11th May, 2017

Russian Entanglements

There is a great deal that we know of Donald Trump, his history, and his character.  But for some reason, no one is saying what is so very obvious. The following is an attempt to put it all together, to connect the dots, so to speak.

We know that during the campaign, Donald Trump praised Vladimir Putin, repeatedly, and often said how nice it would be to get along with Russia. This was one of the defining narratives of his campaign and seemed like a clear part of his agenda should he win the election.

We know that virtually all of the American intelligence agencies agree that Russia interfered in our presidential election, using fake news stories, bots on alternative news sites, and leaked emails via Wikileaks. In addition, it later became clear that this interference was specifically in support of Donald Trump and against Hillary Clinton.  Currently, the House, the Senate, and the FBI are investigating this Russian interference and whether or not there was collusion with it from the Trump campaign.

We know that the Trump administration has done everything in its power to thwart, sabotage, and stonewall these investigations. The firing of Sally Yates three days after she warned the White House of Michael Flynn’s connections to Russia; the refusal to fire Michael Flynn for 18 days after Sally Yates warned the White House, and only firing him when his misdeeds were revealed in the press; the wild goose chase of Devin Nunes to support Trump’s dishonest and distracting accusation that Obama wiretapped him; the refusal by the White House to give to Congress any documents relating to Michael Flynn; and the unprecedented firing of FBI Director James Comey while he was in the midst of leading the FBI investigation of the administration, to name only what comes to mind immediately; all point to a massive cover-up of serious misdeeds relating to the Trump campaign and the Trump administration with respect to collusion with Russia. It seems obvious that if Russia had acted on its own and had had no contact with the Trump campaign, or if Michael Flynn were just some rogue operator, than there would be every reason to cooperate with the investigations and resolve these issues quickly. But instead, Trump has attempted to squash them at every turn and thrown out numerous counter narratives and attacks that attempt to discredit those who would reveal the truth.

Moreover, we know a great deal about Trump’s character based on what has been reported of his actions in recent decades and especially over the course of the campaign and the first months of his administration, to which we have had a front row seat. We know that he likes to win at all cost, gathering support and resources from wherever he can, with little concern about the source.  He has taken money from Russian oligarchs and mafia bosses over the years. He welcomed political support from neo-Nazis and former Klansmen during the campaign. In short, support and praise from any quarter has always been happily accepted, with any uncomfortable details easily ignored.

On the other hand, we know that Trump’s instinct is to forcefully crush anyone who gets in his way, criticizes him, disagrees with him, or seems to threaten him. We remember his attempt to destroy the reputation of the judge who was ruling in the Trump University case, as well as his vicious criticisms of the judges who ruled against his Muslim ban. We know of his involvement in thousands of lawsuits, many demanding ruinous amounts of money from anyone toward whom he feels any grievance.  These days, those who speak out against Donald Trump are immediately subject to nasty, reputation-battering character assassination by Twitter, often in the middle of the night. We have recently seen public servants, such us James Comey and Sally Yates, who stand up for the truth and do not bend to his will, precipitously fired.

We also know of Trump’s impulsiveness and his difficulty delaying gratification of his immediate wants. The twenty some women who came forward after the Hollywood Access video surfaced come to mind. His inability to control his rage responses on Twitter is another indication of this. His rush to push through his Muslim ban in the early days of his administration and his rushed and botched first attempt at health care legislation are other examples. When he wants something, he rushes heedlessly towards it, with little serious consideration for consequences.

And finally, there is his extraordinary inability to understand or respect boundaries, whether personal, political, or legal.  Rather than disagreeing with ideas or policies, he jumps right in to attack people’s character and speaks as if he knows their innermost thoughts. Moreover, he has shown no willingness to honor political precedent, smashing long-held traditions with reckless abandon, including the “one president at a time” concept during the transition. He shows no respect for the separation of powers or the checks and balances written into our Constitution and upon which our nation is founded.  The fact that the Legislative and Judicial are co-equal branches of government seems beyond his understanding.  Even worse, he has created a counter narrative by maligning “political correctness” as a way to diminish the necessary respect for healthy boundaries which are the foundation for a healthy society.

When all of these facts are woven together, it is very easy to imagine a cavalier Trump being delighted about getting a boost from Russia to win his campaign for the presidency, as well as sending his minions during the transition to reassure the Russians that when he is president, the nasty Obama sanctions will be gone, and we can all work happily together to blow up ISIS and explore oil in the Arctic. Thus, Flynn was probably sent to talk to the Russian ambassador in late December about lifting the sanctions, and Jared Kushner, twice in December, was sent to talk to representatives from the Russian state bank, VEB, currently under severe US sanctions, to assure them that a friend would soon be in charge. Although my conclusion may seem circumstantial, there is simply no other way to put all the facts together into one narrative that makes any sense. As they say, if it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, it is a duck.

And there is one other thing to consider. President Obama warned Trump not to hire Michael Flynn. Sally Yates warned Trump that Flynn was compromised by the Russians. Trump did not fire him immediately but, instead, kept him on as long as he could, involved in top-level national security meetings, until the news media began covering the story. Could it be that Flynn’s multiple contacts and relationships with Russia were exactly why Trump wanted him? Could it be that they were a feature and not a bug?  Why else hire him and then keep him as long as possible? Perhaps Flynn wasn’t ousted for his Russian connections. He was embraced for them.



In the Trump Inaugural chart, there is a very tight Saturn (23Sagittarius31) square to Mars (24Pisces22), with both planets in minor hard aspect to the Moon (9Scorpio22).  This Moon/Mars/Saturn combination describes a central pattern in the Trump administration:  aggressive, often not-well-considered action (Mars in Pisces) meets restriction, frustration, and push back, often legal (Saturn in Sagittarius), while setting off upset and anger among the people (Moon in hard aspect to Mars and Saturn).  Every time this configuration is set off by transits or progressions, we find an eruption of drama that fits this pattern.

During the first nine days of the administration, transiting Saturn moved to complete the square with Mars and the semisquare with the Moon. Within that period, we had the massive anti-Trump Women’s March across the country, quickly succeeded by the first Muslim ban, which itself was swiftly followed by widespread, angry protests and legal pushback.

At present, from roughly May 9 to May 15, the tertiary progressed Moon has moved to conjunct natal Saturn and then square natal Mars. It was on May 9 that FBI Director Comey was fired, eliciting shock and outrage in the news media and on Capitol Hill, as well as across the country. This response of anger and upset over an ill thought out, aggressive action by Trump is similar to the mood after the Muslim ban. In both instances, we find the Saturn/Mars/Moon combination being activated.

By secondary progression, Saturn will move slowly during the four-year term towards its exact square to Mars and semisquare to the Moon, not quite reaching them by January 2021. Thus, the frustration and restriction (Saturn) placed on Trump’s actions (Mars) and the upset experienced by the people (Moon/Saturn) will continue to intensify over the course of his presidency. The faster moving tertiary progressed Saturn moves to complete the square to Mars and the semisquare to the Moon as of early October, 2017, accentuating the stress experienced over this presidency even more during its first year.

Moreover, the transit of Saturn will twice more cross the exact square to Mars and the semisquare to the Moon during 2017, as it did during the first nine days after the Inauguration. These two periods are likely to also produce surges of anger and reaction to Trump misdeeds. The first covers from June 3 to June 29, when Saturn first squares natal Mars and semisquares natal Moon (6/3 to 6/17) and then conjuncts natal Saturn (6/13 to 6/29).  During this same period, transiting Saturn will be quincunx Trump’s natal Saturn (23Cancer48) from June 11 to June 25, and will begin its crossing opposite his Sun (22Gemini56) from June 25 to July 7, suggesting he will be frustrated and upset over the situation that is unfolding.

Given that there is a Jupiter station square to the US Sun (13Cancer19) from May 13 to June 18, one possibility may be that the turmoil in June is in response to some form of problematic military expansion initiated by the Trump administration that upsets the American people. It is also possible that our national pride will expand (Jupiter/Sun) due to a united Congress working in the national interest, perhaps relating to an honest probe of collusion with Russia in the election, rather than for partisan gain. We shall see. This Jupiter square to the US Sun begins in a few days. It is hard to see how the likely impact of expansive US power and pride will manifest.

The final crossing of Saturn in aspect to the Mars/Saturn/Moon configuration in the Inaugural chart will unfold from October 4 to October 29.  This transit comes at the beginning of the US progressed Moon opposition to natal Mars, which waxes from October 20 through November 20, and is likely to agitate and enflame the American public in some way. These aspects also parallel difficulties showing up in Trump’s chart (Saturn opposite his Sun, quincunx his Saturn, and quincunx his Venus) suggesting that yet again, dramatic circumstances enflame the country and create yet another Trump-inspired psychodrama.


Very interesting as always. Thank You Starlight!

GOP money:

Thirty gigabytes of Bradley Foundation internal documents hacked by a group named Anonymous Poland reveal that after a $200 million influx of cash in late 2012 from the trust of Caroline Bradley, Lynde’s wife, the Bradley Foundation geared up to fund networks of conservative think tanks, legal centers, candidate recruitment organizations, media outlets and advocacy groups in 13 states, based on the foundation’s successful efforts in Wisconsin.

Now the foundation is focusing on five states it views as having a strong conservative infrastructure, thus making them ripe for rightward change.

The foundation is working to expand conservative power in Colorado, North Carolina, Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin by funding established networks of right-wing organizations that promote conservatism and help far-right candidates win elections.

It’s a long-term strategy that “can take decades,” according to the longtime CEO of the foundation, Rick Graber, who recently stepped down from his post.


Trump 2017 Inaugural chart has no retrograde planets.

Inauguration Day fell within a four-week window and the only period of 2017 when all of the planets were direct.

On April 18, 2017, Trump began a new 21-year cycle with the energy Uranus. Unexpected turn of events will play a big role in his life.

The last time this particular cycle appeared in Donald’s chart was 21-years ago when divorced his second wife.

On May 9, 2017, Trump’s Progressed Moon moves into his 12th house.

For two and a half years, the area of secrets and the unconscious mind will be a focus point.

May 12 through June the 12th a Saturn transit will push Trump down a new path and break up patterns in the area of his leadership.

~ per Betty McKeon

2019 (Trump’s Progressed Moon will move into his 1RST house) gearing up for re-election:

2021 (Trump’s Progressed Moon will move into his 2OND house)

2023 (Trump’s Progressed Moon will move into his 3RD house)


Trump – Solar Arc Sun (71 years of age to 77 years old)

2017 Solar Arc Sun 03 Virgo
2018 SA SUN04VI
2019 SA SUN05VI
2020 SA SUN06VI
2021 SA SUN07VI
2022 SA SUN08VI
2023 SA SUN 09VI

Nancy – thank you for the ongoing Trump information

Trump is 71 years old now – – if he hangs onto the presidency how does the Jared Kushner administration act behind the scenes of the aging Donald Trump (71-77 years)

Under any destructive Trumpcare scheme how will elderly Americans 71-77 years of age be coping / not coping 2017 to 2023?

correction should read:

2020 (Trump’s Progressed Moon will move into his 1RST house) gearing up for re-election:

2023 (Trump’s Progressed Moon will move into his 2OND house)

Thank you, Starlight, for the clarity of your summary of the Donald and his actions, and for your warnings of possible future happenings. Much appreciated, as always.

Sen. Bernie Sanders to Headline Major Gathering of Progressive Activists – June 9-11 Chicago


Let’s see if I can post this for my email has since changed from bledsoe.net to this.

This is absolutely terrific, Nancy, so too your ability to tie all the loose ends together into a coherent conclusion. While I am no psychologist, I must say that Trump exhibits all the hard consistent behavior of a psychopath. Lying with impunity, respecting no boundaries, etc.

I’m almost certain he “purchased” the presidency to stem the tide of bankruptcies, and poor financial decisions. His son in law may have helped pull him out of the brink on more than one occasion. However, I’m not Jared will be able to fix this.

And hello all of you! Hopefully, I’ll be able to post more often now. Know, however, I do keep up with all your sometimes pithy comments. ;0

Most Americans don’t like Trump.

Trump will most likely be reelected in 2020.

How can both of these statements be true? Here’s how:

Even when people are unhappy with a state of affairs, they are usually disinclined to change it.

In my area of research, the cognitive and behavioral sciences, this is known as the “default effect.”

Software and entertainment companies exploit this tendency to empower programs to collect as much data as possible from consumers, or to keep us glued to our seats for “one more episode” of a streaming show.

The default effect also powerfully shapes U.S. politics.



Jared Kushner

Thank you, Nancy.

With so many details and the press going after each latest one, your writing pulling all the threads together is much needed. Stellar organization and discernment of it all.

Your writing is excellent, on many levels Have you thought about submitting to Huffington Post, Slate, etc., minus the astrology? The beginnings of your posts, before you get to the astrology, are good enough for general distribution. I wish your insights were more broadly disseminated!

Thank you, Nancy. Is it possible they could all be impeached before October?

Sharon k, this is for you.


We are grateful to you Nancy; pulling all the many jaw-dropping events together that have peppered the news in the days between Trump becoming the Pub’s nominee and Today (as they relate to Russia’s manipulation of our election), certainly leaves no room for doubt.

The astrological picture you focused on from the Inauguration chart is so clarifying as to the energy surrounding the events you have enumerated. This excites me because I’ve been examining the Mars-conjunct-Chiron aspect (exact on January 16th). More specifically, the present square between trans. Chiron and trans Saturn led me to locate their cycle’s start date which turned out to be April 12, 1966 at 11:00 PM, EST, Washington, DC.

I now believe that transiting Mars activated the Chiron-Saturn cycle, (those last 2 were exactly square on December 28th at 21+ Pisces-Sagittarius) by precisely engaging 1st Chiron and then Saturn between January 16th and 19th.

I think you would find a couple of things interesting about the conjunction between Saturn and Chiron. It happened 8 days following the 2nd of 3 conjunctions between Uranus and Pluto. In both the April 1966 Saturn-Chiron and the Uranus-Pluto charts, the North Node was conjunct Trump’s MC in Taurus and the South Node was conjunct his IC. This gives us 2 cycles in which Trump appears to be fated for prominence world-wide.

Even more damning, both the Saturn-Chiron cycle and the Uranus-Pluto cycle, based on those two conjunctions in April 1966, hold a Yod formation featuring Trump’s IC in Scorpio (and the 1966 transiting South Node) in the apex point of the Yod where adjustment must take place. Is this Life affecting one man (Trump) or is it one man (Trump) determining the trajectory of the World?

I ask because the Yod becomes a Boomerang pattern when the transiting North Node (in both charts) is added to the existing Yod formations. This means that Trump’s MC, his Taurus midheaven, is where all the combined energies of the Yod will be focused. So what energies would that be?

In both the Chiron-Saturn conjunction and the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in April, 1966, transiting Jupiter in Gemini and transiting Mars in Aries were sextile. Their sextile, combined with the South Node in Scorpio formed a Yod and when the North Node in Taurus is added it becomes a Boomerang.

The combined energy of Mars and Jupiter to the South Node implies that action/force (Mars) along with expansion/wisdom (Jupiter) are forcing a shift (Yod) at the apex point, the Scorpio SN (where Trump’s IC is located). IC could mean family or roots. The focus of all this is aimed at the Taurus North Node in both charts which is where Trump’s MC is. It’s also where transiting Sedna is and other than “under water”, what does that mean?

Of note, in both charts the South Node in Scorpio (the apex of the Yod) was within 4 degrees of being conjunct Neptune. I find that extremely revealing considering that both of these cycles strongly influence Today’s astrology which is Today’s news climate. IN BOTH CHARTS NEPTUNE TRINES SATURN-CHIRON (1 or 2 DEGREE ORB) AND SEXTILES URANUS-PLUTO (5 DEGREE ORB).

What I think I’m saying is that the Uranus-Pluto and Saturn-Chiron cycles – and all that they entail – are linked by Neptune.

Transiting Saturn will make his 3rd and final square with transiting Chiron in November, just before transiting Saturn makes his 3rd and final trine with transiting Uranus. We’re talking about 9 days apart here; between November 2nd and 11th, for those of us who plan ahead!

“May 12 through June the 12th a Saturn transit will push Trump down a new path and break up patterns in the area of his leadership.”


Your writing on 45’s possible 2nd term makes me nauseous.

Could it be that he launches a tv network where he is its star? The country and the planet will be in ruins in two years, let alone eight.


RE: alex on May 11th, 2017
at 2:01 pm


the D’s have to have something/someone the Trump voters would vote for 2020

Thank you so much, Nancy…This is Surreal!

Trump believes he’s so *Golden* that nothing can touch his created Fake-Alternate-Reality.

“With Trump Appointees, a Raft of Potential Conflicts and ‘No Transparency’”

Excellent Jude Cowell:Donald Trump Is a Lunar Eclipse Baby!
Donald J. Trump: Followed by a ‘Moon Shadow’

Also came upon this:
Bad Moon Rising for James Comey

Will the Republican Party Save America?


Pelosi pledges to force a vote if GOP won’t move forward on independent Trump-Russia commission

By Laura Clawson
Thursday May 11, 2017 · 10:44 AM PDT

Something else about the 2 cycles that began in April, 1966 that needs to be made clear is that in both cases transiting Chiron and Saturn were accompanied by Mercury (communicates and is a trickster) and Pallas (plans and strategizes) in the sign of Pisces. In both cases they were square Jupiter (law perhaps) in Gemini who was sextile Mars in Aries, both part of the Yod-turned-Boomerang.

This 4-planet group, Saturn, Chiron, Mercury and Pallas were also trine Neptune in Scorpio (who was conjunct the South Node and opposite the North Node and part of the Boomerang). Now that transiting Mars is activating the Saturn-Chiron cycle directly (and the Uranus-Pluto cycle indirectly) we might want to re-examine the lunar eclipse last September.

That eclipse (less than 2 months before the U.S. election in Nov.) was at 24+ Pisces (conjunct transiting Chiron) and both the April 1966 cycle charts had Chiron (+ Saturn, Mercury, Pallas) in that same degree area. This would mean that the September 2016 Lunar Eclipse and transiting Chiron were activating the 1966 Chiron-Saturn in Pisces cycle directly and the Uranus-Pluto in Virgo cycle indirectly. Just like trans. Mars is doing now.

Then add this: transiting Mars in Sagittarius last September squared the Lunar (Moon) eclipse and Chiron in Pisces while being just 3 degrees away from Putin’s natal Mars in Sagittarius. Right now trans. Saturn is conjunct Putin’s natal Mars.

To me that suggests a reasonable assumption of Russian interference in that Putin’s Mars was square the eclipsed Moon and Chiron (making trouble) 2 months before the election, and now transiting Saturn is bearing down on Putin’s Mars.

When transiting Jupiter stations direct in June it will exactly conjunct Putin’s natal Sun at 13+ Libra. It will also be conjunct the U.S. Saturn at 14+ Libra and Trump’s natal Chiron-Juno conjunction at 14+ Libra.

Also at the Jupiter station on June 9th transiting Saturn (facing reality) at 24 Sagittarius will oppose the 1966 Pluto-Uranus conjunction chart’s Jupiter at 24 Gemini which squares the Pluto-Uranus chart’s Chiron, Saturn, Mercury and Juno group in Pisces (where last September’s lunar eclipse occurred). By the way 24 Gemini is where Uranus was discovered; a very potent degree.

As Jupiter stations direct transiting Sun in Gemini (ruled by Mercury the Trickster who will be at 4 degrees of Gemini, the same degree where the New Moon this month is going to be) will have just made a conjunction to Trump’s Uranus the day before. Add this to the Uranus-Pluto cycle’s Jupiter-conjunct-the-Uranus Discovery degree and you can expect Breaking News, then and possibly at the Gemini New Moon on May 25 too.

“To anyone who may have been part of the plot? They’re (the FBI) going to find out and they (the people who colluded with Russia) are going to regret it,” counterterrorism analyst and intelligence expert Malcolm Nance said on MSNBC.

I don’t know if you all caught Bob’s post near the end of the last thread. It was a map/image of what I presume is the path of the Aug. 21 eclipse. The image is so striking and startling because, with the exclusion of the start and end state, it blazes a path over the red states. What could it mean? Bob has commented:

“Will they change?”


Spicey’s Back!
“Melissa McCarthy Feels Pretty, Oh So Pretty”


Sharon K – I think he looks like the Keebler cookie elf, minus the hat.

This from the Oxford Astrologer today:

Donald Trump has an important fixed star right on his Ascendant. It is one of the four royal stars, Regulus at 29° Leo.

Here is what the medieval Italian astrologer Guido Bonatti wrote about the influence of Regulus on the Ascendant.

“…this alone signifies that the Native shall be a person of great note and power, too much exalted, and attain to high preferment and honors, although descended from the meanest parents. And, if any of the Fortunes behold that place also, his glory shall be the more increased; … yet still, that all his honors, greatness and power shall at last suffer an eclipse and set in a cloud.” — from the website Constellation of Words.

This is from Vivian Robson’s book Fixed Stars and Constellations: “It gives violence, destructiveness, military honour of short duration, with ultimate failure, imprisonment, violent death, success, high and lofty ideals and strength of spirit, and makes its natives magnanimous, grandly liberal, generous, ambitious, fond of power, desirous of command, high-spirited and independent.” — from the website Constellation of Words.

The “Watcher of the North” is associated with the Greek idea of hubris, competing with the gods, going too far like Satan before the fall. Of course, this extreme pride always ended badly for both mortal and angel. The author C. S. Lewisit wrote this “ It was through pride that the devil became the devil: pride leads to every other vice: it is the complete anti-God state of mind.”

On May 10, the North Node moved into Leo — and onto Trump’s ascendant and that fixed star. This is a pivotal moment in his life. On previous occasions — it happens around every 18 years — it has led to greater wealth for Trump. But maybe this time, things will go differently, because this week his sacking of the head of the FBI James Comey — who was investigating Trump’s links to Russia — may have been the over-reach.

Satan near the end of Paradise Lost is surprised when the demons of hell don’t seem to like his oratory any more.

“…So having said, a while he stood, expecting
Their universal shout and high applause
To fill his eare, when contrary he hears
On all sides, from innumerable tongues
A dismal universal hiss, the sound
Of public scorn;…”


‘christian’ Trump doesn’t know his bible – Proverbs 16:18
“Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall”

Kiwi… even if Trump knew that Proverb, he’d more likely ascribe it to Comey than recognize himself in it!

see: “Trump: I was going to fire Comey ‘regardless,’ he was a ‘showboat'”


came in late to ‘Last World’ with Lawrence O’Donnell…..

Laurence Tribe is describing Trump’s language he used when reporting his own meetings with Comey in the the Lester Holt interview… is the language of bribery… the language of
the criminal underworld…

Laurence Tribe is putting all the legal reasons to go after Trump on the table…. I can’t paraphrase it all… the tape will be available probably tomorrow

should read: Trump’s language used in Lester Holt interview describing his own meeting with Comey….

AS the language of bribery…. AS the language of the criminal underworld

This jumped out at me, Sassy Grace:

“… yet still, that all his honors, greatness and power shall at last suffer an eclipse and set in a cloud.”

Suffer an eclipse!!!

And, yes, WildIrish, the Keebler Elf…the size seems about right. There is another guy, that I don’t think is Henry Gibson, who played really a really crazed and idiotic military leader, maybe a Confederate General, but I can’t think of his name. By the way, the momument to Jefferson Davis was removed today…it was actually a beautiful statue of him on a horse. I known why it’s being done but have mixed feelings.

Thank you, Ja, for the article about Sessions…I had seen it. One can only hope.

Hope you all open up that link Bob posted of the eclipse path along ALL red states. It’s quite an image. I am really in suspense over what it could mean.

Alex, I “second” Fe’s statement of just the thought of a Trump 2nd term makes her nauseous. I’ve lost 40 pounds due to all the stress, sleepless nights, and anxiety since he took the “oath.” (BTW… did he have his fingers crossed behind his back as he swore to uphold the Constitution?!)

I work with the military. Everyone is so cautious about what they say and who might be around if they’re in conversation with someone. People are self-censorsing for fear of violating the Hatch Act. Which… if you think about it… is so totally ironic, given that this White House and the Repub Congress so casually violate the Act every other day!

Trump let loose on the 1st Amendment a week or so ago; threatening that most fundamental of rights. Given that we’ve seen a Reporter arrested for merely doing his job and a woman tried and convicted for laughing at this Admin during a hearing, he might as well have declared the 1st Amendment null and void. His actions are having the same effect, IMO. None of them have any respect for the office they hold, the Constitution they’ve sworn to uphold, or the people who pay their salaries.

I *have* to believe Trump will be gone by the mid-terms. Any longer than that, and I fear we’ll be a Russian satellite state.

Another thing is that Trump’s ascendant is 29 Leo, the eclipse is at 28 Leo, and Trump’s mars is at 26 Leo (opposite the U.S. moon at 27 Aquarius which describes the strong but very frustrating and irritating relationship). His mars is in his 12th house of limitations and seclusion. Will the people want him to go to prison? A mental institution? Etc.

slightkc: the Trump administration is a sham and the “lunatics” are in charge. History will see it that way. Sometime soon we’ll have our constitution back, all of it, not just the pieces that are being selectively used.


thank you for your personal reporting of your work-life environments

The problem with the ‘Russia interfered with the election’ meme is that both newspeople and legislators continue to couch the issue in terms of traditional politics.
But the reality is, the criminal element has entrenched itself at high levels in both govts I believe, and it is so interwoven with commercial enterprise where no one can be made accountable, so the traditional ‘old rules and norms’ of politics are having a very hard time trying to figure it all out and where to go from here.
Did anyone else catch the arrogant attitudes/body language on full display by trump and the Russians during the visit? Seemed to me like a big middle finger toward the public, the press, and legislators – sort of like saying, we are here and we don’t give a s**t what you think or say because there is nothing you can do about it.

His tax returns revealed will be his undoing and the undoing of his companies. He may not actually be sent to prison for them, but I suspect that he is going to leave this world a much poorer man in many ways, not only with regards to his material wealth, but also in terms of his influence and the respect he has commanded among his admirers and those who have envied him for so long.

He will likely never be forgiven for his collusion with Russia or for the damage he will have caused to the United States’ perceived image of strength within the world, or for the damage he has already caused and will continue to cause to its institutions, including the Presidency, which itself may ultimately see a dramatic overhaul in its authority and functions because of his abuses.

Donald Trump’s budget director specifically called out people suffering from diabetes as a group of Americans who do not deserve the protection of health insurance.


29.1 million Americans suffer from diabetes, which is about 9.3 percent of the population.




TJ said it for me. Mille grazie.


“This is a series of high crimes and misdemeanors.”

—Constitutional law expert Laurence Tribe to @TheLastWord

Finally!! – senator Ron Wyden being interviewed tonight by Rachael about the importance of focusing on the money trail as it relates to trump and his corrupt business ties with Russian entities.

I saw a comment elsewhere that DJT appears to be doing everything he can to be removed from office. If they threaten to impeach him, he can resign and then claim that he was framed and it was a giant conspiracy.

He’s already said this is lots more work than he thought it would be, and that he’s not having fun. He wanted to WIN but he didn’t want to BE president. His interview with Lester Holt today was totally over-the-top, and he basically admitted to obstruction of justice.

I think the visit from the Russians was their way of reminding everyone they’ve got dirt on that they are now in charge. DJT looked desperate. He’s being blackmailed, I’d bet money on it.

His big mistake was pissing off the FBI folks. They’ll take him down, if it’s the last thing they do. It’s only a matter of time.

Trump handled the Lester Holt interview so badly it makes me wonder if Trump wants to get impeached NO; Bill Clinton got re-elected after impeachment it brought out the voters in defense of their president; Trump got elected on mob voter psychology of hate maybe he want to solve the GOP 2018 problem with voter mob psychology of sympathy… I think it’s out to ride the wave …..

it makes sense to me

should read:

Trump wants to be impeached NOW

once again

should read:

I think Trump’s out to ride the wave

At 49, Mulvaney doesn’t mind political storms. Elected to the House amid the tea party rebellion of 2010, he struck a pugnacious stance on government shutdowns and the debt limit, and eventually helped found the Freedom Caucus. That made him a natural fit for a new administration aiming to shake up Washington.

Mulvaney sat down over beers at the Tombs, near his alma mater Georgetown University, to discuss challenges facing him and the administration. What follows is a condensed, edited transcript of their conversation.


If/when the FBI manages to take him down, they will do so in dramatic Leo fashion as they are typically known for doing (Founded July 26, 1908). As I said, Trump will come to dearly regret the day he decided to run for President.

Seems to me that Putin has just given 2 signs to Trump that he has him by the ‘short & curlies’ (not sure if this translates in the U.S.!) … 1St: the Foreign Minister openly mocking the U.S. by joking about not knowing Comey was fired and 2nd: the release of photos of the Ambassador (spy) inside the Oval Office … I guess the warning is that the snippets of the porno videos or some financial dealings will be next … the question is: what is Putin demanding of Trump?

Wild Irish, I just read your post: great minds think alike!



Donald Trump’s Twitter threats were outrageous, even for him.


From Eric Francis:

“But here’s the really interesting bit: the eclipse happens at 29 degrees of Leo. Donald Trump’s ascendant is in the 30th (the very last) degree of Leo. That makes it personal — extremely personal to him. To put it mildly, this is going to be a weird summer, especially for our alternative-facts, parallel-universe president.

One symbolic meaning of an eclipse is an alignment of the dimensions. From our perspective, an eclipse aligns longitude, declination and time. You might say that we are entering a time when “parallel universes” begin to merge.”

Excellent article, Nancy, as always! You do us all a great service with your hard work. Thank you! On June 24 and 25 out-of-bounds Mars will square Jupiter at 13 Cancer and Libra respectively. The New Moon will make a pass also through Cancer. Pluto is within orb for a T-square at 18 Cap. My interpretation is that the time will be ripe for a huge (Jupiter) attack or other aggression (out-of-bounds Mars) that has the power to transform (Pluto) the government or financial system (Cap) and prepare the people (Moon) for a fresh start (new). I am only a student of astrology, and there are probably some pertinent interpretations that I have missed here, so I welcome any comments or elucidations.


thanks for great notations….you’re very good; I’ll be looking a 6/24-25 in the next couple of days using your narrative to examine political-economic framework

haven’t had time to analyze the chart but first impression:

saturn 23SG
phaedra 24AQ
south node 25AQ
eris 23AR
ceres 23GE
Trump N/Sun 22GE
north node 25 Leo
as yet unassigned degree 23-24LI

quite the hexagon

Grand Sextile (hexagon aspect)

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haven’t had time to analyze the chart but first impression:

saturn 23SG
phaedra 24AQ
south node 25AQ
eris 23AR
ceres 23GE
(in Trump’s best interests)
Trump N/Sun 22GE

north node 25 Leo
cusp 11TH House – US Sibly
(congress, legislation)

continued – Phaedra (astrologically, Phaedra seems to indicate unusual or depraved tastes or appetites, passive-aggressive behavior, sacrifice for malice, devious revenge)

saturn 23SG
phaedra 24AQ
south node 25AQ(politics)

eris 23AR
ceres 23GE
(in Trump’s best interests)
Trump N/Sun 22GE
north node 25 Leo
cusp 11TH House – US Sibly
(congress, legislation)

My natal Sun is at 25 degrees 30 minutes of Leo. Does that eclipse make it personal for me too?

Sharon K –

Right? Suffer an eclipse – hopefully, prophetic words.

Eliseo, Nancy has always said that the basic orb of a transit’s effects is 2 degrees each way. Since the eclipse is supposed to occur at 28 53′, even 3 degrees wouldn’t quite affect you. I imagine you will feel it to some extent though? I’ll leave it to the real astrologers to respond. I remember that Sassy Grace’s post posited some very positive effects as well as some negative ones, so — karma?



A Democrat Finally Admits DNC Rigged Primaries for Clinton

Trump is in a very dangerous mode. Now suggests he has tapes on Comey and possibly others. Very soon GOP Congressman will have to speak out against him or risk damage to their own careers.

I want to politely disagree with those who think Trump wants to be impeached or removed from office. The man is a narcissist of the highest order, and at this point he can’t imagine not being President for a full eight years. Keep in mind he’s already filed to run in 2020.

However, he has at best only a passing familiarity with any part of the Constitution, and it’s obvious he couldn’t pass the most basic quiz on it. For him, being President is simply another reality show, and he’s the star. He thinks he can fire anyone he wants to, with no consequences. He thinks he can say anything he wants to, with no consequences.

It’s quite obvious from his behavior that no one has said “NO!” to him in a very, very long time. He lives in a bubble where everyone around him assures him he’s the best, he’s the smartest, he’s really GOOD at everything. He’s so unused to criticism, so used to being able to do and say anything that occurs to him, that he’s infuriated by the smallest hint of opposition. Hence the middle of the night tweets. And the constant changing of “facts.”

A lot of people are trying to diagnose Alzheimer’s or some other dementia. I also think that’s wrong. He’s in full possession of his faculties, but they simply aren’t as good or sharp as he thinks they are. And frankly, most people at 70 aren’t quite as sharp as they used to be.

In his case, it’s clear he doesn’t read books of any kind, and probably no magazines at all. He gets whatever information he obtains by watching TV or from what those around him tell him. And keep in mind, they’re mostly telling him how smart and wonderful he is.

His extremely limited vocabulary is one clear indication that he never reads. Yes, he graduated from college but a transcript would probably show he just barely made the grades needed to get a diploma. Or perhaps his father made a generous donation to the school. That could have done the trick.

I just wish we weren’t stuck with him, or that only those who voted for him would have to feel the impact of all the terrible things that are going to unfold while he’s in office.

And Pence would not necessarily be an improvement. He’s an extreme right-winger who knows how to work the system. A Pence Presidency won’t be an improvement. Maybe we can hope for an actual revolution, overthrowing the Republicans in power. But the people of this country tend to be far too passive for me to expect that to happen.

Thx alex re ro.

Many, many Thanks!
Ceremony begins tonight at 7PM CDT.

You are very welcome, Eliseo! Congratulations on reaping the rewards of hard work!

Duchess of Gadsen, I agree with all that you said except that Trump’s desire to sabotage himself might be more subconscious at this time and he will come up with a great rationale and cover story later. All the same, this medical astrologer (and I hope you all can access it since it’s a FB post) makes a great case for him either leaving office due to poor health (sounds like it could be a stroke or being removed for obstructing justice (obstructing the Russian collusion investigation), or even being assassinated, in August at the time of the lunar and solar eclipses. She feels that the transiting NN that now conjuncts his Leo degrees (particularly his ascendant), at the time of the firing of Comey indicates that this is a karmic chain of events that will culminate at the time of the August U.S. solar eclipse and will leading to him demise (“Trump is going down.”)


Sorry for the errors above…trying to multi-task!

Today the transiting Sun is conjunct the degree of the Saturn-Jupiter cycle’s initiation, 22+ Taurus. The Sun symbolizes consciousness. Here are some notes regarding that cycle’s chart.

Important to that cycle was the Neptune conjunction to the U.S. natal South Node in Aquarius (release of obsolete patterns), Uranus was conjunct the now progressed U.S. Mercury, also in Aquarius, and it was square to the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction itself. Then there was the Mars in Gemini (conjunct Trump’s Uranus) opposite Chiron and the Great Attractor.

Also important was Mercury at the time of the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in a trine with the U.S. natal Moon and a quincunx with the U.S. natal Pluto. Now transiting Saturn opposes that Mercury. The North Node at 27+ Cancer opposed the South Node at 27+ Capricorn and its conjunction to the U.S. Pluto.

All the above aspects have come to pass during the last (nearly) 17 years; unanticipated backlash in social class behavior, foreign intervention, upheaval in traditional election procedures, the proliferation of data gathering and sharing, and the wearing away of established order. The cycle also suggested a decline in the powerful elite in the U.S. through the cycle chart’s south node conjunct the U.S Pluto.

Duchess – I agree too.
Sharon, funny you should mention his health because I have been thinking about that aspect too and wondering what astro signatures might portend something.

Eliseo, may I add my congratulations!

Hi Eliseo, I agree with Sharon K in regard to your question, ask the real astrologers at this site.

I don’t think Trump is afraid of impeachment…. he’d get the GOP congress re-elected in 2018 if he was impeached….. and a long way ahead for 2020 with voters who wanted to defend him….


The president remains in office even if they are impeached.

Only upon conviction by the senate will they be removed, in which case the next eligible person in the line of succession will become president (this will normally be the vice president).

Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson are the only two presidents to be impeached and neither were convicted. Nixon may have been impeached and convicted had he not resigned.

The senate requires a two thirds majority to convict which is a rather high bar.

Sharon, thank you for that link. That’s very interesting.

Trump certainly could be subconsciously courting removal from office. Were I a trained psychologist or psychiatrist I might offer and opinion, but since I’m not, even though I’m semi-knowledgeable about such things, the emphasis needs to be on semi, I can’t offer anything but my opinion here.

I am looking forward to Nancy taking a very close look at the upcoming eclipse.

Dunning-Kruger effect “complete ignorance breeds confidence”

Also, here’s a link to astrologer Maria DeSimon’s FB page. Scroll down just a bit and listen to her analysis of the firing of Comey, the upcoming eclipse, and what’s going on with Trump astrologically. Very interesting.


What does Putin want from Trump?
Is it a blind eye to a territorial invasion somewhere, or is it something else?

Kiwi & Sharon,
Grad school degree was conferred 8:10 PM.
Now continuing with research and writing and maybe back to teaching. Many Thanks for your kind remarks and support.

I’ve always believed Putin to be out to put the US in check as an unfettered global power, the only one truly left standing in the Post-WWII era, though he had to have realized long ago that actually doing so would be a massive undertaking with no guarantee of success. In fact, failure could be downright catastrophic for Russia and all of humanity. I don’t know that he ever anticipated Trump would get so far as becoming POTUS, which of course has opened up many new doors that were likely only the stuff of Putin’s dreams, if that.

I think Putin is quite aware of the temperamental character of the US, but at the same time, he has an opening via DJT and is likely to use it to exploit it to the fullest extent possible, which means weakening and disrupting the US from the inside out.

“essential health benefits ” (= “medically necessary” = must have to sustain life)

One of the most controversial parts of the House GOP bill repealing Obamacare is its provision allowing states to waive the requirement that insurers cover “essential health benefits.”

Insurance plans on the Affordable Care Act marketplace must cover basic services like prescription drugs, mental health and maternity care.

But under the American Health Care Act, which the House passed on May 4 with zero Democratic votes, states would be allowed to opt out of this requirement.


I’m sick and tired of this false narrative. Bernie lost the primaries by a significant margin. This is exactly what the Russian interference operation/Wikileaks was pushing, to drive a wedge between Dem voters to help Trump. And people fell for it. They still are. Nothing the DNC changed a single person’s vote in the primary.

Yes, that’s one of the worst parts of the bill. And there almost too many to mention, it’s that bad.

My hearty congratulations on your success Eliseo. I hope it was the beginning of a most enjoyable weekend for you!


I don’t really understand what I consider to be a false narrative that Hillary lost because of Bernie? So what are you saying that if the Russian’s didn’t interfere, Bernie wouldn’t have had the support he got? There has been a wedge between Democratic voters for a long time. I didn’t fall for anything. I haven’t liked Clinton politics for many years and have been supporting Bernie before anyone knew who Bernie was. I didn’t fall for anything.

Some thoughts:

I have found more tertiary progressions that add to the stress of Trump’s long, horrible summer. I don’t think there is the time for impeachment during the negative period. However, I am thinking that it is possible that enough illegal stuff may be uncovered that he could resign in trade for not being prosecuted. If it doesn’t happen by late October, it won’t happen, and we will be stuck with him for the duration.

Evidently, Trump has a history of taping conversations. Imagine for a moment, that he is subpoenaed for recordings of conversations with Comey and with Flynn. If he destroys the recordings, it is illegal. If he gives them over, it could be evidence of treason or obstruction. Either way, he is in big trouble.

FYI, Inaugural tertiary Venus reaches 23-24 Pisces this summer, squaring natal Saturn and tertiary Saturn and conjunct Mars for two months. Tertiary Sun will reach 8-9 Aquarius, semsiquare natal Saturn and semisquare natal Mars, also for two months. All of this triggers that fateful Inaugural Saturn/Mars square with the Moon in minor hard aspect to both, and happens during the long, stressful Saturn station impacting Trump’s Sun and Moon and US Mars and Neptune. We are looking at big, big and stressful events.

An addition to my post of 5/12, 12:07 p.m. On June 24-25 out-of-bounds Mars will be at the exact degree of the U.S. Sun, 13 Cancer. The Sun also refers to the leader of the country. So, the current occupant might try for a big (Jupiter) attack (Mars) or some other power (Pluto) might perpetrate an attack on him. Saturn at 23 Sag and Chiron at 28 Pisces are within orb of a square by transit in the US 1st and 3rd houses respectively, and with Chiron poised to enter the 4th house of the homeland (1 Aries), it looks ominous. Although the square is separating, with Saturn Rx.

Hey Bob,
Many Thanks!
I reached a small goal last night I’ve been working toward for about 37 years. The greatest reward so far has been the support of my wife, friends and family. (My parents, now deceased were never interested in my ambitions or ideas.)

In the next year I have to polish up some of my work and get it published for peer review.

Hope From Morford

“But that doesn’t mean they’re immune, or their power ironclad. Far from it. Many loose ends exist, landmines abound, the recoil is strong. The epic #TrumpRussia scandal is comprised of multiple octopi, tentacles splayed everywhere, flailing wildly, spitting fire and doom. It is far from over. In fact, Trump’s latest lurch into despotism might backfire on him in ways no one – least of all, him – can yet imagine.

Who knows who might get snared, what new scandal detail might pop up, what critical information might spew forth at any second? The F.B.I. is, right now, full of shocked agents, sucker-punched by a president who believes them stupid and disposable, blocking him from absolute power. How many reams of incontrovertible proof have they already compiled on Trump’s shriveled, corrupt soul? Election rigging? Tax evasion? Putin pee parties? Something far worse, far more imminent? Who’s the next Deep Throat? How many will there be?” …cont….

“See, Trump would like you to believe he’s a ruthless, big-man dictator, a strongman thug the mold of the killers and despots he admires most in the world. He would like it to be known he has no qualms about punching, groping, dismantling democracy right in front your face, tearing it apart with his puny iron fists. Big man! Angry tweets! Fire people! Grrr!

Thing is, Trump’s fists are made of nothing but sawdust and mealworms and the off-gassing of dung beetles. He is a coward, violently incompetent, morally sociopathic, gorged on power. He is our greatest humiliation, a disgrace to the world. His biggest fear, of course, is that everyone knows it.”…cont…


Elizabeth Grace:

Eliseo, if the chart of your graduation predicts your career trajectory, then here are some interesting indicators and some simple attempts at describing them:

Moon rising in 15 Sag (teaching & writing; an understanding of people and the public)

Venus at 8 Aries in the early 5th & mercury conj uranus in 27/26 Aries at the end of the 5th (Sounds lively!
Working with young people, creativity, great enjoyment and pleasure)

Sun at 22 Taurus in the 6th (ability to work hard, determination, productivity, application, structure) buoyed by a trine with Pluto at 19 Capricorn in the 2nd.

Jupiter at 14 Libra in the 11th (sounds great to me for working with people in groups)

NN at 29 Leo in the 9th, conj 10th house cusp (universities, teaching, writing, humor, etc. :-))

If you have the Opportunity/Interest:
Tune into KGO Radio tonight, (And Tomorrow)
Pat Thurston’s Show is Really Fantastic! Pat is brilliant/sharp as a tack and will blow your mind, she’s former Military and Top Notch!
Pat Thurston is so excellent, I worry they will remove her program. Here’s the KGO Schedule: http://www.kgoradio.com/programmingschedule/
(I realize it’s late on the East Coast, there may be Podcasts listed)
Listen Live:

(If interested in This Trump Drama Check It Out!
I promise You will not be disappointed!)

Rosenstein has progressed Mars and Pluto at 172°08′ today. A square to them with a 2° orb would begin at 260°08′ and last until 264°08′.

Transit Saturn will reside in those parameters from June 14 through October 31. Saturn’s square to natal Pluto within that range will be from June 2 through July 29 and September 21 through November 29. Saturn will square his natal Mars (2° orb) from November 19 through December 21.

If he manages to forestall appointing a special prosecutor through December it would be early 2018 before that team could get up to speed and longer still for them to conduct investigations and perhaps pry documentation out of the sexual predator. That could take them to the midterm elections in November when I think Democrats will gain control of the House when the Congress is sworn in (January 2019). That’s just a year before January 13, 2020.

Well, folks, Happy Mother’s Day! To be taken with a grain of salt, but:


And, how about this one (which implies Pence is going down, too, and the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, Oren Hatch is next in line!)?


Let’s not get our hopes up too high yet, but this could be the path that’s going to be taken.


More implications that there is evidence against Ryan (smug bastard), Priebus, etc.

Congratulations on your accomplishment, Eliseo!

Thank You BuckeyeShadow!
I always read and value your commentaries and analyses.
This is only a beginning.
Like I said upthread, I now have to get my work published and peer reviewed. If I am successful, we will have 3 important tools with which to reduce our hate level. Perhaps my ideas will become accepted when Pluto goes into Aquarius.

‘Comeytose in Washington’:

“Yes, all very good–except, naturally, for the intervention of the liberals, who have adopted Comey as a martyr in their Russian witch hunt and have started praising the FBI–an agency literally engineered to prosecute (if not invent) the Red Scare–as a “beacon of integrity and independence.” A few minutes after the news broke, even Michael Moore panted: “COMEY FIRED! Dirty, corrupt things afoot.”

Let us also recall that James Comey was one of the leading propagandists for the phony War on Cops, a smokescreen to hide the carnage inflicted by the police’s pitiless war on black street kids. This spring Comey ordered the FBI’s terrorism task force to investigate Standing Rock protesters. How can you repress your revulsion to lavish praise on such a man?”


Is this site patribotics reputable? The statements seem to be too good to be true, which probably means they are. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see the whole bunch taught a lesson, but I just don’t see that happening.


Regarding your comment: “Too good to be true” I would suggest reading the following article in its entirety…..

Trumps Presidency Ended May 9th / Hatch Getting-Security Briefings


Astrologically May 9th was quite significant. Transiting North Node conjoined Trump’s Ascendant/ August 21st solar eclipse degree (28 Leo). As astrologer Marie Disimone points out, the major game-changer begins with the August 21st eclipse and reaches a climax on September 5th wherein Mars conjoins stationary direct Mercury right on this eclipse degree.

Fortunately or unfortunately; Saturn’s station on the US Mars/ Trump’s Moon degree in late August with other converging factors coming into play, there is a concern Trump might initiate a war as a diversionary tactic – the classic “Wag The Dog” scenario with horrific consequences. War with North Korea is the first that comes to mind because the eclipse degree is sitting right on NK’s natal Saturn.

Kris William Kobach (DOB March 26, 1966, Madison, Wisconsin)

Richard L. Hasen, the Chancellor’s Professor of Law and Political Science at the University of California, Irvine, and election law expert has described Kobach as a “charlatan”, “provocateur” and “a leader nationally in making irresponsible claims that voter fraud is a major problem in this country.

MSNBC Joy Reid: Discussion Kris Kobach & Trump


Sorry. Wrong article (I assume you already read it). I meant to post this one from the Los Angeles Times…..

Trump’s Dangerous Credibility Gap


Joy Reid: https://www.facebook.com/amjoyshow/


Kris Kobach is Trump’s GOP Hitman Who’s Stealing Your Vote

The massive election-rigging scandal the media ignored


Kris Kobach, the ‘King of Voter Suppression,’ Will Lead Trump’s Sham Voter Fraud Commission. Be Afraid, Very Afraid.

President Trump signed an executive order yesterday forming a commission to investigate voter fraud and voter suppression after repeatedly claiming, without evidence, that the United States has a “major problem” with illegal voting.

In response to the executive order, the ACLU’s Voting Rights Project immediately filed a Freedom of Information Act request demanding that the government release any “evidence” it has to support President Trump’s claims of voter fraud.


Kris Kobach Natal

What’s the Matter With Kansas –
Kris Kobach


Fixed Grand Cross (world stage)
This is harsh/hard/lethal natal cross

Kronos 26 Taurus (Algol 26TA)
Jupiter 26 Leo
Neptune 25 Scorpio
Pholus 25 Aquarius


Chiron 29 Pisces
Mars 29 Aries
2021 Solar Arc Sun 29 Taurus


Phaedra 29 Scorpio


Sedna 00 Taurus
Admetos 00 Taurus
Mars 29 Aries


I hope it’s true. I’ve just seen so much misdirection on the part of both extremes it’s hard to believe that anything will really stop this mess. I’m watching a train wreck and instead of slowing down, the trains are speeding up, playing chicken.

This week from Ed Tamplin

constitutional crisis, part 2

Has anyone done an astrological workup on Orrin Hatch?

Interesting sidenote on palace intrigue: There are a significant number of agents in both the CIA and FBI who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I’m with you Casey. When we examine the situation on the same level as where it is happening there seems to be no escape. That’s why I rely on cycles between planets, any 2 planets that have made a conjunction that has not completed as of now could have a bearing on the present dilemma. Viewing the charts for those cycles and determining its “purpose” or “agenda” for that cycle and the pieces start to fall into place.

Once you get to an understanding of the Big Picture composed of several charts of cycles you can detect a purpose for all the madness. Doesn’t make it any more fun but it keeps it from seeming like an oncoming train wreck.

Orrin Hatch

2017 Solar Arc Midheaven @03 Cancer (US Sibly Venus 03 Cancer)

2018 SA MC @04CA

2019 SA MC @ 15 CA (US Sibly Jupiter 05 Cancer)


should read

2019 SA MC @05 CA (US Sibly Jupiter 05 Cancer)

kiwi, Thanks for Raye.

Here is http://www.neptunecafe.com/NewsScope.html

questions raised on Mercer’s hidden influence on brexit campaign


“In a Time of Madness, Sally Yates Is a Profile in Courage”

And sadly: Are We Monsters?
We are a failed country because we have lost our compassion and sense of community.

Thank you patty; thank goodness for Bill Moyers.

I believe those monsters are being exposed in our country’s astrology. One example can be seen via the Chiron-Saturn cycle which began in 1966 in which the chart for their conjunction had the Moon at 27+ Capricorn, the degree of the U.S. natal Pluto. Right now transiting Chiron and retrograde Saturn are separating from their square but it will return in November.

That Chiron-Saturn cycle’s Moon was quincunx Jupiter at 26+ Gemini and when, this August, they are coupled with the total solar eclipse it will complete a Yod to this aspect in the Chiron-Saturn chart. This will surely force the monsters to be exposed even further. A retrograde Mercury at that eclipse time will square the U.S. natal Uranus so it likely will come as a shock to the general public to learn of it.

Because transiting Jupiter at the time of the total solar eclipse in August will be conjunct the U.S natal Juno and opposite the U.S. natal Chiron, our nation’s original wound (or sin) will likely be exposed in some new light.

Furthermore, the eclipse chart’s transiting Mars will trine transiting Saturn and, with the U.S. natal Chiron making it a grand trine in fire signs, this will put transiting Jupiter (and the U.S. Juno) into a larger configuration called a Kite.

By being the planet opposed in the grand trine (in this case by transiting Jupiter + U.S. Juno), the U.S. Chiron becomes the focal point of the grand trine turned Kite. This combined with the Juno in the 1966 Chiron-Saturn cycle’s chart being in the same degree as the U.S. natal Chiron, 20+ Aries, (and opposite the U.S. Juno) brings the chickens home to roost.

Transiting Neptune will exactly trine the U.S. natal Sun at the time of this August eclipse making grieving and compassion over this exposure a natural release, while compounding it will be transiting Venus conjunct the U.S. natal Mercury.

Also of note is that the transiting nodes at the time of the August solar eclipse will make a grand cross to the 1966 Chiron-Saturn chart’s nodes. Tomorrow’s transiting Sun at 25+ Taurus will conjunct the Chiron-Saturn chart’s North Node so we may get an inkling of what the August eclipse could expose.

Can people please start Googling & referencing ‘Gringrich’ ‘affair’ ‘Callista’ etc.
Nothing deserves attention more than the morally bankrupt Republicans pontificating about Christian values.
Apparently Callista is about to appointed ambassador to the Vatican,where our own moral titan , Cardinal George Pell ( Google: Royal Commission into Institutional responses to Child Sexual Abuse) is (hiding) residing

Eliseo, congratulations on your graduation!

Trump revealed classified information during meeting with Russian officials.. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/trump-russia-meeting-classified-information_us_591a1b39e4b07d5f6ba55159?ncid=inblnkushpmg00000009

It just dawned on me that the August solar eclipse Mercury at 8+ Virgo, the one that squares the U.S. Uranus at 8+ Gemini will be opposite the solar eclipse that took place this past February at 8+ Pisces.

That Feb. Pisces eclipse was conjunct Neptune at 11+ Pisces and they were conjunct the U.S. Ceres (+ Nessus + Child) while also squaring the U.S. Uranus in Gemini. (Ceres in myth negotiated the return of her daughter who was kidnapped by Pluto).

In that February eclipse Jupiter at 22+ Libra was opposite Mars, Uranus and Eris in Aries. Talk at the time included speculation re: Trump’s relationship with the Russians. Putin’s natal Neptune-conjunct-Mercury-conjunct-Saturn in Libra was conjunct the Feb. Eclipse Jupiter and opposite its Mars-Uranus-Eris conjunction in Aries.

Saturn had already made his 1st square to Chiron a few days after Christmas so their cycle was active by then. Three weeks ago they made their 2nd square and their 3rd square takes place in November.

In their 2nd square transiting Saturn was exactly sextile the U.S. Moon in Aquarius and transiting Chiron was exactly sextile the U.S. Pluto in Capricorn, as well as sextile the Moon in the cycle chart (conjunction in 1966) between Chiron and Saturn. This 2nd square between Saturn and Chiron will tie it to the August eclipse.

I tend to think that the big upcoming August solar eclipse (something hidden) . . .

. . which is linked to the February lunar eclipse, in that each chart possessed a square to the U.S. Uranus which lies near the descendent (the other) in the U.S chart, . . .

. .is linked to secret information. Uranus, along with Saturn, rules the 3rd house of the U.S. natal chart that has Aquarius on the cusp. The 3rd house is about communications, including surveillance.

The February solar eclipse had a major connection to Putin’s (one of the “others” symbolized by the U.S. descendent) natal chart; his Mercury, Neptune, Saturn conjunction in Libra. His natal Uranus in Cancer squares his natal Saturn which is conjunct his natal Mercury and Neptune.

Transiting Pluto has been opposite Putin’s natal Uranus in Cancer. In the February eclipse chart Pluto was exactly opposed Putin’s Uranus and therefore T-square his Libra planets. The Feb. solar eclipse held a grand cross between Jupiter in Libra, Mars, Uranus, Eris in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn and Vesta in Cancer. It lit up Putin’s chart like a Christmas tree.

As we know, the August 2017 solar eclipse chart will light up the U.S natal chart with equal (if not greater) force; Venus will conjunct U.S. Mercury, Neptune will trine U.S. Sun, Jupiter will oppose U.S. Chiron and conjunct U.S. Juno, Saturn will oppose U.S. Mars and square U.S. Neptune, and Mercury will square U.S. Uranus and oppose U.S. Ceres.

But it is the August solar eclipse Uranus-trine- solar eclipse (Sun and Moon) aspect that boggles the mind. Uranus in Aries will sextile the U.S. Moon and square the U.S. Pluto. Eclipsed Sun(+Moon) in Leo will oppose the U.S. Moon and quincunx the U.S. Pluto. A double whammy, just like the previous (2nd) square between trans. Saturn and Chiron did.

As has been discussed how it is expected that Trump will represent the Leo eclipse energy, and that there is an obvious connection between August’s coming eclipse and last February’s eclipse which is symbolized by their aspects to the U.S. Uranus at 8+ Gemini with its ties to the U.S. 3rd house of communication/data . . .

. . I’m thinking it is possible that Trump could be being blackmailed (scandalous video) or that phone conversations between Russia and Trump will be exposed, and that would be the U.S. Uranus effect, with its ties to the 2 eclipses.

The effects on the U.S. Moon in Aquarius and the U.S Pluto in Capricorn seems more complicated.

The U.S. Moon has (1) opposition from the August eclipse but the trans. Chiron-Saturn cycle (now in its square period) should benefit the U.S. Moon as trans. Saturn sextiled the U.S Moon.

The U.S. Pluto will be SQUARED by the August Eclipse Uranus (that trines the Leo Eclipse and Trump’s asc/Mars) but benefits from the Chiron-Saturn cycle (now in its square period) as trans. Chiron was sextile U.S. Pluto.

Yet, in the 1966 conjunction between Chiron and Saturn . . the initiation of their present cycle . . the Moon was conjunct the U.S. Pluto at 27+ Capricorn.

That Moon was square Mars in Aries at the time who was sextile Jupiter in Gemini at the time, and when the north and south nodes (in Taurus and Scorpio) are added in, two yods were created and no, I’m not going down that path today.

Suffice it to say that the apex (where change must take place) of one of the yods in the Chiron-Saturn conjunction chart was Jupiter (lots of) in Gemini (information/data) and the other one was the South Node in Scorpio (conjunct Trump’s IC/roots) and Neptune.

That 2nd Yod becomes a Boomerang with the addition of the North Node in Taurus (that conjuncts Trump’s MC and the transiting Sedna, ie. under water). All the 3-pointed Yod energy is pointed at this 4th Boomerang point in Taurus and all this symbolism is contained in the Chiron-Saturn cycle chart that has its Moon conjunct the U.S. Pluto.

Would that perhaps be the “power” (U.S. Pluto) is assumed by “the People” (Moon in Chiron-Saturn cycle) in some part due to the presently active Chiron-Saturn square? Or could it be that the “power” is consumed by mood swings and other feelings symbolized by the Moon? I’m thinking of the tumult in the FBI over the Comey firing right now.

That Capricorn Moon in the Chiron-Saturn chart trines the Taurus North Node Boomerang point in that chart which conjuncts Trump’s MC and the transiting Sedna who was abandoned and left to drown.

Bottom line, thanks to Chiron and Saturn and the eclipses that bookend their 2nd square, shocking information will surface that will possibly empower the People of the United States.

Everyone has their view and that’s my take.

Here’s a very interesting take I just came across from our 2016 Horrendous Presidential Election:
Trump won because he was allowed to put on a SHOW…rather than really run for Office. He never ran for President like any other Candidate…he was just a SHOWMAN putting on Rallies!
And what he did was Trick People into thinking he was SO Presidential. Now we see he cannot Govern whatsoever…He doesn’t know what the heck he’s doing.
This Man is so Unhinged, he could get angry one day and just BOMB any country FOR THE GLORY OF IT! Actually STARTING WW3!
At Trump’s Military Academy…He WON only one Award: BEST LADIES MAN.
Trump thinks thinks his greatest asset is being able to Put On A Show!
He believes he can just wing-the-Presidency with Showmanship!

Watch FOX NEWS Host discuss how they never put Trump’s Feet to the Fire and made him accountable. They just let him wing-his-way into The White House:
Megyn Kelly: Here’s what the networks got wrong covering Trump — including Fox



February 2017 was the time the heat over Flynn was red hot. Earlier in late January Sally Yates warned the president that Flynn was not to be trusted. And she got fired the next day.

But it took the story in the NYT confirming Flynn’s connections and Trump using the pretext of “lying to the VP” to force Flynn’s resignation (aka firing). Word got out.

Do we have the exact date for the February eclipse? Flynn left 2/13/17.

No one mentions this regarding the coming August Solar Eclipse 8/21/17.
Is it true Trump’s AC is at 29Leo?
Isn’t it possible his his Birth Time Data may be slightly off?
Question: Does anyone suspect this Powerful Eclipse might bring the end to his reign?

ThankYou for the congrats. Now to continue with teaching, research, and writing.
BTW, where are you teaching?

Thanks Fe re: Flynn topic. That makes sense. The Feb solar eclipse (not lunar as I said in one sentence) was February 26, but there was a LUNAR eclipse on February 10th that was equally interesting. (I never thought I would do this to Starlight readers!).

Sun was opposite Moon and Uranus was opposite Jupiter and through the magic of astrology, there were 2 yods when Chiron was included and also the U.S Neptune who was opposite transiting Chiron. They were all in the 21-22-23 degree of their individual signs.

Furthermore, there was a grand trine between Uranus, Saturn and the Moon which was being eclipsed at 22+ Leo.

Then there was transiting Vesta at 22+ Cancer square Uranus, trine Chiron, quincunx the Sun and quincunx Saturn, making her, Vesta, the apex of a 3rd Yod. All the above planets aspected the U.S. Mars in Gemini and Neptune in Virgo. They also all aspected the Jupiter-Saturn cycle that began at 22+ Taurus in 2000.

So if Flynn (and/or Sally) has anything in his chart at around 21-23 of any sign this lunar eclipse would have his name on it. The aftermath of the Flynn firing (and there was a lot of that wasn’t there?) would probably find some support in the Pisces solar eclipse on Feb. 26th.

Patti, you must have missed the parts of the threads where we talked about it as we’ve done that on a few threads already

Not only is Trump’s ascendant 29 deg 57 min of Leo but he also has Mars at 26 Leo in the 12th house which may also be involved. Here’s a good FB post by Lindsay McKenna, a medical astrologer, which associates the firing of Comey when the current NN went into 29 Leo and how that is a predictor of Trump’s karmic fall at the time of the eclipse (either medical or political). Click “see more” in the right margin to hear her whole hypothesis….but there are other similar ones.

Barbk – your ability to keep such a myriad of aspects and dates straight in your head, and put that to paper, is truly amazing!


very damaging

talk about voting


A question for you more experienced astrologers:

For the purpose of understanding, would we look at aspects to the moon in the Sibly chart re:

the fact that R’s & Trump supporters are still supporting him strongly and interpreting the numerous developing news stories inferring treason in the Oval Office radically differently from the rest of us?

Check this:


To my knowledge after the VP, the Speaker of the House is next in line.

Democratic House Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi made a move to tie Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to the Russia scandal by requesting that Ryan insists that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein brief the House on the Comey firing.

Pelosi’s letter is all about forcing the House Republicans to choose. Every time a Republican in Congress thinks they can support and enable Trump without paying the price, they take another step closer to losing their seat.

Democrats aren’t going to let Ryan cover and enable Trump with no consequences.


John Williams



Natal Sun 18 Aquarius (N/MA 17AQ)


Natal Jupiter 17 Leo

Eliseo, since Moon symbolizes the unconscious level of Knowing, I would say yes the U.S. Moon’s aspects, when studied, explain much about what Trump supporters and party affiliates “see” in Trump. Remember that the Moon rules the sign of Cancer, a sign associated with dependency.

The long standing customs of our country are eroding. Those who believe their very existence depends on these customs being maintained, ie. men are superior to women, whites are superior to blacks and so on, look to someone who can promote these mores.

Fear is another negative expression of the sign of Cancer. While most people hold some anxiousness regarding the unknown, many of them hold a real fear of a disintegrating society that has always supported their beliefs. The power of television to provide escape from reality on a wide scale has long been a platform from which Trump was able to pontificate. A good sized portion of the U.S. public apparently has felt he symbolizes a kind of protection against change.

At the same time he symbolizes to some an overthrow of a government that has allowed the encroaching changes that threaten a way of life. Education is key (IMO and those of many others) in diluting those fears, although it is probably too late for most Trump voters to benefit from it.

I don’t think that the U.S. Moon’s aspects are the sole contributor to what makes the Trump supporters tick but she does reflect the changing condition of the masses, and she does rule the sign in which the U.S. Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are found.

The planets that most symbolize great massive change, have – without subtlety – penetrated the barriers once thought insurmountable by many U.S. citizens, in their squares and oppositions to those U.S. natal planets in Cancer.

Those of us who have adapted to changes, even lead them in some instances, can see the farce for what it is. Apparently, it has to play out for the rest of us, while at the same time incentivizing many who have become passive participants in our social structures, including government.

kiwi – ya think? I DON’T keep them in my head. Wish I could. I get inspired by some thought sometimes based on a comment I hear, then drag out the charts and astrology books and do research.

Piece by piece and clue by clue it comes together (not always in order!), I type as fast as my arthritic fingers can type and then, gradually, within 48 hours or less, it all fades away from my mind. Well not quite all of it.

I guess that’s why I put it in comments so somebody out there – like you – will be able to use and build on the info or some part of it anyway. They are miniscule epiphanies, little seeds that may or may not germinate and they do not come from my conscious mind. Who knows how much longer it will go on, but it’s great fun for now!

Rectified Natal John Williams Chart

Mutable Grand Cross by synastry (world stage)

Venus 25 Pisces – 10TH House
North Node 26 Pisces


Rectified ASC 26 Gemini


South Node 26 Virgo


Galactic Center 26 Sagittarius

Star Wars: The Throne Room – The Force Awakens



Beautiful Movie Soundtracks

Eliseo, Ryan is supposed to be implicated, too (he knew about the meetings with the Russian guy that went on at the Republican convention), so next in line would be the President Pro Tempore of the Senate — Orrin Hatch. Check out Louise Munsch’s site – Patribotics.

Barb, you are definitely a very talented writer, in addition to your ability to suss out astrology themes and threads.

Can I ask a question?

I am not even sure this is something that can be explained with astrology. I am completely baffled by so many people buying the snake oil that came out of this man’s mouth throughout the entire election. And even now, those still defending him. He is clearly the most dangerous combination of arrogance and ignorance to ever enter the oval office.

My question is.. how can it be that we are all looking at the same man and there are sincere and obscene differences in the perceptions of him?? I don’t understand. It is truly like we are living in parallel universes.

Like the movie, Pleasantville. Some of us are seeing the world in color and some are genuinely seeing the world in black and white.

Is it a consciousness thing? An intelligence thing? An intuition thing?



It was presented here by someone that there is a possibility that Ryan could go down along with Pence and Trump, leaving Orrin Hatch in charge.

Here is an excellent comment from nyt’s today:

“President Trump is now officially out of control. He has, to-date, not demonstrated any sort of competency to be POTUS. But that in and of itself is not an impeachable offense and is rather subjective in nature. But this news, that he has revealed highly classified information to a hostile adversary is beyond the pale. He has no idea what he is doing and has now entered the realm of actions that are detrimental to the security of the United States. President Trump needs to be impeached.

It’s a kind of dawning Elizabeth, that’s how I see it anyway. A dawning of the age of Aquarius. For so long we haven’t “seen” each other, or “listened” to each other. We didn’t have to (most of us); we could hang out with our own kind, read what we chose to read, watch what we chose to watch. Of the 3 choices you give, I go with Consciousness, although all 3 are in play.

Parallel universes indeed. We may be in the same country but niches are carved out of these wide open spaces in America; we divide ourselves by ethnicity, class, background, etc. and most of us settle into one that’s comfortable, rarely crossing over (or being allowed to cross over) the lines. We don’t all speak the same language or listen to the same music. Now it’s time to at least attempt to do so.

Trump spoke the language that some have waited so long to hear and those he spoke to were willing to overlook his gaucherie, even relish it. Astrology addresses it and Uranus describes it, this fluke in history.

I would also include the maverick Chiron as an enabler of enlightenment. We have turned our backs to what was distasteful to the point of barely recognizing the plight of some, feeling that “others” would take care of the problems. Government or social groups perhaps.

One doesn’t buy snake oil unless one is desperate. Of course, some, by comparison, are just ignorant or naïve, but most are just desperate to be seen and heard and helped. Pluto has exposed the Establishment for what it is; broken and limping along from a lack of upgrading and repair. Together, Uranus and Pluto have been forcing the whole of humanity to see and hear each other and for that matter, see and hear the planet itself.

We human beings are so polarized we are almost sliding off the grid we all stand on and Trump is the red light flashing a warning we can’t dismiss. So, yes, consciousness is the key and Chiron is considered that key to greater understanding.

The natal Chiron in the U.S. chart opposes a symbol that represents inequality, Juno. Transiting Uranus has spent a great deal of time sharing the space (degree) U.S. Chiron holds and that’s where he was on Election Day last November.

In the upcoming August total solar eclipse transiting Jupiter, who symbolizes understanding, will oppose the U.S. Chiron and will conjunct the symbol of inequality, U.S. Juno. Perhaps it marks a time when we can bridge (another symbol of Chiron) the differences that create parallel universes and allow the election of a guy like Trump to be the U.S. President.

Sharon, you are very gracious, thank you.

Nancy, thank you for the David Brooks link.

“pay trump bribes here” sign

Elizabeth, I think some of it has to do with our discomfort with cognitive dissonance and with what is called “confirmation bias.” We tend to live in a bubble where we selectively filter out whatever doesn’t agree with what we already believe, because that reduces the discomfort of seeing/knowing things that don’t fit our idea of how thing are or that don’t fit with what we are being told. It doesn’t help that our search engines “customize” our experience, so that we only see more of whatever we have previously focused on.

But beneath that, the basic problem is that humans are at all different stages of consciousness. I liken it to being on a playground with people who range from kindergarden through graduate school in terms of their level of development. Some kids know more than others and have learned how to play well together. Other kids just throw their toys, hit each other, and have a tantrum if they don’t get what they want. Some kids hog the swings, and some kids are playground bullies.

Some have learned that we are one race (human), that we are all children of the same creator, with the same needs, and that we have to help those who are too little/young to help themselves. Some look at these people and see the need to lift and aid them, and some see an opportunity to take advantage and exploit them for personal gain.

What we see, how we interpret it, and how we react is an indication of OUR OWN consciousness level. When we observe others acting in a way that we don’t agree with, we are seeing the difference between THEIR level of consciousness and our own.

Can this be explained through astrology? Yes, but…the way an aspect or configuration expresses is determined by our consciousness level. We have all had the same aspects in our charts over the years, but the outer manifestation has not been identical in each of our lives.

The planets are the teachers, the houses are the classrooms, and the signs are the lessons. But what we are learning is tailored to where we are in the spectrum of kindergarden to grad school. We don’t expect a kindergardener to know algebra, but we do expect it of someone in grad school. The problem is that we assume all adults are in grad school, but some of them are still in kindergarden.

So many wonderful explanations here. Thank you Barbk. and Wildirish.

Starlight, your title — “Russian Entanglements” is prophetic. So much is coming out about Russia and the entanglements.

How do you simply talk your way out of this?



So much more about that lunar eclipse week of February 2017:


Sorry about that duplicate link!

Another domino falls in the karmic chain that was set in motion the day Trump fired Comey, when the NN went into the same degree of both Trump’s ascendant and the degree of the great eclipse of August 21….per Lindsay McKenna, as posted in FB and above!

And, obstruction of justice is just one of the charges. I don’t remember if Nancy said this or where read it, but Trump is gonna regret the day he decided to run for president!

Just posted on FB by moi –

James Comey, Yeah! Firing Comey was the best thing that could have happened to our country!

James Comey is a hero in my eyes.

barbk and WildIrish..

Thank you both so much for your very thoughtful and detailed responses. I appreciate it very much and there is so much to contemplate. You both offered such interesting perspectives and I will take time to reread both of them several times to take it all in.

thank you again.

Indeed Fe, and the SOLAR eclipse in February as well. That eclipse was at 8+ Pisces, square the ruler of the U.S. chart’s 3rd house (communications), U.S. Uranus (unexpected) in Gemini (more communicating, as in memos re: meetings with Trump). Only revealed now in true eclipse style.

I maintain that it is the Saturn-Chiron cycle that is rich in explaining why the Trump people can’t get their stories to match up. At the time of the initiating conjunction between Saturn and Chiron, they were also conjunct Mercury-the-Communicator and Pallas-the-Planner in PISCES (confusion) and square Trump’s Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius.

Also important, that chart’s Vesta at 8+ Cancer was conjunct Trump’s natal Mercury, the planet that rules his Sun sign. Vesta can be hyper-zealous and conjunct Trump’s Mercury that can mean too much talk. I see that operating in the demand that Comey express “loyalty” to Trump, as well as in the chat with the Russians re: classified info.

Being that the conjunction between Saturn and Chiron took place in Pisces it would be like building a foundation in sand; not a very reliable structure. The conjunction also included Pallas (plans and strategy) and Mercury and they were sextile the North Node in Taurus (conjunct Trump’s MC) which is where transiting Sedna is and this is looking more and more like Trump being tossed overboard to me.

Since Chiron and Saturn started their cycle at the same time the Pluto-Uranus cycle was beginning, it would seem that the Chiron-Saturn cycle (that is active right now due to their transiting squares) would be interwoven with the more encompassing Pluto-Uranus cycle.

That outer-planet cycle would get more definition via the Saturn (definition) – Chiron (bridging) capabilities, after all Uranus and Pluto paint with pretty broad strokes. Whereas the Chiron-Saturn conjunction chart held its Moon in the degree of the U.S. Pluto in Capricorn, the Uranus-Pluto conjunction chart held its Venus conjunct the U.S. Moon in Aquarius. (chart for exact Uranus-Pluto conjunction was April 4, 1966 and the chart for the exact Saturn-Chiron conjunction was April 12, 1966)

Again, we see a simultaneous focus on the U.S. Moon and the U.S. Pluto who are semi-sextile each other. This was seen in the chart (April 30, 2017) for the 2nd square between Saturn and Chiron where Saturn was sextile the U.S. Moon and Chiron was sextile the U.S. Pluto.

The implication is that both the People (U.S. Moon) and the Power (U.S. Pluto) equally require help and direction from these two cycles that are intertwined, and the Trump phenomenon appears to be a tool in effecting this assistance.

Thank You, Nancy. We so love delving into the Labyrinth. The Donald:
America’s Shadow Steps Out Of The Looking Glass (P1)
November 24, 2016
Every nation and every person has a shadow. There’s no shame in it. Part of our life’s struggle is to recognise and integrate the shadow because, as well as being a place of darkness and irrationality, it can be a source of creative wonder. Indeed, art is often quite simply a shadow projection, and so much the better for it. But what happens when a person channels the shadow of a nation and is given the opportunity to act on it.

The President of the US reflects a set of values and ideas back to the people. So for example, Obama reflected back fairness, intelligence, grace and humour. America at its best. Reagan reflected a similar set of values: grace, humour, fairness, but instead of the intelligence, he apparently, had “common sense”. These two men were at opposite sides of the political spectrum but nevertheless there’s a similarity in what they projected, which showed Americans a side of themselves they liked.

We come to Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump is representative of all that we hold dear: money. Or, rather, he is representative of greed for money. We common people may not be able to match Trump’s piggy bank, but we can match his piggishness.” — PJ O’Rourke


And there, my friends, you have it.
Donald Trump is a distillation of American Grabbiness.
This is the manifest destiny to take what you want — including pussy. But what if that pussy happens to belong to Columbia herself?

The shadow unleashed is a destructive force. It can devour the other parts of the person — or nation.


Love the Thomas Friedman article, Ja. He bottom lines it beautifully. The Republicans have power and are not afraid to use it, morals and ethnics be damned, so instead of laughing over SNL and waiting for the impeachment that the Republicans will never deliver, raise money and/or run for office as a Democrat. He says he’s a Conservative but, at this point, he’d choose the most left wing Democratic candidate over a moderate Republican because the Republicans won’t take a moral stand against Trump!

The great British Brexit robbery: how our democracy was hijacked


A shadowy global operation involving big data, billionaire friends of Trump and the disparate forces of the Leave campaign influenced the result of the EU referendum.

alex, the best thing that could happen for democracy is to repeal the whole ‘corporations are people too’ thing.
Unfortunately, too many corporate interests are in bed with lawmakers for that to ever happen, unless the rest of the citizenry rise up in immense numbers to overcome their influence instead of being mere passive consumers of BS. Their divide and conquer strategy has won.

? “If you want to understand why establishment Democrats lose, look at CAP. They hold their…grassroots conference at the Four Seasons and don’t invite grassroots progressives,” one progressive strategist told The Nation.

“They charge $1,000 per ticket to attend their ‘Progressive Party’…and eat canapes while wondering why they are out of touch with the rest of the country.”

check out Steve Judd’s uploads for his latest theory on Trump — its in “greetings from vienna.” Very interesting

When I discussed the current Jupiter transit square the US Sun, I said that one possible manifestations might be us celebrating that our democracy actually seems to work after all this turmoil. I just heard Jackie Spear say that very thing. She had been worried that our democracy was failing but now has renewed hope with the appointment of the special prosecutor. Also today and early tomorrow, Venus is square the US Sun, while Jupiter is also square from Libra. So there is a lot of celebrating and sense of things coming together as they should.

There will be more as this aspect unfolds over the next month, but today is clearly the first full piece of it.

We can all see the applying Neptune Return of the modern US Republican Party/GOP (founded 1854) in effect now. In so many ways, Trump has manifested and acted out Conservative Republicans’ greatest ideological delusions–managing to finally achieve a total lock on control of national govt., triumphing over the Dems while playing to Conservative Republicans’ very worst fears–the GOP’s incessant, shadow Cancerian fears of the “other” (e.g. immigrants, Muslims, GLBTQ, racial and ethnic minorities, etc).

In the end, they will be forced to see Trump–and these “accomplishments” by him–as nothing more than illusions that were never real to being with nor otherwise sustainable in any attempt to make them real. The party itself may not survive the devastation they experience from having their false reality exposed and shattered to pieces.

Granted, we’re at the very least stuck with Gorsuch as DJT’s legacy. But a right-wing Supreme Court for generations to come is hardly guaranteed if liberals and progressives can seize the opportunity to drive the GOP from power during midterms and in 2020 while they and their base are still reeling from Neptune.

If next Wednesday the 24th is when Comey testifies it will coincide with the conjunction of transiting Vesta to the U.S. North Node. That will take place on Monday the 22nd. The transiting Saturn and Uranus trine will be tight, the Sun will have moved into Gemini and the U.S. natal Mars will be having its natal return.

The chart for the U.S Mars Return, 3 PM and set in Washington DC, has retrograde Jupiter (legal matters) in Libra (scales of justice) in the 1st house exactly square the U.S. natal Sun in Cancer, and just 1 degree past his conjunction to the U.S. natal Saturn in Libra. Transiting Jupiter will oppose transiting Venus in Aries who is conjunct the transiting Pallas and the transiting Moon and that Moon is exactly square transiting Pluto in Capricorn.

Transiting Mars will not return again to the U.S. natal Mars until May, 2019, so this chart defines the U.S. Mars influence for the next 2 years.

All the players in this drama unfolding in our country’s political and legal arena, Comey, Robert Mueller, et al, will work under this Martian influence, the one that includes transiting Vesta (workaholic) conjunct U.S. North Node (opportunity) in Leo (drama).

From an outer planet perspective this Mars cycle period comes after a prolonged influence from transiting Neptune-trine-U.S. Sun in Cancer and now in a quincunx (adjust) with the U.S. Saturn, as well as the transiting retrograde Jupiter. With transiting Saturn trine transiting Uranus (both aspecting the U.S. Moon and U.S. Pluto) a real possibility to achieve a breakthrough in established order exists.

This leaves the transiting outer planet Pluto, in this Mars Return chart square the Moon in Aries (+ Venus and Pallas), making inroads in U.S. transformation through his trine to the U.S. natal Vesta in Taurus. Coupled with the transiting Vesta conjunct the U.S. North Node in Leo, it looks to be a golden opportunity for a Plutonian cleansing of U. S. values.

That’s because (1) U.S. Vesta is in Taurus (values) and trine trans. Pluto, and (2) in the U.S. Mars Return chart (good for 2 years) Pluto is square the Moon who is conjunct Venus, ruler of Taurus and a symbol of values and Vesta, a symbol of investment.

The really good news is that we here in the 3rd (perhaps even the 4th) dimension on Planet Earth have the blessing of transiting Saturn (established order) trine the wild and crazy transiting Uranus, with their combined influence on Aquarius, the sign of the U.S. Moon, a symbol of the U.S. People, finding common ground. It may shake and tremble from time to time, this ground, but it is solid enough and we are on it and Saturn rules it.

A curious note about this U.S. Mars Return is that the Sun at 3+ Gemini is conjunct the former President Obama’s natal Moon. I find that intriguing and rather suggestive.


House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy Said Vladimir Putin ‘Pays’ Trump

The one Republican who may stand to benefit most from Trump’s seeming impending downfall may be the one who was most humiliated and dismissed by him during the campaign. Ohio’s Governor John Kasich.

Despite his denial of plans to run in 2020, everything Kasich is currently doing, from his book tour, to appearing as a guest on news shows and his recent appearance with Bernie Sanders in a debate on CNN is designed to position himself for such an opportunity should Trump resign or be forced out of office, and also assuming Pence, or another successor declines to run, or is unable to run in 2020, leaving the field wide open for GOP candidates.

Take it from me, Kasich’s record as Ohio Governor on everything from infrastructure to education and women’s rights & health has been abysmal. Time has all but stopped here in Ohio under conservative Republican rule and thanks to Kasich’s backwards-gazing at the halcyon world of his youth. Yet he stands to benefit greatly from the lowered expectations many people will undoubtedly have in Trump’s wake, and thanks to his own crafted self-portrayal as rational and sane, as well as someone willing to cross the aisle per se. The so-called “adult in the room.”

Kasich was born on May 13, 1952 McKees Rocks, PA (time unknown). Taurus Sun, Capricorn Moon. With several additional planets in earth signs, it’s little surprise that he would present himself as grounded and practical, if somewhat gruff and rough-edged at times.

Throughout 2020, he sees a trine to his 23 Taurus sun from Pluto and Jupiter, both of which are direct and applying within 2 degrees on Election Day (Nov 3, 2020). He may not even be in the running, but it seems likely that he’ll be wielding some substantial influence, perhaps within the GOP as its national chair in an effort to rebuild them in the wake of Trump.

Believe me, I DO NOT want this man to be president. Which is why I am hoping the the GOP’s almost certain disarray swallows him whole somehow, or else that the Dems can put up a challenger with broad appeal and equally-as-good or better aspects than his during 2020 leading up through Election Day.

Well, one thing was clear, the solar eclipse of Feb. 2017 had a profound impact on Comey, his role in this saga, and subsequent political events thereafter. I analyzed that whole dynamic some blogs back.

And Nancy just remarked in concert with many of our thoughts just now that the Republic lives and may be getting stronger. We are still a nation of laws, not of men/women.

Personally, Alex, I don’t see Trump finishing his term. I see the coming Solar Return of the US as an exercise in the rules of law with Saturn at the top of the chart at 23 Sag + (just past Comey’s natal Sun). The chart is complicated, but it portends great truths being revealed with Mercury at 28 Cancer in the 5th house trining the Moon at 29 Scorpio in the 9th house ( law and the dissemination knowledge for starters) and the Republican Congress in a death spiral. I think the solar eclipse of Aug. 2017 will finish Trump.

Thank you all for your posts, for your insights. And Nancy, special thanks to you for making this possible. Personally, I am toasting to the strength of this Republic tonight.

O, I forgot…Vesta (ruler of all secret agencies, FBI, CIA, etc.) is sitting in the 6th house, conjunct the North Node (24 and 25 Leo respectively) trining the Saturn at 23 Sag.

Sounds good to me, Lamis

Yes, very encouraged to read your post, Lamis and here’s to Nancy, for making it all possible.

Los Angeles Just Had the Most Expensive School Board Race Ever—and Betsy DeVos Couldn’t Be Happier


Lamis Beasley Faris

Thanks for the great notations – great food for thought…

a) me28ca – 5th house, trine mo20sc – 9th house

a) security interests triggered (5th house, demise of sovereign leader; 9th house, judicial tribunal hearing to determine case

b) vesta 24le cnj n. node 24le, trine sa 23sg (just past Comey sun at top of SR chart)

is vesta the most elevate point/planet in the SR chart?

ok … do those notations narrate the CONCEPTUAL / figurative willingness of enough in the Senate to convict after possible HR impeachment; what do you think?


Totality – Solar Eclipse

[Fixed Star Aldebaran –
Aldebaran @ 10 Gemini 2014-2086]


Medea @ 10 Virgo (most elevated point in Totality -Solar Eclipse chart

~ per Bootes Hart

Medea should not only indicate where or how we are likely to undermine our best interests – or even our goals – but the process by which we can ‘undo’ our inclination or obsessions or simply our having gotten off track so that we can pursue that which will be rewarding.

continued – Totality SE August Chart

9TH House, Medea 10 Virgo (most elevated point in chart)


7TH House, Aldebaran 10 Gemini

continued – Mundane Astrology Houses, Totality – SE chart

9th house (foreign affairs)
7th house (other countries, friends and enemies)

Thanks for your post. No, Vesta/North Node conjunction in the 6th house in Leo.
A grand fire trine forms with Vesta/North Node to Saturn, to Uranus.
Most elevated planet, Saturn. MC at 21 Sag, Saturn at 23 Sag. Dispositor of Saturn= Jupiter which is sitting in the 7th house at 14 Libra which happens to be the exact point of the USA natal Saturn at 14 Libra…7th house, lovers and enemies, contracts, also law suits, etc.
There is much more, but I think I have answered your question, I hope.

Lamis Beasley Faris

Re: Most elevated point or planet in a chart is before the Midheaven

…what then is M.E. ?

Lamis Beasley Faris

thank you

these notations certainly knock the socks off…..activated by grand fire trine to US Sibly Saturn 14 Libra (unelected or appointed government authorities/ and/institutions)

a grand fire trine forms with Vesta/North Node to Saturn, to Uranus.

dispositor of Saturn= Jupiter which is sitting in the 7th house at 14 Libra which happens to be the exact point of the USA natal Saturn at 14 Libra…

I am not sure about Congress’ final behavior. I’m looking at the 11th house of the chart which has Pluto sitting at 18 Cap. Pluto is disposed by Saturn in the 10th in Sag. Again, Saturn seems to stop all B.S. Further, Pluto is square to the the USA natal Chiron at 20 Aries.

What is more, the solar return Mercury in Cancer in the 5th opposes the USA natal Pluto at 27 Cap.

There is one more trine in the chart worth noting. It is a grand water trine of Mercury at 28 Cancer to the Moon at 29 Scorpio to the solar return Chiron at 28 Pisces.

The Mercury in Cancer is disposed by the Moon in Scorpio which is turn disposed of by Pluto in Cap which is disposed by Saturn in Sag in the 10th…

AND there is mutual reception between solar return Mars in Cancer and Moon in Scorpio!

It’s that Moon in Scorpio which so typifies what may be the dynamic. That Moon is disposed of by both Mars and Pluto. The Mars is in the 5th in Cancer. The Pluto is in the 11th in Cap. And lo and behold, the Mars in Cancer in the 5th widely conjuncts the Sun in Cancer!

I think we will see the usual attempts of Congress trying to maintain power (Pluto), but to not much avail (Saturn).

And since a solar return is about the Sun, the Sun is ALSO in the 5th house widely conjunct Mars.
Sun at 13 Cancer, followed by Mars at 20 Cancer, followed by Mercury at 28 Cancer. So we can expect a rage factor here and I suspect fierce power plays…but to no avail. Mars in Cancer is disposed by the Moon in Scorpio which leads us back to Pluto in Cap which leads us back to Saturn in Sag.

As I said, the chart is complicated…dizzying, if I might use that characterization.

And if I have made you or anybody else dizzy by repeating myself in this post, please forgive.

Then by your definition of the Most Elevated Planet – the planet right before the MC

That would be the Moon at 29 Scorpio. Works for me.


By: Bob on May 13th, 2017 at 6:52 pm

“Rosenstein has progressed Mars and Pluto at 172°08? today. A square to them with a 2° orb would begin at 260°08? and last until 264°08?.

Transit Saturn will reside in those parameters from June 14 through October 31. Saturn’s square to natal Pluto within that range will be from June 2 through July 29 and September 21 through November 29. Saturn will square his natal Mars (2° orb) from November 19 through December 21.”

Lamis Beasley Faris

Re: US Solar Return Chart M.E.
Moon at 29 Scorpio

Thank you


Lamis Beasley Faris

can you post the SR chart?

This is what Steve Judd said in his last video .. (resignation) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/art-of-the-deal-coauthor-trump-meltdown_us_591d1c53e4b094cdba511035?ncid=inblnkushpmg00000009

Roger Ailes is dead. Perhaps he died of shame, finally realising his Fox News Bullshit has led to the end of American moral dominance, given the events of today with his Drumpf.

I would never rejoice at someone’s demise unless they were the cause of mass despair & demise; his Fox News was a disgusting clarion caller of prejudice, privilege & hate.

Barb K, thank you for your informative good news.

Lamis Beasley Faris, yes, I’m dizzy but better informed. Thank you so much.

The only person worse than Ailes is Murdoch himself. Those two men have done more harm to this country and the planet than anyone else through the spread of such raging, hateful ideology and a proudly ignorant view of the world.

I don’t celebrate Ailes’ demise, but I am relieved he is gone.

IMO Ayn Rand, Ailes and Murdoch have done so much harm to this country.

“I will not shed a tear for a man who knowingly peddled false narratives to millions of people just to make a buck.”

Given the pressures astrologically through October, it seems likely Trump will resign and make a deal to avoid prosecution (thus claiming a win). If he survives through this period we may be stuck with him.

Currently, through May 29, Saturn is quincunx his Venus, hence the self-pity theme, the greatest witch hunt, etc.

As mentioned above, the Jupiter transit, triggered by Venus yesterday, to US Sun brought a renewal of faith in American democracy (pride) with the appointment of a special prosecutor. this transit goes to mid June. Note that the Saturn transit to Trump’s Venus continues through his foreign trip. He will not feel loved.

As someone mentioned above, Trump could easily have been born 30 seconds to a minute earlier, just enough to put the 8/21 solar eclipse within a one-degree orb of his Ascendant, which would simply add to the pressures of late summer and possible forecast of his demise.

As much as I enjoy the Schadenfreude of watching Trump unravel, I am concerned that the Saturn station this summer will be a direct hit on the US Mars/Neptune square as well as a sesquiquadrate to US Node. So the country will have trouble this summer too. Perhaps it will be the crisis everyone has been worried about that Trump will have to handle, unlike everything up to now, a crisis not directly of his making.

I agree, Nancy. My guess would be that POTUS46 Pence pardons him, just as Ford did for Nixon.

Not that Trump’s problems will be over by any means even then. He is still facing some heavy, challenging transits these next few years which could involve his businesses and family, all of which will suffer severe fallout from his short and rough tenure as POTUS45, and because of all of the unfulfilled promises he made to his base supporters. He could very well lose everything, and this time he may not have the means to be able to recover any of it given his age, health problems, and all of the bridges he has burned and people he has betrayed.

It’s probably safe to say that many of DJT’s crew of sycophants, including Bannon and Conway, will be ousted with him. Pence seems likely to build an administration using his own people, for better or for worse.

But the shocking rise and quick, devastating fall, crash and burn of Bannon’s racist Alt-Right/Nazi-American nationalism ideology with Trump’s downfall is what also really stands out here. While some aspects of it will undoubtedly continue on the fringes and in some underground forums for the disaffected as has always been the case with extremist ideologies, it seems unlikely to ever recover and rise again rise to the unprecedented heights that it did with Trump and Bannon.

Very interesting Nancy & BuckeyeShadow…of course the end of a 45 presidency would bring welcome relief but a different kind of worry as well. Pence, as 46, would enact a far right agenda that would be another version of hell. The only hope, as I see it would be for the Dems to retake the house and possibly the Senate. Any hope?

Bailey, so gratified you found it useful. Thank you.

Nancy, thank you for this new outlook for Trump’s presidency. We can all breathe a little easier knowing this.

I’ve enjoyed the discussion about the U.S. Solar Return chart Lamis. May I add (something I might have noted earlier but I can’t recall) that the Solar Return chart’s opposition between Pluto (18+ Cap) and Mars (20+ Cancer) also forms a cardinal grand cross with the U.S. natal (Sibly) chart’s opposition between Chiron (20+ Aries) and Juno (20+ Libra). This opposition (U.S. Chiron and Juno) has been a central theme in U.S. news for the last couple of years.

In fact I think it can be applied to what Buckeye notes regarding Bannon’s alt-right ideology and all the other polarized ideals that Trump’s moment in history has brought to the surface of our national (and worldwide) consciousness. This year transiting Pluto is bringing all the hatred (fear) that has been brewing since 2010 (or earlier) to a climax (ie. police brutality, Muslim ban attempts, loss of women’s rights, etc.).

The grand trine you mentioned Lamis, the one where transiting Mercury opposes the U.S. natal Pluto (27+ Capricorn) turns this grand trine in the U.S. solar return chart into a Kite formation. U.S. Natal Pluto spotlights Mercury of the solar return grand trine as the action initiator.

I will be watching for someone with something in his or her natal chart at that Capricorn-Cancer intersection to trigger this Kite. With Chiron (in Pisces) and Moon (in Scorpio) completing the grand trine with Mercury, it would be aimed at healing some long held emotional pain in the U.S.

Then there is an opposition in the U.S. Solar Return chart (2017) between Pholus at 27+ Sagittarius retrograde (conjunct the Galactic Center) opposite Ceres at 27+ Gemini. This SR Pholus happens to be at the apex of a Yod that he forms with the SR Sedna and Child (26+ Taurus) sextile the SR Mercury (28+ Cancer). Pholus is in the part of the Yod that has to make adjustments. Pholus is the “small cause-big effect” guy.

As noted, this Pholus is opposite Solar Return Ceres in Gemini so she is targeted with all the energy of the Yod, and once again we have a Boomerang pattern. Ceres will carry all the power of the Yod, using it to fire up Solar Return Uranus (27+ Aries) with whom she forms a sextile, or perhaps the U.S. natal Moon (27+ Aquarius) whom she trines, will get a chunk.

Or, most likely, the Solar Return Chiron (part of the grand trine with Moon and Mercury) will receive the bulk of the Solar Return Ceres’ blast of Boomerang energy due to his square with her.

Look for Ceres’ themes (loss of children or other creative endeavors), climate and environment issues (my 1st choice due to Sedna’s participation), outwitting those who would steal you blind, etc.) and Gemini themes (communication, education, boundary lines, etc.) for signs of this Boomerang energy dispersion.

Finally there are the conjunctions to the U.S. Solar Return chart’s North node and Vesta in Leo of the SR Bacchus (rowdy party in Russia?), Eros and Eurydike (don’t look back) that could prove to be enlightening. Wouldn’t want to miss a moment of that.

Another nyt’s comment:

“Dr. Jeffrey Jones, the director of the Peabody Awards, which celebrate public service from media figures and organizations, was unsparing in his criticism of Mr. Ailes, saying that, “no single individual has done more harm to American democracy in the last generation.”

“He ushered in the post-truth society,” Dr. Jones wrote in an emailed statement. “Through a constant drumbeat of fear, anger, and hatred, he turned citizen-on-citizen. He helped craft an enormous gulf of distrust between people and news.”


re: ceres

~ per Jessia Adama
I believe that just by knowing your Ceres sign and house, you can unlock your entire horoscope.



re: ceres

in mundane astrology I use key phrase : what’s in your best interests and conversely what’s not in your best interests

I read Ailes fell and hit his head – humpty dumpty had a great fall and couldn’t put himself back together again…
End of the nixionian era rot? One can only hope.

Im going to be crass here ….
one of medusa’s snake heads been cut off – would it be bad form to pray for the other heads to also be cut off, and soon please?

Roger Ailes was a product of a ruling from the SCOTUS, that said fox news was entertainment and so it continued to present the slanted conservative views, aka: lies.
The American people are lazy and Ailes knew and exploited this. Murdoch is from Australia, all he was concerned about was the bottom line. The American people never knew the difference.

I have to say that when Scalia died, I was so happy that I jumped up and down clapping in front of the TV.

Murdoch nonetheless funded the whole Faux Noise machine. He could have nixed it, but didn’t, he and his media empire benefitting greatly from the political influence it wielded among Republicans and conservatives in general, many of them gleeful to have their biases and prejudices validated, instead of exposed and dispelled by the “liberal media” (e.g. anything NOT Faux Noise) which they came to dread and rail against. Murdoch is no-less deserving of contempt in my book.

kiwi, Maybe his wife pushed him.

From Eric Francis:
Mr. Trump, Meet Uranus Conjunct Eris

Dear Friend and Reader:

News out of the Trump administration has moved this week at the speed of Uranus multiplied by Eris in Aries — the light-speed of the internet. The current cascade of events, peaking yesterday with the naming of a special prosecutor to investigate the various Russia affairs, will likely lead to the end of Trump’s presidency.

Thanks alex, the expanded story of Ceres helps to comprehend her symbol more fully. “She is a symbol of people politics and power struggles, par excellence.”

I checked and the U.S. had its latest Ceres Return mid February, 2016. Amazing! Natal Ceres in the 3rd house of mainstream media and Trump was conquering all television news at that time. Trump’s Ceres Return was in December, 2015.

Rachel is ‘crushing’ Pence on his lies about Russia…..

best quote heard: “Mueller is now the US Attorney for the district of Donald J Trump”


Senator Elizabeth Warren is a very smart woman who, like Wall Street, is presumably wise to the fact that one cannot take Trump and Co. literally or seriously. But bringing back Glass-Steagall is something she’s advocated for years, having introduced just such a proposal in 2015. So when Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin showed up to testify before the Senate Banking Committee on Thursday, she decided to take the opportunity to force him to admit that when Donald Trump says he’s “looking into” breaking up the banks, he’s actually full of it. The result was an absolutely surreal exchange that must be read in full:

Rachel is the modern day Edward R. Murrow and Sherlock Holmes, rolled into one.

Ales, I wish I could put the chart of the US 2017 Solar Return up here. I just don’t have the correct “apps.”

Barbk, Thanks so much for filling out more of the SR chart to which we are all referring.

More from all of us later, I am sure…

New leaks from the NY Times are Reuters are mind blowing right now…

I read some funny comments about Israeli officials being very nervous about Trump’s visit. One guy said: “Something will go wrong. That we know, but we don’t know what,” said one politician half-jokingly. “A successful visit right now is for it to be over.”

I just read your link to the definition of the most elevated planet. See below.

It is the planet closest to the MC. It could fall in the 9th or 10th or whatever planet is closest to the MC.
So, in the case of the solar return chart of the 2017 USA chart, it IS, in fact, Saturn which falls within 2 degrees of the MC.
MC is 21 Sag.
Saturn in the 10th at 23 Sag.

I just felt it necessary to correct the perception that it had to fall in the 9th.



I could have done more to clarify my meaning… I often find the M.E. in the 9TH house but in the SR chart Saturn 23SG is as likely might be more likely than Moon29SC but I can’t be sure until I look at the chart in whole…

I don’t find the nature /characteristics of the M.E. as an emergent force ( therefore for me not as often in 10TH house ) I find the nature of the M.E. as the agent of force that carries momentum …

the reason I find M.E. often in the 9th is that it addresses force/momentum carried towards the important MC… barbk’s additional notations helped narrate the chart but as I said I have to find the time to run the chart and actually look it over

As events begin to move quickly regarding Trump, et.al, I’m reading more and more about VP Pence replacing Trump, and nothing else changing from this whole bit of corruption.

To that I don’t only say “No!”… I say “Oh, he!! NO!”

Pence is as dirty as Trump, as is Ryan and McConnell, McCarthy, and no doubt everyone Trump’s installed anywhere in the government. And I wouldn’t be too sure about Gorsuch, either!

To my mind, the only way to deal with this coup is to completely nullify the election that birthed it. I say we -must- have new elections using paper ballots, designed and printed from a Federal format that is the same for all states. Full paper trail for all ballots, as well as specific accountability reponsibilities for certain people within each precinct. Ballots counted by hand, via bipartisan participation.

Any EOs and other “laws” enacted under this illegitimate administration should be rescinded. All appointees of Trump and others in the Admin should be sent home, as well.

And because Ryan, McConnell, McCarthy, and many, many others on the Repub side of the aisle either knew of or shared in the illegalities, treasons, and obstructions of this administration, they should all be disqualified from political office and charged appropriately. Further, since they, in effect, “stole” the Democrats right to name a SC justice, Gorsuch should be excused from the bench and returned to whatever he was doing prior to the Coup.

IOW, take things back to Nov 9 as much as possible.

As well, if anyone squeals or whines too loudly about the “unfairness” of this course of action, then offer to implement the same remedy SCOTUS once ruled for back in the late 1800’s (not sure on the date). Although that case was a state and not federal election, when the party was discovered to have won office via criminal activities, the court not only took out the offending political and staff, but replaced the entire administration with the aggrieved party. In this case today, that would be Hillary.

Let right wing heads explode… I don’t care. Right is right and what the Repubs have been doing for decades now is NOT right. It’s time to exorcise the devils from the White House and our election offices, and give the country a chance to right itself again.

Of course, these are only my thoughts. But a girl can dream, can’t she? 😉

Thanks kc.

You have posted the thoughts I have had for months about the complete removal of this entire administration and the removal of all of it’s changes and appointments.

I have been dealing with highly elevated levels of pain that have me typing with one finger at a time for the most part so I have not been posting much.

Doing my chart for Tiffany trump regarding January 13, 2020 produces another chart with a 294° MC holding the transiting Sun, Saturn, and Pluto. This from a timed birth chart for a family member who seems to be at some distance from the political workings of many other family members.

The Sun (294°42?), Saturn (294°42′), and Pluto (294°45?) on January 13, 2020.

George Washington’s inauguration secondary progressed Sun/Pluto midpoint at 294°14′ on Jan 13, 2020

trump’s natal Saturn 115°43′ is opposite

trump’s progressed inauguration MC at 293°28′ (add 1 degree the next day)

Nixon’s natal White House IC at 295°51′

Richard M Nixon resigns as President, the MC of that chart is 114°27? (IC is at 294°27?)

Watergate arrest’s Zenith at 294°22′

Watergate arrest’s Mars opposite at 114°48′

JFK secondary progressed Sun at assassination opposite at 114°01′

Noon chart for Mercer has a Sun/Saturn midpoint at 114°48? opposite 294°48?

Bannon on Jan 13, 2020. His secondary progressed Neptune will be at 204°47? – squared by 90°

Republican party secondary progressed Mars on Jan 13, 2020 at 294°18′

trump jr. has secondary progressed Mars (in longitude) on his papa’s Saturn

My Putin MC in Moscow (chart made in 2012) 294°19′

Except for The Washington and JFK charts all of them are connected to right wing people or events.

Charts related to the presidency from 1789 – Washington’s inauguration, 1946 – trump’s birth, 1972 – several Watergate points, and the 2017 inauguration, coming to or originally involving a common point at 294 degrees on January 13th, 2020, with three transiting bodies held by that same degree on that day. It might mean something related to the presidency term that began on January 20, 2017.

Great rant, slightkc…you should run for office (or be a speechwriter).


You rock! Your words rock!

Some hope? Martin Longman (Booman) writes an intriguing description of our coming summer/fall, I would bet. Shoes dropping/tantrums by Trump and then someday, it will be over.


The above article, “Trump is being taken apart step by step,” is very plausable….the author calls it a slow moving coup but implies it’s deserved because Trump has already enddangered our country! Thanks for posting it, Starlight!

They are now looking into the cover-up of the cover-up in the Russian probe.


Pence is definitely involved, as well as Jared…

“Maybe for some reason McGahn somehow didn’t tell Pence. But that’s very, very hard to figure since Flynn was in line for one of the most consequential positions in any presidency and McGahn had just been notified of a fact that under most circumstances would be disqualifying. If Pence lied about this part of the Flynn saga, the idea that he innocently passed on Flynn’s lies about the Kislyak conversation instantly looks much less credible. And that’s not all. Earlier this week we learned that the day after Flynn was finally fired in February, President Trump took FBI Director James Comey aside and asked him to end the Flynn investigation.

What it all amounts to is that the Flynn investigation (just the part tied to Turkey) just got much, much more serious, and the President and Vice President are both implicated in those bad acts, either in advance or after the fact. Likely both.

That’s just the Turkey part of the story. Russia is a whole other thing and likely the bigger deal over time.”

Full article here…


Comey to testify in open session in Congress after Memorial Day.

I was just listening to NPR and someone being interviewed said there are like “squads of Deep Throats” among the WH staff…people who are patriotic and want to save the republic. He was referring to Trump’s comments about Comey made at the meeting with the 2 Russians, leaked to the NY Times, and published today. This leak could only have come from the staff. They waited until Trump took off for the Mid-East but I’ll bet there will be hell to pay!

“I just fired the head of the FBI. He was crazy, a real nut job,” Trump said, according to the Times. “I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off.”

Regarding Finn, Manafort etal ‘lobbying’ jobs – I think its time to start calling what getting paid to wield influence what it really is: bribery.

Bob I hope you feel better and I hope your pain subsides.

Putting our heads together Astrologically during this Historic Period makes it far more interesting.
Nancy, Thank you so much!

Hope all this tumult inspires fresh, patriotic, honorable and brilliant leadership for our country.

“There’s two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump,” McCarthy (R-Calif.) said, according to a recording of the June 15, 2016, exchange, which was listened to and verified by The Washington Post. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher is a Californian Republican known in Congress as a fervent defender of Putin and Russia.
House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) immediately interjected, stopping the conversation from further exploring McCarthy’s assertion, and swore the Republicans present to secrecy!


The transiting asteroid Askalaphus is just 1 degree away from exactly opposing Trump’s Sun and squaring the U.S Neptune, and only 2 degrees away from opposing the U.S. Mars. Trans. Askalaphus is also trine Trump’s natal Mars in Leo.

I call Askalaphus the Tattletale because in myth he ratted out Persephone on her consumption of pomegranate seeds, a deed which, alas, prevented her from returning to her mom, Ceres.

Transiting Askalaphus is just 2 degrees from where Pholus was when the present cycle of the U.S. Solar Return began last July. In that solar return chart Pholus in Sagittarius was trine Uranus in Aries, and now that the transiting North Node has moved into Leo, and transiting Askalaphus and Saturn are in Sagittarius and transiting Uranus (+ Eris) is in Aries and the transiting NN is in Leo, we have a grand, grand trine.

David Brooks said something like that on tonight’s PBS News Hour Sharon, something like “squads of Deep Throats”, and I’m of the opinion that this grand trine (built on the sextile in the U.S solar return chart between Pholus and Uranus) that transiting Askalaphus symbolizes the 2017 Deep Throat.

Now Asky, being conjunct the 2016 U.S. solar return chart’s Pholus, will also expand on the Pholus reputation of making a small gesture that results in a big kerfuffle. One little tattletale story leaked to the msm can and appears to be the beginning of what was called the “slow moving coup” in Nancy’s linked story above. Let us all rejoice.

Another guest on the PBS News Hour tonight, when speaking about the statue of Robt. E. Lee being taken down, used the word “catharsis” to describe the effect. I like that description a lot and once again I see this act and those like it as being symbolized by Chiron opposite Juno in the U.S. natal chart. This too can be seen in the U.S. Solar Return chart for 2016 (in hindsight anyway).

That solar return cycle (ending in about 7 weeks) chart had Moon at 19+ Cancer conjunct Venus at 21+ Cancer. They were forming a T-square with the U.S. natal Chiron at 20+ Aries and the U.S natal Juno at 20+ Libra.

I see this as one more example of the transiting Uranus in Aries (for so long conjunct the U.S. natal Chiron) . .

. . opposite the transiting Jupiter in Aries (who for a while was conjunct the U.S Juno) . .

. . and now transiting Jupiter so recently exacting his square to transiting Pluto (who is trine the tireless U.S. Vesta in Taurus, a sign all about values), a Pluto who also squares the U.S. Chiron-Juno opposition (and opposes the Moon (the U.S. People) in the U.S. solar return chart) . .

. as proof positive that the Universe has a plan to bring the U.S. up to speed in the Evolution Process. Like the Trump scenario, it is designed to hold our country’s “shortcomings” up to the Light for examination. What we do (as a Whole) about those shortcomings will determine our future.

uh, transiting Jupiter in Libra, not Aries. Sorry I didn’t catch that sooner.

Thanks for seconding my rant, ya’ll. And Sharon, my mom has always said I chose the wrong career! (gryn)

With an Aquarian Sun and Moon in Scorpio… a Life Lesson number of 9… and a first name which means “helper of mankind” all by itself… my folks “custom made” me to be an activist; at least, that’s what I tell my mom these days.

But I see those pushing for Pence as replacement Prez working to “normalize” this entire fiasco, and we can’t allow them to succeed! This is WAY beyond the pale… and yet, I feel in my bones the Repubs don’t want to turn loose of Trump (or Pence) until they get their miserably cruel agenda passed. They’d rather compromise National Security than risk any one of “us” living life as anything other than a wage slave! Extraordinary issues demand extraordinary measures to achieve a modicuum of balance, IMO. The anger at the lack of loyalty to the country exhibited by these so-called “strong on security” republicans just jacks my jaws!

Fascinating analysis by Raye Rpbertson on the Progressed 3rd Q Moon of US Sibley Chart in comparison to natal Sibley chart and the day Comey was fired chart…well worth the read.


Bob… I completely empathize with your pain. I’m so sorry it’s even cut into your typing ability. I understand that, tho. I’ve had to cut way back because of the arthritis in my right hand and now something weird going on with my right shoulder. When I have to ask hubby to button my shirt buttons, I figure it’s gonna be a bad pain day.

We’ve had first one stsorm after another for what seems like weeks here. I’ve concluded that the period just prior to the front arriving is when my Lupus graces me with a worse than normal flare. And don’t ya know… the forecast is showing rain coming and going for at least the next few weeks. ARGH!

Are you able to get your meds without much hassle? I was denied the number of pills once, which meant my doc had to validate the script. But even then, they decided to tack on an extra 10 days to that script.

Living in Kansas, about the only hope I have is getting pot legalized on the Fed level. And we all know how Sessions feels about that! 😉

There may be hope, tho… I nearly fell over when I read THIS article —

“Can Cannabis And Christ Coexist? These Devout Southern Christians Think So” at:

I hate thinking my best answer to pain remediation could be dependent on Southern Christians, but at this point, it’s almost any port in the storm!

slightkc – here’s a quote for you – found in Wikipedia on cannabis, with botanical and historical info
“Elders of the Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church, a religious movement founded in the United States in 1975 with no ties to either Ethiopia or the Coptic Church, consider Cannabis to be the Eucharist, claiming it as an oral tradition from Ethiopia dating back to the time of Christ”
hope you find the right remedy for your pain management soon!

Another point for jan 13, 2020. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s Sun. He was born on January 13 – his 2020 solar return will have Saturn and Pluto on the Sun.

That potent trio will also trine his natal Mars/Pluto midpoint. He had better be on the square with these proceedings.

I do not trust Rosenstein – When President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, he pointed to a memo written by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. It outlined actions taken by Comey that Rosenstein argued hurt the reputation of the bureau. The memo exists, the story that it played no part in comey’s firing cannot be proven.

He appointed Robert Mueller, a Republican, as special counsel.


“Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein defends Comey memo”

kc, I have lived with low level pain 24/7 from a hip injury since September 1984 without pain killers.

Until last summer the only medication I had was (and still have) a bottle of aspirin that expired in October of 2010. Then eczema broke out on my arms and I got some salve from the VA.

Now for a few days I have no discomfort at all in that hip but the other one, which was not injured, is killing me. Trying to tough it out and it is getting better slowly.

Looked up some actuary tables for life expectancy. One has me on borrowed time, another gives me until Oct 11, and another until Christmas day. From now through mid December transit Saturn will square my Neptune, relocated MC, and natal MC. There may be more but I don’t usually keep up on my own chart.

KC, Google Tiger Balm, go to Walmart listing and read comments. It is sold by Walgreens also.


besides all the natural treatments for pain….. always have both hot water bottle and large cold packs…. hot water bottle on the hip/or/place that hurts and cold packs on upper spine (sitting in chair) the cold blocks the hip pain signal to the brain because cold is perceived at pain by the brain and the CNS works on a gating system in that only one pain signal can go to the brain at a time while the other(s) will be blocked…..

….and look into infrared sauna it is good for hip/back/leg pain … it relaxes the muscle that cramps/tighten/tension from pain….

For those of you noble souls who are experiencing pain I have a suggestion. My post car accident chronic hip pain was cured by a Feldenkrais practitioner. If you Google Felderkrais you can see a description and history of the technique. I don’t know where you live but the practitioners are scattered across the country. Since they are credentialed you can probably find one close to you by looking on the website. The Occupational Therapist who works in our pediatric practice is credentialed in Feldenkrais and she uses it for both children and adults. I don’t know how it works but it does.

oops, Feldenkrais not Felderkrais

I have found Craniofascial work and myofascial release work to be very helpful for relieving pain, especially if caused by trauma. (They are not identical therapies.) There are practitioners that are trained specifically in these therapies, but some PTs and massage therapists are also certified.

Fascia is like saran-wrap – when it gets stuck to itself or to bone, it is very hard to un-stick it without help. Fascia can also be distorted by scar tissue or injuries. It exerts 2000 pounds per square inch of force, so when it gets twisted or stuck, you can’t really fix it yourself.

One of the PTs I saw told me that the phantom limb pain that many amputees feel is because of tight fascia compressing the nerves, and myofascial release work actually will get rid of the pain. She had worked with several amputee patients who had gotten off pain meds after myofascial treatment.

There are websites that claim these therapies are quackery, but I can tell you from first-hand experience, they are not.

I was ejected from a car when I was a year old and lived with chronic spinal pain and sciatica my entire life. One leg was nearly an inch shorter than the other. Chiropractors helped, but their adjustments never held more than a day or two. Once I got the fascia unstuck, my back stays untwisted, my pelvis stays straight, and my legs are the same length. I am no longer in pain, and don’t need the chiropractor.

To add to everyone else’s great suggestions:

cup very hot bone broth with 1″ piece of ginger grated in cup/bowl. Let stand for about 15 min. Drink 1-2 cups per day and you should feel significant relief of pain to bearable levels. This has helped me greatly.

You can buy bone broth ready made or even powdered for reconstitution with liquids. I personally use the powdered form and mix with a can of chicken broth/stock; along with the ginger it makes a tasty soup.

What a wonderful bunch you all are!

Thank you to those who have shared tips to improve our lives not only today but in the past also.


New and Unusual Treatment for Hand Pain/Arthritis (Contrast Baths)


Many good links on the side.

From http://famouspt.com/ “Famous” Physical Therapists, Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck, demonstrate a new and unusual treatment for hand pain/arthritis called Contrast Baths.

crisis part 3: The chaos and wisdom of the 3rd quarter sibley progressed lunar cycle

Thank you all for wonderful contributions!

My greatest fear is Civil War.
I see growing Hatred and Vitriol coming form the Right becoming much, much worse!
And blame the RightWing Hateful Propaganda. (that little guy from Germany would be so proud)

Anyone think Jared is the Key Russian Connection?
“Looks Like Jared Kushner Is The New Focus Of Trump-Russia Investigation” (Trump would use an unimportant-distraction-stooge like that)

Kushner’s Chart: https://www.astrotheme.com/astrology/Jared_Kushner

Bob — for muscular type pain, mix cayenne pepper with any oil, get a rag or old dish cloth, put cayenne-oil on pain — it’s warm at first but that quickly disappears, along with the pain. (Cover oil with rag — it’s messy.) ALL BEST TO YOU !!!

Pat Thurston & John Rothmann are on live right now.
If interested…call them!
Listen Live:

fierywoman – that sounds like a version of “Deep Heat”, only natural and probably stronger. Many of us are Baby Boomers in our 60s and we all have our aches & pains so that is worth a try. Thank you and thanks to everyone for all of the remedies listed.

A Hologram for the King



THIS TRUMP TRIP IS A TOTAL DISTRACTION. “Look at me over here, look what My Family and I can do and Go on Your Tax Dollar…We’re So Wonderfully Golden”

The SUN goes into Gemini today. That’s a whirl-win-trip he’s on. This excursion must be extremely stressful for 70 Year old!
We’ll see how fast he recuperates.

Interpretation of the 20° Gemini symbolic degree
(“A man nonchalantly seated on a horse holds a bowl towards another man, carefree, and wealthy, who cleverly throws coins at him.” (Janduz version)
Superficial, anxious, and adventurous character. Should the natal chart concur, one can achieve fame and wealth in politics thanks to the support of powerful and devoted friends)

I wish Trump no ill will…but, we do need stability.
Stay home now Donald and Please Govern America.

Sword Dance + Saudi Arabia


In Saudi Arabia, where women must cover themselves from head to toe in public, there are no federal elections, no protests and no political parties or trade unions. The media are controlled by the government. People can worship only Islam in public.

The latest State Department Human Rights Report listed the official U.S. view of the kingdom’s human rights problems: “citizens’ lack of the ability and legal means to choose their government; restrictions on universal rights, such as freedom of expression, including on the internet, and the freedoms of assembly, association, movement, and religion; and pervasive gender discrimination and lack of equal rights that affected most aspects of women’s lives.”



7D Hologram Technology Amazing Show in Dubai



I don’t know who if anyone has suggested turmeric but it has amazing pain relief qualities. As well, Magnesium is the body’s relaxation mineral. Natural calms is a raspberry-lemon flavored powder that you mix with warm water.. it is quite soothing just to drink.. if you are able to lower into a bath, an Epsom salt bath is actually the best way for the body to absorb magnesium.

I am massage therapist and there are many wonderful bodywork modalities that are very helpful for pain relief. WildIrish mentioned a few.

I am firm believer that there is a peaceful path to every end. A lot of massage therapist believe that you have to endure discomfort to achieve pain relief, I disagree. The gentle and peaceful path may take longer but it is just as effective.

Best wishes to you that you find the methods that work best for you.

Early details of President Trump’s first proposed education budget.:

According to documents obtained by The Post, the 2017-18 proposal “calls for a net $9.2 billion cut to the department, or 13.6 percent of the spending level Congress approved last month.”

Many proposals resemble those in the budget blueprint released earlier this year, such as adding money for charter schools and vouchers.

A $1.2 billion after-school program would be cut along with $2.1 billion for teacher training and class-size reduction. A billion dollars in Title I funding for high-poverty schools would be dedicated to a new program for states that allow students to leave neighborhood schools for other public schools. This is a controversial concept known as “portability.”

Finally, while simplifying student loan repayment plans, an idea that has bipartisan support, the new budget would also eliminate a popular program called Public Service Loan Forgiveness. The program is supposed to forgive student loans for people who spend a decade working in the government or nonprofit sector.


In keeping with Elizabeth’s observations, I found a chart some of you might find interesting, a chart I seldom refer to. As is often the case, I found it when looking for something else; almost as if by design.

It is the chart for the 1st of 2 astrological events that come in pairs with over a century in between the sets of pairs. It is the chart for the 1st Venus-Occult-Sun (called the Venus Transit) that took place June 8, 2004. The second one happened in June 2012 and I refer to that chart often as I was aware of the phenomenon by then and have commented on it here several times in the past.

As I said, it will be more than a century until the next set of these “conjunctions” take place.

That occultation (where Venus appears as a tiny black dot on the face of the Sun) happened at 17+ Gemini, the same degree as Trump’s natal Uranus. June 8, 2004.

These occultations have great significance regarding the powers of Venus as they affect the social structures of the world (as well as individuals) and you can search for sites that discuss specifics if it interests you.

Not only did this 1st occultation of the Sun by Venus conjunct Trump’s natal Uranus, transiting Pluto was conjunct Trump’s Moon at 20+ Sagittarius at the time as well. Transiting Moon at the time (4:50 AM, EDT) was at 29+ Aquarius, on Trump’s descendant, and where the presently transiting South Node was earlier this month.

Correlating with the synchronicity of that Pluto conjunct Trump’s Moon and the 1st Venus-Occult-Sun chart’s Moon conjunct his descendant, the same Aquarius Moon in the chart I’m referring to was only 2 degrees from the U.S. natal Moon that symbolizes the U.S. People.

Another link to the U.S. chart was this same 2004 chart’s Saturn at 12 Cancer 58, only 21 arc minutes from the U.S. natal Sun at 13 Cancer 19. This 1st Venus-Occult-Sun (of a set of two) happened less than 2 months before Barack Obama gave his famous keynote address at the Democratic Convention.

Obama’s natal South Node at 27+ Aquarius exactly conjuncts the U.S. natal Moon.

There is also another pattern I would point out in the 1st (in a set of 2) Venus occultation chart, the Pluto at 20+ Sagittarius (that conjuncts Trump’s Moon) was square that chart’s Vesta at 20+ Pisces and she was trine Mars at 20+ Cancer who squares the U.S. natal Chiron at 20+ Aries.

Following this pattern puts the Venus Occultation chart’s Vesta in Pisces in a sextile to the U.S. natal Vesta at 19+ Taurus (which I see as the bliss in “follow-your-bliss for the U.S.). These 2 Vesta’s form a Yod with the U.S. Juno at 20+ Libra and then that Yod becomes a Boomerang once we add the U.S. natal chart’s Chiron at 20+ Aries.

By the same token, U.S. natal Vesta in Taurus sextiles the Venus Occultation chart’s Mars at 20+ Cancer which then goes on to form a Yod with the Occultation chart’s Pluto in Sagittarius that conjuncts Trump’s Moon. We all know what opposes Trump’s Moon; Trump’s Sun and that Sun is the Boom in a Boomerang pattern.

What I’m getting at is that the dynamics of this Venus Occultation of 2004 sets in motion the uncommon events we are experiencing today, as well as the uncommon event of electing Barack Obama as President in 2008 and 2012. I would use the term shocking but that implies a Uranus factor and that would be another set of charts.

I’m saying instead that this Venus event defines component of the changes we are experiencing that have to do with values (Venus) and with the U.S. People, and with Polarity. I’ve noted the main highlights I’ve spotted but not all of them.

If I can impart anything significant it would be the exquisitely elaborate pattern/plan – what seems to me a divine plan – to alter or speed up the Development of Man the Species, and/or to alter this species Trajectory or Course which is headed in the wrong direction. I find it breathtakingly elaborate in detail.

Hope I’m not spoiling lunch!

Well as a matter of fact there IS a Uranus factor in the Venus Transit of 2004 but it is the natal Uranus of Trump. More directly influencing the U.S. is the U.S. natal Uranus where the conjunction of Pluto and Neptune took place, and yes of course, there are connections between these 2 charts.

New post up:


@Bob……I came across this thread by chance and reading through the comments read about your pain and the helpful comments be others. I will add another which you might like to try.

It is excellent ancient Italian home remedy for arthritic/osteo pain especially in the small joints, very easy to make at home and inexpensive.

Take one whole lemon and place it in a screw top jar , keep the lemon whole don’t peel it or chop it up. Cover the lemon with methylated spirits (called denatured alcohol in the USA) and screw the lid on . Leave the jar for a couple of days and you can start using it, but it will be much stronger when it’s been brewing a few weeks. Rub some of the mixture on the affected area and allow to dry naturally. Rub it on three or four times a day if need be.

Leave the lemon in the spirits until it turns almost white, which may take a month or more, then just replace it with a new lemon and keep topping the jar up with the spirits when needed , the older the brew is the better it gets.

My family have been using this remedy for decades and it works wonderfully for us. A neighbour could barely move her fingers before using it and is now able to knit again.

I’m not sure how well it will go on chronic hip pain but it’s worth a try. I know a friend has had positive results on a spinal problem. It won’t cure you but you may be able to reduce your pain medication and regain some mobility. If the pain is caused mainly by bone centred problems and not a nerve problem it should work.

For those who suffer with nerve pain I highly recommend Homeopathic Amber Tincture, it was the only thing that gave my father any relief from shingles and he now uses it for his carpel tunnel pain and says it works a treat. Once more simply apply it to the affected part when required.

Thank you for your excellent post Starlight and Best of health to you all.