14th Apr, 2017

Martial Fantasy

There is something that heats American blood and suffuses us with a magical rush of adrenaline when we witness our country’s most macho moments of military devastation against a perceived “bad guy”.  Those early flashes of consummate strength offer a heady and satisfying surge of potency.   Unfortunately, our collective memory is so short as to be almost non-existent, and we forget the long, painful, and draining slogs that often follow these moments, especially when the consequences have not been initially well considered. Witness Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq, and, now, possibly Syria, North Korea, and potentially the newly expanded war on ISIS, if we are not careful.

We should also be acutely aware that our new Commander-in-Chief just got his first real taste of an immensely satisfying adrenaline power surge when he bombed a Syrian military airstrip in response to Bashar al Assad’s recent chemical attack. After non-stop chaos, humiliation, and frustration in his new administration, this was a game-changing moment for President Narcissist, giving him, for the first time, near universal acclaim. It is hard to not imagine him almost compulsively hungering for more of the same.

In the US chart, there are two planetary configurations to watch that relate to this particular pattern. The first is the Mars (21Gemini23) square to Neptune (22Virgo25) which points to military adventurism that is, at first, exuberating and exciting, but is often followed by disillusion, disappointment, and loss.  During the late 1960’s, while the Vietnam War was heating up, the transiting Uranus/Pluto conjunction was crossing 21-22 Virgo, a powerful stimulus to the US Mars/Neptune square. And during much of the George Bush administration, as we expanded our messy footprint in both Iraq and Afghanistan, transiting Pluto crossed 21-22 Sagittarius while transiting Uranus crossed 21-22 Pisces, again over-stimulating the grandiose expectations and ultimate disappointment of the Mars/Neptune square.

The second configuration in the US chart to note in this regard is the Sun (13Cancer19) square to a tenth house Saturn (14Libra48).   Saturn tends to put a rein on the more egotistical and overly proud tendencies of the Sun. Moreover, a tenth house Saturn is known to humble those who think they are invincible.  During the final months of the Vietnam conflict leading to the fall of Saigon, transiting Saturn was crossing the US Sun and squaring US Saturn (August 1974 through May 1975).  President Nixon resigned during the first crossing of Saturn to the US Sun (symbolic of the president) in August 1974.

At present, the US Sun is about to receive a long station of Jupiter in a square aspect from May 13 to June 18. We may well see an increase in patriotic fervor and an expansion (Jupiter) of US military power during that time. As always during Jupiter transits, the mood remains very optimistic and proud, but some amount of recklessness and poor judgement is a danger.  Of great concern is that this Jupiter station is followed by a long, slow Saturn station square to US Neptune and opposite US Mars, from July 1 through October 4.  This Saturn transit is likely to bring in the disappointment and loss that often follows the initial exuberance of American military adventurism. A painful reality (Saturn) check seems likely.

As for Donald Trump during the current period, the planets are informative. After two and half months of turmoil and resistance to his new administration, Trump had a series of wins over the past week. With transiting Jupiter conjunct his natal Jupiter from April 6 through April 13, Trump garnered one success after another. First, in response to the chemical weapons attack, he bombed the Syrian military airport to near universal acclaim. Next, his Supreme Court nominee was rammed through the Senate. He also had a successful meeting with the Chinese President, and, on the final day of this transit, he announced, in truly Jupiterian grandiosity and flair, that he used the “Mother of all Bombs” on a Taliban cave complex in Afghanistan. 

Strong Jupiter transits are likely to always bring moments of triumph to Donald Trump. Jupiter will be semisquare to his Ascendant (29Leo53) from April 27 through May 6 and July 1 through July 14. The final Jupiter return will come from July 28 through August 4. These may be times of expansionist gestures from the president, with some possibility of short-term success, especially during the upcoming Jupiter semisquare the ascendant (4/27 to 5/6) which will precede the series of Saturn transits in Trump’s chart beginning on June 11, likely to mitigate any benefits from Jupiter over the summer.

Thus, we might expect some more assertive and seemingly successful military action in late April and early May (Jupiter semisquare Trump’s Ascendant), followed by a big US “hoorah” from mid-May to mid-June (Jupiter square US Sun). The latter may relate to successful military action or it may relate of national pride that our democracy is not as moribund as it once seemed in its ability to stand up to Trump’s perfidious dishonesty and behavior.  In any event, things begin to get very stressful for Trump at the same time as the US optimism soars with the Jupiter station, perhaps relating to the metastasizing investigation of his campaign’s Russian ties. The transit of Saturn quincunx his natal Venus (25Cancer44) from May 13 through May 29 suggests a great deal of criticism and diminishing poll numbers.  Moreover, trouble comes to his administration in June, when Saturn comes back to square Mars (24Pisces28), semisquare the Moon (9Scorpio22), and conjunct Saturn (23Sagittarius31) in the Inaugural chart. This will set off major resistance to and anger at the Trump administration during all of June.

In Trump’s natal chart we find transiting Saturn quincunx natal Saturn (23Cancer48) as of June 11 through June 25, followed by Saturn opposite the Sun (22Gemini56) from June 24 to July 7 and again from September 26 to October 12, with the slow Saturn station conjunct his Moon (21Sagittarius12) from July 20 through September 1. In addition, his progressed Moon will conjunct progressed Saturn from June 25 through July 21, and transiting Saturn will return to quincunx natal Saturn and then natal Venus from mid-October to mid-November. This is a devastating series of aspects particularly as they parallel the long Saturn transit to the US Mars/Neptune square from July 1 to early October. Essentially, the country will be struggling and very upset over something, as well as feeling some significant losses, and Donald Trump is being blamed.


I want to mention that this weekend through Monday has some major activations of the current Venus/Saturn square. I am expecting some very stressful stories to unfold.

I also want to go on record about 2019, beginning around April, when both Uranus and Pluto will activate US Mars (military adventurism) followed by a Saturn station square US 10th house Saturn (humiliation and loss).

And finally, I can’t help but think that Trump will manage to scapegoat others and keep trucking as president. I still think the Saturn station will bring the end of Bannon in the WH. Perhaps his bad advice will be blamed for the summer crisis. Then he will leave and go on to incite trouble through Breitbart once again.

War conventional, or nuclear? How sideways could it go?

Great post, Nancy. All that you describe is indeed par for the course with Trump. He’ll gleefully take all the credit when things are going “well” such as with Gorsuch and the recent bombings, but then be quick to blame others when they aren’t, because his ginormous ego won’t let him grasp that he himself could be flawed or otherwise have fallen short in some way.

I also agree that Bannon’s days are numbered. He’s going to be the fall guy that Trump will hold up and blame for the Russia scandals while denying that he himself had any involvement. But Bannon’s ultimate mistake will have been to let people think that he was more important than his boss, instead of the other way around. Trump can’t bear to be upstaged by anyone, something even his son-in-law Jared Kushner likely understands.

Thank you Nancy.


Day 1: Minimizing the Economic Burden of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Pending Repeal

“Hours after taking the oath of office, Trump issued an executive order aimed at rolling back Obamacare.”

Counting January 20 and Apr 29 the 29th of Apr will mark 100 days of trump’s term. I wonder if king donald will decree it a national holiday from the roof of the WH wearing his laurel leaf crown?

His progressed Moon will be just over 2 1/2 degrees (RA) from his progressed Saturn and closing.

It’s right ascension progress:

3° on Apr 18
2° on May 12
1° on Jun 5
Exact on Jun 30

On Sep 11 it will have progressed 3° out from the exact conjunction.

Launching Tomahawk missiles or drone strikes is a rite of passage for all recent Presidents but the creep in the White House now did it sooner than the others.

Hey Nancy:

Hoping we have a better Democratic Congress in 2019 to restore checks and balances back–and reverse the damage done with Repub control these next two years.

Nobody hates ISIS more than me but this is so sick:

The August 21st eclipse over the US will also hit Trump’s Mars and ASC heavy duty, in addition to his other transits. Looks like we’re in for a big national crisis, come late summer to fall.

Holy Moly Nancy…did not expect to see a new post so soon. Thank you.

What do you think about SS, will they be able to destroy it.

Try to enjoy the holiday weekend, hard as it might seem.

Many Thanks for your analysis.

(1) “The latter may relate to successful military action or it may relate of national pride that our democracy is not as moribund as it once seemed in its ability to stand up to Trump’s perfidious dishonesty and behavior.”

I’m hoping our national pride is rooted in our “ability to stand up to Trump’s perfidious dishonesty and behavior.”

(2) The N. Korea situation appears to me as a “damned if you do – damned if you don’t” scenario. I don’t think the danger, particularly to our west coast, (and to my wife who resides there and where I will be within a few months) can be resolved without taking some sort of risk.

Unfortunately, it seems no sanctions or diplomatic measures or risks are likely to be successful. But should a military option be exercised, of necessity it need be done from wisdom and with consummate skill, as in the way Osama Bin Laden was taken out under the aegis of Mr. Obama’s sage acumen, and the expertise of our Navy Seals.

Sadly, I see no such wisdom in the heart or mind of Mr. Trump. Any such covert exercise directed toward N. Korea need be carefully planned and repeatedly rehearsed before consummation. But of course, this is not Mr. Trump’s style.

As the Carl Vinson group sails toward N. Korea, both my hopes and my angst rise. It is my hope the combining pressure from the PR of China, and our US Navy will force Mr. Un to stand down with his nuclear and missile program, but I seriously doubt it. I suspect either we, the USA, or the PR of China will need to invade to remove the danger. In either case, I see the possibility of great, perhaps even massive loss of lives.

President Obama warned Mr. Trump the N. Korea situation would be his most immediate and egregious national security concern. I cannot think of anyone less qualified to oversee and conduct such an operation, whether it be diplomatic or military. It may be a no-win situation for all concerned.

Although they are of very different character, both the N. Korea and Syria situations are in all probability no-win scenarios. IMHO we might well benefit in withdrawal from the Syrian Civil War; the N. Korea situation is more complex. It is a clear and present danger to China, Taiwan, Russia, Japan, S. Korea and the United States, the focus of Mr. Un’s paranoia.

“Of great concern is that this Jupiter station is followed by a long, slow Saturn station square to US Neptune and opposite US Mars, from July 1 through October 4. This Saturn transit is likely to bring in the disappointment and loss that often follows the initial exuberance of American military adventurism. A painful reality (Saturn) check seems likely.”

In the context of your sage analysis and what I see, I think the “painful reality (Saturn) check ” you referred to as likely, may be an understatement.

Eliseo – I pretty much agree with your assessment. Kim needs to be handled with care not with bluster, and DJT is a one-trick pony. I am concerned about the possibilities.

Thank You Starlight,
It is very personal to me. My wife is in western WA state. I have friends in CA & WA. I can’t return to WA until late this summer.

Pluto is transiting the latter part of my natal 7th House. I don’t want to be a widower, or have to return to a nuclearized, bombed, destroyed, toxic home.

Continuing…I’m concerned for the safety and well being, not just of my wife and friends, but all of you who reside on our west coast.

May you all be blessed, surrounded and infused with protective, guarding light.

N. Korea and it’s leader are probably just crazy enough not to be able grasp that a direct attack on the U.S. would be tantamount to them committing suicide. Maybe that isn’t the point, but rather it would be to score some kind of “symbolic hit” that wounds us physically in some way (e.g. one or more damaged or ruined cities with potentially hundreds of thousands of casualties), while also weakening us in the forum of global opinion somehow. Twisted thinking, perhaps, but it does seem entirely plausible for them.

Eliseo, I can relate to your concerns as I have some family and friends out there, too. There are always potential threats, but I feel even now that some rationality exists in, say, China and Russia, if not here, that does not want a conflagration if for no other reason than that it would consume them as well. But North Korea is so doped up on its delusions and propaganda of glory that there may be no reasoning with them.

Are there charts of the western coast states that could be looked at to see if there might be any valid concern, or if this is just more ginned up hot air?


“But North Korea is so doped up on its delusions and propaganda of glory that there may be no reasoning with them.”

Yeah, that’s my assessment. I’m not even sure the Chinese can reason with them.

But DJT is delusional as well. Two narcissistic personalities as heads of two enemy states with nuclear weapons? …

I have a couple of astrology books which list the founding dates of the US states and the various cities and nations of Earth. One of them is the Campion book. But I don’t have access to them here down in Texas where I currently and temporarily abide.

If I have correct, or nearly correct, data for Assad – namely just the date for this aspect – his progressed Mars longitude 20°15′ Sag, August eclipse Saturn 21°12′ Sag.

Progressed Mars 260°05′ in right ascension, eclipse Saturn 260°30′.

Eclipse Saturn is stationing.

IMO – Not Every Person

[I posted on previous thread years +++++ ago I was asked to give up airplane seat first politely, then nagging, then harassment; my response was if they continued and forced the issue first call to Congressman and second to Senator…. now here is the thing I was traveling with a SMALL CHILD; apparently they thought I looked vulnerable to their tactics which goes stewards/stewardess working over a passenger with child demonstrated how incredibly brain dead they were; what adult with small child is going to yield to arm twisting power struggle when there is a plane full of other passengers airline personell could approach to pay to deplane…. small children don’t do well with change of travel plans delays and disruptions…… no way]

An Associated Press analysis of government data shows that in 2015 and 2016, Delta paid an average of $1,118 in compensation for every passenger that it denied a seat. Southwest Airlines paid $758, United $565, and American Airlines $554.

After the incident in Chicago, critics questioned why United didn’t offer more when no passengers accepted the airline’s $800 offer for volunteers to give up their seats.

“If you offer enough money, even the guy going to a funeral will sell his seat,” said Ross Aimer, a retired United pilot.

Delta Now Pays Up To $9,950 If You Volunteer To Switch Flights


Delta Air Lines is making a dramatic change in the wake of United’s PR disaster, in which a man was violently dragged off a plane after refusing to accept approximately $800 in exchange for his seat.

Under Delta’s former caps, customer service agents could offer up to $800 in compensation to passengers who volunteered to switch planes, and employees with higher titles could offer up to $1,350. Today, those limits were upped to $2,000 and $9,950 respectively.

But still, experts say the situation may have been avoided had crew members offered more money to the booted passenger. Delta’s new dollar amounts are likely designed to make that possible in the future.)

The Delta memo outlines protocol for gate agents who solicit passengers to swap from oversold flights. If not enough passengers volunteer at the gate, the memo says, customer service agents should offer up to $2,000 in compensation. If that doesn’t work, they should call in a manager who’s allowed to offer more.

“If not enough volunteers were solicited via self-service, make the scripted oversold flight gate announcement to solicit more volunteers. … Solicit up to $2,000 regardless of domestic or international travel,” the memo reads. “If a higher amount is required to prevent an involuntary denied boarding, contact a PSA/OSM. PSA/OSMs can issue a maximum $9,950 Domestic/International.”

The new rule empowers staff to give more money in an attempt to avoid intense situations, which could mean more money for you on your next trip. Win-win.


Thanks again, Nancy, for you thought provoking posts.

It just flashed through my mind when you mentioned the Venus/Saturn square happening now, that there will be a number of ‘HUGE’ marches all over the country protesting Trump’s refusal to release his taxes. Venus (money), Saturn (obstruction, among many other things) blowing up big time by April 21 when they both form aspects to the US natal Vertex and Part of Fortune in the 8th house. which are opposed to good ol’ natal Pluto in the 2nd.

Forgot to mention…

Above configuration slowly impinging on Trump’s natal Venus at 25 Cancer.

I think something is coming up…

Starlight – Wonderful surprise seeing another post so soon from you! Thank you!

You stated in your post… “Jupiter will be semisquare to his Ascendant (29Leo53) from April 27 through May 6…. These may be times of expansionist gestures from the president, with some possibility of short-term success…. ”

Prior to Trump discovering his love affair with The Bomb, he’d been threatening gov’t closure via the budget if the TP’s and Dem’s didn’t agree to his changes to the ACA post-haste.

That 4/27-5/6 time frame falls squarely where we normally see the rubber meet the road where our paychecks are concerned. Could Trump’s “small successes” during this time frame encompass a gov’t shutdown?

Always before, we were paid once gov’t opened again. But with Trump and this inordinately cruel Congress, I’d lay odds they refuse to pay us this time. W/o even thinking about paying “bills”… just $$$ to eat during a shutdown would be hard for several of us right now. Could the stars be trying to give us Fed Civs a “heads up” of hard times immediately ahead?

Egads, if it’s not one thing it’s a million (all at once) with this nefarious prez and crew. Grrrr

Just a thought.
It suddenly occurs to me DJT may be willing to risk war with N. Korea in part because he knows that if they accurately launch a missile our way it will hit those he perceives as his enemies, i.e. Hawaiians, or Californians, or Oregonians and/or Washingtonians, the voters who rejected him in large numbers. Only Alaska on our west coast voted for him.

Nancy I think you really nailed it on two levels:

The funny thing is that prior to this Trump’s modus operandi was always a short term success followed by a regret. He would always do a real estate project with a huge splash in the press, but it would often be followed by a bankruptcy that his bankers would regret. And in this case, we the American people are his bankers.

But the flip side of this is that America is always all to happy to march quickly into war and then later regret the consequences. This really goes back to at least the Spanish–American War which still has consequences today from Cuba to the Philippines. At the end of the day electing someone like Trump is collectively our fault (it’s shocking how quickly people forgot Bush).

If you care to read an opinion piece on the French elections, voila:


On Earth, molecular hydrogen chiefly comes from lifeless processes, such as when hot water circulates through rocks rich with iron or organic molecules. This liberates the gas, which can flow out at seafloor hydrothermal vents to nourish methanogenic bacteria that form the base of the food chain for light-starved ecosystems. On Enceladus, researchers believe, similar hydrothermal activity must be taking place.


What Eliseo said.
Yeah…he’ll risk it. Especially if his poll numbers go up with Jupiterain patriotism. Say it isn’t so!

And I predict he and Putin will keep messing in Syria bigly because it creates a refugee and immigration nightmare that serves them both well. Their base is founded on fears fueled by destabilized Europe and US. Weaponized (false) information and weaponized immigration. What a world!

Enceladus was discovered by William Herschel on August 28, 1789, during the first use of his new 1.2 m (47 in) telescope, then the largest in the world.

Voyager 2 was the first spacecraft to observe Enceladus’s surface in detail, in August 1981.

Observations during three flybys by Cassini on February 17, March 9, and July 14, 2005, revealed Enceladus’ surface features in much greater detail than the Voyager 2 observations.



what you said too!



Will There Be War? DJT & the August Solar Eclipse




Thank you for another wonderful article.

Has anyone looked at Jon Ossoff in Georgia? It would be great if he flipped this seat.

Grand Fire Trine by Synastry With Fixed Star Regulas – Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017

Location: Capitol Building DC

Uranus 28 Aries


Sun & Moon 28 Leo


Fixed Star Regular 29 Leo (00 Virgo)

What’s easier than a trine?

Abeliene I looked at his chart based on the information that I could find. I have February 16th 1987 in Atlanta Georgia. I looked on astrodienst. Looks like he has Saturn Conjunct Uranus and Jupitar trine MC during the election time period if final election is held on June 20th.

Take all of this and I guess any birthdays I find with a grain of salt because there is usually only one source and it could or could not be accurate and I am not an expert by any means!! I do not know how the other transits could come into play at all. I will go see if I can find birth data on the woman he will probably end up running against if he does not win outright on Tuesday.

OK the woman he will most likely run against if he does not win is Karen Handel April 18,1962 Washington DC.


His Jupiter period is over so this should shake him up a bit (although he might be in denial). Nevertheless…pass the popcorn!

A great turn out here in San Diego for the tax march.
Very exhilarating.


Sharon, your article sort of highlights what my thinking has been for some time – that the problem with the Russia connections is not with the ‘body politic’ but with the organized crime element within – both here and in Russia.
It has frustrated me that most journalists have been spouting the line ‘Russia interfered with the election’ without mentioning also ‘the corrupt elements within government(s) have engineered this to happen’
I think for this whole sorry saga to affect trump politically, the crime aspect has to be made uppermost – just as earlier mob figures were brought down by mere mail fraud or tax evasion, rather than other heinous crimes.

“Facebook is going after 30,000 phony accounts used to distribute fake news in France, ahead of the national vote there”
“Facebook conceded it was partly responsible for the spread of fake news during the U.S. election.”

Well, better late than never for FB. It’s a sensitive issue — free speech and all that.

Kiwi, I hope that they get Trump on something, even if it IS tax evasion or abetting criminal conspiracy; however, pinning him to collusion with Russia would be much more satisfying. I think his team may go down for that as probably, like Putin, he’ll have others doing the dirty work and taking the fall for that particular issue.


I saw your comments and picked up on your concerns.

I think that China has a lot of influence on N. Korea and, in this case, will make sure that cooler and saner heads prevail. I also don’t think Trump is as crazy and reckless as people seem to believe. Let’s surround the West coast and the Pacific NW with lots of white light and blessings.

Hope you are correct in your assumption re: China.

“Let’s surround the West coast and the Pacific NW with lots of white light and blessings.”

That’s about all we can do right now. But in addition to California, Oregon and Washington, I suggest including Guam, Hawaii, and Alaska on that list.

Also, Japan, S. Korea, and The Philippines.

Personally, I think Korea’s toddler-in-chief likes to display bravado, but is really more bluff than substance.
The significant amping up of rhetoric serves our own toddler-in-chief’s interests much more than Korea’s from a US domestic point of view, yet he does not see that the issue is also a potentially significant bargaining chip for China – it puts them 100% in the catbird seat with any Trump ‘negotiations’.

And, of course, as already mentioned by somebody else before this post, the Venus/Saturn square getting a little rougher as time moves on towards April 21 might indeed signify a nasty fight over a Government Shut Down.



Thank you. I just think if he’s able take this seat it will scare the crap out of the repugs and make them think twice and slow down on their radical agenda. Especially, if he wins outright.

RE: Will There Be War? DJT & the August Solar Eclipse

Interesting essay, though the author’s analysis is grim. The Mars descendant line for DJT over N. Korea and the other lines and aspects certainly portend the brewing conflict. But conflict does not always become conflagration. We shall see…
Many Thanks.

“This question is rather redundant because America has been on a more or less continuous ‘war footing’, either in active military engagement or preparing for action, since its beginning in July 1776”

As I have long believed…We are the Roman Republic/Empire reincarnate. Washington, DC is Rome. London is Constantinople. Deep karma is usually difficult to fathom.


The August 21st eclipse conjoins North Korea’s natal Saturn (28 Leo). It is quickly followed by the August 25th Saturn station (21 Sag) conjunct North Korea’s natal Jupiter (20 Sag). Because these aspects are profoundly impacting both the US and Trump’s natal charts as well, I suspect there could be a US/ Korean military conflict around that time.

PS…….. The 8/21/17 eclipse (28 Leo) conjunct NK’s natal Saturn will precisely trine tr. Uranus (28 Aries) the ruling sign of Mars, the planet of action and war. I can’t imagine a more incendiary, malefic combination. The Uranus component suggests that events will erupt suddenly.

The current Venus/Saturn square is with us until April 21. It is strongly activated today and tomorrow (the Moon today and Mars today and tomorrow). At least some of what it seems to be about is a near universal angst about things heating up with North Korea.

Meanwhile, Kim Jong Un looks pretty agitated this summer. I will try and cover that more soon. But it does seem to parallel some of the US tensions.

Somebody probably has noted that the transiting (retro) Jupiter has been conjunct the U.S. natal PROGRESSED (retro) Mars in Libra, so I apologize if this is just repeated info (I am unable to keep up with all comments). But if it hasn’t been noted, then it seems obvious that all the saber-rattling this new U.S. administration has made recently is tied to this transiting/progressed combo.

Also an observation that would not usually be commented on is that when transiting Mars gets closer to a trine with transiting retro Jupiter next month (around the 10th or 11th since Mars usually expresses before its exact aspects) the reigning transiting pattern will become a Locomotive and that energy is hard to stop.

the 10th of May, being a Full Moon in Scorpio, suggests a secretive kind of power in itself. The open trine between Jupiter and Mars is what creates the Locomotive pattern and puts Jupiter in the Engine position. Trans. retro Jupiter will also be conjunct the U.S. natal Saturn, both at 14+ Libra.

This alone suggests a “show-of-force” from Trump as trans. Jupiter will also be conjunct his natal Chiron (wound) and Juno (2nd best). Transiting Mars in Gemini will exacerbate this personal wound and sense of not being the best I would imagine. Whether or not it includes a bomb-o-rama or just a tweet storm I can’t say, but Mars IS in Gemini so expect more than one of whatever it is.

Since Jupiter will conjunct the U.S. Saturn there will be limits on how this Mars-trine-Jupiter expresses. Transiting Pallas at 14+ Aries will oppose transiting Jupiter retrograde and Trump’s Chiron/Juno and U.S. Saturn, so that too could dampen the enthusiasm for any grand gestures.

Also, the transiting combo of Venus and Uranus in Aries will square Trump’s natal Venus-Saturn in Cancer (and the U.S. natal Mercury) giving a sense of reluctance or at least a velvet glove approach to whatever transiting Mars is pushing for.

Finally, transiting Mars will have just entered the U.S. natal 7th house of partners and/or open enemies so who knows for sure who will be the Martian influence by that time.

Did you see Melissa’s “Sean Spicer” bit last night? It was worth the wait. Happy Easter bunny to all.

Earlier I said that May’s Full Moon chart had Venus conjunct Uranus when it is really Mercury conjunct Uranus. The Dell Horoscope magazine chart is so tiny I failed to see the right symbol so I guess it’s time for some new glasses!

As long as I’m here I should also point out that the transiting (Moon’s) nodes will have shifted into Leo (north node) and Aquarius (south node) and the north node will conjunct Trump’s ascendant.

For those that are curious about the Locomotive pattern, a great deal of emphasis is put on the leading planet (in this case Jupiter) and where it falls (which house). For this FM, when set in Washington DC, it is in the 12th house of “behind closed doors” and “a place of confinement” notoriety. That is where the driving power of the Locomotive energy will initiate.

starlight: I still think the Saturn station will bring the end of Bannon in the WH. Perhaps his bad advice will be blamed for the summer crisis. Then he will leave and go on to incite trouble through Breitbart once again.

Cernovich made the claims that he’d release a series of “scoops” if Bannon is officially pushed out of the White House on an eleven-minute, self-recorded Periscope Thursday night.
“If they get rid of Bannon, you know what’s gonna happen? The motherlode. If Bannon is removed, there are gonna be divorces, because I know about the mistresses, the sugar babies, the drugs, the pill popping, the orgies. I know everything,” said Cernovich.
“If they go after Bannon, the mother of all stories is gonna drop, and we’re just gonna destroy marriages, relationships—it’s gonna get personal.”



Kim Jong Un has a Mars-Chiron quincunx (28 Libra-Taurus). Here’s his chart…


The August 21st eclipse (28 Leo) will be agitating that aspect by sextile and square.

Thanks Jerry. Kim Jong Un’s chart expresses what must be a great fear of the outside world, ie. his Bowl pattern (all 10 major planets more or less within a trine, leaving 2/3rds of the chart unoccupied. His Mars-Pluto conjunction and his natal Moon-square-Venus suggest to me that his emotional life was stifled from the git-go.

The interesting combination of his major planets in the signs Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces, possibly placed in the 10th, 11th, 12th, 1st and 2nd natal houses, would suggest he has no natal connectivity with the 3rd house and the sign Gemini, the 4rh house and the sign Cancer and the 5th house and the sign Leo, nor the 6th house and Virgo, although his North Node is possibly in the 6th house and definitely in Gemini.

This may not mean much to anyone, but when Venus made the 2nd of her 2 recent occultations of the Sun in 2012 (very rare occurrences that come in pairs with more than 100 years between the pairs – if memory serves me) it was in the same degree as Kim’s North Node in Gemini.

Here’s the irony; this very lonely man-child has Saturn in Scorpio sextile Sun in Capricorn that form a Yod with his natal North Node in Gemini, which then becomes a Boomerang due to the natal South Node in Sagittarius, which is only 4 degrees away from his natal Uranus.

I assume the actual birth time is unknown. so we can’t be sure of which houses are occupied or are empty. We can be sure of the Boomerang though. The Boomerang/South Node point is a form of bringing the “world” into his own sphere of existence and he has undoubtedly practiced it all his life.

I’m thinking Kim won’t start to “grow” through this process (Boomerang) until some major planets arrive at 15+ Gemini or if there are squares to his nodes. His Saturn Return in November 2013 has made demands on him to be a “grownup” but his insulated life, I’m guessing, has delayed this.

Kim’s natal Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius has been pressured by transiting Saturn (and the Galactic Center) especially now as Saturn stations retrograde. Transiting Saturn will teach Kim Jung Un what it is really like to be a grownup.

The fact that the U.S. Uranus forms a T-square with his Venus-Moon square by being opposite his natal Venus might imply a cry for attention rather than just sheer madness or a show of strength. Kim’s Mars at 28+ Libra is square the U.S. Pluto at 27+ Capricorn, but trine the U.S. Moon at 27+ Cancer. Perhaps the U.S. People could understand his behavior if they knew his story.

In a weird sense I think Trump could be the best mentor for him in that Trump could possibly relate to the “great expectations” placed on one at an early age. Not that I have much sympathy for either of them. Perhaps Kim already has an admiration of Trump (unconsciously of course).

Thanks for sharing Jerry.

A good example of Pluto in Capricorn

United Airlines Is Just One Miscreant In The Age Of Frustration
You, the customer, are nothing, an impediment, a nuisance, an awkwardness, a de minimis statistic, a grain of sand on the beach of corporate wealth.


President Trump does not know Mike Conaway

Mr. Conaway is taking over the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russian meddling in the presidential election. He is replacing Representative Devin Nunes, the California Republican whose suspiciously cozy relationship with Mr. Trump derailed the inquiry before he was ultimately forced to step aside.


more on Trump from Marjorie

I keep wondering if the eclipse could be when some major news breaks that effectively makes 45 “Resident in name only,” even though he might not leave office then.

An eclipse is always a change–lunar is a change in the form, solar is a change in the essence–of something. House, sign, and aspects indicate what that something may be.


The Aug 7th lunar eclipse (15 ’25 Aq ) opposes North Korea’s natal Pluto (15 ’33 Leo) – sesquisquare North Korea’s natal Uranus (0 ’17 Cancer). This indicates to me US/No. Korean tensions may start heating up early to mid August and reach culmination by late August.

Here’s NK’s chart…….


I incorrectly wrote that Kim Jong Un’s nativity was a Bowl configuration when I should have said it was a Bundle. A Bowl would be all 10 major planets in 1/2 of a chart while the Bundle would have all 10 major planets in 1/3 of a chart.

Another Bundle type chart spread of the planets can be seen in the present cycle of Saturn and Pluto where all the 10 major planets are found between 12+ Leo and 5+ Capricorn.

The present cycle of Saturn and Pluto will come to an end in January 2020, and what a cycle it has been. Starting in 1982 with only 1 conjunction between them, the most influential aspect (IMO) would be their conjunction at 27+ Libra sextile Neptune at 25+ Sagittarius forming a Yod with Chiron at 25+ Taurus retrograde.

What I’m curious about is that presently transiting Sedna is at 25+ Taurus. The apex point of any Yod will need to sufficiently adjust to the energies it receives via the quincunx aspects it makes with the other participants of the Yod.

During this time, since November 7, 1982, Chiron has been the symbol of this “adjustment” period and now transiting Sedna is reflecting that repositioning . We just don’t know enough about Sedna to recognize this important picture she’s providing. This could be an opportunity to learn more about what she symbolizes.

Often called the wounded healer, Chiron usually expresses first as pain or a wound that won’t heal when he is trying to get our attention. So, with transiting Sedna superimposed over the Chiron in the Pluto-Saturn cycle chart we might consider looking at Trump’s natal MC at 24+ Taurus.

Or we might consider transiting Mars who was at 25+ Taurus this past Friday and Saturday. Mars is easy to spot; it is, in its most negative form, seen as aggression or war or bullying. Kim Jong Un coincidentally has natal Mars at 28+ Libra and could be “channeling” the 1982 Pluto-Saturn conjunction at 27+ Libra, especially since he was born only 14 months after that event.

So if we take the Pluto-Saturn conjunction at 27+ Libra as Li’l Kim and its sextile with Neptune at 25+ Sagittarius which is being channeled now by the transiting retrograde Saturn at 25-27 Sagittarius (for the last couple of months), and then the 3rd component of the Yod, Chiron at 25+ Taurus symbolized by either/or both Trump’s MC or transiting Sedna and transiting Mars . . .

. . maybe we could comprehend the how and why of this present nail biter. I can see how the transiting Saturn station-retrograde combined with Kim Yong Un’s provocative Mars could put pressure on the reputation (Trump MC) of the U.S. sitting President.

I can also see how transiting Saturn in retrograde, along with it’s conjunction to the Neptune in the Pluto-Saturn cycle’s chart could be an exercise in futility (failure to launch) for all parties. What next? Call the ships home?

Let’s think about Sedna and what we know about her. alex could help out here, but what we know from her myth is that:
(1) she knew her way around water,
(2) that in her previous incarnation, she was FOOLED by a bird pretending to be a man,
(3) that her hands no longer served her,
(4) that she demanded respect and her former neighbors had to come to her and plead for the food that would keep them alive.

I can see some possible theories coming from this Pluto-Saturn cycle chart Yod as translated by today’s stand-ins, but there’s more to that chart than just the Yod.

The North Node for example, when trans. Saturn and Pluto were last conjunct, was at 5+ Cancer and that is the degree of the U.S. natal Jupiter, and Jupiter symbolizes understanding, wisdom, and excess among other things. U.S. Jupiter squares Trump’s Neptune at 5+ Libra and Neptune creates illusions.

Another point in the soon to end cycle of Saturn-Pluto as seen in its chart is that it’s midheaven, when the chart is set in Washington DC, is at 8+ Pisces, the same degree as Kim’s natal Moon (according to the chart Jerry has provided us). It is also square the U.S. Uranus at 8+ Gemini which is located in the 6th house (service) very close to the 7th house cusp (partner/open enemy) or the descendant.

We might conclude from this that Kim’s emotional nature (Moon) which is squared (thwarted) by his natal Venus in Sagittarius, which is opposed by the U.S. natal Uranus in Gemini, symbolizes, in part, the final outcome (MC), for the U.S., or how it will be seen by the rest of the world (MC), as it relates to the Saturn-Pluto cycle.

However, the U.S. natal Ceres is also at 8+ Pisces and is therefore conjunct Kim’s natal Moon. Is this just a long and protracted attempt to nurture the leader of North Korea? I think perhaps it could be.

Followed your link to the NeptuneCafe archives… was blown away by how many Trump’ers visited the site and left comments. Totally didn’t expect that. I didn’t figure they’d be drawn to anything as esoteric as Astrology!

Impressed by the writer, tho. I don’t think I could have been as even-handed in answering their replies.

I’ve read Michael Wolfstar’s work for all the years he’s been publishing. He is a Libertarian who uses an alternate chart for the USA, believing the Sibly chart used almost universally by astrologers is wrong. Furthermore, if I’m not mistaken he was a Trump supporter. His individual chart work for DJT & others may be accurate and he’s often interesting. But I suggest we be aware of his anti-Liberal bias.

Voting machines were reported stolen a day before Georgia’s special congressional election, according to a new report.

The equipment was stolen last Saturday evening from a Cobb County precinct manager’s vehicle, Channel 2 Action News said Monday. He did not immediately report the theft.


Watch these charts for possible involvement by trump administration and North Korea.

trump relocated to N Korea


Aug 2017 SE in N Korea with Sibly


Steve Judd.. UK election announcement


Another chart to watch for possible confrontation with N Korea.

Un (84 noon) with Aug 2017 SE in Pyongyang.

Aug 21 SE (22 in N Korea) Pluto conjunct Un 84 Sun, SE Uranus opposite Un 84 Mars, and Un 84 Mars/Pluto midpoint is conjunct SE Nadir.


Here is quite a comment from the above NYT’s article:

“The Republican Party is truly destroying the great nation.

In addition to the absolute graft, the total lack of transparency, the lobbyists writing legislation, and zero accountability, we have just passed our first April 15th with a President in office who gleefully doesn’t pay taxes and refuses to release any information.

Tell me, Mr. President, why should any sane American citizen file taxes when the President himself is happy as a liar and a cheater? And as our bridges fall down, our roads crumble, our train stations fail — how are going to pay to fix any of this?

Infrastructure is the one thing that government is needed to do, vitally. And you ran for President saying you would do it. And now you are golfing.”

^^^ THIS!!

Wow! Talk about Mercury Retrograde! Neither McMaster, et. al, Spicer, et. al Mattis, et. al seemed to know that the famed aircraft carrier Carl Vinson and the “armada” to which Trump referred was headed to Australia and NOT North Korea!


Presumably, the “armada” has turned around to head north by now. Mon Dieu!


GOP rep scolds crowd, ‘Do you yell in church?’ Crowd shouts back, ‘Do you lie in church?’

By Jen Hayden
Tuesday Apr 18, 2017 · 11:48 AM PDT


EPA to drop 3,000 jobs as Upper Midwest gets its reward for helping Trump

By Mark Sumner
Tuesday Apr 18, 2017 · 9:18 AM PDT

Lamis B Faris

I’ll bet Trump didn’t know either.

He hasn’t figured out yet that his hyperbole and inflammatory rhetoric could have dire consequences.

N. Korea believed him, which I guess was what he was going for. He has no ability to think through possible consequences.

Very scary that he has the nuclear codes and N. Korea has nuclear weapons. All it takes is one little miscalculation by either of them and brinksmanship turns into disaster.

Had to correct an error, doing that trashed the correct link.

Here is correct link:


Another chart to watch for possible confrontation with N Korea.

Un (84 noon) with Aug 2017 SE in Pyongyang.

Aug 21 SE (22 in N Korea) Pluto conjunct Un 84 Sun, SE Uranus opposite Un 84 Mars, and Un 84 Mars/Pluto midpoint is conjunct SE Nadir

Anyone watching the Georgia election tonight?

What a nail-biter!

As of 10:46 pm, EDT, Ossoff 71,970 – GOP total 71,054

Numbers from Huff adding all North Atlanta Suburbs, County Precincts candidate totals together.

All counts must be scrutinized for unusual patterns. If any are found a severe investigation must be conducted – at least called for by the DNC.

If Republicans are found to have cheated (perhaps helped by using Russian tools) it could destroy them in the 2018 midterms.

Yeah, Bob, but it’s not that simple.

He got 41% in Cobb County, which is 76% white and Republican (makes up 30% of the district). He got 59% in DeKalb county, which is 16% black and Democrat (makes up 22% of the district).

Fulton County, which is 64% white, 12% black, and Republican, makes up 48% of the district. He has 55% in Fulton County, but only 16% of the vote is counted so far, which means it’s anyone’s guess whether he’ll win.

I don’t understand how they can have 100% of the precincts counted for Cobb and DeKalb, but only 19 out of 116 precincts counted in Fulton. Polls closed at 7:00. Numbers haven’t changed for over an hour.

Are they trying to pull a fast one?


If the above were to happen control of both houses of Congress could be voted in to Democrats in Nov 2018, sworn in in January 2019, allowing reformation, perhaps a majority favorable to the Left on the Supreme Court if Kennedy were to be replaced (he will be 82 in July of 2018),
and serious pursuit of impeachment of trump pursued in 2019.

Thank you for the link re: the Carl Vinson faux pas Lamis; comedy writers these days are speechless at the largesse provided by this new U.S. administration, day after day, week after week. I’ve heard that Saturn, ruler of timing, is the god of comedians.

“The miscues began on April 9th when the public affairs office of the Navy’s Third Fleet issued a news release saying that Adm. Harry B. Harris, Jr., the Pacific commander, had ordered the Carl Vinson, a Nimitz-class nuclear-powered carrier and its strike force – two destroyers and one cruiser – to leave Singapore and sail to the Western Pacific.” Mercury stationed retrograde on April 9th.

On April 11th when Trump tweeted “. . if China decides to help that would be great. If not we will solve the problem without them”, there was a full moon in Libra. That Full Moon squared his natal Saturn and the U.S. Mercury in Cancer, as did the transiting Sun in Aries opposite the Full Moon. A T-square in other words.

But why go on. We know that astrology has long range plans for this Presidency; sometimes it’s humor is in our face and other times it is discreet and/or subtle.

Take the Full Moon’s retrograde Saturn square the Full Moon Venus in Pisces. Did Nancy not tell us that Venus would intensify the stress related to the Saturn station? I can’t imagine how stressful that downright slapstick show of bravado must have made Trump et al. feel once they realized the ships were sailing off in the wrong direction.

As pointed out earlier, the Saturn station also activated the Saturn-Pluto cycle, the chart for which has its Neptune at 25+ Sagittarius, 2 degrees from the presently transiting Saturn, and where transiting Saturn will be next month when it squares transiting Mars in Gemini.

A reminder that the Saturn-Pluto cycle has its Neptune in Sagittarius (conjunct the Galactic Center as well as transiting Saturn) sextile the Pluto-Saturn conjunction itself in Libra (which is conjunct Kim-Yong-Un’s natal Mars) will re-invigorate the Pluto-Saturn cycle’s Yod with Chiron in Taurus at the apex where transiting Sedna (and Trump’s MC) is. Could it be that Sedna has a sense of humor?

Anyway, when transiting retro Saturn exactly conjuncts the Pluto-Saturn cycle’s Neptune in late May as he simultaneously squares trans. Mars in Gemini, the transiting Mercury (by then in Taurus) will sextile transiting Neptune in Pisces and the 2 of them will form yet another Yod, this time with the U.S. natal Saturn in Libra which is conjunct Trump’s natal Chiron-Juno. Prepare for more “miscues”.

Indeed, if timing is everything in comedy, and if Saturn rules timing, then expect more pratfalls and more buffoonery from the clown in the Oval Office.

Bob, if he doesn’t win outright tonight, there will be a run-off in June with the person who comes in second tonight (a Republican). So he still could win, but it would be much harder in June, since he will get the full HRC treatment.

But we can dream. It would be quite a wake-up call, wouldn’t it?

Georgia runoff election looks to be set – due june 20th. Based on Nancy’s dates in the article above, I hope the Trump effect will be poison for the repubs
“In Trump’s natal chart we find transiting Saturn quincunx natal Saturn (23Cancer48) as of June 11 through June 25, followed by Saturn opposite the Sun (22Gemini56) from June 24 to July 7 …”

On June 20 in yhe White House trump Q2 (secondary progressed) MC 125°56′ (Mean Quotidian Angles), progressed Saturn 125°05′.

Then 10 days later progressed Moon and progressed Saturn on progressed chart’s Zenith.

did everything on your computer shut down 1AM and same KindleFire
everything off…. for about one-half hour…. I know nothing about computers but it was bigger than my computers that shut off

1 AM what time zone?

No unusual activity on my computer last 24 hrs. May have been napping at 1 AM CDT.

I am hearing that the read on the Ossoff race within the RNC is that they pulled it off. But, I can’t help but think that if 100 days into Obama’s first administration in 08′ that a Republican came within 2% of winning in Berkeley, Ca that the DNC wouldn’t be really startled. As disappointed as I am that Ossoff has to face a runoff in June, I am very encouraged by what happened last night.

Exactly, Elizabeth. They are spinning it for all they’re worth, but the fact remains, he got 48% of the vote in a deep Red district.

The funniest thing was that Trump tweeted “Happy to help.” He appears to be blissfully unaware of the irony.

Oh he helped alight, he is going to consistently be a tremendous help to Democrats as he is blissfully unaware of just about everything, WildIrish. (love your name btw)

Guess the Chair of the House Oversight Committee is done oversighting Congressional shenanigans!



CA – I eventually found an outage report did search engine questions about “outage” that noted it ( it was small area that was effected )

Excellent analysis in the article, Ja. Thank you for posting.


Karen Handel
DOB 4.18.1962, Washington DC

Betsy DeVos Is Wasting No Time Screwing Over Students Who Borrow Money for College
Slate Magazine (blog)

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has been sending some chilling signals lately about how she plans to deal with America’s $1.3 trillion student debt …

I looked at Handels chart in a kind of sledge hammer kind of way with the time I think all of you use if there is no time. It looks like she has Neptune trine Neptune. Jupiter conj moon, Uranus conjunct MC(not really sure about that one) Uranus trine Uranus and Uranus conj Sun.

Looks like a lot of startling changes but I don’t know if it is good or bad. As always I could be completely off!!


re: k. handel

she has a typical ‘like to dislike scapegoating people GOP natal chart ‘

special election yesterday marked her Solar Return Chart

in the runoff she is going to get lots of GOP voting… ostoff had best be prepared for a hard fight


re:computer outage

looks like DNS failure…. I saw
instructions how to fix; I dislike computers if it doesn’t fix itself then my computer will remain ‘broken’

it’s doing ok now

I had a DNS failure this morning. About the same amount of time as yours.

Could it be the spying government of trump. Spying was bad enough before he came along but I would not be surprised to learn he has amped it up.

Has anybody been in touch with patty?

She was having computer problems. Is perhaps having it serviced.

“People are tweeting that Rudy is working with FBI and @jasoninthehouse is being implicated?” Tweet from @funder…,

Also, Bill O’Reilly is leaving Fox! A very good day for the people.


re “outage”

unhappily computer connections are a game to play with for some…..ehhhhh


A 23-year-old ‘Dreamer’ sues the Trump administration over his deportation to Mexico

Juan Manuel Montes, a Mexican national who has lived in the U.S. since he was 9, filed a lawsuit Tuesday demanding that federal officials release information about why he was deported.

Montes, who has learning disabilities after suffering a traumatic brain injury when he was young, worked in California’s agricultural fields to help support his family and studied welding at a community college before he was deported to Mexico on Feb. 17 without explanation, his lawsuit alleges.

Osoff and Handel have some interesting connections between their respective charts and it’s also interested to see what’s activated by the June 20 transits.

Handel will have t. Jupiter crossing her 13 Libra moon which also happens to be Osoff’s s. node. T. Uranus conj’s her 28 Aries sun as well as his Mars, and t. Saturn conj his 25 Sag natal uranus (don’t like the sound of that).

On June 20th, also:
Mercury is at 26 54 Gemini.
Nodes, between 25-27 Leo
Chiron 28 49 Pisces

Osoff’s sun is 27 Aquarius, which conj the U.S. & sounds pretty favorable — an indication that he connects with the people. Handel’s sun is 28 Aries (Osoff’s mars placement) and her Uranus is 26 Leo.

Not sure what to make of all that, especially with no birth time. Let’s see what you all think.

Here are their charts with a noon ascendant assigned. These are from my Astrodienst files so I hope you can access them.

Handel: http://www.astro.com/cgi/chart.cgi?rs=3&btyp=w2gw&;&nhor=120


“it’s also interesting…”, not “interested”.

The comments to this article are great.
I am so happy to see this man go, maybe the network is next.
This is a different article than the one I sent earlier.


This article speaks to the bigger issue regarding Trump – its much more about corruption in high places than traditional right vs left ‘political leanings’
I wish mainstream would highlight this angle far more frequently – so the issue enters the public’s mind more. I wonder too if this subject has anything to do with Chaffetz’ sudden announcement of leaving politics.

The O’Reilly Factor is, in fact, the trans. Pluto stationing-conjunct-trans-Juno-trine the U.S. natal Vesta Factor.

As the Patriarchal Age continues to crack and crumble we see figureheads of this system paying the public price much the way a beheading would have done centuries ago or burning witches at the stake. It is there for all to see; a warning to others of what will not be tolerated by a society at any given time.

Different reasons of course but the idea that someone will be “sacrificed” for whatever it is that will no longer be tolerated, a penance if you will, is the idea behind such a public shaming.

I believe we can also credit transiting Venus-conjunct-transiting Chiron-square transiting Saturn-conjunct-the Galactic Center for O’Reilly’s public humiliation. Shaking the hand of the Pope may move some but most women will forever scorn the darling of Fox as they do the others sacrificed in recent times.

Both Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, and Pluto, in Capricorn face feminine resistance, revolution and repugnance as symbolized by the goddesses Venus, Juno and Vesta at this moment. Capricorn as the symbol of institutions is going through a metamorphosis on multiple fronts and this need for equality between the sexes comes just at the end of the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle, and preceding the coming Aquarian Jupiter-Saturn cycle in 2020.

Even transiting Vesta is now opposite the U.S. natal Pluto and soon (next month) she will reach the U.S. natal North Node, symbol of the path forward and opportunities to advance in growth.

We can also add transiting Ceres-conjunct-transiting Sedna in Taurus as symbolic of the feminine uprising. Both are quincunx transiting Saturn in Sagittarius, square the U.S. Moon (the Masses) in Aquarius, and trine the U.S. Pluto in Capricorn.

It has been a long haul for those of us who remember the “bra burnings” of the 60’s to now. Like all cycles, the Uranus-Pluto conjunctions are dense with symbolism regarding the future, but time does not permit in-depth study in today’s short attention span reality. However, a glimpse at one of the 3 charts for those 3 conjunctions might suffice for a hindsight aha kind of experience.

I give you the #2 conjunction chart for Uranus and Pluto that featured transiting Mars at 20+ Aries conjunct the U.S. natal Chiron (opposite natal Juno) who formed a Yod with transiting Jupiter in Gemini and transiting Neptune in Scorpio which was conjunct Hillary Clinton’s natal Mercury. Transiting Uranus (+ transiting Eris) and others have recently traveled over the same degree position as that Mars in 1966 did.

It was Neptune back then who was in the position of this Yod that would have to bend and twist and squeeze and do handstands in order to adjust to the required position of apex point, the 3rd leg to the sextile between Jupiter and Mars. But being Neptune, there would not be the usual capitulation that this Yod position would achieve, rather it was more like an illusion and Hillary’s Mercury carried that symbolism well.

As it happened, the Neptune in that chart was also conjunct the South Node in Scorpio and south nodes symbolize practices that no longer serve to further causes. It would instead, defer to the North Node in Taurus, which happens to be where transiting Sedna and transiting Ceres is right now, as well as Trump’s MC.

We often feel that things happen out of the blue or they don’t make sense at the time, but with persistence and common sense, we can detect a divine purpose for the events that sometimes disturb or shock us in the moment they occur.

Twenty years from now nobody will remember a guy named Bill O’Reilly and that’s what I call progress.

Thanks, barb….

Hi, Eliseo! Thanks for the headsup from over at NeptuneCafe. That explains all the comments I saw, no doubt! I will say, tho, he did handle all the comments quite tactfully, if not a bit on the vague side at times. He seems to have learned “polit-speak.”

(sigh) Libertarians. I work with someone who labels himself as one. However, if you get into a conversation with him, he sounds no different than any progressive. He does, however, rail against the Wall Street influence on both Dems and Repubs… saying that’s what pushed him to find another party.

Me… I just called myself an “Independent” and left it at that. Didn’t particularly need labels to define myself. We’re a caucus state here in KS. And from what my hubby tells me, it was hell on wheels this last time. No place to sit down, no accommodations for the disabled, etc. He doubted I could have made it thru the whole experience.

A somewhat subdued “blame game” has already begun between D’s and R’s regarding a government shutdown at the end of this month. I say it’s subdued because I’ve not seen nor heard a lot… and what is coming out is from the Congress and no higher. Of course, Cruz is blaming the Dems, and he DOES have a big mouth.

Anyone see how this could turn out for us very antsy Fed workers?

I certainly can’t say I’m sorry to see Bill O’Reilly go. Even though I mostly tuned him out over the years, there was no denying who and what he was supposed to represent as the face of the aggrieved, yet oh-so privileged, hetero, Christian (in nominal affiliation, at least) white male.

What is it anway about the U.S. Sun in Cancer that gives us such brittle-skinned, emotionally insecure, reactionary male creatures wrapped up in smug arrogance, or else machismo slathered on like so much cheap cologne? The proverbial crab’s shell, if you will. O’Reilly was certainly in the former category, but he appealed to many who mirror his particular type of brooding smugness, along with many in the latter category as well. Maybe we weren’t destined to be anything else but a Cancer Sun country, but I often wonder if a different placement would have given us energetic channels more conducive to American males’ emotional and spiritual development?

I’m weighing in with certain satisfaction to see Bill O’Reilly finally get his comeuppance. This supports the adage, “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.” The only better thing that could happen is if his ability to ever speak another word was disabled.

Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered.

Love the staged photo-op yesterday of him having a personal meet-and-greet with Pope Francis in Rome. I think this “vacation” was also staged so the asshole coward could dodge the onslaught of American news reporters.

It is fascinating to wonder about the nuances created by transiting retrograde Mercury right now. This morning he was conjunct the Sun, tonight he will semi-sextile Mars. Meanwhile the group consisting of transiting Ceres, Chiron and Vesta are preparing for their sextile or trine with one another tomorrow.

In the following days (22nd through 24th) transiting retrograde Mercury will aspect those 3 plus transiting Venus, Neptune, and Saturn. Mercury will be doing all this busy-work as transiting Ceres, Vesta and Saturn form their Yod with rigid Saturn in the Yod’s apex seat that requires adjusting to the situation.

After that, on the 28th, transiting retrograde Mercury will conjunct transiting Uranus, both in Aries. Transiting Chiron and Saturn will then close out this flurry of activity when they exact their square on April 30th; one conjunct the Galactic Center, the other one square it.

Seems to me that retro Mercury might be tying up loose ends, what with his busy work load during the next 8 days, making sure everyone is on the same page perhaps.

All the above mentioned planets, asteroids, centaur are in the late degrees of their signs: Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius and Pisces, with the exception of Neptune whom Mercury semi-squares. Late degrees of signs are the closing out of a particular process symbolized by each sign.

Today transiting Pluto has stationed retrograde, meaning that his energy is extremely powerful, even more than usual. Pluto is not one of the planets Mercury is aspecting, yet I can’t help but think there is a connection between their activities now.

Although Mercury has not aspected Pluto during the whole month of April, due to his retrograde start (and end) position, he will form a trine with transiting Pluto on the last day of May and he will be conjunct the U.S. Vesta at 19+ Taurus when he does so.

I get the feeling or maybe it is intuition, right or wrong, that Mercury the Messenger is acting as Pluto’s stage manager in this final act (late degrees of the signs) of something Pluto is producing.

Mercury and Pluto made their conjunction, the start of a new cycle between them, on January 29th. Mars had just entered his own sign of Aries and was on the IC (root, bottom) of the U.S. natal chart. Transiting Uranus at 20+ Aries was conjunct the U.S. natal Chiron (opposite natal Juno) and TRANSITING Chiron in Pisces was exactly opposite the U.S. Neptune in Virgo.

We could draw from that chart that one intention of this particular cycle between Mercury and Pluto was to break through (Uranus) some ancient U.S. wound (U.S. Chiron) by some means of either illusion or compassion (U.S. Neptune opposite transiting Chiron).

Since Neptune rules the ability to see things that aren’t there (film, TV, drugs, etc.) and Uranus rules technology (including TV) and both transiting Chiron and U.S. Chiron are strongly aspected (in this Mercury-Pluto conjunction chart) by either Uranus (transit) or Neptune (U.S. natal), I’d say the target of this particular game was the U.S. Chiron opposite U.S. Juno.

Since all 3 points mentioned in the Mercury-Pluto conjunction chart were at or near the nadir/IC/bottom of the U.S. natal chart, transiting Mars (aggression), transiting Uranus (breakthrough) and transiting Chiron (wound, healer), this might be what present-day retro Mercury and transiting stationing retro Pluto are working on with respect to the U.S.

Perhaps O’Reilly is only the beginning of the end of a U.S. problem that has to be “rooted” out. Rigid transiting Saturn in the cat seat of the Yod he is forming with transiting Ceres and Vesta will have to adjust or remain terribly uncomfortable. Saturn is a symbol of society.

Transiting Chiron will also pressure (square) transiting Saturn as he works through the retrograde period that started while he, Saturn, was conjunct the Galactic Center (headquarters for enlightenment).

On the 28th, a week from tomorrow, when Mercury in retrograde conjuncts transiting Uranus, transiting Venus will have just entered the sign of Aries again. She, having stationed direct earlier in the month, will now be conjunct the U.S. natal IC (root, base, nadir). This may or may not be connected to the O’Reilly story but surely it will be a sign that equality between the sexes is moving in the right direction.


I think it is the undeniable element of religion as a part of the national psyche. It permeates our culture and our consciousness. This country was founded on religious freedom, meaning people wanting to believe what they believed instead of what they were told. Now it has morphed into “alternative facts” and being told to believe what we are told, instead of what we know to be true.

The traditional religions all have a patriarchal slant, i.e., God (who is male) made Adam first, therefore women are inferior and subservient, or should be. The Religious Right, which seems to have taken over the Republican party and the Conservative movement (remember the Moral Majority?), is the audience and the perpetrator of much of this smug arrogance/machismo and sense of entitlement that you see.

Men-and women-of that ilk are so steeped in their world view that they can’t see why anyone would think it was wrong. Hence the “I don’t think he did anything wrong” and “I can grab them by the …” comments by our clueless leader. And the equally offensive comments by someone like Sarah Palin, that the women who didn’t like the way they were treated should have left Fox News.

Unfortunately, that certainty of moral superiority and smugness carries over into our modern day politics, because the lines between church and state have become so blurred. That leads to policies being forced on the population by those who believe they know best because God is on their side and their religious beliefs make them infallible.

This is the energy that is behind the insane efforts to legislate whether a woman can have an abortion and eliminate insurance payments for birth control and mammograms, but make sure insurance will pay for ED treatments and PSA tests for men. And the laws that say it isn’t rape if you’re married. And the “can’t you keep your knees together?” snarkiness by law enforcement and judges.

I’m sure our founders were men of faith and strong religious beliefs, but they were also well educated, wise, and thoughtful men who wanted what was best for the country. What we have now are ignorant religious zealots and greedy bastards who want to legislate based on their religious beliefs or how much money they can make, no matter what happens to the country.

I don’t know the astrological signature for that insanity in the USA chart, but it isn’t due to our Sun in Cancer.

Jason Chaffetz is to step down, perhaps as soon as tomorrow. Could Louise Mensch’s tweet regarding him and Krompromat be coming into play here?

This is entertaining, Colbert on Tuesday.


M., where did you see that?

WildIrish, there are at least 7 threads about this on the latest page of DU, though Chaffetz, himself, says not tomorrow.


M – snopes says info on chaffetz ‘unproven’

However, my take on it is that he has been remarkably modest in his demeanor of late when compared to his outright glee when he was going after Hillary before the election.
So, I think, either he had an epiphany when he found out that info on Hillary he had been fed were lies and that he had been duped; OR he has become aware of the extent of trump circle organized crime and is scared, and/or there is stuff about himself to hide and is therefore trying to maintain a far lower profile.

Rumors abound. But under the ‘if there’s smoke there’s fire’ rule, I’m guessing he’s a goner. The exact why of it still remains a mystery.

“In Utah, officials have begun running informal scenarios on how and when to hold a special election should Chaffetz resign, but have not been formally notified of the congressman’s intentions, Mark

Thomas, the state’s director of elections, told Reuters.
Thomas said his department in the office of Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox was basing the informal information-gathering on Chaffetz’s statements to local media that he might leave office early.”


6 days before Jason Chaffetz’s surprise announcement, Louise Mensch tweeted:
Verified account @LouiseMensch

Sources say there is kompromat on @jasoninthehouse; that this is why he turned and that @fbi know it. #traitorinthehouse

“Unless you actually believe Chaffetz’s ambition and yen for the limelight were superseded by longing to spend more time with his family, it’s not too hard to figure out why he might want to get out — the sooner the better. Chaffetz’s shtick — bullyboy investigator targeting the right’s bogeymen — worked when Hillary Clinton and/or President Obama were his targets. It cannot work for him when his own party controls everything.”


Good insights, WildIrish, and I agree with them. I’ll admit my Cancer Sun theory is just that, and a surface-level attempt with my previous post. I do think however that there is a certain default to irrationality that permeates the essence of the country, likely best explained by our natal Neptune-Mars square, but also thanks to our stellium of planets in Cancer. In this sense, the watery emotional and sentimental nature of the U.S. Cancer Sun would be a contributing factor, not to mention our Mercury in Cancer.

Our air planets can and at times do mitigate these tendencies somewhat, particularly with Saturn in Libra, which seems more than anything to represent our eternal struggle for social justice, equality, and balance, making periodic and incremental gains, though operating at cross purposes with our Cancer Sun that often just wants to go with its gut feeling, right or wrong, rather than think or reason through the issues we are faced with. Moon in Aquarius represents the people in a national chart, but it can also represent the feminine quality within a nation and its people, women in particular, though not necessarily only women. Women indeed have been at the forefront of social organizing and activism from our very early days as a country.

Jason E. Chaffetz

Natal Pluto at 176°05′ squared by stationing Saturn (Apr 6) at 267°37′ (176°05′ + 90° = 266°05′).

‘The astrology of sabre rattling’ Raye Robertson has another article up

Raye Robertson: Aside from all this, Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Eun are already locking horns, creating cause for serious alarm—if Trump does have a “fetish for aggression,” as the journalist noted above observed, what does that do for his judgment when confronted with an irrational adversary?


Mundane astrology of Gemini’s restlessness and constant dissatisfaction going into the unconstructive phase of extreme fetishness…

in a nutshell – Gemini

Saturn transit to 2017 inaugural Mars/Saturn square:

2017 Inauguration Jan 20 2017, 12:00 pm, EST +5:00 White House Dist of Columbia, 38°N53’50”, 077°W02’13”

Sat Sqr Mar Tr-Na Jun 17 2017 24°Sg22′ R 24°Pi22′ D (Jun 2 in RA)

Sat Cnj Sat Tr-Na Jun 28 2017 23°Sg31′ R 23°Sg31′ D

Sat Cnj Sat Tr-Na Oct 19 2017 23°Sg31′ D 23°Sg31′ D

Sat Sqr Mar Tr-Na Oct 29 2017 24°Sg22′ D 24°Pi22′ D (Nov 9 in RA)

April 25th is the anniversary of the founding of N. Korea’s army. There could be some show of force at that time.

Any astrological indications?

“Last week Palmer Report brought you the story the intel community sources who claim the FBI has learned that Russia has been holding blackmail material over Jason Chaffetz, in order to make sure the House Oversight Committee that he chairs will never investigate Donald Trump’s Russian election collusion scandal (link). Chaffetz’s announcement yesterday fits in line with this. The Republican Party does not need twenty months to find a suitable replacement in a district that red. So if he were merely afraid of losing reelection in 2018, he’d have waited awhile before making this announcement to see if the overall political winds might change direction in the mean time.”


A question for astrologers…I know it is more complicated, but when is a good time to launch a business website…New Moon or Full Moon? I definitely don’t think Merc Retro is good, right? Thanks.

Today, the Federal Communications Commission voted to entrench monopoly in broadcasting and business broadband.

The FCC majority eliminated price restraints on Business Data Services (BDS), allowing incumbent carriers to charge exorbitant rates on small businesses across the country.

In a separate proceeding, the same majority voted to reinstate a legal loophole that broadcasters exploit to monopolize ever more of the airwaves.



it was generally known (not that long ago) that human memory spanned three generations, your grandparents, your parents and you or your parents, you and your kids…..now people can’t recall a day a month ago …. there is no memory span left and I wonder why that is;


Unless interested in a topic, most adults have an attention span of 20 minutes. Researchers estimate that the adult attention span has decreased by about 12 minutes in the past decade.

could it be:


Our brains deliberately make us forget things, to prevent insanity (in an insane world)

Medical Astrology: Galactic Code: Understanding the Galactic …
Tatiana Galperina Schneider, MD, Ph.D


The hippocampus, for example, is essential for memory function, particularly the transference from short- to long-term memory and control of spatial memory and behaviour. The hippocampus is one of the few areas of the brain capable actually growing new neurons.


Memory in astrology


Neptune in hard aspect to Saturn, Mercury, Sun, or Moon, in the 1st, 3rd, or 10th houses, or very prominent in the chart can also make memory difficult since Neptune rules illusion, delusion, and the mental fog that gets in the way or remembering things.

Neptune first entered the sign of Pisces during the summer of 2011. It is now in Pisces through January 2026.

Love seeing a Woman striving for leadership!
And…Goddess gives us this one?
“The Making of Marine Le Pen” (scroll…way down) https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2017-04-19/france-election-2017-the-inside-story-of-marine-le-pen

Any thoughts on France or evolved-leadership?
E-Warren is looking more beautiful by the day!
If only we can get this to the people:
“Elizabeth Warren on Income Equality”
Very scary times…Blessings!

Janet, in answer to your questions, I would opt for starting a business as the moon is increasing in light, i.e., between the new moon and the full moon. I would also wait until Mercury is direct, and out of the retrograde shadow, since Mercury rules commerce.


Thank you so much. 🙂

Janet — Ditto DPH. Steve Judd in his forecast for April said to start a new project that you wanted to go a certain way after May 4. Also don’t do it during a void-of-course Moon (“nothing comes of it.”) And as a performer (musician) I noticed that the auditions I won were in my Moon sign (didn’t plan it ‘cuz I didn’t do astrology at the time.) … so at least have the Moon in a sign that’s sympathetic to your Moon (trine or sextile) and steer clear of an opposition or a square! Oh and visualize how wonderful you feel ‘cuz the biz is successful! ALL THE VERY BEST TO YOU.

Alex… I can very much agree with the statement you cited:
— Our brains deliberately make us forget things, to prevent insanity (in an insane world) —

as we most assuredly are living in an insane world today!

But I also wonder if memory issues could also be attributed to the many different types of prescription drugs we’re using. Seems like Big Pharma no longer comes up with a “cure” for anything; not when they can make more money by treating “symptoms” for the lifetime of a patient.

I know when I was prescribed gabapenten it effected not only my memory, but the whole world looked and felt like it was “foggy.” A changeover to Lyrica (basically another formulation/type of gabapenten) had the same effect – as well as the unwelcome side effect of a 10 pound weight gain over the course of a month! Needless to say, I’m not taking either any longer, but I’m still on several meds that I feel effect my short term memory. Aging and high stress make their contributions, as well.

“A violently active, dominating, intrepid, brutal youth—that is what I am after.

I want to see in its eyes the gleam of pride and independence, of prey. I will have no intellectual training. Knowledge is ruin to my young men.” ~ Adolf Hitler



yes I agree with your premise

Alex & slightkc,
RE: memory and medications.
Experience has taught me that if I take one pill of Advil Allergy & Congestion Relief, consisting of 4 mg of Chlorpheniramine maleate, 200 mg of Ibuprofen, and 10 mg of Phenylephrine HCI, I lose my short-term memory for up to 48 hours.

I’m not a biochemist, nor a pharmacologist, so I don’t know why. But… I have a very atypical brain and body. Frequently through my lifetime I’ve been given prescriptions which had the opposite result from what was normally expected.

Astrologically, I don’t think my having Uranus in the first house accounts for this. I’m not sure what might be a medical astrology signature for such reactions as I have experienced.

Concerning our population as a whole, I think the primary drug which has compromised our collective memory has been commercial television… evolving into screen addiction through our phones, computers, tablets, our various technological devices, etc.

Also, declining attention spans are a problem we face at my university among our students. This limits the depth into which we can venture in class into certain issues, topics, and questions. Over the years instructors have therefore had to change teaching styles to accommodate the shorter attention spans.

Too few have awakened to this slow moving, creeping problem. I often hear rationalizations, some from New Age types who blindly believe each generation is a linear advance in consciousness, and from some academics who pass off the problem as just “differences in generations” with no judgement one way or the other on the matter.

Hitler – Phaedra


World Point 00 Capricorn
Moon 06 Capricorn
Jupiter 08 Capricorn
South Node 16 Capricorn


Phaedra 00 Cancer
Pallas 01 Cancer
Zeus 04 Cancer
Chiron 06 Cancer
North Node 16 Cancer
Quaoar 22 Cancer
Ceres 28 Cancer



Yes I agree with your premise


“Concerning our population as a whole, I think the primary drug which has compromised our collective memory has been commercial television… evolving into screen addiction through our phones, computers, tablets, our various technological devices, etc.”

Drugs are ridiculously expensive for two reasons, both imposed by the federal government.

First, the government grants pharmaceutical firms long-term monopolies on prescription medication.

Second, the government bans itself from regulating the prices these monopolists choose to charge ? or even allowing Medicare or Medicaid to negotiate with them.

No other country in the world does business this way, because it is economically inefficient and bad for public health.


Elizabeth Warren urged Democrats to stand up and fight Donald Trump’s catastrophic policies on Wednesday, warning the country that the president is on the verge of delivering the final knockout blow to the middle class.

“Donald Trump promised – he said, ‘You elect me and I’m gonna get out there and I’m gonna work for you,’ and look at what he’s done,” she said. “He’s been in place less than 100 days and … he has already signed off on a law to make it easier for employers to steal their employee’s wages. He’s made it easier for companies that kill and maim their employees, to hide that information. He’s made it easier for investment advisers to cheat retirees. And for me, I gotta tell you, the Trumpcare was like the whole package wrapped up in one. He embraced this idea that the way we’re going to move this country forward, the way we’re going to reform health care, is we’re gonna knock 24 million people out of health care coverage.”


~ per Ed Tamplin



Your generosity is much appreciated. Thank you. 🙂

My friend has a cleaning service in NYC, she wanted to launch her website and I wanted to support her in every way I can. Again, thank you and DPH, it matters.

Regarding memory loss – I jokingly refer to it as – my shouldertop RAM is full LOL – Seriously though, I do wonder if it has also a lot to do with shortened sleep times due to a 24/7 society. I think sleep is an underrated necessity in modern society.

I think there are many factors to memory loss, including information overload (just too much to remember), chronic stress, TV, computer games and electronics and last but certainly not least, our food supply does not deliver the nutrition it did 50+ years ago and the food supply today is largely empty calories and additives. We are not meant to live this way. I also agree with the sleep mentioned above.

kiwi, Casey,

I was going to write something about how to stem memory loss and sleep..but I forgot what I was going to say.

kiwi, Casey I agree with you both, and will is spot on! (I leave notes or little clues to remind me what I did before I took that last nap, whenever it was. Like leaving out the unwashed dish of my last meal so I can remember what I had!)

I agree, Casey,

I am in grad school, and I am constantly shocked by the difference in the students from when I was in college 40 years ago. I think the decline in memory is driven somewhat by the technological advances in the past 50 years.

They can find out whatever they need to know with a quick online search, “Dr. Google,” as they call it, so no need to memorize or remember anything. In addition, there is so much more that is known, and therefore, so much more to know.

Fifty years ago, we had slide rules and people did math in their heads. We still bought encyclopedias from door-to-door salesmen. We had 3 TV channels. We didn’t have cell phone or computers, and we didn’t “multi-task” (except for mothers, who always somehow manage to do 5 things at once).

But in addition to the lack of nutrients in our food supply, I also think our brains have been damaged by the MSG that is added to most of our food. Ever since WWII, when it was first added to improve the taste of the troops’ rations, we have basically had an experiment conducted on the human race by the food industry.

MSG is what is known as an “excito-toxin,” which overstimulates the neurons and ultimately results in their death. The body makes plaque to try to wall off the dead neurons, since it can’t get rid of them. Alzheimer’s, anyone?

MSG goes by many names, and it is very hard to find food that doesn’t have it. Look at just about any label for the words “hydrolyzed vegetable protein” or “natural flavoring,” and you will see how pervasive it is. It’s there, even if the front says “no MSG!”

I found out about MSG when I ran across a book called “Excitotoxins,” which was written by a scientist and has tons of research studies in it. He also gave lists of the harmless-sounding names that are used instead of MSG. (There are lots of them.)

Ever since I read that book, I am a food label reader, and don’t buy most of what is sold in grocery stores for that reason. Going back to the basic foods that were sold in their unadulterated state back in the 1950s takes a lot of work, but I don’t want Alzheimer’s!!

Will, you are tooooo funny. You made me laugh out loud.

If I could weigh in on this one.. I was listening to a program on NPR this week and they were discussing the idea that autism is an evolutionary change in response to our information world. They were saying, that today we receive in one day the amount of information we use to get in a lifetime.

It was scary and fascinating at the same time.


” Like leaving out the unwashed dish of my last meal so I can remember what I had!)”

Brilliant tip!

I do simple math in my head in split seconds (surprised a friend when I calculated the time it took a pitch to reach the batter in the glorious Cubs World Series in my head in just seconds – he used a scientific calculator) but have in recent times left the keys in my apartment door, left the keys in the mailbox door with it wide open, forgotten to buy something I had thought of just minutes before while in a store, forgotten something I was going to post, forgotten what I was going to post as I was in the act of posting it, left the door to the refrigerator wide open, turned the coffee maker on without having the pot in place (had jusr rinsed it out and set it on the counter – luckily the hissing of coffee on the plate alerted me), hard stuff for a guy who once memorized a complete chess board in a tournament game that was suspended (playing in a high school lunchtime) then went home that day and figured the next best moves by both sides to a 7 move win (for me), have forgotten what I was talking about as I was having a conversation.

I was born in Kansas but I never met Dorothy or Toto (a girl and her dog in case you have forgotten).

Added: I also think those of us who grew up in the 40s and 50s perhaps have stronger immune systems as ours were not subjected to added chemicals in the food we ate or “Franken Foods” as time went on. I might be wrong but so what?

And the King of rock and roll could sing one hell of a love song.

RE: “I am in grad school, and I am constantly shocked by the difference in the students from when I was in college 40 years ago. I think the decline in memory is driven somewhat by the technological advances in the past 50 years.”


Me too! I’m in my 7th or 8th? vocation/profession teaching college students while also finishing up some old graduate work. (I should graduate Friday May 12th – ceremony to begin 7PM CT)

I too was an undergraduate decades ago, and I definitely notice the dramatic differences in attitude and am consistently shocked by the decline in memory and retention. TOO MANY DISTRACTIONS THESE DAYS! I grew up in the fifties. Two TV channels at first, later three. See my comments above at April 22, 2:14 AM.


Congratulations on completing your graduate work!! It is hard to go back after being out so long, but I love the learning!

The other thing I notice is that no one TALKS to each other anymore. Back in the day, you walked into the classroom, and it was loud, because everyone was talking. Now you walk in, and everyone is silent, texting or surfing, but not talking. Even walking between classes, everyone has their ear buds in or they’re checking email or texting, so nobody makes eye contact or smiles or says hello.

We’re losing more than social skills.

Bill Nye



Ayn Rand seduced young minds and helped turn the US into a selfish nation

Excellent article about Trump in the New Yorker:

the interminable Trumpist ritual of lashing out at those who fail to submit, the ritual act of someone whose inner accounting is conducted exclusively in terms of wounds given, worship received, and winnings displayed.


Another article said that he was shielding the fbi from having the appearance of showing favoritism toward Hillary. Go figure…

“The other thing I notice is that no one TALKS to each other anymore. Back in the day, you walked into the classroom, and it was loud, because everyone was talking.”

YES! and when you say hello, or good morning or good afternoon, or simply acknowledge a person, they have their ears stuffed with ear plugs and are almost entirely unaware of your presence! Needless to say they don’t notice your acknowledgement.

All the rationalizations aside as to how this generation is just “different,” we are all emotionally poorer and colder for the “connective” technology that has invaded and upended our social lives. We are more informed, and misinformed, and the space between us seems to have hardened like ice, fomenting a feeling of separateness rather than connection.

“we are all emotionally poorer and colder for the “connective” technology that has invaded and upended our social lives”

Friends and I have been talking about how much we miss the old “BBS” days. Even tho my old board, Tapestry, ran international nodes, the calls were all local. We’d get into chat mode, etc. And I always threw a Hallow’s party for my users. Several… more than 2 hands-worth… of the friendships I made back then I still count as close friends now.

You’d think, logically, that message boards would be the same regardless of what server they’re setting on. But there was an undefinable difference between the forums then and those on the Internet now.

Perhaps it was just that we were all mostly nice to each other back then… online and off. Even during disagreements, civility was still in style. 😉

I’ve been thinking about our country’s natal Cancer Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury since Buckeye’s earlier comment and realize how easy it is to slip into catch phrases and keywords, not just in astrology but any subject matter, ie. all (female) blondes are dumb and/or dippy. The 1st thing that crossed my mind outside that common category was something all water signs share, ie. sensitivity. It is not a characteristic associated with earth, fire or air signs.

Too much sensitivity can be expressed as over-reacting to slights, but too little can express as a lack of caring about others. In Pisces sensitivity is primarily about the collective, in Scorpio the sensitivity is deep and often hidden, while sensitivity in a Cancer is usually about what is personal or about family and heritage.

Without enough sensitivity people (or countries or companies) can project as heartless or even brutal; a trait we are shocked to see in others, but with too much it can, and often is, equated with weakness. In the U.S. chart the Sun square Saturn and Mercury opposite Pluto aspects bring out the divides in this country; a compensation for too much sensitivity on one side and too much brutality on the others.

The heavy dose of sensitivity expressed by the U.S. Sun and the U.S. Mercury and their challenging aspects from U.S. Saturn and Pluto is exacerbated by the U.S. Jupiter in Cancer with its emphasis on religion in the U.S. which Wild Irish noted. Religious sensitivity when pushed to the extreme can become religious insensitivity.

We knew all this back in the 60’s and many young people in the U.S. led a rebellious attempt to find peace and a willingness to share the wealth which the Establishment was able to suppress and even mock. It was the unconscious call of the transiting Uranus-Pluto conjunctions that brought on the rebelliousness and it was the very conscious call of the transiting square between Saturn and Jupiter that helped the Establishment to suppress it.

It was also a time when transiting Mars was conjunct the U.S. Chiron and – I believe – when a healing of old wounds was initiated at the time the transiting Uranus-Pluto cycle started with those conjunctions in the 60’s.

Now that we have experienced the 7 exact opening squares of that Uranus to Pluto cycle, as trans. Uranus made his long conjunction to the U.S. Chiron, this healing process of old U.S. wounds is in full stride. Accompanied by trans. Pluto opposite the U.S. Venus, Jupiter and Sun and a square to the U.S. Saturn there is no turning back. We are seeing the Establishment fighting for its way of life and it is losing.

All 12 signs have their negative as well as positive expressions and because we live in a polarized time frame we see both. As a country, the U.S. is just as susceptible as any other country to expressing, through its citizenry, its bad side and its good side, and, as a whole, the combination of Cancer planets, squared and opposed, with Venus conjunct Jupiter – a sign of the worship of money – can be very, very bad.

As more and more of us begin to understand what is really of value this negative expression of energy will become a good thing. Healing can be very difficult to endure but the results can be rewarding beyond anything imaginable.

Another aspect of memory interference that I have wondered about is …… With more than 7 billion people living on the earth, more than ever before, I wonder how the constant cacophony of psychic thoughts, as well as electronic airwaves, and artificial ‘sounds of the city’ affect the brain in unknown and unstudied ways.

Sharon k, I never witnessed “favoritism”

I’m really impressed with all the investigative journalism.

Ja, this article explains what kind of reasoning and reactions went into it on Comey’s part. Certainly, it was not objective.


I agree that there is a decrease in civility on planet earth and I have felt that it correlated to the no-holds barred internet where you can get as ugly as you want, etc. The next layer came from the “white” rebellion, complete with its guns, against government and political correctness and the perception of losing opportunities while government money went to those who didn’t work, etc.

As far as coldness – well, I have been thinking quite a while about the impersonality and more cerebral approach that the Aquarian Age will bring us, as can be seen in many science fiction films…although, on the other hand, the Aquarius vibe promotes friendship, brother- and sisterhood, fairness, justice, equality, etc., doesn’t it?

I have a friend who grew up in Europe and lived all over the world. Upon spending time here in the U.S., he told me about 25-30 years that he found the U.S. a cold place where neighbor knew not neighbor, and people ignored each other – whereas, in other places he had lived, where society was more collective and/or communication was warmer and less individualistic, people sat around on their front porch talking to each other in at night and there was a feeling of being in a community. New Orleans can be like that and I’m sure there is still plenty of it left in the U.S., but the perception of lack of warmth that exists about us has been around for a long time. Something can be said for individualism and something can be said for collectivism, I think. Like everything else, it’s good to have a balance. Hopefully, we really are evolving towards higher consciousness and spirituality and we are ascending, etc., although the earth is supposed to be a testing and growth experience from what I’ve heard.


“but have in recent times left the keys in my apartment door, left the keys in the mailbox door with it wide open, forgotten to buy something I had thought of just minutes before while in a store, forgotten something I was going to post, forgotten what I was going to post as I was in the act of posting it, left the door to the refrigerator wide open, turned the coffee maker on without having the pot in place (had jusr rinsed it out and set it on the counter – luckily the hissing of coffee on the plate alerted me),”

This sounds like most of my mornings.


at the 37-minute mark in the video above.


GOP Rep Tells Mom Her Son On Medicaid Should Just Get A Better Job If He Wants Health Care

The last few days I have felt like something is imminent, like the world is holding it’s breath. But I see nothing in the news or online that goes with that “waiting for the shoe to drop” feeling.

I keep checking the headlines online, waiting for the Breaking News.

Anybody else having that sense, or is it just me?

True that the neocons got to Trump:


WildIrish, I feel the same way.

WildIrish, Anita, on Wednesday, May 3rd, transiting Mercury at 24 Aries 15 will station-direct with transiting Uranus at 25 Aries 33. Their exact conjunction (the 3rd of 3) will not occur until the 9th. The 1st one was on March 26th and the 2nd one will happen this Friday, April 28th. Mercury symbolizes data and communication and Uranus symbolizes a radical breakthrough.

At the time of Mercury’s station on May 3, around 3:30 PM EDT, transiting Mars, a symbol of impulse and action, will exactly conjunct the U.S. natal Uranus, both at 8+ Gemini. Gemini is ruled by Mercury and also symbolizes communication as well as a pushing of the limits.

Also at that time transiting Sun at 13+ Taurus will exactly sextile transiting Neptune at 13+ Pisces and together they will form a Yod to the transiting Jupiter at 15+ Libra retrograde. Trans. Jupiter is less than one degree from being exactly conjunct the U.S. Saturn at 14+ Libra, as well as Trump’s Juno-Chiron also at 14+ Libra. On the 7th that conjunction will be exact.

Jupiter symbolizes increase and understanding, Sun symbolizes consciousness, Neptune symbolizes illusion on one level and spirituality on another level. Saturn symbolizes established order.

At the moment trans. Mercury stations direct the transiting Moon at 20+ Leo will have just squared the U.S. natal Vesta at 19+ Taurus who is trine the transiting Pluto at 19+ Capricorn retrograde. Moon will go on to trine trans. Mercury and Uranus later in the evening on the 3rd. Vesta symbolizes an intense focus and commitment to a cause and any sacrifice that is required to keep that commitment.

Transiting Juno, having been very near transiting Pluto for some time will be at 18+ Capricorn but they will not make an exact conjunction at this time because transiting Juno is also about to station retrograde and she will “retreat” faster than transiting retrograde Pluto. Juno symbolizes an abiding determination to prove her equality. Pluto symbolizes the process of transformation.

Putting it all together my sense is that a calamity will appear to be imminent but will be averted. For now anyway. Perhaps Mercury’s conjunction to Uranus this Friday will give us a clue about what seems “imminent” on May 3rd. (government shutdown perhaps?)

This could be the energy you both are feeling.



“We are rapidly entering the age of no privacy, where everyone is open to surveillance at all times: where there are no secrets from the government” ~ William O. Douglas (U.S. Supreme Court Justice)

William Orville Douglas (October 16, 1898 – January 19, 1980)


Sorry, Mercury will station direct around 12:30 PM, not 3:30 PM on May 3rd.

Seriously, WildIrish and Anita, I have been feeling this way since November 8th.

PoliticsChatter? @PoliticsChattr

We’re revisiting one of our favorite @ProPublica stories dealing with the impact of #climatechange this #earthday



Ditto. There has been a low level protracted feeling of dread since 11/8. My husband and another friend just keep saying they feel off.

THE RUSSIA FILE from Randi Rhodes Homework page



















Great posts, barbk. I always appreciate your wisdom and insights.

WildIrish: I wake up every morning and turn on NPR to find out if the rest of the world is still out there. It’s like a Wim Wenders film (Til the End of Time?)

Well, I’m glad I asked. It helps to know I’m not the only one.

fierywoman and WildIrish, the first place I look at in the morning is Tweetdeck, the place for breaking news. Barbk, thank you.

(Wasn’t able to comment previously, hope you see this)
Wow…All Hell is finally breaking loose!
“Michael Flynn Didn’t Disclose Russia Payments In Security Clearance Application, Lawmakers Say”http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/michael-flynn-russia-payments_us_58ff698ce4b0288f5dc82f62?ncid=inblnkushpmg00000009

Jill, Fantastic R.R. Link…Thank you so much!

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I am taking an omega fish oil, vitamin D 50,000 once per week and a probiotic. The group I work with are using it as a holistic approach to enhancing gut/brain barrier as well as the blood-brain barrier. Nothing to lose and everything to gain is how I figure it.

Robert Reich’s blunt assessment of Trump’s first 100 days……


Where Is the Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders of Foreign Policy?

“When a prominent Washington peace activist was asked recently to name the leading anti-interventionists in the Senate, he responded, “Rand Paul and Mike Lee,” both Republicans. Democrats are in the midst of a furious struggle over what they stand for and who is included in their coalition, yet on foreign policy questions, their silence is deafening. When President Trump decided to drop 59 cruise missiles on Syria in response to purported use of chemical weapons, there was more debate about the attack among Republicans than among Democrats.”


Lady Gaga can sing Stevie Wonder


Barbara & Burt


music is good – – news is ekkkkkk

Celine & Barbara


Jerry, thanks for posting the Reich video. Succinct.


I hope you don’t mind the intrusion to your comment. You sound like you are working with professionals but I hope you are taking a mercury-free fish oil supplement and that you are taking D3 and not D2. Also, Vitamin D in fat soluble, so your body will not discard excess and you can get too much. I took 35K a week and I increased my low Vitamin D approx 10 ng a month. Until I reached the healthy 50-70 ng range. Over a hundred is actually dangerous. So, just be careful and again, I hope you don’t mind the comment.

Elizabeth Warren


Money slithers through Washington like a snake, and it’s quiet, but the influence is everywhere. There are the obvious ways that we know about, the campaign contributions and armies of lobbyists. But it’s so much more. It’s bought-and-paid-for experts who testify before Congress and are quoted in the press. It’s think tanks that are funded by shadowy money and always have a particular point of view that just seems to help the rich and the powerful get richer and more powerful.

In the book, I talk about the revolving door and how people work on Wall Street for 20 years, and then take a spin through the revolving door and work in the Treasury Department, and then spin right back to Wall Street. The giant payouts that they give to people to go work in government are just stunning. I mean, millions of dollars.

These big corporations! “If you go teach, we got nothing for you. If you want to go build houses for Habitat for Humanity, we’ll give you a firm handshake. If you’ll go work in government, we’ll write you this giant check to go do that.” What is that, except by way of saying, “Remember us, because you’re going to be the one driving the bus, and when you’re driving the bus, keep in mind all the things we care about.”

Money pervades. It’s whose phone calls do you take. It’s who you see in the evenings. It’s who are your old friends. It’s every part of it, so that the rich and the powerful are incredibly well-represented, not just at the top in the White House but all the way through government in this town.

Trumpcare 2.0: If You’re Diabetic, Asthmatic, Pregnant, or Have Cancer…You’re Absolutely Screwed


I’m having great difficulty with my computer.
We have an Apple and they installed totally new Software. But I am having so much trouble.
Half the time I cannot reach Nancy’s!
Nancy, Please let me know on my email if you are seeing anything unusual.

Thank you Alex Re: Elizabeth Warren! She’s our only hope and I so worry for her. (They are vicious!)

“Elizabeth Warren Sounds The Alarm: Trump Is About To Deliver Knockout Blow To The Middle Classhttp://www.politicususa.com/2017/04/19/elizabeth-warren-sounds-alarm-trump-deliver-knockout-blow-middle-class.html?utm_source=fark&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=im

Trump’s White House Family Affair Looks A Lot Like The Most Corrupt Nations In The World:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/trump-administration-nepotism_us_58fa746de4b06b9cb916f736?ir=UK&utm_hp_ref=uk

Neptune and the EPA

Yes Liz,

D-3 and Merc-Free Fish Oil. Thank you for caring.



“We are a nation of immigrants … at least for now.” ~ Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg will direct “The Post,” a drama about The Washington Post’s role in exposing the Pentagon Papers, starring Tom Hanks as the fabled Post editor Ben Bradlee and Meryl Streep as publisher Katharine Graham.

Set in 1971, the movie will center on the paper’s war with the White House over whether the Post had the right to publish the top-secret military documents — first leaked to The New York Times by Daniel Ellsberg — that charted the escalation and futility of the Vietnam War.


continued – Steven Spielberg ( PoA, The Polar Ascendant shows the point of the zodiac described by the intersection of the ecliptic with the co-polar axis, CoA.)

If I were to assign an order of importance to the angles of the chart, it would go like this: MC, Asc, PoA, Vx, EQ, and CoA.

Just to be really provocative, though, I often think the real ‘hierarchy’ of angular significance goes: PoA, MC or Asc, Vx, EQ, CoA. But it can depend how many planetary symbols are closely (preferably exactly) involved with them.


Natal North Node 10 Gemini


Natal South Node 10 Sagittarius
Mercury 07SG
PoA 05SG
Juno 04SG
Vertex 27 Scorpio
Venus 19SC
Jupiter 17SC
Moon 06SC
Chiron 04SC


The Vertex (VX)


The Ecliptic

and – The Meaning of The Vertex


🙂 Comedy Central’s ‘The President Show’ to Premiere with Keith Olbermann as First Guest dlvr.it/P04GL4

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