to images, can always do so without asking for permission and without referring to me.

The reason I post is that I want to share.

PS – My charts show that trump will have a grumpy morning on Saturday, June 10, that will probably not make the news but the news may reveal the reason for it.

A Tweet on John McCain –

“So @SenJohnMcCain spent his 70th birthday w/Paul Manafort on the yacht of Russian oligarch Deripaska. #ComeyHearings ”

http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/politics/2016/04/paul_manafort_isn_t_a_gop_retread_he_s_made_a_career_of_reinventing_tyrants.html … pic.twitter.com/z3maySbSZR

Thank you, Bob!

Partners of Law firms can not take conflict of interest cases, even if they did not work on the case…
“Though there is no indication that Wray personally worked on any of the Rosneft or Gazprom legal matters handled by his law firm, he might well have an ethical and legal conflict of interest that would prevent him from any involvement of the FBI’s Russian probe. When a law firm such as King & Spalding represents clients, then all of the partners in that law firm have an actual or potential conflict of interest, preventing them from undertaking any representation of any other client that has interests clearly adverse to those of these two Russian companies. These conflict rules continue to apply even after a lawyer leaves the law firm, so Wray could be ethically barred from involving himself in a federal investigation that includes within its scope a probe of Rosneft, Gazprom and affiliated companies. The public appearance of conflict of interest and impropriety might require him to recuse himself from the investigation.

If Wray was confirmed as the FBI director, he would then have to recuse himself with regard to some or all of the Russia-related aspects of the critical investigation being conducted by the FBI and special counsel Robert Mueller, the potential damage to the investigation could be significant. If Wray refused to recuse himself from the Russia-Trump investigation — or at least acknowledge the potential conflict issue, a serious cloud could be cast over the FBI’s level of commitment to the investigation.”

Seems like he would be an odd choice…or from the Trump world the perfect way to end the investigation.


“Olbermann: Comey might as well have said Mueller is investigating Trump on obstruction of justice”


Tweet from Republican Bill Kristol —

“I happen to have seen various GOP Senators this afternoon. Trust me: Basically, they’re not just concerned. They’re pretty terrified.”

Having missed the entire ‘Comey Interview’.
Does anyone know if/when there might be a replay?
My husband required Scheduled Eye Surgery today and I drove him waited, missing the whole Interview.
I would be so very appreciative, if anyone learns of a total replay of today’s Historic Interview. Thanks!

Patty – I’ll bet it’s on Youtube.com. Hope everything turned out well for your husband’s eyes. Wishing him a full & speedy recovery.

Here you go Patty..



While Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has yet to present the actual bill, he’s started the legislative process and is ready to bring it to the floor by the end of June—without hearings, without public scrutiny, and without any input whatsoever from Democrats.

He probably won’t even let the Democrats see it before it comes up. That means one of two things—he was honest when he said he’d bring it whether he had the votes or not, or he has the votes.

Knowing that Mitch McConnell is rarely honest, the only conclusion can be is that he thinks he’s got the votes.

That’s reinforced by the news that Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV)—the most vulnerable Senate Republican up in 2018—has signed off on a Medicaid proposal.

“I support seven, I support seven,” Heller told reporters on his way into a healthcare working group meeting in the Capitol. “So do a number of us, including [Sen. Rob] Portman [R-Ohio] and others who have been working on this.”

Heller’s comments indicate that he is willing to end the extra federal funding for Medicaid expansion, as long as it is on a slow enough timetable. His comments, and those of other more centrist GOP senators, could indicate that Republicans can find some compromise on the Medicaid issue, one of their biggest obstacles to passing an ObamaCare repeal bill.
With the moderates there—and they have signed on to the idea, that’s all McConnell really needs.

But that doesn’t mean those so-called moderates aren’t still persuadable—more than 275,000 people gained Medicaid coverage in Nevada alone through the Affordable Care Act. Heller is talking about kicking them out of their insurance, and it isn’t going to make much of a difference to them if it happens in three years or seven. He’s still taking it away.

McConnell might be promising him a lot of things to get his vote on this, things ostensibly for his state. But nothing McConnell can offer can compare to the health and the lives of three-quarters of a million people. ~ per Joan McCarter

SO, THIS IS HOW THE CON’s: Plan to Con the Country:
“Trump didn’t know . Whatever he did was not because of viciousness in his heart”.
Conservatives bet they can get away with horrible things now…Because Trump didn’t/doesn’t know what he’s actually doing or done.
Here’s Comey explaining it:


BLAME: MENS REA….It’s Those Bully Men Again! http://www.inquisitr.com/3277036/dont-blame-comey-blame-mens-rea-the-real-reason-hillary-clinton-wont-be-charged-in-email-probe-but-likely-should/

Here is Marjorie Orr on Christopher Wray:


The House on Thursday voted to free Wall Street from many of the strict constraints put in place after the 2008 financial crisis, the opening salvo in what is likely to be a protracted battle over deregulation of the powerful banking industry.

Big banks, from Goldman Sachs to Bank of America, would face less scrutiny and other large financial institutions, such as insurance giant MetLife, could escape tougher rules all together under the legislation approved along party lines.


Paul Ryan called it the “crown jewel” of the G.O.P.’s effort to undo financial regulation.


233 House Republicans Just Set Course for Next Financial Collapse

“It’s hard to imagine a bill that could do more broad-based damage to the future economic security of America’s working families.”


Wray + Trump

2017 Solar Arc Sun 26 Capricorn – Wray


Natal Venus 25 Cancer – Trump

One has to wonder, do the white collar criminals totally own politicians around the globe?
That’s why they see nothing wrong with the Russian thing – it’s now a global criminal enterprise, with political mouthpieces and gullible masses, merely tools in their quest for ever more personal money and power.

Here’s some some background on the Trump-Russian dossier that Trump was so concerned about (mentioned numerous times during the course of the Comey hearing)……

How Ex-Spy Christopher Steele Compiled His Explosive Trump-Russia Dossier

The man behind the infamous dossier that raises the possibility that Donald Trump may be vulnerable to Kremlin blackmail is Russia expert Christopher Steele, formerly of M.I.6. Here’s the story of his investigation.

Vanity Fair
March 30, 2017


“Meddlesome Priest:” Why James Comey Dropped This Medieval Reference in His Hearing

And the movie that will explain it for you.

Vanity Fair
June 8, 2017

The James Comey hearing has officially gone medieval. A little less than two hours into the former F.B.I. director’s highly watched testimony, Comey dropped a reference to Thomas Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury who was killed at the casual request of King Henry II in the year 1170. The reference popped up when Senator Angus King was questioning Comey, asking him about Donald Trump’s seemingly casual but firm request to have Comey drop the F.B.I.’s Michael Flynn investigation. Though Trump did not demand outright that Comey drop the investigation, even his slightest requests come with an air of seriousness, King suggested.

“Do you take that as a directive?” King asked Comey of Trump’s question.

“Yes, yes,” Comey replied. “It rings in my ears as kind of ‘Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?’ ”

“I was just going to quote that,” King replied.

The line is a reference to King Henry II, who was often at odds with Becket and angrily floated the idea that someone should do away with the “meddlesome priest,” a line that basically operated as a death sentence and inspired his followers to kill Becket.

Most people today likely remember the line from the 1964 drama Becket, starring Richard Burton as the ill-fated religious figure, and Peter O’Toole as the belligerent monarch. The movie earned 12 Oscar nominations, and earned writer Edward Anhalt a statuette for best screenplay. For Comey, the reference earned a handful of laughs from anxious politicians—and a new wave of Google searches for “meddlesome priests.”



Thank you, Elizabeth, for the link to the hearings. I had a dental appt and between numbing, drilling, and impressions I was busy scrolling live blogs and twitter.

Will be watching this tomorrow.

As a Canadian observing the deterioration of the USA, it is shocking that the American people ever let D.T. get anywhere near the presidency.

In Canada, the behaviour of someone like D.T. would never have been tolerated as a potential candidate for office, let alone be elected. Are our standards more rigorous? Yes, but more than that, we do not play the “zero sum game”. In other words, we are not so completely committed to our political ideology that we will permit a degenerate to run for government just to make sure the other side does not win.

D.T. is not responsible for what is happening now. It is the people who either voted for him, or failed to combat him that are to blame.

And now, there is still an apparent lack of interest in pointing out that D.T. has said and done things that are horribly despicable as a human being, let alone as a president. Why do you need to prove obstruction of justice? D.T.’s behaviour in innumerable ways, is wholly inappropriate if he were in charge of a non-public enterprise, let alone responsible for an entire country. Has America lost all perspective? Have the standards of decency dropped so low that it takes a criminal act to decide that this man needs to be removed from office? Where are the protests? Where are those with enough power and righteous indignation to use the media to stop this lunatic? The passivity is defining!

Please…..no more talk. Please……take action before it too late. Your Canadian friends are with you.


This was a very beautiful post. I’ve even posted it in my Facebook group for my other astrologer friends to read.

I was wondering, what are your insights and predictions regarding the future of Obamacare and Medicaid.

The moderates Republicans in the Senate are now caving into the demands of the alt-right, hardcore conservative Republicans who want to repeal Obamacare and slowly phase out the Medicaid expansion. Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are working together use various “special rules” in order to bypass the filibuster.

Various news sources, including The Huffington Post, The Hill, Politico, Think Progress and many others are reporting that the Republicans are capitalizing on the Russiagate scandal because it’s distracting people and corporate news networks from focusing on healthcare.

In other words, I’m worried the Republicans have finally found a successful tactic for getting their harmful legislation passed.

From an astrological viewpoint, what do the prospects for Obamacare look like in the upcoming months? Does it appear the Republicans will be claiming victory in regards to wanting to repeal and replace it by July or September of this year?

I always enjoy reading your well-written and insightful entries, so any information you can provide regarding this topic would be much appreciated.


Chris R.
Jacksonville, Florida

Beautifully put, Lizzy. And, in line with what you just wrote, please take a look at Eric Francis’ excellent article. I am just reading it now and had to share, and I haven’t event gotten to the astrology yet.


I can’t stop thinking about what you wrote, Lizzy, as well as what Eric Francis wrote. Where is the outrage? How can we tolerate all of the corruption and cruelty in the world in the name of ego? It was so refreshing to hear Comey say that Trump lied. There is such a thing as ethics and values and morality, and some of our Congress people do seem to exhibit it. As far as those who support Trump, aside from the racists and those who are terrified of Muslims, it seems there is a group that just wants America to be strong and “great” again. They are living somewhere in the past as they did not realize we were strong and great under Obama.

Just saw this quote on Democratic Underground by someone named Louis C.

“Don’t Blame the Pilot for the Plane Crash, He Never Flew a Plane Before

That’s the Republican defense for Donald Trump.

I really don’t blame Trump as much as I blame the people who voted for him and supported him. They knew he never flew a plane before and they climbed on board, anyway. The problem is, I’m on the same fucking plane.”

Senator McCain needs to retire. . ASAP. He has no idea of what is going on, seeing this Comey questioning as an issue between Trump under investigation vs. Hillary under investigation, and how come she’s no longer being investigated but Trump is. Sad. And embarrassing.

Moving on, for 22 days the transiting Jupiter has been at 13+ Libra and as of tomorrow the 9th, which is also the 23rd day of Jupiter’s stay at this degree, he will station direct and spend the rest of the month (and a few more days in July) at 13+ Libra. The intensity of this lengthy occupation by Jupiter in the same degree, a degree that both squares the U.S. Sun in Cancer and conjuncts the U.S. Saturn, will be crucial for the future of the U.S.

For all of those days up until tomorrow morning Jupiter will have been retrograde, for all intent and purposes in a reviewing process of the Big Picture, a Jupiter thing.

Jupiter last occupied the 13+ degree of Libra between November 10 through November 15, 2016. It wasn’t until February 6 that Jupiter stationed retrograde at 23+ Libra, Now, as Jupiter moves forward again, it won’t be until after Labor Day, when transiting Jupiter makes it back to 23+ Libra, that the Big Picture Review will be complete.

Because Jupiter, along with Saturn signify the ups and downs of societies, governments and cultures, the challenge for the U.S. going forward is one of coordinating the Sun requirements with the Saturn requirements. Specifically, Jupiter deals with expansion and focuses on higher education, religious beliefs, networking, foreign travel and foreign countries and foreign people.

As it happens and has been noted here often, Trump’s natal Chiron and Juno and the U.S. Saturn are all at 14+ Libra, just one degree from where transiting Jupiter has been (for what will be) almost 2 months. During that time the forces of U.S. Sun (our consciousness) have felt pressured to take either the expansive (trans.) Jupiter or the restrictive (U.S.) Saturn posture due to the intensity of transiting Jupiter’s long stay. Trump has personally felt that pressure and one hopes he will learn from it.

Now we will get another buffeting of the U.S. Saturn-square-U.S. Sun as transiting Neptune in Pisces prepares to station retrograde while he trines the U.S. Sun and makes a quincunx (150 degree aspect) to the U.S. Saturn.

Transiting Neptune will spend a total of 2 months at 14+ Pisces, confusing Trump (trans. Neptune is quincunx his Chiron-Juno from mid May through mid July), encouraging an adjustment (quincunx) through painful (Chiron) relationships (Juno and Libra) which will stall the solidification (U.S. Saturn conjunct Trump’s Chiron-Juno) of proposals he hoped to have enacted by now.

The back-to-back retrograde movements of these 2 Pisces-related planets, Jupiter and Neptune, suggest a wearing away of defiance against the long-standing programs that U.S. people hold dear. By the time transiting Neptune leaves 14+ Pisces for 13+ Pisces, and an exact trine with the U.S. Sun at 13+ Cancer it will be time for the total solar eclipse in August.

By the time that occurs transiting Jupiter will again be conjunct the U.S. Juno in Libra who is opposite the U.S. Chiron in Aries. Here is something I find rather amazing in that eclipse chart; Jupiter will sextile Saturn (a very cooperative aspect and these planets are symbolic of government and society) and together they will form a Yod to U.S. Vesta in Taurus (both Saturn and Jupiter will quincunx U.S. Vesta causing Vesta to adjust to something).

Now we know Trump is going to be frustrated to say the least and probably a lot worse than that by the time the August eclipse occurs. Because the U.S. Vesta in Taurus symbolizes what we invest in, or investments, and because she will in a position where she must adjust . . .

. . and because there is a suggestion that the eclipse might possibly signal a violent act of Mother Nature (trans. Ceres will oppose transiting Pluto) . .

. . and because the government/societal planets of Jupiter and Saturn are pushing the U.S. Vesta to adjust in some way, it could be out of Trump’s hands where he is forced to provide aid to the victims of Mother Nature’s wrath. Remember, transiting Neptune will be trine the U.S. Sun. Aid will be forthcoming.

Also at the time of the eclipse transiting Chiron (healing/wounding) in Pisces will be semi-sextile transiting Uranus (unexpected) in Aries and the U.S. Moon (the People) in Aquarius.

Transiting Chiron in Pisces will also quincunx the eclipsed Sun/Moon in Leo (conjunct Trump stuff) as will the U.S. natal Pluto in Capricorn which transiting Chiron sextiles. So yes, it’s another Yod and at the apex that has to adjust is the eclipse and Trump’s stuff.

But wait, there’s more . . .the eclipse in Leo opposes the U.S. Moon in Aquarius, making the U.S. Moon (the U.S. People) the Boomerang point that gets all the Yod energy (Chiron, U.S. Pluto, eclipse, Trump stuff) rolled up together and I can’t help but wonder how that will manifest.

If eclipses cover up something that will later be revealed and if that eclipse is on Trump’s stuff and that is part of what the Boomerang effect includes, how will the U.S. Moon (the Boomerang Point), aka the U.S. People react to all that?

Well, here’s a clue; at the time of the eclipse (August 21) transiting Hubris (often a symbol of hubris) will be conjunct Trump’s Sun, both at 22+ Gemini. Can you beat that? Trump and hubris? What will his core constituents make of that? Recall that Jupiter will be conjunct the U.S. Juno (symbol of the disenfranchised) and Jupiter symbolizes understanding.

That understanding by the disenfranchised combined with transiting Saturn (along with Black Moon Lilith) that join the U.S. Vesta (investment and/or keeping the home fires burning) in the temporary yod (but part of the eclipse effect that lasts quite a while) could produce a remarkable shift in attitude as well as values.

Well, we continue to look for the silver lining through these trying times and this is my contribution.

I sympathize and resonate with your bewilderment and righteous outrage.

“Has America lost all perspective? Have the standards of decency dropped so low that it takes a criminal act to decide that this man needs to be removed from office?”

No, the majority of Americans have not lost all perspective, nor has decency generally dropped that low, but the Republican Party and a distinct minority of “Christians,” the so called “conservative” wing of Christianity has indeed lost their perspective and standards of decency for public figures. Fear, manifesting on several levels is now in control of their direction, distorting their spirituality, mentality, and behavior.

“…we are not so completely committed to our political ideology that we will permit a degenerate to run for government just to make sure the other side does not win.”

That may be true for most Canadians, but unfortunately is not true for the aforementioned distinct minority of so called American “Christians” and for our Republicans who curiously have allowed themselves to violate and disregard the first of the ten commandments, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” Theirs is a peculiar form of idolatry in which ideology has become god and “trumps” reality.

They suffer from a deeply sick theology/psychology. Imagine what it is like to have a member of your family afflicted with a very serious mental and behavioral disorder. Imagine also you have to live with them every day, as there are no psychiatric hospitals or other institutions in which to house them. It renders the entire family dysfunctional as eventually the sick member becomes the primary focus of family life and keeping peace within becomes extremely costly. That’s what’s happened here, and one of the sad lessons is that it can happen to any family and/or any nation.

The sickness within the Republican party allowed DJT to become their candidate, but in the general election the majority of the electorate by huge numbers voted for someone else. DJT became president through an antiquated quirk of our system, i.e. the electoral college.

“Where are the protests?” There have been huge protests, particularly the day after Mr. T’s inauguration. But IMHO they are of little value except as a palliative. They make us feel better, but do not alleviate the problem, the illness. Protests work only when the focused against group possesses a conscience.

“Where are those with enough power and righteous indignation to use the media to stop this lunatic? The passivity is defining!”

Our system is not passive, but unfortunately IS VERY slow. Many powerful people “behind the scenes” are working toward the goal of removing the “lunatic” but it IS a slow process. The Founders designed the system to function slowly and deliberately, noble and appropriate features in 1789, but not so serviceable today.

In your Canadian parliamentary system, you can remove someone like DJT far more quickly than can we, but you can’t do so immediately. There is a process to go through. Our system is older, having continued now for 228 years. I firmly believe the present constitutional crisis will precipitate profound change, positive updates within our system, particularly as we move toward our Pluto return, and later still when Pluto moves into Aquarius.

I certainly understand your (and our) consternation. The situation is extraordinarily dangerous for the United States and for the entire world, and it is certainly unfair you Canadians who live next door and are affected so quickly and deeply by our actions have had no voice or vote in these matters. As we gradually work toward removal of DJT and company, we nevertheless ALL are going to have to endure this dangerous time as best we can.

DJT is not a friend to Canada or to those who foolishly voted for him, or to all other Americans, or to anyone other than himself and his family. In the end, he and his party will self-destruct, and we will begin anew.

Through this infuriating and challenging process please know the vast majority of American citizens regard you not just as a friend but as the close sister who lives next door. You deserve our respect and our love. Whatever happens, whether we are overly loud, or are disturbingly quiet, please, please don’t give up on us. The American people need your friendship now more than ever.

I just watched McCaine – my god! Either he’s really lost the plot or someone is strongarming him to muddy the issue at hand.
I don’t know why Comey didn’t remind him that the email investigation started a long time before any Russia/Trump ties were known, so therefore it would be logical that clinton’s email investigation should be concluded earlier than the Russia thing. Perhaps Comey was struggling to understand where McCain was going in his nonsensical ramblings – I know I was.

UK – surveying the broken crockery

The posts of yesterday (8th) are excellent. Barb, I was particularly struck by your post. Lizzy, I understand your outrage. Fear is aggravating the already fragile divide, thus a soul-sick nation. There is no “safety net,” so hard fought for by humanists and rebuffed by power-focused entities. I vision the coming shift as a storm of such magnitude that the landscape is completely altered.

King Fear was on display yesterday. How will this determine the outcome? Trump associates, it appears, must have his back, be thrown under the bus (or worse) if they do not bend to his will. Then, in a twist of virulent cruelty, Trump crows his ignorance in front of evangelicals at an event yesterday citing biblical reference as proof of his saintliness.

I remain stunned this morning, and tired as if I’ve been engaged in a battle with a deadly adversary.

Eliseo, you are so right.. “They suffer from a deeply sick theology/psychology. Imagine what it is like to have a member of your family afflicted with a very serious mental and behavioral disorder. Imagine also you have to live with them every day, as there are no psychiatric hospitals or other institutions in which to house them. It renders the entire family dysfunctional as eventually the sick member becomes the primary focus of family life and keeping peace within becomes extremely costly. That’s what’s happened here, and one of the sad lessons is that it can happen to any family and/or any nation.”

When you are in an environment with a mentally unstable person, it is you that has to walk on eggshells and talk to them in quiet and respectful tones so as to not have them go off the rails.

That’s why we are all fearful of the crazy gun totting right. They are now unhinged and I for one was fearful of what was going to happen if Hillary won? And God forbid the opposite would have happened and she would have won the election and he the popular vote?! I absolutely believe that there would have been gun fire in the streets. As I now am concerned if DT were to be removed from office, what those same unhinged people would do? The right has created an absolute volatile situation that has left us with a dangerous person in the white house and an dangerous situation if we are to attempt to remove him. They have whipped these people into a frenzy over a long period of time and especially over the last 8 years of President Obama and now we are dealing with the consequences that has created in both DT and in his rabid supporters.

Eliseo et al, many thanks for taking the time to respond to my post. I appreciate your succinct and articulate explanation of the American system.

We will remain forever your affectionate cousins and deeply empathize with what you are having to endure.

On a lighter note, ….it makes me truly grateful for our leader Justin Trudeau. J.T. reflects much of his father’s foresight and intellect.

Pierre Trudeau set the stage for Canada’s future in the 1960 and 70’s by bringing home our Constitution, establishing us as a country and not a Colony, and also for promoting the Canadian Mosaic, a cultural theme where by Trudeau said we are a nation of many cultures and that those cultures need to be celebrated and recognized. This was a different approach than the “American Melting Pot” . I think this served us very well.

Old article (4/28/16) from Slate and long, but here is all we need to know about John McCain and HIS ties to the Russians:

In 2005, John McCain received a call from a staffer on the National Security Council. There was a problem, the staffer told the senator. The man orchestrating McCain’s presidential campaign was Paul Manafort’s partner, a lobbyist named Rick Davis.

The administration wanted the senator’s help dialing back the duo’s work in Ukraine, two top McCain aides told me. By promoting enemies of the Orange Revolution, they were undermining American policy.

The call came after Manafort and Davis had already drawn McCain into their eastern escapades. It wasn’t just Ukraine. That year, the pair had consulted on behalf of pro-independence forces in the tiny principality of Montenegro, which wanted to exit Serbia and become its own sovereign republic.

On the surface, this sounded noble enough, so noble that McCain called Montenegro’s independence the “greatest European democracy project since the end of the Cold War.”

A report in the Nation, however, showed that the Montenegrin campaign wasn’t remotely what McCain described. The independence initiative was championed by a fantastically wealthy Russian mogul called Oleg Deripaska.

Deripaska had parochial reasons for promoting independence. He had just purchased Montenegro’s aluminum industry and intended to buy broader swaths of its economy.

But he was also doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin, on whose good graces the fate of all Russian business ultimately hangs. The Nation quoted Deripaska boasting that “the Kremlin wanted an area of influence in the Mediterranean.”

Manafort and Davis didn’t just snooker McCain into trumpeting their client’s cause; they endangered him politically, by arranging a series of meetings with Deripaska, who the U.S. had barred from entering the country because of his ties to organized crime.

In 2006, they steered McCain to attend a dinner with the oligarch at a chalet near Davos, where Deripaska speechified for the 40 or so guests. (The Washington Post reported that the oligarch sent Davis and Manafort a thank-you note for arranging to see the senator in “such an intimate setting.”)

Seven months later, Manafort and Davis took McCain to celebrate his 70th birthday with Deripaska on a yacht moored in the Adriatic.

Not everyone within the Cain camp felt comfortable with this relationship. One group of aides pushed hard for McCain to fire Rick Davis for sullying the senator with the firm’s muck. McCain intended to do just that.

The senator had backed the cause of Ukrainian democracy and he couldn’t stomach his top aide’s firm working to undermine it. What’s more, aides had come to McCain with the rumor that Deripaska had purchased an apartment in Trump Tower for Davis and Manafort.

But in the moment, McCain lost his nerve, as his aides have recounted the episode. Davis supplied a tear-filled soliloquy that saved his job. “Rick’s plea somehow worked—and that was the root of the divisions that tore apart the campaign,” one of McCain’s top advisers told me.

It was just unsubstantiated hearsay that Deripaska had paid for Manafort’s flat. Yet McCain aides were right to suspect the relationship. Manafort and Davis were hungry for the oligarch’s cash.

As the Washington Post reported, they even convinced Deripaska to invest in a $200 million private equity fund they created. For their efforts, Deripaska paid Davis, Manafort, and another one of their partners a $7.5 million management fee.

But apparently they didn’t do very much managing, or investing either. When Deripaska asked for an audit of the fund in 2008, Manafort and Davis never delivered one. In fact, according to a complaint that Deripaska filed in court, Davis and Manafort “provided no additional updates.”

Deripaska was desperate to get his money back—which, the Post noted, coincided with Manafort’s strange disappearance from public view. At the time, Roger Stone wrote friends a cryptic email titled, “Where’s Paul Manafort?”

He supplied a multiple-choice set of answers including “Was seen chauffeuring Yanukovych around Moscow” and “Was seen loading gold bullion on an Army Transport plane from a remote airstrip outside Kiev and taking off seconds before a mob arrived at the site.”

Here is the link to the entire article: http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/politics/2016/04/paul_manafort_isn_t_a_gop_retread_he_s_made_a_career_of_reinventing_tyrants.html

People! (You are people aren’t you?)

Here they come!

Record number of women elected to British Parliament

(Are they saying they have had enough of the ‘good old boys club’? When Mama’s not happy, nobody’s happy.)



CBS News . . live coverage . . Trump taking questions re: Comey, etc. right now 3:11 PM

In the social sciences, and maybe all of the humanities, the idea is to think of the U.S. as a “salad” and no longer a melting pot, where other cultures do not so much assimilate but, rather, acculturate or some variation of that, retaining their own culture while becoming part of the majority culture. But many people, especially the less progressive ones, are still using the melting pot metaphor.

I know that the right-wing/tea party factions espouse the 2nd amendment (along with the 1st & all the others, and may not even know all the others) but I don’t think it means that the majority are violent or blinded by religion or bigotry. They want what they perceive as morals and that includes a strong & healthy U.S., which is a good thing if not narrow, fearful, exclusive. The fact that Trump isn’t necessarily moral escapes them or they attribute it to lies about him; he talks tough & patriotic, he made a lot of money – he must be strong. Of course there are the factions that are racist and violent, who ruin it for everyone else, but that doesn’t mean it’s the entire group. At the same time, I agree, Elizabeth, that there would have been even more overt violence had Hillary won.

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) lit into some her Republican colleagues on Thursday for writing legislation that would repeal the Affordable Care Act behind closed doors and without formal hearings in order to rush a floor vote and pass legislation along party lines.


continued – Trumpcare goes to Seante for vote – Claire McCaskill
at hearing


This Full Moon has Trump, as usual, wanting to have his cake and eat it too. “Comey’s testimony vindicates me” Trump says, while also saying Comey is a liar an that he (Trump) didn’t ask for his loyalty or ask him to drop the investigation of what’s-his-face.

This Full Moon at 18+ Sagittarius has activated the Pluto-Neptune cycle (the one that started in the same degree as the U.S. Uranus), most noticeably in that transiting Uranus has now reached the degree (27+ Aries) that opposes the degree where Uranus was at the start of the Pluto-Neptune cycle, 27+ Libra.

So the component of the 125 year old cycle that began conjunct the U.S. Uranus, each at 8+ Gemini, is alive and well. Yesterday I wrote about hubris but failed to correctly spell the asteroid that symbolizes hubris which is Hybris. He can also symbolize hybrid but yesterday Hybris was highlighted because he would be conjunct Trump’s Sun in the August total solar eclipse. Hybris also made an appearance in the 1891 Neptune-Pluto conjunction.

Maybe this time Hybris will have to do with hybridization as well as hubris, but when Neptune and Pluto were conjunct in Gemini they were sextile the conjunction of Mars and Chiron in Leo and all 4 of them were quincunx Hybris at 8+ Capricorn creating a Yod. If we add in Trump’s natal Venus at 8+ Cancer the Yod becomes a Boomerang. That Venus catches all the Yod energy in one fell swoop. Bam, boom. It looks more like hubris than hybrid to me.

So, today’s Full Moon awakens the Uranus factor in the Neptune-Pluto cycle, a cycle which itself awakens the U.S. Uranus. Expect the unexpected is what they say about Uranus. Today’s Full Moon’s Uranus not only opposes itself in the old, old cycle of Neptune-Pluto, it also participates in a grand fire trine with Saturn in Sagittarius and the North Node in Leo that conjuncts Trump’s Mars. This is easy-peasy energy that defies interference. More on that some other time.

The big thing about Uranus is its lack of subtlety; you don’t have to be a Rhodes scholar to catch the meaning. Today’s FM also connects to the old, old ongoing cycle of Neptune and Pluto through its north node at 3+ Gemini and its south node at 3+ Sagittarius, an opposition that was challenged by Mercury at 3+ Virgo (picky about details) at the time (1891).

The connection to today’s FM is that its sextile between Venus at 3+ Taurus (the degree associated with Chiron because that’s where he was when discovered) and Mars at 3+ Cancer (also the degree of the U.S. Venus) completes a Boomerang with the nodes of the Neptune-Pluto chart. Must we go there again? Yes.

Sometimes cycles lay in dormancy until some fresh young transiting aspect or pattern sparks it’s latent energy. Think of the prince who kissed the sleeping beauty and you get the picture. This FM also activates Chiron energy and the U.S. Venus power so this is not just any old run-of-the-mill Full Moon.

But the end point of the combined Boomerang energy activated by today’s FM (that awakens the Uranus “beauty” in the Neptune-Pluto cycle) would be the old, old cycle’s North Node at 3+ Gemini and that is the degree of the former President Obama’s Moon.

This is much more subtle energy than that of the June 2017 Uranus-opposite-the 1891 Uranus. You will probably have to dig a little or just be very aware in order to see it in the morass of truth and untruth, he said-she said BS that we are suffocating in.

That Neptune-Pluto chart’s north node at 3+ Gemini was squared (as was the south node in Sagittarius) by the Neptune-Pluto chart’s Mercury at 3+ Virgo; a veritable T-square. As it happens, today’s FM has its resident Mercury at 4+ Gemini. Is it trying to tell us something? Is it supporting the old, old cycle’s North Node in Gemini?

Unpacking the info; today’s FM Venus sextile today’s FM Mars form a Yod to the Neptune-Pluto South Node in Sagittarius, which in turn becomes a Boomerang because of the Neptune-Pluto North Node at 3+ Gemini, only one degree from today’s Mercury at 4+ Gemini. It is saying that words (documents, data, thoughts, details) matter.

A word to the wise, Mercury is known to be a trickster and he can be very slick and very quick. By the time you figure out you have been conned by him he will be long gone. Here’s what I mean. . .

When Neptune and Uranus made THEIR conjunction in 1993 the South Node was at 3+ Gemini and the north node was at 3+ Sagittarius. Yeah, go figure. We have awakened TWO long outer planet cycles; the old, old Neptune-Pluto cycle and the not so old Neptune-Uranus cycle, same nodes and same signs but in reverse.

Not only that but Neptune-Uranus were conjunct in the same degree that transiting Pluto is in right now. 18+ Capricorn. Sigh.

What we have here is a double dose of Neptune in two different cycles that have two different agendas. Or do they? It’s so confusing isn’t it?

We also have a transiting Mercury on steroids, going hither and yon in his own sign, activating two sets of outer planet cycles and participating in 2 different sets of Boomerangs. And we have activated the Hybris in the old, old Neptune-Pluto chart who must be preparing us for the August eclipse when he, Hybris, will conjunct Trump’s Sun.

It could be fun.

Trump’s doing this all as a distraction from the Russian Connection. Nothing to see here, nothing to do with Trump Russian Connection…
Does Trump think he can Wing-this situation like he’s done everything his whole life?

As Sharon wrote: “Don’t Blame the Pilot for the Plane Crash, He Never Flew a Plane Before’

That’s the Republican defense for Donald Trump.
Old link: “Has Trump Become The “Don’t Blame Me” President? (from March)


Hi, Barb… in your 5:25 (6/9) post, you talked about Hybrid/Hubris… but I’m confused as to who (what) it’s actually speaking to here.

The reason I ask is I had a thought about political parties pop into my head as I read that. New coalitions forming from existing parties; new parties forming as hybrids of the today’s two main parties.

It seems obvious that these two parties no longer represent the majority of people who fall within their sphere of influence, and many are rebelling against what they see as the authoritarian character of each party…. and I do mean both Dems and Repubs. I could see Repubs breaking into at least 3 groups; the Dems possibly into one other party, depending on who wins the fight for the soul of the party. Will it be the New Democrats (Third Way – Corporate friendly); or the old New Deal Dems? Whichever one loses, I see a schism forming based around ideology and effective governing.

Could this in any way be a reflection of the Hybris influence?

Never having had a similar experience as Comey I did not have a deep understanding of what it must have felt like, perhaps most men didn’t.

BUT … reading the posts in this Democratic Underground thread woke me up in a hurry as so many women recognized the situation immediately as they had endured the same personally.

My heart sank and my BP probably spiked but even though I have intervened in the past I did not identify with Comey’s experience like women who had lived it.

This post does not, cannot, do what I want so I will stop because I am just making myself feel worse.

The link to the thread my inadequate post was about.


June 23rd New Moon (2 ’47 Cancer) in close conjunction to the US natal Venus


The House Intelligence Committee Orders the White House to release the alleged secret “tapes” Trump has in his possession by June 23rd……

House Russia Probe Demands Trump Proves Comey ‘Tapes’ Exist And Gives June Deadline

June 9, 2017


The June 25th Mars-Jupiter square at 13 ’35 Cancer-Libra will form a dual semi-square to the August 21st solar eclipse degree (it’s right on the Mars-Jupiter square midpoint)………..

If Trump’s White House Has Secret Recordings, Destroying Them May Be a Crime

The president’s Twitter outburst could wind up causing him a major headache.

Mother Jones
May 12, 2017

On Friday morning, Donald Trump tweeted, “James Comey better hope that there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press.” Not only was this a loosely veiled threat directed at the former FBI director, whom Trump unceremoniously fired on Tuesday, but it also suggested that Trump possessed recordings of their conversations—perhaps even a tape of their January 27 dinner, where the president claims Comey told him he was not under investigation as part of the bureau’s probe of the Trump campaign’s Russia ties.

During a press briefing on Friday afternoon, White House press secretary Sean Spicer declined to answer questions about whether Trump had a secret White House recording system. The good news for historians is that if such tapes do exist, the Trump administration is required by law to preserve these presidential records and turn them over to the National Archives and Records Administration.



I have a weird sense that Trump will get away with his transgressions. I so hope I am dead wrong.

Maybe legally Will, in this life, but I cannot think of a harsher and more appropriate punishment for him than being relegated to the trashpile of current human opinion -and into the history books forever.
Being laughed at with disdain is the hardest thing for him to bear – how will he ever survive it?
To leave him on the trashpile while the rest of us move forward – that will be punishment enough for me.


Trump is accustomed to dealing in cut-thought business practices and he used the system to his advantage. He is now in an entirely different environment where accountability and rules of law take precedent.

Referring to that June 25th Mars-Jupiter square, it’s important to remember, tr. Jupiter is now in forward motion. Things often come out into the open when Mars squares a planet that just went into direct motion. Here’s a re-cap from comments made two weeks ago……

Friday June 9, 2017 -a turning point in the investigation?

On this day tr. Jupiter will turn stationary direct at 13 ’13 Libra.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the sign of truth-seeking and learning, travel, philosophy and physical movement.

The Jupiter direct station will form a square to the US Sun (13 ’19 Cancer) semi-square to Jared Kushner’s natal Uranus (28 ’52 Scorpio) and semi-square to the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse (28 ’53 Leo).

TYPO. Sorry. Please read instead:

Eric Francis on ‘the great American eclipse’

Removing Trump is one thing, but it’s only the beginning:


The only thing about that is, Jerry, is that Trump’s natal jupiter is at 17 Libra. Although Nancy does nuance it this way:

“In addition, most of July through August 8 will bring some expansionistic and potentially reckless actions (transiting Pluto square natal Jupiter), especially from July 28 to August 4 during the final crossing of his Jupiter return. Given the continued Saturn station on his Moon through August, it is very likely his expansive and aggressive actions in late July and early August will not turn out well at all.”

I like the CUT THOUGHT typo, Jerry.
Everything starts with our thoughts and his are certainly cut thoughts from the get go.

Bob – I appreciate your post. It is SO much part of the culture we women live and breathe every day.


Interesting perspective. Very clever summation.


I shared Jude Cowell’s observations on that very same issue some time back. I’m reproducing it for you below……

…..the third and last Jupiter-Pluto square takes place on August 4th just at the same time Donald Trump will be experiencing his Jupiter return (within a 4 minute orb). How uncanny is that?

Here’s what Jude Cowell has to say about that aspect:

The August 2017 Jupiter Return of Donald Trump

Two Horoscopes: Donald J. Trump natal (inner) with his Jupiter Return (August 4, 2017–number 3 of 3) around the outside. As you see (marked in red), his Jupiter Return chart shows major transits affecting Mr. Trump’s natal Sun, Moon, and Jupiter–and as he goes, so goes America.

Transit Saturn Rx @21Sag32 in his 4th house precisely (again) conjoins natal Moon while opposing natal Sun. We’ve discussed this cosmic condition in previous posts with its depressive tendencies, family, relationship, and/or health issues, and ego deflation. This August 2017 Jupiter Return chart suggests a decrease of popularity and lack of cooperation from others who may feel suspicious of his motives (Venus in Cancer rising opposite Moon in Capricorn which conjoins transit Juno and Hygeia Rx).

(I don’t blame them–is he being a stupid know-nothing on purpose?! He is a performance artist! See Neptune-MC = Sun and Moon, lower right, where his discontent with the difficulty of the job is shown along with a tendency to become lost in his own world–and transit Neptune now conjoins, veils and provides cover for US Progressed Sun @14Pisces!)

But the Clincher for Mr. Trump’s Very Expansive Jupiter Is That…

From natal 5th house of Risk-Taking to natal 2nd house of Money and Values: transit Pluto @17Cap31 (18Cap = the NWO-Uranus-Neptune degree of POLITICAL POWER and smug or strong-armed paternalism – Jones) squares natal Jupiter very closely (0A04) denoting a period when old habits of taking himself too seriously and exaggerating his own importance can be crushed by others who have more power, influence, and, of course, wealth. In a Jupiter Return chart, this transit by heavy weight Pluto–the only aspect to or by his Jupiter in the return chart–indicates a time when revision of what had appeared to be permanent becomes necessary (ex: his luxurious former life of ease, comfort, and gilt). Something must be eliminated from his life in order for genuine growth to occur.

Of course, this assumes that our political belly-button-gazer wants such growth and change since he may be feeling squeezed or suffocated by his new duties. But until and unless Mr. Trump comes to terms with what’s now required of him, he’ll be blocked by powerful, manipulative forces (Pluto) and hoped-for outcomes will be mixed at best.



Dan Rather Just Issued A Chilling Warning About Trump’s Unprecedented Threat To Democracy

June 9, 2017


I Was An FBI agent. Trump’s Lack Of Concern About Russian Hacking Shocks Me.

Is the president breaking his oath to protect and defend the country from foreign attacks?

Washington Post
June 10, 2017




By pulling out of the Paris Agreement, Donald Trump is betraying America’s moral, political, and economic leadership position.

slightkc, we all are living in a time of confusion and by communicating with each other (this website helps a lot) we begin to piece things together. Your astute observation and suggestion re: Hybris = hybrid is wonderful.

The astrology of the Neptune-Pluto conjunction (the 1st of 3) on August 1, 1891, had Hybris (8+ Capricorn rx) at the apex of a Yod being quincunxed (150 degree angle) by the conjunct Neptune-Pluto (8+ Gemini) who were sextile the conjunct Mars-Chiron (8+ Leo) and Sun (10+ Leo). That’s a lot of pressure on Hybris to adjust.

Not only were the transiting Neptune, Pluto, Mars, Chiron and Sun pressuring Hybris, the natal U.S. Uranus at 8+ Gemini was also pushing him to “adjust” back in 1891. Now this cycle is being activated due to transiting Uranus at 27+ Aries, in an opposition to his position in the 1891 chart, 27+ Libra. He was square Venus at the time at 27+ Cancer.

If we add the U.S. natal Pluto (27+ Capricorn) into the mix he forms a cardinal cross with the now-transiting Uranus in Aries, and the 1891 square between Uranus in Libra and Venus in Cancer. Cardinal signs are action oriented and this is an extremely powerful grand cross as well as a powerful cycle being activated.

As we in the U.S. prepare for natal Pluto’s “return” in 2022, the idea of hybrid political parties seems apropos to say the least. On March 3, 2022, transiting Pluto and transiting Mars and transiting Venus will all join the U.S. Pluto at 27+ Capricorn. On March 18, 2022, there is a Full Moon at 27+ Virgo that will trine the U.S. Pluto.

That looks to be a very stimulating period for transformation (Pluto) in the U.S., especially since the month before that the transiting North Node in Taurus will trine U.S. Pluto as well.

I think Trump’s role in this is symbolic of an awakening consciousness regarding the coming transformation because his natal Pluto at 10+ Leo conjuncts the 1891 Neptune-Pluto chart’s Sun at 10+ Leo, part of the Yod action that included Hybris in the apex.

On August 21, 2017, the total solar eclipse chart’s Hybris conjuncts Trump’s Sun (as well as the U.S. Mars) in Gemini, as it squares the U.S. Neptune in Virgo.

Saturn in this eclipse chart at 21+ Sagittarius rx, will oppose Hybris + Trump’s Sun and U.S. Mars, and will also square U.S. Neptune. I suspect the hubris of Mr. Trump will be more evident than the hybrid action he could well be cultivating in the nation’s political circles. This is due to Neptune’s penchant for disguising and the Eclipse reputation for hiding things. But we will remember as 2022 draws nearer, that new parties were probably already in the works in 2017, if not 1891!

RE: the Thom Hartmann video with Kate Raworth & Neoliberalism

I viewed the video twice. It appears the British definition of neoliberalism is somewhat broader than the American definition. Kate Raworth includes Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan as neoliberals, which seems pretty strange to American ears.

In the USA a neoliberal is someone who embraces moderately conservative economic theory combined with social and cultural liberalism. In slightly differing degrees, Jimmy Carter, Bill & Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama are all neoliberals by American definition. The last FDR New Deal style president was Lyndon Johnson, who despite his rustic and raunchy personality would IMHO have gone down as a great president had he not so grievously misunderstood the Vietnam war.

After George McGovern lost the 1972 election to Richard Nixon, only winning Massachusetts, Bill & Hillary Clinton concluded old style New Dealer-ism was dead and gone and embraced neoliberalism. When Bill was president he continued the privatization mania which is why I did not vote for him in 1996. His intention was to also privatize social security, but fortunately the Monica Lewinsky scandal prevented him from going forward in proposing such legislation. Personally, although he did a few good things, all in all I regard him as having been a poor president. His telecommunications act and deregulation of Wall street are both in my book unforgivable. The damage he engendered in the Black community, especially to Black males, many of whom are still now incarcerated, served to exacerbate rather than heal significant and long standing economic/cultural dilemmas.

The assumption in the video is that neoliberalism is dying, but I don’t believe that is true. I think that assumption amounts to wishful thinking, and it was never seriously questioned, in favor instead of discussing Kate Raworth’s excellent ideas as expressed in her book Doughnut Economics.

As I observe it, New Deal Liberalism is re-emerging as a strong, reinvigorated counter to neoliberalism, but neoliberalism remains a powerful force. If the R. Party “goes out of business” as I suspect they might within the next decade, we could see the Dem Party split into two distinct entities, New Dealer-Dem Socialists, and the neoliberal “moderate” and “conservadems”. …but that might be wishful thinking on my part!

I put Kate Raworth’s book on my wish list. From the interview, she and I share quite a number of similar ideas. She and Thom Hartmann discussed the notion of employee ownership, an idea I’ve long supported. Also, I note Raworth is very cognizant that neither Dems nor R’s give any meaningful support to the nurturance, development, and protection of small businesses, from which most of our job creation stems. IMHO, rendering support to entrepreneurs should be essential to any 21st century economic plan.

Nowadays, when people use the word “Liberal”, most are referring by default not to JFK, FDR, or LBJ, but to the Clinton’s, to Obama, and Carter. So-called “Conservatives” mix them all up, thinking of FDR, JFK, LBJ, J. Carter, Bill & Hillary, and Obama as all essentially the same!

As a result, I never use the label, “Liberal.” Although what they represent is certainly better than what R’s are now about, I personally don’t identify with them. I refer to myself as an Independent, or in the right circumstances (since 1963 when I was 12) as does Bernie, as a Dem. Socialist, or as an advocate for employee ownership, i.e. “economic democracy.”

The most impressive feature of the video was Kate Raworth, herself. She appears to have a quite holistic economic view, a rare thing in the context of the “dismal science.” The commons, the environment, child raising and all that “feminine” stuff is positively re-valued in her system. I look forward when I have time to reading her work.

Many Thanks for directing me to the video!

Paul Ryan’s defense of 45 is taking the country down.

He knows he is wrong to defend him, and/ it would normally get the Republicans voted out,but because of what Comey said about the Russians, the US is in grave peril of sinking faster with each election cycle.

Comey said ‘they (Russians) will be back’ to undermine our elections. Unless there is something going on covertly (from the public) to protect our elections from their meddling influence, we are not well as a nation and the prognosis is we won’t recover. It’s not about the deplorables, that is a smokescreen. Read between the lines.

Thank the traitor Republicans.

More American chart points transited by the Sun, Saturn, and Pluto on January 13, 2020.

To refresh:

Right ascension of transiting Sun: 294°42′

Right ascension of transiting Saturn: 294°42′

Right ascension of transiting Pluto: 294°45′

New points:

Ratification of the Constitution (June 21, 1788, 1 pm, LMT, Concord, NH) progressed to same: Moon at 114°26′ [opp 294°26′). Conjunct the Constitution natal Mercury at 114°39′.

Along with George Washington’s Sun/Pluto midpoint at 294°14′ being transited that day, I think these point to a radical shake up for the presidency.

The above should read “Along with George Washington’s ‘SECONDARY PROGRESSED INAUGURAL’ Sun/Pluto midpoint … .

Flash Mob


and – Flash Mob


Corbyn’s upset in Great Britain gave me hope. An excellent follow up article in Huffpo reveals. it also seems to add depth to the upheaval represented by planetary energies. That “class” of people who considerate themselves separate and elite are in for a rude awakening.


We are a nation of laws.
No one is above the law.
Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Black’s Law Dictionary
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Black’s Law Dictionary, 7th edition

“Black’s Law Dictionary is the most widely used law dictionary in the United States. It was founded by Henry Campbell Black (1860–1927). It is the reference of choice for terms in legal briefs and court opinions and has been cited as a secondary legal authority in many U.S. Supreme Court cases.”

“Ignorantia juris non excusat
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ignorantia juris non excusat[1] or ignorantia legis neminem excusat[2] (Latin for “ignorance of the law excuses not”[1] and “ignorance of law excuses no one”[2] respectively) is a legal principle holding that a person who is unaware of a law may not escape liability for violating that law merely because one was unaware of its content.”

I think the sexual predator will say in a heartbeat that he will gladly and without persuasion testify under oath (as he did Friday in the Rose Garden) because he has no intention whatsoever of being bound by any oath to tell the truth.

I predict The Impeachment Investigation of Trump will inspire so many people both young and old to become more interested and involved in politics and to help pull this Great American Wagon…
and that will be a wonderful blessing!


If interested: Pat Thurston’s on @ 7pm PST today!


Thousands of progressive activists are gathering in Chicago this weekend to cultivate strategies and foster intersectionality for moving “beyond resistance” to “a people’s movement for a just world.”

The three-day People’s Summit, headlined by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), kicked off Friday, bringing together those committed to an agenda “that can enhance and expand issue campaigns and hold all elected officials accountable to popular demands for justice, equality, and freedom.”

Couldn’t get to Chicago? Watch it LIVE here:

Voices of Resistance and Power – Saturday 8:30 AM CST

Winning Clean Energy and Climate Justice for All – Saturday 1:30 PM CST

Solutions to Big Money and Political Corruption – Saturday 1:30 PM CDT

Building Progressive Power in Rural America – Saturday 1:30 PM CDT

Campaigning and Governing for Transformational Change – Saturday 1:30 PM CDT

Empowering Locals: The Power of Perseverance – Saturday 1:30 PM CDT

Time for Single-Payer! – Saturday 1:30 PM CDT

Multi-Front, Multi-Racial Issue Organizing – Saturday 3:45PM CDT

Transforming the Democratic Party – Saturday 3:45PM CDT

Down Ballot Revolutionaries – Saturday 3:45PM CDT

Water, Jobs and Justice – Saturday 3:45PM CDT

Winning The Battle For The Internet – Saturday 3:45PM CDT

Beyond Betsy: Organizing for Education Justice – Saturday 3:45PM CDT

The Political Revolution Now: Bernie Sanders – Saturday 7:00PM CDT

Wake Up to Justice Beyond Neo-liberalism and Trumpism – Sunday 8:30 AM CST

Watch the hashtag #PPLSummit on Twitter over the next three days to see events from the People’s Summit as it unfolds:

~ per Nancy Pelosi

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Friday she finds it “strange” that President Trump decided to make Saudi Arabia his first foreign trip, adding that she was looking into it. “I just think it was a very strange choice to go there.”

Democratic Senate Campaign Committee (DSCC)


Eliseo, re your 11.04 post: I did not watch the video you referenced, nor have I followed the earlier conversation, but this sentence in your comment caught my eye – ” It appears the British definition of neoliberalism is somewhat broader than the American definition.”

It may or may not be relevant to your context, but the ‘Liberal Party’ in Australia, IS the conservative party, (republican comparable) in opposition to the Labour Party (democratic comparable)
Im not sure if that Liberal definition holds true in the UK also, but if it is, labeling Margaret Thatcher as a ‘neoliberal’ would likely be more along the same lines as labelling the more modern USA republicans, NeoCons.

The Great American Eclipse | Space Time
an astronomical explanation


This is mind blowing! “Trump boasts about his philanthropy. But his giving falls short of his words”.
If the American People knew this, they would be Shocked! Trump’s is a scam artist!

Thank You for that. Definitions have evolved. The classical (19th century) definition of liberalism would in the USA today be referred to as conservatism in the context of economics.

Usage differs. The word libertarian in the USA connotes Right wing libertarianism. In Europe libertarian refers to Left libertarianism.

kiwi, Jerry,

I was referring to Trump lawyering his way out of legal entanglements with Comey; and yes of course it will hurt his fragile narcissism as all critiques and accusation do. Congress is Repugs will do anything to save their horrid party even if it means not getting rid of Trump. The times in the US are dark and sinister in an unparalleled way – the corruption/deception/denial is at a surreal level.
Again – I hope I am wrong – but his ability to seduce and corrupt, pay-for things to go his way is more than a little formidable.

The GOP That Failed:
As the carnage of World War I widened, Barbara Tuchman recounts in “The Guns of August,” a German Leader asked a colleague,
“How did it all happen?”
“Ah,” replied the other, “if only one knew.”

“So this may be a good time to remember that in a key sense, Trump happened because a well-established, real-life mechanism that was in the best position to prevent a Trump presidency FAILED. That institution was The Republican Party”
Interesting Politico:

Someone here in an earlier thread, in regard to Louise Mensch actually, wrote that a Conservative in Britain is someone who is fiscally conservative but socially much more liberal than we think of Conservatives being here in the states. BTW, If you haven’t read Louise Mensch’s tweets and her blog lately, google her name. We’ve already talked about her here. She is absolutely vehement about seeing that Trump and his associates get their just desserts for their treasonous actions.

A significant development?……

Jeff Sessions to Appear Before Senate Intelligence Committee Tuesday


Remember; Attorney General Jeff Sessions will be under oath.

As mentioned earlier, I thought Tuesday June 13th could prove to be a turning point in the Russia investigation…..

June 13, 2017

Tr. Mercury conjunct the US Sibly chart’s descendant (12 ’30 Gemini) will form a semi-square to tr. Uranus (27 ’30 Aries) in square to the US Pluto (27 ’33 Capricorn). This essentially is Uranus’s opposition to the Watergate scandal in square to the US Pluto.
(refer to my 11:33 pm June 6th, 2017post on the striking astrological parallels of June 13th to that of the first Watergate indictments of March 1, 1974).

Here’s a fascinating astrological analysis on Jeff Sessions by Solaris…..

Jeff Sessions – Truth, lies and Russian officials…

March 2017

Good morning everyone. My topic for discussion today is Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General in the US. He is the chief lawmaker for the US and it sounds like before he took office he spoke with a certain Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador to the US. Yes, this is the same Sergey Kislyak who General Michael Flynn spoke with before he took office, the former National Security Advisor to Trump who was forced to fall on his sword just 26 days after assuming office.

When interviewed for his position by the Senate in his confirmation hearing, Sessions said outright that he did not meet with any Russian representatives before assuming office. This means he lied before the Senate committee, and ludicrously his responsibility now is to investigate himself for breaking the law in his job interview where he lied. You could not make it up if you tried, could you?

……..Transiting Saturn, the other planet in this dynamic duo playing with Sessions’ future has moved on to conjunct with his natal Black Moon Lilith. Lilith as my colleague Christina Rodenbeck, the Oxford Astrologer wrote is “is an unMother, unCarer, unNurturer, unscrupulous. She is unbound by convention or taboo.” Saturn landing on this point shows his official capacity and his duties being undermined by Lilith. The Russians are not bound by convention, they are unscrupulous and Lilith in a way acts like a Pluto influence in your chart, it forces a change in consciousness on you via an influence who could not care less for your personal interests. Lilith will do as she pleases, leaving you broken and regretful. Sometimes with this connection you have to “give up a responsibility”. That’s interesting, isn’t it?

Sessions’ Lilith sits at 25.52 degrees Sagittarius, the sign of law and justice and with Saturn turning retrograde next month, it will pass over it twice more before this connection is done. The case of the lawmaker who took a risk and lied to promote himself landing in trouble, it’s so, so Saturn in Sagittarius. This saga of Saturn conjunct Lilith is not finished yet and before it is completed I quite expect Sessions to be the next Trump chicken to fly the coop.



An excerpt from the above NBC news article “Jeff Sessions To Appear Before Senate Intelligence Committee Tuesday”: reads as follows…..

“… Comey, in his highly anticipated testimony about his firing by President Donald Trump, seemed to suggest the attorney general had an undisclosed Russia problem.

Comey said the FBI became “aware of facts that I can’t discuss in an open setting, that would make (Sessions’) continued engagement in a Russia-related investigation problematic.”

Speaking to lawmakers later in closed session, sources said, Comey confirmed that he had been talking about a story that NBC News and other outlets had already reported — the existence of classified intelligence suggesting an undisclosed meeting between Sessions and the Russian ambassador to the U.S. in April 2016 at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Two sources familiar with what Comey said in the closed door gatherings told NBC News about the confirmation.

Sessions’ spokeswoman, Sarah Isgur Flores, has denied that any such meeting happened.

A source close to Sessions has told NBC News he would deny it if he were asked on Tuesday during the planned appropriations committee hearing. “

The Cloud Over Jeff Sessions’ Head Just Got Darker

The attorney general helped fire Jim Comey. The former F.B.I. director may be returning the favor.

Vanity Fair
June 9, 2017


Just noticed……..

the June 23rd New Moon (2 ’47 Cancer). the day of the stipulated House Committee deadline for the alleged Trump “tapes” to be handed over will form an opposition to Jeff Sessions natal Sun (2 ’20 Capricorn).

Here’s the Attorney General’s chart……


The IC of my rectification for JFK located in Washington, DC, which I did in 1976 (a centennial year for the U.S.) 294°14′.

The August 7 lunar eclipse is very busy in trump’s natal chart. What does the mix mean? Eclipse Saturn is on his natal Moon and eclipse Mars is on his natal Pluto but eclipse Venus is on his natal Mercury and he has a Jupiter return that trines his natal Uranus.

Eclipse Pluto is opposite his natal Mercury/Saturn midpoint.

Trump WH – Natal Relocated
Jun 14 1946, 9:54 am, EST +5:00
White House Dist of Columbia 38°N53’50” 077°W02’13”

Partial Lunar Eclipse (FM) – Natal Chart
Aug 7 2017, 1:10:32 pm, EST +5:00
White House Dist of Columbia 38°N53’50” 077°W02’13”

Natal Mercury 99°47′; Eclipse Venus 98°57′

Natal Mercury/Saturn midpoint 107°45′; Eclipse Pluto at 288°49′ opposite [108°49′]

Natal Pluto 134°21′; Eclipse Mars 134°32′

Natal East Point 138°46′; Eclipse Sun 137°54′; West Point 318°46′; Eclipse Moon 317°54′

Natal Jupiter 196°37′; Eclipse Jupiter 197°00′ – trine natal Uranus 76°50′

Natal Moon 260°25′; Eclipse Saturn 260°46′

“It’s not just the 1%. The upper middle class is oppressing everyone else, too”
The top 20% have set things up to guarantee virtually all of those spoils go to their descendants.
Where does that leave the rest of us?


RE: your 8:30 PM post.
“…Christina Rodenbeck, the Oxford Astrologer wrote is “is an unMother, unCarer, unNurturer, unscrupulous. She is unbound by convention or taboo.”

A very interesting interpretation of Lilith. Sounds also a bit like Kali.


Wise is s/he who promotes a harmonious working together of these elements; tragic-comic is s/he who forcibly tries to overpower Vesta’s virtuous, conscientious objectivity with his Sun-theme, his masculinity, his desire for individuality.


Trump (Natal Midpoint Vesta-Sun)

VE/SU 20 Aquarius (20 Leo)


Natal Zeus 20 Leo (cut or wound others)

Zeus is focused, directed pragmatism. It disciplines energies and directs these toward a specific goal.

Zeus can be caught up in materialistic gratification, and cut or wound others.

~ transneptune glyphs

Jerry, Thank you for the very interesting post on Lilith and Sessions.


I know the British definition of these terms differs from American politics definitions. I would not consider Thatcher or Reagan Neoliberals in any definition.

I get very frustrated with my fellow Democratic friends when I discuss Bill Clinton or “the Clintons” and how they fundamentally changed the Democratic party. I don’t think Americans really pay that close attention to the nuances of politics, they see the “right” letter behind the name and they pull the lever. As you said, “they mix them (Democratic presidents) up.. is exasperating!

This was very upsetting to me during the election cycle. Remember when during the election in 92′ the Republicans were upset that Hillary was going to be very influential in Bill’s presidency? Well, I don’t think you get to say then, “You get two for the price of one” -Bill Clinton and then 24 years later Hillary not take any ownership of that administrations policies and their consequences?! ..

– “His telecommunications act and deregulation of Wall street are both in my book unforgivable. The damage he engendered in the Black community, especially to Black males, many of whom are still now incarcerated, served to exacerbate rather than heal significant and long standing economic/cultural dilemmas.”
In addition NAFTA was no favor to the working class..for God’s sake Bill Clinton was no champion of the middle class or the lower class for that matter!

-“As I observe it, New Deal Liberalism is re-emerging as a strong, reinvigorated counter to neoliberalism, but neoliberalism remains a powerful force.”
I agree that neoliberalism remains a powerful force. When Bernie talks about taking on the administration, that is exactly what he is talking about. When I first mentioned this to you and I said, I think neoliberalism is dead. I didn’t mean the structure was dead, I meant the people’s support of it is. I mean that the days of using culture wars to get people to vote against their own financial interest are coming to an end. I think people are waking up and they are opening to the idea of Democratic Socialism in this country. Even at the beginning of this last cycle when Bernie first came on the scene, the idea of saying proudly you are a Socialist was DOA in American politics and look where we are now.. quite a turn around in one year. The recent UK election and Corbyn’s success is very hopeful to me.

I have been feeling all along that the Democratic party is not going to be able to make peace with itself and it is going to split. Sadly, I think I am going to be splitting from many of my democratic friends who I think will align more with the Clinton wing than the Bernie wing. As for myself I have become very clear what my politics are and I am a Democratic Socialist. I much prefer the word progressive to liberal.

I kind of foresee a future where people start to align more with their economic survival than with their social agendas. It just seems that the current distribution of wealth is unsustainable and that people are starting to see that they have been getting taken for a ride for a very long time. I hope that is not just wishful thinking on my part.

The question is, what do we think are basic human rights that we should all contribute through taxation so as to offer each human being within our society and what are commodities that should be for sale in the free market? Are healthcare and education, basic right or are they commodities and if you can’t afford them, you go without?

I wonder if have seen Krystal Ball’s book, “Reversing the Apocalypse: Hijacking the Democratic Party to Save the World”?

It’s next on my list to read.

Thanks you for taking the time to watch the video and respond.. I am glad you found Kate Raworth so impressive, she surely is.


Pres. Jimmy Carter


The Peoples Summit

“Trump’s Russia & Mafia Dealings Expose Him As Fool or Criminal (Traitor?) or Both: Biggest Scandal in U.S. History, Too Many Ties to Be Nothing (1/2)”https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/trump-biggest-scandal-us-history-he-tool-russians-both-frydenborg

We Need America’s Honorable Republican Leaders!

You know Jerry, I wondered if Comey’s natal Moon was in late Libra (and square the U.S. natal Pluto in Capricorn) or early Scorpio. Reading your juicy stuff on Sessions (thank you!) I’m leaning a bit toward a late Libra Moon for Comey because it would also trine the U.S. Moon in Aquarius.

By trining the U.S. Moon and squaring the U.S. Pluto and opposing the transiting Uranus in Aries, a late Libra Moon would allow Comey to come off as “stating the facts” rather than seeming vindictive as a Scorpio Moon might suggest. The plot thickens and what a dramatic show we are being provided. Hollywood is licking its lips.

Another pattern developing in Comey’s and the U.S. natal charts is that transiting Nessus (abuse of power and using the power of suggestion) has stationed retrograde at 7+ Pisces, square the U.S. natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini and opposite Comey’s Pluto at 8+ Virgo rx and North Node 10+ Virgo.

Transiting Nessus won’t get to 8+ Pisces until next year so we might have to wait a while for this aspect to yield results.

I just saw this on FB and my husband, the scientist, is sleeping. It makes me angry to see climate science oversimplified this way, while insulting “liberals”, and I’m sure there are errors. Can someone here point out the problems with this type of thinking, please?

“Always trying to educate the Liberals…although it’s like pissing in the wind…
So, those of you who slept through their science classes, let me enlightened you. CO2, or carbon dioxide, makes up only .034% of our atmosphere. If you’re still counting on your fingers, that means if the atmosphere was a $100 bill, CO2 would be worth less than 4 cents. Also, CO2 is heavier than air. Meaning, it sinks to ground level. And there, plants process it and then release oxygen for us to breathe.
And it’s also a piss poor climate change gas. It attaches to water molecules and blocks Sun light. Which keeps the earth’s surface cool.
And guess what? When CO2 levels increase, like they have in the last billion years of earth’s history, plants grow bigger and release greater amounts of oxygen. How do you think dinosaurs got so big?
And now methane. Methane gas is produced by decomposing organic material, like dead plants. Methane is lighter than air and is a very good climate change gas. However, the gas rises into the upper atmosphere, where the Sun light breaks it down, now get this, into CO2. Which, of course, is heavier than air, which sinks to ground level. Where plants process it and makes oxygen.
This process has been going on for hundreds of millions of years. And nothing man can do, short of a nuclear war, can change it. The earth can take care of itself.
You’re being lied to by people who want to control you and take your money.
Have a nice day…”

Sharon, words/facts can be distorted to suit the desired position and they do it well.
e.g. Shall we eat, grandma?
OR shall we eat grandma?
Same words, different emphasis.

They don’t get that part of the problem in this modern era is that – never before have there been so many people on earth breathing out c02 and so few trees taking in c02 – on the entire planet.
And C02 is not dispersed evenly throughout the atmosphere or globe

FYI here are two science based links



new from Marjorie Orr
Trump Solar Return – never say die

SharonK… Actually, everything in that article is true and, to make matters more complicated, there hasn’t been any real warming for almost 20 years. The idea of coming up with a global temperature seems farfetched at best and they have changed the way they measure temperatures a few times. Since I’m pretty stubborn, the harder ‘they’ try to convince me of something, the less likely I am to accept what is being said without questioning. There is far more evidence that the sun causes climate variations. It just went through a very strong period but now it’s going to sleep. We’re seeing weather patterns following the same process as the Maunder Minimum. While this is known as the ‘little ice age’ because of the weather in Europe, in other parts of the world it brought different weather extremes including heat waves and droughts, because the weather patterns were changed.

Yes, I am a liberal, but I also have to look at the bigger cycles and the big cycles here, with the sun, are that the earth goes with warming and cooling phases in a pattern and I can’t help but wonder if astrological patterns match this in some way. We all know about the 11 year solar pattern, there is also a 200 and 400 year pattern. There are others as well.

Mankind has the power to, and has been, polluting our earth, but we aren’t able to override what the sun does, and since it’s currently going into a sleep cycle, there will be changes. The ancients worshiped the sun and planets for a reason. Let’s give them some credit, they gave us astrology, perhaps they knew something we are just realizing.

Climate change is real, we need to prepare. But to be honest, Mankind has always thrived when it warms. When it cools, then we have issues. And lest you forget climategate, there appears to be a political agenda here that needs to be acknowledged. What are they trying to make us do? follow the money. This story is being sold far too hard and I fundamentally distrust sales people.

So, at the risk of ticking everyone off, here is an alternative view point from one of your own.

How Trump Digs a Deeper Legal Hole When He “Tweets:Violating the lawyer’s rule of thumb that clients remain quiet is rarely a good idea”


Also on same page: “Trump’s Economic Agenda Is Almost Dead” “A once-in-a-generation opportunity is slipping away”.

Further in article: Read This Book. “It’ll Rattle You.
A scholar-analyst makes a historical case for the threat of a U.S.-China war”.

The Kelly/Putin interview:



Spiders and space.

These two things don’t come together often, but Twitter recently fostered a bit of synergistic science that has led to an amazing revelation: Tiny jumping spiders can likely see the moon.

And they’re not alone among potential stargazing arachnids: Other spiders have visual systems that are sensitive enough to discern celestial objects, experts say.


Trump Lawyer Won’t Rule Out Firing Special Counsel In Russia Probe

CBS News
June 11, 2017

“……… Considering the firestorm ignited by the firing of former FBI Director James Comey, who testified Thursday on Capitol Hill, firing Mueller could be a political nightmare for the president.”


Special Prosecutor/ Former FBI Director Robert Mueller was born August 7, 1944 NYC (exact birth time unavailable).

Does August 7th ring a bell? It is the date of the upcoming lunar eclipse and it will be right on Mueller’s natal Sun!!!!!! Could that signify an abrupt change in status as special prosecutor?

Video Of Trump From 1992 Surfaces; Shows Trump Is Exactly The Guy Comey Describes

If you were wondering what Trump’s behavior might have been like in those meetings with Comey, you’re going to want to watch this video.


Biographer On ‘Lying’ Donald Trump: He Tried To Intimidate Me With Tapes, Too

But he finally admitted that no tapes existed, said “TrumpNation” author Timothy O’Brien.

Huffington Post
June 12, 2017

Biographer Timothy O’Brien knows exactly what booted FBI Director James Comey is going through. Like Comey, O’Brien was accused of lying by Donald Trump — and Trump threatened to reveal tapes of the conversations. But the litigious real estate developer eventually admitted in a deposition that he was the one who had misrepresented the truth 30 times — and acknowledged that he had no tapes.

Trump sued O’Brien in 2005 for $5 billion over his book TrumpNation: The Art of Being The Donald. But Trump lost the case, and ended up admitting to a litany of lies at his 2007 deposition.

Trump has often said over the years to reporters, “I just want to let you know I’m taping you right now,’” O’Brien, formerly of HuffPost and now executive editor at Bloomberg View, said Sunday on CNN’s “Reliable Sources.” He also “said it multiple times during my interviews with him.”

When Trump finally admitted there were no tapes, O’Brien said his attorney asked him why he had lied. “He essentially said: ‘I wanted to intimidate him,’” O’Brien recalled.




Why Benedict Arnold Turned Traitor Against the American Revolution

“Abrupt and impatient with anything he deemed superfluous to the matter at hand, Arnold had a fatal tendency to criticize and even ridicule those with whom he disagreed.”

“Without the discovery of his treason in the fall of 1780, the American people might never have been forced to realize that the real threat to their liberties came not from without, but from within.”

Benedict Arnold
Sun longitude 24°Cap44″ (296°40′ in RA), opposite trump Saturn
Mars 114°47′, conjunct trump Saturn
Neptune square trump Neptune in both longitude and right ascension.
Pluto square trump Pluto in both longitude and right ascension.

Transit Neptune has been active (opposite natal Neptune/Pluto midpoint, conjunct progressed Sun) in Session’s chart since 2015, has been within a 1 degree orb most of last year, will be for all of this year (exact at times), and into early (April) of 2018.

Thanks very much for your opinion, Casey. However, why would so many scientists agree that man’s activities play such a large role since they don’t stand to become wealthy off of that. Many are sincerely investigating the situation and giving expert opinions. I am not saying that the sun’s cycles don’t play a major role, but could that many scientists be wrong ? It’s possible but doubtful to me. And, is it smart to take that chance and just keep question and debating instead of taking maximum precautions?


We have a small civil engineering firm. My husband is an environmental engineer and I totally agree with you. My husband, based on facts and science seems to think that we really need to act now because we have a small window of opportunity before we reach a point where it will be too late to act.

These days I’m torn between astrology’s details (Mercury) and its big picture (Jupiter); both are fascinating. Bob, once again, makes the details so irresistible (Benedict Arnold and Trump astrology is creepy Bob!) one can’t help but be drawn into all the personal birth charts, like Mueller’s.

The man will be 73 years old at the solar eclipse on August 7th. Notice how many 70+ year olds in government circles have made headlines for the last couple of years? You got me again Jerry; Mueller has a Mars/Chiron conjunction at 16+ Virgo that transiting Pluto in Capricorn trines – great for ferreting out details.

Here again I wonder if Mr. Mueller has a Moon in late Pisces (where transiting Chiron is now) or early Aries. Either way it will oppose his natal Neptune at 2+ Libra which conjuncts the U.S. MC. Headlines and “breaking news” will love him. I can’t help wonder if – in a former life – he was part of the U.S. power structure since his natal South Node is conjunct the U.S. Pluto at 27+ Capricorn.

If so, the Neptune-Pluto conjunction back in 1891 (that was conjunct the U.S. Uranus) had an opposition in its chart between Saturn (15+ Virgo) and Jupiter (16+ Pisces) and with his natal Mars-Chiron at 16+ Virgo, he might have come back from then to finish up some old business, eh? But there I go, pondering the Big Picture.

Mueller does have natal Venus at 26+ Leo conjunct Trump’s Mars though; perhaps in a former lifetime they were lovers and Mueller was jilted and has come back for revenge (snicker). In any case, Mueller’s Pluto at 8+ Leo sextiles the U.S. Uranus at 8+ Gemini, putting Trump’s Mercury at 8+ Cancer in the sweet spot in between.

Re-reading an old article by Jerrica Murray in the Feb-March, 2014 issue of The Mt. Astrologer magazine she writes about the U.S. Pluto Return, and this was before Trump was being considered a possibility. She divides the period from the transiting Saturn-Pluto opposition that was conjunct the U.S. asc-desc. in 2001 through to the U.S. Pluto Return into 4 phases.

The 2nd phase would be the 2008 Wall St. meltdown (note that tr. Saturn was opposite tr. Uranus when Obama was elected) and the 3rd phase was the grand cross in cardinal signs that enfolded the U.S. Sun square Saturn into its web. The last phase is where we are now, on our way to that Return.

At the time of the writing Jessica placed heavy emphasis on the 2nd house position of U.S. natal Pluto and how our natural resources (trees, water, etc.) have been destroyed and/or grabbed up by moneyed interests. We are a nation of “manic consumerism” she says, and by the way, this ties into Bill Herbst’s latest article regarding advertising which was a great read.

The Big Picture then sees the Pluto Return for the U.S. in part as a reckoning (and new beginning) for discerning what we value, and the Details we have available to examine, via astrology, seem to match up the people best able to expose the good, the bad and the ugly of the past and present U.S. values (Comey, Trump, Mueller, Sessions, etc.)

The cycle between Jupiter and Mercury is a good place to see how the Big Picture and the Details come together and in recent years they have accomplished this in one pass or conjunction. This present cycle however took 3 passes and suggested a complexity requiring more than usual study.

The 1st conjunction (Aug. 22, 2016) took place at 26+ Virgo and opposed Chiron in Pisces and they were T-squared by Pholus in Sagittarius. The chart included a conjunction between Moon and Uranus in Aries, a conjunction between Mars and Saturn opposite U.S. Uranus and nodes that squared the U.S. asc-desc axis. The Sun was at 29+ Leo (Trump asc.) and Pallas was conjunct the U.S. Moon in Aquarius.

The 3rd conjunction between the transiting Mercury and Jupiter took place on October 11, 2016 at 6+ Libra. This time Saturn was on the U.S. ascendant at 12+ Sagittarius and T-squared the nodes at 12+ Virgo (north) and Pisces (south) implying a crossroad decision would be necessary for the U.S. Transiting Vesta at 27+ Cancer (where Mueller’s North Node is as well) was opposite the U.S. Pluto at 27+ Capricorn.

The Sun, symbol of consciousness, was at 18+ Libra, where U.S. progressed (and retrograde) Mars has been for a while. I read that as a study of values from the perspective of action, aggression, bravery perhaps . . all things Martian. Just what is bravery and strength and what do we admire and want to see represented in the U.S.?

So that’s a little glimpse of the big picture that we are in the middle of now. I’m trying to keep a balance between the abundant Mercury details and the long view of Jupiter’s big picture; they really need each other.

Sharon, Janet, Casey,
Even if the scientists were wrong, would it not be foolish to NOT develop cleaner, more environmentally friendly technology? Even if our pollution were beneficial to plant and aquatic life, it is NOT beneficial to us. Pollution Kills! Period.

There is a highly technical zoological word for species that foul their own nest. It is called “STUPID!” The earth is the only nest we have.

Furthermore, there is no guarantee we will be able to settle other planets. The medical knowledge necessary has not yet been developed. We dream of settling mars and other places, but there is no guarantee we can actually adapt our bodies healthily to gravitationally low environments with no or an excessively weak magnetosphere.

Right now, Earth is it and I know of no-one who wants to suffer and die from respiratory failure due to bad air or die from bad water.


Excellent point.

Thank you Jerry, The Huff Piece is spot-on!
An inept Presidency is disgrace & embarrassment.
We need more essays and focus on this unstable man in our White House!
(not meaning to be cruel…but Kellyanne looks very haggard and stressed! Bags under eyes and she’s losing her hair…poor thing)
Trump is doing great damage already.

Trump’s Russian FeFe: https://images.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?p=ivanka+trump+s+russian+girlfriends&fr=sfp&hspart=iry&hsimp=yhs-fullyhosted_011&imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.snopes.com%2Fapp%2Fuploads%2F2017%2F02%2Fivanka-putin-and-murdoch.jpg#id=10&iurl=http%3A%2F%2Fcdn.inquisitr.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2016%2F08%2FIvanka-Trump-Besties-With-Vladimir-Putins-Girlfriend-Come-On-America-Video.jpg&action=click

As of today:

Sessions progressed Mars is exactly opposite trump progressed Sun (332°51′ to 152°52′).

Sessions progressed Saturn is conjunct trump progressed Moon (125°10′ to 124°21′). trump Moon moving faster will close to exactness. Date depends on Sessions TOB. Will be July 1 or July 2.

Sessions progressed Neptune at 189°55′ conjunct trump progressed Mars at 188°55′ and closing to exactness.

The firing of special prosecutor Robert Mueller is indeed under consideration according to some news sources today, based on remarks made by close Trump associate and friend Chris Ruddy……….

Trump ‘Considering’ Firing Special Counsel In Russia Investigation, Friend Says

“I think he’s weighing that option,” Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy says.


That news report prompted a swift response……

Adam Schiff Just Destroyed Trump’s Plan To Fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller

by Jason Easley
June 12, 2017

The ranking of the House committee investigating Russia, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) put an end to Trump’s dreams of firing special counsel Robert Mueller by letting the President know that if he fires Mueller, Congress will reappoint him.


The above shows that Sessions and trumps progressed Saturns will be conjunct around the end of the month or the beginning of next month.

Donald Trump’s Cabinet Meeting Was Soviet and Surreal

June 12, 2017

There they sat, like Soviet mandarins, one by one praising the fearless leader making America great again. Most impressive of all, they did it with straight face, though there couldn’t have been a man or woman in that room who wasn’t aware of how surreal the scene was.



Donald Trump Just Held The Weirdest Cabinet Meeting Ever

Leave it to Donald Trump to reinvent the Cabinet meeting.

The public portion of these gatherings of all of the president’s top advisers are usually staid affairs. Photographers are let in to take pictures. The president makes a very brief statement. A reporter shouts a question, unanswered. The end.

Donald Trump did something very different in his Cabinet meeting Monday.

First, he reviewed the various alleged successes of his first 143 days and made this remarkable claim: “Never has there been a president….with few exceptions…who’s passed more legislation, who’s done more things than I have.”

Um, ok. While Trump has signed a number of executive orders and actions — the most high profile of which, the so-called “travel ban” was, again, blocked by a court on Monday — what he hasn’t really done is pass actual legislation through Congress. The health care bill is tied up in Senate machinations. Tax reform hasn’t moved an inch. Funding for the border wall hasn’t happened. And so on.
(Nota bene: You can’t say “never has” something happened and then say “with few exceptions.” Either it’s never happened or it, well, has.)

But, that wasn’t even close to the weirdest part of the Cabinet meeting!

Once Trump finished touting his administration’s accomplishments, he turned to several of his newly-minted Cabinet secretaries like Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue. Each of those Cabinet secretaries lavished praise on Trump, which he accepted without comment but with a broad smile.
At first, I thought Trump was just going to have the new members of the Cabinet spend a few minutes praising him. NOPE! It soon became clear that Trump planned to have every Cabinet member speak. And when I say “speak” what I really mean is “praise Trump for his accomplishments, his foresight, his just being awesome.”

You think I am exaggerating. I am not. Here’s what White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus said about Trump: “We thank you for the opportunity and blessing to serve your agenda.”



The above depicted scene…… eerily reminiscent of the film The Manchurian Candidate as our moderator Nancy once noted? If you haven’t seen the film, here’s the original 1962 version…..


and the updated 2004 version:


PS I failed to mention; the above url links are two minute theatrical trailers.


Seth Meyers posted Jun 12

Eliseo — as to your post on June 12th at 6:33 pm…

I say, preach it brother!

I can understand why Big Oil wants to lose us with contrary “words,” (tho I detest their reasoning!) and I know all too well anyone can make statistics say whatever they want them to say!

My opinion thru all this recent back and forth has been who cares WHO caused it?! We need to make changes now before it’s all too late. We’re fighting wars based on food and water shortages now, tho they’re advertised as something else. The “Arab Summer” was, at it’s foundation, a reaction to a years’ long drought.

Oil and LPG might bring in the bucks for heads of Big Oil… but you can’t drink oil, and water befouled by oil and fracking wastewater becomes non-potable, and not great for plants and wildlife, either!

Just once, I wish “those that have” could set aside their greed for money and power and consider Mother Earth and all those who live on Her. It’s beyond imagining they’d actually sit down to work WITH us. But I sure wish they could see even they have skin in this game… and that all the money in the world won’t buy a glass of clean, pure water when the last of it has been poisoned by fracking waste.

A question for the experienced astrologers:
I looked at what I understand to be the Dem Party chart (13 May 1792), and I noticed the progressed mercury went retrograde January 2016 at 19.9Cap, and will be retro for many years to come.
How do you feel this will affect the ability to ‘think clearly” going forward for the Dem Party as a whole? Do you think this is contributing to their seemingly poor cohesiveness and smart strategies lately?

Eliseo, I SO agree with your 6.33 post.

Yeah, boy, I saw that cabinet meeting clip and what – once again – came to mind was the Emperor’s New Clothes story I read/had told to me when I was a child. It is all leading to more and more writers, comedians, ordinary citizens acknowledging that, in fact, either the emperor indeed has no clothing, or they are embarrassingly transparent.

This is a process that we all must go through together, ad nauseam, ’til everyone gets it. Thank goodness for Stephen Colbert who makes sure everyone knows this is a joke. He takes away the pain and shame of anyone seriously believing it is real.

Today transiting Hybris is at 18+ Taurus and trine transiting Pluto at 18+ Capricorn. On Thursday transiting Hybris will conjunct the U.S. natal Vesta at 19+ Taurus. Today we saw Trump’s hubris version of the symbol and hopefully we will see the hybrid version on Thursday.

Tonight Tom Friedman was interviewed on local TV (previously recorded) by Rep John Yarmouth (Kentucky) about his book Thank You For Being Late. He amazed me by talking about how the hybridization of lots of things will facilitate change; rethinking, reimagining how to succeed. That would definitely include political parties. It has to start at the community level and it starts with trust. Amazing interview.

Eliseo – well said and spot on.

I saw the photos of Trump at the cabinet meeting, kind of gloating at the praise he was commanding and it made me feel it (looking at the photos of most of those associated with Trump does that).

But, on a much happier note (and this includes little Abita Springs, LA, known for its spring water and beer) –


made me feel “ill” (computer keyboard problems).

Hybridization sounds like it could be a great step in bridging all of the divides we have these days, and Jupiter’s forward movement in Libra should help 🙂

Meant to say, re the article about Republican mayors moving toward renewable energy, my husband was involved in educating the mayor of Abita Springs, LA, when he spoke at a Sierra Club meeting that the mayor attended.

Janet, slightkc, kiwi,
AMEN Sisters! AMEN!

I’ve been reading climate science since the 1970’s when I was an undergraduate. It is a subject I became interested in when I was in High School in the late 60’s when I had to compete at tournaments as an extemporaneous speaker.

We had to pick a topic literally out of a hat, go prepare for 15-20 minutes, then deliver a speech and sound like an expert.

Often one of the several topics that might be in the hat was “The Politics of Pollution.” But we had to know ALL the topics in detail from A-Z. Over the years, the pollution issue eventually evolved into global warming/climate science.

Although I am a man of the Left, I sometimes roll my eyes at the Left’s lack of marketing ability. Convincing people who do NOT have even a basic science education of the science of climate change seems in some respects a fool’s errand.

Unfortunately, a significant swath of our population will assert that “God wouldn’t let that happen,” or that it is a conspiracy to increase the size of government, and they vote accordingly.

Much better to emphasize the issues which unite us, i.e.

(A) fossil fuels create pollution. Alternative energy sources are better.
(B) Pollution kills us.
(C) That means YOU!)
(D) That means your children and grandchildren.

Addendum to my 12:47 am posting:

Our population exists at least at 6 different levels of ethical and spiritual maturity. For many, climate science and assertions we humans are causing the warming completely contradicts their god-concept and theology. To a great extent people find their sense of meaning through their theology/mythology.

As Viktor Frankl rightly asserted, meaning is more essential than actual survival. Otherwise no one would be willing to die for their beliefs, principals, or country.

Those who deny climate change feel insulted and deeply threatened by the very idea. If they accept the science, their worldview is totally screwed up, and entirely wrong. They deny climate science to avoid cognitive dissonance, and maintain their sense of meaning, without which they would feel lost.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone “sold” on an idea by first being insulted with an implication that every thing they’ve ever believed, the “truths” conveyed to them by their forefathers and foremothers was completely wrong.

I didn’t see your comment. Amen to you too, my sister.

Eliseo… too bad those trapped within their dogma think they understand “dominion over the Earth” to mean do whatever you want — you own it.

In the meantime, they have no idea what is meant by being a good “steward” of the Earth… nor do they care to know, IMNSHO.

Refer to Kiwi’s Bill Herbst reference here:



*Medicaid – seniors need to be very worried. Medicaid pays for care for millions of Americans and cannot be cut.


If President fired Bob Mueller, Congress would immediately re-establish independent counsel and appoint Bob Mueller. Don’t waste our time.


REPORT: 39 State Election Systems Were Hacked By Russia In 2016


Secret Service Says No White House Tapes, Meaning Donald Trump Is In A Whole Lot More Trouble

The Palmer Report
June 12, 2017


Alex, I did hear several anecdotal reports at the time of some people saying their voting registration data had been flipped from D to R or incorrect in some manner so the person had issues with being allowed to vote at all.
I wonder if this is the sort of hacking they were doing instead of the vote machines themselves? And if yes, how widespread?

Maybe that’s why Trump thinks he got more votes – the Russians or the hackers told him it would be so?

Dear Eliseo, You wrote:
“Although I am a man of the Left”
Eliseo, it does not matter in the least, yet in all this time reading the brilliance you bring to our Group, I had always assumed you were a Woman and not a Man. Was it wrong to assume that?

Hi – A newbie here, although a reader of this great blog for several years. I lean left, unquestionably, and watch with fascination from north of the border. We would all like to know how this is going to turn out. In the meantime, it’s a daily challenge to read and watch Mr. Trump and his new government. No point always relying on the media to do one’s research – I’ve started looking at original sources as much as possible, keeping an eye on Donald Trump himself by looking at his Twitter feed (which is precisely what he intends people to do – i.e. bypass the thinking media and appeal directly to people’s emotions and prejudices via Fox etc.). He’s not the first politician in history to manipulate people. I have come to believe, despite the “sad” content of his message, that Donald is doing a masterful job of communicating his message. See his Twitter feed to his hungry base, but other folks can easily access his stuff too – why should they read any more?

• He repeats and reinforces his election message constantly and consistently, about making Am great again & Am first.
• Personality wise, he is a force to contend with, no question.
• Image wise, he is the same man the voters elected, which reassures his supporters and the public at large is getting used to him. Time is on his side.
• He bombed Syria, which makes him look decisive. People overall approve of his military staff choices.
• He had his first full cabinet meeting, which begins to make his administration look legitimate (not saying they will be 100% competent, but they’ll look the part).
• He continues to picture healthcare as a “disaster” and Obama as a failed President. He avoids detailed issues or pro/con (I assume he’s prepared to take a chance on the controversy, not a new thing for him).
• He continues to disparage Democrats and especially the Senate Dems as “obstructionists”. No doubt, they have caused delay (for some good reason, but they did it, not him, so it’s easy to blame them).
• He does not cease pointing out the money he will save – billions, trillions! He’s talking huge tax cuts to come (which will undoubtedly and happily put some $ in pockets of the voting public).
• He does not cease pointing out there is too much regulation, too much government/law, delays on permits for infrastructure etc. (echoes of the icon, Ronald Reagan).
• See the infrastructure video link below – he does a brilliant ploy where he shows 3 permit document binders for an 18 mile road and then dramatically throws them on the floor! No question he is a showman. He knows his audience. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/873353586025132038
• His latest statement on infrastructure plans, June 10, sounds impressive: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/873643935993708544
• Melania is moving into the White House and she & the son will be the finishing touch. Lots of positive press & photos to come.
• The GOP is obviously pleased, or behaving politely. Earlier I thought there would be some kind of breakdown with Trump vs. Congress, but it seems the whole GOP is getting behind him now, or at least falling in line. Even Lindsay Graham agrees with his withdrawal from the climate accord.

In short, I suspect ‘the people’ (who are not the pundits) are going to start believing what he says. That is, if nothing really dreadful happens internationally or economically, and no natural disasters happen. If he can just get past the Russia thing………..

I am thinking of Bill Clinton’s comments in a video where he commented on gun control – when asked why voting Americans don’t insist on gun controls when they overwhelmingly favour it in polls, Clinton pointed out that 70% are in favour of gun control and 30% are against. But the 30% group are committed and organized and they speak out and they all are against, while only 20% of the 70% actively push for gun controls. Therefore, guns win by 10% every time even though the population doesn’t want them. Clinton’s point is that people won’t DO something unless they are really, really, truly committed to action. The 70% are not like the NRA. If they don’t really feel it is that important, they go along with whatever is established by the powers that be. Simple. In the same way, once Trump is established in the public mind (& he’s getting there), he will be counting on the public’s reluctance to DO anything – and that will see him through on immigration, healthcare, the wall, deregulation of industries etc. etc.

Conclusion: I think Donald is catching on. The disastrous first 100 days of his term is past. He’s getting into stride. The videos show him looking much more comfortable (even if it is not believable, it’s there for all to see). I’m not saying he’s a thinker or becoming a great policy maker, but he’s getting the communication part done, thanks to folks like Bannon. His Twitter connection seems to be working and he’s more under control and more directed on camera and, no doubt of it, he’s ‘walking his talk’ on policy. Surprise, he might even know what he’s doing! (I’m not saying he’s right.) He is sounding more “reasonable” in these speeches that are directed to his base & the GOP. He is probably counting on some of the Dems to weaken or even support some of his initiatives as time goes on, especially as he starts looking consistently more “presidential”. Maybe somebody is “managing” him better, but he’s no fool and he’s been in the image business for a long time.

In short, it’s a very bad time for liberal causes. I think the majority of people are not ready for it, but barring some unforeseen crisis, I regret to think he’ll be around for 4 years and the soon-to-be resurrected Dems may have a fight even in the 2018 midterms, never mind in 2020.

Remember Trump’s Promise Not to Touch Social Security? It’s Gone Now:

Last time I checked, I was male, and as my wife is heterosexual, she approves. My students say I remind them of Dumbledore and Gandalf. Small children think I’m Santa Claus, particularly in November and December.

Maybe your assumption was in part based on my perspective. I’ve been a gender equalitarian all my life, a feminist from a very early age. My best friend in High School was female…Shocking at that time. Same for college. I’ve always had about an equal number of male and female friends, young and old.

Also, for astrology purposes I use the name Eliseo, Spanish for Elisha. As an academic, I can’t afford to lose a job over my involvement with astrology. As a former criminal investigator I also have to be careful, having been instrumental in putting a number of “bad guys” in jail.

It is becoming increasingly apparent to me the source of many of DJT’s mistakes in judgement stem from the fact he simply doesn’t understand “straight arrows” like Comey or Mueller who are motivated by idealism, principle, and service to nation or humanity.

Such people to the Donald are opaque, mysteriously weird, and from his point of view, downright bizarre.

Huge fire in 24story apt bldg in London at 3am their time. Horrific. Cant see how firefighters could reach top floors. Pray for those souls who did not make it out.
Not much official news because still blazing.

someone else to keep in your prayers



James Huberty – Villian

DOB 10/11/1942 Canton Ohio (rectified time 11PM)

Cardinal Grand Cross by Synastry
(world stage)

Natal Admetos 16 Aries (10TH House)


Fixed Star Wasat 18 Cancer (1RST House) – July 18, 1984

Wasat * violence: Pluto was discovered when conjunct Wasat in 1930, and Hiroshima was nuked when Saturn was on Wasat in 1945.


Natal Sun 17 Libra (4TH House)


Natal Pholus 17 Capricorn (7TH House)


Natal Jupiter 23 Cancer
Transiting Sun 25 Cancer – July 18, 1984


Just grateful little children aren’t the target of this shooting. Perhaps the tide is changing on gun control legislation, yeah?

In the full moon chart ((June 9) Uranus (27+ Aries) is square the U.S. Pluto (27+ Capricorn) but sextile U.S Moon (27+ Aquarius) and trine the North Node (26+ Leo) and Saturn (24+ Sagittarius) and Pholus – “small cause, big effect” (28+ Sagittarius)

Today the Sun squares Saturn and tragedy strikes the U.S. Legislative body. Today’s astrology is tied to the Neptune-Pluto cycle and its Venus-square-Uranus opposite today’s transiting Uranus which squares U.S Pluto. The unexpected was expected by astrologers anyway and breakthroughs should follow.

Wishing the Republican congressman a speedy recovery.

Sorry, Sun opposes (not square) Saturn today.

Today is Trump’s birthday. The shooting of the GOP baseball practice, especially if it was aimed at the GOP, could be seen as an omen for Trump, given the fact that it happened on his birthday. There is also a waxing Sun/Saturn opposition today through early tomorrow, pointing to grief and loss and a general feeling of upset. The absolute horror of the London apartment fire comes to mind.

I’m hoping the shooting does not become a “Reichstag Fire” moment.

It should not surprise us that someone “lost it” and took a shot at these people. We have a number of “unhinged” people in our society.

I read Scalise is doing OK. I hope I am wrong but I doubt R’s and/or Dems will react constructively and rationally.


Michigan’s public health director charged with manslaughter relating to the Flint water crisis

By Jen Hayden
Wednesday Jun 14, 2017 · 7:02 AM PDT

Elisio–The Reichstag fire was the first thing that came to mind when I heard the news today. I have felt very strongly for the last few weeks that this regime has to do something very distracting that will get the sympathies of many people. Certainly it has bumped the stonewalling AG and the other quartet of stonewallers from last week off the radar screen. It has even bumped all but a mere mention of the London fire off the news. And I feel also, very sadly, that that has to be terrorism.

Since the election I have been reading this blog again. I stopped last spring or summer after posters were really mean to me for supporting Bernie. I am a total idealist–Venus conjunct Neptune in Libra, so to be put down in harsh ways for my support for Bernie and the ideals he represented to me and many others was extremely off-putting. One of my last posts was to express that here in mid-PA, I could easily see Trump winning, based on talking to my co-workers and neighbors. Sadly, that came true. My county gave Bernie the victory in the primary, but went for Trump in the general. Sorry to rehash this, but it was pretty hurtful. Although I must say I have never been accused of being a rethug before–ever!

Not a good day in the world, with the shootings in VA, the UPS shooting in SF, the deaths from mudslides and floods in Sri Lanka, the fire in London….it’s hard not to have a heavy heart.

Well, all the right words are being uttered that would lead to a new attempt for gun control, “mentally unhinged shooter” for example. So far, Ryan and Pelosi are encouraging unity – a good sign that such an initiative (gun control legislation) could take place. Bernie Sanders, for whom the shooter had volunteered during the campaign, has just spoken out against violence.

A word heard often in the media so far today has been “values” and in astrology Venus holds sway over values.

I repeat, Mars was conjunct the U.S. Venus at the New Moon 5 days ago.

Transiting Mars was sextile transiting Venus who occupied the “Chiron Degree” of 3+ Taurus, where Chiron was when he was discovered. Together Mars and Venus formed a Yod to the NORTH Node (3+ Sagittarius) in the Neptune-Uranus cycle chart (1993).

Transiting Venus and Mars at the last Full Moon also formed a Yod to the SOUTH Node in the Neptune-Pluto cycle chart (1891). Neptune and Pluto as well as Neptune and Uranus for heavens sake.

When Uranus was discovered Chiron (who was yet to be discovered) was at 3+ Taurus as well. It leads me to think that there is a trace of Uranus in Chiron; notice how he has followed Uranus by approximately 30 degrees for several years now?

Today’s event engages the energies and purpose of (1) Neptune with Uranus, (2) Neptune with Pluto (3) the Chiron discovery (4) the Uranus discovery . . AND the natal U.S. Venus via the sensitive degree points which transiting Venus and Mars occupied at the June 9 Full Moon.

As well, transiting Pluto is in the same degree of the Neptune-Uranus conjunction chart when that cycle began.

I’ve come to appreciate how astrology is not a static expression of the moment alone, but also acts as a powerful stimulator or enabler or awakener of latent purposes. These purposes – divined by the Universe and explained through combinations of symbols as seen through the charts of their cycles – play out over time.

To me it appears that the Time for a decisive act of U.S. government is ripe and ready to be plucked. If ever there was a topic that could unify a country it would be the reduction of senseless gun violence. If ever a country needed unification it is this one.

Nancy has reminded us that today is Trump’s birthday. His solar return chart has Black Moon Lilith at 13+ Sagittarius opposite Mercury at 13+ Gemini. Solar Return Jupiter in Libra trines solar return Mercury, sextiles solar return BML, while also conjunct U.S. natal Saturn and square U.S. Sun. Trump’s solar return Jupiter also conjuncts Trump’s natal Chiron (heal) and Juno (defender of the disenfranchised).

If Trump could see his way to doing what he says he is so good at – negotiating a deal – he would convince the gun manufacturers/lobbyists that a law requiring mental health background checks for all gun purchases would be to their benefit as well as all normal human beings. The World and the Media would be kinder to him and it would probably boost his ratings too. A win-win for all.

We had a killing at our local(SF) UPS and 3 are dead,

and we now have this, what I have been saying, that we the people, need to understand that Hillary Clinton was the choice for president and it was AGAIN stolen from Democrats and what are we going to do about that?


The news said the shooter of the Congressman, asked if the group on the field were Republican

LG, Today stand out as a terrible day in terms of violence and death. It feels so out-of-control.

I have to believe that there a big case related to Russia with good evidence and I guess they’ll sit on it until they have an airtight case against the coluders,, with related criminal activity, whether obstruction of justice, money laundering, racketeering, violation of the emoluments clause….something’s gotta give and it may be a combination of these things.

barb – Good thoughts, but he is too committed to his base to turn to gun control law now. He is fighting for his political life and we all now that for someone like Trump, that is what matters.

Sharon: I hope for an ounce of patriotic fervor in Republicans to oust the intruders of Democracy and stand for the lost lives that fought to keep our ideals.
President Obama was incensed enough to throw out of the country all those Russian spies when he found they were involved in the hacking of 2016 election. This Trump guy immediately wanted to lift the sanctions after his oath for the office. He is so dirty.

Starlight, I was thinking the same thing — that this happened on Trump’s birthday — could be some sort of sign.

This is so sad:

“Why Republicans want to hide their dirty little health-care bill”


demand transparency in the #healthcare process 1-888-496-4842

I don’t give up on the Universe that quickly Sharon. I believe that we all are here to serve a purpose. As transiting Neptune is putting on the breaks for his station-retrograde he is at his most powerful. It is in these moments that transiting Vesta in Leo is sextiling transiting Jupiter who recently stationed direct and is also very powerful.

Both Vesta and Jupiter are quincunx the stationing retro Neptune in Pisces. It is he, Neptune, who is the Great Deceiver in astrology, he who can be invisible if that serves his purpose. Neptune is being coaxed – if you will – as his position at the apex of a Yod demands that he adjust in some way. Childs play for Neptune, adjusting is his middle name.

But it is the combination of Vesta, she who is to be trusted above all other gods and goddesses, in harmony with Jupiter, king of all gods and goddesses, that beseech Neptune to DO SOMETHING!

In Trump’s solar return chart (SR) Neptune is in the 6th house of service but near the descendent (the Other). It is in Trump’s SR 12th house that the North Node at 26+ Leo (which conjuncts his natal Mars) resides; the house where the ego has little if any say about things. A great deal of Trump’s upcoming year will be reflective soul-searching contemplation. (Neptune, 12th house)

Transiting Vesta in the Trump SR chart is in the 11th house of “friends” and “groups” while Trump SR Jupiter is in the 1st house, but near the 2nd house of personal values. It is Jupiter that provides Trump with a value-oriented wisdom that, with the support of Vesta, will influence (if unconsciously) the Trump SR Neptune, cloaked in a disguise perhaps.

Perhaps Trump – with his natal Saturn and Venus conjunction that straddles the U.S. natal Mercury in Cancer – has what he considers a weakness called feelings. Perhaps this lull in the Media regarding his present problems provides cover for DOING SOMETHING, you know, that brand new SR Neptune being “urged” to adjust by SR Vesta and Jupiter.

I believe the makings of a gesture of goodness is there for the taking and although I don’t have all the game plays the Universe has at its disposal, I DO KNOW that Trump’s SR Moon at 8+ Aquarius trines the U.S. natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini.

I also know that the SR North Node (conjunct his natal Mars) trines the SR Uranus in Aries and the SR Saturn in Sagittarius, a very R A R E event in itself. It would be so easy for Trump to pick up the phone and make a call (natal Mars is conjunct SR North Node in Leo the sign of drama, kids, creativity, etc.) that would get the ball rolling.

Lighten up, we are not alone in this insanity.

Julie, from what I have read I doubt very much if the London fire had anything remotely do with terrorism.

Residents of the building for many years have been complaining to authorities about safety issues – shoddy electrics, non-working fire alarms, etc. etc. There will be heads rolling and a massive investigation after this I bet.
Building was newly renovated and newly installed outer cladding that contained plastic contributed significantly to the spread of the fire. Accusations of local govt corruption regarding the renovation work approved have been claimed. The provider of the cladding has since declared bankruptcy.

Meant to add – The building was built in the 70s and there has been at least one electric caused fire previously.

“The special counsel overseeing the investigation into Russia’s role in the 2016 election is interviewing senior intelligence officials as part of a widening probe that now includes an examination of whether President Trump attempted to obstruct justice, officials said. The move by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III to investigate Trump’s conduct marks a major turning point in the nearly year-old FBI investigation, which until recently focused on Russian meddling during the presidential campaign and on whether there was any coordination between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin. Investigators have also been looking for any evidence of possible financial crimes among Trump associates, officials said.”


Breaking on Trump’s Birthdate:

“Special counsel is investigating Trump for possible obstruction of justice, officials say”

Link provided above.

‘Active Shooter’ Reported At Travis Air Force Base – CBS


According to MSN and other networks, Trump is being investigated for the crime of obstruction of justice. The story just broke on the Washington Post about 2 hours ago…


Right on schedule, Nancy and the rest of us. This should be more than interesting. May the gods give winged speed to JUSTICE.

Marjorie Orr has posted a short piece on the London Fire

Well, Barb, anything is possible, and you sure do bolster your case with astrological support. Maybe, just maybe, Steve Scalise – who is now reported to be in critical condition, and whom Myron ran against in our district about 6 yrs ago (it’s a huge district that is only partly in New Orleans; it’s mostly taken up by another parish – probably gerrymandered) – maybe his situation will make a difference. Of course, I hope he recovers fully. No one deserves this. Either way, maybe it will impact Trump and other lawmakers.

Republican Senators also picked today to stand up to Trump on Russian sanctions. The Senate voted to require Congressional approval before Trump can ease or remove the sanctions.

45 Republican Senators voted in favor. Finally, we’ve found an issue where Trump tried to go to far for Senate Republicans.


I just watched a clip from Rachael from last night saying that Trump’s personal lawyer was heard bragging that he was instrumental in getting Preet Bharara fired because “he felt he (Preet) would be able to ‘get’ Trump”
So the issue that comes to my mind: Trump’s lawyer would likely know if there are indeed many shady money dealings in Trump circles, and did he give trump that advice for the sole purpose of getting the skilled anti corruption bloodhound off the Dictator’s trail?

Not heard anything about his previously, have you? Is this story legit?
“The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact has passed a total of 35 state legislative chambers in 23 states ”

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happ … .

I hardly ever post but I come here often, especially when I can’t sleep. This morning my son was a block away from the San Francisco UPS shooting, in a building that went into lockdown and was surrounded by police, One of the places i came for distraction and sanity afterwards was this page. Odd how engaging and dare I say, comforting, Starlight News can be in trying times.

Eliseo, a while back you asked where I teach. I’m retired now, but I last taught at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley (World Religions and other courses). I enjoy your posts here, and look forward to when you have more time to share about the universe as consciousness.

Trump Stews, Staff Steps In, and Mueller Is Safe for Now

NY Times
June 13, 2017

WASHINGTON — Last month’s appointment of Robert S. Mueller III as a special counsel to investigate possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia enraged President Trump. Yet, at least initially, he holstered his Twitter finger and publicly said nothing.

But behind the scenes, the president soon began entertaining the idea of firing Mr. Mueller even as his staff tried to discourage him from something they believed would turn a bad situation into a catastrophe, according to several people with direct knowledge of Mr. Trump’s interactions. A longtime friend, Christopher Ruddy, surfaced the president’s thinking in a television interview Monday night, setting off a frenzied day of speculation that he would go through with it.

For now, the staff has prevailed. “While the president has every right to” fire Mr. Mueller, “he has no intention to do so,” the White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters late Tuesday.

But people close to Mr. Trump say he is so volatile they cannot be sure that he will not change his mind about Mr. Mueller if he finds out anything to lead him to believe the investigation has been compromised. And his ability to endure a free-ranging investigation, directed by Mr. Mueller, that could raise questions about the legitimacy of his Electoral College victory, the topic that most provokes his rage, will be a critical test for a president who has continued on Twitter and elsewhere to flout the advice of his staff, friends and legal team.



With the timing of this….I can’t help but think:
It’s not far fetched for someone to encourage an unstable person to go take a shot during that Republican Practice session.

Couple Days ago, I had watch FOX pushing a vicious New Tactic: They were Blaming Liberals as the “Hateful Mean Spirited Ones” Last night FOX actually mentioned the possiblity: “Civil War’!

An unhinged guy like that shooter could easily be encouraged over a cup of Coffee. “Hey, you planning to see the Baseball Game on Thursday, the Dems vs. Republicans? Why, you can even watch them Practice Wed morning!

My local Republican said to me just last night:
“It’s people like your Favorite Rachel Maddow who have rabble-roused & fomented hatred within the Liberal Democrats!”
(FOX is freaked they’ve lost Viewers while MSNBC has gained many more new viewers)

Good to hear from you. I’m glad your son is all-right.

World religions is something we have in common. My passion for comparative religion developed as the result of a natural (I’ve never taken drugs) pantheistic mystical experience in 1966 at age 15.

Between the age of 15 & 18 I read the scriptures of the 11 world religions and have taught CR at Unity, Unitarian, Episcopal and other churches. I just finished my gig teaching English at a university here in Texas and am looking for further writing, editing, or teaching work. I hope to return to my wife in WA state within the next several months and continue working there as well.

Universe as consciousness…WOW! It is an interesting question. Is our universe conscious? I would reply yes, at least in the minimalist sense that we as a tiny part of the universe are conscious. In that sense I think we can assert same for Mother Earth.

I think you may also be referring to my hypothesis re: our lost human capacity for magnetoreception as the ground from which our spirituality evolved. This goes back to the Laschamp event 41,000 years ago. My hypothesis connects quite a number of seemingly unrelated phenomena (dots) into a whole picture.

One and only one of those is a possible causal relationship behind astrology, which I believe is a physical phenomena unrelated to what I see as the spurious Jungian synchronicity explanation.

I have an old friend, a PhD biophysicist and inventor who I’ve not conversed with in a while, who I’m sure will assist in the further development (and hopefully testing) of my hypothesis.

If you are interested in more personal correspondence and discussion through email, please let me know. I would certainly welcome your insights.

Yesterday had the Sun opposite Saturn which is currently crossing its natal place in the Inaugural and square Inaugural Mars. I have always said that that square and the minor hard aspect of both planets to the Inaugural Moon is the most important configuration in the Inaugural chart. So yesterday, we had rage of the populace welling up into violence (Mars/Moon) and an obstruction case against Trump (Saturn/Mars), both triggered by the Sun lighting up this Saturn transit to the Inaugural configuration.


I see you mentioned the Lanschamp event. What effect do you think the current magnetic reversal (in progress) may be having spiritually and emotionally. As I understand it magnetic anomalies are happening all over with some areas being more affected that others. If you do take this discussion offline I would love to be a fly on the wall. I believe these things, are all inter-related.

Alex, thank you, that’s great news.

Discussion of these matters is too complex for this website as it involves pages and pages of material. Not enough room in these little boxes!

It is not yet clear whether we are approaching a magnetic EXCURSION, OR a magnetic REVERSAL, or a single unifying anomaly within a cluster of anomalies we are unfamiliar with.

Whether we take this to an email discussion or some other venue is currently up in the air. I’m not sure how many from this blog would be interested.

I just finished some grad work and am now free (at least temporarily) to write up my two major hypotheses, one of which concerns the Laschamp event, magnetoreception, and the development of the cognitive style we’ve used these past 40,000-ish years. More later.

Donald Trump’s Lawsuits Are Unprecedented for a President
He’s been sued more than 100 times since his inauguration.


Thanks Nancy, the Inaugural chart is invaluable for tracking the new administration’s fortunes or lack thereof. I’m so grateful for this perspective and the grounding it supplies us during the days ahead.

alex I thank you too. The more good news we get the better we can weather the times.

In the same way the solar return is the birthchart for the year, one could say that things that happen on the birthday itself are a sort of precursor (omen?)

The angry shooting at Republicans;
the obstruction case heats up;
the GOP vote to curtail (Saturn/Mars) Trump’s ability; to lift any sanctions on Russia.

I think the unraveling has clearly begun. We will have to wait and see if it goes far enough to eject this toxic monster from our innermost core.

It’s said that the wheels of justice grind slowly but grind exceedingly fine. If so, it must be torture for the grains but so much more easily digested by the consumer of grain, wouldn’t you say?

Once the grain is pulverized there is little chance of it irritating one’s system and we will all feel better because of that. Well worth the wait I’d say! No doubt Trump is miffed that so much news overshadowed his birthday event, but yes, I like the “omen” description of his coming year.

Eliseo, count me in as interested in the topic.

For some reason I keep feeling the London fire is important in a symbolic way for Trump and his conservative cohorts too. So close to his solar return. To me the spectre was reminiscent at some level of the burning towers 2001.

Trump’s buddy Theresa May is being heavily criticised for having a photo op with firefighters, but refusing to meet with those affected – will it end up being like GW Bush’s Katrina? – poor people in a rich neighborhood;
Safety revisions to laws, asked for years and years ago, have been stonewalled by the conservatives in control, labeled too costly for business – prior fires in other buildings with similar cladding issues resulted in loss of life back then too, though not as bad; words such as ‘corporate murder’ and government corruption are being thrown about;

“From the list of hires, it’s clear, in fact, that Mueller is recruiting perhaps the most high-powered and experienced team of investigators ever assembled by the Justice Department.”


Just discovered the London Fire cladding manufacturer is Arconic from Georgia, usa
Spun off from Alcoa – good ole boys network.
aerospace + military + automotive + developers

Typical –
The King of incendiary rhetoric tactics, Repub Steve King, now says Obama is to blame for the shooting because he contributed to the political divide.
These people are unbelievable!!!

Reports that Pence is lawyering up

Sassy Grace, Excellent article.
Thank you.


Julie Rovner of Kaiser Health News:

I have covered every major health bill in Congress since 1986. Have NEVER seen anything like this. This is how a party acts when it is ashamed of what it is about to do to the American people.

Yet all it would take to stop this abomination is for three Republicans to stand up to their party’s leaders and say, “No — I won’t do this to my constituents.”
Could the fact that only 49% of Republicans support the AHCA have something to do with it? The legislation is so sadistic that even President Trump called it mean, mean, mean.

But that’s not to suggest a version of Trumpcare won’t pass the Senate.

utterly awesome alex.

Trumpcare Will Hurt People Who Get Insurance At Work


If you thought being in an employer plan would protect you from the evils of Trumpcare, you are sadly mistaken.

Trumpcare V2.1 will impose annual limits on as many as 27 million Americans and lifetime limits on as many as 20 million.

And it’s not just in states with waivers, which is to say your Democratic governor can’t protect you.


Trumpcare sticker shock: You’re going to have to empty your pockets at the doctor

By Joan McCarter
Thursday Jun 15, 2017 · 8:45 AM PDT

It seems pretty obvious that it is transiting Jupiter, fresh from a station direct point that is spearheading the buoyancy in our midst. All this rather confident legal talk stems from transiting Jupiter’s close position to U.S. Saturn and exact square with U.S. Sun.

I think though that it is transiting Vesta, still within orb of their sextile (exact on June 8th) that gives Jupiter the focus he needs to pin down the charges against Trump. The target however was in place as far back as May 17th when transiting Jupiter at 14 Libra 01 retrograde was exacting a quincunx to transiting Neptune at 14+ Pisces 01.

It is the Trump conjunction between Chiron and Juno at 14+ Libra that would be in the spotlight in the following weeks through the combined efforts of transiting Jupiter, Vesta and Neptune.

Tomorrow as Neptune returns to retrograde motion, already in the degree of station that is exactly quincunx Trump’s Chiron-Juno for the last 30 days, as he will retrace his steps back to where he, Neptune, was on February 24th. It will take him ’til late November to station direct. It will take him to the Ides of March, 2018, to get back to where he is at this moment.

It would be easy to overlook transiting Vesta’s role what with the heavy hitters of Neptune and Jupiter in the starring roles, but this is a Yod they form (see June 9 Full Moon chart) and a Yod formation requires 3 planets or points to do its job.

To get an idea of Vesta’s role I looked at the chart for when trans. Vesta finally made her exact conjunction with the U.S. North Node at 6 Leo 36 about 3 weeks ago on May 22nd. The Moon was conjunct Venus in Aries and they both opposed Trump’s Chiron, Juno and Jupiter in Libra. Right away I got a sense of money/values/feelings opposed to family, authority and perhaps some kind of wound.

It was also the time of the U.S. Mars Return, with transiting Mars and U.S. Mars both at 21+ Gemini and only one degree from Trump’s natal Sun. Chaos was there too. Mercury and Hybris were conjunct at 6+ Taurus, square trans. Vesta and the U.S. North Node. There would be hubris or some kind of hybrid thing along with a lot of information and communication that would challenge the U.S. North Node and trans. Vesta in the weeks to come.

There’s much more in that chart that fascinates me but would bore most of you so this is enough to give you an idea of what Vesta has brought to the Yod formation consisting of her sextile with transiting Jupiter, now direct, and their mutual quincunx aspects with transiting Neptune, now only hours from his exact station retrograde.

We might ponder the importance that family seems to play in the Yod described, or the Vesta + U.S. NN contribution that doesn’t corroborate the data (square from Mercury and Hybris); most of all though it is important to remember that it is Neptune in the catbird seat of the Yod; a Yod which is fueling all this flurry of activity.

Neptune can provide divine vision but can also lead you to deception unimaginable. Still, transiting Neptune trines the U.S. natal Sun and somehow I know that is a good thing, a compassionate path leading to a new place.

Next February lots of astro stuff will be happening. Neptune will again exactly trine the U.S Sun, Pluto will have returned to the degree where he stationed retrograde last April, and there will be an eclipse of the Sun (+ Mercury) that will conjunct the U.S. Moon in Aquarius. Much will be revealed to the U.S. Public soon after. Fasten your seatbelts everybody.

Alex — thank you SO much for the info on the “megamovie” about the 2017 eclipse.

I’ve been meaning to check out how much the glasses cost, and probably order a couple for us. But I’ve been so swamped both at work and at home, it had completly slipped my mind. I appreciate so much for you tickling that memory byte for me!

Eliseo and TJ: Count me in as totally enthralled with this type of conversation! It’s right up my alley! Comparative Religion took up a good sized chunk of my Craft 101 classes when I was teaching. I don’t know that some things won’t go over my head, but I’m an avid reader and quick study… and passionate about the subject matter!

Eliseo, TJ, Casey — Not to butt in and be forward or anything, but if needed, I have a PHPBB forum on my website that’s all but dead now, thanks to Facebook. I need to go in and clean out some old stuff and do some general maintenance, but it’s all good… and we can upload docs, etc., for sharing if we want. I can also break the conversation into major pieces with each having it’s own space, so it doesn’t all run together, if that would be advantageous.

Again, just making an offer — no push or undue influence meant.

Kiwi… your post of June 15th at 5:13pm regarding the tower fire…

That hotel in Dubai that went up on New Years Eve used the same type of cladding… and was also listed as a reason the building went up as fast and furious as it did. Being Dubai, I never heard what the aftermath was in regards to costs in lives and wealth, tho.

I know there are others here who read, or are at least familiar with the Tarot. My first thought when I saw a picture of the apartments in full flame was the “Tower” from the Major Arcana. Usually denoting bankruptcy, the loss of everything one has built up until now. To my mind, it underscored May’s step down on the political and ego ladder… and hopefully is a foreshadowing of similar comeuppance to DJT – especially as one can’t think of May without simultaneously thinking of Trump these days.

Just a one-off thought…

slightkc – Heartening to hear I’m not the only one that is picking up on the overall symbology.

I didn’t realize the cladding issues were similar in the Dubai fire. Very interesting.
My cousin lives there with her nz engineer husband. Ill ask her if shes heard anything after the fact next time I communicate with her.

I’m hoping you’ve not misunderstood. The proposed conversation is not about comparative religion per se, but does touch to some degree on comparative mythology, but only tangentially.

I have some ideas I’m developing about the development of our spiritual consciousness relative to a possible diminished capacity for magnetoreception, also tied in with the Laschamp event 41,000 years ago. It involves a good deal of science and may provide some solid explanations for some specific type of paranormal events as well as a possible explanation as to why astrology works.

If we begin to engage in such a conversation I feel it should not be on this site. This is Nancy’s blog, not mine. This blog is for political astrology, not for discussion of consciousness/magnetism.

I’m therefore a bit puzzled as to whether we should proceed and if so; how?

I forgot about the offer of your website. That might be an appropriate venue. What is the address?

Ralfee Finn:


Rachel Brand born May 1, 1973. Her noon Mars 25°Aqu 26′ (on t WH Desc); her noon Saturn 18°Gem33′ (t Sun, Moon, Ura).

Her saturn is on Trump’s sun and opposes his moon. Her mars conj. the U.S. moon so this could be she is a driving force for “the people” of the U.S.

wow – this idea will make some heads spin

Mike Pence’s Fury With House Health Bill Reportedly Brought Grown Men to Tears

Mediaite – ?1 hour ago?

Vice President Mike Pence had harsh words for Freedom Caucus members of the House during a meeting over the Republican health care bill.


UK paper headline “tale of two leaders” contrasts 2 photos and speaks volumes –
PM May protected by police vs HM the Queen talking to victims one on one

steve judd on the fire

Slightkc I love the idea of an ongoing discussion and your offer to use your site. I’m interested in both subjects. Just point me in the right direction.

And whoever mentioned the symbology of the tarot – that was fascinating. So many signs – it’s hard if there are one or two to fully grasp what’s happening but these symbols keep popping up including Nancy’s comment about the birthday being a sign of the year ahead. We certainly do live in interesting times – whether we want to or not.

another bad Omen for Trump?
Navy destroyer USS Fitzgerald collided with a container ship during the night off the south coast of Japan – on the starboard side. Details sketchy, 7 sailors missing. The fact the damage was on the starboard side, indicates the container ship most likely would have had right-of-way. Someone was asleep at the wheel?

Steve Judd gave a great response to a horrible, horrible situation. There really are no words. However, the survivors can use a lot of help. There are now many poor, homeless people who lost children (babies thrown out of windows – what could be more horrible), family members, neighbors and their worldly possessions. I had no idea the apartment block was in the poorest part of the richest section of London, nor that the residents were mostly immigrants. And, Teresa Mae has not given much of a compassionate response – I wonder why.


I have been fascinated by the idea of UBI and if you are interested, here is a very informative and intelligent debate about it on Intelligence squared debates..


Theresa May came from an unusual family:


Elizabeth, thanks. Not heard of it before but I’m with you.
This epitomizes out of the box thinking for todays world! Star trek model – everyone’s basic needs taken care of would not hinder anyone that wanted to excel due to a personal driving passion. Its never been just about following the money for the most successful people in history, its been about their passion.
A-la Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs – to allow people to begin halfway up the pyramid, instead of the bottom, will surely be better for society as a whole.
But, total heresy for today’s top down, dictatorial and narcissistic vulture capitalists of the world!
Details matter, and drivers of the concept will have to be focused and persistent if there is be any hope of it coming to fruition.
Baby steps – providing great education and health care would be a start

Evidence Of Trump Mental Illness As President Screams About Conspiracies At His TV

by Jason Easley
Jun 16th, 2017

Donald Trump is so mentally unstable that he is screaming about conspiracies at his television.

The AP has a very disturbing account of Trump’s behavior, ”Trump advisers and confidants describe the president as increasingly angry over the investigation, yelling at television sets in the White House carrying coverage and insisting he is the target of a conspiracy to discredit — and potentially end — his presidency. Some of his ire is aimed at Rosenstein and investigative special counsel Robert Mueller, both of whom the president believes are biased against him, associates say.”

Trump is out of control rage tweeting, and now he is yelling at his television about imaginary conspiracies that are out to get him. After the use of a cabinet meeting to try to boost Trump out of his depression, it is clear that this administration will never remove Trump from office no matter how crazy he gets.

The stories about Trump’s unstable behavior are virtually a daily occurrence, which makes one curious about the behavior that the American people don’t hear about. Donald Trump never demonstrated stable characteristics as a private citizen, so it is no shock that he would crack up under the stress of the most important job in the world. A belief that there are conspiracies that are out to get you is a symptom of paranoia.

Trump appears to be mentally unwell, and his hold on reality is slipping away more by the day.

Reminds me of the Oliver Stone film Nixon……

Nixon – Fire ’em


An Angry President Nixon Meets With His Cabinet


It occurs to me how absolutely insufferable and dangerous Trump will become if the investigators are unable to find nothing tangible.

oops double negative – should read – unable to find anything tangible.

As I keep hearing little utterances of The Name:
President Kamala Harris!.
Do Astrologer’s see potential in her Chart?

Quite a shock to come across this very strange site while searching Harris’ astrology.

“Lilith in the News: Men Speaking Over Kamala” Harris”http://www.tdjacobs.com/2017/06/16/lilith-news-men-speaking-kamala-harris/

Kiwi, Elizabeth,
As robots and automation gradually take over functions formerly the province of humans, UBI will likely become a necessary norm for the maintenance of society. Although it is an old idea within various theories of “market socialism” it appears its time has come. Finland, Ontario, and I believe India are three places presently experimenting with UBI.

We are gradually creating an economy in which within a few decades only creative, thinking people will be gainfully employed, with everything else done by robots.

Such a society may have a propensity to:

(A) kill off all the non-creative, unthinking folks who have been rendered useless and have nothing to do
(B) implement something like UBI to keep folks from grabbing their pitchforks to go kill off the Frankensteins, i.e. the corporations, their lackeys, and the robots.

The above is dystopic. But UBI may nevertheless turn out to be a good device, hopefully within a more positive plan that leads us in a very different direction from either the A or B scenarios. It could provide the framework for self-improvement and further training and education with which to assist recipients in entering a viable middle class.

Playing ball on a fiery diamond – shocked but not surprised


Marjorie Orr’s new post references the London Fire as May’s ‘Katrina moment’ and the Navy collision as spotlighting deficits in the Trump administration

Kiwi and Elesio

First of all I love Intelligence squared and first heard of UBI when we watched their debate about it. I was a little fascinated that the two debating for were the conservative and the libertarian and the two debating apposed were the liberals. As the debate went on I was completely on board and kept questioning my reaction? But, I understand that there is support for UBI from both the left and the right.

In addition to -“As robots and automation gradually take over functions formerly the province of humans, UBI will likely become a necessary norm for the maintenance of society.”

Here were the points that I thought were the most attractive about the idea:

The idea is that it would replace welfare programs (this was the point the liberals did not like as they felt dollars going to those who didn’t need the money were dollars not going to those who did). Although, I understood their concern, I have long felt that the welfare system (SSI SSDI SNAP) not only segregates the poor and the working poor from the middle class but that it has long been used as a useful tool to keep people divided. This is the principal of why I support universal healthcare and tuition free higher education and I think we would need both of these to be the compliment to UBI to truly get the result we need).

-“to allow people to begin halfway up the pyramid, instead of the bottom, will surely be better for society as a whole.”- exactly.

If I’m not mistaken the midpoints between U.S. Neptune and U.S. Pluto should be 24 degrees and 29 seconds of Scorpio and Taurus. Since I don’t have a way to calculate midpoints except to count on my fingers and because of that I don’t use this tool often (thanks to you who do use it and share), I found this information to be quite awesome.

Trump, IMO, acts as a screen for We The People to project all our loathing and disgust upon. Neptune in the Sibly chart (U.S. birth chart) doesn’t have rulership over any house (its sign is intercepted) which limits his direct influence in this case. However, Neptune would be the way the unconscious projects stuff on to things which then act as symbols of that stuff (loathing, etc).

U.S. Neptune and U.S. Pluto are trine each other, although not the tightest aspect in the chart by any means. Being outer planets they both symbolize the collective nature and representing the deepest part of the collective unconscious (Pluto) and the projecting part of the collective unconscious (Neptune) they are natural teammates in this chart.

We (most of us who use astrology) have agreed that Trump’s likely Midheaven is 24+ Taurus and his IC or nadir is 24+ Scorpio and they are also the half-way points between U.S. Neptune and Pluto. (correct me if I am wrong)

24+ Scorpio (one of the midpoints between U.S. Pluto and Neptune) falls in the 12th house of the U.S Sibly chart and Neptune has a natural association with the 12th house (as well as Pisces). With Scorpio on the 12th house cusp the ruler of that house would be Pluto (and Mars).

Hypothetically then Trump, by nature of his birth time, is a perfect “screen” for the U.S. unconscious to project its inner loathing and revulsion upon. I find this remarkable. I will be watching transiting Jupiter when he reaches this midpoint between U.S Neptune and Pluto in October, 2018, (assuming I am still around and Trump is still around) and thought some of you might find it curious as well.

Sorry to keep posting about the London fire subject, but the modern flawed conservative mindset has me outraged – on both sides of the atlantic.
They spent 10mil pounds to refurbish the building so it would ‘look’ better to the affluent neighbors, for an extra 5K they could have ensured it was fireproof, conservative politicians voted it down. For 200K sprinklers and working alarms could have been installed, but conservatives chose not to address the issue.
Im reminded of a Ben Franklin quote:
“For the want of a nail the shoe was lost,
For the want of a shoe the horse was lost,
For the want of a horse the rider was lost,
For the want of a rider the battle was lost,
For the want of a battle the kingdom was lost,
And all for the want of a horseshoe-nail.”

hope this link will work –
Trump’s 2017 financial disclosure just released.
Position held in 555 enties, mostly corps, partnerships, LLCs, foreign entities;
194 entity assets listed with income amount


Well-stated, Kiwi. Safety & health should ALWAYS come first!!!!!!! It’s maddening when the bottom line ($) is put first and that happens ALL too often.

Barb, what you are proposing with your astrological interpretation seems very likely. Trump may very well go down as the most disliked president in history and I see him taking it and maintaining his mental & physical health…. As for you, you’d better be around in 2018 — we need you 🙂

meant to say, I CANNOT see him taking it — he seems to be near his wits end right now, with articles online about him yelling at the TV set, etc.

Barb, & Sharon,
I keep wondering if DJT in his maddened state will suffer a heart attack or stroke, perhaps in concert with or soon after the August eclipse.

Though he clearly suffers from Dunning-Kruger effect, so incompetent he doesn’t know he’s incompetent, and probably narcissistic personality disorder, all the criticism and hate must surely drive him crazy, drive him into deeper paranoia.
He is so enraged, so completely over his head as president. Makes you wonder how he possibly stumbled into this karma.

Eliseo, like the old Toyota commercial: He asked for it, he got it! Be careful what you wish for. He’s such an idiot — I guess it helps to remember this is all happening for good reason — I hope.

He wanted change in America – ‘only I can do it’
Perhaps he’s right, just not in the manner he/they envisioned.
Sharon, ‘be careful what you wish for’ – indeedy!

Well, we might not have to wait ’til 2018 since the transiting Sun will be at 24+ Scorpio on November 16, 2017, and that might be trigger enuf.

Eliseo, you might be on to something re: the eclipse and Trump in that this November 16th date when the midpoint (I think) of the U.S. Pluto-Neptune trine is joined by the transiting Sun it will be 2 days before a New Moon that will come 3 months after the New Moon eclipse in August.

The November New Moon squares the August eclipse as well as being 2 degrees from Trump’s IC and the above stated midpoint. Also, when the transiting Sun reaches 24+ Scorpio it will trine transiting Chiron at 24+ Pisces and quincunx transiting Uranus at 25+ Aries (who trines trans. Saturn at 26+ Sagittarius who conjuncts the Galactic Center at 27+ Sagittarius).

That may not seem important but it is. These web-like connections reveal the intricacy (and depth) of “plans” that the Universe has set in motion probably long before any of us were born. That’s one reason to believe it could be a karma thing for Trump.

I failed to note Trump’s natal Karma position in his chart but I can tell you that his natal Chaos is at 24+ Pisces and that’s where transiting Chiron will be this November. That’ also where transiting Chaos will be too; a Chaos Return!

I did a chart for when the Sun would be at the midpoint (one of them) between U.S. Neptune and Pluto, which I believe is 24 Scorpio 29. Right now the aspect that I’m most intrigued by is that the nodes will be T-square the U.S. natal Vesta at 19+ Taurus. For the U.S. it appears to be a critical point where decisions must be made but I would not want to hazard a guess at this time.

Of minor interest is that transiting Dionysus (think hard liquor and wild women) will be conjunct Trump’s natal Uranus. Probably nothing.

So Sharon, I guess we (as a whole) needed to be hit with a sledgehammer (Trump) to wake up to what needed to be done to correct the U.S. course. Kinda like the merchant/cargo ship had to turn around and come back to ram the U.S.S. Fitzgerald to wake them up. I’ll stick around if you will!

Barbk, Trump’s natal Karma is 23 Cancer 28.

Because of Theresa May’s muddle, she has told the queen the date of the Queen’s ceremonial speech to open parliament will be delayed.
Now, “The Queen will end up missing day two of Ascot, thanks to Theresa May – that can’t have gone down well”
(Ascot is an event the queen loves and Always attends – particularly if any of her beloved horses are running! Hard to believe at 90 she still rides, albeit a lot more sedately these days)

DPH, is this incredible or what? Trump’s natal Karma conjunct the U.S. natal Mercury is the icing on the cake. Thank you!

I was looking at the chart for the U.S. Mars Return this morning, which is effective for the next 2 years and shows the influences on U.S. Mars energy; how and where it will be utilized. Most notable is that Mars is on the MC, for all the world to see.

Since our country’s Mars is in Gemini, maybe I should say “for all the world to see, hear and read about”.

This Mars Return was sextile the chart’s Moon in Aries which squared the Mars Return Pluto in Capricorn indicating a lot of emotional energy will be released during the next 2 years and it would be transformational in its effect.

Sometimes a chart can be subtle and secretive and sometimes it can be direct and unambiguous like this one. For example: even though this chart’s Moon squares this chart’s Pluto, this chart’s Pluto is trine the U.S natal Vesta in Taurus. So while the People (symbolized by Moon) will challenge (square) the transformative pressure (Pluto), that pressure is supportive of the U.S. common beliefs (U.S. Vesta).

The ruler of the sign the U.S. Mars occupies, Mercury, is, in this Mars Return chart, in Taurus and is square the U.S. natal chart’s nodes, indicating that the thinking, talking, information being thrust (by the return U.S. Mars) into the world (return Mars on the MC) is a way of working through a shift from the “old” ways (U.S. South Node) into the “new” ways (U.S. North Node) That is if all goes as it should.

This Mars Return took place on May 22 when the fiery grand trine between the transiting North Node in Leo, Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius were closely aligned and the Universe was supplying fiery Mars ample ammunition to make its airy (Gemini) points.

Even more revealing is the fact that the U.S. natal Mars has progressed its way into retrograde direction, so while – for the next 2 years – he will be putting on quite a public show (Return Mars on the MC) it will be an internal (progressed Mars retrograde) discharge of energy rather than an outward release. All talk and no show you might say. Full of sound and fury. Quite Neptunian sound and fury as a matter of fact.

In this Mars Return chart Neptune is quincunx Jupiter and quincunx aspects demand adjustment. Since this chart’s Jupiter is conjunct natal U.S Saturn, the adjustment is designed to take place among the U.S. Establishment (U.S. Saturn).

Since Neptune in this chart is trine the U.S. Sun in Cancer and this chart’s Jupiter is square the U.S. Sun, the U.S. Sun (sense of confidence and strength) leans toward Neptunian influences (easy trine) to escape the pressure it will be getting from this Mars Return chart’s challenging Jupiter-conjunct-U.S. Saturn (growth + restriction). Hence Fake News, Opiate Addiction, Spirituality and Hollywood productions are running rampant among the masses.

So who/what better symbol of this timeframe than Trump whose Sun conjuncts the U.S. Mars and whose Karma conjuncts the U.S. Mercury? Well, there is the U.S. Neptune who sextiles the U.S. Mercury and squares the U.S. Mars and Trump’s Sun, and conjuncts the former President’s natal Mars.

Something not discussed here to my knowledge is that this August’s solar eclipse at 28+ Leo conjuncts Obama’s North Node at 27+ Leo as well as Trump’s ascendant at 29+ Leo. I would expect to hear more from the former President in ways contrary to the present President’s bellicose delivery style.

Obama’s natal Ceres (didn’t give up her child without a fight) also conjuncts U.S. Vesta, and both are trined by the Mars Return chart’s Pluto. Put that in your pipe dream and smoke it.


NY attorney general joins 16 states taking legal action against Trump and the GOP on healthcare

By Leslie Salzillo
Saturday Jun 17, 2017 · 8:32 PM PDT

2017 Pluto opposing Its Discovery Degree

When Pluto was discovered on Feb 18, 1930, it was at 17Cn45.

In 2017, he opposes his discovery position for the first time ever since we’ve become aware of him.

Pluto behaves like a mirror before us, showing us the darker side of ourselves and the need to redeem this half.

If I’m understanding correctly, two years of “all talk and no show” “full of sound and fury” Mars activity would seem to infer at least two more years of the Great White Dope, King of Grope occupying the Oval office. Would that be a correct inference?

Pluto opposing its discovery degree.
Fascinating! Really interesting!
Thank You.


Sorry to be out of pocket for the last few days. My kids & co have been up visiting from Arkansas. Just left to go back this morning. My daughter yesterday mentioned she was going to be 42 next year. I nearly fell over… I remember when *I* was telling everyone I was the answer to “life the universe and everything” after turning 42! It does NOT seem that long ago! (LOL)

With all the family stuff, I’ve done nothing on the site, but the URL is http://www.tryskelion.com

FYI: It’s a Pagan site, and has been inactive except as a reference site for quite some time. The forum is a separate subdir from the main site, but you get to it from the main menu.

As I said, I’m more than amenable to changing the forum names, etc. Would just need some guidance as to appropriate descriptors. I’m pretty eclectic, so nothing’s out of the ordinary over there.

FYI: the day after reading our conversations here, I say a piece over at NBC MACH – “Is the Universe Conscious” https://www.nbcnews.com/mach/science/universe-conscious-ncna772956 Seemed pretty telling that it would pop up in the corner of my eye at the same time we’ve been talking similar here.

There are a lot of ways of looking at this concept – from a straight science view to the ways in which it tangentially touches upon the concept of God/dess and racial memory… the latter a particular passion of mine.

I’d love to “hear” yours and TJ’s theories. Casey and I can chime in when we feel we can contribute without taking off into another direction. But the concept is awe-inspiring to me.

Eliseo… I meant to say I’m interested in the science of the concept — but I’m also interested in the Philosophy of it, as well… 😉

I wouldn’t go that far Eliseo, it is a Mars Return showing what influences surround the action of the U.S. Mars for 2 years. Better to look/compare the Inauguration chart and Trump’s natal chart and the Trump solar return charts for the next couple of years to determine his length of stay in the White House.

I don’t see any major challenges to the U.S. Mars energy (other than the chart placement of Borasisi in Pisces opposite the U.S. Neptune in Virgo which is square the U.S. Mars).

However, the Sun at 1+ Gemini is square the out-of-sign nodes so there is a goal of this Mars Return to work consciously (Sun) toward a decision to move forward (North Node in Leo and conjunct Trump ascendant/Mars) and abandon antiquated habits related to the “masses” (Aquarius South Node conjunct U.S. Moon). I’m sure Trump is just the ice breaker part of that goal.

I love that alex. . a Pluto opposition to its discovery degree. Let’s look at that discovery chart. The North and South Nodes (6+ Taurus-Scorpio) form a cross with the U.S. nodes (6+ Leo-Aquarius) and 6+ Taurus is where Mercury was in the recent Mars Return I just wrote about.

The Aquarius Sun, symbol of consciousness, in the Pluto Discovery chart is where the transiting South Node was just last month and where the U.S. Moon is in Aquarius. That Sun in the Pluto Discovery chart will be opposed by the October total solar eclipse in Leo.

Venus and Neptune were opposed while Saturn and Uranus were square on February 18, 1930, and Uranus was in Aries at that time, just as he is now. Mars in Aquarius was sextile Uranus.

Talk about synchronicity; so grateful shared it here alex.


RE: Sun @29 Aquarius

The Sun in the Pluto Discovery chart – opposite – Sun in August 21 2017 New Moon Eclipse

Astro-Databank chart of Celestial: Pluto Discovery born on 18 February 1930

My oops, Sun in Pluto Discovery chart opposite AUGUST not October eclipse.

Right now the Pluto Discovery Moon in Scorpio (ruled by Pluto) is trine the transiting Neptune in Pisces and trine the U.S. Sun in Cancer . . . as if it were all planned (which of course it was!)

oh boy, I wonder what, if any, repercussions this might have …..

“mid june, another finger of god is upon us”

Fathers day in Mr Mueller’s garden
“2018 is when the Augean stables get cleaned out. If I were in Vegas, that’s where I’d place my chips”

Will Trump impeachment proceedings begin in earnest at the time of the July 23rd New Moon?

The July 23rd New Moon (0 ’44 Leo) conjunct tr. Mars (1 ’52 Leo) forms an opposition to the January 20, 2017 US Inaugural charts’ Sun (0 ’47 Aquarius) which in turn t squares tr Uranus (28 ’29 Aries)……….

Earth-Shaking Moments: July-August 2017
by the Astrology for Aquarius website

“……… The Leo New Moon occurs July 23, 2017 at 9.45.35am UT and in this chart the Sun-Moon conjunction – a key marker – is conjunction Mars and square Uranus. And for many countries the house positions of the Sun, Moon Mars and Uranus in their New Moon charts is the same as the house positions of the Sun and the Moon-Saturn conjunction in their Sun cycle charts.

Mars square Uranus in this chart is ominous. Uranus can sign for unexpected shocks that occur with cataclysmic suddenness. And its role in surprise terror attacks or any event where there’s an element of surprise is pronounced. Uranus is the planet of extremists and lone-wolf terror attacks. Pluto is the terror network that provides the lone-wolf with backup support. It’s the planet of fanatics and terror groups. Otherwise Mars is the planet of strife, conflict and violence and any act of violence has a Mars trade mark.

The Leo New Moon cycle chart will influence the proceedings from July 23 to August 21, 2017.

This is a high discord chart. It signs for a very dangerous moment. The Sun, Moon and Mars in house 1 (the people) are square Uranus in house 10 and Mars is the cusp ruler. Uranus – the planet of sudden shocks – in house 10 (the President) can sign for startling revelations about the President or radical-extreme moves by him that cause widespread public anger. Mars – the planet of strife, anger, hate, guns and violence – in house 1 and Uranus – the planet of extremists – in house 1 of the Sun cycle chart indicates that there are extremists who a feeling very hostile. Measures of self-protection are needed.

Significant world events rarely arrive unheralded out of the blue and there are currently a number of ongoing events that could easily erupt into emergency situations. The wheels of discord have already been set in motion. Around the globe the dissension and aggressive rhetoric is escalating, countries are feuding, violence, in its many forms, is a big issue and there’s a war on ISIS, the media and science.



This is all very interesting!


On Pluto

Note: Half of Pluto’s 248 years orbit around the Sun
is 124 years full orbit but ––
–– due to its elliptical orbit this natal opposition will
shorten to 84/85 years for many.

The shortest opposition takes only about 84 years for those born between 1940 to 1950 when their opposition transit hits in the years 2024 to 2034.

Many octogenarians over the next 18 years
will have transiting Pluto opposing their natal Pluto.

Whaddaya think?


WTF Is Going on With the Secret Senate Version of Trumpcare?
Negotiated behind closed doors and primed for fast passage, the Republican bill could ruin your life


The Senate GOP’s secret plan to restructure one-sixth of America’s economy, offer a massive tax cut to the wealthy and likely deprive tens of millions of Americans of health insurance – stripping the coverage guarantees of Obamacare from millions more – could hit the Senate floor for a lightning-fast vote before July 4th.

To me, Trump’s rollback of cuba policy is just another nod to the payback mentality of the mafia, who are still pissed off that castro seized their assets when their puppet Batista was overthrown.

“If you’re a voter sitting at home looking at your newspaper’s front page, it’s possible to have no idea the ‘Trumpcare’ train is barreling down the tracks at you,” Ben Wikler, Washington director of MoveOn, told NBC News in an interview.

GOP Senators are trying to secretly take away health care from 23 million and strip pre-existing conditions coverage from 56 million Americans—to give a tax break to the rich.


Trumpcast is one of my favorite podcasts and this recent episode features a very informative interview with Naomi Klein. Obviously, no astrology to see here, but good info.


Mitch McConnell’s happiness probably put on hold as his natal Neptune, natal Mars/Pluto midpoint, and natal Saturn/Pluto midpoint are interacting with each other as they are with transiting Sun and Mercury and later with transiting Saturn.

“By: Bob on May 11th, 2017
at 5:52 am

The sexual predator’s troubles go into second gear beginning in mid June when his 2017 solar return with it’s Saturn opposite Sun aspect comes in June 14 and his progressed inauguration chart angles sweep it’s Saturn square to Mars on June 18 the same day his progressed natal solar return has it’s Saturn/Neptune midpoint on the IC; followed by his secondary progressed Moon on his secondary progressed Saturn on June 30, the day his secondary progressed Mercury and Pluto are on his progressed MC and his progressed 2017 solar return has it’s Neptune/Pluto midpoint on the IC.”

The above times nicely this months developments so far.

Good to hear that about McConnell, Bob…thanks!

In the chart I use for the GOP transit Saturn is within minutes of arc of a conjunction with it’s secondary progressed Sun but Saturn is retrograde.

After stationing direct it will conjoin that progressed Sun on November 5th when transit Mars is conjunct trump’s secondary progressed Mars and Neptune.

“By: Bob on November 9th, 2016 at 5:47 am

Here is the period of time I think will be very important for Trump and the country. It is a very strong transit of Saturn as it stations on points in the Trump and Sibly charts. Jun 25 through October 10 2017. Saturn to Trumps Sun and Moon (conjunct his Moon and opp his Sun – beginning when 1 degree before through 1 degree after exact [in right ascension) and stationing there just 4 days after the total solar eclipse of Aug 21 that spans the contiguous 48 states, is opposite the Sibly Moon and conjoins Trumps Mars and Asc.. During that time that transit Saturn opposes Sibly Mars and squares Sibly Neptune.”

As a 70ish grey-haired lady who is retired from the civil service I am certainly no astrological expert, but I like to see for myself how things work and have a long-time interest in finance and politics, as well as astrology. I have found Nancy’s discussions to be the most thorough, engaging, balanced and well supported commentaries on the astrological internet. Reading this blog is much more sane than watching CNN on most days! Most of the comments and links are good too, though perhaps not as objective as Nancy’s. As an outsider, I find it fascinating to read about politics in the United States, which unfortunately tends to be too polarized. There is merit in a more evenhanded view. I am not claiming to be unbiased myself, but one should consider both sides.

In particular, I think Trump should not be confused with the Republican administration as a whole. He is rude and crude and he came from nowhere politically, and obviously has not been accepted even by much of his own party. I don’t think it is correct to assume the inaugural chart has to parallel Trump’s own chart. Clear distinctions should be made. Also, Trump’s chart and the inaugural chart are not equivalent to Congress or the RNC. Collectively they are not ‘one’ body and they can potentially have different ‘fates’ while participating in the same events (and disasters). This is important when considering Donald Trump’s personal future (as to possible impeachment etc.) vs. the outcome for the Republican party, never mind the broader issues of left vs. right in US society. It is not good either to get depressed, or even apocalyptic, based on (Neptunian) double speak. The charts don’t support that approach.

Looking at the charts, I think Donald Trump will survive through his term (only one term). I don’t believe he will be impeached or leave office until his term is up. The Republican party, on the other hand, may have a rougher time of it in the long run, but in the short run, I am inclined to think they will win the House at least in 2018 while Ryan and McConnell are in charge. I don’t see that the Democrats will have enough strength when they are so fractured. I think Trump himself will bear the brunt of his own unpopularity, as Nancy described in her May 21 and June 6 posts, but the Republicans might even win in 2020. I would like more comments from Nancy on the RNC while they control Congress.

From Nancy’s April 14 post:
“……This is a devastating series of aspects (for Trump) particularly as they parallel the long Saturn transit to the US Mars/Neptune square from July 1 to early October. Essentially, the country will be struggling and very upset over something, as well as feeling some significant losses, and Donald Trump is being blamed.”

From Nancy’s May 21 post:
“As for Trump himself, he is also under excruciatingly difficult transits, building in May and June with the Saturn quincunx to natal Venus (25Cancer44) and natal Saturn (23Cancer48), but intensifying as of late June when transiting Saturn moves to oppose his Sun (22Gemini56) and station on his Moon (21Sagittarius12) through mid-October, followed by a repeat of transiting Saturn quincunx natal Saturn and then Venus through November 12. In addition, his progressed Moon will be conjunct progressed Saturn (2Leo42) June 25 to July 21……All of this describes a time of great frustration, turmoil, and profound stress, with his every move blocked or criticized or both.

With the August 21 solar eclipse just outside of a degree orb of Trump’s Ascendant (29Leo53), it is possible this extraordinarily difficult period will end with his resignation from office, likely with a deal not to prosecute. If however, he survives into December, we may be stuck with the unfolding degradation of our country and the destabilization of our government and our place in the world for a few more years.”

On the natal chart level, let me say that Donald Trump’s chart is powerful. He has been a winner all his life, an icon of American success, and it is reasonable to expect that he could pull it off again. Even when he has been unsuccessful, somehow he still has come out on top and winning the Presidency and holding on to it would be consistent with that. According to traditional astrological practice, a person’s character should be judged from the chart as a whole (errors, please let me know!):

• Natally, Trump has a stationary Jupiter and a stationary Neptune, which gives his luck and his image a long life span (progressed). He has been remarkably lucky and famous, but on the whole more famous than lucky, I think.
• He has Sun (22Gem) in the 10th house of rulers, opposing Moon (21Sag) in the 4th of home and real estate. A Sun/Moon opposition can mean a lot of ‘light’ is cast on both a person’s public and personal affairs, which for Trump is true. He is ambitious and a home body too.
• He has an exact trine aspect between Uranus (17 Gem), the disrupter, in the 10th of rulers, and the planet of good fortune, Jupiter (17 Lib), in the 2nd of personal resources (money). It is natural for him to upset people, as well as reward them. He has made an exceptional amount of money (Jupiter), and sometimes lost it too (Uranus).
• He has a group of aspects in the 21-26 degree range between Moon, Sun, Saturn, Venus and Mars. These planets are intimately intertwined in his chart – if he is suffering a loss, then all can be affected, but if he wins, he can win “biggly”. Alternatively, the planets may offset one another and either make the situation more acute, or cancel out the effect. It is hard to predict how such complex interactions might work out.
• He has Mars (26Leo, drive, ambition) on the Ascendant, conjunct the fixed royal star, Regulus, which predicts spectacular success and reputation, but it can also bring a spectacular fall from grace. His Mars on the Ascendant is ‘out of bounds’ which means he tends to go overboard and impatience and angry outbursts would hardly be surprising.
• His natal North Node (20Gem48) sits on his Sun/Uranus midpoint, which shows that his actions will tend to be decisive and innovative (for better or worse). He likes to start things.
• He has 5 planets in cardinal signs, which means he prefers action first, talking next (4 planets in air) and details and practical matters not very much at all (0 planets in earth).
• He has 3 close midpoints that involve natal Saturn (23Cancer) in the 11th house (professional associates) with the outer planets (pressures externally imposed). These midpoints are Saturn to Mars/north node, Pluto to Mars/Saturn, and Ascendant to Saturn/Neptune, which indicate that Saturn can impose limits, except that Trump’s Saturn is conjunct Venus (25Cancer), so Venus offsets the restrictions with some indulgence – he gets off easier.
• He has Neptune (5Libra/air) without classic aspects to other planets except a separating square from Mercury (8Cancer/water). Mercury in a water sign indicates his focus on emotions. This fits his ‘out of the ether’ tweets and prior scandals. The Neptune is not tied to reality other than in talk, which fits his career in TV.
• Interestingly, Trump’s natal Midheaven (24Taurus18) is very close to fixed star Caput Algol (the Medusa / 25Taurus28 in 1950). His career is tainted with scandal and his executive decisions (10th house) would tend to be defiant of authority or outright defiant of social convention, especially as the cusp of the 10th is square his Mars on the Ascendant. The effect of the star Algol is supposed to be that the person may ‘lose his head’ – traditionally it meant to actually lose it, or have it cut off, but the current interpretation is that it may not mean violence in the physical sense. Whichever way it is expressed, Algol tends to indicate betrayal – some overwhelming or seductive, disruptive influence comes into play and the person is frozen in place and damaged in the process.

None of the above indicates Trump would resign, be impeached or otherwise dispatched from office – certainly not without a major fight given the strength of his natal chart. He is a product of his times and may be an agent of change, but that does not mean he is the devil incarnate or the saviour of the nation, either. As several people on this blog have said, perhaps he is ‘meant’ to be here.

Here (3 of 3 posts), I’ll make a few points about the August 21 eclipse and also refer to Mitch McConnell’s chart.

According to Stars Over Washington, McConnell was born February 20, 1942, time unknown, using noon in Tuscumbia, Alabama: http://www.starsoverwashington.com/2010/03/mitch-mcconnell-feb-20-1948-sun-in.html.

Like Trump, Mitch McConnell also has a conjunction aspect to Algol. In Trump’s case Algol is conjunct the midheaven (career) and thus his Algol is in an open state (all to see). McConnell has natal Algol conjunct Uranus at 26 Taurus (house position unknown), which is trine to Neptune (planet of deception). It is possible, therefore, that McConnell’s influence is much harder to pin down or see at all. As well, Saturn is conjunct McConnell’s Uranus at 22 Taurus . This makes the Algol area of McConnell’s chart very sensitive regardless of the house position. At present, progressed Uranus and Saturn are conjunct at 29 degrees Taurus and trine to McConnell’s natal Neptune at 29 Virgo – thus, even more closely linked than natally.

Next, looking at the 2 natal charts together (with Trump’s more accurate chart in the centre), it interesting to see that McConnell’s natal Uranus is conjunct Trump’s Midheaven, both within orb of Algol. Also, McConnell’s Uranus is exactly square to Trump’s natal Mars/Ascendant (26Leo), as though Uranus can be a prod to get the Mars into action. Trump and McConnell together may be more dangerous combined than either one alone, but being the President, Trump is the one that people pay attention to and fight against. As Nancy pointed out, Trump will take the blame for anything that goes wrong, but meanwhile, McConnell and the RNC will use him. Not quite the way the executive branch is supposed to work, but politics is a rough sport.

When both natal charts are progressed to the solar eclipse date, August 21, 2017, it is interesting to note, too, that Trump’s prog. Saturn (2Leo46) and McConnell’s prog. Pluto (3Leo34) will be conjunct, on top of Trump’s prog. Midheaven (2 Leo). As well, McConnell’s prog. Mercury (3Gem) will sextile both the Saturn and Pluto, making it appear that communication will flow easily from McConnell to Trump. Following along will be McConnell’s progressed Venus (01Aries) trine Trump’s Midheaven (2Leo). It appears things will hum right along between them at the time of the eclipse. So, it could be said that McConnell does not hesitate quietly to disturb the order of things when it suits his purpose and that Trump will be the one under pressure from McConnell, not the other way around.

Also, with reference to the Saturn transit to Trump’s natal Moon (21Sag), this aspect first hit on December 30, 2016, goes retrograde on August 20, and then goes direct again on August 31. It will not be around long much longer after that, and not long enough to see Trump out the door if he were to be ousted because investigations take too long (years). Trump’s progressed Uranus (21Gem) is in opposition to the transiting Saturn (21Sag) and happens to be conjunct his Sun/North Node midpoint (also 21Sag). The midpoint appears to be a place of strength, not weakness, in a chart, so I don’t think the Uranus surprise (which has been hanging around in the progressed chart for some time) will be enough to unseat him.

Lastly, with reference to Trump’s natal North Node (20Gem), on August 21 he will have transiting Mars sextile the node, as well as Jupiter trine the node. With 2 such easy aspects to the node, I don’t think any harm will come to him from Mars.

If Putin has evidence of nefarious doings with Russia by trump, especially collusion to fix an American general election, he could possibly force trump to stay in office hoping the investigations do not reveal the connection. (I do not expect findings to favor trump as hard as he is working to stop the investigation).

If collusion by trump is exposed, he could be impeached, and convicted by Congress and convicted of crimes against the United States in a court of law. Both actions could take until January of 2020 (not even to the end of his elected term when Pluto and Saturn, along with the Sun and Mercury, oppose his natal Saturn*) to complete as they would not be concurrent to each other.

That would be a long period of extreme stress and not likely helpful to trump’s overall health. More golf cart rides?

Trump, his oath of office, and the Republican party are separate entities but they are without a doubt intimately connected.

The planetary triumvirate of Sun, Saturn, and Pluto strikes the charts of all of them most directly on January 13, 2020. Opposite trump’s natal Saturn, conjunct his progressed inaugural MC, and conjunct the party’s natal Jupiter and progressed Mars.

*In addition to the direct transits the midpoints of transiting Sun/Neptune, Saturn/Neptune, and Neptune/Pluto oppose trump’s natal Mars/Pluto midpoint on that day in January.

Randy Bryce is a U.S. Army veteran, cancer survivor, and union ironworker in southeast Wisconsin who’s ready to mount a serious challenge to House Speaker Paul Ryan for WI-01.

Yesterday Bryce released a video announcing his candidacy and it is a grand slam. The video focuses on health care, featuring his own mother, who suffers from multiple sclerosis.


continued – Randy Brice, WI

“Let’s trade places. Paul Ryan can come work the iron and I can come to D.C.”

E-mail today from U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin’s (D. WI) re-election campaign:

Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D. WI)

I’m about to walk to the floor of the Senate and tell my health care story. For weeks, I’ve been hearing from Americans about their health care and how much Trumpcare could devastate their families. Well, I’m adding my voice to theirs and holding the Senate floor to speak out against the GOP’s secretive health care plan.

It would mean the world if you joined me. Sign our petition to speak loudly and tell the GOP to come out from behind their closed doors!

You may not know this, but when I was 9 I got sick. I got really sick, and I was in the hospital for months. Luckily, I got better.

However, my problems weren’t over. I was branded with the words “pre-existing condition,” and in those days it meant I couldn’t get health insurance on any plan at any cost.

My grandparents, who helped raise me, sacrificed greatly to provide me with care, and they had to live with the uncertainty that haunts those who are one sickness away from disaster.

Here’s the important thing about my story — it’s not just mine. Families across America have experienced this exact same struggle. They’ve sat at their kitchen table at night and worried that an injury or ailment could leave their family destitute. They’ve sacrificed to pay out of pocket costs. They’ve lived with the incredible fear that a lack of health care creates.

That’s why when I got to Congress it was one of the things I knew I wanted to tackle. I am particularly proud that the Affordable Care Act has two provisions I championed fiercely. The first allows children to stay on their parents’ health care until they are 26. The other is the guarantee of coverage for people with pre-existing conditions — people like me.

Now, the Senate GOP is meeting behind closed doors and planning to rush through legislation that could gut those protections as well as cut critical funding for programs Americans need to survive.

That is absolutely wrong.

We have work to do to make health care more affordable. But the way forward isn’t locking one party in a room to write a bill, refusing to hold public hearings, and then pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes by voting as quickly as possible.

I’m headed to the floor to tell my story and keep up the fight for affordable and accessible health care.

I need you with me in this fight.


Put your name down to tell the Senate GOP to conduct their business in the open, because we aren’t going back.

Wish me luck,

Guns Are Now The Third-Leading Cause Of Death Among Children

An average of 19 children die from gunshot wounds or are treated in hospital emergency rooms every day.


This is interesting.

The most profound gap between Clinton and Sanders supporters wasn’t about policy
The argument was about whether the political system is rigged.


“At the end of the day, even if the basic prescriptions were broadly similar — a higher minimum wage, more stringent regulation of banks, higher taxes on the rich, more subsidization of higher education and health care — the diagnoses were in some ways diametrically opposed, with Clinton seeing a beneficent American establishment threatened with disruption by the unruly forces unleashed by Donald Trump and Sanders seeing a fundamentally fallen nation in dire need of redemption.”

“Those thematic and atmospheric disagreements plague the party to this day in part because the diagnosis that the political system as a whole is rigged — as opposed to the GOP just being bad — plays as an indictment of many leading Democrats, a diagnosis they naturally reject. On the other hand, with Democrats now almost entirely locked out of political power, it may be much easier going forward to unify around a dark message than it was in 2016 with Obama in the White House.”


Most Americans have at *most* one “choice” for high-speed internet.

Ending #NetNeutrality is a terrible idea. https://goo.gl/fm9FPe


Thanks for the response, Bob. I heard recently that the President cannot be indicted while in office (sorry I don’t have a reference – it was mentioned in someone’s interview on TV & I can’t find it). Congress would have to impeach him first and actually remove him from office. If that is true, then it would be in the interests of Trump and the Republicans to keep him “safe” in office as long as possible while they carry out their legislative agenda, regardless of whatever errors or crimes may have been committed as to Russian interference.


Alex, thanks for posting the clip of Randy Bryce. I am so impressed with the tone.

Happy Solstice All

Georgia 6TH special election

MSNBC Georgia analyst

living in district 14K health care workers and likely another apx 12K living in the district who work in the 5th district

healthcare is an issue in the special election

Call your senators through the switchboard at 202-224-3121.

Urge them to vote NO on Trumpcare.

Georgia: Special Election



Egads Bob, you’re right! Even transiting Neptune in Pisces will square Trump’s natal Uranus in Gemini in January 2020. At the lunar eclipse on January 10th the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto are opposite Trump’s Saturn (+ Venus) and the eclipsed Moon. The eclipsed Moon opposite Sun and Mercury exactly form a T-square to the U.S. opposition between Chiron in Aries and Juno in Libra. This intervention to the U.S. natal opposition is more important and transformational than what happens to Trump himself I believe.

Transiting Chiron will have recently crossed into Aries and still be at the “Aries Point” making the healing-wounding activity a world-wide consciousness raising event; evolutionary in its effect.

That lunar eclipse chart has Jupiter conjunct the transiting South Node at 8+ Capricorn opposite Trump’s Mercury (conjunct the North Node) at 8+ Cancer, suggesting there is an opportunity for him to perhaps do the right thing as 8+ Cancer is also the midpoint between the U.S. natal Sun and natal Venus.

Georgia State Senator Vincent Fort is the Whip of the Democratic Caucus

I write this post for my fellow Georgians who live in our Sixth Congressional District.

As the Democratic Whip in the Senate and a twenty-one year veteran of state government, I know Karen Handel. I served at the Georgia Capitol with Handel when she was Secretary of State and on Governor Sonny Perdue’s staff, and I dealt with her as a member of the Fulton County legislative delegation when she was our County Commission Chair.

This is not a run-of-the-mill politician we are talking about. This is someone who uses positions of power to target the people we as defenders of justice represent and fight for. You’ve undoubtedly heard the ads about how Handel badly damaged the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s fight against breast cancer because she played politics with its funding of Planned Parenthood.

Let me tell you that incident isn’t the only time Handel has abused a position of power to advance her political interests while hurting real people. As someone who has fought against Georgia Republicans’ attempts to roll back voting rights, I can tell you that Handel is among the toughest foes of those who want to make sure every eligible citizen has fair access to the ballot box. As a proud member of the largest state Black Caucus in America, we’ve taken notice.

As Secretary of State, Handel fought so hard against voting rights that she was found by the United States Department of Justice to have violated the Voting Rights Act! It was one of the recent low points in Georgia’s sad history of violating our citizens’ sacred right to vote with discriminatory laws and regulations.

Specifically, Handel was found by DOJ to have started a program that illegally purged people from the state’s list of eligible voters – including people who were without question eligible to vote – because of a flawed system of “citizenship checks.” Handel abused her authority as Georgia’s chief elections officer to deny illegally the right to vote to eligible voters – voters who, not surprisingly, were overwhelmingly people of color.

So if you live in the Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District, or if you have friends or family who do, make sure they get out to vote for Jon Ossoff.

The last thing this nation needs is another Republican Member of Congress who will use her power to target the people that we progressives fight for. Based on her history as Secretary of State and at the Komen Foundation, we know what she’ll do. Do the right thing, friends in the 6th – Georgians are counting on you.

Bernie Sanders + Elizabeth Warren


Disappointed that it looks like Ossoff lost. I guess a lot more will have to happen before the country turns against the Republicans. All of the special elections were close, however.

The Closed Mind of Mitch
by Robert G. Kaiser


Rachael segment tonight regarding circumstances surrounding rico case and trump connections involving ties with Italian and Russian mafia money laundering

It will be interesting to see if any significant voter suppression claims come forth/are substantiated regarding the Georgia election, as Greg Palast was reporting in the run-up period.

One day, when this is all behind us, and Canada has done us the supreme sacrifice of friendship by annexing us for a spell until we’ve regained our sanity, I predict that the primary delivery device for the virus that drove us mad in 2017 will not be reckoned to have been Donald Trump but, rather, Mitch McConnell, a carrier of the creeping death.

It was McConnell who best saw the opportunity inherent in the process of installing an arrogant dingbat at the head of the executive branch, and it is McConnell whose personal politics were as cruel and venal as they had to be to take advantage of it.

What he’s trying to do to the healthcare of millions of Americans should be enough to send him to hell on a bus ticket. And, as we see from The Hill on Monday, it’s actually getting worse.


The U.S. has the worst rate of maternal deaths in the developed world, and 60 percent are preventable.



The message that gave Handel the Georgia special election (she painted Ossoff with the hated republican boogeyman Nancy Pelosi plus raise the specter of Georgia outsiders funding Jon Ossoff)

another Handel campaign media message that worked against Ossoff:


Trump made robocalls for Handel and they delivered the same message as Handel’s media message…. Handel was WELL PRODUCED…..

continued – Karen Handel

President Donald Trump called Democrat Jon Ossoff a “tax-raising pro-illegal immigration Democrat” who will work to thwart him in a robocall released Friday supporting Republican Karen Handel in Georgia’s 6th District race.


The 90-second call is the latest move by Trump’s administration to help Handel as recent surveys, including an Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll published Friday, show her trailing the 30-year-old former congressional aide in the June 20 runoff.

Senator Chris Murphy – on Trumpcare


From an article in today’s NYT’s:

“In a nation where politics have grown pitched and sclerotic, fighting brands online suddenly feels like the most effective political action many of us can take. Posting a hashtag — #deleteUber, for instance, or #grabyourwallet — and threatening to back it up by withholding dollars can bring about a much quicker, more visible change in the world than, say, calling your representative.”

TAKING ANOTHER APPROACH: Fighting The Well Known Serenity Brand For 12-Step Recovery:

I am no longer accepting things I can not change. I am changing the things I can not accept.

Suspicious Activity By Russian Operatives:


#TrumpRussia … Treasury department documents released when Ron Wyden drops hold

By annieli
Tuesday Jun 20, 2017 · 10:50 PM PDT


Former Homeland Security secretary says Russia tried to ‘compromise voter registration databases’

By Mark Sumner
Wednesday Jun 21, 2017 · 9:53 AM PDT


This Republican Bill Could Ruin Your Life

“WASHINGTON — President Trump has managed to turn America First into America Isolated.

In pulling out of the Paris climate accord, Mr. Trump has created a vacuum of global leadership that presents ripe opportunities to allies and adversaries alike to reorder the world’s power structure.
His decision is perhaps the greatest strategic gift to the Chinese, who are eager to fill the void that Washington is leaving around the world on everything from setting the rules of trade and environmental standards to financing the infrastructure projects that give Beijing vast influence.


Trump Is on a Collision Course With Iran

The United States can’t defeat ISIS without first reckoning with Iran’s nefarious role in Syria.

June 20, 2017”

President Donald Trump called Democrat Jon Ossoff a “tax-raising pro-illegal immigration Democrat”

“The message that gave Handel the Georgia special election (she painted Ossoff with the hated republican boogeyman Nancy Pelosi plus raise the specter of Georgia outsiders funding Jon Ossoff).”

“Trump made robocalls for Handel and they delivered the same message as Handel’s media message…. Handel was WELL PRODUCED…..”

Yep…no surprise, there, Alex. This shit is still working and now a cop is stabbed in Flint, MI by someone who said something in Arabic.

George Laikoff is definitely right. Republicans know how to appeal to the amygdala, the primative part of the brain, and are brilliant at it — and I’m sure purging so many off the voter roles helped a lot. The people of this country are going to have to hurt a lot more before they wake up, but, as Laikoff says, making reasonable, logical statements, backed by statistics, is not going to help the Democrats.

voting rolls, I meant –


whomever is D-leader will be demonized like Nancy Pelosi… the D’s have to be WILLING TO DO
what their base needs and wants – if they expect to win Congressional authority…

The R’s are willing to DO what the R- base wants, to HURT the people they don’t like…..

As a group of 13 Republican senators—all of them both white and male—continue to craft in secret their version of a major healthcare overhaul bill, a new analysis shows these lawmakers have received approximately double the amount of campaign contributions from the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries than their Senate colleagues who have been so far excluded from the process.

According to Maplight, a watchdog that tracks campaign spending, those chosen by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to draft the Senate’s version of Trumpcare legislation have collected, on average, $214,000 from companies that will be directly affected by major changes to the nation’s healthcare system. That compares to an average of just $115,000 bestowed upon members not participating in the closed-door negotiations. Four of the 13 have received more than $300,000 from the insurance and pharmaceutical industries between November 2010 and November 2016, the timeframe covered by the analysis. Both McConnell and Sen. Orin Hatch of Utah have received well over $400,000 during that time period.


The link posted by Alex (12:02 am as posted) has a short article that is an excellent read. Thank you!

It is a commentary on McConnell’s book and the way he rose up politically (not exactly hewing to truth and the welfare of the common folks of the nation). An architect of the current US political situation.


This is so upsetting to see them bashing Nancy Pelosi. When Women Leaders are so far and few between! Women have been held down for so long. We should be encouraging Woman to Run for Office!
“Some Democrats are starting to turn their ire toward Nancy Pelosi”


When the voters, who have for the past 20 years been brainwashed to adopt a certain mindset by the FOX in the chickenhouse, is it any wonder, still, they are able to be fed a load of hypnotic trigger words so they behave according to plan?

The Summer Solstice chart – when set in Washington DC – has Ceres near the IC (root) at 21+ Gemini, conjunct the U.S. Mars at 21+ Gemini. U.S. Mars, and therefore summer solstice Ceres (effective June 21 through Sept. 22) find a voice in Trump’s natal Sun at 22+ Gemini, and all are square the U.S. Neptune at 22+ Virgo.

For most, the 1st word choice to describe Gemini is communication; for Mars the 1st word might be force and for Ceres the 1st word is usually nurture or possibly grain.

This solstice chart set for Washington DC could then be said to have a nurturing of communication at the base of its existence and that base is fortified by the force of the U.S. Mars and the consciousness of Trump’s Sun. They are opposed by Saturn in retrograde at 24+ Sagittarius.

All the above then, solstice Ceres (at the root of the solstice), U.S. Mars, Trump’s Sun are challenging (or being challenged) by U.S. Neptune at 22+ Virgo. U.S. Neptune would be harder for me to pick just one word as descriptive of its meaning so a combination of the words “drugs, escapism, faith, confusion, dissolution” might best convey the meaning(s) of Neptune. Neptune is a higher level of energy and is aimed at the collective consciousness.

Facts are part of the picture for both Gemini and Virgo; Gemini gathers them and Virgo puts them in order. If the nurturing Ceres in today’s solstice chart supports the U.S. Mars which is supported by Trump’s Sun will, for the next 3 months, be confrontational with the U.S. Neptune the cacophony of facts will be deafening and most likely misconstrued.

Because the total solar eclipse on August 21st will fall during today’s new solstice reign, and remembering that today’s solstice features Ceres conjunct U.S. Mars, then her position in the August eclipse chart, opposite the degree of the eclipse chart’s Pluto, might be shouldering more influence than would seem obvious. The obvious (to me anyway) might read as “grain” vs. “uprooting”.

Astrology can be confusing to many due to it’s multiple meanings for any one symbol. Several events can be attributed to a single aspect between 2 or more planets and I believe that’s possible with Ceres this summer.

While I still hold that extreme weather will be one expression of the eclipse
(based on the Leo Solar Eclipse-sextile-Eclipse Typhon in Libra-both quincunx [adjusting] Eclipse chart’s Chiron in Pisces, aka a Yod who will square Pholus or “small cause big effect”),
there could be more than weather associated with its Pluto opposite Ceres.

For some months transiting Pluto in Capricorn has been in a trine aspect with the U.S. NATAL Vesta in Taurus and now, in this August total Solar Eclipse event, transiting Pluto will also trine TRANSITING Vesta in Virgo.

This Vesta in the Solar Eclipse chart will be high (have a visible effect) in the eclipse chart for DC and very near the MC, and she will sextile (cooperate with) the eclipse chart’s Ceres in Cancer who will be opposite Pluto. Vesta’s key word might be invested.

These 3 planets in the Eclipse chart (Vesta, Ceres, Pluto) and the U.S. Vesta, when combined, form a Kite pattern (a grand trine with a 4th planet opposite one of the trine planets). This Kite will affect only the U.S. A grand trine is powerful and almost unstoppable and, in this case involves transformation and investment, investment, investment.

I believe that transiting Ceres, starting today at the Summer Solstice, in her capacity to nurture, and in her role in the August eclipse grand trine, is enabling the U.S. to maneuver its natal combative Mars-Neptune square, punctuated by Trump’s natal Sun conjunct U.S. Mars . . . .

. . . into reforming attitudes, as well as legislation, that has to do with facts that can be voluminous, confusing and misleading, regarding such things as health care law, opiate addiction, and foreign relationships (all under the jurisdiction of U.S. 9th house Neptune in Virgo).

Contrary to common sense, I believe Trump, “by accident”, could be a tool for the Solstice Ceres in Gemini. Such is the power of the Universe. It’s not exactly “interference” so much as “guidance” but when Neptune is involved it might also be “allurement”. With Pluto it might also be “fear”.

Nonetheless, I do think it is in the best interest of the human race to allow the process to unfold and at least reserve our final judgment of the events that will take place over the summer of 2017, better yet, until the 3rd and final exact trine between Saturn and Uranus in November.

By then Saturn will be back at 25+ Sagittarius and direct, Uranus will be retrograde at 25+ Aries and Jupiter in Scorpio will T-square the U.S. natal nodes (north in Leo, south in Aquarius) and that will require a decision to move forward or languish in decline. Transiting Venus will be conjunct Jupiter. There is reason for hope.

Sharon, you wrote: “George Laikoff is definitely right. Republicans know how to appeal to the amygdala, the primative part of the brain, and are brilliant at it”

Could you please post the Laikoff link you’re referring to? The Amygdala is the Republican FEAR-FACTOR Part of the brain that differs from the Liberal Brain.
(That may be the key to reaching the RightWing)

Patty, I think it’s more complex than just the amygdala per se – many in politics (of all stripes) are behaving as cult followers aka tribe members – so I believe the question is more, how does society go about deprogramming followers from their version of ‘dear leader’ and regain independent, reasoned thinking?

A good comment from the Georgia election:

“This Democrat is not demoralized at all. This was an allegedly safe GOP seat, and Ossoff ran a really competitive race. He forced the GOP to outspend him by a factor of 2.5. Talking about being “demoralized” is like complaining the GOP did not turn San Francisco red during Trump’s campaign. Lots and lots of silver linings in both the Georgia and South Carolina races. And the centrist Democrat did just fine in last week’s Virginia gubernatorial primary. So, not demoralized at all. The word is “resolute.”

Here ya go, Patty.


I agree, Kiwi, that it’s more complex, but it all seems to come from an extreme need for security & safety, and for using aggression as a defensive or retaliatory tactic — all drives that would match the reptile part of the brain which I think is what the amygdala equates to.

A good way to look at yesterday’s election, Ja. I hadn’t suspected the Republicans outspent the Democrats to that extent.

Great article Sharon. Thanks for posting!!!
And Patty, thanks for prompting.

If they focus on you, they fear you.
From that above link: “While demonization of Pelosi has for years been a staple of congressional races — in 2010, Republicans drove a bus around the country for a “Fire Pelosi 2010″ tour — Democrats were particularly concerned by Republicans blunting Ossoff’s favorability by invoking Pelosi at every possible turn.”


“Exactly how red Georgia 6 is matters, both for forecasting who will win and for interpreting what the results of the special election mean. Yes, Trump barely squeaked by Hillary Clinton there, but most other Republican candidates — presidential and House — have done much better. Tom Price, who represented the district in Congress until he resigned to become Trump’s secretary of health and human services, carried it by 23 percentage points in 2016. Mitt Romney beat Barack Obama there by the same margin in 2012. We know from past House elections that our best bet for measuring the political lean of a district is a weighted average2 of the last two presidential elections, with the most recent election weighted a bit more. By this weighted average, Georgia 6 is about 9.5 percentage points more Republican than the nation as a whole. (That is, if there were a tie in the national popular vote, a Republican would be expected to win Georgia 6 by 9.5 points.)”

Nancy Pelosi progressed Neptune today at 173°49′ squared by transiting Saturn now at 263°34′. Next natal Neptune at 174°50. She is a seasoned warrior and knows that the elections are some 16 months away, plenty of time for the GOP to trip themselves up and the winds will change.

If they focus on you, they fear you.

From that above link: “While demonization of Pelosi has for years been a staple of congressional races — in 2010, Republicans drove a bus around the country for a “Fire Pelosi 2010″ tour — Democrats were particularly concerned by Republicans blunting Ossoff’s favorability by invoking Pelosi at every possible turn.”


“Exactly how red Georgia 6 is matters, both for forecasting who will win and for interpreting what the results of the special election mean. Yes, Trump barely squeaked by Hillary Clinton there, but most other Republican candidates — presidential and House — have done much better. Tom Price, who represented the district in Congress until he resigned to become Trump’s secretary of health and human services, carried it by 23 percentage points in 2016. Mitt Romney beat Barack Obama there by the same margin in 2012. We know from past House elections that our best bet for measuring the political lean of a district is a weighted average2 of the last two presidential elections, with the most recent election weighted a bit more. By this weighted average, Georgia 6 is about 9.5 percentage points more Republican than the nation as a whole. (That is, if there were a tie in the national popular vote, a Republican would be expected to win Georgia 6 by 9.5 points.)”

Nancy Pelosi progressed Neptune today at 173°49′ squared by transiting Saturn now at 263°34′. Next natal Neptune at 174°50. She is a seasoned warrior and knows that the elections are some 16 months away, plenty of time for the GOP to trip themselves up and the winds will change.

Mitch McConnell’s happiness probably put on hold as his natal Neptune, natal Mars/Pluto midpoint, and natal Saturn/Pluto midpoint are interacting with each other as they are with transiting Sun and Mercury and later with transiting Saturn.

Mars/Pluto 27°46′ Gemini (88°08′ RA)

Transit Saturn opposition 268°08′ – Dec 5th, 2017

Saturn/Pluto 28°13′ Gemini (89°04′ RA)

Transit Saturn opposition 269°04′ – Dec 12th, 2017

Neptune 29°13′ Virgo (179°49′ RA) Transit Saturn square 269°49′ – Dec 18th, 2017

(Secondary progressed Neptune at 178°07′ for all 3 events)

The RNC suffers with him. It’s secondary progressed IC on December 18th will be at 316°12′. Transit Neptune/Pluto midpoint at 316°37′ will be on it. Natal Sun/Saturn midpoint 87°19′. Transit Sun at 266°56′ will be opposite.

trump’s secondary progressed IC at 124°39′ will have progressed Saturn at 125°09′ and natal Saturn/Pluto midpoint at 125°02′ on it.


“This would ordinarily permit her to force Trump to testify under oath as part of her pre-trial discovery, and also demand that he produce relevant but still secret documents,” Banzhaf writes. “If she wins, Trump may be forced to face her attorneys in pre-trial discovery, because the U.S. Supreme Court has held that even sitting presidents are not immune from civil law suits.”

Los Angeles Times:

Senate Republicans Promise To Unveil Obamacare Overhaul Thursday, With Votes Expected Next Week

The Republican leader can spare only two GOP votes from his slim 52-seat majority for passage, presuming Vice President Mike Pence would cast the tie-breaking vote.

Pence and Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price both attended the Republican senators’ lunch Tuesday in a show of support. 6/20)

You can say one thing for California’s initiatives aimed at stemming fossil-fuel-driven climate change: They have the ability to drive conservative politicians from oil, gas and coal states batty.

There’s no other explanation for the overheated and borderline hysterical letter issued this week by attorneys general (and one governor) from 13 such states, threatening to sue California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones over his Climate Risk Carbon Initiative.

The initiative, which requires insurance companies doing business in California to disclose their investments in fossil fuels, yielded a searchable public database that went online earlier this year.


Thought I’d look up a birth time of for the Affordable Care Act /‘Obamacare’ to see if anything shows up in a chart, curious to see if a final demise or an extension show up. An old article in the Washington Post discussed the lengthy process:


The pdf document link has a time for the passage of the bill in the House (after the Senate). The last go-round was in the Supreme Court in June 2012, but setting that aside as well as the signature by the President (which were after the battle in Congress), the time given for the last vote at least reflects the end of the conflict between the parties in 2010.

Page 166/167 of the pdf says:
“House bill 4872 finally passed in the Senate on March 25, but even then the legislative history of House bill 4872 did not end. Prior to the Senate vote, the Parliamentarian had advised that there were two points of order against two minor provisions in the student loan portion of the bill, and these had to be struck from the text.291 This meant the Senate could not pass the exact same legislation as the House, and the bill would have to be returned to the lower chamber for its approval. This then created more legislative history as the bill was immediately reported back to the House, which had been kept in session specifically for this contingency. The House Rules Committee generated another rules resolution, House resolution 1225, setting House bill 4872 back before the House for a vote to concur with the version that emerged from the Senate. Only ten minutes of debate was allowed. Finally, at 9:02 p.m. on March 25, the House voted to concur with the Senate on House bill 4872, allowing it to be forwarded to the President, who would sign it into law.”

Scanning the 2010 chart, maybe it’s not quite over for Obamacare, yet:
• Transits of the outer planets, except Uranus, are presently retrograde and not near, or in aspect, to the rulers of the angles (7Scorpio Asc/Taurus Desc / 14Leo MC/Aquarius IC).
• The 6th, house of health, is ruled by Mars. It has natal Venus and Mercury in it at 16 & 23 Aries. They haven’t made it up to the 7th cusp, although Venus has progressed into its own sign, Taurus, which tends to give it more strength.
• Uranus rules the Aquarius IC (4th, the end of the matter) from natal 27 Pisces in the 5th – natal Uranus in the 5th house of entertainment and children is a rather speculative birthplace for legislation that is as important as the ACA – no question the Dems were taking a risk!
• Uranus is now at 27 Aries in the 6th by transit and won’t catch up any time soon to progressed Mercury or Venus in the 6th. Uranus goes Rx on August 3 and direct again in January 2018. Revolution delayed?
• Natal Moon is at 9Leo in the 9th and has progressed to 24Scorpio59 (close to Algol) in the 1st. It is not near a contact that clearly says the game is over. Progressed Moon will square natal Neptune and Chiron in the 4th in about 2-1/2 months (end of the matter then?).
• Natal Saturn (old ruler of the 4th(again)/ Aquarius) is at 0Libra24Rx in the 11th. It hasn’t moved or changed direction by progression. By transit it is now at 23Sag59Rx in the 2nd (of money /insurance?). It is presently in retrograde motion semi-sextile to the progressed Moon, but will go direct on August 25, just after the eclipse. Saturn will inconjunct natal Venus in early July (which rules the 7th of opponents), which may mean gloves come off.
• Mars is the ruler of the Asc, at 1Leo30 in the 9th, and at 3Leo by progression. Co-ruler Pluto is at 5Cap and 18CapRx by progression. Eventually, Mars will progress to meet natal Moon at 9Leo, MC at 14Leo, but that will take time. Mars by transit is presently at 11Cancer in the la la land of the 9th house of legal matters, not in aspect to anything, but trines natal Jupiter (15Pisces), squares natal Mercury (16Aries) and will conjunct progressed South Node (16Cancer) at the end of June. When Mars conjuncts the node, it will also oppose PlutoRx. A situation at cross-purposes…

Nothing seems really imminent, resolved or ended. I may be missing it. Although they are trying for passage of the new healthcare act before the summer recess, maybe Congress will have to do more wrestling with Obamacare before repeal and replace can happen (?).

is anyone good at translating political rhetoric specifically trump-speak:

I don’t want poor in charge – Trump (telling audience Iowa that he wants wealthy for his cabinet positions)

I’ll translate: this is 2020 campaign speak to evoke identification ( “I like” limbic brain reflex)

creating right brain image of – what’s good about trump as president is cabinet

… he is pro-actively creating immunity to the inevitable campaign criticisms for 2020 presidential election

“We submitted 86,419 voter registration forms. There are 46,000 of the folks that we’ve registered who have made it, and 40,000 of them are missing.”

Georgia 6TH (special election)


The Republican Thieves Who Stole Health Care


Paul Ryan is not being honest with the public.(MSNBC appearance topic Trumpcare) ~ Rep. Ami Bera M.D.


WATCH: Amy Goodman on CSPAN’s Washington Journal this Saturday, June 24 at 9am ET

‘spooky’ connection between Russian hacking and GOP voter data


Trumpcare even meaner


capping Medicaid = death for the disabled

Capitol Building DC Today

Senator Elizabeth Warren:

Trumpcare Is About Blood Money: it is a tax cut for the wealthy with the lives of Americans


should read



Senator Elizabeth Warren – A Woman’s Leader

should read:

Senator Elizabeth Warren:

Trumpcare Is About Blood Money: it is a tax cut for the wealthy PAID FOR with the lives of Americans

MSNBC commentator (didn’t catch her name) ssaid that supporting Trump is like hugging a suicide bomber….Trump is a liar

CA. Congressman commenting on Republican majority in congress as ” our time in hell “

“In short, the inner gesture of the American government and its supporters has become one of selfish grasping, distrust, and spite, and the soul sickness of Donald Trump is rapidly becoming the soul sickness of the nation.”

Says it all, doesn’t it? You nailed it, Starlight. It is now clearly evident. We must see, and soon an agreement between Democrats and Republicans remembering and acting upon the our “fundamental and unifying” identity.

Beowulfie, if it helps you there is a chart I got from someone here at Starlight (maybe Nancy) that I printed out on June 24, 2012! It is from Astrodienst titled Health Care Reform and they use Tuesday March 23, 2010, 11:55 am, Washington DC.

This chart has 2 Cancer 56 ascendant which conjuncts the U.S. (Sibly) chart’s Venus at 3 Cancer 06. The MC is 11 Pisces 18. The Moon at 5 Cancer 32 (on asc) opposes Pluto at 5 Capricorn 22.

Venus in this chart is the key, literally, in that it is conjunct the U.S. Chiron, both at 20+ Aries. Alongside Venus in this chart is Eris, Pandora, and Hermes the trickster.

Jupiter is near the MC at 15 Pisces 18 very near where transiting Neptune stationed recently. Trans. Neptune will get to 15+ Pisces next April. This chart’ Jupiter is trine the U.S. Sun in Cancer.

Also of note in this chart is that the North Node at 17 Capricorn 50 is where trans. Pluto was this past January, where he will be in in July and August, and after stationing direct Pluto will return to conjunct this chart’s North Node in late October, all of November and the 1st week in December.

Because the 1993 conjunction between Uranus and Neptune took place at 18+ Capricorn that cycle is influential on this chart’s North Node and transiting Pluto is stimulating that degree area at this time. Also, transiting Uranus is stimulating the degree where the Neptune-Uranus chart’s Ceres was, 28+ Aries, and she was opposite Jupiter at 26+ Libra.

The U.S. Pluto then, At 27+ Capricorn, is feeling the vibrations of transiting Uranus in Aries, the Neptune-Uranus conjunction chart’s Ceres in Aries (and Jupiter in Libra), not to mention the 1891 Neptune-Pluto conjunction chart’s Uranus at 27+ Libra.

With 2 very long-term cycles between outer planets being activated at this time there is pressure on the U.S. Pluto to give way to progress. Personally, I am watching for when transiting Chiron reaches Aries, and specifically, when transiting Chiron reaches the degree of the Sun in the Obamacare chart I’ve been using, which is 2 Aries 55. That will happen in 2018-19.


“It’s part Obamacare-replace, part sweeping-Medicaid-overhaul. At roughly 10:45 am this morning, Senate Republican leaders posted their 142-page health care proposal. (Read the full bill here).

It is, notably, a “draft” bill, meaning that now Republicans will negotiate among themselves before an expected vote next week. “We’re going to make a lot of changes over the next seven days,” South Carolina Senator Tim Scott told reporters.

But this is the key starting point.”

There are some perilous days coming up for the ACA next week but I will not post them. Not willing to possibly give the Right any information.


“Simply put, if there’s a chance you might get sick, get old, or start a family – this bill will do you harm.”

Sister Simone Campbell, executive director, Network Lobby for Catholic Social Justice:

This bill is a crass political calculation carried out by 13 white, male senators who are out of touch with the realities of millions of ordinary families in every state.”

“The ‘plan’ unveiled by Senate Republicans today continues to be un-American. Their mission is clear: the GOP wants to push people off of health care coverage in order to give more tax breaks to the very wealthy.

Thank you Sharon! What grabbed me was the Amygdala Factor. Conservatives are very, very easily scared! That’s the way to beat them! We should be creating radio/tv Ads showing examples of lack of healthcare. Many Boomer RightWingVoter’s haven’t a clue how GOP Leaders are giving Huge Tax Cuts in place of our Healthcare to the Rich.

Re Jon Chait,

One example…but it’s all over the internet:

Some fun news in the midst of gloom:
English boys wear skirts to school to protest not being allowed to wear shorts during the English heatwave


This was the piece I meant to post:
Why the GOP’s “Senate Health-Care Bill Won’t Be Getting Much Nicer”


Note the quotes from my son Gordon in this article:


Thanks BarbK for your comments and the birth time you found. I dug into the timing of the Obamacare signing, which has bugged me because I could not find a precise source. I found a You Tube video of the ceremony and it gives a time span – from time 0, Biden’s remarks are first, then Obama starts speaking at 7:19, and says “we are done” at 26:49 minutes. A report by ABC News says their coverage started at 11:15am. Presidency.ucsb website gives a start time for Obama’s speech at 11:29am (assuming this is right). If so, 11:29am + (7:19min to 26:49min =) 19min, 30 sec = the signing was done at 11:48:30am. That is close to the 11:55 time you gave from Astrodienst, but my chart puts Uranus right at the MC instead of the Sun, which feels right considering the controversy. It does suggest that overturning at least some of the legislation is built-in.

“This is going to take a little while. I’ve got to use every pen, so it’s going to take a really long time. [Laughter] I didn’t practice. [Laughter]
[At this point, the President signed the bill.]
Note: The President spoke at 11:29 a.m. in the East Room at the White House….H.R. 3590, approved March 23, was assigned Public Law No. 111-148….etc.”

There is also an article by Liz Hargreaves in the UK, which uses 12:00 noon.


If my 11:48am derived time is accurate, the ascendant is 14Cancer34, Moon at 6Cancer in the 12th. The 12th house Moon feels right because so much is hidden and the people were/are definitely mystified by the whole process. There is a grand square (wow!) between Moon, Saturn, Pluto and Sun, with Uranus on the MC at 26Pisces56. Moon also opposes Pluto in the 6th house of health.

Neptune is conjunct Chiron at 27/28 Aquarius in the 9th of legal matters. I agree the future Chiron into Aries transit is significant and will probably drive everybody batty. Also, there is a Yod from Mars in the 1st and Saturn in the 4th pulling different ways on the Neptune/Chiron – quite a combo!

Saturn is in Libra, ruled by Venus (money) in the 12th. Comparing this chart to the USA chart that Nancy uses, Neptune and Chiron are conjunct within 18” to the US Moon in the 3rd, indicating great uncertainty from the beginning and given how slowly those 2 pass by, it will be a mess for much too long. Maybe the Democrats will be happy to do cleanup duties later.

I agree, too, that Venus is the key. Obamacare’s progressed Moon is now at 21Libra in the 4th, opposing Mercury and Venus in the 10th (executive decisions) and Saturn is at the cusp of the 4th, 0LibraRx, ruled by Venus. Venus rules the 4th (home/the people/end of the matter). Progressed Venus is at a critical degree, 29Aries, about to go into its own sign, Taurus and into the 11th house of associates/members. A new phase is indicated, but whether it is ‘the end’ for Venus is not clear (to me, anyway). Once Venus is in the 11th, it will square progressed Mars at 2Leo in the 1st. Mars is in trine to Uranus in the 9th.

Round it goes, more action to come, but I note that Moon (people) and Jupiter (benefits) are in their own signs and are the final dispositors of the 11:48am chart. This would say that the people and the justice system will sort it out via votes and decisions, which means neither Dems nor Repubs backroom deals will get the last, last word. It will take a while, but patience is a virtue!

No time to do more (holidays), but it looks like an on-going battle, not a clean replacement by a new Act very soon. We’ll see! Bfn…

Comment from NYT’s on Trump’s Iowa Rally:

“Six thousand people in Iowa are not America. He lost the popular vote by 3,000,000 votes…I would like to see him face a rally of those 3,000,000 folks. The man is not merely unpopular with the majority of Americans, he is vilified, ridiculed, and despised. He is hatefully bigoted and filthy rich, which seems to be enough for his followers, and if he wasn’t rich, he would merely be hatefully bigoted and filthy. Which is what actually appeals to his followers. Why such resentment of educated, compassionate, and thoughtful governance? I am beyond disgusted with my fellow Americans who abide this display.”

Trumpcare red alert (Call now)

CallGov.us: a simple tool for calling your senators and representatives


Dear MoveOn member,

Call Republican senators at 844-432-0883

Sen. Murkowski, Alaska
Sens. Flake and McCain, Arizona
Sen. Cotton, Arkansas
Sen. Gardner, Colorado
Sen. Collins, Maine
Sen. Heller, Nevada
Sen. Portman, Ohio
Sen. Capito, West Virginia

Sen. Schumer – (202) 224-6542
Sen. Gillibrand – (202) 224-4451

The Last Word

Paul Ryan’s re-election opposition

Randy Bryce – ironworker who wants to trade places with Paul Ryan

His district: people not being heard by Paul Ryan; health care is #1 issue in his district

Hey, I admire your passion regarding the Obamacare chart as to the exact time and can totally relate. Your reasoning is quite sound and quite thorough. You obviously love and trust astrology as much as I do and many others here. Thanks for sharing your work Beowulfie.

I especially like that you noted the Mars-Saturn sextile that forms a Yod to the Neptune-Chiron conjunction (+ U.S. Moon and Pallas) highlighting the fact that it is the People that will have to do the adjusting. Perhaps the People are putting enough pressure on Congress (did you see the people in Mitch McConnell’s office here in Ky?) to satisfy that Leo Mars-sextile-Libra Saturn need for adjustment.

Also, the Sun-Saturn-Moon-Pluto grand cross in the Obamacare chart makes it one of the most difficult charts I’ve come across – ever. My heart though, tells me the now transiting Pluto conjunct the Obamacare North Node is the ultimate (symbolic) decider as they both trine the U.S. Vesta in Taurus.

A little note to add to the Obamacare’s Uranus at 26+ Pisces is that the asteroid Industria (think Big Pharma and the insurance companies) was also at 26+ Pisces. Right now transiting Industria is at 13 Sagittarius retrograde, and conjunct the U.S. ascendant. To me this suggests that the business end of the health care industry is pulling the strings of Congress, especially the Senate, right now.

“Syria is now under explicit attack by the armed forces of the U.S., Turkey, and other NATO states. Sixteen countries have combat aircraft buzzing around Syrian airspace under the effective command of the United States, and a number of them have attacked Syria’s army.

Americans, and certainly self-identified “progressives,” have to be crystal clear about this: American armed forces have no right to be in Syria, have no right to restrict the Syrian government from using any of its airspace, or to prevent it from regaining control of any of its own territory from foreign-backed jihadi armies.”


Starlight – excellent article and site that your son commented on – thanks.

Was surprised to learn about this recently:

“Why doesn’t the government know what’s in your food? Because industry can declare on their own that added ingredients are safe. It’s all thanks to a loophole in a 57-year-old law that allows food manufacturers to circumvent the approval process by regulators. This means companies can add substances to their food without ever consulting the Food and Drug Administration about potential health risks.”




“…the data I collected on when Obama signed the health care bill was March 23, 2010 at 11:57 am in D.C. If I remember correctly, I watched it live and noted the time. I just did a search and see that Dean at Tyl’s site noted 11:55 am.”


“Still unsure about the time of this chart ( signing of the Health Care Bill) I watched and wrote down 11:55 am. ??”

“Vedic/Western Astrologer Curtis Burns weighs in on his article about this Bill:

an analysis of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act signed by President Obama at 11 57 am in Washington, DC on March 23, 2010.”

Trumpcare is a Real Killer


TrumpCare, or RyanCare, could cause the deaths of as many as 19,000 Americans a year through a lack of health insurance coverage.

That’s based on calculations by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT), and the National Academy of Sciences.

It will also lead to a sharp spike in medical bankruptcies as the uninsured pay for coverage on their credit cards.


Senator Bernie Sanders

Dear MoveOn member,

This weekend, I am partnering with MoveOn and going back on the road to visit states where there are Republican senators who can and should vote against the effort by Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell to throw 23 million people off of health insurance and, in the same bill, give huge tax breaks to multinational corporations and the rich.

They call it a health care bill, but how can it be a health care bill when it throws 23 million people off of insurance, cuts $834 billion from Medicaid, and defunds Planned Parenthood? God knows what the implication of this legislation will be on our children, the elderly, and those of us with chronic illnesses.

It is literally insane. I have a hard time understanding what kind of world these guys are living in sometimes.

This is a bill that impacts a sixth of the American economy and touches every single American family. Yet until this morning, they kept the bill secret, kept it hidden. And now, in the last possible second, they are going to rush it before the U.S. Senate to get a vote.

We’re going to be visiting Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia on Saturday and Sunday. If you can, please show up.

BarbK, thanks for adding your comments. The point you make, about Pluto the ‘decider’, is pertinent. Pluto isn’t nice (Greek name, Hades ‘the pitiless’). He’s an underworld guy and what he does is not seen in daylight – distinctly undemocratic! Power behind the scenes and all that.

He abducted Persephone, who represents the life force, and caused great hardship and famine for the people until Zeus’s wife and Persephone’s mother, Demeter, got furious. She forced Hades to let Persephone live above ground for 6 months every year. It got the spring and harvests to come back, but that much of a compromise in health care would be too much of a bad thing! Some female Demeter-type power is definitely required to inject a conscience into the politics (i.e. shame) and uphold the social contract.

On the connection to Vesta/Hestia – she was the keeper of the hearth fire and a peacemaker who swore to be a virgin forever and was rewarded for it by Zeus with the first victim of sacrifice. Well, it’s a good thing she’s there because SOMEBODY has to be decent and keep the faith. Apart from the myth, I haven’t done much with asteroids. However, other advanced countries have functioning health systems and perhaps the US could use a little sacrifice to get the healthcare thing settled for good, though sacrifice isn’t exactly a fun gig.

Ask Nancy Pelosi in a month or 2, who is probably going to get pushed out in a nice sacrificial sort of way. Which is all fine and good if the Dems could find an equal to replace her. She will be a tough act to follow and like Vesta/Hestia she has feelings for people. Anyway, the poor should not have to be the sacrificial victims!

2017 global peace index:
Of 163 countries USA has fallen to 114th place; NZ has risen to 2nd best -Iceland is best.

People with disabilities will pay for the GOP’s Medicaid cuts

The Hill (blog)-Jun 21, 2017

What does Medicaid have to do with independence? For millions of Americans with disabilities, the answer is clear.


Alex, the left needs start adding biblical quotes to their media arsenal – matthew 25: 40-46

Mitch McConnell Beat Polio As A Child Thanks To Government Healthcare




“…the data I collected on when Obama signed the health care bill was March 23, 2010 at 11:57 am in D.C. If I remember correctly, I watched it live and noted the time. I just did a search and see that Dean at Tyl’s site noted 11:55 am.”

“Still unsure about the time of this chart ( signing of the Health Care Bill) I watched and wrote down 11:55 am. ??”

“Vedic/Western Astrologer Curtis Burns weighs in on his article about this Bill:

an analysis of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act signed by President Obama at 11 57 am in Washington, DC on March 23, 2010.”

Trump doesn’t want poor people in his cabinet. He wants Trumpcare to literally exchange poor peoples’ lives, by vastly cutting Medicaid health care, to pay for a monstrously big tax cut for his wealthy cabinet members:

Trumpcare Exchange: Blood Money

Poor peoples’ lives for the cabinets’ walloping, immensely outsized tax cuts

Senator Elizabeth Warren- Trumpcare

This bill does not represent our values,” Warren said. “This bill is not who we are as a country. We believe that healthcare is a basic human right, and we will get out there and fight for it.”

Randy Bryce wants to trade places with Paul Ryan.

“Paul Ryan can come work the iron and I can come to D.C.”


His appearance on ‘The Last Word’


Dan Coats, … Trump seemed obsessed with the Russia probe and repeatedly asked him to say publicly there was no evidence of collusion … .

How many can swing on the gallows at the same time?

I forgot to use quotes before Dan and after … .

Thanks, Bob, for the further notes on the Obamacare signing time. There is a bit of play in the time because Obama used about 22 pens to do his signature (see this cute video, ~3min). Maybe some astrologer out there actually watched for the precise final moment and will come forward with a first hand verification? It makes such a difference to either have Sun or Uranus right at the MC.


Dear Nancy, How proud of your Son you must be! Please tell him I send thoughts/prayers for his brave/honorable mission improving our Nation.

Elizabeth Grace:




Beowulfie, I DO enjoy your comments and your enthusiasm regarding this Obamacare chart and the entire U.S. health care topic. In simple terms (least complex) I said Pluto was key because money is key; particularly the “shared resources” (ie. tax payers money) of the U.S.

All the haggling among elected officials regarding health care law is about where will the tax-payer money go; to rich people (tax breaks) who back politicians, to health care corporate interests via lobbyists, toward lowering the U.S. (government) debt, tosupporting the poor who can’t afford medical care – all have their champions. Those champions are often corrupt elected officials who are either interested in lining their own pockets or keeping their jobs.

Corruption is what positive Pluto seeks out and exposes. Negative Pluto symbolizes what drives individuals to become corrupt.

At the time (whenever it was on March 23, 2010) transiting Pluto at 5+ Capricorn was opposite the U.S. natal Jupiter at 5+ Cancer. The transiting grand cross at the moment of the signing of the health care bill gives us a symbolic picture of the clashing energies that formed its structure; Sun near the Aries point opposite Saturn in Libra at the Great Attractor, square the Moon in Cancer on the U.S. Jupiter opposite Pluto in Capricorn.

It’s late in the thread; perhaps we could delve into the study of these combative energies and how or where they have manifested at a later time.

Protester: Mitch McConnell Thinks Disabled Americans Are ‘Better Off Dead’

Police arrested 43 people with disabilities at McConnell’s office yesterday. Here are some of their stories.


Turtle man, used a gov’t program, Paul Ryan lived on government aid growing up. Paul eats at the public trough, and is a Republican and puts down those liberals because they are tax and spenders. The money they themselves use(d).

Our elections are being stolen from under our noses and getting all the deplorables running the country. I have not stopped weeping for America.

Randy Bryce wants to trade places with Paul Ryan.

Bill Hyers, who worked on Barack Obama’s campaign and ran campaigns for New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, has signed on to Bryce’s campaign, according to The Wall Street Journal. So far, he’s been successful. The Washington Post reports the campaign raised $100,000 in the first 24 hours after the ad was released.

According to Payday Report, a site that covers unions, Bryce already has endorsements from the Milwaukee Building Trades, former House candidate Rob Zerban, and state Senator Chris Larson. And Bryce tweeted on June 22 that he had two more endorsements, one from his own union.


I believe John Boehner said they won’t repeal ACA, they will fund it, which was killing it. It was the R’s who don’t want a healthy society.

They are conflicted, and play games with people’s lives. If we don’t fix the ballot box, we are going to help them in their dastardly deed.

Im suspicious of this new movement against Nancy Pelosi, egged on by Don the Con.
That’s what they want – keep the dems fighting among themselves and creating false scapegoats with their superpac ads. They HATE strong effective women, and the dems seem to be falling hook line and sinker for the blame game dog whistle!
United we stand, divided we fall

“They HATE strong effective women, and the dems seem to be falling hook line and sinker for the blame game dog whistle!”

Amen Sister! Misogyny and age-ism are certainly components of this. Also, Dems are looking at the glass and perceiving it as half empty rather than half full. The fact these recent special elections were so close in red areas should brighten rather than darken our perspective. The future is ours if we stay smart, take a broad perspective and don’t lose heart.

An interesting assessment on Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election and how the Obama administration chose to discreetly tackle it…..

This, Right Here. This Is Where Obama Choked.

The American people had damn near an absolute right to know this information.

June 23, 2017


alex, thanks for the Elizabeth Warren quote; again another plug for U.S. “values” as we closed a luminary cycle and began a new one Friday night.

Transiting Mars in June 9th’s Full Moon was conjunct U.S. Venus, the standard-bearer for U.S. Values. Transiting Venus was sextile Mars and she was in the Chiron degree as I discussed up thread on the 14th. As part of this ending cycle that aimed at the U.S. birth chart and connected with long-term cycles still in progress, today Venus picks up where she left off.

In this new lunar cycle (Moon-conjunct-Sun) that started a couple of hours ago Venus trines Pluto and she squares Vesta in Leo. To understand this dichotomy (Venus’ square with Vesta but her trine with Pluto) you need to realize that transiting Venus is but one degree from being exactly conjunct the U.S. Vesta at 19+ Taurus.

This means that transiting Vesta has completed 1/4th of her trip from being conjunct the U.S. natal Vesta which began a new cycle on April 23, 2016. At this pace we are looking at 4 years before she again conjuncts the U.S. Vesta and starts a new cycle.

When trans. Vesta conjoined U.S. Vesta the Sun was in the Chiron degree, 3+ Taurus, and that’s where transiting Venus was in June 9th Full Moon; the half-way point in this past lunar cycle that ended a few hours ago. Here again we conjure up the image of Chiron as the wounded and the healer combined. This is going to be a theme of the Vesta Return or the U.S. Vesta cycle now going on.

So Vesta’s cycle is about 4 years duration, with 3 years to go, and we are seeing a theme about a wound that won’t heal and the search to heal it.

As transiting Pluto, at the time of the U.S Vesta Return was trine Vesta at 19+ Taurus (he was at 17+ Pluto retrograde at that time), who was conjunct Mercury (who was conjunct the starting point of the present cycle between Saturn and Jupiter).

Thus we can conclude that the present U.S. Vesta cycle has to do with healing a wound and that wound seems connected to the present (but soon to end) cycle of Saturn and Jupiter. I say that because at the time of the new U.S Vesta cycle start, Mercury had just made an occultation of the Sun (a rare and prophetic conjunction) and was now conjunct U.S. (and transiting) Vesta.

Fast forward to June 9th, 2017, Full Moon and trans. Venus also occupies the Chiron degree of 3+ Taurus. And she trines the trans. Mars who is conjunct the U.S. Venus. A wake-up call to remind us of the 9-11 wound and to examine our values.

Now we have a New Moon at 2+ Cancer, just one degree from the U.S. Venus at 3+ Cancer. This New Moon chart has an exact trine between Venus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn, with Venus just a degree from U.S. Vesta, both in Taurus and both square trans. Vesta in Leo.

It can be quite confusing but also quite revealing when you consider that Venus, Vesta, and Pluto as well as Mercury and Chiron are telling a story meant for the USA. This New Moon at 2+ Cancer is emphasizing the U.S. Venus qualities, primarily those of our values.

Perhaps those values started to change when Saturn and Jupiter were conjoined at the beginning of their new cycle in May, 2000, when, less than a year and 1/2 later on September 11, 2001, our world changed and we were very, very afraid.

Each of us, in our own way, changed because of 9-11 and some people, unaware at the time, probably began to lose faith in their government’s ability to protect them from others who would do harm to Americans. In some way the Trump presidency is an outcome of that fear.

What I believe is a big part of the transiting Pluto trine to the U.S natal Vesta is a Process to heal that wound that began early in the Saturn-Jupiter cycle. It is requiring a great deal of consciousness raising and that must be done in clumsy, even painful, baby steps. One of those steps is the examination of our present values compared to our previous values.

If we can see and understand this, then perhaps we can see why there had to be a Donald Trump presidency.

Today is a new day and a new cycle that takes a month to complete. We have a New Moon conjunct the U.S. Venus, with Mercury conjunct the U.S. Jupiter (understanding) and Mars less than a degree from the U.S. Sun (consciousness).

The New Moon Venus conjuncts the U.S. Vesta who – in this New Moon chart – is in the 1st square of her present U.S. Vesta Return cycle, a cycle which provides an opportunity to heal (Sun in Chiron degree and Vesta trine Pluto) within 4 years.

Because, at the Vesta Return last year, Vesta was opposite the Moon (symbol of the People) there would be resistance to that healing. But, because Pluto was trine Vesta and sextile the Moon in the Vesta Return chart, there was no escaping that difficult process, and it wouldn’t be nearly as hard as it could have been.

We are in a healing mode, believe it or not, and we are getting wiser than we were before the healing began.


“Re: US health care bill vote next week
« Reply #206 – on: 24.03.2010 at 23:39 [UT] »

Still unsure about the time of this chart ( signing of the Health Care Bill) I watched and wrote down 11:55 am. ??”


The president used 22 pens in 1 minute 42 seconds.

11::55 plus 2 minutes (00:01:42 rounded up) equals 11:57.


Another layer to the chemical-plant alarm your son is helping address, Nancy. (He must have incredible stories to share with his family.) And, yes Helen we have any number of toxins in the food we eat. Monsanto is not the only guilty party. Thanks to lack of prosecution by oversight, they continue to roll out even more deadly toxins, most designed to “help farmers.” Bah humbug!

I want to correct 2 errors in the comment made earlier this AM;

1. In the 7th paragraph it should read “he was at 17+ Capricorn” not “he was at 17+ Pluto”.

2. In the 9th paragraph it should read “and she sextiles the transiting Mars, not “trines the transiting Mars”.

New post up:


Thank you Nancy for new Post, I look forward to reading it!

Wake-Up Democrats! Stop being so Gracious, so Nice. It will be The End of Us!

“How Democratic timidity may have helped Trump get elected”