27th Apr, 2017

Korean Danger

Although the cacophonous brinksmanship between the US and North Korea of last week has been drowned out by the discussion of the nation-wrecking tax cuts proposed by the Poseur-in-Chief this week,  the alarming tensions with North Korea still simmer dangerously close to a boil, albeit on the back burner.  Allowing two self-indulgent schoolyard bullies to lock horns in a crowded corner of the world is no way to run a foreign policy, but here we are. Both Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump have melded their fragile egos, their haughty inability to back down, and their reckless belligerence with their respective nations’ foreign policy and national pride. As a result, we are playing a game of chicken with millions of lives in the crosshairs.

Most of April was complicated by the station of Venus in an exact square with the station of Saturn, putting much of the world on edge. As that aspect began to wane after April 21, so too did the universal tension that came with it, including some of the angst that came with the escalating tensions between the US and North Korea.  There was also a general exhalation when the moderate candidate Macron came through the first round of the French election, signaling that France may find a centrist path forward and remain tied to Europe.

From mid-May to mid-June, the US will experience a Jupiter station square to the US Sun (13Cancer19), further intensified by the transiting Node from May 12 to May 24. Somewhat simultaneously, transiting Uranus will be square to US Pluto (27Capricorn33), from May 21 to June 13. These configurations suggest expansionist and, initially, fairly successful policies. We might see a growing military presence around the Korean peninsula at that time, accompanied by a lot of American chest thumping.

As I have said repeatedly, difficulties come to the US and Trump by late June and continue through at least mid-October, due to a series of Saturn transits that hit both charts quite hard. If we have not been cautious and circumspect in our dealings with North Korea, it seems likely that this situation will become a highly problematic and costly mess. In addition, the Trump/Russian investigation may be doing significant damage during that same period.

The chart of Kim Jong Un shows increasingly erratic aggression from June 11 through August 19 due to transiting Uranus opposite his Mars (28Libra26), and intensified by the unrealistic expectations of a concurrent transit of Neptune in sesquiquadrate. Added to this is the transit of Pluto conjunct his natal Sun (17Capricorn01), from mid-July through late October 2017, suggesting that he is embroiled in a major power struggle at that time, either internally within his own government or with the US or perhaps both.

Of great concern is the period from July 25 to August 1, when not only Pluto but Jupiter will be in aspect to Kim’s Sun (17Capricorn01), suggesting a grandiose push for power. This coincides somewhat with the Pluto and Jupiter transits to Donald Trump’s Jupiter (17Libra27) from July 28 to August 4, intensifying the already megalomaniacal power push of transiting Pluto square Trump’s Jupiter from June 28 to August 8.  

In both Kim and Trump’s charts, this Pluto/Jupiter combination seems like a mix of far too much recklessness (Jupiter) with a somewhat heedless, yet compulsive, attempt to crush the opposition (Pluto). The fact that it comes during the protracted Saturn station opposite US Mars (21Gemini23) and conjunct Trump’s Moon (21Sagittarius12) from 7/16 to 9/12 spells nothing but trouble, stemming from any action that is not careful, meticulous, and very restrained, the exact opposite of combined Pluto and Jupiter. Let us hope the generals running our foreign policy can keep a rein on our impulsive president and his compulsive need to win at any cost while gleefully smashing his enemy to pieces.


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While mainstream media has been obsessed with Trump’s latest hijinks, Ben Carson has been doing serious damage

Nancy, thank you for taking a look at the charts of these two idiots. This is the most dangerous situation we have confronted since the Bay of Pigs, and Trump ain’t no Kennedy.

What effect does the eclipse in August have on Kim’s chart, or the chart of N. Korea?

I am reluctant to voice the thought, but I guess what I am really getting at is, if Kim managed to send a nuke our way, even if it didn’t get here and exploded over the north Pacific, the radiation fallout would cross the US in just about the path that the eclipse takes.

Do you see any indications in Kim’s chart or the N. Korea chart around the time of the eclipse that could indicate timing of such a thing? If the aspects you outlined in your post are waning by the time of the eclipse and the eclipse itself doesn’t trigger anything else, I would be very relieved.

House Democrats will vote against a short-term spending bill to keep the government open if Republicans try to move on a bill to repeal Obamacare this week.

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said that if Republicans try a second time to rush their latest bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act out the door, they will have to pass the one-week continuing resolution without Democratic votes.

“If Republicans announce their intention to bring their harmful TrumpCare bill to the House Floor tomorrow or Saturday, I will oppose a one-week continuing resolution and will advise House Democrats to oppose it as well,” Hoyer said in a statement on Thursday.


Closing EPA’s Great Lakes Office Would Put Nation’s Water At Risk, Dems Warn Scott Pruitt

Huffington Post

CHICAGO ? Fifty-one million jobs, 90 percent of the U.S. freshwater supply and many Superfund sites could be jeopardized if the Environmental Protection …..

Democrats in Congress urged the EPA chief not to close the agency’s Region 5 office.


Many Thanks Nancy.
Excellent and clear thought and writing as always.
You are our hidden national treasure.


“and Trump ain’t no Kennedy.”


This is what I call “smart resistance” or at least hilarious.

People reporting extraterrestrial sightings to Trump’s new ‘criminal alien’ hotline


a clearer and better story on the “criminal alien hotline”


Hi Nancy,

The question about the August 21st solar eclipse may be relevant. Considering that the eclipse conjoins North Korea’s natal Saturn and Trump’s ascendant degree (as well as being within a two degree orb of Donald Trump’s Mars) in exact trine to tr. Uranus seems to suggest something quite explosive in North Korean/US relations. You didn’t mention anything about it in the above commentary. Do you regard those aspects as marginal or having minimal impact?

This is pretty frightening. I’m going to look back over the charts for the period and see if we have anything going on here that was as overt as Venus crossing Pluto just before Pearl Harbor.

Well, with N. Korea pretty much surrounded by China, I find it hard to fathom that China would allow Kim to attack anyone with nuclear weapons as there will likely be nuclear strikes on N. Korea.

Can you please explain to me, Will and Elizabeth, the benefits of taking such high levels of vitamin D and fish oil? Thanks!

I’m taking about 6 different vitamins/supplements, prescribed by a nutritionist who uses kineseology. I’ve known her for years. I’ll have to check the levels. I chew vitamin D gum drops that are 500 mg each, I believe, to the tune of probably 2-4/day so that’s a max of 2,000 mgs.

Sharon K,

The thing about Pluto transits is that the person feels like their very survival is at stake, and that would be particularly true with Pluto transiting Kim’s Sun. Pluto brings the Scorpionic energy–when cornered, they will fight to the death.

China may not be able to prevent Kim from doing something stupid. Especially now that Trump has flapped his lips to Reuters.

Trump doesn’t seem to understand that this isn’t some national version of “The Apprentice” where the goal is to get the highest ratings.

What a moron.

I agree that he is a moron, Wild Irish, but he’s a shrewd one. Anyway, of course China cannot in the end control Jong Un, but I think they will be able to. They just have to do it in a way that saves face (his).

Tillerson is quoted here as saying that China has threatened JKU with sanctions over another nuclear test. China is N. Korea’s only trading partner — without them they have no economy, I’ve read.


Hi SharonK,

Although there is a lack of hard-data, there is a general consensus cresting in the medical community that taking a good, wild-caught daily fish oil supplement is probably therapeutic for a wide variety of health benefits. I take one 1400 mg liquid capsule per day. I take one liquid 50,000 unit capsule of pharmaceutical-grade Vitamin D per week; this is good for cellular regeneration. I also take a one tablet of a high-quality pro-biotic daily to augment a healthy gut. These dosages are not considered high and do have therapeutic properties without having any damaging effects. I’m good with no damaging effects with a decent valence for gainful benefits. Nothing too radical.

Thank you for the smart update, Starlight. As you have suggested, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are mirror-images of one another – crazy hair and all. This might be over-confidence or naive on my part, but I think the adults of the world order will step in and put a stop to anything either of these ass-clowns try; way too much exposure for too many nations, people and economies. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I am salivating with schadenfreude about their mutual comeuppance.


Americans may soon have to kiss these lucrative personal tax deductions goodbye

Deductions for health care, home offices and student loan interest could be among those cut

I meant to post this yesterday but fell asleep.

First, thank you Will.
Now – A panel of 8 women with a largely female audience.

A very worthwhile watch. Closing my eyes when the translations are made helped me to focus on them.

I?v?a?n?k?a? ?T?r?u?m?p? ?b?o?o?e?d? women’s economic W20 Summit in Berlin.


Postscript for the film ‘Spotlight’





The film was written by Tom McCarthy and co-writer Josh Singer. When McCarthy was asked how he and his co-author tackled the research and writing process, he stated:

As I said, I passed (turned down the film) the first time! That’s probably some indication of how intimidating it was. But I think, as always, with any big assignment, once you get over that initial shock and awe of how much material there was to cover, you start digging into the material and become really fascinated by and engaged with it, and we did. And yeah, it was a lot of work, but it was exciting work. It was really interesting work, parsing through details of not just the investigation, but its findings, and trying to determine what was most helpful in telling our story. I think having two brains on it was somewhat helpful too, because we could talk through it a lot. So it wasn’t just sitting alone in a room and jotting notes. We were dialoguing a lot about it. That particular collaboration did feel investigative and on some level, seemed to parallel some of the collaboration of the reporters in that investigation. So, I think there was something about our collaboration that made that initial process more palatable on some level.

McCarthy and Singer completed the script in June 2013. Singer told Creative Screenwriting that one of his goals for the film was to highlight the power of journalism, which he feels has been waning. He explained, “This story isn’t about exposing the Catholic Church. We were not on some mission to rattle people’s faith. In fact, Tom came from a Catholic family. The motive was to tell the story accurately while showing the power of the newsroom – something that’s largely disappeared today. This story is important. Journalism is important, and there is a deeper message in the story.


Tom McCarthy
DOB 6.07.1966, New Providence NJ



Spotlight investigation team at Boston Globe


Church allowed abuse by priest for years

Why did it take a succession of three cardinals and many bishops 34 years to place children out of John J. Geoghan’s reach?

* ‘Spotlight’ triumphs with Oscar for best picture.

* Timeline of key Spotlight report stories

* More coverage of the Spotlight report

* Other Globe investigations

* About the Spotlight team

* A revered guest; a family left in shreds


Robert Reich: Donald Trump’s assault on the nation’s courts is grounds for impeachment


‘It makes me nervous’: Farmer who can’t find workers to harvest his crops blames Trump


Schumer refuses to rubber stamp House’s short-term spending bill

By Joan McCarter
Friday Apr 28, 2017 · 6:40 AM PDT

Film culture & Journalism


By: WildIrish on April 27th, 2017 at 1:14 pm

“Do you see any indications in Kim’s chart or the N. Korea chart around the time of the eclipse that could indicate timing of such a thing?”

Charts I did on HRC and Kaine before the election for that eclipse period but could not figure out are now looking like they could make sense if we become entangled with North Korea. Not good for us on eclipse day or N Korea the next day.

Must take a break. Will furnish more later. Adding un84’s charts for that time fits with my thoughts at the time of my original work.

From Wildirish above:

The thing about Pluto transits is that the person feels like their very survival is at stake, and that would be particularly true with Pluto transiting Kim’s Sun. Pluto brings the Scorpionic energy–when cornered, they will fight to the death.

And remember that Kim has Uranus opposite his Mars at the same time, making his response more aggressive.

I also want to point out that immediately after 9/11, the US had both Jupiter and Pluto in aspect to the US Sun. (Jupiter conjunct and Pluto quincunx) The feeling at the time was that we were the only superpower left and we would go and kick Afghanistan’s butt for letting OBL attack us. We were filled with our sense of power and righteous indignation, and that no one could stop us.

Kim will have Pluto conjunct and Jupiter square his Sun for that week. Trump will have Jupiter conjunct Jupiter and Pluto square. Trump’s previous Jupiter return week was filled with successes (including bombing Syria and the MOAB bomb), the only week in his presidency to be so. But this time, there is also Saturn on his Moon and opposite his Sun. So the heightened sense of power (possibly from military attacks) will be greatly compromised by acute pain. Given that the US Neptune/Mars will be under that Saturn station, it is hard not to see this as acute pain impacting the US (multiple deaths of our military or in South Korea for which we are responsible for lighting the match???) I hope I am wrong about all of this, but I remember that Jupiter/Sun/Pluto feeling after 9/11 and it concerns me.

Thank you Nancy for another insightful article.

This came across my fb yesterday and I thought it was pretty funny at the time but I’m not so sure now:

When Trump finally, and predictably fails, he can easily kill himself by climbing up his EGO and jumping into his IQ.

Thanks for the response, Will. I will do some research on vitamin D because the amounts recommended to me are much lower.

Thanks for the response, Will. I will do some research on vitamin D because the amounts recommended to me are much lower.

Sharon K,

Go with the over-the-counter dosage your prescriber/consultant recommended. I was deficient and will be on this dosage until I have a therapeutic level in my blood.


I remember a piece you posted years ago regarding the deep, vicious energy involving Pluto transits to the sun.

Thank you for posting the Pluto piece, WildIrish; If these to ass-hats (Trump and Kim) are without parental supervision, all bets are off. This is like living through Dadaism all over again. The Theory of Chaos truly does reign over the 21st Century. We will have to learn to go with this crazy flow.

Thank you, Bob and Nancy. You have validated my concerns. This is also the feeling that I can’t get rid of.

Kim wants to be taken seriously and be seen as a great leader (Capricorn sun), and I think it infuriates him that he is belittled and ridiculed in the international arena. It wounds his pride. He has no way to acquiesce and still save face. That’s a big deal for a Capricorn.

We’ve already seen how DJT’s Neptune square Mercury plays out, in his delusional, magical thinking and his overblown rhetoric. “All hat, no cattle,” as my grandfather would say (he was a rancher). DJT is a con artist and a snake oil salesman, and he loves power and money.

Kim’s Mercury/Neptune/Jupiter conjunction makes me very, very nervous. It expresses as an exaggerated sense of his own brilliance. Unlike DJT, who thinks he’s smart but doesn’t know enough about world history to put in a flea’s ear, Kim is very smart and well-educated. He is also ruthless and cunning.

Kim has relied on China protecting him, but if China also now “piles on,” as he would interpret it, Kim has nothing more to lose–typical “survival” mindset. How much worse can it get? What other sanctions can the world place on his country? (They don’t deter him, they only create greater suffering for his people.)

Kim’s fury is aimed squarely at the US, and he’s just arrogant/delusional enough to think he can attack us successfully, so I would be surprised if he attacks S. Korea or Japan. I guess we could look at the charts for Japan and S. Korea and their respective leaders to see if the eclipse triggers anything significant.

DJT is just enough of a playground bully to think he can poke at Kim and get away with it. But Kim isn’t playing–he’s dead serious.

My longtime friend Denise Siegel on the crackpot regime:


Two examples of Pluto’s power:

When Pluto transited conjunct the Scorpio Sun of the USSR chart, the USSR died as a national entity–think about that for a minute. It died.

When Pluto transited conjunct the Capricorn Sun in Tiger Woods’ chart, his marriage blew up and all his secrets became tabloid fodder–he was publicly disgraced, lost his position at the top of the world rankings in golf, and has never recovered physically or professionally.

Pluto transits are always the death of something or the profound loss of something. Permanent change. Out of your control. Whatever it is that goes away doesn’t come back. Transits of the Sun are even more gut-wrenching.

Throw in the rulership of Pluto over nuclear power, the aspects in DJT’s and Kim’s charts, and the eclipse path through the US, and it’s anyone’s guess what this could look like.

Whatever it is, it will be life-changing.

Not the charts I posted about but feel this was too strong to wait.

Aug SE conjunct NATO Saturn/Pluto midpoint, eclipse Saturn in exact opposition to Sibly Mars, both in exact 90° square to SE MC.

NATO: Truman signs the North Atlantic Treaty Organization agreement

Source: “The treaty came into being at 11.42 a.m. on 24 August 1949 when, following the ratification of the treaty by France (the final country to do so) [what else is new?! – R.C.] President Truman signed the document bringing the treaty into force.” Nicholas Campion, The Book of World Horoscopes, p. 483.

NATO – Aug 24 1949, 11:42 am, EDT +4:00 WASHINGTON DC 38°N53’42” 077°W02’12”
NATO Saturn 160°43′ + NATO Pluto 141°37′ = 302°20′ / 2 = 151°10′

Solar Total Eclipse (NM) – Aug 21 2017, 2:30:06 pm, EDT +4:00
White House Dist of Columbia 38°N53’50” 077°W02’13”

ECLIPSE Moon 151°10′ + ECLIPSE Sun 151°01′ = 302°11′ / 2 = 151°06′
ECLIPSE East Point 260°45′; ECLIPSE Saturn 260°30′

SIBLY Mars (opposition) 260°35′

Seeing how hard trump’s chart was hit by the eclipse I expected HRC’S and Kaine’s charts to be looking good but that is not the case.

Locating Kaine’s chart to Washington and placing the Aug 21, 2017 solar eclipse around it produces a very active chart with eclipse Pluto on his MC and natal Mars, eclipse Uranus on his ASC forming an exact paran square with his natal Mars, and eclipse Jupiter square the MC and eclipse Pluto. He has natal Jupiter on the DESC in longitude.


HRC NY – Natal Relocated Oct 26 1947, 9:02 am, EST +5:00
New York New York 40°N42’51” 074°W00’23”

Asc 241°28′ Zenith is at 151°28′ (Asc -90°)
East Point 260°36′

Solar Total Eclipse (NM) Aug 21 2017, 2:30:06 pm, EDT +4:00
New York NY 40°N42’51” 074°W00’23”

ECLIPSE Moon 151°10′
ECLIPSE Sun 151°01′

ECLIPSE Saturn 260°30′

HRC NY – Sec.Prog. Q2 Mean Quotidian Aug 21 2017, 2:30 pm, EDT +4:00
New York NY 40°N42’51” 074°W00’23”

Progressed natal Mars (opposition) 160°30′

I got lost with that last progressed Mars line. Will have to figure it out.

Eclipse Mars is on Hillary’s natal Saturn. (143°28′ to 144°).


Interesting that the solar eclipse hits NATO’s chart so strongly. I wonder if/when DJT will decide they are obsolete again?

Do you know yet how the eclipse will hit Pence’s chart and Ryan’s chart? They will have to deal with the fallout of DJT’s decisions, so I would expect some impact.

How do you think the hits in Clinton’s and Kaine’s charts will be expressed?

Eclipse Saturn is on Pence’s White House IC.

The SE Mars/Sun and Mars/Moon midpoint squares Ryan’s secondary progressed (Q2 Mean Quotidian Angles) MC in Janesville, WI.

Each year, Congress recesses for the month of August so charts could be located anywhere.

There is no way to know exactly how any aspects will play out but almost all of the noted aspects in the charts are harsh.


look at your natal chart aug21

I looked at mine and my families

my natal neptune always narrates for me mysterious confusing hard to figure out health conditions

…..on aug 21

it is apex of yod with transiting neptune and transiting pallas with other natal features… looks like the t/pallas will bring some solution to health condition ( partial or more than )

At Aug SE time HRC progressed Mars (160°30′) conjunct NATO Moon (160°48′) and Saturn(160°43).

WildIrish, would it make you feel better to know that Kim’s natal Jupiter-Neptune-Mercury conjunctions will be accompanied by the transiting Achilles (retrograde) at the time of the August total solar eclipse? If this is for Kim his “exaggerated sense of his own brilliance” as you see it, it will also be his weakness.

I would also add something about the powerful Pluto energy you gave examples of. That is that Pluto’s “death of something” is something that needed to die in order for the birth of something healthy to replace it.

In the case of Tiger Woods (not seeing his natal chart) I would offer that this man seems to have grown beyond what his ego permitted; a limited value system that solely consisted of what society valued. He, understandably, being young and a native Capricorn, thought that was all there was to life. He appears to have grown in wisdom from what little I’ve seen or heard about him and quite possibly he now feels that way about himself.

A few years ago I experienced a Pluto-opposite-natal Sun and can attest to the life-changing effects, but what died was pretty superficial in hind sight. Pluto destroys what needs to be destroyed and transforms it.

Yes, Barbk, it does. Thanks for that. I have had a lot of first-hand experience with Pluto conjunctions.

I was born with Pluto conjunct the MC, and have since had it transit by conjunction: Uranus, Moon, Neptune, Jupiter, Ascendant, Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Saturn. The only planets it has not transited by conjunction, Mars and Uranus, are part of a tight grand cross at 18° in my natal chart, and Pluto is in the middle of making 5 trines to Uranus, if I live through them.

My experience is that Pluto demands authenticity, honesty, integrity, accountability, and fearlessness, while it strips away everything else.

Pluto takes no prisoners and gives no quarter. Much of what I lost was not superficial, but it was stripped away nonetheless.

I have a lot of empathy for Tiger Woods. At least I didn’t have to go through it with cameras rolling.

That is fascinating WildIrish, and not at all common I would think; a life with so many transformative experiences under her belt surely has a most uncommon purpose in life. If you believe in reincarnation and/or Ascension you likely understand why so much has been stripped away.

I’m hoping that the trines from transiting Pluto to your natal Uranus (am I understanding you correctly?) are supporting your natal Uranus (which would be either in Taurus or Virgo) while also activating the energy of your natal grand cross in fixed or mutable signs, including natal Mars.

This alone could be harrowing and since (your natal) Uranus seeks freedom from any confinement or restraint, you possibly are fearful of any drastic upheaval in the status quo. If I’ve understood you correctly, transiting Pluto appears to be pushing you to go forward in whatever role destiny has for you.

I can sympathize with your situation in that I have a natal grand cross that includes the north and south nodes and I’ve been reluctant to seek out north node opportunities, preferring the comfort of the old south node ways. It has cost me dearly.

With Pluto on the MC you will rise and rise again WildIrish, a calling that, in the long run, will benefit you and others whose lives you touch. Love and light to you.

Thank you, Barbk. Sorry, I didn’t realize I had said it was trine to Uranus. Actually, it’s trine natal (retrograde) *Mars* in Taurus, which is square natal (retrograde) Uranus in Leo.

I liken a grand cross to a 9′ x 9′ table in a 10′ x 10′ room. You keep bumping your shins against it until you learn that it’s there, what it’s for, what it requires of you, and how to use it as a platform.

I have 6 planets and the nodes between 16° and 19° of various signs, so Pluto has been ringing my bells for a while. Setting off the grand cross is just part of the cacophony.

Over the years, I have learned to live with the intensity of Pluto transits, for the most part. But I must say, with most of my chart being twanged at the same time, the past five months has been extremely difficult. I have another nine months to go.

I just have to keep breathing.

on August 21 solar eclipse transiting pallas is in zodiac sign of taurus..in medical astrology pallas symbolizes the immune system…

in medical astrology the zodiac sign of taurus (I have) Venus (sense of touch) governs Taurus and controls the throat, and insulin production with an openness to colds and flu… plus other;

a weakened Taurus is often prone to throat and ear infections …. plus other;

Yod (forced issues) involving transiting pallas … in my case most likely the neg. side effects of prescription medication routinely taken that causes sinus/ear issues will be something that is closely examined by medical provider with me in the six month time period under the influence of the solar eclipse….



solar eclipse august 21


A Solar Eclipse is like a really powerful reboot.

A New Moon can work powerful manifestation magic because the Moon is furthest from the earth and this frees the imagination from material limits.


Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates was born on Aug 20, 1960 and the August SE could possibly be her solar return. At least it will strongly aspect her Sun.

Dear Nancy, such unsettling times. Yet, coming here is always a warm shelter from the storm.
Thank you for this precious and cozy little space.
From Nicholas Kristof:
“This Isn’t Tax Policy; It’s a Trump-Led Heist”

The subtle, but very effective, efforts symbolized by the minor bodies that circle the Sun might be more obvious than usual around the 17th through the 20th of May. A precise conjunction of transiting Hades to the U.S. Jupiter will take place as transiting Chaos conjuncts the U.S. Mars. Transiting Pallas in Aries will exactly square transiting Juno in Capricorn who will still be just a degree behind transiting Pluto.

Even more influential might be transiting Ceres conjunct the U.S. Uranus in Gemini while squaring both the U.S. natal Ceres and transiting Nessus in Pisces. Both the transiting North “mean” node and “true” node will be at 28+ Leo, conjunct Trump’s ascendant and a few days later the transiting South node will conjunct the U.S. natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius.

By that time, around the 21st, transiting Vesta will finally reach a conjunction to the U.S. North Node. You might recall that transiting Vesta stopped short just 1 degree from being conjunct the U.S. North Node on December 1st, 3 weeks following the election of Donald Trump as our next U.S. President. North Nodes symbolize a path forward for growth and the opportunities to facilitate it. Vesta symbolizes investment.

These “lesser” bodies will be influencing the U.S. chart from strategic points – U.S. natal Uranus, Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Ceres and the Leo North Node – in preparation for the Gemini New Moon on the 25th.

At that time the New Moon will be in the U.S. natal 6th house of health and service and a few degrees from the U.S. Uranus. A chart for that moment has the transiting Venus and Pallas in Aries just one degree from being exactly conjunct the U.S. Chiron and square the transiting Pluto and Juno in Capricorn who are both retrograde.

Trans. Venus and Pallas will go on to conjunct the U.S. Chiron after the New Moon but trans. Pluto won’t make it back to (exactly) square U.S. Chiron until the time when we voters are thinking about who we will send to Washington and who won’t be going back there.

These are nuanced effects on the U.S. natal chart but they set up the scenery for the Big Picture New Moon in Gemini. That New Moon also has transiting retrograde Jupiter in Libra exactly square the U.S. Sun and just one degree past his conjunction with the U.S. Saturn. Trans. Jupiter will be quincunx trans. Neptune in Pisces so something in the U.S. Sun-square-Saturn pattern will have to give big-time.

As transiting Vesta approaches her new cycle with the U.S. NATAL North Node in Leo the TRANSITING North Node is starting its journey through Leo too. It will reach the U.S. North Node (a North Node Return) in June 2018, as transiting Pluto is squaring (in retrograde) the U.S. Chiron. That period of trans. Pluto square U.S. Chiron starts in February 2018 and doesn’t end until January 2019, after the mid-term elections.

We may not see or hear about those subtle influences on the U.S. chart but the asteroids, centaurs, TNOs, Uranian points and Nodes are symbolizing adjustments and these adjustments will reflect a difference in attitudes, relationships, priorities and plans regarding how the USA and its citizens will be managed and/or treated by its/their elected officials.

Incrementally the orbiting bodies around the Sun symbolize a reconstructing of the societies on this planet Earth and their influence can be experienced by humanity as shocking, overwhelming and powerful or they can be ever so subtle. Together these bodies symbolize a greater power and influence than what we mere mortals are totally cognizant of and IMO their energies are working in our best interest. Watch and learn.

Alex, I’m also concerned with this coming Eclipse! The way it’s hitting the USA Diagonally and stories I’ve read regarding how important any Eclipse is that’s touches a Nation.
(Also, My Natal Jupiter @ R28 Sag)
Husband’s Daughter lives in Tenn (One if the major State’s Wild/Worried Prepper’s are heading for) and exactly along the Eclipse path. She has invited us to come view it…but I’m hesitant.
Remember the 2000 Eclipse with GWBush and Iraq?
I so miss Obama’s steady-hand and Peaceful Times.

Solar Eclipse August 21, 1914

Did you know that there was a total solar eclipse on 21 August 1914 only weeks after the outbreak of the First World War?

The eclipse was primarily visible in Eastern Europe and came only a few days after the Russian army had invaded East Prussia.

The outbreak of war in Europe prevented many astronomers from journeying to locations where they could observe the phenomenon. However the German scientist Adolf Miethe led an expedition to Norway in order to get the best view of the eclipse. Three of his expedition team were forced to return to Germany in order to commence their military service.


Sharon K,

Hey, so I was diagnosed with low Vit D about 5 years ago. I was given a pharmaceutical prescription for 35K IU to be taken once a week. It took about 3 months to get my levels in the normal range. I was supposed to supplement with 2K a day to keep the level up. I have a difficult time swallowing pills so the over the counter ones are much bigger and I had a hard time using them so over time it got low again. I now see a Naturopath and they were able to give me a good quality Vit D liquid drops so I took it again, 5K a day to get back to normal levels which MD’s will tell you is 30 but my Naturopath explained to me that 30 is the starting point of the normal 30-100 is range. So, I am around (last I was checked) 50’s. I take 2K IU a day as well as get 20-30 minutes in the sun when I get my daily walk. If the sun’s not out, I take 3K IU.

I personally don’t use fish oil but if overall health is what you are working toward, probiotics are wonderful as 70% of our immune system is in our gut.

I hope that is helpful. If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask, I am happy to share any information that might be of help to you.

Thank you, Elizabeth!!

The August 21, 1914/2017 Total Solar Eclipses. Is There A Connection? This Author Seems To Think There Is………

Remembering the “World War I Eclipse”
by David Dickinson

The paths of total solar eclipses care not for political borders or conflicts, often crossing over war-torn lands.

Such was the case a century ago this week on August 21st, 1914 when a total solar eclipse crossed over Eastern Europe shortly after the outbreak of World War I.



Your welcome, Sharon. Glad I could help.

I was low at one time in D, and also brought mine up to normal level (according to my regular M.D.) who recommended taking 2000 daily. I have to check into that. I was told by another doctor that you can take a lot of vitamin D, as much as 5 or 6K a day…I guess that does equate to about 30-50K a week. I chew a few Rainblow Light Sunny Gummies daily. I also use their vegetarian/vegan bone up.

NORTH KOREA Noon – Natal Chart
Sep 9 1948, 12:00 pm, JST -9:00
P’yongyang North Korea 39°N01′ 125°E45′

Parans to Sat 151°22′

Solar Total Eclipse (NM) – Natal Relocated
Aug 22 2017, 3:30:06 am, JST -9:00
P’yongyang North Korea 39°N01′ 125°E45′

Parans to Mon 151°10′
Parans to Sun 151°01′

This from Eric Francis:
“Here is that eclipse. This is once-in-a-lifetime event enters from the Pacific, crosses just south of Oregon, reaches peak intensity near Memphis, passes through South Carolina and heads out to sea. You can watch the video here. Whatever this eclipse brings, some important aspect of it will be the other shoe dropping on this whole Trump thing.”


What is the vegetarian/vegan bone up?


Did you mean to post a link with your comment? “You can watch the video here.”
I would like to see that.


Bone-up is made by a company called Jarrow, Elizabeth. You can get the vegetarian/vegan blend or the regular using animal or oyster calcium, I guess. It was recommended to me about 25 yrs ago and I’ve been taking it on and off. Trying to be mostly on at this point.


Thanks, Sharon!

Elizabeth, Sorry about that. Hope this works.


Your very welcome. My nutritionist has me taking 4/day instead of 6. I often just take 2 but need to make sure I take the full 4, because of my early osteoporosis.

You’re very welcome, I mean!

Pence lied: Led the Flynn vetting process, knew about foreign ties


Supposedly overseeing the trump-Russia investigation from here on out. The IC will be swept by the Sun, Saturn, and Pluto conjunction of January 2020.


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Senate adjourned at 5:44 p.m., and will reconvene at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday April 26, 2017.

5:28 p.m. The Rosenstein nomination was confirmed 94-6.


Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein’s Swearing In Ceremony
Wednesday, April 26, 2017


The May 10th Full Moon has all the earmarks of being a tricky period but possibly financially fruitful for the U.S. It will be the 1st lunation after the nodes leave the signs of Virgo (North) and Pisces (South) and enter Leo (North) and Aquarius (South) setting a new agenda.

There is also transiting Jupiter exactly conjunct the U.S. Saturn in Libra, as he opposes transiting Pallas the Planner in Aries, while also making a quincunx to transiting Neptune in Pisces who exactly trines the U.S. Sun in Cancer.

In this Full Moon chart on May 10th Mars in Gemini will square Neptune in Pisces but Mars will trine Jupiter in Libra who is conjunct U.S. Saturn.

This boils down to a T-square between the Full Moon’s Jupiter opposite FM’s Pallas and T-squared by the U. S. natal Sun, complicated by the Full Moon’s Neptune trine the U.S. Sun and the Full Moon’s Mars trine the U.S. Saturn.

No doubt about it, this FM is going to activate the U.S. natal Sun-square-Saturn and with FM Mars in tricky Gemini and the illusive FM Neptune in Pisces creating illusions, nothing will be as it seems.

This Full Moon takes place in Scorpio so we can assume “other people’s money” will be involved. With Trump’s natal Chiron and Juno conjunct the U.S. Saturn (and therefore transiting FM’s Jupiter), and with the transiting North Node now conjunct his Leo ascendant, Trump could be ready to manifest the Art of the Deal.

Because the quincunx aspect between transiting Jupiter and Neptune is a pivotal point in their cycle, a cycle that began in 2009 when they were conjunct the U.S. Moon (along with Chiron), I looked at that chart for guidance.

The present Jupiter-Neptune cycle started at 26+ Aquarius (exactly conjunct the U.S. strategist Pallas who is conjunct the U.S. Moon) and at that time they formed a sextile with Mars at 26+ Aries (where transiting Mercury-Eris-Uranus are right now). Based on this, it is not impossible to conceive that a strategy advantageous to the U.S. People (Jupiter-Neptune cycle conjunct U.S. Moon) would be part of the agenda of this particular cycle.

Now the U.S. Moon in Aquarius is the ruler of the sign in which the U.S. Sun resides, Cancer. What pleases the U.S. Moon (U.S. People) would, in theory, please the U.S. Sun I would think.

If the Jupiter-Neptune agenda includes a strategy/plan during their present cycle it could certainly be in the works now as trans. Jupiter and Neptune are in an aspect that requires adjusting, and since Neptune has a knack for creating illusions . . . .

. . and because the FM Jupiter trines FM Mars in Gemini but FM Neptune squares that Mars, then might not Neptune “mislead” that FM Mars in such a way as to throw the U.S. Saturn+Trump Chiron/Juno energy “off the scent” (so to speak) and thus favor the U.S. Sun-side of a U.S. natal square (Sun vs. Saturn) difference? Me thinks it quite possible.

Consider too the synchronicity that the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction of 2009 had Uranus at 26+ Pisces, a degree that transiting Chiron has occupied most of April, and then consider that trans. Chiron and Uranus have been in a semi-sextile for years now so that often when a planet squares one it trines the other. This could be part of the plan.

Perhaps I’m overthinking this but I put nothing past the power of Neptune to beguile the gullible.

The fact that the transiting North Node will conjunct Trump’s ascendant at the Full Moon but by the following New Moon the transiting South Node will be just hours away from a conjunction with the U.S. natal Moon in Aquarius. And then there is transiting Vesta (investment) about to conjunct the U.S. natal North Node in Leo . . . . .


RE: T- square

does the degree 14 aries bring to mind any chart?

14AR would form cardinal grand cross ( world stage )

as AQsouth node (politics)
and LEnorth node (authoritarian)

the hills might be alive with the sound of more saber rattling at the very least

Looking at greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, Clark said the risks over the next two to three decades goes way beyond anything the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change states is safe. That translates into temperatures rising, on average, above the 1.5 centigrade (2.7 F) that the Paris climate agreement sets as a target. The temperature rise could be 3-4 centigrade, or 5.4 F to 7.2 F higher. “That is why you should be very worried,” Clark said. “Every 1 degree centigrade (1.8 F) increase change in temperature equals seven feet to sea level rise.”

“It is an economic dislocation of massive proportions,” Clark said. “Therefore, it is a national security threat with millions of people being forced from their homes on coastal lands.”

Clark pointed to the dislocation in Syria, which he cited began as because of drought. “You had 600,000 people forced from their farms. That was the tender that led to the Syrian civil war. It wasn’t political. It was a bunch of farmers who couldn’t make a living.”


Venus generally rules peace and diplomacy, but in mundane astrology signifies war in hard aspect.

In ancient Mesopotamia, she was the Goddess of Love and Procreation when the evening star, and the Goddess of War when the morning star.

In the North Korea horoscope she is Goddess of War, visible before sunrise. The furthest she can ever be in front of the Sun is 48 degrees, so at 46 degrees ahead of the Sun in this chart, she is a very fired up Goddess Ishtar. “her morning appearance woke them up to go to war” [Deborah Houlding].




East Point

Would anyone care to weigh in on this video?

Denise Siegel.


Thank you , Ja.

Sharon, I have a niece who has began eating vegan and I am concerned about her getting sufficient calcium (iron too, she has had issues with being anemic). I think all diets can be done well and healthy but when you remove foods, it’s imperative to be vigilant about getting sufficient nutrients in those areas. thanks for the info, I will check that out.

The Earth Point is placed directly opposite the Sun in your chart— in the exact degree and minute of the opposite sign and house.

Thus for every aspect the Sun makes, the Earth makes a corresponding and complementary aspect.



Trump’s progressed Moon officially enters his 12th house on June 23

if the P/moon and planet saturn were notes (on piano sa-A & P/moon-Gsharp 12 house)




saturnSG opposite sunGE

might be saturnSG – upper A;
sunGE – lower A sharp

Trump is currently under the rays of transiting Saturn opposite his Gemini Sun, which will be exact on July 7 (two weeks after his progressed Moon enters the 12th house of escapism and retreat)


could be A-56 & B-36


I speculated about that T-square too alex, with Full Moon Jupiter at 14+ Libra opposite Full Moon Pallas at 14+ Aries and the U.S. Sun at 13+ Cancer, what (or who) has something in that area of Capricorn that would balance out the T-squares into a grand cross. The only thing I came up with (so far) is Russia’s chart (June 12, 1990) with its Neptune at 13+ Capricorn retrograde.

Which kind of makes sense since by falling in the 1st or 2nd house of the U.S. Sibly chart (depending on what house system used) and we consider the confusion (Neptune) the U.S. has experienced for several months regarding its identity (1st house) and/or values (2nd house) due to the Russian allegations re: election. Maybe this merry month of May will expose some solid facts regarding Russia’s influence in the election results.

The May 10 Full Moon’s Saturn in Sagittarius which trines Uranus-conjunct-Mercury-Eris in Aries forms a grand trine to Trump’s Mars in Leo, which puts him centermost into this lunation, along with the North Node conjunct his ascendant.

Taking it a step further, the FM chart, when set in Washington, DC, puts the transiting Jupiter, the U.S. Saturn, Trump’s Chiron-Juno in the 12th house of behind-closed-doors activity.

Also, transiting Full Moon Chiron at 27+ Pisces is sextile the U.S. natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn and both are quincunx the Leo NN/Trump asc. that creates a Yod, also known as a Finger of God. Add in the U.S. Moon in Aquarius + the Full Moon’s South node and you have a Boomerang.

I see it as the U.S. People (U.S. Moon) being the final recipient of the Chiron-Pluto-NN Yod energies, and how the U.S. People react to this amalgamation of energy (news) could be quite decisive. This might not take form until the transiting south node conjuncts the U.S. natal Moon ay the end of May. It could be very interesting what with the Full Moon’s Mercury-Uranus conjunction sextile the U.S. Moon.


re: pallas — cardinal grand cross by synastry at the full moon may 10th

and the transiting trine to Trump (t/node to n/asc)


Neptune-Russia Soviet State @ 13 Capricorn rx (1990 Constitutional Reform Anniversary)



plus: looking at younger generation in my family connection to political issues

I’d say we are looking at the people/&/nations voice of ‘climate change-crisis’ on the world stage in opposition to “Trump calling climate change a hoax, vowed to pull the US out of the Paris Agreement”




Russia’s Vladimir Putin said …climate change was not caused by humans, as the White House announced that President Donald Trump would decide by May on continued US participation in the landmark Paris Agreement curbing global carbon emissions.


By more than 5 to 1, voters say the U.S. should participate in the Paris Climate Agreement.


Senator Elizabeth Warren:

“I think President Obama, like many others in both parties, talk about a set of big national statistics that look shiny and great but increasingly have giant blind spots,” she told the Guardian. “That GDP, unemployment, no longer reflect the lived experiences of most Americans.

“And the lived experiences of most Americans is that they are being left behind in this economy. Worse than being left behind, they’re getting kicked in the teeth.”


cruel bill

alex, good one!

In May 10 Full Moon chart transiting Ceres (Earth Mother) occupies the degree where the May 25 New Moon will be, 4+ Gemini.

Transiting Sun will conjunct Sedna (sea waters and sea life) on May 16th as transiting Moon conjuncts U.S. Pluto at 27+ Capricorn. Transiting Uranus and Saturn will be trine (exact on 19th) and transiting Chariklo (Chiron’s wife) will be at 13+ Capricorn retrograde.

Denise Seigel is interesting. I think she seems authentic in her presentation. Time will tell.


re: climate-change crisis – May 10TH


Chariklo @13 Capricorn rx

Several violent events since this weekend: shooting that injured quite a few at a pool party in San Diego, a paramedic shot in Dallas, and about 3-4 people wounded in a stabbing at University of Texas. I looked at the planets & am not sure what astrological aspects could be influencing this.

Last weekend Progressive Radio was saying Obama should sue Trump for spreading the LIE…that the previous President had Wire Tapped him.
Why should we let the Right Wing Trump Create FAKE NEWS for History Books? OBAMA should set the record straight and Sue!
Trump on Obama surveillance claims: ‘I don’t stand by anything’

“Elizabeth Warren calls out Obama and Democrats for losing way on economy” https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/may/01/elizabeth-warren-barack-obama-democrats-economy

“Mercury stations direct May 3rd at 24° Aries, conjunct Uranus – a message of the transformation of freedom of will and identity on an internal personal level as well as a cosmic level.”

– Chimera Code Astrology.com

This comes at a most auspicious time in my life as there has been a particularly troubling unresolved personal issue of many years running coming up for review mid week (the reader will have to forgive my not going into any details on this). Uranus is presently conjoining my North Node (25 ’27 Aries) with nearby Mercury stationing direct (24 ’15 Aries) in two days time….. could be an indication of a much needed breakthrough. At least I hope that is the case. As one astrologer explains: “Mercury conjunct the North Node symbolizes the pursuit of your life’s destiny of human potential at the mental level and incorporating your communication skills.” Throw Uranus into the mix and it transforms into a potential “game-changer”.

Anyone else have natal aspects at the 24/ 25 Aries degree and would like to share their thoughts on this?


GOP – healthcare for good people

“The number one thing I would like to repeal is the law on compulsory education …,” he told Stephenson. “I believe education is still a privilege, and the kids who don’t want to be there are a larger distraction to the kids who do want to be there.”

Republican Paul Mosley, represents deep red Lake Havasu City:



Executive Privilege and the Current Cover-up … Will Yates make Pence ineligible as POTUS46

By annieli
Tuesday May 02, 2017 · 3:50 PM PDT


Sally Yates Will Testify She Warned White House About Michael Flynn’s Russia Connection


Ok, this is going to be a bit of a rant because i feel it is one of the few places I can….

This is definitely not about being a D vs a R.

My mum has been going on about liking Tucker Carlson so today while cooking i had my ipad on tv and was flicking between cnn and msnbc and both were on ads so decided to flick to Fox,because i do think it is always good to listen to other views.

So first they talked about Stephen Colbert and his rant on Trump last night on how terrible it was and what a lack of respect it was and that no one did that to Obama. Firstly, plenty fun was made of Obama, secondly, no one has ever been like this madman and if you watched the context, Colbert did that because he was mad at how rude Trump was in an interview. And was saying what we all want to say.

Then they went onto Michael Moore and the fact that Moore was saying that he didn’t want trump to deal with Korea nor back him because as far as we was concerned , trump being in power is like your 7 year old getting the keys to your car and all you want to do is get him out of the car, not root for him that he will make it. A point we all can agree with, but they went all over this about Moore being a madman socialist that wants the President to fail

Then the final thing I watched is tucker talking about something he said was so funny, the fact that Trump admin is rolling back the healthy lunches that Michelle had mandated in schools, and how it was terrible , kids were throwing it away so now they can go back to eating whatever the hell they want, yay freedom , dumb liberals trying to control things, UNREAL! These people are on a different planet

So then i go on twitter and start looking up Colbert and end up on all these accounts with thousands of followers with all these Christians who love Trump, have pinned tweets on how God saved the nation when Trump was voted in, they are all about crushing the resistance who is losing to alpha male leadership, and are going on and on about CNN and MSNBC being fake news….. I had to stop and vent here because I realise how polarized and hateful everything is in the US right now

It maddens me, but really it saddens me to my bones!

Sorry I am posting without checking for typos but the ipad is giving trouble scrolling back and I don’t want to lose everything

Thanks if you read this far

Rant heard & accepted! Even as far away as Australia, the overwhelming feeling after Drumpf’s election is one of disgust & disbelief that such a con could have succeeded. And that all the BS put about by the Fox News halfwits & the Christian warriors about values was exactly that: bulls.it. They don’t give a stuff about values; they are racist, sexist a.holes, cloaked in faux religious claptrap.

I guess you’ve all heard about Jane Goodall responding to Ivanka Trump having quoted her in her book. The photos of these two side-by-side speaks volumes. One is so genuine with rock solid values and a huge heart, spirit and mind; the other so made-up, perfect-looking, materialistic.


Thank you Kazakh ‘Even as far away as Australia, the overwhelming feeling after Drumpf’s election is one of disgust & disbelief that such a con could have succeeded. And that all the BS put about by the Fox News halfwits & the Christian warriors about values was exactly that: bulls.it. They don’t give a stuff about values; they are racist, sexist a.holes, cloaked in faux religious claptrap.’

So well said , how they could all be so conned by such an obvious charlotan is unbelievable, also the faux Christian claptrap as you put it, its like they fool themselves into really believing their own crap and thinking its pious.

New USPS Eclipse Stamp Transforms When You Touch It


Excerpt – – The Big Short


Vinnie: Mark are you there?

Mark: Paulson and Bernanke just left the White House. There is going to be a bailout.

Vinnie: They had to. Right? Paper markets would have collapsed.

Mark: They knew…

Vinnie: Cash would have stopped coming at ATMs. They had to backstop this.

Mark: They knew the taxpayers would bail them out. They weren’t being stupid. They just didn’t care.

Vinnie: Yeah cause they’re fucking crooks. But at least we are going to see some of them go to jail. RIght? I mean they are going to have to breakup the banks. I mean, the party’s over.

Mark: I don’t know I don’t know Vinnie. I have a feeling that in a few years people are going to be doing what they always do when the economy tanks. They will be blaming immigrants and poor people.

Jared: But Mark was wrong. In the years that followed hundreds of bankers and rating agencies executives went to jail. The SEC was completely overhauled and Congress had no choice but to breakup the big banks and regulate the mortgage and derivatives industries.


Jared: Banks took the money the American people gave them and they used it to pay themselves huge bonuses and lobby the Congress to kill big reform. And then they blamed immigrants and poor people. And this time, even teachers. And when all was said and done only one single banker went to jail. This poor schmuck, Kareem Serageldin from Credit Suisse. He hid a few billion in mortgage bond losses, something most of the big banks did on a good day curing the crisis.

The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (enacted October 3, 2008)


Although MO, KS, and AR are red states that helped elect this Idiot in Chief, I get no joy from seeing this flooding. It is a disaster that affects roads, bridges, railroad tracks, and other critical infrastructure that will have to be rebuilt, as well as a personal disaster for many farmers and small businesses.

Does anyone know if we have a FEMA director yet? Or an acting FEMA director? I keep seeing interviews with the engineers from USGS and the folks from the NWS about the flooding, but nothing from a FEMA official. They should already be involved.

I haven’t seen any headlines about it yet, and it doesn’t seem to be on the radar of anyone in DC. They are all still focused on passing their tax cut for the wealthy disguised as a health care bill.

I think Phil Collins and Genesis had 45 figured out years ago:


When you think about it, he’s not much different than an 80s-style tele-evangelist minister, except that his confidence tricks don’t play so much on Americans’ faith in Christianity, so much as their faith in America itself–e.g. “MAGA” and Bannon’s white supremacist delusions of America.

Get on your knees and start PAYING, indeed.

The cause leading to the ultimate undoing of the United States will be the enduring gullibility and even fetishized ignorance of so many of its citizens.

Have you seen this Colbert Clip? It has the CON’s all in a Crazy Rage! It’s pretty extreme and I could see outrage if this was directed at “Proper President Pence”…but Trump has said many disgusting things himself. And the way CON’s treated Obama and Michelle and family (said she was a Transvestite, it’s all over Youtube)
Colbert Last Night:

Found this on DK (http://www.dailykos.com/stories/2017/5/3/1658609/-Where-is-Mr-T-s-FEMA-Director):

“So, where is FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency? — well, I’m sure they will spring to action — one of these days, soon maybe. But at the moment, FEMA has no Director. Mr. T will try to blame the vacancy on Obama, Clinton, or senate Dems, but the truth is, he just didn’t get around to naming a candidate until last Friday.

On Friday, April 28th Mr. T named Brock Long to be the new FEMA Director — the good news is that Long actually has experience http://www.nytimes.com/…— he is not just another loyal horse show judge, but for crying out loud, what took them 100 days to find somebody qualified to fill this important post?”

More at the links.

Republicans are rushing to pass their Health Care Bill before you find out what’s in it…….


For millions of Americans it will makes their lives worse.

Speaking of health care bills, transiting Chiron has moved past its conjunction with the Obamacare Uranus at 26 Pisces 56 while transiting Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius is about to return to its square with the Obamacare Uranus. As transiting retrograde Jupiter in Libra swings back across the Obamacare chart’s IC (as well as U.S. natal Saturn) transiting Mars has just made his conjunction to the U.S. natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini.

I think when transiting Moon conjuncts transiting Mars late on May 26th at 24+ Gemini, which is the discovery degree for Uranus, and then the next morning she sextiles transiting Uranus in Aries . . .

. . . there will be some unexpected development regarding U.S. government healthcare discussions because Obamacare will be having a Venus Return. That means that the Obamacare Venus at 20+ Aries and the transiting Venus at 20+ Aries will start a new cycle on the 26th of May and usually that’s a nice time. Twenty degrees of Aries is also the degree where the U.S. natal Chiron (healing) resides.

Transiting Venus ($$) will have just exacted a square with transiting retrograde Pluto the day before, May 25, the day of the New Moon at 4+ Gemini. She will also make a conjunction to the transiting asteroid Pallas the strategist.

This all leads me to feel that an unexpected breakthrough strategy regarding Obamacare’s financial dilemma will surface, what with the New Moon just 4 degrees from the U.S. Uranus and transiting Mars making a conjunction to the Uranus Discovery Degree just a couple of weeks after trans. Mars made a conjunction to the U.S. natal Uranus, which is today.

Next month transiting Neptune will station retrograde just one degree shy from where the Obamacare Jupiter is at 15+ Pisces. I believe Obamacare is a product of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction cycle (or the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunctions to the U.S. Moon, generally) which took place less than a year before Obamacare became law.

The Obamacare chart reflects the present difficulties as well as the difficulties that were present when it was born. However, the fact that this chart’s Venus is conjunct the U.S. natal Chiron and this chart’s Neptune and Chiron were conjunct the U.S. Moon as well, and finally, because the Obamacare Moon is conjunct the U.S. natal Jupiter in Cancer makes it pretty tough to kill.

Transiting Neptune won’t reach 15+ Pisces where the Obamacare Jupiter is until April, 2018. At that time there will be a New Moon at 26+ Aries, the same degree as the Obamacare Uranus. At that time Jupiter and Pluto will be sextile each other and they will form a Yod with the U.S. natal Mars in Gemini ( and Trump’s Sun) who is sextile the U.S natal Chiron and the Obamacare Venus in Aries. U.S. Mars and Trump’s Sun will have to adjust.

A couple of months later the transiting North Node will conjunct the U.S. natal North Node. That will take place a few weeks after transiting Jupiter and transiting Neptune make their 2nd of 3 trines, the 1st taking place in December this year. In both cases they will also be within orb of a trine with the U.S. natal Sun in Cancer. I think Obamacare will still be around.

I erred when I said that in April 2018 the New Moon in Aries would conjunct the Obamacare Uranus. It will conjunct the present day Uranus-Eris-Mercury station direct and the transiting Uranus at the time of the New Moon. (Obamacare Uranus is 26+ Pisces). My apologies.

(The month before – March, 2018 – the New Moon will conjunct the Obamacare Uranus at 26+ Pisces)

As Republicans rush to vote on their latest ObamaCare repeal-and-replace plan, it appears to still includes a waiver exempting members of Congress and their staffs from losing the healthcare bill’s popular provisions.

As a setup for when the transiting Neptune makes a conjunction to the Obamacare Jupiter next year, and for when next March’s New Moon conjuncts the Obamacare chart’s Uranus in Pisces . .

. . . transiting Vesta will be reaching the degree of the U.S. natal North Node (6+ Leo) this month around the 21st. Vesta symbolizes investment.

This will coincide with the transiting trine between Uranus in Aries and retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius (exact on the 19th). Saturn and Uranus are the old and new rulers of the sign of Aquarius.

At the time of transiting Vesta’s conjunction with the U.S Vesta (the Vesta Return) last year, the transiting nodes were at 21+ Virgo (North) and 21+ Pisces (South) and they T-squared the U.S. natal Mars at 21+ Gemini (and Trump’s Sun at 22+ Gemini).

As part of the present U.S. Vesta Return cycle this T-square created by the cycle’s north and south node to the U.S Mars and Trump’s Sun indicates the timing of a decision regarding the destiny of how the U.S. will utilize its natal Vesta energy during this cycle.

In August, on and around the time of the solar eclipse, transiting Saturn will station direct at 21+ Sagittarius. This means transiting Saturn will complete a mutable grand cross to the Vesta cycle’s nodes and the U.S. Mars-conjunct-Trump Sun.

This stressful pattern (grand cross) made up of 4 squares and 2 oppositions of planets in mutable signs, with Saturn being the only transiting planet of that cross, means he will determine the timing (Saturn rules time) of manifestation (again, Saturn rules), which could symbolically determine the outcome of these challenging aspects (squares and oppositions).

As Saturn will be stationing in Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius and transiting Jupiter will be at 20+ Libra and sextile transiting stationing Saturn, while also conjunct the U.S. Juno and opposite the U.S. Chiron and Obamacare’s Venus in Aries . . . .

. . this August 2017 total solar eclipse could determine what is the Investment (Vesta) the U.S. is making in regards to social and cultural (Saturn and Jupiter cycle) programs and laws. With trans. Saturn and Jupiter in harmonious aspect (sextile) there is reason to hope that Obamacare will survive this crisis.

To add interest and intrigue, by the time of the August solar eclipse the U.S. will have started it’s new Solar Return (birthday) cycle and among that chart’s fascinating aspects is its North Node which conjunct Obama’s natal Uranus (25+ Leo) and Trump’s natal Mars (26+ Leo), with transiting Vesta at 24+ Leo. Isn’t astrology awesome?

This is the key. Don’t ever forget that this has nothing to do with making health care better for anyone. It’s always been about making the filthy rich more filthy and more rich.

Nancy Pelosi @NancyPelosi

#Trumpcare has never been about health care. It serves only as an excuse for a massive tax cut for the rich.

8:11 AM – 4 May 2017


How much is your pre-existing condition going to cost under Trumpcare? More than you can pay

By Joan McCarter
Thursday May 04, 2017 · 9:40 AM PDT

Trumpcare protects people with pre-existing conditions. If those people are already filthy rich. Otherwise? Get your affairs in order.



Sexual assault, having a baby … Trumpcare will again make being a woman a pre-existing condition

By Laura Clawson
Thursday May 04, 2017 · 9:20 AM PDT

Does anyone know if the vote will be live on TV? or is there a count online as it happens?

If so, where. Thanks.

The bill passed the house. ?

Passage announced at 2:20 pm, EDT, Capitol Building

Source: Washington Post

House Republicans narrowly pass controversial bill to revise Affordable Care Act, fulfilling a major


Of course it must be passed by the Senate and then signed by trump to become law.

In other words it could be passed by the Senate and vetoed by trump. But “I’d feel like a snowball on the fourth of July, …” before that will happen.

“I’d Cry Like A Baby”
Written by Howard Steiner • Copyright © Moonlight Music Inc., Warner/Chappell Music, Inc


House Republicans vote to sentence millions of Americans to death

By Joan McCarter
Thursday May 04, 2017 · 11:19 AM PDT

“There’s a kind of pus…..all over the world today…all over the world the sound of pus.”

Announcement chart MC 107°57′

Sibly Saturn Asc 107°27′

Zenith 103°19′ – Sibly Sun 104°29′

My GOP prog Mars 291°41′; transit Pluto 290°49′

My GOP prog Neptune 345°00′; transit Neptune 345°24′

Transit Jupiter Asc 107°27′

2:20 PM

mutable grand cross

Mars 09 Gemini – 10TH house
Aldebaran 09 Gemini


ASC 06 Virgo
Orcus 07 Virgo


DK Lilith 08 Sagittarius – 4TH house
Antaras 09 Sagittarius


DES 06 Pisces
Nessus 07 Pisces





Grand Fire Trine & August 21 Solar Eclipse

Uranus 28 Aries
Mercury 24AR
Eris 23AR
Pallas 12AR

Varuna 28 Leo
Vulkanus 29 LE
8.21.2017 Solar Eclipse 29LE


Saturn 27 Sagittarius
xion 25SG


The worst bill for women’s health in a generation


List of countries with universal health care


I read that the House took out their exemption and they ARE individually subject to the terms of their new healthcare bill.

I also read that only 5% of pre-existing conditions are covered under it.

The Senate is apparently writing their own bill and will have to vote on it and send it back to the House, so barb, you may be right in that it may never be passed or at least not for a long time.

I think that Trump doesn’t even care what is in it as long as he can say the Republicans repealed and replaced Obamacare so he & the Republicans can appear to have kept their promise. But, the Freedom caucus and others do care and if the Senate makes it too moderate-it won’t re-pass the House.

Republicans’ vote to repeal Obamacare just blew up in their faces


New reports confirm that the Senate is refusing to even hold a vote on the Obamacare repeal bill the House just passed, killing it within hours of its passage.

Okay alex has addressed the core energy bouncing off of the U.S. natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini at this time. As pointed out numerous times here, the Neptune-Pluto cycle also began at 8+ Gemini back in August, 1891, nearing the end of the 19th century; a pattern we have been living with for over 125 years.

Because the presently transiting Uranus is almost ready to make its 2nd opposition to where Uranus was when Neptune and Pluto’s conjunction took place 125 years ago, we get a feel for how long Neptune and Pluto take to achieve their mission as spelled out in the chart for their conjunction.

After 125 years transiting Uranus will reach 27+ Aries (his 2nd time) and oppose his position (in the Neptune-Pluto conjunction chart) at 27+ Libra. Uranus back then in 1891 was square Venus at 27+ Cancer and she opposed the U.S. natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn. To think that it would take two times within 125 years to turn what was a T-square in 1891 into a full blown grand cross would be a mistake though.

Many, many transits of many, many planets have completed a grand cross to this T-square over these past 125 years, but this one from transiting Uranus, accompanied by Eris is the Big Kahuna and I don’t use that term lightly.

So what is it about the Uranus in the U.S. natal chart that would require so much time in order to process its true expression and purpose. For one thing it is just about as far away from the most conscious part of the U.S. natal chart, the ascendant, and therefore the U.S. as a whole is not going to recognize the qualities of Uranus within itself without help.

Rather, it is more likely to associate these qualities with the “other” since U.S. Uranus is just a few degrees away from the 7th house cusp, a house that symbolizes the Other. That Other might be a partner or a foe but certain of the Uranian qualities, especially in the earlier period of U.S. history, were associated outside of the concept of (U.S.) Self.

For one, Uranus energy expresses no sentiment or compassion; none of that touchy-feely stuff for Uranus. Laws mean nothing to Uranus either. Uranus is a law unto itself and it desires to break through any restriction that would hinder progress.

U.S. natal Ceres in Pisces exactly squares the U.S. natal Uranus, where 125 years ago transiting Neptune and Pluto met to begin their new cycle. Ceres is “by Nature” a nurturer and she has been at odds with the natal U.S. Uranus since 1776. Natal U.S. Ceres is accompanied by the centaur Nessus and the asteroid Child in the U.S. natal chart.

The 3 of them have resisted the inappropriate and unpredictable qualities of Uranus in Gemini and favored the similar qualities it shares with the U.S. natal Cancer planets Sun, Jupiter and Venus. But the time has come to own up to those fractious Uranian qualities heretofore unacknowledged in the U.S. makeup. Hence a President Donald Trump is called for.

In the last two years transiting Neptune in Pisces has squared the U.S. Uranus at times and transiting Saturn in Sagittarius opposed the U.S. Uranus for a while, sometimes the two within days of each other. In late November, 2015, transiting Neptune and Saturn squared each other at 7+ Pisces-Sagittarius, putting U.S. Uranus at 8+ Gemini in the position of being the 3rd planet in a T-square. This was when transiting Jupiter was conjunct the U.S. Neptune in Virgo.

It would appear, in hindsight, that the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle, the last in an Earth sign for a while, and Neptune (both transiting and U.S. natal) have been preparing America to come to terms with its natal Uranus. Shock and awe will continue to be the order of the day in the months ahead.

The Neptune-Pluto conjunction (the 1st of 3) had a couple of clues as to how and why this consciousness would be necessary and the 1st would be the T-square that Mercury at 3+ Virgo formed with the nodes in the 1891 Pluto-Neptune-conjunct U.S. Uranus chart. The North Node at 3+ Gemini would occupy the same degree as Obama’s Moon, while the presently transiting North Node was conjunct the 1891 Mercury at 3+ Virgo from mid January this year through most of March.

Another clue would be the opposition between Saturn at 15+ Virgo and Jupiter at 16+ Pisces retrograde, the half-way point of a 20 year cycle and a time when what had transpired within societies for 10 years could be assessed and re-calibrated if necessary. As it happened, the Moon at 16+ Cancer sextiled the Saturn in Virgo and trined the Jupiter in Pisces. A Moon in a chart like this would symbolize the Masses.

In May, 2018, transiting Neptune will reach the 16+ Pisces degree that Jupiter held back then and activate that energy. Trans. Neptune will station retrograde there in June. Trans. Jupiter will trine trans. Neptune in late May and the two of them will be within orb of a grand trine with the U.S natal Sun in Cancer.

Also at that time transiting Pluto will form a T-square to the natal U.S. Chiron opposite the U.S. Juno and transiting Uranus will have just entered the sign of Taurus.

It is possible that the time is now for the Neptune-Pluto-conjunct-U.S. Uranus story to reach an important plateau due to the personal computer-smart phone-Facebook-Twitter age upon us. Never before has one person (any person) been able to reach so many, so quickly and so easily.

The Pluto-Neptune-conjunct U.S. Uranus chart’s Mercury (communicate) in a T-square with the chart’s south node (easy but not useful anymore) in Sagittarius and its north node (path for spiritual growth and opportunity) in Gemini could be a determining factor in the ongoing saga of the United States.

What has been communicated during the last 3 months (when the presently transiting north node was conjunct the Pluto-Neptune cycle’s Mercury) and dispersed world-wide over the various networks available will have its effects Effects which will then determine the way the masses react to this Uranian side of the U.S. and what will become of us all.

Kahuna is an Hawaiian term for a shaman or expert which later became a slang term for an important individual.


“From Trump to Brexit-Neoliberalism is dying..


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) wasted no time in immediately mobilizing the opposition that will be needed to kill Trumpcare in the US Senate.

In a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, Sen. Sanders said, “The bill that Republicans passed today is an absolute disaster. It really has nothing to do with health care. It has everything to do with an enormous shift of wealth from working people to the richest Americans. This bill would throw 24 million people off of health insurance – including thousands of Vermonters – cut Medicaid by $880 billion, defund Planned Parenthood and substantially increase premiums on older Americans. Meanwhile, it would provide a $300 billion tax break to the top 2 percent and hundreds of billions more to the big drug and insurance companies that are ripping off the American people. Our job now is to rally millions of Americans against this cruel bill to make sure that it does not pass the Senate. Instead of throwing tens of millions of people off of health insurance, we must guarantee health care as a right to all.”

Senate Republicans are already pronouncing the House version of the bill dead on arrival. The Senate version of the legislation will have to be more moderate, but once the Senate changes the House bill, it will require 60 votes to pass.


Statement By A.G. Schneiderman On House Passage Of The American Health Care Act

“The healthcare bill passed today by House Republicans is a threat to the health and wellbeing of all New Yorkers. In addition to the devastating impact this bill would have on every New Yorker’s access to affordable healthcare, the legislation that passed the House today is unconstitutional in several critical respects—and I stand ready to challenge it in court.

First, House Republicans’ attempt to effectively deny women access to reproductive healthcare services is a cruel and unconstitutional attack on women’s rights – especially the most vulnerable.

Further, the Collins-Faso Amendment is a cynical ploy by House Republican leadership and President Trump that exceeds Congress’s authority by interfering with how New York has long elected to fund its Medicaid program.

This bill threatens to slash essential healthcare services for millions of New Yorkers who need them the most.

For these reasons, if this disastrous and unconstitutional healthcare bill is ultimately signed into law, I will challenge it in court.”

in Spanish:


Will you die because of AHCA? Let them know.
Millions of Americans rely on protections and coverage from the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. The Republicans new bill will gut these protections and many will die.

They deserve to know it. Fill out our form and we’ll help you get papers in order to send your ashes to a GOP member of Congress if you pass.


Many Thanks for the youtube link re: neoliberalism.
I will view it in a few days and reply. I’m not teaching this semester. Right now I have some research papers to finish as I wind up some graduate work of my own. I expect to graduate May 12. Call me crazy if you wish, but I’m about to begin my 7th or 8th vocation/profession.


I’m not sure if Kiwi posted this or not but it’s a good article on eclipses including the August 21st one.


Make Sure This Never Happens in Virginia



Climate Science Experts




The hilarious irony is trump actually said today ….

“President Donald Trump praised Australia’s universal health care system Thursday, telling Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull that, “you have better healthcare than we do.”

(Oh the horror … Australia has socialized medicine and it actually works? But shhhh – don’t tell congress)


Well we knew sooner or later they would try on the noose labeled 2018. Since the first to lose insurance will be Trump voters in coal country and in the southeast U.S., they are handing congress to the democrats probably

they are aiming at the Senate 20 some D’s are up for re-election in 2018 and only apx 8 R’s….. they are aiming at swamping the Senate with GOP 2018….

the House is not important to them in 2018……

and of course this is the way to 2020 re-elect Trump

Just the idea of the orange buffoon perhaps being re elected gives me chills and also raises my blood pressure Alex, but you have a point

Trump voters like what he’s doing…. decimating the government….. he will be hard to beat in 2020

Republicans’ vote to repeal Obamacare just blew up in their faces
Posted By: Katelyn Kivel May 4, 2017

New reports confirm that the Senate is refusing to even hold a vote on the Obamacare repeal bill the House just passed, killing it within hours of its passage.

Bloomberg is reporting that Senate Republicans will snub the U.S. House of Representatives’ version of the American Health Care Act, instead opting to write its own version with a 12-member working group. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), who is considered one of the more moderate Republicans in the chamber, said she’s looking forward to writing up a completely different healthcare reform bill with “a clean slate.”



Take your time, I look forward to you comments. Good luck finishing up your work and congratulations! No not crazy, inspiring! You make me feel like a slacker! haha

~ Joan McCarter

Noted white supremacist and Majority Whip in the House of Representatives Steve Scalise went on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Friday morning to carry on his leadership’s tradition of lying about absolutely everything included in the Trumpcare bill that passed the House Thursday.

Healthcare for Congress Only

Whether you are on AHCA or not, the changes Republicans are proposing should this flaming, stinking pile of a bill pass the Senate will affect every American, except, possibly, those who shoveled onto Americans in the first place.

Plans exclusively offered to Congress and their staff are tiered as bronze, silver, gold and platinum. In order to get employer contribution benefits, they must purchase at least a gold tier plan of which there are 57 choices. Gold plans pay on average 80% of medical costs.

Their plan mandates employer contributions. That means Ryan and his gang have 72-75% of their premiums paid by their employer-YOU! If Ryan’s healthcare plan is $1,500 a month for him and his family, we pay $1,080 – $1,125 for his healthcare. Ryan only pays $375-$420 per month for some of the best healthcare insurance in the world.

Congress’ healthcare plans can only increase premiums based on age. Premiums do not increase for preexisting conditions, gender, geography or even for smokers. Your governor may choose to waive the rules under the AHCA and allow insurance companies to charge you more based on the fact that you have survived breast cancer or because your child has autism, but your representatives in Congress and their staffs may not be affected by that decision.

Additionally, Congress and their staff in D.C.can pay a flat fee of $611 a year to use the Office of the Attending Physician as their general practitioner. These visits are limitless and include:

laboratory services such as blood and urine tests
physical therapy
electrocardiographic services
24 hour assistance
allergy and flu shots
specialists are brought in at no charge to members
As their employer, we are paying for that too! Republicans are hypocrites in so many ways but none is as egregious as this. They claim government healthcare is not good for Americans. Healthcare should be privatized for more options they say. But when it comes to their healthcare, they love government healthcare. They love their Attending Physician benefits provided by our taxpayer money. They adore that they only pay roughly 25% of their premiums and 20% of other medical costs. They don’t worry about preexisting conditions or their governors removing protections, because it doesn’t apply to them. Government healthcare is great for Congress and they have plenty of choices.



Brothers Four Try To Remember

Born 100 years ago this month.

History Documentary JFK Stronger Smartest And Bravest President Biography Documentaries Films 00:45:42


Can you quote a line by memory from any inauguration since JFK’s?

My brave, crazy husband ran against Scalise about 6+ years ago for his seat in the house. He ran on an environmental platform and got 20% of the vote in a Republican district – not bad.

Scalise is like Bobby Jindal — a true career politician who will suck up to anyone to get ahead and say all the right things. New Orleans is a blue oasis in a red state but even New Orleans has its bastions of red.

By the way —

Good luck, Eliseo!! Keep up the good work, get some food and rest, and graduate so you can be free to share your ideas and talents!

We love you!

Also – Russia is at it again in a last ditch effort to help Le Pen by putting the Macron campaign emails online.


Thank you Angellight for that link.

Here is Marjorie Orr:

Is a Grand Jury Now Looking into Trump? | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann | GQ


1.42pm, EDT, May 3,2017

Testimony chart MC is the same as trump natal in the WH.

House Overview|By David Wasserman, May 5, 2017

House 2018: Rating Changes in 20 Districts


List with birthdays. Will look to see difficult aspects on election day in 2018.

AZ-02: Martha McSally March 22, 1966

CA-25: Steve Knight December 17, 1966

CA-39: Ed Royce October 12, 1951

CA-45: Mimi Walters May 14, 1962

CA-48: Dana Rohrabacher June 21, 1947

CO-06: Mike Coffman March 19, 1955

IL-06: Peter Roskam September 13, 1961

IL-13: Rodney Davis January 5, 1970

IL-14: Randy Hultgren March 1, 1966

IA-03: David Young May 11, 1968

KS-02: OPEN (Jenkins)

KS-03: Kevin Yoder January 8, 1976

MI-08: Mike Bishop March 18, 1967

MN-02: Jason Lewis September 23, 1955

MN-03: Erik Paulsen May 14, 1965

NJ-03: Tom MacArthur October 16, 1960

NJ-07: Leonard Lance June 25, 1952

OH-01: Steve Chabot January 22, 1953

TX-07: John Culberson August 24, 1956

TX-32: Pete Sessions March 22, 1955

Rep John Faso from NY who lied to cancer survivor Andrea Mitchell will not be re-elected in the midterm elections.

Transits to his chart on election day.

Transit Mars opposite his natal Pluto (327°43′ to 147°02′). Transit Pluto square secondary progressed Saturn and Neptune (290°41 to 199°36′ and 200°36′). Transit Saturn/Pluto midpoint square natal Saturn (283°18′ to 192°26′).

Most of the vulnerable House members have difficult aspects on election day in 2018 (perhaps 15) but my eyes are tired so I am giving up on listing the aspects.

Bob, thank you so much for this. It is helpful to have the astrological information on these bozos!



“Scorpio Full Flower Moon Sex Bomb Astrology”


“Trump shouted, “How am I doing? I’m president. Hey, I’m president. Can you believe it?” Not if I don’t want to. It all felt like a chintzy version of the victory party after a high school football championship, except no one dared douse Coach Trump or assistant coaches Pence and Paul Ryan with Gatorade. Which was unfortunate.”


The end of the 2 year cycle between transiting Mercury and Mars is approaching and once again they will make 3 conjunctions as they did in 2015, and once again, one of the three will be conjunct the U.S natal Sun in Cancer, although not as tight a conjunction to the U.S Sun as in 2015 (14+ Cancer then, 15+ Cancer this time).

Nor will their opposition to transiting Pluto be so tight as it was in 2015, but this time they will have a close trine with transiting Neptune that was missing from the cycle that is now ending. In fact one of their conjunctions of 2015, the 2nd one, Mercury and Mars were square transiting Neptune and confusion (and fake news) reigned.

This time when Mars and Mercury meet the U.S. Sun they will be square transiting Jupiter in Libra who will be conjunct the U.S. natal Saturn. Still though, not as emphatic a statement as 2015’s Mars-Mercury-conjunct- the U.S. Sun-and- opposite-trans. Pluto, which was simultaneous with a New Moon that was conjunct the U.S. natal Mercury in Cancer. That New Moon was exactly square transiting Eris too.

No, this new cycle of Mercury (thinking)-Mars (action) won’t be quite as nasty as the 2015 cycle coming to an end in June has been, but it will be playing up the U.S. Sun-square-Saturn aspect big time. This time transiting Jupiter and transiting Neptune will be at a turning point in their own cycle, a quincunx, and that aspect too impacts the U.S. natal square between Sun and Saturn.

The transiting Jupiter-Neptune quincunx will also appear in the U.S. solar return (birthday) chart in July which will feature a grand water trine between Mercury, Chiron and the Moon, the same solar return chart’s Mercury who is part of a Yod with Sedna in Taurus and Pholus (in the apex) in Sagittarius where transiting Saturn recently went retrograde; where the Galactic Center is too. Pholus uncorked the forbidden wine and all hell broke loose, remember?

Knowing this about transiting Mercury’s schedule for the U.S. solar return (active July 2017 through June 2018) might warrant a closer look at his conjunction with Mars, so close they are to the U.S. Sun in their 1st of 3 conjunctions this upcoming summer.

For example Venus in that 1st conjunction chart (June 28, 3:50 PM, EDT) between Mars and Mercury will be where the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle started, the one that is due to be completed in December, 2020. This tells us that the work on societies and cultures (Jupiter-Saturn cycle) that began in 2000 will be addressed during this upcoming Mercury-Mars cycle, perhaps regarding the financial situation (Venus), at least in the U.S. since Mercury and Mars will be highlighting the U.S. Sun-square-Saturn issues. Again.

This 1st conjunction of Mercury to Mars comes a week following the Summer Solstice on June 21st in which Mercury in Gemini squares Chiron in Pisces, just as the Moon in Taurus will conjunct the U.S. Vesta (investments) while both of them trine the transiting Pluto in Capricorn. The solstice Venus in Taurus will sextile Neptune in Pisces and together they will join Jupiter in Libra for an old fashion Yod.

That Solstice Yod has Jupiter at the apex (adjustment must take place) and he is conjunct the U.S. Saturn which squares the U.S. Sun. It looks to be all about money adjustment. A week later the Mercury-Mars conjunction begins its cycle within an orb of 2+ degrees of a conjunction to U.S. Sun and still in orb of a square with transiting Jupiter (apex of Yod with Neptune and Venus) who is conjunct the U.S. Saturn.

And so goes the Summer of 2017, based on the Solstice chart, the U.S. solar return and the new Mercury-Mars cycle. It may not seem obvious but there is a Plan. In the Solstice chart, Pallas the Planner is conjunct Uranus and they are grand-trine to the Galactic Center in Sagittarius as well as the North Node in Leo. Pallas will ALSO sextile Mercury in Gemini in the Summer Solstice who will then go on to conjunct Mars and the U.S. Sun one week later.

It is easy to get lost in the mayhem of politics and making laws which is the norm these days but I sense a purpose underlying all we see. Try to keep the faith.

As the noose tightens I think trump may perpetrate a military action against North Korea in August in an insane effort to divert attention away from himself. If so, it will be what turns many of the sexual predator followers in the public sector as well as the sexual predator supporters in Congress who have so far refused to disown him against him. The fear that he could start a nuclear war will turn almost the entire world against him.

Getting an independent counsel appointed, gathering and verifying facts, interrogating those who may be involved, getting affidavits, soliciting and receiving documentation with evidentiary value, holding hearings, takes months to accomplish.

Watergate from beginning to end (formal public procedures):


“On May 17, 1973, Sen. Sam Ervin, D-N.C., gavelled in the first public hearing of the Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities, better known as the Senate Watergate Committee.

July 27, 1974: House Judiciary Committee passes the first of three articles of impeachment, charging obstruction of justice.

August 8, 1974: Richard Nixon becomes the first U.S. president to resign. Vice President Gerald R. Ford assumes the country’s highest office. He will later pardon Nixon of all charges related to the Watergate case.”

2 FISA warrants were first reported on in November of last year but hardly any mention from then until now, some 6 months later. How much longer until a public hearing might be announced just to start a removal process?

Another point to add to the 294° list on January 13, 2020, is President Kennedy’s secondary progressed Sun when he was murdered. It was opposite 294° at 114°01′.

And remember trump supporters are sexual predator supporters. Tell them so.


“On February 5, 1973, Senator Edward Kennedy offered Senate Resolution 60 to establish a Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities to investigate campaign activities related to the presidential election of 1972.”

“On February 7, 1973, the Senate voted unanimously to create the select committee. The resolution empowered four Democrats and three Republicans to subpoena witnesses and materials, provided them with a $500,000 budget, and required them to submit a final report by February 28, 1974.”


“On March 28, 1973, the Senate held its first hearing on the Watergate break-in. That nearly five-hour meeting generated so many leaks to the media that committee leaders decided to conduct all future hearings in public session.”

NOTE: It took until May 17th for them to hold their next hearing. That was 50 days (7 weeks), see how slow these things can go. Based on his past public record (just think about his tax records) how cooperative do you think sexual predator trump will be? And how cooperative and trustworthy will he and Russia be regarding their dealings?

“Throughout the inquiry President Nixon rebuffed the committee’s requests for access to information. Claiming a constitutional separation of powers, he refused to allow his aides to testify.”

“Conceding to public pressure, the president allowed his aides to cooperate but continued to deny the committee access to presidential papers.”

“Senate Resolution 194 authorized the committee to “issue subpoenas for documents, tapes and other material to any officer of the executive branch,” and the committee subpoenaed the tapes and documents. Nixon refused to comply, citing executive privilege and separation of powers. Senator Ervin rebutted that “the select committee is exercising the constitutional power of the Senate to conduct the investigation, and the doctrine of the separation of powers of Government requires the President to recognize this and to refrain from obstructing the committee.” Vice Chairman Howard Baker (R-TN) proposed that the committee take the president to court. On August 9, 1973, the committee took the unprecedented step of suing the president in federal district court for access to the tapes and other documents. The court dismissed the action for lack of jurisdiction and appeals affirmed the lower court’s ruling.”

“The committee submitted its final report including legislative recommendations on June 27, 1974. On July 24 the Supreme Court ruled unanimously in a separate case, United States v. Nixon, that the president must surrender the tapes to the special prosecutor. President Nixon complied … .”

“Based on this evidence, the House Judiciary Committee adopted three articles of impeachment. Before the full House could vote, Nixon resigned on August 9, 1974.”

Bob, that is exactly the kind of thing he would do, I have to agree. I pray you are wrong, but what you wrote has the ring of truth.

Faced with nuclear war, they might just move quickly… very quickly. A part of me wonders if they aren’t already amassing the information required even if it’s not ‘official’. While some of the congressmen and women seem woefully ignorant, I can’t believe they are all that stupid… My mind just refuses to go there. Someone, somewhere, has a ‘just in case’ file. Nuclear war helps no one in the long run.

Dieu benisse les Francais! Bravo!

Horoscopes for week of May 4, 2017


Beware of feeling sorry for sharks that yell for help. Beware of trusting coyotes that act like sheep and sheep that act like coyotes. Beware of nibbling food from jars whose contents are different from what their labels suggest.

But wait! “Beware” is not my only message for you. I have these additional announcements: Welcome interlopers if they’re humble and look you in the eyes.

Learn all you can from predators and pretenders without imitating them. Take advantage of any change that’s set in motion by agitators who shake up the status quo, even if you don’t like them.

Macron ! 65%

Oui ! La raison a prévalu. La raison est roi.

I watched my first zombie movie – it resonance with the times -they howl a lot


Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA-28) Is On Top Of It And Trump Should Be Scared: Schiff Nails French Hacking.

By ursulafaw
Sunday May 07, 2017 · 9:20 AM PDT

The unique chart I use shows me that trump will be in a very bad way by 7 pm, EDT, today after Sally Yates testimony has been presented to the public at large by the media. That is when the aspects will be exact but of course they may be experienced several hours before and after exactness. trump had better stock up on Dove and lotions for his tender skin. The man-baby is heading for a lot of boo-boos.

Progressed to 7 pm it has Saturn on the MC and the midpoint of Mars and Pluto on the Asc.

trump’s secondary progressed Sun/Neptune midpoint followed quickly by his secondary progressed Sun/Mars midpoint will be swept by the chart Desc as she testifies. Hi secondary progressed Mars and Neptune will be swept by the Desc Tuesday when he will be trying to discredit her with fake news. Cinch that noose a little tighter.

Thanks, Bob. That’s music to my ears.


LOCATION CHANGE: Russian Interference in the 2016 United States Election

Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism
Date: Monday, May 8, 2017
Time: 02:30 PM
Location: Hart Senate Office Building 216
Presiding: Chairman Graham

A video of the hearing will be available here once the hearing begins.


How Could You Do This To US

The full list of targeted GOP representatives and their congressional districts:

Don Young (AK-01)
Martha McSally (AZ-02)
Jeff Denham (CA-10)
David Valadao (CA-21)
Steve Knight (CA-25)
Mimi Walters (CA-45)
Darrell Issa (CA-49)
Brian Mast (FL-18)
Carlos Curbelo (FL-26)
David Young (IA-03)
Peter Roskam (IL-06)
Bruce Poliquin (ME-02)
Tim Walberg (MI-07)
Jason Lewis (MN-02)
Erik Paulsen (MN-03)
Don Bacon (NE-02)
Tom MacArthur (NJ-03)
Mark Amodei (NV-02)
Lee Zeldin (NY-01)
John Faso (NY-19)
Elise Stefanik (NY-21)
Pete Sessions (TX-32)
Scott Taylor (VA-02)
David Brat (VA-07)

I come here for hope. Thank you all for offering it in one way or another. I try to stay grounded and be kind.

Here’s Marjorie Orr’s latest on Sally Yates. http://star4cast.ca/sally-yates-into-the-trump-twit-firing-line/

Sally Yates
DOB born August 20, 1960, Atlanta GA


Ja: You are welcome for the link. Have been off computer for a few days to re-tune towards light an peace and not so much anger over the longevity of this impeachment process and all of the GOP lies over TrumpCare.



Natal Chart

Grand Fire Trine by Synastry

Transiting Saturn 26 Sagittarius
Natal Sun 27 Leo
Natal Sedna 27 Aries
Natal Admetos 27 Aries


Mutable Grand Cross by Synastry (world stage)

Transiting Neptune 13 Pisces
Natal Mars 11 Gemini
Transiting Mars 12 Gemini
Natal Venus 13 Virgo (Natal North Node 15 Virgo)
Natal Juno 12 Sagittarius


Natal Ixion 23 Libra
2017 Solar Arc Sun 24 Libra
Transiting Moon 24 Libra

Thank you, Bob. Is this the beginning of the end?

Thank You Nancy, for New Focus on North Korea.
Can’t find Yates Birthchart anywhere.
Feel in my bones…This period we’re experiencing is historic! Interesting…yet unsettling.
She’s born The Year of The Rat. When Buddha called all the animals, The Rat got there First. The Rat organized frantically informing/bringing all the Animals saying: “Very Important!” Buddha is calling all of us”
Came across this Yate/Nunes Study: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NywEDZ4-Z6E

Bob, he’s having a Twitter meltdown right now.

Under the Republican health bill, it’s up to states whether to dismantle key parts of the Affordable Care Act.

Red, or GOP-leaning, states are sure to be interested in rolling back the law’s coverage requirements and freeing insurers to charge people more when they have preexisting conditions.

As strange as it sounds, deep-blue, heavily Democratic states supportive of Obamacare, including California and New York, may be forced to do the same, according to experts, regulators and consumer advocates.

The American Health Care Act, which narrowly passed the House on Thursday and now heads to the Senate, would significantly cut the federal subsidies on which many Americans rely to buy coverage. Unless the legislation fails or changes substantially, many consumers across the country could see the amount they pay every year for premiums increase by thousands of dollars, making coverage effectively unaffordable.



Your Zip Code Is One of the Strongest Indicators of When You’ll Die

Your zip code is more significant than your genetic code.


Malicious software could use brain interfaces to help steal passwords and other private data.

The Epoc+ is an $800 brain-wave-sensing headset marketed as being able to detect emotional states such as frustration or excitement, and permit you to control robots with your thoughts.

Nitesh Saxena, an associate professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, has shown that it can also help software guess PINs and passwords by monitoring a person’s brain waves.

Last month, a lawyer and ethicist at the University of Zurich called for development of new legal frameworks around neurotechnology, including a “right to mental privacy.”


A right to psychological continuity might preserve people’s personal identity and the continuity of their mental life from unconsented external alteration by third parties.

Psychological continuity is an important issue in the context of national security, where mandatory personality-changing interventions might be justified in light of greater strategic goals


Some names now in the news may join these in history books.

Daniel Ellsberg, Charles Colson, John Erlichmann, Howard Hunt, G. Gordon Liddy, Jeb Magruder, John Sirica, Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein, Deep Throat, John Mitchell, John Dean, Richard G. Kleindienst, H.R. Haldeman, Archibald Cox, Elliot Richardson, William Ruckelshaus, Robert Bork, Leon Jaworski, Rose Mary Woods, Spiro Agnew, Gerald R. Ford.

Get some kids to rake your leaves and forego decorating for Halloween – you will be keeping up with breaking news.

Trump WH – Natal Relocated Jun 14 1946, 9:54 am, EST
Sat Opp Sun Oct 11 2017 22°Sg56′ D

Mike Flynn – Natal Chart Dec 15 1958, 12:00 pm, EST
Sat Cnj Sun Oct 15 2017 23°Sg14′ D

Saturn transit to 2017 inaugural Saturn:
Sat Cnj Sat Tr-Na Oct 19 2017 23°Sg31′ D

Transit Saturn to trump precession corrected Sun:
Sat Opp Sun Oct 24 2017 23°Sg56′ D

Transit Saturn to Flynn precession corrected Sun:
Sat Cnj Sun Oct 25 2017 24°Sg03′ D

Saturn transit to 2017 inaugural Mars:
Sat Sqr Mar Tr-Na Oct 29 2017 24°Sg22′ D


Mike Flynn – Natal Chart Dec 15 1958, 12:00 pm, EST
White House Dist of Columbia, 38°N53’50”, 077°W02’13”

P1 Asp P2 Date Pos

Sat Cnj Sun Jul 3 2017 23°Sg14′ R
Sat Cnj Sun Oct 15 2017 23°Sg14′ D
Sat Cnj Sat Nov 28 2017 27°Sg33′ D

DYNAMIC REPORT (Dates with Precessed correction)

Mike Flynn – Natal Chart Dec 15 1958, 12:00 pm, EST
White House Dist of Columbia, 38°N53’50”, 077°W02’13”

P1 Asp P2 Date Pos

Sat Cnj Sun Jun 21 2017 24°Sg02′ R
Sat Cnj Sun Oct 25 2017 24°Sg03′ D
Sat Cnj Sat Dec 6 2017 28°Sg22′ D


Trump WH – Natal Relocated Jun 14 1946, 9:54 am, EST
White House Dist of Columbia, 38°N53’50”, 077°W02’13”

P1 Asp P2 Date Pos

Sat Opp Sun Jul 7 2017 22°Sg56′ R
Sat Cnj Mon Aug 20 2017 21°Sg12′ R
Sat Cnj Mon Aug 30 2017 21°Sg12′ D
Sat Opp Sun Oct 11 2017 22°Sg56′ D

DYNAMIC REPORT (Dates with Precessed correction)

Trump WH – Natal Relocated Jun 14 1946, 9:54 am, EST
White House Dist of Columbia, 38°N53’50”, 077°W02’13”

P1 Asp P2 Date Pos

Sat Opp Sun Jun 23 2017 23°Sg55′ R
Sat Cnj Mon Jul 19 2017 22°Sg12′ R
Sat Cnj Mon Sep 30 2017 22°Sg12′ D
Sat Opp Sun Oct 24 2017 23°Sg56′ D

When Saturn stationed
Apr 6 2017, 1:05:41 am, EDT +4:00 White House
Rise Upper Set Lower
Parans to MC 194°04′
Parans to EqA 104°04′

SIBLY WH – Natal Relocated
Jul 4 1776 NS (Jun 23 1776 OS), 5:02:30 pm, LMT +5:08:09
White House Dist of Columbia 38°N53’50” 077°W02’13”
Parans to Sun 104°29′
Parans to Sat 194°36′

Another strong case for July 4 as the right day for the U.S.


The Rethugs can repeat over and over again that Flynn got his clearance during the Obama administration but they are at fault for his active participation in government affairs after being warned face to face by acting Attorney General Sally Yates on January 26th that he “essentially could be blackmailed” by the Russians. They must explain why they did nothing for 18 days after a direct and unusual action by the AG to warn them of that situation.

It is a thread but may grow into a noose.

Richard Feynman: It is the facts that matter, not the proofs. Physics can progress without the proofs, but we can’t go on without the facts … if the facts are right, then the proofs are a matter of playing around with the algebra correctly.


Richard Feynman
DOB May 11, 1918, Queens NY

2017 Solar Arc Sun 29 Leo


Mutable Grand Cross (world stage)

Jupiter 15 Gemini
Mars 15 Virgo
Pallas 15 Sagittarius
Varuna 15 Pisces


August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse Chart


Thanks, Bob.

Koch Brothers Pet Project State of WI

Wisconsin ID Law Kept 200,000 Voters From Polls—And Trump Won by Just 22,748 Votes


White house counsel McGahn (june 16, 1968) seems to like working for shady characters – this from wikipedia entry:

“McGahn also defended DeLay regarding contributions made by Russian oil tycoons to the U.S. Family Network.[7] During McGahn’s tenure as in-house counsel for the NRCC, it was investigated by the FBI and its treasurer was convicted of embezzlement.[8]
Following the 2004 elections, McGahn established a legal practice, McGahn & Associates PLLC. He has represented the Koch brothers-funded Freedom Partners.[9]”

Anyone have astrological aspects on Comey firing? This is surreal.


I am sitting here stunned! Come fired.

Trump was looking for an excuse so it didn’t look like he wanted to put in his own person to sabotage the Russia – Trump collusion investigation! Probably, Comey’s mistake about the number of emails sent by Huma to Weiner will be used as the reason!

Trump is saying its all about his mishandling of Clinton – WRONG! Its all about the two grand juries and pending indictments in the trump russia investigation. Trump only covers his own ass and the russia investigation is getting too close

There must be something going on in DC, what with the transiting North Node now at 29+ Leo, the transiting Sun conjunct the U.S. Vesta in Taurus and both trine transiting Pluto in Capricorn.

As transiting Chiron in Pisces sextiles the U.S. natal Pluto in Capricorn they set the stage for a powerful Yod-turned-Boomerang when the transiting nodes reach the 27+ degrees of Leo and Aquarius later this month. The South Node in Aquarius will be conjunct the U.S. natal Moon meaning that the recipient of the combined energy created by this pattern will be the U.S. People.

So what’s brewing at each end of Pennsylvania Ave. and how can we find out? Perhaps the New Moon at 4+ Gemini on May 25 could reveal some ideas about that.

The chart for this New Moon has a Bucket Pattern and Marc Edmund Jones in his book The Guide To Horoscope Interpretation tells us that the Bucket Handle (the singleton that opposes the other 9 major planets) could symbolize either an inspiration or an agitation. The Handle, in this case, would be Jupiter in Libra, conjunct the U.S. natal Saturn and square the U.S. natal Sun.

The “rim” of the Bucket which contains the other 9 major planets has Saturn in Sagittarius opposite Mars in Gemini which conjuncts the U.S. natal Mars in Gemini and squares the U.S. natal Neptune in Virgo. The transiting Mars-Saturn opposition won’t be exact until May 28-29, and they will both aspect transiting Uranus who sextiles Mars and trines Saturn and is also part of the Bucket side of the New Moon chart.

Well, I just heard that Trump fired Comey so that must be it. Back to the drawing board.

Trump’s firing of Comey will only add fuel to the fire for the Russian/Trump investigation.

Mostly the Comey firing would be symbolized by the transiting Pluto trine the transiting Sun-conjunct-U.S. natal Vesta, but the transiting North Node HAD just made a conjunction to Trump’ natal ascendant of 29+ Leo, which now trines transiting Uranus.

As well, the transiting Moon in Scorpio was inconjunct (quincunx) the U.S. Uranus in Gemini and that Scorpio Moon was trine Trump’s Mercury in Cancer. The transiting Scorpio Moon was in the 1st house for a chart set in DC at 6 PM today and Moon would rule the 10th house (public face) in this case. Somebody had to shift in some way to make it Breaking News in time for the 6 PM MSM news shows.

I’m getting the feeling that speed was of the essence in this move, something that needed to be done before something else could be happen.

Should add the obvious conjunction between trans. Mercury and Uranus trine transiting retrograde Saturn; another one of those Uranus-Saturn agreements that are almost impossible to imagine, re: Comey’s firing. This elimination of Comey appears to be a trade-off for something that will be revealed sooner or later.

Ah yes, that would be under the heading of the trans. Neptune trine U.S. Sun.

barbk, Several blog posts ago you said something like, “whatever happens, Comey is a gone gosling.” I believe you were looking at his chart. I’m wondering if you have any insight into whether Comey might choose to take Trump down with him? Or inadvertently or clandestinely do it? Either now or in the future?

Comey was scheduled to testify to the Intelligence Committee in two days (on Thursday), supposedly on the Russian investigation. News commentary is Trump is concerned that Comey’s too close to something that will hurt him.

P.T. Barnum
DOB 7.05.1810, Bethel CN


“I am a showman by profession…and all the gilding shall make nothing else of me”, and his personal aim was “to put money in his own coffers”

Jessica Adams..

“Presidents, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were both impeached and acquitted but on August 9th, 1974 President Richard Nixon actually resigned. We have a line-up in the American horoscope at exactly the same degrees in September 2017.

The Watergate pattern repeats exactly in the American chart.”



Sean Spicer
September 23, 1971
Manhasset, New York


Natal Chart


Dan Rather: Future Generations May Mark Today As One Of The Darkest Days In American History

By Leslie Salzillo
Tuesday May 09, 2017 · 5:51 PM PDT

Repeat, repeat, repeat: Trump is a crook & a con. His only motivation is the preservation of his brand. He will do anything to protect that; people should never be surprised by anything he does that is to that end. There is nothing deeper than that IMO . He has never, ever demonstrated that any other force drives him … he has never given a toss (better language than I should use!) for anyone or anything other than his own interest.

And because he is a crook & a con he must be fought ferociously …. there is no chance he is working for the good of society.

I ditto your words Kazza

His brand will be completely destroyed. His worst decision ever was to run for President.

Breaking News:
CNN exclusive: Grand jury subpoenas issued in FBI’s Russia investigation

I think maybe Trump knows what’s coming and that’s why they are keeping the businesses going. Yet, he’s not ready to give in totally without a fight?

I think that Comey was a bit sloppy and lost his neutral and impersonal distance, as noted in this article.


And, regarding Huma Abedin’s emails, did he misspeak last week or did he lie? They were waiting for him to make enough of a misstep so they could pounce.

I felt he was one of the most human of the bunch, and had integrity as well. I feel bad and will miss him.

Trump’s Letter Firing FBI Director James Comey:
“While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation”…
(The Trump Family Name/Brand should now become MUD)

I agree Buckeye, as long as he is fought at every turn. I have long thought that he ran for Pres thinking it would save his brand – that his brand i.e. his businesses needed saving & that he believed he could do that through the power of the Presidency. I’m hoping the forces against him are strong enough to stop that happening.

TJ, I recall using the phrase but not the context I used it in. However, I’ve just obtained Comey’s chart (a 12 Noon est. birth time) and he certainly has some conflicts with Trump’s astrology such as Sun opposite Sun and the Comey Neptune squares the Trump Pluto.

Trump may be playing the Comey-you’re-fired card close to his vest, in other words the real reason(s) may never be known but Trump fears him I’m fairly sure. Comey’s Mars at 14+ Cancer squares Trump’s Juno-Chiron at 14+ Libra as well as the U.S. natal Saturn at 14+ Libra. That’s where transiting retro Jupiter is right now. The Authoritarian (U.S. Saturn) would seem to have the upper hand.

Because transiting Neptune is now beginning to quincunx all that Libra energy, adjustments are going to be forced on Trump, and the U.S. while trans. Neptune makes a trine to Comey’s Mars and the U.S. Sun in Cancer.

Could be that on the 17th when trans. Jupiter (conjunct Trump’s Chiron-Juno and U.S. Saturn) and trans. Neptune (trine Comey Mars and U.S. Sun) exact their quincunx that Comey will testify (or write an op-ed or whatever form he uses) and Trump’s wounds (Chiron) and jealousy (Juno) will be revealed, along with damning evidence of Trump’s illegal foreign ties. Comey could come out of this a hero in the eyes of many U.S. citizens.

But Comey also has natal Pluto in Virgo square the U.S. natal Uranus in Gemini. Transiting Ceres will conjunct the U.S. Uranus around the 20th of May and on the 29th the Sun will conjunct U.S. Uranus while they both will square Comey’s Pluto. Comey may be gone but he won’t be forgotten since his Pluto is conjunct his North Node.

Comey’s Virgo North Node (+ Pluto) sextiles his natal Neptune in Scorpio, squares his natal Mercury in Sagittarius and trines his natal Jupiter in Capricorn. That sextile between his natal NN and Neptune forms a Yod with transiting Venus in Aries on the 14th and 15th (which trines his natal Mercury in Sagittarius. I’m anxious to see how that plays out.

Right now transiting Uranus in Aries trines Comey’s natal Uranus in Leo and he may just find this new freedom to his liking.

Thanks so much, barbk! Really appreciate your quick and thorough answer. It will take me a bit to look up some of the astrology and absorb the meanings, but I’m looking forward to learning as I do.

Maddow Blog? account @MaddowBlog

Nixon proved you can fire investigators, but not without consequences.


A GOP Congressman Wouldn’t Meet With Constituents, So A Democrat Came Instead


Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney hatched this “Adopt a District” plan during an appearance on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” last week, and it might catch on. In Arizona, Rep. Ruben Gallego (D) is expected to travel to the district of Rep. Martha McSally (R) for a public event Tuesday.


hot off the press from Marjorie

“The previous hard aspect of tr Uranus to the US Mercury was in 1953/54 during the McCarthy sniff-out-a-commie hearings, with increasingly vociferous criticism of his bullying and witch-hunting tactics.
One before that in 1933 there was an attempted coup d’etat by a group of fascist veterans and wealthy businessmen, wanting to ally themselves to Hitler’s Germany and Italy, which Franklin D Roosevelt saw off. So they were all sleazy episodes in US history”
“James Comey, 14 December 1960, is a bit player now unless he turns state’s evidence somewhere down the line. Interestingly his Uranus is conjunct Trump’s Mars Ascendant and square Trump’s MC – so definitely a catalyst for change, who hits Trump at an awkward level. His relationship chart with Trump shows 2018/19 as being a time everything stands on its head.”

More about the Eclipse:



I love this part in Ralfee Finn’s analysis. The sh*tstorm is starting to brew:

“The planets are busy this week and terrestrial life reflects their celestial activity. Some of the activity is a carryover from last week but some is new. In reviewing the week, I was struck by a subtle, yet powerful pattern that starts this week, underlies the coming weeks and months, and culminates with the Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017. This eclipse is called the ‘American Eclipse’ because its path of visibility will run west-to-east from Salem, Oregon, to Charleston, South Carolina. eclipse2017.nasa.gov/

The American Eclipse occurs at 28 degrees 53 minutes of Leo, and today, May 11, the Moon’s North Node is within a degree of that position and by Monday it conjuncts that point. The degree at which an eclipse takes place is called ‘the eclipse sensitive point” and when there is any aspect to that point, it triggers the eclipse effect. Please pay close attention: What emerges from this point on reaches a crescendo at the end of August and resonates well beyond. (Even as I write this, I am painfully aware that so much will emerge over the course of the next several months that tracking all the information will require a highly technical computer program—or maybe just a good memory and a quick eye and ear.)

One of the most interesting facets of this American Eclipse is that it falls on Mr. Trump’s Ascendant, the most visible part of his or anyone’s natal chart because it is the point that signifies public perception. Eclipses always reveal what’s been previously hidden in the shadows, and if we know anything about him, we know there are plenty of secrets hiding in a plethora of shadows. But that’s not all…

Well, well, well…the planets seem to indicate that this investigation will not fizzle due to Comey’s firing. Wishful thinking on Trump’s part? It makes sense that Comey could or would not testify about what he knows at anytime soon if it might damage the fbi’s investigation. Suspense builds and plot twists lie ahead. Pass the popcorn!

I just have to say that Sessions is one of the weirdest-looking government officials I’ve seen in a long time. There is a character actor he reminds me of….I’d have to look around. He also looks like an reincarnated Confederate war officer or general, but a crazy one, not a leader in the mold of Jefferson Davis or Lee.

Comey was asked by Mark Warner to testify before the Senate Intelligence committee on Tuesday! Will he accept?

Sharon K, I totally agree. He reminds me of Mickey Rooney. His stupid inappropriate grin bugs me to no end.

Members of National Nurses United are commemorating this national nurses’ week with a message for Congress.

We will never be silent in the face of the mortal threat to our nation posed by your immoral assault on health care.

And we will never relent in our campaign to enact real transformation of our health care system into the humane, rational model established by most of the rest of the world – through a universal, improved and expanded Medicare for all.

Certainly the monstrosity rammed through the House would not only fail to repair the existing gaps left by the Affordable Care Act, it would accelerate a healthcare nightmare for tens of millions of Americans.

Bait and switch hardly conveys the twisted duplicity of what emerged from the House. Under the pretense of fixing the ACA, the House engineered close to $800 billion in tax cuts for the richest of the rich, as well as huge breaks for drug companies, health insurers and medical device manufacturers.

And who pays the price? The 24 million, at least, who lose health coverage, and tens of millions more who will see their premiums explode by thousands of dollars more a year because they have what is endearingly called a “pre-existing” health condition.

Even the Marquis de Sade might be embarrassed by this blatant gift to wolves of Wall Street and yacht owners at the expense of everyone else.


Sharon K he looks like Granny Clampett… just saying.

And what about this one? As always, she’s very hard to watch and she’s not looking very good here ( and Bannon is kind of a weirdo, too.


This article notes that a source said there are 9 sealed indictments in conjunction with one case and 16 more coming down in another.


OK, I got it! Sessions looks like Henry Gibson! A little googling (I actually asked which actor looked like Sessions)


Yep, and Granny Clampett, too. He channels her spirit!

From one of my friends on FB – more to this story than meets the eye. Comey steeled himself for the firing — fe

“From Claude Taylor: “Everyone who is panicking now – Comey anticipated this. A dozen indictments have been handed down.

Comey’s firing stops nothing. Marshalls at 4:00 a.m. stops nothing. Firing — more may be the catalyst for that to happen. HUGE amount of activity at EDVA. Firing Comey may hasten trump’s removal.

FBI placed holds on over 50 individuals associated with Trump.

Trump/Kushner family transferring large sums of money offshore. This is where it gets interesting- Trump lined up to auto pardon anyone whose name is on an indictment?

At this point we are in COUP territory. An investigation of this size and scope does not rely on one man alone. Firing Comey will steel the WILL of the others. The rule of law will be held. Watergate netted 48 indictments. Trump is going to blow past that.


Fe – what is EDVA?

Sharon, I think he will testify on Tuesday because of the transiting Jupiter-Neptune quincunx I mentioned earlier.

When I wrote about today’s Full Moon it was, of course, before we knew about Comey’s dismissal. The Jupiter-Neptune cycle that began atop the U.S. Moon (the planet who rules the U.S Sun’s sign) has a big role in today’s FM as Jupiter and Neptune tighten that quincunx which perfects in the wee hours Wednesday morning, the 17th. It promises a shift of some kind.

That quincunx is affected by transiting Mars in today’s FM chart as he squares Neptune and trines Jupiter (see up-thread comment). Today’s FM Mars in Gemini is also semi-sextile Comey’s Mars in Cancer which squares the FM Jupiter (and Trump’s Chiron-Juno) but trines the FM’s Neptune. Like healthcare, it’s complicated.

Still I must choose the trans. Neptune (in Pisces)to prevail due to its ability to finesse all the transiting Mars energy in favor of a boon for the U.S Sun in Cancer (Comey’s Mars is conjunct the U.S. Sun).

We don’t know how many individuals in the U.S. would approve of the Donald’s firing of Comey but there seems to be a lot of people in the U.S. that want to see Trump exposed for his disregard of the protocol, let alone the Law of the land. The Jupiter-Neptune cycle is also the (1) Jupiter to U.S. Moon and the (2) Neptune to the U.S. Moon cycles, and what affects the U.S. Moon (U.S. People) affects the U.S. Sun in Cancer.

Fe – heads up: just came across this from dailykos regarding ‘Claude Taylor’



Thanks about Charles Taylor. Trying to stay calm while our country is teetering over the edge.

Here is the link to the EDVA:


Fe – thanks!

have not read it yet, but here is a link to the latest from Raye Robertson on comey firing


“A little past 5 p.m. Tuesday, a black Ford Taurus slowed to a stop just outside FBI headquarters in Washington and dispatched a white-haired man in a dark suit.

He emerged from the car alone, a manila folder in his right hand, and walked slowly toward the agency’s appointment gate. Passers-by paid little notice.

But Keith Schiller, President Donald Trump’s pugnacious former bodyguard who now sits sentry outside the Oval Office doors, was at the law enforcement agency armed with a bombshell message from his longtime boss to FBI Director James Comey: “You are hereby terminated and removed from office.”

Schiller emerged from the building just short of an hour later, the manila folder gone. By then, the stunning intent of his visit to the FBI was known, and the ramifications of a sitting president firing the man investigating his campaign’s ties to Russia were reverberating across Washington.”

At 5 pm, EDT, May 9th, PAL MC at 276°57′. Predator progressed natal Neptune set at 275°50′, progressed natal Mars at 276°06′. (Inner terror)

At 9 pm, EDT, May 9th, PAL Sat/Plu midpoint at 278°58′ square predator secondary progressed natal Mars at 188°52′. PAL MC 278°54′, W Pt 188°54′. (Anger mixed with depression)

At 9 pm, EDT, May 10th, PAL MC 290°42′. PAL Moon on the IC at 290°24′, PAL Pluto at 290°50′ on the MC. (Shock, intense psychological tension)

At 11 pm, EDT, May 11th, PAL IC 123°42′. Sexual predator Moon 123°02′, his Saturn at 125°05′. (The anger dissipates, the depression deepens. It is not going away. Those peons will not drop it. And it is all because that Hayes woman made a big deal out of the fake news about 18 days)

Those who grab get grabbed. One good squeeze deserves another eh, donnie.

The above PAL (progressed anlunar) readings apply to the sexual predator.

A West Virginia reporter was arrested for ‘yelling’ questions at HHS’s Tom Price.


Russia interfered in our election not only to erode faith in this democracy — but to undermine the institutions that protect its integrity. With every reckless act of self-preservation, President Trump is allowing that distrust to fester and grow. Only an independent investigation can restore accountability to the American people. If the Trump Administration has nothing to hide, they have nothing to fear. ~

Congressman Joseph Kennedy III


“GOP see fault in illness” – Joe Kennedy III



Serge Lavrov – “You’re Kidding”


kiwi, Thank you for Raye Robertson, fascinating to think part of this had to do with Obama’s award.

EXCLUSIVE: Comey Day: ‘First Trump Russia Arrests Possible’ Thursday


Two separate sources with links to the intelligence community say that the first arrests in the criminal and counter-intelligence probe will shortly take place, possibly as soon as Thursday, May 11th.

Following the unconstitutional dismissal of FBI Director James Comey, which Donald Trump both explicitly linked to his own investigation for criminal collusion in Russia’s hacking of the American election, US and State Attorbut neys General are, intelligence sources say, about to make their move.

Sources confirm the exclusive reporting of Claude Taylor on Twitter that the majority of sealed indictments have been handed down in the Southern District of New York, with four sealed indictments in the Eastern District of Virginia. CNN – while wrongfully claiming an exclusive on both Taylor’s original news breaking and the first mainstream reporter to cover the news, Keith Olbermann – nonetheless confirmed last night, Tuesday, May 9th, that subpoenas were issued from the Eastern District of Virginia against associates of General Flynn.

(More at the link)

Buckeye, as I mentioned to Fe above, a report posted by DailyKos warns about taking information from Claude Taylor as gospel truth. Apparently his track record for ‘hair on fire’ reporting over the years, and converting it to reliable reality, is pretty dismal.
Fake news?

Good catch, Kiwi. Thanks. I’ve been skimming a lot on short time, so I’ve missed a few things lately. Caution is definitely still warranted though, just as much as it has been.

On a similar note, anyone care to have a look at Mitch McConnell’s chart (February 20, 1942, Sheffield, AL, time unknown)? I don’t have much time at the moment to do it myself. We do know that he seems to be a steadfast ally of 45’s, but it seems that may ultimately lead to his own undoing.

wow – Rachael raises troubling issues about FBI #2 prior conduct, and now he is stepping into comey’s shoes!

Vladimir Putin personally asked President Trump to host Russia’s foreign minister in Oval Office, per Susan Glasser:

Russia’s Oval Office Victory Dance

The cozy meeting between president trump and Russia’s foreign minister came at Vladimir Putin’s insistence



The sexual predator’s troubles go into second gear beginning in mid June when his 2017 solar return with it’s Saturn opposite Sun aspect comes in June 14 and his progressed inauguration chart angles sweep it’s Saturn square to Mars on June 18 the same day his progressed natal solar return has it’s Saturn/Neptune midpoint on the IC; followed by his secondary progressed Moon on his secondary progressed Saturn on June 30, the day his secondary progressed Mercury and Pluto are on his progressed MC and his progressed 2017 solar return has it’s Neptune/Pluto midpoint on the IC.

If it does not happen before, could the Aug solar eclipse that crosses the country from coast to coast in opposition to the Sibly chart Moon (especially when measured in right ascension) signal when the American public demands the appointment of a special prosecutor? Eclipse Saturn is in exact opposition to Sibly Mars. Saturn with Mars – dealing with dirty laundry.

Will they change?


Bob, I think the special prosecutor will happen by June, when Himself has all those aspects. Wow. My first thought–the mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine.

That’s a lot of pressure. He is not strong enough psychologically to handle this.

I think there is more going on than just closing ranks by party. We know the Russian’s hacked the RNC. They have dirt on all the Rs. How many of them are compromised? How much is that affecting things right now? Are they afraid to speak up?

WildIrish: You are so right on in your assessment that most likely that have dirt on the GOP!

Here is Elizabeth Grace’s take:


New post up: