24th Jun, 2017

Crushing Summer

It is deeply troubling to me that so many of my fellow citizens find the extraordinarily self-centered aggression and general vileness of character of Donald Trump appealing. From what I can ascertain, he has three settings: winning whatever he is fixated on at all cost; spitefully counter-punching hard against any perceived threat; and a self-aggrandizing braggadocio disconnected from reality. There is no room for compassion or empathy and no deep-seated impulse to serve or sacrifice for anything greater than his own narrow interest.

Sadly, all of the policy proposals and budget determinations stemming from the Trump administration derive from these disturbingly self-interested character traits.  Anything that would care for those who are vulnerable or in need is cut back, while the military is given a greatly expanded amount of resource and scope. Diplomacy is a mere shadow of its past self; Medicaid is being threatened with gargantuan cuts; scientific research and education programs are being uniformly slashed. And all of this is occurring while military operations worldwide are quietly expanding with barely a discussion in Congress or the media. The Circus of All Things Trump has drowned out awareness of everything else, despite the dangerous ramifications of what is unfolding.

In May and June, the US bombed Iranian supported military forces three times. In June, US forces shot down 2 armed drones. On June 17, the US shot down a Syrian air force jet. In response to these escalations, Russia, Syria’s stalwart ally, is now threatening use of its antiaircraft defense system against all US aircraft in Western Syria and imperiling communications between the US and its allies in the region. Although the US justifiably worries about an increase in Iranian and Russian dominance in Syria, we might also worry about ineptly stumbling into World War Three with Russia, Syria, and Iran in a dangerous alliance against us and our increasingly shaky allies.

Everyone cheered a few months back when Donald Trump bombed a Syrian military airstrip in retaliation for Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons. This was our Commander-in-Chief’s first heady taste of a truly dangerous and addictive cocktail that fed both his craving for praise and his instinctive thuggery.  As any addict will tell you, there is always a hunger for a repeat of that first exquisite high.


The context for the extraordinarily difficult planetary picture of the next few months is an enraged and short-tempered president increasingly mired in legal and political jeopardy and a global situation, particularly in Syria and with North Korea, of alarmingly dangerous potential. Within this framework, it should be noted that Mars, the planet of anger, aggression, and war, is very active throughout the month of July. Already, on June 23 and 24, we find Mars in a conjunction to the US Sun (13Cancer19), pointing to a particularly combative president or a military action of note by the country.  On July 1 and July 2, we find transiting Mars in opposition to transiting Pluto, while on July 15 through July 17, we find transiting Mars in a square with transiting Uranus. And finally, from July 22 through July 28, we find transiting Mars conjunct the transiting Sun. All of these configurations will strengthen any residual tendencies toward hostility, belligerence, and destructiveness, whether through military action, unexpected attacks, escalating anger, or dangerous weather conditions and natural disasters.

In the midst of this Mars period, we are also moving into a protracted Saturn station that will oppose Donald Trump’s Sun (22Gemini56) from June 24 through July 7 and again from September 26 through October 12, as well as conjunct his Moon (21Sagittarius12) from July 20 through September 1. Virtually this entire period will bring a build-up in stress for the president, who will feel more and more frustrated and upset. There is also a progressed Moon conjunction to progressed Saturn in his chart beginning around June 25 and culminating on July 21 that will add to a feeling of depression and loss.

We must, however, also include the Pluto transit square to his Jupiter (17Libra27) from June 28 through August 6, particularly strengthened by the final Jupiter return from July 28 to August 4. This combination suggests a reckless expansion of power, and points to a very dangerous period if military action is involved.  Indeed, the Saturn station mentioned above continues on Trump’s Moon for the entire month of August, suggesting a problematic outcome of any reckless action taken during the Jupiter return of late July and early August.

The US chart also shows serve strain over the summer months, beginning on July 1. The Mars (21Gemini23)/Neptune (22Virgo25) square in the US chart has often been associated with wars that begin with great expectation and end in significant disappointment and loss. From 1967 through 1969, during the Vietnam War, transiting Uranus and transiting Pluto crossed 21 -22 Virgo multiple times. In 2004 and 2005, during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, transiting Pluto crossed 21-22 Sagittarius, while Uranus reached 21-22 Pisces in 2008.  

On the other hand, impacting the economy more than military pursuits, the Saturn station from late November 2008 through late January 2009 was exactly conjunct US Mars and square to US Neptune. It brought a dramatic financial decline (Saturn) after a period of manufactured gain built on illusory (Neptune) expectation. Not much could be done to handle the situation (Saturn/Mars) until the new president took office.

As of July 1 and continuing through October 4, we will again move into a Saturn station that will impact the Mars/Neptune square in the US chart. We can expect disappointment, loss, and a crushing of false expectations in some area. It is quite possible some military adventurism will lead to severe complications and grief, but economic issues cannot be entirely ruled out. The situation will bring enormous strain to Trump and his administration, and with the Saturn station so close to an exact opposition to natal Mars, it will be difficult to take any truly effective action. The greatest stress in the US chart will pass after early October, but the tensions for Donald Trump and his administration will remain through mid-November, as Saturn makes its final quincunx with his natal Saturn and natal Venus. It is hard to see him remain unscathed from the mess he makes in the summer.


Thank you for sharing your insights. I’m new to your blog. Feeling so disheartened by the division in our country and our current administration. I believe people are fundamentally good. It saddens me that people who are really hurting are being taken advantage of by politicians who feed them lies under the guise of aid, when their real motivation is greed, whether for money or power. And it foments the disconnect and hate and illusion of “us vs. them.” I’m raising my daughters to bring the LOVE, but sometimes I feel helpless on what else to do. How do you (and anyone else) find hope in this bleak time?

Great summation Nancy.

It should be noted….. Russia’s natal Sun at 21 ’10 Gemini (June 12th 1990) is in precise opposition to Trump’s natal Moon and the August 2017 Saturn station. That seems to suggest to me the Russian debacle might intensify the Trump administration to absolute suffocating distraction .

Nancy, again and again we thank you for your insight and reasoned guidance as to the possibilities of the tomorrows. Thank you.

Kara, I have no answers as to how to deal with the helplessness we are feeling. My stomach is in knots much of the time. But I do offer that what has helped me some is to stay away from the cable networks and the news as they tend to intensify my feeling of helplessness and anxiety. And I visit this site often, which keeps me informed without the alarm bells in the background. And, it seems you are being a great Mom, that should give you some comfort.

what do the excellent cancer placements flowing into leo stellium flowing into virgo stellium flowing into libra-Neptune at 02 degrees (conj. USA MC) do for your spidey-sense about – who is Robert Mueller?


Your analysis and writing are A+ as always. Thank-You for this wonderful forum! IMO, you really should submit your work to other venues, minus the astrological material. I also think you should pen a tome on political astrology. It would be a text definitely worth reading!

RE: the July 2017 Mars period.
“Virtually this entire period will bring a build-up in stress for the president, who will feel more and more frustrated and upset.”

I’ve been thinking/intuiting lately about DJT’s health. Reports are he does not exercise, is gaining weight, is becoming progressively angrier with each day of reporting about the Russia connection, and is profoundly frustrated with the anti-dictatorial, constitutional limitations inherent to the office.

The Russia story will of course, NOT go away, will continue unto its “final conclusion,” and like the JFK assassination will quite probably remain a subject of continuing scholarship by historians for decades to come. Meanwhile, DJT will not, and cannot change his lifestyle, behavior, or attitudes.

Considering his age, family health history, his now deteriorating physical and mental health under the stress of an office and role for which he is extraordinarily and exponentially unqualified, his growing vehement rage and fury, I see a definite possibility of a heart attack, a stroke, or some other extremely serious health condition either literally killing him or forcing him to resign.

I certainly do not wish any illness or harm upon the man, but in the context of one of my previous vocations having worked two decades in the medical field, having observed 1000’s of patients, I do not see the president as a physically well man. The increasing stresses you wrote of would not bode well for anyone, much less an intellectually and emotionally challenged man way over his head in an office and role he cannot under any circumstances competently fulfill.

Have you looked at the astrological health indicators in his chart?

Thanks Nancy for a great overview of what to expect this summer.

Rachel Madow, this past week pointed to an anomaly in the Durham, North Carolina area in the 2016 election. What is interesting about this, is that similar issues occurred in similar areas in five states on election day 2016. All of these areas were Democratic strongholds and in each incident, registered democrat’s names had been removed from the voter roles. This happened in FL, MI,WI and PA (as well as NC). All five states were won by trump in the narrowest of victories. We know that these states had their voter rolls infiltrated by Russian hackers prior to the election.

What begins to emerge is a rigged election.

Thank you, Nancy.

My question today is, where are all the marches, rally’s and protests regarding the healthcare crisis?


Grazie mile for yet another extraordinary astrological/psychological treatise on the presidency and the Unite States; well done and a terrific read.

I cannot help to believe that the reason so many “fellow-citizens” are pro-Trump is that they feel great fear and powerlessness and he represents an archetype for the strong-man and bully at the helm which seduces them into feeling safe, secure and powerful. I cannot remember a time in history when the U.S. was more vulnerable to a dictatorial government; it is stunning. We now have only sound-recording of White House press-briefings, a Republican Congress that is structuring a new healthcare system covertly and without input from across-the-aisle and a presidential cabinet whose members all but publicly masturbate Donald Trump. It is at once astonishing and utterly revolting. In a strange sense, Donald Trump and his cabinet are the dominant reflection of the U.S. collective unconscious – or so it seems so much of the time. Indeed, the nation’s psyche is in the clutches of malignant narcissism. This represents an extraordinary challenge for the conscious and/or evolved sectors of the American populace. There is no question; we live in interesting times. Never before have a found more value in dramatically-avoiding most political commentators and pundits. Never before have I cherished practicing mindfulness and meditation every day, sometimes several times a day. This action brings grounding, clarity and peace; these are miraculous antidotes.

Thank you, Nancy. I, too, am dismayed by the continuing idolization of T. We find out who is able to think for themselves, and who is subject to glamour, and it has not always been who I would expect.

Thank you, Will, interesting observation.

Kara, This is for you.


Jerry – thanks for the reminder about Russia’s Sun. I am happy to know they will be under the same Saturn station, but it is their Sun and our Mars. Having those two together in comparative charts brings about a lot of competitiveness and aggression. With the Saturn transit to both charts, we could be seeing the tensions increase between the two nations, with neither happy over the outcome.

As the country approaches this Saturn transit, we are all feeling the malaise build. It will feel like the whole country is depressed. The lack of marches, etc., is probably because we are getting burned out by the constant upset and anger. It is hard to maintain comfortably.

continuing gratitude from me to you Nancy for your blog and your most insightful articles!

I am surprised that more public statements are not being made of the possibility that these cyber hacks were from nefarious well organized crime sources rather than by traditional ‘political’ players. They may have morphed into one ….
Now London parliament has been hit, and it certainly seems as if it could be criminal based rather than traditional politics to me.
I wonder what master hacker Assange and his buddy’s have been doing lately?
read this http://www.thedailybeast.com/wikileaks-inside-the-farage-assange-trump-connection

and this http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/wikileaks-julian-assange-defends-jared-kushners-russian-backchannel-plans/article/2624373

I hadn’t thought of the US natal Mars factor. Here’s an interesting take on possible effects…

Transits – Saturn Opposite Mars
by Leah Whitehorse

I’m an astrologer. I’m meant to go with the flow, study the planets, meditate on the meaning, assimilate the meaning, understand the full potential of any aspect both positive and negative – but holy hell the first pass of Saturn opposing my natal Mars knocked me over and with natal Mars in Taurus it was like being sucked into quicksand, uggh! The more I struggled, the more I sank deeper – into a pit of depression and frustration and inner rage that threatened to spill out in all directions like an oil slick poisoning a normally calm sea…

Saturn is duty, structure, responsibility, mastery. He delays, restricts and slows everything down. When transiting Saturn confronts natal Mars in the chart, often it can manifest as a feeling of utter defeat.



Janet, thanks for your kindness. I get sucked into the political links on my FB feed and read the comments and feel so angry/sad/confused. For me that’s like the cable news– and you are 100% right I feel better when I stay away. I’m glad to have found this site! Danielle Egnew’s posts at calltolight.org have also helped.

Ja, I appreciate the link! I took a meditation class a few years ago and notice a huge improvement on the days I can find time (I have several little ones). Thanks for the reminder to make time.


“Re: US health care bill vote next week
« Reply #206 – on: 24.03.2010 at 23:39 [UT] »

Still unsure about the time of this chart ( signing of the Health Care Bill) I watched and wrote down 11:55 am. ??”


The president used 22 pens in 1 minute 42 seconds.

11::55 plus 2 minutes (00:01:42 rounded up) equals 11:57.

The electoral college votes were certified in a joint session of Congress on Jan. 6, 2017, from 1 pm, EST to 1:41 pm, EST. Called to Order at 1:07 pm; adjourned at 1:41 pm.



Electoral vote certification chart progressed to 10 am, January 13, 2020, has it’s MC at 318°47′, it’s progressed Mars/Pluto midpoint at 318°03′ conjunct. The IC will be at 138°47′. trump’s progressed Mercury/ Pluto midpoint at 137°59′ conjunct. Could it be the electoral votes will be deemed invalid?



Thank you for Starlight! I was SO needing a new entry by you. Tonight, it feels like all the demons of Trumpian Hell are surrounding me.

RE: the Pluto square to T’s Jupiter. You write: “This combination suggests a reckless expansion of power, and points to a very dangerous period if military action is involved. ”

Immediately, we think of any of the foreign hotspots when “military” is mentioned. But, could it be directed domestically, instead?

Many states have made anti-protest laws, including two states which gave the go-ahead to motorists to run protesters over if they’re “in the way.” Couple that with Trump’s delusion, depression, and constitutional restrictions, and I wonder if this would not be a timeframe to see him attempt to take dictator-lite (if not full dictatorial) status.

I’m concerned especially if huge protests start again regarding his and the GOP’s “laws” against the People’s very lives. When we have the KKK getting “security” help from the 3%’s at protests… I don’t see any good coming from it.

I want to respond to the sense of incredulity and sadness that people still support 45, even when he is despicable and his policies are at odds with their own self-interest. I know there are people among his supporters whose behavior and values are abhorrent – people looking to return to a world in which white men rule. But as I’ve searched for understanding in these long, sleepless nights, more and more I am learning that the U.S. stopped working for too many people in the last quarter century. They are willing to blow the whole thing up to get attention. Maps of Trump country track maps of the opioid crisis and track the destruction of communities.

We need to find ways to ‘see’ and respond to the real human NEEDS – and not get lost in simply arguing that the STRATEGIES proposed by this WH are insane (which is, of course, true). Empathy, but also self-interest should guide us, as frightened humans are just dangerous as frightened animals.

So…in case anyone is interested in trying to dig deeper into what is hurting, I thought I’d share a video/reading list that has really helped me -not sleep better, but at least come to terms a little with what is going on and why:

George Packer, The Unwinding, An Inner History of the New America 2013 (so good…but if no time to read, at least listen to him speak in September 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4bNvkdqgG0)

JD Vance, Hillbilly Elegy, A memoir of a family and culture in crisis, 2016 [again, if no time to read, listen to Terry Gross’s interview with him on Fresh Air]

Putnam, Bowling Alone: The collapse and revival of American community, 2000.

Hari, Chasing the Scream, The first and last days of the war on drug, 2015 (and/or watch his TED talk here: https://www.ted.com/talks/johann_hari_everything_you_think_you_know_about_addiction_is_wrong). Some quotes that really stood out for me: “The opposite of addiction is not sobriety; it’s connection….We’ve traded floor space for friends. We’ve traded stuff for connections…We are one of the loneliest societies that has ever been.”

Hang in there all… there is much to learn and a lot to care for and protect…

Slightkc, That’s my Fear!
After what happened last April in Berkeley, only a few miles from our quite/gentle S.F. Bay Area. Just knowing the Alt Right Bannon-Types are pushing for Fights, just imagine more of that being instigated for chaos & instability.


Saturn is the busiest jewel in the crown this summer. Here are it’s hard aspects to Sibly Mars and Neptune and then that report merged with it’s hard aspects to trump’s Sun and Moon.

Notice how beginning in July it hits both Sibly points on nearly the same day each month through October. That begins in 80 days.



Forget the 80 days. That is something else.

I just want to hug you all and be hugged, as well. You have ably pointed out once again, Nancy, the dire energies swirling, surrounding our very selves and this fragile republic. I do not believe in the christian concept of retaliation, the white rightness, or any other religion that labels and confines. However, I do find myself praying lately. All that is transpiring (plus some) follows a blueprint right out of any number of histories — the rise of dictators, the abuse of the population, the fear, and anger, and the dissolution of “we the people.” The intent inherent in the constitution is, and has been, abrogated by a combination of wealth and power. We are in deep doo-doo. And like all of you I do not know where to turn, or how to share my energy that would begin to make a difference. Damn, but this is horrid collective karma!

Awesome and to the point article about the monster in the Black House.

Thank you Nancy. Hope all is well with you.

Remember that Saturn has a way of putting you back on the straight and narrow when you have been overextended or slipshod in your performance. It forces discipline, sacrifice, and focus, as well as diminished expectations. Remember the pattern of the 2008 economic meltdown.

Since Trump took power, the US has initiated many military attacks that have been less concerned than under Obama about civilian casualties. He has expanded our footprint in Syria, again where Obama was far more careful and cautious. He has generally abused presidential power through edict.

The question is whether these or other things will be painfully slapped back due to Saturn. Trump does not respect boundaries at all, and Saturn has a way of punishing you for stepping outside of boundaries. Perhaps the Russian investigation will come to a head. Though it seems too early for that, something big may show up to force the issue.

Thank you all for your posts. It is cruel that I find comfort in the fact that so many of us are depressed and cannot find ways to thwart the toxic miasma that now engulfs our Republic. Add to that the rumors which swirl about the possible resignation of Kennedy from the Supreme Court.
I must confess I was hoping Saturn would bring lightning bolt change to our situation. The gears and wheels of Justice are painfully slow…
I keep telling myself that if I engage in “hate,” they are winning – whoever they are.

My solution for today is to do some serious housework to the tunes of some graceful musician.


Thank you Nancy, it must be difficult to look at Trump’s chart day after day. With all this happening this summer, what do you feel about the eclipse on August 21 through the US? And the US only, through all those red states? Thanks.

Thanks will; that fear you speak of is (what I think is symbolized by) the cycle of Saturn and Jupiter which began a year and a half before Sept. 11, 2001. The main aspect in the 2000 Taurus Saturn-Jupiter cycle was its square from Uranus in Aquarius at 20+ degrees. That is the same degree where the progressed U.S Mercury (thinking, communicating, etc.) is. The solidity of Taurus, the element from which this present cycle stems, has been under assault to radically change for 17 years now. That means our past thinking has been under assault.

Thanks Susan for sharing your feelings and a list of resources aimed at understanding what drives the divisions among us. Presently transiting Pluto and transiting Uranus are affecting the U.S. by activating the present cycle of Neptune and Uranus, a cycle that began in 1993. The chart for that cycle has tight aspects with the U.S. natal Moon, Pluto, Vesta, Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune. The primary aspect in that chart (for the 3rd of 3 conjunctions between Neptune and Uranus) was it’s sextile with Mars in Scorpio who was exactly opposed to the U.S. Vesta. U.S. Vesta, like the present cycle we are in between Jupiter and Saturn, is in Taurus. Vesta symbolizes what we invest in. Taurus is about money and other material values.

Thanks Nancy, for the reminder of Saturn’s insistence on respecting boundaries of all kinds. Right now trans. Saturn in Sagittarius (and retrograde) has his hands full trying to shore up all the holes in the dikes until he stations direct in August and forces the U.S. Neptune-Mars square into facing reality. Transiting Saturn will be quincunx transiting Venus this coming Wednesday, June 28th, the same day she reaches the degree of the 2000 conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter in Taurus. Spoiler alert: Senate health care vote (or lack of) will reflect the effects of the Saturn-Jupiter cycle’s shocking square (so far) between Uranus and Saturn-Jupiter.

Transiting Saturn has also been quincunx Trump’s MC all month and will reach the degree that is exactly quincunx the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction around midnight on July 10th. When Saturn does finally station direct and retraces these aspects (no longer in the reflecting mode but in the git-er-done mode) we will see what has adjusted (or capitulated) during the interim. Government (Jupiter-Saturn cycle)? Trump’s reputation (Taurus MC)? U.S. Mars square U.S. Neptune?

The solar eclipse will (eventually) reveal all as transiting Jupiter sextiles transiting Saturn and together they form a Yod to their cycle’s starting point 17+ years ago. That starting point, 22+ Taurus, will be at the apex point of the Yod, where change MUST take place.

Ugh…just ugh…what a world.

I agree with you Lamis Beasly Faris. Hate is not the way to go. Tempting, but ultimately a complete dead end. Wonder Woman gets it ;-}

I don’t know that there will be lightning bolt changes, especially given the realities of the R controlled Congress who have no interest in ousting T.

Still, I feel like more Russian info is about to come out. There is now info on the 4 paths the Russians were using to sway the election. There is now talk about their hacking into local election sites that they were threatening to use. What I haven’t heard is what would they have done with that information AND how do we know they didn’t do something? I just pray that Trump doesn’t go big in order to distract us from whatever does come out.

For Happiness Cherish Others

(I have this quote in my office. It’s my prayer, my greatest challenge, my touchstone.)

The conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in 1993 was a 3 contact affair stretching from Feb 2 to Aug 19 to Oct 24 of that year.

Oct 24, 1993 Horoscope


trump and the GOP will do a lot of damage in coming years but I think Kaine will become president in January of 2020 and win election in November of that year. I think Hillary will be out because of health or she may decline for undefined personal reasons.

Reconstruction or reformation will take time and coincide with the nation’s Pluto return.


TrumpCare Will Force Elderly Out Of Nursing Homes–In Many Cases, Into The Streets

By Dartagnan
Sunday Jun 25, 2017 · 7:28 AM PDT

“The opposite of addiction is not sobriety; it’s connection….We’ve traded floor space for friends. We’ve traded stuff for connections…We are one of the loneliest societies that has ever been.”

Many in the social sciences, particularly in sociology have noticed the pattern for several decades. I recommend you check out the bestselling 1970 book by Philip E. Slater,

The Pursuit of Loneliness: American Culture At the Breaking Point.

It remains one of my favorite books of this lifetime. It is now a bit dated, particularly in the chapter about Vietnam, but nevertheless a real classic of insight into the American soul.

Thanks for the chart alex. . it WAS a very tightly bunched (bundle) group of planets when using only the 10 major planets; something I often miss when using asteroids, etc. The tight focus of the Bundle and with Venus in the lead suggests that tight focus could be on money or values-in-general.

I see (based on those notes) that this cycle is important for Britain as well (Neptune-Uranus conjunction opposite Britain’s Moon in Cancer). I also appreciate the reminder that at the time Saturn and Uranus were in mutual reception, which resonates with the present transiting trine between them. Thanks again.

Karen F,
I find myself a bit confused as neither retaliation, nor white rightness are Christian concepts, but otherwise ALL of your other points were well taken. This is indeed a “horrid collective karma!” and I feel certain it will get worse before it gets better.

At least here at this site we can console one another and encourage one another to keep praying, whatever our particular style, and take any and all opportunities to take action to make it better for all.

What scenario do you envision and/or what is your reasoning as to why and how Kaine would become president in 2020?


Re: 1993 ( UR/NE Oct chart)

N. Node 03 Sagittarius
S. Node 03 Gemini

Joe Biden Natal Asc 03 Sagittarius

in 1993 Joe Biden media appearance – where in the world is Carmen San Diego


Barack Obama
Natal Moon 03 Gemini

In 1993 Barack Obama joined Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland, a 12-attorney law firm specializing in civil rights litigation and neighborhood economic issues.


I remember what I was doing in 1993… an astrologer writing in Dell Magazine ( can’t recall who ) said the 18-19 Capricorn UR/ cnj /NE was narrative “for the height of government corruption”

Donald Trump in 1993
Natal DK Lilith 04 Sagittarius


Jul 1, 2016 – In 1993, Donald Trump testified before a House subcommittee that the mafia was running rampant on Native American gaming casinos.

1993 World Trade Center bombing



I am thinking that the trump presidency will be ruled invalid and the office awarded to the duly elected opposition in January of 2020. From my charts I interpret appropriate aspects for Kaine then (transit Sun/Jupiter, Jupiter/Pluto, and Mercury/Jupiter conjunct his natal MC (transit Jupiter/Saturn is there also but I think it reflects acknowledgement of the enormous task ahead of him; transit Uranus is also trine his Minnesota MC) but not for HRC (natal Saturn/Neptune on the WH MC opposite transit Neptune on the IC, transit Mars on natal Desc). For kaine there is also transit Uranus opposite natal Jupiter (I judge aspects by the nature of the planets involved, not the aspect) the combination on his DC Asc-Desc axis.

There is still the 2020 election to type up but I need recharging. Briefly, Kaine will have transit Uranus conjunct progressed Sun and transit Mercury conjunct progressed Jupiter.

Kaine is going to need all of the help he can get from us so it is important to work for and elect as many members of congress as we can as well as filling state seats with as many Democrats as we can.

His fortune a pittance of the national budget or the damage he will do but he should be stripped of everything if collusion is proven (I do not think the Congress would charge with treason [pity]). As should all of his family members who had any role in government official affairs in any capacity.

For Hillary it will be transit Mars on her progressed Desc not natal.

Thank-You! Very interesting!
We may indeed discover the vote was tampered with in certain key states, giving the electoral college victory to Trump/Pence.

If that happens I feel there may be many on the R. side who will deny the results, which could conceivably result in some violence and civil insurrection. I hope that is not the reaction. It also somehow “feels” correct that HRC would turn the position down. I’m thinking it would be health reasons.

Let us hope the latter part of Pluto in Capricorn is not as violent as what the nation experienced during the Revolutionary War. Hostilities ended when Cornwallis surrendered on 19 October 1781. Pluto was at 4 degrees 18 minutes of Aquarius. On 12 February 2026 Pluto will be at 4 degrees 17 minutes of Aquarius, but I’m only looking at Pluto’s location, not the other aspects.

Before the Affordable Care Act passed in 2010, women in the US paid more for health care and insurance because they are the ones who can get pregnant.

Specifically, American women of child-bearing age paid somewhere between 52% and 69% more in out-of-pocket healthcare costs then men.


Referring to trump and family:

“His fortune a pittance of the national budget or the damage he will do but he should be stripped of everything if collusion is proven (I do not think the Congress would charge with treason [pity]). As should all of his family members who had any role in government official affairs in any capacity.”

It has been a long day for me.

Ripley, Greg Palast’s investigative reporting (he did the same type of reporting on voter roll tampering & obstruction after the 2 GWB elections, particularly in FL where Jeb was governor) has revealed that voters are purged from the rolls. He addresses methods used to steal the presidential and, even, the recent GA election, on his website.


Bob, there is no constitutional way to undo the certified election results, no matter what shenanigans took place. If Trump leaves or is removed from office, Pence becomes President. After him there’s a long line of constitutionally mandated successors. There is simply NO way the White House would suddenly go to Hillary Clinton or Tim Kaine.

Duchess can you cite the law forbidding revocation of an illegally gained election.

Would an illegally gained election not at least require another election or awarding the election to the victimized party and not just passing the office to the next in line or any member of the party that had gained the office through falsified results? That would still be filling the office based on corrupt results.

If collusion to tamper with the election process is proven I think we have a constitutional crises on hand.


“Vote-Fraud Ruling Shifts Pennsylvania Senate

Published: February 19, 1994

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 18— Saying Philadelphia’s election system had collapsed under “a massive scheme” by Democrats to steal a State Senate election in November, a Federal judge today took the rare step of invalidating the vote and ordered the seat filled by the Republican candidate.”

I too have wondered this Bob. We need a legal scholar or two to weigh in. Tampering with the vote is only one of the affronts to the already shaky state of the union. One of the other poignant and significant hits is of that de-legitimizing the press. Maybe someone has already brought this up (and I missed it). Battles with the press have been going on since George Washington was president, but what is occurring now seems unprecedented.

Thanks Starlight for your analyses…. still very worried that this won’t end by November.

Thanks BarbK and Eliseo for comments. Eliseo – the book you recommended can now be downloaded for free…perk of an older book. Thanks!

Michael Wolfstar:


Susan, Could you please post the link to the free version of “The Pursuit of Loneliness…”?

Another symbolic loss for Trump’s America?
NZ crushes with a 7-1 win over USA to reclaim the much coveted America’s Cup (in sailing circles anyway). NY yacht club held the trophy 25 times since the race inception in 1851 – NY’s first loss was in 1983.

alex and ja, thanks for the links. Regarding the Fitzgerald born in 1993 and launched in Jan 1994 (3 months after the 3rd of 3 Neptune-Uranus conjunctions) and the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the saying “asleep at the wheel” might be a catch phrase for the Neptune-Uranus cycle that began in 1993.

That conjunction was exact in the birth chart for the USS Fitzgerald and at the time of the collision (June 17) transiting Pluto was there too.

I don’t have time to explore the Trade Center chart right now or do any further study of the synchronicity of the Fitzgerald tragedy (or the fact that your two links were back to back on this thread!), but it is evident that the Neptune-Uranus cycle is alive and well and trying to tell us something. (By the way, Trump’s Neptune at 5+ Libra is where Juno was in the 3rd of 3 Neptune-Uranus conjunctions and she was square the U.S. Jupiter [husband of Juno] at 5+ Cancer).

Starlight/Nancy, thank you for your sobering report. It’s better to be informed and prepared, and it’s always a good day when you publish a new post.

Sorry, folks, but I find this very, very disturbing.

Iranian protesters has set up a digital clock in Tehran Square to countdown to Israel’s destruction, at the hand of Iran if their plan goes right, in 2040.


I am wondering if we are being set up now for the Mars events beginning in a few days and the subsequent disaster they will create. Trump and Co are announcing that Assad is preparing another chemical attack. Big press release from the WH on this. Is this a fake story to justify our going in and aggressively attacking? Like the WMD’s used to get Saddam or the Gulf of Tonkin resolution or the Reichstag fire? Nothing they say is ever true so it is hard to start believing them or that this is not just some self-serving fake story.

Yes, a set up. That’s exactly what I thought when I read of it tonight. Honestly, there are days I have an overwhelming sense of dread.

A glimmer of something positive where Democrats, Republicans and Independents agree:

Starlight & Apple,
Corroborating evidence usually accompanies such a statement. Trump and Co. have provided no such evidence. Suspicious indeed! But is it because they are incompetent, OR because they are lying? I’m wondering if it is both.

Reichstag fire? I keep expecting one, hoping it doesn’t happen.

During the several years I worked in the mental health system and the criminal justice system, I dealt with many, many sociopaths. A behavior I consistently saw was accusing innocent people who often but not always were perceived as “adversaries” and perceived “enemies,” of criminal or other misbehavior they themselves were guilty of, a type of deflection.

This is precisely a behavior consistently coming out of the oval office and white house. Disgusted is too kind and generous a word for what I feel about these people.

The Syrian regime’s South Node (the Assad coup – Nov 13, 1970) is at 28 ’32 Leo, the degree of the August 21st solar eclipse……


With Israel’s natal Mars and N. Korea’s natal Saturn both at 28 Leo if Trump decides to start a war with Syria there could be unintended repercussions.

Donald Trump Is Reckless On Syria. It’s His Most Dangerous Foreign Policy Folly

Trump said Obama’s ‘horrendous leadership’ on Syria could start World War III. He’s made things even worse

USA Today
June 26, 2017

Last year on the campaign trail, crowds roared when Donald Trump denounced his opponent as “trigger-happy” Hillary. But President Trump is rapidly incarnating the vice he condemned. Nowhere is this more evident than in Syria, where Trump’s recklessness risks dragging America into a major war.



Believe we’re all on the same page regarding Syria. Frankly, that fact is even more unnerving.

Duchess, would you point to the part of the constitution that would allow the Vice President (if he too were indicted on similar charges facing Trump) to become commander in chief? I’m curious which is why yesterday I suggested a constitutional or legal scholar though I suspect there would be disagreements even among them. If Pence cannot ascend to the “throne,” then McConnell would be next in line. If the vote was truly rigged, then couldn’t the supremes intervene?

Re: sociopaths/psychopaths. I think we’ve all known a few, Eliseo. One of the aspects of behavior is also lying in order to blame others for not getting your way, or getting what you want. It’s a compulsive drive and can cause a great deal of hurtful damage, if not outright fear. What is the antidote to this? We could all use a Trump antidote.

This on NPR this morning: http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/06/26/534442273/majority-of-global-poll-respondents-find-trump-arrogant-dangerous

A lot of wiggle room here regarding presidential succession of power.



Ridley Scott
DOB 11/30/1937, South Shields England

Natal Sun 07 Sagittarius
North Node 06 Sagittarius
South Node 06 Gemini
Natal Orcus 07 Gemini


Natal Mars 13 Aquarius
Natal Zeus 15 Leo


Natal Medea 00 Aquarius
Natal Pluto 29 Cancer



Semi-Sextile Kite by Synastry

Natal Jupiter 25 Capricorn
Natal Mercury 25 Sagittarius
Natal Ceres 23 Aquarius


US Sibly Mercury 24 Cancer

Mike Pence ? @mike_pence
Before summer’s out, we’ll repeal/replace Obamacare w/ system based on personal responsibility, free-market competition & state-based reform
10:41 AM – 24 Jun 2017

Personal responsibility, Mr. Pence? What exactly are you referring to here? Because I really don’t know how my six-year-old Grayson, who is non-verbal, non-ambulatory, exclusively tube fed, vision impaired and medically fragile, who relies on me and a handful of other caregivers for literally everything, is supposed to take personal responsibility for his own health.


While I continue to hope and pray for some miracle to end the trump nightmare, I am growing more concerned that the upcoming August 21 eclipse across our nation is indicative of stories like this:

President Trump has alarmed citizens of the nation’s closest allies and others worldwide, diminishing the standing of the United States in their eyes, according to a wide-ranging international study released Monday.


This is a very worthwhile read:


Paul Ryan: 22 million Americans won’t be ‘pushed off’ insurance — they will ‘choose’ not to buy it

McConnell has delayed vote on the Senate “healthcare bill” until after the July 4th recess, in order to have more time to bribe senators for support. We need to intensify our calling efforts and show up in person at congressional offices/meetings to voice disapproval. Only fierce opposition has a chance of defeating this abominable legislation.

As Schumer spoke (following McConnell’s delayed vote announcement) he referred to the “backroom discussions behind closed doors” and astrology speaks to that kind of activity.

Backroom deals are associated with the 12th house of any chart. The U.S. Sibly chart has Scorpio on the cusp of the 12th house and that sign is ruled by Pluto and Mars. U.S. Pluto in the 2nd house of values such as money, and in the sign of Capricorn, is presently being squared (challenged) by transiting Uranus in Aries. Aries is ruled by Mars. In the last few days transiting Mars was conjunct the U.S. Sun in Cancer.

The U.S. natal Mars on the other hand is in the 7th house in the sign of Gemini (duality, 2 or more sides/versions) and right now transiting Venus, in Taurus, is semi-sextile U.S. Mars, but she is TRINE the U.S. Neptune in Virgo who squares the U.S. Mars. She, Venus, favors U.S. Neptune over U.S. Mars at this time, AND Venus is the lower octave of Neptune energy.

Transiting Venus also completed a conjunction with the U.S Vesta this past Sunday, in the 5th house (creativity, kids). Now she has moved into the 6th house (of the U.S. Sibly chart) which deals with health and service. She is perfecting her TRINE with U.S. Neptune (in Virgo, sign of health and service) as I type this.

We could surmise that the backroom deals being “worked out” by the Pubs were stymied by the transiting Uranus being square the ruler of the “behind closed doors”, U.S. Pluto.

The other ruler of Scorpio (U.S. 12th house), U.S. Mars, already squared by U.S. Neptune, has had his power usurped by transiting Venus (and U.S. Vesta) who was trine the U.S. Neptune who squares U.S. Mars. Venus and her fatal attractiveness teamed up with U.S. Neptune (and U.S. Vesta) and has made U.S. Mars impotent in this case.

Meanwhile transiting Jupiter in Libra, now in direct motion, is exactly square U.S. natal Sun in Cancer and is nano-days away from an exact conjunction to the U.S. Saturn in the 10th house. Trans. Jupiter will exact that conjunction to the U.S. Saturn on July 12th.

On July 16th transiting retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius will exactly square the U.S. Neptune in Virgo (confusing trans. Saturn), while the effects of transiting Jupiter conjunct U.S. Saturn in the 10th house will still be palpable.

The 10th house is what the world sees and it is associated with achievements (or failures) and government in the case of a country. Jupiter is associated with good luck among other things like, for example, expansion. This transiting Jupiter conjunct the U.S Saturn bodes well, IMO, for the Pub’s healthcare bill to implode.

At that time, July 16, these other aspects will take place:

1. Trans. Mars in Cancer will oppose U.S. Pluto (ruler of 12th house behind-closed-doors deals) and go on to square trans. Uranus on the 17th (making a T-square with U.S Pluto) and trine transiting Chiron (health and healing) 12 hours later.

2. Trans. Sun (consciousness) will conjunct U.S Mercury in the 8th house, Mercury being the ruler of the 7th house and the sign Gemini where U.S. Mars and Uranus are located.

3. Trans. Mercury (in Leo and also in the 8th house) will quincunx (adjustment) transiting Pluto (in 2nd house), both 2nd and 8th houses deal with money.

4. Trans. Ceres will conjunct the U.S. Venus ($$) in the 7th house (partners) and Ceres drives a hard bargain.

5. Trans. (relentless, dedicated and hard working) Vesta will enter the sign of Virgo (healthcare) on July 17th.

Can backroom deals face the light of day? Neptune suggests not without transformation, and Neptune cares a lot about this deal. Trans. Neptune is trine the U.S. Sun and US. Neptune can reduce the squaring trans. Saturn into a blithering idiot.

Transiting Neptune will reach the degree of Obamacare’s Jupiter next April and Neptune and Jupiter share rulership of Pisces, which is associated with the 12th house, which is associated with hospitals and back room deals.


Facebook Horoscope (2 billion people worldwide)

Very interesting!


Sharon, This Eclipse is very exciting!
Especially hitting Trump so precisely.
Great piece by a prominent Republican:
‘Trump Is What Happens When a Political Party Abandons Ideas’


The eclipse is exciting! It ALSO hits McConnell and Bannon pretty hard, not mention Trump.

Well, I’m not so depressed anymore. The Resistance is working for today.

One day at a time, breath in, breath out…

I heard tonight on Bill Maher that Obama knew about Russia’s interference in the election in 2015.

ja — that Obama and his Admin knew about the Russians’ interference -was- reported back then. However, the news reports also stated he went to McConnell to inform and create a unified front against the Russian interference.

Turtle’s shell took out the Rotunda ceiling, from how the news reported it. He immediately became enraged and threatened to turn it into a huge political scandal if Obama pushed it on the public in any way. So, Obama worked in the background with IC and his Sec Staff to document it, instead.

I do wonder if Obama had any inkling the full form that Russia’s interference would take, tho… and just how treasonous the GOP had truly become.

Apple – today has been one of the “filled with dread” days for me. In fact, I came close to a full-on panic attack a couple of hours ago. Luckily, I found a buspar tucked away in a drawer, and that helped bring me back down, but sheesh! Last night, the feeling was so intense I couldn’t sleep at all. Tonight, well… it’s 1:40 AM… and here I am. 5 more hours, and I’m back at work… with this being the most intense production “crunch” time I’ve had in years! Stress level is off the scale, and I’m padding around the house in the dark, trying to avoid stepping on my little black cat as she fitfully weaves her way around my legs! Gotta follow Mom, ya know… she might be headed for the Fancy Feast! (LOL)


Something Wondrous Happened Last Night on the Steps of the US Capitol

By Onomastic
Tuesday Jun 27, 2017 · 8:43 AM PDT

Not sure if anyone posted this.. Elizabeth Warren comes out for single-payer.


hello slightkc,

Perhaps listening to Pam Gregory’s latest two videos might give you a sense of relief from the emotional intensities bombarding us right now. Her insights help us to remember to be the observer while still keeping an open and compassionate heart. Here’s the link if you’re interested: http://www.thenextstep.uk.com/news Stay strong! Peace and love!

Here’s the link for Alex’s article, “Something Wondrous Happened Last Night on the Steps of the Capitol”…very exciting, scroll through the whole thing. We the people!!


Also, the “Handmaid’s Tale” women’s protest happened!!

Lastly, for those who don’t read Democratic Underground, here’s a picture with added caption (they do a new one every week) that I just loved.


slightkc…don’t let the bastards get to you. Start taking a multi B from Whole Foods daily. I’ve done that for many years and it’s helped me and my moods immeasurably (which doesn’t mean I don’t get emotional or moody, I definitely do). And—make sure to eat protein, vegetables, fruits, grains…protein can be really helpful.

Keep the faith!

A link for the Handmaid’s Tale protest –


Bob, your idea that Kaine could be President is interesting. Why 2020 and not sooner?

We are under attack – the Gerisimov Doctrine is the concept that cyber attacks and the like are the same as actual war.


One of the ways to begin fighting back is to demand paper ballots and count those ballots by hand. We must assume that electronic voting is not safe and not to be trusted.

Hi (a regular lurker here!). Just saw this excellent piece posted: http://www.diaryofamundaneastrologer.net/2017/06/the-desire-to-be-astrology-of-todays.html

U.S. Conference of Mayors Opposes Military-Heavy Trump Budget

“The U.S. Conference of Mayors on Monday unanimously passed three resolutions opposing the military-heavy Trump budget proposal, urging Congress to move funding out of the military and into human and environmental needs rather than the reverse.

Resolution 59 was introduced by the mayor of Ithaca, NY, and had been passed by that city. It concludes with this:

“NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that The United States Conference of Mayors urges the United States Congress to move our tax dollars in exactly the opposite direction proposed by the President, from militarism to human and environmental needs.”


Marjorie Orr has just posted about Robert Mercer

Les, thanks for the link to the Raye Robertson piece on the subject of the U.S. healthcare debate, it is great. Despite her overly wide orbs (which I’m fine with) for the Yod created between the U.S Mercury-sextile-U.S. Neptune-both quincunx-U.S. Moon and Pallas, it makes beautiful sense.

Jessica Murray’s new blog references the Saturn-enters-Sagittarius cycle as the starting point for our (U.S.) wide scale awareness of the media’s lack of trustworthiness. I decided to look at the 2 ingress charts for when Saturn entered (ingressed) Sagittarius.

The 1st one on December 23, 2014 had a nearly precise square between Pluto and Uranus (that locked into the U.S square between Sun and Saturn) but Uranus was also trine the U.S. ascendant (12+ Sagittarius). The 2nd ingress of Saturn into Sagittarius on September 17, 2015, had Venus square the Moon, but Venus was also sextile Mercury.

My belief is that when there are 2 entries of a transiting planet into a sign it is the job of the 1st ingress to assess the situation and the 2nd ingress provides the “plan”. This time the 1st ingress had the helpful aspect of Uranus trine the U.S. Sagittarius ascendant despite the tight Uranus-Pluto square (+ U.S. Sun-square-Saturn). Helpful in that the U.S. ascendant would be provided a speedy (Uranus) transformation (Uranus square Pluto) comparatively speaking.

The 2nd ingress included a square between Venus and the Moon who opposed the U.S. Vesta, but Venus was also sextile Mercury. This month transiting Neptune reached the (quite acceptable orb) degree that would complete a Yod with the Venus-sextile-Mercury in the Saturn (2nd) Ingress Sagittarius chart. Trans. Neptune would provide the adjustment. Back to the drawing board with the Senate version of health care.

Although Saturn will be leaving Sagittarius in December I suspect transiting Neptune, now in retrograde, could even do more for the cause of being able to see beyond the fake news. When he gets back to that area of Pisces that created the Yod apex point (where change must take place) of the present Saturn in Sagittarius (2nd ingress) chart’s sextile between Venus in Leo and Moon in Scorpio, it will be April-May 2018.

In fact, in May 2018, transiting Jupiter will reach the degree of that ingress chart’s Moon at 17+ Scorpio and will be quincunx (adjust) transiting Neptune in Pisces, and here’s what else will be happening:

The transiting North Node at 8+ Leo will sextile the U.S natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini. Transiting Saturn, retrograde at 8+ Capricorn will be the apex point to a Yod he creates with the U.S. Uranus and transiting NN and that means adjustment will be forthcoming.

Because transiting Uranus will be entering the sign of Taurus (1st of 2 ingresses) at that time, his entry into this new sign will hold that Yod (for the purposes of U.S. evaluation) as part of his (Uranus’) assessment of the situation. But that’s another story. Suffice it to say that this is a team effort.

It would appear then that although Uranus has speeded up the learning curve for the U.S. during this Saturn cycle (in Sagittarius) it takes more than that one cycle to complete the mission/transformation. Now the Uranus cycle in Taurus must carry the torch (another cycle another Yod), and I’m sure, so will the Jupiter in Scorpio cycle which I hope to study soon.


I’m think too that the Yod in the U.S. Sibly chart (Neptune sextile Mercury and both are quincunx Pallas who is conjunct Moon) “sees” the upcoming total solar eclipse at 28+ Leo as the completion of a Boomerang pattern. (Yod + opposite planet to apex of Yod)

Sooo . . .as the natal U.S. Yod takes all its combined energies and (with U.S. Moon-Pallas looking for a target to aim it toward) let’s fly, that eclipse will absorb the U.S. People’s (Moon’s) frustration from being forced to adjust (quincunx from U.S. Neptune and U.S. Mercury) and, along with Pallas strategy, passes it on to Trump’s Mars-ascendant. That’s what you call a Boomerang.

Now that would be interesting.


I chose the January 13th, 2020, because that is the day transit Sun will be with transit Saturn and Pluto and not 1 degree away from opposition to trump’s natal Saturn. There is simply no stronger aspect to any point in his chart before then than the opposition of the Sun, Saturn, Pluto, and Mercury in opposition to his natal Saturn. If he is out of office by that date I do not think the connection to the various political charts listed below would be so plentiful.

Opposite trump’s natal Saturn at 115°43′
Conjunct trump’s progressed inauguration MC at 293°28′ (progress to 294° the next day)
In addition to the direct transits the midpoints of transiting Sun/Neptune, Saturn/Neptune, and Neptune/Pluto oppose trump’s natal Mars/Pluto midpoint on that day in January.

They also aspect points in various political charts at that time. Here are most of them:
Ratification of the Constitution (June 21, 1788, 1 pm, LMT, Concord, NH) progressed to Jan 13, 2020, 10 am: Moon at 114°26′ [opp 294°26′). Conjunct the Constitution natal Mercury at 114°39′.

Conjunct Nixon’s natal White House IC at 295°51′
Richard M Nixon resigns as President, the MC of that chart is 114°27? (IC is at 294°27?)
Conjunct Watergate arrest’s Zenith at 294°22′
Opposite Watergate arrest’s Mars at 114°48′
Conjunct the Republican party’s natal Jupiter (295°40′) and progressed Mars (294°18′)
Conjunct George Washington’s inauguration secondary progressed Sun/Pluto midpoint at 294°14′

Square Bannon’s natal Neptune at 203°50′ and his secondary progressed Neptune at 204°47?
Sun, Saturn, and Pluto square Sessions Sun/Pluto (205°03′) and Mars/Saturn (204°43′) midpoints
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s Sun. Born on January 13 – his 2020 solar return will have Saturn and Pluto on the Sun
Opposite Mitch McConnell natal Mars/Neptune midpoint at 114°14′
Square McConnell’s Mars/Saturn midpoint at 204°04′
Conjunct John Roberts DC (my speculative) MC 293°25′

Opposite noon chart for Mercer Sun/Saturn midpoint at 114°48?
trump jr. has secondary progressed Mars (in longitude) on his papa’s Saturn
Conjunct my Putin chart MC at 294°19′ in Moscow (chart made in 2012)
The IC of my rectification for JFK located in Washington, DC, which I did in 1976 (a centennial year for the U.S.) 294°14′.
Opposite JFK secondary progressed Sun at assassination at 114°01′

I’ve been away from the computer for two days, so this is a late response.

There is no law forbidding the revocation of an illegal election because that’s something the writers of the Constitution never considered. What we do have, mainly in the Presidential Succession Act, is a clear succession. No where is there a provision to say, “Oops! We got it wrong, the other side really won.” That simply won’t happen. Period.

The 25th Amendment specifically addresses a situation where a President is in someway unable to discharge his duties, or where a new VP needs to be found, as happened in 1973.

Nor will there be a do-over election. Again, we have the succession in place thanks to the Presidential Succession Act. If Trump leaves or is removed from office, then Pence becomes President. If Pence has already left the Vice Presidency, then if there’s a new VP, that person will become President.

In 1973 a very corrupt Vice President, Spiro Agnew, was forced to resign. Gerald Ford got put into the Vice Presidency, and once he was safely there, events moved fairly quickly to remove Nixon. There was NEVER going to be a new election or a handing over of the office to the other party.

I find it very frustrating to read here that people have so little understanding of how this country actually works.

On the other hand, were there to be actual rioting in the streets that led to mass resignations in Congress, that would be an entirely different matter. But I don’t see that happening.

Like it or not, we’re stuck with the current Republican administration for another three and a half years.

Australian Police Bring Sexual Assault Charges Against Catholic Cardinal


RE: Background

Film- Spotlight

Duchess… that Pres. Succession list has been rewritten at least twice by Trump within these few months. Every time someone makes him mad, his named is crossed off the line of succession! (haha)

Further, he’s written it such that no member of the opposing part can have their name on the list. I remember the days when succession included both the Majority AND Minority leaders.

I’ve been hunting a piece I’d written here some time ago, and finally found it. Depending on the whims of the Court, I think it could be used as a precedent for throwing the whole lot of the dirty Repugs out of the front door. But I’m Aquarian sun with Moon in Scorpio. I WILL find something and if I have to pound it into shape with a mallet, I’ll convince you its the greatest thing since sliced bread for achieving your electoral ends! (LOL)

Any, the differences between Trump and this case from the 1800’s, is that Trump is President (and therefore Federal). The prior case was high State Office. But it was SCOTUS who decided it.

It was a long and acrimonious campaign with many dirty tricks and lots of lies thrown around. After the election was over the loser couldn’t help feeling something was “off” about how it turned out. The winning party was gloating and celebrating with ease… and a bit too loud of mouth when he was down in his cups!

It was discovered he’d only won the office via electoral criminal activities. As it went thru the courts, no one knew how to handle it. Finally got kicked up on high.

Well, the court not evicted the newly elected member, stripped him of his win… and gave the kabosh too all advisers, etc., he’d brought with him or installed in office since winning the election.

The he replaced the entire crooked administration with the aggrieved party. His opponent was declared the true winning candidate, along with any and all advisors he wanted to bring with him. He was assured there’d be no holdovers from the prior, illegitimate winner.

Like I said, our issue is Federal; this one was State. But there is SO much similarity, else-wise!

However, once we can finally get old T and family out of OUR House, I’d suggest a good exorcising, cleansing, and then blessing before having anyone else move in. Can you imagine the negative/evil psychic traces he’s gonna leave behind in there?! We might have to set up a counseling intervention with the ghosts of Presidents Pasts! (hehehe)

Connimac – I’ll check out that URL. I’ve been trying out some of the experimental “techno”-type music… especially the ones which sound like space and stars.

My girlfriend also bought me a fidget spinner yesterday. This one has dancing lights on the pads. I wanted one because the Aby cat would really get off on it. We sat down on the floor in the bedroom and I introduced her to it. Once I finally got her to bring it back to me (!) we sat there next to each other and just stared blankly at all the pretty colors. I told Aby she needed a hit of catnip, and I’d sure like a few hits of pot, and this thing would REALLY be enjoyable ! (LOL)

Seriously, tho… I saw many opprtunities to use it as both a mindfulness aid AND as a trance aid. When things calm down here a bit, I’m gonna try out my hypothesis.

For fidgeting in meetings, etc., a good worry stone that speaks to you is tops for me.. especially when it was a gift.

silcominc: I load up on the B’s. And the D’s. It’s hard to keep the correct levels of B6, B12, and D in my system, thanks to this stupid Lupus. Our town’s Farmer’s Market has opened for the season, and maybe in another couple of weeks I’ll have the kitchen remodel finally finished and room to store and cook again. I’m SO looking forward to good, ripe Heirloom tomatoes!!!!!!!!!!

Quick question for anyone…I turned 61 this past February. Am I now finally and completely out from under my Saturn Return influence? Thanks!

Also, is anyone else having trouble accessing the blog here… or having it time out when you hit “submit comment?” I don’t know whether to blame it on the heat and humidity here, or if wannacry and notpetya digital intrusions are still running rampant and slowing down the “pipes” in general… and/or maybe taking a few of the global DNS servers and turning them into expensive door stops?

There was a time when all this was new, exciting, and you learned how to code, etc., from everyone else on the ‘Net. You worked together; you shared knowledge and “ah ha!” moments with everyone. No script kiddies; no cyberwars; and no ADS! Good times….. sigh….

Duchess, while your post was informative. Instead, however, of chastising others for a lack of knowledge, why don’t you educate? U Tube, for example, is an excellent platform for a series of lectures. And, while you appear to know the intricacies of the constitution, you ask each of us to just believe what you are saying by virtue of the fact that you post no other evidence but your word.

Yes, I will admit to my naivety regarding civics and constitutional law. I believe I’ve made that clear. The latter requires a specialized education that I do not have. But rather than taking your comments personally, my observations, and life in general has noted that those attempting a power play hit others over the head with how witless they are. Those who are egalitarian (and equality advocates) focus on education.

I enjoyed the posts this morning that, as usual, emphasize and focus on “education.” Barb and Bob (and always Nancy), you have remarkable abilities to pinpoint and coalesce the possible outcomes of multiple energies.

In regard to kiwi’s post,


I hope this hasn’t been posted in the past.

Trump Picks Republican Lawyer For FCC Commissioner Seat
June 29, 2017 • President Trump will name former telecom attorney and current FCC lawyer Brendan Carr to serve as a commissioner. He is expected to back Chairman Ajit Pai’s efforts to undo net neutrality rules. ~ per npr

As to knowing how this country is run this would be a situation that has never been addressed before in the history of the country. As perhaps every member of Congress and the Supreme Court (indeed, politicians at every level throughout the country) have stated “We are a nation of laws” or something near to that since perhaps the beginning of the Republic I do not believe the results of a process proven to have been corrupted would be accepted. Especially by the citizenry to whom it was professed over and over again by those who make the laws.

If collusion by the election winner with a foreign power in an attempt to affect the election outcome is proven I do not believe the election results will be accepted by the people (feeling cheated), the Congress (fearful of being thrown out of office 10 months later after having to campaign with that Abatross around their necks), or the Supreme Court (whose members could possibly be impeached for allowing a victory won by cheating to stand*) – resulting in a very real threat of nation wide rioting if allowed to stand in favor of the guilty party. Forget about having to prove that even 1 person’s vote was affected. Proving the collusion, joined with the loss in the popular vote total, should be enough to award the office to the party not involved in the collusion in order to avoid a seemingly lengthy task of setting up and holding another election while leaving the nation in control of the cheating party and also to appease a nation perhaps on the verge of exploding in a violent outrage.

My natal Moon is at 9°28′ Capricorn. Transit Jupiter on January 13, 2020, at 9°35′ Capricorn will be conjunct my Moon. The transiting Sun on that day will trine my natal MC at 21°42′ Virgo and my natal Uranus is at 22°10′ Taurus. Taken with the charts for trump, Pence, Ryan, and the Republican party on that day I think I will surely enjoy what ever it brings me.

*Showing partisanship by the judiciary. See Richard Lillich, “The Chase Impeachment,” American Journal of Legal History 1960 4(1): 49–72.


Without knowing your chart I cannot say what transit Saturn may be affecting but you have successfully lived a hard aspect from Saturn to natal Saturn about every 7 years (squares and oppositions).

I have had slight annoyances when online at many sites for some years now. My theory is they are related to big brother wanting to spy on everyone.

Live well and prosper,

Rocky Balboa

Karen F, I really like the way you think, and thank you. Bob, amazing depth in your research; especially cogent and meaningful JFK inferences.

There was a very potent and possibly overlooked pattern in last Friday’s Cancer New Moon in which the grand fire trine between Eris (23+ Aries), North Node (25+ Leo) and Saturn (23+ Sagittarius) were joined by Ceres at 23+ Gemini.

This pattern is called a Kite and the 4th planet (in this case Ceres) opposite one of the 3 points in the grand trine (in this case Saturn) puts emphasis on the planet it opposes who then becomes the focal point of the grand trine pattern.

Because Ceres is only one degree from Trump’s Sun (and only 2 degrees from U.S. Mars) she will utilize these subjects (Trump’s ego and U.S. action) to highlight the rules and regulations of Saturn in Sagittarius.

Bear in mind that the ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter, is also (in this New Moon chart) conjunct the U.S. Saturn in Libra and square the U.S. Sun in Cancer. Therefore trans. Jupiter will define the particulars of what Saturn will be highlighting during this New Moon time. Jupiter’s forte is seeing the Big Picture.

Jupiter is part of a T-square in this New Moon chart that includes the opposition between Juno in Capricorn and Mars in Cancer who is just 1 degree from the U.S. natal Sun. If I were to guess at how this T-square influences Jupiter (who influences Saturn) I should also have to consider the quincunx that Neptune in Pisces is making on Jupiter in Libra (who conjuncts U.S Saturn). That quincunx requires some adjustment from either Neptune or Jupiter.

For that matter, Neptune in Pisces trines Mars (who conjuncts U.S. Sun) and sextiles Juno in Capricorn. This sextile between Neptune and Juno in the Cancer New Moon chart forms a Yod to the Leo Sun in Obama’s chart which is only a couple of degrees away from Trump’s Pluto. Somebody will have to make some adjustments.

Neptune at this New Moon is only 1 degree away from the Obamacare chart’s Jupiter in Pisces and that Obamacare Jupiter sextiles that Obamacare Juno in Taurus. Together, this sextile in the Obamacare chart forms a Yod with the transiting Jupiter who is conjunct the U.S Saturn in Capricorn which squares the U.S. Sun in Cancer who is conjoined with Mars in this New Moon chart.

Neptune in this New Moon chart also trines transiting Arachne (she who weaves a fine web) in Scorpio who is also retrograde but stations direct on the 4th of July. That means that the US. Sun in Cancer is trine transiting Arachne, transiting Neptune, Obamacare’s Jupiter and conjunct the New Moon Mars. Happy birthday USA.

I should also mention that right now the North Node that is part of that grand fire trine in the New Moon chart is also exactly conjunct Obama’s natal Uranus at 25+ Leo. Obama’s natal Uranus conjuncts his natal North Node at 27+ Leo, just one degree from the August solar eclipse at 28+ Leo.

Off the top of my head I’d say that this Cancer New Moon chart’s Saturn, as it applies to the USA, will primarily involve U.S. healthcare law; consideration of how it affects the disenfranchised who are deemed less than equal (Juno) and a good understanding (Jupiter) of its rules and regulations (Saturn).

It’s complicated, as our President has observed on occasion.

~ per rawstory

Trump is meeting privately with Putin — and he asked staffers for bargaining chips to trade away

The president has asked national security council staff to come up with a list of “deliverables” to offer in his conversations with Putin.

🙂 The softer side of military power – enjoy

“Obamacare in Trump Country”

Is this going to be the big shoe that just dropped?


Alex, I am always on the verge of nausea and throwing up when I hear or read about Trump and that certainly qualifies as a reason. And, I can just imagine how Republicans like McCain and Graham feel about that — probably the same way I do.

Has anyone looked at Sarah Huckabee’s chart?
(13 August 1982)
She seems so comfortable with the concept of doing whatever it takes to maintain dominant control – uugggh

Sarah’s face is starting to look crooked – out of joint…I guess that’s what happens when you bend yourself out of shape to cover for your boss. She’s starting to look and act like Sean Spicer and Kelly Conway.

per NPR news

White House Panel Asks States For Their Voter Rolls
The panel looking into voter fraud allegations wants names, addresses, birthdates, party affiliation and elections voted in since 2006 for every registered voter in the country.

Sharon K

Re: well ginger beer or ginger ale or ginger power chews…. that’s what I do and then RESIST on all personal levels and political levels participate

This is the most horrific video I have ever seen. This is strong – so I caution you all. Salon magazine called it “violent and terrifying”. Business Insider calls it an “open call to violence”. Vox . com calls it “chilling”. Released today – Mars opposite Pluto. Just stunned.


Climate change will deeply change the Southern states


Trump – Voter Suppression


RE: DJT’s tweets
Days like today (actually yesterday)
It is humiliating to have a man such as this for our president.

I don’t have a good feeling at all about the upcoming one on one meeting with Vladimir Putin.

Sarah Huckabee has natal Uranus on her Mars/Neptune midpoint. Read psych correspondence in Ebertin’s COSI.

Or just apply your keywords for each planet and make your own deduction.

Astro shamus

A startling revelation on President Trump’s current state of mind revealed from anonymous sources within the White House. Some of Trump’s staff are very concerned…….

Mika & Joe Respond To TRUMP “We Are OK…The Country Is Not”


Movies that Predicted Trump: Bulworth (1998)

It’s election year and America is in a pretty weird place. With Democrats controlling the White House and Republicans controlling Congress, government is bogged down by political bickering. Despite low unemployment and positive economic growth, the dominant feeling in the country is one of apathetic disillusionment; behind all the facts, figures, and talking points lies a whole segment of the population who feels abandoned, ignored, and unwanted by the establishment. It’s in the midst of this malaise, like a wrecking ball out of hell, that an unlikely hero enters in the form of a rich, charismatic old white guy who’s spent his entire life rubbing shoulders with the ruling elite. Breaking all rules of political etiquette, he starts behaving outrageously, offending sensibilities with outlandish racially-tinged comments and unhinged acts of buffoonery. Campaign advisors are in a panic, people react with shock and disbelief, and the media treats it like a ratings-generating circus. But, incredibly, against everything common sense has taught us to expect, he finds an audience. A very large, enthusiastic audience of disaffected people who admire his complete lack of inhibition and decorum: Finally, they think, here’s a politician who tells it like it is and doesn’t care what it costs him. And soon enough, a whole national movement starts taking shape, gradually spiraling beyond the man’s control in a race that could change the country forever.

Sounds familiar, right? Except the year is not 2015 or 2016 but 1996, and the man in question is a fictional liberal Democrat named Jay Billington Bulworth.



I am not an expert on the Constitution, let alone Constitutional Law. I certainly don’t know enough to do something on YouTube or have a blog on the topic. But I have at least a passing familiarity with it, and am willing to double-check various portions of it. I also remember Watergate quite clearly, and even the assassination of JFK. I’m old.

Maybe because I grew up long before the internet, when there was far less rampant stupidity masquerading as something factual, and because I read up on things like urban legends, I find it easier than many to spot obvious untruths. I also am quick to fact-check things, mainly because of the mind-bogglingly dumb things I see on the internet every day. Not quite so much on this forum, but in many, many places.

I paid attention in my American History class, and I pay attention to various things even now. Trump cannot just cross someone off the line of succession as spelled out in the Presidential Succession Act.

Unfortunately, the majority of his followers seem to be those least able or willing to think critically, who are happy to believe each and every lie he says, and don’t begin to understand that the truly terrible things he’s trying to do will also affect them.

Trump Planning Steel Tariffs and Maybe a Trade War, to the Horror of Most of His Cabinet

New York

When Donald Trump stuffed his cabinet with corporate tycoons and conventional conservatives, he guaranteed that at least one key element of his campaign platform would arouse intense internal opposition if he ever decided to pursue it: protectionist trade policies. According to a report from Axios, the moment of conflict has arrived:

With more than 20 top officials present, including Trump and Vice President Pence, the president and a small band of America First advisers made it clear they’re hell-bent on imposing tariffs — potentially in the 20% range — on steel, and likely other imports.

The penalties could eventually extend to other imports. Among those that may be considered: aluminum, semiconductors, paper, and appliances like washing machines.

One official estimated the sentiment in the room as 22 against and 3 in favor — but since one of the three is named Donald Trump, it was case closed.

Apparently no final decision has been reached, but it could be just a matter of time: “Everyone left the room believing the country is headed toward a major trade confrontation.”



The largest negative response to anything trump has said or done since announcing his candidacy.

His progressed Moon (WOMEN) caught up to his progressed Saturn (responsibility).

World wide slap-down.

June 30, 2017 – trump secondary progressed natal: MC 135°17′, progressed Mercury 135°27′, progressed Pluto 136°24′. Progressed Zenith 124°00′, progressed Saturn 125°06′, progressed Moon 125°06′. Like getting the third degree and not happy about it.

In longitude: MC 12°49′ Leo, Pluto 12°00′ Leo, Mercury 13°06′ Leo. Zenith 00°57′ Leo, Moon 2°00′ Leo, Saturn2°45′ Leo.

The sexual predator’s troubles go into second gear beginning in mid June when his 2017 solar return with it’s Saturn opposite Sun aspect comes in June 14 and his progressed inauguration chart angles sweep it’s Saturn square to Mars on June 18 the same day his progressed natal solar return has it’s Saturn/Neptune midpoint on the IC; followed by his secondary progressed Moon on his secondary progressed Saturn on June 30, the day his secondary progressed Mercury and Pluto are on his progressed MC and his progressed 2017 solar return has it’s Neptune/Pluto midpoint on the IC.

Steve Judd: Global July

July:there is a sense of imminence and preparation.

“August is going to change a lot of thing.”


A mystery indeed –

Former AG Eric Holder sends mysterious 3 a.m. tweet telling DOJ staff to ‘be prepared, be strong’


Steve Judd’s site is extremely interesting!
Thank You Elizabeth for the reminder.
Wow, Steve Judd is a very generous Astrologer.
Hopefully, this Mercury/Mars/Pluto stress is causing Trump to weaken if not self destruct.

quite the story this morning from Mika & Joe about the trump tweet ‘we’re OK the country is not’
– the story behind the story including what amounts to blackmail during the campaign

does not look good . . . “G20 Heated in Hamburg”


Rep. Ted Lieu CA – appearance MSNBC

direct line of collusion of Russia with Michael Flynn manager of Trump campaign (wall st journal url today)

Brilliant new device could save kids from hot car deaths — and it was invented by this 11-year-old


The boy created an internal cooling system with a fan mounted either on a front or rear headrest. Oasis uses GPS technology to detect when the vehicle has come to a stop and begins to monitor the air temperature. If it reaches a certain point, the fan turns on, blowing cool air on the child in their car seat.

Looking at the upcoming U.S. solar return chart, the one activated on July 4th, 11:45 PM, EDT, for Washington, DC, it appears that the Press/MSM will still be targeted by Trump as Uranus at 28+ Aries (trine his Mars and ascendant in Leo) will square Mercury (media) at 28+ Cancer.

However, there is a grand water trine in this solar return chart between Mercury in Cancer and Chiron at 28+ Pisces and the Moon at 29+ Scorpio. To me it appears that the nasty wounding barbs won’t let up this year but it’s possible a healing method (using the vitriol release as a cleansing process) will eventually lead to recovery of the patient (we the people).

Not trying to outguess the gods and goddesses mind you, just drawing conclusions from the aspects. After all, we are transforming our concepts of what is of value; what we respect and what we are repulsed by.

I reiterate the importance of the role of U.S. natal Vesta at this time; her position in Taurus, ruled by Venus and largely about what we value, and how – at the time of the New Moon one week ago – trans. Venus was conjunct the U.S. Vesta, and she was TRINE the transiting, transformative Pluto in Capricorn.

Trans Venus in last week’s New Moon was also square TRANSITING Vesta at 19+ Leo who was square the U.S. Vesta in Taurus, a challenge meant to test the strength of U.S. Vesta.

Will the U.S. tolerate such behavior from a sitting President as Trump displayed this AM?

Looked at another way, the U.S. solar return chart’s Moon in Scorpio is quincunx Uranus in Aries as well as Ceres at 27+ Gemini which creates a Yod with the Scorpio Moon in the apex, where adjusting must take place.

The U.S. solar return Moon is in the transformative sign of Scorpio, where the depth of feeling can produce compulsive reactions to pain or anger. This year the People of the U.S. (symbolized by the solar return Moon) will have to go through a metamorphosis (Scorpio) due to the Moon’s position in the Yod with Uranus and Ceres, but this same Moon also has the support of Chiron and Mercury in that U.S. solar return grand trine.

Also support can be found in the U.S. solar return chart’s Vesta at 24+ Leo who is conjunct the solar return North Node at 25+ Leo and they are trine the solar return Saturn (discipline) at 23+ Sagittarius and Pholus at 27+ Sagittarius, both retrograde. Yet another grand trine in the U.S. solar return about to begin, this time in fire signs with Uranus in Aries trines the Vesta/NN in Leo and Saturn/Pholus in Sagittarius.

As painful as this is to witness, we are blessed to be here during this transformative period; not just transformation of the U.S. established order but the order of the entire planet is being upgraded and evolved.

Whenever we are shocked by a sight or of someone’s behavior we know to look for Uranus whose trademark is shock, right?

With transiting Mercury and Mars in Cancer opposite transiting Pluto in Capricorn we know to expect vitriol. What we might not be aware of is that there was a transiting asteroid named Iris (named for the faithful messenger for Juno) who was creating a T-square to the opposing Pluto and Mars/Mercury from her position in Aries at the time Trump tweeted his caustic remarks about the Morning Joe hosts.

Transiting Iris at that time also opposed Trump’s natal Jupiter in Aries (and they created a grand cross with trans. Pluto opposite trans Mars/Mercury) and his Jupiter trines his Uranus in Gemini, ergo the shock factor.

Do not underestimate the influence of the feminine side of human nature, long suppressed but now ready for an explosive, unsuppressed challenge for equality.

Fantastic, Barbk! We Need A Hero!

“Where have all the good men/women gone
and where are all the gods?
Where’s the streetwise (Feminine) Hercules to fight the rising odds?”

Europe to Trump: Bring it on!
The Continent is betting on the power of numbers and preparation for its confrontation with the US president next week:

What can we learn from Merkel? The Quiet German

“The astonishing rise of Angela Merkel, the most powerful woman in the world”.


Thinking about the moon’s eclipse course splitting the US roughly in half, and this may lend itself to another observation. Unable, it seems, to learn limitations, Trump is going to get smucked by a Saturn/Uranus punch that knocks him to his knees. He may soon learn the hard way that he too is limited. This limitation(s), however, may be such that he never recovers the power he thought he had. Even now we’re seeing the exaggerations of self aggrandizement. I suspect, for instance, that the buddy with Putin stance is only a fable. Trump and company owe Putin a great deal of money in a series of loans, just how much is unknown at this time. I suggest it may be in trillions. Trump’s ace card is that he does not intend to pay it back (another sordid history of his abhorrent behaviors). Imagine if you will what sort of backlash that would create?

Charles M. Blow: “Trump’s Obama Obsession.

Karen F,

You have truly hit on something: “Trump’s ace card is that he does not intend to pay it (‘trillions in loan from Russia”) back…. If that is the case, he and his family are dead people walking. Just wow.

Important Maddow video from last night:


The bottom line is don’t be distracted by the disgusting and the crazy.

This paran in Trump’s natal chart ties his Moon and Sun to Mars, the 3 of them acting in unison as can be easily seen in his day to day behavior. Mars is also the most angular planet in his chart, making this configuration already involving the lights, the most powerful aspect in the chart. It will come to chart angles once a day in a diurnal chart, at least once a month in a progressed lunar return, and once a year in a progressed solar return.

The total solar eclipse in August attaches itself to this paran, conjunct the IC as the natal Sun rises. This may escalate the intensity of his temper tantrums when they occur for at least the next year.

Donald Trump – Natal Chart
Jun 14 1946, 10:54 am, EDT +4:00
Jamaica New York 40°N41’29” 073°W48’22”

Parans to Mon –092°02′ — 260°25′ — 328°48′ — 080°25′
Parans to Sun — 330°37′ — 082°18′ — 193°59′ — 262°18′
Parans to Mar –047°16′ —149°26′ — 251°37′ — 329°26′


Ed Tamplin’s latest piece: Topics – the great American eclipse and also Qatar

I AM NOT a believer in “biblical prophecy”.

I also DO NOT interpret the book of Revelation as prophetic, and certainly do not endorse the point of view of the folks who put these videos together, but I do find their “Christian” astrology in concert with their interpretation of Revelation 12:1 a remarkable window into the minds of imaginative, fundamentalist Christians.

They see the “prophecy” of the woman (Virgo) with the moon at her feet, clothed with the sun and twelve stars as her crown about to be fulfilled with the coming August eclipse.

“Here’s why People are becoming frantic about this upcoming Solar Eclipse & America Last Warning”


“END OF THE WORLD FEARS: Solar eclipse in 2017 will bring about apocalypse”

There are also videos which point out that seven years later another eclipse will cross the USA, the two eclipses forming an X across North America.

Many Thanks for reminding me how intelligent Ed Tamplin is.

“This eclipse falls close to the Royal Star of Regulus. In the past it has brought changes to the British royals, always within the year. And it’s obviously set to affect the horoscope of US President Donald Trump, as it connects to his relationship orientated Ascendant and close to his rumbustious Mars….”

LOL.. “rumbustious” excellent word!

“I don’t think the 2017 solar eclipse will play out the same way as those of 1878 or 1918. Health can still be an issue. But more connected to the Republican’s new healthcare proposals and how they may impact directly upon the population. Virus has a whole new meaning in 2017.”

“It’s connected to cyber-warfare. And those viruses engineered by state entities have a mysterious way of turning up in places originally unintended. Like Stuxnet – they can return to infiltrate and contaminate the Internet. And infiltration has been increasingly in American headlines with the probe into Russian cyber meddling.”

Per Starlight previous comments, and those of other astrologers I get the feeling the eclipse may be catastrophic for DJT, but I hope it is not so for the USA or for the rest of the world.

They see the “prophecy” of the woman (Virgo) with the moon at her feet, clothed with the sun and twelve stars as her crown about to be fulfilled AFTER the coming August eclipse on September 23, NOT during August.

On the eclipse topic – ironically, I just came across this Shakespearan quote

“These late eclipses in the sun and moon portend no good to us. Though the wisdom of nature can reason it thus and thus, yet nature finds itself scourged by the sequent effects.
Love cools, friendship falls off, brothers divide, in cities mutinies, in countries discord, in palaces treason, and the bond cracked ’twixt son and father. This villain of mine comes under the prediction – there’s son against father.
The king falls from bias of nature – there’s father against child. We have seen the best of our time. Machinations, hollowness, treachery, and all ruinous disorders follow us disquietly to our graves.”

King Lear, Act I, scene 2
~ William Shakespeare, English playwright & poet (1564-1616)

“Greatest eclipse point” will be over Kentucky – I wonder how this might symbolically affect Senators McConnell and/or Rand Paul?

Regarding the health care debate, I really wish the dems would start pushing the non-profit angle vs the for-profit angle in their talking points. The ‘business’ model based on ‘competition’ totally evades the subject that health provider businesses need more and more customers to make money, therefore they no have incentive to do the optimum to make/keep people healthy.

Mars and Pluto Exact Opposition…
Can you feel it…On The Forth of July?


And Republicans used Russia to help steal our American Election!
Everything you need to know about Russia:

Horace Mann once said:
“Be Ashamed to die until you have won some Victory for Mankind” Let’s Fight!


“……..Per Starlight previous comments, and those of other astrologers I get the feeling the eclipse may be catastrophic for DJT, but I hope it is not so for the USA or for the rest of the world.”

Just to add to that thought of yours…… The last of the three Jupiter-Uranus oppositions will occur on September 28th (27 ’22 Libra-Aries) in exact t square to the US natal Pluto. On the same day Pluto will go stationary direct at 16 Capr. conjunct Moon in trine to Mars 15 Virgo. I suspect there could be major breakthroughs on many levels at this point in time. Should be interesting to see how this plays out.

“The ‘business’ model based on ‘competition’ totally evades the subject that health provider businesses need more and more customers to make money, therefore they no have incentive to do the optimum to make/keep people healthy.”

Point well taken. Yet many here in the USA are blind to it, despite the fact that 2 minutes worth of serious thought on the matter would reveal it as obvious. Ideological idolatry, and a brainwashed public = the mess we’re in.

The educational level in this country has seriously deteriorated.

NASA Denies Conspiracy Theory About Kidnapped Children Working As Mars Colony Slaves




Happy Birthday Canada!
May you live long and prosper.
May your people be perpetually happy.

In reference to the healthcare discussion.. I did not realize this. I did not know it was illegal to profit off of health care in this country at one time (prior to 1973).

This is why I think we will eventually wind up with single payer (or at least I hope so). There is no way to go back to this, there is too much money involved and it is going to take a lot of civil unrest and action to push for universal healthcare, but I think whatever happens over the next few years to healthcare in this country, that it is going to be such a disaster that it will be the number one issue in the next election.


Yes – Happy Birthday Canada!

Congrats on having a progressive Prime Minister and a strong Southern neighbor.

I have no where else to vent about this. Based on previous comments, I watched the Steve Judd video for Global July this evening. On the right, I saw a video by someone named Joni Patry. She claims to be a vedic astrologer. I watched her video on July predictions. In the video, this “astrologer” does more to whip up hate against the media than she does to explain astrology. She stated twice that the August 21 eclipse was going to pass “right over” Washington, D.C. Of course, it does not (it passes over Charleston SC – 500 miles to the south), but she uses this lie to claim that the Aug 21 eclipse will bring to light “plots”, and it will be the media’s fault. She claims that if “you just open your mind”, you will see how right she is that the media is plotting against the government. I reported the video to You Tube. I don’t see it up now. How dare anyone claiming to be an astrologer use her voice to make these false, salacious claims and whip up hatred?

Joni Patry is very familiar to many on this blog. She was a Trump supporter, as I recall during the campaign and skewed her astrology in that direction.

As the evidence mounts; as we get nearer to the various “smoking guns” of Trump campaign and Republican collusion and cooperation with the Russians to hack and alter the outcome of our national election, i.e. treason, they are getting and will continue IMHO to wax crazier and crazier.


No, NASA is not hiding kidnapped children on Mars

Washington Post

NASA – Quebec News Tribune
Most Referenced Quebec News Tribune

Eliseo – so true. As we know, like attracts like so I guess crazy attracts crazy.

WOW Elizabeth – re your 11.22 post – I did not know that! And I bet a heck of a lot of people didn’t know that either!

Can you or someone else send this article to Rachael and ask her to push the story somehow?
I think it would be helpful for the dems to hammer this angle.

So many vultures waiting for people to get sick so they can make gobs of money. I wonder how much money is being traded on the stock market to such ends? Part of the current opioid problem has been that doctors and pharmacists have been so well supplied by company “legal pushers’ to peddle on mostly poor rural americans who don’t know better.
So now they talk about the opioid problem from the user end, but not the pusher end. So the set up is that, pushers can now sell another product to counteract the product they sold in the first place. Leaving the ‘health consumer’ a mere pawn in the process. Again.

I agree with silmonic comment about paper ballots.

So we go back to pencil and paper and it takes 3 days instead of 3 hrs. to know what the outcome is.

We would not be in the predicament at the moment. Who said we need to know right away?

I wish the election had gone back to the 2nd place winner, bcz of an invalid election. The SCOTUS got involved and that set a precedent in deciding not to continue counting the votes and baby Bush got the presidency.

If the SCotus can decide the next president by interrupting the vote count, then they could decide whether DJT deserves to be removed due to an invalid election. This is a scholar’s discussion.
Bob, good observation. I am not surprised with anything in the administration anymore.

Hi SassyGrace,

The Joni Patry video you were referring to is still in place……….

July Predictions 2017: Shocking Truth will be Revealed!


Although I’m unable to discern the subtleties of sidereal/vedic astrology with Joni’s assertion that the July 26th Mars/Sun conjunction (in the 8th house) in quincunx to the US natal Moon could be a harbinger to a major terror attack (the quincunx is 24 degrees off) , nevertheless I find her findings plausible and coherent, especially her comment regarding the August 21st solar eclipse in aspect to Trump’s astrological chart. Eclipses do in fact shed light and attention on areas in our chart that were previously hidden.

We are rudderless and drifting (in real world politics that is a dangerous situation to be in)……….

Trump’s Wounded, Distracted Presidency Has Created A Leadership Void In Washington

Boston Globe
July 1, 2017


PS to SassyGrace

Although not directly in its path, according to reliable statistics the Washington DC area will experience 81 percent totality of the August 21st solar eclipse.

LG – the French had national elections + legislative ones recently and they were ablet to tally their paper ballots and give finally projections by 8pm of that day. Of course they’re on one time zone.

The next morning always brings an adjusted figure of a few points.

Every polling place counts the ballots and transfers the results to the ministry who takes care of the final figures. Done the French way, all continental US time zones could be accounted for by 11pm.

Trump White House Staff Payroll Nearly $36 Million And Top-Heavy

June 30, 2017

Among those making the maximum salary are chief of staff Reince Priebus, chief strategist Steve Bannon, press secretary Sean Spicer and former Apprentice contestant Omarosa Manigault.


The public is expecting honest brokers to vote on healthcare? Ha! When pigs fly. conflicts of interest are rampant.

Reported by the Daily Beast:
“Forty Republican representatives who voted for the American Health Care Act held shares in health-care companies valued at $23 million and earned more than $2 million off those investments, a Daily Beast review of the most-recent financial records found.
The investments may be valued at as high as $39 million and took in as much as $6 million in profits, according to the disclosure reports that require members of Congress to report investments and income within a certain price range.
Several Republicans with key roles in passing the bill held more than $500,000 in medical company shares.”

806 medical companies listed just on nasdaq. Check out the market cap numbers – values listed are in the billions.

As we head into the August eclipse season, how things will unfold in the Trump-Russian investigation, especially whether Trump will is implicated in possible wrong-doing is anyones guess.

Reading in between the lines however, one can deduce something may be brewing in an indictment of former United States National Security Advisor Michael Flynn….

‘Something Is Coming’: Fox News’ Napolitano Hints That Big Trump-Russia News Is On The Way


As far as I can determine, there isn’t an exact birth date available for Flynn other than the usual recorded biographical data of December 1958.

Nevertheless, what is compelling about that particular month and year is that Uranus was in slow retrograde motion from December 1st (16 ’19 Leo) to December 31st (15 ’42 Leo).

The August 7th lunar eclipse at 15 ’25 Aquarius is right on that 15/16 natal Uranus degree of Flynns. Should we expect BIG news from a possible Flynn indictment around that time? Anyone care to venture an opinion on this?

Typo: Read instead “…… especially whether Trump IS implicated”

A new low today (if that’s possible)……

Donald Trump Unleashes On ‘Fake News’ CNN With Bizarre Wrestling Video

July 3, 2017

US PRESIDENT Donald Trump has taken his “war on the media” to a bizarre new level, tweeting a doctored, 10-year-old video of him “tackling” CNN.

The US leader shared the odd video on Sunday of him launching at a figure whose face was obscured by a CNN logo.

Mr Trump pinned the figure to the ground and punched him repeatedly next to a wrestling ring.

The president tweeted the bizarre edit job with the hashtags #FraudNewsCNN and #FNN, apparently his new name for the network. He previewed the name in another tweet on Saturday.


Oh. My. God.

Jerry, 81% totality from Washington DC does not qualify in any way shape or form as “passing directly over Washington D.C.” Would like to know how you feel about Paltry’s constant harping on the dishonest media.

Hi SassyGrace,

1 min. 51 sec. into the video Joni mentions the Aug. 21st eclipse in these terms: “…… it will be crossing over the United States – Washington DC. This is where it is most visible.”

Regarding comments on the dishonest media……. sorry, you lost me. Can you pinpoint the exact words and time on the video? She clearly makes the case in explaining that Trump’s views are various reflections of our society mirroring back to us our prejudices and frustrations. I think there is a certain truth to that.

SassyGrace, referring to your post of July 1st, 2017 at 11:31 pm, I have watched a couple of her vids and found them confusing and annoying. She is annoying to *me* (yes, it’s all about me), so I’m biased. For a better take on world affairs from a Trump-supporting astrologer who is fair and unbiased, take a look at GianPaolo DiCocco. His delivery is is top notch, even if you don’t agree with him, and he calls it like he sees it, astrologically. His YouTube vids are not just informative but entertaining, especially “On the Health and Death of Donald Trump”. The one caveat I can think of is that Rush Limbaugh is also entertaining. But GianPaolo does not seem to promote hate, so I’d endorse him any day. Check him out.

If you missed this: Very thought provoking discussion of our Terribly Unhinged President:
“Mika Brzezinski Responds To President Donald Trump’s Tweets About Her | Morning Joe”


Pat Thurston is on KGO Radio LIVE right now …Very interesting! Regarding this piece: “The Time I Got Recruited to Collude with the Russians”

July article from Soothesayer, Linda Shurman

“There will be another Solar Eclipse in February 2018 involving the USA Moon that is on President Trump’s Descendant. Certainly, this targets a crisis in leadership of significant proportions”

Now We Have a Road Map to the Trump Campaign’s Collusion With Russia

New York Magazine
July 2, 2017

Most of the commentary surrounding the Russia scandal has treated the possibility that Donald Trump’s campaign deliberately colluded with Moscow as remote, unfounded speculation. The new reporting that has broken this weekend suggests instead that this collusion likely did take place. It provides a road map to the, or perhaps a, likely avenue through which this occurred.



I can’t take anything Joni Patry says seriously.

And yet she speaks so highly of you, Jackson.


Joni Patry is definitely different – in appearance and delivery, but her astrological insight seems substantive. I wouldn’t rule out what she has to say based on appearance alone.

Inspiring posts. Kiwi, you’re on a roll and I appreciate your insights. Linda Shurman summed up what is beneath all of this angst. The amount of money thrown to persons of dubious character in order to wrest power and wealth from the already paralyzed populous is beneath (Plutonic) dignity, etc. but more importantly perplexing. After breaking it, where will they go in this insatiable quest to build wealth for power sake? Seems a zero sum and losing game. It already is beginning to unravel.


I would be very surprised if Rachel Maddow was not aware of the history of our healthcare. I would be happy to send her the link anyway. I too was astonished. I remember when I was a child, insurance was called, “hospitalization” because you didn’t need insurance for doctor visits or medications, they were affordable.

Now that all makes sense to me.. and even hospital stays were by today’s standards, reasonably priced.

I remember an old All in the Family episode, where Mike needed his appendix out and Gloria was worried how they were going to pay for it.. it was going to be $250. WOW! Can you imagine?! That is what an aspirin in a hospital cost today! It is so outrageous!

The magnificently astute Charles Blow:


Every now and then we are going to have to do this: Step back from the daily onslaughts of insanity emanating from Donald Trump’s parasitic presidency and remind ourselves of the obscenity of it all, registering its magnitude in its full, devastating truth.

There is something insidious and corrosive about trying to evaluate the severity of every offense, trying to give each an individual grade on the scale of absurdity. Trump himself is the offense. Everything that springs from him, every person who supports him, every staffer who shields him, every legislator who defends him, is an offense. Every partisan who uses him — against all he or she has ever claimed to champion — to advance a political agenda and, in so doing, places party over country, is an offense.

This NYT link, your recent Rachel Maddow link, and your own very fine post present as clear a picture of this aberration now inhabiting our presidency as we can find. Attention and resistance are our guiding words as long as DJT is in this WH. Thanks once again, Starlight!

Blame it on Regulus:


JFK On The Press And The Presidency, In A Free Society

Video: 1 min. 16 sec.


Amen connimac.

Elizabeth, I remember too.

Bravo to the NY Times opinion piece. I wanted to post earlier (and then completely forgot) the documentary Get Me Roger Stone (who gleefully names himself the dark prince.) His connections to and direct hand in getting the “right” players in the WH border on so sensational it defies belief. If you have a chance to watch it do but be warned that you’ll just be even more disgusted than you probably are.

Hillary and Bill Clinton received a Standing Ovation from the crowd of a Broadway Show Oslo:

Patty, Every time Bill and Hill go to the theater this happens. Too much! Thanks for sharing.


I find this very interesting.

MSNBC just televised a special edition of Chris Matthews’ Hardball, “20 Years of Donald Trump”. DJT seemed so much more rational years ago, moderately conservative, but did not seem crazy.

He seems to have become unhinged only after Obama became president, becoming one of the lead “birthers.” He may have been a sociopathic lying narcissist at that time, but if so was certainly so much smoother in presentation before the birther controversy.

I don’t have a precise timeline, but this leads me to speculate there was some kind of medical change about that time, perhaps triggered by seeing a Black man elected and inaugurated as president.

Does anyone know at what age DJT’s father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease? It could be a comparative clue if Donald came down with some kind of brain disorder.

Just speculating, and wishing I had a good, operational astrology program with which to look at specific dates in DJT’s life.

Jerry, Will, my response to Joni Patry isn’t because of her appearance; it’s because of what I hear her saying. I’m used to astrologers who look individualistic or different. Perhaps it’s Ms. Patry’s crown-polishing of Mr. Regulus Rising that bothers me, too.

You may be right, Eliseo, but he also wanted the presidency that much, as a narcissist who thought he could fix things, and under the influence of Regulus, etc., that he gave up most of the honest, positions that he had naturally taken in prior times. Maybe he thought taking the birther position would help him in his question for political power? I’m not sure, otherwise, where the birther mania came from. Could be early dementia as you say, or his early experiences with bigotry as expressed through the Trump family’s housing discrimination, or, just a bid to get attention and support from the narrow-minded, prejudice element of society, a trajectory he ended up staying with. I didn’t see the documentary on Roger Stone and his grooming of Trump, but Trump’s been toying with the idea of being president for a while, apparently.

I have mixed feelings about saying Happy 4th of July, when I think about it. On the surface it’s a celebration of our independence, but we took the land from the Native Americans and are trashing it royally.


Not for a moment did I believe you had judged Joni Patry on her appearance.


I like to think most professional astrologers have something valuable to contribute regardless of whether we agree or disagree with their views. It’s what makes it all so interesting. It would be rather boring if we all thought alike. It’s best to keep an open mind about these things.

Thanks, Will and Jerry. I will try.

A not very happy Happy Birthday America:

New post up.

Sharon K, I feel exactly the way you do about the 4th of July.

41 out of 50 states have declined to provide data to President Trump’s voter fraud commission


“My reply would be: They can go jump in the Gulf of Mexico, and Mississippi is a great state to launch from,” Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann, a Republican, said Friday.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), piggybacking on Hosemann’s retort, posted a video from Lake Superior and told the commission to “GO JUMP IN A LAKE.”

Of course Trump is all lies – he’s a frontman for Deep State….although:

“The day before he met Putin in Germany, Trump was in Poland where he delivered a barnstorming speech in Warsaw in which he accused Russia of “destabilizing countries,” among other topics. The American president also inferred that Russia was undermining “Western civilization.” It was a provocative speech bordering on hackneyed Russophobia. It did not bode well for his imminent meeting with Putin. A clash seemed to be coming, just as the US media had been cajoling.

However, the meeting the next day with Putin was surprisingly congenial. And the substance of discussions indicates a genuine desire from both sides to cooperate.”

Reagan – he could deliver a speech, but he couldn’t sit with world leaders and hammer out a dossier. That’s why he was full of homilies for every occasion. Once I read about a policy meeting Reagan was conducting at his ranch and his housekeeper had made his favorite cookies for the occasion. The writer said Reagan was paying more attention of getting the last cookie on the tray than anything being said at the meeting!

Ed Tamplin this week’s focus is on Korea.
He also notes astrology for the 7th fleet.
(FYI – USS Fitzgerald is/was part of the 7th fleet)