21st May, 2017

Pygmies versus Giants

The steady drip of corruption and lies seeping out of the Trump administration has become a raging torrent of toxic swamp water.  At the foundation of this monstrosity posing as a presidential administration is its disturbing enmeshment with Russia, including the foulness of a Russian agenda infecting an American election. Eventually, the myriad pieces of this giant jigsaw puzzle will be fit together to coherently tell the full story: who conspired with whom; who promised what to whom; and who extorted what from whom.

Thus far, we know that Russia sent anti-Hillary propaganda in many forms – fake news stories, selectively leaked emails, internet bots to feign support – all of it purposefully spread to strengthen Trump and harm Hillary.  The circumstantial evidence further suggests that the Russians expected a robust return for their efforts if Trump should win, including an end to the sanctions, a cessation of resistance to their tactics in Ukraine, and a generally friendlier and more easily manipulated US government.  What we don’t know is who among the Trumpistas was involved in this grand scheme and what they expected to gain. Was extortion involved, was it barely concealed greed, or are we simply looking at a rather cavalier and somewhat delusional grandiosity.  Perhaps it depends on which of the players we are considering.

Meanwhile, with extraordinary irony, Trump has inadvertently created an entirely new TV genre: part fast-moving crime drama, part soap opera, and part twisted reality horror show. America is transfixed and has been for many months. For much of the time, the primary characters have been moral and intellectual pygmies, whose words are blatantly dishonest and whose deeds are mostly self-serving political stunts. Donald Trump is, of course, chief among them, but we must also include Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer, Reince Priebus, Mike Pence, as well as almost every Republican Senatorial and Congressional leader in this lineup. Collectively, they defile the country.

Recently, rising in opposition to the pygmy brigade has been the strengthening presence of those with unflagging integrity and a clear, succinct understanding of service to country, morality, and truth.  The appointment of a special counsel to investigate the Trump administration points to the intensifying of these voices of integrity and service over partisanship and corruption. Among those who have brought this wave of fresh, clean air to the national consciousness to blow mercilessly through the clouds of swamp stench are serious public servants such as James Comey, Sally Yates, and Adam Schiff, to name only a few, as well as the multitude of journalists and commentators who brave the wrath of Trump to speak truth to power.  As these courageous and honorable souls gather steam in the national drama now unfolding, they give us hope that there might be an end to the sick, twisted nightmare we have been witnessing.




Astrologically speaking, the most notable thing currently in the US chart is the month-long transit of Jupiter square to the US Sun (13Cancer19) which runs from May 12 through June 17This transit tends to bring an upsurge of patriotism and pride in the US. I have previously suggested two potential manifestations for this energy: a renewed belief in American democracy that unfolds when the much heralded system of “checks and balances” manages to show enough muscle to stand up to the multitude of Trump depredations; and the possibility of an expanded military effort accompanied by a lot of flag-waving patriotism.

The former has already begun to occur with the appointment of former FBI Director Robert Mueller to be special counsel and investigate the Trump/Russia affair. Many politicians and commentators have stated openly that this has given them renewed optimism (Jupiter) about the survival of American democracy in the Age of Trump.  The appointment was made, to almost universal approval and praise, on May 17, just as transiting Venus (13 Aries) moved into a square with the US Sun (13Cancer), thereby triggering the impact of transiting Jupiter (13 Libra).

The second suggested manifestation of this Jupiter transit is the potential for an expanded military action, possibly with North Korea or Syria, and likely enabling Trump to distract us briefly from his current legal entanglements and dysfunction.  This wag-the-dog scenario may initially be somewhat successful (transiting Jupiter) but seems likely to eventually cause trouble as the extremely problematic summer planetary indicators take hold.

In the US chart, significant trouble begins around July 1 and continues until October 4, with the transit of Saturn square US Neptune (22Virgo25) and stationary opposite US Mars (21Gemini23).  This combination signals frustration, deep upset, and anxiety, as well as the hindering or even failure of forceful and effective action.  Moreover, the progressed US Moon will be semisquare to progressed Saturn (3Scorpio03) from July 17 to August 17, suggesting some loss and sorrow directly impacting the American people. Many have expressed concern about what might happen if the Trump administration is faced with an actual crisis beyond the ongoing mess of their own self-sabotage. We may be finding the answer to this question over the summer.

It should be noted that from the firing of James Comey on May 9 onward, there is nothing but almost continuous difficulty and stress for Trump and his administration through mid-November.   In the Inaugural chart, the extremely difficult configuration involving Saturn, Mars, and the Moon will be stimulated almost non-stop during this period, by either transiting Saturn throughout June and throughout October or by tertiary progressions, including tertiary Venus square Saturn (6/25 to 7/27) and tertiary Sun semisquare Saturn and semisquare Mars (8/6 to 10/1). In addition, the tertiary Moon will join the tertiary Sun from August 27 through September 1, further exacerbating the situation for the Trump administration.

This profoundly difficult configuration in the Inaugural chart was described as follows in my previous article:


… This Moon/Mars/Saturn combination describes a central pattern in the Trump administration:  aggressive, often not-well-considered action (Mars in Pisces) meets restriction, frustration, and push back, often legal (Saturn in Sagittarius), while setting off upset and anger among the people (Moon in hard aspect to Mars and Saturn).  Every time this configuration is set off by transits or progressions, we find an eruption of drama that fits this pattern.


Again, watch June through October for this troubling pattern to continue to reassert itself.

As for Trump himself, he is also under excruciatingly difficult transits, building in May and June with the Saturn quincunx to natal Venus (25Cancer44) and natal Saturn (23Cancer48), but intensifying as of late June when transiting Saturn moves to oppose his Sun (22Gemini56) and station on his Moon (21Sagittarius12) through mid-October, followed by a repeat of transiting Saturn quincunx natal Saturn and then Venus through November 12. In addition, his progressed Moon will be conjunct progressed Saturn (2Leo42) June 25 to July 21. All of this describes a time of great frustration, turmoil, and profound stress, with his every move blocked or criticized or both.  With the August 21 solar eclipse just outside of a degree orb of Trump’s Ascendant (29Leo53), it is possible this extraordinarily difficult period will end with his resignation from office, likely with a deal not to prosecute. If however, he survives into December, we may be stuck with the unfolding degradation of our country and the destabilization of our government and our place in the world for a few more years.


Nancy, you never fail to give me hope. Thank you!

Thank you, Nancy, for your excellent astrological work. Let’s hope and pray that all of this is wrapped up way before December, with little-to-no collateral damage to the country.

Thank you, too, to Barb, Alex, and Bob, for theirs.

“for yours”, I meant to write. My brain can be so preoccupied

Thank you. I am happy to reciprocate your gesture Sharon.

My fellow Lilliputians, we must tie this giant (in his dreams) down by electing as soon as possible a congress of Democrats and patriotic or Democratic friendly Republicans to prevent bills that would be damaging to the general welfare and/or the environment from passing on for his signature.

(Lilliputians are divided between those who crack open their soft-boiled eggs from the little end, the “Little-endians”and those who use the big end, the “Big-endians”. It makes a difference if you eat the egg by spooning it out of the shell.)

The pain has localized to my hip and lower back on the left side. It is most prominent when getting out of bed in the morning. After I have been up for a short time I am pretty much pain free except for that localized discomfort and a flash of pain when I step out of bounds. Like Dirty Harry said “A man’s got to know his limitations.”.

Thank you, Nancy.

The Feldonkrais movements are gentle and easy to do. I have been doing several of them and they may have helped.

I may have created this problem by my inactive lifestyle. A complete reversal since I retired and attached myself to the computer. Last post about me.

Very strong article. Thank you.

btw Bill Maher called Trump the Orange Sphincter on Friday’s show. Very appropriate.

Bob, I am so glad you are feeling better. Thanks for the update, and please keep us posted periodically.

You’re welcome, Bob, and thank you, too, although my sojourns into astrology only go to a certain point…I actually don’t want to go further.

“After a briefing with reporters, a WH official said that trump is ‘exhausted’. Which may be why the President’s motorcade made an unscheduled stop back at Trump’s hotel earlier this morning. It goes without saying that Trump’s apparent exhaustion a mere two days into a nine-day international trip is extremely disturbing and honestly quite pathetic. Trump spent a significant part of the presidential campaign attacking former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for lacking the ‘stamina’ needed to be President, but it’s clear that overgrown toddler Trump himself cannot cope with any kind of physical stress or change in his routine.”

Nancy, I love the way you write . .”moral and intellectual pygmies” nails it. I’m reminded of a playground battle between the bullies and everyone else. Most of the kids watch in wonder at what is happening. Then someone’s pal gets hit and that someone decides he won’t tolerate it and hits back. Next thing you know everyone who hasn’t already sought shelter has picked a side and by then the grownups step in. We are getting to that point

Two years ago if I had imagined a Trump presidency I would never have believed that I would want to know, much less watch news about any of his appointees. Now I watch them and imagine the fodder they are creating for Saturday Night Live, Colbert and others. It is hypnotic.

Now that transiting Uranus (in the U.S. natal 4th house) is just one degree from exacting a square to the U.S. natal Pluto (in the U.S. natal 2nd house) I try to envision how that looks. Please share your thoughts with us.

Personally, I imagine it is an unconscious (unspecific) mode of rebellion by the “grownups” (4th house trans. Uranus) against the bullies (U.S. Pluto in the 2nd) that have usurped the playground for their own kind. A kind of “not in my back yard” reaction.

Transiting Neptune will be going retrograde at the time trans. Uranus exacts the square to U.S. Pluto, mid June. Here’s one possibility:

The grand fire trine happening now between North Node in Leo, Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries will find an outlet for that energy when the June 9th Full Moon chart’s transiting Mars-conjunct-U.S. Venus in Cancer sextiles transiting Venus-conjunct-the Chiron degree in Taurus.

That will be because of the Neptune-Pluto cycle chart, a cycle that began in 1891 at 8+ Gemini when they were conjunct the U.S. Uranus in that degree. That chart has the nodes at 3+ Gemini (North) and 3+ Sagittarius (South) and that chart’s Mercury at 3+ Virgo T-squares them.

The June 9th FM sextile between Mars and Venus will form a Yod (forced adjustment) with the Neptune-Pluto chart’s South Node (not any more) in Sagittarius (of this philosophy) which morphs into a Boomerang with the Neptune-Pluto chart’s North Node at 3+ Gemini (the target of all combined force), just one degree from the June 9th FM chart’s Mercury at 4+ Gemini. That appears to be a very serious war of words.

With a force of 125 years of waiting for the right moment, the Pluto-Neptune cycle (conjunction) has found the perfect foil for this barely unconscious dichotomy. Trump’s pygmies.

Transiting Saturn in Sagittarius will exactly semi-sextile transiting Pluto in Capricorn and new law seems to be in the making.

Recall that it was only last March when the transiting North Node at 3+ Virgo was conjunct the Neptune-Pluto chart’s Mercury, so the seeds were being watered then. All things Russian I would expect.

Brilliant Nancy! Hope you eventually put this in Book Form for future generations to read and know how traumatic our situation is

During Watergate (I was 20, we didn’t have the Internet, nor Rachel Maddow. But, this Trump Catastrophe is being followed and totally understood by millions of people.

My intuition tells me our strength in fighting this may be in Our Native American Roots. It’s basis is truly Basic and Naturally Patriotic. That Strength coming from those sacred Native Americans values may be our KEY.

What is the 7th Generation principle and why do you need to know about it?

538 has interesting pieces: “Way More Americans May Be Atheists Than We Thought”
Also: https://fivethirtyeight.com/politics/

Pat Thursten in on Live now and she’s VERY HOT!
(This is Thursten alone…at her Best!)

I truly believe that at some point, fairly soon (but that may be more hope than realism), Trump will be out of office. Starlight, can you do more analysis of a probable Pence presidency going forward, say after the August eclipse? I keep thinking that the inauguration chart is also Pence’s inauguration…

Thanks Nancy for all you do.

Thank you again Nancy!!!!
regarding the enabling of trump by corrupted repubs, what just sprung into my mind was the biblical promise to save Sodom and Gomorrah if just “10 righteous men” could be found.

June 9TH Full Moon Charts


The Full Moon on 9 June 2017 falls at 18º Sagittarius.

The Full Moon June 2017 forms part of what the Huber school called an irritation triangle. This can cause sudden fits of anger. Since Pluto and Ceres are plugged into the ‘irritation’, outbursts in the collective will reveal where there have been abuses of power in relation to children or the vulnerable.

We could see where the unscrupulous have made money out of human trafficking.

The fixed star for this Full Moon is Sabik, found in Ophuichus.

This Full Moon June is great for natural healing, especially when it comes to women’s health, genetics and midwifery.


Thank you Nancy – for your thorough analysis! It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, as my father used to say!

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi gave a tacit green light to her Democratic colleagues to pursue impeachment against President Trump, saying in a published interview Friday that her members “are going to do what they’re going to do.”

Speaking to The Associated Press Mrs. Pelosi, California Democrat, said it’s Mr. Trump who has fostered questions of impeachment, and she questioned his fitness for the office.

“The person who’s going to impeach Donald Trump is Donald Trump,” she told the news service.


Don’t expect anything great from former FBI Director Robert Mueller to be special counsel and investigate the Trump/Russia affair.

See – 9/11 Whistleblower [Coleen] Rowley* on Mueller’s History of “Cover-up” at:

“Rowley also noted that Mueller presided over “the ‘post 9-11 round-up’ of innocent immigrants, the anthrax investigation fiasco, as well as going along with a form of martial law…”

*Coleen Rowley is an American former FBI special agent and whistleblower, and was a Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party candidate for Congress in Minnesota’s 2nd congressional district, one of eight congressional districts in Minnesota in 2006.
Source – Wikipedia

I like what Pelosi said: “The person who’s going to impeach Donald Trump is Donald Trump.”

Every scandal engulfing his administration is self-inflicted. Thanks for posting this.

Thank you, Nancy, very hopeful and helpful.

Here is something on Pence:


alex, thanks for posting the June 9th chart and information, and in case you did that because of the Yod it holds with Mars at the apex point at 4+ Gemini, a degree which will likely activate the Neptune-Pluto cycle’s energy, then please note that this Thursday, May 25th, the New Moon also at 4+ Gemini will interpret that Neptune-Pluto influence, with even more concentration.

I’m amazed that I didn’t notice that sooner, but maybe there was a reason for it. Notice Thursday’s NM Venus-Pallas conjunction at 19+ Aries that squares Pluto at 19+ Capricorn (+ Juno at 17+ Capricorn). Since the U.S. natal Vesta is at 19+ Taurus, this transiting square will surely affect the U.S. “investments” and that surely will have some bearing on the Gemini 4+ degree position of Mercury in the June 9th Boomerang.

The Saudi’s investment in U.S. infrastructure could be the Gemini influence. Also, this Thursday’s New Moon has Mars at 23+ Gemini, one degree from the discovery degree of Uranus at 24+ Gemini. At that discovery, Uranus was opposite Mars at 23+ Sagittarius and they were T-squared by the Sun at 23+ Pisces. (March 13, 1781, 1 PM, Greenwich)

(Transiting Saturn will reach the degree where Mars was at the time of Uranus’ discovery by the end of June.)

Since Trump’s chart has Sun and Moon close to these degrees (and his natal Chaos is at 24+ Pisces) of the Uranus Discovery T-square, perhaps that is why I’m just now realizing the connection between this Thursday’s New Moon and next month’s Full Moon; otherwise I would not have known of Trump’s overseas trip and this infrastructure deal.

Knowing this, a fresh look at the Boomerang pattern in the June 9th Full Moon chart is noteworthy in that Mars will be conjunct the U.S. Venus. To me it reinforces the possibility that this could imply a financial investment. Mars (+U.S. Venus) will sextile Venus in Taurus (at the degree where Chiron was when he was discovered, and also the degree where Chiron was when Uranus was discovered). Perhaps some old wounds will be healed if indeed the Saudi’s participate in U.S. infrastructure.

Sorry, I mean Mercury at the apex, not Mars.

I hope we can remove Pence, too:

“Vice-President Pence, along with House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are cut from the same far-right cloth of every other Republican presidential candidate in 2016. Trump stood out because he was less of an establishment political animal, but let’s look at what the Republican establishment could actually impose upon America.”


By the way, transiting Chaos is at 21+ Gemini today, conjunct the U.S. Mars and soon to conjunct Trump’s Sun. Because transiting Mars is also at 21+ Gemini, it is the “U.S. Mars Return”, supplying us with a chart that gives us a snapshot of how the U.S. Mars will affect the world for the next couple of years. I’ll check that out and get back to you, unless someone else wants to go for it!

Yeah, CJ, I, too, felt there had to be a catch regarding Mueller. Otherwse, why would he be allowed in? A big deal was made about Rosenstein only giving the WH 30 minutes to respond. I find that hard to believe.

Well – the SC did something right today! They threw away Republican-gerymandered districts on the basis of them being drawn along racial lines.


Terrific, stirring treatise, Nancy -exquisitely-interpreted astrology and artful word-smithing.

Mille grazie!

Here is a comment on current breaking news on Flynn from NYT’s:

“One would have thought that the head of the transition team would have had some inkling of what Flynn had in his background. That would be the angelic, choir boy looking Pence: the President in waiting. When does the attention turn to him?”

Yes, that’s what I want to know.

LOVE-IT! Watch Melania Swats The President Away….
When He Tried to Hold Her Hand: http://nymag.com/thecut/2017/05/watch-melania-trump-swat-donald-trumps-hand-away-in-israel.html

Alex, That coming Full Moon Chart look exactly like The Jewish Star!

Also, This older piece that’s most interesting:
“How Hitler’s Rise to Power Explains Why Republicans Accept Donald” Trump:http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2016/07/donald-trump-and-hitlers-rise-to-power.html

I was referring to this 5/9/17 Full Moon Chart…
similarity to the Jewish Star:


There was a tragedy at a rock concert in Manchester, England today. As horrible and terrible as that is, it makes me think about Trump’s new, more progressive position on Muslims and how and if he will try to use it.

In the New Orleans area there were several shootings, one at a shopping mall where 2 people involved in the shooting were injured, but not critically, and an ambulance, with a patient in it, went right into a canal, but those involved were rescued. Not sure about their condition — it did not sound critical

And how was your day?

Great news! Osoff leading Handel in Atlanta, 51% to 44%! I believe the run-off is June 20.


Interesting piece on Flynn from last December:
“While the Flynns (father/son) are in the fake-news spotlight now, one author on the topic says the influence of conspiracy series in U.S. politics dates back to the American Revolution.
“We have had many leaders in American history that have been conspiratorial in their thinking,” said Joseph Uscinski, author of “American Conspiracy Theories” and a political science professor at the University Miami. “But we just don’t know about it because they didn’t have Twitter accounts.”
Nonetheless, he said the trend can go too far, especially given Trump’s own track record.
“If you have a conspiracy theorist in the White House, you probably don’t need any more in the inner circle,” Uscinski said.

Nate Silver a top-notch Statistician.
“Will Donald Trump Be Impeached?

UK natal chart (Jan. 1, 1801) has Moon at 19 Cancer. Transiting Pluto offending it for some time now. Transiting Uranus at 26+ Aries has been in UK natal 7th house for a good bit as well.
Transiting Sun now at 0 Gem squaring UK natal Pluto at 2 Pisces
Transiting Mars today, as mentioned above in blog, is 20 Gemini making a 150 aspect to transiting Pluto.

Bob, it’s also possible that mars transiting his sun and opposing his moon is wearing him out. Additionally, although he plays at being a golfer, he appears to out-of-shape!

“We’re no longer going to measure compassion by the number of programs or the number of people on those programs,” White House budget director Mick Mulvaney said. “We’re going to measure compassion and success by the number of people we help get off those programs and back in charge of their own lives.”

Trump Seeks $3.6 Trillion in Cuts to Reshape Government


Kick out of those programs, he meant to say. Very UNcompassionate.

Pluto/Pallas suggests fixation on a combative strategy that identifies the enemy’s weak spot. ~ rubyslipper

Note that transiting Mars will oppose Inaugural Saturn and square Inaugural Mars over the next few days (5/24-27), setting off that nasty Mars/Saturn/Moon configuration in the Inaugural chart. The tr Moon/Mars conjunction on Friday evening looks especially combustible. Once again we will administration attempts at aggression/action being met by resistance and outrage. Pass the popcorn.

Bannon’s War premiers Tuesday at 10PM EST (9PM CST) on PBS stations and online


More on Pence:


Thanks alex; fascinating about Pluto/Pallas. I can see that.

Thank you Nancy for the heads up on the Inauguration chart’s triggering and for pinpointing the trans. Moon/Mars conjunction. It is all coming together like a stew on simmer. I’ll be watching Friday evening for sure.

A couple of notes regarding the U.S. Mars Return that took place about 24 hours ago. First, the Moon in Aries was square Pluto in Capricorn. She was accompanied by Pallas, Eris, Isis and Venus, all under 3 degrees behind her except for Eris who was 4+ degrees ahead of her.

She was also conjunct the U.S. Chiron. The transiting Moon also squared the asteroid Persephone (Ceres daughter who was kidnapped by Pluto) who was opposite transiting Pluto. All that needs some sorting out, but it looks to me like the People (Moon) are loaded for bear. Suffice it to say they have good reason.

In this Mars Return chart Ceres at 9+ Gemini had just made a conjunction with the U.S. Uranus at 8+ Gemini, Jupiter (just a degree from the U.S. Saturn in Libra and Trump’s Chiron-Juno) was exactly square the U.S. natal Sun in Cancer. All this suggests that the Power of Persuasion will be active for the next 2 years (this Mars Return cycle ends in May 2019)

Other aspects to consider are transiting Chiron at 28+ Pisces, still square trans. centaur Pholus at 28+ Sagittarius who is just 2 degrees from transiting Saturn at 26+ Sagittarius and both of them retrograde (more about that later after they are direct). Transiting Pholus trines the transiting North Node (28+ Leo) while transiting Chiron is quincunx that same NN.

However, transiting Uranus at 26+ Aries trines the North Node in Leo AND the Saturn-Pholus conjunction in Sagittarius. The opportunity exists in this chart to complete a Yod if some individual, country or corporation has a natal chart with something at 26-28 degrees of Virgo or Cancer.

Those Yods would then become Boomerangs because of the Mars-Return chart’s Chiron in Pisces (opposite the unidentified Virgo planet) and the U.S. natal Pluto in Capricorn (opposite the unidentified Cancer planet) and that one would personalize a Boomerang for the U.S. All hypothetical of course.

Transiting Uranus (rebellious) is sextile the U.S Moon (27+ Aquarius + trans. SN) and square the U.S. Pluto (27+ Capricorn). This Mars Return chart has Chiron sextile the U.S. Pluto. (Trump’s visit to the Middle East I would presume) and that, when added to the transiting North and South nodes, is a Boomerang too!

Transiting Mercury at 6+ Taurus is T-square the U.S. NATAL North (6+ Leo) and South (6+ Aquarius) nodes. This could drag in a bit of the energy of the present cycle between Saturn and Jupiter. Their cycle began in 2000 when the transiting Neptune was conjunct the U.S. South Node in Aquarius.

All in all this U.S. Mars Return emphasizes the Power (Pluto) of the People (Moon), by the People and for the People that will take place in the next 2 years. It will incorporate much double-talk (Mars in Gemini is sextile Moon-and-companions in Aries), and persuasion (did I mention that trans. Neptune trines U.S. Sun while quincunx U.S. Saturn + trans. Jupiter?) That’s politics of course, but this time the People will be calling the shots.

Excellent writing and analysis as usual, Nancy.
many Thanks!

I very much agree with this author’s reasoning. The one caveat is that President Trump might get a goodly number of us killed through his incompetence and narcissism. He pretty obviously is afflicted with the Dunning–Kruger effect, i.e. he is so incompetent he doesn’t know he’s incompetent. He IS dangerous! But M. Pence would IMHO be more so, albeit more smoothly and he has a strong potential to actually, “save” the R. Party. I recommend reading the entire article.

Don’t Impeach: The Liberal Case for Not Removing Trump
VP is smarter, smoother, and could do far more damage
By Cliston Brown

“Even if it were possible—and I still maintain, with 24 House Republicans and 19 Republican Senators needed, that it is highly unlikely—the absolute stupidest, most self-defeating thing Democrats can push for right now is the impeachment and removal of President Trump.”

“No. Keep him in office. Politically, Trump is the goose that’s laying a treasure trove of golden eggs. Let him spend four years making such a toxic wreck of the Republican Party that disgusted voters won’t want to get anywhere near the GOP for a decade. Let him finish the job that George W. Bush started and turn the party into a smoldering ruin at last.”

“…Unless and until the Democratic Party figures out that it needs to rid itself of its clueless, tired leadership and consultants that haven’t had a new idea since about 1965, the only way for Democrats to win is to cash in on Republican screw-ups.”

“Four years of Donald Trump could end with Democrats in control of the White House, both chambers of Congress, a majority of governorships, and a number of key state legislatures that we could not dream of winning back through our own efforts. And the timing is perfect. The 2018 and 2020 elections are the ones that will determine who draws the new Congressional and legislative maps in 2021. The Trump Trainwreck presidency could put Democrats in a position to control the country for a decade. By then, the nation’s changing demographics might finally put Team Blue in a position to have something resembling a sustainable majority. And perhaps the party by then will have better, smarter, 21st century leadership that will actually know how to reach the modern electorate.”

“But wouldn’t Pence be better?”

“No. He’d be worse. I’ll explain why.”

“While Pence clearly has more self-control and self-awareness than Trump, that’s exactly what makes him more dangerous. He has all the same ideas and goals as Trump—and, as an added bonus, a religious-right agenda that’s even worse—and a much better chance of actually implementing them. But he’s much smoother, much less likelier to screw up, and much more likely to be reelected than Trump in 2020.”

Midpoint – Mer/Sat: Power in simple gestures; communication brevity and conciseness ~ per Michael Munkasey

ME/SA Midpoint @18 Scorpio (18TA) Today 5/23/2017

Dunning–Kruger effect –
“…a cognitive bias, wherein persons of low ability suffer from illusory superiority when they mistakenly assess their ability as greater than they possess. The cognitive bias of illusory superiority derives from the metacognitive inability of low-ability persons to recognize their own ineptitude, without which they cannot accurately evaluate their actual competence.”

“… the corollary to the Dunning–Kruger effect indicates that persons of high-ability tend to underestimate their relative competence, and erroneously presume that tasks that are easy for them to perform also are easy for other people to perform.”

Confucius – “Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance”

W. Shakespeare – “The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool” (As You Like It, V. i.);

Charles Darwin – “Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge”;

Bertrand Russell – “One of the painful things about our time is that those who feel certainty are stupid, and those with any imagination and understanding are filled with doubt and indecision.”


So Bannon has a South Node at 26+ Cancer, eh?

Transiting Saturn (+ Pholus) is sextile the transiting South Node (+ U.S. Moon-Pallas) which would put the Bannon South Node at the apex of a Yod; a Yod that turns Boomerang when the Bannon North Node/U.S. Pluto is included. I’ll be watching for any small cause that gets out of control to see if his name is connected.

I’ll be watching PBS tonight too. Thanks alex.

Thank you Starlight/Nancy for your most excellent article. I always eagerly look forward to reading whatever you post.

Have you noticed that the T-word (treason) is starting to be used by people in the news who talk about the Trump scandal(s)?

I say if 45 has been found to commit crimes, of course we should impeach. To do otherwise sets a bad precedent, and makes a mockery of the law. Our morals and ethics cannot be transactional. And as we move from 45 we will take Pence down because he too is culpable and a liar.

Were we to adopt Cliston’s Brown, of the Observer article above, then we shouldn’t send murders and criminals to prison, for certainly, their family will suffer.

Eliseo…Love It! Bertrand Russell:
“One of the painful things about our time is that those who feel certainty are stupid, (Republicans)
And those with any Imagination and Understanding are filled with doubt and indecision.” (Liberals)
We need to this around!

Alex, look at Bannon’s Moon/Pluto, almost at the Eclipse point. Eliseo, perhaps you’re correct, it’s far better letting them stumble and fall.
Exactly as FOX News is in the process of doing.

Robert Reich

Trump’s budget is cruel and deviant. He proposes to cut federal spending by more than $3.6 trillion over the next decade, much of it for programs that help the poor (Medicaid, food stamps, Social Security disability, and health insurance for poor children) – in order to finance a huge military buildup and tax cuts for corporations and the rich.

Trump’s budget won’t get through Congress, but it defines deviancy downward in 3 respects:

1. It imposes huge burdens on people who already are hurting. Not just the very poor, but also the working class. In fact, among the biggest losers would be people who voted for Trump – whites in rural and poor areas of the country who depend on Medicaid, food stamps, and Social Security disability.

Yet will they know that Trump is willing to sell them out to the rich and corporate interests, or will they fall for the right-wing Republican propaganda (amplified by Fox News and yell radio) that the budget is designed to help people take more responsibility for themselves?

2. It sets a new low bar for congressional and public debate over social insurance in America, and of government’s role – far lower than anything proposed by Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush. It pushes the idea that each of us is and should be on our own, rather than that we are part of a society that benefits from social insurance – spreading the risks and costs of adversity that could hit any one of us.

As White House OMB director Mick Mulvaney absurdly put it, the government should show “compassion” for low-income Americans but it should “also…have compassion for folks who are paying [for] it.” That illogic eliminates the justification for social insurance altogether.

The budget thereby frames the debate over Trumpcare, for example, as “why should I pay for her pre-existing health problem if I’m healthy?”

3. Finally, the budget eviscerates the notion that an important aspect of patriotism involves sacrificing for the common good – paying for public services you won’t use but will be used by others and will thereby help the nation as a whole, such as schools, roads, clean air, and health care.

Trump’s budget celebrates a cruel and virulent form of individualism – much like Trump himself. Until Trump, this view of America was considered deviant. But Trump is defining deviancy downward.


“The Trump budget exists somewhere over the rainbow where the dreams of Mick Mulvaney, Paul Ryan and the Koch brothers really do come true.

Of course, these dreams are a nightmare for the average working American.” ~ per Senator Chuck Schumer

MSNBC now:

Trump Budget: Billioinaires first

“This budget uses “Madoff math” and failed economic theories that will burden future generations. This proposal is more than numbers on a lopsided ledger – it’s a cynical assault on the fundamental idea that Americans should be there for one another when it counts.



My concern of danger between Trump and Pence is that Trump is incompetent to a level that has not even six months into his administration put the country in national security risk. Not only for what he did, telling deeply classified information to the Russians, but leaving our intelligence vulnerable to future withholding of information due to that in fear of misuse by him again. And I just feel like he is such a volatile person with very little understanding that he could easily get us all killed without evening realizing what he did?!

I know Pence is dangerous in other ways and appears to be more “stable” therefore having the potential to get more of his horrible agenda accomplished. I just really feel like the entire R party is in free fall and it is beyond being saved at this point. *I don’t believe he would be able to do it. Especially after he would be taking office from what would surely be a complete disaster if Trump were to be removed from office or resign. I doubt very much he would have the confidence of the American people.

The plea I made to people I knew who were on the fence about this election and hated Hillary was that of David Frum’s (no liberal or even moderate but firm conservative) that we could survive a Hillary presidency, but we may not survive a Trump one. He was just too incredibly dangerous both in his ignorance and arrogance and now as another conservative talking head, George Will recently put it, “he doesn’t know what knowing something is”.. good grief that is about a scary a thing to say about a leader of a country as I can think of.

Mulvaney is another of the trump crew with chiron return in play – (July 21 1967)
natal is at 29.41pisc. Chiron transit is now at 28.13pisc, with R station at 28.52 on June 27th.
Tr Chiron exact at 29.41pisc on april 11 2018.

Elizabeth & Janet,
You both may be right. You make excellent points.
In my posting I included the caveat, “that President Trump might get a goodly number of us killed through his incompetence and narcissism.”
The numbers could be massive, particularly if 45 stumbles us into a nuclear war, perhaps with N. Korea.

I nevertheless see Pence as an intelligent but dogmatic Christo-Fascist. His religio/political views are more in line with Bannon’s end-time fantasies than with Trump’s less ideological, racist, sexist, bullying narcissism. Neither man is fully in touch with reality, but Pence is far more functional and efficient. Trump’s gods (other than himself) are greed and the market, but Pence’s god-concept is a quite literally evil, punishing, vindictive, petulant, bi-polar entity concerned with trifling “sins.”

The man is a skilled, competent politician, but on theo/ideological grounds he may be as likely as Trump to get us killed. As for many of his ilk, theo/ideology comes before reality, or for people’s actual lives. Although I’m sure he would deny it were he asked directly, in practice I strongly suspect he would agree with papal legate Arnaud Amalric’s 1209 statement, “Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.” (“Kill them all. For the Lord knows those that are His own.”

Personally, my hope is that Bob and BuckEyeShadow are correct about the early 2020 date for 45’s “reassignment”. That would give the R’s plenty of time to self-destruct and set us up for Dem victories in November 2020. But of course, there are some very acute and dangerous risks. It is difficult to know which course will be the most positive in the long run.

Many Progressives and Liberals hold to the idea the Russia-gate scandal will bring down a plethora of R’s, including, Mike Pence and Paul Ryan, but there is no guarantee of that. It is extremely and extraordinarily difficult to bring down powerful people, even when their guilt is blatantly obvious. One is tough enough, much less several.

Cliston Brown believes that if Trump were impeached and convicted, we would be likely to get almost 8 years of Pence which would cement the nation into a more permanent far-alt-right society. He could be right. I’m inclined to agree with him, but would be delighted to be wrong.

If it goes down as he predicts it might, I would interpret that as a manifestation of the retrograde Mars in our progressed national chart, and fear we might not regain our freedom until the 2080’s.

Below are more pertinent excerpts from his op-ed:

“Where the shrewd, calculating Pence would part ways with the well-meaning Ford would be Pence’s announcement, as closely timed with the next election as possible, that there is no way in hell that he’s giving Donald Trump a pardon. He’ll channel his inner Calvin Coolidge and say something very similar to Coolidge’s pronouncement that the guilty should be punished.”

“Pence’s approval ratings will soar. Even some Democrats will be taken in. They’ll forget, for a moment, that Pence supports a social conservative agenda which, if fully implemented, would transport our nation back to 1952. The Republicans, saved from calamitous defeat and buoyed by public support for Pence, will win the upcoming elections, both in 2018 and in 2020. They’ll control both houses of Congress by huge majorities, as well as the majority of states—and, most importantly, redistricting.”

“That’s game over. Democrats will be locked out of policymaking at the federal level and most of the states until at least 2031. By that time, Republicans will have passed legislation so restrictive of the voting franchise that you probably won’t be able to get near a voting booth unless you have a red GOP elephant tattooed somewhere on your white body.”

the astrology of religious freedom

Mike Pence vanishes from public view amid claims he is ‘just as complicit’ in Trump White House scandals



“In my posting I included the caveat, “that President Trump might get a goodly number of us killed through his incompetence and narcissism.”
The numbers could be massive, particularly if 45 stumbles us into a nuclear war, perhaps with N. Korea.

I nevertheless see Pence as an intelligent but dogmatic Christo-Fascist. His religious/political views are more in line with Bannon’s end-time fantasies than with Trump’s less ideological, racist, sexist, bullying narcissism. Neither man is fully in touch with reality, but Pence is far more functional and efficient. Trump’s gods (other than himself) are greed and the market, but Pence’s god-concept is a quite literally evil, punishing, vindictive, petulant, bi-polar entity concerned with trifling “sins.” …

Well this is quite a choice we have given ourselves, isn’t it?!

I can not even entertain the idea that this madness goes on until 2031 or God forbid 2080! I just can’t go there. I have to maintain hope and believe that we are witnessing, not the beginnings of but the ending and implosion of the far right and current GOP.

excerpt from..

The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius


by Mark Lerner

“The great Jupiter-Saturn union of Dec. 21, 2020 not only occurs at 0+ Aquarius (the doorway into Aquarius), but it also begins a period of 180-200+ years of Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in the “air” element. This chart is therefore a “Great Mutation” chart in the air element (thinking; intuition; higher mind; education; communication; air travel; inventions; revolution).”

Let the Shit Show continue for 4 years! It will take that long for Americans to emerge from the fog!


A Republican Congressman Just Destroyed Trump’s ‘Lie’ Of A Budget


Thanks for the reminder about Mark Lerner’s writing Elizabeth.
I looked for it online to re-read and am linking here for those who have not seen it and might be interested.

I think if enough of the “little people”, which is how the uber rich and powerful view most of us, can embrace a new way of interacting with the rest of the world and others in a steady, united, and more mindful and loving manner, instead of behaving like unconscious robots, we certainly have the numbers to make that change happen in the long term. They keep their rigid power only by force, lies, and bluster, but we can make change happen thru magnitude of numbers, love, honesty, intelligence and resilience.

“Jared Kushner’s birth certificate has now been unearthed and he was born 12.05pm Livingston, New Jersey on 10th January 1981”

Jared Kushner – facing greatest challenge of his life http://star4cast.ca/jared-kushner-facing-greatest-challenge-of-his-life/

Very interesting kiwi, Mulvaney’s natal Chiron is working with the U.S. Pluto in Capricorn. Right now the transiting North Node supplies an apex to a Yod that Mulvaney’s Chiron-sextile-U.S. Pluto provides the base for. A Yod’s apex is compelled to adjust in some way b/c it is in a sign that neither matches nor blends easily with the signs of the sextiled planets elements, in this case Earth and Water.

The North Node now transits late Leo, a fire element, which happens to be where the Trump ascendant and Mars reside, so we can assume that Trump is the embodiment of that adjusting North Node in this exercise.

We know that when there is a North Node in a chart there is always a South Node opposite it. When the Yod formation’s apex point has a planet or point opposite it then it ceases to be a Yod and becomes a Boomerang pattern.

In a Yod, the energies of the sextile (that create the need for adjustment at the apex) combine forces and propel the apex planet or point into action via a need to express the combined energy. In this case that would be the transiting Chiron + Mulvaney’s Chiron, sextile the U.S Pluto and both quincunx the North Node, aka Trump. That combination of energies finds a target in the Boomerang point, which in this case is the transiting North Node, which is conjunct the U.S. Moon. The U.S. Moon is the U.S. People for all intent and purpose.

So U.S. Pluto (the powerful) and Mulvaney’s Chiron activated by its Chiron Return will put Trump (natal ascendant conjunct trans. NN) into a situation where he must adjust to something. When that happens he releases all the combined energies (Chiron, Pluto, NN aka Path forward) onto the transiting South Node and the U.S. People.

South Nodes symbolize something that has been done in the past, something that has served a purpose well but now no longer does so. This something, a behavior, or belief or activity should therefore be released; replacing it with something else as suggested by the transiting North Node (in this case Trump) or perhaps just give it away. That’s the Boomerang Effect.

So this might mean that what Trump (trans NN) targets the U.S. People with (trans SN) is something they no longer find worthwhile. Might they react in some Aquarian fashion? Something eccentric? A tweet storm of their own (giving it back)? All for one and one for all?

Might Trump do something creative (Leo) with all this energy such as eliminating something and replacing it with something new? Watch and learn from astrology’s revelations.

Sorry, meant to say the Boomerang point is the South Node, not the North Node.

We can hope. Just in time for the busy June trump will be having.

Trump Docs Leaked: Russian Money Trail Tied to McConnell, Cruz, Rubio, McCain, and RNC


ha ha ha ha
“the pope suggested that Trump looks like he’s filled with yeast, milk, butter, eggs and lots of nuts.
He may not be too far off.”

Can’t express how deeply saddened this latest Manchester Bombing has touched me.
“Excited Little Girls”, SO filled with enthusiasm for life!Magical Years, I remember…

Yet with this growing Cocky Alt/Right element and It feels (some) men becoming more disrespectful of women. (They see women advancing…A threat similar to immigrants. Had HRC won, this reaction would be far worse!)

Steve Judd great thoughts:

Planet Waves: http://planetwaves.fm/the-message-is-fear-bombing-in-manchester/

Such serious and sad times.

did anyone else think ivanka’s veil was a very strange look – akin to a ‘bride of Dracula’ theme?
Melania on the other hand had a far more appropriate traditional look in keeping with papacy respect

Definitely an Adams Family look, kiwi, and Melanie looked pretty weird, too….and uncomfortable, playing at being dowdy and religious. It’s not important but addign to the strangeness, her neck looked non-existent next to Ivanka’s Modigliani, blessed virgin posturing. At least Melanie looked authentically uncomfortable. Ivanka was trying to look spiritual, but looked fake and arrogant to me, anyway. Then there was the Donald’s wide fake grin, and the Pope just looking miserable. Someone on twitter made me laugh, pointing outo that even the people in the painting hanging behind them looked disappointed!

but, adding, to the strangeness…


Your welcome. It’s a good article, thank you for posting the link.

To those who have been discussing the article, “Don’t impeach: The Liberal Case For Not Removing Trump.”

Here is yet another very frightening move by DT..

Trump tells Duterte of two U.S. nuclear subs in Korean waters: NYT


Sharon that is so funny! I just referred to them as the Adams Family too! What a creepy bunch!


Even in the worst-case scenario that you describe, I don’t believe at all that we are in for ultra-conservative GOP dominance of our country for the rest of all of our lives, until the US Progressed Mars goes direct again during the 2080s (assuming there is even still a US then, of course). Rather, we are on track for a dramatic push back against the overreaching authoritarian Conservatism embodied within the Republican Party that will only become amplified once Pluto ingresses into Aquarius in 2023-24.

While it is true that Aquarius, much like Capricorn before it, does sometimes have a bit of a “right-wing” bent itself, in any case whether it veers to the reactionary far-right or the revolutionary far-left, it strongly favors libertarianism, rather than authoritarianism. In other words, this isn’t an era coming up in which an ultra-conservative religious fundamentalist like Pence, or even a corporatist authoritarian like Trump, is going to find themselves and their notions of controlling everyone’s lives supported in positions of power. In fact, things will be quite the opposite. Decentralization of power will be the order of the day, and that could take on many forms, including novel ones like metro-regional governments, and perhaps even new states or forms of state-level governance (e.g. parliamentary, multi-member representative districts?) as power, for whatever reason, becomes decentralized from Washington D.C. and even in some instances state capitals that have become too centralized within their application of power and the resources that accompany it.

Many of the shifts to come will in fact be “seeded” at the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction at 0 Aquarius in 2020. When Pluto reaches the same degree in 2023, the transformational shift of our society and world will be accelerated dramatically.

Keep in mind that it won’t seem like we are even heading in a new direction until these transits are literally upon us. After all, we do still have Saturn-Pluto to deal with at the beginning of 2020, and we’ll be feeling that one coming on even more strongly once Saturn ingresses into Capricorn this December.

As if GMOs aren’t enough:

‘Groups sue FDA over food additive rule’

A coalition of consumer and health groups is challenging a Food and Drug Administration rule that allows manufacturers to decide what can be added to processed foods.

The Center for Food Safety and four other groups filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York on Monday claiming the agency is illegally allowing self-interested food and chemical manufacturers to determine which chemical additives in food are safe.

“Under the procedures and criteria laid out in the GRAS Rule, manufacturers of substances used in processed food can self-certify—without notice to FDA or the public, and in furtherance of their own financial interests—that a use of substance is ‘generally recognized as safe” (GRAS).

“Most Americans would be shocked to learn that FDA allows novel chemicals onto the market without a safety review,” Tom Neltner, chemicals policy director at Environmental Defense Fund, said in a statement.

Article here:

I like the way you think and analyze.

I think I’ve been at least partially misinterpreted. I’m not entirely endorsing Cliston Brown’s analysis. I merely assert it is a worthy point of view to consider. I agree with him that Pence is probably worse than Trump and feel we shouldn’t let our negative feelings toward Trump cloud our judgement.

I would of course personally like to see Mr. T. impeached, but only after we’ve got sufficient evidence and at the right time. A rush to impeachment is I believe a bad idea. Timing is paramount.

So far, we see an enormous and growing amount of smoke emanating from Russia-Gate. I strongly suspect our investigations will discover there is actual “fire” causing that smoke centered in Trump’s actions and relationship with Russian oligarchs and Deutsche Bank AG. I’m betting we will uncover an overabundance of evidence rendering Mr. Trump quite impeachable and convictable. I’m also betting the R’s will do nothing about it.

My guess is impeachment WILL take place, BUT ONLY AFTER we’ve elected a new Dem majority Congress in 2018, the process to begin in 2019 and cumulate as you’ve suggested in January 2020. If it goes down like that at that time, it will more likely be beneficial to Dems, other Progressives, the nation and the world.

By that time, Trump and the radical R’s will have shot themselves so many times in the feet, they hopefully will never walk again. By that point, neither Pence, nor the R’s will be able to recover. But if impeachment is done too soon, it could theoretically backfire and we might have a scenario something like what Cliston Brown has warned.

Like you, I take hope in what I see astrologically, the Neptune return for the R’s, our Pluto and Uranus returns, the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction you mentioned, etc. Mr. Brown’s reasoning is excellent, but logic, no matter how perfect, is only as good as the assumptions on which it is based. Furthermore, we can safely assume he has no knowledge of astrology. It remains to be seen whether his political assessments and assumptions are correct, false, or a mix of both.

Your vision of possible metro-regional governments, new (perhaps consolidated) states and new forms of state-level governance is a noble one. I personally would also like to see the end of gerrymandering, proportional representation, bioregional states, our capital moved to a more centrally located area, a stronger relationship within the anglosphere, and much more. But it doesn’t hurt to take seriously the voices of the various Cassandras like Mr. Brown. We need to tread very carefully now.

So Mars today square Inaugural Mars: expect some kind of aggressive move, followed by nasty and angry pushback through tomorrow. In any event, some kind of self-inflicted crisis.

Maybe this?

And this:


When I saw the picture of the trumps with the Pope, I thought it was photo shopped. It just doesn’t look real to me.

I was wondering when Trump would start to screw up as the trip has gone fairly well until now – contrary to what some astrologers thought!

International notice of his wife’s refusal of his hand, not just once but twice. Same for publicly revealing that Israel was the source of secret intelligence he gave the Russians, and his ignorance that Israel is in the Middle East. A gaffe almost daily. Because of international coverage of this trip now more people around the world know about him.

August is looking more serious with each chart that I do. One I am not posting is the Sibly chart in DC. It has the GOP Mars on it’s MC and the GOP Saturn on it’s Desc. But here is another variation using that combination.


Trump’s Rude Shove Is Going Viral in the News


Here is one way that Boomerang pattern that Mulvaney’s natal Chiron (+ trans. Chiron) and U.S. Pluto and the transiting north and south nodes could play out . . . .

“In fact, Byron Callan, one of Washington’s most seasoned budgeters of defense spending, this week lowered his estimate of the likelihood of the president’s budget for next year would be adopted as presented from 10% to zero — in other words, there’s no chance at all.”


Obviously the Republican Congress isn’t going to formally remove Trump-or Pence, for that matter. But I’ve always felt that the power that does will come out of something unexpected that nobody will forsee or know.

I heard mitch mcconnel being interviewed on the health bill “we’re working with all 52 senators to come up with something that will work” and he ruled out working with any of the other 48 minority party senators.
That prompted me to do a spreadsheet this morning to see how many people are represented by relevant senators – R vs D:
Was surprised at the result and have not heard this mentioned anywhere in the media:
Based on est population data for 2016, Minority D+I senators represent around 43MILLION more people than do the controlling R rethugs
Do what you can to get the word out far and wide for general public understanding.

Speaking of The Pope…This is a Sad Story:
(If you are Catholic, you know how much this would mean to you)
“This Story Might Almost Make You Feel Bad for Sean Spicer”:

“Death Rattle Of The Trump Presidency Has Begun”

And THAT is why the Pope looks miserable. He knows he is surrounded by materialistic, arrogant, egotistic, self-serving, power mongers, who use people and have 0-to-no sense of honor or moral consience. It’s a classic example of Buber’s “I/it” relationship, rather than “I/thou”. Spicer is nothing more than a servant to Trump. While on his trip, 2 countries restricted intelligence sharing with the U.S., Trump was caught on tape shoving aside the PM of Montenegro, and he weakened NATO. The astrologers were right after all. What’s next?

Eliseo, I totally understand and I honestly didn’t think you were necessarily endorsing Brown’s analysis, but as you suggest, just putting it out there for consideration, which it is definitely worthy of being.

In any case, for the reasons I mentioned, I don’t think Republican rule is going to continue on indefinitely, or even for very long, whether Trump, Pence, or some other authoritarian Conservative is POTUS.

I do think the GOP itself has largely benefited from Capricorn Pluto’s empowerment of all things conservative (capital letter “C” and lowercase “c”), as well as because of its trine to the GOP’s natal Pluto in Taurus. The Republicans’ extreme obstinance when it comes to change in any form–except that which benefits them or their elite supporters in financial terms–is in large part suggested by the GOP’s Taurus Pluto placement. This is a natal aspect that most of us would be generally unfamiliar with since no one alive today has Pluto in Taurus, and won’t again until the very end of the 21st century. At the same time, some organizations and institutions do still carry this energy forward with them throughout their existence, just as the US itself embodies the energy of Pluto in Capricorn and has done so throughout its own history.

But just as the GOP thrives in power with Pluto in Capricorn trining their natal Pluto in Taurus, they will struggle greatly with issues of power, including holding onto it, once Pluto moves into Aquarius, squaring their natal Pluto. None of this says that they will be stopped from winning any elections, as certainly some Republicans will indeed continue to do so for as long as the party continues to exist. But the “tyranny of the minority” that they have established and sought to maintain through gerrymandering and other dubious practices aimed at controlling election outcomes in their favor, will be far more difficult to maintain, and very likely will be broken up by mass-democratic action which is far more in tune with Aquarius Pluto.

When it comes to Mitch McConnel thought you guys would enjoy this:


Thanks so much, Buckeyeshadow. What you’ve said makes sense. Have you checked out the Democratic Party chart?

Henri, the Southern states are always the poorest and worst performing….and they cut off their noses to spite their faces by conforming to party line positions on health and education, etc.

The Investigation of Jared Kushner Fits A Very Troubling Pattern

Washington Post
May 25, 2016

Jared Kushner has just been revealed as the senior White House adviser who is under investigation in the Russia probe




Friday June 9, 2017…….. a turning point in the investigation?

On this day tr. Jupiter will turn stationary direct at 13 ’13 Libra.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the sign of truth-seeking and learning, travel, philosophy and physical movement.

The Jupiter direct station will form a square to the US Sun (13 ’19 Cancer) semi-square to Jared Kushner’s natal Uranus (28 ’52 Scorpio) and semi-square to the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse (28 ’53 Leo).


First Confirmed Case Of Collusion Between Russians And Republicans

The Russians did more than hack our election to help Donald Trump. They hacked the election to help the Republican party, up and down the ballot.

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell were certainly well aware of Russia’s efforts at least to help Trump but were perfectly content to sit silently by and take advantage of those efforts.

Today, we have the first definitive example of the Russians colluding with a Republican operative in order to influence a specific election. And it was not the presidential election but a contested House seat in Florida.

According to a report the Wall Street Journal, a Republican political operative in Florida, Aaron Nevins, sent a message to Russian hacker Guccifer 2.0 requesting data on voter turnout and election strategy related to Florida elections hacked from the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Committee.

That request was honored and Nevins received 2.5 gigabytes of information from the Russian hacker that included details on not only congressional races in Florida but also in Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and Texas. Nevins then posted some of that data as well as his analysis of it on his pseudonymous blog.

Nevins described the data he received as “Basically if this was a war, this is the map to where all the troops are deployed…This is probably worth millions of dollars.” He apparently shared this information with some other Florida journalists.

According to Anthony Bustamante, a campaign consultant for at that time Republican House aspirant Brian Mast, “I did adjust some voting targets based on some data I saw from the leaks”, changing the focus of his advertising and email strategy. That claim has been refuted by Mast’s office. But the fact is that Mast flipped a Democratic-held seat in November.

In case you haven’t seen this:


Unbelievable: Trump Pushes Nato Leader at Summit. Watch: President Donald Trump Pushes Nato Leader at Summit:
(During a meeting with NATO Leaders in Brussels, Belgium, President Trump is seen pushing aside another NATO leader to get to the head of the pack.

“America F…
youtube.com17 hours ago)

Trump pushs europe leaders youtube –
Yahoo Video Search Results
youtube.com17 hours ago)
trump pushs europe leaders youtube – Yahoo Video Search Results

One last try:

Trump SHOVES aside NATO PM Dusko Markovic OUT OF HIS WAY 5/25/2017



Your analysis and opinions derived therefrom are not only lucid but make more sense to me than anything else I’ve read or considered.

Might you be a professional astrologer? In any case, you appear to have definitely done your homework, perhaps several decades worth. We are in your debt.
Thank You!

More on Trump is Europe…People are shocked!
Donald Trump offers shoves and strange handshakes on the world stage: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/may/25/donald-trump-shoves-strange-handshakes-world-stage#comment-99223441

RE: Bully-Man Trump shoving people about…

I’m not surprised. Do you recall the 1958 political novel by Eugene Burdick and William Lederer, “The Ugly American”? It was later made into a major film with Marlon Brando in the leading role.

Perhaps when Mr. T. is done with the presidency we’ll need an update, i.e. “The Ugliest American.”

Thank you Jerry re: Jared story and Jupiter’s station-direct information. Good work. June 9th is also the date of the Sagittarius Full Moon in which Jupiter (stationing direct and powerful), the ruler of Sagittarius, will participate in a Yod.

Full Moon Jupiter will sextile determined Full Moon Vesta at 13+ Leo and both will quincunx Full Moon Neptune at 14+ Pisces who will be preparing to station retrograde on June 16.

The Neptune station-retrograde precedes the Summer Solstice on June 21st, a very densely-packed chart in itself in which Jupiter will be the apex of a Yod with the sextile of Neptune and Venus ($$)-conjunct-Moon in Taurus ($$). The Solstice Moon will be one degree from a conjunction with the U.S. natal Vesta. That same Moon will trine the Solstice Pluto in Capricorn and square the Solstice Vesta in Leo

Recalling that the cycle between transiting Jupiter and transiting Neptune began as they both were conjunct the U.S. natal Moon-Pallas conjunction in Aquarius (along with transiting Chiron) . . .

. . . and that transiting conjunction (Jupiter to Neptune) happened in the degree where the transiting South Node will be on June 9th, this could be when the “troubling pattern” began.

May 27, 2009, is when transiting Jupiter and Neptune (along with Chiron) in Aquarius were sextile Mars at 26+ Aries. Transiting Uranus is now at 26+ Aries and is part of a grand fire trine it shares with the transiting North Node and transiting Saturn. The plot thickens!

alex, many thanks for sharing the wsj story. I will have to read it in its entirety but I believe this is the U.S. Moon component in the Jupiter-Neptune (+ Chiron) conjunction with the U.S. Moon (+ Pallas) I referred to in the previous comment to Jerry. The election hacking equates to the U.S. Moon (the U.S. People).

I do believe this grand fire trine (Saturn, NN, Uranus) is the most exciting thing that has happened since Bernie turned us on in 2016.

About that Summer Solstice chart for when the Sun reaches 0 degrees of Cancer; both Saturn and Jupiter will make multiple aspects including a minor aspect with each other called a quintile.

This aspect is part of a family of aspects that relate to the higher synthesis of elements (air, fire, earth, water) which then becomes the 5th element of ether. These aspects symbolize the use of the spiritual will which transcends physical limitations. So say Frances Sakoian and Louis Acker in their booklet entitled The Minor Aspects.

Because of this minor aspect between Jupiter and Saturn in the Summer Solstice chart it is fitting to refer to their cycle’s initiation chart of May 28, 2000.

In that chart the primary theme is symbolized by Uranus in Aquarius square the conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in Taurus. For the U.S. there is also a double emphasis on Neptune, with the Jupiter-conjunct-Saturn chart’s Neptune conjunct the U.S. South Node at 6+ Aquarius, and the U.S. natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo being trine the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction itself at 22+ Taurus.

When the June 21, 2017, solstice is set in Washington DC, retrograde Neptune will be rising. At 14+ Pisces it sextiles the same chart’s Venus at 15+ Taurus and together they complete a Yod with the same chart’s Jupiter at 13+ Libra.

All 3 planets in this Yod are aspecting the U.S. Sun and U.S. Saturn who are square each other. So does the solstice Juno at 13+ Cancer retrograde. Think of Neptune energy, Venus energy and Jupiter energy pummeling the U.S. Saturn which is already squared by the U.S. Sun. That’s pressure from a velvet glove you might say.

Neptune energy lends itself to the aspect that Jupiter and Saturn will make with each other in the Solstice chart, the one that “transcends physical limitations” and makes use of the spiritual will.

With the Solstice Yod that puts Jupiter in the position where it must adjust, I believe it means that the U.S. square between Saturn and Sun will also have to adjust in some way, since Jupiter will be conjunct U.S. Saturn.

In other words, it could mean that the U.S. Congress will be forced to break the present stalemate that has hampered any serious legislation for years. That would be the “shock” in the Uranus-square-Saturn-conjunct-Jupiter cycle, a cycle we are now in the closing quarter of.

As the year goes on the transiting nodes, North in Leo and South in Aquarius, will square the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction that took place at 22+ Taurus. This will begin to happen about 9 days after the 3rd and final opposition between Jupiter and Uranus which is on September 28th. That will be six days after the Fall Equinox.

Their opposition will be T-squared by the U.S. natal Pluto in Capricorn just as transiting Pluto stations direct.

This transiting opposition between Jupiter and Uranus will also of course aspect the U.S. natal Moon in Aquarius; a trine from Jupiter and a sextile from Uranus.

Thus, this Fall the U.S. Moon and Pluto will experience extreme astrological influences just following that pressure which the U.S Saturn and Sun will have been under symbolized in the Summer Solstice astrology.

The difference will be that trans. Jupiter and Saturn will no longer have the benefit of an aspect that transcends physical limitation or provides such great access to the spiritual will. Nor will it have transiting Neptune influencing transiting Jupiter (+ U.S. Saturn square Sun) so intensely.

What the Fall Equinox WILL have though is transiting Neptune in Pisces square the U.S. natal ascendant (in the Sibly chart) at 12+ Sagittarius while it opposes transiting Mars at 11+ Virgo. This will be a great challenge as to how the U.S. sees itself. Just who are we?

The Fall Equinox WILL ALSO have a separating sextile between trans. Jupiter and Saturn and that should be enough to stimulate action in Congress. My sense in all this is that, based on the Jupiter-Saturn 2000 chart, and the transiting aspects of Neptune this year, this Neptunian influence is softening our brains and our hearts in the U.S.

It could work to our detriment of course, but I get the feeling it will make us – as a whole – more pliable. Less influenced by party lines and more influenced by our humanity. It will also reveal how and where and by whom we have been duped.

could our dear 45 be in the throes of the dreaded Alzheimer’s disease? I admit that this video might not seem so, but the internet/twitter is buzzing saying he is.


LG…45’s father had Alzheimer’s

Henri – following up on your linked article about state finance and mcconnel, I extended my spreadsheet to include state gdp
– democratic senators have around 3.5 billion higher gdp than do repub senators

In Face of TrumpCare ‘Abomination,’ New Jersey Latest State to Join Single Payer Push

The same day as Wisniewski unveiled his legislation, a single-payer healthcare bill in California, which supporters hope can “send a message” and “be a catalyst for the nation,” advanced.

The state Senate Appropriations Committee voted Thursday to advance it to a vote in the full Senate by the end of next week.

The California Nurses Association praised the development, writing on its Facebook page: “Great news —> the healthcare revolution continues!”

Looking at the news from California as well as the New York’s State Assembly’s passage this month of a single-payer healthcare bill, one observer described them as “victories [that] constitute a positive sign that state-based campaigns for universal healthcare ramping up across the country.”

There are positive signs at the national level as well.

Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.). declared Wednesday: “I’ve never seen more energy behind this issue of Medicare for All.”


I wish that kmowledge was publicized in a big way, Kiwi, but it wouldn’t help as there are those who look at it as a competition and would try to prove why Red states were better or hurl insults at Liberals. What is most frustrating is that if anyone experiences cognitive dissonance, on the far Right OR Left, they just label the statement or report a conspiracy theory or “deep state” propaganda/fake news, and go back to reinforcing what they want they have decided is true. What a world! Many left wing thinkers feel that Putin is a great guy who wants peace. Maybe he does, but he also follows a “Russia first” policy so Russia’s agenda must come first through whatever means necessary. I find anything else difficult to believe.

Y’all have no doubt seen this updated look at J. Kushner’s chart now that an accurate birth time has been found?

Any astro view on HRC’s chart lately. She gave a commencement speech today at her alma mater.

Happy and safe Memorial Day weekend to all.

” Jane
24th May 2017 at 5:03 pm | Reply

Birthtime on Jared:

12:05 pm
Livingston, New Jersey

from birth certificate

(My break) ***************

27th May 2017 at 1:14 am | Reply

Your comment is awaiting moderation.


Can you tell how you accessed Kushner’s birth certificate?

Sources must be verified as anyone could post a time and claim it came from a birth certificate. You have made an outright claim. It is your responsibility to provide the proof of what you have claimed.



Source of chart: Internet.
Jared Kushner Jan. 10, 1981 New York, NY 12:00 pm (no time given).

Vesta now opposing Jared’s Mars in Aquarius which sits in his 10th house, and Saturn fast going Retrograde over his Neptune at 23 Sag. + which sits in his 8th house. Good. Vesta is one mighty powerful lady. AND she has much in common with Saturn.

Transiting Vesta and Saturn are Quintile (72 degrees) each other at this moment in time…or will be very soon.

Drip, drip, drip…the noose tightens with the news.

O, forgot to mention, Jared’s natal Pluto at 24 Libra in his 6th house squares his natal Mercury at 26 Capricorn in his 10th. Add to this Uranus transiting his 12th house opposing the natal Pluto in the 6th.

I’ll bet he has indigestion right now…

If, as Marjorie Orr states, Jared was born in Livingston, NJ not much changes in Jared’s chart.

The NY, NY chart doesn’t alter the information much at all. Only major difference is the Sun which falls in the 9th house kissing the MC. in the Livingston, NJ chart.

In the NY, NY chart, the Sun is in the 10th.

While searching for Jared K. Chart, came upon this Astrologer:
(Very Conservative Take…yet Interesting)

From 2/16/17:

Thursday and Friday brought us Jared under scrutiny and then Jared under investigation, as well as the embarrassing mess in Europe. This was tr Mars square Inaugural Mars and opp Inaugural Saturn. As of June 2 through the whole month, tr Saturn will hit both of the Inaugural planets (conjunct Saturn, square Mars and semisquare the Moon) and cause mayhem for the administration. Pass the popcorn. I will be discussing this further at a later time but wanted to give you a heads up.


Thank you. Pass the popcorn, please.

Buttered Nancy?

I realize that from our tiny little perches our perspective of Trump leaves much to be desired, but from a perch with a much wider perspective he can be seen as possibly having a key role in the tide of the affairs of men.

As I watched his recorded behavior recently with heads of other countries it left little doubt that Trump’s effect is of a Uranian nature. The Uranus-conjunct-Pluto in Virgo event in the 60’s took place square Trump’s Uranus (which is conjunct his Sun and North Node) and he would have been about 20 years old at the time.

At the same time the Uranus-Pluto conjunctions of the ’60’s were taking place, transiting Saturn and transiting Chiron were also starting their new cycle in Pisces which would have been square Trump’s natal Sun in Gemini. In that cycle’s chart (and the Pluto-Uranus cycle too) the transiting Nodes were conjunct Trump’s MC (the North node) and IC (the South Node).

At the time of the starting Jupiter-to-Chiron-to-Neptune cycles, all of which began in 2009-10 in late Aquarius (conjunct U.S. Moon), they were opposing (as in opposite to) Trump’s natal ascendant and natal Mars in Leo. He would have been 63 years old at that time.

The span of 40+ years between the starts of these two sets of long cycles allowed Trump to accrue much life experience and they represent just a few of the many cycles that describe how our planet and our species is evolving over time.

One more cycle, one that began before Trump was born, seems relevant to my theory and that’s the one between Neptune and Pluto that took place in 1891 and which happened in the same degree of Gemini as the U.S. natal Uranus.

For one thing, Pluto and Neptune at 8+ Gemini were sextile Chiron and Mars at 8+ Leo and Trump’s natal Mercury at 8+ Cancer, half-way between them, now makes a semi-sextile to each of the 2 sets of conjunctions at that time (1891). He acts as an intermediary.

This Pluto-Neptune cycle remains in effect and these same 2 planets are approaching a time (mid to late ’20’s) when they will again sextile each other like they did in the 60’s; a second coming to terms if you will.

There was a Saturn in Virgo opposition to Jupiter in Pisces at the time of that Pluto-Neptune conjunction in 1891 and Trump’s natal Uranus in Gemini is T-square it. (the 1966 Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo was actually conjunct the 1891 Pluto-Neptune cycle’s Saturn in Virgo!)

Saturn and Jupiter cycles are about the development of societies and their routines and Uranus is about disruption of routines. The Moon (symbol of the People) in Cancer at that time of the 1891 Neptune-Pluto conjunction was sextile Saturn in Virgo and trine Jupiter in Pisces.

Trump’s natal Jupiter in Libra squares that 1891 Moon in Cancer. A challenge (square) to the People (Moon) and again, this Neptune-Pluto cycle is ongoing to this day.

We could assume then that this Pluto-Neptune cycle (conjunct U.S. Uranus) started out with a split in the social framework (Saturn opposite Jupiter) within which the People (Moon) were in accord (Moon sextile one side and trine the other) and this has more-or-less continued until now.

Along comes Trump with his Jupiter in a challenging square to that 1891 Moon (People) and now we have the People taking sides in that ancient Jupiter-Saturn opposition.

Since 1891 the U.S. has made great strides but still some things have changed very little. Now we see the fabric of those social givens ripping apart; class, race, gender and faith givens.

We also see how Chiron has played a role in each of the 3 major cycles mentioned here:

the Uranus and Pluto one in the ’60’s had Chiron conjunct Saturn at the same time,

Neptune and Jupiter in 2009-10 were also conjunct Chiron at the same time,

Neptune and Pluto in 1891 were sextile Chiron conjunct Mars.

Chiron’s main theme is wounding and healing and his function is to bridge the cavernous lack of understanding between outer planets, symbolizing the nature of the collective, and inner (or social) planets, symbols that humanity can readily relate to. What I’m suggesting is that as appalling as Trump is, there is a reason for his Being.

I’ve given examples from ongoing cycles where Trump’s natal astrology fits like a glove and I’m certain that there are other ongoing cycles to which he exemplifies some challenge and/or solution that, painful though it may be for all of us, will provide a means to evolve.

Trump’s Sun being in Gemini is important in that its duality and its mutable (flexible) nature make it the perfect sign to work between differing factors. His natal Mercury (which stands between the 1891 Pluto-Neptune conjunction and the Chiron-Mars conjunction) rules the sign of Gemini and is famous for being a bit of a trickster.

We see him as he is – with all his warts in plain view – and wonder how or why this has happened. It has been helpful to me to realize and remember that things are not always as they appear to be. I hope someone else reading this will derive some solace as well.

The day Kushner was born Neptune moved 2 minutes of arc all day so a chart for noon will have it’s position within 1 minute of arc.

This year’s transit of Saturn to his natal and secondary progressed Neptunes matches to the day hard charts for the sexual predator in June and October.

His 2020 solar return will have Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto in a ball square his natal and progressed Plutos.


“Mike Pence is Toast”, huh? That would be great. The article calls him a Dominionist and Eric Prince has been trying to put him in control of the U.S. for many years.

“Donald J. Trump is like a figure in an apocalyptic comic strip, created for us by gods who decided we were too slow to get the point via more subtle means.”

Jessica Murray has just posted another article

What if…

Trump did not anticipate winning the election? Did not even want to win?

What if the Russians just wanted a hobbled Clinton presidency? Knowing all along Clinton would win?

What if…Kushner had all the right targets to hit from data gathered from Cambridge Analytica, that gave clean targets for the Russian Disinformation Complex to target and make direct effective hits to achieve that end of a discredited Clinton Presidency?

The worst thing, I think, that ever happened to Donald Trump was that he actually got elected. And he is actually more exposed because of it than if he had lost. The lesson is exposed, but this time, for the entire world to see.

Yes! This should totally expose The Mercer’s!
And explain it all to America!

Thanks kiwi, I’m on the same page as Jessica! Fe’s “what if’s” remind me how subtlety goes over the heads of the masses; how they (we as a whole) respond better with a kick up the side of the head.

The Saturn-Chiron cycle that started at the same time as the Uranus-Pluto cycle did back in 1966 not only squared Trump’s Sun, it opposed the U. S. Neptune, so this cycle flew in under the radar (due to all the Uranus-Pluto publicity), it was camouflaged by U.S. Neptune.

It was also accompanied by Mercury, the whiz-kid known for duplicity, and Pallas the goddess who planned war strategies for a living, and all 4 of them were in Pisces for chrissakes. Talk about camouflage!

Technically, there were 6 cycles that began back then between Saturn, Chiron, Mercury and Pallas, so lots of opportunities, at least in the 1st year while transiting Mercury was still in the game, to mess with Trump’s 20 year old self esteem. I do believe the gods and goddesses have been “creating” him ever since then. Must read Jessica’s take right now. Thanks again kiwi.

From a legal point of view, efforts to put the ongoing investigation into perspective……

EX-Cia Chief Michael Hayde RIPS Jared Kushner for “Ignorance and Hubris” in His Attempt At ESPIONAGE


‘This Is Now Espionage’: Malcom Nance Calls For Jared Kushner’s Security Clearance to be Pulled


Kiwi. thanks for the heads up on Jessica’s new one. Heading there now.


Clair Patterson
DOB 6/2/1922, Mitchellville Iowa

Mutable Grand Cross (world stage)

Vesta 27 Gemini
Eris 29 Pisces
Mars 21 Sagittarius
Pallas 28 Virgo

latest from Ed Tamplin

and another new article posted by Raye Robertson

Pat Thurston is discussing Jared…Amazing Facts!



8th graders from New Jersey refuse to be photographed with Paul Ryan

Tip of my hat to DU poster.

trump didn’t con Democrats. He conned his base and most Republicans.


I had seen that yesterday, Bob. God Bless Elizabeth Spier for her honesty. People are blind because they so much want someone who champions their cause and they refuse to see the truth about Trump, but as we can see in this chilling article, Pence would be the “messiah” for the evangelists who have been executing a highly methodical and organized effort to take back the U.S. for Christ for 30 or 40 years now! https://www.autostraddle.com/i-was-trained-for-the-culture-wars-in-home-school-awaiting-someone-like-mike-pence-as-a-messiah-367057/

I might add here that Eliseo is right as he has been saying this all along.

More on Mr. Kushner:


Here is a comment from NYT’s :
“It all seems so Trump family owned & operated it makes me very uncomfortable. JK has no background or qualifications or actual experience…plus he was not elected so his influence also disturbs me quite a lot. Real estate is a sleazy business and JK’s father is a shining example of that . Does just being Jewish qualify one to make policy decisions in the Mid East? Will the Real Housewives of NJ be making decisions next? When did our govt become a cheap reality TV show? I feel so embarrassed as an American and I know the world is watching us wondering what happened to the Americans? Is it the poisons in our food or water? Are we now actually insane?”

This whole chapter in US history is surreal and I believe it was due to the Russians influence, not so much of the deplorable vote.

As long as we have computers counting our votes we cannot be certain of their integrity and believe this is continuing and will continue.

No one appears to be addressing it.

The national conciousness is intact, but we are being scammed in real time. How do we stop this ? It is taking way too long, Hillary should be our president, she won, more people voted for her.
Hillary Clinton be given the office of POTUS by virtual of voter fraud.


I appreciate your kind words of support and gratitude. I don’t consider myself a professional astrologer, per se, although I have been in training to be one for more than 15 years, have done readings and have also seriously considered setting up a website or blog of my own (not to take anything at all away from the wonderful work Nancy does here!!). I haven’t had a lot of time to work on any of these things much for awhile, however. For now, I think it’s just best if I continue to contribute here when I can, and also wherever there seems to be a need.

Sharon K, I also agree that your link to the article about the Christian Evangelical “Quiverfulls” definitely fits into what Eliseo has been saying all along. I think they could very well represent the true “face” of the approaching Saturn-Pluto conjunction and the ultra-conservative “clampdown” on society, particularly if Trump is forced out, and one of their own in Pence becomes the new POTUS. This would all certainly explain, as has been suggested before, why so many Christians have been so willing to put up with Trump and look the other way on his amoral past. Essentially, they have made a deal with the devil to get what they want. Trump is their trojan horse to get Pence into the White House and enact their ultra-conservative agenda along with their ultra-right wing faction in Congress. Of course, the rich 1%ers obsessed with tax cuts leading the corporations will only be too happy to oblige, since the evangelicals want everyone so poor and destitute that they will have no other choice but to submit to their theocracy and live their lives according to it and their place within it, or perish.

For astrological reasons I have suggested previously, however, I still don’t think we are permanently heading for the world of the Handmaid’s Tale or some other ultra-right wing dystopia. If anything, the coming transits of Aquarius suggest a mass-liberation from oppressive systems and dogmas, rather than a forced mass-submission to them. Any efforts by the Evangelicals or any other group to make the latter happen will increasingly be met with heightened organized resistance from late 2020 onwards (Saturn-Jupiter conjunction at 0 Aquarius), which will escalate into a collective impulse for freedom, by open rebellion if necessary, once Pluto reaches 0 Aquarius in 2023-24.

In short, the Evangelical Quiverfulls are doomed to failure if they think they are going to control and dominate all of our lives through government imposition. They would almost be better off going for a more separatist “live and let live” route instead, based upon the energies that will soon be highlighted within our world.

The religious “believer” who thinks their way is the only way is the most dangerous of people, BuckeyeShadow, driven by religious zeal. Even IF Christ is the way, wouldn’t Christ’s path be a gentle and loving one, not one of force and punishment? Anyway, here is a very beautiful video that will make everyone’s day! Who says the British are reserved?


Sharon & BuckeyeShadow,

The link you posted, Sharon “I Was Trained for the Culture Wars in Home School, Awaiting Someone Like Mike Pence as a Messiah” is absolutely consistent with graduate history research I did back in the 1990’s on the religious right and on “Dominionism.” I recommend all read Kieryn Darkwater’s post.


The seriousness, dedication, determination and fanatical zeal of these people cannot be underestimated. I sincerely hope I am wrong, but if I read these folks correctly, (and I’ve interviewed quite a number) they will in the long run not be put down by anything but violent force, after of which the survivors will claim to be persecuted, martyrs, etc.

The statement attributed to Sinclair Lewis,” “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” was not written or spoken by Lewis, but the sentiment is IMHO essentially correct.

Using the principle of “working within the present system” I labored very hard on behalf of an ultra-progressive Christian church for over four decades, eventually serving as presiding bishop. If there is anything I have learned from my frustrating experience, it is that generally, Americans are NOT interested in a more intelligent, universalist Christian perspective. The further and bizarre irony is that the historical Jesus, a rabbi who would be appalled at his deification, advocated a communalist proto-socialist way of life. These “Christians” are anything but. They constitute a “fifth column” within our body politic and fit the classical definition of “Anti-Christ” in that they represent a theo/ideology extremely antithetical to the Jesus ethos, but in the name of JC.

BuckeyeShadow, I agree the “heightened organized resistance from late 2020 onwards (Saturn-Jupiter conjunction at 0 Aquarius), which will escalate into a collective impulse for freedom, by open rebellion if necessary, once Pluto reaches 0 Aquarius in 2023-24.” you wrote of is very much IMO an accurate interpretation.

My hope is that it is not against a recently constituted Christo-fascist US government, but instead Americans in concert with government power putting down the Christo-fascist insurgency. But I believe we should be prepared for all contingencies.

Dear Sharon,
(As a Catholic Girl, I mention this only in a loving way)

“Your comment on Christ being gentle”
There’s another vantage point some see.

If the Jewish Religion was the Way…
Wouldn’t the Jewish GOD be more loving to the Palestine People who were living there before the Jews took over all of Israel?
‘Map of Israel Before MUSLIMS Were Banned From Israel”

(I’m having great difficulty commenting)
Sharon, I predict there will be a Civil War long before Christianity Consumes America.

Regarding you comment on Christ.
Many wonder why if Israel was the way…
They are so resentful of The Palestinians who were there before the Jewish people.
Just search: “Disappearing Palestine”

Patty – What you have said doesn’t appear to be totally accurate to me. There are many relevant factors, some or all of which you may not be aware of, and certainly some that I’m not aware of. I’d be happy to discuss it offline by email. I have been attacked online before for saying anything at all in defense of Israel’s situation so I’m not going there again.

Sharon, It’s not so important to take off Starlight News. And honestly, am not that well informed.
My only connection is my dear Husband’s Grandson, Jack, Who recently married a Palestinian Girl (Both are Graduates of Harvard University)
Her Doctor Father and Mother now live in Jordan, and we only once met the family at the Wedding.
BTW, My Chart is very similar to Israel. MAY 1948:
So, I do relate to Israel! (I am trying to understand)

People have been wondering what Jared Kushner sound like when he speaks: Here’s Jared: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrduuwybf8w

Patty, I will tell you my thoughts, but only off the blog because, as I was said, in the past I have been attacked. Not everyone is as open-minded as you. The Israeli and Palestinian peoples are supposed to have the same charts at this time, by the way….and I have a very good friend who was born in Ramallah and we discussed the situation when we last met in January. Anyway…I prefer to leave it at my original comment — that the way of Jesus appears to be one of peace, love, and gentleness, without going off on a tangent about a controversial political situation.

Also, the link about Muslim’s being banned from Israel – I don’t know where that information comes from. Muslims live in Israel. At this time, they make up about 17.4% of the population.


Trump, Kushner And The Loyalty Trap

May 29, 2017


Flash Mob with …..


Roger Ailes Offered Rachel Maddow a Job to Keep Her Off Air!

“Mike Pence lost all plausible deniability about his alleged ignorance of all things Russian today, if the Washington Post is correct that Pence benefactor and mentor Erik Prince is the “representative of Trump” named in an anonymous letter received by the Post in December; and moreover that Prince was a member of the Trump transition team all along.”


I know I’ve written about the 1960’s Pluto-Uranus cycle’s beginning and how it coincided with the Saturn-Chiron cycle’s beginning, and how both those ongoing cycles started with the Nodes being conjunct Trump’s MC-IC axis.

Then I wrote about the Pluto-Neptune cycle that started back in 1891 that was conjunct the U.S. Uranus, and how their conjunction sextiled the simultaneous Chiron-Mars conjunction signaling their new cycle and how Trump’s Mercury was exactly half-way between both those two sets of conjunctions.

But I don’t think I’ve talked lately about the Uranus-Neptune cycle that began in 1993, and yeah, there was little Juno conjunct Trump’s Neptune, and in the 3rd of the 3 conjunctions Uranus and Neptune produced back then, Trump’s ascendant was conjunct their descendant and his descendant was conjunct their ascendant (along with their Moon) and very near the U.S. Moon. Looked to me like a match made in heaven.

But the reason I’m bringing it up right now is because in just a few hours the transiting Pluto will retrograde back to 18 degrees of Capricorn and that’s where Neptune and Uranus were when they joined forces in 1993.

At that time Jupiter was in Libra just like now, but he was at 26+ degrees then and opposite Ceres at 28+ Aries retrograde, which is where transiting Uranus will be when he stations retrograde in early August.

Just thought you might like to know what the planets of change (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) had on their agenda, especially since August is going to be such a special month this year.

Oh, and transiting Jupiter will reach 26+ Libra again (where he was at the time Neptune and Uranus made a conjunction), just a few days before he, Jupiter, opposes Uranus for the 3rd and final time this go’round.

That will be after the August eclipse and all. After transiting Saturn and Jupiter sexile each other and form a Yod to their original conjunction that started their cycle in 2000. Such choreography only the gods and goddesses could pull off so exquisitely.

Thank you Barbk! For more pieces of this complicated puzzle…it’s mind blowing. And nuggets of Astrology make if even more interesting!

Trump and Family are MESMERIZED with Russian Splendor/Connections and $$$$$

One of my favorite authors Jonathan Chait: http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2017/05/russians-think-trump-might-be-a-russian-asset.html
(I often comment there)

Angela Merkel…What a Gutsy Lady!
https://www.astrotheme.com/astrology/Angela_MerkelI'm proud President Obama was always very warm, respectful and kind toward Merkel.

The link you posted had a typo, Patty. It should be:


Trump’s venus/sat sits on her 24 Cancer sun, his jupiter is on her MC. His 10 degree Pluto in Leo is opposite her 15 Aquarius moon. His mean node is 20 Gemini and her ascendant is 16 Sag, so that might mean it conjuncts her south node? His chiron/jupiter conjunction squares her 14 Capricorn node. There are definitely challenging connections between them.

Of course, I compared the charts on the fly and with limited knowledge so I’m sure I made errors.

When the 1993 Uranus-Neptune cycle started they were at 18-19 degrees of Capricorn. In the August 21 total solar eclipse Pluto will be at 17+ Capricorn opposite Ceres at 17+ Cancer.

Ceres at the time of that 1993 Uranus-Neptune conjunction was at 28+ Aries retrograde and opposite Jupiter at 26+ Libra. They were T-squared by the U.S. natal Pluto (death and rebirth) at 27+ Capricorn.

In the August, 2017 eclipse chart Typhon (big wind) at 28+ Libra (just 2 degrees from where Jupiter [immense] was in the 1993 Neptune-Uranus conjunction chart) will exactly oppose Uranus at 28+ Aries (where Ceres was in 1993). The U.S. natal Pluto will T-square them (Typhon and Uranus) just as he T-squared the Ceres-Jupiter opposition in the Neptune-Uranus chart.

Retrograde Mercury at 8+ Virgo will square U.S. Uranus at 8+ Gemini at the time of the August solar eclipse, suggesting a possible communication service disruption.

This will trigger the U.S. Uranus (who is associated with another cycle, the Neptune-Pluto one), and because Mercury rules both Virgo and Gemini and Ceres is also associated with Virgo (earth, grains) there is the suggestion of earth (Virgo, Ceres) and wind/air (Gemini, Mercury) themes to this eclipse.

Because the North Node in Leo and Uranus in Aries will still be in a tight trine and because Saturn in Sagittarius will oppose the U.S. natal Mars in Gemini, the August solar eclipse carries an Earth, Wind, Fire signature.

As transiting Pluto will be stimulating the energies of the 1993 Neptune-Uranus cycle, with its opposition between Jupiter and Ceres, and its (Neptune-Uranus) sextile with Mars in Scorpio, it suggests to me that it might contribute to this eclipse effect a fire (natural or man-made) that would affect the crop production and subsequently food prices.

I include food prices because the Mars in Scorpio (in the Uranus-Neptune chart) opposed the U.S. natal Vesta (investment) in Taurus who was also trine the Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn.

So I make these comments not based just on the eclipse chart itself, but the fact that we are moving through time which is patterned by the numerous cycles that are activated by transits of present day planets. Most important is transiting Pluto in my judgment, and today’s Pluto activates the Neptune-Uranus cycle big time. But then, to a slightly lesser degree, so does Uranus.

As usual, Neptune prefers to stay out of the limelight, but transiting at 13+ Pisces retrograde at the August solar eclipse it will exactly trine the U.S. Sun at 13+ Cancer. This might (in the above suggested scenario) see the U.S. putting compassion to work as a healing method following a disaster. This would be the element of water and when we add in the August eclipse Venus conjunct the U.S. natal Mercury in Cancer it supplies the all important 4th element to the big picture.

Transiting Teharonhaiwako, a TNO I reference as “the good twin” will exactly conjunct Neptune in Pisces which, considering all the Mercury and Gemini (duality) influence in the August eclipse chart, makes me lean heavily towards the compassion side of the Neptune effect.

Finally, the August solar eclipse has Jupiter at 20+ Libra conjunct the U.S. natal Juno who opposes the U.S. Chiron at 20+ Aries. I would be remiss if this aspect were not noted. There is the further indication of the Neptune compassion theme in this Jupiter connection to the U.S. natal chart challenge of pain/healing (Chiron) health care and those who are considered less-than-equal (Juno).

All this will be effected by this August solar eclipse, and of course the activated cycle of Neptune-Uranus and others. Nothing is written in stone, but for now this is what I feel.

This isn’t about astrology but it is such a good article.
I thought some might find it worth the read too..

“considering how socially acceptable it has become to mock poor whites, especially those born and raised in the South. Instead of fighting for better education for the white underclass, we call them ignorant rednecks. Instead of fighting for them to have better health care, we laugh at their missing teeth. Instead of fighting for them to have better housing, we joke about tornados hitting trailer parks.”


For what it’s worth:

Asteroid WHITEHOUSE is now on the cusp of Trump’s 7th house (open enemies, for one, lawsuits for another) at 29 Aquarius 5.

AND the asteroid DAMOCLES-the impending danger of the ultimate sword knocking you out forever, hence high anxiety- is not far behind at 26 Aquarius 36.

You can’t make this stuff up…

Elizabeth that is one of the best articles I have read on the subject.

I don’t know if this has been touched on at any length here (perhaps I missed it), but I couldn’t help but notice upon reviewing the transits for early August…..

the third and last Jupiter-Pluto square takes place on August 4th just at the at the same moment that Donald Trump will be experiencing his Jupiter return (within a 4 minute orb). How uncanny is that?

Here’s what Jude Cowell has to say about that aspect:

The August 2017 Jupiter Return of Donald Trump

Two Horoscopes: Donald J. Trump natal (inner) with his Jupiter Return (August 4, 2017–number 3 of 3) around the outside. As you see (marked in red), his Jupiter Return chart shows major transits affecting Mr. Trump’s natal Sun, Moon, and Jupiter–and as he goes, so goes America.

Transit Saturn Rx @21Sag32 in his 4th house precisely (again) conjoins natal Moon while opposing natal Sun. We’ve discussed this cosmic condition in previous posts with its depressive tendencies, family, relationship, and/or health issues, and ego deflation. This August 2017 Jupiter Return chart suggests a decrease of popularity and lack of cooperation from others who may feel suspicious of his motives (Venus in Cancer rising opposite Moon in Capricorn which conjoins transit Juno and Hygeia Rx).

(I don’t blame them–is he being a stupid know-nothing on purpose?! He is a performance artist! See Neptune-MC = Sun and Moon, lower right, where his discontent with the difficulty of the job is shown along with a tendency to become lost in his own world–and transit Neptune now conjoins, veils and provides cover for US Progressed Sun @14Pisces!)

But the Clincher for Mr. Trump’s Very Expansive Jupiter Is That…

From natal 5th house of Risk-Taking to natal 2nd house of Money and Values: transit Pluto @17Cap31 (18Cap = the NWO-Uranus-Neptune degree of POLITICAL POWER and smug or strong-armed paternalism – Jones) squares natal Jupiter very closely (0A04) denoting a period when old habits of taking himself too seriously and exaggerating his own importance can be crushed by others who have more power, influence, and, of course, wealth. In a Jupiter Return chart, this transit by heavy weight Pluto–the only aspect to or by his Jupiter in the return chart–indicates a time when revision of what had appeared to be permanent becomes necessary (ex: his luxurious former life of ease, comfort, and gilt). Something must be eliminated from his life in order for genuine growth to occur.

Of course, this assumes that our political belly-button-gazer wants such growth and change since he may be feeling squeezed or suffocated by his new duties. But until and unless Mr. Trump comes to terms with what’s now required of him, he’ll be blocked by powerful, manipulative forces (Pluto) and hoped-for outcomes will be mixed at best.



oxthecat that’s how I felt too. I am glad you liked it.

If a party is lucky they get about 18 months to build a record to campaign on for the midterm elections. After that Senators running for election and all members of the House of Representatives doing the same focus on their campaigns. With the record they seem to be building members of this congress may shift to campaign mode before 6 months prior to the midterm election.

A party in power usually make their greatest achievements in their first year. This bunch has already squandered more than one third of that year.

“Is there a Democratic wave building for 2018?”

Updated 5:07 PM ET, Tue May 9, 2017


“With the notable exception of 2002, the first midterm election of a president’s term is very bad news for his party. Democrats lost 63 seats in the 2010 election. They lost 54 House seats in Bill Clinton’s first midterm in 1994. Republicans lost 26 House seats in the first midterm election of Ronald Reagan’s presidency in 1982. (In 2002, Republicans actually gained 8 House seats as President George W. Bush’s approval rating soared in the wake of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and as the country looked toward war in Iraq.) The average loss for a president’s party in midterm elections since 1862 is more than 30 seats, according to PolitFact. Democrats need only 24 House seats to retake the majority.”

“As Gallup’s Jeffrey Jones concludes:

“Since 1946, when presidents are above 50% approval, their party loses an average of 14 seats in the US House in the midterm elections, compared with an average loss of 36 seats when presidents are below that mark.”

DeVos Watch


The news of Comey’s permission to testify comes just after the transiting Sun was conjunct the U.S. natal Uranus in Gemini. The transiting Mars in Gemini is sextile the transiting Leo North Node which forms a Yod to the U.S. Pluto in Capricorn – the apex of the yod and the point where adjustment must take place. The U.S. Pluto must make adjustment? Unheard of!

If he does in fact testify on Thursday, June 8th, it will be as transiting Jupiter is in the process of stationing direct (exact on Friday the 9th around 10 AM EDT). Transiting Mars will be conjunct the U.S. natal Venus in Cancer and sextile transiting Venus in Taurus who will be conjunct the Chiron degree (where Chiron was discovered and where Chiron was when Uranus was discovered!)

That astrology would be in effect on Thursday the 8th as well as Friday the 9th. This news screams “values” and “courage” and “healing”, not to mention “Wisdom” and “understanding” from Jupiter’s station.

It would also include “breakthroughs in communication” by the trans. Sun conjunct the U.S. Uranus (in Gemini) yesterday and transiting Mars sextile transiting Uranus last night. The exact trine between transiting Uranus and the transiting North Node will take place the morning of June 6th. I defer to – and await to hear from Nancy on this breaking news.

Interestingly, I am starting to see ‘evil’ Hillary and DNC conspiracy posts, new and old topics mixed in, popping up on facebook once again. The timing is sure interesting – keeping/getting the trump supporters distracted and riled up?

Yes, kiwi, and people from both the left & right are still automatically buying into news that may be fake without questioning if it is. Right now there are people from both sides pushing the story that people who wanted Hillary to win (e.g., the DNC) were behind Seth Rich’s murder.

Elizabeth, I second oxthecat’s comments regarding the article you posted — http://www.stirjournal.com/2016/04/01/i-know-why-poor-whites-chant-trump-trump-trump/ It’s non-astrological, but totally relevant and a must-read.

It perfectly illustrates what I’ve long seen is true, that if poor people–white, black, brown, and every color, every ethnicity can find common ground and work together as MLK tried to make happen before he was cut down, Trump and his ilk–the rich 1%ers who converge and thrive on Wall Street–are finished and will be brought down.

The one thing the very rich have going for them now, as they have since before the founding of the US? Poor white people, who continue to support them based upon marginal skin color privileges, not realizing they are merely pawns to be pitted against minorities and other people who aren’t their real enemies by any means. Maybe Trump will finally “help” some of them to see exactly what is wrong with this toxic arrangement, and that the benefits they do receive because of skin color of birth are merely token pacifiers.

Hi Barbk,

Also in play (hitting the August 21st solar eclipse degree by square and semi-square)

Jun 5, 2017 6:00 PM Mercury 28 Taurus 14 sesquiquadrate Jupiter 13 Libra 14

Thank you Sharon for the correction.

Look at what they are doing to our Rachel Maddow:

I’ve so often mentioned to Robert Reich, who lives near San Francisco, how much we need a Liberal Talk Radio Station. And said, Prof Reich, Please, I know you have contacts that would help start such a Program…
But never got a response from him. (Koch are probably paying him as well)

Republican Propaganda is so well funded. If only we had a small station it would be shockingly successful! So many people are receiving disinformation and don’t realize the truth.

This new Conservative Tactic is very aggressive!
They already have the White House…
This time…I think they want it ALL!

Jane Mayer explains their tactic here:
“The Koch Brothers’ “Dark Money” | Jane Mayer”

Asteroid WASHINGTONIA is exactly square to asteroid WHITEHOUSE.

WASHINGTONIA at 28 Scorpio 21. This falls in Trump’s 4th house.

Jerry, that is awesome; thank you for sharing. This promises to be a lively and informative week/month coming up.

I just posted a comment on PlanetWaves about a tie-in between June’s Full Moon and the 1891 Pluto-Neptune cycle that made me wonder if there isn’t a connection between where transiting Saturn was in December, 2016, and this Full Moon in Sagittarius and the late August 2017 astrology.

It was the degree of next week’s full moon, 18+ Sagittarius that led me to those dates. Transiting Saturn was at 18+ Sagittarius in late December, near but not quite perfectly sextile Jupiter at the time. Their exact sextile comes in late August, after the eclipse and as Saturn stations direct.

Jupiter would have just been conjunct the U.S. Juno and opposite the U.S. Chiron last December too. Hang on everybody it’s looks like a very bumpy ride this summer.

Click on tune.in link, then scroll down to find show to listen to on computer or phone. If you cannot get any to play Google the name to bring up their site. It may have a link for a podcast.

Here is info for northern Illinois and Indiana. Large metro areas elsewhere may have a similar site.

Listen Live | WCPT 820 AM – Chicago’s Progressive Talk


On May 3, 2005, the station’s call letters changed to WAIT when AM 850 WAIT launched progressive talk with the new call letters WCPT.[13]

WCPT (820 AM) is a Progressive Talk radio station licensed to Willow Springs, Illinois, and serving the Chicago area. WCPT is owned by Newsweb Corporation. Newsweb’s owner, Fred Eychaner, is a significant donor to Democratic Party causes.[1] Studios are located in Chicago’s Northwest Side.

Coverage map

Lots to check out on Thom’s site. Watch or listen live.


The astrology of Trump Merkel relations

There’s a definite pattern unfolding in the White House. I suspect the approaching Saturn direct station right on Trump’s natal Moon as we inch closer to that late August time period will impose unbearable stress and aggravate a sense of isolation for Donald Trump………….

Donald Trump Is Stressed Out, Isolated And Gaining Weight, Says New Report

‘I see him emotionally withdrawing. He doesn’t have anybody whom he trusts’, source says

May 31, 2017


Will Anyone in Washington Still Work for Donald Trump?

With staffers facing the prospect of subpoenas and legal bills, the White House is struggling to attract much-needed talent.

Vanity Fair
May 31, 2017


WATCH: Dutch documentary investigates Trump’s alleged past links to the Russian mob

“The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump” examines president’s prior financial ties in Russia, eyeing organized crime VIDEO: 1 Hour 22 Min………..



I am glad you liked it too. The wealthy in the country have been playing this game of divide and concur for a long time. When you are hurting and looking for a reason, something or someone to blame and someone points you in the direction of your neighbor it’s an easy thing to latch onto. And Sadly and apparently cling to for generations.

Trump is the embodiment of all that is the lowest of consciousness. He is all 7 deadly sins.. gluttony, lust/fornication, greed, pride, jealousy, lazy and anger all rolled into one man. He reflects back to us every day the parts of ourselves and our culture that we detest.

I feel like we are at the precipice of the “shift”..a “dawning” as Barbk said in her response to my question in the previous thread. And I think that although as WildIrish had stated to me as well that, we “are at all different stages of consciousness” .. but I think a lot of consciousness is rising. The veil is being lifted. We are peeking behind the curtain and the illusion is being shattered.

I will tell you that I am incredibly hopeful when I see Bernie Sanders getting applause in West Virginia from Trump voters when he talks about universal healthcare.

It’s not going to end with a whimper but with a bang. We have had many opportunities to choose love for ourselves, for each other and for the world and we had consistently and collectively said no. The universe said, OK.. you want to see what you have created, I give you Donald Trump. What’s the old saying, God gives you a push and if you don’t listen, he gives a shove.

We humans don’t usually take the easy road, we take the long 40 years wondering through the desert. But, I have to believe in the end that humanity will choose Love. WE may be battered and bruised from the trip but I see over the horizon and it’s bright.

Sessions Sun/Pluto and Mars/Saturn midpoints squared by Sun, Saturn, and Pluto transit on January 13, 2020.



Elizabeth, thank you, Buckeye Shadow and BarbK. We need to keep looking over the horizon and focusing on the bright Light.

Thanks Jerry, I’m glad you noted the stationing Saturn (in August) will conjunct Trump’s Moon (which opposes his Sun) as I had missed that. One of the things I marveled at was how, when astrology was just for royalty and the wealthy, there were just a few people who studied astrology.

Now that computers and the Internet have opened this art up to the world (and even before, back in the 60’s it was growing) the “commoners” can learn from it, and those that do are happy to share their knowledge with others. That way we all benefit from each other’s perspective and that kind of makes us all “one”.

Elizabeth I also share your perspective, that the Universe is “using” Trump to get to the lowest common denominator of the human race, presumably to illuminate as many of us as possible. No more standing on the sidelines, leaving it to the others to make decisions that affect us all.

At least in the U.S. we are not marching across the desert to a new land, not yet anyway, and if we can learn to love one another or at least not fear others, that would be huge (yuge as Bernie would say). It is a matter of awakening to the fact that we all have responsibility to the whole; that we really are all one.

Very nicely put, Elizabeth, and, Bob, you are funny. That covfefe meme is really funny…so glad the internet picked up on it.

I think trump will sweat bullets but at the end of the day, without corroborating testimony, he will be happy.

Come Monday morning, June 12, he will be sailing along, unaware of what danger lurks just around the corner.


Perhaps not unaware, just happy that he has been able to fend off the piper. That success is going to begin fading away just a few days later but he will remain in denial until near the very end. The alternative is confefe.

I meant covfefe. I am innocent!


“but he will remain in denial until near the very end.”

He’s already under the incredible strain of his own denial. Wandering around the WH in the middle of the night, tweeting and eating obsessively. Wait any longer and the guy could burst like Mr. Creosote in Monty Python’s “the Meaning of Life”.


Bernie Calls Trump Budget “Most Horrific” in Modern US History, Condemns US Turn Toward Oligarchy.

By TomP
Thursday Jun 01, 2017 · 8:02 AM PDT

Bernie was in Berlin, Germany yesterday. He talked about the turn toward oligarchy in our nation.

In Germany (Bernie’s speech)


Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell praise Trump’s move against Paris climate deal

Last week 22 Republican Senators wrote Trump telling him to pull out of Paris climate deal

~ per Washington Examiner

To kill net neutrality rules, FCC says broadband isn’t “telecommunications”

~ per Ars Technica

Comment from NYT”s sums up how I feel:

“To my mind this decision marks a profound shift in how America is viewed in the world. It is dramatically weakened. To regain trust at any level will be incredibly difficult because this move, along with others, defies evidence, defies any persuasion by allies and by level headed thinkers. And this is not simply about Trump. This is about the GOP and the system of governance.”

Bob, Covfefe….Reminds me of: ‘COVEN PARTY’
The Mercer’s Love to Party!

Has there been a focus on Kellyanne Conway?
I’d love to view her Chart!
Because Kellyanne is certainly moving up-on-up-in-the world, she recently bought an 8-Million-Mansion!
Here’s her mansion:


The Mercer’s Love To Party!
They drive their Cabin Cruiser into NYC!
“The Billionnaire Who Saved Donald Trump”
All of Trump’s friends love to party!


The SELFISH Republican’s who urged Trump to pull out of Paris deal are…..Big Oil Darlings:


Wish the Guardian Comment Section was on.
So want to apologize/compliment Europe For being far more evolved than we are.

Alex, I was just about to post it.

Has anyone looked at Bernie’s chart over the next four years?

patty, I wrote about this yesterday (comment 4:35 PM) and, like you, I always hope that astrology will clarify the picture of winners and losers, as Trump might say. There are indications in next Thursday’s astrology such as at 10 AM the transiting Sun will still be conjunct Trump’s natal Uranus in Gemini activating his shock circuitry.

It’s true, Trump’s Uranus trines his natal Jupiter in Libra but that Jupiter is being squared by transiting Pluto in Capricorn. It all serves to remind me that the details are so plentiful one must pull back and view the scene from a distance so as to see the Big Picture; the Main Thrust of this soup of details.

Thursday, June 8th is the day before the Full Moon in Sagittarius, so to get our bearings we must look to the previous New Moon of May 25. That chart shows a Bucket pattern where one planet stands alone against rest of the planets, and in this case that is Jupiter at 13+ Libra which exactly squares the U.S. Sun while simultaneously conjunct the U.S. Saturn. Nasty little Nessus at 7+ Pisces is bi-quintile Jupiter in Libra.

Bi-quintiles operate through the use of the will and in this case (being an approaching bi-quintile) it seeks to transform existing conditions. Recall the story about Nessus who faked out Heracles’ wife by suggesting to her that her husband could become unfaithful at some point and so he provided her a means to prevent that. The proverbial snake oil salesman.

By suggesting that something ominous could happen we become defensive and fearful and prepare for the worst. This might be the effect that trans. Nessus is having on transiting Jupiter during this lunation. We are preparing for the worst.

Transiting Neptune in the May 25 NM chart is, however, trine the U.S. Sun and quincunx the U.S. Saturn (+ transiting Jupiter). Neptune inspires through trust and faith but doesn’t provide much in the way of tangible proof. Do we go with the suspicion of mistrust or do we go with faith and trust during this 4 week period of which the Full Moon on the 9th is the midway point. Hmm. My take is that we reserve judgment until after this cycle is over; don’t overreact (Jupiter) and try to keep the faith.

Transiting Uranus, Pluto AND Neptune are still in charge of our lives and until we can get through their alchemy – their program of change, we can only grasp at the multitude of details and hope for something positive. It won’t last forever, but it will be a while before they are through with their transformation of humanity.

On the 8th at 10 AM the Moon in Sagittarius will be square transiting Nessus in Pisces and will be approaching an opposition to the U.S. Uranus. Therefore a breakthrough of some kind could rightly be expected.

There is also something rather obscure in this June 8, 10 AM chart that gives me joy but probably won’t have an obvious payoff.

When the 3 outer planets, Pluto, Uranus, Neptune entered their present signs they all shared a degree in common. That would be 11+ Aquarius and that is the degree of the descendent of the chart for 10 AM on June 8th, in Washington DC.

That degree which is a central point of the alchemy soup symbolized by the presently transiting Pluto, Uranus and Neptune who supplied the combined symbolic energy of Mercury, Venus, the North Node + Nessus all rolled into one degree. If Comey does testify at that time on that day in that place “the other” (descendant) will be a major contribution to the progress of U.S. and worldly humanity.

That descendent degree symbolizes the combined efforts of the 3 outer “change” planets symbolism; the soup of details we are swimming in called alchemy. If it does happen I believe it will change our lives.

Another comment I wish to share:

“This was the most disheartening speech I’ve ever heard in my life. After listening to Trump spew out lie after lie about global warming, I had to turn him off. I just couldn’t take it. This alternate reality that Trump has constructed is so egregious, so disconnected from reality, that only a madman could create it. Trump’s justifications for dropping out of Paris go far beyond bad judgement. They are lunacy.”

The short-sighted approach that many Republicans and Tea Partiers take…many are not just short-sighted but willfully blind.

And the lemmings follow them into the sea…


Wouldn’t you know it?

Comey has his natal VESTA at 11+ degrees of Aquarius.

Synchronicity? You can’t make this stuff up…

I have to look at the chart for June 8th, Washington, DC to see if there are any other contacts.

From Obama:

“But even in the absence of American leadership; even as this Administration joins a small handful of nations that reject the future; I’m confident that our states, cities, and businesses will step up and do even more to lead the way, and help protect for future generations the one planet we’ve got.”

Lamis Beasley Faris, you made my day!!!!

Vesta, IMO, is the star (of U.S. history) for 2016-17 and beyond, due to her “return” (transiting Vesta conjuncts natal U.S. Vesta) that took place on April 23, 2016, at 4:58 AM (chart set in DC)

I’ve written about that chart ad nauseam, but just a reminder to anyone interested, she was conjunct Mercury who had just completed a rare occultation of the Sun (he was seen as a black speck on the face of the Sun). This sent a signal that communication regarding U.S. Vesta, symbol of dedication to a principle, would be heard around the world (occultation of Sun).

She opposed the Moon (the masses) and trined Pluto (transformation), was sextile the South Node-conjunct-Chiron and formed a grand trine with the North Node, along with Pluto.

At the time of her (U.S.) return Mars was opposite the U.S. Uranus, the Sun (and QB1) was conjunct the Chiron degree, and Jupiter was opposite Neptune and they were T-square Saturn. All in all a very busy cycle which you would expect I suppose for the symbol of the workaholic.

The next U.S. Vesta cycle will start in February, 2020.

ja, thanks for those words from Obama. If Comey does testify on June 8th as scheduled, transiting Mercury will be conjunct Obama’s natal Moon. His influence hasn’t left us by any stretch of the imagination.

Considering the almost universal disdain of Mr. T’s decision to leave the Paris Accords and the profound consequences therefrom, I’m reminded today of your former statements re: the future of our government…

“metro-regional governments, and perhaps even new states or forms of state-level governance (e.g. parliamentary, multi-member representative districts?)”

I think something like you’ve predicted will be the ultimate result of Mr. T’s presidency. Although I would be against a move to a complete parliamentary system, borrowing some features of parliamentary systems into our constitution is looking more and more like a necessity.

Our Founders wisely for that time crafted a system that moves slowly, but that doesn’t work so swell in our digital, fast moving “post-modern” world. We need the ability to rid ourselves quickly of a bad president or bad congress, and declare a new and special election perhaps six weeks later. Constitutional amendments enabling us to act thusly would be logical relative to our Pluto return.

Also, the pattern is of a poor president or series of poor presidents followed by a great president. Lincoln followed Buchanan. FDR followed Hoover and a series of poor R. presidents. It will be interesting to see who follows Mr. T as a course correction for the USA.

Take a look at former FBI director Comey’s natal Saturn…. 17 ’36 CAPRICORN. The August 4th Pluto-Jupiter square (17 ’31 Capr.-Libra) has tr. Pluto conjunct Comey’s natal Saturn in square to tr. Jupiter and Trump’s natal Jupiter (Trump’s Jupiter return). Looks like the screws will be tightening on Donald Trump in earnest come early August.

And here’s where the smoking gun could lie……

Could the Russia Investigation Reveal Trump’s Tax Returns?

If special prosecutor Robert Mueller suspects they contain evidence of a crime, the most sought-after documents in Washington might just be unearthed.

May 31, 2017

resident Donald Trump has already described the multiple investigations into possible collusion between Russia and his presidential campaign as a “witch hunt”—the word he has used in several angry tweetstorms since entering the White House. But he might be even more disturbed when he realizes that the latest of those investigations—by the newly named special prosecutor, former FBI Director Robert Mueller—could amount to a double-punch to the president and resolve one of the greatest mysteries of the 2016 campaign:

What, exactly, is in Trump’s tax returns?



Trump is very, very frightened right now trying to shore up his “base” by acting on promises he made during the election season. The pulling away from the Paris accord is one instance, and the asking of the Supreme Court to restore his travel ban. He is like a nervous “picked on” high school kid trying to get the “pack” on his side before the ax falls. He refuses to “fail” in the eyes of the base, so when the ax falls, AND IT WILL, he will have people behind him fighting for him.

Pretty soon Trump will have another rally for all the cameras to focus on the large crowds supporting him. He does this every time he feels very insecure.

I wonder what it will take for the Republicans in the House to cave?

Thank you Bob for the terrific Chicago Progressive Radio Link. And Barbk, Such a wealth of knowledge, I’m amazed!

Eric Francis has a great Overview on Chiron.
Which reminds me of Comey, Our Centaur!
‘Chiron is an astrological force for healing, transformation, service, spiritual growth and the lifelong process of becoming aware that some call Enlightenment’.


Perhaps we could each light a small Candle representing Wisdom/Strength/Support for Comey during his Interview.
What Color Candle would be appropriate?

cant remember who said it – it went like this ….
” the rest of the world leaders are playing chess while trump is playing checkers”
How apt.

I think it would take a literal sink hole for House Repubs to cave.

They wanted a “can opener” president. They got it. The worms are out. I am so disgusted. I can’t stomach the news for long – and quickly turn to starlight news for glimmers of hope.

A friend of mine who moved to Scotland wrote me today that the US governors, mayors and business who are sticking with the Paris Agreement make her proud of her American roots. That’s the patriotism Nancy was talking about.


Given his age and obesity and adding a prolonged period of stress (probably increasing in strength) I wonder if the Sun – Saturn in the sexual predator’s solar return may figure prominently regarding his physical health. If it does, I hope that it does not sideline him to be replaced by Pence nor affect his psyche to the point of a decision regarding an insane decision regarding military action by this country.

And 50 years later from the Fab Four Mop heads

“Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends”

Best video but the sound is too low. Use headphones or download to use your own volume.


Me memory fails: Mop Tops

Checkers is too complicated. He plays tic-tac-toe.

Keith Ellison was completely cringe worthy on Morning Joe. It was hard to watch. I don’t know what the DNC is doing or what their plan is, but I am getting really worried. Has anyone done a chart on the DNC? What is the future of the party? Are we going to get a third party coming out of all this?


Get Well

California Senate passes single-payer health care plan


Here’s the Trump rally I predicted (back up a few posts), when Trump doesn’t know what else to do…


Former National Security Adviser, Susan E. Rice:

“We can all contribute to showing other nations that we hold dear America’s place at the forefront of moral and political leadership in the world. And we must remain steadfast until, once again, we have a president willing to lead in accordance with American interests, traditions and values.”

NYT’s OP-ED contributor

“Can Trump Silence Comey by Claiming Executive Privilege?’
‘White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway appeared on Good Morning America Friday morning and in an interview most notable for her refusal to confirm that President Trump believes in global warming, she dropped a potential bombshell: President Trump might stop James Comey from testifying to Congress next week’.


Conway won’t rule out Trump trying to block Comey’s testimony


(Conservative’s are absolutely in Heaven…
With THEIR MAN in our White House!)

I did my sledgehammer astrology approach for the Kathy H and Jon O debate on June 6th. Looks like KH will be very aggressive and it looks like she will try and wound him. The Kathy Griffin ad that just came out is unbelievable. (Paul Ryan pac) Part of the wounding, I would imagine.

Birthdates KH 18 April 1962 Washington DC
JO 16 Feb 1987 Atlanta Georgia.

Sun square Chiron? for JO and lots of aggressive energy for KH.

Wonder what he can do to counter. One point difference right now in the latest polls, JO is ahead by one.

I agree Elizabeth, Ellison is underwhelming on the public speaking circuit. Was I one of the few that had doubts from the get-go?

Well said, Eliseo. Considering that we elect presidents in November and that they used to not take office until early March–imagine that arrangement today–it’s obvious that the Founders didn’t anticipate everything the U.S. would face and need to adjust to as a country, nor could they have. The 18th century was a vastly different, and in many ways a bigger and slower-moving world than the 21st century one that we now live in.

In many ways, I think we have outgrown our current government structures, and how we elect our representation in particular. On the bright side, as you suggest, the one thing the founders did allow for is the amendment and convention process so that future generations could make changes to our government without a wholesale throwing out of the Constitution.

Like you said, I don’t see us installing a Parliament anytime soon. But what would go a long way towards helping us to address our current problems are “parliamentaryesque” ideas. I see two of these that could help: multi-representative districts, and splitting-up the Head of State and Head of Government roles that are both currently combined within the Presidency. The first one honestly isn’t all that difficult to set up, and it could end Gerrymandering forever. Basically, multiple Congressional seats could be allocated regionally within a single district, according to Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) or Combined Statistical Areas (CSAs). They are then assigned to candidates/party based upon percentage of votes received or ranking. The actual mechanics could be played with and adjusted, even over time, but the bottom line is that we would no longer have devisive first past the 51% mark, winner-take-all elections and a system that strongly favors the insufferable two-party status quo of Republicans vs. Democrats. The Greens, Libertarians, and other third parties in our current system could actually compete and win seats within this type of reformed system. Not only this, but it would also create stronger incentives for some of the current factions with the two “big tent” parties to actually break away and form their own parties. So you could essentially have Bernie and the Democratic Socialists splitting off from the Dems and forming their own party, for example. A similar instance in the Republican Party might see more moderate Republicans (e.g. anti-Trump) splitting and forming their own party.

As for the Presidency, it really needs to be mostly a symbolic, ceremonial, Head of State elected position at this point, much like the President of France, but more watered down and nerfed, much like Britian’s monarchy, only elected with term-limits. Basically a world ambassador without access to nuclear codes or budgetary input. It should stand above all of the three branches, but without actually power over any of them. Also, we, the people would still be above the entire hierarchy–as DJT clearly has forgotten or more likely never knew to begin with.

The Head of Government role would be more like a combination of the current Vice President and Speaker of the House roles in a new Executive position. Chancellor of Congress perhaps? This would be the US equivalent of a Prime Minister, like Canada’s or Britain’s. Perhaps even, the Chancellor would be just one member–the formal lead–of a executive council made up of other elected executive officials–state governors, metropolitan mayors, etc.

Just a few ideas for starters.

One of the problems with the Westminster Parliamentary concept is that often the baby tends to be thrown out with the bathwater ‘flavour of the day’ and can be just as dysfunctional as the American system is now, with the party of majority power arrogantly thumbing their noses at their opposition.
Ideal government really comes down to, not the system of choice, but how ethical/honest those within the system are operating – whether they are there to first and foremost feather their own nests, or to be a voice for the majority of their citizens.
A combination of apathy and lack of depth of understanding by too many citizens in all systems are one of the prime reasons we have the governments we currently have – globally. We have governments elected by drama and soundbites rather than substance.
There are Honest, wise, public representative voices, versus the lure of corporate monied and often corrupt vulture like interests, and sadly, everywhere one looks, the vultures are winning.

Trump Administration Considering Executive Privilege To Block James Comey Testimony

Washington Examiner
June 2, 2017


If Trump succeeds in blocking Comey’s testimony, it will most likely be contested in court. Expect explosive developments around the early August period (the Aug 4th Pluto-Jupiter square). The astrological aspects in the Comey-Trump dispute in early August are formidable.

Buckeye Shadow, You are offering some interesting ideas, but I cannot begin to imagine a reality in which those changes could occur. It’s always been hard enough just to pass an Amendment to the Constitution. What you’re suggesting is a complete rewrite, and that’s unlikely in the extreme. How do you propose getting those changes in place?


The time for great change is coming. I know, it is difficult to see anything like this coming to pass now or in the near future. If anything, the ultra-reactionary right-wing rage against progress in any form will even get worse as we get closer to the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn. But again, this energy of centralized conservative control (Capricorn) carried to extremes (Pluto) and enforced limitations (Saturn) is only for a time, as is DJT and his tyranny of ignorance and ego. The coming shift to Aquarius will coincide with a great deal of power decentralization and a much more collectivist-yet-libertarian application of power that may be either liberal or conservative, and at times both and also neither.

Also, I truly believe the US Pluto Return is going to be the time in which the power structures in this country–the elitist rich like the Kochs, Mercers, etc., as well as Wall Street and the Military-Industrial complex Eisenhower warned us about–are all going to take a major hit and see their power severely challenged in the most fundamental of ways. Increasingly, this is likely to involve organized global action against the power structures of the U.S. that the world–and much of the U.S. itself–perceives as having gone rogue.


“Trump Administration Considering Executive Privilege To Block James Comey Testimony”

Laurence Tribe?Verified account @tribelaw 14h14 hours ago

Comey testimony re his communications w/ Trump can’t be blocked by T because they became non-confidential once T discussed them publicly.
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Trump sealed indictment started, and notified of impeachment prior to his trip to overseas.

Can this be true?

Democraticunderground is also reporting that Devin Nunes has had his top clearance revoked.

Dutchess, Buckeye is right, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet as to the changes coming. But look ahead about 9 or 10 years. Specifically look at July, 2026, when the USA will be 250 years old. It will be a whole new world by then.

Uranus will be at 4+ Gemini and trine Pluto at 4+ Aquarius, rather than the square they are still under the shadow of now. Last week’s New Moon at 4+ Gemini is sowing the seeds of that future harmony.

Neptune will be at 4+ Aries and sextile both Pluto and Uranus while also trine Jupiter at 4+ Leo in July, 2026. Try to imagine such harmonious vibes in less than 10 years. Yes, it will be an uphill battle, but the planets don’t lie. They reflect.

By then transiting Saturn will be at 14+ Aries, opposite the U.S. natal Saturn at 14+ Libra, while they both square the U.S. natal Sun at 13+ Cancer. Well, it won’t be Utopia exactly, but transiting Saturn will be opposite where a transiting Jupiter is right now, planting seeds.

Change (in societies and governments anyway) doesn’t usually come about overnight.

At the end of July 2026, the transiting North Node will reach 29+ Aquarius, just opposite of where the present day North Node was just a few weeks ago.

Today, the South Node at 27+ Aquarius is conjunct the U.S. Moon at 27+ Aquarius and an urge to get rid of ideas that don’t work so much anymore is planting that “release” seed in the minds of Americans. Like us for example. Ideas like power structures that have gone rogue and obviously don’t work the way they used to.

Even though we have been through so much that shocks us in the last year or so, the shocks are small enough to recover from as we regroup our minds and bodies in order to cope with the jarring situations we find ourselves in; nothing like what a nuclear holocaust or a migrant asteroid could do mind you.

I believe astrology holds messages that help us to understand the huge changes that are part of a transformation; incremental changes in between the shocks will add up to a reality that seems impossible to imagine right now. I hope the astrological scenario of July, 2026, will help get you and all of us started on that impossible dream.

Thanks for sharing your vision and astrology of 2026, barbk. Indeed, as you mention, it is so easy to forget that we are not very far off from an extraordinary air trine between Uranus in Gemini and Pluto in Aquarius, coming out of the Uranus-Pluto square of 2012-15 and its aftermath. We are in for some brilliant ideas and technological breakthroughs, to say the least. Perhaps some of them will even aid in undoing the damage done to our climate by the current administration.

In any case, DJT may very well be a faint memory for all of us by then, which is certainly not what he nor his aides or backers expect.

I agree with much of what you offer in your vision of government structural reform, but with the caveat I’m uncomfortable with dividing up the roles of head of state and head of government. Nevertheless, we do need to further clarify limitations on the powers of the presidency; those powers have gradually grown exponentially, particularly from the time of Theodore Roosevelt…and the sheer weight of the presidency may have become too much for any one man or woman.

It is quite conceivable our system could evolve into an American form of semi-presidentialism, particularly the president-parliamentary type as is now practiced in Armenia, Mozambique, Namibia, Russia, and Taiwan. It was also used in the Weimar Republic from 1919 until 1933. Although our Speaker of the House would be called prime minister if we had a parliamentary system, I’m guessing we would still call him or her Mr. or Ms. Speaker were we to morph into semi-presidentialism.

Metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) and combined statistical areas (CSAs) have become more economically and culturally powerful than our states, a scenario the Founders could not have possibly envisioned. Although in many respects I feel the states have become at least partially obsolete, (and will probably become more so as time passes) I believe Americans will likely cling to the idea of the states until we lose twenty or so from climate change or other disasters.

Having followed climate science since I was in high school in the 60’s, I believe the depopulation of many of our southern and western states will come decades sooner than expected. When the population reduces sufficiently (relative to our Constitution’s three stage statehood process) I expect some of our states to devolve into organized territories.

I expect we will have a thirteen year period from 2022 through 2035, from the time of the Pluto return for our Declaration of Independence through the Pluto return of the establishment of our Constitution in which we will see a plethora of amendments added which will radically reshape our concept and practice of government. I believe the presidential abuses of power of Misters GWBush and DJTrump are two of the triggers which will eventually move us toward such necessary action. There may be more triggers to come, particularly if Mr. Pence becomes president for a goodly length of time. Ironically, although our Founders were very concerned with the “tyranny of the majority,” they were less imaginative in conceiving how or under what circumstances a “tyranny of a minority,” as obtains today could manifest.

Another caveat: We often excuse American behavior in saying “We are a young nation.” But this is false. We are an old nation but a young culture. We are old in the sense of having had continuous government under the same evolving constitution since 1789, i.e. 228 years. This is unusual. Nations rarely last that long. The only older government/nation than ours is the UK. Many do not clearly distinguish between culture and nation. They are not the same. Cultures last much longer than nations which rise and inevitably fall, come and go. China as an example has a very old culture but has existed as a nation only since 1 October 1949. Iceland has practiced democracy for over 1000 years, but has been ruled under several different Scandinavian regimes, and in present form has existed as a national republic only since 1944.

I believe we will continue under our revered Constitution, but in harmony with those Pluto returns and strengthened by other astrological conditions, in all probability it will be a greatly amended document.


It’s all conjecture of course, but it’s possible Trump is dumb enough to allow his passions and instincts to over-ride personal legal counsel. His one guided principle “If they screw you, screw them back 10 times as hard.” could get the best of him. He will obviously lose if it goes to court but that’s the way the Donald thinks and operates.


I can’t speak for anyone else, but I didn’t think Ellison was a good pick either. I was rooting for him because Bernie backed him and I knew his politics were more progressive than Perez. When I saw him yesterday, I was greatly disappointed. I felt like I was listening to Tom Perez, the same dodging direct questions, spouting of talking points. I keep thinking that the DNC is going to fall apart. That some other new party will come out of it. Ossoff is now down 5 points shrinking his lead to +1 and I think it will be a huge blow to the DNC if they don’t get that win. They don’t seem to want to make a commitment to anything, they don’t want to say they firmly support anything in terms of policy. They seem to be passing on the opportunity to tap into the excitement and energy that Bernie created.

This is the result of Trump’s withdrawal from Paris. But I think his real reason was more of a diss to the Europeans than any subsequent rational he gave.


A day after President Trump pulled out of a key climate agreement, declaring he was fighting for “Pittsburgh, not Paris,” an international realignment was already taking shape on Friday, as European and Chinese officials signed a raft of agreements to bind themselves tightly together.

The pullout left the United States a global outlier and, many European leaders and experts said, a severely diminished force in the world. And it gave China fresh weight in a newly unbalanced landscape where longtime U.S. allies are searching for stability.

Pittsburgh’s Mayor Bill Peduto is none too happy with Trump for associating his city with an anti-climate awareness stance.

Mayor Peduto slams Trump for name-dropping Pittsburgh


More and more, I think this is going to become a key rallying point for cities, regions and states that are very concerned about climate change and who see that this administration couldn’t care less about the future.

Would the DNC rather have Pence in office, possibly stepping back from where trump is leading the GOP or let the sexual predator continue to lay the foundation to nearly destroy the party in the next 2 elections?

If this investigation could be continued until there isn’t much time left for campaigning before charges for anything are put before the Congress I think it would be most damaging for them. Running for re-election while supporting trump’s policies or after punishing the leadership behavior that was damaging to their constituents.

They should be aware that after the crash of 1929 Republicans could not elect a president after 1928 until 1952, losing 5 consecutive bids for the presidency and that they held a majority in the Senate for only 4 years between 1933 and 1981 – 44 years out of 48 in the minority and in the House those same 4 years between 1933 and 1995 – 58 years out of 62 in the minority. After the 1930 midterm elections Republicans controlled the White House and the Congress for the next 2 years. In the next 70 years they only had control of the White House and the Congress in 1953 and 1954 when Eisenhower was president, then not again until the 2000 election when Bush 2 was elected. – 2 years out of 70. They paid a heavy price for their governing policies that led to the Great Depression.

With an awakened and involved electorate we could make great strides after undoing what damage the GOP can do in the next 19 months when the next Congress will be sworn in. I think we gain control of the House in 2018 and can prevent any Republican bills from getting to the White House if we want to, then sweep into control of both Congress and the White House in 2020 and be in a position to pass many reform bills into law.

Before a Democrat could be sworn in (2021) it is likely that 3 Supreme Court vacancies will occur: Ginsburg would be 87 on March 15th, 2020, Breyer would be 82 on August 15th, and Kennedy would be 84 on July 23rd. The court could be stacked 7 to 2 favoring conservative appointees. I would love to see President Obama fill one of those vacancies but would he want to?


My rationale for splitting the Head of State and Head of Government roles is based upon what seems to be the increasingly politicized and rancorous nature of the U.S. Presidency and the politics surrounding it over the years. At times, we do need a leader who can symbolically stand above politics and bring the nation together, reminding us that we are all Americans, which is what a Head of State should be able to do no matter what else is going on. Obviously, this isn’t Trump and never will be. But if he were only Head of State with very limited powers and authority, the damage he is doing now would at least have been greatly mitigated.

Meanwhile, government by nature is likely always going to be contentious and factional as different groups compete over resources, ideology, etc., hence my rationale for a majority coalition “Prime Minister” who wields the Head of Government role, but must still answer to both the majority and minority factions and parties in Congress. Since PMs generally are appointed from within their parties and coalitions, like our Speaker of the House, this would also serve as a check on a future Trump or worse seeking or taking such a position since it is generally earned through political competency and acumen, and not simply by campaigning as a Reality TV star.

I’m by no means saying we should have a monarch for Head of State. Never that. For the U.S. Head of State should always be an elected role, but simply by popular vote in this case, rather than through the electoral college.

Regardless, I do agree with you that we could very well move towards a more semi-presidential system like Russia’s, ironically enough, or similar to one of the other countries you mentioned. I also think as you do that we will keep our Constitution, but will amend it considerably during the upcoming Pluto returns of the U.S. and the Constitution itself to prevent another Trump from rising to power again, and also to limit the power and influence of those with wealth who abuse it politically like the Kochs, Mercers, Sheldon Adelson, etc.

I also agree that climate change will have a major impact on many states, particularly in the South and West–ironically places that have always had very limited resources, but that have also experienced extraordinary population growth, even as the Northeast and Midwest in particular have experienced great declines in population in many cities and towns. I also believe as you do that this will happen much sooner than most people expect.

One characteristic of the Pluto in Aquarius period will be a heightened sense of awareness and urgency about humanity’s ability to sustain ourselves and survive as a civilization, including where and how we live, and how we use our resources, water among them. A water crisis is both imminent and inevitable in the Southwest, as has been the case for years, but after Pluto ingresses into Aquarius, I think it will suddenly become painfully obvious what this really means to people who live in cities such as Phoenix and Las Vegas, and they will have choices to make.

I wasn’t interpreting you to be advocating anyone un-elected in the office of the presidency. I think our Founders were wise to create a presidency which was head of state as well as head of government. Considering everyone knew George Washington would be the first president, they also shaped the office relative to his personality. That served well for the time.

That being said… Although I’ve been opposed to it in principle in the past, I also think the sheer magnitude and weight of the office of the presidency in modern times may possibly require us to reconsider dividing those responsibilities. I’m nevertheless slow to fully endorse the idea. We may indeed have to have a president as head of state and a speaker of the house as head of government. But…I don’t see that as a certainty.
Otherwise, I see things pretty similarly to your way of thinking.

Having read climate science articles and reports since I was teenager I note over the decades all the “A” words at the end of the articles. Scientists measure something and make a prediction as to what the numbers will be by a given time. It could be methane out gassing, carbon dioxide levels, glacial melt, etc. But when they return to re-measure they find themselves “astounded” or “astonished” or “amazed,” for mother nature seems to have outdone herself each and every time.

This pattern began to really intensify in the 1980’s. We’ve had to revise and update our predictions as to when things would get very “serious” innumerable times. Now we’re at the 2050 date, which I have to interpret as meaning 2030.

I think one of our problems is that we are very good at measuring carbon dioxide levels and have gotten better over the decades, but we measure and predict methane outgassing very poorly. And…as the earth warms we become exponentially poorer at anticipating how much methane is leaking into the atmosphere.

I agree with you entirely that when Pluto ingresses into Aquarius our water problems will be more apparent, in some places too little and too much along our coasts. The geological record shows us three colossal, sudden and major worldwide floods/sea level rises as the glaciers retreated 1000’s of years ago. Cumulatively, sea levels went up more than 100 meters.

In addition to the desertification of our southwest, I expect sea level will again rise suddenly, taking away about 2/3 of Florida, 1/3 of Louisiana, and 1/4 of North Carolina. The East coast and Gulf coasts will suffer more than our West coast due to topography. Eastward we have gently sloping continental shelf. Westward we have sudden uplift.

We will of necessity have to relocate our national capital to a more central continental area. The southern and eastern portion of WA-DC will be under water unless we put a dome over the area. It was time to begin dike building decades ago. Frustrating…We’re still not there yet!

Oddly, I know of no astrologers who have made the specific link between our merging into the age of Aquarius, the water bearer, and rising sea levels. Nor do many realize the potential of using the “excess” sea water as fuel. Future technology will require a great deal more oxygen and hydrogen. Extracting these will also serve as helpful in reclaiming land and cities lost. Aquarius will bless us with what we need.

No worries, Eliseo. Unfortunately text doesn’t always convey meaning or understanding as well as we intend for it to. And I do totally agree with you that the Presidency was envisioned for George Washington, a well-respected individual who indeed was the ideal embodiment of a combined Head of State & Head of Government of the US at the time, being able to unite the country and administer its government at once. His was the sole standard which all other presidents would aspire to uphold until well into more recent times, Lincoln and FDR arguably being the only other Presidents to hold a candle to his legacy in preservation of it, and the country itself.

The founders could not have imagined how times and the nation would change, and that we would ever have someone like DJT in the very same office Washington once held. Impeachment was supposed to be a check on any such individual who was unfit for the office, but even that counted on enough well-reasoned individuals being elected to Congress to use it properly, when absolutely needed, something that is clearly not evident in today’s Republican Party at all.

Good connection too between the broader water issues of our time and our shift into the Age of Aquarius. I hadn’t considered this perspective, but I believe you are right on. It isn’t a coincidence that Aquarius is known as “the water bearer.” There’s an inherent symbolism there regarding the flow of ideas and sharing, but ideas can also be manifested into tangible things.

As for relocating DC and the coastal population in land, I’ve long believed that the time is coming when people will flock inward towards the interior. Beleaguered cities like Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Detroit and Buffalo that largely emptied out with the Wall Street & global trade-induced industrial collapse of the 70s and 80s will see people moving back to them in droves, seeking refuge from the waterless desert cities of the Southwest and the submerged coastal areas of both coasts.

Hey Bob, that’s what I call positive thinking! We shall see just where the chips fall.

In reference to the water and relocation issues we’ve discussed, I believe the Great Lakes area and the Pacific Northwest will likely be the most livable, productive and creative areas of the nation artistically, intellectually, and financially.

Both areas will have an abundance of fresh water, better climate in a warmer world, and economic opportunity. Because of the steep coastal uplift which prevails from N. California going N. all the way into the delta at Vancouver, B.C. the PNW will be safer than other coastal areas, and the cities of the Great Lakes likewise are far away from the oceans. Dikes are do-able in both areas where necessary, but not so much along the Gulf and East coasts.

As far as a new capital, that’s nothing new. Philadelphia and New York have both served. I wonder if the people of Lincoln, Nebraska are willing?

Meanwhile, we’ll see several southern and western states virtually empty, their population sufficiently depleted as to be beneath the original threshold required for them to have become a state!

once again the status quo DNC third wave crowd in denial about grassroots wanting fundamental change….

Former secretary of state and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton suggested that former President Barack Obama was able to break racial barriers and win the election in 2008 because he’s “a very attractive, good-looking man.”


continued +

Obama had really exceptional campaign organization/people in 2008 and 2012 whereas she had terrible campaign org/people in both 2008 and 2016

I think the current issues of government getting back to fairly and competently representing its citizens could be solved in large part if the lure of financial gain from non-human entities were not so great, especially on the campaign trail.
If anything needs a constitutional amendment, it is the “corporations are people too” and ‘money is speech’ themes.
The whole trump Russia mess is due in large part to the acceptance and normalization of large global businesses routinely doing business with heads of states of other countries, and answerable to nobody but themselves.
Sally McDonald told me she considered The East India Company a ‘birth’ of corporations for astrologic purposes – the date she used was Dec 31 1600, I think noon. It would be interesting to learn if you esteemed astrologers can extrapolate any meaning from that chart and progressions related to this modern age we find ourselves in, where global companies wield such tremendous political influence often to citizen’s detriment.

When is the Exact Date for The US Pluto Return?
I’ve searched everywhere. Thank You.

Place for East India Company ‘birth’ was London.

Patty, US pluto is at 27.33 cap
If you go to astro.com and look at their ephemeris, you will be able to find when pluto reaches that degree. Keep in mind that the dates when it will be in orb are for quite some time, not just one day.

Oh, Thank you so much, Kiwi!

President Ass Today: In a speech announcing his plans to withdraw from the international climate agreement, President Trump highlighted the city in which the pact was made as a central argument against it.

“I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris,” he said. “It is time to put Youngstown, Ohio; Detroit, Michigan; and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — along with many, many other locations within our great country — before Paris, France!”

(And His follower’s probably think this was all about PARIS FRANCE)
“Trump Chooses Most Ironic Location in the Entire World for Anti-France Rally”

She went with SEXY!
What Are We to Make of Megyn Kelly’s Interview Attire? For her First Interview as an NBC News anchor, Megyn Kelly has landed a big kahuna of a subject: Vladimir Putin. It would be a big “get” for any reporter, but it’s especially monumental for Kelly, since she’s attempting, with her new role, to leave the partisan ugliness of Fox News behind for the greener pastures of mainstream media celebrity. But threatening to eclipse the talk about her first “get” has been the befuddlement over what she chose to wear during the interview, which airs Sunday night.


I was stunned by what Megan Kelly chose to wear for this interview.

Saw this on twitter: “How can one take Kelly seriously when she is dressed like a low-end lounge singer? You can take the girl out of Fox News, but you can’t take Fox News out of the girl.”

Ever since she stood up to Trump and Fox News, I’ve been routing for Megan Kelly.


I submitted a response to your most recent post, but somehow it disappeared. Not sure what happened to it. In an case, I agree with you, particularly regarding the regions people will flock to from the South and inundated coastal areas. The Pacific Northwest is already thriving, and its principal cities–Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver in British Columbia–are likely to grow even larger, perhaps to something comparable in size to Los Angeles. I imagine they will need to take some measures to avoid being inundated themselves though, Seattle in particular.

The situation for the cities of the Midwest would represent much more of a reversal in fortunes, as places that once thrived, yet fell on difficult times with the Wall Street-induced collapse and exodus of industry starting during the mid-1970s, 80s and early 90s, and the population losses that followed. It’s interesting to note that this region, its cities and states, will also experience its own series of Pluto Returns, and in some respects has already begun to do so. The Northwest Ordinance of 1787, which determined how the Northwest Territory was to be divided into states and governed, has its Pluto Return in 2035. It seems likely that we may see a major change here around this time, if not regarding how the region is governed, then perhaps with regards to how the region sees itself. Several principal cities, including Cincinnati (1788) and Cleveland (1796) will see their Pluto Returns shortly thereafter. For what it’s worth, Detroit (1701) and Pittsburgh (1758) have already experienced their own Pluto Returns, Pittsburgh’s taking place back in 2006, the result of it consisting of a bankruptcy followed by economic renewal to some degree. Similar events may await other cities within this broader region, but they are undoubtedly linked in any case, and their fortunes will always tend to rise and fall together.

As for your suggestion of a new capital, Lincoln, Nebraska would certainly be a good option for a new national capital based upon its geographical location near the center of the U.S. Kansas city would be another candidate for very similar reasons.

Seattle is safer than most imagine due to topography and centripetal force.
Downtown Seattle is more vulnerable much closer to sea level on Puget Sound, BUT… just a few blocks eastward the uplift brings you 300-400 feet higher where most of the rest of the city is. Furthermore, the topography and location of Puget Sound islands would make building and maintaining dikes quite do-able.

Vancouver, BC is far more vulnerable than Seattle as it rests on a delta closer to sea level, but the Canadians are already thinking through the problem.

Portland is far more inland located on a more controllable river, again where dikes would be effective.

The entire PNW however benefits from being further away from the equator. Sea level rise will be higher at the equator due to centripetal force, lower further away.

Generally, much of the West coast benefits from geological uplift in conjunction with various offshore faults. Unfortunately, the East and Gulf coast cities merge into gently sloping continental shelf and are much further south, closer to the equatorial bulge. The closer you are to the equator the higher the sea will rise.

Also unfortunately, many cities are undefensible. Miami topography and soil type essentially makes dikes useless. Their only hope would be a giant water tight, air tight underwater dome, but that’s also financially and technologically unfeasible. Again, soil type defeats them, plus other civil engineering nightmares.

Although not the worst case, sadly WA-DC is in the wrong location as well, but dikes could be built there. IMHO, although we’ve focused on prevention, (a good idea) we’ve overestimated our ability to reign in our carbon dioxide emitting capitalist enterprises in time. We should realistically have been also focusing on dike building, and population relocation. To my knowledge, the only nation to prepare for population relocation is the PRo China.

Astrologically, determining the demise date of Miami is probably our best way of knowing when the big one is coming, particularly if we include the charts of the various other doomed cities for comparison.

Trump has two options
by Michael Gerson

June, 4, 2017

The Russian-influence scandal is consuming Donald Trump, and this is likely to get worse as the special counsel’s investigation moves forward. Associates describe the president as obsessed by coverage of the scandal – an impression reinforced by tweets that seem to emerge involuntarily, like myoclonic jerks. Trump possesses nothing of Bill Clinton’s talent for compartmentalization – the ability to prevent flooding in one area from sinking the whole ship. Trump reflects the design work of the Titanic. Breach one compartment and the rest flood as well.

Second, along with the president, Trump’s administration is being consumed. Aides who entered government for at least partially noble reasons are now requiring criminal defense attorneys. This creates both tension and isolation, since it is a bad idea to discuss with fellow staffers anything remotely related to an ongoing criminal investigation. Even for the innocent, locating and surrendering documents and answering the questions of FBI investigators add a layer of distracting stress to already stressful jobs.



Scarborough Fingers Bannon As Leaker: He’s Been ‘Bragging’ He Would Sideline Kushner On Russia

Video: 3 min. 50 sec.



That twitter quote on Megan Kelly describes her well.

Thank you for sharing it.

barbk, with the record the Republicans are building it is easy to imagine a strong election road ahead for Democrats. The Republicans are caught between adding to the dismay and anger of the electorate (proven in the last election) by implementing policies that hurt them further or essentially doing nothing that will help them in any meaningful way in their daily lives.

The Democratic leadership must unrelentingly pound them with that message day and night using all forms of media available. If they don’t want to say “That is a lie.” then at least have enough backbone to say “That is not true.”.

I am not satisfied with the results I got in looking at large gains or losses in past elections but have not exhausted the types of charts I might test. Keeping up with charts for current political events and characters and dealing with a great deal of pain is impeding my progress in looking at 2018 elections.

Here are some dates regarding past elections that are focused on the House of Representatives.

After the 1928 elections the GOP held 270 seats in the House. After the 1936 elections they held 88.

Nov 4, 1930 GOP lost 52 seats
Nov 8, 1932 GOP lost 101 seats

Great Depression manufacturing reached its lowest point in March 1933. Turn around began. FDR sworn in March 4, the last inauguration to be held on that date.

Nov 6, 1934 GOP lost 14 seats
Nov 3, 1936 GOP lost 15 seats

Nov 8, 1938 Democrats lost 72 seats

The U.S. had 48 states as of February 14, 1912, and 50 as of August 21, 1959, but all of them never finished voting in House of Representatives elections on the same day until November 8, 1960.

The 2010 United States House of Representatives elections were held on November 2, 2010. Republicans picked up 63 seats, their largest gain in House seats since 1938 and the largest House swing since 1948 when the GOP lost 75 seats. It was the highest loss of a party in a House midterm election since 1938.

SassyGrace, patty, janet and other elderly readers may enjoy and remember the last time they said either of these:

‘two shakes of a lamb’s tail’ or ‘If it was a snake it would have bit you.’.

I still like”What a revoltin’ development this is!”.

Ralfee Finn:


In the olden days, dot, dot, dot, (that’s what they did in the olden days – right from the horse’s mouth – Mama Mia diary), anyway the founding fathers set the country up to run on a Grand Trine. From elections around Nov 4 (the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November) until inauguration on March 4 was about 120 days, from inauguration day to July 4 was 124 days, from July 4 to election day was about 123 days.

Fox advertisers to boycott!

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Not me…I Stand With Manchester:


It’s Woodshock with so much more LOVE!

Bob…elderly? ?

I’ve got some ways to go for that.


I too stand with Manchester. Sigh.

patty and janet it was meant in fun.

I didn’t think there was any part of the post that was antagonistic.

Duh. Sigh.

Everyone has been so consumed with everything Trump, including Rachel Maddow, this has been off the radar.
Yesterday I just saw that the California Senate passed a first step to single payer health care for that state. Methinks this is a very big deal. Still some hiccups ahead, but if they can work out the fine print, California, which has the biggest state gdp by far, will lead the way for the rest of the country just as they did for auto emissions during the 80’s.


Your post was cute and definitely not antagonist.

The “sigh” was for the sadness in Manchester.


I tried to put a smiley face on my first post to you, but it turned into a ? (question mark).

Killing Desdemona – the Paris Accord lives on

WHAT’s THE OPPOSITE of a person referred to as a “SNOWFLAKE”? ANYONE?

This is what I image being THE SNOWFLAKE OPPOSITE:
“Is there a neo-Nazi storm brewing in Trump country?”

(As I don’t live too, too far from Berkeley, what happened there seems to be the new trend of Bullies. What do we call this new negative element?)

From the Michael Gerson column Jerry posted:

“Mueller now has a job similar to mathematician Urbain Le Verrier. In the mid-19th century, Le Verrier noted some perturbations in the orbit of Uranus and predicted the existence of another, unknown planet exerting a gravitational pull. Neptune was duly found where Le Verrier calculated.

“There is some unknown fact exerting influence on all the various parts of the Russian-influence scandal.”

If interest….KGO’s Top-Notch Pat Thurston is on.

kiwi, here are the general placements of the major planets for December 31, 1600:

Sun 9+ Capricorn, Moon approx. 25 Scorpio, North Node 12+ Capricorn, Mercury 27+ Capricorn, Venus 2+ Aquarius, Mars 19 Capricorn, Jupiter 22 Virgo, Saturn 8 Scorpio, Uranus 1 Taurus rx, Neptune 29 Leo rx, Pluto 22+ Aries rx.

The 1600 chart has a sextile between Sun and Saturn that forms a Yod to U.S. Uranus (8+ Gemini) that is convincing in itself.

Then there is 1600 Mercury conjunct U.S. natal Pluto and 1600 Jupiter conjunct U.S. natal Neptune which is quite remarkable. The 1600 chart’s South Node is also conjunct the U.S. natal Sun, both at 12-13 Cancer. The U.S. progressed Moon would have been conjunct the 1600 Moon in Scorpio a couple of years ago. Sally has convinced me, even with this superficial comparison.

I’m confused about something else though. . . I watched Megyn Kelly’s interview with Putin and she appeared to be clothed from neck to toes and wrists, hardly the revealing attire cable news shows seem to expect of their female hosts (except for Rachel of course).

Barbk, I saw that clip as well.
Strategically placed FAKE NEWS obviously receives more attention than REAL NEWS.
We don’t know what to believe anymore.

Thank you for the explanation janet.

My reference to dot dot dot was because I had just watched Mama Mia for the umpteenth time followed by videos of Abba’s hits. Both lift my spirits, but thinking I had offended others took me down.

This drawn out political situation in our country, coupled with some personal challenges, is wearing. Have had to roll, slide, and crawl to get out of bed lately.

Just look how Deluded (The (Jesus Will Save Us) RightWing Is:

“The Left Is Climate Change Obsessed”

As Lincoln Predicted: “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”



Many of us are experiencing that “roll, slide and crawl to get out of be lately.” Don’t know how much more some of us can take. So, Bob, any comment that brings a smile is desperately appreciated.

So here’s my question for anybody who would care to answer it.

The eclipse of Aug. 21, 2017 will hit Trump’s ascendant which used to be the position of the Royal Fixed Star Regulus – the Fixed Star which signifies royalty, success, etc. but not so good if the king is excessively careless, lazy, cruel and dishonest and a few other goodies.

The Fixed Star Regulus has recently moved into the position of 0 Virgo – Nov. 28th, 2011.

AND Trumps natal progressed Sun has also hit 0 Virgo 49 minutes, right on Regulus.

Does Trump’s progressed Sun trump (pardon the pun) the effects of this eclipse? My gut says no since his natal ascendant will always be 29 Leo 56. But does the movement of his progressed Sun to the position progressed Regulus mitigate the effects of the eclipse somewhat?!

I love “Mama Mia”, Bob, and I too have had to “roll, slide and crawl” out of bed lately, due to problems with my legs.

What did you think of the interview with Putin, barb or anyone else who saw it? And, maybe all of the publicity about how Megan was dressing got to her and she decided to make fun of it.

California also just passed first step to ban for-profit schools. I wonder if this a countermeasure to Ms Devos’ push on school privatization?

“These predatory corporate intrusions shortchange our students and undermine our public education system. AB 406 will put an end to these harmful practices.”
AB 406 now moves to the State Senate for further consideration.

One has to wonder if this might be a contributing factor for Trump’s august eclipse expected disaster

“This year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is predicting a deadly hurricane season, which just started this past Thursday. Unfortunately, neither the NOAA or FEMA currently have anyone in charge. Both agencies have been rudderless since their Obama appointees were asked to leave in January. According to the general who took over Joint Task Force Katrina, this “should scare the hell out of everybody.”
To make matters worse, Trump has proposed massive budget cuts for both agencies


All good points and insights. I do think Seattle may be able to save its lower elevations with some planning and action, and they do seem to have a culture there that is forward-looking enough to do just that. But as you said, worst case scenario, they can move upwards.

Miami will undoubtedly be lost to the ocean, however. It’s not a question of if, but when.

Miami was incorporated on April 22, 1896. Although people lived in the area dating back to 1825, it seems the 1896 date is the one that “crystalized” Miami’s fundamental identity and essence as a place based upon historical events surrounding it, so I will run with it as a birthdate. This gives it a Sun at 3 Taurus, Moon most likely in late Leo, possibly but unlikely early Virgo. In the near term, Uranus into Taurus next year will bring some kind of sudden upset or impulse to change something, but that doesn’t speak to a subsuming flood… Neptune would be the far more likely indicator of that. The latter reaches Taurus to stay in early 2039, roughly around the time that Pluto will be opposing Miami’s Leo Moon from Aquarius. My guess is a forced unsettling & resettlement (Pluto) of the population (Moon) northward as the city becomes permanently inundated (Neptune).

Contextually, by this time, we are also only a few years away from Pluto’s ingress into Pisces in 2043 and the Uranus-Pluto Opposition of 2046-48, all of which likely heralds world-transforming climate and environmental changes, including flooding/changing of coastlines, in addition to the culmination of everything “seeded” during the mid-1960s conjunction in Virgo, including social, spiritual and environmental awareness.

The recent Uranus-Pluto square of 2012-15 represents a “checkpoint” within the overall current 1965 to 2104 Uranus-Pluto cycle, and a time of adjustments. Obviously, the Conservative “adjustment” to the developments emerging out of the 1965 conjunction has been to bury their heads even deeper into the sand and to try and force everyone else’s heads down into the sand with them with “fake news” and all of the pro-1%er propaganda. They just can’t fathom letting go of a status quo that has seemingly favored them for so long. But it must happen if civilization is to survive the changes and manifestations to come, which is what we will be dealing with in the 2040s and thereafter.

It appears you’ve nailed the probable dates for inundation of our coastlines.

Many assume the sea level rise will be slow and gradual. But the geological and mythographic evidence contradicts this assumption. We know there were three successive floods which raised sea level over 100 meters when the last major de-glaciation took place. Each one was pretty sudden and unexpected, resulting in much tragedy. The difference today is we can reasonably anticipate when the nest series of world floods will take place.

I’m currently in Texas where I’ve been teaching college students and where I’ve just completed some long lost graduate work. But I’ll be returning to my adopted home in Olympia, WA within a few months where I’ll be lobbying the legislature.

I’m already on board with the WA state single-payer advocates and for an interstate compact for same, but sea walls and dikes will definitely be on my agenda as well.

I suspect the most emotional issue by the 2030’s will be concerning our national capital. I’m just not certain WA-DC can be saved from inundation, and by then I think having an east coast capital will be seen as pretty impractical.

You mentioned ‘conservatives” having buried their heads deeper into the sand and trying to force everyone else’s heads there as well. Good metaphor, but perhaps too kind. During the several years I worked as a mental health counselor, primarily in psychiatric hospitals we used to call that “cranial rectal inversion syndrome.” It was a diagnosis we often used for the folks in the business office who knew absolutely nothing about mental health and patient treatment. We saw suffering patients. They tended to just see numbers.

As far as Miami citizens moving northward. I suspect they’ll have to move all the way up to the northern third of the state for safety, and eventually that won’t be far enough either.

Heat and humidity will be factors as well. Out of harm’s way for sea leval rise and/or storm surge won’t be enough. In 2006, a good friend of mine who was one of the Tuskeegee airmen in WWII as well as music teacher and the first Black psychologist in Texas died of the heat in his apartment. We’ll see a lot more of that if we don’t prepare.

On another issue: I’m seeing all sorts of small indications of rational rebellion and resistance against Trumpist attitudes and laws. Although DJT has chosen to exit the USA from the Paris accords, the Texas legislature has reinstated the financial incentives for purchasing electric cars; the Texas House is unwilling to pass anti-transgender bathroom laws. In the struggle against privatization and elimination of our public schools, the CA legislature is looking at outlawing for-profit charter schools. AND…more state governors are signing on to continue with the Paris accords. Trump is inspiring! He inspires all sorts of increasing resistance!

I suspect this may be a cusp effect as we get nearer to the Pluto ingress into Aquarius.

Here’s a link to an interactive map of the world, showing flooding as sea levels rise.


A few more tidbits about Trump and the Solar Eclipse of Aug. 2017.

The Jupiter of the Eclipse sits on Trump’s progressed Chiron (Eclipse Jupiter at 20 Libra, Trump’s progressed Chiron at 19 Libra).

Trump’s progressed Jupiter at 24 Libra squares Trump’s natal Saturn and Venus (23 Cancer and 25 Cancer respectively) augmented by the Eclipse Venus at 24 Cancer sitting on Trump’s natal Saturn Venus. He is getting squared all around…

And finally, the Eclipse Saturn at 21 Sag. not only opposes Trump’s natal North Node, Saturn, IT OPPOSES HIS PROGRESSED NORTH NODE AT 18 GEMINI AND PROGRESSED URANUS NOW AT 21 GEMINI.

Add to that

Eclipse’s Pluto at 17 Cap. forms a quincunx to Trump’s progressed North Node at 18 Gemini.

Some interesting Chiron aspects surrounding the Comey hearing set to begin this Thursday June 8th 10 am EST…..

Tr. Chiron (28 ’38 Pisces) will be in close quincunx to the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse degree (28 ’53 Leo).

July 1st….. Chiron will station retrograde (28 ’52 Pisces) in exact quincunx to the 8/21/17 eclipse degree (28 ’53 Leo).

July 24th…… Within the space of a few hours tr. Mercury (28 ’29 Leo) precisely trines Uranus (28 ’29 Aries) and then quincunxes tr. Chiron (28 ’38 Pisces). The latter Mercury-Chiron quincunx exactly conjoins Chiron’s June 8th position (the commencement of the Comey hearings).

The fact that these Mercury and Chiron transits are prominent in relation to the Aug 21st s. eclipse degree suggests to me that more revelations will be coming to light at the time of these dates. Particularly notable on July 24th; tr. Venus forms an exact opposition to tr. Saturn conjunct Trumps’s natal Moon and in opposition to Comey’s Sun.

The Pandora Astrology website describes Chiron stations and transits in this way…..

“stations tend to lead to pivotal events for those of us Earthlings who are being affected by them. Those pivotal events will trigger changes in us, and that will happen according to the nature of the transiting planet, in this case, Chiron.

How does Chiron change us? By healing us, once and for all, and by restoring us to wholeness.

During a Chiron transit, you may feel that you are having a wounding experience. Often it feels that a fresh wound is being laid in in the present, that you are being broken open. But if you examine it more deeply, you will find that it reminds you of something painful from the past and that the past has surged up to blend with the present. You are experiencing both wounds at once, but that may not be apparent until you look at the situation more deeply. To become fully present again, you need healing, and Chiron has brought your awareness to that.

Chiron’s purpose is to restore wholeness—Chiron reconnects things that have been separated or broken apart, in order that they may be mended and ultimately, reintegrated with each other. When this happens in your psyche, some call it soul retrieval, but Chiron can also mend broken homes (Moon), broken reputations (Saturn), or broken relationships (Venus). To do this, Chiron must remind us of the earlier time when the thing got broken, so the healing can happen. The beauty of it is that, if you allow it to happen instead of fighting it, you can come away more integrated, more whole in that area than you’ve ever been before.”


kiwi, your NOAA/FEMA info ties into the August eclipse info (see comment 5/30 at 9:34 PM) re: Typhon opposite Jupiter that U.S. Pluto T-squares, along with the Eclipse Mercury squaring U.S. Uranus suggesting communication disruption.

Certainly scares the hell out of me and looks like a perfect scenario to scare the bejezus out of Trump and Co.

These charts made from my chart for the Republican party are acceptable for the end of election day in 1936, the fourth consecutive election in which they lost seats in the House of Representatives, and during that same time had lost the White House and become the minority in the Senate.



The thing about the eclipse’s path, though, is that it begins (according to this map) in Madras, OR and leaves the U.S. at Columbia SC, the later being the only potential point on its path that could get hit by a hurricane, as these storms weaken when they go inland. But it’s entirely possible that it could affect Nashville and the regions in between it and Columbia SC. The rest of the country could be subjected to flooding, tornadoes, etc., including areas of the Midwest’s “breadbasket”.

Re sea level rise: According to this map, New Orleans is even more vulnerable than Miami, although N.O. has a much improved levee, water pumping, and flood gate system. Interestingly, people continue to pour money into reconstructing S. FL “like there is no tomorrow” as the expression goes. Same things for N.O. – lots of renovation, improvement, real estate sales going on here (although the real estate boom seems to be leveling out somewhat).

One thing that worries me about sea level-associated population displacement is that crime will increase a great deal with the accompanying break down in law enforcement protection and hungy, homeless people.


Without naming specific locations there are facilities in 3 states in particular where I hope security is placed on high alert and all activity around certain localities is scrutinized for the next 11 weeks or at least a good part of that time.

I am still wondering why Hillary and Kaine’s charts are under duress on eclipse day along with Republican charts. Possibly an event that affects everyone regardless of party.

Yes Bob, this is an intriguing eclipse from multiple angles. Around the time of the Cancer Solstice on June 21, there are a couple of things that I think should be observed in relationship with the eclipse.

On Friday the 23rd transiting Pluto will reach the same degree as the Neptune-Uranus conjunction (the 3rd of 3) that took place October 24, 1993 at 3:30 PM, DC. At the same time transiting Uranus will be at 27+ Aries and square the U.S. Pluto at 27+ Capricorn.

Days later transiting Uranus will move to 28+ Aries, the degree where Ceres was when she opposed Jupiter in Libra in that same Neptune-Uranus conjunction chart thus forming a T-square with the natal U.S. Pluto.

The Cancer Solstice chart on the 21st had the Moon at 18+ Taurus just one degree from the U.S. Vesta (investment) at 19+ Taurus and exactly trine the Solstice Pluto at 18+ Capricorn rx. The TRANSITING Solstice Vesta at 18+ Leo squares the Solstice Moon (+ U.S. Vesta and Solstice Venus) and is quincunx the Solstice Pluto.

The Solstice chart puts emphasis on Jupiter in Libra (conjunct U.S. Saturn and square U.S. Sun) who is positioned in the apex point of a Yod as Jupiter will be quincunx both Venus and Neptune; Venus being conjunct the Solstice Moon and Solstice Neptune who is trine the U.S. Sun.

I see that Taurus Venus in the Solstice chart participates in both the trine to Pluto, thanks to her proximity to the Solstice Moon, as well as the sextile to Neptune that forms a Yod to solstice Jupiter. She also forms a T-square with Hillary’s square between Mars in Leo and Venus in Scorpio, if that gives you any clues.

As I noted in my comment on the 30th, the Neptune-Uranus cycle is being activated by transiting Pluto’s position these days, and it was the opposition between Ceres and Jupiter in the Neptune-Uranus chart, and now the opposition between Ceres and Pluto in the Eclipse chart, an opposition that is squared by the Eclipse Jupiter (which is conjunct U.S. natal Juno and opposite U.S. natal Chiron) . . .

. . that makes me see the Eclipse in terms of weather and crops, but Ceres can – like all astrological symbols – refer to many things. Perhaps they are all related, no?

Barb — it could indicate flooding across the Midwest, the bread basket of the country.

Bob – Are you sure you don’t want to mention those 3 locations so we can stay away from them?

regarding Hillary’s and Kaine’s charts at the eclipse – could it perhaps be that they feel devastated that they are powerless to do anything to help substantively regarding whatever is happening at the time?
How do the charts of the rest of the ‘leaders’ look at the time? Particularly Mitch and Paul?

I watched the Manchester Benefit Concert last night on TV – such an outpouring from Everyone of Love not fear – Brilliant antidote to Trump in such a short time following London!

If anyone should want to take a look at the states that are in the path of the eclipse (I am sorry but I am not able to do it myself right now), they are:

Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, the part of North Carolina that is next to Tennessee, and South Carolina.


Cardinal Grand Cross (world stage)

Kronos 28 Aries


Lu Ecl 29 Cancer (Neptune 00 Leo)


Vesta 28 Libra


Moon 28 Capricorn

For those who subscribe to the theory that We are on the cusp of a new age there is something about the August solar eclipse chart that fascinates me to no end.

Uranus, god of breakthroughs, in Aries trines the eclipse in Leo and they both trine the transneptunian object (TNO) Quaoar, named for a creator god of the Tongva people. His creative power was expressed as he danced and sang new gods and goddesses into being who would then do the work needed to bring changes into the world.

Now Quaoar, at the time of the solar eclipse, will also be conjunct the Galactic Center and a few other minor bodies, but pretty far away now from transiting Saturn; about 7 degrees separation between them.

If, indeed, the time will be ripe at the solar eclipse in August (grand trine) to dance and sing new gods and goddesses into being, the astrological earthly symbol of things real (Saturn) will not be in a position to manifest them quite yet. We may have the perception of this phenomenon however, thanks to Quaoar and his grand trine with the solar eclipse and Uranus.

The circumstances symbolized by the eclipse could bring forth people (in the world, not just the U.S.) who will later become leaders for change that will better the country/planet for us all.

Transiting Saturn will make his 3rd and final trine with transiting Uranus (for this period) on November 11th, squaring transiting Chiron as he does so. Shortly after Thanksgiving transiting Saturn will again conjunct the Galactic Center and that’s when those leaders (which Quaoar will begin to dance into being at Eclipse Time) will finally manifest. That’s my feeling anyway.

Transiting Saturn and transiting Quaoar will conjunct on December 23, 2017 and I’ll be checking out the news of anyone who might have something at 2+ Leo in their chart, but I probably won’t remember why.
(on the 23rd the Sun at 2 Cap will sextile the Moon at 2 Pisces and Juno will be at 2 Aquarius so if someone has 2 Leo it will complete a Boomerang)

This from Greenwald’s ‘The Intercept’:

(Take with a grain of salt – can’t verify yet)

RUSSIAN MILITARY INTELLIGENCE executed a cyberattack on at least one U.S. voting software supplier and sent spear-phishing emails to more than 100 local election officials just days before last November’s presidential election, according to a highly classified intelligence report obtained by The Intercept.

More here:


Not wanting to draw the attention of terrorists I did not want to name the nuclear power plants in the path of the eclipse but they may have looked at these points in a search for potential targets if they are so inclined. And perhaps one of the words I used will gain the attention of U.S. security.

For Missouri – Within 10 miles of Fulton – Callaway

For Tennessee – Within 7 miles of Soddy-Daisy – Sequoyah

For South Carolina – Within 10 miles of Seneca (Population within 50 miles about 1.5 million) – Oconee

For Years PREPPER Community has been saying:
GO INLAND/FRESH WATER. My Husband’s Daughter just bought a home on a Shared Lake in TNN. This Eclipse best viewing passes 5 Miles from their home. They think Eclipse is no big deal.
Meanwhile, Prepper’s for the last couple years are buying Freezer’s and storing 25 Years of Food!

Yesterday I read article promoting Infidelity!
“Ladies Add Strength to the Gene-Pool Future. Nothing wrong with creating more Big Strong Children” (Your husband will never know)
So, they are not just the Religious.

Maybe this growing Alt/Right group wants domination.

“According to an NSA document acquired by the Intercept, Russian Military Intelligence cyberattacked a U.S. voting software supplier, using information gained in that attack to “launch a voter registration-themed spear-phishing campaign targeting U.S. local government organizations.”


Fe: I see you too have posted this bombshell news about Russian hacking voting machines. I have believed this all along.

One other possibility is the New Madrid fault and a potential earthquake. A grand solar minimum causes a number of issues including increased earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, erratic weather with early and late freezes disrupting food production. We clearly need to stop our pollution, but there is so much more that can happen. I understand the snake river fault is being watched carefully as well. Both of these areas appear to fall in the line of the eclipse so they should be considered as possible disasters as well, even if they don’t happen often, historically they have happened in the past and in those areas. Disasters come in all flavors and moving inland, to the wrong place, won’t save any of us from disaster when it comes calling. I live along the east coast, hurricanes you know about in advance unlike some of the other disasters that can happen. It’s green and beautiful, and I’ve felt drawn here since I was a young child. For now, that’s as reliable as anything else and for me has always been reliable when I bother to listen.

Wow – sorry about the run on sentences. That happens when I edit too much. Hopefully the gist came through.

Call me suspicious …… with the newly ‘uncovered’ Russian military story ……

I am mindful that there has been recent talk about a letter Comey received just before the election regarding Hillary, and now that letter is considered to be a planted story by Russian sources.

I am also mindful that Greenwald has either been a witting or unwitting tool for a large part of the agenda/people enabling assange and his strategically timed wikileaks in the months before the election.

Is the timing of this story just a bit toooo convenient? Is this story being leaked to send the anti trumpers on a wild goose chase further down the rabbit hole as a diversionary tactic? Is this a tactic to release a fake story that will later be proven not to be so, so then they can claim if a little bit is untrue, then everything else must be untrue?
(several people so far that have looked have found no evidence of voting machines being hacked)
I remain wary of these sorts of stories, partly because I have little confidence in some of Greenwald’s sources.
I think I would feel better if this sort of thing were vetted and confirmed both by other journalists and FBI sources.

Yes, but this is the anti-Trump government contractor who leaked it, and she is some deep sh*t. Her name is Reality Leigh Winner — must be some metaphor in there some where!


Harvard – Bastion of “left-wing liberals” shows the world what true morality is!

The above was my FB post. So PROUD of Harvard. It felt so good to say this and zing it to my conservative friends and family who go on and on and on about how soft and weak Liberals are!


Casey, the New Madrid fault line did cross my mind. Hope nothing like that happens. Many states along the MS River will be affected (and don’t worry about run-on sentences; your message came through loud & clear).

If there was any lingering doubt that a tiny clique of fossil-fuel barons has captured America’s energy and environmental policies, it was dispelled last week, when the Trump Administration withdrew from the Paris climate accord. Surveys showed that a majority of Americans in literally every state wanted to remain within the agreement, and news reports established that the heads of many of the country’s most successful and iconic Fortune 100 companies, from Disney to General Electric, did, too. Voters and big business were arrayed against leaving the climate agreement. Yet despite the majority’s sentiment, a tiny—and until recently, almost faceless—minority somehow prevailed.


What if the investigation came to the conclusion that the 2016 US Presidential election results were invalid?

Leaked NSA Report Suggests Russian Hacking Could Have Affected Election Day Itself

New York Magazine
June 5, 2017

So “Comey Week” in Washington has taken a new turn with the disclosure by The Intercept of a National Security Agency report documenting a sophisticated Russian military intelligence operation before the 2016 election aimed at compromising state and local election infrastructure systems. The document has been subsequently verified as a legitimate by CBS News.

There’s more smoke than fire in the report, which mainly establishes that the Russians were making an effort to gain access to voter registration database information—though that’s a big deal given the impact of voter registration information on access to the ballot. But it also opened up the possibility the hackers got access to vote-counting machinery as well, particularly in states with electronic voting machines (which happen to include Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, two of the three states that decided the presidential election).

More importantly, the report could change the scope of the various investigations by Congress, the FBI, and special prosecutor Bob Mueller of alleged Russian interference in the 2016 elections and possible Trump campaign collusion with that interference.



Valid point Sharon – the intrigue continues …….
but how long will it take to prove, beyond a doubt, an invalid election?
In the meantime, how does the country fare under increasing radical polarized politics at the same time as an ongoing Constitutional Crisis?

Case 1:17-mj-00024-BKE Document 1 Filed 06/03/17 Page 1 of 1
A0 106 (Rev (04/lO) Application for a Search Warrant

“The person to be searched is REALITY LEIGH WINNER, who is a white female with blonde hair and blue eyes, 5’5″ tall, weighing approximately 145 pounds, with DOB December 4, 1991.”


“Winner was born in Texas in December 1991. She was raised in Kingsville, a small city in the south of the state, about 40 miles from Corpus Christi. She has a sister, Brittany, who is studying for a PhD in Pharmacology and Toxicology at Michigan State University and did not respond to an email.”


regarding Hillary’s and Kaine’s charts at the eclipse:

Could it be that they finally have proof that the election was stolen from them.

Ja – its a real life whodunit isn’t it – who did what to whom – and when
here’s to riding out the suspense and not letting the suspense supercede everything else important in life

Well, Reality Leigh Winner is now one of my heroes! That’s the kind of whistle blowing I like. The information she released had been talked about in the media unofficially but who knows when it would have been publicly verified? We need to establish once and for all whether or not the Russians interferred and whether Trump & associates colluded because too many people are pooh-poohing the idea and calling it a deep state cover-up and a sore loser myth by those who wanted Hillary to win (or something like that).

Casey, as the queen of the run-on sentence I think your piece was quite succinct and wonderful. Thanks for your perspective and observations.

I so dreamed/wished/prayed to see The First Woman President in my lifetime.

“Why Do They Hate Her?
Hillary Clinton is the most maligned presidential loser in history. What’s going on?


(There is still Extreme Disrespect & Pure Hatred Toward Women…that’s my take)


The geographic center of the United States is a point approximately 20 mi (32 km) north of Belle Fourche, South Dakota (Lat. 44 58 02.07622(N) Long. 103 46 17.60283(W)).

A look at HRC’s chart located to the geographic center of the 50 states may explain how many see her or why it has been easy for the opposition to have their portrayal of her accepted. I have used this technique many times but usually need to use the midpoint of the 48 states for events before 1959.


Sharon, I am concerned for her well being as Mars will transit opposite her Sun, Uranus, and Neptune shortly while Saturn will be conjunct some nasty midpoints in her chart.

Duchess of Gadsden,
Many Thanks for posting the link to the interactive world sea level site. There have been several such sites on the net and all are useful for people to understand the potential and probable danger. Bringing attention to them is a needed education for many. I’ve consulted them many times.

The only caveat is these sites do not take into account the topography beneath the present oceans or the effect of centripetal force. The lower elevations of Borneo will be more vulnerable than the lower elevations of northern Scotland as water gathers a bit deeper and higher the closer the area is to the equator.

Does anyone know if Rachel Maddow returned to her show last night. She was not on all last week; something is going on with her I think.

A tweet from Amy Siskind today on Rachel Maddow: “Wow that Rachel is still out. This is one serious illness. Pls all: practice self-care – the Resistance needs us all healthy and fighting!”

According to the Art of the Deal, never shake hands with Trump. He does not wash them after going to the bathroom and then shakes hands with people as some sort of sick power play!


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