4th Apr, 2017

April Showers

We are now in the zone of the protracted Saturn/Venus square of April, most intensive from April 4 through April 21. Generally any Saturn station brings a time of stress to a large swath of people, but this one will be intensified by the stationing Venus. As is always the case, we can describe the energies swirling around astrological aspects but not the actual manifestation of our predictions.

I know that for myself, I am feeling a sense of loss and sorrow witnessing the Senate about to commit hari-kari, as it moves to kill the filibuster and, with it, the last vestiges of any hope for bipartisan anything in Congress.  I am also feeling a deep sense of shame and disgust as I watch the growing perversion of democratic norms by the vapid, self-serving, and consummately dishonest Trump machine now running the country.  It seems like every time I listen to the news, I need a bath to wash off a new layer of Trumpian corruption and toxicity.

Unfortunately, Trump himself will have a Jupiter return from April 6 through April 13, suggesting some kind of win for him, possibly the Gorsuch nomination. Of perhaps greater interest, however, will be the Jupiter station square to the US Sun from May 13 through June 18. Normally, Jupiter transits to the US Sun are a time of increased patriotism, American optimism, and national pride. 

Again, speaking personally, the one thing that would make me feel a newly inspired sense of national pride would be for our much-vaunted institutions to actually function to restrain the growing darkness that is currently trying to subvert them. Thus, we would see the many layers of our “checks and balances” function as they are supposed to in order to aggressively thwart the potentially mortal toxicity that has taken hold of the nation. Congress would fully and impartially investigate Trump’s misdeeds with integrity and without partisan distortions and self-interest; the courts would stand up for the rule of law despite the scourge and possible danger of Trump’s malicious tweets; and the press would expose, reveal, and stay focused on the truly important stories of the day despite the noxious barrage of misinformation and distraction.

Some of this is already coming to pass. The courts have acted to defend the rule of law and to restrain some of Trump’s most heinous executive orders.  The press has been far less easily manipulated and much more responsible and focused than they were during the campaign.  Insofar as Congress is concerned, however, there are only a few hints of healthy functionality, and those are in the Senate, as the leadership of the Senate Intelligence Committee actually demonstrates some measure of objectivity in their investigation of the metastasizing octopus of the Trump /Russia connection. The House Intelligence Committee, on the other hand, has been led into a partisan ditch by the idiocy of Chairman Devin Nunes. It remains to be seen if there is the necessary will to fix that extraordinary cluster****.

Nonetheless, the Jupiter transit square to the US Sun (5/13 to 6/18) suggests something positive and uplifting for the country at large. Concurrent to the second half of this Jupiter transit, however, will be the transit of Saturn square to Inaugural Mars and semisquare to Inaugural Moon (6/3 to 6/17), as well as conjunct Inaugural Saturn (6/13 to 6/29). These configurations suggest that while the country is feeling hopeful and patriotic, simultaneously, the most restrictive, frustrating, and stressful aspect in Trump’s Inaugural chart will be triggered.  Thus, while he feels his hands are tied and his anger rages (Saturn/Mars square), and while the public is extremely agitated about his administration (Saturn/Moon semisquare), the country will be feeling a wave of patriotism. It will be interesting to watch how this unfolds.

It should also be noted that the Inaugural Mars/Saturn/Moon configuration, which invariable spells trouble for Trump when it is stimulated in some way, will receive a minor activation from May 9 through May 15 by tertiary progressed Moon conjunct natal and progressed Saturn and square Mars. Interestingly, this brief period will launch the Jupiter transit.

As for Trump himself, the long, slow slog of his summer trouble begins around June 11, with the Saturn transit quincunx his natal Saturn (6/11 to 6/25). The immense difficulties then go into high gear from June 24 through October 23, as Saturn moves to oppose his Sun and conjunct his Moon, while his progressed Moon moves to conjunct progressed Saturn (6/25 to 7/21).  If he actually leaves office, it will be during this period. Otherwise, he may stick around for most if not all of the next four years. And much depends on how muscular and coherent our democratic institutions can become during this time of crisis.


Not holding my breath to see if the Republicans will use the nuclear option to approve Gorsuch to the SCOTUS. They will.

It will be interesting to see if there are new revelations that bring the Russia-Trumpco issue to a head.

Speaking of Saturn/Venus, here is something to make you cry:


With little notice, President Donald Trump recently signed an executive order that advocates say rolls back hard-fought victories for women in the workplace.


re:left brain – right brain (minor asteroids, uranian points, yin dynamics)

this morning realized what I posted about the right brain needs edit:

the left brain: tells us the story of who we are

*the right brain: gives clues and codes to our universal self,which in itself is everything one is, and that which is one with everything



While it’s impossible to fully predict how the next four years will look, it’s a good bet to plan for the worst.

Let’s be real: Trump’s predecessors have all made decisions that have led to death, injury and isolation.

But never in recent history has a candidate made his dangerous and destructive goals, his incompetence, his disregard for the U.S. Constitution and international law, and his tendency toward violence and bigotry so nakedly clear.

Just read your post Nancy as I was going to post this. Amazed at the similar timing and thoughts on trump’s coming months (save for the leaving office but you could be right and what I see for later could be health related for him).


Would like to see trump’s April advance seeing an overreach by him that socks it to the public so hard it inspires public backlashso strong that strikes fear into the posers in Congress and sees them blocking him in June beginning his long losing streak that amounts to a stalemate before he starts to really lose in the fall.

June 18, 19, and 20 see his progressed inauguaral chart bring it’s Mars-Saturn paran square to its ang;es with Mars on it’s Desc and Saturn on it’s IC at the same time his secondary progressed natal (Mean Quotidian angles) has his progressed Moon-Saturn conjunction (they are 0°26′ from exact progressed conjunction with each other ) on it’s MC. July 19 exact day for both charts.

His secondary progressed Moon will conjoin secondary progressed Saturn in right ascension on June 30, 2017, and in longitude on July 25.

I just honestly mis-typed my email address – the article is great if discouraging – for me the biggest fear (as many have said) is how the buffoon in the orange head-dress will handle his first real crisis.


Thank you for your keen insights and meticulous astrology.

Its the good, the bad and the ugly.

So it is.

Thank you Starlight…Would be curious to know if you have any insight into when we would be rid of Ryan & McConnell.

I think we all share your angst Nancy, thank you for putting it into a context we can relate to.

Perhaps the transiting Jupiter square the U.S. Sun aspect might inspire our national pride as Jupiter will conjunct U.S. Saturn just before and just after – due to his station direct – his square to the U.S. Sun.

If it is seen as an “expansion”, Jupiter’s conjunction to any Saturn would dilute Saturn’s draconian measures of austerity and denial as seen, for example, in the TrumpCare bill that failed.

I believe the Congress (taken as a whole) is just coming out of the shock of Trump in the White House and the consequential rape of all the rules of decorum and protocol these institutions have represented. Elected representatives and senators are now having to grapple with the new reality and that means thinking outside the box.

We mustn’t give up on them yet and, as you suggest, Jupiter’s retrograde period coming to an end should inspire them to do something bold.

There is also a flurry of activity surrounding the transiting Venus station-direct on April 15th.

A period of days starting with the trans. Sun conjunct trans Uranus at 24+ Aries, following Uranus’ square with trans. Vesta who will be conjunct the U.S. natal Mercury, a whole bevy of planets will make contact with each other from the 26+ degree of their respective signs.

Trans. Venus will conjunct trans Chiron and Isis at 26+ Pisces and they will sextile trans. Mars + Memoria at 26+ Taurus while trans. Sun at 26+ Aries (+ asteroid Child at 26+ Aries) will semi-sextile them all. Most of this becomes exact on April 16th. Trans Mars also conjuncts trans. Sedna (one degree separation) and trans. Ceres + Trump’s MC (2 degrees separation).

Opposite the Sun in Aries is a trans neptunian object (tno) named for the god who judged the dead (one of 3) Rhadamanthus. Taken altogether (Venus, Chiron, Isis, Mars, Memoria, Sun, Child, Rhadamanthus) they form a Boomerang, with the Sun being the final receptor of their combined energy.

Mind you, transiting Uranus in Aries and for that matter transiting Vesta in Cancer will still be close enough to influence this Boomerang pattern too.

However, it is Rhadamanthus, “a just and upright law-giver, inexorable in his punishment of evildoers” (The Greek Myths by Robert Graves) who is found at the apex of a Yod created by Mars sextile Venus-Chiron. With the Sun opposite Rhadamanthus the Yod thus becomes a Boomerang.

Trans. Saturn (who is also conjunct 2nd chance Ixion) will as well be close enough – at 27+ Sagittarius – to square Venus, Chiron and Isis at 26+ Pisces and will, on the 17th trine the Sun in Aries. This bodes well.

To make matters more complex though, Saturn (and Ixion) who is sextile Rhadamanthus together form a Yod with transiting Mars in Taurus.

With 2 yods going on at the same time there will be two points of adjustment, one represented by Rhad and the other represented by Mars. Rhad’s one option is to aim all the combined energy (Venus, Chiron, Isis, Mars, Memoria) at the Sun who symbolizes consciousness. (Trans Sun is aspecting the U.S. Moon and U.S. Pluto as well)

Unless there is someone or something at around 26-27 Scorpio, trans. Mars at the apex of the 2nd Yod will scatter the combined energy (Saturn, Ixion, Rhadamanthus) in all directions.

There are a lot of threads in this pattern, a pattern that will be most potent April 15 through 17 I believe. Because the transiting Sun is the most primary body and in the most primary position, and because the trans. Sun will also sextile the U.S. Moon and square the U.S. Pluto around that time, we will be made aware I’m sure.

I believe, because of trans. Rhadamanthus’ position opposite the transiting Sun, it has to do with the courts and judges. Because Rhadamanthus in Libra (the balanced scales) sextiles trans. Saturn (rules) in Sagittarius (law), and together they form a Yod to trans. Mars in Taurus who must adjust in some way . . . .

. . and because trans. Mars is so close to Trump’s MC, we will see Trump adjusting in some way that will reflect on his reputation. Because Ceres and Sedna hover so near his MC, I suspect it will have to do with the environment (pipelines?) or the maligning of women. Maybe both.

Even better – thanks alex!


How about the whole Republican Part gone. Just wishing. Their policies are just despicable.


Thank you for the astrology updates as they give us an excellent platform for viewing the upcoming debacle.

Thank You, Nancy!
Re: DJT’s new order that rolls back victories for women in the workplace. Yes, I am furious!
Does Ivanka know of this latest action?
We should contact her in mass that she implore her Dad to dismantle this action! How do we contact her?


“With little notice, President Donald Trump recently signed an executive order that advocates say rolls back hard-fought victories for women in the workplace”.

Hmmmm Janet…is that doable:)

I needed this. I needed a glimmer of hope today. Thank you!!!

Some of my work in the Judicial Branch overlaps with VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) funded projects. We are bracing for cuts. Every day the news is just unbelievable. I do take heart in some of the same things you mentioned. And I have never been prouder to work in the Judicial Branch of the government.

More Saturn/Venus: the chemical attack in Syria killing untold numbers and an airstrike on the hospital treating them. There was a howl from the whole world on this one.

I will be away later in the week and over the weekend, but I wanted to point out the Sun/Pluto square on Saturday, 4/8, combined with the exact Saturn/Venus square. The Moon will also be moving into a T square with Saturn and Venus by late Saturday /early Sunday. I probably won’t be able to comment right away, but keep an eye out. it could a tense day.

I predict Nikki Haley will run for President.
Thank you again, Nancy.

For what it’s worth, we are now exactly six years away from Pluto’s first ingress into Aquarius during the current cycle. Whatever happens these next few years, it is highly unlikely that the authoritarian conservative establishment here in the US and elsewhere will reign unrestrained beyond the very early part of the 2020s, if for no other reason than the fact that Pluto departing from Capricorn will greatly diminish its power, putting it on a much more level playing field. The one thing it fears most is people power, yet that is exactly what is rising, and they cannot possibly stop it, no matter how hard they try to turn back the clock to patriarchal times.

Rachel Maddow MSNBC

EPA leaked documents: Andrew Pruitt – – in bureaucratic speak the memos how he will demise the EPA

This is a very, very, very long, long shot, but it might possibly work.

2016 Election Nullification Case
Three voters from the state of Massachusetts, Diane Blumstein, Nancy Goodman and Donna Soodalter-Toman filed a suit to nullify the 2016 federal election. Allegations are that the U.S. government knew that hackers from Russia had successfully attacked and penetrated the election databases of at least 12 states and did not protect our democracy as required. It was further reported that Russia successfully penetrated both the Democratic and Republican parties but only leaked material damaging to Hillary Clinton and her campaign.


The SCOTUS “has the power of Injunctive Relief and can order a new election if they deem that the process was corrupted by a foreign power.” They “can issue an order to remove the President, the Senators and Congressman chosen in that election and call for a new Election.”

Unfortunately, the writ was denied by the Supremes on 17 March, but IF…enough evidence accumulates about Russian interference, and/or DJT & Company collusion, the writ can be refiled, perhaps with a more positive result.

I have doubts this will actually take place, but who knows? Who would have thunk DJT would EVER become president? And I suspect our era of intense unpredictability is not over.

Thank You for your analysis and thoughts.

“I am also feeling a deep sense of shame and disgust as I watch the growing perversion of democratic norms by the vapid, self-serving, and consummately dishonest Trump machine now running the country. It seems like every time I listen to the news, I need a bath to wash off a new layer of Trumpian corruption and toxicity.”

I think we all feel that way as well.
Existential nausea is our new King! As this DJT/Radical Republican era unfolds, the feeling will surely grow. Thank You for answering in part the age old question posited at the beginning of Psalm 13.

How long, O Lord?

Thank you, Nancy.

As disturbing as this headline is, I find it hopeful.
The comments are worth reading.


Thanks, Nancy. Each new article you post is such a treat…and I actually do think that Trump will leave office sometime this fall. I am looking forward to the period of patriotism you mention (I am no nationalist but it’s good to feel good about your country) and eagerly anticipate the Great American Eclipse this August.

I didn’t read the comments, Ja, but am very glad that O’Reilly is finally getting hit by some karma!

Eliseo, some astrological support for the nullification theory:

The U.S. Uranus (unexpected) at 8+ Gemini (data)
is sextile (work easily together) the Russian South Node (might as well give it away, it no longer serves) at 8+ Leo (dramatize).

This sextile forms a Yod (both planets are in a quincunx which calls for adjustment) to Russia’s natal Uranus (technology) at 8+ Capricorn (government) which is in the apex point (release) of the Yod.

The apex point of this Yod, Russia’s Uranus in Cap, is opposite Trump’s natal Mercury (tweets) at 8+ Cancer (hurt feelings) which turns the Yod into a Boomerang. The Boomerang planet (Trump’s Mercury) then scatters the combined energy (U.S. Uranus, Russia’s South Node, Russia’s Uranus and Trump’s Mercury) everywhere (tweet, tweet).

To further the Boomerang formation’s intent, Russia’s Mars (aggression) at 8+ Aries (more aggression) squares (challenge) Trump’s Mercury in Cancer.

However, Russia’s North Node (opportunity to move forward) at 8+ Aquarius (new age technology) is trine (in harmony with) the U.S. Uranus in Gemini. Seem likely then that something good will come of all this.

Many Thanks for your astro-analysis on the electoral nullification idea. I’ll have to give your analysis more thought befire I query you about it further.

IF…and it is a very BIG IF, we can get this done, AND get it done with sufficient finesse, i.e. the R’s are convinced to go along and NOT revolt or hang the Supremes until truly dead, it could be better than impeachment with Pence or worse taking office.

But I’m not holding my breath on this one. There are several lessons to be learned, which of themselves may take more time. (Example: ideology is not reality, but merely a flawed mental map).

I would like to be as optimistic as you appear to be, but my greatest fear is our current interregnum will last for several more decades as a manifestation of our progressed Mars retrograde. But then again, Pluto WILL move into Aquarius 2023-2024.

No. 16-907
In Re Diane Blumstein, et al., Petitioners
Docketed: January 19, 2017

Jan 18 2017 Petition for a writ of mandamus filed. (Response due February 21, 2017)

Feb 17 2017 Waiver of right of respondents Federal Respondents, et al. to respond filed.

Feb 22 2017 DISTRIBUTED for

Conference of March 17, 2017.

Mar 20 2017 Petition DENIED


Ryan & Trump

Aspect Opposition

Venus 10 Aquarius – Ryan


Pluto 10 Leo – Trump


Bernie : on floor of Senate

I rise to oppose Judge Gorsuch


BBC World News Radio


Nebraska Trump Voters (report by BBC radio)

issue TTP Off – Trump
issue TTP on – benefits NE farmers

Q:why did NE farmers vote for Trump against their own interests….

A: needed a change in DC

build up to Sol Ecl in August ….NE
seems to be getting media interested in the state


GOP senator: Biden would have beat Trump

Pundits, agriculture groups and President Trump have identified farmers as a key demographic in the Republican victory.

How we leverage this influence
remains to be seen. Trade and immigration policy and the president’s fiscal 2018 budget proposal are already creating disagreements between farmers and the Trump administration.

My research and farming experience convince me that even in today’s unpromising political conditions, agriculture can play an important role in addressing climate change. American farmers can become global leaders in producing what the world needs as much as abundant food: a stable climate.




Omaha NE

Lincoln NE
Birthname Lancaster County
DOB 7 April 1869
Place Lincoln NE

Aries Sun
Pisces/or/Aquarius Moon

Bannon has been booted off the NSC and the adults have been put in charge.


“Conservatives Outside Congress Say Latest Health Care Reform Push Has Foundered”

I can’t help but remember what you “predicted”, Barb….that McConnell would finally throw in the towell in the Senate in the fall and agree to an improved ACA.

Comment in regard to Bannon’s removal from NYT’s:

“Since I / we know little about him, I’m not yet hopeful that Lt.Gen McMaster is among the “adult’s in charge” that Trumpster unwittingly hired. But, acknowledging that Lt.Gen. McMaster orchestrated Bannon’s removal from the professional national security organization oversight role seems like a step in the right direction.
As a small time and small town real estate “operator,” Trumpster appears to prefer sycophants and family members providing him “advice,” so he won’t be challenged by anything outside his limited comfort zone.
I am both gratified and encouraged that Lt.Gen. McMaster demonstrates the courage and the savvy to begin to upgrade the NSO and to help Trumpster from continuing to operate capriciously.”

Politico has interesting take:
‘Bannon ousted from National Security Council
The Trump administration initially faced a bipartisan wave of complaints over a political official serving in a national security role’.

REP. JAN SCHAKOWSKY, the most dogged opponent of Blackwater founder Erik Prince in the U.S. Congress, is blasting the Trump administration for using Prince as a shadow emissary for the White House.

“He is the kind of unvetted, unscrupulous person that seems to fit very nicely, especially into the kinds of operations that they want done,” Schakowsky said in an exclusive interview for the Intercepted podcast.

“This is exactly the kind of person who should be excluded from having anything to do with our government, covert or out in public.”

The Post reported on Monday that Prince and the crown prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed al-Nahyan, arranged a meeting in the Seychelles islands “to establish a back-channel line of communication between Moscow and President-elect Donald Trump.” That followed an earlier meeting in December 2016 with Sheikh al-Nahyan, Steve Bannon, Jared Kushner, and retired Gen. Michael Flynn in New York.


More good news for the Right:

Bill O’Reilly noon chart

Natal Saturn 162°44′
Natal Sun 168°35′
Midpoint 165°40′
Progressed Mars 163°46′ – conjunct natal Saturn
Progressed Saturn 169°30 – conjunct natal Sun
Midpoint 166°38′

Transit Neptune April 5, 2017 at 5 pm, EDT: 344°38′; opposite 164°38′
Opposite natal Saturn
Opposite natal Sun/Saturn midpoint
Opposite progressed Mars

Natal Venus/Mars midpoint 163°59′ – natal Saturn conjunct, transit Neptune opposite

O’Reilly DOB from media: September 10, 1949 in New York City.

Gut the United States Congress.

It may seem simple but sometimes people forget because it is.

All bills signed into law by trump will be first passed by the Congress. If we are not happy with where the country goes under Republican leadership our remedy is to vote the members of Congress who passed them out of office. trump is just their figurehead but it will be his choices for office that will steer and implement his and/or the party’s platform.

Does anyone follow Rick Levine? I really like him. His videos are really helpful to me to understand astrology. They are quite long but when I have time, I really appreciate them.

“From down the rabbit hole to .. into the abyss.”


More talking heads comment on how those outside of the U.S. see the U.S., now that Trump is President, and I wondered about the transits to the U.S. MC, a symbol of how one is seen in the world at large. Here are some findings:

Trans. Makemake has been on or near the U.S. natal MC (Sibly version) for some time and Phil Sedgwick has this to say about him:

Positive: “Articulate and ultra-communicative. Self-assuredness, especially by verbal means. Clever, quick-witted and interested in invoking insight and inspiration with speech. Quick to report findings, regardless of impact.” . . and more.

Negative: “Cunning and verbally manipulative. Double talk. Diversion of facts. Declaring false findings (laying an egg, so to speak). Taking flight to avoid consequence. Hiding as a coping skill. Reckless. Disregard for safety of the home. Self-serving.”

The most recent prominent planet to impact the U.S. MC by transit was Jupiter when it was conjunct that MC at 1+ Libra degree. At the time Jupiter ingressed Libra, September 9, 2016, at 0 Libra it was midway between a solar and a lunar eclipse, and it was just 2 months before the Presidential election.

That ingress chart had Venus (ruler of Libra) square Pluto and Saturn was square Neptune, and the nodes were square the U.S. ascendant-descendant axis. It was to be a challenging period, the time Jupiter would be in Libra, especially for the U.S.

The U.S. PROGRESSED chart has Saturn and Hades conjunct at 3+ Scorpio, both retrograde, both trine the U.S. natal Venus, ruler of Libra, at 3+ Cancer. The U.S. natal Karma is also at 3+ Cancer.

This difficult progressed planet combination of energies seems to be well-suited for being dealt with at the present time (a trine aspect). Still, it is a blemish that is reflected on the U.S. MC in a most unflattering way.

I hope you will be as enlightened as I was by the extraordinary synchronicity of these revelations.



Nunas just “temporarily” stepped down citing ethics condiderations. Just a breaking news thing.


RE: US (Sibley Chart) Karma 03 Cancer – 7TH House

BTW economic key words JU-VE… Jupiter ‘new money’ & Venus ‘old money’

~ per moon valley

Mundane Astrology – 7TH House
Seventh House – Corresponds to foreign relations, international disputes, war and peace, treaties, alliances, truces and/or disputes, and open enemies.

It also has to do with national disputes and anything that interferes with or contributes to public harmony. It rules dealings with others, business relationships, mergers and agreements.

This house represents public attitude toward marriage and divorce and the marriage and divorce rates. It rules women or the status of women in the nation (the Fifth House also rules conditions impacting “women and children”).


” Nunes is just another example of how this administration and the Republican Party as a whole continues to show a basic dishonesty with the American People. Hardly a week goes by when The Gang That Can’t Shoot Straight (or, with any honesty) keeps falling on its own sword. Members of Trump’s “advisors” are each showing themselves as nakedly inept and unqualified for the position of power Trump has assigned to them.”

Democrats Filibuster!

“Judge Gorsuch lied to Senator Franken when he said he had no idea of what he would do if he found himself in the position of Alphonse Madden–whether he would have stayed with the rig or detach it and drive the cab to a coffee stop.

Now we learn that he plagiarized passages from an article in the Indiana Law Review and put them under his own name in his book on euthanasia. That action alone would have gotten him kicked out from any reputable institution of higher learning.

He is a dishonorable man, and will dishonor the Senate if it confirms him to a position on the highest court in the land.”


Where did you see that about Gorsuch plagiarized? I can’t find anything on it? Do you have a link?

A reminder: Great tensions between Bannon and Trump over the summer with Saturn transit to Trump/Bannon composite chart Venus/Mars conjunction. Perhaps we are seeing the first glimmerings.

I will be away over the next several days. If your comment is put on moderation, check to see if you have used the usual email address and that you don’t have more than two links in the text. This is likely to be a newsworthy week with the Mercury station, the Sun/Pluto square and the ongoing Saturn/Venus square.

Thank You, Ja.

Here is another one,


Not surprised by this:

Senate republicans deploy “Nuclear Option” to clear path for Gorsuch


I hope this comes back to bite them at some point.

Fascinating alex; I’m especially intrigued by the “new” (Jupiter) and “old” (Venus) money, tied in with “foreign relations” and the 7th/10th house connection in general. There’s a lot of “there” there.

If we take into consideration that transiting Saturn (stationing) is in Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius (or new money – aka Jupiter having power over Saturn, aka government) then what was once mystifying becomes quite clear. It may not be tangible proof as in documents and taped phone conversations, but the astrologer in me is convinced.

Check this, just like Nancy said.


I’m curious if anyone has looked at Tillman lately- he looks incredibly uncomfortable in his role. A while back he said he didn’t want the job, that his wife made him take it. I wouldn’t be surprised if he resigns and someone like Romney takes his place. Maybe at some point tRump will realizes he needs more experience in the State department. Rachel Maddow was great last name night.

Please excuse my terrible wording – fat fingers.

Tillman should be Tillerson…I’m never typing on my phone again!

Thank you Nancy! You write “I know that for myself, I am feeling a sense of loss and sorrow witnessing the Senate about to commit hari-kari, as it moves to kill the filibuster and, with it, the last vestiges of any hope for bipartisan anything in Congress. I am also feeling a deep sense of shame and disgust as I watch the growing perversion of democratic norms by the vapid, self-serving, and consummately dishonest Trump machine now running the country. It seems like every time I listen to the news, I need a bath to wash off a new layer of Trumpian corruption and toxicity.” I too have been feeling a sense of loss and sadness and burn-out due to his parody being played out in Washington, D.C. It is like we are in the thralls of Armagedeon and yet good signs some of the battle is going the way of light with Bill O’Reilly being subjected to humiliation; Nunes finally getting replaced. I must find my strength to continue this battle.

InfoWars = That lunatic Alex Jones!

You don’t bring a gun to “Night of the Long Knives”

Great analysis in New York Magazine: Republicans Are are Tearing Each Other To Pieces”


Thank You! That analysis was indeed very cogent!

I especially like the paragraph:

“Jonathan Swan reports, “the hatred between the two wings is intense and irreconcilable,” and that “the Bannonites believe the liberals” — another Bannonite term for the conventional Republicans advising Trump, who are not liberal — “staged a coup and will turn Trump into a conventional squish who betrays the very voters who brought him to power. The Jared wing thinks the Bannonites are clinically nuts.” Evidence suggests both sides are correct.”

When I read that I could not help but laugh almost uncontrollably…
“the Bannonites think the conventional R’s are “Liberal,” and the Jared wing thinks the Bannonites are clinically nuts.”

“Evidence suggests both sides are correct.”

Indeed!…and I’m still laughing.

Fe: InfoWars = That lunatic Alex Jones!

Please don’t feed the troll.

Angellight: I too have been feeling a sense of loss and sadness and burn-out due to his parody being played out in Washington, D.C.

I am more angry that Democratic voters didn’t respond to McConnell’s blocking Garland last year by electing Hillary, but Bill made an interesting observation several years ago.

He said that Democrats fall in love, but Republicans fall in line and last November’s election could not have been a better example.

Democrats stayed at home or voted for Jill Stein because the MSM smeared Hillary with the false equivalence that there was no difference between her and Trump while Republicans especially Evangelicals saw Trump as a vehicle to push through their agenda at least through the Supreme Court and here we are today.

I don’t feel sad but more angry with the fact that Democratic voters don’t didn’t take civics in school and don’t see the big picture nor do they have the endurance or resilience that Republican voters have.

Last summer my younger brother,
a dyed-in-the-wool IBEW Union man, and FDR Democrat had an interesting insight. Although he intended to vote for HRC, he said he had a deep and strong feeling that whomever won the presidential election would receive the blame for bad governance and policy (fairly in the case of Trump, and unfairly in the case of Hillary) and would inadvertently destroy their respective party.

Every day I see more and more he was correct. Had HRC won the electoral college, she would have been saddled with ” a far more liberal domestic agenda than Barack Obama had delivered, but she would have had no means to enact it.” The R’s would vociferously blame her for problems they, themselves created, impeach her on spurious grounds, and massacre Dems in the 2018 election, and possibly in 2020 as well.

As horrible and damaging as DJT and these radical R’s are for the nation and the world, For HRC, I think her loss was a personal win. Her good (real) reputation is intact. She may well go down in history as a great stateswoman.

As Chait wrote in the cited op-ed,
“Almost the entire GOP decided its hatred or fear of Clinton overrode their misgivings about their own nominee, and, with varying levels of enthusiasm, supported Trump. They brought disaster upon their country, but as a small measure of compensatory justice, they have also brought it upon their party. By the time Trump has departed the Oval Office, they will look longingly at a staid, boxed-in Clinton presidency as a road not taken.”

Chait’s analysis goes hand in hand with the fact Pluto is now in Capricorn but will ingress into Aquarius. The R’s are marching like lemmings into the abyss, and like the Whigs of the 19th century, I suspect within 8-10 years will be gone entirely.

Meanwhile, what a price to pay for their demise!

Before This Is Over, Republicans Are Going to Wish Hillary Clinton Won
By Jonathan Chait


I have a difference of opinion with you about Hillary win because I don’t accept your premise.

I don’t care about the legacy of current politicians and I don’t give a fig about the legacy of the current DNC. What I care about is effectiveness, utility for the people first and foremost. The reason is that in my lifetime the D’s have lost the FDR platform little by little they have no been focused enough, strong enough or committed enough (whatever the weight of those factors are to each other) they have failed and people lives have suffered or have been lost because of their failures.

I don’t care about their political legacy I care for the utility they make out of their political authority – their performance to sustain and advance the progressive agenda of FDR.

Here we go.
50 Tomahawk missles fired into Homs airfield in Syria. Guess we got the war that Trump needed to make himself popular. Hope this new administration alerted the Russians before hand. It is being termed a restrained, proportionate response to Bashar Al Assad by MSNBC. 60 Missles. Aircraft and infrastructure hit at airfield.

Nunes retreat timed exactly as Saturn going Retrograde hitting his EQ at 26 Sag combined with a transiting Vesta forming a t-square to his natal Uranus at 22 Libra and his natal Chiron at 19 Aries.

Forgot to mention that transiting Vesta is 135 degrees away from Nunes Neptune. Also Nunes natal Chiron is 135 degrees from his Neptune. His natal Neptune sits at 5 Sag.

By: kiwi on March 5th, 2017 at 1:37 am

“Eliseo, I don’t think the Republican Party is going to be able to put itself back together this time, not with it’s Neptune Return fast approaching in 2018. Whether you use the Feb 20 1854 chart or the Jul 6 1854 chart, their natal Neptune is between 14-16 degrees Pisces, degrees that Neptune will be transiting starting next year.

Confusion, corruption, and dissolution will abound for the GOP and all associated with it these next few years. The corruption is already plainly evident and includes not only 45 and much of his cabinet, but also such Republican luminaries as McConnell. The confusion is likely also evident among those who took DJT at his word that he would bring back manufacturing jobs, etc. Those within the party who oppose him–McCain, et al – may very well be tasked with picking up the pieces and trying to put together some kind of new conservative party in the coming years, perhaps one that is more rational and intellectual than the stupefyingly obstructionist and anti-government 1854 entity.

This once in 165 years transit for the GOP also coincides with the devastating Saturn-Pluto transits DJT faces in 2019 as well.”

GOP July 1854 chart Mars at 28°44′ Virgo squared now by transiting (stationing) Saturn at 27°48′ Sag (will repeat Dec 9, This year. Same chart has transit Neptune (13°00′ Pisces) on secondary progressed Neptune (13°18′ Pisces). For good measure, transiting (stationing) Pluto at 19°21′ Cap conjunct secondary progressed Mars at 20°09′ Cap.

Natal positions are fixed, transiting outer planets (Neptune and Pluto) are slow moving and transiting Saturn is stationing.

This will go on for some time.

Does it have significance that they are bombing Syria in the beginning of a retrograde?

“but also such Republican luminaries as McConnell”

Bob, I was very interested in that comment and wonder if you can expand on it regarding McConnell.

Hey Alex,
I always respect what you have to say, and find your reasoning interesting. I could be wrong, but I suspect we are in much less disagreement than you perceive. I am not all that personally concerned with the legacies of current politicians either. What little concern I have is related to one of the several hats I wear, i.e. historian.

Like my brother, I too am a FDR man. I want to see FDR’s “Second Bill of Rights” become an integral and permanent part of our political and social lives. I believe he was our greatest president, and the Dem gradual departure from his philosophy and ethos a real tragedy.

When I met and conversed with Bill Clinton several years ago, I found him very personable and charming; nevertheless, I do NOT regard him as having been a “good” president. He and Hillary are neo-liberals, a political philosophy I am very much opposed to, and IMHO has hurt way too many of us.

I agree with you that effectiveness, and utility for the people need be first and foremost. I also agree the Dem Party has failed our people and many lives have suffered or have been lost because of those failures. I do not mean to minimize those past unnecessary losses, nor the coming suffering and loss of lives these radical R’s & Trumpists will cause. Frankly, I’ve lost people I dearly loved, and still cherish in my heart, very close friends who suffered and died due to Dem abandonment of the FDR heritage and neo-liberal policy.

With all due respect to our beloved Kiwi, those words were written on March 5th by BuckeyeShadow at 2:22 PM. Nevertheless, Thank You for repeating them.

My astrological knowledge and skills are quite paltry compared to yours, to BuckeyeShadow, and many others on this blog. I certainly take to heart the analysis and opinions of the many fine astrologers on this blog, especially when, as in the words you quoted, they jive with my understanding of history, and political science.

Again, Many Thanks for the repeat.

Is anyone waking up to this? The ‘bombing and droning to save people’ has to STOP!!! And over 50% of the budget goes to the military:

“Doesn’t this sound similar to the sarin gas attack in August 2013 where the Assad government was immediately blamed by the US? Yet a subsequent UN Mission Report confirmed in December, 2013 “opposition” rebels used chemical weapons and not the government.”
“So when one thinks about the latest gas attack blaming the Syrian Arab Army follows the similar pattern used in 2013; the US and its complicit MSM jumping to the immediate conclusion it had to be carried out by the Syrian government.”


I guess this was what Nancy was talking about in her last post…King of the Swamp Monsters…the time between 4/5 and 4/17…sadness and tensions and intensity, and possibly a foreign event causing consternation world wide (not her words exactly).

Reactions are mixed world wide. Certainly they are mixed in our own Congress.

Still when Obama wanted to go into Syria after over 1000 people were gassed, and he didn’t get the go ahead from the international community and NO response from our Congress (he took it to Congress for their ok), his hands were tied. Then, later, and even up to now, the Congress accused him of doing nothing! Go figure. Congress has the power to declare war according to our Constitution. Congress obviously wasn’t going to play ball with this ‘black’ president ever…


you’re right we agree quite a bit

I just read the comment attributed to me upthread and wondered who should get proper credit instead of me!
Thanks Eliseo for catching that and giving correct kudos to Buckeye!

Yes, thank you Eliseo for catching that.

I found the problem. I have a program that allows me to save things as a Pdf or text file. When saving as a Pdf it includes all images and borders so I save this site as text (for reference). The problem is that the program saves the attributes beneath the post not to the side or above and places dots where they should not be IMO as they make the previous posts attributes appear to belong to the next post – see screen grab at the link.


Thank you again and apologies for my mistake to all.


The reference to McConnell was in Buckeye’s post that I inadvertently attributed to kiwi. I believe Buckeye is such a good astrologer that I would not attempt to post his intent.

I have my hands full just posting my own thoughts these days – transit Saturn is squaring my natal Neptune and relocated MC as it stations. Heavy duty and slow moving with physical as well as psychological gifts to enjoy.

Jared Kushner Horoscope



When Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, sought the top-secret security clearance that would give him access to some of the nation’s most closely guarded secrets, he was required to disclose all encounters with foreign government officials over the last seven years.

But Mr. Kushner did not mention dozens of contacts with foreign leaders or officials in recent months. They include a December meeting with the Russian ambassador, Sergey I. Kislyak, and one with the head of a Russian state-owned bank, Vnesheconombank, arranged at Mr. Kislyak’s behest.

Looks like Neptune is about to transit Kushner’s moon in the 11th house and Pluto, his sun in the 10th!

What should we make of that? Challenges or opportunities for inspiration and power!?

No worries at all Bob, and everyone else. I always appreciate giving and receiving credit when it is due, but it’s the sharing of knowledge that I think matters most–and makes all of us more aware and better at what we do.


I agree with many things you have said. But I flatly disagree with you, based on facts, that Bill Clinton was not a good President. Bill Clinton, through his budget, helped the economy soar the 90’s. That is important because MANY people of color were able to have jobs, and find their way into the middle class. There is a reason he was considered the first black President. The fabric of society tended to mend under President Clinton. Were in not for the republicans who through law suits and investigations tried to undo him, Bill would have been free to do even more for this country. Was Bill Clinton perfect, hell no. Was he a good President, hell yes.

“I detest empty conspiracy theories. If the most straightforward logical explanation for something is well supported by the facts, then it’s probably true most of the time. But here’s the trouble with the events of the past forty-eight hours: none of it makes sense on its face. Not the gas attack in Syria. And certainly not Donald Trump’s response. I hate to say it, but these events only logically make sense if they’ve all been arranged by Vladimir Putin.”


“Donald Trump ordered the United States military to fire fifty or more powerful Tomahawk missiles into Syria tonight, creating visibly explosive fireworks in what looked on TV to be an overwhelming response to Bashar al-Assad’s chemical gas attack on his own people. But a closer examination reveals that the U.S. missiles inflicted minimal damage. And despite Russia’s built in ability to have blown those missiles out of the sky, it chose not to do so – suggesting this was all mere military theater.”


“Now that Obama’s poll numbers are in tailspin – watch for him to launch a strike in Libya or Iran. He is desperate.” @Realdonaldtrump — who tweeted this in October 2012.

Now that Trump is desperate — losing Bannon and Nunes, his poll number is the dog house; Trump has launched this strike with his pal Putin to deflect from their collusion. They cannot use WikiLeaks anymore!

Chronology: 16 May-15 August 2000
Author(s): Michele L. Kjorlien
Source: Journal of Palestine Studies, Vol. 30, No. 1 (Autumn, 2000), pp. 163-181
Published by: on behalf of the University of California Press Institute for Palestine Studies
Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/2676500
Accessed: 03-03-2015 19:19 UTC


“Bashar al-Asad is sworn in as pres. of Syria at a special session of parliament. He gives an inaugural address in which he vows to continue to seek peace with Israel on the basis of Israel’s full withdrawal fr. the Golan to the 6/4/67 lines and to implement eco-
nomic and administrative reforms.”

Noon charts frequently present angles that yield appropriate aspects within acceptable orbs for events or relationships. Using a noon chart EEDT for Damascus for 2000 swearing in (beginning of Assad’s regime) yields a chart with 15°29′ Cancer on the MC and an Asc at 14°15′ Libra. Sibly Sun is on the MC and Sibly Saturn is on the Asc.

That chart has Mars at 20°27′ Cancer and Sun at 25°05′ Cancer (conjunct trump Saturn at 23°49′ Cancer). They will be stimulated by the January 10, 2020, triple conjunction of transiting Sun, Saturn, and Pluto.

Trump’s natal Mars is less than 1 1/2 degrees from the Zenith (90° square from the Asc in real space) of his chart in Damascus.

“They will be stimulated by the January 10, 2020 …” should be January 13.

Kushner’s influence at least definitely seems to be on the rise in this admin, whereas Bannon’s seems to be waning, despite his attempts to spin being booted off the national security council as “planned.” Interestingly, Kellyanne Conway has been pretty quiet too. All appearances suggest that the Mercer white-supremacist-nationalist faction is currently being marginalized, while the Wall Street corporatist-globalist faction represented by Kushner is gaining ground and influence.

45 does like and seems to thrive on the chaos and competition between the factions under him, but the one thing he doesn’t tolerate is being upstaged. Without a doubt, the “President Bannon” meme is getting under his skin. Whether or not this factored into Bannon’s being booted from the NSC isn’t clear, but regardless, Bannon is in danger of being “fired” by Trump if the media and public continue to see him as the proverbial “power behind the throne.”

Bannon likely also has the additional disadvantage of not being a formal member of “The Family” the way Kushner is.

Neither of the two major factions is our ally, obviously, though I think most people (liberals and progressives at least) find the corporatist-globalists more “palatable” (for lack of a better word), something that can be challenged within our context and understanding of the Constitution, law, and history, with Trump framed as something of a latter-day robber baron at the zenith of a new Gilded Age. Racist nationalism of the kind Bannon is associated with, however, conjures up a completely different beast, with all kinds of Hitleresque imagery, fears and terror, the stuff of our nightmares, one that we don’t have as cleanly drawn of a roadmap for dealing with directly here in the US, though we really, truly should, given our own unresolved history with racism.

Bannon’s one redeeming quality may be that he is too narrow in his thinking and view of the world be a Karl Rove or a Dick Cheney. Both of them were far more crafty and cunning operatives. Bannon isn’t, which is why so many of his schemes fall flat when met with the real world.

Thank you Bob for the answering me and, the clarification. I went back and found the “quote” in the comments after the “Latter Days of February”. As for you Buckeye Shadow, once again you have given me hope that the long arm of the universe is bending towards justice. Would you expand on the McConnell prediction? And I have to ask…both the nuclear option/Gorsuch being put on the Supreme Court bench and the strike against Syria occurred during the beginning of Merc Retro. This doesn’t bode well for either…yes/no. Thanks for anything you might/might not? care to post.

Angellight, I too have been following this line of thought on the Palmer Report since his first mention of it. Now with your Donald tweet of 2012, it seems that’s exactly what’s going on. Kudos to you for finding that tweet. They are diabolical, these money men now occupying the highest offices in both the USA and Russia. They will do anything to preserve the old world order which allows them to increase their wealth, even while sacrificing innocent lives. I hope Rachel is on to this and does not divert her investigative attention to where Trump and Putin want it to go.

connimac, I was thinking the same thing as you that Rachel will not let them get away with this latest rouse. They are evil and diabolical. I can’t wait for Trump’s Jupiter return to be done with.

I don’t understand why everyone is so upset about the filibuster going away or Gorsuch’s being confirmed.

Both are occurring while Venus is retrograde which equals buyer’s remorse.

Either Republicans regret nuking the filibuster because Democrats later use a majority vote to pack the court with liberals, or Gorsuch turns out to be another stealth candidate like Souter.

Roderick that explains so much “buyer’s remorse.” When does Venus go direct again? Thanks.

April 15, Angellight.

Good point Roderick, I like the way you think!

Buckeye, you call it the zenith of a new Gilded Age, I call it pus rising to the surface. Either way, it’s what happens when a body (global or otherwise) is healing. In the case of the Planet Earth, the elites have their backs to the wall and rather than being in the shadows as they prefer, they are being exposed to the light (or bug poison or whatever will push them to the surface or out in the open. . the media for example).

It was all a setup. US missile strike on Syria.
Putin had Assad gas some childern. No sweat off their backs.
trump than would fire a few missiles, killing a few dispensable syrians. To make it just look like he cares.
Putin would cry foul, as we are hearing from the Kremlin.
Everyone would/should than think, there is no collusion going on between trump and Putin.
All in an attempt to divert attention away from Russia Gate.

Bannon (perhaps) being set up as patsy (maybe voluntarily)
Bannon possesses a lot of high security high-level intelligence information, may play a role.

barbk, “pus rising” sounds even better to me, actually. It’s definitely a cruder description, but quite fitting of Trump and the other corrupt monied elites backing him. I like it!

Today transiting (Roman) Jupiter the largest of the planets is conjunct transiting (Greek) Zeus the invisible Uranian point at 18+ Libra, both retrograde. Both of these gods in myth were considered the protectors of their people, and both gods essentially morphed into One in the practice of astrology.

Today these transiting astronomical symbols are opposed by the transiting Sun, a symbol of consciousness, at 18+ Aries. Transiting Pluto (total transformation) is T-square all of them at 19+ Capricorn.

I don’t make this stuff up but in fact, the present “return” cycle that the U.S. natal Sun is in, which will be in effect until the 4th of July, has the Moon for that chart at 19+ Cancer. In other words, all these transits of today I mentioned, Jupiter, Zeus, Sun, Pluto, are forming a grand cardinal cross with the U.S. solar return Moon, a symbol of the U.S. People.

A grand cross, made up of 4 squares and 2 oppositions, is indeed very stressful. A grand cross in cardinal signs will foment action from all 4 directions, but lacks a clear focus for the action.

However, when we consider that the U.S. Vesta at 19+ Taurus is in a trine with transiting Pluto, and transiting Mars was conjunct U.S. Vesta exactly just yesterday and is still in orb of that conjunction . . .

. . then today’s transiting T-square, joined at the hip with the U.S. solar return Moon, not only has a focus, it has a target. Since the U.S. solar return chart’s Moon in Cancer is also sextile the U.S. natal Vesta (and transiting Mars) we just need to figure out what is going on today in the U.S. that has
# the flavor of war (Mars) or aggression,
# a clear-cut tangible (Taurus) presence and
# a focus (Vesta) on unity and safety (hearth fire) and
# it involves the welfare of the U.S. People (solar return Moon).

Since the new local cable company is not allowing me to watch the cable channels while they work on their little cable things, I leave it to you to fill in the blanks (wink wink) of this riddle of the transiting T-square that, when linked to the U.S. solar return chart’s Moon, turns it into a grand cardinal cross with a focus on U.S. Vesta.

Here’s a hint; U.S. solar return Moon in Cancer sextiles U.S. natal Vesta in Taurus which form a Yod (Finger of God) to Trump’s natal Moon and South Node in Sagittarius, along with transiting Varda (negotiator) at 19+ Sagittarius.

Because Trump’s Sagittarian Moon oppose Trump’s Gemini Sun and Uranus the Yod becomes a Boomerang with all the focus on the Boomerang point (planet) and just where does the buck stop?

Three Democrats
Heidi Heitkamp N.D.
Joe Manchin III W.Va.
Joe Donnelly Ind.



NY Times is smoking something, says end of the SCOTUS filibuster makes the Senate more bipartisan

By Joan McCarter
Friday Apr 07, 2017 · 11:00 AM PDT

Senate confirms Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court, under big, black cloud of corruption

By Joan McCarter
Friday Apr 07, 2017 · 9:00 AM PDT


Mitch McConnell says denying consideration of Merrick Garland was “most consequential decision I’ve ever been involved in.” A “proud day.”

Thanks Buckeye, I thought it appropriately gross considering the subject matter.

Speaking of gross, and before that “the buck stops here”, I checked on the transit of Nessus and found that one year from now he will be square the U.S. Uranus in Gemini and conjunct the U.S. Ceres in Pisces who is conjunct the U.S. Nessus. That promises to be a time when a lot of pus will be coming to the surface.

Here’s what Melanie Reinhart has to say about Nessus.
“Nessus processes really do seem to bring to an end the unfathomable ties that bind us to people, places and situations.”
“Nessus activations correspond with times when things really do end, finish and transcend to another level, when release occurs and when the turning point is reached.”

Read more on Nessus (and Pholus and Chiron) here:

Arbo: Thanks. Most things that I have purchased have been wrong or very unsatisfactory.


CBS New York

“So it is indeed a proud day,” said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.

The good, the bad and the ugly, from Paul Krugman, Opinion NYT’s:

“My objection to Mr Trump is that he enables racism, sexism, ignorance, mean-spiritedness and ungenerous behaviors and values, and gives permission to others to do the same and to feel good about themselves because they are now being honest about how they feel. Please do not be honest about being a racist or a sexist — please instead be polite and civil and silent, and at least give lip service to the idea that we are all fellow and sister humans. Don’t you racists and sexists dare feel good about yourselves because you are now loudly boasting about how honestly you hate nonwhites and women and the LGBT community and the disabled and non-Christians. You don’t deserve “honesty points” for honestly admitting deplorable attitudes.

When I hear a supporter of Mr Trump say that he admires Mr Trump’s honesty, I hear instead a subtext of “I’m glad I can openly say how honestly I hate those I hate and no longer have to pretend.”

“Wham, bam…thank you ma’m”
Trump Russian Connection…Poof!

Barbk, you so beautifully paint the picture! And I line up your words with Astrodiesnts Current Chart:

Jay spot-on! (Almost as if ruskies did the gas for don’s glory)

“Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood“ -Marie Curie

Thank you Jay Bax! I am in total agreement.

This inspires me.


Nancy, was right about some sort of win for Trump from April 6th, this Syria bombing is helping his image greatly, also look at Scott Adams latest blog for more on this perceived win


Now I’m more interested in Nancy talking about the partirotic uplifting time for the country till June!

Yes Alex agreement about The NY Times smoking something, they also went on about trumps heart, give me a break!

Bears repeating

jay Bax

It was all a setup. US missile strike on Syria.
Putin had Assad gas some childern. No sweat off their backs.
trump than would fire a few missiles, killing a few dispensable syrians. To make it just look like he cares.
Putin would cry foul, as we are hearing from the Kremlin.
Everyone would/should than think, there is no collusion going on between trump and Putin.
All in an attempt to divert attention away from Russia Gate.

Marjorie on the astrology of the Syria attack

steve judd – random thoughts on Syria strikes, and other topics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCmdt8Qlzd0&list=UU5cNm7NHg3fJUVQM1Bcfmdw&index=1

Here’s what the conspiracy nut rightwingers think of the airstrikes:


If the election is invalidated trump and Pence would be out but would any others (Senators and Congress persons)?

In light of a scandal invalidating the election, given a second chance, voters might switch enough members of Congress to put Democrats in control thus enabling the restoring of the Democratic platform. Gorsuch would not necessarily be on the bench and any decisions he voted on might be in question.

The time I see on the video of his confirmation vote appears to be 11:58 am, EDT on April 6, 2017.

Merged Report: Jared Kushner – Natal Chart Jan 10 1981, 12:00 pm, EST +5:00
White House Dist of Columbia, 38°N53’50”, 077°W02’13”

Plu Cnj Sun Tr-Na Feb 19 2018 EST 20°Cp23′ 20°Cp23′
Plu Cnj Sun Tr-Na Jun 27 2018 EDT 20°Cp23′ 20°Cp23′
Plu Cnj Sun Tr-Na Dec 25 2018 EST 20°Cp23′ 20°Cp23′
Sat Cnj Sun Tr-Na Apr 17 2019 EDT 20°Cp23′ 20°Cp23′
Sat Cnj Sun Tr-Na May 12 2019 EDT 20°Cp23′ 20°Cp23′
Sat Cnj Sun Tr-Na Dec 23 2019 EST 20°Cp23′ 20°Cp23′

Then comes January 2020.

I just found out that it is not my program that misplaces the dots when I save the comments – it is the layout of this site.

‘The Death of Truth..ISIS, Trump, and Sanders agree Assad is a war criminal’

“The “activists” on the other hand have every reason to use chemical weapons and blame Assad and to shift blame for the latest atrocities on the Syrians (and Russians): to force Trump to reverse his decision to allow Assad to stay in power. What cannot be won on the battlefield can often be won in the disinformation wars. ISIS cannot survive Russian/Syrian attacks, but if Trump can be persuaded, with propaganda lies, to turn against the Syrian/Russian forces, there is hope to turn around a losing operation.”


I would appreciate you explaining how “relocated” natal charts should be used in analyzing personal aspects/transits. In most of the discussions on this site and other astrology sites, the natal chart based on place of birth is used for most analysis, including aspects/transits to ascendant, midheaven and house placements of planets, etc. A relocated chart using the current geographical location of a person based on his/her birth date/time gives a different ascendant, midheaven and house placements of planets. In my case, there is about a 20 degree swing when I compare my natal chart/place of birth to my natal chart/current residence. Do I use both charts somehow? Does one take precedence over the other? I know that both of you will draw up relocated charts for your mundane analysis of leaders of countries in analyzing a country’s situation astrologically. I don’t know if this carries over to personal astrological analysis as well. I am a long time “lurker” at this site and seldom post, but I monitor the site daily and appreciate all the astrological expertise you share with everyone! Thanks for your time and thoughts!

search engine terms: relocated horoscopes astrology



No one knows how astrology “works” so any explanation is only the person making it’s opinion.

My experience is locality charts are more “in-step” with events experienced with the possible exception of death.

I do not use houses or signs (man’s opinion), just aspects between planets and planets with chart angles which are decided by one’s location. Those things exist in nature. My opinion is that natal angles and all aspects (from natal, transiting, and progressed planets) to them are valid through life but those to locality angles are most cogent most often.

Just as any natal or progressed planet will combine with any that aspects it to yield an interpretation all aspects in a natal chart will play out on their own no matter where one may locate even if not being aspected. Theory is a planet or aspect’s suggested attributes may be more to the fore if they connect to an angle by changing location. trump’s chart’s Zenith in Damascus (not the MC) is at 148°01′. His natal Mars is at 149°26′. Many astrologers have shown a leaders Mars on or near an angle is where they have been involved in military action.

But life is not fated and no chart is a determinator of how one’s life will go. For every world famous (Elvis) or infamous (Hitler) personality there are likely hundreds, perhaps thousands, born on the same day with charts having the same aspects and planetary positions in space (except for the Moon and angles) somewhere in the world who never receive notoriety even for a day. Even multiple birth siblings do not have the same experiences in life at the same time (marriage, child birth, illness, etc).

There is more but I am running out of gas. I hope this will be of some help to you.


Thank you so much for your individual responses, each very helpful in their own way! I will study them and ponder them in light of my own experiences and what/when a certain approach seems most cogent to those experiences (which I think Bob was emphasizing is at the heart of any discussion or practice of astrology). In the meantime, I look forward to more of your posts…they have been instrumental to my trying to grasp the world within the “scaffolding” that astrology provides for the understanding that I quest.

The latest from Raye Robertson
Reaping, Sowing, and moving on: 2020 Saturn pluto cycle


Jay Brax

“It was all a setup. US missile strike on Syria.
Putin had Assad gas some childern. No sweat off their backs.
trump than would fire a few missiles, killing a few dispensable syrians. To make it just look like he cares.
Putin would cry foul, as we are hearing from the Kremlin.
Everyone would/should than think, there is no collusion going on between trump and Putin.
All in an attempt to divert attention away from Russia Gate.”

I so agree – I think Putin has been storing Assad’s chemical weapons.

This is all one big coordinated mutual jerk-off between Trump and Putin to throw water on the Trump/Russia complicity investigation. It just stinks to high hell.

RE: your post of April 7th, 2017, 8:51 am
All presidents have mixed records. I don’t recall any of our presidents having been totally “good” or totally “bad.” Even my favorite, FDR whom I regard as our greatest, did some bad things which were truly terrible.

Personally, I rate presidents as great, good, mediocre, or poor. But of course, all our ratings are subjective. We may look at the facts and interpret them quite differently, depending on our own experience and beliefs. But hey! It takes all the colors we can find to make a complete crayon box!

As for Bill, I would never minimize the “good” that he did. But, did you know he intended on privatizing social security? Thanks to Monica Lewinsky, he never proposed that particular idea to Congress.

Despite the good things he accomplished, due to his de-regulation of Wall Street, our financial system, killing off Glass-Steagall, the enactment of truly bad telecommunications bills, and his foreign policy toward Russia, I have to rate him as mediocre.

If you want to think of him as having been a “good” or even “great” president, that’s perfectly fine with me. It’s nothing worth quarreling about. And besides…neither of us will be the final judge on the merits or demerits of his tenure.

Blessings to You! Always!

A right-wing president has been elected, and he’s created a brilliant machine that captures liberals and keeps them completely preoccupied.

What he does is he wakes up in the morning, tweets something that he knows isn’t true, they get very upset and spend the whole day writing in big capital letters on social media. ~ per Adam Curtis


Who knows how astrology really works? I don’t, but I have a tentative hypothesis which has nothing to do with ideas regarding synchronicity.

I propose that consciousness is either a form of electromagnetism, or somehow very closely associated with it. Perhaps electromagnetism is the “carrier” of consciousness. If we assume we are electromagnetic beings in biochemical “clothing,” a logical schema can be developed here. As planetary bodies orbit, they affect the magnetospheric activity of the Sun, which in turn affects the magnetospheric activity of the earth, which in turn affects us as individuals and as groups.

It might be we are “protected” within the womb, but at birth are suddenly subjected to the electromagnetic “weather” of our solar system, and thus “imprinted” by those influences. Transiting influences might affect us differently in different locations.

There is good scientific evidence, (still developing) that electromagnetism affects brain states. The Brits have done some good work on this, but Dr. Michael Persinger’s work at Laurentian University stands out as best, so far.

At the “right” time, in the coming years I intend to publish work on magnetoreception and human spirituality…BUT without the part about astrology. The prejudice against astrology in academia is so intense, as to be ruinous.

Good luck finding a safe VPN
Engadget – ?Apr 7, 2017?

If you’re most people, you just found out about the FCC’s internet privacy rules by way of their untimely demise. Thanks to the FCC’s new chief, Congress, and Donald Trump, ISPs are now free to track you like crazy and sell your data ….


Thank you, kiwi. Raye is encouraging, very interesting.


I would add to Clinton’s resume gutting welfare and creating mass incarceration.

A feat that didn’t exactly help his wife win in the election as she was held accountable for both.. (fairly or unfairly).

In his defense (I read his autobiography), Clinton had a Republican House and Senate and he compromised in order to get things done — and he did leave that trade deficit.

Alex, Regarding this new lack of Internet Privacy, is it possible for them to track you from a comment you may have just posted on a message board?
Seems there’s a great opportunity for new inventions to shield our identity.

Yep! HRC was and is held responsible for most all her husband’s misdeeds, and hardly any of the good things he did. She agreed with much, but not all of husband’s presidential actions and decisions.

IMHO, we should never confuse karma with the “just world hypothesis”. This world is supremely unjust and unfair. It is our job to make it more fair and just.

I was not a HRC supporter, but anyone with half a brain and a modicum of maturity should have been able to see that she was supremely qualified, & DJT was supremely unqualified.

But we are still mired in sexism. Our body politic can’t seem to actually “SEE” a wife, or woman apart from her husband, and on her own merits.

In my lifetime, I’ve not known any woman more unfairly and unjustly maligned and hated by so very many. I have no doubt that had she won the electoral vote impeachment, proceeding would now be in progress.

Of course, I meant to say “trade deficit.”

I think the root of Hillary’s trashing was pure fear of Bill’s good financial record as contrasted to what the last Republican president did. They knew that would be pulled out and they had to destroy the Clintons or lose the presidency again to another Democrat. What is shocking to me is not so much what was done to Hillary and how successful it was (I guess she thought she could ultimately overcome the fake scandals pulled out of Benghazi and her email server), but the levels to which Republicans stoop. I saw a FB post tonight that said “when Republicans are losing, they cheat,” and, of course, Kerry knew what he was talking about when he said “What a bunch of crooks and liars!”

my fmaily members are computer experts and specialists … on the other hand I’m totally computer uninformed but they’ve set up my computer I don’t know what they did but I appreciate that they know what to do

“… but the levels to which Republicans stoop. I saw a FB post tonight that said “when Republicans are losing, they cheat,” and, of course, Kerry knew what he was talking about when he said “What a bunch of crooks and liars!”

Yeah…that’s what blows my mind about these latter day puritans, their lack of honor and morality while they vehemently assert their moral superiority to Liberals.

We are all Truman Burbank now.


were they steaming my letters, tapping my telephone, trailing my nervous walks, you know I never did find out


“Any liberal who praises these missile strikes has to account for what comes next. Obviously, Trump cares little about diplomacy, leaving Tillerson out of key meetings and slashing the State Department’s budget. On Wednesday night, the White House released a photo of his team receiving a briefing on the Syria attack. At the table were Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross; Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin; Goldman Sachs alum Dina Powell, deputy national-security adviser; along with Jared Kushner; Steve Bannon; and Bannon’s sidekick Steven Miller. Why are the Commerce and Treasury secretaries there? What explains why Tillerson, who was in Palm Beach with the president, was not?”


The United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, also known as the House Intelligence Committee, is a committee of the United States House of Representatives, currently chaired by Devin Nunes.

HPSCI Majority Members (13)
HPSCI Minority Members (9)

Republican Conference Rules

Republican conference rule 13 notes that the Speaker names all Republican members of select committees.

Democratic Caucus Rules

Caucus rule 20 provides that in making assignments to select committees, the
Democratic leader … . Caucus rule 20 further provides that at the end of each Congress, all Democratic slots on select committees are deemed to be vacant until the Democratic leader appoints or reappoints Members.

I think it will be necessary for Democrats to become the majority party for this committee to discover Russian interference in the 2016 election to begin the process to declare the election invalid and possibly remove trump from office. That could not possibly happen until the 216th Congress is sworn in around January 3, 2019.

Track House Intelligence Committee activity:


Nancy’s prediction, “Trump himself will have a Jupiter return from April 6 through April 13, suggesting some kind of win for him,” points to the generally favorable response from congress and in the press to his Syrian missile strike. Ostensibly this was a warning to Assad against committing further atrocities; in fact it did little or no damage to Assad’s forces or airbase, probably because Russia warned them of the strike beforehand.
I don’t think the approval-bump to Trump’s morale or reputation will last as the backstory emerges and no further effective military action is taken. You don’t need a lot of far-fetched conspiracy theories to see that this was basically a publicity stunt by the White House.

I call the chart for George Washington’s inauguration “The Presidency”. On January 13, 2020 it’s progressed Sun/Pluto midpoint will be at 294°14′ conjoined by transiting Sun, Saturn, and Pluto, trump’s progressed inauguration MC, Nixon’s White House IC, the Watergate arrest’s Zenith, opposite Watergate arrest’s Mars and trump’s natal Saturn, and with transit Mars on the chart’s progressed Asc. Actually a few of these are more exact on January 12th or 14th. I chose the 13th because that is the day transit Sun will be with transit Saturn and Pluto and not 1 degree away.

Charts related to the presidency from 1789, 1946, 1972, and 2017 coming to or originally involving a common point at 294 degrees on January 13th, 2020, with three transiting bodies held by that same degree on that day. It might mean something related to the presidency term that began on January 20, 2017.

In my opinion, misogyny, wikileaks, msm, Comey,
and Russia all contributed to HRC’s loss and yet she still won the popular vote by 3 million. Amazing

Right you are kdez; if you are familiar with Cat’s Cradle, the novel by Kurt Vonnegut, a story of how people were fooled into accepting a fake religion (to keep them docile) in which the Sun named Borasisi was worshipped, then the trans Neptunian object (TNO) named for that fake Sun god could back you up.

Transiting Borasisi, now at 21+ Pisces is square the U.S. natal Mars at 21+ Gemini, which is conjunct Trump’s natal Sun at 22+ Gemini. Fake, fake, fake.

A Russian computer programmer, Pyotr Levashov, has been arrested in the Spanish city of Barcelona, a spokesman for the Russian embassy in Madrid said on Sunday.

Russian television station RT reported that Levashov was suspected of being involved in hacking attacks linked to alleged interference in last year’s U.S. election.

He was arrested under a U.S. international arrest warrant, RT reported on its website, citing Spanish police.




behind the scenes


this and that


Poised to Make History, New York on Cusp of Tuition-Free College
The plan “shows the difference that government can make,” said New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo



Quaoar’s placement in a natal chart gives an intimate portrait of the dance of the family’s emotional process and its impact on us.

Quaoar speaks to the rhythms and choreography into which we were born, as these manifest within the family pattern going back generations.


Alex, would you please ask your family members “who are computer experts” what I can do about this?
(or anyone here who knows)
All of a sudden my Computer is taking so long to boot-up! It just started today.

It will be the 116th Congress sworn in come January 2019 not the 216th. What’s a hundred here or there?

By: Bob on April 9th, 2017
at 12:47 pm

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I call the chart for George Washington’s inauguration “The Presidency”. On January 13, 2020 it’s progressed Sun/Pluto midpoint will be at 294°14? conjoined by transiting Sun, Saturn, and Pluto, trump’s progressed inauguration MC, Nixon’s White House IC, the Watergate arrest’s Zenith, opposite Watergate arrest’s Mars and trump’s natal Saturn, and with transit Mars on the chart’s progressed Asc. Actually a few of these are more exact on January 12th or 14th. I chose the 13th because that is the day transit Sun will be with transit Saturn and Pluto and not 1 degree away.

Charts related to the presidency from 1789, 1946, 1972, and 2017 coming to or originally involving a common point at 294 degrees on January 13th, 2020, with three transiting bodies held by that same degree on that day. It might mean something related to the presidency term that began on January 20, 2017.

By: Bob on April 9th, 2017
at 2:16 pm

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Control, control, control.

By: Bob on April 9th, 2017
at 2:24 pm

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Ja, I believe the worst damage to HRC’s Run was done by Bernie Sanders. I know he’s so beloved, I’ve heard it all from my Sisters, yet I still believe it was he who did Hillary the greatest disservice!



Graham Moore
DOB 10.18.1981, Chicago IL

Natal YOD

Eris 14 Aries


Quaoar 14 Scorpio
Ixion 14 Scorpio

Pallas 16 Virgo


Natal Boomerang

Eris 14 Aries


Quaoar 14 Scorpio
Ixion 14 Scorpio

Pallas 16 Virgo


Saturn 14 Libra

A Must Read: The Long, Lucrative Right-wing Grift Is Blowing Up in the World’s Face

“If you want to understand intra-GOP warfare, the decision-making process of our president, the implosion of the Republican healthcare plan, and the rest of the politics of the Trump era, you don’t need to know about Russian espionage tactics, the state of the white working class, or even the beliefs of the ‘alt-right.’ You pretty much just need to be in semi-regular contact with a white, reasonably comfortable, male retiree. We are now ruled by men who think and act very much like that ordinary man you might know, and if you want to know why they believe so many strange and terrible things, you can basically blame the fact that a large and lucrative industry is dedicated to lying to them.”


Basically sums up one of the greatest cons in modern history. Ironically, it isn’t even really about pushing Conservative ideology so much as it is the marriage of classic American snake oil hucksterism and the know-nothing gullibility of average Americans, or in this particular case, aging white men who glue themselves to the TV and watch Faux News constantly. Granted, conservatism in 2017 under Pluto in Capricorn with Saturn steadily closing in has taken on a whole life of its own, but behind all that remains profit motive, and the corporations pitting people against each other and playing on folks’ worst fears and prejudices continue to make out big from it.

BuckeyeShadow, I couldn’t agree more.

Here is from today’s paper:


I’m proud to state that I haven’t watched any news since November 8.

Patty, I don’t think the damage was done by Bernie himself, but by his all or nothing diehard supporters, aided and abetted by the anti-hillary bots posting fake stories on facebook and other social media places.

patty, re slow computer – try doing a disk cleanup as well as a cleanup of your cookies. If that makes no difference run malwarebytes to see if you have malware running somewhere in the background.
Free download version of malwarebytes is available if you do not have it.

Kiwi, Thanks I just installed Malwarebytes. I hope this helps, we had no protection running whatsoever. And honestly, I’m seeing so much aggression from the Right lately everywhere! They’re reacting like they’ve got it made now with full total/control. Such vicious comments I’ve seen, even from WSJ…Scary is an understatement! I almost fear the nation will actually break apart. We in the past respectfully took turns…but they want it all now and forever!

Also, Kiwi…I don’t know how to do a Disk Cleanup, will that download cover that?
I always clear Recent History but am lost with Disk Cleanup. ANY help I appreciate!

It will be the 116th Congress sworn in come January 2019 not the 216th. What’s a hundred here or there?

I call the chart for George Washington’s inauguration “The Presidency”. On January 13, 2020 it’s progressed Sun/Pluto midpoint will be at 294°14? conjoined by transiting Sun, Saturn, and Pluto, trump’s progressed inauguration MC, Nixon’s White House IC, the Watergate arrest’s Zenith, opposite Watergate arrest’s Mars and trump’s natal Saturn, and with transit Mars on the chart’s progressed Asc. Actually a few of these are more exact on January 12th or 14th. I chose the 13th because that is the day transit Sun will be with transit Saturn and Pluto and not 1 degree away.

Charts related to the presidency from 1789, 1946, 1972, and 2017 coming to or originally involving a common point at 294 degrees on January 13th, 2020, with three transiting bodies held by that same degree on that day. It might mean something related to the presidency term that began on January 20, 2017.



” … has been downloaded over 1.5 billion times.[citation needed]

CCleaner has been reviewed by Chip.de,[12] TechRadar,[13] PC Magazine,[14] TechRepublic[15]”

“Patty, I don’t think the damage was done by Bernie himself, but by his all or nothing diehard supporters, aided and abetted by the anti-hillary bots posting fake stories on facebook and other social media places.”

In my experience those “all or nothing diehard supporters” were way less than 10% of Bernie supporters as a whole. Seems like in all protest movements we get a few unhinged fanatics with no “common sense.”

I recall one particular peaceful protest during the Vietnam protest days, wherein we had to just about physically restrain one nut who kept on insisting we should burn the flag. He kept saying, “Lets burn the flag. That’ll show em!” We kept telling him it would harm, not benefit our cause, but he did not want to hear that. There are always some who are furiously enthusiastic, but don’t have the social and/or emotional intelligence of a box of rocks. On second thought, I may be insulting our rocks who may resent my metaphor.

Unfortunately, IMHO Facebook and the internet have greatly empowered right wing and left wing “all or nothing” nutballs, making it far more difficult for the rest of us to proceed pragmatically or make reasonable compromises.

However, I don’t think we can rationally blame HRC’s loss on any one thing, even those naïve and nutty Bernie-bots fueled by Russian propaganda.


Small programs, easy to use.

GeekUninstaller | GeekUninstaller


GeekUninstaller performs deep and fast scanning afterwards and removes all leftovers. Keep your PC clean! Use Force Removal for stubborn and broken …



Simple description from a download site.

“Unlocker helps you with locked files that can’t be deleted, moved or renamed.”

Thanks Eliseo for your latest. (at 8:37 pm).

Hopefully we can turn this ship around without going extreme (violence) but if it is forced on us personally we must stand up.

Very interesting, Bob. Everything keeps lining up for that one-off Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January 2020.

Hard to say at this point in time what exactly the outcome of it will be, but DJT’s aspects around this time do not at all look favorable for him. He’s more likely to be losing something, and losing it Big Time with Pluto opposing his natal Saturn then. Some major structure in his life–possibly most of them–is going to be utterly demolished, and he’ll be relatively powerless to do anything about it.

On such an enormous scale as what appears to be lining up, it COULD be something that takes down his businesses and drives him out of the White House at once. It could very well be his involvement with Russians exposed and cast in such a glaring light that he cannot possibly spin or escape from the truth revealed, or its implications.

It could also be something even worse, like the pedophilia charges that keep coming up, only they are verified and something horrific on the scale of Penn State’s Jerry Sandusky scandal that university administration and Football Coach Joe Paterno sat on for years, all in the name of winning, gets uncovered.

Something like THIS would force the Republicans to impeach him if they still retain control of Congress after the 2018 midterms, or else face mass outrage, opposition and disgust on an international scale. Since the party of Reagan and anti-Russian foreign policy now shrugs at the notion of Russian interference in an election that benefitted them, I’m guessing it has to be something that even someone as odious as Mitch McConnell couldn’t just shrug off without some admission of moral indignation, though whether or not that cold-blooded reptile feels it would be another matter entirely.

Above all else, it would also cast such disgrace over the office of the President that it might even be necessary to abolish it entirely, or at least dramatically restructure how it functions, along with the Executive Branch. That this time period would be linked to the chart of Washington’s first term and the office of POTUS itself, along with other key turning points (including Nixon’s impeachment) definitely speaks to some fundamental change in the office itself.

Silicon Valley is engineering your phone, apps and social media to get you hooked, says a former Google product manager.

The game is getting attention at all costs. And the problem is it becomes this race to the bottom of the brainstem, where if I go lower on the brainstem to get you, you know, using my product, I win. But it doesn’t end up in the world we want to live in.

Anderson Cooper: You call this a “race to the bottom of the brain stem.” It’s a race to the most primitive emotions we have? Fear, anxiety, loneliness, all these things?

Tristan Harris: Absolutely. And that’s again because in the race for attention I have to do whatever works.

Tristan Harris: It absolutely wants one thing, which is your attention.


Even data from supposedly knowledgeable sources can be wrong.


Details of Strike

Shortly after the president’s address, Pentagon spokesman Navy Capt. Jeff Davis issued a statement providing details of the strike. It took place at about 8:40 p.m. EDT — 4:40 a.m. April 7 in Syria, he said.


Use Palm Beach, FL or Washington, DC and Homs or Damascus, Syria.

The Moon at 8:40 pm, EDT on the 6th was at 28°01′ Leo. To be at that position in Syria the time had to be 3:40 am Eastern European Summer Time or 2:40 am Eastern European Time on the 7th.

It will be hit by the August 21, total solar eclipse.

The attack ‘s lunar return on August 21 located to NYC will have it’s natal Moon on the MC and natal Mars on the Desc.

It will have the eclipse on the MC and Sibly Moon on the IC.

The attack’s natal progressed to eclipse time on August 21 in NYC has its Saturn on the progressed MC (Q2 Mean Quotidian Angles).

From above post should be in quotes:

“Shortly after the president’s address, Pentagon spokesman Navy Capt. Jeff Davis issued a statement providing details of the strike. It took place at about 8:40 p.m. EDT — 4:40 a.m. April 7 in Syria, he said.”

Patty, if you use Avast you can do a “Boot-time” scan which is performed before windows loads so can detect and quarantine or delete viruses or malware that cannot be found after the system loads.

I can guide you through the clicks to do the scan if you have the program (free).

To those who are discussing the failure of Hillary’s campaign. I am kind of dumbfounded that there is so much blame to Bernie Sanders. He wasn’t allowed to run for president apposing her candidacy? What did he do that was so wrong? He never went to any of the ugly places that the RNC did during the general. What exactly did he do that what so awful? At the end of the day, 92% of all his supporters voted for Hillary (including myself) that is more that the 90% of her supporters who voted for Obama in 08′ and he won by 10M votes. At some point the Hillary and her supporters are going to have to take some responsibility for this loss. She was and has always been a divisive person (right or wrong.. not really the point) it is just a fact. She had a 30 years career in politics and she was a 90’s candidate in 2016 when like it or not a majority of this country supported Bernie’s ideas. I know that the defense is that the voters in the primary voted for her, but for the first half of the primary season most Americans didn’t even know who Bernie Sanders. 58% of the American people support single payer healthcare and 60% support tuition free higher education. Why is it left wing bashing of the Democratic party to make this point? I don’t understand? Is the Democratic party the party of Roosevelt or not? I know this is an astrology site, but since this has been an ongoing discussion subject, I just don’t understand why no one in HRC’s camp wants to take any responsibility for this loss? She was always going to be a tough sell, if the DNC wanted to sell her than fine, but the fact is they lost that sale and it is time for them to deal with that fact.

Thank you Elizabeth, I have been pretty dumbfounded myself.

Eliseo – “There are always some who are furiously enthusiastic, but don’t have the social and/or emotional intelligence of a box of rocks”
🙂 Ha ha ha, that about sums it up!

RE: your 9:07 PM posting..
I’m not sure what you are thanking me for, but you are welcome!

RE: your statement…
“Hopefully we can turn this ship around without going extreme (violence) but if it is forced on us personally we must stand up.”

I agree entirely. I’m too old to go play soldier, and I definitely don’t want to go live out in the boonies in a tent as part of an American equivalent of the WWII French Resistance. But if these radical R’s continue far enough in the direction they’ve been going, i.e. into full blown fascism, that’s where we’ll be.

I pray it won’t go that far, and am doing all I can to prevent it. But I don’t really trust the RR’s to suddenly start playing democracy again if they are losing and losing badly.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to in your words, “turn this ship around without going extreme (violence)” but we may not get our cherished wish. We DO have to face that possibility.

Ed Tamplin has some sobering words related to Trump’s Syria adventure

RE: your 11:36 pm post..
I concur. I agree entirely.
But three points…

(1) I think it wise to give former HRC lovers/supporters some space. They need time to heal, as do we all. As I said in an earlier post, I don’t see it as rational to blame HRC’s loss on any ONE thing. But if some want to see it that way, c’est la vie. For the time being, that’s OK with me.

(2) very soon after the McGovern loss in 1972, The Dem Party was taken over by the Neo-Liberals, a very different type of Dem, more like the moderate R’s of the 1950’s and 60’s. That includes Bill and Hillary. The neo-Liberals are now the majority within the Dem Party; nevertheless, many remain in the party who like myself are solidly with FDR.

(3) I fully understand your bewilderment, and agree with it, but considering what we are up against, I think unity among all types of Democrats is what is most essential right now. As much as I am opposed to Neo-Liberals, they would certainly be better than the R. whackos in power now.

I hope Malwarebytes works out well for you. If it doesn’t I would consider SpyHunter. For me it has worked better than Malwarebytes.

Here’s hoping you have no more computer/internet problems. Blessings to you and your computer!

Richard M Nixon resigns as President of the US 9 Aug 1974 11:35 am EDT White House, DC 38n53’51” 77w02’11” 15:35 GMT

Source: Time noted by Henry Kissenger on letter.


The President’s resignation letter was handed to Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in his small White House office by Alexander Haig at this time, which Kissinger noted on the document.

The MC of that chart is 114°27′ (IC is at 294°27′). Add that to the list of points transited by the Sun (294°42′), Saturn (294°42), and Pluto (294°45′) on January 13, 2020.

Has anyone mentioned that today (or rather Sunday the 9th) transiting Uranus was exactly square the U.S. natal Mercury? I’m shocked that I’ve not heard any news that shocked me.

barbk – maybe all the competent journalists are worn out uncovering things, are taking a day of rest, and are not in a position to report – yet…

Andrea “”Mitchell says that after covering every president since Jimmy Carter, Donald Trump is by far the most hostile to the press—and to the truth—she’s ever seen, with a White House staff using the briefing room as a daily disinformation machine and a president and secretary of state outright undermining the ability of reporters to do their job. “It is totally sui generis. I’ve never seen anything like this,” Mitchell says. “I have never seen anything like this where people just flat-out lie. You know, black is white and white is black, and they mislead you. It’s really disconcerting to see the podium in the White House briefing room being used to mislead or misdirect or obfuscate.”

The above Mitchell comment taken from Politico.


A cynical view: maybe too many of today’s younger journalists are trust fund babies, so their nest are too feathered to search for the truth for the common citizen; and the older journalists are too comfortable in their secure feathered nest to give a sh#t about the common citizen, because they are not one of them.


I get that they are still licking their wounds. My concern is that they the neo-liberals are playing the same game of deflection that we accuse the GOP of doing. The truth is it’s not always someone else’s fault.

I understand that there is nothing the neo-liberals could do that would be worse than what DT’s administration is doing right now.. that’s why I voted for her.

Here is what I am worried about. Neo-liberalism is dead. I am concerned that they are not going to accept that and continue to fight to keep things the same. I get that change is scary and denial is easy. But, what does “unity” mean? It is going to have to go one way or the other and the unity in my mind is that the neo-liberals are going to have to decide to move in the progressive direction (it appears the country is enthusiastic to go) or the Roosevelt liberals are going to have to accept that the party is going to to move forward with the same play book. I am all for unity and for compromise, but what are we trying to compromise on? poll after poll after poll indicates that the two youngest generations are all in for Democratic-socialism, they are the voters of the future and quite frankly the majority of voters in the next election. Even deep red state working class and working poor are open to these ideas and see their value. I think both parties have ignored the suffering in this country and they are eager to support someone who wants to address their suffering. In fact they are quite desperate given they were willing to vote for DT. The GOP is a train wreck and they are clearly going to crash but the direction the DNC decides to go will determine if we want to move the country forward or just regain power. I think the latter is a fool’s game that no one is winning. Just my opinion.

Janet, kiwi, wow, you guys are great; I wasn’t expecting a comment from that observation re: trans. Uranus square U.S. Mercury. Any and/or all of what you said could be real.

I was wondering if maybe, since the U.S. natal Mercury is retrograde (although the progressed Mercury in Aquarius is direct now) if that square from transiting Uranus was symbolic of an internal or reflective jolt of thought that finally put 2 and 2 together.

Not everybody in the country is as quick and imaginative as the commenters at Starlight News. We may not know the truth yet, but some clever moves on the part of the reigning prince of power could have easily staged the missile attack in Syria. Something I would not have thought of so quickly as others did.

That planes left that bombed airport the next day to continue their dirty work has likely jogged even the slowest minds to wonder about how real it was. A tweet is a quick and easy way to snark someone who has peeved you and this show of force from Trump, this “warning shot” to Assad seems to have about the same effect as one of his tweets. A lot of talk about it for a couple of days then it is all but forgotten.

Perhaps trans. Uranus (+ Eris) is challenging the U.S. Mercury to consider the possibilities and the ramifications of such a “show” of force from the new president could mean. I will wait for further developments, assuming there will be some.

Tomorrow transiting Vesta will square transiting Uranus as she conjuncts the U.S. Mercury. Maybe that’s what it will take.

Such clarity! I like the way you think. You made a number of good points.

“Neo-liberalism is dead.” you said.
I hope you are correct, but I’m not sure yet. The Neo’s may well as you suggested, “continue to fight to keep things the same.”

Presuming the R’s implode and like the 19th century Whigs, go out of business in the next few years, I see a possibility of the Dem party splitting in two, FDR Dem Socialists, vs the Neo’s.

“poll after poll after poll indicates that the two youngest generations are all in for Democratic-socialism”

This is consistent with what I’m seeing at my university here in “Conservative” Texas. I’m a long time Dem Socialist since 1963, when I was 12. Some of my students give me a real sense of hope for the cause after decades of pretty much going it alone. Also, fewer and fewer people nowadays confuse Communism with Socialism. I don’t get called dirty names near as much these days.

“Just your opinion.” No, there are many who share your opinions. Well thought out opinions such as yours are worth their weight in gold! Thank-You!

We got our Constitution on 17 September 1787 in Philadelphia when Pluto was at 14 degrees 1 minute of Aquarius. It became effective on 4 March 1789 when Pluto was at 17 degrees 50 minutes of Aquarius. My suspicion, as well as my hope is we’ll get something equivalent to FDR’s Second Bill of Rights at the time of our Constitutions’ Pluto return.


David Fahrenthold of the Wash. Post won for his work on Mr. Trump’s charitable foundatation.

Barbk – here’s one over the top event from yesterday courtesy of United Airlines


Hey Kiwi,

I just read the same article, and was sickened at how that situation was handled by United’s staff. I also feel it’s yet another example of how companies feel they can now treat customers as disposable cattle.

In my opinion, it’s all part of the ‘Trump Effect’ rippling through the American zeitgeist; and it saddens me the US is taking a turn into dark, ‘Lord Of the Flies’ territory.

Thomas Jefferson must be rolling in his grave.

Well said Dean

Don’t forget to march on Saturday, April 15.


More on the UAL horror.
“I am shocked and appalled that this occurred on a U.S.-based airline in a city in the United States of America. In my opinion, there is absolutely no scenario that should allow a passenger to be assaulted and dragged off a flight for refusing to give up his legally purchased seat on an overbooked flight —ABSOLUTELY NONE. An airline should not be legally allowed to randomly choose the name of a paying customer and then have security employees just drag the passenger off of the airplane because of an overbooked flight. There is NO EXCUSE for this, and no apology can make up for what they did to this man. As Americans and as human beings, we must all stand together in outrage against United Airlines. I intend to boycott them — and I hope others will join me in this. It could be you or me next if we don’t take a stand now.”

the UAL event brings corporate culture before ‘people’ customer service into stark view.
I wonder if this might be the beginning of a wake up call on just how wrong the notion of corporate ‘personhood’ is?

The Happiness Report:

Ja, the flight was not even overbooked, United was finding spaces for some United employees because they did not plan well enough! I think United will get sued and rightly so!

Thank you, Eliseo!

I do believe you and I are on the same wavelength!

“I see a possibility of the Dem party splitting in two, FDR Dem socialism, Vs. the Neo’s.”

I am so reluctant to say that, as it seems to be sacrilege within the party to suggest such a thing, But it feels true to me too!

I was born in 66′ so you have been in the trenches longer than me but I have been a registered and voting Democrat my entire adult life. I think more than anything what is needed is education. You are right that fewer people are confusing the two (communism and socialism) and that is a good thing. I believe the reason that socialism is not a dirty word to the younger generations is that capitalism has not been very good to them. They are saddled with debt and little opportunity in a changing world. As well as their generation is much more about “we are in this together” than the previous generations of, “your on your own”.

I read so much on here and try really hard to learn the astrology as well as watch videos and well just listen. But, I am still quite a novice. I appreciate so many of the voices that share in here.

I am encouraged although we are in the midst of an albeit, painful transition of bringing all of the ugliness up to the surface so it can be cleansed and cleared out to make room for the new, it feels at the same time a hopeful. I have read many astrologers predicting that the end of 2020 (which will be the next presidential election) is the turning point.. I am hoping.

When is our Constitution’s Pluto return?

Thank you so much for your response to my comment.

And Barbk to you as well.

I have always thought that the ‘millennial’ generation was mostly inflicted by their parents wanting to protect them from any kind of disappointment. So, when they where younger, every one got a ribbon or a trophy just for showing up, and games played without keeping score, just to teach team work. This helped push them into a collective idea about social situations.

Or influenced… sorry this posted before I was done checking it…

Yep, kiwi, United Airlines wins the prize for the most shocking event on or around the moment when transiting Uranus squared the U.S. Mercury. So bad on so many levels (no pun intended).

From June, 2012, through March, 2015, transiting Uranus and transiting Pluto made 7 exact squares with one another and two of them were in the degree of either the U.S. natal Sun or the U.S. natal Saturn, both of which completed a cardinal grand cross with the transiting outer planets Uranus and Pluto on those 2 occasions.

Between March 2015 and February 2016 transiting Neptune made 3 exact squares with the U.S. Uranus, meaning that the 3 outer planets, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, transited 3 primary planets in the U.S. natal chart in hard aspects – all at the same time – during March 2015. That was 2 years ago.

While waiting for my laundry to dry I was re-reading The Gods of Change by Howard Sasportas and on page 12 he says “Whether we attribute it to fate or to the workings of the deeper Self, the transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto challenge and disrupt our existing ego-identity or sense of self, so that we can put ourselves back together again in a new way.”

Sasportas goes on to describe the three outer planets and the major aspects they make to the planets (in a chart) in each of the houses. Of course the hard aspects (squares, oppositions) are more difficult than the trines and sextiles but since transiting Neptune is now trine the U.S. natal Sun I want to quote a little piece of what he says about trans. Neptune trine natal Sun:

“The Sun represents the sense we have of ourselves as a separate individual [country]. When Neptune transits in aspect to the Sun, it dissolves the borders of our ego-identity, and asks us to give up or let go of our existing sense of self in order to make room for something new. The transiting trine or sextile usually does this in a gentle way, offering us a new version of ourselves which is more loving, expansive or creative than before. Under these transits, however, we should be cautious of false optimism: if we start believing that we have discovered a sense of peace and happiness which no one or nothing could ever shatter, we will be in for a rude awakening when, sooner or later, that bubble bursts.”

Of course, this isn’t the only transit happening to the U.S. chart at this time, and nobody here thinks we have discovered a sense of peace and happiness. Due to what we have been through in the last 5+ months it ain’t gonna happen any time soon.

I rather think that the transiting Neptune might provide an easing of the rigors that transiting Uranus and Pluto have put the U.S. through in recent times. However, this aspect will be with us through late December, 2018, and we would not want to fall prey to Neptune’s invitation to escape from reality.

Instead we should all use this time for creative solutions to problems that, if not washed away, must be resolved to the benefit of all. Like national healthcare for example.

We must remember then that the U.S. will be putting itself back together in a new and better way for the foreseeable future. We must not go back to the old ways even if they provided us comfort that we now miss. Some will find that hard to deal with.

We are no longer naïve nor are we quite as vulnerable as we were 3 years ago. The outer skin may have been peeled off and it still stings but the U.S. has overcome any vestiges of naivete’ regarding the privilege of voting in a free country. Our sense of privacy has been shattered and left us feeling unsafe. Our trust in elected officials has left us wary. Hostility among the electorate will not go away soon.

That’s another way I believe transiting Neptune can be an elixir to ease the healing process. Kindness.


years and years and years ago I was in similar overbook situation on plane …I was asked then nagged then harassed to de-plane because of overbook… they said they’d pay for another flight to my final destination…. you know what helps… mention that if you won’t be having a change of travel plans and if they insisted I de-plane the first call I’d make was to my Congressman, and second to my Senator….they rooted out someone else they found to take the interruption in their travel plans…

I suppose I looked vulnerable to the airlines and they experienced that looks can be deceiving…

Christina Wilkie @christinawilkie

Trump personally intervened to keep one of the two Nunes leakers, 30 yr old Ezra Cohen-Watnick, in the NSC, against NSA McMaster’s advice. – 30 Mar 2017

Ezra Cohen-Watnick is also directly connected to former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn:


Garance Franke-Ruta @thegarance

“Cohen-Watnick is a former DIA official who was originally brought to the White House by Michael T. Flynn”


30 Mar 2017


Officials Helped Give Nunes Intelligence Reports

2 White House Officials Helped Give Nunes Intelligence Reports

The revelation fueled criticism that Representative Devin Nunes has been too eager to do the White House’s bidding, not run an independent investigation

barbk – another event from this past weekend was the arrest in Barcelona of a notorious Russian hacker at the request of the FBI – purported in relation to the US election interference

“So according to the MSM, Assad just threw away a diplomatic solution being hammered out in Brussel (Supporting the future of Syria and the region) that would end the so-called civil war, leaving him in power and giving him billions of dollars in aid to rebuild Syria. As I write now, Lt. Colonel Ralf Peters, a military hack for Fox News, is screaming that Assad would rather “continue the war against his own people and that Trump did exactly the right thing”. The MSM would have us believe that Assad just could not resist his thirst for the blood of “his own people” over several billions of dollars in foreign aid.

The MSM just cannot stop spinning its web of lies and cheerleading the USA into more illegal wars of aggression, war crimes and crimes against humanity. The American people could use some clairvoyants of their own to tell us what is on the mind of the MSM in their perpetual warmongering propaganda.”


Jon Ossoff D-GA running for office


Cardinal Grand Cross (world stage)

North Node 12 Aries


Venus 12 Capricorn


South Node 12 Libra
Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse 10 Libra


Vulkanus 12 Cancer
US Sibly Sun 13 Cancer



2017 Solar Arc Sun 27 Pisces
Jupiter 26 Pisces


Vesta 24 Aries
Pre-Natal Lunar Eclipse 24 Aries
Mars 27 Aries
Sun 27 Aquarius


continued – Jon Ossoff


Natal Cardinal Grand Cross (world stage)

North Node 12 Aries


Venus 12 Capricorn


South Node 12 Libra
Apollon 13 Libra


Vulkanus 12 Cancer
US Sibly Sun 13 Cancer

Interesting insights…Thank You!

Steve Judd Musings.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCmdt8Qlzd0&t=1s

Not sure if someone posted this one. Steve is suggesting that maybe Oprah Winfrey will be getting into politics. She has said she has no personal interest in getting into politics, but I hope she does not change her mind. I think Oprah is great, but I really don’t want to see the counter to DT be an unqualified candidate on the other side.

“Hours after the drone left, a Russian-made fighter jet bombed the hospital in what American officials believe was an attempt to cover up the usage of chemical weapons.”


While I never have much to say here or add to the discussion, I have certainly enjoyed reading Nancy’s and everyone else’s comments for as long as this blog has been going, and I thank everyone for the input.

One thing that struck me over the last couple of days, did anyone notice the hidden significance of the viral video of the United Airlines incident coming to us at the very same time that Gorusch was confirmed or sworn in to the Supreme Court?

The universe does indeed have a sense of humor, in this case a dark one, but this is just another wake up call to the masses. Let’s hope it is heard loudly.

This is very cynical —
Trump Administration Considering ‘Back-Door Way’ to Cut Social Security


Regarding the United Airlines mess – I’m not so sure the flight was oversold – it was full, yes, but perhaps not oversold. I suspect the flight crew learned of these 4 UA employees after the plane was boarded and were ordered to find seats for them. Maybe the laws are different in this circumstance.

This might be too much information but this morning’s Full Moon, when set in Washington DC, puts the U.S. natal Sun at 13+ Cancer on the descendent with the ascendant at 13+ Capricorn. The U.S. then needs to (during this part of this lunar cycle) see itself as its own partner. Or see itself, perhaps unconsciously, in the partner; a reflection of its Self.

This is compounded by the Full Moon at 21+ Libra (partner) conjunct the U.S. natal Juno (partner) at 20+ Libra. U.S. Juno opposes U.S. Chiron who can symbolize either a wound or a wounder (among other things).

This would indicate that the U.S. opposition between its Chiron and Juno is being given a really great opportunity to find balance between these embedded tendencies; the Individual (Aries) with maverick (Chiron) leanings vs. the Partnership (Libra) that never has been quite equal (Juno).

Other observation of this Full Moon is (1) transiting Vesta at 24+ Cancer, conjunct U.S. Mercury at 24+ Cancer square transiting Uranus at 24+ Aries. (2) There are only 3 degrees separating transiting Uranus from transiting Sun who symbolizes consciousness, so there is a conjunction between Sun and Uranus within orb.

We have already focused on how the transiting Uranus square to the U.S. Mercury can express itself and now with this Full Moon we are being giving a broader picture in which to see how this energy exchange affects the whole of the U.S. and maybe even beyond.

With transiting Vesta (symbolizing focus) conjunct the U.S. Mercury (thinks about) in Cancer (family) in the 8th house (shared resources) there’s an unexpected (Uranus) challenge (square) coming from within the family (U.S. 4th house); a very unstable (Uranus) and not fully integrated (Chiron) “member” of the family.

It is time to become conscious (transiting Sun) of this member. Is there a chance he/she/it can be assimilated or must he/she/it be driven away, or is there a deeper message here that he/she/it is bringing to light (transiting FM Sun conjunct Uranus)? Something to do with partnership and equality?

Something else to consider in today’s full moon chart is the conjunction between Ceres and Mars, both at 22+ Taurus, the same degree as the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction of 2000. This FM conjunction is within orb of a trine to the transiting Pluto at 19+ Capricorn.

Once transiting Pluto stations retrograde later this month transiting Juno (partner, not quite equal) will ALMOST make a conjunction with Pluto, but she too will station retrograde at 18+ Capricorn delaying their meeting for a while.

From this I’m led to think that the Mars (aggression)/Ceres (nurturing) conjunction (a new cycle on its own) is channeling a message from the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle start (likely its that which is symbolized by the 2000 square from Uranus to Jupiter and Saturn).

This FM Mars/Ceres-trine-FM Pluto (who will cease to move forward soon), just before he is conjoined by trans. Juno, could be saying that the Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s promise, having to do with Taurus subject matters being unexpectedly (Uranus square to Jupiter-Saturn) challenged, will be put on hold for a while. (Who must leave the plane perhaps?)

But with the FM Mars/Ceres in Taurus exactly trines the U.S. natal Neptune in Virgo, . . . . maybe it won’t need to wait.

Also of interest, last year’s U.S. Vesta return at 19+ Taurus had Mercury at 22+ Taurus. Now trans. Vesta has moved forward to conjunct U.S. Mercury in Cancer and she carries that U.S. connection with the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle too.

Think about it. Here is this FM chart putting a new cycle (Mars/Ceres in Taurus conjunct 2000 Jupiter-Saturn) into a path where it trines the U.S. Neptune, while the FM chart’s OWN Neptune in Pisces is exactly trine the U.S. natal Sun in Cancer and . . .

. . . lest we forget, the FM chart’s Vesta conjuncts the U.S. Mercury (who sextiles U.S. Neptune) while the FM chart’s Uranus squares them both.

I can almost see the invisible hand of Neptune circumventing the more obvious outcomes; moving behind the scenes, seeding ideas that will bloom later in the minds that will have been cleared by the trans. Uranus square U.S. Mercury (focused by trans. Vesta).

And speaking of cleared minds the presently retrograde transiting Mercury will trine the presently transiting North Node (opportunities) a week from today and both, moving backward in the zodiac, both in the last (really the 1st) degree of their present signs, fertile Taurus and Virgo.

The curtain drops on this scene and by the time it rises again at the New Moon on April 26th, trans. Mercury will be only arc minutes from an exact conjunction with trans. Uranus. Talk about clearing one’s mind! For the U.S. it’s all about equality and how we treat others, as in “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

Watching for Kansas poll results…

51% ain’t exactly a landslide. We may have a real shot at the GA seat next week.

Raye Robertson has been busy writing of late. This
focus is on the assad dynasty etc

For those who might be interested in the possible causal relationships in astrology, consider this.

Moon thought to play major role in maintaining Earth’s magnetic field

If you think about it, this jives with electromagnetic theories of consciousness. If you are unaware of these theories, you might begin by checking out the Wikipedia article on same.

Considering the Jupiter station square to the US Sun from May 13 through June 18, is it possible the increased patriotism, and national pride might be the result of an attack on the United States?

As the Carl Vinson group approaches N. Korea, Kim Jung Un is threatening to attack our west coast.

April 12, 1945
72 Years ago today
FDR died at 3:35 pm at Warm Springs, Georgia


Re: 72

JUPITER Orbital period: 11.86 years
Transit Age: 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84 and so on. Approximately every 12 years we have a Jupiter Return.


“Either he is speaking for the president, or the president should have known better than to hire him.”


Can anyone tell me why we are sending the Carl Vinson group to N. Korea? He’s the only other world leader as crazy as our own.

Why are we deliberately provoking a crazy man? A crazy man, by the way, whose population doesn’t know the Viet Nam war has ended.

I know what the news says. What do you think is really going on?


Do you mind my asking, what you teach at your University?

Hi Starlight and other astrologers, Have you seen this prediction by astrologer GianPaulo DiCocco about the U.S. “On the Brink of WWIII?” Time span is from now through about August. In addition to aggressive war-like action initiated by the U.S.A., his interpretation also indicates a total breakdown in our worldwide diplomacy. Very ominous and foreboding. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uchmCwo-EY

Another comment from ual incident:

“The O’Hare incident reveals the true corporate attitude of many airlines, especially United, toward their passengers: contempt.

Cram your customers into tight spaces, throw a bag of peanuts at them, and nickel-and-dime them for everything that used to be included in the fare while leaving your own employees holding the bag on this deplorable service.

Older people still remember what a delightful experience it was to fly. After that, the airline industry was deregulated. For our benefit. Sure.

The key phrase in your article was “for airlines to maximize profit.” With a Republican-dominated government, we can expect more such benefits of deregulation.”

To answer some questions posted above:

The Jupiter station could be the US gearing up for an attack and full of patriotism. 5/13 to 6/18. But trouble comes to the US chart from 7/1 onward, when reality squashes grandiosity (Saturn square US Neptune) and things get very difficult (Saturn station opposite US Mars), until October 4. The Trump admin is in trouble for all of June, feeling the anger of the people and feeling its agenda stymied.

Trump himself is currently in the last 2 days of round two of his Jupiter return. It has given him the first real successes of his administration: Gorsuch and the initial response to the bombing. Probably his polls will go up some. Things get difficult for him again in June and continue to be very stressful through most of October. So if there is any military action, it will not end well and he will be blamed for it.

Alternatively, or perhaps coincidentally, the Russian/election issue will continue to develop and may bring a great deal of stress over the summer. Although there may be some skirmishes with dire consequences over the next few years, my biggest concern about war comes in 2019, when both Uranus and Pluto are in aspect to US Mars simultaneously, mid June to early September, followed by progressed US Moon square to natal Saturn. That doesn’t end so well ei9ther.

Mr. Trump wants to kill Energy Star labels on US appliances.

The plan to drop the program came to be after he placed Myron Ebell, a prominent climate skeptic, in charge of his EPA transition team.


As far as airlines go, I think SW has got it right. They’ve always been “no frills” and offered great fares and programs. Whenever I fly, it’s rare that I didn’t use my SW rapid rewards accrued via a SW credit card. The stewards & stewardesses are generally warm and friendly and have these comedic bits they do from scripts the company puts out for them. I can’t image SW treating a passenger badly. Although any customer service industry can be very stressful and challenging on the person supplying the service, I cannot remember any of their reps being anything but patient and courteous.

But, overall, I think all airlines will learn something from this UAL event.

…challenging to the person supplying the service!

I agree Sharon.

Here is some good news:


As of late I’ve been teaching English, especially writing. But I’m actually far more qualified to teach history, sociology, religious studies, and comparative religion.

I’m not teaching this semester. I’m finishing some long lost graduate work, and will graduate May 12th.

If all goes well this summer, I’ll move to Olympia, WA where I may or may not get another teaching position. I may be employed there in some otherwise capacity. I expect the number of students and university teaching positions to begin diminishing soon as the radical R’s cut education funds. But I need to get out of Texas, at least for a while.

I anticipate publishing some of my academic work through the Journal of Hate Studies at Gonzaga University in Spokane. But that will be 321 miles from Olympia.

My good friend Sharon K, of this blog, thinks I should publish my straight academic work before my fictional work comes out, and before I re-enter the world of performance as singer/songwriter, poet, and oral storyteller.

OK…I know that’s more than what you asked for, but I tend to be compulsively thorough.


re: 2019

personal domestic economic effect war of US war on US real estate..home equity will STALL if there is a war…

in 1990 Gulf War equity stalled in CA real estate / homes and stayed that way for nearly 6 years — which is highly unusual for CA – CA has what I call “disneyland equity’ it always move up and more quickly than any other place in US as far as I know…..

Thanks for your response. The info is depressing, but good to know ahead of time.

Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt, who wants to ensure the US doesn’t invest a single dollar in protecting humanity from climate change, nonetheless wants to use the agency’s limited funds to protect himself from other humans.

EPA Head Scott Pruitt Requests a 24/7 Security Detail as He Prepares to Gut the Agency


Betsy DeVos Just Made It Harder to Pay Back Your Student Loans

GQ Magazine

The secretary of education just stripped away Obama-era protections for borrowers.

Third try.

Watching the Jennings piece tightened my stomach after all these years.

Fake news.

President Donald Trump: “We’re not getting along with Russia at all,” relations at an “all-time low”



But donald will pull us back from the brink probably by removing sanctions against Russia and broacast his great peace keeping ability to all the world. Maybe seal the deal with a yuge trade deal.

The relationship between the U.S. and Russia is not even close to being as low as during and immediately afrer the Cuban Missile Crisis, (October 16–28, 1962) when Russia already had missiles in Cuba and were sending more. The Joint Chiefs of Staff unanimously agreed that a full-scale attack and invasion of Cuba was the only solution. President Kennedy began a blockade of Cuba and all U.S. forces worldwide were placed on DEFCON 3. Russia and Cuba also ordered troops into combat readiness. SAC was ordered to DEFCON 2 and we had B52s carrying nuclear weapons in constant flight. DEFCON 1 was actual war. Kruschov had 24 hours from the evening or October 27 to begin or stop World War III. NO tRUMP WE ARE NOWHERE NEAR THAT POINT IN OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH RUSSIA YOU DAMN LIAR!

Peter Jennings – The Missiles of October: What the World Didn’t Know (1992)


Thank you for the update and I am grateful that 45’s Jupiter Return ends tomorrow 5/13. You mentioned this Jup. Return is his second round. Will and or when will be round three of his Jup. transit? Thank you.

Fake news.

President Donald Trump: “We’re not getting along with Russia at all,” relations at an “all-time low”

Washington Post


But donald will pull us back from the brink probably by removing sanctions against Russia and broadcast his great peace keeping ability to all the world. Maybe seal the deal with a yuge trade deal.

The relationship between the U.S. and Russia is not even close to being as low as during and immediately after the Cuban Missile Crisis, (October 16–28, 1962) when Russia already had missiles in Cuba and were sending more. The Joint Chiefs of Staff unanimously agreed that a full-scale attack and invasion of Cuba was the only solution. President Kennedy began a blockade of Cuba and all U.S. forces worldwide were placed on DEFCON 3. Russia and Cuba also ordered troops into combat readiness. SAC was ordered to DEFCON 2 and we had B52s carrying nuclear weapons in constant flight. DEFCON 1 was actual war. Khrushchev had 24 hours from the evening of October 27 to begin or stop World War III. NO tRUMP WE ARE NOWHERE NEAR THAT POINT IN OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH RUSSIA YOU **** LIAR!

Peter Jennings – The Missiles of October: What the World Didn’t Know (1992)


Watching the Jennings piece tightened my stomach after all these years.

Fake news.

President Donald Trump: “We’re not getting along with Russia at all,” relations at an “all-time low”



But donald will pull us back from the brink probably by removing sanctions against Russia and broadcast his great peace keeping ability to all the world. Maybe seal the deal with a yuge trade deal.

The relationship between the U.S. and Russia is not even close to being as low as during and immediately after the Cuban Missile Crisis, (October 16–28, 1962) when Russia already had missiles in Cuba and were sending more. The Joint Chiefs of Staff unanimously agreed that a full-scale attack and invasion of Cuba was the only solution. President Kennedy began a blockade of Cuba and all U.S. forces worldwide were placed on DEFCON 3. Russia and Cuba also ordered troops into combat readiness. SAC was ordered to DEFCON 2 and we had B52s carrying nuclear weapons in constant flight. DEFCON 1 was actual war. Khrushchev had 24 hours from the evening of October 27 to begin or stop World War III. NO tRUMP WE ARE NOWHERE NEAR THAT POINT IN OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH RUSSIA YOU **** LIAR!

Peter Jennings – The Missiles of October: What the World Didn’t Know (1992)



Watching the Jennings piece tightened my stomach after all these years.

Fake news.

President Donald Trump: “We’re not getting along with Russia at all,” relations at an “all-time low”

Washington Post


But donald will pull us back from the brink probably by removing sanctions against Russia and broadcast his great peace keeping ability to all the world. Maybe seal the deal with a yuge trade deal.

The relationship between the U.S. and Russia is not even close to being as low as during and immediately after the Cuban Missile Crisis, (October 16–28, 1962) when Russia already had missiles in Cuba and were sending more. The Joint Chiefs of Staff unanimously agreed that a full-scale attack and invasion of Cuba was the only solution. President Kennedy began a blockade of Cuba and all U.S. forces worldwide were placed on DEFCON 3. Russia and Cuba also ordered troops into combat readiness. SAC was ordered to DEFCON 2 and we had B52s carrying nuclear weapons in constant flight. DEFCON 1 was actual war. Khrushchev had 24 hours from the evening of October 27 to begin or stop World War III. NO tRUMP WE ARE NOWHERE NEAR THAT POINT IN OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH RUSSIA YOU DAMN LIAR!

Peter Jennings – The Missiles of October: What the World Didn’t Know (1992)


The Republicans will never give up on trying the destroy the safety net. It’s one of their fundamental organizing principles along with promoting tax cuts.

And according to the Associated Press, the administration has decided to scrap Trump’s previously announced tax plan in favor of a new “reform” agenda that will accomplish both the dismantling of the Social Security guarantee and the GOP’s cherished tax cuts for the wealthy.

Trump’s ostentatious promises to protect the program, perhaps it’s better described as a garden variety bait and switch.

Simply put, Trump and his team are planning to completely abandon Social Security’s dedicated funding stream from the Federal Insurance Contributions Act payroll deduction and pay for the program with general revenue.

They will sell this as a tax cut for workers, which is what it will look like on the paycheck.

But Trump’s rumored innovation is to replace the money with a form of value-added tax, which means that typical workers, who spend most of their money on consumer goods, will still pay taxes; they will just lose their retirement guarantee. Rich people will get their tax cuts and don’t need Social Security anyway. It’s a GOP win-win.


FDR gives speech after signing social security act


President Roosevelt signs the Social Security Act, at approximately 3:30 pm EDT on August 14, 1935.



are there transneptunes, asteroids, other points? that should be featured in analysis of attack on Social Security Act Horoscope that come to mind for you?


Re: Peter Jennings

I have to point this out about the late Peter Jennings; he was the biggest corporate salesman propagandist of his time; anything he put a face on is a MEDIA SNOW JOB….

The insanity is unfathomable. If they succeed, they’ll be asking for a “French” revolution.


SA SUN Social Security Horoscope

RE: another 2019 feature – War on all working Americans who will lose their retirement guarantee

2019 Solar Arc Sun @15 Scorpio
Jupiter 15 Scorpio – 1935 Social Security Act Horoscope

Acording to the Associated Press, the administration has decided to scrap Trump’s previously announced tax plan in favor of a new “reform” agenda that will accomplish both the dismantling of the Social Security guarantee and the GOP’s cherished tax cuts for the wealthy.

Trojan Horse

Trump’s proposal to eliminate the Social Security payroll tax may be …
Los Angeles Times-Apr 10, 2017

“This proposal is a Trojan horse,” the veteran Social Security … whether to fund Social Security via general government revenues or … revenues would be made up dollar for dollar from the federal budget,

Trump’s proposal to eliminate the Social Security payroll tax may be his worst idea yet

Los Angeles Times

The Trojan Horse

“They will sell it as a tax cut for the middle class, but really this is undermining middle class economic security, and the ability to retire,” she said.


In an interview with the Wall Street Journal that appeared on Wednesday, Trump made a warning. If Democrats won’t talk repeal, the president said, Republicans might decide to cut off some subsidies now flowing to health insurers offering coverage through Obamacare’s exchanges.

“I don’t want people to get hurt,” Trump said, sounding a bit like a mobster describing a protection racket. “What I think should happen — and will happen — is the Democrats will start calling me and negotiating.”



Those subsidies are a really big deal. Without them, insurers would have to jack up premiums ? by an average of 19 percent for typical policies, according to a Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation study. That increase would be above and beyond any other increases in the works. Many insurers would probably exit the markets altogether.

continued – – –

Trump is spooking insurers ? and they were spooked already

“I don’t want people to get hurt,” Trump said. “What I think should happen ? and will happen ? is the Democrats will start calling me and negotiating.”

Merely by making statements like these, Trump is rattling insurers. It increases the chances that they’ll raise premiums a lot more than they would have otherwise ? or abandon the markets altogether.

‘Y’all Realize that Donnie Just Gutted His Alt-Right Base, Right?’



It’s not more than I asked for and I appreciate you sharing all that with me. That is quite a resume, Eliseo, you are quite an accomplished woman. That is a very interesting mix of left brain academia and right brain creativity.

Good luck with all of it! I hope your move is successful, I can’t imagine living in Republican land. I live here in CT and I grew up in PA, both purplish states but I did live in AZ for a while and I wouldn’t want to go anywhere near that state again.

GCHQ first became aware in late 2015 of suspicious “interactions” between figures connected to Trump and known or suspected Russian agents, a source close to UK intelligence said.



Advise from an activist

Breaking: Trump has just dropped the mother of all bombs in Afghanistan to deflect from the Russian information coming out today about his collusion with Russia. I hope we will not let him get us into WWIII as he trys to duck from his treason. Hopefully Congress will put their foot down.

source close to the investigation into President Donald Trump’s campaign and its ties to Russia says that there is now “specific concrete and corroborative evidence” that individuals within Trump’s immediate orbit coordinated with Russian intelligence operatives during the election.


Janet – final crossing 7/28 to 8/4. But that is right in the midst of a Saturn station on his Moon, so I am not sure how potent it will be.

alex. . .thanks for the SS chart. I used the 3:30 PM time which gives an asc. of 22+ Sagittarius (opposite U.S. Mars and Trump’s Sun).

The MC at 13+ Libra would be one degree shy of the U.S. natal Saturn but exactly square the U.S. natal Sun at 13+ Cancer.

My greatest interest was that the Social Security (SS) Asclepius (the healer) at 22+ Capricorn, conjunct the North Node at 21+ Capricorn, trine Venus at 22+ Virgo (+ Kassandra!), which conjuncts the U.S. Neptune at 22+ Virgo.

Transiting Pluto will reach 22+ Capricorn starting Feb. 2019. To me this says the U.S. Social Security program will be transformed but still viable, if not improved.

Presently trans. Pluto trines the U.S. natal Vesta at 19+ Taurus who trines the U.S. Neptune who trines the U.S. Pluto.

The transiting Moon on August 14, 1935 at 3:30 pm was at 25+ Aquarius and the TNO Altjira (dream time) was at 27+ Aquarius retrograde and Ophelia (madness) at 26+ Aquarius. They were all conjunct the U.S. natal Moon (27+ Aquarius) and U.S. natal Pallas (26+ Aquarius). Opposite them was the SS chart’s Mercury at 26+ Leo.

The transiting and now retrograde Saturn at 27 Sagittarius would be trine the SS Mercury in Leo and sextile the SS Moon and Altjira in Aquarius. The SS Mercury is exactly conjunct Trump’s natal Mars which will be eclipsed in August.

The SS Saturn at 8+ Pisces retrograde has recently been transited by Neptune (2015-16) and squared briefly by trans. Saturn (2015). SS Saturn is square the U.S. natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini.

SS Saturn is conjunct the U.S. natal Ceres also at 8+ Pisces and she’s a fighter.

Finally the SS chart’s Vesta at 19+ Pisces is sextile the U.S. natal Vesta at 19+ Taurus.

At the beginning of this month transiting (retrograde) Jupiter in Libra formed a Yod with the SS Vesta and the U.S. Vesta. Trans. Jupiter, being at the apex point of the Yod where adjustment is demanded, opposed the transiting Sun (18+ Aries) last Friday creating a Boomerang pattern.

That point, where the transiting Sun received the varied energies of the Yod (SS Vesta, U.S. Vesta, trans. Jupiter), the point that completed the Boomerang pattern, had just been opposed to Trump’s natal Jupiter (17+ Libra) that trines his natal Uranus (17+ Gemini).

Now trans. retro Jupiter is conjunct Trump’s Jupiter (see Nancy’s notes on this) and, as the recipient of all the Yod-Boomerang energy, I think it is just his usual blabber amped up about a dozen times. Maybe he’s just testing which way the wind is blowing. Maybe the gods and goddesses are just testing us to see how much we value our social security benefits.



Thank you.

Hey Elizabeth,
LOL…You can think of me any which you like or want, but last I checked, I wasn’t female. Eliseo is Spanish for Elisha, a male name. But hey! maybe I should pretend to be female for security reasons.

When I was a criminal investigator I was instrumental in putting some very bad folks in jail. At least two of them have long been intent on killing me IF they could find me.

But actually, all that was a long time ago, the last of which in the 90’s. I’m probably in a pretty safe position for about the last 25 years.


RE: SS Mercury 26 Leo & SS Altjira

SS Mercury 26 Leo (cnj Trump N/Mars will be eclipsed in August)


SS Moon 25 Aquarius
US Sibley Pallas 26 Aquarius
SS Altjira 27 Aquarius

Mundane Altjira (indifferent to the suffering involved)




Oh my.. sorry about that. I don’t know why I thought you were female? I have a fb friend named, Eloise .. I must have just made an assumption.

Well, let me changed that to you are quite an accomplished man. And with the new added info you just told me, wow.. that is some interesting life you have lead and live!

No worries. Not a problem. Considering students sometimes compare me to Dumbledore and Gandalf the White, and children frequently mistake me for Santa Claus, it gave me a real laugh. It made my day! Thank You for that delightful error!


Re: Peter Jennings

There are other accounts. The program narrated by Jennings is easily scrutinized. Do you deny history? The missiles were there. Ships were bringing more. The blockade was real. The showdown was real. Khrushchev nor Castro never denied that it happened. There was direct communication from Khrushchev which is still available and the President did address the nation on television.

Your opinion of Jennings does not change one fact.


Haha OK then, you are quite welcome 🙂

Have a great weekend!

Has anyone looked at Jeff Sessions’ chart going into the future?
Something about him has always given me the creeps – he reminds me of Kaa in Kipling’s jungle book.

Funny you should ask Kiwi…Marjorie Orr did a piece on him this very day.


Thanks M!

Thanks alex, very helpful. Forgot to note that when Social Security was born transiting Pluto was opposite the U.S. natal Pluto!

Karen, Thank you!

Did you catch that he posted his video on 4-11 and called for an event on the 12th or 13th, and today the mother of all bombs was used?
Definitely recommend for viewing.

“Hi Starlight and other astrologers, Have you seen this prediction by astrologer GianPaulo DiCocco about the U.S. “On the Brink of WWIII?” Time span is from now through about August. In addition to aggressive war-like action initiated by the U.S.A., his interpretation also indicates a total breakdown in our worldwide diplomacy. Very ominous and foreboding.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uchmCwo-EY

Regarding Trump and 2019: Astrologer Bill Herbst looked at Trump’s chart in January, 2016, back when every sensible person thought there was no possible way he’d win the nomination, let alone the Presidency.

Herbst said this: “Trump’s chart moves into a long
and powerful outer-planet transit as Pluto arrives at the first-quarter square to his natal Saturn
for two years, from March 2019 to January 2021. If elected, that would mean almost the entire second half of his term. This is exactly the same transit that President Franklin Roosevelt’s chart
was undergoing when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and the U.S. entered World War II.”


Trump is doing his best to throw everything possible at the wall, hoping desperately -something- will stick and divert our attention away from the Russian/Election scandal. MOAB “dropped” on a supposed area of tunnels out in the middle of nowhere? Yeah… that sounds REAL planned to me!

But he made it happen on the very day the collusion info was released by the Guardian, as well as the other nations involved in monitoring backed it up.

And now we discover Eric Prince was monitored, too? This absolutely warms the cockles of my heart…he SO deserves it! And Trump had picked Eric for “protection” some time ago.

Kids are having hissy fits that dear-old-dad-as-president is ruining the “brand” name and may not only bankrupt the “family”…. but also destroy any hope of making money going into the future?

Never mind that the kids as “advisors” is nepotism writ large; nor that the entire setup is completely against Ethics rules and the Constitution.

Now we have the threats (once again) about the ACA, the Democrats, tax reform, and… just for really good measure… threats to our Social Security Insurance program.

He may WANT to do all this… and for some of it, he’ll even get support from heinous Republicans. Then come election time, we’ll remember those ogres. But it AIN’T gonna be a walk in the park, and donnie knows it.

But as chaos, worry, fear, and desperation meted out on the American public? He’s just hoping -something- will distract us from all the “Treason” smoking guns and talk. Too many of us know we have a Russian-approved, Russian-installed government in place.

Watch for him to try to fire Comey next (not that I don’t have a bone to pick with THAT boy, too!)


Social Security Horoscope: you captured the driving element known as the essential chart aspect under present circumstances;

Moon Node Opposition Aspect:

in my experience and in the mundane astrology sense Altjira always has been a finely tuned tool to narrate extreme dynamics operating in any geopolitical chart;

with Trump’s Natal Mars (the limbic instinctual urge to survive) opposing/challenging the encoded purpose of the moon nodes we can understand the big picture of Congressional conditions confronting social security guaranteed retirement benefits for all working Americans;

what is mirrored in the Moon Node opposition is Trump’s et al conviction to demise social security benefit as the intended consequence of GOP bait and switch legislation – therefore Altjira reveals by reflection his Natal Mars (indifference to the suffering of others)

Under A Crisis of Power Horoscope:

venus – saturn is associated with reform;

pluto – saturn is associated with major accomplishments requiring change (personal elements most slavishly locked against convention )


alex, you credit me with more than I deserve but I’m really fascinated with what you are pointing out . .”the encoded purpose of the Moon nodes” . . “congressional conditions confronting SS”; are insightful. We can dig out a lot of what has to be overcome by studying this chart and others as well.

Something I’d overlooked re the Social Security chart was how it was linked with the Saturn-Jupiter cycle that began with their conjunction in May 2000.

At 22+ Taurus (and square Uranus in Aquarius while Neptune – at the time – was conjunct the U.S. South Node in Aquarius) Saturn and Jupiter were setting out on a 20 year course for change in the world in which the U.S. would play a key role.

I believe that the SS Venus (trine SS Asclepius + North Node) who was conjunct the U.S. Neptune was a way of bringing down to the consciousness of average humans just what the meaning of Neptune in a country’s chart was and could be.

Sixty five years after the U.S. SS project was initiated, a Jupiter-Saturn cycle (a period of social and cultural change for a 20 year stretch in time) would come along and support it (2000 Jupiter and Saturn in Taurus trine SS Venus + U.S. Neptune in Virgo and SS North Node in Capricorn).

But changing it wouldn’t be a cake-walk. The 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus was square Uranus in Aquarius and in a degree where the U.S. PROGRESSED Mercury would – during these last 6 months – station direct. It was a signal that the U.S. was preparing to accept a radical, possibly irrational new way of thinking about such things as Social Security, a very Aquarian concept in itself.

The grand earth trine then, SS’s Venus + U.S. Neptune in Virgo, trine the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s initiation degree in Taurus, trine the Social Security’s North Node + Asclepius in Capricorn, as well as 2019-20 transiting Pluto’s degree . . .

. . will provide Trump (and the U.S.) with an opportunity to do something I would never have believed possible.

Since you, alex, have noted “Trump’s natal Mars opposing/challenging the encoded purpose of the (eclipsed) moon’s nodes . .it has now occurred to me that Trump’s life experience of having a full moon (Sun opposite Moon) at an eclipse point at birth (natal North Node conjunct natal Sun opposite natal South Node conjunct Moon) has prepared (possibly even designated) him to “negotiate” this deal.

It’s tricky but it could be done. I will withhold judgment for now as I try to assimilate this stomach-churning possibility.


RE: This is insightful

“Trump’s natal Mars opposing / challenging the encoded purpose of the (eclipsed) moon’s nodes . .it has now occurred to me that Trump’s life experience of having a full moon (Sun opposite Moon) at an eclipse point at birth (natal North Node conjunct natal Sun opposite natal South Node conjunct Moon) has prepared (possibly even designated) him to “negotiate” this deal.

well since he is natallly familar/at home with this transit /aspect /planet /eclipse mix and suited to this kind of confrontation it means I’ll need to do more work on this chart;

the GOP has the majority how could it not go their way EXCEPT FOR the resistance from Americans the Congressional pftttttt ‘things’ felt in a big way from their constituents (as it happened with repeal AHC attempt)

but they’ll weasel ways around the resistance as they weaseled on this:

Trump Moves Against Planned Parenthood by Signing GOP Bill

Bill allows states to withhold federal money over abortions
Congress used mechanism to reverse Obama-era regulation


I’ll have to examine the SS chart, your comments and my thoughts some more to spot the ‘weasel’ narrative;

Before Rachel’s program yesterday.

By: Bob on March 30th, 2017 at 5:43 pm

“I also think it will take unquestionable proof (like a recording of trump’s own words directing collusion with Russia, for example) to take him down. Such might come from foreign intelligence gathering.”

Getting close. Just a matter of time before someone gives up trump.

Background: Negatives of Neptune + Positives of Neptune

Neptune doesn’t reveal itself easily. Neptune is creating an illusion of what is enchanting on the outside and captivating within. It can be a poser, dabbling in flattery and subversion.

Trump/GOP is going to sell changes in Social Security as a tax cut for working Americans…. it is a bait and switch


The Negatives of Semi-Sextile (associations at odds, associations that sabotage ~ per Donna Cunningham)

SS Horoscope: Neptune 13 Virgo – 9TH House (Neptune’s positive reality guides each generation to its destiny)


Donald Trump: Chiron 14 Libra – Juno 14 Libra


YOD by Synastry

Neptune 05 Libra – Donald Trump (the poser)

.inconjunct (forced change)

Saturn 08 Pisces – SS Chart ( policy structures of the SS Act)

Uranus 02 Taurus – SS Chart (code and design of the SS Act)

Weasel has the ability to get close without being detected.

Weasel is the spy and is able to know things that are beneath the surface.

Weasel is symbolic for being stealthy.

“Will that deter the US from ending the long-standing ban on killing national leaders and launching an attack on North Korea aimed at “taking out” Kim?

It’s hard to say, but with Trump abandoning his domestic campaign promises left and right, turning domestic policy into a giant give-away to the rich and the Wall Street banksters, and in the process alienating most of his political base, he seems hell-bent on diverting attention abroad by taking dramatic military actions that make him appear decisive and powerful.

In Syria, that is amping up the risk of a direct confrontation with Russia’s air force and a potential World War III. In North Korea, it risks creation of yet another Libya, this time in Asia, complete with a flood of desperate refugees and another flood of unaccountable and uncontrollable weapons, possibly including nukes, or nuclear materials.”




you should accept a complement from me; god knows I don’t give them much or to many


Weasel Stealth Demise of Social Security Act

THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION is considering a proposal to remove Social Security’s dedicated funding stream by eliminating the payroll tax that funds it, the Associated Press reports.

Then pay for social security from general stream of revenue of federal budget BY using a VAT proposal….

The VAT proposal would raise $12 trillion over 10 years, which could be used for Social Security among other things. Paul N. Van de Water, a senior fellow at the left-leaning Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, warned that a VAT tax would increase the cost of goods and services — arguably canceling out the value of the reduced payroll tax for most lower- and middle-class workers.

A typical middle-income person, “gets virtually all of his or her income via wages and they spend all of their income on consumption,” he explained. “So whether you tax wages or tax consumption, you’re hitting them in just about the same way. … The increase in the price they’re paying in the goods and services they purchased won’t be as evident but it will be the same effect nonetheless.”

Van de Water also said another rumored aspect of the Trump plan — a reduction in corporate tax rates — would, when combined with a VAT, lead to tax responsibilities being shifted from companies and their owners to workers.

“To the extent you’re replacing the corporate income tax with a VAT, that’s clearly regressive,” he said. The combination of the two policies would have poorer people pay more and richer people pay less.

The thing about SS tax is that the employer pays a matching portion on the employee’s behalf. So eliminating SS tax and replacing it with VAT tax not only reduces the tax burden on the employer, it also reduces the total amount paid in to fund SS benefits.

The VAT tax will be general revenue stream, not SS benefit specific, and not employee specific. So how will they determine what your benefits are supposed to be? Currently, they determine benefits based on what you and your employer(s) have paid in over the course of your working life.

The VAT tax will not and cannot be correlated with how much a single individual has “paid in” to the system. The only way to pay benefits from such a system is to make them a flat payment, based on some criteria, such as age, or where you live.

What are they going to do with all the money that was paid in by me and my employers that is associated with my SS number? Do I get it back to invest? Does it go into the general revenue stream to “fund” the new benefits they plan to pay?

Will I need to keep all of my receipts to prove how much I paid in VAT taxes if I disagree with the amount of benefits they say I am entitled to? How would a dispute such as this be settled?

What happens to people who are a year to two or five away from retiring under the existing SS system?

The only way a plan like this makes any sense is if they plan to do away with SS benefits entirely.

I wonder how they will try to spin this and whether the American people are stupid enough to fall for it.


Democrats In Illinois Just Unseated A Whole Bunch Of Republicans

My stomach is churning but I can’t stop the smile on my face. alex, of course he will weasel; he IS a weasel. But he is – I’m thinking – a tool in the hands of Destiny or Progress if you prefer.

Seriously, I had to have a bowl of chicken noodle soup for breakfast my stomach was too queasy to eat cereal or eggs and I KNOW it was because of this Social Security chart/threat/idea. I will re-read your words and check the links later today, but before I do, hear/read this and try not to think I’ve gone bat-shit crazy until you have thought it through.

What – if in future decades to come – there were to be a kind of world social security. If we the commonest of common people can connect, right now, with others all over the world it means that the apparatus is in place. We are half-way through the Uranus-Jupiter cycle and it began in the world point of 0+ Aries.

Last month on March 26th Mercury made the 1st of 3 conjunctions to Uranus at a time when the grand cardinal cross between Uranus-Mercury in Aries, Jupiter in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn, Vesta in Cancer was going on. Neptune in Pisces was square the U.S. ascendant and conjunct the transiting Moon and also sextile Mars in Taurus.

It’s a teeny bit wide but that Mercury-Uranus chart’s sextile between Mars and Neptune formed a yod to the U.S. Saturn (structure) in Libra (partners).

Other cycles that Uranus is part of, like the one with Neptune for example, has eerie connections to today’s astrology. In 1993 Uranus and Neptune made 3 conjunctions at either 18+ or 19+ Capricorn which is where transiting Pluto is now and is stationing to go retrograde soon.

When Saturn met Uranus in 1988 it was at 27+ Sagittarius, where transiting Saturn is now. Pholus, at the time at 13+ Gemini (on the U.S. descendent), was square the nodes and that North Node at 13+ Pisces was right where the transiting Neptune is right now. Mars was at 0 Aries, where Uranus and Jupiter met in 2010.

That was the 3rd of 3 conjunctions between Saturn and Uranus in 1988, and the other 2 were at 29+ and 28+ Sagittarius, and all were within spitting distance of the Galactic Center. Pholus, as the story goes, let the wine out of the bottle (or the cat out of the bag) prematurely causing chaos.

Presently the nodes are again in the Virgo-Pisces axis – but reversed – and about to enter the Leo-Aquarius axis. What I’m getting at is that perhaps weasel Trump is a useful tool (in the right hands) – a Virgo thing – in setting us on that path where world-wide “agencies” or services (Virgo/Pisces), like our Social Security or other Neptunian practices, can track poverty, disease or famine; not just service to an individual nation but allover the globe.

Oh, and that Saturn-Uranus (3rd pass) conjunction chart had the Moon at 27+ Capricorn, where our natal Pluto resides and where transiting Pluto will return in 2022. The Future, if not Now, is being imagined now. Next two Mercury-Uranus conjunctions are on April 28th and May 10th.

New post up: