9th Mar, 2017

Through the Looking Glass

There is a strangely dystopian feel in today’s America, as if we are in some bizarre futuristic reality.  Indeed, a creeping authoritarianism seems to be taking hold, while we are endlessly distracted by the appalling reality show of Trump Unhinged.  We keep missing the important, life-altering stories, while our eyes are glued to the stupefying circus.

The star of the show is, of course, the impulsive, blatantly dishonest, uncontrollable, unpredictable man at the center, Donald Trump. Unfortunately, he is also the president, thereby giving him almost limitless power to wreak havoc.  Many of the policies he is pushing upon us are not based in a realistic understanding of various situations, but instead are based in paranoid delusions of wild dangers and evil conspiracies.   This leads to enormously expensive, wasteful, and often harmful plans being enacted, while the real problems are either ignored or made far worse.

A wall on the Mexican border will do little to actually stop illegal immigration while being a gargantuan waste of resources that could be put to use elsewhere. Proposed funding for this boondoggle is likely to be syphoned from the Coast Guard, FEMA, and the TSA, among other crucial services. The ill-conceived Muslim ban actually threatens our national security by ratcheting up anger, resentment, and hatred against the US.  The hunt for and expulsion of illegal immigrants is breaking up families, hurting American-born children, and often sending away those who have done no harm, not to mention the increased expense of forcefully and precipitously expelling productive members of society. The absurd accusation claiming President Obama had “wiretapped” the Trump campaign has only served to overwhelm the media which should be covering the proposed and deeply problematic GOP replacement for Obamacare, the very real threat of North Korea, and the simmering fury engendered by the Muslim ban. At times, one wonders if this is purposeful distraction or just more unhinged narcissistic paranoia.

Meanwhile, almost 40% of the country seems to be enthralled in a cult-like worship of all things Trump.  Whatever he says is taken as truth, no matter how crazy it may sound to the rest of us and no matter what evidence is presented to the contrary. His followers have essentially been drawn into a bubble of distorted reality, and, much like the followers of any cult, they are captivated by the grandiose delusions of a charismatic and narcissistic leader. Moreover, he has successfully inoculated himself from any media revelations, claiming repeatedly for months now that the mainstream press are liars. In addition, his supporters are used as leverage against a supine Republican Congress that fears more for their own jobs than for the country.



Astrologically, the planet associated with deception, delusion, and dishonesty is Neptune. When strong, it can create widespread confusion, misdirection, and unrealistic expectations. Under Neptune, the perception of reality is often twisted by what one wants to see rather than being based on the facts on the ground.  Illusions look like reality, while reality seems confused and murky.

In the US chart, the progressed Sun has been in Pisces, Neptune’s sign, since late 2004 and will remain there until early November 2034. This has increased the tendency to religious and partisan extremes, as well as the highly emotional and changeable reaction to many news stories. The progressed Pisces Sun provides a background theme for other more specific events that unfold over time.

This Neptunian flavor of reality engendered by the progressed Pisces Sun is especially potent when strong progressions and transits intensify its influence. It is at these times when the population or some part of it can be swept away with some form of unrealistic expectation or misperceptions.  Needless to say, we are currently in such a time. Beginning in 2016, from late March through July and returning in 2017 from late February through March 22, transiting Neptune has been and continues to be conjunct the US progressed Sun (12 Pisces).  The first period was when the Trump movement, based in his grandiose proclamations of how he would rescue the victimized masses, began sweeping the nation. The second, current period is when his delusional and unhinged tendencies are becoming increasingly obvious. 

The transit of Neptune conjunct the progressed US Sun will return the summer of 2017, from July 28 through September 3, and then again in 2018, from January 15 through February 18, as well as from September 14, 2018, through January 10, 2019.  It is worth looking deeper into each of these time periods to see what other planetary indicators are simultaneously part of the story.

The current phase of transiting Neptune conjunct the US progressed Sun, from February 22 through March 22, has been accompanied in part by the transit of Jupiter opposite transiting Uranus (2/20 to 3/3), as well as transiting Uranus opposite Inaugural Jupiter (2/20 to 3/13).  These configurations point to the rapidly changing, dramatic, unexpected, and transformative events that have been overwhelming the news cycles. Largely consuming all of them, however, are the illusions, deceptions, and confusion of Neptune.

In addition, using the 12Sagittarius57 rising US chart (5:12PM), we also find the progressed Moon conjunct the Ascendant (2/20 to 3/18), which itself is receiving a square from transiting Neptune (3/9 to 4/4), thereby adding to the confused and unrealistic mood in the country at present. The progressed Moon conjunct the Ascendant, moreover, points to the deep changes currently taking hold in the country.

The next crossing of Neptune to the US progressed Sun will be from July 28 through September 3This comes in the midst of what is likely to be an exceptionally challenging and problematic period for the country and for Mr. Trump. Transiting Saturn will be stationing opposite the US Mars (21Gemini23), square to US Neptune (22Virgo25), and sesquiquadrate US Node (6Leo36), as well as conjunct Trump’s Moon (21Sagittarius12) and opposite his Sun (22Gemini56). The entire length of these extraordinarily difficult Saturn transits extends from June 24 to October 12, 2017. The addition of the progressed Sun/Neptune theme, from late July to early September, suggests wild emotions, great disillusionment, and extreme feelings of loss and confusion.  It is possible this period may serve to deflate the larger-than-life image of himself (Neptune) that Trump has instilled in his followers. It is certain that some of his grandiose plans will hit the brick wall of reality (Saturn) during this time.

Transiting Neptune will cross the US progressed Sun again in 2018, from January 15 through February 18, as well as from September 14 through January 10, 2019. Both periods coincide with Saturn transits opposite US Venus (3Cancer06) and US Jupiter (5Cancer56), suggesting contractions and difficulties financially. The multiple Saturn transits to US Venus may also point to periods of grief in the US over deeply upsetting events of national interest. Late July through early October 2018 is particularly susceptible. The added progressed Sun/Neptune energy adds distrust and disillusionment towards the president (US Sun) at that time, as well as confusion over national goals.

Although the influence of Neptune may be exciting and energizing in its initial phases, it is ultimately corrosive and deflating. Unrealistic expectations collide with the limitations and irrefutability of the facts on the ground. The grandiose delusions that are woven into the Trump persona and the wild expectations he has engendered ultimately contain the seeds of their own unraveling. Moreover, he has created policies to thwart a disturbingly paranoid perception of dangers, threats, and conspiracies, while leaving the real problems to fester or be shortchanged while we wrestle with phantoms. As the multiple Saturn transits unfold in the next few years, it seems likely that a fierce a relentless reality will begin to break down, piece by piece, the multiple layers of Trumpworld delusion.


Thank you Starlight; you write “The next crossing of Neptune to the US progressed Sun will be from July 28 through September 3. This comes in the midst of what is likely to be an exceptionally challenging and problematic period for the country and for Mr. Trump. Transiting Saturn will be stationing opposite the US Mars (21Gemini23), square to US Neptune (22Virgo25), and sesquiquadrate US Node (6Leo36), as well as conjunct Trump’s Moon (21Sagittarius12) and opposite his Sun (22Gemini56). The entire length of these extraordinarily difficult Saturn transits extends from June 24 to October 12, 2017. The addition of the progressed Sun/Neptune theme, from late July to early September, suggests wild emotions, great disillusionment, and extreme feelings of loss and confusion. It is possible this period may serve to deflate the larger-than-life image of himself (Neptune) that Trump has instilled in his followers. It is certain that some of his grandiose plans will hit the brick wall of reality (Saturn) during this time.” And today from a FB Page are these comments which seem to be in alignment with yours:

“Adele have you looked at where the 8/21 solar eclipse is going to align with Trump’s chart? Throw the progressed chart in there too. It’s going to be right smack dab on his ascendant in the 12th. I’m thinking jail.” AND

“Mary, yes, the eclipse falls right on his ascendant, but eclipses can stay in effect for a year or more. I think the criminal types of legal procedures would take a lot of time, too, but maybe I’m incorrect about that. I’m sure he isn’t going to last his four-year term. The Republicans in Congress just want him in office long enough for him to sign whatever bills they can get passed, then they will be done with him. Mike Pence is way too conservative for me, but I think he might protect the defense of this country better than Trump can. Trump will be feeling extraordinary pressure in July when his progressed Moon conjoins his progressed Saturn, and they will both be on his progressed midheaven. We will have a better indication by that time on what is going to happen.”

ALSO: ” Speaking of eclipse, are any of you aware that DT was born on a lunar eclipse aka Blood Moon? I just found this out. There is biblical prophecy about blood moons and the anti-Christ. And we had two blood moons in 2015 leading up to the election. Interesting”

Being a mature person, Saturn, a planet I used to fear in its transits to my chart is now a blessing.

Thank goodness for REALITY!

Russia will NOT go away with each new revelation. The war is on between the “spooks” (CIA) and the Administration, and I’m not worried so much about who will win. Not with this chart according to Nancy.


“Moreover, he has created policies to thwart a disturbingly paranoid perception of dangers, threats, and conspiracies, while leaving the real problems to fester or be shortchanged while we wrestle with phantoms.”


this from Marjorie is downright depressing

Librarians ‘craap’ test for online sources
Currency, relevance, authority, appropriate, purpose.

Today’s (March 9) NPR’s Terry Gross interview with Emily Bazelon of NYT Magazine re the basis of the friendship between Bannon and Sessions (and the equally odious Stephen Miller) prior to their relationship w/Trump. According to Bazelon their game plan is to keep America white and Christian, with European roots.

Wonderful imagery Nancy, you really have grasped the overall theme of what’s happening to the U.S.A. in this most provocative period in (what will be) history. Trying to find reason for its happening at this time while still in this time is challenging to say the least.

Suppose “the wall” is meant to give a psychological sense of security for those many U.S. citizens so distraught over our seemingly porous boundaries, much the way multiple locks on a flimsy apartment door do? By Trump’s natal Chiron (healing) being conjunct the U.S. Saturn(fear based protection) he “reads” those fears the way a parent might do.

Trump’s chart ruler is the Sun in Gemini and Gemini is ruled by Mercury. That Trump Mercury is in Cancer and I should think that this would lead him to find protective parent-like solutions.

If I had to come up with a reason for his being here – now – in this bigger-than-life role of U.S. President, I would say it was to identify that 40% of the U.S. populace (who worship him) so that the rest of us could then come to an understanding of how to calm their fears.

With the delineation of dates where these Neptune influences are most concentrated (dare I say focused?) you have provided us with a timetable of when to brace ourselves for the dream-like illusionary events that will be reported as reality.

I must say it is an awesome device, this Neptune-saturated reality, to loosen the grip(s) of the entrenched (Pluto-in-Capricorn) plutocracy whose tentacles have gargantuan reach into all aspects of our lives. Praise be the coming Pluto-Saturn and Pluto-Jupiter conjunctions.

SS Tillerson prepares for major Asian trip without any press.


Brilliant Nancy, thank you!
*This is for For The Girls Here*
Information that’s been kept hidden for so long. Perhaps the Woman’s March and women gaining strength has finally brought this forward:
The Still-Misunderstood Clitoris: https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2017/03/3d-clitoris/518991/

“Health-Care Reform Comes With Lower Taxes for Wealthy” The Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare Cuts Taxes for the Wealthiest Americans and could affect billions in revenues over the next decade. http://www.wsj.com/video/health-care-reform-comes-with-lower-taxes-for-wealthy/73BF0B5D-2A82-45C3-9CA9-EA3EC99ADCD3.html?mod=trending_now_video_1

Christianity is doomed to decline. It’s a function of the ages. As the Age of Pisces ends and the Age of Aquarius begins, it will only weaken even more dramatically than it has, and I’d say it’s weakening has been rather noticeable within the past decade, although Pluto in Sag certainly did not do it any favors.

Bannon can’t and won’t be able to even make a dent in order to stop it any more than any one of us can turn the clock back a mere second. Sessions will have too many of his own problems to deal with. Pluto in Cap brings all these retrograde types to the fore, but Pluto in Aquarius won’t have any of them. Their time is already closer to an end than they know, and they will be devastated when they and their stupidity are relegated to the sidelines.

I hope you’re right fellow Buckeye. It may be too early, but what is your hunch about the 2018 election re Ohio governor? I feel that a strong push must be made to flip states to Democrats in 2018.

To turn large numbers of voters against the Republican party one, or several, of their policies must provide widespread hurt for an extended period of time to large numbers of their base.

Their health care package, if enacted, could do that but IT WOULD TAKE TIME to pass the bill, enact it, and have large numbers of voters have a need to use it to realize how much better things were for them under the ACA. The midterms will be voted Nov 6, 2018. Just a 1 year experience of the GOP package would start Nov 6 of this year, a longer period if they could pass and enact it before then. If enough voters were to be hurt experiencing their package before the elections Republicans might lose control of the House in the midterms but with the money and power they possess or could call on in a fight for survival the RNC might retain control of the Senate.

The next chance for Democrats to gain control of the Senate and White House would then be in 2020. If voters continue being hurt by the Republican health care package and other policies fear of losing everything in 2020 could force Republicans to join with Democrats to get rid of trump. After the midterm elections of 2018 transit Saturn will transit his inauguration Pluto 3 times in 2019 (Feb 26, Jul 5, Nov 25 RA, Feb 27, Jul 4, Nov 27 longitude); the last time just 7 weeks before January 13, 2020, when transiting Sun, Saturn, and Pluto will oppose his natal Saturn. If he were removed then GOP politicians would have just 10 months to campaign for re-election without him with his policies as their standard bearer.

In view of what I have just written I believe trump will be ousted in January of 2020 and I do not think the timing is too long considering what must happen to turn voters against him. Readers, you can’t get the job done by wishing and hoping or snapping your fingers. If anybody has a shorter scenario for his removal I would really like to see it. And with a stronger astrological reference if one can be found.

Mostly intuition here.
I “feel” that it won’t be over when DJT is gone. I’m at least half way convinced the DJT era is only step #1. The R. Party has become a Lernaean Hydra. It won’t go down until all its heads have been removed, and after Trump there will be at least a few left. Ironically, I strongly suspect the R’s will remove some of those heads themselves.

Also, it was another five years after the Declaration of Independence before we defeated Cornwallis at Yorktown, and another two years after that before we got the Treaty of Paris. Another six years later we got our Constitution in 1789. Our 1st Pluto return as you know in in 2022. But we’ve got Pluto returns for these other events as well, plus the coming Uranus returns beginning in 2028.

Another analogy from history. Zachary Taylor, a Whig and a completely unqualified (never even voted before) candidate was elected president in 1848. When he died about three years later, VP Millard Fillmore became the last Whig president. By 1856 they had their last convention, but very soon were gone. Most Whigs either quit politics or joined another party.

barbK is absolutely correct I think in seeing that DJT has some important national psychologically revelatory functions. He shows us among other things, how craven and crazy the R’s have become. We’re all pretty focused on him right now. He’s good at that. But his is only one of the Hydra heads. If history repeats (or at least rhymes) killing off this Hydra will take a while longer. But…No one will be happier than I if I’m wrong and all this happen sooner.

Apple, My hunch, without glancing at anyone’s charts at length yet, unfortunately says Republican AG DeWine is probably the candidate to beat. He’s the epitome of the Pluto in Capricorn era, establishment, experience, career politician, ultra-orthodox Conservative, and a Sun Capricorn to boot.

Sec. of State Husted is wily, but has corruption issues that may hamstring him, Rep. Renacci is mostly unknown outside of NE Ohio, and Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor is a CPA masquerading as a politician, whose career success she owes to Summit County GOP Chairman Alex Arshinkoff (Karl Rove’s mentor) rather than to genuine substance or skill. The GOP Primary race, to the extent it is competitive, will probably hinge upon DeWine and Husted, with Renacci and Taylor perhaps bowing out early.

DeWine will position himself as the logical successor to Kasich by virtue of his experience and seniority, while the younger Husted will likely try and paint himself as some sort of visionary, while staying true to Republican values. Renacci is a car dealer and a “self-made” millionaire, so he will likely try and draw comparisons between himself and DJT. Taylor’s best bet will be to paint herself as the logical successor to Kasich by virtue of having served as his next-in-line and the heiress of his legacy, which will undoubtedly be spun as prosperous and successful. She may also try to curry favor with Jane Timken, the new chair of the Ohio GOP and a DJT supporter.

As you know, the Ohio Democratic Party has been frustratingly weak and ineffectual since the 90s, with a too-short breath of fresh air from 2006-10, Ted Strickland’s single term as Governor. Lining up so far as candidates are Betty Sutton, former Congresswoman from NE Ohio, and Joe Schiavoni, Ohio Senate Minority Leader from Youngstown. Other possibilities include Nan Whaley, Dayton’s Mayor, and former AG Richard Cordray who is currently serving as the Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Sutton is a labor attorney who was essentially forced out of her district by the Republicans’ gerrymandering, which favored Renacci. She is fairly well-known around NE Ohio, but like Renacci, isn’t too well known outside of the region. Schiavoni is considered a rising star among Democrats within the Youngstown/Mahoning Valley area, not yet on the level of Tim Ryan, but perhaps not far off. Being Senate Minority Leader gives him more name recognition around the state, but his and Sutton’s key problem would consist of pumping up a badly neglected statewide party infrastructure, and one that seems to have limited experience and knowledge of how to operate winning campaigns.

I am curious about Nan Whaley, Dayton’s Mayor, who would likely make the state’s badly neglected cities and metropolitan areas one of the key focal points of her campaign. It seems the core cities of Ohio are finally starting to reach out to each other and network, something that will be imperative to maintain as the Republican Party becomes even more blatantly anti-city in what passes for state and federal policy. Whaley seems to be the most probable candidate at this point to represent the Democrats’ strongest bases of support.

The wild card is Cordray, who seems likely to hang on as Director of the CFPB until DJT manages to fire him and defund the bureau. He is considered to be the most experienced and formidable of potential Dem gubernatorial candidates, having previously won statewide races as Treasurer and AG, but the big risk for him is waiting too late to get into the campaign and failing to raise enough money to run head-to-head against the probable nominee for the GOP. If he does get in and face DeWine, it would be a rematch of 2010 when Cordray narrowly lost to DeWine for his AG reelection bid.

Without Cordray, and not looking at the astrology, Whaley likely turns out to be the best the Dems have to offer this time around in terms of having the broadest potential base and support network (e.g. Ohio’s core cities and her fellow Mayors), but she is also young and relatively new in politics. Could she go toe-to-toe with DeWine? Interestingly, she is a Sun Aquarius, so maybe she is a sign of what is yet to come, a young leader of the future for the Dems, if not during this cycle, then perhaps in a coming one.

Sorry for running a bit long-winded. I plan to take a deeper look at all of the potential candidates from an astrological perspective soon. I do remember looking at DeWine’s chart some time ago and seeing favorable conditions for him this year, but also that Cordray could have a reasonable chance of success himself, that is, if he chooses to enter the race. I recall that Taylor actually has Uranus on her Sun around election day, 2018, which could represent an upset for her, or maybe that she is the one doing the “upsetting” somehow. I do think it’s far more likely that she is going to be taking a break from politics than winning anything, perhaps for a return to private industry or lobbying.

Incidentally, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction will be EXACTLY trine John Kasich’s Sun in Taurus, and possibly his Capricorn Moon. Much as I wish he would go away for all the trouble he has caused here in Ohio, it isn’t hard to see him positioning himself as a sort of guiding influence or “voice of reason” for the GOP/Conservatives who have been alienated by Trump and who might be looking to create some sort of offset. Who knows? Maybe Bannon is ousted due to scandal or setting off DJT somehow, and DJT appoints Kasich as his new advisor? I might grudgingly call this an improvement since Kasich doesn’t revere Nazi ideology, but he is nonetheless a corporatist, so we would still be dealing with that central theme of the Pluto in Capricorn era.

Excellent writing and analysis! Thank You for your cogent insights.

“Many of the policies he is pushing upon us are not based in a realistic understanding of various situations, but instead are based in paranoid delusions of wild dangers and evil conspiracies. This leads to enormously expensive, wasteful, and often harmful plans being enacted, while the real problems are either ignored or made far worse.”

Absolutely True!…But I think this has gradually become generally true of most Republicans over the last 3-4 decades. DJT is not the only R. who in the last few years has uttered completely insane, delusional nonsense during a campaign. He’s just the most flamboyant and effective nutjob. I’ll never forget Rick Santorum adamantly asserting that were Obama reelected, he would bring back the use of guillotines and we’d have another French Revolution. He was afraid I suppose of losing his head, although in my opinion he and many of his brethren already lost theirs years ago.

Republicans at their worst are paranoid crazies who misidentify friends as dangerous enemies. Democrats at their worst are notoriously naïve, failing to see genuine enemies and danger.


“Republicans at their worst are paranoid crazies who misidentify friends as dangerous enemies. Democrats at their worst are notoriously naïve, failing to see genuine enemies and danger.”

It’s a custom feature of the differences in the brains of Conservatives vs Liberals, so I read a while back in one of the science blogs.

In Re: your reply to my post of 3/8… we’ll have to stay in touch, if even just thru the blog. I have a feeling once my mother crosses over (egads, I hate to even think it!), but I’ll have the freedom to let my gypsy feet hit the road again. And my sis-in-law and I think a whole lot alike… and we’re both pretty well set on Oregon. Heck… I may even have lines on a similar job if I move to Washington, should working still be in my future at that time. (sigh)

I’m heartened by so many of us thinking along the same co-housing “communes.” I have a feeling those of us born later in the Boomer cycle are really going to have a hard time of it. The R’s will strip us of what little we have left.

Still think it’s Nixon’s revenge (and the R’s) for his impeachment and all the trouble he had with us flower children and hippies! 😉

Starlight, thank you so much for this latest article! As I was beginning to read it, a question formed in my mind… what could counter-act and show the delusion and deception of Neptune, given how long it’s effects are going to be felt.

You answered my question not more than a few sentences later. Of course Saturn! One of those “geesh… why didn’t I know that?!” moments. (LOL)

I hope we can avoid a world war destruction long enough to get Trump and the R’s out of office. Don’t know if it’s intuition or cynicism, but I don’t have a good feeling about it working out that way.

Thank you, Nancy! Your broad sweep analysis of the coming months and years gives one some hope.

I feel that the Russian assault on our institutions and trust in them is definitely working through and with the crazies in the White House. Rachel Maddow had a good broadcast tonight which alluded to this. She seems to be able to connect the dots. I hope our intelligence communities are likewise doing so. One feels disconcerted by the possibility that these intelligence communities are partisan and corrupt. They certainly were during the Nixon administration. I sincerely hope not.

This full moon at 23 Virgo impacts Comey again, as well as Donald Trump and the CIA.

Friends, Here’s a good place to start: the Intentional Communities Directory.


There are lots of things online about intentional communities…I started looking into that myself about 5+ years ago. I, myself, need to have like my own “tiny house” or something like that as I don’t always want to be part of the communal thing but I love the idea of living with others with similar values a nd ideas (“Summerhill” used to be my ideal school). My friend had an idea a few years ago for a TV comedy where baby boomers in their 60s & 70s get together to form a community based on making money by canning chilli peppers. It had a lot of potential for humor.

Bills Introduced by Republicans While We Were Distracted by the ‘Russian Spy Drama’


1 – H.R. 861: To terminate the Environmental Protection Agency
2 – H.R. 610: Tax dollars for private schools
3 – H.R. 899: To terminate the Department of Education
4 – H.J.R. 69: To repeal a wildlife protection rule in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge
5 – H.R. 370: To repeal the Affordable Care Act
6 – H.R. 354: To defund Planned Parenthood
7 – H.R. 785: National right-to-work legislation
8 – H.R. 83: Mobilizing against sanctuary cities
9 – H.R. 147: To criminalize abortion in certain cases by making it a felony punishable by up to five years in prison
10 – H.R. 808: Sanctions against Iran

“The so-called Deep State and Democratic Party campaign to demonize Russia for allegedly “hacking the US election,” and delivering the country into the hands of Donald Trump suffered a huge and probably mortal blow this week with the release by WikiLeaks of over 7000 secret CIA documents disclosing secret CIA hacking technologies.”


WikiLeaks Has Joined The Trump Administration!

“As president, Trump hasn’t come out and said anything laudatory about WikiLeaks following its massive disclosure of CIA secrets on Tuesday — a treasure trove that some experts already believe may be more damaging than Edward Snowden’s revelations. But Trump hasn’t condemned WikiLeaks. The recent entries on his Twitter feed — a pure reflection of his unbridled id — contain vicious attacks on, among other things, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the New York Times, and Barack Obama but not a word about WikiLeaks. Did the president not notice that the intelligence community he commands has just suffered a devastating breach of security? Or did he simply not feel compelled to comment?


Quoting David Frum, a long time republican,

“Trump by refusing to comment on Wikileaks (an arm of the russian propaganda machine) disparagement of the CIA is therefore, treating wikileaks like an ally and the CIA like an adversary.”

“Leaked emails reveal Trump ally Nigel Farage, who just met with Assange, has longstanding ties to WikiLeaks founder.”


Those pushing the “CIA actually did the hacking in order to blame the Russians” line need to realize this latest WikiLeaks release just further proves it’s no more than a pro-Putin Russian front organization, which has been obvious for quite some time. Notice the timing of the release, when the Russian-Trump scandal is heating up? How convenient.

If the CIA is anti-Trump, why in the world would they hack the DNC and John Podesta and give the emails to WikiLeaks in order to hurt Hillary and get Trump elected? that makes absolutely zero sense.

“If the CIA is anti-Trump, why in the world would they hack the DNC and John Podesta and give the emails to WikiLeaks in order to hurt Hillary and get Trump elected? that makes absolutely zero sense.”

Thank you, PYC. Julian Assange is not our friend here.

Fire the Fool!
Event Type: Rally
Where: National Mall, Washington D.C
When: April 1, 2017
Issue: Opposition to Presient Trump
For more info: Visit the website

After watching/reading/listening to endless rants by Democratic and Progressive pundits in reaction to the latest cheap publicity stunts and diversions promulgated by Trump and his goons, it appears that those who oppose this idiot are exhausted from a kind of outrage-fatigue. As such, the loyal opposition is still playing the game according to DT’s rules and expectations because it gets him more and more of the attention he craves like oxygen itself. The outrage fatigue fails to produce anything useful or effective as it is written off as nothing more than “liberal hysteria” and/or fake news, propaganda.

What has managed to stop Herr Donald everytime without fail is the Full Force of the Law. He had to shell out 25M to settle the Trump University scam. The 9th Circuit Court stopped his despicable deportation plans. Yeah, he pisses and moans and devalues all of the judges involved, but it frustrates/foils his pig-headed aggression. A good whack with the big stick of solid legal strategies and jurisprudence has proven to be the best stone to use in the slingshot to fell this Goliath. I the ultimate weapon is solid, shrewd and relentless lawyering and the backing of the courts to bring him and the Republican Industrial Complex to its knees.

We need to stop screaming and protesting and start clobbering him with solid law suits from every direction.

That will win the day.

CNN Just Confirmed A MAJOR Part of Trump’s Russian Blackmail Dossier

“CNN’s Jim Acosta just reported that former Trump foreign policy advisor J.D. Gordon told him that it was Donald Trump himself who ordered the abrupt change in language to the Republican Party’s official policy platform. Trump’s changes were a major about-face for the GOP regarding the Russian Federation’s invasion of the Ukraine, the annexation of the Crimean peninsula, and support for the pro-Moscow “rebels” in Donetsk and Luhansk.”


Mashup of my chart for Putin in Moscow, Sibly located to Moscow (for angles), with my GOP Jupiter, trump’s Saturn, and transits for Jan 23th, 2020.

Charts for Putin, Sibly, GOP, and trump were done long before I knew of transits on January 13, 2020.


With the gop healthcare debate heating up, coinciding with the trump pro-Russia thing, does anyone else see the very extreme irony that Russia has socialized medicine for all citizens!

I certainly see it, but I’m a New-Dealer, Democratic Socialist since 1963, supportive of single-payer, co-ops, and employee ownership. I’m a political oddball in this culture. If any DJT supporters see it, well God Bless ’em!

After Nancy mentioned Gaslighting here. (Something I was not previously aware of). So, I did a search today:
“Trump is Gaslighting America” and wow, found so many links. Especially good to see many links to Teen Vogue, where young women will informed of this tactic. https://www.google.com/search?q=trump+gaslighting+america&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8#q=trump+gaslighting+america&start=20&*
We should be talking-this-up all over Social Media…Waking up Fellow-Americans)

Also, this Gaslighting video from the very conservative “International Business Times” http://www.ibtimes.com/what-gaslighting-trump-manipulates-america-lying-political-pundits-say-2487114

Eliseo, growing up in nz with socialized medicine, and having trained as a nurse under the system, I marvel at just how obtuse so many in the usa are on the subject. The stark contrast became apparent for me when I worked at a Kaiser hosp in Honolulu in the 70’s.

Eliseo, if you’re “a political oddball in this culture,” count me right there with you for all these many years!

Kiwi… DT’s followers may not be able to see it, but I’m nearly convinced that Trumpcare is the first shot off the bow in the U.S. to eliminate as many “unuseable” people as can be done under the shadow. And I’m not convinced GW and Chaney’s wars weren’t the first in overseas countries. The 1% have technology now… they don’t need as many “strong bodies” as they once did to make them money, and they certainly don’t need the old, infirm, or mentally unstable among the 99%… they’re all just a drain against their profits!

Oh… did I tell ya’ll I’m becoming even MORE cynical than ever? (gryn) I’d have never thought anything like this before, but this is almost an “in-your-face” notice!

There was once a follow-on movie of the “Omen” that had the admin in charge of something that would ensure they would be charge of the food supply for all the world. That always bothered me, but it really took hold into almost paranoia once Roundup and GMO and the illegality of keeping seeds back for the next harvest came to be public knowledge.

With Trumpcare, I think we’re being blasted that there really ARE completely irredeemable, EVIL people in the world who will do anything to anybody if it means more power and profit for them. THAT is truly scary to me.

Oddballs of the World Unite!

“The 1% have technology now… they don’t need as many “strong bodies” as they once did to make them money, and they certainly don’t need the old, infirm, or mentally unstable among the 99%… they’re all just a drain against their profits!”

YEP! That’s about it. S. Hawking, E. Musk, & Bill Gates all commented recently that the jobs won’t come back, that more will disappear due to automation and robots.

This train is bound for Dystopia Station. And that’s where we’ll all be unless we can change tracks.

As a young man I very seriously considered moving to NZ, but I’ve never been there.

I’ve spent some quality time in Ontario, Manitoba, and British Columbia. But I already knew their socialized medical insurance worked well. I studied it long before I got there.

I was advocating for either socialized medicine or for socialized medical insurance, (single payer) back when I was a teenager in the 60’s. People thought I was nuts. I suppose some still are of that opinion.

In 1970, when I was 18 I spent several months at a Theosophical Society meditation retreat in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. A goodly number of mystics from all over the world passed through. One of them, an astrologer told me I was “very much ahead of my time.”

But I hope to within my lifetime see either single-payer or socialized medicine become the norm here in the USA, or at least within some of our states. It is one of the things I’ll be lobbying the state legislature for when I return to Olympia, Washington this coming summer.

As Mr. Crazy & crew go about wrecking our democracy and defunding and destroying Obamacare, we may be able to get a single-payer interstate agreement going between California, Oregon, and Washington state. Maybe Hawaii too.

“We need to stop screaming and protesting and start clobbering him with solid law suits from every direction.”

AMEN! Non-violent protest, non-cooperation, and resistance works only when the “establishment” is high enough on Kohlberg’s scale of ethical maturity. It worked in India, because enough Brits actually possessed a conscience. It worked in the USA during the Civil Rights era because enough people in government had a conscience.

Such protests as we are seeing serve to motivate our base, but have little effect on those who don’t give a damn what we think or need. These greedhead power addicts only care to feed their addiction. The rest of us be damned.

We need to saturate Mr. Crazy as well as the R. Party with a plethora of lawsuits, but need be careful they are sufficiently well grounded as to not be summarily dismissed.

Paul Ryan Seems Excited To Kick People Off Medicaid

In an interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt on Friday, Ryan (R-Wis.) compared his legislation repealing the Affordable Care Act to the vaunted 1996 welfare reform law, which basically ended the federal government’s commitment to cash assistance for parents in poverty.

“This is so much bigger, by orders of magnitude, than welfare reform,” Ryan said.


Trump Abruptly Orders 46 Obama-Era Prosecutors to Resign
New York Times

If you are on Twitter, check out @OmarAslamLugo – lots of real, valuable information on Trump & Co. illegal operations with Russian and FBI investigations.


“We need to saturate Mr. Crazy as well as the R. Party with a plethora of lawsuits, but need be careful they are sufficiently well grounded as to not be summarily dismissed.”

Amen. As in the story of David and Goliath, all it will take is one, well-slung stone.

Did he get it wrong?

“Dropping one of the biggest bombshells in astrological history, GianPaolo DiCocco uses the Divine Science of Astrology to put to rest, once and for all, the swirling controversy surrounding the birth country of former President Barack Hussein Obama. A comparative birth chart analysis for the United States (Hawaii) and Kenya follows.”


The charts at the this website illustrate the plethora of known links, including meetings between Russian officials and members of Trump’s campaign and administration; as well as things like Trump’s children’s ties to Putin’s friends.

All of Trump’s Russia Ties, in 7 Charts


Helen, It boggles the mind that anyone would still be trying to claim Obama was born in Kenya.

per huffpost

As The Huffington Post’s Jonathan Cohn and Jeffrey Young report, Ryan’s bill “provides states [with] $100 billion over 10 years to establish high-risk pools or other mechanisms to support people with high medical costs.”

The problem is that this is not nearly enough funding to make high-risk pools work. As the Urban Institute’s Linda Blumberg told Sneed: “They’re kidding themselves if they believe that this is enough federal funding to make care adequate and affordable for such a high-need population.”

But perhaps the only people Paul Ryan is trying to kid are those tuned in to his PowerPoint presentations. The broad strokes of his bill do not actually resemble “health care reform” at all.

As Cohn and Young report, the bill will create higher premiums for older customers, roll back the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion, and then radically twist the existing Medicaid program into a weird parody of itself.

Ryan has managed to pass himself off as a detail-oriented professor-cum-wonk and a master institutionalist. But he’s neither.

Ryan has now decided to rush this thing into existence, sending it to the relevant House committees for markup before the Congressional Budget Office has had the chance to weigh in on the plan.

Paul Ryan DOB 29 Jan 1970 2.37 am Janesville, WI

yet again, more of Helen’s drivel driven links that she deems worthy to promote. Am I the only one who is so very very very tired of her attempts to promote discord?

Project: Soul Catcher: Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed by Robert Duncan

About the Author: ROBERT DUNCAN holds multiple degrees from Harvard University and Dartmouth College in Applied Sciences and Business.He has worked on projects for the Department of Defense, CIA and Justice Department in his career.


Paul Ryan’s budget embodies a kind of savage violence that makes clear that those who occupy the bottom rungs of American society – whether they are low-income families, poor minorities of color and class or young failed consumers – are to be considered disposable, removed from ethical considerations and the grammar of human suffering.

Paul Ryan Natal Chart – Brief Summary

Mars @03 Aries 36
Chiron @03 Aries 20
Phaedra @05 Aries 16
(depraved desires)

We also need a good plan as to how we will proceed, what we will do after “Goliath” has been felled. Unless large swaths of his party, including the VP., the Senate president pro tempore, the Speaker of the House, and most of his cabinet go down with him, his successors could be worse for the nation and the world. The FBI, Intel orgs, and the lawyers really “have their work cut out for them.” My hope is these folks are proven to be Mr. Crazy’s accomplices, but we shall see.

One possible exception: Secretary of Defense, General James Mattis appears to be a thoughtful, competent, far less ideological pragmatist uninvolved with the Russia mess.

Interesting fellow: He required “his Marines to be well read in the culture and history of regions in the world where they are deployed. Before deploying to Iraq, Mattis had his Marines undergo cultural sensitivity training.”

Mattis believes climate change is a genuine security threat and has made comments about Russia working to destabilize NATO, the EU, etc.

Perhaps he is our “Colonel Casey,” as in “The Enemy Within” and “Seven days in May.” But in the present story, the conspiracy has already succeeded. The traitors already have their chosen man at the top.

I ran across the chart for this year’s Summer Solstice and was struck by several patterns. First was that transiting Jupiter would be at 13+ Libra, one degree from the U.S. Saturn at 14+ Libra and square the U.S. Sun at 13+ Aries. Summer Solstice Jupiter would also be conjunct Trump’s natal Chiron and Juno, both at 14+ Libra.

Solstice Jupiter would also be quincunx Solstice Neptune at 14+ Pisces and Solstice Venus at 15+ Taurus, so that means the Summer Solstice Jupiter and the U.S. Saturn and Trump’s Chiron-Juno will be pushed into adjusting in some way, because they will all at the apex of a Yod with trans. Neptune and Venus at the Summer Solstice of 2017. It could take 3 months.

Before I venture into suppositions regarding this phenomenon let’s consider the coincidence that Trump has a conjunction between the same two bodies that the U.S has an opposition between, Chiron and Juno. What are the odds (yods?)

Then consider – as a time frame – that the transiting nodes in August, 2014, were conjunct the U.S. opposition between Chiron (+ South Node) and Juno (+ North Node), a time period which was midway between the 6th and 7th exact squares between trans. Uranus in Aries and trans. Pluto in Capricorn.

A month later transiting Uranus at 14+ Aries would oppose Trump’s Chiron-Juno at 14+ Libra, the 2nd of 3 such oppositions. I’m trying to find a link between the U.S. Chiron-Juno configuration and that of Trump’s.

Now, to add some context to the Summer Solstice this year, Putin has his natal Sun at 13 Libra 55, and Russia’s 1990 chart has Neptune at 13+ Capricorn opposite Jupiter-Chiron at 15+ Cancer. They too, Russia and Putin, will be affected by the Solstice Jupiter, squeezed at the apex of a Yod with Neptune and Venus; a Jupiter that conjuncts U.S. Saturn, Trump’s Chiron-Juno and Putin’s Sun.

If Chiron’s meaning can run the gamut of wounding to healing as well as from teaching to a bridge between two places, and Juno’s primary meaning is about being a queen, but not equal to the king, and/or for defending those who have been disenfranchised, can we get a handle on what that means in the U.S. chart or Trump’s?

These planetary bodies, in both charts, are in cardinal signs so they “initiate”. In Libra they would initiate relationship and in Aries they would initiate self most likely. Trump has a Bowl pattern. In his book The Guide To Horoscope Interpretation, Marc Edmund Jones says . . .

“Starting with the bowl type, the whole dynamic of man, his total power of achievement, arises in his instinctive realization that he is set off against a definite part of the world, that there is a complete segment of experience from which he is excluded in some subtle fashion. The bowl not only holds something, but also places whatever it holds into relationship with a larger consideration.”
and. .
” . . the unoccupied segment [of the bowl pattern] becomes a challenge to existence or the need and emptiness to which the native must direct his attention.”

If this is a basic pattern for the Trump personality then might not he relate to either end of the opposition between U.S. Chiron in Aries and U.S. Juno in Libra? My guess would be the Chiron side for this reason. Transiting Uranus (shock and awe) has been conjunct the U.S. Chiron for some time now. Trump is nothing if not shock and awe.

Here’s another reason that might be the case; Putin’s Neptune is conjunct the U.S. natal Juno in Libra. I can’t make this stuff up! Putin’s natal Neptune is also conjunct his natal Saturn and Mercury in Libra and Trump’s natal Jupiter in Libra exactly conjuncts Putin’s natal Saturn.

What if Trump see’s Putin as Trump’s (and the U.S.’s) unconscious Juno. I know its a stretch but astrology works that way, scattering bread crumbs to follow. Also, it helps that Russia’s Gemini Sun conjuncts Trump’s natal Sun.

So, if (in Trump’s eyes) Putin is the U.S. Juno (unequal power) opposite his own assumed position as U.S Chiron the healer (since Trump can’t relate to his own combination of Juno-Chiron both at the same time) then that makes him feel “whole” or joining his empty half of the bowl to his full half of the bowl.

In 2014, around the time that the transiting nodes were conjunct the U.S natal opposition between Chiron and Juno, Trump was bragging about being friends with Putin after their meeting at the 2013 Miss Universe pageant held in Moscow.

Later he would deny that meeting of course, but a few months before the nodes were conjunct the U.S. Chiron-Juno opposition, transiting Uranus in Aries had been opposite TRUMP’s natal Chiron-Juno conjunction in Libra, and also was opposite Putin’s Sun in Libra. There would be a 2nd and a 3rd such opposition throughout the year and into 2015.

This bro-mance then between Trump and Putin could be an unconscious thing for Trump, a bro-mance which also triggers an awakening (Uranus the awakener) of the U.S. natal opposition between Chiron and Juno.

It is the transiting Uranus-Jupiter opposition that has been forcing the U.S. (if not the world) to address right now and those symbols are played out in “real” life by Trump (the U.S Chiron) and Putin (the U.S. Juno). So simple.

So later, if you’re interested, we can ponder the Moon (conjunct U.S Vesta)-trine-Pluto aspect and the Saturn-trine-North Node (that conjuncts Obama’s natal Uranus), and the T-square between Mercury, Chiron and Pholus also found in the June 21, 2017 Summer Solstice chart.

No, you are not the only one. Maybe the best strategy is to neither read nor respond to the provocateur’s posts.


Here is Julian Zelian’s detailed piece on how no matter what Trump does, he wins. As he weakens and demoralizes government offices, they are performing less efficiently and are less able to contribute, thereby stengthening the case that they weren’t needed in the first place! He has bred mistrust of the press, the judiciary system, the need for oversight, and the office of the president itself.

“The turmoil and the controversy are not pleasant to watch, and many Republicans are certainly cringing as they learn of the President’s latest actions. But since the moment of the inauguration, the strength and sanctity of the federal government has been taking a big hit with Trump in the White House. And this is much more of a net loss for those on the left than those on the right.”

This next piece shows that abruptly firing 46 U.S. attornies was a pretext to get rid of N.Y. U.S. attorney, Preet Bharara, because he had been asked by ethics watchdogs to investigate Trump’s business interest conflict under the Emoluments Clause.


I listened to GianPaolo DiCocco’s analysis and it is such a crock. For example, he claims the Kenyan chart moon-in-Taurus better describes Obama, who cried during his speeches like an emotional Taurus would, and also maintained calm and composure. Not only that, he likes pleasure, which is Taurean. Conversely, a Gemini moon, which would be the case if born in Hawaii, is unemotional & intellectual, as well as restless, not calm. That is just his first point. He totally disregards the fact that Obama has venus in cancer (emotional), has Aquarius rising (detached) but also Pisces in his 1st house (empathetic), and is a Leo! Let me ask you, what sign likes pleasure and fun (all those basketball games and humorous schticks) more than Leo? Who might be more articulate and eloquent with their emotions than someone with their moon in Gemini? GPD says “astrology never lies.” OMG – it is all about interpretation, backed by knowledge and experience certainly, but still interpretation. Dare I listen further to this claptrap posed as definitively putting the matter to bed once and for all!? Also, GPD begins by noting that Obama’s half brother yet again posted his discredited Kenyan BC, which has Obama being born in Mombasa, Kenya, a city which was part of Zanzibar until 1963. Obama was born in 1961! There are other discrepancies. http://www.snopes.com/2017/03/10/malik-obama-kenya-birth-certificate/

Helen, c’mon and stop with the wishful thinking and the weak proofs already.

Oath of Office 2017 – Phaedra

Phaedra 05 Capricorn – 9TH House
Hades 05 Cancer – 3RD House


Grand Water Trine (Houses 3, 6, 11)

Hades 05 Cancer – 3H
Moon 09 Scorpio – 6H
Neptune 10 Pisces – 11H

continued – Oath of Office 2017 – Phaedra

Citizen’s United Horoscope


Citizen’s United Pluto 04 CP
Oath Office 2017 Phaedra 05CP
(depraved desires)

Ed Tamplin’s thoughts for this week:


I stopped reading Helen’s posts a long time ago. I just stroll right on by because it’s all fake nonsense.

“For those watching the Cosmos these days, this past week’s freak out in D.C. didn’t just come out of nowhere—it took hold just hours after the exact Jupiter-Uranus opposition (Libra-Aries) on March 3rd, with a volatile Mars (Aries) less than 3° from Uranus, joining the opposition. ”
Of Big Winds and Boomerangs

Raye Robertson’s articles are always interesting, kiwi.

I can’t for the life of me understand why people would still be trying to undermine Obama, or even Hillary for that matter, when we are facing the likes of Trump, Bannon, Sessions, Tillerson, Pence, etc.!

Another interesting article written by Raye Robertson, also contains a link to her prior article titled ‘silver lining in aquarius: engineering the future with the 2020 Jupiter Saturn cycle’ coming out in april may 2017 issue of mountain astrologer

I like this from her article – a reminder to keep perspective during these crazy years …..

“Once we accept that there is a “long game” unfolding over time, and that everything more immediate is a part of that game, perhaps we can fine-tune our sense of these coming years. In this post, we’ll therefore consider the 2017 Aries ingress (the Solar new year), which is close upon us, keeping the impending Sibly Pluto Return in our sights. “

A cogent essay by Jonathan Freedland at The Guardian
Freedland compares Con-Man DJT to Huey Long

The 1930s revisited

The 1930s were humanity’s darkest, bloodiest hour. Are you paying attention?
A decade haunted by mass poverty, violent extremism and world war gives us one crucial advantage: the chance to learn the era’s lessons and avoid its mistakes

Some excerpts:

One telling, human illustration came in recent global polling for the Journal of Democracy, which showed an alarming decline in the number of people who believed it was “essential” to live in a democracy. From Sweden to the US, from Britain to Australia, only one in four of those born in the 1980s regarded democracy as essential. Among those born in the 1930s, the figure was at or above 75%. Put another way, those who were born into the hurricane have no desire to feel its wrath again…

Witness the remarks of Steve Bannon, chief strategist in Donald Trump’s White House and the former chairman of the far-right Breitbart website. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Bannon promised that the Trump era would be “as exciting as the 1930s”. (In the same interview, he said “Darkness is good” – citing Satan, Darth Vader and Dick Cheney as examples.)…

Employees who decline genetic testing could face penalties under proposed bill

Washington Post

Employers could impose hefty penalties on employees who decline to participate in genetic testing as part of workplace wellness programs if a bill approved by a U.S.

Kiwi…The Mundane Astrologer link was great. and after reading it, I have a question to ask of anyone who might know the answer and be kind enough to answer.

Years ago a friend had a reading, yes, truly, a friend and he was told that he would be a late bloomer and that his financial situation would be amazing. Now he has done ok, but it hasn’t been amazing.

He has Venus 00 degrees Aquarius 15,
Jupiter 01 Degree Aquarius 05 and a symbol I think is a semi-sextile 28 Degrees Capricorn 16…all in the 2nd house.

Reading the Mundane Astrologer made me wonder if that old prediction may actually be on its way to coming true but then… it could simply be I don’t know what the heck I’m thinking about.

Eliseo your Zachary Taylor insight is pretty brilliant — i think you’re on to something. You have everything from the issue with Mexico and the vague approach to foreign policy. I also see parallels with health as well relating to diet as being a downfall (Trump is only 5 years older than Taylor). Although I suspect that when the books are closed that Taylor will be ranked higher than Trump…


“The 1848 election “demoralized” Whigs and undermined “the masses’” faith in the party. Greeley mourned this Pyrrhic victory: Whigs were “at once triumphant and undone.”

Greeley turned out to be right. Taylor was the last Whig president. His nomination had attempted to paper over the sectional tensions that would kill the party, but ultimately exacerbated them.”



From MARCH 6 through APRIL 15 2017, the planet Venus will be retrograde.

When Venus is retrograde, it provides lessons in evaluating the real worth and value of people and things in our life (Taurus-Libra issues).

Michael from NYC
“Although I suspect that when the books are closed that Taylor will be ranked higher than Trump…”

I VERY STRONGLY expect you are correct. Although Taylor is often rated in the bottom five or bottom ten presidents, I have little doubt Mr. Con-Man in the Oval office will go down as bottom last.

The Russian smoke just keeps getting thicker and thicker and thicker and thicker surrounding Mr. DJT and his administration. I’m amazed every day without exception as to the continuing, bizarre revelations. And where there is smoke, as they say, there must be fire.

Unfortunately, most Americans are not readers. I think it will take at least a couple of years before the Am. public realizes and comes to understand how deep and wide is the treason involved.

Nixon was guilty of egregious abuse of power. His were constitutional issues. He did not go down for treason. DJT will be the first and hopefully ONLY president removed for “High Treason.”

Also, technically Z. Taylor was not the last Whig president. Taylor died in office about three years in, making his VP Millard Fillmore the last Whig president.

I wish I had time to look deeply into the historical astrology here. But I won’t be free to do so until probably this summer.

AND…Thanks for the compliment.

Alex, I must have read that genetics article several times tonight, my jaw dropping each time.

It is ethically and morally reprehensible. We (supposedly) have rights where gov’t collection via the legal system is concerned. But can an enacted law confer these rights (over an individual) to a corporation without violating the Constitution?

Genetic testing is a far cry from drug testing. One has no control over genetic markers. If a marker is known, environmental and lifestyle adjustments can either encourage or discourage the manifestation of the illness. But Republicans, especially these hardcore conservatives, can’t handle shades of grey. For them, everything must either be black or white; they have no room for Relativism.

Besides the coercive aspect, itself, I’m appalled that a Corporation would have, basically, slave-owner rights over an employee in this situation. This is absolute interference in an individual’s “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness” by an economic entity, against an individual’s (unforced) will.

As well, police and the Feds are determined to build a complete DNA database of everyone in the country. Egads… this will get them ever further than they’ve already (clandestinely.. ha!) built.

I can’t see this passing muster… but then, I spin off center nearly every day with something these sadists seem to get away with. ARGH!

If it passes, we truly are Twilight Zoned into the Dark Ages…

Michael from NYC,
Another way to see this is through the lens of English history. We in the USA are part of Anglosphere karma. In 1749 the Puritans beheaded King Charles I for treason. For eleven years thereafter they made life miserable for the English, outlawing Christmas, Easter, maypole dancing, and anything remotely smelling of fun. Cromwell burned down the Globe Theatre of Shakespearean fame as theater and actors were “of the Devil.”

The R’s are our modern day Puritans. Indeed, “Conservative” economic philosophy is in reality Calvinism in pseudo-scientific clothing. In 1660 the English had their “Restoration.” My hope is that it doesn’t take eleven years before we experience our American “Restoration.”

‘Hack Everthing’ – detailed post on the latest Wikileaks:

“Wikileaks just released about 8,000 pages of CIA documents detailing more than 1,000 tools the CIA uses to hack everything from computers and cell phones to “smart” TV sets and “smart” refrigerators. Among these tools is a program called UMBRAGE which is a group of hacking tools “borrowed” from other countries. Wikileaks documents confirm that the CIA uses these tools to implant fake “fingerprints” on their cyber attacks in order to fool researchers into believing that the attacks were being conducted by other countries, such as Russia, when in fact the attacks were actually conducted by the CIA. In this article, we will explain why this new evidence makes it even more likely that the “hacking” of the DNC servers were done not by Russia but by US spy agencies such as the CIA and NSA. ”


Interesting. Reminds me of some conspiracy posters here over the years:


Obama is obviously a target for Trump’s allies/puppetmasters because if they can smear and cast doubt upon the legitimacy of his presidential legacy (via a devastatingly convenient CIA scandal), and foster this in the eyes of the broader US public, they can strengthen Trump by comparison by suggesting that even for all of his flaws, he isn’t as corrupt and near as bad as Obama was, and will indeed do better, MAGA, etc.

Honestly, it’s about as nakedly Machiavellian of a ploy as it gets. The sad thing is, so many Americans are so gullible that they will buy it. And those who were always looking for a reason to mistrust Obama because of his skin color/ethnic background will have their “I told you so” justification, which of course is right where Trump’s puppetmasters want them to be.

What’s really going on is that Americans’ worst prejudices and faults are being used against them to facilitate the country’s undoing.

Trump obviously won’t fix anything. He’s not the roach exterminator but one of the roaches himself, boldly scurrying across the kitchen countertop in broad daylight, pretty much daring the house owners (We, The People) to squash him and his buddies. Except that most of us are still in deep denial that we even have a roach problem at all.

Eliseo, I think we’re looking at as few as four years, but no more than eight. The GOP conservative/authoritarian Calvinist impulses will never be stronger in our current time period than what they will be during the time of the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in January 2020. After that, the applying conjunction becomes a separating conjunction as Saturn and Pluto both advance towards Aquarius, and Saturn actually arrives in it later that year with Jupiter. Once Pluto makes its ingress into Aquarius for good in 2024, the ultra conservative authoritarians will see tremendous opposition from radical “small-l” libertarian types completely fed up with their desire to lord over and control everyone’s lives. Authoritarian conservatives from that point on will not receive support from Pluto, which will have moved on from Capricorn. Everything that they think they’ve got a firm grip around now will crumble right out of their hands, and it is entirely possible that this will include the Republican Party itself.

bernie fake news trolls from Macedonia,helped sink Hillary’s chances and we now have a cretin in the , White house. She didn’t have a chance

Lg, I seem to remember Helen strongly perpetuating those troll click bait articles here at the time …..

FBI Director James Comey’s ‘October Surprise’ doomed Hillary Clinton’s candidacy: analysis

Raw Story

AM Joy has a very interesting segment on the firing of Fed Attny Preet Bharara, who had been going after corruption.
He had dealt with, among other things, Russian money laundering, fox news, Turkish corruption scandal, jurisdiction of trump tower, campaign finance fraud, …….

Hi Will,
This story is for you.


part 4 of Jessica murray’s vive la resistance

“Wikileaks has time and time again denied any connections to Russia or the Russian state, but – like Donald Trump – they are lying. This weekend, it was exposed on Twitter that they acquired major Russian servers – from a known hacker – one week before the Podesta emails were released.
I will walk you through the proof, since its a little complex for non computer experts. So let’s start with a primer. All websites on the internet have an address, much like houses in the real world. This address are usually names and things you recognize, like google.com or amazon.com. But behind that address there are a series of numbers, unique to each server known as internet protocol addresses. If you have ever had to log in to your wireless router, you wound up typing a number into your browser like, this is an IP address.” More at the link


Your commentaries are greatly appreciated here. You are one of our several hidden national treasures who post on this blog.

At the national level I am not optimistic about the mid-term 2018 election. In the US Senate, too many Democratic seats are up for re-election and too few Republican ones. We may possibly fare better in the House of Reps.

The separation process after the January 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction may well give us sufficient time to improve the chances of non-authoritarian and Progressive candidates in the November election. Have you had time to peer more deeply into November 2020?

Also, your observation about 2024, in which Pluto makes its ingress into Aquarius makes perfect sense. Cornwallis surrendered on 19 October 1781.
Pluto was at 4 degrees 18 minutes Aquarius. On 12 February 2026, Pluto will again be at 4 degrees 17 minutes Aquarius.

My hope of course is that any victories Lady Liberty may enjoy during that period will be just as far-reaching, but with either no violence or at least less. I recall one astrologer, I don’t remember her name, who stated she believed 2024 was the year “we get our constitution back.”

“Holding Trump Accountable”
After a month in office, he has already proved himself unable to discharge his duties. But the only people with real leverage over him won’t use it.


Came across this fascinating study:
“When Saturn Conjuncts Pluto in 2020”

A binary star, KIC 9832227, found in the constellation Cygnus the swan will burst into a red nova in 2022, possibly at about the same time as the USA Pluto return. The red nova will be very bright, and quite observable with the naked eye.

fascinating Eliseo!
Found this article describing the process

Wow, Eliseo…I’m so intrigued by this coming Conjunction. Mars & Moon hitting 01-Chiron. But I don’t see Lillith placement.

Thanks Eliseo! Honestly, I just try and stay humble. Pride and arrogance are what has given us 45. By remembering who we really are and our connection to the universe, we can truly overcome him and the people who benefit so much from his being there.

I agree with you about 2018. I think we will see a few scattered victories for the Democrats and progressives/liberals in general, and maybe some surprise wins, but not nearly enough to wrest back Congress from the Republicans. We might even see Republicans expand and strengthen their hold on power in several states. Impeachment of Trump will have to come through the GOP.

Bob has repeatedly suggested that his downfall will come in Jan 2020 under the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, so it could very well be that his tax returns and “smoking gun” connection with Russia, or some other impeachable offense comes to light shortly after the elections that leads to his ouster. We know they would love to install Mike Pence in his place, who will probably just turn around and do what Gerald Ford did in pardoning Nixon. Trump will never actually be held accountable by the Republicans.

The Republicans will likely feel they have a fighting chance of holding onto power under Pence, whereas Trump is unpredictable and will very likely be so unpopular by 2020 that he will have the potential to sink the entire party with increasingly angry progressives/liberals seeking to bring him down once and for all to avenge 2016. So Trump gets “dumped” and Pence takes his place in time to mobilize a campaign and portray himself and the GOP in a more positive light for a “fresh start.” I do need to look more closely at the astrology for later that year, though I suspect it will probably be another disappointing mixed bag for Democrats/liberals and progressives, with the Republicans, deeply despised as they might be, still holding the advantages of gerrymandering and generous corporate contributions for media ads to serve as buffers against heavy opposition. I also suspect we will see another big primary fight between a more centrist “establishment” Democratic presidential candidate (Cory Booker? Tim Kaine?) and a liberal independent/Democrat like Elizabeth Warren, for the heart of the Democratic Party and progressives/liberals in the US. Maybe the Green Party enters the fray with a new candidate who proves to be unusually charismatic and attention-grabbing?

Regardless, I think the 2022 and 2024 elections will be the ones to really watch for. 2022 happens in the midst of the US Pluto Return, while 2024 sees Pluto tying up loose ends with Capricorn and finally moving on into Aquarius. The entire power structure of the US is going to be increasingly up for review after 2020. We may even do away with the Presidency as it is structured, in favor of something else with far greater immunity to the likes of Trump or rich elitist influence. A lot is going to be on the table, including a devolving of federal power to states, regions, and large cities, and quite possibly the breakup of the US into several smaller republics (e.g. CalExit, Texit, etc.). I would anticipate growing talk about amending or rewriting the Constitution to support some of these changes while putting a stop to some of the worst abuses of corporate power and privilege in government and society that we are seeing now.


January 2020 is the beginning of the election year, but the primaries will just be starting. January 2021 is when whoever is elected Nov 2020 will be inaugurated.

I am profoundly and deeply uncomfortable with the idea of a breakup of the US into several smaller republics. But you are not the only astrologer to suggest same. In his classic book, Horoscope for the New Millennium, Eric Alan Meece suggests such a possibility as well. It is an understandable interpretation and certainly possible, though I find it abhorrent and repugnant.

Such irony though. For many states, particularly in the deep South, such a break-up would be a financial, economic, and cultural catastrophe. Yet it is those very states who are most prone to such thinking! Never underestimate the stupidity of those in love with their own ignorance.

Also, although all will be affected, the Southern states of the USA will be those most deeply affected by climate change, notably sea level rise, desertification and in wetter areas tropicalization.

I’ve studied climate science since the 60’s. I’ve noticed over the decades, the consistent use of “A” words at the end of articles in peer reviewed scientific journals.

Astonished! Astounded! Amazed! ..words describing how Mother Nature consistently outpaces expected predictions of glacial melt, CO2, methane outgassing, oceanic acidity, etc. I personally believe the sea level rise and warming will occur far sooner than the naturally conservative estimates of current science.

Secession for some states would be absolute suicide, for it would not be long before their main urban areas would either be under water, or uninhabitable for other reasons.

As for our Constitution and legal system, we definitely need some serious electoral reforms and a few constitutional amendments. I strongly suspect the public will demand that as this ruinous Republican era comes to an end. That would also be consistent with the astrology I believe.

Were I in charge, I would start with what FDR recommended in 1944, his Second Bill of Rights. Perhaps also campaign finance reform, proportional representation, and the legal “de-personifying” of corporations.

However it all goes down, even if NO states secede, I suspect we will lose several, perhaps as many as 20 states to climate change within the next 100 years. The areas will either be partially under water, or uninhabitable for other reasons.

Ha! Maybe then the 30+ states that are left will think about getting married to Canada!

“When Saturn Conjuncts Pluto in 2020”
Good catch! Good article. Thanks!

Hey Ja,

Thank you very much for posting the link on TrumpU.


Your “When Saturn Conjuncts Pluto” post.

Oh, joy.


Sen. Sanders was asked if the Ryan Obamacare replacement can get 51 votes in the Senate, and he answered, “I hope not. It is an absolute disaster. It is a disgrace, and by the way, this really has nothing to do with healthcare. What this has everything to do with is a massive shift of wealth from working people and middle-income people to the richest people in this country. It is a 275 billion dollar tax break for the top two percent. Millionaires will get about $50,000 a year in tax breaks, while at the same time 5-10 million people are going to lose their health insurance, premiums are going to soar. The AARP says that if you are 64 years of age and you’re making about 25,000 a year, you’re going pay up to $7,000 more for you’re health insurance. They’re going to defund Planned Parenthood. Deny over 2 million the right to choose they healthcare that they need. They’re going to decimate Medicaid, which is why the American Medical Association, the AMA, and the American Hospital Association oppose it, in addition to the AARP. This is a disgrace, and by the way, they are so cowardly that they want to go forward before the CBO gives an estimate of what it will cost, and how many people will lose their insurance.”

Sen. Sanders (I-VT) was correct. The Obamacare replacement is one of Paul Ryan’s ideological exercises. It has nothing to do with actually providing health care to people. Ryan’s entire plan is based on the goal of making people pay more for less health care to transfer national wealth from the people at the bottom to the people at the top.


Iowa – US Rep. Steve King (Iowa’s favorite white nationalist doesn’t care if he’s openly advocating the Final Solution ~ per crooksandliars.com)

Steve King indicated that federal employees must be loyal to the Trump agenda or be “purged.”

Steven Arnold “Steve” King (born May 28, 1949) is a member of the United States House of Representatives from Iowa’s 4th congressional district.


Just now on Coast: “There is a War going on between those who are self-serving and those who are in service to others, and a time is coming where all will have to choose which side of the fence they will act out their final days”, according to James Gilliland” http://www.eceti.org/Eceti.IndexII.html

Little nuggets of info that are helpful in understanding why what happens happens. The Progressed U.S. Pandora at 17+ Gemini is in the same degree as Trump’s natal Uranus.

U.S progressed Pandora trines U.S. progressed Mars retrograde at 17+ Libra and the U.S. progressed Chiron at 17+ Aries. Therefore Trump (or his Uranus anyway) is a catalyst in the alchemy soup we are swimming in.

Thanks kiwi for the link to Jessica’s 4th segment in her recent series. Like Nancy, she is a treasure for her ability to read the tea leaves of astrology. Jessica’s specialty of being able to see the Big Picture can fuel our imaginations and also calm our fears of the calamity of change.

Another U.S. progressed chart observation: Progressed Hades (stuff we find repulsive and disgusting and don’t want to deal with but which needs to be dealt with) at 3+ Scorpio conjuncts progressed Saturn at 3+ Scorpio. Both trine the U.S. progressed Persephone (innocent daughter of Ceres who was snatched away by Pluto) at 3+ Cancer.

Progressed U.S. Persephone is conjunct the natal U.S. Venus who rules values. This would suggest that the U.S. Values are undergoing a dramatic transformation (trine prog. Hades/Saturn in Scorpio) that will take shape (prog. Saturn conjunct prog. Hades) as of Trump’s inauguration when transiting Nessus was at 3+ Pisces.

Nessus too is a catalyst. Part of the centaur symbolism is that they relate the outer planet (collective) energy to the inner planet (personal) energy through unpleasant experiences meant to make us humans aware. With transiting Nessus trine the U.S. Venus and progressed Persephone

We felt we had been raped (Nessus) and it angered us. It forced us to do something about it in order to heal from that rape and I believe we see the results in the many demonstrations that have occurred since the Inauguration of Trump.

Jessica noted the U.S. cultural denial; the myth of the classless society. I believe the catalyst (Trump’s Uranus) is meant to speed up the transformation of U.S. society from denial of what has for years been a rejection of equality to various segments of society, into an acceptance of them, legally and recognized as such.

So it is the U.S. progressed Pandora’s pandemonium (her conjunction with Trump’s Uranus) trine U.S. progressed Mars retrograde and U.S. progressed Chiron that has set the wheels of change in motion. It will take a while but history will long remember it was the Trump
presidency that started the ball rolling. Who would have thunk it.

Well, sorry, progressed U.S. Chiron doesn’t trine progressed U.S. Pandora and progressed U.S. Mars but he does aspect them; an opposition with Chiron and a sextile with Pandora. Makes more sense.

Oh, and progressed U.S Mars (rx) is conjunct Trump’s natal Libra – didn’t catch that at first – as U.S. progressed Pandora conjuncts Trump’s natal Uranus. This whole business was no accident, not even a mistake. It was destiny.

I am not particularly enamored with the idea of a US breakup either, as it likely will result in significant hardships for large swaths of people in multiple ways–particularly if you have family spread out across affected parts of the current US.

At the same time, it’s difficult to look at a series of epochal transits occurring in short order–the US Pluto Return, followed by the Neptune Opposition and Uranus Return–and not anticipate that some major changes to our country will be afoot.

I do think ideally these energies might, in part, be channeled into recognition of municipal or metropolitan-reguonal government within the Constitution, and a general strengthening of local/home rule powers for grassroots democracy. But it doesn’t seem that this will come without some considerable restructuring of the federal-state relationship.

It may also be that the United States remains mostly intact, but the states themselves are divided and reorganized into regional entities, perhaps to reflect broader cohesive similarities (e.g. the Midwest, New England, the South, etc.) as well as more specific interests (e.g. the Great Lakes/Rust Belt, Gulf Coast, etc.).

I meant regional not “reguonal.” I agree with you, Eliseo about the Southern states being most vocal about secession, yet having the most to lose. Although I’m fairly certain Texas could survive for at least a little while, Mississippi and Alabama would quickly reveal themselves to be third world countries, with all of the humanitarian concerns that come with that status.

Does anyone follow Ronald Berger’s youtube channel? I find him interesting.


GOP’s Wealth Care Plan Moving at Breakneck Speed



I follow Berger’s weekly readings. I too find him interesting and many times he’s quite spot on.


The Last Word: Lawmaker discusses bill to remove Trump’s war powers & FBI chief’s open hearing

By Leslie Salzillo
Monday Mar 13, 2017 · 5:48 AM PDT

On Friday evening, Lawrence O’Donnell and Democratic House Rep. Jim Himes of Connecticut began their video interview discussing the scheduled appearance of FBI director James Comey in front of the House Intelligence Committee on March 20.

O’Donnell asks Himes if he thinks there will be questions the committee might ask, that Comey can/will decline to answer. Himes says Comey will use his own standards, adding Comey has not been shy about going public on his own accord — referring to Comey telling the country one week before Election Day, that there was new data revealed of “national interest” about Hillary Clinton. The warning lead to nothing, but the damage was done and it was great. So great, some feel Comey’s actions, though advised against by the DOJ, cost Clinton the Oval Office.

Comedian Tracey Ullman tackled the double standard many women face when reporting sexual assault in the latest episode of her BBC One show.


An excellent article:


Four weeks of the Trump ascendancy have been an ongoing seminar on where norms end and laws begin, on how much of what we had relied on when it came to the president’s conduct rested largely on a heretofore unquestioned foundation of centuries-old custom.

….Ours is famously said to be a government of laws, not of men, and yet we find in the Age of Trump that the laws depend on men and women willing to step forward and press them and that such are not to be found in the dominant party in Congress. …

…It is against this reality that we must see the likelihood of a crisis as the vital springboard of a Trump presidency, especially an increasingly shaky, unpopular, and unstable one. The lower his poll numbers, the more outlandish his lies, the greater the resistance from opponents within the bureaucracies, the thicker his scandals and chaos, the likelier he will be to seek to use a crisis and all the opportunities it offers to lever himself from a position of defensiveness to that of dominating power.


“the thicker his scandals and chaos, the likelier he will be to seek to use a crisis and all the opportunities it offers to lever himself from a position of defensiveness to that of dominating power.”

That’s a nice roundabout way of saying he’ll become a dictator.

Mike Pence’s falsehoods start catching up with him


If you think Vice President Mike Pence is the honest one on Team Trump, you’re grading on an overly generous curve.

Vice President Mike Pence said Saturday that Obamacare is falling apart and must be replaced.

“Obamacare has failed the people of Kentucky,” Mr. Pence told an audience in Louisville. “It’s failed the people of America, and Obamacare must go.”

Mr. Pence called Kentucky “a textbook example of Obamacare’s failures.”

Even by 2017 standards, this is bizarre.

To the extent that reality still matters, Kentucky is actually a textbook example of the Affordable Care Act succeeding.



alex, yeah, so after reading your comment (and hearing on the local news) what Pence said in Louisville re: Obamacare in Kentucky, that it, KY, was a textbook example of its, Obamacare, failures, I had to check where transiting Alice was and today she is conjunct the U.S. natal Pallas (the Strategist) who is conjunct the U.S. natal Moon (the People).

Who is this guy Pence preaching to? All I’ve heard for the last 4 or 5 years is how great Obamacare is in Kentucky. The Repubs who think he is great are delusional. Nancy’s title of this thread, Through the Looking Glass (and the position of transiting Alice) could not be more apropos.

Something I never thought I’d see/hear is the way the pundits and cable “news” hosts now speak about the sitting President, as if he was totally nuts. That has surprised me. I find it embarrassing when a newscaster or reporter speaks as if the king really had clothes on when everyone can plainly see he’s as naked as a jaybird.

This is brilliant and funny.
I give this gal an “A+” for creatively representing the rights of women in a legislature full of obtuse, dumber than dumb Texas good-ol-boyz.

Texas Rep. Jessica Farrar:
Trolls GOP By Proposing $100 Fine For Men Who Masturbate


Rethugs have the power to pass almost any legislation they want to. Let it not be too soon but soon enough to have their base know that it has hurt them before the midterm elections.


“These high percentages of income tax non-filing are indicative of blue states being much more likely to subsidize red states than the other way around. Yet, every election, the myth that white rural voters are paying to prop up poor people of color in cities is trotted out”


Why Liberal States Won America’s Tax Experiment

According to conservative doctrine, Kansas and Texas ought to be booming, and California ought to be in the pits.

12/11/2016 10:36 pm ET
Robert Reich

“Actually, it’s just the opposite.”

“So the next time you hear a conservative say “low taxes, few regulations, and low wages are the keys to economic business-friendly success,” just remember Kansas, Texas, and California.

The conservative formula is wrong.”


“We felt we had been raped (Nessus) and it angered us.”

YES! That really nails the feeling. Plus another feeling: not just the desire to heal but also for justice, to bring down ALL of the Rapists, (PLURAL) ALL of them. And I think these feelings will increase as the R’s go about their dirty legislative work which inevitably will harm so many.

I’m currently tied down here in Texas with academic work. But I’ll be leaving my university this summer, going home to Olympia, WA where I intend to incessantly lobby the WA legislature, with all means at my disposal.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll run for office myself. I’m a talented public speaker, former actor, former radio broadcaster, former mental health counselor, former criminal investigator, and university instructor. If I can get my health in better order, why not run to represent the values that nurture and make us whole?

I’m an FDR loving, old Democratic Socialist much like Bernie. Bernie has blazed the way forward. Whether I run for office or not, I can guarantee you I’ll be more politically active than I’ve ever been, even more so than when I was a teenager in the 60’s working civil rights.

Chuck Schumer Already Caving On Regulatory Commission Appointments:


Satirical video

Are you feeling hopeless, exhibiting bouts of sudden rage or regularly arguing with friends and family?

You may be suffering from Trump-Induced Anxiety Disorder, or TIAD.


people are hungry for good, substantive, investigative journalism
“Rachel Maddow Stopped Covering Trump’s Tweets, And Her Ratings Soared”

“The White House Takes Its Attacks On Jobs Data To A New (And Dangerous) Level” President Trump’s budget director on Sunday accused the Obama administration of “manipulating” economic data to make the unemployment rate look lower than it really was. That claim isn’t supported by evidence and will likely contribute to fears about the Trump administration’s commitment to honest reporting of government data: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-white-house-takes-its-attacks-on-jobs-data-to-a-new-and-dangerous-level/
(Now we have Nate Silver’s 538 watching Trumps Lies like a Hawk!)

The GOP “Wealth Care Plan”! I love

Now, for today’s news!

Did you guys see what Team Trump did to respond to the wire tape charges. Very funny & sad. Spicer said Trump’s tweet didn’t really mean wiretaping, he meant surveillance, and he didn’t really mean Obama did it, he meant his adminstration. I’m sure you all heard what old Kelley said this morning to prep for this.

Also, the American Meteorlogical Association wrote a letter, signed by their executive director, to our new anti-EPA director, Pruitt, and told him he was completely wrong about humans not contributing to climate change – that it is entirely man made.

Apparently, one of the things, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara was probing was Roger Ailes and other Fox executives having given illegal payouts to the women who are suing them for sexual harrassments. Well, guess who Trump is considering for Bharara’s replacement? Roger Ailes’ personal attorney!

Lastly, something like 1,400 vets have been deported thus far because, even though they had tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, they are not here legally at this time.

I can see people slowly making that shift away from this administration and Congress, due to things like the above, and the bad news about Trumpcare.

2 corrections: I love it!, and Meteorological!

Just saw an interesting clip indicating perhaps a chilly relationship at best, based on body language:
In Friday’s Trump meeting re healthcare – he greeted Pence with serious face, almost scowling, ‘mr vice president’ and in turn Pence, back to camera, replied ‘mr president.’ Then immediately trump turned to someone else and said, flashing a big smile ‘hello john’

continued – Life a Journey Through Time


Frans Lanting
DOB 7.13.1951, Rotterdam Netherlands


3AM Rectified Natal Chart

Semi-Sextile Kite

(apex) Kronos 24 Taurus – 12H
VULKANUS 24 Gemini – 12H
Midpoint Jupiter/Venus 24GE


Juno 24 Scorpio – 6H


VULKANUS 24 Gemini
(Midpoint JU/VE 24GE)

Have you done a composite of their respective charts, especially looking for hostility?

Starlight is very nice not to block Crazy ? Helen!

“14 million more uninsured next year under GOP plan, CBO says”
Analysis underscores concerns about dramatic loss in health coverage

thoughtful interview this morning with professor of information studies & design at UCLA, regarding how trump & co uses fake info on social media to manipulate public

Paul Ryan Sworn as Speaker of House Chart


Eliseo, did an online search re trump pence charts and discovered this by jude cowell, written in Jan.

“Together they concentrate Mars-Pluto force with its potentials for chaos, aggression, suppression, and/or oppression”
“Yes, they are a team yet trouble may develop unless MP accepts DT’s non-traditional ways of doing things, and/or if their egocentric personalities cause too many quarrels over authority issues….”


Another perspective on the week:


Also, Marjorie Orr (Star4cast.ca) has reviewed Trump Pence a few times as well as, just 2 days ago, Tillerson, who she describes as missing in action. If you go to her site and put trump pence in the search box in the upper right, her articles about them will come up.

SharonK or Kiwi,

Has either of you seen any astrology on Jared Kushner?

janet, a google search indicates Marjorie orr has written a couple of articles that include Jarred
This is one:

Sharon or Kiwi,

Just checked Marjorie Orr re Kusher.

Slovenia should be proud that they have universal health care for all their citizens comparatively U.S. makes a profit from keeping their citizens sick…


In a town hall in rural McDowell County, West Virginia, on Sunday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) told a crowd filled with supporters of President Donald Trump that “healthcare is a right”—and was met with cheers.

“We are the only country that doesn’t guarantee healthcare as a right,” Sanders told a coal miner who voted for Trump.

One audience member—a retired miner—agreed with Sanders’ assessment, telling the senator that “I think it’s ironic that a senator from the Northeast takes care of my benefits better than someone like Mitch McConnell.”


5 Remarkable Moments from Bernie Sanders’ Town Hall in the Heart of Coal Country

The Vermont senator succeeded where so many Democrats have failed of late — by connecting with red-state voters.

per alternet.org

Despite United States’ enormous wealth relative to the rest of the world, the U.S., has an average life expectancy that ranks just 42nd in the world.


Flynn paid off an FBI agent to lie about Clinton emails

alex, also, USA has 5th worst infant mortality rate out of 34 OECD countries (2015stats)
higher before obamacare – https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nvsr/nvsr50/nvsr50_12.pdf

When I was a in my early twenties I seriously considered moving to NZ. But it seems my place/karma this life is to fight the good fight within the USA.

U.S. applications for New Zealand citizenship jump post-Trump


I wish there was a reply button on here.

Alex, Bernie was amazing. I think the R’s have ignored their base as much as the D’s have ignored theirs. And I think they are very open to the ideas that Bernie puts forth. You can’t scare people about Socialism anymore when they figure out that Capitalism has failed them. They are figuring it out!

I think whatever happens over the next four years with healthcare in this country, it is my opinion that for profit healthcare is unsustainable and that the stage being set for the inevitable outcome of single payer in this country.

That is my hope and prayer for myself, my loved ones and my fellow Americans.

Investment in overall education as well as extending to higher college (and trade schools) as well as universal healthcare would turn the entire country around in a generation. Without health and education there is nothing but despair and poverty.

Bernie Sanders is the energizer bunny of politics, no matter how many years it takes, he will never stop his fight for the people. He has been telling this story for his entire 40 year career and clearly he has no intention of stopping.

Oh yes Bernie…..the saviour


Out of 188 countries on earth, the U.S and Papa New Guinea are the only two that don’t provide some form of paid maternity leave.


Unless you’re a 64-year old making just $26,500 a year. Then your premium will go up from $1,700 to $14,600 by 2026.

According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), 24 million people will lose health coverage if Paul Ryan’s healthcare bill becomes law.

As Rachel Maddow notes, that’s roughly the population of Vermont, Alabama, North Dakota, South Dakota, Delaware, Montana, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, Idaho, West Virginia, Nebraska, New Mexico, Kansas, and Wyoming put together.

And 24 million is also a conservative estimate.

Paul Ryan Revealed:


Second try.

Enjoy Picture and comments

Ryan pushes on

Fake news picking on the donald

Mar 6 43%
Mar 7 42%
Mar 8 41%
Mar 9 42%
Mar 10 44 %
Mar 11 45%
Mar 12 42%
Mar 13 39%

39% approval; 55% disapproval of Trump

“If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers.”

Genetic Testing Bill

Despite the country’s focus on the American Healthcare Act, a smaller bill is also stealthily working its way through Congress — one that could overturn years of legislative protections for patients.

This bill would potentially force patients to submit to genetic testing as part of worker wellness programs, with the goal of better assessing someone’s health risk profile.

If a person doesn’t agree to the tests — employers or health insurance companies could jack up their health insurance costs.


Happy Pi Day, where we celebrate the world’s most famous number.



Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is calling on House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and other Republican leaders to remove Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) as chairman of the House Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Rights in the wake of the Iowa congressman’s white nationalist comments.


Right now the Moon is conjunct Jupiter.

What is your clock-radio doing?


If ever there was someone deserving of being driven into abject and inescapable poverty in order to fully grasp the pain for himself within his own life that he seems very much to desire to inflict upon others, it’s Paul Ryan. I know that’s not the most “spiritual” thing to say, but I cannot believe how heartless this man truly must be to be pushing for what he is, in eliminating healthcare for millions of people who will have few if any practical alternatives. And I believe he knows full well what he is doing, which makes his actions that much more heinous.

What he sows, may he also reap tenfold before the end of his days.

Late on election night, when I finally realized Trump was going to be our next commander-in-chief, my first thought was: “My God, how will I tell Aurelia?” How do you explain to a five-year-old what just happened?

There are few things we can be certain of entering the Age of Trump, but one is that the global momentum to tackle climate change will be slowed – maybe even halted – at the worst possible moment. Many of the President Elect’s decisions, including his cabinet appointments, already point to a hotter future world and a more acidified ocean.


BuckeyeShadow, Paul Ryan is having lots of stress right now: “Trump’s Fans Are Blaming Paul Ryan For The Disaster Of Trumpcare” https://mediamatters.org/blog/2017/03/14/trump-s-fans-are-blaming-paul-ryan-disaster-trumpcare/215671

Paul Ryan is a very, very weird duck. When he was 16, he found his Dad dead in bed of a heart attack, after of which he received Social Security survivors benefits for two years which he used for his college education. But…he regards Social Security as one of the more evil forms of Socialism.

Also, his philosophical underpinnings just don’t add up.
(1) He is a follower of conservative economist, Milton Friedman.
(2) He requires staffers and interns to read Ayn Rand, (The Virtue of Selfishness, Atlas Shrugged, etc.) whom he regards as his principal guide to morality.
(3) Oddly, in concert with his Roman Catholic faith, he also reveres Thomas Aquinas.

I’ve read all three. Friedman and Ayn Rand fit together philosophically, but how RP reconciles all that with Thomas Aquinas and his Roman Catholicism is, well…awfully peculiar.

R. Catholicism, with all its faults puts heavy emphasis on compassion. One has to be weirdly shallow, and/or of very twisted mind to be able to reconcile that with Friedman and Ayn Rand.

Reading Nates Silver’s take on the Election:The RightWing & Brietbart/Alt/Right plastered the Internet! While we Boomers thought HRC was a done-deal. When we should have been broadcasting how wonderful it would be to have a WOMAN President! To finally have Family Leave like most other countries. So many positive things we should have been promoting! https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/there-really-was-a-liberal-media-bubble/ Groupthink produced a failure of the “wisdom of crowds” and an underestimate of Trump’s chances.

Paul Ryan is one of the most despicable and cowardly members of Congress.

The seemingly proud way in which he shows off his disdain for the poor: Paul Ryan is a disciple of Ayn Rand, a woman who was basically a sociopath who believed in survival of the fittest.

It’s fitting that Ryan chose her as a role model considering she was also a massive hypocrite. Ayn Rand rallied against government, despite heavily relying on government programs toward the end of her life.

Just as Ayn Rand basically hated the poor, Paul Ryan shares that disdain for the poorest and weakest among us.


Paul Ryan’s entire career has been spent as a politician, or working for one in various jobs or internships. Yes, the man who has built a career preaching small government went to public school, used Social Security benefits to pay for his college degree and has spent his entire adult life working for the government.

The man who champions the greatness of the private sector, and beats his drum on the evils of government, has never really held a job in the private sector – but he’s made quite a life for himself as a government employee.

Ryan and his wife own stakes in four family companies that lease land in Texas and Oklahoma to the same energy companies that benefit from the tax subsidies in Ryan’s budget plans.



Ryan and others have no idea “how expensive it is to be poor.” (James Baldwin)

They think poor folks have it easy and are not working hard enough. Right….

For years, I had to use a check cashing place to cash my paycheck because I could not get a bank account. Forget about a credit card! Lots of folks can’t afford bus passes because it takes more cash up front. In the long run, you spend more. My mother could not get car insurance (1960s) because – 1.) she was a single mom and 2.) we lived in a dicey neighborhood in New Orleans.

These are just small things….but wow, they add up. I know I am preaching to the choir, but some days it makes all the difference in the world. Keep singing.


Yes, IMHO you are correct. “Paul Ryan is one of the most despicable and cowardly members of Congress.”

But he evidently believes he is bravely fighting for a more moral America in the midst of a culture that’s gone bad and degenerate with Socialism.

In 2009, he said:
“What’s unique about what’s happening today in government, in the world, in America, is that it’s as if we’re living in an Ayn Rand novel right now. I think Ayn Rand did the best job of anybody to build a moral case of capitalism, and that morality of capitalism is under assault.”

I think what the story was with Ayn Rand is that she escaped communist Russia and hated socialism, fancied herself an intellectual (she obviously was smart) and went to an extreme. But it’s not real life. Like communism, it’s an ideology or a theory of how life ought to be, not how it is. And, yes, it is very unCatholic and unChristian, Eliseo. Responsibility for oneself is a good thing but it has to be balanced with compassion for others.

Bob, love the photo of the Obamas….they look like they are on the cover of Vanity Fair and there is a lightness about them that wasn’t there before.

Regarding Energizer Bernie, we are so damn lucky to have him out there, walking the talk, speaking from his heart, totally honestly and unpretentiously. I do agree that people will start seeing through the BS that the Republicans are selling, and look elsewhere, Elizabeth.

The Republicans are like vultures, stripping programs down to the bones, giving any tasty morsels to the rich and leaving the bone fragments for everyone else.

Ann Rand was part of the attack of American citizens during McCarthism. She helped destroy people’s careers and their life. She added in getting innocent people put in jail, and stranding people outside their country by having their passports pulled. She went so far as to convince them that the movie “It’s A Wonderful life” was communist propaganda. She was beyond evil, mean, crazy and oh so damaged. I never actually thought she was that smart. Ideology will do that to you.

Thanks, Henry. I know very little about her. I did hear that she started to change her mind as she got older. Ryan, who lost his father young, probably feels that he worked hard to pull himself up by his bootstraps (even if he had some government help in his early years) so others can too. The U.S. emphasizes individualism over collectivism, and the Guilded Age of wealth in the late 1800s, early 1900s created cities of poor people and orphaned children filled with disease and filth. Many social reform movements were needed to get us through it. There has always been that tension between individualism and collectivism.


Ryan’s father put himself through law school on summertime wages from the GM assembly line.

~ per
Amy Goldstein, national reporter for The Washington Post

Catholicism seems to totally inform Ryan’s worldview and, most notably, his political stances (which we will address shortly). He once said:

A person’s faith is central to how they conduct themselves in public and in private.2

Ryan uses his religion and his adherence to it like political currency, often inserting it to widen the perceived divide between him and (what some view as) the more secular Democrats with which he sees himself as diametrically opposed.


Natal Chart

On the Ascendant is natal Neptune at 0 Sagittarius, suggesting an advanced ability to deceive or misdirect, and an image as a zealot or “true believer” in the causes he espouses.

Zealot (fanatic,extremist)

Sharon K, it’s even worse than that. Republicans are emotional manipulators par excellence who con their gullible, unapologetically know-nothing victims into believing that what causes them harm and is against their best interests, is actually good for them.

Time and again we see this, from the economic trickle-down policies of Reagan, to the 9/11 security-industrial-state complex that emerged under GWB & Cheney. The public should have been outraged and fiercely opposed to these horrible policies in each instance. Instead, each time they have fallen for the “bogeyman ploy”–that the Democrats/liberals, Muslims, Socialists, Gays, or some “other” group is out to get them and must be thwarted at all cost. Forget about universal health care, renewable energy, or other policies that would actually dramatically improve the quality of life in this country for everyone. Americans collectively don’t want those things nearly as badly as we seem to want to focus on and obsess over threats to our supposed security–and then listen and latch onto to the first person who comes along and promises us that he will fix things and make us gr… well, you know the rest.

The gullible, unapologetically know-nothingness is regrettably a central component of the (US) American character. I don’t think we can get past it without the sustained will for deep, serious introspection that seems as diametrically opposite the current capacities of the vast majority of Americans as can possibly be.

I’m not cynical about this fact. I am just wondering what has to happen and just how much of it will be necessary to finally get people in the US to evolve to a state of awareness that is largely absent. Maybe it is Paul Ryan kicking their aging parents or spouse or sibling off health care that will finally jolt some people awake, but given our country’s history, I think it is going to have to be something far more extraordinary and excruciatingly painful for Americans than that. More like something of a Chironic nature. A devastating “injury” of some kind that can’t be healed directly, yet through the attempts of the collective and individuals to cope and process through the pain, a new awareness emerges. Not another 9/11 that results in panic, either. Something else entirely.

You know, I agree with you 100% Buckeye Shadow, and it was so well said. I just want to add a little more that we have gone over & over through the Bush years and since (but really, forever, because it is human nature to be Machivalian), with so many well stated comments here on this blog about this sorry state of affairs. The basics are:
1) The Republicans control the message – at least most of the time. They are just great at being fast talking charlatans. No matter what the Democrats say, it is just not said as penetratingly or incisively somehow – at least not since FDR, JRD, maybe Lyndon Johnson (as good a speaker as Obama was, he had that almost infuriating aura of nonchalance and cool – he was not capable of coming across forcefully). Regarding your point about Americans being unaware..they are also uniformed television watchers who are very insulted that college grads look down upon them. That’s democracy for you: 1 person, 1 vote.
2) Then, there are the social issues that Frank Schaefer is so aware of, having been part of the early Evangelical revolution that he walked away from. Just thinking about the moral superiority of those people makes me ill. And things like Bill Clinton’s stupid sexual escapades (for a Rhodes scholar, he is stupid), and Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction, and the gang culture with its drugs, sex, and weapons, compounded with terrorist events, have driven fearful people to group together on the right (its funny that they are not so afraid of white Christian terrorists), and Republicans use all of that in your favor, which speaks to what you said.

That being said, I have never in my lifetime seen Republican charlatan chuzpah as it is being practiced today in the Trump administration which combines 2 groups: the libertarian business people to whom nothing is sacred but the freedom to make money, and the religious moralists to whom everything is supposedly sacred and who don’t see their own hypocracy or lack of humanity. And then there are the angry, over-50 white men with guns who so famously support Trump.

A sorry state of affairs indeed.

And when you said that something has to happen to hurt them – well, the 2008 recession happened and still they are going back for more, like they have Teflon brains or something.

Sorry, it’s late and I’m tired. Correcting my writig again, I shoud have said “compounded by” and “the Republicans use all of that in their favor.”

Well, goodnight everyone. Someone posted on FB that Rachael had Trump’s taxes but those particular 2005 returns must have been planted in that guy/s mailbox via Steven Bannon’s orders as they were very clean and above board. We all know he is hiding something. I just picture all of those Machiavalian types conspiring together in the WH, a place that they are defiling like no one else has until now, coming up with their daily doses of deceit.

For what it’s worth alex, transiting Arachne is at 0+ Sagittarius now. I had just looked her up because of a discussion (on MSNBC) regarding Trump and Putin and how all their connections had created a web-like pattern. When a bell rings I begin to salivate like a Pavlovian doggy.

I don’t know why that happened at the time it happened, but when I opened up to Starlight News there was this response from you to Eliseo re: Paul Ryan’s Neptune on the ascendant at 0+ Sagittarius.

On the theory that “things happen for a reason” I’m compelled to share this here. Another thing I’ll share is that there seems to be a lot of connections to the U.S. natal Mercury (24+ Cancer) lately in that Trump’s natal Saturn-Venus conjunction conjuncts the U.S Mercury, and Russia’s natal Saturn opposes the U.S. Mercury while Putin’s natal Mercury squares the U.S. Mercury (and his Neptune conjuncts his Mercury!)

This year’s U.S. birthday chart (solar return) has both Mars in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces trine the U.S. Mercury in Cancer. Even the solar return Venus is only 3 degrees away from the U.S. Mercury.

Upon reading Buckeye’s last comment I thought this emphasis on U.S. Mercury in Cancer might be stimulating conversation which in turn might encourage the U.S. citizenry to “evolve to a state of awareness” not seen heretofore.

The U.S. solar return’s Chiron in Pisces (a “devastating injury”) and its Mars in Scorpio (dig beneath the surface) forming a grand trine with the U.S Mercury, with all its present-day stimulation from the Trump, Putin and Russia charts, could just bring about a dialogue not seen in this country for many decades.

Sharon, I think it comes down to – repubs have dictatorial tendencies, whereas dems have collaborative tendencies.
While dems are still in good faith, ‘thoughtful discussion’ mode, they get railroaded and shut down by those quick-draw-mcgraws who have no manners and shout the loudest.


Re: Thanks for following your intuition and finding the significant transit of Arachne

Mundane Astrology
Arachne ( to weave and wait for your prey (your goals) to be fulfilled)

Arachne was once a beautiful princess, gifted with a talent for weaving. So skilled was her work that people compared it to the Patron Goddess of weaving, Athena. Arachne wasn’t happy to have her work compared, even to a Goddess and boasted that she was better than the Goddess herself.

Athena wasn’t impressed so disguised as an old woman, she challenged Arachne to a weaving contest and warned her not to speak ill of the Gods. Arachne accepted the challenge and dismissed the warning, whereupon Athena revealed herself. Undaunted, Arachne began to weave. She wove a scene of the indiscretions of Zeus, frolicking with a variety of his lovers. Athena wove a scene depicting her winning the city of Athens.

Whilst Athena had to admit that Arachne’s work was flawless, she was incensed by the subject of the tapestry and ripped it and the loom to shreds. Arachne was so devastated she hung herself. Athena saved her from death but punished Arachne to ‘hang’ for the rest of eternity by turning her into a spider, committing her to weave forever.

In some stories, Athena herself inflicts a mortal wound on Arachne. In others Athena fills her with guilt so that she tries to hang herself. In yet another story Arachne always refused to bow to Athena as a Goddess, even in spider form.


natal Neptune at 0 Sagittarius on the ascendant.
That explains quite a lot. The man could theoretically be any religion or any ideology and would misuse and abuse it precisely as he has done. Many thanks for that! That is valuable info!

He’s chosen a very self-serving ideology, and I believe the primary person he has focused his “advanced ability to deceive or misdirect” upon is himself.

Trumpcare vs. Obamacare: Apocalypse Foretold: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/13/opinion/trumpcare-vs-obamacare-apocalypse-foretold.html?ref=opinion&_r=1

America Trump: BEWARE the Ides of March! https://www.marketslant.com/articles/america-trump-beware-ides-march

“The American leftwing has joined with the neocons, the presstitute media, and the military/security complex in a common agreement that anyone who favors better relations with Russia is a Russian agent or a dupe of Vladimir Putin. And if you know enough to doubt the Warren Commission and 9/11 Commission reports, you are a conspiracy kook and are put on Harvard’s list of purveyors of “fake news.” Everyone who does not agree with the Establishment’s line is “fake news.” And this is in a “democracy with free speech.” What a joke America has become!”


trump’s progressed Moon conjunct his progressed Saturn:

June 30, 2017 – trump secondary progressed natal: MC 135°17′, progressed Mercury 135°27′, progressed Pluto 136°24′. Progressed Zenith 124°00′, progressed Saturn 125°06′, progressed Moon 125°06′. Like getting the third degree and not happy about it.

In longitude: MC 12°49′ Leo, Pluto 12°00′ Leo, Mercury 13°06′ Leo. Zenith 00°57′ Leo, Moon 2°00′ Leo, Saturn2°45′ Leo.

trump’s natal Neptune is at 185°57′. It has been, and will be, squared for months by the midpoint of transiting Saturn and Pluto. It is this aspect, I believe, that is shining a light on his activities. The transit of Jupiter has allowed him to get away with his misdeeds but he will lose the beneficial aspects of Jupiter in late summer and early fall.

And indeed Putin may have his foot on trump’s neck. Just $1,000,000 reserves your seat for the showing. Or maybe you can just watch the Bob and Rachel show.

When does it all unravel?

gian paolo’s gonna drop a brick.


Michael Lewis (financial journalist)


Collapse Timeline

Dr. Michael Burry contacted the government several times to see if anyone wanted to interview him to find out how he knew the system would collapse years before anyone else.

No one ever returned his calls. But he was audited four times and questioned by the FBI. ~ per epilogue for the film ‘The Big Short’

I don’t get it. How does a healthy skepticism and distrust of Russia equate to wanting war with Russia? Doesn’t Russia also bear accountability for its actions that move us away from peace and into more of a cold war? When Russia invades the Ukraine and annexes the Crimea, isn’t that an alert to Eastern European countries to be on their toes, since they were once members of the Soviet Union and Russia no doubt can again use them somehow. If we help those countries, our longtime NATO allies, protect themselves, does this mean we are inviting war with Russia and Russia is nothing if not a peacemaker??? And what does all of this have to do with the truth behind 911 and the JFK assasination? Should the left wing be raising more of a fuss about that because they just don’t have enough to do already? I think Paul Craig Roberts’ thinking is kind of superficial. He needs material with which to fill his columns and he has a personal axe to grind against the U.S. government and CIA. This is not to say the evidence regarding U.S. governmental (or agents thereof) complicity in 911 or JFK’s assassination does not exist, but I do not see why the U.S. shouldn’t put itself in a strong position in regard to Russia (or China). Russia/Putin is ready to gobble up those who are weak. Only strength preserves peace and discourages war. Is there something I am missing?

Kiwi, as has been said here before, these are certainly NOT the Republicans of old but a virulent strain that has grown too strong. They want to cut the U.S. deficits by throwing people under the bus and are being guided by Libertarian principles and Ayn Rand’s ideas, such as the virtue of selfishness!

And, if we are going to go to war with anyone, it looks like it would be N. Korea. And, then there is the stand-off in the China sea. Yes, things are violatile but all countries involved are part of that. We each have our own values and interests.

Sharon, Helen continues to promote ‘theories’ from questionable sources.
Her latest is by Paul Craig Roberts who seems to do little more than promote conspiracy theories. Among them, that sandy hook, orlando, Charlie hebdo, and boston marathon bombing, were all false flags.
It appears he does little more than criticise everything – and his biggest claim to fame is that he helped engineer the reaganomics disaster

interesting thoughts by Robert Wilkinson on integrating opposite signs to incorporate energies of southern and northern hemispheres summer vs winter.

….. “A long time ago I saw that the 12 signs of the zodiac are really only 6 polarities of energies. Aries-Libra is a Fire/Air initiating phase, which is followed by Taurus-Scorpio, an Earth/Water stabilizing phase. Gemini-Sagittarius follows in another Fire/Air phase which distributes that which was stabilized or consolidated in Taurus-Scorpio. This polarity is in turn succeeded by Cancer-Capricorn, an initiating Water/Earth energy that is stabilized in Leo-Aquarius, a Fire/Air polarity. This is distributed by Virgo-Pisces, another Earth/Water phase.” …..

Whoa, kiwi – I never said any of the sort. As usual, you’re as off base as Rachel Maddow:


When HALF our tax dollars is going to the war machine propped up by MSM, wouldn’t you think an alternative news piece is in order, especially by Pulitzer prize winning journalists like Chris Hedges who no longer have the opportunity to write for corporate news?

Smart people on this site, so why are the only news sources posted coming from MSM? You don’t want your food corporate, or your healthcare – so why stick only to corporate media when there are excellent alternative sources?

And waiting for the Snopes’ piece rebutting Assange’s Vault 7 disclosures…..

Aspects to both charts for a given day (or perhaps within a day – 8 hour difference between Washington and Moscow) considered for possible effect. There are many other pregnant dates but these are easiest to find. Hopefully the whatever quid pro quo bond the might be is broken this year, not in 2020. Assertions are my opinion only.

Before November 8, 2016 – Monkey business. Maybe after too.

November 19th after trump is elected – trump natal Saturn 115°43′, trump progressed Moon 115°43′.

Putin natal Jupiter 14°53′ Libra, transit Sun 14°19′ Libra. Did Putin make it clear to trump that he owned him on that day?

June 30th, 2017 – trump progressed Saturn 125°06′, trump progressed Moon 125°06.

Putin natal Sun 193°11′, transiting Jupiter 193°16′; donald, I need a favor!?

October 24th, 2017 – trump natal Neptune 185°57, midpoint of transiting Saturn and Pluto square at 275°57′.

Putin MC 294°19′, transit Uranus square at 24°37′. Progressed Jupiter 12°00′ Taurus, transit Mercury opposite at 12°25’Scorpio.
Progressed Venus 1°07′ Aquarius, transit Sun square at 1°53′ Scorpio. Progressed Moon 13°31′ Libra, transit Venus at 13°19′ Libra conjunct. Donnie, I know I said just once but blackmail never ends, does it?

December 14th, 2017 – trump progressed Mars 189°13′, transit Saturn/Pluto midpoint square at 279°29′.

Putin progressed Uranus at 109°06′, transit Pluto opposite at 289°39. Trouble in paradise.

January 13, 2020 – trump natal Saturn 115°43′, transit Sun at 294°42′ opposite, transit Saturn at 294°42′ opposite, transit Pluto at 294°45′ opposite. Transits will be conjunct Watergate arrests Zenith (294°22′), opposite Watergate Mars (114°48′), and conjunct Nixon’s White House IC (295°51′).

Putin’s progressed Saturn will be at 203°58′, squared by those transits.

From the Watergate arrests to Nixon’s resignation was just about 2 years and 2 months.

From late 2017 to January 2020 would be about the same amount of time, perhaps a month less.

goodness Helen, each post gets fringier and more non-coherent. Since when did I mention Chris Hedges, that righteous Presbyterian, in the recent conversation?

Very interesting parallels with Watergate, Bob. It would also be interesting if Trump winds up with his own version of John Dean, someone who realizes the error of their ways and sings a very different tune about Trump and his admin’s criminal behavior in the aftermath.

I somehow don’t fathom Bannon or Conway having that kind of capacity to be able to turn over a new leaf. Bannon I see stepping out too far on a limb and the whole thing suddenly breaking off with him on it, leading to a great fall from which he will never recover. His own paranoia and personal demons seem likely to get the better of him in the end as his methodology and worldview are rendered meaningless, brushed aside like rotting trash by the very people and forces he had hoped to bend to his own will.

Conway, the lady who lives in an alternate universe, seems likely to defend Trump long after the fact of his ignominious Presidency and fate. The whole of the Earth will shift and move on around her, but her heels will still be dug deep into the exact spot where her boss tumbles down, face in the mud, “victimized” by his mortal enemies she will incessantly proclaim (to no one’s ears) up to her dying breath, still believing his vindication is imminent, just you wait.

Just in case you missed this:

In the U.S. solar return chart for July 4, 2017, Mercury will again be emphasized in that he will trine the Moon in Scorpio, trine Chiron in Pisces and square Uranus in Aries.

SR Mercury at 28+ Cancer will also oppose the U.S. Pluto in Capricorn and quincunx the U.S. Moon in Aquarius. This is a remarkable number of aspects for the loquacious and very tricky Mercury coming up this summer. He will only be 4 degrees away from the U.S. Mercury.

I should point out that in the U.S. natal chart U.S. Mercury is one of the two planets making a major aspect to the U.S. Neptune, a sextile. The other planet is U.S. Mars who squares U.S. Neptune.

At the time of the U.S. solar return in 2017 the transiting nodes will have moved into the Leo-Aquarius axis, and the South Node (old patterns ready to be released) will have just completed a conjunction with the U.S. Moon and Pallas in Aquarius. Right after that, the North Node in Leo (25+Leo) will have just completed its exact conjunction to Trump’s natal Mars at 26+ Leo.

So this will be the scenario for the U.S. solar return starting in July, 2017: the U.S. sextile between natal Neptune in Virgo and natal Mercury in Cancer will form a Yod to the transiting South Node in Aquarius (having recently been conjunct the US Moon) , and because the South Node always opposes the North Node, the transiting North Node (and Trump’s Mars) in Leo will complete a Boomerang pattern.

As I see it the Boomerang formed by this solar return chart’s nodes (which have a year-long effect) to the U.S. natal sextile between Neptune and Mercury (think real news, fake news) will bring about a release (south node) via the U.S People (perhaps their naivete’).

The South Node being at the apex has to adjust due to its position of being quincunx both U.S Neptune and U.S. Mercury. Because of this position

For Anyone Interested: Tonight Coast to Coast: First Half 10pm-PST. “Specializing in Financial Astrology and Medical Chart Interpretation, Mitchell Scott Lewis will discuss what he sees in charts for the markets & world leaders, and why 2020 is shaping up to be very eventful”.

(sorry, accidently hit Submit by accident and didn’t proof read) anyway. .

. . the south node being quincunx both U.S. Neptune and Mercury, all the combined energy is the South Node’s to release. . .and because he is opposite the transiting North Node (that is conjunct Trump’s Mars in Leo) that’s the target and that is a Boomerang.

In some way the U.S. People (U.S Moon) factor into this picture and some old behavior or pattern is ready to be released (south Node), along with the combined energy of the U.S. Neptune and Mercury blended in. This combined energy is focused on the trans. North Node and Trump’s Mars in Leo. Some big dramatic show of some kind will ensue.

This will issue forth from the U.S. solar return of July, 2017, along with the SR chart’s grand trine between Mercury, Chiron and Moon in water signs, suggesting it will be emotional, verbose and likely painful. Because SR Mercury will be opposite the U.S. Pluto thus forming what is called a Kite formation, it will elicit a transformation (Pluto) of some kind.

Because solar return Mercury also squares solar return Uranus in Aries who will be sextile the U.S. Moon in Aquarius, it could cause a chain reaction of epic proportions. This is time to recall that Mercury the god was a trickster and somehow I think it could all relate to tax forms, Muslim bans, Russian connections or something entirely unbeknownst to us right now.

At the time of the solar return transiting Neptune in Pisces will trine the U.S. Sun and quincunx the U.S. Saturn.

The solar return Neptune will also quincunx solar return Jupiter (co-ruler of Pisces some say) who is conjunct the U.S Saturn in Libra who squares the U.S Sun in Cancer. With Neptune blurring the edges of everything, who knows where the bouncing ball will finally come to a stop. Safe to say the standards we lived by a decade ago will be unrecognizable by 2018. And that could be a good thing.

15 Signs Of Negative People:
Below, you’ll find 15 signs of negative people, and see what makes them tick. You’ll discover why many people are unaware of their negativity and how it is ruining their lives – and everyone else’s. These warning signs will also teach you to be on the alert so that you can avoid falling into the Black Hole of Negativity.

good news – dutch right winger doing worse than expected in vote count
“the people have said no to “the wrong side of populism”.

Regarding the difference between Liberal vs Conservative Thought Process. I believe these Scientific Results have a significant influence: Study: “Conservatives Have Larger ‘Fear Centers’ in Their Brains”
Liberal vs. Conservative: A Neuroscientific Analysis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kI-un8rHP14

If Interested: Must Hear:
Right now Pat Thurston great show right now about Bannon and his Drug Dealer Wife: Listen Live: http://streema.com/radios/KGO_AM_810_Newstalk_Radio?gclid=CJHUoJudjc4CFQJufgodDjYHpg

Are courts ruled by the 9th House? Is there something significant about Trumps 9th House either in his natal chart or transits now?

Charles Blow gets better and better:


His entire life, Trump has sold shimmer and called it silver. It was and is all an illusion, a brand built on selling banality with braggadocio. He shaped vapors into dreams and delivered them to those hungry for a taste of the showy, hollow form of the high life he came to represent. He was successful at exploiting those with an ostentatious appetite for the air of success. Trump’s life story is a pyramid scheme of ambitions.

He took that history to a people struggling through a drought of opportunity and he exploited their weaknesses: a shrinking sense of economic security and growing nativist tendencies.

But Trump doesn’t speak so much from facts as from feelings. For him, the truth is malleable and a lie is valuable. He creates his own reality rather than living in the reality of others. Deception is just a tool; betrayal is just an inconvenience.

Now even some of the people who once supported him with vigor are being forced to remove the scales from their eyes. They are now the betrayed disciples of a false prophet.

Charles Blow made my day this morning. I had to post it and share it with people who would appreciate his article.

I owe you an apology, kiwi – there IS a reason to be paranoid:


“If the Warren wing of the Democratic Party is going to fold to the military despots that have blood sucking straws stuck in the veins of a peaceful American future, what hope is there for this ship to stop taking on water?”

Plus, excellent comments to the above article.

Nancy Pelosi: Trump budget a ‘slap in the face’

“As low as my expectations have been, this budget really goes beyond,” she said.

Charles Blow has captured the essence of Trump’s power Nancy, thank you for bringing him to our attention. It further adds, IMO, to the influence that Neptune and Mercury are having on the U.S.A., all of which calls to mind the Tower of Babel story.

Less than 2 weeks ago, on March 4th, transiting Mercury and transiting Neptune started their new cycle and at that moment, a chart set for Washington DC had 14+ Gemini at the IC, the nadir, the root of the chart.

That is the same degree where, in 2012, the transiting Venus occulted the transiting Sun, a rare and portentous aspect where Venus can be seen as a little black dot on the face of the Sun.

As I read Charles Blow’s story he made it clear that the essence of Trump’s attractiveness to his would-be voters was his wealth. In the story of the Tower of Babel there was a desire for wealth and power and a break away from godliness.

Much has been written about the symbolism surrounding any Venus occultation of the Sun but always there is the suggestion that love is asserting itself, a kind of love that favors kindness to the Earth and it’s creatures and between the races of human beings that live upon it.

That transiting Mercury and transiting Neptune start their year-long journey (in the U.S. anyway) with the base of their chart set in the same degree as the Venus-Sun conjunction of 2012 seems most fortuitous.

The MC (opposite the IC) at the top of the new Mercury-Neptune cycle’s chart is in the same degree as the Great Attractor, a point in the zodiac where a powerfully magnetic pull draws whole galaxies toward it. You can read Phil Sedgwick’s views on this subject here . . .


That the transit of Mercury and Neptune, at this time, and the U.S. natal Mercury-sextile-Neptune at this time indicate a desire to create illusion, confusion and division among the people of the U.S. seems remarkably akin to the story of Babel.

That Humanity is given this opportunity, observed through astrology and probably other disciplines that utilize senses beyond that of logic alone, speaks to a great transformation afoot, one that should not cause us fear but fill us with hope.

Writers and others with a philosophical bent can see around the bend (like what the Great Attractor provides) of what the illusion and chaos of our immediate time period presents to us as real. It takes courage and trust but if we can tap into our God-given “knowing”, and maintain it throughout the assault on our sense of what’s right, we can maintain an inner peace.

I commented a while ago on the chart for when transiting Vesta would reach the U.S. north node at 6+ Leo and noted how transiting Pluto at 19+ Capricorn would be T-square the U.S. natal Chiron in Aries opposite the U.S. natal Juno in Libra. Transiting Pluto would also be trine the U.S. natal Vesta at 19+ Taurus. That will be exact on May 21st, but already trans. Pluto has reached 19+ Capricorn.

In any chart Vesta represents dedication, hard work and what we invest in. She also symbolizes the inner fire that must be kept alive. When transiting Vesta reaches the U.S North Node (opportunity and the path forward) and trans. Pluto trines the U.S. Vesta while t-squaring the U.S Chiron opposite U.S. Juno, it amplifies the belief that we are experiencing something positive taking place.

Charles Blow and others like him will continue to expose the truth about the power of Donald Trump, which exposes the truth about the U.S. flaws and the people who keep them alive, and that in turn will give the U.S. the opportunity to overcome those flaws (such as what is symbolized by the U.S Chiron opposite the U.S. Juno).

As the world observes how (the People of) the United States grapple with this challenge, We the People can show the world our true strength. Not just the riches and the lust for power of the lower nature of Man but the higher nature of Man that loves the Earth and wants to preserve its beauty and resources for future generations. The higher nature of Man that loves life and respects other people and other forms of life; that’s what the USA could symbolize some day.

Oh, Barb K, you always see the silver lining and reason to believe that out of this mess will come something very, very good. Thank you.

The moniker “Trump-Care” is horrifying Donald and GOP leaders. They have exposed their Achilles heel.

The repug’s strategy of rebranding
The Affordable Care Act as Obamacare.
Now it’s payback time. Let’s rebrand it.
Trump Care. Repeat. Trump Care. Repeat.
Trump Care
Trump Care
Trump Care

When this meme seeps into the national collective unconscious, it will become a powerful weapon.

Trump Care

…As in, the provisions of the Republican health care plan Trump care for those who really need it.

people paying $1,700 premiums now will pay $14,000 Trumpcare

‘Trump’s wiretapping fantasy meets reality’

can we call it – ‘trump don’t care’

A couple new Steve Judd videos up:

A new article up by Raye Robertson
An Arena for Angry Minds

……. “Today’s paranoid politics is getting old
At its core, paranoia is a mental/emotional parasite: it feeds off our Body Politic and sucks the light out of its eyes in the process. In this sense, paranoia is quintessentially Plutonian, with a heavy dose of Neptune for good measure.” …….


Trump Care? Don’t Dare!

‘Helen’ , when you’re not helpfully attacking Democrats here, I’m assuming you’re posting away merrily, commenting on Putin’s human rights abuses in the ‘free’ land of Russia on his ‘free press’ sites & ‘free internet’ sites.

Many Thanks for the Raye Robertson article!

“The Paranoid Style” is a classic in the social sciences which I was required to read as an undergraduate many years ago.

R. Robertson did a pretty excellent job of tying the concepts into an astrological framework. The point the author makes that it is insufficient and inaccurate to equate paranoia with only one planet or sign makes perfect sense. Paranoia is certainly more complex than that.

“Nevertheless, she persisted”!
Chelsea Clinton is writing a children’s book called “She Persisted,” which is scheduled to be published at the end of May.


TrumpEugenics is more like it.

I’ve not read this anywhere but I bet that “testing” is a Saturn thing. That is, you get exposed to knowledge on a particular subject and then you are asked questions about that knowledge you were exposed to. The amount of that exposure you are able to retain determines where you fall on the test score range.

Now if I’m right, then transiting Saturn, now conjunct the degree assigned to the Galactic Center (or Core if you prefer) for a total of 9 weeks while he prepares to station retrograde and turn back (or so it will appear) to slowly retrace his steps through the sign of Sagittarius . . .

. . will evidently be asking Galactic Core/Center (GC) type questions when he returns to this degree in late November. During that period between his station rx and late November, Saturn will make 2 of his 3 trines to transiting Uranus in Aries. This is no small matter. These trines with Uranus will be like seeing the test questions before the test occurs.

Because the GC is the homing device for all things Universal or Evolutionary, it would be fair to assume that a test on what things might be considered low-consciousness or high-consciousness could be expected.

For example cutting government financial aid to the elderly, the ill or the homeless would be low-consciousness or high-consciousness thinking. Simple stuff really. Yet there are those in this country and others that would chose low-consciousness answers.

Donald Trump has been the magnet to draw out those of a lower consciousness persuasion among the U.S. constituency. For that reason I believe that transiting Hades, or that which we find disgusting and don’t want to face, this so-named Uranian Point which has been conjunct the U.S. Jupiter in Cancer and is now retrograde and en route back to the U.S. Venus . .

. . could easily represent that faction of the U.S. population that voted for Trump to be U.S. President. Those people, many of whom feel they have been overlooked AND YET see no reason to sympathize with foreigners who have been persecuted by their governments, are likely to score mostly low-consciousness. However there is hope for them in that transiting Uranus (breakthroughs) will trine transiting Saturn on May 19th and November 11th.

Even the dullest of the dullards will be provided a chance to comprehend what a higher consciousness level of activity looks like compared to a lower level of consciousness. The testing will begin in earnest in late November and early December when transiting Saturn returns to 27+ degrees of Sagittarius.

How we fare in this testing period (If I’m right in thinking that’s what it will be) will determine how we as a country or even we as a species will advance (or retreat) on the evolutionary scale.

On May 19th as Saturn trines Uranus, Venus in Aries will oppose Jupiter in Libra and they will T-square the U.S. natal Sun in Cancer while trans. Neptune will trine it. Any choices made by U.S. government bodies at this time will be influenced by the best the zodiac has to offer.

This will be in preparation for the total solar eclipse in August that conjuncts Trump’s Mars-ascendant and trines the transiting retrograde Uranus in Aries, while retrograde Neptune continues to trine the U.S. Sun. After that Saturn stations direct, makes his sextile to Jupiter and starts his journey back to the GC. We are all being tested but not all of us will ascend to the next level. Not yet anyway.


Cost of security for Trump Tower: $183 million/year

Budget for National Endowment Arts/Humanities: $148 million/year

Using the CBO report, Nancy Pelosi slammed the bill [Trumpcare] that would be, as she put it, “taking 24 million people and pushing them off their coverage.

And as they do so, they’re implementing the biggest transfer for wealth in our history, $600 billion gone from working families to the richest people and corporations in our country.

So in terms of insurance coverage, it’s immoral, in terms of giving money to the rich at the expense of working families, it is indecent and wrong.”


Republicans want to throw millions more people off health care and raise premiums on low-income seniors. We can’t let that happen.

DJT wants to kill off the Meals on Wheels program. Meals on Wheels kept my mother going the last few years of her life when she was too sick to cook and would not accept other help.

Unbelievable hatred for the poor, the elderly, etc.

Donald Trump’s senior counter-terrorism adviser is the center of a storm this morning. Forward.com reports he took a “lifelong loyalty oath” to an actual Nazi organization:


Sebastian Gorka, President Trump’s top counter-terrorism adviser.

Here’s a picture of Gorka wearing his medals and the special black tunic of this group


I have no doubt in my mind that it was Steve Bannon and that Miller guy who devised this budget from depths of hell.

The underlying theme in the new Trump budget is clearly kill off the sick and the poor and the vulnerable so they no longer burden the rest of us. The rancid stench of Nazi eugenics is pervasive.


The United States government is now at war in Syria, with nearly 1,000 combat-ready U.S. troops providing artillery and air support in the north. We have put our troops in an impossible and perilous position, with enemies on all sides. The war in Syria is not a fight for democracy. The U.S. is fighting alongside and supporting the cause of 80,000 jihadis from 90 different countries. Nearly a half-million Syrians have died in the war fueled by this sinister worldwide participation.

The U.S. is equipping terrorists who keep changing their name, but the game is the same: To unite and achieve a radical Islamic fundamentalist takeover of the region. Billions of U.S. tax dollars have helped spawn this war, creating death and misery, massive migrations of refugees and immigration crises. The U.S. presence in Syria is an illegal act of war. It violates international law and it is unconstitutional. Syria did not invite the U.S. to come in. Congress has not approved it.

The U.S. presence in Syria is an illegal act of war. It violates international law and it is unconstitutional. Syria did not invite the U.S. to come in. Congress has not approved it. Syria has been fighting Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, ISIS and other radical Islamic terror groups to whom Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and the U.S. have given direct and indirect aid. ISIS and the other terrorist groups can be defeated by cutting off their funds, which is exactly what Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s just-introduced bill, the Stop Arming Terrorists Act (HR 608), aims to do. A companion bill, S. 532, has been introduced in the Senate by Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.

Most of the media is fueling the war, unwittingly becoming a mouthpiece for the masterful, intelligent propagandists of jihadi groups whose “humanitarian” messaging permeates every level of social media. It tugs at the conscience of caring people while masking the reality of violent subjugation and religious extremism that propels their movement. A deeper question needs to be asked: Why is it U.S. policy to upend Syrian society, whose tradition has been to respect freedom of worship by people of all faiths, and replace it with religious extremism?

More at Fox News link above…..

Bravo to Dennis Kucinich for leading the way on exposing the truth about the war in Syria. This is what a real American patriot does.

Yes, Trump eugenics – but most Americans can’t even spell that let alone know what it means.

Trump Care is at least comprehensible to most. They have ruined Obamacare through merciless lies and slander – just through the repetition of destructive and defamatory memes repeated over and over and over. That’s how they destroy someone/thing that they don’t like.


Re: DT defunding Meals on Wheels, PBS, etc.

This is becoming a fight for the very soul of the nation……….and the dark side looms powerful and determined. This comes down to good vs. evil.

Republican mangled up Trumpcare will INCREASE the numbers of the sick and the poor and the vulnerable to be rid of. AND… those numbers will rise further as automation and robots gradually take away about half of American jobs. So I guess those folks will become “undesirable” and expendable as well.

You used the word “dystopia” in your essay. Quite appropriate.

One of the many vocations/professions I’ve practiced was radio comedy. We wrote our own scripts in our “Bob & Ray” style craziness. We were popular amongst the college crowds in San Antonio and central Texas in the 70’s.

My comedy partner and very close “brother from another mother” was (and I’m not exaggerating) as talented a comedian as was Robin Williams. But he died way too early as he did not have health insurance.

I was for socialized medicine, and/or Canadian style socialized health insurance before the age of 12, and even more so after my friend’s unnecessary and untimely death.

Privately, my friend was quite the poet and philosopher. He believed, as did I that our American style latter day political puritans would eventually gain the upper and authoritarian hand over us.

Well, here we are. This good vs evil fight for the soul of the nation has been looming for a long time. It’s just that as barbK has pointed out, more are seeing it now thanks to Mr. DJT.

I’ve been researching this for quite some time, and have developed some special vocabulary to express my concepts. But I can’t go into that on a public blog until my material is published. It will be at least a year from now, but you can look for it when I’m done, probably through the Journal of Hate Studies published at Gonzaga University.

preet fired because he was investigating new HHS secretary?

this post is not to slam catholics of genuine faith, but I got to thinking about how the dark underbelly of the church and the indoctrination from an early age to follow authority without question, even in the face of criminal (mafia, ww2 Nazis, irish baby deaths/adoptions, pedophelia, etc) activity…….
Amazing how many ‘catholics’ are in important positions supporting trump, and others who are not listed such as new head of OBM.

I wonder if the current pope holds any sway with them at all?

It largely depends on culture. Outside the USA and South Africa, the Pope holds more sway. But in the USA and S. Africa, the two nations most impacted by Calvinism, Roman Catholics are less inclined to Catholic compassion if they are Republican.

Also, this is nothing scientific but, my wife is Roman Catholic, (although she privately believes in dharma, karma, reincarnation, etc.) and we notice adherents pay more attention to what their local priest says than to the Pope.

Jean Wiley on upcoming new moon etc, etc

thanks for your thoughts eliseo


Re: eugenics – Nazi/Trumpcare

clearly thanks

BuckeyeShadow Thank you for taking time last week to provide some background on Ohio’s 2018 elections. It will be interesting but I don’t have high hopes for Democrats. The season has already begun in the form of over-the-top flyers against Sherrod Brown by an organization known as One Nation – possibly a Karl Rove PAC.


Sherrod Brown was #1 target of the hate/hurt/GOP/Tea last election cycle…Brown probably has some offensive skills working on 2018 for him

Thank you, kiwi, for Jean Wiley.

Thank you, Barbk. for your post.

Trump Refuses to Shake Hands With Angela Merkel:

I recently read a saying about Mr. Trump that I think is an insightful description of the man, and his followers:

“He’s a poor man’s idea of a rich man and a weak man’s idea of a strong man.”

The description was offered by a commenter (“NorthernSky”) in a recent article on, “The Hill,” titled, “THE MEMO, Trump wiretapping controversy goes global”. It’s a good read, too!


Monsanto Isn’t Feeding the World—It’s Killing Our Children


Alex – I hope you’re right about Sherrod Brown. I’ve noticed you’ve also had a bead on our Sec of State John Husted who has muddied the election process for years.

Eliseo, seems you and I have a connection between us. You mentioned being in San Antonio in the 70’s. I was there, also… took Basic at Lackland, and ended up going back on Join Spouse orders once I finished Tech school. Between SA and Austin, I lived down there for close to 20 years. Even married a native! Had wanted to retire in Galveston, until BP killed the Gulf.

I used to call KS “home of record” and TX “home of heart.” But that was when Cisneros and the Dems had the government. Now, even my sis-in-law has fled the state.

The nation’s cartoonists on the week in politics: http://www.politico.com/gallery/2017/03/the-nations-cartoonists-on-the-week-in-politics-002413?slide=0

Excellent Dean, Thanks. The WSJ Comment Section will appreciate that!

barbk, very fascinating post of yours about Saturn at the Galactic Center. I agree with you and believe that this will indeed be a chance for many of DJT’s supporters to finally “wake up” in the face of the glaringly obvious. Indeed, how much longer will the “chickens” cheer on “Colonel Sanders?”

This budget is totally a disaster and seems very much like something Bannon would cook up. Neither Trump nor Bannon seem to be very bright individuals. Trump is more than happy to take the credit for something he thinks will be glorious, while Bannon doesn’t seem to realize that all of the programs being cut will fuel a massive backlash against #45’s admin and the Republican Party, not only from without, but from within, as is already starting to happen. Republicans may claim to hate big government, but just try and yank benefits away from their core constituents!

Apple, no problem. I’m not overly hopeful at this point either, but what else do we have? Maybe the Democrats here can make small gains that they can expand upon in the next cycle. Even winning one state line office would be a major improvement over what they’ve got now.

I do think Sherrod Brown will win re-election in the Senate, though. He’s never been shy about going directly against corporate interests, and will call out those who attack him. It might be a little closer than what we are comfortable with, but if Mandel ends up being his challenger again, maybe not so much.

I also don’t think corporate money is going to get as much traction in the not-too-distant future as people really start to catch on to how they are being duped by billionaires like the Kochs, Mercers, etc., much as barbk suggested. Maybe we begin to see signs of this in 2018, and it may or may not be enough, but I for one would be glad to see the billionaires freaking out that they can no longer throw their money into elections to get the result they want.

“Hillary Clinton ‘Ready to come out of the woods’ and rejoin public life” (Fearless)

I believe we have some other connections as well.
BTW, where are you now?
I’m temporarily in SE Texas. If all goes well, I’ll be moving back to Washington State in July.


Re: John Husted

must be a slip of memory… i don’t have a bead on him

Louise Mensch has an article in the New York Times;

What to Ask About Russian Hacking!


Rachel Maddow’s Friday Night Show if anyone Missed it! (Mind Blowing)


Anglellight, thank you! But I’m unable to access the program…it has a Key. Am I doing something wrong?

Dear me where has the time gone? I’ve been watching Turner Classic Movie channel’s tribute to Robert Osborne who died this month, and I’ve not done any of my housework nor watched any news all day!

Therein lies the not-so-secret power over the masses of the USA; its Hollywood, Broadway, movies and the theater, rolled into one, that this country has been mesmerized by for over a century.

Now, in its most ambitious production, the USA has assembled a cast of hundreds, led by one Donald J. Trump, to play out the story of this country and all it’s flaws. The U.S. citizenry and even many of those citizens in countries abroad are waiting with bated breath to see how this great drama/comedy will conclude.

What better way to get the world’s attention then by utilizing the greatest persuasive power on the planet, the U.S. Neptune (illusion) in Virgo (service, detail, striving for perfection) to reach all levels of all societies on any number of devices known to Man?

As we play our somewhat minor roles in the production, what we may lack in individual recognition we will excel in our group participation.

Watching Robert Osborne as host of many of the memorable films on TCM and now this cast of hundreds in his tribute, one can only be moved by his service and his classy way of educating us in the ways film has manipulated our feelings and moved us to learn about life that we might never ever experience or even read about.

Can you imagine the reviews of this movie, once the final cuts have been done or when the final curtain drops on this play and the audiences respond to what they have watched? Considering the experience of the management and controlling powers that are behind this production, it will most certainly go down in history as the greatest show in modern history.

Okay, back to vacuuming.

Yes, but it won’t get any stars, Barb, not even 1.

I loved Robert Osborne. Yes, he helped define class, the old fashioned kind. He will be sorely missed. I didn’t know about the tribute – did they play specific movies or do a documentary about his life? I grew up watching movies in the NY area. They had something called Million Dollar Movie where they used the theme from Gone with the Wind to introduce it and they played the same every day for a week, several times a day, especially on the weekends. Then there was the late show, and the late late show, and, even, the late, late, late show. Quite a film library!

yes, it wouldn’t be me without a correction: “they played the same film every day for a week!”

Didn’t read this article yet but Comey testifies on Monday? Anyone care to check Trump’s chart for how Monday & this week will go for him? I find it hard to believe that this will be uninterferred-with testimony and that his administration hasn’t someone controlled (or attempted to control) at least some of it.


somehow, not someone!

Well, I just read the above article on Comey’s testimoney, and the writer, going by Comey’s past history, feels that if Comey already knows that there is very little to implicate Trump in a serious involvement with Russia that could lead to charges, Comey, who is probably angry about the wire tapping accusations will allow himself to talk freely about that and other matters, but nothing will be of real consequence to Trump. However, if Comey is tight-lipped and reserved, it probably means there are serious implications regarding Trump that must be preserved and protected while the investigation is still being pursued.


I am sorry about the demise of your gifted comedian friend and partner; a great loss. You are so lucky to have had that experience in radio and comedy.

I wish you well in your future publications and endeavors. Moving to Washington State sounds like a nice turn.

“Tea Party Is The American Taliban”

Thank you for Hillary update, I’d like to get on her team.

*Kellyanne Conway Is a Star*

Ja, Imagine if she came out and calmed the half of us who cry everyday. Been thinking of asking my Doc for a Tranquilizer…So sad watching this all going down. “Trump Wants to Cut It Off”

Thank You for your kind wishes regarding my upcoming publications and research work. Also thank you for your commiseration re: my good friend and comedy partner, Mark.

When he was alive he called his mother up once a week just to make her laugh. She’s now about 90, and since his death these last eleven years I’ve taken that responsibility. I call her up once a week and joke her into hysteria. She’s a fun lady.

I’ll be returning to my wife and to western Washington hopefully in July once I’m done here with responsibilities in SE Texas. Although I grew up here in SE Texas, I’ve never felt “comfortable” here. So it is more than a “nice turn” as you put it so kindly. My wife and I have long regarded WA state as our true home. It is not utopia, but it IS home.

I wish you well with your therapy. I recall you’ve been diagnosed as having narcolepsy. I relate to that pretty well, as I’ve suffered serious sleep problems from infancy to the present.

Thank You again for your kind thoughts.

Feinstein: ‘I think he’s gonna get himself out’ http://www.politico.com/story/2017/03/feinstein-trump-ouster-quote-236217

If interested: John Rothmann is discussing Feinstein’s quote: Listen Live

Something interesting to watch for…the difference in the way DJT treats female vs male foreign national leaders.

Why did DJT seem so angry after meeting with Angela Merkel?

My Speculation:
He doesn’t like powerful women over whom he has no control, especially if they are more intelligent than he is AND disagree with him. and/or… Maybe she told him he was wrong about something?

So, why did he get along OK with Prime Minister Theresa May?
Not sure. Maybe he felt like he had some control over her? OR.. Maybe she knew how to work him?

“Further, anytime anyone who goes against the grain of putative establishment truths or questions the shibboleths we’ve come to believe as reality or fact more often than not is dismissed as a conspiracy theorist, the preferred weapon of mass disdain amongst the ignorant and ill-informed on the one hand and agenda-driven on the other. These targets of their critique — the Assanges, the Snowdens et. al. — are often relegated to the status of ‘unpersons’, with the unprecedented war on whistle-blowers, unauthorised leakers and those who dare to speak truth to power, including journalists avec integrity (thankfully there are still a few) being prime examples.”


Thanks for you description of how this feels like a movie. I’ve been watching Rachel Maddow and the way she tells the story, it really feels like a dystopian, futuristic who done it… similar to The Davinci Code story line in that it is so fast paced, and unbelievable, yet I can’t put it down. The ignorance and gullability of John Q American amazes me and I’m glued to this story to see how it ends. So many futuristic authors called this, the media manipulation of the public, massive brainwashing. And in the end, one person finds freedom, or the bad guy is killed with the public still not understanding the magnitude of what just happened. I can’t help but feel that is what we’re looking at this time.

Just to make iet more interesting, Casey, what about the guy who was arrrested 2 days ago by the FBI for sending an image out via Twitter to 40 people which actually induced an epileptic seizure in Kurt Eichenwald? Talk about science fiction becoming reality and a hints of a dystopian future!

And, thus far, two of the male leaders Trump has met with, Trudeau and Kenny (from Ireland) indirectly lectured him on the right way to look at immigrants, the scheduled meeting with the president of Mexico since Trump became president was cancelled, and Abe of Japan was being very polite and non-controversal. I think you are right about women – he acted very weird with Merkel (however, Trump has dissed her in Twitters many times so may have felt guilty or it may be a reflection of their opposition positions) but he doesn’t get along too well with the male leaders either.

With the Aug. 21st solar eclipse (28 Leo) conjunct North Korea’s natal Saturn and Trump’s natal Mars/Asc. degrees could this mark the beginning of a major war?…………

Ready or Not, Here Come Trump and North Korea

March 19, 2017

President Donald Trump is a reckless bully with authoritarian leanings and a craving for attention. Kim Jong-un is a reckless bully with dictatorial powers and a craving for attention. Oh yes, and both have fingers on nuclear triggers. That’s why so many national security experts of both political parties struggle to think of a scarier pair.

It’s not just that Kim’s outlaw North Korean regime has accelerated its nuclear weapons capacity and delivery capability, or that Kim sees nuclear weapons as his insurance policy against adversaries.

It’s also that Trump has displayed little appreciation of history or knowledge and a compulsion to show that he’s tough.

Trump has called Kim a “madman,” one of the few things he has gotten right about North Korea. Dealing with him, though, requires measured patience and smart diplomacy — not Trump’s forte — and a reliance on alliances and relationships that he has dismissed.



Toxic algae blooms are a nationwide problem. In August 2016, no fewer than 19 states had to issue public health advisories because of them.

Here are some crucial programs now languishing under threat of Trump’s budget ax:

• NOAA’s National Sea Grant College Program. Launched in 1966 to serve as an aquatic version of the land grant initiative founded by Abraham Lincoln about a century before, the Sea Grant program funds university centers in every coastal and Great Lakes state, designed to use publicly funded research and communication efforts to maintain vibrant coastal ecosystems. According to a US Office of Management and Budget memo obtained by the Washington Post,

Trump’s budget proposal would eliminate the Sea Grant completely, for a total savings of $73 million annually.

• NOAA’s satellite program. Of course, the very satellite images required for such efforts are under threat, Reutter says. According to the Washington Post, NOAA’s satellite program “would be hardest hit” by Trump’s proposed cuts to the agency—it would see its budget slashed by $513 million annually, more than a fifth of its funding. In partnership with NOAA’s satellite program, Ohio Sea Grant predicts the size and location of the blooms before the peak, giving cities time to plan filtration efforts.

In 2015, for example, Toledo was able to avoid a repeat of the 2014 crisis despite a near-record bloom that year, largely because of early warning.

• The EPA’s Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. Getting at the root of the problem—fertilizer pollution from farms—is maddeningly complex, Reutter says, because five states and one Canadian province all have farmland that drain into Erie. The EPA’s Great Lakes Restoration Initiative is critical because it brings the players from all these jurisdictions together, Reutter says.




This is SO infuriating to me!!! Comey better give him something substantial that addresses the situation itself rather than just addressed who leaked the information!!!

“The Republican head of a congressional panel investigating accusations of Russia’s interference in the 2016 U.S. election said on Sunday a leak involving former Trump aide Michael Flynn was a crime and that the panel was probing whether other names were leaked.”

“The one crime we know that’s been committed is that one: the leaking of someone’s name …”: Representative Devin Nunes, chairman of the House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, told Fox News Sunday.


The Resnicks have amassed this empire by following a simple agricultural precept: Crops need water. Having shrewdly maneuvered the backroom politics of California’s byzantine water rules, they are now thought to consume more of the state’s water than any other family, farm, or company. They control more of it in some years than what’s used by the residents of Los Angeles and the entire San Francisco Bay Area combined.


We moved from KC to Leavenworth this past Thanksgiving. Actually, we’re -still- moving in! I swear, this is a never-ending process! And at the rate we’re going, we might be done remodeling the inside of the house by the time I’m ready to move again! (LOL) But my new 5-minute commute beats the old 45-minutes by a country mile! 😉 And it gives my mom a sense of security knowing I’m only 6 blocks away from her.

If you’re driving back to WA in July, feel free to do a stop-over if your route takes you near here. Would love to meet you, and we can give you some respite from the miles – especially if your next leg takes you thru the prairie flat land of western KS!

Sharon K – I’ve been wondering if there was any indication, astrologically speaking, with reference to Comey’s briefing on Monday, too. I was going to ask if anyone here had done any research on it, myself, until I saw your message.

I read the article you were referencing. Found it quite interesting and logical, in the way he extrapolated future behavior from past. Do you know if this is the open, public briefing? If so, I’m assuming CSpan will be carrying it. This would be a good way to spend Monday at work – especially if IT killed the computers after patching them this weekend (they never do standards tests before applying patches!) Do you know what time it starts?

New post up:


ja and Buckeye, glad the Saturn/GC resonated with you. Besides the Uranus-Saturn trines, during the 5 weeks trans. Saturn is conjunct the GC, transiting retro Jupiter will conjunct the U.S. Saturn and square the U.S. Sun (and station there).

During that same 5 week period trans. Neptune will trine the U.S Sun and quincunx the U.S. Saturn. Both Neptune and Jupiter will be re-addressing the issues connected with the U.S. natal square between Sun and Saturn, one of those U.S. “flaws” that must be fixed.

At the end of this year, and as Saturn moves into Capricorn, trans. Jupiter and Neptune will start a series of 3 trines that will be completed in August, 2018, just as the 3 eclipses (2 solar, 1 lunar) are wrapping up.

Our country’s being primed for some super-growth in the coming years, what with its natal Neptune-square-Mars, its natal Sun-square-Saturn and its natal Chiron-opposite-Juno issues experiencing transits from the outer planets along with this trans. Saturn conjunct the GC and Jupiter doing the same in 2019. All part of the alchemy stew we are embroiled in.

I’m with you Casey, nor can any of us here “put it down”. We delve into the clues hoping to ferret out answers as to who is guilty of what and for what reasons. There is the minute detail kind of interest and then there’s the broader spectrum (multi-nation) kind of interest, both being greatly supplied with endless possibilities. Whodunnit indeed!

Sharon, TCM’s tribute to Osborne is still going on, it is a marathon of interviews he has done with personalities over the years, and one where he himself is interviewed, one with family members talking about him, and a gazillion clips from old movies that are mentioned in the interviews (such as with Kim Novak, Ernest Borgnine [sp?], Betty Hutton). Its been awesome for oldsters like me who remember these guys.